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1958 V no 3n 3 rj z r 7)r §zzr°4AJ ff — O ' vrvjrip 4r y r 5 iv° r vv y fi yrvr™ fr Pn Q0p 7r y rrrfi ? — MEET MOUNT VERNON’S ' Major’ . . . THE SURVEYOR MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL i ' ■ » % ¥ x w . . • . +Jt m ■ ■ " ¥ ' , ' i m « . 3960 RICHMOND HIGHWAY . ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - " ¥ m " " . m jr I FOREWORD SENIORS CLASSES ADVERTISEMENTS THE SURVEYOR FACULTY SCHOOL LIFE ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES ATHLETICS TABLE OF CONTENTS SURVEYOR STAFF . . PAGE 7 FACULTY PAGE 9 SCHOOL LIFE .... PAGE 17 ORGANIZATIONS . . PAGE 23 FEATURES PAGE 37 ATHLETICS .... PAGE 63 SENIORS PAGE 83 CLASSES PAGE 103 ADVERTISEMENTS . . PAGE 155 S u R V E Y O R Miss Lucy Low man Sponsor THE SURVEYOR- 1958 Dennis Easley Editor LEFT TO RIGHT; Becky Rios, Co-Editor; Nancy Watkins, Circulation Manager; Dede Gleason, As- sistant Club Editor; Lilo Weihe, Circulation Manager; and Sharon Van den Berg, Club Editor. " Have you finished the layout for the Faculty Section ?.. .Who in the world are these people ?. . . How many yearbooks were sold today ?... Re-schedule club pictures- -snow and flu have delayed us. . .Think of a caption for this shot!... What happened to the dividers? . . .We have our final dead- line — tomorrow ! " This excitement and hurry were with the staff members every day during the year. We had been completely inexperienced at the beginning of the term, but eager to learn. Under the patient leadership of our sponsor. Miss Lowman, we learned the techniques of putting out a yearbook — drawing dummy sheets, identifying pic- tures, and making ready the final pages. With a few added touches — a new cover, the Mount Vernon Major as a guide through the pages, and new sketches, we hope the 1957-58 Surveyor brings back the high- lights of the school year. FEATURE CO-EDITORS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Cash, Susie Brown and Marti Hall. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Larry Wing and Larry Ritchie. 7 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Sanford, Sports Edi- tor; Bev Carr, Advertising Manager; and John Peterson. Mr. Hodge, our mechani- cal drawing teacher, hails from Florida. Mr. Kazlausky, our athletic director, reschedules snow- ed out basketball games. Mrs. Okum replaces Mrs. Coffee as Spanish teacher. Mr. Moore, math teacher, is also the director of the busses. ADMINISTRATION MELVIN B. LANDES Principal WOODROW T. ROBINSON Assistant Principal 10 RAY POWER ANITA E. ALPERT EDWARD J. ARNDT MARY BRACKETT HELEN BLALOCK ADAMSON BALLARD FAY ELIZABETH CALLAWAY DOROTHY CLIFTON SARAH VERNA COFFEY BERT B. COHEN KNOTT BRAXTON CATHERINE COOLEY DONALD G. COOLEY SAMUELLA CRIM FACULTY MABEL DeVAULT 1 1 LESTER CROOM TOM S. DAILEY FACULTY EARL JUNIOR DODRILL SHIRLEY DUNCAN RICHARD ERNSBERGER STANLEY FANT WILSON LEE FARIS FRANCES GARNER BILLIE LORENE GATES BETTY HARRELSON Secretary LAWRENCE HATCH WILLIAM HEATH HAROLD L. HODGE JAMES JOHNSTON HUGH JONES VICTOR KAZLAUSKY AUBREY KEESEE PAUL KEPNER 12 RHEA GARBER LOCKE LUCY JANE LOWMAN EARL LAYNE ORION R. LAYMAN JOHN KOELLNER THERESA PENCE THOMAS LYLES SARAH M. MAHANEY REBECCA MATLOCK LULU McFARLAND LUTZ ELIZABETH McLANE MILDRED MESSICK JOHN EDWIN MILLER Secretary FACULTY JOHN H. MOORE CARL WILSON MUSSER LORRAINE DODSON Secretary 13 FACULTY FLORENCE PRICE FLORENCE R. PROVANCE HATTIE QUINLEY PURCELL ROBERTSON CLARA ROBISON FRANCES R. PARRISH IDA RUTH PATTON JOANN PITONIAK RUTH B. NELSON EDWARD P. OLIVER MARY RUTH O’NEIL DONALD TURNER SALT FRANCES FELL SAPP JOHN R. SAWYER IONE C. SCUDDER BAKER O. SHELTON 14 FRANCES SMITH FRANK SHOUP GERSHON SHICKEL WALTER SINGLETON, JR. MICHAEL SKINNER ERNEST SNYDER GENE STEINBACH WILLARD STRATTON HAROLD SWAIN CHRISTINE TAYLOR Secretary LEONARD VAUGHN POLLY E. WAID DONALD WHITE FACULTY JOSEPH C. WILL PEARL F. YANCEY JOHN JOSEPH YEDNOCK 15 Boys practice track in the upstairs hall. Magazine campaign totals draw attention. Students browse in library during Book Week. I have not yet begun to fight. Lung-busters teach new cheer at first pep rally. VandenBerg and Carr practice new football plays for Majorsl Cafeteria serves at full capacity. Diana Dors of the future. i 18 SCHOOL LIFE A long awaited day arrives, as Seniors proudly sport new class rings. Students take time out during bomb scare, Future scientists experiment Karen Klemp and Jack annual Sno-Ball. Seniors live it up at sock hop. i . ■ -Hf. 4L iM ' 1 f A Ysf , i,j. • ■ 1 21 Surveyor staff members meet " Or ganizations” deadline. Penny and Susie keepers of the music, Kelly Ann Myatt, mascot for Jun ior Varsity cheerleaders. Jay, Ron, and Lilo look too happy to be talking about phy- sics. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Sponsor: Mr. Donald Cooley The Student Council Association is one of the most honored and respected organizations as well as the oldest in the school. It is functioned by five officers who are chosen at the close of the cur- rent year for the following term; a fourteen member cabinet which help in Student Government projects and included is the coordinating body which is the go- between for Faculty, Administration and students; a Senate which is composed of two Senators for each grade; and House of representatives, composed of a representative and alternate from each homeroom . Our highlights include the Magazine Campaign which finances many school activities. We also edit the school directory which contains the name, address, and telephone number of each student at Mt. Vernon. We send delegates to county meetings and the State Convention. The Student Council ' s aim is to instill in every student an honor and responsibility in at- tempting to create a more keenly felt school spirit. We have successfully maintained a wider and more deeply felt spirit of self-reliance. Vice President: Doug McPherson President Joe Murphy Treasurer: Secretary: Dave Sumler Patt Clift Missing from Picture: Reporter: Kris Thompson STUDENT GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Painter, R. McDonnell, J. Godek, J. Sexton, P. Jones, S. Brown, J. Simms, A. Vick, J. Wells, L. Gallienne, J. Chovanic, S. Spinks, and J. Harris. SECOND ROW: C. Dilliard, D. Garrettle, J. Gertie, A. Furchess, K. Klemp, E. Daniel, J. Robey, A. Hammond, J. Birdsall and J. Keithley. THIRD ROW: R. Mlsna, S. Perks, B. Nelson, B. Bennet, M. Heflin, B. Goodwin, S. Chapman, T. Clarke, J. Evans, J. Milbum, Y. Sheppard, J. Renaud and C. Cash. FOURTH ROW: B. Cartledge, C. Eshbach, S. Feddersen, B. Cash, G. Newell, D. Williams, D. Cooley, A. Cash, R. Karstens, M. McBride, S. Dono- van, Lee Parker and C. Beahm. STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET: SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandy Kirk- patrick, Shirley Swenson, Betty Da mew ood, Diana Gray, Sharon Van den Berg, Don Zaionczkowski, DaveSumler. STANDING: Dennie Easley, Noel Barrett, Art O’Neal. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Nancy Watkins, Pete Pedersen, Arnold Cash. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ALTER- STUDENT GOVERNMENT SENATORS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Becky Rios, Judy Warder, Barbara Baker, Don Williams. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Bob Byrd, Rosemary Ash- by, Jack Jones, Margie Bowman, Manuel Buenaf, Jimmy Blich. NATES: W. McQuarrie, J. Pierce, B. Wills, G. Heintzelman, S. Taylor, B. Hannah, C. Offner, B. Mahon, R. Kraus, J. Keith, P. Riley, W. Hall. SECOND ROW: S. Schmitz, G. Jones, R. Smith, B. Scott, M. Buef, C. Gad- sey, J. Lee, D. Porter, B. Huston, B. Carr, P. Barker, P. Wolfrey. THIRD ROW: C. Soklosky, K. Petitt, P. Shart- zer, J. Carr, T. Brown, J. Gallo, D. Fewell, J. Puckett, P. Campbell, J. Walker, B. Devor, J. Smith, J. Hall, S. Mueller. FOURTH ROW: S. Miller, B. Carbough, J. Lucks, T. Coyl, B. Strobel, E. Cheszar, L. Noble, S. Eisiminger, E. Byrd, M. Alzamora, A. Higham, B. Elswick, J. Corbin, J. Brice. 25 This year ' s Mixed Chorus, the largest in recent years participated in many activities in- cluding Christmas and Spring Concerts and incidental music for Parent Teacher Association meetings and assemblies. Both Mixed Chorus and Girl ' s Chorus sold candy throughout the community to raise funds for robes and stoles. They visited, together with the school bands. Fort Myer, Virginia, to see the United States Army Band and Chorus. The Girl ' s Chorus, in the spring purchased striking new robes replacing those shown in the photograph, using money from candy sales and from the Student Government. The Girl ' s sang in each concert of the year. MIXED CHORUS: AT PIANO: Charles Baxter. FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Green, P. Epes, R. Hislop, B. Hislop, G. Payne, R. Carbaugh, R. Greene, H. Smalley, R. Kurch, J. Castleman, J. Allen, A. Vick and B. Myatt. SECOND ROW: D. Heath, N. Wondolowski, P. Mathis, K. Tucker, G. Towery, J. Rittenhouse, S. Crampton, J. Anderson, B. Devor, P. Bennett, R. Ketchum, R. Pegelow, M. Naden, and L. Swartz. THIRD ROW: J. Lee, L. Gothard, L. Wiley, S. Spinks, R. Clemmer, C. Cash, S. Wilson, M. Heflin, S. Sportsman, B. Damewood, P. Rose, R. Hepler, R. Gischer, J. Whitehead, V. Walther, K. Quist, N. Baily. FOURTH ROW: P. Davis, P. Barker, G. Hewlett, L. Gillum, Y. Homeland, N. Holbrook B. Cartledge, F. Baker, L. Kiefer, R. Jennings, C. Mullings, L. O ' Cell, E. Moose, L. Leary, M. Bowman, K. McElroy, J. Donahue, A. Blanche, L. Riddick, S. Smith, A. Corbin, S. Clarke, B. Morton, and C. Keese. 0 . Stewards: Penny Painter and Susie Brown. CHORA LEERS: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Hornland, Gloria Jones and Ann Vick. SECOND ROW: Laurel Leary, Lauern Kiefer and Ann Corbin. THIRD PERIOD GIRLS CHORUS: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Wells, M. Mitchell, J. Chovanic, C. Tuttle, C. Offner, M. English, P. Mullen, E. Ennis. SECOND ROW: J. Burt, M. Brown, F. Coates, D. Eves, L. Cox, P. Painter, I. Mahon, E. Locker. THIRD ROW: J. Wildman, F. Ambrose, J. Robey, T. Lundberg, K. Rosenthal, C. Cvangelo, M. Chiches- ter, S. Schmitz. ALL-STATE CHORUS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Pattie Epes, Yvonne Hornland, Lauren Kiefer, Judy Donahue, Ann Vick and Betsy Myatt. MIS- SING FROM PICTURE: Jo Ann Whitehead. SIXTH PERIOD GIRLS CHORUS: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Gordon, B. Kelley, B. Figgins, J. Foster, L. Peaerson, J. Breen, Stultz. SECOND ROW: G. Barlow, A. Sheppard, J. Padgett, J. Mel- lett, B. Holly, N. Gall, P. Howard, G. Shepherd and J. Carter. THIRD ROW: A. Harper, G. Jones, P. Grimm, R. Boyer, J. Robertson, B. Jordan, Marita Bently. AT PIANO: Jane Duvall. £ o MT. VERNON OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenda Hewlett, Secretary -Treasurer, Ed Surovell, Captain, and Ted Clark, First Lieutenant. SECOND ROW: Bob Coleman, Head Librarian, Bruce Remington, Section leader and Drew Haber- macher, Librarian. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Carl Beahm, Second Lieutenant. Band Director: Mr. Gene Steinbach The Mount Vernon High School Band of 1 957-58 has been one of the most successful bands in its eight year history as well as the largest. It, also, had the largest number of Northern Virginia All-State Band members since its founding. With Bruce Remington and Jerry Welker making first chair Clarinet and Alto- Saxophone, respectively. FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Remington, G. Newell, L. Leary, P. Riley, A. Stowe, R. Suiter, M. Wellemeyer, G. Hewlett, W. Homeland and E. Surovell. SECOND ROW: D. Habermacher, J. Townsend, Y. Homeland, J. Harris, J. Carr, G. Hughes, A. Harris, L. Johnson, J. Leone, B. Myatt, E. Nalley, L. Schmid, L. Huffman, J. Donahue. THIRD ROW: R. Landes, B. Coleman, J. Magnussen, J. Welker, C. Gates, D. Dickenson, F. Schreiner, R. Vance, J. Zweig, K. Weickhardt, S. Chapman, B. Simms, J. Stevens, L. Hosman, A. Stevens, T. Clarke, H. Nestlerode, W. Kitchens, J. Newland. FOURTH ROW: B. Newland, J. Whitford, J. Behanna, J. Welch, J. Lucks, E. Kilroy, J. Shea, T. Soklosky, C. Beahm, G. Raiden, D. Fewell, F. Heintzelman, D. McCombie, T. Meeks, J. Chapman, J. Clarke, D. May, H. Redd, D. Settle, T. Trelogan, E. Shackelford, J. Bacci. DRUM ROW: C. Beahm, M. Sex- ton, B. Stephens, J. Ghent, L. Cooke, G. Pavey. BAND Included in the Band activities was an outdoor concert and Bar-B-Q in the fall, the first of its kind in Fairfax County. In the Group IV Band Festival the Band played grade IVmusic, the highest musical rating, for the second time in its history. Mount Vernon is proud to present one of the best area musical organiza- tions of the term. ALL -STATE BAND MEMBERS: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Drew Habermacher, Betsy Myatt, James Leone, Ted Clark and Ed Surovell. SECOND ROW: Ed Shackelford, Joe Bacci, Bruce Remington, Gordon Newell and Jerry Welker. Student Director and Drum Major: Jerry Welker INTERMEDIATE BAND: FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Walther, S. Mueller, L. Wedel, A. Wagne G. Graves, K. Harris. SECOND ROW: R. Hines, R. Paddock, S. Garrison, W. Dawson, J. Ficklin, R. Schreiner, R. Anderson, D. Garder, G. Young. THIRD ROW: D. Neidig, J. ’Baugh, R. Harrison, R. Ragsdale, K. Harris, A. Lomax, M. Mitchell, F. Chudecek, B. Hess, R. Vosburg, L. Wittkower, S. Crampton. FOURTH ROW: R. Freeman, M. White- MAJORETTES Sara Fedderson Barbara Chadwick Jean Leary Susie Brown Sponsored by: DIXIE PIG JERRY ' S BEAUTY SHOP GROVETON ESSO Linda Poole Mascot: C arolyn Phillips Joyce Faucette Lee lee Brown 30 OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Teeter, Secretary; Beverly Carr, Vice President; and Patt Clift, President. PEP CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Skinner COMMITTEE HEADS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosemary Clemmer, and Ann Vick. SECOND ROW: Judy Robey, Gail Wilt and Sam Cook. THIRD ROW: Pat Cullen, Jan Van Dyke and Carolyn Phillips. This ear, as in all years, the Pep Club was organi zed to encourage school spi ri t and to support all athletic contests. During the Football season we elected three committees which sold cow bells, pom poms and confetti at games. We also had a card committee which held up signs at the games which said " Go Majors " and " Fight Team. " When basketball season arrived we helped sell cokes during half- time . During the year we chartered busses for as many " away " games as possible. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Cash, J. Shepherd, V. Vinogradoff, J. Wells, B. Ballew, C. Offner, P. Navarra, L. Lydell, P. Harlan, N. Wondolowski, P. Mittendorff, K. Brewer, G. Hewlett, M. Cuny, L. Sherman, S. Taylor, S. Brown, M. Hall, E. Schmidt, G. Demchock, J. Padgett, B. Ayers, and D. Heath. SECOND ROW: C. Bateman, P. Ridgely, P. Painter, P. Pentecost, M. Neitzy, J. Romach, J. Leary, A. Lee, M. Eisenhart, M. Belk, R. Pegelow, D. Hovis, A. Furchess, J. Dillingham, R. Brewer, B. Gray, S. BLaisdell, P. Millikan, B. Gray, L. Gillum, L. Poole, Linda Shepherd, C. Trost, S. Van den Berg, B. Damewood, J. Dolozik. THIRD ROW: P. Barker, P. Kelly, P. Hamilton, D. Burrier, H. Phipps, L. Dix, P. Jones, M. Conception, M. Leuschner, B. Simmons, L. Kiefer, H. Trites, N. Doulos, J. Tice, J. Trainham, R. Roop, S. Arestin, B. Myatt, B. Hannah, P. Davis, J. Tea- boldt, C. Nottingham, R. Mlsna, J. Magnusson, B. Surovell, J. Renaud, P. Gallo, D. Klune, R. Ashby, K. Rosen- thal, B. Huston, B. Baker. FOURTH ROW: J. Peterson, D. Sumler, J. Whetzel, L. Harrison, J. Allen, M. Harris, J. Frazier, C. Fraley, E. Moose, J. Trone, J. Hannah, H. Mazetis, J. Faucette, A. Harding, B. O ' Baugh, S. Hodges, R. Simms, B. Lewis, N. Barrett, M. Sanford, D. Easley, T. McElory, L, Leary, B. Holly, J. Doone, A. MacStaton, B. Cartledge, B. Murphy, E. Massey, M. McDonnell, A. Schreiner, C. Cash, M. Bowman, B. Chadwick, L, Will- iams, S. Bushman. EM-VEE-HI Em Vee Hi, the Mount Vernon High Editor: School publication is published monthly by Shirley Swenson the staff, with the help of the creative writing class. This year the creative writ- ing class met at the same time as the staff, and they served as the reporters. This was a very busy group. Their work consists of writing, proof reading, editing, drawing up dummies and meeting deadlines. The paper was printed by the Mes- senger Press in Manassas, Virginia. These students were invited to several press confer- ences this year, and interviewed Bob Wagner, Tommy Sands, Miiko Taka. Five of the staff members attended the conference at American University. Two staff mem- bers toured the headquarters of the American Automobile Association . The Em Vee Hi is a member of the honorary writing society, the Quill and Scroll and the Southern Interscholastic Press . Sponsor Mrs. O ' Neil REPORTS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lauren Keifer, Jo Whitehead, Kris Thompson, Dede Gleason. SECOND ROW: Lisa Kanwit, Gail Simmons, Paula Tyler, Thersa Pracht, Dottie Layman. THIRD ROW: Shirley Swenson, Jay Renaud, Dona Klune, Sally Taylor, Betty Damewood, Patt Clift. FOURTH ROW: Jan Van Dyke, Pricilla Gallo, Skip Gould, Marie Clarke, Kenny Ikenberry, Jim Whitiker, and Bob Byrd. L. XVII NO. 4 MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL, FAIRFAX COUNTY. VA. ldges Announce jrensic Winners S. C. A. Plans New Program Mi a- is- ?he c Mr. I ot unt 1 s-tu ide itest, t in ding aver Ju .. sley took first place in prose .ding. Judy gave her reading of ather Wasn’t Excitable”, and nnis read an episode from “No ne For Sergeants,” written by Lerin. Public speaking was n by Jeannete MacBriar and bert Yens. Jeannete spoke on pnosis as an aid in medical srapy. Jeannnete, who will grad- be next year, is interested in idying psychology at George ishington University. The lerican Revolution - the methods ployed in fighting this battle - a Bob’s topic for the contest. will represent Mount Vernon the regional contest to be held the Sons of the Revolution. The various winners will com- xj with winners from the follow- r « A A m r.+ a n T A i orge uie iiicinuera or uie ovuueni uov- | emment not only act as advisors to the President, but that they also carry out the duties of De- partment Heads. These Heads would include the Department of Public Relations, Department of Art and the Department of Pub- lications. As a final note to the January 14 meeting, the Student Govern- ment discussed the possibility of sponsoring a literary magazine for the students of Mt. Vernon. ATTENTION STUDENTS Now is the time to begin working on your projects for the Mount Vernon School Fair, held March 27. The hobbies, class work, and special interests of the students will be displayed e e f 5 S ' sity le, V the Lhe its Pro Ip to Students Qualify Fc Merit Competition m rest in I4 ,tou mgh schools earlier this year. Deirdre Gleason is the daughter j of Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Gleason of Woodley Hills. Dr. Gleason is a psychologist with the U.S. Depart- ment of Labor and is a member of 1 the Fairfax County School Board. ' Deirdre, otherwise known as “De- ! De”, is presently working on the EM VEE HI as alumni editor and on the yearbook. She was in the Senior Class Play this year and is ! active in numerous other school ; porte le list eadinj; cons the c Je” h in th v7vr, hi. ana plans to co with journalism in college. Robert Yens is the son Colonel and Mrs. Yens. Col. is the commander of the Sf Field Hospital at Fort B Bob is an outstanding meml the senior class and last yea the Harvard Book Award il most promising junior male dent at Mount Vernon. He member of the Debate Clu the National Honor Soeiet; plans to continue his educatj either Harvard, Antioch, Col ssaehj r , wh s. Be fends : i v. : rit .arie rship club Deceinbei I snip is onereti Dy ueorge wasn- ing ' ton University to four students of Fairfax County. Mt. Vernon is allowed to nominate four stu- . ! a..t . . £ - t i i w w • 1 Id, Dora, Anne later her reaction as one of “unex surprise that I never even tr QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS, TOP TO BOTTOM: Kris Thompson, Reporter; Becky Rios, Treasurer; Karen Klemp, Secretary; Lisa Kanwit, Vice- President, Sponsor Mrs. O ' Neil The Quill and Scroll is international honorary society for high school journal- ists. In order to become a member of Quill and Scroll a student must meet the follow- ing requirements; They must be at least a junior; be in the upper third of their class; have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or creative endeavor; and be recommended by the sponsor and approved by the Executive Secretary. Special awards are given to those stu- dents who fail to meet all of the qualifi- cations, but who have done outstanding work in journalism. Skippy Gould and Marie Agnes Clarke received special re- cognition awards this year. MEMBERS, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lisa Kan- wit, Jay Renaud, Kris Thompson, and Pat Clift, SECOND ROW: Shirley Swenson, Becky Rios, and Kenny Ikenberry. KEY CLUB Bill Lewis President r u Mr. Fant Sponsor OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: David Sumler, Treasurer; Art O ' Neal, Secretary; Dick McDonnell, Sergeant-at- arms; and Joe Murphy, Vice President. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Freddie Tomani, Da- vid Sumler and Carl Pederson. SECOND ROW: Doug McPher- son, John Baty, Doug Gates and Jim Whit- aker. THIRD ROW: Art O ' Neal, Richard McDonnell, Gordon Newell and Richard Karstens. FOURTH ROW : Scott Donovan, Joe Murphy, Bob Byrd, and Dennis Easley. The Key Club of Mount Vernon is a ser- vice organization operating by the Kiwanis Club of Alexandria. This club is made up of twenty boys who have shown outstanding qualities of leadership and citizenship and who have maintained high academic stand- ards during their high school years. The purpose of the club is to perform any service that it deems necessary to help the school and the community. The Key Club, as in previous years, conducted the " Mile of Dimes " Disk-jockey show which netted a considerable sum for the benefit of the crip- pled children ' s fund. On Coll ege Day mem- bers of the club escorted the various college representatives around the school . Sweetheart NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 Ts7 % The Mount Vernon chapter of the National Honor Society had an enjoyable and interesting year with our goal being to encourage high standards in leadership, character, scholar- ship, and service, throughout the school. We had several projects including the com- piling of an Honor Roll after each marking period and a bulletin board display in the front hall. Many of our activities were connected with college. We had speakers and panels of students from various colleges as guests at our meetings which were open to all students in the high school . Together with the Key Club, we sponsored Career Night where representatives of many professions answered the questions of tomo rrow ' s adults. MEMBERS: SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Warder, Theresa Pracht, Jonnie Merrit, Dottie Carl- son,. and Sharon Van den Berg. STANDING: Wanda Homeland, Dottie Layman, and Bob Yens. OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Dudley, Treasurer; Lisa Kanwit, Vice President; Dora Ann Thornton, Secretary; and Nancy Watkins, Sergeant at Arms. Miss Laps ley Co-Sponsor Mrs. Alpert Co-Sponsor DRAMATICS CLUB Sponsor: Miss Messick This year the Dramatics Club, in addition to other things, presented a one-act play to the school. The play " Scrambled Eggs " was enjoyed by all who saw it. We would like to thank Miss Messick, our sponsor, for her excellent leadership which was a great factor in our gaining a better un- derstanding of the theatre and its traditions. OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Suz- anne Clark, Vice President; Sherry P a v e y , Correspond ing Secretary; Jean Thomas, Recording Secretary; Darleen Faris, President; DeDe Gleason, Reporter. NOT PICTURED: Jack Henry, Treasurer. Part of the cast of " Curious Savage " perform on the night of the play. LEFT TO RIGHT: Seth Ogens, Jay Reneau, Ann Corbin, Suzanne Clark and Dar- leen Faris. FredQuist, Susie Brown, Lee Williams, Jerry Dorsey and Judy Donohue seem to be enjoying themselves at rehearsal for " Scrambled Eggs. " MEMBERS: LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Cynthia Robinson, Paul Kenon, Kileen Pilon. Ellen Everdean, Susie Brown. SECOND ROW: JaneGileson, PatRidgely, Lauren Keefer, Linda Swartz, Anna Peeler. THIRD ROW: Fred Quist, Steve Eliot, Judy Robey, Patty Greene, Jean Re- naud. SPONSOR: Mr. Layman. The advanced Science Club was organized early in the school year, having twenty mem- bers. We met regularly for a business meet- ing on the first Wednesday of each month, and used the rest of our meetings for laboratory work and special talks and demonstrations. Several of our members entered the West- inghouse Talent Search for Science, sub- mitting a one-thousand word paper and tak- ing an examination. As always, we sponsored the annual Science Fair. Some of us were really working up to the last minute. But we had a large turnout of exhibits in all phases of science. Some displays went on the Regional and State Science Fairs. OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Brown, Ron Dudley, and Lilo Weihe. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sponsor, Mr. Salt; President, Alan Harris. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dewitt Myatt-Re- porter, Joe Bacci-Secretary, Bernice Cartledge-Vice President, and Eddie Byrd -Treasurer. The Junior Science Club had a good start, late in the first semester, with a field trip to the Nuclear Power Plant at Fort Belvoir. Throughout the rest of the year, our field trips took us to such interesting places as a tour of the Atlantic Research Laboratory in Alexandria and the Planetarium at Fort Belvior. We also invited several guest speakers to our meetings to discuss topics of current scientific interest. The club ' s purpose was to stimu- late a greater interest in science and to assist its members with their science projects. MEMBERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jon Van Dyke, Nick Lederer, Betty Jo Sacca, Bruce Duff, Jack Matthews, Margaret Heff- lin, and Randy Stark. nm XXT ' — 1 □P ' 1 i m DEBATE DEBATE OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Vinogradoff, Vice President; Gale Reming- ton, Secretary; Bob Yens, President; Jim English, Treasurer. Mr. Cohen Sponsor This year the club was larger than usual, but it proved to be a cohesive group, participating with al I energy in the Northern Virginia Debate League. The topic was Foreign Aid and the debaters were good. Besides the routine work, the Dabate Club has had its social aspects, the highlight of which is the annual excursion to New York City, which took place April 11-13. We havealso planned our beach party for the summer. VARSITY DEBATE TEAM: LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Yens, Al Stephens, Gene Vinogradoff, and Dave Kaufman. Chairman: Ann Fisher. DEBATORS: Bill Leary, Jon Van Dyke, A 1 Stephens, and Ed Surovell. DEBATE MEMBERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Eric Cromlen, Jim Castleman, Vera Vinogradoff. SEATED: Dona Do If. DEBATORS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Rob Mc- Clintic, Howard Nestlerode, Vera Vinogra- doff and Jackie Wells. FORENSICS A wide variety of students participated in the Forensics Program this year. They began early in January and Mount Vernon had on hand as fine a group of contestants for the spring tournament as we have had at any time in the past. Probab I y that counts for the fine record we made in the annual Forensics Contest. Most of the participants were new to these activities; in fact, it was rather sur- prising to see certain of the boys suddenly reading poetry — and with considerable ability. The enthusiasm for this particular meet was so unusual that even eighth graders participated, even though they knew they could not be elgible for consideration. De- spite this, for the first time, the judges were unanimus in their choice of the winner. FINAL DELEGATES TO REGIONAL FORENSICS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanette McBrair, Bob Yens, and Ann Kilgore. FORENSIC WINNERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanette Mc- Brair, Dennis Easley, Julia Holbrook, Patty Epes, Bob Yens, Barbara Baker, and Ann Kilgore. PROSE READING WINNERS: Judy Donahue and Dennis Easley. DEBATE CLUB: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Spon- sor, Mr. Cohen, Gale Remington, Vera Vinegradoff, Ann Fisher, Jackie Wells, Jon VanDyke, Bill Leary, Robbie McClintic. SECOND ROW; A1 Stephens, David Kaufman, Gene Vinegradoff, Howard Nestle - road, Ed Surovell, Bob Yens, James English. FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Schmidt, M. Ridgeway, P. Hardin, L. Lydell, C. Offner, R. Landes, P. Watson, P. Painter, R. Mlsna, R. Ashby, E. Schalow, B. Hammersly, C. Cash, M. Neitzey, S. Spinks, I.M. G. Barlow, M. Mitchell, J. Simms, C. Horman. SECOND ROW: M. Warwick, A. Turner, B. Boggan, P. Howard, S. Crestin, H. Trites, M. Heishman, G. Lindemood, S. Atkins, K. Daniel, G. Lloyd, J. Grobb, J. Pearson, A. Baker, G. Harlow, J. Rivenburg, S. Blaisdall, B. Morse, D. Johnson, J. Leary, E. Coon. THIRD ROW: S. Doyle, N. Doulos, P. Savoca, C. Smith, N. Mowbray, B. Novy, B. Retelle, B. Bliss, J. Spires, H. Mazetis, J. Townsend, J. Wedding, N. Rambo, D. Hovis, J. Wedding, L. Pearson, A. Sheppard, A. Lee, C. Staton, C. Quick, J. Robertson, C. Colangelo, J. Trainham, E. Moose, G. Shepperd, J. Whetzel, B. Murphy, E. Massey, S. Horseman, Jean Harlow, R. Coughlan, Pat Mullins. FOURTH ROW: J. Hendricks, A. Staton, R. Costello, P. Mattila, M. Myers, M. Allison, C. Mullins, B. Holly, S. Miller, J. Faucette, B. Morton, S. Fair, N. Evans, M. McDonnell, A. Sch reiner, D. Adams, M. Penn- ington, B. Schley, M. Ferril, J. Rook, S. Rash, V. Darr, B. Lee, C. Godfrey, J. Holloway, G. Jones. I i FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rachel Mlsna, Secretary: Ester Shalow, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Jackie Horsman, Reporter; Rosemary Ashby, President and Beth Hammersley, Treasurer. OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Penny Painter, Corresponding Secretary: San- dy Spinks, Song Leader. SEC - OND ROW: MaryNeitzy, Par- liamentarian, Pam Watson, Federation Representative and Carol Cash, Historian. The Future Homemakers of America had a large group of 113 girls. All but a few were enrolled in a Home Economics Class. In the spring the major officers were elected and in the fall the rest of the officers including Chapter Mothers and Fathers. The club had many activities. For Christmas they sold Christmas cards and wrapping paper and received a Silver Service which they presented to the Home Eco- nomic Department. In February they went to the Ice Capades. They also attended a series of Federation Meetings. In the last week of March they had F.H.A. week. This was when the members got together and carried out certain activities. They included going to Church on Sunday, a tea for the faculty and the annual Beauty Contest. On the first day of May they gave cookies to child- ren in an Army Hospital, which they had made them- selves. In May they went on a field trip to one of the neighboring colleges. At the end of the year the club hald a parent-daugh- ter banquet where the degrees of achievement were given to each girl who earned hers. Also at the end of the year a convention was held at a college nearby. For every twenty-five members one girl can go to represent her chapter. Here the state de- grees were given. The Mount Vernon Chapter had four applicants for this degree, more than they ' ve ever had. This convention is helpful to everyone besides being a lot of fun. F.H.A. intertains the faculty their new Silver Service. Sponsor Mrs. Robertson and Co-Sponsors Miss Shickle and Mrs. Nelson. with Some of the girls take time out to relax FIRST ROW: Mrs. Ashby, Chapter The executive committee works on and sing. Mother; Rose Mary Ashby, President; the Constitution. Peggy Cash, former President, and Mrs. Cash, Chapter Mother. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ashby and Mr. Cash, Chapter Fathers. 43 SENIOR COMMERCIAL CLUB i OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margureite Embrey, Marti Hall, and Patsy Daniels. SECOND ROW: Jean Thomas, and Dora Anne Thornton. The Senior Commercial Club consisted entirely of sen- ior girls who took second year shorthand. Meetings were held during the class period only when the need for one arose. One of the highlights of the year was a field trip to near-by Washington Cocoran Art Gallery, the Federal Bureau of Engraving and the Medical Museum. The club also sponsored activities which included " Good-Groom- ing Days " and it was a co-sponsor of the annual Beauty Contest. President Mrs. Provance Sponsor MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Foster, Becky Rios, Edna Mae Keller, Jonnie Merritt, Dora Anne Thornton, Marti Hall, Jean Thomas, Helen Long, Catherine Carr, Jean Davis, and Loretta Griffith. SECOND ROW: Patsy Daniels, Roberta McDonnell and Helen Grawey. rT 11 1 Ij LATIN CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Pearl Yancy OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Warder, Presi- dent and Bernice Cartledge, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Dottie Layman, Reporter; Alan Harris, Treasurer; aqd Judy Smith, Secretary. The Latin Club was composed of former Latin students and those taking Latin this ear. The purpose of the club was to further interests in Latin. The Latin Club provided the Christmas program for the Foreign Language Club with their presentation of " lo Saturnalia " , a play showing the celebration of the Saturnalia. This year our club became a chapter of the Junior Classical League, a national organization of Latin clubs. Membership cords and pins were received by members of the club. We hope this affiliation with a national organi- zation will create a greater interest in and appreciation of the language. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Raf- ferty, Linda Shepherd, Joe Bacci, and Becky Hannah. SECOND ROW: Jerry Dorsey, Tim Daugherty, FredWedel, Melissa Lindsay, and Diane Gray. THIRD ROW: Anne Stowe, Jean Renaud, Bar- bara Crocker, Gloria Daw- son, and Mrs. Yancey. FRENCH CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Alpert, the French Club this year presented plays which were simple and easy to understand. Christmas kept the club very busy. French Christmas cards were sold to the school and PTA. These made nice souvenirs as well as enjoyable Christmas greetings. Finally to top off the season, we held our annual Christmas party. This year the French Club attempted something new at Mount Vernon. We had Mount Vernon book covers made. This was welcomed by the teachers and cer- tainly raised school spirit. Michelle Cuny ' President Mrs. Alpert Sponsor OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Simmons, Committee Chairman; Betsy Surovell, Vice President; Lisa Kanwit, Treas- urer; and Nancy Watkins, Secre- tary. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo Whitehead, Peggy Teeter, Sandy Kirkpatrick, Lau- ren Kiefer, Dorothy Wood, Ro- berta Landes, and Rosemary Clemmer. SECOND ROW: Eric Cromlin, Braid MacDonald, Patty Fobes, Christine Falk, Lilo Weihe, Gail Remington, Peggy Harlan, and Glenda Hewlett. THIRD ROW: Linda Hendricks, JudyDonahue, JonVanDyke, Lea Bailey, Rosemary Brewer, Kathe- line Brewer, Patsy Millikan, and Dottie Carlson. FOURTH ROW: Lee Williams, Lyndon Cox, Sarah Fedderson, and Larry Wing. SPANISH CLUB Patty Green President The Spanish Club is an organization composed of students who are taking or have taken Spanish. Our aims have been to create a better understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture. Special activities included an evening at the movies seeing " Que Seas Feliz " , avisit to the Milt Grant Show, a lecture on Argentine culture given by senor Vaughn, a showing of slides of Spain presented by senora Okun, a series of skits presented in Spanish, and a lecture on Mexico by senora Okun. Viva el Mundo Caste Hanoi Mrs. Okun and Mr. Braxton Co-Sponsors OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Byrd, Vice President; Pam Watson, Secretary; Pat Chapman, Treasurer, and Jim Leone, Reporter. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karl Weickhardt, Julia Teaboldt, Mary Mac- Kenzie, and Eve Dulvin. SECOND ROW: Linda Schwartz, Linda Gothard, Betty Gray, Linda Gillum, and Diane Hunt. THIRD ROW: Todd Coyle, Laurie Riddick, Sandra Faw, Diane Hovis, William Davis, and Stephen Rose. FOURTH ROW : Bill Riddick and A1 Lowry. Sponsor: Mrs. Rhea Locke FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jennell Evans, Grace McNamara, Cathy Brunn, Kileen Pilon, Mary Ellen Martin, Leilani Demory. SECOND ROW: Margaret Wright, Pam Pentecost, Gloria Dawson, Joan Gosis, Linda Shep- herd, Janet Dolozik, Kaye Kerns. THIRD ROW: Nancy Nelson, Gail Wilt, Betty Gray, Carolyn Kees, Betty Jo Sacca, Gail Dodge, Gale Remingtpn. 48 OFFICERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosemary Brewer, Betsy Surovell, Lee Will- iams, Dottie Layman and Pat Riley. ART CLUB FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lea Bailey, Sharon Shepherd, Sandy Kirkpatrick, Joyce Laughery, Kathie Brewer, Barbara Kelly. SECOND ROW: Janet Boone, Candy Dilliard, Melissa Lindsay, Cathy Rosenthal, Lynn Poole, Gail Glenn, Cheyrl Eschbach. THIRD ROW; Wally Stevens, Ronald Carbaugh, David Carra- way, Leo Bergeron and Dick Lewis. COTILLION CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Braxton President: Mike Sanford This year as a result of a late forma- tion, the Cotillion Clubdid not accomplish as much as it had planned. However, the club did carry on many interesting activi- ties. Dancing was a main attraction after all meetings which were held every first and third Monday of the month. Member- ship, ususally limited, was open to all in- terested reaching a maximum of fifty this year. The one big dance held by the club was a semi-formal attraction given for club members and their guests. MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Cuny, S. Swenson, J. Keith, P. Clift, S. Taylor, S. Spinks, S. Oginz, L. Sherman, N. Bailey, S. Brown, M. Steele and B. Huston. SECOND ROW: P. Teeter, R. Clemmer, B. Gray, L. Bailey, S. Kirkpatrick, L. Cox, S. Blent, D. Hovis, J. Donahue, B. Chadwick, M. Belk, R. Ashby, and J. White- head. THIRD ROW: J. Van Dyke, D. Klune, N. Lory, S. Hodge, B. O ' baugh, L. Leary, S. Jones, B. Baker, D. Gray, J. Walker, J. Horsman, G. Wilt, D. Carlson, K. Thompson, and S. Van den Berg. FOURTH ROW: S. Paster- nac, C. Kees, L. Weihe, N. Watkins, T. McElroy, P. Cullen, D. Easley, M. Sanford, J. Slye, J. Peterson, M. MacDonnell, C. Eshbach, J. Trost, and D. Hudson. Jp % 4 % 4 r n b. ' ii IVf A 5 i 3F J? ; £ fa 4r tfii iL. 4 5rr s yS ■ W 1 3 § ft 4 a V L I1 1 A ■ I r OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT; Frances Baker, President; Judy Trone, Vice President; Kris Thompson, Treasurer; and Laurel Leary, Secretary. MRS. HATTIE QUINLEY Sponsor MEMBERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Julia Chovanic and Glenda Hewlett. SECOND ROW: Janice Robertson, Jo Ann Milburn, Laurel Leary, Patsy Kelly and Judy Trone. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Our club representatives participated in the " Buzz Sessions " at the Virginia State Future Teachers Association Convention last Fall. On April 18, here at Mount Vernon, the Fairfax Education Association Future Teachers held its first county-wide meeting — a First which we were pleased to accept. As money raising activities, we engaged in the sale of calendars, symphony and Jobilaire Musical tickets for the purpose of building the Scholarship Fund for our local Fairfax Education Association. The scholarship fund was originated by the FEA in order to provide a means of education to a worthy high school senior. Our aim and purpose is: To encourage pupils to enter the teaching profession; to maintain a deep respect for Faculty, class- mates and others connected with the pro- fession; to promote leadership, understand- ing, moral character and self-disci- pline; to challenge pupils with ability, faith, personal worth and patience to meet the needs of our public educational system and teacher shortage . 50 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION D. E. Club brings happi ness to poor children at Christmas. OFFICERS: SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ardith Hard- ing, Mike Anderson, President, Pat Navarra. STANDING: Ray Rodreguez, BillMcKim, Lee Parker. One of the most outstanding activities of the club, which was very active, was the drive for canned food and toys for un- derprivileged children. The club orginat- ed, organized, and promoted D.E . night in cooperation with the Fairfax and Annadale D.E. clubs. All of the D.E. students at- tended the District Convention on February 12. Mount Vernon won third place in the merchandise presentation, display, and job applications contest. Mr. Dodrill, John Rooey (President of the D.E. clubs of Vir- ginia) and elected delegates from the club attended the state convention on March 8-11. The annual Employee-Employer Ban- quet was held on April 22 at the Fairfax Country Club with the Fairfax and Anna- dale clubs. SPONSORS: Mr. Keoller, and Mr. Dodrill. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Kenty, L. Holmes, L. Parker, P. Navarra, M. Anderson, A. Harding, B. Mc- Kim, R. Rodriquez, A. Kistner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Keollner, R. Garner, C. Burnell, C. Whitehead, J. Keen, R. Jernigan, J. Johnson, D. Healy, Mr. Dedrill. THIRD ROW: B. Pracht, B. Hislop, B. Elswick, J. Moore, S. Markham, R. Mueller, B. Dickerson, J. Radford, L. Meyers, E. Woolfres, J. Mercier. Uf ' T y i a j Jk : P ™ IW: B| ■ [€a fir k ■ ill M l ■PS " ! • wmm 1 V j !TI 51 Sponsor, Mr. Moore. SAFETY PATROLS BUS PATROL OFFICERS: Donald Keener, Lieutenant; Patsy Daniels, Captain, and Leo Bergeron. The patrols of Mount Vernon were organized to promote safety for the students on school buses and on the grounds around the school. Evidence of a job well done is found in the ex- cellent record of accident prevention in the past years. Members of the organization were selected by Mr. Moore and Mr. Robinson from a list of volunteers. The group is composed of approximately forty-five boys and girls for all grades and are under the leadership of their officers and sponsor. For extra-curricular activities this year, the group went to Glen Echo Amusement Park, and held a dance in the high school gym. We also attended a professional baseball game. The bus patrols are easily recognized around school by their badges and their concern for safety on around the buses. BUS PA TROLS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Rose, L. Wiley, M. Clark, M. Taylor, W. Jencks, L. Pearson, S. Thacker, J. Wells, W. Bridges, G. Lloyd, J. Olbrich. SECOND ROW: N. Doulos, L. Leary, J. Hendricks, R. Bayer, J. Tice, B. Scott, S. Rucick, M. Heisham, C. Keefe, M. Green, J. Leary. THIRD ROW: J. Terry, S. Wright, B. Schreiner, B. Bennett, C. Cook, L. Bergeron, J. Hall, M. McCall, R. Ragsdale, G. Lindamood, J. Hall, L. John- son. FOURTH ROW: J. Hunn, R. Murphy, R. Pullen, R. Carbaugh, C. Beahm, T. Pullen, J. Tyers, J. Albey, P. Walker, D. Fewell, J. Hall. w i ■ f Y Js5l if ■ i glii L J2b .| | W J r ff ' t 1 | Iv M £, ' Wj- Jk mi 1 ' A -M - i- Kr v HALL PATROLS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Bentley, L. Wolford, J. Henson, E. Dunnuck, K. Lecky. H. Batton, A. Turner, P. Morningstar, S. Pavey, D. Patch, J, Kerns, M. Greene, H. Long. SECOND ROW: F. Beck, J. Klue, S. Crumley, M. McCall, R. Hall, B. Woods, J. Bennett, J. Moyer, B. Neitzey, G. Lindamood, J. Mil- burn, S. Rhoods, M. Terrill, S. Marin, E. Wagner. THIRD ROW: H. Carr, F. Jencks, P. Thomas, R. Lawhorne, F. Costello, H. Ragon, B. Roberts, G. Hall, J. Faresus, M. Scott, L. Noble, C. Thurston, T. Dougherty, B. Kress, H. Locker. Each year it is necessary and a utility to the school to maintain a Hall Patrol of Monitor system. The group is composed of forty-five boys and girls who are chosen and guided by Mr. Landes and Mr. Layne. These students come from each grade, eighth through twelfth. Al- though, safety is a prevailing feature of the hall monitors this is not their primary job as it is with the Bus Patrols. The job of the monitors is to maintain hall posts during each period of the day. The rea- son for this is to direct visitors who come to our school to their destination; in this position we act as a welcoming group. Also our duties during the school day are to keep the halls and closed areas of the school clear during the lunch shifts. HALL PATROLS HALL PATROL OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Sponsor: Mr. Layne. Kearns, Lieutenant; Mary Ellen Green, Captain, and Pete Coon, Lieutenant. SECOND ROW: Philip Downs and Stanley Marin, Sergeant. 53 THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES JANITORS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Wools, John Tripplett, Ashby Williams, Lorenzo Bauknight, Richard Mansha, Estelle Skinner, and Allan Van Inwegen. CAFETERIA HELPERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Annie Offen, Marie Strobel, Sylvia Kim- ble, Mary Seablom, Elna Castrovillo, Ethel Lam, Olivia Keane, Hattie Grass, Rachel Thomas, Beatrice Edwards, Elsie Hullender, and Elinor Leuschner. BUS DRIVERS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Janes, William Eldert, Dickie Walker, Delphina Wood, Charlotte Boyer, Dwight Sanford, Ruth Harper, Mar- guerite Bibb, Allen Wine, and John Ed- wards. SECOND ROW; Don Crampton, Skippy Gould, Marcel Pfalzgraf, William Talbert, Mike Keys, Willis F line hum, William Parker, James Gordon, Chester Taylor, Pierce Damewood, David Westen- berger, Carl Beahm, and Frank Travers. 54 BIBLE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Brenda Jordan, Reporter Representative; Betsy Simmons, Vice Presi- dent; Martin Green, President; and Marcia Eisenhart, Secretary-treasurer. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Harlow, Jo- Ann Wells, and Juanita Evans. SECOND ROW: Jane Helton, Sylvia Wil- son, Mary Beth Lushner, and Charlotte Sharp. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Fisher, George Towery, Gloria Dawson, and Edna Moose . Dennis Easley and Karen Klemp. " Two Clowns- clown around ! " Joe Murphy, Winner of the S. A. R. citizenship award. Douglas McPherson, Lieu- tenant Governor of the ioth Division of Key Clubs. Shirley Swenson, winner of the D. A. R. citizenship a- ward. I I Junior Betty Damewood Sophomore Judy Smith I i Freshman Patsy Barker I I Senior Barbara Huston I [ Senior Nancy Watkins i i Junior Pat Clift HOMECOMING QUEEN Sharon Van den Berg Sophomore Judy Trost I I Freshman Carol Cash. I I i I Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Pat Wynn Julie Smith Juniors Bob Byrd and Betty Damewood Sophomores Art O’Neal and Judy Trost WHO’S WHO l(»M Seniors Judy Warder and Doug Gates Freshmen Patsy Barker and Don Williams 59 Eighth Grade Jackie Wells and Randy Harrison SENIOR LEADERSHIP Pete Pedersen and Lilo Weihe HAPPIEST Klemp and Dennis Easley MOST ORIGINAL Marti Hall and A1 Stephens I 60 SPOTLIGHTS BEST ALL-AROUND Douglas Gates and Sharon Van den Berg MOST STUDIOUS Ron Dudley and Judy Warder BEST DRESSED Bill Lewis and Ann Corbin MOST ATHLETIC Manuel Alzamora and Marie Agnes Clarke n S to (X V -V - a “Y rf€L 61 Barbara Huston COURT ATTENDANTS Betty Damewood Junior Carolyn Bateman Freshman Pat Cullen Senior Sandy Kirkpatrick Sophomore Julie Smith Eighth Grade Bob Odom scores two for the M. V. Junior Varsity. Bill DeVour Joe Murphy Mike McBride Jim Corbin Cecil Harley Bob Odom Gordon Newell Terry Gamble Dave Butch Eddie Rudy Jerry Kenneth Herbert Tod Sumler Cash Chasser Wright Lee Pettit Apple Coyle — — — Art Ted Eddie Bill Boyd Arnold O ' Neal Clark Doran Lewis Elswick Cash Eddie Steven Byrd Kendall Line Coach Miller C Opposing team is stopped short of goal by Major gridsters. Manual Alzamora, guard, and Co-captain of M. V. Majors. He also received trophy for most, valuable player in annual Turkey Day event. Now boys, this half is going to be • different says Coach Ernsberger. M A O R S Barry Don Jim Andy Nick Dan Carl Bowers Crampton Hicks Higham Hunsucker Zimmerman Pedersen Ron Davis FOOTBALL Varsity Team boards special Greyhound for trip down to eastern Virginia for night arch light game with Hampton. BACKS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arnold Cash, Nick Hunsucker, Butch Cash. SECOND ROW: Kenny Pettit, Jerry Lee, Andy Heig- ham, Ron Davis and Dave Sumler. LINEMEN: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cecil Har- ley, Joe Murphy, Art O’Neal, Boyd Els- w i c k, Gordon Newell, Don Crampton. SECOND ROW: Manuel Alzamora, Ted Clark, Barry Bowers, Rudy Wright and Tod Coyle. Cash gains yardage as opponent gridster races for a tackle. ACTION FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Lewis, Joe Murphy, Manuel Alza- mora, Art O ' Neal, Gordon Newell, Boyd Elswick, Jack Ghent. SEC- OND ROW: Ken Petitt, Nick Hun- sucker, Carl Pedersen and Ron Davis. Pitch-out to Davis! Whoa, boyl ! That ' s far enough. 1957 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 14 20 27 Oct. 4 11 26 Nov. 1 8 22 2b M. V. 0 M. V. 7 M. V. 7 M. V. 6 M. V. 1 2 M. V. 0 M. V. 0 M. V. 0 M. V. 0 M. V. 0 Wakefield Hammond Groveton Falls Church Hampton McLean Annandale Geo. Wash. Hermitage Fairfax 27 40 19 19 39 33 21 33 20 13 Cash fires a short pass to Lewis. 69 Betty Damewood Beverly Carr Judy Trost Judy Trone Sr VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Patt Clift Co-Captain Myma Sue Belk Sharon Van den Berg Captain Jackie Horsman Secretary, Treasurer Jan Van Dyke AKj r j Ruth Ann Pegelow CHEERLEADERS IN ACTION " Victory, Victory is our cryl V-I-C-T-O-R-YI " Lung-busters lead M. V. boosters at night, home game. The lack of enthusiasm at our pep rallies is appalling! LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Fraley, Barbara Daugherty, Vera Vinogradoff, Joyce Cash, Jackie Wells, Carolyn Arthur, and Joan Shepherd. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Chazler, Jimmy Hicks, Jimmy Carr, Jimmy Faris, Paul Quinter, Tommy Ramey, Scott Crampton and Harold Garner. SECOND ROW: Duke Kams, Ted Clarke, Jim Whitaker, Ted Doran, Eddie Byrd, Bill Devor, Fred Jackson and Bill Neilson. THIRD ROW; Doug Sidle, John Melton, Jack Mathews, Bill Goodwin, David Porter, Larry Huffman, Bill Clarke, Charles Rambo, Bill Strobel and Mr. Snyder. Coach Snyder LITTLE MAJORS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Keithly, Ray Harris, Jerry Shelhorn, Chippy Howatt, Tim Dauis, Bill Brumbaugh and Ralph Dillingham. SECOND ROW: Bill Roberts, Garland Fowler, Tom Wills, Jimmy Docket, Doug Smith, John Clark, Russell Posten, John Bennet and Mark McClure. THIRD ROW: FrankPulman, Jack Lucks, Don Samuels, George Beavers, Gary Hill, George Rodgers, Billy Carbaugh, David Rathbone, Mickey Kidd, Bill Shepherd, Denny Dalquist and Mr. Skin- ner. Coaches Fant and Skinner Little Majors go for a big gain around lef t end 1 1 1 JUNIOR VARSITY Carol Cash CHEERLEADERS Captain Margie Bowman Co-Captain Treasurer LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Roop, Judy Tice, Pat Mittendorff, Patsy Barker, Carol Cash, Margie Bowman, Betsy Myatt, Peggy Teeter, and Diane Hovis. VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick MacDonnell, Nick Hunsucker, Bob McCord, and Jerry Welker. SECOND ROW: Bud Rupert, Terry Gamble, Gary Miller and Roy Sims. THIRD ROW: Bruce Remington, Bill Lewis, and Bob Byrd. McCord tries for field goal against Groveton Tigers. 74 Gary Miller scrambles for ball with Groveton’s Bill Pickering. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Williams, Bob Odom, Eddie Byrd, Martin Perez, Jimmy Carr. SECOND ROW: Doug Sidle, Jimmy Hicks, Harry Mahon, Donald Pfalzgraf, Bill Devor. THIRD ROW: Bill Stevens, Artie O ' Neal, Tommy Booterbaugh, Jack Whitford. JUNIOR VARSITY AND EIGHTH GRADE BASEBALL Major hoopster sinks two points for the team. Booterbaugh tries for a basket! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Brumbaugh, BUI Pacalla, Bob Wills, Ken Wertz, Rich McDonald, Rick Thoman, Joe Vaughn. SEC- OND ROW: Ralph Vernon, Jim Keithly, Louis Poore, Tony Wagner, Jimmy Blitch, Ricky Paddock. THIRD ROW: Ralph Dilingham, Bill Goodrick, Ben Alford, Bob Bailey, Roger Herbstreith. Coach Tommy Lyles VARSITY TEAM, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Hicks, Billy Wathal, Kenny Prince, Fred R oop, and Wilson Fisher. SECOND ROW; Jerry Lee, John Collins, Jim Woodruff, Russell Aylor, Malcolm Brown and Don Clem- mer. THIRD ROW: Bill Lewis, Doug Mac Pherson, Jack Gent, John Fa- gan, Dave Sumler and Coach Tommy Lyles. Coach Tommy Lyles VARSITY BASEBALL PITCHING STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Clemmer, Russell Aylor, John Fagan, Bill Lewis, Jimmy Woodruff, and Tony Lee. SCHEDULE M.V. — 3 Falls Church 2 M. V. — 7 G. W. 4 M.V. — 1 McLean 11 M.V. — 4 Wakefield 10 M.V. — 0 Fairfax 3 M.V. — 0 Grovton 1 M.V. — 4 Annandale 5 M.V. — 1 Washington Lee 10 M.V. — 9 Falls Church 10 M.V. —5 G. W. 0 M.V. — 5 McLean 16 M.V. — 5 Wakefield 3 M.V. — 6 Fairfax 13 M.V. — 4 Grovton 6 M.V. 23 Hammond 2 M.V. — 5 Annandale 0 Catcher Fred Roop Pitcher Bill Lewis Coach MOOSE FARIS PITCHING STAFF, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fridinstine, Lee, Eller, and Gregory. SECOND ROW; Harley, Remington and Newell. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE April 18 Herndon 23 Hammond 26 Annandale 30 Washington and Lee May 3 Falls Church 7 George Washington 10 McLean 14 Wakefield | 17 Fairfax 22 Groveton FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fridinstine, Gallo, Levay, Lee, Ball and Chasam. SECOND ROW: O’Neil, Booter- baugh, Eller, Gregory, Remington, Hicks, Harley and Newell. 77 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Esther Schalow, Myma Sue Belk, Dot Hunsucker, Marie Agnes Clarke, and Elizabeth Harvalik. SECOND ROW; Jean Zaionczkowski, Jean Thomas, Pam Watson, Bernice Cartlege, and Ginny Seagle. Heading for plenty of action l 78 BASKETBALL Jan. 10 Annandale Jan. 14 Groveton Jan. 21 Fairfax Jan. 24 McLean Jan. 28 Falls Church Feb. 4 Annandale Feb. 7 Groveton Feb. 11 Fairfax Feb. 22 McLean Feb. 18 Falls Church Away Away Home Home Away Home Home Away Away Home JUNIOR VARSITY: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathie Clark, Jane Thomas, Lyn Phillips, Barbara Kelly. SECOND ROW: Betty Jo Sacca, Kathie Gibson, Patty Lumpkin, Francis Harvalik, Paula Tyler. 79 HOCKEY VARSITY: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Esther Schalow, Jean Zaioneykowske, Marie Agnes Clarke, Jean Thomas, Penny Painter, Betsy Surovell. SECOND ROW; Manager, Diana Fraley, Christine Falk, Brenda Jordan, Pam Watson, Elizabeth Harvalik, Ann Schriener, Barbara Baker. Coach Duncan Coach Harrelson JAY-VEE: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Offner, Judy Mellett, Candy Dillard, Francis Harvalik. SECOND ROW: Manager, Pam Pentecost, Janet Boone, Pat Lumpkin, Jeanne Segal, Martha Newman. 80 SOFTBALL Manager KEITH VARSITY, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Diana Fraley, Esther Schalow, Joyce Terry, Marlene Mansha, Sarah Jones, and Marie Agnes Clarke. SECOND ROW; Coach Waid, Gladys Gray, Margie A Ivey, Dot Hunsucker, Carolyn Bassford, Frances Swindell, Elizabeth Harvalik, Brenda Jordan and Jean Z aionczkowski. JAY-VEE, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Vick, Donna Beahm, Jackie Horseman, Myma Sue Belk, Rosemary Ashby. SECOND ROW: Margaret Heflin, Sue Donovan, Penny Painter, Elaine Ayres. THIRD ROW; Sandra Rash, Kris Thompson, Coach; Ritchie, Assistant Coach; Cookie Trost, and Barbara Kelly. SCHEDULE April May 9 Annandale Home 11 Falls Church Away 15 McLean Home 25 G.W.A.A. Home 30 Groveton Away 2 Annandale Away 7 Falls Church Home 9 G.W.A. A. Home 14 Fairfax Away 16 Groveton Home 81 Round and round and round go J. B. Johnson and Doug Mac- Pherson. " Ouchl " Making centerpieces prove to be a prickling situa- tion! Tina, who isn ' t afraid of lad- ders, insists on helping Pete! Careful Seniors! That paint doesn ' t wash off ! CARL PEDERSEN President JUDY WARDER Senator MRS. CATHERINE COOLEY Sponsor REBECCA RIOS Senator 84 MIKE CARL ANDERSON " Mike” Glee Club, Annual Staff, Science Club, Newspaper, D.E. Club. Transferred from Madrid Dependent High School, Madrid, Spain. MARJORIE HELEN ALVEY " Margie " Latin Club, French Club, Senior Play Committee and Varsity Softball. MANUEL ANGEL A LZ A MORA " Baby " Football, Co-Captain ' 58. I958 ' s Tallest and the Smallest. CLARENCE ALFRED BELT " Buddy " Mono gr a m Club, D.E. Club, Varsity Football and Varsity Track. PATRICIA ANNE BAUMERT " Pat " Student Council Represen- tative, Junior Class Re- porter, Junior Honor So- ciety, Senior Honor So- ciety, Pep Club, Dramat- ics and Senior Play. NANCY KERR BAILEY Red C ross C lu b. Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, and J. V. Cheer- leaders. " Dear ” Future Teachers Club, Re- porter, Secretary and President; Mixed Chorus and Girl’s Basketball. ; JOHN MAURICE BATY Key Club, J. V. Baseball and J. V. Basketball. 85 JAY C. BROWN " J. C.” Latin Club, Junior Science Club, Advanced Science Club, Vice-President; Student Council Repre- sentative. FRANK ALLEN BURKHOLDER Cotillion Club DOROTHY JEANNE CARLSON " Dottie " Dramatics Club, French Club, Student Council Alternate, Student Di- rector of Senior Play. CATHERINE MARIE CARR " Kitty " Senior Commercial Club and Majorette Club. MARIE AGNES CLARK " Shorty " Em Vee Hi, Girl’s Sports Editor, Girl’s Chorus, Dramatics Club, Hockey Team, Varsity Captain, Softball Team, J. V. Girls Basketball Team, All State Hockey Team, al- ternate center forward. ANN NOBLE CORBIN " Corky " Transferred from Yoko- hama High School. Newspaper, Cheerleader, Bowling Club and Year- book. PATRICIA MARIE CULLEN " Pat " Dramatics Club, Cotillion Club, Senior Commercial Club, Senior Class Com- mittees and J. V. Cheer- leader. Pat hurries to beat final bell. SUZANNE PATRICIA CLARK " Suzy " Dramatics, Vice Presi- dent, and Hockey Team. 86 V JEANETTE VIOLA DAVIS " Jean " Majorette Club, Senior Commercial Club and J.V. Softball. PIERCE WILLIAM DAMEWOOD Bus Patrols and Bus Driver. PATTSY ANN DANIELS " Pat " Senior Commercial Club, Secretary; Library Club, Majorette C lub, Patrols, Captain and Lieutenant. Pierce, an impatient bus driver, awaits the final signal to leave. PEGGY LORRAINE DUERSON " Peggy " Cotillion Club, Chorus, Mixed Chorus and Distri- butive Education Club. DUDLEY " Dud " Chess Club, Annual, Photo Club, Newspaper, Assistant Editor; Ad- vanced Science Club, President; National Honor Society, Treasurer; Soph- omore Treasurer, Chorus and Student Council, Al- ternate. RONALD BRIAN DAVIS " Ron " Transferred from Norview High School, Norfolk, Virginia. SANDRA JEAN DEVINE " Sandy” Transferred f ro m George Washington High School, Distributive Education. 87 DENNIS FLANNAGAN EASLEY " Easy Ed " SeniorClass Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council Cabinet, Yearbook Ed- itor, Senior Class Play, Key Club, and Pep Club. JOHN KEITH EDWARDS Band, Distributive Educa- tion Club, and Bus Driver. JAMES THOMAS ELLER " Jim " Football, Baseball, and Basketball. BOYD ALLEN ELSWICK " Elswick " Varsity Football, Track, and Baseball Manager. ELEANOR MARGUERITE EMBREY " Margie " Senior Commercial Club, Vice-President; Major- ette Club and Patrols, Ser- geant. Darlene and Dennis are in the spot- light as they rehearse for Senior Play. DARLEEN RUSSELL FARIS Transferred from Thomas Jefferson High School, Richmond, Virginia. Dramatics Club, Presi- dent; Senior Play and State Drama Festival. PATRICIA ANN FOSTER " Tricia " Transferred from Marietta High, Georgia. " P. S. " Social Club, Tri- Hi-YClub and Senior Commercial Club. 88 FRANCIS ALBERT GARNER DOUGLAS LEE GATES MARTHA ROSE HALL " Marti " Majorettes, Co - Captain; Senior Commercial Club, President; Pep Club, Cho- rus, Yearbook, Majorette Club, School Editor for " Gazette, " and " Most Original. ” Marti, President of the Senior Com- mercial Club, forgets her busy typ- ing schedule to pose for camera. LORETTA PEARL GRIFFITH " Retta " Cotillion Club, Patrols, Senior Class Play, Senior Commercial Club, and In- tramural Volleyball. Transferred from Mont- gomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland. Science Club, Art Club, School Magazine, and Bi- ology Club. " Baby Face " Debate Club, Patrol, Stu- dent Government, Cabi- net, Treasurer, Co-Ordi- nating Body; Key Club, Bus Driver, Cotillion Club, Senior Class Committee, " Best All Around, " and Delegate to State Student Government Convention. MARY DEIRDRE GLEASON " Dede " Debate Club, Girls Chorus, Dramatics Club, Reporter; Newspaper, Yearbook, Cotillion Club, Senior Class Play, Merit Scholar- ship Semi-Finalist, " Mik- ado, " and Bible Club. CHARLES STUART GOULD " Skip " Red Cross Club, President; Student Government Cab- inet, Em V e e Hi, Sports Editor, Baseball, Basket- ball, Football. 89 JACK BYMAN HENRY Art Club, Dramatics Club, " Our Town, " Stage Man- ager. LARRY A. HOLT " Ace " Distributive Edycation Club. WANDA MARIE HORNELAND Band, National Honor So- ciety, Junior Class Sena- tor, Spanish Club, Presi- dent; Advanced Science Club, Foreign Language Club, Dramatics Club, Li- brary Club, and Junior Honor Society. ETHEL LOUISE HOLLOWAY Girls Chorus, Future Home- makers of A meric a, Li- brary Club, Secretary; Senior Class Play, Student Government, Senior Com- mercial Club and Intra- mural Volleyball. BARBARA ANN HUSTON " Susie” Future Homemakers of America, Secretary; J. V. Hockey and Softball, Drum Majorette, S tudent Gov- ernment, Home Coming Court. LINDA MAYBELLE HOLMES " Wendy " Distributive Education Club. Working in the school storeroom is another privilege that senior. Marguerite Embrey, enjoys. JOHN THOMAS JENKINS " Jack” DOROTHY LEA HUNSUCKER " Dottie " Senior Class Committee, Basketball and Softball. 90 RICHARD DENNIS JERNIGAN " Dickie " Distributive Education Club. JOSEPH B. JOHNSON " J. B. " Distributive Education Club and J. V. Football. J. B. , a D. E. student, is enjoying his vocational training. DONALD WILFRED KENTY " Don” Transferred from Kubasaki American High School, Okinawa, Japan. Distri- butive Education Club. EDNA MAE KELLER " Inky " Transferred from Hughes - ville High School, Penn- sylvania. Tri-Hi-Y, Sen- ior Commercial Club, Li- brary Club, and Business Education Club. LISA BETH KANWIT Senior Class Secretary, Art Club, Vice-President; Cotillion C 1 u b. Reporter; Junior Honor Society, Re- porter; FrenchClub, Treasurer; Em Vee Hi, Reporter, Feature Editor, Managing Editor; Quill and Scroll, Sweetheart of Key Club, J. V. Softball and Varsity Softball. CECELIA ANN KEEFE Majorette Club. DONALD WILLIAM KEENER ..Jigg S " School Safety Patrol. JUDITH ANN KEITH " Judy " French Club, Pep Club, Future Teachers Club, Senior Class Committee, and Varsity Softball, Man- ager. 91 GERALD EDWARD LEE " Jerry” Football and Baseball. RICHARD LEON LEWIS " Dick " Art Club. • ry yw r KAREN MADELINE KLEMP Transferred from Lawrence High School. Em Vee Hi, Exchange Ed- itor; Honor Society, Girls v Sports, Student Govern- , ment. Girls Athletic Asso- ciation. ■ RICHARD MICHAEL KEYS " Mike " Bus Driver, Patrols, Cap- tain and Lieutenant; Pep Club, Junior Science Club, S tud en t Govern- ment Cabinet, Dramatics Club, Basketball, Track and Football. ANNABELLE LEE KISTNER " Ann " Majorette Club, Pep Club, Student Government, Dis- tributive Education Club and J. V. Basketball. Vr£ IK DbROTHY ELIZABETH Ml iYMAN " Dottie " Glee Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Foreign Language Club, Student Government and Em Vee Hi, Reporter. Karen is busily enjoying her hobby of radio broadcasting. 92 RICHARD BURKE MacDONNELL " Dick " Transferred from Carlyle, Pennsylvania. Key Club, Sergeant At Arms; and Varsity Basket- ball. WILLIAM EDWARD LEWIS " Willie " Key Club, J.V. Baseball, J. V. Basketball, Varsity Football, and Varsity Bas- ketball. HELEN THELMA LONG Library Club, Patrols, and Senior Commercial Club. DOUGLAS CLUNY MCPHERSON " Speedy” Key Club, Lieutenant Gov- ernor of Division X of Key Clubs International; Chess Club, Student Govern- ment, Vice-President; Baseball, J.V. and Varsity Basketball, J.V. and Var- sity Football. Bill Lewis goes to great lengths to save his " lady-love” from the rov- ing photographer l WILLIAM DAKIN McKIM " Willie " Distributive Education Club, Vice-President. MARLENE ZION MANS HA -Tina” Majorette Club, J. V. Soft- ball, and Varsity Softball. ROBERTA VIRGINIA MCDONALD Transferred from Groveton High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Dance Club, Student Gov- ernment, Majorette Club and Senior Commercial Club. kristine Mcelroy " Tina " Transferred from Francis C. Hammond, Alexandria, Virginia. Dance Club, Pep Club, Choral Club, Latin Club, and Senior Class Com- mittee. 