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Text from Pages 1 - 212 of the 1965 volume:

THE SURVEYOR Presents Its Silver Anniversary Edition The 1965 Surveyor, with commentaries and pic¬ tures, endeavors to illustrate the accomplishments and activities which best represent the 1964-1965 school year. The year’s activities, centered mainly around Mount Vernon’s 25th Anniversary, have been re¬ corded so as to portray this Silver Anniversary Year. The staff hopes that you will find the Surveyor of 1965 a treasury of memories to be cherished, now and in the years to come. 2 i urveyor I 1965 3 The Spiriters, in an effort to promote more school spirit at Mount Vernon this year, staged two major events during the 1964-1965 football season. The first step in promoting the much-needed spirit was the debut of a new mascot on October 23, the night of the Woodson game. The mascot, which may re¬ place Movern, represents Major Lawrence Washing¬ ton, the man who founded Mount Vernon Estates and the historical figure after whom our school team and present mascot were named. Bill Taylor, out¬ fitted in the military uniform of the Colonial Army, portrayed Major Washington. A second activity to encourage student enthusiasm was a bonfire held prior to the Annandale game. The Pep Band, ap¬ pearing at most of the games, also did its part by “drumming-up” spectator spirit and spurring the Majors on to victory. Contents SCHOOL LIFE 4 ADMINISTRATION 14 STUDENTS 48 SPORTS 120 ORGANIZATIONS 138 SCHOOL LIFE 188 ADVERTISING 196 Majors watch with tense excitement as Mount Vernon’s offense tries for extra point. Sally Hall and Chris Gallavan appear to be enjoying themselves at the Spiriters’ Hootenanny. 5 A Tribute to Twenty Years of Service 1945 - 1965 Mr. Melvin B. Landes, our principal, came to Mount Vernon High School in September 1945. This was his first job as a high school principal—as he formerly was principal at Lee-Jackson Elementary School. Mr. Landes began his teaching career thirty-seven years ago, and migrated from his home state of West Virginia to the county of Fairfax in the Old Dominion early in his career. Many changes have taken place since Mr. Landes first arrived in our hallowed halls—the school plant has increased in size, facilities have improved, and there have been an increased number of teachers and students. Unchanged, however, is the diligence, perseverance, personality, solemnness and reverence of a great man, our principal, Mr. Melvin B. Landes. For a quiet evening at home Mr. Landes enjoys watching tele¬ vision, particularly wrestling. As a family man, Mr. Landes shares the warmth of his home with his wife and daughters. Mrs. Landes shares her husband’s interest in civic and church affairs—daughters Jeannie and Paula complete the family circle. 6 a Great Man As a school administrator, Mr. Landes has gained the re¬ spect and love of all who have had the privilege of working with him. He has spent many long hours working with students to help them find themselves and arriving at a proper goal in life. As a religious man and an ordained Minister, Mr. Landes inspires both young and old from the pulpit each Sunday. Surveying the Past Recognizing the old axiom that the past is prologue, these pages represent a unique endeavor to reflect past efforts which have contributed, in some way, to the development of our traditions, our academic life, and our futures. T . A displaced principal, Mr. Landes, awaits completion of his In the spring of 1946, the Junior-Senior Prom was held at the new office. Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. 8 Austere surroundings but enthusiastic attitudes earmarked Mrs. Parrish’s early library. In 1952, the scene changed as work progressed on a new auditorium, cafeteria, and library. These distinguished students were members of the Student Government Legislative Department in 1946. 9 SCHOOL LIFE Congregating at the book store, students purchase needed supplies for the hectic day ahead. Centered around two basic components, school life at Mount Vernon is both social and academic. Through an active participation in both areas, a student’s horizons are broadened. On these pages, various activities supported by the students of Mount Vernon are depicted, pictorially. May you find these few candid pictures useful in remembering the days you spent at Mount Ver¬ non during this Silver Anniversary Year. Varsity football players, during second lunch shift, held an informal banquet prior to the Falls Church game. 10 MOUNT VERNON STYLE Presenting a slap-stick comedy, students Fran Lawrence, Annabel Graves, Bob Stoner, Marv Ward and Steve Bordner encourage school-wide participation in the annual maga¬ zine campaign. In gym scene of the SCA’s Freshman Orientation play, upperclassmen Marv Ward and Steve Bordner tell “fresh¬ man” Boh Stoner how to Keep Her (an MV girl) In Her Place. Poor Stan, partially hidden by books, helps Key Club raise money in annual Key Club Slave Day. FACULTY AND STUDENTS A happy and memorable occasion, JoAnne Glisson taps Linda Metcalfe into the Keyette Club. Chris Ryan and Susan Walls listen as Miss Yutz assists in translation of French play Tartuffe. Judged on appearance, ingenuity, and connection with subject taught in class, Mr. Thomason’s fourth period won the annual door-decoration contest held by the Senior class at Christmas. ACCENT SCHOOL SPIRIT What is Mount Vernon High School? For some it is a community awhirl with activities and responsibil¬ ities. For others it is, temporarily, a resting place before the venture ahead. Whether Mount Vernon is a center of all of a student’s interests or only a part of a greater existence, the school has a different meaning for each per¬ son. Throughout the Surveyor , there are tangible memories for each stu¬ dent, regardless of how he views Mount Vernon. With precision and quick steps, the Mount Vernon drill team provides entertainment during halftime with a pin-wheel formation. Mr. Landes presents a lively folk song in Mount Vernon Madness, a talent show sponsored by the literary magazine. Led by Varsity and JV Cheerleaders, Seniors participate in pep rally at Senior Hall on day of basketball game with Woodson. Ppls Eisj ppt %.f m k ■ Sffi w. iiii f mkm l w iv i mm ■ET Hr 1 WkM, ' W School Board, Parent-Teachers Association MR. EARL C. FUNDERBURK has been Superintendent of Fairfax County Schools since July 1, 1961. Mr. Funderburk received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of North Carolina. Before his position in Fairfax County, he served as superintendent of the Eliza¬ beth City, Ashville City, and Wilmington-Hanover City Schools. an fax County School Board members, standing, from left to right- Willia R. Perlik from Dranesville District; Carl V. Lyon from Mason District; Job A. Goldsmith from Lee District; Howard 1 Futch from Mt. Vernon District; seated, le to right: William S. Hoofnagle, Chairmai from Centerville District; Kenneth N. Clarl Vice-Chairman, from Providence District and C. Turner Hudgins from Falls Churc District. Mount Vernon High School’s Parent-Teacher Association, from left to right: Mr. Peter Sitnik, President; Mrs. McElhinney, Vice- President; Mrs. Rush Elkins, Membership Chairman; Mrs. Weaver, Secretary; and Mr. C. W. Kitchens, Treasurer. Not Pictured is Mrs. Jean Shoemaker, Manpower Chairman. 16 Administration MR. MELVIN B. LANDES Principal B.A., McPherson College; M.A., George Washington Uni¬ versity. MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY Assistant Principal for Administration B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers College; M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh. What Mount Vernon student will forget the Majors’ most loyal fans, Mr. Kaz and his son, Jimmy? MR. STEWART W. CHRISTIANO Assistant Principal for Instruction B.A., University of Bridgeport; M.S., Uni¬ versity of Connecticut. Mr. Christiano’s busy job includes coordinating faculty activities. Here, he consults with Mr. Savage. 17 Influence of Guidance Felt MISS MILDRED J. LAPSLEY Guidance Director B.A., Mary Baldwin College; M.Ed., Univer¬ sity of Virginia? MR. EARL LAYNE Counselor A.B., M.A., West Virginia University. MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE Counselor B.A., New York University; M.A., George Washington University. Mr. Shelton conducts the fourth period Leadership Conference where subjects such as leadership qualities and student problems are discussed. Mrs. Reed, a new counselor at M.V. this year, dis¬ cusses a schedule problem with sophomore, Denise Dodge. 18 In All Phases of School Life Mr. Layne and a transfer student review the schedule this new Mount Vernonite will have. As part of Guidance’s college prep¬ aration program. Miss Lapsley goes over some pertinent college infor¬ mation with a group of juniors. MRS. MARGARET B. REED Counselor A.B., Westhampton College; M.A., University of Richmond. MR. BAKER 0. SHELTON Counselor A.B., Washington College; M.A., George Wash¬ ington University. MISS POLLY E. WAID Counselor B.S., Radford College; M.A., George Washing¬ ton University. 19 Administrative Secretaries Perform MRS. BILLIE GATES Administration Secretary MRS. HELEN T. MACHONIS Part Time Secretary MRS. M. DOROTHY RAFERT Administration Secretary A familiar sight in the main office every morning is Mr. Hatch and other faculty members emptying their mailboxes. 20 Invaluable Services MRS. IRIS M. CHAMBERS Guidance Secretary MRS. HAZEL JOHNSON Finance Office Director NS® Judy Thomas and Mrs. Gates try to " balance the books” during yearbook sales. Many an ailing student has gone to the school nurse, Mrs. Richardson, for help. Mrs. Richardson, who received her R.N. from the Ottawa Civics Hospital School of Nursing, was new at Mt. Vernon this year. 21 Librarians, Reading MRS. FRANCES R. PARRISH Librarian B.A., Flora McDonald College; M.A., College of William and Mary. MISS MARY E. CARPER Assistant Librarian B.S., Concord and Beckley Colleges. MRS. BARBARA A. P UET Visiting Teacher B.A., Emory and Henry College. Speed Reading, a new elective course at M.V. this year, was taught by Mr. Charles L. Barthe to students during their study halls. Mr. Barthe received his B.A. and M.A. Degrees from West Virginia University. 22 English Department MRS. HELEN T. BLALOCK Even the teachers joined the fun in the Transit Talent Show! Here, the golden-throated Mr. Thomason offers some selections from " South Pacific”, accompanied by Mr. Stein- bach. Mrs. Scudder dictates notes to one of her ambitious Frosh English classes. MRS. CATHERINE P. COOLEY English IV B.S., Mary Washington College. Graduate work, George Washington Univer¬ sity; College of William and Mary; George¬ town University. Senior Class Sponsor; English Department Head. English IV B.A., Colorado University; M.A., Indiana Uni¬ versity. MISS JOAN H. CARR U.S. History, English I B.A., Davis and Elkins College; I Junior Honor Society Sponsor. 23 Broadens Literary Horizons MISS JUDY M. FRIEDER English I, II B.A., University of North Carolina. Transit Sponsor. MRS. MAUREEN M. HODGSON English I and Journalism B.A., University of Pittsburgh. Em Vee Hi Sponsor. Miss Lapsley welcomes Professor Stevenson, from George Washington U., the guest speaker at the Senior Honor Society Inductions. MRS. MARIE V. KEHRLI English III, Advanced Composition B.A., Holy Names College; Standard General Certificate, Eastern Washington College. MISS MARY CLAIRE LACAS English III, French I B.S., Madison College. 24 Improves Writing Skills MR. HERMAN V. THOMASON English III B.A., Furman University; M.R.E., Southern Seminary. Junior Class Sponsor. MR. E. GUY WILSON, JR. English II B.A., University of Virginia. Sophomore Class Sponsor. Miss Frieder, sophomore English teacher, listens to the reply of one of the stu¬ dents in her first period class. 25 Social Studies Helps Us To MR. PATRICK J. FREEMAN World Geography B.A., St. Vincent College. Assistant J.V. Football Coach. MR. LAWRENCE W. HATCH U.S. and Va. Government and U.S. and Va. History B.S., Madison College; M.A., George Wash¬ ington University. Bridge, Guitar, and Key Clubs. MR. WILLIAM R. HEATH World Geography B.S., Mansfield State Teachers College. MISS ROBERTA A. LERG World History and Modern European His¬ tory B.A., Michigan State University. Mr. Heath, Social Studies teacher, is caught as he goes over student papers. MR. OSCAR MATCH U.S. and Va. Government B.A., M.A., M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh. S.C.A. Sponsor. 26 Better Understand Today’s World MRS. HATTIE G. QUINLEY World Geography B.S., Radford College; M.A., George Wash¬ ington University. Future Teachers Sponsor. MRS. SUE ROOKS U.S. and Va. Government A.B., College of William and Mary; North Carolina University. MR. RONALD J. SAVAGE U.S. and Va. History B.A., M.A., Catholic University of America. International Relations Club Sponsor. 27 Looks as if no one, even Geography teacher, Mr. Freeman, is exempt from homework! Math Develops Skills MR. RUSSELL T. CORDARO Geometry, Math B.S., Penn State University; A.E.E., Univer¬ sity of Scranton. MR. STANLEY L. FANT Geometry, Math II B.S., Wilson Teachers College. Wrestling Coach. MR. RUSSELL H. FERRY Algebra II, Trig-Functions, Matrix Algebra, Math I B.Sc., Virginia Military Institute. MRS. ELIZABETH P. GALIE Math I, General Business, Consumer Math B.S., Mary Washington College. MR. WILLIAM G. HAYHURST Algebra II-Trig., Trig-Functions, Analysis B.S., College of William and Mary; M.A., Uni versity of North Carolina. Freshmen Football Coach. The happiest teacher at M.V. has to be Mr. Grove! We probably just won a football game. 28 Used Throughout Later Life MRS. LULU R. MC FARLAND Algebra A.B., Guilford College. Graduate work, American University; Univer¬ sity of Virginia. MR. JOHN E. MILLER Algebra, Math II B.A., Emory and Henry College; M.A., George Peabody College. Varsity Football Coach. Mr. Maskalenko, who teaches Physics at M.V., explains a problem to parents on " Back-to-School” night. MRS. JANE M. O’BRIEN Algebra, Algebra II-Trig. B.A., Syracuse University. MR. WILLARD STRATTON Math I, Algebra, Geometry B.S., Morehead State College; M.A., Univer¬ sity of Kentucky. 29 Earth Science, Biology, MR. CHARLES L. COFFMAN Traditional Biology B.S., M.A., West Virginia University. MRS. ANNA MARIE HARDER Earth Science, Science 9 B.S., Immaculate College. Freshman Class; Keyette Club Sponsor. MR. PAUL MASKALENKO Physics B.S., East Carolina College. With the able assistance of Grayson Koogle, Mr. Woodard executes a chemistry demonstra¬ tion for his third period class. MR. FREDERICK H. POWELL BSCS Biology, Biology II B.S., Atlantic Christian College. 30 Physics, and Chemistry Mr. Powell explains an aspect of BSCS Biology to his students. MR. JOHN R. SAWYER Science 9 B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN BSCS Biology B.S., Alabama Teachers College; M.S., Florida State University. Biology Club Sponsor. MR. CHARLES J. WOODARD Chemistry B.S., Atlantic Christian College; M.A., Uni¬ versity of North Carolina. Science Club Sponsor. 31 Through Languages, Students MISS PATRICIA A. JACOB French I, II B.A., University of Illinois. French Club Sponsor. Miss Patricia Vaught, new to Mount Vernon this year, teaches German. She received her A.B. degree from the College of William and Mary. MRS. SONJA K. HOWELL French I, German II, III, IV B.S., Bradley University; University of North Carolina. German Club Sponsor; Girls’ Tennis Coach. MISS LAVINA C. TILSON Spanish II, III B.A., Berea College; M.A., University of Illi¬ nois. 32 Learn of Other Cultures MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN Spanish I B.A., McPherson College; M.A., Cornell Uni¬ versity; B.D., Bethany Seminary. Spanish Club; Spanish Honor Society Sponsor. MRS. PEARL F. YANCEY English II, Latin I, II, III B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers Col¬ lege. Junior Classical League Sponsor. MISS E. VIRGINIA YUTZ French II, III, IV, V B.A., Roanoke College; M.A., Duke Univer¬ sity. French Honor Society Sponsor; Girls’ Hockey Coach. The students in one of Mr. Vaughn’s Spanish classes learn by doing. 33 Business Teaches MRS. DOROTHY J. BROWN Bookkeeping, Typing I, II B.S., Mary Washington College; Collegiate Professional. MISS LUCY JANE LOWMAN Clerical Office Practice, Vocational Office Training B.S., Radford College. M.A., George Washington University. Surveyor Sponsor; Business Department Head. MRS. KATHERINE A. CASEY Typing I, II, Shorthand I, Personal Typing and Notehand B.S., Emmanuel College. 34 Valuable Vocational Skills MRS. MARY R. O’NEIL Typing I, II. Shorthand I B.S., Radford College. MRS. FLORENCE R. PROVANCE Typing I, Shorthand II, Bookkeeping I B.S., Duquesne University; M.E., University of Pittsburgh. Future Secretaries Sponsor. Miss Parker and Miss Vaught, both new teachers at M.V., pause for a moment on their way to class. MR. JOHN W. MINICHAN Distributive Education I, II B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute. D.E. Club Sponsor; Assistant Track Coach. ' §1 MR. JOHN SUMMERS Vocational Education B.S., Oklahoma State University. 35 Physical Education Teaches MR. EDWIN G. TAYLOR Physical Education, 9th Grade B.S., Concord College; M.S., University of Tennessee. Spiriters Sponsor; Athletic Director. Mr. Miller, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Minichan don’t look too happy at the progress of the Faculty-Varsity Basketball Game. MR. DAVID L. GROVE Physical Education, 10th Grade A.B., Shepherd College. Head Track and Field Coach; Assistant Foot¬ ball Coach. MR. EARNEST SNYDER Physical Education B.A., Glenville State Teachers College. Golf Coach. MR. JOHN J. YEDNOCK Physical Education, 9th and 10th Grade B.S., M.A., George Washington University. 36 Sportsmanship, Physical Fitness MRS. EDITH R. OLIVERIO Physical Education A.B., Fairmont State College; M.S., West Vir¬ ginia University. J.V. Hockey; Varsity Softball Coach; Cheer¬ leaders Sponsor. Keeping her eye on technique, Mrs. Oliverio teaches the girls in her first period P.E. class better basketball skills. MISS JOAN A. HELDER Physical Education B.S., Madison College. Varsity Basketball Coach. MISS PATRICIA M. PARKER Physical Education A.B., College of William and Mary. Intramurals; Softball Coach. 37 Homemaking Department MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER Home Economics I, II B.S., University of Minnesota. Co-Sponsor of FHA. MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON Home Economics I, III, IV B.S., Radford College; M.Ed., Virginia Poly¬ technic Institute. Co-Sponsor FHA. Mechanical Drawing teacher, Mr. Nurse, samples someone’s culinary delights at the German Club’s Ocktoberfest. 38 Industrial Arts MR. LESTER B. CROOM General Shop I B.S., East Carolina College. MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON General Shop I, II B.Ed., Eastern Illinois University. MR. WILLI 4M W. NURSE Mechanical Drawing I, IIA, 11B B.S., University of New York; M.A., George Washington University. Mrs. Harder, Mr. Powell, Mr. Coffman, Mr. Woodard, Mrs. Fancher, and Mr. Maskalenko pause for the lunch hour. 39 Dramatic and Creative Arts MRS. JANE P. KOFLER Art I B.A., Wellesley College; B.F.A., Art Institute of Chicago. MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE History of Art, Art II, III, IV A.B., University of Alabama. Art Club Sponsor. M.V.’s Drama teacher, Mr. Pauley? confers with Mr. Christiano on an aspect of one of Mr. Pauley’s productions. 40 Instrumental, Vocal Music MR. GENE A. STEINBACH Band Director B.M., Northwestern University; M.A., Catho¬ lic University. Majorettes; Color Guard Sponsor. Mr. Steinbach conducts his musically-inclined students during a Christmas program re¬ hearsal. Miss Hopkins, the " miracle worker” of the Choral Department, fills the halls with music as she conducts the Mixed Chorus. 41 Student Helpers First period student helpers: FIRST ROW: J. Eisenhart, J. Cline, C. Rice, C. Cruze, S. Lilly, D. Dodge. SECOND ROW: R. Marlott, S. Hall, K. Bradshaw, S. Moore, M. Tibbs, and R. Stopper. Second period student helpers: FIRST ROW: A Mikelson, L. Dickerson, J. Mann, D. Dunn, S. Keyes, S. Hillery. SECOND ROW: C. Breland, B. Springle, L. Stratton, G. Duckworth, R. Wallace, S. Bugbee, and P. Taylor. 42 Give Their Services Third period student helpers: FIRST ROW ' : K. Creamer, S. Harris, S. Vinay, D. Kozma, L. Prince, A. Leary, M. Polden. SECOND ROW ' : V. Irvine, J. Summers, S. Moore, A. Henderson, K. Pend- ley, E. Bibber, B. Walls, A. Waters. Fourth period student helpers: FIRST ROW ' : H. ' Rose, S. McDaniel, D. Crumm. SECOND ROW ' : C. Cook, P. Stedman, J. Schilling, K. Duvall, D. Sampson. 43 In the Library, Clinic, Fifth period student helpers: FIRST ROW: D. Dunn. B. Faulk, L. Jurasits. S. Feierabend, G. Campbell, B. Holliman. SECOND ROW: J. Hale, J. Jackson, J. Thorpe, S. Crafts, S. Partridge, S. Walls, D. Fraley. Sixth period student helpers: FIRST ROW: B. Martin, L. Wallace, D. Kozma, D. Bailey, A. Daffron, K. Kelly. SECOND ROW: L. Griffith, W. Logan, K. Stedman, M. Vermes, T. Scott, J. Egan, S. Partridge, E. McDonnell. 44 Guidance and Main Offices Seventh period student helpers: FIRST ROW: J. Biondolillo, P. Taylor, D. Blackman, G. Keys, M. Loder, S. Keville. SECOND ROW: M. Sullivan, J. Smith, J. MacKecknie, C. Harris, M. Myers, B. Smith. Bus drivers: Mrs. Cash. Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Sanford, B. Murphy, Mrs. Niven, Mrs. Colpe, Mr. Reese, Mrs. Shumaker, Mrs. Erikson, and F. Lawrence. Bus drivers: Mrs. Paine, Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Hall, B. Niven, and the reluctant Mr. Reese! 45 Indispensable Helpers What would 1500 starving students do each day at about 11:00 without our friendly cafeteria workers? STANDING: K. Parry, M. Cummings, R. O’Neil. I. Bowman, S. Kimble, H. Padberg, M. Oshima, and E. Davis. SITTING: F. Cave, M. Strobel, M. Seabloom, D. Swor, N. Roop, O. Kean, snd E. Lam. Many a delinquent locker has been fixed by one of our efficient custodians! J. Fisher, P. Nelson, and J. Walker. And how about broken windows in “danger” areas such as Senior Hall? C. Saunders, Yeanran, J. Mocks, E. Dod¬ son. 46 Snaps Around the School Cf RhTE Th.% i«£ PROOERly PLEfiSE " , PlSAse pt£»se Karen Elton and Cheryl Ford get ready to mineograph a teacher’s assignment. Miss Vaught instructs her class in AL-M German I From the smile on Mrs. Storbel’s face, it looks as if the books just balanced. Mrs. Strobel is our very efficient cafeteria manager. Miss Lapsley, Guidance Director, offers counsel and advice to a grateful Mount Vernon student. Mrs. O’Neil and Mrs. Padberg, cafteria cashiers, count out the lunch money for one day. 47 CLASSES wJtr ' . The Class of 1965 Senior Class Officers, SITTING: Suzanne Hinson, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. Catherine Cooley, sponsor. STANDING: Bill Taylor, president; and Mike Frank, vice-president. 50 Has the Distinction Altha Marie Adams Linda Leigh Adams Linda Adams poses for her cap-and-gown picture prior to the opening of school. Nadia Elizabeth Ammer Bruce Abbot Baker Judith Marie Armstrong Lynn Phyllis Balough Denise Kay Bailey Margaret Condace Barry Constance Louise Baird George Milton Bennett 51 Of Being the Robert Irving Berry Ethel Grace Bibber James Douglas Bradley Carlus Wayne Brelund Carolyn Cook shows Sandy Smith how to type a stencil for the Guidance Office. Jack Paul Biondolillo Kathleen Patricia Bradshaw Bobby Darnell Brown Marion Elizabeth Callaway 52 Twenty-Fifth Class William Francis Convery Robert Duran Cole Michael Carl Colozzi Carolyn Ann Cook Cindi Lou Cooke Mr. Fant and Nikki Looft violate the first “Law of the Library” by sitting in studyhall talking! Lynn Marie Cooksey Sandra Lynn Cothran Betty Ann Cox 53 To Graduate from Wendy Elizabeth Crann Linda Ann Crabtree Bill Heston patiently endures the routine procedures of a physical for football. Kathleen Louise Dalton Donna Sue Davenport 54 Mount Vernon High School. Gail Margaret Campbell Mark William Campbell Stanley Banks Cancilla James Richard Carlin Donna Jean Cason Iris Catherine Chamberlain Leon Blakely Cheek, III Janis Eillen Cleveland Dena Corinne Cipolla Laura Dian Cogburn Judy Thomas helps Bob Polk clean out his locker before leaving for Christmas vacation. 