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mm WvMfXjn m?M A The Surveyor Mount Vernon High School Alexandria Virginia AWARENESS . We look but have only begun to see . . . We listen but have only begun to hear . . . we think but have only begun to understand . . . Confronted with a world of sensations, emotions, ideas, and ideals, we cannot accept what we see and what we hear without questioning and challenging. We must analyze, formulate, and convey our knowledge and thoughts to a world that does not always realize x that we have knowledge and thoughts. Thus, we develop an awareness of ourselves and of the world around us. We Become Aware Of An Ever-expanding World We know so little . . . yet we have so much to learn. We ask questions . . . yet we find no answers. Why does the wind blow and the ocean roar? What is " freedom”, " equality”, " democracy”? How can we comprehend " infinity”? Our teachers supply us with some answers. But more important they teach us to read, to study, to learn, so that we can answer these questions ourselves. They teach us to be aware. Faculty Page I 6 5 We are impatient to establish our individual identities. We are eager to communicate what we see, what we hear, what we feel to our friends and entities. There is no limit to our mediums of expressions: art, music, drama, laughter, contemplation, tears. 6 Our Awareness To Others We Discover The Gratification And Excitement Of Competition . . . We strive to win . . . Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. The victories and defeats of our teams are our victories and our defeats. We accept success with pride and failure with grace. In learning to win and to lose, we become aware of the spirit of competition. Sports Page I 18 9 . . . And Learn The Importance Of Working With In working with others, we give a part of ourselves. Our ideas, skills, and efforts are combined with those of others to reach a goal. But more important, in giving we receive! For the understanding, patience, an d satisfaction we obtain, brings us closer to a true and real awareness. Organizations Page 146 10 Our Friendships Evolve An Inner Awareness " Friendship!” We grasp for a definition but find none. For words are small and could never express its limitless magnitude. And yet, We know it exists. For we feel a joy, a pride, a strength, a beauty, evolving from our friendships. No, the proof lies not on printed sheet. ’Tis printed on the heart. School Life Page 200 Profiting From Our Awareness, We Face The 14 Challenge Of The Future " Turn around and they’re young, Turn around and they’re old.” Unashamed of our youth, we look back with many fond memories. We have learned, laughed, and cried together. Now as we stand on the threshold of new experiences, we must strengthen our awareness of ourselves and of the world around us. We must mature, and in maturing we must face the challenge of the future alone. Advertisements Page 226 FACULTY To be truly aware, one never stops learning. Learning is the transference of ideas and thoughts fro m those who know more, have seen more, have thought more than we. In this sense, we are all teachers. Through the acquisition of knowledge, we come to realize the limited scope of our world. It is the teacher’s challenge to bring us to this realization. 17 Mr Melvin B Landes. Principal. Administration MR. STEWART W. CHRISTIANO Assistant Principal for Instruction A. A., Junior College of Connecticut B. A., University of Bridgeport M B.. University of Virginia M S., University of Connecticut Tennis Coach. MR. MELVIN B. LANDES Principal A.B., McPherson College M.A., George Washington University. Perched precariously on five-foot stilts. " Alice” Landes entertains Mount Vernonites at the Homecoming game. MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY Assistant Principal for Administration B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh. MR. THOMAS E. PROPPS Administrative Aid B.A., West Virginia Institute of Technology M.Ed., University of Virginia. yf ( cuuiX p CX-y- j xu Jjfcy. 2JC - 18 Our creative principal reveals his poetic abilities. Mr. Stewart W. Christiano. Assistant Principal. Mr Thomas E. Propps and Mr. Victor J. Kazlausky, Assistant Principals. Administrators Confront Insurmountable Problems rnssmmm. " A ten-foot Alice in Wonderland . . . ?” Such was the thought of Mount Vernon students as Mr. Melvin B. Landes wobbled around the football stad ium on stilts, complete with pinafore, tights, and long gorgeous locks. This was not an everyday oc¬ currence in the routine of our principal. Mr. Landes enthusi¬ astically performed these extracurricular " duties” much to the amusement of the students. As chief administrator of the school, Mr. Landes plans, directs, and supervises the educational activities of Mount Vernon’s stu¬ dents and faculty. Supplementing his day-to-day activities, Mr. Landes supervises all athletic, social, and academic events. " Where did my bus go? " This mournful plea for assistance is heard countless times each day by Mr. Victor J. Kazlausky and Mr. Thomas E. Propps, as they perform one of their varied du¬ ties. As assistance principals, Mr. " Kaz”, Mr. Propps, and Mr. Stewart W. Christiano handle problems of curriculum and discipline. Mr. Propps anxiously awaits the beginning of his many endless jobs as our new assistant principal. Machines Indicate Mount Vernon’s Strive Toward The constant clicking of electric typewriters, the whirl of tabulating machines, and the drone of the IBM machine are indications of Mount Vernon’s strive toward moderni¬ zation. This addition of machines and computers has simplified but not obviated the onerous tasks of the secre¬ taries. The secretaries must not only operate the ma¬ chines, but also prepare forms and reports, manage the finance office and bookstore, and keep track of Mount Vernon’s absentees. Chemistry or Physics? Mr. Page or Mr. Wedlock? William and Mary or Duke? These are just a few of the personal and scholastic dilemmas the Guidance Department is ex¬ pected to understand and discuss. Other tasks include ad¬ ministering Scholastic Aptitude Tests and College En¬ trance Examinations, writing recommendations, and orga¬ nizing high school transcripts. The counselors know and are concerned about the students individually. They are not able to solve everyone’s problems, but seek to enable the students to make responsible decisions for themselves. Secretary Staff—Mrs Billie L. Gates. Mrs. M. Dorothy Rafert. Mrs Jean S. Adkins, Mrs Mie A Oshima. Mrs Iris M. Chambers. 20 Mrs. Hazel O Johnson. Finance Office Manager. Modernization Mrs. Mildred J. Lapsley, Guidance Director. fZ Mrs. Helen T. Maochonis, Part-time Secretary Guidance Department—Mrs Florence L Price. Mr. Baker O Shelton. Miss Judith A. Pleasant. Miss Polly E. Waid. Mrs. Margaret B. Reed. Mr. Earl Layne. Guidance MRS. MILDRED J. LAPSLEY Guidance Director B.A., Mary Baldwin College M.Ed., University of Virginia Future Teachers of America Sponsor. MR. EARL LAYNE Counselor A.B., M.A., University of West Virginia. MISS JUDITH A. PLEASANT Counselor B.S., M.A., East Carolina University Graduate Work, College of Wil¬ liam and Mary. MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE Counselor B.A., New York University M.A., George Washington University. MRS. MARGARET B. REED Counselor A.B., West Hampton College M.A., University of Richmond Graduate Work, College of Wil¬ liam and Mary, George Washington University, and Uni¬ versity of Virginia. MR. BAKER O. SHELTON Counselor A.B., Washington College M.A., George Washington University Student Cooperative Association Sponsor. MISS POLLY E. WAID Counselor B.S., Radford College M.A., George Washington University. 21 Analysis Of English Department—Mr Edgar T Vahey, Col. Lew- et H. Lunter. Mrs. Nancy L Davenport. Mr. Herman is N. Samuelsen. Mrs. Shirley M Aikin, Mrs. Eliz- Thomason abeth A Walsh. Miss Joann McElroy. Mrs Margar- English MRS. SHIRLEY M. AIKIN English II B.A., Tennessee Temple College M.Ed., College of William and Mary. MRS. LENA W. BISH English IV U S. Government B.A., Madison College. MRS. HELEN L. BLALOCK English IV A. B., University of Colorado A M., Indiana University. MRS. CATHERINE P. COOLEY English Department Chairman English IV B. S., Mary Washington College Graduate Work, College of William and Mary, George¬ town University, and George Washington University Senior Class Sponsor. MRS. NANCY L. DAVENPORT English II B.A., University of Texas. MRS. WANDA L DOLL Reading B.S., Longwood College M.Ed., University of Virginia. MR. GARRY J. JONES Debate English III Public Speaking B.S., University of Tennessee Debate Team Sponsor. MRS. MARGARET H. LUNTER English II, III A.B., Glenville State College M.A., Marshall University Junior Class Sponsor. MRS. ANITA J. MAGERS English I B.A., Baylor University M.A., University of Texas. MISS JOANN McELROY English I Latin I. II B.A., Mississippi State College Junior Classical League Sponsor. MRS. GAIL G. NETTLES Creative Writing English III B.S., University of Oregon Graduate work. George Washington University. COL. LEWIS N. SAMUELSEN English I, II B.A., George Washington University. Mr. Vahey contemplates his daily lessons. MRS. IONE C. SCUDDER English I B.S., University of Tennessee. MR. HERMAN V. THOMASON English III. IV B.A., Furman University M.R.E., Southern Seminary Graduate Work, George Washington University Key Club Sponsor SURVEYOR Sponsor. MR. EDGAR T. VAHEY English III, IV French I B.A., Youngstown State University. MRS. ELIZABETH A. WALSH English III Grammar and Composition B.S., George Peabody College Graduate Work, College of William and Mary and Uni¬ versity of Virginia. 22 Literature Offers A Basis For Human Understanding Mrs. Lena W. Bish, Mrs. Anita J. Magers. and Mrs. Gail G. Nettles. Mount Vernon’s English Department provides an excellent basis for higher education in any field by emphasizing the study and interpretation of literature and grammar. Included in the curric¬ ulum are units in drama, poetry, and short stories, as well as the basic fundamentals of grammar and the structure of the En¬ glish language. This year the department strived to give students a broader ex¬ perience in literature and grammar by creating a new course of study and obtaining new books for most classes. An experimental research project for academically strong ju¬ niors was developed by Mr. John Wedlock and Mr. Herman Thomason. The main objective of the program is to help stu¬ dents make desirable decisions involving values and ethics through the study of American history and American literature using basic law as a frame of reference. Participating in field trips and individual civic action projects, each student learns to accept his responsibilities as a citizen and as a leader. Creativity of English Students is reflected in their posters. Mrs. Catherine P. Cooley, English Depart- Mrs. lone C. Scudder and ment Chairman. Mr. Garry J. Jones. 23 Language Students Study Other Cultures And Develop Language MRS. MARILYN G. AVOLI German I A.B., M.A., University of West Virginia. MRS. LINDA H. CANNON German II, III, IV, V B.A., Kalamazoo College German Club Sponsor. MRS. SUSAN M. EGUSA Spanish I, II U S. Government B.A., University of California International Relations Club Sponsor. MRS. ELEANOR A. LANDGRABE French I, II B.A., George Washington University French Club Sponsor, French Honor Society Sponsor. MISS JOANN McELROY English I Latin, I, II B.A., Mississippi State College Junior Classical League Sponsor. MR. WADE H. PRIVETTE French II. Ill B.S., Atlantic Christian College Freshman Basketball Coach, Freshman Track Coach. I -- ) MR. D. LAWRENCE GIBBS Spanish I, II B.A., Maryville College Graduate Work, University of Tennessee. MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN Spanish II. Ill, IV, V B.A., McPherson College B.D., Bethany Seminary M.S., Cornell University Spanish Club Sponsor Spanish Honor Society Sponsor. MISS E. VIRGINIA YUTZ Language Department Chairman French III. IV. V B.A., Roanoke College M.A., Duke University Junior Honor Society Sponsor Keyette Club Sponsor. Language students learn by oral exercises. 24 Miss E. Virginia Yutz, Language Department Chairman. Written And Oral Skills Foreign language study at Mount Vernon not only offers stu¬ dents a knowledge and understanding of other cultures, but also enables them to realize the influence of other languages and cultures upon our own. Through reading, writing, listening, and speaking, a student can gain a mastery of French, German, Spanish, or Latin, as he progresses to higher levels each year. Two levels of Latin are offered, concentrating on grammar and Latin literature from ancient Rome to the present. French and German are taught at five levels, while Spanish students can re¬ ceive four years of instruction. Grammar and simple conversa¬ tion are emphasized in the first three years, while the remaining years are almost entirely devoted to poetry, short stories, plays, and short novels. In the future, the Language Department hopes to add two new courses to its curriculum: a history of France in French and a history of Latin America in Spanish. Mr. Privette tackles his daily job of grading papers. Mrs. Egusa listens as students repeat drills. Language Department —first Kow-. Mrs. Eleanor A. Langrabe. Mrs. Linda H. Cannon. Mrs. Mari¬ lyn G. Avoli. Second Koto.- Mr. Wade H. Privette, Mr. Leonard E. Vaughn, Miss Joann McElroy. Mr. D. Lawrence Gibbs, Mrs. Susan k M. Egusa. 25 Social Studies Mr. George W. White, Social Studies De- Miss Joan H. Carr partment Chairman. MRS. LENA W BISH English IV U S. Government B.A., Madison College. MISS ROBERTA A. LERG World History B.A., Michigan State University Underclass Council Sponsor. MR GEORGE W. WHITE Social Studies Department Chairman A.B., Marshall University. MISS JOAN H. CARR World Geography World History B.A., Davis and Elkins College Senior Honor Society Sponsor. MRS. NANCY L. DAVENPORT English II World History B.A., University of Texas. MRS. SUSAN M. EGUSA Spanish I, II U S. Government B.A., University of California International Relations Club Sponsor. MR PATRICK J. FREEMAN U S. History World Geography B.A., St. Vincent College Assistant Varsity Football Coach Golf Coach. MR. KENNETH E. LEGINS World History B.A., George Washington University M.A., George Washington University Junior Varsity Basketball Coach. MR. TIMOTHY A. RERUN World Geography B.S., Bowling Green State University. MR. OSCAR MATCH U S. Government A.B., Pennsylvania State University M.A., University of Pittsburgh. MR. WARREN C. PAGE Sociology and Economics U S. Government B.A., Hofstra University. MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER U S. History B.A., Shepherd College. MR. JOHN W. WEDLOCK LI S. Government U S. History B.A., Yale University Varsity Basketball Coach. Social Studies Department —first Kou ' : Mrs. Susan M. Egusa, Mrs. Nancy L. Dav¬ enport. Miss Roberta A Lerg. Mr Warren C. Page. Stroud Kow-. Mr. Kenneth E. Legins. Mr. Michael M Skinner, Mr Patrick J. Freeman, Mr. Oscar Match, Mr. John W. Wedlock. Mr Timothy A. Kerlin. 26 Students Debate The Meaning Of Democracy Mr. Match requires students to subscribe to Time Magazine. We claim that we live in a democracy where freedom, individualism, and equality of all men prevail. We claim that democratic government is the best form of govern¬ ment known to man. However, when our beliefs are at¬ tacked by communists and other antidemocrats, we provide a vague and ineffective defense. The Social Studies Department challenges the student to accept his responsibility of living in a free and demo¬ cratic society. By providing the courses of United States History, United States Government, World Ge¬ ography, the World History, the student can under¬ stand and appreciate his American heritage and con¬ trast it with the heritages of other countries. This year, the department expanded its facilities. New books were provided; Economics and Sociology was added to the curriculum, and an Advanced Leadership Course in American History and American Literature was conducted. Mr. Kerlin illustrates the daily routine of the students to their parents during " Back to School Night. " 27 Courses Parallel The Inevitable Variations In Science Department—Mrs Anna M. Harder. Mr Charles L Coffman, Mr Harold G. Swain, Mr John R. Sawyer, Mr Paul Maskalenko, Mr Eugene W. Skinner. Mr. William P Bryant. Science Biology teachers warn potential violators. MR. WILLIAM P. BRYANT PSSC Physics Trigonometry-Functions B.S., Johns Hopkins University. MRS. VIRGINIA L. CAREY Health-Physical Education Earth Science B.S., Middle Tennessee State University Junior Varsity Softball Coach. MR. CHARLES L. COFFMAN Advanced Biology II BSCS Biology I B.S., A.Y.I., M.A., West Virginia University Science Club Sponsor. MR. DAVID S. GIVENS CHEM-Study B.S., Lynchburg College. MRS. ANNA M. HARDER Earth Science General Science B.S., Immaculata College N.S.F., American University and University of Virginia. MR. PAUL MASKALENKO CHEM-Study B.S., East Carolina University M.A.. University of North Carolina. MR. JOHN R. SAWYER Earth Science B.S., Wake Forest University M S., University of North Carolina. MR. EUGENE W. SKINNER BSCS Biology B.S., Montgomery Jr. College, Vir¬ ginia Union University Graduate Work, American Uni¬ versity, Hampton Institute, How¬ ard University, Virginia State College, University of Virginia Science Club Sponsor Intramurals Coach. MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN BSCS Biology B.S., Alabama Teachers College M.S., Florida State University Science Club Sponsor Bible Club Sponsor. MR. FREDERICK H. POWELL Science Department Chairman BSCS Biology B.S., Atlantic Christian College Graduate Work, University of Virginia. Mr. Frederick H Powell. Science Department Chairman Changes, revisions, and improvements are essential in the field of science. To parallel these inevitable changes in scientific devel¬ opment, the Science Department has had to supplement traditional courses with new trends in instruction. Earth Science has been replaced by ESCP; Biology, by BSCS; Chem¬ istry, by CHEM; and Physics by PSSC. These courses emphasize observation and experimentation in such exercises as " The Dichotomous Key of Identification of In¬ sects”, " Reaction Between Ions in Aqueous Solutions " , and " Inertia and Gravitational Mass”. No longer is the student forced to accept what he reads and what he is told as unquestionable and immutable fact. He is taught to observe, to challenge, and to com¬ municate to others what he sees, what he hears, what he smells, what he touches, and what he tastes. Only then can he present his individual concepts of the world through his observations in earth, biological, chemical, and physical sciences. 1 ‘“T j. r r 1 Mr. Givens discovers " flubber formula " . Taking precautions against leakage. Mr. Coffman insu¬ lates an aquarium. 29 Math Is An Essential Means Of Communication Today, in an age of rapid scientific development, mathe¬ matics has become an essential and exacting means of communication. No longer can the conscientious student be satisfied with the basic understanding of addition, sub¬ traction, multiplication, and division. As a member of a progressive society, he must become proficient in all phases of general mathematics, geometry, and algebra. As a student pursuing a scientific career he must also become cognizant of trigonometry, functions, statistics, calculus, and higher maths. The Math Department strives to present a mathematics beyond the scope of mere numbers. In courses ranging from General Mathematics, to Calculus, the student learns the application of math in daily life and in a career in the sciences. Mr Kendall cheerfully greets his Mr Russell H Ferry. Math Depart- students with a familiar expression. ment Chairman. Puzzled student asks Mr Butler for assistance. 30 X VUIWWWWW vw ' Math Math Department —Jirst Row-. Mrs. Lulu R. McFarland. Mrs. Lois M. Yearick, Mr Stephen A. Kendall Second Row-. Mr. Willard Stratton, Mrs. Connie M. Johnson, Mr. John E. Miller. Mr. William P. Bryant, Mr. Stanley L. Fant, Mr. Lloyd N Graham. Mr. Ovid M. Butler. MR. WILLIAM P. BRYANT PSSC Physics Trigonometry-Functions B.S.. Johns Hopkins University. MR. OVID M. BUTLER Algebra I Geometry B.S., United States Naval Academy. MR. STANLEY L. FANT Algebra 11-Trigonometry Geometry Math B.S., Wilson Teachers’ College Varsity Cross Country Coach Varsity Wrestling Coach. MR. RUSSELL H. FERRY Math Department Chairman Algebra II Algebra 11-Trigonometry Geometry Probability-Statistics B.Sc., Virginia Military Institute Graduate Work, University of Virginia. MR. LLOYD N. GRAHAM Algebra I B.A., University of Virginia. MRS. CONNIE M. JOHNSON Algebra I General Mathematics B.S., Madison College Drill Team Sponsor. MR. STEPHEN A. KENDALL Consumers Math Geometry Math II B.S., Virginia Polytechnical Institute Junior Varsity Football Coach. mrs. lulu r. McFarland Algebra I A. B., Guilford College Graduate Work, American Uni¬ versity, George Washington University, University of Vir¬ ginia, and Wilson Teachers’ College. MR. JOHN E. MILLER Algebra I, II Geometry B. A., Emory and Henry College M.A., George Peabody College Varsity Football Coach. MRS. JANE M. O’BRIEN Algebra I Algebra 11-Trigonometry B.A., Syracuse University. MR. WILLARD STRATTON Algebra II Geometry Math I B.S., Morehead State University M.A., University of Kentucky. MRS. LOIS M. YEARICK Calculus Geometry Trigonometry-Functions B.A., Connecticut College for Women Graduate Work, American University Math Club Sponsor. Mr. Bryant assists Rod Thonen in solving " extricable " problems. 31 Students Prepare For Business Department—Mrs. Mary R. O ' Neil, Mrs. Katherine A. Casey, Mrs. Miss Lucy J. Lowman, Business De- Florence R Provance, Mrs. Dorothy J. Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Galie. partment Chairman. Business And Library Before leaving for the day, Mrs. Casey sorts out her students’ daily papers. MRS, DOROTHY J. BROWN Recordkeeping Typing I B.S., Mary Washington College Graduate Work, American Uni¬ versity, College of William and Mary, George Washington Uni¬ versity, and University of Virginia. MRS. KATHERINE A. CASEY Shorthand II Typing I, II B.S., Emmanuel College. MRS. SYDELLE F. GINSBURGH Librarian B.A., Pennsylvania State University M.A., Indiana University. MRS. GAYLE K. HANNAH Assistant Librarian B.S., Austin Peay State University. MRS. MARY R. O’NEIL Shorthand I Typing I B.S., Radford College. MRS. FLORENCE R. PROVANCE Bookkeeping I Shorthand I Typing I, II B.S., Duquesne University M.E., University of Pittsburgh Graduate Work, University of Maryland Future Secretaries of America Sponsor. MRS. ELIZABETH P. GALIE Business Economics General Business Typing I B.S., Mary Washington College. MISS LUCY J. LOWMAN Business Education Department Chairman Clerical Office Practice Vocational Office Training 32 B.S., Radford College M.A., George Washington University. The Business World Students develop personal skills by participating in the courses provided by the Department of Business Educa¬ tion. Classes in typing and shorthand prove valuable in preparation for higher educational goals, while office training, bookkeeping, and stenography introduce and in¬ terest students in a business vocation. This year two new courses in business economics and recordkeeping were added to an already diverse department. To parallel the constantly changing interests of the stu¬ dents and faculty each year, Mrs. Ginsburgh and her staff increase the variety, quantity, and quality of the library’s collection. New features such as the " Classy Classifieds”, the microfilm machine, the revised filing system, and the program shown to all English classes provide a more efficient and interesting iibrary. Mrs. Sydelle F. Ginsburgh, Head Librarian, and Mrs. Gayie The library offers interests for everyone. K. Hannah, Assistant Librarian. 3 Culinary And Carpentry Having " nothing to wear” or being " always hungry”, common complaints of most girls, are remedied by taking Home Economics. Projects conducted by the girls include canning fruits and vegetables, preparing meals, and creat¬ ing a new wardrobe. A new course, Food Service, was of¬ fered this year to juniors and seniors who plan to enter occupations such as dietetics or hotel management. Industrial Arts serves as an outlet for personal creativity. Beginning with a simple block of wood, " masterpieces” of workmanship are formed. Through the courses in mechan¬ ical drawing, woodworking, metal work, and auto mechan¬ ics, students gain an excellent basis for future vocations. Home Economics Department—Mrs. Purcell M Robertson. Mrs. Lois M. Pieper. Mrs. Mildred H. Tibbs. Susan Black tests cakes for firmness. 34 Mrs. Pieper assists students with sewing projects. Skills Are Mastered By Homemakers And Craftsmen Industrial Arts Department—Mr. Lester B. Groom, Mr. James W. Johnston, Mr. Homer C. Currence. Mr. William W. Nurse. Craftsman constructs a masterpiece in wood. A shop student experiments in metal work. Home Economics And Industrial Arts MR. LESTER B. CROOM General Shop I, II B.S., East Carolina University Graduate Work, George Washing¬ ton University and Temple School of Electronics. MR. HOMER C. CURRENCE Maintenance and Repair Special Certificate, Virginia Poly- technical Institution. MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON Industrial Arts B.Ed., Eastern Illinois University. MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE Architectural Drawing Engineering Drawing Mechanical Drawing I B.S., University of New York M.A., George Washington University. MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER Home Economics I. II Senior Home Economics B.S., University of Minnesota Future Homemakers of America Sponsor. MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON Home Economics Dep artment Chairman Home Economics I, III. IV B.S., Radford College M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnical Institution Future Homemakers of America Sponsor. MRS. MILDRED H. TIBBS Food Service Home Economics I B.S., University of Texas Future Homemakers of America Sponsor. Waiting to bo allotted their tickets, members of the Chorus discuss the technique Mr. A. Lee Pauley, Drama Director, of how to sell. Dennis Morrison records his speech for later self- criticism. MISS LOUISE L. HOPKINS Choral Director Music Theory A.B., Georgetown College M.A., University of Kentucky. Mrs. Rhea G Locke and Mrs. Betty A. Sivets, Art Instructors. 36 Creativity Is Developed Through The Fine Arts Certainly no part of school life is left untouched by the af¬ fects of art. drama, and music. In the different produc¬ tions throughout the year, students learn the aesthetic and practical side of the fine arts. The Art Department strives to cultivate the student’s ap¬ preciation of art and to develop his own creativity. By working with assorted mediums during the year and studying the Masters, the art students learn to express in¬ dividual thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Dramatics is an integral part of fine arts. But there is more to drama than just walking on stage and saying one’s lines. Various techniques of expression as well as off¬ stage skills are studied to give the drama students more proficiency in the theatrical arts. Music is a form of communication. Through music, one can create a mood, tell a story, or praise God. Music takes long hours of rehearsal to present a finished prod¬ uct. It is this dedication our band and choral groups ex¬ hibit that entertains and musically enhances the school. Tedious hours of practice produce perfection. Art, Drama, And Music Miss Louise L. Hopkins. Choral Director, and Mr. Gene A. Steinbach. Band Director. MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE Art II. Ill, IV History of Art A.B., University of Alabama Art Club Sponsor. MR. A. LEE PAULEY Dramatic Arts I, II English II B.F.A., Richmond Professional Institute Graduate Work, University of Virginia National Thespian Society Sponsor. MRS. BETTY A. SIVETS Art I Art Special B.S., Iowa State University M.A., University of Southern California Art Club Sponsor. MR. GENE A. STEINBACH Band Director B.S., Northwestern University M.A., Catholic University Color Guard Sponsor Majorettes Sponsor. 37 Physically Fit P.E. Students Survive Calisthenics It is no wonder those who survive the calisthenic exercises, rigor¬ ous sports, sub-zero weather, unique gym suits, and showers endured in Health-Physical Education are so physically fit. In the Women ' s Athletic Department, the year is begun with hockey. Although there is much complaining from the girls at the thought of the cold outdoors, they become experts in the hockey field. The areas of study are varied, so that everyone enjoys at least one aspect of the year’s plans. Along with hockey, modern dance, softball, basketball, tennis, archery, and health instruction are taken up during the year. The boys participate in vigorous and enervating sports: football, basketball, speedball, volleyball, and track. By working togeth¬ er, they learn the importance of good sportsmanship. Freshman gym enthusiasts receive equipment to begin another day ' s lesson. Women ' s Athletic Department—Mrs. Edith R. Oliverio. Miss Martha J. Allen, Miss Virginia L. Carey, Mr. Edwin G. Taylor, Athletics Director. Mrs. Joan H. Massie. Athletics MISS MARTHA J. ALLEN Health-Physical Education B.S., Radford College Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Varsity Softball Coach. MISS VIRGINIA L. CAREY Health-Physical Education Earth Science B.S., Middle Tennessee University Intramurals Sponsor Junior Varsity Softball Coach. MR. DAVID L. GROVE Health-Physical Education B.A., Shepher College Assistant Freshman Footbalf Coach Varsity Track Coach. MRS. JOAN H. MASSIE Health-Physical Education B.S., Madison College Varsity Basketball Coach Junior Varsity Field Hockey Coach. MR. ROBERT M. MENEFEE Health-Physical Education World Geography B.S., East Carolina College. MRS. EDITH R. OLIVERIO Assistant Athletic Director Health-Physical Education B.S., Fairmont State College M.S., West Virginia University Intramurals Sponsor Varsity Hockey Coach. 