Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA)

 - Class of 1949

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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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.,,. Qff QQ cg.. caifiri Li .i-1- f-,ati-,,. f ni. g . .- ' i 11' ' - ,, , ff! if ' ,,,.r p .1-gg. .4 .5, vi if li y W XXX X v .1 'x-- ',..,4 Q ,, , ,,,,..l- O ,...-- !"l'c fi , x . 1 fx x X 2 X Qx N Nxsxxxiz- X X V - ,...Y-juz? YY , W i -T.. VV - -1 1 , - ' - --Wg-E "' 1 1A , 'T' 4---- -',,5+'-'T-?ll.7:' .. - ii' 'iLT-F,-17, Y -5 -f Y I V , h -V . - Y, M "Ti -:L --- i li -ir j--,Ll i -HY--.ii K ff l - '-fl 7' A-V l ,VH .4P' .4 A ,..4a ..- .1 I if 4 76 1 ,Z A ' f pi 1 1-'vu-1-""'FL' A I . , , 'g ,Pjfvf +ff5"2Nf VJWWN ly! ,-A. if- . 23 WH, , E 11.1, -' v , PF , I .- A in -I R' '4 . 'A--C914 xiii, . 'Figy--f I -4 A I. M ml N " . 1 1 I '-421. 4 A , Sw '- A V , m r-Q, uf-A ' 3 '- V , 1. - sf'-A :Tv-. I ,, 21fv",-""'v A ' A 7 xA.. . . H A'-X. Y . ,,, 1 Y 7" .:fV3' 'VAA A ' 1 Ae'-. g n l faux . - A V -4 ' f' 5 P- ' fo ' ' ' ',,vT ,vii l .,'-A4 .J L Q A" Pej 1 in ' E M- f"- ' -. ' .. n 5, 'lf A A I:-' I' JT A I 1A .A Q ' A ' "A ' A i' Av ' 1 f 'A 2 - ' A .C ' A A 1 2. ' ' 'gag' '- A 'M f 1- L 3, A T N. A gi ,J '- 72: A we-sa ,ls ' , QA V' , Av to A vt, Ar i ? ln ,A E A QA., A A XA Z -.411 H ' ' ' . ' .A ' ,A f ' 1g:.A-AA".A ' . - f . A 1 -'QM -NAA -V A 1 1 A A Q Z' N v 4 L N' 'I ' ' ' ' 1 'x ' '- 11 ,F I., 1' ' I .i.e'e'Yf' f '- - ' '5- .A 1 fffl.,Q" - - ' 'N ' A 1' :5 . -M '- ' . 4 A ill .!:y,', ' ' ' A: - SIA". rM'f,f A' ' ', I A , giim f r ir ' A- ' 3' W A x A A 1A54:g1,q ' A A fm! A A' t .1 -4l'rAf,A-A' ' ' 'A ,' A A ' gf:'w-eu,-qjy,1. ' A 'A - LA, I J A ' -' H5 w -. '- A K ff c Q 'A-EN, 'fy gp 1 - , f V hfpfLT 1 ' A 1 1A-, f' 1 A 11 -'S ' - A Z2 ' LE QNIA A it a A I N. , A 4 I, -:V .A A ix '- 45A 1 Ak... I If ' AL, v, I 2 Jig" ' ' N 'Ji ' 4-,1-H,-13 1 ' 5, . ' ' I: 'v A ' A 'xii X ' ...- , ' A ' . ' 1 1 - Y 41 ' - .- 1 f' '-5 ' W- ai... 4 iziq A--.-5 -X Q 1 f' fA-4:1-f -51 ' A jgjif. f 1 1 A " W' Ji ' " J 4 ,U , ' 4 .'. A s ff? g ,.,'irf,3 A+-Q' A - A. aim, ,' m it LST" 'Qigf ' 's -A A '-'h- 'Q ' 5 ' A X ' un- A ' ' Q' 1 " x ."' 4 X ' V, ' A N-Q-,fy , v' .,, :A A' . ' f T .A - Q ' wh 7 A A- - 'Q 4 1, ' A faq- X A A f Lg - 5- A A en...-PYFA A .' ' 3. Al .3 ' k - -A : r- A - -A All .pf ' ' A 1 ' 1 ,A- ' fn. E N 'A A rg, Q X . ' ' , -- 'X j lx fa '- P . -I '-A .3119 A I ' M A I. -' . A2 ' I fi' ' 'xx - A AA S 1 1 I if I . I 5 " . I , Us A , 1 ,, - .X M JJ A . .n, 5 x 4' NF H1 -1 1'1 -- -1 -"' iwfv 1 1 V. 1. . Ml . 1 , v . 1 ,11 - .rm 1 :ff uv H .uw ' -:Q 1 1 - ,J 1, X ' Y Q L 5 , F'.,lg.' ' ' ' Tn-CQ: . 1-- v 1 X V. V - i 'v 1 1 f . '11, 1 r. .1 A .I' ..' 1 .I 5 152.11 IJ 13 r,-I7 1 ?"?3Ef'ff3 41 vi 'ul 1 -i 3 'fn mv .31 , 1,11 Q I 1, X s 1- 1 I -1 1 Q In ' l J ' F 'J 1 I'- 4' V Q' S ,,, 1 L ' 4 1 ' ' VNU kr 1 -4 .4 4' 4 ' '1 1 L: 1 1 L, I1 .. N 1 f , I A? 4 1.11, V, .1 +1 as -'wi 'b 1 511 .1 1 1 .1 11 1 M g 'Q' H 3 V Ixu Y QT' 1'-'4,. 1 15- 'Z U .1 ,A ... ' L ". M nfl! . , 1 . A . V. 1 1 ',i1-"M J' l7'L'a1, 1 11 J. 'l'1.i-73 ,, H 1 1 1' i1!,:..g- .xx w 4 1 , ' -s 1 yn ' Q1 I 1 11 l jf? Q3?1,f ,. " Q11 'AES' ..1-, 5.5" ' .-f's1--3 11' ,M -1 -ann, .1, " "W ,,':'fv4'1 'Y' 1 ' ' 4 :nr 1 -v l 1 1 i X w'+ 1.55 ' 55 1 f1Qiff5'11. l . 71 :- J--. 1 'I . -.xr Mg 1, . ,rx .' 1 1, " FL" fa? if I V is Rl , ' ' - Pig-la " I Y .5351-1 , ,. 1.. Fire i'w ,. .. ' s I F 1 -'11 nl 3 is 1.1 l 12- ig. r. .1 '. ..1,,,P, 1 I 1 f ' -W5 1- I fm' 14 A . ii- . wg pjitl' ,-wr, .n 7742, 51 1 gf 1 1 -"'-su rn. '5J?1' :A 2 Lb, .0 KX. 1 . .5 -E M :ml 'rl ,I U15 1949 Surveyor THE Studcut l5'ady . OF ulflouut Veruou High School Q0 1 H10 QAYQN 5 . A A g V 3: Q' ' tx Q5 F ox u 6' 000'NoN - V199 D W .......,... Ed B B .Businen M g wilt Dedication We, the students of Mount Vernon High School, dedicate this volume of THE SURVEYOR to Ralph E. Buckley, our able assistant principal and teacher. Plea:ant and :miling every day, Even though thing: go not hi: -way. Alway: finding time for fun, Though mo:t of the time he': on the run. He ha: to be here, he ha: to be there, But with all of thi: he :till i: fair And never a :tudent that': irked or peeved But leave: hi: :ide much le:: aggrieved. in iwmnrium We, the faculty and student body, feel the great loss in the sudden and untimely death of Mr. George C. Gillingham, our member of the Fairfax County School Board. In this manner, we honor him for his splendid spirit of co- operation, his respect for the opinion of others, his businesslike manner in handling school affairs and his untiring efforts to improve educational facilities. We shall definitely miss his Congeniality, his humor, his warm handshakes and his friendly greetings. ff' l Zfrewvrd THE SURVEYOR of 1949 is proud to review its unusual heritage. lfspecially in this the tenth anniversary of the founding of our high school are we reminiscent of those features of historical significance so closely linked with our school life. The very land on which our school is built is a part of the original George Vlfashington Estate. How significant that we should hold high at all times those principles of honor and integrity embodied in the private and public life of the great statesman, Washington! just as he upheld those ideals of democratic living and put forth every effort to establish a nation of equality and freedom, so we, the students here at Mount Vernon, are attempting to incorporate in our way of life those same principles. All countries eagerly look to America for examples of that way of life that brings peace and happiness. We feel within us the urge to "survey" these great principles of government established by the great father of our country that wc may engrave them more deeply in our lives. Only then can we be examples for other countries. We, the staff, have been preparing during our high school life to be ready for the great tasks which lie ahead of us. They are great tasks and they are chal- lenging tasks. Our country needs the best efforts of all its citizens. Although we shall find ourselves engaged in many activities, we shall often think of the days here at Mount Vernon with their happy memories. We, the staff, hope that this annual will help you remember these highlights of your high school days. As you read this and look through the pages, may it be a challenge to you to work harder in building a great nation. a Am'm:xRs'x'va'kion' '!' Ti!! 'N A n I sea-X-uv-es , SpovH'5 I , Z NM 'Q x Q Cable nf 6'014fc14fs Adminisfrafivv Ofhres Miss NIOYERS IJl..Yf7'Z'bIlf1.Z'f' Educafion Dirffror MR. I'iARRY LEE Dirfcfor of Phyfifal Educat1'011 Mxss MABE1. DEYAULT Dfrfctor of Guidfuzcr MR. RALPII BUCRLEY fifffytarzl 1Jl'I.7lC'l.f7Ill Mxss I,oRR,x1Nr3 l"1.,xMMr:R Srrrftary to Prirzcipzzl Miss LUCY -IANE l.owM,xN Sforfroom S14pfr1'1'.f0r MR, MELVIN B. I,.AxN1J1:s Prirzfipal MRS. FRANCES R. l',xRR1su Lz'brar1'a1z NIISSES XVAID AND ICDMONDSON Plzyyical Ea'ucatz'o'n Coaclrry MRS. Amex li. ll,x'1'cu l'yl'J'I.ll'1lg Teacher MRS. HATTIE G. QL!lNI.l-IX' Fnfflz man Coordfnafor SHIRLEY Dova Srfrftary I...- Qi. ,lsfvgif 13-i'l?v YQ 1 sb JW" W f.fAWla42 f iw QM W X' Iiw f A 1s X A My 3 W, xl-2' 41 NMR X W V : N , Vg , sk R23 M . me W1 N W .-f- 1 'Q jili-fifif .Cf 3 4,,, D fldminisfrafivn Administrators G QE! S WILBERT T. WOODSON BA., MA., College of William and Marv fniversity of Virginia George XYashington fniversity S1lfJf'fl-Illflldfllf, Fairfax Counfy School! RUBICRT B. VYAI,KI'1R A. B., Duke Vniversity AM., George Washington University lliglz School Szzpzfrvifor, Fafffax County Sclioolx Administrators MELVIN B. LANDES A.B., McPherson Madison College Elizabethtown Key Club Sponsor Principal RALPH E. BUCKLEY B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute George Washington University Asxixtant Principal Algebra +c2f9lLY- Sizculfy N. 0 . J ,i if X" X 1 N i , n Allin is' . .I gi". " ' r 1 -A EL1zAEE1'i-1 Moiuus AMES A.B., Randolph-Macon Women's College Senior Clan Sponror English MARY MAEEL DEVAULT A.B., Emory and Henry College University o Virginia Guidance Director I J it if' 1- " II k tw" -5 ' f ,. if filo JUNE CAROLYN ASHTON CATHERINE ELrzAEe'm Brrru-: JAMES W. COYLE B.A., Mary Washington B.S., Madison College B.A., Furman University College of the University of Glee Club Sponror A.r.ri.rtant Coach S Vulginia Cl Muxic Social Studiex, World Hixtory ponxor of rerhman ax: Spanifh, Social Studie: REBECCA K. ENGLEMAN ANNIE B. EDMONDSON B'A'f Miggllglgshlngton G IJORZMH FLAMIQIER B.S., Radford College - - ra ua e. cum emon Eighth Grade Girl Scouts College of Wlllliim and Mary Hlgh School A.r.ri.rtant Girls' Coach Phyxical Education Latin MARGARET MCNEIL HARVEY A.B., Lynchburg College, Madison College A- M- HARRISON slim, Club spam, B.S., Oregon State College Science Problems, General Mathematic: Science 4 we , ,h +ef101a+ Em Vee Hi Sponsor Englirh, journalixm A1.xcE E. HATCH A.B., Brigham Young University University of Utah University of California Viriting Teacher Secretary to Principal LORRAINE M. Hi-:L'roN A.B., Marshall College Duke University George Washington University Englixh, Social Studie: Orientation , . on ,- Maxx , , 1,, f ,,...o.,-,,.,f'j -L - Mr' A I , ,L,,,.' g lf' , , as . Zflglff A L1 .. , .-,44lP- . . . -1-:Aa rl HAROLD R. LIAGERTY RESA HUTT HUGH HOWW'ARD JONES JAMES W. JOHNSTON B.S., in Education, B.S., Farmville State B.S., William and Mary B.S., Eastern Illinois State State Teachers Teachers College College 'Teachers College College, California College of William and Mary lXI.A., George Washington x Penn State Penn., Juniata College General Bufinexr, Typing University Woodwork Sponyor Public Speaking Club Phyficr, Clzemirtry, Scienfe, Englifh Mathematirf H 1 L ' HARRY ALEXANDER LEE . JOHN HENRY MOORE B ARRIET l'WAT:.R0l'M BA., Furman University LUCY ANF B.S1,'Southeastern State 'AU Maryn as mgton Director, Plzyfiral Education B.S., for Ollegc leachers cfollcgc Ceneral Magiirririicx -llgebra Condi I d gmmndal Maihelnullcj ' . ' ' ' De artment Plane and Solid Geometry 2 ar ook S poruor FLORENCE R. PROVANCE JOAN MOVERS FRANCES RICHMOND PARRISH B'S., MEI, Duquesne B.s., Richmond Professional A.B., Flora MacDonald HILDAGARD ADALHMA POWELL University, Bowling Orton Institute of College of College B.A., Jamestown College of University of Pittsburgh William and Mary College of William and Mary Liberal Arts Jfriftant Leader, Girl Smut: Dinributorr Club Sponxor A.l3., in Library Science 8th Grade Newspaper Club Shorthand, Bookkeeping Conxumer Education Librarian Englixh, Orientation Burinexr Math., Typing Diftribulive Education Head .lurlio-vifual Edueation Social Studie: General Burinexx 'Cl 11 JB' T: if f haul y C? pw Viv llivr'rii-: G. Quixxn-:Y l,l'RCl'lI.l, Nlox K Rourzivrsox l3.S., Radford lcaclu-rs Colle-gc BS., Radford College Virginia Inu-rniont Collugc lfiglllli Grrulz' Cunnlinrlfor Orirnlalion Cu-Sfmllior ffighlll Grade .Yrcu.rp11pn- Club jour: .'xl.I,liN Rorunocx, ilu. l!.S., Xorlliwvstcrn Univcrsitv Purdue University I A Br1.fl'rtl1r1ll Coach V Civxrx, Pliy,r1ral Education Poi.r.v l'Imv,u4n Winn BS., liducation, Radford College Dirrrlor, Girlf' l'l:y.riral lidurafion Sponfor of ljllffl' l,t11zln'f fillllfllglvflllfj' Ball, Bafkrt- ball, Srjtball Plryximl Edumtion George Washington University Sponmr, llll. l'frnon Clmplxr of lllllllff llrmie1nal'fr.r of W' .aa- . . f ',.- ,lx I 1, 1,oiusNcx li. Rourxsox C1.,xk,x lSlal.i.ic Rom:-:ox BA., Queens Colle-gc Charlotlc, N. C. Sponfor, Liiglzllz Grarlr Publir Spnlking Club l3.S., Nlndison Collc-go BM.1illlf.f,f qlrilhnlztlr, .llgrbra lliliglllll Grad: fllulllrnmlif,-' ,flmfrifa lfnglifll, Soriol Stuflifrr Home Emnoniicr-lleafl of Orientation 1J!f7l1ffm!7Il Hmm Rr-gargcclx Snuwoisas Bialvriucu Pixuuxiz Swim Dolus l4Ol'lSE STUART A.B., Randolph-Nlacon HA., Madison College BA., Duke l'nivcrsity WOlllCIl,S College llillglllfll, Sofia! Stuilief ,Irt Club Sponi-or junior Guidance Urifntation l:'ngli.rl1, .Irt ll. S. Hirtory, World Iliytory ll. S. Gfograplry l,r:NA PARKIQ WYIIITT -Iosizvnma ELIZABEQTII Worm Rum MARY Wommkmmi AA., Diploma, Campbell l3.S., Avcrctt College B.S.' Avcrutt College Collcgc William and Mary S.'I'.L'.' I-'ar-nwmc l5.A., Nladision Collcgc Gr-orgc VVasliington l'nivcrsity Gem-gc W'aShinm0,, l'nivL.rsiN Teachers College, Columbia Sponfor nf Sophomor: Clary funn, j1,,,Q,,,,,,,j,,,', nf ' UlllV0f5ltY, Post Graduate Gif! Smut Lmdf' .'lIHfl'l'l'l1 jun for Glub Spfinfor Vllork junior Rzd Grorr Sponfor Hum, l5C,,,,,,,,,fU Sponror Student Government Biology, General Srifncz Civiff fill I2 95 x msg Q'- Q' f f QQ' ...Z i! .ff ,fm Q vnu K 4 10 QS wk I N. ' 'S 25:11 Q O f A I I 12 P 0 44 ,f f 0 X A -lx f 0 ' f 1' f, f uw! fl It . 4 t ' Q, ff, J, F' ,J Xi f ,gg gg 'OW ' "iff 74' f-254 74 -1 W I P 4 I x I . l sk' ' . , f V . rf PM U15 Glass af 1949 OFFICERS JAMES LAMB ,... . ......,.,... .....,.. I "fre Prffidfnt ICULA 'TURN ER .... ..,. A ludicial Rrpreffntativr AIANE NICELEY. . . ..,...,....., Secrrtary CTORDON IJAVIS. ...... . . .... Prffident MRS. ELIZABETH AMES .... . . .Sponmr AIEFI-'KEY STEWART, ...,.. ...,.,,..,...... . . . Treayurrr KENNETH EVERRITT Qmissing from picturej.. . . , .Rfporffr X . 51 T 1 VX 1 1 TE '- . 1 ,, A J L+ 6 X I E V . ...sf f. --- " T E T A ' I f ' ' ' ' SQ Er E' - . T R 22 I Q :: T ' '1 T T '5 R I 1 3 . Xa! H IT Vx 1 Y A V, ..-' ',, llwykigw l- W., gy' M 'R ' I , G" 1 77 1 '52, 4 ' -7g 'f,,5:,?3.2 X, -P f ' : , ff 'fi ,. 1021, 44 F-irft Row: MARTIN LAWRENCE ADEM JEAN ALCOCK GEORGE HOWARD ALEXANDER WILLIAM HARRISON APPICI-I, jk. Second Row: SARAH LEE AYCOCK ELLA EMMA BAKER FFHOMAS WESLEY BARRINGTON IXIILDRED KATHERINE BATTON Third Row: KYLE FRANKLIN BEACII BETTY ANN BEALES BETSY ANNA BEALI-Qs .IACQUELINE AIAE BENDER 4 I I' xx W fa W AQ. I YQ Milli ,I 'S 41 X .4.W" , I Q9 , lf. .,..1 il X N i AIM' 4 . .A 'I ? fi A1 'V fun. tl Few! b I,M Al f u 1' WA ' i I A N V 0.1! 2 AQ" Y ! I I my I If 5,3 Wfryf xo' ' N' fy f fr, V h ' I XJ, ,alt ' NX HL, .f I I -1 , , ,' ' 1 , :A - A ' X 'W ' Y. , I 2 QW, 'i' , W Z? 2' AWP f ,L 2,4-A ,Mir Q AJ' V 'K ' I I -'H 15 IB'- Nr On-, THE SENIOF XIARJORIE VIRGINIA BoL1,1NGER CHARLES Hx-:NRY Blusco Lucia ELLA BROWN NIILDRED ANN BUCRMAN BROADUS 'l'URP1aN BUNCH, AIR. WYII,L1AM CIIARLES BURKART ISLIZABETI1 ANN CAMERON PEGGY ANN CARTER KDWEN CIIAUNCEY CASE xIARGUERl'I'E 'IVHERESA CASH FRANCES L51-3 CATON NIILDRED COFFI-:Y Z Q . g S A ' Rim X i x walk X 041' ff ff fafff , - -rf A .A ' 'f W , rn A . QW il f M 4 ' ,f "gf f av , 55, Y. ls wi A , W rl" If I7 IESXl.Ik?rvVfV! 4 IJ N LASS OF I949 l"1'r,r! Rowan' CQRETA JOAN CKABTREE linwmw Snr:l.ToN CRAIG lh-:'r'rY Louisa CRANI-'ORD EIAMES DAVID Coon: Szfond Raw: GORDON TRAW Coovrzk VIRGINIA KIARIE Coorrzn BARBARA AIQAN COPITHORN GPINPZVA INIAE CORNXVELL Third Row: l'1l.r:ANok l.uc1Lu: Courmcs S'I'l'Il.LA AIAE CHVRTIS RoxANNn BELL DAcn'r1.nR IJOROTHY l.ol'lsx': IJAII. A 'V 17' JM, f -Q '14 U 1 n I A G X S 1 X by Wig , N Nl lf' xv RUTH ANN DANT LAWRENCE ELMER DARR EARL REASON DAv1s GORDON NIARSHALL DAVIS SHIRLEY BELLE Donn ELEANOR DODSON FRANK PAGE DoUcHToN, JR. SHIRLEY LEE DovE SHIRLEY JEAN ELDERT KENNETH KATES EVERRITT AUDREY JEAN FENIMORE ADRIENNE KENT FLEENOR f Q ,. - 'E .f 1-Qs, Y 1 ' E X: V"'l H'-' 1, ,,-4,--f ,K W THE SENIOF ,451- 1 S i is EFA M 4 A 5 7 T A , . 4 I 17 y W - V ' 1 M T 3' X' ,L . Q M J' N 11' , if 'I 3 , ,5EXl.iA:Lr.A new aw Mx U J ' ,--3:2 f?fZ,jgf7:!yj?4, fy 1-A-fi! .-..:,':A W , I , , E, , X xlkw f 1 ASS OF I949 ffrff Rzmk' IXlARGARl'1'l' NIARIE I"I.INcIII'xI -IAN l'I'I' I"1,owI':Rs CIIARLI-ZS l':Vl'IRli'I"I'E l"oIuI, -lk. BAIQIIAIQA .I I-:AN FIuaI:I..xNIm Serum! Row.- -loAN GIsI.I,INu ICIIIII. l"Iu5Iw.IcIx GPl'N'l'II.INl RAYMOND l,I:oN GRIIIISLI-:Y CATIIIQRINI: VIRGINIA HALI. 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RUBY VIRGINIA IXICCLARY Stroud Row: GENE BYRON NEW'VlLLE -IANE JICANETTE NICELEY BETTY JEAN ODEN EDGAR PAU1. f,Dl-ZNYVALDI-IR, jk. Third Row: HERBERT LEw1s Ons ALICE AIARIE OVREVIK LOUISE MAE PAINTER 'FHELMA AUDREY PAUL A Q-4 'L of, iw n 5. , 5 X 1' 1 u. uf Y :S Z' Yi.. .2 'W . 'ff N' A I Al, 5 jzlll. l 3, M ,I 6 X 'lr 1 4 15 v gm W -5- Y .gig w 5 F? 2 M1111 ff UW 'ff 13? ge' If X ' .1 H , x 4 L V ' v ' 'I X l 0 , WM A "W 0 I 4 '4' NXRHV ,x in J J N I5 , X VI .fr-E01 71:03 A u Y we ,Q Y E - x y Z! 2 QNIQXX . , ? 1 ,A Tiff ur QUIQE' 1' A4 S' THE SENIOR BETTY .IEAN PERRY ARTHUR NAl'Ol.EON PETTIT, -IR. Do1.oLu-:S l':LliANOR PETTIT BETTY ,I EAN PLAUGHER ICUGENIA IIICHMOND Pucsn HELEN VIOAN ROLANIJ XIARGARET ANN SANEORN CONNII-Z Lou SAPI' Il0BERT CLYDE SAP? MARGARET IRENE SAWYI-:Rs EUGENE VICTOR SOLOT WANDA RUTH SHARP .Qi 3 EW 'E Q :X ?QL - ,im ,S-1? x 'V II f E M T ll ff I' E .I V xx " .I '- P 57. 4 H E: A .T E N, 'I -: u T T ' xX QI 3 T T. 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CHARLES Wll,LlAM THOMAS PAGE VTTILFOKD THOMPSON Houma ,IEVERNA 'I'L'cx1-:R ICULA DOLJGLAS TURNER RAYMOND LEE VIOLEITT FRANCES AIEAN VOLZ KEISTER LEE WAI.KER Wll.I.lAL1 OAKLEY WARREN DOROTHY LEE WEAVER -ll-IRRY 'THOMAS WELI.S Mary VERONLCA WELTON X g , 1 i'F19 E A im ,L 'W " it H. 0 f Aw X :H ! ,E 5 Il vlll YI v nu nd wn,,,,. y 4 X X 1 Au' Kun l V A if If AA 4- I 1 ? W N H ISX 7 v 7 . 1 fy , , 'f Lg- It .5 R vm .f L oTxf.XKf'1lnT.,7 Engng ,T 1 ' ff! ffl? L 15, yi, 351 ff l' ,Q LASS OF l949 Fin! Row: DORSON WORDEN WILcox GEORGE FRANKLIN WITBECK Second Row: VIRGINIA JOAN WORLEY CHARLES DANIEL YOUNG Th frd Row: ' LoRE'I'rA AGNES YOUNG BARBARA ALICETEEN ZEIMIRING Zin Hlvmnriam ROSS WALTON LIMERICK A shadow fell over the senior class at Thanks- giving time when so suddenly one of our members, Ross Limerick, was called from our midst. Ross was quiet and reserved, but those who knew him well will not soon forget his pleasing manner and cheerful personality. We miss him from our group. ..J...A Ur Zlasses in Selma! . Cuylrfr Plljifllflll lZ'Illll'IllI.fUI Clzuir Ulu llrlllllyf llrrlllll fllllxv' U1',f,x l,nfz'n1uu',1 Ref111'l1'ngl,'lrl.111 Vim llulifr Typillg I Cla..-y Ur Ur. Ur 1. l,f!l'l'1IlIf'f'.l' Slmrllmml ll Clrmr .UI ',r,r lf"nml',x Biulngy Clrlff Burl'lrvv',r Gfllfftll .Valli Cla,r,r -, l'rm'1l1m",r li'rml'l'ffp1'ug ll lflmw -1Ef 26 AVF. -llilllljlllfj' Sllilf? Cllljf . .Um Sl!'ft'Ilfly.f .lrt Clfuf Um. Rnl1frl.vm1',x llnnzr lfmu QIIIYV Bllllfff ,XIZUIIF fflrur 'llixf lellhlllljllllxf lfrzglfjll Cla . lUI'A'f R!IlllAlI,l'Illl',l' .lffllll Clzlif . lllrf. .lmf.r' lfllttfllzfll Clam 'Iliff lVlzilt',r Sfufur l1.IlQlI-All UNI ltjr H Cla yr .I J ! , X fUEN ff W V wx nf' mvuv- .H-,-,,..l3 1'-"rin, ,.. lludervlassmm K Zflb' 61455 nf 1950 OI"I"ICl'1RS JAMES CONKEY. .. RICHARD l'11,1.1s .......... Miss REB1-:CCA SAUNDERS .,.. ,IUNE PEARSON ..4.. AIICHAEL FARR,xR,x, , , , . .... .. . .. . Rzportfr Y'rfa.rurfr . Sponfor Prffident Secretary ROBERT HARDING Qmissing from picturej. . . .,., Vive Preridenl ' 1 ,,f -3 Nygvw -'24 28 EP SA'ruRN1Nu .'Xl.K'AYlll-I HILL ADKINS I'1Uul':Nl': 1X'l'R1NsuN KlAx1Nl-: BERRY l'A1'Rlc1A Buren lh:'l'rv IEUMRAM1' l7A'l'klL'lA Coon: CIRAHAM IDAYIS RIUHARD Donscm RIUIARD l' RICHARD ICNRY N1ICllAI'II, l"ARRARA ,louN Foul-11.1uAN VIUSTIN l'x0UliI.MAN Bn-:A'rR1cl4: czklil-IR Ronmw HARDINU SHIRLEY Hr:A1.v lJARI.I'INl'2 H1-LRMAN l.14:rxN Hlwcllrcsux Wll,1.1Azu JACOBS S'rAN1.1cv K1c1.x,x' Kll1.nRx4:n KR1x:sl4: Lois NlA1.l'Ass RONALD AIASON Rom-:RT NIUORIC BARBARA NAGICI. LQIIAD fySlll'IA HAMlI,'l'ON PAP14: -ll'Nli Pr-:ARSUN Inv:-:1,vN Pl-1'I'l'l"lA lin-:'r'1-Y l'M.l 1-:ms xc R SUSAN l'RA'r'r CLARK PRUl"l'Y IJUROTIIY Rom-:Rs xYlI.l.lAIxl Sm'r'r l'r3c:m' SllOWAl.'l'l'1R I'1l.IZAlil'ITll SI.Al'lilI'l'l ll.sA SMAKLILA ROHliR'I' S1-ARRS Bl'ZR'I' w,ll.l.StlN 9 fxx if .eu-.-, ,. i Li 4 rf D. Q, W' X 1 . 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Brrrrv BRONSON .lovcls BROWN RALPH BROVVN DoN BULLOCK I.r:oNAnn BUNCH GPIRALIJINIC BU'I'l.l'IR DAVID CANAHCHA1-:L l'1Lo1sE CARMICIIAK S'rAN1,r-:Y c.'AR'I'S Cmzsn-:R CTIIINN ICAK1. C'I.l41Nl Dolus C0kNwr:l.1. LA NGSTON CkAH'rR14: 1-1 SALLY IJACHTLICR Bounv IJAVES DAVID Drrro HARRY DODSON Sluuuex' Doomsv RICHARD IJOVVNS IQONALD Dmfn-' Dorus DYSON Flu-zu l':AS'l'l'IR C1.AnuaNc1c ICN NIS llmuu' l'lv1c1u.Y ANN I"AlH.coN1fk BETTY FIEL FILSIL: F11c1.1H-:H AIARGARHT FLAIIPLR !.,,. 5 it v if 1 use iq ., . 3 ,?' - A' N. Q A A aw S? ix XX-fx A-far , W 3 R- 5' A A -Q iv ao- K ' Q . K A, :Ti W uv A A -' Sophamarcs - Z' F ,pm . Xa .. P .gf , . Q 'W-' 5 A A ix Q. . A 1 ..... ,iv 1 A ' A - - P. 3 Q 223' H ' " A H, "' f L. ' U ss f Q ., 5 H-Q A. .....- Q : Y :gf .. X4 gg ' .gi-kg V W fm 8 as E- X .Ayn A 'Z ,I 1: L- ' 1 "' X' 7 M a .Q QV 'qt - Q A' J 1 9 V X g. A mx X63 ,i 'a ,QI K- .LN X my A ' . -,,... - 5 , ::. ,. ' ' s , A x. L- . mi! when Va .. ,. K Nx .- - , , . 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PAusr:1.1. Iixuumlm l'M'x,us Wll.l.mM I,l'1'l'l'l'I' Slulu.1-:Y l,l'1Vl'ZRIl.I. Domsms PlllI.l.Il'S .luAN Pmuufs RoNA1.n l,l.A'l"l' Vuuzua PURKS NlAK'rxm RANSOl'llliR XIARY Riu: t:liOlUGl'I Rom-:u'l's .Mins Rom-:R'rsoN Gl.lJRlA Rom-:us .I Ann-Qs Rus:-2 Louis Rossn-1 Doko'rnx' SAwx'lA:k l41':'1"1'v SCO'l"I' 'IANICI-1 SUUDIIIAIR luvcn Sflllllilili QIOSI-1I'lllNli Sl5I.liY .IUAN SIUSPIIERIJ cl!-IliAl.,lllNl'1SHIV". lx ICNN I-1'l'll 5lI I l"Fl.l'1'l'l' , , A Q f ,Sf .fx Q , ,. ,....v' f f F43 ,:. an I 'V .MMQ1 4+ -, " '- Al . 