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p X " y c J 720 ' y v. )i •V N t. k ' % ' d V • o, ' V £ ' . ' . N ' - H . 07 ? sCy U A 4 W 3 aktl- CU (iyjky tiHytk r 10 2 J Hi. x ?: „ JL»- -fcf al ,r - ' u -- £5 d 4 if f piZjfgr ■ r -rrvz, fj cx gs? Sur Mount Verno I High School 3900 Richmond Highway eyor Cs hn X S m 5i R Jackie Rogerson, Judie Davis, Ida Bentancourt and Anne Arthur pre- pare copy for the 1955 Surveyor. Cynthia James, Selena Dovel, Gloria Dunn, and Suzanna Palmer, crop and assort pictures for school life section. Don Hammond, Editor, tries to fit horizontal pictures in vertical VEYOR September always brings the opening of school, and the opening of school naturally brings work to be done. Putting out a school yearbook is no easy task; and gathering pictures, copy and advertisements for the 1955 Surveyor was no easy assignment. First of all this year we pur- chased our own camera— a 4x5 Speedgraphic and photographers Guy Bowen and Bob Brown did a bang-up job. A new staff member Don Hammond was elected editor to fill the shoes vacated by Bill Gee, and in spite of his inexperi- ence has made the 1955 Surveyor a masterpiece, we think! Hewitt Studios again made the pictures for our underclassmen and Zamasky Studios were the photographers for the Seniors. As usual the portraits were our headache, but through dili- gence and hard work the staff was able to fit names and pictures correctly. It is hard for the everyday high school stu- dent to realize the many hours of labor that are spent in publishing a yearbook, but it is the hope and desire of each staff member that his efforts are appreciated— we hope you enjoy your 1955 Surveyor. Anne Flynt, Anne Massey, Guy Bowen and Melonie Adams are on their way to solicit ads. Joan Morris, Elaine Beard, Patsy Baumert - u- and Sidney Adams are snapped before they begin their seventh period ordeal — journa- lism. Bob Brown, Co-Editor of Sports prepares sports section for publication. Leafing through these pages, we visualize the many ways we spent our high school days as students of Mount Vernon. The full days of living, playing, and working together are now realized. This brief account of your life among so many is to help you have many pleasant memories in the future. fa ” Contents ZUM ' se Zc ' Cjdtr. i 946-tCCV ' School Life Activities Sports Features Seniors (dh y ' LtM ' (jbjX ' Classes Administration Advertisements Seen Around I he girls are real gone over the Army MC. Seniors gather information about college next year from thirty-five college repre- sentatives. Sophomore girls enjoy the summer sun during lunch hour. Working hard — hardly working! A motley crew at lunch gather for a gab session. Our tiny Auditorium is quite full for assemblies; it takes three shifts to accom- modate the student body. Cheerleaders of Grey Team boost magazine sales. Mike Hicks one of our varsity football players get plenty of attention due to injury in G.W. game. Alms for the needy is the humble message Jud Davis pleads for! f resh air is good for the lungs — and cheering on a brisk cold night brings many smiles to the varsity cheerleaders. Sgt. Bob Dini of the U. S. Army Band created a small riot among the fair sex when he per- formed for our student body in assembly. 1 he Acapella Choir add a Christmas touch to the holiday season with their rendition of the Cherihum Song. A good time was enjoyed by all who attended the Snow Ball the first of semi-formal dances held in our gym. 1 he Bunny Hop does wonders at really gettiric people off their feet! Mrs. O ' Neil proudly displays the bear and sign which was won for her home room due to a record sales for magazine subscriptions. Lets try for the correct ring size” says Saunders, as he fits Seniors for class rings. Anne Massey and Joan Morris get sna: while not hard at work on the yearbook. Joyce Terry believes in advertising and her shirt speaks for her feelings. Ronnie Cupton waltzes David Davis around the floor to the music of “The Moonlighters.” Cafeteria workers prepare to serve the student bexly a Christmas dinner which w ' as free to each student and faculty member. k 7 Jt Christmas tree whieh has become a tradition here at Mount Vernon. Seventh period choir rehearsal usually calls for serious thought, and Mrs. Coffey has developed a group of line singers. Drum Majorette Jeanne Rossic very capably leads our band in half time maneuvers during all football games. Miss Waid, number 14, of the Red Demons stretches for the ball as Mrs. Suttlcr, a Purple 1 lurricane guards for her team. Presidential campaigns can ' t always be victorious for all candidates. Joe Crowther smiles even though defeated by Mary Jo. Mary Arvin, Bugle Susie Small, Pat Adams and Caroline Carr of the Magazine Campaign “Maroon " team mourn the death of the “Crav " Referee Norman Shepherd and Umpire Buddy Belt did a hang up job officiating for Mock football game. Fredericksburg faculty members take a day off Irom teaching duties to visit Mount Vernon. From the looks ol things Boh Brown mav Ire several days digging to get Don Hammond and his chevy out of this mess. Guitar strummer Lewis Quinn, and his vocalist buddies Gerald Emerson, Joe Sumler and Ray Evans entertain student body during Magazine Campaign kick off. Ralph Zehring doesn ' t appear too happy over the ball game. Being benched just isn’t a nature lor “Squirrel. A typical cafeteria scene — couples neverpart! There was something to yell about and it brought the cheering section to their feet at the G W- MV football game. Mr. MacMillian the “Magazine Man " opens the kick off campaign with a few remarks. Senior Civics can be unusual and interesting, being a Quonset dweller doesn’t dampen the subject, however. Mr. MacIntyre of Zamsky Studios takes pains to sec that each senior will get good results from his picture. The US Army Band, Harpist and Conductor perform for the student body in assembly. Student CABINET First row, left to right: Coralee Taylor, Elaine Pryor, Caroline Carr, Judie Davis, Delois Cash. Second row: Joe Sumler, Louis Whitener, Ronnie Gupton, Charles Johnson, Ralph Zehring. Third row: David Davis, Caile Sykes, Gary Treon, David Damewood, David Robb. Fourth row: Joe Crowther, Raymond Barnes, Glenn Gray. First row, left to right: Donnie Sandridge, Janice Gosnell, Shirley Myers, David Rathje, Neal Fridenstine, Nancy LaRoc, Shelby Martin, Betty Zehring, Judy Scott, Judy Johnson. Second row: Marie Baber, Winnie Lacy, Judv Warder, Stafford Markham, Jill Woodman, Connie King, Edith Petersilia, Sara Turner, Janet Chapman, Barbara Slayton, Brenda Hansborough, Beverly Vail. Third row: Gail Morris, Anita Yancey, Eleanor Fraley, Allan Blaisdell, Alton Penn, Eddie Eschbach, Jesse Smith, Pamela Chandler, Cynthia V. Bennett, Freed ic MacLeod, Robert Coth- ran, Jerry Welker, Nathan Smith. Fourth row: Roy Simms, Bill Neitzey, Gary Miller, Patsy Baumert, Lilo Weihe, A1 Weaver, Glenn Gray, Norman Hyatt, Bill Ogle, Bob L. Hob- son, Ralph Zehring, Mike Hicks, Norman Shepard. Mary Jo Sumler, president The Student Government of Mount Vernon High School is modeled after that of the United States. It is composed of a House of Representatives, Senate, Cabi- net, the Presideht and other elect- ed officers, and the Co-ordinating Body, which is the go-between for Faculty, Administration, and Stu- dents. The Student Government keeps on a busy schedule all during the school year. One of the highlights of the year is the annual magazine campaign. Our total sales for the past two years have been over $10,000. The proceeds this year were used to apply on an athletic note and to finance the Student Government activities. Government ALTERNA 1 ES First row ' , left to right: Edmund Frye, Hilda Sears, Maggie Price, loan Freeman, Nancy Collins, Robert Fitz. Second row: Judy Donahue, Flelen Bailey, Lenita Foster, Shirley Dunn, jane Sny- der, Nancy Minor, Linda VVhite- ner. Third row: Joyce Faucette, Marie Butler, Frances Baker, Gary Gillum, Arnold Henry, Jay Re- naud, lack Starry. Fourth row: Billy Holland, Mike Keys, Nancy Lory, Bob McPherson, Douglas McPherson, Fred Watson. First row, left to right: Susan Small, vice president; Ronald Keener, reporter; Alary Jo Sumler, president. Second row: Miss Wood, sponsor; George Grayson, treasurer; Jeanne Rossie, secretary; Mrs. O’Neil, sponsor. SENATE AND CO-ORDINATING BODY First row, left to right: Crellin James, Mary lean Harris, Jill Arneson, Ann di Zerega. Second row: Betsy Meyer, Coralee Taylor, Don Parsons, Wendell Atkins. Fhird row: Parke Avery, David Damewood, Cynthia lames, David Davis, Gary Treon. At Christmas time we collected food, etc., for the Welfare De- partment, and sponsored a turkev dinner for the entire student body. We operated a post office during Christmas for the mailing of Christmas Cards. This was also the year for publishing a new handbook. We sent delegates to the county meetings, the State Contention at Harrisonburg, and the National Convention in Pennsylvania. Em-Vee-Hi Left to right: Alice Kendall, Jerr Kidwcll. I Adem. The School newspaper, the “Em Vee Hi”, has been a challenging pursuit to its staff and reporters. We have all worked together to get out a newspaper pleasing to our subscribers. Each year delegates from the paper are sent to Lexington, Virginia, to attend the Southern Inter- scholastic Press Association. Among our rewards we received first p lace honors from the Quill and Scroll, a world-wide journalistic honor society. We are also members of the National Interscholas- tic Press Association, from which the paper obtains critical surveys during the year. In each monthly edition we distribute along with the newspaper the “Roto”, an international high school paper. Miss Osie Trimmer, our sponsor, guides us through our first year in Journalism, teaching us principles in preparation for our work as members of the staff. Whether we follow a career in Journalism or not, all of us will happily remember the tribulations, work and fun we had in getting out the “Em Vee Hi”. Left to right: Kay Wall, Jane Snyder, Roberta Richardson, Jack Starry. Left to rioht: Ann Hoover, Kitty Edwards, Preston Wetherford, Nancy Flemming, Alice Kendall Wilfred McGuin, Leah Van Scoyoc, Beverly Vale, Jim Higgins, Adaleide C mk. ■ J ✓ Miss Ossie Trimmer, Sponsor O fv eK .SkV Left to right: Flo?.elle Thompson, Helen Bailey, Peggv O Neil, Barbara Bell, Shirley Shepherd, Nancy Howard, Nelson Coe, Susie Small, Gail Sykes. Susie Small, Helen Bailey Co-Editors First row, left to right: Edward Surovell, Wanda Homeland, Phyllis Featherstone, James Blair, Sue Lukehart, Sharon Vandenberg. Second row: William Fitzgerald, George Wahl, Phillip Coyle, Carol Reeves, Mary Rambo, John Edwards, Marjorie Pulman, Scott Smith, Richard Stewart. Third row: Andv Akerman, Gordon Newell, Betty Sprang, Barbara Morton, Sue Moats, Fewis Jessie, Robert Cothran, Fred Watson, Allen Topping, Charles Johnson, Margaret Briscoe, Carlson Becker. Band and Mr. G Dick Wade, who was trumpet soloist in the All State Band. Participants from our school in the All State Band contest held at Handley High School in Winchester were: A1 Schneider, Trumpet; Etna Klussman, Base Clarinet; Margaret Deacon, Alto Clarinet; Barbara Armestead, Alto Clarinet; Marion fluff- man, Baritone; Cary Gillum, Bassoon; Dick Wade, First Trum- pet: and Billy Fitzgerald, Clarinet. cnc Steinback, band director. First row: Eugene Steinbach, Director; Margaret Deacon, Erna Klussman, Barbara Armistead, Gary Killum, Brenda Burch. Second row: Larry Quick, Marie Baber, Joan Grubbs, Glenn Miller, Willard Knight, Jerry Welker, James Quigley, James Fitzgerald. Third row: Curtis Mlsna, Robert Millan, Marion Huffman, Bill Fagan, Judson Strader, William Wathall, Lenita Foster, Susan Small, Max Rios, A1 Schneider, Richard Wade. Fourth row: William Gootee, Harold Booterbaugh, Bill Furman, John Dunivan. Missing from Picture: Ericson Berg, Don Flammond, John Harrelson, Joan Miller, Bruce Remington, Eugene Snyder, Marie Sprang, Chester Williamson, Mickey Flenderson, Danny Rakes, Cecil Edwards, Leslie Hosman, Judy Denahue. Kathryn Dentv, Linda Bennett, Jo Ann Pittman, witz. Missing from picture: Anne Dunn, Cynthia 1 Wanda Horo- Drum major, Jean Model Airplane Club 1 lie Model Airplane Club has just passed its third year at Mount Vernon. Charlie Wilson was the first president, while Dick Ransopher has served as president for the last two years. Mr. Hatch is the sponsor. We have had flights on every clear club day here at school and in- teresting meetings when the weather is bad. Flying combat was thrilling to watch as well as to take part in. This experience has given us fewer crack-ups. We have purchased several trainers for the less experienced members to practice flying with, as well as other supplies. Meetings on Saturdays and after school drew good participation. The club year was climaxed by a business meeting and a picnic. First row, left to right: Chester Williamson, Dick Ransopher, Presi- dent, Manford Eck. Second row, left to right: John Stover, Gary Smith. First row, left to right: Mr. Flatch, sponsor, Martin 1 lartman, Ernest Embry, James McKay, Dick Pryor, Chester Williamson, Dick Ransopher, John Stover, Manford Eck, Billy Stoops. Second row: Albert Cones, Charles Coe, Clyde Townsend, Pat O’Neil, Claude Schaffer, George Custer, Pete Rathje, Totten Judd, Robin Huglin, Arnold Flenry, Gary Smith. Safety Patrol BUS AND GROUND OFFICERS AND SPONSOR GROUND PATROLS First row, left to right: Earl Anderson, George Weaver, Duey Flicks, Marguerite Turner, John Henry, Eddie Entwistle. Second row: Elizabeth Haas, Connie Umphrey, Marilyn Albertson, Pat Vines, Joan Freeman, James Sutherland. Third row: John Duvall, Douglass Hollins, Rita Cleveland, Erris Fraley, John Tyers, Mason Kimble. Fourth row: Jo Anne Miller, Bonnie Hassler, Delford Wathall, James Lansing, Mike Keys, George Kuster. BUS PATROLS The patrols of Mount Vernon were organized to promote safety for the students on school busses and on the grounds around the campus. Evidence of a job well done is found in the excellent record of accident prevention in the past years. Members of this organization were selected from a list of volunteers by Mr. Mason and the Executive Department of the Student Government. First row, left to right: Mr. Moore, sponsor; Joyce Otis, Lieutenant; Carolyn Wyatt, secretary; Sandra Nuckols, secretary; Mr. Lyles, sponsor: Second row: Judson Strater, Lieutenant; Marion Fluffman, Captain; Mr. Mason, sponsor of both; John Massey; Jim Higgins, Captain. First row, left to right: Sonia Posey, Russel Figgins, Douglas Gaites, Frances Scheeler, Phyllis Pipkin, Sonny Wright, Richard Catlin, Martha Epes, Kitty Tucker, James Bennett, Pamela Grimm. Second row: Lelia Wiley, Jean Natter, Shirley Sines, Mary Rambo, Marilyn Albertson, Bobby Anderson, John Tyers, Louise Potter, Mary Underwood, Mary Sadler, Brenda Hansborough, Marguerite Turner. Third row: Wayne Studds, Beverly Vail, Lilo Wake, Carol Reeves, Wilson Higgins, Terry Barton, Howard Kenney, John Alvey, John Duvall, Manuel Alzamora, Carol Mullins, Pierce Damewood. Fourth row: Mason Kimble, James Croft, Gene Critzer, Mike Keys, James Lansing, Lewis Quinn, Bill Urick, Jack Hoover, George Ballard, Paul Smith, Fred Patterson, Jimmy Aycock, Gerald Wildman. This year the group has two divisions: a traffic con trol group under the super- vision of Mr. MooYc: and a campus group under the supervision of Mr. Lvles. Planned activities lor the year include participation in the national and count pa rades, and American League Baseball game in Washing ton, and various other local activities. 