38 And Sub-zero Weather Mr. Yednock is dumbfounded by the never-ending exuberance of his students. MR. EARNEST M. SNYDER Health-Physical Education B.S., Glenville State College Assistant Varsity Football Coach Junior Varsity Wrestling Coach. MR. EDWIN G. TAYLOR Athletic Director Health-Physical Education B.S., Concord College M.S., University of Tennessee Cheerleaders Sponsor. MR. JOHN J. YEDNOCK Health-Physical Education B.S., M.A., George Washington University Varsity Baseball Coach. Men ' s Athletic Department—Mr. David L. Grove, Mr. John J. Yednock. Mr. Robert M. Menefee Mr. Earnest M. Snyder Cooks, Cafeteria workers are experts in culinary skills. Eye examinations encompass only one of Mrs. Peachey’s numerous tasks. Cafeteria Clinic Maintenance Tedious work is involved in preparing nutritious meals for eighteen hundred students. 40 Nurse, And Custodians Face Onerous Tasks Mrs. Margaret R. Peachey. Nurse. Keeping eighteen hundred students and one hundred teachers well-fed is a job not to be envied. Under the su¬ pervision of Mrs. Marie Strobel, the cafeteria cooks pre¬ pare well-balanced and nutritious meals. For the first time at Mount Vernon, a cold plate was offered to light-eaters and weight-watchers. Mr. E. Dodson and his custodial staff face the onerous and endless task of cleaning sixty rooms, nine quanset huts, and two miles of halls and stairways. From early in the day to late at night, the custodians constantly attempt to maintain a clean, orderly building from the wear and tear of students and faculty. Meanwhile, Nurse Margaret R. Peachey tries to soothe the aches and pains of Mount Vernonites suffering from inter¬ esting and unusual malfunctions. Her responsibilities also encompass the tasks of taking height and weight measure¬ ments and scheduling eye and physical examinations. Custodians work from early in the day to late at night to maintain a clean building. Mr. E. Dodson, Head Custodian. 41 Classes If learning were confined to the classroom, what a shallow world this would be! For our classmates, in their unassumed manners, convey to us the meaning of beauty, laughter, tears, and friendship. And in confronting life, we learn that there is so much we also have to say. To each of us, this expression encompasses a different experience. It is our responsibility to define this awareness. 42 43 Seniors Prepare For A Year The meaning of the year 1968 will remain incompre¬ hensible to those who have not experienced it as se¬ niors ... as we have. Together we have striven to meet the challenges of a class and of a school. Last fall with wonder and amazement we approached this school year. After living the enchantments of being seniors, we have learned the real truth of being upperclassmen. We now realize that the status symbol is nothing compared to the hard work and time that make us seniors. The anticipation of college, the effort of organizing the prom, and the culmination of it all in graduation—these are but a few of the memories we shall treasure during the ensuing years. Yet, all this could not have been achieved without the guidance of our officers and our sponsor. Through their leadership and dedication we have become the class to follow. With sincerity and enthusiasm we have sought to form the attitudes we will need to be contributing members of our society. We have changed in many ways, each change adding to our maturity. We are eager to learn more, and we know we shall never stop learning. We have set goals for ourselves with the hope of reaching them. Now, at the end of four years, we are ready to reach for the " unreachable star and dream the impos¬ sible dream. " We are proud to be the Seniors of 96S. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT— Robert Spencer Cox VICE PRESIDENT— William Thomas Reeder SECRETARY- Cheryl Joanne Beckler SPONSOR- Mrs. Catherine P. Cooley 44 Of Success Katherine Wycliffe Alien Harold LaVern Anderson Karen Maryann Atwood Senior Class Council —first Row-. Bonnie Barry, Cathy son. Beth Barbour. Second Row-. Tom Schneiders. Ray Cruse, Nancy Chapman, Nancy Houck, Carol Thomp- Kandt, Steve Jacquot. Susan Marie Antonich Kathleen Alice Atkinson Trois Atteberry Rosemary Ayres 45 Elizabeth Petitpierre Baily Richard Allen Baker Karen Tuthill shows her artistic talent by drawing her idea of a Maior. Beth Diane Barbour James Marvin Barnes, Jr. Bertha Barry Paul Wayne Bartlett SENIOR DIRECTORY KATHERINE WYCLIFFE ALLEN, " Wyc”. Activities: GAA, I, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 1,2). HAROLD LAVERN ANDERSON. SUSAN MARIE ANTONICH, " Sue”. Activities: Biology Club, I. KATHLEEN ALICE ATKINSON, " Kathy”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 3; EM VEE HI, 3, 4 (Reporter, Co-page Editor, 3; Man¬ aging Editor, Photographer, 4); Chorus, I, 2, 3 ; International Relations, 4. Sports: JV Hockey, 2. Awards: Chorus Letter. TROIS ATTEBERRY. Activities: French Club, 2, 3, 4 ; FHA, 3, 4 (Federation Representative)-, Freshman. Junior Class Represen¬ tative, I, 3; Junior Honor Society, I, 2 ; Senior Honor society, 3, 4 ; Pep Club, 1, 2. Awards: Daisy Mae Queen, 2; Scholarship Award, 2. KAREN MARYANN ATWOOD. Activities-. FTA, I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 3; Debate Club, 3; French Club, 3, 4. ROSEMARY AYRES. Activities: FTA. 3, 4 (Treasurer. 4), EM VEE HI, 3, 4 (Advertising, Photographer, Reporter); Internation¬ al Relations, 4; Band. I; SCA Representative, 4; Homecoming Committee, 4. ELIZABETH PETITPIERRE BAILEY, " Liz”. Activities: Librarian, 2, 3; " The Copenhagen Internationalist”, 3 (Editor, 3); French Club, 4 ; FTA, 4 : Junior Class Representative, 3. RICHARD ALLEN BAKER, " Rick”. Activities: SCA Represen¬ tative, I; JCL, 3; Key Club, 3, 4. Sports: Freshman Basketball, I; JV Basketball, 2; JV Track Team, I. BETH DIANE BARBOUR, " Buffy”. Activities-. GAA, l ; Spanish Club, I, 2; Color Guard, 2, 3; SCA Alternate,,2; Freshman, Ju¬ nior, Senior Class Council, I, 3, 4-, Keyettes, 4; Homecoming Halftime Chairman, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 1,2,3; JV Soft- ball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 4. Awards: Freshman Homecoming Princess, I,- Basketball Certificate and Letter, I, 2; Softball Certificate, 2. JAMES MARVIN BARNES, JR., " Jim”. Activities: Radio Club, I; Latin Club, I: Debate Club, 3, 4 (Captain, 4). Sports: Freshman Football, I; Freshman Basketball, I; Intramurals, I. BERTHA BARRY. " Bonnie”. PAUL WAYNE BARTLETT, " Wayne”. Activities.- Junior Honor Society. 2; Key Club, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Foot¬ ball, 3. JO ANN BATCHELOR. Activities; GAA, I; Spanish Club, I, 2; SCA Representative, 3; FTA, 2, 3, 4 (President, 3); EM VEE HI (Page Editor, 4); Homecoming Committee, 4. Awards: FTA Award. HAROLD CLINTON BAYNE. Activities: Senior Class Council, 4. CHERYL JOANNE BECKLER. Activities: Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, 4 ; Drill Team, 4. Sports: Gymnastics, 2. Awards: Senior Homecoming Princess, 4. AMY ELIZABETH BENNETT. Activities: GAA, I, 2 (President, 2); Junior Classical League, 3; International Relations, 3; EM VEE HI, 4. Sports: Varsity Softball, I, 2. JANE ELIZABETH BETZ. Activities: Junior Class Council Alternate, 3. Sports: Varsity Hockey, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Softball, I, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 3). Awards: Softball Trophy, 3. THOMAS NORMAN BICKELL, " Tom”. Activities: DE Club, 4 : DECA, 4. ARTHUR RANKIN BLACKWELDER, III, " Art”. Activities-. Con¬ cert Band, 1,2, 3; Marching Band, 3; Dance Band, 3, 4. ANDREW WILLIAM BLOUNT, " Andy”. Activities: Math Club, 3, 4; Junior Honor Society, I, 2. JUDSON MICHAEL BOSWELL, " Jud”. Activities-. SCA Repre¬ sentative, I, 4; French Club, 3 (Vice President, 3). Sports: Freshman Football, I; Freshman Basketball, h JV Basketball, 2; JV Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. ALLEN LAGRANT BOWERS, " Mickey”. Activities-. Letterman’s Club, I. Sports: Varsity Football, I, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); Varsi¬ ty Wrestling, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4. Awards.- Football —All District, All Metropolitan, All Northern Virginia, All State; Most Valuable Player, 3, 4; Baseball—Highest Batting Average, I, 3; Wrestling—Second in District, Fourth in Regional, State. CLAUDIA LYNN BOWERS, " Lynn”. Activities-. Spanish Club, h SCA Representative, I. Our Class Displays Many Talents P Jo Ann Batchelor Harold Clinton Bayne Cheryl Joanne Beckler W -it - . John Culpeper, Rod Thonen, and Chuck Rich scuffle after a long football practice. Thomas Norman Bickell Arthur Rankin Blackwelder, III Amy Elizabeth Bennett Jane Elizabeth Betz David Arthur Brown Raymond Brazell I f Britton Wheeler Brewer i Allen Thompson Brillhart, III Eldon Lloyd Brooks i Steven Frank Breland Cheryl Beckler and Ken Ziegfeld assist some underclassmen in search of the " third floor. " David Douglas Brown Pamela Kay Burke Martha Louise Carmean RAYMOND BRAZELL. STEVEN FRANK BRELAND. " Steve " . BRITTON WHEELER BREWER. " Britt " . Activities: SCA Repre¬ sentative. I. Alternate. 4; Underclass Council, l ; Varsity De¬ bate Team. 3, 4 (Captain, 4). Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Track. 3. Awards: Debate, Outstanding Leadership. 3 ; Second Place. American Legion Oratorical Contest. 3. ALLEN THOMPSON BRILLHART. III. " Tom " . Activities: Key Club. 2 , 3. 4: Junior Great Books’ Club, I; Debate Club, 2 , 3; Freshman SCA President. I •, Sophomore Class President, 2 -, SCA President, 4: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 3; French Club. 4; National Honor Society, 4 ; JCL. I, 2 . Sports: JV Foot¬ ball, I. 2; JV Basketball, 1,2,3; Varsity Football, 3, 4 : Varsity Basketball, 4; Varsity Track. I, 3, 4. ELDON LLOYD BROOKS. Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 3. DAVID ARTHUR BROWN. Activities: French Club, I, 2 ; Honor Society, 2. Sports: Varsity Golf, I, 2, 3, 4. DAVID DOUGLAS BROWN. PAMELA KAY BURKE, " Pam " . Activities: GAA, l ; French Club, 1,2, 3, 4 (President, 3); Philosophy, 2; EM VEE HI, 2, 3, 4 (Page Editor, 4): FTA, 3, 4; International Relations Society, 3, 4 (Secretary)-, SCA Representative, 4. MARTHA LOUISE CARMEAN, " Marti " . Activities: FHA, I, GAA, I; ICT, 4; SCA Representative, 3. MARCELLA ANN CARMICHAEL, " Marcy " . Activities: GAA, I, Chorus, I, 2; Science Club, I; Institution Management, 4. NANCY LORENE CARSON. Activities: Spanish Club, l ; SCA Alternate, Representative, I, 2 ; Spiriters, 2; FTA, 4; Home¬ coming Committee, 2 ; FHA, 3 ; International Relations Society, 4; Freshman Class Council, I. Sports: Gymnastics, 2. LORETTA CAUDILL. Activities: DE Club, 3, 4. We Pro ve Ourselves Worthy Of The Title Of " Senior” Marcella Ann Carmichael Nancy Lorene Carson Loretta Caudill Sarah Marie Chapelle SARAH MARIE CHAPELLE. Activities: International Relations Society, I; German Club, 3; SURVEYOR Staff, 4; Keyettes, 4; Madrigals, 4; SCA, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4). Awards: DAR Citi¬ zenship Award, 4. NANCY LEE CHAPMAN. Activities: Pep Club, 1, 2 (Vice Presi¬ dent, 2); Honor Pep Club, 2 ; SCA Representative, I; Goodfel- lows Representative, 2; French Club, 3; Spiriters, 3; SCA Pub¬ licity Committee, 3; Keyette Club, 4; Drill Team, 4; SURVEYOR Staff, 4 ; Senior Class Alternate, 4. SHARON ANN CHICHESTER, " Sherry " . Activities: GAA, I, Biology Club, I; Spiriters, I; DE Club, 2. Sports: Gymnastics, Nancy Lee Chapman Sharon Ann Chichester We Are A Well-rounded Class (I William Ernest Christiansen ft John Daniel Convery Guy Fletcher Collins Sandra Gaule Compton WILLIAM EARNEST CHRISTIANSEN, " Billy”. Sports: Freshman Football, I: Freshman Baseball, I. Cathy Cruse. Mary Ellen Crowe, Ruth Hemingway. Pam Matthes, Sally Watters, and Sue Gordon proudly display the cake for the an¬ nual Tiger bake sale. GUY FLETCHER COLLINS, " Skip”. Activities: Science Club, I. Sports: JV Football, 2: Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: Varsity Football Letter. SANDRA GAYLE COMPTON, ’ " Sandy”. JOHN DANIEL CONVERY, ' " Danny”. Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3j SCA Cabinet, 4 (Secretary of Athletics). Sports: Freshman Football, I; Freshman Basketball, I; JV Football, 2 : JV Basket¬ ball , 2, 3; JV Baseball, I, 2 ; Varsity Football, 3, 4 ; Varsity Bas¬ ketball, 4 ; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. Awards: Letters in Varsity Football and Baseball. LEA JANETTE CORKILL. Activities: FTA, I, 4 : French Club, 3, 4 ; NOTRE VIKING Staff, I; Student Council, 2 (Sophomore Representative); International Relations Society, 4; GAA, I, 2; Dormitory Council, I (Freshman Representative). ROBERT SPENCER COX, " Bob”. Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4; Key Club, 2, 3, 4 (Junior Representative, 3); Junior Class Council Alternate, 3 ; Biology Club, 2; Senior Class President, 4. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; JV Football, 2 ; Golf, I. CARROLL EARL CRAIG, ’’Sandy”. MARY ELLEN CROWE. Activities: Freshman Class President, I; Glee Club, I; Spiriters, 2. 3 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3): Drill Team, 4; Keyettes, 4 ; FTA, 4 ; SURVEYOR Staff, 4. Sports: Varsity Bas¬ ketball, I. CATHY LEE CRUSE. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2 : Spiriters, I, 2; Junior Class Vice President, 3; Freshman, Junior, Senior Class Council, I, 3, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4 : Chorus, h SURVEYOR Staff, 3, 4; Drill Team, 4. Awards: Junior Prom Princess, 3; Girls State, 3 (Alternate). LAWRENCE REID CRUTTENDEN. Activities: Spanish Club, 4. JOHN SHEPPARD CULPEPPER. Activities: Junior Class Council, 3 ; Key Club, 3, 4 (Sergeant-at-Arms, 4). Sports: Freshman Football, I; JV Football, 2; JV Tennis, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. SCOTT RAYMOND DALE. Sports: JV Basketball, 3 ; Varsity Baseball, 3. SAMUEL DANIELS. Activities: FTA, I. Samuel Daniels Shirley Daniels SHIRLEY DANIELS. Activities: Glee Club, 2, FSA. 4. Awards: English Poetry Award, I. JUDITH ELAINE DANNER, " Judy”. Activities: Newspaper Club, I; Home Economics Club, I; GAA, 2; Art Club, 3, 4 ; German Club, 4 : EM VEE HI Staff, 4 ; SCA Alternate, 4. JO ANN DAVIS. Activities: SCA Representative, I. PAULA LEE DAVISON. Activities: Pep Club, 2, 3 (Squad Lead¬ er, 3); Literary Guild, 2; National Honor Society, 3, 4 ; Junior Class Secretary, 3; Prom Decorations Committee, 3. Awards: Junior Homecoming Princess, 3; 2nd Runner-Up Bitburg Beauty Contest. We Are Sincere In Our NANCY SUE DAWSON. Activities: GAA, I. EDWARD DEAN. BRUCE DEARMOND. LESLIE LITA DE GIL. Activities. Spiriters, 2; Drill Team, 4,- Cho¬ rus, I. KIRK SULLEN DEHAVEN. Activities-. Key Club, 2, 3 ; Varsity Club, 2, 3. Sports: JV Basketball, I, 2 ; JV Football, I-, Varsity Football, 2, 3. 4. DEBORAH LOUISE DELIMONT, " Debbie”. Activities: Spanish Club, I. PAUL STANTON DENISON. Activities: Debate Team, 3, 4 (Captain, 4). Awards: Outstanding Participation Award, 3. GEORGE PATRICK DEXTER, " Pat”. Activities: German Club, 3, Science Club, 3. Sports: Varsity Swimming, 2, 3. WILLIAM GORDON DILLON. Darlene Skelton patiently poses for her senior picture VINCENT DITCHKUS, JR. Activities: Spanish Club, 4. Efforts Of Being The Best Paula Lee Davison Nancy Sue Dawson Leslie Lita de Gil Edward Dean i Kirk Sullen DeHaven Bruce deArmond Deborah Louise Delimont Paul Stanton Denison George Patrick Dexter Vincent Ditchkus, Jr. I • J William Gordon Dillon 53 PAMELA ELIZABETH DIXON, " Pam”. Pamela Elizabeth Dixon Janice Louine Donaldson Eric Brent Donovan Susan Nalani Drozdz JANICE LOUINE DONALDSON, " Jan”. Activities: Pep Club, 2 ,- National Honor Society, 2 , 3, 4; Lettergirls, 2 ; Prom Chairman, 3; French Club. I; Ticket Chairman, 2; SCA Representative, 2; Sophomore Class Treasurer, 2 ; Junior Class President, 3. Sports: Varsity Hockey, 4. Awards: Highest Sophomore Scholarship Award, 2. ERIC BRENT DONOVAN. Sports: Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN NALANI DROZDZ, " Suzy”. Activities: French Club, SCA Alternate: Homecoming Committee, 4. MARIE DUNPHY. CHARLES EARLY, JR. DIXIE LEE EASTON. FRANCIS HICKERSON EDGE, " Frank”. Activities: Spanish Club, 4. Sports: Freshmen Basketball, I; JV Baseball, I, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4: JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Awards: All District and All Metropolitan Football Team. BOBBIE EDNEY. ELAINE MARIE EKLUND. Activities: Drill Team, I (Line Cap¬ tain)-, Homecoming and Prom Decorations, 2: German Club, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer): SCA Publicity Committee, 3; SURVEY¬ OR Staff. 4. LYNNE DOROTHY FARRELL. Activities: German Club, I, RAM¬ PAGE Feature Editor, 2; Art Club, 3. CHARLES JOSEPH FERDERBER. Activities-. Science Enrichment Honor Society, I ■, Future Medical Society, I (Vice President, I); SCA Representative, I, 3, 4: International Relations Society, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 4); Biology Club, 2, 3 (Vice President, 3); National Thespians Society, 3, 4; French Club, 2, 4-, Math Club, 3. Awards: Science-1st place Regional, 3rd place State, l 1st Regional, 2nd State, 2; US Army Certificate of Achievement, 2 . Dixie Lee Easton. Jr. ELIZABETH RUSSELL FERREY. Activities: GAA, 2: Spanish Club. 2; Select Girls, 2: Concert Choir, 3, 4; Madrigals, 3, 4. Sports: Gymnastics, 2. We Share The Secret Of The Senior’s Dream Francis Hickerson Edge Seniors experience a moment of ecstasy—the pictures have arrived! Bobbie Edney None Can Surpass The Spirit Of The Class Of ’68 Walter Edward Fisette Susan Patricia Foulkes Barbara Florence Fox Bonnie Huyett and Michele Kelley Elvira Francisco help decorate the Senior hall. Cynthia Marie Fravel Lyndall Byron Frizzell David Michael Frye 56 Dennis John Frye Nancy Fitzpatrick Roger Lee Fox Louise Freund WALTER EDWARD FISETTE NANCY FITZPATRICK. SUSAN PATRICIA FOULKES, " Pat”. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4: SCA Representative, I, 2; Chorus. 4. BARBARA FLORENCE FOX. Activities: FTA, 3, 4 (Assistant Librarian): German Club, 3; Mixed Chorus, 2, 4. ROGER LEE FOX. ELVIRA FRANCISCO, " Ellie”. Activities.- GAA, 3 (President); Spanish Club. I ; Spanish Honor Society, I, 2, 3, 4; FBA, 2; Spiriters. 3. Awards: Spanish Language Award, I. CYNTHIA MARIE FRAVEL, " Cindy " . Activities: Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4. LOUISE FREUND. LYNDALL BYRON FRIZZELL, " Lyn”. Activities-. Band, I, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4-, EM VEE HI Staff, 3, Spiriters. 4. DAVID MICHEAL FRYE. 5 I J DENNIS JOHN FRYE. Activities: SCA Representative, 4. DAVID JOHN GARBER. Activities.- Art Club, 2, 3; German Club, 2, 3. Sports: Varsity Track, 2, 3 ; Varsity Cross Country, f I. | I GERALD ANDREW GARCIA, " Jerry " . Activities-. Key Club, 4 (Chaplain); Spanish Club, h Sophomore Class Council, 2; SCA Representative, 4. Sports: Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3, 4; JV Cross Country, 3. Awards-. West Point Leadership Award, 3. Valerie Jones industriously strings " Tromp Titans " victory tags. David John Garber Gerald Andrew Garcia .■ittinii Enthusiasm Is Projected By The Senior Class Mary Kathryn Ghent Spirited seniors participate in pre-game pep rallies. Clyde Gentry CLYDE GENTRY. Lynn Margret Gray William Delaplaine Green Donald James Gribble Karen Lee Grove Rita Renee Grover MARY KATHRYN GHENT. Activities: French Club, I; Drill Team, 3. 4 : FHA, I. LEWIS SCOTT GILLINGHAM. Sports: JV Baseball, 2. JAMES WILLIAM GLOCK, " Jim”. Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4 : Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4; Math Club, 3, 4 (President, 4) ; Key Club, 4; National Honor Society, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, I; Freshman Basketball, l ; JV Basketball, 2 ; Varsity Basketball, 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH GORDON. Activities: German Club, 2 , 3, SCA Representative, I, 4 ; SURVEYOR Staff, 3. 4 (Freshman Class, 3 ; School Life, 4) : Keyettes, 3, 4 (President, 4): GAA, I, 2 ; JV Cheerleader, 2 (Captain). BRENDA DARLENE GORZENSKI. Activities: Guitar Club, I, 2. 3 (President, 3). LYNN MARGRET GRAY. Activities.- Pep Club, 2 (President, 2) : Girls Glee Club, 2 -, Mixed Chorus, 4. MARYANN GRAY. Activities: SCA Representative, 3; Drama, I; Chorus Club, I, 2; Guitar Club, 3,- Library, I, 2. Awards: Swim¬ ming and Diving, First Place. WILLIAM DELAPLAINE GREEN, " Bill”. Activities: SCA Repre¬ sentative, I, 2 ; Madrigals, 3, 4. Sports.- JV Wrestling, 3. DONALD JAMES GRIBBLE. Activities: Biology Club, h Debate, 3. Sports: Freshman Football, I; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis. I, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 3). Awards: First Place Optimist Award, 2. KAREN LEE GROVE. Activities: FHA, I; French Club, 2, 3 ; FTA, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); SCA Homecoming Chairman, 4. Awards: P.T.A. Algebra II—Trigonometry Award. RITA RENEE GROVER, " Sue”. Activities: DE II, I. ALEXANDRA LOUISE HAIGHT, " Alex”. Activities: Spanish Club, I; Spiriters, 2-, Spanish Honor Society, 1,2, 3, 4 (Secre¬ tary-Treasurer, 4); Drill Team, 3, 4: Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (Parlia¬ mentarian. 4) ; SURVEYOR Staff, 3, 4 (Organizations Editor, 4); SCA Hospitality Committee, 4,- Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2. Alexandra Louise Haight CYNTHIA ANN HAINES, " Cyndie”. Activities: GAA, I, Philoso¬ phy Club, 2 ; SCA Representative, 2 -, French Club, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 3); FTA, 3, 4,- International Relations Society, 4 , Na¬ tional Thespian Society, 4. Awards: Geometry P.T.A. Award, 2 ; Dramatics Letter, 3. DIANA ELIZABETH HALL. Activities: French Club, I, 2, 3; Ju¬ nior Honor Society, I, 2 (Vice President, 2); Senior Honor Soci¬ ety. 3, 4; Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 , EM VEE HI Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Page Edi¬ tor. 3; Editor-in-Chief, 4). We Strive For Academic ESTHER HARPER. Activities: GAA, 1,2,3 (Vice President, 3), Art Club, 2; Philosophy Club, 2 : Spiriters, 3. VALERIE LYNN HARRAWOOD, " Val”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2, 3; GAA, I, 2 (Vice President, 2); Freshman Class Council, Is Sophomore Class Council, 2; Choralers, 3, 4 ; Drill Team, 4. Sports-. Intramurals, 3. Awards: Senior Class Homecoming Princess. JACQUELINE ELAINE HARRIS. Activities: FHA, I. Sports: JV Hockey. I. MARILYN HOLLADAY HARRIS. Activities: Freshman Chorus, l ; Select Girls’ Chorus, 3, 4-, Spanish Club, 2; Spiriters Club, 2; Drill Team 3, 4 (President, 4); Prom Committee, 3: Hospitality Committee, 4. Awards: Junior Class Homecoming Princess, 3 ; Junior Prom Princess. BRINTON KENNETH HARRISON. " Brit ”. Activities-. Spanish Club, 2, Key Club, 3, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 2. STANLEY ALBERT HARRISON, " Stan”. Activities: Chorus, I. STEVE LEE HARTER. Cynthia Ann Haines Diana Elizabeth Hall Esther Harper Valerie Lynn Harrawood GAYLE HAWXHURST. Activities: FHA, l ; Hospitality Committee, 4. KAREN ANNE HECKERT. Activities: Drill Team, 2, Keyettes, 3, 4 (Historian, 3); Pep Club, 2: National Honor Society, 3, 4,- Ju¬ nior Class Vice President, 3. Sports: Tennis, 2, 3, 4. Awards: Tennis Letter, Fourth Place Girls’ Singles SHARON LEE HECKERT. Activities: Keyettes, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 3),- National Honor Society, 3, 4; GAA, 2 ; Ski Club, 2. Sports: Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4. Awards: Second Place Girls’ Doubles. Achievement Jacqueline Elaine Harris Brinton Kenneth Harrison Karen Anne Heckert Marilyn Holladay Harris Peggy Legett and Alan Pendleton are among the Academic Top Eleven. Gayle Hawxhurst Steve Lee Harter Stanley Albert Harrison Sharon Lee Heckert 61 ERON MARC HEFFERMAN, " Ron”. Sports: Freshman Basket¬ ball, I; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. RUTH ANN HEMINGWAY. Activities: FTA, 3; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Secretary of Activities); SCA Hospitality Committee, 4; EM VEE HI Staff, 3, 4 (Page Editor); Spiriters, 3; SCA Publicity Committee, 3. TANJA RAY HENSON. Activities: Goodfellows, 2; Math Club, 3, 4; French Club, 3; EM VEE HI Staff, 4. Awards.- NEDT Certi¬ ficate. MICHAEL HEINRICH HERBSTREITH, " Herbie”. Activities: Na¬ tional Thespian Society, 3, 4. Sports: Track, 3. LARRY HICKS. HOWARD THOMAS HICKS, " Tom”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2; SCA Representative, 2,- Junior Honor Society, I. Seniors tackle formidable Physics problems Ruth Ann Hemingway kJI Eron Marc Hefferman DONALD LEE HILL. Activities: DECA Club, I. MARY ELIZABETH HINSON, " Betsy”. Activities: French Club, I; SCA Representative, I, 4; Freshman Class Council, I; Sopho¬ more Class Vice President, 2; Junior Honor Society, 1,2; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; French Honor Society, 3, 4; Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4 ; Drill Team, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4); Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; SCA Hospitality Committee, 4. Awards: Junior Prom Princess, 3,- Senior Homecoming Princess, 4. TERENCE EUGENE HOLT, " Terry”. Activities-. Spanish Club, I, 2, 3; SCA Representative, 4. Sports: Freshman Football, I; JV Football, 2-, JV Wrestling, 3. CHARMAIGNE VICTORIA HORNE, " Vici”. Activities.- Spanish Club, 2; SCA Representative, 2. NANCY JEAN HOUCK. Activities-. Drill Team, 2, 3; Keyettes, 4 (Senior Representative, 4); SURVEYOR Staff, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. FRED WILLIAM HUEBNER. We Apply Ourselves To Difficult Tasks ■H ■¥ ' i Tanja Ray Henson Michael Heinrich Herbstreith Larry Hicks Howard Thomas Hicks Donald Lee Hill Mary Elizabeth Hinson Terence Eugene Holt Charmaigne Victoria Horne Nancy Jean Houck Fred William Huebner 63 Individual Achievement Adds To Our Class Success Pamela Jean Huffman k Jack Arthur Hutcherson Robert Charles Humphres Jerry Allen Hutcherson Steve Jacquot pauses for a minute between classes. He is among the Academic Top Eleven. Bonnie Rosalie Huyett Eric Cartwright Hyman Robert Kerry Iddins Stephen Alan Jacquot 64 PAMELA JEAN HUFFMAN. " Pam”. Activities: FTA, 2, 3. 4 (Vice President, 3): GAA, I; French Club. 2; Debate Team, 4. Awards: Algebra II. P.T.A. Award. 3. ROBERT CHARLES HUMPHRES. " Bob”. Sports: JV Basketball. 2 f Varsity Football. 3. 4. JACK ARTHUR HUTCHERSON. Activities: Spanish Club. 2. Sports: Varsity Track. I, 2, 3. 4: Varsity Football, 3. 4. JERRY ALLEN HUTCHERSON. Sports: Freshman Basketball, I, Freshman Football, I; JV Football. 2: Varsity Track, 3. BONNIE ROSALIE HUYETT. Activities: SCA Representative, I; SCA Elections Board. I •, Sophomore Class Council Represen¬ tative. 2; Junior Class Council Alternate, 3 ; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Secretary of Spirit): Keyettes, 3, 4 (Historian, 4); Freshman Cheerleader. I (Co-captain): JV Cheerleader, 2 (Secretary-Trea¬ surer); Varsity Cheerleader. 3, 4 (Co-captain. 4). Awards: Third Runner-up, Miss Mount Vernon, 2; Sophomore Home¬ coming Princess, 2; Junior Homecoming Princess, 3; 1967 Homecoming Queen, 4; Junior Prom Princess, 3. ERIC CARTWRIGHT HYMAN. Activities: Key Club,3, 4. Sports: Freshman Football, I; Freshman Basketball, I; JV Football, 2; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Track, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4 (Cap¬ tain, 4); Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. ROBERT KERRY IDDINS, " Kerry”. Sports: JV Football, 2, Varsi¬ ty Football, 3. STEPHEN ALAN JACQUOT. Activities: German Club, 3, 4 (President, 4); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Junior Honor Soci¬ ety, 1,2; EM VEE HI Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Page Editor, 3; Associate Editor, 4); French Honor Society, 3, 4; SCA Alternate, I, 4; French Club, 3; International Relations Society, 3; Math Club, 3; Math Team. 3; Senior Class Council Representative, 4 ; Junior Class Council Representative, 3. Awards: IT’S ACADEMIC, 4; YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW, 3; German IV-V Award, 3; Nation¬ al Merit Finalist, 4. KATHLEEN ANN JENNINGS, " Kathy”. Activities: French Club, 2; FTA, 3, 4 (President, 4); SCA Homecoming Committee, 4. Kathleen Ann Jennings Diana Leigh Johnson Earle Hopkins Jones Mary Louise Jones DIANA LEIGH JOHNSON, " Diddee”. Activities: Biology Club, 2; German Club, 2, 3, 4; Spiriters, 4; Freshman Chorus, I; Mixed, Advanced Chorus, 2, 3; Color Guard. 4. EARLE HOPKINS JONES. Activities: Underclass Council, I. MARY LOUISE JONES. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2, 3; Spiri¬ ters, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4; SCA Representative, I, 2. Our Responsibilities Help Us Develop Maturity Patricia Ann Kazlausky Craig Alan Keeler Cynthia Sue Kelley Michele Marie Kelley Richard Lee Keplinger VALERIE JONES. Sports: JV Basketball, 2; JV Hockey, I-, Varsi¬ ty Softball, I, 2 , 3, 4: Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey, 2 . 3, 4. Bob Cox pursues the many duties of President. VALERIE RUTH JORDAN, , ' Val”. Activities: FNA, I, 2, FTA, I, 2; Spanish Club, 3, 4: Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4 (President, 4): National Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: Outstanding Merit in Chorus, I. CATHERINE ANN JOURDAN, ' Cathy”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class Council Secretary, lj Sopho¬ more Class Secretary-Treasurer, 2 ; Junior Class Council Repre¬ sentative, 3; SCA Alternate, 3; Keyettes, 3, 4; Madrigals, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Cheerleader, l ; JV Cheerleader, 2 (Co-captain); Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Captain, 4). Awards-. Forensics—Sec¬ ond Place in Poetry, First Place Extemperanious; Junior Prom Princess, 3. RAYMOND STEPHEN KANDT, " Ray”. Activities: Latin Club, I, 2 ; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Band, 1, 2; German Club, 4. Sports: JV Cross Country, 3; JV Wrestling, 2, 3; Varsity Wrestling, 4. Awards: Commendation on NMSQT. PATRICIA ANN KAZLAUSKY, " Pat”. Activities: FTA, 3, 4 (His¬ torian, 4); Keyettes, 2, 3, 4; SCA Homecoming Co-chairman, 4. CRAIG ALAN KEELER. Activities: Drama Club. I -, SCA Repre¬ sentative, I. Sports.