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The Surveyor Staff Presents a Chronicle of Events for the 1961 -1962 School Year Mount Vernon High School 3900 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Campus Scenes At the end of a long day weary students make their way to busses which will carry them home again. Seniors enjoy a privilege granted them and stroll with friends during lunch shifts. Iflfl BH« §F§l|Wff ini itiij nil yjjfSl ■MB ■III MU ■III Ilf I Inis mi im mi ' £ fc£$m f w|L Wrrri Hit tut tnfl| 2 The aerial view of our Alma Mater was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Marler, who also put in many hours with us photograph¬ ing scenes and activities of our school. After a long day, which begins at 8:15 a.m., students file wearily through our famous portal for their trip home once again. The time — 3:31 p.m., any day during the one hundred eighty-five spent inside the hallowed walls of our dear old Alma Mater. 3 Foreword The school year 1961-1962 was an eventful one. Herein lies an account in pictures and words of the many activities, personalities, and ac¬ complishments, which were so much a part of Mount Vernon High School during the past year. May this account perserve for you the memories of a rewarding year, for you and your school¬ mates with whom you have associated. We, The Surveyor Staff, dedicate the 1962 Surveyor to the students of Mount Vernon High School, you, who made the year a pros¬ perous and rewarding experience. Contents Faculty. 10-27 Classes. 30-99 Sports . 102-125 School Life . 128-139 Organizations . 142-187 Advertisements . 190-200 I Major Highlights of the Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Gates, school secretaries, perform the usual daily duties on a typical busy morning at Mount Vernon. Ray Graham, junior varsity quarterback, proudly pre¬ sents Coach White with an autographed football at annual awards banquet. Mr. Swain and members of his Biology class pre¬ pare living quarters in school yard for a family of " experimental rabbits. " Dennis Rachford, a member of the unlimited weight class, tangles with Osbourn opponent during home meet. 6 School Year 1961-1962 Varsity cheerleaders and hop " around ceremonial football team lead a bonfire prior to Fairfax bunny tilt. Varsity cheerleaders accommodate school photographers by sitting still long enough to snap this pyramid pose. 7 A learning situation could not be accomplished without a proper instructor, and we are most fortu¬ nate in that area. A complete aca¬ demic and vocational curriculum is available to all; with choices in¬ cluding music, home economics, science, analysis, foreign language, art, and business skills. ■ ' V ' 1 - :v p$p$ Administration Plans MR. MELVIN B. LANDES, who has been our principal for seventeen years, attended Madison College, Elizabethtown, and Mc¬ Pherson College where he received his B.A. Degree. Mr. Landes received his M.A. de¬ gree from George Washington University. In addition to his administrative duties Mr. Landes always finds the time to talk with his faculty and students. He is also sponsor of the building patrols. 10 for Future Years MR. WOODROW T. ROBINSON is our Assistant Principal for Admini¬ stration, and he has been at Mount Vernon for five years. Mr. Robinson received his B.S. degree from Emory and Henry College and his A.M. from Duke University. He has also done graduate work at the University of Virginia. MR. STEWART W. CHRISTIANO is our Assistant Principal for Instructior He came to us this year from the University of Virginia. Mr. Christian! received his B.A. and his M.S. from the University of Bridgepor Connecticut and his professional Diploma from the University of Virginic 11 The Hands of Guidance MISS MILDRED JAMESON LAPSLEY is our Guidance Director. Miss Laps- ley has been at Mount Vernon for eight years. She received her B.A. degree from Mary Baldwin College, and her M.Ed. from the University of Virginia. MISS LAPSLEY always finds time to discuss future plans with students. Dawn Dowhower is receiving help with her schedule for her senior year. MRS. FLORENCE PRICE is the senior coun¬ selor. She received her B.A. from Washing¬ ton Square College and is completing work for her M.A. in Guidance at George Washington University. MR. EARL LAYNE is the junior counselor. He received his A.B. and M.A. from West Virginia University. MR. PAUL CLEVENGER is the sophomore counselor. Mr. Clevenger received his B.S. and M.S. from the University of Tennessee. 12 and Leadership MR. BAKER SHELTON is the ninth grade counselor. He received his A.B. from Wash¬ ington College and his M.A. from George Washington University. MISS POLLY WAID assists with ninth grade counseling and she is also the Girls ' .Ath¬ letic Director and teaches physical Edu¬ cation. Miss Waid received her B.S. from Radford College. MR. OSCAR MATCH is Vocational Educa¬ tion counselor and he also teaches D.E. I and II. Mr. Match attended Pennsylvania State University and received his A.B., M. Litt and M.A. from the University of Pitts¬ burgh. MRS. PARRISH and MRS. ELLISON are always available to assist students and faculty with their library problems. MRS. NAOMA ELLISON is our Assistant Librarian. She has been at Mount Vernon for four years. Mrs. Ellison received her B.S. from Concord College. MRS. FRANCES PARRISH is our Librarian. Mrs. Parrish has been here at Mount Ver¬ non for fifteen years. She received her A.B. from Flora Macdonald College and her A.B. in L.S. from the College of William and Mary. 13 A Capable Staff MRS. BARBARA PRUET Visiting Teacher MRS. MARY DUNNAVANT School Nurse MRS. FLORENCE REDDING Reading Teacher MRS. BILLIE GATES Secretary MRS. CHRISTINA TAYLOR Secretary MRS. ELIZABETH McLANE Secretary MRS. HAZEL JOHNSON MRS. JANE GRIBBLE MRS. MARIE STROBEL Finance Officer Secretary Cafeteria Manager 14 Demonstrates Learning Tools MR. LOUIS THOMA S DeLaFLEUR came to Mount Vernon this year. He teaches Spanish. Mr. DeLaFleur has his A.B. degree from Mexico City College. MR. ELGYN W. JULCA has just completed his second year here. He received his B.S. degree from J. Brown University. Mr. Julca teaches Spanish 2, 3, and 4. MRS. KATHARINE GREENHOUSE has just completed her first year here at Mount Ver¬ non. Mrs. Greenhouse received her A.A. de¬ gree from Towson Junior College and her B.A. degree from the University of North Carolina, and has done graduate work at Middlebury College. She teaches French 1 and 2. Mrs. Greenhouse and Miss Swaim try out lab equipment prior to the opening of school. MRS. SONJA K. HOWELL received her B.S. degree from Bradley University. She teaches French 1 and 2. This year was Mrs. Howell ' s first at Mount Vernon. MISS LAURA E. LANKS came to Mount Ver¬ non three years ago. She received her A.B. degree from Rosemont College. Miss Lanks teaches French 2, 3, and 4 and Physical Edu¬ cation to eleventh and twelfth grade girls. She also coaches varsity softball and is as¬ sistant coach for hockey. MISS OLENE SUE SWAIM received her A.A. degree from Mars Hill College and her B.A. from Wake Forest College. Miss Swaim teaches French 1 and 2. This was Miss Swaim ' s first year here at Mount Vernon. MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN teaches Spanish 1 and 2 and also sponsors the Spanish Club and the Spanish Honor Society. Mr. Vaughn has just completed his fifth year here at Mount Vernon. He received his B.A. degree from McPherson College, his B.D. degree from Bethany Seminary and his M.S. degree from Cornell University. MRS. PEARL YANCY was graduated from N.E. Missouri Teachers College where she received her B.S. degree. Mrs. Yancey teaches Latin and also sponsors the Latin Club. 15 Social Studies and History MR. BERT B. COHEN teaches World History, Modern European History and United States History. He also sponsors the Debate team and coaches forensics. Mr. Cohen received his A.B. degree from American University, his M.A. from the University of Virginia, has done graduate work at Mary Washington College, Harvard University and is working toward his Ph.D from American University. Mr. Cohen has taught at Mount Vernon for twelve years. MR. LAWRENCE W. HATCH has just com¬ pleted his twelfth year at Mount Vernon. He teaches American Government and World His¬ tory. Mr. Hatch attended the University of Florence (Italy), he received his B.S. degree from Madison College and his M.A. degree from George Washington University. MR. WILLIAM R. HEATH teaches Social Stud¬ ies. He was graduated from Mansfield State Teachers College where he received his B.S. degree. MR. DONALD G. COOLEY teaches American Government and sponsors the Student Council Association. He received his A.B. degree from Shepherd College and has done graduate work at the University of Virginia ana George Washington University. Mr. Cooley has taught at Mount Vernon for eight years. MR. BERNARD R. HENSLEY teaches United States history. He received his A.B. degree from Morningside College and his M.A. de¬ gree from American University. Mr. Hensley has just completed his eighth year here at Mount Vernon. MR. CARL W. MUSSER teaches American Government and World History, and spon¬ sors the International Relations Club. He re¬ ceived his B.A. degree from Emory and Henry College and his M. A. degree from George Washington University. Mr. Musser has been here at Mount Vernon for eight years. 16 Develop Political Understanding MRS. HATTIE G. QUINLEY came to Mount Vernon nineteen years ago. She teaches Geog¬ raphy and sponsors the Future Teachers Club. Mrs. Quinley attended Virginia Intermont College, received her B.S. degree from Rad¬ ford College and her M.A. degree from George Washington University. MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER teaches Social Studies. He was graduated from Shepherd College where he received his B.S. degree. Mr. Skinner coaches varsity basketball, golf, and he is sponsor of the Pep Club. He has taught here at Mount Vernon for seven years. MISS SARA E. WILSON, iunior class sponsor, was graduated from Winthrop College with a B.A. degree. Miss Wilson teaches United States History. She has just completed her second year here at Mount Vernon. MR. GEORGE W. WHITE came to Mount Ver¬ non two years ago. He teaches United States History, World Geography and Physical Edu¬ cation. Mr. White is the freshman basketball coach and the junior varsity football coach. He received his A.B. degree from Marshall University. 17 Mathematical Knowledge " Figures” MR. STANLEY L. FANT teaches Algebra I and Math I, and also coaches wrestling. He received his B.S. degree from Wilson Teachers College. Mr. Font has been here at Mount Vernon for nine years. MRS. CATHERINE R. GUY came to Mount Ver¬ non three years ago. She teaches Trigonome¬ try, Solid Geometry and Plane Geometry, and is also sponsor of the Mathematics Club. Mrs. Guy received her B.A. degree from Hun¬ ter College and has done graduate work at American University and the University of Virginia. The warm days last August, prior to the opening of school, were spent by Mr. Layman and Mr. Sawyer as " planning days. " Reading and digesting our hand¬ book apparently proved to be interesting reading matter. MR. ORION R. LAYMAN received his B.A. de¬ gree from Bridgewater College and his M.S. in Education from Virginia Polytechnic Insti¬ tute. Mr. Layman came to Mount Vernon seven years ago, he teaches Algebra I and II. MR. WILLIAM R. MACDONALD teachers Alge¬ bra I and Plane Geometry. This is Mr. Mac¬ donald ' s first year at Mount Vernon. He re¬ ceived his B.S. degree from the United States Naval Academy. MR. PHILLIP E. JOHNSON teaches Algebra I and II. He came to Mount Vernon just this year. Mr. Johnson received his B.S. degree from Appalachian State Teachers, and has at¬ tended the University of North Carolina, Florida State University, American University and George Peabody College. 18 in Daily Living MRS. LULU R. McFARLAND came to Mount Vernon eight years ago. She teaches Algebra and Geometry. Mrs. McFarland received her A.B. degree from Guilford College and has done graduate work at the University of Virginia, American University and George Washington University. MR. JOHN E. MILLER teaches Algebra and Math. He received his B.A. degree from Emory and Henry College and his M.A. de¬ gree from George Peabody College. Mr. Miller came to Mount Vernon five years ago. He is the varsity football coach and assistant track coach. MR. JOHN H. MOORE teaches Math. He came to Mount Vernon High seventeen years ago. He received his B.S. degree from South¬ eastern Teachers College and has done ad¬ ditional work at American University, George Washington University and the University of Virginia. MRS. JANE O ' BRIEN teaches Plane, Trig and Solid Geometry and Analysis. She also spon¬ sors the Keyette Club. Mrs. O ' Brien was grad¬ uated from Syracuse University with a B.A. degree. Mount Vernon High has had Mrs. O ' Brien on its staff for four years. MISS CLARA B. ROBISON came to Mount Ver¬ non nineteen years ago. She teaches Math 1. Miss Robison attended Bridgewater College and received her B.S. degree from Madison College. MR. WILLARD STRATTON teaches Algebra 1. He received his B.S. degree from Morehead State College and his M.A. degree from the University of Kentucky. He came to Mount Vernon four years ago. 19 Home Ec., Shop, and Science MRS. LOIS M. PIEPER came to Mount Vernon a year and a half ago. She teaches home economics. Mrs. Pieper received her B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota. MR. HAROLD L. HODGE teaches Mechanical Drawing. He received his A.B. degree from John B. Stetson University and his M.A. de¬ gree from George Washington University. Mr. Hodge has taught here at Mount Vernon for seven years. MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON teaches Home Economics 1, 3 and 4. and she sponsors the Mt. Vernon Chapter of the Future Homemak¬ ers of America. Mrs. Robertson received her B.S. degree from Radford College and her M.Ed. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. She came to Mount Vernon nineteen years ago. MR. LESTER B. CROOM teaches General Shop. He has just completed his sixth year here at Mount Vernon. Mr. Croom received his B.S. degree from East Carolina College. MR. JAMES W. GEROCK has just completed his first year here at Mount Vernon. He teaches General Shop and received his B.S. degree from East Carolina Collge. MR. JAMES ' W. JOHNSTON teaches Indus¬ trial Arts Woodworking. He came to Mount Vernon sixteen years ago. Mr. Johnston, re¬ ceived his B.Ed. from Eastern Illinois Univer¬ sity and has attended Penn State, George Washington University, and the University of Virginia. MISS GERSHON SHICKEL has just completed her sixth year here at Mount Vernon. She received her B.S. degree from Madison Col¬ lege. Miss Shickel teachers Home Economics 1 and 2. MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE has taught at Mount Vernon two years. He was graduated from the University of New York where he re¬ ceived his B.S. degree. Mr. Nurse teaches ninth grade general shop. Metal Shop 1 and 2 . 20 Provide Useful Knowledge MRS. ANNA M. HARDER has taught here at Mount Vernon for five years, she teaches Earth Science. Mrs. Harder received her B.S. degree from Immaculate College. MR. PAUL MASKALENKO teaches Physics and Chemistry, and also sponsors the Rocket Club. He received his B.S. degree from East Caro¬ lina College. This is Mr. Moskalenko ' s third year at Mount Vernon. MRS. WALTRAUT NELSON came to Mount Vernon three years ago. She teaches Biology and General Science. Mrs. Nelson received her B.A. degree from American University. MR. FREDERICK H. POWELL teaches Biology, and also sponsors the Audio Visual club. Mr. Powell received his B.S. degree from Atlantic Christian College, and has done graduate work at the College of William and Mary, North Carolina State College, and Madison College. This is his first year at Mount Ver¬ non. MR. JOHN R. SAWYER teaches Earth Science. He received his B.S. degree from Wake For¬ est and his M.A. from the University of Nortfi Carolina. Mr. Sawyer has been at Mount Vernon for seven years. MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN received his B.S. de¬ gree from Alabama Teachers College, and his M.S. from Florida State University. He came to Mount Vernon five years ago. Mr. Swain teaches Biology. MR. CHARLES J. WOODARD teaches Chemistry and Earth Science. He came to Mount Vernon tfiree years ago. Mr. Woodard received his B.S. degree from Atlantic Christian and has done graduate work at the University of North Carolina. 21 English Instructors Open MISS HELEN E. ALLEN teaches English II. She received her A.A. degree from Louisburg College and her B.S. from East Carolina Col¬ lege. Miss Allen has been here at Mount Ver¬ non two years. MRS. CATHERINE P. COOLEY has just com¬ pleted her tenth year at Mount Vernon. She received her B.S. degree from Mary Washing¬ ton College of the University of Virginia. Mrs. Cooley teaches English IV and also spon¬ sors the Senior Class. MRS. HELEN L. BLALOCK has been here at Mount Vernon eleven years. She teaches English IV. Mrs. Blalock received her A.B. de¬ gree from the University of Colorado, an A.M. from Indiana University and also an A.M. from the University of Mexico. MRS. PHYLLIS H. DePOY teaches English I. She received her A.B. and M.A. degrees from Ball State Teachers College. MISS SANDRA L. JONES teaches English I and II. She received her B.A. degree from Bethany College. Miss Jones has just com¬ pleted her first year at Mount Vernon. MR. A. LEE PAULEY teaches English I and Dramatics. This is his first year at Mount Vernon. Mr. Pauley received his B.F.A. de¬ gree from Richmond Professional Institute, of the College of William and Mary. He also coaches Dramatics. MRS. DOROTHY D. CLIFTON teaches Enalish I and II. She received her B.A. degree from Mary Baldwin College. Mrs. Clifton came to Mount Vernon five years ago. MR. MILES L. HIGGISON came to Mount Ver¬ non three years ago. He received his B.A. de¬ gree from Wake Forest College and has done graduate work at George Washington Uni¬ versity. Mr. Higgison is an English III teacher and he is also co-sponsor of the EM VEE HI. 22 Ail Roads to Learning MISS MARY L. PEACOCK teaches English II and III. She received her A.B. degree from Duke University. Miss Peacock has just com¬ pleted her first year at Mount Vernon. English teachers gather for a departmental meeting to discuss the program of study. MR. THOMAS E. PROPPS teaches English I and World Geography. He has been here at Mount Vernon for two years. Mr. Propps re¬ ceived his A.B. degree from West Virginia Institute of Technology. He was the freshman football coach. MISS MARGIE E. ROSE received her A.B. de¬ gree from Duke University. This was Miss Rose ' s first year at Mount Vernon. She teaches English I and II. MR. RONALD J. SAVAGE teaches English III, and is co-sponsor of the EM VEE HI. He received his A.B. and A.M. degrees from The Catholic University of America, and has done graduate work at Georgetown University. Mr. Savage came to Mount Vernon three years ago. MRS. IONE C. SCUDDER teaches English I. She received her B.S. degree from the Uni¬ versity of Tennessee. Mrs. Scudder came to Mount Vernon five years ago. MR. JOHN R. STUBBINGS received his B.A. degree from the University of Virginia. He teaches English 1. 23 Physical Fitness Program Mr. Kazlausky, athletic director, serves cokes to members of his staff — they are backfield football coach Colna; varsity football coach Miller (who was also selected coach of the year); freshman coach White and varsity baseball coach Yed- nock. MR. TED COLNA teaches physical education, driver education and health. He received his B.S. degree from George Washington Univer¬ sity. Mr. Colna is the assistant varsity foot¬ ball and varsity baseball coach. MR. VICTOR KAZLAUSKY is our Athletic Di¬ rector, and he teaches physical education to junior and senior boys. Mr. Kazlausky came to. Mount Vernon nine years ago. He re¬ ceived his B.S. degree from Slippery Rock State Teachers College and his M.Ed. from the University of Pittsburgh. MR. EARNEST SNYDER teaches tenth and eleventh grade boys physical education, and he coaches track and is also assistant foot¬ ball coach. He received his B.S. degree from Glenville State Teachers College. Mr. Snyder came to Mount Vernon seven years ago. MR. EDWIN TAYLOR teaches tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade physical education. He is assistant J.V. baseball and basketball coach. Mr. Taylor received his B.S. degree from Con¬ cord College and his M.S. degree from the University of Tennessee. This was Mr. Tay¬ lor ' s second year at Mount Vernon. MR. JOHN YEDNOCK teaches ninth and tenth grade physical education, and coaches varsity baseball. He received his B.S. and M.A. de¬ grees from George Washington University. Mr. Yednock has been at Mount Vernon eight years. 