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SURVEYOR “I am the daughter of the Earth and Water, and the nursling of the Sky; I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores, I CHANGE but I cannot die.” Percy Bysshe Shelley ‘The Cloud’ MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 1 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA VOLUME XXVI “Let the great world spin forever down the ringing grooves of CHANGE.” Alfred Lord Tennyson ‘Locksley Hall’ 1 i t. 1 ij - Ns HR Wrailr Pv r 1 ' a Foreword Change is essential. Advancement must be made to meet the needs of the times. To commemorate the new growth of Mount Vernon High School we, the year¬ book staff, present the SURVEYOR — a step into the “new dimension.’’ 2 “The Universe is CHANGE, our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius ‘Meditations’ Contents Administration 15 Classes 45 Organizations 115 Sports 169 School Life 187 Advertisements 205 Index 226 " Time brings not death, it brings but CHANGES . . Douglas Malloch ‘A Comrade Rides Ahead ' 4 5 “The manifold features of CHANGE . . Gamaliel Bradford ‘Soul’ 6 i " They that CHANGE old love for new . . George Peele Cupid’s Curse’ “The seasons CHANGE, the winds they shift and veer M Sir William Watson ' Lachrymae Musarum’ 9 " They are perfect — how else? — they shall never CHANGE: We are faulty — why not? — we have time in store.” Robert Browning ‘Old Pictures in Florence’ 10 " We have CHANGED all that.” Jean Baptiste Moliere ‘Le Medecin malgre lui’ “CHANGED not in kind, but in degree.” “We thought that love could never CHANGE.” Robert Bridges ‘Shorter Poems’ 13 14 This year, in association with the School Board, Mr. Landes and his staff have utilized the advan¬ tages of change and embraced the best of tradi¬ tion. Our offices have been revamped through the introduction of a new data processing system to facilitate more efficient office management. On the other hand, the administration has retained the basic principles that go with sound teaching methods and make for a morally sound student body. ADMINISTRATION ■ » .A ■ r . V JT ’ « Principal Mr. Melvin B. Landes 16 17 GUIDANCE Miss Mildred Lapsley Mr. Earl Layne Mrs. Florence Price Mrs. Margaret Reed 19 SECRETARIES Mrs. Billie Gates Mrs. Iris Chambers Mrs. Hazel Johnson Mrs. Mie Oshima Mrs. Jean Adkins Mrs. Dorothy Rafert 20 LIBRARIANS Mrs. Mildred Allan Mrs. Anne Carico 21 CAFETERIA Mrs. Marie Strobel Cafeteria Manager 22 CLINIC Mrs. Verda J. Richardson 23 ENGLISH Mr. Charles Barthe Mr. Herman Thomason Mrs. Catherine Cooley Mrs. lone Scudder Miss Judy Frieder Mr. Stanley Smith Miss Mary Carper Miss Margaret Anne Lunter Mrs. Maureen Hodgson Miss Mary LaCas Mrs. Helen Blalock Mrs. Anita Magers Mr. Guy Wilson 25 SOCIAL STUDIES Miss Roberta Lerg Mr. Mike Skinner 26 Mr. Oscar Match Miss Joan Carr Mrs. Sue Rooks Mrs. Hattie Quinley Mr. George White 27 LANGUAGES Miss Virginia Yutz Mrs. Linda Cannon Mr. Leonard Vaughn 28 mm Col. Lewis Samuelson MATH Mr. Willard Stratton Mrs. Walter E. Simonson Mr. William Hayhurst Mrs. Lulu McFarland 30 Mr. Russell H. Ferrey Mrs. Jane O’Brien 31 SCIENCE i Mr. Charles J. Woodard Mr. Harold Coffman Mr. John Sawyer 32 Mrs. Anna Harder Mr. B. B. Anderson Mr. Eugene Skinner Mr. Harold Swain 33 BUSINESS VOCATIONAL Mrs. Mary O’Neil wmmm mm mm mmmm mm mmmm Mr. Herbert Bowling Mrs. Barbara Pruet FINE ARTS Mr. A. Lee Pauley Mrs. Rhea Locke 35 Mr. William Nurse Mr. Homer Currence 36 HOMEMAKING Mrs. Lois Pieper Mrs. Mildred Tibbs Mrs. Purcell Robertson 37 Mr. Archie Taylor Miss Patricia Parker Mr. John Yednock 38 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Edith Oliverio 39 FACULTY DIRECTORY MR. BLAKESLEE B. ANDERSON B.A., Pan American College M.Ed., University of Virginia Participant in the National Science Foundation’s Academic Year at the University of Virginia Chemistry Physics Key Club Sponsor MR. STEWART W. CHRISTIANO A. A., Junior College of Connecticut B. A., University of Bridgeport M.A., University of Virginia M.S., University of Connecticut Assistant Principal for Instruction Tennis Coach MR. CHARLES L. COFFMAN B.S., M.A., West Virginia University Biology I, II Biology Club Sponsor MR. CHARLES L. BARTHE B.S., M.A., West Virginia University Reading MRS. HELEN T. BLALOCK A.B., University of Colorado A. M., Indiana University English IV MR. HERBERT E. BOWLING B. S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Distributive Education D.E. Club Sponsor MRS. DOROTHY J. BROWN B.S., Mary Washington College Graduate Study, William and Mary College, University of Virginia, American University, George Washington University Bookkeeping Typing I MRS. CATHERINE P. COOLEY B.S., Mary Washington College Graduate work, George Washington University, Georgetown University, College of William and Mary Collegiate Professional Certificate English IV Advisor, Senior Class Chairman, English Department MR. LESTER B. CROOM B.S., East Carolina College M.A., George Washington University Electronics, Temple School Industrial Arts General Shop I, II MR. HOMER C. CURRENCE Special Certificate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Maintenance and Repair MRS. LINDA H. CANNON B.A., Kalamazoo College French I German II, III, IV, V German Club Sponsor MR. DIONISIO CARDENAS Graduate of the University “La Catolica " of Lima Spanish II, III, IV Guitar Club Sponsor MISS MARY E. CARPER B.S., Concord College English III Junior Honor Society Sponsor MRS. W. ANNE CARICO B.S., Oklahoma State University Librarian MR. STANLEY L. FANT B.S., Wilson Teachers College Geometry Algebra I Math II Wrestling Coach MR. RUSSELL H. FERREY B.Sc., Virginia Military Institute Geometry Algebra II Algebra II — Trig. Functions — Statistics Chairman, Math Department MR. PATRICK J. FREEMAN B.A., St. Vincent College U.S. History World Geography Assistant J.V. Football Coach MISS JOAN H. CARR B.A., Davis and Elkins College U.S. and Va. History Senior Honor Society Sponsor MRS. KATHERINE A. CASEY B.S., Emmanuel College Shorthand I Typing I, II MISS JUDY M. FRIEDER B.A., University of North Carolina English III Advanced Composition Junior Class Sponsor MRS. ELIZABETH P. GALIE B.S., Mary Washington College Typing I 40 Consum er Mathematics General Business MR. DAVID L. GROVE B.A., Shepherd College Physical Education Assistant Football Coach Head Track Coach MRS. ANNA M. HARDER B.S., Immaculata College Earth Science General Science Keyette Club Sponsor MR. WILLIAM G. HAYHURST B.S., College of William and Mary M.A., University of North Carolina Post Graduate Work, Georgetown University, College of William and Mary Trig — Functions Algebra I, II — Trig. Baseball Coach MISS JOAN A. HELDER B.S., Madison College Physical Education J.V. Hockey Coach MRS. MAUREEN M. HODGSON A.B., University of Pittsburgh English I Journalism Em Vee Hi Sponsor MISS LOUISE L. HOPKINS A. B., Georgetown College M.A., University of Kentucky Choral Director Music Theory MISS PATRICIA A. JACOB B. A., University of Illinois French I, II French Club and French Honor Society Sponsor MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON B.Ed., Eastern Illinois University General Shop I, II Chairman, Industrial Arts Department MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Assistant Principal for Administration MR. TIMOTHY A. KERLIN B.S., Bowling Green State University World Geography MR. CARL J. KOENIG B.A., Randolph-Macon College World History Modern European History Varsity Basketball Coach Assistant Track Coach MRS. JANE P. KOFLER B.A., Wellesley College B.F.A., Art Institute of Chicago Art I MISS MARY C. LACAS B.S., Madison College English I French I Sophomore Class Sponsor MR. MELVIN B. LANDES B.A., McPherson College M.A., George Washington University Principal MISS MILDRED J. LAPSLEY B.A., Mary Baldwin College M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance Director MR. S. EARL LAYNE A. B., M.A., West Virginia University Guidance Counselor MISS ROBERTA A. LERG B. A., Michagan State University U.S. and Va. History World History Sophomore Class Sponsor J.V. Softball Coach MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE A. B., University of Alabama Certificate in Art, Belhaven College History of Art Art II, III, IV Art Club Sponsor Chairman, Art Department MISS LUCY J. LOWMAN B. S., Radford College M.A., George Washington University Vocational Office Training Clerical Office Practice VOT Club Sponsor Chairman, Business Education Department MRS. MARGARET H. LUNTER A. B., Glenville State College Graduate Work, Marshall University English II, III MRS. ANITA J. MAGERS B. A., Baylor University M.A., University of Texas English I MR. OSCAR MATCH B.S., M.A., M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh 41 United States Government S.C.A. Sponsor MRS. LULU R. MCFARLAND A. B., Guilford College Math I Algebra I MR. JOHN E. MILLER B. A., Emory and Henry College M.A., George Peabody College Algebra I, II — Trig. Varsity Football Coach Intramurals MR. JOHN M. MILLER B.S., Carnegie Tech Distributive Education MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE B.S., University of New York M.A., George Washington University Mechanical Drawing MRS. JANE M. O’BRIEN B.A., Syracuse University Algebra I MRS. EDITH K. OLIVERIO A. B., Fairmont State College M.S., West Virginia University Physical Education Girls ' Intramurals Cheerleading and Girls’ Athletic Association Sponsor MRS. MARY R. O’NEIL B. S., Radford College Typing I Shorthand I MISS PATRICIA M. PARKER B.A., College of William and Mary Physical Education Varsity Softball Coach J.V. Basketball Coach MR. A. LEE PAULEY B.F.A., Richmond Professional Institute Drama I, II, III National Thespian Society Sponsor MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER B.S., University of Minnesota Home Economics I, II Senior Home Economics F.H.A. Co-sponsor MISS JUDITH A. PLEASANT B.S., M.A., East Carolina College Guidance Counselor MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE B.A., Washington Square College M.A., George Washington University Guidance Counselor MRS. FLORENCE R. PROVANCE B.S., Duquesne University M. E., University of Pittsburgh ACA, Bowling Green College of Commerce Collegiate Professional Certificate Shorthand II Typing I Bookkeeping General Business N. E.A. Delegate F.S.A. Sponsor MRS. HATTIE G. QUINLEY B.S., Radford College M. A., George Washington University World Geography N. E.A. Delegate F.T.A. Sponsor MRS. MARGARET B. REED A. B., Westhampton College M.A., University of Richmond Graduate Professional Certificate Guidance Counselor MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON B. S., Radford College M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Home Economics I, III, IV F.H.A. Sponsor Chairman, Home Economics Department MRS. SUE G. ROOKS A. B., College of William and Mary University of North Carolina United States Government World History Chairman, Social Studies Department COLONEL LEWIS N. SAMUELSEN B. A., George Washington University Algebra I Part I Math I MR. JOHN R. SAWYER B.S., Wake Forest College M.A., University of North Carolina Science 9 MRS. I ONE C. SCUDDER B.S., University of Tennessee Collegiate Professional Certificate English I World Geography International Relations Society Sponsor MR. BAKER 0. SHELTON A.B., Washington College M.A., George Washington University Guidance Counselor Leadership Class Assistant S.C.A. Sponsor 42 MRS. WALTER E. SIMONSON B.S., Wisconsin State College Geometry Math I, II MR. EUGENE W. SKINNER B.S., Virginia Union University National Science Foundation Scholarship Recipient Biology Freshman Basketball Coach MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER B.A., Shepherd College U.S. and Va. History MR. STANLEY P. SMITH B.S., Utah State University English III, IV United States Government MR. EARNEST M. SNYDER B.S., Glenville State College Physical Education Assistant Football and Golf Coach MR. GENE A. STEINBACH B.S., Northwestern University M.A., Catholic University Band Director Majorettes and Color Guard Sponsor Chairman, Band Department MR. HENRY R. STERLE B.S., West Virginia University Vocational Special Education MR. WILLARD STRATTON B.S., Morehead State College M.A., University of Kentucky Geometry Algebra II Math I MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN B.S., Alabama Teachers College M.S., Florida State University Biology Biology Club and Bible Club Sponsor MR. EDWIN G. TAYLOR B.S., Concord College M.S., University of Tennessee Physical Education Spiriters Sponsor Chairman, Physical Education Department MR. HERMAN V. THOMASON B.A., Furman University M.R.E., Southern Seminary English III, IV Surveyor and Drill Team Sponsor MRS. MILDRED H. TIBBS B.S., University of Texas Home Economics I English I F.H.A. Sponsor MRS. VICTORIA M. TIMMERMAN B.S., Fordham University M.A., New York University Algebra I Math I MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN B.A., McPherson College B.D., Bethany Seminary M.S., Cornell University Spanish I, II Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society Sponsor Los Charlatanes Sponsor MISS PATRICIA J. VAUGHT A. B., College of William and Mary German I, II MISS POLLY E. WAID B. S., Radford College M.A., George Washington University Guidance Counselor MR. GEORGE W. WHITE B.A., Marshall University World Geography United States Government J.V. Basketball Coach MR. E. GUY WILSON, JR. B.A., University of Virginia English II Co-sponsor of Spiriters MR. CHARLES J. WOODARD B.S., Atlantic Christian College M.A.T., University of North Carolina Chemistry Science 9 Chairman, Science Department MRS. PEARL F. YANCEY B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Latin I, II, III, IV Junior Classical League Sponsor MR. JOHN J. YEDNOCK B.S., M.A., George Washington University Physical Education J.V. Football and Varsity Baseball Coach MISS E. VIRGINIA YUTZ B.A., Roanoke College M.A., Duke University French II, III, IV, V French Honor Society Sponsor Varsity Hockey Coach Chairman, Language Department 43 44 The student body is the ultimate example of change . . . strangers become acquaintances, acquaintances become friends. Ideas become the stepping stones to individual goals which are constantly expanding. Values develop and the future acquires meaning. CLASSES 46 Class of 1966 President — Charles Clark. Vice-President — Marti Sweatt. Secretary-Treasurer — Anne Leary. 48 Carol Allard William Loren Allen Sharon Lynn Alls Harry Elisha Bard Ronald Westley Anderson 49 Patricia Kay Barnhill Lance gives his Senior Honor Society induction speech cen¬ tering around honesty. Brian Dale Bryson Lennie Brown Tracie Reynolds Brown Ronald Lee Bartlett Martin Bryant Brigman Carol Marlin Brown John Edward Beahm Ella Mae Beck David Bruce Botchin 50 Linda Lee Cadwallader James Edward Burton While munching an apple, the friendliest senior boy, John Beahm talks to his fellow wrestlers. Carolynda Elaine Campbell Larry Dwaine Carson Nancy Jane Carter Florence Anne Casey David Earl Chase Charles James Clark 51 Judy Arleen Clark Barbara Joann Campbell I Robert Evearts Clark Thomas Harding Clark Jeanne Louise Cline Madjie Lee Constance Constance Marie Coates Ann Bailey Copmann Patricia Joanne Cobb Sandra Craft Margarett Marie Collins Frank Lloyd Wright’s female counterpart. Constance L. Crea Kathryne Mary Creamer 52 Daniel Leland Craig Joyce Weeks Davis Yearbook staff displays its usual amount of organized confusion. David Culen 53 Larry Kent Dawson Edwin Marlin Dawson Keith Walter Dayton Patricia Marie Delosier Robert Kevin Dewitt Ronald Paul Dillingham Basketball offers excitement to the M.V. crowd. 54 Karen Mildred Doane James Patrick Dove Arthur L. Doyle Mary Margaret Durst Shirley Jean Edwards Spencer Page Ferrey John Howard Ellsworth 55 Sandra Delene Forman Darlene Frances Fraley Experiments to further knowl¬ edge performed by chemistry students. William George Frank Steven Michael Foglio 56 Dennis Harold Fredrick Christopher Gordon Gallavan Barbara Ann Garbar Bartley Thomas Garvey Savella Elsa Gayle Marti Porter employs Key Club Slave, Tom Clark. Felicia Joan Godsey Linda Carol Gerdes Bruce Ted Gamble 57 Thomas Andrew Gorski Laura Louise Grady Full of school spirit, Ginny Ir¬ vine contemplates her not- too-spirited locker. Charles Earl Grant Suellen Grantham Martha Jane Gray Markita Nancy Green Benny LeRoy Grover Barhara Susann Gula Kathleen Hagel 58 Linda Griffith Spring fever can be wonderful. John Harold Hasle Eric Dion Hefferman John Edward Hardwick 59 Robert Hampton Heflin A Charles Eugene Helbig Stephen Louis Heyroth “But you don’t look sick 11 Grace Elaine Howard Norma Belle Hyman Gregory Richard Hidden Patricia Marie Higgins Earl Leon Hodnett Linda Lee Hines Dori Ann Hilton Genous Sanders Hodges James Cannon Hilton 60 Helen Jo-Lynn Jolicoeur Beverly Darlene Jones Ingrid Regina Jones Molly Lee Jones Seniors enjoy the privilege of having their pictures made by Zamsky Studios. 61 Kenneth Robert Jacquot James Melvin Jones Kristen Lightner Keller Carolyn Dorthea Kelly Nancy Jeanne Kendall While doing last minute studying, Lynn waits for the nurse. Jim Dan Keirsey Richard Allen Jones Michael Jimmie Keef Karen Helen Kilby Gary Luther Kimberlin Juanita Alena Kincheloe Elizabeth Irene Jordan 62 Ruth Wilma Kennedy Michael Knight Pamela Sue Kirkland Stanley Wayne Lam Carol Louise Kuhns Grayson Leroy Koogle Dwight Rudolph Kitchens Dennis Lacey Stephen Joseph Korfanty Gregory Hampton Knight Margaret Jean Lacey Organization is a necessity for a good yearbook. Barbara Ann Krolak 63 Even the Seniors must have the annual check-up from the nurse. LaVerne Juanita LaRoche Lynda Jean Lasater Lawrence Gregory Lent 64 James Vaughn Lewis Marian Kendall Lilly Donald Gene Linehan Leon MacKechnie Jeanette Fay Malone Sandra Logan Patricia Ann Marcoe Bruce Alan Luedtke David Mark Lusker After much hard work and preparation the magazine campaign proved very successful. Kenneth Wayne Logan 65 Sally Scherrer Marfing James Edward Markham Martha Jayne McCrory A lot of concentration is given to eating lollipops. Steve Alan Meline Mary Carne Menser Gabriel Merk Brenda Anne Merricks Anita Mickelson Mary Ann Mikilia 66 Rebecca Jean Miles Sandra Louise Moore Susan Louise Moore Robert Buckner Morrison Kenneth Myers An outstanding leader, Charles Clark takes a break from activities. Maria Elizabeth Myers James Nagler 67 Linda May Newman Carolyn Emily O’Brien Teresa Bernadette O’Flaherty George Joseph Newman, Jr. 68 Cheryl Suzanne Ogan Madeleine Rose Oleyar Jewell O’Quinn Stephen Hopkins Osborn Wilford H. Osborne Patsy Jean Painter Susan Ellen Palmer Ronnie Ray Parker Laurence Fredrick Parr Michael Bence Pate John Russell Pollock Terry Andrew Pearson Ann Waring Pope Donald John Polden Irene Jordan, outstanding leader, relaxes after planning the next Keyette activity. Linda Marie Patterson 69 David Anthony Post After the Key Club paper drive, John Hasle, best all around, perches triumphantly atop the publications. Julie Cathryn Primm Barbara Jean Prince Linda Louise Prince Robert Dale Pritchett Barbara Jean Radovich Gerald Bowden Rathbone William Ernest Raymond Beverly Marie Reed Joe Robert Reeder 70 Carol Susan Ratkus George Arnold Reese Deborah Ann Regn Michael Thomas Reiley Donald Addison Robinson Anne Leary, friendliest, displays her talent in bannister sliding. If : Robert Amadae Rose Ward Christopher Rothery Herbert Allen Roberts Marsha Carole Roland Lynn Rossi 71 Kenneth Wayne Rowlett Carolyn Ann Romney One of Fant’s Animals, Char¬ lie Constance is an out¬ standing athlete. Linda Jo Schaefer 72 Cheryl Lynn Scott Geralyn Nevada Simpson Maria Marlene Seiling An outstanding athlete, Donna Jackson, quietly reads her English assignment. Geoffrey C. Serrell Kip Preston Shoemaker Irwin William Sieffert Pearl Rebecca Simms Stephen Craig Shomion 73 Howard Linwood Simpson, Jr. ; - v Marsha Elizabeth Sitnik Two creative Seniors, “Susie Elkins and Tom Gorski, have “unusu¬ al " ideas for their poster. Dale Newton Smith Eugene Francis Smith Juanita Louise Smith Christine Ellen Smyth Robert Ragan Snider Rose Elsbeth Sommerfeldt Donald Charles Soule Helen Theresa Spellman 74 George Douglas Spinks Patrick Lyn Sullivan Christine Priscilla Stiles 75 Lorna Laurell Sutherland Martha Ann Sweatt Mary Tate Steven Richard Tatsch Sheryal Ann Thompson Brian Arthur Taylor Judith Ann Thorpe Michael Dean Tipa Duncan Stuart Thomas Linda Sue Tingler Last minute studying must be done. Judith May Thomas 76 Sally Marfing, friendliest, helps pick up chunks of cement in the courtyard. Sharyn Irene Trenary Francis Meriwether Truscott Nancy Joan Umbaugh Christine Elizabeth Wagener Edward Leonard Vaughn 77 Mary Frances Whyman Seniors get “spruced-up” by members of the yearbook staff and helpers. Mitty Anne Watters 78 Cathy Ann White Wallace Williams Lydia Josephine Wilson Mary Florence Wilson Patricia Anne Woodson Donna Kay Young Most spirited, Steve Heyroth, prepares for a mammoth bonfire-pep rally. 79 Linda Wylie SENIOR DIRECTORY CAROL ALLARD. Activities: Bowling, 1; Discussion, 1; Science, 1; Art and Discussion, 2; Swimming, 3; Chorus, 3; Art, 4. WILLIAM LOREN ALLEN, “Bill”. SHARON LYNN ALLS. Activities: Majorettes, 2,3,4, (Co-Captain, 2, Captain, 3); Sophomore Class Rep¬ resentative, 2. Awards: Letter and two stars for Ma¬ jorettes, 3,4. Sports: J.V. softball; Varsity Basket¬ ball, 4. RONALD WESTLEY ANDERSON, “Ron”. Activities: Guitar Club, 2,3, (Vice-President, 3); Art Club, 4; Junior Class, (Secretary-Treasurer). RUDOLPH JOHN ANTONICH, “Rudy " . Activities: Biology Club, 2,3. Awards: Certificate of Participa¬ tion in Northern Virginia Science Fairs, 3; Second Place in the Mount Vernon Science Fair, 3. COURTLYN STOCKTON ARMSTRONG, “Lyn”. Ac¬ tivities: Student Council, 1; Spiriters, 1. Sports: Volleyball, 2,3; Badminton, 2,3; Basketball 2,3. ALDA GAYLE ATKINS. Activities: French Club, 2; Spiriters, 3,4; FSA, 3,4, (Secretary-Treasurer, 3); S.C.A. Alternate, 4. BONNIE KAY BACK. Activities: Transit, 3; Keyettes, 3,4, (National President, 4); Drill Team, 4; Spiriters, 4; Junior and Senior Class Council, 3,4; S.C.A. Al¬ ternate, 4; German Club, 2; Chorus. Awards: Choral letter and two bars. KRISTEN LEIGH BALDWIN, “Kris”. Activities: Tri-C, 2,3, Publicity Chairman; Pep Club, 2,3,4; Drama, 2, 3,4; Student Council, 3; National Thespian Society, 2,3,4; Biology Club, 2,3; Spiriters, 4. HARRY ELISHA BARD. Activities: Spiriters 4. Awards: Best Achievement in Algebra 1 and Chem¬ istry; Letter in Soccer. Sports: Varsity Soccer, 1; J.V. Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3. DAVID KEITH BARNETT. PATRICIA KAY BARNHILL, “Barney”. Activities: DECA, 4. RONALD LEE BARTLETT, " Ron”. JOHN EDWARD BEAHM. Awards: Freshman football letter; Varsity wrestling letter, 2,3,4; Fourth Place Group 1-A Wrestling Tournament. Sports: Freshmen football, 1; J.V. football, 2; Wrestling, 1,2,3,4. ELLAMAE BECK. DAVID BRUCE BOTCHIN, “Dave”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 2,3,4; Spiriters, 3,4; Homecoming Com¬ mittee, 4; S.C.A. Spirit Committee, 4. MARTIN BRYANT BRIGMAN, “Marty”. Activities: Drama Club, 1, (President). Awards: Best Achieve¬ ment in General Math. Sports: Varsity football, 2, 3,4; Varsity baseball, 2; Varsity Track, 3,4. CAROL MARLIN BROWN. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Spiriters, 1,3,4; Mixed Chorus, 4; Drill Team, 2,3,4, (Secretary, 4). TRAC IE REYNOLDS BROWN, “Trace”. Activities: German Club, 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society, 3,4; Em Vee Hi, 3,4; Spanish Club, 2; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Academic Letter. BRIAN DALE BRYSON. Activities: Spanish Club, 2,3, 4; International Relations Society, 3,4; Spiriters, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Spanish Honor Society, 4. Sports: Basketball, 2; Freshman Basketball, 1; Golf, Varsity, 3,4; Freshman Baseball, 1. JAMES EDWARD BURTON, “Jim”. Activities: Biol¬ ogy Club, 2; Guitar Club, 3,4; Speech Club, 1. Awards: Drama letter, 2; Optimist Speech, first place, 2. MARGARET LOUISE BYRD, “Peggy”. Activities: Drill Team, 3,4; Spiriters, 3; French Club, 1; S.C.A. Al¬ ternate, 3; Drama, 2,3; Art Club, 4. LINDA LEE CADWALLADER, “Cad”. Activities: Stu¬ dent Council, Select Girl’s Chorus, 4. BARBARA JOANN CAMPBELL. Activities: Drill Team, 2,3,4; Spiriters, 2,3,4. CAROLYNDA ELAINE CAMPBELL. Activities: G.A.A. 2; S.C.A. Representative, 2; Spanish Club, 4; Biology Club, 2; Sophomore Representative; Yearbook 3; Art Club, 4, (Secretary-Treasurer); S.C.A. Cabinet mem¬ ber, 4. Sports: J.V. Basketball, 2; J.V. Hockey, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Softball; Varsity Track. LARRY DWAINE CARSON. NANCY JANE CARTER, “Nance”. Sports: J.V. Hockey, 1. FLORENCE ANNE CASEY, “Flo”. Activities: Year¬ book, 4; Choraleers, 4; Madrigals, 4; Concert Choir, 4; Mixed Chorus, 3. DAVID EARL CHASE, “Dave”. Activities: Bridge and Chess Club, 2; Guitar Club, 4; Band 1,3,4, (Presi¬ dent, 4). Awards: Best Geometry Student, 2; Band Achievement Award, 3. Sports: J.V. Wrestling, 3; Varsity Track, 2,3,4. CHARLES JAMES CLARK, " Charlie”. Freshman Class President; Junior Honor Society President, 1; Science Club 2,3; Newspaper, 3; Senior Class Presi¬ dent; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Spiriters, 3,4; Awards: Track letter, 1; Baseball letter, 2. Sports: Track, 1; Varsity baseball, 2. JUDY ARLEEN CLARK. ROBERT EVEARTS CLARK, " Bob”. THOMAS HARDING CLARK, “Tom”. Activities: Ju¬ nior Honor Society, 1,2, (President, 2); Senior Honor Society, 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society, 3,4, (Vice-President, 4); Sophomore and Senior Class Council Representative, 2,4; Junior Class Vice- President; Key Club, 2,3,4, (Vice-President, 3, Ex¬ ecutive Board, 2,3,4); S.C.A. Alternate, 2; S.C.A. Fi¬ nance Committee Chairman, 3; Spiriters, 4; Youth Wants To Know, 3,4. Awards: P.T.A. Earth Science Award, 1; P.T.A. Biology II Award, 3; Harvard Book Award, 3; Scholastic Letter, 1,2,3. JEANNE LOUISE CLINE, “Jeannie”. Activities: French Club, 1,2; Biology Club, 2; Spiriters, 1,3,4; Foreign Relations, 3. CONSTANCE MARIE COATES, " Connie”. Activities: French Club, 1; Drill Team, 2,3,4; Spiriters, 3. PATRICIA JOANNE COBB, “Pat”. Activities: German Club, 2,3; FTA, 4; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Varsity let¬ ter for softball and hockey; J.V. letter for basketball. Sports: Varsity Softball, 1,2,3,4; Varsity Hockey, 2, 3,4; J.V. Basketball, 3; Varsity Basketball Manager, 2 . MARGARETT MARIE COLLINS. Activities: FHA 1,2; Spiriters, 1; Majorettes, 2,3,4. Awards: Letter for Varsity Basketball; Most Valuable Basketball Player’s Trophy. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 2,3. CHARLES LUTHER CONSTANCE, " Charlie”. Awards: Second place in Northern Virginia Tournament; Third place in Virginia State; Second place in A.A.U. Tournament for Wrestling. Sports: Varsity football, 2,3,4; Tri-Cap, 4. MADJIE LEE CONSTANCE. Activities: G.A.A. 1; Spiriters, 1,2,3, (Vice-President. 1). Awards: Letter for G.A.A.; Certificate for Basketball. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 1; Baseball, Varsity, 1; J.V. Basketball, 2 . ANN BAILEY COPMANN. Activities FTA, 2; G.A.A., 2; German Club, 3,4, (Vice-President, 4); Spiriters, 3,4; S.C.A., 4; Freshman Orientation, 3; Art Club, 4. Awards: Third place in Science Club exhibit on Photography, 1. SANDRA CRAFT, “Sandy”. DANIEL LELAND CRAIG, “Danny”. CONSTANCE L. CREA, “Connie”. Activities: French Honor Society, 2,3; Art Club, 4. KATHRYNE MARY CREAMER, " Kathy”. Activities: Spiriters, 1,2,3,4; C.S.M.C., 1,2; Biology Club, 2; Spanish Club, 3,4; S.C.A. Alternate, 3,4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4; Chairman of Freshman Orientation and Welcoming Committee. Awards: Drama letter, 3. DONNA LEE CRUM. Activities: Concert Choir, 2,3,4; Madrigals, 3,4; Choraleers, 3,4. CHRISTINE ANN CRUSE, “Chris”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 2; Junior and Senior Class Council, 3,4; Drill Team, 4; Chorus, 4; Keyette Cub, 4. THOMAS KEITH CRUTTENDEN. Sports: J.V. Base¬ ball, 2. DAVID CULEN. Awards: Track letter, 3,4; Varsity Swimming Letter, 2. Sports: Track, 3,4; Swimming, 2 . RHONDA LYNNE CULVER. Activities: International Relations Society, 3,4; F.T.A., 3,4, (President, 4); Drama Club, 1; Girls Chorus, 2; Federation Secre¬ tary of F.H.A., 4; Awards: Junior Degree of F.H.A.; Chapter Degree of F.H.A. MARGARET ANN DAFFRON, “Ann”. Activities: G.A.A., 1,2; Medical Careers Club, 1,2; Spiriters, I, 2,3,4; Spanish Club, 2; F.T.A., 3,4. Awards: G.A.A. letter. VIVIANE PAULINE D’ANDRE. Activities: Hockey, 1. JOYCE WEEKS DAVIS. Activities: Junior Classical League, 2,3,4; French Club, 3; Em Vee Hi, 3,4; Mixed Chorus, 1,3; Concert Choir, 4. SHERRY LEE DAVIS. Activities: Art Club, 4. DAVID LYNN DAWSON, “Dave”. Activities: G-rman Club, 1; Book Club, 1, (Vice-President); Drama Club, 4. Sports: Varsity Cross-Country, 3; Track, 3,4. EDWIN MARLIN DAWSON, “Ed”. Activities: Safety Patrol, 2,3,4, (Captain, 4); Mixed Chorus, 2; Con¬ cert Chorr, 3,4. Awards: Certificate and letter for Chorus. LARRY KENT DAWSON. Activities: Spanish Club, 3, 4; Dance Band, 1,2,4. KEITH WALTER DAYTON. Activities: Latin Club, 1,2; Science Club, 1; International Relations Society, 3, 4, (President); Em Vee Hi, 4; Debate Club, 4. Sports: Baseball, J.V., 2. PATRICIA MARIE DELOSIER, “Pat”. Library, 2, (Secretary); G.A.A., 2; German Club, 3,4; Color Guard, 4. Awards: J.V. letter for Hockey, 3; Color Guard letter, 4. Sports: J.V. Hockey, 3. ROBERT KEVIN DEWITT, “Kevin”. Sports: Track, Varsity 2. RONALD PAUL DILLINGHAM, “Ronnie”. Sports: J. V. Football, 1,2; Varsity Football. 3. 80 SENIOR DIRECTORY KAREN MILDRED DOANE. Activities: Drama Club, I, 2; S.C.A. Representative, 1; G.A.A., 2; Spiriters, 2.4, (Treasurer); Sophomore Class Treasurer; F.T.A., 4; French Club, 4. Awards: Class Sweetheart, 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society, 2; Scholastic Scholarship, 1,2; Best All Around, 1; Sports: Powder Puff Football, 3; J. V. Cheerleading (Capt.,2). JAMES PATRICK DOVE, " Jim”. Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Biology Club, 4; S.C.A. Representative, 4. Awards: Physical Fitness Trophy. Sports: Wrestling, J.V., 2. ARTHUR L. DOYLE. Activities: S.C.A. Representa¬ tive, 1. MARY MARGRET DURST, " Peggy”. Activities: Spiriters, 4; International Relations Society, 4; Tri- Hi-Y, 2; F.H.A., 1, (Secretary); Pom Pom Girl, 2, (Secretary). Awards: Tennis letter, 4. Sports: Varsity Tennis, 4. KATHLEEN JOYCE DUVALL, " Kathy”. Activities: Drill Team, 2; Girls Chorus, 2,3; Advanced Mixed Chorus, 4. Awards: Music letter, 3; Chorus bar, 4. SHIRLEY JEAN EDWARDS. SYNTHIA ANN EDWARDS. Activities: Math Club, 1,2; Spanish Club, 2,3; Chorus, 2,3,4; " English Lady”, 2,3. Sports: Basketball, 2,3; Powder Puff Football. SUSAN LEA ELKINS, " Sue”. Activities: German Club, 2,3,4; Art Club, 1,2,3,4; Spiriters, 2,3,4; Drill Team, 2,3,4, (Historian); Junior Class Representa¬ tive; S.C.A., 4, (Secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards). KATHERINE LEE ELLIOTT. Activities: F.H.A., 4. JOHN HOWARD ELLSWORTH. Activities: Latin Club, 2,3. Awards: Third place in Gene ral Science in Ohio State Scholarship Test, 1; Attended the summer Science Training Program at V.P.I. CAROLE FAY ESKRIDGE. Activities: S.C.A. Alternate, 3; Y.W.A. Sports: Manager of Hockey, J.V., 2. SANDRA KAY ESKRIDGE. Activities: Spanish Club, 2.3.4. SANDRA EVANS, “Sandi”. Activities: Dramatics Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2,4; Tri-Hi-Y, 1,2; Spiriters, 4; Art Club, 4; Girls Chorus, 3; Select Girls Chorus, 4. BRENDA GAIL FAULK, " Gail " . Activities: Girls Chorus, 3. SARAH LEE FEIERABEND. Activities: Cheerleader, J.V., 1; Majorette, 1,2,3,4, (Secretary Treasurer, 3, Captain, 4); Drill Team, 1; Newspaper, 1; F.H.A., 1; German Club, 3. MICHAEL RORY FERNBAUGH, " Mike.” SPENCER PAGE FERREY, " Spence”. Activities: Spanish Club, 3,4; Spiriters, 4; Drama Club, 4; Vice-President of Freshman Class; Secretary Treasurer of Sophomore Class. JOHN ALAN FINK. Activities: Spanish Club, 2,3. Sports: J.V. Wrestling 3. ROBERT ANTHONY FIORILLO, “Bobby”. Activities: Spanish Club, 1,2,3; Spanish Honor Society, 2,3; 5. C.A. Representative, 2,3; Senior Class Council, 4; Spiriters, 3,4; Biology Club, 2; Homecoming Com¬ mittee, 4; Student Directory, 3,4. Awards: Freshman Basketball Letter; J.V. Basketball Letter. Sports: Freshman Basketball; J.V. Baseball, 2; Manager of Varsity Basketball, 3. MARCIA FLAKE. Activities: California Scholarship Federation, 1,2; Art Club, 1,2, (President, 2); Na¬ tional Honor Society, 4; French Honor Society, 4; G.A.A., 2,3; Keyette Club, 4; National Thespian So¬ ciety, 4; French Club, 1,2. Awards: Art Award, 1; Drama letter. KATHY BRUCE FLANDERMEYER. Activities: French Club, 1; Junior Honor Society, 1,2; Senior Honor So¬ ciety, 3,4; Spiriters, 3,4, (Secretary, 4); Keyettes, 3, 4; Choraleers, 3,4; Madrigals, 3. Sports: J.V. Soft- ball, 1; J.V. Basketball, 2. LINDA JOY FLETCHER. Activities: French Club, 1,2; Spiriters, 1,2,3,4; Drill Team, 2; Keyette Club, 2,3,4, (Historian, 4); Junior Class Council Representative; Varsity Cheerleader, 3,4, (Secretary Treasurer, 3); S.C.A. Alternate, 4. Awards: Second Runner Up in the Miss Mount Vernon Beauty Contest, 3; Home¬ coming Princess, 3,4. RICHARD LISCO FOALDEN. STEVEN MICHAEL FOGLIO, “Steve”. Activities: Biology Club, 2, (Vice-President); S.C.A. Representa¬ tive, 1,2,3,4; Spiriters, 1,4; French Club, 1; Class Representative, 1,3; Athletic Club, 1. Awards: Var¬ sity Letter, 1,3; Third place in wrestling, 1; J.V. Let¬ ter Baseball, 1; Letter of Participation in Baseball, 2,3,4. Sports: J.V. Wrestling, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 2, 3,4; J.V. Basball, 1,2,3. SANDRA DELENE FORMAN, " Sandy”. Activities: Freshman Class Historian; Glee Club, 3. Awards: Chorus Letter. DARLENE FRANCES FRALEY. Activities: Spiriters, 3; Drill Team, 3. WILLIAM GEORGE FRANK, “Bill”. Activities: Key Club, 4; S.C.A. Representative, 1; Junior Class Coun¬ cil Representative; S.C.A., Secretary of Photography, 4; Yearbook, 4. Sports: J.V. Baseball Manager, 1. DENNIS HAROLD FREDERICK. Activities: German Club, 2; Spanish Club, 3; S.C.A. Representative, 3; Concert Choir, 4, (President). Sports: J.V. Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3,4. SANDR A LEE FREUND. " Sandy”. Activities: Drill Team, 2; G.A.A., 4. Awards: Perfect Attendance Awa rd. CHARLES WILLIAM GAINER, JR. Activities: Chess Club, 1,2, (Secretary). Awards: J.V. Basketball let¬ ter; Varsity Track Letter. Sports: Basketball, 2; Track, 3. CHRISTOPHER GORDON GALLAVAN, " Chris”. Ac¬ tivities: Treasurer of Freshman Class; S.C.A. Rep¬ resentative, 2, (President); Newspaper, 4. Awards: Football Letter. Sports: Varsity Football, 3,4; J.V. Basketball, 1,2; J.V. Baseball, 2. BRUCE TED GAMBLE. Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Band, 1,2,3. Awards: Bar and Star in Band. BARBARA ANN GARBER, " Barb”. Activities: F.N.A., 3; Latin Club, 2; Spiriters, 3. Awards: Junior Mar¬ shall. Sports: J.V. Basketball, 1. BARTLEY THOMAS GARVEY, " Bart”. Activities: Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Junior Honor Society, 2; Key Club, 3,4; Guitar Club, 3,4; Band Council, 4; Bridge and Chess Club, 2. Awards: Academic Letter; Band Letter. Sports: J.V. Baseball, 3; J.V. Wrestling, 3. SAVELLA ELSA GAYLE. Activities: Modern Jazz Club, 1; F.H.A., 1. LINDA CAROL GERDES. Spiriters, 2; Choral Group, 1 , 2 . FELICIA JOAN GODSEY. Activities: Spiriters, 1; Spanish Club, 3; Choir, 2,3,4; Freshman Chorus, 1; Varsity Cheerleader. 3: Choraleers, 3,4; S.C.A. Rep¬ resentative, 2,3; Senior Class Council, 4; Under¬ class Council, 2; part in “My Fair Lady”, 2. Awards: Choral Letter; Choral Bar; Homecoming Queen, 4. THOMAS ANDREW GORSKI, " Tom”. Activities: Ger¬ man Club, 1,2,3,4, President, 3; Spiriters, 3,4, Publicity Chairman, 3; S.C.A., Secretary of Publicity, 3, Secretary of Spirit, 4; International Relations, 3. Sports: Freshman Basketball; J.V. Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3; J.V. Football, 2. LAURA LOUISE GRADY. Activities: G.A.A., 2; Les Chantelles, 2; Spiriters, 4; French Club, 4. CHARLES EARL GRANT, “Chuck”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 1,2,3,4; Biology Club, 2,3; Sophomore Class Representative; Junior Class Representative; Drama Club, 1,3. Awards: Football Letter. Sports: Freshman Football; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Track, 2, 3; J.V. Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3,4; Wrestling, 3.4. SUELLEN GRANTHAM. Activities: Pep Club, 1,2; Spanish Club, 1; Yearbook Staff, 4; Homecoming Dance Chairman, 1; Biology Club, 1; Drill Team, 3,4; Cheerleader, 1. MARTHA JANE GRAY. MARK SHERIDAN GRAZIER. Activities: Biology Club, 2. Sports: J.V. Baseball, 1. Awards: Band Letter, 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . MARKITA NANCY GREEN. " Maggie.” Activities: Biol- Club, 2,4; FHA, 2. LINDA GRIFFITH. BENNY LEROY GROVER. Activities: D.E.C.A., 4; Football, 1; Basketball, 1. BARBARA SUSANN GULA, “Barb.” Activities: Civics Club, Secretary, 1; Choraliers, 1; Latin Club, 1,2; Cygnets, 2; Courtesy Club, 2; Tri-Hi-Y, 2,3; Spiriters, 3; Art Club 4; Drill Team 4; Yearbook Staff, 4; Key¬ ette Club 4. Awards: Miss Mount Vernon Beauty Contest, 1st runner-up, 3; Homecoming Court 4. KATHLEEN HAGEL. JUDITH ANN HALE. Activities: Art Club 2; Pep Club 1,2. Awards: Junior Gymnastic Award 2. SALLY ANN HALL. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Junior and Senior Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Keyette Club, (Treasurer, 4), 2,3,4; German Club 2; G.A.A., (President, 2); Cheerleader 1,3,4; (Captain 1); Stu¬ dent Council, (President, 1); Student Council, (Under-Secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards, 4); Freshman Orientation Play 3. Awards: German Award, 2; Scholastic Letter, 2; Homecoming At¬ tendant, 1. RICHARD BONWELL HAMILTON, “Ric”. Activities: Latin Club, 1,2,3; Debate Club, 1; Pep Club, 1,2; International Relations Club, 4. Sports: Track, 1,2,3,4; Wrestling, 2; Soccer 3. JOHN EDWARD HARDWICK. Activities: Radio Club, 1; French Club, 2. Sports: Baseball, 1,2,3; Bowling, 1,2,3; Football, 1,2,3. EDWARD CARL HARPER, “Ed”. Activities: S.C.A. Homecoming float, 4; Band, Freshman Representa¬ tive, 1; Awards: Band Letter. CHARLES LEE HARRIS. Activities: Spanish Honor Society, 3,4. SUZANNE HARRIS. Activities: Drill Team, 4; J.C.L., 2,3,4; Senior Honor Society, 3,4, (Sec.-Treas., 4); Newspaper, 4; S.C.A., 4; Pep Club — Spiriters, 1,2, 3,4; Homecoming Senior Princess, 4. PAUL ALFRED HARRUP. Activities: Advanced Mixed Chorus, 4. Awards: Mt. Vernon Band Letter, 3. 81 SENIOR DIRECTORY JOHN TERRENCE HART. Activities: Sophomore Class President, 2; Junior Class Vice-President, 3; Prom Committee Chairman, 3; S.C.A., 3; Latin Club, 1,2. Awards: National Honor Society, 3; School Favorite, 2. Sports: Track, J.V., 1,2, Varsity, 3; Football, J.V., 1,2, Varsity, 3. JOHN HAROLD HASLE. Activities: Key Club, (Presi¬ dent, 4), 2,3,4; Photo Club, (President, 2), 1,2; Spanish Honor Society, 2; SCA, (Secretary of Pub¬ lications, 2), 2,3,4; Stadium Lights Drive, (Co- Chairman, 2), 2. ERIC DION HEFFERMAN “Rick”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 1; Biology Club, 2; IRS, 3; Sports: Foot¬ ball, J.V. 2. ROBERT HAMPTON HEFLIN, “Robbie”. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 2,3,4; SCA Representative, 1. Sports: Wrestling, Varsity, 1; Football, J.V., 1,2, Varsity, 3, 4. Awards: Wrestling and Football Letter, 1,4. CHARLES EUGENE HELBIG, " Charlie”. Activities: DECA, 4. PAUL THOMAS HERMANN. STEPHEN LOUIS HEYROTH, “Steve”. Activities: Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society, (Treasurer, 2), 3,4; Amateur Radio Club, (Vice- President, 2); Key Club, 3,4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; Spiriters, (President, 4). Sports: Wrestling, J.V., 3. Awards: National Merit Semi- Finalist, 4. GREGORY RICHARD HIDDEN, “Greg”. Activities: Athletic Club, (Treasurer, 3), 1,2,3; Junior Class Vice President; Student Council, 2; Photography Club, (Vice President), 2,3. Sports: Basketball, Var¬ sity, 1,2; Track, Varsity, 1,2,3; Baseball, Varsity, 2, 3. Awards: Letter in Basketball, Track and Baseball. PATRICIA MARIE HIGGINS, “Pat”. Activities: Biol¬ ogy Club, 2; SCA, (Under-Secretary of Publications), 3; (Co-Chairman of Homecoming), 4; SCA Repre¬ sentative 1,2; Debate, (Timekeeper). 3,4; Concert Choir, 4. Sports: Softball, J.V., 1. DOR I ANN HILTON. Activities: IRS, 2; Pep Club, 3. Awards: Science, 1. JAMES CANNON HILTON. Activities: DECA, 3,4. LINDA LEE HINES. Activities: GAA, (Secretary), 2,4. PETER ALLEN HINES. GENOUS SANDERS HODGES, “Sandy”. Activities: Spanish Honor Society, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3; Pep Band, 3; Senior Honor Society, 4. Sports: Basketball, Varsity, 3,4; Discus and Track, 2. EARL LEON HODNETT, “Flash”. Activities: Biology Club, 2,4; French Club, 4. Sports: J.V. Wrestling, 3. GRACE ELAINE HOWARD, “Elaine”. Activities: JCL, 1,3; Sophomore Class Council Representative; SCA Alternate, 2; SCA Representative, 4; Select Girls Chorus, 4; Spiriters, 1,4; Art Club, 2,4; International Relations Club, 3; Modern Dance Club, 3; Biology Club, 2. NORMA BELLE HYMAN. Activities: Spiriters, (Secretary Treasurer), 1,3,4; Biology Club; German Club, 4; Drill Team, 4. PATRICIA CELIA IRVINE, “Pat”. Activities: SCA Repesentative, 4; J.V. Softball, 3. VIRGINIA EDYTHE IRVINE, “Ginny”. Activities: GAA, 2; International Relations Society, 3; Spiriters, (President), 3; SCA Representative, 3, (First-Vice President, 4); Drama, 1; Pep Club, 1; Debate, (Time Keeper), 3. Awards: Basketball Letter. Sports: J.V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball 3. JIMMY LEE IRVING, “Hollywood”. Sports: J.V. Football, 1. DONNA LYNN JACKSON, Activities: Spiriters, 1,2,3, 4; French Club, 1, (Treasurer, 2); Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Keyette Club, 4; Drill Team, 3, (Treasurer, 4). Awards: Three Academic Letters. Sports: Softball, J.V., 1; Varsity Softball, 2,3; Varsity Basketball, 2,3. JOHN SCOTT JACKSON, “Scotty”. Activities: Guitar Club, 4. Sports: Basketball, Freshmen 1; Track J.V., 2; Varsity, 3,4; Cross-Country, Varsity, 3. KENNETH ROBERT JACQUOT, “Ken”. Activities: SCA Representative, 1; Yearbook, 4; Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman, 1,2; Audio Visual Club, 1,2; Chess Club, Em Vee Hi, 4; (Vice-President), 1; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Football Letter Sports: Football, Varsity, 3; Basketball, Varsity, 2. JOYCE ANN JERNIGAN. Activities: Freshman Re¬ presentative, 1; Latin Club, 3; FHA, 4; Spiriters, 4. Sports: Soccer, Varsity, 1. DANNY JETT. Awards: Varsity Letter in Football; Sports: Football, Freshman, 1; J.V. Football, 2; Varsity, 3,4; Track, Varsity, 3,4. KENNETH WILLIAM JOHNSON, " Ken”. Activities: Physical Science Club, 1; International Relations Club, 4; Senior Class Representative, 4. Awards: Three letters in track, 1,2,3. Sports: Cross-Country, I, 2; Track Varsity, 1,2,3. HELEN JO-LYNN JOLICOEUR, “Jo-Lynn”. Activities: Freshman Chorus, 1; French Club, 1,2; Spiriters, 3, 4; Drill Team, 3,4; Select Girls Chorus, 3,4, Accom¬ panist, 3,4; Accompanist for Choraleers, 4. Awards: Letter in Chorus. BEVERLY DARLENE JONES, “Bev”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 2,4; Art Club, 4; Spiriters, 4; Publicity, “MY THREE ANGELS”, 3; Spiriters Float Committee, 4. INGRID REGINA JONES. Activities: GAA, 1; Major¬ ette Letter and Star; Chorus letter; Softball letter. Sports: Softball, Varsity, 2. JAMES MELVIN JONES, " Jimmy”. Activities: D.E. C.A., 3,4. MOLLY LEE JONES. Activities: NHA, 1; FTA, 1; SCA, 1; Science Club. Sports: Basketball, Varsity, 1. RICHARD ALLEN JONES, “Rick”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 3; International Relations Society, 3; Representative to Senior Class Council, 4. Awards: Optimist Club Award for Speech, 2,3; Physical Fitness Trophy, 3,4. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; J. V. Football, 2. ELIZABETH IRENE JORDAN, “Irene”. Activities: Keyette Club (President, 4) 2,3,4; Surveyor (Editor, 4), 3,4; Spiriters, 3; Junior Class Council (Re¬ presentative), 3; Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Con¬ cert Choir, 2,3,4. Awards: Choral Letter, Bar, Pin. MICHAEL JIMMIE KEEF, “Mike”. Activities: Guitar Club (President), 3,4. SURVEYOR, 4; Senior Honor Society, 4. JIM KEIRSEY, “Dan”. Activities: Freshman Class Vice-President, 1. Sports: Football (J.V.), 1; Football (Varsity), 2; Track (Varsity), 1. KRISTEN LIGHTNER KELLER, " Sam”. Activities: Freshman Council (Vice-President of class), 1; Keyette Club, 4; Latin Club, 1; G.A.A. (Vice- President), 2; Varsity Cheerleader (Secretary- Treasurer), 3,4; Spiriters, 4; SCA 1; Senior Class Council, 4; Freshman Orientation Play. Awards: Athletic Letter. Sports: Varsity Basketball, 2. CAROLYN DOROTHEA KELLY. Activities: SCA (Second Vice-President), 4; Drill Team, 3,4; Key- ettes, 2,3,4; Senior Honor Society, 2,3,4; Junior Honor Society, 2; French Honor Society (Vice- President), 3; Spanish Honor Society, 3,4; Spanish Club President, 2,3,4; Washington Jr. Academy of Sciences, 3,4; Beta Club; S.C.A. Representative. Awards: Third Place Northern Virginia Regional Science Fair, 3; Honorable Mention Northern Va. Re¬ gional Science Fair. NANCY JEANNE KENDALL. Activities: Latin Club, 3; Glee Club, 2. RUTH WILMA KENNEDY. Activities: Pep Club, 1; German Club, 3. Awards: Choral Letter, 1. KAREN HELEN KILBY. Activities: Art Club, 1; Future Teachers, 2; Chorus, 3; FSA (Vice-President, 3). 3,4; Vot Club. 4. GARY LUTHER KIMBERLIN. Activities: D. E. Club, 3, 4 . JUANITA ALENA KINCHELOE PAMELA SUE KIRKLAND, “Pam”. Activities: Debate, (Vice-President, 2); Drama, 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y, 1,2,3; Band, I, 2,3,4; G.A.A., 1,2,3. Sports: Basketball, Varsity, 1, 2; Baseball, Varsity, 2; Bowling, Varsity, 3. Awards: Letter, Star and Stripe for Band. DWIGHT RUDOLPH KITCHENS. Activities: Key Club, 3,4; S.C.A. Representative, 3,4, Co-Chairman of 5. C.A. Magazine Campaign, 4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Brass Choir, 3,4. Awards: P.T.A. Award for World Geog¬ raphy; Band Letter. GREGORY HAMPTON KNIGHT, " Greg”. Activities: Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Junior Honor Society, 1,2; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Debate Club, 1; Junior Class President. Awards: English I Award; Biology II Award; Outstanding Golfer for 1965; Who’s Who for Freshman and Sophomore Classes. Sports: J.V. Basketball, 3; Varsity Golf, 3,4; Intramural Basket¬ ball, 2,3,4. GRAYSON LEROY KOOGLE. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4, (President,) 3; Key Club, 3,4; S.C.A. President, 4; Chairman of Junior Prom Committee. Awards: All- State Band, 1,2,3,4; Band Letter, 2,3,4; Band Achievement Award. STEPHEN JOSEPH KORFANTY, " Steve”. Activities: S.C.A. Alternate, 3; Thespian Society, 4. BARBARA ANN KROLAK, " Barbie” Activities: F.T.A., 2,3,4; Art Club, 3; German Club, 3,4; S.C.A. Alternate, 3; Biology Club, 3; Spiriters, 4; Surveyor Staff, 4; Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Girls Chorus, 3; Select Girls Chorus, 4. Awards: Choral letter, 1; and bar, 3,4. CAROL LOUISE KUHNS. Activities: F.T.A., 2.4; J. C.L., 3; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Varsity Hockey Letter. Sports: J.V. Softball, 2; Varsity Hockey, 3,4; Varsity Softball Manager, 3. DENNIS LACY. MARGARET JEAN LACEY, “Peggy”. Activities: Y-Teens, 1,2; Newspaper Staff, 1; Junior Sing, 3; Spiriters, 4; J.V. Cheerleader, 2, Co-Captain; Var¬ sity Cheerleader, 3. STANLEY WAYNE LAM. LAVERNE JUANITA LAROCHE. Activities: F.H.A., 1; G.A.A., 1. LLOYD NATHANIEL LANG. LYNDA JEAN LASATER. Awards: Music Letters, 2,3, 4. 82 SENIOR DIRECTORY LARRY WILLIAM LAUGHERY. Activities: Spiriters, 1; , Science Club, 1: German Club, 2; Chess Club, 2. ANNE ELIZABETH LEARY. Activities: French Club, 1,2,3,4, (President, 3); Spiriters, 1; International Re¬ lations Society, 1,4; Drill Team, 3,4; Senior Class Secretary Treasurer, 4; J.C.L., 3,4; S.C.A. Alternate, 1; Representative, 2; Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Girls Chorus, 2; Select Girls Chorus, 4. Sports: Tennis Team, Varsity, 3,4. THERESA ANN LECKEY, “Terry”. Activities: Patrol, 1,2. Awards: Choral letter, 3; Patrol Letter, 2. Sports: J.V. Softball, 1. RONALD EDWARD LEDFORD, " Ronnie”. Activities: D.E.C.A., 4. JOHN GOODRIDGE LEGGETT, “Goodie " . LAWRENCE GREGORY LENT, “Larry”. Activities: Bus Driver, 4; Biology Club, 2; Spanish Club, 2,3,4. BURLIN SANFORD LETCHER, “Sandy”. Sports: Varsity Football, 2,3,4; Varsity Basketball, 2,3,4; Freshman Baseball. BOB LEW. CATHY JEAN LEWIS. Activities: FHA, (Corresponding Secretary), 3; FSA, 4. Awards: Home Economics Award, 3. JAMES VAUGHN LEWIS. Activities: SCA Representa¬ tive, 1; Junior Class Representative, 3; Spiriters, 4; Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; J.V. Basketball, 2; Intramural Basketball, 2,3,4. MARION KENDALL LILLY. Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1; Newspaper, 1; Ski Club, 2,3; Pep Club, 2,3; National Honor Society, 3,4; Varsity Tennis, 3. DONALD GENE LINEHAN, “Don”. Sports: J.V. Baseball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4; J.V. Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2,3 (Co-Captain), 4. Awards: Varsity Baseball, Football, and Wrestling Letters, 3, I 4 - KENNETH WAYNE LOGAN, " Ken”, JCL, 2,3,4; Drama, 3,4; Spiriters, 4. Awards: Letter in Drama. SANDRA LOGAN, “Sandi”. Activities: Spanish Club,3. BRUCE ALAN LUEDTKE. Activities: Slide Rule Club, 1; National Honor Society, (Treasurer), 3; Sports: Track, 1. Awards: Track and Field Award, 1. DAVID MARK LUSKER, “Dave”. Activities: German Club 2,3; Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Key Club, 3,4; SCA Representative, 1,2,3; Junior Class Council, 3; Printshop, 3,4; Homecoming Committee, 3,4; Senior Guide, 4; Biology Club, 2; Varsity Debate, 4; Audio Visual, 2,3. LEON MacKECHNIE. Special Honors: Junior Varsity Basketball Letter; Varsity Baseball Letter. Sports: Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 3; Yearbook, 3,4. JEANETTE FAY MALONE. Activities: Future Nursing Club, 1,2; Cheerleader 1; Biology Club, 2. Sports: Red Cross Club, 1,2,3. WILLIAM MAJOR. PATRICIA ANN MARCOE. “Pat”. Activities: Pep Club, 1,2; Cheerleader 1; Biology Club, 2. Sports: Tumbling, 2. SALLY SCHERRER MARFING. Activities: Freshman Class President; National Thespian Society, 2; Secre¬ tary, 3, President, 4, Junior and Senior Honor Societies, 2,3,4; Keyettes, 3,4, Secretary, 4; Spiriters, 3,4; SCA Hospitality Chairman, 4. Special Honors: PTA Drama Award; National Thespian Society Best Supporting Actress Award; Voted Most Popular in Freshman Class. JAMES EDWARD MARKHAM. “Jimmy”. Activities: Biology Club, 2; German, 2. Sports: Wrestling, Junior Varsity, 1,2. BRENDA MARIE MARTIN, “Brin”. Activities: Pep Club, 1. MARTHA JAYNE McCRORY, “Marty”. Activities: Art Club, 1; Pep Club, 1,2; Library Club, 2; VOT Club, 4. STEVE ALAN MELINE. Activities: Spanish Club, 3. Sports: Track, Junior Varsity, 1. MARY CARNE MENSER, “Cookie”. Activities: G.A.A., 2. GABRIEL MERK. BRENDA ANNE MERRICKS. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Future Secretaries of America, Reporter, 3; Spiriters, 4; SCA Representative, 4. BARRY ZANE METZER. Activities: Editor of School Paper, 1; President of Red Cross Club, 1. Awards: Service Award in Leadership, 1. ANITA MICKELSON. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Drill Team, 4; Pep Club, 1. MARY ANN MIKI LI A. REBECCA JEAN MILES, “Jeanie”. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2,3, Secretary, 3; Future Secretaries of America, 3; Girl ' s Athletic Associa¬ tion, 1,2. PRESTON STODDARD MILLARD, “Chip”. MERLYN GAYE MILLER. Activities: Madrigals, 3,4; Freshman Chorus, 1; Girls Chorus, 2; Select Girls Chorus, 3; Concert Choir, 4. Awards: Chorus letter and two bars. Sports: J.V. Softball, 3. ROBERTA JANE MILLS, “Bobbie”. Chorus, 1; Business Staff, 1; S.C.A. Representative, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Biology Club, 2; Spiriters, 3; Future Teach¬ ers of America, 3,4, vice-president, 4. BRITT MITCHELL, JR., “Junior”. Activities: Glee Club, 1; Distributive Education Club, 3,4. Sports: Football, 3,4. BRODERS GARLAND MOORE, “Gar”. Activities: Spanish Club, 2,3. Awards: Freshman letter in Basketball; J.V. Basketball Certificate; J.V. Baseball Certificate. Sports: J.V. Basketball, 2; J.V. Base¬ ball, 2. SANDRA LOUISE MOORE, “Sandy”. Activities: FHA 1,2; FNA, 2. SUSAN LOUISE MOORE, “Sue”. Activities: Spiriters, 3; Color Guard, 4; Art Club, 4. ROBERT BUCKNER MORRISON, “Bob”. Activities: National Thespian Society, 3,4; Spiriters, 4; SCA; Assistant-Secretary of Publications 4; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4. Awards: Best Supporting Actor in a One-Act Play. Sports: Varsity Football, 4; Varsity Track, 2. PATRICK MURPHY. KENNETH BRUCE MYERS, “Ken”. Activities: Fresh¬ man Class Treasurer; Spanish Club, 3. Sports: Fresh¬ man Football, 1; J.V. Wrestling, 3; Cross-Country, 4; Wrestling, 4. MARIA ELIZABETH MYERS, Activities: Spiriters, 1, 2,3; FTA, 1,2,3,4, (President, 4); Red Cross Nurses Association, 1,2,3,4; SCA Alternate, 4; Drill Team, 2,3,4. JAMES GORDON NAGLER, “Jim”. Activities: Biology Club, 2; Spanish Club, 4. LOUDEN NALLE, “Denny”. Activities: Debate, 1,3; Latin Club, 4; Projectors, 1; Astronomy, Vice- President, Secretary, 1; International Relations, 4; SCA Representative, 1. Awards: Best Student — Ancient History, 1; Letter in Debate, 3. BRENDA LOUISE NALLS, “Chester”. Activities: SCA Council Member, 1; Class President, 1; Class Vice- President, 2; Pep Club, 1,2; Spanish Club, 3; Tri-Hy-Y Club, 3; VOT Club, 4. LYNDA GAIL NELSON. Activities: Girl ' s Athletic Association, 1,2; Junior National Honor Society, 1, 2; Reporter’s Club, Secretary, 1; Red Cross Club, 2; Aquatics Club, 2; Glee Club, 1,2; French Club, 3,4; Junior Class Council Representative, 3; SCA Alter¬ nate, 4. Sports: Basketball, Junior Varsity, 1; Swimming Team, Junior Varsity, 2. DONNA LEE NEWMAN. Awards: Varsity award for softball, 3. GEORGE JOSEPH NEWMAN, JR., “Mickey”. Activi¬ ties: Bridge Club, 1; Letterman’s Club, 1. Awards: Letter in Football and Baseball. Sports: Football, Junior Varsity, 2; Varsity 3,4; Track, 1; Baseball, 2. LINDA MAY NEWMAN. CAROLYN EMILY OBRIEN, Activities: Pep Club, 1,2; Madrigals, 3; SCA Alternate, 1. Awards: Chorus let¬ ter, 1; bar, 2,3; pin, 4. TERESA BERNADETTE O’FLAHERTY, “Teri”. Ac¬ tivities: French Club, 1,4; Secretary 1; Band- Chorus, 1. Sports: Volleyball, 1. CHERYL SUZANNE OGAN, “Cherie”. Activities: FHA, 3; Spanish Club, 2. MADELEINE ROSE OLEYAR. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Junior Honor Society, 1,2; Spiriters, 4; Sports: Hockey, Junior Varsity, 2. JEWELL O’QUINN. KATHLEEN MARIE O’ROURKE, " Kathy”. Activities: International Relations Club, Secretary, 2; Pep Club, 2,3; FSA, 4. STEPHEN HOPKINS OSBORN, " Steve”. Sports: Baseball, Junior Varsity, 2. WILFORD H. OSBORNE, “Jack”. Activities: D.E.C.A. 3,4. PATSY JEAN PAINTER. Activities: Biology Club (Secretary) 2; Pep Club, 2,3,4; French Club, 2; GAA. SUSAN ELLEN PALMER, “Sue”. Activities: FHA, 1. Awards: FHA Pin. RONNIE RAY PARKER. Activities: Electronics Club, 2,3; DE Club, 4. Sports: Softball, 1,2,3; Bowling, 1; Football, (JV) 2. LAURENCE FREDRICK PARR, “Larry”. Activities: Latin Club, 3,4; Junior Honor Society, 1; Guitar Club, 4. MICHAEL BENCE PATE. Activities: Beta Club, 2,3; Newspaper Staff; FFA, 1,2. Sports: Football, (Var¬ sity) 3; Baseball, 3; Track, 1. LINDA MARIE PATTERSON. Activities: Newspaper, 2; Sophomore Class Treasurer, 2; Glee Club 3; Spiriters Club, 4; Keyettes, 4. TERRY ANDREW PEARSON. Sports: Football, Mana¬ ger JV., 2. 83 SENIOR DIRECTORY DONALD JOHN POLDEN, " Don”. Activities: Key Club, (Secretary Treasurer) 3,4; Newspaper, 4. Awards: Freshman Basketball Letter, 1; JV Basket¬ ball Certificate; JV Baseball Certificate; Varsity Bas¬ ketball Letter, 3; JV Basketball Captain; Physical Fitness Award 3; Varsity Basketball " Most Im¬ proved Player” Trophy 3. Sports: Basketball Fresh¬ man, JV Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Baseball JV 2; Football Team Statistical 4. JOHN RUSSELL POLLOCK. Awards: Ten Varsity Let¬ ters. Sports: Football, Varsity, 2,3,4; Basketball, Varsity, 1,2,3,4; Baseball, Varsity, 1,2,3,4. ANN WARING POPE. Activities: FTA, 2; Spiriters, 1. DAVID ANTHONY POST. Activities: Rod Guns Club, (President) 2; Spiriters, 4; SCA Representa¬ tive, 4; Ski Club; Sports Car Club, 1, Awards: Manager of Football Team, Letter. RUTH ANN PRICE. Activities: DECA. JULIE CATHRYN PRIMM. Activities: Art Club, 1; Debate, 2; Junior Class Council, (Alternate) 1; Ju¬ nior Prom Committee, 1; Newspaper and Yearbook. Awards: Letter of Merit for Girls JV Softball, 1; Sports: JV Softball. BARBARA JEAN PRINCE, “Barbie”. Activities: French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Debate, 2; Spiriters, 3,4; JV Cheerleader, (Secretary-Treasurer) 2; Var¬ sity Cheerleader, (Captain) 3,4; SCA, (Alternate) 4. LINDA LOUISE PRINCE. Activities: Majorettes, (co¬ captain) 2,3; VOT Club; FSA, 4. Awards: Pin for out¬ standing majorette, 1965. ROBERT DALE PRITCHETT, " Robbie”. BARBARA JEAN RADOVICH, " Barb”. Activities: Ju¬ nior Honor Society, (Treasurer) 1,2; Senior Honor Society, 2,3,4; Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, 2,3,4; French Honor Society, (Secretary-Treasurer) 3; Keyettes, (Reporter) 3,4; Quill and Scroll Honor So¬ ciety 3,4. Awards: Academic Letters; PTA Awards — (Junior English and United States-Virginia History); “Youth Wants To Know” Panel Member. Sports: Varsity Basketball. JAMES THOMAS RAMSEY, " Pete”. Activities: Library Club, 2,3,4; Art Club, 1,2,3. GERALD BOWDEN RATHBONE, " Jerry”. SCA Repre¬ sentative, 1,2. Sports: Varsity Track 1,2,3,4; Cross- Country Varsity Track, 3,4; Freshman Football, 1. CAROL SUSAN RATKUS. Activities: FTA, 3; Fresh¬ man Chorus, 1; Girls Chorus, 3; Advanced Mixed Chorus, 4; Spiriters, 3,4; International Relations Club, 4; French Club, 3. Awards: Choral Letter and Certificate. WILLIAM ERNEST RAYMOND, " Bill”. Activities: Guitar Club. Sports: Track, 1,2,3,4. BEVERLY MARIE REED, " Bev”. Activities: Spiriters, 1,2; French Club, 1,2; SCA Representative, 2; FHA, 1; Senior Class Council Alternate, 4. JOE ROBERT REEDER. Activities: German Club, (President), 4; Key Club, 2,4; National Honor So¬ ciety, 3,4; Junior Class Play, 3; Junior Class Presi¬ dent; Junior Class Representative, Math Club, 2; New Jersey Boy’s State, 3. Awards: First Place Tennis Singles, (USEUR); Biological Sciences, 1; Student of the Month, 1. Sports: Varsity Tennis, 1, 2,3,4; J.V. Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 3. GEORGE ARNOLD REESE, “Arnie”. Awards: Varsity Baseball Letter, 2,3; J.V. Baseball Letter, 1. Sports: Varsity Baseball. DEBORAH ANN REGN, " Regan " . Activities: Spiriters, 3; Drill Team L 4; Yearbook, 2,4; Latin Club, 3; PYOK, 2. Awards: Honor Roll Award. Sports: Varsity Swimming Team, 2. MICHAEL THOMAS REILEY, " Mike”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 1,2; Spiriters, 4. Awards: West Point Leadership Award: Tri-Captain Varsity Football. Sports: Football, Freshman, 1; Varsity, 3,4; Baseball, JV, 2; Baseball, Varsity, 3,4; Wrestling, J.V., 2,3. BARBARA RICE. DENNIS RICE. HERBERT ALLEN ROBERTS. Sports: Wrestling, J.V., DONALD ADDISON ROBINSON. Activities: Art Club, 1; DECA, 1. MARSHA CAROLE ROLAND. Activities: Spiriters, 2,3,4; SCA Representative, 4. Sports: Softball, J.V., 2 . CAROLYN ANN ROMNEY. Activities: French Club, 1; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; Spiriters, 3; Transit Literary Magazine, 3; Keyettes, 3,4; Drill Team, 2,3, 4, (Captain), 4; Senior Class Council Representa¬ tive, 4. Awards: Homecoming Princess, 2,3,4; Twirl Dance Queen, 3. ROBERT AMADAE ROSE, " Bob”. Activities: Coin Club, 1; French Club, 4; Guitar Club, 4. LYNN ROSSI. Activities: FTA, 1,2; Drill Team, 4; Se¬ nior Class Council (Representative), 4; Chorus, 4. WARD CHRISTOPHER ROTHERY, " Chris”. Sports: Basketball, Varsity, 1,2,3; Football, Varsity, 2,3. Football, J.V., 1; Freshman Basketball, 1; Basket¬ ball, J.V., 1,2. JANET ELAINE RUSSELL. Activities: French Club, 2; Scorpionettes, 1,2; Drill Team, 4; FHA, 1. Awards: Swimming Letter; Hockey Letter; Scorpionette Let¬ ter; Drill Team Letter. Sports: Swimming, Varsity, 2; Hockey, J.V. and Varsity, 3,4. JOANN RUSSELL. Activities: Pep Club, 1,2; French Club, 2,3; FTA (Treasurer), 1; California Scholarship Federation, 1,2,3; Spanish Club, 3,4; Sophomore Class Secretary. WILLIAM EMMETT SADLER, " Willie”. SUSAN PHYLLIS SALZBERG. Activities: French Club, 1; FHA, 2,3. Awards: Academic Letter. Sports: Basketball JV 1. LANCE MICHAEL SAMUEL. Activities: German Club, 2,3,4; National Honor Society, (President), 3,4; Key Club, 3,4; Spiriters, 3,4; EmVee Hi, (Sports Editor), 4. DANIEL BRIAN SANDERS. Activities: Weight Lifting Club, 1; Guitar Club, 2; DE, 3,4. HELEN HOPE SAVAGE. Activities: French Club 1; Pep Club 2; Spiriters Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff, 3,4. LINDA JO SCHAEFER. Activities: SCA Representa¬ tive, 1,2; German Club, 4; Biology Club, 4; Debate 1 . JO ANN SCHILLING. Activities: Spanish Club, 3; VOT, 4. THERESA HELEN SCHMID. ROLF SCHMIDT. DONA LEE SCHUSTER. Activities: VOT Club, 4; FSA, 4; Teenage Assembly, 2. CHERYL LYN SCOTT. Activities: French Club, 1,2, (Secretary-Treasurer, 2); Keyette Club, 3,4, (Vice- President, 4); Newspaper, 2,4; S.C.A. Hospitality Committee; Student Activities Council, 4; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; French National Honor Society, 3.4. Sports: J.V. Cheerleading, 2. Awards: French, High Average, 1,2, 3; 1st Place, Va. National French Contest, 3; Geometry High Average, 2; Biology, High Average, 2; Earth Science, High Average, 1; English, High Average, 1,2; History, High Average, 1,2; J.V. Cheer¬ leading Letter, 2. JOAN PATRICIA SCOTT. Activities: Guitar Club, 4. MARGARET FAITH SCOTT, “Suzy”. Activities: French Club, 3. Awards: Outstanding Art Student, 3. DIANE JEAN SEABLOM. Activities: Color Guard, (Captain), 4; Senior Class Council Representative, 4; SCA Representative. Awards: Band Letter, 2; Band Bar, 3; Band Star, 4; Chorus Letter, 1,2,3,4; Chorus Bars, 1,2,3,4; Chorus Pin 4. MARIA MARLENE SEILING, “Marlene”. Activities: Latin Club, 1,2,3,4, (Treasurer, 4); GAA 2; Debate, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2. Sports: Varsity Basket¬ ball, 2. Academic Letter, 1. GEOFFREY C. SERRELL. Sports: Varsity Wrestling, 3,4. Awards: Letter in Wrestling, 3. KIP PRESTON SHOEMAKER. Activities: Hi-Y, 1; Yearbook, 4, (Sports Editor); Sophomore Class Council, 2; Junior Class Council, 3. STEPHEN CRAIG SHOMION. Activities: Interna¬ tional Relations 4; Yearbook, 4, (Sports Editor); Newspaper, 4. Awards: Varsity Letter in Tennis, 3. Sports: Freshman Basketball, 1; Intramural Basket¬ ball, 1; Intramural Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Junior Var¬ sity Wrestling, 3; Varsity Wrestling, 4; Varsity Tennis, 2,3,4. IRWIN WILLIAM SIEFFERT. PEARL REBECCA SIMMS. Activities: SCA Alternate, 1. Awards: J.V. Letter for Softball and Certificate of Participation, 2; Varsity Letter for Field Hockey and Certificate of Participation, 3,4. Sports: J.V. Hockey, 2; Varsity Hockey, 3,4, (Co-Captain); J.V. Softball. GERALYN NEVADA SIMPSON. Activities: Biology Club, 3, (President); Spanish Club, 1,2,3,4; Band 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . HOWARD L. SIMPSON. Sports: J.V. Baseball, 1,2. LYN SINGLETARY. MARSHA ELIZABETH SITNIK. Activities: French Club 1,2; French Honor Society, 3,4; Junior Honor Society, 1.2: Senior Honor Society, 3,4, (Reporter); Keyette Club, 3,4; Drill Team, 2,3 ' ,4; Spiriters, 1,2,3; Sophomore Class Council Representative; Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; SCA Representative, 4, (Secretary of Publicity); " Youth Wants to Know”, 3,4; Newspaper, 3. Awards: Scholastic Letters, 1,2,3. BETTY SIVAK. JEAN MARIE SLYE, " Jeanie " . Awards: Magna Cum Laude, (National Auxilium Latinum Test), 2; NEDT Achievement Award, 1,2. DALE NEWTON S MITH. Activities: DECA, 1. EUGENE FRANCIS SMITH, “Genie”. JOHNNY SMITH. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Biology Club, 2; DECA, 4, (Treasurer); Transit Art and Literary Magazine, 3, (Art Editor). Sports: J.V. Wrestling, 1. JUANITA LOUISE SMITH. Activities: Drill Team, 3,4; Spiriters, 3; Spanish Club, 3. CHRISTINE ELLEN SMYTH, " Christie”. Activities: SCA Representative, 1; Newspaper Staff, 1; Spiriters, 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Senior Class Representative, 4; FHA, 4; Thespian Society, 2; Talbot y Teens, 2; Ringtennis Team, 1, (Captain); French Club, 1,2. 84 SENIOR DIRECTORY ROBERT RAGAN SNIDER, " Bob " . Activities: SCA Representative, 4. Sports: Varsity Football, 3; Assis¬ tant Coach Freshman Football, 4; Freshman Foot¬ ball, 1. Awards: Varsity Football Letter; Freshman Football Letter. RUBY ANN SNIPE. ROSE ELSBETH SOMMERFELDT. Activities: German Club, 2; FSA, 4; VOT, 4. DONALD CHARLES SOULE, “Don”. Activities: In¬ dustrial Arts Club, 1,2,3. Sports: Swimming Team, 1 . HELEN THERESA SPELLMAN. Activities: Debate Club, 2,3,4, (President, 4); Keyettes, 3,4, (Senior Representative, 4); Band, 1,2,3,4, (Secretary- Treasurer, 2,3,4); SCA Treasurer, 4. Awards: Achievement Award in Band; Varsity Hockey Letter. Sports: Varsity Hockey, 3; J.V. Hockey, 2; J.V. Bas- I ketball, 2. GEORGE DOUGLAS SPINKS. Activities: Spiriters, 4; SCA Representative, 4. BONNIE DALE SPRINGLE. Activities: Spiriters, 1,2; Cheerleader, 1. Awards: Basketball Letter, 3. Sports: J.V. Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3. DALE MARIE SQUIRES. Activities: FSA, 3. Awards: Patrol Letter. LARRY TENNANT STAFFORD. Activities: Spanish Club, 4. Awards: Football Letter. Sports: J.V. Football, 1. NOEMIE STAPULA. MARGARET MARY STEDMAN, " Peggy”. Activities: Spiriters, 1; FTA, 3; Surveyor Staff, 4; Keyettes, 4. RICHARD THOMAS STEED, “Ricky”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 2,3; Spiriters, 3; SCA Representative, 4. Awards: J.V. Football Manager Letter. Sports: J.V. Football Manager. ALICE WILLOREE STILES. Activities: VOT Club, 4; Spiriters, 2; FHA, 2. Awards: Mixed Chorus Let¬ ter, 2; Mixed Chorus bar and pin, 3,4. CHRISTINE PRISCILLA STILES, “Chris”. Activities: Spiriters, 2,3; FSA, 4; VOT Club, 4. BENEDICT LEONARD ST. JERMAINE, JR., " Ben”. Activities: Varsity Cheerleader, 3. Awards: Freshman Football Letter, 1; Varsity Football Letter, 3,4; Var¬ sity Track Letter, 1,3,4. Sports ' ; Freshman Football, 1; J.V. Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3,4; Varsity Track, 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN SUBLETT, “Pat”. Activities: Pep Club, 1; CSMC, 1; Sodality Club, 1; FSA, 4, (Secre¬ tary); FHA, 4. Awards: National Merit Latin Award. MICHAEL GLYNN SULLIVAN, “Mike”. Activities: Spiriters, 2,3; Guitar Club, 2,3; Drama Club, 4. Awards: Varsity Football Letter, 3; Football Certifi¬ cate Award, 3. Sports: J.V. Football Manager; Var¬ sity Football Manager; J.V. Tennis, 1. PATRICK LYNN SULLIVAN, “Pat”. Activities: Biology Club, 2, (Sergeant-at-Arms); Guitar Club, 2,3; French Club, 2,3; Chess Club, 1; SCA Representative, 1. Sports: J.V. Football, 2. | LORNA LAURELL SUTHERLAND. Activities: Senior Honor Society, 3,4; Junior Honor Society, 2; JCL, 1,3, (President), 4; Spiriters (Vice-President), 4; Varsity Cheerleading, 3; Biology Club, 2; Class Rep- 1, resentative, 1,3; Keyettes, 4. Sports: Girls Varsity 1 Basketball, 2; Awards: Freshman Scholastic Award; Latin Award. ;T MARTHA ANN SWEATT, “Marti.” Activities: Senior I; i Honor Society, 3,4; Varsity Cheerleader, 3; Keyettes, ’ 4; Vice-President, Senior Class, 4. Sports: Hockey, J.V., 2; Girls Basketball, J.V., 2. ROBERT BURNS SWINK, " Bob.” Awards: Wrestling Letter, 2,3,4; Football Letter, 3,4. Sports: J.V. Wrestling, 1; J.V. Football, 2; Varsity Wrestling, 3,4; Varsity Football, 3,4. MARY TATE. STEVEN RICHARD TATSCH, “Steve.” Activities: German Club, 1. BRIAN ARTHUR TAYLOR. Activities: Sophomore Class President, 2; Freshman Football (Co- Captain), 2; J.V. Football (Co-captain), 2; Varsity Wrestling (Co-captain), 4; Mixed Chorus, 1,2; SCA Representatives, 1,2,3. Awards: Freshman Football Letter, 1; J.V. Certificate, 2; Varsity Football Letter 3,4; Varsity Wrestling Letter, 1,2,3,4; First Place N. Va. Wrestling Tournament — 138 lb. class, 3; Football, First Team, Alex. Dist. Guard; Second Team, All-Northern Va. Guard. Sports: Freshman Football, 1; J.V. Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3,4; Varsity Wrestling, 1,2,3,4. DUNCAN STUART THOMAS. Activities: Guitar Club, 3; DECA, 4. JUDITH MAY THOMAS, “Judy.” Activities: French Club, 1; Drill Team, 2,3, (President), 4; Sopho¬ more Class Council, 2; Yearbook, 3 (Asst. Ed.), 4; Keyettes, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter and two bars. SHERYAL ANN THOMPSON. Activities: Modern Dance Club, 1; Girls Chorus, 3; Advanced Mixed Chorus, 4. Awards: Chorus Letter. JUDITH ANN THORPE, “Judy.” Activities: GAA, 2,3; VOT Club, 4; FSA, 4. LINDA SUE TINGLER. Activities: FSA (Treasurer) 4; FHA, 2,3,4; Latin Club, 1. Sports: J.V. Girls Basket¬ ball, 1. MICHAEL DEAN TIPA, “Dean.” Activities: German Club, 3; Letterman Club, (Treasurer), 2; Class Councils, 1,2,3; Key Club, 3,4; SCA Representative 2. Sports: Varsity Football, 2; Varsity Basketball, 2; J.V. Wrestling, 3,4. SHARYN IRENE TRENARY. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Chorus Play, 1; “Bye-Bye Birdie”, 2; French Club, 2; FTA, 2; Spiriters, 3; Freshman Orientation, 3; SCA Representative 3. Awards: GAA Letter and Certifi¬ cate, 2. Sports: Hockey, Varsity, 2; Gymnastics, 3,4; Tennis, 4. FRANCIS MERIWETHER TRUSCOTT, “Frank.” Sports: J.V. Football, 1,2. NANCY JOAN UMBAUGH. Activities: Majorettes, 2. LENNARD EDWARD VAUGHN, JR., “Ed”. Activities: Spanish Club, 1,2,3,4, (Secretary, 3); Spanish Honor Society, 3; Spiriters, 4; Guitar Club, 4. PATRICIA DIANE VIA. Activities: GAA — (Publicity Chairman), 2; GAA (President), 3; Advanced Mixed Chorus, 4. Awards: GAA Letter and Pin. Sports: Girls’ Softball Team, J.V., 1. SUSAN ELIZABETH VINAY. Activities: FTA (Treas¬ urer), 3,4; Freshman Cheerleader, 1; SCA Repre¬ sentative, 3; Spiriters, 3,4; French Club, 4; Chorus, 4. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH WAGENER, “Christie " . Ac- tivies: German Club, 2,3,4; Spanish Club, 1,2; Spiriters, 1,2,4; FHA, 1; SCA Alternate Representa¬ tive, 3,4; Junior Class Council, 3; Surveyor Staff (Business Manager), 4. BEVERLY FRANCES WALDER. Awards: Library Award; Geography Certificate. LINDA KAREN WALLACE. Activities: FHA, 1; Ad¬ vanced Mixed Chorus. ELLA REBECCA WALLS, “Becky”. Activities: SCA Representative, 1; Spiriters, 1,2; Junior Honor So¬ ciety, 1,2; Senior Honor Society, 3,4; FSA (Presi¬ dent), 3,4; Keyette Club, 4. MARGARET ANN WALSH. Activities: Junior Honor Society (Secretary), 1; Girls Chorus, 3.- Awards: Softball Letter. Sports: Softball, Varsity, 3. NANCY LEE WARD. Activities: Freshman Girls Cho¬ rus; Chorus Girls; Mixed Chorus; Advanced Chorus. Awards: Chorus Letter; Two Chorus Bars. LAURA ELLEN WATSON. Activities: Pep Club, 1,3,4; Spanish Club, 1,3,4; Publications, 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y, 2,3; National Beta Club, 2; NHS, 3,4; FSA (Vice-Presi¬ dent), 4; Spanish Honor Society, 3. Awards: Out¬ standing NEDT; Recipient of Honor Program of Georgia. PATRICK BOISSEAU WATSON, “Pat”. Activities: Amateur Radio Club. Awards: Academic Award, ROTC. Sports: Swimming, J.V., 1; Track, Varsity, 1,2,3. MITTY ANNE WATTERS, “Anne”. Activities: Pep Club, 1,2,3; French Club, 2; SCA Representative, 2,4; Newspaper Representative, 1; Drill Team, 4; J.V. Cheerleader, 2. NELSON GLENN WEBBER, JR. Activities: Bible Club, 4. SUZANNE WEIGAND. Activities: Pep Club 1,2; French Club, 1; SCA Representative, 1; “MY FAIR LADY”, 2; Homecoming Committee, 2,4; News¬ paper reporter, 3; Co-editor Spy glass, 4; Mixed Chorus, 4; Prom Committee, 4; Secretary of Ac¬ tivities, 4. BRUCE ALLEN WESTERMAN. Activities: Newspaper, 3,4. JUDY GREY WHALEY. Activities: VOT Club, 4. CATHY ANN WHITE. Activities: Latin Club, 1,2,3; Spiriters ' s Club, 4. Awards: Choral Letter, 3. MARY FRANCES WHYMAN. Activities: Spanish Club, 2,4; Spiriters, 2,4; Library Club, 1,2. LISA FRANCES WIDEMAN. Activities: Junior Class Council Alternate, 3; Freshman Cheerleader, (Co- Captain, 1); J.V. Cheerleader, (Co-Captain, 2), Freshman Chorus; Girls Chorus, 2; Mixed Chorus, 3; Concert Choir, 4. JASON WESTCOTT WILDER, “Jay”. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 1. Sports: Track, 2,3; J.V. Football, 1. WALLACE WILLIAMS. WANDA CAROLYN WILLIAMSON. Activities: Band, 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club, 2; GAA 2. Awards: Band letter, star, and bar. MARIKO WILLIS, “Candy”, Activities: Pep Club, 1 GAA 1; Latin Club, 1; Sports: J.V. Basketball, 1 Varsity Basketball, 2. DEBORAH ANN WILLOUGHBY, “Debby”. Activities Math Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Biology Club, (President 2); French Club, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; SC Representative, 4, (Secretary of Spirit), 3; Keyettes 4; Drill Team, 4; Senior Council Representative, 4 Leadership Council, 3,4; Co-Chairman of Homecom ing, 4. Awards: Academic Letter, 2. Sports: Tennii Team, 2. JOSEPHINE LYDIA WILSON, " Jo”. MARY FLORENCE WILSON. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, 2 Spanish Club, 3; Spiriters, 3,4; GAA, 3; Art Club, 4 Sports: J.V. Basketball, 3,4. PATRICIA ANNE WOODSON, “Pat”. Activities: AFS 2; Pep Club, 3; Service Club, 3; Newspaper, 3; Stu dent Council, 3; Class Secretary, 3; Ring Com mittee, 3; Prom Committee, 3; National Honor Sc ciety, 3,4; Latin Club, 4; SCA Alternate, 4. LINDA WYLIE. DONNA KAY YOUNG. Activities: Debate Club, FHA, 2,3,4. 85 President. Stan Florer Vice-President, Ronald Knight Walter Acree Scott Alexander Janice Allen John Allen James Alls Glenn Anderson Judith Anderson Frederick Badger John Baker Lynda Baldwin Fernando Banderas Deborah Barker 86 Barbara Belcher Clyde Berry James Betz Anthony Biondolillo Margarethe Bixler Dinah Blackmon Kathleen Blakeney Linda Blankenship David Blount Martin Bodway Ralph Boldt Stephen Bordner Nora Barnes John Barry Learned Barry 4H1 apt me . " - J 1FT1 St ' Juniors find a moment of relaxation in English while listening to records. The Christmas Door- Decorating Contest finds Stu Paxton and Linda Wylie at work. 87 C.eative Juniors at work on their Homecoming float. Jacqueline Brake Karen Brechtbill Sandra Brigman Lenoria Brown Margaret Brown Michael Brown Tereasa Broyles John Buckhannon Harry Burgan Debra Burger John Byrd Stephen Cadwallader Michael Calder John Callahan Roxane Callahan Beatrice Campet Judith Cancilla Diane Cecil Mary Chandler Stuart Childress 88 Melissa Coates Bonnie Cogar Iris Cohan Elaine Collier Carol Colyer Candise Consolvo Melanie Cooke Janice Corlett Laurie Crann Susan Crawford Kevin Crowe Wava Culver Bruce Cumming Craig Davis Lee Davis Richard Doane Denise Dodge Deborah Dunn James Dyer Raymond Davis Terry Davis Donna Dawson James Dawson Robert Dawson Linda Dean Sharon Dempsey Charles Dennis William Devens Gordon DeZulovich Richard Diamond Diana Dillon 89 Joan Egan John Egan Sandra Ellis Marilyn Etkin John Eubank Michael Feil Kathryn Fenley Ronald Fifield Randy Finder Marilyn Fiorillo Hill Fitzgerel Eileen Flattery Stanley Florer Vernon Fragiacomo Charles Franger David Frazelle Anne Fuller William Funk Cheryl Gaddis Robert Gallavan Frances Game Frank Garber Robert Garber Mack Gardner Bette Garrett Mark Gaylor Charles Gentry Marcia Gentry Susan Gibson Michael Gilroy Left, righ t, up . . . or down? 90 101 , Active Junior, Jim Mendelson, buys his class card. Barbara Gmaz David Gorski Carole Graber Steve Gray Victoria Grey Virginia Grigsby Larry Gross Donna Grover Class Council listens attentive¬ ly as Ronnie Knight tells of fu¬ ture plans. Harry Haaser Richard Hall Mary Hambleton Deborah Hammond Catherine Hancock Tom Hancock Christine Hansen Nils Hanson Pamela Harrill Linda Harris William Harris David Haseman Skip Hayes Harold Hazelgrove Terry Head Connie Helmick John Hendrix Peter Hermann 91 Juniors show their talents as acrobats? Skip Acree discusses his college plans with Mr. Shelton. Douglas Hicks James Hines Steve Hines William Hitchcock Bonnie Holloman Byron Hornbaker Deckard Hower Jerry Hudson Ray Hutzler Mark Irwin Deborah Jackson Eugene Johnson Garde Johnson Sandra Johnson Angela Jones Hardy Josephson Patrick Kaveney Stephen Keef Kathleen Keel Kent Keirsey Janet Kelly Joseph Kennedy Joynal Kim Yoon Hi Kim Ronald Knight Wolfgang Kotz Gary Kugler James Landry Penelope Lawson David Layton 92 Linda Leady Cheryl Leckey Barbara Lee Doris Lee Mildred Lewis Pat Lichtenberger Kaye Lilly Gary Little Gilda Littlejohn Thomas Long James Luedtke Pamela Luka Rita Lusker Karen Lyons Robert Mann Future basketball star takes " time out. " William Manning Diana Mannon Richard Marlatt Franklin Marr Deborah Marsh Jeannie Martin Edward Marvel William Mathews Steven Maye Todd McDiarmid James McElhinney Linda McGrail 93 Chris Hansen experiences one of the exciting moments in the life of a Junior. Mike Medlin James Mendelson Molly Mendenhall Michael Mense Brett Merritt Thomas Messer Craig Metcalfe Charles Mitchell John Mitchell Robert Mitchell Nanette Mobley Sheila Mone Donald Moody Annette Moore Charles Moore Kimberly Morrison Barbara Muller Jerry Nash Ramon Nevarez Danny Nicely Darrell Nolton John North Jeffrey Olson Sherry O ' Quinn Daniel O ' Rourke Mark Osborne Cynthia Owens Bryan Painter Carla Palas John Paolantonio 94 William Parker Carol Parks Stuart Paxton Pat Perrin Charles Phipps Elizabeth Pollock Janice Poole Joan Pooley Martha Porter Steven Prichard Nils Radhe Cynthia Rainer Paula Rainey Anthony Ratkus Susan Rawlings Which stone are you ordering? Glenn Reeder George Renault Bessie Reno Daniel Reynolds Gail Reynolds Tom Rhodes Barbara Rice Charles Richardson Clara Rinehart Charles Robbins Linda Rodgers Lynn Roethlein Darlene Rose Patricia Rowse Rhonda Rush 95 iy‘ -Jjf i f ■■ ■ ' ■ . " ■ ' { Jctj 3 ‘ S ' V SP ■Ml+j With the help of Betty Crocker, the Juniors make “tiger cakes” for Homecoming festivities. Jane Russell Lu San Luis Mary Santmyers John Saputo David Scarce Warren Schon Kristine Schwab Florence Scott Robert Seaman Laura Serrell Darlene Shaner Joan Shearer Dawna Skipper William Slater Linda Smith Bonnie Snyder Ralph Squires Adrianna Stagg Sharon Stapleton Donna Steed Michael Sterling Robert Stoner Peter St. Onge Raymond Stopper Brenda Stotelmyer Susan Strom Harry Sturnpf William Sumner Janice Sylvest Peggy Tanner 96 Nancy Tarmor, Anne Taylor Peggy Taylor Victor Taylor James Thompson Elena Tipa Joana Twojay Donald Vechik Georgia Via Ed Vigen Paula Walder James Wallace William Watkins Joyce Wease John Weaver Deborah Weber Deborah Weickhardt Susan Weistling Pictures Missing Lane Winfree Kathy Winningham Linda Wright Candy Yale Jim Yurchik Jerry Zanders Larry Zumar Alan Zvolanek David Arnett Lewis Barber Delores Bayne Bruce Beavers David Boaz Robert Boothe Nancy Bouvier Edwina Bowen Karl Cates Diana Cavazos Austin Chambers Donald Chambers Janice Cobb Jerome Colegrove Forge Diaz Peggy Dozier Karen Dyson David Eike Michael Fitzgerel Daniel Freeman Robert Furr John Gillison William Glendinning Elizabeth Green Jean Havrilak Sue Hein William Hendy Beverly Fish Mary Hopper Charles Jones Gerald Jones Belinda Kelley Louis Kelly Glenna Keys Nancy Krolak John Leekey Patricia Little Pamela Martin Gail Massey Beth McClintock Adrienne McConnell Susan McElhinney Sharon McElhonnon Alan Mercer Joan Miller Dolores Nedorlik Kathleen Newdeck Patricia Newman Santos Nunez Herbert Otis Ronald Owens Kathryn Parks Waldon Peocock Evelyn Pullen Douglas Redman Charles Roland Judy Rose Patricia Shafer Charles Shaw Jack Shenberger Susan Shonion Naney Smith Sigurd Smith Ruby Snipe Elmer Spouslei Michael Spowart Margaret Talberg Theodore Teaque Charles Tharp William Thomas Marilyn Thompson Tadashi Watson 97 The Class of 1968 President — Kathy Radovich Vice-President — Betsy Hinson Secretary — Cathy Jourdan Richard Acree Katherine Wyc Allen Linda Allen Janice Anderson Katherine Atkinson Rosemary Ayres Charles Badger Mike Baird Richard Baker Arnold Ball Beth Barbour Phillip Barkin Jim Barnes Paul Wayne Bartlett Bonnie Barry Jo Ann Batchelor Hero Id Bayne Cheryl Beckler Amy Bennett Cathy Betley Jane Betz 98 Tom Bickell Bradford Bookout Judson Boswell Nona Botchin Britt Brewer Colby Broadwater Jerry Buglia Karen Bunnell Pam Burke Sarah Byrd Kenneth Campbell Martha Carmean Marcilla Carmichael Marcia Carr Nancy Carson Philis Kirby sells Sally Watters a program for the Fort Hunt-Mount Vernon game. James Casey Burton Chandler Camelia Chatfield Sharon Chichester William Christianson Alan Coady Cathy Cogburn Guy Collins Manuel Colon Maria Colon Sandra Compton Mary Elizabeth Conger John Cook Geoffrey Cooke Susan Cordell Loretta Coudill Vickie Crace Cathy Cruse John Culpepper Susan Daniel Judith Danner 99 Nancy Dawson Jo Davis Leslie de Gil Lamar Dobson Douglas Donnell Eric Donovan Jane Doyle Suzy Drozdz Dixie Easton Yvonne Emerson Rita English Tom Evans Sophomores perform their monthly service of cleaning the school seal. Charles Feuderber Elizabeth Ferrey William Floch Pat Foulkes Cordelia Fox Harvetta Fox Cindy Fravel Louise Freund Peggy Frey Lyn Frizell Mike Fuller David Garber Jerry Garcia Mary Ghent Diana Gibbs Patricia Gilkerson David Gilley Lewis Gillingham Stephanie Goldberg Brenda Gorzenski Brenda Goston Scott Grady Willis Grantz Mona Green William Green Donald Gribble Juanita Grigsby Karen Grove Rita Grover Alexandra Haight Cynthia Haines Diana Hall Jo Ann Hambach Esther Harper Valerie Harrawood 100 Marilyn Harris Brinton Harrison Alice Hart Gayle Hawthurst Eric Hefferman Donna Hehlinger Ruth Hemingway Thomas Hicks Donald Hill Diane Hilton Betsy Hinson Thomas Holmes Terance Holt Annette Hopper Michael Hudson Pamela Huffman Robert Humphres Jack Hutcherson Jerry Hutcherson Bonnie Huyett Eric Hyman Chris Jackson Stephen Jacquot Gym students watch as the world series progress to its final moments. Diana Johnson Randy Johnson Earle Jones Mary Jones Cathy Jourdan Patricia Kazlausky Michele Kelley Walter Kelly 101 Cheerleading requires hours of after school practice. Jud Boswell relaxes in the quiet of the library to read last weeks assignment. Dennis Kennaugh Marvin Kennaugh Asenath Kepler Phyllis Kirby Karen Kobilka Susan Korfanty Gary Lake Eugenia Lane Connie Lasater Michele Lavoy Donald Layberger Tana Lee Margaret Leggett Chris Lent Richard Lewis Thomas Lingo Gaylan Linthacum Pam Long Scott Long Vicki Lovett Betty Lyon Lark Lysett Bill Mabray Barbara Mahaley Scott Marlin Arthur McBride George McGhin Vivian McMillan Don Mead Diana Meador Linda Meline Michael Melton Patricia Menser Richard Menser Hal Metcalfe James Michael 102 Barbara Miles Brenda Milles Diana Miller Paula Miller Barbara Mitchell Edna Mitchenor Roxana Mod re Michael Mohr Henry Moore Mary Nakamova William Nalle Raymond Naser Janice Newcomer Steve Nissley John Norman Janice North Wendy North Julia Obarski Charles O’Brian Nancy Ogan Marilyn O’Rourke Eldre Palas Skip Parker Manacca Parrigan Thomas Parrish Paula Pate Patricia Patrick Phillip Patton John Pearson Wayne Pearson Alan Pendleton Phil Phelps Jim Pierce Pat Polden Ginger Pollock Stephen Post Nancy Price Camille Primm Julia Pritchett Tom Prizzia Sandi Puffenbarge Sharon Pullen Cathy Radovich Margaret Ragland Holly Raskins Mr. Skinner explains an important phase of plant adaptation. 103 Gregory Raymond Gene Recore H ' ida Reed William Reeder Valerie Reigner Dave Reosahl Lester Rice Mary Rice Chuck Rich Angela Ritz Mike Ritzen Cynthia Robertson Linda Robinson Ricky Robinson Aubrey Ruffner Nancy Russell Tim Scott Margaret Seiling Judy Sexton Shelley Seitz Jean Shaver Sus Shaver Terry Shephard " We are the Majors, mighty, mighty Majors . Suzanne Sherwood Kirk Shoemaker Pat Simmons Billy Sims Darlene Skelton Alfred Slack Carole Smith David Smith Sandra Soul Brenda Spears Robert Sponaugle Karen Sponsley Sue Stark Bruce Steinway Bonnie Stewart George Stewart Alan Stoehr Kay Storck Katherine Strong June Sublett Pat Sullivan 104 Susan Sullivan Bernadette Symanskiio Barbara Taylor Martha Terry Sheetey Tha inton Carol Thompson Rederick Thonen John Thornburg Lowell Thorpe Gary Thurston James Tickle Larry Tickle Sally Watters Peggy Wease Kenny Weaver William Webber Carolyn Weiss Danny Wessner Charles Williams George Williams Lloyd Wineland Joe Winter Craig Wise Katherine Wood Kathy Wood Diane Wright Wayne Wright Margo Yary Susan Young Kenneth Ziegfield Chris Tims Karen Tuthill Karen Tschopp Carl Uveges Norma Vanover Cyndi Van Sickle Edward Vermes Barbara Vi nay James Vollmer Randy Wagner Tom Waldron Butch Walker Roger Walton Linda Watson Ralph Watson 105 The Class of 1969 Freshman representatives to the Under Class Council. Dianna Adams Clinton Adkins Linda Alderman Martin Allen Malcolm Alls Thomas Ames Barbara Anderson Gail Anderson Michael Anderson Patricia Anderson Len Andyshak Carol Archer Charles Armstrong Joyce Bailey 3 Traits Tmetot? I nlw rr V Omth f ttfm rs Miss Lacas, Freshman Class sponsor. Rory Baldwin Robert Barr Dennis Bartlett Joan Bateman Margaret Baugh Sharon Bauman Barry Bayne Ronald Beahm Kenneth Becker Deborah Berryman Margaret Betley Larry Blackenship Linda Bolton Patricia Bracken Mary Brake Janice Brick Michael Brittain Christine Brown Constance Brown James Brown Judy Brown Deborah Broyles Debora Brufty Susan Buglia 106 Thomas Burke Therese Burt Mary Byrd Gary Calder Lorraine Callahan Dallas Campbell Susan Cancilla Joseph Canter Pat Canter Mitchell Carlson Patricia Carroll Franceina Carter Howard Cason Mary Caudill Raymond Chace Edward Chew Linda Childers Ava Christiansen James Christie Wanda Clark Christine Clarke Gary Collins Terry Collins Pat Compton Betty Cook Gary Cook Susan Cook Joan Cooke Charlotte Corneil Brenda Covington Eddie Cox Kathleen Coxe Barbara Crann Linda Crawford Vivien Crea George Crocker Christine Crumley Linda Crumm William Cunningham Kathleen Dahly Marie D’Andrea Thomas Darrah Marilyn Davey Barbara Davis Garry Davis Jeanne Davis Christopher Day Diane Dean John Dean Judy Dean Diane Deeth Deborah DeJonghe Jane delaConcepcion Karen Dillon John DiSciullo Michael Doane Lavan Dobson Sue Dodson Sarah Donato Kathryn Donovan 107 With typical Freshman enthusiasm, Starlynne Knight pursues the birdie. Ann Dove Duska Dowhower Raymond Downs John Durst Jessie Duvall Kathy Earles Gloria Edwards Wendy Eisenberg Nancy Eisenhart Sharon Eisenhart Elizabeth Elain Sylvia Elliot Patricia Ellis Kathie Elton Mary Jo Engesser Gary Euker Dana Evans Janet Fender Nancy Fitzgerel Gary Fitzsimmons Lilian Fragiacomo Robert Frank Cindy Fraser Barbara Frazelle Susan Frazier Martie Frear Russell Frizzell Barbara Fuller Dorothy Furr Kathleen Gallavan Greg Gaston Robert Gayle Ann Gentry Elizabeth Georger Elizabeth Gibson Carolyn Giles Nancy Gilliam William Gmaz Dawn Goad Mark Gothberg Shelley Graham Richard Greaney Richard Green Judy Gribble Sarah Griffith Donald Griffin Robert Griswold Sharon Gross Daniel Hacker Mary Hahn Davis Hall Nancy Hail Shelia Hall Catherine Hamlin Julia Game Ramona Garber Brent Gardner Carol Gardner Valerie Gardner Lynne Garrett Deidre Garvey 108 Deborah Harman Mary Hart Suzanne Hartle Penny Hassenger Thomas Hayden Heidi Hayes Gary Haymaker Brenda Haynes Anne Hazard Karen Hazelgrove Mark Heath Walter Heller Ann Hendrix Patricia Hendy Linda Hersman Theresa Hicks Robert Hill