- JV Football, 2. CYNTHIA SUE KELLEY, " Sue”. Activities: FHA, I, GAA, I, DE II, 3, DE III, 4. MICHELE MARIE KELLEY. Activities-. Freshman Cheerleader, I ; JV Cheerleader, 2 (Co-captain); Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4 (Sec¬ retary-Treasurer, 4); SCA Alternate, I; GAA, 1,2,3, 4. Awards: Miss Mount Vernon Civitan, 3; Freshman Homecoming Princess, I. Phyllis Anita Kirby Katherine Joyce Kirkemo WALTER THOMAS KELLY. Activities: German Club, 4. Sports.- JV Wrestling, 3; Varsity Wrestling, 4. RICHARD LEE KEPLINGER. " Ric”. Activities: Band, 3. 4 (Drum Major, 4); Dance Band, 4 (Librarian). Sports: JV Wrestling, I, 2, 3. PHYLLIS ANITA KIRBY. Activities: JV Cheerleading, 2; Drill Team, 3, 4,- SCA Representative, I. KATHERINE JOYCE KIRKEMO, " Kathy”. Activities: Go-68. I; Golf Club, I; SCA Poster Committee, 4; SCA Homecoming Committee, 4; Dance Committee, I. Sports: JV Softball, I; JV Basketball, 2. Awards: Band Award, I. SUSAN LESLEY KORFANTY. Activities: National Thespian Soci¬ ety, 3, 4 ; Underclass Council Representative, I. Awards: Drama Letter. GARY WILLIAM LAKE. Activities: Junior Classical League, I, 2: Junior Honor Society, I, 2 (Reporter, 2),- National Honor Soci¬ ety, 3, 4 ; Science Club, 3; Math Club, 3, 4 ; Math Team, 3, 4 , Underclass Council Representative, I; SCA Parliamentarian, 4. Awards: U.S. History P.T.A. Award, 3 : National Merit Semi-Fi¬ nalist, 4, IT’S ACADEMIC. 4 (Captain). JOE LAMB, JR. Activities: International Club, 3 (President); Science Club, 2, 3; Debate, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4). Sports: JV Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4. PATRICIA ALLANE LAMB, " Tricia " . Activities: National Foren¬ sic League, 2, 3 (Recording Secretary); FTA, 3; International Club, 3; Junior Class Cou ncil Representative, 3; Y-Teens, 3 (Publicity Chairman); Spanish Club, I, 2. MICHELE MARIE LAVOY, " Chele”. Activities.- FHA, 2; Art Club, I; GAA, 3. Sports: JV Hockey, 2; Varsity Hockey, 4; Var¬ sity Basketball, 3, 4. JOAN WAITE LAWRENCE, " Joani”. Activities-. Junior Prom Committee Chairman, 3,- Varsity Cheerleader, I. DONALD LAYBERGER. WILLIAM ROBERT LECKEY, ' Bill ' . Activities-. SCA Represen¬ tative, 3. Sports: Varsity Football, 3. TANA JEANNE LEE. Activities: French Club, I; Spiriters, I; Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2; SCA Homecoming Committee, 3; Drill Team, 3, 4 (Captain. 4). MARGARET IRWIN LEGGETT, " Peggy”. Activities: Junior Hon¬ or Society, I, 2; National Honor Society, 3, 4 (President, 4); Keyettes, 2, 3, 4-, SCA Cabinet, 4 (Student Handbook Editor; Homecoming Dance Chairman),- Math Club, 3, 4; Biology Club, 2, 3 (Vice President, 2; President, 3); French Honor Society, 3 (Vice President); GAA, I (Secretary). Sports: Varsity Hockey, 2. Awards: World History P.T.A. Award, 2; BSCS Biology P.T.A. Award, 2; English P.T.A. Award, 3; Heart Association Commendation. 3. CHRISTOPHER RAYMOND LENT, " Chris”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2. RICHARD JOHN LEWIS. CHARLOTTE JOY LINDBERG, " Char”. Activities: GO-68, I; Tri Lites, 2; International Club, 2; Senior Tri Hi, 3 (Secretary); Drill Team, 2, 3-, Sponsors, 3; National Thespians, 3, 4; Keyet¬ tes, 4. Awards: Drama Outstanding Achievement Award, I; DAR Drama Finalist, 2, 3. THOMAS SCOTT LONG, " Scott”. VICKI RUTH LOVETT. Activities: FHA, I, Spiriters, 2 (Vice President); Color Guard, 2 (Co-captain); SCA Representative, CAROLYN GLADYS LUNDY. Pam Matthes and Susan Lynn, among the Academic Top Eleven, find time for mischief. Joe Lamb, Jr. Patricia Allane Lamb Charlotte Joy Lindberg Carolyn Gladys Lundy Thomas Scott Long Vicki Ruth Lovett We Have The Spirit Of Adventure In Us Tana Jeanne Lee Margaret Irwin Leggett Joan Waite Lawrence Richard John Lewis Michele Marie Lavoy Donald Layberger William Robert Leckey Christopher Raymond Lent 69 Susan Lynn Barbara Ann Malinowski Pamela Ann Matthes SUSAN LYNN. Activities: GAA, 2; National Honor Society, 3, 4. Awards: Four Academic Letters. LARK ELIZABETH LYSETT. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2,- GAA, I; Madrigals, 3, 4; Choraleers, 4. BARBARA ANN MALINOWSKI, " Bobbi”. Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 4; Treasurer, 3); SCA Representative, I; Pep Club, 2. ALAN CONRAD MANSFIELD, " Al”. Lark Elizabeth Lysett PAMELA ANN MATTHES, " Pam”. Activities.- Senior Honor So¬ ciety, 3, 4 ; Keyettes, 4; Drill Team, 4,- SCA Cabinet, 4 (Maga¬ zine Campaign Co-chairman); SURVEYOR Staff, 4. Sports: JV Basketball, 3. ROBERT GLENN MAYER. Activities.- SCA Representative, 1, 2; Math Club, 3, 4; Science Club, 3, 4 (President, 4); Junior Hon¬ or Society, I. 2 (President, l) ; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4; Math Team, 3, 4. Awards: Debate Award, h Student Council Award, I,- Science Award, I. MAUREEN MEGAN McCARRON. Activities: FTA, 2, 3, 4 (Pub¬ licity Chairman); Art Guild, 3 (Vice President); Drama Club, 2. IRIS ANN McCARTER. Activities: FHA, I, 2 (Reporter, 2). Sports.- Varsity Softball, 1,2, 3; Varsity Basketball, 3. Alan Conrad Mansfield i Robert Glenn Mayer RONALD RICHARD McCARTNEY, " Ron”. Activities-. French Club, I, 2; Chess Club, I; Letterman’s Club, 2, 3 (President, 3); Freshman Class Vice President, I; SCA Representative, 2, 3; National Honor Society, 2, 3, 4. Sports: JV Football, I; JV Bas¬ ketball, I; JV Track, I; JV Softball, I; Varsity Football, 3; Var¬ sity Basketball, 2, 3; Varsity Track, 3. Awards.- Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award, 3; Most Improved Athlete, 3. VIVIAN SUSANNE McMILLAN, " Viv”. Activities: German Club, 2, 4 ; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Majorettes, 3, 4. Awards: Fourth Place, National German Test; Senior Home¬ coming Princess, 4. JOHN McNAUGHTON. Activities: German Club, 2. DONALD ROBERT MEAD, JR. Sports: JV Football, I. MARILYN JANEEN MEEKER. LYNDA SUE MELINE. Activities: Junior Classical League, I, 2; Biology Club, I; Homecoming Committee, 1,2. MICHAEL KAY MELTON, " Mike”. Activities: International Rela¬ tions Society, 3,- Forensics League, 2; Debate Team, 3, 4. Sports: JV Cross Country, 3; JV Wrestling, 3. Awards.- Second Place International Optimist Award. PATRICIA ELLEN MENSER, " Pat”. Activities: GAA. I. We Perform Jon Wittwer works diligently after a late play rehearsal. Maureen Megan McCarron Ronald Richard McCartney Vivian Susanne McMillan John McNaughton Marilyn Janeen Meeker Lynda Sue Meline Assorted Tasks Iris Ann McCarter 71 Michael Kay Melton Patricia Ellen Menser Our Ideas And Interests Exemplify Our Versatility V Richard Menser Sharon Louise Metcalf Hal Gordon Metcalfe Barbara Josephine Miles Brenda Marie Miles Diana Lynn Miller Paula Elizabeth Miller Barbara Jean Mitchell RICHARD MENSER. SHARON LOUISE METCALF. Activities: FTA. 1,2.3 (Historian, I): Spiriters. 3, 4: French Club, I, 2 (Treasurer, 2); Science Club. 2. 3. Sports: Girls Track. 2. Awards: Science Fair Awards, I. 2, FTA Award. I. HAL GORDON METCALFE. Activities: Key Club, 3, 4 (Vice President. 4): SCA Representative, 4. Sports: JV Football, 2; Varsity Tennis. 3. 4. BARBARA JOSEPHINE MILES, ’ Barb ”. Activities: Spanish Club, I. BRENDA MARIE MILES. Activities: SCA Representative, 2, Freshman Cheerleader, I. DIANA LYNN MILLER. Activities: Color Guard, 4. PAULA ELIZABETH MILLER. Activities: GAA, I; French Club. 2, 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer, 3); Keyettes, 4 ; SCA Representative, 4; Choraleers, 3, 4; Biology Club, 2. BARBARA JEAN MITCHELL, " Barb”. Activities-. GAA, I; Biolo¬ gy Club, 2; French Club, 4. HENRY POPE MITCHELL, " Hank”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2 : Biology Club, 2-, Key Club, 2, 3. 4 (President, 4): Junior Hon¬ or Society, 2, SCA Representative, 3. Sports: Freshman Foot¬ ball, I; JV Football, 2; JV Wrestling, 3 ; Varsity Wrestling, 4; Varsity Tennis, 2, 3, 4. HENRY WALKER MOORE, II. ROXANNE MOORE. KRISTINA SHARMAN MUELLER, " Kris”. Activities: French ; Club, 3,- Spanish Club, 3. I j; g MARY NAKAMURA. Activities: Science Club, I; FHA, I. i ? 4 | JANICE GAIL NEWCOMER, " Jan”. Activities: GAA, I, 2 (Trea- fj surer, 2); Concert Choir, 4. , . ■ v , . | ROBERT RUSSELL NEWTON. " Bob " . STEVE NISSLEY. Cathy Radovich and George Ruhlen display musical talents. They are among the Academic Top Eleven. Mary Nakamura Janice Gail Newcomer Robert Russell Newton Steve Nissley We Are Active In Seniors sit together at a basketball game. John Norman Fred Stephen Norris Vernon Kenneth Norris Janice Elaine North Wendy Louise North Julia May Obarski Charles O ' Brien Nancy Ogan Christien Oliver Marilyn Anne O’Rourke 74 JOHN NORMAN. FRED STEPHEN NORRIS. Activities: DE, 1,2, 3. Sports: Fresh¬ man Football, I , JV Football. 2. VERNON KENNETH NORRIS, " Kenny”. Activities: DE, I, 2. 3. Sports: JV Football, 2. Many School Events JANICE ELAINE NORTH. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Freshman Class Council Representative, l ; Drill Team, 2. James Richard Owens WENDY LOUISE NORTH. Activities: Drill Team, 3, 4 ; Spanish Club, I, 3,- Spiriters, 2; SCA Hospitality Committee, 4; Madri¬ gals. 4. JULIA MAY OBARSKI. Activities-. National Thespian Society, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer. 3, 4); Spanish Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1,2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 2: President, 4) ; International Relations Society, I, 2, 3. CHARLES O’BRIEN. NANCY OGAN. Eldre Ann Palas Mia Oxley Robert Lang Parker, Jr. CHRISTINE OLIVER, " Tina " . Sports: JV Basketball, I, Varsity Basketball 2, 3; Varsity Baseball, 2, 3. MARILYN ANNE O’ROURKE. Activities.- GAA, I; Spiriters, I. JAMES RICHARD OWENS, " Jim ”. Activities: DE, 1,2 (Vice President). MIA OXLEY. Activities: Debate Club, 2: French Club, 3 ; ICC, 3,- Drill Team, 4. ELDRE ANN PALAS. Activities: French Club, I: Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2,- Junior Honor Society, I, 2 (Treasurer, 2): SCA Historian, 4, Drill Team, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4)-, Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 : EM VEE HI Staff, 3, 4 (Business Manager), Keyettes, 3, 4. Awards: " YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW ”, 3. ROBERT LANG PARKER, JR., " Skip " . Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Science Club, I; SCA Representative, I. Sports: Varsity Track, 3, 4,- Freshman Baseball, I; Freshman Basketball, I; JV Basket¬ ball, 2; Varsity Football, 4. THOMAS EDWIN PARRISH, " Tom " . Activities: Biology Club, I. Sports: JV Basketball, l ; Varsity Track, I. Thomas Edwin Parrish Linda Jean Parton LINDA JEAN PARTON. Activities: GAA, I. Sports: JV Softball, I: JV Basketball, I, 2; Varsity Softball, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket¬ ball, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, 4. PAULA SUE PATE. Activities: FHA, I ; Drill Team, 4 ; Spiriters, 2, 3. 4: JCL, 2. 3 (Secretary-Treasurer 3); SCA Representative, I; SCA Homecoming Committee, 4; Freshman Cheerleader, I. Sports: JV Basketball, I. Awards-. Third Runner-up, Miss Mount Vernon Contest 2 : Miss Mount Vernon 1967-68. Enduring Friendships PHILLIP PATTON. Activities: Spanish Club, I. ALBERT WAYNE PEARSON, ’’Wayne”. Activities. JOHN PEARSON. ALAN DANA PENDLETON. Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1,2; Math Club, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Science Club, 3, 4 ; Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 ; Math Team, 3, 4. Awards.- World Geography P.T.A. Award, l ; Chemistry P.T.A. Award, 3: MAA Award, 3. PHILIP ROY PHELPS. Activities: Spanish Club, I. Sports: JV Base¬ ball. 2. DONALD PILZ. VIRGINIA LOUISE POLLOCK, " Ginger”. Activities: Spiriters, 1.2, 3: GAA, I ; SCA Representative, 1,2; FHA, I. Sports: JV Hockey, I; JV Basketball, l ; Varsity Softball, I. CHARLES DONALD POMERENING. Activities: Math Club, 3; Se¬ nior Honor Society, 3,4. LESTER EDWARD POWELL. Activities-. French Club, I. MIRIAM YVETTE PRATTE. Activities: German Club, 3-, Marching Band, I, 2; Concert Band, I, 2; Orchestra, I, 2. NANCY EARLENE PRICE. JULIA ANN PRITCHETT. Activities: Spanish Club. I; Junior Class Council Representative, 3. Awards: 1967 Twirp Week Queen, 3. DONALD PRITT, JR. Activities: Latin Club, 2 ; Mox Nix Club, I. Sports-. JV Cross Country, I; JV Soccer, 2. THOMAS JOHN PRIZZIA, " Tom”. Awards.- Third Place, National Optimist Contest. Seniors have a few minutes together before classes. Phillip Patton Paula Sue Pate Albert Wayne Pearson John Pearson Have Been Formed , A Alan Dana Pendleton Phil Roy Phelps Donald Pilz Virginia Louise Pollock Charles Donald Pomerening Lester Edward Powell Miriam Yvette Pratte Nancy Earlene Price Julia Ann Pritchett Donald Pritt, Jr. 77 Thomas John Prizzia Catherine Marie Radovich Linda Jane Rawers j I William Thomas Reeder, Jr. Lester Eugene Rice Sarah Susan Rathbone Eugene Thomas Recore Mary Rose Rezzarday v ' S 1 a CATHERINE MARIE RADOVICH, " Cathy”. Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, I (Co-captain); Freshman Class Council Represen¬ tative, I (Chairman); Sophomore Class President, 2; Junior Honor Society. 1,2 (President, 2); Senior Honor Society, 3, 4 (Secretary, 3, 4); Math Club, 3 (Secretary); French Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Keyettes, 2, 3, 4 (Junior Representative, 3; Secretary, 4),- SCA Representative, 3; SURVEYOR Staff, 2, 3, 4 (Associate Editor, 2; Organizations Editor, 3; Edstor-in-Chief, 4). Awards: Earth Science P.T.A. Award, I : Gemoetry P.T.A. Award, I; Typing I P.T.A. Award, 2: Algebra—II Trigonometry P.T.A. Award, 2; Trigo¬ nometry P.T.A. Award, 3; " YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW " , 2, 3, 4 ; IT’S ACADEMIC Alternate, 4, Virginia Girls’ State. 3. SARAH SUSAN RATHBONE. Activities: FHA, I, 2, GAA, 1,2. LINDA JANE RAWERS. Activities: SCA Homecoming Committee, 4 ; GAA, 2,3; FHA, I ; National Honor Society, 3,4; Wheelindas, 3; Spanish Club, 1,2 (Treasurer, 2). Sports: Varsity Swimming, 2, 3. Awards: Certificate " Excellente”, State Spanish Conference, 3. y ■ , : % , ' 1 EUGENE THOMAS RECORE, " Gene”. Sports: JV Wrestling, 1,2. 3; Varsity Wrestling, 4; Cross Country, 4. WILLIAM THOMAS REEDER, JR., " Tom " , Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; Senior Class Vice Presi¬ dent, 4; SCA Representative, 2; SCA Cabinet, 4 (Magazine Co- chairman); German Club, 2, 3. Sports: Varsity Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, I; JV Basketball, 2. Awards: Virginia Boys’ State, 3. MARY ROSE REZZARDAY, " Mari " . LESTER EUGENE RICE. Activities: Spanish Club, 2, 3. MARGARET CARRY RICE, " Marge”. Activities: FHA, 2; GAA, 3 ; DECA, 4. MARY FRANCIS RICE. Activities: Majorettes, 2, 3, 4 (Captain, 3, Co-captain, 4); National Thespian Society, 3, 4; SCA Represen¬ tative, 4. Sports: Gymnastics, 2. CHARLES RICH. VALERIE ANN RIEGNER, " Val”. Activities: GAA, 2. ANGELA FRANCIS RITZ, " Angie”. Activities: National Thespian Society, 4. MICHAEL LOUIS RITZER, " Mike’’. Activities: Biology Club, 2; Spiriters, 3; Concert Choir, 4. ERICA JEANNE RIVARD, " Ric”. Activities: Spanish Club, I , 2, 3, 4; ENA, 3 (Secretary); Sodality Club, 1,2; Science Club, 4. Sports-. Varsity Hockey, 4. JAMES ALBERT ROGERS, " Jim " . Sports: Varsity Football, I; Var¬ sity Basketball, 3; Varsity Baseball, 3. As Seniors, We Are Entitled To Special Privileges Seniors enjoy lawn privileges during lunch. Margaret Carry Rice Mary Frances Rice Charles Rich Valerie Ann Riegner Angela Francis Ritz Michael Louis Ritzer Erica Jeanne Rivard James Albert Rogers 79 Thomas Joseph Schneiders George Wald Schreiner Elizabeth Marie Scott Marlin Harvey Scott TONIA ROSS. We Are Proud Of AUBREY LEE RUFFNER, " Buddy”. Activities: SCA Representative. 4i Band. I. 2, 3. 4 (President, 4). Sports: JV Baseball, I. Our Status Symbols LINDA DIANE SANDERS. " Lin " . Sports: JV Basketball, 1,2, Var¬ sity Softball. 1.2. BERNICE LOIS SCHEIN. " Bunni " . Activities-. Drama, I: ICT, I (Vice President). THOMAS JOSEPH SCHNEIDERS, " Ern.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4. Sports: JV Football, I -, Varsity Track, 3, 4 ; Cross Country, 4. GEORGE WALD SCHREINER. Sports: Freshman Basketball, I ■, JV Basketball. 2 ; JV Wrestling, 3; JV Baseball, 2, 3; Varsity Football, ELIZABETH MARIE SCOTT, " Liz " . Activities-. National Honor So¬ ciety, 3, 4 : Latin Club, 2 (President): GAA, 1,2 (Representative), French Club, 4-, FTA, 4 : Drama Club, 3: SCA Representative, 2,- Pep Club, I; International Relations Society, 4; Math Club, 3 ; Keyettes, 4. Sports: Track, 1,2 S Basketball, 1,2,3; Softball, 1,2, 3 ; Hockey, 1,2. Awards: Most Athletic, 2 ; First Honors, 2, 3,- NFL Debate, Drama, Extemporaneous Award, 2, 3. Pat Lamb cleans a senior ring as Jan Donaldson looks on. MARLIN HARVEY SCOTT. MARY MARION SEEDLOCK, " Emmy”. Activities: FTA, 2 : VICA, I: Tri-Hi-Y, I, Pep Club, I ; Choir, I. MARGARET ROSE SEILING, " Margo”. Activities: Latin Club, 2,- Biology Club, I; VAA, I. KATHLEEN SEITZ, " Kathy " . Activities-. Drill Team, 2, 3 (Line Cap¬ tain, 3): " Der Krieger” Staff, 3; GAA, I Homecoming Commiteee, SHELBY ANNE SEITZ. Activities: Keyettes, 3,4? Senior Honor Soci¬ ety, 3, 4 ; Spanish Club, 3,4-, Spiriters, 2,3,4; EM VEE HI Staff, 3, 4 (Circulation Editor, 4); Drill Team, 3-, Varsity Cheerleader, 4-, Dra¬ ma Club, I; Freshman Class Representative, I. DAVID RAY SELL, " Dave”. Activities: Aviation Club, 2. Sports: Track, 2. JUDITH ELLEN SEXTON, " Judy”. Activities: FHA, I, 2; Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary, 3). Awards: FHA Award-, Junior Home¬ making Degree, I -, Chapter Homemaking Degree, 2. KAREN LOUISE SHANER. Activities: DE Club, 3, VOT, 4. Shelby Anne Seitz David Ray Sell Judith Ellen Sexton Karen Louise Shaner Seniors Express Creativity And Imagination Michele LaVoy and Judy Danner hang their art work in the windows. Wanda Sue Shaver Wilma Jean Shaver Cathy Shoultz Patricia Anne Simmons I k Lee James Smith David Smith 82 WANDA SUE SHAVER. Activities: Biology Club, I. Meredith Bannister Smith Sandra April Soule k Robert John Sponaugle Julianne Bishop Spann WILMA JEAN SHAVER, " Jean”. Activities: Biology Club, 2; SCA Representative, 3; DE Club, 4. CATHY SHOULTZ. PATRICIA ANNE SIMMONS, ”Pat”. Activities: SCA Represen¬ tative, 1,3; SCA Treasurer, 4; EM VEE HI Staff, 3, 4 (Reporter, 3,- Circulation Editor, 4); Keyettes, 4; Spiriters, 3; Spanish Club, 4. Awards: Outstanding Citizenship Award, I; Virginia Girls’ State, ELIZABETH DARLENE SKELTON, " Dee ”. Activities: GAA, I, Spanish Club, I ; Karate Club, I. CAROLE LOUISE SMITH. DAVID SMITH. LEE JAMES SMITH. Activities: IVE (President). MEREDITH BANNISTER SMITH. Activities.- Drama, I, Newspaper Staff, I; Chorus, I; National Thespian, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class President, I; Student Council, I, 2 (President, I); Junior Class Treasurer, 3; Winter Ball Committee, 2-, SCA Homecoming Com¬ mittee, 4. SANDRA APRIL SOULE, ’’Sandy”. Activities: Biology Club, I; German Club, I, 2 (Vice President, 2); Art Club, l ; Newspaper Staff, 2 (Assistant Editor). Sports: Varsity Softball, I, 2 ; JV Soc¬ cer, I; Varsity Soccer, I; Varsity Basketball. I, 2 ; Track Team, I, 2. Awards: First Place Science Fair Award; First and Second Place Softball Trophy. JULIANNE BISHOP SPANN, " Julie”. Activities: Art Club, l ; Art Service Club, 2. Awards: Scholastic Honor Society Certificate, 2. ROBERT JOHN SPONAUGLE, " Bob”. Activities: Science Club, 2, 3,4; Spiriters, 3, 4-, French Club, 4; SCA Homecoming Committee, 3, 4. BONNIE LAUREL STEWART. Activities: FHA, 1,2. 3,- Drill Team. 3,4; SCA Representative, 3,- Alternate, 1,2, 4; Sophomore Class Council Alternate, 2. GEORGE HOWSE STEWART: Activities: Key Club, 3, 4; Math Club, 3, 4; Spiriters, 2, 3, 4 (President, 4); Senior Class Council Representative, 4. JENNY LEE THOMPSON. Activities: Art Club, I, 2 ; Pep Club, l ; JCL, 2,3: FTA, 4 ; EM VEE HI Staff, 4. Awards: Art P.T.A. Award, 3. Jenny Lee Thompson Roderick Lee Thonen JOHN CHRISTEN THORNBURG, " Chris”. RODERICK LEE THONEN, " Rod”. Activities: Newspaper Staff, I, Sports: Freshman Football, I : JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); JV Baseball, I; Varsity Wrestling, 3, 4 (Co-captain, 4). JAN JAY THRASHER. Activities-. Math Club, 3: Radio Club, 2 (Sec¬ retary). Awards: First Place, Independent Scientific Research Competition, 2 ; American Meteorological Society Award, 2; Hon¬ orable Mention, Spring Arts Festival, 2. CHRISTOPHER TOPP TIMS, " Chris”. Activities: German Club, 2,- Latin Club, I (Treasurer). Sports: JV Tennis, 3; JV Cross Country, CIHAN DENIZ TINAZTEPE, " Ci”. Activities: German Club, 4 ; Key Club. 4. John Christen Thornburg Jan Jay Thrasher KAREN ILEANE TSCHOPP. Activities: JCL, 2, 3; SCA Represen¬ tative, 2 : Color Guard, 3,4 (Captain, 4); Biology Club, 2,- Spiriters, 3, 4. KAREN RAE TUTHILL. Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, l ; JV Cheerleader. 2, Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4: Keyettes, 3. 4; SCA First Vice President, 4; French Club, 4. Sports: Hockey, I: Basket¬ ball, I, 2, 3. CARL UVEGES. GERALD UYEDA, " Jerry”. NORMA LEE VANOVER. Activities: GAA, I; Bible Club, 2. Sports: Varsity Softball, 3. CINDA LOU VAN SICKLE, " Cyndi”. Activities: Freshman Class Council Representative. I,- JV Cheerleader, 2; Junior Class Repre¬ sentative, 3; SCA Representative, 3; Drill Team 3, 4 : SCA Cabi¬ net, 4 (Secretary of Publications). Our Experiences As Seniors Will Never Be Forgotten Christopher Topp Tims Cihan Deniz Tinaztepe Carl Uveges Gerald Uyeda Karen lleane Tschopp Karen Rae Tuthill 87 JENNY LEE THOMPSON. Activities: Art Club, 1, 2 ; Pep Club, I ; JCL, 2, 3 ; FTA, 4 : EM VEE HI Staff, 4. Awards: Art P.T.A. Award, 3. JOHN CHRISTEN THORNBURG, " Chris”. RODERICK LEE THONEN, " Rod”. Activities: Newspaper Staff. I-, Sports: Freshman Football, I ; JV Football, 2: Varsity Football, 3, 4 (Captain, 4); JV Baseball, I; Varsity Wrestling, 3, 4 (Co-captain, 4). JAN JAY THRASHER. Activities: Math Club, 3: Radio Club, 2 (Sec¬ retary). Awards: First Place, Independent Scientific Research Competition. 2 ; American Meteorological Society Award, 2; Hon¬ orable Mention, Spring Arts Festival, 2. CHRISTOPHER TOPP TIMS, " Chris”. Activities: German Club, 2,- Latin Club, I (Treasurer). Sports: JV Tennis, 3; JV Cross Country, 3. Jenny Lee Thompson CIHAN DENIZ TINAZTEPE, " Ci”. Activities: German Club, 4; Key Club, 4. John Christen Thornburg Roderick Lee Thonen Jan Jay Thrasher KAREN ILEANE TSCHOPP. Activities-. JCL, 2, 3; SCA Represen¬ tative, 2,- Color Guard, 3,4 (Captain, 4) ; Biology Club, 2 ; Spiriters, 3, 4. KAREN RAE TUTHILL. Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, I,- JV Cheerleader, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4: SCA First Vice President, 4 ; French Club, 4. Sports: Hockey, I; Basket¬ ball, I, 2, 3. CARL UVEGES. GERALD UYEDA, " Jerry”. NORMA LEE VANOVER. Activities: GAA, I, Bible Club, 2. Sports.- Varsity Softball, 3. CINDA LOU VAN SICKLE, " Cyndi”. Activities-. Freshman Class Council Representative, I; JV Cheerleader, 2; Junior Class Repre¬ sentative, 3 ; SCA Representative, 3: Drill Team 3, 4; SCA Cabi¬ net, 4 (Secretary of Publications). Our Experiences As Seniors Will Never Be Forgotten Christopher Topp Tims Cihan Deniz Tinaztepe l . Carl Uveges Gerald Uyeda Karen lleane Tschopp 87 Barbara Ann Vinay James Edward Vollmer Rita Walker Alyson Lyn Ward EDWARD DANIEL VERMES. JR. Activities: Band, 2.3.4 (Man¬ ager): Biology Club. 2. 3. JULIA SUMIRE VICKERY. " Julie”. Activities: Moniques. 2 : French Club. 3. BARBARA ANN VINAY. Seniors Face The Future With Definite Goals JAMES EDWARD VOLLMER. " Jim”. Activities: Biology Club, h Latin Club. I. 2. Sports: JV Wrestling. I RITA WALKER. ALYSON LYN WARD. Activities: FHA. I, UNESCO, 3, Folk Music Club. 3; Art Club, 3 : Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer, I ; Na¬ tional Honor Society, 3. Awards: Biology Award, 2 ; French Award, SALLY MARIE WATTERS. Activities: Freshman Class Council Rep¬ resentative, I •, Sophomore Class Council Representative, 2 (Pub¬ licity Chairman); SCA Representative, 2, 3 ; SC A Elections Board, 3-. SCA Cabinet. 4 (Elections Chairman); Junior Class Secretary- Treasurer, 3: SURVEYOR Staff, 3, 4 (Organizations, 3; Senior Class Editor, 4); Drill Team, 3, 4 ; Keyettes, 3, 4 (Treasurer, 4); French Club, 2; Junior Prom Committee Chairman, 3. PEGGY LOUISE WEASE. Activities: DE II, 3 ; DE III, 4 (President). I i | KENNETH WRIGHT WEAVER, " Kenny”. Activities . Key Club, 3,4. Sports: Freshman Basketball, I, JV Basketball, 2. PENNY WEBB. I ! } • i ' ' •. - - : • 5 WILLIAM EDWARD WEBBER, " Bill”. Activities: Spanish Club, I, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4) ; Spanish Honor Society, 3, 4; ICC, 4. Kenneth Wright Weaver Penny Webb William Edward Webber Diane Carol Wells DIANE CAROL WELLS. Activities . Freshman Cheerleader, I Keyettes, 3, 4 (Vice President, 4); Spiriters, 3 ; SURVEYOR Staff, 4; SCA Homecoming Committee, 4; Spanish Club, 4. Sports: Fresh¬ man Track Team, I. The Class Of ’68 Bids Farewell To ’’Old M.V.” Danny Wessner Pamela Rae Whittington i George Alexander Williams Jonathan Lee Wittwer Theresa Ann Wright Margo Christine Yary David Jesse Woods Diane Louise Wright Gone from the halls of Mount Vernon is the Class of ' 68. 90 Susan Lizabeth Young Gabriele Elisabeth Zeitlin DANNY WESSNER. Sports: Freshman Football, I; Freshman Bas¬ ketball, I: JV Baseball, I JV Football, 2 : JV Basketball, 2 ; Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football, 3, 4-, Varsity Basketball, 3, 4 (Co-captain, 4). PAMELA RAE WHITTINGTON, " Pam”. Activities: Majorettes, I , 2 (Captain, 1,2). GEORGE ALEXANDER WILLIAMS. Activities: Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3. Sports: JV Baseball, I, 2. M Keith Merlin Younger JONATHAN LEE WITTWER, " Jon”. Activities: International Rela¬ tions Society, 2, 3 ; National Thespians Society, 2, 3, 4 (Presi¬ dent, 4). DAVID JESSE WOODS, " Dave”. Activities: Lettermen’s Club, I, 2, 3; Junior Class Vice President, 3; Junior Honor Society, I. Sports: JV Football, 2, 3: Varsity Soccer, I, 2. DIANE LOUISE WRIGHT. Activities: FHA, 3, 4 (Secretary, 3; President, 4) : Junior Class Council Alternate. 3. THERESA ANN WRIGHT, " Terry”. MARGO CHRISTINE YARY. Activities: Drill Team, 4. SUSAN LIZABETH YOUNG, " Sue”. Activities: GAA, l : Spiriters, 3. Awards.- FSA Shorthand Award. Kenneth Wayne Ziegfeld KEITH MERLING YOUNGER. Activities: Newspaper Staff, I, SCA Representative, 2. Sports-. Wrestling, I, 2, 3, 4. GABRIELE ELISABETH ZEITLIN. " Lis”. Activities: Drama, I : Ma¬ jorettes, 2; GAA. 2. KENNETH WAYNE ZIEGFELD. " Ken”. Activities: Junior Class President, 3; Key Club, 2,3,4 (Sophomore Representative. 2; Par¬ liamentarian, 4): Spiriters, 2: SURVEYOR Staff, 3, 4 (Junior Class Editor, 3 : Faculty Editor, 4). Sports: Freshman Football, I. Able Leaders Direct The Junior Class Learning, success, innovation, fun, excitement . . . How else can this year be described? The Class of 1969 has been an active part of each of these aspects during the year. Members of the class took part in an experiment—an ex¬ periment in leadership training. A special class was formed for the purpose. For the West Springfield game, the Junior Class held a balloon sale. The balloons were imprinted with the ap¬ propriate slogan " Majors Are Rising.” In addition to the customary purchase of class rings, juniors had the unique opportunity to buy class sweatshirts with the school seal and " Class of I 969.” Early in November, our active sponsor, Mrs. Margaret H. Lunter, took many of her English students to see " Gone with the Wind.” As never before, the Junior Class was able to properly demonstrate its support of its school and team. For the Fort Hunt game, competition between juniors and seniors led to the decoration of the halls. Although the judges decided in favor of the seniors, the Junior Hall of Fame filled us all with pride! December brought a Christmas surprise as we decorated the same hall. The class had an additional chance to support its team by selling refresh¬ ments during basketball season. Yes, throughout the year, junior activities and projects surpassed those of all other classes in both number and spirit! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT— Michael Anderson VICE PRESIDENT— Richard Lamb SECRETARY- Barbara Frazelle SPONSOR- Mrs. Margaret H. Lunter Mitchell Achee Barbara Adinaro Robin Allen Malcolm Alls Thomas Ames Gail Anderson Michael Anderson Patricia Anderson Len Andyshak Charles Armstrong James Atwell David Austin Liddell Avery Teresa Baczuk Joyce Bailey Lynn Barksdale Eddie Barkwell Gayle Barnes Robert Barr Linda Barrett Bart Bartlett Dennis Bartlett Sharon Bauman Barry Bayne Junior Class Council —Jirst Row-. James Shannon. Pat McCarthy, Bob Wakefield. Second Row-. Sharon Bauman. Susan Holt. Dawn Furr. Echo Wright, Valerie Lodewick, Barbara Adinaro. Marsha Johnson, Lynn Chadwick, Debbie DeJonghe. Larry Bayne Ron Beahm John Beard Kenneth Becker Susan Black Larry Blankenship Cindy Blaskowsky Linda Bolton Patricia Bracken Robert Braun Elizabeth Breslin Janice Brick 93 Michael Brittain Chris Broe Calvin Brooks Annette Brown Judy Brown Wendy Brown Deborah Broyles Thomas Burke Gary Calder John Campbell Susan Cancilla Howard Cason Lynn Chadwick Linda Childers Ava Christiansen Christine Clarke Laura Clements John Coffee Sr ' ' Junior football players promote spirit and enthusiasm by filling balloons for the West Springfield game. IT - tfr— 1 W J Debbie Colbert Gary Collins Patricia Compton Connie Conant Douglas Cook Eddie Cox Chris Crann Linda Crawford James Culbertson Linda Cuneo William Cunningham Terry Darland Mary Dash Lynn Davey Steven Dawson Diane Deeths Debbie DeJonghe Jane de la Concepcion 94 Juniors Rise To The Role Of Upperclassmen John Dexter Karen Dillon Kathleen Dixon Michael Doane Barbara Dodson Thomas Doeppner Sarah Donato Dee Dowhower David Duffy Jessie Duvall Margarita Echeverry Nancy Eisenhart " Majors Are Rising.” Sharon Eisenhart Teresa Elliot Patricia Ellis Kathie Elton Debbie Engelman Gail Ervin Dana Evans Ronald Fetty Gail Fielder Nancy Fitzgerel Gary Fitzsimmons Barbara Frandsen Barbara Frazelle Susan Frazier Russell Frizzell Barbara Fuller Dawn Furr Kathleen Gallavan 95 Julia Game Myra Gardner Valerie Gardner Lynne Garrett Dee Garvey Robert Gayle Virginia Gearan Ann Gentry Scott Gerlach Beth Gibson Susan Gist Barbara Glock William Gmaz Ralph Graul Barbara Green Richard Green Scott Gregoire Judy Gribble Donald Griffin Karen Griswold Michael Hackett Mary Hahn Richard Hall Shelia Hall Henry Ham Randy Hamilton The Class Of 1969 Increases Mary Hart Larry Hartman Robert Haskell Penny Hassenger Theresa Hatch Gary Haymaker Mark Heath Kay Heffner Ann Hendrix Barbara Henry Stephen Herl Linda Hersman Tom Simpson and Henry Long display the typical inquisitive junior mind. 96 Barbara Hicks Theresa Hicks John Hitchcock Paula Holt Susan Holt Dorothy Hopkins Jerry Howerton Cecilia Hughes Denise Hundley Paul lha Jeffrey hams Phyllis Jett Debbie Smith and Susie Remington prepare for a Christmas surprise. James Johnson Laura Johnson Marsha Johnson Gene Johnston Eva Josephson Robert Keelin Kristen Keirsey Dennis Keithley Susan Keller Its Knowledge And Creativity Ted Keppel Gary Kimsey David Knight Tim Koogle Mildred Koren Michael Kuhns Jody Lahendro Richard Lamb Debra Lambert Kenneth LaRoche Sandra LaRoche Peggy Lawrence Robin Lee Skip Lennon Billy Letcher 97 Judy Lew Cindy Lilley Naomi Lipscomb Valerie Lodewick Evelyn Long Henry Long Stephen Long Billy Lord Richard Lutkenhouse Mark Mackechnie Linda Malvin William Manning Wally Martin William Martin Irene Matsuura Douglas Maye Stuart McArthur Pat McCarthy The Junior Hall of Fame was decorated for the Fort Hunt game. Kathy McDonald Darrell McGhee Kelly McKeag Barry Merritt Blythe Merritt Marianne Moore Michael Moore Michael Moore Christine Morrison 98 Anticipation Comes With The Ordering Of Class Rings Douglas Moss Cindy Myers Helen Nalls Erik Nelson Nancy Nelson Patricia Nielsen Ronald Norfolk Terry O ' Donnell Kathy O ' Rourke Peggy O ' Shaughnessy Janet Page Karen Paluch Larry Paolantonio Christine Pate Barbara Pfanzelter Mary Pinkepank Gerald Pittman Lynda Plowman Michelle Poplar Maria Pratts Alan Snyder is measured for his class ring Charles Price Michael Prichard Nancy Prince Janice Pritchett Jeffrey Ralston Stephen Randolph Loretta Ratkus Rebecca Rehklau Susan Remington Robert Reynolds William Reynolds Linda Riggle 99 Connie Roberts Linda Robinson Ann Ross Carmen Sanchez Jayne Say Vicki Schilling William Schofield Glenn Schuster Olive Scott Jane Seabolt Adrienne Seitz Gail Shanley James Shannon Rebecca Sheffield Cecilia Shepherd Kathy Shepherd Burt Siders Robert Sims Thomas Simpson Glen Sirbaugh Christie Pate sells class cards entitling ju¬ niors to attend the Prom. Debra Smith James Smith William Smith Larry Snipe Alan Snyder Linda Spann Michael Sivak Patricia Slater Carl Smith Craig Smith Linda Spinks Sue Springer Danny Stacy Russell Stevens Liz Stickles William Suggs 100 Nancy Sumner Richard Sylvest Vicki Taft JoAnn Tapp Marcia Thomas Steven Thomas Linda Thompson Nancy Thompson Virginia Tibhs Wanda kaye Todd Catherine Townsend Sandi Travers Juniors participate in a new experimental Leadership Training Class. Michael Twaddle Richard Unger John Van Norman Gary Vechik Jenny Vickery James Vigen We End A Year Of Experimentation And Change Daniel Watson Mark White Linda Whitlock Karen Whittington Kathleen Williamson Carl Windisch Kay Winfree Branson Wood Jon Woods Echo Wright Robert Young Steve Yurchik 101 Sophomore Ingenuity Is Evident In All Functions Shedding feelings of freshman inferiority, the sopho¬ mores emerged as a united class. The first strive to¬ ward organization began with the campaign and elec¬ tion of officers. With responsible leadership, the class sponsored numerous activities. Sophomores held the fa¬ miliar bake sales, sold refreshments at JV football games, and sponsored the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF drive at Mount Vernon High School. Sophomore ingenuity was also evident in the classroom routine. Where else could the dramatic portrayal of Mark Antony’s: " Friends, Romans, countrymen: lend me your ears! " be presented? Where else could the in¬ tricate dissection of a frog be performed? Yes, the Sophomore Class had progressed in many ways. They had passed the level of always looking up to everyone, but had found five hundred freshmen on whom to look down. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT— Paul Schultz VICE PRESIDENT— Barbara Novak SECRETARY- Janet Gibson SPONSOR- Miss Roberta A. Lerg Pot 11 Abel Karl Abercrombe Debra Adams Bruce Albrechi William Anderson Michael Arnette Pam Arnold Michael Asbury Carol Baczuk Brenda Baker Richard Baker Timothy Baker Elizabeth Barksdale Mary Ann Barnett Carol Bartlett Joan Bateman Richard Bauer Shirley Bayne Lois Berlin Donald Bess Tracy Boaz Ann Bodway Anita Bond Douglas Bourne William Bowen Linda Bowers Sophomore Class Council—Larry Paxton, Kevin Gaylor, Don Schneiders, Douglas Houck. Gordon Glasgow, Cindi Colyer, Patricia Vanderpool. Pa tricia Meredith. Nancy Hill. Martie Weaver. Patricia Sullivan Kathy Bowman Joseph Bradshaw Teresa Bramlett Vicki Breault Francis Breland Michael Brett Jacqueline Brinson Michael Broadwater Bonnie Brown Wanda Buckles Susie Burger Mary Byrd Missie Carpenter Sara Carpenter Sara Chambers Catherine Champin Nancy Chandler Frank Chapelle Mark Chapman Janet Chase Anne Chester 103 Marne Reiley braves a locker predicament. Nora Chichester Michael Clark Felicia Clevenger Marian Coffee Cindi Colyer Iden Cornwell David Cothran Lisa Cox Jere Cunningham Jim Dalton Guy Darby Bruce Darland William Dasch Donna Davis Gloria Davis Kenneth Davison Mary DeBiase Gary Deck Richard DeJonckheeri Edwin Delesdernier Mark Dick Ronald Dodd Donald Dommissee Norma Donchatz Raymond Dumont Patricia Dunn Carmella Dunphy Julie Earley Michael Earp Carol Easton Lynn Eddy Sophomores illustrate class propaganda. Linda Edwards Bruce Egan Robert Eklund Elise Elbracht Carmen Faucon Marilyn Fee Debby Fick Carolyn Finney Patricia Flowers Jacqueline Floyd Daniel Foglio Doug Fowler Ellen Frandseri Mary Frank 104 The Class Of 70 Projects Pride And Unity Pamela Frese Linda Frye Larry Fullerton Melinda Gaddie Janice Gainer Jane Gandy Jacquelyn Garnett Margaret Gaunt Kevin Gaylor John Ghent James Gibson Janet Gibson Steven Gielarowski Bruce Gillingham Gordon Glasgow Brenda Gonzales Lynn Gorby Marc Graham Mark Greenhouse Richard Griebling Brenda Gross Nan Grover Mary Guenthner Lisa Gunderson Linda Guy Anita Hamilton Ted Hart Joan Haseman Eugene Hastings Herb Hatch Judy Haugh Randy Hawks Bruce Haymaker Karen Reitz and Anita Bond demonstrate the insa tiable sophomore appetite. Warren Heintzelman Susanne Heise John Hermann Steven Hertzog Michael Hess Paula Heston Connie Hicks Francis Hicks Maureen Higgins William Higgins Mark Hill Martha Hill Nancy Hill Ernest Hilsabeck 105 The creative mind of a sophomore has no boundaries Douglas Houck Thomas Huddleston James Hughes John Hughes Robert Hyatt Gordon liams Barbara Jackson Thomas Jackson Ursula Jennings Richard Jobe Lee Johnson Nancy Jones Sophomores Demonstrate Their Versatility William Jourdan Barbara Kaufmann Katrina Keel Michael Kelley Gene Kelly Timothy Kennedy Patricia Kershaw Patricia King George Kistner Janet Koch Ann Kroll Jill Lahendro Joyce Lakatos Betty Larsen Drew Laughlin Thomas Lawrence Cynthia Lawson Emory Layton Brooke Leach Wendy Leckey Lester Ledbetter Robert Ledford Katherine Lee Laura Lee Mark Lewis Margaret Lockwood Barbara Loder John Long Laura Long Ronald Long Dennis Loyd Bruce Mansfield John Maple Chris Marsiniec Debbi Mason Judy Matthews Robert Matthews Arletha Mayo Charles McClain Day id McConnell Robin McCoy Patricia McDowell Donald McKeon Roberta McKim Patricia Meads Patricia Megee Patricia Meredith Virginia Merrill Carl Messmer Susan Miller Marolyn Monroe Debby Moore Dorothy Moore Robert Moore Yvonne Moore Emily Moran Judy Morris Patrice Morrison Edward Murphy George Nakamura Cecil Newberry Gayle Nichols Randy Nichols In Academic, Athletic, And Social Events Jerry Nissley William Nolton Barbara Novak Kent Nowak Chris O ' Brien Patrick O ' Connor James Ogle Lorraine Orledge Ronald Oshima Ruby Otis William Palas Diana Pankey Therese Parrish Dale Parton Larry Paxton Brenda Pearson Lynn Pendley Debby Perrin Brenda Perry Dennis Peters Michael Peters William Peterson Allen Phelps Sophomore boys conduct a meeting of the minds 107 Robert Phillips Kathy Polhamus Daniel Pomerening Geraldine Posner Everett Post Alice Price Linda Price Kathy Rankin John Rathbone Robert Rawers Marne Reiley Ron Reinsel Karen Reitz Joan Rezzarday Peggy Rice Teresa Rice Patricia Riester James Riley Charlotte Riser Judy Robbins Patricia Robinson UNICEF Drive Is Promoted By The Sophomore Class Gaye Roland Jdy Roscher Carl Salisbury Joanne Sargent Vickey Sarnowski Dan Saverline John Scandling Patricia Schaefer Peter Schifando Don Schneiders Bobalo Schultz Bette Schurtz Jody Schwandt Warren Scott Dorothy Sebreng Stan Sebring Elaine Shaffer Colleen Shanzey Patricia Shaw Gary Shelton Gregory Shifflett Joseph Simons Robert Simons Cindy Simpkins Samuetta Singleton Peter Sitnik Jennifer Smith Karen Smith Matijane Smith Richard Smitherman Robin McCoy meets insurmountable problems in advertising the JV game. 108 Garrett Snyder William Stagg Nancy Stallings Pamela St aver William Stedman Gordon Steele Dan Steven son Roberta Stewart Thomas Still David Stopper Marti Stoughton Robert Strong Patricia Sullivan Jane Swenson Lois Swoboda Leathy Takach Donna Davis contributes to the UNICEF drive. Debbie Tate Deirdre Taylor Paul Taylor Elaine Tesko George Tharp Glenda Thayer Nancy Thomasson Peter Tucker Wanda Tyler Patricia Vanderpool Vijay Vatsia George Vaughan Kenneth Vechik Paul Vollmer David Vosburg Dianne Wade Jewell Ward Linda Ward Reagen Weatherford Dwayne Weaver Martha Weaver Barbara White David White Barbara Williams Gail Williams Kenneth Williams Margie Williams Patrick Willins Darlene Withrow Jacqueline Wood Sally Wood Jeffrey Woods Kim Woodworth John Wyatt Mary Young 109 Enrollment Explosion Is Caused By Freshmen Confusion is . . . a Freshman Class. And with an en¬ rollment of over five hundred freshmen, the Class of ' 7 I is no exception. As freshmen, the students were in¬ troduced to a number of new things all at once. These included the indecision in choosing between a variety of elective courses, the responsibility of developing in¬ dividual study habits, the painstaking effort of taking SCAT and STEP tests, the disappointment in dis¬ covering that Mount Vernon does not have elevators, the intangling difficulties of taking first aid courses, and the excitement of participating in the competition between the classes. Led by their Freshman Cheer¬ leaders, the Class of ’7 I put up a good fight in their football program and showed the rest of the students of Mount Vernon that they, too, knew how to compete in class competition cheers . . . and win! Yes, another year brought another Freshman Class. They were little and lost, but willing to learn. Being a freshman meant feeling inferior in every way to the su¬ perior upperclassmen. But it now means the feeling of smugness at the end of the year as the Class of ’7 I an¬ ticipates next year’s freshmen. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS CHAIRMAN— Sue Roscher CO-CHAIRMAN— Harold Chase SECRETARY- Timothy Hart SPONSOR- Miss Roberta A. Lerg V Juily Abel Jon Aekerly David Acree Danny Adkins David Allen Cheryl Allison George Allison Ryan Amey Joan Anderson Karen Anderson Susan Anderson Marlia Arkeny Susan Ashey Carol Atleberry Susan Aud Debra Austin Susan Bader Diane Baker Lisa Barbour John Barnet Debbie Barnhill Sally Bartlett James Baskin Ricky Bearden Debbie Beckler Jenny Bednarz Linda Berend Steve Berkowltz Debbie Berry Nick Beschen Tanya Bibber Yvonne Bittner Jimmy Blackstone Marilyn Blair Gail Blanchard Patricia Blunk Myra Boggess Michele Borowsky Jerry Bowers Susan Bracken Kent BrechtbiII Donna Bredbenner Pat Brett John Brewer Nanci Brieman Freshman Class Council —Jirst Row-. Debbie Moss. Alex Bartlett. Lisa Wood. Donna Smith. Tim O ' Rourke Second Kcw-. Darlina Embrey. Ca¬ thy O Shaughnessey, Joan Anderson. Sally Peters, Terri Garber. Zkird Row-. Cathy DeBaise. Cecil Nall. Barbara Sumner. Jourtk Row-. Debbie Lovett. Kim Romney, Janet Stevenson. Linda Gonzales. Margie Glock Jifth Row-. Janet Blair. Pat Wallace. Robert Schurtz. Mark Mendez-Vigo Mark Broe Nancy Brogden Caroline Brooks Elizabeth Brooks Luella Brooks Cecilia Brown Rebecca Brown Gloria Brunson Cindy Bugaj Deborah Buglia Steven Bunyard Roger Burt Edward Byrd Diann Cajigas 111 Sherianne Camp Joe Campbell Beth Carnes Michael Carpenter Sher Carroll Darryl Carson Pat Carter Edward Cave Michael Chambers Peter Chapelle Harold Chase Phyllis Cheseman Judy Childress Bill Christie Sharon Chumley Nichole Clarac Freshman gym students anticipate school dismissal Patsy Conant Marv Jo Cooper Linda Corkill Colleen Coughlin Bill Crabbe Jean Ann Crocker Patricia Crowe Robert Curran Dennis Curtis Linda Curtiss Debbie Dasch Althea Davis Cynthia Davis Donald Davis Ronald Clark Ronald Cline Donna Cogar Karen Collins 4C Richard Davis Thomas Davis Kathy DeBaise Sharon Delesdernier David Delimont Mike Dellinger Gregory Derman Michael Deville Kathleen Dewitt Michael Dexter Ray Dietzel Alfred Divine David Dodd Cheryl Dodson Lonnie Dodson Ronnie Doeppner Tom Donaldson Denise Douvlos John Dumont David Dungan Sheryl Dunidas Barbara Dunn Charles Dunn Debbie Dwyer 112 Freshman art enthusiasts display originality. Bewildered Freshmen Face New Experiences Douglas Finney Barbara Fitzpatrick Donald Flattery Teresa Folio Bruce Ford Lynn Forsman David Foster Linda Fredrick Don Fullerton Michael Gabriel Terri Garber Megan Garvey Michael Gassier Nancy Gates Nina Gates John Gaunt Wayne German Dan Ghent Lydia Giles Marjorie Glock Randall Earley Tamara Edney Becky Edwards James Eklund Robert Elliot William Elton Darlina Embrey Charles English Judy Farber Scott Ferderber Gary Ferguson Mark Fernbaugh Cherilyn Fetty Terry Fick Home E conomic domestic skills. students engage in Julian Godwin James Gogan Clifford Goldthwaite Linda Gonzales Laura Gorby Henry Grage Beverly Graham Linda Graul Carolyn Green Douglas Green Erik Gregorie Linda Gurley Gorby Haines Harold Hale Harold Haley Mark Hall James Hambleton Furman Hammonds Terry Harder Stanley Harrison Tim Hart Valeta Hart Grant Hasty David Hatch John Haugh Joan Haynes Karen Heise Bruce Henderson 113 John Henderson Nell Henry David Henson Louis Hernandoz Ronald Hicks Claude Hinson Neil Hitchcock Daniel Hodgson Barbara Hofer Debbie Holmes James Hopkins Michael Horn Carolyn Hudson John Hudson Brooke Hughs Walter Hunt Stephen Ice Dawn Jarvis Patricia Jayroe Henry Jenkins Louis Jolicoeur Freshmen Overcome Numerous Obstacles And The most difficult obstacles must be overcome. Clara Jones Deborah Jones Deborah Jones Douglas Jones Larry Jones Karin Karroll Georgann Kay Judy Kellison Ronnie Kennon Lenny Kersey Susan Kidd Steven Kimsey Steve King Sarah Kitchen Barbara Kline Jennifer Kouten John Krolak Jane Kroll Miriam Kropelnicci Nanci Kuhn Sandra Lacy Steve Lambert William Landry Brenda Lawhorne Evelyn Lawson Jane Lear Annette Ledford Diane Lee Gary Lee Susan Leggett Gary Leonard Steven Leschnik Richard Lewis Mary Ligon 114 Jay Miles Carol Miller Mitch Miller Donna Minnick Mary Moffett C H Moller Connie Moore Sharon Moore Melody Morningstar Brian Morrison Dennis Morrison Patricia Morse Karen Moser Debbie Moss John Mayer Gay Mayo Odila McCarthy Carol McCauley Tim McCauley Gayle McDonald Eugene McKay Susan McKeon Rice L illy Mark Lindberg Robert Lindsay Linda Linville Richard Linville Betty Lipscomb Ann Little Sidney Logan Chris Looft Waiter Lorenzo Deborah Lovett Gina Lusker Silvia Luster Joseph Lysett Kevin Mannis Louis Marinacci Kathy Martin Douglas Mason Mark Mendez-Vigo Wanda Metzger Herman Michael Bobby Middleton Gym students learn the importance of speed and agility. Kathleen Mueller Julie Murphy Darlene Murray Cecil Nall Robert Nash David Needham Donna Newman Ralph Newman Marie Nichols Susan Nielson Norman Nordquist Karen Norris Rebecca Nutter Connie O ' Connor 115 Kevin O ' Donnell Debbie Olmstead Tim O ' Rourke Kathy O ' Shaughnessy Walt Paluch Sheila Parker George Parry Richard Parton Bruce Pearson Allen Peck Neal Pendleton Mary Perry Lynn Peserson Sallie Peters Marsha Petitt Betsy Pfanzelter Michael Pickwick Kay Pierce Bruce Pilch Denise Plowman Freshman Cheerleaders project spirit at football games. Mary Porterfield Herbert Powell Ken Proctor Clifford Prosser Mark Rail Ronald Rasnake Ruth Rathbone Christie Ratten Francis Recore Beckie Reed Richard Reel Phyllis Reynolds Arthur Rice Dana Rice Freshmen Display Rousing Spirit And Chipper Chase pensively listens to the Choral Department’s presentation. Jackie Rice Patricia Rice Robert Rice Randy Riddle Douglas Robbings Marian Robbins Roderick Rodrique Debbie Rogers Kim Romney Romayne Rompiua Sue Roscher Margaret Ross Cornelia Russell David Sabie Joanne Scandling George Scheets Mary Schlosser Nancy Schmitt Linda Schultz Robert Schurtz Ricardo Segovia Holly Serrell Dawn Shepard Dennis Shoemaker Dave Shuman Helen Siegrist Michael Siler Dianne Simms Cathy Sims Karen Sims 116 I Vickie Swor Ulus Tarpley Randy Tate Pam Taylor Patrick Taylor Sue Tears Dennis Thomas Acie Thompson Sandra Tomlin Kandi Triner Becky Trinkle Sharon Vance Sharon Vanover Nicholas Verhey Edna Singleton Mary Sivak Cathy Slye Donna Smith Lee Spann Helen Spaulding David Speed Deborah Spilker Alton Spinks Laurie Springer Deborah Stanley Susan Sternbeck Colleen Steuwer Janet Stevenson Mickey Stewart Delia Stoehr Donna Stratton Robert Summa Barbara Sumner James Swain Enthusiasm At Football Games Joseph Vermes Shirley Wales William Walkup Karen Wall Patricia Wallace Mark Walsh Susan Ward Carol Watson Linda Weber Barbara Wells Margaret Wentzel Debbie White Sara White Jackie Whittington Kristen Wilkens Darlene Williams Maria Williams Shirley Willingham Kathy Wilson Jerry Windisch Lisa Wood Stephen Woodhurst Susan Woods Debbie Wright Richard Wright Michelle Vary Richard Young Terrie Young Janice Yurchik Arlene Zintel 117 A freshman player discovers the difficulties of being on the football team. SPORTS When the scores have been forgotten, and the sound of cheers have faded, will the agony of trying or the ecstasy of succeeding be remembered? Will the disappointment of defeat or the joy of victory remain? Although we may not remember whether we win or lose, it is important that we experience both. For in learning how to win and how to lose, we become aware. Diamondmen Finish The 1967 Season In Spring 1967 Richard Lamb really " socks it to ' em!” Varsity Baseball Team— Jirst Rpiv ; F Billings. R Brink. D. Wessner, D. Redman. L Hartman. P Lichtenberger. S Herl. F Edge. S. Yurchik. S(ccnd KcW: J. Sivak. T. Long. R. Lamb. R Beahm. D. Convery, M. Bowers, G. Shaffier. Coach John Yednock. 120 A Second Place Tie A flashback to Spring 1967 shows the Maroon and Gray Diamondmen placing second in the District Competition. Their 9-5 record for the season knocked Hammond out of first place standing and gave Edison its only two defeats. The team held an overall batting average of 235 lead by Mickey Bowers ' 68 at .346, Douglas Redman ' 67 at .319, and Larry Hartman ' 69 at .314. With nine underclassmen returning for the 1968 season, we can anticipate a skillful, experienced squad next year. Coach John Yednock Joe Sivak, Douglas Redman. Danny Wessner, Ronnie Beahm. Frank Edge, and Frank Billings view the jame from the dug-out. Varsity Baseball MV 9 Lee 5 MV 3 Fort Hunt 10 MV 4 GW 3 MV 1 Williams 3 MV 8 Edison 6 MV 3 Groveton 0 MV 9 Hammond 8 MV 5 Lee 6 MV 2 Fort Hunt 3 MV 7 GW 0 MV 5 Williams 6 MV 6 Edison 3 MV 7 Groveton 6 MV 5 Hammond 6 Majors wait with patience as an opponent bats. Pat Lichtenberger. Captain. Coach Grove clocks Gary Vechik John North clears six feet in the high jump Cindermen Place Third In The District In 1967 On your mark, get set. . GO! Harry Hasser exerts tremendous energy in the broad jump. 122 Closing last Spring ' s track season with a 4-2 standing, the Mount Vernon Cindermen had set six new records. Ronnie Knight 67 set two of them with a 4J8 mile and a 43 ' 2 ' 2” triple jump. Hardy Josephson 67 set new high and low hurdle marks and Harry Hasser ' 67 set a record with his 22 ' 44 " broad jump. Track Squad —First Row-. D. Haseman, T. Rhodes, J. Hutcherson. J. Hutcherson. D. Dommisse. D. Moss. Second Rotv ; C. Messmer. J. Zakel. J Gibson. H. Josephson. K. Keirsey. D. Knight. C. Richardson. D. Cambell. L. Barry. R. Knight. M. Mense. Zhird Row ; D. Garber. G. Vechik, R. Syl- vest. T. Schneiders. S. Florer. B Siders. G. Glasglow, H. Hatch. M. Brett, K. Vechik. dourtii Row-. D Bartlett. M. Hackett. A. Synder, J North, L. Berry, G. Van Arb. H. Hasser. Coach Dave Grove. Fifth Row: T. Brillhart. J. Van Norman. T. McDonald, B Young, S. Henry, G. Anderson. B Parker. Track MV 89 Groveton 47 MV 89 ' A Edison 4 1 Zi MV 48 Fort Hunt 83 MV 102 GW 26 MV 69 Lee 62 MV 60 Hammond 7 1 123 Tennis And Cross Country Tennis MV 2 Groveton 5 MV 9 GW 0 MV 6 Lee 3 MV 5 2 Hammond 3 2 MV 6 Williams 3 MV 0 Fort Hunt 7 MV 6 Edison 3 The incessant sound of balls meeting racquets de¬ scribes the long hours of practice the 1967 Netmen underwent to place second in the District Competi¬ tion. The team scored a 5-2 record, losing only to Fort Hunt and Groveton. In the Northern Virginia Competition, Mount Vernon was represented by Roy Gray ’67, Don Gribble ' 68, and Mark MacKechnie ' 69 in the singles, and Gordon Barry ' 67, Kreg Polve ' 67, Bob Seaman ' 67, and Mark MacKechnie ' 69 in the doubles. Hank Mitchell displays excellent form. Netmen pause between enervating practice. Hal Metcalfe prepares for ja serve. 124 Teams Project Stiff Competition JV Cross Country Team —first Row-. D. Hatch. T. O ' Rourke. R McKeon, G. liams. G. Haymaker. D Tho¬ mas. B. Manning. Second Row-. S. Thomas, M. Brett. D. Dommisse. K. Vechik, R. Sylvest. L. Ledbetter. Varsity Cross Country— Jirst Row-. J. Garcia. G. Van Arb. C. Gallagher, S. Gielarowski. Second Row-. J. Dewitt. T. Schneiders, G. Vechik, J. liams. Fall 1967 saw our Cross Country team third in District Competition. They finished with a 2-2-1 record. Their two victories were over Groveton and Lee. They were defeated by West Springfield and Edison, but tied Fort Hunt. Coach Stanley Fant 125 Victory Over Fort Hunt Wins Majors The " Action! Action! We want some action! " Coach John Miller In a final victory over rival Fort Hunt, Mount Vernon’s 1967 defense carried Maroon and Gray to their first championship since 1961 and 1952. The Majors’ 7-2-1 record this season wrapped up the first Group I-A Gunston District title, a re¬ lief after last year’s 8-2 record cost the Majors the District cup in a loss to Fort Hunt in the 1966 finale. Statistics for this season’s Mount Vernon-Fort Hunt finale showed Mount Vernon with 17 first downs, 218 yards rushing, and 100 yards passing. Mount Vernon had three representatives on the Virginia All- Suburban Squad. They were Frank Edge ' 68, offensive end. Rod Thonen ’68, middle guard, and Steve Herl ’67, defensive back. John Culpepper ’68, center, John Van Norman ’68, de¬ fensive end, Eric Hyman ’68, defensive tackle, Kirk DeHaven ’68, linebacker, Mickey Bowers ’68 and Larry Hartman ' 67, offensive backs, and Dennis Bartlett ' 67, defensive back, re¬ ceived Honorable Mentions. 126 Division Title Varsity Football MV 21 GW 14 MV 10 Fairfax 13 MV 6 Williams 7 MV 19 Edison 19 MV 13 Hammond 6 MV 28 Lee 0 MV 28 Groveton 0 MV 17 Madison 14 MV 26 West Springfield 0 MV 13 Fort Hunt 0 Varsity Football Squad —Jirst Row, G. Gaston, G. Hamilton, B Gmaz. J. Lamb. D. Wessner, M. Alls, J. liams. J. Pearson, S. Herl, L. Bayne, J. Hughes. Second Row, D. Moss, B. Young, S. Yurchik, C. Smith. R. Frizzell. A. Giffen. B. Jourdon, G. Collins, C, Rich, D. Convery, D. Bartlett, L. Fullerton, G. Shaffier. Third Row, L. Hartman. A. Snyder, G. Schreiner, R. Hall, S. Collins. F. Edge, P. McCarthy, J. Culpepper, D. Gribble. C. Broe, T Simpson, R. McCartney. Jourth Row, P. Nadeau, B. Humphries. D Knight, J. Van Norman, K. DeHaven, E. Hyman, T.i BriIIhart, R. Beahm, R. Lamb. R. Thonen. M. Bow¬ ers. B. Wood. C UP RUN lEfy Und WPIOMHP TROPlif, Mickey Bowers. Eric Hyman, Rod Thonen. Tri-captains. Hopes were high the week of the Mount Vernon-Fort Hunt game. Fa¬ vored 69-0 by the Junior Class in the hall decorating contest, the Majors won by I 3-0. 127 Frank Edge. 82. carries one of the 22 passes he received for 390 yards and 6 touchdowns. Majors Display Outstanding 128 The irresistable force meets an immovable object. Team Effort Throughout The 1967 Season Larry Hartman, 10, passes to Danny Wessner. 30. Although the 1967 Varsity Football Squad could be classified as slow starters, they gained impetus as the season progressed. There were, of course, the real heartbreakers like Fairfax and T.C. Wil¬ liams. With dour predictions for " one of those seasons, the team tried harder. The Major’s ef¬ forts were rewarded as the following games were highlighted by outstanding teamwork. The defen¬ sive efforts of Eric Hyman, Rod Thonen, Gary Hamilton, and Steve Herl saved the Majors from the fury of the GW Prexies, while the running ef¬ forts of Richard Lamb and Danny Wessner and the passing skill of Larry Hartman pulled the Ma¬ jors out of the slump. The excitement of football reached an apex when Larry Hartman ' s pass to Frank Edge ended the Edison game in a 19-19 tie. Probably the most unexpected and exciting play of the season was against Fort Hunt when Dave Knight intercepted a pass on Fort Hunt ' s 48 line, giving the Majors a second chance to score. Surely everyone remembers that final score, I 3-0. Congratulations District Champs! 129 JV Squad Prepares For Playing Varsity The Fort Hunt game was too exciting for anyone to wa f ;h sitting down, especially those involved in the action! Mount Vernon’s JV Football Squad worked hard this year in hopes of preparing themselves to play Varsity next season. The boys had only two victo¬ ries, but through their defeats they learned good sportsmanship and humility. They also experienced the disappointment and frustrations in losing. But by learning to lose gracefully, they learn to be good winners. Next year they will use this knowledge to ease the defeats of their opponents. Assistant Coach Thomas Propps JV Coach Steve Kendall JV players pause to change into practice jerseys after having their pictures made. 130 JV Football MV 0 Yorktown 12 MV 0 Edison 33 MV 6 Fort Hunt 35 MV 6 Lee 0 MV 0 Groveton 6 MV 13 Madison 6 MV 0 West Springfield 26 MV 0 McLean 27 Chipper Chase and Billy Suggs give Cecil Newberry a hand with putting on his equipment. There just has to be some way out of this predicament. JV Football Squad —first Kow ; J. Staley. R. Dumont, L. Rich, J. Gibson, G. Darby, M. Kelly, F. Shaffer and C. Chase, B. Swore, D. Fowler, D. Bourne, L. Pendly, M. Lewis, E. Key, D. Saverline. Second Row-. G. Shelton, J. Roberts, B. Nolton, D. Foglio, M. Hess, J. Rathbone, D. Houck, T. Steed, D. Weaver, B. Darland, R. Dejonckheere, B. Strong, B. Haymaker. Third Row-. M. Dick. P. Sitnik, B. Rawers, B. Palas, C. Newberry, B. Callahan, J. Nissley, R. Griebl- ing, L. Kirby, M. Weaver, M. Manual, B. Suggs, P. Tucke. 131 Freshman Year Begins The Making Of A Team Coach David Grove Freshman Football Squad —first Row : R. Dietzel. D. Jones. R. Jones. R. Young. Second Row-. B. Landry, C. Nall, B Crabbe. S Kimsey. B Welton, C. Goldthwaite. S. Megee, R. Linville, R. Anderson. Zhird Kow-. L Pearson. T. Donaldson, M. Carpenter. H Grage. D Green, G. Durmon. D Foster, R. Beardon. J. Kim. Fourth Row: P Taylor. G Lee. J. Miller. W. Hunt. M. Lindberg. L. Spann, R. Watts, R. Parton. D. Hodgeson. Fifth Row, J. Hambleton. W. Paluch. D. Fullerton. R. Hicks. M. Letcher, J. Wright, R. Rod- rigaz. P Valandra. J. Hudson Freshman Football MV 7 Edison 13 MV 0 Fort Hunt 0 MV 7 Lee 13 MV 13 Groveton 6 MV 7 Madison 0 MV 0 West Springfield 0 Since the Freshman Football Squad must start from scratch each year. Coach David Grove had his hands full this fall converting a group of in¬ dividuals into a team. This was probably the first time many of the boys had ever participated in an organized sport. They learned to work to¬ gether as a team with patience and understanding. Those who proved to possess exceptional ability will be rewarded next season by playing JV or Varsity. 132 MV Girls’ Varsity Hockey 2 Lee 1 MV 2 Fort Hunt 1 MV 1 Edison 1 MV 2 Groveton 2 MV 2 West Springfield 4 MV 0 Annandale 0 MV 1 McLean 2 MV 1 Madison 0 Girls ' JV Hockey Team— first Kow= K. Simms. M. Reiley. K. Rietz. Second Kow-. O. McCartney. M. Hahn, J Scandling. S Ashey. P Rice. S McKeon. Third Kow-. K. Sims. T Vanderpool, T. Parrish. Girls’ Hockey Simulates Battle Maneuvers Hockey Coaches Edith Oliverio and Joan Massie converse with the referee before one of the games. Girls’ Varsity Hockey Team —Sirs! Kow: B Merritt, C. Clark J. Betz, V. Jones. Second Kow : P. Rice. L. Moore, E. Gardner. J. Delaconception. K. Mueller. Third Kow-. D Merrill. J. Posner, P. McDowell, M. Lavoy. L. Parton Girls who play field hockey have to be admired. Contrary to popular opinion, hockey is not the safest and easiest game in MV’s athletic program. Hockey sticks flying, balls rolling, hair-pulling, and shin-knocking are all part of the game. Strong wind and cold weather did not keep the girls indoors. The fast-moving excitement of the games pro¬ tected them from the cold while the satisfaction of victory made playing worth¬ while. 