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,jf 'ii +517 L w 1 if 'fl 14.3351 1 Spiga 'f- r-1 1,1- xl ..,- , , L vf L f f'?ei1E"?3 ' I' Rig! f , V, 3 'fwg'-Q . f ?:,..,.-.iz lqfnwfg. fm ,- ,W w5gL - QTG1, Qi? 5 M5205 ' 5554? Y . 'F'M'.? 1953- . 5' AT wif I-Ji: ,Lf if jk. If 124 'ffl' 5fW9 533 QQ' bi' f r :Q 1 .ky A LL! LLJ oN H10 NON VEDERI TO BE NOT TO SEEM Q-9 - xii 'Zu m 'I Qs 5 'Ai 'Q 1 3: O wa r I V V 4 ' K Q N - 6' 06,65 1 Q5 TO BE NOT TO SEEM 'N Z o z 5 Q BE NOT TO SEEM TO E E VON VEDERI THE SUR VE If OR PRESENTS .... MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 3900 RICHMOND HIGH WA T ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ww. an W? I H, W1 ' 1 I, N711-'M' ' W u Qguulllll llll llll llll f gnu I IMM 'MMM ' ifila I llll llll ,, 'nil ' -a .Q J, nl,-Lif,g, :pf g WT A , ., , V llll III! nn nn llll Ill: W H-H llll llll nn nn nn ag' nn , Il l ' Ill f llll llll llll :Ill . f ,Jf, 5.. MW Q 5 B , 1 nn nn lun un nu nm- , f'L"iA fgiif Ilia' n MT 5 . Q, 3 3 u I E. Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon. . F ORE WORD he pages of this. our 1960 Surveyor. represent un ellort to portruy. both pictoriully und editoriully. the student life of Mount Vernon High School. For the molding of this volume the yearbook stull' hats tried to depict high school lile by using the scenic background ol our campus and that of the Mount Vernon Estate. on whose original property our Alma Muter now stands. Our school song und our motto, "To Be. Not to Seem". have been used with the hope that you will hecome more con- scious of the purpose for which this institution was foundedes knowledge. honor. truth. und spirit. The Surveyor Stull' sincerely hopes thut us you lcul' through the following pages. now und in the future. you will recall worth-while experiences und renew your fondest memories. 4 CONTENTS SPOR TS CLASSES FEA TURES OR GA NIZA TIONS FA CUL TT AD VER TISEMENTS We Sing To Thee. . . 2 'Y XN mas . w oo embei .'YXxc qdxcx Tm mm iw, 'oc Gvovcxoo game wc QXMXXQ NN c WXXX Xxgwc vocsc momcms xo 'Kem 'Yxxousgo summer wma xo wkmcv A06 we Qfcscm aXxs1xQQe'.xis. 'Voc XwgXwxcr we were gkxd xo shave NNN emo xxwomgo me gems. . f' Svffyll , ,A g,gQ,!5h ig Fix Q A S,-,G E 'vm Q as 1 .J an Uur Student Government. . . John Briar iv N Q Judy Tron lv Qgssgi Art O'Neal President kgg ','. Q., I 'X . 2 w,1v1,2::4:.w:e'.sa "' ' "' . gelj-Tfgsfei' SCCFCHIIAY , P - s -' 1 a , -' . K E55- - r '2-si fs iv e IJllVlkl POYICI' Tolly Besson RCPOVICF Treasurer SENATE Left tu rigflzli Marty l.ent7. Millie Harris. Margie Bowman. Roberta Landes. Jackie Wells and Tom Lcderer. tMl'S'.KflltL' front piz'tm'v: Bev Cox and Penny Painter. HOMI-QROOM REPRESENTATIVFS l"l'l'.KI mir, left to right: Janice Mowhrey. Sharon Mizell. Curtis Morris. Jackie Wells. Ann Lockett. Bohhie Kraus, Barhara Baran. .Janet Firkin, Anne Barensfiled. Sallie Klue. Alline Bowden. Susie Briar. Kitty Whitson. and Beverly Kistner, Svwml row: Pat Jones. Donna Mae Rainwater, Suzanne Busehman. Ann Rafferty. Edward Morris. Betsy Surovell, Beverly Hill, Jacky Horsman. Anna Belle Kindt. Patricia Davis. Pat Kurseh, Missy Smith. Nancy Foalden. and Joyce Harn. Tliirtl mu-: Faye Ayler, Cookie Power. Carol Cash. Lihhley Gillis. Judy Hudson. Dave Clexeland. Rick Oginl. Steve Kendall. Tony Wagner. Lloyd Harris. Tim Martin. Darlene Keane. Jane Hatehkiss. Anne Hayle. and Pam Roethlin. l'unrrl1 rmr: Margaret Taylor. Jean Renaud. Bill Thornton. David Hightower. Steve Chapman. Danny Nase. Joe Davis, Bill Smoke, Scott Johnston. Alan Harris. Clyde Smith, Kenneth Petit, Ronnie Knight, and John Shafer, A4l'.X.YilItl,' from f7fl'IIlI't'.' Jim Johnson. Jay Knox. Sharon Power, Albert Spiekers, Lynn Nash. Bailey Rathbone, Speaker of Housel Ben Tamani, Eddie Byrne. Carol Cash and Frank Ridgway. backbone tyf spirit and honor, fABlNl:I sf-sg l"ir.rt row, left to right: Ann Vick, Patsy Allen. Candy Dilliard. .lanet Boone. Susie Brown and Marcia Pieper, Stwunl rmix' .loc Vaughn, 'Xlice Hall. Christine Falk. Rachel Mlsna, Judy Trone and Bill DeVoi, Mr Domld Cooley Tliim' row: .lim Keithley. Pete King. Frank Grant. A I S C N U ' Tom Trelogan and Bill l.cary . ponsor The Student Cooperative Association, the governing body of which every student is a member. consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives. The representative body is made up ot' an elected member from each homeroom: the senatorial body is composed ol' two Senators from each class. The Execu- tive members are elected at the close of each school year and become ollicially active at the beginning of each school year. This year the SCA undertook to revise the constitution: Linder the proposed system a place of the cabinet and the senate. This system. it is hoped. will prove much more convenient and workable. The SCA shouldered the full responsibility of promoting and handl- ing the magazine campaign and the publica- tion of the Student Handbook. Also. a system for the co-ordination of the independent clubs was established to better intra-club relations. Funds were allocated to the Newspaper and the Yearbook and to other clubs as the need arose. One of the major accomplishments of the year was the pact with Mr. Landes to council consisting of a balanced number of elected and appointed members will take the allow ice cream to return to the cafeteria. HOMFROOM ALTFRNATES lfirsr row, left to right: Carolyn Petit. Dorothy Willard, Nancy Rios. Marcia Pieper. Joyce Cash. Barbara leyey. Carolyn Ryther. Kathy Dyer, Saundra Purkey. Martha Davis. Rachelle Norman and Susan Wilson. Svuuirl mn: Drevs Messing. Micky Campagna. Vic l.aFrank. Gail Glenn. Annie Mae Staton. .ludy Robey. Mike Trone. Vera Vinogradoll. Sue Donovan. .lim Chaconas. l.eklei Many and .lohnny Trost. Tlriril roir: Bill Pullen. Susanne Alford. Barbara Buckley. Jan ledford. Kay Carlson. Brenda Jordan. Betsy Newton. Bob Hollis, David Cotellesse. Jamis Townsend. Nancy Heeter, Carolyn Collins and Diane Garetty. The Survrgfor Stagg . The Club Section this year was planned and drawn up by a hard working staff consisting of Annie Mae Staton. Carol Bateman, Kathie Brewer, who is the editor of thc section, and Candy Dilliard. The picture schedule for all class pictures as well as club pictures was handled by these hard-working girls. Miss Lowman Sponsor Our Class Section had a rough job this year with the retakes but they hnally met their deadline with much hard work and a few extra working sessions after school. Ann Vick, Patsy Allen, Judy Smith, and Ruth Roop. editor. make up this section. This yearbook sales that took place during the beginning of the year reached an all-time high of one thousand books purchased by the student body. This year. as in the past, the staff sponsored several elections which are a traditional part of our school life. Among these are Who's Who, Miss Mount Vernon, and Senior Spot- light. The Surveyor is a member of the Virginia High School League, and the National Scho- lastic Press Association. The 1960 edition of the Surveyor will be entered in competition in the Southern lnterscholastic Press Association which is held each summer at Washington and Lee University in Lexington. Virginia. The expert photographers on our staff this year, Marty Lentz. Gail Glenn, and Eddie Byrd discuss the proper use of the camera. Missing from this picture is Donnie Dodd. endeavors to reereatejbna' moments, Cookie Trost Editor Janet Boone. the editor of the l-'eatures Section and her staff of Margie Bowman. Jimmie Sue Burt. and Carl Simmons did a very good job this year in tying in Mount Vernon Plantation with their section. Carl Simmons is officially our Copy Editor but helped with this section. The Surveyor St Our Sports Section. composed of Arnold Cash and Danny Widentan. editor. did a hue job of on-the-spot coverage of the sporting events. Discussing the arrival of new pictures is a frequent scene in the Yearbook room. all is composed of students Arranging the ad for Belle View Shopping Center are Bill Stroble and Carol Cash. editor of the Ads Section. We reached a high goal in the sale of ads this year and sponsored a contest for those not on the staff. who apply for membership to the staffg the ap- plicants must then be recommended and ap- proved by members of the faculty. The staff is divided accordingly into sections. Each be- ing a body within itself and having a sectional editor at its head. At the end of each year the existing staff is responsible for placing mem- bers on each sectional staff and electing an editor-in-chief or co-editors for the coming year. This year the staff began functioning the later part of the summer by soliciting through- out the community for advertisements. one means of attaining financial support. The actual work on the book began in September after some members of the staff attended the National Scholastic Press Association Conven- tion in Washington, D.C. Whz'le the Em Vee Hzlglz Staff . l .lutly 'lrone Billie Rae I Doug Henry .lorry Hannah Business MeClung Mrs' O Nell Assistant Business Manager Fditor-in-Chief Sponsor Editor-in-Chief lklanagcr l'ir.vl ww, left to right: Virginia Tyler. .lan Crabtree. Susy Austin, Kathy Fcklcy. Frank Hill. David Porter. lilainc Ciorsetty, Betsy Surovell. Barbara Shoemaker and Lynda Cornell. Stwuitl mit-.' Janet Dolo7ik. Donna Gaarder. Rachel Mlsna. Butch Cash, Art 0'Neal, Bill Strandberg. .loe lkenberry, Jon Gallo. Elizabeth Harvalick, Marina Concepcion. Betty Jo Sacca and Jean Leary. The Em Vee Hi. the student publication of Mount Vernon High School, is produced by the members of the creative writing class and is published monthly. The newspaper is an active member of the National Scholastic Association. lt covers news materials from all classes. features unusual or outstanding acheivements and activities of stu- dents and faculty members within the school. and gives the students a voice of opinion on school activities and attitudes. Twirp Week is the traditional activity intro- duced by the Em Vee Hi. During Twirp Week other clubs and organizations within the school sponsor daily activities and at the end of the week the newspaper holds the climaxing dance. Different individuals, composing the stafl. are responsible to the local newspapers in the surrounding area. for news and activities tak- ing place in our school. The staff as a whole is the direct contact to the "Teen lVlaga7ine" of the Evening Star. This year the staff strived to make the news- paper more interesting for the student body and to create a better literary quality in the Em Vee Hi. works to promote studont interest. llnxnl PUIIUI, l'l1oIugl.1pI1v1'. xliwllww PIL'llll'L'N fm' IIUXI IIIUHIII-N iwuc with Doug Hemp, .Indy lmnu amd Iiilliv Roc Md lung. Y Mwlllwl. lcfl lu right: l.1n lL1'.1lNl1'cu. Suxy ,XIINIIII :ami XII lixluanl. .Smmlffrui ,lcrry Ilgmlmh amd ,loc lkcnlwrry duwmx pngc 3. plow lol Nia .fn Iuxf mug lcil lu rxghl: rX1lll'illll fXUIlCCPCiUI1. .Ioan Kiwis and Vllinc C'or'sclly. .Mmwnl rm 1.' Rllthcl MIN Ill lnncl llnlollk, .lcon IC'll'j amd liulxy Suroxcll guru hlINlIN Ull"'l"QLl preparing tinnl Cx puhliculiun. lull In wht. lxmi.1 f fwrnull Ivmk lhll. limb .QIOCINLIKCII Virginia Iylcl anml Kathy I'ckh. ' now pmpur Nils Iwgufllncx :md lNC1lNlIl'C copy. 'x--3' of let! in llihll l7m1umKm.mIuu I lIl1l!WClh Ilmxnllyk wpx 13 Hulch C .uh .md .lun Ciqxllu do p.1xlc-upxofpiclll for sporlx pangs. Your spzrit and honor. . an has always taken pride in the development of his body as well as his mind. Athletics are the practical means of making possible this frequently neglected manner of de- velopment. Even more important than this. however. is the creation of a sense of fair play that must be a fundamental part of every athletic program. Through keen sportsmanship the spirit of Mount Vernon was born. This spirit will live as long as we have enough pride to respect that for which it stands. Three cheers for the Maroon and Gray! 'I4 QE: if 'H J X 1 s . 1 rv. , M Mia POR THE M OUJV T VERN MAjORS. . . Y ing-cw 'J an 4 39 3 nf Q X ei N ff SUMMARY OF SEASON ' With Coach Wilson Faris at the helm the Mount Vernon Majors opened the season with a bitter defeat at the hands of Wakefield. The following week Hammond Highs Admirals sneaked by Mount Vernon Majors 7-0 when a 60 yard touchdown was nullified by a pen- alty. Mount Vernon highlighted their season with a victory over their archrivals, Groveton High. We evened our record the following in ss 15 'Q . 'a week with an easy win over Falls Church. After losing to Fairfax. the Majors hit the .500 mark with a Homecoming victory over J. E. B. Stuart High and made it two in a row by downing the McLean Highlanders. We experienced three losses during the seasong to Annandale High, George Washing- ton High, and Lee High. The season was ended with a 4-6 record. 'J1'N'3X ,., Our spz'rz't abounds Margie Bowman Co-Captain Peggy' 'l'eeter Co-Captain Miss Polly Waid Cookie 'lrost Candy Ilannah and Sponsor Secretary-'lreasurcr Kelly Myatt Margie Bowman, a Junior. is Co-Captain of the squad and this is her second year on Var- sity. Margie is a Senator of her class. a member of the Year- book stall and the Keyette Club, 'lltls year Margie was chosen "VVho's Who" of her class. Peggy leeter. a Senior, is also Co-Captain of the cheer- leaders this year. Peggy is Vice President of the Keyette Club. a member of the Student Gov- ernment Cabinet. and the Year- boolt stall. This is her second year on the Varsity squad. Cookie lrost. a Senior. is Seeretary'-Treasurer in her third year on Varsity. Cooltie is Vice President of the S.C.A. and liditor of the Surveyor. ln addi- tion to being a member of the Keyctte Club. she vtas chosen the Key' Club Syyeetheart. .laelty Horsman. a Senior. es- perieneed her third year as a Varsity' Cheerleader this year. ller activities include the Pep Club. Spanish Club. Future llomemalsers of America. and the Student Government. .ludy lrone, a Senior. has cheered for the past three years on the Varsity squad. .ludy is lreasurer of the Keyette Club. and a member of the Pep Club, Senior Honor Society. and the Student Government. Mascots Yvonne llorneland. a Senior, experienced ber lirst year as a cheerleader this year. She is the Reporter of the Senior llonor Society. a member of the Choraleers. and the :Xll State Chorus. Yyonne yyas also a member of the east of "Briga- doonf' Beelsy llannah. a .lunior. ad- yaneed to Xansity this year from the .l.V. squad. Beelsy' played Yarsity Basketball this year, and is a member ol' the Pep Club, ln her spare time she plays golf and has yyon many medals. Betsy Nlyatl. a Junior. yyas also a neyy member of the squad this year. She yyas the Co-Captain on the .l.V. squad last year. Betsy is a member of the Pep Club and Band. lfor the past feyy years she has made All State Band. Rosemary Clemnier. a .lun- ior. was another neyy member to Yarsity this year. last year she was Secretary-'lreasurer of the .l,V 's. Rosemary belongs to the l-reneh Club. Pep Club, and she nas a member of the cast ol' "Brigadoon," Diane llall. the youngest member ot' the squad, is a Sophomore. Diane is Secretary' of the French Club and a mem- ber of the Pep Club. She pre- yiously' served as a cheerleader in Ohio. as we cheer or 02.610731 .lucky Horsmun Judy Tronc Yvonne llornclumi 2 wx IDLL3 MAJOR MOVERN Iicclq Hum f RONLHLIIQ Clunmu Bclxy Myull Iliunc Hull 19 As the Fzlghting Maj'0rs lin Knox met-px tiroiintl the end to pick tip yiirditge aigaiinxt the George Wiixhiiigton Prexiex. Nlr, Cl.nit1e llioinpxon. Paul Prexitient ot the ltluexuitei' lions Club prexentx Mimi X.iIn.ilvIe I'!nxer mgird to hiilfhziek l tntixex Sept. l I IN 25 Oet. 2 9 I6 2-1 30 Nov. 6 Notwit- IOSU MAJOR SCOREBOARD Xernon fW4W1liiCiiCiLi Vernon OfHztnnnond Mt. Vernon l3 Groveton Vernon 2Oe I-'zilis Church Vernon iifig-Llil'i'1lK i Vernon 25Yv.l.E.B. Stuart Mt.Vernon i3--iViCLCLlI1 it , Vernon 6-Anniindiile it ,, Mt. Vernon 6-George Washington Vernon 6fLee I3 Mt. Couch Wilson Furis and hix iivixtzint. Uiek I-i'mhei'gei' plain strategy with Clll1lI'ICl'iW2lCix ,lim Hiekx nhile tezini niiitex give side line support. 20 IX 7 I2 7 l-1 fx 6 33 X X gain Recognzhon 4 l L! . . qs A Ictl llornn rcccixtw xztrxity footbnll lcttcr from 4-45 Couch Fxtris during :murtls lmnquct for ull footlutll platycrx. .."' A s ' it . ' 515: - gt steam - Ag ,uf 7 t .1 t , .X t ' ,. e X. . , L '4 oi-B"9. f " ' n"'f"ff"t fi llcitm C'o-Catptatins Bob Odom nntl Art Q'Ncztl lcd thc Majors for zt rccortl of four winx atnd six losxcs. Nlrx. Snllcllc presents Hob Odom with thc Stuart Szttfcllc lroplty. tlonntcd by thc Mount Vernon Alumni. Stuart Stttlcllc was thc only atthlctc from Mount Vernon who lost his ltlt during Vlorltl Wu ll +-""'X ,loc Kellum lircs at pun to Butch Clash during lhc G.W.-M.V. tilt. Qi-ff 'X ff W QQ k .t x ,L V . ig what t Q: r.:L. itil i K bg, X 'wg' 5 sw wk X N tigix X six 5 5 s S The Kbabyj' M ajors ,L l'if'tl Hur. left to right: Gary Barhee, loin Ciallahan. Ray Ketchum. Wallaee Angel. Dennis Dahlquist. Ronnie Seward. l-rank Pullman. Szwunl row: Mike Ciarguilo. Bonnie Stevens. Lliln Alvey. Danny Nase. Glenn Young, Frank Perrin. John Meatlor. John Hart. Tliirtl wiv: Claude Dean. Assistant. C1-aeh Snyder, Don Samuels. Billy Roherts. Mike C'ook. Mike Walsh. Roh Hailey, Jim ,lan Solga. Fil Morris. Ben ilillillllll. foaeh Miller, Bohhy Allen. Larry Donahue. lourtli ww: John Valiente, .John Wilson. .lim Wilson, Tom VVill. Carter Hopkins. Buteh Rohey. lim Daxis, loe Vaughn. lolly Besson, Scott Joh nson. .., ',.- ' ' Susie Brown Co-Captain I Patsy Barker to-Captain t ns 4, 4 'VJ 1 v l ab .A- Donna Mae Rainwater Seeretary-'lreastirer K11m'lif1y.' Ginny Ralston, Nancy Brown. and Pam Sehlegal. .S'I11ll1fl'l1AL'.' Marie Fridenstine. Joyce Cash. Saundra Purkey. and Patsy Johnson. 22 keep the jqela' hot with a'etermz'natz'0n. The .lunior Varsity team under a new eoaeh. Mr. .laels Miller. vastly im- nroved over their last year's reeord. They rounded out the season with a 'eeord ol' two wins. tno losses and one .ie. Coaehed hy Ted Colna, the Eighth Iirade team linished the season with 'our wins and two losses. a commend- thle reeord lor a new eoaeh. Both teams were avidly supported Ny its individual eheerleading squad. liaeh squad. seleeted hy laeulty mems wers and Varsity Cheerleaders. helped ipur the teams on to vietory. St'utc'tl IfIH'l1UllItiH'Y, left to right: linda Wilhurn. Susie Briar. Sue Crump ton, Judy Keithley. Jane Diekerson, Harriet Hannah, and Sue fotellese .Svtiretl Vt'rIit'ully, haels to front: Diane Proudlove. Kay Bell, .lan Barker Ailleen Bowden. and Diane Holt. l":'mr 1-on-, left to right: Boh lsreps. lfred Williams, Paul Adams. lee Faris. Riehard Xliller. Billy Bodmar. Hayes Holler. Riehard Graham. and Roh leerette. Setmitl l'UH'.' Coach Colna. .lim Chaeonas. Ray Cnaham. Charles Harrover. Harold Allen. Bill Padgett. Charles .-Xrehauglt, Richard Dotson. Niels Rodriguez. and f-Xssistant foaeh Skinner. Third rmr: Nick Yurehils. iled Ventre. Holi Henderson. I-'rank Ridgeway. Eddie Daxis. lfd lowery. Andy Sieak. Greg Mosher, and Kenny 'Ritehie 23 Teamwork produces Our varsity team rewarded us with much to be proud of this year--a championship trophy to brighten our trophy case. a record ol' seventeen wins and three losses. the states' Group I leading scorer and a man on the state's tirst team. as well as. one on the second team for Group I schools. Many long hours ot' practice alter school. nights and holi- days went into the moulding of our team this past season. Coach Mike Skinner can be credited lor our outstanding rec- ord. for without his drive. spirit to win. and fair play among the boys we may not have been on top. At the end oil our regular game season we had piled up a total of l297 points--an average ot' 64.85 points per game. Marty-Lentz hit the basket for 604 points during the season with Toni Booterbaugh racking up a total of 178 points. In our encounter with Madison High. we scored the most points of the season hitting lor a 96-29 mark. Even though we lost by only six points to Annandale in the Northern Virginia Tournament. we consider our boys a great aggregation. When the linal whistle sounded on March 2. that was the end of high school ball for seniors Bud Rupert. Tom Booterbaugh and Bob Odom. but we feel sure there are many good things in store for all ol them. Our hat's oil' to you our l959-00 basketball team! fn vu-5 Coach Mike Skinner left to right: Daxid Porter. I-'rancis Cash. Charles Corder, Bud Rupert. Bob Odom. Marty l.entl. 'lom Bootcibtu Butch Shackclford. ,lim Stout. Danny Nasc. Jim Carr, Fred Bishop and larry Matthc VRS. 24 Coungf Champz'0nslzzL19. umm 75. e EL' X Q, 255.5 I -4-1 e. .1 I, Marty lentl. .lunioig NS", IHS lhs. Scored NIJ points during the xeatxon. lleld xlzite xcoriug record for Group I schools, tnerztgetl IN.-I pointx per game. Vklnx Neleetetl for the Iirxt tetim for All County, Northern Yiieiniit. All Metro- poliliui :tutl XII Suite. I. Dante Porter. lunior. 5'lll". l55 lhs. Good on defenxe, good paver and teztm huxtler. Scored IH points during the sett- son. 3. Roh Odom. Senior. KVI", IX5 lbs. 'l'ot4tl points for season llo, Good re-hounder und line teatm xpirit-one of the liurdest workers on the teztm. -1, Danny Nttse. Sophomore, KVI". I70 lhx, Excellent prospect for next few years. good for jump shots. Will be heurd from in the future. Total points for the seztxon 27. 5. fhueh Corder. Junior. ffl". ISU lhx. Fine teztm mam. expect much from him next yeur. 'lotitl pointx this sermon, 68. fu. loin Iiooterhatugh. Senior. firm", I75 lhs. Memher of Nor- thern Virginiu xeeond team. Good rehounder. Scored VIR points for the season. 25 N:-s -, 2 Win 51, Z1 testi' models JZV the heroes in the making. 11,13 QQUUP l .+QUy, E110 5.355 JUNIOR VARSITY: I-'ir'.sr1'ow, left to right: Mike Page. Corky C ish Bill P IL Ili Coach McFarland and Buteh Robey. Suomi mir: .Kohn Chapman. .lohn Valiente. Pete King .loc Davis. Tom Gallahan and Tom l.ederer, 'l'l11'rtl rmr: Manager Patil Hasenian. Bob ,luck Millcy Pergler, Russel Evans, Dennis Rochford. Bob Remaek and Wallaee Angel. lfllill l'll GR.-Xlbli 'll-'AM: lfirsl row, left to right: Charles Ferret. Nick Ynrehik. Russ Abbott. Danny Bodncr and Steve Watts. .Svrornl row: Ray Graham. lars Hilleslantl. Keith Angel, Hayes Hobler, Joe Green. l.0u Anderson and l,ari'y Barridge, Tlzirtl row: lid lowry. Phil Nase. Fred Williams. Frank Ridgeway. Bob Hender- son, Diek Whiteley. Bill Smoke and Coach Taylor. ig: Q N... of gixlgsggl-Qi. 'ig ' - X .L ig. - V 27 Sportsjir everyone to take part in , Builh A 'YCUN' ' mn V hlp Ug- ,M Clxximvlfsrr ww. lcllnlf? HUNTY swf" li Qnvwln' in-Y Gllmhll i ii1w'CS-li Mqlofkl- W, UK' Chard , no SWK um A-Nl low Ihv and vfl Tx- Km UH h' YA A L wivv 1 'h'pVlCxxl1'- N 30 H Greene' Nigglsf L'hixiUVlfmkQigkY Sulgtrl and Bl Scfllolx gm-mul rlxrunk. 