24 I Devised and Planned for All MISS YVONNE DeGREE teaches tenth grade physical education, and is the sponsor of Intramural Activities. Miss DeGree received her B.S. degree from the University of Vir¬ ginia. This was Miss DeGree ' s first year at Mount Vernon. Miss Whitehead, varsity hockey coach, and Miss Lanks, assistant coach, prepare the goal post for game time. MISS ADELE PAVIS coaches the J.V. basket¬ ball team and teaches ninth grade physical education. Miss Pavis received her A.A. and B.S. degrees from George Washington Uni¬ versity. MISS BETTI WHITEHEAD teaches ninth grade physical education; coaches varsity hockey and J.V. softball. This was her first year at Mount Vernon. Miss Whitehead received her B.S. degree from Radford College, Women ' s Division of Virginia Polytechnic Institute. MISS SALLY ZACHARY teaches tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade physical education. She coaches varsity basketball. Miss Zachary re¬ ceived her degree from Elon College. 25 Business and Art Classes MRS. DOROTHY BROWN leaches typing I and II, and bookkeeping. She received her B.S. degree from Mary Washington Collge, and has done graduate work at the Univer¬ sity of Virginia, George Washington Univer¬ sity and American University. Mrs. Brown came to Mount Vernon three years ago. MRS. KATHERINE CASEY came to Mount Ver¬ non this past October. She teaches Business Math and typing I. Mrs. Casey received her B.S. degree from Emmanuel College. MRS. MARY O ' NEIL teaches typing I and II, shorthand I and bookkeeping. Mrs. O ' Neil re¬ ceived her B.S. degree from Radford College, and has just completed her sixteenth year at Mount Vernon. Business teachers take advantage of " pre " student days to plan ahead. MRS. FLORENCE PROVANCE sponsors the senior commercial club and the Bible club. She teaches shorthand I and II, and typing I and II. Mrs. Provance received her A.C.A. degree from Bowling Green College of Com¬ merce, her B.S. degree from Duquesne Uni¬ versity, and her M.E. from the University of Pittsburgh. She has done graduate work at the University of Maryland. MRS. SANDRA STEVENS teaches typing I and Business Arithmetic. She has just completed her second year at Mount Vernon. Mrs. Ste¬ vens received her B.S. degree from the Uni¬ versity of Florida. MISS LUCY LOWMAN is the Coordinator for Vocational Office Training; she also teaches Clerical Office Practice and bookkeeping. Miss Lowman has been sponsor of The Surveyor for seventeen of her eighteen years here at Mount Vernon. She received her B.S. degree from Radford College, and has done gradu¬ ate work at George Washington University, University of Virginia and Richmond Pro¬ fessional Institute. MISS BETTY WITHERINGTON teaches typing I and II. She received her B.S. degree from Madison College. Miss Witherington came to Mount Vernon this year. 26 Develop Innate Skills Prior to the opening of school Mrs. Locke checks to see if her supplies are in order for use in her Art classes. MRS. JANE KOFLER teaches Art I. She has just completed her second year here at Mount Vernon. Mrs. Kofler received her B.A. degree from Wellesley College, and her B.F.A. de¬ gree from the Art Institute of Chicago. MRS. RHEA LOCKE is sponsor of the Art Club, and teaches Art II, III and IV. She re¬ ceived her A.B. degree from the University of Alabama, and received her certificate in art from Belhaven College. Mrs. Locke has just completed her tenth year here at Mount Vernon. MR. GENE STEINBACH is the Director of Music and has a full day working with the various sections of the band. Mr. Steinbach, who has just completed his twelfth year at Mount Vernon, received his B.S. degree from Northwestern University and his M.S. from Catholic University. Mr. Steinbach, at the piano, and Miss Hopkins, choral director, can be seen and heard many times during the school year when preparing for a concert. MISS LOUISE L. HOPKINS has been our choral director for four years. She received her B.A. degree from Georgetown College, and her M.A. degree from the University of Ken¬ tucky. Miss Hopkins is re¬ sponsible for organizing vari¬ ous singing groups within the student body,- and, she has been successful in directing school musicals. 27 Being a member of a class in school is an honor within itself. The following pages will now, and in the future, serve as a reminder of the many friends you made during your high school days. An effort was made to provide a complete picture record, but time, absentee¬ ism, and deadline dates withheld some from the midst. " i-j SjgSjjjjKS The Senior Class Senior Class Officers, left to right: Pete King, president; Cherie Longeway, reporter; Bob Bailey, treasurer; Marie Fridenstine, secre¬ tary; Joe Vaughan, vice-president. Missing from picture is the spon¬ sor, Mrs. Cooley. LOIS ANN ABEL JUDITH MAE ADDY EDMUND THOMAS ALLEN, JR. 30 of Nineteen Sixty-two JAMES DAVID ALVEY ALICIA ELIZABETH ANDERSON JAMES CHIFFIE ANDERSON, JR. WALLACE GEORGE ANGEL, JR. JOHN GEORGE ANGELSON CAROLYN ANN ARTHUR MAUREEN ELIZABETH AUL ANN ELIZABETH AULT PEGGY SUE AUSTIN BETTY MARIE AYRES ROBBINS LEWIS BAILEY WALTER STEPHAN BARING, III GERRY HOWLAND BARKER CHARLES AUSTIN BEAHM SALLYANNE BEAVERS 31 Its Eighth and Final LOIS ANN ABEL — Freshman girls ' chorus, 1; advanced girls ' chorus, 2; Brigadoon; Flolics. JUDITH MAE ADDY — " Judy " — Transferred from Oak Harbor High School, Oak Harbor, Washington. EDMUND THOMAS ALLEN, JR. JAMES DAVID ALVEY — " Jimmy " — chorus, 2; bus driver, 2; Jun¬ ior Varsity Football, 1. ALICIA ELIZABETH ANDERSON JAMES CHIFFIE ANDERSON, JR. WALLACE GEORGE ANGEL, JR. - " Wally " - chess club, 1; In¬ ternational Relations, 1; Junior Varsity Football, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Track, 1; Key Club; pep club, 1; S.C.A. alternate, 1. JOHN GEORGE ANGLESON — Transferred from Alcoa High School, Alcoa, Tennessee. CAROLYN ANN ARTHUR — Eighth grade Cheerleader; pep club, 5; Spanish Club, 1; Commercial, 1; Girls ' Chorus, 4; Drill Team, 2; Homecoming Court, 1; F.H.A., 1; Senior spotlight. MAUREEN ELIZABETH AUL - Art Club, 2; pep club, 2; Spanish Club, 3; Student Council Cabinet Member, 1; Drill Team, 2. ANN ELIZABETH AULT — Bible Club, Vice President, 2; Concert Choir, 2; Drama Class; Advanced Girls, 2; S.C.A. Alternate Rep¬ resentative, 1. PEGGY SUE AUSTIN - F.H.A., 1. BETTY MARIE AYRES — Pep Club 1; Future Nurses of America, 1. ROBBINS LEWIS BAILEY - " Bob " - Key Club, 1; Pep Club; Latin Club, 1; Treasurer of Senior Class; Student Council Repre¬ sentative, 2; Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2; Wrestling, 2; 8th grade Basketball, 1; Intramural Basketball, 2; Track, 1; Sportsmanship Award J.V. Football, Varsity Alternate Representative, 1. WALTER STEPHAN BARING, III " Steve " — Transfer from Wafefield High, Arlington, Virginia. GERRY HOWLAND BARKER — Latin, 2; International Relations, 1; Art, 1; Track, 3. CHARLES AUSTIN BEAHM, JR. - " Charlie " SALLYANNE BEAVERS - " Sally " - Commercial Club, 1; Girls ' Chorus, 3; Mixed Chorus, 1; Choral letter; Two Choral Bars. EDWARD MARTIN BENNETT - " Ed " - Transferred from Carlisle High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania; International Relations Club, 1; baseball. 1. JOANNE MARIE BENSON — Hockey, manager. WOODSON TALIAFERRO BESSON - " Tollie " - Rocket club, 1; Junior Honor Society, 2, vice president; student government, 4, rep¬ resentative, treasurer, second vice president, president; Key club, 2„ secretary-treasurer; Varsity football, 2; co-captain; junior varsity 32 Semester Is Over Blazing bon fire warms our spirit prior to M.V. — Stuart pig¬ skin clash. Tollie Besson, SCA president, acts as " ticket taker " for benefit game between Varsity and men ' s faculty. Pre game warm-up by the offensive line prior to homecoming tilt. Oginz " Rolls-em " during the Annual Magazine skit. " Tall " Ted Colna gets the tip from Dan Nase during faculty- student game. 33 Many of Us EDWARD MARTIN BENNETT JOANNE MARIE BENSON WOODSON TALIAFERRO BESSON TODD KARL BEWIG DAVID BIBBER MARJORIE EILEEN BLACK LINDA RAE BLOOM SHARON KAYE BOUNDS VERNON GARY BOWLING MAXINE JUNIOR BRIDGE JUDITH ANN BRIDGES JULIA MAE BROWN MARGARET LOUISE BURGESS DIANNE BURRIER EDWARD ARLINGTON BYRNE 34 Will Pursue JOHN CHARLES CARANCI CAROLE BETTINA CARPER JEANIE MAE CARPER PATRICIA ELAINE CARTER JOYCE ANNETTE CASH ROBERT BENSON CASTEEL ALFRED RUDY CASTORINA CHERYL ANN CAVELL JOHN HASCALL CHAPMAN STEPHEN DOWLING CHAPMAN DONNA CHASE LEA CLAIRE CHRISTENSEN FRANK LEROY CHUDACEK ARTHUR MORROW CLARKE, II KATHERINE SARA CLARKE 35 Further Knowledge football,. 1; wrestling, 1; track, 2; Parent-Teachers Association ' s Physical Education Award. TODD KARL BEWIG — International relations club, 3; wrestling, 3; Student Council, 2. DAVID BIBBER — " Bobo " — French club, 1; Spanish club, 1; Eighth grade football; junior varsity football, 1. MARJORIE EILEEN BLACK — " Margie " — Representative to North¬ ern Virginia Typing contest. LINDA RAE BLOOM — Pep club, 1; Future Teachers Association, 1; Majorette club, 1; Majorettes, 1; Commercial Club 1. SHARON KAYE BOUNDS — French club, 2; Latin club, 2; Inter¬ national relations club, 1. VERNON GARY BOWLING — " Gary " — Trpnsferred from Woodrow Wilson High School, Beckley, West Virginia. MAXINE JUNIOR BR IDGE — Pep Club, 4; International Relation Club, 2; French Club, 4; Dramatics, 1; Future Homemakers of Amer¬ ica, 1; Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, Treasurer, 2; Keyette Club, Treasurer, 2; Outstanding Freshman Award; Girls ' State Award. JUDITH ANN BRIDGES - " Judi " — F.T.A., Librarian, Secretary, 2 yr.. County Secretary, 1 yr., 4; F.H.A., 1st. Degree, 1; Spanish, 2; Pep Club, 2; International Relations, 1; Bible Club, 1; F.H.A. 1st. Degree Award. JULIA MAE BROWN — Transferred for Kemmerer High School. Kemmerer, Wyoming. MARGARET LOUISE BURGESS - " Peggy " - F.H.A., 1. DIANNE BURRIER MICHAEL WILLIAM BUTLER, III - " Mike " EDWARD ARLINGTON BYRNE - " Ed " - Spanish Club, 2; Band, 1; S.C.A., representative, 1; Wrestling 160 lb. class, 2; Track, miler, 2; Varsity Football, tackle, 1; 5 Varsity letters JOHN CHARLES CARANCI — " Jack " — Transferred from Yokohama High School, Yokohama, Japan. CAROLE BETTINA CARPER — Transferred from Zanesville High School, Zanesville Ohio; Student Council Representative, 1. JEANIE MAE CARPER — Spanish Club, 4; Commercial Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Girls ' Chorus, 1; Advanced Girls ' Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1 . 36 and Understanding HAROLD THOMAS CARR PATRICIA ELAINE CARTER - " Pat " - Spanish club, 1; Future Homemakers, 1; Girls ' Gymnastics Tumbling, 1. JOYCE ANNETTE CASH — Pep Club, secretary, 5; Spanish club, 1; Commercial club, publicity chairman, 1; Student Government rep¬ resentative, 5; Girls ' chorus, secretary, 1; Advanced girls ' chorus, vice president, 2; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Eighth grade cheerleader, co-captain, 1; Junior varsity cheerleader, 2; Varsity cheerleader, 1; Keyette club, sergeant-at-arms, 2. ROBERT BENSON CASTEEL - " Bob " - Spanish club, 3; Varsity Football, 2; Varsity Track, 1; Weight Lifting, 1; Varsity Wrestling, 1; Varsity Baseball, 1. ALFRED RUDY CASTORINA, JR. CHERYL ANN CAVELL - French club, 2; Pep club, 2. JOHN HASCALL CHAPMAN - Key club vice president, 2; Senior Honor Society reporter, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Concert Band, 1; Junior Science club, 1; Latin club, 1; Student Council Repre¬ sentative, 3; International Relations club, 1; Yearbook Staff Sport ' s Editor, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 2; Varsity Track, 1; Varsity Tennis, 1; Intramural Basketball Coach, 2; Academic letters, 3. STEPHEN DOWLING CHAPMAN - " Steve " - Key club president, 2; Junior Honor Society Sargeant-at-Arms, 2; Senior Honor Society, 2; Yearbook Clubs Editor, Assistant Sport ' s Editor, 2; Student Council Representative, 2; Student Council Secretary of Arts, 1; Pep club float committee, 1; Concert Band, 1; Junior Science Club, 1; Varsity Track, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 1; Intramural Basketball, 2; Intramural Basketball Coach, 2; Ameri¬ can Legion Boys ' State, 1; Academic letters, 3. DONNA CHASE LEA CLAIRE CHRISTENSEN — Pep club, 2; International Relations club, 2; Newspaper, 1; Varsity Cheerleading, 1; French club, 2; SCA alternate, 1; SC A representative, 1. FRANK LEROY CHUDACEK, JR. - Latin club, 2; Chess club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Math club, 1; Band, 4; Intramural bowling, 1; Intramural basketball, 2; Band Letter; Band Medals. PAUL EDWARD CLABAUGH, II — Golf, 1. ARTHUR MORROW CLARKE, III - Debate club, 2; Latin club, 2; 37 Our Goals CAROLYN LEE CLINE CLARANN LOUISE CLOUD DONNA JEAN COADY CAROLYN LUCILLE COLLINS MARINA delaCONCEPCION PETER WILLIAM CONTROVICH BRUCE ERBERT COOK EARL JOSEPH CRONIN RICHARD DENNIS CRONIN JOHN THOMAS CUNNINGHAM CAROLINE WARREN CURLING PATRICK MICHAEL CURRAN CAROL DIANE CZECH DENNIS DWIGHT DAHLQUIST THOMAS WILLIAM DATE 38 Are Firmly Set PETER L. DAVIS BARBARA ANNE DeGON WILLIAM ROBERT DETWILER LYNDA GERALDINE DIX BARBARA ANN DORITY DENIS JOHN DORN DAWN DOLORES DOWHOV ER SUSAN DELL DUFF ELIZABETH MARIE DUNN HARRY DYSON JOHN HOWARD ELDER III SUSAN FAE ERICKSON JUANITA ESTES SUSAN ANNA EVE DONNA CAROL FAIRHURST 39 for College SCA alternate, 1; SCA representative, 1; Outstanding Chemistry Student 1960-1961 PTA Award. KATHERINE SARA CLARKE — " Kathy " — Future Homemakers of America, 1; J.V. basketball, 3; Varsity basketball, 2; Varsity Softball, 4; Varsity Hockey, 1. CAROLYN LEE CLINE — Pep Club, 3; Mixed Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 2; Basketball, 4; Hockey, 4; Softball, 4. Best All-Around for Junior Class. CLARANN LOUISE CLOUD — " Ann " — Pep Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1 . DONNA JEAN COADY - F.T.A., 1; French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; S.C.A., 1; Concert Choir, 2. Choral letter. CAROLYN LUCILLE COLLINS — Yearbook, 1; Spanish Club, 4; secretary, 1; Spanish Honor Society, 2; Junior Honor Society, 2; Senior Honor Society, 2; International Relations, 2; Alternate S.C.A. Representative, 2; academic letters. MARINA delaCONCEPCION - Pep Club, 3; Drill Team, 3; Latin Club, 1; Newspaper Staff, 3; French Club, 2; Reporter; Hockey, 1. WILLIAM CONTROVICH — Transferred from Dreux Ameri¬ can High School BRUCE ERBERT COOK — Transferred from Kaiserslautern American High School; Football, 1. EARL JOSEPH CRONIN, JR. - " Joe " - J.V. Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 2; Intra. Basketball, 2. Trophy for R.B.I. in Baseball; Letters in Baseball. RICHARD DENNIS CRONIN - Spanish Club, 2; Wrestling, 3; Intramural Basketball, 1. JOHN THOMAS CUNNINGHAM — International Relations, 2; Latin Club, 1; S.C.A., Home room representative, 1; Varsity Wrest¬ ling, 2. CAROLINE WARREN CURLING PATRICK MICHAEL CURRAN - " Pat " CAROL DIANE CZECH — Art club, 2; Pep club, 2; Senior science club, 2; Future Teachers of America, 2; French club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; home room representative, 1. DENNIS DWIGHT DAHLQUIST - " Denny " - Junior Varsity base¬ ball, 1; eighth grade baseball, 1; Varsity baseball, 3; junior varsity Football, 1; varsity football, 1; Intramural basketball, 2. 40 or a Chosen Vocation THOMAS WILLIAM DATE - " Tom " PETER L. DAVIS - " Pete " BARBARA ANNE DeGON — " Bobbie " — Spanish Club, 2; Majorette Club, 1; Majorette, 1; Chorus, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1. WILLIAM ROBERT DETWILER - " Bill " - Rocket club, 3; Spanish club, 1; French club, 1; Junior Science club, 1; International Re¬ lations club, 1; Track Team, 2. LYNDA GERALDINE DIX — Commercial club, 1; Pep club, 4; Drill Team, 3; Dramatics club, 1; Yearbook, 1; Spanish club, 1; Girls ' Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Music Awards, 3. BARBARA ANN DORITY — " Doritz " — Latin club, 3; secretary, 1; International Relations club, 1; Science club, 1; Dramatics club, 3; S.C.A. representative, 1; Drill Team, 3; Art chairman, 1; Captain, 1; Junior Honor Society, 2, secretary, 1; Senior Honor Society, 2; Pep club, 4; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Keyette club, 2; Junior rep¬ resentative, 1, vice president, 1; Keyettes National President; Aca¬ demic letters; Senior Spotlight. DENIS JOHN DORN — Bus driver, 3; Varsity Football, 1. DAWN DOLORES DOWHOWER - Art club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; S.C.A. representative, 1, Alternate, 1. SUSAN DELL DUFF — " Sue " — Art club, 3; French club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Pep club, 1. ELIZABETH MARIE DUNN - " Libby " - Pep club, 2; Spanish club, 1; Commercial club, president 1; S.C.A. alternate, 1. HARRY DYSON JOHN HOWARD ELDER III - " Jack " - Newspaper, 1; Intramural Basketball, 1; International Relations club, 2; Track Team, 2. SUSAN FAE ERICKSON - " Susie " - Debate club, 1; Chess club, 1; Future Nurses of America, 1; Pep club, 1; Bible club, 1; Softball Team, 1: Basketball Team, 1; Tumbling Team, 1. JUANITA ESTES SUSAN ANNA EVE — " Sue " — Transferred from Wiesbaden High School, Wiesbaden, Germany. Band, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1. DONNA CAROL FAIRHURST — International Relations club, 1. JAMES BOOTH FARCUS - " Jim " - Art Club, 2; Varsity football, 1. LEE ANNE FARR — Transferred from Dulaney High School, Luthers- ville, Maryland; Art Club, 1; Varsity Hockey, 1. 41 We Shall Always Remember JAMES BOOTH FARCUS LEE ANNE FARR JOHN ARTHUR FICKLIN NANCY JANE FIELDS BARBARA JEAN FILE ERIN WINFIELD FLEMING BARRY LEE FOSSETT MARY ALICE FOWLER CAROLYN MAE FRALEY MARY GERALDINE FRAZIER OLIVER HOPE FRAZIER ALICE MAY FRENCH MARIE ELAINE FRIDENSTINE JOHN WARREN FUNKHOUSER DIANE THERESA GARRETTY 42 to Direct Our Steps ORVAL ALBERT GENT DARIA GERARD YVONNE LOUISE GILBERT MARGARET ANN GILLIAM ELAINE MARIA GILROY TERRY LEE GLUDE GLORIA CLAIRE GODFREY CLAIR LYNN GOLIHEW THOMAS EMIL GOODFELLOW LOIS LOUISE GRAWEY BETTY CARL GRAY EDWARD FREDERICK GREENE, JR. DOROTHY LOUISE GRIMM FREDERICK BRITTON GUERRINA DIANE CORNELIA HALL 43 Along the Narrow Paths JOHN ARTHUR FICKLIN - Spanish Club, 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Band, 4. NANCY JANE FIELDS — Senior Honor Society, 2; Commercial Club, Secretary, 1; Yearbook, 1. BARBARA JEAN FILE - Pep Club, 1. ERIN WINFIELD FLEMING - Spanish Club, 3; Spanish Honor Society, 2, President, 1; Senior Honor Society, 3; International Relations Club, 2; Drama Club, 3; Math Club, 3; Pep Club, 1; S.C.A. Representative, 1; Keyettes, 1; Academic letter; Girls ' State. BARRY LEE FOSSETT MARY ALICE FOWLER - International Relations Club, 1; FTA, 2; Art Club, 4; Latin Club, 4; Spanish Club, 1; French Club, 1; Senior Science Club, 2; Pep Club, 3; Gymnastics Club, 1; Softball Manager, CAROLYN MAE FRALEY - " Carol " - Pep Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1; FHA, 1; Junior varsity cheerleader, 1. MARY GERALDINE FRAZIER - " Gerri " - Pep Club, 2; Latin Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Distributive Education, 1. Field Hockey, 1. OLIVER HOPE FRAZIER — " Ollie " — International Relations Club, 2; Newspaper; SCA Representative; Band Letter. ALICE MAY FRENCH - Latin Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; Bible Club, 1; Future Teacher ' s, 2 Reporter, Vice President; Chorus Letter. MARIE ELAINE FRIDENSTINE - J.V. Cheerleader, Co-Captain 3; Varsity Cheerleading, Co-Captain 1; Pep Club, President, 4; Jr. Honor Society, 2; Jr. Class Secretary, 1; Sr. Class Sec., 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Concert Choir, 1; Keyettes 2; Dramatics Club, 1. JOHN WARREN FUNKHOUSER - S.C.A. Representative, 2; Band, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Junior Science Club, 1; D.E. Club, 1; Intramural basketball, 1. DIANE THERESA GARRETTY - Pep Club, 3; Drama, 1; Spanish Club, 2; F.H.A., 1; F.N.A., 1; Drill Team, squad leader, 3; S.C.A Alternate, 2; F.T.A., 1. ORVAL ALBERT GENT - " Evil " DARIA GERARD - Pep Club, 4, French Club, 4; F.N.A. 1. YVONNE LOUISE GILBERT — Transferred from Lee High School, Franconia Road, Springfield, Va. MARGARET ANN GILLIAM - " Margie " - Girls ' Chorus, 3, Music Award. ELAINE MARIA GILROY — Jr. Honor Society, 2; Latin Club, Re- 44 We Have Selected porter, 1; Band, 4; Drill Team, 2; Keyette, Chaplain, 1; Newspaper Staff, Page Editor, 1; French Club, 1; Pep Club, 3; Student Govern¬ ment, Committee Chairman, 1; S.C.A. representative, 1; Mixed Chorus, 1; Academic Letter; Honorable Mention—School Science Fair, 1959; Usherette for 1961 Commencement Exercises. TERRY LEE GLUDE - Band, 2; Pep Club, 4. GLORIA CLAIRE GODFREY — Transferred, Needham Broughton High School, Raleigh, North Carolina, St. Mary ' s Street at Peace Street. Mixed Chorus, 1 CLAIR LYNN GOLIHEW — F.T.A., pres., Fairfax County, pres.. State V.Pres., 4; Bible Club, 3; French Club, 2; Jr. Honor Society, President, 2; Activities ' Council, 2; " Brigadoon " ; Girls ' Chorus, 3; Concert Choir, 2; Choraleers, 1; International Relations Club, 3; Art Club, 1; Academic Letter, 3; Choral Letter, 4. THOMAS EMIL GOODFELLOW - " Tom " - Photography Club 2. LOIS LOUISE GRAWEY - F.H.A., 3. BETTY CARL GRAY — " BB " — Girls ' Chorus; Library Science Club. EDWARD FREDERICK GREENE JR. - " Ed " - J.V. Football, 1. DOROTHY LOUISE GRIMM - " Dotty " - Latin Club, 1; SCA Rep¬ resentative, 1; Latin Award. FREDERICK BRITTON GUERRINA - " Flick " - JV Football, 1; Varsity Football, 1; Wrestling, 1; Track, 2; JV Letter-Football; Varsity Letter-Football; Varsity Letter-Wrestling. DIANE CORNELIA HALL — French Club, Secretary, 3; Pep Club, 3; Art Club, 2; Student Government, Homeroom Alt., 1; Yearbook Staff, Co-editor of Classes and Faculty, Asst-editor of Clubs, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, Co-captain, 3; Miss Mount Vernon Court, 1; Homecoming Court, 2; Usher for 1961 Commencement Exercises. WAYNE EARL HALL - P.T.A. Industrial Art Award, 1960-1961. EMILY PAYNE HALLEY — Director ' s Progress Award; Band Letter; Future Teachers Club, 4; Band, 5, Librarian, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1. ELIZABETH ANN HAMBLETON - " Betty " — Chorus, 4; Future Homemakers of America, 2; Dramatics, 1; Pep Club, 2; Bible Club, 1: Chorus Letter. HENRY HALL HARDENBERGH - " Doc " - Newspaper, 1; Inter¬ national Relations, 1. JERRY WAYNE HARLOW - D.E. Club, 1; Chorus, 4; Bus Patrol, 2. 