133 Basketball boys exhibit fundamental skills and new rules on MV ' s Maroon and Gray Night Ronnie Hefferman scores two points for Majors. Varsity Basketball MV 37 Wakefield 78 MV 56 Fairfax 50 MV 53 Madison 60 MV 67 McLean 51 MV 56 Groveton 60 MV 58 Jefferson 79 MV 77 Falls Church 81 MV 55 Edison 56 MV 54 Woodson 68 MV 65 Fort Hunt 66 MV 64 Marshall 54 MV 48 Springfield 52 MV 40 Lee 43 MV 40 Groveton 61 MV 42 Edison 59 MV 73 Fort Hunt 79 MV 46 Springfield 33 MV 77 Lee 48 Varsity Basketball Has A Rough But Coach John Wedlock herds the boys downstairs for half time. Trainer Jon Woods keeps the records up to date. 134 Varsity Basketball Team—S. Herl, R Lamb, R Beahm, T Brillhart. E. Hyman, G. Glasgow, D Wessner. R Hetterman. .1 Rogers. J. Glock. R Lee, P. Convery, L Berry Winter 1968 Action Filled And Exciting ’67-’68 Season It Takes Courage And Determination Anxious Majors watch from sidelines. Coac h Wedlock takes time-out to review plays. " Mother Wedlock " cures all ailments. Majors exert themselves to gain the jump ball. 136 To Play Well MV ' s Gordon Glasgow scores for Mount Vernon. Senior Squad Members—Danny Wessner, Tom Brillhart, Jim Glock, Eric Hyman. Jim Rogers. Rod Lee. Danny Convery, Ronnie Hef- ferman. Who said that football is a dangerous sport? Compared to the per¬ formance on the basketball court this year, football is for tiwo-year- olds. What makes a group of intelligent, good-looking guys go out for a sport that offers as much protection from floor burns and black eyes as bailing out of an airplane without a parachute? Some people claim it is the thrill of playing; some think it is the challenge; and others think it is sheer stupidity. But what would the students of MV do without the high blood pressure and heart failure of a good close basketball game! The season was highlighted by hustle that never stopped. The games were so close; often the last few heartbreaking seconds meant victory or defeat by only one or two points. It cannot be denied that the ’68 Varsity Basketball Team had an exciting season worth remembering. Steve Herl brings the ball down the court for Majors. Ronnie Beahm seems in disagreement with the referee for calling a foul on Major Gordon Glasgow. 137 JV Basketball Team —Jirst Kou’ : P. Schultz, B. Simons. B Anderson. B. Jourdan. A. Giffen, D. Fowler. J. Hermann. Second Row-. G. Deck, J Howerton, B Rawers. C. Newberry, M. Day, J. Nissley, D McKeon, L Rich Underclass Sports Help To Develop Skill And Freshman Coach Wade Privette and JV Coach Kenneth Legins had big jobs this year instructing their boys on the fundamentals of basketball and helping them to improve their abilities JV Basketball MV 48 Wakefield 63 MV 55 Fairfax 22 MV 30 Madison 36 MV 40 McLean 21 MV 46 Groveton 38 MV 40 Jefferson 51 MV 24 Edison 33 MV 34 Woodson 57 MV 39 Fort Hunt 41 MV 37 Marshall 46 MV 54 Springfield 46 MV 56 Lee 43 MV 46 Groveton 47 MV 24 Edison 32 MV 39 Fort Hunt 41 MV 49 Springfield 36 MV 68 Lee 21 138 011 ,. 00 ,. 011 ,. YCRNa | ou r M BNDH ou nr verndn verno _ ® ' ' XHK ' •.T i W ■( • V ' Sr Freshman Basketball Team— J rst Rat R Lilley, K O ' Donnell. D Fullerton. D. Jones. B Morri¬ son. R Hinson. D Ghent Second Rom D Dungan. L. Spann. M. Lindberg, M. Carpenter. B Rouse. R Davis. M. Walsh Freshman Basketball MV 36 Edison 30 MV 22 Groveton 43 MV 16 Edison 45 MV 38 Fort Hunt 64 MV 56 Springfield 41 MV 36 Lee 30 MV 30 Groveton 29 MV 28 Fort Hunt 48 MV 26 Springfield 41 MV 26 Lee 23 Sportsmanship For The Upcoming Varsity Girls’ JV Basketball MV 3 Lee 13 MV 1 1 Fort Hunt 37 MV 20 Edison 21 MV 14 Jefferson 15 MV 8 Springfield 27 MV 16 Groveton 14 MV 17 Lee 15 MV 16 Fort Hunt 33 MV 27 Edison 25 MV 25 Groveton 4 MV 22 Springfield 14 MV 10 Annandale 20 Girls’ JV Basketball Team —first Row-. C. Pritt, L. Gorby, M. Williams, P. McDowell, P. Megge. Second ROW: S. Sharp, L. Gorby. L. Barbour. T. O ' Donnell, S. Dodson. S. Fetty. R. Petro. Third Row-. M. Reiley, D. Taylor. F. Clevenger, D. Rogers. P. Rice. 139 Girls’ Basketball Team Improves In Both Enthusiasm And Skill Girls’ Varsity Basketball MV 35 Lee 37 MV 35 Fort Hunt 37 MV 38 Edison 37 MV 24 Jefferson 45 MV 39 Springfield 25 MV 44 Groveton 56 MV 41 Lee 43 MV 52 Fort Hunt 56 MV 51 Edison 21 MV 51 Groveton 64 MV 49 Springfield 23 MV 51 Annandale 43 Varsity girls practice after school in the gym to de¬ velop smooth teamwork. Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team— forst Row : M. Carpenter, C. Oliver, G. Ervin, D. Hundley, Second Row-. Coach Jeanne Allen. M. Bland. J. Betz, B. Barbour. V. Jones, L. Parton. B. Gonzales. ZhirdRoW: N. Hill, L Pinkepank, L. Rawers. fourth Row-. K. Polhamus, C. Broe, N. Fitzgerald, N. Day. This year Coach Jeanne Allen certainly had a team of which to be proud. Because of a remarkable improvement over last year, the girls experienced the taste of vic¬ tory. Perhaps, this was what pushed them onward. A team with such determina¬ tion and spirit is truly deserving of success. Hopefully, this year’s Junior Varsity, under the coaching of Mrs. Joan Massie, will follow in the Varsity’s footsteps for a terrific ’69 season. 140 Jeff liams and Gene Recore perform under the excellent refereeing of Mr. Kendall on Mount Vernon ' s first Maroon and Gray night. " Fant’s Animals Are Tough!’’ 141 Varsity Wrestling MV 17 Washington S Lee 26 MV 26 Marshall 13 MV 2 8 Groveton 23 MV 30 Fort Hunt 16 MV 30 GW 14 MV 31 Springfield 1 1 MV 32 Lee 12 MV 13 Annandale 32 MV 27 Madison 18 MV 16 Edison 28 MV 6 Langley 46 MV 13 Wakefield 31 The beginning of every wrestling bout begins this way. but. hopefully for Majors, it does not end this way. Wrestling Fans Have As Much Satisfaction Unlimited wrestler John Van Norman " pins his man. What appears to be utter confusion to amateur spectators is to regular wrestling fans a highly competitive and exciting sport. Those who under¬ stand how hard MV’s wrestlers practice appreciate the skill and muscu¬ lar coordination displayed at the matches. How these boys conserve their strength from one match to another without eating is beyond most mortal comprehension. But working and starving are not the only in¬ gredients involved in the making of a top wrestling squad. The boys have spirit, which makes Fant ' s Animals the greatest! Coach Stanley Fant 142 " S-0 . . LI - L! Soul Team! " Watching, As The Wrestlers Have Winning —zzz:— ' ' 7 4 ' j ■H T W g Varsity Wrestlers —first Kow-. G. liams, L. Paxton. J. Simons. J. Garcia. J. liams. G. Recore. Second Kow : J. Van Norman, R. Thonen. M. White, M. Bowers. L. Hartman, L. Fullerton. 143 Seasons Come And Go But The Knowledge j Wrestlers —first Ron’-. J Long. G. Kelly. J. Scandling. F. Shaffer, M. Puttner, D. Foglio. Second Row : S. Dawson. R. Baur. J. Dove, C. Smith. B Young. R. Watts. Larry Hartman waits anxiously to begin. JV Wrestling MV 34 Washington § Lee 18 MV 20 Marshall 25 MV 27 Groveton 21 MV 29 Fort Hunt 23 MV 42 GW 8 MV 32 Springfield IS MV 40 Lee 6 MV 23 Annandale 27 MV 28 Madison 19 MV 24 Edison 21 MV 48 Langley 6 MV 19 Wakefield 22 144 Gained Through Sports Lingers On JV Wrestler John Scandling shows his opponent who is boss. Varsity wrestlers make things look so easy. Everybody has to start somewhere. 145 ORGANIZATIONS " Who am I?” each one of us must ask sooner or later. We seek to assert our own identities. But in doing so, we often take too much and give too little to life. " How can we give?” we are forced to ask. Our efforts seem insignificant and feeble. Yet we stand alone, not realizing the full value of a group. To appreciate the group and yet to retain individual identities is a challenge we must accept. 146 147 Bill Martin. Second Vice President; Karen Tuthill. First Vice President Elections Set Foundations Mr. Baker Shelton, Sponsor. S.C.A. Cabinet —First RoiV: K. Grove, Co-chairman of Homecoming; P. Kaz- lausky. Co-chairman of Homecoming; E. Wright, Publications Chairman; L Malvin, Hospitality Chairman; V. Lodewick. Hospitality Co-Chairman; T. Reeder. Magazine Campaign Co-chairman; G. Lake, Parliamentarian; D. Convery, Athletics Chairman. Second Row-. P. Leggett, Student Handbook Chairman; P. Matthes, Magazine Campaign Co-chairman; C. Van Sickle, Student Directory Chairman; E. Palas, Historian; S. Watters, Elections Chairman; B. Huyett, Spirit Chairman; R Hemingway, Calendar Chairman. 148 Sarah Chapelle, Secretary. Pat Simmons, Treasurer. Student Cooperative Association What would you like the Student Cooperative Association to buy? A vic¬ tory gong? It may sound unusual but a victory gong is what the students of Mount Vernon voted for in the S.C.A. Opionion Poll. The poll was or¬ ganized to encourage greater student interest in their government. Stu¬ dent suggestions helped the S.C.A. officers to decide on activities that would receive favorable attendance. The annual magazine drive grossed $ 1,700, most of which was used to support our foreign exchange student and to finance non-profit school organizations such as the Debate Club. Various cabinet committees published student handbooks for the fresh¬ men of I 968, prepared the student directory, sponsored a pre-game bon¬ fire, served as guides at back-to-school night, coordinated club activi¬ ties through the I.C.C., and completely organized the homecoming program. The S.C.A. of ’67-’68 successfully brought all students, freshmen through seniors, together as a united, spirited student body. A hopeful candidate gives her campaign speech to an attentive student body. S.C.A. Co-sponsors The Annual Twirp Week Ruth Hemingway puts the January activities on the Activities Calendar. Mr. Landes meets with S.C.A. leaders to plan Twirp Week. Open discussions characterize Friday S.C.A meetings. 150 This is the typical organization of the S.C.A. office. S.C.A. Assembly —first Kow : S. Gist. B Hughes, S. Sublett, B. Symanski, J. Early, D. Fick, M. Frank, C. Chase, B Williams, B. Novak, H. Powell, V. Gardner, K. Hecker. Second Kow-. L Avery, H. Long, B Pfanzelter. D. Moss. L. Baker, D. Stratton. K. Wilkins, V. Wells, V. Lovett. D. Plowman, M. Kro- pelnicki. K. Triner, M. Yary. K. Heise. ZkirdKow-. D Frye, R Hall P Hassen- ger, D. Walsh, S. Logan, A. Woods, J. de la Concepcion. R. Reomse. J Hughes, P. Miller, S. Gordon, H. Metcalfe, D. Houck. M. Letcher. J. Gruen- wald, H. Hayes, B Pearson. Seurtk Row, S. Lennon, T. Koogle, G. Shanley, R Ayres, C. Pate, J. Garcia, G. Von Arb, L Bolton, U. Jennings. S. Elliott. C Ferderber. B. Hinson. J. Boswell, R. Davis, R. Parton, D Watson. 151 Keyettes Receive Gifts From As in any co educational school, the battle of the sexes runs rampant in the halls of Mount Vernon. Our girls should be more than proud to be represented by the active members of the Keyette Club. A Keyette cannot be typed or classified, for her talents range from the home eco¬ nomic fields of seamstress and hot chocolate maker to the role of sensuous bur¬ lesque dancer and competitive magazine saleswoman. Keyette projects filled the Activities Calendar. In the fall the girls collected $250 for St. Judes Children’s Hospital, held interviews and inductions of new mem¬ bers, and spent a sleepless night at a slumber party. During the Christmas sea¬ son, club members made and sold wreaths, created stuffed toys for a children’s hospital, displayed talents as song and dance women in a USO show, and enter¬ tained Alumni Keyettes at an informal tea. The year closed with a March of Dimes campaign, a spaghetti dinner, an Easter Party for Project Head Start chil¬ dren, and a large turnout for the International Convention. Whenever there is a need for dependable, hearty workers, the Keyettes are ready Keyette Club to serve. Keyette Club— JirstRow-. B. Frazelle. P. Simmons, N. Fitzpatrick. P Kazlausky, M. Johnson, B Barbour. N. Eisenhart, T. O ' Donnell Second Row, L. Scott, C Lindberg, P. Matthes, M Ghent. P. Miller. P Leggett. K Tut hi II. M. Brake, C. Cruse. D DeJonghe. S. Chap- elle. Third Row-. L. Barksdale. S. Seitz, S. Sullivan, E. Wright, D Flail, K. Heckert, C. Jordan. B Flinson. E. Palas. fourth Row-. K Keirsey, S. Fleckert, N. Chapman, S. Cancilla. N. Prince, M Crowe. L. Garrett, V. Lodewick. L. Avery. 152 Clandestine Locker Pals Keyettes. old and new. reminisce at the Alumni Tea im y An industrious Keyette designs a spirit poster for the senior Hal Metcalfe. Keyette Sweetheart. h a || Newly inducted members glow with pride. Officers —Jirst Row-. Sally Watters, Treasurer; Bonnie Huyett, Historian; Chris Crann, Junior Representative; Nancy Houck, Senior Representative; Alex Haight, Parliamentarian. Second Row-. Susan Gordon, President; Dyan Wells, Vice President; Cathy Radovich, Secretary; Miss Virginia Yutz, Sponsor. Keyettes honor Marsha Johnson with a surprise farewell party Key Clubbers Visit Junior Key Club review board carefully evaluates each hopeful applicant. Karen Tuthill. Key Club Sweetheart. Thumbs up for Majors! Members perform an early morning task of raising the colors. A tired Key Club guard enjoys a Keyette hot chocolate break. Officers— first Row-. Ken Ziegfeld, Parliamentarian; Hal Metcalf. Vice President; Jerry Garcia, Chaplain; Pat McCarthy. Historian; Dave Knight, Treasurer. Second Row, Hank Mitchell, President; John Culpepper, Sergeant at-Arms; Mr. Herman Thomason, Sponsor. Village At Christmas Taking active participation in many phases of school curriculum, the Key Club lives up to its theme. " Understanding Through Involvement. " The school year opened as busy Key Clubbers directed cars in the stadium park¬ ing lot. generated spirit with the " thumb " , and kept score on the field. In Novem¬ ber, the Club successfully presented the first " Soul Dance " in the history of Mount Vernon. December was packed with activity. Club members sold peanut brittle and Christmas trees and presented a $100 check to a needy family. The spring was highlighted by visits to Junior Village and the district convention in Baltimore, Maryland. The induction of new members and the orientation of officers-elect closed the year. The Key Club is one group that does not wait for the action, they make it happen. Key Club Key Club —First rou’ : B. Young. G. Von Arb. J. Scandling, K. Gay- lor, G. liams, R. Frizzell. J. Vigen. Second row-. B Harrison, B Cox. R. Baker, J. McNaughton, B. Wakefield, B. Martin. T Simpson, B Merritt, third row : M. Achee. T. Schneiders. E Brooks, R. Smither- man. J. liams, C. Tinaztepe. R Unger. J Shannon Jourth row, M Anderson. T Reeder. T Koogle, E Hyman, J Lahendro. W Bar tlett. K. Weaver, T Brillhart, J. Glock, A Stoehr 155 Honor Societies Perform Officers—Peggy Leggett. President; Blythe Merritt. Vice Presi¬ dent. Valerie Lodewick, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Joan Carr. Sponsor. Senior Honor Society What can a group of students, whose only common qualification is a 3.5 academic average, do? Plenty! The Senior Honor Society has gone beyond solely honoring the high achievers; it now serves the school. The Society organized and ran the bookstore, providing paperback versions of required reading novels as well as school supplies. Each nine weeks, club members tackled the job of distributing honor roll applications, taking old names down, and putting new ones up. The Senior Honor Society has left the mark of hard work and achievement on the school year ’67-’68. Students patronize the bookstore and are served by Honor Society members. The new nine weeks requires a change in Honor Roll membership Senior Honor Society— 7 hr Kow-. Miss Joan Carr. Sponsor; R. McCartney. S. Cancilla. L. Baker. B. Frizzell. E. Wright. S. Lynn, L. Scott, J. Stacer. J. Donaldson, S Heckert. E. Palas. P Davidson. B Wakefield. T. Atteberry, K. Heckert. D. Hall Second Kow-. P. Matthes. C. Crann. A. Pendleton. M. Brake. T. Hatch, S. Donato. L. Barksdale, S. Seitz, B. Mayer, L. Rawers, K. Winfree. N. Eisenhart, S. Eisenhart. P. McCar- they. r bird Kow-. L. Pinkepank. G. Ruhlen, G. Lake, C. Pom- erening, C. Radovich, R. Lamb, T. Doeppner, M. Achee, S. Jacquot, J. Woods. J. Glock. Services For The School Junior Honor Society —first Row: R. Hinson. M. Carpenter, E. Tesko. Second Row-. Miss Virginia Vutz. sponsor; K. Wilkens, L. Gorby. Zhird Row-. C. Goldthwaite. D. Fullerton. D. Jones. J. Gandy, P. Kershaw, C. Atteberry. fourth Row-. J Manor, D. Weaver, A. Wood, C. Fetty, J. Smith. E Hastings fifthRow, K. Vechik, J. Ackerly, R. Griebling. D. Pomerening. R Smitherman R Bauer. Randy Hinson is presented a carnation on announcement of his induction. Officers—Gordon liams. Vice President; Miss Virginia Yutz. Sponsor; Alice Wales. Secretary-Trea¬ surer; John Scandling, President. Junior Honor Society There is a click over the P.A. A young voice breaks the silence and starts to recite the list of Sophomores and Freshmen to be inducted into the Junior Honor Society. These students were accepted on the basis of above average scholastic achievement and qualities of leadership. The Society helped to develop these inexperienced underclassmen into responsible upperclassmen. 157 Spanish Honor Society— first Row, M Remirez, A Wales. M. Echeverry. M Hill. G Liams, A. Wales. K. Williams. Second Row-. B Brooks, C. Brooks. B Hicks. J. Dexter. L. Hersman. M. Cartagena. L Paxton. P O ' Shaughnessy, D. Sebreny, L Baker, G Fergusen. D. Spilker. G. Thayer. G. Lake. Language Honor Societies The process of learning to speak as a child comes naturally. However, mastering a second language is an ac¬ complishment deserving of recogni¬ tion The French and Spanish Honor Societies acknowledge students who have met high scholastic standards. The requirements for membership are an A average in the foreign language and above average achievement in all other subjects. Language students feel that accep¬ tance in these societies is a just re¬ ward for years of study. Spanish Honor Society —Jirst Row-. E. Francisco. Alex Haight. Secreatry-Treasuren J. O’Barski, Kay Win- free. Vice President; S Gerlack. M. Brake Second Ron ' : B Weber. Val Jordan, President; J. Glock, N. Sumner French Honor Society —First Row .- R. Weatherford. M. Weaver, W. Tyler. M. Carpenter, M. Achee. Susan Cancilla, Vice President. Second Row, P Leggett, D. Hall. C. Radovich, Mrs. Eleanor Landgrave, Sponsor; Echo Wright. Secretary-Treasurer; S. Jacquot. L Barksdale. Pat McCarthy, President. Students Develop Linguistic Skills Junior Classical League— Row, Karen Paiuch. Vice President; Gay Siegrist, Secretary; R. Hinson, P. Morrison. Second Row-. Miss Joan McElroy, Sponsor; Kevin Gaylor, Treasurer; K. McKeag, T. Hatch Third Row-. L. Andyshak, R. Wright, E. Long. Jourth Row-. Skip Lennon, President; J. Scandling, R. Phil¬ lips, S. Lakatos. Tifth Row-. J. Woods, B. Braum, J. Ogle, J. Manor. President Skip Lennon watches the banquet festivities. Junior Classical League " How much am i offered for this robust, euphoric slave?” " U!” " Sold! To the generous lady in the toga!” The young girl jumps from her chariot and runs to the auction block to claim her purchase. The scene is the Junior Classical League’s annual feast. One day a year our austere cafeteria is trans¬ formed into a Roman banquet hall. This activity il¬ lustrates the creativity of Mount Vernon ' s Junior Classical League. International Relations Society— Row-. N. Fitzpatrick. L Scott. S. Drozdz. L Bailey, P. Morrison. Second Row-. S. Scott, M. Smith. L. Rawers. P Burke. C. Ferderber. K. Atkin¬ son, C. Morrison, M. Barnett, Mrs. Susan Egusa, Sponsor; N. Carson. Mr. Vaughn Concocts A Potent Brew Spanish Club —first Row : C Long, P Holt. J Swenson. P Shaw. P Flowers, M. Vary. L Wood. S Wales. D Spilker. A Wales. Stroud Kou ' : L. Frizell. R Frizzell. T Fick. H Cason. L Paolantonio, G Thayer, D Smith. R Hill. S Seitz, K Winfree, S Vance. Third Row-. C Riser, C. Hicks, S. Eisenhart, K. Smith, W. Buckles. D. Moore. D. Sebreny. F. Clevenger. D Minnick, J. Page. P Blount. J Woods, M. Mandez-Vyo. J. Vickery. C. Elton, E. Matsura. C. Horton. K Griswold, C. Clark, V. Merrill. Mr Vaughn has the honor of preparing the punch One club member swings wildly at the pinata. mt tin 160 Spanish Club —Jirst Kow : L. Hartman. F Edge, C. Jourdan. R. Beahn, S. Ger- lack, S. Gist. M. Reiley. B Andersen Second Row-. M. Anderson, L Pinkepank, B. Sommer, N. Sumner. A. Snyder. B. Webber. J. Swenson. K. Polhomus, E Rivard. ZhirdRow.- P C ' Shaughnessy, K. O ' Shaughnessy. J Dexter, L. Lee. G. Kelly, P. Kennedy, B. Hicks. Jourth Row : L. Hersman. M. Pritchard. K. Trowak, R. Hyatt. G. liams. L. Paxton, J. Sexton, K. Kobilka. B Green, M. Re- mirez, M. Pratts. Jifth Row : S. Bauman, D. Wells, C. Brooks, B Cox, J. Hitchcock, J. Woods. P. Stedman, T Schneiders, G. Fitzsimmons. D. Davis, M. Doane. G. Vechik, R Stevens, J. Glock. Spanish Club Frothy green punch, excited voices, and a spray of can¬ dy from a pinata characterized the Spanish Club’s Christmas fiesta. No project is more impatiently antici¬ pated than this holiday celebration. The fall meet¬ ings also had much to offer with programs centered around the understanding of Spanish art and literature. In the spring club members turned to displaying Latin American posters and articles in the trophy case and honoring a country of the month on Mr. Leonard Vaughn’s bulletin board. Officers—Bill Weber. Vice President; Mary Brake. Treasurer; Julie Obarski, Presi¬ dent; Barbara Malinowski. Secretary; Mr. Leonard Vaughn. Sponsor. The refreshments are delicious and plentiful. 161 Language Clubs Expand Students’ French Club What happened in clubs this year? The French Club was one with plenty happening. Mrs. Elea¬ nor Langrabe and the members dined in a French restaurant in Washington and in keeping a tradi¬ tion alive, performed an authentic can-can for the National Thespians ' Variety Show. Susan Drozdz, as the club’s president, was influencial in the entertainment line. She headed plans for a very successful Christmas party and, in the spring, a dance based on a French theme. To inform the students of life in France, several guest speakers were engaged for meetings. The club followed the idea of enjoyment while learning. Officers—Trois Atteberry. Secretary-Treasurer; Susan Drozdz, President; Liz Scott, Vice President. French Club— Sirs KoW: D Carson. P Crowe. K. Atwood, J. Gandy, L. Corkill, L. Swoboda, M. Guenthner, M. Barnett. C. Haines, T. Henson, D. Wade. K. DeBiase. B Sponaugle. SecondKow-. S. Remington. C. Salisbury. D. Hall, L Cox, M Weaver. P Conant. D Shephard. B. Glock, P. Burke, B. Per¬ ry. J Vickery, W. Tyler, C Bartlett, O. McCarthy, N Carson. L. Bailey, P. Wilkins. Third Kow-. N. Beschen, G. Haines. A. Gentry. K. Reitz, M. Boggess, N. Nelson. S. Burger, K. Collins, J. Brevaid, B. Hinson, K. Gallavan, C. Co- Iyer, M. Byrd, S. Toteff, A. Ross, T. Garber, L. Thompson, N. Fitzpatrick, C. Ferderber. 162 Cultural Interests German Club— Tirst Row, A. Peck. P. Davison, M. Moore, S. Keller, B. Pfanzeler, P Burke, J. Eklund. Second Row, P. Meads, A. Bond, M. Chapman. Zhird Row, B. Pfanzelter, P. Heston, K. Pierce, L. Gunderson. Jourth Row, D. Smith, J. Pritchett, C. Brae. Tifth Row, R. Bauer, B. Egan, J. McNaughton, C. Tinaztepe, G. Von Arb, B. Manning, D. Schneiders. German Club Knowing the meaning of " Gesundheit” may not qualify one as a bi-linguist but it’s more than enough knowledge necessary to enjoy the benefits of be¬ longing to the German Club. Students with mutual interests in the culture, language and landmarks of Germany united into a group that could meet and discuss these topics. While club members enjoyed a German meal at the Heidelberg Restaurant, the old American project of bake sales financed the club activities. German Club— Tirst Row, W. Kelly, Steve Jacquot, President; R. Kandt, J. Cubertson. Second Row, Elaine Eklund, Secretary; Vivian McMillon, Vice President; L. Berlin. Zhird Row , R. Mc¬ Coy, N. Chester. 163 Strange Things Happen To Hank Mitchell. Layout Editor; Mr Herman Thomason. Sponsor SURVEYOR Staff Buried under a multitude of dummy sheets, 3-R forms, copy, pictures, photographic equip¬ ment, typewriter ribbons, and carbon paper, that illustrious yearbook staff may have been found working on the " beloved book " . With firm resolutions not to miss a single deadline, members found it virtually impossible to work in the midst of frenzy and utter chaos. Howev¬ er, because of the incessant fervor of our in¬ famous slave-driver, Cathy Radovich. and our stalwart sponsor, Mr. Herman Thomason, the book was completed. Now, after hysteria ac¬ companying deadlines and sleepless nights, it is no wonder we claim, " Strange Things Hap¬ pen to People Who Don’t Buy Yearbooks.” Advertising—Barb Frazelle, Pam Matthes. This is an executive meeting of sponsor, editor, and American Yearbook Com¬ pany Representative. Index—Elaine Eklund, Linda Thompson. 164 People Who Don’t Buy Yearbooks Organizations—Alex Haight. Editor; Mary Ellen Crowe. Debbie DeJonghe Missing; Sarah Chapelle. Kevin Gaylor goes on an all-out campaign to promote yearbook sales Barbie Anderson Sports Editor. Classes—Bunnie Garber. Freshman Class; Elaine Tesko. Sophomore Class; Cathy Radovich. Editor-in-Chief. Kay Winfree. Junior Class; Sally Watters, Senior Class; Beth Barbour. Assistant. 165 m i SURVEYOR Staff School Life—Cathy Cruse. Susan Gordon. Publication Staffs Record Faculty—Ken Zeigfeld. Editor: Nancy Chapman. Nancy Houck. Yearbook mascot Mr. T illustrates his versatility. Staff members—Dyan Wells, Tom Reeder, Richard Baker. Photographers—Adam Giffen, Richard Unger, Eugene Hastings. 166 The History Of The School Year in 1 .. . Mrs. Georgia Cook, Sponsor. Kathy Atkinson, Managing Editor; Diana Hall, Ed- itor-in-Chief. EM VEE HI Staff 167 Innervated Staff Members EM VEE HI Staff Each month a busy teacher distributed the latest issue of Mount Vernon ' s award winning newspa¬ per, the EM VEE HI. Students quickly glanced over the headlines, reading articles that tempo¬ rarily caught their eyes, rarely noticing the small block on page two that listed the acknowledge¬ ments. To the editor and reporters on that list, the recognition was of little importance; the true pride was in the fact that each staff member could claim a part of the publication as a product of his labor. The newspaper’s short four pages covered a large span of subjects, including controversial sound-offs and editorials, amusing short stories and spy spoofs, spirited sports articles, and in¬ formative news columns. The writings were com¬ plimented by humorous cartoons and interesting photographs. For a successful publication, Mrs. Georgia Cook, sponsor, depended on a veteran staff that had re¬ ceived training at the Columbia Press Associa¬ tion and workers who drew efficiency from past experiences. Page Editors—Jo Ann Batchelor, Page 3 Editor; Pam Burke, Page 2 Editor-. Ruth Heming¬ way. Page I Editor Face Never-ending Work Amy Bennett. Typist; Jenny Thompson. Artist-Reporter; Pat Simmons. Exchange Editor; Shel¬ by Seitz. Circulation Editor; Sally Griffith. Advertising Editor. Reporters—Jim Vigen. Susan Sullivan, Susan Remington. Bob Young. Debbie Smith Staff members work jointly to meet deadlines. 169 MV’s Debaters Battle Debate Club Being a successful debater takes much more than determi¬ nation and a loud voice. Before defending his position, the student spends hours researching and planning his pre¬ sentation. This year, Mr. Gary Jones stressed the need for complete organization of thought and fact. Mount Vernon ' s Debate Team went into battle with great confidence and high expectations and came out victo¬ rious and knowing they had done well. Resolved: Mount Vernon’s Debate Team is G-G-G-R-R-E- A-T! Mr. Gary Jones. Sponsor. Debate Club —Tirst Row-. W. Eisenberg. A Hamilton. P. Meades. Second Row-. J. Barnes, J. Wittwer. L. Chadwick. W. Scott. P. Huffman. T Baker, B. Mansfield. 170 Over Controversial Issues Team members prepare for competition with a classroom debate. Pat Meades. Secretary. Officers—Joe Lamb. Treasurer; Britt Brewer. Vice President; Paul Dennison, President; Mike Melton. 171 Spiriters display their exuberance 1 Officers—Mr. Edwin Taylor. Sponsor; Vicki Lovett. Vice President; Marsha Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer; George Stewart, President. Spiriters Whether a person plays as a half¬ back, a center, or a shortstop, he performs best when he knows his school recognizes and appreciates his efforts. Realizing this, the Spir¬ iters Club has endeavored to pro¬ mote pride and confidence in our athletes. The admirable results were more than obvious in the Major’s many victories. However, no organization can survive on spirit alone. Funds were collected through numerous carwashes and bakesales with the decisive pur¬ pose in mind to using each penny for the betterment of Mount Ver¬ non’s spirit. Spiriters —first Row= M. Dash, J. Earley. L. Radkus, L. Thompson, J. Ward. Second Row-. L. Frizell, D. Johnson, S. Sullivan. S. Seitz, J. Gandy, P. Mead, K. McDonald, K. Keirsey, L. Melvin. Zhird Row-. J. Vicery. B Pearson, M. Okstulski, W. Eisenhart, V. Wells, P. Hassenger S. Bauman, K. Dietzel. fourth Row-. M Rezzarday, R. Wallace, F. Clevenger. J. Vigen. B. Martin. L. Andyshak, B. Smith. fifth Row-. G. Fitzsimmons. J. Woods. S. Scott. E. Long, C. Conant, H. Scerrrell, S. Leggett. A. Gentry. Sixth Row-. S. Lennon. K. Paluch, M. Ritzer, R. Sponagle, L. Riggle, L. Plowman, O. Scott. 172 Math Team Meets Stiff Competition Math Team—Bob Wakefield, Alan Pendleton, Gary Lake. Robert Mayer, Cihan Tenaztepe. Math Club For many students, the standard curriculum does not offer the intellectual challenge they desire. The Math Club channels unusual inter¬ est in mathematics into quick-thinking and accuracy. The Math team met with competitors from all Fairfax County high schools and continually held a significant lead in total points. The team’s success depended on the ability to im¬ mediately understand and be able to solve a problem. All of Mount Vernon s team mem¬ bers had this capacity that secured for them many victories. Math Club —Jirsl Row-. B. Glock. P. Leggett. Second Row-. R Mayer. G. Lake. G. Stewart. J Glock, D. Loftin. A. Pendleton. J. Woods. S. Lennon, D Pomerening. 173 An Outlet For Scientific Curiosities Is Provided Officers —Tirst Row-. Mr Eugene Skinner, Sponsor; Robert Mayer, President; Vicky Wells, Corresponding Secretary; Mr. Harold Coffman. Sponsor; Linda Riggle, Vice President; Karen Paluch. First Vice President; Mr. Harold Swain, Sponsor-, Mary Byrd. Treasurer; Bob Sponagle. Publicity Chairman Pat Bracken uses her talents as a lab assistant. 174 The microscopic world is always a major field of interest. v tf 4 i$ V ( ' • ' 1 Luw 7Vt3 4 . jjr jf 1 ii I Science Club —first Row-. C. Bartlett, E. Long, A. Bodway, L. Cox. Second Row-. W. Ty¬ ler, A. Mayo, D. Fick, D. Sebreng, T. Hicks, F. Hicks, K. Reitz, A. Peck. Zkird Row-. S. Lennon, W. Eisenhart, T. Ross. Jcurtk Row-. D. Pomerening, J. Woods, R. Smither- man, J. Glock, L Pearson, A. Pendleton. Science Club Man has always yearned to understand the mysteries of space and life. The Science Club may not be producing lyseric acid diethy¬ lamide, however, it does provide an outlet for scientific curiosities and talents. The mechanically inclined students built a calculating computer, a guest speaker discussed and demonstrated the laser beam, and a club member displayed a complicated electric wiring outfit. Each person’s interest was different so that the programs were de¬ sign to inform them all. The classroom initiates scientific curiosities. 