305 Bm l qklpllllxrnixcir. Yflmlx l Tuck K ixbwll' lntrnmurul cziptuins: 1'il'l'.NI mir, Iuft to right: lfddic Byrd, Bill Strumlhcrg, Ron l-urmun and Alun Harris. Scffunl ww: Jimmy llicks, Terry Gamble amd Hurwcy Hcmlcrv-on, ,limfriy fmm rl1vp1'ct1n'c.' Frank Moser. Marty l,cnI7, Donnie Pfulzgruf. Jon Gallo. Butch Shucklcford. Vincent Strayhorne, Bob Austin. und Jack Hurt. -lllnjol. . Fall - Ralph Us .md Wimcl fb-li, ,.Ol:'Nmnn and 10,-,HCIhllnpiflllxllip T' Fzirnpjon -glcft to righ" Xliicornh,-L,v cl' Lfimg ,Ralph Rgxfg-on Johnston- John '1',.Ow' k? I-pny Foxvfgvclc. Asvmwih! -,.R:ilph Kg'-csmllniekc-i . on Cil'iinmutt lion, Ninn,-ini! ' - ohmonl CX Members of both teams. 28 'N as we!! as a new aa'a'z'Zz'0n. . . WresZ!z'ng 111 wrestling position: lim Jcnltins, 1-17 lbs.: John Mcador, 133 lbs. KlIl't'lllI,L', left to rightg Steve Kendall, 15-1 lbs., Ron Scuqiitl, llll lbs., Iodd Bcuig, 121 lbs., Duke Karas. 122 lbs.. Riclty Oginr, 105 lbs., Jcll Page, and Richard Aonim, 97 lbs. Sr11fi1l1'f1g.' l'il'1ll1ls Moser, lleavyxxeight, Nick Iederer, Barry Bowers, 177 lbs., Randy Phillips, 177 lbs., 'lim Hatch, 165 lbs., lcd lJU1'1lI1, 140 lbs., Gary Hcrtzog, 140 lbs., Ralph Vandervort, and Heavyweight, Frank Pullman, 15-1 lbs. Steve Kendall grapples with an Annzindzilc opponent. Mr. I-'ant Coach Wrestling made its debut at Mount Vernon this year with thirty boys participating under the capable direction of Sta'nley Fant. The team was divided into twelve classes, the lowest weight class con- sisting of 95 pounders and the highest weight class consisting of heavyweights. The 95 pound class proved to be the most success- ful with a record of seven wins and one loss. The team record was four wins and four losses including only one loss in the county competition. Most of the team members this year were underclassmen. which should mean that we have a good deal to look forward to in the 1960-61 season. The team expects to wrestle a complete varsity schedule, partici- pating in from 8 to 12 league matches. The boys also expect to participate in the lirst Annual Northern District Tournament. 29 Track. . .a mcejhr time L is - lfirxf row, left to right: Frank Pullman. Denny Sorher. Ernest Jones. Harvey Henderson. 'l'ed Doran. Stan Warder, Steve Kendall. Jay Knox, Tom Ramey. Bailey Rathbone, Duke Karns. Henry Greene. Ron Frodilla. Calvin Deemer. J. C. Davis. and Mike Weisman. Sevorzrf row: Charles Harrover. Manager: Danny Wideman. Tollie Besson. Scott Johnston, Tim Hatch. Jim Laney. Alan Harris. Nick Lederer. Bill Strandberg. Bob Carey. Bill Strobel, Jim Hicks. Scott Crampton. and John Preer. Manager. Tlzirtl rung' Dennis Rockford. Don Ross. Don Samuels. Bob Odem, John Bane, Jim Ashenbach. Bob Purgler. Lindsey Noble, Barker. Steve Chapman. Ron Furman, Pete Van Atta. Rodger Sherbstreich. larry Mathews and Bill Gillum. Head Coach gifts Ernest Snyder l , I Assistant Coach Stanley Fant Returning Iettermen. I-'fmt row. left to right: Calvin Deemer. Jay Knox. Steve Kendall. Duke Karns and Frnest Jones. .S't'C'Ulltil rnu'.' Danny Wideman. Bill Strobel. Bailey Rath- bone. and Tom Ramey. Thin! row: Harvey Henderson. 'led Doran and Stanley Warder. Mount Vernon's Thinclads be- gan their workout in the early spring, with forty-tive hustling boys reporting for practice. The first meet of the l96O season was the George Washing- ton Memorial Relays and our boys placed seventh out of the twenty-two schools represented. There are five scheduled dual meets this season and we will have four relay teams entering the County Relays. Fairfax County Meet. Alexandria Relays and the Northern Virginia Meet. Coach Snyder says he expects his boys to make a good showing in all events and that he is partic- ularly impressed with high jump man. Bob Odom and sprinter. Steve Kendall. and a test qv endurance High-jumper. Bob Purgler, clears the 5'2" mark during County Relays at Grovton. Jim Davis puts at shot into orbit at the Groveton meet. During the G.W. Memorial Relays Tollie Besson starts off in the 4-mile relay. Leading off the fast und furious 440 yd. Relay team is sprinter Jay Knox, is it gtk Q' 1 Varszgf Sluggers Compete The Major "diamond men" could well be masters of the sport this season. Coach Yednock has many returning letter- men who form a nucleus, around which the team can function. Reports are that any opposing team can look for strong com- petition when they encounter our boys. We have in our favor a tremendous pitching staff comprised of Teddy Monroe, Barry Bowers, Vince Strayhorn, Bill Pacella and Pete King. Coach Yednock says Arnold Cash, Francis Cash, Frank Moser, Bill DeVor, Bod Odom and Art O'Neal can be de- pended upon for consistant hitting power. Assistant Coach Ted Colna, a new-comer to the coaching staff, is expected to prove very beneficial by coaching on the base paths. new ,Reiss X A 1 emflzusz'asZz'ca I Q1 Couch John Yednoek, un instructor in Pliysieail liduezttion has returned to eouehing xtzitux this yettr :ind is doing at tremendous joh with the hop, Coiteh Yednoek. tin athlete himself, is at conscientious and haird-xxorking person who spends muny hours with the team. nr Asxistnnt Votieh led Volnqi is at new-comer to Mount Vernon lligh, und hats non' thc tidinirattion of hix students. He hats at keen senke ot' xportsinitnsliip und fair-play which lie has inxlilled in ull who haue played for him. lfiru row, left to right: llatrry Morulew, Teddy Monroe, Bill Pueellzt. Dennis Dailhquist. und Jimmy Jenkins. Sworn! row: l'Al'lll1ClSfiQl5ll, Vincent Struyhorne. Boh0don1, Pele King :ind Danny Name. Tltirfl row: Fddie Green, Mike Best, Art O'Ne:nI, Joe Cronin. Bill DeVor amd .lohn Hutlmun. A'1l.X.Ylllgfl'UlP1 f7l'l'I1ll't'.' Frank Moser, Arnold Cash, Corky Cash, John lirigu' :ind liiirry Bowers. .1--n ffl? 33 I Particzjaate in the Sport cj a Nation The Mount Vernon pitcher hurls in a fast one for a clear 4' 'J Butch Cash scores a hit hut is thrown out at first. strike against a Falls Church batter. Mount Vernon High School Varsity Baseball Schedule-1960 April April April April April April April April May May May May May 5 8 12 I4 19 22 26 29 3 6 10 13 17 Falls Church Annandale Wakefield Osborn Madison Hammond George Washington Fairfax Washington-Lee Stuart McLean Lee Groveton May 20-2 l Single Elimination Tournament Alexandria Municipal Stadium Harry Morales, right fielder. makes it back to first while attempting a steal during the Annandale game. Catcher Frank Moser makes an easy out at home for the big Majors. 'Q afar 34 while Vfs M erzif Acclaim 7 i . I . ls. " ix I I" rmv, left to right: Kenny Strickland, Don Adams, letf Hell. Dave Cleveland. Butch Robcy and lim Davis. Svwiitl rmi'.' ,lim O'Rourl.. Manager, Dave Hightower, Don Hodges Pete Dyson, Larry McFarlin, Joe English, Willie l.eMay. Jim Pracht and Bill Culberson. Tliirfl row: Carter Hopkins, Manager, Tony Cox, John Valiente, Bill Roberts, Tom Gallahan. Bob Purgler, lack Hart and Ricky Rowe. Coach Taylor. a newcomer to the coaching staff, has under his direction the junior varsity baseball team. Coach Taylor reports that there are twenty enthusiastic boys who vie for first string places on his team, and most of them have had little or no experi- ence. Although our season has just gotten underway, indications are that John Valiante will be an out- standing hitter this season, while creditable pitching records can be expected from MeFarlin, Pracht and English. Coach 'liaylor SCHEDULE April l-1 Osborn ,,,,,,,,,,.c,,,cc Away April I9 Madison Away April 22 Hammond ,..,...,,,...,.,, ,,,, H OME April 26 George Washington , Away April 29 Fairfax ,,,,,,,,,,..,,,ii,,cc, Away May 3 Washington-Lee HOME May 6 Stuart ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Away May I0 McLean . c HOME May 13 Lee ., ,,,,,,,, HOME May I7 Groveton ,,c,, , Away 35 Enthusiasm and skill merit l1l'1I 11111, lull In 11gl11: filIUIfI1 Clmc, Ku-11111111111 Cl11'1x1111: hulk. Cn-K 111fl.1111 ll111lN11111 IS11ku1'. li.11l1.11'.1 lxcllcx. S 1 1111 r1111'.' Pu1111y I'111111c1. .Nlluu H.1Il. ll111'1l 11111: BHVIVXIIALI Sh0CI1111kCI'. P111 K111'wl1. x1Qll'lIl.l Nuxx1111111, I I1f11lw1l1 lI.11x11I1k. I411 1'1111" I1111l11 Suh11111l. P11111 W111so11. .x,l'KXl'lIL' 1111111 1711 111111: Belly .lo S:1cc11. Y.11x11y h11x1lu1' I'c11115 I,Llil1ICl' scorus 2lg1lil1 for 1110 IIIILICYACQIIULI N1llj0I'ClIC8. 36 YARSVIAY SC'ORl'S 5 l'il1I'1-AIX 2 C11'11xCl1111 4 Slllilfl 3 Mcl.c1111 1 bw 511111181111 5 lfgllls C'l1111'uh 3 Hc1'11d1111 'W - Luc acclaim jbr hoc!-:gf teams The varsity hockey team opened its season by out- classing Fairfax 5 to l. In the second game ofthe season Groveton gave us a score but we linally won by a score of 2 to l. Against Stuart we came out on top with a 4 to O score. and we won from the McLean Highlanders 3 to 0. Four goals in each half helped us swamp the Madison Hawks 8 to 0. The M. V. gals continued their winning streak by adding tive more points against Falls Church. and a 3 to .0 win over Herndon. The first meet- ing between Lee and Mount Vernon found the Majors on top 2 to 0. This game wrapped up the Northern Virginia Hockey Championship for the Majors. ln recognition of our championship. the Mount Vernon-Lee Sportsman Club honored us at a banquet. A great honor was bestowed upon our team when we were invited to play an exhibition game with Sidwell Friends in the National Field Hockey Tournament in Washington. Coaches Duncan and Shoemaker JUNIOR VARSIIY: left to right: Gail Dodge. Sandy Korehenko, Barbara Taylor, Marsha Summerlin, Diane Jones, Frances Harvalik, Missy Smith. .lane Helton. Patty Saeea. .lanet Richardson. Julie Weigel. 37 Girl lzoolbszfers .os demonstrate l I K dwg 4 X . lxfnrlinu. lell lo iight: Delores lliclterson, Martha Newman. Danny Smith. liarhara Kelley, lieelty llannah and ,lean Xlct nllongh. Xlrlllilllllff Nlanagci .lnnice Cileason, l-ranccs Harxalilt. Diane Worthington. Karol Hiigg, Pam Vlatson, Pam liiiiscli .intl Xlaimgci lliline Tones, K oach New man The Major Lassies had a successlul season to their credit playing twelve games. winning nine and losing three. Their average per game was forty-sis points. The hightest score for any one game was 63-37 against Madison High and our gals were the only team who defeated the undefeated McLean Highlanders. Liz Harvalik a senior and forward led the team by scoring 2l3 points. Carol Bugg also a senior and forward racked up l43 points while Becky Hannah a junior classman scored H4 points. This year we are losing three seniors. l.ix Harvalik. Carol Bugg and Pam Watson. Gur girls spent many long hours worlting out on the court after school and in the evenings under the capable direction ol' Coach Newman which resulted in a line spirit ol' co-operation. enthusiasm and good clean sportsmanship. 38 fl wi skill and entlzusiasm. The Junior Varsity team under the tutelage of Coaeh Shuntaker had a better than average reeord. These "Minor" lassies played twelve games and scored an average ol' 2-1.5 points per game. Caroline Cline boosted her team with a IO3 point lead during the season and teammate Kathy Clark added to the rec- ord hy dropping in 85 points while Missy Smith sank 64 points for the season. The J. V. team is comprised ol' girls from the eighth. ninth and tenth grades and have mueh to give to their Alma Mater for the next few years. Mueh ean he espeeted from these enthu- siastie gals dthey produced for the team and school spirit was most prevalent wherever they traveled. lx'm'r'lili,e, left to right: Debbie Pinkston, Dale Vlaeltes, Judy Rohm N lssy ith Dtle Clin s nt It Caroline Cline. Srnfnlinu: Manager Diane Jones. Cathy Clark. Bnhni Doi Sindy H inset Sus inx 'tm lsin. linda Schmidt, Martha Greenwood and Manager Janice Gleason f Q QQ tff, b 39 SWIM!! Challenges g-.- i Q 4. Varsity Softball: First row, left to right Betty Finlts Barhua Kellv Cirolmv. Cline, Kathy Clarke and Jamis Townsend Second nm Jem McCullough Elizabeth Harvalik, Linda Schmid and Pat Kursch Thml rms M magers Marcia Summerlin and Kris de Lancey, Laurie Paltas Annette Dver Anne Vick Scorekeeper and Mary Alice Fowler, Mxnagcr Varsity Coach Miss Duncan April April April April April May May May May May Softball Schedule for the 1960 Season 7 Annandale ................,..,,..,.,........ Away . 12 Herndon .... 21 it McLean .... Home . Home . 26 Groveton .... ..,... A way . 28 Fairfax .... , .,.. Home . 3 Stuart ..... ...,., A way . 5 Madison .... .,.... A way . 10 Lee ...........,,.,,. ..... H ome . 12 Falls Church ,.,.,. ,,,,, A way , 17 Annandale ..............a,,.,...,....,..., Home . elf Junior Varsity Season Begins 40 Promising Girl Athletes Seventy-eight girls reported for try-outs for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams, and after several weeks of intensive training, thir- teen girls were picked for the Varsity squad and fourteen for the Junior Varsity aggregation. The Varsity team opened its season on April 7, against Annandale with an experienced group of girls, having lost only two games last season. Of the thirteen Varsity members only two are making their debut in the sport. Both teams follow the same playing sched- ule, however, the Junior Varsity team did not open its season until April 21, at which time they played McLean. From all reports to date, we can expect a good showing from these hard- working girlsg for team spirit and clean sports- manship prevail in practice sessions and game competition. Coach, Miss Newman Junior Varsity: Firxl row, left to right: Juanita Grahm, Judy Padgett, Donna Grahm, Sue Crampton and Diane Jones. Scrum! row: Frances Harvalik, Sandy Korchcnko, Connie Miller, Kay Carlson and Lolly Frick. Third row: Julia Wcigle, Sue Dority and Annabel Kindt. ff:- 'll Qt. 1 2 Humble andfee. . l""X,4 -lk YS., .A rom the earliest times men have lived in groups. Each group attempted to find ways by which the adult members beforetheir death Could teach theirichildren all that had been learned in the past. Of course the purpose of these teachings was to help the children more readily solve problems which would arise in the future. The dependency of the untrained youth on the adults, already in possession of cultural inherit- ance, is the basis of all education. Hence, the result is our present day school system. Our four high school years, the most important years of our maturing period, we, as students, begin to realize that knowledge is the framework on which a civilization grows and prospers. 42 I ,.:,,g.h'7!Mr,xWA T .. huh ,JH Q .1 Q ,uf 1 '-"" if "Q Lfdfs, Y L 4 - vt ,fx ..e. 1 "1 ,, Q. 3 1 ll - ww. , wx? ' 1. 4 xy g . . ,B N 1 ,l Q!! Q , . . N ' ' ' Y ' 'W W - -ivy' N.,h.,'x, x' Q3 lv jg Q T K' W I W' un 'W' ' v w- K w 1 j V , ' ' , ' ' sbkx , X, '55 I -A J ' I uf A. . ,N A 4,13 , .1 Jw 4 N, A A f. M ,Rx :ip I 1 . 11 Jag ffl Il 1 H ,Jr 5 ,t V X4 4-'..i1,r X, J' J' J 4, W 1. J 1 'dW',n:5f- v 2 WL 'W i.S,"JxL ' ,f ' f 'N ' " 4' ' + 'Q' 'Nh' 7 fm- 4 .ff Q 9 . M ,W Qs 'feat f ' IQ ,J , li ff. , Nw: P J ?',, 3 xi 'S . I- '4 1 Wx g.,',-it f- - H- -V. Q gf ,1 s , . ' U., 'u S fn "" J, gtf . ftfl K." 17,53 ' , , . f uf- ,A . ,l 9 X f 3 , ,Wy ' .'1' I' .,,-'91 . . , ' , ' f 5 K "Y 1: , g, 1 ,s 0' - r " ' , . 1' 'P - -ia Sr' if 'f Lf'--1 -.f - 2 sf' M K 1" .. + 1737 .4'f- TA H5 W - -Q N , M- Q We.,- 2" +":"'TNe,Q". 'ft ' Q , 'j."" ' J M' ,, ,,x3,ywa, ,, , 1 ix ,,, 1' ,- A 1 5 is V 5:41, 1, , 1. Q f 1 .1 ,a v L qs, , E, Y .f wx A K? 1 j aw " N , L T! A 4,4-.2 .ya N 5 Y Sw i 'gi A-,, I ' f H 'W I N K A , "r '5""L"7 4' M, l'K X ! ' v ' . -I vf +- '. .' u , v 1-,-1: Mnfzgfn " , ' .f'f"" ",, ,lg '11 ffp- , '. 1 f -, 09. , Q V ' ""l,'r ILE '25 .' Ax U, E51 ,.-V. j X, I ' "1 K PM f , ,t H, , 1 N r ' V:f,5'?, J 4 W A ,X 4' 1 vm ,Q W , F Y A ' .T a?'e Z?yxil ,L Q A' 'ff I Y Y El f 'N ' I V ,f si QW 1 1- , .'a'. ' " - I U 'fx 1 ,I I ij VL 'av' EI. ' ..'f,m1. , W' f NM1.w,' ff' f 1 f I Cu flmlifij- 1' -1 U, 1 I 'lu M ,Q "HQ I R 4 1 .al- Q. The Class 61960 Mrs. Catherine Cooley Sponsor Alan Harris President The class of nineteen hundred and sixty has at last reached its ultimate goal-graduation. During previous years our teachers and faculty advisors have strived to train and prepare us for -this major step in life. When we first traveled the hallowed halls of Mount Vernon as eighth graders, we were uncertain and overwhelmed at the new mode of life. As freshmen the pattern of school life showed more promiseg however, there still remained-the ever present feeling of seniority at which much awe and foreboding were displayed. Our sophomore year found us enveloped in college preparatory sub- jects and showed the formation of a desire for a more active role in extra-curricular activities. With the junior year a more serious outlook on life was developed. We began to accept more responsibility and showed an interest in the development of the school. The senior year approached without a full realization from us of what was expected and required. The talents used to decorate for the Sno-Ball. the endless time spent on Brigadoon and the many other activities-the effort used to promote a better Student Cooperative Association, proved our class to be one of the best to graduate from Mount Vernon High. Those who lead Betsy Surovell Barbara Baker l'icz Pffsiduzt Yruzmrx Rachel Mlsna Linda Shepherd Trviisifrvr' Reporter ,wi fi Roberta Landcs Penny Painter Senator Senator as we accomplishea' WILLIAM .IOHN JOAN PATRICIA ABBOTT ALLEN "Bill" "Palsy" Spanish Club, 31 Latin Club, 23 Pep Wrestling, 4: Bus Club. 2. 3, 4: Keyette. Driver. 3, 4. DIANA WHITLEY BAILEY S.C.A. Rep., l: Art Club, 43 Sec.-Treas. Senior Science Club, 4: National Merit Scholarship Commen- dation, 4. 4: S.C.A., 41 Drama- tics, 2, 3, 4: Year- book Stalf, 4. LEA LIVINGSTON BAILY "Lalu" French Club, 1, 2, 3: Art Club, l, 2, 3, 43 Cotillion Club, lg Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. Rep., lg Magazine Campaign Award, l, 2. 3: Beauty Contest Winner, Third Place, 3. KATHLEEN LORAINE ALLEN "Kathy" F.H.A., I, 4: Bible Club, I. JOHN C. ANDREWS "Jack" Transferred from Monsignor Bonner, Intramural Basketball, 4. BARBARA ANN BAKER Art Club, 43 Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society, 2, 3, 49 Key- ettes, 3, 45 Homecom- ing Coordinator, 3, 4, S.C.A. Senator, 25 VIRGINIA ALMA ALLEN GirI's Glee Club, ll F.H.A., 3, 4: Glee Club Award, I: Homemakefs Award, 3. CARL BERNARD Class Secretary, 4, BEAHM Hockey, l, 2, 3, 4, HBGCIIIIHH Co-Captain, 4, Poetry Bus Driver, 2, 3, 4, Reading Contest Concert Band, 3, 4: Award, 2. Dance Band, 4. Knowledge to advance- MARY ANNABEI. BLANCHE "Annabel" Bible Club, 4: Dra- matics, 4: Spanish, 2: Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4: Girl's Chorus, 1. THOMAS ROY BOOTERBAUGH "Tom" J. V. Basketball, l, 2: Varsity Basketball, 3. 4: Basketball Letter. NORMAN KENNETH BRADFORD "Kenny" D. E. Club, l, 2 3 4. Senior pictures arrived just in time for Christmas gifts to Mothers and girl friends. ADRIAN DIAN BOIES "Bes!y" Transferred from Wiesbaden, Germany: Pep Club, 2, 3: Chorus, I, 3: Dance Club, l: Girl's En- semble, I, 2, Wies- baden Bowling Award, 3: Mainz Soft- ball Award, 2, 3. I WALTER FREDERICK BROWN Senior Science Club, 3, 4: Rocket Club, 31 Marching Band, I: Concert Choir, 4, Brigadoon, 4: Life Scout, 3. BARRY CLINTON BOWERS I. V. Football, I Varsity Football, 2 3, 4: Football Letter 3, 4: J. V. Baseball I: Varsity Baseball, 2 3, 41 Baseball Letter l, 2. ABRAM THOMAS BROWN "Tommy" .l. V. Basketball, 2 Mixed Chorus, 3 Concert Choir, 4 Brigadoon. 4. through ea'ucatz'0n. RUTH ANN E CAIN "Anne" French Club, I: Art Club. I, 2, 4. LYNDA LEE CORNELL J. V. Cheerleader I Pep Club, I: Dralm: tics. I, 3, 4: Nevis- paper Staff, 4. CAROL SUE BUGG Pep Club, 4: F.T.A., 4: Latin Club, 2: Newspaper Staff, 2: Basketball. l, 2, 3. 4: Volleyball. 2. SUZANNE BUSCHMAN "Busl1ic"' Latin Club, lg Dra- matics, I: Pep Club, I. 4: Foreign Lan- guage Club, 2: For- ensics, 3: Girl's Chor- us, 3. Concert Choir. 4: Majorettes, 4, treas- urer. 4: S.C.A. Rep.. 4: Brigadoon, I: Al- ternate to Girl's State. 3. DONNA EILEEN COLYER ..Sl.S.. Commercial Club, 4, V.O.T., 4, Vice Presi- dent, 4. EDWARD JOHN CHASZAR "Chaz" Spanish Club, 3: Sen- ior Science, 4: J. V. Baseball, I: Varsity Baseball, 321. V. Football, 2: Varsity Football, 3, 4: Var- sity Football I.ctter, 3, 4. MARY ELAINE CORSETTY "Elaine" Latin Club, I: Pep Club, 4: F.T.A., 4: Newspaper Staff. 4. Seniors seem to prefer to "tote" lunch bags rather than stand in line for cafeteria lunches. Familiar aces DAVID PETER COTELLESSE "Dave" Transferred from Ro- bert E. Lee High School, Ann St. Mont- gomery, Alabama. Honor Society, 2, 'French Club, 3, Lit- erature Club, 3, Sen- ior Science Club, 4, S.C.A. Alternate, 4: Key Club, 4. TIMOTHY FORREST DAUGHERTY "Tim" Latin Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Rocket Club, 2, Sen- ior Science Club, 3, 4: Second prize in Chemistry Mt. Ver- non H. S. Science Fair: Certificate for creditable participa- tion in Northern Vir- ginia Science Fair. RICHARD TODD COYLE "Taddie" Honor Society, 2, 4: Key Club, 2, 3, President, 4, S.C.A Representative, 1, 2 3, Spanish Club, I, J. V. Football, Varsity Football, 2, 4, J. V. Baseball, Boy's State, 3, Var 3 4 2 1 3 1 sity Football Letter. 2, 3, 4. MELINDA LLYR DAUBENSPECK Senior Science Club, 2, Honor Society, 2, 4, Dramatics, 2, 4, French Club, 2, Cho- raleers, 2, Mixed Chorus, 1, 2, Concert Choir, 4, Newspaper Staff, 2, 4, Brigadoon, 4, Academic Letter, 4. GLORIA HELEN DAWSON Bible Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas., 3, Art Club, l, 2, 4, F.T.A., 4: F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, l, 2, 3, Pep Club, 1, 2, 4, Brigadoon, 4, GirI's Chorus, 3, Mixed Chorus, 4, J. V. Hoc- key, lg Merit Award for Science, 2, Merit Award for Music, 3. JACK KENNETH CREASY "Jack" D. E. Club, Vice Pres- ident, 4. JUDITH ANN DILLINGHAM "Judy" Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A., l, 2, 3, 4. Re- porter, 4, S.C.A. Rep- resentative, l: F.H.A. Degrees. DENNY LEE CUPP "Butch" Transferred from Pat- terson Park High School, Baltimore, Md. JAMFS CALVIN DAVIS "lim" Bus Driver. 3. 4: Track, l. 4: Football, 3, 4: J. V. Football Letter. 