21 Senior Commercial Club Mrs. Florence Provance. The chief purpose of the Senior Commercial Club is to give students who are majoring in the com- mercial curriculum a more specific knowledge of the various opportunities in the field of business, and to further instruct the student in other phases of busi- ness which are not conducted in a regular classroom. At various meetings throughout the year, guest speakers from employment agencies, business organi- zations, and government offices were invited to visit our club. We took one field trip at which time we visited various business organizations. We also had a Beauty Contest and Fashion Show. First row, left to right: Mar- lene Miller, Marian Buck- ner, Ruth Plaugh, Barbara Vayo. Second row: Mary Arrington, Dianne Neitzey, Roberta Schrom, Mary Carr, Dianne Brown. Third row: Nancy Smith, Mattie Clark, Jackie Rogerson, Kay Nail, Ann Jackson. Fourth row: Charlotte Bunch, Mrs. Prov- ance, Janet Martin, Ruth Simmons, Margaret Deacon, Betty Price. Fifth row: De- lois Cash, Gloria Dunn, Betty Malone, Gail Morris, Elaine Pryor. Sixth row: Carol Wyatt, Marie Deavers, Ruth Chappelle, Lauretta Long. Left to right: Kay Nail, Reporter; Ann Jackson, Treasurer; Margaret Deacon, President; Betty Price, secretary; Ruth Haugh, vice-president. _ M rs. Wagner, Sponsor As the Junior organization of the Commercial Club at M. V. we are very proud of our accomplishments during the past year. The purpose of our Club is to acquaint students with modern business methods and procedures; to give an insight into the duties of a secretary; to interest th em in achieving better and higher positions— not merely being satisfied with a stenographic position, but to strive to become an A-l secre- tary. During the past year we had several interesting speak- ers who discussed many phases of secretarial work; a number of good films depicting different aspects of secretarial duties; and business machine demonstra- tions. We published a club newspaper, to teach students how to use the mimeograph, mimeo- scope, stylii, etc. A field trip climaxed our years activities. Wanda Cox, treasurer; Sandra Roland, president, and Sandra Parker, secretary. Missing from picture: Betsy Myers, vice- president. First row, left to right: Loretta Reece, Janice Gosnell. Second row: Ruth Painter, Joan Stoops, Mildred Felix, Wanda Cox. Third row: Ida Betancourt, Linda Rohinson, Margaret Munday, Nancy Howard, Sandra Parker. Fourth row: Sylvia Snellings, Janet Senior, Barbara Spoon, Sandra Roland, Charlotte Collins. Fifth row: Ruby Corbin, June Holleman, Carolyn Fuller, Joyce Otis. Sixth row: Barbara Simms, Peggy Cunningham. Junior Commercial Club 23 Future Teachers Club First row, left to right: Maxine Rudick, Leah Van Scoyae, Mary Massey, Selena Dovel, Cynthia lames. Second row: Frances Baker, Shirley Shepherd, Joy Adem, Ray Barnes, Mrs. Ouinlcy, Sponsor. 1 he organizational purpose of the Future Teachers Club is to interest students in the held of teaching. Teaching is an exacting and noble profession. Its greatest rewards come only to those who prepare thoroughly and give themselves fully to its service. We partici- pate in national, state, and local organizations for its improvements and progress. We sponsor the March of Dimes and assist any faculty member who requests our help. Lett to right: Lucille Wells, reporter; Maxine Rudick, I reasurer; Selena Dovel, President; Shirley Shepherd, Secretary; Raymond Barnes, Vice-President. 24 Spanish Club The Spanish Club was organized to further the interest of Spanish students in Spanish and Latin American activities. Due to the large interest in the club, membership was limited to former members and those taking second year Spanish. Activities consisted of plays, skits, radio broadcasts and conversation in Spanish. Also included were two celebrations of Spanish holidays, and a picnic for members and their guests. First row, left to right: Karon McCombie, Mary Jean Harris, Luvia Valencia, Ann Griffith. Second row: Mari- lyn Messerve, Margaret Briscoe, Marjorie Pullman. Third row: Sara Turner, Eleanor Schwrtz, Joan Grubbs, Ellen Parsons. Fourth row: Marie Bulter, Robert McPherson, Russell Barnes, James Ouigley. Left to right: Mrs. Rust, Sponsor; Cynthia A. Bennett, Reporter; Virginia Kennedy, Secretary; Pat Adams, President; Marie Baber, Vice-President; Joh n Harrolson, Treasurer. VARSITY CHORUS Mrs. Coffey, Sponsor. ACAPELLA CHOIR Glee First row, left to right: Angela DeStout, Betty Fuller, Sandra Parker, Karen McCombie, Gail Morris, Betsy Meyer, Sara Turner, Jane Bevis, Sandy Nuckols, Nancy Collins, Alice Kendall, Barry Wyatt, Jim Beck, Wilson Fisher, Wilson Higgins, Felton Harris. Second row: Darlene Peterson, Marguerite Briscoe, Sara Moses, Sharon Burns, Mary Ellen Gibb, Suzanne Mauner, Betsy Bonner, Georgeanna Flanehamp, Carol Wyatt, Pat Vines, Albert Weaver, Paul Booterbaugh, John Alvey, Chester Hayden, Paul Corsillo, George Dorsey, Gary Brewer. Third row: Anne Massey, Margie Locke, Wilma Beavers, Marilyn Albertson, Sara Shepherd, Carol Deacon, Peggy Cash, Margaret Munday, Mary Ann Bayles, Erria Fraley, Jane Snyder, Joe Stevens, Jerry Rothery, Don Cromley, Bob Fagan, John Massey, Norman Shepherd. Fourth row: Kitty Edwards, Jeanne Rossie, Coralee Taylor, Pat Adams, Ruth Ann Moats, Mary Massey, Leah Van Scoyoc, Cynthia James, Anne Arthur, Marie Butler, Barbara Flail, Billy Meyers, Guy Bowen, E. J. Martin, Fred Barloga, Bob Yeaman. 26 VARSITY CHORUS OFFICERS FRESHMAN CHORUS OFFICERS Clubs First row, left to right: Leah Van Scoyoc, Coralee Taylor, Guy Bowen. Second row: Cynthia. James, Margaret Munday, Don Hammond. Third row: Carolyn Wyatt, Betsy Meyer, Don Cromley. Fourth row: Sara Turner, Mary Massey, Norman Shepard. First row, left to right: Ann di Zerega, vice-presi- dent; Jill Arneson, president; Paul Dove, president; Chuck Downey, vice-president. Second row: Connie King, treasurer; Linda Greer, secretary; Allen Stev- ens, secretary; Billy Pfingstag, treasurer. Third row: Molly Ballard, reporter; Mike Sanford, reporter. FRESHMAN CHORUS First row, left to right: Billy Pfingstag, Nancy Bailey, Joan Hensley, Game Vizard, Lelia Wiley, Kitty Tucker, Linda Whitener, Anne Lloyd, Maxine Sullivan, Michael Kenny, Allen Stevens. Second row: Patricia Dupris, Dorothy Vizard, Katherine Morrison, Reba Calvert, Ann di Zerega, Barbara Teagne, Katheryn Bailey, Mary Landry, Joan Carmichael, John Thompson, Sonny Wright, Joyce Merrill. Third row: Joyce Bowen, Martha Hall, Jill Arneson, Connie King, Twyla Arvin, Kitty Moulton, Linda Greer, Molly Ballard, Gail Simmons, Suzanne Clark, Patricia Peyton, Brenda Johnson, Harriet Stephans, Doris Odis. Fourth row: Albert Hudson, Chuck Downey, Jean Thomas, Ethel Holloway, Martha Bibson, Patricia Stephens, Cherie Strong, Paul Dove, Mike Sanford, Janet Minetree, Frances Baker, Mason Kimble, Doug McPherson, John Tyers. 27 President Bob McPherson, Secretary David Davis, and a Kiwanian at Kiwanis Luncheon. The Key Club at Mount Vernon is spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club of Alexandria, and consists of twenty members who have shown outstanding leadership, academic, and citizenship qualities. The members are selected on the above ablities, but they must be approved by the Principal, the Faculty Sponsor, and members of the Key Club. Sweetheart Jeannie Rossi Front row, left to right: Norbcrt O ' Hare, Joe Sumler, Gary Treon, Bob Mc- Pherson, David Davis, Gary Gilliam, Fred DeBardeleben, Ray LaVan. Back row: Mr. Fant, Guy Bowen, Bill Bank, Don Cromlev, Bob Brown, Max Rios, George Grayson, Felton Harris, David Damewood. With the help of our sponsor, Mrs. Suttler, and the enthusiasm of the members, we feel this. has been a line year for our Bible Club. To develop a feeling of unity, as well as competition, the club divided into two teams, Samson and Delilah. We had speakers and talent from within the club. We also had Bible quizzes and debates directed by the teams. The Bible Club was a faithful sup- porter of the prayer bands held during the three lunch shifts. We learned that we had but to put God first and He would supply all our needs. Bible First row, left to right: Jackie Satterwhite, presi- dent; Joan Beales, treasurer; Carol Deacon, secre- tary. Second row: Mrs. Suttler, sponsor; Wendell Adkins, vice-president. Club First row, left to right: Maxine Sullivan, Alice Kendall, Dawn Schriebe, Helen Shepherd, Doris Reynolds, Nina Martin, Maurine Zimmerman, Reba Calvert, Joyce Merrill, Carol Seifert, Elizabeth True. Second row: Charles Coe, Betty Frink, Elizabeth Haas, Ruth Simmons, Joe Beasley, Janet Martin, Lois Nicklas, Bernice Liming, Christine Matthews, Deirdre Gleason, Joan Hensley Mary Landry. Third row: Doris Otis, Joyce Cox, Carolyn Lee, Mattie Clark, Diane Neitzey, Peggy O’Neil, Peggy Heiman, Ruth Lee, Nancy Pastore, Pat Peyton, Betty Kitchen, Pauline Petitt. Fourth row: Barbara Holleman, Paula Kennedy, Rebecca Sproles, Nancy Ward, Robert Talbert, Danny Kinsler, George Calhoun, Willard Gates, John Massey, Frances Brown, Dianne Brown, Janice Robinson, Ann Yeaman. Red Cross Red Cross Officers: Standing, left to right: Valerie Farr, re- porter; Mrs. Taylor, sponsor; Bonnie Graham, treasurer. Sit- ting: Skippv Gould, president; Sue Lukehart, vice-president; Patsy Decker, secretary. The Red Cross was formed at the beginning of this year by students interested in social work, first aid, and the general program of the American junior Red Cross. Members under the direction of Mrs. Taylor, have made the program a success by working on any campaign or project put before them. A good example of their com- mendable work was the very successful fund campaign conducted last November. Their project for the year 1954-55 was the making of a scrapbook that gave a picture of school life here. The Council exchanged scrapbooks with an overseas school. Altogether a very successful year for all concerned. First row, left to right: Nancy Bailey, Nancy LaRogue, Alice Kendall, Patty Patterson, Kay Windsor, Paija L e y i n i c k , Brenda Johnson, Flellen Bailey, Norita Young. Second row: Lavcrne Greer, Valerie Tarr, Bonnie Graham, Ann Lenard, Marjorie Pulman, Jinx Mc- Gennis, Sur Lukehart, Barbara Splmond, Evelyn Edson. Third row: Joy Adem, Winnie Lacy, Molly Ballard, Phyllis Feather- stone, Cynthia Bennett, Joan Beavers, Susanna Palmer, Jill Arneson, Erria Fraley, Nancy Fleming. Fourth row: Evelyn Woerhide, Connie Slagle, Tommie Hill, Donald Clem mer, Skippv Gould, Edward Abel, Jimmy Woodruff, Jo Ann Miller, Cynthia James, Patty Payton, and Mrs. Taylor. Advanced Science Club The Mount Vernon High School Advanced Science Club reorganized and started its plans early in the year 1954. Its constitution was patterned closely after one submitted by the Virginia Junior Academy of Science. Its plans included a him and commentary by an Antartic Explorer, cave trips, sponsorship of a school science fair, instigation of a county science fair, and active participation in these as well as district and state fairs. In the year 1953-54, members of the club com- peted successfully in fairs in the school, district, and State. Active roll in this club is limited to 30 and only select members are admitted. A written application accompanied by grades and a teacher’s approval are necessary for admittance. The group is divided into three groups, the archaelogical group, the physics group, and the chemistry group. First row, left to right: Fred Barloga, president; Willard Knight, vice president; Max Rios, secretary and treasurer; Don Cromlev, librarian. Second row: Mr. Horn, sponsor; Ronnie McKennv; Fred DeBardeleben; Joe Crowther; Fred Stevens, reporter. First row, left to right: Ron- nie McKennv, James Meri- kangas, Joe Crowther, Kay Kelly. Second row: Bobby Talbert, Jerry Norman, Jon- athan Taylor, Jim Fitzgerald, Nikki Pothier. Third row: Don Cromley, Mary Ellen Gibb, Jerry Rothery, Max Rios. Fourth row: Bill Fur- man, Bob Beal. Fifth row: Fred DeBardeleben, Mr. Horn, sponsor, Fred Stevens, Gary Brewer, Fred Barloga, Willard Knight. Latin Club First row, left to right: Joan Morris, Nancy Shoemaker, Marie Messick. Second row: Katherine Bailey, Evelyn Edson, Edith Peter- silia. Third row: Nancy Henderson, Jay Renaud, Judy Robertson. Fourth row: Mrs. Yancey, Sponsor, Barbara Salmond, Paul Booter- boug, Anne Massey. French Club First row, left to right: Linda Whitener, Beverly Osier, Piaja Lejneiks, Mary Sargent, Judith Conk. Second row: Miss Colthurst, Sponsor, Virginia Kennedy, Donald Hancock, Andy Akerman, Ingrid Flubner, Sally Leight. Third row: Donna McIntosh, Roberta Schron, Diana Amlong, Joyce Cox, Marjorie Locke, Eleanor Schwartz. Fourth row: Lcnita Foster, Flozelle Thompson, Robert Derman, Dick Amlong, Bill Ulrick, Patricia Carson. 