's .19 K- Q 3 - vu- , bil' lk ,W f fix-S515 +5 -v ,... qv ,- s ,vv' - 4' . X ! X A5 'km "3 A. A w Q. H 4 I ' -: f . ff' .in ,X 3 ,rs -. A Sl? ji f , f...,"A bfi X Q11 fig 4 4' V .f .. dl: ,f I fi sir. 1 5 as X T95 Saphomares 111. 'K wh. fc,- A 1 fr . J I ,2: f Qi, Q ' 'S a A KL ? 3 f'x'u ca 4 K: gg 'S A W it x 'I S' gr V if ing-1, -5 X fe 5. 251 -12' .f f ' ' 2 -- ?:'.F'-if-'f L5.Y.aE:',,.?-f:"i Ha? ' ' K Kiwi r fm 4 s L +Ef34-12+ DAVID Swas NIARIE SKo'rrA E1.1.1H SMAKULA RAI'lIAIiL Sm,m' ROBERT S1-ALDING W'AL1,Ac1a STEUNF Rourzlu' S'l'liW'AR'I' WlLl.m:u Slfm IVAN I,r:1x,A SWANN joYc1f:'I'Av1.r:Y JAM!-1S'l'A'x'I.0R G1-:omni-: 'l'umul'soN CIIARLHS 'l'U1,l.0SS PuY1.1.1s VVYHRS S'r1-:WART YANSCOYOK IQICHARIJ xvAlJlJl'1Ll. .IEAN WAl.K1cx Cl.AlVlJ1i XVARNVICK -Io ANN XVATKINS Lois WAYnRlc:u'r EIJIJIH XVI-IST HARULD NVESTON Loxs Wurrrc Gnonm XNILSON Vuzcsu. W1l.soN JEAN Wow FAH: WVRAY JOHN Wknznr Our School Plant Shop Home Economic: Cottage CuJtodian'f Hours M35 YD' Che 611155 of 1952 JOYCE WOODARD. .. WANDA DOUGLAS. . HORACE TALBOT. . . . . Miss JUNE ASHTON ..... JACKIE MILLER .... DOLORES LEVAY. . . Q OFFICERS . . . . Treafurer . . . .Secretary . . .President .....Spon.ror Vice Prexident . . . . .Reporter RAYMUNA ARYIN .NNN ."X'rRlNsoN l10lS.lXYl'1RS 'l'omw AY!-IRS SARAH lSAc:m:1c'1'r l,vNN BARN:-:'1'l' -'OSI-Il'llINl'1 I3AR'1'l.1s'r'1 I,0NAl,ll l5Ass1.n-:R Lolus ISAUM l,1.m'n liAY1.1ss L'0NS'l'ANL'l'2 l5l':Az1.lcY .IA:xu':s lin-:Nm-3R I,AX'r:RN14: BliNNli'I"l' ICLVA lil-:RRI-:'r'r l'i'l"l'A lS1':s'r 'l'omn' Bmavls Al.llliR'l' BLACKIXURN .lmlN BI.UN'r Rom-:R'l' l3m.v1N .I 1-:A N l'I'l"l'l'Z BROWN lirm. BRYANT Inns liuNuARn CARULYN CllAl'I'liI.l.l'l CIIIARLI-IS l.. Cil.ARK l,0RO'l'llY CLARK Rl'Z'l"l'Y Cl.:-:M Wl1.1.1A1u LHOCKKELI. SALLY LNONDRI-IV CARUI. CoN1.1cv C'lf1CI1. Col'PAc:Ic xvll.I.lAM Q'ORNXYlil.I. KlAR'l'llA CiR0l"'l' RonN1-:Y CRUMI- l'A'rRln'lA CUm1uxNs l'11,l.1s IDAII. CON s'rANc1-: IBARIKY l'Inw1N 'DARK -'AMI-IS IDARR l,0KO'l'llY IDAYIS AIAINIES lJAv1s gi za XS.. X .. 5, ,S . A 1 EN kwkix N .X F X A T7 Q. Q. ' X :icy , I N: SWK Q' 'N' A 4.14 m.. 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IDODSON XIARJORIE DOWNS YVANIIA l70UGLAS 'DICK DL'NI.AI- NIARIIXN Dl'NI.Al' BILLY I':I.lll41RT DoNALIm l"I1NIIIIoIuQ I'!ARRIliT FI-1wI4:I.L I,oI'Is I'II4:I. -IACK FI'I'zI:IcRAI.II NUIIMA l"I.INcIIUM CYNTIIIA FIIRNI-:ss NIARIIIRII-1 GAI.I.AIIAN BARIIARA GAIIIINER RUTII C2ARRO'I"l' IDR!-ZAMA cyl-ZNTILINI GENI: GIIIRRARIJ XIARK GIIKSIJN BARIMIIA IIARRIS RQIIERT PIASLE RVTII HAITON YIQIINQN HAY'blNNl4IR ANITA IIOLLINS LI.ovI1 IIOPPE .IRAN HI'I'I-'MAN RONALII HIII-'I-'MAN l'II.IzAIxIa'rII Illllilll-LS xVIl.l,lAM -IAQ-mas l5Iu'cI-1 -IIaNxINs AIIIIIII-xv -IONI-Qs Run' JONES SVZANNI: KAIcs1-IaNs RICIIAIIII KAIYFAIAN NIYLO linux l"kANc1s li 1-31-11.1-:R -lfuules liwvrv MMU' luxklcv .'xRl.lNl'1 LARSUN l'l-zum' I,liA'l'lllClU.ANl1 I31':l.okxA:s llmuxx' l'r:1:ux' Low:-1 lil-1kN,uum lmmscu All-:AN Kl,xNn1,1-:Y RICHARD AIANSIIA l'l'x:m' lXlmuu,m' NANCY fXlA1u.owxc -lmmcs Nlfxxlcv RICHARD xIL'L'l.AlN Lois !Xlm'r1u AIACKHA: :xlII,l.liR l'InwAun Mnwxuna NlAlu,xN Xlmumx WA'rsoN Nlmumx fl'1k'l'Zl.lA XlmuusuN Pfxrl, Nloluusrm ci!-IRALIJINI-I AlUl'N'I'j0Y SARAH XIUNHM' NORMAN XIYICRS -loANN1-1 NA'1"mN m N I A uv N 1s1'l'z1-:Y WAYNL-: Nxcwnmw IIMu11.nNcm'l'oN KATIIILYN Ocsm-:N li14:'l"l'x' Ol.Ms'rl-:An l':S'l'llliIl l'lc,usmw lhklmnm l'1-14:1-:Low IJoN,x1.n P1-:NN .NNN l'1-nun' Rosfull-: l'l-:'r'l'1'l' l'A'l' Pnl-MN Glcmuam l'mv1-11.1. YIRUINIA l'v.lNvr1 ,Im Plwrm M 'S it x ., I if 1 Nix S3135 . iq, ' P . F.: J, f., X Jreshmcu .N in Q- Q ' . 1 x ix xx ix Y E , X 39" Q xx ' X W X . N EN N xx ,. ei X1 fm 'B -Y - . 5 'E .ik ,us 4 QW' '- V g. , .,. . ,, , ill 1 QQ :gui -'w W M., Q.. , air,- 4 .i L 6.4 --.f - ib- Q if Q' pg in f c x HS L-! -.-ww ME ' an A N . A' u ,,.. . s is ---' U SDN . QR f W7 ' . f Q 7- - . . x me 'L Ax .1 . A if aw xi 5'rcsh114cr1 'G LM- w iv. Y T27 H , 1 LL ' A ,fi J ASW? Q3 M . :' Y ' E ff-nl' ' ' 4 'H V E'-nn. , ,It Q I I K 2225 '54 'sv 'Z' .Si ' 1 3 '5 - fl if px. . .3 41 ui- ,f N. 3 xx if' 5 x ,. .Y x 4 f 'Eh is . sg 4, 'H 5 gi . K he sl if 'D' A V f N , ,,, I 'K 4 ncvi ' X y . ' .mi 'S , v k ', . , vs gt x ,,. I 'I " , vw. A 1 1' 3. gm f' ff! is K A-v , 121. 1fs25 "'f in K 52 ds.. E. gs , ri Q. W V fs ' J ,-. . Q he - 7' X X 5 5 f V in Q' bzl. . G H R Nls'k'1'l,l-1 Pm'1.1.1-:N PAM. QVINN I':VANGI'l1.lNI'l RMA1-LN Q'llAkI.ldS R,xYxmNn lifxklmmx Rum -lmirgs Rum-1 I4,xRn,xR,x Rulmurzxmx' lin-zvxaklrf Rum' .'xl.I.l-ZN Rmsllglwrs Ron:-:ms Pl1Il,l.lI- RflI!lill'I'S Oc'r,u'm Rm.,xNn Rm' Ro'I'm:l-:lx Umm.:-gs SANBORN blrmx S.x'1'llx1,uu' kIASl'IiR S:x'l"1-1clux'nu'x'x l'Inw,xxn Smvvllzu l'1lJw,xklm SMA-' I3,xxn,um S1-zvmoru I3Mux,xm Slll'Il'lll'1RlD lhxklnxn.-x Siu-:mu-:nm IQICIIARID SllIl'l.l'lY C'xmk1.lcs SlNGI.l'1'l'lJN XI,xku,uu-71' SMl'l'll Cr1c1l.1,x SN:-:1.l,1Nr:s KILURIA Sxvnn-zu Klxrllrznxxu SXVINK Flmuuum SWISIIER Ilolucn-L Vl'Al.l40'l' Gl.Am's 'l'M'1,mc 'I'RAv1S 'Iln' l',x1'1.1xr: 'I'xcRkv l.,uuw 'l'1lrml-sux l'r:r:m' 'l'v1.1':k CA'rlrl':RlNr: YANIMRNI 5 NANCY Ymrr I'I1,s,x HA:-1 You Run:-LR1' XYARWIVK Rum-1k'l' xYlil.'l'ON l5,uumR,x xYIlAI.l'1Y fvwslzmm -IUNE WIiITE LEONA WHITE CHARLES Woon FRANCES Woon JAMES WOODARD JOYCE Woomuzn JOSEPH WRIGHT ANNE W1EcmEEE jo ANN XyOUNG Zin illllemnriam Betty Anne Durrer, who was born january 6, 1932, died in June, 1948. She was an eighth grade student at Mount Vernon High School during the session of 19474948- Her participation in many of the school activities and her radiant spirit made her well known to all her fellow classmates. In her elementary school days she served most efl'iciently in the School Savings Program. At MOUIII Vernon she was a member of the Art Club and was also chairman of the Eighth Grade Savings Program. In her scholastic work she reached a high standard and was, at all times, hrst in her class. She was a clear and deep thinker and was always determined to do well each task which was assigned to her. Although her physical con- dition prohibited her from ac- tivity in physical education and sports, her enthusiasm and school spirit helped boost many of the school activities. May her lovable traits and cheerful smiles be long remem- bered by her classmates! ff! 41 E+ CARL WINTERWERI, U16 Glass of 1953 O I"I"ICI'l RS S1aAT1f:1J: XVILLIAM PARKE DAVIS.. ICDNA NIAIQ MUNDAY. . . INTRS. HATTIE G. QUINLEY ..... S'rANn1NG: ROB ERTA XVHITE ..... PATTY POYNTER ..... IVIARIE LEE .... +24 42 H'- . . . .Rf'p0r'tf'r . . . .Prfxidfnt .....SP0ll.fOf . . . . Trfafurer Vice Prffidmzt . . . .Secrffary li1l.1.Y Jxlilil. ROR:-:RTA 1X1.l.r-:Y Blu. Al.lJl'INDl-1RFl'IR Ii0XYARDARNlS'I'l'1AlJ, -I R. 1.151-1 BACON l,Yl.1-: BAKER BARBARA ISARHAM DON!-:l.1,A l5Ass1,1-:R IXIARY BA'I"l'0N ALMA ISAOS1-:RAIAN IDORIS BAlvsr:R1uAN I.U'I'lll'1R BIQAIIM SUR Bl'2l'1ClIUM BARTON lil-:NNI-:'l"r FRANCES B1-:NsON -I1-:AN Bl'IR'l'RANIJ lil-:RNARD Bl-:s'r CAROLYN Br-:s'r XVILLIAAI B1.ANcuARn ROLAND BOO1-1 Nlll,'I'0N lSOO'rul-: LARRY BOlI'l'XYl'Il.I. CllARI.1-is BRADY, -IR. l'ml,1,11' BROWN SYx.v1A BROWN NIARY ISOQRMAN l'xl.0Rl-INCH BUCRNI-:R I"R1cmaR1c'R BUNCH PIIll.l.Il' IiURCu1':R AIOAN IiuRR1s HI'Il.l-IN CARR RON N 1 1-1 CA R'r1-: ll 'IVIIURSTON CASH w'Al.'l'l-IR CATON CuAR1.n-:S M. LNLARK l3r:'r'l'Y CO1-2 .lANr-: Ci01.IMYl'Il.I. RAY CXONYHRS ANN11-: COOR Rlrrn COOR Szyhfh Grads Rl X ..-V, . , E 'Q'v -. Y S S . ,ff 1 A 33 , fi 4 4. I 'W . Q . 1 ,, Q -R 3 11 'Q -1 'Y ' 1 X fm.. ,-5+ 1 W. Q' Y c 9 J 9 QW' vw. ' is spy- 9 Q, rw.. , fa A I A, vm 2 -. 1 I X . 1 nk .JH .,, , . 4 ' pr' 1 as., 4 K gy, 4 Q,- fzyhilz Grade yu N ,. . L , I 9' 4 ff .Air ., ,, Q., N ,Q 2: X Q b ,. ,J is 3' 'wr M 'ff .2 .32 gg. LL? A ' " Aw., x K :I W D A 'Wx :E , x xx N7 as., .Q AV ms if ., Z? if ggi? A I v,.' A,'- I VZ ' IIAROLIY Crum DOROTHY Com-1 ELIZABI-ZTII Com-Aur: XYIKGINIA CouNwl-31.1. KARON Comm-:R ROHERTA LQRAHTRIQIQ SONDRA CRAVYLICY 'l'm:onokH LDROSHY B ryrrv Cuoss Bu.1,Y Cuoss Nl-1E'I'A IJAMIC Ronlam' IDARR lil-:vu-zum' IJAYIES W11,1.lAx1 PARK ILKVIS Wn.1,1AM IJAVIS AR'I'Ill'K lDr:s'mU'r PAUl.1N1c IDI-IV!-IRS I.olu-:'rrA Dlcxxsusml 'DEAN Dxcxmsox Doko'rHv Donscm fsARY Ilulsxml. RALPH lJUmu'1-:l.1ck, -I RAYMOND l'Il.uxN .lAN1cx-1 l':I.LSXVOK'l'll Iiv.Anl.1-xv ICN uv G1-:URQIA ICYANS Do1fc:r.As FACCHINA FADANA Frrn ,IRAN Fnowmxs Grammy: I"luf:m1AN -IAM!-1Sc,:Al.l.AHAN CILORIA GHRACI I':l.lZAl!IiTH Gomxau Rolnam' Coonwm -IACK CIRAY Bl4ZRNl'1'l"I'A IIALI. I,Awlu:Nc1c H1Kl.L NIARY jo I'IANIiKAMl' -I r:AN1-:1'r1-z HA1u.1ev RVTII IIARLI-:Y WII.I,IAIII HARIII-:II limflw IIAIVI' c:lI.lil'IK'l' IIAIQRISIIN CIlAkl.U'l"l'l-I IIAIWI-:I R.'KL'llAI'Il, lIA'I"I'uN 'I'IIoIIms llI':NIu' SIIIRLI-xv IlII.I. xlorz HIIIIM KIICORGI-I IloIu:I.,xNn -'DAN IIoIn:I-: .IMII-Ls lIuI':scII CIIARI.I-:s lloIfIf'IIIAN :NNN IloI.coIxIIII-: l,oIxI:NA Howmum l'A'I'xIc'IA IlmvAIzII .'XR'I'lIlTR IIIIIISIIN KIQNNI-:'I'II llIIIIsoN WIWNI: llI'I.vI5v S'I'ANI.I-tx' IIIVIN L'A'l'Ill'1RINI'1.IAVINS RIWMIINII .IIWINS l"I.oIuaNcI-: .ll-INKINS 'l'IIoIIIIxs ,IIIIINSIIN l,UNAl.ll.lONlf1S lIIII:II QIIINI-is -IAIIII-:S .IIINI-Ls xVliNIJl'II,l. -loNI-:s XlIN'I'A QIIIIIY SIIIIu.I':v KAISICR NIIIAN KINZI-:R llII.Im KITSIIN FAYI-: KNIII-v l"Rl'll!I41RlL'K IIAH RIIIIIAQIVI' l,AcY YIRIIINIA IIAIIIII RIIIIIak'I'Ix l,I-mu' NIARII-I l.I':If: RICIIARII LINIISAY IIICWIS l.YI,I-is HIQN Rl I-:'I"Iux N l Acre Icx' N gg Q Q -N.- ixfgfx in ' f . I 5. SI 1 in ,sas Q 5 yhfh Grade S- ,I N ' 2. I X 4. N X X I .xx I. K 'Q' S N X 1 . ix --5 ff: ,f ,... , 0.4, Ig, I 3 , ., ' I-,J f ' ,... . I A . . I w N1 1?- R asv Eighth Grade 'fin wi 1 A Z , Q 1 ww I . fi. v v 'Q 1 in A. V 7 -.-- 40 I' 'ggi I' J I 'Q' xv mag-5 x Ev? .3 Rik y. fax 1 . Wa L .. , -av K NlIIxroN NIAIIQN C'0NNlI-I NlA1.rAss ICIIIIIA' AIANOR Nom. NlARKI.IaY WILLIAM IXIARQIIIS SIIIRLI-:Y XIARTIN ICIJWARII NICCRICARY AIILRRY XICIJANIHI, WQRTII XICNIAINS .ANIJREXY MI:I.CIII-:R LoIIIsIa XII-:I,soN IQIIWARII MIsI.vIN .IQAN NIIcI.vIN ROBIiRT IXlI:RIII5I,I, JACKIE MIIIRIFF ANNII: NIINRI: Elm: XIOON -lAIsIIas NIooRIf1, KIR. BI-:Try NIORRIS GENEVA XIORRIS ICIINA NIAI-1 NIIINIIAY DAI,Ia MIIRIIIIY -IANI: NfJl,ANlh ROIIRRT NORRIS BI:1'rY -'EAN LJYNII-ll. xvIl.l.lAM PAINTI-:R FRRIIIIIIQ PEGELOXV NIARY PEGELOW NIANI-1 PIQRIIAN HARRY l'I5TI1'r, -IR. RoRIaR'r PI-:VI-:RILL AIAMI-ps PI-'LIIIGIQR DoNAI,Im PIHRCIQ ICARI. Posm' l3Ic1'I'v Lou Po1'I'IaR NIARY Powl-:Rs l'A1'rY POYNTILR -'ACK RRCRER -'ACK lllililllik RI:1'IIII': RIiIcvIzs lil-iN Rlrr: W1l,l,Akn Rlcx-: -IAL'QUl'1l.lNI-I Rlclmlum NKIRAIAN IQIDUENVAY Rom-:R Rum-:RTS L'IlARI,liS Rom-:k'rsoN 'DONALD Romans Nlmqoxul-7 Rum-:ks .M:Nl-is Rom-:1isoN Cmuu. Rm:r:ksoN lJ1il.0Rl5S Rour:xcsoN Alu .NNN ROS!-I DAu1.1-:Nm-: SAM' 131-:'1"rx' SATIIMARY Rl-:'l'l'Y SNIA:-'1-'uk NIARILYNN Scmzmsn Wn.l.1Aru H. Scorl' GLENN Scunm-gk CSORDON Sclrnm-zu Iloxmcl-: Simms Bl'1'l"l'Y Slll'Il'IlliRID GAYLI-1 Slll'1l'lll-IRI! IXIARY SIlIl"I.l'IT'l' XIARY Smrrn -loAN SNr:1.1.1Nus B,uumRA SNYIDICR I" SNYIH-:R IXIAYNARIJ Sol.1.1nAY IJONALIJ SONNICR LINDA SOIVTIIICRN Sm-1 STARKI-:Y R1c'll,uum S'rAkkr:x' VIRGINIA Smxlvss S'l'r:1-:vias RICHARD S'r1c1N -IAITNIIA S'l'l41l'lll-ENS .Im'c'1c S'I'l-IWARIDSHN NANCY SlYlXll.I'1R Uris SUMM1-:ks B 1a'1'x'v 'I'A'r 1-3 Eighth Gmdf Q N gym X , .nX.,.N3' ek ..- X.. M, sr .3 X A .,.. ,, 1 Q Q X NOX K N X -q5'1,. T ' ,.- N Q 5 A Q . N ,P Q 4 I - ,b jim: K '53 t ' ,X Jw L. L' . f 'J L 1 f ' ' 4 .: ,X W gi g K Q Y 3 xg r- 5-v X .six gk 3 3 'H if aug v Q Q W I is M ,, .vw 4 S Y Q. G K 'nu' 8 1 Q- ' 5' e E 21 XZ . R N . NN Q, M P- N 'wx 352 'X' F-4 Ni 3 3' Q M Yi 1 O w g . . , .f my L Ax 4 X :SP 5ighfl1 Grade! +C-G4-815+ NANCY THURSTON WILLIAM TULLOSS MARY BETH VANSCOYOC GEORGIA VEs'I'AL KENNETH VESTAL BE'I'rY VETTER SHIRLEY WEAVER WILLIAM WESTON BARBARA WHARTQN BILL WHIDDEN RoEER'rA WHITE JEAN WHITEHEAIJ BARBARA WILKERSON JEAN WILLIAMS RAYMOND WILLIAMS CHARLES WILSON ALOUISE WITBECK MARVALENE WISE WARREN WOOLHISER CARoI. YOUNG HoEI.I.MAN YOUNG Li K 7 fi: 57 5 . 1-S, f , N51 T 1..-11'-i"' 7 1--if" ,,,-,,...... ad,-',,.,. fflf' -...,..-..,.......- gm - ,--, ..-an ,., . il ,4c'filfific'S i I, suction cams cHAm.r.s Youmc , I X PRYSIDENY vice-vnesmtur Q " t 1 . - .,-. f if ,ww t A K A" Q ,l,..1 xv iigffj 'Q 4 l ith' v,-fre K 'I' tkafil K im: " gig? Vie We i .I , , ,:,f oonomv wsAvER . Q it Jovca swims szcnzuun W ' K 3 ruunsuufn t ti CX , X Nl , it 7X WD lx ,XX f ' xX i X xi f N 'Li 4. 0 ,MSS wmv. cormue SAPP SVONSOQ REpoRrER Student Gmferlfzm nf Our student government, patterned after our national government, was founded with thc purpose of setting forth high ideals of democracy, citizenship, and self-government through actual experience. The oflicers are elected by the student body and serve for one year. One memher from each home room is elected to make up the legislative departments, and the judicial department is made up of one memher from each class, which is :tp- pointed by the class sponsor. This year, as hefore, the student government sponsored the niagazine campaign and un annual student government dance. 'l'hest l' t f " - f-' " ' ' - ' " - ' ' ' ut cn government ccls that their success in these were duc to the cooperation received from the council mem- hers and that ofthe student body as a whole. 'l'wo main projects of the student government this year were to revise the handbook and to set up n new system hy which students may acquire the academic letters. 'I'hc student government began this year with a new sponsor, Miss Whitt, who has proved hcr worthfulness of such Il position hy her excellent cooperation and high ideals of democratic procedure. , 'fr ' N- ' we X v f pXt'l"IJtll't4llI1lY Iwi 'Yin , .. . , ,, . '. . -Li,i-iv juicllft Bimini-:ie jiwia l,IC.XRStlYv Setrelnry of Saj7'1y .Sr'f1':'ln1'y of ArI1't'i'l1'rx S1'c'i'rlary of Public Rrlalious Sf1'1'rIt1r'y 1y'Siuu1uIim1 x fx , , 1 lt., ... FIRST Row, SlcA'1'r:n: S. l'ar1Smyur, lf. Turner, I.. Jlrllpzlfr Sl-:comm Row, STANUINQQZ D. Sapp, R. Kuufrnrm E715 judicial and lfvgislafizfc' Departments l"ll4s'l' Row. I.lil"'l' 'ro RIGHTS X. Rzllgfrwly, C. Crmley, I.. llzlrley, llilf, R. Rfl1l!,f, JU. l'anScoyoC, .xllvH."f', llllllllll Sncumxlv Row, I,l4:F'l' 'ru Rlmrr: IJ. llilfxr, -I. Fflglflllllll, j. Ymmg, ll. Talbrrf. S. 1f" 'I'mlw Row,'r 'ro Rxczlrrz lf. Slrurke, j. Stfrvrlrl, IV. Smit, C. 1l"1'nrrrfz'frp, IV. llzulfnu, R. Sparkx, I.. Rr1.1',1l'z', T. ffuflz, j. liruj' QQ Surzfeyzfr SMH - 9..".4'3 1 J -HU za o 'Q . in fi t '15 Miss l,owxi.xN Dokoinv XVICAYIER JOAN CR.ux'lRlcx5 Bl-Trsv Blaxrlas lover-3 Woolmkn j.wl-. Nllil'.I.I'I'x' Sprmsnr liflitor Assisianl liflitm- liuginrxs gilmzagrr .'1YXi,Yfll7lf Husinexx .fl vrixlunf A.i1'vrti.ring .Uznzugrr .Vu mugcr . 5' i A f Z 1 YEARBOOK CLUB The students of the Yearbook Club have had for their objective this session the preparation of TnE SURVEYOR. This has been a difficult task and we have been confronted with various problems but it has been a satisfactory task. As we look back over the year, we remember the many hours we have spent in soliciting ads, in getting groups together for pictures, in getting write-ups from the many clubs and in thinking of original ways of presenting our many materials. Our only money-making project has been that of securing ads. At last the book is ready. We, the members of the Yearbook Club, sincerely wish that you will enjoy the 1949 SURVEYOR and that it will bring back to you the many happy occasions of our school year, 1948-1949. 1 rv- an. I . i t'll.uu,1-s 'l'mm.xs El'1..x '1'l'kNl4,u ji-31-'lfiu-iv Simvuti Ruin IJAXI' ,lover-: Sums jon I-. llII.I. lfirrrlyriny .llzzuuyrr Sfmrlr liflilol' A .flrt liflilor Hub liflilur Typing Iiililor Sporty liflilor -if 52 Rf- . i. 441.5 f ' ' af .5 , ' .sw BILLY Hucmas IIANHT FLOYVERS KYLE BEACH ICUGENE ATKINSON .IAMES DARK Louisa AloNus CARL ILKSEL LEONARD BUNCH SHIRLEY Doouav DAVID Drrro Szmfeyar Staff X AX G. IJRISKELI. R. AIURDELL S. B.u:c:ET'r P. LI-:A'rm-:RLAND B. LUBISCII D. GENTILINI Nl. Rocxiks S. HILL bl. Honor: M. POVVERS I.. AIELSON 'PEI 53 he FIRST Row, lim-'T TO R1GuT: G. Pugh, B. Plaughrr, K. Flcenor, Slnvnrt, Brmlrr, Turkrr SECOND Row, LEFT T0 R1GuT: F. Volz, B. Zelzring, D. Cooke, Odrnwnldfr, B. Cranford, S. lfldrrt, R. Dnclitlfr Nlissmc: Gmrgf Strzuu and Milrlrrd Kring Sm Vee fl! Experiencing its most successful year, the Em Vee Ili, under the faithful sponsorship of Miss Engleman, organized in September a Staff of capable writers. Kent Fleenor held the top position as Editor-in-Chief along with the able assistance of the Associate Editor, Jeffrey Stewart. To them fell the task of writing editorials, checking articles and general planning and direction of the paper in order to keep it running smoothly. Jackie Bender had the position of Feature Editor. Her job was to write the " Fashions " column, the "Notes and News" column, and to direct the other features, "This 'n' That," concerning students' and teachers' outside activities and originated by Jeverna Tucker and the two entertainment columns were new this year. The all-important sports news was written by David Cooke and Roxanne Dachtler while a new sidelight concerning the ins and outs of Sports at Mount Vernon, " Lockeroom Lowdown," was written by Edgar Odenwalder, jr. Special additions to the paper were new drawings for several feature columns which were originated and drawn by the Art Editor, Gene Pugh. u-4, i251,y'i hr-X 1 F l +354-lit 'l'hc Club liditor, Mildred Kriese, kept everyone informed on the activities of various clubs. The job of writing headlines and assigning the news articles was given to the News liditor, George Stauss. News from other schools, as found in the Exchange Column Written by Betty Cran- ford, was both interesting and amusing. Supporting the rest of the Staff were: Barbara Zehring, Business Maxiagerg Shirley lfildert, Advertising liditor, and Frances Volz, Circulation Maiiager. These girls had a hard job, but did a line one. Although the majority of the reporters were new to the job of writing news articles at the beginning of the year, they did splendid work and should be commended. 'l'his year, many improvements were made on the Em Ver Ili. Among the most important of the improvements were: A new Banner for the heading of the newspaperg a new type of headline, and a six-page issue. l"lks'l' Row, lvl-1l"'I' TO llxunT: B. Smit, Ill. Bnlliugrr, Alfry lfzzglzman, Pzarxon, 1'llf1'iU!fJ, Grllfng S1ecoNn Rong 1,1-:i-'rro Ricsnrz .'l. Burknmu, B. Slaughfn, P. Blitfh, l,. llznry, S. Curti.r.r, S. Munday, bl. ,l,lI!'ff', S. Ilzzrlltlrr, H. llntinu AIISSINGI .llrlffl-71 Jflfm, Robert Brmlfl. Rirfmrrl Ifnzy, l2l1Jl1Hgfll-N! Rngfvz, and Elm Illaf l'nlz -'El 55 li'- JEVERNA TUCKER ALICE ASEE J FAN WALKER ones: oem was-vreesvoeur TQEASUFIER MRS ROBERTSON S PONSOQ POLLY JEAN SNELUNGS R E PQRTER MRS. SKAWSKI couwrm :women avg LY '. 14 'f 'M MARGARET FLIMCHUIA LEAN HSN RY JEAN ALCOLK SONG LEADER' PAQn.cAMEnTAmAN SECRETARY Q - L y 'iz MISS WOODBRlD6E A5511 SPONSOR MARJORH7 B0lLlN6fR Fsosmrnou new RE s FN ru v MRS- TUCKfR CHAVTEP Morne! Zzfure flomelmkers 0f,4mer1m 1 Xluunt, Ya-rnou Chaptvr of thv Flxtllrr' Homcmnkc-rs of A-Xmcricn -.Xiu-ml F. I". QX.-I". Il. .X Czunp - .Mtn-mi Sum- and Rl'LZiOllZll Xlvctings Chapter Plilllllill! Xlcutins lflvctvd Ulliccrs :xml First LQIIIIPIUI' Nlfbtlwri 'SUM Hrlt DOHS :lt Games --National I". Il. AX. XYcvk Xloum Ya mon Girl lflm-clwi lfuh-rzltiun 'I1I'L'ZlSllI'l'I' -4Cl1ristm:1s Party Dzmcc- Moth:-r-Dauglm-r B2lIll1lll'I Vlfulcrzltimm Hu-tin: Hn-ld nt Mount Vernon f Ccmfnr Dcgrvus of .'xCl1i4'X'C'IIli'lll -Cfmfvr Hmlornry Ilcurcwa OLD CHAPTER GIRLS CSENIORJ 'lRs'l' Row, 1.241-'T 'ro Rualrr: IJ. llzzrftiugfmz, S. ljnnlfy, Mm. Rubrrrfun, fll. fiffllffllllll, I.. llrnry, j .llrm'K', '1'1u'l'f'r, ll'ull'rr, IJ, S11.f'fli11g.r, Al. lgfllllvlgff, .'llf.r.f lffflflllllflllgf, .l. Bzlrklrlzlll, 17. Pflfif I-:coNn Row: l'. l'ur1f'.v, H. .Vf'Cnnl, C. Hull, S. llmld, M. Marlin, ll. lmlkf, S. lflflfrl, ll. Slzrpllerd B. Sf-ntl, IJ. Cnrrzfvrfl, R. llwrmc'1'rz. lf. Cnzznmf I 'num Row: S. .ll!Ift'I.l'. I. llffl, S. ll14lrl1ir1,vnn, P. Sllrrrcalffr, B. Frfffmzd, ll". Sharp, lf. fllrfrrlfr, L KIrK'puIrif'K'. .l. fmirrmrf, R. llrlffltlrr, B. .'Ur1rri.r, If Slzllfflfll NEW CHAPTER GIRLS CSENIORD llks'l' Row, 1.1-:Fr 'ro RIGHT! .l. ll0H1'IlJ', lf. Barr, l. Sulfrmarv, B. Rl-llQffL'flX', I.. U'f11'Ir, l'. l'f'rrv, K. I Uurlfy, B. Cfrm. l,. .lyrmg .U. jllflfgllll, QU. l,ff'Q'y, lx. Rfflik, R. llffriuz, Iiffrzllvlrrlp Q lf:coNn Row: S. lfrafrffx' .l. 1f'1'r-'rrffr P. .Uflrklrv B. Riffv I.. lfavhrifffzl. l.. Brnrvu R. Garro! l, J . 7 6 . Y . Y , V , D 7 V Surllzngf, .l. l,, lf. llfhlfr, R. Iurnf.r,r, lt. llmlglrzmi lvlllkll Row: I.. Plllrllfff, l'!mc'rr.v, B. liarffrurr, j. Ynung, X. Flinrlzxmz. j. Kiflfl, F. Wray. C. Brazlry ff. .Unrr1A.mr1, .U. ffrqfl, ff. Bufffr 43 57 122- -8 Miss WAID Hhccrlmdcrs The Mount Vernon Cheerleaders made quite a change this season by eliminating all "Boogie Yells" and adding a new attrac- tion. The new megaphones sported by each cheerleader and their little Mascot. Their half-time shows, made up of stunts and acrobatics was quite a sensation. The outstanding feature was that of the "pret- zels," Dot and Lu. Dot had the Hips in tune while Lu did startling splits. Without any broken bones the cartwheels and backbends were done by Star, Shirl, Dot, Lu, Lee, Woody, Buck and Squeaky. The cheerleaders,with the help of Miss Waid and Miss Edmond- son, sponsored the first dance of the season. This was a huge success and everyone had a good time. I1PATRlCIA WATS0N"iiP8IU-GTOVCIOH School, Mascot, I year. Always a big smile for the Football Mascot, "Happy Lee." She is liked by everyone and seemed to be one of the most popular cheerleaders. 