Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA)

 - Class of 1947

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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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my yy EEXMEHZQ5 mwfw ??f? MW kgk' Y!W'M Ng A WXMWWWQMUW ?SWJYQ9fgwJJiWf'y,0jj!fiPiWwWM iii fbiiw awiyifhqwf' Dadmmyf 3 MQW' fiww be qfgjwwwglpgv M if Gy N5 Cm.,,m,,-c2,n,,,, SQ ix MJjWM GZ, im WM-WWW! Xgvgif fwgf9?J7M'7 QMS? M Q? Q? 99f QEQW QM am W f Qgjfgw XM Z7 QyWg 33 MjlQ S33 E gQ,y1f3,WW WfgywM 9 Z 4? if E Wy wyyfq gmc Q4XwW QNX I .2 ' Ir .15 ' rw? , 1, 3' ,Nr SQ' 4591- w vu, Q1 aff, I . 'A W- 1 Wai Q ap? , .ml 33:15 .7 vi 'H 1 4 gi iw . if 5131 -1 A f r , , A , ww A 5- , J .AJS JY ' I 0 , , 1 Q A Shop , - 4 'Z 1 X , f H5 film J. 'YQ V f , f f" ,. U , 7 "yy ,F .1 'ff ffl" LLB? E wi" A H 'jf ,ff 7 5? A 'A 'f f 'ff' aff 9 Q 0 Home Economics Cottage , 7 an1tor S House ig o T H1 i Q i 1 3 55-BEM ' Q9 if ' A Q b .' '1 ' Editor E E 45- Business Manager DELORES BLUNT C V j 3 ALBERTA COFFEY ij X L :E .S 5 ' a 06,00 Q95 'NON-VW Pulnfislzecl Ivy the Sfuaienfs of MOUNT VERNCN i HIGH SCHCCL R. F. D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia C' 1 GSW f ADMINISTRATION Let every rnan be occupied and occupied in the highest employment of what his nature is capable, and let his con- sciousness know that he has done his best. SENIORS The advantage of a classical education are twofold, it enables us to look down with contempt on those who have not shared its advantages and also fits us for places of emolu- ment, not only in this world, but in that which is to come. UNDERCLASSMEN The controlling Intelligence understands, its own na- ture, and what it does, and whereon it works. ACTIVITIES Tis said we learn by doingg So you see we have a shareg In various activities. To fail in this we would not dare. ATHLETIC If all the year were playing holidays To sport would be as tedious as to work. 3 FEATURES There shall be sung another Golden Age, The rise of leaders and of arts, The good and great inspiring epic rage, The wisest heads and noblest hearts. Wwywf g7,.,mJ! ww 0 Jwj ,EJ ,gfdffifill ww ,awe ,fy - 7K Www W, ,wwfff Wi? iffy I .1 VWVLZL ,-aiyvg M10 Wwj Zebra fm: . . . This year We, the Surveyor Staff, have chosen to honor our sponsor for her assistance in our under- takings for a better yearbook. We feel that her inspiring contributions merit for her special recog- nition. Her thoughtfulness, understanding Ways, friendship, and humor have made her a friend to each of us. Therefore, it is with pride that We, The Staff, dedicate the 1946-7 volume of THE SURVEYOR to Cvvlihh .fucmj jane .Bowman w W ,, fw- Y WF' Our Prilzcipal www S095 va- V' f? ,F .V Our Superilzffflzdelzi Q1 QW' ws' S 00080 MR. BUCKLEY,S OFFICE MRS. QUINLEY,S OFFICE Assisfa11fPri11ripczl Frcfsfomazz Coorcfizmfor MR. LANDES, OFFICE MRS. SETZER,S OFFICE Princijlal Svcvfefarj' Miss DEVAULT,S OFFICE MRS. HATCH,S OFFICE G1zin'a11c'c' Dirfrfor ViSjfillkQ Tf'ac'f9f'r 1 ,. ' af if fy I Q f. L yi' ELIZABETH lVlORRIS AMES A.B., Randolph-Macon Women's College English RALPH E. BUCRLEY B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Assistant Principal Plane Geoineiry, Science, Mafheinaiics VERA ADAMS COOK B.S., Lombard College, Chicago Normal Physical Ealzicafion, Geography MARY MABEL DEVAULT A.B., Emory and Henry College University of Virginia Dirccfiorr of Guiilanci' English JEAN CASTLETON DOYLE B.S., University of Virginia College of William 85 Mary, Farmville Social Sfuciics, English, Guidance REBECCA ENGLEMAN B.A., Mary Washington College Spanish, English, loiirnalism ALICE E. HATCH A.B., Brigham Young University University of Utah Visiting Tcachcr LORRAINE MARIE HEI.TON A.B., Marshall College, Duke University Social Sfzzdics, English WAPELLA D. HOUCHINS A.B., West Virginia Institute of Technology Duke University English, Physics, Unifcil Siaics Hisfory HUGH HOWARD JONES B.S., College of William and Mary Geo. Washington University Chcinisfry, Physical Edncafion IRWIN MARC KARSON B.S., American University World Hisiory, Civics, Public Speaking MELVIN B. LANDES A.B., Madison, Elizabethtown, McPherson Principal Geography HARRY ALEXANDER LEE B.A., Furman University Aihlefic Director Physical Education LUCY JANE LOWMAN B.S., Radford College Hcaa' of Cl0ifZIl7C'i'L'illl Dcpf. Typing, Shlorihanzl, Business English AIOI-IN H. MOORE B.S., Oklahoma State Teachers College Maiheinafics MILDRED ISABELL MCKEE B.A., Emory and Henry College Columbia University General Science LENORE L. PINGLEY A.B., and M.A., Berea College and University of Kentucky Algebra ana' Geometry HATTIE G. QUINLEY B.S., Radford, Virginia Intermont Freshman Coordinator English, Social Studies, Music FRANCES ALICE RICHMOND A.B., Flora Macdonald, College of William and Mary Librarian Library Science PURCELL M. ROBERTSON B.S., George Washington University, Radford College Head of Home Economics Department Home Economics Y CLARA BELLE ROBI B.S., Bridgewater and Madison General Math. DEssIE P. SETZER B.A., Bowling Green College of Commerce Ball State Teachers College Typing, General Business OSIE ELLEN TRIMMER A.B., Blackstone Preparatory School . College of William and Mary English, Latin BILLIE K. TURNER B.A., University of ldaho Physical Ealiication, Geography POLLY EDWARD WAID B.S., Radford College Girls' Physical Education Director Physical Education I LENA PARKE WHITT B.A., Campbell College, Madison College Heail of Social Science Department United States History, Civics MAIKY RUTH WILLIAMS B.S., Radford College Typing, Shorthand, Salesnianship, Bookkeeping JOSEIJIHIINE ELIZABETI-I WOOD B.S., Averett College, College of William and Mary Geo. Washington University Sopho-more Ad visor Biology REBA MARY WOODBRIDGE B.S., Averett College, Farmville, Geo. Washington University Home Economics CLE YOUNGWORTH B.A., Yorktown, Iowa State Teachers, South Dakota State Teachers Social Studies, Physical Education i f.. limits The School LIIJYGIEV Storeroom JAM MWMA7! WWW W . YK7 poyd LQ? M!! MM-Qff . ,WJ gfyuflf wb ,Z JWWW Z uovfj VZLZJ MJ All rf 9 K i NIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARY ELLEN MAYS CHARLES HEWITT Svrrcfary Treasurer PATSY MANN1Nc MISS DEVAULT WARREN DoDsoN Vice-President - Sponsor President MOTTO-"The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed." FLOWER-White Orchid. COLORS-Green and White. 'l14I' JOSEPH ALEXANDER LEONARD CHARLES ALLEN EILEEN MINAMAE ARICR GEORGE LEROY BAKER VERNON AUBREY BEACH 'l15l' EMMA CAROLYN BEVIS AUDREY DELORES BLUNT MARGARET HARROLD BUCKMAN DAVID LANDON CARTER ,? 