32 Future Homemakers of America The Mount Vernon Chapter of the Future Homemakers purposes are to further interest in home and family life, to provide wholesome group and individual recreation, and to promote leadership ability among the club mem- bers. Among the activities members enjoyed a slumber party, installation of officers, Christmas party, dinner for father’s and the most looked forward to event was our Mother and Daughter Banquet with a fashion show. First row, left to right: Gloria Dunn, parliamentarian; Norita Young, vice-president. Second row: Betty Kitchen, secretary; Margaret Munday, reporter. Third row: Mary Ann Bayles, corresponding secretary; Ruth Ann Painter, treasurer; Carolyn Fuller, Federation representative. Fourth row: Delois Cash, song leader; Ruth Chappelle, presi- dent. Co-Sponsors: Mrs. Hillyer and Mrs. Robertson. First row, left to right: Pat Edmonston, Sylvia Hatton, Anna Lloyd, Barbara Huston, Dorothy Vizard, C.arna Vizard, Joyce Bowen, Pat Lambert. Second row: Alice Eckard, Mary Sadler, Marie Deavers, Judy Flow, Jane Bevis, Sherry Pavey, Joyce Merrill, Jeannie Dupuis. Third row: Joyce Ridgeway, Rita Cleveland, Wilma Beavers, Dean Jones, Mary Massey. Fourth row: Sandy Nuckols, Ethel Halloway, Ann Ycaman, Patricia Carson, Frances Higgins, Frances Brown, Shirley Stowers. Shirley Smith, Bettv Frink. 33 Art First row, left to right: Corkie Morrill, President; Margaret Price, Vice-President. Second row: Adrian Miller, Secretary; Ann Flvnt, Treasurer; Flozelle Thompson, Reporter. Sponsor, Mrs. Locke. Group A, First row, left to right: Easter Munson, Judy Johnson, Comilla Clocker, Sharon Perice, Judy Weiss, Janet Chapman, Marrion Remak. Second row: Norbort O’Flare, Priscilla Lory, Nancy Pastore, Mary Gilbert, Lisa Kenwit, Barbara Bragman, Janice Janof, Tommy Lothe. Club Left to right: Marilyn Meserve, president; Betty Fenton, secretary; Tommy Fife, vice- president. Missing from picture Linda Robinson, reporter. Total membership in the Art Club this year was the highest since this organization began at Mount Vernon. The club is divided into two separate clubs, one meet- ing on each schedule. To gain admission into the club students are required to have taken or be taking this year, one year of art. The Art Club participates in various activities. Mem- bers send posters and other art exhibits to various art contests in the state. The members also place art exhibits on the bulletin boards in our school halls to add school spirit and art appreciation. Other activities include a field trip to the Washington museums and art galleries which provided a guided study of the various kinds of art of both ancient and modern times. Group B, First row, left to right: John Thompson, Joan Morris, Luvia Valencia, Earlene Fiord, Anne Griffith, Joanne Lllrick, Joan Miller. Second row: John Burgess, Sara Shepherd, Ellen Parsons, Carolyn Pusey, Marilyn Albertson, Bar- bara Bartelmes, Carol Meyer, Maries Petrini. Third row: Don Hammond, Judy Davis, Alice Hetchkiss, Mary Dodd, Norman Shepherd, Rave Kerns, Jack Lyon, Albert Hudson, Jav Renaud. 35 k I M 1 VERNON H.5. JUNIOR D.E. CLUB OFFICERS Left to ri ght: Shaun Miller, Parliamen- tarian, Betty Shiflett, Secretary, Jackie Miller, President, Robert Dooley, Treas- urer, Tommy Avers, Publicity Chairman. Sponsor, Mr. Dodrill. JUNIOR D. E. CLUB First row, left to right: Charles Strobel, Donald Wolfe, Shaun Miller, Elton Cross, Otis Hiler, Eddie Frenchi, David Collins. Second row: Jackie Miller, Betty Everett, Betty Shiflett, Pat Barden, Pat Haynes, Jackie Shaw, Joan Chapman, Charles Manor. Third row: Tommy Ayers, Michael Shultz, Otis Petitt, Joan Sclater, Mr. Earl Dodrill, Club Sponsor, Robert Dooley, Donald Brown, Earl Allen. SENIOR D. E. CLUB OFFICERS Distributive Education Club Left to right: Robert Key, Parliamentarian; Purvis Dawson, Treasurer; Lucille Wells, Vice-President, Marie Guhl, Presi- dent; Carolyn Lee, Secretary; Don Price, Publicity Manager. The D. E. Club participated in the District Area and State Conventions and participated in the Sales Demonstrations, job applications, display, and in the speech contests. 7 he Mount Vernon D. E. Club was the host club to 18 northern Virginia D. E. clubs. The Area Convention was held at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. on February 22, 1955. The clubs sent delegates to the State Convention and the whole club attended on the last day. The State convention was held in Richmond in March. They also held their annual employer-employee banquet in The Magnolia Room at Hunting Towers on January 19, 1955. The Beauty contest and Fashion Show was co-sponsored by the D. E. and Senior Commercial Clubs and was held on March 1 1th at Mount Vernon High School. They had various activities such as a weiner roast, a party, and a ball game, and a picnic with Washington-Lee in the spring. Everyone in the D. E.- Club felt that it was a very successful year. SENIOR D. E. CLUB First row, left to right: Robert Johnson, Charles Wilkerson, Don Carper, Charles Meahl, Larry Hulvy. Second row: Barbara Meyers, Marie Guhl, Betty Oberlag, Carolyn Lee, Marion Cannon, Lucille Wells, Bernice Liming. Third row: Purvis Dawson, Clarence Ellsworth, Robert Key, William Stowers, Mr. Earl Dodrill, Club Sponsor, Don Price, Hilton Ridge, John Porter, Charles Wade. Chess Club Left to right: Ray LaVan, Joe Medve, Mr. Hamilton, sponsor, Russell Banister, Aubrey Sears. For the second consecutive year, the Senior Chess Club of Mount Vernon met. Mr. Hamilton is the sponsor of the Senior Chess Club. The Chess Club elected Audrey Sears as presi- dent of the Chess Club, Ray La Van as vice-president, Joe Medve as secretary-treasurer, and Russell Banister as reporter. The club was separated into two sections. One section was for those who wished to acquire more knowledge of the basic fundamentals of the game of chess, and the other for those who wished to play direct and skillful games with other experienced players. The Chess Club has challenged several other chess clubs in other high schools to chess tournaments, and hopes it will be able to play them soon. Front row, left to right: Robert Carmichael, David Pickering, Donald Gallagher, David McIntyre, Howard Clutter, Barry Miller. Second row: Mike Deutch, Billy Pfingstag, Allan Topping, Russ Miner, Robert Canepa, Cecil Rowe, George Barber. Third row: Chuck Downey, Dick Lewis, Jerry Pugh, Cyril Long, Jimmy Clarke, Ronald Bradley, Chester Briggs, Paul McKay. Fourth row: Alex Korn, Bob Clark, Russell Aylor, Conrad Pracht, Bill Hoffman, William Bates, Kenneth Hammond. Fifth row: Carlson Becker, Jack Hepler, Douglas McPherson, Julian Robinson, Max Johnson, Harry Ackley. SCHEDULE A First row, left to right: Nancy Yowell, Joan Carter, Nancy Fagan. Second row: Twyla Arvin, Connie King, Nancy Collins, Marlene Mansha. Third row: Anabelle Kistner, Peggy Wilmer, Grace Newman, Deanne Berlow. Fourth row, standing: Flelen Dentv, Barbara Moore, Barbara Godfrey, Sandra Cunning- ham, Wanda I Iorowitz. SCHEDULE A OFFICERS First row, left to right: Barbara Godfrey, vice-president; Barbara Moore, secretary. Second row: Dolly Dentv, reporter; Sandra Cunningham, treasurer. 1 hird row: Wanda Horowitz, president. SCHEDULE B First row, left to right: Garna Vizard, Patricia Edmonson, Joyce McCreary. Sec- ond row: Marguerite Embrey, Katherine Moulton, Joyce Bowen, Judy Weiss. Third row: Dorothy Vizard, Nancy Ward, Marie McCloskev, Frances Bevis. Fourth row: Pat Callahan, Ruby Reynolds, Jeanette Hill. Standing, left to right: Linda Greer, Cynthia Bennett, Marion Cannon, Shirley Dunn, Joanne Pittman, Anne Arthur. SCHEDULE B OFFICERS Left to right: Joann Pittman, reporter; S hirley Dunn, treasurer; Anne Arthur, president; Linda Greer, vice president; Cynthia Bennett, secretary. Forensic Our Forensic Activities this year embraced most of the stu- dents of Mount Vernon. We were justly proud of having a Debate Club more than double the size of that of any other school in this region and an Intra-Mural program which afforded every student the opportunity of participating. Fre- quent social activities made the hard work seem like fun, and usually an evening at the Library of Congress ended with pizza and la sagna at Luigi ' s. The quality of our finished performances could not help but reveal the arduous hours of study and practice. Preparing for the fray — and eager for it! Here a typical group of Debaters gather about a library table and pause just long enough to abide the interrupting photographer: Sally Leight, Bonnie Craham, Raymond Barnes, Nancy Shoemaker, Lilo Weihe, Ronald Keener, Edith Petersilia, and Alex Korns. Bonnie Graham, speaking for the Negative, has the floor, while her fellow-debators listen — or watch the birdie. The debate topic this year considered the advisability of having the United States adopt a program of free trade with nations friendly to us. Officers of the Debate Club (in the usual order): Kathy Grey, Secretary; Kathy Meyer, Vice-President; Mary Jean Harris, President; Norbert O’Hare, Treasurer, and Mr. Cohen — our coach. d he most stimulating moment of a debate is the interroga- tion period. Here John King questions Judy Conk while Diedre Gleason and Ronald Keener listen. At this time a debater must be fully conversant with all phases of his subject and quick to think and express himself extemporaneously. The Debate Tournament this year stretched over a three- month period, and our first Varsity team is illustrated above: Kathy Meyer and Mary Jean Harris, for the Affirmative, and David Pickering and Kathy Grey, for the Negative. Despite absences — due to our remembered virus epidemic — most of our Debate Club assembled on our stage for this photo- graph. In no other area school is there a Debate Club larger than twelve members, but even more, we can be proud of the quality reached by these youthful followers of Demosthenes. Research sessions such as the above photograph illustrates were frequent and long and alternated from one area library to another and ended in our various homes with our weaving our endless notes into finished speeches. Assembled on our stage are the semi-finalists of our Intra- mural Forensic Competitions who met on the night of January 12, 1955, to determine the champions in the various categories that they might represent their Alma Mater in a regional meet held last April at Washington and Lee High School. Final winners of our school’s Intra-Mural Forensic Pro- gram. Russ Minor, who won in Public Speaking, was absent the day photographs were taken. Those shown are Nancy Smith, Kathy Grey, Patrick Mumma, Joanne L 1 1 rick, and Evelyn Edson. Library Club The Library Club is composed of a volunteer group of pupils who have common interests centering around the activities of the library and the books found on its shelves. Some of its members already work in the library, while others do not. One purpose of the Club is to stimulate reading interests. Book quizzes and games are enjoyed; books are read orally and discussed; and time is devoted to free reading periods, so that Club members can browse in the library. Another purpose of the Club is to become familiar with library pro- cedures. Members of the Club who work in the library explain these to the others in the. group. Films also help to answer the student’s questions. The Club sponsored a Faculty Tea during Book Week. First row, left to right: Audrey, pro- gram chairman; Ethel Hallowav, sec- retary; joan 1 lulvev, vice president; 1 lieresa Pracht, Wanda Homeland, Sylvia Hatton. Second row; Brenda Coffman, treasurer; Pat Shepherd, Gale Oliver, Barbara Edmonston, re- porter; Carolyn Bassford, president; Robin Miller. Missing from picture: | ova Clark, Betty Sprang, Ann Marie Clark, June Walker, Patricia Peyton, Ann Williams. Mrs. Parrish, Sponsor. Left to right: Mrs. Hillyer, Mrs. Robertson, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Cooley, and Mrs. Garner enjoy an after school tea in the library sponsored by the Library Club. Honor Society The Lawrence Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society. Miss Gray, sponsor, pins (lowers on new mem bers Norbcrt O ' l lare and Bill Furman, while old members Bill Fagan and Bob 1 lobson light candles at the Honor Society initiation ceremony. ■ Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service— the finding and development of these four characteristics is the full purpose and object of the Society. As we find and develop Scholarship, we mold a strong Character which will be dedicated to the Leadership and Service of mankind. In this school the Honor Society is a goal in itself, which provokes individual development of ability to attain membership. I he Society this year is campaigning to enlighten the underclassmen to the opportunities and tremendous self satisfaction which membership gives. Membership in the Society is indeed worth the work and energies put forth to attain this honor. OLD MEMBERS First row, left to right: Carol Kowalski, Selena Dovel, Caro- line Carr, Mary Massey, Roberta Schrom, Margaret Deacon, Susan Small. Second row: Bill Fagan, Kay Kelly, Boh Hobson, Barbara Vavo, David Robb. NEW MEMBERS First row, left to right: Kay Holland, Joyce Cox, Ruth Lee, Priscilla Lory, Marjorie Locke, Margaret Munday. Second row: Ronald Keener, Gary Brewer, Norbert O’Hare, Wil- lard Knight, Bill Furman, Carol Mullins. Missing from picture: Bob Brown, Anne Flynt, Peggy Rowe, Vera Kindt. Dance Club First row, left to right: Lewis Quinn, Vice-President; Beverly McIntosh, President; Mr. Walters, Sponsor; Betsy Meyer, Membership Chairman; Willard Gates, Reporter; Peggy Rowe, Secretary; Felton- Harris. Treasurer. The Dance Club was newly formed this year under the sponsorship of Mr. Walters. The club