3: Varsity Football Letter, 4. soon to depart JANET SUE DOLOZIK Art Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics, lg S.C.A. Representative, lg French Club, '35 Pep Club, 3, 43 Varsity Hockey, 3g Honorary Recognition in M.V. H.S. Science Fair. JEROME P. DORSEY "Jerry" Latin Club, l, 2, Chorus, lg Drama Club, 2g D.E. Club, 3, 4, President, 3, 4, Brigadoon, 45 Vice President Distributive Education Clubs of Virginia. MELINDA JOYCE DILLINGHAM "Linda" Commercial Club, 43 V.0.T. Club, 4. PATRICIA ANN DILLON MARIE ELLEN DONATO "Dolly" JAMES WADE EDENTON JOHN CHARLES "Jim" EDWARDS I.V. Baseball, 2. "Charlie" 49 D.E., 49 Secretary, 4. DARRYL WAYNE DOCKINS "Pat" Junior Science Club, Latin Club, lg Pep 2a Senior Science Club, lg F.H.A., 4. Club, 4g Chess Club, 1, 4. RUTH JO DOVE "Ruthie" F.H.A., lg D.E. Club, 3, 43 Promotional Manager, 4. From these hallowed halls JOAN LOUISE FAW "loanie" Chorus, l3 Dramatics, 33 Brigadoon, 43 Mixed Chorus, 43 Pep Club, l3 Commercial Club, 4. ROBERT M. EICHELBERGER "Ike" Student Government Representative, l. JANET LOUISE FIRKIN "Jimmie" Honor Society, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics, 4g Merit Award for Science, 33 Typing Award for Speed, 3. CHRISTINE MARGARET FALK "Chris" French Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer, 43 For- eign Language Club, l3 Choraleers, 43 S.C.A. Parliamentar- ian, 43 Honor Society, 2,,3, 43 Brigadoon. 43 J.V. Hockey, lg Var- sity Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4. SARA FIM FEDDERSEN Latin Club, lg French Club, 2, 33 Art Club, 3, 43 Majorette, 3. Senior artists demonstrates techniques on how to mould ENID ELIZABETH FLYNN your man. NANCY ELLEN FOALDEN "Puddin" Patrol, 23 D.E. Secre- tary, 33 S.C.A. Rep- resentative, 4g Merit Science Award, 2. .IUZH Transferred from An chorage High School, Anchorage, Alaska Home Economics, 1. 'K and turn toward college. NORMA ELEANOR FRALEY V.O.T. President, 4, Varsity Basketball, 2, 3: Varsity Hockey, 2, 3. JONATHAN CONNELL GALLO "lon" Pep Club, 3, 4, Key Club, 2, 3, 4, Re- porter, 3, Vice Presi- dent 4, S.C.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative, l, Alternate, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff, 4, I.V. Baseball, I: Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball, l, 3, 4, Fresh- man Class Senator, Junior Class Presi- dent. PATRICIA CLEVELAND FOBES "Patti" Foreign Language Club, I, French Club, l, 2, 3, 4, treasurer, 3, president, 4: Honor Society, I, 2, 3, 4: secretary, 4: Keyette Club, 3, 4: Pep Club, 3, 4, Class Officer, 3: Mixed Chorus. 4: Bri- gadoon, 4. DIANA LEE FRALEY "Shorty" V.O.T. Club, 4, Span- ish Club, I, Pep Club, l, 23 Softball, l, 2, 3, Hockey Manager, 1, 2, 3, Basketball Man- ager, l. 2. RONALD WYNDELL F URMAN "Ronnie" Key Club, 3, 4, Bri- gadoon, 4, S.C.A Representative, 3 Concert Choir, 4. RON G. FRODELLA Transferred from Hamilton High East, Trenton, New Jersey, Basketball, l, 2, 4, Baseball, 1, 3, Track, TERRANCE LEE GAMBLE "Terry" Football, I, 4, Bas- ketball, l, 2, Intra- mural Basketball, 3. Decorating committee for Sno-Ball take time out to pose for cameraman. A toast to Seniors. . . E. BERRY GAMBLIN "Berry" Debate Club, 4: Chess Club, 4. FRANK ALBERT GRANT Senior Science Club, 3, 43 Debate Club, 4g Spanish Conversation Club, 3, Intramural Basketball, 3, 4g Science Fair Award for Outstanding Pa- ticipation, 2. TIMOTHY WARD GARGIULO "Tim" Transferred from Mannheim High School, Mannheim, Germany, Hi-Y, 2: Lettermen's Club, Sec.-Treas., 3g S.C.A. 2: Newspaper, 3g Con- cert Choir, 4, Drama- tics, 4g Soccer, 23 Basketball, 3, Foot- ball, 3, Track, 2, 4. JOAN ESTHER GOSIS Art Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, treasurer, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4, S.C.A.: Cotillion Club, lg Academic Letter, 1. MARTIN EDWARD GREEN "Marty" Latin Club, 33 Bible Club, 1, 2, 3, vice president, 2, president, 3g Intramural soccer, 3. LINDA KAY GILLUM Girl's Chorus, lg Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 4, Brigadoon, 4, Span ish Club, 23 Pep Club, 23 Music Festival, I, MARIORIE DOROTHY GREENE "Margie" Majorette Club, 35 V.O.T., 4. NANCY JEAN GLUDE Transferred from Annapolis High School, Annapolis, Md., S.C.A. Repre- sentative, lg Science Fair, 2g Brigadoon, 4, Mixed Chorus, lg Girl's Chorus, 3, 4. HENRY DUNCAN GREEN, IV Spanish Club, 3, 49 Science Club, 49 Track, 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball, 3, 4. who will long remember IEANNE MARIE HANSON "Bubbi" Majorette Club, 3, Glee Club, l, 2. ALAN WHEELER HARRIS, JR. Junior Science Club, 2g Latin Club, treas- urer, 2g Debate Club, vice president, 4, Key Club, 3, 4, Senior Science Club, 43 Cabi- net, 3, Representative, 4, Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Summer Science Institute, 3, National Merit Schol- arship commendation. MARGERY KAY GRIFFIN "Moose" Transferred from Galileo High School, San Francisco, Cali- forniag Spanish Club, 2, 3, Dance Club, 2, 3. TIMOTHY HORACE HATCH "Tim" Transferred from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama, Science Club, 4, Thespian Club, 3, Spanish Club, 1, 2, Football, 2, 3, 4, Swimming, 3. ALICE KATHERINE HALL S.C.A. Cabinet Mem- ber, 4g Keyettes, 43 Debate Club Parlia- mentarian, 4, Varsity Hockey, 49 Senior Class Princess Home- coming Court, North- ern Virginia-Tide- water All State Re- serve Hockey Team. CHARLES RICHARD HARDCASTLE .rBud., D.E. Club, 4g Intra- Tural Basketball, 3 JON ROSS HAVER Patrols, 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Fair, 3. JERYL ANN HANNAH "Jerry" Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus, 4: Basketball, 2. x ELIZABETH MARGARET HARVALIK uldizu Art Club, 4, News- paper staff, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, 4, co- captain, 33 Varsity Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, co-captain, 33 Varsity Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, co- captain, 3, Tidewater Area Reserve Hockey Team, 2, First Prize in Science Fair in Bi- ology, 2, Academic Letter, l. Fouryears qv stucbzhz and activigf BARBARA ANN HOLT "Barb1"' Transferred from Oxon Hill High School, Oxon Hill, Marylandg Latin Club, I, 21 French Club, 2, Library Club, I3 Intramural Cheer- leader, I. 2. JAMES ERNEST HICKS "Jimmy" Spanish Club, 2, J.V. Football, 2, Varsity Football, 3, 4g J.V. Baseball, lg Varsity Baseball, 2, 35 J.V. Basketball, I, 2, In- tramural Basketball Trophy. JACQUELINE JUNE HORSMAN "Jacky" Cotillion Club, 1, 23 F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 3, Federa- tion Representation, 43 Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, lg Spanish Club, 3, J.V. Softball, lg J.V. Cheerleader, 1, Cap- tain, lg Varsity Cheer- leader, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary and Treasurer, 2, Homecoming Court FRANCIS THOMAS HILL "Frank" Transferred from H a m p t o n H i g h School, Hampton, Virginia, Mixed Chorus, 4, Brigadoon, 4: Newspaper Staff, 4. YVONNE BEATRICE HORNELAND "Von" Concert Band, I, 2, Mixed Chorus, 3, 4, Choraleers, 3, 4, Var- sity Cheerleaders, 45 Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 43 Dra- matics, 3g Pep Club, 43 All State Chorus, 2, Academic Letter, 2. l, 2, Delegate F.H.Ai Convention. Yvonne Horneland collects entrance fee from Todd NORMA DIANE Coyle before he checks his shoes at "sock hop". HOVIS DIANE LOUISE HUNT Chorus, lg Spanish Club, 2g Dramatics, 3, 4, Pep Club, 4g Art Club 4. J.V. Cheerleader, I, 2, Pep Club, I, 2, F.H.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, I: Span- ish Club, 3, Keyette Club, 3, 4. aimed at strengthening our school ERNEST FRANKLIN JONES "Ernie" J.V. Football, I, Varsity Football, 3, 4. Track, 2, 3, 4, Gym- nastics, 3. FRANKLIN DUKE KARNS "Duke" Senior Science Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, Pep Club, 4, Latin Club, 1, Concert Chorus, 4, Brigadoon, 4, J.V. Football, 2, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, In- tramural Basketball, 3, Intramural Soccer, GUY LLOYD HUNT Transferred from Hamiltion High School, Los Angeles, California, Essexs of Hamilton High, 2, 3, 4, Boy's League Exe- cutive Board, 4, House of Representa- tives, 2, Newspaper Staff, 2, Sound Club, l, Tennis, 2, 3, "B" Football Team, 3, Intramural Football, l. LARRY BENTON JOHNSON Patrols, l, S.C.A. Representative, I, J.V. Baseball, 2, Track, 2, J.V. Foot- ball-, 2, Varsity Foot- ball, 3, 4. DONNA JEAN KAMERER "DJ." Transferred from Triadelphia High School, Wheeling, West Virginia, Y- Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A., 2, 3. BRENDA JOYCE JORDAN "B.J." Bible Club, l, 2, Re- porter and Song Leader, 2, Girl's Glee Club, 2, 3, Vice Pres- ident, 2, Mixed Chor- us, 4, F.H.A., Corres- ponding Secretary, 4, Brigadoon, 4, Soft- ball, l, 2, 3, Hockey, I, 2. JOSEPH LEONARD KEEFE "Joe" D.E. Club, 4, Varsity Baseball, I, 2, 3. Duke Karns takes advantage of student prices by buying his ticket to football game during school hours. and our characters. STEPHEN ALBERT KENDALL "Steve" S.C.A. Representative. 43 J.V. Football, 13 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 43 J.V. Basketball, 2, J.V. Baseball, 33 Varsity Baseball, 33 Varsity Track, 43 Wrestling, 43 Intra- mural Basketball, 3. WILLIAM HENRY LEARY "Bill' Latin Club, l, 23 Sen- ior Science Club, 3, 43 S.C.A. Representa- tive, l, Cabinet, 43 Junior Class Treas- urer, Senior Class Ways and Means Committee, Honor Society, 3, 4: treas- urer, 43 Key Club, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 43 De- bate Club, 2, 4, treas. 4, J.V. Football, 23 Intramural Basketball, 3, 43 Boy's State Cir- cuit Court Judge, 33 Academic Letter, 1, MARTHA IRENE KNIGHT "Marty" F.H.A., I3 Drama- tics, 13 V.O.T., 4, Commercial Club, 4. ROBERT SAMUEL LAWHORNE "Sammy" D.E. Club, 3, 4. NICHOLAS JOHN LEVAY D.E. Club, 33 J.V Baseball, 1, 2. VICTOR THOMAS LAFRANK nvicn Debate Club, 43 French Club, 4g S.C.A. Representative, BARBARA KAYE LEVEY Transferred from Francis C. Hammond High School, Alexan- dria, Virginiag Drill Team, 23 Treble Cleft Choir, 23 Music Club, 23 Dramatics Club, 23 Morning Watch, 33 Art Club, 43 Pep Club, 43 French Club, 43 S.C.A. Representa- tive, 3, Alternate, 43 Intramural Basketball, 23 Intramural Volley- ball, 1. ROBERTA J EANNE LANDES "Jeannie" F.H.A., l, 2, Repre- sentative, lg French Club, 23 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 S.C.A. Cabinet, 3, Senator, 43 Honor Society, 3, 43 Keyette Club Historian, 43 Girl's State, 33 Who's Who, -33 Science Fair Grand Prize, 1, 23 Beauty Contest semi- finals, 33 Academic Letter, 1, 23 Band Let- ter, 1, 2, 3, 4. NICHOLAS LEDERER "Nick" Spanish Club, l, 3, Vice President, 1, President, 33 Junior Science Club, 23 Sen- ior Science Club, 3, 43 Track, 23 Intra- mural Soccer, 33 In- tramural Basketball, 3, 43 Wrestling Team, 4. Working together on the Sno-Ball, MARY OLA MCKENZIE "Bootie" Spanish Club, l, 2, Foreign Language Club, 23 Cotillion Club, 2: Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, Dramatics, 3. HARRY IRVIN MAHON "Sonny" Spanish Club, 2, 33 Science Club, 2, 3, Concert Choir, 4, Pa- trols, lg Bus Driver, 3, 43 Brigadoon, 4, J.V. Football, l, 2, Varsity Football, 3, J.V. Basketball, 25 In- tramural Basketball, 3, Summer Science Institute, 3. MELISSA SUE LINDSAY "Lima" Latin Club, 2, 33 Art Club, 2, 33 Girl's Chorus, 1. JOHN ARTHUR MELTON J.V. Football. CAROLYN LEE MCBROOM "Mickey" Transferred from Barstow Union High School, Barstow, Cali- forniag Drama Club, 2, 3g F.T.A., 35 Girl's League Art Commit- tee, 2, 35 Art Club, 4, Girl's Athletic Asso- ciation, 33 Merit Award for Art. IUDITH ANN MADDOX Hjudy., V.O.T., 4, Hecht's Teen Board Model, 4. JEAN ANN METHENY "Jeanie" Transferred from Stuttgart American High School, Stutt- gart, Germany, Li- brary Club, lg Girl's Chorus, lg Debate Club Treasurer, 2, Classical Music, 3: F.H.A., 4, Mixed Chorus, 4. BILLIE RAYE MCCLUNG "Cricket" F.T.A., lg Cotillion Club, lg Newspaper Staff, 2, 3, 4, Re- porter, 2, Editor, 43 S.C.A. Alternate, 23 Pep Club, 3, 4, Re- porter, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4. PAUL EDWARD MANVILLE exercz'sz'ng our Senior prz'vz'leges, DAVID E. MORGAN "Dave" Band, 3, Captain, 3, Student Director, 43 Dance Band, Student Leader, 43 All State Band, 23 Northern Virginia District IV Music Festival, 33 Brigadoon, 4. SUSIE VIRGINIA MILLER "Miss Blue" S.C.A. Representative, lg F.H.A., I, 2, 3, 4 Alternate Representa: tive, 23 V.O.T., 43 Commercial Club, 4. RACHEL ANN MLSNA Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 3, Major- ette, 43 Senior Class Treasurerg S.C.A., 2, 3, 43 Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A., 1, 2, Secretary and Histor- ian, 23 Foreign Lan- guage Club, 2, treas- urer, 23 Latin Club, 23 Pep Club, 23 News- paper Staff, 4. ELIZABETH ELAINE MURPHY "Betty" F.H.A., 1, 23 Spanish Club, 33 Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club, 23 Majorettes, 43 J.V. Basketball, 23 Homecoming Queen, 4. Co-Captains Bob Odom and Art O'NeaI proudly exhibit the trophy we gained claim to after downing Groveton High 13-12, should we win three in a' row it's ours for keeps. DEWITT O. MYATT "Dee" Spanish Club, 3, 4, vzi ' , , --,, ,,,,. ,,., 5 . ,Z ,Ll f. '35esoat .A A sis- ' fi' '2':"f"s .t: . .'f-55: ,,, ,.,. I , ,,. ,,,.., A A w . 11 's - ...,,,,, . .. -. ,,'. .EEZJIFL " ' ii "H:- " .Zf5i" - 'f av gf' JUDITH MARIE NAPIER "Judy" Latin Club, 33 Com- mercial Club Treas- urer, 43 Pep Club, 3. Reporter, 3, 43 Art Club, 43 Junior Science Club Re- porter, lg Track, 2. 11 Stuajfingjbr exams, the lunch table-- CAROL MARIE OFFNER "Shorty" Pep Club, l, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Federation Represent- ative, 3, S.C.A. Alter- nate, 2, 4, Girl's Chorus, 2, .l.V. Hoc- key, 2, Intramural Volleyball, 1, Repre- sentative to F.H.A. Convention. PENELOPE ELIZABETH PAINTER "Penny" S.C.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Representative, 3, Pep Club, 3, F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, Drama- tics Club, I, Girl's Chorus, 1, I.V. Soft- ball, 1, J.V. Hockey, 1, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4, Intramural Basketball, 1. JAMES RAYMOND NEWLAND --jimi, Band, l, 2, 3, Span- ish Club, l, J.V. Foot- ball, 2, Soccer, 3. LORETTA O'DELL V.O.T. Club, 4. RICHARD ARTHUR O'NEAL UAH.. S.C.A., l, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Key Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres- ident, 3, Honor So- ciety, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer, 3, President of Freshman Class, Newspaper Staff, 4, Latin Club, 2, Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 3, 4, J.V. Basketball, 1, 2, ROBERT EDWIN ODOM "Bob" Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4, Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Co-recipient Saffelle Football Tro- phy, 3, Recipient Saf- felle Trophy, 4. I.V. Baseball, 1, Var- sity Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Harvard Book Award, Who's Who, 1, 2, 3, Most Valuable Player fFootballJ Mount Vernon-Lee Sports- man Club, 3, Most Valuable Pllayer fFootballJ Mount Vernon Lions Club, 3, Best Lineman, 3, Best Sportsman fFoot- ballj 2, 3, 4, R.B.l. Trophy for Baseball, PAMELA PAIGE PENTECOST KlP0g0lY French Club, l, Latin CHARLES . FRANKLIN .HAVEY fm!" 3' 2' 112 Sill? B d Clharge 3 4 l, 2, 3, Dramatics an ' ' ' ' ' Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Hoc- NICHOLAS PARASKA, II "Nick" Varsity Football Man- ager, 4. Quartermaster, 3, 4. key Co-Manatzer, l, 2, Grand Prize for Art in Science Fair simple occurrences have created bonds ANTHONY JOSEPH PETRINI "Tony" HELEN SHEPHERD PITTMAN F.H.A. 43 D.E. Club, 2, 3. DONALD M. PFALZGRAF "Donnie" BARBARA LUCILLE PEYTON "Bobbi" DAVID L. PHILLIPS "Dave" J.V. Baseball, lg Var- sity Baseball, 2, 3, Football, 3. - J.V. Basketball, 2. PETER K. PHARR "Pete" Track, 2. RANDOLPH ELBERT PHILLIPS "Randy" Transferred from Bremerhaven High School, Bremerhaven, Germany, Science Club, lg Chess Club, lg Varsity Football, lg Varsity Baseball, lg Tennis, l. JOYCE ELAINE POST JACK F-H-A., 2, 39 Com- POWELL, JR. mercial Club, 4. 60 For lasting j9fz'ena'slzzf9s. I Q -' ANN ROBYN RAFFERTY Latin Club, 1, 2, Span- ish Club, 3, 43 De- bate Club, 4.1 Pep Club, I, 4, Newspaper Staff, lg Girl's Chorus, 4: Foreign Language Club, 2g Brigadoon, 4. JOSEPH BAILEY RATHBONE Senior Science Club, 3, 4, Key Club, 3, 4, Project Chairman, 4, S.C.A. Representative, 43 Varsity Track, l, 2, 3, 49 J.V. Football, l, 23 Intramural Bas- ketball, 3g Varsity Football Manager, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball Manager, 3, 4, Tro- phy "Spirit of Sports- manship," lg Trophy "Intramural Basket- ball Champions," 3. EDWARD THOMAS PRACHT '1Eddie" D.E. Club Parliamen- tarian, 3, 4. ANASTASIA DEMETRA PSILEKAS 'AAnn" Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, lg Girl's Chorus, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, 1, 33 Honor Society, 45 Commer- cial Club President, 45 Choraleers, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir, 4g Brigadoon, 4. I g-5iI2Ei fii4 tS!?fi2sfi.Ri U I ri' 1 if . CHARLES RICHARD RAMBO J.V. Football, 2. JOHN wiLL1AM RAINEY -leur' J.V. Football. DONNA JAYNE RHOADES Transferred from Vicenza American High School, Vicenza, Italy: Pep Club, I, 2, 3, Vice President, 35 Library Club, 23 Lan- guage Club, 2g Ski Club, 2, Commercial Club Secretary, 43 Honor Society, 3g Soc- cer, 3g Basketball, 2, 33 Archery, 23 Swim- ming, 2, Bowling, 2, 3, Trampoline, 3, Vol- leyball, 1. Our American Government classes provide plenty of work and overtime, especially when six weeks test are due. At last the time has come WILLIAM E. RUPERT "Bud" Bible Club, 2: J.V. Basketball, l: Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4, RICHARD HARVEY RICHARDSON .l.V. Football, l, 3. , it em- lirfsxft ,fs wxiaiitsiliriaeis iafmf-lake X H at ma at Q , is 'Q eggs Pi W X es, 2311 it if Wgisik + K is iss f I-E i2?..4.,sl ,. Q ,, ,b...,,., 5 ., . .,.. .. M I fi, li gf, W, J ,xt fiesta- ' it it I2 L. KE? ' ,ty ,Gs S, , -R s ,Q Q Q alal . . LINDA MAE SHEPHERD Pep Club, l, 23 Latin Club, I, 2: Foreign Language Club, 2, Cotillion Club, 2, Ant Club, 2, 3, 43 Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Key- ettes, 3, 4, Senior Class Reporter, S.C.A. Representative, I, 2, Art Club, 4, Girl's State City Auditor, 31 Academic Letter, 1. Listen my children and you shall hear, English themes are due-shed not a tear! PATRICIA ROBERTA RIDGELY "Patsy" French Club, lg Pep Club, 1, -2, 3, Dra- matics Club, 23 Com- mercial Club Re- porter, 4g Second Place in Beauty Con- ICSI. PHILIP JOHNSON SHOWALTER "Phil" h S.C.A. Alternate, l, Representative, 3, J.V. Baseball, I, J.V. Football, l, 3, Var- sity Football, 4g Track, 3. STEPHANIE MONROE SAYLOR "Sailor" Transferred from Groveton. Pep Club, l, 2, 4: F.H.A., 3, 4: Secretary Science Club, I1 Library Club, 33 Softball Award, 2, Basketball Award, l. 2. BARBARA ANN SHOEMAKER Pep Club, 3, Quill and Scroll, 4, News- paper Staff, 4, Span- ish Club, 4, Varsity 1 Hockey, 3, 4. X assi? N N f X Sf iw V f s t , V is i Us 6 t 'nu X tt e R' , ni, r we to look boyono' high school WILLIAM DENNIS SORBER "Dz'nny'f Varsity Football, 3: J.V. Football. I, 2. WILLIAM BAYER STRANDBERG, JR. "Bill" Senior Science Club President, 4g Debate Club, 43 Honor So- ciety, 3, 4, Newspaper Staff, 43 Intramural Basketball, 3, 4, D.A.R. Metal Winner, 33 National Merit Scholarship Semi- finalist, 3: Summer Science Institute, 3. JAY MICHAEL CAROL ANN SOLGA SMITH Key Club, 3, 43 Latin "Casey" Club, 2.3 Senior Commercial Club, 4: Science Club, 3, 4, F,H,A,, 1, 2, 4, Intramural Basketball, BRENDA GALE STRICKLAND Mixed Chorus, 2, 33 Concert Choir, 4, Bri- gadoon, 43 Dance Band Vocalist, 4: Hockey. 3: Track, 4. JOHN DECATEUR STEWART, II "Nick" Latin Club, lg Bible Club, l. WILLIAM J. STEPHENS "Bill" J.V. Football, lg J.V. Basketball, 23 Varsity Football, 3, 4. Please, may we have our senior pictures? We just cannot wait to see how dignified we look in our caps and gowns. Ana' to leave behind ELIZABETH JEAN SUROVELL "Betsy" Art Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, Presi- dent, 4, French Club, I. 2, Vice President, 2, Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Vice President, Sen- ior Class Vice Presi- dent, Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent, 3, 4, S.C.A. Al- ternate, 3, Represent- ative, 4, Pep Club, ll Summer Science In- stitute, 3: Academic Letter. PAUL HAYS THOMPSON "Pete" WILLIAM HENRY STROBEL "Bill" Latin Club, 1, 2, treas- urer, I, Yearbook Staff, 4, Intramural Soccer, 3, Varsity Track, I, 2, 4, J.V. Football, 2. MARGARET PAMELA TEETER "Peggy" French Club, 2, Co- tollion Club, 2, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer, 3, Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3, Yearbook Staff, 4, J.V. Cheerleader, 2: Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4, Co-Captain, S.C.A. I, 4, Alternate, I, Cabinet, 4, Miss Mount Vernon Court DORIS MARIE TAYLOR "D0rrie" V.O.T. Club, 4. JUDITH ANNE TRONE "Judy" Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Keyettes Treasurer, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. Vice President, I, 2, J.V. Cheerleader, 1, Var- sity Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. 1, 4, Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, News- paper Staff, 4, Busi- ness Manager, 4, La- tin Club, 2. BEVERLY JEAN TERRY "Bev" Science Club, 3, Red Cross Council, 4, S.C.A. Alternate, 4. JULIE A. TEABOLT Art Club, 3, 4, Vice- President, 3, Secre- tary 4, Choraleers, 4. JUDITH ALICE TROST "Cookie" Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 3, Keyettes, 2, 3, 4, Convention Representative, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Homecoming Court, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Secretary, Who's Who, 2, Yearbook Staff, 3, 4, Editor-in- Chief, 4, S.C.A. Vice President, 4, Varsity Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Com- mittee Chairman, 4: J.V. Baseball, I. moments mf triumph and honor MARIE ELOISE TURNER F.H.A., lg V.O.T. Club, 4, Reporter, 43 J. V. Hockey, l. PETER WILLIAM 2 M VAN ATTA '- "Pere" 'Qs Radio Club, l, 2, A Honor Society, 3, 43 'i Senior Science Club, RM Vice President, 4, N Summer Science In- suture, 3. ALICE MARIE WALLER Commercial Club, 4. 