3 ,f ' 9 ROBERT EDMUND COLE ETHEL MAE CONE ROBERTA DELOIS COOPER SAMUEL JAINIES CRAIG 3 I I Q I? S -J' ' fi' JULIA LORRAINE CLARK XVILLIAM RICHARD CLARK ALBERTA CHRISTINE COEEEY RICHARD SWEENEY COFLIN CHARLOTTE ROSE COLE 416i- MARGARET DUVALL -DAUGHERTY GENEVA MAE DODD DORIS ELIZABETH DODSON WVARREN MCLANE DoDsoN BETTY MARIE DOOLEY 7' 25 ,I If if 4 4 ' 'Iii' 'Ci Q 0 f Lv ky , is if -!17l' -IANIES HENRY DXY'YER HARRX' LEE ESTES BONNE JEAN FEDERALIN ROBERT GEORGE FENIMORE ,fgfrgigv ---Y' - Tf - -i,, JEANNE ELIZABETH FRINKS HELEN LEE FRYE GLORIA IRENE GARDINER BERNICE LORRAINE GARDINIER ff L, , M' , fi f' lv' f Q 1 ,, ,w.,:L J M an 1113? LORRAINE LOUCELLE FLAMMER LYNN QUETRELL FLEENOR ELLEN KEY FLINCHUM Lois JEAN FOWLER MARION PAULA FRANK CHARLES LANDON GORDON ROSE MARIE HARPER JAMES EDWARD HARRIS HAROLD FREDERICK HARTMAN ROBERT CHARLES HAUG 5' v , 'f .vi I I I, if QM I 4195" AMBER PAYE HENRY CHARLES BARNES HEWITT WILLIAM LEE HICRS ROBERTA COLLEEN HOPPE FREDERICK HOUSTON KAUFMAN NORMA ETHEL KIDWELL SUE PRISCILLA KING BETTY LUCILLE LAMBERT ,. Iliff I, ,Q , if f M Kg 6? I ' vii lf' af! IWILDRED ALICE HOWELL RUTH CAROLINE JONES HARRISON RUDOLPH JONES MARILYN ARLEEN JUDY ANNA LOUISE KAISER 420F' .mv 5751? J CLAUDE BURTON LAWRENCE VIRGIL BROOKE LAYTON HERBERT WILLIAM LEISNER MARGARET VIRGINIA LIMING PATRICIA ELIZABETH MANNING ZVV .v L Q, My 2 MARY ELLA MAYS CORNELIA GORDON MILLER GORDON HENRY MILLER JAMES HARRISON MILLER GLORIA ANNE NEWMAN PATRICIA ANN O,FLAHERTY EDWARD KYLE PAINTER NIAXINE REGINA PAINTER 1 lf ' 1 xr 1 X kj? f X. -1122? NORMA DIXON MITCHELL GEORGE ASHTON MORRISON FRANCES CATHERINE MUNDAY RICHARD PRESTON MURPHY EVERETT LEE NELSON K1 , f 6' I, NANCY LOUISE PARRISH MARY LINNELL PEGELOW LAURA ELIZABETH POWERS WALLACE COOKSON REEDER BARBARA ANNE RICE 4231- IRVIN LEROY RIIICEWAY JOAN LEE ROGERS JOSEPH LEO ROGERS MARY MINOR RUFFNER ,QT lv ,. 1 f , Aff? , J .K I AJ V X 4, 74 K V wk xg q .ff f V-ff .ff , ' 1' 2 71 f ROBER'4'IiYRRISfSIPES J I ls-f' , J I X . ,-7 K vi V., if CIIRICHARD MoNRoE,,:S'1x7I1T1g A f i' Y v'kxL,4f! I 1 J' - I f K ax K, if RODNEY DOUGLAS STEWART BETTY WINDSOR STRAUB -'I 24 I- DONNA LEE SCHIEVE GEORGE ELLIS SCHINDEL MARY GLENNIS SCHURTZ ALFRED MAXWELL SCHWARZ BETSY JANE SHOWALTER 1 A-I fri CHARLES WILLIAM THOMAS ROLAND ROBERT UHLER GERALDINE BURGESS VINCENT ROBERT HOLMES WADDELL iw! 1 SHIRLEY JU NE WALLIS -125 MARY GERALDINE WELCH ELVA CATHERINE WHITT N KEITH EVANS WILEY GERTRUDE BEATRICE WILLIAMSON fe 0 . - f F' T1 Q if fl' K , 'V N7 , , II' 5217 gf If ' f 9' X K ,, ji I , 7-f f ' f if If X J .., ,J I' ef Va-150219 WILMA HELEN WRIGHT JAMES NELSON YOUNG -Q26 IIEWELL DEE WILSON MARY IRENE WINDSOR 11- j,Vw6!,MfL27j Amy ,aid J-QZWJ MW Www 70 M -14.'7L,,,,f6fff-,df M .mfff-Vp! gf! 7 2? W WMU MM? MJ A-4-7 R Q55 af 7945 m JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BUDDY ROGERS , . , ,... Reporter KATHLEEN Coox ..A. President Miss WNITT .,.A... .Sponsor ANNE MCDONALD ..., Secretary EDWINA Moss ......... . Treasurer MARCIA GILL fmissingj , 4 , .A.. Vice-President MOTTO-"Education is the foundation of success." FLOWER-Red Rose. COLORS-Blue and Silver. 4253? ROGER ANDERSON EARL ALCORN JEAN ALLEN MILDRED BAYLISS II.A JANE BENNETT JOSEPH BOLLINGER VIRGINIA BOMRAMP ELMER BOOTH BENNY BOWERS ROLAND BROWN JOHN CATHEY JOSEPHINE CHINN CARL CLARK DORIS CLEM EARL COFFEY ROBERT COLLINS I , . ,AJQNES COOR f I f AIILEEN COOK KATHLEEN COOK KATRINA CRAWIORD GRAHAM DAVIS HELEN DAVIS RUBY DAVIS VILMA DAVIS JOETTA DAWSON ANN DODD ROBERT DUNCAN ROSE MARIE DWYER L Y..,. V, . .n,, JU...---il BARBARA DYSON CYNTHIA EDWARDS DOROTHY EMBREY GEORGE FENIMORE CHARLES FOLLMER ROBERT FLINCHUM PATRICK FRICKLETON CHARLES GEORGE MARCIA GILL MARVIN GORDON JACK GRAY JUNE GRIFFIN DOLORES GRIMSLEY CARTER HALL ALBERT HANSON RUSSELL HARLEY VIOLET HARRIS DORIS HARTMAN SHIRLEY HASTINGS VERNITA HOLLINS JEANNE HOOTMAN CARL HUDSON VIRGINIA HUFFMAN, RAYMOND HUNTINGTON WILLARD JENKINS EDWARD JONES MARY JONES GRACE KAI-LN JOYCE KIRKPATRICK WARREN KISENDAEEER GALE LAMBRIGHT OTIS LESTER ALICE LEVAY 'l I - BONNIE LOU LLOYD ROBERT LYLES THOMAS MCAULIFFE MARINE MCCANN THOMAS MCCREARY ANNE MCDONALD PHYLLIS MCINTURFF DOLORES MAHON WILMA MILLER BETTY ANN MILSTEAD DOROTHY MONROE VIRGINIA MORRIS MARJORIE MOSHIER GEBALDINE MORGAN EDWINA Moss SARA NEITZEY NANCY O,FLAHERTY IRVIN OT1s BETTY OVERLY XSUS PANACOS AUDREY PAUL LEE PAYNE JEAN PENN 'Tv QMUO 15,1 Fix 'U 'va fl Af' IJ! I G... S... , .,,,.,ff-l BETTY LOU PETITT JAMES PHILLIPS JOHNNY POSEY VELMA PURKS BEVERLY RELLER NORMA RIDGEWAY THELMA RIDGEWAY ALICE RILEY PATRICIA ROBERTS BETTY ANN ROGERS ELIZABETH ROGERS RICHARD ROGERS BETSY ROSE ROBERT SAPP PAUL SAULNIER 0 DIE:-IE SAWYER G my NEWMAN SHIFFLETT FRANCIS SHIRI4 ANNE SHOWALTER ERNESTINE SIMPSON JANET STEN HERBERT STEVENS MARGARET STEVENS DOAK STOWERS PAULINE SULLIVAN ALFRED TARPLEY JOE TORRES ANN THOMAS PAGE THOMPSON GARDNER VAN ScoYoc: JANET VIAR MARY JEAN WADE WILLIAM WARREN JEAN WARBRIGHT KATHRYN WEAVER HARVEY WESTBROOK HERBERT WHEELER DoRsoN WILCOX THELMA WILLIAMS CAROL WOLLON WILLIAM YOUNG I . 21 -ISSJ' 'z'1"! J SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JOYCE HILL ,.., .,., R rporfer JANE NICELEY. , . .,,, T1'mszn'e,r Miss WOOD . ..., ,... S ponsor CHARLES YOUNG .,.A. ....A P resident BETTY JEAN PLAUGHER. A . .,,. Vicc'-President RUTH DANT ......,., A , . Secretary MOTTO1ctN6V6f put off until tomorrow what you can do today FLOWER-Yellow Rose. COLORS-Green and Gold. 'I34I' Martin Adem Jean Alcock Esther Alt Herbert Alt George Angus William Appich Eugene Atkinson Emma Baker Thelma Basye Y 'G Mildred Batton lain -lla ,.,fQ Kyle Beach ' Betsy Beales Betty Beales Doris Bell . Jackie Bender, 5 'E IQ Anne Benton Marjorie Bollinger Charles Briscoe L t Lucie Brown Mary Bryant Ann Buckman Broadus Bunch A Edward Burlceholder Ann Cameron Peggy Carter Marguerite Cash Frances Caton Russell Clark Mildred Coffey Emily Cook Judy Cooney Gordon Cooper Virinia Cooper Barbara Copithorn Geneva Cornwell Elleanor Coumes Joan Crabtree Shelton Craig Berry Cranford Sheila Crofut :X y f I E l v ft sgfff 14 1 ' 3 ' N ' 1 , -U, , I X3 ., tw :Ni X E 2 s"l4 ' f an V , 4 , 1 'ww' .2 nf' V I 'l35l-' ff' I' f . lf f 1 Stella Curtis Carroll Cyr Roxanne Dachtler Dorothy Dail Lawrence Darr Earl Davis Gordon Davis - Shirley Dodd '- Eleanor Dodson Doris Dodson Richard Dodsonw Pa ge Dough ton I f wgpogi Betty Downs U 0, W' 0 Shirley Dove Shirley Eldert Kenneth Everitt Buddy Everly Audrey Fenimore Kent Fleenor Margaret 'Flinchum Janet Flowers .Ioan Foote Talmage Fraley - Barbara Freeland 'L Louise Fuller joan Gelling Emil Gintilini Catherine Hall Margaret Hayes L' Louis Harley 1 Janice Harris ,lames Hartman Joyce Hill jimmy Hinton Coley Hoffman Jeanette Holly ,Ioan Hogan Robert Hogan Benjamin Hudson John Hughes I . y .1 ' Q ' , iw, F, Mary Hutchinson Marion Hutchinson Doris Huntington NVilliam Jacobs Mary Jennings Donna Judy Robert Kaufman Louis Kaufman Pearl Kitson James Lamb Francis Levay Ross Limerick Thomas Lowery Walter McArtor Ruby McClary Chester McElroy Robert McKeown Laurie Magner Suzanne Miller Opal Moore Ellen Morris Robert Morris Carl Morrison