2-LoRE'rrA YouNG-"Lotte Lu"-Senior, 1 year on squad. Come rain or come shine "Lu" was always on the beam at games. Swell going, "Lu"l 3-SHIRLEY DOOLEY-"Doodles"-Sophomore, I year on squad. Always on the end of the line and had to run a mile to catch up with us to do a yell, didn't you "Doodlesl'? But that's O. K. 4-JOYCE HILL-"Squeaky"-Senior, I year on squad. Nothing like singing and dancing after a yell, is it Squeaky? But that's all right, we knew it was for the good of the team! 5-LEAH HENRY-'KLeah"-Sophomore, I year on squad. That extra whistle sure helped, Leah. You deserve a lot for lending your voice to boost the morale of the team. 6-Jovca Simms-"Jo"-Senior, I year on squad. Always looking for number "23" when anyone was taken off the field. M Iss EDMONDSON Klzecrlcaders The girls helped speed the Majors on to victory and boosted the morale of the team a great deal. They have cheered at the ma- jority of the basketball games, but due to the lack of transportation they could not attend the games played too far from home. With the help of their able sponsors, Miss Waid and Miss Edmondson, and the willingness of the girls to work out, the cheer- leaders have had a successful year. joan Crabtree, due to illness had to quit the squad. She was elected to one of the top honors of Co-Captain but gave it up to Dot Weaver when she was forced to leave the squad. Joan cheered on last years squad and we the cheerleaders send our best wishes for success to her. 1-IEVERNA 'Tuciuan-"Bobbie"-Senior, Captain, 2 years on squad. "Bobbie" was elected captain by a large majority and proved to be always dependable. 21D0ROTHY WEAVER-"Dot"-Senior, Co-Captain, 2 years on squad. Could really put on a half time show with her Hips and cartwheels, and did not even have a backache, imagine! 'ANN BUCKMAN-K'Buck"-Senior, I ear on s uad. If ou heard a s ueal at 3 U I - Y q Y q the exciting part of the game, it was "Buck," 4-SHIRLEY ELDERT-"Shirl"-Senior, I year. Games can sure get exciting, just ask "Shirl," I'll bet she hasn't much hair left. How about that "Shirl?" 5'KENT FLEENOR-"Star"-Senior, I year on squad. It seems she had a pretty hard time getting untangled from the ropes after the cheers. But that's all right Star, you're excused! 6-jovcu WOQDARD-"Woody"-Freshman, I year on squad. "Woody" have you located your megaphone yet? l FxRs'r Row, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: M. Krint, B. Perry, ll. Roland, P. Cummiru, R. Jrvin, D. Dail, B. Bron- .ron, E. Dodson, L. Brown, F. Catan SECOND Row, LEFT T0 RIGHT: E. Bakrr, Carmichael, P. Piplein, C. Ford, K. Ugdni, ll. Fewzll, K. Swink, Mfr. Prozranrr, Mirf World, jofzphine Barflert Nor IN PICTURE: jo .lnnf Selby and Sam Beth Herr Seniar Girl Scaufs In September, 1948, the Senior Girl Scout Troop 22 held its first meeting after the summer vacation with Miss Wood, our leader, and Mrs. Provance, our assistant leader. The members of the troop committee this year are Miss Woodbridge, Mr. Haggerty, and Mrs. Cummins. Mrs. Ayman began work in September as the new executive director of Girl Scouts of Fairfax County. Officers of the troop were elected as follows: Frances Caton, president, Dorothy Dail, vice president, Eleanor Dodson, secretary and treasurer, Betty Perry, song leader, Mildred Kriese, reporter. Frances Caton and Helen Roland were elected to represent our troop on the Senior Planning Board for the County. Some of the activities during our meetings were:Textile painting, embroider- ing, crochetingg singing, the making of nut cups and party hats for the Red Cross to be given to the soldiers in the hospital at Ft. Belvoir, and doing volunteer work for the Tuberculosis Association after school and Saturdays. Another school activity was the Annual Christmas Party, held at the last meeting before the Christmas holidays. Several of the girls appeared at a few of the last meetings dressed in the new official uniforms, designed by a famous New York designer. A new camp site has been donated to the Girl Scouts of Fairfax County by Mr. Crowley. The camp site is near Oakwood, Virginia, and it was Mr. Crowley's old home. It consists of about 40 acres of ground and it is the hope of all those interested in Girl Scouting, that it will not be long before necessary buildings are erected to provide camping facilities for the Girl Scouts. Until this is done, Fairfax County Scouts must use other camps. One of the final activities of the troop this year was a week end spent in Prince William Park, two miles from Triangle, Va. This was the first camping experience for many of the girls and one they will never forget. -'Sl 60 lie FIRST Row, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Strwardxon, C. Malprzxr, Stephen: SECOND Row: Ill. Ilanrkamp, S. Sturlsry, S. Beerhum, D. Rios, B. Srzydzr, A-I. Ednwudxon dphfh Grade Girl Scauis The troop was organized during the school year of 1948-49. Iiach member has been very enthused over the project of knitting an afghan for the Welfare Department. Each club day finds every girl busy knitting squares. Several activities including hikes, parties, and maybe a camping trip were planned for the school year. Oflicers for the year have been elected as follows: President, Joyce Steward- song Vice President, Connie Malpassg Secretary, Barbara Snyderg Treasurer, Sue Starkeyg Sponsor, Miss Edmondson. -off 61 Ez- QN SA si., 'T 1 l A A l"1RsT Row, l.I-:FT T0 RIGHT: G. Sl1111.f.f fl'rff1'1lfr1ll, ll. R. llngfrry fSp11r1,f11rl. R. Sfflffl, ff. S1'11gf1'l1frl l'. lX'li.W'I', W, Stfukr, G. llaug, l.. ,lrl1r.m1i, j. llujfmnn. SECOND Row, l.1':F'l' T0 Ricgirr, STANn1Nt:: l'. llwglzffm, G. R11l1f1'If. j. Cwjffy, R. ffllfy, ff. Il,l7lfl'!'k'l'f'fP .l. llzmzzrrfzi, R. Sfllififfy, L. lffzitf, j. Srzulrifr, S. Aylllfffllf, Al. Sllfpflrnl, .ll. RI-ft' 271111111 S,l76llkllflg 61116 'l'ln- Public Spa-aking Club is a ncwcoint-r on tliu sccm- at Xlt. Ycrnon. lt coinhincs tlic- activitivs of tht- llcbatt' Club with this work tlonv by iiidividiiztls in spclling, cxtttinporanvous spa-aliing, conipo- sition, and rt-zxtliiig. 'l'l1t'ir purposc in combining tlu-sc activitics was to prrinit tvcllnical work in ilit-st licltls of activity as wt-ll as actual spuaking cxpt-ricnCt'. .-X ncw activity atldctl to tlic program was that of rzulio work. First, to gain cxpa-riviicv, tliv clulw prcsciitt-tl a radio vt-rsion of llickc-n's Cliristnias Carol to thc P. 'I'. .X. in Dccciiilwr. 'l'lic tlit-nw was svcurt-tl for lvroaclcasting zi pancl tliscussion ovcr station lYl'l Ii in .Xlcxantlrizu Clulu nicinlwrs liantllct all details of thc preparation of thc script for thc program and appeared on thc- broadcast. lntvrt-sting UXICIIII5OI'ilIlL'OllS talks worm- givcn in club niet-rings on such topics as Coinpulscry Xlili tary Training, Air l'owt'r, SCit'lllll:lC ALlY2lllCt', and Fctlcral .-Kid to lftlucation. 'l'ln' tlvliati' qucstion Rcsolvtwl that tlic l'nitt-Ll Nations now lx' rcvisctl into a ftwlt-ral worltl govcriiiiiciit was not popular witli IllL'Cllll1 incnilwrs. llowcvvr, st-vcral tvanis wi-ri' forinctl :intl :lit qiicstion was tlvlmati-cl. 'l'wo trains ciitcrc-tl tlic Yirginia lkilglll' Contcst. it on tic L1 Q c watt contmst num urs in tra t o tr t ost l it Conti st ns mix uv wi s L ii i C t' lint' rttsu t uvu ' ' 5 ' ' ' -gitin ' ioucli s t i Xlt ltrnon Clulx cori - . 5 v I ' ln : ltliti to l -Sp-.lain and D-l. - , ' l '. ' t- 'tl tli- l' 1- 5' ani l'r lv: ling A, . r 5 Q lit-i , ' ', tlu- clulv had no funds so plans wt-rc niadc for a slant' J iirty. Ilia first i-wr git 1-n lui r Nlt. Yvrnon. Only Xlt. Yi-rnon studcnts coultl attc-ntl and thc party was sucli a succt-ss tliat it was I J nizulc a niontlily ailair. 'l'lu- club also put on a danc' wl cli i tt tl lts 'lx 'I'ln- club tli l sz '-ll in all of its activities tliat it got lttttrs to slum tliat tlit Pulullt Spt lx Q K lulm, . altl Q' a nt-w clulx, lia: tak-i its place in thc. . 7 nr QL y il rig isa l"IIIs1' Row, I.IiFT TO RIoII'I': Ilinim, IY. Thurfton, W. Davir, B. Ormftfad, IV. Sumlzn, Reazlrr, J. llfitbzrk, Mix: Robinron SECOND Row: P. Burchzr, ll. Young, D. Dickinron, T. Carle, l'. Smurf, C. Wilson, I". jenkinr, M. Burkmnn, R. Bonl, G. Sluphzrd, B. Shaffer, W. Harper, D. Sonndrr, jonrr. fzylzth Grade' Public Speaking 61116 The liighth Grade Public Speaking Club, sponsored by llliss Florence Robin- son, has 23 nienibers. The officers are: .lou HIMM .,................. ...... P reyidfnl NANCY 'ITHURSTON ...... . . . Via' Preridenl NVILLIAM PARKE Davis. . . ...., Secretary BILLY ARMISTIQAD .,... . . . Treaxurer PIIIL BURCHER. ., .,.. Reportrr The club gave a Christmas program for the eighth grade students and for the parents of the club members. In january there was a debate given on the Civil Rights Bill. The negative side was represented by Nancy Sumler and Dean Dickerson. joe lilllllll and Nlary Anna Buckman represented the affirmative side. The debate was judged by Mr. Hagerty, Nliss Saunders, and Mrs. Quinley. The affirmative side won. There were two plays given in the spring for the eighth grade, The Red Lamp and Angel Child. Aliouse VVitbeck, a member of the club, wrote a one-act play called the Romance of Teen-.f4gfr.r, which was also presented to the Eighth Grade. +ElI63l9" Q bow V in W x 'W l Fmsr Row, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: A. Dawfon, P. Quinn, f. Fogleman, S. Craig, D. Irvin SECOND Row: B. lluglzzr, W. Stzuler, Lamb, S. Vanscoyce, V. Wilson, R. Rothgab THIRD Row: Stewart, B. Maple, G. Smurf, IV. Iludron, Cmzlzfy, L. Rofriz, F. Em-trr Che Key 61110 The Key Club is a school service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Clubs of Alexandria and Woodbridge. Its motto is, "VVe build," and its constitu- tion is based on that of the senior clubs. The Mount Vernon Club was estab- lished in 1947 and still includes most of its charter members. The Club carried out quite a number of activities during the year. Members attended meetings with other clubs in Fredericksburg, Manassas and Occoquan. The entire Club went to a meeting of the Alexandria Kiwanis Club. Two room signs were made and bought by the Club and others are under construction. It was the Key Club that lifted the face of the school sign by the highway. Through- out the baseball season, the hard-working boys in the refreshment stand were Key Club members. The high point of the Club year was the International Convention in W'ash- ington on March 25 and 26, with Mount Vernon and Occoquan being the joint host Clubs. Club boys handled much of the organization work at the convention, and in recognition of their work, the senior boys were given Key Club letters by the International Office. 'il64li' A.. 1'1" 'Ox FIRS1' Row, Init-'T TO RIGHT! Sergeant Shumate, Lieutenant R. Bradel, Captain P. Doughton, Lieutenant 1Vorley, .Un R. Buckley Snconn Row: I". l'egelou', W. Davif, P. Ruffner, H. Carter, W. llulvey, W. Scott, W. Hudfon, E. Atkin- .ron, L. Malpaizr, Kidd, F. Wray, lf. Dodron, S. lluteltemtz, R. Darr, L. Waybright, G. Shzfiett, IJ. lluntington, R. Bone, R. Dorlfon VVIIIRIJ Row: IV. .Ilile1nlf'fQfer, 0. Rare, llimm, P. Burcher, P. Qu in iz, P. Kifer, R. Lindsay, llarrif, I. Harley, Brown, C. lla!! Che patrols of Mount Vernan 'l'he l'atrols of Nlount Vernon High School were organized on October 7, 1948, with the help of our .Xssistant Principal, Nlr. Buckley, und Sergeant Shumate of the Fairfax County Police. Our organization, this year, is headed by Page Doughton who has been a very capable leader. For the hrst time in the history of the Mount Vernon Patrols, we have appointed members of the stall' to work as tlagman on each school bus. lfach bus has at least four patrols. The purpose of this organization is to provide safety in and around school and on the school busses. 'l'he patrols help the Fztirfax County Police, Student Government, and Nlount Vernon High School Faculty to enforce school regulations. Captain: Page Doughton. l,ieulennnr. -'.' ,Ioan Worley, and Robert liradel. I'rivale,r.' Bill .Xldenderl-er, lfugene Atkinson, Roland Booe, Joyce Brown, Phil Butcher, Herbert Carter, Virginia Beach, Robert Darr, Parke Davis, Richard Dodson, Raymond Dodson, lfleanor Dodson, lidward Dodson, Catherine Hall, ,Ianice Harris, joe Himm, 'Vayne Hulvey, WVilbur Hudson, Shirley Hutchinson, lrene Harley, Phil Kiser, janet Kidd, Richard Lindsay, Lois Malpass, Freddie Pecklow, Paul Quinn, Gloria Rogers, Otis Rose, Percy Rurfner, Mary Ann Shepherd, Wallace Steuke, Geraldine Shirllett, Lois Yvayhriglit, Faye VVray, Doris Huntington, and William Scott. +2365 E'- 'XXXX XXXXXXXX l. E X 5 Q X 5 t t fi . 9- t l"lRsT Row, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: Alflfkff, B. llfhartmi, Min' llarvey, Sponynr, IV. Davif, B. Barham, JY. Dame, bl. llnrfrli S1icoNn Row: G. lluaglnnd, L. Bmlim, B. Riff, 0. Summerf, R. DuBruzlrr, H. Davier, I.. Slifplifrfl 'l'he liiglitli Grade Science Club has approximately thirty members. The sponsor of the club is Xliss Harvey who teaches eighth and ninth grade science. The ollicers for the Year 194.8-49 are: Wu.1.iAm DAvis. ,.............. .. ,l'rr,ri'fI1-vii BARBARA W'IlAR'l'0N. . . . liliff l'rf,r1irl'r1il l3ARnARA ISARHAM. ., ..... Sn-rrlizry LilIARI.l'1S Il0Ifl"MAN .. . . 7'ff!lJIll'f" BARBARA W'II.Kl'1RStJN .,., . , Rrfmrfrr Rorsick R OBILIVIS.. .. . Snug l.zrldrr The activities of the year are wide and varied. Field trip to observe nature in immediate sur- roundings. On this trip rocks, plants, and three kinds of soil were secured. Projects were selected bv each member of the class. Each member was assigned a time when he would appear before the club to tell about his project and his scientific interest. The club undertook a study ofthe various organizations of Alexandria, such as the Community Chest, Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Tuberculosis Association, etc. Speakers from some of these above-named organizations have visited the club and told of their importance to mankind. A number of trips have been planned including a visit to Science Nluseum in Washington: a visit to a doctor's olliceg a visit to the Fire Department: a visit to a Police station for a talk on crime and accident prevention, etc. The aims of this club are: I. 'l'o increase our knowledge of science. 2. To learn to perfect our skills in science. 3. 'l'o give services in our community and nation. 4. 'l'o help carry out the Program of Science Clubs ol America. -13 6613:- 11ll1c1-1's. II111 U,a111'1' .X, l"IRS'IA Ron, l.1-11f'1' 'ro R11:11'1': T. jf1l111,11111, F. l'1ffr.S. ll'ff1z'rr. lf. .ll1n11f11y, I. R Hr. ID. lw1r1', ll. l'11:wll, ll. 1111111111-,-,f 5lxk4lYll R1111: lfllllllf, lf. Tuir, lf. ,'f'lfl'!', uf, S11rlf1'11lq.1'. AI f.'UIllft'7', lf. .llf1rr1'1, R. l'.f:'1'1'1'!!. R. l.r111'.1', If. R1'1l111r1!,G. firm. 1, S. l1'r1.:c'11, R. ll11ll1111 Szyhlh Grade cw ,mp r Klub lllll' cl11l1 c1111,1fls ul l111'11 1111'111l111'Q 1l11'11l1wl 111111 11111 s111:1ll1-1' :1'111111s, L'XlL'IlLlll1Q 1l111 111'111l1'uc' ul 1'lc'cl111f' 11'11-1111111' 11111111 ul 11Il1L'1'rs 111'1'1' 1'l1'Ct1'1l lllll' Illn'1'Illll'L' clulw. flllI'k'l1ll'l 11111'111w1' 111 1l1v Vlllll 15 111 1111111111111 ll11'1l1'Ql1'n'S :1111l 1:1l1'11ts 111 11'1'11i11: lm'111-11'sp:1p1'rs. 111:1g:1z1111's,:1 1111 s1111'11-s 111111111 1111'111l11 1's ul 11111' l'l11:l11l1CI1'111l1'c'l11ss. 'I'l11s 11-4111 :1 51-CI11111 was 1l1's1Q11:1tu1l l11r11111' c11l1111111 111 thc' I Ill ,l1z'Hl. fllll' s1w111s111' lm' 1l11- l'llllW 1141s Xlrs. ll1l1l1-g1':11l1- I'1111'1-ll. :111 1'1ul1ll1 u1':11l1' I'111ulisl1 :1111l S111-i111 Stmllvs IL'!Il'lliI' 1111-1-ll 1l11'1111ul1 lI1'l' 1111111111: 1-ll111'Is illlkl p1'1's1111:1l111' 111'1111111I1'1l u1'1111'1l1 111111 Llt'SlI'l' lm' C11-:1t11'1' 11'r1l111u, lll 11... If Q Q I 111111'1'c1:1l11111 nl Xlrs, l'11111'll s S1'1'1 lUl'. 111' trust S111-will lu- l1:111111' 111 llk'l' 111-11 llUI1l1'lll llaml. .X1'1Z1111:1. clRUl'P ll, l'111s'1' R1111. l.1c1f'l' T11 R11:11'1': 111 llrrffvy. .l. .ll1'11l'f', ,ll, Lfr. B. lfury. R. f,l'11.f111-1', ,l1lllS1'111'm', ,,n1'l'r'H, 1ll1'f1'fll'l' S1-.111Y11 R1111: lf. fll1l'r111f1'1'f1'1'. l,. lfr111.l1'f'fll, IX-l'fl,lI'I', ff. .llHl'l'l-Y, R. ll11r!f-y, lf. D Uwllrr, f. ll111'lr-v, lx. lflgm, S. ll'?'l'7I l 11 l"IRsT Row, SHATEII, LEFT 'ro RIGlITZ C. Dzzvlf, Trzafurer, Fugleman, fir: 1,Vt'5'I-lllllf, Illurplzy, l,I'FJl'dt'llf, lllri. Stuarl, Spmzmr, .l. Uilrtvik, Secretary SIALQOIIQIIJJQOW: B. llrmv, Ill. Kirk, S. lllarkley, L. Swarm, j. Srudclrr, G. l'uglI, S. llmlxv, IJ. Rngzrf, . Clarl-fy 'VIIIRIJ Row: R. llafle, Fngleman, E. .llyfr.f, R. Ellis, C. Culwr, S. Krlly l"oUR'rH Row: R. llflafmi, DHUli,f, L. Dodd, H. lflflfrf, C. Coppagz, IV. famlu Nlmxilxi-:Rs NOT IN I-ICTURICZ Ill. Rruixopher, Calling, ll. Norton, D. Bullock, D. l'hI'llip.r ,4 I gfllb .X group of thirty students fornied the .Xrt Club ol Xlount Vernon llieli Schoo year Io4.8-lo49. Ollieers elected in October, Io4,o, were: lui xll'Rl'lIY , .......... .. .loIIN l'i0Gl.liMAN. . . ,. . l'1'rr .'XI.IeI2 OVREVIK. .. Goianoix: IJAYIS. . . Xlns. STFART .... . 7. l for the l'rr.fI'IlrIit I'1-rmlffi I Sfffffllfj' Vfllf Il ffl' .SfJlHV,rnf lUU The Art Club liighlighted its H748 season with the "Varsity Hop" which was held during the 'l'llilIlliSHiYillQ holidays. As the sponsor of the dance, the Art Club ll10I11l7L'I'S lllflkllf posters and deco- ratedg also nlade and sold refreshments. Footlwall hoys and cheerleaders were honored and fl Yarsity Queen was crowned. if ln klanuary at trip was made to the National .Xrt Gallery in lliashinston to study and appreciate thc work ol the great artists. drawing scenery. ln spring of 1949, a lield trip was taken to enahle the nienihers to gain experience in rlllll' cluh members have improved their drawing and painting and have really 'I enjoyed doing so, Art films which were shown during the year were exceptionally -:H GS EI- valuahle in teaching the members how to paint. Linder the capable supervision of Hrs. Stuart, the cluh had a very successful year. 29452 , ,QQ Qu EQWU W' l"iP.sT Row, Lia!-'T TO RIKIIITZ C. Ilaug, B. Pnuluf, L. Painrfr, B. Cfipithorn, C. Wilron, S. llimnz, L'. llzlper, llforlfy, lf. Snmkuln, L. illfyer, N. Nrwvflle, M. Bfrretf, B. Plauglzzr SiccoND Row: B. Shzpfirnl, j. llarrif, Kring, D. judy, B. Freeland, I. Sawyrrf, B. Olmrtead, D. Lloyd, L. Brnnatt, V. Prinrz 'PIIIRD ROW: Spunfur, Jilin Bittfr, Ill. Sanborn, Ill. Flaherty, f. Jllen, C. Jlzfzrrirfrtz, P. Tfrry, L. fllzllparx, Ill. .'lIalpn.r.r, 1. Sma.l'ula, H. .lloorr FOURTH Row: P. Kizfzr, ll". Stru1cir,G. ll"hit!1et'X', S. 1'auScoyur, G. Smurf, Ill. Farrfr, f. Filzgrrald, j. Prior, R. Kaufman Give glllh 'l'he membership ofthe Glee Club this year is 45. Since there were not enough boys to make El well balanced mixed chorus, we decided to have a separate boy's and girl's Glee club. A few girls were chosen from the girls chorus to sing with the boys to form a small mixed group. 'l'he olhcers of the Glee Club are: I.ois Nlaimss ..,, . ...... l'rf,i-illrrif BARBARA PM'1,l's. . , ...... Vfrf l'rz.riflrr11 'IOAN XVORLI-IY. . . . . . .Srfrelnry-Trznxurrr csliiikiili Wiilrurzrk ,.,. ..........R1'pnrltr l'.l.liANOK ll1wl.r:k. .. . .. .ljbmrinn For the December P. 'l'. A. program, the girls, boys, and mixed group sang familiar Christmas llymns and carols. We also sang songs as a background for the play The Chri,vtn1n.r Cum! by Dickens. which was performed at that program by the Public Speaking Club. 'l'he rating of the Glee Club at the district music festival last spring could not be put in the year- book because the book was primed before the event took place, and we think it is only fair to let you know that the Glec Club received an "excellent" rating on their work last year. +5l69l3+ ,fgifphl i---82 fl 8 Ak 49: 9 Fmsr Row, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: E. Coppagz, A. Rogzrron, F. Knupp, C. javinr, B. Croix, D. Cope, B. Sathmary, II. Kitron SECOND Row: S. Martin, C. Harvey, B. 0'Neil, P. Poynter, R. While, L. Difleerron, P. Howard, .Min Woodbridge fSpon.rorj THIRD Row: P. Dawn, D. Rogzrfon, Burrix, B. Hall, j. Whitzhzad, M. Powers, A. Cook, R. Crab- tmr, Melvin, F. Prgzlow, j. No and ' Sqlzflz Grad: J-fame Sc. 61116 JUNIOR CLUB Naturally, fall of the year means a beginning, and ours was essentially that this year. This year, for the First time in the history of the school, the F. H. A. junior Club was organized. The purpose of this club is to bring together students who will be interested in becoming members of the Mount Vernon Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America. Throughout the year various artivities were going on in the Club. These junior Club activities consisted of the selling of hot dogs at football gamesg the selling of Havoringg an Easter egg huntg a Christmas party, a Valentine boxgthe federation picnic at Rock Creek Park, and participation in the state and the federation meetings. Next year you will leave your favorite haunt for the more dignified Senior Club-the inevitable something to look forward to, after this year of satisfying work and play. The officers are:President, Roberta Whiteg Vice President, Patty Poynter: Secretary, Loretta Dickerson, and Joan Burris, Assistant Secretaryg Treasurer, Betty jean O'Neil: Reporter, Patsy Howardg Song Leader, Charlotte Harvey, and Sponsor, Miss Woodbridge. 