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SSSil Swilw- Iwi iirf -f s K Uik ' fO ' i W ' i i aB;. ! Mount Vernon High School 3900 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 4 J oK tv Xitzgcrala ' ' Let the word go forth from this time and place . . . that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans ... " On November twenty-second, 1963, the light of a nation was extinguished. Dead was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thirty-fifth President of the United States. Gone was the vibrant personality which had become a part of the American people. John F. Kennedy had filed his nation with hope and faith; the hope of newer and greater heights, and a faith which restored and strengthened its beliefs. He was a man whose ambition and ideals made him a great leader, and a great defender of truths. He fought for what he believed was right and best for the nation. John Fitzgerald Kennedy lead the country through many crises both small and large. Throughout these troubled times he retained the dignity of the nation. He was a man of action and thus desired to remove the complacency of the nation. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy gave his life in the service of his country. He died in his youth, leaving his unfulf lied dreams and the work he had begun. Now, an Eternal Light burns at the head of a dead President ' s grave. May that light inspire youth to take up his torch and follow the pathway of " new frontiers. " Let this book serve as our personal tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a man who challenged the citizens of the United States to " Ask not what your country can do for you . . . but what you can do for your country " . President Kennedy, borne in the flag-draped casson, makes his last trip An Eternal Light marks the final resting place of John F. down Pennsylvania Avenue, escorted by a United States Armed Forces Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery. Honor Guard. 5 rom within these hallowed halls come many of our fondest memories . . . and that is why THE SURVEYOR for 1964, will attempt to portray the vibrant, vexing, ' venturous, and vital CIRCLE OF LIFE at Mount Vernon High School. 6 7 Cherished Memories 8 of a Memorable Year 9 FACULTY ■ Instruction and learning are the basis of our endless circle of life. The faculty not only teaches us academically but also enriches our knowledge of the mores of society. Many of these faculty members sponsor our clubs, thereby making it possible for us to become better acquainted with them. The relationship between us then becomes friend to friend rather than teacher to student. As each student participates in classroom activities, his ideas and character are developed and he becomes an integral part of Mount Vernon. Each faculty mem¬ ber, in his own way, contributes a portion to the development of the character of the student body. 11 Administrators Set the Stage MR. MELVIN B. LANDES B.A., McPherson College; M.A., George Washington University Assistant Principal for Administration MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY B.S., Slippery Rock State Teachers M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Assistant Principal for Instruction MR. STEWART W. CHRISTIANO B.A., University of Bridgeport M.S., University of Connecticut 12 for Guidance to Direct and Counsel MISS MILDRED LAPSLEY M.Ed,, University of Virginia Director of Guidance MR. EARL LAYNE A.B., M.A., West Virginia University Senior and Junior Counselor MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE B.A., New York University M.A., George Washington University Senior Counselor MR. BAKER O. SHELTON A.B., Washington College M.A., George Washington University Junior and Sophomore Counselor MISS POLLY WAID B.S., Radford College Freshman Counselor Mrs. Chambers, Guidance secretary, gives daily instructioins to the students who assist her during the seventh period each day. ]3 A Capable Staff MISS MARY E. CARPER Assistant Librarian B.S. Concord and Beckley Colleges MRS. MARY M. DUNNAVANT School Nurse R.N. Stuart Circle Hospital School of Nursing MRS. FRANCES R. PARRISH Librarian B.A. Flora McDonald B.A. William and Mary MRS. BARBARA A. PRUET Visiting Teacher B.A. Emory and Henry Faculty members and administrators eat a leisure lunch during fifth period. Before school in the morning. Miss Carper helps students with those Last minute assignments. 14 Demonstrates Learning Tools MRS. IRIS CHAMBERS Secretary to Guidance Department MRS. BILLIE GATES Administration Secretary MRS. HAZEL JOHNSON Secretary to Finance Office Polly Frymire and Bob Cline assist Mrs. Gates and Mrs. Taylor in the main office. 15 Social Studies and History MRS. HELEN L. BLALOCK A.B., University of Colorado; AM., Indiana University, English IV. MRS. DOROTHY J. BRONMN B.S., Mary Washington College; Bookkeeping and Typing 1. MISS JOAN H. CARR B.A., Davis and Elkins College; English i; Junior Honor Society Sponsor. MRS. KATHERINE A. CASEY B.S., Emmanuel College; Type¬ writing 1, Shorthand 1, General Business. Mrs. Cooley ' s first period class takes a brief informal break from the usual Mr. Cordaro, a new addition to the math and athletic routine. departments, explains a geometric problem to his class. MISS CHARLEEN CARSON B.S., Concord College; GAA, Girls ' Intramurals, and Drill Team sponsor, ninth grade phy¬ sical education. MRS. DONALD G. COOLEY B.S., Mary Washington College; Senior Class sponsor, English Department head; English IV. MR. RUSSELL T. CORDARO A.E.E., Pennsylvania State Uni¬ versity; B.S., Math University of Scranton; Football and Head Track Coach; Geometry and Math I. MRS. CAROLYN CORLISS B.A., Whitman College; Senior Honor Society Sponsor; Govern¬ ment. 16 Develop Political Understanding MR. LESTER BRYANT CROOM B.S., East Carolina Colleger- General Shop, Repair and Maintenance. MR. THOMAS DE LA FLEUR B.A., Mexico City Colleger- World History, World Geogra¬ phy; History Club. MR. STANLEY FANT B.S., Wilson Teachers Colleger- Math I, Math II, Physical Sci¬ ence,- Varsity Wrestling Coach. MR. RUSSEL H. FERREY B.S., Virginia Military Institute; Math I, Chemistry; Assistant Football Coach. Mr. Ferry discusses the results of an experiment with chemistry students. MRS. JEAN D. FORDHAM B.S., M.A., East Carolina Col¬ lege; Health and Physical Edu¬ cation; Varsity Basketball, Jun¬ ior Varsity Softball. MR. DAVID L. GROVE B.A., Shepherd College; Health and PhysicaJ Education, Biology; Assistant Football and Basket¬ ball Coach. MRS. CATHERINE GUY B.A., Hunter College; Calculus, Trigonometry, Functions, Geome¬ try; Math Club. MRS. ANNA HARDER B.S., Immaculate College; Sci ence 9 and Earth Science. 17 English Teachers Open MR. LAURENCE W. HATCH B.A., Madison College; M.A., George Washington University; Government; Guitar Club, Bridge-Chess Club, Key Club. MR. WILLIAM HEATH B.S., Mansfield State Teachers College; World Geography. MISS LOUISE HOPKINS A.B., Georgetown College; M.A., University of Kentucky; Choral Director. MRS. SONJA K. HOWELL B.S., Bradley University; French 1,11; German 1,11; German Club. The members of the newly established Guitar Club practice regularly with Mr. Hatch to develop their musical talents. MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON B Ed . Eastern Illinois University; Industrial Arts, Woodwork. MISS SANDRA JONES B.A., Bethany College; English III; Pep Club, Freshman and Varsity Cheerleaders. MR. ELGYN JULCA B.S., J. Brown University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Spanish ll,IV,V: Spanish Honor Society. MRS. JANE P. KOFLER B.A., Wellesley College,- B.F.A., Art Institute of Chicago,- Art 1,11; Art Club. 18 All Roads to Learning MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE A.B., University of Alabama; certificate in Art, Belhaven Col¬ lege; History of Art. Art I,III,IV; Art Club. MISS LUCY JANE LOWMAN B.S., Radford College; Clerical OfRce Practice; Vocational Of¬ fice Training; Yearbook sponsor. MR. PAUL AASKALENKO B.S., East Carolina College; Physics. MR. OSCAR MATCH A.B., M.A., M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh; Economics, Goyern- ment; S.C.A. Karl Bruce, Mr. Match, Gene Giffen, and Tracy Tallon observe the school seal during the dedication. MRS. LULU R. McFarland A.B., Guilford College; Geom¬ etry (S.M.S.G.). MR. JOHN E. MILLER B.A., Emory and Henry College; M.A., George Peabody College,- Algebra I, Math II; Football Coach. MR. JOHN MINICHAN B.S., Virginia Polytechnic In¬ stitute; General Business D.E. I, II; DECA. MR. WILLIAM NURSE B.S., University of New York; Mechanical Drawing I, 2A, 2B. 19 Business Courses MRS. JANE M. O ' BRIEN A.B., Syracuse University; Al¬ gebra I; Intermediate Math; Keyette Club. MRS. EDITH OLIVERIO A.B., Fairmont State College; M.S., West Virginia University; Varsity Hockey; Assistant Ath¬ letic Director; Physical Educa¬ tion; Health. MRS. MARY R. O ' NEIL B.S., Radford College; Typing I; Shorthand 1. MR. A. LEE PAULEY BFA Richmond Professional In- stitute; Dramatics,- English 1; Drama; National Thespian So- ciety. During Homecoming Week Miss Peacock works with Gail Harper and John Schummers to make the float a success. MISS LUCY PEACOCK A.B., Duke University; English III; Junior Class Sponsor. MRS. LOIS PIEPER B.S., University of Minnesota, Home Economics 1,11,111; Co-spon¬ sor FHA. MR. F. H. POWELL B.S., Atlantic Christian College; BSCS, Biology; Biology II; Audio-Visual Aids Club. MRS. FLORENCE R. PROVANCE ACA, Bowling Green; BCS, Du- quesne University,- ME, Univer¬ sity of Pittsburgh; PG, Mary¬ land University; Shorthand II; Typewriting I and II; Future Sec¬ retaries. 20 Provide Useful Knowledge MRS. HAHIE G. QUINLEY B.S., Radford College; M.A., George Washington University; World Geography; F.T.A. MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON B.S., Radford College; M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnical Institute; Home Economics I,IV, Senior; F.H.A. MR. RONALD J. SAVAGE B.A., M.A,, Catholic University of America; U.S. and Virginia History; newspaper sponsor. MR. JOHN R. SAWYER B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A. University of North Carolina; Science. Mr. Sawyer looks surprised when during a freshman science class. MRS. lONE C. SCUDDER B.S., University of Tennessee; English 1,11. the camera catches him The E bers. MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER A.B., Shepherd College; U.S. and Virginia History; Basketball coach. Vee High sponsor, Mr. Savage, gi MR. EARNEST SNYDER B.A., Glenville State Teachers College; Physical Education; Golf. aid to two of the staff mem- MR. GENE STEINBACH B.A., Northwestern University; M.A., Catholic University of America; Band. 21 Math and Science Open New MR. WILLIAM STRATTON B.S., Morehead State College; M.A., University of Kentucky; Algebra I, Geometry. MRS. PATRICIA STROUPE B.A., Purdue University; English I, French I; Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. MISS OLENE S. SWAIM B.S., Wake Forest College; A.A., Mars Hill College; French 1,11 111; French Club. MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN B.S., State Teachers College of Alabama; M.S., Florida State University; Biology; Biology Club. The new addition to the English department for the second semester, Mr. Thomason, introduces himself to his seventh period senior class. MR. EDWIN TAYLOR B.S., Concord College; M.S., University of Tennessee; Physical Education 1; Director of Athlet¬ ics. MR. LEONARD VAUGHN A.B., McPherson College; B.D., Bethany Seminary; M.S., Cor¬ nell University; Spanish 1,111; Spanish Club. MRS. MAMIRUTH C. WALTERS A.B., East Carolina College; M.S., George Washington Uni¬ versity; Reading. MRS. ROLLENE S. WELLS A.B., Georgia State College for Women; English IV; Literary Magazine. 22 Doors of Understanding MR. E. GUY WILSON, JR. B.A., University of Virginia; Eng¬ lish 11,111; Sophomore class spon¬ sor. MR. CHARLES J. WOODARD B.S., Atlantic Christian College; Chemistry, Chem Study. MRS. JUDITH WRIGHT B.S., University of Tulsa; Type¬ writing II, Personal Typewriting and Notehand. MR. BILL H. WYCHE B.S., University of Chattanooga; M.A., University of Georgia; International Relations Club; World History; Modern European History. Mr. Woodard gives advice ta a student before class. Taking over Mrs. Corliss ' class, Mr. Wilkins begins a lecture to the seventh period government class. MRS. PEARL YANCEY B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College; Latin 1,11,111, IV; English II. MR. JOHN J. YEDNOCK B.S., M.A., George Washington University; Physical Education I,III,IV; Geography; Varsity Baseball. MISS VIRGINIA YUTZ B.A., Roanoke College; M.A., Duke University; French III,IV, V; Hockey Coach, French Honor Society. 23 24 The members of an Organization deter¬ mine the purpose and specif of that organ- ization. So it is with the sfudent body of a school. With the members ©f a class, lies the responsibility of the school a place where friendship, ' feeing, and mem- ories flourish. We feel Mftywl Vernon is such a place and we have tried, to capture many of those memorable monn fftts and far jmiliar faces in the following pqges. ;■ H. - 25 The Class of 1964 Senior class officers, left to right: Leigh Angel, Vice President; Gene Giffen, President; Otis Hayes, Secretary-Treasurer. The class sponsor is Mrs. Cooley. 26 Boasts the Distinction Russell Laurence Abbott Varsity Cheerleader, Maggie Jordan, looks apprehensive as she awaits | gyjp Abel the decision of the officials. Sherry Ann Abel Mary-Keen Adams Robert Charles Adams Sandra Kaye Aldrich Janice Lynn Allen Jeannette Elizabeth Allen Sharon Kay Allen John Gary Ament 27 of Being the Largest Heather Dale Anderson Louis Carrol Anderson Susan docker Andrews illiam Leigh Angel Martha Cleo Angelo Patricia Ann Angelson James Guy Arnold, III Walter Dee Ashe Nancy Lyn Ayers Patricia Ann Baker Barbara Elizabeth Baran Michael Douglas Bard 28 Class to Graduate Melinda Sue Bennett Sandra Kay Berry Daniel Oliver Betz Gregory Francis Birra Timothy Michael Boehm Linda Jayne Bolam 29 from Mount Vernon Phyfis Ruth Botchin Hunter Carson Bourne Alline Bowden Margaret Susan Bowers Helen Patricia Bradford Jane Bradley Jerry Bradley Judith Brennan Suzanne Lynn Briar Martha Elizabeth Brick Barbara Jeanne Brindley Stephen Michael Brown Thomas Kim Brown Karl Nelson Bruce Susan Irvin Buckley Joseph Claud Burt 30 College Preparation Occupy Sleven Maxwell Burt Seniors, Jo DeVor, Donna Mitchell and Bev Jaenicke seem interested in what Mr. Josephine Sanders Bush Cordaro has to say. Martha Jean Bush Lynn Carol Bykerk James Douglas Byrd Sandra Lee Cameron Edward Houston Campbell Patricia Marie Campbell Reid Owen Carlock Robert Crawford Carlson 31 Much of Senior Year Rosemary Choate Marilyn Jo Clark William David Clarke Ann Catherine Claxton Rosalind Carlton Clemens Roxanna Clemens William Anthony Casomo Paul Edward Cave James Peter Chaconas Nancy Bolyn Chandler Dwight Clifton Cheek Alyce Jean Marie Chickanovich Mm 32 Time Passes Quickly Elizabeth Blanche Conley Cheryl Lynn Constant Lyanne Cila Cooney Suzan Jeanne Cotellesse Sue Carol Crabtree Bradley Carle Cravers 33 as Caps and Gowns Patricia Mae Crum Bonnie Jean Cruze The seniors in Mrs. Corliss ' s first period Civics class begin to settle down for a long day. Ellen Curran Mary Anne Danowski Charles Alexander Darrah, 11 Edwin Davis, III Hal Sparks Davis, Jr. William Edward Davis Daniel Reynolds Denison Barbara Joann Devor 34 Are Ordered H ' ” Gary Dennis Dittmer Carolyn Main Doerflinger Gregory Alden Donovan Laura Susan Dority Barry Ross Downing Linda Nancy Dua Robert Lee Dudley Deborah Lee Duel Penelope Ann Duff Elizabeth June Donnelly Robert Wade Duckwall Francine Carol Dufour Karen Loree Edwards 35 and Sent Rush Elk ins Anita Louise Elliott John William Emig, Jr. Jean Marie English Roberta Lynn Engram David Richard Esten Linda Ann Evans Donna Jean Farnum Susan Beryl Fede Cynthia Alyne Ferguson Carl George Fetko Patricia Anne Fink 36 Each Graduate Will Elizabeth Ann Frazier Sharon Campbell Fraser Polly Ann Frymire Terry Lee Friedrich Perry Noel Gann William Murray Garrett 37 Keep with Him Thomas Jaynes Garverick Senior boys cheerfully get measured for their caps and gowns. Donn Edward Garvey Lynn Burtell Gates Ann Davis Gensmer Michael William Gentry Rudolf Reiner George Carol Edith Ghent Gene Cornwell Giffen Grant Emerson Glauch Christine Susan Goade 38 Memories of Well Karen Godman William Dant Goepper Raymond Earl Graham Norma Elizabeth Green Marcia Belle Grier Earle Wayne Griffith Dale Lee Grimes Judy Alma Gross Allan Branch Guerrina Diana Lee Gullette Susan Terry Nicoc Haight Steven Wesley Ham William Alex Hancock Joyce Isabelle Haney Mark Hanlon Harriet Phyllis Hannah 39 Spent Years, James William Harris, IV Richard Carter Harris Patricia Ann Hartman Barbara Ann Hayes James Neill Hays Otis Hayes Roberta Lee Head Della Eileen Henry John Justin Henry Diane Mary Herbst Lionel Palmer Hernholm Nancy Carol Hewitt 40 Years That Have Sandra Rae Hicks Michael James Higgins Mallory Hightower John William Hines, Jr. Helen Hodge Judith Gordon Hoffman Ralph Hayes Hofler, III Kenneth Wayne Holmes David Earl Holsey Evelyn Dianne Holt James Richard Holt Mary Jane Hotchkiss 41 Moulded Us into Thomas Russell Houston Carlton Craig Hudson Seniors, Ann Gensmer, Harriet Hannah, Diane Holt, Bob Duckwall and Coach Yednock gather outside the clinic on the way to lunch. Judith Lynn Hudson Katherine Jannette Hullender Sharon Sue Hunter Karen Marie Isaksen Patricia Ann Jackson Peter William Jackson Susan Ann Jackson Susan Virginia Jackson 42 Responsible Beverly Diane Jaenicke Christi Louise Jensen Leon Dibrell Johnson Margaret Louise Johnson James Sumnerfield Johnston Ann Susan Jones Margaret Ann Jordan William Thomas Jordan Michael Charles Karp Mary Lee Kaufman Darlene Gail Keane Mary Francis Keel 43 Conscientious Citizens Robert Patrick Klingenbeck Barbara Louise Koch Carol Ann Koerschner Ann Philbrick Kofler Pamela Leslie Kopp Gail Ann Kormas Sheryl Lynn Laney Thomas William Lasater Orion Douglas Layman Jean Anne Krueger Daniel Robert Kuhn Paula Gaye Landes 44 Who Will Play Bonnie Jean Leckey Carol Lee Leighton Robert Joseph Lewis Edward Bennett Lowry Jimmy Norman Lunsford Kenneth James Lyons Kenneth Reed MacNevin William James Mann Loma Diane Marsh Diane Mae Linthacum Wayne Harrington Logan Judith Elaine Long 45 an Important Part John Lowry Mason, Jr. Thomas John May The unveiling of the school seal by Gene Giffen and Leigh Angel is done with much anticipation. The seal is a gift to Mount Vernon from the Class of 1964. Susan Angela McCrary Byron John McCutchen Charlene Marie McDonald Jaquiine Sue McGuire Kathleen Ann McLellan Daniel Hugh McLinden 46 in the World Suzanne McQueen John Joseph Merli Andrew Fredrick Messing, Jr. Larry Dennis Metcalfe Vivian Elaine Metts Mary Kathleen Mewshaw Kathleen Miller Charles David Mitchell Donna Sue Mitchell Marja Ann Mitchell Carolyn Elizabeth Monti Jack Sheldon Moody Sandra Lee Moquin Olga Monserrates Morales Nancy Dean Morgan Sarah Chenault Morrison 47 of Tomorrow T s- Kenneth Richard Mumford, Jr. John Patrick Murphy Dudley Kenneth Nance Phillip Ray Nose Thomas Francis Nedorolik Carl Bernard Nelson, Jr. 48 Memories Recall Victories Joseph Clyde Northern Horvie Camille Ogle James Lawrence OhI John Franklin Olsen Janis Eileen O ' Neal Robert Thomas Osborne 49 of Ole Maroon and Grey! William Frank Oswald Sharin Francis Ovitt Linda Evans explains the difhculty of sketching in perspective to Ken McNevin. William Richard Packard Deloris Lee Padgett William Ealie Padgett, Jr. William Joseph Pagnella Roger Lawrence Paige Margaret Ann Palmer Cheryl McDonald Parkin Dorothy Faye Parton 50 They Recall Traditions, Marsha Beth Pelley Betty Lynn Perrin Carolyn Ann Petitt Sandra Lee Phelps Margaret Jane Phillips Garland Phillip Poole Dorothy Lee Price Lee Gregory Price John David Pritchett Patricia Ann Pugh Donald Wayne Purcell Patricia Ann Putnam Sara Jean Quattlebaum John Hobart Raftery Heather Mary Ransom Lois Ann Rathbone 51 Parties and Friends Barbara Jean Ray Frances Elizabeth Read David Readyhough Virginia Ann Resch Karen Lee Reynertson Janet Katherine Richardson Nancy Lea Rios Oliver Leroy Robbins, Jr. Judy Ann Rodgers Pamela Sue Roethlein George Mann Roper John Robert Rosenberry 52 The Three Past Years Grace Victory San Luis Albert White Satterwhite Lockey Ann Saunders John Braidwood Savage Beverly Ann Schlie John Herman Schummers 53 Show Golden Wisdom, Susan Marie Scurich Linda Beth Seablom Kathleen Susan Sewell Anita Eileen Sexton Phyllis Jean Seymour John Wayne Shafer Clifford Dale Shaw Gloria Sue Shaw Jane Marie Sheckart George Cody Sheflett Janet Ann Shepherd Mary Catherine Shipman 54 Joseph Michael Slye Kenneth Lee Smith Jerry Glenn Snyder Cameron Ridley Stewart Beverly Jane Smith Craig Sergent Smith Kermit Cowles Smith William Franklin Smith Frank Michael Sommerville Virginia Ann Stein Peter Jeremy Stewart Richard Frank Stewart and Leaving Jeanne Louise Smith William Arthur Smoke Robert Lloyd Stevens Thomas Karl Stirewalt 55 These Halls William Edward Swan Harry William Swartz Mary Katherine Swearingen Karen Louise Switzer Shireley Jean Switzer Tracy Patricia Talon 56 We Leave James Buckley Tapp Diane Carol Taynton John May Thomas Howard Lee Thompson Sue Caperbon Thompson Robert Richard Thonen Carol Lynn Tobias Patricia Ann Tomlin Frances Eileen Tompkins Sara Munroe Trexler Karin Brigitte Tringali Mack Van Truslow 57 Our Hearts to Nancy Meredith Tucker Jeannie Louise Turner Kathy Williamson, Mary Keen Adams, and Jeannie Allen greet Diane Wolfzun, Mount Vernon ' s first foreign exchange student. Margaret Ann Tuttle Martha Ann Tyler James Jackson Urick Jonathan Peter Vance Robert Dale Vance Mary Alice Vandergriff Robert August Vogt William Wagle 58 Our School and Jean Kay Wagner Patricia Ann Ward David Lee Warmer Ginger Kathryn Watts Stephen Lynn Watts Jack William Weaver Julie Kathleen Weigel Christine Marie Wertzberger Alan Michael Weston Richard Hammond White Terry Lee White Leonard Robert Whitecar Richard Alan Whiteley Kitty Floyd Whitson Charlie Martin Wilbourne Fred Grant Williams 59 To Those Who Taught Us Harry Trevor Williams Kathleen McKell Williamson Suson Anne Wilson Terry Lee Wilson Lynne Lee Wolfer Shaula Jean Woodall Sharon Leigh Wright Nicholas Bernard Yurchik Patricia Gene Ziegfeld 60 Class Snaps Anticipation mounts backstage as the members of the Senior Honor Society await the announcement of new inductees. Karl Bruce seems to have an unfair advantage Varsity cheerleaders practice after school before Groveton game, over Barbie Prince who refuses to say die. 61 Senior Directory ABBOTT, RUSSELL LAURENCE, " Russ. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, I; Key Club, Board of Directors, 2; Chorus Club, 4; Junior Varsity Baseball, Catcher, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, Guard, 3; Intramural Basketball, Captain, 1. Special Honors: Member of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Council; Presi¬ dent Pro-Tempore of Student Cooperative Association; Presiden¬ tial Cabinet in charge of Magazine Campaign; Student Co¬ operative Association Representative, 2; Lettered in Junior Var¬ sity Basketball and Baseball; Coral Award; Member of Concert Choir. ABEL, PAUL KEVIN. Transferred fom Fishburne Military School, Waynesboro, Virginia. Activities: Newspaper Staff, 2; Rifle Team, 1 (Fishburne Military School); Yearbook Staff, 1. ABEL, SHERRY ANN. Activities: Art Club, 3; Pep Club, 3; French Club, 2; Drill Team, 3. Special Honors: Student Cooperative As¬ sociation, I. ADAMS, MARY-KEEN. Transferred fom Rogers High School, New¬ port, Rhode Island. Activities: French Club, 2; School Magazine, 1; Chemistry Club, 1; Cheerleading — Trainee, 1; Cheerleader, Co- Captain, 1 (Vandenberg High School); E-Club, 1; Keyettes, 1; Student Council Association, Secretary, 1. ADAMS, ROBERT CHARLES, ' Bob. " Special Honors: Mention in National Merit Scholarship Testing Program. ALDRICH, SANDRA KAYE, " Sandy. " Transferred from Loy Nor- rix High School, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Activities: Pep Club, 2, (Loy Norris High School). Special Honors: Junior Class Council, 1; Robed Choir, 1; Band Follies, 1. ALLEN, JANICE LYNN, " Jan. " Activities: Freshman Girls ' Cho¬ rus, 1; Concert Choir, 3. Special Honors: Honor Society, 2. ALLEN, JEANNETTE ELIZABETH, " Jeannie. " Activities: Foreign Ex¬ change Club, Vice-President, 2; Keyette Club, 1; Spanish Honor Society, 3. Special Honors: Delegate to Virginia Girls ' State, Summer of 1963. ALLEN, SHARON KAY. Activities: International Relations 1; Drill Team 2; Chorus 3; Special Honors: Chorus Letter, 2 bars; Drill Team Letter, 1 Bar. AMENT, JOHN GARY. Activities: French Club 2; International Relations 1; Student Cooperative Association, Alternate, 1; Math Club 1; Intramural Basketball, 1; Special Honors: Northern Virginia All-High School Band, 4; All-Virginia Band, 2; Band President, 1; Letter of Commendation Winner, (National Merit). ANDERSON, LOUIS CARROL, " Lou. " Activities: Key Club 3; Varsity Club 2; Yearbook 2; Basketball, Guard, 2; Golf, Captain, 4; Special Honors: Junior Honor Society 2; Freshman Who ' s Who; Senior Honor Society 2; French Honor Society 2; Co-Captain J.V. Basketball 1; Scholastic Letters 3; Golf Team, Captain, 3. ANDREWS, JANE ALICE. Activities: French Club 2; Pep Club 3; Future Nurses of America 1; Debate Club 1; Senior Class Repre¬ sentative 1. ANDREWS, SUSAN CLOCKER. Transferred from Carlisle Senior High School. Activities: French Club 2; International Relations Club, Secretary, 2; Pep Club, 2; Keyette Club, 1; Intramural Basketball, 1; (Carlisle Senior High). ANGEL, WILLIAM LEIGH. Activities: Senior Class Vice President, Letterman Club, Vice President, 1; Key Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 2; Football, Right Halfback Wing, 1 J.V., 2 Varsity; Basketball, Guard, ninth grade 1 J.V.; Track, Discus, I. Special Honors: Sophomore Class Council, Activities Council, Student Mr. Skinner emphasizes some good points to seniors Kermit Smith and Gary Dittmer. 62 Senior Directory Cooperative Association Representative, Mount Vernon High School Chorus. ANGLESON, PATRICIA ANN, " Pat. " Transferred from LaSall High School, Saint Ignace, Michigan to Alcon High School, Alcon, Tennessee. Activities: Latin Club, 1; Drill Team, 1; Future Home¬ makers of America, 2; (Alcoa High) Pep Club, 1. Special Honors: Drill Team Letter. ANGELO, MARTHA CLEO. Activities: Newspaper, Business Adver¬ tisement Manager, 1; Future Teachers of America, Secretary, 2; Girls Chorus, 1; French Club, 3; Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 2. Special Honors: National Representative of the Future Teachers of America to the National Associations of Educated Secretaries. ARNOLD, JAMES GUY III, " Jimbo. " Transferred from Irvin High School, El Paso, Texas, and Fayetteville High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Activities: Football, tackle, 2; Track, shot-put, 1; (Irvin High School). Letterman, 2; Football, tackle, 2; Track, shot-put, ]; Wrestling, unlimited, 2; Freshman Basketball, 1. ASHE, WALTER DEE, JUNIOR, " Walt. " Transferred from Central Regional High School. Activities: Debate Club, 1; Football, guard, tackle; (Central Regional High School); Chess Club, 1. AYERS, NANCY LYN. Transferred from Saint Mary ' s Academy, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Glee Club, (Saint Mary ' s Academy). Future Homemakers of America, 1; Future Teachers of America, 1. BARRY, PATRICIA BETH, " Patti. " Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama. Activities: Pep Club, 3; Latin Club, 1; Library Club, 1; Newspaper Representative, 1; (Sidney Lanier High School); Pep Club, 3; French Club, 3; Art Club, 2. BARRETT, BRENDA CLAIRE. Transferred from Burges High School, El Paso, Texas. Activities: Freshman Class President, ]; Student Council Representative, 1; Alternate, 1; (Burges High School). BARD, MICHAEL DOUGLAS. Transferred from Munich, Germany. Activities: Letterman, ]; Student Co-operative Association Repre¬ sentative, 1; Wrestling, 3. Special Honors: Northern Virginia Wrestling Champion. BARAN, BARBARA ELIZABETH. Activiti es: Science Club, 1; Junior Honor Society, 1; Senior Honor Society, Treasurer, President, 2; International Relations Club, Secretary, 4; French Club, ]; Pep Club, 2; Student Co-operative Association Representative, 1; cabi¬ net, 2; Secretary of Communications, 1; Secretary of Arts and Bulletin Boards, 1; Debate Club, Reporter, 4; American Field Service Club, 2; Keyette Club, 2; Drama Club, 2; French Honor Society, Reporter, 2. Special Honors: Academic Letter; Parent Teachers Association History Award; Drama Letter; Northern Virginia Scholarship, Experiment in International Living; Debate Letter; Princess of Senior Homecoming. BAKER, PATRICIA ANN, " Pat. " Activities: Girls Gymnastics, 1; Pep Club, 3; Spanish Club, 2; Junior Varsity Hockey, Right Halfback, 1. BATCHELOR, JAMES WILEY. Activities: Debate Club, vice president, secretary, 5; Latin Club, 2; International Relations Club, parlia¬ mentarian, 3; Chess Club, 1; Forensics, 1. Special Honors: Dis¬ tinguished Participant Award, University of Virginia Discussion Conference on Public Affairs. BAUMERT, CAROLE LOUISE. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; Girls Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1. Special Honors: Letter for Chorus, ninth grade Chorus; 2 Bars, Advanced Girls and Girls Chorus; 1 pin. Mixed Chorus. BEAHM, ESTELLE LUCY, " Lucy. " Activities: Chorus, 4. BELL, GAIL STORM. Activities: Drill Team, Squad Leader, 2; Dra¬ matics, 3; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 2; Junior Class Compact, 1; Senior Class Council, 1; Latin Club, 3. Special Honors: National Thespian Society, 5; Junior Honor Society, 3; National Honor Society; Plays in, TIME OUT FOR GINGER; Dramatics Letter; Drill Team Letter and Bar; Academic Letter. BENNETT, MELINDA SUE. Activities: Art Club, President, 5; French Club, 2. BERRY, SANDRA KAY, " Sandy. " Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club 2; Prom Committee, 1; Intramural Volleyball, 1. BIRRA, GREGORY FRANCIS, " Greg. " Activities: Latin Club, ],- French Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 3; Wrestling, 95 lb., 1. BOEHM, TIMOTHY MICHAEL, " Tim. " Transferred from Augsburg American High School; Activities: National Honor Society, 1; Year¬ book — Sports and Photography Editor, 1; Science Club, 1; Letterman ' s Club, 1; Commencement Usher, 1; Soccer, Right Fullback, 1; Football, Statistician, 1; (Augsburg American High School). Special Honors: All-Conference Soccer — Germany 1963; Outstanding in Algebra — 1963; Reporter — School Sports Pub¬ licity — 1963; (Augsburg American High School). BOLAM, LINDA JAYNE, Transferred from Convent of Sacred Heart, El Cajon, California; North Kingstown High School, North Kingstown, Rhode Island; Activities: Sewing club, 1; (Sacred Heart). French Club, 1; (North Kingstown). Pep club, 1. Special Honors: First prize in sewing, I: (Sacred Heart). BOTCHIN, PHYLIS RUTH. French Club, 2; Pep Club, 4; Keyette Club, Vice President, 2; Drill Team, Reporter-Historian, 3; Junior Class Compact, 1; Intramural Volleyball, 1. Special Honors: Aca¬ demic Letter; Senior Honor Society. BOURNE, HUNTER CARSON. BOWDEN, ALLINE. Activities: Spanish Club, Treasurer, President, 4; French Club, 2; Keyettes, Junior Representative to District, Senior Representative to District, 2; Pep Club, 3; Advanced Girls ' Chorus, 1; Select Girls ' Chorus, 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleading, Co-captain, 2; Varsity Cheerleading, Co-captain, 2; Special Honors: Spanish Honor Society, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Senior Honor Society, 1; PTA Award tor Spanish; Elected to Girls ' State Who ' s Who; Academic letter, 2. BRADFORD, HELEN PATRICIA, " Patty. " Activities: Spanish Club, 4; Future Homemakers of America, 3; Charletones, 2. Special Honors: Spanish Honor Society, President, 2. BRADLEY, JANE. Transferred from Wheaton High School, Wheaton, Maryland. Activities: French Club, 4 (Wheaton High School). French Club, 4; Pep Club, 3 (Wheaton high school). Pep Club, 3; Spanish Club, 1; Senior Class Compact, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Ninth Grade News, 1; (Wheaton High School). Intramural Volley¬ ball, Captain, 1; (Wheaton High School). Gymkana (Trampoline Group), 1; (Wheaton High School). Special Honors: Honorable Mention Merit Award (Wheaton High School). BRADLEY, JERRY. Transferred from General H. H. Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Activities: Teen Club, Secretary, 1; (General H. H. Arnold High School). Track Team, 50 yard dash. Cross-country, 1; (Frankfurt Junior High School). BRENNAN, JUDITH, " Judy. " Activities: Yearbook, Co-Editor, 2; Drill Team, President, 4; French Club, 2; Keyette Club, 3; Pep Club, 2; Public Relations, Secretary, 1. Special Honors: PTA Geography Award, Homecoming Court; Optimist Club Award; Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer; Junior Class Secretary- Treasurer; Senior Honor Society, Secretary, 2; French Honor Society, 2. BRIAR, SUZANNE LYNN, " Susie. " Activities: Pep Club, Treasurer, 2; French Club, Secretary, 2; Keyettes, President, 3; Future Home¬ makers Of America, First Degree, 1; Student Cooperative Associa¬ tion, I; Junior Class Float Committee, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, Guard, 1; Special Honors: Sophomore Homecoming Princess; Senior Homecoming Princess; Representative to Girls State; Choraleers, All-All State Chorus; Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, 3; Lead in " South Pacific, " Part in " Stage Door " ; Solo rating in Northern Virginia Music Festival, two excellent and one superior ratings. BRINDLEY, BARBARA JEANNE, " Barb. " Activities: Pep Club, 2; French Club, 1,- Junior Class Council, Representative, 1. Special Honors or Awards: Letter and ' wo bars in Chorus. BROWN, STEPHEN MICHAEL, " Steve. " Activities: Lettermen ' s Club, 1; Golf, Rogers High School, first man, 1; Golf, Varied, 1; Intramural Basketball, 1. Special Awards or Honors: Outstanding Golfer ' 62-63; Two years Varsity letter in Golf. 63 Senior Directory BROWN, THOMAS KIM. Activities; Lacrosse, Attack, 3. BRUCE, KARL NELSON. Activities: Photo Club, 2; French Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Key Club, 2; Debate Club, Par¬ liamentarian, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, player, 2; Varsity Track, 1. Specia I H onors or Awards: All State Chorus,- Participant in Junior Engineers and Scientists Summer Institute; Boys State. BUCKLEY, SUSAN IRVIN. Activities: Drill Team, Squad Leader, 4,- French Honor Society, Secretary, 2; Pep Club, 3; Art Club, 1; French Club, 2. Special Honors or Awards: Chorus letter and bars. BURT, JOSEPH CLAUD, " Joe. " Activities: Mixed Chorus; French Club, 1; Intermural Basketball, 2, BURT, STEVEN MAXWELL, " Steve. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Track, 1. BUSH, MARTHA JEAN , " Jeannie. " Transferred from James Madison High School, Vienna, Virginia. Activities: James Madison Follies, I; (James Madison High School). Modern Dance Club, 1. Special Honors: Honorable mention from James Madison High School Science Fair. BUTTRUFF, BARBARA RUTH, Transferred from St. Agnes School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Glee Club, I; (St. Agnes High School). Latin Club, 1; French Club, 1; Art Club, 1. BYKERK, LYNNE CAROL. Transferred from Atilles High School, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Acti vities: Aquicades, 1; Future Teachers, 1; Future Nurses, 1; (Atilles High School). International Relations, 1. CAMERON, SANDRA LEE, " Sandy. " Activities: Pep Club, 1; Freshman Girls Chorus and Select Girls and Advanced Girls Chorus, 3. Special Honors: Chorus Letter and Bar. CAMPBELL, EDWARD HOUSTON, " Ed. " Activities: Chess Club, 2; Bridge Club, 1. CAMPBELL, PATRICIA MARIE, " Pat, " Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; Drill Team, 2; Freshman Girl ' s Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 1. CARLOCK, REID OWEN. Transferred from Delaware Township High School, Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey. Activities: Math Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Football, Backfield, 4; Swimming, Butterfly, 2; Track, 1; (Delaware Township High School). Letterman ' s Club, President, 1; Football Team, 2. Special Honors: Co-Captain of Mount Vernon High School Football Team,- Most Valuable Football Player, Senior year,- Honorable Mention in Physical Education II; Honorable Mention in Spanish I. CARLSON, ROBERT CRAWFORD, " Bob. " Tr ansferred from East Greenwhich High School, East Greenwhich, Rhode Island. Activities: Spanish Club, 2. CASAMO, WILLIAM ANTHONY, " Bill. " Transferred from West- field Senior High School, Dorian Road, Westfield, New Jersey. CASON, BARBARA LEE. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 1; Art Club, 1. CAVE, PAUL EDWARD. Activities: Distributive Education, President, 1; Junior Varsity Football, guard, 1. CHACONAS, JAMES PETER, " Jim. " Activities: Latin Club, 1; Spanish Club 1; Bus driver, 1; Drama Department. CHANDLER, NANCY BOLYN. Transferred from Springfield High School, Springfield, Pennsylvania. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, 2; Dramatic Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Lacrosse, 1; Bowling, 1; (Springfield High School), French Club, 1; (Mount Vernon High School). CHEEK, DWIGHT CLIFTON. Transferred from Aberdeen High School, Aberdeen, Maryland. Activities: Thespian Society, 1; Boy ' s Chorus, 1; Spanish Club, 1; History Club, 1; Track, mile, 1. Special Honors: All County Chorus; " Bell, Book, and Candle, " Stage Manager; " Adam ' s Evening, Actor; Prom Committee. CHICKANOVICH, ALYCE JEAN MARIE, " Alyce. " Transferred from Merchantville High School, Merchantville, New Jersey. Activities: Drama Club, 1; Girl ' s Chorus, 1; (Merchantville High School), Pep Club, 1; Bridge Club, 1; Future Secretaries of America, 1; (Mount Vernon High School). Special Honors: Special Award in Typing I. CHOATE, ROSEMARY. Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Future Home¬ makers of America, 1; Pep Club, 2; Future Secretaries of America, 1; Softball, 2; Special Honors: Softball Letter. Mr. Kofler ' s Art II class works with clay models. Senior Directory CLARKE, MARILYN JO. Transferred from Baumholder American High, Baumholder, Germany; Ludwigsburg American High, Lud- wigsburg, Germany; Wills Point High, Wills Point, Texas. Pep Club (Ludwigsburg American High); Pep Club, 1; (Baumholder American High), Varsity Cheerleader, (Ludwigsburg American High). CLARKE, WILLIAM DAVID. Activities: Biology, Representative to Activities Council, 1. CLAXTON, ANN CATHERINE, " Annie. " Activities: Latin Club, 3; Junior Science Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Junior Class Compact, 1; Special Honors: Choral Letter. CLEMENS, ROXANNE CARLTON. Transferred from Munich American High School, Munich, Germany. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; Student Council, 2; Junior-Senior Plays, " Costume and Prop Director, " 1; (Munich American High School). CLEVELAND, CAROL ELIZABETH. Activities: Color Guard, Captain, 2; Cadeaeus, 2; Freshman Girls Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Select Girls Chorus; Concert Choir; Clinic Helper; Hockey Team, Mana¬ ger, 1; Special Honors: Choral Letter and Bar. CLIFFORD, JAMES STAPLES. Activities: French Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Bridge and Chess, 1; Literary Magazine, Business Manager, 1; Football, Manager, 1; Football, Trainer, 1; Track, 440, 1; Special Honors: Academic Letter 1962-63. CLINE, ROBERT JOSEPH, " Bobby. " Activities: Key Club, Secretary- Treasurer, 3; French Honor Society, Treasurer, 2; Junior Honor Society, I; Senior Honor Society, 2; Letterman ' s Club, Secretary- Treasurer, 1; French Club, 1; Junior Varsity Football, 1; Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 2; Intermural Basketball, 2; Special Honor: Scholastic Letters, Varsity Letters, 2; Alternate to Boys ' State; Mixed Chorus, 4; Choir Letter, 3; Delegate to International Key Club Convention in Pittsburg, 1963. COGGINS, CANDACE COWAN, " Candy. " Activities: Pep Club, President, Historian, 4; French Club, Vice-President, 3; Choraleers, 2; Future Nurses, 1; Chorus, 2; Concert Choir, 2; Student Coop¬ erative Association Alternate,!; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1; Bridge Club, 1; Softball, 1; Basketball, Mana¬ ger, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, Co-Captain, 2; Junior Varsity Cheer¬ leader, 1; Special Honors: Beauty Contest, Semi-Finalist; Senior Homecoming Princess; Chorus Letter; Junior Varsity Softball; Var¬ sity Basketball; Cheerleading Letter. COLEMAN, DONALD WAYNE, " Donnie. " Activities: Thespian, Activities Council Representative, 2; International Relations Club, 1. CONLEY, ELIZABETH BLANCHE, " Betty, " Activities: Junior Honor Society, 1; National Honor Society, 2; Future Teachers of America, Secretary, President, Recording Secretary of State Future Teachers of America, 4; French Honor Society, 2; Keyettes, 2; Newspaper, Reporter, 1; Literary Magazine, Poetry Editor, 1; French Club, 2; International Relations Club, 3; Special Honors: Academic Letter, Freshman and Sophomore year; Second award at National High School Institute at Northwestern University. CONSOLVO, MARTHA ANN, Transferred from Douglas S. Free¬ man High School, Richmond, Virginia. Activities: Majorette, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Basketball, Forward, 1; Special Honors of Awards: Basketball letter; First place Group Award, Science Fair. CONSTANT, CHERYL LYNN, Activities: Pep Club, 2; Art Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; French Club, 2. COONEY, LYNANNE LILA, " Lyn, " Transferred from Gar-Field High School, Woodbridge, Virginia. Activities: Drama, 1. COTELLESSE, SUZAN JEANNE: Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 3; Keyette Club, Secretary, 3; Eighth Grade Cheerleader; Junior Varsity Cheerleader, 3, Co-Captain, 2; Part in " South Pacific " ; Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 1; Girls Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, 2. CRABTREE, SUE CAROL: Transferred from Istanbul, Turkey. CRAVENS, BRADLEY CARLE: " Brad, " Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama. Activities: Ski Club, 2, Aurora High School; Church Club, Hi-Y, 1, at Sidney Lanier High School; Young Life Club, 1, at Aurora High School; Junior Varsity Football, Halfback, 1; Gymnastics, High Bam, 1; Wrestling, 1, at Aurora High School; Wrestling, 1. CRUM, PATRICIA MAE, " Patty, " Activities: Chorus, 1; Band, 1; Bible Club, 2; Future Secretaries of America, Reporter, 1. CRUZE, BONNIE JEANNE, transferred from Bethlehem Central Senior High School, Delmar, New York. Activities: Latin Club, 2, Orchestra, 2, Band, Secretary, 4; Intramural Swimming Team, 2; (Bethlehem Central High School). Special Honors: Three Suburban All-State Bands; First Place Music Solos, 6; Medal for Making Progress in Band. (Bethlehem Central High School). CULVER, HELEN JOSEPHINE, " Jodi, " transferred from Sacred Heart, North Kingstown. Activities: Drama 1, Pep Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Prom Committee, 1. (Sacred Heart). DANOWSKI, MARY ANNE, Activities: French Club, 1; Bridge Club, Vice President, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, Right Fullback, 1; Varsity Hockey, Co-Captain, Left and Center Halfback, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, Right Guard, 2; Varsity Basketball, Right Guard, 1; Varsity Softball, First Base, 3. Special Honors: Physical Education Award for Girls; Academic Letter; Junior Class, " Who ' s Who " ; Attended Girl ' s State at Radford. DARRAH II, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Activities: Tennis Club, 1 ; Roger ' s High School; Science Club, 1, Orangeview High School; Tennis, 2; Roger ' s High School; Varsity Football, Half Back, 1. DAVIS III, EDWIN, " Eddy, " Activities: Football, End, Fullback 2; Varsity 1; Junior Varsity, Wrestling, 165, 2; Varsity; Track, shot put 2. Special Honors: Varsity Football Junior Football; Wrestling; Track. DAVIS, HAL SPARKS, " Tony, " transferred from Granby High School, Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: Theta Kappa Beta, Secretary, 2; Track, Broad and High Jump, 1; (Granby High School). DAVIS, WILLIAM EDWARD, " Eddie, " transferred from Broad Ripple High School, Indianapolis, Indiana. DENISON, DANIEL REYNOLDS, " Danny. " DEVOR, BARBARA JOANN, " Jo. " Activities: Pep Club, 2; French Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association Alternate, 1; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1. DIAMOND, DREW. Transferred from Nurenberg American High School, Nurenberg, Germany. Activities: Chess Club, 1; Drama Club, 1; History Club, 1; Basketball, Guard, 1; (Nurenberg High School). DITTMER, GARY DENNIS. Transferred from Bishop Egan High School, Livettown, Pennsylvania. Activities: Junior Varsity Basket¬ ball, Forward, 1; Freshman Basketball, Forward, 1; (Bishop Egan High School). Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward and Center, 1; Varsity Basketball, Forward, 2. Special Honors: Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball Letters. DOERFLINGER, CAROLINE MAIN, " Carol. " Transferred fom Wake¬ field High School, Arlington, Virginia. Activities: Modern Dance Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; (Wakefield High School). Keyettes, 1; French Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; American Field Service Club, 2; Junior Class Compact, 1. Special Honors: Senior Honor Society; Drama Letter. DONNELLY, ELIZABETH JUNE, " Liz. " Transferred from Thomas Ovac Wilhoite High School, Port Lyautey, Morocco. Activities: Basketball — Girl ' s, Captain, I; Drama Club, 2; (Thomas Ovac Wilhoite High School). Future Homemakers of America, 1; Bridge Club, 1; Chess Club, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, guard, Co-Captain, 1. Special Honors: Lead in School Play Wilhoite). DONOVAN, GREGORY ALDEN, " Greg. " Activities: National Honor Society, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Latin Club, Treasurer, 2; Literary Magazine, 1; Numerators, Treasurer, 3. Special Honors: National Honor Society Membership, Outstanding Proficiency — Algebra II Award, Outstanding Proficiency — Functions and Matrics Award, Library Assistant Award, Honorable Mention in Latin Tournament for Virginia, Superior rating in National Latin Forms Examination. 65 Senior Directory DORITY, LAURA SUSAN, " Sue. " Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Chorus, Mixed, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward, 3; Varsity Basketball, Forward, 2; Junior Varsity Softball, Firstbase, 2. Special Honors: Varsity Letter in basketball; Junior Varsity Letter in Softball Basketball; Chorus Letter, Mixed Chorus. DOWNING, BARRY ROSS. Transferred from H. H. Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Activities: Judo Club, V 2 ; Chess Club, 1; Wrestling, 2. DUA, LINDA NANCY. Transferred from Groveton High School. Activities: Spanish, 2; Home Room Representative, 1. Special Honors: Freshman Girl ' s, Advanced Girl ' s, and Mixed Chorus Awards. DUCKWALL, ROBERT WADE. Transferred from Hampton Roads Academy, Newport News, Virginia. Activities: Newspaper, 2; French, 1; Varsity Football, End, 1; Tennis, 1; (Hampton Roads Academy). Pep Club, Secretary, 1; International Relations, 1. Special Honors: National Merit Letter of Commendation. DUDLEY, ROBERT LEE. Activities: Science Club, 1; Band, 1; Fresh¬ man Basketball, 1; Intermural Basketball, Captain, 1,2. Special Honors: National Science Foundation, Summer Science Program at North Carolina State College. DUEL, DEBORAH LEE, " Debby. " Transferred from H. H. Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Drill Team, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 1; (H. H. Arnold High School). Junior Class Compact, 1; Foreign Exchange Club, 1; German Club, Vice President, 1,2; EM VEE HI Staff, 1; Keyettes, 1. Special Honors: Senior National Honor Society; Honor Roll, All through high school. DUFF, PENELOPE ANN, " Penny. " Activities: Bridge Club, 1; Girl ' s Chorus, 1; Alternate Representative to Student Cooperative Asso¬ ciation, 1. DUFOUR, FRANCINE CAROL. Transferred from Beavercreek High School, Xenia, Ohio and Fairborn High School, Fairborn, Ohio. Activities: Art Club, 1; Science Club, 2; Girl ' s Athletic Association, 1; Tumbling Club, 2; (Beavercreek High School). Scuba Club, 1; Pep Club, 2; Make up Committee for Musicals, 1; (Fairborn High School). Art Club, 1; Yearbook Staff, 1. Special Honors: Pen-Hex Team Championships in Swimming, First Place, (Fairborn High School). DUKE, RICHARD GARY. Transferred from Memphis University School, Memphis, Tennessee. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Letter- man ' s Club; (Memphis University School). Transit Staff, 1; Foot¬ ball, Guard, 2; Golf, 4. Special Honors: National Merit of Commendation. EATON, FRANCES ELIZABETH, " Francey. " Transferred from Urbana High School, Urbana, Ohio. Activities: Prom Planning Committee, Vice President, 1; Drill Team, 3; Band, 3; Future Teachers of America, President, 3; Pep Club, 1; Girls Chorus, Secretary, 2; Choir, 1; (Urbana High School). Bridge and Chess club, 1; Choir, 1; Intramural Basketball, Guard, 2; Intramural Volleyball, 3. Special Honors: 3.5 Club; Scholarship Team; Junior Class, Vice President; Girls ' Ensemble. EDWARDS, KAREN LOREE. Activities: Newspaper, 1; French Club, Vice President, 2; Science Club, Treasurer, 1. Special Honors: Junior Honor Society, Reporter, 2; Senior Honor Society, 2; Keyette Club, Historian, 2; Student Co-operative Association Repre¬ sentative Alternate, 2; Student Co-operative Association Repre¬ sentative, 2; Junior Varsity Cheerleading, Co-captain, 2; Varsity Cheerleading, 1; Virginia Gas and Light Company Stock Award; Academic Letter, 2. ELKINS, RUSH E. Activities: Rocket Club, 2; Math Club, Secretary, 2; Math Science Club, Vice President, 1; Bridge Chess Club, 2; Art Club, 1. ELLIOTT, ANITA LOUISE. Activities: Pep Club, 1. EMIG, JOHN WILLIAM, JUNIOR, " Skeeter. " Transferred from Dreux High School, Dreux, France. Activities: Science Club, 1; Drama students get stage ready for the " Stage Door. " Senior Directory Newspaper, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Guitar Club, 1 ; Art Club, 1; Football, I; Junior Varsity Baseball, Pitcher, 1; Track, Broad Jump, 1. (Dreux High School), International Relations Club, Treasurer, 1; Junior Varsity Football, Guard, I. Special Honors: Order of Arrow Member, Brotherhood; Marathon Hike, Athens, Greece, Float Committee. ENGLISH, JEAN MARIA, " Jeanie. " Activities: Latin Club, 1; Art Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2; Future Homemakers of America, 2. ENGRAM, ROBERTA LYNN, " Robin. " Transferred from North Kingstown High School, Wickford, Rhode Island. Activities: Drama Club, 1; Gym Club, 1. (Kingstown High School). ESTEN, DAVID RICHARD, " Dave. " Activities: Numerators, Parlia¬ mentarian, I; French Club, 1; Student Conductor, Band, 5; Chess Club, 1; Freshman Basketball, Center, 1; J.V. Basketball, Center, ' 2 ; Varsity Basketball, Center and Forward, 2 ' 2; Varsity Track 1. Special Honors: Freshman Basketball Letter, 1; Varsity Basketball Letters, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Senior Honor Society, 1; French Honor Society, President, 2; Academic Letter, 4; Band Progress Award, 1; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist, 1; Key Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, President, 1. EVANS, LINDA ANN. Transferred from St. Patrick ' s Central High School, Kanka Kee, Illinois. Activities: Sodality, 1. Shamrock Athletic Association, 1. (St. Patrick ' s Central High School) Chorus, 2. Transit Literary Magazine, 1. Pep Club, 3. French Club, 3. Future Teachers, Vice-President, 1. Special Honors or Awards; St. Patrick ' s Central Science Fair. Junior Academy of Science Annual District Competition. Mount Vernon High School Woodward and Lothrop Teen Board Representative. Role in " Stage Door. " Choral Letter and Bar. Alternate of Student Cooperative Association, 1. FALK, MARTIN ELMER. " Marty. " Activities: French Club, 1. Inter¬ nation Relations, 1. Letterman ' s Club, 1. Sports; Golf, Varsity Letterman, 3. Special Honors or Awards: Academic Letter. National Merit Scholarship, Semi-Finalist. FARNUM, DONNA JEANNE. Transferred from Nurnberg American High School, Nurnberg, Germany. Activities: Future Teachers of America, 2. History Seminar, 1. Future Homemakers of America, 1. National Honor Society, 2. Student Council Representative, 1. Special Honors or Awards: Geometry Award, Algebra II Award, German Award, Chemistry Award. FEDE, SUSAN BERYL. Activities: French Club, 2; Latin Club, 2; International Relation Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Senior Class Compact, 1; Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 3. FERGUSON, CYNTHIA ALYNE. Activities: National Thespian So¬ ciety 2 (.President 1); Pep Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1 ; Dramatics, 4. Special Honors or Awards: " Flittermouse " ; " The More The Merrier " " Fumed Oak " Director,- " Night of January 16th " ; Best Actress Award, ' 62- ' 63; Best Achievement in the Field of Dramatic arts Award, ' 62- ' 63; Drama Letter. FETKO, GEORGE CARL. " Carl " Transferred from Rahway High School, Rahway, New Jersey. Activities: Latin Club, 1; Auto and Space, 2; Debate, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 2. Special Honors or Awards: Honorable mention state debate convention, 1962. FINK, PATRICIA ANN. Activities: Pep Club, 3; French Club, 1; Future Teachers of America, 1; Chorus, Freshman Girls, Advanced Girls, Select Girls, and Mixed Chorus. Special Honors: Letter in Music, 2 Bars. FINNEY, JOHN PERRY. Activities: French Club, President, 3; Debate Club, Treasurer, 2; Math Club, 1; Science Club, Student Coopera¬ tive Association, 2; National Honor Society, 2; Key Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, Representative and Chairman Finance Committee, 2; Track, Discus, 440, 2; Intramural Basketball, Forward, 2. Special Honors: National Merit Semi-Finalist; National Science Foundation Research Grant; International Optimist Award; Distinguished Speaker State Discussion Conference on Public Affairs. FLOWERS, JAMES EUGENE, " Jim. " Activities: Band, 4; Football (J.V.), tackle, 1. FORD, CANDACE MARIE, " Candy. " Transferred from Stebbins High School, Dayton, Ohio. Activities: French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1 ; Dri ll Team, 1; (Stebbins High School). French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1 ; Drill Team, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1. Special Honors: Freshman Class Treasurer; Junior Editorial Advisor to Co-ed Magazine. FOWLER, CHARLES, " Chuck. " Transferred from Haverford Senior High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FOWLER, ELEANOR THERESA, " El. " Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 1; French Club, 2; Pep Club, 4; Drill Team, Captain, 3; Student Cooperative Association, 2; Student Cooperative Asso¬ ciation Spirit Booster, 1; Senior Compact, 1; Junior Softball, 1. Special Honors: Drill Team Letter, 2 Bar, 1 Star; Junior Varsity Softball Letter. FRANGER, MARVIN JAMES, " Jim, " Transferred from Coronado High School, Coronado, California. Activities; Pegasus, 1; Honor Society, 3; Science Club, 1; Science and Engineering Exploring Club, 1; Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Football, 1; Wrestling, 1. Special Honors: American Field Service Candidate,- (Coronado High School). FRASER, SHARON CAMPBELL. Activities: Track, Broad Jump, 1. Special Honors: Third Place Ribbon Broad Jump (62-63). FRAZELLE, DONALD JEROME, " Don. " Transferred from Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawaii. Activities: Radford Radio Club, Vice President, 2; (Radford High School). FRAZIER, ELIZABETH ANN, " Liz. " Special Honors: Band Award, First Letter for First Year. , ,, i c . i FRIEDRICH, TERRI LEE, Transferred from Winter Park High School, Winter Park, Florida. Activities: Art Club, 1; Latin Club, 2; Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President and Secretary, 3; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 2; (Winter Park High Schoal) Future Homemakers of America, Corresponding Secretary, 2; Pep Club, 1; Basketball Manager, 1. Activities: Delegate to Blue Ridge Assembly, 3; Citizenship Award (Winter Park High School). FRYMIRE, POLLY ANN, Activities: French Club, 2,- Drill Team 1,- Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Student Cooperative Association, Bulle¬ tin Board Committee. Special Honors: Keyette Club, 1. GANN, PERRY NOEL, Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. GARRETT, WILLIAM MUR RAY, " Bill " Transferred from London High School, Bethesda, Maryland. Activities: Junior Varsity Baseball, 1; Varsity Baseball, 1; (Langdon High School, Bethesda, Maryland) Debate Club, 1. Special Honors: Junior Varsity Baseball Letter, Varsity Baseball Letter. GARVERICK, THOMAS JAYNES, " Tom. " GARVEY, DONN EDWARD, Activities: Junior Varsity Basketball, Manager, 1; Special Honors: Junior Varsity Letter. GATES, LYNN BURTELL, Activities: Science Club, 3; Bible Club, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4. GENSMER, ANN DAVIS, Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 1; Drill Team, 1; Pep Club, 2; Distributive Education, Secretary, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1,- Varsity Basketball, 2; Softball, Mana¬ ger, 1. Special Honors: Drama, Letter, 4; Junior Varsity Basketball, Letter, 1,- Varsity Basketball, Letter, 2; Manager ' s emblem. GENTRY, MICHAEL WILLIAM, " Mike, " transferred from Zaragoza High School, Spain. Activities: Band, 1; Track, 440, 1; (Zaragoza High School), Special Honors: Junior Honor Society. GEORGE, RUDOLPH REINER, " Rudi, " transferred from Vicenza, American High School, Italy. GHENT, CAROL EDITH, Activities: Majorettes, Captain, 1,2; Spanish Club, 1,- Future Secretaries of America 1; Chorus 1. Special Honors: Best Majorette of the Year, 1962-1963. GIFFEN, GENE CORNWELL, transferred from Hammond High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Junior Class, President, 1; Senior Class, President, 1; Key Club, Lieutenant Governor, Division 10, 1; Debate Club, 1; Barber Shop Quartet, 2nd Tenor, 2,- Madrigals, 1; Junior Varsity Football, Guard, 1,- Junior Varsity Wrestling, 127 pounds, 1; Intramural Basketball — 1962, Guard, 1. 