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ilia tie The 1957 Surveyor r ? i n 1 i j m 1 i 1 ! Ul HIE % I l t M i M III! ■ r Mount Vernon High School 3900 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia Wm- Sidney Thompson, Yearbook Editor After months of work, the 1957 Yearbook went to press. This year, the staff was composed entirely of seniors. Our new editor, Sidney Thompson, was chosen to take over the job of Bob Brown, last year ' s editor. Right away we decided to make this year ' s Yearbook the best it has ever been and all think it is. Doing such jobs as labeling pictures, typing copy and drawing pages, occupied the minds of all as deadlines drew near. Hewitt Studios again made the pictures for the underclassmen and the pictures for the senior class were made by Zamsky Studios. Class pictures were a problem when they were lost or not paid for, but problems arose everywhere before the yearbook was finished. This year a new camera, the Pacemaker 4x5 Crowngraphic was purchased to supply the many hundreds of pictures needed for the new Yearbook. As the year wore on, work increased as everyone tried to get the yearbook to press. The dummy, which is the un- finished book, was returned to be completed. Each page had to be drawn in triplicate and all copy had be typed on the pages before the book could go to press. All pictures had to be identified, numbered for page and place and cropped. After much work and times when it seemed we would never make the deadlines, the Year- book was completed. We are very pleased with the 1957 Yearbook and we hope everyone in the school will like it also. Marilyn Meserve, Copy Editor; Shirley Garman, Managing Editor and John Harrelson, Sports Editor Miss Lowman, Faculty Advisor First row, left to right: Kay Wisner, Edie Petersilia, Maggie Price Second row, Lucy Barton, Cynthia Bennett, Juanita Garretson, Pat Gillam, Andy Wallace Marilyn Meserve, Juanita Garret- son, and Shirley Garman are identifying pictures. Maggie Price, Marilyn Meserve, and Pat Gillam gather information for senior directory. Lucy Barton, and Cynthia Bennett are busily typing yearbook copy. j • School Life 9 Activities 15 Features 49 Sports 57 Seniors 77 Classes 95 Administration 159 Advertising 171 Table of Contents Campus Shots Three ' s a crowd, but not as far as John Harrel- son is concerned — Shirley Swenson and Penny Gomberg enjoy being ' gathered round ' for a perky smile into ' the camera. Parents and teachers engulf the refreshment table after September Reception. The end of a school day — and we are once again homeward bound aboard the Mighty Yellow Fleet. Tongue-tied Treasurer tries to talk to ' tudents at kick-off assembly for magazine subscription drive. School Life 1 . Snow Ball decorating com- mittee " loaf on job " long enough to mug the cam- era. 2. " We the Gentlemen of Japan " was a tremendous success for our boy ' s cho- rus at sell out operetta Mikado. 3. A touch of Spanish and a strumming guitar pro- duces smiles for la exhibi- tion Espanol a la feria Es- cuela. 4. Presiding over meetings is a minor chore for senior class prexy Harrelson. 5. Adlai lost — but having Marilyn " M " as a consola- tion prize is quite satisfac- tory exclaims John. 6. " Seconds " are always the best — if you don ' t agree just ask Jane and Doug. 7. " Where there ' s a will there ' s a way " , and Shir- ley and Cynthia would admit that a book case doubles for a mirror quite satisfactorily. 4. Mike Keys proves old adage, " Monkey see, Monkey do " 5. George Wahl and his merimba which he played in the Senior Class Play, " You Can ' t Take It With You " 6. Mixed Chorus performs before student body during Christmas assembly. 7. Time out for orchestra and these couples who were among many who added to festivities of Senior Sno-Ball. 1. Channey Massey and Joan Morris were designated to " guard " property during school fair, but find smiling for photographer more enjoyable. 2. Vote for the best man — the man my party represents, says Ian Rodway. 3. Mr. Landes, our principal, crowns King George and Queen Millie in intermission ceremony at Junior-Senior Prom. 1. Dramatics students pantomime an un-named skit. 2. Mugwumps prepare for scalping party as a high light of magazine cam- paign. 3. ' You Can t Take it With You " held a sneak preview before opening night and at this moment, " someone is being taken " ! 4. A sidewalk cafe for tourists Wendy Lyman and Mike Munz while doing gay Paris. 5. And the band plays on — for Andy won the election. 6. Enthusiasm mounts as varsity cheerleaders call for " two bits, four bits " 7. Seniors Penny and Ronald oblige camera man for informal pose before Christmas tree at Yuletide dance. ANDY a AI I A, Bandwagon t- | I 1. Waiting for cues are " Mug- wamps " and " Bullmoose " party members as magazine drive gets under way. I 2. Candidate Ian Rodway campaigns for himself during Student Government elec- tions — and he talked himself right into the Veep ' s job. | 3. Typical " gossip session " for publications staff members Kay Wisner, Juanita Garret- son, Marilyn Meserve and Pat Gillam. II 4. Prom time — tux line, as " fancy steppers " claim their duds for Junior-Senior Prom. 1 5. Senior Sponsor and P.T.A. President " check " ticket hold- ers to yearly school function. L 6. A sleigh full of music by ten musicians brings dance time to hallowed halls once more. I 7. " The Pause that Refreshes " and small talk for upper- classmen during dance inter- mission. | 8. Sid Thompson tips his cap to earth people at a night of thrills — a football game. School Scenes Malcolm Brown adds finishing touches to ceil- ing streamers for school dance while Brenda Burch urges him to hurry along — there are many tasks to be completed before dance time. Junior Varsity cheerleaders pro- vide the noise for all J. V. athletic games, and also assist the varsity aggregation when called upon to do so. Donna Macintosh, a difficult child, pantomines in dramatics class. ' ' Pop ' ' facing camera is per- plexed with daughter ' s actions during family meal. Snow fell one winter ' s day and gave our stu- dents a chance to play — but just for a ' make believe” battle. Activities First Row, left to right: David Sumler, Pat Clift, | Doug Gates Second Row, left to right: Ian Rodway, Andy I Wallace Sponsor, Mrs. Cooley Student Government Representatives First Row, L to R.: Barbara Bartelmes, Penny Gomberg, Gloria Lloyd, Donna Murphy, Susan Spears, Margaret Hef- lin, Kay Wisner, Susy Brown, Jean Teany, Bernice Carti- lege, Linda Layne Second Row, L. to R.: Janey Neil, Caroline Godssey, Janet Moon, Patsy Barker, Betsy Meyer, Marcia Eisenhaut, ; Reba Dodds, Janet Dolisic, Sandy Cunningham, Shirley Garman, Sharon, Vanden- berg Third Row, L. to R.: Claude Cook, Larry Wing, Larry ;j Johnson, Virginia Lathon, Su- 1 zanne Clark, Susan Miller, Pam Watson, Penny Painter, John Van Dyke, Paul Devies j Fourth Row, L. to R.: Kenny Pettit, Wilson Fisher, Pat Mumma, Todd Coyle, Butch Major, Art O ' Neil, Fred Roop, : Mike Hicks, Eddie Byrd First Column, Bottom: Victor I Bessanson, Doug Hollins, William Prach First Row, left to right: Joanne Ulrick, Peggy Cash, Jane Snyder, Pat Gil- lam, Kathy Meyer, Margaret Price, Juanita Garretson. Second Row, left to right: Chuck Coe, John Harrelson, Jay Renaud, Peter Hurlburt, Mike Keys, Jerry Welker, Eddie Surovell SENATORS: First row, left to right: John Gallo, Diana Grey, Susan Speers, John Van Dyke. Second row: Walter Choi, Bar- bara Moore, Wanda Homeland, Kris Thompson, Scott Donovan, Judy Donahue. CO-ORDINATING BODY: Gary Gillium, Alan Blaisdell, Sara Turner. Student Government Association The Student Council Association, which was organized in 1935, is one of the most honored and respected organi- zations in our school. The S. C. A. is functioned through a house of representatives, which are students selected from each home-room, a Senate, which is composed of two Senators from each grade, a Cabinet consisting of sixteen members which help in Student Government projects, a president and four other elected officers, and the Co-ordinating Body, which is the go-between for Faculty, Administration, and Students. The Student Gov- ernment keeps on a busy schedule all during the school year. One of the highlights of the year is the annual mag- azine campaign. Our total sales for this year will finance clubs and school activities. This year the Student Govern- ment printed student telephone directories, listing each student ' s name, address, and telephone number. The handbook will also be published this year, edited by David Suml er, our reporter. We sent delegates to the County meetings, and the state convention at Fredericks- berg. Our aim in the Student Government is to instill in each student a finer sense of honor and responsibility. In at- tempting to accomplish our aim, the Student Government has successfully maintained a wider and more keenly felt spirit of self-reliance among our students. To the Student Government we look for leadership and we follow it as a guide with a true sense of loyalty and friendship. First row, left to right: Bar- bara Moore, Gaila Wilt, Pat Mattila, Jean Renaud, Bar- bara Gay, Gay Butler, Shel- by Martin, Donna McIntosh, Peggy Tetor, Carolyn Bass- ford. Second row: Sandy Heard, Sonja Henry, Anna- : belle Kistner, Ruth Ann Pege- low, Bonnie Hassler, Lilo Weihe, Margaret Fitts, Bar- bara Keane, Joy Adem, Stan- ley Crosen, Karl Weikhart. Third row: Bill Ladson, Jack Kirley, David Carroway, Dick Tervis, Tony Lee, Bruce Rem- ington, Jackie Gent, Warren Jones, Stan Burgess, Grove Hinds, Robert Ickleberger. lane Snyder Editor in Chief The " Em Vee Hi, " the Mount Vernon High School student publication, is published monthly by the newspaper staff, contributors, and the journalism class members. A great amount of work is put into each issue Writing, proofing, editing, setting up a dummy, and meeting deadlines are only a part of putting out a good publication. The " Em Vee Hi " is a member of the honor- ary writing society, the Quill and Scroll, and the Southern Interscholastic Press. Each year the " Em Vee Hi " has taken various awards and criticisms from the Southern Interscholas- tic Press Association. This year delegates from the " Em Vee Hi " attended the Southern Inter- scholastic Press Conference at Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, Virginia. In order to increase the number of subscrip- tions, the " Em Vee Hi " staff sponsored a draw- ing of subscribers ' names with tickets to ath- letic events as prizes. " The Kick-off Dance " for the commencing of the magazine drive, and the Talent Show also were sponsored by the newspaper. ’Em Vee Hi " staff members prepare copy for press. Pictured above are: Cynthia A. Ben- nett, Joanne Ulrick, Beverly Vail. Marie Agnes Clarke, Kav Wall, Skippy Gould, and Joyce Terry. Pictured above is the 1956-57 " Em Vee Hi " staff. Left to right are: Shirley Swenson, Club Editor; Lisa Kanwit, Feature Editor; Gay Butler, Feature Editor; Donna Murphy, Fashion Editor; Beverly Vail, Girls ' Sports Editor; Marie Agnes Clarke, Alumni and Exchange Editor; Kay Wall, Managing Editor; Cynthia A. Bennett, News Editor; Skippy Gould, Boys ' Sports Editor; Joy Adem, Feature Editor; Joyce Terry, Girls ' Sports Editor; Jane Snyder, Editor In Chief; and Joanne Ulrick, News Editor. Missing from picture: Alice Kendell, Business Manager. EM - VEE - HI Part of the journalism class are, left to right, Robert Welborn, Carolyn Pusey, Emmett Woolfrey, Jean Ladson, Kenneth Ikenberry, Patt Clift, and Valerie Tarr. The above students are reporters for the Em Vee Hi, they are: left to right, Bobby Apperson, Leah Atkins, Jay Renaud, and Kristin Thompson First row, left to right: Barbara Bartelmes, Gary Gillum, John Hudson, George Wahl, Jay Re- naud, Bob Yens Second row, left to right: Lilo Weihi, Walter Choi, Ronald Dudley Third row, left to right: Doug McPherson, Chuck Robb, Sid Thompson, Pete Hurlburt, Marcia Moore, David Brewer, Jay Brown, David Yens Advanced Science Club The Advanced Science Club of Mount Vernon is dedi- cated to the further scientifical advancement of its mem- bers. Among our ranks are eleven prospective engi- neers and five future doctors and nurses. In the past we have always entered and usually won, the interstate Science Clubs competition. The former we have done and the latter we hope to do again. Our club traditionally sponsors the annual School Fair. Left to right: Andy Wallace, Vice Presi- dent; Bill Urick, President; Kathy Meyer, Secretary; and Pete Hurlburt, Sergeant at Arms. Sponsor: Mr. Horn I I I President: Freddy Tomani Sponsor: Professor Haverlick Junior Science Club The Junior Science Club was organized by Mr. Horn Jor students from eighth through tenth grades. Professor Harverlick, our sponsor, gave us lectures on electrical energy. We meet on Thursdays after school. We plan to participate in the School Fair in March. In order to learn more about science we have planned trips to different places of interest. Our officers are: President, Freddie Tomani; Vice- President Secretary, Bruce Remington. Left to right: DeWitt Myat, Freddy Meyer, Warren Garman, Jim Whitaker, Freddy Tomani, Thomasina Hearne, Wayne Villime T H ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS. Left to right: Joan Grubbs, Joe Bacci, Jerry Welker, Bruce Remington, Gary Gillum, Gordon Newell, Jim Quigley, Eddie Surovell. The Mount Vernon High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Gene Steinbach, continues to do honor to our school. During the football season the Marching Majors led by Drum Major, Barbara Moore, presented colorful ceremonies. This year the band played Grade V music at the Groveton High School. Nine Bandsmen were selected to attend the Mass Band in Charlottesville. Twenty other bands were present, playing for the Virginia V.M.I. game. Band anc Mr. Gene Steinbach Director First row, left to right: Bruce Remington, Gordon Newell, George Wahl, Bob Coleman, Jamis Townsend, Walter Brown, Linda Schmid, Judy Donahue. Second row: Larry Scartz, Yvonne Homeland, Roberta Lanes, Drew Habermacher, James Behanna, Mary Wellemeyer, Todd Coyle, Larry Huffman, James Leone, Larry Johnson, Joan Grubbs. Third row: Carl Beahm, Jim Gordon, Mike Sexton, John Gehen, Charles Pavey, Frances Walther, John van Dyke, David Porter, David Fewell, Dough McCombie. Majorettes Barbara Moore Left to right: Martha Hall, Alma Gay Furchess, Sandra Cunningham, Virginia Lathon, Barbara Huston. We won a Trophy in the annual parade at Annan- daie tor outstanding marching. The Band Officers w 6 i_i o iS i Surovell; Second Lieutenant, George Wahl; Student Conductor, Jerry Welker; Librarian Bruce Remington; Manager, Gary Gillum, Quarter- master, James Gordon. First row: Ben Newland, Marjorie Pulman, Gary Gillum, Jim Carr, Glenda Hewlett, Ann Griffith, Wanda Homeland, Eddie Surovell. Second row: Betsy Myatt, James Newland, Wesley Kitchens! ■ary Heintzelman, Bill Northwood, Glen Raiden, Ronnie Vance, Jim Quigley, Diane Dicken- son. Jerry Welker. Third row: Scott Crampton, Alan Stevens, Larry Frost, Bob Dwyre, Howard Nestlerode, Ted Clarke, Daryl Settle, Harry Redd, Tommy Trelogan, Ed Shakelford, Jeb Bacci. Sponsor: Mr. White 1st row: Lynne Daniel, Gail Simmons, Elizabeth True, Michele Cuny, Kathy McSherry, Joyce Bowen, Frances Baker, Marie Butler, Suzanne Clark, Florence Smith. 2nd row: Sharon Sportsman, Sherry Horsley, Jane Bevis, Carole Deacon, Peggy Cash, Laurie Riddick, Sally Jane Smith, Nedra Schultz, Ruth Ann Pegelow, Joe Whitehead, Janet Raefsnyder, Donna Heath. 3rd row: Lauren Kiefer, Loretta O ' Dell, Betsy Bonner, Suzanne Maurer, Carolyn Kees, Jane Snyder, Carolyn Bassford, Gale Strickland, Ann Griffith, Marie Baber. 4th row: Charles Coe, Wayne Williams, Malcolm Brown, Danny Doughton, Robert Clark, Jerry Dorsey, Jay Martin, Norman Shepherd, Joe Stevens, Noel Barrett, Gene Zimmerman, Chester Hayden, Alan Stevens, Pete Pederson Glee Club Mixed Chorus officers: Wayne Williams, Vice President; Jay Martin, President; Gaye Strickland, Treasurer; Jane Snyder, Secretary, and Joe Stevens, Reporter. All State Chorus: Gail Simmons, Jay Martin, Lynne Daniel, Wayne Williams, Peggy Cash. First row, left to right: Joyce Bowen, Kathy McSherry, Cherrie Strong. Second row: Martha Epps, Wayne Williams, Chandler Massey, Marie Butler, Lynne Daniel. Third row: Jerry Dorsey, Chet Hayden, Jay Martin, Donnie Pegalow. Missing from picture: Carol Deacon. A Capella Officers: Marie Butler, Librarian; Jay Martin, Vice-Presi- dent; Lynne Daniel, Treasurer; Wayne Williams, President; Kathy McSherry, Secretary. Girls Chorus Officers: Bernice Cartledge, Librarian; Carol Wooten, Treasurer; Nelle Ball, Secretary; Betty Damewood, Vice-President; Sylvia Wilson, President. First row, left to right: Mary Jane Patterson, Nelle Ball, Carol Wooten, Ann Vick, Virginia Allen, Kitty Tucker, Carolyn Bennett, Lelia Wiley. Second row: Dea Baker, Audrey Lee, Gloria Shep- herd, Joan Faw, Mabeth Naden, Virginia Walther, Linda Gillum. Third row: Melissa Lindsay, Sandra Wright, Bernice Cartledge, Ardith Harding, Margaret Robinson, Dottie Eaves, Jean Simms. Sylvia Wilson. Lieutenants, Mary Ellen Green, Betty Schreiner and Donald Keener. Missing from picture, Carol Reeves, Captain. Mrs. Blalock, sponsor The objec tive of the Patrols is to promote the safety and general welfare for every student in our school in the cafeteria, in the building, and on the grounds. The officers of the Patrols this year are: Carol Reeves, Captain; Lieutenants: Donnie Keener (building) Virginia Croom (grounds); Mary Ellen Green (cafeteria); and William Merdell. Ser- geants: Leo Bergeron, Hilda Sears, Jonnie Kearns, Betty Schreiner, Joan Freeman, and Marguerite Embrey. The officers are chosen by a system of points which are given for attendance on their post, con- duct and efficiency, and participation in extra- curricular activities. The patrol receiving the most points at the end of the year becomes Cap- tain and so on. This year there are 61 patrols. Ground Patrols: Front row, left to right: Mary Ellen Green, Marie Agnes Clark, Donna Beahm, Cecelia Keefe, Loretta Bauseman, Wayne Williams, Mike Keys, Anne Marie Clark, Marguerite Embrey, Lelia Wiley, Delores Daucet. Second Row: Carolyn Bennett, Sue Smith, Lora Person, Sandy Wright, Pattsy Daniels, Alice Barnes, Susanne Maurer, Alice Hotchkiss, Phyllis Rose, Majorie Myers, Marguerite Turner. Third row: Larry Johnson, Calvin New- man, Leo Bergeron, James Hicks, Jins Croom, Rita Boyer, Jean Leary, Betty English, Billy Goodwin, Larry Sheffer, Blain Owens. Fourth row: J. B. Johnson, Ronnie Bolton, Millard Scott, Authur Lomax, Walter Pullen, Paul Botter- baugh, Michael Dohner, Mike Comer, John Tyers, Billy Alvey. First row, left to right: Karen Hollestelle, Erin Schmidt, Johnny Kerns, Leo Bergeron, Virginia Croom, Mary Ellen Green, Marguerite Embrey, Betty Schreiner, Katherine Lecky, Linda MacQuarrie. Second row: Maria Rose, Faith Coates, Janet Neil, Hilda Sears, Eleaner Fraley, Lelia Wiley, Sonja Henry, Alice Barn- er, Joan Freeman, Barbara Novy, Loretta Griffith, Sandra Follette, Nancy Foalden. Third row: Steward Crumley, Duncan Higgins, Louis DeWitt, Jimmy Cas- tleman, Larry Johnson, James Hicks, Authur Lumax, Richard Miller, Kenny Pettit, James English, David