93 JONNIE LOUISE MERRITT Senior Commercial Club, Junior Honor Society and Senior Honor Society. LEO G. MEYERS GARY ERNEST MILLER Bus Driver and J. V. Foot- ball. Student Government, and Key Club. The D. E. Office means extra work for Jonnie. JUDITH AGNES NESBITT " Judy " Transferred from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Latin Club, Dance Club, Dramatics Club and Rifle Club. SETH PHILIP OGINZ Transferred from Francis C. Hammond High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Dramatics Club and Senior Play. MICHAEL JON MILLER " Mike " Junior Science Club, Dra- matics Club, Art Club, Basketball and Track. JANET LEE MINETREE Distributive Education Club. JOE K. MURPHY " Angel " Key Club, Vice-President; Junior Class President, Stu- dent Government, Presi- dent, Varsity Football and Varsity Track. 94 CARL EMIL PEDERSEN " Pete” Junior Class President, Sen- ior Class President, Key Club, Student Govern- ment, and Football. JAMES LEON PARKER " Tex " Key Club, Distributive Ed- ucation Club, Student Council, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Pep Club, Reporter; J. V. Football, and Baseball. SHERRY SHANE PAVEY Future Homemakers of America, Dramatics Club, Corresponding Secretary; Patrols and Senior Class Play Committee. LOREN JOHN PETERSON " Pete " Chess Club, Surveyor Staff, Modelcraft Club, J. V. Basketball, Cotillion Club, Treasurer; and Foot- ball. LAWRENCE RICHARD PETITT " Larry " Distributive Education Club. Pete finds that food helps in being a " mighty senior! " THERESA MAE PRACHT Library Science Club, Honor Society, Future Homemakers of America, and Em Vee Hi, Reporter. MARCEL D. PFALZGRAF " Bicky " Bus Driver. PATRICIA ANNE PEYTON " Paf Surveyor Staff, Junior Red Cross Club, Junior Honor Society, Forensics and Glee Club. 95 KAREN MAE QUIST Transferred from Heidel- berg, Germany. Junior American Red Cross, Vice-President; Mixed Chorus, E ramatics C 1 u b, Heideletts Chorus. DENNIS MICHAEL RILEY French Club, Mixed Choir and Golf Club. REBECCA HELEN RIOS " Becky” Surveyor Staff, Co-Editor; Senior Commercial Club, Quill and Scroll, Future Homemakers, Pep Club, Majorette Club, Senior Play Committee, " Our Town” Committee, De- bate Club, Senior Class Senator. ALFRED RALPH ROCHE LEAU " Al " Key Club, Dramatics Club and Glee Club. Trans- ferred from Woodbridge, Virginia. JOE RADFORD " Joe " Distributive Education Club. RAYMOND RODRIGUEZ " Rod " Distributive Education Club, Parliamentarian; and Baseball. JULES LEE RENAUD " Jay " Student Government Cab- inet Science Club, Latin Club, Art Club, S.C.A. Representative and Dra- matics Club. MICHAEL FREDERICK SANF ORD " Turk” Cotillion Club, Student Government, Mixed Chor- us, " Our Town, " J. V. Football and Varsity Foot- ball. Mike discovers that the " Major " can be troublesome to draw as the photo- grapher snaps this one. 96 Seniors, Mike and Gail, enjoy the festivities of the " Sno-Ball. " CONNIE LEE SCHLEGEL " Connie " Transferred from Verona, Italy. Red Cross Club, French Club, Treasurer; Verona Vicenza Choral Club, American Italian Renations Club, Secretary; and Stu- dent Government. JOHN READ STEVENS " Jack " Transferred from Western High School, Washington, D. C. Track and golf. JAMES CHAPMAN SLYE " Jim " J. V. Basketball and J. V. Baseball. BEVERLY JEAN SHAFER " Reds " Senior Class Play Com- mittee, Transferred from Northwestern High School, Prince George County, Maryland. WILLIAM COMLY SHOEMAKER " Bill " Transferred from Roosevelt High School, Washington, D. C. Football. CONSTANCE GAIL SIMMONS " Gail " French Club, All State Chorus, Mixed Chorus. A Chappella Choir, Mik- ado " , Em Vee Hi, and Co- tillion Club. 97 ruCnAKL) FUKThH STEWART " Dick " Cotillion Club and Model Airplane Club. cntKit ANN blKUNCj " Frenchie " Cotillion Club, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Chorus, Freshman Chorus, A Capel- la Choir and Senior Class Play Committee. PATRICIA ANN STUTZ " Pat” EDWARD DAVID SUROVELL " Dirty Ed " Band, Lieutenant, Captain; All-State-Band, Fairfax County Symphonic Band, Cotillion Club, Senior Sci- ence Club, Chess Club Stu- dent Government, Cabinet; and J. V. Football. Being editor of the " Em Vee Hi " means a lot of work for Shirley. JOYCE S. TERRY " Loonie " Eighth Grade Treasurer, Majorettes Club, " Who ' s Who, " Em Vee Hi, sports editor; Patrols, Softball, Basketball and Hockey. CHARLOTTE JEAN THOMAS " Tommie " Student Government, Co- tillion Club, Girls Chorus, Dramatics Club, Secretary; Senior Commercial Club, Treasurer; Senior Play Committee, Hockey, Co- Captain; J. V. and Varsity Softball and J. V. and Var- sity Basketball. SHIRLEY RAE SWENSON Em Vee Hi, Editor; Stu- dentGovernment, Cabinet, Secretary of publications; Spanish Club, Em Vee Hi, Club Editor; and Quill and Scroll. 98 DORA ANNE THORNTON " D. A. " Debate Club, Junior Honor Society, Senior Honor So- ciety, Secretary; Senior Commercial Club, Re- porter; and Senior Class Treasurer. JOHN WILLIAM THOMPSON KRISTINE DVERSETH THOMPSON " Johnny " " Kris " French Club, Future Teach- ers of America, Treasurer; Quill and Scroll, Student Government, Junior Class Senator and Reporter, and J. V. Softball. This is sick bay ? ? ? ELIZABETH HOWARD TRUE " Liz " Mixed Chorus. PAULA JEAN TYLER Transferred from Capuch- ino High School, San Bruno, California. Girls Athletic Association, Girls Block " C " Associa- tion, Stagecraft Club, Student Government and Em Vee Hi, Reporter. JOAN VAN NESS WALKER " Joanie " Art Club and Senior Class Play Committee. JOHN TYERS " Lighten " Patrols, Lieutenant; and Bus Driver. SHARON VanDENBERG " Dutch " National Honor Society, Cotillion Club, Pep Club, Student Government, La- tin Club, Senior Class Committee, Junior Class Secretary; Varsity Cheer- leader, Captain; Surveyor Staff, Club Editor; Band, Secretary; J. V. Softball, J. V. Basketball, Miss Mt. Vernon ' s Court, and Junior Class " Who ' s Who " ; Home Coming Court. 99 JUDITH LYNN WARDER " Knucklehead " Student Government, Sur- veyor Staff, Class Editor; Honor Society, Latin Club, President; Foreign Lan- guage Club, Senior Class Senator, Delegate to Vir- ginia Girl’s State for 1957. LISELOTTE WEIHE " Lilo” Junior Honor Society, Sen- ior Honor Society, Presi- dent; French Club, Cotil- lionClub, Advanced Science Club, Secretary; Student Government, Co- ordinating Body; Debate Club, Forensics, Senior Class Play Committee, Surveyor Staff, Circula - tion Editor, and 1957 Fash- ion Show Commentator. JOANNA BROOK WHITEHEAD " Jo " Pep Club, “Our Town, French Club, " Mikado, Glee Club and Softball, NANCY ANN WATKINS " Wats " Senior Class Play, Honor Society, Reporter; Student Government, Cabinet and Historian; Surveyor Staff, Miss Mount Vernon’s Court, Home Coming Court, and Cotillion Club, Vice-Pres- ident. Judy gives out rings to anxious Seniors 1 LELLA JANICE WILEY " Hon " Freshman Chorus, Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus and Patrols. ,-V. 1 j . » EDDA WISHARD Transferred from Real Schule Murnflu, Germany. Officer of Class, Sports, School Play and Junior Class President. ROBERT C. YENS " Bob " Science Club, Debate Club, President, Vice- President; and National Honor Society. DON EDMUND ZAIONCZKOWSKI Student Government, Cab- inet; Spanish Club, Dra- matics Club, Art Club, De- bate Club and Cotillion Club. 100 JOYCE ANN CLARK " Joy " Librarian Club and Distri- butive Education Club. Summer School Graduate. WILLIAM D. MERDELL " Punky " Left school due to illness. Patrols, Lieutenant; J. V. Football, Distributive Edu- cation Club, and Cotillion Club. SENIORS NOT PICTURED DENNIS HEALEY WARREN JONES Distributive Education C lub, " Sonny” and Basketball. J. V. and Varsity Basketball. DAVID LA MON PINKSTON " Pinky " Transferred from Vonore High School, Vonore, Tennessee. DELANEY E. PHILLIPS Varsity Football and Varsity Baseball. 101 Girls ' physical education class plays basketball. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Williams, Secretary; Judy Donahue, Reporter. SECOND ROW: Bob Byrd, Senator; Dick Karstens, Vice-Presi- dent; Gordon Newell. Treasurer. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Rose Mary Ashby, Senator. J y JUNIORS , k L . 1 f) tp vJ FREDDIE TAMANI President MRS. LUTZ Sponsor !04 Judy A lien Rose Mary Ashby Robert Atkins Marshall Austin Joan Ball Noel Barrett Donna Beahm Lorinda Bean JUNIORS Jacqueline Beattie James Behanna Myrna Sue Belk Connie Belknap Rosemary Brewer Tommy Brown Herbert Bryant Carleton Burnell Robert Byrd Beverly Carr 3arbara Chadwick Robert Clark Judy Clement Part Clift Nenita Concepcion Robbye Cook Shirley Crabtree Don Crampton Michele Cuny Betty Damewood JUNIORS Cathy Daniel Wilma Mae Davies Leilani Demory Kathleen Diaz Norma Diaz Roberta Dodds Donna Dolph Scott Donovan Jerry Dorminy Cecil Edwards Marcia Eisenhart Sterling Eisiminger f» Martha Epes Joyce Faucette Sandra Faw Iris Foster Joan Freeman Sidney Fulkerson Priscilla Gallo Norma Garcia Warren Garman Ray M. Garner Betty Ann Gray Betty Arlene Gray Mary Ellen Green Robert Greene Joyce Hall Beth Hammersley JUNIORS This is a rare shot-- a really interested History class ! Now this i s a typical History class! 108 Ardith Laurine Harding Judy Harris Lynne Harrison Jane Hatch Douglas Hecox Donna Heath Carolyn Hepler Muriel Hightower JUNIORS Susi Hodges Julia Holbrook Nancy Hootman Sandra Horsman Leslie Hosman David Hudson Kenny Ikenberry Paul Jacobs Richard Karstens John Keen Carolyn Kees Lauren Kiefer Philip King Dona Klune Sheila Layne Nancy Lory Bane Lyle Jeanette MacBriar Barbara Malone Manfred Mathes JUNIORS Michael McBride Robert McCord James McNally James McWade John Mercier Fred Meyer Richard Miller Barbara Morton Bonnie Moore Richard Mueller Carrie Mae Mullins Helen Napier Pat Navarra Mary Neitzey Beverly Nelson Nanci Nelson Ronnie Nelson Howard Nestlerode Gordon Newell Betty Jean Newman JUNIORS Calvin Newman Carole Nottingham Brenda O’Baugh Ruth Ann Pegelow William Pracht Jack Ralston Nancy Rambo Harry Redd Bruce Remington Patricia Reynolds William Richardson Laurie Riddick Joy Romack Phyllis Rose JUNIORS Beverly Rudy Larry Rust Esther Schalow Ann Schreiner Betty Schreiner Daryl Settle Mike Sexton Helen Shepherd Lee Sherman Ann Shriver Jane Simmons Jean Simms Tom, Don, and John ponder over their problems. JUNIORS Sally Smith Sharon Sportsman Mary Steele David Sumler Bonita Taylor Sally Taylor Fred Tamani Peter Torbert Kitty Tucker William Tutt Charles Waters June Wedding Here is the proof of how exciting Geometry can be l JUNIORS Gerald Welker Lenna West Dave Westenberger Kenneth White Joyce Wildman Dina Williams Lee Williams Sylvia Wilson Gail Wilt Larry Wing Emmett Woolfrey Carol Wooton Jan Van Dyke Jean Zaionczkowski Dan Zimmerman " Zeke " Hatfield beams as he tallies up the winning score. JUNIORS m Budding chemists are caught in a rare " busy " mood. Fourth period French class is the longest in the day--just ask Betsy, Jan or Sally ! Sixth period Sophomores seem overly excited about their Biol- ogy class. SOPHOMORES JACK JONES and BARBARA BAKER Senators MRS. PRICE - Counselor 116 Ruth Able Karen Allen Patsy Allen Virginia Allen Frances Ambrose Jack Andrews Herbert Appel Marilyn Apperson Ellen Elaine Ayres Joe Bacci Lea Bailey Barbara Baker Dea Baker Glenn Ball Barbara Ballew Harold Barrett Barry Bowers Patricia Bowman Thomas Brewer Walter Brown Charles Baxter Jac quire Lee Belknap Leo Bergeron Annabel Blanche SOPHOMORES " Oh, try it again! 