67 Senior Directory Special Honors: Academic Letter, 1961-1962; Delegate to Boy ' s State, 1963; Choir Letter, 3; Delegate to International Convention of Key Club. GULLETTE, DIANA LEE, transferred from David G. Farragut High School, Rota, Spain. Activities: Newspaper, 1. (David G. Farragut High School). Spanish Club, 1; Biology Club, 1; Future Teachers of America, 1; Thespians, 1; Hockey, Fullback, 1; Basketball, Guard, 1; Softball, 1. GLAUCH, GRANT EMERSON, Activities: Bridge and Chess Club, 1; Varsity Lettermen ' s Club, 1; Track, Yi mile run, 1. Special Honors: Varsity Letter in Track; Freshman Basketball Letter. GOADE, CHRISTINE SUSAN, " Christy. " Transferred from Ralston High School, Ralston, Nebraska; Madrid High School, Madrid, Spain. Activities: Girls ' Triple Trio; Freshman Class Vice-President; (Ralston High School). Band, 2; Chorus, 2; (Ralston High School and Madrid High School). Girls ' Softball, Third Base, 1; Junior Class Treasurer, 1; Prom Committee, Chairman, 1; Red Cross, Council Member, 1; Newspaper, 1; Pep Club, 1; Girls ' Athletic Association, 1; Drill Team, 1; (Madrid High School). Girls ' Chorus. Special Honors: Spanish Award of Outstanding Achievement. (Madrid). GODMAN, KARAN. Transferred from Pitman High School, Pit¬ man, New Jersey, Kearny High School, San Diego, California. Activities: Junior Varsity Cheerleader, 1; (Kearny High School). Art Club, 2; Guitar Club, 1; Newspaper, 1; International R elations, 1. GOEPPER, WILLIAM DANT, " Dant. " Transferred from Fayetteville Senior High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Activities: Spanish, 1; (Fayetteville Senior High School). GRAHAM, RAYMOND EARL, " Ray. " Activities: Finance Committee, Chairman, I; Letterman ' s Club, Chairman, 1; Varsity Football, Quarter Back, 2; Varsity Basketball, Guard, 2; Varsity Baseball, Short Stop, 3. Special Honors: Baseball, Highest Batting Average; Football, Most Outstanding Offense Player. GREEN, NORMA ELIZABETH. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Latin Club, 3; International Relations, 1; Choraleers, 3; Madrigals, 1. Special Honors: Choral Letter and Bars; Concert Choir; Freshman Girls ' ; Select Girls ' . GRIER, MARCIA BELLE, " Marcie, " or " Marce. " Activities: Latin Club, Vice President, 3; Art Club, 3; Majorettes, 2. GRIFFITH, EARLE WAYNE. Activities: French Club, 1; Science Club, 1. Special Honors: Mixed Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 3; Boys Quartet, 1; Madricals, 1; All North Virginia Chorus; All-State Chorus. GUERRINA, ALLAN BRANCH, " Shorty. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; P ep Club, 1; Sophomore Class Council, President, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 2nd Vice President, 1; Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 2; Varsity Letterman ' s Club, Council, 1; Junior Varsity Football, Line Baker, 1; Varsity Football Guard, 2; Wrestler (Varsity), 103, 112, 133, 133, 4; Track, Pole-Vaulter, 2. Special Awards: Junior Varsity Football, Letter; Varsity Football, Letter; Wrestler, Letter; Delegate to American Cancer Society Convention; State Champion Wrestler, 1963. HADFIELD, JACK BOOTH. HAIGHT, SUSAN TERRY NICOL. Transferred from Balboa High School, Canal Zone, Panama, and Cooperative School, La Paz, Bolivia. Activities: Baseball, second base, 1; (Cooperative School). HAM, STEVEN WESLY, " Steve. " Activities: none. HANCOCK, WILLIAM ALEX, " Bill. " Transferred from Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, Florida. Activities: French Club, 1, Presi¬ dent; Interact, 1; (Satellite High School). Football, 4, Guard; Tennis, 2; Soccer, 2, Wing; (Norfolk Academy). HANEY, JOYCE ISABELLE. Activities: French Club, 1; Junior Class Compact, 1. Special Honors: Certificate of Honor in annual nation¬ wide Latin Forms Contest. HANNAH, HARRIET PHYLLIS. Activities: Art Club, 4; Pep Club, 2; Spanish Club, 2; Cheerleader, 3. Special Honors: Senior Class Council Representative. HARRIS, JAMES WILLIAM IV, " Bill. " Activities: Bridge-Chess Club, 1, Secretary; Chess Club, I, Treasurer; Photo Club, 1; International Relations Club, Tennis, 1; Track, 1, Low Hurdles; Intramural Miss Lapsely proudly pins a white carnation on an honored inductee to the Senior Honor Society. Senior Directory Basketball, 2, Guard. Special Honors: Chorus letter; Varsity letter in Tennis; Student Cooperative Association Representative. HARRIS, RICHARD CARTER. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Math Club, 2; Literary Magazine, 1. Special Honors: Academic letter, 2. HARTMAN, PATRICIA ANN, " Patty. " Activities: Drill Team, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 4; International Relations, 1; Senior Class Compact, 1. Special Honors: Student Cooperative Associa¬ tion, 1. HAYES, BARBARA ANN. Transferred from Norfolk Catholic High School, Norfolk, Virginia and Coronado High School, Coronado, California. Activities: Latin Club, IVs; Pep Club, 3; Future Nurses of America, 1; (Norfolk Catholic High School). Tri-Hi-Y Club, Vz; Girls Athletic Association, 1; (Coronado High School). Special Honors: Honor Society (Coronado High School). HAYS, JAMES NEILL, " Jim. " Activities: Transit, (literary magazine). Managing Editor, 1; Newspaper, Page Editor, 1; Biology Club, Vice President, 1. Special Honors: National Merit Semi-finalist; Telluride Scholarship Semi-finalist. HEAD, ROBERTA LEE. Activities: Spanish Club, 4; Future Home¬ makers of America, Corresponding Secretary, Historian, President 5; Student Council Association Representative, 1. HENRY, DELLA EILEEN. Transferred from John McEachern High School, Powder Springs, Georgia. Activities: Future Nurses of America, 2; Dramatics, 3; Year Book Staff, 2; (McEachern High School). Special Honors: Outstanding Achievement Award in Typing I. HENRY, JOHN JUSTIN, " Dutch. " Activities: Eight Grade Science Club, 1; National Thespian Society, Vice-president, 2. HERBST, DIANE MARY. Transferred from Saint Aloysius High School, Jersey City, New Jersey. Activities: French Club, IVz; Latin Club, V 2 ; Classical Society, IV 2 ; (Bellevue High and Saint Aloysius High School). Pep Club, 2; Junior Red Cross, 2; (Bellevue High School). Newspaper, 1; Drama, 1; Guitar Club, 1. Special Honors: Junior Class Vice President; (Academy of Our Lady of Guam). HERL, EDV ARD WILLIAM, " Buddy. " Activities: Football 9, Line¬ backer, 1; Varsity Football, Kicker, 1. HERNANDEZ, CHRISTINA DOLORES, " Chris. " Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2. HERNHOLM, LIONEL PALMER, " Chip. " Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Biology Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Junior Class Float; Varsity Football, Wing back, 1; 8th Grade Baseball, Outfield, 1; Track, 2. . i p l 1 HEWITT, NANCY CAROL. Transferred from Roswell High School, Roswell, Georgia. Activities: Pep Club, 3; Letter Club, 1; Student Council Association, Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms 3; (Roswell High School, Roswell, Georgia). Student Council Association, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Sports; Softball, First Base 1; (Roswell High School). Special Honors: Honor Roll; High salesmen in Magazine Sale; Runner-up in Miss Roswell Beauty Contest, (Roswell High School). HICKS, SANDRA RAE, " Sandy. " Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 1; Eighth Grade Chorus, 1; Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 2; Special Honors: Choral Award. HIGGINS, MICHAEL JAMES, " Mike. " Activities: Student Council Association Printer, 2; Student Council Association, Assistant Secre¬ tary of Publications 1; Key Club 1; Special Honors: Honor Roll. HIGHTOWER, MALLORY CALHOUN. Activities: Science Club, Presi¬ dent 1; Treasurer 1;3; Rocket Club, Treasurer 2;3; Math Club, Reporter 1 ;3; Spanish Club 2; Photo Club 2; Newspaper, Photog¬ rapher 1; Sports; Intramural Volleyball 1; Special Honors: Scholastic Letter 1; National Merit, Letter of Commendation. HILL, KENT EDWARD. Transferred from Anacostia High School, 16th Q Street, Washington, D.C. Activities: Rifle Team, 3; (Anascostia High School). HINES, JR., JOHN WILLIAM Transferred from Abraham Clark High School, Roselle, New Jersey. Scotch Plains Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Activities: Chess Club, 1; Cross Country, 1; (Scotch Plains Fanwood High School). Wrestling, 2. HOFFMAN, JUDITH GORDON " Judy. " Activities: Art Club, 1 ; Future Secretaries of America, 1; Student Cooperative Association, representative, 1; alternate, 1. Special Honors: Academic Letter Award. HOFLER, III, RALPH HAYES " Hayes. " Activities: Key Club, Presi¬ dent, 2; Vice-President, 1; Student Cooperative Association, 1st Vice-President, 1; Em Fee Hi, page editor, 2; Sophomore Class, Vice-President, 1; Varsity Basketball, guard, 3; Junior Varsity Baseball, Third base, 2; Varsity Baseball, Third base, 1; Fresh¬ man Basketball, Guard, 1. Special Honors: Junior Class " Who ' s Who " ; Twirp Dance, " King of Hearts. " HOLMES, KENNETH WAYNE, " Wayne. " Transferred from Paris American High School, Paris France. Activities: Yearbook, Pho¬ tographer, Typist, 1; Newspaper, Typist, Comic Editor, 1; (Fon¬ tainebleau High School). D.E. Club, Photographer, 1; Basketball, Guard, 1; Baseball, Centerfield, 2; Swimming Team 100 meter breast stroke, 1; (Fontainebleau High). Track, Mile, Vh Mile relay, 220, Pole Vault, 2; Fontainebleau Paris American High School). Special Honors: 1st Place Mile V 2 Mile Relay; 3rd 220 Yard Dash, Trophy for Winning Baseball Team. HOLSEY, DAVID EARL, " Dave. " Transferred from McLean High School, McLean, Virginia. Activities: Key Club, 1; (McLean High School) Key Club, 2; Football, End, 1; Basketball, Center, 1; Baseball, Outfield, 1; (Northeast Junior High); Varsity Eootball, End, 2. Special Honors: Freshman Football Letter; (Northeast Jun¬ ior High). HOLT, EVELYN DIANE, " Diane. " Activities: French Club, 2; Pep Club, 4; Art Club, 2. HOLT, JAMES RICHARD, " Rick. " Activities: Freshman Football, End, 1; Junior Varsity Football, Half Back, 1; Junior Varsity Base¬ ball, Catcher, 1. Special Honors: Junior Varsity Letter in Baseball. HOTCHKISS, MARY JANE, " Janie. " Activities: Latin Club, Secre¬ tary, 2; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Student Cooperative Association, Secretary Grievance Council, 2; Pep Club, 1; Drill Team, 1; Girls ' Basketball, Offense, 1. Special Honors: Basketball Letter. HOUSTON, THOMAS RUSSELL, " Tom. " Activities: Bible Club, 2; Newspaper, 1st Page Editor (1 yr.), 2. Chess Club, Vice President, 1; Art Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; French Club, 1; Alternate on Debate Team, 1. Special Honors: French Honor So¬ ciety. HUDSON, CARLTON CRAIG. Activities: Pep Club, 1; French Club, 1; Guitar Club, 1; Yearbook Staff, 1; Track, 1. HUDSON, JUDITH LYNN, " Judy. " Activities: French Club, 1; Senior Class Council, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 1; Student Co¬ operative Association Representative, 2; Alternate, 1. HULLENDER, KATHERINE JANNETTE, " Kathy. " Activities: Bridge and Chess Club, Reporter, 1; French Club, 2; Biology Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1 ; Future Nurses of America, 1. Special Honors: Letter in Chorus. HUNTER, SHARON SUE. Transferred from Hanau American High School. Activities: American Junior Red Cross, President, 1; Cheer¬ leader, Captain, 1; Band, Librarian 4; Chorus, 2. ISAKSEN, KAREN MARIE. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, Reporter, 1; Bible Club, Secretary, 2; Vocational Office Training, 1 . JACKSON, PATRICIA ANN, " Patty. " Transferred from Carlisle High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Hampton High School, Hampton, Virginia. Activities: Drama Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; Drill Te am, 1. JACKSON, PETER WILLIAM, " Pete. " Transferred from Granby High School, Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: Hank Foiles Hi Y, 1; Let- terman ' s Club, 1; Football, Tackle, 1. Special Honors: Letter in Football. JACKSON, SUSAN ANN, " Sue. " Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 4; Drill Team, 2. Special Honors: Student Cooperative Association, Alternate, 1; Drill team letter; Drill Team Bar. 69 Senior Directory ACKSON, SUSAN VIRGINIA, " Susie, " Transferred from Coronado High School, Coronado, California and Grandby High School, Norfolk, Va. Activities; Spotlighters, 1; Pep Club, 1; (Coronado High School) Harell Tri-Hi-Y, 1; Pep Club, 1; (Grandby High School). JAENICKE, BEVERLY DIANE. Activities: Drill Team, 2; French Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Pep Club, 4; Drama, 2. JENSEN, CHRISTINE LOUISE, " Chris. " Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Foreign Exchange Club, I; Pep Club, I; International Rela¬ tions Club, 1; Spirit Committee, 1. JOHNSON, IV, LEON DIBRELL, " Dibby. " Activities: Varsity Letter- men ' s Club, 1; Football, Halfback, 3. Special Honors: First place in High School Science Fair, Junior Varsity, Varsity Letters. JOHNSON, MARGARET LOUISE, " Megs. " Activities: Pep Club, 3; Future Teachers of America, 4; Future Secretaries of America, 2; Art Club, 1; French Club, 1. Special Honors: Chorus Letter, Cho¬ rus Bar, Honor Roll. JOHNSTON, JAMES SUMMERFIELD, " Jim. " Activities: Chess Club, 1; High School Band, 4; Student Cooperative Association Repre¬ sentative, I. Special Honors: All State Band, American Legion Boys ' State, Band letter, bar, and star. JONES, ANN SUSAN, " Jonesie. " Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; French Club, Secretary, 3; International Relations Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Junior Honor Society, 3; Senior Honor Society, Reporter, 2; Pep Club, 2; Keyettes, 2; Junior Compact, I; Junior Class Council, 1. Special Honors: National Merit Scholar¬ ship Letter of Commendation, Academic Letter, Girls ' State Alter¬ nate Representative, National Honor Society. JONES, DAVID REESE, " Dave. " Transferred from Highland High School, Albugvergue, New Mexico. Activities: Ski Club, 3; Ger¬ man Club, I; Spanish Club, I; Science Club I. (Highland High School). JORDON, MARGRET ANN, " Maggie. " Transferred from Hammond High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Future Nurses of America, 1; French Club, 1; (Hammond High School), Pep Club, 4; Secretary Treasurer, Intramural Basketball, Forward and Guard, I,- Girls ' Softball, Pitcher, 1,- (Hammond High School). Special Honors: Student Cooperative Association Representative, Varsity Cheerleading, 2; Junior Varsity Cheerleading, 1; (Hammond High School), Junior Homecoming Princess, 1; Homecoming Queen, 1 ; Secretary-Treasurer, Varsity Cheerleading, 1; Secretary-Treasurer, Pep Club, 1. JORDON, WILLIAM THOMAS, " Bill. " Transferred from Overton High School, Memphis, Tennessee. Activities: Science Club, 1; Bowling Club, 2; (Overton High School). Special Honors: High Bowling Average, Championship Bowling Team. Senior boys wait for fellow students to be measured for their caps and gowns. Senior Directory KARP, MICHAEL CHARLES, “Mike, " Transferred from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Biology Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; French Club, 1; Newspaper, 1; Football, tackle 3; Basketball, Forward 3; Baseball, Pitcher and 1st Base, 2. Florida League Bowling; Chorus, 1; Literary Magazine, 2. KAUFMAN, MARY LEE. Activities: Art Club, Vice President, 2; Pep Club, 2; French Club, 2. KEANE, DARLENE GAIL, Activities: Sophomore Council, 1; Chorus, 1; Vocational Office Practice, 1; Pep Club, 1. KEEL, MARY FRANCES, Transferred from Seoul Military School, Seoul, Korea. Activities: Library Club, 2. (Seoul Military School). KELLEY, BONNIE VOURNEEN, Activities: Latin Club, Secretary (1) 3; Drill Team, Secretary (2) 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Keyettes, 3; Pep Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association (Alternate), 1 ; Senior Class Council, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward, 1. Special Honors: Academic Letter. KELLY, LOUISE PAMELA, " Pam, " French Club, 2; International Re¬ lations Club, 2; Chess and Bridge Club, Treasurer, 1. KEMP, NANCY JO, " Nancy, " Transferred from St. Andrews Pri¬ ory, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Radford High School, Honolulu, Ha¬ waii. Activities: Latin Club, 1; (St. Andrews Priory). Prom Com¬ mittee — Designs Committee — Chairman, 1; Junior-Senior Se¬ mester Dance Committee, 1; Freshman Newspaper, Co-Editor of Fashion Column, 1; Junior Class Day Committee, 1; Junior Class Float Committee, 1; (Radford High School). Bulletin Board Com¬ mittee, 1. Special Honors: Honorary Mention in Art Show for Ceramics in Honolulu High School Art Show. KENNEDY, SUSAN JANE, " Susie, " Transferred from Rolla High School, Rolla, Missouri. Activities: French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; (Rolla High School). French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Future Secre¬ taries, 1; International Relations, 1. Special Honors: " South Pa- cifc " ; Choraleer. KLINGENBECK, ROBERT PATRICK. Activities: Student Cooperative Association (SCA), 1; Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Baseball, second base, 2; Intramural Basketball, guard, 1. Special Honors: Two Certificates for Baseball. KOCH, BARBARA LOUISE. Transferred from Orion, Alaska. Ac¬ tivities: Spanish Club, Artist, 1; (Orion, Alaska). Newspaper. 1; Art Club. 1. KOERSCHNER, CAROL ANN. Transferred from Orion, Alaska. Activities: Spanish Club, Artist, 1; (Orion, Alaska). Newspaper, artist, 1- Art Club, 1. r-i u KOFLER, ANNE PHILBRICK. Activities: Future Nurses, 1; Art Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Science Club, 1. • u c u i KOPP, PAMELA LESLIE. Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Pep Club, 1; (Groveton). Spanish Club, 1. Special Honors: Student Cooperative Association (SCA), 1; (Groveton). Student Cooperative Association Representative, Alternate, 2; (Groveton and Mt. Vernon). „ p n KORMAS, GAIL ANN. Activities: Surveyor Staff, 1; Surveyor, Co- Editor, 1; Band, 4; Pep Club, 4; French Club, 2; Keyette Club, 2; Student Cooperative, 2. KRUEGER, JEAN ANNE, " Gussie. " Transferred from Sidney Lan¬ ier High School, Montgomery, Alabama; Karachi American High School, Karachi West Pakistan. Activities: Debate Club, G ' ®® Club, 1; Newspaper, 1; (Karachi High School). Bridge Cub, 2; Math Club, 2; Science Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey Right Wing, 1; Girls ' Softball Manager, 1. KUHN, DANIEL ROBERT, " Danny. " Transferred from Archbishop John Carroll High School, Washington, D.C. Activities: Glee Club, 3; Intramurals, 1; RHABG, 2; CSMC, 2. i u- u LAIRD, SUSAN CAROLE, " Suzie. " Transferred from Radford High School, Hawaii. Activities: French Club, President 2; Les Ghrystales President 1; Ram Page (newspaper). Art Editor 1; (Radford High School). Yearbook, 1; Girls ' Volleyball Intermurals 1. aj LANDES, PAULE GAYE. Activities: Yearbook (The Surveyor), Ad¬ vertising Manager 1; Pep Club, 2; French Club, 2; Band, 4, Stu dent Cooperative Association, 2; Sophomore Class Council, 1; Junior Class Compact, 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleader, 1. Special Honors: Who ' s Who, 2; Science Fair Award, I; Academic Letter, 1; Beauty Contest Semi-Finalist, 2; Band Letter, 1; Bar, 2. LANEY, SHERYL LYNN. Activities: Drill Team, 3; Student Co¬ operative Association, Representative, 1; Alternate, 1; French Club, 2; Chorus, 3; Pep Club, 4; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 1; Junior Class Compact, 1. Special Honors: Chorus Letter, 1, Bar, 1; Drill Team Letter, 1, Bar, 2. , o n -j LASATER, THOMAS WILLIAM, " Tom. " Activities: Chess Bridge, LAWRENCE JAMES, " Jim. " Transferred from Punahou Academy, Honolulu, Hawaii. Activities: Track, Hurdler, 2. Special Honors: Honor Roll; Vice President Youth Group, Sergeant First Class, ROTC battle group. LAYMAN, ORION DOUGLAS, " Doug. " LEIGHTON, CAROL LEE, " Carol. " Activities: Spanish Club, 3; Fu¬ ture Homemakers of America, 2; Pep Club, 3; International Re¬ lations Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 2; Volleyball Intramural, 1. Special Honors: Academic Letter. LEWIS, ROBERT JOSEPH, " Bob. " Activities: Eighth Grade Football, Halfback, 1. ■■ i c LINTHACUM, DIANE MAE. Activities: Future Homemakers ot America, 1. ± LOGAN, WAYNE HARRINGTON. Activities: Junior Varsity Foot¬ ball, Guard, 1. LONG, JUDITH ELAINE, " Judy. " Activities: Future Homomakers, 1; Vocational Office Training, 1. LOWRY, EDWARD BENNETT, " Ed. " Activities: Senior Compact, Editor, 1; Pep Club, 2; Bible Club, 2; Junior Varsity Football, Center, 2; Varsity Football, Center, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward, 2; Junior Varsity Baseball, First Base, 1; Track, Shot Put, 3; Wrestling, 2. Special Honors: Boys ' State Delegate; Sports¬ manship Trophy; Varsity Football, Co-captain; Junior Basketball Team, Co-captain. LUCAS, ROBERT FIELDING, " Bob. " Tr ansferred from Charter Oak High School, Covina, California. Activities: Letterman ' s Club, Base¬ ball Pitcher, 1; Golf, 1; Tennis, 3; Cross Country 2; Basket Ball Varsity, 3; (Charter Oak High School) Special Honors: Tennis: Most valuable Trophy, Most Improved Trophy. LUNSFORD, JAMES NORMAN, " Jimmy. " Transferred from Balboa High School, Panama, Canal Zone. Activities: Spanish Club, n-, (Balboa High School); Letterman ' s Club, 1; Junior Varsity Foot ball Tackle, 1; Varsity Golf, 3. r d- u LYONS KENNETH JAMES, Transferred from Acturus, Fort Kicn- ardson, ' Alaska in the 10th Grade. Activities: French Club, 2, (Mount Vernon); Science Club, 1, (Acturus High School); Band, Quartermaster (12), 4, (Acturus High School and Mount Vernon). Special awards were band letters in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. First Chair Band award in 9th grade in Acturus. MacNEVIN, KENNETH REED, " MAC, " Activities: Audio-Visual Club, 3, (Mount Vernon); Spanish Club, 1, (Mount Vernon High School); Band, Publicity Head, 4, (Mount Vernon); National Thespian Club, Secretary, 2, (Mount Vernon). Special Honors or awards: Letter, two bars and star — band. Drama letter. National Merit Letter of Commendation, Parts in " South Pacific, " Senator Savage in " The Curious Savage, " John Graham Whitfield in " The Night of January Sixteenth, " the voice of the parrot in " The Parrot, " technical diector of " Stagedoor, " the voice of Ronnie in " The Open Window. " SWITZER, SHIRLEY JEAN, Transferred from Zama American High School, San Francisco, California. Activities: Girls ' Athletic Associ¬ ation, 1, (Zama American High School); Chorus 2, (Zama Ameri¬ can High School); Pep Club, 3, (Zama and Mount Vernon); Rifle Club, 1, (Zama High School); National Honor Society, 2, (Zama and Mount Vernon); French Club, 1, (Zama High School); Drama Club, 1, (Zama American High School). 71 Senior Directory TALLON, TRACY PATRICIA, " Trace, " Activities: Spanish Club 2, (Mount Vernon); Foreign Exchange, 2, Treasurer; Junior Class Compact, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2. Special Honors or Awards: Junior Class Representative, Student Council Association Representative, Student Council Association Secretary of Communications, Letter in Mixed Chorus ,and McLean Leadership Conference. TAPP, JAMES BUCKLEY, " Jim, " Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama. Activities: Honor Society, 2, (Mount Vernon) Letterman Club, 1, (Mount Vernon); Sports: Base¬ ball, 1st base, 2; Football, end and safety, 1, (Mount Vernon) Special Awards: Baseball letter; football letter. MANN, V ILLIAM JAMES, " Bill. " Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Lettermen ' s Club, 1; Newspaper, 2; Chorus, 3; (Sundance High School, Wyoming) Band, 1; (Beavercreek High School, Ohio). Varsity Football, End, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward, IVi; Track, 1. (Sundance High School, Wyoming). Special Honors: Football Letter, (Sun¬ dance High School, Wyoming). MARSH, LOMA DIANNE, Activities: French Club, 1; Student Co¬ operative Association, representative, 1; Art Club, 1; Senior Class Council, representative, 1; Pep Club, 1; Senior class float com¬ mittee. MASON, JOHN LOWERY, Transferred from Key West High School, Flagler Avenue, Key West, Florida. Key West High School Band, 1; National Honor Society, 2; National Rifle Association, 1; (Key West). National Honor Society, 2; Spanish Honor Society, 2. Special Awards and Honors: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Parent Teachers Association Award of 1963, National Merit Semi-finalist. McBRAYER, GREGORY SCOTT, " Greg. " Transferred from Gwinn High School, Gwinn Michigan. Activities: Hi-Y Club, 3; Pep Club, 1 (Gwinn High School); Letterman ' s Club, 1. Athletics: Football, center, 3; Track, shot put, 1; Baseball, outfield, 1; (Gwinn High School). Wrestling, 1; Football, center, 1. McCRARY, SUSAN ANGELA. Transferred from Arnold High School, Weisbaden, Germany. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 1. McCREA, DOUGLAS JOUBERT, " Doug. " Transferred from Rich East High School, Park Forrest, Ill inois. Activities: Audio Visual Club, 1; Electronics Club, 1; (Rich East High School). Athletics: Gymnastics, 1; Tennis, 1; (Rich East High School). Special Awards: " B " Honor Roll. McCUTCHAN, BYRON JOHN. Activities: Chess Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; Band, 2. Special Honors: Band Letter and Bat. McDonald, CHARLENE marie, " Pixie. " Transferred from Elletts- ville High School, Ellettsville, Indiana. Activities: French Club, 2’ 2, (Cathedral Latin High School); Bridge Club, 4; Future Secretaries of America, 4. Special Honors: National Latin Honor Society, IV 2 , (Cathedral Latin High School); Junior Honor Society, l ' 2 , (Cathe¬ dral Latin High School). McGUIRE, JACQUELINE SUE " Sue " Transferred from Jonathon Wainwright High School, Tainan, Taiwan. Activities: Future Teach¬ ers of America, Secretary, 1, (Gunston-Arlington); Pep Club, Sec¬ retary, 1, (Wainwright-Taiwan); Newspaper, Exchange Editor, 1, (Gunston); Newspaper, Junior Class Reporter, 1, (Wainwright); Girls ' Athletic Association, 1, (Gunston); International Relations Club, 1, (Mt. Vernon). Special Honors: Honor Rolls, Recognition for highest French I average in school, Taiwan. McLELLAN, KATHLEEN ANN " Kathy " Activities: Keyette Club, 2, Mount Vernon; Spanish Club 2; Future Teachers of America 1; Pep Club 1; Intermural Sports 1; Student Cooperative Association 1; Activities Council, 1; Sophomore Class Council, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Freshman Girls ' Chorus, 1; Select Girls ' Choir, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; " South Pacific, " 1. McLINDEN, DANIEL HUGH " Dan " Transferred from Marian High School, San Diego, California and Saint James High School, Chester, Pennsylvania. Activities: Science Honor Society, 1. (Saint James); Freshman Newspaper, co-editor, 1, (Saint James); Drama Club, 1, (Marian High School); Sodality, Vice-President, 1, (Mar- Miss Corliss proudly accepts a gift from the members of the Senior Honor Society for which she is the sponsor. Senior Directory ian High School). Junior Varsity Basketball, guard, 2, (Marian High School); Junior Varsity Track, Shot Put, 1, (Marian High School); Junior Varsity, Manager, 2, (Marian High School). Spec¬ ial Honors: Most Inspirational Player Trophy (Varsity Basketball); Magna Cum Laude Award in National Latin Exam; and Second Place School Art Contest. McQUEEN, SUZANNE, Transferred from Orion Junior High School, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, North Syracuse Catholic High School, North Syracuse, New York. Activities: Latin Club, 3, (Orion, North Syracuse, Mount Vernon); Literary Magazine, Man¬ aging Editor, 1, Mount Vernon; International Relations Club, Pub¬ licity Chairman, 1, Mount Vernon; Art Club, 2, Mount Vernon; Junior Class Compact, 1, Mount Vernon; Cheerleading, 1, Orion. Special Honors: Honor Roll 1, Orion; Merit Roll, 1, North Syra¬ cuse. MERLI, JOHN JOSEPH, Transferred from Stuttgart, Germany, Ac¬ tivities: Lettermen ' s Club, 1, Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart); Photogra¬ phy, 1, Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart); Newspaper, sports editor, 1, Boeblingen; Wrestling, 112-127 pound class, 3, (Ludwigsburg, Mount Vernon); Football, right halfback, 1, (Ludwigsburg); Base¬ ball, first base, right field, 2, (Ludwigsburg). Special Honors: Third Place 112 pound class European Tourney, First Place 120 pound class Southern Germany, First Place European Wrestling Tourney, Outstanding Wrestler in Europe (Nominee). MESSING, FREDERICK ANDREW (JR.) " Drew. " Activities: Pep Club, 1; Sports: Track, Disc Thrower, 1; Special Honors: Junior Class Council, 1; Student Cooperative Association, Representative, 2, Alternate, 2; Class Representative 11th Grade 1; Sophomore Class Council, 1. METCALFE, LARRY DENNIS " Zeke. " Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama. Activities: ROTC, 1, (Sidney Lanier High School); Madrigals, 1, (Paris American High School); Debate, 1; French, 2; (Mount Vernon High School) Sports: Soccer, Goalie, 1, (Paris American High School) Wrestling, 1, (Mount Vernon High School). METTS, VIVIAN ELAINE. Activities: Art Club, 2, Future Home¬ makers of America, 1. MEWSHAW, MARY KATHLEEN, Transferred from Pallotti High School, Laurel, Maryland. Activities: German Club, 4, Secretary, 2; Math Club, 2; Student Council Representative, 1; Librarian, 1 ; (Pallotti High School). French Club, 2; Thespian Society, 2; Sec¬ retary, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Senior Honor Society, 2; Special Honors: Letter in Dramatics; Senior Honor Society; Merit Roll; Honor Roll. MISEKOW, ARLENE, Transferred from Gar-Field High School, Woodbridge, Virginia. Activities: Girls ' Athletic Association, 1, Secretary-Treasurer; Chorus, 2; Basketball, 1, Varsity; Track, 1; (Baumnolder American High School, Germany). Beta Club, 1; Softball, 1; (Gar-Field High School). Special Honors: Most Well Liked Girl of Sophomore Class. MITCHELL, CHARLES DAVID, " Dave. " MITCHELL, DONNA SUE, Activities: Pep Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1; Alternate, ; Spanish Club, 1; Homecoming Committee, 2. MITCHELL, MARJA ANN, Transferred from Norfolk, Virg inia. Span¬ ish Club, 3; Drill Team, 1; Pep Club, 1; Student Cooperative As¬ sociation Representative, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Girls Chorus, 2. Special Honors: Letter in Chorus. MONTI, CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Activities: Junior Varsity Hockey, 1; Varsity Hockey, 1; Junior Varsity Softball, 1; Freshman Girls Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls ' Chorus, 1; Select Girls ' Chorus, 1; Special Honors: Honorable Mention — State Latin Tournament; Varsity Hockey Letter; Choral Letter; 2 Bars. MOODY, JACK SHELDON, Activities: Golf, 1. MOQUIN, SANDRA LEE, " Sandy. " Activities: French Club, 3; Art Club, 4; International Relations, 1; Pep Club, 1. MORALES, OLGA MONSERRATE, Activities: Drill Team, 1; Special Honors: Honor Roll. MORGAN, NANCY DEAN, Nancalk, Transferred from General H. H, Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Activities: Ger¬ man Club, Vice-President, Bridge and Chess Club, 1; Girls Ath¬ letic Association, 1; (H. H. Arnold High School) Junior American Red Cross, 2; (H. H. Arnold High School); Amer ican Field Serv¬ ice Club or Foreign Exchange Club, 2; Junior Class Compact 1; Sports: Swim Team 1; (H. H. Arnold High School). MORNINGSTAR, DARLENE KAYE, Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia, Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2 (Groveton) Student Cooperative Association, Repre¬ sentative, 1; (Munich American High School, Germany, Ski Club, 1; (Munich American High School) Pep Club, 1; (Munich Ameri¬ can High School). MORTON, DAVID CHARLES " Dave " Transferred from Orleans High School, Orleans, France; Washington-Lee High School, Ar¬ lington, Virginia; Activities: Yearbook Photographer, 1; (Orleans High School), Francc-American, 1; (Orleans High School) Audio- Visual Aid, 1; (Orleans High School) Choral, 2; (Orleans High School) Sports: Soccer, Center Right Wing, 1; (Orleans High School). MOUDY, LARRY CURTIS, Activities: Band, 4; Concert Choir, 1; Special Honors: Band and Chorus letters. MULEEN, KATHERINE LYNN " Kathy " Activities: F.H.A. reporter, 1; International Relations, 1; Pep Club, 1; Girls ' Athletic Association, 1. Special Honors: Student Cooperative Association, representative, MULLEN, MARSHA LEIGH, Transferred from Montgomery, Ala¬ bama. Activities: French Club, 4; International Relations Club, 4, (Mount Vernon High School); Latin Club, 2; (Sidney Lanier, Montgomery, Alabama); Latin Club, 2; P.A.S.S., 1; (Madison Jun¬ ior High, Tampa, Florida). Special Honors: Student Council Rep¬ resentative, 2, Principal ' s Honor Roll; Basketball Play Day (Sid¬ ney Lanier, Montgomery, Alabama). MULLINS, PATRICIA JEAN, " Pat. " Transferred from Hillcrest High School and Rogers High School. Activities: Latin Club, 2; (Hilcrest High School and Rogers High School), French Club, 2; (Rogers High School and Mount Vernon High School). Pep Club, 2; basketball, guard, 1; (Hillcrest High School). Drill team, 1. Special Honors: " Miss Freshman, " Treasurer, Freshman Class; (Hill- crest High School). MULLIN, QUENTIN JOANICE, " Q. " transferred from Groveton High School. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Future Teachers of America, 2; Pep Club, 2; (Groveton High School). MUMFORD, KENNETH RICHARD JR. " Dick. " Activities: Student Co¬ operative Association, representative, 1; Band, 3; Bus Driver, 2. MURPHY, JOHN PATRICK, " Jack. " transferred from St. Joseph ' s, Lowell, Massachusetts. Activities: Latin Club, 1; Chess and Bridge Club, 1; Debate Club, 1. Special Honors: Distinguished Partici¬ pants Award in field of debate presented by University of Vir- ginia. MURPHY, MICHAEL LAWRENCE, " Mike, " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Distributive Education, Vice President, 1; Football, Guard 3. NANCE, DUDLEY KENNETH. NASE, PHILIP ROY, " Phil. " Activities: Key Club, 3 Spanish Club, 2; Letterman ' s Club, 1; Junior Varsity Football, End, 1; Varsity Football End, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, Forward, 2; Junior Varsity Baseball, Pitcher, 2; Varsity Track, 1 mile; ' 2 mile, 2. Special Honors: Lettered 2 years: Varsity Football; 1 year Jun¬ ior Varsity; lettered 1 year Junior Varsity Baseball; lettered 1 year Junior Varsity Basketball (American Legion! Boys ' State. NEDOROLIK, THOMAS FRANCIS, transferred from Suitland Senior High School, Suitland, Maryland. Activities: Indoor Track, Sprinter 100 yard, 221 yard, 1. NELSON, CARL BERNARD, JR. " Skipper. " Activities: Debate Club, President 2; Newspaper, 1; Chess-Bridge Club, President, Treas¬ urer, 2; French Honor Society, Vice-President, 2; Senior Council Representative, 1; Junior Honor Society, Vice-President, 2; French Club, 1. Special Honors: Parent Teachers Association Award for 73 Senior Directory French III; Parent Teachers Association for English II; Parent Teachers Association Award for English III; Harvard Book Award; Academic Letters; Debate Letter. NICELY, MARGARET LEE. Activities: Majorette Club, President, 1; Pep Club, Future Secretaries of America, 1; Majorettes, Head Majorette, 1,2. NICHOLSON, CAROLYN MAY, " Boots. " Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, Treasurer, 4; Girls ' Chorus, 1. Special Honors: Outstanding Girl Award for Future Homemakers of America; Co-Ed Correspondent fo Co-Ed Magazine for Home Economics Department; Junior Homemakers Degree; Student Cooperative As¬ sociation, Alternate, 1; Chapter Homemaker ' s Degree; Future Homemakers of America Yearbook, 1. NICHOLSON, MICHAEL ANTHONY, " Nick. " Transferred from Saint Mary ' s High School, Saint Louis, Missouri. Activities: Foot¬ ball, End, 1; Track, 880, 1. NIVEN, BERNARD JUNIOR. Transferred from Vicenza American High School, Vicenza, Italy. Activities; Chess Club, 1; Track, 2; Basketball, 1; (Vicenza High School). Distributive Education Club, 2 . NORMAN, RACHELLE BERNICE, " Tissy. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Future Secretaries of America, Vice President, President, 2; Freshman Girls ' Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls ' Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Chorus letter and two bars. NORRIS, CAROLYN ANNETTE, " Cathie. " Activities: Future Home¬ makers of America, 1; Bible Club, 2; (Mount Holly Seventh Day- Adventist School). NORTH, JOHN EDWIN. Activities; Art Club, 1. NORTH, KATHYLEEN DARDEN. " Kathy. " Transferred from Quantico High School, MCS, Virginia. Activities: Guidance Club, 1; (Quan¬ tico High School). Pep Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Junior Honor Society, 1; (Quantico High School), Senior Honor Society, 2; (Quantico High School). Honorable mention — Wild¬ life Conservation Essay; Essay published in National Anthology of Essays. NORTHEN, JOSEPH CLYDE, " Joe. " Activities: Concert Choir, tenor, 3; Mount Vernon Barbershop Quartet, 1st tenor, 2; Bible Club, 1; Audio-Visual, 2; Track Team, 1. Special Honors: All-State Chorus, 2; All-Virginia Chorus, 1. OGLE, HARVIE CAMILLE. Activities: Pep Club, 3; French Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Choraleers, 3; Concert Choi, 3; Madrigals, 1; Freshman Girls ' Chorus, 1; Tumbling Team, 1; Student Teacher in Physical Education, 1; Judo, 1; Special Honors: Chorus Letter and 2 bars; " South Pacific. " OHL, JAMES LAWRENCE HENRY. Transferred from Ankara High School, Ankara, Turkey. Activities: Keynote (Newspaper), 1; Photo Club, 1; (Ankara High School). OLSEN, JOHN FRANKLIN. Activities: French Club, 2; Science Club, 1; Math Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association Repre¬ sentative, 1; Intermural Basketball, 2. Special Honors: Scholastic Letter, (2); Letter of Commendation, National Merit Scholarship Corporation; Chorus Letter, (3). O ' NEAL, JANIS EILEEN. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, Left Fullback, 2; Varsity Hockey, Left Fullback, 1. Special Honors: Junior Varsity Letter and Bar; Varsity Letter. OSBORNE, ROBERT THOMAS, " Bobby. " Activities: Biology Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1. PACKARD, WILLIAM RICHARD, " Bill. " Transferred from West¬ minster High School, Westminster, California. Activities: Men ' s Service, Vice President, 1; Latin Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Speech and Debate Club, 1; National Forensic League, 1; Track Club, 2; Football, Linebacker, 1; Track, 440-High Jump, 4, (Westminster Kermit Smith and Fairfax opponent jump for ball during scrimmage. High School). Special Honors: Senior Class President, Westminster High School. PADGETT, DELORIS LEE, " Dee. " Activities; Thespian Society, 2; Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 1. Special Honors: " Curious Savage " and " South Pacific. " PADGETT, WILLIAM EALIE JUNIOR, " Bill. " Activities: Key Club, 1; Letterman ' s Club, 1; Eighth grade Football, 1; Freshman Football, 1; Varsity Football, Tackle, 3; Track, 1; Wrestling, 3. Special Honors: Industrial Arts Award, Football Letter. PAGNELLA, WILLIAM JOSEPH, " Bill. " Activities: Fairfax County School Bus Driver, Varsity Football, Tackle, 1; Wrestling, 1. Special Honors: First Place Physics Award; Honorable Mention in Washington Area Science Fairs; The Washington Junior Acad¬ emy of Sciences Certifcate Award; Fairfax County School Board, Safe Driving, School Bus. PALMER, MARGARET ANN, " Peggy. " Transferred from 1000 School Avenue, Panama City, Florida. Activities: Spanish Club; Pep Club, 1; (Connolly High); Civics Club, 2; Newspaper, Fashion Editor, 2; (Rutherford High); Student Council, Treasurer (1),2; International Relations Club, 1; Bridge Club, 1; Chess Club, H- Cheerleader, Co-Captain, Captain, Honorary Captain, 3. Special Honors: Most Popular in Who ' s Who, Co-Captain Powderpuff Foot¬ ball team, Valentine Queen, Class Beauty, Youth of the Week, Semi-Finalist in " Miss Flame " Contest, Alternate Candidate to Girls ' State, Finalist in " Miss R. H. S. " Contest. PARKIN, CHERYL MacDONALD. Transferred from Groveton nign School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Latin Club, 2; Chorus, 1; Varsity Basketball, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, 1; (Groveton High School). Chess Club, 1; Varsity Hockey, 2. Special Honors: Two Varsity Awards in Hockey. PARTON, DOROTHY FAYE. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, PELfEY, MARSHA BETH. Transferred from Nile C. Kinnick High School, Yokohama, Japan. Activities: Red Cross, Counselor, 2; Chess Club, 1; Glee Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; Track Team, 1; Cheerleader Varsity, 2; (Nile C. Kennick High School), Spanish Club, Secretary, 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleader, H Special Honors: Princess of Football Banquet; Fourth Place Diving Tournament; Glee Club Letters; (Nile C. Kinnick Hiqh Scho ol). from Camp Lejeune Club, 1; Glee Club, 1; Cheerleader, 1; 1; Cheerleader, 1. PERRIN, BETTY LYNN, " Lindy. " Transferred High School. Activities: French Club, 2; Latin 2; Student Council, 1; Dramatics Club, (Camp Lejeune High School). Latin Club, Special Honors: Senior Honor Society Member. PETITT, CAROLYN ANN. Activities: Keyettes, Treasurer, 3; Student Cooperative Association, Representative and Alternate, 2; Year¬ book, 1; Pepciub, 3; Senior Compact Staff, 1; Secretary of Pub¬ lications for Senior Class; Concert Choir, 3; Choraleers, 3; Bible Club, Corresponding Secretary and Vice President, 2; Special Honors: All-State Chorus Alternate, 1; Homecoming Prin¬ cess, 2; Miss Mount Vernon ' s Court, 1; Twirp Dance Princess, Freshman Class; Chorus Letter 3 bars. o i Amorimn PHELPS, SANDRA LEE, " Sandy. " Transferred from Seoul American High School, Seoul, Korea. Activities: Spanish Club, Vice Presi¬ dent, 4; Keyettes Club, 2; Spanish Honor Sodety, 2; Senior Honor Society, 2; International Relations, 1; Activity CouncH, 1; Freshman Class, Treasurer, 1; (Seoul American High School). Senior Class Newspaper, 1; Student Cooperative Association, I; Special Honors: Speech Award, 1; (Seoul American High School). Academic Letter. PHILLIPS, MARGARET JANE, " Margo. " o d j POOLE, GARLAND PHILLIP, " Phil. " Activities: Demolay, 2; Band, 3; Track, 1; Special Honors. Alternate to Boys State. PRICE, DOROTHY LEE, " Dotty. " Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 1; Pep Club, 1. .i . cj PRICE, JAMES DOUGLAS, JR., " Jim. " Activities: Distributive Edu¬ cation Club I, 1. Senior Directory PRICE, LEE GREGORY, " Greg. " Activities: Drama I, 1; Chorus, 1; Swimming Team, 1 (Yamato High School). PRITCHETT, JOHN DAVID. Special Honors. Student Cooperative Association. « c j PUGH, PATRICIA ANN, " Patty. " Activities: Drill Team, 2; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 2; Student Cooperative Association Alternate, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 2; Pep Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1. PURCELL, DONALD WAYNE, " Don. " Activities: French Club, 1; Junior Class Compact, Reporter, 1; Concert Choir, 1; Science Club, Treasurer, 1; Cadeceus Club, Vice President, 1; Student Co-operative Association, Representative, 2; Guitar Club, 1; Bus Driver, 1; Band, 1; Wrestling, 3; Track, 2. Special Honors; Member National Thepian Society, Boys ' State, Letter in Drama, Band. PUTNAM, PATRICIA ANN, " Pat, " transferred from Narimasu High School, Tokyo, Japan. Activities: Pep Club, Chairman of Banners Committee, 3; Historian Society, 1; Girls ' Athletic Secretary, 2; Junior Red Cross, 4; Future Homemakers of America, Secretary, 2; National Honor Society, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Church Christmas Choir, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Intramural soccer, 1. Special Honors; Academic Certificate, N.E.D.T. Award. QUATTLEBAUM, SARA JEAN. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Choraleers, 2; Concert Choir, 2; Freshman Girls ' Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, 1; Madrigals, 1; Junior Class Compact, 1. Special Honors: Choral Letter, Choral Bar, South Pacific. RAFTERY, JOHN HOBART. Activities: Track, 1; Basketball, Fresh- m an,l. iii iii..ii RANSOM, HEATHER MARY. Activities: French Club, 1; Volleyball Back, 1; Basketball, Guard, 1. Special Honors: Choral Letter and Bar, 2. ■ r a • RATHBONE, LOIS ANN. Activities: Future Homemakers ot America, 4; Future Nurses of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; Future Secretaries of America, 2; Basketball, Guard, 1. RAY BARBARA JEAN. Activities: Junior Science Club, Vice Presi¬ dent, 1; Art Club, 1; Pep Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; French Club 1; Field Hockey, Right Halfback, 1; Intramural Volleyball and Tumbling, 1. r r • READ, FRANCES ELIZABETH, " Francie. " Transferred from Quantico High ' school, Quantico, Virginia. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Student Co-operative Association, Representative, Chaplain, 3; (Quantico High School) Art Club, 1; Drill Team, 1. Special Honors: Award for Versatility and particular talent in fine arts (Quantico High School). READYHOUGH, DAVID. RESCH, VIRGINIA ANN, " Ginger. " Transferred from Francis Ham¬ mond High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Glee Club, 2; Catholic Youth Qrganization, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, For¬ ward, 1; (Roanoke Catholic). _ u- u REYNERTSON, KAREN LEE. Transferred from San Dieguito High School, Encinitas, California. Activities: Girls ' Athletic Association, Activity Manager, Treasurer, 1; Sophomore Class Representative, 1; Pep Club, Secretary, 1. (Dieguito High School). Future Teachers of America, Delegate for State Convention, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, Center, 1; Junior Varsity Softball, third base, 1; Varsity Hockey, Wing, 1; Varsity Softball, Second base, I; Varsity Manager of Basketball, 1; Pep Club. Special Honors: Varsity Hockey Letter; Junior Varsity and Softball Awards. RICHARDSON, JANET KATHERINE, " Jan. " Activities: Future Nurses of America, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Color Guard, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, Left Wing, 1; Freshman Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 2. Special Honors: Chorus Letter and two bars. . . i u o RIOS, NANCY LEA. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Spanish Club, 2; Student Cooperative Association, alternate, 2; Girls ' Chorus, 3; Tumbling, 1. Special Honors: " South Pacific " Production Staff. 75 Senior Directory ROBBINS, OLIVER LEROY, JUNIOR, " Roy. " Transferred from Balboa High School, Balboa, Canal Zone. Special Honors: Re¬ gional Science Fair, 1962. RODGERS, JUDY ANN. ROPER, GEORGE MANN. Transferred fom Beebe High School, Beebe, Arkansas. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Football, center, 1; Track, Mile Relay, 1. (Beebe High School). ROSENBERRY, JOHN ROBERT. Transferred from Melbourne High School, Melbourne Florida. Activities: Distributive Education Club of America, 1. ROSENTHAL, FREDERICK WARREN. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 3; Debate Club, 2. ROTHMAN, DAVID HART. Activities: French Club, 2; International Relations, 3; Photography Club, 2; Newspaper, 1. Special Honors: Second place sophomore history award. ROUNSLEY, DONALD LYNN, " Don. " Activities: None. ROWELL, RICHARD GEROW, " Rick. " Transferred fom Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Eighth Grade Football, Quarter Back, 1; Junior Varsity, Football, Quarterback, 1; Junior Varsity Baseball, Pitcher, 2. Special Honors: Certificate in Junior Varsity Football. SADDLER, JAMES DELRAY. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, Historian, 1. SAMS, SHARON SUZANNE, " Sherry. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Future Secretaries of America, 1; Pep Club, 2. Special Honors: Chorus Letter and two bars. SANDS, STANLEY WAYNE, " Stan. " Transferred from Augusta Military Academy, Fort DeFiance, Virginia. Activities: None. Special Honors: Honor Roll Privilege List,- Marksman 0-3 Rifle. SANLUIS, GRACE VICTORY, " Kellie. " Transferred from Orleans American High School, Orleans, France, Activities: Pep Club, 2; Franco-American Club, 1,- Girls ' Athletic Association, 1; Majoret- ter Club, 1. (Orleans American High School) Jazz Club, 1; Student Co-operative Association, Alternate, 1. SATTERWHITE, ALBERT WHITE, " Butch. " Transferred from J.E.B. Stuart High School, Fairfax County, Virginia. Activities: Science Club, 1. SAUNDERS, LOCKEY ANN. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1. Special Honors: Thespian So¬ ciety, 2; Student Co-operative Association Representative, 1; SOUTH PACIFIC, MATCHMAKER, LUTE SONG, NIGHT OF JANU¬ ARY 16th, SORRY WRONG NUMBER. SAVAGE, JOHN BRAIDWOOD. Activities: Guitar Club, 1; Chess Club, 1, International Relations Club, 1; Intramural Basketball, 2. SCHLIE, BEVERLY ANN. Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Spanish Club, 2. SCHUMMERS, JOHN HERMAN. Transferred from James Madison High School. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Basketball, Manager, 2; Track, Manager, 1. (James Madison High School). Bridge Club, 1. Special Honors. National Honor Society Vice President, 2; Spanish Honor Society, 2; Student Co-operative Association Representative, 1; National Merit Semi-finalist,- Parent Teachers Association Award for Achievement (Chemistry); Parent Teachers Association Award for Achievement (Physics); Academic Letter, 2. SCOTT, BARBARA LEE, " Bobs. " Transferred from Bad Kreuznach American High School, Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Activities: Red Cross, 1; Drama Club, 3; Pep Club, 3; Yearbook, Assistant Editor, 3; Girls ' Athletic Association, 2; Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity cheerleaders start Hammond game off with a cheer. Senior Directory 3. (Bad Kreuznach High School). Distributive Education Club, Treasurer, 2. , , , o i u SCURICH, SUSAN MARIE. Activities: French Club, 2; Girls Cho¬ rus, 1; Advanced Girls ' Chorus, 1; Select Girls ' Chorus, 1. Special Honors: Choral Letter. . , SEABLOM, LINDA BETH. Activities: Freshman Girls ' Chorus, I ; Advanced ' Girls ' Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Homercjom Repre¬ sentative for Student Cooperative Association, 1. Special Honors: Letter in Chorus; Two Bars in Chorus. SEWELL, KATHLEEN SUSAN, " Kathie. " Transferred from Dwight L. Barnes High School, Dayton, Ohio. Activities: Future Teachers of America, Pianist, 1; Pep Club, Secretary, 1, (Dwight L. Barnes High School); Freshman Girls ' Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, 1; Select Girls ' Chorus, Accompanist, 2; Mixed Chorus, Accompanist, 2; Hockey Team, Center, 1, (Dwight L. Barnes High School). Special Honors: Queen of Twirp Dance, 1963; Played piano for Fashion Show, 1962. SEXTON, ANITA EILEEN. Transferred from Waynesville High School, Waynesville, Missouri. Activities: Band, 2, (Waynesville High School); International Relations Club, 1, (Waynesville High School); International Relations Club, 1. SHAFER, JOHN WAYNE. Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 1; Band, 4, Quarter Master, Lieutenant, 4; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 2; Senior Class Council, 1; Pep Club, 1; Varsity Baseball, Pitcher, 1; Varsity Baseball, Pitcher and Second Baseman, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, Guard, 2; Varsity Basket¬ ball, 1. Special Honors: Letter in Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Basketball, 2, and Varsity Baseball. SHAW CLIFFORD DALE, " Cliff. " Transferred from James Barry Robinson High School, Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: Monogram Club, 2 (James Barry Robinson High School); Football, Fullback, 2, (James Barry Robinson High School); Basketball, Forward, 2, (James Barry Robinson High School). Special Honors: Monogram Citation for Athletics Club, Monogram Letter Award for Basket- ball SHECKART, JANE MARIE. Activities: Basketball, Guard, 1; Softball, Center Fielder, 1. Special Honors: Best Achievement in Physical Education, 1962-1963, Varsity Letter for Basketball and Sottball. SHEFLETT, GEORGE CODY. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 2; Concert Choir, 3; Modrigols, 1; Barber Shop Quartet, 2; Science Club, 1; Freshman Football, Lineman, 1. , , o c u ,-i t, SHEPHERD, JANET ANN. Activities: Keyette C.ub, 3; French Club, 1; Drill Team, 1! Chorus, 3; Pep Club, 1. Special Honors: French Honor Society, 2. SIMPSON, PHILLIP LEE, " Phil. " . SIMPSON, ROBERT BRUCE. Transferred from Fayetteville benior High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina; and Washington and Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia. Activities: Key Cub, 1 (Washington and Lee High School); Key Club, 2; Spanish Qub 1; Contributor to Literary Magazine, 1. Sports: Intramural Football, 2; Football, 2 (Fayetteville High School); Intramural Soccer, 1; Intramural Wrestling, 1 (Washington and Lee); Football, 1. Special Honors: Freshman Class Representative. l -i u SHIPMAN, MARY CATHERINE. Activities: Keyettes, 2; French Club, 1; Debate Club, 1; Future Teachers of America, 1. Sports: Junior Varsity Hockey, Center Halfback, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1. Special Honors: Junior Honor Society, 1; Senior Honor Society, SIMMONS, NETTA GAY, " Netta. " Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 4; Future Homemakers of America Junior Chapter and Chapter Degrees. , « j c » SIVAK, ANDREW, JUNIOR, " Andy. " Activities: Ninth Grade Foot¬ ball, Fullback, 1; Junior Varsity Football, Fullback, 1; Varsity Football, Fullback and Linebacker, 1; Varsity Track, 1; Special Honors: Ninth Grade Football Most Valuable Player; Junior Var¬ sity Football Letter; Varsity Track Letter. SMITH, BEVERLY JANE. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Special Honors: Girls ' Chorus Letter. SMITH, CRAIG SERGENT. Transferred from Hampton High School, Hampton, Virginia. . , i u i SMITH, JEANNE LOUISE. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Art Glub, I Tumbling (intramural) 1. SMITH, KENNETH LEE, " Ken. " SMITH, KERMIT COWLES. Transferred from Hompton High School, Hampton, Virginia. Activities: Key Club, 2; Varsity Club, 2. Special Honors: Varsity Basketball Letter. SMITH, WILLIAM FRANKLIN. Transferred from Castle Heights Military Academy, Lebanon, Tennessee. Activities: Newspaper, writer, 3; Heights Christian Fellowship (Castle Heights Military Academy). French Club, Vice President, 1; Biology Club, 1; (Rapid City High School). Soccer, Half-Back, 1; Track, Miler, 1; Football, Half-back, 1; (Castle Heights Military Academy). Special Honors: Red Key Honor Society; Top 10 per cent in Junior Class; Science Fair Award. j SMOKE, WILLIAM ARTHUR, " Bill. " Activities: Basketball, Forward, 1; Basketball, forward, 1. , , u- l c u i SNYDER, JERRY GLENN. Transferred from Annandale High School, Annandale, Virginia. Activities: Newspaper, Editor and Reporter, 1; Bridge and Chess, 1; Student Cooperative Association, Represen¬ tative, 1; Junior Class Council, Representative, 1; Concert Choir, 4; Bowling, Team Captain, 1. Special Honors: National Junior Honor Society; Lettered in Choral Department, 3; " South SOMERVILLE, FRANK MICHAEL. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Key Club, 2- Newspaper Staff, Cartoonist, 2; Intramural Basketball, Guard 4; Freshman Basketball, Guard, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, Guard, 1. Special Hon ors: Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Vice President; Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1. SPELLMAN, JOE JOHN. Transferred From Saint John Vianney, Richmond, Virginia. Activities: French Club, 1; Special Honors: Letter of Commendation for National Merit Scholarship Test. STEIN, VIRGINIA ANN, " Ginny. " Activities: V.O.T., 1; Pep Club, 2- Future Secretaries Of America, 1; Freshman Girls ' Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Select Girls ' Chorus, 1. Special Honors: Choral Letter; Two Choral Bars. STEVENS, ROBERT LLOYD, " Bob. " Transferred from Zama High School, Camp Zama, Japan. Activities: Spanish Club, 2; (Zama High School); Photo Club, 1; Letterman ' s Club, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; (Zama High School), Varsity Track, 1; (Zama High School), Varsity Golf, 3; Varsity Tennis, 1; (Zama High School). STEWART, CAMERON RIDLEY, " Grid. " Activities: Junior Honor Society Treasurer, 3; Senor Honor Society, Absentee, 1; French Honor Society, Absentee, 2; Band, 5; Bus Driver, 1; Special Honors: Freshman English Award; National Merit Scholarship-semi-flnalist. STEWART, PETER JEREMY, " Jerry. " Transferred forn Groveton High School, Groveton, Virginia. Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 1; Latin Club, 2; Science Club, 2; (Groveton High School). Varsity Football, Guard Wing, 1; Varsity Track, 3. Special Honors: Var¬ sity letter in Football. n- -j STEWART, RICHARD FRANK, " Frank. " Transferred from Riverside Polytechnic High, Riverside, California. Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 2; Hi-Y, President, 1; (Riverside Poly). Baseball, Catcher, 1; Track, Sprints, 3; Football, Back, 3; Basketball, Guard, 1; (Riverside Poly). Letterman ' s Club, 1; Track, Sprints, 1; FootbaQ Back, 1. Special Honors: Student Body President, 1; Class Presi¬ dent Sophomore Class, Letterman, 3. , , i u STIREWART, THOMAS EARL, " Tom. " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 120 pound class, 3. Special Honors: Three Varsity Letters in Wrestling. STOWELL, ALAN MOORE. STRANDTMAN, LAURA ANN. Transferred from Punahou High School, Honolulu, Hawaii. Activities: Speech Club, 1; Go Club, 1; Carnival Booth Co-Chairman; (Punahou, Hawaii). STRATTOW, BONNIE ARDITH. Transferred from Munich High School, Munich, Germany. Yearbook, 1; (Verdun, France) Chorus, 2, (Toul, France, Verdun, France, Munich, Germany); Newspaper, 2, (Toul, France and Munich, Germany); Chorus, 1, (Mount 77 Senior Directory Vernon) Sports: Golf, 1, (Verdun, France). Special Honors: Sec¬ retary Treasurer of Girls ' Dormitory, 1, (Munich, Germany). STRICKLER, MARGARET LEE, " Margo. " Transferred from Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawaii. Activities: Drill Team, 2, Squad Leader, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; (Mount Vernon High School); Girls ' Athletic Association, 1; fRadford High School). SULLiVAN, PATRICIA JEAN, " Pat. " Transferred from American International School, Vienna, Austria. Activities; Pep Club, 1, (Arnold High School, Wiesbaden, Germany), German-American, 1; Drill Team, Class Representative, I,- (Arnold High School); Service Squad, 1, (American International School). SULLIVAN, WESLEY EARL, " Wes. " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 1; Varsity Football, Tackle, Linebacker, 2; Junior Varsity Football, Tackle, 1; Freshman Football, Tackle, 1; Track, Shotput, 3; Special Honors: Varsity Football Letter, 2. SUTHERLAND, STEPHEN ERIC, " Steve. " Transferred from Nor- view High School, Norfolk, Virginia. Activities: History Club, 1; Biology Club, 2; (Pensacola High School); Key Club, 2; Interna¬ tional Relations Club, 1; Junior Varsity Football, 2; (Pensacola High School); Special Honors: Academic Certificate, (Norview High School). SWARTZ, HARRY WILLIAM JUNIOR, " Bill. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Intramural Bowling, 1. SWEARINGEN, MARY KATHERINE. Activities: Future Secretaries of America, 1; Freshman Girls ' Chorus; Pep Club, 1; Vocational Office Training. SWITZER, KAREEN. Transferred fom Camp Zama American High School, Camp Zama, Japan. Activities: Rifle Club, I; Chorus, 1; Pep Club, 1; French Club, 1; (Zama High School); Pep Club, 1. SWITZER, SHIRLEY JEAN. Transferred from Zama American High School. Activities: Girls ' Athletic Association, 1; Chorus, 2; Pep Club, 3; Rifle Club, Secretary, 1; National Honor Society, 2; French Club, 2; Drama Club, 1. Special Honors: Third place in science fair, 1962; Chase Manhattan Bank Scholarship Award; Zama Parent Teachers Association Academic Letter Award for Physics. TALLON, TRACY PATRICIA. " Trace. " Activities: Spanish Club, 2; Foreign Exchange Club, Treasurer, 2; Junior Class Compact, 1; Mixed Chorus, 2; McLean Leadership Conference; Magazine Sale Campaign Committee,- Junior Class Float Committee,- Senior Class Float Committee. Special Honors: Junior Class Representative; Student Co-operative Association Representative, 1; Student Co¬ operative Association Secretary of Communications, 1; Letter in Mixed Chorus. TAPP, JAMES BUCKLEY, " Jim. " Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama. Activities: Honor Society, Letterman ' s Club, 1; Baseball, first base, 2; Football, end and safety, 1. Special Honors: Baseball letter,- and Football letter. TAYNTON, DIANE CAROL. Transferred from Hammond High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Future Nurses of America, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1,- Junior Red Cross Represen¬ tative, 2; Volleyball, 1; (Hamond High School). Future Homemakers of America, Parliamentarian, 1; Student Co-operative Association Representative, 2. Special Honors: Honorable Mention Virginia Science Fair,- Junior Class Cabinet; State Student Co-operative Association Representative,- Yorktown Leadership Conference; High magazine salesman, 2. THOMAS, JOHN MAY, " Tom. " Transferred from Orleans High School, Orleans, France. Activities: Chess Club, 1; Wrestling, 1,- (Orleans High Schools Chess and Bridge Club, 1. Special Honors: Certificate of Achievement for English I. THOMPSON, HOWARD LEE. Activities: Mixed Chorus, 3; Concert Choir, 1; Madrigals, 1; Science Club, 1. Special Honors: Chorus Letter and two bars. THOMPSON, SUSAN CAPERTON. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; French Club, 2,- Drill Team, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 2; Student Council Representative, 1. THONEN, ROBERT RICHARD. Activities: Manager of Student Co¬ operative Association Print Shop, 1; Drama Publicity Chairman, 1; Em Vee Hi Reporter, 1; Latin Club, 2; Bible Club, 2; Football, tackle, 2; Wrestling, 2; Track, 440,- Bowling League, Captain, 1; Intermural Basketball, center, 1,- Homecoming Float Committee. Special Honors: Male lead in " Stage Door " ; National Thespian Society. TOBIAS, CAROL LYNN. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1. TOMPKINS, FRANCES EILEEN, " Fran. " Activities: Freshman Girls ' Chorus Accompanist, 1,- Advanced Girls ' Chorus Accompanist, 1; Special Honors of Awards: Choraleers Accompanist, 3; Madrigals Singer, 1; Concert choir Accompanist, 3; Choral letter and 3 Bars; " South Pacific " Accompanist. TREXLER, SARAH MUNROE, " Sally. " Transferred from Coronado High School, Coronado, California. Activities: Girls ' Athletic Association, 2; Booster Club, 3,- Junior Red Cross 1: (Coronado High School). Drill Team, Squad Leader, 1. French Club, 1; International Relations, 1,- Pep Club, 1; Girls ' League, 3; Mixed Chorus, 1; Special Honors: Drill Team Letter. TRINGALE, KARIN BRIGITTE. Transferred from Frankfurt Junior High School, Frankfurt, Germany. Activities: Girls ' Athletic Associa¬ tion, Vice President, 1; (Frankfurt Junior High School). Future Teachers of America, 1,- French Club, 1; German Club, President, 2; Basketball, J.V., 2; Softball, J.V., out field, 2. Special Honors: Basketball Letter, Most Athletic Girl 1960, Alternative to Girls ' State, 1963. TRUSLOW, MACK VAN. Activities: Debate, Vice President, 5,- International Relations Club, 2, Vice President, 1,- Chess, 1,- Varsity Debate Squad, 3; Letter of Accommendation National Merit Scholarship; Outstanding Participant University of Virginia Conference on Public Affairs, 1962,- Outstanding Debater Award, American History Award, Outstanding participant University of Virginia Conference on Public Affairs, 1963,- Debate Letter, 1962. TUCKER, NANCY MEREDITH. Activities: Em Vee Hi, 1 Reporter,- Spanish Club, 4; Chess Club, 3; International Relations Club, 1,- Junior Varsity and Varsity Hockey, 1, Co-Manager; " South Pacific " " Stage Door " Concert Choir, Madrigals, Choral Letter and 3 Bars, Chairman of Publicity for Choral Department, Literary Magazine Contributor. TURNER, JEANNIE LOUISE. Activities: Distributive Education 2. TYLER, MARTHA ANN, " Marty. " Transferred from Vadenberg High School, Vandenberg Air orce Base, California. Activities: French Club, 1; International Relations Club, I. Debate, 1; (Vandenberg High School). URICK, JAMES JACKSON, " Jim. " VANCE, JONATHAN PETER, " Pete. " Activities: Bowling Club, 1; Wrestling, Manager, 1. VANCE, ROBERT DALE, " Bob. " Activities: Audio Visual Aids, Assistant Director, 3; Audio Visual Aids, Operations Instructor, 2; Concert Band, 4; Recording Engineer, 3; Library Assistant, 1,- Projectionist of: The Mouse that Roared, Pepe, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Great Imposter. Special Honors: Second place Science Fair Award of Mount Vernon,- Second place eleventh grade Engineering at Northern Virginia Regional Sci¬ ence Fair, Band letter and three bars. VANDERGRIFF, MARY ALICE. Activities: Pep Club, 2; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Future Teachers of America, 1. Special Honors: Student Cooperative Association Representative, 1; Future Homemakers of America pin; Choral letters,- Future Teachers of America. VOGT, ROBERT AUGUST, JUNIOR, " Bob. " Transferred from West Anchorage High School, Anchorage, Alaska. Activities: French Club, 1. WAGLE, F. WILLIAM, " Bill. " Activities: Junior Science Club, 2,- Spanish Club, 1; International Relations Club, 1; Senior Science Club, 1; Wrestling, 1. Special Honors: First place in school Sci¬ ence Fair; Second place in Northern Virginia Science Fair. 78 WAGNER, JEAN KAY. Activities: Pep Club, 4; Art Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; French Club, 4; International Rela¬ tions Club, 1. Ill WARD, PATRICIA ANN, " Patsy. " Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Pep Club, 1; Majorette Club. WARNER DAVID LEE. " Dave. " Transferred from Heidelberg, Germany! Activities: Chess Club, 1; Future Teachers of America, 1; Square Dance Club, 3, President; Math Club, 1; (Heidelberg); BHdge and Chess Club, 1; (Mount Vernon High School). WATTS, GINGER KATHRYN. Transferred from Forest Park High School, Atlanta, Georgia. Activities: Y-Teens, 2; Tri-Hi-Y, 1; Drama Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Red Cross Club, 1; (Forest Park High School) Spanish Club, 1; Future Teacher of America, 1. Special Honors; Drama Letter; Plays in: SORRY WRONG NUMBER, STAGE DOOR. _ _ . , i u o WATTS, STEPHEN LYNN, " Steve. " Activities: Spanish Club, Z-, Lettermens Club 1. Varsity Baseball, 2; Freshman Basketball, 1; Varsity Baseball Manager, 2. WEIGEL, JULIE KATHLEEN. Activities: Hockey, 5; Softball, 1. WERTZBERGER, CHRISTINE MARIE, " Chris. " Transferred from Saint Vincent Central High School, Newport News, Virginia. Activities: Pep Club, 1; Glee Club, 2; (St. Vincent ' s High School) Future Homemakers of America, 1; Bridge Club, 1; Biology Clu , 1. Special Honors: Palidan Jewel; Latinum Auxilium Certificate; National Poetry Contest Certificate. WESTON, ALAN MICHAEL. Transferred from Waynesville nigh School, Waynesville, Missouri. Activities: Lettermen ' s Club, Execu¬ tive Council, 1; Varsity Baseball, 1; (Waynesville High choob Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2; Varsity Golf 4. Special Honors: Most Improved Football Player; Most Outstanding Football Player; Golf, Team member of third place at State. WHITE, RICHARD HAMMOND, " Dick. " Activities: Key Club, Lettermen ' s Club, 1; Football, 1; Track, 2; Wrestling, 1. Special Honors: Letter in Football; Student Cooperative Representative, I. WHITE TERRY LEE. Activities: Latin Club, 2; Pep Club, 2; Guard and Tackle, 1; Baseball, Outfield, 2; (W. E. Stebbins) Lettermen ' s Club, 1. Special Honors: Junior Varsity and Varsity Baseball WhItECAR, LEONARD ROBERT, " Len. " Transferred from Groveton High School and George Washington High School. Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Reserve Band, 2; (Groveton High School) Mock Trial Group, 1; (George Washington High School) Spanish Club, WHITELEY, RICHARD ALAN, " Dick. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Key Club, 2; Freshman Basketball, 1; Junior Varsity Wrestling, 1. Concert Choir. • u i-i u WHITSON, KATHRYN FLOYD, " Kitty. " Activities: Spanish Club, 1- Future Homemakers of America, 1; International Relations Club, 2; Chorus and Choraleers, 5. Special Honors: Music Letter and Two Bars. WILBOURNE, CHARLIE MARTIN. Transferred from Princess Anne High School, Lynnhaven, Virginia. Activities: Keyettes, 2; Sopho¬ more Class Council, Secretary, 1; Future Nurses Club, 1; Ameri¬ can Field Service, 1; Latin Club, 1. President Barbara Baran addresses the student Senior Directory WILLIAM, JACK WEAVER, " Bill. " Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Activities: Chess Club, 1; Bowling League, Team Captain, 2; Bridge Club, 2; Literary Magazine, Exchange Editor, 1; Intermural Football, Center, 1. _ WILLIAMS, FRED GRANT. Debate Club, Treasurer, 2; International Relations Club, President, 3; Yearbook Staff, 1; Literary Magazine, Editor Assistant, 2; Basketball, Forward, 3; Track, 440, 1; Inter¬ mural Basketball, 4. Special Honors: Student Cooperative Associa¬ tion, Representative, 3; Sophomore Class Representative; Junior Class Representative; Debate and Discussion Award, 2. ... WILLIAMS, GLEN EDWIN. Transferred from Jefferson Davis Junior High School, Hampton, Virginia and Wagner High School, Phillipines. Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 1; Biology Club, 1; Football, Guard and End, 1. , i n • WILLIAMS, HARRY TREVOR. Activities: Spanish Club Vice Presi¬ dent, 1; Men ' s Glee Club, 1; Newspaper Staff; Track, 2; Football, 2; Wrestling, 1; Swimming, 1. Special Honors: Outstanding Histoij Student; Outstanding Military Student; Outstanding Cadet Award; Honor Roll; Military Proficiency. WILLIAMSEN, KATHLEEN McKELL, " Kathy. " Activities: Future Teachers of America, Secretary, 2, (Wakefield High School); Future Teachers of America, Vice President, 2, (Wakefield High School); Newspaper, Editor and third page editor and reporter, 3- Hockey, left wing, 1. Special Honors. Quill and Scroll Honor Society; Teen Correspondent to Alexandria Gazette. Activities: continued: Foreign Exchange Program, Vice-President and Presi¬ dent, 2; Keyettes, 3; Junior Council Compact, Editor, 1; Inter¬ national Week Committee, Chairman, 1. c • o WILSON, SUSAN ANNE. Activities: Newspaper, Art Section, 1-, Drill Team, squad leader, 3; Art Club, Secretary, 2; Keyette Club, 3; Pep Club, 1; French Club, 3; Future Homemakers of America, 1. WILSON, TERRY LEE. . n k o WOLFFER LYNNE LEE. Activities: French Club, i; Art Club, z. International Relations Club, 2. Special Honors: Parent-Teacher Association Award for Art, 1962-1963. u- u WOODALL SHAULA JEAN. Transferred from Point Loma High School, San Diego, California. Activities: Point Loma Horizon Club, Secretary, 3; Latin Club, 1; Big Sister, 1; Pep Club, (Mount Vernon). Special Honors: Lead in play ' Stage Door. WRIGHT, SHARON LEE, " Sherry. " Activities: Float Committee, 2; Chorus, 1; Junior Class Compact, 1; French Club, 2; Art Club, 2- Pep Club, 2; International Relations Club, 1. YURCHIK, NICHOLAS BERNARD, " Nick. " Activities: Letterman ' s Club, 1; Football, 2; Junior Varsity Football, Fullback Line¬ backer, 1; Varsity Football, Fullback Linebacker, 1; basket¬ ball, Guard, 1; Baseball, catcher, 1; Junior Varsity Baseball, catcher, 1; Varsity Baseball, catcher, 1. Special Awards: Athletic Letter; Most Improved Player Trophy, 1963 Football Team. ZIEGFELD, PATRICIA GENE. Activities: Advanced Girls ' Chorus, P» - _ l. body after having officiated at the induction of new mem. bers. Class Snaps 80 Class Snaps ..4A Il4 Alis« J ImH w KKm 81 The Class of 1965 Junior Class Officers, SITTING, left to right: Bob St. Onge, Vice President; and Nikki Looft, Secretary- Treas¬ urer. STANDING: Bill Taylor, President. Linda Adams Marie Adams Thomas Adinaro Nadia Ammer Elena Amore Fiorenza Anderson Judith Armstrong Evert Arnett Joanne Arnett Carl Bailey Denise Bailey Constance Baird Bruce Baker Jeanette Ballew Lynn Balough 82 Reduced in Size Condance Barry Dorothy Beavers Milton Bennett Robert Berry Ethel Bibber Stephen Bobyak James Bradley Cheryl Bradshaw Robert Brown Gerald Bruger Eva Bures Susan Burnes Carol Campbell William Campbell Stanley Cancilla Andrew Carey James Carlin Marcia Sue Case Donna Cason Iris Chamberlain Miss Lapsley presents Mary K. Thompson with a carnation on her induction into the Senior Honor Society. Leon Cheek Donna Ciccone Dena Cipolla Donald Clarke Janice Cleveland Robert Cline 83 But Not in Spirit Michael Colozzi Craig Conely William Convery Cindy Lou Cooke Lynn Cooksey Sandra Cothran Betty Cox Linda Crabtree Wendy Crann Lynn Haseman collects class dues fror Bill Taylor and Tommy Cunningham a David Culen Thomas Cunningham Glenn Davis Dallas Dawson Patsy Dean Carol Deeds Gregory Deeth David DeWitt Lynn Dickerson Deborah Dodge Claire Dominy Levett Dominy Darlene Dowhower Courtney Drake George Duckworth Bonnie Dunn Dianne Dunn Steven Dunn Sharon Duvall Robert Edelman 84 or Accomplishment ke Frank, Steve Strom, and Miltie Ben- tt look on. Judy Egan Janice Eisenhart Douglas Elder Carolyn English Linda Estes Penny Estes William Ewald Cynthia Paris Nancy Feierahend Cathy Pick Ronald Fisher Cheryl Ford Stephen Ford Michael Foxworth Michael Frank James Fuller Susan Giesen Annabel Graves Cheryl Grazier Cheryl Gross Cynthia Gross Russell Gross Evelyn Haaser Barbara Haddock Sharron Hall Susan Hall John Hambleton Sandra Harris Kathleen Harst 85 Eagerly Accepting Joan Hart Lynn Haseman Ann Haynie Jonathan Hein William Heston Laurie Heymont Giving a helping hand on the Homecoming float are juniors Milt Bennett and Evelyn Haaser. Raymond Hicks Suzanne Hinson Beatrice Hood Donna Horton Barbara Hudson Faye Hubble Janet Jackson Sherry Jackson Sylvia Johnson Carol Jones Charles Judice Karla Kappel Cynthia Keelin Mary Kerns Ellen Keville Sarah Keville Diana Kidwell Linda Kinchloe Gayle Kirchner Denise Kozma 86 the Responsibilities Frank Kuhn Nat Lang Richard Lang Ronald Lam Caroline Lane Peggy Layman Francis Lawrence David Lee Cathy Lentz Robert Liebmann Maryann Loder Nikki Looft Jennings Lovitt Judith Mann Walter Mann Rola Marlatt Cheryl Marr David Marr Antoinette Martin Ronald Mason Jane Mathews James Mays Richard McCall Linda McCarty Sandra McDaniel Dennis McGill The junior class assembles in the auditorium for Senior Honor Society inductions. 87 of Their New Status Jane McKinney Patricio McLellan Susan McLennan Robert Meredith Linda Metcalfe John Miller Guy Moose Steve Monroe Janice Morningstar Carol Jones, Bonnie Dunn, Judy Thurston, and Lynn Balough act out Robert Murphy Mary Nalls Nancy Nance Charles Niven Hilda Nobles Kenneth Norman Robert Norton George Osborne Linda Osbourne Terry Owens Beniamin Parks f David Perry ! Suzanne Patridge Christina Pappas Kenneth Pendley t Carolyn Pilch Robert Polk Helen Puckett Paul Redfern William Reed I 88 and Preparing Themselves an excerpt from " The Scarlet Let¬ ter. " Charlene Rice Lawrence Riegen Darla Robenolt Patricia Roberts Cheryl Romerhaus Helen Rose Marsha Rose Steven Ross Barbara Roysden Ronald Russell Christopher Ryan El wood Rye Claude Sandford Stephen Sergeant James Saucerman Linda Sevan Jane Schelhorn Jacqueline Schilling James Schultz Brenda Schwark Rhonda Shepherd 1 Paul Shimon 1 Suellen Sirbaugh i ' Raymond Sirianne I I Cynthia Smith Sandra Smith William Smith Mary-Lynn Son Francis Speed 89 for Their Final Year 1 Kathleen Stedman Carol Stiller Robert St. Onge Sidney Stovall Linda Stratton Robert Stringer Dave Perry diligently completes a mechanical drawing assignment. Stephen Strom Harold Stucke Joan Summers Robert Sweatt William B. Taylor William E. Taylor Steven Tesko Susan Thomas Mary K. Thompson David Thompson Richard Thorpe Judy Thurston Margret Tibbs Jerry Tollander Charlotte Tomlin Linda Tourtillott Robert Ursano Fred Van Atta Martha Vermes Mary Vosburg 90 at Mount Vernon Caroline Walker Susan Walls Marvin Ward Frank Wasuta Dewey Weber William Webster Thomas Wedel Maureen Whithorn Ann Wilson Brenda Withrow Judy Wittig Christian Wittwer Mari Woodworth Debra Young Verl Zanders 91 The Class of 1 966 Sophomore Class Officers, left to right, are: Genie Wood, Secretary-Treasurer; Julie Contole, Vice Presi¬ dent; Bryan Taylor, President. The class sponsor is Mr. Wilson. Ricardo Anderson Charles Angle Edward Artnak Gayle Atkins Bonnie Back Randall Baker Harry Bard Kay Barnhill Anne Barry Ronald Bartlett John Beahm Helen Beavers Paula Bessler Brian Black Vaughn Blake Victoria Blood David Botchin Joelle Brooks Carol Brown Jerry Brown Trade Brown Brian Bryson Sandra Bugbee Margaret Byrd Barbara Campbell Carolynda Campbell Donna Campbell Mark Campbell Kenneth Carmean Jane Carr Dwaine Carson Linda Carter Wayne Carter Harry Case David Cave Ruby Abel Karen Allison William Alvin Bruce Ammer 92 Eager to Assume Fred Chalek David Chase Judy Clark Robert Clark Thomas Clark Wolfgang Clayton Jeannie Cline Constance Coates Jerome Colegrove Linda Shafer looks interested at what Felicia Godsey is reading in Mrs. Guerrara ' s English class. Charles Constance Madjie Constance Julie Contole James Coolen Peter Crompton Donna Crum Christine Cruse Rhonda Culver Kathleen Curran Wayne Curto Craig Daniel Joyce Davis David Dawson Edwin Dawson Kent Dawson Kevin Dewitt Carol Dickinson Ronald Dillingham Frank Doran Kathy Duvall Susan Elkins Katherine Elliot James Emig Carol Eskridge Sandra Eskridge Patricia Farguhar Brenda Faulk Sara Feierbend John Fink Robert Fiorillo Kathy Flandermeyer Linda Fletcher Steve Foglio Sandra Forman Darlene Fraley William Frank Dennis Frederick Gail Frye Readus Frye Peggy Frymire Delores Fuller Bartley Garvey Felicia Godsey Thomas Good Thomas Gorski Lance Graetz Charles Grant Suellen Grantham Jane Gray I 1 93 MMOMmnEB The Role of The students in Mr. Swain ' s biology class are studying the wonders of Nature. Mark Grazier Magita Green Linda Griffith Benny Grover George Gurick Kathleen Hagel Sally Hall Michael Hare Edward Harper Gail Harper Charles Harris Cynthia Haris Vivian Harrison Lavon Hartford John Hasle Christine Hassler Eric Hefferman Robert Heflin Tonita Hernandez Stephen Heyroth Darlene Hiestand Patricia Higgins Susannah Hillery James Hilton Carl Hodnett David Holmes Sally Hooker Jane Horn Ethel Hudson Susan Hudson Philip Hutcheson Norma Hyman Martin Interior Donna Jackson James Jaeger Jack Jeremes Danny Jett Francine Jodlowski Jo-Lynn Jolicoeur Beverly Jones Ingrid Jones James Jones Richard Jones Irene Jordan Louise Jurasits Christine Keller Carolyn Kelley Ruth Kennedy Ruth Keville Daren Kilby Carolyn Kelley Gary Kimberlin Juanita Kinchloe Janet Kinkennon Dwight Kitchens John Klingenbeck Elaine Knick Gregory Knight 94 Upperclassmen, Micheal Knight Grayson Koogle Steven Korfanty Barbara Krolak Steve Lacey Wayne Lam Lynda Lasater Anne Leary Theresa Leckey These happy sophomores are watching basketball prac¬ tice after school. Ronald Ledford Lawrence Lent Cathy Lewis James Lewis Donald Linehan Robert Loftin Kenneth Logan David Luskey Kathy Macefield Kathleen Maher Sally Marfing James Markham Franklin Marshall Brenda Martin Sarah McCartney Celestine McClusick Diane McGill Thomas Mechling Margaret Meeker Gabriele Merk Brenda Merricks Jean Miles Mary Ann Mikilia Preston Millard Lorrie Miller Merlyn Miller Garland Moore Yvette Morales Robert Morrison Evelyn Muster Marcia Myers Louden Nolle Micheal Neiswender Linda Newman Pamela Nolan William Obermeyer Carolyn O ' Brien Cheryl Ogan Alcena Okamura Ellen Oley Madeline Oleyar Jewell O ' Quinn Jack Osborne Patsy Painter Susan Palmer Ted Papalararus Michael Paradek Larry Parr Thomas Parton 95 Prove Themselves Tom Clark and Julie Contole conduct a meeting of the Junior Honor Society. Terry Pearson Inga Pedersen Cynthia Pentecost Teressa Peterson Donald Polden John Pollock Ann Pope Patricia Poradek Ann Price