55 William Gregory Deeth Sherry Ann Derschinger As We, Members of Lynn Howard Dickerson Rodney Stephen Dillon Francis Joseph Doran Co-captains Cheryl Ford and Jackie Mitchell listen atten¬ tively to the coach prior to the last hockey game of the season. Deborah Davis Dodge Darlene Daye Dowhower Kenneth Courtney Roger Drake Sally Ann Duckwall George Harold Duckworth 56 the Silver Class, Sharon Jane Duvall Jerry Bruger, Wayne Norman, and Jimmy Mayes order their senior pictures from the Zamski representatives. Karen Eileen Elton Janice Elaine Eisenhart Penny Sue Estes Dianne Marie Dunn Robert Earl Eastman Judith Therese Egan Linda Kay Estes Adela Victoria Estrada 57 Pass Through the Milton Bennett, president of the Senior Honor Society, speaks to the student body at the Honor Society Inductions ceremony. William Rudolphe Ewald Nancy Lou Feierabend Linda Ann Flores Stephen Larry Ford Cynthia Ann Faris Cathryn Lee Fick Cheryl Ann Ford Michael James Foxworth 58 Portals of MVHS, Students take advantage of the library to study during their lunch shifts. Janies Michael Frank, Jr. James Stuart Fuller F. Randall Garrett Robin Ann Garrett Jo Anne Glisson Julianna Vera Goldberg Annabel Darden Graves Richard Stephen Graves Cheryl Kay Grazier Nancy Jane Gribble Russell Linwood Gross, II Mary Evelyn Haaser 59 We Shall Carry Sally Duckwall cheers with excitement as the Majors move toward a touchdown. Linda Rae Hacker Sharron Ann Hall Susan Kay Hall George Frederick Hambach John Charles Hambleton, II JoAnne Fead Hancock Sandra Page Harris Thomas Lee Harris 60 Fond Memories Kathleen Harst Joan Marie Hart Senior Pam Taylor gets measured for her class ring by Donna Lynn Hartman the Balfour Company representative. Lynn Ballance Haseman Martha Ann Haynie Jonathon Jacques Hein William Albert Heston Laurie Ann Heymont 61 of the Past Janet Virginia Jackson Sherry Lee Jackson Candis Ann Jillson Robert Dean Johnson Carol Ann Jones Charles Louis Judice, Jr. Louise Mary Jurasits Karla Ann Kappel Cynthia Anne Keelin Senior boys exercise their lawn priveleges during lunch. 62 Four Years Members of Mrs. Blalock’s first period English class participate in a class discussion on the Shake¬ spearean stage. Mary Matilda Kearns John Edward Kelly Karen Paula Kelly Eleanor Maryanne Keville Sarah Marybelle Keville Linda DeLaine Kincheloe Marion Gayle Kirchner Denise Ann Kozma Frank John Kuhn Ronald Lee Lam Frances Caroline Lane Lloyd Nathaniel Lang, III 63 the Doughnut Sales, Richard Alan Lang Francis McQuaid Lawrence Peggy Jean Layman Robert Bruce Lemer Pretty “calendar-girl” Kathy Bradshaw prepares the SCA Mary Anne Loder Activities calender for October. Nikki Lynn Looft Jennings William Lovitt Joan North Mackechnie 64 the Dinosaur, Dennis Hyatt Malone Judith Ann Mann Senior Guide, Nikki Looft, directs bewildered Seniors, Debbie Young, Barbie Roysden, and Nancy Gribble, to their homerooms on the fir st day of school. Walter Allen Mann, Jr. Rolla Mahlon Marlatt, Jr. Cheryl Lee Marr David Taylor Marr Susan Kathleen Martin Jane Raye Mathews Jimmie Marrel Mayes Sandra Lea McDaniel 65 Charles Morgan ' South Pacific” and Barbara Susan McLennan w Jacqueline Sue Mitchell Guy Monroe Moose, Jr. John Raymond Miller Steven Thomas Monroe Patricia Marie McLellan Linda Marie Metcalfe Ina Raye Moore Members of the drill team prepare to march onto the field for the pep rally. Robert Dean Meredith 66 " My Fair Lady, Janice Elaine Momingstar Linda Diane Moss Robert Earl Murphy, Jr. Linda Ann Murray Mary Suzanne Nalls Seniors Jo Glisson, Jerry Bmger, and Fred VanAtta count the profits from the magazine campaign sponsored by the SCA. Nancy Ann Nash Lana Jean Newell Charles Miles Niven 67 Hootenannies, Nikki Looft measures Susan McLennan’s head size to or¬ der her cap and gown for graduation. Kenny Wayne Norman Joan Marie Okstulski George Marshal Olson George Martin Osbourne Christina Ann Pappas Lillian Adelle Parker Benjamin Alger Parks David Samuel Parry Suzanne Partridge Inga Lee Pedersen 68 Kenneth Wayne Pendley Paul Wayne Redfem Charlene Kay Rice the Beatles, William Eugene Petersen Carolyn Catherine Pilch Mary Sue Polden William Leroy Power William Ralph Reed Lawrence Frederick Riegner Seniors gather in the Senior Hall for last minute cram¬ ming or friendly chatting, however the case may be. 69 the Mounted Major Barbara Jo Roysden James Denman Rush Ronald Eugene Russell Bob Johnson and Paul Redfern look over the merits of Ferrum Junior College during Col¬ lege Night at Fort Hunt High School. Steven Leroy Ross Christopher Richard Ryan Elwood Windsor Rye Darla Auroha Robenolt Marsha Elaine Rose Claude Marvin Sanford, Jr. Helen Elisabeth Rose 70 and Homecoming, Mary Ann SanLuis Stephen Kim Sargeant Dean Tipa helps support the Senior Class by purchasing a bookcover from Chris Ryan. An¬ other “Senior-hopeful,” Walt Winneberger views the transaction. Jacqueline Kay Schilling James Monroe Saucerman Roger Maynard Savoy Sally Ann Schick Diana Lee Schutt Gracie Linda Sheehan Ronda Lynn Shepherd Paul Francis Shimon 71 the Junior Prom Suellen Frances Sirbaugh Cynthia Kathleen Smith Sandra Jay Smith William Alvin Smith Francis Herbert Speed, Jr. Katherine Ann Stedman Randall Parker Stein Robert Joseph St. Onge Linda Kay Stratton A Senior Class Council meeting of a less serious nature! 72 1 Aboard the " Diplomat’ Robert Walter Stringer Stephen Henry Strom Susan Lee Sullivan Joan Erika Summers Robert Arnold Sweatt Danny Keith Tanner Carolyn Curley Taylor Ernest Roy Taylor Pamela DeVore Taylor Chris Pappas, Cathy Fick, Tom Cunningham, Robert Meredith, and Karen Elton take notes at a Senior Class Council meeting in order to report back to their English classes. 73 the Silver Dance, Carolyn Pilch, Judy Thomas, Nancy Gribble, Nikki Looft, and Irene Jordan, representatives to the American University Yearbook Forum, pose for the photographer. Susan Marie Thomas Tannie Lee Thomasson Patricia Morgan Taylor William Edwin Taylor David Gene Thompson William Brockenbrough Taylor, Jr. Steven Robert Tesko Mary Kieffer Thompson Margaret Ann Tibbs 74 the Senior Prom, Jerry Wayne Tollander Charlotte Darlene Tomlin Linda Dianne Tourtillott Rudolph Emil Treder Lucian King Truscott, IV Linda Ann Tucker Fred Hamilton Van Atta Mark Philip Van Sickle Martha Maye Vermes Varsity cheerleaders, led by co-captains Annabel Graves and Sally Duckwall, form the traditional Friendship Circle at the Groveton game. 75 Baccalaureate Charles Robert Wallace Susan Anne Walls Marvin Landion Ward Mary Kathleen Warehime Guy Robert Webb Frank Richard Wasuta Sue Partridge and Judy Egan prepare the Daily Bulletin. Thomas Leslie Wedel Robert Dean West John David White Lynn Elmore Wilson 76 and Graduation Wallace Richard Wittwer Maureen Louise Witham Brenda Ann Withrow Judy Ann Wittig Verl Bernard Zanders Debra Lee Young Christina Lee Wood Miss Lapsley pins a carnation on Brian Bryson as Laurie Heymont signs the Senior Honor Soci¬ ety register. 77 Senior Directory ADAMS, LINDA LEIGH. Transferred from Munich Ameri¬ can High School, Munich, Germany. Activities: Pep Club, 1, Munich High School; Future Secretaries of America, 1, Mount Vernon. ADAMS, AI.THA MARIE. Transferred from Therrell High School, Atlanta, Georgia. Activities: Latin Club, 1, Mount Vernon; Future Homemakers of America, 4, President, 1, Vice President, 1, Mount Vernon; Spanish Club, 3, Mount Vernon; Spiriters Club, 1, Mount Vernon; Spanish Honor Society, 1, Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Basketball and Softball Junior Varsity Letters; Basketball and Softball Varsity Letters; Future Homemakers of America Junior and Chapter Degrees; and Future Homemakers of America State Scholarship Committee. Sports: Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball, forward; Junior Varsity and Varsity Softball, catcher; Junior varsity and Varsity Hockey, Manager. AMMER, NADIA ELISABETH. “Bobi.” Transferred from Highland High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Activi¬ ties: Biology Club, 1, Art Club, 1, Highland High School: Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1, and Jun¬ ior Class Council Representative, 1, Mount Vernon. ARMSTRONG, JUDITH MARIE. “Judy.” Transferred from Garfield High School, Woodbridge, Virginia. Activities: Newspaper Staff, 1, Fort Knox High School: Girls’ Chorus, 3; Mixed Chorus, 4; and Majorettes, 4 Mount Vernon. BAILEY, DENISE KAY. Activities: Drill Team, 1; Chorus, 1; Future Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian 1; Latin Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; and Student Cooperative Association, 3. BAIRD, CONNIE LOUISE. “Connie.” Activities: Drill Team, 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleader, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 1; representa¬ tive; Pep Club, 2; and Spanish Club, 2. Special Honors: Sec¬ ond Place in Science F air. BAKER, BRUCE ABBOTT. Transferred from East Anchor¬ age High School, Anchorage, Alaska. Activities: National George Duckworth, Martha Vermes, and Nancy Nash are among the seniors taking the Air Force Qualifying Exam. Thespian Society, 2, Mount Vernon High School, and Junior Class Council Representative. Special Honors: Letter in Drama, American Junior Red Cross, Science Fair Award, Manager of football team, “My Fair Lady,” and “Stage Door,” Mount Vernon. BALOUGLI, LYNN PHYLLIS. Transferred from Edmond¬ son High School, Baltimore, Maryland. Activities: Latin Club, Science Club, Math Club, 1, Edmondson; French Club, Pep Club, Future Teachers of America, Girls’ Chorus, 1; Select Girls’ Chorus, Mount Vernon. BARRY, MARGARET CONDACE. Transferred from Colonial Heights High School, Colonial Heights, Virginia. Activities: Pep Club, Student Cooperative Association, National Thespian So¬ ciety, Colonial Heights High School; Sports: Varsity Hockey, wing. Mount Vernon. BENNETT, GEORGE MILTON. Activities: Key Club, 3; Senior Honor Society, 2, President, 1; French Honor Society, 2, President, 1; Letterman’s Club, 2, Vice President, 1; Jun¬ ior Honor Society, 2; Junior Class Council, 1; Special Hon¬ ors: Academic Letter, 3; Boys’ State 1964; National Merit Letter of Commendation. Sports: Football, Junior Varsity Guard, 1, Varsity, Quarterback, 2; Wrestling, 2, 145 pound; Baseball, Junior Varsity infield, 1, Varsity infield, 2. BERRY, ROBERT IRVING. “Bob.” BIBBER, ETHEL GRACE. “Effie.” Activities: Art, 3; Sports: Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Forward and Guard, Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, Left Inner, Varsity Hockey, 1, Left Inner. BIONDOLILLO, JACK PAUL. Activities: Student Coopera¬ tive Association Representative, 1, Alternate, 1; Distributive Education Parliamentarian, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Senior Class Council, 1; and Freshman Activity Council, 1. Special Hon¬ ors: Junior Class Float. BRADLEY, JAMES DOUGLAS, “Jim.” Transferred from H. H. Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Activities: Math Club, 1; and Stamp Club, 1; H. H. Arnold High School. Sports: Junior Varsity wrestling, 1; and Varsity wrestling, 1. BRADSHAW, KATHLEEN PATRICIA. “Kathy.” Activi¬ ties: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; Keyette Club, 2, vice- president, 1; Junior Honor -Society, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 1; National Honor Society, 2; Drill Team, 3, treasurer, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 3, treasurer, 1, vice-presi¬ dent, 1; and Activity Council, 1, president, 1. Special Hon¬ ors: Parent-Teacher Sophomore English Award; Junior Who’s Who; Girls’ State; National Merit Letter of Com¬ mendation; First Place Award Mount Vernon Beauty Con¬ test; and Senior Homecoming Princess. BRECKON, DALE EUGENE. Transferred from Waynesville High School, Waynesville, Missouri. Activities: Drama Club, 2, vice-president; Letterman’s Club, 3; Bible Club, 2; Karate Club, 3; Audio-Visual Club, 2, president; Freshman Class, vice-president; Sophomore Class, secretary-treasurer; Stu¬ dent Council, vice-president; and Fort Leonard Wood Youth Court, jury foreman. Sports: Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity football, half; Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity basketball; forward; Freshman and Varsity baseball, left field. BRELAND, CARLUS WAYNE. Transferred from Waianae High School, Waianae, Oahu. Hawaii. Activities: P. A. Com¬ mittee, 2; Prom Committee, 2; Activities Committee, 2; Stu¬ dent Government, 2; Treasurey Committee, 2; Play Commit¬ tee, 2; and Junior Class Activities, 2. BROWN, BOBBY DARNELL, “Bob,” Transferred from El Cerrito High School, El Cerrito, California. Sports: Wres¬ tling, Mount Vernon. 78 Senior Directory BRUGER, GERARD EDWARD, “Jerry,” Transferred from Hampton High School, Hampton, Virginia. Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1; and Pep Club, 1. Special Honors: Homecoming Commit¬ tee; Freshman Orientation; Magazine Campaign Chairman; and Prom Committee. Sports: Intramural Basketball, guard, Mount Vernon and Hampton. BYRD, GEOFFREY SCOTT, “Geff,” Transferred from Grove- ton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. CALLAWAY, MARION ELIZABETH, transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria Virginia. Activities: Ma¬ jorette, secretary, 2; Student Cooperative Association 1; Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 1. CAMPBELL, GAIL MARGARET, Activities: Student Coop¬ erative Association Representative, 1. CAMPBELL, MARK WILLIAM, “MayPo.” CANCILLA, STANLEY BANKS, “Stan,” Activities: Rocket Club, 1. CARLIN, JAMES RICHARD, “Jim,” Special Honors: Letter for Junior Varsity Baseball Manager. Sports: Baseball, man¬ ager, Mount Vernon. Special Honors: “South Pacific,” Mount Vernon. CASON, DONNA JEAN CHAMBERLAIN, IRIS CATHERINE, Transferred from Ir¬ vin High School, El Paso, Texas, and Lee High School, Springfield, Virginia. Activities: French Club, 1, Irvin High School. CHEEK, LEON BLAKELY, III, “Blake,” Transferred from Aberdeen High School, Aberdeen, Maryland. Activities: Spanish Club, I; Chess Club; Em Vee Hi Photographer; Vice President, International Relations Society, 1; Student Cooperative Association Alternate, 1; Photo Club, 1; News¬ paper Reporter, 1. Special Honors: The Laurie Heymont Award for Special Achievement in Scholastic Journalism. Sports: Wrestling, Junior Varsity, Aberdeen High School. CIPOLLA, DENA CORINNE, Transferred from Bad Annabel Graves, President of the SCA, speaks at a banquet held at Fort Hunt High School. : • f f • 1 1 r i . it if Kreuznach American High School, Bad Kreuznach, Ger¬ many, High Point High School, College Park, Maryland, and Petersburg Harris High School, Petersburg, Illinois. Activi¬ ties: German Club, 2; Home Economics Club, 2; Newspa¬ per, 2; Bad Kreuznach American High School. Pep Club, 1; D. E. Club, 1; School Play, 1; Junior Classical League, 1; Mount Vernon High School. CLEVELAND, JANIS EILEEN, Activities: Biology Club, 1; Color Guard, 3; Red Cross Volunteer, 3; Dewitt Hospital. Special Honors: Choral Letter: 1; Continuing Bars, 2; Color Guard Letter. COGBURN, LAURA DIAN. Transferred from Oslo Ameri¬ can School, Oslo, Norway. Activities: Glee Club, Sewing Club, Student Council, 1, Oslo. Special Honors: Honor Roll, Honorable mention in Science Fair, First Place in Science Fair, Physical Science Division; Certificate for typing ser¬ vices, Typing award for speed and accuracy, Manager of school store, 3 academic courses taken by correspondence under the University of Nebraska, Oslo American School; Concert Choir accompaniest, Mount Vernon. COLE, ROBERT DURAN, “Bob.” Transferred from Carroll High School, Fort Rucker, Alabama. Activities: Booster Club, 1, Pemberton High School; French Club, 1, Carrol High School. COLOZZI, MICHAEL CARL, “Mike.” Transferred from Hampton High School, Hampton, Virginia. Activities: News¬ paper circulation manager, SCA representative, Hampton High School; Spanish Club, 2, Spiriters, 1, Homecoming Committee, Publicity Committee, Prom Committee, and Freshman Orientation, Mount Vernon. CONVERY, WILLIAM FRANCIS, “Billy.” Transferred from Hanau Junior High School, Hanau, Germany. Activi¬ ties: German Club, 1, Hanau Junior High School. Special Honors: Football letter, football trophy. Sports: Freshman football, right end; and Freshman baseball, outfield; Hanau Junior High. COOK, CAROLYN ANN. Activities: Future Homemakers of America Club, 1; Pep Club, 3; Drill Team, 1; Student Gov¬ ernment Representative, 1; Student Government Alternate Representative, 1, Mount Vernon High School. Special Hon¬ ors: Drill Team Letter; Junior Class Float Committee. COOKE, CINDI LOU. Transferred from Richard Henry Dana Junior High School, San Pedro, California, and West- moor High School, Daly City, California. Activities: Secre¬ tary, Ninth Grade Council; Secretary, Student Council, 1; Master Mariners, 1; Vice president, GALS; Co-captain, Com¬ modores; Dana Junior High School. California Scholarship Federation, 1; German Club, 1; Westmoor High School. Secretary, Keyette Club, 2; Spiriters, 1; Mount Vernofi High. Special Honors: Gold Seal on Ninth Grade diploma, Outstanding Citizenship Award, Second Place in school Sci¬ ence Fair, and Letter of Commendation, National Merit. COOKSEY, LYNN MARIE. “Cookie.” COTHRAN, SANDRA LYNN. “Sandy.” Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2. COX, BETTY ANN. Transferred from Ramstein Junior High School, Ramstein, Germany. Activities: Distributive Education Vice President, 1. Special Honors: Varsity letters in basketball, softball and hockey; most valuable softball player trophy. Sports: Junior varsity and varsity basketball, center forward; junior varsity and varsity softball, catcher; junior varsity hockey, right inner; and varsity hockey, cen¬ ter forward and right inner. CRABTREE, LINDA ANN. Special Honors: Virginia Girls’ State, 1. 79 Senior Directory CRANN, WENDY ELIZABETH. French Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Bridge Club, 3, vice president, 1, secretary, 1; International Relations Society, 1; Freshman Mixed Chorus; Girls’ Cho¬ rus; Concert Choir, 2; Madrigals, 1; and “My Fair Lady.” Special Honors: Choral letter and two bars; academic letter, junior year. CULEN, DAVID FRANCIS. Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Sidney Lanier High School. Sports: Varsity swim¬ ming, 1; Sidney Lanier High School. Varsity track, high jump, 2; Mount Vernon. CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS EDWARD. JR. Activities: Key Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 1; Senior Class Council, 1; Letterman’s Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Band, 1; Spanish Club, 2. Special Honors: 4 letters Varsity Baseball; 1 letter Junior Varsity Football; 1 letter Band. Sports: Var¬ sity Baseball, 4, Pitcher, Outfield; Football, Junior Varsity, End, 1; Freshman Football, End, 1, Varsity Football, End, 1. DALTON, KATHLEEN LOUISE, “Kathi.” Activities: French Club, 3; Drill Team, 2; “South Pacific”; “My Fair Lady”; Concert Choir, 1; International Relations Society, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Pep Club, 1. Special Honors: National Merit Letter of Commendation; Drill Team Letter and Bar: Choir Letter. DAVENPORT, DONNA SUE, Transferred from Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes EST, California. DAVIS, GLENN ANTHONY, Transferred from: Vanden- berg Senior High School, Lompoc, California. Activities: Drama Club, 1; Science Club, 1; Yearbook Worker, 1: Van- denberg; Spanish Club, 1 Mount Vernon. DAWSON, DALLAS ORION, IT, Spiriters. DEAN, PATSY MARIE, Transferred from: Thomas A. Edi¬ son High, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Distributed Educa¬ tion Club. Captain Nikki Looft and President Pat McLellan lead the drill team in half-time ceremonies at the last home game of the season. DEEDS, CAROL LEE. Transferred from Havelock High School, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Debate Club, 2; Library, 2; and Biology Club, 2. Havelock High School. Pep Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Yearbook, 1; Student Cooperative Association Cabinet Head and Representative, 1; Senior Class Council Representative, 1; Freshman Orientation 1; Welcoming Committee, 1; Student Council Federation, 1; Prom Com¬ mittee, 1; and Homecoming Committee, 1. DEETH, WILLIAM GREGORY, “Greg.” Activities: Spanish Club, 1. DERSCHINGER, SHERRY ANN. Transferred from Battin High School, Elizabeth, New Jersey. Activities: Senate, 1; and Bluebells, 1. Battin High School. Stage Crew and Make¬ up for Drama Department, Mount Vernon. DICKERSON, LTNNE HOWARD. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, 3; Pep Club, 1; Girls’ and Mixed Chorus, 2; Drill Team, 3; and Chairman of Deco¬ rations, Junior Prom, 1. DILLON, RODNEY STEPHEN. Transferred from Biloxi Senior High School. Biloxi. Mississippi. Activities: Masque and Gavel Society, 2; Thespian Society, 1, Biloxi High School; Student Cooperative Association, 1, Mount Vernon. DODGE, DEBORAH DAVIS, “Debbie.” Activities: Pep Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association Representative and Alternate Representative, 2; Drill Team, 2, Squad Leader, 1; Sophomore Homecoming Committee, 1; Junior Homecoming Committee, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Sophomore Class Representative, 1: Decoration Committee for Junior Prom, 1; Spiriters, 1, Mount Vernon High School. DORAN, FRANCIS J. “P ' rank.” Activities: Spanish Club, 1. Sports: Junior Varsity and Varsity Wrestling, 103 lb.; and Track, 3. DOWHOWER, DARLENE DAYE. Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, 2; and Biology Club, 1. DRAKE, KENNETH COURTNEY, “Byrd.” Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activi¬ ties: Student Cooperative Association, Department of Interior, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; and Freshman Chorus. Groveton High School. Guitar Club, 1, Secretary-Treasurer; Spiriters, 1; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1; Con¬ cert Choir, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Fairfax County Chorus, 1; Madrigal Singers, 2; Spiriter Hootenanny, 1; and “My Fair Lady.” Mount Vernon. Sports: Intramural basketball, 1; In¬ tramural football, 1; Groveton High School. Intramural basketball, 2; Mount Vernon. DUCKWALL, SALLY ANN, “Duck.” Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, 1: Student Cooperative Association Representa¬ tive, 2; Pep Club, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 2; Keyettes, 2; “Stage Door;” “Once Around the Block;” and American University Forensic Contest. Special Honors: 1964 Homecoming Queen. DUCKWORTH, GEORGE HAROLD, “Hal.” Transferred from: Lathrop High School, Fairbanks, Alaska. Activities: Senior Honor Society, 2; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Member of quiz team for “It’s Academic” 1964; PTA Achieve¬ ment Award in Biology, 1963; PTA Ach ievement Award in English III; Academic Letters, 1963-64; and National Merit Semi-Finalist, 1964. DUNN, DIANNE MART. “DeDo,” Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, 1; and Student Cooperative Association, 2. Sports: Junior Varsity basketball, forward. DUVALL, SHARAN JANE, “Sharon.” Activities: Interna¬ tional Relations Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Christ- 80 Senior Directory mas Club, Vice President, 1, Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: Best dressed couple at the Keyette Fashion Show. EASTMAN, ROBERT EARL, “Bob.” Transferred from Pine Forest High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Activities: French Club, 2; Science Club, 2; Sophomore Class Presi¬ dent, 1, Pine Forest High School. Sports: Varsity football, fullback, 3, Pine Forest High School; Varsity basketball, guard, 1, Junior Varsity, 2, Pine Forest High School; Varsity football, fullback, 1, Mount Vernon High School. EGAN, JUDITH THERESE, “Judy.” Transferred from Du¬ Pont High School, Tacoma, Washington. Activities: Pep Club, 1, DuPont High, 2, Mount Vernon High; French Club, 1, DuPont High, 1, Mount Vernon High; G.A.A., 1, DuPont High School. Special Honors: Letter Award for G.A.A., Du¬ Pont High School. EISENHART, JANICE ELAINE. Activities: Bible Club, 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Freshman Chorus, 1; Select Girls’, 1; Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: Chorus Letter, Bar, and Pin. ELDER, DOUGLAS ALAN, “Granny.