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mmm ■ ■■■■■■ " ■ ■ 4 t ) 6r ( ( X c yo - 1 A b -i u r ca- ies » A (r ' iU-e : iro-M c r ' 7 c x ' ■£ n CtiA 2 — Foreword Progress Through Conflict And Tension The opening moments of September third were naturally ner¬ vous and tense. The apprehension we felt increased as the year progressed and we agonized over difficult teachers, tests, college decisions, and athletic contests. Yet somehow these obstacles contributed to the success of the year. Recognizing the difficulties we surmounted made our many accomplish¬ ments seem even greater. X F 0 R E W 0 R D Classroom Tensions Eased As The Year Progressed Under the best conditions, teaching has always been an “uphill” job. This year, a decrease in the teaching staff made conditions somewhat even less desirable. The remaining faculty members faced the strain of greater work loads and larger classes. Several teachers taught courses which they had not previously taught. Miss Lerg, formerly a teacher of United States-Virginia History, was assigned three senior government classes, while Mr. Match had several sociology and economics classes. Trying to instill knowledge into unreceptive minds must surely require patience and mental stamina. Tense classroom situations existed throughout the year; however, as June approached, teachers looked back upon their achievements with satisfaction. p I Foreword — 5 We Solved Our Conflicts Together . . . There were no better examples of competition between classes than our Friday morning pep rallies. Straining to win the Spiriters’ pep jug, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors attempted to outyell each other. This competition was not only beneficial to spirit, but it also helped students to develop deep pride in their classes. And certainly no one doubted that such vigorous cheering was the best way to start off the morning — wide awake! 6 — Foreword Foreword — 7 •v, m V Mount Vernon Athletes Knew ' V. S “■ Pre-game friction, regardless of the sport, heightened the satisfaction of victory; the struggle for glory made the results even more rewarding. Certainly no one could argue that coming from behind to beat the Federals was not more gratifying than an easy victory. Though spectators enjoyed the excitement of a close score, it was difficult for them to experience the tension as intently as the participants did. Still each student at Mount Vernon appreciated the tremendous efforts of every golfer, pitcher, runner, goalie, lineman, and forward. 8 — Foreword The Strain Of Successful Progress Foreword — 9 I By Learning To Compromise, We Saw The 10 — Foreword Beneficial Outcome Of Our Conflicts The members of each club and organization were held together by a bond — a common interest. However, there were times when our ideas and viewpoints conflicted. We often disagreed over policies and activities; we argued and debated issues. The S.C.A. floor was always open for discussion and suggestions. Everyone had the opportunity to express his own opinions before a vote was taken and a decision was reached. These differences of opinion were to our advantage because they taught us to compromise and benefit from the knowledge and ideas of each other. Foreword — 11 12 — Foreword By Meeting Socially, We Eased Our Daily Tensions Temporarily forgetting the strain of running the 600, the morbid fascination of frog dissection, the frustration of studying the Constitution, and the woes of Hamlet, we took time to relax. We discovered that school had another side — a brighter side composed of dances, pep rallies, banquets, plays, and beauty contests. The weekends were times for gaiety, laughter, and enjoyment of being together. After these short, renewing breaks, we were ready to resume our hectic schedules on Monday mornings. Foreword — 13 14 — Faculty Faculty Worked Today For Progress Tomorrow In view of the future conversion of Mount Vernon High School to a new location, teachers accepted the additional responsibility of planning the move. Early in the year, fac¬ ulty members met and discussed the changes to be made. Shouldering the burden of this difficult task, teachers antici¬ pated the move as more progress was made with each im¬ portant policy decision. F A C U L T Y Faculty — Administrators Demonstrated Patience, Always an active part of our school life, Mr. Melvin B. Landes was a familiar sight at Mount Vernon. From the first day of school, Mr. Landes was involved in all activities. On the Friday of the Fairfax football game, he was seen wearing his Majors hat, enthusiastically supporting the team. Each student came to feel at ease with Mr. Landes, just as they learned to trust assistant principals Mr. Christiano, Mr. Kazlausky, and Mr. Propps. Though these men were in charge of discipline, their understanding, just treatment of problems brought them close to the student body. A familiar figure at student assemblies, Mr. Landes speaks at freshman orientation. MR. MELVIN B. LANDES A.B., McPherson College M.A., George Washington University Mr. Melvin B. Landes, Principal. I Mr. Stewart W. Christian©, Assistant Principal. Mr. Thomas E. Propps, Assistant Principal. Firmness, And Understanding i Mr. Victor J. Kazlausky, Assistant Principal. MR. STEWART W. CHRISTIAN© A. A., Junior College of Connecticut B. A., University of Bridgeport M.B., University of Virginia M.S., University of Connecticut MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh MR. THOMAS E. PROPPS B.A., West Virginia Institute of Technology M.Ed., University of Virginia Friendly relations exist in the office. Administration — 17 MRS. MARGARET D. BARRY B.S., University of Maryland MISS MILDRED J. LAPSLEY B.A., Mary Baldwin College M.Ed., University of Virginia MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE B.A., New York University M.A., George Washington University MRS. BARBARA A. PRUET, Visiting Teacher B.A., Emory and Henry MRS. MARGARET B. REED A.B., Westhampton College M.A., University of Richmond MR. BAKER O. SHELTON A.B., Washington College M.A., George Washington University With Expansion, Guidance Achieved Greater 18 — Guidance Mr. Shelton confers with a parent. Efficiency GUIDANCE The guidance department underwent a change this year. An extra office, made vacant by a reduction of staff members, became a college reference room open to all students. This service, utilized by many undecided seniors, was instrumental in the final selection of colleges. A new program of group guidance, which consisted of freshman and transfer student orientation and post-graduate planning, was instituted. Counselors provided an opportunity for seniors, whether college-bound or not, to discuss their future plans. Yes, with the diligent guidance of the counselors, the years ahead did not seem so doubtful. Miss Mildred J. Lapsley, Guidance Director. MRS. WANDA D. SHOEMAKER Reading Teacher B.S., Longwood College M.Ed., University of Virginia MISS POLLY WAID B.S., Radford College M.A., George Washington University Guidance — 19 MRS. JEAN S. ADKINS MRS. IRIS M. CHAMBERS MRS. BILLIE L. GATES MRS. SYDELLE F. GINSBURGH B.A., Pennsylvania State University M.A., Indiana University MRS. HAZEL O. JOHNSON MRS. HELEN T. MACHONIS “Does Your Son Have Another Cold Today?” OFFICE AND LIBRARY Handling school business and keeping track of over 1,500 students is not an easy job, but our secretaries managed efficiently. In addition to supervising checkouts and recording absences they financed and directed the school store. Though faced with a lower budget this year, Mrs. Ginsburgh and Mrs. Trutt were able to increase the facilities of the library. Many new rolls of microfilm became available for students’ use. In this election year, many books and pamphlets provided excellent means for students to follow the campaign. The library subscribed to “Facts on File,” a summary of major news stories, in addition to many magazines and newspapers, and emphasized weekly service. Also, since many of these publications cannot be checked out, students used the photocopier. Mrs. Dorothy Rafert, Secretary. 20 — Office And Library Mrs. Iris M. Chambers, Secretary. Mrs. Gayle Trutt and Mrs. Sydelle Ginsburgh, Librarians. MRS. JOAN A. O’BRIEN MRS. MIE A. OSHIMA MRS. DOROTHY RAFERT MRS. GAYLE K. TRUTT B.S., Austin Peay State University Office and Library — 21 Students Learned The Importance Of Literature With original costumes, students dramatize English plays. ENGLISH Teaching English in a new manner is a difficult and challenging task. This year the English department employed two new methods of presenting literature. Film study in conjunction with literature was used by several teachers. Co-operative teaching offered a wider scope of knowledge to English students. With a new, industrious department chairman, Mrs. Gail Nettles, the English department made many improvements. These new methods of teaching helped to make our language different and more interesting. COL. LEWIS M. SAMUELSEN February 4, 1908-January 11, 1969 MRS. HELEN L. BLALOCK A.B., University of Colorado A. M., Indiana University MRS. CATHERINE P. COOLEY B. A., Mary Washington College MRS. NANCY L. DAVENPORT B.A., University of Texas MR. GARRY J. JONES B.S., University of Tennessee MRS. MARGARET H. LUNTER A. B., Glenville State College M.A., Marshall University MRS. SUSAN I. McCOLLUM B. S.J., Ohio University 22 — English MRS. GAIL G. NETTLES B.S., University of Oregon MRS. IONE C. SCUDDER B.S., University of Tennessee MRS. ELLEN M. SELL A. B., West Virginia University MR. HERMAN V. THOMASON B. A., Furman University M.R.E., Southern Seminary MR. E. THOMAS VAHEY B.A., Youngstown State University MRS. ELIZABETH M. WALSH B.S., George Peabody College Mrs. Margaret H. Lunter. English — 23 The Study Of Languages Opened New Doors FOREIGN LANGUAGE New cultures, new customs, new ideas . . . These are the doors the language teacher opens to his students. Another world, another way of communicating can be seen through these doors. This year language classes had the opportunity to frequently talk with native speakers. The Spanish Club visited a restaurant where members spoke in Spanish and tasted Spanish food. In November, French students attended a bazaar at “The French Church”, where they spoke with French people, enjoyed the French cuisine, and saw a sampling of goods for sale. Through these and similar experiences, students acquired real insight into the differences and similarities among cultures, and learned the importance of understanding others. I Mr. D. Lawrence Gibbs. Mrs. Marilyn Avoli. Mrs. Eleanor A. Landgrabe. MRS. MARILYN AVOLI A. B., West Virginia University MR. D. LAWRENCE GIBBS B. A., Maryville College MRS. ELEANOR A. LANDGRABE B.A., George Washington University MR. WADE H. PRIVETTE, JR. B.S., Atlantic Christian College MRS. E. M. SUSAN UNGERN B.A., Douglass College M.A., University of California at Los Angeles MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN (not pictured) B.A., McPherson College B.D., Bethany Seminary M.S., Cornell University 24 — Foreign Language MISS MARTHA JEAN ALLEN B.S., Radford College MR. DAVID L. GROVE B.A., Shepard College MRS. JOAN H. MASSIE (not pictured) B.S., Madison College MR. EARNEST M. SNYDER (not pictured) B.S., Glenville State College MISS SUSAN D. VAIL B.S., West Virginia University MR. JOHN D. YEDNOCK B.S., George Washington University M.A., George Washington University Indoor And Outdoor Sports Developed Our Stamina MR. EDWIN G. TAYLOR, Athletics Director. B.S., Concord College M.S., University ot Tennessee PHYSICAL EDUCATION “One two, three, four . . This familar sound was heard by all classes in the quonset huts. Physical education students, through both indoor and outdoor activity, acquired skills, sportsmanship, and stamina. On warm days, the physical education students played hockey, baseball, or football. During the winter, gymnastics, volleyball, bowling, and wrestling were the main areas of activity. In spring, the students were taught health, first aid, and driver education. Physical education involved not only activity during school, but also activity after classes. This year bowling intramurals joined basketball, gymnastic, and wrestling intramurals. Mr. John D. Yednock. Physical Education — 25 MISS JOAN H. CARR B.A., Davis and Elkins College MR. PATRICK J. FREEMAN B.A., St. Vincent College MR. TIMOTHY A. KERLIN B.S., Bowling Green State University MR. KENNETH E. LEGINS B.A., George Washington University M.A., George Washington University MISS ROBERTA A. LERG B.A., Michigan State University MR. OSCAR MATCH B.A., Pennsylvania State University M.A., University of Pittsburgh Mr. Oscar Match. Mr. John W. Wedlock. 26 Social Studies Our Tense, Changing World Was Thought-Provoking SOCIAL STUDIES A successful society requires well-adjusted citizens and leaders. The social studies department conducted two new projects to help prepare students for their role in later life. The first was a class which emphasized the relationship of the individual to the problems of our past and present societies. Mr. Match, the instructor, brought the areas of political science, sociology, history, and economics into the course. Mr. Wedlock, working in conjunction with Mrs. Nettles and Mr. Shelton, taught United States History with a stress on leadership. Through the courses offered in the department, students acquired knowledge, the willingness to learn, and the ability to think. Mr. George W. White, Social Studies Department Chairman. MR. ROBERT M. MENEFEE, JR. B.S., East Carolina University MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER B.A., Shepherd College MR. JOHN W. WEDLOCK B.A., Yale University MR. GEORGE W. WHITE A.B., Marshall University M.Ed., American University Mr. Timothy A. Kerlin. Social Studies 27 Mr. David S. Givens. Mr. John R. Sawyer. MRS. ETHELFRIDA G. AVERY B.A., Hunter College M. A., Emory University MR. DAVID S. GIVENS B.S., Lynchburg College MRS. ANNA M. HARDER B.S., Immaculata College N. S.F., American University N.S.F., University of Virginia Mrs. Harder assists with the set-up of an experiment. 28 — Science Study And Observation Were The Keys To New Learning SCIENCE AgNOa + NaCl—►AgCl + NaNOa Chemistry students placed silver nitrate, a bluish liquid, into a beaker with salt, and the next they discovered that silver crystals had formed. For the biology classes, a wooded section behind the school became a plant observatory. Late in Feb¬ ruary, Mr. Price took his physics classes to the planetarium at Edison for the purpose of learn¬ ing about the solar system. Observation of weather conditions was a key area of study for the earth science groups. Certainly the science department was responsible for widely varied areas of study. Through the diverse experiments they performed, science stu¬ dents learned to observe and to draw conclusions. Mr. Eugene W. Skinner, Science Department Chairman. MR. PAUL MASKALENKO B.S., East Carolina University M.A., University of North Carolina MR. JOHN PRICE B.A., George Washington University MR. JOHN R. SAWYER B.S., Wake Forest University M.A., University of North Carolina MR. EUGENE W. SKINNER B.S., Virginia Union University MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN B.S., Alabama Teachers College M.S., Florida State University Science 29 Progressive Society Requires Math For MATHEMATICS Math is the language of computers, of space exploration, and of scientific research. It is also the language of income tax returns, supermarket prices, and gas mileage per gallon. Whether a student intends to continue the study of mathematics at a higher level of education, or use it in practical day-to-day experience, he should be offered a chance to learn exactly what he needs. Such study is possible at Mount Vernon through courses available in our math department; these range from Consumer Math and Algebra I to Trigonometry — Functions and Calculus. This year the use of a computer has furthered the experiences offered to a serious math student. In room 306, there was a math lab which had new and modern math equipment. This equipment was helpful in learning the language of mathematics, so vital in our progressive society. Geometry proofs require consultation. MR. OVID M. BUTLER B.S., United States Naval Academy MR. STAN L. FANT B.S., Wilson Teachers College MISS CONNIE M. JOHNSON B.S., Madison College MR. STEPHEN A. KENDALL B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute mrs. lulu r. McFarland A. B., Guilford College MR. JOHN E. MILLER B. A., Emory and Henry College M.A., George Peabody College 30 Mathematics Communication And Understanding MRS. JANE M. O’BRIEN B.A., Syracuse University MR. WILLARD STRATTON B.S., Morehead State University M.A., University of Kentucky MRS. LOIS M. YEARICK B.A., Connecticut College for Women Mr. Ovid M. Butler, Mathematics Department Chairman. Mrs. Lulu R. McFarland. Mathematics — 31 Mrs. Florence R. Provance. Miss Sue M. Scott. MRS. DOROTHY J. BROWN B.S., Mary Washington College MRS. ELIZABETH P. GALIE B.S., Mary Washington College MISS LUCY J. LOWMAN B.S., Radford College M.A., George Washington University 32 — Business MRS. MARY O’NEIL R.S., Radford College MRS. FLORENCE R. PROVANCE B.S., Duquesne University M.E., University of Pittsburgh MISS SUE M. SCOTT B.S., Longwood College Office Practices Were Learned Through Experience BUSINESS “Time .... stop typing.” This sound could be heard almost every day from the typing rooms. Students practiced speed, skill and accuracy in their typing and shorthand classes. In addition to practical courses, training in business economics, bookkeeping and office practice was also offered. While providing a preparation for the business world, the business department also readied students for success in higher education. With the help of new modernized equipment, business teachers taught students office practices through experience. These skills provide high school students with a well-rounded education, that will lead to opportunity. Miss Lucy Jane Lowman, Business Department Chairman. Business — 33 Practical Skills Proved Useful In Daily Living MR. LESTER B. CROOM B.S., East Carolina University MR. HOMER C. CURRENCE Special Certificate, Virginia Polytechnical Institute MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON B.Ed., University of New York M.A., George Washington University MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE B.S., University of New York M.A., George Washington University VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE The Home Economics, Distributive Education, and Industrial Arts departments combined creativity with practicality. The training these departments provided was valuable not only in vocational preparation, but also in teaching skills necessary in other pursuits. Girls enrolled in Home Economics learned the basics for building a good home. They became skilled in cooking, sewing, and general homemaking. For those who planned to make home economics their profession, a specialized course was offered. A classroom model retail store was established in the Distributive Education department this year. It was the first of its kind and was stocked with sample merchandise from over five hundred manufacturers throughout the country. Mr. Snell, an addition to the faculty, was responsible for many innovations within the department. A broad range of subjects was covered by the Industrial Arts department. Prepara tory instruc¬ tion was given in mechanical, architectural, and engineering drawing. Courses such as General Shop and Maintenance and Repair gave students practical experience. Mr. James W. Johnston. 34 — Vocational Guidance VV V Wvvv »» 11 i i i t» a M f » »j , ( i - » »; « i M M » ■ _ , , , nm ‘ ; : Hio ' ci’i »t M ' 3 ( , , ( »» »»M MO M » .... ' ,v. ' .4l . ’ ' ,.. .«EJ ,,,jn ,n»t »i m»» ♦’ ’ v »tiimim t , mhh ’ •■ , .I.l!) ' ' ’ ? ' . ' , ,». i • ,,, ’ ... t ' ‘ , » w® K . iftimt,., t hi mi ♦ ,, k - V ' " v v- ' ,. P ;. ‘it;;;; ;K yv v 11 » " • H liU »»+ 1 t . ■ «v htt s 5»S?u?sS Mrs. Lois M. Pieper. Mr. H. P. Snell, Jr. MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER B.S., University of Minnesota MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON B.S., Radford College M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute MR. H. P. SNELL, JR. B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Vocational Guidance 35 Appreciation Of The Arts Was Cultivated MRS. LOUISE L. HOPKINS A.B., Georgetown College M.A., University of Kentucky MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE A. B., University of Alab ama MR. A. LEE PAULEY B. F.A., Richmond Professional Institute Mr. Gene A. Steinbach, Band Director. 36 — Fine Arts FINE ARTS Through Production Enjoyment of the arts was cultivated through many tedious hours of study and production. Art students learned to express their appreciation of beauty through physical talents. Others were lured to the stage to communicate through song and drama. Band members displayed their musical abilities by marching at football games and by giving concerts. The choral department entertained in November with its annual Fall Concert. The drama department was responsible for three excellent performances of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible early in December. The efforts of all the fine arts departments were combined to produce the musical Oklahoma. Many strenuous hours of rehearsal and construction were put into this production to make it one of the finest ever seen by the school and surrounding community. Mr. A. Lee Pauley, Drama Director. Mrs. Rhea G. Locke, Art Instructor. MRS. BETTY A. SIVETS B.S., Iowa State University M.A., University of South California MR. GENE A. STEIN BACH B.S., Northwestern University M.A., Catholic University Fine Arts 37 Nurse, Cooks, And Custodians Insured A Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Kimble clean up after lunch. Mrs. Parry and Mrs. Keane operate the bread slicer. Elbow-deep in suds, Mrs. Swor scrubs cooking “utensil.” 38 — Nurse, Custodians, And Cafeteria Staff Healthy, Clean Atmosphere NURSE, CUSTODIANS, AND CAFETERIA STAFF Excedrin headache number twelve: cooking lunch for approximately fifteen hundred people. This difficult task was undertaken daily by our cafeteria staff. Headed by Mrs. Strobel, the women planned menus, prepared meals, and kept the kitchen clean. Cleaning the many rooms, halls, and quonsets was the job of the custodial staff. During winter, a main concern was keeping the walks safe for travel. Even though understaffed, the custodians managed to maintain a clean, healthy atmosphere. “Don’t tell me you have another stomach-ache today?” Mrs. Peachey, our clinic nurse, kept busy throughout the year by checking ears, eyes, weight and height. By being in the clinic daily, she assured the student of the personal care needed. Mrs. Margaret R. Peachey, Nurse. Roland Parker, Doster Barzzel, and Elmer Dodson, Custodial Staff. Mrs. Marie Strobel, Cafeteria Manager. Nurse, Custodians, And Cafeteria Staff — 39 40 Classes Class Friction Provided Means For Advancing Knowledge From the first day at Mount Vernon until final examinations as a senior, we met with social, as well as academic, pres¬ sures. Each day we experienced new emotions as we learned to laugh and to enjoy being together. For four years we withstood increasing tensions as we learned to think, to seek, and to achieve. Continually changing facts were only a small part of the knowledge we acquired. In contrast to this in¬ constancy, the acquaintances we made as freshmen grew and progressed into deep, lasting friendships. JL c L A S S E S Unity Characterized The Class Of 1969 Senior Class Officers: President — Timothy Andrew Koogle Vice President — Len Allen Andyshak Secretary — Katherine Liddell Avery Class Sponsor — Mrs. Catherine P. Cooley Only those who have experienced the senior year can fully express the strong feelings and emotions involved with being a senior. Feelings of anxiety, happiness, sadness, and frustration made up only the intangible part of the senior year, the tangible being composed of work, friends, activities, and memories. The Class of 1969 has now joined the ranks of those who have left the halls of Mount Vernon with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that they themselves walked together to form a united class. Even though the footsteps no longer can be heard in the halls, memories and enduring friendships have been made that will live forever. 42 — Senior Class Mitchell Dean Achee Robin Allen Barbara Jean Adinaro MITCHELL DEAN ACHEE, “Mitch.” Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; SCA Second Vice President, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Tennis, 3, 4. Awards: Algebra II Trigonometry P.T.A. Award, 3; Geometry Award, 2; Virginia Boys’ State, 3; World History Award, 2. BARBARA JEAN ADINARO. Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club, 1; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; National Thespian Society, 4 (Secretary, 4); SCA Communications Committee, 4; SCA Hospitality Committee, 4; SCA Representative, 1. Awards: Academic Achievement Award, 1; Chorus Letter, 3; Drama Letter, 3. ROBIN ALLEN. Activities: Drama Club, 2; Drill Team Manager, 4; German Club, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. Sports: Gymnastics, 3. Malcolm Wayne Alls MALCOLM WAYNE ALLS. Activities: German Club, 3. Sports: JY Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Senior Class Council — Kneeling: Linda Baker, John Dexter. Standing: Barbara Frazelle, Charlie Price, Jane Seabolt, Connie Roberts, Richard Sylvest, Terrie O’Donnell, Jon Woods, Sharon Bauman, Kathy O’Rourke. Senior Class — 43 THOMAS RICE AMES, “Tom.” Activities: Spiriters, 3. BARBARA KAY ANDERSON, “Barbie.” Activities: Art Club, 1, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; Homecoming Invitations Chairman, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 4; SCA Publicity Committee, 2, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4; Spiriters, 1, 2, 3, 4; Surveyor Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Sports Editor, 3; Co-Editor, 4). Sports: JV Basketball, 2. Awards: Class Twirp, 3; Art P.T.A. Award, 3. MICHAEL WILLIAM ANDERSON, “Mike.” Activities: Junior Class President, 3; Spanish Club, 3. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN ANDERSON, “Pat.” Activities: FSA, 3 (President); Spiriters, 2. LEN ALLEN ANDYSHAK. Activities: Chorus, 3, 4; Junior Classical League, 3 (Sergeant-at-Arms); Key Club, 3, 4 (Chaplain, 4); SCA Alternate, 2; Senior Class Vice President, 4; Spiriters, 3. CHARLES PITT ARMSTRONG, “Chip.” Activities: SCA Representative, 3; Spanish Club, 1, 4; Spiriters, 4. JAMES EDWARD ATWELL, “Jim.” Activities: VICA, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2. KATHERINE LIDDELL AVERY. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4 (Historian, 4); French Club, 2; Keyettes, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1, 2; SCA Representative, 3; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, 4; SGA Representative, 1, 2. Sports: JV Basketball, 1, 2. Awards: Basketball Certificate; 1968 Homecoming Queen; Junior Prom Princess, 3. JOYCE ANITA BAILEY. Activities: Art Club, 2; GAA, 1; German Club, 2, 3. LINDA MARIE BAKER. Activities: Junior Honor Society, 2; Keyettes, 4; Math Club, 2; Red Cross Club, 1; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Secretary of Finance); SCA Representative, 3; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4; Surveyor Staff, 4 (Faculty, 4). Awards: National Merit Letter of Commendation, 4. PHILIP EUGENE BARBOUR. Activities: ICT, 4. BEVERLY LYNN BARKSDALE. Activities: French Club, 2; French Honor Society, 3, 4; FTA, 2 (Secretary); Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); SCA Alternate, 4; SCA Homecoming Committee, 3, 4; SCA Publicity Committee, 3; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spiriters, 2; Surveyor Staff, 4 (Senior Class). EDDIE MARIE BARKWELL. Activities: Beginning Chorus, 2; FHA, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4; SCA Representative, 4. NANCY GAYLE BARNES. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Latin Club, 2. 44 — Senior Class Seniors Knew Thomas Rice Ames Michael William Anderson Len Allen Andyshak Barbara Kay Anderson Charles Pitt Armstrong That To Question Was To Learn “This is worth a dime?,” ridiculed Mike Day to scalper Kathie McDonald at one of the numerourSenior Class bakesales. Philip Eugene Barbour Beverly Lynn Barksdale James Edward Atwell Joyce Anita Bailey Eddie Marie Barkwell Katherine Liddell Avery Linda Marie Baker Nancy Gayle Barnes We Combined Our Efforts And Formed A United Class George Shaffier, always willing to attack any new job, regardless of how menial, was best known as manager of the football team. Larry Wayne Bayne Barry Lee Bayne 46 — Senior Class Ronald Alvin Beahm John Andrew Beard William George Becker ROBERT LYLE BARR, “Bob.” Activities: Spanish Club. 3. DENNIS CARL BARTLETT. Sports: Freshman Football. 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Letters in Football and Track. LEWIS CLARK BARTLETT, “Bart.” Activities: Freshman Class President, 1. Sports: JV Track, 2; Varsity Track, 3. SHARON KAY BAUMAN. Activities: Drill Team, 4: Junior Class Council Representative, 3; SCA Alternate, 3; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Spiriters, 1, 3. BARRY LEE BAYNE. Sports: JV Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 4. LARRY WAYNE BAYNE. Sports: JV Baseball, 2; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Football Letter. RONALD ALVIN BEAHM. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Baseball, 1 (Captain); JV Basketball, 1, 2 (Captain, 2); JV Football, 2 (Captain); Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: All-District Baseball, 3; All-District Basketball Second Team, 3. JOHN ANDREW BEARD, “Andy.” Activities: VICA, 4. WILLIAM GEORGE BECKER, “Bill.” Activities: Chess Club, 1, 2; SCA Representative, 4. WILLIAM GRAYSON BELLON. REX WILLIAM BENDER. Activities: DE Club, 4; Math Club, 2. Sports: Varsity Football, 3. DEBORAH ANN BERRYMAN, “Debby.” Activities: FHA, 2 (Historian); ICT I, 3 (Secretary ' ); ICT II, 4. NANCY THERESA BISCHOFS. Activities: FT A, 2; Future Physicians, 3 (Parliamentarian); German Club, 4. SUSAN RUTH BLACK, “Sue.” Activities: FHA, 1, 2; Foreign Language Club, 1, 2; FTA, 1; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; VICA, 4; Yearbook Staff, 1, 2. Sports: Baseball Club, 1, 2; Swimming Team, 1. ROSE ANN BLAHUSCH. Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club, 2, 3; Med Club, 2; Nurse Club, 1. Awards: Shorthand 1 Award, 3. Perched high in Mount Vernon’s balcony. Echo Wright and Pat McCarthy were also high in the Academic Top Twelve. William Grayson Bellon Rex William Bender Nancy Theresa Bischofs Susan Ruth Black Rose Ann Blahusch Deborah Ann Berryman LARRY ESTEL BLANKENSHIP. Activities: ICT, 4. LINDA THERESA BOLTON. Activities: SCA Representative, 3; VOT, 4. MARTHA EUGENIA BOTERO. Activities: Spanish Club, 4. PATRICIA EVELYN BRACKEN, “Pat.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club, 2, 3; Science Club, 2, 3; Spiriters, 2. Awards: Chorus Letter and Bar, 2, 3. MARY WOOD BRAKE. Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); SCA Alternate, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3); Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Spiriters, 1. ROBERT LEE BRAUN, “Bob.” Activities: Band I, 1; Band II, 2; Junior Classical League, 3. JANICE ANNE BRICK, “Jan.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Color Guard, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter; Color Guard Letter, 4. MICHAEL WILLIAM BRITTAIN, “Mickey.” CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE BROE, “Chris.” Sports: Basketball, I; JV Football, 1, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Football Letter. ANNETTE ELISE BROWN, “Neth.” Activities: Chorus, 4; Drama Club, 1; Majorettes, 4; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Co-Chairman, Magazine Campaign); Spiriters, 2. CONSTANCE WINCHESTER BROWN, “Windy.” Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4. JUDY LYNN BROWN. Activities: Beginning Mixed Chorus, 1; DE Club, 4 (Secretary, 4); Handbook Staff, 3; Select Girls Chorus, 2. 