45 And the Honor WAYNE EARL HALL EMILY PAYNE HALLEY ELIZABETH ANN HAMBLETON HENRY HALL HARDENBERGH JERRY WAYNE HARLOW JAMES THOMAS HARRIS MARY ANNE HARRIS RICHARD HANSLOW HARRISON, JR. FRANCES SUZANNE HARVALIK SHARON KAY HENNESSEY DOUGLAS GRAY HENRY, JR. HARVEY HENSON ROGERS HERBSTREITH TIMOTHY LEE HICKS DAVID WILLIAM HIGHTOWER, JR. 46 We Receive CAROL ELAINE HILL LINDA CAROL HOLLINS STEPHANIE RAE HOY HOWARD NORMAN HOYT WILLIAM HUFFMAN TRULY JANE HUTZLER EMILY PATRICIA JONES SANDRA ROGENE JUDY MARGARET SUSAN KEAHEY JUDITH LEE KEITH PETER CAIRN KELLY JAMES JOSEPH KENNEY, JR. JOHN THOMAS KERNS CAROLINE WILSON KEYHOE CATHLEEN KEYHOE 47 and the Goals JAMES THOMAS HARRIS — National Honor Society, 2; Spanish Honor Society, 1. MARY ANNE HARRIS — Dramatics, 3; Junior Honor Society, 1; Future Nurses of America, 1; V.O.T., 1; Academic Letter. RICHARD HANSLOW HARRISON, JR. - Band, 4; Junior Science Club, 2; Senior Science Club, 2; Rocket Club, 4, President, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Science Fair, First Prize, Engineering, 1960; Grand Prize, 1960, First Prize, Chemistry, 1961, Grand Prize, 1961. FRANCES SUZANNE HARVALIK - Art Club, 4; Junior Honor Society, 3; Hockey 5; Basketball, 4; Softball, 3. SHARON KAY HENNESSEY - Future Nurses of America, 1; Pep Club, 1; S.C.A. Representative, 1. DOUGLAS GRAY HENRY, JR. — Newspaper, 4, Reporter, 1, Manag¬ ing Editor, 1, Sports Editor, 1, Editor-in-Chief, 1; Quill and Scroll, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Key Club, 1; Intramural Basketball, 1; Repre sentative at S.I.P.A. Convention; Junior Class Reporter; S.C.A. Secretary, 1. HARVEY HENSON ROGERS HERBSTREITH - " Herb " - Track, 2. TIMOTHY LEE HICKS — " Tim " — S.C.A. Representative, 2; Spanish Club, 1; Latin Club, 1. DAVID WILLIAM HIGHTOWER, JR. — " Dave " — S.C.A. Represent¬ ative, 2; Debate Club, 3; Secretary, 2; Key Club, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Spanish Honor Society, 2; International Relations Club, 2.. Reporter, 1; Pep Club, 1; Second Vice-President S.C.A., 1; Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Basketball, 3; Intramural Basketball, 4; Alternate to Boys ' State. CAROL ELAINE HILL — International Relations Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Art 1; F.H.A. 1; SCA Representative 1; Library Science 1; Pep Club 3. LINDA CAROL HOLLINS STEPHANIE RAE HOY — Keyettes 2; Pep Club 2; International Re¬ lations 1; Art Club 1; SCA Alternate 1; Basketball. HOWARD NORMAN HOYT — Chess Club 2; International Rela¬ tions 1; Science Club 1; Rocket Club 1. JOHN WILLIAM HUFFMAN - " Huck " - DE 1; Patrols, Captain 3; J.V. Baseball 3; V. Football 1; Patrol Letter; V Football Manager Letter; V Baseball Manager Letter 48 That We Achieve TRULY JANE HUTZLER — Latin 1; Pep Club 5; Drill Team 2; Cho¬ rus 3; Commercial Club, Vice Pres. 1; Keyettes 2; Future Home Makers o f America 1; Sophomore Homecoming Princess. EMILY PATRICIA JONES — " Pat " — Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society-Secretary 2; Drill Team-Treasurer, President 3; Span¬ ish Club-Reporter 4; Spanish Honor Society 2; International Rela¬ tions Club 3; Keyettes 2; French Club 1; Drama 4; Pep Club 4; SCA Representative 2; Academic Letter. SANDRA ROGENE JUDY — Transferred from North Side High, Fort Wayne, Indiana. MARGARET SUSAN KEAHEY — " Susie " — Spanish Honor Society- Reporter 1; Spanish Club 4; National Honor Society 2; Future Teacher of America-Reporter 2; International Relations Club 2; Bible Club 1; Choraleers 1; Brigadoon; Advanced Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2; Pep Club 1; Academic Letter; National Honor So¬ ciety; Spanish Honor Society; Choral Letter. JUDITH LEE KEITH — " Judy " — Art Club 4; Bible Club-Secretary 3; Latin Club 4; International Relations Club 4; Future Teachers Asso. 4; S.C.A. Representative 1. PETER CAIRN KELLY — " Pete " — Transferred from Balboa High School, Balboa, Canal Zone; Varsity Football 4. JAMES JOSEPH KENNEY, JR. - " Jim " - Art Club 1; International Relations 1; Baseball 1; Intramural Basketball 1; Homeroom Alternate JOHN THOMAS KERNS - " Johnny " CAROLINE WILSON KEYHOE — Freshman Girls Chorus 1; Spanish Club 3; Spanish Honor Society 2. CATHLEEN KEYHOE DENNIS WAYNE KING PETER KING, III — " Pete " — S.C.A., Secretary Public Relations 1; S.C.A., Treasurer 1; Key Club 4; Junior Honor Society 1; Senior Honor Society 2; International Relations 3; Senior Class President; Yearbook Editor 1; Basketball J.V. 3; Baseball J.V. 2; Baseball Varsity 2; Football J.V. 2; Football Varsity 2; Basketball Varsity 1; Harvard Book Award; Who ' s Who 2; Academic Letter 3; Boys ' State 3. MARION LOUISE KNEDLER - FHA 2; Softball J.V. 2; Hockey J.V. 2; Letter JV. Softball; Letter J.V. Hockey. RICHARD CHESTER KNIGHT - D.E. Club 1. 49 Reflect Our Merits DENNIS WAYNE KING PETER KING, III MARION LOUISE KNEDLER RICHARD CHESTER KNIGHT ROBERTA LEE KRAUS THOMAS RICHARD LAGERGREN KENNETH AUGUST LAMMI JAMES CHARLES LANEY SUZANNE BROWNELL LANSING WILLIAM EDWARD LARDENT DONNA RUTH LAYMAN DIANNE ADELLE LAZENBY BARBARA JAN LEDFORD JAMES DONALD LEE ANN CARYL LOCKET 50 Back to Mount Vernon High SANDRA LEE LOCKWOOD CHERIE LONGEWAY MINNA MAUREEN MACK MICHELE MocQUEEN KAREN ANITA MANGER ROBERT WAYNE MANN FRANK ALBERT MANOLA JUDY MARTIN WILLIAM VINCENT McCLUNG CHARLES IRA McDONELL THOMAS DANIEL MEEKS MARGUERITE GAIL MILLER MICHAEL CHARLES MILLER MORRIS CLAY MITCHELL JUDITH DYANNE MIZE 51 You Shall Tower ROBERTA LEE KRAUS — " Bobbie " — Pep Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Drill Team 3; Dramatics Club 2; F.T.A. 1. THOMAS RICHARD LAGERGREN — " Tom " — Pep Club I; Spanish Club 2; Latin Club 1. KENNETH AUGUST LAMMI - " Ken " JAMES CHARLES LANEY - " Jim " - Track 4. SUZANNE BROWNELL LANSING — National Senior Honor So¬ ciety 2; Pep Club 2; Debate Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Hockey 1; Basketball 1. WILLIAM EDWARD LARDENT — Transferred from Yamata High School, Yamata Air Station. DONNA RUTH L AYMAN — F.N.A. 1; French Club 1; Drill Team 1; Pep Club 2; S.C.A. Representative 1; Mixed Chorus 3; Chorus Letter. DIANNE ADELLE LAZENBY — " D " — Newspaper, Art Editor 1; Keyettes 2; Art Club, President 3; Debate Club 2; Spanish Club 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Art Award; Spanish Solution; Academic Letter. BARBARA JAN LEDFORD — Debate 2; International Relations 2; Pep Club 3; Drama 1; National Honor Society 2; S.C.A. Alternate 1; Academic Letter. JAMES DONALD LEE — " Jim " — Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 2; Drama 4; S.C.A. Representative 2; Intramural Basketball 1; Football J.V. 2; Football Varsity 2; Track 2. ANN CARYL LOCKET — F.H.A. 1; Spanish Club, Secretary 2; Pep Club 3; S.C.A. Representative 3; Cheerleader 1; Drama 2; French Club 1; Library Science 2. SANDRA LEE LOCKWOOD - " Sundy " — Future Homemakers 1; S.C.A. Alternate 1. CHERIE LONGEWAY — Pep Club 3; Honor Society, 1 Vi-, French Club 1; International Relations 2; Newspaper 1; S.C.A. Representa¬ tive 1; Keyettes 1; Senior Class Reporter; Two Blind Mice, Briga- doon, The Lute Song, Off A Pewter Platter, A Case For Two Detectives; Dramatics. MINNA MAUREEN MACK — Debate 2; Art, Vice-President 2; Latin Club 1; International Relations 2; Pep Club 2; Debate Letter; Beauty Contest; PTA Award. MICHELE MACQUEEN — Latin Club 2; F.H.A. 1. KAREN ANITA MANGER — " Kay " — Transferred from both Mc¬ Lean and Madison High School; Pep Club 1; F.T.A. 1. 52 As a Constant Beacon ROBERT WAYNE MANN — French Club 1; Yearbook 1; Key Club 1; Varsity Football 2; Track 1; Basketball 1; Weight-lifting 1. FRANK ALBERT MANOLA, JR. — Latin Club 2; Math Club 1; De¬ bate Club 1; Science Club 2; Band 4; Band Progress Award. JUDY MARTIN — Transferred from Sidney Lainier, Montgomery, Alabama. DAVID PAUL MAUST — International Relations 2; J.V. Football 1. WILLIAM VINCENT MCCLUNG - " Bill " - Bible Club, Secretary and President 2; Science Club 2; Spanish Club 2; International Re¬ lations 2. JOHN CHARLES MCCRORY - Art Club 1. CHARLES IRA MCDONELL - " Chuck " - Drama 3. THOMAS DANIEL MEEKS - " Tom " - Drama 4; Band 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Science Fair 1; P.T.A. Drama Award; Band Letter. MARGUERITE GAIL MILLER — Transferred from Mount Saint Ger¬ trude Academy, Boulder, Colorado. MICHAEL CHARLES MILLER - " Mike " MORRIS CLAY MITCHELL - " Mitch " - Band 1; Bus Driver 1. JUDITH DYANNE MIZE - " JUDY " - Commercial Club, Entertain¬ ment Chairman 1. CAROLYN LEE MOORE — Transferred from Welch High School, West Virginia. CLARA MAE MOORE — French Club 1; Majorette Club, Treasurer and Secretary 3; F.H.A. 3; Pep Club 3; Drum Majorette 2. GEORGE LEROY MOORE - Art 3. NANCY SUE MOORE — International Relations 2; French Club 1; Pep Club 2; Majorette Club 2; Majorette Squad, Reporter 1; Drama 1 . JUDITH KAY MORAN — " Judy " — Keyette, Secretary 2; Drill Team, Treasurer 2; Pep Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Homeroom Alternate 1. JEAN MICHELLE MORIARTY — Art 3; trench 2; Pep Club 1; Drill Team 1. FLOYD CHESTER MORRIS — Transferred from Munich American High School, Munich, Germany. Letterman ' s Club 2; Fencing Club 2; Football 1; Cross Country runner 1; Soccer 2; All European High School Soccer Champion (1959). EVELYN ANNE MOWBRAY - " Evey " - Keyette 2; Latin 2; F.H.A. 1; Pep Club 3. 53 Looking Back AROLYN LEE MOORE CLARA MAE MOORE NANCY SUE MOORE JUDITH KAY MORAN JEAN MICHELLE MORIARTY FLOYD CHESTER MORRIS EVELYN ANNE MOWBRAY DANIEL ROBERTSON NASE, III LINDA LEIGH NEWTON MARGARET ANN NORTON JUDY LANE O ' BAUGH RICHARD JAY OGINZ PAUL MELVIN OKSTULSKI CLAUDE MICHAEL OLEYAR CLARENCE MONTGOMERY OVERBAY, JR. 54 Down Life’s Way WILLIAM PACELLA, II PATRICK HENRY PADBERG DONNA JEAN PAGE LORRAINE MAY PALMER JOHN RICHARD PAQUIN DONALD DOUGLAS PARSONS CAROLE ANN PEARSON ROBERT ARMSTEAD PERGLER HELEN ANN PHIPPS PATRICIA ANN MARIE PIERCE GEORGE GUSTAV PITTS LOUISE KAY POST RUSSELL EUGENE POSTON JAMES MICHAEL PRACHT EILEEN LOUISE PROTICH 55 The Friends We Have Made DANIEL ROBERTSON NASE III — " Danny " - Spanish Club 1; Key Club 1; Spanish Honor Society 2; Pep Club 2; 8th Grade Basket¬ ball 1; 8th Grade Baseball 1; JV Basketball 2; JV Baseball 1; JV Football 1; Varsity Football 2; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Base¬ ball 3. LINDA LEIGH NEWTON — Science 1; International Relations 1; Hockey 1; Basketball 1. MARGARET ANN NORTON - F.H.A. 1; Chorus 3; Bible Club 1; Yearbook 1; Senior Commercial Club 1. JUDY LANE O ' BAUGH — Spanish 1; Pep Club 1; Band 3; Chorus 1; Band Awards: Letter and lyre and Metal; Chorus letter. RICHARD JAY OGINZ — Dramatics 2; Pep Club 1; Debate 1; SCA 3; Art Club, Treasurer 2; Track I; Wrestling 2; Student Parking Lot, Director 2. PAUL MELVIN OKSTULSKI CLAUDE MICHAEL OLEYAR - Science Club 1. CLARENCE MONTGOMERY OVERBAY, JR. - " Monty " HUGH WILLIAM PACELLA II - " Bill " - Spanish Club 1; Junior Varsity Basketball 2; Junior Varsity Baseball 1; Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Baseball 2; S.C.A. Representative 1; All Fairfax County Pitcher; Most Valuable Player (Baseball). PATRICK HENRY PADBERG - " Pat " DONNA JEAN PAGE — Drill Team 2; Pep Club 2. LORRAINE MAY PALMER JOHN RICHARD PAQUIN — International Relations 2; Senior Science Club 2; Latin Club 2. DONALD DOUGLAS PARSONS - " Doug " - Intramural Basketball 2 . CAROLE ANN PEARSON — Dramatics Club 2; Pep Club 2; FHA 3; Drill Team 1; Majorette Club 1; FTA 1; Junior Degree in Home Economics. ROBERT ARMSTEAD PERGLER - " Bob " - Pep Club 3; French Club, Secretary 1; SCA Representative 2; Key Club 1; Concert Choir 1; Basketball, Varsity 1; Junior Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Track 2; Varsity Baseball 2; Junior Varsity Baseball 1. HELEN ANN PHIPPS — Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Majorette Club 4; Majorette, Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA ANN MARIE PEIRCE - " Pat " - DE Club, Secretary 2; Vice-President 2. 56 and the Work We Have Done GEORGE GUSTAV PITTS - Chess Club, President 2. LOUISE KAY POST — " Weasel " — Photography Club, Secretary 1; French Club 3; Pep Club 3; International Relations Club 3. RUSSELL EUGENE POSTON - Distributive Education Club 1; VOT 1 , JAMES MICHAEL PRACHT - " Jim " - DE Club, First Vice President 2; Junior Varsity Baseball 1; J.V. Baseball Letter. EILEEN LOUISE PROTICH - Latin Club 2; FTA 2; Art Club 2; Bible Club 1; Advanced Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 1. SHARON POWERS GEORGE SPENCER PUGH — " Spence " - Latin Club 1; Senior Science Club 1; Pep Club 1. FRANK WALLACE PULLMAN - " Night Train " — S.C.A. Alternate 2; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 2; Wrestling 3; Track 4; Letters in Track, Wrestling, J.V. Football, Varsity Football. THOMAS VLASISLAV RADOVICH — Transferred form Alamogordo High School, Alamogordo, New Mexico; National Honor Society Science Club; Wrestlina. MARY LOUISE RATKUS — Transferred from Marian High School, Chicago, Illinois. MARY ROSSANN RAU THEODORE LAUER RHYNE - " Ted " - Science Club 1; Track 1; Summer Study at George Washington University; Science Fair Award. CHARLES ROSS RIKER — Distributive Education 1. WILLIAM CALEB ROBERTS - " Bill " - J.V. Basketball 1; J.V. Foot¬ ball 2; Varsity Football 1. GEORGE HENRY ROBINSON - Spanish Club 1; Intramural Basket- bass 1; Trophy for Intramural Basketball. JESSE MALCOLM ROBINSON - " Mackie " - Football 2; Basketball 1; Outstanding Player of the Mount Vernori-G.W. game 1960; out¬ standing offensive player award 1960; All Fairfax county (honorable mention, first team); All Northern Virginia (honorable mention, first team); Varsity football letters. DENNIS GEORGE ROCHFORD - " Tiny " — Spanish Club 2; Foot¬ ball Manager 2; J.V. Basketball 1; Track 1; Wrestling 2. CHARLES MARK RODEN - Bus Driver 2. EUGENE RAY ROSE — Distributive Education 1. 57 Will Stand Out Clearly SHARON POWERS GEORGE SPENCER PUGH FRANK WALLACE PULLMAN THOMAS VLADISLAV RADOVICH MARY LOUISE RATKUS MARY ROSSANN RAU THEODORE LAUER RHYNE WILLIAM CALEB ROBERTS GEORGE HENRY ROBINSON JESSE MALCOM ROBINSON DENNIS GEORGE ROCHFORD CHARLES MARK RODEN EUGENE RAY ROSE HARRY QUINCY ROSE REBECCA RYDER 58 As a Part PATRICK JAMES SABEI BENJAMIN RAY SAGE DONALD LEE SAMUELS RALPH JOHN SAUCERMAN KENNETH MARTIN SCHLIE RICHARD LEE SCHREINER JOHN HENRY SCHULTHEIS BRENDA RUTH SCOTT RONALD LINDSAY SEWARD CHARLES WILSON SHEDD JOAN ELAINE SHEPHERD WARREN ALBERT SMITH JAMES ANDREW SOMERVILLE, JR. LINDA JEAN STAPLETON GEORGE BICKLEY STEVENS, II 59 of Mount Vernon’s HARRY QUINCY ROSE — Spanish Club 1; Distributive Education Club 1; Football 1; Baseball 1. REBECCA RYDER - " Becky " PATRICK JAMES SABEL - " Pat " - Art Club 1; Science Club 1. BENJAMIN RAY SAGE — " Ray " — Senior Science Club 1; Inter-, national Relations DONALD LEE SAMUELS — " Tykie " — Spanish 2; International Relations 1; Monogram Club; Varsity Football Center 2; J.V. Foot¬ ball 2; Eighth Football 1; Varsity Track 3; Weight Lifting 2; Intra¬ mural Basketball 1; Varsity Football letter. RALPH JOHN SAUCERMAN - Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 1. KENNETH MARTIN SCHLIE — Rocket Club 1; International Re¬ lations 1; Track 1; Baseball 1. RICHARD LEE SCHREINER — Intermediate band 1; Librarian 1; Band Manager 1; Bible Club 3; Concert and marching band 4; International Relations 2; Patrols 2; Bus Driver 1; Pep Club 1. JOHN HENRY SCHULTHEIS — " Johnny " — Senior Science 1; Drama 2; Latin Club 1. BRENDA RUTH SCOTT - Pep Club 1. RONALD LINDSAY SEWARD - " Ron " - Spanish Club 2; Key Club 1; International Relations Club 2; Pep Club 1; Presidential Aid for S.C.A. 1; Varsity Wrestling 3; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 2; Spanish Honor Society; Five Varsity letters. CHARLES WILSON SHEDD - " Charlie " - Art Club 1; Chess Club 3; Science Club 2. JOAN ELAINE SHEPHERD - Pep Club 5; Spanish Club 1; Drill Team 2; Chorus 4; F.H.A. 1; Commercial Club 1. LOUIS HAROLD SINCLAIR, JR. — " Lou " — Transferred from Mar¬ shall High School. JAMES BENJAMIN SMITH - " Smithy " - Football 3; Three Foot¬ ball letters. WARREN ALBERT SMITH — Distributive Education 1. HARRY H. SNIDER — Spanish Club 1; Debate Club 1; Latin Club 2; Senior Science Club 1; International Relations Club 1; Intra¬ mural Basketball 1. JAMES ANDREW SOMERVILLE - " Jim " - Latin Club president 4; Pep Club 2; Senior Science Club 3; Key Club 4; Student Govern- 60 Traditional Past ment treasurer 4; Junior Class treasurer 3; Varsity track 2; Intra¬ mural Basketball 4; Academic letters 2. LINDA JEAN STAPLETON — Yearbook 1; Commercial Club treas¬ urer 1; Pep Club 1; Future Teachers 1; Bible Club 1; French Club 1; Student Council 1; Future Homemakers 1; Art Club 1; Chorus 2. GEORGE BICKLEY STEVENS, II - " Bicky " - Transferred from Zama American High School, Japan. Varsity Football 1. JULIAN PAUL STEVENS - " Julie " - Spanish Club 1; Concert Marching Band, Captain 5; Concert 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Brass Choir 2; Dance Band 2; Intramural Basketball 1; Band Achievement Award 1960-1961. ELISA SANCHEZ STEWART — Transferred from Francis C. Hammond High School, Alexandria, Virginia. ROBERT LEE STOGSDILL — Transferred from Sunset High School, Dallas, Texas. PHILIP G REGG STOWELL - " Phil " - Spanish Club 1; Dance Band 1; Concert Band 4; Band letter, four solo and duet medals. KENNETH CARROLL STRICKLAND - " Strick " - Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 1; Junior Science Club 1; J.V. Baseball 3; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Baseball 1; J.V. Baseball letters 3. GERALD BRADFORD STRIDER - " Gerry " - Baseball 1. JEANNE COLETTE STRINGFELLOW - Drama Club 3; Future Nurses Club 1; Brigadoon, Student Director. RICHARD JOHN SUITER - " Rick " - International Relations Club 3; Chess Club, Treasurer 2; Student Government, Secretary ot Publications 2; French Club 2; Science Club 1; Senior Honor Society 2; Junior Honor Society 2; Math Club 2; Concert Band 4; Intra¬ mural ,Basketball 4; Academic Letters; National Merit Semifinalist. ROBERT JOHN SUROVELL - " Rob " - Debate, Treasurer 4; Inter¬ national Relations Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Dramatics 1; Key Club, Chairman of Projects Committee 1. SANDRA FAY SUSSKY - " Sandy " - Bible Club 2; Future Nurses Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Art Club 1; Chorus Letter. JAMES WELLINGTON SWINK - " Jim " BARBARA KAYE TAYLOR - Pep Club 1; Advanced Girl ' s Chorus 3; Senior Honor Society 1; V.O.T.; J.V. Hockey 1; Best Commercial Student of 1961; Science Fair 2. SANDRA LEE TAYLOR - " Sami " - Softball, J.V. 1; J.V. Letter. 