Julie Primm Barbara Prince Linda Prince Barbara Radovich Robert Randolf Gerald Rathbone Carol Ratkus Roger Reaves Randy Reese Michael Reiley Candice Richardson Leslie Richey Jacqueline Robbins Herbert Roberts Irving Robertson Marsha Roland Carolyn Romney Robert Rose Barbara Ruggiero Susan Salzberg Deborah Sampson Sherry Sandlin Mary Ann SanLuis Helen Savage Gail Savella Roger Savoy Karen Saylor JoAnn Schilling Theresa Schmid Joan Scott Margaret Scott Diane Seablom Marlene Selling Geoffrey Serrell Linda Schaefer Sue Sheck Kim Shoemaker Stephen Shomoin Pearl Simms Howard Simpson Mary Sirianne Marsha Sitnik Betty Sivak Wallace Sizemore Dale Smith Eugene Smith John Smith Juanita Smith Rose Sommerfeldt 96 Fully Capable Helen Spellman George Spinks Dale Squires Richard Stallings Margaret Stedman Richard Steed Benedice St. Jermaine Alice Stiles Christine Stiles The third period Girls Chorus fills the halls with music. Blinda Wright Donna Young Barbara Strait Michael Sullivan Patrick Sullivan Lorna Sutherland Martha Sweatt Robert Swink Steve Tatsch Brian Taylor Judith Thomas Sherylal Thompson Beverly Thompson Judith Thorpe Linda Tingler Mary Lou Tobin Edward Travers Edward Vaughn Diane Via Ronald Vogt Christine Wagner Karl Wagner Naomi Wakefield Beverly Walker Stephen Walker Christine Wallace Lynda Wallace Thomas Wallace Rebecca Walls Nancy Ward Nelson Webber Cathy White David White Lisa Wideman Suzanne Wiegand Jason Wilder Peggie Williams Wallace Williams Wanda Williamson Deborah Willoughby Josephine Wilson Lynn Wilson Gennie Wood Gloria Woods 97 The Class of 1967 James Abel Walter Acree John Allen Nancy Allison James Alls Glenn Anderson Judith Anderson Robert Angleson Stephen Argo David Arnett Karen Arnold Jackie Austin Linda Ayres Jay Bachman John Baker Linda Baldwin Bruce Barrett John Barry Delores Bayne Sandra Bethune Micheal Betrus James Betz Margaret Bixler Linda Blankenship Ralph Boldt Micheal Boles Linda Bond Stephen Bordner Martin Boud Edwina Bowen Charles Bowers Leonard Bowers Wanda Bradshaw Joy Breeden Gerald Brooks Margaret Brown Micheal Brown Teresa Broyles Randall Buchannan Debra Burger John Byrd Dianne Caffrey Michael Calder John Callahan Judith Concilia Hugh Caudhill Diana Cavazog Mary Chandler Edward Chapman Stuart Childress Marir Ciccantell Kathleen Cinnamon Melissa Coates Bonnie Cogar Robert Colgrove Carol Colyer Charlotte Conley Melanie Cook June Costello Laurie Crann Deborah Crase Wava Culver Bruce Cumming 98 Donald Gumming Kenneth Curran Lee Davis Raymond Davis Terry Davis Donna Dawson James Dawson Robert Dawson Linda Dean Philip Demorthenes Paul Denison Denniston DeRussy Gordon Dezulovich Diana Dillon Denise Dodge Michael Dougherty Deborah Dunn Karen Dyson Dorthea Eddy Bobby Edney Joan Egan John Egan Sara Emig Alexis Engram Valerie Enlow Thomas Ewald Ronald Fifield Ellen Finlay Marilyn Fiorillo Hill Fitzgerel Eilleen Flattery Stanley Florer Janis Foxworth Charles Franger Vernon Fragiacoma Successfully Adjusted David Frazelle Robert Freant Michael Freeman Anne Fuller Robert Galloway Bruce Gamble Frances Game Sheila Gaguin Mark Gaylor Marcia Gentry Susan Gibson Lani GifFen Carol Gilliam John Gillison Michael Gilroy Donna Glisson Barbara Gmaz David Gorski Carole Graber Dave Grabove Cathy Graetz Nancy Grazier Daniel Green Elizabeth Green Gerhard Gressman Victoria Grey Pascal Grimaldi Dale Grimes 99 Jackie Gross Joyce Gross Donna Grover James Grubbs Harry Haaser George Hall Mary Hambleton Deborah Hammond Catherine Hancock Christine Hansen Pamela Harrill Linda Harris David Haseman Jean Havrilak Steve Hawks Harold Hayes Thomas Haynie Terry Head Susan Hein John Hendrix Alvin Hensley Henry Hill Orrin Hollis Steve Hudgins Michael Hudson David Hughes Glenn Hutzler Kristine Hynes to the Role of Underclassmen Elsa Interior Deborah Jackson Eugene Johnson Garde Johnson Thomas Johnson Catherine Jones Gerald Jones Hardy Josephson Doreen Karp Kathleen Keel Belinda Kelley Janet Kelley Roger Kerstetter Suzanne Keyes Glenna Keyes Joyce Knick Ronald Knight Nancy Krolak Mary Lacy Jill Lanhant Jenny LaRouech James Lawdry Penelope Lawson David Layton Cheryl Leckey Doris Lee Gery Lee Joan Lee John Leggett Mildred Lewis Samuel Lewis Lucinda Lommasson Rita Lusker Karen Lyons 100 Tom Maher Marlene Maloney Susan Maloney Robert Mann William Manning Richard Marlatt Franklin Marr Deborah Marsh Luther Marsh William Mathews Steven Maye William McCarty Beth McClintock Myra McCrary James McElhinney James Mendelson Mary Menser Brett Merritt Thomas Messer Craig Metcalfe Linda Mills John Mitchell Steven Mize Sheila Mone Donald Moody Revecca Moore Kimberly Morrison Geraldine Moulder and Made a Place for Themselves Bennie Mullins Constance Mulvihill Jim Musgrave Richard Nagerhaster James Nagler Delores Nedorolik Susan Nelson Ramon Nevarez Kathy Newdeck Danny Nicely Gilbert Niehaus Linda Noble Darrell Nolton John North Steve Nyhus Robert Obermeyer Sandra O ' Hara Deidre Okamura Jeffrey Olson Sherry O ' Quinn Daniel O ' Rourke Edward O ' Shaugnessy Sand ra O ' Shea Herbert Otis Lana Ovitt Cynthia Owens Brian Painter John Paolantonio William Parker Carol Parks Carole Parrish Susan Patrick Ronald Patrick Stuart Paxton Ronald Payton 101 Patrick Perrin Charles Phipps Roderick Pierpoint Elizabeth Pollock Janice Poole Joan Pooley Martha Porter Linda Powell Steve Prichard Evelyn Pullen Nils Radhe Carolyn Randall Laurel Ransome Anthony Ratkus Susan Rawlings Janet Reames Jean Reaves Sennifer Reese Kathleen Reese George Renault Daniel Reynolds Gail Reynolds Virginia Rice Charles Richardson Clara Rinehart Mike Ringo Charles Robbins Meredith Roberts Lynn Roethlein Linda Rogers Charles Roland Arthur Romerhaus Darlene Rose Judith Rose Lorraine Rose in the Halls of Mount Vernon. Thomas Ruggiero Lulu Sanluis Mary Santmyers John Saputo Joyce Saul Dave Scarce Pat Schafer Warren Schon Kristine Schwab Florence Scott Laura Serrell Anne Shimon Susan Shomoin Linda Smith Nancy Smith Ronnie Smith Jonathan Snow Robert Soukey Michael Spowart Ralph Squires Dennis Stacy Adriana Stagg Sharon Stapelton Susan Steam Donna Steed Angela Stepp Michael Sterling 102 Robert Stoner Peter St. Onge Raymond Stopper Brenda Stotelmyer Earl Stotler William Sumner Elizabeth Swanner Terrance Takaki Anne Taylor Peggy Taylor Victor Taylor Theodore Teague Rodney Thomas William Thomas James Thompson Marilyn Thompson Paul Tucker Karen Turner Rebecca VandergrifF Brenda Vosburg Paula Walder Edward Walker James Wallace Peter Ward Joyce Wease Jack Weavers Lloyd Webb Deborah Weickhardt Jay Wells David Whitford Lynn Williams Lane Winfree Walter Winneberger Kathy Winningham Kim Witter Tim Woococh Edgar Wood Linda Wylie James Yelland Kim Yosnie Jerry Zanders Alan Zvolanek Students in Mrs. Carr ' s English I class diligently prepare a classroom assignment. 103 104 Athletics are the practical means of making possible this frequently neglected manner of development. Through athletics we are constantly spreading Mount Vernon s glory to other schools by building a bridge of friendship and close relationships. Athletics, an essential part of school life, help not only in building the physical fitness of a student but also in preparing a student for the position he may bs required to take in soci¬ ety in future years. When, in the fcnreseeable future, any of our graduates becOme integral parts of some organization, their work will refect the understanding of teamwork and co-opera¬ tion they may have received from participat¬ ing in athletics, or some other activities dur¬ ing school. 105 106 Coach Miller Coach Snyder Coach Grove Coach Cordaro Sept. 6 Mt. Vernon 14 Lee 19 Sept. 13 Mt. Vernon 7 Wakefield 13 Sept. 20 Mt. Vernon 7 Hammond 7 Sept. 27 Mt. Vernon 14 Groveton 0 Oct. 4 Mt. Vernon 19 Edison 0 1963 SCHEDULE Oct. 11 Oct. 26 Nov. 1 Nov. 8 Mt. Vernon 6 Mt. Vernon 0 Mt. Vernon 0 Mt. Vernon 14 Marshall 28 Woodson 6 Annandale 7 G.W. 19 Under the astute direction of Coach Jack Miller and his staff, the Mount Vernon Majors built a fine team and smoothly functioning unit capable of defeating many of the best teams in the county. After many tiresome afternoon practice sessions beginning in the middle of August, the Major ' s became ready for their first game against Lee early in September. The Majors played an excellent, hard-hitting game in their opener in which they were barely defeated by a very powerful Lee squad, 19-14. The Major ' s lack of size was compensated for by their aggressiveness and great determination. Judging from the outstanding performances of many juniors this year, we can certainly look forward to a very exciting season in 1964. 107 VARSITY TEAM FIRST ROW: Stewart, Holsey, Davis, Guerinna, Lowry. SECOND ROW: McGill, Stewart, Angel, Tapp, Padgett. THIRD ROW: Manager Clifford, Norman, Ashe, Hancock, Thonen. FOURTH ROW: Hernholm, Miller, Polk, Lawrence, Constance. 108 VARSITY TEAM FIRST ROW: Carlock, Johnson, Emig, Bennet, Nose. SECOND ROW Moose, Yurchik, Darrah, Sullivan, THIRD ROW: Weston, Graham, McBrayer, Herl, Onge. " FOURTH ROW: St. Onge, Zanders, Duke, Heston, Cunningham, Fisher, Frank, Manager St. 109 FRONT ROW: Ammer, Taylor, St. Jermaine, Curto, Jaeger, Artnak, Reiley. SECOND ROW: Obermeyer, Bartlett, Harper, Beahm, Knight, Feague, Fifield, Jones. THIRD ROW: HefFerman, Fink, Mitchell, Travers, Parker, Gorski, Swink, Frederick. LAST ROW: Jett, Holmes, Gurick, Mallard, Linehan, Morgan, Newman, Emig. Mr. Cordaro ' s Junior Varsity team has shown the true Mount Vernon sportsmanship all season. The team ' s drive and spirit compensate for their schedule of de¬ feats. The squad worked together as a team in practice as well as in the games, and promises to produce a better Varsity team in the future. Mr. Grove ' s Freshman eleven gained valuable ex¬ perience this season in spite of a calendar of defeats. The team ' s good sportsmanship and drive promises better seasons ahead. The boys ' ambition in practice and in the games shows their ability to bring Mount Vernon a big season of wins in the future. 110 1963 SCHEDULE M.V. 0 Hammond 40 M.V. 6 Groveton 19 M.V. 0 Edison 14 M.V. 0 Marshall 19 M.V. 13 Woodson 14 M.V. 6 Annandale 19 M.V. 0 Geo. Wash. 28 FROSH: FRONT ROW: Freeman, Phipps, Betz, Diamond, Weaver, Fifield, Coach Grove. THIRD ROW: Squires, Thomas, Zvolanek, Rinko, Winneberger, Hutzler, Manager Brown. SECOND ROW: Renault, Hoaser, Head, Scott. Angelson, Sonkey, Wallace, Acree, Bordner, Teaque, Bowers, 111 112 Coach Mike Skinner As has been typical of the past two seasons, this year ' s varsity basketball team was plagued by a lack of height. The boys attempted to compensate for this deficiency through hustle and determination. The winning combination was never discovered, however, and the team finished with a record of 5 wins and 12 losses. The 1963-64 MapOr cagers were led by the fine performances of scoring leader Gary Dittmer, and Kermit Smith, the team ' s top rebounder. Re¬ turning juniors, Fran Lawrence and Dennis McGill (along with transfer, John Nazario, and sophomore, John Pollock added to the depth of this year ' s squad. These boys should form the nucleus of a team with great potential which will be exciting to watch next season. Dittmer fires jumper in first M.V. — Ft. Hunt clash. Pollock drives past Fairfax opponent. Tension mounts as Lawrence prepares to shoot important foul shot. 113 Smith out-maneuvers Ft. Hunt defender for another Major score. VARSITY TEAM, STANDING; Pollick, Zanders, Lawrence, Swann, Smith, Esten, McGill, Schaffer, Nazarie. KNEELING: Graham, Dittmar. Missing from picture, Hofler. Majors fight for rebound in Wakefield clash. Smith hits for two against Wakefield. 114 J.V. TEAM: FRONT ROW: Polden, Jaeger, Fiorillo, Walker, Lewis. SECOND ROW: Coach Grove, Galla- van, Blake, Elder, Stallings, Bryson, Ammer, Moore, manager Emig. FRESHMAN TEAM: FRONT ROW: Gorski, Wood, Lewis, Anderson, Watkins, Phipps, Hutzler, Davis. SECOND ROW: Manager Haseman, Angleson, Acres, Parker, Zvolanek, Taylor, Knight, North, Johnson, Robbins, Coach Myler. 115 manager KNEELING, left to right; Zoyas, Webster, Merli, Hines, Guerrino, Wosuto, ana Bard. STANDING: Taylor, Sheflet, Metcalf, Constants, McBrayer, Arnold, Beahm, and St. Onge. 116 In it ' s fifth season at Mount Vernon, the wrestling team exhibited strength and coordination in compiling an ad¬ mirable record of five wins and six losses. The " grapplers " hard work paid off in many fine team and individual performances. The biggest high-light of the season was Allan Guerrina ' s victory in the State Tournament. He is the first Mount Vernon wrestler ever to capture a state tournament title two years in a row. His championship was won in the 133 lb. class. Brian Taylor also accomp¬ lished an outstanding feat by becoming Northern Virginia champion in his weight class as a sophomore. This, too, has never before been done by a Mount Vernon matman. Coach Font poses with State Tournament participants, Wasuta, Bard, Taylor, and Guerrina. Larry Metcalf prepares for take-down of Stuart opponent. Brian Taylor nears a pin in Stuart match. Wrestlers work-out in afternoon practice session. 117 Varsity Hockey Varsity Hockey; Maloney, Reynertson, O ' Neil, Monti, O ' kstulski, Eskridge, SECOND ROW: Barry, Ross, Cox, Danouski, Sullivan, and Ray. Coach Oliverio The Varsity Hockey team this year, under the astute direction of Coach Oliverio and Coach Yutz displayed great spirit and en¬ thusiasm in games and in practice despite a slightly disappoint¬ ing season. The girls worked exceedingly hard and spent many an afternoon on the practice field under the careful supervision of Coach Oliverio and Yutz. The girls ' winless season can be partially accounted for by the fact that many potentially fine hockey players were lost to Fort Hunt High School. Mary Ann Danowski was voted outstanding player of the year. September 24 Mt. Vernon vs. Groveton October 1 Mt. Vernon vs. Edison October 10 Mt. Vernon vs. Marshall October 16 Mt. Vernon vs. Lee October 22 Mt. Vernon vs. Fairfax October 29 Mt. Vernon vs. Ft. Hunt November 6 Mt. Vernon vs. Madison November 13 Mt. Vernon vs. Woodson 118 Junior Varsity Hockey J.V. Hockey: (TOP ROW): Ford, Baker, Spellman, Beblur, Gulette, Campbell, Swett (SECOND ROW): Surell, Gross, Glisson, Tuttle, Simms, Krueger. Mount Vernon ' s Junior Vorsity Hockey team showed much de¬ termination and promise for future years. Their good conduct and sportsmanship in the playing field certainly bring credit and good will to Mount Vernon High School. These girls showed great potential skill and we will be anxiously awaiting their per¬ formances in the future. October 1 Mt. Vernon vs. Edison October 10 Mt. Vernon vs. Marshall October 16 Mt. Vernon vs. Lee October 22 Mt. Vernon vs. Fairfax October 29 Mt. Vernon vs. Ft. Hunt November 6 Mt. Vernon vs. Madison Coach Yutz 119 Girls ' Varsity: KNEEIING: Seiling, Maher, Fox, Scheckart, Keller, Adams. STANDING: Coach Fordham, Murray, Jodlowski, Partridge, Southerland, Campbell, Irvine, Dickinson, manage r Cobb. 120 1 [i Si Major ' s Partridge and Dickinson await rebound. Linda Murray watches shot in Marshall contest. Girls ' J.V.: KNEELING; Campbell, Nobles, Grey, Dawson, Ford, Reaves. STANDING: Gullette, Spellman, Mullins, Constance, Flandermeyer, Coach Allen. Majors move into offensive positions. Cheryl Fox scores on a set shot. 121 122 ; :_I Organizations wifhin the school not only I provide us with an op Dortunity to express ! our interests, but a(so enable us to develop leadership qualitiesj maintain good scholar¬ ship, and receive honors. There are clubs at Mt. Vernon whicb Include: those develop¬ ing cultural interest, dubs connected with academic subjects, ctnd Organizations related tO ' activities and! orts. There is a coordinating bodyi; knOwn as the Activity Council made up of delegates from each of these organizations . j i I As the years pasiw will find that among I I our most outstan(|lngj memories of high I i school days are thosej connected with or¬ ganizations to whjte we belonged, for it ' t was here that we WOfei able to develop our ? i interests beyond t)ts (imits of a classrom. 123 Student Council Provides SCA OFFICERS, left to right: Kathy Bradshaw, Treas¬ urer; Ffayes Hofler, First Vice President; David Esten, President; Francis Lawrence, Second Vice President, and Annabel Graves, Secretary. Mr. Match, Sponsor The Student Cooperative Association undertook its first project during the summer with the revision of the handbook. A committee reconstructed the SPYGLASS in order to acquaint students with the many facets of school life. Additionally, a summer committee for¬ mulated an orientation assembly for freshmen. The newly organized SPIRIT COMMITTEE coordinated Home¬ coming activities which included a bonfire pep rally, float, half¬ time ceremonies, and a dance. They also promoted the Magazine Campaign which achieved the goal of $9,000 and a profit of $3,000 for the treasury. Other activities included the decoration of the halls during the Christmas season and the publicity for athletic events. In keeping with the Yule season, the SCA sponsored a drive to collect toys and canned food for needy families, this endeavor resulted in the collection of over a 1,000 toys and 1,000 cans of food. Other activities included the revision of the constitution and the purchasing of a new flag pole. The continued operation of the print shop made possible the publishing of the student directory, victory tags, programs, tickets, membership cards, and calling cards, all of which was non-profit. Due to crowded conditions re¬ sulting from printing jobs, the SCA office was moved to the main building in more adequate and suitable space. 124 Organized Leadership Hasle, Sec. of Publications; Rice, Parliamentarian; Tallon, Sec. of Communications; Lowry, Sec. of Athletics; Mason, Sec. of Activities; Brennan, Sec. of Public Relations. Missing from pic¬ ture: Baron, Sec. of Arts and Bulletin Boards. Finney, Chairman of Finance Committee; Russell, Chairman of Spirit Committee; Abbott, Chairman of Magazine Campaign; ffarper. Co-editor of Spyglass; Higgins, Print Shop assistant; Hasle, Co-editor Spyglass and Print Shop Head. FRONT ROW, left to right: D. Johnson, G. Campbell, S. Gibson, A. Taylor, F. Godsey, A. Leary, D. Sampson, and P. Higgins. SECOND ROW: T. Ruggiero, C. Wertzberger, K. Wittwer, M. Frank, R. Car- lock, E. Lowry, and S. Prichard. THIRD ROW: C. Drake, S. Florer, G. Kormas, D. White, E. Fowler, and J. Snyder. FOURTH ROW; M. Danowski, P. Palmer, M. Neiswender, D. Thompson, and G Koogle. FRONi ROW, left to right: P. Williams, D. Grover, C. Campbell, S. Bowers, D. Taynton, C. Hewitt, L. Saunders, and P. Campbell. SECOND ROW: S. Jackson, K. Maher, R. Head, P. Landes, R. Ke- ville, J. Anderson, and B. Mullins. THIRD ROW: B. Duckwall, C. Coggins, D. Messing, J. Finney, D. Bailey, and L.. Campbell. FOURTH ROW: F. Williams, C. Roland, M. Freeman, J. Schummers, J. Stewart, and R. Stoner. The Surveyor Staff . . . Portrays Memories Judy Brennan Co-Editor Miss Lowman Sponsor jfninn Jtioiul i k)nlIra{p SorirtD (0[¥)i :$ iriuiol Jlmimalists ' Gail Kormas Co-Editor The Surveyor Staff has worked many long and toilsome hours in the making of this year ' s book. Each staff member has spent his yearbook period and his study hall period each day developing the theme, taking pictures, and doing all the necessary work to complete production. The theme of this year ' s book is " The Circle of Life " . If thumbing through these pages in future years, some school days are recalled, our goal will have been accomplished. SEATED: Nancy Nance, Nikki Looft, Francine Dufour, Susan Walls, Paula Landes. STANDING: Craig Hud¬ son, Susan Laird, and Carolyn Petitt. Missing from picture: Cheryl Flether and Lou Anderson. 126 The EmVee Hi Reports the News Kathy Williamson Editor-in-Chief Mr. Savage Sponsor Otis Hays Assistant Editor vv Under the sponsorship of Mr. Ronald Savage, the Em Vee Hi reports monthly the latest Mount Vernon High news. Not only is the paper distributed to the students, but it is also exchanged with other papers throughout the country. The National Scholastic Press Association has awarded All-American honors to the Em Vee Hi on the basis of last year ' s second-semester issues. This is the first time the Em Vee Hi has ever won an All-American award. FRONT ROW, left to right: Rothman, Heymont, Bennett, Angelo, Houston, Sirbaugh, Contole, Nevin, and Koerschner. SECOND ROW: Maher, Hofler, Harper, Bush, Hoys, Sommerville, Herbst, Edwards, Snyder, God- man, and Duell. 127 Creativity Expressed Left to right: Otis Hayes, Editor,- and Mrs. Wells, Sponsor. The TRANSIT provided a means through which stu¬ dents could express themselves creatively. The staff strived to include contributions from all classes, with a bent for diversified material; for the f rst time, com¬ mercial advertisements were accepted and published. Struggling from beneath a burden of unusual handicaps, the magazine published its frst second- year edition February 3 —• one semester behind sche¬ dule. Once on solid ground, the staff was able to compile and examine enough material to publish three subsequent editions — one in March, another in April, and a fourth for graduation. Members of the TRANSIT staff, more as a reward for their excellent work than for any reason, attended Columbia University ' s press convention for young journalists, and a similar journalism seminar at Wash¬ ington and Lee University. Kninnaiionjl iNininatpSoriftp Sfiuol SITTING, left to right: Clifford, Conley, Weaver, Evans, and Duke. SECOND ROW: Williams, Harris, Dono¬ van, Hays, and McQueen. IB 128 The Pros and Cons On its way to sweeping the southern half of the Northern Virginia league, the illustrious M.V. debate squad this season has enjoyed its best record in recent years. The fall preparation was highlighted by two tourna¬ ments — one at G.W. University and the other at the University of Virginia — where M.V. debaters gained an invaluable record for their speaking and reasoning skill. After successfully competing in the league at Edison during February and March, the debaters together with Coach Guerrero ' s sixth period forensics class, journeyed to the regional speaking contests at Falls Church High School, American University, and G.W. University. This has been a good year for MV debating and the club ' s underclassmen promise more of the same in the future. Varsity Team; Truslow, Williams, Nelson, and Batchelor. Debate Officers: James Batchelor, President; Skip Nelson, Secre tary; and Van Truslow, Vice President. FRONT ROW, left to right: Soiling, Prince, Spellman, and Baran. SECOND ROW: Truslow, Sweatt, Fin¬ ney, Williams, and Nelson. THIRD ROW; Murphy, Batchelor, Angle, and Houston. 129 Scholarship, Leadership, Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, and Service are the criteria for membership in the Lawrence Washington Shapter of the National Senior Honor Society. Besides providing recognition for excellence, the Honor Society performs valuable services for the school. Among these activities are the posting of the Honor Roll, and the operating of a paperback book-store which aids teachers and students alike. This year, as well, our Honor Society participated in the formal installation of a new chapter at Fort Hunt High School. Officers; Baran, President; Ursano, Treasurer; Schummers, Vice President; and Jones, Secretary. FRONT ROW, left to right: Putnam, Buckley, Anderson, Adams, Allen, and Farnum. SECOND ROW: Taylor, Cline, Edwards, Switzer, Mewshaw, and Allen. THIRD ROW: Bennett, Bowden, Tapp, Mason, Duel, and Danowski. FRONT ROW, left to right: Rothman, Palmer, Kappel, Phelps, Hin- Marr. FOURTH ROW: Harris, Conley, Bradshaw, Olsen, Donavan, son and Cooke. SECOND ROW: Stedman, Thompson, Glisson, Finney, and Duckworth. Savah, and Perrin. THIRD ROW: Ryan, Botchin, Hall, Tuttle and 130 Citizenship and Service The Lawrence Washington Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society inducted twenty-one members and arranged to have Miss Joan Carr serve as our new sponsor. The constitution was revised twice and communi¬ cations were continued with the National Council. Our Charter was framed and displayed in the library. Again this year, tutoring was an activity for some of our members. The Junior Honor Society also dedicated the page of the Transit on which a contribution by our former secretary, Julie Contole, appeared. Throughout the year we have tried to encourage superior scholar¬ ship, develop citizenship, promote leadership, and instill exemplary qualities of character. Officers: Gray, Secretary; Radovich, Treasurer; Sponsor, Miss Carr; Clark, President; and Maher, V. President, FRONT ROW, left to right: Soiling, Dawson, Austin, and Paxton. SECOND ROW: Kelly, Cooke, Wil¬ loughby, and Frazelle. THIRD ROW; Sutherland, Fuller and Gorski. FRONT ROW, left to right: Marfing, Kelly, Bennett, and Dodge. SECOND ROW: Flandermyer, Harper, Walls, and Hall. THIRD ROW: Jackson, Grimes, Sitnik and Oleyar. 131 Key and Keyette Clubs Serve Left to right: Hayes Hofler, President; Bill Taylor, Vice-President; Bob Cline, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mr. Hatch. Gene Giffen Lieutenant-Governor, Capital District, Key Club International Judy Brennan, Key Club Sweetheart Striving to develop the leadership potential which is a primary requirement for membership. Key Club members this year made their club a true asset to their school and community. Club officers got a head-start on the school year by attending a highly informative and stimulating International Conven¬ tion in Pittsburgh during the summer. This stimulus combined with the varied and copious abilities of its members, created one of the most ac¬ tive Key Clubs in MV ' s history. Among many pro¬ jects, this year ' s club printed and distributed 1000 cheer pamphlets at the opening Major football game, organized a pre-Groveton game bon-fire, raised 95 dollars for Children ' s hospital, coordinated the school fund-raising drive for the Red Cross, and constructed auxiliary signs publicizing school activi¬ ties. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ursano, Jaeger, Clarke, Angel, and Ander- ton; FOURTH ROW: Hasle, Lawrence, and Finney; FIFTH ROW: son; SECOND ROW: Rice, Sargeant, Frank, Lowry, and Halsey; Smith, Somerville, Padgett, Esten, Hancock, Nose, and White. THIRD ROW; Southerland, Strom, Lucas, Hein, Mason, and Cramp- School and Community The function of the Keyette Club is to perform services beneficial to their school and com¬ munity. Members are characterized by their willingness to serve. Keyette activities this year included sponsor¬ ing a bake-off contest, helping the mobile T.B. X-Ray unit in Alexandria, sponsoring a fashion show in conjunction with the Key Club during Twirp Week, and attending the Keyette National Convention in Washington. Living true to their motto, " We serve, " the Keyettes are a noted organization at Mount Vernon. -RONT ROW, left to right: Carolyn Petitt, Treasurer; Susie 3riar, President; Phylis Botchin, Vice-President; Suzon Sotellesse, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Mrs. O ' Brien, Spon- jor; Karen Edward, Historian,- Ailline Bowden, Senior Delegate to District Keyettes, and Carol Jones, Junior Delegate to District Keyettes. Keyette Sweetheart Bob Cline FRONT ROW, left to right: Frymire, Buckley, Phelps, Jones, Hin¬ son, and McLellan. SECOND ROW: Shepherd, Andrews, Cook, and Locft, THIRD ROW: Doerflinger, Adams, Shipman, Kelly, Conley, and Baran. FOURTH ROW: Kormas, McLellan, Williamson, Adams, and Brennan. 