48 — Senior Class As Seniors, We Learned Larry Estel Blankenship Linda Theresa Bolton 1 Patricia Evelyn Bracken Martha Eugenia Botero Mary Wood B rake Robert Lee Braun To Assume Many New Roles And Responsibilities Janice Anne Brick Mickey William Brittain Even though it was cold weather, Debbie DeJonghe, Tom Schneiders, Lynne Garrett, Jon Woods, Liddell Avery, Tim Koogle, Chris Crann, Bill Martin, Dawn Furr, and Bob Furr reflected the excitement of Homecoming festivities. Christopher Lawrence Broe Annette Elise Brown Constance Winchester Judy Lynn Brown Brown We Satisfied Our Thirst For New Experiences Deborah Carol Broyles Wanda Carol Buckles Thomas Russell Burke Gary Lee Calder Among the Academic Top Twelve, Nancy Eisenhart pauses for a drink from the fountain of knowledge. Bv Becoming Involved Howard David Cason Lynn Chadwick Alice Chang Ava Lynn Christiansen Jeff Brian Chapin James Emerson Christie, Jr. DEBORAH CAROL BROYLES. Activities: Color Guard, 4. THOMAS RUSSELL BURKE, “Tom.” Activities: DECA, 4. WANDA CAROL BUCKLES. GARY LEE CALDER. Sports: Swimming Team, 2; Varsity Track, 4. DALLAS BOYD CAMPBELL. Sports: Varsity Track, SUSAN LYNN CANCILLA. Activities: French Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (President Pro-Tempt, 2; Vice President, 3); Freshman Cheerleader, 1; GAA, 1; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; JV Cheerleader, 2 (Captain); Keyettes, 3, 4 (Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms, 4); SCA Alternate, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spiriters , 2; Traffic Safety Chairman, 4; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Basketball Co-Captain, 4). Sports: JV Basketball, 1; JV Hockey, 1; Varsity Hockey, 2. Awards: “YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW,” 3. WILLIAM STEPHEN CANTRELL, “Steve.” Activities: ICT, 4. HOWARD DAVID CASON. Activities: Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band, 3 (President); Spanish Club, 2. Sports: JV Track, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter; Most Improved Band Student, 1. LYNN CHADWICK. Activities: Chorus, 3, 4; Debate Team, 3, 4; FTA, 2; Newspaper Staff, 1. Awards: Debate Letter; National Forensic League Degree Of Merit; National Merit Commendation. ALICE CHANG. Awards: French Certificate B.E.P.C.; First Place Piano Competition, 3. JEFF BRIAN CHAPIN. Sports: JV Track, 3; Varsity Track, 4. Awards: Member of the California Scholarship Federation, 2. AVA LYNN CHRISTIANSEN. Activities: Chorus, 3, 4; Drill Team, 4; German Club, 1, 2; Gymnastic Club, 3, 4. Sports: JV Hockey, 1. JAMES EMERSON CHRISTIE, JR., “Jim.” Activities: Junior Honor Society, I, 2; SCA Representative, 2. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH CLARKE, “Chris.” Activities: Art Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1. Sports: JV Basketball, 1; Varsity Hockey, 3; Varsity Softball, 3. Christine Elizabeth Clarke Senior Class — 51 Thomas John Coffee Douglas Gary Cook Gary Bruce Collins Government class seemed interesting for most of the class, but for Gary Vechik and John Van Norman, it was a time for irrelevant study. THOMAS JOHN COFFEE. Activities: Letterman’s Club, 1; Science Club, 1, 2. Awards: Football Letter. DEBRA LYNN COLBERT, “Debbie.” Activities: Office Assistant, 4. GARY BRUCE COLLINS. Activities: SCA Representative, 1; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. Sports: Freshman Fo otball, 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: Two Varsity Football Letters. DOUGLAS GARY COOK. Activities: SCA Representative, 3, 4. BRENDA ANN COVINGTON. Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 4; Drill Team, 4; FHA, 4; Majorettes, 2, 3. MICHAEL WILLIAM COWART, “Mike.” Sports: JV Basketball, 1, 2; JV Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3; Varsity Track, 1, 2; JV Wrestling, 2. Awards: Varsity Letter in Track. CLEON EDWARD COX, “Eddie.” BARBARA CHRISTINE CRANN, “Chris.” Activities: Choraleers, 2, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2 (Secretary, 2); JV Cheerleader, 2 (Co-Captain); Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (Junior Representative, 4; President, 4); Madrigals, 3, 4; National Thespian Society, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer). Awards: 1968 Best Supporting Actress; Senior Homecoming Princess, 4; Virginia Girls’ State, 3. LINDA FAYE CRAWFORD, “Lynn.” LINDA RENEE CRUM. Activities: FHA, 2; ICT, 3, 4. JAMES EDWARD CULBERTSON, “Jim.” Sports: Varsity Golf, 3, 4. LINDA ANNE CUNEO. Activities: SCA Alternate, 3. WILLIAM DARRELL CUNNINGHAM, “Root.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4. Sports: JV Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4; Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2. GREGORY ERIC CURRY, “Greg.” Sports: Freshman Wrestling, 1. 52 — Senior Class Brenda Ann Covington Michael William Cowart Seniors Began And Ended The Year With “Espirit de Corps ” Cleon Edward Cox Linda Faye Crawford James Edward Culbertson There may not have been any liquid spirit in the jug, but President Tim Koogle showed the result of Senior spirit flowing at the first pep rally. Linda Renee Crum Linda Anne Cuneo William Darrell Cunningham Gregory Eric Curry Faced With The Future, We Encountered Decisions Thomas Emmett Darrah 9 Marilyn Claire Davey Steven William Dawson Linda Gayle Davis Michael Christopher Day THOMAS EMMETT DARRAH, “Tom.” Activities: SCA Alternate, 2; SCA Representative, 4. Sports: JV Track, 2; Varsity Track, 3, 4. MARY JANE DASH, “Mar.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 4; Color Guard, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); FHA, 3, 4; GAA, 1; SCA Homecoming Committee, 3; Spiriters, 3. Awards: Drama Letter, 3. MARILYN CLAIRE DAVEY, “Lynn.” Activities: Art Club, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; FHA, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Sports: Gymnastic Team, 3. LINDA GAYLE DAVIS. Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter, 2, 3. STEVEN WILLIAM DAWSON, “Steve.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 4; German Club, 1; SCA Alternate, 3; SCA Homecoming Committee, 4; SCA Representative, 4; Student Service Commission, 1. Sports: JV Wrestling, 3. MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER DAY, “Mike.” Activities: Freshman Class Vice President, 1; International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 2, 3. Sports: JV Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4. GERALD FRANCIS DECHANTS. Activities: ICT, 4. DIANE PATRICIA DEETH. Activities: FTA, 4. DEBORAH DEJONGHE, “Deb.” Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4); Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; keyettes, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2; Spanish Club, 4; Surveyor Staff, 3, 4 (Faculty Editor, 4). Awards: First Runner-up Miss Mount Vernon Contest, 3; Senior Homecoming Princess, 4; Prom Princess, 3. JANE DELACONCEPCION. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 4; SCA Representative, 3; Science Club, 2. Sports: JV Hockey, 2; Varsity Hockey, 3. Awards: Hockey Letter, 3; Hockey Certificate, 2, 3. PIERRE JOHN DELESPINOIS. Activities: Advisory President, 2; AFS Chairman, 2. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Swimming Team, 2; Track, 1. JOHN HODGE DEXTER. Activities: Freshman Class Treasurer, 1; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 4; Spiriters, 4. Sports: JV Baseball, 2; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Swimming Team, 1, 2; Varsity Tennis, 3, 4. KATHY ANN DIETZEL. Activities: Spiriters, 3. KAREN SUE DILLON, “Kit Dillon.” Activities: Art Club, 4; FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: FHA Junior Degree. DIANE CLAIRE DITTMER. KATHLEEN NORMA DIXON, “Kathie.” Activities: SCA Vice President, 1; Spanish Club, 4. Awards: Best Dancer, 1. Deborah DeJonghe Pierre John Delespinois Robert Reynolds, Judy Gribble, and Jeff Mense had trouble choosing T . T¥ , t- the pictures to represent their high school years. John Hodge Dexter K F b Kathy Ann Dietzel Karen Sue Dillon Diane Claire Dittmer Kathleen Norma Dixon We Could Not Chart Our In One Year; We Could Terri Hatch’s inquisitive freckled nose led her into the mechanical drawing room to investigate what was going on. Being in the Academic Top Twelve doesn’t mean a girl isn’t curious! Barbara Sue Dodson Thomas Walter Doeppner Paul Knox Domenech Sarah Olivia Donato Duska Dee Dowhower Gail Marie Ducharme 56 — Senior Class David Arthur Duffy Henry Quitman Dunn Complete Life Only Start It BARBARA SUE DODSON. “Sue.” Activities: Beginning Mixed Chorus, 1; Concert Choir. 4; FSA, 4; GAA. I SCA Representative, 2, 4; Select Girls. 3; Sniriters, 2, 3; Student Directory Staff, 2. Awards: Chorus Letter, 3. THOMAS WALTER DOEPPNER, JR., “Tom.” Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4); Math Club, 2; SCA Representative. 4; Science Club, 1; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: IT ' S ACADEMIC. 4. PAUL KNOX DOMENECH. Activities: Chorus Club, 2; Driver’s Education Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2 (Treasurer. 2). Sports: JV Track, 1. SARAH OLIVIA DONATO. Activities: Concert Choir, 4; FTA, 4: Junior Classical League, 1, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. DUSKA DEE D OWHOWER, “Dee.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 4; Majorettes, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Majorette Letter, 2; Marjorette Service Bars, 2, 3, 4. GAIL MARIE DUCHARME. Activities: VOT, 4. DAVID ARTHUR DUFFY. Sports: Varsity Golf, 3. Awards: Heart Research Commendation, 2; Honorable Mention, Heart Research Program, 3. HENRY QUITMAN DUNN, “Junnie.” JESSIE ALBERTINE DUVALL, “Jay.” Activities: VOT, 4. MARGARITA MARIA ECHEVERRY. Activities: FSA, 1 (Historian, 1); Spanish Club, 3. WENDY MAE ErSENBERG. Activities: Biology Club, 3; Debate Club, 3; GAA, 1; Junior Classical League, 1; Spiriters, 2, 3; National Thespian Society, 2, 3, 4. Sports: Gymnastics, 1, 2. Awards: Drama Letter. NANCY ANN EISENHART. Activities: Choraleers, 2, 3, 4; FTA, 1, 2, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 3, 4; Madrigals, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); Spanish Club, 1. Awards: Chorus Letter. SHARON JOAN EISENHART. Activities: Choraleers, 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir, 2, 3, 4; Keyettes, 4; Madrigals, 4; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Secretary of Hospitality); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Spiriters, 2. Sports: JV Softball, 2. Awards: Chorus Letter and Bar. SYLVIA ELLIOT. Activities: FHA, 3, 4; Spanish Club, Wendy Mae Eisenberg Sharon Joan Eisenhart Nancy Ann Eisenhart Sylvia Elliot Seniors Excelled In Both leresa Kathryn Elliott Deborah Jayne Engelman Gary Gene Eucker Dana Scott Evans TERESA KATHRYN ELLIOTT. Activities: Drama Club, 1, 2; FTA, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 1, 2; Varsity Softball, 2. DEBORAH JAYNE ENGELMAN, “Debi.” Activities: International Relations Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4. Awards: Band Letter, 2; Band Bar, 3; Band Star, 4. GARY GENE EUCKER. DANA SCOTT EVANS. RONALD R. FETTY, “Ron.” Activities: Freshman Class Secretaiy, 1; SCA Alternate, 4. Sports: JV Baseball, 2; Jv Basketball, 1; JV Football, 2. GAIL MAE FIELDER, “Ladybug.” Activities: FSA, 3 (Secretary). JACK RICHARD FILIPOVICH, “Jack.” SHARON PULLEN FISHER. NANCY JEAN FITZGEREL. Activities: Keyettes, 3, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 2, 4 (Co-Captain, 4); Varsity Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Outstanding Softball Player Award, 2, 3. GARY RICHARD FITZSIMMONS. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Alternate, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2; Spanish Qub, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3, 4. Sports: JV Baseball Manager, 2. Awards: Drama Letter. ■ Ronald R. Fetty I Gail Mae Fielder BARBARA JEAN FRAZELLE, “Barb.” Activities: Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyet tes, 2, 3, 4; Prom Invitation Committee Chairman, 3; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2; Spiriters, 1, 2 (Vice President, 2); Surveyor Staff, 3, 4 (Advertisement Editor, 3; Senior Class Editor, 4). Awards: World History P.T.A. Award, 2. SUSAN ELLEN FRAZIER, “Susie.” Activities: FHA, 2 . MARTIE BOYD FREAR. RUSSELL JOHN FRIZZELL, “Russ.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Key Club, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4). Sports: Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 3. Work And Play Jack Richard Filipovich Nancy Jean Fitzgerel f Martie Boyd Frear Sharon Pullen Fisher Russell John Frizzell In addition to having achieved the distinction of being in the Academic Top Twelve, Kay Winfree and Linda Thompson have tied for the Surveyor’s award for “the most freckle-kneed, bookshelf-climbing editors on the 1969 staff.” Barbara Jean Frazelle Susan Ellen Frazier Senior Class — 59 Athletic Participation Barbara Anita Fuller Julia Kanedia Game Lynne Parker Garrett 60 — Senior Class Dorothy Dawn Furr BARBARA ANITA FULLER, “Barb.” Activities: SCA Representative, 2; DE, 4; GAA, 1, 2. Sports: JV Basketball Manager, 2. DOROTHY DAWN FURR, “Dawn.” Activities: Drill Team, 2; Gunston District Sportsmanship Conference Delegate, 3, 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Keyettes, 4; Prom Decoration Committee, 3; Spiriters, 1; Surveyor Staff, 3, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 4). Awards: Class Representative, Miss Mount Vernon Contest, 2; Junior Class Homecoming Princess, 3; Junior Prom Princess, 3; Senior Class Homecoming Princess, 4. JULIA KANEDIA GAME. Ramona Gay Garber Deirdre Noel Garvey RAMONA GAY GARBER, “Bunni.” Activities: Concert Choir, 4; Drill Team, 3, 4; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; National Thespian Society, 2, 3, 4; Select Girls’ Chorus, 3; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2; Spiriters, 1; Surveyor Staff, 3, 4 (Freshman Class Editor, 3; Advertisement Editor, 4). Awards: Best Actress, 3; Drama Letter, 3. LYNNE PARKER GARRETT. Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4; Surveyor Staff, 4. Sports: JV Hockey, 1. Awards: Junior Prom Princess, 3; Miss Mount Vernon, 3; Senior Homecoming Princess, 4. DEIRDRE NOEL GARVEY, “Dee.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2; SCA Representative, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2; SCA Representative, 3; Spiriters, 1; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4. Awards: Four Cheerleading Letters; Chorus Letter, 2; Sophomore Homecoming Princess, 2. GERALD GREGORY GASTON, “Greg.” Activities: Spanish Club, 1. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Letters in Football. ROBERT LEE GAYLE. LOUIS GELLING, JR. Activities: Spiriters, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2 (Manager); Varsity Football, 3, 4. ANN CATHERINE GENTRY. Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4; FHA, 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 3, 4; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1 (Co-Chairman); SCA Representative, 1, 2; Spiriters, 3, 4. GREGORY SCOTT GERLACH. Activities: Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 2. Exemplified Senior Initiative Gerald Gregory Gaston Robert Lee Gayle Louis Gelling, Jr. Seniors proudly boasted of their contributions to the 1968 varsity football team. Ann Catherine Gentry Gregory Scott Gerlach Senior Class — 61 Extracurricular Activities Provided Diversity From Our Daily Routine Stephen Scanlan Gibbens Susan Jean Gist 62 — Senior Class i Elizabeth Lou Gibson Theodore William Gladhill As one of the Academic Top Twelve, Gwen Holland has had more than enough reason to sing. Ralph James Graul Richard Putnam Greer Joy Sue Greer Scott Louis Gregoire Judith Anne Gribble Sarah Griffith Sharon Louise Gross STEPHEN SCANLAN GIBBENS, “Steve.” Activities: Band, 1, 2. ELIZABETH LOU GIBSON, “Beth.” Activities: I SA, 3 (Vice President); Spanish Club, 1; Spiriters, I. SUSAN JEAN GIST, “Susi.” Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4 (Sergeant-at-Arms, 4); Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; Glee Club, 1; SC A Alternate, 2; SCA Representative, 1, 3, 4; Select Girls’ Chorus, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3. THEODORE WILLIAM GLADHILL, “Ted.” Awards. National Merit Semi-Finalist, 3. BARBARA LYNN GLOCK, “Barb.” Activities: Concert Choir, 1, 3, 4; French Club, 3, 4; GAA, 1; International Relations Club, 4; Math Club 2, 3 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3); Mixed Chorus, 1; Pep Club, 1; Science Club, 2, 3; Select Girls’ Chorus, 2. Sports: JV Hockey, 2; Varsity Hockey, 3, 4. Awards: 1968 Variety Show Winner, 3. WILLIAM EDWARD GMAZ, JR., “Bill.” Activities: French Club, 1; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Football Letter. RALPH JAMES GRAUL. Activities: DE Club, 4. BARBARA MARY GREEN, “Barb.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Spiriters, 2. RICHARD PUTNAM GREEN. Activities: Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 4. JOY SUE GREER. Activities: Spanish Club, 3. SCOTT LOUIS GREGOIRE. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter. JUDITH ANNE GRIBBLE, “Judy.” Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; Spiriters, 1, 2; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1, 2. Awards: Sophomore Class Sweetheart, 2. SHARON LOUISE GROSS, “Sherre.” Activities: National Thespian Society, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4. SARAH GRIFFITH. Activities: Biology Club, 1, 3, 4; Em Vee Hi Staff, 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Representative, 1; Senior Class — 63 Seniors Demonstrated Bold Confidence Senior class council members listened intently to the future plans of their class. Alberto Guardia Daniel George Hacker Sally Jean Hajdu ALBERTO GUARDIA. DANIEL GEORGE HACKER, “Dan.” Activities: Spanish Club, E In Their Leadership MICHAEL PATRICK HACKETT, “Mike.” Sports: Ereshman Football, 1; Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3. Awards: Two Varsity Track Letters. MARY ANNE HAHN. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3 (Librarian, 3). Sports: JV Hockey, 3; Varsity Hockey, 4; JV Softball, 2; Varsity Softball, 3. Awards: Band Letter; Softball Letter. J y Davis Richard Hall Gary Nelson Hamilton Randall Ray Hamilton Larry Frank Hartman Robert Maynard Haskell SALLY JEAN HAJDU, “Sally.” Activities: FHA, 4; French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; SCA Homecoming Committee, 4; SCA Representative, 1; Spiriters, 4. DAVIS RICHARD HALL. Activities: SCA Representative, 3; Spanish Club, 1. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 3. Awards: Two Varsity Football Letters. GARY NELSON HAMILTON, “Chick.” Sports: JV Baseball, 1; Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 3, 4. Awards: Four Varsity Football Letters. RANDALL RAY HAMILTON, “Randy.” Activities: Chorus, 4; Student Forum, 1. MARY CELESTE HART. Activities: Drill Team, 4; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. LARRY FRANK HARTMAN. Activities: Spanish Club, 1. Sports: Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basketball, 1; Freshman Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3, 4. Awards: All District Quarterback; District Wrestling Champion; Ten Varsity Letters in Baseball, Football, and Wrestling. ROBERT MAYNARD HASKELL, “Bob.” Sports: JV Track, 2, 3. Senior Class — 65 “The Sun Shone Brightly In The ■ ' • —--— J ks 4l 1 ’ 11 (BP 1 i J J ■; v,1 ‘ l zzmm Both Susan Cancilla and Linda Baker beam in the bright sunshine as they are in the " bright " Academic Top Twelve. Heidi Kay Hayes Theresa Carol Hatch Anne Latham Hazard Mark Hamilton Heath Minds Of Thomas Weston Hayden, Jr. . J Gary Alan Haymaker Laura Kay Heffner 66 — Senior Class M. V. Seniors ” THERESA CAROL HATCH. “Terri.” Activities: FHA, 2; Junior Classical League, 2, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3. Awards: Shorthand I P.T.A. Award, 3. THOMAS WESTON HAYDEN, JR., “Tom.” HEIDI KAY HAYES. Activities: Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; SCA Alternate, 2; SCA Representative, 1, 3. GARY ALAN HAYMAKER. Activities: SCA Alternate, 4; Sports: JV Cross Country, 3; JV Football, 2; JV Track, 3. ANNE LATHAM HAZARD. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief, 4); SCA Homecoming Committee, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 1; Student Directory Staff, 2. Sports: JV Softball, 1. MARK HAMILTON HEATH. Sports: JV Football. 2. LAE1RA KAY HEFFNER, “Kaeti.” Activities: Concert Choir, 4; Madrigals, 4; Mixed Chorus, 3; SCA Representative, 4. NANCY ELLEN HELMICK. Activities: VOT, 4. LETHA ANN HENDRIX. STEVEN ROBERT HERL, “Steve.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3. Sports: JV Baseball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain, 4). Awards: Football - All District; All Northern Virginia; Varsity Letters in Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Nancy Ellen Helmick Letha Ann Hendrix Steven Robert Herl Linda Kay Hersman Barbara Kathleen Hicks Theresa Ann Hicks LINDA KAY HERSMAN, “Kay.” Activities: German Club, 2; International Relations Club, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 3, 4 (President, 4); Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3. BARBARA KATHLEEN HICKS, “Barb.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 3, 4 (Managing Editor, 3; Page Editor, 4); Girls’ Chorus, 1; Keyettes, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1 (President, 1); Spanish Club, 2, 3; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4; Spiriters, 2; Yearbook, 1. Awards: Pep Club Certificate of Merit. THERESA ANN HICKS, “Terry.” Activities: FT A, 4; GAA, 2; International Relations Club, 1; SCA Representative, 4; Science Club, 3. Sports: JV Basketball, 2; JV Softball, 1; Varsity Softball, 2, 3. Awards: Jr. Academy of Science Award; Department of Agriculture Science Award. Senior Class — 67 ROBERT EUGENE HILL, JR., “Bobby.” Activities: Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Spanish Club. 3, 4. Sports: JV Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. JOHN EDWIN HITCHCOCK. Activities: National Thespian Society, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3. Awards: Voice of Democracy Speech Award. RICHARD MICHAEL HOE, “Rick.” GWEN CAIRNS HOLLAND. Activities: Allied Medical Club, 1, 2, 3; Beta Club, 1, 2, 3; FHA, 1 (Program Chairman); French Club, 1, 2; FTA, 3; GAA, 2, 3; Music Club, 1 (Vice President); Pep Club, 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 2, 3. Sports: Varsity Volleyball. 3. Awards: Certificate of Merit for Scholarship Achievement, 3; English Award, 1; University of Georgia Certificate of Merit. 1. 2, 3. PAULA MARGARET HOLT. Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4 (Sergeant-at-Arms, 3); Spanish Club. 3. SUSAN LINDSAY HOLT. Activities: Junior Class Council Representative, 3; SCA Representative, 2; Spanish Club. 1. RONALD WAYNE HORTON, “Ron.” Activities: German Club, I. CECILIA LYNN HUGHES, “Lynn.” Activities: DE Club, 3, 4 (Historian. 3; First Vice President, 4). GERALD ALLEN HUTTO, “Jerry.” Activities: DE Club, 2, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2. JEFFREY ALLAN HAMS, “Jeff.” Activities: Key Club. 3, 4; SCA First Vice President, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4, Sports: JV Football. 2; Varsity Football, 3; Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Three Varsity Wrestling Letters. MICHAEL ROBERT JACOBS, “Mike.” Activities: Dramatics Club, 1, 2. PHYLLIS LEE JETT. CALVIN FREDERICK JOHNSON. Activities: Homeroom Representative, 1. Sports: JV Crew Team, 2; JV Cross Country, 2; JV Track. 1. JAMES RICHARD JOHNSON. 68 — Senior Class Class Sponsor Robert Eugene Hill, Jr. A. John Edwin Hitchcock Paula Margaret Holt Susan Lindsay Holt Collaborated With Seniors To Promote Class Spirit Ronald Wayne Horton Cecilia Lynn Hughes Through the perennial guidanee and zest of Mrs. Cooley, seniors, throughout the years, have been able to attain the full potential of a senior year, this year being no exception. Thanks to the earnest interest of our class sponsor, this year has been one all seniors will remember. Gerald Allen Hutto Calvin Frederick Johnson k James Richard Johnson Phyllis Lee Jett Jeffrey Allan Iiams Michael Robert Jacobs Seniors Projected As They Strove For Being in the Academic Top Twelve does not guarantee musical talent, so Mitch Achee tried his hand at interior decorating. Roy Calvin Jones Eva-Marie Josephson GENE ELWOOD JOHNSTON. Activities: ICT, 3, 4. Sports: J.V. Basketball, 2. RANDALL JAMES JONES, “Randy.” Activities: ICT, 3, 4. ROY CALVIN JONES. EVA-MARIE JOSEPHSON, “Eva.” Activities: FHA, 4; SCA Representative, 1, 2, 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2. WILLIAM ARTHUR KEEL, “Billy.” Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2. DENNIS EDWARD KEITHLEY. Activities: Drama, 3, 4. Sports: Golf, 3; JV Lacrosse, 3. DEBORAH MAY KENWORTHY, “Debbie.” Activities: DE Club, 3, 4 (President, 4). Awards: Third Place, Sales Demonstrations. PATRICIA JANE KIRSTEIN, “Patti.” Activities: SCA Representative, 4; Select Glee Club, 2, 3 (Treasurer, 3); Special Glee Club, 1. Awards: Occupational Therapist Apprentice Award. DAVID RANDALL KNIGHT, “Dave.” Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Key Club, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3). Sports: JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Track. 2, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Letters in Football and Track; Optimist Club Award, 2. STARLYNNE ANN KNIGHT, “Star.” Activities: DE, 2, 3; VOT, 4. TIMOTHY ANDREW KOOGLE, “Tim.” Activities: Concert Band, 1, 2; Key Club, 3, 4; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Executive Council); SCA Representative, 2, 3; Senior Class President, 4; Spanish Club, 2; Yearbook Staff, 2. Awards: Band Letter. MICHAEL KENNETH KUHNS, “Mike.” Activities: SCA Representative, 4. JOSEPH DYE LAHENDRO, “Jody.” Activities: Concert Band, 1; Dance Band, 1; Key Club, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4). RICHARD HENRY LAMB. Activities: Junior Class Vice President, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. Sports: Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basketball, 1; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3; Freshman Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Letters in Baseball, Basketball, and Football; West Point Nomination for Academics and Football. Enthusiasm With Sincerity Academic Achievement William Arthur Keel I Joseph Dye Lahendro Deborah May Kenworthy INI Dennis Edward Keithley Starlynne Ann Knight Richard Henry Lamb Timothy Andrew Koogle Patricia Jane Kirstein 1 Michael Kenneth Kuhns Senior Class —71 DEBBIE ANN LAMBERT. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 1; SCA Representative, 4. Awards: Physical Fitness Award. 1. KENNETH DAMON LAROCHE. SANDRA LYNN LAROCHE. DEBORAH KAY LARSEN, “Debi.” Awards: Best Looking, E COURTNEY JAMES LASSETTER. Sports: Basketball. 3; Football, 3; Golf, 2, 3; Track. 2. PEGGY JEAN LAWRENCE. ROBIN ANN LEE. Activities: Drill Team, 4; FHA, 3. 4 (President, 4); JV Cheerleader, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2. LYNWOOD BRIDGER LENNON, II, “Skip.” Activities: French Club, 3; International Relations Club, 3, 4 (Vice President. 4); Junior Classical League, 2, 3 (President, 3); Math Club, 2, 3. 4 (Vice President, 3); Spiriters, 1, 2, 3, 4; SCA Representative 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Sports: JV Baseball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Football. 1 (Co-captain); Varsity Track, 1. Awards: Algebra I P.T.A. Award, I; Varsity Letters in Baseball and Track. WILLIAM SANFORD LETCHER. “Billy.” Sports: Freshman Basketball. 1; Freshman Football. I (Captain); Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Track, I. 2. CYNTHIA JEAN LILLEY. “Cindy.” Activities: Chorus, 1, 3, 4; Chorus Council. 1; Freshman Cheerleader. 1 (Co-captain); JV Cheerleader, 2; SCA Alternate, 2; Spiriters, 1; Freshman Class Council Representative, I; Varsity Cheerleader, 4. Awards: Freshman Class Homecoming Princess, 1; Junior Class Homecoming Princess, 3; Junior Prom Princess, 3; Mount Vernon Civitan Princess, 3. NAOMI RUTH LIPSCOMB. VALERIE JAN LODEWICK. Activities: German Club, I, 2, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Modern Dance Club, 2; SCA Cabinet, 3, 4 (Hospitality Committee, 3; Secretary of Publications, 4); Senior Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3); Spiriters, 1, 2, 4; Surveyor Staff, 4. Awards: English P.T.A. Award. 2; National Merit Letter of Commendation. SHARON ELAINE LOGAN. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 2; FHA, 2; SCA Representative, 3. HENRY POLLARD LONG. Activities: French Club, 1; Key Club. 2, 3, 4 (Sophomore Board Member, 2; Secretary, 3; President, 4 ); SCA Representative, 1, 2. 3; Sophomore Class Vice President, 2. Sports: Varsity Golf Team. Awards: Virginia Boys’ State Alternate, 3; Varsity Letter in Golf. 72 — Senior Class Cutting Through The Debbie Anne Lambert Kenneth Damon LaRoche Deborah Kay Larsen Sandra Lynn LaRoche Courtney James Lassetter Peggy Jean Lawrence I IHH Class Revealed The Importance Of Individuality Karen Taylor, in the Academic Top Twelve, investigated an area unfamiliar to girls . . . the shop! Naomi Ruth Lipscomb Valerie Jan Lodewick Robin Ann Lee i i Lynwood Bridger Lennon, II 1 William Sanford Letcher Cynthia Jean Lilley WSBBf Sharon Elaine Logan Henry Pollard Long Stephen Leslie Long Michael John Maher Beverly Maidens i Francis Paul Majewski STEPHEN LESLIE LONG, “Steve.” Activities: Projection Club, 1; Spiriters, 1. Sports: Varsity Cross Country, 3; JV Wrestling, 1. MICHAEL JOHN MAHER, “Mike.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; JV Basketball, 2; Track, 2. BEVERLY MAIDENS, Activities: Pep Club, 1 (President); VICA, 4 (President). FRANCIS PAUL MAJEWSKI, “Frank.” LINDA LEE MALVIN. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 3, 4 (Circulation and Exchange Editor, 4); Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; SCA Alternate, 2, 4; SCA Cabinet, 3 (Secretary of Hospitality); Senior Class Council Alternate, 4. WILLIAM LLOYD MANNING, “Bill.” Activities: German Club, 3; International Relations Club, 4. Sports: Cross Country, 3; Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2; Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4. DANE ROYAL MARTIN. LESTER WALLIS MARTIN, “Wally.” Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letters, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH MARTIN, “Bill.” Activities: Concert Choir, 3, 4; Freshman Class Council Representative, 1 (Chairman); FT A, 2; Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 1, 2 (President, 2); Madrigals, 4; SCA President, 4; SCA Second Vice President, 3; SCA Treasurer, 2; Spiriters, 1, 2, 3; Virginia State SCA President, 4. Sports: Basketball Team Manager, 4. Awards: Virginia Boys’ State Delegate, 3; West Point Academic Leadership Award, 3. ROBERT GLEN MASSIE. Sports: JV Wrestling, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3, 4 (Co-captain, 4). Awards: Second Place, Gunston District Tournament, 2. IRENE MATSUURA. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Spanish Club, 1, 3; Spiriters 1, 4. Awards: Choral Letter; Drill Team Letter. DOUGLAS WAYNE MAYE. Activities: DE, 2, 3. STUART CHARLES McARTHUR. PATRICK DAVID McCARTHY, “Pat.