175 The Clubs Of Today Build The Professionals Of Future Secretaries Of America Experienced hands fly across the page making alien forms that appear to be chicken scratches. However, to the Future Secretary, shorthand is a necessary skill for success in her imminent career. Although small in number, Mount Vernon has gone to great lengths to provide preparation for the secretaries of tomorrow. Club members had the opportunity to use new electric typewriters, adding machines, and individ¬ ual dictation units. Each Future Secretary will enter the modern business world well qualified for influential positions. Future Secretaries make use of the new portable dictation machines. Future Secretaries of America—G. Fielder. S. Daniels, K Shepherd. M. Moore, B. Breslin. D. Nalls. C. Myers, M Carmichael. 176 Tomorrow Future Teachers of America— Sirs Row-. K. Atwood, C. Colyer. M. Byrd, P. Burke, N. Eisenhart, L. Scott, P. Fluffman, L. Swain Second Row-. N. Carson. L. Bailey, N. Nelson. M. Crowe. J. Thompson. B. Martin. H. Powell. Zhird Row-. L. Corkill, S. Toteff, J. Batchelor, P. Kazlausky; Future Teachers spend after school hours assembling a new bulle¬ tin board. Future Teachers Of America The new math, phonetic spelling, and psychological management of pupils are evidences of the changes in modern education. The Future Teachers of Ameri¬ ca kept in step by learning the latest teaching meth¬ ods at the National Education Association Building. After acquiring these skills, the girls tutored at Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School once a week. Club members also served Mount Vernon High School by maintaining a college oriented bulle¬ tin board and hosting a faculty tea. The annual Beauty Contest rounded out the year as the major spring activity. Officers—Rosemary Ayres. Treasurer; Karen Grove. Vice President; June Sublett, Secretary; Kathy Jennings. President. 177 Students Develop Future Homemakers Of America Sayin gs such as " Mother’s work is never done” gain new meaning in a progressive society. The modern woman is faced with problems more complex and plentiful than those of her mother. The Future Homemakers of America prepare their mem¬ bers to successfully meet the challenge of a woman ' s changing role. The club mem¬ bers were given a head start on future careers in any field. F.H.A. activities were highlighted by their co-sponsorship of the spring Beauty Contest. Officers —first Row-. Vicki Lovett. Secretary; Trois Atteberry, Federation Representative; Emily Moran. Parliamentarian; Robin Lee. Reporter. Second Row ; Mrs. Lois Pieper. Co-Advis¬ or; Mrs Purcell Robertson, Advisor; Patty Dunn, Historian; Linda Ward. Secretary; Diane Wright. President; Bonnie Barry. Vice President; Mrs. Mildred Tibbs, Co-Advisor. Bonnie Barry studies a book on the latest sewing techniques. Future Homemakers of America— first Row-. B. Fitzpatrick, D. Dash. B. Pfanzelter. D Stoehr. D Spilker. D Murray. Second Row .- M. Kropelnicki, A Gentry, B Sumner, B Pfanzelter, K. Pierce. S. Moore. Zhird Row ; J. Scandling, S. Elliot, C. Bartlett, C. Riser, C. Blaskowski, K. Dillon, P. Crowe. Jourth Row-. M. Dash, A. Bond, K. Bowman, L. Clements, N. Jones, C. Hicks, fifth Row-. M. Schlosser. J. Tapp. J. Gandy. 178 Skills For Future Professions National Thespian Society White rabbits in the halls of Mount Vernon? This is a phenomenon that can only be materialized by the magic of the theater. The Mount Vernon chapter of the National Thespian Society presented a six foot hare in their fall production of the comedy hit, Harvey. But acting is only a facade of the hard work the Thespians exert to produce a play. Painting sets, buildi ng props, exper¬ imenting with make-up, and managing the lights include several of their unrecog¬ nized tasks. Mount Vernon owes thanks to the Drama Department for many hours of original entertainment. National Thespian Society—W. Eisenberg, A. Ritz, J. Mense. J. Hitchcock, L. Thompson, J. Wittwer, Mr. Lee Pauley, J. Obarski, N. Gordon, M. Rice, B. Garber, S. Gross, J. Vigen. This is a scene from the comedy hit, “Harvey ' ' . Many practices were necessary for the spring production of " J Midsummer flight ' s Dream " . 179 Students Receive Classroom And Distributive Education Club —Tirst Row-. J Shaver. S. Knight. T Bickell. R. Robinson. L Whitlock. G. Parsons. L Cavdill. B Leach. R Jobe, T. Burke. J. Papalazarus. Second A ’ow : D Stacey. V Reginer. J. Perry, B Campbell. J Thompson. B. White. B Larsen. D Peters, P Lawrence, T. Distributive Education Despite the modern demands for a higher education, many students do not feel a need or desire to attend col¬ lege. These students are not ignored in the curriculum of Mount Vernon. The members of the Distributive Education Club receive classroom as well as on-the-job training. These students attend regular classes and training ses¬ sions during periods one through four. At I 1:45 club members leave school to commute to their afternoon jobs. Although the D.E. club does not attend a full school day, they are very much a part of school activities. In late De¬ cember, the club launched a canned food and toy drive and collected items for the less fortunate. Young. N. Chinchester. Zhird Kow-. J. Hutto. J. Pierce, D. Maye, K. Norris, B Tunnell. B. Seim. D. Frye. Jourth Kow-. W. Purgason, B. Reynolds, J. Russell, R. Acree. F. Norris. Officers—Lynn Hughes, Historian; James Owens. First Vice President; Peggy Wease, President; Margaret Rice, Corresponding Secretary; Ken¬ neth Becker, Second Vice-President; Sharon Chichester, Social Secre¬ tary; Don Layberger. Treasurer; Mr. William Edmonson, Sponsor. 180 On-The-Job Training A D.E. student uses technical equipment while on the job at Briggs Studios. Boys in the Vocational Maintenance program begin a repair job. m mt Industrial Cooperative Training —Jirst Row-. D. Berryman, M. Carmean, G. Theisen, D. Pillz. D. Reynolds. J. Tickle, M. Fuller, T. Graham. Second Ron ' S. Flail, L. Crum, C. O’Brien, C. Weber, D. Adams, B Purdy, B. Sadler, R. Brazell, W. Dean, G. Johnston. Zkird Row : M. Tapia, M. Caudill, R. Menser, M. Tyree, D. Perrin, R. Jones, D. Aylor, G. Shaiffer. R. Nalls, B Simms, R. Robertson, J Norman, R. Brazell, L Tickle. Mr. James-Bates, Sponsor. Members of Vocational Maintenance dismantle and reassemble a small motor. Music Department Renovates Madrigals —Jirst KoW: M. Shearer. T Simpson. N Eisenhart. J Long. M. Johnson. C Crann, J Bradshaw. L Lysett. Second Kow-. B Green. A Wood. M Pritchard, C Jourdan, J. Dalton. L Ferrey. G. Stewart. Zhird: S. Chapelle. R Hefferman. S. Parker. W. North. Choral Groups Chorus The key word for Chorus this year was " renovation”. Changes in both programs and classes added a new look to an estab¬ lished department. Miss Louise Hopkins, Choral Director, devel¬ oped the Beginning Girls’ Chorus out of the old Beginning Mixed in hope that this change would al¬ low the girls to receive more in¬ tense preparation for the ad¬ vanced choruses. The Fall Choral Concert gave the new performers their first taste of stage fright. The program was unique because of the diverse se¬ lection of song styles. This con¬ cert set a precedent for a unusu¬ al schedule of shows. The need for new music and cur¬ tains for the stage demanded a money raising project and in Jan¬ uary, choral students diligently sold candy to provide the neces¬ sary funds. The Beginning Mixed Chorus performs at Frolics ' 67. 182 msm II S Ac Mixed Chorus —Jirst Ron ' s K Rankin, V Schilling, P. Robinson, D. Perrin. P. Mason. P Valandra. T Mann. B. Elton, P Morrison, L Andyshak, R Hinson. A. Velasco. R Burt. J. Chapman. A Bennett. V. McMillan. G. Nichols. L Chadwick. Second Ron’s J Puvall. S. Metcalf. S. LaRoche. P Foulkes. A. Brown. B lha. W. Heintzen. E. Jones. A. Giffen. S. Gregoire, P Shriner. B Henderson, K. Newdeck, L. Barrett. L Zietlin. G. Hawxhurst. C. Thompson. B. Moore. Zhird Ron’s S. Puffenbarger, L. Gray. G. Shanley, K. Heffner. S. Travers, G Allison, B Cox, M Bowers. M. White, J. Coffee, M Moore, A Odom. S. Nauman. S. Sullivan, B. Fuller, L McCrary, G Anderson, M. Rezzarday. P. Webb. Jourtli Ron’s T. Bram- lett. M. Pratts. J. Page. B Breslin. K McElhannon, J. Staley. R. Bixler, H Bayne. B Palas, C. Lindberg, M. Lindberg. P. Carson. L. Pearson, T. Payne, T. Knight, C. Shoultz, K. Tarnell. C. Van Sickle, S. Young. The Choraleers express themselves through music. Girls ' Chorus —Jirst Ron’s L. Giles. C. Ratten, S. Yurchik, S. Bauer. S. Roscher, J. Rice. S. Sternbeck. N. Brogden, E. Lawson, L Gurley, K. Mos¬ er, C. Brown, S. Bracken, A. Ledgord. B. Wilbourne, M. Stewart. Second Ron’s S. White, K. Triner. L. Graul. S. Ward. L. Gonzales, T. Fick. M. Hig¬ gins. L. Schultz, A. Bartlett, N. Byrd, C. Sims. P Blunk. S. Cant, V. Chil¬ dress, T. Boaz, P. Smith. B. William. L. Berlin. Zd rd Ron’s W. Metzger, L. Fredick, G. Lusker, S. Tears. S Kidd, P Beckler. K. Anderson. P Em- brey, S Lacy. K. Mueller. P Lee. M. Frank, P Meredith, G. Roland. L Peterson. G. Kay. B Punn, P. Reynolds. Jourtli Ron’s M Cooper. C. Smith. S. Anderson, J. Able. P. Jones. J. Ward. M Yary, P Pavis, N. Brigman. A Porterfield. P. Wallace, C. Watson. P Stratton. P Minnick. C Pa- son, J. Lahendro. P. Morrison. The Chorus Displays Versatility In All Select Girls ' Chorus —Tirst Row-. D. Wade. J. Gribble. P. Stover. T. Lee. L. Cox, L. Eddy, J Pritchett, B Garber. P Bracken, C. Fravel, B Hinson. D Garvey. I Matsura. Second Row-. S Remington. W Tyler. C. Lawson. B. Loder. J. Roscher. E. Palas. L Ferrie, A Christensen. R. Stewart. B Adinaro. M. Harris. N. Thomasson, C. Lilly, M. Yary. Zhird Row-. L. Spinks. A. Hamilton. L. Ratkus, J. Say. L. Davis, K. Chanpin. S. Gist, J. Brick. D. Johnson. B Schurtz, C. Colyer. S. Dodson. S. Donato, U. Jennings. Concert Choir —Tirst Row-. N. Eisenhart. C Roberts. V. Harrawood. M. Johnson. L Lysett. J Long. J. Dalton. M. Prichard. J. Hutcherson. E. Ferrey, S Lynn. C Crann. k Elton. Second Row-. J. Newcomer. W. North. S. Chapelle. B Glock, B Jourdan. S. Parker. J. Bradshaw. G. Kelley. M. Ritzer. M. Asberry. O. Scott. L. Meline, M. Shearer. D. Sebreny. Zhird Row-. C. Jourdan. S. Eisenhart. K. Strong. B. Mitchell, P. Miller. B. Martin. G. Stewart. R. Hefferman, B. Green, K. Ziegfeld. T. Simpson. A. Wood, K. Smith. P. Tate. L. Moore. 184 Phases Of Music Miss Louise Hopkins. Choral Director. QSi The Select Girls ' Chorus sings a lullabye at the Frolics Choraleers —Tirst Kow= V. Harrawood. N. Eisenhart. K. Smith. M. Shearer. S. Eisenhart. Second Kow-. K. Strong, L. Lysett, K. Elton, P. Miller. C. Crann. Mainly Freshman Band Gives Upperclass Band —First Row-. S. Miller, M. Gaunt, G. Barnes. K. Williamson, Second Row: J. Smith, P. Rice, C. Jones, V. Moore, B. Pederson. J. Haugh, K. Simms. Zhird Row-. R. Lutkenhouse, J. Wyatt. M. Williams, D. Dwryer, J Kellison. P Chapelle, N. Hitcock, T. Huddleston, T. Still, A. Ruffner. -fourth Row-. H. Cason, H Jenkins. E Vermes. J Swain. C. Nall, B. Gross, R. Curran, S. Woodhurst, R. Selmont. fifth Row-. P Baskin. D. Engleman, W. Martin. L. Snipe, J. Campbell, A. Woods, P. Vollmer. The entire Band marches on the field to start the half-time activities. 186 Illllnii Performance Band —Jirst Row-. C Baker. D Holmes, J. Lear. J. Pooley. Second Row-. R. Moore, F. Clevenger. R. Oshima. J. Gaunt. C. Morrison, M. Williams, S. Vance. T. Doeppner Third Ron 1 : M. Faucon, J. Cunningham. R. Keplinger. R Hedgepeth, R. Olsen. E. Hastings. G Pittman. Jourth Row-. A. Syn- der. C. Petro, S. Gregoire, R Doeppner, M. Mendez-Vigo. M. Pickwick. V. Vatsia. D. Woodworth, K. White. W. Webber. D. Vosburg, R. Vosburg. Missing: J. Stevenson. M. Weaver, D. Gundling, J. Blackwell, R. Gayle. Band members practice to perfect marching skills. Drum Major. Larry Zumar. ' 67. leads the Band at the Winchester Parade Band With arm lifted high, the drum major calls the band to attention. A quick downward motion of the baton starts the music and the band marches on the field. This scene is typical of the many times Mount Vernon’s Band has entertained the student body at home football games. To add to the pageantry, Mr. Gene Steinbach, Band Director, had the Band execute formations, such as a trumpet, while three trumpet so¬ loists performed. In the spring, the Band traveled to Winchester for the Apple Blos¬ som Parade where Mount Vernon was beautifully represented by a smooth marching, on-key, band unit. Mr. Steinbach accomplished a great deal with a band that consist¬ ed largely of Freshman novices. The inexperienced members may have been a small handicap this year, however, they will return next year as all-knowing veterans. Band Units Perform During Half-Time Ceremonies Majorettes perform an awesome fire baton routine. Majorettes Have you ever wondered who the shivering girls in the skimpy costumes were or how they managed to twirl fire batons without dropping them? The an¬ swers are simple. The girls were Mount Vernon’s Majorettes and the excellent twirling is the result of hours of concentrated practice. These girls have the gift of an unusual combination of coordination and grace. The outcome of these talents was many en¬ joyable half-time performances and representation to be proud of in parade competition. Majorettes—Brenda Covington. Cindy Lawson. Vivian McMillian, Evelyn Law- son. Dee Dowhower, Teresa Rice. Glenda Thayer, Captain; Mary Rice, Co- Captain. 188 Color Guard —Jirst Kow-. Debbie Broyles, Vicki Lovett, Co-Captain; Karen Tschopp, Captain; Diane John¬ son. Second Kow-. Virginia Merrill, Nan Grover, Diane Miller, Mary Jane Dash, Barb Loder. June Sublett. Color Guard The modern generation is said to lack patrio¬ tism. However, at Mount Vernon the student body recognizes the importance of respect for the flag. The girls responsible for encouraging this conscienceness are members of the Color Guard. These girls carried the colors of the United States, Virginia, and Mount Vernon High School at all home football games and in various parades. The Color Guard stands at attention for the singing of our National Anthem. The girls help each other learn new hand movements. Drill Team Formations Enhance This year’s Drill Team did much more than just drill. Breaking the bonds of con¬ ventional straight marching, the girls resorted to dance routines with bunny hops, swinging hips, and can-cans. Formations included a whistle, converting into interlocking, counter-moving circles, a spelling out of " GO” and " WIN " , as well as the traditional " MV” routine. The ambitious marchers set out in September to raise enough money for yearbook pictures and to pay expenses for the spring Winchester parade. Projects included cake sales, car washes, and jinx doll sales to place an anathema on Fort Flunt Federals. The 67- ' 68 Drill Team bid good-bye to Mount Vernon with a special senior sa¬ lute and a " ’68 " formation at the final home game. This season has passed but the marchers of ' 69 are looking ahead. Officers—Paula Holt, Sergeant-at-Arms; Tana Lee. Captain; Marilyn Harris. President; Betsy Hinson, Secretary. Drill Team Squad Leaders —Jirst Row-. M. Ghent. C. Van Sickle. P Kirby, S. Watters. Second Row-. W. North. P Foulkes, M. Jones. Zhird Rove-. B. Stewart. K Strong, B Taylor. A. Haight. Marchers welcome players onto the field. Half-Time Ceremony High spirits and flowers alleviate pre-game tensions. Drill Team Drill teamers twist and stretch for this hand movement. Drill Team —Sirs! Row-. L. Garrett, A. Gentry, N. Chapman, C . Beckler, C. Cruse, K. Winfree. D. DeJonghe Second Row-. K. Tarnell, M. Yary, V. Harrawood, M. Oxley. C. Myers, P. M atthes Weary marchers relax after five-mile Winchester Parade. 191 Squad members cheer for MV ' s " It ' s Academic " team. Drill Team Sells Voodoo A capital N completes the " WIN " formation A loyal Mt. Vernonite spends a quarter on a jinx doll iiM ■ Drill Team —first RoiV: C. Pate, S. Heise. H. Luedkte. Second Row-. P. Pate, S. Sullivan. L. Berlin, I. Matsura. Zhird Row-. L. Avery, C. Roberts, S. Gist. 192 Dolls To Jinx Fort Hunt Drill team members form an impressive cheering section. Counter-moving circles constitute an unique routine. Drill Team— Sirs Row-. N. Chandler, C Horton, C. Colyer, B Anderson Second Ron 1 : L Davey. K. Gal- lavan, W. Brown, O. Scott, D. Davis, M. Crowe. 193 Cheerleaders Revive A Enthusiasm . . . zeal . . . spirit . . . vigor . . . devotion . . . With these and countless other qualities, the Cheer¬ leaders animated the student body, stimulated spirit, and encouraged their team. They exerted boundless energy in making innumerable posters and decorating the team room weekly. At each game, the Cheerleaders had fresh energies to lead their team to victory. Varsity Cheerleaders Yes, whether through an amusing poster, a congratulatory smile, or a shoulder to cry on, each Major and each stu¬ dent at Mount Vernon felt the influence of the Cheer¬ leaders. Whether it was victory or defeat, joy or frustra¬ tion, there was always someone who understood . . . the Cheerleaders. Judy Gribble 194 Weak School Spirit Nancy Prince Spirited students pin curses on a Ft. Hunt ' ' dummy”. Michele Kelley, Secretary. Dawn Furr Cathy Jourdan, Captain. • » ' .V :A -.. J. Bonnie Huyett. Co-Captain. Cheerleaders’ Energies Lead Karen Tuthill Cathy Jourdan demonstrates a perfect C-jump. Shelby Seitz Varsity Cheerleaders 196 Majors To Victory JV Cheerleaders Janet Chase. Co-Captain. Regan Weatherford Janet Gibson Elaine Tesko Cindy Simpkins 197 Brenda Pearson JV Cheerleaders Roberta Stewart. Captain Barbara Novak Girls Excel In Cheerleading And Athletics Freshman Cheerleaders—Debby Stead. Diann Cajigas. Linda Schultz, Sue Roscher, Donna Smith. Lisa Wood. Cheryl Allison. Denise Plowman, Pattie Rice. 198 b Linda Schultz Frosh join Groveton’s Cheerleaders for a group chant. Freshmen Cheerleaders Dee Plowman Girls’ Athletic Association rls’ Athletic Association— Sirs! Afew- N. Day, K. Polhamers, A. Bond, C. Etty, L. Corkill, K. Wall. C. ilkins. Second Row-. G. Anderson. D Austin, S. Soule, N. Jones, B. Fitzpatrick. Zhird Row-. D. Embrey, S. Aud. C. Ross. A. Ledford, B. Hofer. 199 SCHOOL LIFE It has been said that a friend is an extention of oneself. But the definition should not stop there. Our friends and acquaintances are a constant source of amusement, knowledge, and wonder. The friendships we gain during our high school days add immeasurably to the enjoyment of them. We realize through these classmates that there are opinions and ways of doing things other than our own. By learning to fathom and cope with our friends, we learn to better understand life. 200 201 Females Reign The early sights of Spring brought about a change in the norm at Mount Vernon. Twirp Week appeared with the traditional phrases, " The woman is required to pay " and " Oh no, he’s already twirped! " Rep¬ resentatives from each class were select¬ ed as royalty to reign over the Twirp Dance. The Junior couple received the honor of King and Queen of Hearts. Another activity created with the interest of girls in mind was the annual Beauty Contest. Girls representing different clubs, classes, and private businesses en¬ tered the contest. Evaluation on a basis of poise, beauty, and personality pro¬ duced a carefully selected group of semi¬ finalists, four beautiful runners-up, and a queen. Reigning over the annual Twirp Dance were King and Queen of Hearts. George Williams and Julia Pritchett They were attended by Roy Gray and Belinda Kel¬ ley, Billy Letcher and Judy Gribble, and Chris O ' Brien and Jill Hayes. m isvii NiCKYPOOH... YOU mSSED iT! The Class of ' 67 present a unique UFO. Twirp Royalty enjoy a dance solo fol¬ lowing coronation. 202 During Spring Activities Beauty Contest Finalists—Miss Linda Harris, Third Runner-up; Miss Kim Wittwer. Second Runner-up; Miss Paula Pate. Miss Mount Vernon; Miss Carol Parks, First Runner-up; Miss Pa¬ tricia Ellis, Fourth Runner-u p Twirps and Twirpers rock to the lively music. Super Twirp, alias Terry Head, makes his appearance. Smiling with pride. Miss Paula Pate accepts the honor of Miss Mount Vernon of 1967. 203 Frolics Highlight The Spring Activities " Happiness Is” became the theme of the 1967 Frolics as the Choral and Band Departments spent weeks of preparation in order to present the annual spring concert. Sounds of " Sunrise, Sunset, " " Days of Wine and Roses. " " Marne,” " Blues in the Band, " and " Variations on a Kitchen Sink, " highlighted the evenings entertainment. Various costumes, props, and dance rou¬ tines accented many of the songs performed. An all out effort was ex¬ tended by numerous individuals to create and present a smashing success. Lorraine Callahan. Marty Weaver. Margaret Gaunt, and Cathy William¬ son perform " Flute Cocktail " . Members of the Concert Choir present their interpretation of " Mutual Admiration Society. " 204 Cave Scarce successfully performs a trumpet solo to " Conversa tion for Cornet " The Frolics finale shows that " Happiness is Togetherness”. Bob Strong concentrates on completing his part in the Band ' s concert. eg p j, • X 4 n ■ ■ » 4- On the inside looking out. the performers bow to their appreciative audience. 205 The Drama Department With only this picture of his friend. Elwood Dowd has a Dr. Sanderson and Elwood Dowd have a quiet chat with Harvey, difficult time proving his friend ' s existence. " Harvey ' ' Cast— Sherri Gross. Jon Wittwer, Ann Gentry. Ron Reinsel. Colleen Coughlin. Wendy Wilson has a difficult time finding the definition Eisenberg. Kent Brechtbill, Dennis Keithley. David Stopper. Julie Obarski. Ricki Jobe. Patty for " pooka”. Robinson. 206 Presents ' Harvey ’ Everyone needs a friend to confide in. For Elwood Dowd, alias Kent Breehtbill. this companion is an imaginary six foot rabbit. Harvey, the rabbit, is not only sincere and entertaining, but his existence is also very hard to explain to strangers. This is the humorous story of the Pulitzer Prize play " Harvey " , as presented by Mount Vernon’s Drama Department. The production ran for three consecutive evenings and received ample appreciation from an amused student body. Dramatists discover the onerous tasks of production. Mr. Pauley, Drama Director, sits back while proudly watching his stu¬ dents prepare for " Harvey.” The ladies discuss Elwood Dowd ' s predicament. Escort Scott Shank smiles approvingly at Oueen Mr. Wedlock and his wife dance enthusiastically to the sounds of the Cavaliers. Kim Wittwer 208 Prom Festivities Mr. Match is seen enjoying the table decorations at the Prom. Mr. Ferry and his wife enjoy the festivities of the evening. The Prom ballroom projects a majestic image. The magic world of " Daisies in May” came alive as junior and senior couples entered the Willard Hotel, May 27, 1967, for the Ju¬ nior-Senior Prom. A setting of pastel daisies with colored candles was used to set the scene in the beautiful ballroom. Following hours of hard work, financial headaches, and hectic flower preparations, the Prom emerged as a great success. The highlight of the evening was the coronation of Queen Kim Wittwer and the announcement of her court which included Senior Princesses Miss Marilyn Etkin, Miss Eileen Flattery, Miss Be¬ linda Kelly, Miss Sherry O ' Quinn, and Miss Cynthia Rainer, and Junior Princesses Miss Cathy Cruse, Miss Valerie Harrawood, Miss Marilyn Harris, Miss Betsy Hinson, Miss Bonnie Huyett, and Miss Cathy Jourdan. Mr. Landes captures the mood of the evening as he and his partner waltz around the dance floor. The magnificence of the National Cathedral added to the inspirational at¬ mosphere of Baccalaureate Awards, Privileges, What is it that distinguishes the senior year as unique and memorable. It is the numerous and var¬ ied activities—class privileges. Baccalaureate, the Se¬ nior Banquet, and Graduation are all elements that constitute a busy senior schedule. But more impor¬ tant, it is the pride we have experienced as upper¬ classmen, the friendships we have evolved as stu¬ dents, the sadness we felt as graduates, and the maturity we must accept as adults. Now, we have come to the end of three years of looking ahead. It is the time to temporarily reflect on memories, then step forward to a new phase of our lives. We strive to achieve our aspirations. The accomplishments of a future success are derived from past experiences. i As a special treat for seniors, the last two periods of the day were set aside for a Senior Sock-Hop. 210 And Recognition Culminate Senior Activities The award given to Wava Culver, the Alhombro, is only the evincement of hard work. President Stan Florer was given a standing ovation after a speech praising him for his hard work. Good food, good friends, and nostalgia are ingredients of a memorable Senior Banquet. The Senior Class Banquet ended in a " hilarious” clean-up. Senior Princess. Miss Betsy Hin- Homecoming Oueen of 1967, Miss Bonnie Huyett, and escort, Gordon Barry, son, and escort, Jud Boswell. Senior Princess, Miss Valerie Harrawood. and escort. Lt. Col. Don Harrawood. Senior Princess, Miss Cheryl Beckler, and escort, Hal Metcalfe. " Wonderland’’ Comes To Life At Homecoming ’67 Queen Bonnie Huyett and Gordon Barry reign at the Homecoming Dance. Last year ' s Queen. Miss Belinda Kelly, and The white rabbit invites all to fol- escort. Bill Watkins. low him into Wonderland. Senior Princess, Miss Vivian McMillan, and escort, Steve Bordner. Gazing " Through the Looking Glass”, one became aware of the hurrying and scurrying of last minute preparations in hopes of making Homecoming 1967-68 a success. " Alice in Wonder¬ land” was the basis for the theme and through the conscientious efforts of numerous people, the world of make- believe came to life at the Mount Ver¬ non Football Stadium on October 20, 1967. Half-time attractions included story¬ book characters from our very own Al¬ ice, alias Mr. Landes, to the white rab¬ bit, who fortunately was not late. An¬ ticipation ran high as the Senior Prin¬ cesses, Miss Cheryl Beckler, Miss Val¬ erie Harrawood, Miss Betsy Hinson, and Miss Vivian McMillan were intro¬ duced and the coronation of the Queen, Miss Bonnie Huyett took place. With a Mount Vernon victory of 28 to 0 over Groveton, the evening ' s festivi¬ ties ended fn a victorious triumph. Bonnie Huyett glows ecstatically while being crowned Homecoming Queen of 1967. Flowers, butterflies, and cards characterize half¬ time activities. Junior Princess. Miss Dawn Furr, and escort. Steve Cantrell. Sophomore Princess, Miss Cindy Simpkins. and escort. Billy Letcher. Homecoming spirit prevailed right up to the con¬ summation of the week’s activities—the presenta¬ tion of the Homecoming Court. The announce¬ ment of the Underclass Princesses met with cheers of approval from fellow classmates. Junior royalty included Miss Dawn Furr and Miss Cindy Lilly. The Sophomore Class choices were Miss Barbara Novak and Miss Cindy Simpkins, while the Fresh¬ man representatives were Miss Karen Heiss and Miss Kandi Triner. The combined efforts of both upperclassmen and underclassmen resulted in the success of Mount Vernon ' s annual Homecoming celebrations. Pat Kazlausky and Karen Grove observe the rewarding results of their Flomecoming efforts. 214 Underclass Princesses Grace Homecoming Court Sophomore Princess, Miss Barbara Novak, and escort. Billy Suggs. Junior Princess, Miss Cindy Lilly, and escort. Bob Furr. Freshman Princess. Miss Karen Heiss, and escort. Bob Hill Freshman Princess, Miss Kandi Triner, and escort. Marshall Letcher Ten Scholars Represent Mount Vernon Selected because of their out¬ standing ability to know and an¬ swer questions quickly, students for NBC’s " It’s Academic” began work in late May in order to pre¬ pare themselves for the television presentation. Competing against other area schools, the team was successful at the first appearance in scoring highest and receiving $300 for Mount Vernon. The second appearance produced a second place triumph and com¬ pleted a successful representa¬ tion of our school. Mount Vernon was also repre¬ sented on television’s " Youth Wants to Know” by a panel of seven students. These students questioned Senator Jacob Javitts of New York on such controversi¬ al issues as Vietnam and the Draft. This interview gave our students a chance to gain current information about the constantly changing American political scene. Team members listen attentively as Mr. Mac McGarry questions them. " Youth Wants to Know " Team Members—Cathy Radovich. Steve Jacquot. Echo Wright, Tom Brillhart, Peggy Legget, and Gary Lake 216 On Area TV Shows Faithful followers congratulate the team for a job well Mount Vernon students begin their turn as students from Arundel and Winston Chur- done. chill watch. . . Sponsor, Miss Yutz, and team members, Susan Lynn, Gary Lake, and Steve Jacquot receive a check for Mount Vernon from a Giant Food Store representative. 217 The Unfamiliar Dennis Frye " tidies up” after football games Mr Bryant issues his words of warning Mount Vernonites move to the beat of Friday night sock hops. Alumnus, Ray Stopper returns home to report his findings. Upperclassmen show " delight” at the begin- Freshmen are full of bounce, nine of another school year. 218 S.C.A. guides, Linda Melvin and Ruth Hem¬ ingway direct parents on " Back to School Night”. Sights And Sounds Become The Familiar Christmas time brought the usual signs of greetings. Freshmen show unique attentive¬ ness. The beginning of the school year opened the door to a variety of new experiences and activities. Report cards, jammed lockers, crowded halls, morning pep rallies, and repeated announcements became a ritual of our daily routines. The coming of Christmas brought the alumni back to the old and familiar to tell us of their new and un¬ familiar adventures. Spring came, the year passed, and those things which at first appeared odd became routine. New friends become old; new experiences became daily habits—all these facets of school life contributed in the making of Mount Veronites. Cihan Tinaztepe. our foreign exchange student from Turkey, becomes acquainted with life at Mount Vernon. Spirit Is The Intangible It is often said that apathy runs high in the halls of Mount Vernon. Such a state¬ ment is made by those who are unable to comprehend the intangible force of spirit. For spirit does not have to be a glaring facet of school life to exist. It appears as an obstruse emotion in friendship, re¬ spect, and pride, while it emerges as a potent force at games, pep rallies, and bonfires. Who can forget the competitive feeling we possessed as members of a class, or the pride we felt as members of a school. Perhaps, when the school year began, we were disunited individuals. However, by the end of the school term. " Mount Ver- nonites” and " Mount Vernon” had be¬ come synonymous. Yes, spirit was always present . . . and spirit has made the student body of Mount Vernon what it is. The bonfire set school spirit ablaze. Seniors cheer. " Thumbs Up for the Majors! " at a school pep rally. Force Which Makes A School A School The Hairy Legs Contest, a Senior Class activity, promoted school spirit. These are one major asset of our Basketball Team—robust, hairy legs. Don Cribble and Billy Letcher express their feelings about their school and team ' The Majors begin their games with intensified enthusiasm. 