was enthusiastically received throughout the school. Almost immediately the maximum membership allotted seventy-five was reached. We met in the cafeteria on Friday’s and following a brief business meeting, we danced for the rest of the period. One formal dance was given in the new gymnasium and was enjoyed by everyone. We hope that in the future it will be even more successful and will become one of the big oc- casions of the year here at Mt. Vernon! First row, left to right: Loretta Griffith, Joyce Myers, Lois Henry, Ann Leonard, Frank Burkholder, Lynn Williams, Douglas Gates, Alan Stevens, Barbara Huston, Shelby Martin, Reba Calvert. Second row: Jill Woodman, Jean Thomas, Gloria Di Loreta, Betty Hess, Laraine Loving, Nancy Yowell, Deirdre Gleason, Ann di Zerega, Barbara Bell, Roberta McDonald, Roberta Richardson. Third row: Bette Weaver, Sue Fletcher, Suzanne Clark, Kip Hering, Eddie Strawderman, Bernard Yocum, Earl Ellison, Ann Yeaman, John Mang, Clarence Thayer, Priscilla Lory, Twyla Arvin. Fourth row: Martha Givson, Cherie Strong, John Welch, Charles Wade, Sieg Monroe, John Massey, Don Price, Bobby Yeaman, Bob Lindsaey, Mike Sanford, John Banister, Tommy Ayers. Automotive Club First row, left to right: lames Allen, Arthur Drury, Jack Starry, Charles Cornwell. Second row: Pete Spear, Onan Coppage, Ches- ter Smith, Joe Hall. Third row: Paul Gilbert, Mike Miller, Elwood Eney, Wayne Olston. First row, left to right: Pete Spear, vice presi- dent; Mike Miller, treasurer. Second row: Elwood Eney, secretary; Mr. Walker, spon- sor. Missing from picture, Jim Morrison, president. This year the automotive club was sponsored by Mr. Walker. The purposes of the club were to further interest in the held of auto- motives and to promote safe, standards of driving. The Automotive Club was aided by the Virginia State Police in the showing of safety movies and the presence of several guest speakers from the State Police Department. Our club had very strict standards. Anyone who broke these standards was punished accordingly, the worst of the punishments being expulsion from the club. We engaged in several money-making operations during the year which proved a reliable source of income whenever the club was in need of funds. Our meet- ings, which were always carried out very orderly and business-like, never failed to provide new and interesting facts. Altogether, we ex- perienced a very worthwhile and educational year in our club. 45 Fireman’s Club First row, left to right: Clyde Stocks, Joe Jacobs, Orby Painter, Louis Eby, Wayne Thurston, Rolf Sillay. Second row: Billy Hunt, Bill Anderson, John Stern, Albert Weaver, Richard Stone, James Grover. Third row: Jerry Emer- son, Earl Allen, Edward Trice, Ronald Facchina, Bobby Cooley, Robert Millan, Donald D. Ham- mond, Paul Lipscomb. First row, left to rights Oi by Painter, vice president; Louis Eby, president; Rolf Sillay, treasurer. Second row: Mr. Argentine, sponsor; Ronald Facchina, sergeant-at-arms; James Grover, secretary. The Fireman’s Club was organized here at Mount Vernon for the hrst time this year. Since all of us live in very compact communities, a need for such a club was deemed necessary. The purpose of the club was to teach members the importance of fire fighting, what to do, and the types of equipment to use for different fires. First aid, its application, and the types of temporary medical care given victims of accidents or sudden illness, were studied. Members of the Fireman’s Club were boys who act as volunteer firemen at the Mount Vernon, Franconia, and Pen Daw Fire Departments. 46 Football 48 Candids 49 Football 1 his year’s Majors had a good deal of rough sledding due to a large percentage of graduating lettermen. However, many of the younger boys learned a lot of football; and some of the area’s top teams will be in for a jolt next year. Left to right: Atheltic Director Kaz- lausky, Traner Lyles and Coach Yed- nock. Bob MacPherson End Ronnie Gupton Center Ralph Zehring Quarterback Joe Sumler Back 50 Scoreboard 1954 Record m. v. Sept. 18 ... 7 Eastern 19 25 12 E. C. Glass 20 Oct. 1 . . . .0 Falls Church 6 9 . .0 Lane 32 16 ... 1 Wash-Lee 48 22 13 Annandale . 0 29 . 6 G-W Danville 34 Nov. 5. . . 27 Wakefield 13 12. . . . 7 G-W Alexandria 34 25 . 19 Fairfax 34 Front row, left to right: Fletcher Shepherd, Boyd Ellswick, Jerry Rother y, Wayne Thurston, Carl Lindsay, John Yancey, Tommy Hill, Bob Quick, Leo Myers, Ranny Enoch. Second row: Bob Beal, John Manor, Peter Rathje, Mike Sanford, Norman Culver, Wil- liam King, Totten Judd, Warren Lathe, Howard Craig. Third row: John Trueblood, Charles Coe, Jesse Wren, Frank Gallahan, George Dorsey, Jim Woodruff, Paul Dove, Mike Munz, Preston Weatherford. Left to right: Bob Quick, Carl Lindsay, Leo Myers, Jim Woodruff, Frank Gallahan, Ranny Enoch, Tommy Hill, Jesse Wren, Howard Craig. The Jayvees Coach Argentine SCHEDULE G. W. Falls Church Fairfax W-L Falls Church Fairfax Left to right: Paul Dove, Charles Coe, Fletcher Shepherd and Carl Lindsay. 52 First row, left to right: Bruce Remington, David Rathje, Penn Burke, John Henry, Matthew Small, James Tal- bert, Cecil Edwards, Eddie Entwisle, Harry Lee. Sec- ond row: Stafford Markham, Beau Lyons, Wayne Studds, Herry Stevens, Johnny Col- lins, Billy Pickering, Thomas Gill, Howard Bradburn. Third row: Jerry Jones, Bill Beal, David Sunler, Tony Kessler, John Callahan, Gordon Newell, Don Wav- bright, Paul Wease, Don Crampton. 53 Basketball Left to right: Gary Treon „ Terry Barton Bob Brown Dave Davis Pete Spear First row, left to right: Clay Lyons, Buddy Montgomery, Dave Davis, Pete Spear. Second row: Charlie Oliver, Gary Treon, Bob Hobson, Bob Brown, Terry Barton, Charlie Simmons, Ralph Zehr- ing. Missing from picture. Bob McPherson. 54 SCHEDULE Dec. 17 SCHEDULE Alumni Home 21 James Monroe Home Jan. 4 Annandale Away 7 Fairfax Home 14 Falls Church Away 18 George Washington Llome 22 Home 25 Wakefield Away Feb. 4 Wakefield Home 8 Fairfax Away 11 Falls Church Home 15 George Washington Away 18 Washington-Lee Away 22 Annandale Home 23 James Monroe Away 23 Newport News Away Front row, left to right: Felton Harris, Parke Avery, Malcom Brown, Richard Bruce, Eddie Strawder- man, Gary Miller, Charles Coe, George Grayson, Manager Douglas MacPherson. Second row: Don Clemmer, Adrian Miller, Jack Hoover, Fred Roop, Judson Stravder, Ray Novotny, Eddie Lakey, John Yancey. Dec. Jan. Feb. Coach Sid Thrift Home Home Away Home Away Away Home Home Away 1 lome Home Away Ffome Away J. V. Basketball 17 21 4 7 11 14 18 22 25 4 11 18 21 23 Faculty James Monroe Annandale Fairfax George Washington Falls Church George Washington W. L. Wakefield Wakefield Falls Church W.-L Annandale James Monroe First row, left to right: Barbara Sweeney, Ida Betancourt, Sarah Jones. Second row: Elaine Pryor, Mary Frances Myers, Susie Small. Third row: Wilma Beavers, Mary Jo Sum- ler, Winny Lacy. Last row: Manager Eleanor Fraley, Martha Wilson, Cora- lee Taylor. Mrs. Hughes gives girls on bench a pep talk. Hie hockey skirls had a very successful year. 1 hey clowned all their opponents except Fairfax, which they tied twice. I lowever, the tournament, which the girls had Idyll hopes ol winning, had to he cancelled due to rain. First row: Peggy Swindell, Linda Whitener, Joyce Terry, Jean Thomas, Second row: Twylia Arvin, Kitty Moulton, Eria Fraley, Ruth Painter. Third row: Lois Entwisle, Suzanne Clark, Frances Swindell, Lois Nicklas. Last row: Manager Barbara Brown, Mary Ann Bayliss, Ruby Corbin, Ruth Moats, Pat Adams. Goal, Mount Vernon! Mrs. Wilson, Coach P. Swindell Susie Small Winnie Lacy Sara Jones Florence Dav ' is Jeanne Garcia Rosalee Entwisle F. Swindell Leah Van Scoyoc Lois Entwisle Barbara Sweeney SCHEDULE Jan. 4 Annandale Home 7 Fairfax Away 11 George Washington Home 14 Falls Church . Home 21 Stafford Home Feb. 4 George Washington Away 8 Fairfax I Joint; 1 5 Annandale Away 17 Stafford Away 25 Falls Church Away Mrs. Kerber, Coach lo Anne ' Miller Linda Whitener Pat Addams Nancy Pastore Sue Moats Mary Myers Nancy Henderson Jean Thomas Martha Wilson Alice Kendall Barbara Moore Ann di Zerega Jan. 4 7 14 21 Junior Varsity Twyla Arvin Annandale Home Fairfax Away Falls Church Home Stafford Home Feb. 8 15 18 25 Fairfax Annandale Stafford Falls Church Home Away Away Away Managers Crelin James, Ellen Cohen, and Eleanor Fraley 59 Varsity Cheerleaders Front row, left to right: Nancy Collins, Judie Davis, Jack Hepler, Caroline Carr, Gaile Sykes. Back row: Peggy Cash, Sarah Moses and Pat Watson. J. V. Cheerleaders Cheering our Junior Varsity teams to victory was the major function of the J. V. cheerleaders. The squad practiced faithfully at least three after- noons each week for all seasonal sports activities. All practice sessions were under the direction of Sandy Roland, captain and Susie Small, co-captain. Left to right: Anne Massey, Molly Ballard, Donna McIntosh, Susan Small, Sandra Roland, Shirley Garman, Roberta Richardson, Priscilla Lory. VARSITY SOFTBALL hirst Row, left to right: Martha Allen, Sarah Jones, Ida Betancourt, Susie Small, Jean YVhitener, Nancy Carothers, Alice Kendall. Second Row: Dianne Brown, Mary Jo Sumler, Erria Fraley, Caroline Carr, Winnie Lacy, Patsy Decker. Left to right: Coaches, Mr. Horn, Miss Waid. SCHEDULE G. W. Stafford Falls Church Fairfax G. W. Stafford Falls Church Fairfax J. V. SOFTBALL First Row, left to right: Ruby Corbin, Kitty Moulton, Twyla Arvin, Pat Watson, Lisa Kanwit, Sharon Van Den Berg. Second Row: Linda Whitener, Wanda Cox, Pat Fogarty, Jean Thomas, Marie Clarke. 62 54 TRACK First Row, left to right: Jim Guatney, Buddy Belt, Mike Downs, Wayne Swank. Second Row: Dave Rice, Bernie Jones, Mark Kauf man, Jack Herren. This year’s thinclads had their ups and downs. Although their record was spotty, they did have their bright moments; and boys like Pat Whitaker, Jay Arneson, Frank Estep, and “Santee” Fenimore will be greatly missed by all. Left to right: Coach Roberts, Pat Whitaker. First Row, left to right: Norbert O’Flare, Eddie McCloskey, Nelson Coe, Randy Feni- more, David Clevenger. Second Row: Don Cromley, Paul Temples, Preston Weather- ford, Vince MacDonald, Bob Lindsay. First Row, left to right: Nor- bert O’Flare, Don Cromley, Bob Lindsay, Preston Weather- ford, Eddie McCloskey, Paul Temples, Nelson Coe, Randy Fenimore, Vince MacDonald, David C levenger. Second Row: Warren Wilson, Glenn Gray, Wilfred McGuinn, John Ma- nor, Charles Coe, Fred De- Bardeleben, Jay Arneson, Frank Estep, Jerry Griswold, Eddie Strawderman, Bob Beal, Larry Wiley. Third Row: Bemie Jones, Fred Roop, Jim Guat- ney, Jack Herren, Bob Mac- Pherson, Pat Whitaker, Wayne Swank, Dave Rice, Mike Downs, Mark Kaufman, Buddv Belt. i SCHEDULE Date Score April 9 . Fairfax . 3- 4 12 . . . W-L . 2- 7 20 ... . Falls Church 5- 0 23 ... . G. W 5- 3 30. . Fairfax 8- 2 Mav 4 W-L 9-10 8. . . . . G.W.U. Fresh. 9-14 11 . . G. W 5- 1 14. . . . . . Manassas . 7- 0 17. . . . Chamberlain . , . 11-7 18. . . . . Fairfax . 18- 0 21 ... . W-L 14-11 25 ... . Falls Church . . 4- 5 28 ... . G. W 15- 3 1 . . . . . Falls Church . . . . 9- 4 Ralph Zchring BASEBALL Coach 1 larrv Lee and Mascot David Lee Coach Bob Muirhead First Row, left to right: Guy Bowen, Joe Sumler, Paul Jenkins, Bill Edmondson, Dallas Phillips, Gary Treon, Idie Norris, Jerry Billington. Se cond Row: Ralph Zehring, Paul Gilbert, Lewis Quinn, Ron- nie Gardner, Eddie Lakey, John Goudemond, Roy Daniels. Third Row: Larry Wiley, Donnie Knight, Leon Satterwhite, Bob Hardage, Bob Dodson. THE JAYVEES First row, left to right: Raymond Rodriguez, Gerald Lee, Sonny Partem, Bill Lewis, Charles Downey, Eddie Clifton, Paul Dove, Joe Davies, Boyd Ellswich. Second row, John Mang, Jimmy Bowen, Douglas McPherson, Kenneth Treiber, Bill Witherspoon, Ed Pinkney, Bill Clark, John Trueblood. Pitchers, Dick Caslow and Ray Evans EIGHTH GRADE Coach Colbert Coach Frazier First row, left to right: Dick Caslow, Wayne Thurston, Danny Doughton, Billy Walthall, Alfred Sorrel, Norman Culver. Second row, Ray Evans, Cecil Rowe, Bob Talbert, Tony Lee, Terry Barton, Fletcher Shepherd. Third row, Mike Hicks, Dave Davis, Tom Smith, Peter Spear. SCHEDULE M.V. 9 Falls Church M.V. 6 Wakefield M.V. 4 Fairfax M.V. 7 Falls Church wfmm JR . A j ! ;i H Rr •• ' if Hl«i 1 -■Pry J jgCfl JR «r JEAN ROSSIE BILLIE JEAN McCORD Senior BEST DANCERS Jeanne Rossie and David Davis. 70 HAPPIEST Ronnie Gupton and Coralee Tavlor. Senior i MOST ATHLETIC Susie Small and Ralph Zehring. MOST STUDIOUS Selena Dovel and Ronnie McKennev. BEST DRESSED David Davis and Anne Arthur. Her Court From left to right: Betty Dame- wood, Pat Watson, Mary Ann Jones, Sandy Roland, Billie Jean McCord, Caroline Carr, Queen; Delois Cash, Roberta Richardson, Nancy Collins, Jill Arneson, Nancy Hootman. Homecoming Queen and Queen, Caroline Carr and Mr. Landes. Who’s Who SENIORS Mary Jo Sumler and Ronnie Gupton. JUNIORS Joe Sumler and Sandy Roland. SOPHOMORES John Harrelson and Peggy Cash. FRESHMEN Pat Watson and Paul Dove. EIGHTH GRADE David Sumler and Francis Ann Kennedy I I I f BUS DRIVERS Front row, left to right: Delford Walthall, Warner Moone, Dick Wade, Tommy Roberts, Charles John- son, Delaney Phillips, Ronald Ridge, James Aycock, Paul Smith. Second row: Joe Jacobs, Stanley Steeves, Louis Eby, Lawrence Bennett, Billy Hunt, John Stern, Elton Eldert, Mr. Taylor. Third row: Mr. Mason, Mr. Moore, Don Price, Billy Myers, Robert Ballard, Robert Tyers, Frank Travers, Elwood Eney, jjilton Ridge. CUSTODIANS David Gaither, John Triplett, William Tables, Nelson Price, Mr. Van, Ashby Williams, Joseph A. White, Katie Hicks. Here There o CAFETERIA HELPERS Left to right: Mrs. Keene, Mrs. Kimble, Miss Purcell (manager), Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Moats, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Thomas. CLINIC Mrs. Yeaman, one of our patrons assists in diagnosing illness of student. 74 AM 1 9 1 V; - - - T iK fc i f WH » ]■ f f " ” - Left to right: Delois Cash, secretary; Cynthia James, Senator; Jackie Satterwhite, reporter; Don Parsons, senator; Caroline Carr, vice-president; Leah VanScoyoc, treasurer. r, r y ypyZjZ KS fa. V fCoraleeWaylor, president. Miss Rebecca Saunders, sponsor. 