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Biology Club, 1; International Relations Club, 2; Madrigal Singers, 1; Concert Choir, 2.; Spiriters, 1; Transit Literary and Art Magazine, 1; Alternate S.C.A. Representa¬ tive, 1; Key Club, 1; Secretary of Public Relations of S.C.A., 1; Llead of Freshman Orientation Committee of S.C.A., 1; “My Fair Lady,” Ascot Gavotte. Sports: Freshman Basket¬ ball, 1, forward; Junior Varsity Basketball, forward, 2; Var¬ sity Basketball, forward, 1. Special Honors: Certificate for outstanding class Achievement on the Twenty-eighth Annual Time Magazine Current Affairs Test. ELTON, KAREN EILEEN, “Elbe.” Transferred from Wheelus Senior High School, Tripoli, Libya and Midwest City High School, Midwest City, Oklahoma. Activities: Student Council, 1; Freshman Council, 1; Band, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Wheelus Senior High School. French Club, 2; Band, 1; Midwest City High School. Senior Council; Future Secre¬ taries of America; and Student Cooperative Association Rep- Fred VanAtta and Margaret Tibbs study the map of Fort . Hunt High School -— the host for the 1964-65 College Night. resentative, 1; Mount Vernon. Sports: Water Ballet; Soft- ball, left field, 1; Wheelus Senior High School. ESTES, LINDA KAY. Activities: Future Homemakers of America and Federation Representative, 1; and Pep Club, 1. Special Honors: Attended State Future Homemakers of America Convention, Roanoke, Virginia; and Junior, Chap¬ ter and State degrees in Future Llomemakers of America. ESTES, PENNY SUE. ESTRADA, ADELA VICTORIA. Transferred from Pontiac Central High School, Pontiac, Michigan, and Saint Frederick High School, Saint Frederick, Michigan. Activities: Future Nurses Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; and Teen Club, 1; Saint Fred¬ erick High. Future Nurses Club, 1; Pontiac Central High School; and Spanish Club, 1; Mount Vernon. Sports: Bas¬ ketball, guard; Saint Frederick High School. EWALD, WILLIAM RUDOLPHE, “Bill,” Transferred from Alexander Graham Bell, Jr. High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Special Honors: Varsity letter, cross-country and wrestling; and Junior Varsity certificate in Wrestling. Sports: Junior Varsity and Varsity wrestling; and track, cross-country. FARIS, CYNTHIA ANN, “Cindy,” Transferred from Robert S. Kerr Junior High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ac¬ tivities: Pep Club, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; and Girls’ Chorus, 1; Kerr Junior High. Mixed Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Inter¬ national Relations Society, 1, secretary-treasurer; and “My Fair Lady”; Mount Vernon. Special Honors; Rating of II for Solo in district contest in Oklahoma City; Outstanding mem¬ ber of Pep Club; and Choral Letter and Bar; Mount Ver¬ non. Rating of II, 1963, and III, 1964, for Solo in Fairfax County contest; and “My Fair Lady.” FEIERABEND, NANCY LOU. Transferred from Sundance High School, Sundance, Wyoming. Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, 1; Pep Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2; Cheerleader 2; Majorette, 1; Sophomore Class, 1, treasurer; Sundance High School; and Junior Classical League, 1, Mount Vernon. Sports: Varsity volleyball, 1; Sundance High School. FICK, CATHRYN LEE, “Cathy.” Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, song leader, 2; Spiriters, 1; Student Co¬ operative Association, 1; Yearbook, trainee and Freshman Class, 1; Sophomore Council, Bulletin Board Committee, 1; Senior Council, Prom Committee, 1; Color Guard, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 1; and “My Fair Lady,” Cast. Spe¬ cial Honors: Chorus Letter. FISHER, RONNIE KEITH, “Ron.” Activities: Lettermen Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, 1. Sports: Junior Varsity and Varsity Football Letters; two Junior Varsity Football Letters; Four Varsity Baseball Letters; Two Junior Varsity Basketball Letters; Junior Varsity and Varsity Foot¬ ball, halfback and fullback; Freshman and Varsity Basket¬ ball, guard; Four Years Varsity Baseball, outfield. FLORES, LINDA ANN. Transferred from Nurnberg Ameri¬ can High School, Nurnberg, Germany. Activities: Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 1; Travel Club, 2; Cheerleader, 3; Junior Prom Committee, 1. Special Honors: Sophomore Valentine Ball Queen. FORD, CHERYL ANN. Transferred from Sacred Heart Acad¬ emy High School, Biloxi, Mississippi. Activities: Freshman Council, Carroll High; Future Teachers Association, 1; Girls’ Athletic Association, 1; Spiriters’ Club, 1; Mount Ver¬ non. Sports: Junior Varsity Basketball, forward, Carrol High; Varsity Hockey, wing, and center forward; Junior Varsity Softball, catcher, and second; Mount Vernon. 81 Senior Directory FORD, STEPHEN LARRY, “Wip.” Activities: Pep Club, 1; Guitar Club, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Madrigals, 1. FOX, CHERYL JEANEETE, “Foxie.” Transferred from E. E. Smith Senior High, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Activi¬ ties: Future Homemakers of America, 1; Booster Squad, 1; Chorus Club, 2; Basketball Committee, 1. Sports: Basket¬ ball, Table Tennis, and Shuffleboard; E. E. Smith High. Var¬ sity Basketball, forward; and Varsity Softball, shortstop; Mount Vernon. FOXWORTH, MICHAEL JAMES, “Foxy.” Transferred from Havelock High School, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Activi¬ ties: International Relations, 2; Mount Vernon. FRANK, JOHN MICHAEL JUNIOR, “Mike.” Activities: Key Club, 2; Senior Class Vice President; Spiriters, 1; Stu¬ dent Cooperative Association Representative, 2; Newspa per, 1; Letterman’s Club, 1. Sports: Junior Varsity Football, guard, 1; Varsity Football, guard, 2; Junior Varsity Baseball, catcher, 2; Varsity Track 1. FULLER, JAMES STUART, “Jim.” Transferred from Goose Bay High School, Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. Activities: Student Council Representative, 2; Senior National Honor Society, 1, Goose Bay; German Club, 1; Senior National Honor Society, 1; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Junior Classical League. Sports: Varsity Hockey, forward; Varsity Soccer, halfback; Goose Bay High School. Junior Varsity Wrestling, 145 lb.; and Varsity football, halfback; Mount Vernon High. GARRETT, RANDALL F., “Randy.” Transferred from Pacific High School, San Bernardino, California and Kaisers- lavtern American High, Kaiserslavtern, Germany. Activities: Mutineers, 2; Galahads, 1; Pacific High School. SCA Repre¬ sentative, 1; Kaiserslavtern American High. Key Club, 1; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Honorable mention NEDT Test. Sports: Varsity Golf, seventh man, 2; Junior Varsity and Varsity Football, end, 1; Swimming, free-style, 1; Tra ck, high-jump, 1; Basketball, center, 1; Pacific High School. Jerry Bruger heads the magazine campaign for the SCA. GARRETT, ROBIN ANN. Transferred from West High School, Brimerton, Washington. Activities: Outdoor Club, 2; Chamber of Commerce, 1; Thespian Club, 1; School plays, 1; Torch Honor Society, 1; West National Thespian So¬ ciety, 1; One act play, 1; Mount Vernon. GL1SSON, JO ANNE, “Jo.” Transferred from Munich Ameri¬ can High School, Munich, Germany. Activities: Future Teachers of America, 1; German-American Club, 2; SCA Rep¬ resentative, 1; Yearbook, 1; Munich American High School. German Club, 2; National Honor Society, reporter, 2; Key- etta Club, Reporter, 1; Drill Team, 1; Newspaper, Second page editor, 1; Student Cooperative Association Correspond¬ ing secretary, 1: chairman of Senior Class Graduation Com¬ mittee; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Three Academic Letters; Outstanding English Achievement Award. Sports: Varsity Hockey, Center Halfback, Co-Captain, Mt. Vernon. GOLDBERG, JULIANA VERA. Transferred from Mann¬ heim American High School, Mannheim, Germany. Activities: Drama Club, 1; Girls’ Athletic Association, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 1; Cheerleader, 3; German Club, 3; Prom Committee, 1; Sophomore Class Secretary, 1: Literary Edi¬ tor of Newspaper, 1; Drama Club Treasurer, 1; Mannheim American High School. Special Honors: 3rd place National Oratorial Contest, Mannheim American High; Dancer in “Oklahoma,” Munich American High School. GRAVES, ANNABEL DARDEN. Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 4; Vice President of Pep Club, 1; Drill Team, 1; Cheerleading, 2; Student Cooperative Association Print Shop Worker, 1: Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer, 1: Student Council Representative, 2; President, Student Co¬ operative Association, 1; Treasurer, Student Cooperative As¬ sociation, 1; Fairfax County High School Federation, 1; Co- Chairman, Alliance for Progress, 1; Co-Chairman, Stadium Lights Drive, 1; Special Honors: Chosen to represent Virginia at National Association of Student Councils Conference; Alternate to Girls’ State; Junior Homecoming Princess; Sen¬ ior Homecoming Princess, Junior Twirp Week Princess. GRAVES, RICHARD STEVEN, “Steve.” Transferred from Waldron High School, Waldron, Arkansas. Activities: Coin Club, Northern Lebonan High School; Science Club; Coin Club, 1, Northern Lebonan High School; Science Club, 1; Waldron High School; Special Honors: Attendance Award; Chemistry Award; Sports: Junior Varsity Basketball, Guard, Northern Lebonan High School; Varsity Football, Quarter¬ back, Defensive Safety, Defensive Halfback, Waldron High School. GRAZIER, CHERYL KAY. Transferred from Dunkirk High School, Dunkirk, New York and Annadale High School, An- nadale, Virginia. Activities: Latin Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; High School Bowl, 1; American Field Service, 1; Dunkirk High School, Distribution Education, 1, Parliamentarian. CRIBBLE, NANCY JANE. Activities: Pep Club, 4; Drill Team, 1; Future Homemakers, 1; Student Cooperative As¬ sociation Representative, I; Mixed Chorus, 2; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Band, 1; Yearbook Staff, 1. GROSS, RUSSELL LINWOOD, II, “Buddy.” Acti vities: Stu¬ dent Cooperative Association, 2; Sports: Intramural Basket¬ ball; Intramural Weight Lifting; Bowling. HAASER, MARY EVELYN. Activities: French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Junior Class Council, 1; “My Fair Lady”; Concert Choir; Choraleers; Madrigals; Mixed Chorus, 1; Girls’ Cho¬ rus, 1; Freshman Mixed, 1. Special Honors: Choral letter and bars. 82 Senior Directory HACKER, LINDA RAE. Transferred from Galileo High School, San Francisco, California. Activities: California Scholastic Federation Silver Seal; Red Cross Representa¬ tive; Pep Club; Modern Dance Club. Galileo High School. HALL, SUSAN KAY, “Sue.” Transferred from Ludwigsburg American High School, Ludwigsburg, Germany. Activities: Future Teachers of America, 2; Girls’ Athletic Association, 3; Ludwigsburg American High School. German Club, 4; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Band letter, star and bar, Mount Vernon. HAMBACK, GEORGE FREDERICK. Transferred from Or¬ leans American High School, Orleans, France. Activities: Baseball; Bradwell, Georgia. Basketball; Football; Poitiers, France. Special Honors: Outstanding Award in Industrial Arts; Poitiers American High School. HAMBLETON, JOHN CHARLES, II. Activities: Spanish Club; Junior Class Council; SCA Representative. HANCOCK, JOANNE FEAD, “Jo.” Transferred from Ther- rell High School, Atlanta, Georgia. Activities: National Thespian Society; Therrell High School. National Thespian Society, 1; Honor Roll Club, 1; Arundel High School. Glee Club, 1; Cheerleader, 1; Laurel High School. National Thes¬ pian Society, 1; Mount Vernon. HARRIS, SANDRA PAGE. Transferred from Bad Krueznach High School, Bad Krueznach, Germany. Activities: Drama Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; American Red Cross, 2; Bad Krueznach High School. Special Honors: Sophomore Class Favorite; and Varsity Cheerleader, Bad Krueznach High School. HARRIS, THOMAS LEE. Transferred from Western High School, Seal Beach, California. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Western High School. Art Club, 1; Mount Vernon High. Sports: Junior varsity baseball, 1, outfield; varsity track, 2, pole vault; varsity football, 1, end, Mount Vernon High. Sherry Jackson and Karla Kappel help with the collection of magazine money by the SCA. HART, JOAN MARIE. Activities: Chorus, 3; Pep Club, 1; Future Secretaries of America, 1; and bowling team, 1. HARTMAN, DONNA LYNN. Transferred from Kearney High School, San Diego, California. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Drill Team Captain, 1; GAA Recorder, 1; Newspaper re¬ porter, 1; Kearney High School. Prom Committee, 1; Spir- iters, 1; Mount Vernon High. HASEMAN, LYNN BALLANCE. Activities: French Club, 3; Keyette Club treasurer, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Prom Chairman, 1; Delegate to the Fairfax Federation of Schools, 1; Drill Team, 1; Newspaper, 1. Special Honors: Honor roll; most valuable player in junior varsity hockey, sophomore year. Sports: Co-captain junior varsity hockey, left inner; Junior varsity basketball, guard. HEIN, JONATHAN JACQUES, “Jon.” Transferred from Coronado High School, Coronado, California. Activities: Key Club, 2; Lettermen’s Club, 2; French Club, 2; Guitar Club, 1; Chess Club, 1; Em Vee Hi Staff, 1; Mount Vernon High. Special Honors: Academic letter 1963; Number two on “All Northern Virginia Tennis Team.” Sports: Tennis 3; Mount Vernon. Freshman football, Coronado High School. HESTON, WILLIAM ALBERT, “Lover.” Sports: Varsity football, center and tackle, 2, Mount Vernon High School; Varsity track, shotput, 1; Wrestling, unlimited, 1. HEYMONT, LAURIE ANN. Heidelberg American High School, Heidelber, Germany. Activities: Dramatics Club, 1; High School Red Cross, 1; Heidelberg American High School. Latin Club, 1; German Club, 3; International Relations Society, 2; Spanish Club, 1; Em Vee High, 2; Senior Council, Alternate Representative. Special Honors: German-American Exchange Program; Letter of Commendation; “It’s Aca¬ demic” alternate; Catholic University journalism institute; Quill and Scroll; Student Cooperative Association Co- chairman, Alliance for Progress Week; Em Vee Hi, Editor- in-chief. HINSON, HELEN SUZANNE, “Suzanne.” Activities: Keyette Club, 2; French Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, parlian, 1; Pep Club, 1; Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society, 2; French Honor Society, 2; Drill Team, 2; Junior Class Council, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 1; Newspaper, 1; Corresponding Secretary of Student Coopera¬ tive Association, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer. Special Honors: Freshman Homecoming Princess; Senior Home¬ coming Princess; Junior Prom Queen; Sophomore Who’s Who; Girls’ State Alternate; Academic Letter. HONOUR, ERIC CRITTENDEN, “Eric.” Transferred from Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Nathan B. Forrest High School. Activities: National Thespian Society, 3; Debate Team, 1; at Princess Anne High School. National Forensics League 1; Ham Radio Club, 1; at Nathan B. Forrest High School. HORTON, DONNA JEAN. Activities: Pep Club, 1. HUBBLE, FAYE IIARTINA. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 3; Pep Club, 2; Student Cooperate Association, Alternate, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 2. Special Honors: Basketball Letter. Sports: Basketball, Junior Var¬ sity, I; Softball, Junior Varsity, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1. JACKSON, JANET VIRGINIA. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Spiriters, 1; German Club, 1; Future Homemakers of Amer¬ ica, 2; Biology Club, 1; Janqos’ at Dewitt Army Hospital. JACKSON, SHERRY LEE. Activities: Junior Honor Soci¬ ety, 2; French Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Drill Team, 3; S.C.A. Cabinet, 1; Secretary of Hospitality; Keyettes, 2. 83 Senior Directory JILLSON, CANDIS ANN. “Candy” Transferred from Law- ton High School, La Oklahoma. Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Sextette, 1: Madrigals, 1. Special Honors: Su¬ perior and Excellent Rating in a Song Solos. Maid in MY FAIR LADY. JOHNSON, ROBERT DEAN. Transferred from Rantoul Township High School, Rantoul, Illinois. Activities: Junior Varsity Club, 1; Students’ Council, 2; Junior Varsity Foot¬ ball, 2; Varsity Football, 2; Track, 2. JOHNSON, SULVIA ALICE. “Sallie” Activities: Future Teachers of America, 4; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Spiriters, 4. JONES, CAROL ANN. Activities: Pep Club, 3; Spanish Club, 1; S.C.A., 2; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 2; Keyettes, 2; Drill Team, 3; Sophomore Council, 1; Interna¬ tional Relations, 1; Spiriters Club, 1; Special Honors: Keyettes: Junior Class Representative to the District. JUDICE, CHARLES L., JR., “Frenchy.” JURASITS, LOUISE MARY. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Future Secretaries of America, 1; Latin Club, 1 . KAPPEL, KARLA ANN. Transferred from Alexander Graham Junior High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina and Magnolia High School, New Martinsville, West Virginia. Ac¬ tivities: Junior National Honor Society, 1; Chorus, 1; Young Tarheels for Freedom, 1; Alexander Graham Junior High School. Drama Club, 1; National Thespian Society, 2; Junior Classical League, 1; National Honor Society, 1; Mag¬ nolia High School. National Thespian Society, 1; National Honor Society, 2; Junior Class Council Prom Chairman and Representative, 1; Keyettes Senior Class Representative, 2; Elections Chairman Student Cooperative Association, 1; Di¬ rector of Annual Sophomore Assembly; Publicity Chairman “Night of One Acts,” Props Chairman “My Three An¬ gels”; “Professor, How Could You?”; “Stage Door.” Special Honors: Voted “Girl most likely to succeed”; 9th grade Latin Jon Hein works diligently on a drawing for Mr. Nurse. Excettentia; First Prize Charles Hassner Speech Contest; Second Prize IOOF United Nations Contest; Fifth in class at Recognition Dinner; I rent Teachers Association American History Award; Alee Pauley Drama Award; Appearance on “Youth Wants to Know,” “Teen Talk,” and alternate on “It’s Academic.” KEELIN, CYNTHIA A., “Cindy.” Special Honors: English award; Honor Roll. KELLY, JOHN E. Transferred from Dentsville High School, Columbia, South Carolina and H. H. Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Activities: Cougar Club, 1; Marshall; Dentsville High School. Model Airplane Club, 1; H. H. Arnold. Sports: Swimming, free style. KERNS, MARY MATILDA. Activities: Latin Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; French Club, 1; International Relations, 1; Mount Vernon. KEVILLE, ELEANOR MARYANNE, “Ellie.” Activities: Art Club, 3; Spanish Club, 2; International Relations Club, 2, Second Vice-President; Pep Club, 2; Science Club, 2, Secretary-Treasurer; Sophomore Homecoming Committee, 1; Junior Homecoming Committee, 1, Mount Vernon High School. KEVILLE, SARAH MARYBELLE, “Sally.” Activities: Drill Team, 1; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 2; Sophomore Council, 1; Mount Vernon High School. KINCHELOE, LINDA DELAINE, “Kinchy.” Activities: Dis¬ tributive Education, 2, Class Reporter, Mount Vernon High School. KIRCHNER, MARIAN GAYLE, “Gayle.” Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 1; Pep Club, 1, Mount Vernon High School. KOZMA, DENISE ANN, “Deni se.” Activities: Latin Club, 2; National Thespian Society, 3, Treasurer; German Club, 2, Vice-President and Secretary; Pep Club, 1; Spiriters, 1; Jun¬ ior Classical League, 4; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1; Drama Department Make-up Crew, 4, Chairman; Drama Plays (Crews), 4; Freshman Orientation Play, 1, Director. KUHN, FRANK JOHN, “Frank.” LAM, RONALD LEE, “Ron.” Sports: Varsity Baseball, 2; Junior Varsity Football, Halfback, 1, Mount Vernon High School. LANE, FRANCES CAROLINE, “Caroline.” Activities: Latin Club, 2; International Relations Club, 2; Student Coopera¬ tive Association Representative and Alternate, 2, Mount Ver¬ non High School. LANG, LLOYD NATHANIEL, III, “Nat.” Taipei American High School, Taipei, Taiwan. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Science Club, 1; Band, 1; Taipei American High School. Spanish Club, 3; Choir, 2; Madrigals, 1; Barber Shop Quar¬ tet, 1; Doolittle Understudy and Song and Dance part in “My Fair Lady”; Fairfax County Chorus; Spiriters’ “Hoote¬ nanny”; Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: Choir Letter. LANG, RICHARD ALAN, “Richie.” Activities: Chorus. LAWRENCE, FRANCIS McQUAID, “Fran.” Activities: French Club, 1; Key Club, 3; Pep Club, 1; Secretary-Treas¬ urer of the Lettermen’s Club, 2; Quill and Scroll, 2; Sopho¬ more Class President, 1; Student Cooperative Association Second Vice President, 1; Newspaper Circulation Manager, 1; Newspaper Business and Advertising Manager, 1; Editor Transit Literary and Art Magazine, 1. Sports: Varsity Track, 1; Varsity Basketball, forward, 2; Varsity Football, End, De¬ fense Halfback, 2; Freshman Basketball, 1. Special Honors: 84 Senior Directory Future Homemakers of America Sweetheart; Class Who’s Who, 2; American Legion Boys’ State; Basketball, Most Valuable Play; Football, All-County, All Northern Vir¬ ginia, All Suburban Virginia, Player-of-the-Week; Track Let¬ ter; Two Basketball Letters; Two Football Letters; Fresh¬ man Basketball Letter. LAYMAN, PEGGY JEAN. Activities: Art Club, 2; Interna¬ tional Relations, 1; Pep Club, 2; Drill Team, 1; Artist for Newspaper, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Prom Committee, 2. LEE, CARL DAVID, “Dave.” Activities: Art Club, 2; Stu¬ dent Cooperative Association, Representative; Senior Coun¬ cil. Special Honors: Honor Roll; Co-chairman Senior Class bulletin board; Chairman Art Club bulletin board. LENTZ, CATHERINE JEAN, “Cathy.” Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Pep Club, 2; French Club, 1. LERNER, ROBERT BRUCE, “Bruce.” Transferred from Croydon Hall, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, in 1964. LODER. MARY ANN. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 2, representative Pep Club, 1; Chorus, 4; Special Honors: Chorus 1 letter, 2 bars. LOOFT, NIKKI LYNN, “Nikki.” Activities: Drill Team, 3, Captain; Keyettes, 2; French Club, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Pep Club, 3; Spiriters, 1; Senior Council, 1; Junior Class, Secretary-Treasurer, 1; Yearbook, Associated Editor, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1; Select Girls’ Chorus, 1; Freshman Girls’ Chorus, 1; Freshman Orientation Student Cooperative Cor¬ poration, 1; Special Honors: Senior Homecoming Court; Choral Letter; “South Pacific.” LOVITT, JENNINGS WILLIAM, “Jay.” MacKECHNIE, JOAN NORTH. Transferred from Moores- town Senior High School, Moorestown, New Jersey, and Wil- liamsville Junior High School, Williamsville, New York. Ac¬ tivities: French Club, 1; and Girls’ Glee Club, 1; Williams¬ ville Junior High School. Girls’ Glee Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1: Moorestown Senior High School. Select Girls’ Chorus, 1; Members of the yearbook staff listen attentively as Mr. Watson explains the details of putting out a good year¬ book. Girls’ Athletic Association, 1; and Clinic Helper, 1; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Junior Varsity award in basketball and softball, Morrestown Senior High School. Sports: Jun¬ ior Varsity basketball, guard; Junior Varsity softball, center field; Moorestown Senior High School. MALONE, DENNIS HYATT. Transferred from Robert E. Lee High School. Springfield, Virginia. Ac tivities: Alpha-Hi- Y, 2; Lee High School. Sports: Junior Varsity football, guard; Kubasaki High School, Okinawa, and Junior Varsity track; Lee High School. MANN, JUDITH ANN. “Judy.” Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, 1; Latin Club, 1; Pep Club, 2; and Spir¬ iters, 1. Special Honors: Dramatic Letter; “South Pacific;” “My Fair Lady.” MANN, WALTER ALLEN. “Boomie.” MARLATT, ROLLA MAHION, JR. Transferred from Croix Chapeau American Dependent School, Croix Chapeau, France. Sports: Intramural Basketball, Mount Vernon. MARR, CHERYL LEE. “Cherie.” Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; and Student Coopera¬ tive Association alternate, 1. MARR, DAVID TAYLOR. Transferred from Izmir High School, Izmir, Turkey. Activities: Photo Club, 1; Stamp and Coin Club, 1; Volleyball, 1; Izmir High School. Special Honors: National Honor Society, Outstanding Student Award in French 1, and Outstanding Student Award in Alge¬ bra 1, Izmir High School. MARTIN, SUSAN KATHLEEN. Activities: Keyettes, 2; Transit Magazine, 1; SCA 4th Representative, 1; Senior Prom Committee, 1; Special Honors: Junior Honor Society, 1 . MATHEWS, JANE RA E. Transferred from Wasson High School, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Activities: Pre-Med, 1; Pep Club, 1; Fencing Club, 1; Latin Club, 2; Social Com¬ mittee, 1; Wasson High School. International Relations Club, 1; Mount Vernon High School. MAYS, JIMMY DARREL. Transferred from Castlewood High School, Dante, Virginia. Activities: Distributive Educa¬ tion treasurer, 2; Mount Vernon High School. Varsity Foot¬ ball, Varsity Track, and Varsity Baseball, Castlewood High School. McDANIEL, SANDRA LEA. Activities: Freshman Girls’ Chorus, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1. Special Honors: Chorus Letter. McLELLAN, PATRICIA MARIE, “Pat.” Activities: Pep Club, 2; Keyette, 2; Art Club, 2; Drill Team, 3; and SCA Representative, 1; Sophomore and Junior Class Chairman of Arts and Bulletin Boards. Special Honors: P.T.A. Art Award of 1964; Junior Prom Refreshments Co-Chairman, Senior Prom Refreshments Chairman, and Senior Guide. McLENNAN, BARBARA SUSAN. Activities: Future Teach¬ ers of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; Spiriters, 1; Spanish Club, 1. MEREDITH, ROBERT DEAN, “Bob.” Activities: Mathema¬ tics Club, 1; Science Club, 2; Rocket Club, 1; Band, 4. Spe¬ cial Honors: Junior Class Representative, “South Pacific,” “My Fair Lady.” METCALFE, LINDA MARIE, “Al.” Activities: Pep Club, 2; International Relations Society, 2; Drill Team, Squad Leader, 2. Special Honors: Letter, Bar, and Pin in Chorus. MILLER, JOHN RAYMOND. Activities: Lettermen’s Club, 1. Sports: Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Football, 2; Intramural Bowling. Special Honors: arsity and Football Letters, Band Letter, Eight Medals for Band Competition, All-State Band. 85 Senior Directory MITCHELL, JACQUELINE SUE, “Jackie.” Transferred from Tustin High School, Tustin, California. Activities: Delta Sigma, 1: French Club 2; Girls ' Athletic Association, 2; Pep Club. 1; American Field Service, 2; California Scho¬ larship Society, 2; Girls’ League, 3; (Tustin High School); Art Club, 1, (Mount Vernon). Special Honors: Honor French Student; One of top twenty-five in Sophomore and Junior Classes; Selected for foreign exchange student place¬ ment, (Tustin High School). Sports: Basketball, Junior Varsity, Guard; Junior Varsity Hockey, Forward Wing; Badminton, Junior Varsity, doubles, (Tustin High School); Varsity Hockey, Forward line inner, (Mount Vernon). MONROE, STEVEN THOMAS, “Steve.” Activities: Audio Visual Aides Society, Vice President, 3, Mount Vernon High School. MOORE, INA RAYE. Transferred from Robert E. Lee High School, Springfield, Virginia. Activities: Pep Club, 2, East Anchorage High; French Club, 2, East Anchorage High; Future Teachers of America, 1, Lee High School; Future Nurses of America, 1, Lee High; Prom Committee, 2; Glee Club, 2; Assistant Librarian, 2, Mount Vernon High School. Sports: Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward; Junior Varsity Baseball, Pitcher, Arcturus High School. MOOSE, GUY MONROE, JR. Activities: Letter Mens Club, 2, Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Letters. Sports: Varsity Football, 2, Fullback; Freshman Football, 1, Fullback; Junior Varsity Football, 1, Fullback. MORNINGSTAR, JANICE ELAINE. Transferred from Grove- ton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Newspaper Reporter, 1, Munich High School, Germany; Pep Club, 1. M unich High School; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Future Secretary of America. 1, Groveton High School; Ger¬ man Club, 1, Munich High School, Germany; Mixed Chorus, 1, Mount Vernon High School. MOSS, LINDA DIANE. Transferred from McLean High Tension mounts as members of the Senior Honor Society wait back stage for the announcement of the new inductees. School, McLean, Virginia. Activities: D. E. Club, 1; C. V. Club, Clayton Valley High, California, 1; Drama Club, 1, Mc¬ Lean High School. Special Honors: Two ribbons in track and field at Clayton Valley High School; One ribbon in track and field at Mount Vernon. Sports: Varsity Hockey team, Junior Varsity Basketball team, Junior Varsity Soft- ball team. MURPHY, ROBERT EARL. JR., “Bob.” Activities: Photo Club, 1; Vice President National Thespian Society, 2; “Night of one Acts”; “Stage Door”; “My Fair Lady”; “My Three Angels.” Special Honors: Letter in Dramatics. NALLS, MARY SUZANNE, “Mary.” Activities: Biology Club, 1; Pep Club, V 2 . NASH, NANCY ANN. Transferred from Robert E. Lee High School, Springfield, Virginia. Activities: French Club, 1; Chess Club, secretary-treasurer, 1; Yearbook Staff, 2; USESCO, 1; Math Club, 1; National Junior Honor Society, 1; and Future Nurses of America, 2; at Kubasaki High School. French Club, 1; Mount Vernon and Lee High School; Sci¬ ence Club, 1; Lee High School; Senior Honor Society, 2; Future Homemakers, 1; Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: Yearbook Award, and Recognition Certificate on NEDT. NEWELL, LANA JEAN. Transferred from Pemberton Township High School, Pemberton, New Jersey. Activities: Glee Club, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Pemberton High School; D. E. Club. NIVEN, CHARLES MILES, “Chuck.” Activities: Sports Edi¬ tor of Em Vee Hi, 2; Quill and Scroll Honor Society; Span¬ ish Honor Society. NORMAN, KENNY WAYNE. Sports: J.V. Football; Varsity Football, 2. OSKTULSKI, JOAN MARIE. “Joni” Activities: Art Club, 1; Secretary-Treasurer. Sports: Varsity Field Hockey, 2; Left fullback; Junior Varsity Softball, Pitcher, and Manager; 2 . OSBORNE, GEORGE MARTIN. Transferred from Frank¬ furt American High School, Frankfurt, Germany. Sports: Varsity Baseball, short stop; Junior Varsity Basketball, for¬ ward; Varsity Soccer, fullback; International School of Brussels; Junior Varsity Soccer, halfback, Frankfurt Ameri¬ can; and Varsity Baseball, 3rd base; Mount Vernon. PAPPAS, CHRISTINA ANN, “Chris.” Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Freshman Chorus Librarian 1; Student Cooperative Ass ocia¬ tion Representative, 1; Student Cooperative Association Pro¬ gram Committee, 1; Groveton High School. Pep Club, 1; In¬ ternational Relations, 1; Keyettes, 2; Yearbook Staff, 1; Spiritcrs, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Student Coo¬ perative Association Spirit Committee, 1; Student Coopera¬ tive Association Homecoming Committee, 1; Senior Council Prom Committee, 1; Student Cooperative Association Wel¬ coming Committee, 1; Junior Class Council, 1; Student Coo¬ perative Association Representative, 1. Sports: Varsity Hockey Manager, 1; Groveton High School. PARKER, LILLIAN SONIA ADELLE, “Sonia.” Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activi¬ ties: Latin Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Groveton High School. Distributive Education Club, 1. Sports: Varsity Softball, Second Base. 1. PARKS, BENJAMIN ALGER, “Ben.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association. 1. 86 Senior Directory PARRY, DAVID SAMUEL, “Dave.” Sports: Varsity Foot¬ ball Manager, 1; Varsity Baseball Manager, 1; Freshman Football, Safety, 1. Special Honors: Football Manager Let¬ ter; Baseball Manager Letter. PARTRIDGE, SUZANNE. “Sue.” Transferred from Moles- worth High School, Moleswortli Air Force Base, England. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 1; Spiriters, 1; Senior Class Council Alternate Representative, 1. Sports: Varsity Basketball, guard, 1. PEDERSEN, INGA LEE. Transferred from St. Margaret’s School, Tappahannock, Virginia. Activities: Chorus, 2; St. Margaret’s School. Chorus, 1; Mount Vernon High School. PENDLEY, KENNETH WAYNE, “Ken” Activities: Audio Visual Club, 1. PETERSON, WILLIAM EUGENE. Transferred from Robert E. Lee High School, Springfield, Virginia. Carlisle High School and Thorpe High School. Activities: Future Teachers Club, 1; Thorpe High School. Tennis Club, 1; Lee High School: and International Relations Society, E; Mount Ver¬ non. Sports: Varsity football, back; Varsity track; Carlisle High School; Junior Varsity football; Thorpe High School; and Varsity Tennis; Mount Vernon High. PILCH, CAROLYN CATHERINE. Transferred fr om Cen¬ tral Columbia High School, MifTlinville, Pennsylvania. Activi¬ ties: Glee Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Art Club, 1, Central Columbia High School; Future Teachers of America, 3; Pep Club, 1; Spanish Club, I; International Re¬ lations Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Drill Team, 2; Girls’ Chorus, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1; Yearbook Staff, 1; Part in MY FAIR Annabel Graves and Fran Lawrence put on a skit in the studyhalls in conjunction with the magazine campaign. LADY. Special Honors: Choral Letter and Bar; Drill Team Letter and Bar. POLDEN, MARY SUZANNE. Transferred from Mother But¬ ler Memorial School for Girls, San Jose, California. Activi¬ ties: Pep Club, 2; International Relations Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association Delegate to Federation, 1; Worked on Senior Guide; Prom Committee Chairman, Mount Vernon. POLK, ROBERT GILBERT, “Bob.” Transferred from Ed¬ mond High School, Edmond, Oklahoma. Activities: Letter- man’s Club, 1; Junior Sports: Junior Varsity Football, Tackle; Freshman Football, Tackle; Junior Varsity Wrestling, 180 Pounds; Junior Varsity Basketball; Edmond High School; Activities: Letterman’s Club, 2; Sports: Varsity Football, Tackle; Varsity Football, End; Varsity Wrestling, 2, 180 Pounds, Mount Vernon High School. POWER, WILLIAM LEROY, III, “Bill.” Transferred from Tuscaloosa High School, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Sports: Varsity Tennis, Tuscaloosa High School. REDFERN, PAUL WAYNE. Sports: Varsity Track, 3; Jun¬ ior Varsity Baseball, Second Base, 1. Special Honors: Track Letterman; Most Improved Trackman Award. REED, WILLIAM RALPH, “Schnook.” Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Secretary Spanish Honor Society, 1; Freshman Mixed Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Mad¬ rigal Singers, 1; Freshman Orientation, 4; “My Fair Lady.” Sports: Varsity Track. RICE, CHARLENE K. Transferred from Buckroe Junior High School, Hampton, Virginia. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Buckroe Junior High School. Art Club, 2; Ger¬ man Club, 2; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Mount Vernon. RIECNER, LAWRENCE F., “Larry.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2; German Club, 1. ROBENOLT, DARLA A. Transferred from Fort Knox High School, Fort Knox, Kentucky and Garfield High School, Woodbridge, Virginia. Activities: KAPA, 1; Student Council Representative, 1; Choir, 1; French Club, 2; Fort Knox. BETA, 1; Garfield. Special Honors: Scholastic Awards in Science and Math; Honor Roll. ROSE, HELEN ELIZABETH. Activities: Student Coopera¬ tive Association Representative, 1; Art Club, 1. ROSE, MARSHA ELAINE. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Interna¬ tiona] Relations Club, 1; Biology Club, 1; Concert Choir, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; and “My Fair Lady.” ROSS, STEVEN LEROY, “Steve.” Transferred from Ham¬ mond High School, Alexandria, Virginia, and Richmond Township High School. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Ham¬ mond High School. Electronics Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association representative, I; Richmond Township High School. Spanish Club, 1; Float Committee, Prom Committee, Freshman Orientation, and Student Cooperative Association Play; Mount Vernon High. ROYSDON, BARBARA JO, “Barbie.” Activities: Art Club, 4, treasurer, 1. president, 1; Latin Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; Ger¬ man Club, 1; Chairman of Decorations for Junior Prom; Co-Chairman for December Prom, 1; Drill Team, 1; Year¬ book staff, 1; Student Cooperative Association, Co-Secretary Arts and Bulletin Boards, 1; and Co-Chairman Decorations for Senior Silver Anniversary Dance, 1. Special Honors: Honor Roll. RUSH, JAMES DENMAN. Transferred from Rogers High School, Newport, Rhode Island, and Norview High School, 87 Senior Directory Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: Latin Club, 2; Norview Debat¬ ing Team, 1; Norview High School. Debating Society, 1; Chemistry Fair, 1; Army ROTC, 1; Rogers High School. De¬ bating Team, 1; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Attended the Twentv-hfth Annual Rhode Island Model Congress and Speech Contests, University of Rhode Island; Attended the Elks National Youth Day •— Model City Government of Newport Rhode Island; Attended the Seventeenth Annual Model Legislature, member of the house, State House, Provi¬ dence, Rhode Island; Won a Second Place award in the 1963 Eastern District Invitational Debate Tournament; and at¬ tended the Second Annual Summer Debate workshop, Uni¬ versity of Connecticut, summer 1964. RUSSELL, RONALD EUGENE, “Ronnie.” Activities: Pep Club, 1; Treasurer, Future Teachers Association, 1; Treas¬ urer, Fairfax County Future Teachers Associa tion, 1; Stu¬ dent Cooperative Association Representative, 1, Spirit Com¬ mittee, 2, Vice President, 1; and Spanish Club, 2. Special Honors: Spent six weeks in Spain, summer 1964, studying Spanish. RYAN, CHRISTOPHER RICHARD, “Chris.” Activities: French Club, 1; Bridge and Chess Club, 2; and Key Club, 1. Special Honors: Member National Honor Society, 2; and National Merit Semi-finalist. RYE, ELWOOD WINDSOR. SANFORD, CLAUDE MARVIN, JR. Transferred from Grove- ton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Weight Lifting Club, 1; Groveton High School. S.C.A., 1; Beauty Contest Committee, 1; Spirit Committee, 1; Yearbook, 1; Substitute bus driver, 2; Junior Prom Committee, and Senior Prom Committee. SAN LUIS, MARYANN, “Marne.” Activities: Pep Club, 2; Chorus, 4; S.C.A. Representative, 1; and Homeroom Repre¬ sentative. Special Honors: Chorus letters. SARGEANT, STEPHEN KIM, “Surfer Joe.” Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Biology Club, 1; Key Club, secretary, treas- Mr. MacIntyre poses Linda Flores for her senior pictures. urer, 2; S.C.A. Representative, 1; and Senior Class Alter¬ nate, 1. Special Honors: Academic letter, 2. SAUCERMAN, JAMES MONROE, “Jim.” Activities: Freshmen Orientation Committee, 1; Homecoming Commit¬ tee; and Biology Club. SAVOY, ROGER MAYNARD. Activities: Band, 2. SCHICK, SALLY ANN, Transferred from Quantico High School, Quantico, Virginia; and Twenty-nine Palms High School, California. Activities: Future Nurses Club, 2; Girls’ Athletic Association, 2; Palms High School, California; Re¬ freshment Committee for Prom, Quantico High School, Chair¬ man. Sports: Varsity Hockey, right half at Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: Essay published in Junior year at Quantico. SCHILLING, JACQUELINE KAY. “Jackie.” Transferred from James Madison High School in 1962, Fairfax, Virginia, and Cathedral High School, Rapid City, South Dakota. Activi¬ ties: Sodality, 4, Cathedral High School; Vocational Office Training, Mount Vernon, 1. SCHULTZ, JAMES EMIL, JR. “Jim.” Activities: Spanish Club, 2, in Mount Vernon High Sch ool, Biology Club, 1, Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: S.C.A. Play for Freshmen. SCIIUTT, DIANA, “Schutty.” Transferred from Frank W. Cox High School in 1964, Virginia Beach; Virginia; Quantico High School, Quantico, Virginia. Activities: Girls’ Auxil¬ iary Association, Secretary, 2; Spanish Club, Vice-President, 1; Pep Club, Co-Captain, 2; Sports: Baseball Team, Varsity pitcher; Bowling Team, Varsity-bowler; at Frank W. Cox High School. Horseback Riding, President at Quantico High School. Additional Information: Newspaper Staff — typist; Scholarship for Music in 1964; Talent Show 1964 at Mount Vernon High School. Band, 1; at Mount Vernon High School. SHEFIAN, GRACIE LINDA. Transferred from LaPlata High School, LaPlata, Maryland in 1964. Activities: Glee Club, 1; Band, 1; Science Club, 3; Dramatics Club, 1; Future Teach¬ ers of America, 2; Library Club, 2; at LaPlata High School. Band, 1; at Mount Vernon High School. SHEPHARD, RONDA LYNN. Activities: Future Homemak¬ ers of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; Spiriters, 1; Bridge and Chess Club, 1; at Mount Vernon High School. SIRBAUGH, SUELLEN FRANCES. Activities: Art Club, 4; French Club, 1; Pep Club, 3; Drill Team, Squad Leader and Historian, 2; Em Vee Hi, page one Editor, 2; Keyettes, 1; Senior Class Council, 1; and Student Cooperative Associa¬ tion Alternate, 1, Co-Chairman Secretary of Arts and Bulle¬ tin Boards, 1. Special Honors: Drama Letter. Sports: Track, 1 . SMITH, CYNTHIA KATHLEEN. “Cindi.” Activities: Span¬ ish Club, 2; Spiriters, 1; Pep Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; Fresh¬ man Girls’ Chorus, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Madrigals, 1; Spirit Committee, 1; and Prom Committee, 1. Special Honors: Choral letter and bars; and Senior award pin for four years with A and B grades in choir. SMITH, SANDRA JAY. “Sandy.” Activities: Future Secre¬ taries of America, secretary-treasurer, 1; Freshman Girls’ Chorus, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; and Select Girls’ Chorus, 1. SMITH, WILLIAM ALVIN. “Smitty.” SPEED, FRANCIS HERBERT, JR. “Fran.” Activities: Stu¬ dent Cooperative Association Secretary of Activities, 1; Na¬ tional Thespian Society, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Senior Class Council, 1; Chairman Float Committee for Homecoming 1964; “Stage Door”; head of stage set for “My Fair Lady”; 88 Senior Directory and “Night of one Act Plays 1964”; and chairman of “Trip Committee,” Class of 1964. STEDMAN, KATHERINE ANN. Transferred from Mount Saint Agnes Academy, Hamilton, Bermuda. Activities: Girls’ Chorus, 1; Glee Club, 1; Sodality, 3; and French Club, 1; Mount Saint Agnes Academy. Future Teachers Club, 2; and Spiriters; Mount Vernon High. Special Honors: Honor Roll student for four years; and Library Assistant. STEIN, RANDALL PARKER, “Randy.” Transferred from Fort Hunt High School, Alexandria, Virginia, Lexington High School, Lexington, Massachusetts, and Monson Aca¬ demy, Springfield, Massachusetts. Sports: Varsity football, center; Varsity track, shot-put and discus; Varsity baseball, catcher; and Varsity ice hockey, goalie; Lexington High School. Varsity football, fullback; Varsity wrestling, un¬ limited; Monson Academy. Varsity football, fullback, Fort Hunt High School. ST. ONGE, ROBERT JOSEPH, “Saint.” Transferred from John Bapst High School, Bangor, Maine. Activities: Key Club, 1; Sodality, 3; Freshman Class President; Sophomore Class President; Newspaper, 2; Yearbook, 2; and Letter- men’s Club, 2; John Bapst High School. Key Club, 2; Junior Class Vice President; Student Cooperative Association, Sec¬ retary of Athletics, 1; and President of Lettermen’s Club; Mount Vernon High. Special Honors: Journalism Award, 1961-62; School Spirit, 1961-62; John Bapst High School; In¬ termediate Math Award, 1963-64; Mount Vernon High. Sports: Varsity football, line and center, 2; Track, hurdles, 2; Freshman basketball, forward; John Bapst High School. Varsity football, line and center, 2; Junior varsity wrestling, 165 lb., 1; varsity wrestling, 165 lb., 1; varsity baseball, outfield, 1; Mount Vernon High. STRATTON, LINDA KAY: Transferred from Munich High School, Munich, Germany. Activities: French Club, 1; Mun¬ ich High School. Color Guard, 1: Girls’ Chorus, 1; and Mixed Chorus, 1; Mount Vernon Lligh. Fran Lawrence, too, poses in cap and gown for his senior picture. STRINGER, ROBERT WALTER, “Bob.” Activities: Cho¬ rus, 4; and “My Fair Lady.” STROM, STEPHEN HENRY, “Steve.” Transferred from Na¬ thaniel Hawthorne High School, San Antonio, Texas. Activi¬ ties: Lettermen’s Club, 2, secretary, 1; Service Club, cabinet head, 2; Projection Club, 1; Hawthorne High School. Key Club, board member, 3; Lettermen’s Club, council member, 2; French Club, 1; Guitar Club, 1; Junior Honor Society, 1; and Senior Honor Society, 2. Mount Vernon High School. Special Honors: Alternate to Boys’ state; Outstanding tennis player award; Number one player on “All Northern Virginia Tennis Team”; Mount Vernon High. Speech award; 4.0 grade average; Hawthorne High School. Honor Roll student all semesters. Sports: Junior Varsity basketball, guard; Junior Varsity track; Number one on Varsity Tennis team; and Junior Varsity Baseball, first base; Nathaniel Hawthorne High School. Junior Varsity basketball, forward; Number one on Varsity Tennis team; Mount Vernon High. SULLIVAN, SUSAN LEE. Activities: Worked on cast of “My Three Angels.” Sports: Manager, Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball; Junior Varsity softball, catcher, 1; var¬ sity softball manager, 1; Junior Varsity and Varsity Hockey, goalie. SUMMERS, JOAN ERIKA. Activities: Pep Club, 2; German Club, 2; Thespians, 2; Spirit Committee; and work crew for “My Fair Lady,” “Night of One Act Plays,” “January 16,” and Drama Letter. SWEATT, ROBERT ARNOLD. Transferred from Coronado High School, Coronado, California. Activities: International Relations Club, 1; Debate Club, 2; and Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1. Sports: Freshman swimming, Coronado High School. TANNER, DANNY KEITH. Transferred from Garfield High School, Woodbridge, Virginia and Kubasaki High School. Ac¬ tivities: Future Teachers of America, 1. Sports: Water Polo and Soccer, Kubasaki High School. TAYLOR, CAROLYN CAULEY. Transferred from Satellite High School, Satellite, Beach, Florida. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Gymnastics, 1; Satellite High School. Distributive Educa¬ tion Club President, 1; Mount Vernon High. Sports: Swim¬ ming, Satellite High. TAYLOR, ERNEST ROY, JR. “Earnie.” Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Gui¬ tar Club, 1; Groveton Lligh School. Sports: Track, Groveton High School. TAYLOR, PAMELA DeVORE. “Pam,” Transferred from Prince George High School, Prince George, Maryland. Activ¬ ities: French Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; Camera Club, 1; and Chorus, 1. TAYLOR, PATRICIA MORGAN. Transferred from Prince George High School, Prince George, Virginia. Activities: Photography, 1, John Sevier High School; Prom Committee, 1, Prince George. Special Honors: Scholarship Letters, 2; Over-all scholarship Award; 3rd Place Science Fair Award in Chemistry; Overall Science Award; Latin Key Award, 1st Year French Award; Girls’ Athletic Award in Basketball; Honorable Mention twice for Poetry; Merit Award for 40 Hours Work in Photography Club. Sports: Intramural Basket¬ ball, John Sevier High School. TAYLOR, WILLIAM BROCKENBROUGH, JR., “Bill.” Ac¬ tivities: Key Club, 3, President and Vice-President; Junior Class, president, 1; Senior Class, president, 1; Senior Honor Society, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Print Shop, 1; Sopho- 89 Senior Directory more Class, 1; SCA Representative, 1. Special Honors: Freshman Who’s Who; PTA Earth Science Award; Harvard Book Award; Optimist Club Award; National Merit Letter of Commendation. TAYLOR, WILLIAM EDWIN, ‘‘Bill.” Activities: Freshmen Mixed Chorus. Special Honors: Chorus Letter; Junior Varsity Baseball Letter; Varsity Baseball Certificate; Varsity Football Certificate; Junior Varsity Wrestling Certificate. Sports: Base¬ ball, 2; Wrestling, 1; Football, 1. TESKO, STEVEN ROBERT, “Steve.” Transferred from Granby Senior High School, Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: Heilbronn American Junior High School, President, 2; Band, Kaiserslautern American High School, 1; Newspaper, 1, Mount Vernon High School. THOMAS, SUSAN MARIE. Activities: Girls’ Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Choraleers, 2; Madrigals, 2; Color Guard, 2; Freshman Girls’ Chorus, 1. Special Honors: Choral Letter and 3 Bars; Sophomore Class Council; All-State Chorus, and “My Fair Lady.” THOMASSON, TANNIE LEE. Activities: Pep Club, 2; In¬ ternational Relations Club, 1; Art Club, 1; FHA, 1; French Club, 1. THOMPSON, DAVID GENE, “Dave.” Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Stu¬ dent Cooperative Association, 1; Representative, Groveton. Key Club, 1; Transit Staff, 1; and Student Cooperative As¬ sociation, 2, Representative; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: National Merit Letter of Commendation. THOMPSON, MARY KIEFFER, “Mary K.” Activities: Fr ench Club, 4, Secretary-Treasurer; Senior Honor Society, 2, Secretary-Treasurer; French Honor Society, 2; Future Teachers Association, 4, Vice President; Pep Club, 2; Year¬ book Staff, 1. Special Honors: Honor Roll — All Semesters, Academic Letters, and Drama Letter. THOMPSON, PAULETTE. Transferred from Luther Jack- son High School, Merrifield, Virginia. Activities: Pep Club, Jon Hein and Pat McLellan enjoy dancing at the sock hop after the football game. 2; Future Homemakers Association, 2; Mathematics Club, 1; Verdun, France; Pep Club, 1; Band Rangerette, 1; Mathe¬ matics and Science Club, 1; and French Club, 1; Freshmen Class Treasury. THORPE, RICHARD EUERETT, “Dick.” Sports: Junior Varsity and Varsity Wrestling. THURSTON, JUDITH LYNN, “Judy” Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, Alternate, 2; Jun¬ ior Class Council, 1; and Pep Club, 2. Special Honors: Drama Award. TIBBS, MARGARET ANN. Activities: Future Teachers of America, 2; President and Vice President; French Club, 3; and Pep Club, 3. Special Honors: Library Science Award, from PTA; 1963-1964. TOLLANDER, JERRY WAYNE. Activities: Freshman Cho¬ rus, 1. Sports: Varsity football, offensive back; Varsity base¬ ball, outfield. TOMLIN, CHARLOTTE DARLENE. Transferred from Grove¬ ton High School, Groveton, Virginia. TOURTILLOTT, LINDA DIANNE. TREDER, RUDOLPH ELIL. “Rudy.” Activities: Member of Set Crew for “My Fair Lady;” and Concert Choir. Sports: Ninth grade football, tackle; varsity football, defensive tackle; and junior varsity wrestling, 180 lbs. TRUSCOTT, LUCIAN KING, IV. Transferred from Carlisle Senior High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Prom Commit¬ tee, 1; and Debate, 1; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: Won Chicago Tribune Award for Leadership, 1963. Sports: junior varsity football, end; and varsity track and field, 440; Carli¬ sle High School. Special Interest: Rode 1800 miles on bike trip across United States. TUCKER, LINDA ANN. Activities: Pep Club, 3; Span¬ ish Club, 2; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Art Club, 2; and library helper. 1. VanATTA, FRED HAMILTON. Activities: Photo Club, president, 3; Latin Club, 3; Newspaper Photographer, 1; Transit Photographer, 1; Pep Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association Photographer, 1, print shop, 1; Senior Class Cabinet, 1. Special Honors: Chemistry award, 1963-64; Sum¬ mer science study course, 1964; and National merit letter of commendation, 1964. VanSICKLE, MARK PHILIP. Transferred from York High School, Hampton, Virginia. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; York High School. Sports: Varsity wuestling, Mount Vernon High. ERMES, MARTHA MAY. Transferred from Naramasu High School, Tokyo, Japan. WALLACE, CHARLES ROBERT. “Robbie.” Activities: Marching and Concert Band, 2. Special Honors: Band letter and bar; and two achievement certificates in wrestling. Sports: Junior varsity wrestling, 2; varsity wrestling, 1; 145 lb. WALLS, SUSAN ANNE, “Susie.” Activities: Yearbook, 2, editor, 1; Student Cooperative Association Welcoming com¬ mittee, 1, spirit committee, 1, activities council, 1; decora¬ tions committee —- Junior Class Prom, 1. Special Honors: Softball athletic letter and honor roll all semesters. Sports: Junior varsity softball, right field, 1. WARD, MARVIN LANDON. Activities: Latin Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1: National Thespian Society, 1; and Band, 4. Special Honors: National Thespian Award for “Best Perform¬ ance” for an actor in a supporting role. Sports: Junior varsity football, tackle; and junior varsity baseball, outfield. 90 Senior Directory WAREHRIME, MARY KATHLEEN. “Taffy” Transferred from Narimasu High School, Tokyo, Japan. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Drill Team, 1; Future Secretaries of America, 1; Red Cross Representative, 2; Chorus, 3. WASUTA, FRANK RICHARD. Activities: Letterman Club, 2; Wrestling, Varsity, 4; Special Honors: 4th Place Northern Virginia Wrestling Tournament: 5th Place Northern Virginia Wrestling Tournament; 5th Place Virginia State Wres¬ tling Tournament; 3rd Place Northern Virginia Wrestling Tournament. WEBB, GUY ROBERT. Transferred from Rogers High School, Newport, Rhode Island. Activities: Drill Team, 1; Riffle Team, 1; Special Honors: Medal for having highest academic average in the school. Trophy for Roger’s Riffle Team winning division championship. WEDEL, THOMAS L. Activities: Bridge and Chess Club, 1; International Relations, 1; Rowling Intramurals, 1. WEST, ROBERT DEAN. “Bob” Transferred from Homer L. Ferguson, Newport, Virginia. Activities: Chess Club; Span¬ ish Club; Concert Choir. WHITE, JOHN DAVID. Transferred from Broom Junior High School, Rockville, Maryland. Activities: Distributive Education, 1. Special Honors: Band Letter. WHITHAM, MAUREEN LOUISE, “Moe.” Activities: Fu¬ ture Homemakers of America, 1; Freshman Chorus, 1; Girls’ Chorus, 1; and Mixed Chorus. Special Honors Chorus letter and bars. WILSON, LYNN ELMORE. WITHROW, BRENDA ANN. Activities: Distributive Educa¬ tion Club, 2; and Girls’ Chorus, 2. Special Honors: Second prize in the Northern Virginia D.E. competition in the field of Display. WITTIG, JUDY ANN. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 3; Drama, 1; and Girls’ Chorus, 1. WITTWER, WALLACE RICHARD. “Rick” Transferred from Augusta Military Academy, Alexandria, Virginia. Activi¬ ties: Homecoming Committee, 1; and Activities Commit¬ tee, 1. Sports: Varsity football, 1, guard, Langford Junior High School; Junior Varsity football, 1, halfback, Academy of Richmond County: Varsity football, 1, halfback, Augusta Military Academy; Varsity tennis, No. 3; and Varsity la¬ crosse, 1, fullback, Augusta Military Academy. YOUNG, DEBORAH LEE, “Debbie.” Transferred from North- side Junior High School, Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: Drill Team, 2; Biology Club, 1; French Club, 2; Interna¬ tional Relations Society, 1; Spiriters, 1; Pep Club, 1; Year¬ book, 1; and Chorus, 3; Mount Vernon. ZANDERS, VERL BERNARD. Transferred from Leaven¬ worth High School, Leavenworth, Kansas. Activities: R.O.T.C. Club, 1; Leavenworth High School; Lettermen Club, 2; Mount Vernon. Special Honors: All-Northern Virginia Football Team. Sports: Varsity football, guard; Leaven¬ worth High School; Varsity football, captain; and Varsity basketball, forward; Mount Vernon. Courtney Drake displays his talent with the guitar. Shirley Lavin has her eyes tested by the school nurse to com¬ ply with Fairfax County health policies. 91 rhe Class of 1966 Junior Class Officers: SITTING: Mr. Herman Thomason, sponsor. STANDING: Tom Clark, Vice President; Greg Knight, President; and Ron Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer. They are meeting to plan future activities and review past yearbooks for successful ideas. 92 Endowed with Spirit Bruce Ammer Ronald Anderson Rudolph Antonick Edward Artnak Gayle Atkins Harry Bard Ronald Bartlett Bonnie Back John Beahm Ella Mae Beck Pauline Bessler Brian Black Victoria Blood David Botchin Martin Brigman Carol Brown Tracie Brown Brian Bryson James Burton Margaret Byrd Margaret Callins Barbara Campbell Carolynda Campbell Dwaine Carson Florence Casey David Chase Chris Keller and Sally Hall scream with joy as the Ma¬ jors score another touchdown. 93 Possessed by Juniors Johnny Smith receives instructions from Mrs. Locke, as other Juniors in the art class work to complete their mosaics. Judy Clark Thomas Clark Constance Coats Patricia Cobb Jerome Colegrove Charles Constance Madjie Constance Ann Copmann Sandra Craft Daniel Craig Constance Crea Kathryne Creamer Donna Crum Christine Cruse Keith Cruttenden Rhonda Culver Anita Dacy Ann Daffron Joyce Davis Sherry Davis 94 of Mount Vernon David Dawson Kent Dawson Carol Dickinson James Dove Arthur Doyle Peggy Durst Kevin DeWitt Shirley Edwards Susan Elkins Katherine Elliott John Ellsworth James Emig Carole Eskridge Sandra Eskridge Sandra Evans Pat Farquhar Sarah Feierabend Robert Riorillo Marcia Flake Hilda Flartey Junior, Sally Hall leads Majors in a cheer at the bonfire before the Annandale game. 95 for Twenty-five Years Linda Fletcher Stove Foglio Sandra Forman William Frank Dennis Frederick Christopher Gallavan Bruce Gamble Louis Garber Bartley Garvey Savella Gayle Felicia Godsey Tom Gorski Laura Grady Lance Graety Charles Grant Suellen Grantham Jane Gray Linda Griffith Kathleen Hagel Judy Hale Miss Lapsley, guidance director, presents Rebecca Walls with a carnation on being inducted into the Senior Honor Society. 96 Exhibited Enthusiasm Sally Hall John Hardwick Charles Harris Cynthia Harris Vivian Harrison Eric HelTerman Tonita Hernande 2 Stephen Heyroth Darlene Hiestand Patricia Higgins Susannah Hillery Sanders Hodges Earl Hodnett Bonnie Holloman David Holmes Elaine Howard Norma Hyman Martin Interior Pat Irvine Virginia Irvine Donna Jackson Jo Lynn Jolicoeur Beverly Jones Ingrid Jones Molly Jones Richard Jones Irene Jordan Pat Kazlausky Christine Keller Carolyn Kelley Ruth Kennedy Karen Kilby Gary Kimberlin Juanita Kincheloe Dwight Kitchens 97 fhrough Interest in Activities . . . Gregory Knight Grayson Koogle Steve Korfanty Barbara Krolak Carol Kuhns Steve Lacey Wayne Lam Lynda Lasater Irene Lawson Anne Leary Ronald Ledford John Leggett Lawrence Lent Burlin Letcher Cathy Lewis James Lewis Wayne Logan David Lusker Sally Marling James Markham Brian Taylor has his height and weight taken by a senior, Verl Zanders. Steve Meline Gabrielle Merk Brenda Merricks Barry Metzger Anita Mickelson Mary Ann Mikilia 98 Acquirement of Class Rings and The Junior and Senior classes assemble in the auditorium for Senior Honor Society inductions. Jean Miles Lori Miller Merlyn Miller Jessie Minnich Garland Moore Sandra Moore Susan Moore Yvette Morales Bob Morrison Fat Murphy Evelyn Muster Ken Myers Maria Myers Jim INagler Brenda IN alls Lynda INelson George Newman Carolyn O ' Brien Teresa O’Flaherty Cheryl Ogan 99 Conscientiously Planned Aleena Okamura Ellen Oley Madeline Oleyar Jewell O’Quinn Patsy Painter Suzanne Palmer Larry Parr Terry Pearson Cindy Pentecost Donald Polden John Pollock David Post Julie Primm Barbara Prince Robert Pritchett Barbara Kadovich Mike Railey Robert Randolph Gerald Rathbone Carol Ratkins William Raymond Randy Reece Deborah Regn Pat Rice Candee Richardson Marsha Roland Carolyn Romney Robert Rose Barbara Ruggirro Janet Russell Deborah Sampsor Helen Savage Linda Schaeffer Jo Anne Schilling Theresa Schmid 100 Future Lives Junior boys work diligently to complete their mechanical drawing assignment. Cheryl Scott Joan Scott Suzy Scott Diane Seablom Geoffrey Serrell Steve Shomion Pearl Simms Geralyn Simpson Howard Simpson Marlene Sirling Marsha Sitnik Jean Slye Linda Kay Smith Eugene Smith llob Snider George Spinks Dewey Spivey Larry Stafford Richard Steed Peggy Stedman s® 101 for Becoming Tom Gorski, an active Junior, stands beside the Spiriters bulletin board which he has just completed. Alice Stiles Christine Stiles Patricia Sublett Michael Sullivan Patrick Sullivan Lorna Sutherland Martha Sweatt Brian Taylor Duncan Thomas Judith Thomas Sheryal Thompson Judith Thorpe Linda Tingler Dean Tipa Edward Travers Sharon ' l ' renary Frank Truscott Carolyn Van Duker Diane Via Susan Vinay 102 Citizens of Tomorrow Christine Wagener Beverly Walder Emily Waldron Christine Wallace Lynda Wallace Rebecca Walls Margaret Walsh Nancy Ward Bob Watson Anne Watters Nelson Webber Suzanne Weigand Bruce Westerman Cathy White Mary Whyman Jason Wilder Peggie Williams Wallace Williams Mariho Willis Deborah Willoughby Bill Gilles, using tactful persuasion, sells a pair of socks to a classmate, while Mr. Thomasson, class sponsor, looks on. Mary Wilson Gloria Woods Donna Young 103 The Class of 1967 Sophomore Class Officers: David Gorski, president; Eileen Flattery, secretary-treasurer; and Ronald Knight, vice-president. Sitting: Mr. Wilson, sponsor. Scott Alexander John Allen Glenn Anderson Judith Anderson Robert Angleson Jackie Austin Jay Bachman John Baker Thomas Barfield John Barry Anita Berry Clyde Berry James Betz Anthony Biondolillo Margaret Bixler Dinah Blackman Kathleen Blakeney Linda Blankenship David Blount Martin Bodway Ralph Boldt Michael Boles Robert Boothe Stephen Bordner Nancy Bouvier Edwina Bowen Wanda Bradshaw Jacqueline Brake Joy Breeden Margaret Brown Michael Brown Teresa Broyles Sandra Brigman Randall Buchannan Debra Burger 104 Earnestly Entered Harry Burgan Michael Calder John Callahan Roxane Callahan Judith Cancilla Diana Cavazos Diane Cecil Mary Chandler Mark Ciccantell Melissa Coates Janice Cobb Bonnie Cogar Robert Colegrove Deborah Coleman Elaine Collier Carol Colyer Candise Consolvo Melanie Cooke Janice Corlett Laurie Crann Deborah Crase Alfred Crawford Wava Culver Agnes Dagucon Lee Davis Raymond Davis Terry Davis James Dawson Linda Dean Edward Delozier Charles Dennis Gordon Dezulovich Richard Diamond Diana Dillon Denise Dodge Craig Dunivent Deborah Dunn Dorothea Eddy Joan Egan John Egan David Eike Sandra Ellis J.V. Cheerleaders start off the George Washington game with a big cheer. 105 fheir Second Year Candidates for Sophomore Class offices await their turn to speak as Bill Watkins, candidate for president, delivers his campaign speech. Sara Emig Marilynn Etkin John Eubank Thomas Ewald Michael Feil Kathryn Fenley Ronald Fiefield James Finder Marilyn Fiorillo Stanley Florer Charles Franger David Frazelle Danny Freeman Anne Fuller Janis Foxworth William Funk Robert Gallavan Robert Galloway Mark Gaylor Marcia Gentry Diana Gibbs Susan Gibson Susan Gilfen John Gillison Michael Gilroy Donna Glisson Barbara Gmaz David Gorski Joan Gottfried Carole Graber Catherine Graetz Russell Graves Nancy Grazier Allen Green Elizabeth Green Victoria Grey Virginia Grisby Donna Grover Harry Haaser George Hall Mary Hambleton Deborah Hammond 106 at Mount Vernon Catherine Hancock Tom Hancock Pamela Harrill Linda Harris William Harris David Haseman Jean Havrilak Steve Hawks Harold Hayes Thomas Haynie Terry Head Susan Hein Charles Helbig William Hendy Roy Hicks James Hines Michael Hudson Glenn Hutzler Elsa Interior Deborah Jackson Eugene Johnson Garde Johnson Charles Jones Hardy Josephson Patrick Kaveney Kathleen Keel Janet Kelly Suzanne Keyes Yoon Hi Kim Ronald Knight Marie Krenn Nancy Krolak James Landry Paula Lang Penelope Lawson Linda Leady Cheryl Leckey Barbara Lee Doris Lee Gerry Lee Mildred Lewis Gary Little Gilda Littlejohn Lucinda Lommasson Thomas Long Rita Lusker Karen Lyons Robert Mann William Manning Richard Marlatt Franklin Marr Edward Marvel Gail Massey William Mathews Steven Maye Beth McClintock James Mendelson Michael Mense Brett Merritt Thomas Messer Craig Metcalfe Devin Mikles Jade Mikles Charles Mitchell John Mitchell Steven Mize Marie Mizelle Sheila Mone Donald Moody Kimberly Morrison 107 Willing To Accept Constance Mulvihill James Musgrave Delores Nedorolik Nora Nelson Kathleen Newdeck Danny Nicely John North Santos Nunez Robert Obermeyer Deidre Okamura Jeffrey Olson Sherry O’Quinn Daniel O’Rourke Mark Osborne Edward O’Shaugnessy Sophomores, Mike and Margie Brown, help with a Spiriters’ car wash. Sandra O’Shea Lana Ovitt Cynthia Owens Ronald Owens Carla Palas John Paolantonio William Parker Carol Parks Kathy Parks Stuart Paxton Dennis Perrin Charles Phipps Roderick Pierpont Janice Poole Joan Pooley 108 the Responsibilities Elizabeth Pollock Steve Prichard Nils Radhe Cynthia Rainer Susan Rawlings Jennifer Reece Kathleen Reese Bessie Reno Gail Reynolds Charles Richardson Clara Rinehart Donald Robinson Charles Robbins Linda Rodgers B.S.C.S. Biology students begin another interesting experiment. Claudia Roethlein David Rogers n] I fl i jt Darlene Rose Judith Rose Lorraine Rose Thomas Ruggiero Rhonda Rush Lulu San Luis Joyce Sual David Scarce Warren Schon Kristine Schwab Florence Scott Laura Serrell Pat Shafer Darlene Shaner 109 of Their New Role James Shehan Anne Shimon Dawna Skipper Linda Smith Robert Soukey Michael Spowart Ralph Squires Adriana Stagg Donna Steed Michael Sterling Robert Stoner Peter St. Onge Raymond Stopper Brenda Stotel myer Susan Strom Harry Stumpf William Sumner Terrance Takaki Peggy Tanner Anne Taylor Henry Taylor Peggy Taylor Victor Taylor James Thomspon Marilyn Thompson Elena Tipa Karen Turner Joana Twojay Georgia Via Bruce Vechik Edward Vigen Charles Wagner Paula Walder James Wallace Peter Ward First period, Latin II students prepare a play for the Junior Classical League. 110 as Sophomores Sophomores listen attentively to the speeches of the candidates for the class offices. Susan Weistling George Wells Judy Whaley Timothy White David Whitford Lane Winfree Walter Winneberger Kathy Winningham Linda Wright Linda Wylie Candace Yale Jerry Zanders Nelson Zayas Alan Zvolanek William Watkins Tadashi Watson Lincoln Webb Deborah Weickhardt M. « 111 Freshman Representatives to the Sophomore Class Council, FRONT ROW: Cathy Radovich, Committee Chairman, Cindy Van Sickle, and Karen Tuthill. SECOND ROW: Cathy Cruse, Janice North, Sally Watters, and Betsy Hinson. STANDING: Britt Brewer, Gary Lake, Steve Jarvis, Alton Buie, and Mr. Guy Wilson, Sponsor. . 1 J Richard Acree Katherine Allen Linda Allen Debra Amundson Janice Anderson Susan Antonich Kathleen Atkinson Rosemary Ayres Ronald Bailey Robert Baird Beth Barbour Jane Barfield John Barfield Bonnie Barry Wayne Bartlett Kathryn Barwick Phillip Baskin Jo Ann Batchelor Harold Bayne Cheryl Beckler j 1 i w m-a w w a it “ a? jTU Yk 1 g -i i i 1 it % £ I f jjjfcM 111 j 112 Worked Hard Amy Bennett Donna Bennett Catherine Betley Jane Betz Thomas Bickell Janet Black Leslie Boettcher Brad Bookout Judson Boswell Nona Botchin Raymond Brazell Britton Brewer Colby Broadwater Carole Brooks David Brown Jerrold Buglia Thomas Buglia Alton Buie Pamela Burke Sarah Byrd Dennis Calvin Kenneth Campbell Judy Cantrell Martha Carmean Marcella Carmichael Nancy Carson James Casey Loretta Caudill Burton Chandler Sharon Chichester Alan Coady Kathy Coggburn George Collins Skip Collins Sandra Compton John Convery Geoffrey Cooke Robert Cox Kathy Crabtree Cathy Cruse Lawrence Cruttenden Susan Daniel Jo Anne Davis Nancy Dawson Deborah Delimont James DeWitt Dawn Dickerson Genia Dickinson William Dillion Douglass Donnell Eric Donovan Jane Doyle Darrell Eastman Dixie Easton Ronnie Edwards Dennis Ellen Yvonne Emerson Lynne Farrell Claudine Fowler Cordelia Fox Horvetta Fox Cinthia Fravel Peggy Frey Richard Frey Lyndull Frizzell Jerry Gardner Patricia Gerrard Lavina Gibbons Patricia Gilkerson David Gilley 113 To Adjust Themselves Freshmen and Juniors participate in the annual STEP and SCAT testing program. Lewis Gillingham Wendy Girard Stephanie Goldberg Brenda Gorzenski Scott Grady Mona Green William Green Don Gribble Juanita Grisby Karen Grove Sue Grover Amy Grubbs James JJazel Alexandra Haight Cynthia Haines F. T. Hale Diane Hall JoAnn Hambach James Hannah Ester JIarper Valerie Harrawood 114 to Mount Vernon Paul Harrington Brenda Harris Brin ton Harrison Stanley Harrison Alice Hart Karen Heckert Eron Hefferman William Hegland John Henderly Micheal Herbstreith Pietre Hernandez Larry Hicks Max Hildreth Donald Hill Henry Hill Mary Hinson Fred Huebner Pamela Huffman Henry Hughes Robert Humphres Ronald Humphrey Tim Ryan is caught by Yearbook camera while posing for class photographer. 115 Looking Forward to Jack Hutcherson Jerry Hutcherson Ronnie Jluyett Eric Hyman Barbara JafTe Stephen Jarvis Kathleen Jennings Beth Johnson Diane Johnson Judith Johnson Earl Jones Valerie Jones Cathy Jourdan Michele Kelley Ray Kelly Walter Kelly Dennis Kennaugh Marvin Kennaugh Asenath Kepler Phylis Kirly Karen Kobilka Susan Korfanty Gary Lake Joe Lamb Patricia Lamb Eugenia Lane Connie Lasater Tana Lee The upper classes put on a short skit, illustrating school life for Ereshman Orientation. 116 fheir Future Years Margaret Leggett Christopher Lent David Lerner Michael Lewis Richard Lewis Gaylan Linthacum Robert Lovitt Lark Lysett William Mabray Barbara Mahaley Hunter Mahon Dana Marshall Frankie Martin George McGhin Donald Mead Diana Meador Mary Mechling Lynda Meline Patricia Menser Debra Mentzer Sandra Merchant Hal Metcalfe Barbara Miles Brenda Miles Diana Miller Gertrude Miller Paula Miller Barbara Mitchell Henry Mitchell Edna Mitchenor Michael Mohr Henry Moore Roxanna Moore Robert Nashu Janice Newcomer Julie Newell Glenda Nicholson Steve Nissley Fred Norris Janice North Wendy North Julia Obarski Charles O’Brien Nancy Ogan Brian O’Hara Janet Olson Marilyn O’Rourke Eldre Palas Monacca Parrigan Tom Parrish Sarah Partridge Patricia Patrick Albert Pearson Alan Pendleton Castle Phelps Phil Phelps James Pierce Patricia Polden Daniel Polk Virginia Pollock Stephen Post Nancy Price Camille Primm Julia Pritchett Thomas Prizzia Linda Pruitt Sandra Puffenburger Sharon Pullen Catherine Radovich Dale Rail 117 of Responsibility Holly Raskin Sarah Rathbone Geogory Raymond Kathryn Raymond Crystal Reckart Hilda Reed Eugene Rice Margaret Rice Mary Rice Frederick Rich Valerie Riegner Angela Ritz Michael Ritzer Cynthia Robertson Linda Robinson Julia Ann Rogers Michael Ruggiero Richard Runaldue Timothy Ryan Kirk Shumaker Marlin Scott Margaret Selling Judith Sexton Karen Shamer Sue Shaver Wilma Shaver Herbert Shepherd Carol Simmons Billy Sims Darlene Skelton Carole Smith David Smith Brenda Spears Richard Spowart Sue Stark Bruce Stein way Bonnie Stewart George Stewart Kay Storck Katherine Strong June Sublett Linda Summa Barbara Taylor Arnold Taynton Carol Thompson James Thompson Roderick Thonen Chris Thornburg Lowell Thorpe James Tickle Larry Tickle Gary Thurston Janice Tourtillott Ka ren Tschopp Karen Tuthill Carl Uveges Norma Vanover Cindy Van Sickle Harriet Venadlu Edward Vermes Barbara Vinay James Vollmer Vernon Vorris Robert Vosburg Linda Wagner Randy Wagner Thomas Waldron Earl Walker Edward Wallace Nancy Warehime 118 and Leadership Ruth Warner Linda Watson Ralph Watson Sally Watters Kenneth Weaver William Weber Charles Wegrzyn Danny Wessner Carol Westbrook Kathy Williams David Wilson Craig Wise Jonathan Wittwer James Woods Katherine Wood Kathleen Wood Diane Wright Susan Young Maria Zayas Kenneth Ziegfield Stewart Hannah learns to keep up with the fast moving pace at Mount Vernon. 119 Varsity Football Majors, proud of their victory, carry Coach Snyder off the field. Coaches Jack Miller and Mike Snyder, in order to prepare the Majors for the tough season ahead, in¬ sisted on a program of grueling practices, rigorous exercise, and hard work. The entire season was “touch-and-go” as the Majors faced many hard-hit¬ ting opponents. After the unfortunate loss to Lee, the Majors rose to victory over McLean. Among others, victories over Groveton and Fort Hunt helped to bolster the Majors’ spirits considerably. Although disappointing, any defeat was more than compen¬ sated for by good sportsmanship and unequalled enthusiasm. Without a doubt, the Majors are truly a credit to MVHS. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Coaches Snyder and Miller display typical coaches’ “tension” during varsity encounter. 