3 ai A ls. PAMELA LOUISE WATSON ..Pam,, F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Federation Represent- ative, 2, Vice Presi- dent, 43 Art Club, 43 Pep Club, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Varsity Hockey, l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 3, J.V. Basketball, 1. ELIZABETH WHALLEY TWOMBLEY "Beth" Transferred from Carlisle Senior High School, Carlisle, Pen- nsylvania, Choir, lg Girl's Chorus, lg Dra- matics Club, 2, 3, 43 French Club, 3, 4, Senior Science Club, 3, 43 G.A.A., l. ANNE ELIZABETH VICK Keyettes, 2, 3, 45 Sgt. at Arms, 3, President, 4g Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, S.C.A. Cabinet, 4, Choraleers, 2, 3, 43 Brigadoon, 4, Mixed Chorus, I, 2, 3, 43 J.V. Softball, 2, Var- sity Softball Manager, 35 Girl's State, Mayor of City, 35 Citizen- ship Award, All State Chorus, 2, 3, Virginia All State Chorusg Ac- ademic Letter, l, 2. .ag 9' 'Q 7 553 JOAN ELIZABETH WEDDING CAROLE PATRICIA TWOMEY Transferred from Rosary High School, Columbus, Ohio. DENNIS LEROY WAREHIME Pep Club, l. To seek the hzlgher things. JO ANN WELLS NIO.. Bible Club, 3: Dra- matics, 41 Commer- cial Club Vice Presi- dent, 43 S.C.A. Alter- nate, l. FREDERICK LEO MICHAEL ALAN WEDEL WEISSMAN "Weed" "Mike" Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Presi- dent, 43 Junior Science Club, Ig Senior Science Club, 4g Chess Club, l, 4, Brigadoon, 4: Foreign Language Club, 2, 33 Concert Chorus, 41 Honorable Mention Fort Meyer Science Fair, 2, State Qualifying Science 23 State Science Fair, Fair, 2, Certificate of Merit: Soccer, 3. RICHARD HARMON WHITMAN "Rick" Transferred from Warwick High School, Warwick, Virginia, Science Club, lg D.E. Club, 4, Lacross, lg J.V. Basketball, l., : '42zat' Zs' .:5 " - 3: M: lfivge Ewa TP. 1 WWW .-,wafpgig-,,g5. - xi , , W ai, . 'X .. Q 5 .f , WOOTON Girl's Chorus, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, Presi- dent, 3. ROBERT GRAHAM WILLGOOS "Sandy" Spanish Club. 3, 4, Soccer, 3: D.A.R. History Award, 3. 66 French Club, 1, Sen- ior Science Club, 33 Honor Society, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Treas- urer, 2, 3, S.C.A. Al- ternate, 3, Senior Class Privilege Board, J.V. Baseball, 23 J.V. Basketball, 2: Intra- mural Basketball, 3, 4g Track, 4, Third Place Physics Divi- sion School Science Fair, 3. SANDRA KATHLEEN WRIGHT Patrols, 1, 2: French Club, lg Commercial Club, 43 Junior Red Cross, 4, Girl's Chorus, lg Mixed Chorus, 3. JUDY CAROL WHETZEL Majorette Club, lg F.H.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 3: Pep Club, I, 2, 3, 43 Com- mercial Club, 4. I MEMORIAM. . PATRICIA ANN RILEY November 8 1942 June I5 1959 A hte hts bone from tmonga us I hte whneh wts loved .md respected by Ill who knew her The memory ot Pat will not soon fade lor her passmg lmwes 1 vmcxncy In the Semor Class ot Nmeteen Hundred and Sixty whxch hme cm only ptrtntlly fill ICIIVIIICS md whose Irtlstlc, lblhty was evldent to all Though saddened bv her untlmely ptssmf. vu. cm drtvw consolmon trom these words There IS no de 1th 'I he st Irs go down to ruse upon some other shore And bright the he wen s jeweled crown lhey shlnc for evermore McCreery 9 - S 1' 1 -' z 1 s-1 " '- - ' naw aa ' ' ' ' ' ,' ' ' z z 'z . She was our friend und classmate, one who took un active part in various ' ' 3, f' 2 1' S z' ' . ,: ' , K. 2 y , I X. . 'Y 1 ' ' . Iinh.u.1 ILIM-1 .uni liill SIILIIILHWCIQI In wuuni Ihux hmi Cicorgc Wgnxh- lIlllUI7x Qlwk. .lx up-ll .ex wmc ut thc IIIIPICIIIUIIIN UH II. lhlclullhg amd nhl- hwn' hum lhuw unc might limi to- nl IX. To the 0utslczna'z'ng members "HM , .ludy 'll'uxI, uhlm' of Ihr SHIXCQUI md ,-X11 O'Nc41I, I,lk'NiLiL'lll ut' thc stu dum Kvmclhnmcnl new dmwn h Ihcll' fcllmx wmur CIRINNIHCH LIN Twins. UlllNl.lHklil1g luzulcrx llllkillghkllll lhcix NULIIN nl Nlulml XVUIIIOII Ihc hcll .lt Mmm! Xurmm lxlnlc worm In lmlx xml :XVI Ll xxmhol of lundclxlmip. lu whwlul .mx thump :mul likcly 68 our Senior Class Ihc Immun' ot Iwmu :mm xludiuux III thc Senior flaw um In-xlmxud upon MIM' XKQINNIIISIII amd Ik-by Sumxcll, I'l'cxnIcl1I .und Xicc-pluxldclml ui' thc cum: Ilumu' Swclcly mxgwctlwly. II1c Imp wI1ImlI1m1w in IIIU ymnur oI NIUIIIII VCIIIUIIIN I-OVIILII g.u'LIcm wclnx .1 xlmngc CUIIIILINI lu II1c duv- mmn ni- Indany. ,Q ,J ' . Sv .,f'. T I N 5 'fx is -mb ' K 1 M. wt 'S , .Q Q 'Mm wfmgjm NK, If N' I 3 5 2,1 : is E' .I I YW an Mvf if . ww' ,.-H'f"' ,Nw .go---""" .Ind 5 Irml und .-Xlqnn II.u'rix. I'r'umIc UI IIN: Senior K I.1w xxuru Ihmc xnlui but :III axrullmI. Ihr l.IIImx Iwlllw in I mu mek of thu l.mmIzy wunx inlcrcxl Io my Ihc Iuml In lhuw tum, for their talents ,L 2 .M M, Anne Viek und .Ierry Dorsey. both intportunt members of the "Brigit- doon" eztst were chosen tts most tulenled. Anne visited Jerry to discuss script ehztnges ut the hospital where he wus confined due to u recent illness. 'Nm Qt ti' Bud Rupert und Peggy Teeter, the hest dressed boy und girl :tt Mount Vernon exehunge their views on fashions. The hreezewuy ut the side of Mount Vernon :affords at heneh where they can sit und talk. honor 15 due. iilllhflil llztwnlik und Rohert Odom 1h hridles in the cnrrige house ure in- ILI 1 panrtieipzintw in ull major sports. M fx-- me .weak hull were eleeletl the most tithletie. i e fr Q 'NQ 'ewting :intl at little ornnte it seems we l iz und Bob. jk X 'L 71 Originality counts nnti ix hen vie co to Steven Kendall and .lzinet lJUiOliix. it Lli"0lIl1LiN. Whether .iillttll ix going to gixe Ste-.en the hook or hit him iiith it seenix to he in question :is they stand on the I-aut pole it Vernon. h ii Nlonnl INC The Class cf 1961 S John Briar President Mr. Fant Sponsor v. ig., su, . ack- 'wswfsz ' : u ' iii 1 t -- f 'z - ,fam-iv. if 'fals e t . ' -"Ji" QS: i' 0 if ,rar at 2552 : Sli ' fi we . it ft Wesley Kitchens Vice President Susie Brown Secretary Sandy Spinks Secretary The class of nineteen hundred sixty-one looks anxiously foreward to the senior year, anticipating new-found honor, privileges and hard work. We begin to fully realize the importance of our education as we are sub- mitted to new tasks such as College Board Arnold Cash Reporter Examination and scholarship tests. This was an eventful year for the junior classmen-our first year at the Prom, our excitement while ordering and receiving class rings and finally oilicialy being deemed with the title of upperclassmen. -1-M' :fi Marty Lentz Margie Bowman Senator Senator 72 students gf today 'l'erry Abel Norma Alvey Althea Ames Betty Anderson Gary Anderson Patricia Archer l.arry Armhruster .I ames Ashenhaeh Susan Austin Gary Baker Patricia Barker Barbara Barnes Kendall Barnex Barbara Barton Carolyn Bateman AFX ' R ' av- ' Qu:-53 . Sw-U upw- M. Martha Batter Marita Bentley Pamela Bernardo Lorraine Bernier turf- Fred Bishop Janet Boone ft 1' Susan Blaisdell E 4 FS? ai X iii xt x 'F S 935. is at up-f 'Qi RTE -ww if 5 . ts, ,gf S e it 'QW 'ft'- . ,. .e E kkk. an it 1 its gg, B tthh tttt Q--.-" B -C 6 Sandra Bowie Marjorie Bowman "' , A 73 v uve is irv Who will shoulder the reslb0nsz'bz'!z'1fz'es 0' G-0 0, fkllllllk, B1Lnn.1n Kathy Hrcvncr ,lohn Briar Marry lililulwcth Broun 4, ,..., g, 'f:v:f'15f5z I: l L- Q ,. . x X 1'-lxgyi.. C-Q "1-fi-ra 9. , 'Q W sf , R , F 1 Risen. -- 2? Q35 74 1 llu sicxtu ur not to sic Peter lirmxn Douglm lirmxn Phil Bruce Michelle Brumblc af: Qu . S' lx Q -H ,,,, . A fi, 'rf ,, Jm,a3f5,S ' - 'il' I I? 'Z lm, ' lg .- WYWA mf, mn: 5 'W -.W -is bi' H ,',. '- J e ., lhznt ix Ihc qucxtion xlu. Walrrcn liullin ,limmic Sue Burl lllvsin Byrd Harrold Clrrr lnnmcs Curr licrnicc c.SlI'lCl' .'Xl'n0lal C4lISll Carrol Cash l-'rzmcis Cash ,lulic Chznolmcc Roscrwmry Clcmmcr Faith Comics Rohcrl C'olcmun Riclazxrd Comcrford Cirmc C'onr4ul 0 czfzzenshzjy tomorrow. lharles forder anel Cowen ilicliacl Cox an C'ral1lree Lcoll C'ramplon Vlarilynnc Crisp Diane Dahl 'arolyn Daugherty ennifer Davies lalricia Davix flaude Dean Richard Dcllerry Roy Dcmory I'aul DcVolI Bill DeVor ff ' , Q f , WW 9 if i . QM x x Ni Stephen Delnloxieh Dolorix Dickerson fandace Dilliard Donald Dodd Gail Dodge Sue Donovan lcd Doran ee gn ' L if Gary Dotson Philip Downs Dx i wk X an QV K Q 559, Q is, ' 1 Q i ggi ,im - f . W K ' ,Ne ale ,3:..:. :9s1 "'5ff,ffI . rw. i , an K-w w e Q- - aww , , F + .tisileig Y + N M i av i Ng i XA 5 waz - M-1 fi 52355 is .::., f. 05- 'XX Sl 1. D D fsmfg , f illl?'w: gk . " ' v". if QPZMP: ze- fm Tlzeirfuture sulbllyorz' KI' Ku. s Stcxcn Duhnznnxky Ronald Dudl liruuc Duif Pctcr Duncan lntcrcxlcd ,lunimx xtudy Hut Kid II1 Php. I-'d 5 an X 6 9' i nr ,lumcilc Dunn A! ,il X1mclIclJyc1' A t., L CM luzncx linglish AV V g Nornm lfxum b xmw., N, Q. 155 " I f gs lllcn I XCILIIII L - 5 - Ke' ,Q lumw I'.ll'L'lIN 'QST' A du K uurlncx Inu Q I wen.. qv- - X . Dun l'crguxun "X Cu CH ' 5 . 'V-Efi-1-3331A ', 'JTQQQ 13,':I:,-,-g.'LfI- f'- , f 'ii ge , Q ' eq, .R-13? c '- . - Q-:,:'.'..:.xw 444. X' Helly I-mkx ,N . 6 limclumly hw Q...-.3 A ,Fu I hornzu lly nn llouglm I-rw 'CT' 76 an -f Richard Gmc: an ,luhn Clhcnl ' in Xvlllll kv! V . 9 is K -:gf xm C1uII.un I HIICC Cllcm Cv Ill UI C HH on I 1mi.a Cmlhgml Sll and leadershzjy. l IIILIIVCIII liramcx 1 lmrlux fQI'.lliUI' icuii iirimmcll Xl:u'Ih.1 Ilnllcx nyc llnrn I' llllCIQl Ilzupur Clllllkl Huy Nlllfulll HCLIIU. lll Xlau'g4u'cI Ilcilm in :rx HClIlllCIIIl.lIl I mc Ilullml Il IVXUQ HCIIAICIN Rulwrln llcplcx in my Hurling 1t1l'll II.1rlm11n my licxcl Y ' 11 Holly ' J rlzrm Hufl iw 1 Kgurcn Hllkllhlll .wx c lkunlwrry fNh1ll'ICN .luhns iiloriu .lumw 'X S XNES -: 'Til zlff 3, .pw . .1 .,:, L 3, F' . ., K ,uf ix , .. ki N 5- ,9 Q rf-,X 1, N xgixv Q SN - Q K X Q i1,xfi: w . . , Q A w s Mau 'ganrcl .Ioncx 1 'L Kczmu Bzrrlv ll 1 77 an-.. 'lllng Are essential to our school ZW. Q Q.. Barbara Kelly l,1lll'lCI1l Kelley I .loc Kellum Gerald Kerr S is if 'R' Q swf- ' 'fm "fb - '1 A 4 , ,- il.-. X' . . "li- -l .14-w.. 'fm l . .- ' '21, -3'-'56, M3 3-. 4,-1.1 A -, '."TZ -s1:.v2 . 1 an we-" 'Ms .eff - ' lx ll 78 lhc PllOlUgI'1lPllCI' C1llCl1CN pmmmgnnt .lllllltil couple-Betsy Myult :xml .loc kcllum, Dycrlinc Kimhlc Wesley Kitclmcm ,luck Knox Danny Korclmcnlm 4 L. S a, . fb-1 T liilly Iircxx Rolwrl Kuuclm lXlm'y Dcam lung lo Ann lxmglcy Dun l amxxnrllu Cicurgiax lazylun ,loam lcurx l amrcl luxury .lumcx l CINIHCI' Mary ,lu lun! lhlplx lcnlf c'lll'lNlUPllL'l' I cu ms fllllll lux l cu lx xfllgllllll lillllx Nllwcrl l mmm Rising junior classmen man Maeomher laren Mahefsky 'Q ue Marshall Vallacc Marshall erry Martin lary Martin wav -5. S: tele Matthews D' .ahn Mefarthey -.... ..-Q .U lerton Meade :lferxon Ann Miller larie Mitchell 'T Q M-- Villiam Miteheli louglas Monroe Q, dna Mouse to urtiw Morrix Janice Movs hray Kenneth Murphy Betsy Myatt lynn Nash X ak' H 5-0 Q,-'iffl wzlf.. 'gg-Shri . , X i n -- ' ff-xtgxlf x D L L ml M ral, .. lien Newland 6- - f " A Martha Newman L if tr ' 'M Sharon Nlven . 11 -X A-Xxx "' f' ' K tt ' Q53 A ' L L gl'kfffwi f?w, Xue S Kg Whig i iw' t nfl L L X R Ronald Norton Sharon Norvell 79 Stuajz flats andjigures pv- 'K i t, W i i QW' ,y .,,. X " . X x l :fi K Q , '-. 1 as .- 29 6' tw- --. y X l ,fn AX "' Qu.. Patricia Ottoman Gilbert Pascal Thomas Paull Richard Penfold l'he holiday spirit prevails among Juniors and Sophomores alike. , s 'F t H , ' f I n G' Lynne Phillips FV .., ik I Marcia Pieper 'S ap- I G23-a V TW ' W' V Lynne Poole n V L b digg. David Porter 53 0 . 'F fl xx 1 -:ik we f i f X- 4 U -qui.. 'iw 'il , is ip it .3 ft it - ir- flt- gg if I Vx A 80 John Preer i , Donna Rainwater Thomas Ramey Marjorie Reese Q sr xl Gale Remington , Qc-3"'fx. .:, X Tix ire" , '36, F. .1 Q ,, I Jean Renaud iv . 'X b Judy Rexrode 3, William Riddick W' E . 'g Jesse Rigdon J Janice Robertson L figjft ilfitig-lla ,-i, ' 3 X wig 2 i i he A, ,lg gif? .lj J t ,L K .. y J S 8 A Judith Rdbey P 5 ii' 2 A 1' 'Q A Terry Robinson - if Ruth Ann Roop ii S -D Kathy Rosenthal 4 W Donald Ross i so W .ig nat - lf ,wa ,.hL ix lt Six f x F K- i wi., in a mutual ejirt Barbara Sahel Betty Jo Sacca Scott Sandcrx James Sapp Patricia Savoca Linda Schmid Fred Schreiner John Schwarv Barry Scott ,lamcs Scdhcrry Vlartha Scilz Edward Shackclford Elizabeth Shanahan Sharon Shepherd Iunc Simmx to attain knowledge ,,-Q A X - vt A n-vu gr-4+ 'S 'fl . CN 1,..t 4' S A A 'sr . will Sandra Spinks Elizabeth Stallings Randall Stark Annie Mae Staton R ip - 12, Miss Leary prepares to lead the happy quartet: Gail, Jan, Judy. and Janet, in a cheer. Wk. Fred Stahling Marilyn Steller Walter Stevens Mary Stultz fa me ,... ,. 'Q 'Ge 82 James Stout Vincent Strayhorn Donna Sturgill Steven Surkiewiee Beverly Tobin Betty Gail Tomlin Sandra Torhert Jamis Townsend Susan Trcdcr Thomas Trclogan Ronald Vance Ralph Vandcrvort linda Vaught Barry Waddell Patricia Waltman andjhster school spirit. Stanley Warder Stanley Watts Jeanette Wedding Ruth Wcidcrhold Jack Wells Qtr is 5 QQ.- Diane White John Whitford Danny Wideman Blair Williams or UN Judy Wilson Nancy Wood ..,.. Sandra Wood 't sg 5 df R 'ui .1 f- 35' fl ai wt... '- Sf :-X 'id' Margaret Wright Graham Young Eddie Byrd: confused as usual! John Zweig Sl ow, X' lk55"i' f at - s Danny Smith gets the "Heavc Ho" for cutting in the lunch line, from school patrol. Arnold Cash. 83 The Class q"1962 Mildred Harris SC'Illlf0f Wallace Angel Carolyn Arthur Ann Ault Bob Bailey Brad Bane Charles Beahm Sally Beavers Michael Bedwell Tollic Besson Mike Best Jackie Wells Senator Edmond Allen Richard Allison James Alvey James Anderson kv- Lois Abel Don Adams Ben Alford ww s -' ' When we entered Mount Vernon this year as sophomores we had the feeling that we were finally attending a school in which we were an important part. Our classmates began accepting many extra- curricular responsibilities, as well as, developing a true respect for scholarship. We were beginning to feel like upperclassmen at last. Although our Sophomore year held many tri- umphs and disappointments, we will meet a still more challenging test as we return next September as Juniors. 84 active particzjyants. l'odd Bewig David Bihbcr Marjorie Black Linda Bloom .ludy Bridges .lunior Bridge Margaret Burgess 'Rf Dan Burricr Diane Barrier Ann Bush w..,,, 1 . 'fi MJ .tl .:- X i l I at B as hr--5 vi. Edward Byrne in . Charles Carnlinc . . Ah ' 'fn Jcanic Carper i' it B ILL - Pat Carter 3. -gi Joyce Cash Q gi g . b h . B - at - ' B tt ' X , lg .: :-'-kk ' eu. - N IL' ' ' . X iv il ' li' i 1l'illQ.i 3 i -' A - fr QL It kX.k :EI N, N . N Q L 1 - -- iv . Robert Castecl Q N C, ' t John Chapman qt- L 'fm Steve Chapman ' it - seth Chase Charles Chester - . rat.. A323 tt -XSQ R55 X x K 3 E i . . at s C our xxx 3 'C3' x X NR. M fi is-.k K .- 0. F? 85 Diana Childress Frank Chupacek Jim Clark Carolyn Cline Carolyn Collins Marina Concepcion Richard Cronin Stewart Crumley Caroline Curling Denny Dahlquist W0rkz'ng with other members 'sn- eeeee et get eo, 5 H. 'G' Zf ijffrfs A i ,i.k 3 X QM A get JO . 1 . 4 'A Elizabeth Dunn Edna Ennis Juanita Estes John Ficklin Barbara File David Firkin Erin Flemming Barry Fosset Mary Alice Fowler Carolyn Fraley Geraldine Frazier Lynn Freeman Alice French Marie Fridenstine Billy Fry t 1 JZ? .sit iris ,fi '- ' M Wu t 3 E S I T' a if Q 2 " vi, ffl 1. Q 2 . S ls. , .f v xi x ii ,M -cv ,. .ia-fer f F , Q Avf-. af""b L 1 ., ,. af- MS!- 1 -5- . at - 4-v . -aw .Emil , S 1, flif? Q rm lt vt 'mx Q if s. tk X e 'w,q,k sf X a n . w f. """': .e . 1, ti VV,, Q . 'Q at 'i 6 I Q .W-ff Q E ' fi so ' , 86 .-i i Tommy Date Marilyn Davidson Betsy Davis Joe Davis Timothy Davis Gail Demchock Bill Detwilcr Jane DeVor Teresa Diaz Diane Dickinson Linda Dix Barbara Dority Dawn Dowhower Sue Duff Leroy Dunkum, ,NT ,.. " 4 ,A I9 5 ... 'MX 4 I 8, - 5 'i L V X X F ' K .,.. 'R , As.. 1. P' . ,, X 5' 33 Q "- E QQ X 1, u A fi ., sk 5 rs Q 'fi' iw 'P lv Q i 'ml G'- Q at fix J X s ii Y gf the student body. John Funkhouser Donna Garder Mike Gargiulo Diane Garretty Theresa Garrison Clifford Gates Orval Gent Daria Gerard Ralph Gieseman Margaret Gilliam Elaine Gilroy Terry Glude Clair Golihew Lois Grawey Betty Gray .-. -is X 's E 915 ae 5 - i 6 es is A K gi- if . f A' -' Ti ,.:,:t-. -4 fii- Q. gg - - '73 V'-my li sk if 'I t M. 5x X ,K Q X Rx wt sl X N ' 5 'T "- ws' 4-v, g , T, w -, J A 3, 87 i gg s 5 x ' 55m- ,E in Q 1 N we X mail XL L 2 ir, , in 1 . t t...,.i,wna:ag, in Ns ip" also . W J . l .far T52-if . ' P' '-rv -- K K Y, Q ' Qs S 3- 1 - alfa it W 'T' . W X was W ' 'Sn N W 0 Edward Green Dorothy Grimm Diane Hall Emily Halley Shelley Hall Wayne Hall Thomas Hamblen Betty Hambleton Earl Hambleton William Hargis Jerry Harlow Kenneth Harmon James Harris James Harris Lloyd Harris M a in ta in the sjyirit IA uf""" M! John Huffman William Hughes Truly Hutzler Ann Ireland Joe Jesse Joe Johnson Diane Jones Patricia Jones Susan Keahey Judith Keith James Keithley James Kenny John Kerns Raymond Ketchum Caroline Keyhoe in i tarta r 1ta4J at w if Mary Anne Harris Mildred Harris Richard Harrison Frances Harvalilt Nick Hecht Rogers Hcrhstreith Douglas Henry Harvey Henson Timothy Hicks David Hightower Carol Hill Dorothy Hodge Kit Holdzkom Carol Hollins Howard Hoyt , .+L ,ug in ---he, .B J 1 S ,gn ., J ts Q5 3 1 -.h- -. -filr V' 1 t s, 'V' ffiia ' W J J, . K s l - 1 f? . if'lQqg 5552. E2 Aus . 555 Y X NL eg 'Q Tsseiii J fa et- : ei 2: 1 ' 5 ,g t ., Q- Q. '1 I' , .,., - QD sa 1 " .3 " R fr ls". K: .- cyf Mount Vernon-- Z- na, XX ,x - 3, a 'tr ...- X ge 1 E xlw ix, Mr. M KC!"- Qfx sa-'X '. J usser and class I www :.,. if isten attentively to World History reports. . i- Zr. "" , if t 5' .L K .... J h A if S X: Q K y t an i ' ,Y 'V to it . 89 Dennis King Peter King Freida Kissel Jan Klue, Jr. Marian Kne dlcr Richard Knight Thomas Lagergrcn James Laney Gloria Lang Donna Layman Kathy Leckcy Barbara Ledfortl Keith Lees Mary Both Lcuschnci Mickey Lilly yelljbr the team, 102. 574' is L i' Magee if "f -. J A ,W , I ., -- V , it , J Q ' ' m J 5, l exif M -fa JV.. , Terry Millican Dana Milton Barbara Minnix Sharon Mizell Clara Moore Judith Moore Edward Morris Mitchell Morris Evelyn Mowbray Ann Norton Danny Nase Pam Noble Claude Oleyar Judy O'Baugh Ricky Oginz , W' ,gags nxt: Q4 5 Ml. ,gf 3 , 9314 W, W ew lt. WV Q , , , v " 4 "i' ,Elf pffilfi 1, f,:a,Et. , LMI Ann Locket! Sandra Lockwood Cheri Longeway Carol Luckheld Michele MacQueen Bonnie Mahan Frank Manola Dorothy Mau Bill McClung Doug Mcfomhic John Meador John Meehan Thomas Meeks Barbara Miller Michael Miller fig -J 5211 :Al 1.5. i p V , 4. 1' aa. - .I Wall5f?f:, f ,, gilW X' we fi- B f in-gf ... 5 H B O, JE fTN ly 5 4 if 51 HC,....m5fq3fg .Q ikfjg g in N t 5 Jqizvgglg iivflxz an honor camQ Puul Ostulski William Pacellu Pat Pudberg Donna Page Myeon Page Douglas Pursonn Carole Pearson Robert Pcrglcr Patricia Pierce Deborah Pinkston Helen Phipps Karl Polemun James Prucht Eilleen Protich Spencer Pugh X. so--N It 0'-I l 'N on X . is-. K ,e f ,, Q t 'rj 5 R f p ejteft cclc f Q if: A l Xi X p- Fegefiixi 5 r L ll slsstt e X Q KS FNS SSS in t i Wm li 5 4 i t M K ti 2 Z7 5' 'K .. ' H , " f If :S-,J 3 :Fffiif-1 t ,... it I ' 5 ' fi! "5S:2"E:2I x - :M Exe ' ea .XI?Q' 5 4, - to .. F Q.. x X R if '-if . 1 , lf.. " 1 - .f"i"' it-'th S - .- TTI, K R - ' Q t X X 4 X Q ,Q 1 .egg A P" 91 X 'A . . ,. f fx S . 'S Frank Pullman Harry Ragan Virginia Ralston Mary Rau Robin Rettgers Robert Reynolds Thomas Rheam Diane Rhoads Charles Riker Joyce Ritchie Ronald Ritchie Rebecca Robbins George Robinson Dennis Rochford Maria Rodriquez A pause or ez lzasgf greeting. . Eugene Rose Linda Rothgeb Eddie Rounsley Patrick Sable Ray Sage Donald Samuels Byron Sansom Ralph Saucerman Margaret Saunders Ronald Seward Richard Scheilhaas Richard Schreiner John Schultheiss Barbara Shaffer Charles Shedd Sophomore girls talk ove r the latest news. ' 45 ,K 1 -. ' .Tr jx mx X 1 Y , kk "E Ek si R Br 'U' 2 i ilflfiijl We-fe-.' tts- . 'f.::"ug:a: his is hzlgh school ZW i.. ' Mr Swnin's Biology class, 'l'odzuy's lesson in . d of an Amoeba under the microscope. SP si. is the stu y ll J df N 5, 'Y .5 S ' gg 45? S ? in ' Cynthia Shepherd Edward Shepherd John Shine Lynda Simpson Stewart Slawson William Small Herbert Smalley James Somerville Carol Stark Julian Stevens Clara Stiff James Stiles Karen Stiller Philip Stowell Janet Strandberg A source cyf con usion one instant. . ,faq ws , 555 I -.IF ., V , sf 7 li -:mf we-M - sp x .X -re ' will g In Mary Vick Vera Vinagradoff Doreen Vlaehos Reginald Vosburg Anthony Wagner William Walls Mike Wlash Frances Walther Jacky Wel' Marshall Whitehead Donna Wiley Tom Will Ronald Willis Tony Wilson Mary lee Wittig 4, . K' R ,. .rt 5, V - ' 9 Gi: ... . r . Hssisrefg i . . xi L , 'bf , .fa . 5 Z- , 4 . 4- . Jeanne Stringfelloxi Richard Suiter Rob Surovclle Sandra Sussky James Swink Barbara Taylor Margaret Taylor Jane Thomas Penelope 'lorberl Mike Trone Michael illl'0lll Charlotte Twombly John Valiante Ronald Vann Joe Vaughn Ji- 1 VW' ...V-. 'MQ to X B MQ! '-tr' in . 15. , ue- t "E if X. l N My P335 L 5' il 2 . 1 iiii wfvxr i ,. J X. K. Q kv .X 94 Q x ana' understanding the next. Michael Wood Johnathan Macomber extends season's greetings to our mathe- matical hero Mr. Miller. Yi Sophomore girls get in the Christmas spirit by exchanging gifts at their lunch table. "Love those lollipopsf' Sophomore boys enjoy soup and conversation. 95 The Class M1963 Senator Tom Lederer Senator Kevin Abel S encer Alterman ' P Sidney Akin ........ . Betty Anderson KmlA A -gi, fit Ex L . ii i Gene Andersson A " we AV"A gtfef X i lift r it Kenneth Armstrong 'A' A A EE Q at-3'5 may ,:- -,:.t,,. ,- , . . as . x l R. X Moyne Baker Anne Barensfield W . Gayle Barnes I. Madeline Barnes I-'. A W, Sharon Barton 'www ie' Richard Bearman ' I 2 ' i w ' i' V 5 at - gf . B 14. ' W it 1 Ay A , K A Q . Qt., 'gijfif ,ig it Richard Bibber If A Sandra Blackburn 55? il i John Bohn - rfti A A U Q1 A 5, Natalie Boldig lg.: V' . . Lela Bondurant gy " A Susan Bork figs .li-R.. S As the future class of nineteen hundred sixty-thre we spent a well-filled year in the hallowed halls of oli M.V. We learned that it was rather important to get ti class on time, for one reason or another, or that thi Majors were capable of beating Groveton when a trophj was involved, and each of us made a vow never tt harrass the eighth grade. We began to understand whj x + y : z, and how and why the Constitution wa written. We envied the hurried, excited life of the Senior and wished for the time when we would take their places And so it is--next year we will return as sophomore and then in time we shall also wear the robes of dis tinction. tt 3 Q 3 ' 1 - I - A X if we 4 -'E at it,si,,,,,,, ,,,,, , isst .Bl it it ' K ' f tzgaigrsgifi-ff: . , at Qt L a7, . t .,.. , . K: fs. .3 3 I I , ig, V ' WI- ""' .Mig gl A - E3 ' 'i f 'i.'i?. ,,.' ,W i Y if K 96 X ex X231 Paula Ault David Austin Peggy Austin Robert Austin Dorothy Aylor Gail Baker arm., Barbara Beasley Leon Beaty David Beavers Judy Beiknap Geoffrey Bell Martha Bernat it t X XS , 1+ Y I ' - Q Q- Q k Freshman look to thefuture. Sieve Bowden Mary Bowler Bill Boyler Douglas Bradford .lames Brady Phillip Brady A . X -. U Y. . '- i A3 "'-lf ti . ' N' X C liloria Bnrkholder Diane Bntlean Shirley Bynaker Michael Campagna David Campbell lfmma Campbell X' i ' b ia ,C 3 C KLLL l ,M 4 ft . ' C wx xl ia .lohn Chiidaeek Kathryn Clay Marie Clement David Cleveland Roherl Collins William Conrad Ki' .lohn Crittenden William Cnlherlxon William Cnrlix Sharon Daxiex Donna Davis Wilson llavvxon 1 ff? 4?