John Hitchcock Diane Hodges Geoffrey Hodges Paula Holt Susan Holt Dorothy HopKins Ronald Horton David Hunter Jeffrey liams Paul lha Rebecca Jennings Phyllis Jett James Johnson Roger Johnson Gene Johnston Randall Jones Eva Josephson Carl Kappel Kristen Keirsey Dennis Keithley Theodoric Keppel George Kness David Knight Starlynne Knight Learning to care for the machinery is an important part of Shop I Timothy Koogle Susan Korb Michael Kuhns Joseph Lahendro Richard Lamb Peggy Lawrence Eugene Lawson Jacquelyn Leady Robin Lee William Letcher Judy Lew Cynthia Lilley Naomi Lipscomb Valerie Lodewick Evelyn Long Henry Long Candy Loose Bill Lord Robert Lovitt Helen Luedtke Lawanna Mabray Mark MacKechnie Michael Maher Linda Malvin 109 Gary Mann Larry Mann Mark Mansfield Wallis Martin William Martin Glen Massie Irene Matsuura Barbara May Douglas Maye Eddie McBride Patrick McCarthy Jeffrey Mense Barry Merritt Blythe Merritt Joseph Mikilia Charles Mills Charles Moon Laura Moore Lynn Moore Marianne Moore Michael Moore Carol Mosby Douglas Moss Bruce Muller Cynthia Myers Russell Nalls Eric Nelson Joyce Nicholson Ronald Norfolk Stephen Norris Paul O’Flaherty Marjorie Okstulski Karen Paluch Lawrence Paolantonio James Papalazarus Thomas Payne Freshman Cheerleaders urge their team on to victory. Jan Pennington Barbara Pfanzelter Belinda Phillips Kathy O ' Rourke Gerald Pittman Mary Pitts Maureen Polden Michelle Poplar Charles Price Michael Prichard Nancy Prince Susan Prince Janice Pritchett Robert Pugh Robert Purdy Walter Purgason Jane Radford Steven Randolph Loretta Ratkus William Reynolds Linda Riggle Constance Roberts Roy Robertson Carmen Rodriquez Patricia Rose Robert Rudder James Russell Marcia Samuel Deborah Say Vicki Schilling Glen Schuster Carla Scott 110 David Scott Olive Scott Jane Seabolt Judy Seaman Patricia Sexton Sandra Shaffer Wesley Shaffier Gail Shanley James Shannon Virginia Shelton Kathy Shepard Cecilia Shepherd Billy Simms Wayne Simpson Glen Sirbaugh Joseph Sivak Patricia Slater Brenda Smith Carl Smith James Smith Kathleen Smith William Smith Robert Snelling Lawrence Snipe William Sooy Richard Spicer Linda Spinks Darrel Stacy Darice Stalnaker Grayson Staples Russell Stevens Betty Stewart Elizabeth Stickles Nancy Sumner Steven Swan Marilyn Switzer Richard Sylvest Frances Tackett Ann Tansill Samuel Tate Marcia Thomas Steven Thomas Linda Thompson Nancy Thompson Virginia Tibbs Sandie Travers Karen Turner Michael Twaddle John Twigg Deborah Tydings Richard Unger Gary Vechik James Vigin Steve Walder Charles Walsh Doris Walsh Carolyn Weaver William Weedlun Mark White Lisa Wiener Kathleen Williamson Ann Wilson Katherine Winfree Peter Winograd David Wood Yvonne Wood Echo Wright Gisela Wylie Steve Yale John Ybarra Bruce Young Laurie Young Elizabeth Yurchick Jeff Zakel 112 114 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION SCA Cabinet: John Hasle, Secretary of Publications; Susan Elkins, Secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards; Sally Marfing, Hospitality Chairman; Lance Samuel, Elections Chairman, Sherry O’Quinn, Corresponding Secretary; Bill Frank, Secretary, of Photography; Marsha Sitnik, Secretary of Publicity; Kathy Blakeney, Secretary of Finance; Tom Gorski, Secre¬ tary of Spirit; Rhonda Rush, Secretary of Athletics; Suzanne Weigand, Secretary of Activi¬ ties. Promoting school unity and bringing about better student-admin¬ istration relations have been among the aims of this year’s Stu¬ dent Council. Under able leaders, the SCA has undertaken many successful activities including the annual magazine campaign which proved a fruitful endeavor. 116 V SCA Officers: Helen Spellman, Treasurer; Virginia Irvine, First Vice President; Carolyn Kelly, Second Vice-President; Grayson Koogle, President; Denise Dodge, Secretary. 117 SCA, FIRST ROW: L. Smith, E. Flattery, K. Coxe, L. Fragiacomo, L. Samuel, M. Brown, L. Paolantonio, H. Hayes, K. O ' Rourke, R. Finder, L. Rodgers, D. Steed. SECOND ROW: K. Tschopp, V. Crace, P. Kazlausky, C. Rainer, J. Barry, B. Mann, H. Josephson, D. Kitchens, M. Moore, B. Merritt, T. Reeder, B. Merritt, S. Weistling, J. Dave. THIRD ROW: C. Jackson, G. Williams, H. Tong, C. Day, J. DiScuillo, M. Gothberg, R. Stoner, B. Merricks, M. Roland, G. Spinks, M. Mansfield, R. Steed, M. Baugh, N. Botchin, H. Reed. FOURTH ROW: M. Alls, B. Snider, A. Copmann, D. Post, C. Smyth, S. Harris, D. Willoughby, C. Wagener, A. Watters, E. Howard, C. White, M. Jones, S. Watters, W. Dean. 118 119 Louise Hopkins, Choral Director v «tr. f ' ■Mf C ' un m m jB p i tjgfi, •« i 4 m H t ' r Choraleers: Jo-Lynn Jolicoeur, Libby Green, Melissa Coates, Felicia Godsey, Lorna Sutherland, Kathy Flandermeyer, Donna Crum, Flo Casey, Candy Con- solvo. Missing, Diane Seablom. CHORUS Under the direction of Miss Louise Hopkins, the Choral Department has seen one of its most active years. The usual concerts and services were augmented by the Fair¬ fax County Choral Clinic at Woodson High School in the fall and a musical in the spring. 120 Concert Choir: FIRST ROW: J. Davis, C. White, L. Green, S. Hawks, K. Ziegfield, B. Green, M. Brown, D. Crum, C. Consolvo, L. Smith, R. Callahan. SECOND ROW: K. Flandermeyer, M. Brown, F. Casey, M. Coates, J. Mitchell, C. Richardson, B. Parker, G. Stewart, E. Dawson, P. St. Onge, M. Miller, B. Back. A. Watters, J. Thomas. THIRD ROW: L. Wideman, M. Lilly, I. Jordan, L. Sutherland, D. Frederick, J. North, R. Hefferman, L. Phipps, S. Florer, B. Watkins, F. Godsey, J. Anderson, P. Higgins, L. Crann. Mixed Chorus: FIRST ROW: C. Cruse, S. Crawford, R. Lusker, S. Ellis, L. Patterson, D. Via, S. Vinay, R. Heflin, B. St. Jermaine, M. Ritzer, R. Davis, B. Stoner, S. Grantham, C. Brown, L. Rossi, M. Yary, L. Caudill, P. Taylor, P. Polden. SECOND ROW: K. Lilly, E. Web¬ ster, D. Johnson, S. Trenary, K. Schwab, P. Martin, E. Bowen, K. Duvall, I. Jones, P. Har- rup, B. Fiorillo, T. Head, N. Tomlin, J. Shenberger, B. Dillon, L. Griffith, S. Craft, G. Keys, T. Leckey, K. Shaner, S. Edwards, J. O’Quinn. THIRD ROW: J. Beasley, K. Keller, S. Thompson, S. Brigman, S. Hein, S. Weigand, J. Pierce, E. Vaughn, B. Morrison, B. Snider, R. Hefferman, C. Roland, C. Gainer, W. Funk, C. Ratkus, B. Stotelmeyer, J. Corlett, L. Wallace, N. Ward, A. Stiles, L. Crann. 121 Madrigals: FIRST ROW: Mike Brown, Kathy Jourdan, Lark Lysett, Donna Crum, Libby Green, Bill Watkins. SECOND ROW: Ken Ziegfield, Anne Watters, Debbie Barker, Linda Smith, Merlyn Miller, Chuck Richardson. THIRD ROW: Pete St. Onge. Melissa Coates, George Stewart, Margie Brown, Bill Parker, Flo Casey. Choral Council: Robby Heflin, Advanced Mixed Chorus; Melissa Coates, Secretary; Dennis Fredrick, President; Margie Brown, Vice President; Cindy Lilly, Beginning Mixed; Barbara Mitchell, Select Girls Chorus. 122 Beginner’s Mixed Chorus: FIRST ROW: S. Robertson, M. Brake, C. Roberts, J. Grib ble, D. Garvey, P. Bracken, L. Moore, C. Crann, N. Eisenhart, S. Eisenhart, I. Mat- suura, M. Polden. SECOND ROW: D. Shaner, S. Korb, S. Turner, M. Johnson, S. Puffenbarger, G. Davis, R. Frizzell, H. Burgan, A. Zetts, T. Payne, M. Prichard, C. Breed, D. Dowhower, L. Young, J. Nicholson, M. Caudill. THIRD ROW: L. Davis, K. Elton, C. Lilley, N. Prince, L. Alderman, W. Clark, N. Ogan, S. Grover, B. Cov¬ ington, P. Winograd, M. White, L. Mann, M. Pitts, N. Dawson, C. Sanchez, M. En- gesser, Y. Wood, J. Say, T. Lee. FOURTH ROW: S. O’Quinn, 0. Scott, L. Crum, T. Fraser, T. Burt, S. Donato, S. Dodson, J. Staley, T. Simpson, B. Mann, C. Day, D. Miller, M. Grazier, L. Wright, V. Tibbs, J. Brown, M. Carmichael, L. Spinks, L. Rat- kus, B. May, J. Brick. Select Girls Chorus: FIRST ROW: B. Krolak, L. Lysett, J. Jolicoeur, E. Tipa, K. Jourdan, J. Miller, P. Cobb, M. Lewis, J. Pritchett, J. Twojay, A. Leary, L. San Luis. SECOND ROW: D. Hammond, L. Lasater, D. Blackman, C. Hansen, D. Steed, M. Mendenhall, P. Botchin, D. Barker, E. Howard, B. Johnson, V. Harrawood, C. Primm, L. Nelson, S. Evans, B. Kelley, C. Fravel, L. Rogers. THIRD ROW: D. Burgers, L. Meline, K. Tschopp, M. Etkin, J. Brake, S. Eskridge, L. Cadwallader, V. Grisby, S. Palmer, K. Morrison, B. McClintock, B. Mitchell, P. Miller, W. Bradshaw, E. Flattery. 123 BAND FIRST ROW: A. Buie, C. Weaver, K. Newdeck, P. Kirkland, W. Williamson, T. Koogle, A. Ruffner. SECOND ROW: V. Schilling, J. Smith, E. Marvel, L. Callahan, M. Hahn, L. Zumar, R. Unger, R, Kandt. THIRD ROW: B. Vosburg, H. Cason, R. Sylvest, B, Smith, E. Vermes, D. Kitchens, E Harper, S, Acree. FOURTH ROW: Gene Steinbach, director; D. Engilman, A. Coady, P. Baskin. 12 4 FIRST ROW: L. Slack, R. More, L. Blankenship, J. Saputo, P. Rainey, K. Williamson, M. Terry. SECOND ROW: G. Calder, K. Dawson. J. Mense, L. Frizelle, L. Gross, G. Pittman. THIRD ROW: B Gayle, M. Grazier, G. Koogle, B. Garvey, D. Scarce, J. Lahendro, B. Webber, G. Simpson, M. Scott. FOURTH ROW: D. Chase, J. Paplazorus, J. Garcia, B. Young. Mount Vernon’s first class band again tromped into action this year. Active par¬ ticipation during the football season bred enthusiasm and school spirit among fellow students. In collaboration with the Drama and Choral departments, the Band helped present a variety of musical programs and a broadway extravagan¬ za. The Band of ’66 will be remembered as one of Mount Vernon’s most tal¬ ented, active, and enthusiastic. 125 MAJORETTES Sarah Feierabend, Captain; Babs Gmaz, Candy Consolvo, Margaret Collins, Gilda Little¬ john, Mary Rice, Sharon Alls, Ingrid Jones. Combining talent with agility, the majorettes have twirled their way through many football games. They provided the intricate and unique performances that would have otherwise been missing from the half-time shows during the athletic season. COLOR GUARD The Color Guard has become an integ¬ ral part of the school’s activities by carrying the colors in parades and at football games. Thus, they have ele¬ vated the spirit and patriotic feeling of Mount Vernon’s student body. FIRST ROW: Carol Parks, Beth Barbour. SECOND ROW: Marsha Gentry, Karen Lyons, Diane Seablom, Captain; Sandy Brigman. THIRD ROW: Susan Moore, Sue Weistling. WH»V, him ! £ £ 1%% m 11 : !! it Mary Wilson, Debbie Hammond, Pam Harrell, Esther Harper, Barb Gula, Ann Copmann, Sherry Davis, Beth Johnson, Arthur Doyle, Paige Weber, Jo Kim, Debbie Jackson, Caro- lynda Campbell. ART CLUB Its membership, though small, was not a deterrent to the activity of the Art Club. Among the projects was the sale of artwork and pictures done by the members themselves, adding up to a most profitable year. Mrs. Rhea Locke sponsors the club. 127 SURVEYOR STAFF Surveyor staff members rest after a hectic day of club pictures. 128 Ray Stopper, Advertising; Kip Shoemaker, Sports; and Mike Keef, Lay¬ out Artist. Classes: Christie Wagener, Seniors; Mary Chandler, Juniors; Peggy Durst, Sophomores; Kathy Blakeney, Freshman; Barb Gula, Classes Editor. In their annual attempt to accomplish the impossible, the Surveyor staff has worked during yearbook and study hall periods perfecting this year’s new look. We have employed various means, including Mr. Herman Thoma¬ son, our new sponsor, to develop the new dimension of the 1966 Surveyor. If you have noticed a change in our book, we have achieved our goal. Debbie Regn, Clubs; Barbie Krolak, Staff member; Sarah Feierabend, Business manager; and Peggy Stedman, Clubs. 129 SURVEYOR STAFF Photographers: Jim Wallace, George Renault, and Bill Frank. 130 International Relations Society The International Relations Club has served to create interest in foreign countries and to make members aware of problems of international affairs. These aims have been achieved through speakers, films, and slides. Kathy Blakeney, Secretary; Keith Dayton, President; Ken Johnson, Vice-Presi¬ dent. STANDING: Diana Hodges, Anne Hazard, Valerie Gardner, Carolyn Weiss, Bill Barski, John Baker. SITTING: Susie Turner, William Nalle, Theresa Hicks, Rolf Fitzjerald, Judy Cancilla, Louden Nalle, Rhonda Culver, Paula Rainey, Julie O ' - Schmidt, Janet Jones. 131 EM VEE HI Em Vee Hi is a monthly publication that covers significant school activi¬ ties and developments. Throughout the year, the staff has attempted to broaden the scope of the school by tying together vi¬ tal national and world events as they affect the student body. Chris Gallavan, Circulation and Advertising; Anne Fuller, Page 1 Editor; Barbara Radovich, Editor-in-Chief; Debbie Weickhardt, Page 3 Editor; Lance Samuel, Page 4 Editor; Keith Dayton, Page 2 Editor; Joyce Davis, Page 2 Editor. 132 Staff Reporters: Chris Jackson, John Barry, Bob Stoner, Tracie Brown, Diana Hall, Steve Jacquot, Pam Burke, Ken Jacquot, Stan Carpenter, John Ellsworth, Rod Thonen, Don Polden, Steven Shomion. 133 FIRST ROW: H. Bard, C. Clark, C. Davis. SECOND ROW: L. Samuel, B. Grey, S. Harris, M. Sitnik, B. Garvey, L. Sutherland. THIRD ROW: J. Russel, J. Cancilla, S. Hall, B. Radovich, P. Woodson, T. Clark, M. Lilly, C. Rainer. FOURTH ROW: M. Flake, M. Cooke, J. Davis, L. Nalie, J. Anderson, L. Davis, H. Josephson, B. Merritt, M. Keef. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Having attended Mount Vernon at least one semes¬ ter, this select group of Juniors and Seniors are chos¬ en on leadership, service, and high academic stand¬ ing. Among their activities are operation of the paper¬ back bookstore and publication of the honor roll. They have set a standard which the entire student body tries to emulate, but only few succeed. FIRST ROW: K. Flandermeyer, C. Kelly, Miss Carr; SECOND ROW: D. Frazelle, J. Kelly, D. Hammond, C. Scott, L. Winfree; THIRD ROW: G. Anderson, J. Thompson, D. Gorski, S. Paxton. 134 The Junior Honor Society has influenced and ele¬ vated the standards of scholarship, citizenship, leadership, ancf character, while also performing valuable services for the school. These standards have been achieved through debates, field trips, and speakers. FIRST ROW: Jeff Zelkel, Gail Anderson, Eldre Palas, Treasurer, Cathy Radovich, President, Diana Hall, V. President, Chris Jackson, Hank Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Margaret Betley, Pat Hendy, Barbara Anderson, Michele Mahr, Steve Jacquot, Andrew Blount, David Knight: THIRD ROW: Kristen Keirsey, Wayne Bartlett, Richard Lamb, David Hunter, Betsey Conger. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Alan Pendleton, Kay Winfree, Betty Stewart, Mary Brake, Blythe Merritt, Susan Daniel, Nancy Eisenhart, David Hunter, Barbara Frazelle, Cathy Betley. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Weaver, John Twigg, Peggy Leggett, Kathy Earles, Marilyn Switzer, Valerie Lodewick. THIRD ROW: Echo Wright, William Sooy, Nancy Russell, Linda Thompson, Karen Paluck, Jim Christie, Betsey Hinson, Helen Luedtke. 135 An untiring effort on the part of each member of the Key Club supplemented the prestige to which the group is accustomed. Paper drives, pancake breakfasts, and slave days were among the activities successfully carried through for a most prosperous and rewarding year. 136 FIRST ROW: L. Barry, B. Garvey, J. North, B. Frank, D. Haseman, R. Knight, J. Thomp¬ son, D. Tioa. SECOND ROW: R. Jones, D. Kitchens, L. Samuel, B. Watson, J. Mitchell, J. Barry, B. Morrison, H, Josephson, D. Lusker. THIRD ROW: C. Franger, L. Davis, S. Acree, B. Harris, B. Merritt, G. Koogle, L. Phipps, S. Paxton, C. Dennis, Mr. Anderson, sponsor. Officers: Tom Clark, Senior Board Member; Ken Ziegfeld, Sophomore Board Member; Dave Gorski, Junior Board Member; Mike Reiley, Chaplain; John Hasle, President; Stan Florer, Vice-President; Ben St, Jermaine, Sergeant-at-Arms; Keith Dayton, Corresponding Secretary. 137 KEYETTE CLUB Chosen on academic standing and compatibility, the Keyettes strive to fulfill their motto of “We Serve.” Numerous activities, concerning service projects for the school and community, were planned and exe¬ cuted successfully. These included working at Project Hope and giving a coke party for new students in the summer. Officers: Cheryl Scott, Vice-President; Sally Marfing, Secretary; Sally Hall, Treasurer; Linda Fletcher, Historian; Irene Jordan, President; Barbara Radovich, Reporter. 1 1 Sk. " j Keyettes: FIRST ROW: Denise Dodge, Karen Doane, Kris Keller, Chris Cruse, Marcia Flake, Becky Walls, Peggy Stedman, Debby Willoughby. SECOND ROW: Lorna Sutherland, Kathy Blakeney, Debbie Hammond, Wava Culver, Janet Kelly, Vicki Grey, Sherry O’Quinn, Anne Taylor. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Back, Lane Winfree, Rhonda Rush, Linda Patterson, Barb Gula, Judy Thomas, Donna Jackson, Kathy Flandermeyer. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Kelly, Carolyn Romney, Judy Andersen, Marsha Sitnik, Kathy Winningham, Cindi Rainer. 138 NATIONAL THESPIANS The Thespian Society has been especially ac¬ tive this year. In the fall, members, both those behind the scenes and the actors, produced another of the popular “Night of One Acts.” Working with the Drama Department, the Thespian Society helped present the very suc¬ cessful Arsenic and Old Lace. Officers: Sheila Mone, Secretary: Mr. Pauley, sponsor; Bob Stoner, Vice-President; Cyndee Owens, Treasurer; Sally Marfing, President. FIRST ROW: Jim Landry, Brenda Stotelmeyer, Nancy Bouvier, Steve Bordner. SECOND ROW: Julie Obarski, Marcia Flake, Bob Morri¬ son. THIRD ROW: Marcia Gentry, Jim Dawson, Jim McElhinney. 139 FIRST ROW: P. Lacey, S. Strom, E. Tipa, D. Jackson, L. Winfree, K. Morrison, L. Nel¬ son. SECOND ROW: M. Brecht, L. Fletcher, C. Wagener, A. Copmann, K. Doane, L. Watson, B. Krolak, B. Garber. THIRD ROW: P. Slater, K. Ziegfeld, G. Stewart, G. Spinks, S. Carpenter, C. Clark, T. Clark, K. Dayton, S. Seitz. FOURTH ROW: T. Brown, C. Weiss, K. Logan, C. Pate, N. Carson, S. Chichester, L. Watson, G. Pollack, D. Hammond, D. Haseman. FIFTH ROW: M. Mendenhall, N. Sumner, T. Lee, L. De- gile, W. North, M. Harris, N. Botchin, A. Haite, C. Cruse, C. Samuel, S. Sullivan. SPIRITERS Officers: Kathy Flandermeyer, Vice-President: Steve Heyroth, President; Lorna Sutherland, Sec retary Treasurer. 140 FIRST ROW: S. Marfing, L. Patterson, A. Daffron, L. Grady, J. Twojay, S. Evans. SEC- Gribble, D. Garvey, C. Lilly, N. Prince, D. Hodges, D. Dawson, M Whyman, J. OND ROW: R. Diamond, S. Tatsch, H. Bard, L. Wright, B. Pollock, L. Newman, I. Vaughn. FIFTH ROW: T. Gorski, B. Anderson, P. Hendy, B. Frazelle, R. Heffer- Cohen. THIRD ROW: S. O ' Quinn, J. Jolicoeur, T. Baczuk, T. Collins, M. O ' Rourke, man, J. Norman, S. Crawford, D. Burger, M. Wilson. L. Green, J. Brake, K. Lilly. FOURTH ROW: G. Irvine, P. Canter, K. Donovan, J. In its second year of existence, the Spiriters has remained the most popular club in school. Sponsoring many activities such as bake sales, car washes, buses to all football games, and a carnival in the spring, the club has promoted much of the school spirit that would otherwise be lacking among the students. 141 Kris Keller VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Pep . . . enthusiasm . . . spirit . . . this is the code of M.V.’s varsity cheerleaders. These girls started early in July to form a basis for school spirit throughout the year. Pep rallies, bake sales, team room decora¬ tions, victory tags and program sales have helped to achieve their goals. Barbie Prince, Captain 142 Linda Fletcher Sue Gibson Cindi Rainer, Co-Captain Linda Smith Anne Taylor Sally Hall 143 Phyllis Kirby, Cindy VanSickle, Pat Polden, Kathy Jourdan, Michele Kelley, Bonnie Huyett, Asenath Kepler. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Junior Varsity and Freshman Cheerleaders have cheered at all athletic activities — football, basketball, and wrestling. Thus, the girls have raised the morale of the team and the spirit of the stu¬ dents. 144 FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS Connie Roberts Judy Gribble Dee Garvey, Mary Ann Pitts, Susan Cancilla, Cindy Lilley, Nancy Prince. Missing from picture: Kathy Donovan, Pat Canter. 145 DRILL TEAM Officers: Carolyn Romney, Captain; Carol Brown, Sec¬ retary; Susan Elkins, Historian; Donna Jackson, Trea¬ surer; Judy Thomas, President. Asenath Kepler, Donna Steed, Kathy Strong, Betsy Hinson, Camille Primm, Mary Chand¬ ler, Anita Mickleson, Barbara Gula, Lynn Rossi, Carol Brown, Judy Thomas, Debbie Regn, Marsha Sitnik, Norma Hyman, Janet Russel, Maria Myers, Sheila Mone, Chris Han¬ sen, Margie Brown, Bonnie Back, Suellen Grantham. 146 With the beat of the drums, the Drill Team has approached the fifty-yard line with the finesse of a professional group. Marching their way through the fall season of football into winter and basket¬ ball, the girls have added to the spirit of M.V. by sporting their uniforms on days before games and other athletic events. Also the Drill Team has marched in numerous parades including the Bethesda- Chevy Chase Christmas Parade and Alexandria’s George Washington Day Parade. Debbie Willoughby, Susan Elkins, Suzanne Harris, Janice North, Sue Stark, Connie Coates, Belinda Kelly, Donna Jackson, Jo-Lynn Jolicoeur, Peggy Byrd, Carolyn Romney, Anne Leary, Chris Cruse, Roxanne Callahan, Lu San Luis, Barbara Campbell, Linda Har ris, Juanita Smith, Linda Wylie, Kathy Winningham. 147 GIRLS ATHLETICS ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: Mrs. Oliverio, J. Newcomer, W. Allen, A. Bennett, D. Lee. SECOND ROW: L. ROW: L. Moore, B. Davis, D. Meador, J. Danner, J. Seaman, C. Hamlin, L. Mabray, B. Wattson, T. Frazier, J. Seabolt, E. Harper, B. Berry, M. Carmean, G. Nickelson. THIRD Taylor. Not pictured: E. Ferry, B. Fuller, S. Dodson, B. Gaston, S. Wrathbone. To promote interest in girls’ athletics, the GAA has sponsored and supported intramural sports throughout the year. As money raising projects the girls have held lollipop and bake sales. The club has achieved its aims by increasing membership and furthering athlet¬ ic ability. 