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 3, 4 (Sports Editor); French Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (President, 3, 4); Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Key Club, 3, 4 (Historian, 3); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: Havard Book Award, 3; US and Virginia History P.T.A. Award, 3. SUSAN TERESA McCORMACK. Activities: FTA, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Pep Club, 1; Spanish Club, 4; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Honorable Mention, Northern Virginia Spanish Competition, 3. LANEY MARY McCRARY. Activities: Concert Choir, 4; GAA, 1, 2; JV Cheerleader, I, 2 (Captain, 2); Pep Club, 1, 2; SCA Alternate, 4; SCA Representative, 1, 2; Select Band, 2; Select Choir, 1, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 4. Sports: Varsity Golf, 2 (Captain). KATHLEEN MARY McDONALD, “Kathie ” Activities: Drill Team, 4; International Relations Club, 4; SCA Homecoming Committee, 3, 4 (Chairman, 4); Science Club, 2; Spiriters, 2, 3; Surveyor Staff, 4 (Index Editor). We Were Proud To Undertake Senior Privileges Douglas Wayne Maye Stuart Charles McArthur Patrick David McCarthy Susan Teresa McCormack Laney Mary McCrary Kathleen Mary McDonald Gail Barnes, working alone, was successful in transforming the stairway into an object of beauty. Senior Class — 75 Patrick Bertram MehafFey k Barry Everett Merritt Jeffrey Louis Mense Blythe Elaine Merritt I Frank David Miller Lincoln Millstein 76 — Senior Class PATRICK BERTRAM MEHAFFEY, “Pat.” JEFFREY LOUIS MENSE. Activities: German Club, 1; National Thespian Society, 2, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 1, 2. Sports: JV Cross Country, 1, 2; JV Track, 1; JV Wrestling, 2. BARRY EVERETT MERRITT, “Ev.” Activities: Key Club 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Science Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3. Sports: JV Cross Country, 2; JV Wrestling, 2. Awards: First Place, Northern Virginia Science Fair, 2, 3; First Place, Virginia State Science Fair, 3; Second Place, Northern Virginia Science Fair, 1. BLYTHE ELAINE MERRITT, “Boofie.” Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1, 2 (President, 2); Science Club, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 (Vice President, 3); Sports: JV Hockey, 1; Varsity Hockey, 2, 3. Awards: First Place, Northern Virginia Science Fair, 1, 2, 3; First Place, Virginia State Science Fair, 1, 3; Junior Grand Prize, Northern Virginia Science Fair, 1; Science P.T.A. Award. 1. FRANK DAVID MILLER, “Dave.” LINCOLN MILLSTEIN. Activities: Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4 (Editor, 3; Sports Editor, 2); Science Club, 2 (President); Senior Prom Committee, 3 (Publicity Chairman); Varsity Club, 3. Sports: JV Basketball, 3; Varsity Soccer, 3. LAURA CATHERINE MOORE. Activities: Choraleers, 4; Concert Choir, 2, 3. 4; Freshman Chorus, 1; GAA. 1; Spiriters, 1. Sports: Varsity Basketball Manager, 2; JV Hockey, 1; Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, 4; JV Softball, 1, 2; Varsity Softball, 3. Awards: Chorus Letter and Bar, 2, 3; Hockey Certificate, Letter, Pin, and Stripe, 1, 2; Softball Certificate, Letter, and Stripe, 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL DONALD MOORE, “Mike.” CHRISTINE LYNN MORRISON, “Chris.” Activities: Art Club, 2; Band. 1, 3. 4 (Assistant Librarian, 4); Em Vee Hi Staff, 4; FTA, 4; International Relations Club, 1, 3, 4 (Social Director, 4); Orchestra, 2; Red Cross Club, 1. Sports: Varsity Hockey, 4. Awards: Band Certificate and Letter; Latin Award. DOUGLAS BRADLEY MOSS, “Doug.” Activities: Biology Club, 1, 2; DE Club, 2 (Photographer); ICT, 4; SCA Representative, 3. Sports: Varsity Baseball, 1, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 2; JV Wrestling, 2; Varsity Wrestling, 3, 4. CYNTHIA OLGA MYERS, “Cindy.” Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); FSA, 3. RUSSELL WEIR NALLS. Activities: DE, 2; ICT I, 3; ICT II. 4. Awards: Maintenance and Repair Certificate of Merit, 1, 2. NANCY JEAN NELSON. Activities: Drill Team, 4; French Club, 3; FTA, 3; Pep Club, 1; Spiriters, 2; Surveyor Staff, 4. Awards: Geometry P.T.A. Award, 2. ROSE PEGGY NEWELL, “Peggy.” Activities: Art Club, 1 (Secretary); Drill Team, 2, 3; German Club, 1, 2; Junior Class Secretary, 3; Pep Club, 2, 3; Sophomore Class Assistant Secretary, 2. Awards: Drill Team Award and Letter, 2, 3; Home Ec Award, 1. JOYCE FAY NICHOLSON. Activities: Chorus. Awards: Chorus Letter and Bar. Kev Club Vice President Russ Frizzell found “Miracle 409 " a tremendous aid in his desk cleaning task. Seniors Performed Service Tasks With Alacrity I Michael Donald Moore Laura Catherine Moore Nancy Jean Nelson Senior Class — 77 Douglas Bradley Moss Cynthia Olga Myers Russell Weir Nalls Christine Lynn Morrison We Considered Ourselves Patricia Louise Nielsen Ronald Lee Norfolk Barbara Ann O’Brien Terrill Jane O ' Donnell Seniors Bill Martin. Jim Vigen. Terri O’Donnell, and Nancy Eisenhart gathered together to discuss their many experiences after conducting the new freshman class around the school. Paul Brendan O ' Flaherty Marjorie Ann Okstulski Margaret Louise O’Shaughnessy Responsible For The Underclasses Janet Louise Page Gary Lee Parsons Barbara Ann Pfanzelter Larry Price Paolantonio Christie Lou Pate Mary Louise Pinkepank PATRICIA LOUISE NIELSEN, “Patti.” Activities: Drill Team, 4; FHA, 1; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; International Relations Club. 4; SCA Alternate, 2. Sports: Gymnastics, 3, 4. Awards: Homemaking Award, 1 . RONALD LEE NORFOLK, “Ronnie.” Activities: Biology Club, 2; German Club, 1, 2. BARBARA ANN O’BRIEN, “Barb.” Activities: Color Guard. 4; FSA, 4; ETA. 3, 4 (President, 4), Future Nurses, 1; Pep Club, 1; Spiriters, 4: SCA Alternate, 4; Rainbows, Awards: Color Guard Award, 4. TERRILL JANE O ' DONNELL, “Terrie.” Activities: GAA, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2; Keyettes, 3, 4 (Senior Representative, 4); Pep Club, 1, 2; SCA Alternate, 3; SCA Representative, 1; SCA Secretary, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 3. Awards: Virginia Girls’ State Alternate, 3. PAUL BRENDAN OFLAHERTY. MARJORIE ANN OKSTULSKI, “Margie.” Activities: FHA. 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Spiriters, 3, 4. KATHLEEN EMILY O’ROURKE, “Kathy.” Activities: Drill Team, 4; FHA, 4; SCA Representative, 1; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. MARGARET LOUISE O’SHAUGHNESSY, “Peggy.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 4; FTA, 2; Keyettes, 4; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Chairman of Communications); Senior Honor Society, 4; Sophomore Class President, 2; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: French Award, 2; History Award, 2; Honor Roll Award, 1. JANET LOUISE PAGE. Activities: Chorus, 3, 4; FTA, 4; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; Spiriters, 4. LARRY PRICE PAOLANTONIO, “Larry.” Activities: Band, 1, 2; SCA Alternate, 2; SCA Representative, 1; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; Spiriters, 4; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2. GARY LEE PARSONS. Activities: DE Club, 2, 3, 4. CHRISTIE LOU PATE. Activities: Biology Club, 2, 3; Drill Team, 3, 4; Latin Club, 1, 2; SCA Representative, 3; Spiriters, 1, 2. BARBARA ANNE PFANZELTER. Activities: Drill Team, 4; FHA, 3; German Club, 3, 4; Spiriters, 1, 2. MARY LOUISE PINKEPANK. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 4; Keyettes, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 (Vice President), Spanish Club, 3. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. c Senior Class — 79 Our Inquisitive Minds Carried Over From Our Junior i 4 Gerald Thomas Pittman Michael Dale Prichard Charles Levi Price, III Nancy Carol Prince GERALD THOMAS PITTMAN. “Jerry.” Activities: Band, 1. 2, 3. 4 (Student Conductor, 4); Spanish Club, 1. Awards: Band All-State Meritorious Award; Band Letter. Bar. and Star; Four All-Regional Meritorious Awards; Twenty-four Solo and Ensemble Medals. CHARLES LEVI PRICE, III, “Charlie.” Activities: German Club, 4; Key Club, 3, 4; Science Club, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. MICHAEL DALE PRICHARD. “Mike.” Acti vities: Biology Club, 2; SCA Representative, 1; Spanish Club, 3. Awards: Chorus Letter. Bar, and Pin, 2, 3, 4. NANCY CAROL PRINCE. Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, 1 (Co-captain); Freshman Chorus, 1; JV Cheerleader, 2; Keyettes, 3. 4; Select Girls’ Chorus, 2, 3. 4; Spiriters, 1; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Captain). Awards: Chorus Letter. JANICE FAYE PRITCHETT, “Pritch.” Activities: Chorus, 2, 4; FHA, 4; German Club, 3; SCA Alternate, 2; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. ROBERT ALEXANDER PURDY. JR. Activities: SCA Representative, 3; VICA, 3. 4. Sports: JV Football manager, 2. NORMAN WALTER PURGASON. Activities: DE Club. 3, 4 (Parliamentarian, 4). Sports: Freshman Football, 1. CYNTHIA KAY QUINN, “Cindy.” Activities: Student Advisory Council Representative, 3. RANDY ANN RANDAL. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3; GAA, 2, 3; Modern Music Masters, 2, 3, 4; National Forensic League, 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Society, 2, 3, 4. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 3; JV Hockey, 3; Varsity Softball, 2, 3; JV Volleyball, 3. Awards: Band Letter; GAA Most Improved Softball Pin and Letter; NFL Degree of Distinction; Thespian Best Actress. STEPHEN BRYAN RANDOLPH. LORETTA JANE RATKUS. Activities: Keyettes, 4; SCA Hospitality Committee, 4; Spiriters, 3. Sports: JV Basketball, 1, 2, 3; JV Softball, 1; Varsity Softball, 2, 3. Awards: JV Basketball Letter and Certificate; Choral Letter, 2. 3; JV and Varsity Softball Letters. REBECCA JO REHKLAU, “Becky.” Activities: Marching Club, 1; Swimming Club, 1. SUE KAREN REMINGTON. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 3, 4 (Third Page Editor, 4); French Club, 3; International Relations Club, 1. 2, 4; SCA Homecoming Committee. 4; SCA Representative, 3. Awards: IT’S ACADEMIC, 4; First Place. District Spelling Competition, 2, 3; Third Place, State Spelling Contest, 3. 80 — Senior Class Were Year Janice Faye Pritchett Barry Merritt conducted an experiment to show Jody Lehendro, Gary Collins, Gary Vechik, Nancy Nelson, and Jim Christie one of the fundamentals of Physics. M Robert Alexander Purdy, Jr. Stephen Bryan Randolph Norman Walter Purgason Loretta Jane Ratkus Cynthia Kay Quinn Rebecca Jo Rehklau j J Randy Ann Randal Sue Karen Remington The Class Showed Holiday Spirit In Senior Style The epitome of the Senior Class, commonly known as Santa Claus, made his roost in the Senior Hall this year to permeate spirit throughout the halls. Robert Guy Reynolds William Aubrey Reynolds Ij HI Dennis Earl Rice Linda Dianne Riggle WMM Boh Young, playing Santa this year, had Lynne Garrett help him put together his sleigh team. ROBERT GUY REYNOLDS. WILLIAM AUBREY REYNOLDS. “Bill.” Activities: DE Club, 2, 3. 4. DENNIS EARL RICE. LINDA DIANNE RIGGLE. Activities: FTA, 4; SCA Representative, I, 4; Science Club, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 3); Spanish Club, 1. 2; Spiriters, 2, 3. CONSTANCE DEBRA ROBERTS, “Connie.” Activities: Concert Choir, 3, 4; Drill Team, 3, 4; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; Junior Prom Princess Selection Chairman, 3; JV Cheerleader, 2; Madrigals, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter. ANGELA LOUISE ROSENDALE, “Angie.” Activities: SCA Alternate, 4; Set Crew, 3. ANN HARDY ROSS. Activities: Drill Team, 4; French Club, 2, 3 (Vice President, 2); GAA, 1; Keyettes, 4. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 2, 4 (Manager, 2); JV Softball, 2; JV Volleyball, 1. JAMES RAY RUSSELL. Activities: DE, 3, 4 (Photographer, 4). JAMES ARTHUR RYAN, “Jim.” DEBORAH JAYNE SAY, “Jayne.” Activities: GAA, 2; Select Girls’ Chorus, 2, 3, 4. Sports: JV Hockey, 1, 2; Varsity Hockey, 3, 4; JV Softball, 1. Awards: Choral Letter, Bar, and Certificate, 2, 3; JV Hockey Certificate, 1, 2; Varsity Hockey Letter and Certificate, 3, 4; JV Softball Certificate, 1. James Ray Russell James Arthur Ryan PETER GIUTANO SCHIFANDO, “Pete.” Activities: Chorus, 1; Drama Club, 1; Orchestra, 1; Radio Club, 1; Yearbook Staff, 1. Senior Class — 83 High Scholastic Goals Were Reached VICKI LYNN SCHILLING. Activities: FHA, 2; Spanish Club. I. WILLIAM JOSEPH SCHOFIELD, “Bill.” GLENN RUSSELL SCHUSTER. Activities: Spiriters. OLIVE ANDREA SCOTT. “Ollie.” Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4; Human Relations Board, 4; SCA Representative, 4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; Spiriters, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 1). Awards: NSSFNS Award. JANE SEABOLT. Activities: Biology Club, 2 (Treasurer); GAA, I, 2; International Relations Club. 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. GEORGE WESLEY SHAFFIER. Activities: ICT, 3, 4; DE, 2. Sports: Freshman Football. 1; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football. 3, 4; Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3. JAMES RICHARD SHANNON. Activities: Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Junior Honor Society, 2; Key Club, 3, 4. Awards: IT ' S ACADEMIC Alternate, 4. CECILIA MAE SHEPHERD. Activities: GAA, 2; Spanish Club, 1. Awards: Bookkeeping Proficiency Award. KATHY LEIGH SHEPHERD. Activities: FHA, 1; FSA, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3; President, 4); Spiriters, 2. BURT DARRELL SIDERS. Sports: JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Cross Country, 2; Varsity Track, 2, 3. ROBERT STUART SIMMS. Activities: DE, 2; ICT, 3, 4; Maintenance and Repair, 1, 2. GLEN ALLAN SIRBAUGH. JOSHUA LAMONT SLAPPY. PAIRICIA ANNE SLATER. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Spiriters, 3. 84 — Senior Class Vicki Lynn Schilling Jane Seabolt I William Joseph Schofield Olive Andrea Scott George Wesley Shaffier By Many Seniors » •r James Richard Shannon Cecilia Mae Shepherd Valerie Lodewick, shown here trying to pass herself off as a clarinet, really had something to toot about. She was among the Academic Top Twelve. Burt Darrell Siders Robert Stuart Simms Glen Allan Sirbaugh Kathy Leigh Shepherd Joshua Lamont Slappy Imagination And Creative Ability Sparked Seniors Playing “What’s My Line?” in English class one day found Gary Haymaker and Gary Collins with a mystery guest. Surprisingly enough, the guest later unveiled himself to be Craig Smith. 86 — Senior Class Lawrence Henry Snipe Alan Jay Snyder William Finis Smith _ RHONDA SLOAN. To Better Expression Linda Patricia Spann Linda Louise Spinks A Sue Marie Springer Russell Thomas Stevens AARON CARLTON SMITH. Activities: Concert Band, 2, 3; Pep Band, 2, 3; Homecoming Committee, 3. Sports: Varsity Wrestling, 1, 3. CRAIG ALLAN SMITH, “Skip.” Activities: Newspaper Staff, 1. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track. 2. JAMES STANLEY SMITH, “Jim.” Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band All-District Medals, 2, 3; Band Bar and Star, 2, 3; Band Superior Rating Medals, 1, 2, 3; Most Improved Band Player, 2. WILLIAM TINIS SMITH. “Bill.” Activities: Band. 1. 2; Spiriters, 3. Sports: Soccer, 3. Awards: Band Letter, LAWRENCE HENRY SNIPE, “Larry.” ALAN JAY SNYDER. Activities: Band, 1, 2, 3. 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3: SCA Alternate, 4; SCA Representative, 2; Spanish Club, 3. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsitv Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Band Letter; Varsity Letters in Football and Track. LINDA PATRICIA SPANN. Activities: Boosters, 1, 2; Drill Team, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Trilights, 1. Sports: Varsity Hockey, 4. Awards: Sewing Award. 2. LINDA LOUISE SPINKS. Activities: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4. SUE MARIE SPRINGER. Activities: FHA, 4. Awards: Food Service Handlers Certificate. RUSSELL THOMAS STEVENS, “Rusty.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4. ELISABETH LUISE STICKLES, “Liz.” Activities: FHA, 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer, 2. Sports: Gymnastics, I. Awards: National German Contest Award, 3. WILLIAM SUGGS. Senior Class — S7 RICHARD ALLEN SYLVEST. Activities: Band. 1, 2; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Sports: Cross Country, 3: Track, 2, 3, 4. KAREN RUTH SYMMES. Activities: Drill Team. 4: French Club, 2, 4; GAA, 1, 2; SCA Representative, 2; Tri-Hi-Y, 2. Awards: Freshman Homecoming Princess, I; Interact Sweetheart, 2. VICKI TAFT. Activities: Art Club, 2; Drill Team, 4; Fine Arts Club. 2; Tri-Hi-Y, 2. JOANN TAPP. Activities: Em Vee Eli Stall ' , 4; FHA 3; Guitar Club, I. DEBORAH ANN TAUSCH, “Dee.” Activities: GAA, 1, 2 (Treasurer, 1); Junior Honor Society, 1; Keyettes, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1,3; Senior Honor Society. 3, 4. KAREN LYNN TAYLOR. Activities: California Scholarship Federation, 3; Orchestra, 3; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: John F. Kennedy Awards for Algebra I, English I and II, French II and III. Latin I and II, World History; National Latinum Auxilium Silver Medal. 1, 2; National Merit Semi-Finalist, 4; Scholarship to Cape Cod Conservatory, I. MARCIA JEAN THOMAS. " Marcy.” LINDA ANN THOMPSON. Activities: Drill Team, 4; French Club, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4; Spiriters, 2, 3; Surveyor Staff, 3, 4 (Index Editor, 3; Organizations Editor, 4); Thespians, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 3), International Relations Club. 2, 4. NANCY VIRGINIA THOMPSON. VIRGINIA SUE TIBBS, “Ginni.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 4; SCA Representative, 3; Spanish Club. 1, 2. LAURA MAE TODD, “Lori.” Activities: VOT, 4. Awards: Typing I Award. 2. CATHERINE MARY TOWNSEND, “Cathie.” Activities: French Club. 3; Spiriters, 1; Surveyor Staff, 4. SANDRA LEE TRAVERS, " Sandi.” Activities: Mixed Chorus, 3, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; SCA Representative, 1, 2. Sports: Gymnastics, 1, 2. DANIEL EUGENE TULLY. Sports: JV Football. 1; Wrestling, 1. Awards: All County Band, 3. Seniors Started Final Richard Allen Sylvest Karen Ruth Symmes Vicki Taft JoAnn Tapp 88 — Senior Class i Deborah Ann Tausch Karen Lynn Taylor Year During The Summer Bevie Barksdale, along with other seniors, helped to. make the long process of Senior pictures go smoother by getting Debbie Berryman started on one of the many tedious stops before the final click. Marcia Jean Thomas Linda Ann Thompson Laura Mae Todd Catherine Mary Townsend Nancy Virginia Thompson Sandra Lee Travers Virginia Sue Tibbs [ Daniel Eugene Tally Assemblies Were Part Of The Deborah Ann Tydings Richard Allen Unger The first senior assembly of the year gave the class an opportunity to decide the location for June graduation. Carol Archer Van Norman John Wesley Van Norman Jennifer Vickery DEBORAH ANN TYPINGS, “Debbie.” Aetivities: Senior Class Council Alternate, 4. RICHARD ALLEN UNGER. Activities: Band, I, 2; Dance Band, 1, 2; International Relations Club, 4; Key Club, 3, 4; Math Club, 2; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; Surveyor Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Photographer). Awards: Band Letter. Pre-Graduation Exercises CAROL ARCHER VAN NORMAN. Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 1, 2; Spiriters, 1. Awards: Sewing Award, JOHN WESLEY VAN NORMAN. Activities: International Relations Club, 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3. Sports: JV Basketball, I; Varsity Cross Country, 1; JV Football. 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; JV Track, 2, 3; Varsity Wrestling, 2. Awards: All Gunston District Defensive End, 3; Varsity Letters in Football and Wrestling. GARY LYNN VECHIK. Activities: International Relations Club, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3. Sports: Varsity Cross Country, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3. Awards: First Place, Gunston District Championship, Two Mile, 2; Mile Record, 3; Most Outstanding Runner, 3; Varsity Letters in Cross Country and Track. James Bruce Vigen George William Von Arb JENNIFER VICKERY, “Jenny.” Activities: JV Cheerleader, 2; German Club, 4; SCA Human Relations Board, 4; Lori-Nelles Club, I; SCA Homecoming Committee, 1, 2; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2; Spanish Club, 3; Spiriters, 3. Robert Dean Wakefield Jackie Diane Ward Doris Frances Walsh Daniel Ross Watson JAMES BRUCE VIGEN, “Jim.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Page Two Editor, 4); Key Club. 3, 4; National Thespian Society, 1, 2; SCA Alternate, 4; SCA Human Relations Board, 4; Spiriters, 2, 3, 4 (President, 2). Awards: Drama Letter. GEORGE WILLIAM VON ARB. Activities: Art Guild, 1; Key Club, 2, 3, 4 (Kiwanis Representative, 3); SCA Representative, 3, 4; Science Club, 4. Sports: Freshman Basketball, I; JV Basketball, 2; Cross Country, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 3); Varsity Track, I, 2, 3, 4 (Co-captain, 3). Awards: Outstanding Runner, 4. ROBERT DEAN WAKEFIELD, “Bob.” Activities: Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Math Club, 2, 3; Math Team, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4. Sports: Varsity Baseball, 1. Awards: Functions Statistics P.T.A. Award; IT’S ACADEMIC Alternate, 4. DORIS FRANCES WALSH, “’tch.” Activities: FHA, 1; SCA Representative, 2; SCA Secretary-Treasurer, 2; Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer, 2. Sports: JV Basketball. 2; JV Softball, 2. Awards: German P.T.A. Award, 3. JACKIE DIANE WARD. Activities: Drama Club, I; FHA, 3; Four-H Club, 3 (President); Nurses Club, 3 (President) Red Cross Club, I, 2; Typing Club, I, 2. Awards: Annual Queen Contestant, 3. DANIEL ROSS WATSON. Activities: German Club, 2 (Secretary); SCA Cabinet, 4 (Co-chairman, Magazine Campaign); SCA Representative, 2, 3. Sports: Varsity Rugby, 1, 2; Varsity Soccer, I, 2; JV Wrestling, 1, 2. Senior Class VI We Finally Attained Fully Our Artistic Susi Gist turned in horror as she was caught in the act of converting a window into a fireplace. Kathleen Gail Williamson Tyrone Wharton Donata Wilson Mark Allen White Carl Steven Windisch 92 — Senior Class Katherine Winfree Branson Lehue Wood, III Jonathan Dee Woods wm LINDA SUE WATSON. Activities: (iAA, 3; Spiriters, 2. Sports: JV Basketball, 2, 3. Awards: JV Basketball Letter. TYRONE WHARTON, “T.Y.” Activities: VICA, 4. Sports: Varsity Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4. MARK ALLEN WHITE. Sports: JV Wrestling, 3; Varsity Wrestling, 4. Awards: Varsity Letter in Wrestling. KATHLEEN GAIL WILLIAMSON. Activities: Band, - I, 2, 3, 4; Bible Club, 1. Awards: Band Letter, Star, and Potential As Seniors Bar DONATA WILSON. Echo Garside Wright Steven George Yale I Robert James Young Deborah Dee Wriska Laurie Jean Young CARL STEVEN WINDISCH. Activities: Book Club: Chess Club. KATHERINE WINFREE. “Kay.” Activities: Drill Team, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2: Senior Honor Society, 3. 4; Spanish Club. 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 3); Surveyor Staff. 3, 4 (Co-editor, 4; Junior Class Editor. 3). Awards: Advanced Spanish P.T.A. Award; English III P.T.A. Award; National Merit Letter of Commendation. BRANSON LEHUE WOOD. III. Activities: Spanish Club, 2. International Relations Club. 4 Sports: Varsity Football. 3, 4. JONATHAN DEE WOODS, “Jon.” Activities: International Relations Club, 4 (Sergeant-at-Arms; Program Director); Junior Classical League, 2, 3; Key Club, 3, 4 (Senior Representative, 4); Math Club. 3; Math Team, 3, 4; SCA Representative, 1; SCA Treasurer, 4; Science Club, 3, 4 (President, 4); Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Spiriters, 3. Sports: Freshman Basketball, I; Varsity Basketball Team Trainer, 3; Freshman Football, 1; Freshman Track, I. Awards: District of Columbia B( ys’ State, 3; Outstanding Student Award. 1; Spanish P.T.A. Award. ECHO GARSIDE WRIGHT. Activities: French Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3); Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1, 2; Keyettes, 3. 4 (Historian, 4); SCA Cabinet, 3 (Publicity Chairman); SCA Representative, I, 2; Senior Honor Society, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4). Awards: Biology P.T.A. Award, 2; Heart Association Fellowship, 2. DEBORAH DEE WRISKA, “Debbie.” Activities: FHA, 2. Sports: JV Hockey, 2. Awards: Typing II P.T.A. Award, 3. STEVEN GEORGE YALE, “Steady. " LAURIE JEAN YOUNG. Activities: Chorus, 1, 2. Awards: Chorus Letter, 2. ROBERT JAMES YOUNG, “Hollywood.” Activities: Em Vee Hi Staff, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Key Club, 3, 4. Sports: Freshman Football, I; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; JV Wrestling, 3. Awards: All-District, 4; Honorable Mention, All-Northern Virginia, 4; Five Varsity Letters in Football and Track. STEVEN FRANCIS YURCHIK, “Steve.” Activities: International Relations Club, 4; Sophomore Class - Council Alternate, 2. Sports: Varsity Baseball, I, 2, 3. 4; Freshman Football, I; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4. Steven Francis Yurchik „ . Senior C lass v.j Junior Accomplishments Were Numerous Junior Class Officers: President — Kevin Gaylor Vice President - Larry Paxton Secretary - Ann Wood Class Sponsor - Mrs. Margaret H. Lunter Achievement was a prominent factor for the Class of 1970 this year as they showed by winning the Pep Jug for the football season and furnishing wood for the annual bonfire. Juniors, diligently working on their weekends cleaning the stadium, demonstrated the class’s industrious nature. Arrival of the class rings made believable the fact that they were finally upperclassmen. Veterans to the traditional homework and novices to college boards, juniors were kept busy as the weeks rushed past until June was finally upon them. 94 — Junior Class Kal Abbott Patti Abel Becki Alexander Frances Allen Billy Anderson Sharon Arrington Mike Asbury Allison Baez Richard Baker Timothy Baker Diane Ball Beth Barksdale Mary Ann Barnett Steven Barry Richard Bauer Melissa Below Lois Berlin Don Bess Catherine Billings Lisa Bircher Robert Bixler James Blackwell Veida Blanding Tracy Boaz r ?o £ r - Junior Class Council — Front Row: Cathy Sweat, Joan Haseman, Jennifer Smith, Missie Carpenter, Cyndy Gorwitz. Second Row: Gary Deck, Mike Enders, Debby Fick, Gaye Roland, Debbie Tate, Brenda Pearson, Kris Long, Gene Kelley, Lisa Cox. Junior Class — 95 Judi Boerger Anita Bond Beverly Booth Linda Bowers Joe Bradshaw Terrv Bramlett Vicki Breault Francis Breland Michel Brett Charmaine Broe Bonnie Brown Nina Bryson Mary Byrd Bill Calahan Missie Carpenter Randal Castro Sara Chambers Cathy Champin Nancy Chandler Frank Chapelle Mark Chapman Ron Reinsel and Paul Bvers exhibit another phase of junior talent in the production of The Crucible. Janet Chase Nini Chester Felicia Clevenger Chris Clinedinst Marian Coffee Robin Cohn Philip Coker Cindi Colyer Richard Coorsh Iden Cornwell Larry Coscia Robin Cotterman Lisa Cox Kenneth Crum Jim Dalton Teresa Damato Guy Darby William Dasch % — Junior Class Larry Fullerton Exemplified Junior Dexterity Donna Davis Gloria Davis Nancy Day Sue Day Betsy DeBiase Gary Deck Richard DeJonckheere Barb Derwin Mark Dick Mary DiGiorgio Ronald Dodd Don Dommisse Through sports, Larry showed how members of the Class of ’70 functioned with a team. Norma Donchatz Patti Dunn Carmella Dunphy Clark Eadie Julie Early Michael Earp Carol Easton Karen Eaton Lynn Eddy Linda Edwards Bruce Egan Lee Elbracht Debbie Eldredge Mike Enders Marilyn Fee Debby Fick Carolyn Finney Patricia Flowers Junior Class — 97 Lest We Forget The junior class helped keep the student body up to date with school activities. Jackie Floyd Dan Foglio Ronald Fowler Mary Frank Pam Frese Linda Frye Don Fullerton Larry Fullerton Janice Gainer Jane Gandy Brian Gaquin Jacquelyn Garnett Pattie Garrity Margaret Gaunt Kevin Gaylor Susan Gaylor John Ghent James Gibson Janet Gibson Steve Gielarowski Bruce Gillingham David Glasgow Thomas Gleason Brenda Gonzales Cyndy Gorwitz Ann Graham Teresa Grantham Mark Greenhouse Richard Griebling Susan Griney Brenda Gross Nan Grover Mary Guenthner Lisa Gunderson Joseph Haley Susan Harlan 98 — Junior Class Ted Hart Joan Haseman Eugene Hastings Thomas Havenner Vieki Hayes Bruce Haymaker Susanne Heise John Hermann Mike Hess Paula Heston Connie Hicks Francis Hicks Bill Higgins Mark Hill Martha Hill Nancy Hill Ernest Hilsabeck Paul Holland Cheryl Horton Douglas Houck Thomas Huddleston Barry Iddins Gordon liams Barbara Jackson Stewart Anthony Mason 1952-1968 Thomas Jackson David Jonah Linda Jones Jim Jordan Bill Jourdan Gene Kelley Mike Kelly Timothy Kennedy Junior Class - 99 Greg Keplinger Patricia King Larry Kirby George Kistner Janet Koch Ann Kroll Jill Lahendro Kim Lassetter Drew Laughlin Thomas Lawrence Cynthia Lawson Emory Layton Enthusiasm was the junior byword. Brooke Leach Laura Lee Carl Lindberg Mira Lloyd Meg Lockwood Barbara Loder John Long Kris Long Richard Lutkenhouse 100 — Junior Class Class meetings were both interesting and informative. James Manor Bruce Mansfield Mark Manuel John Maple Chris Marciniee Bill Mather Bob Matthews Gloria Maxwell Arletha Mayo Charles McClain Dave McConnell Nancy McCormack All Others In Spirit Robin McCoy Edward McDaniel Patricia McDowell Don McKeon Pat Meads John Meeker Carl Messmer Susan Miller Rachel Moon Juniors were their best customers. Bonnie Moore Brad Moore Debby Moore Dorothy Moore Emily Moran Pat Morrison Sylvia Murakami Eddie Murphy Elizabeth Murray Richard Nagler George Nakamura Sherry Nauman Junior Class — 101 Junior Responsibilities Juniors reached new heights at serving their school. James Newell Jerry Nissley William Nolton William Norris Barbara Novak Kent Nowak Chris O’Brien James O ' Bryant Patrick O’Connor James Ogle Ronnie Oshima Mimi Oswalt Ruby Otis Bill Palas Jenny Pankey Therese Parrish Dale Parton Mark Patton Larry Paxton Ronnie Peacock Brenda Pearson Lynn Pendley Bob Pennington Debby Perrin Brenda Perry Michael Peters Allen Phelps Robert Phillips Vicki Pichurko Kathy Polhamus Daniel Pomerening Robert Powers Alice Price John Rathbone 102 — Junior Class Were Picking Up Ron Reinsel Omar Reyes Joan Rezzardy Peggy Rice Teresa Rice Charlotte Richmond Patricia Reister Charlotte Riser Judy Robbins Jim Roberts Gaye Roland Kathy Rollinger Judy Roscher Sandra Rosendale Joanne Sargent Carl Salisbury Dan Saverline John Scandling Debby Schaefer Scotty Schaefer Don Schneiders Paul Schultz Bette Schurtz Warren Scott Mechanically-minded juniors improvised with bubble gum and rubber bands to get the vacuum working. Dorothy Sebreny Stan Sebring Fred Shaeffer Elaine Shaffer Patricia Shaw Gary Shelton Junior Class — 103 Greg Shifflet Joe Simons Cindy Simpkins Peter Sitnik Jennifer Smith Karen Smith Richard Smitherman Garrett Snyder John Spence Bill Stagg Nancy Stallings Pam Staver Perry Stedrnan Pam Stevenson Tom Still Nancy Stokes Patricia Sullivan Cathy Sweatt Jane Swenson Lois Swoboda Leathy Takach Debbie Tate Lynda Taylor Paul Taylor Working hard on building the bonfire . Elaine Tesko Glenda Thayer Nancy Thomasson Karen Tice Joanne Tidd Wanda Todd Ann Toria Doug Turich Wanda Tyler Ron Ursano Vijay Vatsia George Vaughan 104 — Junior Class Juniors Were Fired Up Over Football Ken Vechik Paul Vollmer David Vosburg Dianne Wade Alice Wales Jewel! Ward Marty Weaver Mike Weaver Heather Webb juniors were proud of the magnificent blaze. Roy Wedding Vicki Wells Beverly Wesley David White Victor White Barbara Whittington Pat Wilkins Barbara Williams Fern Williams Gail Williams Ken Williams Margie Williams Marsha Williams Linda Wilson Marcene Wolff Ann Wood Jackie Wood Andrew Woods Kim Woodworth Steve Wunderley John Wyatt Brenda Young Gary Yowell Barbara Zeppenfeld Junior Class — 105 New Responsibilities Were Accepted Eagerly Sophomore Class Officers: President - Timothy Quinn Vice President - Mark Mendez-Vigo Secretary — Kristen Wilkins Class Sponsor Miss Roberta A. Lerg The sophomores began their second year at Mount Vernon with several setbacks. The class lost many members to the new Hayfield High School. In addition, sophomores faced a slow start in activities because of late class elections. However, they were able to adjust to these difficulties and achieve unity through bakesales and an ice-skating trip. Sophomore involvement in athletics increased as they participated in both junior varsity and varsity sports. Fully a part of Mount Vernon, sophomores were active in all phases of school life. Acting leads in The Crucible , a math team member, Key Club members, and SCA representatives were only a portion of their contributions. !06 — Sophomore Class Jeanene Abbott Danny Adkins David Allen Cheryl Allison George Allison Gwen Anderson Joan Anderson Marlin Ankeny Nickie Athanason Susan Aud Diane Baker Lisa Barbour John Barnet Debbie Barnhill Alex Bartlett Craig Baumann Rick Bearden Nancie Beatie Debby Beckler Linda Berence Nick Beschen Tanya Bibber Mark Birchner Richard Bixler James Blackstock Patricia Blunk Sophomore Class Council - Sealed: Janet Stevenson, Ladene