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I STORY lined U itt . THE NINETEEN FIFTY THREE jtays U ct. faty x., (tluHzyaJ — 7 7T. , zr q HIGH SCHOOL y- ._ ’ 4 © £Q B|Jr RICHMOND HIGHWAY -ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA FOREWORD Time continues to change our lives, and we students here at Mount Vernon can easily say that this “has been” our yearl Fall 1952 — Ours was a small school but the sudden invasion of thirteen hundred lively and demanding students resulted in an era never to be forgotten. Future years will bring smiles to our faces when we re-live in memory the vast building program we endured. The necessity of having classes in the halls was almost a major catastrophe and the mud thickened paths to our quonsets were impassable much of the time. Cranes lifting steel blocking our paths— bricks falling— bulldozers ploughing up the soil— no heat and no doors on the new wings to keep out the cold— these things we shall always remember. Spring 1953 — What have we to be proud of —our new classrooms, and ample storage space, new offices for our administrative staff, an audi- torium, and a cafeteria which will seat 450 per- sons. Our new library will accommodate one- sixth of our students at one time. Even the old classrooms in the school were painted bright pastel colors. June 1953 — Cherished will be the memories of the seniors, for they were the first to graduate in the new auditorium at Mount Vernon High. The period of transition has affected all of us but we are proud to know that we shared our headaches. 4 CONTENTS School Life .... 9 Organizations ... 13 Sports 39 Features 61 Seniors 69 Underclassmen . . 89 Administration . . 115 Qfienl with OUR STORY ViewA, Abound Ute School 6 The Southern Interscholastic Press Association conference in Lexington included the following M. V. students: First row, seated: Jay Arneson. Second row: Susie Small, Frank Estep, Doris Cool, Sylvia Brown, Dee Armstrong, and Darlene Sapp. Mount Vernon was repre- sented at the All-State Band tryout, held in Harrison- burg, by Gary Gillum, Ho- ward Armistead, Dick Wade, Bill Burch, Marion Huff- man, James Featherstone, and Margaret Deacon. HONORS Ask these students about all the fun they had at Boys ' State and Girls ' State which was held at V.P.I. at Blacksburg: Seated: Sylvia Brown, Minta Judy. Standing, left to right: Nancy Thurston, Maurice Briggs, Arthur DeStout, Dick Kinsler, and Roberta Locke. Seen snapping pictures at the State Student Government Convention at Farmville are Sylvia Brown (with camera) and left to right: Ann Conner, Shirley Weaver and Roberta Locke. Nancy I hurston, a senior, came out on top to represent M. V. in the “I Speak For Democracy " contest and then went on to take second place Northern Virginia area. Selena Dovel, a sophomore, repre- sented Mount Vernon at the Seventh National Conference on Citizenship held in Washington. Representing Mount Vernon for the first time at the National Convention of the Student Governments was Roberta Locke. Roberta, a senior, flew to Chicago for the three-day convention. This is what Darlene Sapp, a senior, has to say about the Southern Scholastic Press Institute Which she at- tended in Tallahassee, Flor- ida. “This is a very excel- lent opportunity for any aspiring young journalist. I had a lot of fun yet learned about publication work. " Sylvia Brown, another rep- resentative to the institute at Florida State University in Tallahassee says that she wishes it were possible for every person interested in publication work to attend such an institute. % e neaxt between the Unei Each day of the week, Monday through Friday, from 9 ’til 3:10— familiar scenes are prominent around our campus and in the halls. Our clinic which began operating after the Christmas holidays proved to be a necessary fac- tor in the daily routine. Without the telephone —our students would have been lost! Physical training, and choosing one’s life work are never- to-be-forgotten chapters in our lives. Time out for a daily chess game, Latin, the American Revolution and First Aid were typi- cal daily reminders. Behind closed doors many a girl practiced skill in cosmotology. Memories cherished by every junior and senior were those of the prom with its long receiving line and finally the day of attainment— Graduation. 1 10 The ‘carpet baggers’ were Check mate Number pa-leeze I would like you to meet Critical? II SCHOOL Every school needs “boosters” and our Parent Teachers Association has always helped us in many ways. Athletic con- tests were given many-a-cheer by our Varsity Cheerleader squad. Often we were late getting to school but we seldom had to push ourselves away!! “Stone walls do not a prison make”— but iron bars were another thing! Some of us were enrolled in art classes and many of us who were not so talented contributed our time and efforts in promoting a school savings program. CLUBS bJe nec ubed the. pxut l i the, jjUtusie il iwumy m- ' Yearbook Editorial Staff — Left to right: Shirley Beahm, assistant club editor; Don Cromley, assistant club editor; Cynthia Weyant, assistant editor; Robert Darr, club editor; Charlotte Harvey, feature editor; Sylvia Brown, editor-in-chief; Janice Harlow, assistant art editor; Jimmy Pflieger, assistant sports editor; Beverly Ludlow, assistant sports editor; foe Brown, art editor; Nancy Thurston, sports editor. September — subscription sales; Octo- ber — portraits taken; November — ad drive launched; December — made football pictures; January — club pictures; February — meeting deadline, dance; March — off to press; April— proof arrives, S. I. P. A. Convention; May- spring sports pictures; June — ’53 Surveyor ar- rives; July — plans made for ’54 Surveyor; August — relax and await September. SYLVIA BROWN Editor of the Surveyor Yearbook Business Staff — Left to right: Barbara Chambers, typist; Joe Himm, typist; Darlene Sapp, circulation manager; Barbara Snyder, typing editor; Nancy Baum, business manager; Dee Armstrong, assistant advertising man- ager; Fadana Fife, advertising manager; Arline Larson, typist; Ann Arthur, assistant business manager; Jackie Blunt, typist; Ben Rice, assistant circula- tion manager. Members — Left to right: Priscilla Lory, Louise Green, Marjorie Locke, k Scott, Sally Ballard, Billy Gee, Selena Dovel, Bill Zimmerman. First row, left to right: Dee Armstrong, Shirley Weaver, Nancy Sumler, Roberta Locke. Second row: Joe Brown, Bill Aldendefer, Janice Harlow, Alouise Witbeck, Jackie Blunt. Mt. ' Ue ' uton ' i " little Qatufxeu " JOE HIMM President of Student Council Seated, left to right: Shirley Shepherd, reporter; Joe Himm, president; Ann Conner, vice-president. Standing: Nancy Baum, corresponding secre- tary; Mack Carroll, treasurer; Nancy Thurston, secretary; Mrs. O ' Neil, sponsor. First row, back to front: Robert Darr, Richard Merlo, Beverly Ludlow. Second row: Frank Estep, William P. Davis, Mary Jane diZerga, Dawn Johnson, Frances Ann Miller, Bucky Monroe. Left to right: Sue Starkey, senior; Jay Arneson, junior; Marcia Smith, sophomore; Vince MacDonald, freshman. First row, left to right: Caroline Carr, Joe Crowther, Coralee Taylor, Ronald Ridge, Pamela McN ' evin, George Grayson. Second row: Ruth Chappelle, Don Hammond, Mary Jo Sumler, Bruce Forman, Jackie Miller, Joe Stevens, Darlene Sapp, Speaker of the House. Left to right: Ben Rice, Bill Zimmerman, Mr. Landes, principal; Edna Mae -Munday. EM VEE HI The Em Vee Hi staff was organized in May 1952 and began operating in September of the same year. Staff members were elected from the 1952-53 Journalism II class. Our staff was headed by William Alden- derfer, Editor-in-chief and Edna Munday, Asso- ciate editor. The excellent news pages may be credited to the News editor, Doris Cool and the sports pages, very interesting and informative, were edited by Bob Hardage, Jay Arneson, and Beverly Cooke. The all-important job of obtain- ing advertising and putting the paper into circu- lation was done by Business Manager Frank Estep and Advertising Manager Fred Stevens. The Em Vee Hi would have had difficulty in going to press had it not been for the initi- ative and the diligence of its reporters. Although they are too large in number to name individu- ally, their work can be highly praised. Report- ers were members of the Journalism I class with the exception of three freshmen, who were in- terested in entering journalistic work. Our paper acquired a ‘‘new look” this year, due to the use of regular newsprint and a change from a four to a six page spread, and we included a copy of Rondo, a national newspaper for high schools, in each edition. Our printer this year was Mr. Benjamin Mews of Manassas. Left to right: Frank Estep, business manager; Jay Arne- son, photographer; Doris Cool, news editor; Carol Hol- lctt, art editor; Yvonne Carlson, club editor; Deanna Hayes, assistant photographer; Fred Stevens, advertising manager; Ann Conner, feature editor and Marilynn Sthebish, exchange editor. CHILD ' S U jfTlOU- [s • MtMBF-K KOKEAHCHttOR CoH«T Korea -n ' S ie t nA. « at - 3c Robert K c pwbere Reporters— Le to right: Jackie Satterwhite, Larry Wiley. Susie Small, JoAnn Lawrence, Mary Arvin, Paul Jenkins and Sonya Moss. Repo rters — Left to right: Peggy O’Neil, Cynthia Weyant Wayne Swank, Barbara Caudle and Joyce Otis. •rrz i ! o.«n.- Vro „, Myiisj- ' . 1 mM, RtQUtSIS OtH ' W ' 1 W: First row, left to right: Dick Wade, lieutenant; Jean Rossie, drum major; Howard Armistead, captain: Louise Miller, librarian. Second row: Ruthie Reeves, secretary; Aubrey Sears, head quartermaster; Don Hammond, lieutenant; Marion Huffman, band manager. Substitute Majorettes: left to right: Joann Pittman Nancv Baum, Wanda Horowitz. MR. GENE STEINBACH Band Director Left to right: Darlene Thornton, Charlotte Harvey, Ann Arthur, Marian Cannon, Sioux Barnes. BRENDA GILL Mascot Dick Wade, Susie Small, John Newton, Joe Crowther, Tommy Butzner, Max Rios, Nelson Coe, James Jenkins, Carol Reeves, Roberta Leary. Fourth row: Howard Armistead, Bill Wilson, Marion Huffman, Nancy Reid, Charles Johnson, Tommy Roberts, Derek Adams, John Haggard, Aubrey Sears, Bobby Millan. First row, left to right: Kay Nail, Gary Gillum, Margaret Deacon, Nancy Fleming, Louise Miller, Joe Livingstone, Gary Brewer, Lance Bell, Bill Burch, Wayne Tucker, John Dunivin. Second row: Marie Baber, Erna. Kluss- man, Barbara Armistead, Philip Coyle, George Wahl, Don Brown, Lennon Paige, James Fitzgerald, Ruthie Reeves, Willard Knight. Third row: Don Hammond, A CAPPELLA CHOIR First row, left to right: Shirley Weaver, Roberta Locke, Ann Connor. Second row: Marilynn Schebish, Gerry Walters, Alouise Witbeck. Third row: Albert Weaver, Donald Pege- low, Don Hammond, Ann Arthur. Fourth row: Betty Robertson, Jack Helper, Billy Gootee, Felton Harris, Leah VanScoyoc. Fifth row: Gayle Sykes, Edward Whitehurst, Carolyn Ransopher, Fred Belles, Davi d Dame- wood, Deanna Haves. GLEE CLUB I First row, left to right: Ann Conner, Carolyn Wyatt, Barbara Adams, Lucille Wells, Gail Morris, Mary Ann Bayliss, Nancy Allen, Sarah Shepherd, Felton Harris. Second row: Pat Vines, Sarah Turner, Kathy Gray, Delores Cash, Jan Hyder, Elaine Pryor, Marilynn Schebish, Jackie Hepler, Gerry Walters. Third row: Pat Adams, Margaret Monday, Janice Harlow, Betty Stocks. Shirley Weaver, Roberta Locke, Mary Ellen Gibbs, Emily Manor, Betty Robertson. Fourth row: Ann Arthur, Alouise Witbeck, Leah VanScoyoc, Cyn- thia James, Marion Massey, Jeanne Rossie, Charlotte Harvey, Ruth Ann Moats, Cotalee Taylor, Pat Badger, Donald Pegelow. Fifth row: Deanna Hayes, Virginia Hine, Carolyn Ransopher, Gayle Sykes, David Damewood, Billy Gootee, Albert Weaver, Fred Belles, Eddie Whitehurst. First row, left to right: Jo- Ann Lawrence, Paija Lej- nieks, Jean Whitener, Nancy Smith, Sandra Nuckols, Jo- Ann Morse, Martha Allen. Second row: Beverly Lud- low, Martha Lewis, Betty Fuller, Georgeanna Hane- kamp, Helen Kirby, Suz- anne Griffith, Mary Miller. Third row: Sara Moses, Peggy Hodge, Tommy Fife, Stuart Brown, John Massey, Jane Minetree, Flozelle Thompson. 