61 Hail to Mount Vernon JULIAN PAUL STEVENS ELISA SANCHEZ STEWART ROBERT LEE STOGSDILL PHILIP GREGG STOWELL KENNETH CARROLL STRICKLAND GERALD BRADFORD STRIDER JEANNE COLETTE STRINGFELLOW RICHARD JOHN SUITER ROBERT JOHN SUROVELL SANDRA FAY SUSSKY JAMES WELLINGTON SWINK BARBARA KAYE TAYLOR SANDRA LEE TAYLOR JANE THOMAS JOHN BLAINE THOMPSON 62 Praises to Thee GARY TILSON PENELOPE TORBERT EARLE KNOX TRONE, III MICHAEL EDWIN TROUT CHARLOTTE HELEN TWOMBLY JOHN DAVID VALIANTE RONALD VANN JOE FRENCH VAUGHAN, JR. MARY LOUISE VICK VERA ELENA VINOGRADOFF EMMA NATIVIDAD VIOLAND REGINALD PAYNE VOSBURG, JR. ANTHONY LOUIS WAGNER WILLIAM HAMMOND WALLS MICHAEL FRANCIS WALSH 63 Your Spirit JANE THOMAS JOHN BLAINE THOMPSON - " Johnny " GARY TILSON PENELOPE TORBERT — " Penny " — French 3; International Re¬ lations, Secretary 1; Junior Honor Society 2; Senior Honor Society 2; Yearbook, Organizations 1; Commercial 1; Academic Letters (3). EARLE KNOX TRONE, III - " Mike " - Pep Club 4; Spanish Club 3; International Relations 1. MICHAEL EDWIN TROUT - " Mike " - , ' hotography 2; Science 1; Literary Guild 1; Model Airplane 1; Track 1. CHARLOTTE HELEN TWOMBLY — French 3; Bible, President, Treas¬ urer, Representative to the Activities Council 3; Science 1; Junior Honor Society 2; Honorable Mention in Science Fair; Chosen for Girls ' State. JOHN DAVID VALIANTE - " Val " - French, President 2; SCA, President 1; SCA Representative 2; SCA, 1st Vice President 1; Junior Class President 1; Football 4; Basketball 3; Baseball 3; West Point Scholarship and Leadership Award; Co-Captain Foot¬ ball team; Honorable Mention Gazette All-Star Football team; Honorable Mention Latin II Tournament; Selected for Boys ' State; International Relations 1; Senior Honor Society 2; Key 1; Latin 1. RONALD VANN JOE FRENCH VAUGHAN, JR. — Senior Class, Vice President 1; Honor Society Reporter 5; Key, President, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Spanish Honor Society, Vice President 1; Spanish Club 1; Inter¬ national Relations 2; Newspaper 1; SCA 4; Representative 3; Cabinet member 1; Football 3; Track 2; Intramural Basketball 2; Boys State; American Legion Citizenship Award; Mayor of Boys ' State. MARY LOUISE VICK — Drill-team 2; Spanish Club 1; Pep 3; French 1 . VERA ELENA VINOGRADOFF — Keyette, President 2; Pep Club 2; Newspaper, Reporter, Pg. 2 Editor 2; M.V. Reporter to N. Va. Sun 2; Debate Club 3; Freshman Girls Chorus, Librarian 1; Advanced Girls Chorus, Reporter 1; S.C.A. Representative 1; S.C.A. Alternate 1; S.C.A. Sgt.-at-Arms, Committee Chairman 1; Spanish Club 2; Choral Letter; Academic Letter; Spanish Honor Society 1; Junior Class Publicity Chairman 1; F.H.A. 64 and Honor EMMA NATIVIDAD VIOLAND — Transferred from Saint Andrew ' s School, Florida; La Paz, Bolivia. REGINALD PAYNE VOSBURG, JR. - " Reggie " - Science Club 1; Latin Club 1; Art Club 2; Bible Club 2. ANTHONY LOUIS WAGNER — " Tony " — Senior Honor Society, Vice-President 2; Junior Honor Society 2; Debate Club, Vice-Presi¬ dent 2; Latin Club Treasurer, President 3; S.C.A. Representative 3; Co-Manager Senior Honor Society Book Store 1; Track 2; Basketball Scorekeeper 3; Intramural Basketball 4; Intramural champions 1; Academic letter 4; P.T.A. American History Award 3; All State Band 2; Brookings Institute Summer Study Group 3. WILLIAM HAMMOND WALLS — Newspaper 1; International Re¬ lations 3; Chess Club 2; Science Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Spanish Honor Society; Semi-finalist National Merit. MICHAEL FRANCIS WALSH — Spanish Club Parliamentarian 2; Debate Club vice president 2; varsity debate letter 1. LEANNA WEDEL — Newspaper, reporter 1; Art Club 2; Pep Club 2; Latin Club, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; F.T.A., Librarian 4; Spanish Club 2; Jr. Science Club 1; Bible Club 1; International Relations Club 1; J.V. Hockey 1; Varsity Hockey 1; 2 Hockey letters; 4 Band letters; 2 Band medals. GEORGE GEOFFREY WEICKHARDT - Debate Club, President 2; Senior Honor Society, President 5; Jr. Class Government, Vice- President 1; S.C.A. Representative 1; Latin Club 1; Co-Manager Senior Honor Society Bookstore 1; Wrestling 2; Track 4; Cross Country 1; Varsity letters 3; 2nd place-Washington area Latin Contest; Co-winner High Average award; Who ' s Who Freshman; Telluride Association Summer Program; Algebra and English awards; Varsity Debate Letter; Academic Letter. PETER WEINHOLD EVA JACQUELYN WELLS — Cheerleading, Captain 8th grade; Pep Club 4; Spanish Club, Secretary 2; Girls Chorus 1; Advanced Girls Chorus 3; Concert Choir 1; Basketball, 8th grade; Who ' s Who, 8th grade; F.H.A. Reporter 3; Drill Team 2; S.C.A. Representative ' 3; Sophomore class Senator; F.N.A. 3; Debate 1. MARSHALL GORDON WHITEHEAD - " Marsh " - Band 3; Band award, 2 Letters. RAYMOND MELVIN WIKSTROM — " Ray " - Transferred from Lompoc High School, Lompoc, California. 65 Humble LEANNA WEDEL GEORGE GEOFFREY WEICKHARDT PETER WEINHOLD EVA JACQUELYN WELLS MARSHALL GORDON WHITEHEAD RAYMOND MELVIN WIKSTROM ROBERT ELLIOTT WIKSTROM DONNA LEE WILEY TOM EDWARD WILL RONALD EARL WILLIS MARGARET TAYLOR WILSON TONY REX WILSON MICHAEL DONALD WOOD NATALIE JEANNE WOOTON DIANNE ELEANOR WORTHINGTON 66 and Free t ROBERT ELLIOTT WIKSTROM — “Rob " — Transferred from Lompoc High School, Lompoc, California. DONNA LEE WILEY - Spanish Club 4; Ju nior Honor Society 2; International Relations Club 1; Spanish Honor Society 1; Academic Letter 2; Science Fair 1. TOM EDWARD WILL — " Esombee " — J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 1; Letter J.V. Football 2. RONALD EARL WILLIS - " Ronnie " MARGARET TAYLOR Wl LSON — " Maggie " — J.V. Hockey 1; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Softball 1; Varsity basketball 1; Letter- Varsity Softball, J.V. Hockey; Letter Varsity Hockey, Basketball. TONY REX WILSON — Bible Club 2; Football 1; Manager Varsity 2. MICHAEL DONALD WOOD - Chess Club 1; Golf Team 1. CONSUELA ANN WOOLLUMS - " Connie " - Pep Club 2; Latin Club 2; D.E. Club 1. NATALIE JEANNE WOOTON — Transferred from American Inter¬ national School, Vienna, Austria. DIANNE ELEANOR WORTHINGTON - Pep Club 3; French Club 2; Nurses ' Club 1; Varsity Basketball, Co-captain 2; Varsity Letters, 2 Basketball. 67 The Spotlight Marie Fridenstine and Pete King were selected by the Senior Class as " Best All Around. " Both Pete and Marie are Senior Class Officers. The " Most Studious " members of the Senior Class, George Weickhardt and Erin Fleming, take a moment away from their studies to read the comics. 68 Shines on There couldn ' t be any doubt as to why Cherie Longeway and Rick Oginz were selected by members of the Senior Class as the " Most Origi¬ nal " boy and girl in their class. Annually the Senior Class selects, by popular vote, members of the class to receive special recognition. One boy and one girl is chosen to claim the title of one of the eight categories. It may be noted that, while the honor was received during their final year, the winners have been strong contenders for these titles throughout their high school career. Time and time again, those selected have illustrated that they merit this distinction. Joe Vaughan and Ann Lockett celebrated their victory of being voted the " Most Likely To Suc¬ ceed " by illustrating the fact that one has to start somewhere! 69 Senior Patricia Jones and Tom Meeks were selected by their class mates as the " Most Talented. " Tom starred in the fall play, " Time Out for Ginger, " and Pat is the President of the Drill Team. Dennis Dahlquist offers Carolyn Arthur a ride in his Convertible to celebrate their being chosen as the " Best Dressed " members of the Senior Class. 70 Celebrities The " Outstanding Leaders " of the Senior Class, as chosen by their class mates, were Barbara Dority and Tollie Besson. Barbara was captain of the Drill team and Tollie was Mount Vernon ' s Student Council President. The " Most Athletic " students are Carolyn Cline and John Valiante. Carolyn was able to defeat John in our game of Tic-Tac-Toe but their ath¬ letic ability surpasses beyond this game. 71 The Class of 1963 Junior Class Officers, left to right: Tom Gallahan, vice Barbara Kimberlin, secretary-treasurer. Missing from president; Mike Lawrence, picture is the sponsor, president; and Miss Wilson. Spencer Ackerman Sid Akin Gene Anderson Arturo Andrade 72 Are Today’s Juniors Kenneth Armstrong David Austin Dorothy Aylor Ray Baisden Gail Baker Moyne Baker Sandra Balerviez Warren Bane Gary Barbee Gayle Barnes Madeline Barnes Richard Bearman Barbara Beasley Tommy Beaty David Beavers Geoffrey Bell Martha Bernat Richard Bibber Carolyn Bishopp Elizabeth Black Sandra Blackburn Joseph Bondrant Lela Bondurant Susan Bork Steven Bowden Mary Bowler Douglas Bradford Barbara Bradshaw Susan Brady Nancy Brisben Byron Brown Nancy Brown Donald Bruce Karl Bruce Diana Brunner 73 Men and Women of Tomorrow Barbara Buckley Gloria Burkholder Allison Burns Diane Buteau Paul Byrne Karen Cain Susan Campbell Kay Carlson Sterling Cash Catherine Cave Larry Chadwick James Chance John Chudacek Peggy Cio Jacqueline Clarke Suzanne Clauson David Cleveland Charles Connell Dave Cook Michael Cook Judith Corey Michael Corey Beverly Cox Carol Lynn Cox John Crittenden William Culbertson William Curtis Edward Daniel Sharon Davis Wilson Dawson Bill Day Andrea DeCuzzi Georgia Demory Joan Dennehy Sandra Dennison 74 Leaders of the Future John DeRussy Anne Desmond Gordon Devine Ronald Dicke Joseph Dickman Larry Donahue Kim Drowin Judi Duane Kay DueFrene John DuFrance Helena Dunn Donald Duvall Ronald Edenton Christine Edwards Edna Ennis Russell Evans Moonyeen Everett Carol Feagans Carolyn Ferguson DeEtte Ferry Paul Findlay William Flandermeyer Tina Florer Kathleen Folsom Denise Ford Lolita Frick Virginia Frey Bernadette Gallo Renee Gamble Margaret Gates Mary Gates Mary Ann Gelder Ralph Giesseman Joyce Gilles William Gillum Bringing New Hope Robert Glassen Dana Goodfellow Dane Goodfellow William Goodwin Sheila Gcsis Joe Gothard Donna Graham Juanita Graham Carol Green Gloria Green John Green Karen Greenwood Martha Greenwood Julia Griffin Cathleen Grossman Edward Holbrooks Robert Hall Cheryl Hamilton Tandy Hamilton Ann Hampton Dena Hanlow Sandra Hansen Doris Harper Jack Hart Pamela Harris Richard Harris Sheila Harris Paul Haseman Susanne Hawksworth Robert Henson Linda Herzog Sharon Hicks Janet Hill Frank Higdon Dianne Hoffman 76 To a Troubled World Colin Hollingen Jack Honeycutt Carter Hopkins Ann Hoyle Marlene Hoyt Robert Hoyt John Hubble Franklin Humphreys Carol Ingmire Linda Irvin James Jenkins Thelma Jenkins Carol Johnson Michael Johnson John Scott Johnston Phillis Jones Edward Judice Elizabeth Keahey Anna Belle Kiendt Barbara Kimberlin Barry King Pamela King Margaret Kish Beth Knox Patricia Kursch Michael Lawrence Charlotte Lea Thomas Lederer William Lemay Louis Letanosky Jayne Lewis Mickey Lilly Darlene Lindsay Kenneth Linton Connie Lovitt 77 Trudging Ever Forward Diana Lundberg Paul Lundberg Stephanie Lyngard Marianna MacWilliams Charles Manson Diana Manville Michael Marlow Timothy Martin Jeanette Mafhieu Richard May Donna Maye Linda McCabe Jean McCullough Carolie McGuinn Michael McKelvie Charlotte McKoy Diane McLearen Michael McRee Lewis Meckulch Ronald Millican Diana Million James Morrison Michael Morton Sandra Murphy Ken Nance Kenneth Nichols Skip Norman Kathy Norris Patricia O ' Neale James O ' Rourke Henry Pachole Jeffery Page Chris Pague Stan Parker Richard Patch 78 to a Distant Horizon William Peters Thomas Peyton Harry Phillips Nancy Pittman Richard Powels James Prentice Jacklyn Prentiss Helen Puckett Christin Quale Robin Rauchle Margaret Reed Reda Reed Jane Reifsnyder Barbara Ridenour Linda Rigdon Reva Roark Charles Roberts Gloria Robertson William Robey Anne Robinson Stephen Rotroff Richard Rowell Donald Ruggiero Charles Rushing Becky Ryder Judith Ryder Samuel Sacco Dane Sampson Linda Samuels John Sandvig Alton Savoy Lelia Schalow Pam Schlegel Ray Seifert Susan Sellers 79 Constantly Seeking Guidance Michael Shaffier Pauline Shaffier Patricia Shanahan Cheryl Shields Afroze Siddiq Willard Simms Robert Sinclair Leila Sharon Smith Michael Smith Stephanie Smith Robert Smotherman Jan Solga John Soukey Patricia Lee Spears Alice Steucke Dana Stevens Ronald Stevens Covie Strickland Linda Summers William Summers Carol Swiatlowski Joseph Taylor Kay Taylor Paul Thielke Cherie Thomas William Thornton John Threadgill Margaret Timberlake Tik Tokaz Peggy Torrance John Travers Gretchen Triplett James True Judy Tull Barbara Turner 80 From Scholars of the Past Faye Tyndall Larry Uhrig Steve Unrath Barbara Ursano Roderick Uveges Christiaan Vankuffeler Robert Vanse William Vavra Claudia Viar Susana Violand Ronald Vogel Jane Vosburg William Walmsley Donna Walters Allen Ward Wallace Ward John Wellemeyer Karen West Mabel Wheeler Larry Whetzel Harrie White Challenger Whitham John Whitham Carol Wilkinson Robert Williamson Jack Wilson Christine Wineland Carol Withers Roger Wooton Joan Worthington Gloria Yingling Craig Yost Michael Yourtee Beverly Zam Herbert Zimbro Sophomore Class Officers, left to right: Shorty Guerrina, Judy Brennan, secretary-treasurer; and Hayes Hofler, vice Sponsor, Mr. Propps. president; president. Sherry Abel Mary Adams Paul Adams Robert Adams Albert Allen Janice Allen Jeanette Allen Sharon Allen Gary Ament Louis Anderson Jane Andrews Susan Andrews Leigh Angel Martha Angelo Patricia Angleson Winefred Athey Samuel Austin Nancy Ayers Patricia Baker Robert Baker Barbara Baran Janis Barker Janice Barnett Lee Ann Baskin James Batchelor Carole Baumert Lucy Beahm James Beaubouef Gail Bell Melinda Bennette Sandra Berry Daniel Betz Gregory Birra Alfred Black William Bodmer 82 Veterans of One Year Daniel Bonner Phylis Botchin Hunter Bourne All ine Bowden Patricia Bradford Judith Brennan Susie Briar Barbara Brindley Kim Brown Susan Buckley John Bulger Pat Bunton Violet Burks Robert Burrus Joseph Burt Monica Butler Douglas Byrd Sandra Cameron Edward Campbell Michael Campbell Patricia Campbell William Campbell Robert Carlson John Carter Richard Casey Barbara Cason Robert Chambers James Chaconas Donald Chase Patricia Childress Claudia Chittum Rosemary Choate William Clarke Ann Claxton Candis Clay Katherine Cliffe James Clifford Gary Clifton Mark Cline Robert Cline Gary Clug Candace Coggins Susan Cotellesse Donald Coleman Virginia Coleman Betty Conley Margaret Conrad Cheryl Constant William Coppage Clayton Coston Patricia Cox Sue Crabtree Billie Cromwell Patricia Crum Ellen Curran Mary Anne Danoski Edwin Davis Edward Davis Kristin DeLancey Cynthia Dempsey Danny Denison Barbara De Vor June Dickerson 83 Enjoying New Privileges Ronnie Dickey Thomas Diffendial Gary Dittmar Charles Dixon Gregory Donovan Susan Dority Richard Dotson Linda Dua Robert Dudley Patricia Duane Penelope Duff Kathlee Dyer Terry Dyer Walter Eanes Michael Edenton Karen Edwards Russ Elkins Anita Elliot Earnest Ellison Jean English Joseph Ennis Davis Esten Nancy Estes Linda Evans Leslie Fairbairn Martin Falk Sharon Faw Susan Fede Al Feldt Cynthia Ferguson Carl Fetko Patricia Fink John Finney Susan Flanders James Flowers Carol Folsom Eleanor Fowler Virginia Frank Sharon Fraser Elizabeth Frazier Suzanne Froman Donald Frye Polly Frymire Perry Gann Cynthia Gardner Thomas Garverick Donald Garvey Lynn Gates Ann Gensmer Rudolf George Carol Ghent Libby Gillis Grant Glauch David Godfrey Sharon Goers Carol Golladay Cathy Golladay Bonita Gothard Raymond Graham Richard Graham Joseph Green Marie Green Norma Green 84 Learning to Accept Responsibilities Thomas Greiner Marcia Grier Gene GrifFen Wayne Griffith Dale Lee Grimes Allan Guerrina Wallace Gunter Judith Hudson Wallace Hall Walter Hall Steven Ham Joyce Haney Harriet Hannah Michele Hanson Donald Harris Richard Harris Virginia Harris William Harris Gene Harrison Charles Harrover Patricia Hartman James Hawkins Thomas Hayes Otis Hays Roberta Head Justin Henry Christine Hernandez Lionel Hernholm Charles Hess Larry Hicks Sandra Hicks Michael Higgins Mallory Hightower John Hill Sharon Hill Lars Hillesland Sally Hillesland Helen Hodge Judith Hoffman Stephanie Hoffmon Hayes Hofler Robert Holmes Dianne Holt Richard Holt Dwight Homann Diane Honeycutt Gordon Horwitz Mary Jane Hotchkiss Thomas Houston Dennis Hov ard Katherine Hullender Craig Hudson Herbert Ing Richard Irwin Karen Isaksen Susan Jackson Beverly Jaenicke Christine Jensen Leon Johnson Margaret Johnson James Johnston Haywood Jones Kenneth Jones 85 Realizing the Need for Diligent Study Susan Jones Darlene Kane Mary Lee Kaufman Bonnie Kelley Susan Kennedy Marie Kerstatter Robin Keys Douglas King Beverly Kistner Robert Klingenbeck Carol Koerschner Anne Kofler Sandy Korchenko Gail Kormas Walter Kraus Robert Kreps Samuel Lacey Jane Ladley Paula Landes Cheryl Laney Paula Lawhorne Douglas Layman Bonnie Leckey Jack Ledford William Leibold Conoly Lemon Robert Lewis Sally Lewis Diane Linthacum Ruth Loder Wayne Logan Jeffrey Long Judith Long Margaret Long Edward Lowry Michael Ludwig James Lunsford Tony Luseynski Kenneth Lyons Kathleen Mack Jean Mac Kinnon Kenneth Mac Nevin Rosemary Majersky Lynda Mann Loma Marsh Michael Massey Cordelia Maxwell Leslie May Betty Mayall George Mayer John McClellan Susan McCrary Betty Jo McCrew Byron McCutchen Joyce McDonald Rita McEnnes Dennis McKelvie Kathleen McLellan Priscilla McEachern Charles Meade Joan Meeks Andrew Messing Elaine Metts 86 Finding Enjoyment in Leisure Time Kathleen Miller Leslie Miller David Mitchell Donna Mitchell Mar|a Mitchell Robert Mizell Carolyn Monti Jack Moody Olga Morales Sallie Morrison Patrick Morrissey Katherine Mullen Richard Mumford Larry Mundy Michael Murphy Marilyn Murray Gisela Myers Phillip Nase Raymond Naughton Carl Nelson Carolyn Newton Margaret Nicely Machelle Norman Joseph Northen Virginia Northrop Charlotte O ' Brien Camille Ogle John Olsen Janis O ' Neal Robert Osborne Sharon Ovitt Sheryl Owens Deloris Padgett William Padgett Katherine Palfrey William Pagnella Stan Parker Tanis Parsons Dorothy Parton Carolyn Petitt Sandra Phelps Margaret Phillips Bernard Ploshay Phil Poole Edward Power Patricia Powers Dorothy Price Samuel Prince John Pritchett Susan Prochoroff Patricia Pugh James Punch Donald Purcell Steven Purt Sara Quattlebaum John Raftery Virginia Rainey Lois Rathbone James Rauchle Barbara Ray Ellen Reed David Readyhough Robert Reese 87 Enjoying Interests with New Friends Eileen Reilly B. Rhea Wilkinson Janet Richardson Nancy Rios Roy Robbins Mary Roberts James Robinson Richard Robinson Paul Robusto Judy Rodgers Pamela Roethlein Warren Rosenthal Bill Royall David Roye Dennis Roundy Steve Rudick Carolyn Ryther Jerry Ryder James Saddler Sharon Sams David Sanders Judy Sanders Albert Satterwhite Lockey Saunders John Savage Beverly Schlie Patricia Schue Geoffrey Scott Susan Scurich Linda Seablom Kathleen Sewell John Shafer George Sheflett Marie Shelton Janet Shepherd Mary Shipman Judy Shirley Sandra Shirley Gloria Shaw Philip Simpson Andrew Sivak Patricia Small Betty Lou Smith Beverly Smith Carl Smith Jeanne Smith Kenneth Smith Linda Smith William Smoke Jerry Snyder Larry Snow Frank Somerville Malcolm Soroka Claudia Speakes Bob Stevens Jeremy Stewart Virginia Stein Cameron Stewart Thomas Stirewalt Margo Strickler Phillip Strong Garvin Stryker Larry Stump 88 Providing Lasting Memories for Tomorrow Ronald Stump Barbara Sullivan Wesley Sullivan Marsha Summerlin William Swartz Mary Swearingen Tracy Tallon Vernon Taylor Maureen Tara Allison Tharp Howard Thompson Susan Thompson Frank Tiller Carol Tobias Sandra Tomlin Sharon Tomlin Frances Tompkins Susan Torrance Walter Trice Karin Tringeli Van Truslow Nancy Tucker Michael Tumlinson Jeannie Turner Ronald Uhrig James Urick Peter Vance Mary Vandergriff Stephen Veomett William Wagle Barbara Wall Cynthia Waltman Alan Weston Alden West Frederick Wenk Julie Weigel John Weigel Joseph Webber Richard Weaver Jean Wagner Patricia Ward Willard Waters Susan Wilson Terry Wilson Barbara Williams Fred Williams Kathleen Williams Michael Wiener Stanley Wilkierson Linda Wilburn Peggy Whitaker Kathryn Whitson Richard White Richard Whiteley Dale Winstead Lynne Wolffer Marguerite Wooter Myron Wright Sharon Wright Richard Yoder James Young Martha Zweig Patricia Ziegfeld 89 The Class of 1965 Randall Abbott Deni Achee Dorothy Adams Marie Adams Thomas Adinaro Priscilla Alexander Ursla Alexander Carol Ames Fiorenza Anderson John Anderson Tommy Anderson Richard Andrews Mary Angel Howard Arnold David Aschenbach Jack Ashcraft Patricia Austin Juan Aviles Frederick Avers Faye Aylor Sharon Baez Denise Bailey Constance Baird Cleveland Baker Mark Baker Patricia Baker Susan Baldwin Gregory Ballew Jeannette Ballew Ralph Bane Dennis Banks Robert