76 Candids College day causes serious thinking for Senior Boys. Future Secretaries Pound the keys in Transcription Class. Class Rings are always a hit with the gang. Gene and Jo receive well earned awards for some fancy socks at Senior Sock Hop. I I I r 77 IROE BALLARD SNGTON Franconia r ancon ta Seniors PATRICIA F. ADAMS “Patsy " Groveton Transferred from Narimasu, Tokyo, Japan. Spanish Club, vice-president; President, Quill and Scroll; Quartet Club; Acapella Choir; Hockey; Basketball; Softball; Schol- arship to Alexandria School of Nursing. V THELMA CLARICE ANDERSON Transferred from Yuma Union High School, Yuma, Arizona. Basketball. WILLIAM ALEXANDER ANDERSON, JR. , " Bcidy " Mt. Vernon w Auto Club; J. V. Football; Baseball Man- ager. ;• I MARY " Sugar 1 FH A; junior and Senior Commercial Club ANNE CAROLYN ARTHUR " Punk " Jefferson Manor Em Vee Hi; Majorettes; Majorette Club; Glee Club; Special Mixed Chorus; Quill and Scroll; The Surveyor Staff. 78 MARY LILLIAN ARVIN Fairhaven Quill and Scroll; Em Vee Hi; Student Government; Photography Club; Hockey; Softball; Basketball. • KAY KIRK ASHBY I 4 F ° rt Beh ° ir ' FHA; J. V. Cheerleader; Delegate to FH A Convention. -y i rH‘ ■ ■ yj( • HELEN CARR BAILEY Transferred from Frankfurt High, Frank- furt, Germany. Photography Club, presi- dent; managing editor Em Vee Hi; Photog- rapher Em Vee Hi; Quill and Scroll. WILLIAM ALLEN BANK " Elmer " Bell View Transferred from Williamson, West Va., High School. Band; Dance Band; Key Club; Advanced Science, Delegate to Key Club Convention at Newport News, Vir- ginia, and Baltimore, Md. ' 3 FRED ROSS BARLOGA Gunston Manor Transferred from, Palatine High School, Palatine, Illinois. Model Railroad club, Advanced Science, president, Student Gov’t representative, Glee club, Junior Academy of Science; Track, football, Har- vard club Reward book, Virginia’s Boy’s State, Grand prize in the school Science Fair. MARLENE BAUMAN " Marly” Belle Vie Transferred from Somerset School, Somerset, Penn mercial Club, Glee Club, ketball HAROLD BOYD BOOTERBAUGH " Boot " Lorton Band, Bible Club, Dance Band, J. V. Basketball, Intramural Basketball. DEMETRICE BOREN Woodly Hills Trailer Court Transferred from North Side High School, Fort Worth, Texas. JAMES BR W BECK-: " ]. B.” Springfield . Is Transferred from Edwin Markham Junior High, San Jose, California. Debate, Pub- lic Speaking, Glee Club. LA GRANDE BOYETTE " Bo " Woodly Hills Trailer Court Transferred from Waverly High School, Waverlv, Ohio. Varsity Football, T rack, Baseball. ,RKER BOWEN Belle View Key Club, Sargent at arms, Glee club, president _ of .boys choi _ Surveyor sports editor photographer, senator of Junior class, J. V. baseball, Varsity baseball, intra- mural basketball, wofci Geometry section of y DEANNA CAROL BERLO " Dee " Fort Hunt Home Ec. Club, Majorette Club. j . V’ j ' Uf ' Jy ’CHESTEtl DICKERSON BREWER “Buddy” Fort Belvoir Transferred from San Matro High School, San Matro, California, Auto Club, Mono- gram Club, Weight Lifting, California Confederation Club, Track, J. V. and Varsity Football. 1955 79 Seniors MARGUERITE BRISCOE " Reet " Franconia Transferred from Junction City High School, Junction City Kansas. Glee Club, CHARLOTTE LOUISE BUNCH New Alexandria Transferred from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. Junior and Senior Commercial Clubs. DIANE LEE BRO “Cookie " F rant Photography Club; Junior Club; Senior Commercial Club; J. V. Softball; Varsip " Tommy” Springfield Auto Club, president; D. E. Club; Repre- sentative Mount Vernon High School at State D. E. Convention. DONALD RAY BROWN ■ X " Brown " Franconia raphy Club; Band; D. E. Club; •apher; Bible Club; Football; VFW GEORGE W. CALHOUN “Bing " Jefferson Manor Transferred from Taft High School, Washington, D. C. FRANCES VIRGINIA BROWN " Frankie " Franconia F H A, Bible Club. FREDERICK HENRY CAMERON “Fritz” Fairhaven MARIAN LOUISE CANNON Franconia Library Club; Glee Club; Majorette Club; Vice-President; D. E. Club; Majorette. MARION LOUISE BUCKNER Burgandy Village Junior and Senior Commercial Clubs. 80 ARTHUR DONALD CARPER " Don " Penn Daw D. E. Club; Model Airplane Club. CAROLINE WILSON CARR " Willie ” Woodly Hills Student Government, Cabinet, Secretary of Activities; ’Vice-President of Senior Class; Photography Club, treasurer; Bible Club; Honor Society; Varsity Cheerleader, secretary-treasurer; Basketball, Softball. MARY FRANCES CARR Newington Patrols, Junior and Senior Comrr Clubs; Honor Society. WILLIAM BRIAN CARTE " Bill " Springfield!, ►, Art Club; J. V. BasketbaU r - 1 v DELOIS JEAN CASH I " Lois " Burgandy Village FHA, songleader; Patrols; Junior Com- mercial Club; Senior Commercial Club; Secretary of Senior Class; Glee Club, sec- retary-treasurer; Acapella Choir; Student Government, Cabinet, corresponding sec- retary; Homecoming Court; FHA State Convention. j V MATTIE LEE CLARK " Lee " Mount Vernon FTA; FHA; Bibje Club; Senior Commer- cial Club. j 1 jNmLSON WEBSTER COE, III " Ape " Fort Lyon Senior Band; Drafting Club; Kev Club; Intra mural Sports Committee; Bible Club; Photography Club; Monogram Club; Em Wee Hi; Sports Editor; Track; Intra-mural Basketball; First place in the Math section of the School Science Fair; First place National Mathematics Association Achieve- ment Test. f PAUL CALVIN CORSILLO Jefferson Manor Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Barber Shop Quartet Club; Science Club, GENE TUNNEY CRITZER Franconia Model Airplane Club. 81 DONALD STOWE CROMLEY " Mr. Jazz” Hollin Hills Key Club; Surveyor, advertising manager; Advanced Science Club; Glee Club, secre- tary; Track; Academic Letter; Finalist Vir- ginia y6tate Science Fair, School F air , PURVIS LEON DAWSON New Alexandria D. E. II, treasurer. MARGARET STANLEY DEACON “Meg” Lorlon Band, secretary; Honor Society; Surveyor Staff, Junior and Senior Commercial Clubs, Vice-President, President; Repre- sentative to Girl’s State; Representative to All State Band. ■y “T. ]. " Groveton Director of Dance Band; Student Govern- ment, cabinet; Who’s Who; Senior Mirror, Leadership; Candidate for Vice-President " — ’ J- V. of Virginia State S. C. A.: Ti Basketball; Trumpet Medal. DAVID BRIG1 OOD DAMEWOOD MARIE YVONNE DEAVERS Virginia Hills Transferred fro® George Washington High School, Alexandria, Vi rginia. Photog- raphy Club; FHA; Bible Club; Junior and Senior Commercial Clubs. ' Bonnie ' Glee Club; Acs ernment, cabjne versation Club; to Boy’s State; Quartet Music Student Gov- ; Spanish Con- dub; Delegate Science Club; DAVID RICHARD DAVIS Little Davey” Belle View Transferred from Dolly Madison Junior High School, Arlington, Virginia. Mono- gram! Club; Key Club, president, secretary Intramural Basketball, president; Student Government, Cabinet Coordinating Body; Football; Basketball; Track; Honors; Dele- JOHN FREDERICK DeBARDELEBEN " Speedy ” Belle Vie w Transferred from Washington and Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia. Key Club; Advanced Science Club; Student Government; Prose-Forensic Competition; Track; Swimming; J. V. Football. National. JUDITH ANN DA ' " Jvdie’A - Lortor h b, Vice-President; ' Si Student Government i iry, Model for D. E Fa ANN DECKER Groveton Glee Club; Junior Commercial; American Red Cross; Softball. over otudepwGovem- Basketball; J. V. - l ' heerl£ader; Member ideration of Student .ittle Decker " 1 r i m w - ■s j BUDDY EARL D ICKENS Belle View Transferred from Bladensburg High School, Bladensburg, Maryland. Basketball. 1 hj » LOUIS CLARK EBY " Eby” Groveton Fireman’s Club, secretary, president; Auto Club; Bus Driver. MARY SELENA DOVEL Groveton Freshman Class, secretary; Honor Society; Dramatics Club; FTA, president; French Club; Surveyoll Staff; Academ ic Letter; Girls Prose Wirfner; Delegate to Seventh Nation Conference on Citizenship. GLORIA ANN DUN " Baby " Groveton F. H. A.; Surveyor Staff; Parliamentarian of F. H. A.; Junior Commercial Club; Senior Commercial Club. JEANNINE H. DUPRIS " Jeanie ” Fort Belvoir Transferred from Saint Mary’s Academv Alexandria, Virginia. F.H.A.; Basketball Volley Ball; Softball; Tennis; Swimming 6 JOHN DuVAL " Duke " Fairhaven Patrols. 1 " 7 ??. fy.r. L 2L S ELIZABETH ENTwAle Groveton Transferred from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. G.A.A.; Softball; JHockey; Basketball; Volley Ball; Track, j won blue ribbon in track race; Scholarship for the Alexandria Hospital School of Nursing. ALD VINCENT FACCHINA Ronnie " Franconia eman’s Club; Auto Club; J. V. Baseball; s Driver. WILLIAM LUTHER FAGAN " Billy " Burgandy Village Band; Honor Society; Key Club; Photog- raphy Club, president, secretary. JIM WALTER FITZGERALD " Fitz " Groveton- Band; Dance Band; Advanced Science Club. 1955 I 83 Seniors BETTY JEAN FRINK " Vickie” Grays Hill Village Transferred from Norwich High School, Norwich, New York. Bible Club; F.H.A. Lorton NANCY PEYTON FLEMMIN(T S |i£iJlj Band; Red Cross Council; Band Letter and Two Stripes. ETTA " Frail” Gw Junior and j Senior Comimercial Clubs; Bible Clubi assistant secretary; Photog- raphy Club: Red Cross Council; Basket- ball; Softball; Hockey. GEORGE B. GARROTT Fd rhaven Radio Club, vice-president; Varsity Foot- ball MARIE ELAINE GUHL Fort Belvoir Transferred from J. P. McCasky High School, Lancaster, Penn. Glee Club; Y- Teens; Leaders Club; Art Editor of Scribe; Homeroom President; D. E., president; In- termural Sports. RONALD CLINTON GUPTON " Ronnie " Gum Springs Auto Club, vice-president; Art Club; Stu- dent Government Cabinet; Chairman of Athletics; Monogram Club; Track; J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Who’s Who of Seniors; Mirror; Happiest and the Most Original. ELIZABETH MAY HAAS " Betty " Mount Zepher Transferred from Washington and Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia. Bible Club; Patrols. DONALD BRUCE HAMMOND " Don " New Alexandria Glee Club; Surveyor, Editor-in-Chief; Art Club; Class President of 8th and 9th grade; Student Government. DONALD DEWITTE HAMMOND “Don " Belle View Transferred from Delaware City High School, Delaware City, Delaware. Dance Band; Band; Fireman’s Club; Patrols. RUTH ANN HAUGH " A. " Gunston Hall F.H.A., treasurer; Federation Represent- ative; Delegate to State Convention; Honor Society; State Homemaker Degree; Senior Commercial. 84 PEGGY MARTIN HEIMAN Fort Belvoir Transferred from Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, D. C. Glee Club; Bible Club; Choir; Basketball; Music Let- ter; Scholastic Award; Citizens Medal. LESLIE JACKSON HEPLER " Jack " Springfield Glee Club; Spanish Club; Monogram Club; Chess Club; Varsity Cheerleader. EUGENE RUDOLPH HERRING " Kip " Hollin Hall Transferred from Camp Lejune School, North Carolina. Class Treasi in Freshman and Sophomore Year, Spa ish Club, Marshall; Cotillion Club, Fooi ball; Baseball. JAMES RUSSELL HIGGINS " Jimmy " Fort Hunt Student Government Representative, Pa- trols, head of ground patrols, Football, Baseball. WILSON ERWIN HIGGINS " Willy " Accotink Em Vee Hi; Glee Club; Patrols; J. V. Basketball; J. V. Baseball; Track; Certifi- cate for Perfect Attendance. ROBERT HERBERT HIGHAM " Bobby " Franconia Auto Club; Art Club; J. V. Baseball; J. V. Football; Varsity Football. fy-s: OTIS HURST HILER Penn Daw Transferred from Covington High School, Covington, Virginia. D. E. Club, secretary. ' ROBERT LARRIE HOBSON " Bob " Fort Lyon Transferred from Heidelberg High School, idelberg, Germany. S.C.A.; Vice-Presi- ent of Junior Class; Latin Club; Honor iociety; Varsity Golf; Basketball. MARION EARL HUFFMAN, JR. " Sonney " Franconia Dance Band; Band; Captain All-State Band. LARRY GUY HULVEY Groveton D. E. II. 1955 85 Seniors JOHN WILLIAM HUNT “Billy " Groveton Bus Driver; Auto Club; Fireman’s Club; Patrol, lieutenant; J. V. Football; Varsity Football. VIRGINIA MAY KENNEDY “Honey " Belle View Dramatic Club; Spanish Club, secretary; French Club, reporter; Majorette and Ma- orette Club; Student Government; Honor Society. High School, B thesda, Commercial Club, tieasc ELIZABETH MAY KITCHEN " Betty " ' ■ Franconia ' ernmei IE WILLARD KNi PATRICIA ANN JACKSON “Anne " Springfield Transferred from Bethesda-Chevy viand. ROBERT CLAYTON KEY “Bob " Etigleside Transferred from Walnut Hill, Florida. Freshman Class President; F.F.A., secre- tary; Parliamentary Procedure Team; D.E.; Football; Basketball. Glee Glilb; F.H.A., c orresponding secre- tary; Honor Society. Junior Class 1 tor; Camera f Surveyor Stafl Shop Quartet; Belle Advanced Science CJub yice-pfl Band; Dance BandT librarian; Q minion Boy’s State.,- n i tM „ , sJL V, JUDITH ANN JOHNSO “Judy " Fort Belvoir Transferred from Munich American High School, Munich, Germany. Art Club; Chorus; Pep Club; Ski Club; Student Government; Sophomore Class Secretary; Social Committee. HELEN KATHERINE KELLY “Kay " Fort Belvoir Transferred from Mexico High School, Mexico, Missouri. President of Interna- tional Relations Club; Freshman Class Secretary; Feature Editor of Yearbook; Stu- dent Government; Junior Red Cross; Pep Squad; Science Club; Intermural Basket- ball; Badmitton. jT Belief Haven } ed fafm Blad stone High School, 1 ' , Science Club; A® RAY EVAN LaVAN, JR. Fort Belvoir Transferred from Gainesville High School, Gainesville, Georgia; Chess Club, vice- president; Key Club; Mixed Chorus and quartet; Varsity Football, Basketball, Swim- ming, and Baseball; Set high record for 50 yard free style in Manila, Philippine Islands. HARRY SINNICKSON LaBREE Fort Belvoir Transferred from Balboa High School, Bal- boa, Canal Zone, Panama. Camera Club, vice-president; ROTC, sargeant; Bowling Team; Swimming Team. ■ in|frs).Xiae LACY ' Winnie ;.Jbroveu n y Cross Club; ci Monogram Club Softball; Hocke ; Basketball; North- ern Virginia Student Photography forZ uJ r Pn rr Hoc cX, JOSEPHINE ELtEN LAPSING Bucknell Man vlanor , Transferred from I unleh America Scnool, Munich, Germany Glee Cfi Junior and Senior Commercial Club; Dr ■- matics dnh; •-Honot Society; .Bask CAROLYN JUNE LEE " Duddie " Belle View Transferred from Elkins High School, Elkins, West Virginia. Bible Club; D. E. Club, secretary; Dance Club. RICHARD WILLIAM LYDELL “Dick " Burgandy Village otography Club. fco 4 tjoect ( 1 1 ‘ uMf± rfe £ ' ? r ol i Ht ' nCd. % ELIZABETH JEAN MALONE “Dizzy " Accotink FTI.A.; Senior Commercial Club. yX ' ROSE BERNICE LIMING “Bern " Groveton F.H.A.; Bible Club; Dramatic Club; D. E. Club; Majorette Club. 195 87 i Seniors DAVID GLENN MARTIN Alexandria BILLIE JEAN McCORD " Pip Squeek " Fort Belvoir Homecoming Court; School Beauty. YT Xu JANET GAY MARTIN Engleside F.H.A.; Senior Commercial; Bible Club. pcxV-, X LJoui ' ire. C-co. .CAtvrva buV b ' e V ptv U v -V° ' f ' » " e. j M VF MARY CARLTON MASSEY " Pinto ' Wilton Woods Transferred fi Richmond, Martha Was student direi ment, repo; Sun’evor S ia. F.H.A., president of n Federation; Glee Club, F.T.A.; ,ptudent Govern- Junior Class Secretary; __ H Kciety. X l ue. oo _d k y o£o V ao uk. 13 e. CyoodL. BARBARA JEAN McCOOL " Barb " Fort Belvoir Transferred from Saint Mary ' s, Alexandria, Virginia. Library; Glee Club. nitage High School, : .H.A. JUANITA MAY McDONALD Fort Belvoir F.T.A., treasurer. WILFRED RAYMOND McGUIN 4 ' v, " Mac 1 ’ Oakwood J. V. Football; Varsity Football; Track. ' i • - 1 Mk 1 w 1 f RONALD ANGUS McKENNEY " Bones " Franconia Advanced Science Club; D. A. R. Award in History. Robert a. McPherson " Bad Bob " Engleside Key Club, president; Monogram dub; Automotive Club; Spanish Club; J. V. and Varsity Basketball; Varsity Football, captain; Track. EUGENE CHARLES MEAHL Engleside D. E. Club III, IV; J. V. Football. 