1964 SCHEDULE 4 M. V. 6 Lee 33 11 M. V. 12 McLean 0 18 M. V. 7 Hammond 36 25 M. V. 19 Groveton 13 2 M. V. 0 Edison 14 9 M. V. 19 Falls Church 6 16 M. V. 13 Fort Hunt 7 23 M. V. 12 Woodson 21 30 M. V. 0 Annandale 26 6 M. V. 0 G. W. 14 122 FIRST ROW: Robertson, Taylor, Bennet, Pollick, Bowers, Jones, Johnson, Fisher, and Jett. SECOND ROW: Gallavan, Moose, Reiley, Brigman, Nazario, Newman, Parker, and Man¬ ager St. Onge, THIRD ROW : Artnak, Obermeyer, Ammer, St. Onge, Jermaine, Norman, Eastman, and Knight. FOURTH ROW ' : Frederick, Treder, Fuller, Letcher, Frank, Zanders, Linehan, Swink, and Heston. FIFTH ROW ' : Emig, Snyder, Grant, Constance, Miller, Harris, Tollander, and Lawrence. SIXTH ROW ' : Taylor, Adams, Polk, and Olson. K ' j raj m ij j« iff f f I W J 4 The Majors score another touchdown to maintain the lead With only minutes to go, the Majors are hopeful that victory over Groveton. is near. 123 Fran Lawrence completes a pass for another touchdown against McLean. : IjSjOr C dp Wm 1 " a 6; jLfl 1 i W g it f , ..JBMPr J it ir mr Johnson, after a short gain, is knocked out of bounds by a Jones runs for important yardage against a threatening Groveton player. opponent. Constance and Letcher act quickly as a Groveton player Fran Lawrence is examined carefully after being shaken-up attempts to go through the majors defensive line. in a play against G.W. 124 Majors, with a quick defensive maneuver, pull down a Groveton Tiger. Diamond, a great asset to the J. V. team, demonstrates his fine running and catching ability in a game against G. W. 125 ■t J. V. Football FRONT ROW: left to right: DeZulovieh, Acree, Dennis, Haaser, Head. THIRD ROW: Blont, Mann, Franger, Moore, Meguin, Tomlin, Mitchell, Watkins, Angleson, and Diamond. SECOND and Ewald. ROW: North, Vigan, Wallace, Zuolanek, Werner, Phipps, and The Junior Varsity team, under the direction of Coach Yednock and assistant Coach Freeman, showed the true Mount Vernon spirit in the eight games they played this season. The team had the drive and determination of a future winning team for Mount Vernon. The Majors completed the season with three wins, one tie, and four defeats. Even though the defeats out-ranked the wins, the J.V. never stopped fighting. One of their best games was against Woodson: they were trailing in the first half by a score of 0-7; at half-time, Coach Yednock gave a good pep-talk and pointed out their weaknesses; when the game resumed, the almighty Majors came hack to win the game. With this kind of show, the Majors have some¬ thing to look forward to for the 1965 season. 1964 SCHEDULE Mt. Vernon 0 Hammond 27 Mt. Vernon 6 Groveton 0 Mt. Vernon 0 Edison 12 Mt. Vernon 7 Fort Hunt 20 Mt. Vernon 6 Falls Church 6 Mt. Vernon 14 Woodson 7 Mt. Vernon 13 Annandale 7 Mt. Vernon 0 G. W. 20 Coach John Yednock Coach Patrick Freeman 126 Freshman Football J.V. FIRST ROW: Marshall, Convery, Uveges, Boswell, Zieg- field, Hutcherson, Norris, Mitchell, Polk, and Walker, manager. SECOND ROW: Fiich, Mabray, Hutcherson, Ball, Baird, Wess- ner, Tompkins, Power, Thonen, and Michael. THIRD ROW: Playing for the first time in an organized sport, the Baby Majors gained a great deal of experience this season. Coach Grove feels that their drive and good sportsman¬ ship was unequaled by any team in the area, and goes on to say that they will make a fine J.V. Varsity team in years to come. Post, Thompson, Cooke, Cribble, Taynton, Cox, Wagner, Bas¬ kin, Eller, and Refsahl. FOURTH ROW: Coaches Hayhurst and Fischer, Holt, Hughes, O’Hara, Nissley, Mead, Humphries, Lovitt, Menser, Calvin, Hagel, and Coach Grove. 1964 SCHEDULE M. V. 6 Fort Hunt 13 M. V. 6 Edison 33 M. V. 6 Groveton 6 M. V. 6 G. W. 48 M. V. 6 Edison 7 M. V. 6 Hammond 33 The J.V. team fought hard but was defeated in a tough game against G.W. 127 Varsity Hockey VARSITY HOCKEY, STANDING : Coach Yutz, Betly, Sim- Manager Adams. KNEELING: Serrell, Schick, Co-captains mons, Rhinehart, Kuhns, Cobb, Fox, Spellman, Bibber, and Mitchell and Ford. Under the excellent supervision of Miss Virginia Y utz, the girls of Mount Vernon’s Hockey team have shown much improvement over last wear’s performance. Team-work and co-ordination, coupled with good sportsmanship and enthusiasm, yielded a group of girls of which Mount Vernon can be proud. Coach Yutz looks forward to a better season next year with the return of many of this year’s varsity players. September 22 Mt. Vernon vs. Edison October 1 Mt. Vernon vs. Annandale October 7 Mt. Vernon vs. Falls Church October 14 Mt. Vernon vs. Fairfax October 28 Mt. Vernon vs. Fort Hunt November 4 Mt. Vernon vs. Jefferson November 11 Mt. Vernon vs. Herndon November 19 Mt. Vernon vs. Madison Coach Virginia Yutz 128 Junior Varsity Hockey J.V. STANDING: Coach Oliverio, Porter, Fox, Ovitt, Jones, Calazas, Jackson, Pollock, and Grigsby. KNEELING: Reno, Lommasson, Tuthill, De Losier. This season, Mount Vernon’s Junior Varsity Hockey team showed a marked improvement over last year’s record. Under the supervision of Mrs. Edith Oliverio, these hard-working girls displayed excellent sportsmanship as well as commendable skill. With the experience gained this year, most of the girls will become assets to the Varsity team next season. September 22 Mt. Vernon vs. Edison October 1 Mt. Vernon vs. Annandale October 7 Mt. Vernon vs. Falls Church October 14 Mt. Vernon vs. Fairfax October 28 Mt. Vernon vs. Fort Hunt November 4 Mt. Vernon vs. Jefferson November 11 Mt. Vernon vs. Herndon November 19 Mt. Vernon vs. Madison Coach Edith Oliverio 129 Varsity Basketball Lawrence begins another game for the Majors as he jumps for the hall. Coach Skinner As of the past seasons, the Mount Vernon varsity basketball team has been hindered by the lack of height. But to overcome this hinderance, the team has really shown their drive and de¬ termination against every opponent they met. Even though the Majors finished the season with a record of 3 wins and 14 loses, the team continually played as a unit and exhibited their true sportsmanship of which Mount Vernon can be proud. The 1964-65 Majors were lead by the fine performance of the four returning lettermen: Lawrence, Nazar io, Pollock, and Zanders. Pollock, a two year veteran on the varsity squad, will return next year and with the help of Polden, Josephson, Taylor, Gorski, and Johnson, will bring a winning season for the rising Majors. 130 FRONT ROW : Pulden, Josephson, Taylor, Nazario. SECOND ROW : Zanders, Lawrence, Elder, Pollock, Letcher. Sq « Jwk -• ■ IjM HHra.-li m .fWmmk Strom drives in for the basket. Gorski shoots a foul shot. 131 132 J.V. and Freshman Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY: Davis, Gorski, Dennis, North, Anderson, Webb, Hendy, Knight, Thompson, Hutzler, Alexander, directed by Coach Freeman. FRESHMAN: Boswell, Ryan, Heggland, Hutcherson, Hutcherson, Schriener, Weaver, Hefferman, Hyman, Steinway, Mabry, Convery, Lewis, Wessner, directed by Coach Taylor. 133 Wrestling ■ (f Bob Swink and Falls Church opponent get ready to start the last round of the Coach Stan Fant MV-Falls Church match. 134 Mount Vernon began its sixth with only five re¬ turning lettermen. Neverthless, the team has been one of the best balanced ones in the history of our school. Returning wrestlers were Frank Wasuta, Brian Taylor, John Beahm, Charlie Constante, and manager Pete St. Onge. Of these returning, Wasuta, Constants, Beahm, in addition to Doran and Matthews represented Mount Vernon in the State Tournament. Through¬ out the entire season, Constants and Wasuta main¬ tained an undefeated record. Not only did the team function well as indivi¬ duals but as a well-coordinated unit. Considering this fact, Coach Fant anticipates an equally success¬ ful season for 1966. Jeff Serrell attempts to break free from his opponents hold. k , y 4 Mr 1 i ■ y f | ; 1 I 1 k V- s 1 f 1 KNEELING: Collins, Serrell, Doran, Wasuta, and Ewald. SECOND ROW: Matthews, Beahm, Bradley, and Taylor. THIRD ROW: St. Onge, Bennett, Swink, Taylor, Polk, and Constance. 135 Girls ' Varsity Basketball Margaret Collins Vickie Gray Donna Dawson Bonnie Marie Adams Ronda Rush Springle The team at half time. Coach — Miss Joan Helder Vickie makes a shot. Bessie Renio Marion Callaway Sharon Hall Carolynda Campbell Donna Jackson Manager — Cheryl Fox 136 Girls ’ Junior Varsity Basketball FRONT ROW: Jones, Barbour, Fox, and Parton. SECOND ROW: Dickinson, Cobb, Fiorillo, Pollock, Grigsly, Tuthill, and Wilson. Under the direction of Varsity Coach Helder and Junior Varsity Coach Parker, the 1964-65 girls’ basketball teams prac¬ ticed long and hard every day and during the holidays. And, even though the team had an unsuccessful season, score wise, the three returning players and new “materi¬ al” fought their games to a bitter end and exhibited fine team spirit and sportsman¬ ship throughout the season. Next season we have much to look for¬ ward too — the team will be much more experienced and equipped with the same vigor and eagerness to win that was a major facet in the past athletic encounters. It is well to remember that while we play to win — the most important thing is how well we played the game! Varsity and J.V. Schedule January 5 Lee vs. Mt. Vernon 8 McLean vs. Mt. Vernon 12 Marshall vs. Mt. Vernon 15 Stuart vs. Mt. Vernon 22 Woodson vs. Mt. Vernon 26 Edison vs. Mt. Vernon 29 Annandale vs. Mt. Vernon February 2 Falls Church vs. Mt. Vernon 5 Fatrfax vs. Mt. Vernon 9 Groveton vs. Mt. Vernon 12 Ft. Hunt vs. Mt. Vernon 16 Jefferson vs. Mt. Vernon All games start at 4:00 after school Manager—Paulette Juanita Grisley, Red Penny Player, captures ball from White Team dur- Thompson ing practice session. Coach—Miss Pat Parker 137 Student Cooperative Association The SCA was most active organization this year pro¬ viding co-ordinating activities for all participating clubs. Homecoming festivities began the year early in September, followed by the highly successful maga¬ zine campaign. Fifteen hundred dollars from maga¬ zine profits was donated to the Stadium Light Fund. In December, the SCA’s from Fort Hunt and Groveton combined with us for the Canned Food and Toy Drive. With various clubs and civic groups, the Student Government planned the Silver Anniversary celebra¬ tion in March. After collecting and estimated $1,000 from alumni, students and outside organizations, the SCA gave the school a podium and presented Principal Melvin B. Landes with a suitable gift. Kathy Bradshaw, Second Vice President Candee Richardson, Secretary Stan Florer, Treasurer 140 Leadership Mr. Oscar Match, Sponsor Sue Strom, Jo Anne Glisson, Sherry Jackson, Doug Elder, and Debby Willoughby. Mr. Oscar Match, United States Government-teacher and former Distributive Education supervisor, has been the SCA sponsor for two years. Under his firm, guiding hand, the SCA’s prestige has risen to new heights, at¬ tracting, each year, more and better candidates for the offices. Always popular with his students, Mr. Match’s cordial relations with this year’s officers has resulted in an efficient student government which has provided a plethora of services and activities. PRESIDENT’S CABINET joAnne Glisson.Corresponding Secretary Sherry Jackson.Hospitality Chairman Doug Elder.Secretary of Public Relations Debbie Willoughby.... Secretary of Spirit Committee Fred VanAtta.Secretary of Photograph) Mike Frank.Secretary of Activities Bob St. Onge.Secretary of Athletics Carol Deeds.Secretary of Yearbook Ads Tom Gcrski.Secretary of Publicity Suellen Sirhaugh.Co-Secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards Barbara Roysden.Co-Secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards Sue Strom.Under Secretary of Spirit Committee Fred VanAtta, Suellen Sirbaugh, Mike Frank, Barbara Roysden, Bob St. Onge, Carol Deeds, and Tom Gorski. John Nelson, Groveton SCA President, Annabel Graves, and Dale Oliver, Fort Hunt SCA President. SCA members man registration duties as an assistance to Guidance Depart¬ ment during pre-registration. 141 Character Mike Frank, Pat Higgins, Linder Secretary of Publications; Bill Taylor, John Hasle, and Fran Speed, Secretary of Activities. Under the direction of John Hasle. the Secretary of Publications, and a crew of devoted workers, the SCA printshop composed items for clubs, teachers, and the Student Government. Turning out victory tags, tickets, mem¬ bership cards, calling cards, hand¬ books. the Student Directory, posters and a multitude of other items, the SCA Printshop was a major aid to various school organization. With the possible acquisition of new equip¬ ment through generous donations, it is hoped that even more service can be rendered in years to come. Tom Clark, Sally Hall, Karla Kappel, and Vicki Grey. Mike Colozzi, Barbara Radovicli, Wayne Curto, Laurie Hey- mont, and Jerry Bruger. COMMITTEE HEADS Tom Clark.Secretary of Finance Sally Hall.Co-Chairman, Toy and Canned Food Drive Karla Kappel.Elections Chairman Vicki Grey.Co-Chairman, Toy and Canned Food Drive Mike Colozzi.Chairman, Car Safety Rodeo Barbara Radovicli.Co-Chairman. Alliance for Progress Wayne Curto.Representative, Fairfax County Youth Council Laurie Heymont.Co-Chairman, Alliance for Progress Jerry Bruger.Magazine Campaign Chairman 142 The representative from Curtis Publishing Com¬ pany explains the details and prizes to be won dur¬ ing annual magazine campaign. Ability Fred VanAtta, Secretary of Photography. Twenty-five years ago, Mount Vernon was a single, two-story building. The main office was located in the front hall, serving a student body of one-tenth the size of our present enrollment. We know little of the 1940 Student Cooperative Association, for no records of their accomplishments remain. An old yearbook picture is the sole survivor of Mount Ver¬ non’s first proud Student Government. This pride is more than matched by our Silver Anniversary Stu¬ dent Government. Although every SCA probably reminisced about past Student Cooperative Associations, the honor of Created in 1961, the Photo Lab was originally con¬ trolled by the Photo Club. The SCA assumed spon¬ sorship of the lab under the Secretary of Publications when the Photo Club became non-existant last vear. The lab is now used for the development and printing of newspaper, club and SCA pictures at a minimal cost. The Photo Lab is located on the second floor ad¬ joining one of the Art rooms and is equipped with modern equipment. The staff consists of a group of well skilled individuals, who are trained in the tech¬ nology of photography. having been the 25th Anniversary Student Govern¬ ment made us pay special attention as we looked forward into life and prepared for the future. As the 25th Student Government, we became aware of the position of our school. Mount Vernon, one of the oldest scho ols in Fairfax County, ranks scholasti¬ cally above most of the other schools. Yes, there was pride in our Anniversary title, but our fondest hope was that the accomplishments and the traditions we had begun would permanently establish Mount Vernon’s position high in the world of education. ; 11 A iB FRONT ROW: Obermeyer, SanLuis, Huyett, Caudill, Dunn, Hall, Sampson, Godsey, Dunn, Fick, Davis, Hillary, Jones, Dodge, Kelley, Gibbs, and Hinson. SECOND ROW: Stoner. Head, Kitchens, Parks, Foglio, Boswell, Pierce, Brewer, Steed, Egan, Kazlausky, Dickerson, Stark, Vinay, Botchin, Pollock, Martin, and Green. THIRD ROW: Hutcherson, Bruger, Parry, Gross, Shehan, Travers, Lee, Kelley, Sweatt, Finder, Barfield, Curto, Sandord, Deeds, Pappas, and Bailey. 143 Surveyor Staff Tom Barfield and Claude Sanford yearbook photog¬ raphers discuss camera tactics before going into ac¬ tion. Miss Lowman, Sponsor; Nikki Looft, and Susan Walls, Co- Editors. SEATED: Mrs. Gates, business manager. The Surveyor staff this year consisted of five under- classment and eleven seniors. Each of the staff mem¬ bers spent his study hall and yearbook periods taking pictures, editing copy, etc., to meet those ominous deadlines. The procedure of the student’s purchasing this year’s book was changed somewhat. Sales were handled completely by our new and able business manager, Mrs. Gates. The SCA, under the direction of Mr. Match, took charge of financing the book. Each club sold $100 of advertising or paid $40 from its treasury for it’s page in the yearbook. This method proved very effective, and left the yearbook staff with more time to plan lay-outs and take more effective pictures. Helen Savage, and Carolyn Pilch, School Life; Irene Jordan, Clubs; Carol Deeds, School Life; Chris Pappas; and Mary K. Thompson, Clubs work diligently to com¬ plete deadline requirements. In the fall, members of the staff attended the Third Annual Yearbook Forum at American University in Washington, D. C. The day was spent in sessions with various persons concerned with yearbook pub¬ lication. There were many different All-American yearbooks displayed, and the staff had an opportunity to observe the variety used in various publications. Our theme this year emphasizes the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mount Vernon and the various cele¬ bration connected with the event. We hope that in a small way we have succeeded in our goal for we believe it worthy of recognition. Nancy Cribble, Barbara Roysden, Judy Thomas, Cathie Fick, classes; and Carolynda Campbell, sports; review pictures and copy for 3-R Forms. Missing from picture is Debbie Young, girls’ sports. 144 Em Vee Hi Monthly issues of the EM VEE HI cover significant school activities and attempt to tie in vital national and world events as they affect the student body. Purpose is to inform students and faculty in depth on school de¬ velopments and broaden the scope of the school. EM VEE HI awards include the George H. Gallup and International Honor award, medalist, and All- American, top honors from the Quill and Scroll, and Columbia Scholastic Press association, and National Scho¬ lastic Press association. EM VEE HI maintains membership in these scho¬ lastic press associations plus the South¬ ern Interscholastic Press association. Newspaper activities included Tivirp Week and a trip to New York City for Columbia Scholastic Press associa¬ tion convention in March. U ana Set, jtoirrnatioiuil ihanorarp Soar® torlhigh School Journalists SITTING: Laurie Heymont, Editor-in-Chief; and Mrs. Hodgson, sponsor. STAND¬ ING: Jo Anne Glisson, Chuck Niven, Suellen Sirbaugh, Marsha Sitnik, and Barbara Radovich, page editors. SITTING: Hinson, Haseman, Weichardt, Tesko, and Davis. ST AN DING: Cheek, Giffen, Weigand, Hein, Westerman, Brown, and Samuel. 145 Transit The Transit Staff strived to attain two goals with the publication of the Literary and Art maga¬ zine this year; first, a desire to produce a maga¬ zine truly representative of the entire Mount Ver¬ non High School Student Body, and second, to exhibit a cross-section of literary types in the selection of material for the magazine. In addition to the publication of the Literary magazine, the Transit staff staged two variety shows during the year featuring both faculty and students. The first, “Mount Vernon Madness,’’ was performed in November before a filled audi¬ torium. The Transit’s “Silver Anniversary Musical Gala” in March, commemorating Mount Vernon High School’s 25th Anniversary, was also a tremendous success. Through the efforts of this year’s staff, the Transit has definitely proven its value as an integral part of Mount Vernon High School. CENTER: Susan Martin. SECOND ROW: John Smith, and Doug Elder. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Romney. Miss Frieder sponsor of the Transit and Fran Lawrence, editor. CENTER: Bonnie Back. SECOND ROW: Susan Elkins, and Joanne Glisson. THIRD ROW: Dave Thompson. 146 Debate Varsity Debaters Robert Sweatt, Kathy Bradshaw, James Rush, and Lucian Truscott spend an afternoon in the library compiling research information. The M.V. Debate Club enjoyed a very profitable season. The George Washington University and American University campuses were the scene of some of the most successful M.V. debates. Cognizant of the prowess of the Mount Vernon Debate squad, several colleges and universities, including William Pitt, Columbia University, and Catholic University, L_| Junior Varsity debaters Charles Mitchell, Julie Primm, Mike Colozzi, and Donna Young stage a practice debate. invited us to their debate tournaments. The topics for this debate season was “Resolved: That nuclear weapons should be controlled by an international or¬ ganization.” While the Mount Vernon debators could not solve the world’s problems, all of the members learned a great deal about international affairs and debate procedure. James Rush, Kathy Bradshaw, Helen Spellman, Mike Colozzi, and Lucian Truscott debate before the judges and timekeeper. 147 Dehate president James Rush takes on Lucian Truscott and Kathy Bradshaw in a class demonstration. Senior Honor Society Jo Anne Glisson, reporter; Milton Bennett, president; George Duckworth, vice president; and Mary K. Thompson, secretary. Scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service -— these are the criteria for membership in the Lawrence Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors who consistently maintain a 3.5 grade average and who have attended Mount Vernon for at least one semester. In addition to recognizing academic achievement by admitting students into society membership, the Honor Society publishes the school honor roll. This year the Honor Society presented the school with a permanent honor roll case which contains the names of the Honor Society members and the current honor roll. The Senior Honor Society operates the paperback bookstore and is an integral part of all school activi¬ ties. With pride, the National Honor Society recognizes that this year’s vice president, in keeping with Law¬ rence Washington Chapter tradition, has been desig¬ nated as a 1964 National Winner in the Achievement Awards Competition by the National Council of Teachers of English. Both George Duckworth and Christopher Ryan have gained prominance as National Merit Finalists. f m m JH -im ■ MS y i i , e HI Ip ' ?? War Ik a I P J U pPfj fr Igi FRONT ROW: S. Schick, L. Heymont, C. Kelly, K. Kappel, son. THIRD ROW: C. Cooke, S. Hinson, N. Nash, L. Suther- S. Marfing, and K. Flandermeyer. SECOND ROW: S. Harris, land, and B. Taylor. FOURTH ROW: B. Garvey, J. Fuller, M. Sweatt, B. Radovich, K. Bradshaw, R. Walls, and D. Jack- T. Clark, C. Ryan, S. Strom, and B. Bryson. 148 Junior Honor Society Superior scholarship, leadership, citizenship, serv¬ ice, and exemplary qualities of character are the cri¬ teria for membership in the Lawrence Washington Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Under the guidance of Miss Joan Carr, the chapter inducted fifteen new members from the freshman and sopho¬ more classes. Besides having provided recognition for excellence, Stuart Paxton, treasurer; Miss Carr, sponsor; Vicki Grey, vice president; Denise Dodge, secretary; and David Gorski, president. the Honor Society performed valuable services for the school. Among these activities were the provision of a tutoring service and the remodeling of Mount Ver¬ non’s Honor Code. Living true to their motto, “Light is the Symbol of Truth,” the members have made the Junior Honor Society an asset to their school. FRONT ROW: Pendleton, Lee, Gottfried, Kelly, Finlay, Daw¬ son, Austin, Davis, and Leggett. SECOND ROW: Baird, Hin¬ son, Warner, Palas, Anderson, Cooke, Rainer, Cancilla, and 149 Webb. THIRD ROW: Kepler, Jackson, Radovich, O’Shea, Fuller, Strom, Taylor, and Mense. FOURTH ROW: Brake, Marr, Frazelle, Davis, Winneberger, Anderson, and Barfield. Key Club Mr. Lawrence Hatch Sponsor Randy Garrett, Bill Taylor, and Steve Strom prepare pancake ingredients during Annual Pancake Breakfast held in school cafeteria. 150 The Key Club proved to be the service organiza¬ tion at Mount Vernon this year. Starting in the fall with a hard core of ten enthusiastic Keys from last year, the club began the season with a large scale voter registration drive in Fairfax County. The very day after this drive, the members aided the sponsoring Kiwanis, serving at their dog show. Then in late September the school Finance Officer’s house caught fire and was badly burned. The fol¬ lowing Saturday the club was there cleaning out the charred and flooded basement and helping in every feasible way. Two weeks later the Keys were back, this time sparked by fifteen handpicked inductees, Key Club bring the total membership to a solid and compact twenty-five. In conjunction with the Kiwanis “Youth Apprecia¬ tion Week,” seven members spoke to and entertained the Alexandria Kiwanis at a special luncheon-meeting. The Key Club devoted its time not only to com¬ munity projects but also made itself appreciated around the school. Building and policing a pep bon¬ fire, serving as waiters at the PTA Benefit Ham Din¬ ner, and sponsoring a non-profit, school-wide skating party were among its school projects. The tremend¬ ously successful Pancake Breakfast provided ample funds for the Keys’ spring service activities. FRONT ROW: D. Lusker, M. Frank, J. Hasle, S. Heyroth, J. Hein, S. Florer, B. Garvey, and D. Tipa. SECOND ROW: T. Cunningham, D. Elder, R. Garrett, C. Ryan, S. Strom, B. St. Onge, J. Thompson, and D. Thompson. NIKKI LOOFT Key Club Sweetheart Dave Thompson volunteered to do “dishwashing” duty for the annual Key Club Pancake breakfast held in the cafeteria on February 7. 