-w.2S,? K 0 Q .5 ia eevfa i Till- - fi? qi-5-a5,3,'.gx Q 325 , ., 1 sa 3 -fr Q., x - .fa 8 .Cam "' in-SQA A .. ,-f :f-eI:aif':- .1 , . in me i .v:, 5 ,. it v- f K Q i 1 'gb vga.. . . X ' K X :ik Q in XXX sl ei X www i ih S. 5 5 'Q Nm, . "5 'ah - ..: - " ' 'V' L si me -3-f Q N ,, . ' C i.i 'M' , -,-' EX n X Ki v ,Z Q5 X l lla K ai Qs if S Q X it W5 er v k S s .. Q' ef X1 lk X. ,..., -Q -,QI 5-Q ' g, L vi .X wi 97 9- .fe- ...f, x Roherl Braver Janet Breeden Naney Brixlwan Byron Brown Nancy Brown Barhara Buckley Susan Campbell Kay Carlson Sterling Cash Catherine Cave l.arry Chadwick Heidi Chester S. ri A if " .f 5 1 -5 wld I L gk L "7" 5 l David Cook I eon Cook Michael Cook William Coppage Beverly Cox lI'ony Cox S- 4. -5.4 Nancy Deavers .-Xndrea de Culli Georgia Demory ,loan Dennehy Gordon Devine Darlene Diedriehsen H zlgh school years S - - - we 1 L,. ,,, ,S i im 24 X A x if-we it if Fl Es Q lgx a X Helena Dunn Ronald Edenton Christine Edward lane Elks Keith Elliott Marie Elliott sv 1 - QI is at S ,Q M it. .Q,.., ,ji -In - f 5- , S 'l W1 4 i , 1 , al H ii, . .fs-,M :, 'jan '23 gi 'Q 1. iv fx '--f , 5,3 i g N K , - ,:. ,A . . li' . awssszgsi a wait - A Mary Dodd Larry Donahue Kim Dorwin Joseph Drummond Julia Duane lohn Du Frane Q, ,Q .. ,K 5 K ff, Joe English Russell Evans Carol Feagan Cesar Febus Myrna Febus Carolyn Ferguson Jan Finney . J X ' A it lane Fisner 3 i - Q gh. ng 1 A , Linda Flake QM 1. 3 A fi-f gi W' Tina Florer 'W' i' U ' V I Qi! Penis? Ford ' .yy W ,errl oster it my rx i at ' ' l , t W I '.. William Francis Aw 'F ti ' Richard Fressland E if fi R R Donald F rye ' ' ' -f?:- . A f Virginia Frye by ' ' 5-' 1 1 Susan Fullilove f - x 'rxjf ' X1 Thomas Gallahan Q' ' ' t tg i 'f 5 of-1 - i Q t tt fy' Q , Bernadette Gallo i,i Q H Q , 9 f- Renee Gamble "' fa' K' eg ' ' M t tl Margaret Gates WZ. , :L it igszt V , .-ffl, -- ' Mary Gates , ' i,.,,lA ' ' i " 'i.- tiki? Wi ,f Anthony Gentile ' is X X , 'E .lohn Giesen , ws. i A X K 'i is Major Movern sits in the winning home room of the magazine campaign. ov ur-rj ,H wztlz enthusiasm. . William Gillum Chris Goldthorpe Dana Goodfellow Dane Goodfellow Jo Gothard Donna Graham George Hall Karen Hall Robert Hall Wallace Hall Walter Hall Cheryl Hamilton X N John Hart Paul Haseman Micheal Havrilak Nancy Heeter Pam Helms Gerald Henson 1 X 1 was E KN lx EW fix :iw Evelyn Howard Anne Hoyle Marlene Hoyt Robert Hoyt John Hubble Franklin Humphreys X 5:-5 AL- QR 5 we f ra . WCS. ii gk. ' ...- Q N- X X Xie .. '23 f f 'K Q.. o -i f L X l 0 -any r x 'Qs e fi 7 V55 - fm . 'J' -:ar ' rf. .Ek J ':l. tes b te ' R fi 'ff' X 'MQ of A, X 4 ich ef-. X. XX as Ry Xa: K its ,B P' X , XX , f 2 ,K e "-5:2 i':' I1 Eu. " X .t,:tX,r:. 1 'V' so W' xfffsigr . XA AF is on uve I 51" fm.- .wg .t is-in A a - F 1 3' 'SR SJ ' ? . X. fx. X e 'XX f leg Ai A fm "' YN Qs . 1 . ' oy ' tk S r s ' i. 60" i X V Xh V! Ms.: S' .iv N N. uvw , ii . Q. Ps .ut LX Y f 1 . 1. z till M txlflfl - . :lg , .mv . 52 J K k. X, XS fx. 2- 3 s . X s Carol Green Gloria Green Melvin Green Karen Greenwood Martha Greenwood Cathleen Grossman .em "' 1, an . E, fr- ll X Dena Hanlon Doris Harper Thomas Harper Pamela Harris Richard Harris Sheila Harris R 1 iq X Gordon Hill Jack Hinman Duane Hmson Colin Hollinger Robert Hollis Margaret Hosman J my James Jenkins Michael Johnson Patricia Johnson Scott Johnston Lynn J udice Joyce Karns Kenneth Kotfer Ronnald Knight Patricia Kursch Michael Lawrence Richard Lawhorne Charlotte Lea .O asf egg: ' N R fl it Anita Lydell Jonathan Macomber Charles Manson Diane Manville Malone Jeanette Malone ...O ,. ,4 W3 Soon to head the honor roll I 2 Elizabeth Keahey Q Lacy Key I 5 L V2 , 4 Lee Keys -l, - A Anna Belle Kindt i V Pamela King ' Margaret Kish , A 5 L N X K x K, t . L - Q Tom Lederer ' ' James Lee m Kenny Linton Gary Slogan L Diana Lundberg Paul Lundberg k ,, -1- i, QQ - X 5' i1,. 5' vi TL' an 'U' . X Raymond McClellan ,lean McCullough Lawrence McFarlan Diane McLearen Carolyn McQuinn Rita Mihue 5? fx H Wi ..-, .,,., C fi i.. is , X ' g l 3' h, Tim Martin A .V "F Mike Marlow - Mary Mathes Donna May Richard May C William Meritt Erw- ,V . Y if 5 - my iw C im, 5, fm 1 X x from hooks that are upside down! i .qu X9 English can be easy to understand-except and score the Richard Miller Ronald Millican Diana Million Fredricka Mintz Harry Morales Edward Mahler wt gap? n All , iifllihxlllltt, fi Qt 1 l ll l Isl. itll Rudolph Noll James Norfolk George Norris Carol Norwood James O'Donnell Patricia O'Neale Richard Patch Adah Patterson Harry Phillips Nancy Pittman Sharon Power James Prentice Margaret Reed Ralph Rexode Brennedette Rice Robert Richardson Reva Roark Gloria Robertson 2 ,ee 3 ti S winning touchdowns. pig- " it 5 2535? NN J tfgih .5 t Hgmyi 5 .isai K as K .. X Q fi riiefw I ,J .avg ra? qi Q' A-D wi' Q Bernard Murphy Kenny Nance Betty Newton Kenneth Nichols Robert Noll N13 J xiii ,XI it CHQ l - Sr Joyce Neitzey J- -ti-r1 asf' ' 53K V' Q. Q- P i'PWu-pg James O'Rourke Henry Pacholec Judy Padgett Jeff Page David Panetta Nicholas Parry . ts Q Nl sss .td A Bw QVuu,' sez: tr X , 4 t ini!! , , 'h ' 2 :tes R St. to t James Puckett Saundra Purkey Sharon Purkey Kristin Quale Harry Ruger Robin Rauchle asmf Apex Qs ff N K ax Sa 4 QEM M t ... t X -. X "" me i J .a . , A ii. J ,ES Q 5 nuts tkfgggseiggi aw Q 'a . f J X . A JW v G3 Q? 'H rrri . -t1' I Q-- V gf is. 1. - :Q ' P P it as A ' 4- K. Simian X'j:T gi 13? Q A a. wacky km . tw t'e.- -it 1 "" 2, 1 . Q X T X ' William Robey Anne Robinson Judy Rodgers George Romack Richard Rowell Judith Ryder 1 if Y il X t 5 F or z'ndz'vz'a'ual gain . ., 1 , 1+ ,w ,..,.. ., H31 - .Z fi iff L-" flf ' e . ilili k J ' my e X axial? 222 "" 'Gif i ' ' 435535 1 - 5 5... i g . , . 4 ' . 1,, - i n i Pauline Schaflier g Patricia Shanahan Gerald Schelhorn Qjlji ',., ,ie 3- ff: Willard Simms ' V' Robert Sinclair Robert Sisson J - V 1- , kK..,w , -. me. .. Samuel Sacco Linda Samuels Lelia Schalow . Xi t -P K . , . V . ir Si' i Pam Scitlegel K Ingrid Schwarz Michael SchalTier 3. ml, John Somers Q "A- . , Carl Staton S S -ett . 1-5:53-I Dana Stevens 1 Q Ronald Stevens F Alice Steucke N. 3 l 'l"ll" Patricia Stultz fa Q qv :"- xiii-9i9f:i -. - lx 5lZ?:,-,- ye t' I f ::"N H .. , . Q. i c,Ah D Vt . an Q, :ga J ' ,t., rm it . - 'eii .... K eww S kVri 2 Elizabeth Tazewell . Cherie Thomas - -ff K ,Q s William Thornton John Threadgill I 1 Johnny Trost James True - ?ffiffiifi' 1i M f 1 10 sketching. had -so-.,, ' in , Yg55 hh in 1 J' as 4 Adrienne Small Sharon Smith Stephanie Smith Robert Smotherman Larry Snow Ian Solga 2 Margaret Stultz William Summers Linda Summers Ben Tamani Joe Taylor Kay Taylor as 'Babb Barbara Turner Young artists try their skill at charcoal src and the honor 0 our school. Carol Turner Mary Turner Tom Twomey Larry Uhrig Roderick Ureges Peter Vance Wallace Ward Judy Walters John Wellemeyer Mabel Wheeler Larry Whetzel Harrie White Dennis Wright Gloria Yingling Glen Young Beverly Zam Pat Zeigler Herbert Zimbro Claudia Viar Robert Vincent Ronnie Vogel June Vosburg Susan Wallace Bill Walmsley Karen Wildman Carol Wilkinson Dorothy Willard Jack Wilson Robert Woodbridge Roger Wooten 'IO 3 i it The Class M1964 ln the years to come the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-four will grow and progress into the leaders of tomorrow. Soon the new- ness of high school will wear off and these hustling youngsters begin to realize the ser- iousness of the world of knowledge. As eighth graders there are many things we looked for- ward to: the opportunity of supporting and participating in the athletic program, the games we beat Groveton byua single touch- down or basket, our first English theme, the Prom. honors and privileges which come as s t at 1+ f . jr , K i"': f,:,i.i' flax' . f-J in sn'i ara.. .. . ,ir i'ii i 'iiiziQi 2 r upperclassmen, and hnally a long awaited. rather sadly anticipated graduation. This year the eighth grade consisted of ap- proximately 482 students and because of the limited space in our high school, a portion of that number attended Waynewood Elemen- tary for three of their six subjects. Many of the more ambitious students began the school year by taking part in a particular sport, the chorus, cheerleaders, dramatics and other or- ganizations around the school such as the Pep Club. R - Elf' 1 .. M- , e l x -s,,, .fm . . - ., .,,.. ,.. . . sw' ' 1 all ' M w , 1 if' 'xg HF .-. i.. X 4 ,Q 1.1 1' x-'Q I Q are Q' :- s as ,, R- E. K E Q Q X ,,, it we is . . xi . 1. Paul Adams Susanne Alford Janice Allen Sharon Allen Kenneth Alsen Andrew Anderson Tom Anderson Jane Andrews Rebecca Andrews William Angel Martha Angelo Charles Arebough Fedrico Baclig Patricia Baker A if Brabara Baran 1 A ,. Patricia Barrett A iii "Yi ' ""-'- I Lee Ann Baskin 3 Sharon Basso i .tg James Batchelar 4-it 4.. iii' ' A Carol Baumert Estelle Beahm V I f 1,- a . -' A , . Gail Bell 5 -V f ' 1 I V W , 1 .jg tix. Donald Benefield , -1 . Q S -. ' 1 'if Q ' 1 g 'r W 3 Melinda Bennet V'-7-'J - E ' V Q ig. .Q Douglas Blaser ii M i L ., Y V Richard Bolton A li" ':'2' 1 IIN: Q V- Phyllis Botchkin A 'J K ' X ..-. .ittiwfv-t,. .. V, A X . I V Hunter Bourne sf. . N -as f- 1-ii' r r, .f A K 5, -Egijiigfv-iw ' . y I - l f I iiiiifht ,w Allme Bowden . A J .iie B A 5, at E3?f',3gQ3 B0W""g ' ' 'fi .. " Q w gg-gg 1 3 '. A . -A Judith Brennan Sri 1 Richard Brenholtz fb, . -92 Pi., Suzanne Briar 2,-fe..,4aig ' i gpg,-2 Karl Bruce 10 4 a growing class. - Hts- . s 5 .. Q . ,.4'. .1 ., N A . . Qx 1 N -.L sgzgjf-Rv3'if:. . . .x.. , .. tt iii? . X K SQ . 5?Akk fn mL,..L, Am.AA . 1 XQlLAh , . f ini . X ik i W x - I K Z ak? - we E . Q Q '- . N ii . A X Y C fs at W9 xt. C E S s G X i, -L. , 1 of To-Fi? - L --f ky X s Richard Dotson .lohanna Dowdy Kathy Dyer Patricia Duane Robert Dudley Mike Edington Karen Edwards Larris Edwards Rush Elkins Anita Elliot Joe Ennis David Esten Farris Darlene Farnum Eeavyear Cynthia Fergunson Maxie Fitzgerald Patty Fink Wayne Fletcher Elizabeth Frazier Suzanne Eroman 1 s. gi K.-vxif R 5 1-r Qsiffsgeggs .kg ,, . . Hogg K K I: . is . .. . :,A.:g,.:3:M, .3 - stirs... ' 'iitai .271 iii? . ,Sig 'QL - i H5 wx.-fr:,ggsf:- sr . .I ' sf 'T K fE'-'CF -. f if ' . I -"- ' 3 - if 5 fr-if l i-il' . ff 4' Q - .C ,ev-"""y o 1 V4 .- '1 ,.ft,1, i " t, S , X t l 105 I f . 5 X Evangeline Buenafe John Bolger Monica Butler Violet Burks Douglas Byrd Sandra Cameron Edward Campbell Mary Canderilf Paul Cave Robert Chambers Nancy Clark Carol Cleveland Robert Cline Robert Coleman Betty Conley Margaret Conrad Chyrl Constant Linda Cooper Clayton Coston Susan Cotellessee Walter Couture Patricia Cox Richard Crossland Pat: ieia Crum Alice Davis Eddie Davis Martha Davis Carol Dolozik Diana De Medio Barbara De Vor Bobby Dickenson Roger Dillingham Bob Dittrick Gregory Donovan Susan Dority V J' FNS :1 '- A ,war Wi? X - . 1 sw H. H.. .. 4- ' Sag sl? Q! t.-t W, 'Z ii.: 'iff' sf Y x ' -LA 3 ,-S: HH ww ek With growing spirit. James Fry Barbara Gilliam David Garrison Thomas Garvarick Bridgette Gee Ann Gensmer Gerould Giddings David Gilbert Bonita Gothard Raymond Graham Steven Gray Joseph Green Norma Greene Wayne Griflith Dale Grimes Don Grimmett Wallace Gunter Norma Hale Larry Hammond Bill Harris Richard Harris ' a. 'f ' 'Or .4 4 X Bn 'Glas' 7 I I' Big' B,-1 B c P "af V. - Bag T' B isa, "' B ,m7i"', SMH fs. B B 'HB f x..-I . ,K ,v i i f Q .- 5' ' ., Bt, 1 . . ' 33 ,f e ., :eff -B ' :la Q2 3 7' I SQXTWBX1 ' - is if Cristina Hernandez Sandra Hicks ni B IBZITBIVQ viz s .., '21 Bfsgigz ana 'yr 3. N f BB' 1 -S, ff ,wzzfi My-.B , . iq wi B 5 ig. . Bai 51 , f- 4 - -.55 kk B 5 ffffifgk B , B 1 B ,iit B Q- ' B 6, Q its .BL'fTQB5QBi'1fr:Bg , ,i an .J B ' xl ..,. ' C Q 5 l l R if X gi W B. Bi iiii 3 B ' BB is ' B B B B as A ' - , '-3, It ,, I 'Ng R ,B Y B ff BB , - ,B A Q - " 'L 2:5 . 3 B it B B B 'iffy Bi .1 Bi iaiifizii B V f"'Q 513iiSil" 1 -"J iQ" T"'F""' '-,-h -I 4, ,W VIWQ, im V . .W , B ,,LB- , ,AL-,, B K I . B, . B, K, -Q' 2B sw " - ' ' " "ii .. B, f' MQ! 'B K "MFE ' all J In , ev Q Charles Harrower B BB V 5 Patti Hartman Be- wi ' fi , ' Gene Harrison B , ' ' I ' ' v 1 - Q.- 1 ig Qi. , t ji, 'ifie Stan Harrison ii" i xl-Sing A 7'7" Lionel Helnshlm gs , 1 V i Robert Henderson B. Justin Henry B B , huge 5 B, B. 1, 'ICQ-wg ' Q I B+ W' Q B 0 uf f -4 'Biiilf Q at I .BB Izs . .., V K . up vt- fg- BB B Ba B-B B is tsii H J f r , n B f35sBBFag ,B, J ,l is .QB fii eip i 5 Q "' B C ' abr' yyg--if - T-J ' B , - my L 33,4 'lW'ij A J - -C. 5255 , rv' B B 71275 i fuigfi ar . i " ' Z ' 'sa- B. Bm , ii i' 'ii' ' my . In 'J NB W- M -- s A 'Eur lv 'I06 Mallfry Hightower John Hill Mildred Hodge Judy Hoffman Hayer Hoher Richard Holt Dwight Homman Craig Hudson Judy Hudson Karen lsaksen Clyde Jackson Barbara Jacoby Doreen Jaworski James Johnston Haywood Jones Rita Jones Roswitha Karkut Marilyn Keaton Judy Keithley Marie Kerstetter Robin Keyes Jerry King Robert Klingenbeck Sandy Korchento Gail Korman Robert Kosty New 0una'frz'ena's. A as fx .. as W Q: .2 Q' 'fi X Qs. ' AM . S S sssse 'X M555 ll. i L, XXX, .. ..1.. . . .W . M X We Q X y an Q55 3 .. . . ..+tN:.W. L L Meg- ae -. as XX X X X15 ,. ..EE,3i?iIf lx 'E 1-ew 5 :l:saa:.:f5Es g,.z, .M -sa .as, IEE: gi .. .. ,-:wtf st:-1 ,ss ,I asa: J 1 i zfz tw- .,,. N. -: sg, . fs .,,.., i t ,Y . Be, . is W L tiff P K X X , x kk Nw as m i ' C Q 1 X N t ra, J L , K L ,.:, it :.,, 'C L - X vxibf f X 1 X' " fe w s. . L Q -i .Y X iilafsfs ' X Q L., C X .N L S - . X- 1 K 'V " Jai: 50' IR Q 'V L K V: , 2 w g K r t fx K in f Q . X 5 XX.,- . is L .. Walter Krans Julie Lacy Sammy Lacy Kris De Lancey Paula Landes Sheryl Laney Brenda Laugh Sharon Lavinus Doug Layman Bill Layne Bonnie Lecky Joan Leidy .lohn Leo Paul Leyton Diane Linthicum Curtis Long Ed Lowery Mary Jane Major Ronald Malcomh Carolyn Malone Ann Marrow Carolyn Marti Linda Martin Pennie Marshall Michael Massey Leslie May Alfred Maynard Virginia McClelland v. -zl .D Q w X x Richard McGuinn Kathleen McLellan Ken NcNevin Charles Meade Frederick Messing Vivian Metts The 4-corners of the world are not left unexplored by the keen minds of these eighth graders 'IO 7 New ouna' knowledge 2 One of our first year Physical Education classes takes time ot? to build Mount Vernons sturdy bleachers. 'x S :Q ' ff'-3 'hr ' t Y S2 it 5' cw 6 14, my 5 L- if 5 - ff' ' 'Ev' 31 P P d it , .. an -4 ' .1. be qt. V W ' a az. T .J E: we ff i fi - it K is X al Rini?-'25 ai-' gk, f :Il :eg S' 'Nr ii OC 54 , 6 -is IL X Q .1 , 'Q :' will 6' ,M et bbgr C ,g 'we X gall! if 108 t it 'I X s iv Q My tv' , gmail Richard Miller Jean Minx Charles Mitchell Douglas Mitchell Mitchell Mockabce Sandra Moguin .ludith Monts Patrick Morrissey Larry Moudy Cecil Mumma Micheal Murphy Sandra Naugle Philip Nase .lames Neitzey Carl Nelson Sharyn Nester Margaret Nicely Rachelle Norman Virginia Northrop Charlotte O'Brien Camille Ogle .lanis O'Ncal Marlene O'Neill Bill Padgett Delorie Padgett Robert Paraska Carl Parker Dick Patett James Paul Kenny Pitchie Eddie Power Dottie Price Samuel Prince David Pritchett Susan Prochoroli' rom cz changed way q'a'az'Q1 lyfe. Dk x R... N, S . ar l i ,: 3 L g I X ,L 4- fs Lh.. K qt' K ..... Q KX , . X 2 K' .xX J fal- Q 1:- 4 Av Janet Shepherd Randolph Shephard Mary Shiphan Ada Shipp Margaret Short Tommy Simpson Anay Sivzts Patricia Small Carol Smith Cheryl Smith Jeanne Smith Bill Smoke Malcom Sorola Claudia Speakes Joseph Spellman Judy Stark Calvin Stewartson Tom Stirewalt Barbara Sullina Carol Suiter Bill Swan . it fi 4' nw . , x J -1 AT, ' L, f , . ' . Q9 Q, ,hr ' t . . . ,et , . Q ei xiii liven K "'L k-.L N L- ttlii 5 J "l' . K ,qi KL L a t 1 t..- A1 +5 . 'sk K "' Si . - 31. We ' its .J Q. 'E XR - i..i mf at S t 5' R Q 32+ wo- , KL : is - t il A tt'- X ij st Q' X A mst,g"i'i 'tti . t J KL --' W jig v- . -st . - wt W it g ip X i t 7 N N -4 ' Qfii lf il- 'wet 1 ' R .tg K egg: K . J t.:.... J , N: g , lv . Av ' J" ' " be 1. . 1? uv -- 0 -X.. at F Q 5 ll at SK X X X 109 Q . t it ...KN f. na. 2 - ... g tg "f t .4 t . "' t l J ii:-.. 3 1 ky 1 qr"f K A M -if J Diane Proudlove Pat Pugh Preston Pullen Don Durcell Janie Rafferty Delores Rainey Jim Rauchle Lauretta Reagan Ellen Reed Gloria Reese Robert Reese Eileen Reilly Nancy Rias Janet Richardson Judy Risinger James Robinson Ricky Robinson Elaine Rocheleau Brian Rodgers Victor Rodriguez Pam Roethlein Elsie Rohrbaugh Donnie Rounsley Jerry Ryder Carolyn Ryther Jim Saddler Lockey Sanders Sandra Sanders Sharon Sans Barbara Scott Susan Scurich Linda Seablom Phyllis Seymour Andrew Shauer Roxanne Shelden . , ' ttte if 1 .ia J J fav Eid , Pvt-to uf- tg- .M- W., ,a'Ql New born slbz'rz't. l ky 'iv ay. 0- t' it I9 18 .- 1' -'X-. it . ,a,- ' ' x The Eighth Grade Chorus lends to the rising Christmas spirit as they sing "Silent Night i ,tt za, it .. to t .. f a. ' T in , 4' T 1' ,M xi ' JP! 1 xl l my X ii. T as F F a .. ..., -:-,.z A 1' - 'ii' jwvfm if A V 3 : . A ' W 'B 5 A fl' it 6' ww? -- - i ' i vw: ' 71: 'FN S tw I vi , 7- taf w 'vw '-.if U 2 yi ,-. DE!- nn. 'sl 'ti , ,'jjg-,gigwgkgwzffii' fsZi.f'K4K2? 1-:sf - f-'Pe ff A Wi' UW A 'Q we .,,.. ., an ' ' X ,. 9 V A 1' af get J' i iii iiri -Pr 'l , .. 0 Anette Swanner Annette Swanner Bill Swartz Frances Taylor Louis Taylor Marcia Tennyson Allison Tharp George Thomas Howard Thompson Susan Thompson Richard Thonen Sharon Tomlin Frances Tompkins John Travers Wayne Treon Nancy Tucker Mack Truslow Barbara Van Campcn Teddy Ventre Steve Veomett Freda Walford Lamar Walters Cynthia Waltman Sandra Waltz Richard Weaver Buzz West David Wheat Linda Wilburn Dick Whitley Kitty Whitson Fred Williams Kathleen Williams Barbara Williams Susan Wilson Dale Winstead Lynne Wolffer to JW! future years. sf! y '-.A jf . s K , wgqsl- - if tl - 5 Myron Wright Nick Yerchik Richard Yoder Mary Zianczkowski Pattie Ziegfeld "Man from outer space!" is the center of attention in Mrs. Harder's eighth grade science class. The smallest comes from the eighth grade while the tallest is a sophomore. Dennis Rockford and Corliss Saylor "measure" in with Mrs. McQueen. This science class looks quite interested as they begin a study of clouds. 'I 'I I Uur Praise to thee we sing. . ellie uqjn herever people assemble. a fortunate few of that as- sembled number are recognized for one outstanding quality or another. Furthermore the congregation of ambitious. energetic students must result in an act of some sort-and in this sec- tion we recall these activities and pay tribute to those who justly deserve recognition. It is well to recall that honor can be achieved only through conscientious effort. 112 lf., ag: w'm"'u4Lj 16' f' ' ff k ,. X6 I nu 1' W 11" 1. M - Q26 '-ff ..., 4,.,..Up ,N -HW. rm . . U my vm, ' VN-,f 'l'V A1 V- w, HW' -v7s',f,f M7 f ,'-'9 N m. , , n ,. , A .w,m1,,,1.v, W" - -1 V r 1 ' . mix :M,,.f-.r S4 NZ'-E N. ' N x " W5w5'F - . . , . ..'v J, 4 H. -ni? X 1 A - a . X 17 X X' Q M s ,, ' ' , 1 J W' ,A 'Z' Z' A ' 5, ,"..If," ..-A 2" 49' F. NP' Y yi i,a,'Qf,, Q W ' f-. A W fling' , ..f,. . x ' ':".,..iir WV' ' 'WMM 4' 'ww Qaxy H A an W' X -- uf 9, " I ,M,,,.f.,.,..5' wf H . ' itniv M iss M ounzf Vernon ,,53-Saw fl ,nnn - A , A s X 1' ' wk js ' 5 A f 4' , .Ww-.m in ' n 1 vu n . H i n f QE i, V. Q 'A 5 9 i :si f 115, sw if E.. 'JV Ev Q " 1 s Q' IES I 15, 5 5 i .. in Lg 4. , ,hu """llu 3 MISS MOUNT VERNON unix' 'fro E I and her Court VRT-IflCiH'I'H CiRADIi.C'11mlyn Pcllili FRESHMAN. Slulron Purkcy SOPHOMORE. Dianne HLUILJUNIOR.TcrryAbcl1SEiNIOR. Belly Murphy Sxwct 111l1NIC sets thc 111111111 of 111'c11111 . .rezlgned supreme at the S110-Ball. 111111111u 1111st. 11uxx1y1:1'11w11c11 Miss X1111111t Yc1'111111. 11c11111s NN1111C Scniors l11NC11NN t111' sttcucss 111' t11c S1111-111111 Dittnc 111111 111111 8111111111 1't11'111'1. t111' S111111111111111 111111 l'1'1's11111:111 I'1'i11ccsscs rcspcctivcly. 1111 p1'csc11tc11 t11 111c 1l11111CI1CC, l11C111g :ut t11u S1111-114111, 16111 X1111-. ,1l1111Ul' 1'11111'1'ss. 111111 Iiulty 1X1111'p111, 81111111 1,1111 LRCNN. 111111 t111'11' csc111'ls LI1'C 11111111t111cc11 1.x1111c thc 11t11c1' C1111 11111N 41114111 111C 1'cs111ts. Starting thc C111'1st111us sc11s1111 1111' 1'1g11t. wc 111111111 11u1'sc11'cs L111C11L11l1g t11c 11111111211 S1111-131111. DI'Clll111I1g 111111 111111ci11g 111 t11c wintcr ski-11111gc setting was 111g1111g11tc11 by t11c c11r1111z1ti1111 111' Miss 1V111u11t Yc1'111111 111111 thc i11t1'1111uct11111 111' 11c1' c11111't. .Nlicc 111111. u11111111111tc 1111' Miss 1N111t111t X"c1'111111, 111111 11L'1A 1111tc .11111 11.11111 1.t1xC :1 1W1'CLt1x 1wt'111'c thc c1'11x11111111, I The Bon ire sparked our 5j9z'rz't and . 'I he Varsity eheerlentlers inereaise Major spirits tiroveton . . . tt nzune that inspires ll leeling ol' rivnlry :intl ll prolountl desire lor vietory. Our spirit wus tiroused tis the Tiger. our tireh enemy. vtinishetl in at eloutl ol' smoke the night before thc anxiously tiwziitetl gaune with Groveton. Approxiinzitely three to lout' thousand people were sautl to halve witnessed the skirmish l'roin whieh the Mziiors einerged victorious. Xrt tJ'Ne:1l hopes Io tliniinish Lii'oxe- 'lhe Bonlire hurns brightly in ztll its splendor. Micky Skinner. .lnnet lioone. Annie Mate Staiton. :intl Cigiil iilenn support the 'liger helore his execution. ton's strength hy killing the liger, The Football tetun look tis though thefre rently to tatke on the 'I igers ...... :intl viinl to QQ . 9 7 The Queen ruleo' in splendor. . . Our Homecoming Queen Mz'ss Berg Murphy 118 QS 3 xxs A NMA Q-W " 5 A Q 'ZS . mi 'lf ' a ' www' Nl? ,mv 39, T ,,.,,-,k.,T,.1,.,,.. 5 ' MT...-..-ww i Xngus M tchutlie Andy buvelick und Stunt Dtlrymple Hurry Mihon, Many loooloo' talents ono' hom' work. Svinks Fiona embr acc be ore . . ' Wally Stevens and .leff Miller. as Harry lommx ls. nts liiigidoon . . and Maggie, dance in Maefonnachy Square. Under the expert direction of Miss Louise Hopkins and Miss Mildred Messick. the Choral and Dramatics Departments pres- ented Brigadoon. The setting of this famous musical comedy is the quaint little village of Brigadoon. deep in the highlands of Scotland. Two young men from New York. Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, discover the village by acci- dent one day while hunting. They lind cus- toms and dress common to an eighteenth century setting. and they learn that Briga- doon comes into being for only one day in each century. Anne Vick as Meg Brocki holds her male audience enchanted as she tells them of "Her Mothefs VVcdding Daly". . .to present our musical, Brzlgadoon him." llarry Beaton staitles the villagers as he does the age-old sword dance. Tommy meets lovely Fiona Maclaaren and although he has been in Brigadoon but for one day they discover they love each other. The story is complicated by the fact that Harry Beaton finds the girl he loves, Jean MacLaren. is going to marry Charlie Dalrymple. Harry tries to leave Brigadoon, thus he will destroy it. As he is fleeing from the pursuing villagers he trips and is killed by his own hand. Tommy returns to New York and al- though he tries to forget Fiona, he Cannot. He returns to Brigadoon to the disdain of Jeff-and marries Fiona-and true to form. they live happily ever after. Harry must be caught before he can leave Brigadoon, for if he leaves, Brigadoon will vanish forever. Angus tells Duke Karns that they must "run and get Charlie Dalrymple and his new wife Jean, Suzie Broun seem more than happy as they dance at their wedding Mig 'gie kicks high in a spirited dance at the Fair at M icConnaehy Square. The villagers of Brigadoon join in a joyful dance. while oihers were recognized. . W .I UNIOR WHO'S WHO Hamid Porter, Margie Bowman SENIOR WHO'S WHO Roh Odom. Betsy Surovcll 122 as outstandzhg members ff their classes. PRI SHN!! N WHCYS WHO Inm li.1Il.1h.1n. Shumn Purkcy l"lCiHlH CiR,'Xl7I-' NYHCYS VN lxllllkl lnmlcx, .-Xlfrcd Black SOPHUMORI' WHCYS WHO PCICI' King. ,lamcl SI1'1111dIwVg 123 l dr-.... ",.--"Q -Q... And this we will ff .., J -JA Hou could gtnyonc forget our huskctlmll lu1un'.' vw took thc county chzunpionship und platccd sccoml in thc Nortlicrn Virginia Group I, Out' xtgu' plgtyci' wax Marty l.cnt1. .AM uc chccrcal thu lh1llIlII'N on to victory, we also chccrctl Murty on until hc Ihu tint tI.t5 ot' wltoutl Num tuccx. tcztclicrx. und hmtxc thc I-WO,-It fm- the mlm- Iiwntlx gtuutctl tu gm wg uullxctl tlmxn fm'gottcn hulls, bm- of puinlg WOVCK1 in one Ihr QXQIIQIIIQIII Ltxtutl until tinully uc ruturnctl to thc gglmc. hmtw hig ,mn WCC,-L1 nlll Ullltli hm? lltlllli 'll' Wlllxv with 53 points atgzunxt Madison untl linnlly. in our lust game. hc hmltc thu rccortl for thc num- hct' of ppintx worctl in 11 scu- son, L11 lhc Scnicn' Ilonoi' Sociutt. us. ll surv- iuc tu thu xtutlcntx uutl tu it money- A giguntic clcun-up uaunpuign xnxx lautnchul nmltutg pioicut. cxtathlislt-:tl thc Book during .Iututut'3. A tlcztl wus inztdc with 4 Sltvtt. XYQ txt-rc Lthlc to pttrcliusc principal. NIV, lztntlcx: if we lwpt thc cztfL Iwmltx tux' I nglixh. Iiistory. :intl tcrizi clczui, ice-crcaun xmultl hc returned to wit-imc from at wluyliun ut' nmrc than thc cufctcriu. Duc to thc cllorts of ull stu txm hunthul lmults, tlcnt'-, vsc Noon haul irc-ctczun survctl vt 124 our lunches. always remember! . . We hegnn something new this yeatr on at trittl httsis, soelt hops following the home foothttll tmtl hnsltethttll gttmes. 'lhese tltmees were extremely stteeess- fttl :intl they proxitletl tt new sottree of ineome for the elnhs, During l'iehrttnt'5 ull sttttlents were urged to pztrlicipztte in the Seienee Fair. The lihrztry vias tratnsformetl into at hinge exhihit httll. Scientists from Fort Belxoir eatme to jtttlge the exhibits. 'lhe xxinners enteretl the Northern Virginia Science l-'ztir heltl nt Annttntlnle lligh School. -9 YN I ' v I 54' ' mf ia..- Antl linxtlly enme our Prom. We looltetl foi'xxttt'tl to lwirp Week uns inititttetl Ittst yetn' hy the nexxspttper statll' the Prom :mtl tts it ztpproztehetl. excitement motmtu :intl uns Iooketl fot't.tttt'tl to ttgttin this yettr. At this time The Presitlenlittl Arms Hotel Ballroom proxitletl tn of the yettr. the girls tire gixen ll ehttnee to pursue their excellent setting for the higgest tlttnee of the yettr mule hy tnking over the tlttte-mttking :mtl providing fatvorite finamees. Your bells qt truth shall ring. . cholarship is very properly the most important side oi high school life. But there are many other activities without which a high school could not fulfill its ultimate goal of pre- senting a well-balanced education. From participation in these extra-curricular activities the student gains an added sense ol responsibility which is a decided advantage in life alter gradua- tion. And more valuable than all else is the association and friendships among students who have similar interests and pur- poses. 126 'nm 'Mfr' l'2,'.f ff'-1 Wivnw 'hu , .... .,, ... W W . , v ,... ul sm.. -vu mg - ,ax , , .- M V w X I K , W ,,, .fu 'v-Q if! 11 ,A U law 'K 'W J ,, 1 U F' 'Em -'M v 5,- N' U 'Q , -. X , ,,,, ,W , ,,,N. N X , WM-vq , " 'W V' ' 4 i , T v ""N me 4 ww ! W e ,,,,, 1 -W Q W A ,mx V! .,,,, ,, ,, iw 5- xwvx llmlq in ' , in al W7 X if : :: A Q M' Q -.f ',' -f N , , 4 if ' wx 4 V". ' 1,,,. JK L ' lx 51 , ,mai msg H , ,, V- K, l ,,,.. .V ,,,.A. ,R 2 , ' pw gf "Wu-L, 3 wm,w.mygm,' Y wc W 11-N. Me.: M 1 ' Hx. X w ,W 41 ., X , ". Aw dlr ' n L up... 'Mg II ' :Q my ,, W MMA , WWW wily ssh ,,.,. Iiq10rS0cz'elz'es lead the school Iifzir rout left to right: .Xnne Vick. Jamis Tovxnsend, Mary Wellemeyer. and Melinda llaubcnspcck. .Srtofnl 1 in N ii Bovsman. Rachel Mlsna. Bill Strandberg. Art O'Neal. and .lean Renaud. National Honor Society members spent a busy and eventful year. One of the major tasks of the year was that of raising money to in- crease the scholarship fund. The scholarship will be awarded to a deserving senior who needs financial help--the senior need not necessarily be a member ol' the Honor Society. One means of ac- quiring money was the operation of a bookstore where paper bound editions of approved literature were sold. Ball point pens were also sold as another way of acquiring needed funds. The tutoring service was again offered to students who were in need ol' additional coaching. These after school sessions were held only with the approval of the classroom teacher and the honor society. The Honor Rolls each six weeks were prepared by Honor Society members and were displayed in the glass case in the main hall. The club sponsored a sock hop and also sent delegates to two area con- ventions. Yvonne Homeland Reporter .i I : I V Tom Trelogan Parliamentarian 128 OL Patty Fobes Secretary . . .Seniors Mike Weissman President Miss Mildred Lapslcy Sponsor Betsy Surovell Vice President Bill Leary Treasury Mr. Carl Musser Sponsor Firx! row, left to right: Linda Shepherd, Roherta Landes, Judy Trone, Janet Firkin, and Barbara Baker. Sw-nm! row: Christine Falk, Todd Coyle, Ann Psilekas, Peter Van Atta, David Porter, and Janet Boone. 129 and juniors as well. C'lairc Golihcvt. President. and Mr. Higgison. Sponsor. discuss work. In the past year in the Junior Honor Society. our efforts have been concentrated on money-making activ- ities. We sponsored a sock hop after one of the basket- ball games. We planned on establishing a lund to pay for college entrance exams. Another goal was to conduct interesting meetings and to obtain the reg- ular attendance of all members. At the beginning of the year we elected Mr. Higgi- son as our sponsor and. along with the Senior Honor Society. sponsored a "College Night". OFFICFRS left to right: Joe Vaughn. Reporlcri Barbara Dorily. Secretary: Jolly Besson, Vice President: Steve Chapman. Scrgeant-at-Arms: and Ann Barenslicld. il-l'CilNlll'Cl'. discuss the world situation. lfiml ruir. left to right: Martha Bernal. farolyn Colling. Marie lfridcnsline Julia Hightower. Junior Bridge. l inda Summers. Mary .Xnnc llarris. Susan Fulliloxe. Pat Jones. and Darlene Deidrichsen. 'lliiril mn: Connie Miller, Bob Harris. Peter King. Daxid fools. .lim O'Roulse. and Pat Kurscli, lfml .i-uw. left to right: Donna Wiley. Penny lolbert. Donna Gaarder. Frances Harxalik. and Charlotte 'lxxoinbly Sri-will mir: Steve Klemp. 'long Wagner. Mike Page. John Chapinan. Ricky Suiter. and John Wellemeycr. 130 roy. Janet Strandberg. and Natalie lioldig. Sumnl I'I?lt'.' 5 K 'R Q Q Em S S . K KMQ 1 'S - A X . k f Sgxxx-sig - AIX XSS? K if 'if sg? 3 A , is 9 R-W lifwvvl . 6 X61 el xg? hx Q55 43" 4' ii Q 3-ii iifi f 0 p yi ' H? b Q 5 Q ,ggi 5 as ,EI Q g t 'Q s- !! 3 X I E' 3 b ' F5 s . U! lh'fUT ' A F M- WH if uw , ff sings its lbrazses MIXVD LillURllS liryl Init, left to iight: Darlene Iiiedriclwon. iiloria loney, Nlancy llroxyn, fylartha Kireenyyood. tieoggiey liell, Uayc Clcyeland. lrank Hill, lynda Dix. Bernice Carter. .-Xnnabell Blanche and Carolyn Cline. .Mmnrnl inn: llrenda .lordan lean Methcny. Cvloria Dayuon. Irlcia Dayis, Patxy Allen. Bill Sunnnery. C urtix NIOITIN. ,lerry llalloyy. lxennelh Petit Kathy lcklcy. Saundia Wood. .-Xnn lNorton and loan l-ayy, l'!1iril rms: Donna layman. ,lerry llannah. Patti l-obey Wallace Nlarxliall, Dennis Wright, Andy Uaryericlx. Wallace Angel. Dan llnrrier. Roger Wooton. Dianne laxenby. l'am Noble. Cilirixtine lsalk and Donna Kaniercr. This has been a busy' year for our choral department, but the most exciting event of all was the production ofthe musical "l3rigadoon". liighty'-one choral students combined forces with the dramatics department and worked many' tireless days in order to make the production at roaring success. lrfyl num lelt to iight: Mayne Halt l-iRl"SllMlfN CilRl S CHORUS er. linda Rigdon. lanel Hill. lce Keys. Martha llernat. Kathy Clay. .-Xllce Sleuche. I linda llake, l'alt Shanahan. Saundra lurltey. Kristin Qnale and Natalie lialdig. .ywtwriil nn-'.' Sheila Harris. lolly I-rick. XLIIQIL' lxiyli. l'at Kurxch. Ciayle Barns. Diana Manyille. Diane Mclearen. Karol Circen. lxiryten iiuerdrum. Margaret lloyrnan. Susie lloily and Cathy Ciaye. Tlnril mag Kay 'laylor. Nancy Snmrnerx. linda Pittman. linda Samuels. Dena Hanlon, Xnne Robinson, Ann Hoyle, linda Payne. Ciloria Robertson, Renee Cianible. liarbara Beasley. Marlic Qialex, and l'ain llarrix. lwlirllr mir: .lull lleetci. Ingrid Sillyylllil, llilabcth and lerii loxler, I Q5 ' S Hightoyyer. Gloria Yingling. Virginia I-rye. Carol Willtirixon, iihriy ldyyardy Nancy lieahcy. Marlene Hoyt. Judy' Rodgers. Xnna Belle iiindt. Hey Coy. llernadetle Rice 132 and musz'cj?lls the air. ADVANCED GIRLS CHORLS l"ir.s1 row, left to right: Jeanette Dunn, Barbara Taylor, Betty Hambleton. Sharon Shepherd, Pam Bernado. Carolyn Arthur. Fdna Fnnis. Jackie Wells. Freida Stultz and Joyce Cash. Sm-wid mu-.' Alice French Sally Beavers. Donna Rainwater, Marybeth Leuschner, Mary Vick, Ann Ault, Truly Hutzler, Joan Shepherd. Ann Rafferty, Lynne Freeman and Judy Moore. Third row: Lois Abel. Betty Gray. Barbara Shaffer. Gloria Lang. Barbara File. Diana Childress. Betty Stallings. Dana Milton. Peggy Weaver, Margaret Gilliana, Marilyn Davidson. Susan Keahey and Claire Golihew. Miss Louise Hopkins and Miss Dorothy Sheets Sponsors Other activities of the choral department were the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and the Concert Choir sang for the spring meeting of the Fairfax Education Association held here at Mount Vernon. Two special features of the choral department this year were the Choraleers and the organi- zation of the Boy's Quartet. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS lfirir raw, left to right: Sandra Hicks, Kitty Whetson, Susie Briar. Judy Keithley, June Dickenson, Paul Galentine. Howard Thompson. David Garrison, James Robinson. Elaine Rocheleau. Jean Wagner, Allison Sharp, Carolyn Petit. Susan Scurich. Susan Prochohoff and Patty Bradford. Sw-mal rmv: Beverly Smith. Jeanne Smith. Sh11rOn Sams, Ada Shipp, Joyce Haney, Mike Ledford. Carl Bruce, Douglas Mitchell, Robert Paraska, Susan Buckley. .ludy Brennan, Linda Cooper. Diane Honeycutt. Suzan Colellesse, Barbara Brindley and Gail Bell. Tliirrl row: Ginny Northror. l.ana Richard, Linda Seabloom. Alline Bowdon. Pat Fink. Paula Landes. Penny Marshall, Martha Davis, Camille Ogle, Carol Cleveland. Monica Butler, Virginia Stein, Sherry Abel. Sheryl Laney. Pat Pugh. Martha Angelo, Barbara Gilliam and Kay Bell. lfnurzh nur: Rachelle Norman. Sandy Korchenko, Barbara Sullivan, Paula Lawhorne. Pinky Conrad. Molly Greene, Susan Andrews, Joan Leidy. Dale Grimes, Mary Vandergriff, Liz Frazer, Carolyn Ryther. Pam Roethleim, Sandy Naugle, Darlene Keane, Dolores Rainey, Beverly Kistner and Winnie Athey. 133 Audiences thrilled by Concert Band Mr, Steinbach Band Instructor l QI - Bob Coleman Drum Major and Band Manager SOPRANO C'l.ARlNF'l'S First row, left to right: Bill Gillum, Missy Smith, Jamis Townsend. and Dana Stevens, .Si-c'u1ifI rim-5 Bob Hoyt, Leona Wedell, Gary Ament, Pat Crum and Roberta Landes. Third rmv: Richard Bibben, David Sanders, Tony Wagner, Elaine Gilroy, and Richard Shriner. Ifnizrlli rzmx' David Esten, Tom Lcderer, John Ficklin. Susan Dority and Cliff Gates. FLUTF, BASSON, ALTO Cl.ARlNF'I'S, BASS CJARINFTS. AND SAXOPHONFS Firsr row, left to right: Ricky Suiter, Gail Baker, Denise Ford and Mary Wcllemeyer. Semin! rmv: Emily Halley, John Whitford and linda Schmid. Tliirrl rfmx' Phil Stole, Bob Vance. Ronnie Vance and Fred Sehriener. lwixiirig from f7l'C'llH'l',' Stephanie Smith. CORONFTS AND TRUMPETS First row, left to right: Jim Flowers, Steve Boaden and Don Grimmett. Sawmill row: Reginald Nosburg, Julian Stenens, Ralph Rexrode and Rom Rheam. Third row: John Zweig, Richard Harrison and Frank Chudaeek. . .also known as Marchz'ng .flflajors FRENCH HORNS. TROMBONES AND BARITONES I"ir.t1 row, left to right: David listen. Betsy Myutt and Douglas Bradford, Svmml' rmr: Dave Morgan. Frank Manola and June Voshurg. Third rmr: Wesley Kitchens, Tow Trelogan and Gene Harrison. PERCUSSION, AND SOUSAPHONE First row, left to right: Charles Pavey. Marshall White- head and Mike Page. Sm-mn! mir: John Gent, John Shaffer and Carl Beahm. Third mir: David Fewell. Jim Prentice, John Wellemeyer and Clayton Coston, ALL STATE Firxr ww, left to right: Bill Gillum. Dana Stevens, Jamis Townsend and Mary Wellemeycr. Svmml ww: Emily Halley, Ronnie Vance, Betsy Myatt and Dave Morgan. Majorettes display skills Clara Moore Drum Majorette Our high stepping twirlers spent many practice hours devising and perfecting new routines for half time shows at football games. Catchy music and costumes were used for "Rock Around the Clock", 'fWhen the Saints Go Marching In", "The Old Gray Mare", f'Old Mac Donald", and a Cowboy routine. Clara Moore our drum major usually per- formed during half time using lighted batons. Extra curricular activities that we enjoyed were perform- ing in the George Washington Birthday parade in Al- exandria, which is an annual event in Northern Virginia. appearing on the Milt Grant show, station WTTG TV in Washington D. C., sponsoring a dance and attending a week of baton twirling school at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. Virginia. Ifirvz rmr. left to right: Sandy Spinks. and lean Leary, Svcoml row: Donna Sturgill. Tlzirrl row: .lane Simms, and Barhxri Sahel. I-'ourih row: Suzanne Bushman. Lynn Pool, Rachel Mlsna. and Betty Muphry. 136 with many tricky routines. Scnior Members, Left to right: Rachel Mlsna, Betty Murphy, Secretary: and Suzanne Bush- man, Treasurer. Left to right: Donna Slurgill. Patty Waltman, and Gloria Jones. 137 Left to right: Sandy Spinks, Co-Captainsg Clara Moore, Drum Majoretteg and Jean Leary, Co- Captain. Left to right: Barbara Sabel, Lynn Pool, and Jane Simms, Reporter. Precision marching. Last May was an eventful month to be remembered by our alma mater, for this was the birthdate of our first Drill Team. Recruits were taken from the entire student body and a reduction of forces was necessary due to the over- whelming enthusiasm of the girls. The summer days proved to be long tireless days for the ggggagslgsgnd forty-eight who were to be the km Crabtree center of attraction at all our home football games. Jan Crabtree and Carol Cash are the Co-Captains who led these fancy stepping girls to a highly successful and eventful season. Mascot: Stephanie Crabtree I First row, left to right: Karen Greenwood. Sharon Shepherd, Roberta Kraus. Pam Bernardo, Sergeant-ab Secretary: Janice Mowbray, Reporter, Anne Ireland, Historian: Carolyn Arthur, Joan Shepherd, Robin and Sharon Purkey. Secmza' row: Lynda Dix, Tina Florer. Diane Mcl.earen. linda Samuels. Diane Danny Smith, Judy Robey, Barbara Dority, Pam N ble, Teta Bowler. Marina Conccpcion. and Rosemary Janice Gleason, Connie Brennan, Dolores Dickerson. Martha Seitz. B. G. Gallo. Sharon Norvell. Pam and Marybeth I.euschner. 138 a "crack" Drill Team. . N, sg Marcia Pieper, Treasurer: Mary Lee Wittig gers, Joyce Harn, Truly Hutzler, Barbara Buckley retty, Kathy Rosenthal, Tricia Davis. Susy Austin -her, Thin! mir: Reva Roark, Pat Jones. Bev Hill ris, Marlene Hoyt. linda Swart7, Barbara Holly One of the many routines of the Drill Team is the "Pin Wheel", which was used during half-time ceremonies. "Classy Lassies" form a wide arch for "Mighty Majors" for their first grid-iron appearance. 139 S,bz'rz'tea' Pep Clubbers spurred lfirst mir, left to right: Truly Hutzler, Pam Bernado. Carolyn Arthur, Connie Brennan, Sharon Shanahan. Saundra Purkey, Karen Greenwood. Jan Crabtree, Rosemary Clemmer and Suzy Austin. Samir! row: Tina Florer, Tita Bowler, Sandy Blackburn, B. G. Gallo, Carolyn Petit. lunior Bridge, Barbara Dority, Marie Fridenstine and Tricia Davis. Third mw: Elaine Gilroy. Lorraine Bernier, Elaine tnrsetty, Gloria Dawson, Susan Crampton. Pat Fink, Yvonne Horneland and Janice Gleason. Fnurtli row: Gail Glenn, Ted Doran. Margie Bowman, Janet Boone. Beverly Hill, Diane Garity and Pam Harris. Fifth raw: Diane Hall, Bill Riddick, Danny Wideman, Danny Smith and Sandra Hartman. Sixth row: Carol Bugg, Dolores Dickerson and Barbara Buckley. Sw'w1tli row: Barbara Baker and Patsy Allen. Eighth row: Steven Kendall, To create and promote good spirit and sportsmanship was the primary purpose of the Pep Club. To foster these principles, car cara- vans and busses to away games were provided, lag sales on special days were launched by club members and pep rallies and bon fires were held with large attendance. The Art Depart- ment cooperated immensely and helped with suitable posters which were displayed around the halls of our school. Many new cheers se- 140 cured by our cheerleaders and in turn were taught to the student body-and the highlight of the year was the float that was built by Pep Club members and made its debut at the half-time show of the Homecoming game. The club is to be commended for its ex- cellent participation and interest through- out the school year and the fostering of good clean sportsmanship among spectators and students. teams to victogf. OFFICERS Sluruliny, left to right: Donna May Rainwater, Reporterl Billie Rae McClung, Sergeant-at-Arms1 Candy Dilliard. Vice President: and Judy Robey, Secretary-Treasurer. PRESIDENT AND SPONSOR Carol Cash, President: and Mr. Mike Skinner Sponsor. lfirxr row, left to right: Barbara Sabel. Patsy Johnson. Robin Rettgers, Pat Ottoman. Marcia Pieper. Sharon Purkey. lynda Dix, Pat Jones, Bobby Kraus, Judy Keithley and Margaret Reed. Sveolnl mir: Janice Mowbray, l.ynne Phillips, Sherie Abel, Reya Roark. Nancy Broun. Dee Ford. Dana Goodfellow, Karen Steller. Sharon Norvell and Anne Ireland. Third nw: Jean Leary. Patsy Barker. Vera Vinagradolf. Joan Shepherd, Barbara Levay. Diane Hunt. Martha Seit7. Joyce Cash and Joan l.edt'ord. f"HlH'IJl row: Gloria Robertson, Sharon lavinus. Butch Shackelford. Mary Lee Wittig. Harvey Henderson. Pam Sehlegal. l.inda Shvsartl and l.inda Samuels. l'ifIl1 row: Bill DeVor, Judy Trone. Ronny Furman. Jim Keithley and Carol Bateman, .Yixrli row: Betsy Myatt. Annie Mae Staton. Cookie frost and Peggy Teeter. Svwrrtli' row.- Duke Karnes and Patty Fobes. Izfelzllz rmv: Jackie Horsman. 141 Dmmatics lmz'nz'ng mouldsyoung stars Firxl row, left to right: Tom Twomey. Cheryl Hamilton. Phil Brady, Sharon Purkey. John Hubble. Sharon Callahan, Cherie Thomas, Tony Bohn, Patsy Johnson and Dianne Rawl. Svt'mnl row: Susan Fullilovc. Sandy Blackburn, Carolyn Ferguson, Patty Sacca, Charlotte l.ea, Shirley Bynaker, Margaret Reed, Allison Burns, Barbara Buckley, Cathy Grossman and Tina Florer. Thin! row: Mickey Campagna. Steve Aylwaid, Tom Meeks, Kenny Kofiman, Mike Miller, Tony Cox, Jim, Roddy Uveges, Don Frye, Bob Hollis and Chuck McDonell. I-'irvl ww: left to right: Karen Greenwood, JoAnn Wells, Bobbie Kraus, Susie Brown, Pat Archer, Janet Firkin Carol Lucktield and Georgia Demory. Sauna! row: Bob Vincent, Ann lockett, Mildred Harris, Jan l.edford Jean Stringfellow, Pat Jones, Joyce Ritchie, Donna May. Gail Dodge, Althea Ames and Charles Mirro. Our Dramatics Club spent a busy year-many hours of work, sweat and tears went into the production of "Brigadoon" which was acclaimed, by all who attended, to be an out- standing piece of work by both actors and directors. The club also produced "The Lottery" and a cutting from "Midsummers Nights Dream". A three act play was the highlight of the spring season. Throughout the school year approximately sixty short plays and scenes from various plays were produced during school hours. Many members of the club attended other school plays in Washington. During the spring a play writing contest was open to the student body and the two Miss Messick winning plays were produced by the Dramatics Club. Sponsor 142 . .ideals s1fua'z'ed by Future Teachers Firxr row, left to right: Barbara Herrington. Linda Bloom. Gloria Dawson, 1.inda Samuels, Cindy Shepard, and Dianne Rawl. Secoml row: Clare Golihew, Laurel Leary, Judy Bridges, Martin Green, Carol Bugg, Elizabeth Keahey. and Elaine Corsetty, M1'.r.i'1'rtg from lJlC'lHI'l'.' Caroline Curling. Serving coffee and doughnuts to the faculty two mornings during National Education week was one of the highlights of the Future Teachers Club this past session. At this time each teacher and administration was presented a red felt tag with National Education week printed on it which was to be worn for the entire week. Later in the school year the club honored the faculty with an after school tea. The purposes of the club are to develop in- terest in the teaching profession, to promote professional leadership, to acquaint prospec- tive teachers with the local, state. and national teaching organizations, to prepare its members in every possible way for the teaching profes- sion, and to develop desirable qualities in its members in order that they may be good leaders in the field of education. Five girls were sent to Roanoke to represent Mount Vernon at the annual state convention and six girls attended the county meeting at Lee High. ln March we visited George Wash- ington University in order to get an idea of college and campus life. One of our social functions of the year was the party given for Sue Wallace who left us to journey to France. Claire Gollihew President Left to right: Mrs. Quinley, Sponsor: Leanna Wedel. 