88 CAROL LILLIAN MEYER " Blondie " Burgundy Village Art Club. WILLIAM HERBERT MEYERS, JR. ' ' Billy " Telegraph Road Transferred from St. Domminices Com mercial High School, Washington, D. C, Treasurer of Freshman Class; Glee Club Barber Shop Musician; Bus Driver. ROBERT LAWRENCE MI " Bob " Groveton Band; Band Club; Fireman’s Club. CARL MICHAEL MILLER " King farouk " Hollin Hall Transferred from Linz Dependents’ High School, Linz A D, Austria. Vice-President of Sophomore Class; Spanish Club; Golf Club; Auto Club, treasurer; Football; Basketball. JANET KAY MILLER " Jan " Woodlawn Transferred from Newport, Indianna. r± _ c y OP VJ Q-Lcx a II TV JO ANNE MILLER “Jo” Mount Vernon Woods Transferred from Osbourn High School, Manassas, Virginia. Dance Club; Student Council; Traffic Information Committee; Art Club, president; Red Cross Council; Ground Patrols; Softball; Basketball; Wpn second place in Essay Contest. { As , jj Imam I ransferred from Washington, D. P 1 1 1 K . M Springfield Jm High School, Senior Commercial ; £ wL JLUu iC % RUSS MINER ' By " Rusty " Hollin Hills Transferred from Izmir High School, Linir, Turkey. Chess Club; Student Coun- Hcil; Em Vee Hi; Science and Aviation Club; Basketball; Intramural Football; Winner of Public Speaking Contest. BARBARA JANE MINETREE " Janie " Mount Vernon Woods Glee Club; Junior and Senior Co mmercial Clubs. FRED MINNICH Wellington Heights Transferred from Roland Park High School, Baltimore, Maryland. D. E. II; Stag Club; Squad Leaders Club; Lacross; Track. 1955 89 juts • JLgL V Seniors GAIL FRANCES MORGAN " Gay , Lorton Glee Club; Acapella Club Editor; Spanish noir; Em Vee Hi, Art Club; Quill and Scroll; Quartet Club. 1 n‘ - JOSEPH MICHAEL MUMMA " Mike " Lewis Heights Transferred from Munich American High, Munich, Germany. Ski Club; Dramatic Club; Chorus; M.A.R.R., President; Letter- terman’s Club; Band; Football; 1953-54 USAREUR; Football Championship Team. GWENDOLYN lORRl: tormy JOYCE ANN MORGAN Huntington Majorette Club; F. H. A.; Majorette; Soft- ball. MANLEY JAMES MORRISON " ]im " Bucknell Manor Transferred from Buhl High School, Buhl, Idaho. Future Farmers of America; Or- chestra; Basketball; Football; Track; Bowl- ing. MAJORIE IMOGENE MORTON " Gene " Fort Belvoir Transferred from Aberdeen High School, Aberdeen, North Carolina; Pep Squad; G.A.A.; Junior Class Play. 90 BARBARA JEAN MYERS " Bobbi " Lorton D. E. Club; F. H. A. KAY FRANCIS NAIL " Kay " Lorton Band, Secretary, Treasurer, Manager; Sen- ior Commercial, Reporter; Representative to Virginia Girl’s State; Ink Blotch, re- porter. MARGUERITE DIANE NEITZEY Mount Vernon Senior Commercial; Bible Club. JEROME MORROW NORMANN " Jerry” Springfield Transferred from Stratford Junior High, Arlington, Virginia. Dance Club; Spanish Club; Drafting Club; Advanced Science; Varsity Football; Baseball. EDWARD LEE NORRIS " 7 die” Franconia J. V. Baseball; Varsity Football, Baseball; All-northern baseball team. DONALD LAWRENCE PACK " Tootin ' Fort Belvoir Transferred from Mark Twain Junior High School, San Antonio, Texas. D. E. I., vice-president. BETTY JEAN OBERLAG " Arkansas " Huntington D. E. II; Model in Fashion Show. HERBERT LUTHER OGDEN “Herbie” Franconia Auto Club; D. E. T llSdi ON “Peggy” Bellhaven Em Vee Hi, Exchange Editor; Art E Assistant Advertising Manager; Art Bible Club; Girl Scouts; Girls Hockey; Delegate to National Girl Scout Conven- tion. J - DONALD LEE PARSONS " Don” Fort Belvoir Transferred from Stuttgart High School, Stuttgart, Germany. Sophomore and Fresh- man Class president; Student Government, vice-president; Senator; Dramatics Club; Boys Chorus; Varsity Football; Track; Swimming; Most valuable player award. JAN PATERMASTER " Patty” Lorton PAULINE ELIZABETH PETITT " Polly " Woodlawn F.H.A.; Bible Club. •fLETA GAYE OWENS Franconia Transferred from Iamassee, South Caro- lina. F.H.A.; Softball; Basketball. yy DAVE H. PICKERING “The Kid " Belle View Transferred from Cathedral Latin High, Cleveland, Ohio. Debate Club, president; Chess Club; Intermural basketball. 1955 91 ALBERT BATES PORTER ELAINE CAUDILL PRYOR " Lanie " Huntington Transferred from Springfield High School, Oreland, Pennsylvania. Glee Club, secre- tary; Junior Commercial Club, president; Photography Club, .secretary; Cabinet Mem- ber; Monogram Club, secretary; Senior Commercial Club; Hockey. IO ANN PITTMAN " lo " Belle View Majorette; Majorette Club; Dramatics Club. Transferred f] School, A1 Alternate tive; Intrai ashington High ia. Auto Club; ent Rtfpresenta- JOHN PAYNE PORTER Hollowing Point Transferred from George Washington high School, Alexandria, Virginia. D. E. Club. PHILLIP WAYNE PORTER " Wayne " Groveton 92 SONIA ANITA POSEY " Sone " Franconia L y Club; Patrols; Dramatics; Glee Club; Majorette Club; Em Vee Hi, re- porter. Seniors PHYLLIS YVETTE PIPKIN " Bootsie " Groveton Patrols; Em Vee Hi. CORNELIA MONIQUE PC « HIER " A likki’’ Fort Belvoir Transferred from Colorado Springs High School, Golorado Springs, Colorado. Pep Club; Dramatics Club; Junior Leadership, president, Acapella Choir; Science Club; International Relations Club; Intramural Basketball; Badmitton; Q.A.A. Letter. .- y p n LOU PRICE L orton y " Tra n prrprl f 1 Transferred from inacostia High School, Washington, D. C. Commercial Club, sec- retary; Bowling Club. DON ANDREW PRICE Bucknell Manor Transferred from Falls Church High School, Falls Church, Virginia; Auto Club; D. E. II; Bus Driver; Dance Club. X HILTON RAY RIDGE Alexandria Bus Driver; D. E. Club; Track. FCE MAE RIDGEWAY try " Telegraph Road F.H.A.; junior Commercial Club. jf , MAXIMIND RIOS, J 1 U V y " Max " Fort Bel voir Transferred from Edison High Schoi Antonio, Texas. Hondr Society; Band; Key Club; Band; Advanced Sci Club; Explorer Scouts, crewleader; THOMAS MILTON ROBERTS - 4AGQUELINE ROGERSON " Jackie " Lorton Student Government; Junior Commercial Club; Senior Commercial Club; Surveyor Staff; Homecoming Court. WARREN LEE ROSENBERGER " Rosie " Herndon [vanced Science; Baseball. DAVID ARTHUR " Dee " New AlJ rfndria Key Club; H Student Gove; Baseball ;VBa THOMAS BABCOCK ROBERTS " Tom Cat " Springfield Band. . HERBERT M. ROSENBLEETH " Herby " Fort Belvoir Transferred from Elemington High School, Flemington, New Jersey. J. V. Basketball, Baseball; Varsity Baseball. JEANNE SETHELLE ROSSIE Mount Vernon Majorette Club, president; Student Gov- ernment, secretary; Glee Club; Sophomore; • Representative to Girl’s State; Drum Major. 1955 93 0 Seniors JACQUELINE LOUISE SATTERWHITE " ]ackie " Telegraph Road Bible Club, president; School Chaplain; Reporter Junior and Senior Class; Alumni Editor of Em Vee Hi; Ink Blotch, Assistant Editor; J. V. basketball. eh •ft V os 1 ® ROLF CZABA SILLAY " Wildcat " Groveton Fireman’s Club, treasurer. FRANCES HOPKINSON " Fran " Fori Patrols. iOBER " Rob Transferred School, Fall Club; Honor Commercial Chess Club; dent of Chess Hi; American ner. Mason High Library Club; Senior BREY SEARS Lorton and Scroll; Presi- Club; Em Vee Essay Contest Win- RUTH HELEN SIMMONS " Duffis " Fort Belvoir F.H.A.; Bible Club; Senior Commercial Club; Basketball. DELORES ELAINE SISSON “Laney " New Alexandria Photography Clul; Junior Commercial SUSAN - EMILY SMALL V " Susie ’ Woodlawn Manor Student Government, vice-president; Em Vee Hi, Editor-in-Chief, .Makeup editor; Honor Society; J. V. Cheerleader, co- captain; Band; Sophomore Class President; Basketball; Hockey; Softball; Homecoming Court; SIPA Girls State. CHARLES ELWOOD SHIFFLETT “Sonny " Lorton D. E. Club; Auto Club. IT 0 - . CHESTER HERMAN SMITH Groveton 94 MARILYN SMITH Groverton Forensic porter; reporter; PETER LEE SPEAR Tg® " Pete " Belle View Transferred from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. MonogJH Club; Auto Club, vice-president; ]. ’B Basketball, Baseball; Varsity Baseball Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Intra mural Committee, secretary-treasurer. I 7 It first FREDERICK WILLIAM STEVENS, JR. " Fred " Lorton Advanced Science Club, secretary-reporter; Em Vee Hi, ad manager; Acapella Choir; Student Government; J. V. Baseball; In- tramural Basketball. RICHARD LEE STONE " Smpper " Franconia Patrols; Bus Driver; Auto Club; Fireman’s Club. LIAM MASON STOWERS " Billy " Mount Vernon D. E. Club. JOHN MASON STEARN " Johnny " Groveton Auto Club; Bus Driver; Fireman ' s Club. STANLEY C. STEEVES " Stan " Franconia Art Club; Bus Driver. MARY JO SUMLER " Jo-Jo " Newington Bible Club, secretary; Student Govern- ment, President; Reporter and Representa- tive; President of Junior Class; J. V. Hockey, Baseball; Varsity Hockey, Base- ball; D. A? R. Good Citizenship Award; Who’s NABELL SYKES Hollin Hall i.ij-.rv. reporter and vice-president; Glee V _ Club; Acapella Choir; Student Govern- ent Chaplain; Bible Club, vice-president; m Vee Hi, news editor, reporter; Quill and Scroll; J. V. and Varsity Cheerleader. 1955 95 Seniors ROBERT MARTIN TALBERT " Bobby " Franconia Transferred from Balboa High School, Bal- boa, Canal Zone. Advanced Science Club; Bible Club; Patrol; J. V. and Varsity Base- ball; Won Declamation Awards. LEAH VAN SCOYOC " Cleo " Franconia Glee Club, vice-president; Photography Club; F. T. A.; Barber Shop Musicians, secretary-treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Basketball. cc ‘JL i x. iCo BARBARA ANNE VAYO " Bobbie " Fluntington y Clift) ; Senior ’ Commercial Club; CORALEE TAYLOR " Corkie " Belle View President of Senior Class; Reporter of Sophomore Class; Secretary of Student Government; President of Glee Club; Hockey; Senior Commercial Club; Senior Spotlight. Honor Society. ■AITH Commercial ' usiness Manager; lvaj» SS Science Em Vee ' raphy Cli porter; Si CHARLES JOSEPH WADE Bucknell Manor RICHARD C. THOMAS “The Florida Kid " Burgandy Villagi Transferred from New Smyrma Beach, Florida. . " Chuck ' Transferred from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. D. E. Club, vice-president; Glee Club; G. W. recorder; Sandlot Baseball; Football. GARY EUGENE TREON " Doggie " Fort Belvoir Monogram Club; Key Club, reporter; Co- Ordinating Body; Varsity Basketball, Var- sity Baseball; J. V. Basketball; J. V. Base- RICHARD SHERIDEN WADE " Dick " Lorton Auto Club; Band; Dance Band. 96 a. (7 MARION LAMAR WAGNER " Smiley " Groveton Art Club; Patrols; Merit for Magazine Drive. JUNE ADRIAN WALKER Lorton F.H.A.; Library Club; Spanish Club. IL-ts - EMILY LUCILLE WELLS " Lue " Fort Hunt F.T.A., secretary and reporter; Glee Club; Patrols; D.E. II Club, vice-president; J. V. Softball. CHARLES EDWARD WILKERSON " Sonny " F airhaven Em Vee Hi; Art Club; D. E. II Club. Jk crvAA.H. - vHHBR PATRICIA LOUISE WALTERS " Pat " Mount Vernon Transferred from East Liverpool, Debate I; Choir; Junior Commercial. EGGY WITHERSPOON " Peg " Springfield ansferred from Denton High School, Denton, Texas. Skating Club; Safety Edu- f cation Club; Hi-Site Club; Basketball, Cheerleader; Friendliest Girl. CHARLES WILLIAM WA " Chuck Transferred from Billi Billings, Montana. DOROTHY A. WRIGHT • " Dottie " Belle View Bible Club, treasurer; Library Club; Span- ish Club; Hockey. A 0 if ALBERT CHARLES WEAVER, JR. " We” Fort Hunt Glee Club; J. V. Baseball; Student Govern- ment; Fireman’s Club; EVELYN CAROLYN WYATT " Kim " Groveton Glee Club, Historian; Student Govern- ment; F.T.A.; Patrols, secretary-treasurer; Junior and Senior Commercial Club; Hockey; Softball. 1955 97 v r y IK V i . v. ' I) NORITA SUE YOUNG " Skoshie " Engleside F.H.A., vice-president; Delegate to State Convention; Red Cross. RALPH LLOYD ZERHING “Squirre l " New Alexandria Monogram Club; Student Government, Speaker of the House; J. V. Football; Varsity Football, Baseball, and Basketball; Captain of Football Team; Member of All Suburban Football Team; Northern ootball Team; Most Athletic. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Aycock, James Barrett, Jack Ellsworth, Clarence Fuller, Lawrence Johnson, Robert Kaufman, Robert Mitchell, Wayne Pael, Marguerite Painter, Orby Petitt, Gerald Seniors 1955 98 4i« V • IB 1 | 1 jMgbXj f Sg ■ 1 . H|| ™ i • « • • mi M» »» | 1 » f ' w| Jr r h 4 « 100 Wendell Adkins Tommie Allen Mary Ainlong Barbara Armistead Gene Arthur Ben Baggett John Banister Patricia Barden Raymond Barnes Russell Barnes Terry Barton Rachall Batton Mary A. Baylis Robert Beal Barbara Bell Ida Betancourt Ronald Bradley Gary Brewer Robert Brown Joan Brunner Robert Carmichael Joanne Chapman Carolyn Collins Charlotte Collins JUNIORS David Collins Onan Coppage Frances Conner Ruby Corbin Joyce Cox Wanda Cox William Craighead Eleanor Creighton James Croft Margaret Cunningham Brent Davis Florence Davis Robert Dooley John Dunivan Sheffield Edwards Earl Ellison Ray Evans Elizabeth Everritt Millie Felix Thomas Fife Anne Flynt Betty Fuller Carolyn Fuller Pat Funderburk Bill Furman Williard Gates Mary Ellen Gibb Barbara Godfrey Billy Goatee Janice Gosnell Glenn Gray Kathleen Gray George Grayson Laverne Greer James Grover Joan Hall Helen Hammersley Georgiana Hanecamp David Hanson Felton Harris Sylvia Hatton Frances Higgens Ann Hoover Nancy Howard Judy Huglin Jeannie Humphries Norman Hyett Alma jean Jenkins Charles Johnson Gordon Joines Fillian Jones Ronald Keener Gerald Kidwell John King Danny Kinsler Erna Klussman Eddie Lakey Georgia Lee Ruth Lee Paija Lejneiks Marjorie Locke Carl Lindsay Pricilla Lory Charles Manor Carl Marble John Massey 1 Beverly McIntosh Paul McKay Faye McKenzie Earl McLane James Merikangas Marie Messick Betsy Meyer Jackie Miller Curtis Mlsna Ruth Moats Seig Monroe Henry Moon Warner Moon Sara Moses Carol Mullins Margret Munday Mary Myers Herman Nealv Grace Newman Lois Nickles Ann Nottingham Sandra Nuckles Bill Ogle Norbert O’Hare JUNIORS 4 Barbara Oldham Joyce Otis Ruth Painter Anne Parsons Nancy Pastore Donald Pegelow Robert Penn Jim Perry Darlene Peterson Lewis Quinn Roy Ratchford Loretta Reese Doris Reynolds Roberta Richardson Sylvia Rickman Linda Robinson Sandra Roland Mary Rose Williard Rothery Cecil Rowe 102 Peggy Rowe Mary Sargent William Schieder Eleanor Schwartz Joan Schlater Janet Senior William Shaffer Claude Shaffer Jackie Shaw Shirley Shepherd Sara Shepherd Betty Shiflett Barbara Simms Manuel Sisson Shirley Smith Sylvia Snellings Barbara Spoone Rebecca Stark Gene Stewart Joan Stoops Edward Strawderman Barbara Studds Joseph Sumler Marion Talbot Mary Frances Tappon Clarence Thayer Flozelle Thompson King Tronsegaard JUNIORS Wayne Thurston Connie Umphrey Nancy Ward Preston Weatherford Gail Weeden John Welch Lewis Whitener Martha Wilson John Yancey John Yeaman Bernard Yocum Gretchen Young Betty Zehring 103 JUNIOR OFFICERS First row, left to right: Betsy Meyer, Senator; Sandy Ro- land, Secretary; Joe Sumler, President; Lewis Quinn, Vice President. Second row, left to right: Wendall Adkins, Senator; Gordon Joines, Treasurer; Glen Gray, Reporter. JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Earl Allen Arthur Ball Gerald Bain Gerald Bassler Joan Beavers George Bradford Richard Carr Norman Culver Raymond Dobson Robert Durman Gerald Emerson Lois Entwisle Eddie Frenchie Robert Freeman Paul Gilbert Gary Hedrick Lester Hensley Lewis Jessie Maurice Keville Warren Lather James Lofter Cyril Long Barbara Melvin Dennis Miller Jessie McNaughton Carl Natter Charlie Oliver Sandra Parker Thomas Petrini Otis Petit Wilbur Pittman Richard Ransopher Charlie Robinson Linda Rodriquez Charles Simmons Mike Schultz Charles S treble James Sutherland Brian Thomas Delford Wathall Marlene Wheeler Donald Wolfe Snapshot i James Perry doesn ' t seem to be very interested in the War of 1812. Guy Bowen, student photographer, shoots health class. Gordon Joincs gets individual instruction in mechanical drawing from Mr. Argentine. Lewis Quinn, Gerald Emerson, Joe Sumler, and Ray Evans, alias The Mariners. 105 SOPHOMORES Eddie Able Harry Ackley Joy Adem Marilyn Albertson John Alvey William Arnlong Dennis Arneson Leah Atkins Parke Avery Russell Aylor Marie Baber Katherine Badger George Ballard Russell Bannister Barbara Bartelmess Lucylyn Barton Carolyn Bassford William Bates Ray Beard Wilma Beavers Lance Bell Clarence Belt Cynthia A. Bennett Cynthia V. Bennett 106 Ann Berry Gene Best Vera Best Lillian Betancourt Jane Bevis Allan Blaisdell Betsy Bonner Paul Booterbaugh Joyce Bridges Margaret Briscoe Malcolm Brown Ellen Bullock Clifton Bunch Brenda Burch Sharon Bums Marie Butler Joan Carter Peggy Cash Richard Catlin Joan Clark Lois Clark Robert Clark James Clarke Rita Cleveland Charles Coe Nancy Collins Michael Comer Judy Conk Adelaide Cook Charles Cornwell Phillip Coyle Kevin Cullen Sandra Cunningham Angela Curry Ward Davis Carol Deacon Helen Denty Angela DeStout Robert Dickerson Reba Dodd George Dorsey Danny Dough ton Shirley Dunn Barbara Edmonston Kitty Edwards Elton Eldert Nancy Fagan Robert Fagan SOPHOMORES I : ' • Gail Fedor Betty Fenton Ann Finnan Wilson Fisher Marvin Fletcher Judith Flow Fenita Foster Frank Callahan Pat Gallahan Janie Garcia Shirley Garmon Delores Gerber Nina Giles Walter Gillis Gary Gillum Charles Gould Ann Griffith Robert Griswald Joan Grubbs Kate Guest Rita Haberly Barbara Flail Kenneth 1 lammond Brenda I lansborough 107 Billy Hardbower Robert Harley John Harrelson Mary Jean Harris Jo Ann Hawkins Chester Hayden Patricia Haynes Nancy Henderson Sammy Henderson Claude Hess Mike Hicks Jeanette Hill Tommy Hill Robert Hobson Barry Holland Earlene Hord Wanda Horowitz Alice Hotchkiss Ingrid Hubner Arthur Iodice Larry Janof Richard Jernigan Donna Johnson Herbert Johnson SOPHOMORES Max Johnson Diana Jones Floyd Jones Mary Ann Jones Sarah Jones Totten Judd Alice Kendall Genevieve Kennedy Adonna Key Audrey King Dawn Kiser Frank Klune Joe Lawrence Joyce Ledbetter William Lee George Lejnieks Evelyn Lepley Carol Linsay James Loving Francis Lowery Kenneth MacArthur John Manor Jay Martin Suzanne Maruer Vf A luk. A 4 Y lb Chandler Massey Karen McCrombie Imogene McGinnis Donna McIntosh William McKim Marilyn Meserve Kathy Meyer Ronald Miles Adrian Miller Joan Miller William Moffett Barbara Moore Florence Morrill Joan Morris jo Ann Morse John Morton Patrick Mumma Mike Munz Mike Musselman Jean Natter Edmund Offner Gale Oliver Beverly Ostler Ellen Parsons O C k SOPHOMORES Donald Parthree Sue Patterson Barbara Ann Payne Esther Payne Edith Petersilia Barbara Petitt Carroll Petitt Jackie Petitt Delaney Phillips Gerald Pindell Margaret Price Jerry Pugh Otis Pullen Marjorie Pullman Carolyn Pusey James Quigley Frank Ray Carol Reeves James Rexrode Kenneth Rexrode Ronald Richardson Ronald Ridge Sally Ritenaur Judy Robertson 109 f ' v f ' IP Janice Robinson Mary Rambo Frederick Roop Maxine Rudick William Sandberg Douglas Satterwbite Brian Scott Judy Scott Riley Scott Hilda Sears Carol Seifeit Warren Seymour Eilene Shaffer Fletcher Shepherd Norman Shepherd Pat Shepherd Amos Shiflet Nancy Shoemaker George Simmons Shirley Sines Florence Smith Paul Smith Scott Smith Brandon Smithe SOPHOMORES 1 lO Jane Snyder Jack Starry Charlie Stone Shirley Stowers Judson Strader Barbara Sweeny Frances Swindell Valerie Tarr Patricia Taylor Sidney Thompson Edward Trice Sara Turner Joanne Ulrick William Urick William Vining George Wahl Kay Wall Donald White Gerald Wildman Diana Wiley Hannah Williams Kay Wisner Ray Wood James Woodruff Jesse Wren SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Fred Bernhard Charles Brenner Larry Buckner Sandra Campbell Robert Canepa Patricia Carson Douglas Cruikshank Pippa Fedderson Leonard Feder David Freeman Alton Gross Sophie Hamilton Billy Hardin Peter Jarvis Richard Jenkins Harvey Johnson Thomas Kaufman Robin Kilby Warren Lathe Paul Lipscomb Charles Lee Kenneth McGill Shaun Miller Glynn Moyer Michael Mulholland Pat O’Neal David Phillips William Pierce John Powell Conrad Pracht Robert Quick Mary Rancone Doris Robertson Richard Shiflett Claudia Shipley Clarence Stephens Herbert Stephens Joseph Stevens Clyde Stocks Larry Thibodeau Beverly Vail William Walthall Glenna Ward Carrie Wires Front row, left to right: Mary Jean Harris, senator; Wanda Horowitz, secretary; Angela DeStout, treasurer. Second row Parke Avery, senator; Cynthia V. Bennett, reporter; John Harrelson, vice president. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Mr. Lawrence Hatch, sponsor 112 Snapshot! Posing for his sophomore yearbook picture presented no problem for Buddy Belt even though he isn’t smiling. Physical Education is a must for all students, and basketball is today’s “must.” Congratulations and a trophy for being the highest salesman in the Magazine Campaign was given to Barbara Moore by Mr. McMillian representative of Crowell-Collier’s Publishing Company. Miss Trimmers Latin students hard at work on a lesson. 1 13 Marilyn Adams Melanie Adams Alex Akerman James Allen Marjorie Alvey William Alvey Manuel Alzamora Robert Anderson Robert Apperson Jill Arneson Twyla Arvin Ann Ayers Kathrine Bailey Nancy Bailey Francis Baker Molly Ballard George Barber Patsy Baumert William Beach Joan Beales Elaine Beard Carlson Becker Harold Beecham Francis Bevis FRESHMEN 14 Geana Bishop James Blair Jimmy Bodner Gerald Boswick Jimmy Bowen Joyce Bowen James Brace Barbara Bragman Joan Bridges Chester Briggs Jay Brown Dorothy Bullock John Burgess Frank Burkholder Reba Calvert Lisa Canwick Joan Carmichael Gertrude Carper Catherine Carr Patricia Carson Paul Caton Janet Chapman Phillis Chinn Joyce Ann Clark Suzanne Clark William Clark Ann Marie Clarke Dorothy Clem Camilla Clocker Howard Clutter Brenda Coffman Albert Combs Charles Corder Barbara Cornwell Lewis Counts Browning Cox Charles Craghead Howard Craig Pat Cullen Edward Cunningham Pierce Damewood Patsy Daniels Phyllis Davies Jean Davis Bruce Deavers Jacqueline Derman Michael Deutsch Norman Dickerson FRESHMEN r LLL n V l t it twte Cl p p p m r) k V P l f V ( AmIi Gloria Di Loretta Ann di Zerega Mary Dodd Janet Dodson Steve Doster Paul Dove Charles Downey Thelma Dudley Peggy Duerson Patricia Dupuis Manford Eck Alice Eckard Gary Edenfield Patricia Edmonson Evelyn Edson John Edwards Boyd Elswick Eleanor Embrey Ernest Embrey Betty English Betty Ennis Ranny Enoch Rosalie Entwisle JohnFaoaii 1 15 Ford Fairfax Judith Fairfax Phyllis Featherstone Charles Fenner Bill Fitzgerald Suzanne Fletcher Robert Florence Judie Forsberg Larry Funderburk Donald Gallagher Anita Gancey Ronald Gardner Douglas Gates Martha Gibson Lauretta Gilbert Mary Gilbert Deirdre Gleason David Goatee John Gottshall Bonnie Graham Helen Gravey Linda Greer Loretta Griffith Terry Gustafson FRESHMEN 1 1 6 James Halcomb Martha Hall Barbara Halleman Charles Hamilton Donald Hancock Roy Harding Martin Hartman Barbara Hatton Wayne Haynes Vincent Heflin Charles Henderson Arnold Henry Lois Henry Mary Ellen Henry Joan Hensley Betty Hess Douglas Heyhoe Betty Hicks Dewey Hicks William Hoffman Ethel Hollaway John Hollestelle Bobby Honeycutt Jackie Hoover Wanda Homeland Wilma Howell Albert Hudson Robin Huglin Joan Hulvey James Hunt Barbara Huston Janice Janof Pete Jarvis Ruth Jeffries Dennis Jenkins Patricia Jenkins Brenda Johnson Joseph Johnson Dean Jones Thelma Jones Cecelia Keefe Donald Keener Paula Kennedy Howard Kenny Michael Kenny Kaye Kerns Michael Keys Mason Kimble FRESHMEN Constance King Mildred King Duke Kiser Annabelle Kistner Alexander Korns George Kuster Patricia Lambert Mary Landry James Lansing Nancy LaRocque Gerald Lee Sally Leight Ann Leonard Joseph Leseney Sam Levay Richard Lewis William Lewis Patricia Lindsay Anna Lloyd Eric Logan Helen Long John Lyon Sue Lukehart John Mang 1 17 Marlene Marsha Michael Marshall Nina Martin Shelby Martin Audrey Matheny Christine Mattews James Maurer Danny McArthur Marie McClosky Fred McCloud Joyce McCreary Roberta McDonald David McIntyre James McKay Douglas McPherson Michael Mead Joe Medve William Merdell Joyce Merrill Johnnie Merritt Barry Miller Gary Miller Glenn Miller Michael Miller FRESHMEN Robin Miller Sue Miller Nancy Miner Janet Minetree Carol Mistretta Nancy Morgan Catherine Moulton David Moyer Esther Munson Sandra Murphev Joyce Myers Doris Nattania Hugh Nesbitt Calvin Newman Mary Jane Newman Geaffrey Nichols Ray Novotny Diane Oakes Doris Otis Merlene Owens Donald Packer Susanna Palmer William Par ker Kenneth Pastore Fred Patterson Patricia Patterson Sherry Pavey John Peterson Marie Petrini Patricia Peyton Marcel Pfalzgraf William Pfingstag David Phillips Sharon Pierce Louise Potter Theresa Pracht Linda Price Richard Pryor Patricia Pyles Kenneth Ranch Peter Rathje Marian Remak Jules Renaud Eugene Rhinehart Charles Rider Rebecca Rios Julian Robinson Rov Rodrieuez FRESHMEN n, 4 . 1 fT i (?) 1 r , r «. 