22 FORENSIC CLUB Delia Armstrong sets a good example of an all important function of the class— that of ac- quiring good speaking poise. One of the primary purposes of the class is to give its members experience in debating. A practice debate in progress is a familiar scene to those of us who share in public speaking. Left to right: Charles Wilson, Dick Kinsler, Nancy Thurston, Nancy Sunder. Classmates exchange ideas during an informal discussion on current debate topics. First row, left to right: Nancy Thurston, Richard Ames, Markley Fowler, Nancy Sumler, Pat Gray, Mr. Hensley. Second row: Payton Baer, Peggy Cunningham, Dee Armstrong, Jack Reeder, Charles Wilson, Betty Shaffer. Third row: Dick Kinsler, Jack Rosier, Joe Sumler, Jim Beck. I These are the members of | Mount Vernon ' s first Pub- | lie Speaking Class, which I combines the activities of | both actual speaking and P debating experience. First | row, left to right: Jim Beck, I Markely Fowler, Betty Shaf- fer, Peggy Cunningham, Dee | Armstrong, Nancy Sumler, H Nancy Thurston. Secottd | rote; Mr. Hensley, Richard Ames, Jack Rosier, Jack | Reeder, Payton Baer, Charles Wilson, Dick Kin- sler, Joe Sumler, Pat Gray. 3 1 _ -■dM’ feJUtfria Sri - EW ■T . 1 — A ■ r A % - f ■ g £ — j w -■ ] m He W ' ■n r ■ ' ' IVtJ v jI 1 j 1 r ? Ti i rnamm 1 0 ggfl -i- ' KiTi . r . H •_ ,Eak — A- JH vW BSM W. w i } L ' „v J yjS; r f • : v . -V - if ’ K Mi ft - f r- m First roiu, left to right: Mrs. Locke, sponsor; Sylvia Brown, Joan Papajcik, Linda Robinson, Sara Shep- herd, Priscilla Lory. Second row: Darlene Thornton, Judy Davis, Janice Harlow, Carolyn Ransopher, Lamar Wagner, Jean Forbes, Martha Krippine, Peggy O’Neil, Carol Graefenstein. Third row: Pat Delea, Frank Scott, Dick Caslow, Joe Brown, John Cloud, Ray Barnes, Ronnie Gupton, Hoellman Voting, Jack Myers. ART CLUB A large group, a new and talented sponsor, a lovely new room and many styles of art appre- ciation combined to form the art club this year. To show their appreciation for the use of the new art department, the club gathered a large selection of pictures and illustrations dem- onstrating the basic theories of design, color, composition, and rhythm. These illustrations were permanently filed to be used as reference material by future art classes. The annual art exhibit and contest was again sponsored by the club. Throughout the year the members increased in their knowledge of the practical application of art. Left to right: Darlene Thornton, treasurer; Sylvia Brown, secretary; Jack Myers, reporter; Janice Har- low, vice-president; Joe Brown, president. 24 The Key Club of Mount Vernon is spon- sored by the Kiwanis Clubs of Alexandria and Woodbridge. This is an honorary club for boys; the members are selected on the basis of scholar- ship and citizenship and must be approved by the principal, the faculty sponsor, and members of the club. The motto of this organization, “We Build”, is very appropriate as the chief objective of the club is to gain experience in those civic activi- ties which will benefit the school in every way possible. Some of the many activities of the club are the annual P.T.A. membership drive, the spring hobby show, a cake-baking contest and sale, the sale of Easter seals, and the daily raising and lowering of the flag. First row, left to right: Norman Ridgeway, secretary; Tommy Downey, reporter; Bob Hardage, vice-president. Second row: Mrs. Ames, sponsor; Frank Estep, treasurer; William H. Davis, president. KEY CLUB son. Standing: Jay Arneson, Bill Aldenderfer, Milton Boothe, Fred Lacy, Mike Downs, Bill Zimmerman, Charles Wilson, Howard Armistead and Ben Rice. First row, left to right: Norman Ridgeway, Joe Himin, Tommy Downey, Don Cromley, David Robb, Bob Hardage, William Davis, Frank Estep, Dean Dickin- First row, left to right: Darlene Sapp, Nancy Thurs- ton, Christine Miller, Marilynn Schebish, Charlotte Harvey, Nancy Baum, Barbara Snyder, Doris Cool, Arline Larson, Edna Munday. Second row: Joe Himni, Ann Conner, Tommy Downey, Joe Brown, Sylvia Brown, Deanna Hayes, Yvonne Carlson. Third row: Frank Estep, Bill Aldenderfer, Jay Arneson, Robert Darr. QUILL AND SCROLL An International Society for High School Journalists, the Quill and Scroll selects candi- dates for admittance by their superior work in writing for, editing, or managing a high school publication. Members must be either Juniors or Seniors in the upper third of their class. A magazine consisting of stories, poems, essays and illustrations contributed by the stu- dents is the future dream of the Quill and Scroll. Two delegates representing the Quill and Scroll at the Southern Interscholastic Press Association Conference in Lexington gathered facts about editing and managing such a magazine. Left to right: Miss Trimmef and Miss Lowman, co-spon- sors; Tommy Downey, vice-president; Edna May Mun- day, president, and Ann Conner, secretary-treasurer. The Lawrence Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character through- out the entire student body of the school. This chapter is composed of members of the junior and senior classes chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, cooperation, person- ality, and leadership. They must also have yearly averages of E’s and G’s on each subject for the preceding years in high school. The chapter membership was increased in February when eleven juniors and one senior were invited into the club. Seated, left to right: Dean Dickinson, vice-president; Faye Knupp, reporter; Virginia Stauss, president. Stand- ing: Barbara Snyder, secretary; Miss Saunders, sponsor; Roberta Leary, treasurer. HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right: Jay Arneson, Frank Estep, Bill Zimmerman, Dean Dickinson, Joe Himm. Sec- ond row: Sylvia Parker, Tommy Downey, Ronnie Gardner, Faye Knupp, Roberta Leary. Third row: Virginia Stauss, Nancy Thurston, Virginia Cashin, Barbara Snyder, Nancy Small, Yvonne Carlson. Fourth row: June Coldwell, Shirley Myers, Roberta Locke, Mary Jane diZerga, Doris Cool. ft- First row, left to right: Bernice Liming, Joan Grubb, Sally Stafford, Betty Scrivener, Janet Senior, Marjorie Dove, Nadine Trice, June Dodd, Janet Martin, Betty Malone, Shirley Myers, Betty Frazier. Second row: Patty Poynter, Dolores Rios, Delois Cash, Deanna Berio, Barbara Myers, Clara Brown, Louise Dove, Peggy Hodge, Joanne Chapman. Third row: Rachel Hatton, Ruth Ann Moats, Edith Marshall, Vera Dod- son, Marion Shifflett, Sylvia Hatton, Ruth Shifflett. Fourth row: Glenda Jackson, Nancy Crider, Frances Higgins, Judy Simpson, Marjorie Harper, Peggy Cunningham. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Mount Vernon Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America enjoyed a very exciting year, with a member elected as treasurer of the Virginia Association of F. H. A., and also a mem- ber elected as president of the Martha Washing- ton Federation of F. H. A. Other activities included a slumber party, hot dog sales, group church attendance, installa- tion of officers with a reception for parents and guests, and helping with other Chapter and Fed- eration work. Roberta White, treasurer, Virginia Association of the Future Homemakers of America. Ann Haugh, treasurer. Second row: Roberta White, vice-presi- Mrs. Robertson and Miss Doughton dent; Mrs. A. D. Radcliffe, Mrs. S. D. Wilson, Mrs. G. E. Simpson, Co-sponsors chapter mothers; Sara Moses, federation representative. Third row: Sherry Roland, Delois Cash, song leaders; Shirley Hicks, corresponding secretary; Gayle Sykes, reporter; Betty Roberts, president; Judy Simpson, historian, ' Shirley Martin, secretary. First row, left to right: Betty Foley, Joan Miller, Hazel Sisson, Loretta Reece, June Holleman, Faye McKenzie, Mary Hardbower, Sara Moses, Pamela MacNevin, Gail Morris, Ruth Ann Haugh, Norita Young. Second row: Joan Sutherland, Carolyn Fuller, Martha Wilson, Mary Ann Bayles, Peggy Grubb, Ann Woodward, June Walker, Barbara Taber. Third row: Georgeanna Hanekamp, Marjorie Locke, Annette Matlock, Sherry Roland, Eclwina Dembo, Gloria Dunn, Elsie Shields, Ruth Painter, Priscilla Martin. Fourth row: Betty Roberts, Roberta White, Gayle Sykes, Barbara Bailey, Betty Everitt, Jean O’Connell, Kay Ashby, Shirley Martin, Marie Deavers, Shirley Hicks. a M B m — 5CT V — K ,:i ■ isti M first row, left to right: Donna Ogle, Berdina Greer, Martha Allen, Lucille Wells, Juanita MacDonald. Second row: Mrs. Ames, Selena Dovel, Mary LaFran- cis, Clara Smith, Joan Papajcik, Barbara Caudle, Sonny Wise. Third row: Raymond Barnes, Edna May Mun- day, Nancy Small, Winifred Waite, Mrs. Quinley. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 1 1 ■ • I ’ 1 L M | fT vN W -a s | ,-j The George C. Gillingham Future Teach- ers’ Club was instituted January 24, 1950, to en- courage pupils to enter the teaching field. An effort was made to acquaint each member with the advantages and disadvantages connected with the profession. Each year the club sponsors the March of Dimes Drive, a Mother and Daughter Banquet, a visit to a Teacher’s College, and other activi- ties which further interest in the field of teach- ing. Membership is limited to those students in- terested in teaching and who have a high scholarship average and whose qualifications in- dicate a definite teaching ability. For the first time this year the School Sav- ings Program was conducted by this club. Seated: Martha Allen, president. Standing, left to right: Donna Ogle, secretary; Berdina Greer, vice-president; Juanita MacDonald, treasurer; Lucille Wells, assistant secretary. 30 During the past year eighty-eight per cent of the students used our school buses for tra ns- portation. Even though our buses more than tripled in number, and in passengers hauled since 1946, the volume of discipline problems remained approximately the same. This, of course, indicated that we were getting better co- operation each year from our students. Our excellent safety record has been main- tained through conscientious effort put forth by our patrolmen and bus drivers, whose success depended upon the cooperation they received from the student body. Let us give a rousing cheer to all those who so faithfully served, not only as patrolmen or bus drivers, but also as cooperative passengers on our school buses. Left to right: Mr. Haynie, co-sponsor; Martha Allen, lieu- tenant; Edna May Munday, treasurer; Bill Aldenderfer, lieutenant; Dee Armstrong, captain; Nancy Sumler, secre- tary and Mr. Buckley, sponsor. SAFETY PATROLS First row, left to right: Delores Rios, Geneva Via, Peggy Hodge, Martha Allen, Edna May Munday, Shirley Hicks, Gayle Shepherd, Zelpha Bowling, Nancy Sumler, Lois Cash, Patty Poynter, Frances Harrison, Shirley Shepherd, Betty Shaffer, Mertice Shifflett, Carol Fenton and Dee Armstrong. Second row: Bill Aldenderfer, Josephine Bowling, Deanna Hayes, Emily Manor, Dick Kinsler, Marion Huffman, Charles Quick, Billy Hunt, Richard Stone, Bill Pluckett, Don Hammond and Larry Bennett. ' First row, back to front: |olm Cloud, Roberta Rich- ardson, Virginia Weisbrod, Selena Dovel, Lucille Wells, Virginia Kennedy, Margaret Plummer. Second row: Vir- ginia Hine, Bradley Eney, Darlene Thornton, Donna Ogle. Margaret Duncan, Joy Oliver, Barbara Melton. Third row: Nancy Small, Carolyn Ransopher, Richard Merlo, Payton Baer, Alex O ' Neil, Ronnie Gupton. Joan Slater. Fourth row: Marcia Smith, Roger Rob- erts, Marjorie Lenfesty, Sue Griffith, Marilyn Schebish, Doris Cool. DRAMATICS Seated, left to right: Virginia Kennedy, Sue Griffith, Carolyn Ransopher, Barbara Melton. Standing: Virginia Hine, Bradley Eney, Marga- ret Duncan, Marilynn Schebish, Dick Merlo, Alec O ' Neil, Ronnie Gupton. Dramatics was organized for the first time this year as a class. Under the direction of our teacher and sponsor, Mr. Ray Hagerty, we studied the basis of dramatics and acting, as well as our actual play productions. At Christmastime, we produced our annual play for the