1.ihrarian: Judy Bridges, Secretaryg and Janice Robertson, Vice President. Missing from picture: Laurel Leary, Treasurerg Elaine Corsetty, Reporter: and Cindy Shepherd. Q2 and Ifqetteiv strive to improve Patsy Allen Margie Bowman Anne Vick President I Jon Gallo Vice President ,Q . C' Qi Kathy Brewer Susie Brown Candy Dilliard Patty Fobes Jan 'fin sin' Peggy Tecter Carol Cash Judy Trone Vice President Recording Treasurer k D V Secretary ir' 4 'gin Mrs. Jane O Brien -i .T ig? Sponsor . , Bill Leary Secretary- Sergeant- Treasurer Baily Rathbone at-Arms 1, ww ' B i 2,1 , , i 2 if . exp: 1. Q x my 3552153 .eq A , is in 2 ff " - - - f- "Wig-ut' L i . Q- 3 E' I . , , , so H H vf- : 1- r :ig -N , ' ., N55 11 1- :g 'if V-3133,-' I, f' v,. - ' '- B - . we ' - jfgdj: .tr a K x reef, M , ,a.i T 9,5511 'gi . fair 9 - 335515. 51' gQ'gii 'Qf4 3, ,, A fs. WZ.. .1 Slim fliff. 'f 3245 Eddie Byrd eg? K W -2: Carol Batenian Corresponding Secretary .- : C A Mr. Miles Hi ggison Sponsor Todd Coyle President df? Dave Cotellesse Joe Davis Ted Doran Alan Harris Joe Ikenberry 'I44 School and Commzmigz in-up is Alice Hall Diane Hovis Rachel Mlsna Linda Shepherd Betsy Surovell Judy Trost in-wx .lunet Boone Roberta Lundes Barbara Baker Gail Glenn Sergeant-ut Historian Chaplain Representative Arms J on Gal lo Keyette Sweetheart 5 i .- , is Judy Trost 5 . Key Sweetheart Q I Jim Keithley Peter King Marty Lentz Jack Mathews -or i y fo . 'wif Bob Odom Art O'Neal David Porter Ronnie Furman Jay Solga Bill Strandberg 14 ga.. ,K 1 efmfgqq .J , , sb 1 . ,- , 4, . sf,-, 'fff .,-Lg , 'Q - "Xi H QW Q, , 3 i z Q Yi' 'ii . Q 1. K A gh -. .Jg.,k3Em . we 4 'I V ,, fa? W Ailk ie.. A ,,L. .3 L: ikkg - wif--wk .wg V. iz fl' Q . L 515 . an X w vQ', , L F e X- ., ..: 4- . g. 1 x wwf QQ Q wg. A ww x Q -N gg :Q e. Q N mwg..-f .,. QV X xx x X " R X X .A ,...a. X X X - we 'X X xg X A xx x Y YR 'M . X. .. . LN iii irwal EQ if N Q- X 1. .gg i Q. x x -:. x x X X X X xv .. Q8 W.. RANK 5 Y S . . 5? AAR? .:,5gQNigjj,: 5 Q5 Qi.. E .2 X X. 5' X SX ww. ' s Q? N"-Q X555 , 'Z -Fiwigr Patrols serve as helpful citizens. . . BUS PATROLS Ifirxr row, left to right: Robert Sinclair, Dorothy Anroy, Frank Humphreys. Margaret Wright, Jon Haver, Mary Turner, Sheila Harris and Dave Cleve- land. Stwrmrl row: Walter Hall, Lynn Judice. Butch Cash, Gary Heintzelman, Curtis Morris, Charles Grazier, Gary Anderson and Ray McClellan. Third rmr: Keith Lees, Larry Uhrig, John Giesen, Rudy Noll, Glenn Lawhorne, John Huffman, Richard Schreiner and Robert Noll. Fourtlz row: David Camp- bell, David Wallentine, Scott Johnston, Charlie Beahm, James Alvey, James Norfolk and Peter Dison. OFFICERS Left to right: Lynn Judiee, Lieutenant, Ground Patrolsg Wallace Hall. Lieutenant, Ground Patrolsg Frank Humphreys, Lieutenant, Bus Patrolsg Margaret Wright, Captain, Bus Patrols: and John Huffman, Captain, Ground Patrols. 'I4 GROUND PATROLS First row, left to right: Jerry Ryder, Jimmy Malton, Drew Messing, Sue Terry, Doloris Padgett, Janett Richardson, Lamar Walters, Haywood Jones and Buddy Herl. Second row: Wallace Hall, Lynn Judice. Ken MacNevin, Pete Dyson, Phil Nase, Robert Sisson, Walter Hall and John Hubble. Third row: Ray Nauthton, Doug McCombie, Richard Miller, Charles Grazier, David Wallentine, John Hunt, Jon Haver, Scott Saunders and Jim Brady. Fourth row: Rudy Noll, Michael Harvilak, Stuart Slawson, Glenn Lawhorne, Gary Anderson, James Puckett and Robert Reese. H 'il Spf Mr. Moore A 6,, k , .. -, t .. Sponsor of Bus Patrols kg 4 , V Mr. Landes Sponsor of Ground Patrols moods JW cancentmtion set in Libmyn LIBRARY HELPERS I"ir.vt row, left to right: Allison Sharp, Judy Wilson, Martha Halley, Joyce Gilles, Sue Donovan, and Linda Cooper. .Ywwml row: Betty Anderson, Fay Coates, Michelle Brumblc, Pat Ottomenn, K. Hudnal, and Tricia Davis. Third row: Diane Hall, Dutch Vandervort, Butch Shackclford, Scott Sanders, Pat Hayes, and Mert Meade. Mrs. Parrish ,I Mrs. Ellison SENIOR LIBRARY HELPERS Firsr row, left to right: Majorie Griffen, and Annabel Blanche. Second row: Melissa Lindsay, Elizabeth Harvalik, and Paul Manville. Third row: Bob Odom, Martin Green, Richard Ramba, and Randy Phillips. Being a library assistant means many responsibilities, which includes charging out books and teaching ma- terials, shelving returned books, writing over-due notices and processing new books. Any period during the school day that you visit our library you can observe the busy activity which always is present. Housed in our library are 1 1,250 books, which includes all types-fiction, autobiographies, biographies, as well as reference books. This school year over live hundred new books have been added to the collection. We subscribe to eighty magazines and seven newspapers. The library assistants are voluntary student workers who render invaluable service to the student body. There are usually five students per period and each is assigned duties on a rotation basis. 149 Future scz'entz'.s'ts are brim v-I Senior members. wfflvrl, left to right: Duke Karns, Henry Green, Beth Twombley, and Tim Daugherty. Sf4lIl41TIlAU.' Mike Weissman, Nich lcderer. Frank Grant. Fred Wedel, Fdward Chaszer. Alan Harris. and Bailey Rathbone. f . -mi Otlicers left to right: Diana Bailey. Secretary and Treasurer: Peter Van Atta. Vice President: Bill Strandberg, Presidentl David Cotellesse, Reporter: and Mr. Maskalcnko. Sponsor. 150 Junior members, .xr-nlrul. left to right: Marcia Pieper, Graham Young, Richard Delierry, lint Aschenbaeh. and Bruce Duff. Srumllngs Randy Stark, and John Bane. Our science department is always the center of much activity. Throughout the year projects were planned and culti- vated by science enthusiasts. and as a result a Science Fair was conducted in our school. There were eighteen blue ribbons given to participants in the Sci- ence Fair for their projects dedicated to work in the tields of chemistry. physics. medical science. mathematics. botany and Zoology. on all levels qf learning. . . iilliriy. left to right: Anne Kolier, lecky Andrews, Ann Claxton, Betty 'o McCrew, and Linda Cooper, lluniliriku: Margaret Short, linda Naltlier, Nancy Clark. Barbara Baran, ieorge Shellctt, Rush Flokins. Jeff 'hase, Justin Henry, and Lynn Gates. Junior and eighth grade science club otliccrs are: sented: Dick Bearman, Presi- dentg left to right: Mike Johnson, Sergeant-at-Armsg Patil Hascman, Vice President: Bill Goodwin, Secretary: and Mr. Woodard, Sponsor. Seated: Mallory Hightower, left to right: Don Purcell. Treasurer: Van Truslow, Pro- gram Chairman: Carl Nelson. Vice Presidentl and Susanne Alford, Secretary. 'l5'l .S'i!tin,c, left to right: Don Bruce, Phil Hraey, Lynn Judice, Roddie Uveges, and John Grubb. Smmiirigr John Threadgill, .Joe Taylor, Rich Freesland, and Byron Sansom. A number of the projects were displayed for competition in the regional fair at Annandale High Schoolg Richard Harrison re- ceived a first place rating for his project. Both the junior and senior clubs attended lectures given by various speakers con- nected with the field of science, and also viewed movies during club meetings. The junior science club took special interest in the mechanics of the spectroseope, the gieger counter and prisms with which they did extensive work. Homemakers set the modes 1 Tenth grade members, first row, left to riht: Cindy Shepherd, Pauline Shaffer, Frcida Kissel, and Daren Stiller. Second row: ' Carol Pearson, Marion Knedler, Margaret Sanders, Michele A MacQueen, Lois Grawey, Clara Moore and Bonnie Mahon. Membership in the Future Homemakers Club is open to any girl who is enrolled in Home Economics, or who has had at least one year. The F. H. A. club has its purpose to pro- mote a better understanding of home eco- NA' Eleventh and twelfth grade members, first row, left to right: Jean Metheny, Pat Savoca, Elizabeth Grawey, Stephanie Saylor, Judy Whetzel, Lor- rain, Bernier, and Carol Offner. Svmnzl ron-: Sue Donovan, Jean Leary, Sandy Spinks, Kathy Allen, Carol Ann Smith, Helen Pittman, Janice Gleason and Jame Simms. Third raw: Sandra Wool, Barbara Sabcl, Pat Dillon, Marion Allen, Susie Miller, Diane Hovis, and Dianne Dahl. Officers left to right: Pam Watson, Vice Presidentg Mrs. Robertson, Sponsor: and Carol Cash, President. nomics and living. To foster more interest in homemaking, girls are encouraged to work on the Junior chapter, chapter and state degrees which open its contributions to modern day be Left to right: Diane Hovis, Song Leader, Jackie Horseman, Federation Repre- sentatives, and B. G. Gallo, Treasurer. 2 ilillzliiil jirfuture living among Otlicers left to right: Miss Schickel, Sponsor: Judy Dillingham, Reporter: and Ann Ireland, Historian. to those who are taking tirst, second and third courses. Each year the degrees are conferred at the club's annual candle lighting installation ceremony which culminated the Mother- Daughter Banquet. Eighth and ninth grade members, first row, left to right: Helena Duren, Lela Bondurant, Evelyn Howacd and Nancy Deavers. Second row: Kathryn Williams, Sue Terry, Diana Lundburg, Claudia Viare and Linds Cooper. Activities of the homemakers this year in- cluded a faculty tea, making and selling Christ- mas corsages, presenting cookies at Christmas time to each of the custodians and attending the Ice Capades. Left to right: Brenda Jordan, Correspond- ing Secretaryg and Kay Kudnell, Record- "" ing Secretary. Missing from pic't11rv.' Karen Mafehky, Parliamen- tarian. 5 Ninth grade members. first raw, left to right: Nancy Pittman, Lee Keys, Bernadette Rice, and Joyce Karn. Second row: Dorothy Wood, Karen Hall, Judy Griflin, Dana Goodfellow, Carol Feagas, Pam Schlegal, and Renee Gamble. ,ww 153 the Parlez-vous clubbers I-'ir.vr ww, left to right: Judy Brennan, Junior Bridge, Charlotte Lea. Janet Shephard, Penny Torbert, Becky Robbins, Vice-President: Christine Falk, Treasurerg Diane Hall, Secretary, Cindy Shephard, Susan Crampton, Barbara Baron and Janet Strandberg. Sammi row: Susan Buckley, Barbara Sahel, Susy Austin, Dianne Rawl, Karen Greenwood. Diane Rhoades, Elizabeth Keahey, Gayle Barnes, Clara Stiff. Sharon Callahan, Alice Davis, I.inda Samuels and Charlotte Twombly. Third row: Mary Beth Leuschner, Daria Gerard. Wesley Kitchens. Bob Pergler, John Valiante. Mike Lawrence, Carter Thompkins, Jim O'Rourke, Bob Hollis, Dick Bearman, Ricky Suiter, Bill DeV0r, Barhara Baker, Claire Golihew and Sandra Sussky. Missing from picture: Jane Helton, Lynda Cooper, Dave Morgan, Lynn Freeman, Caroline Curling, Victor La Frank, Betty Conley, Beth Twombly, Jean Renaud, Barbara Levy, and Tom Trelogan. Parlez-vous Francais? lf so, why not join the French Club and enjoy the fun. This year we drew up a new constitution and by-laws, attended a French Restaurant in Washington, entered an exhibit in the Science Fair and par- ticipated in a combined Christmas Party with the other language clubs. The club also inaugurated Pen Pals in France, and saw movies on French culture and life which helped to widen the understanding of the French language and customs. Miss Laura Lanks Sponsor Patty Fobes President 154 and students ryf Latin. Ifirs-t row, left to right: Elaine Gilroy, Reporter: Mike Page, Vice Prcsidentg Laurel Leary, Secretary: and Tony Wagner, Treasurer. St'c'ol1d row: Moyne Baker, Patt Shannahan, Bev Cox, Janice Mowbray, Program Chairman: Jcan Leary, Parliamentariang Leanna Webel, Sergeant-at-Armsg Mary Wellemeyer, Honary Historiang Debby Pinkston, Michele MacQueen and Martie Gates. Third row: Richard Harris, John Muhn, Kay Due Frcne. Nancic Manstield, Teta Bowler, Mary Alice Fowler, Linda Flake, Missy Smith, Gail Baker, Judy Keith and John Hubble. Fourth row: John Threadgill, Barbara Dority, Claude Dean, Fred Wedel, John Paguin, John Chapman, Gerry Baker, Scott Sanders, Marina Conception and Frank Manola. The Latin Club, as in past years, was formed in order to further the interests of Latin stu- dents. Many of our activities consisted of vari- ous money making schemes. One project was the sale of Mount Vernon scarves. We also sponsored a Valentine Sock Hop. One of the highlights of the year was the Roman Banquet which was held in our cafe- teria. The banquet was held in true Roman fashion and those who attended were dressed as Romans. The food was prepared and eaten in Roman style and we reclined on mats which gs 1 .ask if X were made to look like couches. M Mrs, Pgurl Yancey The Latin Club of Mount Vernon is a mem- -QJFQ Stv0nS0f ber of the Junior Classical League, which is .sts g affiliated with the American Classical League. a nation wide organization for Latin Club X members. A convention was held and members I, S ,H from our club attended. ,Im lll'TlI1lCI'Vl C President 155 Conversation and goodfiod Firsi row, left to right: Caroline Keyhoe, Kathline Williams, Dana Goodfellow, Barbara Shoemaker, Joan Gosis, Barbara Miller, Jean Leary, Bobbie Kraus, Anne Vick, Donna Wiley, Lissa Shanahan, Anne Barnesfield, Joan Dennihy, Elizabeth Dunn, Terry Millican, Saundra Purkey, Sharon Purkey, Mike Trone, Dennis Bradford, and Paul Lundberg. Second row: Chris Edwards, Bob Hall, Grove Conrad, Blair Barbara DeGon, Carolyn Collins, Ann Rofferty, Susie Bark, Terry Garrison, Frank Humphreys, Tim Martin, and Dane Goodfellow. Third row: Benny Tamani, Richard Hays, Robert Gloria Yingling, Ellen Everding, Jerry Hannah, Diane Garretty, Judy Bridges, Maureen Aul, Sharon Norvell. Susan Keahey, Jeanie Carper, Ted Doran, and Bill Riddick. Fourth row: Michael Johnson, Richard May, Scott Johnston, Ricky Parker, Dutch Vandervort, John Bane, Butch Shackelford, Bennis Rochford, Henry Green, Eddie Byrne, Will Walls, Joe Gothard, David Hightower, Nick Hecht, and John Chudaelk. President Mr. Vaughn Mr. Braxton Co-sponsor Co-sponsor Stanley Warder 56 Williams, Marty Bauer, Margaret Wright. Lynne Phillips, Willgoos, Margaret Reed, Diane Lumberg, Erin Fleming, Hola! Como estas? A familiar greeting among the Spanish speaking students who had a busy and fun-filled year. Highlighting the year was a trip to Clifford Gates' home for a Mexican meal which consisted of Tacos, Spanish Rice, Frijoles and Colcs and, we also went to the El Mexico restaurant in Washington. Several club members furnished slides from the various Spanish speaking countries. Some of which were Spain, Costa Rica, Peru and Boliva. At Christmas time we joined the other foreign language clubs in a party. One of the most interesting groups we had was composed of the Spanish speaking students known as "Los Charlatanes", who met at the homes of various club members and conversed entirely in the Spanish Language. boost Spanish club membershzjy Spanish Otliccrs: Ifirxl row, left to right: Anne Locket, Secretary: Pat Jones, Reporter: John Briar, Vice Pres. Slanlcy Wardcr, Pres.: Marty Bauer, SCA Reporterg Edward Shackleford, Alternate: and Jim Keithly, Trcas urcr. Spanish students who have resided 'in foreign countries. First Swartz, Panama: Myrna Febus, Gon, Panama: Kris Gucrdrum, row, left to right: linda Puerto Rico: Barbara De Colombiag Mike Johnson, Colombia. Second row: Scott Johnson, Colombia, Marty Bauer, Puerto Rico, Anne Vick, Panama: Albert Spikers, Puerto Rico: Terry Milikan, Peru, Richard May, Argentina. Third row: Danny Nase, Domini- can Republic: James Stout, Equadorg Bill Spikcrs. Puerto Rico, and Dennis Rockford, Peru. Spanish Third Year Students: First row, left to right: Barbara Shoemaker, Marty Bauer, Anne Vick, Terry Millican. and Standley Warder. Second row: Andy Garverick, Myrna Fcbus, Ellen Everding, Bill Spickers, Lynne Phillips, Bill Rid- dick, and Richard May. Third row: John Bane, Blair Williams, Scott Johnston, Albert Spickers, and James Stout. Frank Grant looks as though he is deeply involved in explaining the problems of the day to the Spanish Club's pinata. 7 Controversial topics and open speech the otlicers of the Debate Club are: Svtzitwl. left to right Frank Grant, Reporter: Gale Remington, Vice President: Mr. Cohen. Sponsor: and Alan Harris, President. Smmling are: Bill leary, Treasurer. and Mary Wellemeyer. Secretary. '! Talk-talk-talkg That's all you hear about the place. especially when the Debate Club is practicing. This year the resolution concerned governmental control of trade unions. ln the beginning of the year. we did not know what a trade union was: now we are trying to decide whether to be Senators and control these in- stitutions or become union organizers and pre- sent to Congress the true face of labor. As usual. we had a heavy year of practice and tournament debates. and though our mem- bership was entirely "green"-all of our vet- erans having left for college or Europe-we did hold our own. winning our share of the matches. In February we shone at the Uni- versity of Virginia's Conference for Debators. and we Closed the year with a round of social events--from which we barred all thoughts of Congress and of Labor. l Egg fr.-', sal Nziritlihrg. left to right are: Dana Stevens. Dave High- The Varsity Debate Team: itvtlvtl, left to right: Frank tower, Roh Surovell, Tom Hamblin. and Rick Oginz. Grant, Bill Leary. Gale Remington, and .lohn Trttssell. The Sturm! is: Vera Venagradoff. Junior Varsity Team: .stmitlirig is: Kendall Barns. Grove Conrad, Vic Lafrank. and Donna Gaarder. 'I58 result in well-rounded students. There was a bit of trouble this year getting the boys to turn out for the various Forensics activities, they were so bashfulg but the girls- our timid maidens-were not half so reluctant, and--as usual-the competition between them was rife. There were so many good per- formances, the judges often found it most dif- ficult to make a final decision. Our school has always been strong in the regional and State tournaments. and this year, too, Mt. Vernon will have to be the school to beat if one hopes to win a first place trophy. The VUTJOUS CMCQOVJCS of the FOYCUSJCS are Scott Sanders, Jimmie Sue Burt, and Pam Pentecost. Spelling, Poetry Reading, Prose Reading, and Public Speaking. Participating in the Poetry reading contest: svatml, left to right are: Barbara Baller, Janet Dolozik, Carol Wooten, and Alice Hall. Smndiny arc: Althea Ames, Claire Gollihew, Those taking part in the Prose Reading and Public Speaking Contests: .tmn'rl, left to right are: Bernadette Rice, Jimmie Sue Burt. Janet Dolozik, and Yvonne Horneland. Sturii1'in,rf, first row: Ann Barensfield, Althea Ames, Claire Gollihew, Graham Young, Baker. Tliirtl l'IHt',' Tommy Twomey. Fred Wedell, Mickey Mcliroom, Pam Pentecost, and Barbara Mary Wellemyer, Alan Harris, Scot Sanders, and Bill Leary. utsttu , e " 1 famsr M , . ,,,,: p , My 9? .! N N-Qf WN N , Participating in the Spelling Contest: first row, left to right are: Fred Wedell, Bill Strandberg, Kay DueFrcne, Donna May, and Mary Wellemeyer. Semin! 1-mr: Susan Fullilove, Bill Leary, Ann Rafferty, Bernadette Rice. and Barbara Baker. 159 Promising business men First row, left to right: Billy Kress, Philip Downs, Kenny Bradford, Norma Evans, Mr. Earl Dodrill Sponsor Sylvia Gentile, Marita Bentley, Sharon Niven, Bob Reynolds, Warren Bullin and Barry Scott. Svcoml row: Thomas Paul, Peter Weinhold, John Schwartz, Michal Basso, Doug Frye, Richard Harrison, Dan Ferguson, Joe Keefe, Charles Hardcastle and Charles Chester. Distributive Education is a classroom-on the job work program. The club's enrollment is made up of D.E. I and D.E. II classes. Stu- dents attend their regular classes and leave school at 12:30 P.M. each day to fulfill their part time job, where they are required to work a minimum of fifteen hours a week. Monthly meetings were held at the Penn Daw Restaurant and at the February meeting Mr. Palmer, president of the Mount Vernon Kiwanis, spoke on the aims and purpose of the Kiwanis Clubs. For their November project the club sponsored its annual food and toy drive and a weiner roast was held at Hallowing Point in October. Also in -October. Mayor Benheim cooperated in the participation of "Careers in Retailing" over WPIK. On March 15: the club motored to Balti- more, Md., where they were conducted on a tour through the Montgomery-Ward mail order house. April 18-22, Jerry Dorsey, president of our club and vice president of the D.E. Clubs of Virginia, attended the National Con- vention in Kansas City, Missouri. The annual Employer-Employee Banquet was held in the Walnut Room at Thompson's Restaurant. As a means of showing their cooperation and con- sideration in the D.E. program, employers were honored guests at the event. The State Convention, held in June. was attended by two students from our D.E. Club. OFFICERS Smtml, left to right: Marie Donato O'Neal, Secretary, Edward Pracht, Parliamentarian: Jack Creasy, Vice President, and Paul Jacolcs, Treasurer. 160 Jerry Dorsey, President, presents Electric Clock to Mr. Hodge whose homeroom won the canned food and toy drive at Thanks- giving. ana' women gf tomorrow Forcgrouml: Connie Belknap. l.eft to right: Melinda Dilling- ham, Diana Fraley, Susie Miller, and Martha Knight. Vocational Office Training has just corn- pleted its second year here at Mount Vernon. Learning how to use automatic calculators, transcribing machines, the touch system on a ten key adding machine and the duplicat- ing machines are most important in the moulding of our future. This year there were many varied types of jobs filled by our classmates. Donna Colyer was employed by John P. Parrish Law Firm, Melinda Dillingham worked as a stenographer for Kay Franc-Ross Jewelers. Diana Fraley was a girl Friday for Special Services at Fort Belvoir as did Marjorie Green. Martha Knight was on the move after several weeks her employers realized how important their work was and she was replaced by full time girls, Martha worked for the State Rehibilation Ofiice, Wellington Realty and finished the year at Independent Mutual Fire Insurance Companyg Judy Maddox traveled each day to the Pentagon where she was employed by the General Ac- counting oflice and Eloise Turner worked for Joe Heishman's sports car dealer. Susie Miller had the opportunity of working for Bish Plumbing and Heating and reported that her tasks were quite varied. Anthony Petrini was employed at Fort Belvoir and I-lerby's. Connie Belknap, Jeanne Hanson and Doris Taylor were the non-workers in the class. iw Miss Lowman Fl - as-M Sponsor Left to right: Eloise Turner. Reporter: Susie Miller, Treas- urer, and. Margie Greene: Secretary. Diana Fraley President Standing, left to right: Anthony Petrini, Jeanne Hanson, Margie Green, and Doris Taylor. Sirting: Eloise Turner. 