Howe, Pat Brett, Sue Roscher, Randy Riddle, Jim ( hapman. Standing, First Row: Julie Murphy, Carolyn Hudson, Debbie Wright, Tim Hart. Second Row: John Krolak, Beth Carnes, Cheryl Allison, Alex Bartlett, Donna Smith, Terry Fick, Kathy O Shaughnessy. Third Row: Kim Romney, Tim O’Rourke, Chipper Chase. Sophomore Class — 107 ■ : « i Michele Borowsky Susan Bracken Donna Bredhenner Pat Brett Jan Brevard Nancy Brigman Nancy Brogden Becky Brown Cecilia Brown Diann Buita Paul Burris Roger Burt Nancie Byrd Diann Cajigas Karen Callahan Sheri Camp Beth Carnes Mike Carpenter Sharon Carroll Belinda Cartier Edward Cave James Chapman Chipper Chase A studious sophomore suspends his work to relax. Bdl Christie Karen Christoph Sharon Chumley Steven Clements Ronnie Cline Donna Cogar Bill Crabbe Debbie D’amato Debbie Dasch Althea Davis Donald Davis Richard Davis Kathy Debiase Mike Deville Kathleen Dewitt Mike Dexter Ray Dietzel Alfred Divine Cheryl Dodson Ron Doeppner Sherry Donahoo Tom Donaldson Denise Douvlos Sheryl Dundas David Dungan Debbie Dwyer Bob Elliot Judy Farber 108 — Sophomore Class Carol Farmer Gary Ferguson Cherilyn Petty Terry Fick Barbara Fitzpatriek Don Flattery Diana Fleet Bruce Ford David Foster Linda Frederick Barbara Fuller Mike Gabriel Terri Garber Megan Garvey Nancy Gates Nina Gates John Gaunt Wayne German Dan Ghent Lydia Giles Mike Glasgow Sponsor Promoted Projects For The Class Margie Glock Cliff Goldthwaite Carolyn Green Meredith Greene Linda Gurley Mark Hall Valeta Hart Grant Hasty Bob Havrilak Dick Hedgepeth Jane Hedgepeth Karen Heise Bruce Henderson John Henderson David Henson Robert Hereford Luke Hermann Randy Hinson Neil Hitchcock Danny Hodgson Barbara Hofer Mike Horn Brooke Hughes Walter Hunt As sponsor of both underclasses. Miss Lerg finds her duties puzzling. Sophomore Class — 109 f Phyllis Jackson Phyllis Johnson Louis Jolicoeur Betty Keelin Judy Kellison Anthony Kennedy Lenny Kersey Though Sophomore Enrollment I For the first time, the Class of’71 holds elections. Marshall Letcher Mary Ligon Rice Lilley Mark Lindberg Michael Lisner Sidney Logan Chris Looft Jeff Lovingood Gina Lusker Steven Maddock Thomas Mann Kevin Manning Kathy Martin John Mayer Odile McCarthy Carol McCauley Cheryl McCoy Gayle McDonald Susan McKeon Mark Mendez-Vigo Glenn Michaels Barbara Kline John Krolak Janie Kroll Nanci Kuhn Steve Lambert Bill Landry Annette Ledford Diane Lee Gary Lee John Leffer Susan Leggett Steven Leschnik r Tom Michaels Carol Miller Joe Miller Mitch Miller Connie Moore Sharon Moore Melody Morningstar 110 — Sophomore Class Brian Morrison Dennis Morrison Patti Morse Karen Moser Debbie Moss Julie Murphy Darlene Murray David Needham Ken Newdeck Donna Newman Ralph Newman Nancy Nichols Susan Nielson David Norri s Dropped, Enthusiasm And Unity Rose Karen Norris Ron Olson Tim O’Rourke Kathy O’Shaughnessy Sheila Parker Richard Parton Deborah Pauly Neal Pendleton Sallie Peters Marsha Pettit Betsy Pfanzelter Mike Pickwick Jerry Pooley Mary Porterfield Wrestler Tim O’Rourke is one sophomore contribution to varsity sports. Sophomore Class —III I I I I I II I I Herbert Powell Cliff Prosser Tim Quinn Mark Rail Ruth Rathbone Christie Ratton Francis Recore Richard Reel Dennis Reese Kurt Reichert Phyllis Reynolds Kathv Rezzardy Jackie Rice Patti Rice Nancy Ridenour Doug Robbins As Others Before Them, Sophomores Experienced Marian Robbins Dannie Rodgers Rod Rodriguez Kim Romney Sue Roscher David Sable Joanne Scandling George Scheets Mary Schlosser Nancy Schmitt Preston Schreiner Robert Schurtz Holly Serrell Dawn Shepherd Dennis Shoemaker Dave Shuman Gaye Sigrist Diane Sims Karen Sims Mary Sivak Paul Skwarski Cathie Slye Donna Smith Jeff Smith Vann Smith Lee Spann Susan Spaulding David Speed A1 Spinks Laurie Springer 112 — Sophomore Class The Problems Of Biology Class George Stapleton Sally Stein Susan S ternbeek Janet Stevenson Mickey Stewart Delia Stoehr James Swain Vickie Swor Randy Tate Pam Taylor Pat Taylor Bonnie Tester Summers Thomas Brian Morrison and George Stapleton find a second purpose for their lunch period. Sandra Tomlin Kandi Triner Sharon Vance Sharon Vanover Andy Velaseo Joseph Vermes Shirley Wales William Walkup Karen Wall Pat Wallace Mark Walsh James Webb Marge Wentzel Jackie Whittington Kristen Wilkins Shirley Willingham Kathy Wilson Frances Wolfe Lisa Wood Susan Woods Debbie Wright Michelle Yary Richard Young Janice Yurchik Sophomore Class —113 Freshmen Proved Their Ability To Adapt By Freshman Class Officers: Chairman — Mary Sweatt Co-chairman — Virginia Ghent Secretary — Timothy Henry Class Sponsor - Miss Roberta A. Lerg Due to the postponement of the officer’s elections, the freshman class had a late start this year. But in spite of this delay they still managed to come through with an unusual amount of spirit and unity. Twice winning the Pep Jug, the freshmen gave the upper classes quite a show of this underclass spirit, which helped to create the intense sense of competition anticipated at the weekly pep rallies. The freshman class was also successful in its sports endeavors. Supported by the students and cheerleaders, their football, basketball, and wrestling seasons ended well. The freshmen, as a united class, have made the transition from junior high school to the ever-expanding world of senior high school, and have made it well. 114 — Freshman Class Electing Competent Leaders Patrick Abbott Roxanne Ackerman Terri Alexander Richard Allen John Allison Gail Ames Dewey Anderson Luci Annis Susan Atkinson Jennie Aton Paul Ayres Nicole Babington Sharon Baldwin Nicholas Barnet Brad Barber Gwen Bard David Barksdale Martha Barnes Cindi Barr Peggy Barron Maria Barros Elizabeth Barry George Bernard Bob Berg Ricki Benson Loni Beers John Baughn Diane Bauer Freshman Class Council — Front Row: Wendy Marshall, Judy Diamond, Mia Kelley, Cheryl Peters, Marie Lilly. Second Row: Sandee Flores, Debbie DeZulovich, Linda Hawkins, Debbie Woodworth, Jackie Werner, Ruth Haseman, Cathy Simpkins, Clare Garrett. Third Row: Fred Macsorley, Rob Taft, Charles Nedorolik. Freshman Class — 115 Guidance Director Miss Lapsley proves to he more than helpful introducing freshmen to Mount Vernon. Leroy Berryman Alicia Bibber Robin Bickell Jeff Bigler Amy Birdsong George Bolton Curtis Bradshaw Bruce Brady Melissa Brevard Charles Brittain Rick Buran Susan Byrd James Camp Andy Campbell Rodney Campbell Linda Canaday Janis Carpenter Joe Carpenter Michael Carson Robert Casassa Peter Casey Chuck Castro Dwane Castro Gary Chenevert Cathie Chester Leslie Cipolla Nancy Coffee Jeff Colley Nancy Collier Mike Collins The Class Of 1972 Found High School Routine To Danny Compton Evelyn Congigler Suzanne Conway Jeff Cook Roy Cornwell David Covington Donna Dakon Frances D ' Amico Nancy Danforth Mike Dawson Lucy Dee. Jody DeJonghe Sandy Denzer Debbie DeVal Debbie DeZulovich Judy Diamond Randy Dietzel A1 DiGiorgio Dinah Ditton Ron Dixon John Dodge Kent Donovan Diane Doucette Lydia Dudley 116 — Freshman Class Freshman boys found great fulfillment and relaxation frolicking outdoors. Mary Dundus Ralph Duran Belli Eadie Deborah Earley Kurt Eehols Cathy Edwards Barbara Egger Melanie Eisenberg Terry Evans Tyler Fapley Frank Faulconer Janice Fee Vicki Ferguson Mike Ferrarr Betsy Fitzgerel Richard Florence Sandee Flores Brenda Ford Judy Fortney Betty Freeman George Freeman Holly Freeman Renee Frizzell Janine Fultz Sandra Funk Steve Gabriel Elizabeth Game Claire Garrett Ginna Ghent James Gilliland Skip Gist Mary Gleason Roy Glisson Laurie Goldthwaite Betty Gooch Margaret Gordon Be Demanding Yet Promising Future Fulfillment Beth Grant Caroline Gray Beth Greene Shirley Gremar Jackie Griffin Mitzi Grover Brenda Gurley Patricia Guyer Kathie Haaser Charles Hagerup Clifford Hahn Suzanne Hajdu Carla Hall Steve Hall Nancy Hanks John Hanley Freshman Class —117 Shelby Harris Ruth Haseman Mark Hasty Linda Hawkins Sharon Hebert Deborah Hedberg Kenneth Henderson Mark Henry Tim Henry Paul Hernandez Patricia Hess Everett Higgins Linda Hill William Hobbs Amanda Hoogland Cliff Horton Chuck Huffman Jerry Hurwitz Brenda Jackson Sandra Jacobs Learning to budget their time wisely, freshmen take advantage of their study hall. Many Freshmen Approached New Activities Unaware Debbie Jennings Eric Johnson Charles Johnston Marion Jonah Gary Jones James Jones Larry Jones Robert Jones Evelyn Juamch Jeff Kandle Deborah Kelley Mia Kelley Richard Kelly Kenneth Kerns James Kershaw Lois Kimble George King Frank Kistner Ward Kline Gary Knight Kenneth Knight Dee Dee Lacey Joan Lake Debbie Landis Robin Leckey Patricia Lee William Lee Janet Leffler Jacquelyn Leggett Susan Leschnik William Lieto Marie Lilly Joyce Lockwood Janet Loelkes Linda Lofton 118 Freshman Class Alexis Long Steve Mackin Fred Macsorlcy Philip Manor Karen Mansfield Tom Marfing Wayna Marshall Wendy Marshall Kittie Martin Penny Martin Alan McCurdy Cynthia McDonald Greta McKee Elaine McLendon Ashby McNiel John Mehaffey Roy Miles Robert Miller Stephanie Miller Sandy Moon Ellen Moore Peter Moore Sandy Moore Sherry Moore Cathy Momingstar Peter Morton Russell Mullins Betty Murphy Of The Responsibility Involved Cathy Murphy Michael Myers Charles Nedorolik Patty Nevin Debbie Nixon Debbie Norton Susan Obarski Greg O’Connor John Okstulski Maria Oliver Rynn Olsen Alan O’Neal Mary O ' Shaughnessy Brian Ostendorf Terry Oxendine Kim Oxley Richard Panned Karen Peabody Judi Peacock Kristi Peoples Freshmen learn that classes are indeed a vital part of high school life. Freshman Class —119 t fW Cathy Perry Cheryl Peters William Pinkepank Michelle Pointer Eva Pompeo Danny Post Donna Post Terry Powell David Prelatte Andretta Raso Harriet Razee Sharon Reed Elizabeth Reynolds John Rice Earl Rivard Joyce Roberts Richard Robertson Robin Robertson Cindy Robey Susan Rollinger Throughout The Year They Learned To Direct Cliff Roop Nancy Rosendale Mike Rowland Kathy Roy Robert Savers Alan Scarce Kathy Schmidt Ernie Schultz Jean Schumacher Catherine Scott Sheila Sexton Jeffrey Shadburn Rodney Shaner Mark Shannon Tim Sharp Lvnn Shaughnessy Gayle Shelton Clara Shields Bonnie Shifflett Marvin Shirille Cathy Shorten Mark Signorelli Diane Simms Cathy Simpkins Faye Shelton Linda Skwarski Jeff Smith Nancy Smith Carol Snipe Sandy Snyder Debbie Stein Michael Strack Paul Stuckey Kathy Stumm- Elaine Sublett Freshman Class 120 Tommy Sutton Eric Swanson Mary Sweatt Cindy Swiatlowski Susan Symmes Rob Taft Donna Tausch David Taylor Kimberly Tennison Pat Tester Paula Thomas Burt Thompson Michael Thompson Tommy Thompson William Thompson Jean Thrasher Tim Thurman Todd Thurman Reta Timmons Helene Tipa Richard Townsend Alice Tucker Carol Turner Vanessa Vandyken Roy Vaughan " Cynthia Velasco Mary Vermillion Kenneth Vestal Their Talents Toward Constructive Achievements Michele Walker Paula Wampler Cindy Ware Patricia Webb Russ Wells Jackie Werner Jim West Judi White John Whyman Larry Wildman Kathleen Wilkins Sharon Wilkins David Williams John Williams Hugh Williamson Joan Withrow Don Woods Sue Woods Debbie Woodworth Robin Yale Freshmen Jackie Werner, opposite page, and Katie Scott highlight the underclass contribution to the Future Homemakers of America Fashion Show. Freshman Class — 121 !: 1 | j 122 — Sports High School Athletes Advanced To College Team Status Unsurpassed in team spirit, sportsmanship, and talent, our many college-bound athletes found deep satisfaction in sports. Knowing that college and professional scouts were watching had a definite influence on the team’s showing. An athletic scholarship, the supreme gratification and ultimate advancement from high school, afforded the opportunity for higher education. For boys who played for the sake of the game or for the prestige of the school, there was a satisfying sense of progress; they won for themselves, for their team¬ mates, and for their school. X S P 0 R T S Sports 123 Jim Rogers, Ron Beahm, and Bill Jourdan loosen their arms before taking the field. When the time comes for these ball players to meet in conflict with tough opponents, one can be assured of an all-out showing of a good ball team. Coach John Yednock. Danny Wessner emerges from a cloud of dust with the first score of 1968. The 1968 Varsity Baseball Team Emerged From Dusty Diamonds As Gunston District Champions Varsity Baseball Team — Front Row: C. English, L. Hartman, D. Row: L. Lee, F. Bobyak, R. Lamb, R. Beahm, J. Rogers, B. Gillingham, Wessner, R. Hill, B. Bayne, B. Jourdan, D. Moss. Second Row: G. R. Downs, D. Fry, Coach John Yednock. Shaffier, S. Herl, M. Bowers, F. Edge, S. Yurchik, D. Convery. Third Under the coaching of “Father John” Yednock, the diamondmen of Mount Vernon closed the regular season with an eight and five record. In the post-season tournaments, the Majors defeated Edison to gain the Gunston District Title. They proceeded to the Regional Tournaments, only to be eliminated by Madison, the eventual state champion. Mickey Bower, ’68, with a .485 batting average, was ranked among the region’s top five hitters. In addition to Bowers, five other starters attained the coveted .300 level. VARSITY BASEBALL MV 2 Yorktown MV 6 Groveton MV 2 Edison MV 4 Fort Hunt MV 2 Jefferson MV 1 West Springfield MV 2 Yorktown MV 4 Lee MV 8 Groveton MV 7 Edison MV 6 Fort Hunt MV 14 West Springfield MV 8 Lee 12 4 6 2 3 0 6 1 10 0 5 6 7 • Varsitv Baseball — 125 JV Baseball Team — Front Row: E. McDaniel, W. Bowen, J Dumont, R. Hinson, D. Jones, B. Duncan, D. Ghent. Second Row: B Anderson, R. Bearden, B Morrison, J. Ghent, M. Mdler, R. Burt, Coach Menefee. Third Row: D. Snow, P. Danford, L. Jones. JV BASEBALL MV 7 Groveton 4 MV 8 Edison 4 MV 0 West Springfield 7 MV 3 ' Lee 0 MV 10 Lort Hunt 1 MV 5 Groveton 2 MV 1 Edison 2 MV 0 Lort Hunt 2 MV 6 West Springfield 7 MV 0 Lee 3 Athletes Took Their Choice Of Spring Sports The spring of 1968 saw the golf team, coached by Mr. Pat Freeman, take to the fairways. The golfers, with only two returning lettermen, were handicapped by their lack of experience. Their matches enabled them to work on developing skill and coordination, and they brought home one victory. This background should be valuable assistance to those Major linksmen returning next season. Providing a triumphant end to the season was George Ruhlen, who represented Mount Vernon in the Regional Tournament. GOLL MV V 2 Lee 5 2 MV 2Vi Lort Hunt 6Vi MV 8 Edison 1 MV 2 Groveton 7 MV 1 West Springfield 8 Golf Team — G Ruhlen. R Griebling, D. DufTy, S. Sebring, H. Long. Missing: John Long Coach Pat Lreeman. 126 — JV Baseball And Golf Varsity Tennis Team — Front Row J. Dexter, D. Gribble, P. Dexter, T. Reeder. Second Row: V. Vatsia, M. Dexter, H. Mitchell, T. Michaels. TENNIS MV 1 Wakefield 8 MV 0 Fort Hunt 9 MV 3 Washington Lee 6 MV 8 Edison 1 MV 1 Groveton 8 MV 0 Yorktown 9 MV 3 West Springfield 6 Tennis Team Wielded Rackets Spring fever sent the 1968 tennis team to many hard and difficult contests on the courts. Although the season proved unsuccessful for the team as a whole, with only one victory against Edison, Tom Michael, a freshman, ranked second in the District Tournament. Coach Stewart Christiano instructed the team in skill and sportsmanship. Tennis Team — Front Row: M. Achee, J. Barnett, J. Krolak. Second Row: T. O’Rourke, T. Hart. r Tennis —127 Cindermen Were Dedicated To Rebuilding Majors Track Team — Front Row: S. Gielarski. R Jones. C. Goldwaithe, R. Young, L Marinacci, G. Deck, J. Hutcherson, G. Hamilton. Second Row: B Young, D. Pomerening. G. Von Arb, W. Dasch, J. Gibson, D. Fullerton, G. Darby, M. Brett, J. Hughes, Trainer. Third Row: D. Hatch, D. Houck, L. Fullerton, D. McKeon. T. Darrah. M. Hackett. T. Schneiders, G. Kimsey. Fourth Row: D. Weaver. L. Berry, K. Vechik, E. Delesdermer, B Haskell. D. Hodges, L. Spann, J. Elliot. Fifth Row: D. Knight, A. Blount, L Bartlett, G. Vechik. K DeHaven. L. Johnson. B. Gillingham, T. Brillhart. TRACK MV 54 Lee 70 MV 51 Fort Hunt 80 MV 61 Edison 70 MV 99Vi Groveton 3 Vi MV 59 West Springfield 72 For Mount Vernon’s track team, 1968 was a rebuilding year. Coached by Mr. Dave Grove, the cindermen gained an important victory over rival Groveton, but lost, seventy to sixty-one, in a disappointing meet with the Edison Eagles. Although the season itself was rather unsuccessful, the track team turned out several remarkable cindermen. Individuals such as Gary Vechik, Jerry and Jack Hutcherson, and Tom Brilhart were depended upon; Vechik broke the mile record of the school with 4:28:1 time. Tom Brillhart was awarded the Most Improved Player, and Gary Vechik won the Heischmann Award. Gary Vechik leaves his opponents far behind. With a determined look, Mike Hackett clears the pole-vaulting bar. 128 — Track Girls’ Varsity Softball Team Boosted Five Wins Proving that girls, too, have power behind a bat, the girls ' softball teams came through with respectable records after a hard-fought season. Coached by Miss Martha Allen, the varsity team finished the season with a record of five wins and four losses. The junior varsity posted a record of six wins and two losses under the coaching of Miss Virginia Carey. Naturally, as in all sports, the next season is looked forward to for more thrilling and well-played games. GIRLS VARSITY SOFTBALL MV 18 Lee 10 MV 24 Edison 26 MV 10 Groveton 12 MV 12 West Springfield 14 MV 17 Jefferson 8 MV 4 Marshall 14 MV 6 Langley 4 MV 5 Woodson 4 MV 9 Stuart 6 GIRLS JV SOFTBALL MV 6 Lee 5 MV 8 Edison 18 MV 42 Groveton 8 MV 11 West Springfield 12 MV 12 Jefferson 8 MV 11 Marshall 10 MV 12 Langley 1 MV 17 Woodson 16 MV 23 Stuart 4 Girls’ Varsity Softball Team — Front Row: J. Betz, M. Gardner. Second Row: S. Sharp, M. Lockwood, C. Clark, L. Moore. Third Row: L. Frye, M. Hahn, N. Hahn, N. Fitzgerel, M. Bland, L. Ratkus. ► Girls’ JV Softball Team — Front Row: C. Sims, M. Carpenter. Second Row: K. Wall, N. Jones, W. Metzger, J. Abel, S. Lacy. Third Row: J. Rezzarday, K. McDowell, P. Egee, B. Gonzales, J. Farber Softball — 129 Craig Smith hustles off the field following a Majors’ touchdown. Richard Lamb runs a sweep for first down yardage. Gary Vechik intercepts as the defense holds. 130 — Varsity Football Football Team Pushed Hard To Win District Title Head coach Jack Miller and assistant coaches Pat Freeman and Mike Snyder. The Majors of 1968 attained the undefeated, untied regular season record that Mount Vernon has been seeking for twenty-eight years. Remembering the close losses to Fairfax and T. C. Williams in 1967, the team set the conquest of these opponents as the first goals of the year. After defeating T. C. and mauling Fairfax, the Majors continued their winning ways over all other competitors. In the season finale, which kept the fans on the edges of their seats for the duration of the game. Mount Vernon overpowered arch-rival Fort Hunt for the Gunston District Title. With their unblemished record the men earned a spot in the Regional Play-Off against Annandale and a chance at a share of the State Championship. The Majors played an outstanding game — one of the year’s best — but disappointed their devotees with a heart-breaking 14-7 loss. Quarterback Larry Hartman’s jersey, 10, was retired in recognition of his remarkable contributions to the school. Coach Miller and his team truly deserved the famous title “Mighty, Mighty Majors.” Against a tough Annandale defense. Mighty Major Richard Lamb managed to gain ™® ground yardage for Mount Vernon. Anxious concern characterized the Fort Hunt game. Varsity Football — 131 mm Varsity boys relax outside the locker after a Majors’ offense meets stiff defensive opposition in an attempt to pick up a few ground yards, long hot summer practice. Passing Trio Led Top Offensive Team Record-holding quarterback Larry Hartman releases another one of his 24 touchdown passes. 132 — Varsity Football VARSITY FOOTBALL Majors’ offense listens attentively as Larry Hartman barks out the signals. MV 13 TC Williams 7 MV 25 Fairfax 14 MV 13 Hammond 0 MV 40 GW 18 MV 32 Edison 6 MV 39 Groveton 14 MV 40 Lee 13 MV 33 Oakton 12 MV 42 West Springfield 0 MV 21 Fort Hunt 14 As the first string rests. Bill Letcher and Mike Anderson view the action. All-metropolitan Dave Knight is tackled after one of his 41 receptions. Majors’ offensive line blocks the way for Chris Broe. Collins, D. Vosburg, B. Wood. Third Row: W. Shaffier, R. Hall, F. Burkes, B. Bayne, C. Broe, C. Bell, B. Jourdan, M. Lindberg, S. Klick, L. Gelling, R. Lamb, L. Lirby, S. Herl, B. Anderson, L. Fullerton, J. Miller, C. Smith, A. Snyder. Missing: L. Bayne. Varsity Football — Front Row: J . Hughes, L. Hartman, B. Young, G. Gaston, S. Yurchik, G. Hamilton, J. VanNorman, B. Letcher, D. Bartlett, D. Foglio, R. Green, L. Spann, F. Schaefer, D. Knight, D. Moss. Second Row: P. McCarthy, M. Anderson, M. Letcher, M. Alls, R. Beahm, B. Callahan, R. Young, R. Bearden, G. Shelton, B. Gmaz, G. Varsity Football — 133 Twenty-eight boys came out for the 1968 JV football team. Limited by its small size from the start, the team was further cramped by a rash of injuries, which put ten boys out for one or more games. Most of the players ended up playing both offense and defense before the season was out. Co-captains Tim Quinn and Tom Donaldson led the team through the obstacle-ridden season to collar a 2-4-2 seasonal record. Coaches Steve Kendall and Kenny Legins emphasized the fundamentals in their training sessions, in order to mold the undersized, novice group of sophomore boys into an experienced and working unit. They believe the team showed much potential which will materialize during the next two years, when these boys will graduate into Varsity football players. Coach Steve Kendall. JV Football — Front Row: B. Anderson, C. Goldthwaite, B. Elliot, W. German. T. Quinn, R. Hicks, G. Ferguson, L. Marinaci, T. Hart, R. Burt. Second Row: T. Blackstock. R Doeppner. R. Parton, R. Henson, P. Taylor, M. Horn, D. Fullerton, M. DeVille, E. Cave, J. Hambleton. JV FOOTBALL MV 6 Edison 6 MV 12 Lee 6 MV 12 Hayfield 12 MV 0 West Springfield 34 MV 0 Fort Hunt 37 MV 25 Groveton 0 MV 0 Fort Hunt 7 MV 13 Edison 0 Third Row: R. Lilley, R. Watts, T. Donaldson, V. Smith, A. Devine, B. Schurtz, D. Ghent, D. Hodgson. Fourth Row: B. Herford, M. Carpenter, G. Dermin, W. Eddy. “Doc” Hughes can cure anything — with a little bit of help. 134 — JV Football Freshman Attained Their First Winning Season Freshman game shows typical organization. Coach Grove and his assistant, Mr. Foglio, are experienced investors who specialize in long-term profits. Each year, from a mass of crude manpower material, they are expected to mold it into a trained and functioning football team. They concentrate on teaching each boy a maximum amount of the fundamentals in the short time alloted to them. Their efforts pay off over the following period of three years, during which their boy-products operate as adept JV and Varsity football powers. The 1968 season paid a bonus dividend — the freshman team brought home a 4-2-2 record, the first winning season ever produced by the frosh. The next three football years should turn out to be “Verrrrry interesting!” Freshman Football — Front Row: P. Morton, T. Thurman, K. Kerns, T. Fadely, J. Jones, B. Sauers, S. Gabriel, M. Myers. Second Row: F. Camp, R. Taylor, D. Campbell, R. Townsend, P. Braswell, C. O’Neal, K. Wildman, E. Rivard, C. Roop. Third Row: J. Rice, M. Shirilla. D. Williams, J. Kandle, R. Kelly, T. Sutton, D. Casa ssa, M. Henry, C. Horton. E. Johnson. Fourth Row: C. Bernard. R. Knight, S. O’Neal. B. Thompson, G. Jeffrey, D. Berryman, E. Swanson. R. Dietzel, M. Miler, T. Oxendine, Coach Dave Grove, Fifth Row: R. Bradshaw, L. Bolton, G. Kline, E. Higgins, J. Norris, B. Berg, M. Rowland. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL MV 7 Edison MV 0 Lee MV 12 West Springfield MV 7 Fort Hunt MV 27 Groveton MV 13 Hayfield 0 24 Terry Oxendine is tackled after a short gain. Freshman Football - 135 O O O Cross Country — Front Row: M. McKeon, M. Brett, G. VonArb, D. Dommisse. Second Row: D. Pomerening, G. Darby, D. Houck, G. Vechik. K. Vechik, S. Gielarowski. Cross Country Was Not Limited To Official Meets Long before official practice, cross country participants began to get into shape for the season. Donning their sweatsuits, the boys jogged daily to increase their speed. This preparation proved beneficial as the season progressed; the team ended with four victories, including two over Fort Hunt, and two defeats. Injuries to several runners hurt the Majors in post-season meets. Mount Vernon finished fourth in the district and twelfth in the regional meet. Cross Country — D. Schneiders, M. Brett, D. Pomerening, D. Sauerline. 136 — Cross Country Girls ' JV Hockey — Front Row: K. Rezzarday, K. Wilkins, K. Wall. P. Guyer, B. Carter, S. Siein. Second Row: L. Eddy, K. Schmitt, J. Carpenter, G. Ames, M. Green, K. Christoph. Field Hockey Was A Sport For The Girls Alone Most of the sports, in which girls participate are modified from the boys’ games; girls’ basketball and softball differ only slightly from the boys’ sports. Yet, there is one sport at Mount Vernon that remains for the females alone: field hockey. Few people realize the hard work involved in this sport. Daily practices were equally as grueling as those of the boys’ football and wrestling teams, and often just as painful. More than once the girls emerged from a fierce “battle” for the ball with bruised shins. Certainly hockey is not a glamorous sport; cold weather, small crowds, and disappointing results characterized the season. Yet, one factor made the girls’ efforts worthwhile: they enjoyed the physical skills exercised in field hockey while learning the satisfaction of athletic competition. GIRLS’ FIELD HOCKEY MV 1 Lee MV 1 Groveton MV 0 Woodson MV 1 Edison MV 2 Fort Hunt MV 0 Oakton MV 0 West Springfield MV 1 Jefferson 2 3 3 1 4 1 3 4 Girls’ Varsity Hockey — Front Row: L. Spann, T. Darrish, L. Moore, N. Fitzgerel, J. Scandling, B. Glock. Second Row: B. Gonzales, O. McCarthy, M. Hahn, D. Simms, J. Say, C. Morrison, S. McKeon. Field Hockey — 137 Dribblers Faced Tough Competition On The Courts • 4,1 ' : a • j i _ si M! t - ■pH £.1 r i w : i issrv — t — _L ' y» Coach John Wedlock and his varsity basketball team faced the 1968-69 season handicapped by a lack of height. However, the first third of the season produced a 3-3 record against some very formidable opponents, and offered hope that, with continued practice, the season would end satisfactorily. A further blow was struck when one of Mount Vernon’s leading players, Ronnie Beahm, received a severe knee injury in the Fort Hunt game and was forced out of the athletic program for several months. Captain Steve Herl and the men on the team exerted themselves untiringly on the courts in an effort to uphold Mount Vernon’s fine athletic tradition of always coming through with a creditable performance. Many games were decided only in the last few minutes. Fairfax was one of these; Paul Schultz coolly stood at the foul line and tossed in two baskets, winning a one-point victory for the Majors. Ever aggressive on defense, Lou Berry and Mike Day close in on their Highlander foe. Captain Steve Herl, Major playmaker, sets Mike Day up for a percentage shot from the foul line. Lou Berry makes scoring look easy as the Maroon and Gray warm up. 138 — Varsity Basketball I VARSITY BASKETBALL m 1 11 if 1 [ J % McLean defense can only watch as Paul Schultz drives past for a score. MV 50 Marshall 58 MV 60 Hammond 44 MV 56 Lairfax 55 MV 56 Groveton 73 MV 61 McLean 57 MV 40 Edison 89 MV 54 Lort Hunt 67 MV 52 George Washington 75 MV 57 West Springfield 79 MV 52 Oakton 46 MV 44 Lee 42 MV 67 Langley 53 MV 62 Tails Church 61 MV 57 Groveton 59 MV 38 Edison 55 MV 61 Lort Hunt 64 MV 48 West Springfield 74 MV 51 Lee 50 Varsity Basketball - B. Martin, mgr., G. Deck, mgr., P. Schultz, J. Barron, C. Bell, M. Lindberg, S. Norris, C. Lindberg, M. Day, J. Nissley, L. Berry, F. Chapelle, G. Snyder, J. Flermann, M. Enders, Steve Herl. Varsity Basketball — 139 Garrett Snyder shows Majors’ consistency from the free-throw line. Majors are the only ones in sight as they vie for the rebound. Alertness And Outstanding Team Effort Was Even in basketball, one can not escape the paperwork, as shown by manager Bill Martin. Mount Vernon offense prepares to set up for a field goal. 140 — Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball Coach, John Wedlock. Statisticians record scores for the Edison game. Backed By Dedicated Coaching And Leadership JV Basketball Coach, Kenneth Legins, offers his assistance to varsity players during a time-out. Freshman Basketball Coach, Wade Privette, pauses briefly with Freshman Captain, John Rice. Varsity Basketball 141 JV BASKETBALL MV 47 Marshall 69 MV 40 Hammond 29 MV 67 Lairfax 45 MV 43 Groveton 40 MV 44 McLean 46 MV 38 Edison 52 MV 47 Hayfield 52 MV 46 Lort Hunt 52 MV 35 George Washington 50 MV 50 West Springfield 60 M V 47 Oakton 41 MV 51 Hayfield 31 MV 40 Langley 53 MV 43 Tails Church 35 MV 47 Edison 40 MV 56 Lort Hunt 65 MV 43 West Springfield 55 MV 39 Lee 44 JV Basketball R. Henson. J. Barnet. B. Morrison, D. Norris, L. Spann, R Bigley. R. Davis. R Tate, M. Walsh. D. Duncan. D. Ghent, S. Leschnik, R. Lilley. Underclassmen Perfected Skills For The Next Year LRESHMAN BASKETBALL MV 51 West Springfield 41 MV 41 Lort Hunt 20 MV 50 Lee 38 MV 35 Edison 36 MV 34 Groveton 32 MV 33 Hayfield 22 MV 51 West Springfield 40 MV 41 Lort Hunt 45 MV 32 Lee 40 MV 37 Edison 36 Freshman Basketball — Front Row: K Henderson, E. Rivard. K. Kerns. D. Barksdale. C. O ' Connor. B Berg, J. Smith, mgr. Second Row: R. Knight. J. Rice, E. Higgins, T. Oxendine, G. Freeman, T. Thurman. Missing: D. Castro. 142 — J. V. And Freshman Basketball Gymnasts Helped To Round Out MV Athletic Program Another sport has entered the winter sports curriculum. Undoubtedly, many of the Mount Vernon students did not realize the formation of the team, for lack of proper equipment prevented a home gymnastics meet. Gymnastics participant included seniors Alan Snyder, captain and mainstay of the team. Bill Suggs, and Mike Pritchard, junior Jeff Woods, sophomores Tom Donaldson, Mike Dexter, and Steve Lambert, and freshman Bruce Brady. Coached by Mr. Edwin Taylor, with assistance from Mr, Foglio, the team met difficult competitors, twice battling a tough Herndon team. Inexperience cost the team every meet, but since most of the gymnists are underclassmen, the second gymnastics season will definitely prove more successful. Alan Snyder, Captain. Gymnastics — Front Row: A. Snyder, W. Suggs, T. Donaldson, M. Pritchard, D. Hodgson, Second Row: M. Dexter, B. Brady, S. Lambert, J. Woods. One of the best on the team in floor exercises, junior Jeff Woods is also talented on the parallel bars. Hard work during practice makes sophomore Mike Dexter the mo st accomplished on the horse. Varsity Girls Brought Mount Vernon Their I GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL MV 32 Lee 13 MV 30 Groveton 15 MV 48 Edison 30 MV 36 Fort Hunt 19 MV 41 West Springfield 31 MV 30 Annandale 31 MV 27 Lee 31 MV 37 Groveton 13 MV 54 Edison 46 MV 37 Fort Hunt 33 MV 30 West Springfield 33 MV 50 Fairfax 30 Louise Pinkepank and Nancy Fitzgerel, co-captains. Cheerful Varsity Coach Vail has reason to beam as she poses with two of her stars. Girls’ Varsity Basketball - M. Carpenter. L. Ratkus. M. Williams, K. Polhamus, N. Day, N. Fitzgerel, L. Pinkepank, C. Broe, L. Taylor, A. Ross, L. Moore. ‘I fW f ' , r " m ■». • ••• wt - , 1 |j§ ; m 144 — Girls’ Basketball First District Title In the face of many obstacles, the girls’ varsity basketball team captured their first Gunston District Championship. Miss Vail, coach, ignored several annoying handicaps to concentrate with her girls on the strategy of the game. They sacrificed many precious Saturday afternoons in order to perfect their skills. Another of her innovations was the idea of two circulating trophies — one for high scorer and one for high rebounder — to be awarded after each game. Each trophy was awarded permanently at the winter sports banquet to the girl who had earned it the highest number of times during the season. Co-captains Nancy Fitzgerel and Louise Ptnkepank successfully led the team on the ‘bvarpath,” to be stymied by only three opponents: Lee. Annandale, and West Springfield. Mount Vernon ' s droopy winter spirit received a lively shot in the arm from these wonderfully spirited and talented girls who were able to bring home these laurels under the pressure of severe deprivation — producing a championship team with just one half-hour of practice every day on half a court! GIRLS’ JV BASKETBALL MV 10 Lee 13 MV 19 Groveton 24 MV 21 Edison 24 MV 19 Fort Hunt 33 MV MV 19 8 West Springfield Annanaale 23 34 MV 31 Lee 12 MV 30 Groveton 31 MV 12 Edison 20 MV 13 West Springfield 31 MV 17 Fairfax 24 Felicia Clevenger and Lisa Barbour, Co-captains. Hopeful prospects practice during try-outs. Girls’ JV Basketball — L. Barbour, F. Clevenger, K. Rezzarday, M. Gleason. P. Barron, S. Denzer. S. Snyder, S. Moore, C. Fetty, D. Bauer, K. Christoph, S. Leggett, P. Guyer, S. Dodson. Girls’ Basketball 145 VARSITY WRESTLING MV 28 Stuart 12 MV 30 Woodson 12 MV 26 Falls Church 18 MV 18 Annandale 18 MV 25 Edison 15 MV 35 Fort Hunt 8 MV 14 Washington Lee 24 MV 21 West Springfield 19 MV 21 Yorktown 17 MV 26 Lee 14 MV 32 Groveton 14 Stiff Fort Hunt competition doesn’t stifle Mark White’s determination. Fant’s Animals Provided Wrestling Fans Coach Fant would rather " fight than switch. " as he shows the shiner he got while wrestling one of his Animals. Jeff Iiams — 138, Tri-captain. Larry Hartman - 154, Tri-captain. 