PTA, which was “The Road to Bethlehem” , by Graham Dubois. In the cast were Dick Merlo, Marilyn Schebish, Virginia Hine, Mar- garet Ann Duncan, Brad Eney, Ronnie Gupton, Alec O’Neil and Virginia Ken- nedy. We were very pleased with the reception received of our play and hope lot an equal amount of success with our production of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming Of The Shrew”. We look forward to the completion of our auditorium, and the day when we can produce a full-length play. A local, state and national organization, the Distributive Club, is made up of members enrolled in Distributive Education classes. It has become one of the most active and well-known organizations at Mount Vernon. All sixteen members work in various jobs selling either goods or services. They leave school at 12:00 and report to work at 1:00 P.M. The biggest event of the year was the Employer-Employee Banquet, which was held in the Hot Shoppe’s Banquet Room. All members invited their bosses and the occasion proved to be quite successful. Another highlight of the year was the State Distributive Education Convention in Rich- mond. Speeches given by D. E. students, the selection of the honor club of the state, and speeches by well-known men in the field of re- tailing highlighted the convention. Seated, left to right: Marie Hynd, secretary; William Davis, president; James Johnson, treasurer. Standing: Fred Bunch, vice-president; and Mr. Dodrill, sponsor. I i i . DISTRIBUTOR ' S CLUB Seated, left to right: William Davis, Marie Hynd, Cecil Beahm, Robert Goodwin, Wayne Hulvey, James John- Shifiett, James Hoesch, George Hoagland. Standing: son, Billy Able, George Freeman, and Mr. Dodrill. Blair Scrivener, Richard Moore, Fred Bunch, Luther M T VERNON H.S. First row, left to right: Roberta White, Minta Judy. Donella Bassler, Delores Clark, Betty Potter, Betty Shepherd, Joan Melvin, Nancy Sumler, Pat Donovan. Second row: Joyce Stewardsqn, Roberta Leary, Shirley Weaver, June Coldwell, Arline Larson, Delores Roger- son, Betty Sathmarv, Frances Thorpe. Third row: Joe Himm, Robert Darr, Mrs. Provance, Joan Snellings, Sue Starkey, Elsie Seay, Kathryn Long, Darlene Sapp, Mary Frances Pegelow, Brigitte Sillay, Barbara Snyder, Ruthie Reeves, Bettie FIulTman, Pat Nealey, James Gallahan, Fred Pegelow. SENIOR COMMERCIAL CLUR Twelfth grade boys and girls who are major- ing in the commercial curriculum, may join the Senior Commercial Club. Due to the building program, the club did not become active until the second semester. The club met each week at which time the pro- gram committee presented guest speakers from business colleges, government services and pri- vate industries. Seated, left to right: Robeita Leary, reporter; Darlene Sapp, president; Barbara Snyder, treasurer. Standing: Joan Melvin, secretary; Robert Darr, vice-president; Pat Nealey, assistant program chairman. Missing from pic- ture- Nancy Baum, program chairman. The Junior Commercial Club was organized for the first time this year. Its aim is to ac- quaint the students with busi- ness activities and procedures not offered in the regular busi- ness course. The club is composed of boys and girls from the eleventh grade who are majoring in the commercial field. Activities of the year in- cluded movies relating to the business field, speakers from various business concerns to demonstrate the different types of business machines, and a field trip to a few of the business offices in Washington to gain a better understanding of the pro- cedures that take place in the business field. Sealed, left to right: Janice Harlow, vice-president; Jane Petitt, president; Marjorie Lenfesty, treasurer. Standing: Dorothy Snyder, reporter; Deanna Hayes, secretary; Mrs. Wagner, sponsor; Shirley Hicks, program chairman; Joyce McGraw, assistant program chairman. JUNIOR COMMERCIAL CLUR First row, left to right: Jean Whitener, Lenora Lor- entzen, Joyce Rounsley, Sioux Barnes, Marjorie I.en testy, Marlene Lawler. Second row: Janice Harlow, |oyce McGraw, Donna Wildman, Shirley Hicks, Frances Adem, Jane Petitt, Martha Briggs. Third row: Hazel Sisson, Betty Stocks, Barbara Chambers, Shirley Clark, Deanna Hayes, Edna Clark, Sue Griffith. Fourth row: Delia Armstrong, Mary Scalise, E.a r hara Moore, Sandra Roland, Charlene Staples, Beverly Ludlow. First row, left to right: Dick Kinsler, Darlene Sapp, Third row: Betty Shaffer, Virginia Hine, Dorothy Joe Brown, Wendell Adkins, Kingdon Tronsegaard, Wright, Sally Stafford, Priscilla Martin, Gayle Sykes. Emily Manor. Second row: Joy Oliver, Margaret Plum- Standing: Alouise Witbeck, president, mer, Nancy Sumler, Jackie Satterwhite, Erria Fraley. BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club was organized this past year for the first time here in our school. The main purpose of this group was to study and learn more about the Bible, and to apply their learning to everyday living. Their chief aim was to be able to read the scriptures and to in- terpret them. The planning and presenting of morning chapel services was also one of their chief duties. These services were held each morning in room 203 . When the cafeteria was opened it was our responsibility to have table grace at each lunch shift. Through this activity a deeper feeling of reverence was noticeable during the lunch hour. The club officers for the year were: Alouise Witbeck, president; Maurice Briggs, vice-presi- dent; Mary Jo Sumler, secretary-treasurer; Jackie Satterwhite, reporter and Miss Mary Horn, sponsor. 36 First row, left to right: Pat Adams, Marcia Smith, Faye McKenzie, Cecelia Seravalli, Dorothy Wright, Virginia Kennedy. Second row: Carol Fenton, Elaine Fenton, June W a 1 k e r , Et na Klussman, Barbara Caudle, Xancy Ca- rothers. Third row: Genine Clark, Virginia Cashin, Gail Morgan, Priscilla Martin, Jackie Miller, Peggy Rowe, Carol Hollett. Fourth row: Jack Hepler, Clara May Smith, Virgina Weisbrod, Dolores Rios, Winifred Waite, Tommy Taylor, Bill Wilson. Fifth row: David Damewood, Noel Markley, Pat Whitaker, Jack Reeder, Billy Gee, Bob McPherson, Joe Crow t her. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club has as its main objec- tive, the familiarization of its members with Spanish and Latin American customs, the ways of life and culture found in music, art, and literature. Spanish was spoken in each meeting. To be a member of the Spanish Club, one must either be presently studying the language or must have completed two years The officers of Senior Troop 22 are: president, Catherine Javins; vice president, Jean Flowers; secretary, Rachel Hatton; treas- urer, Dorothy Wright; and reporter, Peggy O’Neil. Meetings were held at the homes of the girls on alternate Wednesday nights. Each hostess served dinner, and several of the meet- ings turned into gay parties. The year’s activities included the making of an afghan for an old ladies home, two very successful camping trips, and the annual sale of calendars and cookies. with not less than a “G” average on his grades. GIRL SCOUTS Front: Darlene Peterson. Sec- ond row, left to right: Jean Flowers, Pat Bureau, Peggy O’Neil, Miss Wood, Sponsor, Rachael Hatton, Catherine Javins, Flozelle Thompson, Dorothy Wright. 37 LOOP THE HOOP fyamiliasi Bce+teA. MR. TOUCHDOWN ' MVH CCL RACY MAKES FOR SPEED COMFORT AND CONFERENCE PROM SIDELIGHTS THE NEW MOUNT VERNON HIGH SPORTS Daniels Woolhiser Zimmerman Coach Henry Aldenderfer Davis Driskell VARSITY Atkinson D. Facchina, J. Pr or, J. Gray. V. Jones, B. McPherson, F. Atkinson, L. Wiles B. Edmondson, B. Hardage, J. Sabater, B. Norris, J. Blunt, E. Betancourt DeStout Dobson | Jenkins 1 wt ■ utak 1 i L “ ' — — First row, left to ' right: L. Barnett, B. Monroe, B. Aldenderfer, H. DeStout, Edmonson Betancourt Monroe Smith E. Norris MacPherson Facchina B. Norris Barnett Zehring Coach Murphy C. Arrington, F. Estep, G. Driskell, J. Arneson, A. Rodrigue , B )son, J. Pflieger, R. Zehring, D. Smith, V. Woolhiser, P. Whit ris, B. Jackson, R. Daniels, B. Zimmerman, D. Rice, W. Davis J. Spoone. Thurston, manager G. Gray, manager 41 ■■■ Have you ever seen such excellent defensive playing? This scene is just one moment of the annual game between Fairfax and M. V ' . This game, played on Thanksgiving Day, clinched the county title for the Majors. Final Score: M. V. 40-Fairfax 0. The Majors made a long gain against the G. W. Presidents before being tackled in this action shot. Both teams fought hard all the way but the speedy Majors outran the Presidents to capture the game and the coveted Jack Tulloch trophy. 42 P Unty ACTION in the iiosity For the first time in our history we beat G. V. of Alexandria in football. It is no wonder to you either, as you view this excellent display of tackling and blocking by the M. V. squad. Final ■ tally— 18-15— a thriller all the way! ! As the title says— there is “plenty of action in the story”— The “Turkey-Day Tilt” with Fair- fax always provides plenty of. thrills for the crowd. This pile-up is no exception and is a familiar scene in any hard fought game. 43 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon . Mount Vernon . Mount Vernon Lynchburg . . . McKinley Tech Warwick Falls Church . Lane Cradock Danville G. W W. L Fairfax Mr. Edgar Pruett, Principal of George Washington High School and Mr. Nick Colstanseo, President of Sportsman Club of Alexandria, are seen presenting the Jack Tulloch Memorial Trophy to Mr. Melvin B. Landes, Principal of Mount Vernon, following the George Washington vs. Mount Vernon game. 44 First row, left to right: An- derson, Kaslow, Castillo, Temples, Guatney, Robert- son. Second row: Miller, Dyson, Jerles, Gee, Quinn, Whitener, McGuinn. Third row: Hunt, Griswold, Wil- son, Gupton, Davis, Young. Fourth row: Gates, Lehr, Sumler, Besser, Levay. JAYVEES take actian the Left to right: H. Young, co-captain; Mr. Grin- ned, coach; D. Kaslow, co-captain. Left to right: Kemp Davis, Manager; Mike Gray, Captain; Mr. Frazier, Coach. First row, left to right: Gray, Hardy, Fisher, Woodruff, Fairfax, Quigley. Second row: Roop, Clemmer, Stocks, Johnson, Hicks, Conner. Third row: Doughton, Jen- kins, Belt, Alexander, Gil- lio. Fourth row: Jones, Reighter, Coe. 7j - j? a L 1 BASKETBALL. January 6 9 12 14 21 28 23 30 31 February 3 5 9 11 13 17 20 24 Fairfax Washington Lee National Training School Gonzaga George Washington Falls Church Hopewell Washington Lee E. C. Glass National Training School Fairfax County Tournament Falls Church Fairfax George Washington Lane Bladensburg i Huffman is up in the air . . . fight ing for the ball. Mr. Grinnell, Varsity Coach and Mr. Muirhead, Junior Varsity Coach. 