148 The Girl’s Athl etic Association was organized to introduce to our girls a variety of athletic skills and techniques. This small, determined group succeeded in achieving the opportunity and encouragement in athletic prowess and exploration that today ' s young women some¬ times lack. 149 FIRST ROW: B. Lingo, S. Pritchard, V. Gardner, V. Soto, M. Harris, W. North, K. Jourdan, G. Simpson, D, Steed, C, Jackson. SECOND ROW: J. Corlett, C. Lent, J. Obarski, M. Cau¬ dill, M. Polden, C. Betley, N. Botchin, H. Reed, F. Badger, J. Pooley, J. North. THIRD ROW: P. Phelps, B. Harrison, V. Schilling, L. Lysett, S. Evans, T. Burt, L. Liggle. H. Mitchell, B. Cox, C. Constance, B. Garber. FOURTH ROW: R. Spowart, J. Sexton, J. Batch¬ elor, G. Fergeson, B. Welber, J. Hodges, J. Nagler, D. Botchin, L. Stafford, J. Mendelson. SPANISH CLUB Under the capable supervision of Mr. Vaughn, the Spanish Club en¬ joyed a very prosperous year. The successful activities included a visit to a Spanish restaurant, a Christmas party, and their annual fiesta. This club has certainly fulfilled its aim of furthering Spanish culture in the student body. Mr. Leonard Vaughn, Sponsor 150 FIRST ROW: D. Lee, C. Vale, L. Winfree, N. Bouvier, P. Patrick, V. Crace, L. Callahan, K. Winfree, D. Skelton, C. Cox. SECOND ROW: M. Whyman, J. Page, R. Lee, R. Finder, B. Gibson, I. Matsuura, C. Shepherd, K. Elton, V. Tibbs, P, Polden. THIRD ROW: N. Eis- enhart, J. Cooke, K. Earles, J. Alls, T. Holt, J. Hitchcock, M. Irwin, P. Hendy. S. Eisenhart, C. Primm. FOURTH ROW: J. Vaughn, G. Gaston, L. Frizzell, H. Carcos, S. Parker, E. Rice, T. Ratkus, G. Renualt, R. Philip, F. Banderes, C. White. 151 FIRST ROW: Henry Long, Debbie Burger, Karen Grove, Pam Huffman, Paula Miller, Pam Burke. SECOND ROW: Mark Irwine, Dave Haseman, Joyce Davis, Sally Watters, Tana Lee, Debbie Weickhardt, Cindy Haines. FRENCH CLUB The French Club has offered its members an opportunity to gain proficiency in the French language by stimulating interest in the liter¬ ature and customs of France. Under the guidance of Miss Jacob, they have had varied activities. In the true form of the unusual French, they even had a seance. Officers: Margie Brown, President; Paula Rainey, Secretary Treasurer; Linda Nelson, Vice-President. 152 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE This year’s Junior Classical League, under the guidance of Mrs. Yancey, conducted a successful cake sale at a lo¬ cal shopping center. The JCL served to generate interest in the classic writers and to advocate the advance of classic languages in any curriculum. FIRST ROW: R. Moore, D. Hammond, V. Grey, M. Selling, L. Sutherland. SECOND ROW: J. Vollmer, C. Pate, W. Culver, P. Pate. THIRD ROW: D. Harman, B. Martin. FOURTH ROW: L. Nalle, J. Davis, A. Leary, D. Dunn. FIFTH ROW: K. Tschopp, L. Meline, T. Simpson. SIXTH ROW: P. Woodson, K. Logan, R. Schmidt, S. Harris. FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY Consisting of French students with an aver¬ age of 3.5 in every sub¬ ject, the French Honor Society has had anoth¬ er successful year. The sale of candy canes, a trip to a French restau¬ rant, and a French play enriched each member in the cultural aspects of France. FIRST ROW: Cheryl Scott, Marsha Flake, Carolyn Kelly. SECOND ROW: Marsha Sitnik, Janet Kelly, Constance Crea, Kathy Winningham. 153 FIRST ROW: B. Krolak, M. Switzer, V. Lodewick, S. Goldberg, M. Mendenhall, Secretary; ROW: J. Baker, L. Samuel, B. Kotz, S. Daniel, J. Doyle, T, Brown, T. Gorski, A. Copmann, M. Etkins, K. Strong, D. Gorski, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: C. Samuel, M. Baugh, J. Bail- Vice-President; M. Bodway. FOURTH ROW: E. Tipa, N. Hyman, C. Wagener. ey, C. Cogburn, G. Kugler, M. Irwin, R. Schmidt, S. Elkins, J. Baker, T. Reeder. THIRD GERMAN CLUB The aim of the German Club is to increase student interest in Ger¬ man culture and to encourage the study of the German language. With these objectives in mind, the club has presented slides and movies on Germany, and held interesting discussions with our for¬ eign exchange student, Rolf Schmidt. The year was climaxed by a trip to a German restaurant. German interest has been furthered by the enthusiastic participation in this club. Mrs. Cannon, Sponsor 154 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Rick Jones, Ruth Kennedy, Jeannie Cline. SECOND ROW: Chris Cruse, Lynn Rossi, Tom Clark, Debbie Wil¬ loughby, John Beahm, Felicia Godsey, Carolyn Romney. PHILOSOPHY CLUB Twenty students, who constitute the Philosophy Club, meet every other week to discuss topics rang¬ ing from Ruisseau and Thoreau to comparative philosophers of math and religion. The atmosphere is ex¬ tremely informal. There are no officers aside from an untitled official, who handles any business problems which may arise. Mem¬ bers exchange any interesting ideas and topics, usually not planned beforehand. Carolyn Weiss, Official; Angela Ritz, Wendy Giraid, Karen Kobilka, Nils Hansen, Cynthia Haines, Judy Cancilla. 155 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW: George Renault, Lu San Luis, Rhonda Rush, Skipper Hayes. SECOND ROW: Eileen Flattery, Cindi Rainer, Melissa Coates, Candy Yale, Kim Morrison, Hardy Josephson. 156 FRESHMAN and SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCILS Freshman Class Council: FIRST ROW: Kathy Donovan, Cindy Lilley, Dee Garvey, Judy Gribble, Candy Loose, Bill Martin, Bruce Muller. SECOND ROW: Gail Anderson, Debbie DeJongha, Mary Hart, Jeanne Davis, David Hunter. THIRD ROW: Larry Paolantonio, Teresa Baczuk, Mary Jo Engesser, Penny Hassenger, Kathy Dahly. Sophomore Class Council: FIRST ROW: Steve Jarvis, Cathy Bettley, Cathy Cruse, Nona Botchin. SECOND ROW: Sue Korfanty, Bruce Steinway, Hilda Reed, Bonnie Huyett, Bonnie Stewart, Alex Haight. THIRD ROW: Asenath Kepler, Tana Lee, Sally Watters, Eldre Palas, Sue Cordell. 157 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB FIRST ROW: B. Majors, Parliamentarian: J. Osborne, Vice-President; J. Jones, President; G. Kimberlin, First Vice-President; H. Otis, Treasurer; B. Messenger, Secretary. SECOND ROW: M. Talbert, B. Beavers, D. Cummings, T. Teague, S. May, D. Chambers, K. Reese, D. Bayne. THIRD ROW: D. Nolton, S. Childers, A. McBride, B. Funk, D. Hicks, A. Cham¬ bers, D. Arnett, J. Kelly. This club activity sponsored by Hurb Bowling, constitutes a vital element of the training of the Distributive Education student. It should be regarded as co-curricular rather than as an extracurricu¬ lar activity. In addition to providing an outlet for the enthusiasms and interest of its members, the chapter program includes: devel¬ opment of ability to work in various groups, planning activities such as an annual employer-employee banquet, participation in community projects, and development of projects to promote good school and public relation. FIRST ROW: K. Barnhill, L. Miller, J. Rose, S. Foreman, M. Jones. SECOND ROW: B. Mitchell, D. Thomas, C. Helbig, J. Wilder, B. Robins, R. Ledford. THIRD ROW: R. Parker, D. Saunders, F. Marshall, H. Haines, D. Robertson, B. Grover, K. Rowlett, J. Hilton. 158 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: S. Eskridge, P. Cobb, C. Kuhns, S. Goldbert, Secretary. SECOND ROW: J. Batchelor, C. Yale. THIRD ROW: K. Wood, K. Grove, K. Doane, S. Vinay, Treasurer; M. Myers, President; P. Eisenhart, A. Daffron, P. Huffman. The Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Hattie Quinley, was one of the more active clubs in Mount Vernon this year. Among their numerous activities were a faculty tea in December and the annual Beauty Contest. The profits of this contest went towards a teaching scholarship for one of the worthy members of the club. This club has surely fulfilled its purpose of furthering the concept of teaching as a career. 159 FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA Members of the Future Secretaries of America investigate the opportunities afforded by a career in the secretarial field. Throughout the year, the club invites guest speakers from various business schools to acquaint the girls with what is to be expected of them and how to prepare them for their future. The chief highlight of the year is the Mount Vernon Beauty Contest sponsored by the F.S.A., F.T.A., and F.H.A. FIRST ROW: Linda Prince, Pat Sublett, Chris Stiles, Judy Thorpe, Becky Walls, President. SECOND ROW: Linda Hines, Gayle Atkins, Rose Sommerfelt, Jean Miles. THIRD ROW: Carol Brown, Cathy Lewis, Kathy O ' Rourke, Linda Tingler, Karen Kilby, Laura Watson, Mrs. Provance, Sponsor. 160 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: D. Burger, S. Freund, S. Moore, J. Sexton. D. Walsh, S. Rathbone, K. Shep¬ herd, R. Culver, C, Ogan. SECOND ROW: N. Smith, M. LaVoy, C. Smyth, W. Culver. THIRD ROW: K. Keirsey, D. Wright, D. Young, K. Dillion, K. Wood. FOURTH ROW: D. Dillion, B Stewart, J. Jernigan, B. Cogar, B. Barry. The FHA encourages girls to further their education in the field of home eco¬ nomics. Such education leads to a profitable and successful life in the future. Attainment of this goal has been completed by making Christmas stockings for needy children and by giving a luncheon for FHA members from other schools. Mrs. Robertson, Sponsor. 161 The Biology Club has been extremely active in the second year of their club affiliation with the Virginia Junior Academy of Science. They have had a number of speakers and films, some of which were in connection with the club’s renovation of the courtyard. BIOLOGY CLUB 162 BB;:.- : flHMHKM6MiM « i ? : - • ■ v- gSr.MiSBif-aaiiirjranHMIlliagBM! BOiKBflBfir-iasEKIIIMfttfitf. ' a; , = •• • iBi sucRRiisi fBiiiftasi:i m i. - •« niMgsffi ifiiciuifiKi ■§ i ti s mm it im mi mm Peggy Leggett, Susie Drozdz, Secretary; Garde Johnson, Bob Sponaugh, Mr. Swain, Sponsor; Colby Broadwater, President; James Vollmer, Tom Parrish, David Brown, Mike Ritzer, Bill Manning, Gerri Simpson, Vice President. 163 GUITAR CLUB FIRST ROW: Ed Vaughn, Debby Burger, Mike Keef, Joan Scott. SECOND ROW: Ron Anderson, Chuck Jones, Jim Burton. THIRD ROW: Peggy Betley, Bill Raymond, Tommy Long, Bart Garvey, Brenda Gorzenski. The Guitar Club, an informal, non-compulsory organization, provid¬ ed a common meeting place once a week during the year for those who wanted to share their skill and knowledge. Members strove to aid any beginner and start him on his way. Mr. Dionisio Cardenas, Sponsor. 164 BIBLE CLUB The Bible takes on new per¬ spectives to the members of the Bible Club. Assiduous study of the Bible and pro¬ mulgation of the Gospel, aswell as providing fellowship, the meetings produce a stimulat¬ ing time for all who wish to take part. Whether there are doubts or convictions, Mr. Swain, sponsor, and club members seek to provide the occasion whereby one may share. The Bible Club is a dis¬ tinctive force within the stu¬ dent body at Mount Vernon. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Holliman, Debbie Berryman, Mr. Swain, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Nancy Thompson, Merlyn Miller, Debbie Burger, Carol Thompson, President. THIRD ROW: Bill Webber, Sandra Eskridge, Nelson Webber, Linda Crum, Gail Williamson. 165 FORENSICS Competing with each other, the members of the student body have promoted their leading public speakers and spellers. The winners will be sent to American University where they will compete with the selected students of other schools. Patrick McCarthy 166 DEBATE The expert training afforded the debate club could be seen as the team participated in the school debates as well as a number of de¬ bate contests held on the campuses of George Washington and American University. Members of various government classes enjoyed seeing the debate club in action as they formally debated their resolve: “That com¬ pulsory arbitration should be accepted in the basic industries.” The team ended its season with a number of out-of-state debates, in which they faced their best competition of the year. Helen Spellman, President. Linda Schaefer, Julie Primm, David Post, Pat Higgins, Keith Dayton, Manuel Colon, Ginny Irvine, Linda Wylie, David Lusker, Ken Johnson, Nora Barnes. 167 168 VARSITY FOOTBALL 1965 RECORD MV 6 Stuart 33 MV 13 Lee 13 MV 20 Hammond 13 MV 0 G.W. 13 MV 12 Groveton 6 MV 6 Wakefield 21 MV 0 Yorktown 28 MV 14 Edison 25 MV 7 Fort Hunt 14 MV 20 Madison 25 Head Coach Miller 170 ROW FOUR: M. Brigman, M. Reilly, C. Constance, D. Linehan, B. Swink, M. Newman. ROW THREE: C. Franger, D. Jett, P. Lichten- berger, A. Zvolanek, H. Josephson, B. Glendening, M. Gardener, B. Hendy, C. Moore, C. Jones. ROW TWO: T. Head, C. Grant, B. North, L. Phipps, B. Taylor, S. Letcher, B. Watkins, R. Heflin, B. Furr, B. Parker. ROW ONE: Mgr. P. St. Onge, T. Rhodes, C. Galav- an, D. Fredrick, B. St. Germaine, R. Diamond, B. Funk, J. Mitchell, Mgr. J. Norman. 171 172 173 174 J.V. FOOTBALL ROW THREE: W. Bartlett, J. Cook, E. Hyman, S. Collins, J. Hutch¬ erson, D. Gilley. ROW TWO: Coach Freeman, T. Holt, P. Baskin, H. Mitchell, H. Metcalf, F. Edge, J. Convery, D. Mead, Coach Yednock. ROW ONE: B. Cox, J. Grantz, T. Scott, J. Culpepper, D. Wessner, J. Hutcherson, B. Brewer, R. Michael, G. Linthicum. Record: 3 wins, 3 losses, 1 tie. m ll§r jfHj|Sn r i ■Bi k -J FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROW THREE: W. Shafer, S. Yurchik, W. Simpson, R. Lamb, R. Beahm, M. Tyree, B. Cunningham. ROW TWO: B. Gmaz, G. Gaston, B. Young, D. Bartlett, D. Hall, M. Anderson, G. Collins. ROW ONE: M. Hackett, J. Carter, B. Lord, L. Hartman, B. Letcher, B. Harrell, M. Brittain. Record: 2 wins, 3 loss¬ es, 1 tie. 175 WRESTLING 1965-66 Record MV 30 Marshall 12 MV 42 Garfield 8 MV 38 Lee 8 MV 43 Hammond 3 MV 31 Yorktown 13 MV 31 Wakefield 18 MV 38 Stuart 10 MV 31 Groveton 11 MV 23 Edison 17 MV 25 W L 17 MV Ft. Hunt canceled MV 51 Mclean 5 MV 35 Geo. Washington 13 176 Fant 177 “FANT’S ANIMALS” UNDEFEATED MOUNT VERNON SENDS SEVEN WRESTLERS TO STATE TOURNEY G. Collins, B. Mathews, S. Foglio, J. Beahm, H. Hazelgrove, B. Taylor, C. Constance. ROW THREE: F. Garber, B. Glendening, B. Garvey, S. Nissley, Mgr. P. St. Onge, C. Constance, B. Taylor, D. Chase, B. Swink, D. Linehan, J. Fink. ROW TWO: B. Mathews, J. Beahm, S. Foglio, J. Betz, L. Samuel, J. Wallace, Ft. Hazelgrove. ROW ONE: J. Garcia, G. Massey, G. Collins, S. Shomion, S. Thomas, R. Squires, G. Serrell. 178 ROW THREE: Tarmon, Merritt, Atkinson, May, Christenson, Garrett. Cancilla. ROW TWO: Webster, Clarke, Say, Cancilla, Weiss, Raymond. ROW ONE: Laceter, Freund, Hancock, Anderson, Moore, Earles. Not pictured — Coach Helder. Record — 3 wins, 3 losses, 2 ties. ROW THREE: Sims, Schwab, Reno. ROW TWO: Porter, Cobb, Rinehart, Kuhns, Betley. ROW ONE: Parton, Leggett, Fox, Serrell. Not pictured — Coach Yutz. Record — 3 wins, 3 losses, 2 ties. HOCKEY 179 cr co 180 VARSITY ROW TWO - G. Johnson, P. Herman, K. Crowe, H. Josephson, J. Pollock, S. Alexander. D. Polden, M. Brigman. ROW ONE - L. Barry, R. Knight, J. Reeder. B. Hendy, G. Anderson, J. North, D. Gorski, Not pictured — Coach Koenig. 1965-66 RECORD MV 42 — T.C. Williams 63 MV 56 — Lee 64 MV 47 — Annandale 84 MV 38 — Hammond 53 MV 49 — Fort Hunt 47 MV 38 — Edison 76 MV 64 — Madison 66 MV 53 — Groveton 69 MV 49 — G.W. 76 MV 54 — Fairfax 80 MV 62 — Hammond 74 MV 36 — Jefferson 54 MV 35 — T.C. Williams 45 MV 53 — Edison 87 MV 60 — Lee 56 MV 77 — Groveton 74 MV 72 — Fort Hunt 75 MV 49 — G.W. 68 181 JUNIOR VARSITY ROW THREE — Boswell, Wessner, Parish, Mabry. ROW TWO — Reeder, Convery, Baker, Harrison, Baird. ROW ONE — Hefferman, Hy¬ man, Weaver, Humphries. Not pictured — Coach White. Record — 9 wins, 12 losses. 182 FRESHMAN ROW TWO — Durst, Sommerville, Maher, Herl, Gmaz, McCarthy, Hartman. ROW ONE — Letcher, Gardner, Cantor. Missing from pic¬ ture — Lamb, Gerlach, Coach Skinner. Record — 2 wins, 7 losses. 183 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW THREE - Belcher, Hancock, McClintock, Jackson. ROW TWO - Russell, Fox, Reno, Gar¬ ber, Grigsby. FRONT — Rush, Collins. Not pictured — Coach Parker. Record — 2 wins, 9 loss- es. 184 . ROW TWO - Betz, Brown, Cook, Barbour, Fox, Hall, Clarke, Elian, Parker. ROW ONE — Cancilla, Tuthill, Fitzgerald, Conger. Ratkus. Not pictured — Coach Helder. Record — no wins, 11 losses. 185 HOMECOMING 1965 THE COURT 1964 QUEEN Sally Duckwall Dave Whitford FRESHMEN Nancy Prince Earl Hodnett Cindy Lilly Wayne Lam SOPHOMORE Bonnie Huyett John Berry Pat Polden Harry Haaser JUNIOR Denise Dodge Bill Richbourg Cindi Rainer Bill Mathews SENIOR Suzanne Harris John Norton Barbie Prince David Culen Linda Fletcher Ray Hutzler Felicia Godsey David Post Barbara Gula John Hart Carolyn Romney Don Polden 1965 QUEEN Felicia Godsey 189 The waiting . . . the wonder . . . the excitement . . . the tears . . . the joy . . . the thrills of homecoming. 190 191 THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS 193 ARSENIC AND OLD LACE 194 From the moment the cast is announced until the closing night there is an air of tension and bustling of both actors and crew. Spencer Ferrey and the backstage crew work on the building of the set. The final moment of victory for the actors — opening night. 195 AT THEIR BEST | i ! 196 197 YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW 198 IT’S ACADEMIC KEITH DAYTON CHERYL SCOTT CHARLES CLARK, (CAPTAIN) 199 TOP TEN CHERYL SCOTT MARCIA FLAKE BARBARA RADOVICH 200 JO ANN RUSSELL 201 Twirp WEEK KEYETTE SWEETHEART, MIKE REILEY. THE INTRUDERS « U« Hits » • »TT TWIRPS A GO GO FACULTY FIASCO 202 SR. CARDENAS AND BILL PARKER PLAY SOUTH AMERICAN TUNES. MARTY SMITH AND GEORGE KING, ALIAS TOM AND DICK SMOTHERS. KEY CLUB SWEETHEART, KAREN DOANE. 203 vwwwxm ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE 717 North Saint Asaph Street Phone: Kl 9 0004 STEVEN-WINDSOR Central Charge Park and Shop Home of Sophisticated Fashion THE VILLAGE HOUSE The New Hollin Hall Shopping Center Skirts Sweaters Blouses Central Charge Dresses Better Dresses Accessories Phone: 768-2878 ADVERTISEMENTS 205 ENGLESIDE PET SHOP AQUARIUM Near Fort Belvoir on US 1 Phone: 780-5340 Exotic Fish Pet Supplies 206 ALCO ELECTRONICS TV SALES SERVICE 8516 Richmond Hwy. — Alexandria, Va. Phone 780-5180 or 780-5580 We Specialize in Color TV Service On All Makes Opne 9 A.M.-9 P.M. Mon. thru Fr. — Sat. till 6 P.M. R. E. “Rusty” Grisham Owners Manny Kahn WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture Decoration ALEXANDRIA BARBER ACADEMY Learn to Barber — Low Cost with Terms Proprietor — Pete Anderson Phone: Kl 9-9571 1129 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 207 SHAW REAL ESTATE Member of the Multiple listing Service Present its professional salesmen. The men pride themselves on giving personal attention to listings and sales, which means better service. COMMERCIAL 817 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia RESIDENTIAL 1326 Powhatan Street Alexandria, Virginia Charterhouse Motor Hotel Shirley Highway at Edsall Road Phone: 254-6100 208 PHOTOS BY MARLER HOWARD AND RUTH A Complete Professional Photographic Service for Northern Virginia Color Photography Color Post Cards Architectural and Industrial Advertising P hoto News Bridal Portraits, Groups Alexandria, Virginia Phone: SO 5-3963 FRANK MICHELBACH, INC. Everything to Outfit Your Home 814 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Quality Furniture — Rugs Carpeting Tel. 780-5966 MIKE’S Italian-American Restaurant 3941 Richmond Highway Michael Vigliucci, Owner 209 Compliments of WILCOX ESSO Richmond Highway Hybla Valley Sales — Appraisals — Insurance COFFEY REALTY CORPORATION Alexandria, Virginia James E. Coffey Brokers Noel B. Coffey, Jr. Phone: 765-7770 Confidence Integrity BELVOIR PHARMACY 8512 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Free Delivery 780-5650 210 DIXIE PIG BARBECUE RESTAURANT Call SO 5-5353 The Original Barbecue in this area Seating Capacity of 140 Food to Take Home 6711 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 971-1510 339-5700 AUTO RANCH “New and Used Parts” Across from the Tank Farm at Backlick Rd. and Shirley Hwy. Ty Cobb P.O. Box 566 K. H. Purcell Springfield, Va. 211 L.G.A. PET SHOP 624A Marumsco Plaza Woodbridge, Virginia Phone: 703-494-4646 After the Game, Have a p izza at THE PIZZA CHEF Good Luck, Mount Vernon 8859 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Next to Woodlawn Esso 212 FIDELITY SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 201 North Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. 5101 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Va. 1815 North Ft. Myer Drive, Rosslyn, Va. Dial 836-5700 THE MUSIC SHOP 831 S. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia A Huge Selection of Sheet Music Guitars — Sales — — Rentals — — Lessons — 213 To the Graduating Class: A Message of Congratulations from Virginia’s Oldest National Bank Although First Citizens National Bank of Alexandria is the oldest National Bank in Virginia, founded in 1864, we dedicate ourselves to the future. This year finds graduates at the threshold of tomorrow — entering a new and better world, with more challenges and more rewards than at any time in history. We of First and Citizens share with you every confidence in this future. Many of you, we are sure, will come to know First Citizens personally in the years ahead. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you, as a financial counselor, as a neighbor, and as a fellow citizen. We pledge to serve you well. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of you. Firsts Citizens National Bank of Alexandria Main Banking Office 531 King Street Mt. Vernon Ave. Branch 2809 Mt. Vernon Avenue Main Branch Trust Building 507 King Street Uptown Branch 1827 King Street Northeast Branch 901 N. Washington Street Bradlee Branch 3600 King Street .• yTr Seminary Plaza Branch 4616 Kenmore Avenue Lincolnia Branch 6000 Duke Street : Facilities at Fort Belvoir and Gravelly Point • Member FDIC • Telephone King 9-3000 ••••••• 214 215 ENGLESIDE GARDENS FLORIST 8855 Richmond Highway Across from Woodlawn Plantation Reasonable Prices Flowers for all Occasions Phone 780-3434 TIMBERNAN’S DRUG STORE 106 N. Washington St. Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-0091 Established 1956 216 Phone 780-9787 City Club Daniel Green Velvet Steps liflUflM Lubricants — Tires C 66 ) = 4 Batteries — Accessories ELLIS SHOES, INC. 518 King Street MT. VERNON 66 SERVICE Alexandria, Virginia 8142 Richmond Highway King 9-4870 Alexandria, Virginia Wesboro Weather Bird Vitality 217 Please visit these establishments you will find that they will be just a little more friendly when you tell them you are a Mount Vernon High School student. PATRONS Linda Baldwin Mrs. Lunter Brigg’s Studios, Ft. Belvoir, Va. Lt. Col. Mrs. MacKechnie Mr. Jay Brown Majorettes Margaret Byrd Mt. Vernon Car Wash Stan Carpenter Mt. Vernon Upholstery Fabric Shop Mrs. B. Chandler Mr. Pizza, Ft. Belvoir, Va. David Chase Mr. William Nurse Chris Cruse Mrs. B. Prince David Dawson P.T.A. Col. Mrs. John E. Durst Ray’s Jewelers Em Vee Hi Riverside Teen Club Mr. Mrs. Bobby Eucker John Rutherford FAB 15 Mrs. Rizon John J. Fizsimons, M.D. Mary Sailing Mr. H. Florer Mary Santmyer Dennis Frederick Steve Sargent Kathy Frey Dave Scarce Col. A. D. Gorski Cannon Shoe Mrs. C. Grantham Lt. Cdr. F. J. Shoemaker Paul Harrup Mr. M. Skinner Mr. Mrs. N. G. Jordan George Spinks Dr. Ralph Karau Bob Sponaugle Keyettes David Stopper C. W. Kitchens Ray Stopper Ron Knight Capt. Mrs. Audreu Surrell, U.S.N. Grayson Koogle Dean Tipa Dr. Warren Kranz Sue Thomas David Layton Lizette Waldstein Col. Mrs. George Lovett INDEX —B— Bachman, Jay . 11 Back, Bonnie . 10,49,121,146 Baczuk Terese . 141,157 Badger, Charles . 98,150 Badger, Fred . 86,94 Bailey, Joyce . 106,154 Bailey, Ronald Baird, Charles . 98,182 Baker, John . . . . 86,131,154,182,183 Baker, Richard . 98 Baldwin, Kristen 49 Baldwin, Linda . 86 Baldwin, Rory. 106 Ball, Arnold . 98 Banderas, Fernando .86 Barbour, Beth .98,127,185 Bard, Harry. 49,54,134,141 Barker, Deborah . . . . 86,192,122,123 Barker, Roger Barkin, Phillip . 98 Barnes, Jim .98 Barnes, Nora . 87,59,167 Barnett, David .49 Barnhill, Patricia Kay.50,158 Barr, Robert.106 Barry, Bonnie.98,161,148 Barry, John . 8,87,118,133,137 Barry, Learned 87,88,181,1361,37 Bartlett, Dennis . 106,175 Bartlett, Paul . 98,135,175 Bartlett, Ronald . 50 Baskin, Phillip . 124,175 Batchelor, Jo Ann . 98,150,159 Bateman, Joan . 106 Baugh, Margaret. 106,118,154 Bauman, Sharon.106 Bayne, Barry.106,158 Bayne, Harold . 98 Bayne, Larry Baynes, Delores Beahm, John .... 9,50,51,55,177,178 Beahm, Ronald . 106 Beaver, Bruce . 175,158 Beck, Ella Mae. . 50 Cadwallader, Stephen 88 Beck, Dennis Calder, Gary 107 Becker, Kenneth . . . . 106 Calder, Mike 88,91 Abel, Richard Beckler, Cheryl . . . . 98 Callahan, John . 88 Acree, Richard . . 98,194 Belcher, Barbara . . 87,184 Callahan, Lorraine 107,124 Acree, Skip . . 86,92,124 Bellon, William Callahan, Roxanne 88,121,147 Adams, Dianna . . 106 Bennett, Amy . 98,147 Calvin, Dennis Adkins, Clinton . . 106 Bennett, Gloria Campbell, Barbara 51,147 Albrecht, Bruce Berry, Clyde . 87 Campbell, Betty Alderman, Linda . . . . . 106,123 Berry Llewellyn Campbell, Carolynda 51,127 Alexander, Scott . . . 86,93,181 Berry, Mary Campbell, Dallas . . 107 Allard, Carol . . 49 Berryman, Deborah 165,106 Campbell, Kenneth 99 Allen, Janice . . 86 Bessler, Pauline Campbell, Leslie Allen, John . . 86 Betley, Cathy . . 98,135,150,157,179 Campet, Beatrice 88 Allen, Katherine . . 98 Betley, Margaret 106,135,164 Cancilla, Judy . 88,131,155 Allen, Linda . . 98 Betz, James . . 87,178 Cancilla, Susan 107,145,179,184 Allen, Lindon Betz, Jane 98,185 Canter, Joseph 107,183 106 Bickell, Tom . .99 Canter, Pat . . 107,141 Allen, William . . 49,148 Biondolillo, Anthony 87,114,166 Cantrell, W. Stephen Alls, James . . 86 Bixler, Margarethe 87 Carlson, Mitchell . . 107,123 Alls, Malcolm. ... 106,118 Blackburn, Vicki Carmean, Martha 99,148 Alls, Sharon . . 49,126 Blackmon, Dinah .87,123 Carmicheal, Marcella . 99 Ames, Cindy Blakeney, Kathleen 87,116,129, Carpenter, Stanley . . . 49,59,133,140 Ames, Thomas . . 106 131,138,198 Carr, Marcia . 99 Anderson, Barbara .... . 106,135,141 Blankenship, Larry 106 Carroll, Patricia .... 107 Anderson, Gail . 106,135,157 Blankenship, Linda 87,125 Carson, Dwaine . . . . . 51 Anderson, Glenn. . 86,198,181 Bliss, George Carson, Nancy . . 99,140 Anderson, Harold Blount, Andrew .... . 135 Carter, Franceina . . . 107 Anderson, Janice . . 98,179 Blount, David . . 87 Carter, J . . 175 Anderson, Judith . . 86,121 Boaz, David Carter, Nancy . . 51 Anderson, Michael . . . . . . . . 106,175 Bobyak, Francis Casey, James . . 99 Anderson, Patricia .... . 106 Bodway, Martin . . . . . . 87,162,163 Cason, Howard. 107,124 Anderson, Ronald . . 49,164 Boldt, Ralph . . 87 Caudill, Loretta . . . . . 99 Andyshak, Len . . 106 Bolton, Linda . . 106 Caudill, Mary 107,123,150 Anson, Richard Bonnett, Rodney Cavazos, Diana Antonich, Rudolph . 49 Bookout, Bradford . 99 Cecil, Anita Antonich, Susan. 163 Boothe, Robert Chace, Raymond . . . 107 Arlt, Rosie Bordner, Stephen . . . 139,187,196 Chambers, Austin . 158 Archer, Carol . . 106 Boswell, Judson . . . . 99,182 Chambers, Donald Armstrong, C. Pitt . . . . 106 Botchin, David . . 50,150 Chandler, Burton . . . 99 Armstrong, Courtlyn .49 Botchin, Nona . . .. 99,118,150, Chandler, Mary 88,112,129,146 Arnett, David . . 158 123,140,157 Chase, David . . . 51,57,58,125 Arrington, Barbara Bouvier, Nancy . . . . . 139 Chatfield, Camelia . 99 Atchinson, Mary Bowers, Leonard . . . . 87 Chichester, Sharon .99,140 Atkins, Gayle . .49,160 Bowen, Edwina Chew, Edward. . 107 Atkinson, Katherine . . . . 98,179 Bracken, Patricia . . . 106,123 Childers, Linda . . 107,158 Atwell, James Bradshaw, Wanda . 87,123 Childress, Stuart 88 Aylor, Donald Brake, Jacqueline . . . 88,123,141,198 Christiansen, Ava . 107,179 Aylor, Harold Brake, Mary . . . 106,123,13 5 Christiansen, William 99 Aylor, Wade Brazell, Raymond Christie, James . . 135 Ayers, Linda Brechtbill, Karen . . . . 88 Chumley, Margaret Ayres, Martin Breed, Charles . . . . . 123 Chumley, Myrtle Ayres, Rosemary . . 98 Breland, Steven Clarac, Viviane Brewer, Britton . 99,175 Brick, Janis . 106,123 Brigman, Martin . 50,171,181 Brigman, Sandra.88,121,127 Brittain, Michael . 106,175 Broadwater, Colby . 99,163 Brown, Carol . 50,146,160 Brown, Christine.106 Brown, Constance. 106 Brown, David . 163 Brown, James . 106 Brown, Judy . 106,123,185 Brown, Lenny Dale . 50 Brown Lenoria . 88 Brown, Margaret . . 121,122,146,152, 186,192,88,118,202 Brown, Michael . 88,121,122, 186,192,202 Brown, Tracie. 50,140,104,154 Broyles, Deborah . 106 Broyles, Teresa . 88 Bruffy, Debora . 106 Bryson, Brian . 50,51,55,198 Buckhannon, John . 88 Buglia, Jerry . 98 Buglia, Susan . 106 Buie, Alton . 124 Bunnell, Karen . 99 Burch, Paul Burgan, Harry . 88,123 Burger, Debra. 88,123,141,152, 161,164,165 Burke, Pamela 99,133,152 Burke, Thomas . 107 Burnette, Donald Burt, Therese. 107,123,150 Burton, James . 51 Butterfield, Alexander Byrd, John . 88 Byrd, Margaret 51,147 Byrd, Mary ... 107 Byrd, Sarah 99 —c— Cadwallader, Linda 51,123 Clark, Charles . 48,51,58,67, 134,140,199 Clark, Judy . 51 Clark, Robert.52 Clark, Thomas . . 51,52,114,134, 137,201,140,155 Clark, Wanda . 107,123 Clarke, Christine .... 107,179,185 Cline, Jeanne . 52,155 Coady, Alan . 99,124 Coates, Constance . 52,60 Coates, Melissa .... 89,96,120,121, 122,142,156,202 Cobb, Janice Cobb, Patricia . . . 52,49,123,159,179 Cogar, Bonnie . 89,161 Cogburn, Cathy . 99,154 Cohan, Iris . 89,198 Colegrove, Jerome . 57 Collier, Elaine . 89 Collins, Gary . 107 Collins, George . 175,178 Collins, Guy . 99,175 Collins, Margarett . . 52,126,184,185 Collins, Terrie . 107,141 Collins, William Colon, Manuel . 99,167 Colon, Maria . 99 Colyer, Carol . 1,89 Compton, Pat . 107 Compton, Sandra .99 Conger, Mary . 99,135,185 Conley, Charloette Consolvo, Candise . 89,120 121,126,196 Constance, Charles . 72,187, 150,171,177 Constance, Madjie Lee . 52 Convery, John . 182,175 Cook, Betty. 107 Cook, Douglas Cook, Gary Cook, John.99,175 Cook, Susan . 107,185 Cooke, Geoffrey . 99 Cooke, Joan . 107 Cooke, Melanie . 89,134,198 Copmann, Ann . 52,118,127,140 Cordell, Susan . 99,157 Corlett, James Corlett, Janice . 89,121,150 Corneil, Charlotte . 107 Covinstpn, Brenda . 107,123 Cox, Carol Cox, Cleon Cox, Eddie . 107 Cox Robert . 150,175 Coxe, Kathleen.107,118 Crabtree, Eula Crabtree, Kathy Crace, Vickie . 118 Craft, Sandra . 52,121 Craig, Daniel . 52 Crann, Barbara . 107,123 Crann, Laurie . 89 Crawford, Linda . 107,121 Crawford, Susan.89,141 Crea, Constance . 52,153 Crea, Vivian . 107 Creamer, Kathryne . 12,52 Crocker, George . 107 Crowe, Kevin . 89,181 Crowe, Mary Ellen Crum, Donna . . 53,120,121,122,192 Crum, Linda . 107,123,165 Crumley, Christine. 107 Cruse, Cathy . 99,140,157 Cruse, Christine . . 53,121,138,147,155 Cruttenden, Lawrence Cruttenden, Keith . 53 Culen, David . 53 Culpepper, John . 99,175 Culver, Rhonda . 53,131,161 Culver, Wava .... 89,94,138,153,161 Cumming, Bruce . 89 Cumming, Donald.158 Cunningham, William . . 107,114,175 Dacy, Anita Daffron, Margaret . 53,141,159 Dahly, Kathleen . 107,157 D’Andrea, Marie . 107 D’And re, Vivian . 53 Daniel, Susan . 99,154 Danner, Judith . 99,148 Darrah, Thomas . 107 Davenport, David Davey, Marilyn . 107 Davis, Barbara . 107,148 Davis, Craig . 89,134 Davis, Garry . 107,123 Davis, Jeanne . 107,134,157 Davis, Jo . 100,121 Davis, Joyce. 53,132,152,153 Davis, Lee . 89,123,134,137 Davis, Ray . 3,89,121 Davis, Sherry . 53,127 Davis, Terry . 89 Dawson, David . 53 Dawson, Donna . 89,141 Dawson, Edwin . 54,121 Dawson, James . 89,140,139 Dawson, Larry . 54 Dawson, Nancy . 100,123,125 Dawson, Robert . . . 89 Day, Christopher. 107,118,123 Dayton, Keith . . 54,64,114,131,132 137,140,198,199 Dean, Diane . 107 Dean, Edward Dean, John.107 Dean, Judy. 107 Dean, Linda . 89 Dean, Robert . 118 DeArmond, Bruce Dechants, Gerald Deeth, Diane . 107 DeGile, Leslie . 100,140 De Jonghe, Deborah.107,157 delaConcepcian, Jane.107 Delimont, Deborah Delosier, Patricia . 54 Dempsey, Sharon . 89 Dennis, Charles . . 88,89,92,136,137 Deprex, Gregory Devens, William.89 Dewitt, James Dewitt, Robert . 54 DeZulovich, Gordon . 89 Diamond, Richard . . . 89,141,171,172 Dickinson, James C. Dickinson, Mahalia Dietzel, Kathy A Dillingham, Ronnie . 54 Dillion, Diana.89,161 Dillion, William . 121 Dillion, Karen.107,161 Dinkens, Evangeline DiScuillo, John . 107,118 Ditchkus. Vincent Dittmir, Diane Doane, Karen . . . 54,138,140,159,203 Doane, Michael.107 Doane, Richard.89 Dobson, Lamar. 100 Dobson, Lavan . 107 Dodge, Denise. 89,117,138,198 Dodson, Barbara Sue . 107,123 Dodson, Leroy Dolson, Lavan Donato, Sarah . 107,123 Donnell, Douglas.100 Donovan, Eric. 100 Donovan, Kathryn.107,141,157 Dove, Anna. 108 Dove, James.54 Dove, John . 118 Dowhower, Duska.108,123 Downs, Raymond . 108 Doyle, Arthur.54,127 Doyle, Jane . 100,154 Drozdz, Susan. 100,162,163 Ducharme, Gail Dunivent, Craig.89 Dunn, Deborah . 89,153 Dunn, Henry Durst, John . 108,183 Durst, Peggy . 54,129 Duvall, Jessie. 108 Duvall, Kathy.55,121 Dyer, James.89 Dyson, Karen —E— Earles, Kathy . 108,135,179 Easton, Dixie.100 Eddy, Dorothea.89 Edge, Francis Edwards, Gloria . 108 Edwards, Ronnie Edwards, Shirley . 55,121 Edwards, Cynthia . 55 Egan, Joan . 90 Egan, John .90 Eike, David Eisenberg, Wendy. 108 Eisenhart, Nancy. 108,123,159 Eisenhart, Sharon . 108,123 Elian, Elizabeth Ann.108,185 Elkins, Susan . 55,57,74,116,146,147, 154,187 Eller, Dennis Elliot, Katherine . . Elliot, Sylvia . Ellis, Patricia. Ellis, Sandra. Ellsworth, John . . . Elton, Kathie. Emerson, Yvonne . Engesser, Mary Jo Engleman, Deborah English, Rita. Ennis, Donald Eskridge, Carole . . Eskridge, Sandra . . Etkins, Marilynn . . Euker, Gary . Eubank, John Evans Dana . Evans, Sandra Evans, Thomas Evans Tom. . 55 . 108 .108 .90,121 .... 54,55,133 . 108,123 . 100 . 108,123 . 124 . 100 55 55 ' l23,165,159 .90,123 . 108 .90 . 108 55,123,144,150 . 100 —F— Faulkner, Ricky Feierabend, Sarah . 55,126,129 Feil, Michael.90 Fender, Janet. 108 Fen ley, Kathryn .. 90 Ferderbier, Charles.100 Fergeson, George . 15 Fernbaugh, Michael . 55 Ferrey, Elizabeth . 100 Ferrey, Spencer.55,194 Fifield, Melvin Fifield, Ronald . 90 Finder, James . 90,91,118 Fink, John . 56,178 Fiorillo, Marilyn . 90 Fiorillo, Robert . 56,121 Fisette, Walter Fitzgerel Hill . 90,131 Fitzgereld, Nancy . 108,185 Fitzpatrick, Jacquelyn Fitzsimmons, Gary . 108 Flake, Marcia . . 56,134,138,139,140, 153,201 Flandermeyer, Kathy . . 56,192,140 120,121,134,138,166 Flattery, Eileen . . 90,91,118,156,123 Fletcher, Linda .... 56,137,140,191, 142,143,197 Floch, Bill. 100 Florer, Stanley . . 86,90,202,121,137, 186 Foalden, Richard Foglio, Steve.51,56,178 Forman, Sandra . 56,58 Foulkes, Clausine Fox, Cordelia . 100,179,184 Fox, Harvetta.100,185 Foulkes, Susan . 100 Fowler, Clavsine Fragiacomo, Liliane.108,118 Fragiacomo, Vernon .90 Fraley, Darlene.56 Franger, Charles . 90,114,136,137,171 Frank, Robert. 108 Frank, William . . . 56,63,116,130,137 Fraser, Cindy . 108 Fraser, Trilby . 123 Fravel, Cynthia . 108,123 Frazelle, Barbara . 108,135,141 Frazelle, David.90,134 Frazier, Susan . 108 Frear, Martie.108 Fredricks, Dennis . . 1,10,57,121,122, 171,186,202 Freeman, Ira Daniel Freund, Louise Freund, Sandra . . . Frey, Peggy . Frey, Richard Frizzell, Lyn . Frizzell, Russell . .. Frye, David Frye, Dennis Frye, Gale Fuller, Ann. Fuller, Barbara Fuller, Mike . Funk, Ronald Funk, William. Furr, Dorothy . Furr, Robert . 100,179 57,161 . . 100 100,125 108,123 .90,132 . 108 . 100 90,121,158,171 . 108 . 171,202 —G— Gaddis, Cheryl . 90 Gainor, Charles. 121 Gallavan, Christopher .... 55,57,132, 171,172 Gallavan, Kathleen . 108 Gallavan, Robert.90 Gamble, Bruce . 57 Game, Frances. 90 Game, Julia . 108 Garber, Barbara .... 57,140,150,184 Garber, David . 100 Garber, Frank . 90,178 Garber, Ramona . 108 Garber, Robert. 90 Garbers, Louis . 90 Garcia, Gerald . 100,125,178 Gardner, Brent . 108,166,183 Gardner, Carol . 108 Gardner, Mack.90,171 Gardner, Valerie. 108,131,150 Garney, Moira Garrett, Bette.90 Garrett, Connie Garrett, Lynne. 108,179 Garvey, Bartley . 57,125,134, 137,164,178 Garvey, Dee .... 108,123,141,145,157 Gaston, Brenda Gaston, Gregory.108,175 Gayle, Robert . 108,125 Gayle, Savella . 57 Gaylor, Mark .90,92 Gentry, Ann . 108 Gentry, Charles . 90 Gentry, Marcia. 90,127,139 Georger, Ekizabeth . 108 Gerdes, Linda . 57 Gerlach, David Gerlach, Gregory Ghent, Mary . 100 Gibbs, Diana . 100 Gibson, Elizabeth .... 10,90,91,128 142,143,196 Giles, Carolyn. 108 Giles, Wilson Gilkerson, Patricia . 100 Gilley, David.100,175 Gilliam, Nancy.108 Gillingham, Lewis . 100 Gillison, John Girard, Wendy . 155 Glendinning, William.87,171,178 Gmaz, Barbara . 91,126,183 Gmaz, William . 108,175 Goad, Dawn.108 Godlock, Darlene Godsey, Felicia . . 10,57,120,121,155 188,189,191,192 Goldberg, Stephanie . . .100,154,189 Good rick, Sandra Gordan, Evelyn Gorski, David . 5,91,134,136, 13 ,154,181 Gorski, Tom . 11,58,61,74, 116,141,154 Gorzenski, Brenda . 100,164 Goston, Brenda . 100 Gothberg, Mark. 108,118 Graber, Carole . 91 Grady, Laura . 58,141 Grady, Scott. 100 Graham, Shelley. 108 Graham, Thomas Grant. Charles . 9,58,171 Grant, Willis . 100 Grantham, Suellen . 5,53,58, 65,121,128,146 Grantz, J.175 Gray, James Gray, Jane . 58 Gray, Victoria Gray, Steve . 91,92,134 Grazier, Mark . 58,123,125 Greany, Michael Greany, Richard . 108 Green, Elizabeth . 120,121,122, 141,192 Green, Margita.58 Green, Mona . 100 Green, Richard . 108 Green, William . 100,121 Grey, Vicki . 138,153 Gribble, Donald . 100 Gribble, Judith . 108,123,141,145,157 Griffin, Donald . 100 Griffith, Linda . 121 Griffith, Sarah. 108 Grigsby, Juanita . 100 Grigsby, Virginia . 91,123,184,185 Griswold, Karen Griswold, Robert.108 Grober, Benny . 58,158 Gross, Larry . 91,125 Gross, Sharon . 108 Grove, Karen . 100,152,159 Grover, Donna . 91 Grover, Rita . 100,123 Gruenwald, Jackie Gula, Barbara . . . . 4,53,58,127,129, 138,146,189,191 —H— Haaser, Harry . 2,3,91 Hacker, Daniel . 108 Hackett, Michael . 175 Hagel, James Hagel, Kathleen . 58 Hahn, Mary. 108,124 Haight, Alexandea . 100,140,157 Haines, Cynthia . . . 100,152,155,158 Haines, Herbert . 158 Hale, Bennett Hale, Judith . 59 Hall, Davis . 108,175 Hall, Diana . 100,133,135 Hall, George Hall, Nancy . 108 Hall, Richard . . 91 Hall, Sally 7,59,134,145 Hall, Sheila.108,185 Hamback, Jo Ann 100 Hamilton, Richard . 59 Hamlin, Catherine . 108 Hambleton, Mary . 91 Hammond, Deborah 91,123.127, 134,138,140,153 Hanconk, Catherine 91,179,184 Hancock, Tom . 91 Hansen, Christine 88,91,94,123,146 Hanson, Nils . 91,155 Hardwick, John.59 Harman, Deborah Ann 109,153 Harmes. Thomas Harper, Edward 59,124 Hamer, Esther 100,127 Harper, Richard Harrawood, Valerie Harrell, M . Harrill, Pamela Harris, Charles Harris, Linda Harris, Marilyn . . Harris, Suzanne Harris, William Harrison, Brinton . Harrison, Stanley Harrup, Paul Hart, Alice . Hart, John . Hart, Martha Hart, Mary . Hartle, Suzanne . 100,123 . 175 . . 91,94,127 . 59 . 91,147 13,101,140,150 . .. 59,118,134, 147,153,189,191 . 91,137 . 100,150,182 . 59,121 . 101 . 59,189 109,157 .109 Hartman, Larry . . Harvey, Elizabeth Haseman, David Hasle, John . Hassenger, Monica Havrilak, Jean Hawks, Steve Hawthurst, Gayle . Hayden, Thomas Hayes, Heidi. Hayes, Skip . Haymaker, Gary . . Haynes, Brenda . . Haynes, Russell Hazard, Ann. Hazelgrove, Harold Hazelgrove, Karen Head, Terry . Heath, Mark. Hefferman, Eron . Hefferman, Rick . . Heflin, Robert Hegland, William Hehlinger, Donna Hein, Linda Helbig, Charles . . . Heller, Walter .... Helmick, Connie . Heloig, Charles Hemingway, Ruth Henderson, Arthur Hendrix, Ann .... Hendrix, John . . Hendy, Patricia . . . Hendy, William . . Henson, Russell Herfstreith, Michael Herl, Stephen Herman, Paul Herman, Peter . . Hernandez, Pietre Herhandez, Tonita Hersman, Linda . . Hess, Larry Hettlinger, Donna Heyroth, Stephen . Hicks, Douglas Hicks, Larry Hicks, Raymond Hicks, Roy Hicks, Theresa Hicks, Thomas . . Hidden, Gregory Higgins, James Higgins, Patricia . . Hildreth, Jerry Hileman, Donald Hill, Charlott Hill. Diana Hill, Donald . Hill, Henry Hill, Robert . Hilton, Diane . Hilton, Dori Ann . . Hilton, James . . . Hines, James Hines, Linda Lee . Hines, Peter Hines, Steve. Hinson, Betsy . . . Hitchconk, John . . . Hitchcock, William Hodge, Betty Hodge, Shirley Hodges, Diane . . . . Hodges, Jeff . Hodges, Sanders . Hodnett, Earl . . . . Holloman, Bonnie Holmes, Thomas . . Holt, Paula . Holt, Susan . Holt, Terence . Holzafel, Constance Hopkins, Dorothy . Hopper, Annette Hopper, Mary Hornbaker, Byron Horton, Ronald Hower, Diane Howard, Elaine . . Hower, Dickard Hudson, Jerry . . , Hudson, Michael Hudson, Rhett Huebner, Fred Huffman, Pamela . Hughes, Henry Hughes, Ronald Hulett, David Humphres, Robert Hunter, David Hutcherson, Jack . Hutcherson, Jerry . . . . 175,183 91,114,137, 140,152,198 59,65,70,114, 116,136,137 _ 109,157 . 101 . 109 . 109 . 91,156 . 109 . 109 .109,131 . 91,178 . 109 . . 91,121,171 . 109 . . 101,182,183 2,59,121,141 60,121,122,171 . 101 . 60,158 . 109 . 91 . 101 . 109 . 91 . 109,135,141 87,171,181 91,181 109 . 58,60,78, 79,140,197 . 92 109,131 . . 101 . . . 60 60,167 . 101 . 109 . 101 . 60 . 60,158 . 92 . 60,160 .92 98,101,135,146 . 109 . 92 . 109,131,141 . . . . 109,150 . 60,51 . 60 . 92,165 .101 . 109 . 109 . . . 8,101,175 . 109 . 101 . 92 . 109 52,60,118,123 . 92 92 . 101 101,152,159 . . . 101,182 109,135,157 . . . 101,175 . . 101,175 Hutto, Gerald Hutzler, Ray . 2,92 Huyett, Bonnie . 101,144,157 Hyman, Norma . 44,60,146 lha, Paul .... Hams, Jeffrey Irvine, Virginia Irvine, Patricia Irving, Jimmy Irwin, Mark . . 109 . 109 . . . 8,11,58,61, 117,141,167,198 87,92,152,154 Jackson, Chris . 101,118,133,135,150 Jackson, Deborah . 92,127 Jackson, Donna .... 61,63,73,114, 138,140,147,184 Jackson, John . 61 Jacquot, Ken . . 2,51,53,57,59,61,133 Jacquot, Steve . 101,133,135 Jaffe, Barbara . 101 Jarvis, Stephen . 101,157 Jeffries, Stephen Jennings, Kathleen. 101 Jennings, Rebecca . 109 Jensen, Ashley Jernigan, Joyce . 61,161 Jernigan, Sandra Jessup, Irene Jett, Danny . 61,171 Jett, Phyllis . 109 Johnson, Beth . 123,127 Johnson, Diane . 101,121 Johnson, Eugene . 92 Johnson, Garde . 92,163,181 Johnson, James . 109 Johnson, Jeorgeanne Johnson, Ken . 61,131,167 Johnson, Lee Johnson, Marsha . 123 Johnson, Randy. 101 Johnson, Roger . 109 Johnson, Sandra . 92 Johnson, William Johnston, Gene . 109 Jolicioeur, Helen . 61,120, 123,141,147 Jones, Angela . 92,194 Jones, Beverly . 61 Jones, Chuck . 171 Jones, Earle . 101 Jones, Ingrid . 61,121,126 Jones, James . 61,158 Jones, Janet . 131 Jones, Larry Jones, Mary . 101 Jones, Molly Lee 61,118,158 Jones, Randy . 109 Jones, Reginald Jones, Richard . 13,62,137,155 Jones, Valerie Jones, Will Jordan, Irene . 4,44,62,69, 130,138,226 Josephson, Eva Marie . 109 Josephson, Hardy . 91,92,118,134, 136,137,156,171,180,181 Jourdan, Cathy.91,98,101,122 123,144,150,192 Judice, John . 3 —K— Kandt, Ray .... .8,124 Kappel, Carl . . 109 Keveney, Patrick . . 92 Kazlausky, Patricia . 101,118 Keef, Michael . 62,129,134 Keef, Stephen . . . 92,202 Keel, Kathleen Keel, William . 92 Keirsey, Jim . . . . 62 Keirsey, Kent . . . 92 Keirsey, Kristen . . 109,135,161 Keithley, Dennis . 109 Keller, Chris . . Keller, Susan . 11,62,121, 138,142,143,190 Kelley, Belinda . . . 123,147 Kelley, Carolyn . 59,62,117, 134,138,153,201 Kelley, Michele Kellin, Robert . 11,101,144 Kelly, Janet . . . Kelly, Louis 92,134,138,153,158 Kelly, Walter . . . . 101 Kendall, Nancy . 62 Kennaugh, Dennis . 102 Kennaugh, Maruin . 102 Kennedy, Joseph . Kennedy, Michael . 92 Kennedy, Ruth . . . 62.155 Kepler, Asenath . . . 102, 144,146,157 Keppel, Theodoric . 109 Keys, Glenna . 121 Kilby, Karen . 62,160 Kim,Joynal . 92,127 Kim, Yoon Hi . 92 Kimberlin, Gary.62,158 Kincheloe Juanita . 62 Kirby, Phyllis. 15,99,102,144 Kirkland, Pam . 63,124 Kitchens, Dwight . . . . 65,118,124,137 Klulger, Gary Kness. George . 109 Knight, David . 109,135 Knight, Georgia Knight, Gregory . . 