133 “Los Estudiantes De Espanol The Spanish Club has had a very successful year. In the fall we went to the restaurant " El Bodegon " for a delicious meal. The Christmas party was a huge success, complete with villancios, pianta, ham and turkey. During the winter, interesting programs were given on Bull fighting, the exploding volcano, Irazu, Spain and Guatemala. In the spring, we went to another restaurant, " La Fonda, " and to a Spanish movie. The highlight of the year was the Spring Fiesta, which was attended by many dignitaries; among them were: a Congressman from Texas, embassy officials, and an ex-president ' s wife. Some one hun¬ dred persons from ten different Spanish speaking countries were present. For the first time in the history of our club, the members purchased Spanish Club pins. OFFICERS: Bowden, President; Phelps, V. President; Mr. Vaughn, Sponsor; Pelley, Secretary; Amore, Treasurer. FRONT ROW, left to right: Merricks, Cruse, Blood, Kelly, Camp¬ bell, Tourtillott, Dickerson, Deeds, Mitchell, Gullette, Tobin, and Jones. SECOND ROW: Jones, Bessler, Reed, Hefferman, Wilson, Williamson, Murray, Oleyar, Mills, Wallace, Carrabino, and Ewald. THIRD ROW: Vaughn, Hambleton, Lewis, Colozzi, Hasle, Lang, Buchanan, Eskridge, Jones, J. Jones, Snyder, and Jensen. FOURTH ROW: Smith, Steed, Botchin, Lusker, Head, Argo, Reigner, Grant, Takaki, and Adinaro. 134 Aprenden De Los Espanoles” FRONT ROW, left to right: Adams, Bradford, Brown, Ogan, Lee, Pilch, Brown, and Consolvo. SECOND ROW: Rose, Leighton, Head, Tucker, Smith, Engram, Winfree, and Choate. THIRD ROW: Breeden, Ransom, Ciccantell, Doran, Florer, Steed, Lusker, Parks, and Orth. FOURTH ROW: Bryson, Poradek, Mendelson, Watkins, Fink, Cheek, Elder, and Bruger. Spanish Honor Society FRONT ROW, left to right: Vice-president Snyder, President Brad¬ ford, Corresponding Secretary Phelps, Secretary Reed, and Spon¬ sor Mr. Julca. SECOND ROW: Treasurer Heyroth, Hasle, Schum- mers. Morales, and Niven. THIRD ROW: Mason, Harris, Diftmar, and Sands. Missing: Wolfzun, Bowden, and Culver. 135 French Club FRONT ROW, left to right: Hiestand, Leary, Dodge, Crann, Ben- Sitnik, Fletcher, Young, Haseman, Campbell, Brown, Chandler, nett, Coates, Bennet, Giesen, Balough, Thompson, Maloney, Toy- Lyons, Tibbs, Stream, and Crann. THIRD ROW: Mullen, Good, Hein, lor, Sampson, Evans, Dalton, and Jolicoeur. SECOND ROW: Kelly, Ryan, Strom, Lyons, and Menshaw. SITTING: Miss Swaim, Sponsor; STANDING, left to right: Susan Jones, Secretary; Mary K, Thompson, Treasurer; John Finney, Presi¬ dent, and Candy Coggins, Vice-President. The French Club has ia fcSwe of the most active of the school clubs attempt to get a better unclersfs h,c|Tn ? ' OfT Fr nch art; the club de- voted several meeTingsl ’ " fhte study of its history and form. The members then made an all-day trip to the Notional Gallery of Art to view famous French paintings. The French Club also held bake sales, and ob¬ served the all-important Alliance for Progress Week. One of the most interesting and rewarding activities was the seven-course dinner, which proved to be an evening of fun. The food was cooked by the members themselves. In essence, the club worked hard during the year, and was successful in carrying out the goals set for themselves, and the carrying out of further¬ ing French culture and learning more about French people. 136 German Club SITTING, left to right: Brown, Summers, and Glisson. SECOND ROW: Hall, Gorski, Elkins, and Biebmann Ths G6rtnon Club of Mount Vornon is in its second yeor under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Howell. Membership in the club has been stimulated by the instigation of German I and II in the school curriculum. The main purpose of the club was to further an interest in the language and customs of the German people. The club is looking to many successful years in the future as the past school year has been. SITTING, left to right: Gorski, Back, and Sommerfeldt. STAND¬ ING: Fuller and Markham. SITTING: Mrs. Howell, Sponsor. STANDING: left to right: Kozma, Secretory; Mowery, Treasurer,- Duel, Vice-President, and Heymount, President. 137 Discussions Broaden Understanding Officers: Truslow, V. President; Batchelor, Treasurer; Williams, President; and Mr. Wyche, sponsor. The International Relations Club exists primarily to promote understanding between nations by fostering an understanding and a toleration of diverse cultures. With this in mind, the IRC has undertaken many pro¬ jects this year. During U.N. Week they sponsored an essay contest, presented a program to the study halls and secured a U.N. charter for each of the social studies teachers. Recently they have sponsored a speaker program which included slides of Europe and Latin America. The most lasting contribution of the International Rela¬ tions Club, however, will probably be the formation of a " People ' to People " affiliation with a school in Thai¬ land. We hope by exchanging letters and programs the Mount Vernon students will become more aware of the events that are every day shaping the world which someday we must command. FRONT ROW, left to right: Morgan, Mullen, Bykerk, Lone, Brown and Keville. BACK ROW: Hays, Hous¬ ton, Lowry, Sutherland, Nelson, and Emig. 138 Biology Club Promotes Interest in Science The Biology Club of Mount Vernon High School was organized to promote an interest in the sciences and to serve as a meeting place for higher studies. The meetings were held weekly. The informal atmos¬ phere allowed the members to openly discuss their views and experiences in biology. During the year many advanced experiments were conducted, and through these knowledge was gained. The members of the club were students who were taking biology or who had taken it in the past. Activities this year included several demonstrations, experiments, a club project, and a trip to the National Museum of His¬ tory. All in all, the club had a very profitable year. Officers: Painter, Willoughby, Gullette, Mr. Swain, Foglio, and Mr. Grove. FRONT ROW, left to right: Green, Simpson, Campbell, and Wallace. SECOND ROW: Sutherland and Nagler. THIRD ROW: Obermeyer and Burton. 139 Art Club Creates Masterpieces SITTING: Miss Kofler. STANDING, left to right: Susan Wilson, Secretary; Barbara Roysdon, Treasurer; and Melinda Bennett, President. Missing: Mary Kaufman, Vice-President. The goal of the Art Club this year was to give those students truly interested in Art a chance to create their own projects with materials not readily available to them outside of school. Thus, the main concern of the club this year, as in years past, has been on individual projects. However, we did organ¬ ize a very successful sale of student work before Christmas to supplement our treasury. After the new year began, Mrs. Kofler " adopted " the club as our new sponsor. Mrs. Locke was our sponsor the first semester. At the end of the year, we will choose and purchase three students ' works done throughout the year and place them in the hall on permanent exhibit. SITTING: Coggleshall, English, and Sirbaugh. STANDING: Moquin, Lee, Read, ond Randolph. SITTING, left to right: Bibber, Elkins, and Hiestand. STAND¬ ING: Layman, Emig, Wolfer, and Metts. SITTING, left to right: Grimes, Hannah, Barry, and Marsh. STANDING: Wright and Grier. Act Well; There All the Honor Lies National Thespians " Act well your part; there all the honor lies. " This is the motto of the National Thespian Society, an educational honor and service club now in its second year at Mount Vernon. The officers of Troupe 1799 were elected at the end of last year and immediately began striving to reach the goal of the advancement of dramatic arts at Mount Vernon. Toward the attainment of this goal, the club sponsored a " night of one-act " plays in February, and also co-sponsored the fall produc¬ tion, " Stage Door. " SITTING, left to right; Mr. Pauley, Sponsor; and Cindy Ferguson, President. STANDING: Denise Kozma, Treasurer; Justin Henry, V. President; and Mary Mewshaw, Secretary. FRONT ROW, left to right: Summers, Kappel, Watts, Hernandez, and Woodworth. SECOND ROW: Mac- Nevin, Murphy, Thonen, Purcell, and Holme. 141 r ' Department of Choral Music CONCERT CHOIR: FRONT ROW, left to right: Horst, Petitt, Briar, Seoblom, O ' Brien, Thompkins, Northen, Angel, Davis, Reed, Grif¬ fith, Haynie, Coggins, Cleveland, Ogle, and Thomas. SECOND ROW; Whitson, Coggleshall, Harper, Green, Miller, Allen, Snyder, Stewart, Abbott, Whiteley, Stirewalt, Nose, Ford, Giffen, Kobey, Jordon, and Fletcher. TFIIRD ROW: Faris, Tucker, Flandermeyer, Hunter, Smith, Cox, Eaton, Moudy, Lowry, Thompson, Bruce, Elder, Purcell, Sheflett, Quattlebaum, Crann, Crum, McLellan, Godsey, and Botchin. MADRIGALS: SITTING, left to Briar, and Petitt. STANDING; Giffen. right: Thompkins, Green, Thomas, Tucker, Witson, Fletcher, Thompson, Drake, Gcdsey, Sheflett, Cheek, Lowry, Ogle, 142 Quattlebaum, Griffith, and Highlights ALL STATE CHORUS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Petitt, Green, Thomas, Quottlebaum, and Ogle. SEC OND ROW: Northern, Griffith, Shefflett, Mowdy, and Giffen. Missing: Abbott and Bruce. CHORALEERS: left to right: Petitt, Briar, Whitson, Harper, Green, Thomas, Quattlebaum, and Ogle. This year was an unusually busy one for the Choral Department. The concert season began with the Fall concert in November. Decem¬ ber brought the annual Christmas concert, and in February an entirely student-conducted concert was presented. Members of the choruses, the small groups, and department-sponsored soloists par¬ ticipated in the District Choral Festival held in April. Shortly before graduation, the Spring concert was given. The Concert Choir engaged in a number of out-of-school activities this year. During the Christmas season, members of the Choir caroled at Belle View Shopping Center, presented a concert at Mr. Landes ' church, and made a television tape for a local TV station. In March the Choir sang at the Senate Office Building and with the Mixed ' orus, sang at the Easter Service at Mount Vernon, and again at the Baccalaureate service and Graduation in June. Other activities included the Spring Musical " My Fair Lady pro- right: Giffen, Shefflett, Griffith, and duced in conjunction with the band and drama departments, the All- Northern. State Chorus, and the Fairfax County Chorus in April. 143 Four Seasons MIXED CHORUS, FRONT ROW, left to right: English, Whithorn, Moss, Hooser, Norman, Jones, Crompton, Corley, and Rosenthal. SECOND ROW: Sams, Vandergriff, Morales, Metcalfe, Martin, Beahm, Harris, Stringer, Price, and Stallings. THIRD ROW: Tom¬ lin, Tilson, Morgan, Shepherd, Mitchell, Young, Bradshaw, Lang and Wagner. FOURTH ROW: Loder, Dua, Brindley, Hicks, Graham, Russell, Drake, Frederick, Mann, and Cheek. GIRLS ' CHORUS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Eisenhart, San Luis, Warehime, Leary, Tobin, Pitch, Martin, Dickerson, Back, Thompson, Sivak. Lasater, Cobb, Wideman, Rose, and Hall. SECOND ROW: Thomas, Carter, Deeds, Goade, Orth, Hubble, Duff, Vandergriff, Fick, Consolvo, McKinney, Stiles, Ward, Grantham, and Carr. THIRD ROW: Roberts, Dalton, White, Nolan, Cleveland, Nicholson, Hart, Miller, Farquhar, Forman, Giesen, Pappas, Jackson, Carra- bine, Butturff, and Mullen. FOURTH ROW: Balough, Duvall, Cul¬ ver, Williams, Reece, Wilson, Dickerson, Stratton, Bennett, Griffith, Eskridge, Leckey, Stratton, Armstrong, Rebenolt and North. 144 with Melody MIXED CHORUS- FRONT ROW, left to right: Cline, Dawson, John- and Campbell. THIRD ROW: Rounsley, Speed, White, Gates, Looft, son, Taynton, Claxton, Fink, Roethlein, and Richardson. SECOND Gribble, DeVore and Graves. FOURTH ROW: Klingenbeck, Car- ROW: Thomas, Taylor, Casamo, Dority, Tallon, Ransom, Sewell, lock, Frank, Weston, Smith, Treder, Vance, Lang, and Karp. FRESHMAN CHORUS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Smith, Lewis, Consolvo, Colyer, Hensley, Florer, Freant, Argo, Hawks, Saputo, Brown, Kelley, Coates, Breeden, and Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Callahan, Lawson, Fragiacomo, Interior, Lenhart, Morgan, Nolton, Otis, Chapmen, Watkins, Mitchell, St. Onge, Ovitt, Anderson, Green, Giffen, ond Crann. THIRD ROW: Reaves, Ellis, Hanson, Hein, Shafer, Randall, O ' Shea, Weaver, Parker, Richardson, Funk, Ro¬ land, Tucker, Brown, Bradshaw, Keys, Turner, and Flattery. 145 The Marching Band Adds _Q _Q 0 ) 0 X 0 0 e- N D 2 o ) u o 0 O) c o 0 O o u c o Q_ 0 Q_ 0 - 0 o o _0 _Q £ o O o 2 cS o " D 0 c 0 o _Q 0 0 O) 3 CQ U “D c O u " D V c _ O 0 _Q $ O o a. 0 0 u_ u u_ O $ c _o o 0 a U Q_ V 0 U CO c O L_ E Q_ o _c to h- -6 c 0 o ■j_ 0 o 0 u 6 z ■ • UJ UJ c Z o to “O 0 0 _c u u os: z “O £ c D _o _Q S_ " o 0 0 CO O CO to " c — 0 _Q O o O ' CO c X 0 K « o 0 CL CL O O £ 0 to O X D _Q U) s, C « “ O — 0 c :r . o 0 . “D o a os: X X §- s. oo “ o I “ Q i z ■§) o z u LU rN C o T 3 c O " o " o _Q _Q O U -5 “o o Q£ »— z O _0 N 3 X c o to $ o Q o CQ O a CO 146 olor to Gridiron Season Band Officers: FRONT ROW, left to right: Hunter, Cruze, Nicely, Spellman, and Gilles. BACK ROW: Koogle, Lyons, Ament, McNevin, and Esten. The Mount Vernon Band contributes much to the spirit and atmosphere of the M.V. students. It began this year by participating in numerous half-time shows and with a " pep band " which enthusiastically fre¬ quented the pep rallies and bonfires. On December 19, the band and choral department presented the annual Christmas concert. Northern Vir¬ ginia All-State Band followed, in which M.V. Band students participated. On March 17, the Band per¬ formed at the Northern Virginia Band Festival — a job well done. In May, selected members of the Band played the score for " My Fair Lady, " the highlight of the school year. Finally, on June 12, the M.V. Band concluded a year of hard work by playing at the Graduation ceremony. Mr. Steinbach, Director. 147 ALL-STATE BAND: FRONT ROW, left to right: Garvey, Finley, Gilles, and Koogle. SECOND ROW; Cruze, Murray, and Miller. THIRD ROW: G razier, Mowdy, and Ament. Majorettes Display Skill The Mount Vernon High School Majorettes have really been busy this year! Aside from per¬ forming at football games, they entertained at one basketball game, the Woodlawn Plantation Flower Show, the Triple " A, " Apple Blossom, and the George Washington Birthday Parades, the N.B.T.A s George Washington Twirling Contest (placed 6th), competed in competition at Grove- ton High School, and entertained at the Spring Concert. The Majorettes established a school uniform consisting of a white " V " neck sweater with a maroon " M " and maroon box-pleated skirt. Majorettes, left to right; Feierabend, Calloway, Bugbee, Nicely, Alls, Consolvo, and Grier. Margaret Nicely Marion Callaway Sarah Feierabend Sandra Bugbee Head Majorette Sharon Alls Martha Consolvo Linda Prince Marcia Belle Grier 148 Color Guard Performs The Mount Vernon High School Color Guard marched for the second season this year. With new uniforms and routines, the Color Guard marched with both the Mount Vernon Marching Band and the Fort Hunt Marching Band. Under the direction of Mr. Walter Hall and Mr. Walter M. McGuire of the Gunston Hall Post of the Veterans of Foreign War, the routines were exercised with strict protocol. Springfield rifles were used to guard the flags. For the seconid time, a group of students have attempted to bring a patriotic feeling to their fellow students. Color Guard: Cleveland, Seablom, Pick, Cleveland, Parton, Thomas, and Richardson. Carol Cleveland Janet Richardson Janis Cleveland Captain Susan Thomas Cathy Pick Diane Seablom Dorothy Parton 149 Enthusiastic Cheerleaders Bring Candy Coggins Co-Captain FRONT ROW, left to right: Maggie Jordan, Alline Bowden, Candv Coggins, and Susan Briar. BACK ROW: Karen Edwards, Nancy Nance, Linda Evans, Annabell Graves, Genie Wood, and Sally Duckwall. Genie Wood and Annabell Graves Nancy Nance and Karen Edwards 150 School Spirit to All Time High JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: KNEELING, left to right: Barbie Prince, Lisa Wideman, and Janie Carr. STANDING: Paula Landes, Beth Pelley, Lindy Perrin, and Connie Baird. ' V ' ■ : i 1 ' f ' i - i .s ' , ' ' • ' ' ¥ ■ j j 1 C ¥ ! 1 : 111 t- - H ■ T . : : i : , ■ ' f { ' i 1 ‘ i 1 FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: KNEELING, left to right: Lane Win- free, Jennie LaRouche, Sue Gibson, and Linda Smith. STANDING: Carol Colyer, Cathy Hancock, Kim Morrison, Beth McClintock Denise Dodge, and Anne Fuller. 151 Drill Team Boosts FRONT ROW, left to right; Strickler, Brown, Thomas, Sitnik, Mitch¬ ell, and Frymire. SECOND ROW: Jones, Campbell, Coates, Cooke, and Reed. THIRD ROW: Bennett, Hinson, McClellan, and Dicker- son. FOURTH ROW: Romney, Orth, Ford, Metcalfe, Bell and Flet¬ cher. By Storting in July and introducing many new and intri¬ cate maneuvers into their routines, this year ' s Drill Team added beauty and pageantry to our football games and pep rallies. The Drill Team ' s half-time performance dis¬ played to our fans the intense spirit and enthusiasm which is typical of the feeling held by all students. In addition to its many activities of bake sales and a pom pon slumber party in the fall, the Drill Team repre¬ sented Mount Vernon in the annual George Washington parade in Alexandria and the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival Parade. Now another year has ended, and for many of us the experience of the past year will be forgotten but for the members of the 63-64 Drill Team the hard work Co-Captain Eleanor Fowler and President Judy Brennan. and anticipation of eoch performance will be long remem¬ bered. 152 Spirit and Enthusiasm FRONT ROW, left to right: Duvall, Sampson, Pilch, Robbins, and FOURTH ROW: Ballow, Jackson, Trexler, Jackson, Campbell, and Mullins. SECOND ROW: Sirbough, Tobin, Buckley, Jaenicke, and Myers. Dalton. THIRD ROW: Young, Keville, Elkins, Jackson, and Gieson. DRILL TEAM OFFICERS: N. Looft, Sgt. at Arms; K. Bradshaw, Treasurer; and P. Botchin, Historian. The Drill Team practices far the George Washington Birthday Parade. 153 Girls’ Athletic Association Highlighting its first year in existence, the Girls ' Athletic Association sponsored the very popular oriental sports of judo and karate which were in¬ structed by Mrs. Guerrera. A sports fashion was presented at a party in December for the purpose of encouraging membership to those girls interested in sports. Unfortunately, the scheduled powder-puff football season was snowed out, but will be re¬ scheduled for next year. The purpose of this club has been to encourage an active interest in a wide variety of sports and to promote good sportsmanship. Officers, left to right: Keller, Hall, Okamura, and Sponsor Mrs. Oliverio. Counter clockwise: Sutherland, Okamura, Williamson, Macefeld, Thorpe, Campbell, Miles, Okamura, Taylor, Selling, Schwab, Hall, Cancilla, Keller, Wallace, Menser, and Hall. 154 Sports Join Forces The Letterman ' s Club was fonmed at the end of last year through the combined efforts ol all varsity sports and under the supervision of Mr. Arch Taylor, Athletic Director. The club ' s purpose is to add inore prestige to the acquir¬ ing of a varsity letter and t6 hjelp strengthen the program of the athletic department. 1 j From its outset, the club ha been well organized and appears to be on its way to a iignificant organization. Officers: Leigh Angel, Vice President; Reid Oarlock, President; and Bobby Cline, Secretary-Treasurer. 9 mmm 1 iin ’ §M hLcC i 1 W K li ' JSTT FRONT ROW, left to right: Darrah, St. Onge, Moose, Lawrence, Johnson, Graham, Fisher, and McGill. SECOND ROW: Bennett, Arnold, Davis, Stewart, Sullivan, Nase, and Stirewalt. THIRD ROW: Polk, T. White, and D. White. FOURTH ROW: Dittmer, Harris, and Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Hines, Strom, and Padgett. SIXTH ROW: Weston, Lowry, and Wasuta. SEVENTH ROW: Bard, Duke, and Mc- Braver. EIGHTH ROW: Zanders, St. Onge, and Glauch. NINTH ROW: Tapp, Smith, and Adinaro. 155 Pep Clubbers Support Our Teams The Pep Club during the 1963-64 season was both active and successful. This is a combination which is seldom achieved and can be contributed to many factors. The first of these was the tremendous help we received from our sponsor, Miss Jones. She made many of our important projects possible, some of which were.- the making and filling of Christmas stockings for an orphanage, bake sales, car washes, and the lights. Committees were established and purposeful in the making of posters, banners, and in creating good school spirit. The Pep Club proved that it is an organization at Mount Vernon that can be credited with creating and instilling good sports¬ manship and school spirit among its student body. Maggie Jordan, Secretary-Treasurer; Annabel Graves, Vice-President; Candy Coggins, President; and Bob Duckwall, Historian. FRONT ROW, left to right: San Luis, San Luis, Haaser, Estes, Rose, Layman, Roland, Hiestler, Hall, Grantham, Leary, Godsey, Reece, Hart, Putnam, San Luis, Marsh, Weigand, Fuller, Brown, Cogge- shall. Summers, and Fowler. SECOND ROW: Harst, Macefield, Koz- ma, Pappas, Deeds, Haseman, Balough, Savan, Steed, McLennan, Hubble, Switzer, Friedrich, Green, Giffen, Nance, Evans, Bradley, Wagner, Bolam, Tobin, and Jones. THIRD ROW: Kirchner, Loder, McKinney, Stedman, Thompson, Shepherd, Jackson, Kerns, Jensen, Dunn, Savage, Willoughby, Painter, Campbell, Smith, Russell, Johnson, Gribble, Cook, Hasle, Robbins, Duvall, Keville, Mann, and Wagner. FOURTH ROW; Jackson, Trexler, Jackson, Bell, Fletcher, Sitnik, Mullins, Giesen, Pilch, Mitchell, Coates, Myers, El¬ kins, Messing, Sampson, Brown, Young, Looft, McLellan, Ballew, Dalton, Buckley, Strickler, Bennett, and Klingenbeck. 156 Distributive Education Club DE Officers: Left to right: Graham, Sgt. at Arms; Gensmer, Secretary; Cave, President; Murphy, V President; Scott, Treasurer; and Biondolillo, Parliamentarian. The aim of Distributive Education is to give students on-the-job training in distribution and marketing in addition to classroom instruction. Distributive Educa¬ tion, a cooperative training program, has proved valua¬ ble in gaining job experience and in developing an understanding of the social and economic responsibili¬ ties of those engaged in distribution in a free com¬ petitive society. This year the Distributive Education Club, led by President Paul Cave, helped the S.C.A. vyith the Canned Food and Toy Drive held in November and December. The Club also sold wrapping paper, rib¬ bon, and Christmas light bulb covers to provide money for the club treasury. The club holds meetings each month at the Penn Daw Restaurant. Guest speakers are invited to these meetings to provide information to club members on many of the areas of distribution and to answer questions that the members have. FRONT ROW, left to right: Hadfield, Holme, Rosenberry, and THIRD ROW: English, Myers, Price, and Kincheloe. FOURTH ROW Hodge. SECOND ROW: Whitrow, Morgan, Edenton, and Holmes. Beavers, Vosburg, Chudacek, and Turner. 157 Future Teachers Members of the FTA were recognized for services rendered by assisting faculty members with special assignments, and entertaining with teas and receptions during American Education Week. A special feature for FTA was the reception for the visiting Virginia State Evaluat¬ ing Committee for secondary Schools and the local personnel. Members participated in an FTA Radio Broad¬ cast during career month, and sponsored the annual Beauty Contest with the FHA and FSA. Members were awarded membership pins, through a new merit system established by the chapter. Films were shown to promote interest in the teaching profession. Much enthusiasm and in¬ terest have radiated among members through¬ out the school year. FTA Officers; Tibbs, President; Stedman, Secretary; Balough, Reporter; and Thompson, V. President. Missing: Russell. FRONT ROW, left to right; Pilch, Tourillott, Kilby, and Ayers. SECOND ROW; Johnson, Reynertson, Con¬ ley, and Gullette. TFIIRD ROW: Tucker, Myers, Slye, Johnson, and McClintock. 158 of America Special Activities Left to right: Nancy Krolak, Ginger Watts, and Barbara Krolak. Betty Conley, FTA-VEA Secretary, Betty also participated in National High School Forum at Northwestern University, Summer 1963. Margaret Tibbs, candidate for FTA Vice President. Margaret attended the VEA- FTA Convention, December 1963. Martha Angelo repres ented the FTA at the dedication of the NEA-FSA building, June 1963. Ronnie Russell was chairman of the Beauty Contest decoration committee. Mrs. Hattie G. Quinley, sponsor FTA, dele¬ gate from VEA-FTA-NEA, Leadership Conference, December 1963. Joe Slye, Fairfax County FTA Treasurer, 1963-64. 159 Future Homemakers of America FRONT ROW, left to right; Nicholson, Estes, and Beavers. SECOND ROW: Putnam, Head, and Rathbone. THIRD ROW: Mullen, Taynton, Hewitt, and Friedrich. We are the Future Homemakers of America with high hopes and open hearts. Every year we strive to enhance the lives of our members and cultivate good citizens. Today ' s girls are tomorrow ' s homemakers. This year was launched with a chapter picnic. We were able to attend federation meetings and the State convention. Our girls took part in many special activities and co-spon- sored the annual beauty contest. Winding up the year was the traditional Parent-Daughter banquet and installations of next year ' s officers. We owe much to the support of our sponsors, Mrs. Robertson, and Mrs. Pieper. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ayers, Adams, FRONT ROW, left to right. Hambleton, Green, Broyles, Groety, and Taylor. BACK Miles, and Kinkenonn. SECOND ROW: ROW: Stapleton, Schwab, Dillon, Poole, and Steed. Saunders, Whitson, Young, and Rose. Left to right: Blackman, Rice, Leighton, Metts, Ford, Donnelly, Farnum, Graber, Gross, and Salzberg. 160 Future Secretaries of America This year the Future Secretaries of America Club, led by President Rochelle Norman, enjoyed many interesting programs which consisted of representa¬ tives from various business schools such as the Wash¬ ington School for Secretaries, the American Institute and the Alexandria Beauty Academy. There were speakers from various diversified businesses and the members presented interesting skits. To increase the enthusiasm in the club, official pins with the club initials were ordered for members. The annual beauty contest, one of the most important events of the year, was co-sponsored again with the Future Teachers and Future Homemakers Clubs. In addition to these activities, the FSA sponsored a number of activities for members such as a Christmas Party, Valentine Party, and a skating party. The increased activity by the FSA resulted in one of its most successful years. FRONT ROW, left to right: Rochelle Norman, President; Mary Ann Loder, Reporter. BACK ROW: Thelma Young, Treasurer; Mrs. Pro- vance, Sponsor; and Sandy Smith, Secretary. FRONT ROW, left to right; Romerhaus, Roberts, Kirchner, Warehime, and Adams. SECOND ROW; Parton, Hart, Juasits, Gross, and Hubble. THIRD ROW: Dunn, Hood, Martin, McDonald, and Chickano- vich. 161 Mech and Tech ’4.. FRONT ROW, left to right: Dave, Carmean, Fiefield, BoNA ' ers, Carter, and Lacey. SECOND ROW: Leckey, Dillingham, Wells, Grover, and Haynes. Mr. Shelton, Counselor The Mech-Tech class was organized this year for the first time, and operated on a two hour class period followed by a study hall which gave the boys three hours of working time to accomplish their jobs. The purpose of the class, was to perform use¬ ful jobs for teachers and students which required mechanical skill. Many types of services were afforded, such as changing snow tires, paint " touch up " and fender repairs. Officers of the group are: Robert Loften, President; Ronnie Dillingham, Vice President; David Carmean, Secretary,- and Richard Foalden, Treasurer. Mr. Croom, Instructor Carter, Grover, and Lofton examine the motor of a VW to de- Cave and Dove prepare to " touch up " a slight scratch on termine the trouble. " Fran " Lawrence ' s car. 162 Photo and Chess Clubs PHOTO CLUB, left to right: Fred Van Atta, David Esten, John Hasle, Bill Harris, Karl Bruce, and Mal¬ lory Hightower. BRIDGE AND CHESS CLUB. FRONT ROW, left to right: Chase, Danowski, .Monti, Eaton, and May. THIRD ROW: Snyder, Harris, Kelley, Duff, Crann, and Smith. SECOND ROW: Warner, Krueger, Ryan, Camobell, Nelson, Clifford, and Johnston. 