Carraway, Walter Seymour, Paul Perkins. Fourth row: Jimmy Forcus, Harry Mahon, Jackie Gent, Jimmy Davis, Bill Stephens, Bill Strobel, Allen Wine, Tim Daugherty, Glenn Raiden. Key Club Barbara Moore, Sweetheart of the Key Club. First row, left to right: Doug- las McPherson, David Sum- ler, Andy Wallace. Second row: Jimmy Quigley, Gordon Newell, Russell Aylor, Dick McDonald. Third row: Gary Miller, Chuck Robb, Bill Lew- is, Adrian Miller, Bill Urick, Pete Hulbert, Joe Murphy. Man Blaisdell, President Gary Gillum, Vice-President; John Harrel- son, Sergent-at-Arms; Ian Rodway, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Parke Avery, Reporter. Mr. Font, Sponsor The Key Club of Mount Vernon is a service organ- ization operating within the high school and spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club of Alexandria. This club is made up of twenty boys who have shown out- standing leadership, academic, and citizenship qualities. The purpose of the club is to perform any service that it deems necessary to help the school and com- munity. The Key Club each year conducts the March of Dimes drive and Disk-jockey show at Mount Vernon and last year it brought in more than $1,000 for the benefit of the crippled children ' s fund. Also on College Day members of the club escort the representatives from the various colleges around our high school. Le Cercle Francais Le cercle francais se reunit le lundi apres midi. Au commencement de l ' annee les members ont choisi comme Presidente, Kay Wisner; comme sous Presidente, Michele Cuny; comme Secre- taire, Janice Parr; comme Reporter, Micheal Comer. Cette annee nous avons eu des picnics, des ventes de gateau, et nous sommes alles au musee on nous avons vu le mobelier et les peintures de la France. Nous avons dine en ville a plusiers restaurant francais, et nous nous sommes bien amuses. Madame Alpert, la di- rectrice du cercle aide a faire des marionettes et des cartes en basrelief. Nous esperons con- tinuer de cercle francais l ' annee prochaine. Left to right: Mike Comer, reporter; Kay Wisner, presi- dent; Michele Cuny, vice-president; Janice Parr, sec- retary. Sponsor, Mrs. Alpert First row, left to right: Janice Parr, Valerie Tarr, Kay Wis- ner, Mary Steele, Lee Wil- liams, Jan Van Dyke, Janet Reafsnyder, Betsy Surovell, Michele Cuny. Second Row: Lilo Wiehe, Mike Cpmer, Christine Falk, KristineThompson,Nanci Nel- son, Patty Fobes. Future Teachers of America President, Joanne Ulrick; vice-president, Betsy Bonner; secretary-treasurer, Anne Griffith, and representative, Frances Baker. Each Wednesday afternoon the Future Teachers of America Club met under the capable guidance of its co-sponsors, Mrs. Hattie Quinley and Mrs. Doris Rosen. One of the highlights of the year was the annual March of Dimes drive which was held during January — a total of more than four hundred dollars was collected during the two-hour disc jockey program. The main purpose of the club, however, is to be a service club. Membership into the club is open to any boy or girl student in grades eight through twelve who is interested in making teaching their profession. Dur- ing the past school year members and sponsors concentrated on research with regard to making scholarships available to prospective teachers. Mrs. Hattie Quinley and Mrs. Doris Rosen, sponsors. Standing, left to right: Betsy Bonner, Laurel Leary, Jean Leary, and Joanne Ulrick. Seated: Penny Goraberg, Anne Griffith, Kristin Thompson and Francis Baker. Cotillion Club The Cotillion Club has done it again! That is, we have lived up to our motto, which is, " Dance and have a lot of fun. " We accomplished this during our Wednesday meetings after school. After the business was taken care of, the chairs were pushed back and the record player brought in. Due to Mr. Walters ' resignation and departure, our club was late getting organized. Our newly elected officers and our new sponsor, Miss Kathleen Schaub completed the year successfully. Our club has a formal dance every Spring for the members in good standing and their guests. The cost is covered by dues and profits are accumulated throughout the year. These events have become annual and the club hopes they will become bigger and better every year. First row, left to right: Kathy Kirkpatrick, reporter; Miss Schaub, sponsor; Maggie Price, treasurer. Second row: Jimmy Quigley, president; Jean Ladson, secretary. Third row: Jim Woodruff, sergeant-at-arms; Bill Ulrick, veep First row, left to right: Sara Turner, Janice Parr, Nita Gar- retson, Lorraine Baleaux, Jackie Horseman; Alice Kendall, Miss Schaub, Jean Ladson, Nan Meyer, Lisa Kanwit. Sec- ond row: Judy Donahue, Jane Snyder, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Pat Cullen, Sharon Vandenberg, Donna Keith, Kay Wisner, Mary Steele, Kathy McSherry, Wendy Lyman, Gail Sim- mons. Third row: Chuck Coe, John Harrelson, Doug Gates, Wayne Williams, Sally Smith, Lilo Weihe, Sherry Strong, Sara Fedderson, Carolyn Bassford, Maggie Price. Fourth row: Tony Lee, Jim Woodruff, Chuck Robb, Jimmy Quig- ley, Kenneth McGill, Jay Martin, Mike Sanford, Bob Clark, Eddie Surovell, John Alvey, Andy Wallace. Left to right: Brenda Jordan, reporter; Sylvis Wilson, president; Dudley Salley, vice-president, and Marcia Eisenhart, secretary. Bible Club This year the Bible Club with the help of the sponsor, Miss Schikle, and the enthusiasm of the members had a very successful year. Meet- ings were held every morning before school. The membership of the club was divided into two teams, the " ' Vite ' em in " and the " Bring ' em in, " to compete for the most new club mem- bers. At the end of the year the losers gave a party for the winners. " Seventeen, " a religious film sponsored by the Bible Club, was perhaps our most successful project. The library, where the film was shown, was filled to capacity. Other activities enjoyed by the club included quizzes, interesting gospel films, guest speakers, and talent from within the club. Every Saturday evening club members attended Y.F.C. in Alexandria. Surely the Lord was responsible for our many blessings. Second row: John Stewart, Gail Peasant, Joan Freeman, Gloria Dawson, Carol Reeves, and Betsy Bonner. First row, left to right: Bob Nation, Judy Lee, Sandy Atkins, Janice Parr, Joan Morris, and Miss Schikel. fC OTBA SEASON CarolY n BaSS Vlarie Baber Burch Bren The Pep Club was organized early in the Football season this year in order to encour- age more school spirit and support for the games. Our elections for the season were held, with Carolyn Bassford elected as president; Bunny Baber, vice president; and Brenda Burch, secretary -treasurer. One of our earlier projects was the selling of Beanies (for $1.00) and pom-poms for the games. The club tried to arrange transportation for as many peoples as possible in order to sup- port the games. For the Charlottesville game the P.T.A. organized a car-pool and all those who wanted rides obtained them. For other First row, left to right: Nancy Bailey, Shiela Lane, Bunny Baber, Nan Meyer, Carolyn Bassford, Kay Wisner, Janice Parr, Sharon Shepherd, Susie Brown. Second row: Sara Turner, Kathie Kirkpatrick, Judy Donohue, Eleanor Fraley, Beverly Carr, Jacky Horseman, Cookie Trost, Alice Ken- dall, Sharon Van den Berg, Edie Petersilia, Linda Lane. major away games, we chartered a bus. The Pep Club also raised $325 for the pur- pose of buying warm-up jackets (panchos) for next year ' s football team. When Basketball Season arrived we had an election for the season. Carolyn Bassford was re-elected president and Kay Wisner was vice-president, with Nan Meyer secretary- treasurer. During Basketball season, we helped sell cokes at the games. Susie Dodds was in charge of this activitiy. All in all, the Pep Club definitely helped support the teams and built up school spirit. Third row: Susie Dodds, Donna McIntosh, Diane Hoves, Sandy Spinks, Jean Seary, Marji Pulman, Lorraine Bal- leaux, Myrna Belk, Ruth Ann Pegelow, Rita Cleveland, Joy Romack, Rosemary Asby. Fourth row: Peggy Cash, Pat Cullen, Tony Lee, Malcolm Brown, Jimmy Woodruff, Norman Shepherd, Cherie Strong, Leah Atkins, Joyce Faucett, Barbara Moore. U an ji-. Immutioml Sanurarji SimrtD folBiah Srtianl JmmulisB The Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists. To join the society a student must be a member of any one of the high school publications, be in the upper third of his or her class and be honest, dependable and courteous. The prospective member must have also written a certain amount of lines to be eligible. Meeting the qualifications set by the society and the publication sponsor is the final step a student takes in becoming a member. Last year at a candlelight assembly twenty new members were inducted into the society. National Honor Society Seated: Edith Petersilia, president. Second row, left to right: Joan Grubbs, secretary; Mrs. Leonard, sponsor; Gary Gillum, reporter; Mrs. McClench, sponsor; John Harrelson, treasurer; Allan Blaisdell, vice-presi- dent. The Mount Vernon chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society is one of approxi- mately 6,000 in high schools throughout our nation. The basis for choosing mem- bers is leadership, character, scholarship, and service. This year the Society ' s main job was re-establishing the Junior Honor Society by revising their constitution and select- ing persons eligible for membership. In the spring the Honor Society held the in- duction of new members into both so- cieties during a very impressive cere- mony. The Society was also responsible for compiling an Honor Roll at the end of the marking periods and for choosing the people in " Who ' s Who. " A thoroughly successful year was en- joyed by the members. Front row, left to right: Mary Jean Harris, Joan Morris, Cynthia A. Bennett Second row: Mar- garet Price, Sara Helen Turner, Juanita Garretson, Ann Griffith. Third row: Pat Gillam, Bar- bara Bartelmes, Peggy Cash, Marie Butler. Fourth row: Pete Hurlburt, Hammond Salley, Jo- anne Ulrick, David Yens, Sandra Cunningham, Adrian Miller, Tommy Buschman, Andy Wal- lace, Charles Robb. Representative of the Chesapeake S Potomac Tele- phone Co. came to talk to the Senior Commercial Club about employment with their company. She showed slides of the different position to be filled and passed out literature. Senior Commercial Officers, left to right: Mary Jean Harris, Vice- President; Cynthia Virginia Bennett, Presi- dent; Shirley Stower, Secretary; Joan Grubbs, Reporter; Cynthia Ann Bennett, Treasurer. First row, left to right: Shirley Dunn, Cynthia Virginia Bennett, Beverly Vail, Cynthia Ann Bennett, Angela DeStout, Joan Grubbs, Carol Reeves. Second row: Delores Kepler, Virginia Lathon, Lucylynn Barton Carolyn Pusey, Judy Scott, Mary Jean Harris, Karen McCombie, Carolyn Perry, Bette Fenton. Third row: Shirley Stowers, Claudia Shipley, Pat Carson, Mrs. Provance, sponsor. ■„ Officers: Tommie Heag Vice-President; Mrs. Pearl Yancey Sponsor The Latin Club was reorganized in Sep- tember, 1956. Its membership was made up of former Latin students an 1 those taking Latin. With the help of our sponsor, Mrs. Yancey, we planned activities that would further the Latin interests of the Latin students in Latin. One such activity was a Roman election which was given on the day after the Presi- dential election. The characters were por- trayed by Latin Club members and it was presented to the Latin classes. Club First row, left to right: Bill Leary, Natalie Holbrook, Diane Grey, Margaret Price, Gloria Daw- son. Second row: John Stewart, James Parker, Jerry Dorsey, Sara Fedderson, Bill Strobel, Lauren Kiefer, Julia Holbrook, Thomisina Hearne. Distributive Education MR. EARL DODRILL Supervisor MRS. CHARLOTTE YOUNG Asst. Supervisor After the election of our officers, the club held a weiner roast on Mount Vernon Blvd The Club sponsored a canned food drive for the needy families for Thanksgiving, and a toy drive for the less fortunate children at Christmas. The Club organized and di- rected D.E. NIGHT whereby students, par- ents, school administrators, merchants, and class room teachers met and got ac- quainted and to install officers of Annan- aale, Fairfax, and Mount Vernon D.E. Club. The Club members attended the District D E. Convention Feb. 26 at Washington Lee and won two out of four first places and one second place. Helen Shepherd took first place in Sales Demonstration; Denis Arnsen took first place in Display; John Robey took second place in Merchan- dise Presentation Contest Four delegates were elected and sent to the state D.E. Club Convention and Denis Arnesen represented Northern Virginia in the Sales Demonstration and Display Con- test in Richmond. The Club has co-sponsored the Beauty Contest which was most successful in April. Each year the students invite their em- ployers to an " Employer-Employee Ban- quet. " This was held in May at Thompson ' s Restaurant and was attended by approxi- mately sixety-five D.E. students and their employers. First Row, Left to Right: Joyce Bowen, Maxine Ru- dich, Karol Tinker, Peggy Williams, Earl Dodrill, Otis Pullen, Wilma Beavers, Ecil Skeens, Phyllis Daview, Shirley Wilmer. Second Row: Joyce Bunch, Ronnie Miles, Dennis Healey, Gerald Wildman, Pat O ' neil, Lindsey Loving, John Edwards, Douglas Hollins, George Simmons, Mary Roncone. Third Row: Eddie Offner, Paul Lipscomb, Joe Radford, Bob Quick, Bob Carmichael, Kenneth Rexrode, Charles Hamilton. Paul Gilbert, Leonard Feder, Walter Holt, Denis Arnesen. IK ■ r t- T- 9 At IM M ' ■ — k p I - ' J -M i Gerald Wildman ' ' gas pump jockey " at Bailey ' s Amoco Station. D. E. I II OFFICERS First Row, Left to Right: Shirley Wilmer, Promotion Man- ager; Phillis Davies, Promotion Manager; Ecil Skeens, Treasurer; Wilma Beavers, Secretary; Second Row: Wil- liam McKim, Parliamentarian; John Robey, President; Otis Pullen, Vice-president. Mary Roncone packs clothes at Robert Hall. John Robey visits Phillis Da- vies on the job at Murphy ' s. Wilma Beavers tries on hats while working at Murphy ' s. Phillis Davies running up her customer ' s bill at Murphy ' s. Lindsay Loving pumping gas on a rainy night while work- ing at Burgundy Esso Sta- tion. Willie McKim is given dem- onstration by Otis Pulman at Karol Tinker smiles for cus- Hechinger ' s. tomers at Murphy ' s. Debate and The Debate Club officers in 1957 were Joanne Ulrick, playing the double-role of Secretary and Treasurer of a non-existing fund; Mary Jean Harris, our prexy after 4 years of championship high school de- bating; Robert Yens, our vice-president sui generis. For several years, Mr. Cohen has been our Debate Coach and in charge of Forensics. Even though his approach to these activities has been that of providing all who are de- sirous of participation a chance to do so, our teams have won more than their share of victories. OUR 1957 VARSITY TEAMS: Bob Yens and Mary Jean Harris for the negative, who — as the Yearbook went to press — were tied for first place in the annual debate tournament, and Joanne Ulrick and Gene Vinagradoff, reflecting con- fidence of an expected victory for the affirmative. Five of our Junior Varsity Debaters shown from left to the opposite direction are James English, Eddie Eschbach, Sara Feddersen (our most rapid orator), Noel Barrett (ask him to lecture you regard- 40 ing the Bobsey Twins), and Janet Reafsnyder. Forensics Mary lean Harris was winner of the 1957 prose reading contest for girls; David Yens was winner of the same contest for boys, and Gary Gillum turned out to be our best speller. Throughout the Yearbook in this issue you will find pictures of John and Kathy: here as winners of the public speaking contests. With them is Joanne Ulrick, our best poetrv reader. They represented our Alma Mater at the an- nual Forensic Tournament. This year it was held at McLean High School. 41 Left to Right: Dottie Lay- man, Betsy Surovell, Rosemary Brewer, Gale Wilt J The Art Club this year consisted of students who have taken or are taking at least one year of art. During the year the Art Club has had various project-s and activities. The first such project was the sale of Christ- mas decorations made by the art students. Similar sales of the students ' handiwork were held throughout the year. At any time during the year exhibits of pottery, clay jewelry, copper enamel jewelry, basket weaving and alu- minum etching could be seen in the show cases. Sponsor: Mrs. Locke Left to Right: Betty Gray, Lee Williams, Laurie Ruddick, Carolyn Kees Left to Right: Lisa Kanwit, Margaret Price, Nancy Ne 1 • son. Pam Pentecost Left to Right: Gloria Dawson Eilene Shaffer, Joan Gosis, Kaye Kerns Left to Right: Jan Van Dyke, Ellen arsons, Anne Griffith, Joarne Ulrick Left to Right, Front Row: Harvey John- son, Leon Parker, Robert Canepa, Bob Clark, Jay Martin, Delaney Phillips. Back Row: French Ball, Pierce Dame- wood, Skippy Gould, John Alvey, Paul Lipscomb, Jack Starry, George Ballard, Eddie Trice Left to Right, Front Row; Ward Davis, Pierce Damewood, Norman Dickerson. Back Row: Mr. Moore, William Parker, Leo Myers, Elton Eldert, Donnie Pegelow F. H. A. F. H. A. girls make Christmas cor- sages. Mr. Kepner enjoys the punch and cookies at the faculty tea. Angela DeStout supervises Joyce Doucet ' s work on the United Nations flag. Open House after Installation. 1st Row, left to right: Betty Jean Newman, Rachel Melsna, Joyce Doucet, Rose Mary Ashby, Barbara Gray, Shelby Martin, Peggy Cash, Jane Bevis, Barbara Huston, Penny Painter, Donna Heath, Roberta Landes, Penny Gom- berg. 2nd Row, left to right: Kathleen Allen, Carolyn Bennett, Pa- tricia Reynolds, Beth Hammersley, Edna Massey, Diane Hovis, Jackie Horseman, Carol Offner, Pamela Kehoe, Joyce Hall, Delores Doucet, Joy Romack, Loretta Man- sky, Ruth Dove. 3rd Row, left to right: Wilma Davies, Phyllis Davies, Rita Cleveland, Joan Freeman, Nenita Concepcion, Sonja Henry, Judy Whetzel, Judy Dillingham, Lillian Betan- court, Betty Schriencer, Pamela Watson, Carole Not- tingham, Sandra Horsman, Jean Kimble, Sandra Atkins. Future Homemakers of America The goals of the Future Homemakers of Amer- ica for this year are: 1. To help make a happy home and to pro- mote a better understanding. 2. To understand the values of homemaking and the opportunities it offers. 3. To promote better understanding between people. 4. To become an active member in home, school, and community. The following were elected Chapter Mothers and Fathers: Mr. d Mrs. Cash; Mr. Mrs. Landes. The winter Federation meeting was held here at Mount Vernon and was the first Federation meeting held here in over a year. i fi mm m m OH H5 EH iOi 1st Row, left to right: Donna Heath, Parlia- mentarian; Penny Painter, Corr Sec.; Peggy Cash, President; Barbara Gray, Reporter; Roberta Landes, Federation Rep. 2nd Row, left to right: Shelby Martin, Treas.; Jane Bevis, Vice Pres.; Barbara Huston, Sec.; Rose Mary Ashby, Song Leader 2. Marilyn and Pete tally the many Who ' s Who votes. School 1 80 Days 1. Jean and Andy stop lor the pause that re- freshes. Caught With Camera 4. Chuck Robb and Joe Gonian appear to be puzzled by Brent Davis ' science exhibit. 5. Barbara Bartelmes seems to be arousing in- terest in art class. 1. Mr. White conducts the Mixed Chorus. 3. Co-recreation is enjoyed by all on Fridays. 