46 anotkesi exxUtituj cltapi i Left to right: Bob Hardage, David Davis, John Spoone, Lee Davis, Bill Edmondson, Isaac Gray, Bob Ditton, Bobby Norris, Connie Huffman. The majors suffered a tremendous loss, last June, when Sisselberger, Darr, West, Kauf- man and Lopez, of the 1951-52 basketball team departed via the graduation route. This left the Majors the task of rebuilding without the hard core of experience that is so vital to success on the court. This year’s team, though largely green and inexperienced, faced many of the best teams in the area and the state. Bill Edmondson, the only holdover from last year’s starting five, quickly grasped the state scoring lead when he registered thirty- three points against Fairfax in the opening game. With over twenty points per game average, Bill led the state scoring race for most of the season. The most exciting game of the season was played with Fairfax in the final game of the County Tournament. Davie Davis’s one hand shot in the closing seconds of the game gave Mount Vernon a 38-36 victory and the tournament trophy. I. V. BASKETBALL First row, left to right: Eddie Lakey, Gary Treon, Joe Crowthers, Billy Carter. Second rou : l’eter Spears, Louis Quinn, Jerry Billington, Ronny Gardner. Third row: Jim Warren, Russel Bannister, Robert Brown, Bob McPherson. SCHEDULE Fairfax Washington Lee George Washington Falls Church Washington Lee Falls Church Fairfax George Washington Lane Bladensburg “Let up again and work that play ’till you can do it in your sleep”. These are the words that were most familiar to a J.V. basketball player at each prac- tice session held in Specker Field House at Fort Belvoir. Through hours of hard work and determination each learned that there are no short cuts to success. First row, left to right: Frances Miller, Shirley Weaver, Jean Whitener, Beverly Ludlow, Erria Fraley. Second row: Eva Decker, Barbara Snyder, Peggy Markley, Janet Bowman, Ruby Ennis, Winnie Lacy, Virginia Stauss. SOFTBALI ipv MRS. WILSON AND MISS WAID Coaches Left to right, First row: Ida Betancourt, Katherine Javins, Barbara Spoone, Barbara Chambers, Barbara Newman. Second row: Carolyn Ransopher, Deanna Hayes, Marie Hynes, Mary Jo Sunder. Shirley Martin, Roberta Locke, Patsy Decker, Martha Allen, Jackie Wilbur. MARY MYERS AND MARTHA WILSON Managers First row, left to right: Jackie Satterwhite, Carolyn Carr, Mary Arvin, Roberta Leary, Ruth Chappell. Second row: Susie Small, Charlotte Noland, Katherine Javins, Erria Fraley, Jean Qinh Twenty-five enthusiastic girls, under the direction of Coach Wilson and Assistant Coach Harvey journeyed to Fort Belvoir each afternoon for practice. However, Wells Field House was not always available and weather permitting, practice was held outdoors at school. One of the greatest accomplishments of the season was winning over Fairfax. For the first time here at Mount Vernon a Girls’ J.V. Basketball team was organized. This scrappy young team remained undefeated ex- cept for one game. They gained much experi- ence on the court that will be very helpful to them when they play for the Varsity team next year. First row, left to right: Ruth Chappelle, Sylvia Brown, Roberta Leary. Second row: CharldtJtf Noland, Jean Whitener, Susie Small, Nancy Carothers, Katherine Javins, Priscifla Martin, Erria Fraley, Beulah Peterson, Jkckie fatter- white. Third row Vinnie Lacey iPfegg [Hodge, Ruth Painter, Cart ya Carr, Mary Arvin, Leah VanScoyotf Pat Adhntl ' , Mary Jane diZerga, Ellen Bladen, ' Virginia- Stauss. v. % ' ) - 9m , s y ss t. M x " Hs ' ■ ' .4 5 1 50 7 earn Wasik SCHEDULE Fairfax G.W.A.A. Falls Church County Tournament Fairfax Falls Church G.W.A.A. Miss Harvey, assistant coach and Mrs. Wilson, coach. Stat Allied B Hockey Tournament Representatives, left to right: Nancy Thurston, Katherine Javins, Virginia Stauss, Nancy Sumler, Mary Myers, Elaine l’rvor. Wilson, assistant coach, and Miss Harvey, coach. HOCKEY!! 1 During the fall the clatter ot sticks and the screaming voices of excited players could be heard almost every evening on the new hockey field behind the stadium. The faithful j coaches. Miss Harvey and Mrs. Wilson, were always there to help the girls gain better tech- niques in their game. Fairfax proved to be the only obstacle in the pathway toward a perfect season. To add to the happiness of the girls, the student body was permitted to leave classes in order to see one of the games. The team ended the season quite success- fully by tying with Fairfax for the champion- ship in Northern Virginia. Six girls were chosen to play on the Northern Virginia Team in the State Allied B Hockey Tourna- ment at Williamsburg. This team won against both the East and West teams. To top off the season, the captain of the team, Virginia Stauss, was chosen for the All-State Hockey Team. First row, left to right: Nancy Carothers, Elaine Pryor, Katherine Javins, Winnie Lacy, Nancy Thurs- ton. Second row: Erria Fra- ley, Nancy Sumler, Nancy Small, Roberta Leary, Vir- ginia Stauss, Mary Myers, Rachel Hatton VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 53 J Dawn Johnson, co-captain; Mason, captain. Sandra First row, left to right: Joyce Mc- Graw, Jean Whitener, Sandra Mason, Dawn Johnson. Beverly Ludlow. Sec- ond row: Barbara Chambers, Kathy Gray, Judy Davis, Sue Starkey, Mar- jorie Lenfesty, Jackie Miller. smiles and cheers helped to spur our athletic teams through another successful year. Aside from boosting the spirit of our Jun- ior Varsity teams, they help the Varsity Cheer- leaders by selling programs at the football games, and also help cheer at the basketball games. Practice each week was led by their faith- ful captain, Sandra Mason and co-captain. Dawn TRACK Dick Kaufman, captain, state discus champion. Francis Atkinson, high point man for the year. ' First row, left to right: Young, Crowther, Arneson, Kufman, Briggs, Spoon, Rice. Second row: McCloskey, Fenimore, Aldenderfer, Whitaker, Woolhiser, Zimmerman, Phlieger. Third row: Estep, Betencourt, Betsill, MacPherson, DeStout, Gray. Fourth row: Thompson, Rice, Arrington, Atkinson. The Fairfax County Track Trophy. tu CHAMPIONSHIP wo BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 28 Woodward Prep Home May 2 George Washington Home April 1 Fairfax Home 6 Falls Church Away 8 Wilson Home 9 Washington Lee Away 9 Fredericksburg Home 10 Maryland Freshmen Away 14 Bullis Prep Home 13 Bladensburg Home 18 George Washington Away 16 Roosevelt Home 19 Fairfax Home 20 Fredericksburg Away 22 Falls Church Home 23 George Washington Home 25 Fairfax Home 27 Fairfax Away 28 National Training School Away 30 Washington Lee Home DOUGLAS PHILIPPS Cjlade Jeam First row, left to right: Norman Culver, Eddie Lakey, Bub Dobson, Earl McClain, Lewis Quinn, Joe Sum- ler. Second row: Wayne Thurston, Wilbur Smith, Roy Evans, Billy Flammer, Tommy Smith, George Bradford, Lewis Whitner. Third row: John Yancy, Clifford Kerns, Ralph Betancourt, Russel Banister, •George Grayson, Bobby Penn. tt ue i 04 ii qJj neadt HAPPY LEE Major’s Mascot JACKIE MILLER 57 SALUTE to. First row, left to right: Mr. Murphy, Bob Norris, Paul Quinn, “Happy” Lee, Doug Phillips, Lee Sisselberger, Mr. Lee. Second row: Sonny Godfrey, " Bub” Darr, Bob Hardage, John Blunt, Douglas Louis, Jackie Miller, Jennings Burke. Third row: Harold Norton, Eddie West, Joe Hiram, Arthur DeStout, Bucky Monroe, Wil- liam Davis. tfo-VK e ’ hi P Ve t0 yA°u’ JENNINGS " OZARK " BURKE the home-run king __ I J| rtvCS ' t e neA , £ Go teV t out Piy be iu6 Vus the " cor 1 tu P -ibbV , e t to Ae eats Junior Varsity: First row, left to right: Ronnie Gardner, Lee Davis, Carl Sell, Wayne Mitchell, Bub Dod- son. Second row: Gary Treon, David Robb, Guy Bowen, Gary diVecchia, Eddie Norris, Jim Sabater. Third row: Gary Driskell, Maxie Turner. Seniors 1952— never to be seen on the diamond at M. V. again —Left to right: Harold Norton, Eddie West, Jackie Miller, Sonny Godfrey, Louis “Bub " Darr, Jennings Burke, Douglas Phillips, Paul Quinn, Lee Sisselber- ger. MR. HARRY LEE j Varsity Baseball Coach DIAMOND KINGS 59 tlt ie who clean . , Left to right: Robert White, James Skinner, Floyd Nash, Katie Hicks, and David Gaithers. Missing from picture, Bill Tables. We all tecaa+uae the boa Mr. Allan J. Vanlnwegen, head cus- todian of our vast and spacious school. 9 9 9 4.- - 1 ' Qua PeA anal GltaujfljeuAl First row, left to right: W. Hulvey, P. Talbert, N. Ramey, S. Brown, D. Phil- lips, Mr. Buckley, Assistant Principal; Mr. Moore, Bus Director. Second row: W. Trice, F. Traves, B. Armi- stead, B. Stocks, R. Booe, F. Lacy, L. Beahm, M. Booth. I 60 FEATURES MISS MOUNT VERNON 62 ■ Va y y SYLVIA BROWN Miss Mount Vernon ■v and Uesi c usit BETTY ROBERTSON Junior JEANNE ROSSIE Sophomore BARBARA MOORE Eighth Grade ANN COX Freshman 63 School SHIRLEY WEAVER Best Dancer Happiest VIRGINIA STAUSS Most Intelligent Most Athletic JANET BOWMAN Most Popular BOBBY NORRIS Best Dancer Most Athletic FRANK ESTEP Most Intelligent WENDELL JONES Best Looking ROBERTA LOCKE Most Likely to Succeed BUCKY MONROE Most Popular Happiest MiAA l SUSIE SMALL Most Musical JANICE HARLOW Most Artistic JEANNE ROSSIE Best Looking ANN ARTHUR Best Dressed JACK REEDER Most Musical JACKIE BLUNT Best Dressed JOE HIMM Most Likely to Succeed JOE BROWN Most Artistic HOMECOMING QUEEN Homecoming was a colorful and eventful occasion as one may imagine. Aside from the usual thrilling football game, an exciting half-time show was staged by the band, with the crowning of the Queen the feature attraction. Three girls from each of the five classes were selected to be members of the Queen’s court. Each class was in- stantly recognized, for colors were used to identify each class group. The night was crisp but the spirit and enthusiasm was not chilled by the cold. Majorettes served as an honor guard and the band furnished a mood of seren- ity throughout the ceremony. AGNES ROGERSON Queen First row, left to right: Betty Robertson, Rob- erta White, Patricia Badger. Second: row: Susie Small, Nancy Collins, Dawn Johnson, Billie McCord, Wanda Horowitz. Third row: Roberta Richardson, Sandra Roland, Georgie Baggett, Sylvia Brown, Elaine Pryor, Florence Morrill, Ann Cox. Foreground, left to right: Sylvia Brown, Maid of Honor; Majorette Brenda Gill, crown bearer; Mr. Cromley, president of P.T.A. who crowned the queen and Agnes Rogerson, queen. 66 VARSITY QUEEN November . . . The place— Groveton School, the time— after our victorious win over G. W.— The occasion— Annual Varsity Hop, The crowd— oodles came!! The ' lovely ladies, who were selected by the football players, were presented corsages of white carnations during the intermission ceremony. Coach Ed Henry and Captain Lynn Barnett graciously consented to do the honors at the coronation. Left to right: Dawn Johnson, Frances Miller, Pat Nealey, Lynn Barnett, Betty Robertson, Mr. Henry, Janet Bowman, Roberta White, Louise Green. Familiar faces seen in the group indicate a continued interest in school dances. Alumni continue to patronize the social gatherings sponsored by various groups in our school. Coach Henry appears to be somewhat reluctant about his task of crowning Varsity Queen, Betty Robertson. 67 % w 0n VIRGINIA STAUSS Intelligence f S PO V vN ft 6 ? -f JOE HIMM Leadership LYNN BARNETT Sportsmanship “BUCKY” MONROE Personality SENIORS GIgM. p53 Left to right: Maurice Briggs, treasurer; Ed- ward Monroe, vice-president; Roberta Locke, president; Nancy Baum, secretary; Mrs. Ames, sponsor; Dick Merlo, reporter. Ripley Derek Adams Alexandria Track, 1. Lawrence Larsen Ames “Larry” Mt. Vernon “Billy 1 Hollin Hall Key Club, 3; Patrols, 2; Stu- dent Government, 1; Band, 4, President, Captain; Bus Drivers, 2. Where’s my class today? Q-C . . . the hall . . . 70 Charles Gayton Arrington " Chuck” Franconia Football, 2; Track, 2. ,(TU Patricia Evelyi velyn Badger Bucknell Majfor Glee Club, Lynn Morris Barnett Groveton Student Government, 1; Football, 4; Baseball, 2. Nancy Jean Baum " Bobbo” New Alexandria F.FI.A., 1; Senior Girl Scouts, 1; Patrols, 2; Commercial, 2; Honor Society, 2; Quill and Scroll, 1; Yearbook, 2, As- sistant Typing Editor, Busi- ness Manager; Student Gov- ernment, 1; Office Practice Club, 1; Hockey, 1; Major- ettes, 1; School Beauties, 1; Secretary Senior Class. Luther Amos Beahm, Jr. " Bubby ” H bla Valley Bus Drivers, 2; D.E. Club, 1, Photographer. Sue Ollie Beechum " Susie” Engleside Donella LaVine Bassler " Binkie” Groveton F.H.A., 1; Commercial Club, 1; Cheerleaders, 1. John David Blunt " Jackie” Huntington Student Government, 1; Yearbook, 1; Baseball, 4; Football, 3. or do we have class at all? Roland Clayton Booe Springfield Patrols, 3; Bus Drivers, 2. Edward Milton Boothe “ Mickey " Springfield Automotive Club, 1; Key Club, 1; Band, 2. Janet Marie Bowman " Bo " Mount Vernon Student Government, 1; Softball, 4; Hockey, 2; Cheerleaders, 3; Secretary and Treasurer, 1, Co-Cap- tain, 1. James Maurice Briggs " Hot Dog " Groveton Spanish, 2; Art, 1; Track, 3; Senior Class Treasurer. Carol Taylor Brown Groveton Sylvia Lee Brown " Syl " Lorton Dramatics Club, 1; Student Government, 2; Yearbook Club, 3, Assistant Business Manager, Assistant Editor, Editor; Quill Scroll, 2, Sec- retary; Basketball, 2; Secre- tary Sophomore Class; Home- coining Court, 3; School Beauties, 2; Representative, to S.C.A. Convention; Rep- resentative to Girls ' State. Faye Lunelle Bradham Groveton James Frederick Bunch " Freddie " Alexandria Science Club, 1; D.E. Club, 1, Vice-President. -c- ours: ere 72 Ring on my finger Joseph Gerard Callahan " Joe " Karon Ann Coulter " Kane Ann " Fort Belvoir Groveton Transferred from Osaka American High School, Hon- shu, Japan. Basketball, 1; Football, 1; Photography Club, 2, Vice- President; Letterman’s Club, 2; Japanese Language Club, 1; Reganett, 3. Helen Mae Carr Newington Commercial Club, 2. Roberta Nina Crabtree " Lye " Groveton Delores May Clark Franconia Commercial Club, 1. Betty May Cross “ Bubbles ” Springfield F.H.A., 2; Art, 1. Flash! ! ! Senior elections . . . 