151 Keyette Club FRONT ROW: Dalton, Scott, Sirbaugh, Kelly, Hall, Rado- vich, Kozina, and Back, junior representative. SEC¬ OND ROW: Jordan, Thompson, Metcalfe, Duckwall, Pappas, Thomas, Hinson, Goldberg, and Martin. THIRD ROW: Walls, Spellman, Stedman, Kappel, senior representative; Looft, Jackson, Fletcher, and Romney. Kathy Bradshaw, vice president; Pat Mc- Lellan, historian; Cindi Cook, secretary; Carol Jones, president; Lynn Hasema, treas¬ urer; Mrs. Harder, sponsor; and Joanne Glisson, reporter. Milton Bennett Keyette Club Sweetheart Striving to achieve its purpose of service to both school and community, this year’s Keyette Club sponsored and participated in a variety of activities, ranging from bake sales to washing blackboards. In an effort to increase the understanding and coopera¬ tion between the local clubs and their sponsor, the Mount Vernon Keyettes held a tea for the Alexandria Ki-Wives and the Fort Hunt and Groveton Keyettes. Many of the projects were devoted to raising money for the Keyette National project, the Peace Corps fund, while others involved service within the immediate scope of the school and community. Keyettes served at both the PTA Benefit Ham Dinner and the Key Club Pancake Breakfast; sponsored a Slave Day, as a part of Twirp Week; and held a fashion show, in conjunction with the Key Club. As an added honor, the Keyette Junior representative Bonnie Back was elected the District Presidential candidate to the Keyette National convention. 152 National Thespian Society FRONT ROW: Karla Kappel, president; and Sally Marfing, secretary. SECOND ROW: Marcia Gentry, treasurer; Mr. Pauley, sponsor; and Robert Murphy, vice president. The National Thespian Society is an honor so¬ ciety for participants in the dramatic arts. In the past year it has lived up to its motto: “Act well your part, for there the honor lies.” In October the year began with a “night of one-acts” that was produced and directed by Thespians. In My Three Angels, the fall play, Thespian members headed most of the committees. A one-act Echo was entered at the Northern Vir¬ ginia one-act festival at Edison High by the Thespians. There have been a series of clinics to deal with different phases of dramatic art. The first one was a trip to the Essayons Playhouse at Fort Belvoir for a talk on stagecraft. Another was a behind- the-scenes look at the National Theater during its production of Oliver! In its third year at Mount Vernon, nine new members were inducted at a formal induction cere¬ mony in January. This raised the number of members to twenty-six. JBi Jhm 1 ' AiF% M FRONT ROW: J. Dawson, J. McElhinney, R. Stoner, J. Han¬ cock, D. Kozma, C. Owens, and M. Thompson. SECOND ROW: S. Bordner, R. Morrison, S. Mone, A. Shimon, C. Lane, R. Garrett, and S. Burns. THIRD ROW: E. Honour, D. Mikles, F. Speed, J. Summers, B. Baker, and T. Hernandez. 153 Spiriters FRONT ROW: Serrell, Brown, Kozma, McClennan, Fick, and Tibbs. SECOND ROW: Botchin, Craft, Winifree, Wil¬ son, Marfing, and Ratckus. THIRD ROW: Gorski, Coppmann, Regn, Wal¬ lace, Painter, and Sullivan. FRONT ROW: Drake, Prince, Brown, Callahan, Thomas, and Jolicoeur. SEC¬ OND ROW: Jordan, Anderson, Moore, Atkins, Jackson, Flandermeyer, and Heyroth. THIRD ROW: VanAtta, Daf- from, Savage, Roland, Vinay, and Har¬ ris. Having set their sights on raising $4,000 for new stadium lights, the Spiriters, a newly organized pep club this year, began their fund raising activities even before school got un¬ der way last fall. Donut sales, bake sales, the light bulb campaign, car wash activities, and a new activity with an old twist, pretzel and pickle sales after school have enabled the Spiriters to score a direct hit on their goal for the year. The change in street numbers in the county permitted the Spiriters to capitalize also on the sales of aluminum house numbers to Mount Vernon area subdivisions. The purpose of the Spiriters has been to stimulate and to increase school spirit while supporting the school in its fund raising projects. One of the highlights of the year was the hootenanny last fall that brought singer Don Leace from Washington as guest star, and featured local groups in what has become an annual sing-along event. Sock-hops after foot¬ ball games highlighted the talent of area combos. In supporting school activities, the Spiriters sold pompoms, Major buttons, and pennants. They revived the spirit of the original “Major,” Lawrence Washington, by introducing the mounted Major at football games. Not only athletic events but activities of a more intellectual appeal, such as MV’s participation on WRC TV ' s “It’s Academic,” came in for a rousing boost. The Spiriters donated $200 to the school’s twenty-fifth silver anniversary celebration this year. Throughout the year, the unique posters (over 1,000 in all) of public relations officer, Tom Gorski, and his committee brightened bulletin boards in announcing school events. The decorating talent of the Spiriters at large received its highest compliment when the organization took first place in the hall decorating contest at Christmas time. The one outstanding activity of the year was the mammoth carnival in the spring. It was the first time in recent years that such an event had been attempted. The many varied booths added thrills to amazement in this “another successful venture” by the Spiriters. 154 Spiriters 1. Our photographer catches The Spiriters in a re¬ laxed moment during a meeting. 2. Grayson Koogle, Susan Thomas, and Bob Meredith listen as the Highland IV perform at “Hootenanny.” 3. Courtney Drake, Norma Hyman, and Cathy Cream¬ er, all active members sell light bulbs for Stadium Light Bulb Drive. 4. Able-bodied members give a hard day’s work at club car wash. 5. President Virginia Irvine and Secretary Norma Hyman takes “time out” from bookkeeping chores to pose for picture. 6. Spiriters Sponsors Savage and Taylor plot the course for next money raising activity. 155 Band FIRST ROW: Miller, Buil, Graetz, and Finley. SECOND Bond, Hellnick, and Kandt. FOURTH ROW: Pierpont, Vos- ROW: Newdeck, Hall, Spellman, Williamson, Marvel, and burg, Vosburg, Sims, Franger, Vermes, Kitchens, Harper, Mr. Steinbach. THIRD ROW: Zumar, Ayres, Rainy, Sterling, Loftin, Acree, and Foster. FIFTH ROW: Baskin, and Dyer. The Mount Ver non Band, under the direction of Mr. Gene Steinbach, has contributed much to the spirit and atmosphere of the school. At the beginning of the year, no game was complete without the band being present and performing at its best. Pep rallies and bonfires were also supported eagerly by a “pep hand.” In addition to performing in half-time shows, the Marching Rand participated in the George Wash¬ ington Birthday Parade on February 22. The Band then went on to perform in the Apple Blossom Parade Festival on April 30. The concert season began with the annual Christmas Concert, with the Band and Choral De¬ partment finishing the exceptional performance by Mr. Gene Steinbach, Band Director 156 Band FIRST ROW: Moore, Shehan, Fiorillo, and Stopper. SECOND Watson, Saputo, and Hutzler. FOURTH ROW: Grubbs, Post, ROW: Murray, Frizzell, Raymond, Callahan, Haseman, and Simpson, Bachman, Scarce, Webber, Hodges, Garvey, Gamble, Meredith. THIRD ROW: Ruffner, Haaser, Spowart, Hall, Grazier, and Koogle. FIFTH ROW: Wa gner, and Garcia. featuring Handel’s famous “Hallelujah Chorus.” Next was the Northern Virginia All-State Band on February 5, 6, and 7, in which several Mount Vernon students were honored to attend. The an¬ nual Northern Virginia Band Festival was held on March 20 where the Band did exceptionally well. After this followed the Spring Concert which fea¬ tured soloists, ensemble groups, and other “sur¬ prises.” Finally, the Band finished the year’s ac¬ tivities by playing at the Graduation Ceremony. The Band has become a vital part of school life for the members as well as the people who have supported it. ALL STATE BAND: FIRST ROW: Finley, Murray, Buie and B. Vosburg. SECOND ROW: Koogle, Miller, Sterling, and Loftin. 157 Chorus CONCERT CHOIR: FIRST ROW: Jillson, Dalton, Brown, Hawks, Parker, Dawson, Brown, Thomas, Crum, and Crann. SECOND ROW: Schutt, Cogburn, Godsey, Morgan, Trederick, This was another busy year for the Choral Depart¬ ment. The Fall Concert, held in November, heralded the appearance of the Select Girls’ Chorus in their new Annapolis Blue robes with Siver Gray monogrammed stoles. The Concert Choirs, along with the Brass En¬ semble directed by Mr. Thomason, combined with the Choirs of the Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church for a Thanksgiving Concert. Christmas found the entire department busy with preparations for the annual Christmas Concert which was held on two nights this year. The Concert Choir made its second appearance on television when it sang on Woman’s World. The Choir and the Select Girls gave their annual Christmas Concert at Mr. Landes’ church, and for the first time a children’s concert was presented at the Lorton Fire Department by the Select Girls, Madrigals, and Choraleers. The second semester found all the groups busy with preparations for Spring. Members of the Concert Choir, Select Girls’ Chorus, and selected members of the other groups sang at the annual Easter Sunrise Service at Mount Vernon Estate. In April all groups presented the annual Spring Concert, and in May the Choruses combined with the Band to present “The Frolics,” complete with customes and stage sets. The year closed with the Concert Choir and senior mem¬ bers of the department providing music for Baccalaureate and Graduation. West, Drake, Lang, Rose, Cleveland, and O’Brien. THIRD ROW: Fick, Flandermeyer, Smith, Faris, Treder, Elder, Gord. Reed, Florer, Jordan, Green, and Coates. Miss Louise Hopkins Choral Director 158 Chorus CHORALEERS: Janice Cleveland, Dianne Seablom, Evelyn Haaser, Jessica Morgan, Melissa Coates, Susan Thomas, Felicia Godsey, Libby Green, Kathy Flandermeyer, and Donna Crum. BOYS QUARTET: Mike Brown, Stan Florer, Bill Watkins, and Nat Lang. MADRIGALS: FIRST ROW: Crann, Brown, Crum, Seablom, Flandermeyer, Drake, Thomas, and Richardson. THIRD ROW: Haaser, Lang and Miller. SECOND ROW: O’Brien, Reed, Cleveland, Ford, Jillson, Elder, Jordan, Parker, and Smith. 159 Chorus SELECT GIRLS CHORUS: FIRST ROW: Eisenhart, Tipa, Miller, Smith, Callahan, Jolicouer, Crann, Consolvo, and Rogers. SECOND ROW: Grazier, Eskridge, Anderson, Loder, MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW ' : SanLuis, Dodge, Cooper, Higgins, Davis, Nevarez, Wilder, Palakiko, Heflin, Davis, Morningstar, Leckey, and Thomas. SECOND ROW: Pilch, Wideman, White, Egan, Edelman, Funk, Freeman, Wells, Lawson, Colyre, Cobb, Lasater, Bradshaw, and Kelley. THIRD ROW 7 : Skipper, Balough, Hein, Hansen, Hall, MacKechnie, Morgan, O’Shea, McClintock, and Flattery. Reese, Ward, Cleveland, Watters, and Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Dickerson, Jones, McDaniel, Casey, North, Stringer, Lang, Roland, Emig, Johnson, Metcalfe, Grantham, and Stiles. 160 Chorus FRESHMAN CHORUS: FIRST ROW: Cruse, Jordan, Meline, Johnson, Vollmer, Power, Boswell, Phelps, Green, Santos, Caudill, Shaner, and Polden. SECOND ROW: Webster, Car- son, Botchin, Newcomer, Reed, Ritzer, Dillon, Tomlin, Pierce, Ziegfield, Johnson, Emerson, Lysett, and Fravel. THIRD ROW: Harris, Pritchett, Primm, Harrawood, Atkinson, Harrison, Hy¬ man, Hefferman, Marshall, Stewart, Huffman, Bennett, Mitch¬ ell, and Miller. GIRLS CHORUS: FIRST ROW: Krolak, Martin, Austin, Lewis, Emig, Oley, Burger, Steed, Bowen, Twojay, Evans, O’Quinn, and San Luis. SECOND ROW: Miller, Blackman, McElhannon, Woods, Hubble, Walsh, Keller, Palmer, Her¬ nandez, Keys, Lawson, Gribble, and Breeden. THIRD ROW: Interior. Elliot, Kilby, Forman, Jones, Sutherland, Thompson, Morrison, Wallace, Ratkus, Craft, Ovitt, and Schafer. 161 Spanish Club FRONT ROW: C. Jourdan, J. Batchelor, K. Atkinson, F. God- sey, L. Wright, D. Dickerson, D. Steed, C. Bettey, C. Dickin¬ son, N. Botchin, C. Primm, M. Wilson, and P. Polden. SEC¬ OND ROW: P. Phelps, T. Hicks, K. Barwick, S. Alexander, J. Paolanton, S. Acree, T. Awald, J. Casey, C. Lent, J. Bruger, S. Ross, S. May, and T. Cunningham. THIRD ROW: D. Botchin, E. Marvel, J. Mendelson, R. Steed, E. Travers, R. Jones, C. Millard, G. Davis, K. Myers, J. Dove, K. Dawson. B. Gamble, and B. Soukey. LOS CHARLATANES FRONT ROW: Fernando Banderas, Equado ' r; Paloma Santos, Spain; Ra¬ mon Pacheco, Puerto Rico; and George McGhin, Panama. SECOND ROW: Adela Estrada, Julie Obarski, Spain; Asenath Kepler, and Jerry Garcia. THIRD ROW: Jeff Cooke, Uruguay; Nat Lang, Cuba; and Edward Vaughn, Argentina. 162 Spanish Club FRONT ROW: C. Cruse, A. Kepler, A. Haight, C. Jackson B. Barber, M. Adams, B. Reno, A. Estrada, K. Shaner, P Santoas, G. Garcia, and B. Taylor. SECOND ROW: V. Harra wood, K. Crabtree, H. Mitchell, C. Campbell, M. Green, S Eskridge, S. Logan, B. Miles, R. Squires, J. Gillison, T. Holt G. Moore, and B. Tiarillo. THIRD ROW: C. Towler, J. Cor lette, J. Pooley, L. Rose, P. Trey, K. Creamer, P. Bessler, N. Carson, J. Obarski, R. Russell. FOURTH ROW: L. Lent, E. Interior, J. Pritchett, J. Smith, J. Schilling, C. Grant, B. Nalls, K. Scavdacek, W. Bradshaw, F. Bonderas, B. Bryson, S. Heyroth, and S. Ferrey. The 1964-1965 Spanish Club was a very active organiza¬ tion which introduced new and imaginative activities for its members and for the school. Every year Spanish Club members take a trip to Washington Spanish restaurants. In the fall of this year, interested stu¬ dents journeyed to El Bodegon for a delicious dinner. In the spring, a visit was made to La Fonda. Among other “traditional” activities were the Christmas Party and the Spring Fiesta. The Christmas Party was limited to Spanish Club members; however, there were numerous promi¬ nent Spanish-speaking guests in attendance at the Spring Fiesta. At the beginning of the year, a soc-hop was held. It was com¬ bined with a smorgasbord at which Spanish and Mexican foods were served. All profits went to the purchase of Spanish books for the library. The Spanish Club presented the faculty with a clock for the teachers’ lounge. During the Pan Ameri¬ can Week, a trip was made to the Pan American Union, and a bulletin board depicting the week was displayed. Club mem¬ bers and other interested students visited Spanish exhibits in the National Art Gallery. The Club feels it has achieved its purpose of furthering the Spanish culture. Carolyn Kelly, president; Ed Vaughn, secretary; and Doris Lee, vice president. 163 French and Spanish Honor Societies FRENCH HONOR SOCIETY The French Honor Society is in its second year under the sponsorship of Miss Virginia Yutz. The main pur¬ pose of the society is to honor and to give recognition to outstanding French students. They must have maintained an “A” average in French and a “B” average in all other subjects. Form¬ erly, only French V students were eligible for induction. However, to get a better representation from all, the French Honor Society has recently broadened the scope of its member¬ ship to include French III, IV, and V students. Being primarily an honor institu¬ tion, the French Honor Society has provided time for students to discuss not only certain aspects of French history and culture, but to discuss school issues as well. In addition, doughnuts were sold to pay for ex¬ penses. The French Honor Society has served a dual purpose well. FRONT ROW: S. Hinson, B. Hadovich, secretary; C. Kelly, vice president; and M. Thompson. BACK ROW ' : K. Bradshaw, K. Flandermeyer, Miss Yutz, sponsor; and M. Bennett, president. FRONT ROW: M. Adams, C. Wood, K. Kappel, D. Akamura, and J. Austin. SEC¬ OND ROW: L. Davis, F. Banderas, C. Lane, L. Blankenship, J. Anderson, and B. Fiorillo. THIRD ROW: S. Heyroth, N. Lang, E. Vaughn, G. Davis, and C. Harris. Missing from picture: T. Clark, and T. Brown. 164 SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY The Pablo Casals Chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society for 1964-1965 was made up of boys and girls who had a high interest and an outstanding ability for the Spanish language. Besides having a high average in Spanish class, the student must want to learn all he can about the Spanish-speaking countries of the world. New members were initiated into the chapter on February 17, 1965 by the President of the Fort Hunt Chap¬ ter. At the initiation ceremonies, our chapter had the pleasure of hearing one of our fellow students, Fernando Banderas, give a vivid talk on life in Equador. The club sponsored various activi¬ ties to raise money to buy Spanish books for the school library and par¬ ticipated in a spring banquet in which all the chapters belonging to the Na¬ tional Society attended. In addition to these activities, the members of the chapter tried to further their educa¬ tion in the field of Spanish. All of the members of the society and the sponsors hope to double the membership in the coming years by encouraging all Spanish students to develop their interest in all activities relating to Spanish. French Club FRONT ROW: D. Weickhardt, K. Blakeney, J. Davis, B. Hin¬ son C. Colyer, E. Flattery, and L. SanLuis. SECOND ROW: L. Balough, M. Chandler, J. Kelly, C. Palas, E. Palas, A. Taylor, and S. Hein. THIRD ROW: M. Thompson, T. Her nandez, J. Foxworth, D. Dodge, B. Pollock, and C. Hansen. The French Club this year has been among the most active clubs at Mount Vernon. Our activities have proven to he influential as well as successful. We believe this is due to the fact that our organization consisted of hard- working and loyal members. We gratefully acknowledge Miss Patricia Jacob, our sponsor, who has devoted many long, off-school hours to work on our projects. Our year was highlighted by a new event — a Mardi Gras Dance was held early in March, based on tjie original carnival which takes place on the Riviera. At this costumed affair, a king and queen were crowned on the basis of the originality of their cos¬ tumes. During the year we also participated in the “Alliance for Progress.” Our annual visit to the French Embassy was made in the late spring. FRONT ROW: Margie Brown, vice president; and Ann Leary, president. SECOND ROW: Kim Morrison, treasuer; Miss Jacob, sponsor; and Mary K. Thompson, secretary. 165 German Club FRONT ROW: B. Krolak, E. Tipa, R. Kennedy, R. Lusker, N. Krolak, and S. Elkins. SECOND ROW: S. Byrd, S. Keyes, L. Samuel, W. Kotz, J. Summers, and S. Feiera- bend. BELOW: Tom Gorski, presi¬ dent; Denise Kozma, vice president; Donna Glisson, sec¬ retary; and David Gorski, treasurer. In its third year of existence, the German Club, sponsored by Mrs. Howell, has been more active than ever. Winner of the 1963-64 Outstanding Club Award, it has worked toward its goal of fur¬ thering interest in German language and customs; its membership is made up largely of German lan¬ guage students and those who have lived in Ger¬ many. Celebration of the traditional German festi¬ vals of Oktoberfest and Fasching, a visit to a Ger¬ man restaurant and movies highlighted this year’s activities. Several bulletin boards introducing various parts of Germany were displayed, and the club provided an opportunity for students to taste genuine Ger¬ man food when it served Bratwurst at its dance6. As it looks back on another successful year, the German Club looks forward to leading a long and active life in years to come. FRONT ROW: D. Tipa, J. Doyle, S. Daniel, P. Cobb, C. Wagener, and P. Delosier. SECOND ROW: L. Heymont, J. Mikles, G. Olson, H. Jo- sephson, L. Farrell, A. Cop- mann, and T. Brown. 166 Junior Classical League Joan Gottfried, vice president; Vicki Grey, treasurer; Walt Winneberger, president; Wava Culver, secretary; and Mrs. Yancey, sponsor. The Junior Classical League is a na¬ tional organization having for its purpose handing on the torch of classical civiliza¬ tion in the modern world. The Mount Vernon chapter was established in 1957. A style show and a skit began the ac¬ tivities this year. In the fall, many mem¬ bers attended the state convention in Charlottesville. Elections were held there for state officers and Mount Vernon’s vote was proudly cast for the Fairfax County candidate. Listening to panel discussions and watching the skits gave a deeper un¬ derstanding of ancient culture and its importance. March 15, the Ides of March, began Latin Week. The relationship of Roman culture to modern life was conveyed by posters, projects, and speeches. A slave auction and a sock hop were highlights. A field trip to the National Art Gallery climaxed the week’s activities. FRONT ROW: C. Graber, S. O ' Shea, J. Kelly, A. Leary, S. Emig, D. Hammond, and J. Davis. SECOND ROW: J. Ells¬ worth, A. Euller, P. Luka, C. Kuhns, D. Dunn, and R. Moore. THIRD ROW: J. Vollmer, T. Biondolillo, M. Brown, G. Lake, B. Steinway, K. White, and E. Howard. FOURTH ROW: K. Logan, T. Ratkus, A. Zvolanek, F. VanAtta, M. Spowart, and G. Johnson. 167 Biology Club Gerri Simpson, president; Bob Obermeyer, vice president; Dar¬ lene Shaver, secretary; Gail Mas¬ sey, treasurer; and George Re¬ nault, sargeant-at-arms. The Mount Vernon High School Biology Club has as its purposes: the development and increase of school interest in the study of Biology, the sharing in an informal way an extension of experiences of special interest which are the outgrowth of classroom experiences, the development of skills in hobbies in¬ volving living things, and the development of ideas and projects of a service nature. These projects may enable members, working collectively, to leave Mount Vernon High School a more attractive Alma Mater. The Club’s “pet project” is the development of the south courtyard into a lovely garden. Some of the plants for the garden were donated. Others were pro¬ vided from funds earned by the Club through dough¬ nut sales. The accessory installations also were pro¬ vided for by this fund. With a membership of forty, the Club has had a notable upsurge of interest and activities. Well at¬ tended Club meetings gave rise to social highlights such as the Masquerade Party at Halloween and the Pizza Party held in February. The field trips and garden work of the second semester were among our most delightful and rewarding activities. FIRST ROW: Grubbs, Dodge, Weistling, Keyes, SanLuis, and Shaver. SECOND ROW: Messer, Egan, Grant, Mann, and Bodway. 168 Biology Club Mr. Harold Swain, Sponsor Members of the Biology Club inspect a specimen from the insect world. FRONT ROW: Rush, Parks, Cancilla, Chichester, and Finlay. SECOND ROW: Hawks, Jones, Colegrove, Kaveney, Grubbs, and Grey. THIRD ROW: Haseman, Ewald, Marlatt, Stopper, and Mitchell. 169 The Major’s Most Loyal Pepsters . . . Drill Team Captain Nikki Looft and president Pat McLellan. Since its birth in May 1960, the Mount Vernon Girls’ Drill Team has accomplished much in establishing a fine reputation. Through the years, precision marching and pep activities have contributed greatly to the spirit of Mount Vernon. The Majors can be truly proud of these girls who, in the August heat, practiced routines for the coming football season. However, their activities do not stop when the last football jersey is put away! Drill Teamers promote spirit by wearing their colorful uniforms during basketball season. In the spring these hard¬ working girls represented Mount Vernon High School in the George Washington Birthday Celebration and the Apple Blossom Festival Parade in Winchester, Virginia. The Drill Team has become traditional at Mount Vernon, and like all traditions, it gains prestige as a result of age and contributions it makes. Something of the school would be missing without the Drill Team. SITTING: Sizanne Hinson, treasurer; and Sherry Jackson, secretary. STAND¬ ING: Debbie Sampson, Carol Brown, Carolyn Romney, Linda Metcalfe, Kathy Bradshaw, and Sue Elkins, squad leaders; Carol Jones, sergeant-at-arms; and Sue Sirbaugh, historian. Long hours during summer vacation helped improve the tactics and precision for team members. Drill Team present impressive formation for Mighty Majors entrance to night tilt. 170 The Drill Team FIRST ROW: C. Brown, L. Giffen, C. Pilch, J. Jolicoeur, and S. Mone, J. Smith, L. Murray, K. Dalton, C. Baird, and S. J. Austin. SECOND ROW ' : A. Leary, L. Haseman, C. Wallace, Grantham. P. Williams, L. Dickerson, and N. Gribble. THIRD ROW: Myers, P. Layman, D. Fraley, M. Tibbs, C. Harris, D. Young, and B. Roysden. Missing from picture: J. Glisson and D. Dodge. FIRST ROW: P. Byrd, M. Sitnik, C. Kelly, D. Jackson, and J. Thomas. SECOND ROW: D. Bailey, K. Winningham, K. Wittwer, C. Coates, and B. Campbell. THIRD ROW: M. 171 Majorettes Sandra and Marion Linda and Feierabend Callaway Prince Sharon Sandee Alls Bugbee and Sharon Hall Judy and Armstrong Candy Consolvo For the first time in a number of years, the Mount Vernon Maj¬ orettes twirled fire batons to brighten up the half-time shows during the football season. We also provided spirit and color to the Fort Belvoir, George Wash¬ ington’s Birthday, and Winchest¬ er’s Apple Blossom parades. The Annual Spring Band Concert gave us another opportunity to enter¬ tain the public. By holding bake sales, the ma¬ jorettes were able to purchase new summer uniforms which consisted of a maroon skirt and vest, white long sleeve blouse, and white beret. It has been our aim this year to provide added color, originality, and spirit for the stu¬ dent body. Barbara Gmaz and Ingrid Jones A first at Mount Vernon—“Fire Batons” were used at half-time ceremony for the George Wash¬ ington and Mount Vernon tilt. 172 Color Guard Diane Seablom Janice Cleveland, Captain Karen Lyons The Mount Vernon High School Color Guard marched for the third time this year. Under the direction of Mr. Walter McGuire and Mr. Walter Hall, the squad marched at the football games and parades with the marching band. Remington rifles were loaned to the group by the Gunston Hall Post of the Foreign Wars. This year, as in the past, the girls have tried to establish a patriotic feeling in their fellow students. Cleaning rifles and folding flags is another of many duties of Color Guard members. 