2. The " Downbeats " entertain at the Valentine Dance. Club Snaps i Allan Blaisdell Key Club President, is greeted by Chairman ol Kiwams luncheon. Em Vee Hi members prepare to meet monthly deadline. Varsity " lung-busters " cheer local hoopsters on to victory. Court Attendants Sandra Cunningham Senior Carol Cash Eighth Grade Sharon Van den Berg Junior Peggy Teeter Freshman Betty Damewood Sophomore Senior Spotlight BEST DANCERS Lucia Hansell Jay Martin LEADERSHIP John Harrelson Peggy Cash HAPPIEST Buddy Belt Kay Wisner MOST ORIGINAL Lucia Hansell Ian Rodway Senior Spotlight BEST DRESSED Kathy Kirkpatrick and John Harrelson BEST ALL AROUND Jim Quigley and Peggy Cash MOST STUDIOUS Garry Gillum and Edie Petersilia MOST ATHLETIC Fred Roop and Sara Jones Who ' s EIGHTH GRADE Francis Cash Carol Cash JUNIORS Sharon Van den Berg and Pete Pedersen FRESHMEN Diana Gray Art O ' Neil SENIORS Peggy Cash and John Harrelson SOPHOMORES Pat Clift and Fred Tomani Homecoming HOMECOMING QUEEN Shirley Gctrman The Homecoming Court con- sisted of eleven girls, two from each grade except the Senior Class where three were chosen. These girls were chosen by a vote in each class and the queen was chosen by the football team. The 8th grade princesses were Carol Cash and Patsy Barker; 9th grade, Sandy Kirkpatrick and Jackie Horsman; 10th grade, Pat Clift and Mary Steele; 11th grade, Nancy Watkins and Sharon Van den Berg; 12th grade, Sandra Cun- ningham and Edie Petersilia, and the Queen, Shirley Garman. Mr. Hicks, President of the Sportsman ' s Club, crowns Shirley Garman, Queen. Left to Right: Carol Cash, Sandy Kirkpatrick, Nancy Watkins, Sandy Cunningham, Shirley Garman, Edie Petersilia, Sharon Van den Berg, Pat Clift, Patsy Barker. 55 Sports Snaps Danny Doughton, on turf, gained yardage for Mighty Majors on home ground. Bill Lewis (10), blocks for Bob Byrd (20) dur- ing J. V. encounter with our arch rived — Fairfax. Mike Hicks (14) totes the pig skin for a ground gain in game with Groveton Tigers. Miller sinks two in bucket for home town hoop- sters before record breaking crowd. f ♦ ■ ■m--. l: % ' ' ,F ; - -M BH| Rlv_ 1 !. jjj M .• ■ Kir 1 i f a ' s +av A $?££ ■ iMM 4 A IBM gpipi K ■L S ' RV C R , -J " ■ - « ' ■ f ' mmmsxM n K L v wl r 7;A ! JK 4 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Left to Right: Diane Hoves, Judy Trone, Nancy Bailey, Pat Cullen, Judy Donahue, Linda Cornell Left to Right: Ruth Ann Pegelow, Jackie Horse- man, Beverly Carr Nine girls were chosen for the Junior Varsity cheerleading squad last June. Selection was made on the basis of grades, acrobatic ability, posture, repu- tation and personality. Our main objective was to support the various athletic teams. Our cheer- leaders had their first meeting to elect a captain, co-captain and secretary- treasurer at the end of last year. This was a new year for all the J. V. ' s and we worked hard at becoming good cheerleaders and to support our teams. Varsity Cheerleaders - Front Row, Left to Right: Alice Kendall, Sara Helen Turner, Peggy Cash and Sharon Van- den berg. Second Row: Donna McIntosh, Shirley Garman, Pat Clift. Top Row: Sarah Jones and Kathie Kirkpatrick. Varsity Football Head Coach Faris Mt. Vernon 0 Mt. Vernon 12 Mt. Vernon 32 Mt. Vernon 27 Mt. Vernon 33 Mt. Vernon 0 Mt. Vernon 6 Mt. Vernon .... G Mt. Vervon 6 Mt. Vernon 6 Wakefield 13 James Monroe G Groveton 0 Falls Church 6 Lane 19 Washington-Lee .33 McLean 13 Annandale 6 George Washington 38 Fairfax 6 Assistant Coach Ernsberger The Major Backfield L. to R.: Hicks, Brown, Roop, Doughton, Pettit. 60 SECOND TEAM: Back Row, L. to R.: Coe, Hunsucker, Zimmerman, Quigley. Front Row: Crompton, Munz, Alzamora, Karstens, Read, D. Phillips MacPherson. Ends Delaney Phillips and Tony Lee did a good job this year. It was the first year for both boys. 61 First Row: MacPherson, Brown, Lee, Elswick, Hunsucker, Munz, Alvey. Second Row: Karstens, Hicks, Coe, Zimmerman, Pettit, Fagan, Quigley. Third Row: Read, Fisher, Pedersen, Woodruff, Shepherd. Roop. Fourth Row: Prince, Sumler, Phillips, Alzamore’ Lee. Roop, Belt and Mr. Fans help Hicks off the field. Mike Hicks breaks away for a long gain against Groveton. Roop picks up against Lane. I i h First Row, left to right: Echbach, Lee, Pedersen, Bowers, Harley, Gonian, O ' Neil. Second Row, left to right: Davis, Gambels, Coyle, Pettit, Rathbone, Gardner, Harris. Third Row, left to right: Crampton, Sumler, Karstens. Coach Snyder . V. Football 8th Grade Football Coaches Skinner and Lyles. The whole school was proud of our Eighth Grade football team who went undefeated for the season. First Row, left to right: Williams, B. Cash, Schalow, Smith, Jackson, Byrd, Kneppel, Nicho- las, Corder, Noble, A. Cash. Second Row: Lahrendo, Wadell, Bolton, Farkus, Massie, Clark, Highm, Lentz, Carbough, Smalley, DeVore, Carr, Briar, De Vault Third Row: Farris, Eddinger, Whiteford, Grice, Johnson, Sidle, Schroeder, Spencer Watts, Kirby, Ketchum, Riddick, Porter. { Rtt ,0 UA First Row, Left to Right: Malcolm Brown, Don Clemmer, John Fagan, Fred Roop, Chuck Robb., Roy Simms. Second Row: Coach, Victor Kazlausky, Paul Booterbaugh, Ian Rodway, Adrian Miller, Parke Avery, Gary Miller, Manager, Mike Keys. Varsity Basketball Don Clemmer Parke Avery 64 Majors jump against Fairfax. 1. Miller hits for two in the Fair- fax game. 2. Miller up in the air for Mt. Vernon against Wakefield. 3. Clemmer scoops up a loose ball in the Falls Church game. 4. Miller and Rodway on defense against Groveton. 5. Rodway pulls down a rebound against Wakefield. 6. Miller in action in the Fairfax game. 7. Rodway up for a rebound. 8. Brown sinks two. 9. Miller drops in two for Mt. Vernon. 10. Brown scores against Wake- field. Basketball Snapshots f . Byrd and Lewis close in for a rebound. Junior Varsity Basketball Falls Church 13 George Wash. 55 Wakefield 47 Fairfax 24 Groveton 13 Annandale 26 Washington-Lee . 53 Falls Church 28 George Wash. 35 McLean 25 Wakefield 52 Fairfax 33 Groveton 28 Hammond 33 Annandale 24 McLean 26 First Row, L. to R.: Morris, Pettit, Brown, McCord, Swartz, Greg- ory. Second Row; Coach Skinner, Sumler, Jones, Byrd, Lewis Booterbaugh, MacPherson, S. Jones, Gamble, Lyles. Bill Lewis takes a jump shot for M.V. Byrd on defense for the Jayvees. Jayvees 24 Jayvees 27 Jayvees 30 Jayvees. 24 Jayvees 33 Jayvees 32 Jayvees 39 Jayvees 31 Jayvees 50 Jayvees 38 Jayvees 35 Jayvees 22 Jayvees 34 Jayvees 46 Jayvees 35 Jayvees 29 -■ Cash drops in two for M. V. First Row, left to right: Ketchum, Lowery, Bennett, Allen, Perez, Morris, Murphy, Jackson. Second Row, left to right: ' Carr, Byrd, Briar, Butcher, DeVore, Porter. Third Row, left to right : Schacle- ford, Cash, Sisson, Williams, Schalow, Lentz, Spencer. 8th Grade Basketball Mt. Vernon 30 Mt. Vernon 38 Mt. Vernon 35 Mt. Vernon 30 Mt. Vernon 32 Mt. Vernon 32 Mt. Vernon 36 Mt. Vernon 38 Groveton 18 Fairfax 27 Annandale 11 Falls Church 21 Groveton 21 Annandale 14 McLean 23 Fairfax 13 Coach Lyles Butch Cash works under the boards for M. V. As in football, the eighth graders passed another un- defeated season in basket- ball. Under the coaching of Mr. Lyles they did a fine job and the whole school is proud. - First Row, L. to R.: Segal, Fraley, Carr, Kendall, Harvalik. Second Row: Zaionczkowski, Cart- ledge, Watson, Kees, Swindell, Clarke, Thomas, Fraley. Third Row: Sharps, Kistner, Hun- sucker, Holly, Schalow, Terry, Belk. Girls ■ VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. Vernon .... .... 28 Fairfax 52 Mt. Vernon. .. 17 Groveton 18 Mt. Vernon .... . ...cancld G.W.A.A Mt. Vernon . .10 Annandale 40 Mt. Vernon 21 Fairfax 40 Mt. Vernon 14 McLean 33 Mt. Vernon 46 G.W.A.A. 17 Mt. Vernon . 22 Annandale 44 Mt. Vernon ...39 McLean 61 Mt. Vernon 28 Groveton 35 Mt. Vernon 30 Falls Church 31 Mt. Vernon .... 26 Falls Church 27 JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Jayvees 13 Fairfax 21 Jayvees 20 Groveton 17 Jayvees .11 Annandale ....... 8 Jayvees 15 Fairfax 27 Jayvees 11 McLean ... .18 Jayvees 14 Annandale 17 Jayvees 13 McLean ......27 Jayvees 7 Groveton 4 Jayvees 20 Falls Church .12 Jayvees 12 Falls Church 17 Coach Smith Hunsucker gets the tap in the Groveton game. Swindell shoots in the Groveton game. 3asketball Fraley blocks a Groveton attempt. Cartledge gets the re- bound for M. V. First Row Seated, left to right: Holly, Belk, Watson, Thomas. Second Row, left to right: Kistner, Cartledge, Kees, Fraley, Schalow. First Row, Left to Right: Robb, Gallahan, Johnson, Hardbower, Pusey, Packer, Bilosolie, Nichols, Evans Golf Team Coach Snyder Charles Robb sinks a out. M.V. ' s golf team turned out a satisfy- ing record this year winning five matches and losing only three. Harvey Johnson and Bill Hardbower lost only one match a piece while Chuck Robb lost only two of his eight. Harvey Johnson tees off. Bill Hardbower in action. I } 70 Track Although they didn ' t win a meet this year, the M.V. thinclads did do fairly well for them- selves. They placed second in the county meet and did well at the state meet with Jackie Petitt, Bob Beale, and Tom Kaufman doing an outstanding job. Coach John Yednock First Row, left to right: Roop, O ' Hara, Redfern, Edenfield, Heyhoe, Bernhard Second Row, left to right: Williams, Pettit, Banister, Gustafson, Craig Third Row, left to right: Rakes, McIntyre, Novotni, Beal, Shephard 71 First Row, left to right: Marie Agnes Clarke Twylia Arvin Jean Thomas Kitty Moultin ' Joyce Terry Pat Watson Back Row, left to right: Alice Hotchkiss Francis ' Swindell Sue Willard Peggy Swindell Fran Matlock Jean Zan Sarah Jones EflBr Varsity Coach Waid Girls Softball Sue Willard did a fine job on the girls ' softball team this year. GIRLS ' SOFTBALL 1956 VARSITY April Anril 9 11 Fairfax Falls Church We 8 7 April 1 5 McLean 18 Anril 30 G. W. A. A. 10 May 2 .... Annandale 5 May 7 Falls Church 8 May 9 G. W. A. A. 12 May 14 McLean 10 May 18 Fairfax 7 May 21 Annandale 6 Won— 8 Lost — 2 They 9 4 2 6 3 4 4 5 6 7 Jayvee C oach Horn 72 First Row, left to right: Clarke, Zaionkowski, Painter, Clark, Thomas, Baker. Sec- ond Row, left to right: Fra- ley, Gallo, Russel, Watson, Schallow, E. Fraley. ' Hockey The record that the girls ' hockey team made this year, though not perfect, was one that the whole school is proud of. Coaches Smith and Duncan. Co-captains Frances Swin- dell and Sarah Jones. VARSITY SCHEDULE Mt. Vernon 2 Fairfax 1 Mt. Vernon 6 Groveton 1 Mt. Vernon 0 Falls Church 1 Mt. Vernon 2 Groveton 0 Mt. Vernon 6 McLean 2 Mt. Vernon 0 Annandale 1 JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Jayvees 0 Fairfax 3 Jayvees 3 Groveton ... 0 Jayvees 1 Falls Church 4 Jayvees 0 Groveton 2 Jayvees 2 McLean 6 Jayvees 0 Annandale 1 73 D % First row kneeling, left to right: Harris, Berryman, Evans, Lakey, Lee, Lily, Thurston, Prince, Wathall. Second row standing: Roop, Phillips, Sumler, Hicks, Montgomery, Brown, Grayson, Shifflet, Culver, Clemmer. Varsity Baseball Coach Thrift winds up. Clemmer snags a fly in left field. 74 Varsity Baseball One of the best Major nines since 1952 took the field this year to belt out a record of 14 wins, 2 losses and take the Northern Virginia cham- pionship. All of the first string nine received either first or second string all-North- ern Virginia honors. Buddy Montgomery belts one out during batting practice. 75 Major reserves relax in dugout. First Row, Left to Right: Sumler, Lee, Pettit, Downey, Hollins, Read, Newell, Henderson. Second Row: Aylor.MacPherson, Lewis, Dove, Fagan, Norris, Trueblood, Goni- nan, Pryor, Weiss, Mr. Lyles. . V. Baseball Mr. Lyles, Coach Varsity Outfield Left to Right: Thurston, Prince, Mont- gomery, Lee, Clemmer, Grayson JOYCE SANDRA ADEM When angry, count ten; when very angry, swear. " JOHN ELTON ALVEY " When in doubt tell the truth. " WILLIAM SEWARD AMLONG " No sensible man watches his feet on the ground. He looks ahead to see what sense of ground they ' ll hit next. " ALLEN LEONARD AMOROSA " Everything comes to him who waits. " JOAN ANDERS " Every woman has a right to her opinion provided it agrees with mine. " DENNIS IVENTON ARNESEN " Everything comes if a man will only wait. " 1957 LEAH RAYE ATKINS I like criticism but it must be my way. " ANTHONY PARKE AVERY ’Money isn ' t everything in life, but is all I care about. " GEORGE RUSSELL AYLOR The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. " MARIE EDNA BABER " Love is an ocean of happiness, entirely surrounded by ex- pense. " GEORGE HERBERT BALLARD I do most of my work sitting, that ' s where I shine. " LORRAINE ANN BALLEAUX " The best right a woman has is the right to a man. " BARBARA ANN BARTELMES " Life would not be worth living if we did not keep our engage- ments. " LUCYLYNN BARTON " She was born silly and had a relapse. " CAROLYN DICKERSON BASSFORD " All the world may not love lovers, but all the world watches them. " CARL RAY BEARD I can resist everything except temptation. " WILMA CONSTANCE BEAVERS ' Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. " MARY EDITH BEDDOO I can ' t tell a lie, even when I hear one. " Seniors JOHN LANCE BELL " Hot Rod Ford and a two dollar bill. " CLARENCE ALFRED BELT, JR. " A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. " CYNTHIA ANN BENNETT " Sweeter things can ne ' er be found. " CYNTHIA VIRGINIA BENNETT " The world looks brighter from behind a smile. " LAWRENCE ETHELBERT BENNETT " We should live and learn; by the time we ' ve learned, it ' s too late to live. " LILLIAN CATHERINE BETANCOURT " Life ' s a tough proposition, and the first hundred years are the hardest. " JANE LEE BEVIS ' Her modest looks the cottage might adorn. " ALLAN CARL BLAISDELL " I came, I saw, and now I ' m leaving. " MARY ELIZABETH BONNER " If I were running the world, I would have it rain only be- tween 2 and 5 A M., because anyone who was out then ought to get wet. " PAUL LEWIS BOOTERBAUGH " All tragedies are finished by a death; all comedies, by a mar- riage. " MALCOLM LABON BROWN When you smoke cigarettes you ' re likely to burn yourself to death; with chewing to- bacco the worst thing you can do is drown a midget. LARRY EUGENE BUCKNER Those who live in stone houses shouldn ' t throw glass. " 1957 CLIFTON G. BUNCH Of all my father ' s family, I like me the best. " JOYCE ANN BUNCH ' How often we forget all time when alone. " JOY BRENDA BURCH " Spare your breath to cool your porridge. " THOMAS WAYNE BUSCHMAN " Never play tennis with your mouth open. " GABRIELLE FRANCES BUTLER " Precious things generally come in small packages. " RESELYN MARIE BUTLER T like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. " ROBERT JOHN CANEPA " I have great faith in fools; self- confidence my friends call it. " ROBERT F OY CARMICHAEL " Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. " PATRICIA LOU CARSON " Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow ye may diet. " PEGGY ANN CASH ' A finger in every pie. " RICHARD WILLIAM CATLIN ' I want to know not her earn- ing power but her yearning power. " WALTER S. CHOI ' Secure what ' er he gives; he gives the best. " Seniors LOIS ELIZABETH CLARK " A woman is known by the si- lence she keeps. " ROBERT LEWIS CLARK " Unaccustomed as I am to pub- lic speaking . . . . " DONALD FRANKLIN CLEMMER " Happy go lucky, you can see, nothing seems to bother me. " RITA DIANNE CLEVELAND " Early to bed and early to rise, and you ' ll meet very few of our best people. " CHARLES EDWARD COE " Turn, turn my wheel, it is na- tures plan the child should grow into the man. " MICHAEL FREDERICK COMER " Being in a hurry is one of the tributes he pays to life. " JUDITH CONK ' The charm of her presence is missed. " NEWTON CHARLES COURTNEY ' I regard the pub as a valuable institution. " PHILLIP C. COYLE " Blessed are the forgetful; for they get the better of their blunders. " REBECCA STARK CRISP ' ' Life is an ocean of happiness entirely surrounded by ex- pense. " KEVIN WALTER CULLEN " Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. " SANDRA LEE CUNNINGHAM " Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. " 1957 LYNNE ANN DANIEL " A wise and an understanding heart. " KEMP WARD DAVIS " I want to be alone. " CAROL ANN DEACON " Rather than money or fame, give me truth. " ANGELA MAREA DESTOUT " Woman begins by resisting a man ' s advances and ends by blocking his retreat. " ROBERT DICKERSON It is better to know nothing than half know many things.” REBA JOYCE DODD Please all and you will please none. " SUSAN FRANCES DODDS " Oh, those Paris knights. " GEORGE DONALD DORSEY, JR. " The great man is the man who does a thing for the first time. " JOYCE ANN DOUCET " Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. " GEORGE DANIEL DOUGHTON " He is every other inch a gen- tleman. " SHIRLEY MARIE DUNN " There is no beautifier of com- plexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter joy around us. " JOHN DORSEY FAGAN " I consider your behavior un- ethical and lousy. " Seniors PIPPA FEDDERSON ' She ' s learned to say things with her eyes that others waste time putting into words. " LEONARD AARON FEDOR ' It is a healthy sympton when a man is dissatisfied without being discouraged. " BETTE MARIE FENTON ' Woman was created to tame man. " ANN HOLLIDAY FINNAN A daughter of the gods, di- vinely tall, and most divinely fair. " WILSON FISHER " He would not budge an inch. " JUDITH DIANNE FLOW " Everyone is a genius at least once a year. " SHIRLEY BROOKE GARMAN " Man may work from sun to sun, but woman ' s work is never done. " JUANITA ELIZABETH GARRETSON " Beneath the halo, there lie the little horns. " DELORES CAROLE GERBER " I don ' t know what education could do for me because I never tried. " PATRICIA DEE GILLAM " There ' s a lady, sweet and kind. " GARY PATRICK GILLUM " Women would rather be right than reasonable.” CAROLYN ADRIEN GOMBERG " If you ' re there before it ' s over, you ' re on time. " 1957 GLADYS FLORENCE GRAY " A woman can keep one secret — the secret of her age. " PHILLIS ELEANOR GREENE T respect faith but doubt is what gets you in every educa- tion. " ANNE SHELBY GRIFFITH Someday I hope to write a book where the royalties will pay for the second copy. " JOAN ELIZABETH GRUBBS " A good listener is not only popular everywhere she is but after awhile she knows some- thing. " RITA LOUISE HABERLY " The terrible thing about the quest for truth is that you find it. " MARJORIE ROGERS HAITH Little friends may prove great friends. " KENNETH SCOTT HAMMOND " The good die young because they see it ' s no use living if you have to be good. " LUCIA ROGERS HANSELL " Laugh and the world laughs with you. " SUSAN LEONA HARGETT The less one has to do, the less time one finds to do it in. " JOHN MILES HARRELSON III " All great men are dead or dy- ing and I don ' t feel well my- self. " MARY JEAN HARRIS " Don ' t tell me what you dream- ed. last night ' cause I ' ve been reading Freud. " CHESTER HAYDEN " It is better to make friends fast than to make fast friends. " Seniors LOUIS MICHAEL HICKS " Through the fog shines the smile. " BARRY NEIL HOLLAND " It is better to be brief than tedious. " WALTER TERRELL HOLT " It is better to learn late than never. " SHERRELL SUE HORSLEY " Dancing is wonderful; it ' s the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. " ALICE ANNE HOTCHKISS " Life is one long process of get- ting tired. " JOHN HENRY HUDSON " That man ' s silence