1 You ' re not that dumb! " Sarah quips to Mr. Fant. Steve guards his pocketbook, while Fred and Terry look on. Joan Buckner John Burnell Joe Burnett Suzanne Buschman Anne Cain Nancy Carr Bernice Cartledge Eddie Chaszar Donald Clements Dwight Collez Dorothy Collins John Collins Judy Dillingham Melinda Dillingham Patricia Dillon Darryl Dockins Robert Eichelberger Vernon Ennis Christine Falk Joan Faw Jerry Dorsey Ruth Dove Dorothy Eaves Charles Edwards Timothy Daughtery Charles Davis James Davis Gloria Dawson Sara Feddersen Betty Fink Janet Firkin Nancy Foalden Terry Gamble Harold Gardner Jack Gent Laurie Giberman Linda Gillum Gail Gordon Joan Gosis Frank Grant Fred Hankins Geraldine Hannah Patsy Hardin Alan Harris Martin Green Margie Green Patricia Greene Paula Grimm Natalie Holbrook Nils Holmes Melvin Holsinger Yvonne Hornland Elizabeth Harvalik Jerry Heflin Jimmy Hicks Rich Hislop Jacky Horsman Glenn Hughes Diane Hunt Larry Johnson SOPHOMORES 121 SOPHOMORES Sophomore football players relax after lunch. Wake up little Johnny! Mildred Killen Sandra Kirkpatrick Timothy Kirkpatrick Martha Knight Harry Mahon Irma Mahon Loretta Manskey Paul Manville Edna Massey Helen Mazetis Rob McClintick Pat McLain Roberta Landes Sammy Lawhorne Audrey Lee Linda Lee John Levay Melissa Lindsay Lois Lydell Joan Magnusson Carol Offner Rainer Olbrich Penny Painter Robert Patterson Charles Pavey Pamela Pentecost Anthony Petrini Bobbi Peyton John Rainey Bailey Rathbone Richard Richardson Patsy Ridgely Pat Riley Lawrence Ritchie Doris Roberts Mary Ann Roberts Larry Robertson Charles Rombo Gloria Shepherd Linda Shepherd Barbara Shoemaker Carol Ann Smith Judy Smith Jay Solga SOPHOMORES Does it taste good, Cheryl? T25 SOPHOMORES Denny Sorber Arlene Sparks Charlotte Staton Bill Stevens Porter Taylor Julia Teaboldt Peggy Teeter Beverly Terry Pete Thompson Judith Trone Cookie Trost Charles True Eloise Turner Jim Vance Ann Vick Wayne Villemez Fred Wedel Mike Weissman John Welch Jo Anne Wells Terry Williams Ray Wine Sandra Wright Anna Belle Young ■PPWnHHM FRESHMEN MR. WILL Counselor Mrs. Price, let ' s come back to that word! " Senators: DON WILLIAMS and MARGIE BOWMAN 128 Jean Acker Bruce Alexander James W. Allen Marion Allen Richard Allen Marilyn Allison Norma Alvey Althea Ames Betty Anderson Gary Anderson Wayne Anderson Jack Andrews James Aschenbach Elizabeth Atkinson Susan Austin Audrey Aylor Helen Bailey Lois Bailey Alice Baker Arnold Baker Joan Ballard John Bane Beverly Banks Richard Bantel Barbara Barnes Patricia Barker Gwen Barlow Kendall Barnes William Barrett Micheal A. Basso Helen Batton Carol Bateman Loretta Bauserman Charles Beahm Patricia Beasley John Briar James Milton Beattie Paul Bennett Robert Bennett Marita Bentley Par Bernardo Roy Best Sandra Birdsong Guerry Bishop Kathryn Bish Susan Blaisdell Beverly Bliss Robert Bogan Barbara Boggan Michael Bohn Janet Boone Tommy Bowditch Sandra Bowie Margie Bowman Rita Boyer Linda Brackens ■j. FRESHMEN Yearbook orders zoom with Susie and Carol on the job. FRESHMEN Joyce Breen Sharon Brewer David Allen Brice Katherine Bruhn Brenda Brown Mary Brown Douglas Browne Janice Brumm Dianne Brunsvold Bennedette Brunson Geoffery Buckley Robert Bullard Margaret Burgess Jimmie Sue Burt Charles Bryan Steven Butcher Edward Byrd Ronald Carbaugh Donald Carr Jimmy Carr David Carraway Bernice Carter Arnold Cash Carol Cash Francis Cash Jimmy Castleman Douglas Caton Pat Chapman Carole Colangelo Mary Chichester Julie Chovanec Bill Clark Ted Clark Rosemary Clemmer Faith Coates Robert Coleman Carl Condon Pete Coon Pete Corro Rennee Coughlan Scott Crampton Barbara Crocker Diana Crowell Stewart Crumley Katherine Crumpton Dianne Dahl Donna Marie Daily Virginia Darr Patricia Davis Sandra Davis Claude Dean Richard DeBerry Roy Demory Gail Demsnawk Sylvia D ' Ercole William Devor Charles DeVault Steve DeZulovich Diane Dickinson Candy Dilliard Gail Dodge Micheal Dohner Frank Domingoes Joan Duncan Sue Donovan Edward Doran Nicky Doulas Robert Dove Gary Dotson Philip Downs FRESHMEN Shirley Doyle Eva Dubin Ronald Duell Bruce Duff Jane DuVall Annette Dyer Jon Van Dyke Larry Dykstra Robert Eaton Barbara Eckhart James Eddinger Steve Ehart Janice Eldert Stephen Elliot Glenn Ellison Mary English Edna Jean Ennis Cheryl Eschbach Jannell Evans Norma Lynne Evans Ellen Everding FRESHMEN David Faith James Farris James Farcus Dan Ferguson David Fewell Barbara Figgins Betty Finks Janet Foster Jo Ann Frazier Tom Galloway John Ghent Jane Gibson Bill Gillam Gail Glenn Carolyn Godsey William Goodwin Shirley Gorham Linda Gothard Charles Graft Elizabeth Grawey Charles Grazier Rebecca Greene George Groves Judy Grubb Adrew Habermacher John Hall Ricky Hall Martha Ammonette Halley Larry Hamblett Becky Hannah William Hargis Margot Harlan Jean Harlow Carol Harman Alice Harper Jay Douglas Harris Mary Hartley James Hartz Phyllis Haywood Sandy Heard Margaret Ann Heflin Margaret Heishman Jane Helton Harvey Henderson Jeanette Hendricks Gary Hertzog Glenda Hewlett Gary Heintzelman Herbert Cleveland Carol Higbee Duncan Higgins Herbert Higham Barbara Hill Judith Ann Hill Jean Holloway Karen Hollestelle Patricia Holloman Barbara Holly Pat Howard Mary Horton Bill Howatt Larry Huffman Stanley Huffman Joe Hunn Clayton Hunt Jim Ingram Joe Ikenberry Fred Jackson Nathan Janes Floyd Jencks FRESHMEN Mixed Chorus prepares for Christmas program. 133 Jean Leary beams as she meets her magazine quota. FRESHMEN Nina Jencks Wanda Jencks Randy Jennings Diana Johnson Joe Johnson Leroy Johnson Valeria Johnson James Jones Gloria Jones Margaret Jones Edwin Kampmann Barbara Keane Barbara Kelly Jerome Kelly Patricia Kelly Dennis Kennedy Kitty Kennedy Frank Keppel Johnny Kerns Jean Key Ann Kilgore Dyerline Kimble Dennis King James King Jo -Ann Kistner Wesley Kitchens Ray Kitchum Jan Ernest Klue James Knepper Joe Knepper John Knight Billy Kress Bob Kursch Sue LaCross Ralph Lambert ■aanMMMHBHns Lester Lam Gloria Laughery Joyce Laughery Linda Layne Georgia Layton Jean Leary Laurel Leary Kathy Leckey Betty Lee Judy Lee Janet Keith Ralph Lentz Jim Leone Linda Zerr Charles Lewis Glenda Lindamood Gloria Lloyd Ellen Locker Arthur Lomax Judith Low Albert Lowry Lynda Lyle Stuart MacCaffay Braid MacDonald Susan Macomber Linda Macquarrie Judy Madden Eugene Magner Robert Malone Nancy Mansfield Stanley Marin Sue Marshall Jerry Martin Mary Ellen Martin Jack Matthews Pamela Mathis Patricia Mattila Paul Maust Dick May Mike McCall Charles McCaulley Douglas McCombie Barbara McGuin Grace McNamara Mert Meade Judy Mellett Carolyn Merritt Jefferson Miller Patsy Millikan William Minetree Marie Mitchell Marcia Milton Doug Monroe Edna Moose Patricia Morningstar Charles F. Morris FRESHMEN Janice Mowbray Judy Moyer Patricia Mullins Kenneth Murphy LouAnne Murphy Robert Murphy Majorie Myers Betsy Myatt Julie Natter Betty Neitzey Albert Nestlerode Samuel Nester Ben Newland Martha Newman Tom Nicholas Charles Nicholls William Neilson Patricia Nitschke Sharon Niven Lindsay Noble Barbara Ann Novy Mildred Virginia Oden Era Owens Janice Padgett Steve Parry Ada Patterson George Payne Lenwood Peacock Lora Louise Pearson Anna Peeler Mary Pennington Martin Perez Lynne Phillips Martha Phillip Killeen Pilon IB. Ly mi roOiJ David Porter Herbert Potter Charles Pruett Walter Pullen Judy Pullman Elwyn Glenn Raiden Roger Raines Tommy Ramey Sandra Rash Jean Renaud Linda Lou Reneau Leonard Reppert Barbara Retelle Susan Rhodes Dianne Richard Bill Riddick Mary Ridgeway Charles Rikes James Rittenhouse Janet Rivenburg Dennis Robertson Janice Helen Robertson Michael Baxter Robertson Judith Ann Robey Donnie Rogerson Joyce Romano Judy Rook Ruth Roop Maria Rose Stephen Rose Kathy Rosenthal Donald Ross Raymond Ross Linda Leah Rothgeb FRESHMEN These Freshmen learn basic driving rules. outdoor performance. FRESHMEN Doug Sidle Jane Simms Richard Simpson Louis Sinclair Robert Singleton Alice Sitter Herbert Smalley Pat Ruce Betty Ann Rudich Janice Rust Betty Jo Sacca Bobby Sacra Jimmy Sapp Pat Savoca James Schalow Carolyn Schiffbauer Betsy Schley Linda Schmid Erin Schmidt Susan Schmitz Abigail Schreiber Fred Schreiner John Schwarz Barry Scott Millard Scott Jennie Lee Segal Gladys Seymour Edward Shackleford Charlotte Sharpe Paul Shartzer Mike Shea Kathleen Sheppard Sharon Shepherd Randolph Shipp Bill Shreve James Smith Virginia Spaulding Bill Spears Thomas Speck Susan Speer Bill Spickers Sandy Spinks Jaunita Spires John Ricken Spooner Wayne Staton Randall Vincent Stark Donnie Maye Staton William Steidel Edward Stephen Walter Stevens William Stewart Anne Stowe Mary Stultz Judy Sudlar Patricia Sutton Linda Swartz Sandra Talbert Chaney T albert Mary Talbott Rose Tausz Barbara Ann Terrill Shirley Thacker Bill Thompson Randolph Thun Charles Thurston Joyce Elaine Thurston Judy T ice Bette Tillson Alfred Tilson George Towery FRESHMEN James Cecelia Townsend Jo Lynn Tra inham Tom Trelogan Helen Trites Gloria Ann Turner Coralinn Tuttle Larry Wade 11 Richard Walker Roy Walther Linda Walther Stanley Allan Warder Marian Warwick Joan Watson Stanley Watts Jeannette Wedding Karl Weickhardt Ruth Weiderhold Peter Weinhold Brenda Weldon Mary Wellemeyer Diane White FRESHMEN Ray White John Whitford Danny Wideman John Wiley David Williamson Don Williams Tom Williams David Wills Robert Winchester Arthur Wine Linday Wolford Nancy Wondolowski Dorothy Wood Saundra Wood Bill Woods James Wooton Jimmy Wright Margaret Wright Ronnie Vance Theresa Vicari Graham Dougal Young Marti thinks the " bubble machine” alias, Mike-should be turned off! ! " And what can I do for you ? " , inquires Mrs. Gates. Bookkeeping class enjoys party after magazine campaign. SCHOOL SNAPS Joe and his little friend, the " campus wolf " , seem pleased with magazine sales Juniors and Seniors swarm library on College Day. 141 EIGHTH GRADE Eighth graders show great school spirit. MR. ARNDT Counselor Lois Abel Elizabeth Adams Douglas Adkins Thomas Aikin Ernestine Akans Frank Alexander Ben Alford Carole Allen Edmund Allen Sharon Altman James A Ivey Louis Anderson Ralph Anderson Carolyn Arthur Betty Ayres Dennis Bailey Irvin Bailey Albert Baker Bradford Bane Barbara Barnes Dottie Bales Betty Barr Charles Barrett Ann Bass David Beavers George Beavers Sally Beavers Frank Beck Johnny Bennett Patricia Bennett Nancy Berends Sharon Berendt Michael Berenik Bobby Bernhard Jean Berry Todd Bewig David Bibber Gordon Bingham Joy Birdsall James Blitch Allen Bloom John Bohn Wilson Boles Gordon Bowman Patricia Boyer Billy Boyles Robert Bracken Janet Brader Donald Bradshaw Robert Brandes Judy Bridges Wayne Bridges Karetta Browning William Brumbaugh Roxie Bryant Manuel Buenafe Edward Burnell Danny Burrier Diana Burrier Anne Bush Eddie Byrne EIGHTH GRADE pi Wallace Cameron David Campbell EIGHTH GRADE New arrivals learn school routine Patricia Campbell Virginia Campbell Jean Capito Joe Caranci Sandra Caranci William Carbaugh Carol Carper Jeanne Carper Mary Lee Carter Patsy Carter Joyce Cash Robert Casteel An n Champion John Chapman Steve Chapman Diana Childress Bill Church Frank Chudacek Katherine Clark Paula Clark Sharon Clark Jon Clarke George Clate Carolyn Lee Cline John Clifford Ann Cloud Robert Colley Gail Collins Phyllis Collins Marina Concepcion Leon Cook Don Cooney Marilyn Cooper Ruth Cornwell Sandra Corsette Freddy Crabtree Richard Cronin James Crowell Barbara Culhane John Cunningham Dennis Dahlquist Karen Daniels Betsy Davis Peter Davis Timothy Davis Wilson Dawson Ronald DeAngelis Robert Dellar William Detwiler Jane DeVor John Dickerson Ralph Dillingham Roy Dillingham Linda Dix Elmer Dodson Barbara Dority Patricia Dotson Rachel Dove Virginia Dove Dawn Dowhower Floyd Downey Joseph Drummond Thomas Duncan Susan Duff Tabor Dunman Eugene Dunnuck Harry Dyson Susan Eames Susan Edmonds Jerry Edwards Louise Edwards James Eickhorn Sonja Ellison Peggy Ellmore Ann Elmore Larry English Barbara Ettleman Carole Evans Eileen Facchina Ray Faucette Jack Fickessen John Ficklin Frank Figgins Carol Fischer Mark Foster Mary Alice Fowler Carolyn Fraley Ben Franklin Carol Frazier Geraldine Frazier Alice French Carol Freund Marie Fridenstine Carol Friedman Katherine Fritzinger John Funkhouser Lee Gallienne Donna Garder Steve Gardner Diane Garretty Barbara Garrison Steve Garrison Theresa Garrison Clifford Gates Peggy Gates EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH Now son, don ' t be frightened, " says Mr. Arndt, Patricia Gaumer Orval Gent Joan Gertler Kathryn Giberman Kathy Gibson Margaret Gilliam Eleanor Gillis Elaine Gilroy John Godek Judy Goff Clair Golihew William Goodrick Robert Gorham Robert Gray Jerry Green Sharon Griebel Dorothy Grimm David Grove Carolyne Gwillim Bobby Hale Edwin Hall Judy Hall Wallace Hall Walter Hall Wayne Hall Emily Halley Betty Hambleton Earl Hambleton Bill Hamilton Thomas Hamlin Ann Hammond Alva Hanline Barbara Happoldt Tommy Hardin Jerry Harlow Kenneth Harmon Bette Harrington Janice Harris Jimmy Harris Kenneth Harris Lloyd Harris Mary Ann Harris Mildred Harris Randy Harrison Richard Harrison Kay Hartzoge Frances Harvalik Millard Hayes GRADE George Hefton Lorraine Helterbran Douglas Henry Margaret Henry Terry Hensley Harvey Henson Jerry Henson Rogers Herbstrerth Robert Hess Elaine Hicks Tim Hicks David Hightower Billy Hill Russell Hill Fredrick Hines Edith Hoffman Carol Holloman Bonnie Holmes Ann Hootman Frank Horwath Wayne Hottel John Howell Martha Howell Howard Hoyt Harold Hudson John Huffman Robert Hunt Kenny Huston Truly Hutzler Ann Hydrick Judy Igersheimer Nancy Johnson Robert Johnson Clarenen Jones Diana Jones Pat Jones Timothy Jones Pete Kanwit Karen Kaufman John Kauten Francis Keanon Patricia Kearns Jim Keithley Jimmy Kenny James Keppel Caroline Keyhoe Kathleen Keyhoe Harold Kidd Tommy Kidwell Nancy Kight Susan King Eighth graders don ' t seem to mind the " shuttle-bus Steven Klemp Marion Knedler EIGHTH GRADE Richard Knight Barry Kowalski Roberta Kraus Albert Krause Michael Kubitz Imattia Lacy Carolyn Lawhorne Richard Lawhorne Barbara Layman Donna Layman Leonard Layman Jeannetta Lechien James Lee Keith Lees Bill Leicher Mickey Lilly Fred Liming Ann Lockett Sandra Lockwood Rodger Loughrey Claudia Lovering Jack Lucks Charles Lukhardt Patricia Lumpkin Mathew Lurken Mary Beth Lushner Warren Mac Quarrie Bonnie Mahon Jeanette Malone Frank Manola Thomas Marlow John Mathwin Susan Matthews Mark McClure Richard McDonald Charles McDonell Betty McGuin Pamela McKinney Charles McNaron Tommy Meeks Amy Melton Carla Merritt Jean Laura Micheal