173 Future Homemakers of America Marie Adams, president; Carol VanDuker, vice president; Jean Miles, secretary; and Nancy Smith, treasurer. Mrs. Lois Piper, Mrs. Purcell Robertson, and Mrs. Mildred Tibbs, Sponsors. Cindy Harris, reporter; Diane Dillon, his¬ torian; Denise Baily, parliamentarian; and Nancy Nance, song leader. This year, as in past years, the members of the Mount Vernon Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America have attempted to better prepare them¬ selves for the future. In keeping with these goals, this year’s FHA gave a tea for the faculty, organized a fashion show with garmets made by its own mem¬ bers, watched a demonstration in hair styling, co¬ sponsored the beauty contest, and held a parent- daughter banquet for its members. In working to¬ ward their homemaking degrees, the individual mem¬ bers spoke to the club on interior decorating and family relationships. The club worked closely with the county federation in conjunction with homemak¬ ing programs recommended by the state organization. FRONT ROW: Robertson, Carman, Culbe, Rathbone, Ogan, Wood, and Simmons. SECOND ROW: Stewart, Grove, Twojay, Barry, Cogar, Strong, and Palas. THIRD ROW: Goldbert, Harris, Brigman, Johnson, Warehime, and Webb. FOURTH ROW: Burger, Skipper, Dabbron, Raskin, and Sexton. 174 Future Secretaries of America FRONT ROW: Cathy Jones and Jean Miles. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Loder, Faye Hubble, and Marsha Rose club members utilize their skills and equipment. Brenda Merricks, Becky Walls, and Marsha Rose dis¬ play the candy wreaths they made at Christmas time for the Children’s Day Care center. The Future Secretaries of America endeavored to attain two principal goals. Our main objective was to produce girls fully prepared to assume all the duties and responsibilities which will be placed upon them as secretaries. For the benefit of our members, we had several guest speakers from area schools, such as the Washington School for Sec¬ retaries and the American Business School. Our second objective was to be of service in whatever capacity possible. Our projects included candy wreaths for the children’s day-care center, financial aid for the Silver Anniversary Alumni Committee, and the annual Beauty Contest. As a result of a newly-revised constitution and a well-planned program, the FSA completed a suc¬ cessful year, having attained both of our goals. Karen Kilby, vice president; Mrs. Provance, sponsor; Gayle Atkins, secretary-treasurer; Becky Walls, president; and Brenda Merricks, reporter, look on while Mrs. Provance demonstrates the use of the duplicating machine. Jean Miles and Mary Ann Loder visit Martins Hardware in an effort to secure their patronage for the Annual Beauty Contest. 175 Future Teachers of America FTA members were recognized at the FTA-VEA State Convention as candidates and recorder. Services were rendered to faculty members such as assisting with special assignments, entertaining with teas, and a reception. American Education week was observed with special programs and an “Apple for the Teacher.” We also recognized each faculty member and the cafeteria personnel with a special birthday card, held a special radio broadcast in April which was Career Month, and cooperated with the FHA and FSA in sponsoring the Annual Beauty Contest. A visit to FTA National Education Association head¬ quarters was made at which time club members met with FTA personnel. We visited the offices and had lunch in the NEA cafeteria. FTA goals are to assist individual members to explore, hear lectures, view films, and make deci¬ sions in the teaching profession. 1965 OFFICERS: Stephanie Goldberg, secretary; Roberta Mills, vice president; and Susan Vinay, treasurer. Missing from pic¬ ture: Maria Myers, president. Roberta Mills places apples in teachers’ mailboxes as a way of saying “thank you” — a gesture which has become a tradi¬ tion during American Education Week. Roberta Mills and Susan Vinay, delegates to Roanoke State FTA convention. Missing from picture: Maria Myers. Mrs. Hattie Quinley Sponsor FRONT ROW: Foxworth, Goldberg, Vinay, Wallace, Wood, and Krolak. SECOND ROW: Stedman, Morrison, Tibbs, Johnson, Mills, and Partridge. THIRD ROW: Ratkus, Myers, Russell, Egan, and Pope. 176 International Relations FRONT ROW: Crann, Taylor, Blakeney, W. Culver, R. Culver, Matthews, Kelly, and Kerns. SECOND ROW: Morgan, Farris, secretary; Layman, Lane, Irvine, Dalton, Taylor, Obarski, and With a membership of twenty-eight the Interna¬ tional Relations Society has, through its weekly meet¬ ings, attempted to develop a fuller understanding of world affairs and the role of the United States as a world leader. To achieve its purpose, the Society has welcomed speakers from the State Department and other governmental agencies. Panels and dis¬ cussion groups have also provided a forum for stu¬ dent opinion on all phases of foreign relations. Highlighting the year, a celebrity auction was held Members attend a regular meeting of the club to dis cuss the success of their auction sale on February 20. Jackson. THIRD ROW: O’Shea, Foxworth, Cheek, president; Bryson, Travers, Jones, Dayton, and Heymont, vice president. featuring sale of personal items donated by prominent Americans. Proceeds benefited the student foreign exchange program. Over fifty articles were auctioned, coming from leading figures in the fields of perform¬ ing arts, letters, politics, diplomacy, sports and in¬ dustry. United Nations was keynoted when four society members attended the National Invitational Model General Assembly at Georgetown University. 177 Blake Cheek, president; Cindy Farris, secretary; and Mr. Savage, sponsor report to club membership re¬ garding past and future activities. Art Club Though smaller this year than in the past, the Art Club had active members. It met every Monday under the sponsorship of Mrs. Locke, where they joined in a variety of ac¬ tivities. The first semester was highlighted by the annual Christmas sale drive. Thus, the meetings were spent in preparation of such things as stained glass windows, sketches, bookmarks and any other items that could be created and sold for profit. The second semester the club dealt with ceramics, making ceramic jewelry and oc¬ casionally under the supervision of Mrs. Kof- ler, learning to use the potter’s wheel. The club successfully maintained a bulle¬ tin board in one of tbe halls throughout the year and framed three paintings by students for the school. Joan Okstulski, secretary-treasurer; Jackie Mitchell, vice president; Barbara Roysdon, president; and Mrs. Locke, sponsor. FRONT ROW: Barbie Krolak, Suellen Sirbaugh, Nancy Kro- Gloria Woods, Donna Hartman, Ethel Bibber, Peg gy Layman, lak, Debbie Hammond, and Charlene Rice. SECOND ROW: and Linda Tucker. 178 Distributive Education Club Pat Farquar, secretary; Jimmy Mays, treasurer; Betty Cox, vice president; Carolyn Taylor, president; and Mr. Minichan, sponsor. The aim of the Distributive Education Club is to give stu¬ dents on-the-job training in distribution and marketing, in ad¬ dition to classroom instruction. I).E., a co-operative training program, has proved valuable in gaining job experience and in developing an understanding of the social and economic re¬ sponsibilities of those engaged in distribution in a free competi¬ tive society This year the D.E. Chib, led by Carolyn Taylor, participated in the annual Canned Food and Toy Drive, which was de¬ livered throughout the area. The annual Employer-Employee Appreciation Banquet was February 23, 1965 at the Woodlawn Country Club. Mr. Leonard Maiden, Northern Area Supervisor of Distributive Education, was the guest speaker and talked on the subject “Partners in Education.” Monthly meetings were held at the Red Coach Restaurant, with guest speakers such at Routh Robbins, Routh Robbins Real Estate; Mr. Roadway, Rian Cleaners; and Mr. Baker, Rollins Outdoor Advertising. At the District Distributive Education Contests, held at the W. T. Woodson High School, the Mount Vernon Club partici¬ pated in all the following contests: Advertising, Display, Sales Demonstration, Public Speaking, Job Interview, and the D.E. Student of the Year. FRONT ROW: D. Cipolla, B. Withrow, J. Burke, C. Grazier, L. Kincheloe, L. Newell, L. Osborne, E. Hudson, L. Ayres, and M. Minser. SECOND ROW 7 : R. Johnson, R. Thomas, W. Mann, B. Ramsey, S. Lacey, B. Mitchell, D. Lacey, D. White, 179 J. Hilton, and M. Fifield. THIRD ROW: H. Haines, J. Jones, J. Osborne, D. Spivey, F. Marshall, S. Monroe, W. Norman, G. Kimberlin, R. Dillingham, and R. Hicks. Varsity Cheerleaders Marti Sweatt Lorna Sutherland Linda Fletcher Barhie Prince Annabel Graves Sally Duckwall Darlene Hiestand Chris Keller Felicia Godsey Sally Hall 180 LEFT: Co-captain Annabel Graves leads the pep rally be¬ fore school in the auditorium to evoke enthusiasm prior to the Groveton game. ABOVE: Barbie Prince cheers loudly at the Freshman Orientation. ABOVE: Felicia Godsey starts the pep rally off with a big cheer. RIGHT: Co-captain, Sally Duckwall, watches with obvious pleasure as Majors score again. BELOW: A new precedent is set! Linda Fletcher, Darlene Hiestand, and Chris Keller cheer at volleyball games. 181 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sherry O’Quinn Margy Susan Gibson Anne Linda Brown Co-Captain Taylor Smith Eileen Flattery, Margy Brown, Lane Winfree, Anne Fuller, Kathy Hancock, Su¬ san Gibson, Linda Smith, Anne Taylor, and Sherry O ' Quinn. Eileen Sue Cathy Hancock Lane Anne Flattery Strom Co-Captain Winfree Fuller 182 Freshmen Cheerleaders Kathy Asenath Brenda Brenda Radovich Kepler Spears Biles Kathy Jourdan SITTING: Pat Polden, Bon¬ nie Huyett, and Michell Kelley. KNEELING: Asen¬ ath Kepler, Cathy Radovich, and Brenda Spears. STAND¬ ING: Sarah Partridge, Kathy Jourdan, Brenda Miles, and Karen Tuthill. Bonnie Huyett Pat Polden Michele Kelley Sarah Karen Partridge Tuthill 183 Girls’ Athletic Association FRONT ROW: Miller, Rush, Burke, Flake, Coleman, Eerson, and Young. BACK ROW: Parton, Reiger, Moore, Wilson, Skelton, Frye, Samuel, and MacKechnie. FRONT ROW: Robertson, Leggett, Barbour, Grubbs, Newcomer, Tuthill. SECOND ROW: Huff¬ man, Rathbone, Chichester, Menser, Haines, and Orouroke. THIRD ROW: Pollock, Barry, Olson, Bennett, Gottfried, and Lee. 184 Girls’ Athletic Association FIRST ROW: P. Miller, treasurer; Miss Parker, sponsor; and V. Harwood, vice-president. SECOND ROW ' : D. Via, president; W. Allen, secretary. The G.A.A. has not completed its second year of existence at Mount Vernon. The main purpose is to promote good sportsmanship and school spirit, to establish the ideal health, and to develop a true spirit of scholarship in each of its members. The overall purpose is to encourage all girls to participate in a wide vari¬ ety of physical activities. Highlighting this years activities was Powderpuff football. Running a close second was Judo and Karate, taught by Mrs. Guerrerra. In order to earn money for the adoption of a war orphan, the GAA sponsored stu¬ dent-faculty games, gym nights, bake- sales, and other various activities. Irving Robertson and Bob Polk instruct GAA members on the finer points of the game of football prior to their scheduled game. GAA’s practice the art of tumbling. Karate and Judo has become a major attraction of club members. 185 Senior Class Council SEATED: Nikki Looft, Karen Elton, Jo Anne Glisson, and Tom Cunningham, and Fran Speed. Carol Deeds. STANDING: Jack Biondolillo, Fred VanAtta, Junior Class Council SEATED: Bonnie Back, Susan Elkins, Chris Cruse, and Lynda Sutherland, David Lusker, Linda Fletcher, Jimmy Lewis, and Nelson. STANDING: Dean Tipa, Grayson Koogle, Lorna Bill Frank. 186 Bridge, Chess and Guitar Clubs GUITAR CLUB: FIRST ROW: Ron Anderson, vice president; Mike Keef, president; and Courtney Drake, secretary-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Bill Obermeyer, Dave Hasentan, and Skip Acree. THIRD ROW: Jim Burton, Bart Garvey, and Bill Powers. FOURTH ROW: Bill Parker, Marv Ward, and Mike Sullivan. STANDING: Mr. Hatch, sponsor. BRIDGE AND CHESS CLUB members meet for an afternoon of theory and practice. 187 crunni t tt?t7 oL-rlUULi JLJLr II HOMECOMING Queen Sally Duckwall 1964 Homecoming 1964 1964 HOMECOMING COURT. FRONT ROW: Vic Taylor, Michele Kelley, Jerry Bruger, Kim Wittwer, Don Polden, Carolyn Romney, Linda Fletcher, Gene Wyatt, Denise Dodge, and Dibby Johnson. SECOND ROW: Bob Cline, Kathy Brad- 1963 Homecoming Queen Maggie Jordan is escorted down the royal carpet by Hayes Hofler to crown the Queen for 1964. shaw, Maggie Jordan, Hayes Hofler, Bob Lucas, Annabel Graves, Carl Fetko, Queen Sally Duckwall, Nikki Looft, Doug Elder, Suzanne Hinson, Mike Campbell. Beth Barbour, and John Shattery. SfG I (ed LorOn q Radiant Junior Princess Linda Fletcher is escorted by the Mount Vernon Fife and Drum Corps down the royal carpet. 191 Twirp Week Class Twirp Couples: Seniors, Bill Taylor and Linda Metcalfe; Twirp King and Queen, Juniors, Don Polden and Carolyn Romney; Sophomores, Denise Dodge and Bill Watkins; and Freshmen, Fernando Banderas and Wick .llen. Linda Murray has just employed Keyette Slave Kathy Dalton during Keyette Slave Day. Kim Morrison and twirp, Hardy Josephson, are one of the couples participating in Dress Alike Day. Em Vee Hi staff member Lynn Haseman sells a twirp card to Bon¬ nie Hewitt. 192 Festivities The heart in the cafeteria made it easy for Mount Vernon students to see at a glance what the scheduled activities were for Twirp Week. An unusual activity for Twirp Week this year was the Box Supper with Chuck Niven as auc¬ tioneer. “Daisy Mae” Susan Walls and “L’il Abner” Claude San¬ ford pose for “Dog Patch” photographer at the Twirp Week Sadie Hawkins Dance. Lynn Haseman and Joane Glisson sell twirp per¬ mits and lollipops to eager Mount Vernon “twirptresses.” 193 Phases of Villain Bob Stoner gets an unexpected pie in the face during the Magazine Campaign skit. Happy Mount Vernonites dance the Bunny Hop around the bonfire before the Annan- dale football game. Junior Honor Society sponsor, Miss Joan Carr, inducts new members into the .society. 194 School Life Key Club members serve breakfast to hungry Keyettes after a long morning’s work at the Annual Pancake Breakfast. All of Mount Vernon’s cheerleaders join together in pro¬ moting school spirit in a pep rally before a football game. A new activity that highlighted Mount Vernon’s calender this year was the Oktoberfest, sponsored by the German Club. The Select Girls Chorus performs at the Christ¬ mas assembly. 195 . MEADOW GOLD E. L. LEE MOTORS, INC. and 6903 Backlick Road MELVERN ICE CREAM Springfield, Virginia 24 Hr. Service SOuth 5-0770 PENN DAW CAB CO. 1 1 5 S. Kings Highway Groveton, Virginia Trips Made To Alexandria From Alexandria D D MARKET 4430 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia John O’Neal, Jr. All Metered Radio Dispatched Cabs Owner Service to All Airports TIMBERMAN’S DRUG STORE Compliments of 106 N. Washington Street PENN-JERSEY AUTO SUPPLY Alexandria, Virginia 4744 Richmond Highway Phone: Kl 9-0091 Phone.- 780-3445 DORI’S BEAUTY SALON WAYNE’S BARBER SHOP MARTY’S FLOOR COVERING 906 Duke Street i i i South Kings Hwy. 113 X Alexandria, Virginia 198 To the Graduating Class: A Message of Congratulations from Virginia’s Oldest National Bank Although First Citizens National Bank of Alexandria is the oldest National Bank in Virginia, founded in 1864, we dedicate ourselves to the future. This year finds graduates at the threshold of tomorrow — entering a new and better world, with more challenges and more rewards than at any time in history. We of First and Citizens share with you every confidence in this future. Many of you, we are sure, will come to know First Citizens personally in the years ahead. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you, as a financial counselor, as a neighbor, and as a fellow citizen. We pledge to serve you well. Our heartfelt congratulations to each of you. Firsts Citizens National Bank of Alexandria £ ' v€j u iet¥ i-u Main Banking Office 531 King Street Mt. Vernon Ave. Branch 2809 Mt. Vernon Main Branch Trust Building 507 King Street Uptown Branch 1827 King Street Northeast Branch 901 N. Washington Street Bradlee Branch 3600 King Street Seminary Plaza Branch 4616 Kenmore Avenue Lincolnia Branch 6000 Duke Street Facilities at Fort Belvoir and Gravelly Point • Member FDIC • Telephone King 9-3000 Avenue 199 For the very best in doughnuts stop at 1819 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Don’t forget to ask about our fund raising plan for groups. CONGRATS TO THE GRADS MT. VERNON CAR WASH Always a good car wash 8149 Richmond Highway 780-5498 PLUMBING REPAIRS REMODELING — INSTALLATION 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE State Registered and Licensed in Fairfax County Call 768-1042 FOR EXPERT SERVICE JIMMY-LEE Plumbing Heating 3530 Richmond Hwy. RO. 8-1042 JIMMY HARRIS LEE PADGETT HEATING Mr. Grisham, manager of Bicknell Hawkins, shows Ronnie Russell a clock-radio ideal for college. ALCO ELECTRONICS TV Sales Service Your Local RCA Dealer 8516 Richmond Hwy Phone: 780-5180 or 780-5580 Specialist in Color Televisions ALANTIC MILLS 3125 Richmond Highway 3 V 2 miles South of Alexandria Phone: 768-6500 Hours: 9:30 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 200 A. B. W. TRANSIT CO. Serving Northern Virginia Dependably for Over 40 Years Scheduled Service 549-7800 Charter Service TE 6-4500 You Know What You Want . . . And We Have It DIXIE PIG BARBECUE RESTAURANT Call SO 5-5353 • The Original Barbecue in this area • Seating Capacity of 140 • Air Conditioned • Free Parking 61 0 King Street Alexandria, Virginia TE 6-0900 Park Central and Charge Shop In the Co-Ed Corner of Stevens, Debbie and Denise Dodge model spring dresses as Mr. Ruben shows them purses by John Romain. 1998 Richmond Hwy., 2 miles South of Alex. 201 EVERYWHERE ON EARTH PERSONAL PAXTON MOVING Complete Moving Service — Fast, Expert, Personalized • packing • crating • shipping • storage • moving • export packing PAXTON VAN LINES INC. 5315 Port Royal Road Springfield, Virginia Phone: 321-7600 Member: Atlas Van Lines, Inc. One of World’s Largest Movers Movers Warehousemen’s Association of America, Inc. THOMPSON’S CORNER Restaurant — Grocery Fresh Meats WALNUT ROOM — BANQUET ROOMS TOPSIDE ROOM STRIPE ROOM 3940 Richmond Hwy. Engleside, Virginia RO 8-1855 PHOTOS BY MARLER HOWARD AND RUTH A Complete Professional Photographic Service for Northern Virginia. Color Photography Color Post Cards Architectural and Industrial Advertising Photo News Bridal Portraits, Groups Alexandria, Virginia Phone: SO 5-3963 ELLIS CARPET COMPANY Penn Daw Plaza Shopping Center 243 South Kings Highway Alexandria, Virginia 765-3066 202 LI 3-6440 Chuck Levin’s WASHINGTON MUSIC CENTER “Everything in Music’’ 1225-27 H Street, N.E. Washington 2, D.C. THE HOUSE OF INSURANCE A. W. Nalls and Thomas W. Nalls P.O. Box 207 Alexandria, Virginia SO 5-5126 Kl 9-0246 Insurance of all kinds Award Sweaters at LEVINSON CLOTHING CO., INC. 424 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-0829 Confidence Rx Integrity BELVOIR PHARMACY 4113 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Va. Free Delivery RO-8-1 150 780-5360 £ ' fan pro ii gg nr. ifV ? 7 t: ' ,7 HOT SHOPPES Teen Headquarters for Good Food and Fun Over 30 Convenient Locations Around Town Vi ' r.t V UJ ..JJ jiil I m if 1 1 w m WAnS FUEL OIL COMPANY 8636 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia STANLEY G. WATTS WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture Decoration 203 EVERYTHING TO OUTFIT YOUR HOME Mr. Mayes and Mr. Reese give Carol Deeds ideas on in terior decorating. FRANK MICHELBACH, INC. 814 KING ST. ALEXANDRIA, VA. QUALITY FURNITURE • RUGS CARPETING lean over backwards . . . to give the be»t HAIRE PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL - LETTERPRESS 8, OFFSET PRINTERS OV 3-3412 206-8 CAMERON ST. ALEXANDRIA RENTAL SERVICES CORP. Contractors • Home Owners Tool and Equipment Rental Occoquan Road Woodbridge, Virginia Mr. Dedier displays the new RCA Vista color television sets. NOVA ELECTRONICS, INC. 625 Belle View Blvd. SO. 5-1200 SO. 5-2800 RADIO — TV — STEREO SALES SERVICE WALLY DeDIER Marion Callaway helps Earl Hodnett, Wayne Curto and Bruce Ammer select London Fogs and sport shirts AT BROWN’S MEN’S SHOP 621 King St. Kl 8-2800 Agents for London Fog Rainwear Sero Shirts — Adler Sox — Jade East Colognes Formal Wear — Rentals Sales 204 PEEBLES DEPARTMENT STORE MARUMSCO PLAZA Woodbridge, Va. Phone: 494-4774 Carol Jones and Judy Thurston take advantage of the 10 per cent discount on material for home ec projects AT At Hollin Hall Variety Store, Nikki Looft is captivated by the array of merchandise. BARBY’S FABRIC SHOP HOLLIN HALL VARIETY STORE 125 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia MATERIAL SEWING NOTIONS 1651 Fort Hunt Road Alexandria, Virginia YARN BELVOIR ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION 9240 Richmond Highway Fort Belvoir, Virginia Tony Mickey Basso, proprietors Gas • Oil Service Sales Tire Repair — Specialty Firestone Tires 205 ENGLESIDE PET SHOP Compliments of America’s Oldest Daily Newspaper Established 1 784 Near Fort Belvoir on U.S. Rt. 1 THE ALEXANDRIA GAZETTE Registered Puppies Plain Puppies Monkeys Snakes v I ' (fiy oTreeT All The Local News Worth Printing Phone: Kl 9-0004 Hamsters and many other pets. Supplies for All Pets and Aquariums Splendid Collection of Exotic Fish PENN-DAW MOTOR HOTEL RESTAURANT U.S. ROUTE 1 4501 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Phone: 768-1 555 At PENN-DAW CORNER, VIRGINIA 5 Miles N. of Mt. Vernon High School Telephone 781-9844 Open 7 A.M.-l 2 P.M. A S PIZZA KING RESTAURANT WHERE FRIENDS MEET Steve Tsircou 9212 Richmond Hwy. Belvoir Manor So. Gate — Ft. Belvoir 206 Compliments of Mike’s Italian-American Restaurant 3941 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia CRUSTY PIE COMPANY, INC. 30 " O” Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. AD 2-71 1 1 ENGLESIDE GARDENS FLORIST 4746 Richmond Highway 1 Mile South of Mt. Vernon High School Special Prices for High School Students Air Conditioned Free Parking AARON-ANN BEAUTY SALON Creative Styling By Mr. William I.G.A. Shopping Center MR. WILLIAM 4115 Richmond Hwy. ROckwell 8-1 062 Alexandria, Va. MONROE REALTORS ' Development Corp. " WE TRADE HOMES” 134 N. Kings Highway SO 5-9100 Compliments of JACK FISHKIN MENS WEAR, INC. CURTIN JOHNSON, INC. Asphalt Concrete Paving Contractors ALEXANDRIA ARMATURE WORKS ELECTRIC MOTORS SOLD AND SERVICED 3020 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: OV 3-2900 207

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