Jimmy Murphy jackie Newman Gene Newville jane Niceley Betty Oden Edgar Odenwalder Herbert Otis Louise Painter Betty Perry Arthur Petitt Delores Petit: Shirley Pettit Betty Pflieger Berry Plaugher jean Pugh Horace Pulley John Quillan .07 ' V , ,germ WWWTQ xx Au A 'QQ fm - Q! K , ,,e,:,,.,. Keeeee ,. , xx X 4373'- fwfr I Tiff f x Helen Roland Eleanor Sanborn Margaret Sanborn Connie Sapp Helen Schwartz Hazel Shepherd Martha Shepherd Mary Shepherd Viola Shifflett James Shinault Inez Shirk Edward Showalter Anne Simms Joyce Simms Marie Simmons Dolly Snellings Raphael Solor Vernon Staples Charles Stevens Jeffrey Stewart Calvin Stover Quincy Stover Sonya Sponseller Richard Thomas Joyce Thompson llula Turner Raymond Violette Frances Volz Keister Walker Jerry Wells Weaver Young Young Yowell Barbara Zeh ring Youngswo XVicked eye Judy XVho am I? Epps, that is Baby Wfarren June is coming out Coach Waid FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS CLARENCE MORGAN JUNE PEARSON MRS. QUINLEY Vife-President Secretary Sponsor JUSHN FOGLEMAN RUSSELL CARTER BOBBY HARDING fnot picturedj Presiden! Rejurrfer Treasurer MOTTO-"Always Forward." FLOWER-W'ild Rose. COLORS1RCd and Gold. 1'40l' Robert Abel Michael Amlong Kenneth Barnhill Raymond Bell Walter Butts Russell Carter Marveene Dennis Eugene Duvall John Fogleman Justin Fogleman Anne Gallahan Raymond Grimsley Robert Harding Darlene Herman Thaddus Hudson Norma Lanier Barbara Matthey Norma Moore Clarence Morgan Billy Newman Janice Painter June Pearson Donald Piner john Rushton Richard Riley Sonny Scott Edward Simpson Bobby Sizemore Robert Sparks Edna Teague Norma Van Ormer Newman Wade Charles Wells , D 4 'F Af" Q E -Ni 1 - ' aj We A M .,... unmv, "., , i I ' A G2 J 4. fs- D 1 . . fe F 1 Q or Ibr , yi s B ,V U V re'a M, ',ra1- A N ' g fl! ' QD tl L, ', ' 2 1 'K 4 is X1 as if , A .pm ' ,Q '- ' is Q W. 1' A . v 5 I V L ,X 5 V K f , i , f, ii' R Y, , I 1 QW , . sl Y S, ' ' , ,. i R . Q ' I l , 942. Xe-r if: 3 ..,v xqgfy . ,3': , 3-6. ,,4., 4 ew -4s JK N M 1 ' w e if 1 -12 - 1. .- we 3 , , ,, W a x4 .N 0 5 FL f I3 Q le 6' ew 'Z l fW ,. , ' ?f: QW gal .r 5 , 'B KX 9 l , v 1 '- -4 4 sl 1: 'EJ' y S ala y r, M ri.. 'VN ,N li K -X N Q L 5 ' s fi , . ' ti. in T5 .gk :S i a R fe B fr XV. vVl,f 4' , , ,W ai 4411" J EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS VIRGINIA HUFFMAN, .. BOBBY KIDD ,,.,,, . , , MRS. QUINLEY. A , WALLACE STENCKE , . . BARBARA HEFLIN ,,.. , Louisa JONES fmissin sl A--' President , Vice-Prcfsident .....,.Sp0ns0r . . . Secrelary . A . ,Reporter . . Treaxurer MoTTo-"Rolling on to knowledge." FLOWER-Pansy. COLORS-Green and Silver. 442? Mackall Acheson Everett Alcorn Albert Allen Mary Allen Edward Alverez Rose Marie Alvarez Jerry Amlong Virginia Ayres Dorothy Bayne Virginia Beach james Beasley Mariam Berrett Nita Best Rena Best Carlton Blanchard Charles Blanchard Robert Bradel Ellen Bragg Betty Bronson Joyce Brown Leonard Bunch Geraldine Butler Jearlene 'Campbell Eloise Carmichael Chester Chinn Earl Clem Harvey Cohen Joe Conard Pearl Conard Prentice Cope Doris Cornwell Ernest Costello Marie Costello Langston Crabtree Earl Cubbage 'i43l" 4' Q: 44 1. Sally Dachtler Bobby Daves Betty Dalton John Dennis Marlene Dennis David Ditto Bernon Dodson Harry Dodson Shirley Dooley Mary Dudley Dorothy Duvall Bernice Dove Marjorie Downs Richard Downs Doris Dyson Ashby Ellis Clarence Ennis Betty Fiel Elsie Fielder Margaret Flaherty Delano Frye John Gelling Sonny Godfrey Lorraine Goltry Shirley Graves William Hanekarnp Allen Harley Irene Harley Raymond Harris Carl Hasle Betty Hatton Grace Haug Bruce Hecox Barbara Heflin Leah Henry Eleanor Hepler Sarah Beth Herr Doris Hicks Dorothy Hill Shirley Himm Rhoda Horowitz Marland Houck Virginia Huffman W'ilbur Hudson Shirley Hutchinson Effie jones james Jones Louise Jones Johnny Johnston Charles Kelly joycc Kerns Janet Kidd Robert Kidd Betty Kidwell Janet Kimmy Ruth King Thurman Kirk Leta Kirkpatrick Richard Lacey Barbara Leake Millard Ledbetter Dixie Lloyd Steve Logan Marie McCord Ann McGuin Ann McGuin Barbara McKeown Margaret Martin Patsy Mason Shirley Maters 6145?- 3,11 . 3 '9 4 :W J f. 7.4-. if . ,J f' .al 'ni B E.. or ,...., ....,,,.n.Q ah., ,,.,..,T.....1-.,..,a,.,,,., ....---1... Barbara Maxev Mary Maynard Mary Ann Mayo Bertha Meadows James Miller Blanche Morris Elsie Moore Wanda Moore Edith Morrison Edwin 'Morrison Diana Mueller Guy Murphy Marion Nelson Earl Newman Nita Newville jack Nix Paul Norfolk -Iohn Oden Ramona Pernell Opal Parsell 1 Qwilliani Paulett I Mary Lou Pearson Mildred Pearson Donald Penn hirley Peverill fl Billy Pettit Nancy Pettit Billy Peverill Douglas Phillips Ronald Platt Dickie Poole Darrell Powell Vergie Purks David Qually George Roberts Robert Roberts Amos Robertson Mamie Rogers Louis Rossie Percy Ruifner Dorothy Sawyer Josephine Salby Barbara Seymour Betty Scott Janice Scudder Joyce Scudcler Joan Shepherd Geraldine Shiflett Kenneth Shiflett Ernest Simpson Frances Spencer Anita Sponseller Wallace Steuke Robert Stover William Sullivan James Taylor Stanley Taylor Faye Thompson Doris Truesdale Charles Tulloss Phyllis Tyers Steward Van Scoyce Richard Waddell Jean Walker Elwood Walton Claude Warwick Jo Ann Watkins Lois Waybright Eddie Welch Robert West Harold Weston Lois White Dale Wilson Virgil Wilson Fay Wray john Wright Walter Woodring + Tr 7? 6 X S A V 17 5510725 LEONARD ALLEN NAVY-M M 3fc Asiatic-Paciic Theater-18 Months GEORGE BAKER NAVY-So. N. 1. H. Sfc American-Asiatic Pacific-38 Months RICHARD COFLIN NAVY-S 1 X c European-28 Months CLAUDE LAWRENCE NAVY-F lfc Asiatic-Pacific-30 Months GEORGE MORRISON ARMY TX4 European-3 6 Months LEO ROGERS NAVY-R D M 3 f c Asiatic Pacific-24 Months ALFRED TARPLEY ARMY--P.F.C. European-21 Months 'I 451' jp j,QwU T WM ff fffjwa W whiff 70VTl,g,A, WLM! WVWU if Lifffflfff .wjfbwff MAJ J7 W 4,6-44127 21 jgffff ,MLM W WMU vw-'lib pM .Zu AJ MWM7 41- ?l" "If is MISS WILLIAM s MARION FRANK fl I , I, , T N ,KL I. 5 f 1" af X7 .. iz if wif DORIS DODSON JAMES YOUNG not possible io fouml a lasiiug jmzwf' from i11j11stic't'." JERRY WELCH ,J ww -N1 ' wx A 4S Ny Nc! ell l V N AX N if The Student Government is Tn organization made u f MARY ELLA MAYS . p o representatives from the student body at large. It is organized in such 21 way as to help improve and exercise our philosophy of democracy In Mount Vernon High School. The officers and members arc elected by the students on the basis of loyalty, moral integrity, and dependability. SUN' EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT STANDING: D. Blunt St'I'l'1'fl1 ry of Sanilafirm P. O,Flaherty Sc'r'n'1r11'y of ACfiL'ilic',i C. Gordon Sl'l'l't'fz1l'3' of Safefy P. Manning l'l'dl'Yj' of Puklir Rvlaliorzi SITTING: J. Young Pwxizlcrzf "l5Ul' JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT LFI-'T T0 RIGHT: B. Sparks B, Warren C. Young