Barnes Randy Barnett Ralph Barton Dorothy Beavers Peggy Beckman Paul Beighley Dale Bell Joan Bennett Milton Bennett Beatrice Bernat Miriam Bernat Mary Berrey Robert Berry Michael Bianchi Ethel Bibber Jack Biondolillo Janet Bishop Susan Bissell David Blackman Linda Blaisdel! Steve Bobyak Genelle Boe Richard Boies Theodore Bollinger Arthur Booth Joanne Borman Wayne Boucher Jerry Bounds Bonnie Bowden Robert Bowe George Bowling Rosemary Bowling 90 Beginning a New Life Charles Boyd Gail Boyd Kathleen Bradshaw Donald Brady Robert Brady Marilyn Bralley Karen Brinckmann Anne Brown Robert Brown Malcolm Browne Bonnie Brownell Richard Buchanan Steve Bullard Ray Bunch Douglass Burnes John Burns Cynthia Burrell John Buteau Mark Butler Elliot Caldwell Cynthia Calhoun Sally Callahan Diane Campbell Donna Campbell Gail Campbell Mark Campbell Stanley Concilia James Carlin Cynthia Carlson Jan Carlson Phillip Carlson Alice Carlton Camille Carroll Linda Carter Susan Carver Marsha Case Donna Cason Connie Casteel Dianne Casteel Cynthia Catchpole Pamela Ceresi David Ceritchlay Jacquelyn Chadler Kelly Chance Wesley Chappel John Christensen Donna Ciccone Candace Clark Joan Clark Nicholas Clayton Janis Cleveland Robert Cline Phillip Coe Cynthia Coffman Sylvia Coleman Gay Coletto Madeline Connell Carolyn Cook Thomas Cook Lynn Cooksey Charles Cooper Michael Cornell Sandra Cothran 91 mm Hurried and Anxious Betty Ann Cox Steve Crabil Jean Crabtree Linda Crabtree Suzanne Cragle Wendy Crann Wade Cravill Lynda Cubbon Thomas Cunningham Alen Curtis Kathleen Dalton Talma Dane James Danowski Thomas Danowski Donna Daugherty Michael Davenport Arthur Davis Doulgas Davis Gerald Davis Keith Davis William Davis Dallas Dawson William Deeth Jacqueline Deets John Deforest Roderick Dennehy Donald Desmond David DeWitt Lynne Dickerson Karen Dinser Mary Dirhan Sandra Dixon Michael Dodd Deborah Dodge Kathleen Dodson Claire Dominy Levett Dominy Frank Doran Darlene Dowhower Bobby Downey Wayne Downs Gary Dragotta Ruth DueFrene Dennis Duell Michael DuMontier Thomas Dunkum James W. Duncan Bonnie Dunn Dianne Dunn Stephen Dunn Robert Durrance Sharon Duvall Michael Eber Robert Edelman Susan Einbinder Janice Eisenhart Douglas Elder Barbara Elefante John Elliot Norman Emigh James Emory Carolyn English Peggy Ennis 92 Rush Forward William Ennis Donald Essex Linda Estes Penny Estes Sharol Evans Frank Eve Dennis Exley Nancy Fairhurst Jesse Farr William Farrell Catherine Faught Emily Fedderson Richard Ferr Cathryn Fick Ronald Fisher David Flaugh Kenneth Fleming Stephen Ford Albert Forleman Lynn Fossett Mike Frank Henry Freema n Karen Friend George Frye James Frye Billy Gainer Carol Sue Gainer James Gainer David Galentine Patrick Gallaway Suzanne Gary Susan Gentry John Gibbs Patricia Glass Pamela Goers Stephen Golis Richard Goodfellow Richard Goodman Sandra Goodwin Donna Goschke John Grant Anna Bell Graves Gary Green Melvin Green James Greenwood Bennett Grieb John Grimes Nancy Gripple Cynthia Gross Russel Gross Donn Grover Diane Guindon Vicki Gupton Evelyn Haaser Suzanne Haberly William Haley Bonnie Hall Carolyn Hall Diane Hall Garry Hall Nancy Hall John Hambleton Jo Hamilton 93 Eagerly Accepting New Turns Ellen H ammersley Carter Hardenbergh Barbara Hardwick Lavon Harford Sharon Ham John Harris Majorie Harris Alice Harrover Kathleen Harst Joan Hart Barbara Harvey Cleveland Harvey Sandra Ha rvey Lynn Haseman Paul Haskell Mary Haskins Carol Haver Ann Haynie Ann Headstom Linda Heady Laura Hellwig Linda Hellwig Auguie Henry Vanna Herfurth William Herzer Cecil Hess Theodore Hess William Heston Raymond Hicks Waine Hicks Helen Hegbee Linda Hill Robert Hill Nancy Hines Suzanne Hinson Diane Hobbs Carol Hoffman Carol Hofler Cheryll Hoover Kenneth Hopson Donna Horton Anderson Hotchkiss David Howe Lynn Howell Kenilyn Howill Faye Hubble Judith Hudnall William Hudson Betty Huffman Karen Hultzen Charlton Hynds Kathryn Irwin Linda Ivey Elaine Jackson Janet Jackson Sherry Jackson Gill Jaffe Pamela Jepson Thomas Jepson Dianne Johnson Nancy Johnson Sally Johnson Carol Jones 94 Tackling Problems with Spirit Dennis Jones Mark Jones Charles Judice Louise Jurasits Irene Kabler Terry Allen Kamerer Cynthia Keelin Daniel Kelleher Linda Kelley Susan Kelley Jerry Kendrick Mary Kerns Eleanor Keville Sally Keville Kiana Kidwell Paul Killpack Jack Kimble Linda Kincheloe Steven King James Kish Elaine Klock Kristin Knadsen Carl Knight William Knox Denise Kozma Frank Kuhn Ronald Lam Caroline Lane Russell Laney Richard Lang Myrtle Langley James Lankford Craig Lardent Amy Lawrence Francis Lawrence Jack Lawton Peggy Layman Suzanne Laenby David Lee Carol Leighton Paul Leitch Patricia Lemmon Edward Lenhardt Cathy Lentz Stephen Leporacci Randi Levey Tanya Lewis Katherine Little Mary Ann Loder Michael Longyear Nikky Looft Betty Loveless Jennings Lovelet Susan Lutz Andre Lysett John Machonis Barbara Mackey William Majeske Judith Mann Susan Manola Stephen Markiewiez Cheryl Marr Antoinette Martin 95 Striving to Be One of the Crowd Richard Martin Sandra Martin Terry Martin Ronald Mason Thomas Masslany Sandra Matthews Leonard Maxson Irene McBroom Douglas McCabe Cheryl McClellen Howard McComas Sandra McDaniel Wanda McElhannon William McGaha Sharon McGaughey Mary McGinity Leo McKay David McKeen Patricia McLellan Barbara McLennan Robert Meredith William Mich Jane Miles Julia Miles John Miller Linda Miller Sandra Milosovic Marefa Minervino Patty Minney Larry Mock Steven Monroe James Montgomery Joyce Moore Sarah Moore Guy Moose Diane Morgan Charles Morgan Robert Murphy Linda Mustyan Boyd Myers Mary Nalls Nancy Nance Freda Nazeer Audrey Neitzey Donald Neitzey James Neitzey Eric Nelson Robert Newberry Russell Newcomer Nancy Nicholas Gilbert Niehans Charles Niven Danny Nolen Kenneth Norman James Norwood Gayla O ' Dell Suzanne Offner Junner Ogas Joan Okstulski Kathy Olin Dale Oliver Terry O ' Neal Carol Oneale 96 Yet, Still Hesitating Stephen O ' Neill James Oseth Stanley Otis Christine Ottoman Bert Ovitt Myra Owen Diane Owens Jack Owens Terry Owens Richard Parker Beniamin Parks David Parry Samuel Pearson Karyn Pendleton Kenneth Pendley Jo Ann Pennington Larry Pennington William Perry Robert Persons Andrea Pfeiffer Steven Piper Valentina Pirogov Cynthia Pochyla Judith Poole Irene Pothitos Jill Powell Joyce Powell Martha Powell Karon Price Brenda Pullman Judith Raffensparger Vicki Rasmussen LeRoy Rawlings Paul Redfern Stephen Reed William Reed Arnold Reese Christopher Renuad John Rice Lawrence Riegner Richard Ritter Robert Roberts Raymond Roderick David Roice Holton Rogers Larry Rogers Elizabeth Rose Marsha Rose Andrew Rosson Richard Roth David Rothman Linda Rowe Joyce Rubbi Barbara Roystod Gayle Rupert Ronald Russell Hale Sanders Mary Ann SanLuis Stephen Sargeant Greg Sargent David Satterfield Susan Satterwhite James Saucerman 97 Accepting Their New World Rae Sauls Roger Savoy Dennis Schalbrack Jane Schelhorn Roberta Schmid John Schreiner Nancy Schreiner Jim Schultz Stephen Schuyler Susan Scott Jane Scutt Sherry Segrist Richard Sewell Phyllis Seymour James Shelton Ronda Shepherd Paul Shimon Thomas Shufflebarger Nancy Shumate Susan Siegwarth Mary Simmons Ruby Simons Douglas Sinclair Robert Sinder Suellen Sirbaugh Raymond Sirianne Robert Slay Barry Smith Bette Smith Cynthia Smith Darrell Smith Donna Smith George Smith Kirby Smith Murray Smith Sandra Smith Wayne Smith William A. Smith Kathy Smoke Randall Soileau Robert Sorber Margaret Soroka David Speck Francis Speed Patricia Speed Charles Spindle Linda Spinks Elizabeth Stanford Winnie Starnes William Starr Harry Stoughton Ronald Stead Patricia Stehling Kent Stephens Sally Steward Calvin Stewardson Kl ancy Stiff Carol Stiller Ellen Stockdale Sidney Stovall Michael Strand Elizabeth Strickler Robert Stringer Linda Sturgill Linda Suitor Lee Sullivan Joan Summers Cynthia Sumrall Anita Sussky Patricia Sutherland Richard Svitzer Jane Symons 98 These Are Our Freshmen of Today David Tanner Gayland Taylor William Taylor William E. Taylor Marcia Tennyson Joseph Thomas Rodney Thomas Susan Thomas Tannie Thomasson Mary K. Thompson Patricia Thompson Richard Thorpe Judith Thurston Margaret Tibbs James Ticer Christine Timberlane Jane Townshend Rudolph Treder Linda Tredway Lee Trumbore Linda Tucker Kevin Twomey Wyman Tyler Ann Tyrrell Robert Ursano Fred Van Atta Katherine Vogel Leslie Vogt Allen Vollmer Mary Vosburg Susan Wainwright Theodore Walker Susan Walls Alan Walters Kathleen Ward Marvin Ward Karl Warnick Frank Wasuta Renata Waterman Carroll Watts Linda Watts William Webster Philip Wedding Thomas Wedel Conie Weiderhold Harriet Weinhold Jon Weissman Richard Wetzel David White Edith White Leonard White Maureen Whitman Greg Williams Pamela Williams Richard Williams Edward Williamson Fredrick Wilson Lynn Wilson Nancy Wineland Brenda Witrow Judy Wittig Christian Wittwer Charles Woodward Mari Alice Woodworth Edward Wright Mary Yost Gayle Younce Patricia Young James Yurchik Janet Zecca Mark Zelenak Daryal Zimbro 99 S 2 (0 sc. An extensive athletic program for both boys and girls is available at Mount Vernon. Girls ' competi¬ tive sports include, hockey, basket¬ ball and softball, while the boys ' program includes football, basket¬ ball, wrestling, track and baseball. Your enthusiastic support of the games, matches and meets greatly helped to spur our teams to vic¬ tory. Mighty Majors Complete Best Record in School’s History A team of destiny, a Cinderella team; these are but two of the names applied to Mount Vernon ' s 1961 Northern District football champions. Under the watchful eye of " Fairfax County Coach of the Year " Jack Miller and the leadership of co-captains John Valiante and Tollie Besson, the Majors com¬ pletely disregarded preseason prognostications and pro¬ ceeded to record the finest won-lost record (9-1) in Mount Vernon History. Armed with the unbeatable combination of hustle, desire, and ability, the Majors turned out for practice on August 15, after many had spent one week at Camp Rappahannock re¬ viewing different aspects of the game and learning new tech¬ niques- In less than four months, football, formerly a word with little meaning to Mount Vernon students, was transformed into a thing of beauty. Mount Vernon ' s Football Staff discusses plans with Athletic Director. Left to Right: Mr. Propps, Mr. Colna, Mr. Kazlausky, Mr. Miller, Mr. Snider, and Mr. White. 102 Northern District Champions r ROW, left to right: Pullman, Cash, McKelvie, Fisher, Jenkins, Robey, Seward, Lemay, Casteel, and i. SECOND ROW: Manager Phipps, Millican, Cook, Hopkins, Bailey, Curtis, Besson, Valiante, Good- n, Lee, Haseman, Dillingham, Vaughan, and Manager Head, THIRD ROW: Solga, Byrne, Nase, Robin- Will, Padgett, Lowry, Hart, Samuels, Gallahan, King, Manager Wilson. Mising from picture: Manager Coston Coach Miller receives congratulations from General Hart and President Miles of the Optimist Club. Mr. Grinnel presents Tollie Besson and John Valiante with Fairfax County Trophy. Ready to load on the bus after a win are Joe Vaughan Willie Lemay, and Bickie Stevens. Danny Nase receives the Leuschner award from Mrs Leuschner as Mr. Taylor of the Lions Club officiates. 103 r m. m mamamL « t as Hard work and spirit OFFENSIVE TEAM: Line: Nase, Lee, Bailey, King, Seward, Gallahan, Besson; Backs: Robinson, Pullman, Valiante, Jenkins. SCHEDULE 7 M.V. Lee 25 21 M.V. Fairfax 6 19 M.V. Wakefield 6 33 M.V. Stuart 12 26 M.V. Hammond 6 13 M.V. McLean 7 19 M.V. Groveton 0 6 M.V. Annandale 0 28 M.V. Falls Church 6 7 M.V. George Washington 6 Jenkins sweeps end for yardage against McLean. Jenkins goes for gain as Valiante blocks. Fullback Pullman upended going over center. 104 Millican heads for hole in the McLean line. ■WfWSK DEFENSIVE TEAM: Line: Besson, Robinson, Cash, Gallahan, Nase; Backs: Bailey, Valiante, Dillingham, Jenkins, Cook, Vaughan. POST SEASON HONORS: Coach of the year: Mr. Miller,- Players of the week: Pullman, Cash, Jenkins, Valiante, Nase. All county: Robinson, Nase, Valiante, Jenkins, Cash, King, Gallahan, Besson, Bailey. All metropolitan: Nase, Valiante. All Northern Virginia: Nase, Valiante, Jenkins, Cash, Gallahan. All state: Nase, Valiante. Trophies: Most valuable Player: Nase,- Outstanding player: Valiante; Gallahan alertly recovers loose ball. Most improved: Besson, Guerrina,- Lions Club: Nase,- Sportsmanship: King; Washington District Officials Award: Valiante,- Back of the year. County: Valiante. Team: Northern Virginia champions; Fairfax County champions; Groveton, Tulloch, and Optimist trophies. Northern Virginia Coaches poll: Valiante, Gallahan, Jenkins, Cash, Nase, Besson. Majors hit hard on defense. Solga and Valiante. rrior and knocks ball loose Millican takes advantage of a J. V.’s and Freshmen supply Graham and Davis lead the Majors ' defense. Hard-hitting tackle stops Groveton runner. THE SCHEDULES JUNIOR VARSITY FRESHMEN 6 M.V. George Washington 14 0 M.V. Fairfax 12 13 M.V. Annandale 0 13 M.V. Annandale 14 26 M.V. Osbourn 6 12 M.V. Groveton 13 0 M.V. Groveton 6 14 M.V. Falls Church 7 0 M.V. Hammond 25 0 M.V. McLean 13 26 M.V. Lee 14 7 M.V. Osbourn 27 (Won 3 Lost 3) (Won 1 Lost 5) Majors ' stout defense closes in. _ 106 Future gridiron stars JUNIOR VARSITY: FIRST ROW, left to right: Hawkins, Johnson, Holt, Yoder, Graham, Dotson, Murphy, Guerrina, Giffen, Logan. SECOND ROW: Hayes, Angel, Lunsford, Jones, Scott, Sivak, Harris, Yurchick, Davis, Bodmer. THIRD ROW: Manager Coston, Nase, Weston, Flowers, Fisher, Graham, Sullivan, Thonen, Adams, Hicks, Ing, Coach White. Coach George White ' s Junior Varsity eleven split the schedule this season as they bettered last year ' s record by one game with wins over Annandale, Osbourn, and Lee and losses to George Washington, Groveton, and Hammond. The all-sophomore squad bounced back from two shutout defeats to end its season with a convincing 26-14 rout of the rival Lee Lancers. Many of the baby Majors will join the Varsity next year as it defends its title. Coach Tom Propp ' s Freshman team suffered two one- point defeats at the hands of Annandale and Groveton, but bounced back to dump Falls Church, 14 to 7, and post a 1-5 season record. With a year ' s experience now under their belts, these young Majors stand ready to bolster the J.V. and Varsity ranks in years to come. FRESHMEN: FIRST ROW, left to right: Frank, Goodman, Chance, Ashcraft, Hess, Hicks, Roderick, Gainer, Doran, Walters, Slay, Ben¬ nett. SECOND ROW: Manager Nelson, Treder, Smith, Andrews, Kamerer, Barnett, Harvey, Moose, Knight, Soileau, Cornell, Harris, Carlson. THIRD ROW: Strovall, Snyder, O ' Neill, Booth, Grover, Banks, Fleming, Green, Lenhardt, Norman, Allen, Danowski, Cun¬ ningham, Coach Propps. 107 A Hustling Defense Brings Results. Lacking the height of past teams, this year ' s varsity basketball squad built its attack around hustle and a strong defense. For the first time in several years, coach Skinner employed a full-court press. An excellent defense borrowed from the West Virginia Mountaineers proved valuable in offsetting the height disadvantage. The Majors worked as a close unit with new offensive plays and zone defenses. The brunt of the scoring load was carried by back- court men Pacella, J. Chapman, Vavra, Robey, and Pergler. Pergler, Nase, King, S. Chapman and Robinson carried rebounding responsi¬ bilities for the Major cagers. Yourtee missed a good deal of the season with an ankle injury. Coach Skinner must be given a good deal of credit for molding a well-balanced team in a " rebuilding " year. 108 The 1961-1962 Major Cagers KNEELING, left to right: B. Pergler, B. Pacella, B. Robey, M. Yourtee, Robinson, P. King, J. Chapman, R. Evans, T. Gallahan, S. Chapman, B. Vavra, J. Valiante. STANDING: Manager D. Hightower, G. D. Nase, Manager J. Sommerville. John Valiante goes high in the air for a shot as John Chapman breaks in for rebounding position. 109 Danny Nase and John Valiante fight for the offensive rebound. J. Valiante B. Robey B. Pergler B. Pacella J. Chapman Pete King fights for rebound against Hammond as other Majors break for basket. D. Nase S. Chapman P. King B. Vavra G. Robinson J.V. ' s discuss strategy in overtime game. Dave Esten goes in for two points. Future Is Bright for Major Cage Teams KNEELING, left to right: L. Angel, H. Hoffler, L. Anderson, R. Grahm, G. Dittmer. STANDING: P. Nose, R. Gieseman, K. Bruce, S. Rotroff, F. Williams, T. Lederer, Coach Taylor. J. V. and Freshman Teams Compile Admirable Records. Coach Arch Taylor ' s baby Majors also suffered from a height dis¬ advantage this season, but had excellent shooting and, like the varsity, plenty of hustle and spirit. The junior varsity cagers de¬ pended on Eston and Gieseman for rebounding and on Anderson, Hofler and Grahm for its scoring punch. Climax of the early season action was the J.V ' s double-overtime victory in which Hofter hit the nets on three occasions to tie the Hammond Admirals and finally to pull ahead of the rival five. As most of the varsity cagers will grad¬ uate this June, next year ' s team will depend upon many of these fine junior varsity boys. Though no signs of relief are foreseen for the height problem, coach Skinner will have his pick of some very fine basketball talent next year. Jorlson, Dennehey, Andrews, Coe, Rogers, Strand, Burns, Edelman, FI Elder, Camerer, Adinaro, Fisher, King, Lawrence, Boothe, Slay. Neitzey, Grieb, Wright, Reed, Coach White. Missing: Managers Brady 111 Wrestling " Major Matmen” Gain Admiration In its third season at Mount Vernon, the wrestling team finally gained its due recognition as a major sport. Attendance and stu¬ dent interest improved greatly over last season. Despite several forfeits due to wrestlers failing to make their weights, coach Font ' s Major grapplers received outstanding performances from its main¬ stays in fighting its way to the best record in its short existence. Outstanding members of the squad were John Soukey, 120 lbs.; Dennis Rochtford, heavyweight; and three year veterans Ron Seward, 138 lbs., and Jim Jenkins, 154 lbs. Coach Fant stated that this year ' s team was the most powerful and colorful squad he has ever coached. KNEELING, left to right: J. Jenkins, M. McKelvie, B. Casteel, D. Rochford, E. Davis, E. Byrne, J. Alvey. STANDING: Coach Fant, 112 J. Cunningham, R. Buchanan, R. Seward, F. Wasula, T. Steirwalt, J. Soukey, R. Goodman, Manager, C. Manson. of Fellow Students J. Jenkins grapples with B. Casteel in exhibition as Coach Fant J. Soukey lifts his McLean opponent and throws him to the mat. referees. KNEELING, left to right: G. Giffen, D. Purcell, B. Westbrook, P. Byrne, D. Betz, STANDING: V. Taylor, K. Twomey, G. Williams, B. Day. Missing: J. Hart. J. Cunningham drives his man into a pin during the McLean match. Major wrestlers do warm-ups before an exhibition match. 113 HI Girls Show Spirit VARSITY, STANDING, left to right: Manager, N. Tucker, F. Harvalik, J. McCullo Dinowsky, P. Kursh, Coach Whitehead, M. Smith, L. Frick, and Manager, J. Benson M. Sommerlin, D. Harper, M. Wilson, C. Cline, J. Gillis, L. Farr, and L. Wedel. Under the coaching of Miss Laura Lanks, the varsity hockey team completed a creditable season. The girls started slowly, but, as the season progressed, their spirit and enthusiasm improved. Team captains were Maggie Wilson and Carolyn Cline, the latter being high scorer for the year. The team compiled a season record of 3 wins, 1 tie, and 4 losses, beating Falls Church, Fairfax, and McLean. The highlight of the season was a convinc¬ ing 5-1 victory over McLean, one of the teams ' biggest rivals. Despite the record, next year ' s team should possess more experience and know-how. Outstanding underclass¬ men Jean McCullough, Pat Kursh, and Missy Smith will re¬ turn along with Mary Anne Dinowsky, Lolly Frick, Julie Wigel, and Marcia Sommerlin. THE SCHEDULE MV Sept. 21 Falls Church 4-0 Sept. 28 Annandale 1-5 Oct. 5 Groveton 2-6 Oct. 10 Fairfax 3-1 Oct. 19 Lee 1-1 Oct. 24 Herndon 1-3 Nov. 2 Madison 0-1 Nov. 7 McLean 5-1 114 and Teamwork C. Newton, Coach Lanks, L. Reese, S. Lansing Tucker. KNEELING: C. Galladay, B. Keahey, D J.V., STANDING, left to right; Manager, J. L. Haseman, Coach Whitehead, M. Shipman Graham, P. Ceresi, C. Baird, and W. Graham. THE SCHEDULE V Oct. 5 Groveton 1-0 Oct. 10 Fairfax 2-2 Oct. 19 Lee 1-1 Oct. 24 Herndon 0-0 Nov. 2 Madison 0-2 Nov. 7 McLean 1-1 The junior varsity team, coached by Miss Betty White- head, a new-comer to the coaching staff, was greatly improved over the past season. Four of the contests, Fair¬ fax, Lee, Herndon, and McLean, ended in ties. The only loss of the season was an exciting 2-0 game with Madi¬ son. The Groveton game, first of the season, proved to be their best. On a goal by forward Lynn Haseman, the Majors nosed out our archrivals. Betty Keahey and Donna Graham served as team captains for the 1961-62 season. The team was made up of freshmen and sophomores, and most of the girls will graduate to the varsity ranks next season. With the valuable experience they have obtained, these girls should be able to help the varsity team produce a winning season. 