3' C 5 I My if A 'x sl, af vo ia l"1Rs1' Row, I.r:F't' 'ro IQIGHTZ 0. Moorf, l.. fllagurr, C. Ford, K. Illlllkff, fllifr illoyzrf, Sponrnr St:eoNo Row: Al. Carb, R. Tirmleft, Slmrvnlfrr. C. Ynzuzg, R. lijvpf, R. Clark, C. Brirm, .-I. I'm'IL, C. .llorriiron Dislribulirfc' Sducaf lm 67116 'l'he Distributors Club has been organized for those students who are studing distributive education. 'l'hese are the students whom you see boarding the bus every afternoon to go to town where they are employed in various retailing jobs in connection with their school work. As active members of the club they also belong to the Association Distributors Club of Virginia and the Distributive liducation Clubs of America. As active members of the local, state and national clubs, an elected delegate from the club will attend the Distributors Club, 'lihe Sixth Annual Convention to be held in Richmond this year. 'lihis delegate will meet with delegates from all the Distributors Clubs in Virginia and work with them to improve the state organization and to gather suggestions which might strengthen our own local Club. After this State Association Convention, club otlicers are elected to govern the Associated Distribu- tors Clubs of Virginia. At this time, also, delegates are elected to attend the National Convention where delegates from all over the United States vie for office in the Distributive Education Clubs of America. 'l'he Association Distributors is quite proud that three of our National ollicers for 1948 are D. li. stu- dents frorn this state. Our local cluh otiicers are: Charles Ford, Presidentg Keister VValker, Vice Presidentg Laurie Nlagner, Secretary, and Opal Xloore, Treasurer. Our sponsor is Miss ,loan Moyers, who is the distributive education coordinator. Although each student who majors in distributive education may not make retailing his chosen profession, each will have learned the importance of good work habits. 'lihis is our tirst step in the preparation for jobs after graduation. +31 71 like 'Z mf PHILLIP Krsna FRED EASTER Lois ACHESON Ciuuuss SINGLETON Boys' Poetry Rcading Boyr' Public Spcaleing Girlr' Public Spcaleing Boys' Prorc Reading v Virginia H1911 Salma! ,Ccagzw Each year Mount Vernon High School enters in the Virginia High School League. The object of the Virginia High School League shall be to foster among the public high schools of Virginia a broad program of supervised competitions and desirable school activities as an aid in the total education of pupils. Fred Easter, of the Sophomore Class, brought home a superior rating in the Boys' Public Speaking Contest of the Northern Virginia District which was held at George Washington High School in Alexandria on April 9. Fred spoke on Socialized Medicine. Mount Vernon also had students participating in other contests at the same meeting. Lois Acheson represented Mount Vernon High School in the Girls' Public Speaking eventg she spoke on the Atlantic Pact. Phil Kiser entered the Boys' Poetry Reading contest. He read a group of poems from Stephen Vincent Benet's Book of Americans. Charles Singleton read in the Boys' Prose Reading event. His selection dealt with a jungle adventure. These students did a line job of representing Mount Vernon High School in competi- tion with other schools, and we are proud of their interest and enthusiasm. "6f72l?!' liNi-:1c1.lNi:: H. Cfiffry, .llr. llngerly, l'. linuglzimz, I', Pipkin, l'. Kixfr, F. lfnxlrr mul T. Snrvyrr S'l'ANmNc:: S. Knrfrn, l1'. Sff1n'l'z', L. .,fl'lIt',f07l, lf. Frfrlnml, C. I,'Vf7lft'FIL'I'fP, Sflfpflrnl, R. Shiplry, l.. llwppf, .ll, ,lrI.f'm, R. lfnfy, U. Rnbrrtf, l,. lyflliff, Fz'tzgfn1l1l1u1d I. Sllflwff ,flfioanshimf and Honeysuckle This year, for the first time, the Mount Vernon lligh School players produced a school play which was under the direction of Xlr. Ray Hagerty. This play was given at Lorton, Franconia and Groveron. "NIoonshine and lloncysucklef' by Lula Yollnier, first appeared as a radio serial over Wl'i4Xl". l.:ner it was staged and had a successful run as a road show. All three acts take place in the Betts' mountain cabin, which is located in a dcsolated mountain area. CAST Clfm lfftrx, . ,. . . ,l'Aur: DoUon'roN .'lIHIl-1' RFP!-IIJ' ..., .. . lk:-:Nic SAWYICR .llare lv'rl1.r. . . ,BARHARA FREELAND Pzg Img fifzilflzli .... , . . lion COFI-'EY lfmrk Gruifliv, . , ,,IAeK l"i'l'zr:1s1tA1,n Tum B!Z'l.II,f .,.... . ,I.1.ovn Hill'l'li Pace Rrrlf .... . . . ,FRI-:n l'lASTl'IR Pnldlfr. ..,...., . . .iXlARTlN Anim l'iury llyut! .... . .,loAN Sum-ni-:rum G-vpxy Carirr.. . .. ,. . . .PAT P1vu1N CI1l1'A'l'l' Gfnlflif. . ,.,. lovers Slams judge Bill llarekf. . , , .RICHARD l'lNliY l'1'r1K' Frrrzr .... . ,CALM ll0l4liR'l'S on BILL llawxs Ci.:-:xi Bl-2'l"l'S AND Pmicv HYATT ANn NIAW AND PAW l314:'rTs TOM BEVIN AND CRACK:-:R G.rXDl7IS PienI.1-:v PEG LEG GADD1s eil 73 13:- i' Ligggfgiffiwfi R ssh? .0 , A ,Uersonalififs Arnaud the Salma! Thr Cokf .llaclzimf Boy: .1112 l'a'n, our Czlsiodfavz -IIHII' Pz'ar.ron, the faithful bookroom hvlpfr Rf!! Tab! 1'.f, our of ,Ura VIHIQJ lzflpfrf .Ur,r. l'arr1',rl1'J Library f4J.fI..ffll7lf.S' .llr. Bzzcklfy and 111.5 B111 lJfl.i"t'I'.f +3 74 541+ ff gmfures IN X JJNJ 1-1 SCHGQL 111041 lufelfigfrzf Pflmfx 'l'l'kNr:R ,xxn C1-:mums S'r,u'ss Curl' if,r1 I,r:oN,xRn Iirxcn ,xN1rDoNx,x Dlvm' fllrayt jllljlrflll , N .l,xcKl1c Brcxnl-:R ANU xIAl'KlI'l l'1'rzu1-:RA1.n ' f:llfF,1'f ANN lim-mx,xx,xxn1 P,u'1.Xmu-'m.K .Huff .,ffl..lfil' Rvru DAN1' ,xxn Gmumx DAVIS Il I'Kft',ff Suruucx' l'r:v1cx11.1. AND -lmixas lunxu 11'1ff1'm I,0Rl'1'l"I'A Yorxcp ANI: D,xvln COOK!-I Biggeft Flirt K1-:NT l'wI.l'IliNOR AND PMQIA: 'I'mmrs0N Bart llmzffrf -lcmtv Cimxwxr-11-1 ,xxn I,,m'kxcNc14: DARK l,azif,ft .IOAN LNRAHTRI-LI-I AND PAUL: 'Vuoxwsox .Umf Unl.ul1lml1'11.q Dmurrux' Wlc,xx'1c1c ,xxn Sul-zlxrox Crum .Uwr llrprmlfllflr ,IUYk'l'1SINlMSANIl SIIlil.'l'ON Q'R.'Xlli .Huff f.1'A'r'fy In SIlf'l'I'f'll' K1-1N'r l"l.l-Lrivma ANI: AI 1-2 l"l"RliX' S'1'1-:w.xk'l ffzirl lJrf,f,r1'ff ,l,xruIlf lllaxnu-Qlc ,mn l,1cux.xRn lhfwu ff1lPfW1'z',1'l kIm'vr: Hll.l. AND l,n-1s'r1':k W,x'1'suN ffftvl .Ill ,lrfflunf lJmm'l'm' W1c.xvl-:IL ,xxn C'n.uu.1:s'l'1lm .Hari Pufllfzll DUliU'l'llY W1':,xx'l-zu AND ClIARl.l-ZS 'I'uox .llmf .lffflmf l'.l'1,,x lx'l4N1-:R .ww L'lr,xlu,1-is 'I'1loMAs If,-fl l,111lA'I'IIy hlnrxwxfi lIll.l. ANI: lx1cNN1c'l'11 I'.Yl-:luu'l"1' .llufl Urigfmif Almwrz Simms .xxn kl.-mn-:s lhxxm OYCE AIILIJRED HILL " Min .Uoznzt Vfrnon " SCH00 nv XICQQLARY BARBARA PAULUS JOYCE Simms .l.-xcmlc lilaxmzx Q? egg JOAN LNRABTREI-I Su1RL1sY 1C1.D1:RT l.rc.,xu 111-:Nav JXNN BUCKMAN SHIRLEY Puvx-:Ru.1, Dmurruy WEAVER Q MW sf Senior Persaualifics Prrfo 711111-fy K ENT I"1,r:1-:NOR II1ft'UI.gI'7I C6 G Emu: ig ST.-XUSS Lmdfrflz ip SHELTON CRAIG Sp07'fJ'NIf17lJ'lli17 Crmum-is THOMAS SlcA'r1eu: Quan, Dorothy Wzavn, Iyllffl-ly Quan Varsity Queen and Kourf Lxfvr TO RIGHT: Jtlmdzzzztx-joys: Hill, jurquzline Bandar jeverna Tuckn, Shfrlcy Eldzrt, Jun Buckman 'r " Mays. Nan Ax xv.-1 A'rr.n: Qurxn, -fffvy-rr Ili!! xxmxuz jffyrf Simmf, Ifmrwu limrfr, Ur. fffufyf'fI1.l!ill.Q!LZlHI Home- Hauling Quffm and Kaur! I1I4,l"'l"I'U RIKZIITZ l,fl4Qt'J U'r1M'rr'. ff, Rffxqffw, fl. 1f'l'lw11.' .ll.'1'mfmff,- .Iwo lfzu fl'- Ultlll, f'z',Qgy Sfln.'z'f1flw'. Sill-flfj' f'fr'1'f'1Aff, !HkX'1'f Uvffmffml. um! f.'1'ff.'1'11 lfmrwr' .faq-fe' SIIIIINIL' fuyrr llill. Qurfff: .Un ffr'wQgf H1'!l1'r14uflf111,'.' .llfrm1'41nlx lb rffffzx' fl'1'rlf'r1', Lmlr llfr1f'.x', Nuffqx' .1lff,'fflr-V, l.ff11l'w' ufrfur,-, jaw .Xl'ff!'f'-x'.' lilufv lf. l'f1ulu.v, If lffmli Eighth Grade 61455 ,Mirrar KING AND QUEEN AND THEIR COURT .Warie Lee, Shirley llfeaver, Mary Buckman, Queen lllary l"anSc0yoc, King jackie lllidkijf, llfilliam Henry Dnvif, Robert Darr, joe Ilimm Mftft Popular Biggext Flirt M oft Original Bert Looking EIINA NIAE NIIINDAY JANICE ELLSWORTII CHARLES WILSON RIARJORIE ROGERS JACRII-1 AIIDKIFF DONALD PIERCE AI.oIIIsE WITIIECK ROBERT DARR Mon flrtinic Mott Athletic W ittieft Mort Intelligent WENDPILL JONES JACKIE NIIDKIFF JOYCE STEwARDsoN MARY ANNA BUCKMAN ROBERTA WIIITE SHIRLEY WEAVER STANLEY IRVIN JOSEPH HIMM +El83I9" 81yhfl1 Grade 611155 ,Mirror M1111 Oulxmmling Lazieft Cufert Brit Drawn! EDNA MAE IXIUNDAY MARY BATTON BETTY COE KARON COITTIIIER JOSEPH HIMM CONNIE HOFFMAN NORMAN RIDGEVN'AY ROBERT DARK Jlloft flluxiral Bert Danczn Cockzhrt M oft Dfpendablz MARY B. VANSCOYOC SHIRLEY WEAVER KARON COULTER EDNA MAE NIUNDAY JACK REEDER ROBERT DARR STANLEY IRVIN JOE Hmm Quirlnt Ilappiut Mon Lilazly ln Surcud JOE Hmm MARY B. VANScoYoc VIRGINIA STAUSS JEAN FLOWERS STANLEY IRVIN 'FHURSTON CASH EH 84- 131- XX!! Y-ri".-44 N - f K X , N 'fl 59: , 1 xxx fl 1 " X X fy I, ke Ci , rx ,' 7 95 f ' Vo Y a Y "bu ' ' " -1 Lf-f ' "'- X f ' g - 4 , if Q I i . :xv Athletics Zrafhall Q l 2 sf . 1. 3 l.i41FT T0 IXIGIITI .l.f,fli.l'fIU1l Cnnflmr RI!flIl'UfA', Colt, llmd Coarlz Lee' mul .I,r,ri.f!11u! Cnurlz Rnlffrlf 'l'Ol'-NO'I'Cll COACHING S'l'Al"l' .NND IARGIC SQVADS ADD UI' MOST Sl'CCliSSl"lVl. Sli.-XSOXS 'l'he Xlount Vernon High School foothall team has wound up five seasons of class " li" football without a single loss in the league. 'l'hat is a record to he proud of as we look forward to group l competition, hut it certainly would not have heen possihle without the excellent coaching of Mr. Harry JK. Lee and his well-chosen assistants. Hr. Lee has been at Nlount Yernon for five years, and each year the interest of the hoys has become more activeg the result, larger squads each year, more material, more competition and winning teams! During the last season the Xlajors were fortunate in having Xlr. "Skeeter" Coyle, assistant coach, who hails from Furman University. He has complete charge of all the xl. V. games and has taught these hoys many things which will he of ereat value when they are ready to step into the shoes of the retiring varsity boys. This left more time for Nlr. to spend with the varsity team and, therefore, the boys got those hits of added information and training without which they may have not had such a successful season. 'l'he -lunior Varsity, too, has an excellent season of play, losing only one game, tying one, and winning the remainder. The lightweight squad, made up of eighth-graders and those too small for high school foothall was at spirited organi- zation which learned the essentials of the gridiron sport through the able direction of the Varsity haskethall coach, Nlr. llothrock. Lee Roherts,a former Nl. V. student attending Xlaryland University,volunteered his time at the beginning of and throughout the season at various times giving vigorous exercises and workouts which added much to the toughness of the team. E . List-rr 'ro RIGHT: Manager: Morrifon, Brad!! and Brad: l.xxt'ls "l.xrx"' l'iII-'l, l'lI't'Sl1lllllll, t't'11It'1', wx-ight Itx.!,I1Yt1jt'L11'S. 'litxxvlx xxtux' Cx-xxtx-x' 11051 ixx Cxxlpx-xxx-x' gxxxxxx- likx- xx rtgxxlzxx' xx-tx-rxxxx whx-xx fzxst, strung rt-xxtt-x' was ixxjxxrt-xl. l.uxxxs ll,xxxx,x-xx' St-xxxtxr, lmulx, wx-ight I-KS, two yt-xxrs. lt-ry lxxkx-xy lxxst lvztflx who ctxxxhl lv1'x-:xli thrxxxxgh txt1ptxl1t'111s xxxxxvh lzxrgx-x' thxxxx hx-. 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EDGAR uRED,, ODENWALDER-Senior, end, weight 150, three years. Was good end throughout season. Aided greatly in G. W. game when ends were injured. CHARLES "Eco" THOMAS-Senior, back, weight 160, three years. Hardest runner on team, always picking up added yard- age, often being hit. Kept the team moving as signal caller, de luxe passer and runner. Voted most valuable player and captain by team mates, and was selected the most valuable player in Thanksgiving game. GENE "BAusuao" N Ewvu.LE-Senior, back, weight 135, four years. Achieved his life-long ambition this year by playing strictly varsity ball. Excellent blocker and ready to handle the largest enemies although small. Louxs HFLOSSIEH Rossus-Sophomore, center, weight 173, three years. Helped keep team greatly with his hard tackles and precision centers. Always a fighter. ROBERT "Bon" SAPP-Senior, back, weight 175, four years. Kept enemy teams well into their own territory with his boom- ing kicks. DAVID HFEETH Drrro-Sophomore, tackle, weight 170, three years. Scrappy tackle who loves game and is always out to win. Expected to become well-developed ball player in this two years of class "A" ball in the '49 and '50 campaigns. Great spirit. JAMES UBOOGIEH SHINAULT-JUfliOI', back, weight 150, three years. Swift runner, hard hitter this fakey back, kept moving this season even though badly injured last year. JAMES "Bic JIM" DARR1FfCSllm3Il, tackle and guard, weight ISO, one year. A tower of strength in the line, this big lad aided tremendously in holding back opponents. Should be great help in years to come. KENNETH KKKATESU EvE1uu1'r-Senior, back, weight 190, three years. Led state in scoring in '47. Played excellent ball in '48, although injured most of the time. Should be key man of '49 Majors. STANLEY "KELLY,' KELLY- unior, end, weight 1 7, one year. A fast ball handler who could et away from many o - 4 K P ponents once in the clear. Could also exceed when switched to offensive back position. Fast runner on team. SnEL'roN HSQUIRRELU C11A1c-Senior, end, weight 145, three years. Few backs could get around this hard-hitting end. He was injured in G. W. game and slowed down at the beginning of the season but played A-1 ball for the remainder of the season. OWEN UCASEYN CAsE-Senior, guard, weight 166, one year. Started season as end and was switched to tackle position. Helped keep Majors' line a bulwark of strength. Wn.nUn "BUDDY', HUDsoN-Sophomore, end, weight 165, two years. Could be relied upon to snag a pass and keep going. Became even better as defensive end as season progressed. PAGE HTILLIEH THOMPSON-SChi0f, end, weight 162, three years. One of the best ends ever to play for the Majors. Scored in four seasons of play and made the majority of points after touchdowns during past season. Was elected co-captain of '48 team. Made the only touchdown against G. W. in final minutes on famed "Thompson Special" pass play. Rosen 'KJOHNNY Bon" SPAr.Ks-Junior, back, weight 180, three years. Made longest run of season against James Monroe from behind goal to a touchdown. Picked up much yardage from fullback position and passed well when called upon. WILLIAM HBILLYH Coc1cnE1.1.--Freshman, guard, weight 170, one year. Should become good linesman in his three years of football ahead. Always played hard and smart. EvEaE'r1' "LITTLE-ALQORNU ALcoRN-Sophomore, guard, weight 170, two years. This hefty lad took over the right posi- tion for the majority of the year and did exceedingly well there. 4901! .. , ,,. :xp -Ji. ,. . ' ,, ,401 fan l"ms'r Rmv, SliA'I'l'1ll, l,r:F'r 'ro Ruprrrz l'. Tllfllllflfllil, K. lfwrriif, lf. .llfnrn, G. Cnnpfr, L. Rfl.fJ'l'.', P. .Yvffflflg C. TLIUIIIIII, R. Spzlrlxv, D. Crmkr, ll'. Ifarrfn, S. Craig, U. .Yervzfilft Sl':L'oNlJ Row, Sl-infill: .l.f,l'Il,ffIllIf f.'II1l4'LI Cwylr, I'. II"1', j. .11-Yflif, 0. Can, C. IV1'nIarwerp, L. llarlry, j. .Y1'.x', Srrsmrt, -I. Durr, lf. Uflnzfwllflfr, IJ. llifrv, Coach Ln 'I'm1un Row, SIQAT1-Ln: C. lluflf. II'. I'rlI1'r, j. Slzirmulf, R. Brulwrv, II". JlL'fIfI1Yl', L. l"z'eIflJ, lf. Ifni, II'. llmlfulz, R. jf11I'ir1,r, II'. Smit l"0UR'l'll Row, S11:.x'rl-in: .xitlflllgff K. Bnlrll, ID. Prnn, IV. Crrckrzll, ll. Talbott, IV. fllorgan, .Uznmgrr R. Bradfl Che Mafars' Head Men f.'1l11L'II l..ff l'l11yrr,v' Clmirr for .llmf .',f.K'I.I1tlllf Crmrlz Cay-lr IQIIIIIIIIII l'Ia-vrr am! Capmfn +1391 E+ JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST Row, I.l'Il"'I' 'ro Rlcsxrrz lf. IIA! U". SMH, Uv. Cw1'fcrr'fl, ll. Uftlw, l, I"1'e1fZ.v, ff. Hvrrly, lf. lfmK'nrl', ll' lllldjflll SI-:COND Row: C. ll'1'nlfrfc'rrp, ll'.jfm,l1f H. .l4fK'z4r1,f, Jlyffj, Div, If jf'r1k1'11J, D. IBFIIH, 1l'. .1IHfg11II 'l'mkn Row: ffflllfll Cffylr, If llvlhlfflfl B. .1ll'f:f!1fl', ll. Tallmil, C. llrlffr, ll Laffj' SICNIORS KNlcr:I,1Nu, I.1aF'r 'rn Ruzlrrz lf. 041:11 fl-nfflfr, 0. fillff, l'. Tflflrllfkfflll, f llllyllffy IJ. Cnnlv, B. lfurrrrz S'r.xNnlNm:: I.. llflrlfy, C. Crmprr, S Craig, R. Sparky. C, Yvllllllldlf, U. ,Yrrw ville, Simwrr ICIGI iTll GRADIC 'l'I'lAM FIRST Row, 1.1-:FT 'ro Rlmrr: I.. ls'11l'rr 11. ,YUfffHI, fffunf, jrfnry, l,!l'I'l-J' B. Cram, lf. Sfllffljff, 13. l'1'fr1'f, G Sflltidff Sl-:COND Row: R. lJul?rurffr, -I. l'l1!ifger f. Gray, IJ. f1IlfCl1I'HI1, lf. lltll-lllff, R Crmyrrf, If. Jfrffrflry, ll. .li,!l,l'jlf7', U Ruff, C. SIIPIKINIUI, ffilllfll Rnrllmrl' 'l'nIRn Row: .Vmzugrr l', .1lurr1',mr1, ll" 1211171-I, R. Jlfrffffl, R. Slarkfy, S. Irwin R. nlllffl-,fy B. lfnry, 1l'. jnrzrf, G I' frenz Il II l"mvk'ru Row: El. 11I1'flL'1jf, 0. Sumlfr R. Riff, ff. BNI, T. Crrprfzy IIUDDLIC S'r.xND1Nc:, Lralfx' 'ro Rlcslrrz S. Craig, j. lluglzff, lf. lfzzrrrn, II. Cnokr, I, Ron-iz, G. Cnnprr, P. 7'!llIlllfU'lrH, R Sparky, G. ,Yefz'v1'lle, R. Nuqfulk KN nc 1421.1 Nm: : C. Thama: 1 r E715 Season Mount Vernon, o-Gonzaga, 6 Before a crowd of 5.000 enthusiastic fans the Mount Vernon Majors inaugurated their 1948 football campaign with a 6-O loss to Gonzaga of NVashington. Gonzagzfs fullback O'Keefe scored the only touchdown of the night in the closing minutes of the final quarter when he plunged over from the four-yard line. This climaxed a long drive from their own 30-yard line. "Egg" Thomas paced the Majors on offense and defense with his passing, running and hard tackling. Mount Vernon, 6-George Washington, 27 Seven thousand fans watched the George Washington Presidents hand the Majors their second straight defeat in a 27-6 encounter at the President's stadium. The play in the first quarter was very tight with no scoring and the Majors doing most of the threatening. The only score of the first half was made when Smith scored on a pass play. The extra point was good. George Washington's next score, in the 3d quarter, was made on a plunge by Potts from the two-yard line. The prexies scored again in this quarter on the 40-yard pass play from Potts to Via. Both extra points were good. The final George Washington score was made in the last period by Harris who bullied his way over from the one-yard line after a long drive. The Majors scored their only touchdown of the game in the final quarter on a pass play from Thomas to Thompson. The play covered 34 yards. Thompson's kick was wide and the game ended with the score 27-6. Mount Vernon, 53-Herndon, 6 Third game of the season and the first win for the Majors was the beginning of an eight-game victory streak with no more losses for the remainder of the season. "Egg" Thomas scored the first touchdown of the game on a ten-yard gallop through the middle of the Herndon line. Herndon came back in the same quarter to tie up the score on a pass to the left end. liverritt scooted around right end from the io-yard line for the first half on 30 and I5-yard points. Will jacobs made the only score of the third quarter from the five-yard line. Eugene Atkinson, in the last period, pulled in a Herndon pass and ran 40 yards for another Major score. Bob Sparks countered for the second time when he stole a pass from a Herndon receiver and ran 60 yards for the final score of the game. Mount Vernon, 31-Falmouth, o The Majors evened up their record by winning the second in a row in this, their fourth gridiron battle of the season. "Egg" Thomas scored the initial touchdown ofthe game on a zo-yard plunge through left tackle. Thompson kicked the extra point, his only one of the night. Bob Sparks ended the scoring for the first half by plunging over from the two-yard marker. Kenny Iiverritt, carrying two would-be tacklers over with him, went over in the third period from the 35-yard line. The Majors then came back in the final quarter to score twice. Hjet' Norfolk scored on a reverse and Thomas ended the game as he started it, with a 25-yilftl touchdown sprint through the center of the Falmouth line. Mount Vernon, 39-Falls Church, 6 The fifth, and one of the most impressive games of the season was paced by Bob Sparks and "Egg', Thomas 80-yard runs against the visiting ,laquar team. Mount Vernon moved into a I1-O lead in the early minutes of the first quarter when Kenneth Everritt crossed the Falls Church goal twice for twelve points and Thompson converted after the first touchdown. The only score for the Majors in the second quarter took place when Thomas bulled his way over from the 12-yard line. The Falls Church team made their