L. Henry C. Gordon Dixlrirl Aflurlwy STANDING: S. Craig, lmlgr Throughout the school year 1946-47, many things have been accomplished, which have contributed to the welfare of the school. Cur major project this year was our magazine campaign, the proceeds of which were used to open a drive to raise funds for bleachers and lights for the athletic Held. One of our most colorful events this year was our annual George Washington's Birthday Ball. The Judicial Court also comes under the Student Government, and they have done a Wonderful job- this year. They try cases and sentence any offender for misdemeanors, such as eating in halls, mis- conduct around school, etc. This year we were proud that parts of our constitution were used in the handbook published by the National Association of Students Councils. The Student Government, gi hard working, efficient, and cooperative group of students, is striving towards a better school with more school spirit, and SIHHCIS ready IO SCFVG MOLIUE Vernon High School to the best of its ability. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Row ONE, left to right: S. Wallis, L. Schubel, S. Sponseller, KI. Nicely, W. Woodring. Row Two: W. Dodson, K. Weaver E. Turner, Duvall, B. Heflin. ROW THREE: G. Baker, V. Huffman, H. Dodson, J. Cambell. Row FOUR: R. Stewart, Q. Stover, F. Spencer, G. Van Scoyoc. STANDING! Mary Ella Mays, Spvalzrr of the House. "I5ll' . ,X .ball www YEA RBOOK STAFF Szuiul Rogers, assistant business managerg D. Blunt, editor. Sftlllillflg A. Coffey, business managerg Miss Lowman, sponsorg P. OFlaherty, art editorg A. Henry, assistant editorg N. Mitchell, advertising editor. This year the "Surveyor Staffi' got an early start. About the second week in Septem- ber the staff began to organize and solicit membership. Any student in school had the opportunity of becoming a member of the staff. Thirty-Hve reported to the first meeting and made plans for electing officers. Mr. Penny and Mr. Hicks of the Brown-Morrison Company paid a visit to our school in early September, at which time the contract was signed and the cover for our book was picked by a committee of students. At the next meeting n slate was presented to the staff and at this same meeting our present officers were elected. Mr. Joseph Loeb, of Alexandria, was secured for the purpose of taking our pictures and he began early in October. Students were excused from school to go to Alexandria to have their pictures made. Anyone of us who assisted in the studio during this time will tell you that we enjoyed every minute of it. As A token of his appreciation of our service Mr. Loeb presented each of the helpers with leather picture folders. XVhen time came for group pictures here at school everything of course, was a mix-up. Classes had to be re-routed and some cancelled in order to make way for the photographer and if you don't think this was a headache, just ask Mr. Landes. YEARBOOK STAFF ' 'V 'J f.f"f'f f, A W 4 ,, 7 , V . , .cM,,,,.,, ,, Left lo rigbl: J. Pugh, li. NX'hitt, M. Pegelow, P. Mclnturff, B. Overley, S. King, Frirrksl L. Young, V. Liming, P. Carter. 'l52l' "We did not fail to remember Ez'm'y01ze who deserved to get 4 ,,i if A place' among l'0llf't'fC'lf nzemoriefs Lest you forget-Lest you fOfgf'll.'H CIRCULATING STAFF M. Judy, typing editor, B. Straub, assistant advertising editor, R. Hoppe sports editor, G. Gardner, feature editorg P. Manning, sports editor, F. Arick, literary eclitorg I. Wfindsor, assistant art editor. The advertising staff carried away honors in bringing in subscriptions. Our receipts this year have exceeded all previous years. Along this line the staff sold Christmas cards, note paper and all-occasion cards to help build the yearbook fund. Of course the whole school knows what a task we had in promoting and complet- ing the school mirror selections. It took eighteen girls half a day to compile votes and another day for two of us to complete the list. In this same respect we began to complete plans for selecting our school beauties. After selecting twenty girls, photographs were taken to an unknown man to choose twelve girls for the final competition, which was to be judged by john Robert Powers of New York City. One Sunday these twelve girls gathered at the Blunt residence, to have their pictures taken. After moving furniture and racking our brains for about four hours we succeeded in completing the ordeal. This year our yearbook function was a combined, tacky party, carnival and dance. Anyone who was there can vouch for the success of the event. Well, students, here is your 1947 USURVEYOIU' and we hope after you have read through the book and have an idea of our task, you will find many hours of enjoyment leafing through the pages in your future years. ADVERTISING STAFF fs. i Lefl lo rigbf: C. Gordon, C. Cole, R. Brown, M. Howell, R. Sipes, M. Frank, C. Hill, C. Bevis, j, Philips. i 53 l' ff . f' . 1: , i Q . V . . . ,,,.,gf 15 f M-1. 9 J' - ,gl if ivy? W, "Deeds boib brave and bold By fzlfzzre writers shall be fold." EM VEE HI PAPER STAFF Silfirzg, left lo rigbi: B. Waddell, P. Manning, J. Welcli, P. O'Flaherty, M. Frank, P. Buckman, R. Stewart. Sfunding, lefl to righf: A. McDonald, G. Miller, D. Carter, M. li. Mays, Miss Engleman, H. Leisner, B. Sipes, R. Jones. The Em Vee' Hi staff was organized in September under the sponsorship of Miss Engleman. Pat O'Flaherty was selected to head the paper as editor. Jerry Welch and Marion Frank were selected to help her as assistant editor and feature editor, respectively. Peggy Buckman assumed the job of news editor. This year Em Vee Hi opened its paper for advertising which meant that the busi- ness staff had to be enlarged. Bobby Sipes, who already had experience in that Held, be- came business manager with Ruth Jones assisting him as advertising manager. Herbert Leisner and Gordon Miller took care of circulation. Rodney Stewart and Patsy Manning were selected to head the sports department. A new feature of the sports page was a column "As I See It", written by Gus Panagos and featuring news and views on athletic events and outstanding school athletes. 