73 1 John Robert Darr " Pete” Franconia Yearbook, 4; Student Gov- ernment, 2; Quill Scroll, 2; Patrols, 1; Commercial, 1 . William Henry Davis " Whitey” Fort Hunt Spanish Club, 1; Key Club, 2, President; Football, 3: Baseball, 4; Sophomore Class Vice-President. William Parke Davis “Parkie” l’ohick Church Patrols, 2, Private: Student Government, 2; D.E. Club, 1 . Arthur Anthony DeStout " Herky” Huntington Student Government, 1; Dramatics, 1; Library, 1; Football, 3; Track, 1; Base- ball, 1. Loretta Ann Dickerson " Ret” Lorton Dramatics, 2; Spanish, 2; Commercial, 1; Hockey, 1; Basketball, 1. Dean Charles Dickinson " Red” Fort Hunt Radio Club, 1; Honor So- ciety, 2; Key Club, 2; Band, 2; All-State Band, 2. Bobby Duke Ditton " Duke” Engleside Band, 2; Art, 1; Basketball, 2 . Patricia Ann Donovan " Pat " Jefferson Manor Commercial Club, 1. 74 Time and themes wait for no senior Gary Ronald Driskell “Drisk” Fort Belvoir Yearbook Club, 1; Commer- cial Club, 1; Football, 2; Baseball, 2. Raymond Lee Elgin “Ray” Franconia Spanish Club, 1; Baseball, 1; Football, 1. Janies Bradley Eney “Brad” Fort Flunt Automotive Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1. Douglas Dante Facchina " Shaggy " Franconia Football, ‘1. Fadana Agee Fife “Mama” Fairhaven Dramatics, 3, Vice-President, President, Reporter; Library Club, 2; Square Dance Club, 1; Newspaper Club, 1; Year- book, 3, Feature Editor, Business Manager, Advertis- ing Manager; Forensic Club, 1; Quill Scroll, 2. Betty Jean Flowers “Jean " Mount Vernon Art Club, 1; Girl Scouts, 3, Treasurer; Honor Society, 1; Hockey Manager. Jean Elizabeth Forbes “Shorty” Fairfax Station Art Club, 2; Commercial Club, 1. Marian Franklin “Marian " Burgandy Village F.H.A., 1; Commercial Club, I. Do I dare order announcements?? 75 George Allen Freeman “Georgie Boy ” Virginia Hills Spanish Club, 2; D.E. Club, i; Art Club, 1; Football, 2. James Adson Gallahan " Jim’’ Alexandria Commercial Club, 1. Richard Lewis Haberly “Dick " Alexandria. Ruth Ann Harley “Reds " Lorton Newspaper, 1. Groveton D.E. C Charlotte Ann Harvey “Charley " Telegraph Road Glee Club, 4, Reporter; Yearbook, 2, Feature Editor; Quill Scroll, 1; Home Ec„ 1; Song Leader; Majorette, 3; Basketball, 1. Jack Edward Gray " Gray " Telegraph Road Student Government, 1; Hot Rod Club, 1; Football, 4; Track, 1. I.Q. ... 92 ... no college for you! ! John Joseph Hatch FortTielvoir Transferred from Germany —Baseball, 1; Photography, 76 Rachel Elizabeth Hatton James Aloyias Hoesch Telegraph Road “Jim " Girl Scouts, 4; President, 2, Belle View Secretary, 1; F.H.A., 2; D.E. Club, 1. Hockey, 3. Thomas Thurston Henry “Mousie " Groveton Art Club, 3; Track, 2. Charles Connie Hoffman " Ratchyousnatchitall " Groveton Basketball, 1. Oliver Kenneth Hudson " Jorja’’ Fort Belvoir Dramatics, 2; Key Club, 2; Square Dancing Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1. Joseph Daniel Himm “Joe " Fort Belvoir Student Government, 3; President, Vice-President, Reporter; Key Club, 3, Pres- ident, Secretary-Treasurer; Yearbook, 2, Assistant Sports Editor; Quill Scroll, 1; Patrols, 3, Lieutenant; Honor Society, 2; Commer- cial Club, 1; Baseball, 3; Track, 1; President of Fresh- man, Sophomore, and Jun- ior Classes. George Rae Hoagland Groveton D.E. Club, 1. What does the future hold?? Wayne Tyler Hulvey “ Breezy ” Groveton Patrols, 4; D.E. Club, 1; Bus Driver, 3. Louise Marie Hynd Belle View D.E. Club, 1, Secretary; Soft- ball, 1. Transferred from Meguro High School, Tokyo, Japan— G.A.A., 2; Softball, 2; Bas- ketball, 1; Volleyball, 1. Catherine Ceopas Javins " Kitty” Mount Vernon Dramatics, 1; Square Dance Club, 1; Girl Scouts, 2, Sec- retary and President; Major- ettes, 2; Volleyball, 1; Soft- ball, 2; Hockey, 3, Northern Virginia Team, 1; Basket- ball, 1. James David Jenkins “Jim my " Belle View Band, 1. Transferred from Jefferson District High, Jefferson, Pennsylvania— Band, 4; Hi- V, 3; Letterman, 1. James Rochelle Johnson " Jimmie” Franconia D.E. Club, 1, Treasurer. Transferred from Hermitage High, Richmond, Virginia — Golf Club, 1, President; Band Club, 4; Football, 1; Basketball, 2; Librarian, 1; Operatta, 1. Thomas Nelson Johnson “Tommy” Gioveton Band, 3; Library, 2, Drama- tics, 1; Patrols, 1; Football, • Colin Mastin Jones " Cole” Huntington Science Club, 1; Radio Club, 1, Vice-President; Debate, 2. Donald Lehre Jones " Donn ” Wellington Automotive Club, 1. 78 No homework sold tickets tq the hop Wendell Aaron Jones Mount Vernon Art, 2; Football, 4: Baseball, 2; Yearbook, 1. Minta Ann Judy Guilford F.H.A., 1; Commercial Club, 2; Basketball, 3; Hockey, 1. Orron Eugene Kee Springfield Sydna Mae King " Sid” Virginia Hills Richard Eugene Kinsler " Dick " Belle View Debate Club, 1; Forensic Club, 1; Patrols, 1. Transferred from Dunghn U. Fletcher, Jacksonville Beach, Florida — Camera Club, 1, President; Student Government, 1. Alice Faye Knupp Fort Belvoir Girl Scouts, 3; Assistant Sec- retary, Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent; Honor Society, 2; Home Economics, 1. Fredrick Milburn Lacy " Fred " Telegraph Road Key Club, 1. Terry Rosemary Lansing Arlington Transferred from Madison— Dance Club, 1; Future Teachers, 1; Yearbook, 1; Basketball, 1; Volleyball, 1; Softball, 1. Transferred from Washing- ton Lee— Dramatics, 1; Bas- ketball, 1. Transferred from George Washington — Surveyor, 2, Sports Editor Yearbook, 1. Macbeth? " Is this a dagger which I see before me?” 79 Arline Frances Larson Mount Zepher Yearbook Club, 2; Quill Scroll, 1; Future Homemak- ers, 1; Commercial, 2. Roberta Jane Leary “ Bobbie ” Engleside Glee Club, 1; Commercial Club, 2, Vice-President; Honor Society, 2; Hockey, 1; Basketball, 1. Maija Elizabeth Lejneiks “Mickey” Belle View German Club, 1; Forensics Club, 1. Transferred from Newstadt High, Germany — Calvin C.oolidge Dramatics Club, 5; Glee Club, 5; Teen Club, 1. Roberta Locke Belle View Spanish Club, 1, President; Science Club, 1; Honor So- ciety, 2; Senior Girl Scouts, 1; Student Government, 3; Glee Club, 1; Hockey, 1; Basketball, 2; Softball, 2; Cheerleaders, 2; Treasurer Sophomore Class; President Senior Class; Representative to Girls ' State; Representa- tive to State and National S.C. A. Conventions. Kathryn Louise Long " Kathy” Groveton Commercial Club, 1. Jerry Francis McDaniel " McDee” Fort Hunt Emily Ann Manor “Emme” Mount Vernon Glee Club, 2; Patrols, 2; “Buzz y " New Alexandria Spanish Club, 3; Track, 1. 80 First class meeting united we stand Shirley Regina Martin “ Shirl " Engleside F.H.A., 4, Secretary, 2 years, Softball, 1; Hockey, 1; Cheerleaders, 3. Joan Elizabeth Melvin “Joanie” 1. orton Commercial, 2; F.H.A., 1; Honor Society, 2. James Tyler Moore “Jim” Newington Dramatics Club, 1; Art Club, 1; German Club, 1; Science Club, 1; Public Speaking, 1; Football, 2. Richard Elwood Moore “Dickie” Huntington D.E. Club, 1. Richard Bartlett Merlo " Dick” Belle View Science Club, 2; Honor Soci- Edward Penniwitte Monroe “Ducky " Lotto n Student Government, 1: Football, 3; Baseball Man- ager, 2; Treasurer of Junior Class; Vice-President of Sen- ior Class. Gary Lee Mull “Lucky " Woodley Hills Automotive Club, 1; Distrib utive Education, 1. Edna May Munday “May " Happy Valley Em Vee Hi, 4, Associate Edi- tor, Exchange Editor; F.H A., 4, Treasurer; Patrols, 2 Secretary, Treasurer; Stu- dent Government, 3; Vice- President of Junior Class; Associate Editor of the " Spy glass " . Senior Spotlight . . . the top four 81 John Franklin Myers “Jack” Fort Hunt James Alec O’Neil “Alec " liel le Haven Science Club, 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Art Club, 1. Patricia Elaine Nealey “Pat” Burgundy Village Commercial Club, 2; Bas- ketball, 2. Transferred from Washing- ton Lee— Glee Club, 1; Monogram Club, 1; Volley- ball, 1; Baseball, 1; Student Government Representative. Mildred Caroline Norton “Millie” Groveton Transferred from Louisa County High School — F.H. A., 3. Donna Jean Ogle “Don” Engleside F.H. A., 1; Dramatics Club, 1; Student Government, 1; Hockey, 2. Transferred from Red Bank High, New Jersey — Home Economics, 1; Leonardo High, New Jersey — Glee Club, 1. Joan Martha Papajcik “Joannie” Gum Springs Market Transferred from George Washington — Art Sketch Club, 3; French Club, 1; Bowling Club, 2; F.H. A., 2: Dancing Club, 1; Bowling, 3: Horseback Riding, 3; Golfing, 2; Tennis, 3; Skat- ing and Swimming, 7. Nathalie Parry Belle View Art Club, 1. Freddie Paul Pegelow “ Freddie " Lorton Science Club, 1; Patrols, 1; Commercial Club, 1. 82 Collectors item what price popularity? Mary Frances Pegelow " Sis " Lorton Commercial Club, 2; F.H.A., 1 . James Christian Pflieger " Jimmy " Strawberry Hill Spanish Club, 2; Treasurer; Yearbook, 1; Football, 3; Track, 3. Betty Lou Potter " Ducky " Newington Commercial Club, 2; I’atrols, 3. Patricia Ann Poynter " Pat " Tauxemont F.H.A., 3, Vice-President; Patrols, 3; Girl Scouts, 1; Square Dancing Club, 1; Vice-President of Eighth Grade Class. Cr James Louis Pryor f • " Jim " Huntington Glee Club, 2, Secretary; Gymnastics Club, 1; Graphic Arts, 1; Football, 3; Track, 3; Winter Track, 1. Jack Sanborn Reeder Telegraph Road Spanish Club, 1, Reporter; Forensics, 1; Dramatics, 1. Ruth Ann Reeves “Rut hie” Penn Daw Commercial Club. 2; Band Club, 1, Secretary. Benjamin Holt Rice " Ben " New Alexandria Public Speaking Club, 1; Forensics, 1; Honor Society, 2; Key Club, 1; Spanish Club, 1; Track, 4; Football, 4. 300 cards not one lef t 83 Willard Henry Rice “ Willie " Lorton Norman Francis Ridgeway " Punky " Groveton Key Club, 4, Secretary and Treasurer; Student Govern- ment, 1; Treasurer of Fresh- man Class. Dolores Marguerita Rios " Del " Fort Belvoir Home Economics Club, 3; Spanish Club, 1; Girl Scouts, 1. Dramatics Club, 1; Football 1; Track 1. Transferred from Mount Herman — Camera Club, 1; School Choir, 1; Dramatics Club. 1; Football, 1; Swim- ming, 1; Baseball, 1; Soccer, 1 . Thomas Woodrow Robinson Springfield Basketball, 1. Transferred from. Richlands High— Spanish Club, 1; Lat- in, 2; Debating Club, 2; Dramatics, 2; Library, 1: Basketball, 3; Football, 2; Track, 1. Albert Conrad Rodriguez " Rod " Fort Belvoir Football, 1. Transferred from Clarksville High, Tennessee — Hr - Y Club, 1; Audio-visual Club, 1; Football, 2. Agnes Ann Rogerson Lorton F.H.A., 2; Commercial Club, 2 . Lucy Delores Rogerson " Baby " Lorton Commercial Club, 2; F.H.A., 9 Class night . . . good for laughs Blanche Darlene Sapp “ Stix " Engleside Student Government, 5; Ju- dicial, 1; Representative, 4: Honor Society, 2; Quill Scroll, 2; Yearbook, 3; Assis- tant Editor, 1; Club Editor, 1; Circulation Manager, 1; Bible Club, 1; Commercial Club, 1, President. Betty Jane Sathmary “Betty " Fort Bel voir F.H.A., 1 ; Commercial Club, 1; Patrols, 1. Elsie Mae Seay Jefferson Manor Commercial Club, 1. -AflixSl QjjjbL Elizabeth Ann Shaffer " Betty " Wilton Woods Patrols, 4, Secretary; Square Dance Club, 1; Tau Alpha Gamma, 1; Library Club, 2; Vice-President, 1; President, 1; Forensic, 1; Debate Club, 1; Softball, 1, Manager. Marilynn Patricia Schebish “Mar it " Franconia Glee Club, 4, Librarian; Student Government, 1, Ju- dicial Court; Art Club, 1; Em Vee Hi, 2, Exchange Yvonne Irene Shaffer Richmond Highway F.H.A., 1; Softball, 1. Blair Johnson Scrivener, Jr. “Scribbly” Jefferson Manor Science, 1; D.E. Club, 1; Baseball, 1; Football, 1. Betty Lou Shepherd “Sis " Lorton Commercial Club, 2. The beach note the sunburns Alvin Slayden “Skippy” Wellington Villa Spanish Club, 1; Basketball, 2; Baseball, 1 Thomas William Slye “Bill " Fort Belvoir Brigitte Margot Sillay " Bita " Groveton Commercial Club, 2; Office Practice, 1. Judith Ann Simpson “Judy " Belle View Dramatics Club, 2, Treas- urer; Girl Scouts, 1; Forensic Club, 1; Patrols, 2; F.H.A., 2, Historian; Glee Club, 1. Transferred from Lake View High School, Chicago, Illi- nois — F.H.A., 2; Dramatics, 2; G.A.A., 2. Nancy Elizabeth Small Woodlawn Manor Dramatics Club, 1; Future Teachers of America Club, 1; Hockey, 1. James Robert Smith “Bob " Groveton Baseball, 1. The prom . . . moonlight and roses . . . 