Sylvester Minney Robert Minnix Carolyn Minton Morris Mitchell Gerald Mittendorf Frances Mobley Evelyn Mobray George Mockabee Karin Monroe Clara Moore George Moore Shirley Moore Michelle Moriarty Clinton Morningstar Pamela Morris Sandra Mueller Sandra Murphy Linda Nalls Ronald Nalls Alice Neff Don Neidig Joyce Neitzey Helen Nesselrodt Pam Noble Dan Norwood Daniel Nase Dorothy Normann James Notgrass Judy O ' Baugh Richard Oginz Olof Ohberg Hartmut Olbrich Claude Oleyar Daniel Olson Ronald Oreagan Jane Osgood Richard Ortega William Pacella Pat Padberg Rickey Paddock Edith Padgett John Paquin Judy Parham Doug Parsons Bill Patterson. Carol Ann Pauli Anni Mae Payne John Paynter Wayne Peace Carole Pearson Ellis Pearson William Peeples Albert Petteruti Helen Phipps Jean Pierce Nancy Pittman Karl Poleman Louis Poore Russell Poston Ethel Potter James Pracht EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH Robert Prohaska Jimmy Puckett Frank Pullman Sara Purks Barry Purrington Ronald Ragsdale Virginia Ralston David Rathoone Margaret Reamy Rabin Rector Sharon Richardson Jacques Rion Billy Roberts Melody Roberts Gloria Robertson Jean Robertson Cynthia Robinson George Robinson George Rogers Ralph Rogers Harry Ragon Lydia Ropp Eugene Rose Harry Rose George Ross Eddie Rounsley Steve Rudich Linda Rutherford Donald Samuels Margaret Sanders Margaret Sanderson Wanda Sarano Ralph Saucerman Gerald Schelhorn Richard Schellhaas Richard Schreiner John Schultheis Gary Schurtz Thomas Schutz Linda Schwartz Bobby Scott Brenda Scott Virginia Scott Joe Sexton Betty Jean Seymour Joyce Shackley Barbara Shaffer Sandra Shaffer iMIii GRADE Michael Shaffier Pauline Shaffier John Shaw Joseph Shea Charles Shedd Michael Shepard 1 Eddie Shepherd Joan Shepherd Yann Sheppard Warner Shifflett Ronnie Shotter Barbara Shreve Bryan Simms Mary Simms Lynda Simpson Stewart Slawson Douglas Smith Julie Smith Kathleen Smith Randolph Smith Vicky Smith Warren Smith Linda Smitherman Charlotte Smoot Carolyn Soklosky Theodore Soklosky Brian Speer Nancy Staley Roger Stallard Bonnie Stamm Janie Stanisci Steve Stanley Marion Starling Carl Staton Dexter Staton Shirley Steeves Wayne Steffen Charles Stephens Edmund Stevens Julian Stevens Marinda Stewart Jimmie Stiles Karen Stiller Judith Stout Diana Stratton Kenneth Strickland Jeanne Stringfellow Franklyn Sullivan Judy Sullivan Robert Surovell William Sutherland James Swink Jimmy Tabor Ben Tamani Helen Tapp Gloria Tausz Barbara Taylor Elaine Taylor Margaret Taylor Sharon Telezinski Eva Teng Steve Teng Ray Thacker Charles Theurer Jerry Thomas Rachel Thomas Jo Ann Thompson John Thompson Janie Tice Todd Tilton Valerie Topping Penny Torbert Judy Tripp Melba Tritt Earl Trone Carol Turner Walter Umphrey Charles Vandergriff Joe Vaughan Ralph Vernon Mary Vick Vera Vinogradoff Reginald Vosburg Pauline Wade Robert Walters Anthony Wagner Michael Walsh Diane Walters Margaret Walther Charlotte Walton David Walton Jane Warrick Dennis Watson Brook Waters Mary Wedding Leanna Wedel George Weickhardt Linda Weldon Jackie Wells Kenneth Wertz Marshall Whitehead Robert Whitener Leon Wigfield Karen Wildman Donna Wiley Doris Wiley Wallace Wilkins Tom Will Gail Williams Connie Williamson Ronald Willis Robert Wills Janice Wilmeth Robert Wilson Richard Winget Edith Wise William Wise Mary Lee Wittig Louis Wittkower Annette Wolf Patricia Wolfrey Wyatt Wood Frances Wright Ilona Wright Patricia Wynne Gary Yates Richard Zborofsky Molly Zearfoss Kathie Zerkel Donna Zimmerman j I Mr. Thompson, Sr. , closes deal with Surveyor staff for •57-’58 Photography. Yearbook photographer kept busy photographing about 500 students in a day. D. E. student Joseph Johnson, demon- strates proper sales techniques. An M. V. lass has trouble deciding on proper footwear for school. I LEARY LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of " Everything for the new home " Lumber- Building Supplies GYpsy 4-2000 Woodbridge, Virginia STANS RESTAURANT Open 24 hours Route 1 Woodbridge, Virginia WOODBRIDGE PHARMACY HALL FUNERAL HOME Prescriptions Phone - GYpsy 4-1240 Woodbridge, Virginia Ambulance Service Emergency or Private Phone - GYpsy 4-4700 Occoquon, Virginia 400 Stores 5 Factories ALEXANDRIA G. R. KINNEY CO., INC. KINNEY ' S SHOES SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY U S. Highway No. 1 Hybla Valley, Alexandria, Va. SOuth 5-8825 For Employment In First Citizens Fairfax County, Contact [National Bank POTOMAC EMPLOYMENT AGENCY VIRGINIAS OLDEST NATIONAL OF ALEXANDRIA 91 1 King St. Alexandria, Va. King 9-5055 BANK 0fop in today. ..lets yet acquainted KING WALLPAPER PAINT CO. 1012 King Street Alexandria, Va. King 9-7209 1925 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Va. SOuth 8-7100 Mo I eta Paint Russell Davis Phone King 9-7369 DIXIE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Full Line Hunting Fishing Equipment Custom Gunsmithing, Tackle, Guns, Ammunition 1201 King Street, Alexandria, Va. Commercial Portraiture Weddings Candid Formal SAUDRE ' OF ALEXANDRIA Photographers OVerlook 3-5277 Audree J. Coutry 913 King Street Betty J. Ehlers Alexandria, Va. OVerlook 3-4500 E. M. BRYAN COMPANY Of Virginia Stationery- Art Supplies-Rust Craft Cards 1021 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone Edgewater 9-5434 ENGLESIDE GARDENS Flowers for Every Occasion At Reasonable Prices 4322 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia ALEXANDRIA BUSINESS SCHOOL ENROLL NOW ALEXANDRIA BUSINESS SCHOOL " STATE ACCREDITED " ABC Speedwriting Shorthand, Touch Typewriting, ABC Triplespeed Shorthand, Indexing Filing, Bookkeeping Accounting, General Office Training. Analyze Handwriting in 8 E-Z Lessons. Individual Instructions - Intensive Training. Free Placement Service - Air Conditioned Call King 9-3745 106 North Columbus Street, Alexandria, Va. Phone: K 19-1157 Jewelers and Diamond Merchants For Over a Quarter of a Century MILLER ' S Hardware - Gifts - Toys - Housewares COHEN BROS. JEWELERS Keys Duplicated Northern Virginia ' s Oldest Largest 800 King Street 1121 - 1123 King Street Alexandria, Va. Alexandria, Va. Phone Kl. 9-7427 WINDSOR MEN ' S BOY ' S SHOP " House of Style " Compliments of DIXIE PIG 1017 King St. Alexandria, Va. JERRY ' S BEAUTY SHOP TE 6-4275 GROVETON ESSO Tuxedo Rentals Phone EDgewater 9-9818 - 9-5986 DORAN’S MOTEL 4204 - 4208 Richmond Highway Edward P. Doran, Owner Alexandria, Virginia DES-MAR CERAMICS, INC. 1026 King Street Alexandria, Va. CERAMIC Moist Clay Slip Brushes Tru-fyre Underglazes E-Z Flow Glossmatic Glazes Electric Kilns Stilts, Shelves Posts Banding Wheels Modeling Tools Spray Guns Boothes SUPPLIES China Paints China Blanks Ceramic Tiles Ceramic Decals Sculpturing Tools Clay Ceramic Greenware HUSTON ASSOCIATES Drafting Service School of Drafting Next Door To Mount Vernon High School ED. 9-5598 ART Oil Paints Canvases Water Color Sets Pastels Charcoal Sketch Pads Palettes Turpentine Linseed Oil Fixatives Varnish Mat Boards Paasche Airbrushes TELEGRAPH ROAD HARDWARE TE. 6-7700 646 TELEGRAPH ROAD TE. 6-7700 DUTCH BOY ft PAINTS fcHwafl | FAINTS I TOYS MODEL CRAFT HARDWARE — HOUSEWARES SEEDS FERTILIZERS LAWN GARDEN SUPPLIES TOOL RENTALS FLOOR SANDERS PLUMBING ELECTRIC— SUPPLIES OPEN DAILY 9 TO 9 FREE DELIVERY SUNDAYS 9 A.M. to 3 P-M. RICHMOND HIGHWAY AT HYBLA VALLEY For The Best Buy on Wheels " See " JUDSON C. PRITCHARD Owner Byrd Motor Co. 4042 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia EDgewater 9-5050 TELEGRAPH BEAUTY SHOP 10:00 A.M. Daily- Evenings by Appointment Mrs Pearl Kendrick Proprietor SO 5-3313 654 Telegraph Road Alexandria, Virginia MONROE DEVELOPMENT THE MANOR SHOP CORPORATION Real Estate Insurance Gifts for all ages Property Mana gement Jewelry and Records SOuth 5-9100 128 N. Kings Highway Alexandria, Virginia 134 North Kings Highway Jefferson Manor Alexandria, Virginia Phone: So. 5-4563 MICHEL S BEAUTY SALON 127 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia TEmple 6-8040 AUTO Compliments of ACCESSORIES COMPANY MARTIN’S HARDWARE INCORPORATED 3910 Richmond Highway Distributors: Automobile Accessories Alexandria, Virginia Replacement Parts Equipment Supplies Phone ED 9-6244 601 South Patrick Street Alexandria, Va. Kl. 8-0240 DIXIE DIME STORES 106 N. Kings Highway Jefferson Manor Shopping Center Notions - Toys - Yard Goods - Simplicity Patterns Housewares - Paints Phone SO-5-6688 Hours 9 to 9 Thru Sat. FORT HUNT PHARMACY A. J. Saury, Prop. " Prescription Specialists " We Deliver - So 5-4022 1607 Fort Hunt Road In The Hollin Hall Shopping Center Motor Tune Up - Sun Equip. Open 24 Hours HUNTINGTON SHELL SERVICE 1319 Richmond Hwy. , Alexandria, Virginia Expert Mechanical Repair Road Service W.C. Hicks SOuth 5-9826 31 Years Experience King 8-4161 MARTHA KELLY’S - Travelite Beauty Salon All Types of Beauty Culture Specializing in Hair Cutting Permanent Waves 220 So. Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture and Decoration Alexandria, Virginia ELLIS HARDWARE 2806 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria, Va, Builder ' s Hardware - Paints - Tools Garden Supplies - House Furnishings Parakeet Supplies - Toys Floor Sanders and Waxers Shrewin Williams - Super Kemtone Spreadsatin Phone: South 5-2443 SSJUJS?? 2 locations m STUDENTS Qi DRESS LIKE A KING WITH SELECTIONS FROM COHEN’S " Alexandria ' t Fined Men ' i Wear Storet " Cohen’s Quality Shop 1104 King ft. (Uptown Alonandrio) Polrlingto Contro Kl. 9-1600 Kl. 9-0636 Open Fri. ' til 9 p. m. BOB’S CAMERA SUPPLY 719 King Street Alexandria, Virginia OV. 3-0117 Movie Equipment-Cameras-Enlargers All Dark Room Needs New Used Royal Standard Electric Typewriters Sales Service COLONIAL SUNOCO SERVICE Complete Auto Service 801 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Va. Kl - 9-9040 " Fuel Custom Blended To Your Cars Taste " H. CLIFTON KAUFMANN 311 S. Washington St. Compliment s of Alexandria, Va. OV 3-1109 A FRIEND BELL MOVING AND STORAGE Move Well By Bell 723 N. St. Asaph Street Agent- North American Van Lines In Alexandria it ' s MEAHL ' S MOBIL-CARE 4644 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, Virginia Batteries - Tires and Accessories Road Service Nationally Famous names in Budget priced fashions for Juniors, Misses and Women 710 King Street King 9-6009 Betti V SOuth 5-331 fm JeL zcjiajili HBsautij ED. 9-9650 J. C. PENNY COMPANY 112 N. Washington Street 10:00 A.M. Daily Evenings By Appointment Alexandria, Virginia MRS. PEARL KENDRICK 654 TELEGRAPH RD. proprietor ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone: King 9-0800 Compliments of Your Friendly Neighborhood Bank MT. VERNON BANK TRUST COMPANY Northern Virginia ' s Fastest Growing Banking Institution FOUR Convenient Locations To Serve You FOUR MAIN OFFICE Jefferson Manor Shopping Center SO 8-7000 BRANCH OFFICES Belle View Shopping Center SO 8-9100 Willston Shopping Center JE 4-1400 Bailey ' s Cross Roads, 903 Leesburg Pike JE 4-8900 " BAN K-AND-S HOP- IN-ONE-STOP " All Deposits Insured Up To $10,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Autographs — 0 Q- — ci o y JL c -J V — S O J» fl v-» ©- 0 v- w • i V • l c TT-U OtUi - 0 C O sV ) . M_ji-sy 9 A ' 0- ' r v -W l -; gp . J O A V _ _ x v _ t_o - o r . j , iL r 7 a u r ls JS ' ?•? . v 1 • y 17 i v r f 7 u - ■, ✓ ry • ' ' £ i Z v«i ■ ■ .. .7 " 7 V jjk a 6 Vp ! yi ( ijp T V V cr y fj ,yy 7) O 7 s - ' V PO X v •J y r h ?1 pi 7 u , fy ' K v f.y J v r T j o Sk w : v ' 7 • , - ' % b (o •c y 7 v f r ? = ' d J Tt 4S r v rV %% y •t O ' _ - - i 7 c-y V f . 7. ey j . r - V -J ' cy 1 v ; - r) =» •4 - 3 , ( PTOJZ UJS. oE£.H TO gj£ " OTOC P ' ' J FlA c 9 6 c .A ?- “ £ 5 . 7t 7 £- 7 HE £ , JB f)xJ- ¥ r E)q .U J | P £Et i 7r ..Q 9 0 CO HD) DBB He CU Z QHE TfT B] VT £Et T DfEMD TO id, £ THF T)j-(jNO THE ZOpk 2. HEP . 1 ' CErfErp t jED OLD O ' B. HBTOSF f TFD W eiJ JCP j p£¥0 CP)2 ££ . ft H O Of CQ U Z5£ OU Z 6J-0 TPHIE f, A I OOPP P oToP ' OEp i IV ) PT D CUT UirtO p D ¥ Pff p PE- V , TO HE BE- , 0 Alp HO tO. tJE ) c£ E jT) H Bp lBA j QH OUZ £ V BBT ()0 TPOiOm), J syT ¥£Ap U Tj ZfijdO wo oPPJ-H -nvE ohe chPtP¥ tcoet NEE DON ' T ro poet " to b tp ' and tpt echo ripto WE H-n ' E pBp A ' iT. one pPD T)B¥ Bo BCUHMB JT T)P L 0 B]AL J E it N J t He, dr ( OiJiZptJ JOT B J T £- x amhono ta et wij-e dicio tie out BecocpE ua pjlp TZ6 c r‘ MA B A,vD C A HE. _Z BMOUJ Boll tOOU‘T F0ZbT JOBieo -- TED or) BETZ T P)EpO HEEp£o JJ PiNE HOP ) T O TlAZTD jThOO-t HEB . 0 PT OP! HF- OF (tPtvBT ' LL or ) Or ftHSAJ PPBHOPPPPJ ,, , " §,fi O Hf dTEH t TO ) PEA — F E AT UD J)AIO J OoPe that POJ Z BEJ-HtJON ' OHIT tUi!U T %EPHCZ ITT EAST FoZEVeB. OB UQuZbT TO D OH, pA¥ HT (jJHLZp DO wH HE HJPE UO TH Hi S Hdp£ r ypli jHE A He H NO iTdAJ ' T tAh Z TV A ETC HP Do, l ;W T DOpPp THAT O 06 op =c B Ho o(jB T yuri ); j,-,- u,, o’ AJ b TOPE. P C. ' " ) A Jz. T T- j.c uc- DP) C A ul o o ' £? 22; •Csl ?yy £2f V A4sC 36 2’ ■ ' 4 —-7 gr ■ . j COVER BY MYERS

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) collection:

Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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