454l' The front page featured a drawing, usually a scene reminiscent of the months, by the able art editor, David Carter. To Anne McDonald fell the job of reading exchange papers and selecting from them interesting bits of news to pass on to Em Vee Hi readers. Mary Ella Mays had the diffi- cult job of keeping up with all the alumni and writing a column for each issue telling of their doings. Club Corner, a column devoted to club activities, was Bobby Waddell's responsi- bility. Bobby persistently visited club reporters and sponsors until he got the news. Throughout the year Em Vee Hi featured a series of articles on outstanding students selecting a boy or girl each month as student of the month. A column entitled "Our Facultyl' contained articles on two of the new faculty members each month. There is not space to mention individually each member of that very essential part of a paper, the reporting staff. Newspaper work was new to most of these people, but, although they found the job of hunting up the news a difficult one, they worked faith- fully. The typists. too, deserve credit for a necessary job well done. The function sponsored by the staff, was a Christmas dance held in the Odd Fel- lows Hall in Alexandria with Bobby Sipes and his orchestra providing the music. A spe- cial feature was a jitterbug contest. REPORTERS OF THE PAPER Kneeling, front: R. Duncan, J. Stewart. Sitting, left to right: R. McClary, M. Moshier, R. Dant, A. Levay, R. Dwyer, C. Edwards, M. Ruffner. Standing, left to right: J. Bender, E. Dodson, C. Follmer, D. Dale, M. Cash, K. Fleenor, B. Haug, A. Henry, G. Panagos, M. Howell, R. Brown, C. Hall. 4551, W? ,if f f 4, N 1 "Through fbi' mrfrfizmz of Voice Our bwzrfx do rr'joic'1'." GIRLS, GLEE CLUB Fira! row, leff to right: A. Paul, M. Bollinger, L. Flammer, J. Simms, B. Coperthorne, J. Hill, Viar, J. Penn, M. Penn, J. Crabtree, B. Milstead, C. Miller, A. Cook. Sefomi row: J. Grifhn, M. Flinchum, M. Cash, E. Pettit, V. Harris, P. Mclnturff, E. Moss, S. Nitzey. Third row: J. Wilson, W. Wright, D. Weaver, S. Crofut, E. Flinchum, N. VanOrmer, M. Simmons, S. Curtis, K. Weaver, D. Embrey, M. Daugherty. Fourth row: J. Harris, K. Cook, D. Monroe, L. Garner, B. Lloyd, D. Sawyer, Ii. Dodson, D. Dale, M. Wade, J. Dawson, V. Huffman, V. Cooper, A. Dodd, D. Herman. Pianist: B. Plaugher, Our Glee Club this year has surpassed all years in membership. It was necessary to form a Senior Girls Glee Club, Boys Glee Club, and an Eighth Grade Glee Club. Our aims this year have been to create a desire for music and appreciation for a bet- ter quality of singing. We have studied two part, three part and have stressed a mixed chorus as our objective. The Club has participated in assemblies at Christmas time, and at other school func- tions, also entered the District Music Festival for the Hrst time at George Washington High School. We have purchased our long waited for vesper gowns, which will add greatly to our appearance. Each Club elected its own ofhcers who have carried on all businesses, kept records and made cash contributions toward improvement of the Athletic Field. We feel that with this year's work our future years will be more profitable and pro- gressive. "l55l' BOYS, GLEE CLUB 'Qi A A17 Firsf row, left fc right: B. Sipes, C. George, A. Schwarz, D. Westbrook, R. jones, Quillan. Svvoml row, left fo righf: P. Daughton, R. Violent, E. Coffey, R. Stewart, B. Sparks, G. Van Scoyoe, R. Pearson, W. Reeder, P. Philips, T. McAuliEe, C. Rivers, M. Gordon. Tbinl row, left fo right: R. McKeown, R. Thomas, R. Riley, E. Gintilini, E. jones, T. Fraley, P. Posey, G. Newville, C. Hoffman, O. Lester, P. Thompson, R. Limerick, W. jenkins, Newman, j. Wells. Pianirf: J. Simms. EIGHTH GRADE GLEE CLUB lflrif row, lvft I0 rigbf: M. Maynard, B. Kidwell, R. Parvcll, M. Allen, V. Syers, B. Bronson, M. Lohr, R. Best, B. McKeown, V. Black, S. Groves, G. Haug, V. Purks. Svumnl row, lvfi I0 rigbf: F. Wray, L. Henry, M. Costollo, E. Simpson, P. Ruflner, V. XVilson, M. Bonner. Tbiril row, lrff fo rigbf: D. Lloyd, J. Watkins, E. Welsh, N. Newville. I"01n'fl9 row, lrfl to rigbf: A. Harley, B. Kidd, S. Mater, R. King, D, Phillips. Fiflb row, lvft fo rigbf: E. Moore, P. Tycrs, G. Shifller. Pianist: jean Walker. 'l57? O all lfvosrf urfx in which the wise m'r'rll, Q" f ti J' V fv w , ' , rl-fi ,Q If NATIONAL HONUlr QUCIETY ff SX if 3 .5 L i Iron! row, lvff fo rigbl: D. Dodson, M. E. Mays. Bale row, lrfl to riglal: W. Dodson, Miss Lowman, Sponsor. In May, 1945, the Lawrence Washington Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized at Mount Vernon High School. The purpose of this society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of Mount Vernon I-Iigh School. , wwf c' aff . 3 2 K1 Z 8 ff' f , o, I.H.S.H.S.J. 6 Nulurrt rloifff lnasfwfziccc is wrifing well." UUIW l Left to right: S. Hastings, P. O'Flaherty, R. Stewart, M. 'Fran The Edgar Allan Poe Chapter of Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organized at Mount Vernon early in 1946. Although most of the those initiated at that time were seniors, three members of the junior class were taken into the society. To be made a. member of the society, a student must be scholastically in the upper third of his high school classg he must have clone distinctive work in some phase of high school journalism, and he must be recommended by the ad- viser of the publication, and he must be approved as being worthy of membership by the society's executive officer designated for that duty. "He was a sfudeni, and u ripe and good one Exceeding wise, fair-spoken, and persuadzng k el W . L 7 I ,iw 1 ,v In the palace, cottage, loovel, Oh, no matter where the place O UJSAKER5-O "Blessing on the band of women! 1 'Z ZW! S m 2 Angels guard its strength and grave, K5 4- fl' - 'ly lu 7 ir, Q I 0 D l ' 'Q U- : 9 93 On the floor, left to riglot: D. Weaver, treasurer, E. Whitt, A 1 Q reporter. O , , JJ, o Seated, left to right: K. Weaver, vice president, E. Flinchum, 5 V., 0 president, J. Rogers, secretary. Shzmling, left to rigbt: B. Dooley, program chairman, Mrs. D A Roberston, sponsor. "Dear F. H. A. Thy daughters praise theef, Surely you have heard that familiar tune sung by a member of the home economics club. What! You haven't? Well what about attending one of the bi-monthly meetings? Our activities for the year were: A talk by a minister on religious ideals in family life, assist in the repair of clothing and house- hold equipmentg put chapter on sound financial basis, training in parliamentary procedure, sent representatives to State convention, kept a scrap book, had informal social, mother- daughter banquet, sponsored a dance, familiarized girls with careers in home economics and attended the district federation meeting. ' The club this year was under the direction of: Ellen Flinchum, president, Kathryn Weaver, vice president, Joan Rogers, secretary, Dorothy Weaver, treasurer, Elva Whitt, reporter, and Mrs. Purcell Robertson, sponsor. l W, H 1,1 I' 7,5 .g f g If ,,f,:gsf 'M M., k.,,,,,::, .wth M, I ,, W V r,.f,M. K v I. ,, V. .7 . Q" 1 1 fx M V , A V. :W Y' I , .L yy, 1 . ., N , vm YW I K rv ,A I .1 A - g. 'V -,. Nav I ,a .MP x - Jai? ...iffy ay! VV rpm: First row, left lo right: M. Judy, B. Showalter, K. Hall, J. Allen, A. Buckman, V. Shiiflet, L. Schubel, A. Thomas, G. Newman, D. Dodson, B. Plaugher, J. Niceley, D. Judy, A. Simms, S. Wallis B. Oden, I. J. Bennet, D. Clem. Seeomf row, left to right: M. Flinchum, C. Cole, J. Crabtree, A. Fenimore, D. Huntington, B. Rhodes L. Brown, E. Morris, E. Colmus, D. Dail, D, Snellings, R. Dachtler, V. Cooper, B. Petitt, M. Stevens S. Dove, Mrs. Robertson. row, left to right: Miss Woodbridge, A. Cameron, E. Dodson, M. Cash, H. Frye, R. Cooper B. Lambert, G. Schurtz, F. Munday, XV. Wright, A. Dodd, R. Harper, S. Miller, B. Freeland, J. Abbot, E. Cone, V. Griffin, R. Dant, E. Simpson. 