is wonder- ful to listen to. " PETER YOUNG HURLBURT " He dreamed he was eating shredded wheat and woke up to find his mattress half gone. " RICHARD DENNIS JERNIGAN " All classes sleep alike to me. " HARVEY JOHNSON “Of all the animals the man is the most unmanageable. " SARAH FRANCES JONES " Always has her foot in some- thing. " RICHARD WENDELL JORDAN " Experience is the name every- one gives to their mistakes. " THOMAS KAUFMAN " Whom are you, he said, for he had been to summer school. " 1957 DELORES M. KEPLER " Quiet wisdom. " ALICE ELISABETH KENDALL ' Everyman is wanted and no man is wanted much. " KATHERINE ANN KIRKPATRICK But there is nothing half so sweet in life as loves ' young dream. " FRANK R. KLUNE Sweet are the slumbers of the virtuous man. " TOMMIE JEAN LADSON " Where ' ere she is, there ' s care- free joy, and almost always at least one boy. " VIRGINIA LATHON " Everybody sets out to do some- thing, and everybody does something, but no one does what he sets out to do. " WILLIAM ANTHONY LEE ' Most hard-boiled people are half-baked. " GEORGE LEJNIEKS, JR. " Look what Atlas did for him. " PAUL WILSON LIPSCOMB " He who cannot lie does not know what truth is " JANET DARLENE LIPFORD ' A woman never tells you any- thing until you contradict her. " JAMES LINDSEY LOVING If a thing is worth doing, it ' s worth doing badly. " WENDY LOR LYMAN ' A noisy gal is always in the wrong. " Seniors KENNETH BRUCE MacARTHUR ' Kind words will never die. " EARL JAY MARTIN " Without music life would be a mistake. " ANNE CHANDLER MASSEY " Gentlemen always seem to remember blondes. " SUZANNE FRANCES MAURER " Cur life is what our thoughts make us. " GERALD ROBERT MAZETIS " People who make no noise are dangerous. " KAREN LOUISE McCOMBIE " With the weight of the world on my shoulders, how do you expect me to grow tall? " KENNETH HERMAN McGILL ' We are never so happy nor so unhappy as we imagine. " DONNA MARIE McINTOSH ' The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away. " KATHY HELGA McSHERRY " One always begins to forget a place as soon as it ' s left be- hind. " MARILYN ANN MESERVE " Tobacco is a dirty weed; I like it. " KATHARINE DAVIS MEYER ’ It matters not how long we live, but how we live. " NATALIE EVELYN MEYER " A witty woman is a treasure. " 1957 RONALD LEE MILES A man must take the fat with the lean. " ADRIAN EUGENE MILLER ' A mind equal to any undertak- ing that he puts it along side of. " BARBARA JUANITA MOORE As you are a woman, so be lovely, as you are lovely, so be various. " JOAN ELAINE MORRIS ' Nothing endureth like personal qualities. " DIANNE ROSE MOYLAN ' Don ' t put off tomorrow what you can enjoy today. " PATRICK JOSEPH. MUMMA " The true male never yet walk- ed who liked to listen when his mate talked. " MIKE MUNZ ' The swiftest traveller is he that goes on foot.” MARY DONNA MURPHY Doing little things well is a step toward doing big things better. " EDMUND ALBERT OFFNER ' I find no sweeter fat than which sticks to my own bones.” JAMES PATRICK O ' NEIL " I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean. " JANICE EUGENIA PARR " Please all and you will please none. " ELLEN POWELL PARSONS ' Modesty and unselfishness — these are virtues men praise. " Seniors CAROL ANN PERRY " Sincerity is true wisdom. " EDITH CAYLOR PETERSILIA " Gentle to hear, kindly tojudge. " JACKIE VERNON PETITT " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy — and I don ' t intend to be dull. " FRANK FLOYD PHELPS " A good woman is known by what she does; a man by what he doesn ' t. " DAVID LEE PHILLIPS " A spirit of daring out of all proportion. " DELANEY EDWARD PHILLIPS " Good-bye proud world. I ' m going home. " MARTHA JEAN PHILLIPS " One today is worth two to- morrows. " WILBUR W. PITTMAN " Remember when life ' s path is steep to keep your mind even. " CONRAD PAUL PRACHT " He has half the deed done who has made a beginning. " ANN ELIZABETH PRESTON " A good mind possesses a king- dom. " MARGARET ELLEN PRICE " Always a smile and a cheery countenance for all she meets. " KENNETH CONAWAY PRINCE " Many a live wire would be a dead one except for his con- nections. " 1957 JAMES OTIS PULLEN ' A good heart is better than all the heads in all the world. " MARJORIE CAMERON PULMAN ' Good health and good sense are two of life ' s greatest bless- ings. " RUTH CAROLYN PUSEY " It is quality rather than quan- tity that matters. " ROBERT F. QUICK ' Man is the most noble creature on earth. Caution! Man At Large! " JAMES QUIGLEY ' He ' s considered a friend and pal to every Mount Vernon guy and gal. " MARY JACQUELYN RAMBO Kindness as large and plain as a prairie wind. " JAMES A. READ A little of everything well blended. " LORETTA JOAN REECE ' Thinking is but an idle waste of thought. " CAROL NAOMI REEVES ' In her tongue is the law of kindness. " JAMES EDWARD REXRODE " A yawn is a silent shout. " KENNETH MARION REXRODE " I think I will not hang myself today. " JOHN DELANEY ROBEY " Life is just one long process of getting tired. " Seniors IAN MICHAEL RODWAY " Though the loudest spoke also, you hear him alone. " MARY ANN RONCONE " Secret, and self contained, and solitary as an oyster. " FREDERIC CLYDE ROOP, JR. " He ' s the regular Don Juan as Don Juans go, just ask the girls, they all know. " MAXINE ROSELIE RUDICH " Friends: People who borrow books, and set wet glass on them. " PAUL WAYNE RUDY " Never do today what you can leave to tomorrow. " JANET ANN RUSSELL " I hate nobody. I am in charity with the world. " HAMMOND McKEE SALLEY " A gentleman and a scholar. What more could one ask?” MELVIN DOUGLAS SATTER WHITE ' ' Little by little does the trick.” NEDRA ANNE SCHULTZ ' ' A woman on time is one in nine.” JUDITH LEE SCOTT ' The sight of you is good for sore eyes.” HILDA ISA SEARS The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid.” CAROL VIRGINIA SEIFERT ' The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one.” 1957 CLAUDE B. SHAFFER I prefer a comfortable vice to a virtue that bores.” EILENE ADELE SHAFFER Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " NORMAN FRANCIS SHEPHERD ' Those two fatal words: Me and Mine. " CLAUDIA MARIE SHIPLEY As merry as the day is long.” GEORGE ROBERT SIMMONS The fox knows many things. " ECIL ELLEN SKEENS For more than 17 y.ears I have been speaking prose and didn ' t know it. " FLORENCE JANE SMITH " Silence never betrays you. " MAUREEN MADALYN SNIDER " Silence is one great art of con- versation. " ELIZABETH JANE SNYDER " An editor can survive every- thing but a misprint. " ROY THOMAS STARRY, JR. ‘Ts wicked — I is. I ' s mighty wicked, anyhow, I can ' t help it.” JOSEPH JENSEN STEVENS ' Curiosity is a permanent char- acteristic of an able mind. " SHIRLEY ANN STOWERS ' The most wasted day of all is that in which we have not laughed. " Seniors FRANCES LOUISE SWINDELL " The best way out is always through. " VALERIE STEVENS TARR " Who walks with grace has no need to fear, they will be ad- mired throughout the year. " HELEN PATRICIA TAYLOR " That must be wonderful; I don ' t understand it at all. " SIDNEY REED THOMPSON " Editor of the yearbook — need we say more? " EDWARD CLYDE TRICE, JR. " Get thee behind me Satan, But please . . . quit pushing. " SARAH HELEN TURNER " Where music grows and beau- ty is unchanged. " JOANNE FAY ULRICK She who can does. She who can ' t teaches. " WILLIAM JOHN URICK, in " It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all. " BEVERLY VIRGINIA VAIL A life of ease is a difficult pursuit. " GRETCHEN KATERI VON ROSENBERG " High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. " GEORGE HENRY WAHL, JR. " Live while you live, and seize the pleasures of the passing days. " KAY FRANCES WALL " Who walks with beauty has no need of fear. " 1957 ANDERSON WALLACE Men of few words are the best men. " WILLIAM E. WALTHALL No one knows what he can do until he tries. " ROBERT STAMEY WELBORN It matters not how long you live but how well. " DONALD LEE WHITE " It is better to have a little, than nothing at all. " GERALD WEBSTER WILDMAN " It matters only what you are. " PEGGY MARIE WILLIAMS There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. " WAYNE THOMAS WILLIAMS ' ' California is a fine place to live if you happen to be a lemon. " JAMES PHILLIP WOODRUFF ' ' Money alone sets all the world in motion. " KAY ARLENE WISNER “To know her is to admire her. " DAVID PETER YENS ' Tell him of Jacob ' s ladder and he would ask how many steps. " CHARLES SPITTAL ROBB A golfer has one advantage over a fisherman — he doesn ' t have to show anything to prove it.” Seniors JOYCE SANDABA ADEM— ' ' Joy " — 2208 Rich- mond Highway, Groveion, SO 5-7609. Hobby: Reading. Clubs and Atheltics: Future Teach- ers of America, 4; Quill and Scroll, 2; Treas- urer, 1; Newspaper, 3; Reporter, 1; Exchange Editor, 1; Feature Editor, 1; Garden Club, 1; Secretary, 1; Library Club, 1; Library, 2; Clinic, 4; Senior Class Play; Dramatics Club, 1; Stu- dent Government, 2; Red Cross Council, 1; Re- ceived Scholastic Letter. JOHN ELTON ALVEY, III— Little Johnny " — Lorton, GY 4-4934. Hobby: Cars and Women. Clubs and Atheltics: Monitor, 2; Supervisor, 1; Patrol, 3; Cotillion Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 3; Substitute Bus Driver; Varsity Football, 1. WILLIAM SEWARD AMLONG— ' ' Bill”— Route 4, Box 123, Groveton, SO 5-4251. Hobby: Coins. Clubs and Athletics: Old Dominion Boat Club, 1. Outside Activities: U. S. Naval Reserve — 5. A.— ,2. JOAN ANDERS— ' ’ Bootsie” — 4 1 8 Edgehill Drive, Jefferson Manor, SO 8-9048. Hobby: Home- making. Transferred from Parker High School, Greenville, South Carolina. Clubs and Ath- letics: Student Council, 1; President of Fresh- man Class, Glee Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 2; Nursing Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Bible Club, 1. LEAH RAYE ATKINS — 222 Martha Washington Drive, Mount Vernon Woods, ED 9-5901. Hobby: Collecting Rock n Roll Records. Clubs and Athletics: Newspaper, 1; Pep Club, 1; Majorette Club, 2; Bible Club, 2; Softball. A. PARKE AVERY — " Moose — 903 8th Street, Belle View, SO 8-7647. Clubs and Athletics: Model Airplane, 1, Student Government 1; Key Club, 3; Dance Club, 2; Varsity Basketball, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1. GEORGE RUSSELL AYLOR, JR.— ' Russ ' —21 1 E. Fairview Avenue, Groveton, SO 8-8766. Hobby Flying and collecting War Relics. Clubs and Athletics: Key Club, 1; Cotillion Club, 1, Chess Club, 4; Student Government, 1, Model Airplane Club, 1; Junior Varsity Base- ball, 3; Varsity Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1; Out- side Activities: 2nd Lieutenant Civil Air Patrol, Jazz Club, Young Peoples Organization. MARIE EDNA BABER — 375 West Lee Street, Groveton, SO 5-8501. Hobby: " Normie. " Clubs and Athletics: Pep Club, 1; Vice-President, Mixed Chorus, 1. GEORGE HERBERT BALLARD— ' Tiny Tim " — 1318 Huntington Avenue, Huntington, SO 5- 6796. Hobby: ’Girls. " Clubs and Athletics: Model Airplane Club, 2; Bus Driver, 2; Patrols, 2; Golf. Outside Activities: Smoothtones, Auto- motive Club. LORRAINE BALLEAUX — 976 Duke Drive, Buck- nell Manor, SO 5-6383. Transferred from Austin High School, El Paso, Texas. Clubs and Athletics: Cotillion Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Make- Up Club, 1. BARBARA ANN BARTELMES— 319 Hillcrest Drive, Groveton, SO 5-8714. Hobby: Ballet, Music. Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 2; Sec- retary, National Honor Society, 2; Advanced Science Club, 1; Dramatics, 2; President, Stu- dent Government, 1; Debate Team, 1; Senior Class Play. Outside Activities: Job ' s Daugh- ters, 2; Fort Belvoir Teen Club, 1. LUCYLYNN BARTON — Lucy " — 1125-B-2 Lewis Heights, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5189 Hobby: ' Boys ' . Clubs and Athletics: Library, 1; Secretary, Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Outside Activities: Fort Belvoir Cheerleader CAROLYN DICKERSON BASSFORD— 707 10th Street, Riverview, SO 5-6884 Hobby: Delaney Phillips. Clubs and Athletics: Photography Club, 1; Library Club, 1; President, Mixed Chorus, 3, Pep Club, 1, President, Student Government, 1; Junior Varsity Softball, 1; Varsity Softball, 1, Basketball, 2. Outside Activities: Belle View Teen Club, President. CARL RAY BEARD — " Sloppy Beard — 1743 Richmond Highway, Penn Daw, SO 5-7328. Hobby: Cars. Clubs and Athletics: Baseball, 1. Outside Activities: Aces Auto Club. WILMA CONNIE BEAVERS— Willie —Route 4, Box 609, Mount Zephyr, Hobby: Swimming. Clubs and Athletics: Future Homemakers of America, 2; Distributive Education Club, 2; Secretary, Mixed Chorus, 2; Hockey, 2. Out- side Activities: Young Womens Association, 3; Secretary, Church Choir. MARY EDITH BEDDOO — 3315 Richmond High- way, Hybla Valley, SO 5-9864 Hobby: Swim- ming Transferred from Saint Margaret ' s Epis- copal School, Tappahannock, Virginia. Clubs and Athletics: Social Club, 2; Glee Club, 3; Student Government, 1; Cheerleader, 2; Girls Honor Society, 2; Dramatics, 1; Patrol, 2; Hockey Team, 2; Basketball Team, 2. JOHN LANCE BELL — 3115 Frances Drive, Hybla Valley, SO 8-7727. Hobby: My Ford. Clubs and Athletics: Chess Club, 1; Cotillion Club, 1; Advanced Science Club, 1. Outside Activi- ties: DeMolay, Junior Steward, Eliminator Hot Rod Club, President and Vice President. CLARENCE ALFRED BELT — " Buddy — 1 15 Nalls Road, Woodly Hills, SO 5-8271. Clubs and Athletics: Monogram Club, 1; Varsity Foot- ball, 4; Varsity Track, 2. CYNTHIA ANN BENNETT— P O. Box 4134, Groveton, SO 5-8868. Hobby Collecting Mina- ture Dolls. Clubs and Athletics: Newspaper, 3; Reporter, Alumni Editor, News Editor, Year- book, 1, Quill and Scroll, 2, Honor Society, 2; Spanish Club, 2, Reporter, Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial, 1; Treasurer, Red Cross Club, Student Government Outside Activities Groveton Teen Club, Y. P. F. of St. Marks Church. CYNTHIA VIRGINIA BENNETT— " Cyndy — 206 East Beacon Hill Road, Groveton, SO 5- 6270 Hobby Skating Clubs and Athletics: Junior Commercial Club, Vice President, Senior Commercial Club, President, Student Government, 3, Majorette Club, 2; Junior Class Treasurer, Sophmore Class Reporter, Quill and Scroll, 2, Yearbook Staff, 3; Majorettes, 4; Cap- tain, 1 Outside Activities: Groveton Teen Club. LAWRENCE E. BENNETT— Larry ' —206 East Beacon Hill Road, Groveton, SO 5-6270. Hobby: Automobile ' s and Girls. Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, 3, Lieutenant, 1; Bus Driver, 3; Auto- mobile Club, 1. Outside Activities: Smooth- tones Automotive Club, President. LILLIAN CATHERINE BETANCOURT— LU " — 409 Edgehill Drive, Jefferson Manor, SO 5-5324. Hobby: Dancing Clubs and Athletics: Future Homemakers of America, 1. JANE LEE BEVIS— 424 West Oak Street, Grove- ton, SO 5-6460 Hobby Horses and Playing the piano. Clubs and Athletics: Future Home- makers of America, 3, Song Leader, Vice- President, Red Cross Club, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4 Outside Activities: Young Women ' s Auxil- iary, of Groveton Baptist Church, 4; Secretary, Vice-President. ALLAN CARL BLAISDELL — Mr B — 209 Fair- fax Road, Hollin Hall, SO 8-7405 Hobby Sports Cars. Clubs and Athletics: Chess Club, 1; Key Club, 2, President; Honor Society, 2, Vice- President; Corresponding Secretary, Student Government, 2; Representative, Co-ordinating Body of Cabinet, Intra-Mural Basketball, 1. Outside Activities: District of Columbia Air National Guard, 1. MARY ELIZABETH BONNER— " Betsy —1968 Oak Drive, Groveton, SO 5-6522. Hobby. Eating in the hospital cafeteria Clubs and Athletics: Garden Club, 1; Bible Club, 2; Future Teachers of America Club, 2; Vice President, Girl Scouts, 1, Mixed Chorus. 4 Outside Activities: Young Women ' s Missionary Association, 1; Youth for Christ, 2. PAUL LEWIS BOOTERBAUGH— " Boot " — Box 36, Lorton, ED 9-6668. Clubs and Athletics: Dramatics Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2; Bible Club, 1, Patrols, 2; Latin Club, 1; Varsity Basketball, 1. Outside Activities: M. Y. F. MALCOLM L. BROWN— " Brownie ' —1034 West- hampton Drive, Bucknell Heights, SO 5-5261. Hobby Shirley. Transferred from Millington Central High School, Millington, Tennessee. Clubs and Athletics: Senator of Junior Class, Mixed Chorus, 1; Football, 4; Basketball, 4, Baseball, 4; Track, 4. LARRY EUGENE BUCKNER— PO Box 4013, Engleside, ED 9-6718. Hobby: Motorcycles. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education, 1. CLIFTON G. BUNCH— " Buddy —704 Potomac Ave., New Alexandria, Va., SO 5-4570. Hobby: Radios. JOYCE ANN BUNCH— " Jo —906 Cavalier Drive, Alexandria, SO 8-8873. Hobby: chro- cheting and listening to good Music Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, 1. JOY BRENDA BURCH— " Brenda —Rt. 1, Box 230-K, Alexandria, SO 5-8632. Hobby: Having Fun! Clubs and Athletics: Dance Club, 1; Pep Club, (Sec.-Treas.) 1; Band, 3, Glee Club, 2; Librarian, 1, Future Teachers-of America, 1; A Cappella Choir, 1, I V Softball Manager, 1. Outside Activities: Jobs Daughters, Methodist Youth Fellowship. THOMAS WAYNE BUSCHMAN— Tom — R F D 1, Alexandria, SO 5-9331. Hobby: Sports, Interested in Public Speaking, and Church Activities Clubs and Athletics: National Honor Society, 2; Attended " Old Dominion Boy ' s State in summer of ' 56; Basketball, (Intra- Mural Athletics). Outside Activities: President of Mt Vernon Association of Baptist Training Union. GABRIELLE FRANCIS BUTLER— " Gay —805 Tenth St. , Alexandria, SO 5-9208 Hobby Pho- tography Transferred from Bishop Brent Epis- copal School, Baquio City, Philippine Islanas. Clubs and Athletics: " Em Vee Hi, " Feature Editor, 1, National Honor Society, 1, Outside Activities: Young Peoples, Christ Church, Alexandria, Reporter. ROSELYN MARIE BUTLER— " Rie —R F.D 1, Box 201, Lorton, ED 9-5571 Hobby: Horse Back Riding Clubs and Activities: Spanish Club, 1; Freshman Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Sec- Tres. of Freshman Chorus, 1; All-State Chorus, Student Government Representative, 1; Stu- dent Government Alternate, 1; Dramatics, 1; Honor Society; A Capella Choir. ROBERT JOHN CANEPA— Bob —Box 676, Old Mt Vernon Rd , Alexandria, SO 5-8974 Hobby Music. Clubs and Activities: Chess Club, 2; School Bus Driver, 1. Outside Activities U S Navy Ready Reserve, Weight Lifting, Officer in Senior High Fellowship, Second Presbyterian Church in Alexandria. ROBERT FOY CARMICHAEL— " Bob —1317 Arlington Terrace, Alexandria, SO 5-9206 Hobby Cathy and My Car Clubs and Activi- ties: Model Airplane Club, 1; Science Club, 1, Chess Club, 1; Distributive.,. Education Club, 2 Outside Activities: Huntington Teen-Age Club, Sergeant at Arms, Parliamentarian, and Vice-President PATRICIA LOU CARSON— Pat 308 Cameron Road, Alexandria, SO 5-6299 Hobby Music and Traveling. Clubs and Activities Future Homemakers of America, 1, French Club, 1; Jr Commercial Club, 1; Sr. Commercial Club, 1. Outside Activities: Young Peoples Fellowship of the Mt, Vernon Presbyterian Church. PEGGY ANN CASH— 2806 Las Vegas St, Alexandria, (Burgundy Village) KI 8-8718 Hobby Sewing and Dancing. Clubs and Activities: President of eighth grade, Fresh- man, and Sophmore classes, Girls Chorus, 1; President, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; J V. Cheer- leaders, 1, Varsity Cheerleaders, 3, Captain, 1, Co-Capt , 1; Who ' s Who, 2, Future Home- makers of America, 4, President, 2, Historian, 1; Parliamentarian, 1; Secretary of the Va. Association of Future Homemakers of America, 1955, 56, Representative to Future Homemakers of America State Convention, 3, Homecoming Court, 1, Representative to Girl ' s State, 1; Representative to Future Homemakers of America National Convention in Chicago, 1, Honor Society, 2, Pep Club, 1, Prom Com., 2; Sno-ball Com., 2, Student Gov , 4, Cabinet, 1, Sec. of Public Relations. Outside Activities: President of Sunday School Class, Chorister in Junior Sunday School. RICHARD WILLIAM CATLIN— Cat — 1 1 17 Mary Baldwin Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 8- 8045 Hobby: Girls. WALTER S. CHOI— 703 Belleview Blvd., Alex- andria, SO 5-8787. Clubs and Activities: Ad- vanced Science Club, 1; Senator of Senior Class. LOIS ELIZABETH CLARK— 1407 Huntington Ave , Huntington, SO 8-7702. Hobby Sports and Dancing Clubs and Activities. Student Goverment Representative, 1; Representative of the Red Cross Council, 1. ROBERT LEWIS CLARK— Bob— 106 Lyndale Drive, Wellington Heights, Alexandria, SO 5- 5717 Hobby Kay. Clubs and Activities Senior Snow Ball Committee, Senior Privilege Committee, Bus Driver, Chess Club. Outside Activities: Young Peoples Fellowship, Naval Cadet Corps. DONALD FRANKLIN CLEMMER— Smokey — Box 127, Lorton, GY 4-2800. Hobby: Eating. Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 1; Student Government Representative, 1; Varsity Base- ball, 3; Varsity Football, 2; Varsity Basketball, RITA DIANNE CLEVELAND— Rt 1, Box 249-E, Fort Hunt. SO 5-6529. Hobby: " Warren " . Clubs and Activities Library, 1, Patrols, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Distributive Educa- tion Club, 1 . CHARLES EDWARD COE— Chuck —432 Bain- bridge Road, Hollin Hall, SO 5-9479. Clubs and Activities: Bible Club, 1; Em-VEE-Hi Assistant Sport Editor, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2; Student Government Cabinet, Secretary of Sports, Airplane Club, 1; Varsity Track, 3; Varsity Football, 1; Junior Varsity Football, 2; Official Scorekeeper of Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1. Outside Activitives Young Peoples. MICHAEL FREDERICK COMER— Mike —502 Arcturus-on-Potomac, Herbert Springs, SO 8- 7137. Hobby: Art Clubs and Activities: French Club, 3; Secretary, Treasure, Dramatics Club, Art Club, Bus Patrol, Forensics Club, Took part in Senior Play. Outside Activities Youth Fellowship NEWTON CHARLES COURTNEY— " Newt — 1017 West Hampton Drive, Bucknell Heights, SO 8-4618. Hobby. Photography. Transferred from Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Virginia. Clubs and Activities: Distributive Educaton Club, 4; Treasurer. PHILLIP C. COYLE— Box 47, Lorton, GY 4- 4420 Hobby: Coin Collecting. Clubs and Activities: Photography Club, 1; Band, 3. REBECCA STARK CRISP " Becky —409 Grove- ton Street, Groveton, SO 8-7794. Hobby: Skating. Clubs and Activities: Future Home- makers of America, 1; Majorette, 1 Outside Activities. Y W A. ' s, 2, International Order of Job ' s Daughter, 2. KEVIN WALTER CULLEN 07 Prices Lane, Stratford on the Potomac, SO 8-7370. Hobby: Hunting, Guns. Clubs and Activities: Jazz Club Outside Activities: Capital Naval Cadet Corps, 1; St. Mary ' s Teen-Age Discussion Group, 3. SANDRA LEE CUNNINGHAM— " Sandy —12 Woodmont Road, Belle Haven, SO 5-9481 Hobby Horses. Clubs and Activities: Science Club, 1; Majorettes, 3; Majorette Club, 1, Dra- matics Club, 1; Dance Club, 1; Newspaper Reporter, 1; Honor Society, 2; Junior Com- mercial Club, 1; Junior Class Secretary, 1; Senior Class Vice-President, 1; Junior Beauty Queen, 1, Homecoming Court, 1; Homeroom Representative of Student Government, 1. LYNN ANN DANIEL— Rt. 1, Box 199, Spring- field Farms, ED 9-6985 Hobbies: Horseback riding. Boating, Riflery, Animals Transferred from Bethesda Chevy Chase High, Bethesda, Maryland. Clubs and Activities: Mixed Chorus, 4; A Cappella Choir, 1; Reporter, 1; All State Chorus. Outside Activities: Church Choir. KEMP WARD DAVIS— " Sonny —Box 42, New- ington, ED 9-6497 Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 1; Bus Driver, 1; Track 1. CAROL ANN DEACON— Rt 1, Box 97, Lorton, GY 4-4830 Clubs and Activities: Bible Club, 2, Secretary, 2; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4 Outside Activities: Metho- dist Youth Fellowship, Secretary, 1; Outreach Chairman, 1. ANGELA MAREA DESTOUT— Angie —1 121 F E C Knight St , Ft Belvoir, ED 9-5166 Hobby: Purple cars and Paul. Clubs and Activities: Junior Commercial Club, 1; Secre- tary, 1, Future Homemakers of America, 3; Federation Representative, 1, Historian, 1; Representative to State Convention, 1; Stu- den Government Alternate, 1; Treasurer of Sophomore class, Senior Commercial Club, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3. Outside Activities: Cheer- leader at Fort Belvoir, 1; Captain, 1. 96 ROBERT DICKERSON— " Bob —2801 Elmwood Drive, Burgundy Village, KI 8-2866. Hobby: Paula Clubs and Activities: Band, 1; Outside Activities: Aces Auto Club, Treasurer. REBA JOYCE DODD— 106 East Lee Street, Groveton, SO 5-4958. Clubs and Activities: Dramatics Club, 1. Outside Activities: Grove- ton Teen-Age Club. SUSAN FRANCES DODDS— Suzie " — Box 470, Rt. 4, Woodlawn Manor. ED 9-6633. Hobby Drawing and talking. Clubs and Activities: Pep Club, 1. Outside Activities: Army-Navy- Air Force Cotillion, 1 GEORGE DONALD DORSEY. JR.— " Don — Rt 5, Box 454, Telegraph Road Hobby: Singing. Clubs and Activities Barbershop Club, 1; Cotillion Club, 1, Alternate ol Student Govern- ment, 1, Junior Class Play, Varsity Chorus, 2; A Cappella Choir, 1, J. V Football, 1 Outside Activities Church Teen-Age Club, Teentones Quartet , Church Choir, Member of SPEBSQSA Society, Member of Holy Name Society. JOYCE ANN DOUCET— Shorty " —Quarters 939-B, Ft. Belvoir Hobby: Reading, and Sew- ing Clubs and Activities: Future Homemakers of America, 4 Outside Activities: Adult and Junior Choir at Ft Belvoir, Cheerleader at Ft. Belvoir, Marian Sodality. GEORGE DANIEL DOUGHTON— " Danny —Rt I, Box 910, Old Mt Vernon Road, SO 5-8930 Hobby Motorcycles. Clubs and Activities. J. V. Football, 1, Varsity Football, 3; J. V. Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 1. SHIRLEY MARIE DUNN— R F D. 4, Box 163, Alexandria, SO 5-6327. Clubs and Activities: Majorette Club, 1: Patrol Club, 1; Junior Com- mercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Majorettes Squad, 3; Student Government, 1 ROY (iLARK EMMERT — 18 Fairhaven Ave , Jefferson Manor, SO 5-7961 Hobby: Rebuild Cars. Transferred from Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge, Kentucky. JOHN DORSEY FAGEN— ' Luke — 49 Monti- cello Rd , Jefferson Manor, SO 5-7909. Hobby: Sports. Clubs and Activities: Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 1. PIPPA FEDDERSEN— Pip ' — 10 Tauxemcnt Road, Hollin Hall, SO 5-5818 Hobby: Clay Modeling. Clubs and Activities: Forensics, 1; Newspaper Staff, 1; Red Cross, 1; Dramatics Club, 1, Basketball, 1. LEONARD AARON FEDER— " Shorty ' -409-A-l Belleview Blvd , Alexandria, SO 8-8600 Hobby: Building Model Airplanes. Clubs and Activi- ties: Distributive Education Club, 1. BETTE MARIE FENTON— 934 Kenyon Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 5-4902. Hobby: Swim- ming Clubs and Activities: Future Home- makers of America, 1; Art Club, 1; Junior Var- sity Cheerleader, 1, Co-Captain, 1; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1 Outside Activities: Bucknell Teen Club, Bucknell Community newspaper. ANN HOLLIDAY FINNAN— " Goldie —1041 Quander Road, Bucknell Manor, SO 8-7528. Hobby Records Clubs and Activities: Dra- matics Club, 1 Outside Activities: Mt Vernon Presbyterian Youth Fellowship. WILSON FISHER— Fish — Lorton, GY 4-1256. Hobby ' Bev Clubs and Activities: Student Government, 1, Freshman Senate, 1; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 2; Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 2. JUDITH DIANNE FLOW— Judie — 814 Cavaliei Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 5-7823. Hobby Collecting Stuffed Animals. Clubs and ActivL ties: Future Homemakers of America, 2, Pep Club, 1, Outside Activities: Belleview Teer Club, Bucknell Manor Teen Club. SHIRLEY BROOK E GARMAN— Shirl — 1006 Woodside Drive, Alexandria, KI 8-7162. Hobby: Collecting records. Transferred from Swanson Junior High, Arlington, Virginia Clubs and Activities: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, 2; Cap- tain, 1; Varsity Cheerleaders, 1; Sec.-Treas., 1; Quill and Scroll, 2, President, 1; Yearbook, 2 , Managing Editor, 1, Representative to South- ern Interscholastic Press Association, 1; Span- ish Club, 1; Home Coming Queen, 1; Pep Club, 1; Student Government Representative, 2; Basketball, 1. JUANITA ELIZABETH GARRETSON— Nita — 1700 Telegraph Road, Virginia Hills, SO 8- 9548. Hobby Writing Letters. Clubs and Activities Latin Club, 2; Band, 2; Glee Club, 2; Student Council, 4, Advanced Science Club, 1; Newspaper, 2; Yearbook, 1; Fairfax County Student Council Association, 1; Secretary, 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Honor Society, 1; Cotillion Club, 1. Outside Activities Ft Belvoir Teen Club, Cameron Methodist Church. M Y. F. Winner of Future Homemaker Award; French Club, 2. DELORES CAROLE GERBER — " Dee " — 407 West Boulevard Drive, Hollin Hall, SO 5-6774 Hobby: Dancing and Horses. Transferred from Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Flordia. Outside Activities: Church Choir. PAUL VINSON GILBERT— 15 Mossey Court, Fairhaven, SO 5-7137 Clubs and Activities: Varsity Baseball, 1. PATRICIA DEE GILLAM — Pat " — 3909 Strat- ford Lane, Stratford, SO 5-8730. Hobby: Horse back riding, collecting salt and peppers. Transferred from Shawnee-Mission High School, Kansas City, Kansas. Clubs and Activi- ties: Yearbook Club, 1; Pep Club, 4; Astron- omy Club, 2; Extempo, 1 Mixed Chorus, 1; Girls Chorus, 1; Student Government Cabinet, 1, National Honor Society, 1. Outside Activi- ties: M Y F.; Youth Fellowship; Church Choirs. GARY PATRICK GILLUM— 602 Yorktown Drive, Hollin Hall Village, SO 5-5029. Hobby: Music. Clubs and Activities Key Club, 4; Reporter and Vice President, Honor Society, 2; Reporter, Band, 5, Band Manager, Chess Club, 1; All State Band, 5; Advanced Science Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1, Student Government, 1, Co- ordinating Body, Fairfax County Student Council Association, 1, Vice President. CAROLYN ADRIEN GOMBERG— Penny — Qtrs. 508-A, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Extension 2-3159. Hobby Phi Delta Sorority, Collecting Stuffed Animals from Buddy. Transferred from Cranston High School, Cranston, Rhode Island. Clubs and Activities: Future Teachers, 1-, Student Council, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1. Outside Activities: Phi Delta Sorority. Also Senior Play, and Snow Ball Committees. GLADYS FLORENCE GRAY— Sissy ' —905 Dartmouth Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 8-4336. Hobby: Sports and Travel Transferred from Charlestown High School, Charleston, Massa- chusetts. Clubs and Activities: Basketball, 1; Guard, 1; Softball, 1, Outside Activities: Saint Louis Teen Club. PHYLLIS ELEANOR GREENE— 205 Belle View Blvd Apt B-2, Belleview, SO 5-7094 Hobby: Salt and Pepper Collection Transferred from New London High School, New London, Con- necticut. ANNE SHELBY GRIFFITH— " Cheyenne —2011 Smithway Drive, Groveton, SO 5-8372. Hobby. Music. Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 4; Spanish Club, 1; Honor Society, 2; Band, 3; Chorus, 1. Outside Activities: Y.W.A. (Young Women ' s Auxiliary). JOAN ELIZABETH GRUBBS— 4603 Richmond Highway, Engleside, ED 9-6413. Hobby: Music. Clubs and Activities: Honor Society, 2; Secre- tary, 1, Spanish Club, 2; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Reporter, 1, ' Band, 4; Newspaper, 1; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Stu- dent Government, 1. Outside Activities: Coun- ty Band. RITA LOUISE HABERLY— Ricky —Rt 1, Alex- andria, ED 9-5587 Hobby: " Jack " Clubs and Activities: Junior Commercial Club, 1; Library Science, 3. 97 MARJORIE ROGERS HAITH— " Margie " — 357 W Groveton Street, Groveton, SO 5-5858. Hobby Dancing Clubs and Activities: Year- book, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; Commercial Club, 1. KENNETH SCOTT HAMMOND— 709 Potomac Avenue, New Alexandria, SO 5-6207 Hobby: " My Chevy " , Clubs and Activities: Class Play, 1; Chess Club, 1; Cotillion Club, 1; Intra-Mural Basketball, 1. Outside Activities: Eliminator Hot Rod Club, Naval Cadet Corps, Chief Petty Officer, 3; President of Eliminator Hot Rod Club, 1. LUCIA ROGERS HANSELL— 1 Pike Branch Drive, Wilton Woods, SO. 8-8488 Hobby Mu- sic. Transferred from Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia. Clubs and Activities: French Club, 1, Dramatics Club, 1, Pep Club, 1, Year Book Club, 1, Cotillion Club, 1. Out- side Activities: Young Peoples, 2, Jangos, 3, Zata Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Gamma Sigma Iota. SUSAN LEONA HARGETT— " Sue " — 50-17 All- wood Drive, Mount Vernon Park, SO 8-4611. Transferred from Needham High School, Need- ham, Massachusetts. Clubs and Activities: Dramatics Club, 1. Outside Activities: Need- ham Congregational Church Fellowship, Needham Badminton Club, Rainbow Girls. JOHN MILES HARRELSON III— " Johnny —1027 Columbia Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 8-8129 Clubs and Activities Yearbook Club, 1; Sports Editor , 1; Spanish Club, 1; Treasurer, 1; Who ' s Who, 2, Honor Society Treasurer, 2; Key Club President, 3; Student Government, Cabinet, 2; Chaplain, 2; Sophomore Class Vice President, 1, Junior Class President, 1; Senior Class Pres- ident 1; Cotillion Club, 1; Band Club, 3. Out- side Activities: Key Club Governor, Capital District Key Clubs International; Forensics Public Speaking MARY JEAN HARRIS— " Jinny —25 Park Place, Fair Haven, SO 5-4042 Hobby: Reading. Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 1; Debate, 4; Vice President, President, Parliamentarian, President Alternate, Student Government, 2; Senator, 1; Honor Society, 2; Senior Commer- cial Club, 1; Vice President, 1; Junior Com- mercial Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1, Dance Club, 2; Senior Class Play, Forensics, 4; Honor Roll, 4, Dramatics Club, Northern Virginia Debate League, 4, Secretary-Treasurer Outside Ac- tivities: Young Peoples, President, Church Choir. CHESTER GILBERT HAYDEN — " Chet ' — 2730 Richmond Highway, Woodley Hills Trailer Park, SO 5-8219. Hobby: Barbershop Quartet Singing. Clubs and Activities: A Capella Choir, 2; Mixed Chorus, 4; Barbershop Quar- tet, 1; Barbershop Club, 1. Outside Activities: Member of S P.L 3 Q S A , Alexandria Chap- ter, Baritone, Winners of Talent Show 1956 Barbershop Quartet, " The Teen Tones”. LOUIS MICHAEL HICKS — " Mike —11 River Road, Lorton, ED 9-6316. Clubs and Activities: Student Government Representative, 3; Art Club, 1; Football (Varsity) 3; Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Baseball, 4; Varsity Track, 3. BARRY NEIL HOLLAND— 208 Fairview Ave- nue, Alexandria, SO 8-7613. Hobby: Automo- biles. Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 1; Stu- dent Government, 1; Distributive Education, 2. Outside Activities Aces Automotive Club, Vice President WALTER TERRELL HOLT — " Terry — 45 Wood- mont Road, Belle Haven, SO 5-6272. Hobby: Cars and Girls. Clubs and Activities: Dis- tributive Education Club, 2. Outside Activi- ties: Eliminators Hot Rod Club, Treasurer. SHERRELL SUE HORSLEY— " Sherry ' —101 Un- iversity Drive, Bucknell Heights, SO 5-9676. Clubs and Activities: Homeroom Vice Presi- dent; Latin Club, 1; Future Nurses ' Club, 1; Basketball, 1; Baseball, 1. Outside Activities: Secretary and Treasurer of M.Y F. ALICE ANNE HOTCHKISS— " Anne”— Rt 2, Chahotkin Drive, Alexandria, SO 5-8065. Hob- by: Swimming and Diving. Clubs and Activi- ties Art Club, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 1; Varsity Basketball, 1. JOHN HENRY HUDSON — " Jack — 3106 To- wanda Road, Franconia, KI 9-4875. RICHARD DENNIS JERNIGAN— " Dickie " — RFD 4, Box 447, Alexandria, ED 9-6148 Hobby: " Working on my car. " Clubs and Activities: Art Club, 2. Outside Activities: Ace ' s Auto- mobile Club. SARAH FRANCES JONES— Jonese —Box 383, Rt. 1, Lorton, ED 9-6490. Hobby: Sports Clubs and Activities: Honor Society, 1; Pep Club, 1; Student Governm ent Representative, 1; Var- sity Hockey, 4, Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Softball, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 1 Outside Activities: Young Peoples Member- ship. RICHARD WENDELL JORDAN — " Dick ' — 26 South Street, Fairhaven. Hobby: Hunting and Trapping Transferred from Freeport Area High School, Freefort, Pennsylvania ALICE ELISABETH KENDALL— Rt 4, Box 624-A, Mt. Zephyr, ED 9-5046. Clubs and Activities: Quill and Scroll, 2; Vice President, 1; Pep Club, 1; Bible Club, 2; Red Cross Club, 1; " Em Vee Hi Newspaper, 3; Girls Sports Edi- tor, 1; Managing Editor, 1; Student Govern- ment, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Varsity Cheerleader, 2, Co-Captain, 1; Junior Varsity Hockey, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Varsity Basket- ball, 2; Junior Varsity Softball, 1; Varsity Soft- ball, 1 Outside Activities: Methodist Youth Fellowship, Secretary, 1; President, 1. DELORES M. KEPLER — " Dee ' — 14 Sandlin Court, Virginia Hills, SO 5-9440 Hobby Junior Modeling and Modern Dancing Clubs and Activities Beta-Chi-TRI-Hi-Y Sorority, 1; News- paper, Editor, 1; Fashions and Modeling Club, 1; Drama Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Quill and Scroll Honor Society, 1: Freshman Volleyball Team, 1 Outside Activities: Cam- eron Church MYF Transferred from Wake- field High School, Arlington, Virginia. KATHERINE ANN KIRKPATRICK— " Kathie — Quarters 58, Fairfax Drive, Ft. Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Extension 5239. Clubs and Activities: Student Council, 1; Sophomore Council, 1; Sophomore Class Treasurer, 1; Cotillion Club, 2, Varsity Cheerleader, 1; Pep Club, 1; Senior Class Play Dramatics Club, 1; Chairman, 1; Mixed Chorus, 2, Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Junior Varsity Volleyball, 2. Outside Activi- ties: Christian Youth Fellowship, Teengineers Club, Essayons Dramatic Club. FRANK R. KLUNE— " Chip —RFD Rt 1, Lorton, GY 4-3960. Hobby: Cars and Boats. TOMMIE JEAN LADSON— " Jeanie ' — Quarters 22, Ft. Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Extension 5125. Hobby " Keeping my hair blond! " Clubs and Activities: Girl Athletic Association, 1; Pep Clu b, 1; Art Club, 2; Newspaper Reporter, 4, Student Government Council, 3; Dramatics Club, 4 Transferred from Yokohama Ameri- can High School, Yokohama, Japan. WILLIAM ANTHONY LEE— Tony Anatoe — Rt. 4, Box 640, Mt Zephyr, ED 9-6772. Clubs and Activities: Eighth Grade Baseball, Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 2; Var- sity Football, 1. Outside Activities: Mt. Vernon Teen Club. GEORGE LEJNIEKS, JR.