146 — Varsity Wrestling Varsity Wrestling — Front Row: J. Long, T. O ' Rourke, G. Massey, G. Iiams, F. Shaffer, D. Foglio. Second Row: J. Iiams, L. Fullerton, L. Hartman, M. White, C. Smith, J. Van Norman. With The Excitement Of A Winning Season To be a wrestler is to dream of food, to “psyche” oneself before a match, and then to gorge on the weekends. It also involves daily practice in a ninety degree room wearing nine pounds of clothes in a double effort to lose weight and perfect moves. Wrestling is a seemingly endless cycle of starvation and stuffing. However, the wrestlers go out onto the mat with hard work, excellent coaching, and team and school spirit behind them, push these unpleasant trivialities into the backs of their minds, and wrestle. The satisfaction they gain from individual, as well as team, effort is more than enough compensation for their sacrifices. Possibly, as Coach Fant claims, they wrestle to impress the girls. Yet it seems more likely that they wrestle because they enjoy it, and they are proud to be one of “Fant’s Animals.” Whatever their reasons, they are to be commended for their tremendous, boundless energy and their ability to achieve successful seasons. The 1969 wrestling record was eight wins, two losses, and one tie, the best compiled since the 1966 undefeated team placed second in the state. The standouts of this year’s team were John Long, ninety-five pound class, and tri-captain Jeff Iiams, one hundred thirty-eight pound class. Both boys boasted undefeated records. Glen Massie — 112, Tri-captain. As customary after wrestling matches, MV wrestler Craig Smith “talks shop” with the opposing team. Varsity Wrestling — 147 As The Season Closed, Sports Still Remained Prevalent Gordon Iiams not only demonstrates skill as a wrestler, but is also an excellent example of a fine sportsman. Richard Young attempts to place his opponent in a pinning combination. Coach Fant gives John Long a last minute boost of morale. 148 — Varsity Wrestling Richard Bauer was consistently impressive as a JV wrestler. JV WRESTLING MV 33 Stuart 11 MV 33 Woodson 9 MV 36 Falls Church 4 MV 19 Annandale 24 MV 23 Edison 17 MV 29 Fort Hunt 19 MV 24 Washington Lee 18 MV 31 West Springfield 9 MV 20 Yorktown 18 MV 39 Lee 9 MV 46 Hayfield 6 MV 47 Groveton 3 JV Wrestling - Front Row: D. Flattery, D. Speed, L. Paxton, J. Scandling, G. Kelly, R. Watts. Second Row: Coach Kendall, F. Recore, B. Mansfield, D. White, R. Young, R. Bauer, F. Burkes. Coach Steve Kendall. During his first year at Mount Vernon, “Farmer Fred” proves his wrestling prowess equal to that displayed on the football held. J. V. Wrestling - 149 150 - Clubs Our Friends Helped Us In Our Struggle To Know Ourselves Entering high school, we each were faced with an eager desire to be accepted — to be a part of Mount Vernon. As we joined different clubs and organizations, we came to feel that we belonged. We shared experiences and enjoyed the company of others with common interests — people whom we came to know as friends. Being with others was helpful in our struggle to know ourselves. The suggestions, observations, and advice of our friends and acquaintances made us realize our own imperfections and limitations, as well as our assets and abilities. Clubs 151 Jeff Iiams, First Vice President. Mitch Achee, Second Vice President; Mr. Shelton, Sponsor. SCA Rep resentatives — Front Row: J. Carpenter, L. Riggle, E. Barkwell, K. Heffner, S. Gist, M Morningstar, N. Stokes, W. Tyler, R. Breden, L. Lee, M. Sweatt, G. Peacock, S. Hajdu, P. Morrison. Second Row: A. Hoogland. O. Scott, V. Wells, P. Kirstein, E. Josephson. R. Haseman, C. Clinedinst, D. Lambert, D. Kelly. N. Hanks, S. Peters, J. Gainer, D. Cajigas. Third Row: G. Stapleton, M. Jonch, B. Pinkepank, T. Marfing, R. Reinsel, J. Wood. Fourth Row: T. Hicks, K. Romney, S. Woods, S. Dodson, C. Gorwitz Fifth Row: P. Sullivan, D. Pomerening, T. Darrah, S. Dawson, T. Doeppner, D. Watson, S. Lennon, J. Gibson, J. Haseman, K. Nowak. 152 - S.C.A. State S CA President Led MV Student Body Bill Martin, President STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION An active and well-organized student government helped our school keep abreast of new developments in our rapidly changing world. Not only did our dynamic President Bill Martin head our school organization, he was also President of the state SCA, and, as such, he was able to bring us the news of SCA activities all over the state of Virginia. This year the Student Cooperative Association consisted of Mr. Baker Shelton as sponsor, five officers, a cabinet, one hundred and three representatives and alternate representatives, and — something new — eight representatives-at-large. The list of activities was long and varied: an exchange program with students from George Washington High School; a good-will offering of flowers to the opposing team at each home football game; a Human Relations Board to discuss problems and student-teacher relationships; the annual magazine campaign; publishing the student handbook. Spyglass; freshman orientation before school opened; a Red Cross drive at Christmastime; a bonfire before the Annandale game; a faculty breakfast, sponsored buses to away football games, wrestling matches, and basketball games; and a sock hop. Choosing the theme of “Everyone Loves a Circus”, Kathie McDonald and Debby Fick were co-chairmen and coordinators of the gala homecoming festivities. The major project of the SCA this year was a badly-needed revision of the SCA Constitution. The functioning of our student government is an exercise in democracy, one in which each student at Mount Vernon may participate; we all work together in order to improve our school and our world. Terrie O’Donnell, Secretary. Jon Woods, Treasurer. S.C.A. - 153 SCA Apprentices — Front Row: A. Wales, D. Lee, M. Momingstar, C. Goldthwaite. Second Row: S. Leggett. R. Ackerman, B, Hughes, J. Mayer. Third Row: J. Scandling, B. Elliot. The SCA Labored To Update Our Constitution Mr. Landes addresses S.C.A. about pledge cards. The “closet” allotted to the S.C.A. is conducive to an informal atmosphere. Dan Watson launches Mt. Vernon’s final magazine campaign. Only the choral room could accommodate an S.C.A. meeting. 154 - S.C.A. SCA Cabinet — Front Row: S. Eisenhart, K. McDonald, D. Fick, P. O’Shaughnessy, A. Wood, D. Eldredge. A. Brown. Second Row: V. Lodewick, G. Gaylor, L. Baker, L. Andyshak, E. Tesko, J. Vigen, H. Long, E. Wright. Third Row: T. Koogle, D. Watson, W. Scott, S. Lennon. SCA Alternates — Front Row: S. Aud, M. Brake, L. McCrary, M. Gordon, A. Rosendale. D. Moore, G. Deck, K. Long, K. Peabody, R. Glisson, C. Chase. Second Row: M. Strack, J. Murphy, S. Moore, B. Hicks, P. Barron, D. DeJonghe, D. Sebreny, S. Schaefer, C. Looft, W. Marshall, J. Schumacher. Third Row: C. Barr, J. Colley, B. O’Brien, D. Frese, W. Brown, P. Meads, J. Carpenter, L. Pinkepank, B. Stagg, K. Polhamus. Fourth Row: L. Malvin, J. Rathbone, E. Hilsabeck, L. Barksdale, R. Smitherman, M. Kuhns, A. Snyder, R. Fetty. Bill Martin and Debbie Eldredge sing the national anthem before a football game. S.C.A. - 155 “General” Vigen leads Majors’ Key Brigade to victory over the jj m Shannon directs pre-game traffic. Federals. Key Club — Front Row: K. Gaylor, P. Holland. G. Deck, G. Von Arb. B. Martin. G. Iiams, J. Scandling. Second Row: J. Vigen, C. Price, D. Fullerton. B. Wakefield, R. Unger. D. Pomerening, M. Mendez-Vigo, P. Coker. Third Row: B. Young, J. Gibson, J. Iiams, J. Hughes, J. Woods, D. Knight, S. Scott. Fourth Row: S. Lennon, T. Koogle, J. Allen, M. Achee, J. Woods, R. Smitherman, R. Bauer, P. McCarthy, J. Shannon. 156 — Key Club :.CA. The Major Outlook Provided Informative Reports KEY CLUB A group of spirited young men, dedicated to serve the needs of their school and community, epitomizes the MVHS Key Club. Summertime saw the Key Clubbers volunteer their services as umpires for the Woodley Hills Little League. When the school year opened, the Key Club once again assumed its regular duties of directing traffic at football games, running the scoreboard, and serving coffee and doughnuts to the faculty members in the press box, which was painted by the Key Club. The lines in the parking lot also received a new coat of paint. Each morning a pair of boys raised the flags in front of the school. Thirsty fans at the basketball games were able to purchase Cokes at a Key Club concession stand. The boys marched for ALSAC and the March of Dimes; and at Christmastime they sold trees with their Kiwanis sponsors. Their social engagements included several parties for the children at Junior Village, and get-togethers with the Keyettes. The Key Club initiated the “Major Outlook”, a weekly sports publication containing a scouting report on our next opponents, a review of the last game, predictions, and league scoring statistics. The first paper of its type ever issued at Mount Vernon, it gained acclamation from the whole school community. Their motto is “We Build” — for justice, liberty, democracy, and a better world in which to live. The Key Club is not a mere organization, but a driving force, developing the leadership for tomorrow while it creates a better community environment today. “The San Juan Keed” conspires with Keyettes during talent show rehearsal. Officers — Front Row: Russ Frizzell, Vice President; Barrv Merritt, Secretary; Len Andyshak, Chaplain. Second Row: Henry Long. President; Jody Lahendro, Treasurer; Mike Anderson. Sergeant-At-Arms; Mr. Herman Thomason, Sponsor. Key Club Sweetheart Peggy O’Shaughnessy. Kev Club — 157 Lounges Evinced Keyette Decorating Talents KEYETTE CLUB Our Keyettes have become famous in the Washington metropolitan area this year! Starting in early summer, President Chris Crann was hard at work writing and choreographing the “Let’s Get Acquainted!” show in which eleven girls participated. The program was performed first for THE ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM, then THE HEALTH and WELFARE COUNCIL, and finally for UGF. The fun-loving girls earned praises and renown. The show took a lot of rehearsal and performance time, but the Keyettes always found time to be busy. With the leadership of Vice-President Lynn Barksdale, they ambitiously planned to redecorate the faculty lounges, which sorely needed it. This gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their interior decorating skill, painting, sewing, messing up, and lastly, their clean-up prowess. Nancy Day rescued 350 old textbooks from the school’s incinerator, and the Keyettes donated them to the Salvation Army. They took part in our school’s march for ALSAC. The alumnae newsletter was edited by Nancy Eisenhart with art work done by Dawn Furr. Terrie O’Donnell directed several PX bakesales and the inductions ceremonies for new members. An air of mystery added to the fun of decorating secret locker pals’ lockers. A list of Keyette Christmas projects included: covering paperback books for the English Department, a slumber party where they made stuffed animals for Children’s Hospital, making and selling tissue wreaths, and selling German tree ornaments and UNICEF calendars. Big plans were being made for a springtime bazaar at Easter. Teachers can finally enjoy retreating to their lounges. Officers — Front Row: Echo Wright, Historian; Terrie O ' Donnell, Senior Representative; Chris Crann. President; Joan Haseman. Second Row: Miss Sue Scott, Sponsor; Lynn Barksdale. Vice President; Valerie Lodewick, Secretary; Mary Brake, Treasurer; Susan Cancilla, Sergeant-At-Arms. Keyette Sweetheart Bob Young. 158 — Keyette Club The click of the PA, footsteps, a flower . . . and suddenly Ann Ross is a Barbara Hicks finds painting with rollers challenging as well as messy. Keyette. S Keyette Club — Front Row: M. Weaver, V. Millstein, D. Furr, S. Eisenhart, N. Eisenhart, B. Frazelle, B. Novak, D. Tausch, P. King. Second Row: M. Carpenter, L. Baker, A. Brown, A. Ross, D. Eldredge, D. DeJonghe, E. Tesko, B. Hicks, P. O’Shaughnessy. Third Row: J. Roscher, L. Ratkus, P. Meads, B. Anderson, G. Holland, L. Garrett. L. Avery, P. Kirstein, R. McCoy. Fourth Row: N. Prince, C. Simpkins, L. Pinkepank, N. Fitzgerel, N. Day, K. Polhamus, K. Dumas, A. Wood, L. Thompson. Kevette Club 159 Echo Wright inserts the last names on the honor roll. Honor Society Offered Tutoring Services SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the Senior Honor Society is recognition to those upperclassmen who have maintained an excellent scholastic standing. They must also have shown outstanding character, leadership, and service qualities. Among its accomplishments this year, the club slated the varicolored honor roll in the front hall, where different colors indicated the classes to which students belonged. The activities record also included two inductions ceremonies. While keeping up their own 3.5 average, members tutored students having difficulty in certain subjects. The Honor Society strove to encourage scholastic achievement within the school environs. Officers — Louise Pinkepank, Vice President; Echo Wright, President; Miss Carr, Sponsor; Nancy Eisenhart, Secretary-Treasurer. • { jWr :: ' if i ' M y 4 i Bj Senior Honor Society — Front Row: T. Hatch, B. Merritt, K. Taylor, J. Gandy, N. Hill, A. Wales, B. Frazelle, S. Eisenhart, M. Brake, D. Tausch, L. Baker. Second Row: K. Winfree, M. Carpenter, S. Donato, E. Hastings, T. O’Donnell, G. Thayer, A. Wood, E. Tesko, J. Scandling, P. O’Shaughnessy, M. Weaver, L. Thompson, C. Crann. Third Row: L. Hersman, G. Earns, T. Gladhill, B. Anderson, J. Smith, K. Polhamus, C. Broe, L. Barksdale, S. Cancilla, V. Lodewick, D. Pomerentng, B. Wakefield, R. Blausch, G. Holland, J. Manor. Fourth Row: D. Fullerton, R. de Jonckheere, J. Earns, J. Shannon, B. Egan, D. Knight, K. Vechik, J. Woods, R. Smitherman, R. Lamb, R. Griebling, R. Bauer, M. Achee, T. Doeppner, P. McCarthy. ' w V L i • c s ! ■ t y . X m ' ' ”•1 Hr . ’ ' ty , i Junior Honor Society — Front Row: R. Hinson, C. Fetty, B. Brooks, S. Wales. Second Row: G. Stapleton. W. Lorenzo, P. Wolfe, J. Barnet. Third Row: C. Goldthwaite, M. Dexter, R. Schurtz. V. Smith. Candlelight enhances the solemnity of inductions. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY The membership of the Junior Honor Society is composed of those freshmen and sophomores, selected by the faculty awards committee, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, scholarship, citizenship, character, and service. They must continue to maintain a high grade average, which was the main criterion for their selection. The president of the club, Randy Hinson, conducted the meetings; in his absence, Vice-President Cherilyn Fetty was present to take over. Records and minutes were kept by the secretary-treasurer, Kris Wilkins. Inductions were held twice during the school year; to supplement the treasury, members contributed delicious baked goods to several bake sales. ► mt ■ TO k M ■ ui B f I Junior Honor Society — Front Row: M. Pointon, K. Schmitt, K. Stumm, R. Ackerman, M. O ' Shaughnessy, L. Schultz. Second Row: N. Athanason, L. Leggett, N. Barnett, S. Clement, D. Woods, N. Ridenour, J. Fortney. Officers — Mrs. Sell, Sponsor; Beth Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer; Cherilyn Fetty, Vice President; Randy Hinson, President. Junior Honor Society 161 Thespian Directed Production Of The Odd Couple Officers — R. Reinsel, President; B. Landry, Vice President; B. Adinaro, Secretary; T. Garber, Treasurer; Mr. Pauley, Sponsor. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY The National Thespian Society has the distinction of being an honor society as well as one of the many clubs of Mount Vernon’s extracurricular program. Membership to the society is awarded to those students who have shown outstanding participation in the Drama Department’s activities. Each year, the Thespians are active in all dramatic productions. However, they produced their own show this year, The Odd Couple, under the direction of club member Bunni Garber. In the past, the Thespian Society has been involved in the presentation of various children’s plays around the Washington community. Past performances included Frostie the Snowman and Alice in Wonderland. No exception was made this year, as once again the troupe visited Junior Village in late December. Once a year, Thespian troupes all over the country compete in the Festival of One-Acts. Troupe 1779 eagerly planned to represent Mount Vernon in the spring contest. Q far fj ■ .MjP 4 ft -y - A IpjtJliflfE ' J 1 Thespians find “The Olde Club” slightly modernized since Washington’s day. National Thespian Society — Front Row: L. Thompson, C. Crann. B. Garber, C. Chase. Second Row: B. Martin, B. Swoboda, R. Randal, D. Morrison. Third Row: D. Douvlos, S. Gross, G. Wirth. W. Eisenberg, D. Fick. Fourth Row: J. Hitchcock, P. Byers, B. Ford, J. Mense, N. Stallings. Ron Reinsel’s mop urges delinquent cast members to “get on the ball.” 162 — Thespians And I R C. International Relations Club — Front Row: D. Wade, M. Pointon, N. McCormack, G. Barnes. L. Smith, M. Gaunt, R. Blausch, M. Frank, P. Frese, R. Cohn, N. Athanson. Second Row: C. Van Norman, S. McCormick, K. Winfree, P. Meads, V. Breavitt, N. Day, K. McDonald, D. Turich. B. Glock, V. Vatsia, M. Greenhouse, D. Morrison, L. Thompson. Third Row: R. Unger, B. Manning, M. Day, G. Vechik, W. Scott, D. Watson, M. Achee, B. Young, B. Martin, B. Wood, L. Andyshak, R. Young, B. Anderson. Picnic, Dinner, And Trips Were IRC Highlights INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB “What’s an IRC?” Previously, such a question would not have seemed unnatural, and, in all probability, would not have been answered. However, with Mrs. Sonja DeHostos as the new sponsor, the International Relations Club finally- made itself known. Over seventy members joined in September, and the club’s varied projects drew still more as the year progressed. Completely without funds, the club began with an extremely profitable bakesale. Early in October, Fort Hunt Park was the scene for an “international” football game and picnic. When permanent officers were finally elected, the club was able to begin more serious projects. In addition to holding weekly meetings and discussions, the IRC took several field trips. In December, members visited the Pan American building in Washington, D.C. Late in January, the club hosted a speaker from India. Other plans included a spring trip to visit the United Nations in New York City. j? (t C 0 VY » Officers — Front Row: S. Harlan, Corresponding Secretary; V. Millstein, President; G. Von Arb, First V ' ice President; J. Van Norman, Second Vice President; S. Remington, Secretary. Second Row: P. Nielsen, A. Chang, G. Holland, J. Woods, Sergeant-At-Arms; S. Lennon, J. Seabolt, S. Eisenhart, P. Sullivan. Vivien Millstein, President. f . French Club — Front Row: J. Rezzarday, A. Atchanson, F. D’Amico, N. Ridenour. Second Row: R. Cohn, C. Ware, P. Brett, K. DeBiase, J. Yurchik, M. Borowsky. Third Row: B. Green, M. Pointon, E. Moran, P. Wallace, S. Miller, G. Loelkes. W. Tyler. Fourth Row: M. Frank, C. Colyer, L. Taylor, C. Johnston, M. Pickwick, B. Glock, K. Tice, B. Gross. Language Clubs Co-sponsored International Buffet FRENCH CLUB The French Club found it easy to understand why Frenchmen are famous for their epicurean tastes. In November they joined the Groveton French Honor Society for an evening of dining on French cuisine at Chez Odette. The members made name tags and Christmas trees out of popsickle sticks and sent them to the pediatrics ward of DeWitt Army Hospital. They were able to exercise their gourmet talents at an international buffet in which the Spanish Club and the German Club also participated. Springtime set the scene for a picnic. President Mary Byrd and Mrs. Avoli, sponsor, were kept busy throughout the year planning these events along with bake sales and filmstrips. ■ft, -v -«v i 1 I a gfe ggi It wmm Officers — Mrs. Avoli, Sponsor; Janet Stevenson, Vice President; Mary Byrd, President; Bette Schurtz, Secretary; Lucy Dee, Treasurer. 164 — French Club GERMAN CLUB Officers — Front Row: Mrs. Ungem, Sponsor; R. Allen, President; L. Gundersen, Vice President. Second Row: A. Bond, Secretary-Treasurer; A. Baez. Knackwurst und Sauerkraut, Kartoffelnsalat, Pumpernickel, Schokoladentorte — Guten Apetit! These were the German Club’s entries in the International Smorgasbord in February, with the appropriate salutation. Also featured at the buffet were pretty waitresses dressed in German costumes. Robin Allen, president, Lisa Gunderson, vice-president, and Secretary-treasurer Anita Bond made up the executive branch of the German Club, with Mrs. Ungern filling the role of sponsor. The club planned visits to German restaurants, and a breakfast cookout in the spring. They learned German folk songs, and several members presented talks, complemented by postcards and photographs, on German cities they had visited. These activities were made possible by the desire to further a mutual interest in the Germanic provinces, which had inspired the individual members to join this club. German Club — Front Row: B. Fitzpatrick, B. Pfanzelter, N. Bischofs, J. Bailey, E. Murray. Second Row: B. Loringood, R. Allen, J. Smith, D. Schneiders, R. Sylvest, F. Wolfe, M. Chapman. Third Row: J. Gibson, C. Price, M. Williams, B. Stagg, C. Broe, T. Ames, R. Green. The original “roten baron” reads differently from Charles Schultz’s comic strip. German Club — 165 Spanish Club — Front Row: L. Hersman, S. Eisenhart, J. Woods, A. Berrero, K. Long, G. McDonald, S. Lambert, D. Flattery. Second Row: S. Wales, K. Peabody, P. Hess, M. Botero, D. Woods, C. Hicks, K. Peoples, B. Whittington. Third Row: T. Grantham, K. Dixon, J. Vickery, M. Yary, S. Vance, K. Williams, H. Webb, D. Eldredge, B. Brooks. Spanish Club Celebrated “Once, twice, three times . . . now the piftata is that way!” Gary Fitzsimmons hangs the Christmas pinata. Fourth Row: B. Kline, T. Tice, A. Phelps, L. Paxton, M. Oswalt, P. Stedman, T. Kennedy, B. Gonzales, P. O’Shaughnessy, D. Sebreny. Fifth Row: M. Shirilla, D. Norris, B. Dasch, P. Taylor, R. Stevens, G. Fitzsimmons, K. Vechik, J. Woods, M. Hess, M. Mendez-Vigo, G. Iiams. “Una Fiesta De Navidad” SPANISH CLUB Each year as Christmas comes around the comer, many of us think of Santa Claus, brightly-lighted evergreen trees, snow, and gaily-wrapped packages. But in the Spanish Club, members have come to think of yuletide as being a giant pinata, showering candy when cracked open, ana carols sung in Spanish. During the year, the club familiarized its members with Spain and South America by showing films at meetings. The Spanish Club also held an International dinner with the other language clubs. Foods from many different countries provided a delicious change of pace for the tasters. 166 — Spanish Club JCL Members Proved That Latin Is Not Obsolete Officers — M. Gaunt, Secretary; J. Manor, President; R. Young, Vice President; Mrs. Sell, Sponsor. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE “To further the understanding and appreciation of the Roman people and their language”, President James Manor led the Junior Classical League through an active and fun-filled year. The members became involved in the study of the ancient classics, the Roman culture, and its language. To supplement the projects planned by the group, their sponsor, Mrs. Sell, shared with them her experiences in the study of Latin. Their most important program was the annual banquet. Weeks of preparation and planning resulted in a festive occasion patterned after those of the venerable Romans. Their exploration of the Latin field helped them appreciate the vast range of Roman influence manifested today, even though the language is no longer spoken. 14’: I M .aJj 1 W .... " Hp I A;-® ' • J| H 3 L - ■ ; ■ —- Junior Classical League — Front Row: L. Eddy, D. Baker, S. Nielson, C. McCauley, M. Gaunt. Second Row: Mr. Bircher, D. Dwyer, P. Meads, J. Krolak. Third Row: D. Dommisse, G. Allison, J. Blackwell, J Manor, R. Young. Junior Classical League - 167 French Honor Society — Front Row: N. Athanson, B. Wakefield, M. Carpenter, Secretary; P McCarthy, President; Mrs. Landgrabe, Sponsor. Second Row: L. Barksdale, J. Barnet. S. Cancilla, M. Hill, W. Wright. Third Row: M. Weaver. N. Hill, W. Tyler, D. Fullerton, G. Gandy, V. Hayes. K. Taylor. Honor Societies Inducted Proficient Linguists FRENCH AND SPANISH HONOR SOCIETIES Three years of dictations, translations, homework, and tests in a foreign language while maintaining an A average . . . this is what members of the French and Spanish Honor Societies have accomplished. Not only have these students gained a membership in the Language Honor Societies, but they have gained the understanding that in today’s world we cannot limit ourselves to using our own language. We must expand our studies to include those of other countries as well. i j§ ,L tM • r " ' NT fi i 4 — ZT - v ji IL f ML (m f M wS ) mm -r- w mm m New inductees repeat the pledge “en francais.” w . DeJonghe, J. Dexter, K. Winfree. Third Row: M. Brake, President; D. Sebrenv, Vice President; M. Barron, S. Atkinson, S. Wales. Fourth Row: G. Iiams, D. Eldredge, L. Paxton, L. Schultz, R. Stevens, M. Shirilla, T. Kennedy, T. Quinn, D. Woods. Spanish Honor Society — Front Row: B. Brooks, R. Ackerman. R. Moon, M. Hill, K. Tice. Second Row: A. Wales, Secretary; L. Baker, P. O’Shaushnessv. B. Hides. K. Wilkins. K. Williams, j. Woods. D. 168 — Language Honor Societies Math Team — Mrs. Yearick, Sponsor; D. Dommisse, M. Achee, R. Bauer. J. Manor, E. Hastings. Math Team Competed With Accuracy And Speed MATH TEAM The Math Team participates in the interscholastic competition in the Washington metropolitan area and within the Gunston District. The boys on the team must have an extensive background in the mathematical field, and they must be accurate and quick with their calculations. Many of the boys anticipate a future career as mathematicians. Senior Bob Wakefield captained the team. Along with Bob, Ken Williams, one of the top scorers in the Interhigh Mathematics League, also was an anchor man. The other three places on the competing squad alternated among the rest of the members. Practice began in the fall, when Mrs. Yearick, coach, drilled the men on sample problems. In January, we hosted the Gunston District meet. Competition extended from November through April. Math Team — Seated: B. Wakefield, Captain; D. Laughlin. Standing: V. Vatsia, K. Williams, J. Elliot. f W Mount Vernon hosts a winter math meet. Speculation heightens pre-meet tension. Math Team — 169 Clubs — Lynne Garten, Valerie Lodewick, Linda Thompson, Editor; Cathy Townsend, Photographers — Richard Unger, John Scandling, Eugene Hastings. Classes — Missie Carpenter, Kevin Gaylor, Barbara Frazelle, Lynn Barksdale, Chris Looft. 1 mm m - m m Index — Felicia Clevenger, Kathie McDonald. Surveyor STAFF There is a tiny yellow room tucked in a corner behind the gymnasium. Every day during sixth and seventh periods this little nook became a hive of activity. A steady stream of dedicated students came and went, each busily intent on his task. Th e tables were strewn with photographs, 3-R forms, croppers, textbooks, pencils, thesauri, dictionaries, memos, 3x5 cards, and huge envelopes. Voices, typewriters, people rushing to and fro, laughter, papers shuffling, and equipment noises combined into a general air of pandemonium. Sometimes the scene was repeated at nights and during weekends as a deadline neared. Mr. T„ “ruler of the roost”. Barbie and Kay, “Mommy Editors”, and twenty-one other staffers centered their activities around this room for nearly a year. The final product of the toil, heartache, tension, tumult, anxiety, and exhaustion emerges from our yellow cubbyhole as the 1969 Surveyor. Faculty — Linda Baker, Debbie DeJonghe, Editor Surveyor Staff — 171 Anne Hazard, Editor-in-Chief; Barbara Hicks, Managing Editor; Page Editors — Pat McCarthy, Barb Hicks, Susie Remington, Jim Vigen. Mrs. Susan McCollum, Sponsor. Reporters — Front Row: B. Young. P. O’Shaughnessy, F. Chapelle, S. Dawson, L. Pinkepank, C. Riser, V. Tibbs. Second Row: J. De la Conception, S. McKeon, C. Morrison, M. Barnett, B Wesley, J. Woods. K. Polhamus, M. Wolff. Barbara Hicks and Tom Still " dummy” page one. 172 - Em Vee Hi Staff When the newspaper goes to press, the staff finds diversion outside the office. Literary Efforts Were Rewarded With NSPA Award Em Vee Hi To keep the students at Mount Vernon well-informed is a job that kept the Em Vee Hi staff always alert for news and constantly at work on the next issue. Their monthly publications contained articles on events around the school commentary on many world affairs, editorials, and amusing columns and cartoons. The members of the staff worked together as a team to publish a well-organized newspaper that Mount Vernonites could be proud of. For his efforts, each worker received recognition in the acknowledgements of every issue. One of their special activities was Twirp Week. The Em Vee Hi sponsors this annual occurrence, and it is one of the highlights of the winter quarter. | ■ fe , a 1 Wmtf 1 m wWgSfe 1 HiK( ipfl F ajwv Business — Sally Griffith, Ad Manager; Linda Malvin, Circulation and Exchange Editor; Marcy Wolff, Advertising. A spy from the yearbook. Barbie Anderson investigates the newspaper “morgue.” Em Vee Hi Staff- 173 Science Club members attend a lecture on color. Conducting a color demonstration, a guest physicist speaks to the club. Individual Scientific Interests Were Investigated Jon Woods, President; Calvin Johnson. Finance Chairman. SCIENCE CLUB Under the leadership of President Jon Woods, and with Mr. Swain as sponsor, the Science Club has undertaken not only the routine money-making projects, but also unique research studies. At the beginning of the year, the members divided into special interests groups. Those in each group worked closely together investigating various scientific fields, such as medicine, astronomy, oceanography, and animal behavior. One experiment performed by the animal behavior group involved artificially injecting hormones into rabbits and mice over an extended time period. Another investigation attempted by the club members involved the study of light phenomena. In connection with this project, the noted physicist from Prague, Czechoslovakia, lectured in the Mount Vernon auditorium on “What Color Do You Really See?” The club constructed a device which measures the color band of each individual. Nascent young scientists applied to the club and received financial aid grants for their research projects. The progressive dinner provided an opportunity for fun and relaxation. Each course of the meal was served in a different home. 174 — Science Club Front Row: D. Roberts, P, Morrison, L. Swoboda, D. Sebreny, T. Hicks, J. Woods, D. Allen. Second Row: J. Thrasher, C. Salisbury, S. Lambert, R. Smitherman, C. Price, D. Mermyr. Erika Rivard, Blythe Merritt, Val Lodewick, James Manor, Jon Woods, and Barry Merritt attended the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Officers — B. Merritt, Sergeant-At-Arms; J. Krolak, Vice President; B. Merritt, Treasurer; N. Day, Secretary; L. Riggle, Librarian. FHcxAe of ojejr,. © ■»► Or « $ r, ' t - biocWmc il PaibuAn Mr. Harold Swain, Sponsor, and Bill Schofield discuss Bill’s diagram of a gene. Science Club — Front Row: M. Greenhouse, N. Athanson. Second Row: J. Henderson. F. Hicks. Science Club —175 Compulsory Service Was 1969 Debate Topic DEBATE TEAMS The debate teams competed in Monday night tournaments with other schools in the Gunston District League. Debaters on the varsity affirmative team were Bill Stags and Tim Baker; the varsity negative team was composed of Lynn Chadwick and Warren Scott. Mr. Garry Jones coached both the varsity and junior varsity squads. The topic chosen by the National University Extension Association this year was “Manpower, Its Maintenance and Development.” The resolution selected was “Resolved: That the United States should establish a system of compulsory service for all citizens.” The polemists on the team spent their first three months researching the topic. The season began in January. In addition to their regular league debates, the teams were also able to travel to several special tournaments, including the Columbia University Tournament in New York City. Their trips were made possible by the financial backing of the Debate Club, with additional help from the SCA. Varsity Debate — L. Chadwick, B. Stagg, President; T. Baker, Treasurer; J. Blackwell. JV Debate — Front Row: A. Gentry, J. Farber, V. Wells, P. Meads, Secretary. Second Row: B. Mansfield, J. Manor, W. Scott, Vice President. 