161 Ann Psilekas work toward promotional loosz'1fz'ons President Mrs. Provance Sponsor left to right: Carol Ann Smith. Judy Whetzel. Gloria unday :intl Alice Waller. This year's Senior Commercial Club con- sisted ot' all girls who took 'second year shorthand and Clerical Practice. Meetings were held during the class periods when something needed to be discussed. With our sponsor. Mrs. Provance. we planned and sponsored various activities. A visit to the "Anne Lee Memorial Home For 5,1 left to right: .loan Faw. Judy Dillingham. .loycc Post ant Sandra Wright. at Pat Ridgley. Re porter: and lo Ann Wells. Vice Presi- dent. The Aged" in Alexandria was our Christmas project. We sang carols and presented the ladies Christmas presents. To help cele- brate the holidays. we held a Christmas party at the home of our president. Ann Psilekas. Co-sponsoring the annual Beauty Contest was our major project for the year. Donna Rho tdes Secretary int .Iudy Napier 'l'reasurer, white others attain slbzritual goals. 'if Mrs. l'rovanee. SponsorL Ann Belle Kandi. President: and Mr. Swain. Sponsor talk over plans for future meetings. The Bible Club. under the supervision of Mrs. Pro- vance and Mr. Swain, was extremely active this year. Each morning the members of the club sponsored a morning chapel service which was open to all members of the student body: and. each day at lunch the students participated in an offering of thanks. The club was also responsible for showing a number of religious movies. Danny Barrier. Secretary: and Cathy fave. Reporter. .lIi's.n'r1g front pit't1m'.' Carol Wilkerson. Vice President. Slfiriflilre' lynn Gates. I-'int row, left to right: Jean Leary. Charlotte Crnmble. Deborah Pinltston. l.eanna Wedell. and Sandy Sussky. Setwitl ww.' Carol Pettit. Marth Angelo. .lan Klue. Patty Barrett. Sally Kluc. and Francis Taylor. Third rmv: Rudy Noll. Bernice Clirter. Kay Taylor. Natalie Boldig. Alice Steuelte. Diana Million. and Mary Gates. Ifuurlh wmv: Richard Schreiner. Annabel Blanche. Gloria Dawson. Thomas Houston. Patty Crum. Karen lsaltsen, Harold Carr. and Diana Burrier. 163 Mount Vern0n,M0unt Vernon n the ever-changing currents of high school life the indispensible factor is. of course. the administrator and the teacher. In the classroom knowledge passes from the learned to the learner and a completely new' and personal path ot' thought and outlook is developed. lVlan's mind is the most fasinating and intricate device in creation, therefore. in mold- ing the minds of the great mathematicians and literary experts of the future, sound judgment and wide vision is required. We salute you. Faculty. in the hope that your efforts will result in the leading citizen. business administrator. and politician of tomorrow. 164 'fx A 1 aff: ii 'I A 'f ,,-uv ,wa , .bg-? -1 .1 , - -A-....-.W , -- ,, .. an --.-.,.-. .............,, , ,. 6 U. 1. Q A x' , ,-F 5' Al 'wmv 1' .x wf, v- A - . .....v-.5 ,,f---...... -Wu. .,.,..., .. .. ,,-.,w..m- ---, FA CULTT - 2 Q L Our teachers strive to z'nstz'l! - - .1, wa PRINCIPAL MR. MELVIN B. LANDES B.A.. McPherson College M.A.. George Washington University Assistant Principal for Instruction MR. WILLIAM J. BURKHOLDER B.A., Roanoke College M.Ed.. University ofV1rginl.1 Assistant Principal for Administration MR. WOODROW T. ROBINSON B.S.. Emory and Henry College A.M.. Duke University 'I66 a desirejnr knowledge. . Guidance Director MISS MILDRED J. LAPSLEY B.A., Mary Baldwin College M.Ed.. University of Virginia Guidance MRS. FLORENCE L. PRICE B.A.. Washington Square College New York University Guidance MR. BAKER O. SHELTON B.A., Washington College M.A., George Washington University ESSO Visiting Teacher MRS. BARBARA A. PRUET B.A., Emory and Henry College Graduate Work, George Washington University 167 'I lzrouglz classroom lectures, MISS JOYCE ANN ADAMSON B.S. Middle Ten- nessee State Col legeg U. S. His tory, English Il. MRS. CATH- ERINE P. COOLEY B. S. Mary Wash ington College English ur, ivf Senior Class Spon sor. MRS. HELEN L. BLALOCK A.B. University of Colorado: A.M. Indiana Univers- ityg English III, IV. MR. BERT B. COHEN B.A. American Universityg Teach- er Training Mary Washington Uni- versityg M.A. Uni- versity of Mary- landg World His- tory, U. S. His- tory, Modern European Historyg Debate and For- ensics Sponsor. MR. TED P. COLNA B.S. George Wash- ington Universityg Health and Physi- cal Education 83 E i g h t h G r a d e Football Coach. MR. DONALD G. COOLEY B.A. Shepherd Collegeg American G o v e r n m e n t 9 S.C.A. Sponsor. MRS. DOROTHY J. BROWN B.S. Mary Wash- ington College' Bookkeeping, Typ- ing I, II. MR. LESTER B. CROOM B.S. East Carolina Collegeg General Shop. MRS. CATH- ERINE H. CHAPMAN B.A. Wellesley Collegeg M.A. New York Uni- versityg English II, IIIg Junior Red Cross Sponsor. MRS. DOROTHY D. CLIFTON B.A. Mary Bald- win Collegeg Eng- lish 8, History 8, English I. FA CULTT MR. THOMAS S. DAILEY B.A. Bethany Col- legeg Litt.M. Uni- versity of Pitts- burgg ESSOg Eng- lish I. MR. EARL J. DODRILL B.S., B.A. Fair- mont State Col- legeg M.A. George Washington Uni- versity: Coordina- tor Distributive Educationg D.E. I, IIS D.E. Club Sponsor. 168 supervision and znstmction. MISS SHIRLEY G. DUNCAN A.B. University of Kentucky: Health and Physical Edu- cation: Softball Coach: Hockey As- sistant Coach. MRS. NAOMA W. ELLISON B.S. Concord Col- lege: Librarian. FAC LTT MR. MILES L. HIGGISON B.A. Wake Forest College: English I, ll: Junior Honor Society Sponsor. MR. BERNARD R. HENSLEY B.A. Morningside College: Graduate Work American University: U.S. History. MR. RICHARD D. ERNSBERGER 'B.S. University of Tennessee: Physi- cal Education: Driver Education: Head Track Coach, Varsity Football Assistant Coach. MR. WILLIAM R. HEATH B.S. Mansfield State Teachers College: World Geography. MR. STANLEY L. FANT B.S. Wilson Teach- ers: Algebra II, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Sol- id Geometry: Key Club Sponsor. MRS. FRANCES L. GARNER B.S. Mary Wash- ington College: A.M. George Wash- ington University: ESSO. MRS. CATHER- INE R. GUY B.A. Hunter Col- lege: General Sci- ence 8, General Science I: Eighth Grade Science Club Sponsor. MR. LAWRENCE W. HATCH B.S. Madison Col- lege: M.A. George Washington Uni- versity: World His- tory, Geography. MR. WILSON L FARIS B.A. University of Richmond: General Science: Varsity Football Coach. MRS. ANNA M. HARDER B.S. Immaculate College: General Science. - - l -fi 169 ,TE 77191 encourage slbortsmanslzzlb MR. HAROLD L. HODGE A.B. John B. Stet- son University: General Shop, Me- chanical Drawing I. II. it' IW q. k 3 in MISS LAURA E. LANKS B.A. Rosemont Col- lege: French, Amer- ican History: French Club Spon- sor. 5 1 ii . -tl' f MISS LOUISE L. HOPKINS A.B. Georgetown College: M.A. Uni- versity of Ken- tucky: Choral Mu- SIC. MR. PAUL H. KEPNER B.S. Drake Univer- sity: M.A. Queens Collegeg E S S O, English Ig Co-Spon- sor Future Teach- ers of America. MRS, KAY .l. KIMBLE B.S. Madison Col- lege: Home Eco- nomics. MR. ORION R. LAYMAN B.A. Bridgewater College: M.S. Vir- ginia Polytechnic Instituteg Algebra. MRS. ERNEST- INE L. HULEN B.S. Troy State College: Business Math, Algebra I. MR. EARL LAYNE A.B., M.A. West Virginia Uni- versityg English II, I I I 1 Co-Sponsor Junior Honor So- li.. Shop. Q MRS. SARAH M. MAHANEY B.S. Lebanon Val- ley College: Math I, Algebra I, Math 8. Sponsor MR. JAMES W. JOHNSTON B.Ed. Eastern Illi- nois University: In- dustrial Arts, Wood MRS. RHEA G. LOCKE A.B. University of Alabamag Certifi- cate in Art, Belha- ven Collegeg Art I, MR. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY B.S. Slippery Rock S ta te Teachers: M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh: Ath- letic Director: Di- rector of Health and Physical Edu- cation. FA CULTT MISS LUCY J. LOWMAN B.S. Radford Col- Iegeg Coordinator Vocational Office Training: B o o k - keeping, Typing I, V O T 3 Yearbook Sponsor. II, u, tvg Ar: Club We ' I , I70 and teamwork, 1-D 11 MR. PAUL MASKALENKO B.S. East Carolina College: Chemistry, Physics: Senior Sci- ence Club Sponsor. 'Queue MRS. LULU R. MCFARLAND A.B. Guilford Col- lege: Algebra II, Math I, P I a n e Geometry. any--I fi MISS MILDRED MESSICK B.A. University of N o r t h Carolina, English III, Drama I, II, Dramatics Club Sponsor. FA CULTT MRS. MARY R. O'NElL B.S. Radford Col- legeg Bookkeeping, Typing I, II. Short- hand I, Creative Writing, Em Vee Hi Sponsor. tl. ff." MRS. FRANCES R. PARRISH A.B. Flora Mac- d o n a l d Collegeg A.B. in Library Science, College of William and Mary. MRS. JANE M. O'BRIEN A.B. Syracuse Uni- versityg Plane Ge- ometry, Algebra II. 'K MR. WILLIAM W. NURSE B.S. Oswego State Teachers College, Metal Shop. I7I gf UN ek MR. JOHN E. MILLER B.A. Emory and Henry Collegeg M.A. George Pea- body Collegeg Al- gebra I, II, Math II, J. V. Basketball a n d F o o t b a I I Coach. MR. JOHN H. MOORE B.S. Southeastern Teachers Collegeg Modern Math, Pa- trols Sponsor. MR. CARL W. MUSSER B.A. Emory and Henry Collegeg M.A. George Wash- ington Universityg Post Graduate Work, G e o r g c Washington U ni- versity, American Government,World Historyg Co-Spon- sor Senior Honor Society. MISS DOROTHY L. NEWMAN B.A. Berea Col- lege, Health and Physical E d u c a - tiongg Varsity Bas- ketball and J. V. Softball Coach. MR. BENJAMIN C. MOOMAW, III B .A . Hampden- S y d n e y College, Spanish, English. SE loaf N-uf gt 4 , W ' .- si- .. L 4 it N 4 1 X ' 4" Q4 ' 3.,'s. Y MRS. WAL- TRAUT D. NELSON B . A . American University, Gener- al Science, Biology. .. iw .f-f , . I I- it 'T Q . f - I . 1' I I Q In . ..,. 5 L'- YQ 5 I iI"i S The ability to get along with others. . MISS CAROL PAUL B.A. Mary Wash- in g t o n College: Eighth Grade Art. MR. JOHN R. SAWYER B.S. Wake Forest: M.A. University of N o r t h Carolina: Science. "'-Pwr MRS.FLORENCE R. PROVANCE B.S. Duquesne Universityg M.E. University of Pitts- burgh: Shorthand I. II, Typing I, Clerical' Practice: Senior Commercial Sponsorg B i b I e Club Sponsor. MRS. PURCELL M. ROBERTSON B.S. Radford Col- lege: M.Ed. Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute: Home Economics: Future Homemakers of America Sp nsor. MISS CLARA B. ROBISON B.S. Madison Col- lege: Math 8, 9. MRS. FRANCES F. SAPP B.A., M.A. Univer- sity of West Vir- ginia: Post Gradu- ate Work, Univer- sity of Maryland, Catholic Univer- MRS. HATTIE MR. RAYMOND MRS. MARION G. QUINLEY L. RABBE B. RENEAU Music Degree, Vir- A.B. Hope Collegeg B.S. Illinois Insti- gi n i a Intermont ESSO. tute of Technology College: B.S. Rad- ford Collegeg M.A. George Washing- ton Universityg World Geographyg Future Teachers Club Sponsor. M RS. IONE C. SCUDDER sity, University ofy B.S. University of Virginia: English w Tennesseeg English 8 II III W I v v ' Ml ' X 172 MISS DOROTHY L. SHEETS B . M . E. Madison Collegeg Ei g h t h G r a d e M u s i c 3 Eighth Grade Cho- rus Sponsorg Ma- jorettes Sponsor. ,E Q A E -nr . ESSO, English l. FA CULTT MISS GERSHON D. SHICKEL B.S. Madison Col- legeg Home Eco- nomics: Co-Spon- sor Future Home- makers of America. strong tmits. MISS NANCY L. SHUMAKER B.S. West Virginia University: Health and Physical Edu- cation: Varsity Hockey Coach: J. V. Basketball Coach. MR. MICHAEL M. SKINNER A.B. Shepherd Col- lege: Health and Physical Education: Driver Education: Pep Club Sponsor: Varsity Basketball Coach: Eighth Grade Football As- sistant Coach. FA CUL TT MR. HAROLD G. SWAIN B.S. Alabama State Teachers College: M.S. Florida State University: Biolo- gy: Bible Club Co- Sponsor. MRS. JUANITA G. SWEDEN- BURG B.S. Illinois State Normal University: English Il, Tenth G r a d e Guidance Counselor. MR. EARN EST M. SNYDER A.B.Glenvillc State Teachers Col- lege: Health and Physical Education: Driver Education: Junior Varsity Football Assistant Coach: Assistant Track Coach. ' r- I MR. EDWIN G. TAYLOR B.S. Concord Col- e g e : M a t h 8: Eighth Grade Bas- ketball Coach. MR. GENE STEINBACH B.M.E. Northwest- e r n University: M . M . Catholic University: Band: Director of Music: Dance Band Spon- SOF. .1 I' MISS VIRGINIA L. STEPHANZ B.A. Radford Col- lege: French I, So- cial Studies. -H t M ij- , 1 fl MR. WII.LARD STRATTON B.S. Morehead State College: M.A. University of Ken- tucky: Algebra I. MR. LEONARD E. VAUGHN B . A . McPherson College: B.D. Beth- any Seminary: M.S. Cornell University: Spanish: Spanish Club Sponsor. MRS. MARY L. STENHOUSE B.S. Radford Col- lege: Typing I, Business Arithme- tic. MISS POLLY E. WAID B.S. Radford Col- lege: Health and Physical Education: Cheerleaders Spon- sor. 173 s N f ft' evelopea' to enrich our MR. CHARLES J. WOODARD B.S. Atlantic Chris- tian Collegeg Gen- eral Science, Chemistryg Junior Science Club Spon- sor. lives Mr. Faris enjoys his noon meal under Miss Shickel's watchful supervision. MRS. PEARL F. YANCEY B.S.NortheastMis- souri State Teach- ers: Latin, English: Latin Club Spon- SOI'. MR. JOHN J. YEDNOCK B.S., M.A. George Washington U n i - versityg Health and Physical Education: Varsity Baseball Coach. i .-M... Mrs. O'Brien gladly hands over .1 T basketball ticket for a price to a Major fan. SECRETARIAL STAFF MRS BILLIE 1 GATES MRS. HELEN Secretary to JOHNSON Principal. Finance Officer. f""' MRS. ELIZA- BETH MCLANE Secretary to Guid ance Director. MRS. CHRIS- TINE TAYLOR Secretary ta L S y If X ii. while student helpers assist. Athletic und DF Otlicc .-Xssisluiilsz lclt to right: Jzincl F-irlun, Bilfhklfll Holly, Pail Sxixoczi. Millie Harris, ix11lI'glC Rccxc, .lciinnc Hanson. Jczin Rcnziud. Put Riilgcly. lklurty Bauer, :ind Virginia louix. lxlillll Ollirc and iiniiliincc liclpcrv lirwr ww, lcll to right: llillic Rnyc Mcflung. Simin lllaiimlailc. Donna Rlmilu. linlcli Klum. :ind ll4ii'lmi'gi Szibcl. .Yiwuiil wiv: liohbic Pcylon. ll1ii'l1:ii'a l.cxy. Pllllilflli lxcllcx. .lndx Wlictfcl, and Clirnl liugg, Tlilnl mu: B1ii'lmm Burncs. Riigh Wicncrlmlnl, lcnifci' Diixicx, lnimlinc llailiglilciy. lciin llnrluw, l.0i'l'1iinc Bcrnicr. and l-klnaiixl cxllJlNlAll'. lhurrli nnw llgirlmixi Slincingikcr. Sinn Fcddcrsoii, Slinmn Norvcll, Becky Hiinnzih. ludy Tmnc. .login lam. ainil Ciirul Smith. i'lll1IllCI1li Otlicc .-NxxlNl.llllNI lcft In right: C'aii'0lyn Mcrri ,lcain Mctliuny, Connie lflcllxnzip. .lon Ciitlcmlcii, Richard llairrix, liom linnlmlmligli. Rnnailil l-iurinzin. Ilzirry Mahon. Ifrzink Moscr. Mary lung, lircmlai Jordan, and Karen Muliclik Y. l75 Ji, Vxzgxx praises to thee 32? ff he following pages are set aside for our financial sup- porters without whose assistance this volume would not be possible. They also symbolize the functional part which our high school plays in the Community around us. 176 X 3 AD VE TISEMQE TS . A . x BARLOW AND GRAVES HYBLA VALLEY GULF SERVICE Wrecking Service - General Repairs Lubrication and Washing Service 2826 RICHMOND HIGHWAY ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone: SO 8-7523 Compliments of MARTlN'S HARDWARE 3910 RICHMOND HIGHWAY ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone: RO 8-1200 Mr. Skinner smiles proudly as he introduces new member of the class-Major Movern. FORT HUNT PHARMACY Prompt Prescription Delivery Serving the Mount Vernon Area H O U R S 9 A.IVI. - I0 P.NI. Daily I1 A.M. - 8 ILM. Sundays Cosmetics N- Baby' Needs Photo Supplies - Lunclzeonette I601 FT. HUNT ROAD ALEXANDRIA. VA. Phone: S0 5-4022 WHITSON'S General Repairs- Road Service 2112 RICHMOND HIGHWAY ALEXANDRIA, VA. Kathy Rosenthal, Ray Ketchum and Tom Rheams pick up a few quarts of motor oil at Whitson's Texaco Service. DIXIE DIME STORES Your Headquarters For SCHOOL SUPPLIES - SOUVENIRS - NOVELTIES TEEN NEEDS I06 NORTH KINGS HIGHWAY JEFFERSON MANOR Hours 9 Io 9 Thru Safurday SO 5-6688 Radio-TV-Refrigerators-Freezers Cgmplimgnts gf Washers--Dryers-Irons-Toasters WOODBRIDGE GIFT AND AUTO-HOME ELECTRONICS CO. HOBBY CRAFT RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE 804 OCCOQUAN ROAD Howard Greenhouse, Owner WOODBRIDGE- VIRGINIA GYpsy 4-4-645 Woodbridge, Va. Phone: GYPSY 45151 HOLLIN HALL DELICATESSEN - RESTAURANT Hollin Hall Shopping Center OPEN SEVEN DAYS Daily 9 to 10-Sunday 10 to 10 Sea F0011 and Chicken Boxes to G0 Pizzas to Co S0 5-5877 Lunch time is a happy occasion for Donny Dodd Janet Boone, and Kathy Brewer. KINGS ja WELRT 609 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Headquarters for Fine China, Sterling and Crystal Phone: King 9-0011 JERRY'S BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY SALON Phone: SO 5-7360 120 North Kings Highway Jefferson Manor Shopping Center Alexandria, Virginia JEFFERSON MANOR PHARMACY Corner North Kings Highway and Fort Drive Jefferson Manor Alexandria, Virginia LADY LUIS SPRINGFIELD me kim: s'l'inci:'i'. AIIIXANIJIIIA. VA. Texaco Service Station "Al the 1'4v rnvr of WilSIliIlQlil!Il Sl." Shirley Iliglnuiy and Fraricroriia Road Ilonu- of Nnliormlly !i1fvf'l'li.wd FIISIIIIIIIIA Iius. Phone: FI, 4-TOUI lioinplelv selections in wearing apparel Cliargze Accounts Invited 5I"'I"i!n"ld- Vififini I fforziplirrwlrlx of C A M E R A C R A F T ALI, TYPICS OF CAIVIICRAS TELEGRAPH BARBER SHQP opml I0 AM. to 0 PM, IVIonrIay -Friday Saturdays 'J AAI. to 6 I'.IVI. 052 "I":'1mRAPH ROAD SPRINGI"IIiI,IJ SHOPPING CENTER fXI.IiXANIJIIIA. VIRGINIA 6420 Brandon Avenue Springfield, Virginia Phone: SU 8-2273 FI, 4-7335 WOODBRVIDGE PHARMACY Phone: CY 4--I240 Cornplefv Drug Store Service Barbara Holly and Tim Hatch appear very absorbed as they leaf through magazines an Woodbridge Pharmacy. SHOP CO-CP The WorIcI's Most Advanced Supermarket g Pharmacy I ' Service Station Opening Spring 1960 Pen Daw I U. S. Route 1 and King's Highway ,xxx H ' -- 4 S an " 11 715 i'i'i 4 ..' MW S Q S 9 if eeeiee S gfiiiijfii Original design created for residents of Northern Virginia by William Bateman. Arcliitecf xx A mnmc K, . E 3' ,QW 1 Y 'L-IJ... Tx x M ,-Y SX!! md 'XIITHIIC SCTVICL Com pliments of A. S. IRVIN 8. SONS INC. PAINT AND WALLPAPER Klng 9-3719 Open 6:30 A.lVI. to 6 P.lVI. 1317 PRINCE STREET ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING Co. l500 King Street For Special Events Call Klng 8-0125 Alexandria. Virginia C8iJ DELICATESSEN OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Homemade Potato Salad Homemade Cole Slaw. Telegraph Road 9 A.lVI. to I1 P.lVI. PHOTOS B T MARLER HOWARD AND RUTH A Complete Professional Photographic Service for Northern Virginia 0 Color Photography 0 Color Post Cards 0 Architectural and Industrial 0 Advertising 0 Photo News 0 Bridal Portraits, Groups ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Phone: S0uth 5-3963 LEVINSOIVS CLOTHING CO., I Award Sweaters in all colors 242 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Phone: Klng 9-0829 NC BOB'S CAMERA SUPPLY Movie Equipment 1 Cameras 1 Enlargers All Dark Room Needs 719 KING STREET, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone: OV 3-0117 DAVIS PACKING COMPANY Wholesale Meats and Produce BUTTER - Eccs - CHEESE P. O. BOX 3513, ARLINGTON 3, VIRGINIA H OLLT HILL CHOOL NURSERY-j'R. KINDERGARTEN- SR. KINDERGARTEN lst AND 2nd GRADES 0 All Age Groups 0 Qualified Teachers 0 RN On Staff 0 Dietetically Planned Meals 0 15 Acres of Playground 0 Transportation Furnished to Your Door 0 Half and Full Day Schedules 0 Reasonable Rates 0 Open Year Around 0 State and City Licenses For further information call S0 5-2220 Evenings S0 5-7790 1998 RICHMOND HIGHWAY. ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Pl 10110: FU 5-5353 Mr. Mason helps B. G. Gallo and John Valiantc make 21 selection at the Dixie Pig Barbecue. TELEGRAPH BEAUTY SHOP 1:11 f',4.1111.1' sucks AT Illzllll AAI. Daily Evenings by Appointment NIRS. PEARL KENDRICK Proprietor 654 Telegraph Road Alexandria. Ya. CANNON SHOE STORE 6llT King Street 'Xlexa11d1'ia. Yirgizui l'l11l11e: UV fi-0945 J. C. PENNEY CO. ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA il? "AIexar11lr1'a's most complele deparimenl .wore where shopping is a pleasure and savings II matter of murse Ifili' lflula l'r-Ire! Sfepx ELLIS SHOE STORE 605 King Street Alexanciria. Virginu KIIIQI U--1870 u'I0S12lll'II V lfeallier Bird Iitalitux' BARBY'S FABRIC SHOP Dress mm' Decorating Fabrics I Patterns - Notions e- Trims I25 NORTH WASHINGTON STREET KI 8-4858 J. V. cheerleaders seem to be caught "offg d by our shutter bug. ,ARTHUR I. SHAFFER, Florist ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA GREENHOUSES AND SHOP SHAFFER'S SHOP Telegraph Road and Florance Lane 807 King Street S0uth 5-5511 or SOuth 5-3737 Klng 9-0537 or Klng 9-2459 We Deliver Wire Service Compliments of SOUTHERN BARBER SHOP 915 KING STREET, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone: TE 6-9863 For Fashions that are at the head of the Class" For college, campus, or career HAYMAN'S FOUR FINE FASHION SHOPS Alexandria - Arlandria -W Arlington Portraits of Distinction M s anassa 1007-09-11 Market Street Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania For the Finest in Quality Visit MR. FRANK MACINTYRE WOODBRIDGE JEWELERS 103 HORNER ROAD WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA Mount Vernon Representative GYpSy 4-6151 A UTO GRQIXIZH PLM ' ' - .-cw ' Ll f.f.vJ' Those who work a'z'ZzQgen1fQf Ckufclcrigx vmrkcrw: xmmiiuu. lcfl to Vlflllll lxll'N, llmrnnx. Blu. lxznnu. Mrs Scaxlwlwn. lNlrx Stmlwl. lxll'N. lam Mrx. Kimlwlc. und Mu. P.x-lbrig 9u1l4l.l,' Mrx. llulllnam. Mu. Vans: Mrs, .'XI1klCl'NUl1. Nlrx. llortun. Mu fillllgilfltll. flLifClCI'lkl hclpcrx: ffm! ww. lcfl to rxght: Durtlny .Xylolp Sheila llurrix. Durrlmy Hodge. Diunc Dahl. Gloria ,lcun Mumlny. :md Dale llowgml lxlmniffzlul. Samui muy' lfddic Poxxcr. Nlilllrcd llmlgc. Bob BAILICV. Robcrt Noll. ,loc flOlllllI'Ll. lucy Key. Rudy Noll. :xml Fraxnk llumphrcy S, Q . , . S .. ...L l . '. 'L 'O' . '. l'l7 ' . IW, gl!! lllllk'l. 'Nlli Place .Nmurnf mu: N111 Duhon, . . 3 Klum 10. 190 Clinic Assistants: Smmlirig, Icft to right: .loan Shepard. Jean Stringfcllow, Bev Terry, Marie Clement, licrnicc Carter, and Connie Brennan. Smtvil.' Mrs. Donna McQt1ainc, lan Crahtrcc. Ginny Ralston, and Beth Tvwomhlcy, ,x1l.Ul'llL' fron: piv- I!ll'1'.' lo Ann Milhurin and Vcltla Barker. s Drixux 1 is Vkilitm tlcrt. Billy Hargcs Charlie Hcahm, am in Smith tm TL L I tu. xull, Bill Strobel, Richard Richardson, Bill ott intl C 4.11m ni m lknnis in. William Parkcr. Harry Mahon, Tom wtuhuigli tnl Dixitl Phillips '11 sung mm crmui Calvin Dccnicr, Bill Stcphcnx, James nts ohut it Llhugu Hui ogg: ightrtl Walker, Mrx. Alice Cash. Mrs. .lanicu . -"va -W H 1 1 ' -,e:,,.f-fff' A.3'?fi 3 ' wi,-e-'H ., ,-ff .,-'rung he R 'I 6,1 J' t ,. . 0, guAuiV I AIN 3 , Q 5' -9, ,. vi n oo s LQ m. ' u 4 i if 4 if. 5 '45 , 119 A .-: ,vw 5. R X? . ,Al L, JA. W: ,qi 4 S,.2' x F -44? . 'ga . .v ,,,.. 'f 5' v v 1 5 X Si . e 1 , 'Y' Qi fd nj a,3'.mx X' as W MW I -60' 5 HW fw Q03 Q Q ' . 1:1342 4 ,w,x, . ,V Q . . ,L X 2 . V mag .f 73: ' 'rf . Pai, ' ffl? . , Q ' . ' 'mv fi ? ff? ' ' ' My 0 C iq Q Vik 0' xx' iiifw XLRQQHQR Baa Q. 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Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) collection:

Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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