86 Barbara Jean Snyder “Bobbie” Belle View Girl Scouts, 3; Secretary, 1; Vice-President, 1; Represen- tative to Senior Planning Board, 1; Commercial Club, 2; Honor Society, 2; Quill Scroll, 1; Yearbook, 2, Typ- ing Editor; Library, .1; Soft- ball, 2; Cheerle Linda Lu Southern “Lin Fairhaven Joyce Emily Spurgeon “Joy” Hybla Valley Transferred from Galva High, Galva, Iowa — Glee Club, 1; Basketball, 2. Carolyn Sue Starkey “Sue” Mount Vernon Woods Student Government, 3, Re- porter; Cheerleaders, 2. Virginia Louise Stauss “Ginny " Wellington Park Girl Scouts, 2, Assistant Treasurer; Spanish, 1, Sec- retary Treasurer; Honor Society, 2; Dramatic, 1; De- bate, 1; Hockey, 2; Basket- ball, 4; Softball, 4. Joyce Evelyn Stewardson “Joycie” Franconia Commercial Club, 2; Girl Scouts, 2; Basketball, 1: Baseball, 1. Invitations sent ... a chosen few 87 Nancy Lee Sumler Newington Public Speaking Club, 2; Debate Club, 2; Patrols, 2; Student Government, 4, Sec- retary of Statistics, Secretary, Representative; Honor So- ciety, 2; Hockey, 2. Betty Jean Tate " A ngel” Lorton Gladys Taylor Therkindsen " Little Miss Wrong Number” Engleside F.H.A., 1. Harriet Louise Thompson “Nina” Jefferson Manor Transferred from St. Mary ' s Academy — Baseball, 3; Bas- ketball, 3. Frances Benson Thorpe " Frankie” Franconia Commercial Club, 2; Patrols, 2 . Nancy Scott Thurston " Shorty” Mount Zephyr Student Government, 4, Sec- retary; Yearbook, ' 2, Sports Editor; Quill Scroll, 1; Honor . Society, 2; Square Dance Club, 1; Hockey, 2; Northern Virginia Hockey Team, 2; Secretary of the Junior Class; Representative to Girls’ State. Mary Beth VanScoyoc " Beth” Franconia Student Government, 3, Sec- retary of Public Relations; Art Club, 1; Glee- Club, 3, Librarian; Dramatics, 1, Sec- retary; Softball, 1. 88 Gowns , white and grey, it’s almost that day! ! Betty Jeane Vetter “Betty " Commercial Club, 2; Band, 2; Dramatics, 1; Hockey, 1; Baseball, 1. Geneva Morris Via “Skuter” I.orton Patrols, 2; Commercial Club, 2; F.H.A., 1. Shirley Kathrine Weaver " Shirt” Fort Hunt Student Government, 4; Treasurer; Glee Club, 4, President; Cheerleaders, 3, Captain, 2 years; Basketball, 3; Softball, 4; Volleyball, 2. Sylvia Gail Wharam " Gait” Penn Daw Village Ellen Browning White Belle View Dance Club, 2; F.H.A., 1; Baseball, 3; Volleyball, 3. Roberta Lea White " Berdie” Fort Belvoir F.H.A., 4; Song Leader, 2; Vice-President, 1; President, 1; State Treasurer, 1; Fed- eration Reporter, 1; Federa- tion Vice-President, 1; Glee Club, 3, Secretary Treas- urer; Honor Society, 2; Girl Scodts, 1; Cheerleaders, 2. Jacqueline Ann Wilbur “Jackie " Mount Vernon Cheerleaders, 1; Softball, 1. " Let your light so shine before men . . . ff 89 MT Pomp and circumstance . . . speeches . . . honors . . . diploma tears . . . farewell Charles Robert Wilson Plymouth Haven Key Club, 2; Student Gov- ernment, 1; Art Club, 2; Radio Club, 1. Warren Lmmanual Woolhiser " Feet " Franconia Track, 3; Football, 3; Forensic Club, 1; Spanish, 2. Alice Louise Witbeck " Alouise” Groveton Dramatics. 1, President; Girl Scouts, 1; Public Speak- ing. 1; Glee Club, 3. Now where could they have gotten that sign Richard Kent Woolley " Rich " Fort Belvoir Transferred from Framing- ham High School, Framing- ham, Massachusetts — Foot- ball, 1; Rifle Club, 1; Jun- ior-Senior Prom Committee. Hoellman Anthony Young " Bob " Groveton Art Club, 2; Track, 2; Foot- ball, 1. Wonder whose baby picture is going to win! UNDERCLASSMEN Left to right: Bill Zimmerman, treasurer; Mr Haynie, sponsor; Jimmy Sabater, vice-president Frank Estep, president; Frances Miller, secre tary; Bob Hardage, reporter. Alzamora, Giovanna Armstrong, Dee Baggett, Georgie Barnes, Sioux Betancourt, Eligio Billington, Jerry Calhoun, Patricia Carlson, Yvonne Chamberlin, Cynthia Chambers, Barbara Allen, Martha Jean Baer, Peyton Best, Nelson Brown, Marvin Caudle, Barbara Ameson, Jay Belles, Fred Batchelor, William Briggs, Martha Bowles, Jewel Cashin, Virginia Carothers, Nancy Clark, Edna Clark, Annie Adams, Frances Autry, Elizabeth Besson, Frank Brown, Joseph Castillo, Johnny 92 Clark, Shirley • Collins, Mallory Conner, Ann Cooke, Beverly Cooke, Shirley Cool, Doris Couples, Sarah Dail, Glenwood Daniel, Roy Davis, Lee Decker, Eva Dembo, Edwina Denham, Ann diZerega, Mary Jane Downey, Thomas Downs, Calvin Downs, Mike Duncan, Margaret Dyson, James Edmundson, Bill Ennis, Ruby Estep, Frank Fagan, Velma Fahrigner, Sandra Fenimore, Randolph JUNIOR CLASS Fenton, Carol Florence, William Gallahan, Robert Gardner, Ronald Gill, William Gray, Isaac Green, Louise Greer, Berdena Griffiths, Suzanne Griswold, Jerry 93 t a JUNIOR CLASS Gross, Stanley Grubb, Peggy Gruse, Conrad Hammond, Shirley Hardage, Robert Hardbower, William Hardbower, Mary Harlow, Janice Hayes, Deanna Hecox, Larry Herren, John Hicks, Shirley Hine, Virginia Hollett, Carol Hoppe, Marian Holt, Shirley Howard, Patricia Jackson, Leonard Jerles, Robert Jenkins, Paul Johnson, Charles Johnson, Dawn Kilby, Welford La Francis, Mary Lane, Mary Lawler, Marlene Leake, Ronald Lenfesty, Marjorie Long, Herbert Lorentzen, Lenora Ludlow, Beverly McCloskey, Edward McGraw, Joyce MacDonald, Anthony Mandley, Mary 94 Martin, JoAnn Martin, Priscilla Martin, Richard Mason, Sandra Miller, Christine Miller, Francesanne Miller, Louise Moore, Barbara Moore, John Morgan, Patricia Moss, Sonya Myers, Shirley Newman, Barbara Oliver, Joy Parker, Sylvia Parsed, Gerald Petitt, Jane Petitt, Lawrence Petitt, Pauline Phillips, Dallas Ragen, Barbara Ransopher, Carolyn Reynolds, Pauline Rice, David Roberts, Be tty Robertson, Betty Roland, Sherry Rose, Odis Rounsley, Joyce Sabater, James Satterwhite, Leon Scalise, Mary Scrivener, Betty Seetin, Patricia Sell, Carl JUNIOR CLASS 95 Shifflett, Mertice Shiflet, Frances Shiflet, Harold Sisson, Hazel Smith, Clara Smith, Donald Smith, Kenneth Snellings, Nancy Snyder, Dorothy Stadler, Bruce Staples, Charlene Steeves, William Sterns, Johnny Stewardson, Roland Stocks, Betty Strobel, Lorenz Swank, Wayne Taylor, Jo Ann Temples, Paul Thornton, Darlene Trice, Warren Tyers, Robert Von der Lippe, Dieter Walton, Johnny Weisbrod, Virginia JUNIORS Whitaker, Patrick Whitehurst, Edward Whitley, Nancy Whitener, Jean Wildman, Donna Wilson, Bill Wood, Annetta Woofender, Irene Young, Irene Zimmerman, William Qlaii Coj iceAd. Lef t to right: Jeanne Rossie, reporter; Susie Small, vice-president; Don Hammond, presi- dent; Nelson Coe, secretary; Coralee Taylor, treasurer; Mr. Hatch, sponsor. SOPHOMORE CLASS Adams, Pat Anderson, William Arrington, Mary Arthur, Ann Arvin, Mary Ashby, Kay Aycock, James Ayers, Tommy Ayres, Martha Bailey, Helen Bakes, Roland Barloga, Fred Beck, James Bell, Vernon Bennett, Lawrence Berio, Deanna Booterbaugh, Harold Bossert, Gene Boucher, Lynn Bowen, Guy SOPHOMORE CLASS Bowling, Zelpha Brackett, Billy Brown, Clara Brown, Diane Brown, Don Buckner, Marian Bunch, Fred Burke, Patrick Butzner, Karl Calhoun, George Cameron, Frederick Cannon, Marian Carper, Donald Carr, Caroline Carr, Mary Carroll, Mack Carter, Billy Cash, Delois Chapelle, Ruth Clark, Genine Clark, Mattie Cloud, John Coe, Nelson Colburn, Leona Collins, Charles Condrey, Glenwood Cornwell, Gordon Corsillo, Paul Crider, Nancy Cromley, Gordon Crowther, Joe Damewood, David Davis, David Davison, Sherrie Dawson, Purvis Deacon, Margaret Devers, Marie Decker, Patsy Delea, Pat Dovell, Selena 98 SOPHOMORES Dunn, Gloria Dupuis, Jeannine Duvall, John Eby, Louis Ellsworth, Clarence Eney, Elwood Evensizer, Harry Facchina, Ronny Fagan, Bill Fitzgerald, Janies Grover, James Gupton, Ronald Hammond, Donald Hammond, Don Hardy, Allan Harp, Clarence Harp, Frank Hathaway, Larry Haugh, Ruth Helper, Leslie Higgins, James Higgins, Wilson Higham, Robert Hiler, Otis Holly, Wallace Huffman, Marion Hulvey, Larry Hutcherson, Carolyn Hyder, Jan James, Cynthia Kennedy, Virginia Kitchen, Betty Knight, Willard Kossler, Jack Krippene, Martha Kritzer, Gene Lacey, Winnie Lansing, Josephine Lehr, Joseph Levay, James Liming, Bernice Long, Lauretta Lydell, Richard McConchie, Joan McCool, Barbara McCord, Billie Jean McKenney, Ronnie McPherson, Robert Maguire, Pat Malone, Betty Markley, Graham Marshall, Edith Martin, Barbara Martin, David Martin, Janet Massey, Mary Melton, Barbara Millan, Robert SOPHOMORES Miller, Dan Mims, James Minetree, Jane Minnich, Fred Mintz, Jack Morgan, Gail Morgan, Joyce Morris, Gail Myers, Barbara Myers, William Nattania, Carl Neitzey, Dianne Norris, Edward Oberlag, Betty Ogden, Herbert 100 I el v Oldham, Barbara Oliver, Charlie O’Neil, Peggy Ostrand, Polly Owens, Fleta Pack, Donald Paige, Lennon Painter, Orby Patermaster, Jan Penn, Kenneth Perry, Edmond Peterson, Beulah Petitt, Gerald Pipkin, Phyllis Pittman, JoAnn T) Plummer, Margaret Plummer, Mike Porter, Wayne Posey, Sonia Pryor, Elaine Rios, Max Robb, David Roberts, Tommy Rogerson, Jackie Rose, Lawrence Rosenberger, Warren Rossie, Jeanne Sampeck, Barbara Sathmary, Robert Satterwhite, Jackie Scalise, Aida Scheeler, Frances Schrom, Roberta Sears, Aubrey Sears, Monty 101 Seekins, Pat Shelton, Ronald Shifflett, Charles Sillay, Rolf Sisson, Delores Sisson, Delores Small, Susie Smith, Chester Smith, Marcia Smith, Marilyn Smith, Nancy Solliday, Donald Spear, Pete Steeves, Stanley Stone, Richard Stowers, Billy Sumler, Mary Jo Sykes, Gayle Talbert, Francis Talbert, Robert Taylor, Coralee Taylor, Jonathan Thomas, Richard Treon, Gary Tucker, Wj fie jl -0 ' 4 Turner, Maxie Van Scoyoc, Leah Vaughn, Doris Vayo, Barbara Vines, Pat Wade, Richard Wagner, Lamar Waite, Winifred Walker, June Warren, James Weaver, Albert Wells, Emily Weyant, Cynthia Wheeler, Joan White, Dewey 102 Wilkerson, Charles Wright, Dorothy Wyatt, Carolyn Yeaman, Bobby Young, Norita Zehring, Ralph n r i wm cx£f 4 4 J2n Ls Ci uA’ OytA t+cs ju yQlc cjC CaAjC. yy 4X J ' (jAcJ - 6iyy cp( . (X l LVUuuu C4jcu ) I O ckJl CLa ac | (M$) bu lcy 1 3fn jflemorp of Judith Ann Daitz, who was bom on August 4, 1937, was taken from our midst on November 15, 1952; Judy was a friendly and likable girl and she will always be remem- bered by those of us who knew her. FRESHMEN ClaM ojf 1956 GlaU GhlfLcesti. Left to right: Anne Cox, treasurer; George Grayson, vice-president: Charles Johnson, presi- dent; Roberta Richardson, secretary; Barbara Godfrey, reporter; Mr. Walters, sponsor. Abercrombie, Alison Adams, Barbara Adkins, Wendell Allen, Earl Allen, Nancy Allen, Stuart Allen, Tommie Lou Armistead, Barbara Arthur, Gene Asprey, Bethann Baggett, Benjamin Bailey, Barbara Ballard, Sally Banister, John Banister, Russell Barden, Patricia Barnes, Raymond Barnes, Russell Barton, Terry Bassler, Gerald Batchelor, Carole Bayles, Mary Beahm, Shirley Beal, Bobby FRESHMEN CLASS ' 04 FRESHMEN CLASS Beavers, Joan Bell, Barbara Best, Bruce Betancourt, Ida Bladen, Ellen Boatwright, Norma Boyle, Doris Bradford, George Bradley, Ronald Brewer, Gary Brinkley, Richard Brown, Frances Brown, Pat Brunner, Joan Buckner, William Bureau, Patricia Burton, Judith Campbell, Ford Cannon, James Carl, Donald Carmichael, Robert Caslow, Dick Chapman, Joanne Clarke, James Clevenger, David Collins, Carolyn Collins, David Cook, Annie Coppage, Onan Corbin, Ruby Cox, Ann Cox, Wanda Craghead, William Crosby, Marie Cunningham, Peggy Darr, Donald Davis, Florence Davis, Judy Davis, Rosamond Ditto, Alfred Dodd, June Dodson, Raymond Dodson, Vera Dodson, Wilmer