176 — Debate Officers — Front Row: J. DeJonghe, Reporter; C. Riser, Vice President; R. Lee, President; B. Hughes, Secretary; P. Dunn, Federation Representative. Second Row: J. Gandy, Treasurer; Mrs. Robertson, Sponsor ' ; L. Stickles, Corresponding Secretary; C. Hicks, Historian; G. Shelton, Parliamentarian. Embassies And Diplomatic Tea Hosted FHA Girls FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Most of the girls in our school hope to someday become wives, mothers, and homemakers. With this in mind, the Future Homemakers of America Club aims to help girls prepare for their future roles and to show them the way to a healthy and happy home life. The club is a member of a local, state, and national organization, which enables them to expand the field of their interests to include the whole country. Their activities included demonstrations and guest speakers. At a slumber party, they filled Christmas stockings for the Salvation Army. The girls took two embassy tours and attended a tea in one of these diplomatic mansions. Membership in this club has helped many young women leam of new developments in the home economics field and improve their homemaking abilities. Future Homemakers — Seated : J. Werner, D. Moore, R. Allen, J. Schumacher, S. Springer, N Bryson. Standing: D. Nixon, M. Pointon, J. Boerger, S. Day, L. Lee, M. Gaunt, L. Kimble, P. Hess, E. Moran, P. Nevin, E. McLendon, C. Barr. Future Homemakers — Seated: D. Dameto, J. Gainer, J. Panky, L. Canady, D. Lacey, F. D’Amico. Standing: S. Herbert, D. Baur, G. Ghent, L. Price, S. Donahoo, F. Wolfe, M. Gordon. Future Homemakers —177 Future Secretaries And Teachers FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA Behind every successful businessman is a capable and hard-working secretary. The Future Secretaries of America Clubs prepare girls for these important secretarial positions. Field trips were planned to different business schools, where members could gain new knowledge of this fast-growing field. They had also taken time out each month from their typewriters, adding machines, and shorthand for some worthwhile recreational bowling. The Club’s greatest project was sponsoring the Beauty Contest. Karen Dillon, Reporter. « 1 ■ f mt AS i w r y Wl LA ' J.m ml Future Secretaries — K. Williamson, Vice-president; S. Dodson, Secretary-treasurer; J. Gainer, Historian; S. Arrington, Mrs. Provance, Sponsor; J. Pankey, K. Shepherd, President. 178 — Future Secretaries Pursue Their Interests In Tomorrow’s Vocations Miss Mildred Lapsley, Sponsor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Changes occur in all professions; in the educational field change is essential. New teaching methods, ideas, and subjects offer students and teachers wider horizons to explore. The Future Teachers of America Club is dedicated to learning about new developments in education. They visited the National Education As¬ sociation building, one of many such field trips planned during the year. Members of the club gained first-hand teaching experience by tutoring freshmen at Moun t Vernon and children at nearby elementary schools. The State PTA Convention in Roanoke was one of the most exciting experiences of the year. Members were able to attend and hear about innovations and problems of modem education all over Virginia. Future Teachers — Front Row: P. King, K. Tice, B. Wesley, S. McCormack, G. Siegrist, B. O’Brien, President; C. Morrison, County Representative; M. Byrd, Vice-president; U. Jennings, Secretary; H. Powell, Treasurer; M. Pointon, Historian. Second Row: P. Bracken, D. D’Amato, B. Hofer, L. Taylor, M. Barros, N. Nichols. D. Deeth, S Wales, J. Koch, M. DiGiorgio, J. Murphy, N. Bryson, K. Polhamus, S Parker, T. Bramlett. Future Teachers — 1 79 M T VERNON H.S. DE Club Studied DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The Distributive Education Clubs of America prepare young Americans for roles in the business community. The MV DE Club’s meetings featured outstanding guest speakers from local businesses. Roy Jones, treasurer, made over fifty spot announcements about DECA on WEAM. Representatives of the club talked to area civic associations. Football and Basketball games with other DE clubs provided a recreational outlet for members. The District DECA Contest was held at Wakefield High School in February. Winners in this contest went on to the State Leadership Contest, where Roy Jones ran for State President, and from there to the National Leadership Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Their activities were well-publicized in local newspapers. Distributive Education — Front Row: L. Travis, W. Purgason, R. Tunnell, B. Lord. Second Row R. Jones, B. Ledford, J. Morris. Third Row: L. Rosser, B. Snelling, K. LaRoche, K. Echols, J. Russell, T. Keppel. km Officers — Front Row: D. Kenworthy, President; L. Hughes, Vice President; B. Ledford, Second Vice President. Second Row: W. Purgason, Parliamentarian; T. Keppel, Historian; J. Brown, Secretary; R. Jones, Treasurer; Mr. Snell, Sponsor. Distributive Education — Front Row: V. Evans, L. Hughes, D. Kenworthy, M. Sivak, D. Simms, B. Fuller, L. Takach, B. Powers, J. Brown. Second Row: B. Stickles, M. Weaver, S. Knight, R. Graul, R. Bender, B. Taylor, R. Haver, G. Parsons. Distributive Education — B. Moore, R. Star, W. Leckey, P Maye, L. Kirsey, B. Reynolds. 180 — Distributive Education Merchandising With Model Store Vocational Office Training — Front Row: Miss Lowman, Sponsor, P. Anderson, P. Jett, D. Larson. Second Row: B. Gibson, M. Frear, B. Rehklau, V. Schilling. Third Row: D. Wriska, L. Bolton, J. Game, C. Conant, P. Newell. Fourth Row: N. Thompson, D. Ditt- mer, L. Spinks, L. Crawford, C. Shepard. Fifth Row: S. Ward, N. Helmick, H. Hayes, S. Knight, J. Duvall. Industrial Co-operative Training — Front Row: Mr. Bates, Sponsor; B. Swor, S. Black, D. Miller, E. Cox, S. Cantrell, T. Payne, L. Crum, N. Jones, A. Price. Second Row: J. Jackson, C. Smith, A. Kroll, J. Floyd, M. Broadwater, A. Papalazarus, M. Waters, K. Mitchell, L. Blanken¬ ship, D. Welser, M. Lorraine. Third Row: D. Moss, V. Poho, C. Jeffs, J. DeChants, J. Filipovich, T. Buglia, D. Rice, S. Hertzog, R. Lofton, J. Bennett. Fourth Row: G. Johnston, R. Rawson, F. Allen, M. Sivak, R. Purdy, D. Campbell, B. Gayle, R. Jones, D. Wildmen, B. Sadler, J. Thorpe. Fifth Row: B. Hudson, P. Barbour, R. Robertson, G. Shaffier, R. Simms, W. Bellon, A. Onassis, A. Beard, R. Nalls, I. Cornwell, D. Aylor, P. Bergin. I.C.T. And V.O.T. - 181 Quartet Captured Audience With Wit And Virtuosity CHORUS Highlighting the new school year, the Fall Concert presented not only the melodious voices of several choruses, but also a number of talented soloists. The Christmas Concert was an inspiring boon to the holiday spirit of those in the audience. And then the Spring Concert caused an epidemic of spring fever that left the listeners feeling dizzy and light-headed. Before concerts came many hours of practice, but the results proved to be entertaining and very rewarding. Two appearances on the “Here’s Barbara” television show and radio broadcasts were other noteworthy accomplishments of the Mount Vernon Concert Choir. Pianist Nancy Eisenhart accompanies the Choraleers. Mixed Chorus — Front Row: M. Wentzel, L. Bowers, D. Eldredge, J. Early, B. Leach, A. Velasco, B. Brady, J. Burgan, C. Pate, N. Nelson, V. Blanding, J. Pritchett, L. Chadwick, J. Chase. Second Row : A. Chester, P. Rice, M. Yary, N. Brogden, N. Stallings, C. Nedorolik, W. Heintzleman, J. Mense, C. Breed, K. Newdeck, L. Gunderson, S. Burger, K. Callahan, J. Rezzarday, S. Bracken. Third Row: T. Bramlett, J. Nicholson, J. Ward, L. Fredrick, B. Bixler, J. Dawson, G. Allison, R. Coobh, F. Smith, K. Dietzel, L. Frye, J. Lahendro, H. Serrell, S. Camp, S. Frazier. Fourth Row: L. Jones, E. Barkwell, S. Bauman, S. Travers, W. Brown, J. Gibson, M. White, R. Beahm, D. Keithley, R. Hamilton, J. Meeker, C. Patton, C. Dodson, A. Gillespie, B. Fuller, M. Hill, B. Fuller. 182 — Chorus Beginning Girls Chorus — Front Row: D. Early, L. Shaughnessy, D. Wright, J. Page. R. Martin, K. Haaser, K. Schmidt, C. Velasco, S. Hajdu, H, Tipa, D. Bach. Second Row: H. Razee, L. Barbour, M. Glock, M. Grover, D. Stoehr, B. Fitzgerel, S. Denzer, D. Builta, J. Carpenter, S. Chumley, M. Kelley, L. Leggett. Third Row: J. Fee, D. Stone, B. Eadie, D. Stacy, P. Wampler, S. Byrd, M. Walker, S. Jacobs, C. Slye, M. Sivak, N. Babington, D. Dowhower. Fourth Row: D. DeVol, D. Pauly, D. Woodworth, S. Snyder, B. Grant, B. Byrd, C. Hall, S. Moon, R. Frizzell, L. Hill, B. Gurley, J. Gandy. Barbershop Quartet — Jeff Mense, Bill Martin, Mark Lindberg, Carl Lindberg, Jim Dalton, John Long. Chorus — 183 I Select Girls Chorus — Front Row: L. Giles, W. Tyler, P. Staver, L. Cox, P Bracken, T. Bramlett, B. Moore, B. Keelin. M. Stewart, I. Matsuura, B. Cartier. Second Row: D. Wade, J. Yurchik, L. Davis, E. Rivard. N. Byrd, N. Nichols, D. Lee, M. Dash, J. Brick, B. Covington, N. Thomason, B. Williams. Third Row: J. Rice, L. Eddy. P. Kershaw, T. Fick, D. Perrin, J. Saye, L. Spinks, G. Thayer, C. Colyer, G. Roland, C. Lilley, N. Prince, D. Garvey. Fourth Row: S. Gist, A. Christiansen, S. Woods, L. Murrey, R. Blausch, D. Davis, L. Taylor, S. Murakami, T. Boaz, P. Johnson, S. Harlan, P. Blunk, B. Schurtz, J. Gribble. Choral Veterans Appeared On Television And Radio ! Choraleers — Chris Crann, Sharon Eisenhart, Donna Smith, Nancy Eisenhart, Karen Moser, Laura Moore, Debbie Tate, Karen Smith, Ann Wood, Debby Fick. 184 - Chorus if 8E if r m t- jig L jk j Concert Choir — Front Row: B. Garber, S. Eisenhart, N. Eisenhart, B. Adinaro, B. Martin, L. Andyshak, R. Frizzell, J. Long, K. Moser, C. Crann, B. Loder. Second Row: L. Moore, D. Tate, D. Fick, M. Asbury, S. Gregoire, C. O’Brien, R. Burt, A. Brown, L. McCrary, O. Scott, L. Peterson. Third Row: J. Gunderson, S. Dodson, S. Donato, J. Chapman, G. Kelley, B. Jourdan, M. Pritchard, J. Dalton, B. Glock, D. Smith, K. Heffner, C. Lawson. Fourth Row: U. Jennings, D. Sebreny, K. Smith. A. Wood, M. Lindberg, B. Palas, C. Lindberg, P. Coker. P. Schreiner. L. Ratkus, P. Wallace, C. Brown. Chorus - 185 Band - Front Row: J. Smith, N. Ridenour, S. Miller, K. Williamson, D. Baker, S. Atkinson. Second Row: S. Gremar, D. Dwyer, R. Robertson, N. Hitchcock, J. Wyatt. Third Row: T. Huddleston, P. Corrigan, M. Shannon, M. Vermillion, K. Sims, D. Fleet, K. Oxley, B. Egger, J, Kellison, F. Clevenger. Fourth Row: R. Olsen, J. Cummingham, B. Gross, J. Swain, J. Blackwell, H. Cason. Fifth Row: J. Woods, W. Martin, D. Adkins, L. Snipe, D. Engelman, J. West, D. Anderson, P. Vollmer Versatile Concert Band Performed In Parade, Karen Simms, Drum Majoress. 186 — Band After performing at halftime, a band member warms herself with hot chocolate. Mr. Gene Steinbach, Band Director. Band — Front Row: M. Glock, J-. Pooley, S. Flores, B. Egger, S. Rollinger. Second Row: C. Morrison, D. Brittain, T. Doeppner. Third Row: F. Wolfe, M. Williams, S. Clements, R. Hedgepeth, R. Oshima, G. Hastings, G. Pittman. Fourth Row: A. Snyder, D. Nermyr, C. Hagerup. R. Maple, G. Anderson, S. Williamson, D. White, D. Woods, K. Woodworth, S. Gregoire, D. Vosburg. Tuba player Alan Snyder enjoys the Christmas spirit early. As Well As On Football Field And Stage BAND The “sound of music” wafted through the open windows of the classrooms as the band rehearsed on the football field. Study halls were entertained for days by mock-concerts as the band prepared for its annual fall and spring musicals. In the past year, Mount Vernon’s music was carried out onto the playing field, into other schools, and even to other cities by the Mount Vernon High School Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Eugene Steinbach. The marching musicians are known around our school mainly for their pre-game opening ceremonies with “The Star Spangled Banner” and for their half-time performances at home football games. But these are only a few of their music-making activities. This year, seven Mount Vernon musicians won positions in the All-District Regional Band: Brenda Gross, Susan Miller, Doug Brittain, Jim Blackwell, Jim Smith, Gerald Pittman, and Dave Vosburg. At the annual Spring Music Festival in March, our band was adjudicated by some of America’s best high school music experts. Mount Vernon’s entry in the Apple Blossom Parade at Winchester, Virginia, consisted of the Band, Color Guard, Majorettes, and Drill Team. The administrative part of the band is the Band Council. Pre sident Tom Doeppner and his other officers held regular meetings to make decisions of band policy for the year. Diane Baker advertises the Christmas concert. Band - 187 Fort Hunt Audience Viewed Fire Baton Routine MAJORETTES Twirling fire and flag batons, the Mount Vernon Majorettes exhibited their graceful skills at all home football games. They were led by Captain Glenda Thayer. However, they did not confine their talents to football games. Dancing to the popular tune of “Th " oughly Modern Millie” in the Variety Show, the Majorettes displayed their Terpsichorean gifts. Because of all their fine assets. Mount Vernon was proud to have the Majorettes represent us in the Apple Blossom Parade at Winchester, Virginia. The Majorettes prepare to twirl with fire at the Fort Hunt game. Glenda Thayer, Captain. Majorettes — Front Row: C. Lawson, Co-captain; G. Thayer, Captain. Second Row: T. Rice, M. Wolfe. Third Row: P. Sullivan, D. Dowhower. Fourth Row: W. Tyler, K. Long, C. Edwards, A. Brown. 188 — Majorettes Color Guard Preceded Others At Half-time COLOR GUARD Leading the pre-game activities at home football games, the Color Guard proudly carried the flags of the United States, Great Britain, Virginia, and Mount Vernon High School out onto the field. As the students, faculty, and patrons of both schools rose and sang the “Star-Spangled Banner”, their hearts filled with pride in our country The spectators felt their spirit of patriotism rejuvenate and faith in the youth of the nation renewed as they watched the moving ceremony performed by the girls of the Mount Vernon High School Color Guard. Color Guard displays national, state, and school flags. Color Guard — Front Row: P. Staver, B. O’Brien, N. Stallings. Second Row: M. Dash, Treasurer; P. Johnson. Third Row: T. Bramlett, N. Grover, Co-captain; B. Loder, Captain; D. Broyles, Secretary; J. Brick. Color Guard 189 Loyal pals decorate lockers weekly. Drill Team — Front Row: I. Matsuura, B. Garber, J. Chase, B. Leach, L. Berlin, J. Anderson. Second Row: K. McDonald, R. Allen, B. Brown, A. Chester, L. Gunderson, S. Heise, M. Hart. Third Row: L. Avery, N. Nelson, A. Ross, D. Perrin, S. Gist, A. Christiansen, M. Yary. Athletes Were Cheered By Drill Team Locker Pals Drill Team — Front Row: S. Gaylor, D. Beckler. D. Smith, B. Williams, W. Brown. N. Thomason. Second Row: K. O’Rourke, G. Williams, P. Holt, C. Colyer. Third Row: M. Weaver, N. Hill, C. Riser, A. Gentry. D. Tate. Fourth Row: J. Lahendro, L. Cox, A. Bond, K. Smith, B. DeBiase, R. McCoy. DRILL TEAM The year has been memorable not only for our football team’s fine seasonal performance, but also for our Drill Team’s remarkable halftime activities. Under the direction of Captain Lynne Garrett and President Debbie DeJonghe, the Drill Team performed at every home football game. Their polished routines were the result of long hours of practice during the summer and autumn. At the first home game, the Drill Team formed the traditional “MV”, which brought applause and praise from every onlooker. This high standard was upheld throughout the entire season. The final routine, a “69” formation, honored each and every senior. This last routine was accompanied by tears from those proud senior girls who had! marched at their last halftime. Besides marching at football games, the Drill Team did much more for spirit. Their main spirit-raising project was decorating the hall locker of each Mount Vernon athlete. These decorations ranged from the simple to the extravagent, and often included tasty treats. Colorful, handmade jinx dolls contributed to the defeat of Fort Hunt, Fairfax, and Edison. The Drill Team also marched in both the George Washington Parade and the Apple Blossom Parade. Mount Vernonites could be proud of their representation of our school. For some, the Fort Hunt game meant the last time to march. " %M E ' a ' .ypplW pi 1 -1 . w. The Drill Team joyfully views another Majors’ touchdown Officers — Front Row: L. Avery, Historian; R. Allen, Manager; I. Matsuura, Secretary. Second Row: S. Gist, Sergeant-At-Arms; L. Garrett, Captain; J. Miles, Mascot; D. DeJonghe, President; C. Myers, Treasurer. A salute to Mount Vernon seniors culminated a wonderful marching season. Drill Team — Front Row: O. Scott, R. Lee, J. Gibson, S. Bader, L. Guriy. Second Row: B. Anderson, V. Taft, K. Symmes, B. Pfanzelter, S. Bauman, C. Pate. Third Row: K. Winfree, L. Davey, P. Nielsen, K. Sweatt, C. Myers, B. Covington. Linda Shifffet, Mascot. Drill Team — 191 Katherine Nettles. Mascot. Liz Mathews. Mascot. Varsity Cheerleaders — Front Row: D. Furr. Co-captain; N. Prince, Captain. Second Row: C. Lilley, S. Cancilla, C. Crann, Secretary-Treasurer; C. Simpkins. Third Row: L. McCrary. B. Novak, D. Garvey, J. Grihble. j New Uniforms Combined i With Increased Vitality a CHEERLEADERS l Leading cheers is just one of the assorted talents required of the MV cheerleaders. Their summer schedule encompassed numerous car washes and bake sales, with which they earned enough money to purchase new warm-up jackets for the entire football team. The girls brought juicy watermelons and oranges to the parched team during summer practices. And after a tiring day of charitable endeavors, the girls were found at school practicing in the evenings. When school started, the cheerleaders conducted Friday morning pep rallies to get the fans in shape for the game. They mothered and constantly promoted the delicate school spirit with lollipops, victory tags, programs, and “Think Yes” buttons. Their smiling, pretty faces brightened the drab hospital rooms of our injured football players. Their job calls for a great amount of creative output in the form of banners, posters, and decorations. And in addition to these abilities, the girls on the cheerleading squad must be fantastically agile, coordinated, graceful, strong, and “loud-mouthed” to perform their primary function — cheerleading at all athletic events. “WE LIKE OUR TEAM!” Chris Crann, Treasurer. Secretary — Judy Gribble. 192 — Varsity Cheerleaders The Varsity Cheerleaders urge the crowd to yell with more enthusiasm. Barbara Novak. Cindy Lilley. Dee Garvey. Mrs. Margaret Lunter, Sponsor. Varsity Cheerleaders — 193 Diane Cajigas, Captain. JV Cheerleaders Front Row: L. Wood, D. Cajigas. K. Heise, B. Fitzpatrick. Second Row: T. Fick, S Roscher. D. Moss. C. McCoy. Underclass Cheerleaders Urged Teams To Victory Freshman Cheerleaders D Woodworth. C. Simpkins. C. Perry, K. Scott. M. Kelley, G. Ghent. R. Frizzell, P. Thomas. 194 JV And Freshman Cheerleaders rl r Nr 1 i«» i Spiriters — Front Row: V. Wells, Secretary-treasurer; S. Scott. President; 0. Scott, Vice-president. Second Row: J. Fortney, J. Earley, K. Gaylor, K. Stumm. B. Green. P Dezulovich. J. Loelkes, T. Dee, B. Whittington, J. Gandy. R. Cohn, J. Wood. S. Thomas. Third Row: A. Ledford, B. Hofer. G. Siegrist. K. Debiase, L. Springer, M. Chapman. E. Moran, C. Brown, M. Pointon, E. Brett, J. Scandhng, P. Wallace. L. Skwarski, T. D’Amato. Fourth Row: N. Hill, S. Day, M. Wolff, P. Blunk. S. Denzer. J. Aton. B Eadie, D. Nixon. D. Dasch, V. Hayes, J. Boerger, L. Cipolla, H. Tipa. Fifth Row: V. Brealt, P. Abel, J. Stevenson, S. McKeon, D. Stoehr. C. Dodson. M. Brivard, D. Lee. O. McCarthy. P. Taylor, N. Stallings, K. Tennison. M. Lilly. Sixth Row: C. McDonald. S. Symms, J DeJonghe. M. O ' Shaughnessy, M. Schlosser, S. Wilkins, K. Scott, K. Mansfield, C. Barr, D.Tausch, B. Hughes. Seventh Row: S. Tomlin. K. Romney. P. Meads, K. Tice. J. Brevard. J. Dramond, J. Woods, B. O ' Brien. B. Schurtz, A. Bartlett, S. Nielsen, D. Douvlas, P. Nevin, L. Edwards. Eighth Row: D. D ' Amato, A. Biez, K. Polhamus, M. Oswalt, J. Robbins, C. Fetty. R. Smitherman, N. Day, M. Williams, K.. Smith, B. Barksdale, A. Davis, D. Lacey. C. Edwards. Ninth Row: S. Shaffer, B. Stagg, T. Garber, C. Armstrong, P. Watson, T. Ames, J. Dexter, P. Schreiner, S. Miller, G. Rolanft, M. Gordon, C. Chester. Spiriters Instituted Pep Jug At Morning Rallies SPIRITERS The 240 members of the Spiriters Club form the backbone of spirit in Mount Vernon High School. The cheerleaders were guests at the first meetings, where they showed the club the new cheers. Thus prepared, the enthusiastic Spiriters turned out in droves for the games and filled the fifty-yard-line stands with maroon and white beanies, from under which roars of excitement streamed to encourage the Majors out on the field. An important addition to the traditional Friday morning pep rallies was the Spiriters ' Pep Jug, which sparked interclass competition. The club printed and distributed free victory tags. They also sponsored buses to away games. They purchased six banners commemorating MV’s championships for the gym. Spiriters presented the Harvest Moon Dance with the Classics. The Jelly Bean Contest added cheer to dreary January and temporarily revived class spirit. They also planned a spring dance with two big bands. Olive Scott presents the pep jug to the seniors. Spiriters — 195 196 Activities Tense Excitement Added To The Pleasure Of Our Activities Though each day officially ended at three-thirty, most of us found that our school interests were extended through the afternoon and into the evening. With our friends, we discovered amusement and diversion in the many Mount Vernon activities. The tense speculation of the audience as well as the Homecoming Court, the pressure during the filming of “ It’s Academic”, the uneasiness before the curtain rose, and the nervous anticipation of Twirp Week only added to the enjoyment and pleasure of these activities. As each tense, exciting milestone was passed, we eagerly looked forward to the events ahead. X A C T I V I T I E S Activities 197 A delightful portrayal of Tweedledee and Tweedle¬ dum is done by Bunni Garber and Noel Gordon in Alice in Wonderland. Spring Dawned Upon Mount Vernon In Forms Of SPRING ACTIVITIES After a cold winter. Mount Vernon welcomed spring with a fresh supply of activities and renewed spirit. Competition stemmed from sports to beauty, as lovely contestants competed for coveted title of “Miss Mount Vernon.” Miss Lynne Garrett was the final choice of both audience and judges, and was crowned by former Miss Mount Vernon, Paula Pate. Miss Debbie DeJonghe, Miss Margarita Echeverry, Miss Susan Black and Miss Sharon Metcalf completed the list of runners-ups. What would spring be without sports? Competition again was tough, but Mount Vernon’s baseball team was awarded with the Gunston District Championship. Prospective candidates campaigned for the offices of the SCA and classes, while June grads looked toward the final of their high school years: Graduation. Spring proved a memorable season for all, both those returning and those saying goodbye, happily recapping a fruitful and rewarding year. Debby Tate and Bob Cox perform their rendition of Oklahoma’s Dream Ballet. Graduates take their places prior to Baccalaureate Services at Washington Cathedral. 198 — Spring Activities “Tiny Tim” Dexter assists Peggy O’Shaughnessy in her campaign speech for senior elections. Beauty, Laughter, And Love Lovelv finalists are Miss Sue Black, Miss Debbie DeJonghe, Miss Margarita Echeverry, and Miss Sharon Metcalf. Miss Mount Vernon 1968, Miss Lynne Garrett, beams with pride and radiant beauty as sbe is crowned by Miss Paula Pate. Excited semi-finalists pose for photographers before further competition. Spring Activities —199 1968 Was Characterized By Successful Stage And Alice encounters a pair of strange friends. Linda Thompson, as Alice, talks with Humpty- Ron Reinsel prepares his costume. Dumpty. The entrance of the executioner terrifies the cast of “Alice in Wonderland.” 200 — Barefoot in the Park And Alice In Wonderland Theatrical Productions Barefoot in the Park AND Alice in Wonderland Although talent is scattered throughout the school, a areat portion of it is collected and refined by the Department of Dramatic Arts and the National Thespian Society. Barefoot in the Park, a Neil Simon comedy hit was presented last year and starred Bunni Garber and Bill Landry, both of whom are drama students and members of ' the Society. The remainder of the cast was composed of drama students. Produced entirely by the Thespian Society, the children’s play Alice in Wonderland provided an opportunity for its members to display their acting talents. Due to the large number of people necessary to cast the play, the students in the dramatics department were once again called upon. Bravo to both the Thespians and the remaining cast for a job well done. Paul and Cone discuss a slight disagreement. The cast: Dave Stopper, Gail Shanley, Bill Landry, Bunni Garber, John Hitchcock, Dennis Morrison and director Lee Pauly. Make-up is tediously applied. Bill Landry and Bunni Garber portray the Bratters. Barefoot in the Park And Alice in Wonderland — 201 Music And Drama Departments Brightened Oklahoma Excellence keynoted the Music and Drama Departments’ E resentation of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma. eading voices of Cathy Jourdan, Chris Crann, Kathie Strong, Bill Martin, and Joe Bradshaw blended melodiously in such timeless favorites as “Oklahoma”, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”, and “People Will Say We’re in Love.” Under the guidance and direction of Mr. Gene Steinbach, Miss Louise Hopkins, Mr. A. Lee Pauley, and choreographers Mrs. Richard Catchpole and daughter Cindy, the musical proved a success in all aspects. Three performances, three curtain calls, and three standing ovations rewarded Mount Vernon’s hardworking cast and crew with an accomplishment well deservect Such excellence was reached only after months of preparation and rehearsal in which each member gave tirelessly of himself to make Oklahoma a fine production. Stage make-up is tediously applied by back stage helpers. Joe Bradshaw and Chris Crann as Will and Ado Annie sing an Oklahoma selection. Laurey is accompanied by singing and dancing ensemble in the performance of “Many a New Day.” 202 — Oklahoma Bargaining is done for the charms and lunches of young ladies, during the Lunch Box Social. Ron Reinsel as Ali Hakim displays his " wares”. The parts of Laurey and Curly are played by Bill Martin and Kathie Strong. Lovable Aunt Eller, played by Cathy Jourdan, puts her point across to Curly. Will Parker shares some male gossip with Oklahoma friends. Oklahoma — 203 Pam Whittington exits Constitution Hall to enter a new phase of life. 1968 graduates anxiously prepare to receive Baccalaureate Services. The Journey’s End Welcomed The GRADUATION The Senior Class of 1968 stood upon the threshold of the future as they concluded the final phase of their life at Mount Vernon High School. It was a conclusion, yet a new beginning — a time to remember, yet a time to look ahead. At the annual Senior Class Banquet, the Senior Superlative Awards were presented and excerpts were read from the Last Will and Testament. The prom, combined with the Juniors, was a great success after extensive planning and hard work. Baccalaureate Services were held in the tradition of Mount Vernon at the Washington Cathedral. Finally, the climax arrived, the dream of all who become a part of Mount Vernon’s student body: Graduation at Constitution Hall. 204 — Graduation Seniors receive final words of wisdom at Baccalaureate Services. Nancy Chapman graciously receives a hard-earned document. w 1 - % i V -%’ v " " " " " " | A J :j . 1 I k • ' ?, , . j : if I :j: Hi ntfH P4 Challenge And Dreams Of A New Life The Baccalaureate procession advance to take their places at Washington Cathedral. Cathy Radovich accepts a Senior Superlative Award from Susan Gordon at the Senior Class Banquet. Graduation 205 We Returned, Greeting Old Faces And Welcoming FALL ACTIVITIES A spirited student body kicked off the opening of another promising year as each class welcomed the challenge of the ensuing term. United in the thrill of victory for our Majors, the students partook of endless pep rallies, competed for the Spiriter’s pep jug, and reaped the benefits of our indomitable team; each felt the flow of maroon and grey blood in his heart. Though dominated by football triumph, the fall season will be remembered for limitless activities, including the music department’s presentation of their annual Fall Concert. Mount Vernon also participated in its final magazine campaign, sponsored by the SCA, in a joint effort to raise money for the school. Anxiously, the juniors ordered their class rings and began the long wait until their spring arrival. As we observed the changes of the leaves and seasons we looked back and acknowledged a change in ourselves as well. Though we shall experience many more changes, few will forget the spirit and pride or the challenge and delight, of tne fall season, 1968. Outstanding athletes proudly display the fruits of success: David Knight, Don McKeon, Larry Hartman. Laura Moore. Billy Letcher and Steve Herl. New; United In Spirit And Pride The Barber Shop Quartet is a special feature at the Fall Choral Concert. A weary Major is assisted from the football field after triumphant competition. Victory over Fort Hunt means the Gunston District Championship to the Majors, as emphasized by the Varsity Cheerleaders hall decoration and theme, “Fort Hunt . . . the Key to District’s Doorway.” The Majors traditionally burst onto the field to meet Fort Hunt’s Federals. Fall Activities — 207 Ken Newdeck warms up prior to his first place winning performance. Jody Lahendro and Tim Koogle sing Simon and Garfunckel’s “Homeward Bound.” Talented Performers Captivated 208 — Variety Show Stuart McArthur accompanies Ken Newdeck on drums. Their Audience VARIETY SHOW Entertainment ranged from Key Club misfits to keyboard selections from Chopin by Alice Chang, in Mount Vernon’s 1968 Variety Show. Sponsored by the Thespian Society, the show was highlighted by the return of folk guitarist, Barbara Glock and the magnetic organ of first place winner Ken Newdeck. Second place was awarded to the vocal talents of Phil Coker, who sang “The Impossible Dream,” and Wendy Eisenberg’s vibrating dance performance beneath a strobe light brought her third place. The exciting sounds of the “Cupides Image” opened the evening’s presentation followed by varied contributions such as the Keyettes’ performance of a favorite routine from South Pacific, “There is Nothing Like a Dame.” Assisting the success of show was able master of ceremonies, Oscar March, completing an evening of fine entertainment. Linda Taylor captivates her audience with the stirring sounds of “Exodus.” Mr. Oscar Match as master of ceremony carries out his job with humor and interest. Pat Sullivan dances with fellow Majorettes in a routine to “Thoroughly Modem Millie. Happiness is being a Homecoming Princess: Mary Sweatt, Sue Anne Crann, Debbie DeJonghe, Charlotte Riser, Barbara Fitpatrick and Mia Roscher, Cathy Sweatt, Lynne Garrett. Dawn Furr, Liddell Avery, Chris Kelley. Circus Delights Invaded Homecoming 1968 Miss Liddell Avery is crowned by former Homecoming Queen, Miss Bonnie Huyetl. HOMECOMING 1968 Circus thrills moved from under the Big Top to under the stars and lights of Mount Vernon’s stadium as the student body and the alumni celebrated the twenty-sixth annual Homecoming. The enthusiastic and beaming faces of all involved served as proof to the success of the well-planned endeavor, but among the happiest and most radiant was that of the queen, Liddell Avery. Miss Homecoming of 1967, Bonnie Buyett, traditionally performed the coronation as a jubilant crowd roared enthusiastically. The Majors once again proved victorious against Oakton’s Cougars, adding to the thrill of a successful evening. From the smiles of the clowns to the tears of joy, Homecoming 1968 was an event to be remembered by all — and everyone did love the circus! A gay circus parade awaits the crowning of a new queen. Senior Princess Miss Chris Crann and escort Bill Martin. 