163 Helping Hands 1. MAIN OFFICE HELPERS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Ziegfield Frymire. SECOND ROW: Ford, DeVor, and Fink. THIRD ROW: Egan, Walls, Nicley, and Moore. FOURTH ROW: Reynertson, Cline, White, and George. 2. GUIDANCE HELPERS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Cruse, Pelley, and Adams. SECOND ROW: Wittig, Putnam, Mitchell, Crann, and Rose. THIRD ROW: Cook, Hudson, Sullivan, Tourtillott, Broome, and Read. FOURTH ROW: Adams, Mechling, Clarke, George, and Smith. 3. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ' S HELPERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Thompson, Jones, McLennon, and Ghent. SECOND ROW: Baumert, Rios, Laney, Janoski, and Clements. THIRD ROW: Wagner, Wilson, McLellan, Claxton, and Schummers. FOURTH ROW: Gates, Danowski, Monroe, Marr, and Jackson. 4. FINANCE OFFICE HELPERS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Mitchell and Dunn. SECOND ROW: Haney and Stiller. THIRD ROW: Hotchkiss, Coleman, and Stratton. 5. CAFETERIA HELPERS: SITTING, left to right: Strobel, Anderson, Parry, Hunter, Seablom, Calbin, Roop, Keane, and O ' Neil. STAND¬ ING: Gaquin, Kimble, Lam, Cave, Padberg, and Bowman. 164 Around the School 1. PATROLS; FRONT ROW, left to right: Merk, Clayton, and Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Hudgins, Mann, and Hicks. THIRD ROW: Grant, Spivey, and Mason. 2. KITCHEN WORKERS: FRONT ROW, left to right: Brown, and Dawson. SECOND ROW; Hicks, Dove, and Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Carmean, Spivey, Grant, and Hirton. 3. BUS DRIVERS: FRONT ROW: left to right: Hadfield, Stewart, Urick, Sivak, and Gann. SECOND ROW: Studds, Thomas, Cha- conas Mumford, Niven Pagnella, and Purcell. 4. LIBRARY HELPERS: FRONT ROW: left to right-. Switzer, Berry, Norman, Nicholson, Eisenhart, Hartman, Finlay, and Tobias. SECOND ROW: Strickler, and Ward. THIRD ROW: Mitchell, Horton, Ghent, Roberts, Dowhower, Jaenicks, and Moquin. FOURTH ROW: Tomlin, Schlie, Friedrick, Hudson, and Cipolla. FIFTH ROW: Parkin, Cason, Hoffman, Switzer, Tibbs, Tyler, Fow¬ ler, and Lentz. SIXTH ROW: Padgett, Mann, Hightower, Thomp¬ son, Warner, Klingenbeck, Donovan, and Roper. 5. CLINIC HELPERS: FRONT ROW: left to right,- Higgins, Brindley, Miller, Botchin, Clemens, Woodworth, Rios, and seated Kelley. 165 LIFE the followingi |»ges, each and every member of the [student body will find r ! i memories — happy, exciting, remorseful, but all treasured memories of the days, the nights, the activifies ithat made the fun, gaiety, and thrill finblly captured herein, and in your heefftSj We hope that the " School Life " hette Will sufficiently portray ? i the wonderful experiences of the Home- j i coming festivities tfe first of the year I activities, the n|agilzine campaign, the concerts, the class activities, and the stu¬ dent recognitions by their peers and by the faculty. ’ i ✓ The 1962 Homecoming Queen Miss Joan Dennehy, crowns Miss Margaret Jordan . . . . . . and presents her the royal bou¬ quet of red roses, that she may reign . . . in radiant beauty on the throne of the 1963 Homecoming Queen. Homecoming festivities for 1963, reigned over by the football team ' s well-chosen Queen, Miss Margaret Jordan, were the highlight of the fall season. Queen Margaret, crowned by 1962 Homecoming Queen Joan Dennehy, was attended by Seniors Barbara Baran, Candy Coggins, Susie Briar, and Judy Brennan, all of whom rode beneath her throne on the beautiful inter-class float, " Education is the Stairway to the Stars. " Besides the inter-class float, the Senior Class presented the Class of 1964 " Bookworm, " and the Freshman Class made a humble remembrance. Up the stairway of books sit the Senior princesses; Judy Brennan, Susie Briar, Barbara Baran, and Candy Coggins; with Queen Margaret Jordan. Junior princesses, Claire Dominy and Annabel Graves, ride toward the float with Sophomore princess, Genie Wood . . . 169 . . . while Sophomore princess, Carolyn Rominy, rides with Freshman princesses, Susan Gibson and Eileen Flat¬ tery. I In keeping with the theme of Homecoming, the ever-populor genius of the Senior Class produced its special addition to the festivities . . . the Senior Class " Bookworm. " The entire Court and escorts await the crowning of the Queen by Miss Joan Dennehy. They are (left to right) D. Messing, E. Flattery, B. Webster, C. Romney, H. Hofler, A. Graves, G. Giffen, B, Baran, K. Abel, J. Brennan, R. Abbott, C. Coggins, B, Cline, S, Briar, B. Duckwall, M. Jordan, S. Ham, C. Dominy, R. Stallings, G. Wood, B. Taylor, and S. Gibson. The " Forgotten " Freshmen show that at least they have not forgotten! Cindy Lommasson, Sheryl O ' Quish, and Marilyn Thompson are proving it. " Up for the kick-off! " yells cheer¬ leader, Linda Evans. Jim Urick takes advantage of the front row seats, shared with Hayes Hofler, Annabel Graves, Queen Maggie Jordan, and Bob Duckwall. 170 Fall, Fire, Feeling! The annual " Burn the Tiger " Bonfire was highlighted by cries of " Skunk Tigers, " a bunny hop around the blazing fre, and real spirit inspiration by cheerleaders: Genie Wood, Annabel Graves, Maggie Jordan, Candy Coggins, Alline Bowden, Linda Evans, Karen Edwards, and Nancy Nance. The Mount Vernon High School Marching Band and Majorettes (above). SPIRIT, Spirit, Spirit . . . what does a school, o student body, and o team need more? This year, this foil, this football season ... the Majors hod it. Why? Because we hod the cheer¬ leaders, the Bond, the Majorettes, the Drill Team, and the Color Guard to boost it — the student body to shout it — and the team to feel it! as well as the Drill Team (below), promoted spirit by performing at half times. 171 We First Remember . . . the school seal that the Class of Nineteen hundred and sixty-four had placed in the floor in front of the gym. Who owns that smile of satisfaction? The president, Gene Giffen. . . . the sensation made by Mrs. Guerrero ' s karate lessons for girls?? Self-protection, yet? . . . the doughnuts which the Junior Class sold every day after school, to become the " second " richest class in the school. The regular sales¬ man? Milt Bennett. . . . the first play of the year, " the Stage Door " and all those grueling practices. The ac¬ tresses? Carolynda Campbell, Mary Mewshaw, and the star, Shaula Woodall. 172 Money and Music — by and for Students Ronnie Russell ' s spirit committee madly but splendidly decorates the halls as inspiration for the annual magazine campaign. Mount Vernon ' s 1964 magazine campaign, which will enable the SCA to function throughout the year, was a smashing success. We took in approxi¬ mately $9,300, which exceeded our goal of $9,000, and after deducting advertising expenses, prize money, and Curtis Publishing Company ' s share, we still ended up with a profit of approximately $2,800 in the treasury. Our success can be attributed to the diligence and perseverance of the students, and sponsorship of Mr. Match. c i o. " Weeeeel It ' s a happy magazine party! " Who are these enthusiastic salesmen? (left to right) Al Weston, pooped-out Fran Lawrence, Suzanne Hinson, Don Purcell — the " wheeler dealer, " " Crasher " Kathy Bradshaw, " Scratcher " Russ Abbott, Annabel Graves, and top salesman of Mt. Vernon, Diane Taynton. The Fall Concert, first of the season, proved the Mt. Vernon High Choral Department a pride of the school. The Advanced Girls ' Chorus was a valuable contributor. 173 By their facial expressions, one can see the force and feeling that the members of the Mixed Chorus put into each melodious note. Foreign and Domestic Honors at MV Tracy Tallon, and approximately 30 other students, welcome Diana with banners and songs of Mt. Vernon glory at the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Washington. Annabel Graves, Secretary of the S.C.A., welcomes Diana by pre¬ senting her with a corsage, while Kathy Williamson, President of the American Field Service chapter at M.V., looks on. Argentina was the home of Mount Vernon ' s first foreign exchange student. Miss Diana Wolfzun, who studied from December 1963 until February 1964. Ij 1 ; 1 ! i Iff ' ! r ■ n J. 1 ■■» Mrs. Adams, mother of Mary-Keen and guardian of Diana during her stay, brings Diana to Mr. Layne to plan her schedule as a Senior. Skip Nelson signs the Honor Society membership log, while Miss Mildred Mr. Landes presents Mary-Keen Adams with her official Lapsley pins on Jeannie Allen ' s corsage and Carla Kappel, a " tapper, " National Honor Society membership card. Barbara Baran, returns to her place. President, made " one of the very finest speeches " that even M ' -. Landes said he had ever heard. 174 Originality, Obviously Carol Jones, Lynn Balough, Bonnie Dunn, and Judy Thurston are realistically portraying a scene from The Scarlet Letter. Visual educatio n, with teachers Chip Hernhom and Marti Brick, seems to be ever-popular in Se.nior government classes this year! The faces behind the masks are those of dramatic artists Tom hlouston and Alline Bowden, Our actors are bringing to life an ideal of the I.C.C. Patti Bradford, John Finney, John Mason, Gary Ament, and David Esten seem to be pursuing a stimulating debate on the National Labor Re¬ lations Board. Resolved: Hawthorne was a Romantic writer and Carla Kappel is presenting a convinc¬ ing argument for her teammate, Laurie Hey- mont, against her opponents, Fran Lawrence and Bob St. Onge. 175 Christmas Could-bes Could if be that A.L.M. Spanish and French is amassing so many new recruits, or is this the long- deserved concert presentation of Mr. Julca ' s song collection? P.S. To be honesf ' fC: . ... The first fisTogj apiy is of the com bined chir sps. ' df at the mag nificentf ' Chryt rf6ii.-e6ricerty . . . Santa g®l - s really giving away ior Class (Fa ' hiding). . . . Mrs. Cooley ' s ingenious geniuses from fourth period actually won first prize for this emotional expression in the Senior-Class-sponsored door deco¬ rating contest. - St. Nick r®n behafti» pf the Sen- pjns Hayes is Could it be that our old friend, Santa, has joined the Key Club, or is he copying the S.C.A. ' s canned food and toy drive to solve the recent labor dis¬ pute up North? Could it be that Jim Tapp and Susie Briar were good friends, before Jim bribed Tracy Tallon and John Finney into pushing Susie through this " fire es¬ cape? " 176 Became Creations These fascinating door decora¬ tions were inspired by the annual Christmas door-decorating contest, sponsored by the Senior Class. The school halls were also decorated by the spirit committee, under chair¬ man Ronnie Russell. Below: This year Miss Hopkins, our choral director, began a course in music theory. As their big project, the members of the class each selected a song, learned the music, and taught it to one of the choruses entirely on their own. As the finale of the concert, the music theory class sang two pieces, each of which was conducted by one of their classmates. Above, Norma Green conducts the class in " Madame Jeanette. " 177 Sherry Able selected and conducted " Russian Picnic, " com¬ bining the Concert Choir ' s choral skills with superb piano accompaniment, done by Howard Thompson. Now Is the Golden Age pictures. As President, Gene GifFen presents Diane Wolfzun a bouquet of roses in welcome from the Senior Class. Poor Mr. Angel! To be in the dog house with Mr. Match doesn ' t mean bye-bye civics, does it? Even Mrs. Cooley (the class sponsor) likes sneakers and her Senior Class sneaker hop partner, Ray Graham. As a special treat for Seniors, the last two periods of one Monday afternoon were set aside for a Senior sneaker hop. There was a live band (three Seniors plus one), and authentic folksingers (Senior- style)! 178 One-Acts Take the Stage. In " Fumed Oak, " the hen-pecked husband, Mike Betrus, revolts against his family, Myra McCrary, June Costello, and Bonnie Mullins. An invalid, Mary Keen Adams, is entertained by actress Mary K. Thompson, in " The Purple Door¬ knob. " Two unemployed and discouraged actresses, Alice Chickanovich and Marcia Gentry, decide to end it all because " Fortune is a Cowboy. " Ken MacNevin rushes in to break up a street brawl between Liz Donnelly and Lockey Saunders, as Shaula Woodall and Judy Mann look on in horror. The play was entitled " Sunday Costs Five Pesos. " fi , ! 1 • , . i " I- 1 T • n ItW ' A combination of events find (left to right) Bob Murphy, Karen Arnold, Sslly Marflng, Chuck Wood, and Gary Ament involved in " The Sand Box. " 179 That Welcomed “Switch” Reigning over the annual Twirp Dance were the King and Queen of Hearts, Seniors Karen Edwards and Kermit Smith. They are attended by (Left to Right) Freshmen, Walt Winneberger, Delores Baine; Jun¬ iors, Bill Taylor, Annabel Graves,- and Sophomores, Barbara Camp¬ bell, Jim Jaeger. Each year in February, the Em Vee Hi sponsors the official Twirp Week " The Girl Is Really Paying. " Vari¬ ous clubs sponsor activities from which the newspaper makes 10%. The Key and Keyette Clubs had a Fash¬ ion Show; the paper had a Hootenanny,- and there was a Twirp Dance, a movie and a lollipop day. Everyone but everyone gees to the Hot Shoppes for heart cake on Twirp Fridayl Mount Vernon ' s first hootenany featured talent from our own school, Groveten, and Fort Hunt, with special guest, W.A.V.A. ' s Don Leece. 180 A Special Niche Since when are Tuberculosis inoculations such fun, Margaret Nicely? Biting his trembling lip is Reid Carlock, with his doubtful-looking friend, Nick Yurchik. As one of the S.C.A. ' s major projects, the new flagpole was dedicated by Mr. Landes, Reid Carlock, and the hard-working chairman. Bill Padgett. m -Vi,,, itoupo wwUk. UlliJR Svtvp90 rkWamji The Yearbook would like to say a special " Thank- you " to Linda Evans, member of the Transit staff, who wrote our dedication to President Kennedy. True court proceedings were carried on in this civics class, where one can see Judge Susie Briar; Prosecuting attorney, Steve Brown; Clerk, Byron McCutchin, and Witness, Drew Messing. Cheerleaders, Cheerleaders, and cheerleaders . . . regret¬ fully M.V. ' s main pep scapegoats. We ' d also like to re¬ member our great photographer, Craig Hudson, way up in that top picture! Beauties Vie for Title Heather Anderson and Rachelle Norman came forward for their second review, this time as semi-finalists. Behind the scenes, nervous contestants await their turn on stage. The beauty contest is annually sponsored by the F.H.A., F.T.A., and F.S.A. Susan Buckley and Sue Jackson, two of the twenty-four semi-finalists, are reviewed by the judges, who will then interview ten finalists. 182 captured at their best 9 183 Senior Spotlight Judy Brennan and Hayes Hofler were se¬ lected by the Senior Class as BEST ALL AROUND. Judy has been President of the Drill Team, Co-Editor of the Surveyor, and active in SCA; Hayes has been President of the Key Club and First Vice-President of the SCA. Mary Ann Danowski and Ray Graham were selected as the MOST ATHLETIC in the Senior Class. Mary Ann holds honors in hoc¬ key, basketball, and baseball, while Ray is lettered in football, basketball, and base- oall. Gene Giffen and Barbara Baron, voted MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED by their class¬ mates, begin their climb up the ladder of suc¬ cess. Barbara and Gene are both active in all phases of school life. 184 Shines on Carolyn Petitt and Ed Lowery were obvi¬ ously selected as the most PERFECT COUPLE in the Senior Class. Carolyn has been treas¬ urer of the Keyette Club and twice a Home¬ coming princess while Ed was active in the Key Club and Co-Captain of the varsity foot¬ ball. Beth Pelley and John Shafer were chosen as the HAPPIEST in the Senior Class. Beth has been a cheerleader and active in the Spanish Club; John lists Band and Basketball among his activities. ERNON GH 5 C 185 Outstanding Seniors Gene GifFen and Barbara Baran were chosen the MOST OUTSTANDING LEADERS in the Class of 1964. Gene has been Presi¬ dent of the Senior Class and active in Chorus and Key Club. Among Barbara ' s activities were Senior Honor Society, of which she was President, SCA, and Keyettes. Kathy Williamson and Otis Hays were selected as the MOST LITERARY in the Senior Class. Kathy is the editor of the Em Vee Hi and an active Keyette; Otis is editor of the Transit and Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class. Voted MOST TALENTED in the Senior Class were Susie Briar and Wrid Stewart. Susie has been active in Concert Choir and Wrid is an industrious member of the Band. 186 True Representatives John Shafer and Gail Kormas live up to their being chosen the FRIENDLIEST boy and girl in the Senior Class by welcoming every¬ one to Mount Vernon. Gail was Co-Editor of the Surveyor and active in Keyettes and Band. John ' s activities include baseball, Letterman ' s Club and SCA. The fact that Lockey Saunders and Otis Hays were selected the WITTIEST in their class explains this unsuccessful attempt to get them in a serious pose, hockey ' s interests lie in Drama; Otis is editor of the Transit. It is easy to see why Phyllis Botchin and Bob Duckwall were chosen as the BEST DRESSED in their class. Phyllis was Vice- President of the Keyette Club and historian of the Drill Team while Bob has been active in Pep Club and sports. 187 Of This Year’s Leigh Angel and Candy Coggins were selected as the BEST DANCERS in the Senior Class. Candy has been a Varsity cheerleader and President of the Pep Club; Leigh has been Vice-President of the Senior Class and an active Key Club member. Otis Hays and Kathy Mack were chosen the MOST ORIGINAL boy and girl in the Senior Class. Kathy is an active Art Club member and Otis is Co-Editor of the Em Vee Hi. (C 188 Senior Class Camille Ogle and Jim Chaconas could be none other than the MOST TALKATIVE mem¬ bers in the Senior Class. Camille is a Concert Choir member while Jim is interested in Drama. Greg Donovan and Susan Andrews were chosen as the MOST STUDIOUS in the Class of 1964. Susan has been secretary of the International Relations Club and a Keyette; Greg has been a member of the National Honor Society and the Transit staff. Gail Bell and Reid Carlock are apparently the QUIETEST couple in the Senior Class. Gail lists Drill Team and Dramatics as her main interests; Reid has been President of the Lettermen ' s Club and Co-Captain of the Varsity Football squad. 189 Faculty Recognizes KATHY BRADSHAW and FRAN LAURENCE were selected by the faculty as Junior Who ' s Who. Kathy was treasurer of the SCA and a member of the Senior Honor Society. Fran was Second Vice-Presi¬ dent of the SCA and also an active member of the EM VEE HI staff. Sophomore Who ' s Who were DIANNE BENNETT, KATHY MAHER, and GREG KNIGHT. Dianne was active on the newspaper staff, and Drill Team. Also on the newspaper staff, Kathy was president of the Junior Honor Society. Greg placed second in the State Latin Contest last year and played Junior Varsity basketball this year. 190 Outstanding Students w H O HAYES HOFLER, SUS IE BRIAR, and SKIPPER NELSON were relected as Senior Who ' s Who. Hayes served as First Vice-President of the SCA and President of the Key Club. Susie played the female lead in " My Fair Lady " and was the Keyette Club President. President of the Debate Club, Skipper was a member of the team for the television show " It ' s Academic. " Chosen from the Freshman class were STAN FLORER, MELANIE COOKE, ELLEN FINLAY, and DAVID GORSKI. Stan served as a representative for both SCA and Freshman Counsel. Recently transferred from California, Melanie was inducted into the Junior Honor Society in the fall. Ellen played the oboe in the band and was first chair oboe in the Freshman All-State Band. David was on the Freshman basketball team and in Junior Honor Society. 191 192 vertisers who hav subscribed to coverage in 1964 Survey r a|nd who have supported our our yearbook trdastt look and remini. y in this manner. As we hrough the advertising section in years o c|)me, let us be reminded of their support. and ' patronize their business establishments l ' idence of our sincere appreciation. It is also hopek particularly enjciy, and look for yoir. fl tisements in this it you, the students, wil e " picture " advertising. ends among the adver- volume. Carolyn Petitt and Ed Lowry take a look at Warren Rosenthal ' s new Jaguar while Jane Bradley prepares to wash its windows at WOODLAWN ESSO SERVICE CENTER, 4754 Richmond highway, Alexandria, Virginia. 1017 King Street or FASHIONS FOR GENTLEMEN and TUk tocOw 605 King Street Alexandria, Va. Mr. Ruben shows Ronnie Russell, Helen Savage, and Marsha Roland fashionable men’s attire. TIMBERMAN’S DRUG STORE 106 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-0091 Award Sweaters at LEVINSON CLOTHING CO., INC. 424 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-0829 Craig Hudson picks up his tuxedo for the prom from Mrs. Rodway at RIAN CLEANERS, 3006 Richmond HIGHWAY, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. I. G. A. MARKET Groceries Meat Produce 4111 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia RO 8-9841 ARTHUR I. SHAFFER, Florist Alexandria, Virginia Greenhouses and Shop Telegraph Road Florance Lane south 5-5511 or SOuth 5-3737 Shaffer ' s Shop 901 King Street King 9-0537 Cathy White, Caroline Pilch, and Carolynda Campbell enter Stromak’s Den located on the second level of THIEVES MARKET, 3510 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia. Teen Age Accounts Invited CASTELBERG’S Jewelers Since 1847 Diamonds, Watches Jewelry, Appliances 801 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Open Monday, Thursday, and Friday Evenings 196 liiiilw Beth Pelley and Sandy Moquin look through o sample book os Solly and Meg Johnson choose decorating fabric at BARBY’S FABRIC SHOP, 1 25 N. Washington Street, Alexan¬ dria, Virginia. ELLIS CARPET COMPANY Hollin Hall Shopping Center 1 643 Fort Hunt Road Alexandria, Virginia 765-3066 ENGLESIDE BARBER SHOP 4432 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia RO 8-3034 197 ZAMSKY STUDIOS WELLINGTON HOUSE 809 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Senior and Faculty Portraits 1007-09-1 1 Market Street Philadelphia 7 , Pennsylvania Mr. Frank MacIntyre Mount Vernon Representative City Club Velvet Steps ELLIS SHOES, INC. 518 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Kl 9-4870 Wesboro Vitality Poula Landes and Judy Wittig eye a pretty dress shown by Mrs. Mingus at POST SHINGLE, 633 BELLEVIEW BLVD., ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Compliments of AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY Hannibal, Missouri MARY’S LIHLE SHOP Ladies Fashions Hunting Towers Shopping Center Alexandria, Virginia Francie Read and Barbara Ray appreciate the drop-in service at BEEDIE’S HOUSE OF BEAUTY, Open Daily 9:30-8 Saturday 9:30-6 2806 RICHMOND HIGHWAY, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Kathy McLellan, Bill Garrett, and John Savage boy the latest sports equipment at MARTIN’S HARD- BROWN’S MEN SHOP 713 King Street — Kl 8-2800 Agents for London Fog Rainwear McGregor Sportswear Sero Shirts Formal Wear — Rentals and Sales MEAHL’S MOBIL-CARE 4644 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia T. B. A. — Gas — Oil WARE, 3910 RICHMOND HIGHWAY, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Phone: RO 8-9855 199 GLORIUS PAIN RELIEF Earache Toothache Quick and longer lasting relief if ap¬ plied properly, as often as needed. A modern medication, heals as it relieves, it cannot be duplicated, no sales rep¬ resentatives, not in drugstores. Legally on the market. Price — $2.50 Introductory Sale Limited Time Send to: M. S. GLORIUS COMPANY P.O. Box 6907 Washington, D.C. Patty Berry, Kathy and Sharon Duvall pause for a picture while selecting a prom gown at LADY LOIS FASHIONS, INC., 606 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. Dick White purchases flowers for some lucky girl from David Readyhough at EN- GLESIDE GARDENS, 4746 Richmond High¬ way, Alex., Va. Mr. Hazleton makes a sale on a sewing machine, one of many useful household devices one can buy at MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY, 906 King Street, Alex., Va. 200 TEN PIN COLISEUM 223 South Kings Highway Alexandria, Virginia Special Rates For Schools Phone: SO 5-3633 Bobby Cline, Linda Evans, and Frank Somerville remember their childhood days v hile shopping at HOLLIN HALL VARIETY STORE, INC., 1651 Fort Hunt Road, Alex., Va. Irene Jordan, Rebecca Walls, and Barbara Roysdon enjoy a coke at LORTON GULF SERVICE, Lorton Road and Shirley Highway, Lorton, Va. 201 Compliments of TRADE SUPPLY 401 Swann Avenue Alexandria, Virginia RAY’S JEWELRY Religious Jewelry, Diamonds Longines Wittnauer Watches Jewelry and Watch Repair Roberta Head, Melinda Bennett, and Sue Jackson visit the 815 King Street Alexandria, Virginia main store of HAYMAN’S, 526 to 530 KING STREET, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Phone: Kl 9-1503 PHOTOS BY MARLER HOWARD AND RUTH A Complete Professional Photographic Service for Northern Virginia. Color Photography Color Post Cards Architectural and Industrial Advertising Photo News Bridal Portraits, Groups Alexandria, Virginia Phone: SO 5-3963 202 After the game — have a PIZZA! We bake, you take. “PIZZA-CHEF” 4750 Richmond Highway 780-3316 Call and your order will be ready in ten minutes. Ann Claxton, Steve Ross, Bonnie Cruze, and Bill Smoke enjoy a pizza after the “big game. " 203 Donna Campbell, Jim Johnston, and Loma Marsh shop at BOB’S CAMERA SUPPLY, 719 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia, where Mr. Bribiesca shows them the latest equip¬ ment for taking pictures. Ken MacNevin, Cathy Pick, and Judy Thomas are busy servicing a car at ENGLESIDE AMOCO SERVICE CENTER, 4040 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia. Gail Bell and Terry White receive courteous service at PENN DAW MOTOR HOTEL RESTAURANT, located at the corner of Kings Highway and U.S. 1, Alexandria, Va. 204 Mrs. Tyson and Lisa Wideman help Lou Anderson select luggage for college at PEEBLES DEPARTMENT STORE, INC., Ma- rumsco Plaza, Woodbridge, Virginia. HYBLA VALLEY CITIES SERVICE 3014 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 24 Hour Service 765-9808 CRUSTY PIE COMPANY, INC. 30 " O " Street N.E. Washington, D.C. AD 2-71 1 1 griffin rLUMBING EATING. m it R0 8 PIPE CUT TO ORDER • I I I r . -w . .T PIPE FITTINGS i n Debbie Young, Mary K. Thompson, and Grayson Koogle chat with Mr. W. E. Griffin, President, and Mr. A. S. English, Vice President, in front of their firm located at 4322 Richmond Highway, Alex., Va. 205 208 • , , i - ) ' . , ' t ' . T t I .tf f ' 6 v4 4- ' K J » i . wr. r ' ' . fV; ! ' I ■ y •, ' ' 0- jm: 5 ' ' V • ■ I ir !t -T .- i.-f " f ' -h . ■. ■ SV ' ' II i.iK. v ’ 5 ,i: lA ' ■’ ' ■ ' i ' , ' ».■■,■ " » LiKi ' . A. ■ ' V V ' ' , ■1 ' . 4 ' . M. V ' • ’ U ' ' . ‘ V- ' ' ' , ' i ' v, ' y i ■. , y " -• • • ' , ' .4 -i ' - ■ .jfi ■ j w S ' ' . ■ ' w. ;x • f ' lV . J; .’.r . ' .■’ S- ' rm % ■’!; ' ft- ir ■ ' 1 (• ‘ I O’;, s: ' ■ ,• . • ■ ' ■’ • I ' i.. i,V•-■ ' ' ' • ' f» 1 ' .tV ' ■ w ■ ' ’ ) . . ' If» ■ ' , ' ' 3 ' t ' » i V.’ ‘A i;Vs,‘ ■■ ' » u Jtn ' C 5| ' ■ V-i. • ‘ 4 I «■ 52S ; £■. •! ' .■ ■ ' i Ti t ' ' • , » I , .1 ♦ ' v .. !■ S-c ; Kv v f ' . i.jji .■ ‘ L.. ‘ ’■ ' • 1 ' -V-; V ' I ' • -vit ' • ■ r ,, Uf ,« . .TlLv • null I ■ - ■ ■ . ' . ■ . ■ ' ■ ' ' ' V’.., (■, . ’■‘ ' ■ ' ‘ ' f:! ' ■ mn 1

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