Dolan, Charlotte Dooley, Robert Dove, Louise Dove, Marjorie 105 Dunivan, John Eddy, Joanne Edwards, Sheffield Eldert, Elton Elliott, Ronald Ellison, Earl Emerson, Gerald Eppard, Nellie Evans, Ray Everritt, Elizabeth Featherstone, James Felix, Mildred Fenton, Elaine Fewell, Helen Fife, Thomas Florence, Pat Flynt, Ann Foley, Betty Foreman, Bruce Foutz, Barbara Fowler, Marclay Frazier, Betty Freeman, Thomas Freimane, Silvija Frye, Virginia Fuller, Betty Fuller, Carolyn Gaddy, Norma Gallahan, Frank Gates, Pat Gates, Willard Gatewood, Gloria Gibb, Mary Godfrey, Barbara Gootee, Billy Gould, Charles FRESHMEN Gray, Glenn Gray, Kathy Grayson, George Greer, LaVerne Grenata, Rosalee Grimsley, Teresa Gross, Alton Grubb, Joan Guatney, James Haggard, John Haley, Mary Hamilton, Bernard Hanekamp, Georgeanna Hanson, David Hardbower, James Harlow, James Harley, Robert Harper, Marjorie Harris, Felton Hatton, Sylvia Havenner, Dorothy Healey, John Hedrick, Gary Higgins, Frances Hill, Larry Hinson, Patricia Hodge, Peggy Hoehne, David Holleman, June Hollett, Grahm Hollins, Douglas Hoover, Ann Hopkins, Ann Howard, Nancy Hudson, Odis Jackson, Glenda Johnson, Charles Keener, Ronald Kemp, Suzanne Kidwell, Gerald Kilby, Erna Kincaid, Lee Kinsler, Dan Kirby, Helen Kirby, William Klussman, Erna Knuckles, Sandra Kovats, Lawrence FRESHMAN CLASS Lakey, Edward Lawrence, Jo Ann Leatherland, Barbara Lejnieks, Paija Lewis, Martha Light, Donald Lloyd, Beverly Locke, Marjorie Long, Cyril Lory, Priscilla MacDonald, Vince L FRESHMEN McKenzie, Faye McLane, Earl Lee McMarlin, Robert McNevin, Pam McVee, James Magner, Dorothy Massey, John Matlock, Annette Melcher, Charles Melvin, Barbara Messick, Marie Miles, Ronald Miller, Frances Miller, Joan Miller, Mary Miller, Mary Ann Mitchel, Albert Mitchell, Allen Mlsna, Curtis Moats, Ruth Ann Monroe, Sieg Moon, Warner Moore, Margie Morse, JoAnn Moses, Sara Moyer, Glyn Mullins, Carol Munday, Margaret Myers, Mary Myrick, Joyce Nail, Kay Frances Nealey, Hermon Nerman, Frances Newton, John Noland, Charlotte Norris, John Nottingham, Anne O’Connell, Jean Ogle, Bill O’Hare, Norbit Otis, Joyce Painter, Ruth Parker, Sandra ParthreCDonald Pegelow, Donald Penn, Robert Perry, James Peterson, Darlene ji Pierce, Alfred Pitman, Wilbur Plaugher, Gerald Quick, Charles Quick, Robert Quinn, Louis Ragen, Harold Ransopher, Richard Reece, Loretta Reynolds, Doris Richardson, Roberta Rickman, Sylvia Robertson, Herby, Jr. Robinson, Charles Robinson, Hugh Robinson, Linda Robson, Sharon Rodriguez, Linda Roland, Sandra Rose, Mary Rowe, Peggy Sandusky, Owen Scott, Frank Seamster, Barbara Selater, Joan Senior, Janet Seravalli, Cecelia Shaffer, Claude Shepherd, Fletcher Shepherd, Sarah Shepherd, Shirley Sheppard, Donald Shifflett, Marian Shifflett, Ruby Simms, Barbara Sisson, Manuel Smith, Nelson Smith, Robert Smoot, Milly Snellings, Sylvia Soileau, Oran Solliday, Don Spencer, Edgar Spurgeon, George Stafford, Sally Stanley, Wallace Stark, Rebecca Stewardson, Janice FRESHMEN CLASS Stewardson, Walter Stewart, Gene Stoops, Joan Strobel, Charles Stubbings, John Studds, Barbara Sumler, Joseph Sutherland, Joan Talbot, Marion Thayer, Clarence Thompson, Flozelle Thrift, Jeremiah Thurston, Wayne Todd, Janet Trapnell, Gay Trice, Nadine Tronsegaard, King Wade, Vernon Wainwright, Libby Walker, Sue Walters, Gerald Walthall, Delford Ward, Nancy Weadon, Genevieve Weatherford, Preston Welch, John Whitener, Louis Wilkins, Ann Wilson, Martha Wise, Sonny Woodruff, Betty Woodward, Anita Yance, John Yocum, Bernard Younker, Judith Zehring, Betty 1 10 FRESHMEN CLASS Nothing like water to quench the thirst There are smiles He who hesitates Just a short reach to the food! When Astound The rhythm kids M CUu o 1957 if ' M all, P ricia Haynes, ham, Cynthia Hall, Joseph Hall, ‘I vin Jenkins, John Knox, Samuel Levay, Donna Mc- Intosh, David Phillips, Frank Ray, James Rexrode, Mary Roncone, Oscar Sears, Carol Tyler, Mary Tyler, Donald White, Bertha Zuspan. Register 202 George Allen, Lloyd Ange, Fred Bernhard, Barbara Bradford, Robert Canepa, Joan Carter, Charles Coe, Kenneth DeStephano, Gloria Dodson, Arthur Drury, Barbara Edmonston, Nancy Ennis, Frances Fewell, Mary Freeman, Richard Gray, Cecilia Grover, Brenda Hansborough, Joan Hardy, Michael Hicks, Jack Hub- bard, Denny Jenkins, Robin Kilby, George Lejneiks, Shirley McGuin, Sammy Milwit, Gale Oliver, Willie Stevens, Charlie Stone, Shirley Stowers, David Taylor, Ann Todd, John Wolford. QlaM. (OjjjjicesU. Left to right: Dennis Jenkins, reporter, Jackie Petitt, vice-president; Peggv Cash, president; Judy Quick, secretary; Sara Turner, treasurer. Missing from picture: Mrs. Quinley, sponsor. Register 209 Cynthia Bennett, Paul Booterbaugh, Margaret Bris- coe, Linda Brittain, Janet Cannon, Peggy Cash, Joan Clark, Michael Comer, James Condrey, Betty Daniel, Carol Deacon, Danny Doughton, Ralph Eppard, David Freeman, Joan Grubbs, Joann Hawkins, Wil- liam Herren, William Hess, Alice Hotchkiss, Barbara Jackson, Joe Kitchen, John Lacey, Ella Lee, Joe Liv- ingston, John Manor, Earl Martin, Richard Melcher, Ellen Parsons, Marion Quick, Fred Roop, Norman Sheppard, William Walthall, Jimmy Woodruff. Register 217 Harry Acheson, Herman Beard, Vera Best, Joy Bil - lington, Frankine Brogdon, Robert Clark, Ralph Coffman, Robert Conklin, Bernice Davis, Ward Davis, Ford Fairfax, Lauretta Gilbert, Marshall Gor- Register 211 Gene Best, Lillian Betancourt, John Bettenaver, Delores Bliss, Joyce Bridges, Larry Buckner, Wayne Cannon, Clyde Chappell, Joyce Davis, Shirley Dob- son, Leonard Feder, Myrtle Groggs, Donald Hall, Velma Hilliard, Walton Kimble, Mildred King. Charles Lee, George Mariast, Joan Martin, Eddy Mel- latt, Sanford Milwit, Delaney Phillips, James Sander- son, Amos Shiflett, Shirley Sines, Charles Sisson, Al- fred Sorrell, Clyde Stocks, Alfred Wood. Register 210 fames Allen, Marie Anderson, Samuel Ayres, Shirley Boyer, Catherine Breeden, Margaret Briscoe, Marjorie Campell, William Corder, Helen Denty, John Fagan, Marvin Fletcher, Patricia Gallahan, John Gettshall, James Hatton, Robert Houston, Alec King, Arvella Kohne, Ronald Lawhore, Paul Lipscomb, Arnet Lud- low, Barbara McCreary, Randy Martin, Lawrence Mathews, Jean NaKer, Wayne Olson, Carroll Petilt, Patricia Shelton, Patricia Taylor, Charles Thacker, Richard Walburn, Robert Watts. Register 106 Maurice Arnold, David Beavers, Harold Beeclnim, Margaret Breedon, Leon Brown, Marian Carl, James Carter, Melvin Deavers, Reba Dodd, Janet Dodson, Herbert Frazier, Walter Gillis, Ralph Hardy, Robert Jones, Joyce Ledbetter, Betty Moxley’, Shirley O ' Neil, Jackie Petitt, Cora Potter, Ronald Ridge, Joseph Sharpes, Frances Shifflett, Woodrow Smith, Pauline Stanley, Ruby Taylor, Elizabeth Woolfrey. EIGHTH GRADE 1 13 EIGHTH GRADE We aU beq an Register 218 Lucy Barton, Bob Baum, Cynthia Bennett, Jane Bcris, Ann Berry, Hope B nil is, Rosa Byram, Gene Claytor, Riia Cleveland, Nelson Conner, Charles Cornwell, Norvell Dibble, Donald Dorsey, Shirley Dunn, Peggy Funkhouser, Mickey Henderson, Patricia Holly, Ingrid Hubner, Elizabeth Jeneks, Harvey John- son, Genevieve Kennedy, ' irginia Lathon, Bill Mc- Kitu, N ' ormau Moon, Cecelia Myers, Herbert Odom, Biuce Paige, Mary Plummer, Janice Robinson, Brian Scott, Gerald Wildman. Register 213 Joyce Adem, Perry Alexander, Douglas Baker, Jack- son Brice, James Brown. Donald Clemmer, Adelaide Cook, Philip Coyle, Gayle Dover, Judy Flow, Robert Gates, Mildred Gorham, Robert Hobson, Sherry Hor- sley, Lawrence Janof, Richard Jernigan, Audrey King, Audrey Lyles, John Maguire, Joan Morris, Peggy Moon, Michael Musselman, Georgie Ostrand, William Puckett, Carol Reeves, Mary Rambo, Kenneth Re - rode, Wilma Ricketts, Gerard Roy, Hilda Sears, Brandon Smithe, Lottie Thrift, Edward Trice, George Wahl, Ray Wood. Register 208 John Alvey, Marie Baber, Barbara Bartelines, John Bell, Patricia Carson, Nancy Collins, Linda Anne Dooley, Charles Edmonston, Robert Fagan, Gary Gil- lum, Anne Griliilh, •Barbara Hall, Kenneth Hammond, John Harrelson, Mary Jean Harris, Wanda Harowitz, Herbert Johnson, Karen McCombie, Stacey McMar- I in. Florence Morrill. Russell Ocrcvik, Penny Price, Marjorie Pulman, Ruth Pusey, James Quigley, John Reighter, Ian Rodway , Melvin Sallcrwhite, Franklin Snow, Sara Turner, Joanne Ulrick, Murrell Wilker- son. I 14 uutlt cUcupteb otte • • • 1 1 ] vi (7 Kir « J ir ' m aJ i—h-ji i kJ Aw Jp 11 Mil iir iiBr h ; l 1 i Vji vyi v -A jMiL ' s.]Dr 4 4 It Register 207 Marilyn Albertson. Leah Atkins, Kathryn Badger, George Ballard, Charles Bauserman, Ray Beard, Dorothy Beavers, Wilma Beavers, Clarence Belt, Ralph Bnginski, l’hyllis Chinn, Shirley Critzer, Pa- tricia Farmer, Margie Ga ssner, Frances Harrison, Mary Heishman, Richard Jenkins, Totten Judd, Wil- liam Love, Joanne Merriman, Sylvia Minlz, Otis Pul- Ion, Edward Punchak, Marie Ray, Nancy Reed, Maxine Rudick, Judy Scott, Florence Smith, Curtis Snow, Shiela Taber, Myrtle Truslow, Barry Wyatt. Register 214 Anthony Avery. George Aylor, Carolyn Bassford, Merle Butzner, Joy Burch, Cynthia Cobb, Wilson Cornwell, Jackie Davis, Douglas Foard, Wilson Ris- her, Barry Holland, Becky Henderson. Nancy Holo- ' iak, Earlene Hord, Connie Jones, Alice Kendall, Wil- liam Lee, Francie Lowery, Marilyn Meserve, William Mollett, Barbara Moore, Joan Miller, Shirley O Ban- non, James O’Neil, Susan Paterson, William Pierce, Valerie Richardson, David Roach, Elizabeth Snyder, Sidney Thompson, Carole Wedin, Joan Williamson. Register 210 Allan Blaisdell, Betsy Bonner, Sharon Burns, Marie Butler, Evelyn Cade, Ann Coble, Jackie Conley, Lawrence Crame, Angela DeStout, Rita Haberly, Alley Hayman, Sarah Jones, Patricia Kidd, Denis Kingsley, Frank Klune, Lou Ann McGregor, Kenneth MacArthur, Chandler Massey, Adrian Miller, Ethel Munday, William Northcutt, Nelson Overby, Joan Petitt, Julia Quick, Raymond Scott, Claudia Shipley, Jack Starry, Joseph Stevens, Richard Talbert, Beverly Vail, Kay Wall, Wayne Wienecke, Elizabeth Wright. 115 Library Assistants: First row, left to right: J. Beavers, K. Long, L. Bouchet, M. Smith, B. Melton, A. Howard. Second row: P. O’Neil, V. Cashin, 1’. Rowe, J. McConchie, D. Robb, B. ■Shaffer. Third row: D. Jones, C. Miller, B. Vayo, F. Knupp, C. Meahl, D. Wright, M. Cannon. Fourth row: T. Johnson, S. Martin, F. Fife, S. Posey, D. Kinsler, W. Rice, D. Rice. Missing from picture: S. Beahni, B. Chambers, T. Henry, X. Caddy, L. Cobburn. DeYanlt and Buckley’s Helpers: First row, left to right: I 4 . Knupp, M. Judy, R. Darr. Second row: J. Bowman, B. Vetter, J. Hinim. Third row: A. Rogerson, E. M unday, D. Rogerson. Fourth row: X. Sumler, M. Pegelow, H. Carr. Fifth row: B. Si 1 lay, R. Hatton, G. Sheppard. QUixx. tJrelneSti. Main Office Helpers: First row, left to right: S. Starkey, J. Stewardson, J. Boles, J. Melvin, E. Seay, M. Franklin, C. Harvey, J. Coldwell, D. Ogle. Second row: J. Snellings, F. Miller. S. Mason, P. Nealy, B. Potter, J. Martin, R. Crabtree. Quinley and Jones Helpers: First row, left to right: J. Wilbur, M. Myers, W. Rosenburg. Second row: F. Thorpe, C. Fenton, J. Welch. Third row: B. Huffman, S. King, C. Shafer. Fourth row: W. Wise, G. Via, L. Sattlewhite. Fifth row: M. Collins. ADMINISTRATION t V I Mr. Wilbert T. Woodson, Superintendent of Fairfax County Schools. Our principal— Mr. Melvin B. Landes, who came to us in 1945 and who has been a major figure in promoting the growth of our school . . . ADMINISTRATORS Mr. Ralph E. Buckley, Assistant Principal. Mrs. Almarine Crowther, Mount Vernon Dis- trict Representative, Fairfax County School Board. Miss Mabel DeVault, Guidance Director. Mrs. Alice E. Hatch, Visiting Teacher. i953 tyocultu Helen Blalock English and Social Studies Anne Caffey Geometry and Algebra Sarah Cox Coffey Music Glee Club Director Elizabeth Morris Ames Senior English Senior Class Sponsor — Key Club Sponsor Bert B. Cohen English and Social Studies Hilda Marie Bauserman Math and Science William A. Cuff Math and Science Senior Science Club Roscoe Daub Science and Physics Junior Science Club na