1 n y Tbinl . 'V v dfiifiy "There is always room at the fopf' Svatml, Ivft fo right: M. Ruffner, P. Buckman, R. Brown, Mr. Karson, R. Hoppe, B. Dooley, N. Parrish. Firsl row, xlumliug: B. Keller, R. Dwyer, E. Cook J Hootman M Frank P M ' , . , . , . annmg. Svrvmf row, xtamlingz M. Sim S. C f '- P mons, ro ut, G. Baker, A. Rilcy, C. Edwards, D. lzmbrey, C. Rivers, E. Booth C. Crim, R, Thomas. Democracy in the class room is the basis for t Speaking Club in which each person is allowed to acldre benefit from the constructive criticism of the other members he informal meetings of the Public ss the group and receive and The club feels that current political problems are of utmost importance to all students. In order to awaken the critical faculties in each of them many speeches are given both pro and con on various topics of political interest. Each member may choose his own field of public speaking for which he feels he can best qualify. There is a choice of oetr r 'd' bl' matics, and debating. p y ea ing, pu ic speaking, prose reading, dra- ters candidates in the Virginia Literary League Contests held annually at Charlottesville, Virginia. The club this , Hoppe, vice presidentg Betty Dooley, secretary, Peggy Buckman, treasurer, Mary Ruff- ner, reporterg and Mr. Marc Karson, sponsor. The club also coaches and en year was under the direction of: Roland Brown, president' Roberta 'l6Ul' 4' -' XV M, "If people pracliced the Golden Rule, Tlnrrffs be no need for jmfrols af school." With the help of Officer Shoemaker and the Fairfax County Police, the Patrols were organized for the school year 1946-47. This organization works directly with the police department, and in this way it feels that it has a job to be done, and more responsibility is placed on each member. Each member feels that it is an honor to be able to Work with the regular force. The organization takes pride in its beneficial Work. This organization is headed by the Secretary of Safety who is a member of the Presi- dent's cabinet. This year the patrols have had a most successful year under the leadership of Charles Gordon as Secretary of Safety. The officers assisting Charles were: Richard Smith, Captain, Marvin Gordon, Richard Coflin and James Harris, Lieutenantsg and Maxine Painter, Secretary, Member must be approved by the Nomination Approval Committee on the basis of honesty, impartiality, dependability, neatness, courtesy and satisfactory grades. The purpose of the patrols is to organize and enforce safety in and around school, and on the school buses. They also have .the privilege of reporting students on misde- meanor charges. In this way they help enforce the school regulations. This organization works directly with the principal and the student government, and they are doing a fine job for our school. Fnxi rou.',l1'ff fo riglai: Mr. Landes, S. Eldert, R. McClary, I.. Flammer, E. Dodson, K. Beach, P. Carter, Crab tree, P. Mclnturff, C. Gordon. Suomi row, left fo rigbf: LI. Hill, V. Harris, M. Gordon, R. Collins, R. Rogers, D. W'eaver, V. Huffman, B. Dyson Tblrtl row, lcff lo riglat: M. Simmons, R, Smith, K. Xvalker, C. Morrison, R. Coflin, Wlilson, M. Flinchum B. Rose. 4 61 If X "Hare Faifh am! a score of bearfs wfll show Their Faifb in your work and z1'en1'." S Ifirxt row, lrfl fo rigbf: D. Monroe, N. Parrish, M. Ballinger, B. Capithorn, E. Dodson, B. McElroy, J. Viar, G. Lambright, D. Dial, Ii. Baker, I.. Magner. Srrnml row, lrfl fo right: S. Sponseller, D. EI. Snellings, K. Flecnor, D. Herman, H. Davis, H. Roland, F. L. Caron, I.. Gardinier, ,I. Pearson, V, Huffman, B. Perry, Ramona Berg, B. Cranford, H, Schwartz, Miss Waid, Miss Wood. In order to become a member of a Senior Scout Troop a girl must meet the follow- ing requirements: 1. She must be 15 years old or a student in high school. 2. She must willingly subscribe to the Girl Scout promise and laws. 3. She must pay her Hfty cents national membership dues. The Fairfax County Girl Scout Council was organized in January. Under the new organization the Mount Vernon troop was changed from troop 12 to troop 22. Several money making projects were undertaken during the year. These included a Hallowelen dance, Girl Scout calendar sale, and the sale of hot dogs. Fifty dollars of this money was contributed toward the fund for bleachers for the athletic Held. The re- mainder was used in furnishing and decorating Mrs. I-Iatch's ofhce which was the meet- ing place of the troop. In December, the troop helped in the sale of tickets for the Messiah presented by the Alexandria Choral Society, and collected toys which were given away at Christmas. On January 4, fifteen of the members attended a Regional Senior Conference in Wash- ington. Everybody was busy during the spring learning out-of-door skills and hiking in preparation for a week-end camp. Along with the fun and good times throughout the year, the troop tried to keep "Service" as the central theme for their activities. This year the girl scouts were under the direction of the following: Lorriane Gardiner, president: Virginia Huffman, vice-presidentg Eleanor Dodson, Sonya Sponseller, secretaryg Janet Viar, treasurer, and Miss Josephine Wfood, sponsor. A -1162? 1 X I "Give ibn' world flat' bex! you loan' Aml the best will come back fo youf, Fits! row, left io right: N. Parrish. Sefoml row, left to right: M. Amlong, D. Dodson, M. Ruffner, J. Scudder, R. Solot. Tbirn' row, left lo rigbf: gl. Selby, R. Dachtlcr, D. Carter, QI. Brown. Iiourflv row, lvff lo riglal: Miss Woodbridge, R. McClary, li. Moore. Another Monday morning means another Art Club Meeting. The weekly club meetings were devoted to comprehensive studies of various types of Art expression. To become a member? - - - I-low? First of all the pupil's artistic ability was recognized, then he or she was invited to try out. If they were successful, they became a full pledged member. The artistic type during leisure time probably paint smudges on their hands, faces, clothes, and other belongings, not to mention a conglomeration of paper, paint, brushes, rulers, stubley pencils, and other artistic paraphernalia lying around. The artist may have been standing off and squinting through her eyelashes to get the effect of her latest creation, or the artist may have been chewing the end of an already well-masticated pencil, trying to get "an idea." All of this Work and effect is usually of some service to the school, when an artistic piece of work needs to be done at school. Whether it be the making of place