221 National Thespian Society Stages Variety The National Thespian Society staged a successful Variety Show in early February of this year. Hours of rigorous rehearsals produced versatile acts of talent, ranging from folk singing to the im¬ personation of Mr. Landes. Chilean dancing by Margarita Echeverry, singing by Sharon Eisenhart, organ playing by Ken Newdeck, a burlesque show by the Keyettes. dancing by the Cheerleaders and Majorettes, and the performance of " The Check¬ mates ' ' also highlighted the show. A responsive audience filled the auditorium beyond capacity as Mr. Kazlausky emceed the evening’s entertain¬ ment. Nervous tensions, fun, and anticipation of the outcome went into making the Variety Show quite a hit for performers, as well as viewers. The Majorettes display their talents by dancing and twirling to " Tijuana Taxi. " 222 Show First place winner, Barbara Glock per¬ forms " House of the Rising Sun”. Mr Landes gives his smile of approval as the audience dis¬ covers he is not fit " for man or beast " Cathy Shoultz. Sarah Chapelle. and Jerry Garcia blend their talents to perform in the Variety Schow. Margarita Echeverry demonstrates a Chil¬ ean folk dance. Keyette members, Cathy Jourdan, Nancy Prince. Karen Tuthill, and Chris Crann present their interpreta¬ tion of nightclub entertainment. Ted Keppel impersonates Mr. Landes with unbelievable skill. Twirped couples enjoy the formality of the Twirp Dance. Bill Martin leads the JV Cheerleaders in a bunny hop for the Twirp Week pep rally. IS 1 Conscientious juniors prepare their awarding winning hall. Varsity Basketball Team members car¬ ry the pig. representing Lee, in for the barbecue. Senior couple. Bob Cox and Nancy Chapman, pay a visit to Twirp Justice. Jim Vigen, at the Marriage Booth. 224 Classes Compete In Twirp Week Events Mr. Landes shares in the activities of Twirp Week. As an annual event, Twirp Week appeared this year in the traditional spirit of Mount Vernon. A Hall Deco¬ rating Contest, in which the Junior Class was the victors, began the list of the varied and numerous activi¬ ties offered or the week. Lollipop Day, Dress-up Day, a pep rally, and a Valentine mailbox were a few of the events that spotlighted the Twirp Week plans. The Twirp Dance, that ended the week ' s activities, placed the Freshman Class couple in the position of King and Queen of Hearts. The hard work attributed by EM VEE HI Staff members and S.C.A. members produced an in¬ teresting and successful week. ■in Gordon Glasgow and Frank Chapelle put an all-out effort into decorating the Sophomore Hall. Freshman couple, Sharon Roscher and Mark Lindberg, receive the honor of Twirp King and Queen. The sounds of " The Classics” set the beat for the dance. Members of the great Class of 68 twist paper for the Senior Archway. 225 ADVERTISEMENTS One day we are young, looking forward to the future with anticipation and hope. We dream of a time that seems strangely remote, but too soon is upon us. If we have neglected serious contemplation on the future, this day will arrive to our complete bewilderness. 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MIKE’S ITALIAN-AMERICAN RESTAURANT Michael Vigliucci, Owner 8368 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-5966 232 Barbers Fight The Trend Toward Long Hair Despite the trend toward more hair and fewer haircuts, many people still aspire to be barbers. The ACSXAX ' DRJA RAR- RSR ACADSMV is an institution for those learning the trade, as well as those desiring professional " cut jobs.” So for a groomed haircut at low prices, visit the AjCSXAJWm RARRSR ACADSMV- Here Randy Jones learns how to shear locks. Locations: 1129 King Street. Phone: Kl 0-957 I. AARON-ANN BEAUTY SALON 85 14 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-5030 You can always trust your car to the man who wears the star at WOODCAWfi ZSXACO. His car " know-how " and people " care-now” assets are brought into full use every- time a car pulls into his station. Stop by and treat your¬ self to a luxury well deserved. Skip Parker tried IVOOD- C.AWN ZSXACO and here is the proof of his ecstatic feel¬ ing. Location: 8851 Richmond Highway. Phone: 780-3283. Virginia’s Oldest National Bank Sends A Message Of Congratulations To The Graduating Class Although First and Citizens National Bank is the oldest Na¬ tional Bank in Virginia, founded in 1864, we dedicate our¬ selves to the future. This year finds graduates at the threshold of tomorrow- entering a new and better world, with more challenges and more rewards than at anytime in history. We of First and Citizens share with you every confidence in this future. Many of you, we are sure, will come to know First and Citizens personally in the years ahead. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you as a financial counselor, as a neighbor, and as a fellow citizen. We pledge to serve you well. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of you. FIRST AND CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Member, FDIC UVB 549-3000 Member Serving Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax County 234 FLEISHER JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS Home of School Class Key Mount Vernon School Rings, Charms, and Bracelets Special Discounts to All Students Belleview Shopping Center Phone: S08-4900 SIMON REAL ESTATE Sales—Rentals—Management 9150 Richmond Highway Phone: 781-8088 JIMMY-LEE PLUMBING HEATING, INC. The First Name of Service Jimmy Harris—Lee Padgett 8131 Richmond Highway Phone . 780-5020 MANOR VALET Complete Dry Cleaning And Laundry Service 9158 Richmond Highway Phone: 781-8070 1 - i DEL RAY FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture—Carpets—Bedding Accessories—Appliances TIMBERMAN’S DRUG STORE F. X. Nugent 106 N. Washington Street 8101 Richmond Highway Phone: 780-6610 Phone . KI9-0091 T. 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Phone- 549-7600. 237 We Extend Our Thanks To Patrons And Businessmen While the SURVEYOR Staff depends mainly on the efforts of amateur photographers, we would like to acknowledge the work of the MAKjCSK PHOZOQKAPHSPS. For without their assistance in taking pictures, developing film, making prints, and providing technical advice, we could not have completed the production of SURVEYOR ' 68. Therefore, the SURVEYOR Staff extends a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marler. If you are unfortunate enough to miss one of Mount Vernon’s athletic contests, you can be sure to find com¬ plete and comprehensive sports coverage in the ACSX- AJZDPJA QAZSZZS. To keep in close contact with area hap¬ penings, subscribe for daily delivery. Location: 7 17 N. St. Asaph Street. Phone 549-0004. Preparing for their school life at Mount Vernon, Paul Cov¬ ington, Dan Ghent, Nicoly Clarac, and Nell Henry pause outside PSCVOJK PJiAKMACV before going in to select from the wide variety of school supplies. Also noted for their wide selection and courteous service, PSCVOJK PHAP- MACV offers all at moderate prices. Location: 8512 Rich¬ mond Highway. Phone: 780-5650. It may seem a great distance to travel to the fiOPZHSPft VJPQJftJA KAflP in Springfield just to save money. How¬ ever, when you consider the courteous service and high interest rates, you know that the distance you travel is well worth it. Location: 6315 Backlick Road. Phone: 451-4300. 238 Patrons Mitch Achee Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aikin David Allen Maj. Dorothy S. Allison Tom Ames Mike Anderson ' 69 Anonymous Richard Baker Barbara Kevin Mr. S Mrs. P. S. Barnes Jo Ann Batchelor Ben Bayer Barry Bayne Lois Berlin Mrs. Bish Sue Black Rankin Blackwelder Andy Blount ' 68 Bonnie Jerry Steve Breland Tom Brillhart Mr. Mrs. F. Frank Brown Bill Callahan Col. $ Mrs. Natale Cancilla Susan Cancilla Miss Jinny Carey Missie Carpenter Lynn Chadwick Col. Mrs. E. W. Chapman Chipper Chase 7 I Lt. Col. Mrs. E. O. Coursen Lisa Cox Sandy Craig Chris Crann Jim Dalton Mary Jane Dash Gary Deck Debbie DeJonghe Mike DeVille Dietzel Family Mr. Mrs. Rudolph A. DiNunzio Col. § Mrs. T. Q. Donaldson Eric Donovan Mr. Mrs. Richard Egusa Nancy Eisenhart Col. § Mrs. Robert G. Eklund Kathie Elton Col. Mrs. Max Etkin First Period German IV Nancy Fitzgerel Hayward Stanley Florer, Jr. Barb Fox Mary Frank Compliments of Lyn Russ Frizzell Dawn Furr Mike Gabriel Jane Gandy Bunni Garber Dee Garvey Mr. Mrs. Garvey Mark Gaylor Suzi Gist Barbara Glock Jim Glock ’68 Barbara Green Bill Gribble Judy Gribble Maj. Gen. Mrs. William C. Gribble Don Griffin Karen Grove Lisa Gunderson Mrs. R. K. Haight Sally Hajdu ' 69 Diana Hall Happy Peoples’ Club Marilyn Harris Anne Hasard Gary Haymaker Henry, Larry, S Earl Barbara Hicks Col. Mrs. R. L. Hicks Randy Hinson Miss Louise Hopkins Maj. S Mrs. Donald Hoskins Fred Huebner ' 68 Jack S Dale Janice Paula ' 68 Lt. Col. Mrs. L. S. Jourdan ’67-’68 JV Cheerleaders Kris Keirsey Ric Keplinger Kevin § Barbara Keyette Club George Kistner Joe D. Lahendro Joyce Lakatos Les Ledbetter Miss Robin Lee Peggy Leggett ' 68 Mr. Kenneth E. Legins Chris Lent Burlin Sanford Letcher Cindy Lilley Valerie Lodewick Kris Long Mrs. David Lunter Lyn S Ray ’68 Mark Mackechnie The Majorettes Marsh Thom Paul Maskalenko The Mass Mr. § Mrs. David R. Massie Irene Matsuura Pat McCarthy Leo T. McCauley Kathie McDonald John McNaughton Linda Meline Mr. Michael A. Mense, Ph.D. Dawn Michaels Mike Liz Col. Mrs. William P. Mitchell Henry Moore Marianne Moore Maj. Mrs. George Nartsisson Mr. Mrs. James A. Nettles § Her 8th Period Junior English Class Bob Newton Barbara Novak Col. Mrs. A. R Novak Mark Novak Julie Obarski Pat O’Connor Jim Ogle Ron Olsen Pat, Kathy, Patrick, Katherine Page Patti, Marilyn, Terry, Uschi Tom Parish Larry Paxton John Pearson Lt. Col. Mrs. W. R. Pieper Beth Pollock Mike Prichard Mr. % Mrs. Paul E. Prince Julia Pritchett Mrs. Provance Sarah Rathbone Mr. Mrs. A. G. Ratkus Ray’s Jewelry Michael Ritzer Connie Roberts Kim Romney George Ruhlen Sam Martha Tom Schneiders Marlin Scott Mr. § Mrs. S. A. Siders Craig Smith Debbie Smith H. K. Smith £ Family B. Stagg, K. Brainard, § B. Walsh Pam Staver Stewart Family Bonnie Stewart Steve Cindy Dan Stevenson Janet Stevenson Liz Stickles D. A. Stopper June Sublett Bernadette Symanski ’68 Leathy Takach Col. £ Mrs. S. Tesko Elaine Tesko Jenny Thompson Lt. Col. Mrs. Nelson Thompson Mrs. Tibbs Tom Pam ’67 Kandi Triner The Tuba Player 7 I Karen Tuthill Col. £ Mrs. W. H. Van Atta Mr. Leonard Vaughn Jenny Vickery Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh Penny Webb Mr. John W. Wedlock Dyan Wells ’68 Pat Wilkins Margo Yary Bob Young Mrs. John P. Zedalis General Index Introduction 1 Organizations 146 Student Cooperative Association 148 Faculty 1 6 Keyette Club 152 Administration IS Key Club 1 54 Secretaries 20 Senior Honor Society 156 Guidance Department 21 Junior Honor Society 157 English Department 22 Spanish Honor Society 158 Language Department 24 French Honor Society 158 Social Studies Department 26 Junior Classical League 159 Science Department 28 International Relations Society 159 Math Department 30 Spanish Club 160 Business Department 32 French Club 162 Librarians 33 German Club 163 Home Economics Department 34 SURVEYOR Staff. 164 Industrial Arts Department 35 EM VEE HI Staff 167 Art. Drama, and Music Department 36 Debate Club 170 Health-Physical Education Department 38 Spiriters .172 Cafeteria, Clinic. Maintenance 40. Math Club 173 Science Club .174 Classes 42 Future Secretaries of America 176 Senior Class 44 Future Teachers of America .177 Junior Class 92 Future Homemakers of America 178 Sophomore Class 103 National Thespian Society .179 Freshman Class .110 Distributive Education 180 Industrial Cooperative Training 181 Sports .118 Vocational Maintenance . 181 Varsity Baseball 120 Chorus 182 Track 122 Band 186 Tennis 124 Majorettes 188 Cross Country 125 Color Guard 189 Varsity Football 126 Drill Team 190 JV Football 130 Varsity Cheerleaders 194 Freshman Football 132 JV Cheerleaders 197 Girls ' Varsity Hockey 133 Freshman Cheerleaders. . 198 Varsity Basketball 134 JV Basketball 138 School Life. . 200 Freshman Basketball 139 Girls ' JV Basketball 139 Advertisements. 226 Girls ' Varsity Basketball 140 Varsity Wrestling 142 Index . . 240 JV Wrestling 144 Epilogue .248 Faculty Index -A - Harder, Mrs. Anna M. .28 Pieper, Mrs. Lois M. . 34, 178 Adkins, Mrs. Jean S. .20 Hopkins. Miss Louise L. . 37. 185 Pleasant, Miss Judith A. .21 Aiken. Mrs. Shirley M. 22 -J - Powell. Mr. Frederick H. .29 Allen. Miss Martha J. 38. 133, 140 Johnson. Miss Connie M. 31 Price, Mrs. Florence L. .21 Avoli. Mrs. Marilyn G. 25 Johnson. Mrs. Hazel O. .20 Privette, Mr. Wade H., Jr. . 25, 138 -B Johnston. Mr. James W. . 35 Provance, Mrs. Florance R. . 32 Bates. Mr. James F 181 Jones. Mr. Garry J. 23. 170 Pruet, Mrs. Mary B. Bish, Mrs. Lena W. .23 -K - -R - Blalock, Mrs. Helen C. Kazlausky, Mr. Victor J 19.222 Rafert, Mrs. Dorothy . 20 Brown, Mrs. Dorothy J. 32 Kendall, Mr. Stephen A. 30. 31, Reed. Mrs. Margaret B. . 21 Bryant. Mr. William P 28, 31 130, 141 Robertson, Mrs. Purcell M. . 34, 178 Butler, Mr. Ovid M. 30,31 Kerlin. Mr. Timothy A. 26. 27 -S - -C - -L - Samuelson. Col. Lewis N. . 22 Cannon. Mrs. Linda H. 25 Landes. Mr. Melvin B 18. 150 Sawyer. Mr. John R. . 28 Carey, Miss Virginia L. .38 223, 225 Scudder, Mrs. lone C. . . 23 Carr, Miss Joan H. 26. 156 Landgrabe. Mrs. Eleanor A. . 25, 158 Shelton. Mr. Baker O., Jr. 21, 148 Casey, Mrs. Katherine A . 32 Lapsley. Miss Mildred J. .21 Sivets. Mrs. Betty A. . 36 Chambers. Mrs. Iris M .20 Layne, Mr. Earl .21 Skinner, Mr. Eugene . 28. 174 Christiano. Mr. Stewart W. 19. 217 Legins, Mr. Kenneth E. 26, 136. 138 Skinner. Mr. Michael M. . 26 Coffman. Mr. Charles 1 . 28. 29 174 Lerg, Miss Roberta A. .26 Snyder, Mr. Ernest . 39 Cook, Mrs. Georgia 167 Locke. Mrs. Rhea G. 36 Steinbach, Mr. Eugene W. .37, 146, 147 Coole ' Mrs. Catherine P 23 Lowman. Miss Lucy J. .32 Sterle, Mr. Henry Croom, Mr. Lester B .35 Lunter. Mrs. Margaret .22 Stratton, Mr. Willard . 31 Currence. Mr. Homer C. .35 -M - Stowell, Mrs. R. G. -D - Magers. Mrs. Joan J. .23 Swain. Mr. Harold . 28. 174 Davenport. Mrs. Nancy L. 22. 26 Maochonis, Mrs. Helen T. .21 -T - Dodson. Mr E. . 41 Maskalenko, Mr. Paul .28 Taylor, Mr. Edwin G. . . 38 Doll, Miss Wanda L. Massie, Mrs. Joan H. 38, 133 Thomason, Mr. Herman V. . 22, 154 E Match. Mr. Oscar. . 26. 27 164, 166 Edmunson. Mr William 180 McElroy. Miss Joan 22, 25, 159, 172 Tibbs, Mrs. Mildred H. . 34, 178 Egusa. Mrs. Susan M. 25. 26, 159 McFarland. Mrs. Lulu R. 31 -V - F Menefee, Mr. Robert M., Jr. . 39 Vahey, Mr. Edgar T. . 22 Fant, Mr. Stanley L.. Jr. 31. 125. 142 Miller. Mr. John E. 31. 126 Vaughn, Mr. Leonard E. 25, 160, 161 Ferrey. Mr. Russell H 30 -N - -W - Freeman. Mr Patrick J. .26 Nettles, Mrs. Gail G. 23 Waid, Miss Polly E . 21 -G - Nurse, Mr. William W. .35 Walsh, Mrs. Elizabeth M. .22 Galie. Mrs. Elizabeth P 32 -O - Wedlock, Mr. John W. ... 26, 135, 136 Gates. Mrs Billie L. 20 O’Brien, Mrs. Jane M. White, Mr. George W. . 26 Gibbs. Mr Lawrence .25 Oliverio. Mrs. Edith R. 38, 133 -Y- Ginsburgh, Mrs. Sydalle F. 33 O’Neil, Mrs. Mary R. .32 Yearick, Mrs. Lois M. .31 Givens. Mr David S 29 Oshima, Mrs. Mie A. . 20 Yednock. Mr. John J. 38, 120, 121 Graham. Mr Lloyd N. 31 -P - Yutz, Miss Virginia. 24, 154, 157, 217 Grove. Mr. David L. 39. 122. 123, 132 Page. Mr Warren C. 26 -H - Pauley, Mr. A Lee 36, 179. 207 Hannah, Mrs. Gayle K. 33 Peachey. Mrs. Margaret R. .40. 41 Student Index A Barr. Robert 93 Breslin, 1 lizabcth 93. 176. 183 Abel. Judy 1 1. 183 Barrett. Linda 93, 183 Brett. Michael 103, 123, 125 Abel. Patricia 103 Barry, Bertha 45. 46. 178 Brett, Patricia 1 1 1 Abercrombie. Karl 103 Bartlett. Carol 103. 162, 175. 183 Brevard, Janice 162 Achee. Mitchell 93, 55. 56, 158 Bartlett. Dennis 93. 101. 123, 127 Brewer, Britton 48, 58. 17 1, 214 Ackerly, Jon 157 Bartlett, lewis 93 Brewer, John 1 1 1 Acree, David 1 1 1 Bartlett. Paul 46 Brick, Janice 93, 184 Acree. Richard 1 80 Bartlett, Sally III, 183 Brigman, Nanci III, 183 Adams. Debra 103 Bartlett, Wayne 155 Brillhart, Allen 48, 23. 127, 1 34, Adams. Dianna 181 Baskin James 1 1 1 1 35, 136, 137. 149, 155. 216 Adinaro. Barbara 93. 184 Baskin. Phillip 186 Brinson, Jacqueline 103 Adkins. Daniel III. 1 86 Batchelor, Jo Ann 33. 46, 168. 177 Bristol. Stanley Albrecht. Bruce 103 Bateman. Joan 103 Brittain, Michael 94 Alexander. Rebecca Bauer. Richard 103. 144. 157. 163 Broadwater. Michael 103 Allen. David 1 1 1 Bauer. Susan 183 Broe. Charmaine 140, 163 Allen. Katherine 45 Bauman. Sharon 93. 161 Broe, Christopher 94, 127 Allen. Robin 93 Bayne, Barry 93 Broe. Mark 1 1 1 Allison. Cheryl III. 198 Bayne. Harold 47, 183 Brogden, Nancy III. 183 Allison. George III. 183 Bayne. Larry 93, 127 Brooks, Calvin 94. 158 Alls. Malcolm 93. 127 Bayne. Shirley 103 Brooks. Caroline III. 158. 161 Ambrosier. Sharon Beck. Vickie Brooks. Eldon 1 i 48. 155. 214 Ames, Cindy Becker. Kenneth 93. 180 Brooks, Elizabeth 1 1 1 Ames. Shelley Beckler. Cheryl 44. 47. 48. 191. 212 Brooks, Luella 1 1 1 Ames. Thomas 93 Beckler, Debbie 36, III. 183 Brown, Annette 94. 183 Amey. Ryan 1 1 1 Bednarz, Jenny 1 1 1 Brown, Bonnie 103. 198. 218 Anderson. Barbie 42. 43. 161. 165. 193 Bellon, Melvin Brown, Cecilia III. 183 Anderson. Gail 93. 183 Bellon, William Brown, Constance 1 1 . 94. 193 Anderson. Gwen 199 Benefial, Karen Brown. David A 48. 2 18 Anderson. Harold 45 Benko. Alfred Brown, David D 48 Anderson. Joan 1 1 1 Benko, Michael Brown, Judy 94 Anderson. John Bennett, Amy . 47, 169. 183 Brown, Rebecca 1 1 1 Anderson. June Bennett. James Broyles. Deborah 1 1 . 94. 189 Anderson. Karen III. 183 Bennett. Peter Brunson. Gloria 1 1 1 Anderson, Michael 92. 93. 155. 161 Bennett. Roger Buckles, Wanda 103, 160 Anderson. Patricia 93 Beahm. Ronald 47. 93. 120. 121. 127, Bugaj, Cynthia 1 1 1 Anderson. Robert 132. 138 136. 134. 135. 137, 161 Buglia. Deborah 1 1 1 Anderson. Susan E. III. 1 83 Beard. John 93 Buglia. Jerrold 225 Anderson. Susan G. III. 183 Beard. Joseph Buie, Alton Anderson. William 103 Bearden. Richard III. 132 Bunyard. Steve 1 1 1 Andrews. Richard Berend. Linda 1 1 1 Burch. Linda Andyshak, Len 93. 154, 1 59. 172. 183 Berkowitz. Stephen 1 1 1 Burgan. Patricia Ankeny. Marlin II 1. 228. 231 Berlin, Lois 103. 163, 183, 192 Burger, Susan 103. 162 Antonich. Susan 45 Berry. Deborah 1 1 1 Burke, Pamela 48. 159. 162. 163 Archer. Carol Berry. Llewellyn 123. 135 168. 177 Archer. Stephen Berryman. Deborah 181 Burke. Thomas 94. 180 Armstrong. Charles 93 Beschen. Emil III. 162 Burr, William Arnette. Michael 103 Bess. Donald 103 Burt, Robert Arnold, Billy Betz. Jane 47, 133. 140 Burt, Roger III. 183 Arnold. Pamela 103 Bibber. Tanya 1 1 1 Burt. Therese Arrington. Sharon Bickell, Thomas 47, 180 Butterfield. Susan Asbury. Michael 103. 184 Bigler, Richard Buttner, Michael 144 Ashey, Susan III. 133 Birdson. William Byrd. Edward 1 1 1 Atkinson. Kathleen 45. 159. 167 Bittner, Yvonne 1 1 1 Byrd. Mary 103. 162. 174. 177 Atteberry, Carol III. 159 Bixler. Robert .183 Byrd. Nancy 183 Atteberry, Trois 45. 156. 162. 178 Black. Susan 34. 93. 236 -C - Atwell. James 93 Blackstock. Jimmy 1 1 1 Cain. John Atwood. Karen 45, 162. 177 Blackwelder. Rankin 13. 47 Cajigas. Diann III. 198 Aud. Susan III. 199 Blair, Marilyn 1 1 1 Calder. Gary 94 Austin, Darrell Blakeney. Charles Callahan. Karen Austin. David 93 Blakeney. John Callahan, William 131 Austin. Debra 34. III. 199 Blanchard. Betty 1 1 1 Calvin. Garry Austin, Donna Bland. Melinda 140 Camp, Sheriann III. 183 Avery, Lidell 93, 151. 152. 191. 192 Blankenship. Larry Campbell. Betty 180 Ayers, Ruth Blankenship, Peggy Campbell, Dallas 123 Ayres, Martin Blaskowsky, Cynthia 93. 178 Campbell, Joe 1 12. 186 Ayres, Rosemary 45, 151. 177 Blount, Andrew .47 Campbell, John 94 Aylor. Donald 181 Blunk, Patricia III. 160. 183 Cancilla. Susan 94. 152. 156. -B- Boaz, Tracy 103. 183 58. 194. 196 Baczuk. Carol 103 Bobyak. Francis Cantrell. Stephen 214 Baczuk, Teresa 93 Bodwat, Ann 103. 175 Caporaletti, Stephen Bader. Susan 1 1 1 Boggess. Myra 1 1 1. 162 Capuria. Raymond Bailey. Barbara Bolton, Linda 93. 151 Carmean, Martha 48. 181 Bailey. Elizabeth 45. 159. 162. 177 Bond, Anita 103. 105, 163, 178. 199 Carmichael. Marcella 49, 176 Bailey. Joyce 93 Borowsky, Michelle 1 1 1 Carnes. Elizabeth 1 12 Bailey. Marshall Boswell. Judson 47. 151, 212 Carpenter, Louise 103, 140. 1 57, 158 Bailey. Ronald Bourne, Douglas 103. 131 Carpenter. Michael 1 12. 132 Baker, Brenda 103 Bowen, William 103 Carpenter. Sara 103 Baker. Diane III. 1 86 Bowers. Allen 8. 47, 120, 127. 128 Carroll. Sharon 1 12 Baker. Linda 151. 156. 1 58 143, 183. 218 Carson, Darryl 1 12. 162. 183 Baker. Richard 45, 155. 166 Bowers. Claudia Lyn n 47 Carson. Shirley Baker. Richard A. 103 Bowers. Jerry Lee 1 1 1 Cartagena, Miguel 158 Baker. Timothy 103, 170 Bowers, Linda 103 Carter. Billy Ballases, Charles Bowman. Kathy 103. 178 Carter, Pat 1 12 Barbour. Beth 45 46. 140. Bracken. Patricia 93. 174. 184 Cartwright. Richard 152, 153, 1 65 Bracken, Susan III. 183 Cason. Howard 94. 160. 186 Barbour, Lisa III. 139. 214 Bradshaw. Joseph 10, 103. 182. 184 Caudill. Loretta 49. 180 Barker. Joan Brake. Mary 152, 156. 158. 161 Caudill. Mary 181 Barksdale. Beverly 93, 150. Bramlett, Teresa 103. 183 Cave, Edward 1 12 152, 156. 158 Branam. Katherine Chadwick. Lynn 93 94. 170. 183 Barksdale, Elizabeth 103 Braun, Robert 93. 159. 177 Chambers. Michael 1 12 Barkswell, Sheffield Brazell. Raymond 48, 181 Chambers. Sara 103 Barkwell. Eddie 93 Breault. Vicki 103 Champin. Catherine 103. 184 Barnes, James 46, 170 Brecht bill. Kent III, 206 Chandler, Nancy 103. 192. 193 Barnes, Nancy 93. 186 Bredbenner. Donna 1 1 1 Chapelle. Frank 103 Barnet, John 1 1 1 Breland, Frances 103 Chapelle. Peter 1 12. 186 Barnett. Mary 103, 159 162 Breland. Steven 48 Chapelle. Sarah 6. 49. 149. 152. 153 Barnhill, Debbie 1 1 1 182. 184. 217, 223 Chapman, James 183 Davis, Althea . . . 112 Earley, Charles A Jr. 54 Chapman, Mark 103, 163 Davis, Cynthia 1 12 Earp, Michael 104 Chapman, Nancy 45, 49. 152. 166, Davis, Donald 1 12 Easton, Carol 104 90, 191. 193. 224, 225 Davis, Donna 104, 109. 161. 183. 193 Easton, Dixie 54 Chase. Harold 1 10, 112. 1 16. Davis. Gloria 104 Echeverry. Margarita . 95. 158. 223 131, 151. 224 Davis, Jo Anne 52 Eddy, Lynn 104, 184 Chase, Janet 103. 197 Davis, Linda 184 Eddy. Walter Cheseman. Phyllis 1 12 Davis, Marvin Edge, Francis 55. 120, 121, 127. Chester, Anne 103. 163 Davis. Richard 112. 151 128, 161. 236 Chichester, Nora 104, 180 Davis. Thomas 112 Edney. Bobbie 55 Chichester. Sharon 49, 180 Davison, Kenneth 104 Edney, Tamara. 1 12 Childers. Linda 94 Davison, Paula 53. 156. 162 Edward, Linda Childess. Judy 1 12. 183 Dawson. Nancy 53 Edwards, Elizabeth 1 12 Christiansen, Ava 94. 184 Dawson. Steven 94, 144 Edwards, Linda 104 Christiansen, William 50, 58 Day. Michael 138 Egan. Bruce 104. 163 Christie, James Day. Nancy 140. 199 Eisenberg, Wendy 170, 179, 206, 207 Christie, William 1 12 Dean. Diane Eisenhart. Nancy 7, 95, 98, 152, Chumley, Sharon 1 12 Dean, Edward .... 53 156. 175, 177, 182. 184. 185 Clarac. Nichole 112. 234 Dean, James 181 Eisenhart, Sharon 95, 98. 1 56. Clark, Christine 133 Dean. Judy 160, 184. 185 Clark, Michael 104 Dearmond, Bruce .... 53 Eklund. Elaine . ... 55, 163, 164 Clark, Ronald 1 12 Deavers, Lenard Eklund. James 1 12. 163 Clark, Patricia Debiase. Katherine 112, 162 Eklund. Robert 104 Clark, Wanda Debiase. Mary 104 Elbracht, Elise 104 Clements, Laura 94, 178 Dechants. Gerald Eller. Dennis Clevenger. Felicia 104, 139, 160. 186 Deck. Gary 104, 138 Elliott, James Cline, Ronnie 1 12 Deeth. Diane 94 Elliott. John Coffee, John 183 De Gil. Donna Elliott. Robert 1 12 Coffee. Marian 104 De Gil, Leslie 53 Elliott, Sylvia 151. 178 Cogar, Donna 1 12 DeHaven. Kirk 53, 127, 218 Elliott, Teresa 95 Colbert. Debbie 94 Dejonckheere. Richard 104, 131 Ellis, Patricia 95, 203 Collins. Debra Dejonghe. Deborah 93. 94. 152. Elton. Kathie 95. 160. 184. 185 Collins. Gary 94, 127, 222 165. 190. 191. 224 Elton. William 1 12. 183 Collins, Guy 50. 127. 222 Delaconcepcion, Jane 94, 133. 151 Ely. Barbara Collins, Karen 112. 162 Delesdernier. Edwin 104. 174 Embrey. Darlina i 12. 183, 199 Colyer, Cynthia 103. 104, 162. Delesdernier, Sharon 1 12 Enders. Michael 177. 184, 192. 193 Delimont. David 112 Engelman, Deborah 6, 95, 186 Compton, Patricia 94 Delimont, Deborah 53 English. Charles 1 13 Compton. Sandra 50 Dellinger. Mike 1 12 English. Clifton Conant, Patsy 14. 112. 162 Denison. Paul 53. 172 Ervin. Gail 95. 140 Convery. Danny 120. 127. 135, 136. Dennis, Curtis Eucker. Gary 4 137, 148 Derman. Gregory 1 12 Evans. Dana. . 95 Convery. John 50 Deviers, Margaret Evans. Diana . 55 Cook, Bonnie Deville, Michael 1 12 -F - Cook, Douglas 94 Dewitt. James 125 Farber, Barry Cooper, Mary 1 12. 183 Dewitt, Kathleen 1 12 Farber. Judith 1 13 Corkill. Lea .4. 50. 162. 177 Dexter. John 95. 158. 161 Farmer, Carolyn Cork ill. Linda 1 12. 199 Dexter. Michael 1 12 Farrell. Lynne . 55 Cornwell. Iden 104, 181 Dexter. Patrick 14. 53 Faucon. Carmen 104 Cothran, David 104 Dick. Walter 104. 131 Faucon. Micheline 186 Coughlin, Colleen 1 12. 206. 207 Dietzel. Kathy Fee. Marilyn 10. 104 Covington, Brenda 188. 222 Dietzel. Ray 112, 132 Ferderber, Charles. Jr 55, 151 Cox, Eddie Digiorgio. Mary 159, 162 Cox. Lisa 104. 162, 175. 184 Dillenseger. Remy Ferderber. Scott 1 13 Cox, Robert 44, 50. 67, 155, 161 Dillon. Karen 95. 178 Ferguson. Gary 1 13. 158 183, 202. 221. 224 Dillon. William 53 Fernbaugh. Mark I 13 Crabbe, William 1 12. 132 Ditchkus. Vincent 53 Ferrey. Elizabeth .... 56, 182, 184 Craig, Carroll 50 Dittmer. Diane Fetty. Cherilyn 1 13. 157, 159, 199 Crann. Chris 94. 153. 158. 182. Divine, Alfred 1 12 Fetty. Ronald . 95 184. 185, 223 Dixon. Kathleen 95 Fick, Deborah 104, 150, 151. 175 Crawford. Linda 94 Dixon. Pamela 54 Fick, Theresa 1 13, 160, 183 Crocker. George Doane, Michael 95, 161 Fielder, Gail Mae 95, 176 Crocker. Jean Ann 1 12 Dodd, Ronald 104 Filipovich. Jack Crowe, Mary Ellen 50. 76. 152. 153. Dodd. Thomas 112 Finney, Carolyn 104 165. 177. 193 Dodson. Barbara 95, 139 Finney. Douglas 1 13 Crowe, Michael Dodson. Cheryl 1 12. 183, 184 Fisette, Walter . 56 Crowe. Patricia . 1 12. 162. 178 Dodson. Lonnie 112 Fitzgerel, Nancy . ... 95, 98, 140 Crum. Linda 181 Doeppner. Ronald 112. 186 Fitzpatrick, Barbara 1 13, 178. 199 Cruse. Cathy 45. 50. 152. 1 53. Doeppner, Thomas 95. 156. 186 Fitzpatrick, Nancy . 56, 1 52 159, 162 166. 190. 191 Dommisse, Don 104. 123. 125 Fitzsimmons. Gary .95, 161 Cruttenden. Lawrence 50 Donaldson. Janice 54, 81. 156 Flattery, Donald 1 13 Culbertson. James 94. 163 Donaldson. Thomas 112. 132 Flowers, Patricia 104, 160 Culpepper. John 46. 51, 127, 154 Donato. Sarah 95, 156. 184 Floyd, Jackie 104 Cuneo, Linda 94 Donchatz. Norma 104 Foglio, Daniel 104, 130, 13!, ’44 Cunningham. Jere 104. 186 Donovan, Eric 54 Foglio. Teresa 13 Cunningham, William 94 Doss, Veronica Ford, Bruce 1 13 Curran. Robert 1 12. 186 Douvlos. Mary 112 Ford, Catherine Curry, Gregory Dove, John 144 Forren, Elizabeth Curtis, Dennis 1 12 Dowhower. Duska 95. 188. 222 Forsman. Lynn Alison 1 1 3 Curtiss. Linda 1 12 Downs. Raymond Jr Foster. David i 13, 132 -D - Drozdz. Susan 54, 159, 162 Foulkes, Susan Pat 56, 183 190 192 Dajka. Frank Dube, George Fountain. Laura Dale, Scott 51. 236 Duffy. David 95 Fowler, Doug 104. 1 3 !, 1 38 Dalton. James 104, 182. 184 Dumont. John 1 12 Fox, Barbara . 56 Damato. Deborah Dumont, Raymond 104, 131 Fox, Roger Lee 56 Damato. Teresa Duncan. Brian Francisco, Elvira 56. 1 58 Dandre. Nicole Dundas. Sherul 112 Frandson. Barbara . 95 Danforth. Paul Dungan. David 1 12 Frandson, Ellen 104 Daniels, Samuel 51 Dunn, Barbara 112. 183 Frank. Mary 104, 151. 183 Daniels. Shirley .51. 176 Dunn. Charles 112 Fravel, Cynthia 56. 184 Danner. Judith 52, 82 Dunn. Henry Frazeile, Barbara. 92, 95, 152. 156, Darby, Guy 104. 131 Dunn. Patricia 104, 178 164, 203 Darland. Bruce 104, 131 Dunphy, Carmella 104 Frazier, Susan . 95 Darland. Donovan Dunphy, Maria .... 54 Frear. Martie Darland. Terry 94 Durmon, G. 132 Fredrick, Linda 1 13. 183 Darrah. Thomas Duvall. Jessie 95, 183 Freeman, Gordon Dasch, Deborah .112, 178 Dwyer, Deborah 112, 186 Frese. Pamela 105 Dasch. Mary 94, 178, 189 -E Freund, Louise . 56 Dasch. William 104 Earley, Julia 104, 151 Frizzel, Lyndall . 56, 160 Davey. Marilyn 4, 94, 193 Earley, Randall Frizzell, Russell 95, 127, 155, 1 60 Frye. David 56. 1 80 Green, Richard 96 Henderson, John 1 1 3 Frye. Dennis 56. 1 35. 151. 218 Green, William 59 Hendrix. Let ha 96 Frye. Jennifer Greenhouse, Mark 105 Henry. Barbara 96 Frye, Linda 105 Gregoire. Scott 96, 183. 186 Henry, Nell 1 13, 234 Fuller. Barbara 95. 183 Gregorie, Frik 1 1 3 Hensley, Alvin Fuller. Gerald Gribble, Donald 59, 124. 127, Henson, David 1 14 Fuller. Michael 181 228. 218, 221 Henson. Russell 159, 172 Fullerton. Donald 113. 132. 157 Gribble. Judith 96. 184. 194. 202 Henson. Tanja 63, 162 Fullerton. Lawrence 105. 127, 143 Griebling. Richard 105, 131, 157 Herbstraith. Michael 63 Funk. Gary Griffin. Donald 96 Hereford. Robert Furr. Dawn 93 . 94. 194. 195. 214, 223 Griffith. Sarah 169 Herl. Stephen 96, 120, 127. 135, 1 37 G Griswold. Karen 96. 160 Hermann, John 105, 1 38 Gabriel. Michael 1 13 Gross. Brenda 105, 186 Hermann, Luke Gaddie. Griffin Gross. Sharon 179. 206. 207 Hernandez. Louis 1 14 Gaddie, Melinda 105 Gross. Stephen Hersman, Linda 96, 158. 161 Gainer. Janice 105 Grove. Karen 59. 148. 177, 214 Hertzog, Steve 105 Gallagher. Craig 125 Grover. Nan 105, 189 Hess, Michael 105. 