5 , A c K m Carroll Rogers Allen Romack Mary Sadler Barbara Salmond Michael Sanford Connie Schlegel Raymond Schley James Schmidtlein Coralee Schools Down Schriebl Robert Seymore Francis Shaffer Cleo Sharpes Helen Shepherd Robert Shohen James Short Roy Sims Gail Simmons David Sines Edward Smith Gary Smith Eugene Snyder Ward Spigelmyer Patricia Spooner 119 Betty Ann Sprang Rebecca Sproles Rose Starke Emily Stemson Harriet Stephens Patricia Stephens Alan Stevens Richard Stuart Susan Stewart William Stoops John Stover Cherie Strong Patricia Stutz Maxine Sullivan Edward Surovell Margaret Swindell Dorothy Talbot Barbara Teague Joyce Terry Jean Thomas John Thompson Kristin Thompson Dora Thornton Karol Tinker FRESHMEN Allen Topping Clyde Townsend John Treger Kenneth Treiber Elizabeth True John Trueblood Kathryn Tucker Marguerite Turner John Tyers Luvia Valencia Sharon Van den Berg Fred Vaughn Dorothy Vizard Gama Vizard Carol Waddell Judy Warder Fred Watson Patricia Watson Carol Waybright Bette Weaver 120 Lilo Weikc Judith Weiss Judith Westberg Joyce Wildman Lilia Wiley Anne Williams Larry Williams Chester Williamson Peggy Wilma Shirley Wilmer Linda Whitener Milse Whitener, Jr. Evely Woerheide Lewis Worrell Jill Woodman Caroline Wren Ella Wright Lawton Wright Anita Yancey Irma Yancey Ann Yeaman Nancy Yowell Don Zanionzkowski Maurine Zimmerman FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Marilyn Adams James Anderson Arthur Apperson Richard Bohn Dorothy Blanchard Raoul Bryan Donald Clemmer Kenneth Crump Ernie Downey Russell Figgens Duke Glascock James Gordon Patricia Groover Joe Hall Cecil Harley Douglas Heyhoe James Holcomb Larry Holt James Hollins Van Ness Hoagland Joan Hulvey William King Toni Lambeth Donald Lewis Nina Martin James McKay Catherine Morrison Leo Myers Alton Penn John Reiteneauer Ray Samuels Joe Sliger Willie Stevens James H. Thomas Roland Thompson Raymond Waybright Robert Watts Alfred Wood Stanley Weadon Romelda Wheeler 121 First row, left to right: Jill Arneson, senator; Suslanna Palmer, secretary; Linda Whitener, treasurer. Second row: Alan Stevens, vice president; Ann di Zerega, sena- tor; Chuck Downey, reporter. FRESHMEN OFFICERS Mr. Will, Sponsor Paul Dove, President 122 Snapshots “Political Candidates await their turn for campaign speeches. Freshman English apparently is quite pleasing to these students. Social Studies can be a pleasant subject or else the smiles are deceiving. A class in Art is most interesting and helps us to express ourselves in many ways. 123 Doris Abel Todd Ackley David Adams Delores Adams Robert Adams John Ad cox Lucy Akerman Judy Allen Betty Anderson Don Anderson Earl Anderson Virginia Anderson Rose Marie Ashby Robert Atkins Walter Babb William Baker Andrew Baldacci Joe Baldacci Nancy Bancroft Lucy Barber Donald Barnes Kathryn Barret Robert Bayer Donna Beahm EIGHTH GRADE 124 William Beal Beverly Beazley Wanda Becker Carol Behre James Bennett Eric Berg Jim Bernhardt Kay Bloom William Bohn Jean Bowler Howard Bradburn Rosemary Brewer Thomas Brewer David Bridges Timothy Britt Barbara Brown Nancy Browne Phyllis Brubaker Charlotte Brunner Dorlores Bufani Richard Burke George Caldwell Robert Campbell Beverly Carr Charles Carr Ann Carter Judy Carter Ann Carver Kenneth Cebeck Barbara Ann Chadwick Pamela Chandler Robert Clark Patricia Clift Billy Coates Noel Coffey Ellen Cohen Jackie Collins Tohn Collins Minta Concepcion Robert Conrad Robert Cothran Charles Couneill Shirley Crabtree Joyce Craig David Crandall Robert Croft Don Crompton Virginia Croom EIGHTH GRADE Michele Cung Betty Damewood Harry Dant Bobby Daugherty Thomas Davies Wilma Davies Linda Davis Frank deBardelben Edythe Demory Jeane Denbo Paul Dent Walter Dickerson Louella Dillingham Joanne Dobson Robert Dodson Donna Dolph Judy Donahue Scott Donovan Jerry Dorminy Paula Drayton Timothy Duncan Ruth Ann Eagle Edward Echbach Anita Edwards 125 Cecil Edwards Marcia Eisenhart Carolyn Eldert Richard Elliot June Ellsworth Harold Embrey John Embrey Donna Emerson Vernon Ennis Edward Entwisle Sally Entwisle Martha Eqes Joern Ette Gerald Fair Joyce Faucette Mary Fenton Sussie Figgins Robert Fitz Thomas Fitzgerald Joseph Flinchum Nellie Fogus Sandra Follett Barbara Fortune Eleanor Fraley 126 EIGHTH GRADE Joan Freeman Reggie Freeman Neal Fridenstine Nesbit Frisbv Edmund Fry Patricia Frye John Gallahan Prisilla Gallo Tommy Garcia Warren Garman Clark Gamer Thomas Gazav Claire Gilbert Thomas Gill Peter Glenck James Gordon Kenneth Gordon Beverly Gosnell Janet Grade Edward Gramm Barbara Gray Mary Ellen Green Pamala Grimm Graham Gross Linda Gruver Bill Guest Ben Guthrie Rita Gyakum Betty Hall Jerry Hall Joan Hall Joyce Hall Morris Hall Janice Hamilton Stewart Hamilton Beth Hammersley Ardith Harding Marie Harlowk Louis Harris Lynne Harrison John Haseman Bonnie Hassler Mary Hatton Leroy Hawes James Hayden Lillian Hayward Donna Heath Vincent Hendricks EIGHTH GRADE Carolyn Hepler Helen Higgins Delores Hill Alvin Hise Maitland Hitaffer Julia Holbrook Bill Holland Brenda Hollins Siegrid Holthaus Nancy Hootman Sandra Horsman Leslie Hosman Linda Humphery Jeffrey Hutson Ralph Hyett Melvin Hyman Kenneth Ikenberry Helen Jacobs Paul Jacobs James Crellin Billy Jarriett Joan Jenkins Aud Johanson Frances Johnson 127 Francis Johnson George Johnson Patricia Johnson Jerry Jones Stephen Jones Stuart Kamy Richard Karstens Charles Kean John Keene Carolyn Kees Eugene Kelley Frances Kennedy Sandra Kennedy Tony Kessler Lauren Kieffer Robert Kilby Lucy Kincaid Donna Klune Lois Kraska Jean LaRocque Barbara Larson David Lawhorne Harry Lee Alice Lepley EIGHTH GRADE 128 Shelia Leverich Jane Lightcap Barbara Linaburg Nancy Lory Patsy Loving George Lunger Lois Lydell Beau Lyons Henry Lyons John MacMichael Laura Madden Stephen Magam Barbara Malone Robert Mamula Stafford Markham Sammy Marshall Maufred Mathes Joyce Mazingo Patricia McClure Robert McCord Sandra MacDonald Celeste McGinnis Frank Meyers Paul Michelson Kent Miller Leroy Miller Patsy Miller Richard Miller Barbara Minnix Rebecca Moon Kathrine Moore Bertha Morris Barbara Morton Dinah Moses Phyllis Mozingo Joyce Murphy Harold Murray Helen Napier Robert Nation Patricia Navarra lacqueline Neitzev Mary Neitzev William Neitzev Nancy Nelson Howard Nestlerade Thomas Newbourne Gordon Newell Betty Newman EIGHTH GRADE Carol Nottingham Sarah Nunneley Brenda O ' Baugh Wallace Oden David Offner Violet Olson Judy Ostler Earl Painter Fred Page James Parker Liberty Paterson Edward Patter Ruth Ann Pegelow Burke Penn Linda Petteruti Jimmy Pettit Carolyn Phillips Billy Pickering 1 Iarlan Pierce Patricia Pilkington Fred Pinn Larry Pittman Randall Porter John Pothier 129 William Pracht Billy Pryor Kenneth Pugh Leslie Pusey Larry Quick Patricia Quigley lean Ragen Danny Rakes Nancy Rambo David Ransopher Bailey Rathbone David Rathje Karel Ray Sue Ray Laurie Reddick Bobby Reece Douglas Reed George Remack Bruce Remington Patricia Reynolds William Richardson Aloma Robinson Joy Romack Mary Rose EIGHTH GRADE 130 Phyllis Rose Donnie Sandridge Leslie Saunders Kathy Sayre Esther Schalon Tommy Schmidtlein Betty Schreiner Carolyn Scott Richard Scott Tillie Seifert Michael Sexton Walter Seymour Jimmy Shaw Sammy Shelton Sandra Ship Sandra Shoap JoAnn Shuman Rondi Sigmund Betsy Simmons Jean Simms Sandra Sinclair Lynn Sisselberger Gloria Sisson Edward Skillman Barbara Slayton Matthew Small Jesse Smith Nathan Smith Susie Sonner Jeanette Spence June Spicer Sharon Sportsman Marie Sprang Mamie Sprinkle Patsy Stark Ann Starke Jerry Stephens Robert Stevens Anne Stewart Dorothy Stoats James Stone Jay Stowell Renate Strang Wayne Studds Vivian Sturdivant David Sumler James Talbert Alfredo Taman i EIGHTH GRADE ' r» i IkJ V 4 r Robert Tate Julia Taylor Jerry Thomas Judy Thomas Peter Torbert Robert Troxler Eddie Trueb Jo Anne Truel Mary Underward Tommy Van Buren Jan Van Dyke John Van Epps Allan Viar John Vining Robert Vinson Albert Volz Harry Wachter Dorothy Walgamatt Trudy Waltraud Barbara Walkup Phyllis Waters Donald Waybright Paul Wease George Weaver 131 Carolyn Wedding Kenneth Weidner Gerald Welker James Wells James Wheeler June White Gaye Whited Albert Williams Dorothy Williams Donald Wilson Sylvia Wilson Gail Wilt Edgar Wine Lawrence Wing Wanda Winstein Emmett Woolfred Carol Wootou Ronnie Wright Jean Zianoczkowski EIGHTH GRADERS NOT PICTURED James Behanna Roy Bridges Richard Davis Larry Fletcher Allan Hockett Richard Jones Alfred Klinke Ken Kowalski Alby Gene Kelley Miller Lemay Henry Lyons Cecil Maxwell Robert Natim Chester Percosky Joan Scale Arnold Simms Shirley Wires Robert Wood Mae Woolfrey EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS First row, left to right: Ann Carver, vice president; Scott Donovan, treasurer. Second row: George Johnson, secre- tary; Kay Barrett, reporter; Crellin James, Freddie Tomani, senators. 132 Mrs. Hattie Quinley, Sponsor Gary Treon, David Damewood, Mr. Landes, Coralee Taylor, and Dave Davis. ADMINISTRA TION YV. LEON MASON Assistant Principal Over-all Sponsor of Student Patrols MARY MABEL DeVAULT Director of Guidance FACULTY I AMES L. ARGENTINE Mechanical Drawing, Physical Edu- cation, Fireman’s Club Sponsor, Junior Varsity Football Coach, Junior Varsity Track Coach. ANNE YVONNE ARNOLD Freshman English. HELEN L. BLALOCK Senior English, Sophomore Eng- lish. SARAH VERNA COFFEY Music, Varsity Chorus, Freshman Chorus, Special Choir. BERT B. COHEN United States History, World His- tory, Debate Club Sponsor. LUCY CONSTANCE COLTHURST French, Freshman English, French Club Sponsor. CATHERINE P. COOLEY Senior English. DONALD G. COOLEY Freshman Social Studies, United States History, Barber Shop Quar- tet Club Sponsor. EARL J. DODRILL Consumer Buying, Retail Train ing, Distributive Education Club Sponsor. NANCY ELIZABETH DOUGHTON Home Economics, Co-Sponsor of Future Homemakers of America. HELEN A. EDMONDSON Eight Grade Math. STANLEY FANT Eighth Grade Science, Freshman Science, Varsity Track Coach, Eighth Grade Basketball Coach, Key Club Sponsor. FORREST FRAZIER Algebra I, Eighth Grade Football, Eighth Grade Baseball. FRANCES GARNER Eighth Grade English and Social Studies. JANE E. GRAY Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Ad- vanced Algebra. SUZANNE SEARS HAMER Eighth Grade English and Social Studies. WILLIAM HEATH Eighth Grade English and Social Studies. MARY VIRGINIA HORN Algebra I and II. JAMES W. JOHNSTON Industrial Arts, Woodwork. JACK E. HAMILTON Eighth Grade English, Social Stud ies and Chess Club Sponsor. MARY JO HARRIS Junior English. ftp td JL LAWRENCE W. HATCH Social Studies, World History, -Model Airplane Club Sponsor, gphomore Class Sponsor. i v LORRAINE HELTON Sophomore English. Geography. WILLIAM OWEN HESTER United States History, Senior Civics. KATHLEEN WOOD HILL Freshman English, Sophomore Eng- lish. ROBERT HARMAN HORN Chemistry, Advanced Science Club Sponsor, Junior Varsity Girl’s Soft- ball Coach. MARGARET HARVEY HUGHES Health and Physical Education, Hockey Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. ELEANOR W. JAMES General Math. HUGH HOWARD JONES Biology, Eighth Grade General Science, Audio-Visual, Chess Club Assistant Sponsor. PAUL H. KEPNER Eighth Grade English and Social Studies. LUCY JANE LOWMAN Typing I and II, Bookkeeping I, Yearbook Club Sponsor. Majorette Club Sponsor. JOHN H. MOORE Eighth Grade Math, Math I, Bus Patrols Sponsor. MILDRED JAMESON LAPSLEY Visiting Teacher, Mount Vernon Area. RHEA GARBER LOCKE Art I, II and III, Eight Grade Art, Art Club Sponsor. THOMAS B. LYLES Health and Physical Education, Ground Patrol Sponsor, Assistant Football Coach and Trainer. ROBERT H. MUIRHEAD Health and Physical Education, Intramural Basketball Sponsor, Var- sity Basketball Coach, Junior Var- sity Baseball Coach. SARAH MARGARET MAHANEY Eighth Grade Math, Math I and II. PATSY ANN NEWMAN Eighth Grade Math, Math 1 and II. VICTOR J. KAZLAUSKY Director of Health and Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach. FLORA SUSAN LOCKRIDGE Assistant Librarian, Assistant Girl Scout Leader of Troop 22. MARY RUTH O ' NEIL Bookkeeping I, Typing I, Student Government Sponsor. LYNN MARKWOOD McCLENCH Algebra I and II. PURCELL MONK ROBERTSON Home Economics, Future Home- makers of America, Sponsor Martha Washington Federation. ANN HUDGINS SAWYER EightE Grade English and Social Studies. MARY ALMA PARKER Eighth Grade English and Social Studies. MILDRED ROSE OWEN Eighth Grade English and Social Studies. FRANCES RICHMOND PARRISH Librarian, Library Club Sponsor. WAYMON HARRIS PAYNE General Shop. MARJOR IE ARLINE PURCELL Cafeteria Manager. FRANCES R. RUST Spanish I and II, Spanish Club ' Sponsor. HATTIE G. QUINLEY Eighth Grade Guidance Director, Future Teachers Club Sponsor, Eighth Grade Cfcss Sponsor. ECCA SAUNDERS Civics, Senior Class Spon- FLORENCE R. PROVANCE Shorthand II and Transcription, Typing II, Bookkeeping II, Senior Commercial Club Sponsor, School Store. FLORENCE L. PRICE Freshman English, Sophomore Eng- lish. CLARA BELLE ROBISON Eighth Grade Math, Math I. JOHN R. SAWYER Eighth Grade Science, Freshman Science, Physics. GENE A. STEINBACH Band, Sponsor of Concert Band, Intermediate Band and Dance Band. ADINE G. SUTTLER Business Math, Commercial Ex- ploratory, Bible Club Sponsor. MARGARET M. TAYLOR Social Studies I, Freshman English, Red Cross Council Sponsor. SYDNOR W. THRIFT Eighth Grade Science, General Science I, Varsity Baseball Coach. OSIE ELLEN TRIMMER Latin II and III, Exploratory Latin, Journalism I and II, Newspaper Sponsor. RUBY C. WAGNER Shorthand 1, Typing I, Junior Com- mercial Club Sponsor. POLLY EDWARD WAID Physical Education, Sponsor of Var- sity and Junior Varsity Cheerlead- ers, Girl’s Softball Coach. HENRY STREIT WALKER Junior English, Sophomore English, Junior Class Sponsor. RICHARD WALTERS United States History, Social Studies, Cotillion Club Sponsor. JOSEPH C. WILL Freshman Social Studies, World Geography, Freshman Class Spon- sor. VIRGINIA GARDNER WILSON Health and Physical Education, As- sistant Hockey Coach, Basketball Coach. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH WOOD Biolog) - , Assistant Sponsor of Stu- dent Government. PEARL YANCEY Freshman English, Latin I, Latin Club Sponsor. JOHN JOSEPH YEDNOCK Health and Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach, Junior Var- sity Basketball Coach. Mrs. Jean IN ail secretary to Mr. Mason assistant principal. Mrs. Lorraine Dodson secretary to Mr. Landes, principal. Mrs. Faye Purvis secretary to Miss DeVault, Guidance Director; and Mrs. Parrish, Librarian. Lady Faculty Members enjoy an after school tea. Crellin James pou the faculty tea givi Library Club. Mr. Kazlausky in foreground leaves the floor to recover a shot during the men’s faculty basketball game. I James 1L leek m S aw P a nA ' f Alexj •■St National E MAIN 01 c2 1 u: c -reet King 9-3000 y dJfrberl jH.(Jqtim reet need mone Thomas Milton Roberts i Donafcf {qgg SPa, Qdvoard Joee 0 ? p » SC indria’s Old tablishe 629 King J fohn C W. Dfunt Jeilrlj oe ( rougher -i te j ■Tit ' _2)aviJ (A. J obL, Jr. ESSO Esso Servieenter h Rd. Elmwood sandria, Virginia King 9-0363 toring Starts at on 1 Shcvr ud ” Cox, Prop. • -£2Wiee4 ty Xo i r i.-Smav GULF S L.ey I Iwy. Route 6j _orton, Virginia M.H©]rib®irJl JR n s®mM®®4JIa ker Richardson, Pi the Lorton Commi GUY PARKER BOWEN ' o Gulf with lls DONALD STOWE CROMLEY ' Z JJ J eawne ' ' Ma ) rnmm PENN 1 7 30 Richmond ■•mm ■ ZoMr folV TELEG J aziune jCouiie (1 aruion Eve _ , y L nZel ' Wi55 $ nne •Carolyn Arthur . y ui fir(v i y ' t " - Horn] Bill diZeresa Cll — ' fly yya e - Sy brnJ Mu J-wh y day an S ccifo t Muk) • y Ze0wA S$? n0- JCtM Qydnn zDcuv-tA THE ALEX, Alexandria’ NEW PENNE " with a complete devartii for every member of the f 212 N. Washington St 211 N. Columbus Str 2 tAi 07? us o Qllen do arising — S d rn 7 i y m ° k • ns !WO«i Jltisa CRull dlnn dfaujl ddrj Q).-ec Wsna ddLucy Oib diztztei . 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Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) collection:

Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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