210 — Homecoming Senior Princess Miss Dawn Furr and escort, alumnus Bob Furr, 1968 Homecoming Queen Miss Liddell Avery, escorted by Senior Class President, Tim Koogle. Senior Princess Miss Debbie DeJonghe, escorted by alumnus, Eisenhart twins. Tom Schneiders. Senior Princess Miss Lynne Garrett, and escort Jon Woods. Homecoming — 211 Junior Princess, Miss Charlotte Riser, is escorted by Joey Simons. The colorful Circus banner leads the parade of Homecoming characters. Students Danced “Under The Big Top” Amid HOMECOMING 1968 Mount Vernon’s traditional Homecoming dance was held as a final highlight of a week of events, and what could be more appropriate than the theme “Under The Big Top”? Those attending enjoyed themselves amid the thrilling atmosphere of the Circus, set to a musical beat by the Yellow Brick Road. Once again, Homecoming Queen Liddell Avery and her court were presented, bringing a successful evening and memories of Homecoming 1968 to a final close. Sophomore Class royalty consisted of Miss Barbara Fitzpatrick, escorted by Pat Taylor, and Miss Sue Ann Roscher, esco rted by alumnus Terry Head. Happily alumni and students take part in the week’s final event. 212 — Homecoming Miss Debbie Fick. who planned and coordinated the Homecoming dance, “Under The Big Top,” is escorted by Phil Coker. Former Homecoming Queen. Miss Bonnie Huyett is escorted by Rod Thonen. Class Royalty Kathie McDonald beams over her Wildman Chris Marciniec enjoys a banana and oversees Homecoming success. festivities. Junior Princess, Cathy Sweatt, is escorted by Larry Paxton. Representing the freshman class are Ernie Schultz, escorting Mia Kelley, and Mary Sweatt, escorted by Randy Knight. Homecoming — 213 Winter Events Reflected Dauntless Spirit Mount Vernon’s competition included students from Stone Ridge and Central High School. Mount Vernon’s Academic team was comprised of Karen Remington, Pat McCarthy and Tom Doeppner, sponsored by Mrs. Gayle Trutt. 214— Winter Activities And Drive WINTER ACTIVITIES Who ever said cold weather meant inactivity? Mount Vernon students were off and running with a restless and ever-expanding agenda of activities. Seniors Karen Remington. Pat McCarthy and Tom Doeppner matched wits with teams representing Central and Stone Ridge High Schools on the televised. It’s Academic program. Fearless Keyettes undertook the harrowing task of redecorating both men’s and women’s teacher s lounges. The finished lounges sparkled from windows to floors, and were complete with curtains, pillows and bulletin boards. Others activities included Christmas Hall decorations and a Christmas concert put on by the Choral Department. Surely Mount Vernon’s transition from 1968 to 1969 was an active and rewarding one. By candlelight new French Honor Society members are inducted. Keyettes Cathy Dumas and Barbara Hicks undertake the task of painting. Industrious Keyette, Nancy Fitzgerel diligently partakes in redecorating. This is creative writing? Winter Activities — 215 Twirp Week Restored Power To The Feminine Sex TWIRP WEEK Year after year, the feminine portion of Mount Vernon’s student body anxiously awaits the glorious five days known as Twirp Week. Such a week is set aside hot only for the purpose of nabbing that man of your dreams, but to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day as well. Highlighting the week were a Battle of Bands and the traditional Twirp Dance as well as special days set aside as Lollipop Day and Dress-Alike Day. Gay hall decorations ranged from Abner and Daisy Mae to a Kiss from the Junior Class, as all four classes matched originality and talent in the hall competition. King and Queen, Guy Darby and Miss Cindy Colyer were chosen to reign as an additional highlight to the eventful week. Perhaps the Junior Class summed Twim Week up best by saying “Love Is The World Around Us”. v V I Juniors find Twirp Week an opportunity to display their award-winning talents through hall decorations. Cindy Colyer and Guy Darby reign as the happy Queen and King of Twirp Week’s Dogpatch. Once again the students of Mount Vernon gather to hear one of uniquely rare performances when Bill Martin, Jody Lohendro, and Tim Koogle come down from the hills. Barbara Frazelle and Russ Frizzell “chew the fat,” Dogpatch Style. 216 — Twirp Week justice- of m tc ce • ' TOfiRMlKl ' SA A 1 iii " Ckeap li» 3 iii ■ Otcer+ double finci When Twirp couples discovered that marriage licenses expire at 12:00 A.M., Marry in’ Sam lost most of his customers. Much to the dismay of Jane Delaconception, Anne Hazard and Sandy Snyder, Li’l Abner does not seem interested in Twirp Week activities. s ' “ . up’ m mm Wmih ' eSfijfc m 1 r IT " A. 3m immm 1 ” " Z Ta ' ‘fl ■k vHHHk WfcM: yf f Twirp couples mob the Hitching Post to get one of the “prime, 45 t, Shotgun weddings with all the trimmings. Twirp Week —217 Dramatists Displayed Diversity In Pals display concern over Bill Landry’s physical condition. 218 — The Crucible And The Odd Couple Both Comedy And Tragedy The Crucible and The Odd Couple Though Mount Vernon ' s stage organizations, the Thespian Society and Drama Department are consistent in their production, two outstanding dramatic achievements were made by its participants. Arthur Miller ' s The Crucible was presented as the story of the fascinating witch trials of Salem. Each member of the cast contributed the utmost effort and ability in their portrayal, marking The Crucible as an ultimately successful production. In contrast to the deep and tragic Crucible was the presentation of Neil Simon’s comedy hit. The Odd Couple. Its most enjoyable aspect was the reality of the situation, in harmony with its delightful wit. Another major attribute lay in the play’s polished ability to move smoothly throughout the entire production. The transition from tragic emotion to lighthearted comedy was a great step but one indeed well taken. The final dramatic scene enhanced the serious production. Members of The Crucible cast take a well-deserved bow. : . ' .Vs -‘.Jr t|3S 1 IP V ■; ]’y ' , ! f B i f " wlwlf li 113 m 1 i Cast members take a breather from the tragic play. Excited girls create havoc in Salem ' s courtroom. The Crucible And The Odd Couple — 219 We Discovered The Concept Of Learning And A last reminiscence of Homecoming 1968 . . . Offensive players find watching the defense a tense and captivating experience. Mount Vernon Key Club is notorious for adding an element of originality to skits on Friday mornings. 220 — Afterword Understanding, Both Ourselves And Those About Us AFTERWORD Somewhere in the pages of a yearbook, a moment was captured that we perhaps misplaced . . . The Surveyor , 1968-1969 — a tiny slice of time, that was so many things. It was tension, disappointment, triumph, laughter, thrills, spirit, enthusiasm, tears. Was it so long ago that we tingled with excitement over a touchdown or a moment when the spotlight was ours? Did we find ourselves forgetting the wonderful people who were such vital assets to our world? To those who made Mount Vernon their way of life, those moments have been sealed in our hearts and minds forever, to be recalled at the turn of a page. Injured in the opening game of the season, Larry Bayne finds the Regional play-off almost as interesting as his bodyguards. After trick-or-treating for UNICEF, juniors celebrate Halloween Chris Crann and Ron Reinsel provide momentary suspense to a captive Oklahoma audience. Afterword — 221 222 — Patrons Students Prepared For Tomorrow ' s Occupations Mount Vernon students ' interest in business was not limited to the stores and shops they patronized. Within the school, students learned commercial skills in the Distributive Education, Vocational Office Training, and Industrial Co-operative Training programs. These students found it hectic and tense as they pursued their school activities while maintaining jobs. Yet the efforts were beneficial; they learned valuable work habits and knowledge. Additional interest were pursued in the general shop and maintenance classes, typing and shorthand and other business courses. Students utilized these opportunities to prepare for the future as they became acquainted with their vocations of tomorrow. t p A T R 0 N S Patrons—223 SOUTHWODD KETTLER BROTHERS, me Traditional homes beginning in the mid $40,000 Phone: 360-7777 ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE If you are unfortunate enough to miss one of Mount Vernon’s athletic contests, you can be sure to find complete and comprehensive sports coverage in the Alexandria Gazette. To keep in close contact with area happenings, subscribe for daily delivery. Location: 717 N. St. Asaph Street. Phone 549-0004 A.B. W. TRANSIT COMPANY Whether you need a bus for a chartered trip or merely transportation across town, you can depend on A.B. W. Transit Company to get you there. These buses and their friendly, courteous drivers are there for your convenience — instead of wearing yourself out, employ them! A.B. W. Transit Company has a network of routes all through the metropolitan area, with a schedule running every half-hour. The next time you need transportation, take an A.B. W. bus and let the driver worry about parking and traffic. 224 — Patrons Area Businesses Helped Plan Graduates’ Futures FIRST AND CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Do you have a part-time job? Perhaps you babysit in your spare time or walk the neighbors’ dogs on weekends. No matter how little your income, it’s never too soon to start saving it. Saving at First and Citizens National Bank has many advantages. You’ll become acquainted with financial matters by your patronage of this bank, and best of all, your money will be growing with interest. Visit First and Citizens soon and chat with one of the many courteous employees concerning your finances. ROUTH ROBBINS REAL ESTATE CORPORATION North Washington and Princess Street Phone: 836-6200 BELLE VIEW PIZZA SHOP Does the thought of pizza make your mouth water? Sure it does! Belle View Pizza Shop has the advantage of being close at hand as well as having excellent pizza. After school, on a date, or just anytime you want a pizza, visit Belle View Pizza Shop. Live a little and let the Italian come out in you. Patrons — 225 Dave Allen ’71 The V. Stanley Allens Charles P. Armstrong Diane Baker Bob Barr Mrs. Blalock’s 2nd Period Class Lynn Chadwick Jim Christie Chris Crann Nancy Day John Dexter Karen Dillon Sue Dodson Nancy Fitgerel COHEN’S QUALITY SHOPS 1104 King Street „ Phone: KI 9-8600 Clothing Stores Catered To Mount Vernon Clients SMART SET Along with the new Hybla Valley Shopping Center came the new and very up-to-date Smart Set. The arrival of this chic store made quite an impression on Mount Vernon girls and has become a favorite in the completion of many sports and casual-wear wardrobes. 226 — Patrons CMS. No. 2168 Store Hours 9A.M.-9P.M. Daily HOLLIN HALL VARIETY STORE, INC. HOLLIN HALL SHOPPING CENTER 7902 Fort Hunt Road Alexandria, Virginia 22308 CHARLES VENNELL PHONE 765-4191 T. DEE’S BEAUTY SALON WIG CENTER 8328 Richmond Highway Phone 780-5470 MIKE’S ITALIAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT Michael Vigliucci, Owner 8368 Richmond Highway Phone 780-5966 Purveyors of “fine China, Crystal and Silver” FLEISHER JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS 1604 Belle View Blvd. Belle View Shopping Center Alexandria, Virginia 22307 AL FLEISHER, Manager PHONE SOuth 8-4900 Established in 1856 TIMBERMAN’S PRUG STORE 106 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia F.X. NUGENT, Prop, PHONE KI 9-0091 Phone 780-3434 Resident SO 8-7911 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ENGLESIDE GARDENS FLORIST Reasonable prices A1 Readyhough Proprietor 8855 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Phone 780-5400 Resident ED 9-6899 GIFFIN PLUMBING HEATING, INC. Registered 8601 Richmond Highway Plumber Alexandria, Virginia “EVERYTHING FOR THE WOMAN WHO SEWS” HOUSE OF JANNIS FINE FABRICS HOME DECORATIONS WOODLAWN SHOPPING CENTER One Mile North of Fort Belvoir on Richmond Highway, Rt. 1 Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria Bank Extended Welcome To New Clients ALCO ELECTRONICS 8516 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-5580 m ALEXANDRIA -NATIONAL BANK Iwwraita MiMnctek WELLINGTON HOUSE Take a long, honest, appraising look at your furniture! Does the dressing table in your bedroom look like something salvaged from an overcrowded attic? Is that favorite easy chair becoming just a bit too “easy”? You’ll find the Wellington House, 809 Washington Street, Alexandria, is not only eager but also capable of helping you solve your decor problems. They have fine reproductions of all periods of furniture, including this illustrated Hepplewhite. ALEXANDRIA NATIONAL BANK Isn’t it time you started thinking about your future? If you agree, Alexandria National Bank is the place for you. The friendly, understanding clerks employed by this bank keep their clients in mind at all times — especially those just opening accounts. Take the opportunity while you can and open a savings account for this summer. Don’t let time run out on you! Compliments of DOWNEY MUSIC STUDIOS 228 — Patrons YACHTING SHOP, LTD. Have you encountered a lot of blind alleys lately concerning gifts? The next time Father’s Day rolls around, don’t rack your brain for an original idea — try the Yachting Shop, Ltd. This small store has everything you could possibly desire to enhance a boat, and the shop also carries darling clothes. Equipped with everything from bathing suits to sailing costumes, the Yachting Shop will provide an excellent basis for original and fun gift ideas. VERNON HOUSE T. V. One of the newest additions to the Woodlawn Shopping Center is the Vernon House T. V. This small store is filled with marvelous bargains in the line of televisions and stereo units. Every period of furniture is represented in this store, making it easy for you to find the television or phonograph that fits right into your home. COMMAND CHEVROLET Have you given any thought to a graduation present from your parents? How about a car? Command Chevrolet at 7222 Backlick Road in Springfield, Virginia has just the thing for you. If a new car is asking a little too much of your parents, maybe an “OK Command Conditioned” car will fit the bill. No matter what you’re looking for. Command Chevrolet has it! Patrons — 229 COLYER’S ESSO SERVICE HYBLA VALLEY GULF SERVICE STATION “Complete Car Care” Virginia State Inspection 7312 Richmond Highway Phone: 765-9200 “At the Sign of the Gulf Orange Disc” Road Service — Towing — Auto Repairs — Tune-Ups — 24 Hour Service 7501 Richmond Highway Phone: SO.8-7523 SUBURBAN ESSO WOODLAWN TEXACO “America’s Leading Energy Company” Road Service — Complete Car Care Woodlawn — Mt. Vernon and Adjacent Areas Free Pick Delivery Expert Repairs Tune-Ups Wheel Alignment — Brake Service 8420 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-6800 Emergency Road Service 8851 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-3283 Terri Garber Brenda Gross The William C. Hales Jane Hedgepeth Jeff Iiams Patricia Kirstein Dave Knight “40” Tim Koogle Joe D. Lahendro LIDDELL BEN FRANKLIN 7822 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-8400 Henry Long Maxi Pat McCarthy Blythe Merrit Terrie O’Donnell Peggy O’Shaughnessy Loretta Ratkus Ann Ross Fred Shaeffer The William S. Sims Pattie Slater Linda Spann Sue Springer ’69 Sulgrave Manor Civic Association PHOTO COM 8766 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Patrons — 231 Wardrobes Were Replenished By Local Businesses CANNON SHOE Do you feel that your shoe wardrobe is greatly lacking? If so. Cannon Shoe Store in the Woodlawn Shopping Center is the place to go. Not only does it have diversity in the selection of shoe styles, but it also carries a wide range of sizes. This convenient store has everything you could possibly need in the shoe line and hosiery department. Visit Cannon Shoe often - you’ll thank yourself. BELLE VIEW FABRIC SHOP Many industrious girls from Mount Vernon employ the skills they obtained from their home economics classes by making their own clothes. Not only does the Belle View Fabric Shop carry an interesting variety of material, but it also carries a complete assortment of sewing notions. The beginning seamstress finds the shop fits her needs, too, as there are several very helpful and understanding sales clerks to assist her. WEDGEWOOD CARPETS, INC. If your carpet is becoming more like a shaggy dog than a carpet, or if you are tired of pulling splinters out of your feet from your hardwood floors, it’s time you got a new carpet. Wedgewood Carpets of Richmond, Virginia has the selections you need and a myriad of colors to fit into any decor. Visit Wedgewood Carpets and do your feet a favor. WOODLAWN BARBER SHOP 8754 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22309 R. S. Jones STEVEN-WINDSOR If your wardrobe is beginning to look drab and out-of-date, it’s time for you to become a connoisseur of the newest fashions. For the finest quality in your clothes, visit the Steven-Windsor stores in Alexandria, Springfield, and the Landmark Shopping Center. MAN’S WORLD Enter the establishment housed on 7966 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria, Virginia an outmoded boy and emerge a well-dressed man. For centuries men have been noted for the fine clothes they wear. The modern men of today purchase their fine wearing apparel at Man’s World, one of the few fashionable shops around for men. “It’s a man’s world,” boys, and this establishment is here to help you look the part. WOODLAWN NATIONAL BANK What are your plans after graduation? Maybe you are going to enter college or a business school, perhaps you are even considering marriage. Don’t wait until it’s too late — start saving money for your future now! Open an account at the Woodlawn National Bank and discover how fast your money multiplies. Patrons — 233 PAXTON VAN LINES IS THE ONLY WAY TO MOVE Around the world or just around the comer, you can always rely on our experience and integrity for all your moving needs. As a member of Atlas Van Lines, Inc., ' We ' have agency representation throughout the world. PAXTON VAN LINES Members of Movers ' Warehousemen’s Association of America, Inc. 5300 Port Royal Road Springfield, Virginia Phone: 321-7600 Dan Stevenson Terry and Barb Marcy Thomas Wanda Tyler Jim Vigen Marty Weaver Margie Williams Lane Winfree ’67 Jon Woods Echo Wright Bob Young You Me BELVOIR PHARMACY The next time you need a prescription filled, go to Belvoir Pharmacy. While the order is being taken care of, you can relax with a coke at the soda fountain, browse through the magazine racks, or even pick up those needed school supplies (just so you can stop borrowing from everyone else). Belvoir Pharmacy on Route 1 has everything you need on short notice and is very convenient as well. Remember this store the next time you need something in a hurry — it will pay off! MARTIN’S HARDWARE Martin’s Hardware, because of the friendly helpfulness of the employees and the convenience of its locality, is an establishment often frequented by the students of Mount Vernon. It has become a second “school store” when the one within the school is short of merchandise, and many students depend on it for their supplies. The members of the back-stage crews of the school’s drama department are also patrons of Martin’s as they dash “across the street” for many needed or forgotten articles. JEAN DAVIS FLOWERS 529 Oronoco Phone: 548-1010 Patrons — 235 General Index Foreword. 3 Faculty.15 Administration.16 Guidance.18 Office and Library.20 English Department.22 Foreign Language Department.24 Social Studies Department.26 Science Department.28 Mathematics Department. 30 Business Department.32 Vocational Guidance Department.34 Fine Arts Department.36 Nurse, Custodians, and Cafeteria Staff.38 Classes.41 Senior Class.42 Junior Class.94 Sophomore Class.106 Freshman Class.114 norts.123 Varsity Baseball.124 JV Baseball.126 Varsity Tennis.127 JV Tennis.127 Track.128 Girl ' s Varsity Softball.129 Girl ' s JV Softball.129 Varsity Football.130 JV Football.134 Freshman Football.135 Cross Country.136 Girl ' s Varsity Hockey.137 Girl ' s JV Hockey.137 Varsity Basketball.138 JV Basketball.142 Freshman Basketball.142 Gymnastics.143 Girl ' s Varsity Basketball.144 Girl ' s JV Basketball.145 Varsity Wrestling.146 JV Wrestling.149 Clubs.151 S.C.A. Representatives.152 S.C.A. Officers.153 Key Club..156 Keyette Club .. 158 Senior Honor Society ...160 Junior Honor Society .. 161 National Thespian Society .. 162 International Relations Club ... . 163 French Club. 164 German Club. 165 Spanish Club. 166 Junior Classical League ..167 French Honor Society ................. 168 Spanish Honor Society. ..168 Math Team. 169 Surveyor Staff .. ..........170 Em Vee High Staff . .. 172 Science Club .. 174 Debate Teams. .. 176 Future Homemakers .. 177 Future Secretaries. 178 Future Teachers. 179 Distributive Education. .. 180 I.C.T. And V. O. T. 181 Chorus .. 182 Band. 186 Majorettes .. 188 Color Guard .. 189 Drill Team ..190 Varsity Cheerleaders. 192 JV and Freshman Cheerleaders ..194- Activities. 196 Spring Activities .. 198 BAREFOOT IN THE PARK and ALICE IN WONDERLAND. .200 OKLAHOMA. .. .202 Graduation. .204 Fall Activities.-.. . .206 Variety Show. .208 Homecoming. 210 Winter Activities. 214 Twirp Week .. 216 THE CRUCIBLE and THE ODD COUPLE.218 Miscellaneous. 220 Patrons .. 222 Index.235 A Adkins, Mrs. Jean .. 20 Allen, Miss Jean.25 Avoli, Mrs. Marilyn.24 B Barry, Mrs. Margaret Bates, Mr. James.181 Blalock, Mrs. Helen.22 Brown, Mrs. Dorothy.32 Butler, Mr. Ovid.30,31 C Carr, Miss Joan.26, 160 Christiano, Mr. Stewart.17 Chambers, Mrs. Iris.20,21 Cooley, Mrs. Catherine.22,69 Croom, Mr. Lester.34 Currence, Mr. Homer.5,34 D Davenport, Mrs. Nancy.22 de Hostos, Mrs. Sonja.5 Faculty Index F Fant, Mr. Stanley.30, 146 Freeman, Mr. Patrick .... 26, 126, 131 G Galie, Mrs. Elizabeth. 32 Gates, Mrs. Billie.20,21 Gibbs, Mr. Lawrence.24 Ginsburgh, Mrs. Sydelle ...... 20,21 Givens, Mr. David Grove, Mr. David.. . 25 H Harder, Mrs. Anna Hopkins, Miss Louise.36 J Johnson, Miss Connie.30 Johnson, Mrs. Hazel ..20 Johnston, Mr. James.34 Jones, Mr. Garry.22,176 K Kazlausky, Mr. Victor.17 Kendall, Mr. Stephen ... . 30 Kerlin, Mr. Timothy ..26 L Landes, Mr. Melvin . .. 16 Landgrabe, Mrs. Eleanor..24 Lapsley, Miss Mildred Legins, Mr. Kenneth.26, 141 Lerg, Miss Roberta .26, 109 Locke, Mrs. Rhea ......... 36,37 Lowman, Miss Lucy.. . 32,33 Lunter, Mrs. Margaret . . . 22,23,94,193 M Machonis, Mrs. Helen.. . 20 Maskalenko, Mr. Paul. 4 Massie, Mrs. Joan Match, Mr. Oscar. 26, 209 McCollum, Mrs. Susan.. 22, 172 McFarland, Mrs. Lulu. 30,31 Menefee, Mr. Robert.27, 126 Miller, Mr. John.30,131 236 N R T 4,34 Nettles, Mrs. Gail . Nurse, Mr. William O O ' brien, Mrs. Joan.. 21 O ' Brien, Mrs. Jame.31 O ' Neil, Mrs. Mary.33 Oshima, Mrs. Mie.. 21 P Pauley, Mr. Lee.36,37,162,201 Peachey, Mrs. Margaret.. 39 Pieper, Mrs. Lois ..35 Powell, Mr. Frederick Price, Mrs. Florence Price, Mr. John Privette, Mr. Wade ........ 24, 141 Propps, Mr. Thomas .. 17 Provance, Mrs. Florence. . . . 32,33,178 Prust, Mrs. Mary Rafert, Mrs. Dorothy.20,21 Reed, Mrs. Margaret Robertson, Mrs. Purcell.35, 176 S Samuelsen, Col. Lewis.5,22 Sawyer, Mr. John Scott, Miss Sue.. . 32,33,158 Scudder, Mrs. lone.22 Sell, Mrs. Ellen.. . 23,161,167 Shelton, Mr. Baker. 152 Shoemaker, Mrs. Wanda Sivets, Mrs. Betty . .. 37 Skinner, Mr. Eugene Skinner, Mr. Michael.5,27 Snell, Mr. Hallock.35, 180 Snyder, Mr. Earnest.131 Steinbach, Mr. Eugene. . . 14,36,37,186 Sterle, Mr. Henry Stratton, Mr. Williard.31 Swain, Mr. Harold. 175 Taylor, Mr. Edwin.25 Thomason, Mr. Herman . . . 23, 157, 170 Trutt, Mrs. Gayle.21,214 U Ungcrn, Mrs. Susan.24, 165 V Vahay, Mr. Edgar. 23 Vail, Mrs. Susan.. . 11,25 Vaughn, Mr. Leornard W Waid, Miss Polly Walsh, Mrs. Elizabeth.23 Wedlock, Mr. John ........ 26, 141 White, Mr. George.27 Y Yearick, Mrs. Lois. .31,169 Yednock, Mr. John. 25, 124, 125 Student Index A Abbott, Jeanene. 107 Abbott, Kathleen.95 Abbott, Patrick ............ 115 Abel, Patricia ..95 Abel, Richard Achee, Mitchell . . .43,70,127,153,156, 160,163, 169 Ackermann, Roxanne . .115,154,161,168 Acree, David Adinaro, Barbara. ...... 43,218,219 Adkins, Daniel. 107 Alexander, Emma. 115 Alexander, Rebecca .......... 95 Allen, David. 107, 175 Allen, Frances ........... 95, 181 Allen, Jeffrey .. 156 Allen, Robin. . 43,165,177,190,191,221 Allison, Cheryl. .107 Allison, George.. . 107, 167, 182 Allison, John. ............. 115 Alls, Malcolm. 43, 133 Ames, Brenda. 115 Ames, Thomas ........... 44, 165 Anderson, Barbara . . . 44, 159, 160, 170, 173,191 Anderson, Billy.. 95, 126, 163 Anderson, Dewey ..115 Anderson, Grady Anderson, Gwen ..107 Anderson, Joan. .. 107, 190 Anderson, John Anderson, Michael. . . . 44,133,157,220 Anderson, Patricia ..44, 181 Anderson, Robert ........... 134 Anderson, Susan Andyshak, Len . . . 6,13,42,155,157,163 Ankeny, Marlin.107 Annis, Lucile Armstrong, Charles .. . 44 Arnold, Billy Arrington, Sharon ..95, 178 Asbury, Michael Ashby, Eric.95 Athanason, Nickie . . . 107,161,163,164, 168,175 Atkinson, Susan.115,168 Aton, Jennifer.115 Atwell, James.45 Aud, Susan..107,155 Austin, Darrell Austin, Donna Avery, Katherine . . 42,45,49,159,190, 191,210,211 Aylor, Clinton ..181 Ayres, Paul .. ....115 B Babington, Nicole.115 Bach, Debra ..183 Baez, Allison.95, 165 Bader, Susan.191 Bailey, Joyce. . ..45, 165 Baker, Diane ......... 107,167,186 Baker, Linda . . . . 10,12,43,45,66,155, 159,160,168, 171 Baker, Richard.95 Baker, Timothy.95, 176 Baldwin, Sharon.115 Ball, Dianna. 95 Barber, Bradley. ..115 Barbour, Lisa. 107,183,145 Barbour, Phillip.45, 181 Bard, Gwen.115 Barksdale, Beverly . . 10,45,89,155,158, 168,171 Barksdale, David. . . . 115,142 Barksdale, Elizabeth . Barkswell, Sheffield .95, 160 Barkwell, Eddie . . . . . . . .45,152,182 Barnes, Martha .... .115 Barnes, Nancy .... . 45,75,163 Barnet, John ..... . . . . 107, 161, 168 Barnet, Nicholas . . . . ..161 Barnett, Mary .... . 95,172 Barnhill, Debbie . . . . . ...107 Barr, Cynthia .... . . . . 115, 155, 177 Barr, Robert. ......... 46 Barron, James .... .L39 Barron, Margaret. . . . 115,155,168,145 Barros, Maria .... . 115,179 Barry, Elizabeth . . . ......... 115 Barry, Louis ..... .128 Barry, Steven .... ......... 95 Bartlett, Dennis . . ■ .46, 133 Bartlett, Lewis .... . 46,128 Bartlett, Sally. 107 Bates, Bobby Bauer, Diane.115, 145, 177 Bauer, Richard. . . .95,149,156,160,169 Baughn, John Bauman, Sharon.43,46,182,191 Baumann, Craig. 107 Bayne, Barry.. . . 46,125,133 Bayne, Larry. 46,133,221 Bayne, Shirley Beahm, Ronald .... 8,46,124,182,133 Beard, John ..46, 181 Bearden, Richard.. 107, 126, 133 Beatie, Nancie. . 107 Becker, Kenneth Becker, William.46 Beckler, Debra ..107, 190 Beers, Loni Bell, Charles ..133, 139 Bellon, William ..47, 181 Below, Melissa.95 Bender, Rex ..47, 180 Bennett, James . ..181 Benson, Ricki Berence, Linda . 107 Berg.185 Berlin, Lois. 95,181,190 Bernard, George.135 Berry, Llewellyn.138, 139 Berryman, Deborah. 47,89,135 Berryman, Leroy.H6 Beschen, Nick.107 Bess, Donald.95 Bialer, Richard.107 Bibber, Alicia.H6 Bibber, Tanya.107 Bickwell, Robin.H6 Bigler, Jeffrey.16 Bigler, Richard Billings, Catherine.95 Billings, Lulamae Birchner, Lisa.95 Birchner, Mark.107 Birdsong, Amy.H6 Birdsong, William Bischofs, Nancy.47, 165 Bixler, Robert.95, 182 Black, Susan.47, 181, 199 Blackstock, Jimmy.107,134 237 Blackwell, James. . . . . 95,167,176,186 C Blanding, Velda . . . 95,182 Blankenship, Larry . . 48,181 Cain, John Blahusch, Rose Ann . 47,160,163 Cajigas, Dianne . . . 108,152,194 Blunk, Patricia . . . .107 Calder, Gary .... .50 Boaz, Tracy .... .95 Callahan, Karen . . .108 Bobyak, Francis . . .125 Callahan, William . . 96,133 Bobyak, Michael Callan, Cynthia Boerger, Judi.... . 96,177 Camp, James . . . . 116,135 Bolton, George . . . .116 Camp, Sheriann . . . 108,182 Bolton, Linda . . . . . . 48,135, 181,235 Campbell, Cynthia Bond, Anita .... . 96,165,190 Campbell, Dallas . . 50,135,181 Booth, Beverly . . . .96 Campbell, Rodney .116 Borowsky, Michele . . 107,164 Canaday, Linda . . . 116,177 Botero, Martha . . . . 48,166 Cancilla, Susan . . . 10,50,66,158,160, Bourne, Douglas 168,192 Bowman, Kathy Cantrell, Lynn Bowers, Linda . . . . 96,182 Cantrell, Steve . . . 50,181 Bracken, Patricia. . . 48,179,184 Caporaletti, Stephen Bracken, Susan . . . . 108,182 Carnes, Elizabeth .108 Braden, Nancy . . . .108 Carpenter, Janice . . 116,155,183 Bradshaw, Curtis . . .116 Carpenter, Joseph . .116 Bradshaw, Joseph. . . 96,202 Carpenter, Michael . 108,134 Bradshaw, Ronald . .135 Carpenter, Missie . .95,96, 129,159,160, Brady, Bruce .... . 116,182 168,171,215 Brady, James Carpenter, Sara Brake, Mary .... .48,155,158,160,168 Carroll, Sharon . . .108 Bramlett, Teresa . . .96,179,182,184,189 Carson, Michael . . .116 Braswell, Bennie . . .135 Carter, Billy Braswell, David . . .135 Cartier, Belinda . . . 108,184 Braun, Robert . . . .48 Casassa, Charles . . .135 Breault, Vicki . . . . 96,163 Casey, Peter .... .116 Bredbenner, Donner .108 Cason, Howard . . . . 51,186 Breeden, Rhonda . . .152 Castro, Charles. . . .116 Breit, Linda Castro, Dwane . . . .116 Breland, Frances . . .96 Castro, Randal . . . .96 Brett, Patricia . . . . 108,164 Cave, Edward . . . . 108,134 Brett, Michael . . . . 96,128 Chadwick, Lynn . . .51,176,182 Brevard, Janice.108 Brevard, Melissa.116 Brick, Janice. 49, 184, 189 Brigman, Nanci.108 Brinson, Jacqueline Brittain, Charles.116,187 Brittain, Karen Brittain, Michael.49 Broadwater, Michael.181 Broe, Charmaine. 96, 160, 165 Broe, Christopher.49,133 Brogden, Nancy.182 Brooks, Elizabeth.161,166,168 Broyles, Deborah.50, 189 Brown, Annette. 49, 155, 159, 189 Brown, Bonnie.96, 190 Brown, Carol .195 Brown, Cecilia.108 Brown, Constance .... 49, 155, 182, 190 Brown, Judy.49, 180 Brown, Rebecca.108 Bryant, Paula Bryson, Nina.96, 177 Buckles, Wanda.50 Bugaj, Cynthia Buglia, Thomas.181 Buita, Diann.108, 183 Buran, Rick.116 Burgan, John.182 Burke, Thomas.50 Burkes, Fred.133, 149 Burks, James Burris, Paul.108 Burt, Roger. 108, 126, 134 Byers, Paul.162,218,219 Byrd, Betty.183 Byrd, Mary.96, 179 Byrd, Nancy.108, 184 Byrd, Susan.116,183 Chambers, Sara.96 Champin, Catherine.96 Chandler, Nancy.96 Chang, Alice.51 Chapelle, Frank. 96,172,139 Chapin, Jeff.51 Chapman, James.108 Chapman, Mark. 96, 165, 195 Chase, Harold. 108,155,219 Chase, Janet . 96,182,190 Chenevert, Gary.116 Chester, Anne. 96, 182, 190 Chester, Catherine.116 Christianson, Ava.12 Christie, James.51,81 Christie, William.108 Christoph, Karen.108, 145 Chumley, Sharon.108, 183 Cipolla, Leslie.116 Clark, Wanda Clarke, Christine.51 Clement, Steven.108,161,187 Clevenger, Felicia. . . . 