cards, banquet decorations, or posters the Art Club contributes willingly their ideas and ingenuity. The Art Club aim of the year is to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of art to help one use leisure time in an intelligent, enjoyable, and profitable way. The public realized this aim when they saw the very commendable art exhibit which was given at the school. This year the club was led by Doris Dodson, president, Eugene Solet, secretaryg Nancy Lee Parrish, treasurer, and Miss Woodbridge, sponsor. -l63l' :ssl ,. .gf Q Vg, If iw I 5, lfxfl , , ,f ' ig! This is the second year that Mount Vernon has participated in activities sponsored by the Virginia High School League. Through school contests students were chosen to represent the school in the literary and forensic contests, which include debating, public speaking, prose and poetry reading, and spelling, and in the creative writing division. N AMERICA N LEGION CONTEST Early in the year Mr. Karson sent out a call for all those interested in debating. Many responded, but some of these dropped out when they realized how much time and work would be required. The question was "Resolved: That the federal government should provide a system of complete medical care available to all citizens at public expense." Faithful workers were Marion Frank, Catherine Crim, Cheila Crofut, Roland Brown, and James Young, who believed aflirmatively, and Peggy Buckman, Mary Ella Mays, Rodney Stewart, Wallace Reeder, and Joe Alexander, who upheld our present set-up for medical care. These students spent long hours doing research, some of it in the Library of Congress, and then debating, first within the school and later against teams from other schools. Practice debates were held with George Washington High and Washington-Lee High. In March an afhrmative team composed of Marion Frank, Roldan Brown and Catherine Crim and a negative team composed of Peggy Buckman, Rodney Stewart and Mary Ella Mays debated against the teams of Fairfax and Falls Church and were declared county champions. April 12 the same afhrmative team and a negative team composed of Peggy Buckman, Wallace Reeder, and Mary Ella Mavs went to the District H, Group II, con- test in Fredericksburg. The afhrmative team won first place thus becoming eligible for the state meet April 25. if Lf I to right: W. Reeder, S. Crofut, M. E. Mays, R, Stewart, P. Buckman, Mr. Karson, M. Frank, R. Brown C. Crim, J. Young. 'fl 64 1- if 7 5 PUBLIC SPEAKING, READING, and SPELLING CONTESTS Contestants for the public speaking, poetry reading, and spelling contests were selected in March. Poetry reading, girls' prose reading, and spelling were especially popular and from fifteen to twenty-five people tried out for each of these. Contestants finally selected to represent the school in the district follows: Sheila Crofut and Clinton Rivers, prose readfng, Roberta Hoppe, poetry reading, Patsy Manning and John Cathey, public speaking, Henry Dwyer, spelling, Sheila and Clinton received first places in the district contest. CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST The Creative Writing Contest is sponsored by the Virginia High School League and Mount Vernon entered for the first time this year. Students interested in creative writing sub- Firsi row, left to right: J. Cathey, H. Dwyer, C. Rivers. Sccoml row, left fo riglal: S. Crofut, P. Manning. Third row: R. Hoppe. mitted their work to their English teachers. Each teacher in turn selected the best essays, short stories, and poems written in her classes and entered them in the school contest. About twenty- five poems, fifteen short stories, and fifteen essays were submitted. Two of each type were then selected to be included in the booklet which was sent from the school to the state contest. The short stories by Rose Marie Dwyer and June Griffin, the poems by Ramona Berg and David Carter, and the essays by Pat O'Flaherty and Fred Kaufman were selected. X X, -'-vw .., N , V. I ,-I ,f Left to right: J. Griffin, P. O,Flaherty, D. Carter, Miss Engleman, F. Kaufman, R. Berg, and R. Dwyer. 4651" . ' ?f fe? 1 , , fy, , ,ly xifyyf, gr. fj T1 7 5 60 Qg.5,gm.f gy ey' AMERICANA QUIZ Americana Quiz is a contest on American His- tory between five students from schools of the Washington area. It is conducted over Station WMAL each Saturday evening at 7 o'clock by Mr. Edward Boykin, who founded the program. The winners of the first and second places ap- pear on the next program with three students called from other schools in the area. The program is sponsored by the Curtis Brother's Furniture Store of Anacostia, Mary- land. Curtis Brothers give each of the two win- ners a twenty-five dollar bond. They give each of the other three contestants five silver dollars. The contest this year was carried out on a different plan than that of former years. For- merly the school was represented by a team, each member of which was held responsible for ques- tions pertaining to a certain period of American History. This year a single contestant repre- sented the school and he was responsible for all questions. Lvff I0 riglalf H. Dwyer, P. Buckman, M- Ruffner, An invaluable aid to contestants besides a G- Van SCOYOC, MBS Whlff- course in American History is having read his- torical fiction. This gives a person many facts which aren,t obtained from ordinary textbooks. Our school was represented on Americanl Quiz this year by Peggy Buckman, who ap- peared twice, by Mary Ruffner, who appeared once, and by Henry Dwyer, who appeared twice. Gardner Van Scoyoc was to have bgen our next contestant, but the programs were discontinued the first of April until next fall. Our school was pleased with the showing that these made on the program and are looking forward to next year. DEBATE SQUAD This year Mount Vernon entered the essay and oratorical contests sponsored by the Ameri- can Legion. Medals are awarded the first, second, and third place winners in each contest in each school participating. The first place winner is eligible to enter the district contest. The subject for the essay was "America's Contribution to a Permanent Peacef, Winners in order were Fred Kaufman, Catherine' Crim, and Jewell Wilson. Those entering the oratorical contest had to use subjects pertaining to the United States Constitution. Winners of this contest were Delores Blunt, Sheila Crofut, and Mary Ruffner. Lrff I0 right Wilson, C, Crim, F. Kaufman, S. Crofut, D. Blunt, M. Ruffner. 