— 1136 Wakefield Drive, Belle View, SO 8-7815. Hobby: Weightlifting. Outside Activities: Y.M.C.A JANET DARLENE LIPFORD— Pee Wee —2806 Richmond Highway, Hybla Valley Hobby. Boys Clubs and Activities: Future Home- makers of America, 1; Fashion Show, 2; Prom Committee, 1; Senior High Service, 1. Out- side Activities Groveton Teen Age Club PAUL WILSON LIPSCOMB— Lips —926 Dart- mouth Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 5-6245 Hobby " A certain Little Angel " Clubs and Activities: Automotive Club, 2; Fireman ' s Club, 1; Distributive Education Clu-b, 1 JAMES LINDSEY LOVING— 1536 Huntington Avenue, Alexandria, SO 8-7441 Hobby Mo- torcycles Clubs and Activities Automotive Club, 1. WENDY LOR LYMAN— " Windy —324 Hillcrest Drive, Groveton, SO 5-6734 Hobby Piano, Swimming. Transferred from East St Louis Senior High School, East St. Louis, Illinois. Clubs and Activities Advanced Science Club, 2; Cotillion Club, 2; Bible Club, 1; Varsity Softball, 1. Outside Activities: Groveton Bap- tist Church, YWA at Groveton Teen Club, Teengineers Club at Ft. Belvoir, Job s Daugh- ters, Librarian and Recorder. KENNETH BRUCE MacARTHUR — " Kenny " — 1010 Roanoke Drive, Beacon Manor, SO 5-5664. Hobby: Model Trains. EARL JAY MARTIN— " E J — Route 1, Box 275, Lorton, Gunston Hall, ED 9-5749 Hobby: Bar- bershoppin ' , Shootin ' , Livin ' . Clubs and Ath- letics Freshman Chorus, 1; Mixed Chorus, 4; President, 2; A Capella Choir, 2; Vice-Presi- dent, 1, Barbershop Club, 1; Vice-President, Barbershop Quartet, 2; Senior Play, Bus Driver, Cotillion Club, Student Government Repre- sentative, Art Club, 1; All State Chorus, 2; Senior Class Nominating Committee, " Mi- kado” ANNE CHANDLER MASSEY — " Channy " — 12 Beech Tree Drive, Wilton Woods, SO 8-4412. Clubs and Athletics: Yearbook, 3; Latin Club, 1; Patrols, 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, 1; A Capella Choir, 1; Student Government, Rep- resentative, 2; Alternate, 1. Outside Activities: Junior Nurses ' Aide ' s, President. SUZANNE FRANCES MAURER — " Yankee " — 309 West Collard Street, Groveton, SO 8-9234. Hobby Horses and arguing with brother. Clubs and Athletics: Band, 2; Library, 1; Pa- trol, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Librarian, 1 Outside Activities: Y W A ' s, Chcirman of Finance Committee of Groveton Teen Age Club. GERALD ROBERT MAZETiS — " Jerry — Quar- ters 407-A, Fort Belvoir. Transferred from Luzerne High School in Luzerne, Pennsylva- nia. Clubs and Athletics: Varsity Football. Outside Activities: Fort Belvoir Teen Age Club. KAREN LOUISE McCOMBIE — 304 Ashton Street, Mount Vernon Woods, ED 9-5309. Clubs and Athletics: Mixed Chorus, 3; Junior Com- mercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1. KENNETH HERMAN McGILL — Ken — 503 Stratford Drive, Hollin Hall, SO 5-9375. Hobby Cars, working on a Pontiac, stamps, guns, girls, and watching Thunderbirds and Cor- vettes go by. Clubs and Athletics: Cotillion Club, 2; Senior Play. DONNA MARIE McINTOSH— " Tosh —Route 1, Box 260-F, Hollowing Point, ED 9-6314 Hobby Sports and sewing. Clubs and Athletics: Ma- jorette Club, 1; French Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Dramatics Club, 1, Secretary, School Play, 1956, Student Government, 2; Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, 1; Varsity Cheerleaders, 2 KATHY HELGA McSHERRY — Blondie” — 1 144 Wakefield Drive, Belle View, SO 5-6651 Hob- by Art and Music Transferred from Cham- paign High School in Champaign, Illinois. Clubs and Athletics: Pep Club, 3; Dramatics, 2; Cheerleader, 1; Basketball, 1, A Cappella Choir, 2; Secretary, 1; Junior, Senior Prom Committee, 1 Outside Activities: C. Y, O., 4 MARY DONNA MURPHY— " Donna —5 Flaxton Place, Franconia Estates, TE 6-6345. Hobby: Traveling Clubs and Athletics: Pep Club, 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Newspaper Staff, 1. MARILYN ANN MESERVE— 1005 Potomac Ave- nue, Belle View, SO 8-8709 Hobby Swim- ming, Oil Painting Clubs and Athletics Art Club, 3. Treasurer, ‘1; President, 1; French Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Year- book, 2; Copy Editor, 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Senior Play, Art Director, 1; Honor Roll, 2; School Fair, 1st, 4th, and Grand Prize in Art, Student Government, 1 Outside Activities: Christ Church Young People ' s Fellowship, Secretary. 98 KATHARINE DAVIS MEYER— " Katie " — Route 1, Box 209, Fort Hunt, SO 8-7740. Hobby: Read- ing, Writing, and Crossword Puzzles. Clubs and Athletics: Debate Club, 3; Secretary, 1; Vice-President, 1; Advanced Science Club, 2; Secretary, 1; Cotillion Club, 1; Library Club, 1; Student Government, 1; Corresponding Sec- retary, Honor Society, 1 Outside Activities: St. Mary ' s Teen Age Discussion Group, 3; St. Martin ' s Catholic Church Choir, 1. NATHALIE EVELYN MEYER — " Nan” — 942 Sweetbriar Drive, Bucknell, SO 5-5609 Hobby: Drama. Transferred from Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia Clubs and Ath- letics Dramatics, 2; Pep Club, 1; Secretary- Treasurer, Tri-Hy-Y, 2; Secretary, Debate, 1; Y-Teens, 1; Art Club, 1 Outside Activities: Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Youth Group, Fair- lington Teen Club, 2, Secretary. RONALD LEE MILES — " Ronnie ' — 4634 Rich- mond Highway, Engleside, ED 9-6308. Hobby. Triumph Motorcycles and Fords. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, 2. Out- side Activities: DeMolay, Belvoir Chapter, Penn Daw Fire Department. ADRIAN EUGENE MILLER— Box 299, Route 4, Engleside Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 2; Honor Society, Key Club, Junior Varsity Bas- ketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 1. BARBARA JUANITA MOORE— Route 4, Box 386, Engleside, ED 9-6000 Hobby: Traveling. Clubs and Athletics: Student Government Representative, 3; Senator, 1; Dramatic Club, Treasurer, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 2; Majorette Club, 2; Majorette, 2; Drum Ma- jorette, 2; Miss Mount Vernon Court, 1; Key Club Sweetheart, 1; Basketball, 2. Outside Activities: Y. W. A. JOAN ELAINE MORRIS— " Joanie— 530 West Oak Street, Groveton, SO 5-4580 Clubs and Athletics: Latin Club, Vice-President, 1; Art Club, 3; Reporter, 1; Yearbook, 3; Honor So- ciety, 2; Library Club, 1; Bible Club, 3. DIANNE ROSE MOYLAN— 909 Clemson Drive, West Grove, SO 8-8902 Hobby: Horses and Horse Back Riding. Transferred from Academy Holy Names in Silver Spring, Maryland. PATRICK JOSEPH MUMMA— “Pat — 1 108 B-2 Kimbro Loop, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5397. Hobby: Joyce Laughery. Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, 1; Student Government Representative, 2; Latin Club, 1; Senior Play Cast, Forensics, Champion in Prose Reading from Mt Ver- non. Basketball, 1. Outside Activities: Fort Belvoir Teengineers Club, President, 2, Build- ing Committee Chairman, Under-Secretary, Presidential Advisor. MIKE MUNZ- 930 Dartmouth Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 8-8787. Hobby: Swimming, Cars. Clubs and Athletics: Football, Water Polo, Swimming Outside Activities: Eliminators Hot Rod Club EDMUND ALBERT OFFNER Eddie —2911 Burgundy Road, Burgundy Village, OV 3-4424 Hobby Cars and Fire Department Clubs and Athletics Distributive Education, 2 Outside Activities: Penn Daw Volunteer Fire Depart- ment, Aces Automotive Club. JAMES PATRICK O ' NEAL — " Pat ' — Gunston Hall, Lorton, ED 4-6502. Hobby: Flying. Clubs and Athletics: Model Airplane Club, 2, Vice- President. Outside Activities: Civil Air Patrol, 2nd Leutenant. JANICE EUGENIA PARR - " Jan —2804 Rich- mond Highway, Groveton, SO 8-4890 Hobby Dancing, Swimming, and Skating. Clubs and Athletics: Latin Club, 1; President, Y-Tee ns, 1; Dramatics Club, 2; Pep Club, 1; French Club, 1, Secretary, Advanced Science Club, 1; Bible Club, 1; Cotillion Club, 1; Junior Varsity Bas- ketball, 1, Varsity Basketball, 1. ELLEN POWELL PARSONS— Gunston Manor, Lorton, ED 9-6541 Hobby: Collecting Records Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 4; Treasurer, 2; Mixed Chorus, 2; All State Chorus, 1; " Mika- do " , A Capella Choir, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Debate Club, 2 Outside Activities: Methodist Youth Fellowship, 2; Secretary, 1. DONALD RAY PEGELOW— " Donnie " — Lorton, GY 4-2900, Ext 85. Hobby; Motorcycles Clubs and Athletics; Bus Driver, 2; Barbarshop Quar- tet. CAROL ANN PERRY — U-29-D Gray ' s Hill Vil- lage, Fort Belvoir Hobby: Collecting Junk Transferred from Waterbury High School in Waterbury, Vermont. Clubs and Athletics: Library Club, 3; Yearbook, 1; Newspaper, 2; Student Council, 1; Junior Prom Committee, 1; Homeroom Vice-President, 1; Commercial Club, 1; Pro Merito Honor Society, 1. EDITH CAYLOR PETERSILIA — " Edie " — Hollin Hall Hobby Moongazing and listening to records Clubs and Athletics: Homecoming Court, Junior and Senior, Latin Club, 1; Sec- retary, Forensics, 1; School Spelling Cham- pion, Freshman, Debate Club, 2; President, 1; Senior Class Secretary, Honor Society, 2; Pres- ident, 1, Student Government Representative, 1; Pep Club, 1; Yearbook Staff, 1 Outside Activities: St. Mary ' s Teen-Age Discussion Group, 3. JACKIE VERNON PETITT— " Speedy ' —Route 4, Box 521, Engleside, ED 9-6951. Hobby: Boats. Clubs and Athletics: Student Government Representative, 2; Eighth Grade Vice-Presi- dent, Eighth Grade Football, Varsity Foot- ball, 4; Varsity Track, 3. FRANK FLOYD PHELPS— 12 Rixey Drive, Fair- haven. Transferred from George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia. DELANEY EDWARD PHILLIPS— Route 1, Box 253, Fort Hunt, SO 5-6023 Hobby: Firehouse. Clubs and Athletics: Football, Baseball. MARTHA JEAN PHILLIPS— " Little Jean ' —605 Edgehill Drive, Jefferson Manor. Hobby: Sew- ing. Clubs and Athletics: Future Homemakers of America, 1; Patrols, 2; Bible Club, 2; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Softball, 1; Basketball, 1. CONRAD PAUL PRACHT— " Red " —Route 1, Box 248, Hunters Station, SO 5-5438. Hobby: Working on cars. Clubs and Athletics: Chess Club, 2; Distributive Education Club, 2. ANN ELIZABETH PRESTON— J-18, Apt B, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Ext. 22145 Hobby: Enjoy- ing Myself Clubs and Athletics: Bible Club, 2; French 1. Outside Activities: Youth for Christ. MARGARET ELLEN PRICE — " Maggie ' — 21 1 Woodley Drive, Woodley Hills, SO 5-6785. Hobby Art Transferred from Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia. Clubs and Athletics ' Cotillion, 1; Treasurer, 1; Art Club, 3, Vice-President, 1; Secretary, 1; Year- book, 1; Student Government, 2; Cabinet, Sec- retary of Art, 1; Honor Society, 2; Red Cross Club, 1; Latin Club, President, 1. KENNETH CONAWAY PRINCE— " Kenny —303 Martin Street, Groveton, SO 5-5533. Hobby: Sports. Clubs and Athletics: Prom Decorating Committee, Chairman. Sno-Ball Committee, Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Football, 1 JAMES OTIS PULLEN — " J im " — Lorton, ED 9-6358. Hobby: Girls Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, 2; Vice-President, 1; Delegate to D. E. State Convention: Base- ball, 1. MARJORIE CAMERON PULMAN — " Marji " — U-43 Mansfield Road, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Ext 20152 Hobby: Collecting Records and Dancing. Clubs and Athletics: Spanish Club, 3; Secretary, 1; Dramatics Club, 2; Senior Class Play; Red Cross Council, 1; Student Government, 1; Advanced Science Club, 2; Forensics, Pep Club, 1; Band, 4 Outside Ac- tivities Job ' s Daughters, Chaplain, Librarian, 1st Messenger, Fort Belvoir Teengineers, Sec- retary, 2. RUTH CAROLYN PUSEY— " Chip " —714 13th Street, New Alexandria, SO 5-7451 Hobby: Breeding and Showing Cocker Spaniels, Drawing and Painting, Collecting Glass Fig- uriens Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 3; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commer- cial, 1. Outside Activities: Canine Training Assocation, Inc , Capital City Cocker Club. JAMES BRIAN QUIGLEY— " Quig ' —307 Edge- hill Drive, Jefferson Manor, SO 5-4148 Hobby: Dancing and Music. Clubs and Athletics: Key Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Cotillion Club, 2; Dance Band, 3; Reporter of Senior Class, Member All-County Band, Member All-State Band, Band, Lieutenant, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1; Varsity Football, 1; Intra-mural Bas- ketball Champion Team, 1; Varsity Track, 1. Outside Activities: President of Saint Louis Teenage Club, 2. MARY JACQUELYN RAMBO— Box 114, Route 1, Lorton Hobby: Dancing Clubs and Ath- letics: Patrol, 1; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Band, 3. Outside Activities: Sunday School Secretary, Young People ' s Social Leader, YWA. RICHARD LEE RASH— 1 128-B-3 E. C. Knight Street, Fort Belvoir Hobby; Cars. Transferred from Bluestone High School in Skipwith, Vir- ginia. JAMES A. READ — 2303 Sadie Tree Drive, Rose Hill Farms, SO 5-4987. Hobby: " My Mercury " Transferred from Heidleberg Depent School in Heidleberg, Germany. Clubs and Athletics: Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Baseball, 2. Out- side Activities: Eliminations — Hot Rod Club. CAROL NAOMI REEVES— 210 E Fairview Avenue, Penn Daw, SO 5-7669. Hobby: " Don- nie " , Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, 4; Captain, 1, Band, 3; Bible Club, 3; Library Club, 1; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Student Government, 1. JAMES EDWARD REXRODE— " Jimmie —Route 4, Box 556, Engleside, ED 9-6447. Hobby: Dancing. Outside Activities: Fort Belvoir Teenage Club. Engleside Playboys. KENNETH MARVIN REXRODE— " Ken —Route 4, Box 556, Engleside, ED 9-6447 Hobby: Cars and Boats. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club. Outside Activities: Teenage Club. CHARLES SPITTAL ROBB— " Chuck —4 South- down Road, Wellington Villa, SO 5-6009 Clubs and Athletics: National Honor Society, 2; Ser- geant at Arms, Key Club, 2; Advanced Science Club, 1; Scholarship Club, 2; Newspaper Re- porter, 2; Golf, 2; Varsity Basketball, 2; Junior Varsity Football, 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Junior Track, 2. Outside Activities: Young Peoples Fellowship Group, President, 2; De- Molay, 1, JOHN DELANEY ROBEY— " Jack —304 Spots- wood Drive, Hollin Hall, SO 5-4528. Hobby: Collecting ReCbrds. Clubs and Athletics: Dis- tributive Education Club, 2; President, 1 Out- side Activities: Young Peoples at Baptist Church. IAN MICHAEL RODWAY — " Chavez Speedy Gonzalez " — 917 Tenth Street, Belle View, SO 8-7301. Hobby: Elephant Collecting, Basket Weaving, Gluke Making. Clubs and Athletics: Key Club, 2; Secretary, 1; Auto Club, 1; Honor Society, 1; Student Government, 2,. Repre- sentative, 1; Vice-President, 1; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 2. MARY ANNE RONCONE— " Macy — 1744 Rich- mond Highway, Groveton Hobby Cooking. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, Treasurer. FRED CLYDE ROOP— " Rope —Route 4, Box 625, Mount Zephyr, ED 9-6243 Hobby: Run- ning. Clubs and Athletics: Junior Class Vice- President, Senior Play, Student Government Represetative, 2; Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Foo ' .ball, 3, Varsity Baseball, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2, Varsity Basketball, 1; Varsity Track, 4 MAXINE ROSELIE RUDICH — " Max — 3516 Jackson Avenue, Rolling Hills, ED 9-5488. Hobby Collecting Stuffed Animals. Clubs and Athletics Future Homemakers of America, 2; Future Teachers of America, 2; Treasurer, 1; Distributive Education Club, 1. Outside Ac- tivities Methodist Youth Group, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. PAUL WAYNE RUDY— 3525 Jackson Street, Engleside, ED 9-5819. JANET ANN RUSSELL— Jan " —Box 431, Lor- ton, ED 9-6432. Hobby: Dancing. Transferred from Andrew Lewis High School in Salem, Virginia. Clubs and Athletics: Pep Club, 2; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Junior Commer- cial Club, 1; Future Homemakers of America, 1; FHA Fashion Show, 1; Y-Teens Thanksgiv- ing Program, 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Senior Class Play, Library Club, 1; Y-Teens, 1; Home Room Captain, Student Christian Association, 1. Outside Activities: Luther League, Presi- dent, Vice-President, Accompanist. HAMMOND McKIE SALLEY— 26 West Orange Street, Tarpon Springs, Florida. Hobby Elec- tronics, Semi-Classical Music Transferred from Kubasaki High School in Okinawa. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, 2; Chess Club, 2; President, Honor Society, 3, Student Govern- ment, 1; Yearbook 1, Debate Club 1; Old Dominion Boys State, 1956 Outside- Activi- ties Youth Fellowship, 2; President, Explorer Scouts Post 118; Senior Crew Leader, 1. MELVIN DOUGLAS SATTERWHITE " Doug— Route 4, Box 135, Groveton, SO 5-8292 Hobby Weight Lifting and Hi-Fi Classical Music. Clubs and Athletics Mixed Chorus, 2. NEDRA ANNE SCHULTZ— " Ned ' —1 162 West Wakefield Drive, Belle View, SO 5-7147. Trans- ferred from Centennial High School in Pueblo, Colorado. Clubs and Athletics: Centenettes, 2; Treasurer, Contemporary Girls Society, 1; Secretary, Red and White Choir, 1. Outside Activities: Methodist Youth Fellowship in Pueblo, Colorado, Methodist Church Choir in Pueblo, Colorado. JUDITH LEE SCOTT— " Judy —2908 Elmwood Drive, Burgundy Village, KI 9-4662. Hobby Cooking and Clothes. Clubs and Athletics: Student Government, 2; Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1. Outside Activities: Burgundy Teen Club, Secretary, 2. JUDD RILEY SCOTT— " The Kid —201 Bellevue Boulevard, Belle View, SO 5-6171. Hobby: Cars. Clubs and Athletics: Varsity Football, 1, Automobile Club HILDA ISA SEARS — Route 1, Box 1 1 1 - A , Lor- ton, GY 4-2800, Ext. 111. Hobby: Sonny. Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, 1; Junior Commercial, 1; Bible Club, 1; Band, 1. Outside Activities: M. Y. F., 3; Secretary, 1. CAROL VIRGINIA SEIFERT — 804 Cavalier Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 8-835 1 Hobby: Swimming and Traveling. Transferred from Leavenworth Senior High School in Leaven- worth, Kansas. Clubs and Athletics: French Club, 1; Bible Club, 1; Pep Club, 1; Girls Athletic Association, 1. Outside Activities: Jango ' s, 2; Job ' s Daughter ' s, 2; 1st Messenger, Recorder. CLAUDE B. SHAFFER— 331! Richmond High- way, Hybla Valley, SO 8-8938. Hobby: Flying and Hot Rods Clubs and Athletics: Model Airplane Club, 2. Outside Activities: Civil Air Patrol, 4, 1st Lt. EILENE ADELE SHAFFER — " Judy " — 4632 Cedar Lane, Engleside Hobby: Swimming. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 3; Ground Patrols, 1; Junior Commercial Club. NORMAN FRANCIS SHEPHERD — " Shep” — Route 1, Box 169, Lorton, ED 9-6405. Hobby Baber Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 2; Vice- President, 1; Student Government, 1; Mixed Chorus, 3; Reporter, 1, Eighth Grade Baseball, Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Football, 3; Track, 3. Outside Activities: Young Peoples. CLAUDIA MARIE SHIPLEY— " Bugs " —907 8th Street, Belle View, SO 5-9233. Hobby: Eating. Clubs and Athletics: Junior Commercial Club, 1; Senior Commercial Club, 1; Future Home- makers of America Club, 1; Pep Club, 1. Outside Activities: M. Y F. GEORGE ROBERT SIMMONS— Route 1, Box 341, Lorton, ED 9-5500, Ext. 24249. Hobby Work and Girls. Clubs and Athletics: Dis- tributive Education, 1. 