115 Baseball Experienced Players Produce . . . With an eye towards the post season. Northern Dis¬ trict diamond tournament and a possible league cham¬ pionship, Coach John Yednock ' s Majors embarked on a fourteen game schedule with an array of talented performers. Seven lettermen dotted the Majors ' 1962 roster as they began practice in late February, includ¬ ing southpaw (All-Fairfax County) pitcher Bill Pacella. To augment the loss of eleven members of last year ' s team. Coach Yednock turned to junior varsity gradu¬ ates and transfers who responded with a great deal of hustle and determination — trademarks of all Mount Vernon athletic teams. Under the watchful eyes of Coach Yednock and as¬ sistant Ted Colna the Majors quickly developed into a smooth operating aggregation capable of cutting down the opposition easily. KNEELING, left to right: N. Yurchick, R. Graham, R. Fisher, W. quist, T. Adinaro, Coach Yednock, Manager Stovall. Missing from Lemay, B. Robey, R. Rodrick, J. Valiante. STANDING, Coach Colna, picture: C. Cash and K. Strickland. T. Cunningham, R. Millican, B. Vavra, P. King, B. Pacella, D. Dahl- Commendable Record KNEELING, left to right: Manager Hicks, Taylor, Shaffer, Cline, Dotson, Kreps, Klingenbeck, Hofler, An¬ drews. STANDING, Coach Taylor, Holt, Graham, Sinora, Hall, Hillesland, Weiner, Gordon, and Frank. Only four lettermen were on hand as junior varsity baseball coach Ed Taylor began the arduous task of fielding a representative team. The record turnout of seventy eager freshman and sophomore boys intent on nailing down the various berths opened to them. Coach Taylor, in his third year at the helm of the little Majors, looked for steady improvement from his youthful players throughout the season despite an apparent lack of experience. With an accent on developing his spirited performers slowly. Coach Taylor and the little Majors ' hearty followers nevertheless expect many front line performers to step into the varsity wars next year with ease and fill the holes created by graduation. Mount Vernon Expands Mount Vernon ' s intramural program has been growing steadily over the past three years. This year, under the direction of Mr. Taylor, Mr. Propps, and Miss Degree, both fall and spring programs were established. In the fall, the boys intramural basketball program was divided into two leagues, junior and senior. Lou Anderson ' s " Frogs " won the junior league crown, then dropped a 35-33 decision to the junior all-stars. Bob Pergler ' s " Gob¬ blers " took the senior championship and went on to de¬ feat the senior all-stars 63-43. Scoring leaders were John Chapman (17.6-senior) and John Raftery (9.3- junior). Bill Pacella and Danny Bonner won the re¬ spective foul-shooting titles. Also in the fall, Bob Edel- man won the ping-pong tournament. A success¬ ful bowling league continued throughout the year. Spring saw the formation of an intramural volleyball league for boys,- girls teams were organized in volley¬ ball, tumbling and gymnastics. 118 Intramural Program Barbara Ray and Ginger Frank team up in Miss Degree coaches her gymnastic group, ping-pong. Bob Edelman displays his championship form. Mike Smith goes high in the air as Richard Harrison gets set to defend. " Spikers " get set to return volley. Jim Sommerville referees a junior league game. 119 Major Thinclads Exhibit . . . The forgotten sport at Mount Vernon, track, may no longer be forgotten. A turnout of ninety boys, largest in history, had head coach Mike Snyder and his able assistant John Miller beaming before the season opened with the Fairfax County Relays. The Major thinclads were greatly handicapped by not having a track of their own, but this did nothing to dampen the squad ' s spirit. A track at nearby Fort Belvoir provided the Majors with a practice ground, while the Groveton High track was utilized as the site for all " home " meets. Challenged by a tough schedule, which included six dual and tri meets, Mount Vernon ' s cindermen took dead aim at all exist¬ ing school, Fairfax County, and Northern District track records. The Majors, while exhibiting a balanced team, showed their great¬ est strength in the distance running events. Coach John Miller The four-mile relay team, Lawrence, Nase, Evans, and Ing, work out in new uniforms. Strength and Spirit FIRST ROW, left to right: Guerrina, Vaughan, Samuels, Stevens. Nase. SECOND ROW: Slay, Bulger, Prentice, Bailey, Yourtee, Evans, Lawrence, Chance, Hopkins, Scott. THIRD ROW: Klug, Hayes, Knight, Farr, Duvall, Steed, Byrne, Sullivan, Wilson, Summerville, Stewart, Pullman. FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Har- denburg, Sivak, Robinson, Haas, Reed, Chance, Northern, Clifford, Ing. FIFTH ROW: Shellhorn, White, Glaugh, Chadwick, Finny, Redfern, Pieper, Norwood, Schlie, Machonis, Ledford, Hall, Kilpack. TRACK SCHEDULE MARCH Fairfax County Relays 25 Wed. Groveton at Groveton 4:00 PM 31 Sat. at Groveton 10:00 AM 28 Sat. Wakefield Invitational APRIL Meet 10:00 AM 4 Wed. Yorktown at Groveton 4:00 PM MAY 7 Sat. Alexandria Memorial Relays 4 Fri. Fairfax County Track 4:00 PM at Geo. Washington 10:30 AM 5 Sat. Meet at Annandale 1:00 PM 11 Wed. Lee at Groveton 4:00 PM 11 Fri. Northern Va. Group 4:00 PM 13 Fri. Falls Church at Groveton 4:00 PM 12 Sat. Meet at Annandale 1:00 PM 18 Wed. Stuart at Groveton 4:00 PM 19 Sat. State Meet at 21 Sat. Madison Osburn William Mary 9:00 AM at Osbourn 10:00 AM Herb Ing finishes his mile an d hands the baton to Fran Lawrence in Fairfax County Relays. Girls Basketball Teams VARSITY: FIRST ROW, Left to right; P. King, S. Lansing, K. Clarke, P. Kursch, S. Hansen, M. Wilson, and J. Ladley; SECOND ROW: J. Graham, M. Smith, A. Gensemer, C. Coggins, B. Clark, Miss Pavis, S. Taylor, and J. Dickerson. Although several games were cancelled due to snow, both the varsity and junior varsity girls ' basketball teams completed exciting and success¬ ful seasons. Because of the longer school day and a crowded practice schedule, the girls ' teams practiced at 7 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Despite a lack of previously lettered players, the teams performed well throughout the season under rookie coaches Pavis and Zachary. The varsity compiled a 6-4 record, aver¬ aging 35.6 points per game while holding their opponents to 30.5 points per contest. Leading scorers were Pat Kursch (17.5), Cathy Clark (13.5), and Missy Smith (7.5). Top-. Majors battle for a rebound off the offensive board. Bottom Left: Missy Smith puts one in despite opponents efforts. Bottom Right: Again Missy foils the defense. 122 Complete Successful Season Harvalik hits for two points on lay-up shot. Majors win jump ball as tip goes to Clark. SCHEDULE VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY MV 39 Groveton 18 MV 9 Groveton 7 MV 30 Fairfax 33 MV 27 Fairfax 18 MV 52 Lee 26 MV 29 Lee 18 MV 41 Herndon 11 MV 13 Herndon 19 MV Cancelled Madison MV Cancelled Madison MV 29 McLean 42 MV 18 McLean 35 MV 48 Osbourn 32 MV 28 Osbourn 33 MV 28 Stuart 41 MV 17 Stuart 20 MV Canelled Falls Church MV Cancelled Falls Church MV 29 Annandale 52 MV 14 Annandale 9 MV Cancelled Groveton MV Cancelled Groveton MV 50 Fairfax 31 MV 18 Fairfax 16 — Cancelled due to snow JUNIOR VARSITY, FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Reed, K. Pendleton, J. Powell, S. Dority, P. Lemmon, L. Reese, R. Duefrene. SECOND ROW: J. MacKinnon, C. Ames, K. Tringalli, B. Wilkinson, B. Cox, L. Haseman, L. Rathbone, D. Dunn, D. Guindon. 123 Softball Teams Post VARSITY: FIRST ROW, left to right: Clark, Taylor, Cline, Graham, J. Graham, Korchenko and Carlson. SECOND ROW: Coach Lanks, Triplett, McCullough, Wilson, Dianawski, Kursh, Smith, Stringfellow, Vick and Barnes. 124 Schedule April 5 Groveton April 10 Fairfax April 12 Lee April 17 Herndon April 26 Madison May 1 McLean May 3 Osbourn May 10 Stuart May 15 Falls Church May 17 Annandale a Winning Season Armed with another outstanding squad, the varsity team looked forward to posting an impressive record. Coach Lanks began the season hoping her proteges would dominate the county scene. The varsity opened their season by blasting their arch-rival Groveton, 14-6. Only three members of last year ' s team were absent as they took steps to wrap up their third straight county title. Good pitching, tight defensive play, and sharp hit¬ ting was the combination the Majors used throughout the season to foil enemy nines. Coached by Miss Betty Whitehead, a newcomer to our ranks this year, the junior varsity team played a six-game schedule while gaining voluble experience. Sixteen spirited girls, all freshmen and sophomores, were included in the team ' s roster. Only one player was held over from the 1961 team, which meant there had to be a period of rebuilding. Coach Whitehead anticipates that her team will hold its own against any Fairfax County opponent, and finish with a record season. JUNIOR VARSITY: FIRST ROW, left to right: DuFrene, Ames, Cox, Tringoli, Wilkinson, Baird, Hubble, Withrow, Kirchlon and Ceresi. SECOND ROW: Ursano, Coach Whitehead, Reed, Clark, Frick, Reese, Walls, Chaote, Mackennon, Sullivan and Hawkworth. BSwUiii In the following pages, you - ' ’ ' : -i will see some of the candid snaps we have chosen to depict the every¬ day life here at Mount Vernon. Other attractions will be the Home¬ coming event, Who ' s Who, and the annual Twirp Week events. la ’ ' rm j jH|J m .■ h SraaR ' - ' ■ FilH 1 - in ' ' ■ ;..a; -W ffi | ;jjH iip .Jr rr School Life Our Homecoming Queen wmmM 1 1 fly ' t JfIBf Left to right: Escort, Tom Bogus; 1961 Queen, Judy Moran; 1960 Queen, Donna Mae Rainwater,- and Athletic Director, Mr. Kazlausky. and Senior Court A surprised Judy is applauded by fellow students. Left to right they Mae Rainwater, Mr. Kazlausky, Terry Glude, Maureen Mack, Jim are: Rob Surovell, Carolyn Arthur, Tom Bogus, Judy Moran, Donna Somerville and Diane Hall. The exciting game with J.E.B. Stuart ended in a final victory of 33-12 for the Mount Vernon Majors. To add to the excitement, our Homecoming Queen of 1960, Donna Mae Rain¬ water, crowned the 1961 Homecoming Queen, Judy Moran. A Homecoming Dance, sponsored by the Senior class, on Saturday night,- a perfect ending to a memorable weekend. . » m ? j j . . " i jS i 1 1 1 i 1 jju if if a " |1 Our Homecoming Queen and Senior Court are left to right: Maureen Mack escorted by Terry Glude, Diane Hall escorted by Jim Somerville, Homecoming Queen Judy Moran escorted by Tom Bogus, Marie Fridenstine escorted by Steve Chapman, arid Carolyn Arthur escorted by Rob Surovell. 129 During Homecoming Sophomore Princesses are: Susie Briar escorted by Bob Perg- ler and Judy Brennan escorted by Mike Trone. Homecoming Queen and court occupy special side-line seats during Homecoming game. 130 Festivities Junior Princess and escorts, Barbara Kimberlin and Dave Cleveland; Joan Dennehy and Bill Vavra, make their exit after crowning ceremony. Excitement mounts for reigning dignitaries as Mount Vernon goes for another touchdown. Rain-soaked spectators cheer varsity eleven to victory at Home¬ coming tilt. Linda Mustyan, high stepping majorette, escorts Freshman Princesses and dates, Sharon Harn and Joe Taylor; Susanne Hinson and Fran Lawrence, to their seats of honor. 131 The first day of school, when everyone was gathered around familiar bulletin boards seeking to find as¬ signed room numbers for letters " A " to " Z, " and, The football game, where proud parents exhibited jersey numbers of their favorite sons, and. he usual fire drills that got us out of class on cold vinter days, and left us to stand until the " all Remember The Past The days when seniors purchased their all important pictures denoting another milestone in their lives, and. The Student Council Association held an assembly to distribute information regarding the annual maga¬ zine campaign. Repeat performances were held to accommodate our eighteen hundred and fifty strong, and. The Faculty “stag line " who sat out a Rock ' n Roll number at our Junior-Senior Prom held at a well- known Washington Hotel. 133 Girl Dates Boy Again this year, the girl had a chance to choose their favorite beau to be their date during Twirp Week. Girls carried on traditional rules of picking dates, furnishing transportation, open¬ ing doors and carrying books. The activity-crammed week was sponsored by the EM VEE HI. The Junior Class sponsored a basketball game between the girls ' and boys ' var¬ sity squads. School organizations sponsored dancing lessons, which were held for all inter¬ ested M.V. students. Climaxing the week a Twirp Dance was held on February 21. King and Queen of Hearts, Carolyn Arthur and James Somerville, reigned over the festivities for the evening. Left to right: Freshman couple, Sharon Harn and Fran Lawrence; couple. Dee Ford and Tom Gallahan; and Senior Queen and Sophomore couple, Marilyn Murray and Hayes Hofler; Junior King of Hearts, Carolyn Arthur and Jim Somerville. 134 During Twirp Week Carolyn Bishop receives payment for the privilege of participating in Twirp Week activities from fel¬ low students. Bob Bailey teaches the " Twist " to fellow M.V. students during dance lessons. John Cline and David Esten vote for their fa¬ vorite in the race for King and Queen of Hearts. Bob Pergler, Elaine Gil¬ roy, Danny Nase and Judy Moran model their favorite outfits at the fashion show. John Valiante and Steve Chapman exhibit one of their many talents at the fashion show. 135 Cherished Moments Mr. Kaz takes over the role as dentist, during the annual Dental Clinic, by examining Billy Robert ' s molarsi 9 Football teams enjoy good food, fellowship, and awards at annual banquet. Major fans " huddle " together to promote school spirit while attending cage event. 136 to Remember Advanced Girls ' Chorus " sing out " at annual Christmas Concert, which was given on two suc¬ cessive nights. A record breaking crowd attended both performances. Edmund Allen presents a clock to Lea Christensin, as a reward for the excellent support Mr. Hatch ' s homeroom gave during annual Canned Food Drive sponsored by the D.E. Club. Mr. Pauley, dramatics director, and his students presented " Time Out for Ginger " to receptive audiences. 137 Faculty Picks Pete King and Penny Torbert Mike Lawrence and Pam King Who’s Who William Taylor and Linda Watts 139 There are many clubs and orga¬ nizations at Mount Vernon. Some meet on a regular class basis; oth¬ ers, on a regular after school sched¬ ule. A late bus is provided so that students may take part in extra¬ curricular activities. Most clubs are open to any student who wishes to join; other clubs, such as the band and choruses hold auditions. OUR Ct-fi® Student Government Provides hand as usual. Casual gathering of the S.C.A. officers, left to right, is first vice-president, J. Valiante,- secretary, D. Henry; treasurer, J. Sommerville,- second vice-president, D. Hightower. The Student Cooperative Association underwent a major revamping process this year. The officers worked throu ghout the summer to draw up new plans, thus meeting the school year with a well formulated slate of activities. The first project undertaken this year was the publica¬ tion of a new up-to-date student directory. Many long hours of hard work resulted in the successful completion of its first goal. Throughout the football season, the S.C.A. supported pep rallies and distributed cheers and school songs. When the magazine campaign descended upon the school, this organization shouldered the responsibility for the drive. The student assembly voted funds to needy clubs and passed many new regulations to meet the needs of an ever-expanding student body. One of the most important accomplishments of the S.C.A. was the establishment of a Northern Virginia Assembly. President Besson, working closely with other Group 1-A high schools, founded this organization which is designed to aid Assembly presidents in hand¬ ling any problems they may encounter. The association sent delegates to the State Convention where many ideas were exchanged and a better understanding of the objectives of the S.C.A. was attained. S.C.A. ALTERNATES, FIRST ROW, left to right: Jones, Carlson, Nicholas, Cox, Wilson, Andrews, Rios, Matthews. SECOND ROW: Moran, Coggins, Hoy, Hellwig, Dunn, Hudson, Bowler. THIRD ROW: Dennehy, Casteel, Bailey, Brady, Stovall, Clarke, Hubble, Pieper. 142 Valuable Insight CABINET OFFICERS: R. Surovell, pres, pro tern of assembly; M. Lawrence, sec. of activities; M. Aul, sec. of art bulletin boards; R. Suiter, sec. of pub¬ lications,- D. Stevens, sec. of public relations. Representing the various clubs on the Activity Council are, FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Walters, K. Due Frene, K. Edwards, E. Violand, P. Jones. SECOND ROW: P: King, D. Stevens, P. Hase man, J. Taylor, T. Wagner. S.C.A. REPRESENTATIVES, FIRST ROW, left to right: Wilkinson, Christensen, Lockett, Keville, Ottoman, Bell, Phelps, Dickerson, Hinson, Cash, Gilroy, Lewis, Barker, Harris. SECOND ROW: Ryder, Kice, Carlson, Pendleton, Fleming, Bell, Hill, Bradshaw, Aul, Dority, Edwards, Worthington, Bradshaw, Hammersly. THIRD ROW: Bounds, Weston, Harvey, Lenhardt, Strand, Weickhardt, McComas, Aschenbach, Burnes, O ' Rourke, Guerrina, Williamson, Nelson. Frazier, Hays, Judice, Young, Sourvell, Vaughan. 143 Surveyor Staff Preserves Memorable Moments In the opposite snap our spon¬ sor, Miss Lowman, and our edi¬ tor, Pete King, discuss the im¬ pending deadlines. Captured in the below photo, our sports-editor and photogra¬ phers select candid pictures to be used in the ' 62 Surveyor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Smith and John Chapman. SECOND ROW: Bob Hall; Steve Chapman, cartoonist; and Bob n. Seen above, the ad- and club- editors scramble to complete their section. From left to right: Penny Torbert, Lynda Dix, Caro¬ lyn Collins, and Ann Norton. Classes are well under control, at least in the Yearbook section. In the snap to the left, Linda Stapleton and Jane Fields are hard at work. The Surveyor staff, this past year, endeavored to capture and perserve the worth-while moments of our school life. If thumbing back through these pages in future years, some pleasant incidents of your school days are re¬ called; our goal will have been accomplished. 144 Em Vee Hi Records Major Events Above, the reporters check the results of their work in the latest issue. From left to right: Lea Christensen, Butch Robey, Sandy Blackburn, Carolyn Bis- hopp, John Threadgill, Joan Dennehy and Tom Gallahan. Page editors and editorial writers plan their material. FIRST ROW, left to right: Karen Cain, Elaine Gilroy, Dee Ford, Cherie Longway, Dane Good- fellow, and Henry Hardenbergh. STANDING, Will Walls, Bill Vavra, Ollie Frazier, and Jack Elder. In the photo to the right, the editors and sponsors hold a council of publication. Assistant editor, Mike Lawarence,- editor, Doug Henry; co-sponsors, Mr. Savage, and Mr. Higgison. The Features Department is, as shown below, typing and dis¬ cussing, in the FIRST ROW, left to right: Peggy Reed, ad manager; Jim Morrison: Donna Maye, circulation manager; and Barbara Bradshaw. SECOND ROW: Kathy Wiliimson; Dianne Lazenby, art editor,- Leanna ' Wedel; Betty Ayres,- and Caro- Under the sponsorship of Mr. Miles Higgison and Mr. Ronald Savage, the EM VEE HI monthly reports the latest Mount Vernon news. Not only is the paper dis¬ tributed to its student subscribers but it is also sent to many business offices and exchanged for high school papers throughout the country. Featuring a change in format this year, the EM VEE HI is printed in offset type on hard white paper. The change has been a factor contributing to the number of subscription sales in the paper ' s history. 145 Honor Societies Mr. Thomas Propps, Sponsor of Senior Honor Society. OFFICERS: Left to right: P. King, reporter; G. Weickhardt, president; P. Jones, secretary; J Bridges, treasurer. Missing from picture: A. Wagner, vice-president. The Senior Honor Society has been active in many areas of the school this year. The Honor Society Book Store is evidence of their assistance to students and faculty. To stimulate academic achievement, -a perma¬ nent frame for the Honor Roll was purchased and given a prominent place in the school. In the spring, students of the rising sophomore, junior, and senior classes, who maintained at least a B plus average throughout -their high school years, were inducted into the Society. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY: FIRST ROW, left to right: Torbert, Ledford, Dority, Bernat Due Frene, Burns, Fields, and Collins. SECOND ROW: Vaughan, Stevens, Fleming, Lansing, Longeway Keahey, Suiter and Threadgill. THIRD ROW: Harris, Radovich, Daniels, Chapman, Valiente, King, and Chapman. 146 Strive Toward Knowledge Junior Honor Society Officers, FIRST ROW, from left to right: K. Edwards, reporter; J. Brennan, president. SECOND ROW, from left to right: C. Stewart, treasurer; L. May, sargementarian; B. Williams, secretary; S. Nelson, vice-president. The Junior Honor Society, along with the Senior Honor Society, is a symbol of excellent scholarship and character. This year, due to the crowded conditions of our school, the Honor Society ' s inductions were held in an unusual way. The new members were informed before school of their acceptance and given carnations to wear. Later in the day, their names were announced to the student body over the P.A. system. Junior Honor Society, FIRST ROW, left to right: Olin, Looft, Brad¬ shaw, Wineland, Bissell, Hinson, Jackson, Ursano. SECOND ROW: Jones, Baran, Kelley, Allen, Dwyer, Bowden, Conley. THIRD ROW: Snyder, Donovan, Taylor, Coe, Shipman, Ladley, Bell, Andrews. FOURTH ROW: Oliver, Bennett, Weissman, Roye, Esten, Wright, Anderson, Cline, Dennehy. 147 Key and Keyette s The Keyette Club worked on many note-worthy projects this year, both in and out of the school. Besides helping the Alexandria Tuber¬ culosis Association and the Mental Health Hospital, they collected for the Salvation Army. In the school they operated a Breakfast Club, collected wood for the bonfire, and furnished maps to the away bas¬ ketball games. In addition to their bake sales, they held a fashion show to raise money to send more girls to the National Keyette Con¬ vention. Active sponsor of the Keyettes, Mrs. Jane O ' Brien. I : L | ■ J n» ' 1 A A ' 1 St IfliS 11 J liVv 1 - ’ j f|||L " j s 1 y fmm. -p- M - Mv ,l i® At - JFJjB m W [ f i j I M I fl KEYETTES: FIRST ROW, left to right: Due Frene, Jones, Hutzler, Harris, Fridenstine, Violand, Hoyt, Dennehy. SECOND ROW: Fleming, Smith, Keahey, Wedel, Ford, Longeway, Mowbray, Lazenby. OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: V. Vinogradoff, president; B. Dority, vice-president; J. Moran, secretary. SECOND ROW: J. Bridge, treasurer; E. Gilroy, chaplain; P. King, historian-reporter; J. Cash, sgt.-at-arms. 148 Promote Public Relations Mount Vernon ' s Key Club began the school year by inducting more than twenty new mem¬ bers. Under the leadership of new officers and two new sponsors, the Club undertook many notable projects. They aided the S.C.A. in putting together the student directory which was published for the first time in two years. They held a pep dance after the McLean foot¬ ball game, sponsored the bonfire for the Fair¬ fax football game, and initiated plans to put up a line-up board in the gym. Mr. Thomas Propps Mr. Edwin Taylor Co-sponsors of the Key Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Solga, Stevens, Robey, Seward, Goodfellow, Lederer, Henry, and Bailey. SECOND ROW: Pacella, Sommerville, Valiente, Nose, Lawrence, Gallahan, and King. Our Key Club Officers for the year 1961-62 are: STANDING, left to right: Joe Vaughan, secretary; Wallace Angel, attending-secretary; and John Chap¬ man, vice-president. SITTING: Steve Chapman, presi¬ dent. Missing from picture: Dana Stevens, treasurer. 149 Pompons and Pivots Under the surveillance of their expert captain, Bar¬ bara Dority, and adept president, Pat Jones, the Drill Team became the pride of our school. DRILL TEAM: FIRST ROW, left to right: Bradshaw, Florer, Bowler, Kraus, Wilson, Wilburn, Pearson, and Wilkenson. SECOND ROW: Kelley, Hotchkiss, Carlson, Hicks, Gensmer, and Botchin. Alternates: Concepcion, Hoyt, and McLearen. 150 Produce Precision Drill Team DRILL TEAM: FIRST ROW, left to right: Wells, Greenwood, Rig- Roark. SECOND ROW: Moriarity, Dix, Abel, Page, Fowler, Full, don, Buckley, Buckley, Smith, Tomas, Pugh, Laney, Dyer, and Layman, Samuels, Schlegal and Murray. Practicing from August until the end of the football season, and again in the spring, enabled the Drill Team to perform many new and tricky routines. Their skill was displayed at all possible football games in support of our record-breaking team, and in numerous parades. We are proud to say that this year the Drill Team, won its first trophy as the best girls Drill Team in the Annandale Parade. Their activities also included a bake sale, a car wash; and they supplied cookies for the Homecoming Dance. Monies made from their activities paid for the victory signs, and decorated the goal posts during football season. Precision marching and dressed lines are the busi¬ ness of the officers and squad leaders at the right: FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Moran, treasurer; P. King, secretary; and T. Flora, sgt.-at-arms. SECOND ROW: D. Goodfellow and D. Garrety, squad leaders. THIRD ROW: J. Brennan and M. Aul, squad leaders. 151 Musical Majors March 152 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gillum, Wagner, Ament, Lederer, Sanders, Hoyt, Mr. Steinbach, Esten, Bradford, Stead, Moudey, Miles, Halley, Johnston, Meridith, King, MacNevin, Ficklin, Landes, Eve, Meginniss, Kormas, Ford, and Smith. SECOND ROW: Schreiner, Miller, Baker, Miles, Stowell, and McKay. FOURTH ROW: Renaud, Hernholm, Shafer, Vosburg, Glassen, Lyons, Prentiss, Morton, Sumrall, Hill, Beighley, Ridnour, Gribble, Manola, Vance, Unrath, Carter, Critchley, Newcomer, Watts, Meeks, Wellemeyer, Saucerman, McCtuchen, Suiter, Dowdey, and Stewart. THIRD ROW: Manola, Harrison, Chudacek, Eve, Knov, Scott, Vosburg, Harrison, Rexrode, Flowers, and Stevens. from Gridiron to Dance Floor 153 Majorettes Create Eye-Catching Routines Helen Phipps Carol Gent Linda Bloom Barbara Kimberline " Gone with the Wind? " Sharon Davies Linda Mustyan Linda Sturgil Songsters Win Recognition When the All-State sings — music rings. For this, we thank those pictured in the snap to the right. FIRST ROW, left to right: Susie Briar and Joseph Northern. SECOND ROW: Susan Keahey, Julian Stevens, and Ann Ault. Proving, in the photo to the left, that a woman ' s work is never done, our Choral Director, Miss Louise Hopkins, adjusts the robe of her " Problem Child, " Karl Bruce. Clustered around the piano fiom left to right: Francis Tompkins, pianist; Anna Belle Kindt; Susan Keahey; Claire Golihew,- Alice Steucke; Susan Kennedy; Camille Ogle,- Susie Briar; and Carolyn Petitt. 155 Choral Department Produces FRESHMAN GIRLS ' CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: SanLuis, Pferffer, Hellwig, Hellwig, Whitman, Whithrow, Sturgill, Jones, Glass, Looft, Scutt, Poole and Mustyan. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Jepson, Kidwell, Wittig, Keville, Morgan, Thomas, Pennington, Martin, Clark, Smith, Powell, Jackson and Harrover. THIRD ROW: Nicholas, Cleveland, Johnson, Huffman, Weinhold, Stockdale, Goschke, Moore, Loder, Smith, Randers, Powell, Lazenby, McDaniel, Lemmon and Powell. MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Ursano, Beavers, Tay¬ lor, Stein, Campbell, Northern, Giffen. SECOND ROW: Kish, Brown, Martin, Robertson, Alvey, Sivak, Harrover, and Rosenthal. THIRD ROW: Eve, Wheeler, Rigdon, Frick, Grurrina, Messing, Gates, Stevens, and Rochford. FOURTH ROW: Cleveland, Godfrey, Sussky, Layman, Johnson, Unrath, Stevens, Thompson, Parsons and Shef- lett. r j tm i M FRESHMAN MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Connell, Schelhorn, Irwin, Bailey, Stringer, Anderson, Arnold, Reed, Gainer, Tyrrell, Horn, Hasser, Campbell, Harst and Eisenhart. SECOND ROW: Crann, Graves, Brownell, Hamilton, Taylor, Tanner, Gibbs, Fort, Davis, Ivey, Blaisdell, Carlton, Boyd, Rupert, Hart, and Haseman. THIRD ROW: Austin, Angel, Faught, Boe, Green, Howell, Aviles, Tollander, Burnes, Carlson, Treder, Davis, Baker, Brenckmann, Berrey, Deets, Calhoun, and Bradshaw. Songs for Entertainment ADVANCED GIRLS CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Ziegfeld, Scwrich, Wilson, Dickerson, Bowden, Cotellesee, Holt, Tomlin, Tomlin, Norman, Rios, Curran, Lawhorne, Coggins. SECOND ROW: Shelton, Steucke, Cargle, Twombly, Hicks, Sullivan, May, Buckley, Chittum, Whitson, Kennedy, DeVor, Richardson, Keys and Evans. THIRD ROW: Jones, Miller, Hullender, Dua, Honeycutt, Vandergriff, Max¬ well, Prochoroff, Wineland, Gelder, Tompkins, Laney, Morales, Baumert, Claxton, Botchin, and Williams. FOURTH ROW: Seablom, Fink, Tucker, Monti, Brindley, Folsom, Beahm, Allen, Conley, Sams, Zweig, Bunton, Quattlebaum, Goliheu, Ryther, McLellan, Summerlin and Sewell. MIXED CHORUS, cont., FIRST ROW, left to right: Cline, Cleveland, King, Walters, Norton, Timberlake, Hanlon, Florer. SECOND ROW: Meeks, Green, Gilroy, File, Schue, Maye, and Halley. THIRD ROW: Dahlquist, Burrier, Corey, Cave, Bork, Hambleton, Robinson, Trip¬ lett, and Carlson. FOURTH ROW: Bulger, Kelly, Czech, Herzog, Carper, Moore, Sanders, Baker, Protich, and French. CONCERT CHOIR: FIRST ROW, left to right: Petit, Cline, Briar, Wells, Fede, Griffith, Olsen, Cleveland, Northen, Vick, Fridenstine, and Ogle. SECOND ROW: Tompkins, Bernat, Coady, Allen, Angel, Pergler, Roye, Robinson, Valiente, Abbott, Ratkus, Summers, and Hansen. THIRD ROW: Dyer, Ault, Keahey, Kindt, Stevens, Angel, Simms, Bruce, Wooton, Sheflett, Snyder, Kursch, Barnes, Keahey, and Golihew. 157 Lea Christensen Nancy Brown Diane Hall Susie Briar Joan Dennehy Co-captain Mtss Polly Waid, Sponsor of Varsity andj Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Our Varsity Cheerleaders support our football team from the sidelines. Marie Fridenstine Co-captain Sandy Blackburn Joyce Cash Leslie May " Lungbusters Cheer Teams to Victory . . . JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Bowden, Harris, Cotellesse. SECOND ROW: Coggins, Williams, Hannah, Edwards, Lockett, FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Brownell, Johnson, mascot, Bissell. SECOND ROW: Irwin, Glass, Schelhorn, Stiller, Nicholas, Hofler, Nance, Johnson. 159 F.H.A. Dedicate Themselves ♦ ♦ F.H.A. Officers: FIRST ROW, left to right: B. G. Gallo, vice president; J. Griffin, president; N. Rittman, secretary; SECOND ROW: L. Schalow, treasurer; P. Schlegel, federation representative; S. Hinson, parlia¬ mentarian; R. Head, corresponding secre¬ tary; J. Wells, representative; C. Le ntz, song leader; L. Bonderant, historian. The Future Homemakers have strived each year to make everyone aware of the importance of the future homemaker in our lives. Meeting every second and fourth Wednesday in the Cottage, the F.H.A. planned and carried out many activities of interest to all mem¬ bers. Beginning the year, they held a coke party to stimulate interest in their organization,- they also at¬ tended federation meetings and the State Convention to further their knowledge of homemaking. As in years past, bake sales were held, the club made a field trip to the Ice Capades, and co-sponsored the annual beauty contest. The year was culminated by a Parent-Daugher Banquet at which time new officers were installed. Helpfulness and encouragement are the work of the ponsors, left to right, Miss Gershon Shickel, Mrs. Lois and Mrs. Purcell Robertson. F.H.A. Pieper, 160 Homemakers of the Future p l_l . first ROW, left to right: Cook, Via, Grawly, Elefante, Estes, Hill, Estes, Cox, Smith, Lindsay, Rathbone, Johnson, Head Tucker, Smith, Schreiner, Minervino, Hubble, Lutz, Mackey, Whitam, strom, and Shepherd, and Langley. SECOND ROW: Adams, Gates, Bradford, Burgess, F.H.A.: FIRST ROW, left to right: Offner, Simmons, Cothran, Mc- Ginty, Bowden, Green, Haver, Kraus, Cash, Garretty, Shepherd, Arthur, Harris, Hutzler and Little. SECOND ROW: Reifnyder, Leighton, McGaughey, Tibbs, Dirham, Long, Spinks, Sanders, Heeter, Fick, O ' Dell, Fossett, Matthews, Wilkinson, Wilson, and Leckey. 161 Teachers of the Future F.T.A. Officers, left to right: M. Thompson, vice-president; B. Conley, secretary; B. Keahey, president; K. Olin, re¬ porter. SEATED: Mrs. Hattie Quinley, sponsor. F.T.A. members are pictured below, FIRST ROW, Pfeiffer, Hamp¬ ton, Walters, Triplett, Maye, Due Frene. SECOND ROW: OND ROW: Everett, Golihew, French, Wedel, Keahey, Johnson. THIRD ROW: Bridges, Manger, Halley, Boyd, Czech, Fowler. The previously elected F.T.A. Officers in¬ ducted a new slate of officers in a cere¬ mony held after school in the cafe¬ teria. Afterwards, students and teachers attended a recep¬ tion given in honor of the newly chosen officers as seen be¬ low. Our Future Teachers Club was responsible for activa¬ ting an interest in the teaching profession among stu¬ dents of Mount Vernon. To further our knowledge of teaching techniques, members participated in two Fairfax County meetings and in the November meeting of the Virginia Education Association in Richmond. They sponsored American Education Week, co-spon¬ sored the College Drama Festival, and a radio broad¬ cast in conjunction with other Future Teachers Clubs in Fairfax County. Clair Golihew, past president of their club, served as president of the Fairfax County Teachers Club; she also served as vice-president of the State Future Teachers Club of the Virginia Education Association. 162 Scipios, Caesars, and Plebians LATIN CLUB Officers, left to right: J. Hotchkiss, secre¬ tary; G. Donovan, treasurer; O. Hayes, vice-president; K. Due Frene, president. SEATED: Mrs. Pearl Yancey, spon¬ sor. Latin club members are pictured below. FIRST ROW, left to right: Roysdon, Kozma, Clayton, Fede, Torrance, Garier. SECOND ROW: Matthews, Adams, Bell, Black, Kel¬ ley. THIRD ROW: Boe, Torrance, Cox, Williamson, Cole¬ man. FOURTH ROW: Batchelor, Hubble, Threadgill. Van Atta, Clarke, Ursano. Is your toga in ac¬ cordance with the latest Roman fash¬ ions? Just to be ab¬ solutely sure, check with a first-year Latin student who participated in a fashion show which featured the current styles; or, better yet, take a careful look at the snap below. At the beginning of the year, the Latin Club estab¬ lished four guiding aims: to promote interest in Latin and Greek, to cultivate the qualities of leadership and under¬ standing, to teach the history and customs of the Ancient World, and to promote interest in our government. In order to fulfill these aims, the Club held a Roman banquet, fashion shows, and made a field trip to see KING OF KINGS. Through participation in these various activities this past year, Latin students found that they had acquired a greater understanding and appreciation of Latin and the Roman culture. 163 Ladies Study French FRENCH CLUB Officers and Sponsor, ' left to right: J. Weis- man, treasurer; E. Gilroy, re¬ porter; S. Briar, secretary; Miss Sue Swaim, sponsor; K. Ed¬ wards, vice-president; P. Hase- man, president. Understanding the culture of the French people was the goal the French Club set for itself this past year. Toward the attainment of this goal, the club dined at a French restaurant to " la cuisine francaise " ; films were shown giving a picture of la campagne de la France. " Ffowever, the organization of a French library, providing students with books written in French by outstanding " ecrivains francais " as DeMaupassant, Rousseau, " et " Voltaire, was the most significant project. French students at work. FRENCH CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Tull, Hofler, Lutz, Dalton, sell, Boyd, Lawerence, Griffith. FOURTH ROW: Oliver, Clifford, Clark, Hinson. SECOND ROW: Thompson, Carlton, Wineland, Ivey, Morrison, O ' Rouke, Nelson, Esten, Cement. Alexander, Bradshaw, Clark. THIRD ROW: Caldwell, Carlson, Bis- 164 Men Go to Paris FRENCH CLUB Members, FIRST ROW, left to right: Edwards, Bowden, Hall, Marsh. SECOND ROW: Adams, Botchin, Jaenicke, Gilroy, Laney. THIRD ROW: De Lancey, Powers, Lazenby, Conley, Owens. FRENCH CLUB Members, FIRST ROW, left to right: Christensen, Harris, Graves, Wilson. SECOND ROW: Andrews, Adams, Buckley, Robinson, Kelly. THIRD ROW: Barnett, Murray, Zecca, Baker, Danoswski. FRENCH CLUB Members, FIRST ROW, left to right: O ' Brien, Dyer, Cotellesse, Greenwood, Pfeiffer. SECOND ROW: Yost, Jones, Ele- fante, Einbinder, Achee, Olin, Hampton. THIRD ROW: Hadley, Gores, Jackson, Wineland, Bradshaw, Brenton, Fowler. 165 " Los Estudiantes De Espanol SPANISH CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Wittig, Hannah, Due Leighton, Thurston, Violand, Wedel, Lazenby, Tucker, Folsom, Frene, Bernat, Hellwig, Hellwig, Maye, Mitchell, Kofler. SECOND Baird, FOURTH ROW: Whiteley, Wiener, Lowery, Biondolillo, Carl- ROW: Beaulove, Truslou, Withers, Keahey, Summers, Hamilton, son, Harris, Lundberg, Rios, Ceresi. Jensen, Allen, McLellan, Hartman. THIRD ROW: Schultheis, Powers, The objective of the Spanish Club this past year was to promote a greater understanding of the Spanish-speaking countries. Students who resided in Latin American countries, prior to entering Mount Vernon, were invited to relate their personal exper¬ iences with the citizens of Latin America. Mr. Julca, Mr. DeLaFleur, and Mr. Vaughn, Co-sponsors of the Spanish Clubs. Mr. DeLaFleur, who is Mount Vernon ' s newest Spanish teacher and a graduate of the Univer¬ sity of Mexico, instructs his eager students in the proper method of telling time in Spanish. 166 Aprenden De Los Espanoles.” SPANISH CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Manola, Bradford, Gilles, Williams, Baker, Smith, Smith, Timberland, Strickler, Phelps. SECOND ROW: Head, Fleming, Bell, Dickerson, Summerlin, Rock¬ ford, Miller, Dua, Deets, Faughts, Townshend, McCabe. THIRD ROW: Everett, Edwards, Watts, Clay, Burt, Aschenbach, Strickler, Tyrrell, Miles, Wilkinson. FOURTH ROW: Bradford, Morton, Tokaz, Nase, Hernholm, Chaconas, Elder, Rosson, Hubble, Pearson, Mac- Nevin. Two very delightful excursions were taken, to Spanish restuarants in Washington, D.C. Just before the Christmas holidays, a successful Christmas party was given. The year was culminated with the annual " Tortilla Feast " in the late spring. J Jk Jwj W ' il r c ' 4 " J SPANISH CLUB Officers, FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Jones, vice- president; E. Violand, representative; C. Collins, secretary. SECOND ROW: R. May, president; R. Gieseman, treasurer; D. Goodfellow, reporter. The Spanish Honor Society, composed of stu¬ dents who excel in Spanish, was continued for the secon d year. To be inducted into the So¬ ciety a student must maintain a " B " average for at least three consecutive semesters. Span¬ ish Honor Society, FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Bradford, E. Violand, S. Violand, C. Collins, P. Jones. SECOND ROW: D. Lazenby, J. Allen, E. Fleming, S. Keahey, C. Bishop. THIRD ROW: R. May, W. Walls, D. Nase, K. Allen. 167 Lassies Support At the head of the school ' s spirit rous¬ ing organization are the officers captured in this photo. They are, left to right: S. Briar, treasurer; M. Fridenstine, president; D. Ford, secretary. As the name signifies, the Pep Club en deavored to enliven interest in all athletic activities of our school this past year. To stir up school spirit, the club held pep rallies and made posters for display announcing the coming games. The club members sponsored an " Emphasis Week " dur¬ ing football season, and provided buses to the games held away from our school. Through the sponsorship of two faculty basketball games and a fund raising cam¬ paign, the Pep Club purchased football jackets for our record-breaking team. With a student body at an all high, the club found a rich field of spirit to harvest. This serving as an added stimulus, the perpetuation of good sportsmanship on the part of the students and the players was actively undertaken by the Pep Club this past year. Proudly standing in front of Mount Ver¬ non ' s trophy case, is the Pep Club ' s spon¬ sor, Mr. Mike Skin¬ ner. Mighty Majors PEP CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Burkley, Roark, Florer, Brad¬ shaw, Hoy, Moran, Gilroy, Jones. SECOND ROW: Everett, Christ¬ ensen, Kidwell, Wittig, Coggins, Buckley, Bowler, Brown, Summers. THIRD ROW: Samuels, Dix, Tibbs, Powers, Czech, Fowler, Fowler, Wilson. PEP CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Hinson, Achee, Ray, Andrews, Schelhorn, Smoke, Bissell, Bradshaw, Looft. SECOND ROW: Dyer, O ' Brien, Hafler, Cotellesse, Hellwig, Irwin, Post, Lutz, Harvey, Cash. THIRD ROW: Wilkinson, Murray, Clay, Milosovic, Jackson, Lansing, Nicholas, Brownell, Carlson, Hall. Rocket Launchers The possibilities of building their own rocket are dis¬ cussed by R. Harrison, president; and M. Hightower, treasurer. This year marks the fifth year the Rocket So¬ ciety has been in existence. During this time, the purpose of the Society has always been to con¬ duct experiments, to pursue research projects, and other related activities which are designed to increase the knowledge of the science of modern rocketry for its members. Toward the realization of these aims, the proj¬ ects of the Society this past year included: the designing and building of a rocket by each of its members,- an Army-sponsored rocket-firing at Camp Pickett, Virginia,- and the investigation of various rocket propellants. Mr. Paul Moskalenko, Sponsor of the Rocket Club. Rocket Club, FIRST ROW, left to right: Elkins, Hoyt, Taylor, Schwab. SECOND ROW: Bradford, Hoyt, Lacey, Essex. 