96,171,145,186 Cline, Ronnie.108 Coffee, Marian.96 Coffee, Nancy.116,218 Coffee, Thomas.52,219 Cogar, Donna.108 Cohn, Robin. 96, 163, 164, 195 Coker, Phillip. 96,156,212,219 Colbert, Debra.52 Colley, Jeffery.116,155 Collier, Nancy.116 Collins, Gary. 52,81,86,133 Collins, Mike.116 Colyer, Cynthia. 96,184,190,216 Compton, Danny.116 Conant, Connie Conant, Patsy Congiglere, Evelyn.116 Conway, Suzanne.116 Cook, Douglas.52 Cook, Jeffery.116 Cornwell, Iden.96, 181 Cornwell, Roy.116 Corrigan, Phillip Coscia, Lawrence.96 Cothran, David Covington, Brenda. 52, 184, 191 Covington, David.116 Cowart, Michael. 52 Cox, Cleon.53,181 Cox, Lisa.95,96,184,190 Crabbe, William.108 Crann, Barbara Chris . 13,49,53,158,160, 184,192,202,210,221 Crawford, Linda.53, 181 Crum, Kenneth.96 Crum, Linda.53,181 Cruttenden, Peter Culbertson, James.53 Cuneo, Linda.53 Cunningham, Jere.187 Cunningham, William.53 Curry, Gregory.53 D Dakon, Donna.116 Dalton, James.96, 183 Damato, Deborah. 108, 177, 179 Damato, Teresa.96, 195 D ' Amico, Francis.164, 177 Danford, Nancy.116 Danford, Paul.126 Dasch, Deborah.108, 166 Dasch, William.96, 128 Dash, Mary.54, 184, 189 Darby, Guy. ..96,216 Darrah, Thomas.54, 152 Davey, Marilyn. 54,191,221 Davis, Althea.108 Davis, Donald.108 Davis, Donna.97 Davis, Gloria.97 Davis, Linda.54, 184 David, Richard.108 Dawson, Michael ..116 Dawson, Steven. 54, 152, 172 Day, Michael.45,54,139,163 Day, Nancy.97,159,163,170,175 Day, Sue.96, 177 Dean, Judy Lee Deavers, Lenard Debiase, Katherine.108, 164 Debiase, Mary Betsy.97, 190 Dechants, Gerald.55, 181 Deck, Gary. . . .95,97,128,139,155,156 Dee, Lucy.116,195 Deeth, Diane.55, 179 de Jonckheere, Richard.97, 160 De Jonghe, Deborah . 49,55,155,168,171, 191,199,206,210,211 De Jonghe, Jody.116, 177 de la Concepdion, Jane . . . 55,172,217 Delespinois, Piere.55 Dellinger, Mike Denzer, Sandra .116,145 Derman, Gregory.134 Derwin, Barbara.97 Deval, Deborah.116, 183 Deville, Michael.108, 134 Devine, Alan.134, 108 Dewitt, Kathleen.108 Dexter, John. 43,55,127,168,199 Dexter, Michael. 108,127,161 238 Dezulovich, Deborah.115,116,195 Diamond, Judith.115, 116 Dick, Walter.97 Dietzal, Kathy.55, 1S2 Dietzal, Randall.116,135 Dietzal, Ray.108 Digiorgio, Alfred.116 Digiorgio, Mary.97 Dillon, Karen.55, 178 Dittmer, Diane.55, 181 Ditton, Diane.116 Dixon, Kathleen.55, 166 Dixon, Ronald.116 Dodd, Ronald Dodge, John.116 Dodson, Barbara.56 Dodson, Cheryl. . . 108,152,178,182,145 Doeppner, Ronald.108, 134 Doeppner, Thomas. . . . 56,152,160,214 Domenech, Paul Dommisse, Don.97, 167, 169 Donahoo, Sheryll.108, 177 Donaldson, Thomas.108, 134 Donato, Sarah . 56,160 Donchatz, Norma.97 Donovan, Kent.116 Doucette, Diane.116 Douvlos, Mary Denise.108, 162 Dove, John Dowhower, Duska. 56, 183, 188 Downs, Marvin Driscoll, William Ducharme, Gail.56 Dudley, Lydia.116 Duffy, David .56, 126 Dumas, Kathy. 159 Dundas, Mary.117 Dundas, Sheryl.108 Dungan, David.108 Dunn, Henry.56 Dunn, Patricia.97, 177 Dunphy, Carmella Duran, Ralph. 117 Duvall, Jessie.57, 181 Dwyer, Deborah. 108, 167, 186 Dyer, Robert E Eadie, Beth.117,183 Eadie, Clark Earley, Deborah.117 Earley, Julia.182 Earley, Randall Earp, Michael Easton, Carol Echeverry, Margarita.57, 199 Echols, Kurt.117, 180 Eddy, Lynn.167 Eddy, Walter.134 Edwards, Cathy.117,188 Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Linda Egan, Bruce.160 Egger, Barbara.117,186 Eisenberg, Melanie.117,219 Eisenberg, Wendy. 57,162,219 Eisenhart, Nancy. . . 50,57,78,159,182, 184.185 Eisenhart, Sharon. . .50,57,155,159,160, 166.184.185 Eklund, James Elbracht, Elise Eldredge, Deborah . . . .155, 159, 166, 182 Eller, Henry Elliot, James Elliot, Robert. 108,154,134 Elliot, Sylvia . 57 Elliot, John. . . . 128, 169 Elliot, Theresa. 58 Ellis, F redcrick Ely, M ichael Ende rs, Michael . .... 95, 139 Engelm an, Deborah . . . . .... 58, 186 Eppert, Robert Eucker, Gary. 58 Evans, Dana. .... 58, 180 Evans, Terry. 117 Fapley, Tyler Lee.117, 135 Farbar, Barry Farbar, Judith. 108,129,176 Farmer, Carolyn.109 Faulconer, Frank.117 Fee, Janice.117,183 Fee, Marilyn.97 Ferfuson, Gary.109 Ferguson, Vicki.117,134 Ferraro, Mike.117 Fetty, Cherilyn.109,161,145 Fetty, Ronald.58, 155 Fick, Deborah .... 10,95,97,155,162, 185,184,212 Fick, Theresa.109, 194 Fielder, Gail.58 Filipovich, Jack.59, 181 Finney, Carolyn.97 Fisher, Sharon.59 Fitzgerald, Betsy.117,183 Fitzgerel, Nancy. 59,129,159,215 Fitzpatrick, Barbara 109,165,194,210,212 Fitzsimmons, Gary.59, 166 Flattery, Donald. 109, 149, 166 Fleet, Diana . 109,186 Fleet, Kathy Florence, Richard.117 Flores, Sandra . 115,186 Flowers, Patricia Floyd, Jackie . 98,181 Flynn, Vicky Foglio, Daniel. 98, 133, 147 Ford, Brenda.117 Ford, Bruce.109,162,218,219 Fortney, Judy.117,161,195 Foster, David.109 Fountain, Laura Fowler, Ronald.98 Frank, Mary.98, 163 Frazelle, Barbara. . .43,59,159,160,171, 216 Frazier, Susan.59, 182 Frear, Martie.59, 181 Fredrick, Linda.109, 182 Freman, Elizabeth.117 Freeman, George.117 Freeman, Gordon Freeman, Kathleen Frese, Pam .163 Frizzel, Renee.117,183,194 Frizzell, Russell. 59,77,157,216 Frye, Jennifer Frye, Linda. 98,129,182 Fuller, Barbara. 109, 182 Fuller, Barbara. 60, 180, 182 Fullerton, Donald . . 9,98,128,156,160, 168,134 Fullerton, Lawrence . . . 98, 128, 133, 147 Fultz, Janine.177 Funk, Sandra.117 Furr, Dorothy Dawn . 13,49,60,159,170, 192,210,215 G Gabrial, Miciiacl.109, 135 Gabrial, Steven.117 Gainer, Janice. 98,152,177,178 Gainor, Anthony.117 Game, Elizabeth.117 Game, Julia.60, 181 Gandy, Jane.98,160,168,177,195 Gaquin, Brian.98 Garber, Ramona. 60,190,201,233 Garber, Terri.109,219 Garnett, Jacquelyn.98 Garrett, Claire.115,117 Garrett, Lynne .... 49,60,83,159,170, 191,199,206,210,211 Garrity, Pattie. 98 Garvey, Deirdre . . . 13,60,184,192,193 Garvey, Megan..109 Gassier, Michael Gaston, Gregory.8,61,133 Gates, Nancy.109 Gates, Nina. 109 Gaunt, John.109 Gaunt, Margaret. 98, 163, 167, 177 Gayle, Robert.61, 181 Gaylor, Kevin . .94,98,155,156,171,195 Gaylor, Susan.98, 190 Gelling, Lois.61, 133 Gentry, Ann.61,176,190 Gerlach, Gregory.61 German, Wayne .... 109,134,219,233 Ghent, Daniel. 109, 126, 134 Ghent, John.98, 126 Ghent, Girina.177, 194 Gibbens, Stephen.62 Gibson, Elizabeth.62, 181 Gibson, Janet . 98,182,191 Gibson, James . . . .98,128,152,156,165 Gielarowski, Steven.98, 128 Giles, Lydia.109, 184 Gililand, James Gillingham, Bruce.98 Gist, Susan.62,152,184,190,191 Gist, William Gladhill, Theodore.62, 160 Glasgow, David.98 Glasgow, Michael.109 Gleason, Mary.117,145 Gleason, Thomas.98 Glisson, Roy.117, 155 Glock, Barbara. 62, 163, 164 Glock, Marjorie. 109,183,187 Gmaz, William.62, 133 Goers, David Goldthwiate, Clifford . .109, 154, 161, 134 Goldthwiate, Laurie.117 Gooch, Betty.117 Gorby, Lynn Gordon, Margaret.117,155,177 Gorwitz, Cynthia. 95,98,152 Graham, Rina Ann.98 Grant, Elizabeth.117,183 Gramtham, G. Croft Grantham, Theresa.98, 166 Graul, Ralph.63, 180 Gray, Caroline.117 Gremar, Shirley.117,147 Green, Barbara.63, 164 Green, Carolyn.109 Green, Douglas Green, Richard. 63, 165,133 Greene, Beth.117 Greene, Meredith.109 Greenhouse, Mark. 98, 163, 175 Greer, Joy.63 239 J Gregorie, Scott. . 63,187 Gribble, Judith. .... 55,63,192 Griebling, Richard . . . ... 98,126,160 Griffin, Jackie. .117,219 Griffith, Sarah. . 63,173 Grigsby, William Griney, Steven Griney, Susan. .98 Gross, Brenda. . . . .164,186,98 Gross, Sharon. . . . .63,162,219 Grover, Mitzi. .117,183 Grover, Nan. . 98,189 Guardiapinto, Albert . . .64 Guenthner, Mary . . . . .98 Gulotta, Frank Gulotta, Tony Gunderson, Lisa . . . . . 98,165,182,190 Gurley, Brenda. .117,183 Gurley, Linda. . 109,191 Guyer, Patricia . . . . .117,145 H Haaser, Kathie . . . . . 117,183 Hacker, Danial. . . . .64 Hackett, Michael . . . 64,128 Hagerup, Charles . . .117,187 Hahn, Cliff. .117 Hahn, Mary. . 64,129 Hajdu, Sally. . 64,152 Hajdu, Suzanne . . . . 117,183 Haley, Joseph . . . . .98 Hall, Carla. . 117,183 Hall, Mark. .109 Hall, Richard . . . . .... 65,133,220 Hall, Steven. .117 Ham, Henry Hambleton, James . . .134 Hambleton, Starr Hamilton, Gary . . . .... 65,128, 133 Hamilton, Randall . . . 65,182 Hanks, Nancy . . . . .152 Hanley, John. .117 Harlan, Susan . . . . .98 Harlow, Gloria Harper, Richard Harris, Shelby . . . . .118 Hart, Mary. . 65,190 Hart, Timothy . . . . .134 Hart, Ted. .99, 12 7 Hart, Valeta. .109 Hartman, Larry. . . . 8,65,125,206,132, 133,147 Hartwell, Stephen Haseman, Joan. . . . . . .95,99,152, 158 Haseman, Ruth. . . . .... 115,118,152 Haskell, Robert . . . . 65,128 Hastings, Eugene . . . . . 99,160,169, 187 Hasty, Grant. .109 Hasty, Mark. .118 Hatch, Theresa. . . . . 56,66, 160 Havenner, Thomas . . .99 Haver, Robert . . . . .180 Havrilak, Robert . . . ..109 Hawkins, Linda . . . . 115,118 Hayden, Thomas . . . .66 Hayes, Heidi. . 66,181 Hayes, Jill Hayes, Victoria . . . . 99,168 Haymaker, Bruce. . . .99 Haymaker, Gary . . . .66,86 Hazard, Anne. .66,172,217 Heath, Mark. .66 Hebert, Sharon . . . . .118 Hedberg, Deborah . . .. 118 Hedgepeth, Jane . . . .109 Hedgepeth, Richard . . 109,187 Heffner, Laura Kay. . . 66,152 Heintzelman, Warren Heise, Karen ........... 109, 194 Heise, Suzanne. 99, 190 Helmick, Nancy ..67, 181 Henderson, Bruce.109 Henderson, John. 109 Henderson, Kenneth .. 118 Hendrix, Letha ..67 Henry, Leigh Henry, Mark.118,135 Henry, Timothy.118 Henson, Randall ..109, 134 Hereford, Robert.. . 109, 134 Herl, Stephen . 2,8,67,125,132,139,206 Hermann, John..99,139 Hermann, Luke.109 Hernandez, Paul.118 Hersman, Linda. 67, 160, 166 Hertzog, Steven.181 Hess, Michael.99, 166 Hess, Patricia.118, 166, 177 Heston, Paula ..99 Hicks, Barbara . . . .67,155,159,172,215 Hicks, Connie.177 Hicks, Francis.99, 175 Hicks, Ronald. 134 Hicks, Theresa. 67, 152, 172 Higgins, Everett.118,135 Higgins, William.99 Hill, Linda.118,183 Hill, Mark.99 Hill, Martha.99, 168 Hill, Nancy. 99,160,168,190 Hill, Robert.68, 125 Hilsabeck, Ernest.99, 155 Hinson, Randy. 109, 127, 161 Hinton, Linda Hitchcock, John . 68,162,219 Hitchcock, Neil.109, 186 Hobbs, William. 118 Hodgson, Daniel.109, 134 Hoe, Mary Ellen Hoe, Richard.68 Hofer, Barbara . 109,179 Holland, Gwen.62,68,159,160 Holland, Paul.99, 156 Holloman, William Holt, Paula.68, 190 Holt, Susan.68 Hoogland, Amanda.118,152 Horn, Michael.109, 134 Horton, Cheryl.99 Horton, Clifton.118,135 Horton, Sharon Horton, Ronald ..69 Houck, Douglas.99, 128 Huddleston, Thomas.99, 186 Hudson, Carolyn Hudson, Frank Hudson, William.181 Huffman, Charles.118 Huggard, Loraine Hughes, Barbara. 109, 154, 177 Hughes, Cecilia.69 Hughes, Eugene Hughes, James.128,156,133,148 Hull, Edith Hunt, Walter.109 Hurwitz, Jerome Hutto, Gerald.69 Hyatt, John Hyatt, Robert Ice, Stephen.HO Iddins, Barry.- 99 Iiams, Gordon . 99,156,166,168,147,148 Iiams, Jeffery . 152,69,156,160,146,147 Jackson, Barbara . .. 99 Jackson, Brenda ............ 118 Jackson, Jackie. ......... 110,191 Jackson, Thomas ............ 99 Jacobs, Michael ............ 69 Jacobs, Sandra.. . 118,183 Jefferson, Gregory Jeffrey, Gary. 135 Jeffs, C. .. 181 Jennings, Debra ............ 118 Jennings, Ursula ............ 179 Jett, Phyllis ............ 69, 181 Jevnager, Marcia Jobe, Richard Johnson, Calvin ..69, 174 Johnson, Eric ........... 118, 135 Johnson, James ............. 69 Johnson, Lee .............. 128 Johnson, Phyllis ..110, 189 Johnston, Charles . ..118 Johnston, Gene ........... 70, 181 Jolicoeur, Louis ............ 110 Jonah, David .. 99 Jonah, Marion. 118, 152 Jones, Anthony. ...118 Jones, Charles ..118 Jones, James ........... 118, 135 Jones, Joseph. .118 Jones, Linda . ...... 99,182 Jones, Nancy. 129, 181 Jones, Randall .. 70 Jones, Robert. . .. 128,118,180 Jones, Roy.70, 181 Jones, William Josephson, Eva Marie. 70, 152 Jourdan. 124,125,133 Jourdan, John ..99 Juanich, Evelyn .. ..118 K Kandle, Jeffrey. . . . ...... 118,135 Kecherer, Delois Keel, William .... ..71 Keelin, Betty. . . 110,184 Keene, Bonnie Keithley, Dennis . . . ....... 71,182 Kelley, Deborah . . . . . . .118 Kelley, Eugene. . . . ....... 95,149 Kelley, Mia. . 115, 118, 183,194, 210, 213 Kellison, Judy .... .110,186 Kelly, David. .. ... 152 Kelly, Richard .... ...... 118, 135 Kennedy, Anthony . . . ..110 Kennedy, Timothy Kenworthy, Deborah . .71, 180 Keplinger, Gregory. . .. 100 Keppel, Theodoric . . ......... 180 Kerns, Kenneth . . . . 118,135 Kersey, Leonard . . . ...... 110, 180 Kershaw, James . . . ......... 118 Kershaw, Patricia Kidd, Susan Kimble, Lois. . 118,177 King, George. .118 King, Patricia .... . . . . 100, 159,179 King, Robert Kinnard, Susan Kirby, Larry. .100, 133 Kirstein, Christopher Kirstein, Patricia . . . . . . 71,152,159 Kiser, Jeffrey Kisner, George Kistner, George . . . ..100 Klick, Steve ..... .133 Kline, Barbara .... ...... 110, 166 240 Kline, Ward.I IS, 135 Knight, Anthony Knight, David . . 2,71, 128, 133, t S(5, 160 Knight, Gary.118 Knight, Kenneth.118 Knight, Randolph.135,213 Knight, Starlyn.71, ISO, 181 Koch, Janet.100 Komarowski, George Koogle, Timothy. . .6,42,49,53,71,155, 156,2OS,211,216 Krolak, John. 127, 167, 175 Kroll, Ann.100, 181 Kroll, Jane.110 Kuhn, Nanci.110 Kuhns, Michael.71, 155 Kye, Ernest L Lacey, Diane.177 Lahendro, Jill. 100, 182, 190 Lahendro, Jody. . . . 71,81,157,208,216 Lake, Joan. 118 Lamb, Richard . 8, 71, 125, 130, 131,133,160 Lambert, Debra.72, 152 Lambert, Steve.110,166 Landis, Deborah.118 Landry, William.110,218 LaRoche, Kenneth.72, 180 LaRoche, Sandra.72 Larsen, Deborah.72, 181 Lasseter, Kim.100 Lassetter, Courtney.72 Laughlin, Drew.100, 169 Lawrence, Thomas.100 Lawrence, Peggy.72 Lawson, Cynthia.100, 188 Layton, Emory.100 Leach, Brooke . 100,182,190 Leckey, Robin.118 Leckey, Rosemary Leckey, Wendy.180 Lee, Diane.184 Lee, Gary.110 Lee, Laura. 100, 152, 177 Lee, Patricia.118 Lee, Robin. 73,177,191 Lee, William.118 Ledford, Annette.110 Ledford, Robert.180 Leffler, Janet.118 Leffler, John.110 Leggett, Jacquelynn.118, 161 Leggett, Susan . 110,155,145 Legon, Mary Leisner, Michael Lennon, Lynwood .... 73,152,155, 156 Leschnik, Steven.110 Leschnik, Susan.118 Letcher, Marshall.110, 133 Letcher, William. 73,133,206 Lieto, William Ligon, Mary.110 Lilley, Cynthia. 73, 184, 192, 193 Lilley, Rice.110, 134 Lilly, Marie.115 Lindberg, Carl. 100, 139, 183 Lindberg, Mark .... 110, 133, 139, 183 Linville, Linda Lipscomb, Naomi.73 Lisner, Michael.110 Lloyd, Mira.100 Lockwood, Joyce Lockwood, Margaret.100, 129 Loder, Barbara.100 Lodewick, Valerie . . 73, 85, 155, 157, 160, 170,175 170,175 Loelkes, Janet . 164,195 Loo Ikes, Rosemary Lofton, Linda Lofton, Roy.181 Logan, Sharon.73 Logan, Sidney.HO Long, Alexis.119 Long, Henry. 11,73,126,155, 157,220 Long, John. 100, 145, 148, 183 Long, Kris.95, 100, 155, 166, 188 Long, Laura Long, Stephen.74 Long, Terry Looft, Christel.110, 171 Lord, Billy.180 Lorenzo, Walter.161 Lorraine, M.181 Lovingwood, Harold.110 Lovingwood, B.165 Lunsford, Joseph Lusker, Geraldine Lusker, Gina.110 Lutkenhouse, Richard.100 Lyon, Helen Lyons, Dwight Lysett, Joseph M Mackin, Steven.119 Macsorley, Fred.115,119 Maddock, Steven.110 Maher, Michael.74 Maidens, Beverly.74 Majewski, Frank.74 Malone, Michael Malvin, Linda. 74, 155, 173 Maim, Ruth Mann, Thomas.110 Manness, Russell Manning, Kevin.110 Manning, Wi lliam.74, 163 Manor, James . . . 101, 160, 167, 175, 176 Manor, Philip.119 Mansfield, Bruce.101, 149, 176 Mansfield, Karen.119 Manuel, Mark.101 Maple, John.101 Maple, Richard Marciniec, Christoph.101,213 Marfing, Thomas.119, 152 Marinacci, Louis.128 Marshall, Wayne.119 Marshall, Wendy.115,119,155 Martin, Alice Martin, Dane.74 Martin, Harold Martin, Kathy.110 Martin, Lester.74, 186 Martin, Penny.119 Martin, William .... 10, 49, 75, 78, 140, 153,155,156,183,203,215,216 Mason, Stewart.99 Massie, Glen.75, 147 Mather, William.101 Matsuura, Irene. 75, 184, 190, 191 Matthews, Judith Maxwell, Gloria.101 Maye, Douglas.75, 180 Mayer, John.110, 154 Mayo, Arletha.101 McArthur, Stuart. 75,209 McCanlies, Timothy McCarter, Thomas McCarthy, Odile.110 McCarthy, Patrick .... 47,75,133,160, 172,214,215 McCauley, Carol.110, 167 McClain, Timothy.101 McConnell, David.101 McCormack, Nancy.101,163 McCormack, Susan. 75, 163, 179 McCoy, Cheryl.110,184 McCoy, Robin.101, 159, 190 McCrary, Lancy .... 11,13,75,155,192 McCurdy, Alan.119 McDaniel, Edward.101,126 McDonald, Cynthia.119 McDonald, Gayle.110,166 McDonald, John McDonald, Kathleen. . . 45,75,155,163, 190,213 McDowell, Patricia.101 McFadden, David McKee, John McKee, Margaret.119 McKeon, Donald.101, 128 McKeon, Susan. 110, 172,206 McLendon, Lois.119, 177 McNeil, Ashby.119 Meads, Patricia .... 101,155,159,163, 167, 176 Meedham, David Meeker, John.101, 182 Megee, Patricia Mehaffey, Joan.119 Mehaffey, Patrick.76 Mendez-Vigo, Mark . . 106,110,156,166 Mense, Jeffrey .... 55,76,162,183,185 Merritt, Barry .... 76,81,157,160,175 Merritt, Blythe. 76, 160, 175 Messmer, Carl . ..101 Michael, Herman Michaels, Glenn.110 Michaels, Thomas.110, 127 Mikilia, Joseph Miles, Roy.119 Miller, Carol.110 Miller, David.181 Miller, Frank.76 Miller, Joe.110, 133 Miller, Mitch.110,126 Miller, Robert.119 Miller, Shyla Miller, Stephanie.119 Miller, Susan.101, 164, 186 Miller, Wayne Millstein, Lincoln.76 Millstein, Vivien.159 Mithcell, Kathleen.181 Moon, Rachel.101, 168 Moon, Sandra.119, 183 Moore, Bonnie.101,184 Moore, Bradford. 101 Moore, Connie.110 Moore, Deborah.101 Moore, Dorothy.101, 155, 177 Moore, Ellen .119 Moore, Laura.77, 129 Moore, Michael.77 Moore, Peter.119 Moore, Robert Moore, Sandra.119, 155 Moore, Sharon ..110, 145 Moore, Sherry.119 Moran, Emily.101, 164, 177 Morningstar, Cathy.119 Morningstar, Melody.110, 152, 154 Morris, Judy.180 Morrison, Brian.111,126 Morrison, Christine. .77,152,172,179,187 Morrison, Dennis L. . . . 11,162,163,218 Morrison, Dennis W.11,201,218 Morrison, Patricia.101,175 Morse, Patricia.Ill Morton, Peter.119, 135 Moser, Karen. Ill, 184, 185 Moss, Debra.111,194 Moss, Douglas. 77, 125, 181 241 Moye, Elizabeth Moye, William Mueller, David.219 Mullins, Larry Mullins, Russell.119 Murakami, Sylvia.101 Murphy, Betty.119 Murphy, Cathy.119 Murphy, Edward.101 Murphy, Julie.111,155 Murray, Darlene.HI; 165 Murray, Elizabeth.101 Murrell, Dana Myers, Cynthia.77, 191 Myers, Jerry.135 Myers, Michael.135 N Nagler, Richard . . Nakamura, George . Nalls, Helen Nalls, Russell . . . Nash, William Nauman, Sherry Needham, David . . Nedorolik, Charles . Nelson, Nancy . . . Nermyr, David Nevin, Patricia. . . Newdeck, Kenneth . Newell, James . . . Newell, Peggy . . . Newman, Donna . . Newman, Ralph . . Nichols, Nancy. . . Nicholson, Joyce . . Nielsen, Patricia. . Nielson, Susan . . . Nissley, Jerry . . . Nixon, Deborah . . Nolton, William . . Norfolk, Ronald . . Norris, David. . . . Norris, Joel. Norris, Karen . . . Norris, William . . Norton, Debra . . . Novak, Barbara. . . Nowak, Kent. . . . 101 101 181 .Ill . . 115,119,182 . 77,81,182,190 .119 .... Ill,183 .102 .77 .Ill .Ill .... 179,184 . 77,182 . . 78,191,221 .167 .... 102,139 .119 .102 .78 .166 .135 .10 .... 102,139 .119 102,159,192,193 .... 102,152 O Obarski, Susan.119 O ' Brien, Barbara.78, 155, 179 O ' Brien, Christopher.102 O ' Bryant, James.102 O ' Conner, Gregory.119 O ' Connor, Patrick.102 O ' Donnell, Terrill.43,78,153,158 O ' Flaherty, Paul.78 Ogle, James.102 Okstulski, John.119 Okstulski, Marjorie.78 Oliver, Maria.119 Olsen, Roland Olsen, Rynn.119 O ' Neal, Alan.119 O ' Neal, Charles.119, 135 O ' Neal, Spencer.119, 135 O ' Rourke, Kathleen. 43,78,190 O ' Rourke, Timothy.127,147 O ' Shaughnessy, Margaret. 10,78,155,157, 159,160,166,172,199 O ' Shaughnessy, Mary .... 119,161,195 O ' Shaughnessy, Kathleen Oshima, Roland.7, 102 Osterndorf, Brian.119 Oswalt, Mildred. 182,166,195 Otis, Ruby.102 Oxendine, Terry.119,135 Oxley, Kim.119 P Page, Janet . 79,183 Palas, William.102, 185 Palmer, George Pankey, Diana . 102,177,178 Panne 11, Richard.119 Paolantonio, Larry.79 Papalazarus, Alexander.181 Papalazarus, James Parker, Sheila.179 Parrish, Theresa.102 Parry, George Parsons, Gary.79, 180 Parton, Dale.102 Parton, Richard ..134 Pate, Christine. 79, 182, 191 Patton, Catherine.182 P atton, Mark P atton, Ronald Pauly, Deborah Paxton, Laurence. . . . 94,102,149,166, 168,170,213,221 Payne, Thomas. Peabody, Karen Ann . . . Peacock, Judi. Peacock, Ronald. Pearson, Brenda. Pendleton, Neal P endley, Lynn. Pennington, Bob. Peopels, Kristi. Perrin, Debra.. Perry, Brenda.. Perry, Cathy.. Perry, James Peters, Cheryl.. Peters, Dennis Peters, Michael . . . . Peters, Sallie. Peterson, Martha Petitt, Marsha Petty, Mary Pfanzelter, Barbara . . . Pfanzelter, Elizabeth Phelps, Allen. Phleps, Terry Phillips, Robert .... Pichurko, Vivian .... Pickwick, Michael Pinkepank, Mary Louise 160,172,144 Pinkepank, William . . Pittman, Gerald .... Plaugher, Lynn Poho, Valentine .... Pointer, Michelle . . . 177,195 Polhamus, Katherine . . 159, 160,172,179,195 Pomerening, Daniel . . 136,152,156,160 Pompeo, Eva. Pooley, Jerry. Porterfield, Mary Post, Daniel. Post Donna. Post, Everett Powell, Herbert .... Powell, Teresa. Powers, Bonnie Powers, Robert. Pragnell, Steven Prelatte, David .... Price, Alice. . . .181 119,155 . . .119 . . .102 . 95,102 ... 102 . . .102 119,166 102,170 . . .102 120,194 115,120 102 152 . . . 79,165,191 . 102,166 .102 .102 164 . . . 79,155,159, . 120,152 . 80,187 .181 . . 120,163,164, . . 102,144,155, . . .11, 102, 128, .120 .187 .120 .120 .179 .120 .120 .120 . 102,181 Price, Charles. 43,80,156,175 Price, Linda. 177 Prichard, Michael. 80, 185, 143 Price, Nancy. 13,80,159,192 Prichett, Janice.81, 182 Prosser, Clifford Puffenberger, James Pullen, Sharon Pumphrey, Jacualyn Purdy, Robert.81, 181 Purgason, Walter.81, 181 Q Quinn, Cynthia.81 Quinn, Timothy .... 106,134,218,219 R Rail, Mark .... Randal, Randy . . Randolph, Steven Rathbone, John . Rathbone, Ruth . Ratkus, Loretta . Ratten, Christie . Rawlings, Susan Rawson, Robert . Razee, Harriett . Recore, Francis . Reed, Sharon . . Reed, Susan Reel, Richard . . Reese, Dennis Rehklau, Rebecca Reichert, Kurt . . Reinsel, Ronald . .112 .81 .81 • • • • 102,155 .112 , 81, 129,185, 144 .112 .181 .... 120,183 .... 112, 149 . 120 .112 ..81, 181 ..112 96, 103,152,162, 200,203,218,221 Remington, Susan .... 81,163,172,214 Reyes, Omar . 103 Reynolds, Elizabeth. 120 Reynolds, Phyllis. 112 Reynolds, Robert.55,82 Reynolds, William.82 Rezzarday, Joan.103, 129, 164, 182 Rezzarday, Katherine.112, 137, 145 Rezzarday, Lawrence Rice, Dennis.82, 181 Rice, Jackie . 112,184 Rice, John.120, 135 Rice, Margaret.103 Rice, Patricia.112, 182 Rice, Theresa. 103 Riddle, Randall Ridenaur, Nancy.112, 164, 186 Riegner, Valerie Riester, Patricia.103 Riggle, Linda.82, 175 Riser, Charlotte .... 103, 172, 177, 190, 210,212 Rivard, Earl.120, 135 Rivard, Erica.175, 185 Robbens, Douglas. 112 Robbins, Judith.103, 195 Robbins, Marian.112 Roberts, Constance.43,82 Roberts, James Roberts, Joyce.120 Robertson, Richard.120 Robertson, Robin.120 Robertson, Roy.181, 186 Robey, Cynthia.120 Rodgers, Dannie.112 Rodriquez, Roderick.H2 Roland, Gayle. 95, 103, 195 Rollinger, Kathy.103 Rollinger, Susan.120, 187 Romney, Kim.112, 152, 195 Roodbary, Shirley 242 Roop, Cliff. 130, 135 Shelton, Gayle .... .120 Stevenson, Dan Rosa, Andretta Shepard, Dawn Stevenson, Janet . . . . . 113,164 Roseher, Judith . . . . . . .103 Shcperd, Joan Stewart, Mildred . . Rose her, Sue. 1 1? 194,212 Shepherd, Cecilia . . Stickles, Elizabeth . . ... 87,176 Rose, Barry Shepherd, Dawn . . . .112 Stickles, William Rosendale, Angela . . . . . S2 Shepherd, Kathy . . . Still, Thomas . . . . . . 104,172 Rosendale, Kathleen Shifflet, Bonnie . . . .120 Stoclir, Delia. . . . . 113,183,195 Rosendale, Nancy . . . . ,. . 120 Shifflett, Gregory . . .104 Stokes, Nancy . . . Stone, Mary . 104,152,221 Rosendale, Sandra . . . ... 103 Shirillc, Martin . . . . . . . 120,166,135 Ross, Ann. . S2 , 159, 191,144 Shoemaker, Dennis Shorton, Cathy .... Shuman, David . . . Strack, Michael . . Rosser, Travis .120 Strickland, Ronald Rowland, Mike . . . . 120,135 .112 Stuckey, Paul . . . Roy, Katherine . . . . . . .120 Sider, Burt. Stumm, Kathryn . . . . . 120,161 Russell, James. . S3,180 Signorelli, Mark . . . .120 Sublett, Elaine. . . Russell, Nalls. . . . 83 Siegrist, Helen Gaye . . . . . 112, 179,195 .120 Sugg, William . . . Rvan, James. . . . 83 Simms, Diane .... Suggs, Williams . . . ... 87,143 Simms, Diane .... . .112,137,180,181 Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan, Patricia . S Simms, Robert .... .181 104,152 , 163, 188,209 Simons, Joesph .... .104,212 Sullivan, Steven Sable, David. . . .112 Simpkins, Cathy . . . . ... 115,120,194 Summa, Robert Summers, Lynne Sadler, Boyd. . . .181 Simpkins, Cynthia . . . . . . 104,159,192 . . . . 112,129,186 Sadler, George Sims, Karen. Sutton, Tommy . . . . 121,135 Sadler, Karl Sirbaugh, Glen Swain, James . . . . . 113,186 Sage, James Salisbury, Carl. Sitnik, Peter. .104 Swanson, Eric . . . . . 121,135 103,175 Sivak, Joesph Sweatt, Catherine . 213,221 . . 95, 104,191,210, Sargent, Joanne . . . . . . .103 Sivak, Mary. . . . . 112,180,181 Sauerline, Daniel . . . 103,136 120,135 Skelton, Faye Sweatt, Mary. . . . . . .121 ,152,210,213 Sauers, Robert Skwarski, Linda . . . . 120,195 Swenson, Jane . . . .104 Say, Deborah. . . . 83 Skwarski, Paul .... .112 Swoboda, Lois . . . 104, 162,175 Saye, Jane . 137,184 Slappy, Joshua .... .85 Swor, Burt. Scandling, Joanne 112 , 137, 154,195 Slater, Patricia . . . .85 Swor, Vickie . . . . .113 Scandling, John . . . . 103, 149,156, 160, Sloan, Rhonda . . . . .86 Sybert, Brenda 171 Slye, Catherine . . . .112 Sylvest, Richard . . . 43,88,165 Scarce, Robert. . . .120 Smith, Aaron . . . . , .86 Symmes, Karen . . ... 88,191 Schaefer, Debra . . . . . . .103 Smith, Carl Symmes, Susan. . . . . 121,195 Schaeffer, Patricia . . . 155,219 Smith, Carl R. Schalow, William Scheets, George Schifando, Peter.83 Schilling, Vicki.84, 181 Schlosser, Mary.112, 195 Schmidt, Mary.183 Schmitt, Nancy.112 Schneiders, Donald.103, 136 Schofield, William.84, 175 Schreiner, Preston.112, 195 Schultz, Ernest.120,213 Schultz, Linda.161 Schultz, Paul.103, 139 Schumacher, Jean. 120, 155, 177 Schurtz, Bette. 103, 164, 184 Schurtz, Robert.112,161 Schuster, Glenn.84 Scott, Catherine. 120, 194, 195 Scott, Michael Scott, Olive. 84,152,185,191, 195,219 Scott, Warren . . . 12,103,155,156,163, 176,195 Seabolt, Jane. 43,84,163 Sebreny, Dorothy. . . . 103, 155, 166, 175, 185 Sebring, Stanley.103, 126 Segal, Marc Serrell, Holly.112,182 Sexton, Sheila.120 Shadburn, Jeffrey.120 Shaffer, Elaine .103 Shaeffer, Fred. 103, 133, 147 Shaffier, George.46,84,125,181 Shaner, Rodney.120 Shannon, James.11,85,156 Shannon, Mark.120 Sharp, Susan Sharp, Timothy.120 Shaughnessy, Lynn.120, 183 Shaw, Patricia.103 Sheilds, Clara.120 Shelton, Gary. 103, 133, 177 Smith, Cheryl Smith, Craig . . .8, 86, 130, 133, 147, 220 Smith, Donna.112, 184, 190 Smith, James.86, 186 Smith, Jeffery.120, 142 Smith, Jeffery.112 Smith, Jennifer.95, 163 Smith, John Smith, Karen . . . 104,184,185,190,195 Smith, Nancy.120 Smith, Steven Smith, William.86 Smitherson Richard . . . 11,13,104,155, 156, 170, 175, 195 Snelling, Robert .140 Snipe, Carol 120 Snipe, Lawrence.86, 186 Snyder, Alan. 86,133, 155, 187 Snyder, Garrett. 104, 139, 140 Snyder, Sandra.120,145,183,217 Spann, Lee.112, 128, 133, 142 Spann, Linda.87 Spaulding, Susan. ..112 Speed, David.112 Spence, John .104 Spinks, Alton.112 Spinks, Linda.87, 181 Springer, Laurie.112, 195 Springer, Sue.87, 177 Stacy, Danny Stacy, Donna.183 Stagg, William. 155,176,195 Stallings, Nancy .... 104, 162, 182, 189, 195,219 Stapleton, Beverly Stapleton, George.113, 152, 161 Staver, Pamela. 104, 184, 189 Stedman, William..104 Stein, Deborah .120 Stein, Sally.113 Stephens, Viola Sternbeck, Susan.113 Stevens, Russell.87, 166 T Taft, Robert.115, 121 Taft, Vicki.88, 191 Takech, Leathy . 104,180 Tapp, Joann.88 Tate, Debra. 95,104,184,185, 190,198 Tate, Randall.113, 142 Tate, Samual Tausch, Deborah. 88, 160, 195 Tausch, Donna.121 Taylor, Delores Taylor, John D.121 Taylor, Karen. 73,88,160 Taylor, Lynda. 104,164,184,209 Taylor, Pamela.113,165,195 Taylor, Patrick.113,212 Taylor, Paul.104,134 Taylor, William Templeton, Douglas Tennison, Kimberly . ..121,195 Tesko, Elaine.104, 155, 159, 160 Tester, Patricia.121 Testor, Bonnie.113 Tharp, George Thayer, Glenda. 104, 160, 188 Thomas, Marcia.8,89 Thomas, Paula.121, 194 Thomas, Summers.113, 195 Thomas, Thomas Thomasson, Nancy.104,184 Thompson, Acie Thompson, Burt.135 Thompson, Linda.10, 59, 89, 162, 163,200 Thompson, Michael.121 Thompson, Nancy.89,181,190 Thompson, Thomas.121 Thompson, William.121 Thorpe, Joesph.181 Thrasher, Jean.121, 175 Thurman, Timothy.121,135 243 Tibbs, Virginia.89, 172 Tice, Karen. 104, 179, 195 Tickle, Daniel Tidd, Joanne.104 Tighe, Joan Timmons, Beta Tips, Helene.183 Todd, Laura.89 Todd, Wanda.104 Tomlin, Martin Tomlin, Sandra.113, 195 Toria, Ann ..104 Townsend, Barbara Townsend, Catherine.89, 170 Townsend, Richard.121, 135 Travers, Robert Travers, Sandra.89, 182 Travis, Lester.180 Triggs, James Triner, Kandi.113 Tryon, Glen Tucker, Alice.121 Tucker, Peter Tully, Daniel.89 Tunnell, Robert.180 Turich, Douglas.104, 163 Turner, Carol.121 Tydings, Deborah. 90 Tyler, Wanda . . . 104, 152, 168, 184, 188 Tymmes, Karen Tyree, Michael U Unger, Richard. 90, 156, 163, 171 Ursano, Ronald.104 V Vance, Sharon.113, 166 Van Dyken, Vanessa . .121 Van Norman, Carol . . 90,163 Van Norman, John . 9, 52,90,132,147,163 Vanover, Sharon . . . .113 Vasconcellos, Theresa Vatsia, Vijay .... . 104,127,163,169 Vaughan, George . . .104 Vaughan, Roy .... .121 Vechik, Gary. . . .52,81,90,128, 130,136,160,163 Vechik, Kenneth . . . . .105, 128,136,166 Velasco, Andrew . . . .113 Velasco, Cynthia. . . . . . .121,182,183 Vermes, Joesph . . . .113 Vermillion, Mary . . . 121,186 Vestal, Kenneth . . . .121 Vickery, Jennifer . . . 90,166 Vigen, James. . . 78,91,155,156, 172,220 Vipperman, Lowell Vollmer, Paul.105, 186 Von Arb, Goerge. 11,91,128,136, 156,163 Vosburg, David. 105, 133, 187 W Wade, Dianne.105, 163 Wakefield, Robert. 91, 156, 160, 168,169 Wales, Alice. 105, 154, 168 Walker, Michele.121,183 Wall, Karen.113, 129, 137 Wallace, Patricia . . . .113,164,185,195 Walkup, William Walsh, Doris.91 Walsh, Mark.113, 142 Wampler, Paula.121, 183 Ward, Diane.91 Ward, Jewell.105 Ware, Cindy.121, 164 Waters, Michael.181 Watson, Daniel. . . 91,152,154,155,163 Watson, Linda.92 Watts, Richard.134,149 Wease, Joyce Weaver, Dwayne Weaver, Martha . . 105, 159, 160, 168, 190 Weaver, Michael Webb, Heather.105 Webb, James.113,133 Webb, Patricia. ..121 Weber, Linda Wedding, Roy.105 Welander, Kurt Wells, Russell.121 Wells, Victora.105, 152, 176, 195 Wentzel, Margaret.113, 182 Werner, Jaqueline.115, 121, 177 Wesley, Beverly .... 105, 172, 179, 195 West, James.121, 186 Whaley, William Wharton, Tyrone.92 White, David. 105,149,187 White, Judith.121 White, Mark. 92,146,147,182 White, Victor.105 Whittington, Barbara. 105,166,195 Whittington, Jaqueline Whyman, John.121 Wilbourane, Marilyn Wildman, Larry.121,135 Wildman, Walter Williams, Barbara. 105, 184, 190 Williams, David.121,135 Williams, Fern.105 Williams, Gail.105,190 Williams, John.121 Williams, Kenneth.105 Williams, Margaret. 105, 187, 195 Williams, Toni Wilkens, Kathleen . . .121,137 Wilkins, Kristen . . . . .106,113,168,195 Wilkins, Patrick . . . .105 Wilson, Donato . . . .92 Wilson, John Wilson, Kathryn . . . .113 Wilson, Linda .... .105 Wilson, Ted Windisch, Carl . . . . Winfree, Katherine. . .... 59,92,160, 163,170,191 Winston, Mark Wirth, George . . . . .162 Withrow, Darlene Withrow, Joan . . . . .121 Wolfe, Frances . . . . 113,187 Wolfe, Marcene . . . . . . 105, 172,173, 188,195 Wood, Ann. 94,105,160,184,185 Wood, Branson. 92, 133, 163 Wood, Jacqueline . . . .105, 152, 159, 195 Wood, Lisa.113,194 Wood, Sally Woodhurst, Stephen Woods, Donald. . . 121,161,166,168,187 Woods, Jeff.105, 143, 156, 166, 168, 172,175,186,217 Woods, Jonathan . . . 43,49,92,153,156, 160,163,166,168,174, 175,211 Woods, Susan.113,152,185 Woodworth, Debra . . . 115, 121, 183, 194 Woodworth, Kim.105, 187 Wright, Debrah.113,183 Wright, Echo. . .47,93,155,158,160,168 Wright, Johnie Wriska, Deborah.93, 181 Wunderly, Stephen.105 Wyatt, John.105, 186 Y Yale, Steven.93 Yale, Robin.121 Yary, Michelle .... 113, 166, 182, 190 Young, Brenda.105 Young, Laurie.93 Young, Richard .... 113, 128,133, 148, 149,163 Young, Robert . . . .83,93,128,133,156, 158,163,172 Young, Silvia Yowell, Gary.105 Yurchik, Janice.113, 164, 184 Yurchik, Steve. 8,93,125,133 Z Zeppenfield, Barbara 105 I ! t J ; 5 J m J % A

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