99 ECIL ELLEN SKEENS - " Len " — 1424 River View Terrace, Huntington, SO 5-8017. Hobby Roller Skating and Sewing. Transferred from East Bank High School in East Bank, West Vir- ginia Clubs and Athletics 4-H Club, Presi- dent, 1, Mixed Chorus, 1; Distributive Educa- tion Club, 1, Secretary, 1; Basketball, 1. FLORENCE JANE SMITH— 401 Ashton Street, Mount Vernon Woods, ED 9-5907. Hobby: Ger- many Clubs and Athletics: Bible Club, 1; Junior Commercial, 1; Treasurer, Senior Com- mercial, 1, Mixed Chorus, 1; Bookroom. Out- side Activities: Young Women ' s Auxiliary, Chairman. MAUREEN MADALYN SNIDER — " Dimples ' - 2730 Richmond Highway, Woodley Hills Trailer Court, SO 5-6430 Hobby Dancing. Clubs and Athletics: Student Council, Red Cross. Outside Activities Groveton Teenage Club ELIZABETH JANE SNYDER -7 Hunting Cove Place, Belle Haven, SO 8-8845 Clubs and Athletics Dramatics Club, 1, Mixed Chorus, 4, Secretary, 2; A Capella Choir, 1; Treasurer, Photography Club, 1, Quill and Scroll, 1; Sec- retary, Junior Class Senator, Cotillion Club, 2; Representative to Southern Inter-Scholastic Press Association Convention, Representative to All-State Choir, Representative to State Student Government Convention, Feature Edi- tor EM VEE HI, 1; Editor-in-Chief EM VEE HI, 1, Student Government Representative, 1 ROY THOMAS STARRY, JR. “Jack —407 West Oak Street, Groveton, SO 5-6936 Hobby. Cars Clubs and Athletics: Automotive Club, 1; Bus Driver, 2; Distributive Education Club, 1, Eighth Grade Baseball, 1; Junior Varsity Baseball. 1 Outside Activities: Groveton Teenage Club, Vice-President, " Drifters ' , Au- tomotive Club JOSEPH JENSEN STEVENS— " Joe —Box 108 Lorton, ED 9-6917 SHIRLEY ANN STOWERS - Sharpie— Route 1, Box 815, Woodley Hills. Clubs and Ath- letics: Future Homemakers of America, 2, Junior Commercial, 1; Senior Commercial, 1, Secretary, 1; Student Government, 1 Outside Activities: Baptist Training Union, Secretary FRANCES LOUISE SWINDELL — Fran —912 Dartmouth Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 5-9520 Hobby Piano, Sports and Growing Chrysan- themums. Clubs and Athletics: Softball, 2, Basketball, 2; Hockey, 2 Outside Activities St. Luke ' s Young People VALERIE STEVENS TARR— " Val " — 2503 Cov- entry Road, White Oaks, SO 8-7208 Hobby Traveling. Clubs and Athletics: French Club, Pep Club, Newspaper. HELEN PATRICIA TAYLOR - " Pat —4008 Rich- mond Highway, Alexandria Clubs and Ath- letics Future Homemakers of America, 1. SIDNEY REED THOMPSON " Sid — 2100 Maple Street, Groveton, SO 5-8178 Hobby Music. Clubs and Athletics: Yearbook, 3; Editor, 1: Advanced Science Club, 2, EDWARD CLYDE TRICE, JR. " Brother ' —306 Collard Street, Groveton, SO 5-7580. Hobby: Hunting. Clubs and Athletics Fireman ' s Club, 2; Patrols, 2; Bus Driver, 2; Automotive Club, 2. SARA HELEN TURNER— 208 East Side Drive, Groveton, SO 5-5532. Hobby Swimming. Clubs and Athletics Student Government, 4, Representative, 2, Cabinet, 1; Coordinating Body, 1, Honor Society, 2; Mixed Chorus Ac- companist, 5; Advanced Science Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Reporter, 1; Debate Club, 1; Varsity Cheerleaders, 1 Outside Activities: Church Youth Fellowship, President, Secre- tary-Treasurer, JOANNE FAY ULRICK— " Jo — 321 West Col- lard Street, Groveton, SO 5-8693 Hobby: Writ- ing Clubs and Athletics Art Club, 4, Secre- tary, 1; President, 1; Future Teachers of Amer- ica, 2; President, 1, Honor Society, 2: Latin Club, Treasurer, 1; Debate Club, Secretary- Treasurer, 1; Newspaper, 2; News Editor, 1; Student Government Cabinet, Secretary of Art, 1, Quill and Scroll, 2 Outside Activities: Job ' s Daughters, Guide, Junior Princess, Grove- ton Teen Age Club WILLIAM JOHN URICK, III - " Bill ' — 1024 Co- lumbia Drive, Bucknell Manor, SO 5-4416. Hobby: Models and " my car " Clubs and Athletics: Cotillion Club, 2; Key Club, 1; Senior Class Play, Advanced Science Club, Presi- dent, Prom Committee, 2; Intra-mural Basket- ball Outside Activities Young People ' s. BEVERLY VIRGINIA VAIL— " Bev— 1316 Lo- cust Street, Huntington, SO 8-8215. Hobby: " Fisher " Clubs and Athletics: Newspaper, 1; Assistant Sports Editor, 1, Junior Commercial Club, 1, Senior Commercial Club, 1 GRETCHEN KATERI VON ROSENBERG — " Tex " — 1017 East Wakefield Drive, Belle View, SO 8-4293. Hobby Horseback Riding, Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, 1. GEORGE HENRY WAHL, JR. — 202 Fairfax Road, Hollin Hall, SO 8-7649 Clubs and Ath- letics Automotive Club, 1; Advanced Science Club, 1; Band, 5; Lieutenant, 1, Senior Play — " Ed”, Track Outside Activities: Mount Vernon Park Association Swimming Team. KAY FRANCES WALL — " Kay K " — 4422 Rich- mond Highway, Lorton. Hobby: Writing let- ters Clubs and Athletics Junior Commercial Club, Reporter, 1, Newspaper, Business Man- ager, 1, Fashion Editor, 3; Bible Club, 1; Dra- matics Club, 1; Gell Club, 1 ANDERSON WALLACE — " Andy 1 — 4 Arken- dale Road, Belle Haven, SO 5-4011. Hobby- Cars, Photography. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, 2; Vice-President, Key Club, 2; Honor Society, 2; Student Government, 4; Representative, Alternate, President, Cotillion Club, 1; Yearbook, 1; Delegate to Old Domin- ion Boy ' s State. WILLIAM E. WALTHALL— " Bill " — Fairfax Sta- tion, GY 4-4078 Hobby: Baseball, Hunting and Fishing. Clubs and Athletics: Band, 2; Junior Varsity Baseball, 2; Varsity Baseball, 2. ROBERT STAMEY WELBORN — " Bob " — 1 126 Marine Drive, Marlon Forrest, SO 8-4453. Hob- by: Photography Transferred from Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Maryland. WAYNE THOMAS WILLIAMS — " Tiger " — 121 Gunston Road, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Ext. 6243. Hobby Music and Sports. Transferred from Pacific Grove High School in Pacific Grove, California. Clubs and Athletics: Foot- ball, 3; Basketball, 3; Track, 4; Swimming, 2; Letterman ' s Club, 3, Cotillion Club, 2; Mixed Chorus, 4, President and Vice-President, A Capella, 4; President, Vice-President, " Teen Tones " Outside Activities: E R. D L Chorus, Catholic Church Choir, " Belvoir Teengineers " , S. P. E. B S. Q. S. A. Inc., Alexandria Chapter. DONALD LEE WHITE — " Whitie " — 526 West Oak Street, Groveton, SO 5-6202 GERALD WEBSTER WILDMAN— " Jerry —61 1 Norton Road, Burgundy Village, KI 9-2421. Hobby Automobiles. Clubs and Athletics: Student Patrols, 1; Distributive Education Club, 1. PEGGY MARIE WILLIAMS— " Peg —3301 Rich- mond Highway, Alexandria, SO 5-9721 Hobby: Dancing. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education, I and II, Publicity Manager KAY ARLENE WISNER— 530 Jamestown Road, Hollin Hall, SO 8-7397 Hobby: Bob . Clubs and Athletics: Red Cross Club, 1; French Club, 3; President, 1; Dramatics, Pep Club, Vice- President, Advanced Science Club, Cotillion Club, Student Government Representative, Senior Privilege Committee, Decorating Com- mittee For Sno-Ball, Yearbook Staff, 1. Out- side Activities: Young People ' s, 1. JAMES PHILLIP WOODRUFF - " Woody —Box 333, Lorton, ED 9-6460. Hobby Swimming. Clubs and Athletics: Varsity Football, 3; Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, DAVID PETER YENS— Qtrs 0-22 Snow Loop, Fort Belvoir, ED 9-5500, Ext 33101. Hobby Photography, Chess, Stamp Collecting, Model Railroading, Chemistry Clubs and Athletics: Chess Club, 4, Secretary, Treasurer, Honor Society, 2; Advanced Science Club, 2; Chorus, 1, Senior Class Play, Yearbook Staff, 2, Junior Commercial Club, 1; Baseball, 1; SIPA Con- vention, 1; Honorable Mention at State Science Fair. Outside Activities: Teengineer Club, Ex- plorer Post 118, Treasurer, DeMolay. First row, left to right: Sharon Van den Berg, secretary. Second row: Kris Thompson, senator, Pete Pedersen, vice president; Wanda Homeland, senator. Third row: Mike Sanford, reporter; Nick Hun- sucker, treasurer and Joe Murphy, president. Junior Officers Joe Murphy President 102 Marjorie Alvey Manual Alzamora Robert Anderson Nancy Bailey Frances Bailey Mary Lou Ballard John Baty David Brewer Shirley Bowles JUNIORS Joyce Bowen Jay Brown Frank Burkholder Margaret Byrd Dorothy Jean Carlson Katherine Carr i Joyce Clark Marie Agnes Clark Suzanne Clark Barbara Cornwell Pat Cullen Pierre Damewood Ronald Dudley Peggy Duerson Dennis Easley Patsy Daniels Jean Davis Bruce Deavers JUNIORS John Edwards James Eller Boyd Elswick Marguerite Embrey Darleen Faris Olga Fernandez Douglas Gates Deidre Gleason Helen Grawley Loretta Griffith Martha Hall Charlie Hamilton JUNIORS Cecil Harley Jack Henry Wanda Homeland Barbara Huston Nick Hunsucker Dennis Jenkins Joe Johnson Warren Jones Lisa Kanwit Cecelia Keefe Donald Keener Judy Keith Kaye Kerns Mike Keys J JUNIORS Annabel Kistner Dorothy Layman Jerry Lee Richard Lewis Eric Logan Helen Long Marlene Mansha Nina Martin Shelby Martin Douglas McPherson William Merdel Jonnie Merritt Leo Meyers Michael Miller Robin Miller Janet Minetree Richard Montgomery Marcia Moore Nancy Morgan Joe Murphy Doris Otis JUNIORS Lee Parker Sherry Pavey Pete Pedersen Johnny Peterson Patercia Peyton Theresa Practh Joe Radford Janet Reafsnyder Jules Kee Renaud Dennis Riley Rebecca Rios Raymond Rodreguez Katherine Russell Mike Sandford Larry Scartz Helen Shepherd Gail Simmons James Slye Allen Steven Susan Stewart Richard Stewart Patricia Stutz Edward Surovell Shirley Swenson Elizabeth True John Tyers Sharon Van den berg Joan Walker Judy Warder Nancy Watkins Lilo Weihe Joanna Whitehead Lelia Wiley JUNIORS i 110 Local Hoopsters 6. Who ' s going to get the ball? 7 Ballet on the basketball court demonstrated by Brown. Determined Jaguars are unable to stop Roop. 5. Freddy awaits the jump. 2 P° R. 00 P ' , tb s l 0)° xS ' 3. Miller and Robb jump high for the Majors. 4. 2 more points lor Mount Vernon. 2 . ' All Through the Day 3. Mrs. Cooley keeps her seniors working diligently on nouns, themes, etc. 5. Senior boys work off avoirdupois " Pig Skin " Banquet 1. Cheerleaders assist with dinner — " cafeteria style " for athletes. v e - bo ab Yves C° a ° 2. Majors " break” training, on the level this time! 4. Lilswick receives coveted . from Coach " Moose " Faris. e V e 5- Me s co a tece b «% { I Banquet Snaps 1. Bob Wolfe, sportscaster from station WTTG, speaks at Athletic Banquet. 2. Buddy Belt and Danny Doughton enjoy Ham Dinner at football banquet. 3. Members of the Washington Redskins football team eat heartily at the annual sports dinner. a °n r aw W bong First row, left to right: Michele Cuny, secretary. Second row: ludy Donahue, senator; Fred Tomani, president; Lee Williams, treasurer. Third row: Dudley Salley, reporter; Gordon Newell, vice president, and Scott Donavan, senator. 116 Francis Ambrose Rosemary Ashby Robert Atkins loan Ball Nelle Ball James Barker SOPHOMORES Noel Barrett Donna Beahm Lorinda Bean JoAnn Beetle James Behanna Myrna Sue Belk Rosemary Brewer Tom Brewer Tom Brown Carleton Burnell Robert Byrd Lenore Cardellina Mary Carpenter Beverly Carr Barbara Chadwick SOPHOMORES Bonnie Chandler Robert Clark Judith Clement Pat Clift Nenita Concepcion Shirley Crabtree James Crimmins Virginia Croom Ed Cunningham i i Michele Cuny Betty Damewood Catherine Daniel Bob Daugherty Wilma Davies Frank DeBoddshen SOPHOMORES Edythe Demory Norma Diaz Louellen Dillingham loAnne Dobson Berta Dodds Donna Dolph Judy Donahue Scott Donovan Jerry Dorming Delores Doucet Anita Edwards Cecil Edwards Marcia Eisenhar John Embrey Martha Epes SOPHOMORES Richard Encson Edward Eschbach Joyce Faucett Sandra Faw Sandra Follett Barbara Fortune Edward Fowler Eleanor Fraley Joan Freeman l Neil Fridenstine Sidney Fulkerson Priscilla Gallo Warren Garman Barbara Gray Betty Ann Gray SOPHOMORES Betty Arlene Gray Robert Green Mary Green Linda Haines Joyce Hall Janice Hamilton Beth Hammersley Ardith Harding John Harris Lynne Harrison Bonnie Hassler Edward Haynes Tomi Hearne Donna Heath Douglas Hecox SOPHOMORES Carolyn Hepler Susan Hodges Julia Holbrook Brenda Hollins Nancy Hootman Sandra Horseman Dave Hudson Ken Ikenberry Helen Jacobs Paul Jacobs Stephen Jones Richard Karstens John Keer Carolyn Kees Lauren Kiefel SOPHOMORES Donna Klune Pedro Lai Shelia Layne John Leary Nancy Lory Bane Lyle Barbara Malone Stafford Markham Pete Mangrum i - Bill McCord John Mercier t v M §1! « ' Fred Meyer i f " i 1 ‘ I- f i , Paul Michelson Kent Miller Pp ft Pat Moore £ - ' ■ u SOPHOMORES Barbara Morton Richard Mueller Carrie Mullins Helen Napier Robert Nation Pat Navarra Mary Neitzey Beverly Nelson Nancy Nelson Howard Nestlerode Gordon Newell Betty Newman Calvin Newman Carol Nottingham Brenda O ' Baugh SOPHOMORES David Offner William Parker Ruth Ann Pegelow Linda Peterutti Carolyn Phillips William Pracht Nancy Rambo Harry Redd Bruce Remmington Pat Reynolds Richard Richardson William Richardson Laurie Riddick Gladys Rodriquez Joy Romack SOPHOMORES Phyllis Rose Elaine Rudy Nellie Russell Larry Rust Dudley Salley Esther Schalow Betty Schrioner Ann Schrioner Darryl Settle IM Mike Sexton Lee Sherman Anne Shriver Jean Simms Bill Skiles Sally June Smith 1 SOPHOMORES Patricia Spellman Sharon Sportsman Mary Steele Dave Sumler Fred Tamani Bonita Taylor Sally Taylor Peter Torbett Kitty Tucker Marguerite Turner William Tutt Lois Lydell Jan Van Dyke Charles Waters June Wedding SOPHOMORES Jerry Welker Lenna West Lee Williams Sylria Wilson Gail Wilt Bruce Wing Emmett Wolfrey Carol Wooten Nancy Yowell J lean Zaionczkowski Gene Zimmerman SOPHOMORES 129 Here and There Scenes and Things 1. Mr. White demonstrates a song to the Mixed Chorus. 2. Parents visit yearbook exhibitions during P. T. A. reception. 3. Basketball teams draw record turn-out at home games. 4. Yearbook photographer, David Yens, with date Janet Reifsnyder. 5. Mixed Cho rus performs for Christmas as- sembly. 6. Gary Gillum corners Anne Griffith at a Senior party. Snips and Snaps ,he n C0 ' 0ne ' S c S ' e " !, ' Ce ' ; S P crt de e 3 ' a eS KoV 3 Student body assembles for installation ceremony. 2. Music Master Misik presents Mikado. mmm Mr. Van Inwegen Mrs. Marie Custodians Cafeteria Left to right: Richard Mansha, John Conner, Left to right: Olivia Keane, Doris Brown, Marie John Tripplett, Ashley Williams, William Tables, Strobel, Elsie Hullender, Sylvia Kimble, Rachel Nelson Price. Thomas, Beatrice Edwards. 133 1 Freshman Officers Art O ' Neil President First row, left to right: Sandra Kirkpatrick, secretary Second row: Judy Trost, reporter; John Gallo, senator; Diana Gray, senator. Third row: Richard Kehoe, vice president, Art O ' Neil, president, and Kenneth Petitt, treasurer. Ruth Abel Virginia Allen Marilyn Apperson Sandra Atkins Joe Bacci Lea Baily FRESHMEN Barbara Baker Deanne Baker Glen Ball Sue Ballard Barbara Ballew Harold Barrett Charlie Baxter Leo Bergeron Barry Bowers Walter Brown loan Buckner Stan Burgess John Burnell Joseph Burnett David Burner FRESHMEN Suzanne Bushman Anne Cain Nancy Carr Bernie Cartledgg Courtney Kellam Richard Coble Kathleen Coflee Dorothy Collins Eugene Coppage Elaine Corcetty Linda Cornell Francis Costello Regina Costello Todd Coyle Cynthia Crumb FRESHMEN Timothy Daughtery James Davis William Davis Gloria Dawson Calvin Deemer Melinda Dillingham Patricia Dillon Janet Dolozik Jerry Dorsey Ruth Dove Leroy Dunkum Dorothy Eaves James Edenton Charlie Edwards Robert Eichelberger FRESHMEN Jim English Vernon Ennis Christine Falk Joan Faw Sara Fedderson Nancy Foalden Pat Eobes Dianne Frayley James Freeman J Reggie Freeman Gerald Friedrickerson Alma Furches Jonathan Galeo Terry Gamble Harold Gardner FRESHMEN i Andrew Gent Lauri Giberman Patty Gillum Joan Gosis Catherine Graham Frank Grant Dianne Gray Martin Green Patty Greene Gary Gregory Ed Haberley Fred Hankins Richard Hardcastle Patsy Harden Elizabeth Harvalik FRESHMEN Jon Haver Sonja Henry Natalie Holbrook Nils Holmes Yvonne Homeland Diane Hovis Larry Johnson Lydia Johnson Ernest Jones Jack Jones Brenda Jordan Duke Karnes Sarah Kegley Pamela Kehoe Richard Kehoe FRESHMEN Dana Kellan Pete Kelly Steven Kendall Jean Kimble Sandy Kirkpatrick Timothy Kirkpatrick Jay Knepper Roberta Landes Sam Lawhorne Nicholas Lederer Linda Lee John Levay Mellissa Lindsay Maybeth Maden Joan Magnusson FRESHMEN Irma Mahen Harry Mahon Loretta Manskey Edna Massey Rudy Martin Robby McClintick Mary McKenzie Pat McLain John Melton Deanna Metts Dewitt Meyatt Helen Mezetis Richard Miller Susie Miller Pat Mittendorf FRESHMEN Rachel Mlsna Tony Morris Frank Moser Lon Moser Judy Natier James Newland Loretta O ' Dell Mildred Oden Robert Odon p«wr Carol Offner Richard O ' Neal Penny Painter James Parker Mary Jane Patterson Robert Patterson FRESHMEN Charles Pavey Pamela Pentecost Jim Perry Anthony Petrini Kenneth Pettit Barbara Peyton Donald Pfalzgral Edward Pracht Thomas Pullen A Norman Radford John Raeeny Bailey Rathbone FRESHMEN Pat Riley Robert Robb Mary Ann Roberts Margaret Robertson JoAnne Sele Phillip Schwartz Gloria Shepherd Linda Shepherd Frank Shivers Phil Showalter William Sober Jay Solga Charlotte Staton Dick Stramer Joan Stewart FRESHMEN Gale Strickland Bill Strobel Betsy Surovell Ronnie Sutherland Dons Taylor Julie Teabolt Peggy Teeter Paul Thompson Joyce Thurston i.. Judy Trone Judy Trost Charles True Eloise Turner Eloise Turner Bonnie Uhng FRESHMEN Wayne Villemez Gene Vinogradoff Richard Walker Alice Waller Virginia Walther Frances Walthers Pamela Watson Joan Wedding Fred Wedel Mike Weissman Dean Welch JoAnne Wells Judy Whetzel James Whitaker Terry Williams FRESHMEN Robert Willgross Allen Wine Ray Wine Barbara Wingo Sandra Wright Annabelle Young Sneak Peeks Students! your enthusiasm is overwhelming 2. Mr. Landes supervises " Chain Gang " locker sanders. 6. Cecil Harley prepares ma- terial for project in shop class. 5. Doug Gates our S C A Treasurer relaxes his hold on the money. 1. Girls physical education class tumbles for fun. 2. Barbara Bartelmes, Lee Parker, Donna McIntosh and Barbara Moore adorn the stairway after a long hard day. 3. Eighth grade take their hearing tests with various degrees of enjoyment. 4. King Bob and Queen Kay " Clomp ' ' are weighted down by their golden crowns. 6. Joann Ulrick, Ellen Parsons, Margaret Price and Lisa Kanwit pose for our camera man on way to Art Club meeting. 5. Test day for social studies class appears to be a busy day! Rock and Roll A Senior Privile 6. Delaney, Carolyn, Bunny and Nor- man live it up at Senior Hop. 5. Kenny Prince takes Mrs. Cooley for a twirl around the floor. 