Dell lath and Algebra Earl R. Dodrill Distributive Education Distributors’ Club Sponsor sponsor Mr. John Moore, Mrs. Florence Provance, Mrs. Frances Rust and Mr. Forrest Frazier. Forrest L. Frazier Math and Algebra Football and Baseball Frances Lewis Garner English and Social Studies Raymond C. Graham Physical Education Baseball and Basketball John R. Grinnell Physical Education Basketball and Football Harold R. Hagerty Jack E. Hamilton English and Social Studies English and Social Studies Dramatics Club Sponsor Margaret McNeil Harvey Physical Education Hockey and Basketball Lawrence W. Hatch English and World History Sophomore Class Sponsor and Model Airplane Club Sponsbr Thomas M. Haynie Lorraine M. Helton English and Social Studies English Junior Class Sponsor and Co- sponsor Patrols Edward H. Henry Bernard R. Hensley Physical Education History and Public Speaking Track and Football — Auto Forensic Sponsor Club Sponsor Mary Virginia Horn General Business and Busi ness Math Bible Club Sponsor Kathleen Wood Hill English and Social Studies James W. Johnston Woodwork Robert H. Horn Math and Chemistry Harry A. Lee Athletic Director Physical Education Football and Baseball Hugh H. Jones Science and Audio Visual Mr. Earl R. Dodrill, Miss Lucy Jane Lowman, Mr. Richard Walters and Miss Margaret Harvey. Winifred E. Likar English Rhea Locke Art Art Club Sponsor Lucy Jane Lowman Margaret Lynn Markwood Bookkeeping and Typing Math and Algebra Yearbook Sponsor, Majorette Sponsor, Co-sponsor Quill and Scroll Mr. Thomas Haynie, Mrs. Lucy Murphy, Miss Margaret Markwood and Mr. Edward Henry. John H. Moore Robert Muirhead Math and Mechanical Draw Social Studies and World ing History Football and Basketball leabtted UtA uujJt . • • • Lucy Jones Murphy English William R. Murphy Civics, History and Geog- raphy Football and Baseball Mary Ruth O’Neil English, Bookkeeping and Typing Student Government Sponsor Frances R. Parrish Librarian Library Club Sponsor Mr. Ralph Buckley, Miss Clara Robison, Miss Josephine Wood, Mrs. Sarah Coffey, Miss Mary Horn and Mr. Gene Steinbach. John B. Porterfield Physics Florence R. Provance Shorthand and Typing Senior Commercial Club Sponsor Loahi and Emma Rebecca Saunders Civics Honor Society Sponsor Osie Trimmer Latin and Journalism Newspaper Sponsor, Co-spon- sor Quill and Scroll Clara Belle Robison Math Joseph S. Segar English and Social Studies Photography Club Sponsor Purcell Monk Robertson Home Economics Future Homemakers Club Sponsor teax kUixi Frances Rebecca Rust English and Spanish Spanish Club Sponsor Ruby C. Wagner Shorthand and Typing Junior Commercial Club Sponsor a Physical Education Girls’ Physical Education Director, Softball Henry Streit Walker English Richard Walters English and Social Studies Freshman Class Sponsor Virginia Gardner Wilson Physical Education Basketball and Hockey Josephine Elizabeth Wood Biology Girl Scout Sponsor Marian MacPherson Regular Substitute Margaret Taylor Regular Substitute Top to bottom: Lorraine Dodson Secretary to Mr. Landes, principal Eleanor Hine Secretary to Mrs. Parrish, librarian Frances L. Harris Cafeteria Manager Jerry Knox Secretary to Mr. Buckley, assistant principal 125 OUR STORY ii ended we add to. the ooUunei of nait menuvUel. ADVERTISEMENTS King 9-0162 FRANK MICHELBACH Incorporated NEWELL COLE COMPANY Commercial Printers Fine Printing ior Over a Third Of a Century 212 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. HOME OF FINE FURNITURE TEmple 6 9009 TEmple 6-3394 GATEWAY MOTORS, Inc. DEALERS IN FINE CARS 814-820 King Street Alexandria. Virginia 801 N. Washington Street Alexandria, Va. PAINTER BROTHERS 1936 Richmond Highway ROSENBERG ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1913 407-11 King Street Alexandria, Virginia JERRY ' S BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY SALON Air-Conditioned Jefferson Manor Shopping Center TEmple 6 3410 Overlook 3 4039 Du Pont Paints GROVETON HARDWARE and GARDEN SHOP Tools - Seeds - Lawnmowers 1972 RICHMOND HIGHWAY OVerlook 3-0402 GROVETON GENERAL REPAIR We Service Any Make Car Won ' t Run - Call Us Keystone Automobile Service 24-Hour Towing Service 1978 RICHMOND HIGHWAY ALEXANDRIA, VA. KI 9-2134 " Come to the C J DELICATESSEN for an afternoon snack " Intersection King ' s Highway and Telegraph Road Alexandria, Va. Dollar for Dollar You Can ' t Beat a Pontiac . . . . . . ior Tops in New Cars, Used Cars and Service — See BENDALL PONTIAC 1625 Prince Street Phone OV 3-1600 for free pick-up and delivery service 128 JEFFERSON MANOR PHARMACY . Comer North King ' s Highway and Fort Drive lefterson Manor, Alexandria, Va. ANDERS BROS. GARAGE 1741 Richmond Highway Body and Fender Work Tune Up Service ARROWSMITH DRESS SHOP Belle View Shopping Center G. I. SURPLUS STORE New Location 423 King Street OV 3-5867 TE 0233 AL 6815 + TE 2548 FHA-GI CURTIS E. MARTIN. Incorporated Mortgage Bankers Real Estate Sales Loans and Insurance 120 South Royal Street Alexandria, Va. RIDGEWAY ' S SERVICE STATION Gas Oil Groceries 601 Telegraph Road Alexandria, Va. KI 9-9364 Buy It Baked from PAT-A-CAKE 126 N. Kings Highway TE 6-9811 TE 6-6811 Phone Engleside 238J PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANERS Accotink, Va. Regular 3 Day Service 1 Day Special Service SAMMY ' S RAW BAR Lorton. Virginia Route 1 5 Mi. South of Fort Belvoir Y: D 6 N’T FORGET THE 3ritos Golden, Crisp, Crunchy Chips Of Corn CAPITOL FIITO COMPANY UXhjL - ' -J L. ' 2 U - • y Q - 130 KI 9-6200 DIAMOND CAB CO.. Inc. 1638 King Street 24 Hour Towing Service GROVETON TEXACO SERVICE Complete Ignition and Brake Service 2108 Richmond Highway TE 6-9886 KI 9-7369 DIXIE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Fine Line Hunting and Fishing Equipment 1201 King Street Alexandria, Va. 1801 King Street OV 6565 AMERICAN MOTOR COMPANY Alexandria ' s finest used cars 3300 River Road TE 5868 TUBERVILLE MARKET Self-Service Frozen Food - Meats Fresh Vegetables Prompt Free Delivery ENGLESIDE, VIRGINIA VIRGINIA OIL BURNER SERVICE CO. Phone KI 9-8077 Oflice on U. S. Highway No. 1 P.O. Box 695 Alexandria, Va. THE KLOMAN INSTRUMENT CO. 1713 King Street Alexandria, Va. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 53 from FLOYD K. HUSTON ASSOCIATES " House of Planning " offering a complete service embracing all phases of ENGINEERING - ARCHITECTURAL COMMERCIAL - REALTY PLANNING with complete facilities and services available to Architects - Engineers Builders - Individuals Firms (OHices next to Mt. Vernon High School) TELEPHONES Engleside 255-W King 8-4324 131 Phone K1 9-8553 VIRGINIA TRAILER CO., Inc. W. P. BEARD, President H. A. GRIFFIT. Sales Manager New and Used Trucks 1743 RICHMOND HIGHWAY ALEXANDRIA, VA. Phone AL 1044 HOPKINS FURNITURE COMPANY 8 10-812 King Street Alexandria, Va. FAIRVIEW MARKET Seli Service Open Every Day and Evening (Except Fridays — Closed All Day) From 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. For Your Shopping Convenience 1918 RICHMOND HIGHWAY (Opposite Penn Daw Fire Dept.) MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Class Rings Commencement Announcements and Calling Cards Supplied by W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY 211 N. Seventh Street Richmond, Va. BRINSON ' S 5-10c-$1.00 Up, Inc. Your Local Variety Store For Quality Merchandise CLOUD MOTORS " See CLOUD and be PROUD of your car " 1907 DIAGONAL ROAD OV 3-2866 2201 DUKE STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. 132 Alexandria ' s Leading Florist JIMMY LYLES FLOWERS, Inc. Flowers styled in a manner that will please both you and the recipient " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " 90S KING STREET Phone OV 3-4600 A B W Always Your Lowest Cost of Transportation DODGE Job Rated TRUCKS DODGE PASSENGER CARS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS BEESON MOTORS 1704 Ml. VERNON AVENUE ALEXANDRIA. VA. BUSES FOR CHARTER King 9-4121 TEmple 6-4122 ARTHUR I. SHAFFER Florist BELLE VIEW HARDWARE 625 BELLE VIEW BLVD. TELEGRAPH ROAD ALEXANDRIA. VA. BELLE VIEW SHOPPING CENTER " OV 3-6392 KI 9-1890 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class irom DR. PETER HANNA THE ADVERTISING STAFF WISHES TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION Phone: King 9-1086 JULES HAIR STYLING AND REDUCING SALON Jules Will Prepare You for Any Occasion 1632 King Street Alexandria. Va. TO ALL OF OUR PATRONS 133 HOLDEN AND COMPANY. Inc. General Insurance Real Estate UM ALEXANDRIA, 106 N. St. Asaph Street Alexandria, Va. Adding Machines Typewriters ALEXANDRIA MIMEO COMPANY UNDERWOOD SALES AGENCY 104 N. Royal Street Alexandria, Va. KI 9 7362 ENGLESIDE MARKET 4S0S Richmond Highway Quality Meats and Fresh Vegetables FOR PROMPT FREE DELIVERY CALL ENGLESIDE 1651 BEACON FIELD Equipped ior All Phases of Flight Training 2013 Richmond Highway King 9-8540 GAINES ' FURNITURE I. C. GAINES 907 King Street Alexandria, Va. Complete Accident Repair Service TeL Temple 4700 DOWNTOWN GARAGE So. Washington and Wilkes Streets Alexandria. Va. Our 16th Year oi Service Alexandria 4600 Headquarters lor MOBILE HOMES in the Washington area Since 1936 JOHN ' S BLUE RIBBON SHOE REPAIRING 412 King Street Alexandria. Va. Open from Monday to Saturday WE HANDLE MANY NATIONALLY FAMOUS MAKES INCLUDING: American. Brentwood, Howard, New Moon. Richardson, Spartan, Travelo, Trotwood BEACON AMOCO SERVICE JOE GILL. Operator U. S. Highway 1 Groveton, Va. Phone: TE 6-9682 TOWN AND COUNTRY HARDWARE P. E. LAWHARUE. Owner AMERICAN TRAILER CO. 1744 RICHMOND HIGHWAY 3301 RICHMOND HIGHWAY ALEXANDRIA. VA. Main Office 4030 Wisconsin Ave.. Wash.. D. C. 1731 Richmond Highway 134 FORT HUNT PHARMACY 1607 Fort Hunt Road Hollin Hall Alexandria, Va. Phone: OV 3-1991 MIHIIMim f LJlT. i LJLL F LM-M-M-JL-LJ be fashionable . . . clockwise with up-to-the-minute apparel from our fashion-copscious Fourth Floor. Let Miss Warren, our School Outfitting Coun- selor advise you and help solve your fashion problems. CUNNINGHAM FUNERAL HOME ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone KI 9-8100 TE 6-4580 135 o Lime. ?f)r iS CJti sy Oy OCS f - tkc ' 3 s " H» V S - Re»jfribc« t- , n _ n - r.f r« r At, ' e i - i,.ut !- Kcvcii cDS j POLK MOTOR COMPANY Your DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer 1998 RICHMOND HIGHWAY 1225 POWHATAN STREET Our 7th Year in Groveton Our 27th Year in Alexandria CLARK ' S SERVICE STATION M. Clark Hardware and Auto Accessories PHONE: ENGLESIDE 102-102 WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME J. S. Everly 809 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA, VA. KI 9-0038 1646 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Ample Parking Space Everything for Your Table CHAUNCEY ' S MARKET 2102 RICHMOND HIGHWAY There Is No Substitute for Quality ALWAYS MEATS OF MERIT Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Frosted Foods WELLINGTON HOUSE Furniture and Decoration 809 SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET KING 9-5800 ALEXANDRIA, VA. 136 ORE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ans of Security Since 1882 EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS AND CONTINUED SUCCESS TO THE 1953 GRADUATING CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 419 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA HARRY FINE, Staff Superintendent THE RALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 137 Office and Plant Telegraph Road Phone King 9-7080 ★ NORTHERN VIRGINIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Inc. ★ ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA EXCAVATION 138 If you can ' t save a Million Be One in a Million to Save Open a Savings Account Today ALEXANDRIA NATIONAL BANK ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA HARRY LEE BILL DI ZEREGA PAT LEE PENN-DAW PHARMACY 1730 RICHMOND HIGHWAY Across from Penn-Daw Hotel Everything in the Drug Line FREE DELIVERY Try Our Fountain Service Phone Overlook 3-5925 HOURS: 9:00 A.M. — 10:00 P.M.

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