63,54,56,198,200 Knight, Mike . 63 Knight, Patricia Knight, Ronald . 86,88,91,92, 137,181,196 Knight, Starlynne . 108,109 Kobilka, Karen . 102,155 Koogle, Grayson . 65,114 117,125,137 Koogle, Timothy. 109,124 Korb, Susan . 7,109,123 Korfanty, Steve . 63 Korfanty, Susan.102,157 Kotz, Wolfgang . 92,154 Krolak, Barbara . . 63,123,129,140,154 Krolak, Nancy Kugler, Gary.92 Kuhns, Carol . 63,49,179,159 Kuhns, Michael . 109 —L— Lacey, Dennis . 63 Lacey, Margaret . 63,140 Lahendro, Joseph . 109,125 Lake, Gary . 102 Lake, William Lam, Stanley . 63 Lamb, Richard . 109,135,175 Landry, James . 2,92,139 Lane, Eugenie . 102 Lang, Lloyd LaRoche, Kenneth LaRoche, LaVerne . 64 LaRoche, Sandra Lasater, Connie . 102,179 .Lasater, Lynda . 64,123 Laughery, Larry . 64 Lavin, Barbara Lavin, Mary LaVoy, Michele . 102,161 Lawrence, Peggy . 109 Lawson, M. Eugene . 109 Lawson, Penelope . 92 Layberger, Donald . 102 Layton, David . 92 Layton, Paul ueady, Jacquelyn . 109 Leady, Linda.93 Leary, Anne . . 48,64,71,123,147,153 Leckey, Cheryl . 93 Leckey, John Leckey, Theresa . 64,121 Leckey, William Ledford, Ronald . 64,158 Lee, Barbara . 93 Lee, Doris . 93 Lee, Robin . 109 Lee, Tana .... 102,123,140,152,157 Leggett, John . 64 Ledgett, Margaret . . 102,135,163,179 Lent, Christopher.102,150 Lent, Lawrence . 64 Letcher, Sandy . 7,64,171 Letcher, William . 109,183 Lew, Bob . 64 Lew, Judy. 109 Lewis, Cathy . 64,160 Lewis, Gail Lewis, James.65 Lewis, Mildred . 93,123 Lewis, Richard.102 Lichtenberger, Pat.93,171 Liggle, L . 150 Lilly, Cynthia . 109,122,123, 141,145,157 Lilley, Donna . 93,141,163 Lilly, Marian . 65,121,134 Lineham, Donald . 65,171,178 Lingo, Thomas . 102,150 Linthacum, Gaylan . 102,175 Lipscomb, Naomi . 109 Lisk, Joyce Little, Gary . 93 Little, Patricia Littlejohn, Gilda . 93,126 Lodewick, Valerie. 109,135,154 Loftin, Steven . 89 Logan, Kenneth Wayne . . 65,140,153 Logan, Sandra . 65 Logan, Sharon Long, Evelyn . 109 Long, Henry . 109,118,152 Long, Pam . 102 Long, Scott. 102 Long, Thomas . 87,93,164 Loose, Candy.109,157 Lord, Billy . 109,175 Lovitt, Vicki . 102 Lovitt, Robert. 109 Luedtke, Bruce . 65 Luedtke, James . 93 Luedtke, Helen . 109,135 Luka, Pamela . 88,93 Lusker, David Mark . 59,65, 114.137,167 Lusker, Rita . 49,93,121 Lyon, Elizabeth . 102 Lyons, Karen . 93,127 Lysett, Lark . . . 102,122,123,150,192 —M— Mabray, Lawanna . 109,148 Mabray, William . 102,182 MacKechnie, Leon . 65,53,130 MacKechnie. Mark . 109 Mahaley, Barbara . 102 Mahon, Irvin Maher, Michael . 109,135 Major, William . 65,158 Malone, Jeanette . 65 Malvin, Linda . 109 Mann, Gary . 110,123 Mann, Lawrence . 110,123 Mann, Robert . 92,93,118 Manning, William . 93,163 Mannon, Diana . 93 Mansfield, Mark . 110,118 Mansolo, Francea Marcoe, Patricia Ann . 65 Marfing, Sally . . 66,77,116,198,141, 138,139,153,201 Markham, James . 66 Marlatt, Richard . 93 Marlin, Scott . 102 Marr, Franklin . 93 Marsh, Deborah . 93 Marshall, Dana Martin, Jeanne Martie, Frank Martin, Brenda . 66 Martin, Jeannie . 93 Martin, Karen Martin, Lester Martin, Pamela . 121 Martin, Stephen Marton, Wallis.110 Martin, William . 110,157 Marvel, Edward . 93,124 Massey, Gail Massie, Glen . 110,178 Mathews, William . 176,178,93 Matsuura, Irene.110,123,151 May, Barbara . 112,119,123 Maye, Douglas . 110 Maye, Steven . 93,158 McBride, David . 102,158 McBride, Eddie . 110 McCarthy, Patrick.110,166,183 McClintock Mary. 88,184,123 McClung, Kenneth McConnell, Adrienne McCoy, Donald McCrory, Martha . 66 McDiarmid, Todd . 93 McDowell, James McElhinney, James . 87,93,139 McElhinney, Susan McElhonnon, Sharon McGhee, Bruce McGhee, Darrell McGhin, George . 102 McGrail, Linda . 93 McGrail, Michael McMillan, Vivian . 102 Mead, Donald . 102 Meador, Diana . 102 Medlin, Michael . 94 Melin, Linda . 102,123,153 Meline, Steve . 66 Melton, Michael Mendelson, James . 91,94,150 Mendenhall, Molly . . 94,123,140,154 Mense, Jeffry . 110,125 Mense, Michael .92,94 Menser, Mary . 66 Menser, Patricia . 102 Menser, Richard . 102 Mercer, Alan Merrick, Brenda.66,118 Merk, Gabriel Merritt, Barry. 110 Merritt, Blythe .... 110,118,135,179 Merritt, Brett . 94,118,134,137 Messer, Thomas . 94 Metclafe, Craig . 94,113 Metcalfe, Hal . 102,175 Metzger, Barry . 158 Michael, James. 102,175 Mickelson, Anita . 66,146 Mikilia, Joseph . 110 Mikilia, Mary Ann . 66 Miles, Barbara . 103 Miles, Brenda . 103 Miles, Jean . 66,160 Millerd, Preston . 67 Miller, Alfred Miller, Diana. 103,123 Miller, Joan . 123 Miller, Lorrie . 158 Miller, Merlyn . . 67,121,122,165,192 Miller, Paula _ 103,123,103,152 Miller, Richard Mills, Charles . 110 Mills, Roberta . 67 Mills, Walter Mitchell, Barbara . 103,122,123 Mitchell, Bob . 94 Mitchell, Britt . 67,158 Mitchell, Charles.94 Mitchell, Henry 135,150,175 Mitchell, John _ 5,94,121,137,171 Mitchell,. Kathleen Mitchell, Robert Mitchenor, Edna Ann . 103 Mobley, Nannette . 94 Mod re, Roxana . 103 Mohr, Michael . 103 Mone, Shelia . 94,139,146 Moody, Donald . 94 Moon, Charles . 108 Moore, Annette . 94 Moore, Charles . 94,171 Moore, Garland.69 Moore, Henry . 103 Moore, Laura . 110,123,148 Moore, Linda . 110 Moore, Marianne.110 Moore, Michael . 110,118 Moore, Roxann . 125,153,179 Moore, Sandra . 67 Moore, Susan . 65,90,161 Morrison, Kimberly . 88,91, 94,156,123,140 Morrison, Robert . 67,121, 136,137,139 Mosby, Carol . 110 Moss, Bradley.110 Muller, Barbara . 94 Mullins, Roy Mulvihill, Constance Murphy, Danny Myers, Cindy . 110 Myers, Kenneth Myers, Maria . 67,146,159 —N— Nakamura, Mary . . . .103 Nagler, James . . . . . 67,150 Nalle, Louden . . 68,131,134,153 Nalle, William. .12,103,131 Nalls, Brenda . Nalls, Hellen . 68 Nalls, Russell. . 110 Nash, Jerry . . 94 Nasser, Raymond . . Nedorolik, Delores . 103 Nelson, Eric. . 110 Nelson, Lynda. Nelson, Raymond Nelson, William Nevarez, Guillermo . 68,123,140,152 Nevarez, Ramon . . . 94 Newcomer, Janice . . 103,148 Newdeck, Kathleen . . 124 Newman, George . . . 68,171 Newman, Linda . . . . .68,141 Nicely, Danny .... . 94 Nicholson, Glenda . . 148 Nicholson, Joyce . . . 110,123 Nissley, Steve. . 103,178 Nolton, Darrell . . . . 94,158 Norfolk, Ronald . . . 110 Norman, Johnny . . . 103,141,171 Norris, Stephen . . . . 110 North, Janice .... _ 103,147,150 North, John . . 10,88,94, 121,137,171,181 North, Wendy . Nunez, Santos . 13,103,140,150 Obarski, Julie . 103,131,139,150,187 O’Brian, Carolyn . 68 O’Brien, Charles . 103 O’Flaherty, Paul . 110 O ' Flaherty, Teresa.68 Ogan, Cheryl . 68,161 Ogan, Nancy.103,123 O’Hara, Brian Okstulski, Mayorie . 110 Oleyar, Madeline . 68 Olson, Jeffrey . . . O’Neil, Christopher O’Quinn, Jewell . . O’Quinn, Sherry . O’Rourke, Daniel . O’Rourke, Kathleen O’Rourke, Kathy . O ' Rourke, Marilyn Osborne, Mark Osborne, Stephen Osborne, Wilford . Osbourne, Martha Otis, Herbert . . . . Ovitt, Lana Owens, Cynthia . . 94 . . . . 68,121 . . . 94,116, 123,138,141 . 94 110,118,160 . . . 103,141 . 94 . 68 . . . . 69,158 . 158 94,139,196 —P— Pag e, Janet Louise. 151 Painter, Bryan . 94 Painter, Patsy . 69,112 Palas, Carla . 94 Palas, Eldre . 103,135,157 Palmer, Susan . 69,123 Paluch, Karen A . 110,135 PaolantonJo, John . 94 Paolantonio, Lawrence .110,157 Papalazarus, James . 110,125 Parker, Bill ... 10, 95,121,122,171, 186,192,203 Parker, Ronnie . 69,158 Parker, Skip . 103 Parks, Carol . 127 Parks, Clark . 95 Parks, Kathryn Parr, Larry . 69 Parrigan, Manacca.103 Parrish, Thomas . 103,163,182 Parsons, Gary Parton, Linda . 179 Pate, Christie . 140,153 Pate, Michael . 69 Pate, Paula . 103,153 Patrick, Patricia . 103,151 Patterson, Linda ... 69,121,138,141 Patton, Philip . 103 Paxton, Stuart . 86,95,134,137 Payne, Thomas . 110,123 Peacock, Waldon Pearson, Albert . 103 Pearson, John . 103 Pearson, Terry . 69 Pendleton, Alan . 135 Pennington, Jan . 110 Peoples, Mike . 95 Perry, Jocelyn Peters, Dennis Anthony Pfanzelter, Barbara . 110 Phelps, Phil . 150 Phillips, Belinda . HO Phipps, Larry . 95,121,137,171 Pierce, James . 121 Pitts, Mary Ann . 110,123,145 Pittman, Gerald . 110,125 Polden, Don . 69 Polden, Maureen . 110,123,150 Polden, Patricia .... 121,144,151,188 Polk, Daniel Pollock, Elizabeth . 95,141 Pollock, John . 69,180,181 Pollock, Virginia . 140 Poole, Janice . 95 Pooley, Joan . 95,150 Pope, Ann . 69 Poplar, Michelle . 110 Post, David. 2,70,59,118,167, 188,189 Post, Stephen Power, Eugene Pritchard, Michael . 110,123 Pritchard, Steven . 95,150 Price, Charles .110 Price, Ruth Ann Primm, Camille . 123,146 Primm, Julie . 70,167 Prince, Barbara . 61,70,142 190,191 Prince, Linda.70,160 Prince, Nancy .... 110,123,141,145 Prince, Susan . 110 Pritchett, Janis . 110 Pritchett, Julia . 123 Pritchett, Robert . 70 Prizzia, Thomas Puckett, James Puffenbarger, Sandra.123 Pugh, Robert . 110 Pullen, Evelyn Pullen, Sharon Purdy, Robert. 110 Purgason, Walter.110 —R— Radford, Jane 110 Radhe, Elsie Radhe, Nils . 95 Radovich, Barbara .... 70,132,134, 137,198,200 Radovich, Catherine.4,98, 130,135,198 Ragland, Margaret Ragland, Russell D. Rainey, Paula . 95,125,131,152 Rainer, Cynthia . . 92,95,118,134,138, 142,143,156,198 Ramsey, James Randolph, Steven . 110 Raskin, Holly Rathbone, Gerald Rathbone, Sarah . 161 Ratkus, Anthony . 95 Ratkus, Carol . 70,121 Ratkus, Loretta . 110,123,185 Rawlings, Susan . 95 Rawson, Robert Raymond, Gregory . 104 Raymond, Kathryn . 179 Raymond, William.70,164 Recore, Eugene . 54,104 Redman, Douglas Reed, Beverly . 70 Reed, Hilda . 104,118,150,157 Reeder, Glenn . 95 Reeder, Joe . 70,181 Reeder, Thomas . 104,118,154,182 Reese, George Arnold . 71 Reese, Kathlen . 158 Reigner, Valerie . 104 Regn, Deborah . 71,129,146 Reiley, Mike . 71,137,171,202 Renault, George .... 60,95,130,156 Reno, Bessie . 95,179,184,185 Repshal, Dave . 104 Reynolds, Daniel . 95 Reynolds, David Reynolds, Gail . 95,163 Reynolds, William . 110 Rhodes, Tom . 95,171 Rice, Barbara . 95 Rice, Dennis Rice, Eugene . 104 Rice, Mary Francis. 126 Rice, Margaret . 104 Rice, Patricia Rice, Robert Rich, Frederick . 104 Richardson, Charles . 95,121,122,192 Richardson, Richard . 8 Riegner, Valerie Riggle, Linda . 110 Rinehart, Clara .. .. 95,179 Ritz, Angela . 104,155 Ritzer, Michael. 104,121,163 Robbins, Brent . 158 Robbins, Charles . 95 Roberts, Connie . 110,123,145 Roberts, Herb . 71 Roberts, Janice Robertson, Cynthia . 104 Robinson, Linda . 104 Robintson, Roy.110,123 Robinson, Donald . 71,158 Robinson, Richard . 104 Rodgers, Linda . 95,118,123 Rodriquez, Carmen. 110 Roethlein, Claudia . 95 Roland, Charles.90,121 Roland, Marsha . 71,118 Romney, Carolyn . 71,138,146, 147,155,191 Rose, Darlene . 95 Rose, James Rose, Judy. 158 Rose, Patricia . 110 Rose, Robert . 71,113 Rossi, Lynn .... 71,62,121,146,155 Rothery, Chris . 71 Rowlett, Kenneth . 71,158 Rowse, Patricia . 95 Rudder, Robert Rudder, Robert . HO Ruebens, Simen Ruffner, Aubrey . 104,124 Runaldue, Richard Rush, Rhonda . 87,88,95,116, 198,184,156,138 Rush, Wenda Russell, James . HO Russell, Jane . 96,184 Russell, Janet . 72,146 Russell, Jo Ann. 72,44,201,134 Russell, Nalls Russell, Nancy . 104,135 Sadler, Boyd Sadler, William Salzberg, Susan . 72 Samuel, Christine . 140,154 Samuel, Lance . . 11,50,72,116,118, 132,134,137,154,178 Samuel, Marcia . 110 Sanchez, Carmeli . 123 Sam Luis, Lu _ 88,91,96,123,156 Santmyers, Mary . 96 Saputo, John.96,125 Saul, Joyce Saunders, Daniel . 72,158 Savage, Helen . 72 Say, Deborah . 110,123,179 Scarce, James . 96,125 Schaefer, Linda . 72,167 Schilling, Jo Ann . 72 Schilling, Vicki . 110,124,150 Schmid, Theresa . 72 Schmid, William Schmidt, Rolf . . 49,72,87,131,153,154 Schon, Warren . 96 Schreiner, George Schuster, Dona Lee.72 Schuster, Glenn . 110 Schwab, Kristine . 96,121,179 Scott, Carla . 110 Scott, Cheryl . 73,75,134,138, 153,199,200 Scott, David . Ill Scott, Florence . 96 Scott, Joan.73,164 Scott, Margaret Scott, Martin . 125 Scott, Olive . 111,123 Scott, Raymond Scott, Tim . 104,175 Seablom, Diane .... 73,127,190,192 Seabolt, Jane . 111,148 Seaman, Judith . 111,148 Seaman, Robert . 96 Seegars, Betti Sue Seiling, Margaret.104 Seiling, Marlene . 73,153 Seitz, Shelly . 104,140 Serrell, Geoffery.73,178 Serrell, Laura . 96,179 Sexton, Judy. 104,150,161 Sexton, Patricia Ann . Ill Shafer, David . 175 Shafer, Pat Shaffer, Sandra . Ill Shaffier, George.Ill Shaner, Darlene . 96,123 Shaner, Karen . 121 Shanley, Gail . Ill Shannon, James.Ill Shaver, Jean . 104,163 Shaver, Sue . 104,163 Shaver, Wilma Shaw, Charles Shearer, Joan . 96 Shaver, Wanda Shelton, Virginia . Ill Shenberger, Jack . 121 Shepherd, Cecilia . 111,151 Shepherd, Kathy . 111,161 Shepherd, Terry . 104 Sherwood, Suzanne . 104 Shoemaker, Kip . 56,73,129 Shoemaker, Kirk . 104 Shomion, Steve . 4,53,73, 130,133,178 Shomion, Susan Sieffert, Irvin . . . Simmons, Patricia Simms, Pearl . . . Simms, Robert . . Simpson, Geralyn Simpson, Howard Simpson, Wayne . Sims, Billy . Singletary, Darlene Singletary, Lynn Sirbaugh, Glen . . Sitnik, Marsha . . Sivak, Joseph . . . Skelton, Darlene . Skipper, Dawa . . . Slack, Alferd Slater, Patricia . . . Slater, William . . . Slye, Jean. Smith, Brenda . . . Smith, Carl . Smith, Carole Smith, Dale . Smith, David. Smith, Diere Smith, Eugene . . Smith, James . .. Smith, John S. Smith, Johnny Smith, Juanita . . , Smith, Karen Smith, Kathleen . . . 73 . 104 _ 73,179 . Ill 73,125,150 153,162,163 . 73 111,123,175 . 104 . Ill . . . 74,116,134, 138,146,153,198 . 13,111 . 104,151 . 96 . 104,125 .111,140 . 96 .74 .111,124 . Ill . 104 . 74 .104 . 74 . 111,124 74,147 . . Ill Smith, Linda . . 96,118,121,122,142, 143,190,192 Smith, Martin . 205 Smith, Nance . 161 Smith, Richard . Ill Smith, William Smyth, Christine . 74,118,161 Snelling, Robert . 113 Snider, Robert . 74,118,121 Snipe, Lawrence. Ill Snipe, Ruby Snyder, Bonnie . 96 Snyder, Michael Somerville, Joseph . 183 Sommerfeldt, Roswithe . 74,160 Sooy, William.111,135 Soto, Virginia . 150 Soule, Donald . 74 Soule, Sandra . 104 Spears, Brenda . 12,104 Spellman, Helen .74,117,167 Spicer, Richard . Ill Spinks, George . 74,118,140 Spinks, Linda. 111,123 Spivey, Dewey Sponauglo, Robert. 104,163 Sponsler, Buddy Sponsler, Karen . 104 Spowart, Michael Spowart, Richard . 150 Springle, Bonnie.75 Squires, Dales . 75 Squires, Ralph . 8,90,96,178 Stacy, Darrel . Ill Stafford, Larry . 75,150 Stagg, Adrianna . 96 Staley, John . 123 Stalnaker, Darice . Ill Staples, Grayson . Ill Stapleton, Sharon .96 Stapula, Noemie Stark, Jill Stark, Sue . 104,147 Stedman, Margaret . 63,75,78,129,138 Steed, Donna . . 96,118,123,146,160 Steed, Richard . 75,118 Steinway, Bruce . 104,157 Sterling, Michael . 96 Stevens, Joseph Stevens, Russell . Ill Stewart, Bonnie . 104,157,161 Stewart, Elizabeth . 111,135 Stewart, George 104,121,122,140, 192,202 St. Germaine, Ben 75,114,121,136, 137,171 Stickles, Elizabeth . Ill Stiles, Alice . 75,121 Stiles, Chris.75,160 Stoehr, Alan . 104 Stoner, Bob . . 2,96,118,121,133,139, 194 St. Onge, Peter .... 96,121,122,171, 178,192 Stopper, Ray.4,96,129 Storck, Kay. 104 Stotlemyer, Brenda . 96,121,139 Strom, Susan . 96,140 Strong, Katherine . 104,146,154 Stumpf, Harry . 96 Sublett, June . 104 Sublett, Patricia.75,160 Sullivan, Mike . 59,75,187 Sullivan, Pat.75 Sullivan, Patricia . 104 Sullivan, Susan . 105,140 Sumner, Nancy. 111,140 Sumner, William . 96 Surratt, George Sutherland, Lorna . . 54,76,120,121, 134,138,140,153,192,200 Swan, Steven . Ill Sweatt, Martha . 48,76 Swink, Robert 171,176,177,178 Switzer, Marilyn . 111,135,154 Swor, Donald Sylvest, Janice . 96 Sylvest, Richard . 111,124 Symanski, Bernadette . 105 —T— Tackett, Frances . Ill Talberg, Margaret . 158 Tanner, Peggy . 96 Tansill, Ann . Ill Tapia, Carmen Tapia, Ralph Tapp, Jo Ann Tarmon, Nancy 97,179 Tate, Mary . 76 Tate, Samuel . Ill Tatsch, Steve . 54,76,141 Taylor, Anne . 97,138,142,143 Taylor, Barbara . 105,148 Taylor, Brian . 76,171,176,178 Taylor, Peggy . 90,97,121 Taylor, Vic . 97 Taynton, Arnold Teaque, Theodore . 158 Terry, Martha . 105,125 Terry, Michael Thainten, Sheety . 105 Theisen, George Thomas, Curtis Thomas, Duncan . 76,158 Thomas, Judy . . 76,121,130,138,146 Thomas, Marcia . Ill Thomas, Rodney Thomas, Steven . 111,178 Thomas, William Thompson, Carol . 105,165 Thompson, James F. Thompson, James N. 97,134,137 Thompson, Linda . 111,135 Thompson, Marilyn Thompson, Nancy . 111,165 Thompson, Sheryal . 76,121 Thonen, Roderick . 105,133 Thornburg, John. 105 Thornton, Mathew Thorpe, Judy. 76,160 Thorpe, Lowell. 105 Thorton, Shirley Thruston, Gary . 105 Tibbs, Virginia . 111,123,151 Tims, Christopher . 105 Tickle, James . 105 Tickle, Larry . 105 Tingler, Linda . 76,160 Tipa, Dean . 76,137 Tipa, Elena . 96,97,123,140,154 Tocco, Larry Tomlin, Nick. 121 Townsend, Catherine Travers, Ronald Travers, Sandy . 15,111 Trenary, Sharon. 77,121 Truscott, Frank . 77 Tschopp, Karen . . . 105,118,123,153, 163 Turner, Karen . 111,123,131 Tuthill, Karen . 105,185 Tutwiler, Guy Twaddle, Michael . Ill Twigg, John . 111,135 Twojay, Linda. 97,123,141 Tydings, Deborah . Ill Tyree, Michael . 175 —u— Umbaugh, Nancy . 77 Unger, Richard . Ill, 124 Uveges, Carl . 8,105 —V— Vanover, Norma VanSickle, Cyndi Vaughn, Edward Vechick, Donnald Vechik, Gary . . . Vermes, Ed Via, Diane. Via, Georgia . . . Vigen, Ed . Vigen, James . . . Vinay, Barbara . Vinay, Susan . . Viol, Juanita Vollmer, Jane . . Vollmer, Jim . . . Vosburg, Robert . 105 . 105,144 2,77,121,141,164 . 97 . Ill . 105,124 . 77,121 . 97 . 97 . 111,194 . 105 .... 77,121,159 . 105 . 153,163 . 124 —w— Wagener, Christine Wagner, Randy . Walder, Beverly . . Walder, Paula . . Walder, Steve . . . . . 61,64,77,112, 118,129,140,154 . 105 .77 . 97 . Ill Waldron, Thomas . 105 Walker, Earl . 105 Wallace, James. 97,130,178 Wallace, Linda . 77,121 Walls, Rebecca . 77,138,160 Walsh, Charles . Ill Walsh, Doris.111,161 Walsh, Margaret. 77 Walton, Roger. 105 Ward, Nancy Lee. 78,121 Water, Samuel Watkins, Warren Watkins, William . . . 97,121,122,171, 186,192 Watson, Laura . 78,140,160 Watson, Linda . 105,140,148 Watson, Patrick. 78,137 Watson, Ralph.105 Watson, Tadashi Watters, Anne . . . 78,118,121,122,192 Watters, Sally . . . 99,105,118,152,157 Wease, Joyce . 97 Wease, Peggy. 105 Weaver, Carolyn . 111,135,202 Weaver, John . 97 Weaver, Kenneth . 105,182 Webber, Nelson . 78,165 Webber, William .... 105,125,150,165 Weber, Deborah . 97,127,179 Weedlun, Bill. Ill Weickhardt, Deborah .... 97,132,152 Weigand, Suzanne .... 11,78,116,121 Weiss, Carolyn . 105,131,140,155,179 Weistling, Susan 87,97,118,127 WpIIs Gpotetp Wessner, Danny ... 105,175,182,183 West, William Westerman, Bruce . 78 Westerman, Phillip Whaley, Judy. 78 Whitaker, Ann White, Cathy . 13,78,118,121 White, Helen White, Mark. 111,123 Whyman, Mary . 78,141,151 Wideman, Lisa . 10,78,121 Wiener, Lisa . Ill Wilder, Wiscott. 79,158 Williams, Charles . 105 Williams, Donna Williams, George.105,118,128 Williams, Wallace . 79 Williamson, Kathleen . . . 111,125,165 Williamson, Wanda . 79,124 Willis, Mariko . 79 Willoughby, Deborah .... 79,118,138, 147,155,197,198 Wilson, Ann . Ill Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Josephine.79 Wilson, Mary. 79,127,141 Wineland, Lloyd . 105 Winfree, Katherine . . 111,135,140,151 Winfree, Lane .... 12,97,134,138,151 Winningham, Kathy . . 97,138,147,153 Winograd, Peter. 111,123 Winter, Joe. 105 Wise, Craig. 105 Wohfeil, Carl Wood, David . Ill Wood, Katherine. 105 Wood, Kathy. 105,159,161 Wood, Yvonne . 111,123 Woodson, Patricia. 79,134,153 Wright, Diane . 105,161 Wright, Echo . 111,135 Wright, Linda . 97,123,141,162 Wright, Wayne . 105 Wriska, Deborah Wylie, Gisela . 79,111 Wylie, Linda . 147,167 —Y— Yale, Candy . . . 13,91,97,151,156,159 Yale, Steven . Ill Yary, Margo. 105,121 Ybarra, John. Ill Young, Bruce . 111,125,175 Young, Donna Kay.79,161 Young, Laurie . 111,123 Young, Robert Young, Susan . 125 Yurchick, Wlizabeth . Ill Yurchik, Jim .97 Yurchick, Steven . 175 —Z— Zakel, Jeff. Zanders, Jerry . . Zetts, Arthur . . . Ziegfeld, Kenneth Zumar, Larry . . . Zvolanek, Alan . . . 111,135 .97,94 . 123 105,121,122,137, 140,192 3,97,124,190 .97,171 EDITOR’S EPILOGUE Capturing the 1965-1966 school year has been the major aim of every Surveyor staff member. We worked during our yearbook periods and study halls and sometimes into the night trying to meet deadlines, which seemed virtually impossible. Some of the events that took place in this year were as traditional as the school seal. Other events were as new as the football field and track. However, the traditional school spirit at Mount Vernon will never change. Yes, our year has been eventful in many ways. Under the leadership of Mr. Herman Thomason, the Surveyor staff has attempted a portrayal of this year with all its anxieties and perplexities. The book has grown from the traditional 7% x IOV 2 inch yearbook to an 8 V 2 x 11 inch book. The Surveyor holds membership in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. The staff expresses its appreciation to the professional members of these organizations for their specific and constructive suggestions that have aided in the preparation of the ' 66 Surveyor. Special acknowledgement must be given to certain persons who have guided us so much. Mr. Neil Watson of the American Yearbook Company rendered his services throughout the publi¬ cation year. Another person whom we would like to recognize for her untiring assistance is Miss Lucy Lowman, our former advisor. Although deciding to discontinue her advisorship, Miss Lowman helped us immensely. A personal “thank you” goes to each member of the Surveyor staff who had to put up with a tyrannical editor cracking her verbal whip. All the determination and hard work of the staff has made the book a memorable one and, we hope, one of which you will be proud. Upon reaching the end of my high school years, my thoughts are both sad and happy, but always filled with nostalgia. Remi¬ niscing is fabulous but we can’t forget that the future lies ahead, uncovered for us. Let ' s make the best of it! Irene Jordan, Editor 226

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) collection:

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