lone score in the second period when jack Acre carried the leather five yards around right end to score. Bob Sparks, on the second half kickoff, fought his way into the open and romped 82 yards for a touchdown. Everritt ran the extra point over. Tillie Thompson made a beautiful catch of Thomas's pass on the 30-yard line and raced for the score. Everritt again made the extra point from scrimmage. ln the final quarter "Egg" Thomas broke into the clear and raced 85 yards for the final score of the game. Mount Vernon, l2"J3mCS Monroe, 6 The most hard-fought game of the season was this sixth tilt which was missed by many fans due to rain and mud. The Mounties captured their fourth straight win in this tilt. james Monroe scored first on a 40-yard run in the initial period. Bob Sparks, Major tailback, received the kickoff at the beginning ofthe second half and streaked 102 yards for six points on the most sensational play of the season. The extra point attempted failed. The Mounties tallied the winning six points in the final quarter when Kenny Everritt bulled his way over the jackets' goal line from 35 yards out. The extra point at- tempted was again stopped. Mount Vernon, 34-Osbourn, 6 The seventh tilt of the '48 campaign was a day game at the Majors' stadium which brought about their fifth straight victory by a score of 34-6. The Mounties found it unnecessary to punt throughout the game against this eleven from Manassas. The first Mount Vernon six-pointer in the first period was racked up when "Egg" Thomas smashed over tackle on a two- yard buck. Although the conversion man for the Majors, Page Thompson, missed the extra point after this tally, he split the posts perfectly for the next four Major scores. The Mounties scored again on a short plung in the second quarter when Kenneth Everritt dove over from four yards out. This ended the scoring in the first half. Both of these Major tallies climaxed long drives much aided by the excellent linesmanship of Bill "john Bullf' Hughes and Billy uBee Bee" Warren. Thomas scored his second touchdown of the game in the third quarter on a Io-yard plunge over his right guard. Thompson snagged a Thomas pass on the Manassas 30-yard line and raced for the fourth Major tally, making the score 27-0. Everritt then seooted around right end for the final Major touchdown from the I5-yard marker. Osbourn made their only score in the final quarter on a 60-yard march and a pass bore the touchdown. Hard hitting center, Louis Rossie was put out of action for about two weeks when he received a slight brain concussion in the second quarter. Heretofore injured David "Young Dave" Cooke saw action again in this game afterconvalescing since his injury in the Gonzaga tilt. Mount Vernon, 33-Bullis High, I9 The Majors stopped the six-game win streak of Bullis High, and added number six victory to their own string of wins when they outscored the big eleven from Maryland 33-19. Kenneth Everritt led the scoring parade with three six pointers. He scored once in the first quarter, smashing over tackle from the two-yard line. He scored again in the third quarter and once more in the final period. Charlie Thomas recovered a Bullis punt which was blocked by the junior Varsity center Louis Fiel, for an additional six points in the second quarter. The other touchdown for the Leedmen was scored in the concluding period by "jet" Norfolk. He snagged "Egg" Thomas's 40-yard pass in the end zone for the score. Two of the Majors' extra points came on placements by Page Thompson. Stan Kelly scored the other on a reverse. Mount Vernon, 14-Culpeper, 6 In the final class "B" game for Mount Vernon High School in any sport, the Majors won their seventh straight gridiron tilt in the ninth of the season. The Mounties received the opening kickoff and immediately marched 70 yards for a score. Thomas plunged over from the four-yard line on the last play of the long drive. Thompson kicked the extra point from placement. The Ma'or Gridsmen tallied again in the second quarter on the same play that set up the first touchdown. It went all the way this time with Thompson receiving a forty-yard pass on the two-yard line and stepping over for the score. Bob Sparks had the honor of making the last point as a Class "B" player against a Class "Bw team by smashing overguard for the extra point. Culpeper scored their six points in the final quarter when Sophie, faking an end run, flipped a pass to his left end who received it and fought his way over from the twelve-yard line. Mount Vernon, 26-Fairfax, o Shelton "Squirrel" Craig made the last touchdown of the season in this the ending game of the Mounties '48 campaign. The annual turkey-day affair, which was a hard fought but less impressive than usual, wound up with a 26-O score leaving the Mount Vernon Majors on the top for the County Championship. It also wound up one of the Majors longest victory marches in one season, this being the eighth win in a row. The Majors countered once in each quarter. The first six oints came on the second play from scrimmage in the game on a 60-yard pass play involving ace fullback Charlie "Egg" Thomas as hurler and de luxe end, Page "Tillie" Thompson as receiver. It was the same play and the same personnel that set up and scored many touchdowns this season. Kenny Everritt, who was the driving force behind the Major machine until he was injured in the third quarter, scored in the second when he bulled over this right guard from the six-yard line. Early in the third quarter the Majors marched to the Fairfax two-yard line, where "Egg" Thomas cut off tackle for six points. Thompson added the conversion via footwork. Two long passes from Thomas to Paul "jet" Norfolk paved the way for the final tally of the game and of the season. Shelton Craig snagged a flat pass from Thomas on the I2-yard line and flashed into pay-dirt territory for the score. Banque! ffzyhlighf Charles " Ugg" 'l'honias walked off with three feature awards at the Nlount Vernon football banquet, sponsored by the Mount Yernon .-'Xluinni Association and held lfriday, Alanuary 2I. at the Alexandria Room on l'rinee Street in .-Xlexandria. Charles was first awarded the Stuart Sallelle 'l'rophy by hlrs. Sallelle, 'l'his trophy is awarded annually to the niost valuable player, Chosen by the Alutnni Association, in the 'llllilI1liSgiYlllf.Z game with lsairfax. llc also reeeiyed at trophy for the niost valuable player for the entire season. Ile was selected for this honor by his teannnates. l"or the second straight year he was elected honorary captain by the football squad. Page 'l'hoinpson was voted alternate captain. After the trophies and letters were awarded, the guest speaker, Klr. Gus Welch, of the fanned Carlisle lndians, was introduced by Xlr. llarry MX. l,ee, who acted as toastniaster. The 200 attending the banquet seemed to greatly enjoy Nlr. XYeleh's humorous sports stories. As a concluding event the nioyie "llail to the Redskins," was shown. 'l'hose attending the banquet included the football squad, their parents, the eheerleaders, nienibers of the faculty and other inyited guests. ... L- A' ' F l Srrrixu, l.I'll"'l' 'ro RIGHT: -I. Turker H. Freflaml D. Imlv lf. Turnfr K. Flrmur .lI. Flinclzunz D lfvftlvff FIRST Row: lfourlwrlrd, Ill. R1lIl5Uf7lI5'I', ilf. .'llnlfm,f,r, AV. Ffllllffllllll Siccoxim Row: D. Gmzlililii, R. .lrz'1'r1. j. Yhplry, G. Il!!-lfflll, I.. .lclzrfun v y , . x v x J ' Girl ' l6'a kdm!! 'l'hc girls' lvziskclbaill season may hc considered Z1 successful OIIC in COIlSlQlL'I'ilIi0Il of the complctu znhscucu of practice' fxxcilitivs. 'l'lic ti-zuii was crm-rod in thu Alcxaiulria Lcaguc in addition Lo the high school li-agzuc. lu thc .Xlcxumlrin League, ilu' Xlujorcttvs took four gzuuvs wllilc losing an equal numluvr. 'l'hcy wcrc somewhat morn- successful in ilu- school lvzlglu- '- winniiig tlircc and losing two. Althougli thc ICZIIII has hccu lcd hy scvcral players of last ya-ar's Varsity squzul, thvrv linu- ln-uu :i numlwr of ncw girls whose viitlulsizisiu :uul rapid progress in thc tcchuiquus of lwziskrtlwzill mvril prnisv :mil who uu- iloulmwlly will hc thc hulwzurk of a future Varsity tczim. . ' X i r ,llfnmgfry finlfnfmrz and Dnrlzflfr The Team jun Iiqfnrp ilu' ljlllllg' Sfllllflff fully, Tururr, l"l1'm'lr um ami lilrfmfr Dah' llmm' 'I'z'41n1 lh-cvluln-r IS Ml-uut Va-ruuu. ,. ,IIIIIIIZIVY S lXluuut X vruml., hlluulury IZ Nuuut Vcruuu, , jnmmry I0 Klmult YQ-r11nu.,. Al:um:u'y in Nnuut Y cl uuu. ., Fm'lu'u:u'5' .Z Muuut X vruuu ..,. Fvlu'u:u'y 'J Muuu! Xvrmul. .. F1'lu'u:u'y lr: Muuut Y cruuu, . . IMI! llmm' l'f'um ,lAnuuu'y Ll lllwuul Va-1'luu1 I:nuu:u'v ll Muuu! Yvruuu ,.. Fc-ln'l1:u'y vl lxluuut Yvrulul F1'lu'l1:n'y I0 lXll:uulYvl'l1mul Fl'ln'u:u'y IT lXlnu11tVL-Vxmun CITY LEAGUE .N'f'un' IU iq 1.4 41 Jo 4.2 IX GIRLS' SCHOLA IU STIC Srorz' 35 IU ,. .H 'l Z0 Uppanfnl .Ware Faculty ..,.. . .. 19 HITS ..., . , , 28 Lylcs ..,, . . . Z7 Faculty .... ...... . U Gypaius ...4,..,..,. , AS xv2lSl1lHy.IlUH Strvvt .... . . . '3 BBS ......,....... . . . Z7 Lylcs, , .....,,.,., . . ,ZS f9CI'IEDUl.E llpfvamwzl Sfmu' Falls Clllll'Cll .. . . . . I0 Fnirfux ..,......... . . I 1 Fsxulux ...,., ..,4,. . . 15 lV1nl1im1lul1 :mul 1.00 . . ... .ill Falls l'l1m'vl1 .,.... . . . I7 Kay ' l6'a kffball FIRST Row, I.l-2lf'l' 'ro IQIHHTZ B. Pflftf, I.. ll1lfI'lIl'IlJ'H1I, lf. Kffly, l,. Rfuiffr, D. I.'rwl'e Sr:CoNu Row: Surf, lf. Udrrzfcwlzlfr, I.. Sliffrllfrrgrr, Darr, I.. ll'ul,mr1 'I'he l948-49 edition ofthe NIH-iOI' liaskcteers was the best ever at Xlount Vernon. Facing the prospect of no home games on za tough Class .-X schedule didn't stop the Xlajors. The team was built around returning Ietternlen, Harding, Odenwaltier, Viiatson and newcomers, Brown, Sarre and Sisselherger. lfven though the Xlaliors lost four more games than they won, they outscored their opponents for the season. Unefpoint losses to V51-stern and Lane were the heart-breakers of the canipaign, while victories over Hiashington and Lee and Fairfax were high spots. STANDING, 1.121-"r 'ro IQIGIITZ S. Cmlfrry, D. Buffer, rilyrrx. P. Thrmipymz, ll. Nnrlon, jnlmrrm, R. C. llarrif, 0. Cliff, B. Burklmrl, Ruff, bl. SIIIVIHIIIIIII sw. I.lcsr1f:k WA ISHN R.u.x'n Buowrl lluuorury lultmirl .llwrlbw flll-Sllblwbrm um! ,Y!7l'fhl'I'll Virginia Tnunx Kay ' Haskcfball 1048-49 SCHEDULE A IMI: Ilunn' Tram Sron' Dceexnlu-r Mount Vernon . . . .44 Ueeemlrer Mount Vernon , . , in Deeemlxer Mount Vernon . . . 38 january Mount Vernon . . . 34 january Mount Vernon . . . 35 january Mount Vernon . . . 41. January Mount Vernon . . . .H january Mount Vernon . . . 47 llanuary Mount Vernon . . . IS february Mount Vernon . . . Ao February Mount Vernon . . . 58 February Mount Vernon , , , 4.2 February Mount Vernon , . . Z8 February Mount Vernon - . . Z8 Felsruary Mount Vernon . . . 57 February Mount Vernon. . , , , . .41 February Mount Vernon . . . 117 February Mount Vernon . , . 36 February Mount Vernon . . . Z7 February Mount Vernon . . . -ll Mareh Mount Vernon . . . Ml March Mount Vernon , . TU N D SCORES 1217170111111 Western ......,... lVoodrmv llfilson. . . McKinley Tech. . , james Monroe .,.. Lane ,...,.....,... Falls Church ...... George lVashington. Devitt Prep ....... Washington and Lee ..,. james Monroe ..... Fairfax. ....,..... . Washington and Lee Episcopal ......... Gonzaga. . . . Fairfax ......, Bethesda ...... Falls Church, .... . Lane .,...,........ George VVashington Gonzaga ........., Hemdon QTOur.J . . . Fairfax CTour.J . . . The Long and Short of the Team 0DI5NNVAl.DI'1K AND GOIJIFRIEX' Corxcn Rorukocx Scarf . 35 . 4-I . 45 . 37 , JR . Z7 . 55 311 . 30 . Z7 . 38 . Z6 . 40 . JS . 34 . 40 . 38 . 37 . 60 . 7l , 41 . 38 Iimmr the Game lllanagcrs Johnson, Harris and Godfrey .l -il' Baseball Coach Lee in his usual game attire seems to be having a heart-to- heart talk with his managers. On game days these managers. as well as Coach Lee. can be found in the stadium getting every- thing in order, Baseball hit Mount Vernon with n bang again this year. When the call was issued for varsity players 65 boys enthusiastically re- Ecixrteil for duty. The ajors were beginning their first Class "A" baseball season and were determined to be as successful as they were in Class "B" competition. Looking back over the past five Lee- coached seasons we find that out of l28 varsity games, only 26 have been defeats leaving an amazing record of 102 winsl Date Ilome Team Score Opponent Smre Plate April I'Al0llIll Vernon High Gonzaga ....... . . - Home April 5-Mount Vernon High. . . , . - Devitt ...... . Home April 6-Mount Vernon High .. , M Tech ..... . . Home April 12-Mount Vernon High ., , Falls Church... There April I9-Nlount Vernon High . . . Gonzaga ..... . Home April 20'-AlOlllli Vernon High. , . - Benedictine ..,... There April 22-AlOllllt Vernon High.. , . , E Falls Church ....... . Home April 25!Nlount Vernon High .. . , . M George Washington. .. . . There April 27Yihl0lll'lt Vernon High .. . - Washington and Lee There April 29-Nlount Vernon High.. . . . - Fairfax .... .....,.. . There Xlay 2mAl0Llllt Vernon High .. . . . 1 George Washington. There Xlay 4'-AlOllllI Vernon High Washington and Lee ..,. Home Xlay 6-Nlount Vernon High .. . . . , Fairfax ............ Home Nlay Q7AlOllllt Vernon High .. , . . , George Washington .... . Home Nlay ll'-'AlOllllll Vernon High .. . M Washington and Lee ,... There Nlziy lj'-'AlOllllt Vernon High .. . .. - Fairfax .....,...... . There May I4'AlOllllI Vernon High Charlottesville ..... . There Xlay l6'AlOllllI Vernon High .. . George Washington. Home Nlay lg-'AlOlllll Vernon High.. , , , - Washington and Lee .,,. . - Home Xlay zoahlount Vernon High. ......,..... .... i Fairfax ............ ...........,.,... - Home S1-:Aran ON GRoUNn: II. Lee, lllarmz FIRST Row, SEATED: f. Shinault, j. Sure, lf. llferr, S. Kelly, R. Brown, R. Sapp, P. Norfolk . S1ccoND Row, STANDING: Coach Il. Lee, I.. llarley, j. Burke, li. Ddvlil, j. Miller, C. Young B. Kidd, S. Godfrey 'l'llIRD Row, Standing: S. Craig, D. Coulee, R. Ilezrzling, W. facobx, C. Tlzomaf, L. Ro.r.r1'e, K. liver- ritt, G. Newville WW 4110115 INF IELDERS STANDING, LEFT 'ro RIGHT! f. Shinault, j. Safe, R. Brown, S. Craig, B. Kidd OU TF IELDERS KNEELING, LEM' 'ro RIGHT! C. Thomax, L. Harley, P. Norfolk, L. Roni: STANDING: G. Newoille, E. Davif, K. Eoerritt, C. Young, E. Wort, J. Burke, D. Cooke PITCHERS KNEELING, LEP1' T0 RIGHT! S. Godfrey, j. Miller STANDING: R. Harding, W. jacobs, S. Kelly, R. Sapp A FIRST Row: Coarlz Rnbzrtf, D. Dino, f. jahnmn, L. Fielr, Il. Norton, L. Barnzlff, I.. Darr, S. llfrighl, R. Crump, L. Bunch, B. Davrr, B. Downr, H. .-ltkirorz SECOND Row: Mariagzr Blunt, Salterwhitz, f. Taylor, B. Dan, B. Burkhart, ll". Jllorgan, B. Brokaw, lf. Gfntilinf, D. Phillipx, Ill. Farrar, B. lllcflraro Tmkn Row: R. Solar, l'. Wilfon, F. lfartzr, D. Violfllf, lfoozlard, R. Larry, G. Sfauff, I". Lnmy, I.. jmkirix, lllryfrf, Wrz'gh!, D. lllillr jaaiar Varsity Baseball April April April May May May lN1ay May May May IIF' -Episcopal High .... -Episcopal High ..... --Herndon Varsity. . . Washington and Lee... -Falls Church .... . . . Episcopal ......... Washington and Lee Falls Church ....... Washington and Lee Washington and Lee There There There Here There There There llere Here There Alanagrr Blunt and Urnpirz johrrrfm Coach Rnbfrlf 44 102 lie SEAT!-:nz Coach Coyle, B. Cofry, W. Stzuckz, R. llfaddzll, B. Bzuxler, Pryor, R. Hogan, M. Straub, V. Wilfon STANDING, LEFT 'ro Rrcrrr: D. Prnn, D. Kaufman, C. Singlzton, R. Ilaslz, B. Warrrn, B. Sparkx, N. Meyerf, B. Jppirh Crack Here at Mount Vernon in early spring the calls for boys interested in track is issued at the same time the call for other spring sports is made. Although we have limited facilities, there is always enough interest and enthusiasm to produce a fair team for meeting competition in our class. Meets are held with Falls Church, Fairfax, George Washington and other schools in this vicinity. Most of the meets are held away, but the results are good. Mt. Vernon also participates in the State Contest which is held in late spring. Since there is no track field here at our school, practice is held at Fort Belvoir. Date April April May May May May 11-Falls Church-Mount Vernon ..... 23-Charlottesville-Mount Vernon ..... 7-Charlottesville-Mount Vernon ..................... . . I0-George Washington-Mount Vernon Cjunior Varsityj .... . . . 16-Fairfax-Mount Vernon. .i .......................... .. . 23-George Washington-lVlount Vernon Cjunior Varsityj .. . . . . . +54 103 H+ Tim: 4:00 2:00 2:00 3515 3130 3115 Plan Belvoir There Belvoir There Belvoir There KNEELING, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: D. judy, M. Allen, j. Hodge, D. Lloyd, S. Weaver, M. Bollinger, lf. lloag- land STANDING! R. Darhzler, E. Dodron, E. Reagan, M. Malpau, E. Turner Mix: Wald QSpon.rorl, B. Perry, M. Callahan, L. Bungard Date October I- October 8- Octobcr I 3- October 20- November 3 Valleybzzll Opponent Outrome f2O-30 Clubl .... ..... 3 5-29 Mount Vernon Lylcs ....... .... 2 I-I9 Lylcs Lylcs ..... . . .35-23 Mount Vernon Elks. ......... . . .29-21 Elks f2O-30 Clubj .. . 15- o Mount Vernon November Io-Elks .... ...... .. .37-29 lil ks Volleyball was just added this year as a competitive sport for girls. The team was entered in the Alexandria Recreation league and played a six-game schedule. QFD Practice starts the fifteenth of September. Q55 fo M . OULLSY5' flrfiftant Coarh Edmondfon 1104192- Fmsr Row, LEFT 1:0 Ruslrr: l'. Smurf, lf. Turner, K. Flfznor, M. Ballinger, B. Maxey, M. Flinchum, D. Gentilini SECOND Row: IW. Kriexe, llarrif, L. Malpau, M. Allen, D. Gila.-', N. Flinchum, S. Weavcr STANDING! M. B. I'm1Sroyor, L. Bennett, M. Croft, R. Row: Date April April April May Nlay May May May May May june Oppouznl 20-Falls Church ..... 227HCThdOU. . . , . 25hG. W. A. A.. .. 3-Fairfax. .. .. 5-Herndon. . . Il-OCCOQURD ..,. I3'F3llS Church ..... I74G. W. A. A.. .. 27-W. I......... 31-Fairfax. ,. 3-W. L... .. Managzrx Callahan, Fe-well, Lfatlurland and Coach Ilfaid Softball Tim: 3:30 3:30 3530 2:00 3130 3130 3:30 3:30 2:30 3:30 3:30 Plate There Home There There There There Home Home There Home Home Softball is sponsored by the school to participate in interscholastic games. Practice starts around the fifteenth of March. Any girls athletically inclined are urged to participate. A representative schedule with the major schools is followed in softball each year. -4El105lElv- 5614 br D resin y MARTIN LAWRENCE ADEM-Slnpy-2208 Richmond High- way, Groveton, Virginia, Al. 6247. Hobby: Women. Ambition: Doctor. Clubs and Athletics: Newspaper Club, I year. EAN ALcocx-jzanni:-28 Belleview Avenue, Fair aven, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 7418. Hobby: Animals. Ambition: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Clubs and Athletics: Future Homemakers of America, 4 years, Secretary, I year: Girl Scouts, 2 years, Treasurer, I year: Pep Club, I year: Softball, I year, Manager: Basketball, I year. GI-:oRcE HOWARD ALEXANDER-'Rtdi-R. F. D. 4, Box 7I, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 5o63. Hobby: Souvenirs from different places. Ambition: To Get Rich Quick. WILLIAM H. Armen, JR.1Billy Apple-350 West Oak Street, Groveton, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 8392. Hobby: Model Airplanes and Sports. Ambition: To Become an Aeronautical Engineer and Emperor of all Groveton Clubs and Athletics: Football: Weight Team, I year. SARAH LEE Avcocx-Occoquan, Virginia: Lorton Re- formatory: Ext. 29. Hobby: Reading and going to the movies. Ambition: Stenographer. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, I year. ELLA EMMA BAKER-Bulfh-R056 Hill Farm, Route 5, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 0089. Hobby: A "certain" boy. Ambition: Clerk-typist and housewife. Clubs and Ath- letics: Girl Scouts, 3 years, Secretary, I year. NANCI LEIGH BALL-Torrhy-II5 Massey Court, Fair- haven, Virginia. Hobby: Riding any horse I can mount. Ambition: Architect, interior decorator. Clubs and Athletics: Public Speaking Club, I year: Won State Spelling Championship, April, I947. KYLE BEACI-I-Prince Albert-Lorton, Virginia, Box 35, Lorton I6Fl2. Hobb : Sports. Ambition: Merchant Marines. Clubs and Atlliletics: Patrols, I year: Year Book, I year: Baseball Manager, 2 years: Football Manager, I year. BE-rrv ANN BEALES1R0UtC 3, Box 18, Alexandria, Vir- ginia, Al. 3934. Hobby: Bow ing. Ambition: To become a good stenographer. Clubs and Athletics: Library Club I year: Pep Club, I year. BE'rsY ANNA BEALEs-Route 3, Box 18, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 3934. Hobby: Learning to dance. Ambition: To become a good stenographer. Clubs and Athletics: Library Club, I year: Pep Club, I year: Student Govern- ment, 2 years, Representative: Year Book, Business Man- ager, I year. -IACQUI-:LINE BENDER-'fdCkl!'ROUI6 I, Box 546, Alex- andria, Virginia, Englcside 89-W-II. Hobby: Playing the piano. Ambition: To be a piano teacher and an ac- companist. Clubs and Athletics: Student Government, 2 years: Secretary of Public Relations, I year: Judicial Member, I year: Girl Scouts, Secretary, I year: Paper Staff, 3 years, Feature Editor, I year: Year Book Club, I year: Pep Club, 2 years. MARJoRIE VIRGINIA B0LLINGER1Mdfgif'R0UtC 5, Box 294, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Dancing, skating and boys. Ambition: To settle down for a certain boy. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 2 years: Girl Scouts, I year: Pep Club, 2 years: Paper Stall, I year: Softball, 3 years: Art Club, I year: Glee Club, I year. MILDRED KATHERINE BA'I'roN-Millie-P. O. Box 275, Alexandria, Virginia, Engleside 93-W-2. Hobby: Boys. Ambition: Housewife. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, I year: Pep Club, 2 years. CI-IARLES HENRY Brusco-Buck-R. F. D. I, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: None. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, I year: Distributive Education Club, I year. LUCIE BRowN-Blondie-Route I, Springfield, Virginia, Eng. I37-J-3. Hobby: Boys. Ambition:Secretary. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 2 years: Girl Scouts, I year. MILDRED ANN BUCRMAN-Buck-327 West Collard Street, Alexandria Virginia, Al. 5558. Hobby: Skating and swimming. Ambition: To be a nurse. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, I year: Home Economics Club, 3 years: Cheerleader, I year: Pep Club, 3 years: Paper Staff, I year. BROADUS T. BUNCH, JR.-Chuck-Springfield, Virginia, Al. 8570. Hobbty: Collecting odd neckties and drawing Ambition: Dra ting architecture plans for houses. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, Reporter, I year: Patrols, I year: Pep Club, I year. CHARLES WILLIAM BURKHART'-Bill-'IQCIJ G. Street, New Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Women. Ambition: To loaf. Clubs and Athletics: Basketball, I year. ELIZABETH ANN CAMERoN-Ann-I4 B rd Drive, Fair- haven, Virginia, Al. 8669. Hobby: Roller skating and dancing. Ambition: Secretary and to find me a man. Clubs and Athletics: F. H. A. Club, 3 years: Patrols, I year. PEGGY ANN CARTER-Baby-Tank-Route 4, Box 283, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Dancing and W. A. P. Ambition: To become a Wave or typist. Clubs and Ath- letics: Year Book Club, I year: Patrols, I year: Home Economics Club, I year: Pep Club, I year. OWEN C. CASE-Carey-U-204-D, Gray's Hill Village, Virginia. Hobby:Collecting stam s. Ambition:Naturalist or ilot. Clubs and Athletics: Fpootball, I year: Basket- ball: I year. FRANCES LEE CATON-'B14lCh, Jr.-Route 5, Box 28I, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. I646. obby: Dancing and roller skating. Ambition: Clerk-typist. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 3 years, President, I year: Pep Club, I year. RUSSELL E. CLARK-Clark-Lorton, Virglinia, Lorton 92-F-4. Hobby: Women. Ambition: To ave fun and make a living. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Edu- cation Club, I year. 410619- Seu 21 Directv y JAMEs DAVID CooKE-Young Dave-Route 5, Box 265, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 5777. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To go one week without staying in for Mrs. Ames. Clubs and Athletics: Baseball, 3 years, Football, 3 years, Basket- ball, 2 years, Monogram Club, 2 years, Vice President of Freshman Class, Sports Editor of Em Vee Hi, I year, Spanish Club, I year. VIRGINIA MARIE CooPER-Ginny-Route 4, Box 327, Alexandria, Virginia, Engleside 25. Hob y: jimmy. Ambition: To be an excellent conversationalist. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 2 years, Home Economics Club, I year. BARBARA JOAN COPITHORN'-'Bdbi-226 West Collard Street, Groveton, Virginia, Al. 1893. Hobby: Singing, dancing and boys. Ambition: To marry a millionaire. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 4 years, Girl Scouts, 2 years, Pep Club, 3 years. EDWARD SI-IELToN CRAIG-Squirrel-U-I9-B Gray's Hill Village, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Ft. Belvoir 6234. Hobby: Sports, hunting, and fishing. Ambition: To become a successful money-making Chiropractor. Clubs and Ath- letics: Science Club, I year, Key Club, 2 years, Student Government, 2 years, President, I year, Vice President of Junior Class, Monogram Club, 2 years. CHARLES C. CuLvER-Chuck-U-2I-D Gray's Hill Village, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Hobby: Electricity. Ambition: Electrical engineer. Clubs and Athletics: Art, 1 year. DOROTHY LOUISE DAIL-Dottie-Route I, Box 7, Spring- field, Virginia, Al. 8493. Hobby: Photography and Canaries. Ambition: To build the house that William and I have planned. Future years to be a good wife and mamma and most of all to remember high school. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 4 years, Paper Staff, 3 years, Home Economics Club, 2 years, Pep Club, I year, Glee Club, I year. GRETASOAN CRAETREE-jo-Route 4, Box 418, Queen's Lane, roveton, Virginia, Al. 8963. Hobby: Horseback riding and dancing. Ambition: Typist and bookkeeper. Clubs and Athletics: Cheerleader, 2 years, Co-Captain, I ear, Year Book Club, 2 years, Assistant Editor, I year, Home Economics Club, 2 years, Glee Club, 2 years, Science Club, Secretary, I year, Pep Club, 2 years, Patrols, I year. BE'r'rv CRANFORD-Belt-Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Lorton I5-F-4. Hobby: Reading, movies and playing the piano. Ambition: To become a famous doctor and get rich quick. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 2 years, Paper Staff, 2 years, Exchange Editor, I year. ELEANOR LUCILLE CouMEs-Elli:-Route 5, Box 179, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 2964. Hobby: Cooking. Am- bition: To become a nurse. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics, 3 years. STELLA MAE CURTIs-Extrlla-Lorton, Virginia. Hobby: Collecting postal cards. Ambition: To make a good house- wife. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, I year, Glee Club, Treasurer, I year, Paper Staff, Reporter, I year. ROXANNE BELL DACIITLER-Roxy-28 Fairhaven Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, Te. 3962. Hobby: Reading. Am- bition: To marry Edgar Odenwalder, jr. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 4 years, Treasurer, I year, Paper Staff, I year, Girl Scouts, 2 years, Vice Presi- dent, I year, Basketball, I year, manager, I year, Pep Club, 2 years, Student Government, I year, Volleyball, I year. RUTH DANT'-23 Hillcrest Drive, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 8288. Hobby: Drawing and painting. Ambition: To become a Commercial Artist. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, I year, Home Economic Club, I year, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Year Book Club, Art Editor, I year. LAWRENCE ELMER DARR-Elmer-Route 8 Box 237 Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 2877. Hobby: ancing and baseball. Ambition: To be a Sports Writer. Clubs and Athletics: Football, I year, Basketball, I year, Baseball, 3 years. EARL R. DAvIs-Swann-Route I, Box 386, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: None. Ambition: To retire at the age of 50. Clubs and Athletics: Baseball, 2 years, Student Government, I year. GoRooN DAVIS-'Ftlld'I,0fIOD, Virginia. Hobby: Model building. Ambition: Naval aviator. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 2 years, Treasurer, I year, Pep Club, I year, Glee Club, I year, President of Senior Class. SHIRLEY BELLE Doon-Shirley-Io6 East Lee Street, Groveton, Virginia, Al. 7538. Hobby: Cooking. Ambition: Homemaker. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 2 years. ELEANOR DoosoN-Bubble:-Springfield, Virginia, Al. 8949. Hobby: Flirting with boys. Ambition: To find a real man. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 3 years, Secretary, I year, Treasurer, I year, Secretary and Treas- urer, I year, Paper Stalf, 2 years, Home Economics, 2 years, Glee Club, 2 years. PAGE DOUG!-ITON, JR.-Page, jr.-Route 1, Box 391, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 7162. Hobb 2 Girls, girls, girls. Ambition: To be a good draftsman. Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, 4 years, captain, I year, Glee Club, 2 years, Public Speaking, I year, Art Club, 2 years, Student Government, Secretary of Safety, I year. SHIRLEY LEE DovE-Shirle -Route 5, Box 67, Alex- andria, Virginia. Hobby: Tiiking pictures and bowling. Ambition: Secretary or stenographer. Clubs and Ath- letics: Home Economics Club, I year. KENNETH KA'r1:s EVERRITTTKGUI-2601 Swain Drive. Hobby: S orts. Ambition: To make a lot of money. Clubs andp Athletics: Senior Class Re orter, Football, 3 years, Baseball, 3 years, Monogram Claub, 3 years. SI-IIRLEY JEAN ELDERT'-Shifl'-ROUtC 4, Box 281, Alex- andria, Virginia, Eng. 83-W-I I. Hobby: None. Ambition: To be a hairdresser. Clubs and Athletics: Secretary of Freshman Class, Paper Staff, 3 years, Advertising Man- ager, I year, Home Economics Club, 2 years, Pep Club, 3 years, Patrols, I year, Monogram Club, I year, Cheer- leader, I year. -Ei107li1v- Seuia Z? redo y ROBERT Errs-Bobby-No. 2, Williamsburg Road, E-:Eerson Manor, Alexandria, Virginia, Ov. 6695. Hobby: illbilly music. Ambition: To major in hillbilly music. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, I year. Aunruav JEAN FENIMORE-Abigail-Box 212, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 4397. Hobby: Trying to skate. Ambition: To be a florist. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 3 years: Girl Scouts, I year: Science Club, I year: Pep Club, I year. BARBARA JEAN FREELAND-B0bbit-ROUIC 4, Box 415, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. 2I-J-2. Hobby: Roller skating and horseback riding. Ambition: To be a good secretary. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 4 years: Pep Club, 2 years: Girl Scouts, I year: Glee Club, I year: Basketball, 3 years. ADRIENNE KENT FLEENoI1-Star-Silverbrook Road, Lorton, Virginia, Lorton 57-F-2. Hobby: All sports. Ambition: To do something really worth while. Clubs and Athletics: Newspaper Club, 3 years, Editor-in-Chief, I ear: Student Government, 1 year: Girl Scouts, I year: Pep Club, 2 years: Monogram Club, 2 years: Basketball, 2 years: Softball, 2 years: Cheerleader, I year. MAKGARE1' MARIE FLINCIIUM-Route 5, Box 265-A, Alex- andria, Virginia, Al. 6778. Hobby: Sports and music. Ambition: None. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, I car: Patrols, 2 years: Home Economics Club, 3 years, ogicer, I year: Art Club, I year: Basketball, 3 years: Volleyball, I year: Softball, 2 years: Pep Club, I year. QIANET FL0WERS"B00lJ1ROl.lIC I, Box 418, Alexandria, irginia, Al. 1990. Hobby: Collecting pitchers and souvenirs. Ambition: To travel and see the world. Clubs and Athletics: Year Book Club, I year: Paper Staff, I year: Home Economics Club, I year. CHARLES E. Foan, ja.-Charlie-162 2ISl Street, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Belvoir 3I62. Hobby: Stamps. Am- bition: En ineer. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, I year. JOAN GELLING-joanie-149 Temple Trailer Village, Ov. 1978. Hobby: Reading. Ambition: To marry a professional baseball player. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, I year: Paper Staff, I year: Patrols, I year: Girl Scouts, I year. EMII. GENTILINI-judy-Route 5, Box 44, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 969. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: Something in the field oi sports. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 3 years: Baseball, I year: Football, I year. RAYMOND LEON GRIMSLEY-Przarh-Route 5, Box 4II, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Fishing. Ambition: To become an electrical engineer. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, I year. MARVIN LoUIs HARLEY-Lou-Lorton, Virginia, Lorton 33-F-ll. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To work. Clubs and Athletics: Football, 2 years: Baseball, 2 years: Student Government, I year: Monogram Club, 2 years. JOYCE MILIJRED HILL-Squeaky-Route I, Box 258, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 5055. Hobby: Dancing and keeping a Sports Scra book. Ambition: To become a professional model. Cliubs and Athletics: Glee Club, I year: Patrols, 2 years: Girl Scouts, I year: Reporter of Class, 2 years: Cheerleader, I year: Student Government, I year: Year Book Club, Typing Editor, I year: Pep Club, I year. DONALD LEE HOFFMAN1H1g'R0UlC 4, Box 70, Alex- andria, Virginia, Al. 6729. obby: Hunting. Ambition: To work with thc Virginia Forrest Service. CATHERINE VIRGINIA HALL-Katie-Springfield, Vir- ginia. Hobby: Visiting. Ambition: Secretary or typist. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 3 years: Pep Club, 2 years: Patrols, 2 years. JANICE Lou HAxaIs-Chicken-Route I, Box 385-A, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Skating. Ambition: just to rest for a couple of years. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 4 years: Patrols, I year. ROBERT 'TIMOTHY HocAN-Hogan-I68-A, Middleton Road, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Belvoir 3169. Hobby: Bowling, swimming and reading. Ambition: To become a coach. Clubs and Athletics: Public Speaking Club, I year: Football, I year: Basketball, I year. JOHN WILLIAM HucIIEs-john Bull-Route 4, Box 323, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. 72-W-I I. Hobby: Photography. Ambition: To be the owner of a large dairy farm. Clubs and Athletics: Football, 2 years: Year Book Club, I year: Key Club, 2 years, Treasurer, I year: Pep Club, I year: Monogram Club, I year. EDNA Doius HUNTlNGTON'T00lit'-ROUIC I, Sprin field, Virginia, Eng. I42-j. Hobby: Movies. Ambition: Secre- tary. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 3 years: Patrols, I year: Pep Club, I year. DONNA JUDY-Punch:-Route 5, Box 83, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. I946. Hobby: Basketball. Ambition: To be a teacher. Clubs and Athletics: Basketball, 3 years: Art Club, I year: Home Economics Club, 2 years: Pep Club, I year: Paper Staff, I year: Glee Club, 2 years. JAMES HARVEY LAM'B"fiM'ROUIC 4, Alexandria, Vir- ginia. Hobby: Building model air lanes. Ambition: Pilot. Clubs and Athletices: Student government, I year: Key Club, 2 years, Vice President, I year: Vice President of Senior Class. FRANCIS THEODORE LEVAY-Ted-Route 4, Box 346, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Eating and hunting. Am- bition: Electrical engineer. Clubs and Athletics: Baseball, 2 years. LAURIE MAGNER-Shorti:-Route I, Box 46, Springfield, Virginia. Hobby: Bowling. Ambition: To make a success. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 3 years: Distributive Education, Secretary, I year. BILL MAPLE-Map:-Qtrs. 35, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Belvoir 2235. Hobby: Military Sciences and Tactics. Ambition: Army. Clubs and Athletics: Key Club, 2 years: President of junior Class: Football, 2 years: Track, 2 years: Newspaper Club, I year: Debate Club, I year. -'fil108i'3' Sm 21 Z9 redo y RUBY VIRGINIA MCCLARY-'TOOIIQROUIC 5, Box I32, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 5283. Hobby: To spend evenings with William, and drawing. Ambition: Stenogra her. Clubs and Athletics: Treasurer of Freshman Glass: Student Government, I year: Patrols, 2 years: Paper Staff, 2 years: Art Club, 2 years. ROBERT Moiuus-llzro-Route 4, Box 424, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 4740. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To join the Navy. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, I year: Mono- gram Club, I year: Football, 2 years. ELLEN Moxuus-Lorton, Virginia, Lorton 7-F-I x. Hobby: Listening to the radio. Ambition: To go to work. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 3 years. OPAL MARIE Moons-Bulchzb-U-216-D Pope Road, Gray's Hill Village, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Hobby: Knitting. Ambition: To be a famous dress designer. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, I year: Distributive Education Club, I year, Treasurer. CARL MoRI1IsoN-Kell- Lorton, Virginia. Hobby: Baseball and hunting. Kmbition: To make a career in the Civil Service. Culbs and Athletics: Patrols, I year: Distributive Education Club, I year. JOHN Mvans-jay-Route 4, Box 268, Alexandria, Vir- ginia. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: None. Clubs and Athletics: Football, I year. JIACKIE NEWMAN-Man-Route 4, Box 243, Alexandria, irginia, Al. 8944. Hobby: Baseball. Ambition: To join the Navy, and then become a professional baseball player. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 2 years: Distributivc Education, 2 years: Baseball, I year: Basketball, I year. JANE .IEANETTE NlCELEY'TOUl,f-3 Posey Lane, Alex- andria, Virginia. Hobby: Oil painting and my Bill. Am- bition: just to live a happy life with a home of our own. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, I year: Pep Club, I year: Treasurer of Sophomore Class: Student Government, 3 years: Secretary of Activities, 2 years: Home Economics Club, I year: Paper Staff, I year: Year Book Club, I year, Assistant Advertising Manager: Secretary of Senior Class: Prom Committee, I year: Winner of Short Story Award: Home-Coming Queen Attend ant. GENE NEwvILLE-Bambino-Route 5, Box 172, Alex- andria, Virginia, Al. 7137. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: Be a coach. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, I year: Football, 4 years: Basketball, 2 years: Baseball, 4 years. OLLIE NoLAN-West Oak Street, II7-B-I3, Alexandria, Virginia. Hobby: Collecting Baseball pictures. Ambition: To be a ball player. BETTY JEAN ODI-:N-Keaniz-Route 3, Box 52, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 52318. mbition: Secretary or typist. Clubs and Athletics: ome Economics Club, 2 years. EDGAR ODENWALDEN, Jn.-Red-47 Fort Drive, Fair- haven, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 2455. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To become a good mathematician. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, I year: Monogram Club, 3 years: Paper Staff, Sports Editor, I year: Football, 3 years: Basketball, 4 years: Track, 2 years. HERBERT L. OTIS-Herby-Route I, Box 124, Springfield, Virginia. Hobby: To see how many short, blonde-headed girls I can take out. Ambition: To be in the Army Air Force. Clubs and Athletics: Baseball, I year. ALICE INIARIE OVERVIK-Susie-Route 5, Box 446, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. 66-W-II. Hobby: Drawing. Ambition: Commercial Artist or teacher. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 4 years, Secretary, I year: Glee Club, I year: Girl Scouts, I year. LOUISE MAE PAINTER--LOMQP. O. Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 6101. Hobby: Bicycle riding and sports. Ambition: To be a nurse. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, I year: Home Economics Club, I year: Glee Club, 2 years: Parliamentarian: Pep Club, I year: Basketball, I year. THELMA Auuaiav PAUL-Rzdx, Shorty-Route 5, Box II6, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 3847. Hobby: Dancing and eating. Ambition: Typist or dancer. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 5 years: Pep Club, I year. BETTY AEAN PERRY-Perry, Shorty-320 West Collad Street, roveton, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 8405. Hobby: Roller Skating and Trying to keep up with Eleanor Dodson. Ambition: To become a clerk typist and to get out of school. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 4 years, Song Leader and Assistant Secretary: Home Economics Club, I year: Pep Club, 3 years: Softball, I year. Aivmua N. PETITT, ja.-Si-Route I, Box 369, Alex- andria, Virginia. Hobby: Running around with girls. Ambition: To get out of school. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, I year. DOLORES ELEANQR PETl'I'I'?L0i,P-BOX I2, Newington, Virginia, Eng. 157-j-4. Hobby: Music. Ambition: To be- come a singer. Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, I year: Pep Club, I year: Home Economics Club, 2 years. BENYJIEAN PLAUGHER-Lflllt Girl-Route 5, Box II8, Alexan ria, Virginia, Te. 9548. Hobby: Riding, music, Swimming, and Roller Skating. Ambition: Stenographer. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 3 years, Pianist, 3 years, President, I year: Student Government, I year: Paper Staff, 2 years: Home Economics Club, I year: Pep Club, I year: Vice President of Sophomore Class: Softball, I year. GENE PUGI-I-Pugh-Route 2, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 5806. Hobby: Drawing. Ambition: journalist and novelist. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 2 years: Year- book Club, I year: Paper Staii, I year: Pep Club, I year. HELEN JOAN RoLAND-jo-2756 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia, Ov. IOO4. Hobby: Skating and dancing. Am- bition: To travel around the world and make something of myself. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 4 years: Pep Club, 3 years. MARGARET SANBORN-Marge-Route 3, Box I-B, Alex- andria, Virginia, Al. 7603. Hobby: Cooking. Ambition: Housewife or Nurse. Clubs and Athletics: Pep Club, I year: Glee Club, I year: Home Economics Club, I year. -C4 109 lt'- Sen 21 D resin 11 CONNIE Lou SAPP-Connie-Route 4, Box 354, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. I3-g-Il. Hobby: None. Ambition: To be a good Stenograp er. Clubs and Athletics: Reporter of junior Class: Reporter of Student Government, I year. ROBERT SAPP-Sapp:-Route 4, Box 354, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. I3-J-II. Ambition: To play Professional Baseball. Clubs and Athletics: Football, 2 years: Basket- ball, 2 years: Baseball, 3 years. MARGARET IRENE SAwYERs-P. O. Box Io87, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 0967. Hobby: Collectin dolls and singing. Ambition: To teach music at Mount lgernon High School. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 2 years: Art Club, Secre- tary, I year: Student Government, I year: Secretary of Sophomore Class: Public Speaking, I year: Debate Club, I year. DOLLY JEAN SNELLINGS-Jeannie-Route 5, Box 329, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 5697. Hobby: Skating, photog- raphy and boys. Ambition: To be successful in life. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, 2 years: Pep Club, I year: Home Economics Club, 3 years, Reporter, I year. VIoLA SHIFFLE1T'LOl't0!1, Virginia, 97-F-2. Hobby: Reading. Ambition: Typist and to marry a rich man. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 3 years: Pep Club, I year. WANDA Rum SHARP1ROUIC 4, Box 284, Alexandria, Virginia, Engleside I-J-2. Hobby: Reading. Ambition: To travel. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Reserves, Vice Presi- dent, 1 year: Dramatics Club, I year: Home Economics Club, 3 years: Crafts Club, I year: Basketball, I year. HAZEL BEA-rRIcE SHEPHERD-Bee-Route I, Box 520, Lorton, Virginia. Hobby: Making new friends and boys. Ambition: To become a successful secretary after gradu- ation and marry a millionaire. Club and Athletics: Home Economics Club, 2 years: Pep Club, I year. MARTHA DOLORES SHEPHERD-Tnny-Lorton, Virginia, Lorton 9-F-3. Hobby: Collecting snapshots. Ambition: To be something worth while. Clubs and Athletics: Library Club, I year. MARY ANN SIIEPI-IERD-Mezzy-Lorton, Virginia. Hobby: Dancing, skatin , and bowling. Ambition: To be a secretary or prolessional dancer. Clubs and Athletics: Patrols, 2 years: Pep Club, I year. EDWARD PORTER SHOWALTER-Eddfl-U-89-C, Gray's Hill Village, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Ambition: To become a pilot. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, I year. JOYCE ANN SIMMS'-JO-4l3 West Oak Street, Groveton, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 4086. Hobby: Music and sports. Ambition: To be a successful accountant or stenographer. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, I year: Glee Club, 2 years: Cheerleader, I year: Monogram Club, I year: Student Government, 2 years, Treasurer, I year: Year- book Club, I year, Club Editor: Paper Staff, I year. ANNE Srmas-Shorty-Lorton, Virginia, Lorton 21-F-IZ. Hobby: Music. Ambition: To become a typist. Clubs and Athletics: Home Economics Club, I year. EUGENE SOLOT1GEH!18O7, I4th Street, New Alexandria, Virginia, Ov. 3296. Hobby: Model ships and collecting snakes. Ambition: To go to college. Clubs and Athletics: Art Club, 2 years. ALVIN VERNON STAPLES-'P14ll01ROUIC 5, Box 330, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 4862. Hobby: Collecting foreign money. Ambition: To become an automobile mechanic. Clubs and Athletics: Distributive Education Club, I year. GEoRcE STAUSSQ374 Washington Avenue, Wellington Villa, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 6995. Hobby: Photography. Ambition: Do research in physics and split the electron. Clubs and Athletics: Public Speaking, Debate, 2 years, President, I year: Glee Club, 2 years: Key Club, 2 years: Paper Staff, News Editor, I year: Americana Quiz, I year: Baseball, I year: Chorus, Orchestra and Cadet Band. CHARLES S1'EvI-:Ns-Chicken-Route I, Alexandria, Vir- ginia. Hobby: Football. Ambition: To get out of school. JEFFREY ROBERT STEWART, JR.-gf-Route 5, Box 274, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 3553. obby: Roller skating, football, and dancing. Ambition: To be a successful engineer and build a bridge over the Chesapeake Bay. Clubs and Athletics: Football, 4 years: Baseball, I year: Paper Staff, 3 years, Sports Editor, I year, Associate Editor, I year: Yearbook Club, 2 years, Assistant Sports Editor, I year: Key Club, I year: Spanish Club, I year: Student Government, I year: Monogram Club, I year: Treasurer of Senior Class. CHARLES WILLIAM THOMAS-Egg-802 Potomac Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 4698. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To become an All-American in football. Clubs and Athletics: Student Government, I year: Year Book Club, 2 years: Science Club, I year: Pep Club, 3 years: Mono- gram Club, 3 years: Football, 3 years: Baseball, 2 years. PAGE TI-IoMrsoN-Tillie-Route 4, Box IQO, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 76415 Hobby: Sports, Ambition: To lay Professional Base all. Clubs and Athletics: Football, 4 years: Baseball, 4 years. BoBB1E JEVERNA TUCKER-Bobbi:-Route 4, Box 244, Alexandria, Virginia, Al, 84,2I. Hobby: Dancing, sports and collecting salt and pepper shakers. Ambition: To teach Home Economics or Physical Education. Clubs and Athletics: F. H. A., 2 years, Parliamentarian, I year, President, I year: Cheerleaders, 2 years, Captain, I year: Pep Club, I year: Basketball, I year: Paper Staff, Assistant Feature Editor, I year: Monogram Club, 2 years. EULA TURNER-Ru.:-ty or Red:-Temple Trailer Village No. 189. Hobby: Teachers. Ambition: To be a successful coach. Clubs and Athletics: Girl Scouts, I year: Paper Staff, I year:Year Book Club, 2 years, S orts Editor, I year: Student Government, 2 years, Senior fludicial Representative, I year: Debate Club, I year: So tball, 4 years: Basketball, 3 years: Volleyball, I year. RAYMOND LEE VIoLE'r'r-Ray-Lorton, Virginia, Lorton 76-F-20. Hobby: Fishing. Ambition: To get out of school if possible. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 2 years: Science Club, I year: Distributive Education Club, I year. 461105 Sm 21 Directv If FRANCES JEAN VoI.z-Jeannie-Temple Trailer Village. Hobby: Dancing. Am ition: To become a good nurse. Clubs and Athletics: Paper Staff, Circulation Manager, I year. KEISTER LEE WALKER-Curly-U-6I-D, Gray's Hill Village, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Hobby: Boating and Flying. Ambition: To be a pilot or a swaby. Clubs and Athletics: Science Club, I year, Patrols, 2 years, Keep Virginia Green, 2 years, Distributive Education Club, I year. Q BILLY WARREN--Bee Bee-P. O. Box 785, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 0360. Hobby: Hunting and sports. Am- bition: To go to college, get a job and make a lot of money. Clubs and Athletics: Student Government, 2 years, Science Club, 2 years, Monogram Club, 3 years, Football, 4 years, Basketball, 2 years, Track, I year, Baseball, 2 ycars. LESTER WATSON'L!f'U'26 Apartment D, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Belvoir 8133. Hobby: Girls. Ambition: Pro- fessional Basketball player. Clubs and Athletics: Year Book Club, I year, Monogram Club, 2 years, Track, I year, Basketball, 2 years. DOROTHY WEAVER-Dot-303 West Lee Street, Groveton, Virginia, Al. 7951. Hobby: Dancing and sports of all kinds. Ambition: To wait for a certain boy from the Graduating Class of '5I. Clubs and Athletics: Pep Club, 3 years, Cheerleader, 2 years, Co-Captain, I year, Glee Club, I year, Home Economics Club, 2 years, Treasurer and Vice President, Monogram Club, 2 years, Patrols, I year, Student Government, I year, Secretary, Year Book Club, 2 years, Assistant Business Manager and Editor, Basket- ball, I year, Softball, I year, Varsity Queen, Home-Coming Queen's Court, School Beauty, I year. 'B MARY VIRGINIA WEI.'roN-Honey-Route 4, Box 354-E, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. I-J. Hobby: Roller skating and sewing. Ambition: To do my best in whatever I attempt to do. DoRsoN WoRIJEN Wrtcox-Rad-Ace Cabins, Route 4, Box 445, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. 9592. Hobby: Playing the guitar. Ambition: Forest Ranger or rancher. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 3 years, Basketball, 2 years. GEORGE WITBECK1 I7 West Oak Street, Groveton, Vir- ginia, Al. 7943. Hobiby: Stamps and aviation. Ambition: To graduate from high school. Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, Reporter, I year. - VIRGINIA JOAN WORLEY?g0iROUtC 5, Box 315, Alex- andria, Virginia, Al. 449I. obby: Murder mysteries and records. Ambition: To marry a certain red-haired Hier, Clubs and Athletics: Glee Club, 2 years, Secretary and Treasurer, Debate Club, I year, Substitute School Bus Driver, I year, Patrols, I year, Secretary and Lieutenant. LoRE'I'rA AGNES YoUNG--Lott: Lu-Route 4, Box 405, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. 85-J. Hobby: Bowling tinpens. Ambition: To be a Champion Bowler. Clubs and Ath- letics: Pep Club, 2 years, Monogram Club, I year, Year Book Club, I year, Cheerleader, I year. CHARLES DANIEL YoUNG-Charlie-Route , Box 389, Alexandria, Virginia, Eng. 98-W-3. Hobby: 'Taking pictures. Ambition: To be a photographer. Clubs and Athletics: Baseball, I year, Student Govemment, 3 years, Vice President, 2 years, judicial Department, I year. BARBARA ZEHRING-B0Obi6E802 I3th Street, Alexandria, Virginia, Al. I797. Hobby: Music. Ambition: To be a nurse and marry a wealthy man. Clubs and Athletics: Paper Club, Business Manager, I year. stfllllbv- .Cast Will and Cestamenf We, the Graduating Class of the Mount Vernon High School, in the County of Fairfax, and the State of Virginia, do hereby leave the following wholeheartedly to you, the underclassmen, from whom we are sadly departing, to use, develop, and help you achieve your ambitions and success. May you use them to the best of your ability in solemn reverence to us, the foregoing givers. I, Martin Adem, leave all my women to anyone who's rough enough to handle them. I, Jean Alcock, leave Sue Carsons a share of my deep love for animals in hopes that she will use it in the future. I, Howard Alexander, leave all hard feeling toward me to Ronald Mason. I, Sarah Aycock, leave my ability to play speedball to Rena Best. I, Billy Appich, leave old Mount Vernon-Destination Unknown! I, Emma Baker, leave because "Buch, JL," does. I, Nanci Leigh Ball, leave my fountain pen to anyone needing one. I, Betty Beales, leave my ability to anyone who can take two years of book- keeping and shorthand and get good grades. I, Kyle Beach, leave my ability to manage to anyone who likes it as I did. I, Jackie Bender, leave my love for music to Betsy Slaughter. I, Marjorie Bollinger, leave my ways and friends to anyone who can keep them. I, Charles Brisco, leave Mount Vernon to all other people who have to come to it. I, Lucie Brown, leave my natural blonde hair to Virginia Huffman. I, Ann Buckman, leave the nickname Tillie Thompson gave me, to Jimmy Darr. I, Broadus T. Bunch, Jr., leave the better things of life, such as school days, to Catherine A. Van Dournes. I, William Burkhart, leave my ambition for loafing to any one who wants it. I, Mildred Batton, refuse to leave my Dennis and his convertible to anyone. I, Ann Cameron, leave my ability to skate and meet people to my little one, Barbara Wharton. I, Peggy Carter, leave as I came here. I, Owen Case, leave my chemistry and algebra to June Pearson. I, Frances Caton, leave because "Butch" does. I, Russell Clark, leave behind a seat in Miss Whitt's room for Charles L. Clark. I, David Cooke, leave????? I, Gordon Cooper, leave my ability for the love of football to anyone who loves sports. I, Virginia Marie Cooper, leave the answer for getting through Mount Vernon, perseverance, ability and a seat behmd. 4lZf112llV' lasf Will and Ccstament I, Barbara Copithorn, leave my high soprano voice to Dixie Lloyd. I, Shelton Craig, leave my love for the women to Kenneth Everritt. I, Joan Crabtree, leave on the first bus out-Where am I going? You don't know do you? I, Betty Cranford, leave my five feet, ten and a half inches to June Pearson. I, Eleanor Coumes, leave my love for math to Lois Atcheson. I, Stella Curtis, leave my love for Civics Class to any poor senior who wants it. I, Roxanne Dachtler, leave my long blonde hair to Joan Shepherd. I, Ruth Dant, leave Shorthand to anyone who has the nerve! ! ! I, Dorothy Dail, Refuse to leave my engagement ring, and my William to anyone. But, I do leave my big brother for the first time, period! . . I, Lawrence Darr, leave my ability for failing English to james Shinault. I, Earl Davis, leave all my women to Jackie Miller. I, Gordon Davis, leave my commercial ability to Marion Nelson. I, Shirley Dodd, leave my English 4 class to any lower classman that likes it. I, Eleanor Dodson, leave my ability to skip school without getting caught to my brother, Eddie. I, Page Doughton, leave the Captain of Patrols to anyone who can satisfy some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. I, Shirley Dove, leave my privilege to ride in a new Ford each year to anyone who does not have this privilege. I, Kenneth Everritt, leave next Year! ! I, Shirley Eldert, leave my dimples to Leah Henry. I, Audrey Fenimore, leave my ability to sing "Baby Face" to Leah Henry. I, Barbara Freeland, leave my ability to get under Mrs. Provance's skin to Nancy Thurston. I, Kent Fleenor, leave my love for Athletics and Athletes to Raymona Arvin. I, Margaret Flinchum, leave my ability to play basketball to Norma. I, Janet Flowers, leave all my English homework to Jean Flowers, hoping she enjoys it as much as I did. I, Charles Ford, leave all my old books behind. I, Joan Gelling, leave my love for W. L. and G. W. to Jo Ann Young. I, Emil Gentilini, leave my love for Baseball to Jimmie Miller. I, Raymond Grimsley, leave my desire for English to anyone, who wants it. I, Billy Hughes, leave my ability to work, play football and attend school every day to anyone who can do it. I, Louis Harley, leave my love for all sports to my brother, joe. I, Joyce Hill, leave my love for meeting new people and making new friends to anyone who wan ts it. -'Sl 113 lk- East Will and Zfesfamenf I, Donald Hoffman, leave my looks and voice to Chester Chinn. I, Catherine Hall, leave my love for Mount Vernon to my aunt, Bernetta Hall, in hopes she will have as much fun as I have had. I, Janice Harris, leave my ability to sing "There is a GLEN" to Miss Bittle. I, Robert Hogan, leave my ability to struggle with geometry and math sub- jects to anyone who wants it. I, Doris Huntington, leave my love for Mount Vernon to Bernetta Hall. I, Donna Judy, leave my love for basketball to my sister, Minta. I, james Lamb, leave my ability to do homework during the last minute, to anyone who can do it. I, Francis Levay, leave Mount Vernon where I found it. I, Laurie Magner, leave my ability to get my homework in to some poor sap. I, Bill Maple, leave my ability to talk and think fast to any one having trouble getting through four years of High School. I, Ruby McClary, leave thanks to Mr. Landis and Mr. Buckley for making this a wonderful school. I, James Morris, leave all the homework in Miss Whitt's class to some poor junior. ' I, Robert Morris, leave my love for sports to Richard Lacey. I, Ellen Morris, leave my love for Physical Education to my sister, Blanche. I, Opal Moore, leave my best wishes to the underclassmen . . . I just hope to leave. I, Carl Morrison, leave Mount Vernon, Finally. I, john Myers, leave my love of football to anyone who will take it. I, Jackie Newman, leave my speed to Boogie. I, Jane Niceley, leave my ability to squirm out of complicated and embarras- sing situations to anyone who has little enough sense to get into the positions in the first place. I, Gene Newville, leave my love for football to anyone who wants to break their necks. I, Ollie Nolan, leave my homework troubles. I, Betty Jean Oden, leave my quietness to Fay Wray. I, Edgar Odenwalder, jr., leave basketball to somebody with longer legs and more wind. I, Herbert Otis, leave all the nice looking eighth graders to anyone who wants one, but leave mine alone. I, Alice Ovrevik, leave my love for drawing to Jean Flowers. I, Louise Painter, leave my love for the football pleayers to Leah Henry. I, Audrey Paul, leave Mount Vernon High School after five years of foolish- ness. A 421114 la asf Will and Zfestameut I, Betty Perry, leave my height to Anita Hollins and my love of softball, and other sports, to anyone who does not like them. I, Arthur N. Pettit, Jr., leave Mrs. Ames English Class to the student body of Mount Vernon High School. I, Dolores Pettit, leave my best wishes to any student desiring to become a senior. I, Betty jean Plaugher, leave my position as pianist for three years for the Glee Club to anyone who has as much patience. I, Gene Pugh, leave my witty remarks to Richard Eney. I, Helen Roland, leave my love for skating and dancing to my sister, Tink. I, Margaret Sanborn, leave my neat notebook to anyone who can push it around in a wheelbarrow. I, Connie Sapp, leave my name "Sap" to anyone who doesn't like school. I, Robert Sapp, leave after--?years of hard work. I, Irene Sawyers, leave my love for music and Miss Bittle to Ilse Smakula. I, Dolly Jean Snellings, leave my love for skating to my sister, Cecelia, but refuse to leave her my love for a certain boy. I, Viola Shifilett, leave all my love for my teachers to Geraldine Shifllett. I, Wanda Sharp, leave my love for Macbeth to any poor junior who wants it. I, Hazel Shepherd, leave my love for the good ole days at Mount Vernon to my brother, Buddy. I, Martha Shepherd, leave my love for shorthand to my sister, Betty. I, Mary Ann Shepherd, leave my desire for dancing to Irene Harley. I, Edward Showalter, leave my dislike of getting up in the morning to Carl Morrison. I, Joyce Simms, leave my ability to get up to my neck in club work to Leah Henry. I, Anne Simms, leave my love for music to Eleanor Hepler. I, Vernon Staples, leave my vocational subjects to anyone who wants them, Mainly D. E. I, Eugene Solot, leave any Us or U's I receive this year to my brother, Ray Solot. I, George Stauss, leave 3597 text book pages, a trash can full of papers and volume 53 of the Senior Scholastic to any up and coming junior like James Conkey. I, Charles Stevens, leave my love for Physical Education and Home Economics to Richard Lacey. I, Jeffrey Stewart, leave my eleven years in a quandary to any first grader at Franconia. I, Charles Thomas, leave Mount Vernon before I die of old age. I, Page Thompson, leave my girl troubles to Fuzzy Everly. 4llf115l5v- ,Cast Will and Zfestament I, Jeverna Tucker, leave my love for dancing to my brother, Wayne, who will be here next year. . I, Eula Turner, leave my humble gratitude to the nicest faculty I have ever known. I, Raymond Violett, leave the big City of Pohick to anyone who would like to live in New York. I, Frances Volz, leave my quietness to my sister, Elsa Mae. I, Keister L. Walker, leave my mid-class maps to Dicky Kaufman-Sleep Well. "Bee Bee" Warren, leave my love for football and the line to anyone L who is nuts. I, Mary Welton, leave my love for Civics to my brother, Robert. I, Lester Watson, leave my 16M-cylinder CModel "AND Ford to Louis Rossie. I, Dot Weaver, refuse to leave my "Lenny Boy" to anyone. I, Dorson Wilcox, leave PERIOD. I, George Witbeck, leave civilization to become a hermit. I, .Ioan Worley, leave my technique for staying out of class to my friend, Anne. I, Loretta Young, leave my hysterical giggling Cby order of Audreyj to Sally Dachtler. I, Charles Young, leave Mount Vernon High. I, Barbara Zehring, leave my 5' 7" to Betty McCord. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hand to this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT at Fairfax, Virginia, this 14th day of June, A. D., I 949- GRADUATING CLASS OF JUNE, 1949 MOUNT VERNON HIGH ScHooL ROUTE I ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ATTESTING CLAUSE On this 14th day of June, I949, the Graduating Class of Mount Vernon High School whose names are subscribed to the above and foregoing document, signed the same in our presence and in the presence of each of us and declared it to be their LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT towards the Mount Vernon High School, its faculty and remaining student body. We, at their request and in their presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto affixed our signatures the day and year first above written in the County of Fairfax in the State of Virginia. FLORENCE R. PROVANCE 5 CLEVELAND AVENUE TAKOMA PARK 12, MARYLAND 46l116l?,f Prophecy The edition of the Em Vee Hi Alumni Paper finds the ,49 Alumni in a peek at the briefs pre- pared for us by the editorial staff. Martin Adem is advertising as a baby specialist-age limit 18 years. Eleanor Coumes is helping the young brides with their home nursing problems. Her latest visit was to Stella Curtis's home. The new arrival's name in Howard, jr. Catherine Hall is the most prominent nurse in Springfield. Louise Painter, Frances Volz, and Barbara Zehring are all on Doctor Ann Bnckman's staff at Gallinger Hospital in Washington. jeverna Tucker has majored in Home Economics and is teaching at Mount Vernon High. Shirley Dodd, who attended Madison College, mastered in Home Economics. She is also teaching at Mount Vernon. jean Alcock is a veterinarian and makes up formulas of her own. There seems to be quite a few marriages lately. Mildred Batton has just repeated the matrimonial vows and is on her honeymoon in Florida. Mary Ann Shepherd was married recently and seems to be very happy in her small bungalow in Lorton. Barbara Copithorn seems to be doing very well. Recently she married a multimillionaire and they are living in their lovely mansion on the Potomac. Emma Baker had a house warming for her I7-room mansion not long ago. joan Worley, the murder mystery writer, has finally married that certain red-headed flier. joan Crabtree is now a "Painter." She has created some new dance steps, and she is now teaching at Arthur Murray's. Betty Plaugher is married and owns a music school. In her spare time she teaches piano. Roxanne Dachtler is happily married to a professional basketball player. After finally leaving Mount Vernon, Charles Stevens has settled down in New jersey. He's showing class, too, because he owns a large estate and several cadillacs. Ruby McClary's husband has just made the rank of Lieutenant in the Army. Margaret Sanborn married her high school boy friend, one of the Spilman boys. Anne Simms married several years ago and is hoping to leave New jersey soon for a new:Army location. Ann Cameron married her skating partner. They make a wonderful dance team on skates. The former Dorothy Dail and her William have the most modern home in Springfieldfwhich is now a booming town on the outskirts of Alexandria. jane Niceley and her twin boys have returned home from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her husband is ea jet test pilot. Quite a few of our Alumni are celebrities: Billy Appich was voted "The Most Intelligent Professor of Notre Dame." Betty and Betsy Beales are the well-known stenographers for one of the greatest detectives in the United States, Dick Tracy. Shelton Craig has become the first Secretary of State at only twenty-eight years of age. Wow, what a record! He and his wife, the former joyce Simms, have a country estate in Fairfax County. Bill Burkart, is the United States Ambassador to Germany. Irene Sawyers has just made her debut at the Met. She can also be seen on Television. . loyce Hill, world-famous model, has just received the title of "Miss America of I959." Nice going. Dorothy Weaver owns her own dress shoppe known as the " Rachelle Shoppe," and she designs her own clothes. Nearby you will find Opal Moore's Shoppe. She is a world-famous dress designer. I guess you've heard of "Opals Originals." Sarah Aycock has just devised a new method of Shorthand. With the "Aycock Method" stenographers will be able to write at least 300 words a minute. Shirley Elder! now has her own beauty salon and has devised many new ways of styling hair. Owen Case has really gotten up in this world since he discovered uranium in his back yard. Howard Alexander has his own Comedy acts at the Capitol Theatre. jackie Bender, the new star playing with Jose Iturbi, and Marjorie Bollinger's acts have been held over for weeks because of their wonderful display of talent. Lucie Brown, the girl with the lovely blonde hair, is starring on Charles Briscoe's television programs. -'Ef117l3+ Prophecy Broadu: Bunch, the contractor, still hopes to build a new gym, auditorium, cafeteria, and swimming pool at Mount Vernon High School. faniee Harri: is a famous skating star. She has been vacationing so she will be fit for her Madison Square Garden Debut. The flowers for this year's Junior-Senior Prom have been provided by Audrey Fenimore. She makes the lovely corsages in her own flower shop. Robert Epp: and Dorfon Wilcox have their own hillbilly band and can be heard any hour over WARL. Loui: Harley works so hard that in a recent election he was voted the "Hardest Working Man of ,59.,, Donald Ho-fman is now Chief of the Penn-Daw Fire Department. He has proven himself to be the most dependable chief in all types of fires. Billy Hughe: has the largest dairy farm in the country! and, hired Dori: Huntington as his private secretary. fame: Lamb has designed a new airplaneg it is faster in speed and lighter in weight. Barbara Freeland now teaches shorthand at Strayers Business College. Betty Oden is typist for her husband who owns a large business firm. Alice Ouerik recently exhibited several great paintings. She has finally consented to teach commercial art. Audrey Paul seems to be famous for creating new dance steps, although she prefers her old style occasionally. Betty Perry has finally settled down as clerk-typist to Arthur Petitt, who has his own business in Engleside. Dolore.r Petitt sings on television every Saturday night. After working ten years in a Civil Service job, Carl lllorrixon at last sits in a chair with his feet on his desk, giving orders. Bill Maple, after graduating from West Point, is serving as a Captain in the Army of Uncle Sam. Peggy Carter, who is still quiet, is secretary to the Mayor of Alexandria. Gene Pugh has had her first book published, "Ten Years Out of Mount Vernon." She drew her own illustrations. Connie Sapp is reporter of "Big Jim's" newspaper and Viola Shijlet is his typist. Dolly jean Snelling: has her own radio program, and entertains a Hollywood guest star every Sunday night. Hazel Shepherd has graduated from college several years ago and has a wonderful job with the government. Martha Shepherd is now head bookkeeper for a large business firm in Washington, D. C. Eugene Solot heard that there were snakes in Wyoming so he moved there and now owns the largest snake farm in the United States. George StauJ.r in his efforts to split the electron, is the cause of the explosion that split Wellington. jejery Stewart constructed a bridge. Results: A big splash! I " If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! l So he did. Mary Welton is a well known seamstress. She makes costumes for skating performers. Charle: Young has his own picture studio in Alexandria and has been taking pictures for the Mount Vernon annual for several years now. France: Catan is doing the secretarial work in the Franconia Post Office. She has a big job in front of her! Ru.r.rell Clark is remodeling the new Lyric Theatre. He seems to be getting up in this world- he is the manager-owner. h gordon Cooper has started a club, "The Duke Street Ramblers," since his return home from t e avy. Shirley Dove is still driving new Fords around. She is also doing secretarial work for her husband. Page Doughton, head of the Draft Board, will draft one hundred more men this year than last. ha Cordon Davi: runs the new airport in Lorton and is working on a special airplane model of is own. Betty Cranford, the famous pianist, is now studying to be a doctor. Charlet Culver, of Chicago, has become one of the leading electrical engineers of the time. alll 118 lil'- Prapheey Virginia Cooper's latest lecture was on "How to be a Good Conversationlistf' Her next lecture will be to the Women's Club of Washington. Kent Fleenor is quite a celebrity in Washington as she busily edits the Times Herald. Herbert Otis seems to like Uncle Sam because he is still one of his right-hand men in the Army. Robert Morris, after serving six years in the Navy, has come back to settle in his old home in Groveton. The Mount Vernon Alumni have been very outstanding in sports in the past ten years. Laurie Magner won the 1955 bowling tournament and has had a very successful season this year. john Myers is a sports writer, and states the jackie Newman hopes to sign up with the Cardinals when he gets out of the Navy. Gene Ne-wville is now the new coach at Mount Vernon. He has so many new plays the team hasn't lost a game this season. Ollie Nolan supplies the papers with up-to-date pictures of ball players and sports items. Charles Thomas is the most widely known All-American football player. He also enjoys a good baseball game. Another important person in the sports field is Page Thompson, he is still knocking baseballs over the fence for the Cleveland Indians. Robert Sapp plays pro-baseball with the New York Yankees. He really has a record of home- runs to boast about. Loretta Young won the title of "Champion Tenpin Bowler of the United States" in 1959. Lester Watson still has his "happy ways" and he plays basketball for the Washington Caps. They say he is their No. I guard. Edgar Odenwalder, jr., is also playing with the Caps and shares the title of " Star Player" with Lester. David Cooke has taken John "Tree" Adams place as tackle for the Washington Redskins. Kenneth Everritt is world famous "pigskin" toter for Notre Dame. Nancy Ball has become the only Woman Jockey in the United States. ' The Washington Redskins are trying to buy Kyle Beach as manager. He should make a good one, he has had enough experience! Billy Warren after being an all-star football player for Furman, coaches there now. Donna judy is now coaching the Majorettes in softball and basketball at Mount Vernon High. Robert Hogan coaches basketball for the Army in Oklahoma. The new assistant Physical Ed. teacher at Mount Vernon is Eula Turner. Lawrence Darr is writing the sports column for the Franconia Daily. The Darr's almost make a team themselves. Earl Davis was finally spotted and is now playing baseball with the Senators. Emil Gentilini has also proved to be successful in the sports world. He is now playing baseball for the Dodgers. Traveling seems to be an important thing in some of our Alumni's lives: Wanda Sharp and her husband have just returned from a trip around the world in their own airplane. Helen Roland who has just returned from Europe says that her next trip will be to India. George Witbeck has just set a new record in speed. His boss is the famous Howard Hughes. Ruth Dant the famous commercial artist is traveling in Europe viewing historical art. janet Flowers has just returned from China. Her collection of souvenirs from foreign coun- tries has gained recognition from the art lovers. There were a few ads in the paper last night, advertising some Alumni's businesses. There was also an unusual want adg "Want to go fishing on a Sunday afternoon? If so, go to Lorton and rent a boat from the biggest fishery around." The owner is Ray Violett. If your carburetor doesn't "carb," and your generator doesn't "gen," your horn doesn't work, go to Vernon Staples' Garage in Franconia. Wanted: A professional baseball player. At least six feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes. Apply to joan Gelling, 1609 Belleview Avenue, New York, New York. How was that fellow classmates? Did you ever expect to find so many of your acquaintances following said walks of life. Be sure to subscribe for the '60 edition of the Alumni News and learn more about your friends. And now a fond adieu from your favorite correspondents. 43119190- LITTLE GIANT DONUT SHOP goo King Street, Alexandria Virginia Brmkfart, Lunch and Dinners Take a Bag of Donuts Home COIIIPIIIIIPIIIJ of WOODLEY HILLS IALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA WILLIAM H. WEADON COMMERCIAL PRINTING IO4. ROYAI. STREET ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Compliments MONTGOMERY WARD COMPANY ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA "Northern I'irginia'.s' Leading Stationers" WM. E. LEE CO. 1642 King Street Phone '1'EIIIple- 5400 AI.EX,ANDRIA, VIRGINIA "Your School Supplier" Complimenls Of DIXIE TIRE COMPANY Compliments of M. M. HALT -'H 121 19 S. B. YOUNG AND SONS HEATING - YENTII,A'I'ING - AIR CONDITIONING XVELDING - SHEET METAL XVORK Phone Temple-3 566 COMMERCE AND PRINCE STREETS AI,IzxIxNIIIzI.fx, VIRGINIA K. Ii. l!I.I'N'r, SR. f,Tx'llI'l'Ullli.lf11Hfl1lI'I' BAR-B-Q IQ. Is. IIIIINT, IR. 5 H E I- I- CJTUIIPI' and IIIIIIIIIIWI' p-1 FUEL - KEROSEN E .-I BAR-B-Q SANDWICHES linilf-I-.v c'lIII AND LUNCHES p-1 IQICIIIIIUIIKI Highway II. S. I .fXI.IzxANIJRIA, YIRIQINIA ' um' by Ivllflllllll Sys l'lx'0.Ill'T.S'1flI'VlC'lf .XI.IaxIxNImIA-4518 Belle Haven AI.I-:xANImkIA, X'IRI:INI,x -'Sf 122 IS'- BURKFS TEXACO SERVICE Gus, Oils, I.ul1riraIion, Battrrivs A fressorirs, Tirrs 16 6 K' f 4. ing., Street, Alexandria, Virginia GAINES BROS., INC. 1077109 Daingerlield Road, Alexandria, Virginia Uiing Street nl Union Station, Phone ALexandria-6151-52 Grnrml Harrlwurr, Plumbing Supplirs Jrmslrong Linolr ' ' um. Il rstmghouse Prnrlufts Pitlrhurgh Paints and Glass Colnplilnenfs of M. L. HOU EK TERLECKY JEWELERS 1707 King Street, Reed Theatre Bldg. Phone OVerl0ok-6935 Dia monds, Fine Jw-wrl I f' ry, I atrlres Rrligious .-lrtirlrs Personalized VVatch Repairing Electronically Tested on VVatch Master ALEXANDRIA FLO RAL CO. l'rf,wn1irrgFluu' ' ' A ' ers of llutxnrlmn from Grffnhnusr In Yun 1018-:O Prinre Street, Alexandria, Yirginia Plume Temple-5441 --1-6666 JACK LEVINSON Insurance of .-lll Kinds 419 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia 0Vcrlook-2733 ADAM HATS Levinson Clothing Co. Outfttrrs for lllen ALEXAN1JRIA,xvIRGINIA Phone ALexandria-0329 CUNNINGHAM FUNERAL HOME, Inc. THREE PARLORS LADY EMBALMER PACKARD EQUIPMENT Alexandria-1800 Temple-4580 Air Conditioned Throughout 807-809 CAMER fforner Cameron and Alfredj ON STREET "A le,randria's First F nneral Horne" 'Sl 123 li' ROBERT "BOB" VRANICH Plumbing and Heating Contractor 1634 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia Phone Alexandria-0471 Compliment: of NEWELL-COLE COMPANY Engraving, Printing, Bookbinding 212 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia McELHlNNEY 81 MECHLING Real Estate and Insuranre CHEQUIRE House 202 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VYIRGINIA OVerlook-2220 P. J. NEE CO. Dream House Furniture 215-217 King Street Phone Alexandria-6497 VV. B. Erickson, fllamzger AI.I5xAN1mIA, VIRGINIA J 8. S INCORPORATED Inlernnfionrzl Ilflrvexlrr' Prozlllfts AI.IexANImIA, VIRGINIA P. O. Box 786 Phone OV-5353 John H. Abraham, Prrxizlfnt gl? if READ THE mi :QJ A L E X A N D R I A K GAZETTE S41-Gil wm Q4h,',,o FOR .5 W ' FAIRFAX COUNTY NEWS .4merica'.s' Oldest Daily Newspaper SQ' E ,A STABLISHED 1784 4, JI WOODWARD Il LOTHROP -H124-I-31' JAYE'S Spvcial Selections for the Tron-Age Miss Nationally Advertised in Your Favorite Magazine JACK TU LLOCH Al.EXANDRlA, VIRGINIA Compliments of PENNY'S ALEKANDRIA'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of HOTEL GEORGE MASON ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA C0.MPl.IMI:'N TS OF BURKE AND HERBERT AND TRUST COMPANY THE OLDEST BANK IN THE OLD DOMINION Corner King and Fairfax Streets ALEXI4NDRI.4, VIRGINIA -wif 125 Eb' CHAUNCEY'S MARKET Corner of U. S. Highway No. I and Blarshall Street Directly Opposite Beacon Airport AMIILE PARKING SPACE There is No Substifute for Quality Always lI'Ieats of lVIerit Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Frosted Foods Everything for Your Table FRANK B. HOWARD FANCY GROCERIES FRUITS AND VECEETABLES P11oN1z I477 on 1478 515 KING STR1-ZET, AIIEXANIJRIA, VIRGINIA fJ0lI1f71ilIlf'?1f5 of ALB ERT'S RESTAURANT 1806 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA First Federal Savings 81 Loan Association of Alexandria 807 IQING STREET IXLIEXANDRIA, X'IRGINIA Loans and lrwesflnents ACCOUNTS INSURED UP T0 55,000.00 Liberal Diivizlelids Paid VIRGINIA ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. C. C. Brown, Pnzrirlent Phone Alexandria-2075-0333 General Elfrtric-Kflzfina!orfBrnrlix THE ELECTRIC STORE Sale:-Radio and ADDIIJIICCS'-S1'f'L'Iff Q17 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia GAINES FURNITURE J. C. GAINES 907 KING STR1-3-:T, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone Alexandria-3583 NEW HAYMAN'S The Store of Smart Junior Fashions 503 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA JIMMY LYLES FLOWERS, Inc. XYOUR TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH FLORIST Flowers by VVire Phone .'XlCX21!1CIl'I3.-2430 905 IQING STREET Jimmy-Jay-Torrzfzly'-Wilbur -will 126 E'- lJOIIIflIilI1l'IlfS of Frank Michelback, Inc. Fine 1"urniture 814 King Street ALEXANDRI.-X, VIRGINIA TIMBERMAN'S DRUGSTORE PHQNE IALEXANDRIA-KXJQI F. X. Nugent, Prop. 701 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA H E R B Y ' S Incorporated "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" II3 NORTH SAINT ASAPI-I STREET ALIQXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Alexandria-0374 - Temple-3768 I General Tire Disiribzltors I BRANCH Herby's Used Cars and Trucks 1600 D L' K li STR If IIT GEORGE H. HERRING LUMBER CO. 5 Miles South of Alexandria on U. S. Highway No. 1 I LUMBER, IWILLWORK AND BUILDING RIATERIALS Q Prompt Delivery Phones: Engleside-51 and 140 -tif 127 13" R. E. KNIGHT 81 SONS "IVe SellS011ieth1'ng of Most Everything" 0 PHILGAS STOVES AND ATHLETIC Goous O Phone Alexandria-0041 or 4180 FANCY GROCERIES SELECT NIEATS Courteous Service BOB'S MARKET Free Delivery Alexandria-40 5 5 2 1N'Iiles South of Alexandria On Route No. 4. J. KENT WHITE ESTABLISH ED 1907 THE ELECTRICAL CENTER OF AI.EXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Contracling Elccirical Engineers C101lZf7HH1P1'1lS of HOLDEN COMPANY 'REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 106 North Saint Asaph Street ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA SOUTHERN DRY CLEANERS "The Service C leanersv FINE CLEANING FOR FINE GARMENTS DIAL ALEXANDRIA-0060 Meet Your Friends Here Q DIXIE PIG BARBECUE U.S.No.1 2 BIILES SOUTH OF ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Q Curb Service 4Ef128I3l- COH EN'S J EWELRY STORE ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Compliments of G. C. MURPHY 618 KING STREET, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Phone Alexandria-3814 SHUMAN'S KING STREET ALEXANIJRIA, VIRGINIA ln Alexandria Il's YOUNG SET SHOES, INC. For Sandler of Boston 7:6 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria-i894 Smart llfearing I-I1-parrl LADY LOIS 7Io King Street, Alexandria, Virginia BEACON RESTAU RANT U. S. 1 - Richmond llighway Compliments Of AITCHESON, Inc. COAL - FUEL OIL - OIL BURNERS 500 KING STREET ALEXANDRIA-2214 -ci 129 in Compliments of ALEXANDRIA AMUSEMENT CORP. RICH MoNn, REED, INGQMAR, VIRGINIA SPORT CENTER 800 D Street, Northwest WAsIIINc'roN 4, D. C. REpIIhIic-25.4.5 WHITE CROSS CLEANERS ALEXANDRIA-2600 FUR STORAGE One of f111Ierira'.v Better Ueauers Drink More Illilk K ine Quart of Milk a Day Provides Half of Your Daily Diet ALEXANDRIA DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., Inc. 0 Bm! by Test O Phone Xlexandria-2525 E Temple-5390 SYLVIA THEATER FOUNTAIN SERVICE XVARD's CLUB Gulf Produrfs Grm'eriP.v, fllmis FRAMCONIA, VIRGINIA Phone AlCXHIldFl3-2110 VVard Plaugher, Ozwzrr ARROWSMITH'S Drrssrx, Coaix, Suits and plfreuories 1701 King Street, Reed Theater Building Phone Alexandria-3 5 I2 STEVE'S RESTAURANT Same 0111 Stuff Cll0f7.f-Sf?lll'-Chil'l't'Il 24-Hour Service U. S. Highway No. I at Potomac Yards AI,I2x,xNDRIA, XIIRGINIA TPfmple-9739 +24 130 E+ WWwLiZW W 116-132 NORTH IEFFERSON STREET ' ROANOKE, VIRGINIA M b -:pup , pwv, ,,M2wb , W wwf OH fill! K 's 1 1 i ff? kj WM S XM yy ff I av 9 - my f21 'fi ' FJ!! gf 4' W " ,wwf i, bpd 5wfJPffZ?7 f v My W XJ nod, jew QIIUJ ,X , ff if I vN'L gAV 1 W fwgfw N BWV!! ,412 A 4 79 8 x- iv, Jfyut 3 F VI 01 I jx: Y Xfiifyf S L mfr A9 0 ii 55?L B 1 lfg gf S Q QD VJ: S JW J? 'R N Q we ' up XML:-0 su'-li btw M " 32.1.-..,fQ4. www- v-Ham of WM, ' q-vgf if-4'."v'Qs hte' J ,MW Ms... wrvwxcxq-S1 fs-rw' M MLEQXK, Q V xx Le-v-fr VV 'Ly YVKQIANSJM-cess. ev 1.f'7,,.A J pw W ,L fix vmyf Cgmgw W U cur K :'1,"' if gi! :13w5'f X df ' n Aff" X ' A ' xx , 'V D6Sm x 'fx . 5 , f' 1 'Yi WZ : 'ff-x If 1 I 2 jfwx f,,... -v f ' 4 Q ' 1 N rr hy. XX.: wry ' X ' ,E ,x A , x r ' I A ff M' b"'JMf"' ww iw t 'LM wi Ay Hmm MW Wm W ww 'FW' ff WWQQZAL. 4231! :Kink fx A gimp L Q jp ' A 9 W L' I Cf kkwiff L ,N f'1Afi f jfriwd if K -Eflfigf fl! W 4' 1 ,Lf V. ,M . . - fw,K aff ,.xqs'M2gT'X 'vw . .ky e '5 -bt 33 XMWN . if 'WJ Q 6 EA A ,rf , Q SOPIEOYJ 8 DINQQN , -4 V ,f ' ' c, jf' 'j mofq 199503 A+, n i XS' 'JJ C qw 'fr 12. X. ,rf bo nkgl M' H ha A if i lk, I, 4 ape' 3 . G' ,bye -' J'x N. AA ? ' 22" pm :WW My if YI 1 QQ 3 f Uw',.555f'yf if . f W W 35225 - -v s- V--, l1.Tm,,-Vf 1 Arm W M ' M P ,J , i fWfjM7f 9? ifI,f Y QS Q xlfiw if NE VY' WW MW Q WfQA? ai W?" elf' 5.9-W' 'wi ' "V JJ Maw 4,'J,.,,Jf' -0'f"fzf"" www ,fund H , I fi, 'U ,MIDI V , ivy! J' Q u 6,0,,wy' ,gt A- 'Q V':L""4A2R1 ,M,43 - L J CM t Ju ' 7 417, Y Qi' 'Deng Q +. g . ' XZ X W L 1 wg, ,-,jiii ,,,1 9 -al-- i - Qf""". fx 1 N ' X , ,, W . v ----.Yi - W ' Qj' ,gi. 5 ,A-f 'E 'Ni 'Y L,-Wf YN" f,-7' L.:f-Q-,evrg--V - Q,-Ll V---V-,T . -,-. T,- ' -M Y P - d' J V 7-till' ' V jg I - - J" -1 ..f " ,J if tg -11 K YY WWA-i K 1,4 V ik v-jill r- fa. 77 i -.E . - V . KL, ' ,.a ..- ..f-1

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