131 Gallavan, Kathleen 1 1 . 95. 162. Grover. Rita 59 Heston. Paula 105. 163 193. 224 Gruenwald. Jack 151 Hicks. Barbara 97. 98. 158. Game. Julia 96 Guenther, Mary 105, 162 160. 161. 169 Gandy, Jane 105. 1 57. 162. 178 Gulotta. Frank Hicks, Constance 105. 160. 178 Garber. David 123 Gunderson, Lisa 105, 163 Hicks. Francis 105 Garber. Romona 19. 65. 79. 184. Gurley, Linda 113, 183 Hicks. Howard 63 191. 207 Guy. Linda 105 Hicks, Larry 63 Garber. Terri 113. 162 H - Hicks. Ronald 1 14. 132 Garcia. Gerald 1 25. 143. 151. 154. 223 Hacker. Daniel Hicks. Theresa 97. 175 Gardner. Myra 96. 133 Hackett, Michael 94 96. 122. 123 Higgins. Maureen 105. 183 Gardner. Valerie 96. 151 Hahn. Mary 96. 133 Higgins, William 105 Garnett. Jacqueline 105 Haight. Alexandra 59. 153. 158. Hill. Donald 63 Garrett. Lee 165. 190. 231 Hill. Mark 105 Garrett. Lynnee 1 . 96. 98. 152. Haines. Cynthia 60. 162 Hill. Martha 105. 158 191. 192. 221 Haines. Gorby 1 1 3. 162 Hill. Nancy 103. 105. 140 Garvey. Deirdre 96. 184, 196 Hajdu, Sally Hill. Robert 160, 215 Garvey. Megan 1 1 3 Hale. Harold 1 13 Hilsabeck, Ernest 105, 221 Gassier. Michael 113 Haley. Harold 1 13 Hinson. Mary 10. 63. 88, 151. 152, Gaston. Gregory 127 Hall. Davis 96. 127, 151. 221 162. 184. 190. 212 Gates. Nancy . . . . 1 13 Hall. Diana 60. 85. 152. 156. Hinson. Randy 1 14. 157. 159. 183. 224 Gates. Nina 1 1 3 158. 162. 167 Hitchcock. John 12 97. 161. 179 Gaunt. John 113, 186 Hall. Mark 1 13 Hitchcock, Neil 1 14. 186 Gaunt. Margaret 105, 186 Hall. Shelia 96. 181 Hitt. Frank Gauthier. Franklin Ham. Henry . .96 Hodges. Jeffrey Gayle. Robert . 96 Hambleton. James 113. 132 Hodgson. Daniel 114. 132 Gaylor. Kevin 103. 105. 155. 159. Hamilton. Anita 105. 170. 184 Hofer, Barbara 114, 199 165. 172. 203. 218 Hamilton, Gary 127 Hollandworth. Debra Gaylor. Susan Hamilton Randall 27. 96 Holloman. William Gearan. Virginia . 96 Hammonds. Furman 1 13 Holmes, Deborah 1 14. 186 Gentry. Ann 96. 162. 178. 191. 206 Harder. Terry 113 Holt, Paula 97, 160, 190 Gentry, Clyde ... 58 Harlow. Gloria . . . Holt, Susan 10. 93. 97 Gerlach. Gregory 96. 158. 161 Harper. Esther 60 Holt. Terence 63. 229. 218 German. Wayne M2. 113 Harper, Richard Hopkins. Dorothy 97 Ghent. Daniel 113. 234 Harrawood, Valerie 60. 184. Hopkins, James 1 14 Ghent. John . 105 185. 191. 212 Horn. Michael 1 14 Ghent. Mary 1 1 58. 152, 153. Harris. Jacqueline 61 Horne. Charmaigne 63 190. 193, 218. 221 Harris. Marilyn 61. 184. 185. 190, 191 Horton. Carolyn 160. 193 Gianonnie. Laura Harrison. Brinton 61. 155 Horton. Cheryl Gibson. Elizabeth 96. 98. 176 Harrison, Stanley 61. 113 Horton. Ronald Gibson, James 105. 123. 131 Hart. Mary 96 Horton. Sharon Gibson. Janet 102. 105. 197 Hart. Ted 105 Houck. Douglas 103. 106. 131 Gierlarowski. Steven 105, 125 Hart, Timothy 110. 113 Houck, Nancy 45. 63. 151. 153. 166 Giffin. Adam 127, 138. 166. 183 Hart, Valeta 1 13 Howerton. Jerry 97, 138 Giffin, Rose Harter, Stephen 61 Huddleston. Thomas 106. 186 Giles, Lydia. 113. 183 Hartman, Larry 96. 120. 127, Hudson. Carolyn 1 14 Gillingham. Bruce 105 129. 143. 161 Hudson. John 1 14. 132 Gillingham, Lewis 58 Hartwell. Stephen 181 Huebner, Fred 63 Gist. Susan 96. 151, 161, 184, Harvey. Maryellen Huffman. Pamela 64. 170. 177 192, 193, 224 Haseman. Joan 105 Hughes. Barbara Glasgow. Gordon 103, 105, 123. Haskell. Robert . . . 96 Hughes. Cecilia 97, 180 135. 137, 221. 225 Hassenger. Monica 96. 151 Hughes. Henry Glick. Heratio Hastings, Eugene . 7, 105. 157. 166. 186 Hughes, James 106. 127 Glock. Barbara 96. 162. 173, Hasty. Grant 1 13 Hughes. John 106. 151 184, 185. 223 Hatch. David 1 13. 125 Hughes. Ronald Glock. James .58, 135. 136, 137, Hatch. Herbert 105. 123 Hughs. Brooke 1 14, 151 155. 156. 158. 161, 173. 175, 225 Hatch. Theresa 19. 96. 156. 159. 172 Hull. Edith Glock, Marjorie 1 13 Haugh. John 1 13 Humphres. Robert 64. 127. 223 Gmaz, William E. Jr. 96, 127 Haugh. Judy 105. 186 Hundley, Denise 97. 140 Godwin. Julian 1 13 Havenner. Thomas Hunt. Walter 1 14. 132 Gogan. James 1 1 3 Havrilak. Robert Hutcherson. Jack 64. 123 Goldthwaite, Clifford 1 13, 132. 157 Hawks. Randall 105 Hutcherson, Jerry 64. 123. 184, 218 Gonzales. Brenda 105, 140 Hawxhurst. Gayle 61. 183 Hutto. Gerald 180 Gonzales, Linda 113, 183 Hayden, Thomas Jr. Huyett, Bonnie 64. 148. 153. Gorby. Laura 113, 139 Hayes. Heidi 151 194. 196, 212. 213 Gorby. Lynn 105, 139, 157 Hayes. Jill 202 Hyatt. Harvey Gordon, Noel 12. 179 Haymaker. Bruce 105. 131 Hyatt. John Gordon. Susan . . 50. 58. 151, 153 Haymaker, Gary 96. 125 Hyatt. Robert 106. 161 166, 218. 224 Haynes, Joan 113 Hyman. Eric 9. 64. 127. 128. Gorzenski, Brenda .... 58 Hazard. Anne 135. 137. 155 Graber. James Heath, Mark 96 Grage, Henry 113, 132 Heckert. Karen 61. 151. 152. 156 -1 - Graham. Alan Heckert, Sharon 61. 152, 156 Ice. Stephen 1 14 Graham. Beverly 1 13 Hedgepeth, Richard 186 Iddins. Barry Graham, Marc .105 Hefferman. Eron 62. 135. 136. Iddins, Robert 64 Graham. Thomas 181 137. 182, 184 lha. Paul 97 Grantham, Croft Heffner. Laura 96. 183. 228 lha. William 183 Graul, Linda .113. 183 Heintzelman, Warren 105, 183 liams. Gordon 106. 125. 143. Graul. Ralph .96 Heise, Karen 113. 151. 215 157, 158. 161 Gray. Lynn 59. 183 Heise, Susanne 1 1. 105. 192 liams, Jeffrey 97. 125. 127, Gray, Mary Ann 59 Helmick. Nancy 141. 142. 143. 155 Green, Barbara 96. 161 182, 184 Hemingway. Ruth . 50. 62. 76. 148. Green. Carolyn 1 1 3 150, 168. 218 -J Green, Douglas 113, 132 Henderson. Bruce 1 1 3. 183 Jackson. Barbara 106 Jackson. Jackie Kistner. George 106 Long. Betty Jackson. Patricia Kitchen, Sarah 1 14 Long, C. 160 Jackson, Phyllis Klemm, Donna Long. Deborah Jackson. Thomas 106 Kline, Barbara 1 14 Long. Evelyn 98. 159. 172. 175 Jacobs. Michael Knight. David 1 . 94. 97. 122. Long, Henry 96. 98. 151, 154. 222 Jacobson. Linda 123. 127. 154 Long. John 106. 144. 184 Jacquot. Steve 45. 58. 64. 68. 156 Knight. Starlynne 180 Long. Laura 106. 182 158, 168. 216. 217 Kobilka. Karen 161 Long. Ronald 106 Jarvis, Dawn 1 14 Koch. Janet 106 Long. Scott 69 Jayroe. Patricia 1 14 Koogle. Timothy 97. 151. 155. 161 Long, Stephen 98 Jayroe. William Koren, Mildred 97 Looft. Christel 1 15 Jenkins. Henry 114. 186 Korfanty. Susan 68 Lord. Billy 98 Jennings. Kathleen 65. 177 Kouten. Jennifer 1 14 Lorenzo, Walter Jr. 1 15 Jennings. Usula 10, 106. 15 1. 184 Krolak. John 1 14 Lovett. Deborah 1 15 Jett. Phyllis 97 Kroll. Ann 106 Lovett. Vicki 69. 151, 178. 189 Jobe, Richard 106. 180. 206 Kroll. Jane 1 14 Loyd, Dennis 106 Johnson. Diana 65. 184. 189 Kropelnicki, Miriam 114. 151, 178 Luallen, Rebecca Johnson. Frederick Kuhn. Nanci 1 14 Luedtke. Helen 192. 224 Johnson, James 97 Kuhns, Michael 97 Lundy. Carolyn 69 Johnson, Laura 97 Kye. Ernest 131. 181 Lusker. Gina 1 15. 183 Johnson. Lee 106 -L Luster, Silvia 1 15 Johnson. Marsha 98. 97, 1 52. Lacy. Beverly Jr Lutikenhouse. Richard 98. 186 158. 182, 184 Lacy. Sandra 1 14. 183 Lynn. Susan 68, 70. 156. 184. Johnson, Phyllis Lahendro, Jill 106. 183 216. 217 Johnson. William Lahendro, Joseph 97. 154. 155 Lysett, Joseph 1 15 Johnston. Gene 97. 181 Lakatos. Joyce 106. 159. 172 Lysett. Lark 70. 182. 184. 185 Jolicoeur. Louis 1 14 Lake. Gary 68. 48. 151. 156. -M - Jones. Clara 114. 186 158. 17 3. 216. 217 Mackenchnie. Mark 98. 124 Jones. Daniel 181. 157 Lamb. Joe Jr 68. 127. 17 1 Maddock. Steven Jones. Deborah A 1 14. 188 Lamb. Patricia 68 . 81 Maher. Michael Jones. Deborah L 114. 188 Lamb. Richard 9: . 94, 97. 101. 120. Malinowski, Barbara .70. 161 Jones. Douglas 1 14 127. 135. 136. 156. 224 Malvin. Linda 98. 148. 169, 218 Jones. Earl 65. 188 Lambert. Debra 97 Maness. James Jones. Frank Lamert, Steve 1 14 Maness, Russell Jones. James Landry. William 1 14. 132 Mann. Thomas 183 Jones. Joseph Laroche. Kenneth 97 Manning. Kevin Jones. Kenneth Laroche, Sandra 97. 183 Manning, William 98. 163 Jones. Larry 1 14 Larsen, Betty 106. 180 Mannis. Kevin 1 15 Jones. Mary 4. 65. 190 Laughlin. Drew 106 Manor. James 157, 159. 172 Jones. Nancy 106. 178. 199 Lavoy. Michele 69. 82. 133 Mansfield. Alan 70 Jones. Robert 182. 181 Lawhorne. Brenda 1 14 Mansfield. Bruce 106. 170 Jones, Valerie 9. 57. 66. 183. 140 Lawrence. Joan 69 Manuel. Mark 131 Jordan. Betty Lawrence. Peggy 97. 180 Maple. John 106 Jordan. James Lawrence. Thomas 106 Marciniec. Christopher 106 Jordan. Valerie 66. 158 Lawson. Cynthia 106. 184. 188. 222 Marinacci. Louis 1 15 Josephson. Eva 97. 224 Lawson. Evelyn 1 14. 183. 188. 222 Martin. Alice Josey. Jennifer Layberger. Donald 69. 180 Martin. Dane Jourdan, Catherine 66. 152. 153. Layton. Emory 106 Martin, Karen 61. 182. 184. 195. 196. Leach. Brooke 106. 180 Martin. Kathy 1 15 217, 223. 225 Lear. Jane 1 14. 186 Martin. Lester Jourdan. John 127. 138. 184 Leckey. Wendy 106 Martin. Wally 98. 186 Jourdan. William 106 Leckey. William 69 Martin, William 10, 1 1 98. Judice, John Ledbetter. Lester 106. 125 148. 154. 155. 177, 184. 224 K Ledford. Annette 1 14. 183. 199 Mason, Deborah 106, 183 Kandt. Ray 45. 66. 163 Ledford. Robert 106 Mason. Douglas 1 15 Karroll. Karen 1 14 Lee. Ashyliend Mason. Nadine Kaufman, Barbara 106 Lee, Diane 1 14. 183 Mason, Stewart Kay. Georgann 114. 183 Lee. Gary 1 14. 132 Massie, Glen Kazlausky. Pat 66. 148. 152. 177, 214 Lee. Katherine 106 Matsuura, Irene 1 1. 98. 160. 184, 192 Keene. Bonnie Lee. Laura 106. 161 Matthes. Pamela 50. 68. 70. 148. Keirsey. Kristen 6. 97. 1 50. 1 52 Lee. Robin 97. 178 152. 156. 164. 191. 228 Keithley. Dennis 97. 206 Lee. Rodney 1 35, 137 Matthews. Judith 107 Kell. Katrina 106 Lee. Tana 69. 184, 190 Matthews. Robert 107 Kell. William Leggett. Margaret 1 1 . 61. 69. 148. Maye. Douglas 98. 180 Keller. Craig 66 151. 152. 156. 158. 173. 216 Mayer. John 1 15 Keller. Susan 97. 163 Leggett. Susan 1 14. 151 Mayer. Robert 70. 85, 156, 173. 174 Kelley. Cynthia 66 Lennon. Lynwood 97, 151. 159. Mayo, Arletha 106, 175 Kelley. Eugene 106. 161. 184 172. 173, 175 Mayo. Gay 1 15 Kelley. Michael 106, 131 Lent. Christopher 69 McArthur. Stuart 98 Kelley. Michele 66. 194. 195 Leonard, Gary 1 14 McCarron. Maureen . 7 1 Kell in. Betty 97 Leschnik. Steven 1 14 McCarter. Iris . 71 Kellin, Robert Letcher. Marshall 132. 215 McCarter. Thomas Kellison. Judy 114. 186 Letcher, William 94. 97. 128. 151. McCarthy, Odile 1 15. 133, 162 Kelly, David 144 202. 214. 221. 228 McCarthy, Patrick 93, 98. 127. Kelly. Walter 66. 163. 221 Letendre. Patricia 34 154, 156, 158 Kennedy. Anthony Levencier. Charles McCartney, Ronald 7 1 . 88. 127, 156 Kennedy, Linda Lew, Judy 98 McCauley, Carol 1 15 Kennedy. Timothy 106. 161 Lewis. Harold McCauley. Tim 1 15 Kennon, Ronnie 1 14 Lewis. Mark 106. 131 McClain. Charles 107 Kenworthy. Deborah Lewis, Richard 69. 1 14 McConnell. David 107 Keplinger. Gregory Lewis. Richard Jr. McCoy. Cheryl Keplinger, Richard 66. 186 Ligon. Mary 1 14 McCoy. Robin 107. 163 Keppel. Theodoric 97. 223 Lilley. Cynthia 13 98. 184. 215 McCrary, Laney 183 Kersey. Leonard 1 14 Lilley. Rice McDaniel. Edward Kershaw. Patricia 106. 157 Lindberg, Carl 183 McDiarmid, Scott Kicherer. Delois Lindberg. Charlotte 69. 152 McDonald, Gayle 1 15 Kidd. Susan 114. 183 Lindberg, Mark 1 14, 132. 183. 225 McDonald, Kathleen 98 Killebrew. Sidney Lindsay. Robert 1 14 McDowell. James Kim. John 1 32 Linville. Linda 1 14 McDowell, Patricia 107, 133, 129 Kimsey 97 Linville. Richard 1 14. 132 McDowney. Gwendolyn Kimsey. Steven 114. 132 Lipscomb. Betty 1 14 McElhannon. Kevin 1 S3 King, Patricia 106 Lipscomb. Naomi 98 McGhee, Darrell 98 King. Roberta Little. Ann 1 14 McGhee. Soldad King. Steven 1 14 Lockwood. Margaret 106 McGhin, George Kinnard. Kathleen Loder, Barbara 106. 184. 189 McKay, Eugene 1 15 Kinnard. Robert Lodewick, Valerie 19. 93. 98. McKay, Mary Kinnard. Susan 48. 152. 156 McKeag, Kelly 98. 159. 172 Kirby. Larry 131 Lofton. Roy 173 McKeon, Donald 107. 138 Kirby. Phyllis 67. 190. 191. 193 Logan. Sharon 151 McKeon, Susan 1 15, 1 33 Kirkemo. Katherine 67 Logan. Sidney 1 14 McKim, Roberta 107 McMillan. Vivian 7 1. 163. 183, Newman. L ' ' onna 1 15 Peters, Sallie 1 16 188, 213. 222 Newman, Ralph 1 15 Peterson, Martha McNaughton, John 7 1. 155. 163 Newton. Robert 7 3 Peterson. William 107 Mead. Donald 7 I Nicely. Danny Pet it t. Marsha 1 16 Meads. Patricia 107, 1 68 . 170. 17 1 Nichols. Gayle 107. 183 Petro, Chris 186 Meeker. John Nichols, Mane 1 1 5 Petro Rosemary 139 Meeker. Marilyn 7 1 Nichols. Randolph Pfanzelter, Barbara 99, 151, 163, 178 Megee. Patricia 107. 139 Nicholson. Garland Pfanzelter, Elizabeth 1 16, 163. 178 Megee, Theodore Jr. 1 32 Nicholson, Joyce Phelps. Allen 107 Mehaffey. Patrick Nielsen, Patricia 99 Phelps, Phil 77 Meline. Lynda 12 7 1. 184 Nielson, Susan 1 1 5 Phillips. Robert 108. 159. 172 Melton. Michael 7 1. 17 1 Nissley. Jerry 107 131. 138 Pickwick. Michael 1 16. 186 Mendez Vigo. Mark 1 15, 1 60. 186 Nissley. Steve . 7 3 Pierce, Catherine 1 16, 163, 178 Mense. Jeffrey 179 Nolton. William 107. 131 Pierce, James 180 Menser. Patricia 7 1 Nordquist, Norman 1 15 Pilch, Bruce 1 16 Menser. Richard 72. 181 Norfolk. Ronald ' 99 Pilz. Donald .77, 181 Meredith, Patricia 103, 107. 183 Norman, John . .74, 181 Pinkepank, Mary 99, 140. 156. 161 Merrill. Virginia 107. 133, 160. 189 Norris. Fred 74. 180 Pittman, Gerald 37 99. 186 Merritt. Barry 98. 155 Norris. Karen 1 15 Plowman. Denise 1 16. 151. 198, 199 Merritt. Blythe 98. 1 33. 156 Norris. Vernon 74. 180 Plowman. Lynda 99 Messmer. Carl 107. 123 North. Janice 74 Pohl. Valentine Metcalf. Sharon 72. 183 North. Wendy 74. 182. 184. 185, 190 Polhamus. Katherine 108. 140. 161. 199 Metcalfe. Hal 72, 124. 151. Novak. Barbara 102. 107. 151. 198. 215 Polley Jerry 186 1 53. 154. 212 Nowak. Kent 107 Polley, Vicki Metzger. Wanda 1 15. 183 Nutter. Rebecca 1 15 Pollick. Virginia 1 1 . 77 Michael. Herman 1 1 5 O - Pomerening. Charles 77, 156. 217 Michaels. Thomas Obarski. Julia 74. 158. 161. 179. 206 Pomerenmg. Daniel 108. 157. 173. 175 Middleton. Bobby 1 15 O ' Brien. Charles 74 Popla, Michelle 99 Mikilia. Joe O ' Brien, Christopher 107. 181, 202 Porterfield. Mary 1 16. 1 83 Miles. Barbara 72 O ' Bryant. James Posner. Geraldine 108. 133 Miles. Brenda 72 O ' Connor. Patrick 107 Post. Everett 108 Miles. Jay 1 15 O ' Donnell, Kevin 1 15 Powell. Herbert 1 16. 151, 177 Miles. Robert O ' Donnell. Terrill 99. 139. 152 Powell. Lester 77 Miller. Carol 1 15 Odum. Annie 183 Pragnall. Steven Miller. Diana 72. 189 O ' Flaherty. Paul Pratte. Miriam 77 Miller. Joe 132 Ogan. Nancy 74 Pratts. Maria 99. 161. 183 Miller. Mitch 1 15 Ogle. James 107. 159. 172 Price. Alice 108 Miller, Paula . 72. 151. 1 52. 184. 185 Okstulski. Marjorie Price. Charles 99 Miller. Susan 107. 186 Oliver, Christine 74. 140 Price, Linda 108 Mills. Winford Olmstead. Deborah 1 1 5 Price, Nancy 77 Minnick. Donna 1 15. 160. 183 Olsen. Ronald 186 Prichard. Michael 99. 161. 182. 184 Mitchell. Barbara 72. 184 Orledge. Lorraine 107 Prince. Nancy 99. 1 52. 195. 223 Mitchell. Henry 11 . 124. 1 54. 164. 218 O ' Rourke. Kathleen 99 Pritchett. Janice 10 99. 163 Mitchell. Kathleen O ' Rourke. Marilyn . 74 Pritchett. Julia 77, 184. 185. 202, 218 Moffett. Mary 1 15 O ' Rourke. Timothy 1 1 5. 125 Pritt. Catherine 139 Moller. Christian 1 15 O ' Shaughnessy. Margaret 99. 158. 161 Pritt, Donald 77 Monroe. Marolyn 107 Oshima. Ronald 107. 186 Prizzia. Thomas . 77 Moody. Nancy Otis, Ruby 107 Proctor, Ken 1 16 Moore. Bonnie 183 Owens. James 75. 180 Prosser. Clifford 1 16 Moore. Connie 1 15 Oxley, Mia 1 1 75, 191. 193 Protich. Sanford Moore. Deborah 107, 160 -P - Puffenbarger. Sandra 183 Moore, Dorothy 107 Page. Janet 99. 160. 183 Purdy. Robert 181 Moore. Henry 72 Palas, Eldre 75. 148. 152. 56. Purgason. Walter 180 Moore, Laura 133. 184 169. 184, 191. 221 -R - Moore. Marianne 98. 163, 176 Palas, William 107, 183 Radovich. Catherine 14, 73. 78. 153. Moore. Michael D. 98. 183 Palmer. George 156. 158. 64. 165. 216. 248 Moore. Michael W. 98. 183 Paluch, Karen 99. 159. 172. 174 Rail. Mark 1 16 Moore. Robert 107 Paluch, Walt 1 15. 132 Ralston. Jeffrey 99 Moore. Roxana 72. 186 Paneky, Diana 107 Ramirez, Miriam 1 58, 161 Moore, Sharon 1 15. 178 Panetta. Juliet Randolph. Stephen 99 Moore. Yvonne 107, 186 Panetta. Russel Rankin. Katherine 108. 183 Moran, Emily 107, 178 Paolantonio, Larry 99. 160. 202 Rasnake. Ronald 1 16 Morningstar. Melody 1 15 Papalazarus, Alexander Rathbone. John 108. 131 Morris. Judy 107 Papalazarus, James 180 Rathbone. Ruth 1 16 Morrison. Brian 1 15 Parker, Robert 75, 182. 184. 228. 233 Rathbone. Sarah 78 Morrison. Christine 98. 159. 186 Parker, Sheila 1 15 Ratkus. Loretta 98 99, 184 Morrison. Dennis L. 37. 1 15. 183 Parrish. Therese 107. 133 Ratten. Christie 1 16. 183 Morrison. Dennis W. 1 15. 183 Parrish. Thomas 75 Rawers, Linda 14. 78. 140. 156. 159 Morrison. Patricia 107. 159. 172. 183 Parry. Geroge 1 16 Rawers. Robert 108. 13 1. 138 Morse. Patricia 1 15 Parsons. Gary 180 Rawson, Robert Moser. Karen 1 15. 183 Parton. Dale 107 Recore. Eugene 78. 141. 143 Moss. Debra 1 15 Parton, Linda 75. 133. 140 Recore. Francis 1 16 Moss, Douglas 99, 123. 127, 151 Parton. Richard 1 16. 132. 151 Reed, Rebeccah 1 16 Mueller. Kathleen 1 15. 183 Pate, Christine 99. 100. 151. 192 Reeder. William 8. 14. 44. 78. 122. Mueller. Kristina .72. 133 Pate, Paula 76. 192. 203 148. 155. 166 Mulvihill. Mike Patton, Catherine Reel. Richard 1 16 Murphy, Edward 107 Patton. Mark Reese. Dennis Murphy, Julie 1 15 Patton. Phillip 76 Rehklau. Rebecca 99 Murray. Darlene 1 15. 178 Patton. Ronald Rehme. Mary Murrell. Dana Paxton. Lawrence 103. 107. Reiley. Marne 104, 108. 133. 139. 161 Myers, Cynthia 99. 176. 191 143. 158. 161 Reinowski. John Myles. Earl Payne. Thomas 183 Reinsel. Ronald 12. 108. 206 -N - Pearson. Albert 76 Reitz. Karen 105. 108. 133. 162. 175 Nadeau. Roland 127 Pearson. Brenda 107, 151. 197 Remington. Karen 97. 99. 62. 168. Nagler. Richard Pearson. Bruce 1 16. 132. 175. 183 169. 184 Nakamura. George 107 Pearson, John 76, 127, 192 Reynolds. Alethea Nakamura. Mary 73 Peck. Allen 1 16. 163. 175 Reynolds. Daniel 181 Nall. Cecil 1 15. 132. 186 Pederson, Bruce 186 Reynolds. David Nalls. Helen 99. 176 Pendleton. Alan 61 77, 156. Reynolds, Phyllis 1 16. 183 Nalls. Russell 181 173. 175. 217 Reynolds. Robert 99 Nash. Robert 1 15 Pendleton. Neal 1 16 Reynolds. Robert Nauman. Sherry 183 Pendley, Lynn 107, 131 Reynolds, William 99. 1 80 Needham. David 1 15 Perrin. Debra 107. 181. 183 Rezzarday. Joan 108 Nelson. Erick 99 Perrin. Dennis Rezzarday. Katherine Nelson, Michael Perry. Brenda 107. 162 Rezzarday. Lawrence Nelson. Nancy 99. 162, 177 Perry, Jocelyn 180 Rezzarday, Mary Rose . 78. 183 Nelson. Raymond Perry, Mary 1 16 Rhymer, Katherine Newberry. Cecil 107, 131. 138 Peserson. Lynn 1 16. 183 Rice, Arthur 1 16 Newcomer. Janice 73. 184. 214 Peters. Dennis 107, 180 Rice. Dana 1 16 Newdeck. Kenneth 183 Peters. Michael 107 Rice. Dennis Rice. Eugene Rice. Jackie Rice. Margaret A Rice. Margaret C Rice. Mary Rice. Patricia Rice. Robert Rice. Teresa Rich, Charles Rich. Linnis Riddle. Randall Riegner, Valerie Riester. Patricia Riggle. Linda Riley, James Riser. Charlotte Riser. George Ritz. Angela Ritzer. Michael Rivard. Reica Robbins. Douglas Robbins. Judith Robbins. Marian Roberts. Constance Roberts. James Roberts. William Robertson. Roy Robertson. William Robinson, Linda Robinson, Patricia Robinson. Richard Rodriquez. Roderick Rogers. Deborah Rogers. James Roland. Gayle Romney. Kim Rompius. Romayne Roscher. Judith Roscher. Sue Rose. Barry Ross. Ann Ross. Cindy Ross, Margaret Ross. Paulette Ross, Tonia Ruffner, Aubrey Ruhlen. George Russell. Cornelia Russell. James Ryan, James Ryan. Lindy Sable. David Sadler. Boyd Sadler. George Salisbury, Carl Salzberg, Judith Sanchez, Carmen Sanders. Linda Sargent. Joanne Sarnowski. Vickey Saverline. Daniel Say. Deborah Scandling. Joanne Scandling, John Schaeffer. Debra Schaeffer. Patricia Schalow. William Scheets. George Schein. Bernice Schifardo. Peter Schilling. Vicki Schlosser. Mary Schlutz. Linda Schmitt. Nancy Schneiders. Donald Schneiders. Thomas Schofield. William Schreiner. George Schreiner, Preston Schultz, Paul Schurtz, Bette Schurtz, Robert Schuster, Glenn Schuster. Robin Schwandt, Jody Scott. Elizabeth Scott. Marlin Scott, Olive Scott. Warren Seabolt. Jane Sebreng, Dorothy Sebrmg, Stanley Seedlock. Mary Segovia. Ricardo Seiling. Margaret Seim, Frances 108 . 79 . 79. 110 . 116 . I 55. I 16. I 88. 80. 32. 108. 158. 78 Seim. William 180 Springer, Sue 100 1 16. 1 83 Seitz, Adrienne 100 Stacy. Danny 100. 180 133. 139. 186 Seitz. Kathleen 80 Staffrod. James 79. 133. 180 Seitz. Shelby 81. 152. 156, 160. 168. Stagg. William 109 179. 188. 222 169. 191. 195. 196 Staley, John 131. 183 1 16. 133. 198 Sell. David 81 Stallings. Nancy 109 1 16 Selmont. Ralph 186 Stamey. Deborah 1 17 108. 188 Serrell. Holly 1 16 Stapleton. Beverly 46. 79. 127 Sexton, Judith 30. 81, 161 Staser. Jeffrey 156 13 1. 1 38 Shaffer. Elaine 108 Staver. Pamela 109. 184 1 16 Shaffer. Fred 131. 144 Stead. Debby 198 79. 180 Shaffier. George 127, 181 Stedman. William 109. 161 108 Shaner. Karen 81 Steed. Thomas 131 99. 174 Shanley. Colleen 108, 150 Steele, Gordon 109 108 Shanley, Gail 100, 151, 183 Steele, Jesse 108, 160. 178 Shannon. James 93. 100, 155 Stephans. Viola Sharp. Susan 139 Sternbeck, Susan 1 17, 183 79. 179 Shaver. Wanda 82 Steuwer. Colleen 1 17 79. 184 Shaver, Wilma 82, 180 Stevens, Russell 100. 161 79. 161 Shaw. Patricia 108. 160 Stevenson. Dan 109 1 16 Shearer. Marilyn 182. 184, 185 Stevenson. Janet 1 17 108 Sheffield. Rebecca 100 Stewart, Bonnie 83. 190 1 16 Shelton. Gary 108 Stewart, George 83, 173, 182, 184 100. 192. 184 Shelton, Michael Stewart, Mildred 1 17. 229 131 Shelton. Richard Stewart, Roberta 10. 109. 184. 198 Shelton. Robert Stickles. Elizabeth 100 181 Shelton, Virg inia Stickles, William Shepherd. Cecilia 100 Still. Thomas 109. 186 100 Shepherd. Dawn 1 16. 162 Stoehr, Andrew 84, 155 108, 183. 206 Shepherd. Jeffrey Stoehr, Delia 1 17, 178 180. 222 Shepherd. Kathy 100. 176 Stopper. David 109. 206 1 16. 132 Shifflett. Gregory 108 Stoughton. Martha 109 1 16. 139 Shoemaker. Dennis 1 16 Stratton, Donna 1 17. 151. 183 120. 135. 137 Shortt. Raymond Strong. Katherine 1 1 84. 184. 185. 190 108. 183 Shoultz. Catherine 82. 183. 223. 225 Strong. Robert 109. 131 1 16 Shuman. David 1 16 Sublett. June 84, 151. 177, 189 1 16 Siders. Burt 100 Suggs. William 100, 215 108. 184 Siegrist. Helen Gaye 1 16. 159. 172 Sullivan. Alfred 183. 198. 225 Siler. Michael 1 16 Sullivan. Daniel Simmons. Patricia 82. 149. 151. 152. 169 Sullivan. Patricia 103, 109 100. 162 Simms. Diann e 1 16. 133 Sullivan. Susan 1 1. 83. 152, 153, 199 Simms. Robert 100, 181 168. 169. 183, 192. 193 1 16 Simons. Christine Summa, John Simons. Joseph 108. 143. 202 Summa, Linda 85 80. 175 Simons. Kathleen Summa. Robert 1 17 80. 186 Simons. Robert 108. 1 38 Sumner, Barbara 1 17, 161. 178, 236 73. 1 56 Simpkins. Cynthia 108. 197, 214 Sumner. Nancy 101. 158. 161 1 16 Simpson. Thomas 96. 100. 127. Swain. James 1 17, 186 180 155. 182. 184 Swain. Linda 85. 1 17 Sims. Billy Swenson. Jane 109. 160. 161 Sims, Catherine 1 16. 183 Swoboda. Lois 109, 162 Sims, Karen 116. 133. 186 Swor. Bert 131 1 16 Sims. Robert 5 Swor. Donald 181 Singleton, Edna 1 16 Swor. Vickie 1 17 Singleton. Samuetta 108 Sybert. Brenda 108. 162 Sirbaugh. Glen 100 Sylvest, Richard 101. 122, 123, 125 Sitnik. Peter 108. 131 Symanski, Bernodette 85, 151 100 Sivak. Joseph 100. 120 -T - 80 Sivak. Mary 1 16 Tabb. Karin 108 Skelton. Darlene 52 . 82 Taft, Vicki 10! 108 Skwarski, Paul Takach. Leathy 109 108. 131 Slater. Patricia Ann 100 Tansill, Ann 100. 184 Slye, Catherine 1 16 Tapia. Linda 1 16. 133. 178 Smith. Brenda Tapia, Michael 181 08. 144. 145. Smith, Caro 100 Tapia, Vilma 85 57, 159. 172 Smith. Carole 82. 183 Tapis. Enis Smith. Craig 100. 127. 144 Tapp. Jo Ann 101. 178 108 Smith. David 82 Tarnell. Karen 1 1. 85. 183. 191, Smith. Debra 97, 100, 163. 169 193, 218 1 16 Smith. Donna 1 17, 160. 183. 198 Tarpley. Ulus 1 17 80 Smith. Edward Tate. Debra 109, 184 108 Smith, George Tate. Randall 1 17 100. 183 Smith, James 100, 186 Tate. Samuel 1 16. 178 Smith, Jennifer 108. 157 Taylor. Barbara 85, 190. 191 198. 199. 22 1 Smith. John Taylor, Deirdoe 109 1 16 Smith. Karen 108. 160. 184. 185 Taylor. Deloras 139 103. 108. 163 Smith. Lee 82 Taylor. Karyn . 58. 80. 123. Smith. Matijane 108 Taylor, Pamela 1 17 25. 155. 161 Smith. Meredith 14. 83. 159 Taylor, Patrick 1 17, 132 100 Smith. William 100 Taylor, Paul 109 80. 127 Smitherman. Richard 108, 155. 157. 175 Taylor. William 183 Snipe. Lawrence 10. 100. 186 Tears, Susan 1 17, 183 102. 108. 138 Snow. Douglas Tesko. Elaine 109, 157, 165, 197, 228 108. 184 Snuggs, Bill 131 Tharp, George 109 1 16 Snyder. Alan 99. 100. 123. 127. 161. 186 Thayer. Glenda 109. 158. 160. 188. 222 100 Snyder. Garrett 109. 138 Theisen, George 181 Sooy, Carol Thomas. Dennis 1 17, 125 108 Sooy, William Thomas, Marcia 101 52. 153. 156. Soule. Sandra 83. 199 Thomas. Steven 101. 125 159. 162. 177 Sourdiff, Russell Thomasson. Nancy 109. 184. 198 80 Spann. Julianne 83 Thompson, Acie 1 17 100. 184. 193 Spann. Lee 1 17, 132 Thompson, Billy 108. 159. 170 Spann, Linda 100 Thompson, Carol 45. 85. 183 100 Spaulding. Helen 1 17 Thompson. James 85, f 80 160. 17 5. 184 Speed, David 1 17 Thompson. Jenny 86, 165, 177 108 Spilker. Deborah 1 17, 158. 160, 178 Thompson, Linda 98. 101. 162. 164, 179 80 Spinks, Alton 1 17 Thompson, Michael 1 16 Spinks. Linda 100. 184 Thompson. Nancy 101 80 Sponaugle. Robert 83, 162. 174 Thompson, Thomas Springer. Laurie 1 17 Thonen, Roderick 31 , 46, 86, 127, i a y 1 hornburg. John Thorpe. Joseph Thorpe. Lowell SB Thrasher. Jan Thruston. Gary 86 Thtirhurn. Albert 218 Tibbs, Virginia 1 ickle. Daniel 101 Tickle. James 181 Tickle. Larry 181 Tims. Christopher S7 lmaztepe. Cihan Tinney. Douglas 87, 155. 163, 173. 210 Todd, Wanda Tomlin, Martin Tomlin. Nick 101 Tomlin. Sandra 1 17 Totett. Stephanie 162. 177 Townsend. Catherine Travers. Robert 101 Travers. Sandra Travis. Lester 101. 183 Triner. Kandi Trinkle. Charles 36. 117. 151. 183. 215 Trinkle. Rebecca 1 17 Tschopp. Karen 1 1. 87. 189 Tucker. Peter 109. 131 Tunnell. Robert 180 Tuthill. Karen 47. 87. 148. 152. 154. 196. 223 Twaddle. Michael Tydings, Deborah 101 Tyler. Wanda 109. 158. 162. 175. 184 Tyree. Michael 181 LI Linger. Richard Linger. Richard Linger. Robin 101. 155. 166. 248 Llveges. Carl 87 Uyeda, Jerry 87 -V - Valandra. Paul 132. 183 Vance. Sharon 1 17, 160. 186 Vanderpool. Patricia 103. 109. 133 Van Norman. John 101. 123. 127. 142. 143 Vanover. Norma 87 Vanover. Sharon 1 17 Van Sickle. Cinda 87. 148. 183. 190. 191. 193 Vatsia, Vijay Vaughan. Brenda 109. 186 Vaughan. George 109 Vechik, Gary 101. 122, 123. 125. 161 Vechik. Kenneth 109. 123. 125. 157 Velasco. Andrew 183 Verhey. Nicholas 1 17 Vermes. Edward 88. 186 Vermes. Joseph 1 17 Vickery. Jennifer 32. 101. 160. 162 Vickery. Julie 88 Vigen. James 101. 150. 155. 169. 179. 224 Viney. Barbara 88 Vipperman. Lowell Voigt. Linda 181 Vollmer. James 88 Vollmer. Paul 109. 186 Von Arb. George 101. 122. 123. 125, 151. 154. 155, 163 Vosburg, David 109. 186 Vosburg, Robert 186 W Wade. Dianne 109. 162, 184 Wagner. Randy Wakelield, Robert 101. 155. 156. 173 Wales. Alice 157, 158. 160 Wales, Shirley 117, 158. 160 Walker, Rita 88 Walkup, William 1 17 Wall. Karen 117. 199 Wallace. Patricia 117. 183 Wallemus. Thomas Walsh. Doris 101, 151 Walsh, Mark 1 17 Walsh. Robert Walters, Catherine 101 Ward. Alson 88 Ward. Jewell 109. 183 Ward. Linda 109. 178 Ward. Susan 117. 183 Ware. Dale Waters. Michael Watson. Carol 117, 183 Watson, Daniel 101. 151 Watson. Mary Watson. Ralph Watters. Sally 14 . 50. 88. 148, 150. 153. 165. 190. 193 Watts. Richard 132, 144 Wease. James Wease. Peggy 88. 180 Weatherford. Regan 109. 158. 197 Weaver. Billie Weaver. Dwayne 109. 131. 157 Weaver. Kenneth 89. 1 54. 155. 218 Weaver. Martha 103. 109. 158. 162 Weaver. Michael 1 3 1 Webb. Paul Webb, Penny 89. 183 Webber. William 89. 1 58. 161. 186 Weber. Carolyn 181 Weber. Linda 117 Wedding. Roy 181 Wells. Barbara 117 Wells. Betty Wells. Diane 58. 89. 153. 161. 166. 225 Wells, Victoria 151. 174 Welton. B 132 Wentzel. Margaret 1 17 Wesley, Beverly Wessner, Daniel 90. 120. 121. 127. 129. 135. 1 36. 137. 154 West, William Westman, Phillip Whaley, William White. Barbara 109. 180 White. Beverly White. David 109. 186 White. Deborah 1 17 White, Mark 101 . 143. 183 White, Sara 1 17. 183 Whitlock, Linda 101. 180 Whittington Jaqueline 1 17 Whittington. Karen 101 Whittington. Pamela 90 Whyman. Margaret Wilbourne, Annabel 183 Wilbourne. Marilyn Wilkins. Kristen 1 I 7 . 151. 157. 199 Wilkins, Panick 109. 162 Williams. Barbara 109. 151. 183 Williams, Bramuel Williams, Darlene 1 17 Williams, Gail 109 Williams. George 90, 202 Williams. Kenneth 109. 158 Williams. Margaret 109. 139. 186 Williams, Marla 117, 186 Williams, lorn Williamson. Kathleen 101, 186 Willingham, Shirley 1 17 Wilson. Donata Wilson. John Wilson. Kathryn 1 17 Windiseh. Carl 101 Windisch. Jerry 1 17 Winfree. Katherine 101. 156. 158. 160. 165. 191. 193 Wirth. George Withrow. Darlene 109 Wittwer, Jonathan 7 1, 90. 170. 179. 206 Wong. Harold Wood. Ann 157, 182. 184 Wood. Branson 101. 127. 221 Wood, Jacqueline 109 Wood. Lisa 1 17. 160, 198 Wood. Sally 109 Woodhurst. Stephen 117. 186 Woods. Andrew 151. 186 Woods, David 90 Woods. Jeffrey 109. 161, 175 Woods. Jonathan 101. 156. 159. 160. 172. 173. 175 Woods. Susan 1 17 Woodworth. Kim 109. 186 Wright. Debrah 1 17 Wright. Diane 90. 178. 225 Wright. Echo 93. 101. 148. 150, 152. 1 56. 158. 216. 216 Wright. Johnie 132 Wright, Richard 1 17. 1 59. 172 Wright. Theresa 90 Wriska, Deborah Wunderly. Stephen Wyatt. John ... _Y_ 109. 186 Vale. Steven Yaru. Margo 90. 184. 191. 221 Yary, Michelle 36. 1 17, 151. 160, 183 Young. Laurie Young. Mary Alice 109 Young. Richard 117, 132 Young. Robert 101. 123. 127. 144. 155. 169 Young. Susan 91. 183 Young, Terrie 117, 180 Younger. Keith 91 Yurchik. Janice 1 17 Yurchik. Steve 101 . 120. 127. 183 Yusas. Eric 7 Zeitlin, Gabrielle 91. 183 Ziegfield. Kenneth 6. 48. 91. 154. 166. 184 Zintel. Arlene 1 17 247 I turned around and saw illusive shadows of a year. I remember learning. laughing, and crying together with friends and alone. The memories that I possess cannot be destroyed by time. ■ And yet, they are no more. For f can remember, but I cannot re-experience what I have felt here. but remains as the foundations for the tangible. Therefore, I turn my head toward the future and find the dreams of unfinished work. a year of JWJ Cathy Radovich Editor-in-Chief

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