1. Norman Shepherd and Gay Butler receive prizes for best masks at Mardi Gras Hop. 2. Seniors rock at Mardi Gras Hop. 3. Pippa Fenderson appears to be concerned by Lucia Hansell ' s big feet. 4. Contestants line up for judging of the most original mask. 152 Acker, Jean Albert, Sandra Jo Allen, James Allen, Marian Allen, Richard Alvey, Norma Ames, Althea Anderson, Betty Jean Anderson, Gary Anderson, William Arnold, Frances Aylor, Audrey Aylor, George Banks, Beverly Bantel, Richard Barden, Cecil Barker, Patricia Barker, Velda Barlow, Gwendolyn Barwick, Richard Basso, Michael Bateman, Carolyn Batton, Helen Bauserman, Floyd Bauserman, Loretta Beahm, Charles Beasley, Pat Beatle, Robert Beattie, Milton Bennett, Paul Bentley, Marita Besamcon, Victory Best, Roy Birdsong, Sandra Bish, Kathryn Blaisdall, Susan Bliss, Beverly Bogan, Robert Boggan, Barbara Bolton, Ronald Boone, Janette Bowie, Sandra Bowman, Marjorie Boyer, Rita Brackers, Linda Breen, Joyce Brewer, Kathy Brickley, Joan Brown, Brenda Brown, Susie Brumm, Janice Brunson, Bernadette Breensvold, Dianne Buckley, Jeff Bullard, Robert Burt, Jimmie Sue EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Butcher, Steven Byrd, Edwin Carbough, Ronald Carr, Donald Carr, Harold Carr, Jimmy Carraway, David Carter, Benice Carter, Lorene Cash, Arnold Cash, Carol Cash, Francis Castleman, Jimmy Caton, Douglas Chabot, Brian Chapman, Patricia Chovanec, Julie Clark, William Clarke, Ted Clarke, Walter Clemor, Rosemary Coates, Faith Colangleo, Carole Coleman, Robert Colton, Shirley Cook, Claude Coon, Pepe Cooper, Marilyn Corder, Charles Corro, Peter Condon, Carl Craig, Etka Crampton, Scott Crawson, Stan Cress, Billy Crocker, Barbara Cronin, Joe Crowell, Diane Crumley, Stewart Crumpton, Katherine Darr, Virginia Davis, Sandra Dean, Claude DeBerry, Richard Demory, Roy D ' Erode, Silvia DeVault, Charles Devor, Billie Dewitt, Lewis Dickerson, Diane Dielard, Candy Dobin, Era Lynn Dodge, Gail Donovan, Sue Doran, Eddie Datson, Elmer Dotson, Gary Dove, Ralph Dove, Robert Downs, Philip Doyle, Lee Doyle, Shirley Duell, Ronald Duff, Bruce Duncan, Joan Dunston, Tom Duval, Jane Dwyre, Bobbie Dykstra, David Eaton, Jack Eddinger, James Eddndge, Janet Ellison, Glenn Elswick, Joe English, Mary Ennis, Edna Eshback, Cheryl Evans, Janell Evans, Norma Everding, Ellen Faith, David Farcus, James Farris, James Faucett, Ray Figgins, Barbara Finks, Betty Fisher, Anne Fisher, RoseMary Fitts, Maraget Fewell, David Fluharty, Barbara Foster, Janet Fowler, Herbert Franchi, Jean Fraser, Robert French, Darce Frost, Lawerence Gates, Peggey Gaumer, Donald Gent, John Gentry, Eugene Gibson, Jane Gillam, Bill Glen, Gail Godsey, Carolyn Good, Anne Goodwin, William Gorham, Robert Gorham, Shirley Gorn, Ben Gothard, Linda Graft, Charles EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE George Graves Preston Graves Sharon Graven Charles Green Rebecca Greene John Grice Alice Grimsley Judy Grubb Sandra Gruning Drew Habermacher Robert Hale Martha Halley Lester Ham Larry Hamblett Linda Hancock Steve Hansen Billy Hargis Peggy Harlan Jean Harlow Geraldine Harlow Carol Harman Alice Harper fay Harris Mary Ann Hartley ames Hartz Robert Hawes Phyllis Haywood Sanford Heard Margaret Heflin Margaret Heishman Jane Helton Jeanette Hendrex Roberta Hepler Gary Hertzog Glenda Hewlett Carol Higbee Allan Higgins Andy Higham Grover Hinds Toby Hockett Dotty Hodge Karen Hollestelle Linda Hollins Pat Holloman Jean Holloway Barbara Holly Mary Ellen Horton John Hotchkiss Pat Howard Karen Hudnal Elaine Hudson Larry Huffman Stanley Huffman Joe Hunn Joey Ikenberry Fred Jackson Ralph Jackson Nathan Jones Wanda Jencks Nina Jenks Katherine Jennings Diana Johnson LeRoy Johnson Valeria Johnson Gloria Jones Maragaret Jones Edwin Kampmann Barbara Kenae Jean Keeler Barbara Kelley Pat Kelly Kitty Kennedy Lonnie Keppel John Kerns Raymond Ketcham Jean Key Kyline Kimble Marie Kimbler Dennis King James King Jack Kirby Joan Kistner Westly Kitchens Jim Klopp Jan Klue James Knepper Janet Kohne Robert Kursch Susan LaCross Billy Ladson Lewis Lahendro Ralph Lambert Jack Laster Richard Lauby Gloria Laughery Joyce Laughery Linda Layne Georgia Layton Jean Leary Laura Leary Katherine Lecky Betty Lee Judy Lee Janet Leith Ralph Lentz James Leone Charles Lewis Glenda Lindamood Gloria Lloyd Ellen Locker Henry Locker Arthur Lomax EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Barbara Love Judith Low Jesse Lowery Albert Lowry Lynda Lyle Stuart Mac C affray Braid MacDonald Linda MacQuarrie Paul MacWilliams Judy Madden Wayne Maiers Robert Malone Eugene Manger Carol Marcey Pat Marshall Sue Marshall Mary Martin Reggie Mason Michael Massie Pam Mathes Patricia Mattila Linden Maxwell Richard May Mike McCall Charles McCalley William McClain Douglas McCombie Joseph McDonough Barbara McGuin Grace Monamara Doris McQuinn Merton Meade Judith Mellett Carolyn Merritt Marjorie Meyers Joanne Milburn Jeff Miller Henry Miller Pat Millikan Denton Minitree Marie Mitchell Marcia Mitton Judith Moyer Josephine Moore Edna Moose Leroy Morris Billy Mae Morse Eugene Moser Martha Mott Janice Moubray Patricia Mullins Kenn Murphy Lou Anne Murphy Robert Murphy Betsy Myatt Julia Natter Janet Neil Betty Neitzey A. ]. Nestlerode Ben Newland Martha Newman Tom Nicholas Charles Nicholls Bill Nielsen Pat Nitschke Sharon Niven I Lindsey Noble William Northwood Pete Nottingham Barbara Novy Penny Olson Reginald Owen Blaine Owens Janice Padgett Francis Parry John Parker Carroll Patterson Adah Patterson Betty Payne Lenwood Peacock Lora Pearson Joan Pearsor Anna Peeler Martin Perez Paul Perkins Juanita Petitt Martha Phillips Killeen Pilon Gail Pleasants Linda Poole David Porter Herby Potter Charles Pruett Walter Pullen Judith Pullman Connie Quick Glenn Raiden Tommy Ramey Sandra Rash Ronald Reagon Patsy Reininger Gale Remington Jean Renaud George Rendelman Linda Reneau Sue Rhodes Lynne Rice Dianne Richard William Riddick Mary Ellen Ridgeway Charles Riker Jim Rittenhouse EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Janet Rivenburg Judy Robey Janice Robertson Gene Robertson Michael Robertson Downne Rogerson Joyce Romano Ruth Roop Marie Rose Steve Rose Donald Ross Betty Rudich Rudolph Theen Janice Rust Betty Jo Sacca Judy Sadler Jimmie Sapp Enn Schmid Linda Schmid Susan Schmitz Leonard Schroede Adigal Sckneber Barry Scott Millard Scott Jennie Segal Gladys Seymour Edwin Shakelford Charlotte Sharpe Sharon Shepherd Ann Sheppard Randolph Shipp Bruce Shoebucher Larry Shreffler Billy Shrienes Fred Shute Douglas Sidle Jane Simms Louis Sinclair Alice Sitler Herbert Smalley James Smith Virginia Spauldin William Spears Susan Speer Freddy Spencer Nelson Spinks Sandra Spinks Juanita Spires Phillip Sports Wayne Stanton Randy Stark William Steidel Eddy Stephne Wally Stevens William Stewart Anne Stowe Mary Stultz Patricia Sutton Linda Swartz Cheney Talbert Mary Louise Talbot Billy Taylor Lovenzo Taylor Linda Taylor Marty Terribll Shirley Thacker Roy Thacker Jim Thorpe Judy Tice Betty Tillson Alfred Tilson James Townsend George Towerg Tom Trelogan Helen Trites Edward Turner Ann Turner Corlinn Tuttle Ronald Vance Jon Van Dyke Norman Vickers Barry Waddell Richard Wall Robert Walter Leory Walther Stanley Warder Albert Warring Marion Warwick Joan Watson Stanley Watts Peggy Weaver Jeanette Wedding Karl Weickhardt Ruth Weiderhold Dan Weidman Peter Weinhold Brenda Weldon Mary Wellemeyer Jack Wells Diana White Jack Whitford John Wiley Don Williams Tommy Williams David Williamson Robert Winchester Gene Wine James Wisthart Glade Witter Linda Wolford Nancy Wondolowski Dorothy Wood EIGHTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Maragaret Wright James Wooton Reo Woodruff Themla Wood Saundra Wood Connie Zachman William Zaioczskowski Linda Zerr I 162 Majors in Action Number 14 carries the ball for Mt. Vernon. Hicks is on his way to a touchdown. Pettit goes after his man. JL Roop carries the ball for a first down. Brown breaks away from two tackles. 163 Faculty F H A scrap book provides memories for Mrs. Robertson. Mr. Steinback, a root- in ; tootin piano playing Band Direc- tor is very much at home with his music folio and horns. Miss Saunders was taken by sur prise by roving camera man. A typical business teacher, Mrs Provance, tabulates money for book rentals. Play coach, Miss Mes- sick, manages to fur- nish a smile for im- promptu candid b C A sponsor, Mrs. Cooley, appears a lit- tle relieved since Mag- azine Campaign has ended. Administration SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION William Jordan Mabel DeVault Edward J Arndt Mildred Lapsley Assistant Principal Guidance Director 8th Grade Coordinator Visiting Teacher Anitra Alpert Beatrice Baumann Catherine Cooley Lester Croom Helen Blalock Thomas Dailey Sarah Coffey Bert B Cohen Earl J. Dodnll Shirley Duncan Richard Ernsberger Stanley Fant Frances Garner Jack Hamilton Wilson Fans Lawrence Hatch William Heath Harold Hodge Robert Horn Margaret Hughes James Johnston Hugh Jones Victor Kazlausky Rhea Locke Paul Kepner Lucy J Lowman Orion Layman Thomas Lyles Earl Layne Sarah Mahaney Joan Leonard Lynn McClench Lulu McFarland Anne Nelson Mildred Messick Edward Oliver Eleanor Moore Mary O ' Neil John Moore Frances Parrish Carl Musser Ida Patton Florence Price Florence Provance Eugene Reardon June Ritchie Hattie Quinley Purcell Robertson FACULTY Clara Robison Doris Rosen Frances Sapp Rebecca Saunders John R. Sawyer Kathleen Schaub Frank Shoup Snydor Thrift Mike Skinner Polly Waid Frances Smith Richard Walters Baker Shelton Gershon Shickel Earnest Snyder Gene Steinbach John Yednock Elizabeth Mclain FACULTY Donald White Joseph Will Jean Nail Faye Purvis I Pearl Yancey Marie Strobel 171 FACULTY DIRECTORY ANITRA E ALPERT BA Hunter College M A. Columbia University Diplome Universite de Pans French French Club EDWARD J. ARNDT B D. Concordia Seminary M.A. Washington University Esso 8th Grade Coordinator BEATRICE SLOAN BAUMANN BA. Madison College Graduate Work Duke University English, Social Studies HELEN L BLALOCK A B Colorado College of Education A M Indiana University English IV Patrols Sponsor SARAH VERNA COFFEY B M Texas State College of Women Spanish I II General Language Spanish Club Sponsor BERT B COHEN BA American University M A University of Maryland Graduate Work Harvard University CATHERINE PHILLIPS COOLEY B S Mary Washington College English III IV Student Council Association Sponsor LESTER BRYANT CROON B S. East Carolina College Metal Shop I Metal Shop II General Shop THOMAS S. DAILEY A.B. Betheny College, University of Pittsburg Graduate Work University of Wisconsin Graduate Work University of North Carolina Esso MABEL DeVAULT A. B. Emory and Henry College Graduate Work University of Va George Washington University Director of Guidance EARL I. DODRILL A B. Fairmont State College B. S. Fairmont State College Graduate Work George Washington University Distributive Education I S II Distributive Education Club SHIRLEY GAIL DUNCAN A.B University of Kentucky Health and Physical Education Hockey Coach Basketball Coach RICHARD D ERNSBERGER B S. University of Tennessee Physical Education Football Coach STANLEY LIVINGSTON FANT B S Wilson Teachers Graduate Work George Washington University Algebra Math II Key Club WILSON LEE FARIS B A University of Richmond Physical Education Football Coach FRANCES LEWIS GARNER B S Mary Washington College Graduate Work George Washingtori University Esso JACK EBERLY HAMILTON B S West Virginia University M.A West Virginia University Graduate Work Maryland University Esso Chess Club Sponsor Ink Blotch Sponsor LAURENCE W HATCH B S Madison College Graduate Work George Washington University Geography United States History World History WILLIAM RAYMOND HEATH BA Education Mansfield State Teachers College Esso Senior Civics HAROLD LEROY HODGE A B John B Stetson Umv Deland Fla. 172 Post Graduate University of Fla FACULTY DIRECTORY Mechanical Drawing ROBERT HARMON HORN B.S- Bridgewater College Graduate Work University ol Va.. Graduate Work George Washington University Graduate Work William Mary Chemistry Algebra II Advanced Science Club 8th Grade Baseball Coach MARGARET HARVEY HUGHES A. B. Lynchburg College Physical Education JAMES WILSON JOHNSTON Education Eastern Illinois Teachers Col. Industrial Arts Woodwork HUGH HOWARD JONES B. S. William Mary College M.A George Washington University Eighth Grade Science Audio Visual WILLIAM H. JORDAN B.A. Bridgewater College E. Ed. University ol Virginia Assistant Principal for Instruction VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers Col. M.Ed. University ol Pittsburgh Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Head Basketball Coach PAUL HOWARD KEPNER B.S. Drake University M.A. Queen ' s College Esso MELVIN BOWMAN LANDES B.A. McPherson College, Madison College M.A. George Washington University, University ol Virginia Principal MILDRED LAPSLEY B.A. Mary Baldwin College M. Ed. University ol Virginia Visiting Teacher ORION R, LAYMAN B.A. Bridgewater College MS. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Physics Plane Geometry EARL LANE B.A West Virginia University M.A West Virginia University English II JOAN CONLEY LEONARD B.S Longwood College Algebra II Algebra II Advanced Algebra Solid Geometry Tngonemetry RHEA GARBER LOCKE A. B. University ol Alabama Certificate in Art Belhaven College 8th Grade Art Art I, II, III, IV Crafts Art Club Sponsor LUCY JANE LOWMAN B. S. Ed Radlord College Typing I II Bookkeeping I Yearbook Sponsor THOMAS BROOKS LYLES B.S. P Ed. University of Va M Ed University ol Virginia Health and Physical Education J.V Baseball Coach 8th Grade Basketball Coach Head Athletic Trainer SARAH M MAHANEY B.S. Lebanon Valley College Lib Science University ol Va., William and Mary General Math 8th 9th Grades LYNN MARKWOOD McCLENCH B.A Mary Washington College Algebra I Math I lulu r McFarland A B Guilford College Graduate Work University ol Va George Washington University Algebra, Business Math, Arithmetic MILDRED MESSICK A.B Women ' s College ol University ol North Carolina English I S III Latin I General Language Dramatics Dramatics Club Sponsor FACULTY DIRECTORY ELEANOR B MOORE B S. in Education Temple University Graduate Work University oi Pa Columbia University, Md University, George Washington English II III Broadcaster Club Sponsor JOHN HENRY MOORE B S Southeastern State College Math Patrols Sponsor CARL WILSON MUSSER B A Emoiy Henry College Graduate Work George Washington University Esso ANNE DODENHOFF NELSON B S Mississippi State College for Women Home Economics I, II, 8th Grade EDWARD P OLIVER B.S East Carolina College Esso MARY RUTH O ' NEIL B.S. in Education Radford College Graduate Work University of Va Typing I Creative Writing Shorthand I General Business, General Math Newspaper Sponsor FRANCES R PARRISH A B Flora MacDonald College Graduate Work William Mary Librarian IDA RUTH PATTON B A Madison College Assistant Librarian FLORENCE LYONS PRICE B.A. Washington Square College, New York University English FLORENCE R PROVANCE A C. A Bowling Green College of Commerce B.S. Duquesne University ME University of Pittsburgh Shorthand I S II Bookkeeping II Transcription Typing II Senior Commercial Club Sponsor School Supply Store Sponsor HATTIE GILLEY QUINLEY Virginia Intermont B.S. Radford College M A George Washington University English I Future Teachers Club Sponsor EUGENE WADDELL REARDON B S Waynsburg College 8th Grade Math Business Arithmetic JUNE E RITCHIE B S Longwood College 8th Grade Science Biology PURCELL MONK ROBERTSON B S Radford College Graduate Work George Washington University Virginia Polytechnic Institute Home Economics I, II, III, IV Mount Vernon Chapter, Future Homemakers of America Sponsor WOODROW T ROBINSON B.S. Emory Henry College A M. Duke University Semimor University of Virginia Administrative Assistant to Principal BLARA BELLE ROBINSON B S Madison College 8th Grade Math DORIS ELEANOR ROSEN A B University of Michigan Graduate Work Ohio State University 8th Grade Esso FRANCES FELL SAPP Glenville State Teachers College A B University of West Virginia A M University of West Virginia Graduate Work University of Maryland, University of Virginia Esso English I EMMA REBECCA SAUNDERS A B Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College Graduate Work George Washington Univer- sity, University of Va. Senior Civics Counselor Senior Class Sponsor JOHN R SAWYER B S Wake Forest College M A University of North Carolina 174 FACULTY DIRECTORY Graduate Work Duke University, Florida University, Benjamin Franklin University, George Wash University General Science KATHLEEN MARIE SCHAUB B.S. University oi Illinois Biology- Junior Science Club Sponsor BAKER C SHELTON B.S. Washington College Graduate Work University of Va Esso GERSHON DARE SHICKEL B.S Madison College Home Economics Bible Club FRANK ELLIOTT SHOUP B.S. U S Naval Academy M. Ed. George Washington University 8th Grade Math Math I Business Math General Business MICHAEL MOORE SKINNER B.S. Shepherd College Physical Education Health Pep Club Sponsor 8th Grade Football J.V Basketball FRANCES JANE SMITH B.S. Radlord College M.A. Peabody College Health and Physical Education Basketball Coach EARNEST M SNYDER B.S. Glenville State College Drivers Education J.V. Football Coach Golf Team Sponsor POLLY EDWARD WAID B S Radlord College Health, Physical Education Varsity Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders Girls Softball Coach RICHARD WALTERS B.S University of Va. U S History American Government DONALD A WHITE B.S. Flolstra College A-Cappella‘Choir Girls Glee Club Mixed Chorus 8th Grade Glee Club JOSEPH C WILL A B Catawba College Graduate Work George Washington University Social Studies Freshman Class Sponsor PEARL F YANCEY B.S State Teachers College, Kirksville, Mo. Graduate Work Washington University, William Mary College Latin I, II, III English II Latin Club Sponsor JOHN JOSEPH YEDNOCK B.S George Washington University Physical Education CHARLOTTE LYLE YOUNG A B Beavers College A M University of Pittsburg Graduate Work University of Wisconsin Distributive Education Distributive Education Club of America GENE STEINBACH B.S Northwestern University M S. Catholic University of America Graduate Work Catholic University of Am. Band Director Dance Band SNYDOR WILSON THRIFT B A. Randolf Macon U S. History, Senior Civics Varsity Baseball J.V Basketball Coach 175 School Scenes Old Glory flies with dignity over our cher- ished Alma Mater to remind each of us the privilege of living in the land of the free College Day participants fill our library with inquisi- tive parents, college bound seniors and representa- tives from schools of higher learning to answer ques tions for seniors. After the game is over " an empty grandstand stands lone, once it was filled with carefree students and cheers for baseball players. The bell has just rung and a familiar sight as students scurry from shop buildings to main class rooms in a very " short " four minutes. Advertising Huston Associates Drafting Service School of Drafting NEXT DOOR TO MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL El). 9-5598 Hewett Studios Inc. Specializing in School Photography Phone LAmar 2551 748 Willoughby Way, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia ZAMSKY STUDIOS Portraits of Distinction 1007-09-11 Market Street Philadelphia 7, Pa. FRANK . MacINTYRE, Photographer SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE SUN! NEVER BEFORE A FORMULA TO COMPARE! X TRADE MARK The Best from Land, Sea, and Science “NATURE ' S VITAMINS AND MINERALS” From Land, Sea, and Science comes the best of Nature’s Vitamins and Minerals, in a vegetable base containing NEPTON, and the ORGANIC substances listed on right and left side panels. (See Bottom Ponel for Formula) The MODERN Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplement is HERE! FOOD SUPPLEMENT “NATURE’S VITAMINS AND MINERALS” ENDORSED BY THE FOLLOWING ALETHA AGEE, ACADEMY OF DANCE • JIMMY LYLES, LOCAL FLORIST • HENRY LARRICK, CITY SPORTS SHOP • DAVE GARDNER, AKERS OLDSMOBILE, CADIL- LAC SALESMAN • CHARLES MILES, LUNCH BOX OWNER • JAY LYLES, ACACIA INSURANCE • JAMES DODGE, AETNA INSURANCE • CALHOUN S MOTORS, JIMMY NUTRITIONAL-SCIENCE Area Supply Co-ordinator Tommy Lyles 1 29 Dorset Drive Alexandria, Va. SO. 8-8122 CALHOUN John II. Moore Rt. 4, Box 386 Alexandria, Va. EI). 9-6000 I recommend Nutri-Science products for students to get more pep and energy. Maybe this is what you need to help boost your school spirit. Barbara Moore. YEARBOOKS 5 IP K„P’ a) S ' S K S ' « » TV S r w ] ) s G ijf J f! a S £ OA ' ; ' ' , Jp ff! f ' y ts 1 °’ ' Jjtf " ' - ' ' - J-

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