170 Builders of Space Stations The Science Club officers and sponsor discuss the atom content of a piece of calcite. Left to right: C. Lemon, secretary; T. Rhyne, president; J. Thread- gill, vice-president; B. Goodwin, treasurer,- Mr. Charles Woodard, sponsor. This year the Science Club, affiliated with the Junior Engineering Technical Society, made several field trips to Belvoir, and at¬ tended lectures pertaining to various phases of science. In order to stimulate an active interest and personal participation in science, the Science Club sponsored the School ' s annual Science Fair. Mr. Woodard discusses minerals with his students. SCIENCE CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Sauls, Goodwin, Lemon, Mathieu, Morrison, Day. SECOND ROW: Castorina, Sage, Schltheis, Harrison, Powers, Tokaz, Hightower. 171 Discussions Broaden Understanding I.R.C., FIRST ROW, left to right: Rothman, Oliver, Coldwell, Vio- land, Jones, Jones, O ' Brien, Andrews, Lockett, Withers, Weick- hardt. SECOND ROW: Frazier, Me Comas, Sirianne, Me Rae, Uve- ges, Keahey, Keith, Allen, Tucker, Allen, Zam, Violand. THIRD ROW: Hardenbergh, Hoyt, Williams, Harris, Dorwin, Schultheis, Threadgill, Suiter, Jackson, Lansing, Fleming, Post, delaConception. FOURTH ROW: Schhie, Elder, Phillips, Nichols, Horwitz, Truslow, Tokaz, Clarke, Edwards. Interest in the United States role in world affairs and the desire to understand it more fully, prompted stu¬ dents to attend the lively, informative meetings of the International Relations Club. Invited speakers discussed such topics as the Peace Corps, the Middle East, Ecuador, and India. Students participated in discussions and debates on military aid to South Viet Nam, disarmament, Berlin, and other polemical subjects. Officers of the International Relations Club are shown gathered around their hard-working president and sponsor. Left to right: D. Walters, reporter; J. Cunning¬ ham, sergeant-at-arms; P. King, vice- president; K. Due Frene, president; Mr. Carl Musser, sponsor; J. Bridge, secretary. 172 Debates Sharpen Wit Mr. Bert Cohen, sponsor of the Debate Club, and George Weickhardt, president, hold a caucus to discuss debating techniques. This year ' s Debate Club funtioned in a different cap¬ acity than in previous years. For the first time an entire period was devoted to research, speaking practice, and bull-sessions. The National Secondary School Debate Topic this year was Federal Aid to Education. The pros and cons of this subject were argued for many months by high school students across the nation. The Club was honored at the sixth Annual Debate Varsity debaters, left to right, G. Weickhardt, M. Walsh, T. Besson, and V. Truslow, prepare themselves for a future de¬ bate. conference held at the University of Virginia in Feb¬ ruary. Mount Vernon received more awards than any other school in Virginia because of the efforts of the debaters. Their ambition was not necessarily to become a winning team, but to develop the ability of speaking and reasoning, thus enabling them to form a forceful personality. " 3P ' V ! - j J : . Debate Club Officers, FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Mack, parliamentarian; B. Baran, reporter. SECOND ROW: R. S urovell, treasurer; D. Hightower, secretary; M. Walsh, first vice-president; A. Wagner, second vice- president. Debate Club, FIRST ROW, left to right: Fleming, Due Frene, Erick¬ son, Ledford. SECOND ROW: Kruzinsky, Manola, Bruce, Bachelor, Stevens. THIRD ROW: Rosenthal, Snider, Gillum, Peters, Clark. 173 Rhombuses, Polygons You may recognize this club as last year ' s Math Club. Its aims are the same: to promote and stimulate an in¬ terest in the field of mathematics. The name only has been changed. Guest speakers from several large corporations, from Mount Vernon ' s faculty and student body, spoke at dif¬ ferent times to the club, thus enhancing knowledge of the field. Through these speakers, who presented much new and interesting data, the club realized its aims. NUMERATOR CLUB Officers, FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Tull, secretary; J. Thread- gill, president; E. Fleming, vice-president. SECOND ROW: D. Esten, parliamentarian; B. Gillum, treasurer. Mrs. Catherine Guy, sponsor of the Nume¬ rator Club, is pictured above lecturing one of her many math classes. THE NUMERA¬ TORS. FIRST ROW, left to right: Manola, Harris, Donovan, Hubble. SECOND ROW: Suiter, Mathieu, Goodfellow, Withers, Haseman. THIRD ROW: Hoyt, Rhyne, To- kaz, Clark. 174 Psalms and Hymns BIBLE CLUB Officers, left to right: C. Petit, vice-president; C. Twombly, treas¬ urer; M. Gates, corresponding secretary. The Bible Club chose Mrs. Florence R. Provance, and Mr. Harold Swain to be their co-sponsors. The purpose of the Bible Club was to give interested students an opportunity for Bible study and to promote Christian fellowship, spiritual enrichment and under¬ standing. The program consisted of the film ' ' How Our Bible Came To Us, " talks on subjects members of the club sug¬ gested which were presented by various local ministers and chaplains and group discussions. It is hoped that through participation in the various activities the club has sponsored, the purpose of the Bible Club was achieved this past year. BIBLE CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Cromwell, Jones, Petit. SECOND ROW: Eisenhart, Cox, Harris, Mann, Nothen. These few but devoted members serve as an excellent quintessence to the student body of Mount Vernon. 175 ' Double Takes” Stroll Senior twins are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Caroline Keyhoe, Robert Wikstrom, Dianne Bur¬ ner and John Chapman, SECOND ROW: Caro¬ line Keyhoe, Raymond Wikstrom, Daniel Burrier, and Steve Cha pman. After spending several month strolling through the halls, attenc ing classes, and gathering around th unch tables, it became apparent that Mour Vernon was blessed with many sets of twins. A a result, it was decided that special recognitio should be made and a special place provided in th 962 Surveyor for these students. JUNIORS Dana Goodfellow Dane Goodfellow JUNIORS Diana Lundberg Paul Lundberg JUNIORS Linda Summers Bill Summers SOPHOMORES Sandra Tomlin Sharon Tomlin 176 Hallowed Halls SOPHOMORES Wallace Hall Walter Hall SOPHOMORES Jeanne Smith Beverly Smith FRESHMEN Miriam Bernat Beatrice Bernat FRESHMEN Cynthia Carlson Philip Carlson FRESHMEN Dianne Casteel Connie Casteel FRESHMEN Carol Gainer James Gainer FRESHMEN Laura Hellwig Linda Hellwig FRESHMEN Jane Miles Julia Miles o 177 Outstanding Seniors Miss Mildred Lapsley, our guidance director, has been named Mount Vernon ' s representative to the College Entrance Examination Board. There were over 2,000 applications made to the board and sixty-nine of these were selected. Mount Vernon is one of two high schools representing Virginia. Miss Lapsley is a member of the Policy Making Board which meets twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. The duties of this board include determining regulations regarding the preliminary college test, advanced placement of students and early admissions to colleges. Miss Mildred Lapsley Left to right: Erin Fleming received the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award; Barbara Dority, the Betty Crocker Award; and, Danny Nase, the Football Hall of Fame Award. ■■ .? FIRST ROW, left to right: Our Academic Panel, Ricky Suiter, Barbara Dority, and George Weickhardt. SECOND ROW: Tol- lie Besson and Pete King received the Optomist Club Award. This award was achieved for their being outstanding young citizens. 178 Claim Awards National Merit Scholarship winners are, left to right: William Walls, Barbara Dority, Richard Suiter, and George Weickhardt. National Merit Scholarship letters of commendation were awarded trovich, Bicky Stevens, Tollie Besson, Tony Wagner, and Bill Pa- the following, FIRST ROW, left to right: Clair Golihew, Erin Flem- cello. Missing from picture: Todd Bewig, Peter King, and Robert ing, Patricia Jones, and Frank Manola. SECOND ROW: Reter Con- Mann. 179 " El Grecos” and Van Goghs The purpose of the Art Club was to implement the desires of those who have a genuine interest in art. Individual projects were the para¬ mount aim of the Art Club this past year. Members carried out their own personal projects using facil¬ ities of the art room. Below is a snap of Mrs. Rhea Locke, sponsor of the Art Club, surrounded by the tools of her trade. Officers of the Art, above, are always striving for self-expression, " Wonder what Rick is drawing? " M. Mack, vice-president, is to the left; J. Worthington, secretary; and sitting, R. Oginz, treasurer. D. Lazenby, president of the Art Club, is shown with one of her own still-life paintings which displays the potentials of Art Club members. 180 Create Own Masterpieces ART CLUB, below, FIRST ROW, left to right: Campbell, Bernat, Suirbaugh. SECOND ROW: Roysdon, Hill, Bradley. THIRD ROW: Caldwell, Grimes, Patch, Allen. Above, FIRST ROW, left to right: Farr, Grier, Hawksworth. SECOND ROW: Mallar, Czeck, Ray, Rose. THIRD ROW: Barker, Jordan, Lee, Above, FIRST ROW: Jones, Robinson, Bork. SECOND ROW: Moysey, Edwards, Harvalik. THIRD ROW: Walmsley, Sabel, Shedd, Fowler. Above, FIRST ROW, left to right: Bowler, Hannah, Adams. SECOND ROW: O ' Brien, Keith, O ' Riale, Bennet THIRD ROW: Hicks, Hall, Ladley. 181 Checkmates and Movie Projectors to . . CHESS CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Tucker, secretary; J. Stevens. SECOND ROW: Erickson, Harris, Esten, Hoyt, Gillum, Threadgill, vice-president; G. Pitts, president; R. Suiter, treasurer; Lasater. During the past year the Chess Club took part in numerous activities. The club sponsored a school champ¬ ionship tournament in the spring, and several members were participants in the Northern Virginia Interscholastic Chess League. The club participated in matches with chess clubs in the area schools and the Fort Belvoir Chess Club. Chess Club members who displayed outstanding mastery of the game received awards at the end of the year in recognition of their achievement in the game. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB, FIRST ROW, left to right: Hicks, MacNevin, Hayes. Sacco. SECOND ROW: O ' Rourke, Vance. Coston, Layman The Audio-Visual Club was organized this year. It was composed of students who possessed a working knowledge of the equipment, and, who voluntarily gave up their free period in order to assist faculty mem¬ bers with the operation of audio-visual equipment. 182 Dictation and Transcription oooooe® oooooea SENIOR COMMERCIAL, FIRST ROW, left to right: Viar, Key- hoe, Norton, Taylor. SECOND ROW: Cave, Carper, Dix. Senior Commercial Club Officers and Sponsor, photo below, left to right: J. Cash, reporter; T. Hutzler, vice-president; Mrs. Florence Provance, sponsor; J. Fields, secretary; L. Dunn, president; L. Stapleton, treasurer. Toward their goal of preparing students for a role in business, the Senior Commercial Club en¬ gaged a representative from the Patricia Stevens Modeling School to inform members of proper business dress and manners. The club also vis¬ ited business concerns in the Washington area. Club members were charged with the respon¬ sibility of making bulletin board displays in room 1 1 0. Several of its members participated in the Strayer Scholarship Award Test given in March. SENIOR COMMERCIAL, FIRST ROW, left to light: Mize, Beavers, Eve. SECOND ROW: Bloom, Arthur, Shepherd, Tor- bert. Students Gain Experience D.E., FIRST ROW, left to right: Rose, Childress, Peck- ett, Gambel, Beavers, Shipp. SECOND ROW: Funkhouser, Hotchkiss, Smith, Taylor, Stiles, Devers, Riker, McCarrick. -HP ♦ JEn. f - k. By - - ■k w 1 D.E. Officers, FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Pierce, vice-president; G. Frazier, parliamentarian; B. Ryder, secretary; F. Humphreys, public relations; E. Allen, president; S. Garrison, public relations; W. Hall, treasurer. Below, Mr. Oscar Match is seeking job placements for his students. Students participating in the Distributive Education program were engaged in a canned food and toy drive, a shopping sur¬ vey, and field trips. They attended an Em¬ ployer-Employee Appreciation Banquet, monthly luncheon meetings, and local con¬ test meetings. The aim of fhe D.E. program is to give students on-the-job training in dis¬ tribution and marketing in addition to class¬ room instruction. D. E., a cooperative train¬ ing program which permits the students to attend school for half a day before leaving for his job, has proved valuable in gaining job experience and in developing an under¬ standing of the social and economic respon¬ sibilities of those engaged in distribution in a free competitive society. 184 In and Out of School Remember them . . . the ones who took you to the office? OFFICE HELPERS, STANDING, left to right: Ritchie, M. Everett, D. Layman, M. Conception, N. Moore. SITTING: J. Cash, L. Stapleton. Over-worked, the Counselors have found it both wise and necessary to employ students. Among those chosen this year are, left to right: E. Mow¬ bray, T. Hutzler, L. Dunn, L. Chris¬ tensen. OFFICE PRACTICE ERRAND RUNNERS were the able assistants of Mr. Christiano, and Mr. Kazlausky. They are, from left to right: L. Bloom, C. Arthur, J. Shepherd. As it is plainly shown in the snap to the left, these girls were kept extremely busy discussing their crowded schedules. 185 Books, Books, BOOKS LIBRARY HELPERS, FIRST ROW, left to right: Keyhoe, Collins, Buckley, Baker, Austin, Saltee. SECOND ROW: Harvalik, Lock¬ ett, Erickson, Florer, Johnson, Scott, Keyhoe. THIRD ROW: Day, Vick, Duane, Paquin, Trout, Alger. LIBRARY HELPERS, FIRST ROW, left to right: Demory, Dix, Palmer, Pierce, Goodwin, Keahey. SECOND ROW: Worthington, MacQueen, Grey, Fok- som, Feggans, Dailey. THIRD ROW: Ukrig, Phillips, Nichols, Date, Thomp¬ son, Clarke. Passes, Passes, PASSES They call it red tape in the government, but to us it is a pass, a note, an excused ab¬ sence, and courage. A good illustration is the lunch problem. If you ' re late to lunch, you can ' t get in,- if you finish early, you can ' t get out. Nevertheless, the patrols are there for a de¬ finite purpose; they have a job, and they do it well. They are, FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Pendley, T. Owens, B. King, N. Clayton, J. Ashcraft. SECOND ROW: D. Smith, D. Brady, J. Punch, S. Stovala, G. Frye. THIRD ROW: W. Simms, L. Snow. " Gee, that looks like a tough assignment. Captain, " is what Lieutenant J. Ennis is apparently thinking. Lieutenant W. Eanes quickly takes down the parti¬ culars as Captain L. Judice issues orders. Always alert, and ready for any prank whether in the cafeteria, as seen in the snap to the left, or on the buses or in the halls, patrols carry on. mtr I Wk ft Bp J | - p L „ t ■ W; 8k 1 : Temperature Takers and " Taxi” Drivers C L I N I C H E L P E R S When one feels a cold, or a test, coming on; one, more often than not, heads straight to the clinic. Once there, one is placed under the care of our trained nurse, Mrs. Dunnavant, and her corps of attractive assistants. They are, left to right: S. Buckley, S. Briar, M. Adams, D. Padgett, C. Constant. Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night " kept our bus drivers from their appointed rounds. Those who have sustained the rigors of crowded buses, and the convenience of the late buses, realize the truth of the quoted passage. Those responsible for our four-wheeled or two-wheeled, as the circumstances dictated, transportation are seen below. FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Sisson, W. Hall, R. Stevens, M. Mitchall, B. Henson, R. Dillingham. SECOND ROW: M. Marlow, J. Du Frane, L. Sinclair, A. DeCuzzi, H. Zimbro, J. Norfolk. THIRD ROW: R. Schreiner, B. Roberts, J. Smith, J. Ficklin, R. Herbstreith, D. Dorn. 188 Caretakers and Appetite Makers A bell rings; students suddenly converge upon the cafeteria; the inevitable question flies about, " Hey, what ' s for lunch? " Those responsible for providing that lunch receive our thanks and ac¬ knowledgment in the photo below. They are, FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Stoble, Mrs. Mullins, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Cave. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Kim¬ ble, Mrs. Keane, Mrs. Seablom, Mrs. O ' Nial, Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Lilly. Those silent workers behind the scenes who keep Mount Vernon neat and clean, hereby receive their thanks for a job well done. They are from left to right: Mr. Moore, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Hollins, Mr. Dod¬ son, Sr., Mr. Triplet. 189 To our advertisers we are deeply indebted. They have made a contri¬ bution to our school, which proves each is interested in our daily lives. Let us in our own small way en¬ deavor to patronize their business establishments as evidence of our sincere appreciation. Advertisements 191 ZAMSKY STUDIOS ALSTON STUDIOS INC. Portraits of Distinction 1 1 0 East Street 1007-09-1 1 Market Street East Weymouth, Mass. Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania Lloyd V. Gress Mr. Frank MacIntyre Mt. Vernon Representative Mt. Vernon Representative Underclass Pictures Senior and Faculty Portraits PHOTOS BY MARLER HOWARD AND RUTH A Complete Professional Photographic Service for Northern Virginia. ROYAL FORMAL WEAR Color Photography Color Post Cards 741 Seventh Street N.W. Architectural and Industrial Washington, D. C. Advertising Outfitters of Formal Wear for Mount Vernon Gentlemen Since 1 955 Photo News Bridal Portraits, Groups Alexandria, Virginia Phone: SO 5-3963 192 MONROE REALTORS Development Corporation 134 North Kings Highway Compliments of Jefferson Manor MARTINS HARDWARE Alexandria, Virginia Next Door to Members Mount Vernon High School Multiple Listing Service SOuth 5-9100 BARBY’S FABRIC SHOPS Dress and Decorating Fabrics LEVINSON CLOTHING CO. Custom Made Draperies and Slipcovers Award Sweaters in All Colors Patterns — Notions — Trims 424 King Street 125 No. Washington Street King 8-7300 Alexandria, Virginia Phone: King 9-0829 Springfield Plaza Shopping Center 451-1300 193 BOB’S CAMERA SUPPLY 719 King Street i Movie Equipment — Cameras Alexandria, Virginia Enlargers Phone: OV 3-0117 All Dark Room Needs City Club Wesbord Vitality Velvet Steps ELLIS SHOE STORE 605 King Street Alexandria King 9-4870 Weather bird Spaulding ROBERTS LTD. Custom Tailor Haberdasher King 9-0268 604 S. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Alterations For Fashions That Are at the Head of the Class — HAYMAN’S — For College Campus, or Career — Four Fine Fashion Shops — Alexandria, Bradlee, Arlandria, Arlington, Manassas. BEEDIE’S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 2806 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Drop-in Service Appointment if Preferred Call SOuth 8-8585 194 DORAN’S SERVICENTER 4204 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Phone: RO 8-1222 RECAPPING AUTO SUPPLIES REPAIRS 195 1. G. A. MARKET A A Groceries Meat Produce 4111 Richmond Highway USED MOBILE HOME MARKET Alexandria, Virginia RO 8-9841 3632 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Two Bed Room Units $55 mo. One Bed Room Units $49 mo. WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture Decoration RO 8-1400 809 S. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia BELVOIR PHARMACY 4113 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Confidence Integrity Free Delivery ROckwell 8-1150 Autographs

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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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