13 at YE 3 ,,,, M3 M gm 3 M 5 , 6951 MWMMM . WW! F WWMZWL J7,gW7a VA' ' ff .lflffizfw ,L6'f'44'Zj nfnfllwfy J A my ww 7f yjfzd fwfwf WW WJ jfvffdo A4 4,'Y4.,-if FCOTBALL The 1946 Mounti-e football team was again in the limelight this year. Athletic Director Harry Lee guided his team through one of its most successful seasons, being assisted by Mr. H. H. Jones, a former Alexandria High School grid coach. The excellent gridiron showing earned for the Majors the Northern Virginia Championship for Class B high schools. Again this year, many of the home tilts were played on the George Washington High School field. For this privilege, we are very grateful to those who made this possible. Also, as an added event, we were hosts to the Newport News, Va., ball club as our overnight guests: an event which has become one of our customs when playing this team. Much credit is due each player for his enthusiasm and undying loyalty to his teammates by constant and hard practice, and a lively spirit at all times. l l LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lee CCoachJ, T. McCreary, B. Sparks, W. Warren, Mr. Jones QAssistant Coachj. I -'I 68 lf- LEFT Row Row Row Row FOOTBALL SQUAD TO RIGHT-ROIU 1: R. Waddell, E. Welch. Z-M. Gordon, R. Jones, W. Young, C. George, G. Miller, S. Craig, W. Warren, P. Thompson, A. Schwarz, Q. Stover 3-V. Beach, Miller, B. Waddell, Young, W. Jenkins, E. Alcorn, C. Thomas, H. Harkman, B. Sparks, C. Young K. Everette, S. Craig, D. Carter. 4-C. Gordon, E. Painter, L. Rogers, D. Murphy, A. Tarpley, R. Stuart, T. McCreary, G. Panagos, K. Wiley, J. Alex- ander, H. Lee, Coach. 5-R. Rogers, H. Stevens, G, Newville, R. Huntington, D. Cook, J. Stuart, j. Sinault, R. Morris. 4'l59l' Football Lettermen of 1946 Captain Harold "Nose" Hartman, back3 senior: weight, 160, 2 years on squad. Key man in Majors' defense and aerial department. Triple-threat, selected on 1946 All-High team for Metropolitan Area, however, due to injuries obtained in 'Fairfax tilt was unable to participate. Gordon "Punchy' Miller, guardg senior: weight, 1453 3 years on squad. A veteran in the Major line, bore his share of the brunt throughout 1946 season: Scrappy and aggres- sive youngster. Richard "Dicky,' Murphy, tackle3 senior: weight 2003 2 years on squad. Burly, but is spite of size was frequently seen upon the gridiron for the Majors. Best spirit on squad. Robert "Bob" Sparks, back, freshman: weight, 1753 1 year on squad. Great freshman sensation, excels in broken field running. Scampered over goal in Culpeper clash for final pointer to claim Majors' first District championship. Rudolph "Randy" jones, end: senior: weight, 1555 2 years on squad. Shifted from back to end this season, lived up to expectation in the '46 campaign, sensational defensive man. Sam "Judge" Craig, guard, senior: weight, 1463 2 years on squad. Fast charging and hard hittingg suffered loss of teeth in game with Montgomery-Blair. Loves to play. Robert "Bobby" Waddell, guard, senior: weight, 1653 2 years on squad. Great improvement during season. William "Bee Bee" Warren, tackleg junior: weight, 1923 3 years on squad. The big-little boy of the Mountiesg a hard hitting defensive gridster, has even greater aspects for next season. Rodney "R. D." Stewart, tackleg senior: weight, 1653 2 years on squad, Exhibits great determination. Most improved player on squad. Vernon "Booter', Beach, back, senior: weight, 1553 2 years on squad. Hard plunging fullback: threw many touchdown tosses. Missed last half of season due to head injuries received in Blair game. james "Sonny,' Young, back, senior: weight, 1453 2 years on squad. Scored the lone marker for club in final half of James Monroe game by driving 6 yardsg excellent punter and leather-luggerg suffered broken finger in Page "Tillie" Thompson, end: sophomore: weight, 1553 1 year on squad. Slashing end on defense, he is fast and can dope out the attack of rival teams. Great future. Willard "Lardie" Jenkins, back: sophomore: weight, 1523 1 year on squad. Speedy, hard driving Leeman, gave Hnal ver- dict for teammates in Woodward Pre match3 clever broken field runner. Charles "Egg" Thomas, back: senior: weight, 1553 2 years on squad. High spirited ball player. Suffered injuries while performing in the Montgomery-Blair game. Team's best blocker. 'WUI' Football Lettermen of 1946 William "Ticky" Young, guard: junior: weight, 1685 2 years on squad. Experienced gridster: shared honors in opening classic with G.W.g starred both on defense and offense. Even greater things are in store for his opponents in the 1947 season. Alfred "Al" Schwarz, tackle: senior: weight, 165: 2 years on squad. Displayed outstanding ability at times. Joe "Alex" Alexander, guard, senior: weight, 1505 2 years on squad. Exhibited great spirit, even though he got a slow start proved to be a cinch in several encounters. Keith Wiley, tackle: senior: weight, 1793 2 years on squad. Showed great improvement over last season, essential cog in Mountie machine: a bulwark on defense. Robert "Common" Cole, tackle: senior: weight, 180: 1 year on squad. Great defensive man, exhibits determination at all times. Charles "Charlie" George, center, junior: weight, 162: l year on squad. Proved himself to be a capable center, taking over the load in last half of season. Leo "Leroy" Rogers, guard: senior: weight, 158, 2 years on squad, veteran. Backed by Naval experience he proved to be an asset to the Major line. Handicapped by broken ribs and fractured knee during season. Warren "Sonny" Dodson, center: senior: weight, 145: 1 year on squad. Regular J.V. center, in spite of size proved to be an asset in backing up the line. Earned letter with spirit to varsity in last stages of season. Charles "Cattish,' Gordon, center: senior: weight, 14-7g 1 year on squad. Top-notch center, performing exceedingly well at all times, efficient defensive man. Suffered broken ankle in Montgomery-Blair tilt which proved to be a great loss to teammates for remainder of season. Eddie "Sunshine" Painter, end: senior: weight, 147: 1 year on squad. Developed into excellent kicker. Thomas "Mac" McCreary, end: junior: weight, 1605 1 year on squad. Great pass receiver, a lanky lad who is expected to do great things next season. Alfred Tarpley, tackle: junior: weight, 169, 1 year on squad. Long and lanky, possesses great perseverance. Veteran, first year at Mount Vernon. Kenneth iKenny" Everitt, back: sophomore: weight, 160: 1 year on squad. One of the most promising lads for '47. Brought home his share of winning points. Gus Panagos, end: junior: weight, 149: 3 years on squad. Versatile Leeman, because of this he served in various capaci- ties. 4711- Weight Team :X 1 ff. J X. 1 -infix Kun' Our, lrft ia right: D. Piner, W. Butts, P. Norfolk, B. Dodson, l. Duvall, W. Pettit, B. Kidd, B. Hicox. Row Tun, lvfl la rigbf: H. jones fcoachj, D. Penn, J. Wright, L. Rossie, E. West, B. Peverrill, H. Dodson, -I. johnson, C. Hasle. 1947 GRIDIRON RESULTS DATE HOME TEAM SEORE OPPONENTS SCORE September . . .Mt. Vernon 0 .... . . . George Washington. . . . 20 September . . .Mt. Vernon 0, . .... Georgetown Prep. . . . . . 0 September . . .Mt. Vernon 13 . . . . . .Falls Church . . . . . . 8 October . . .Mt. Vernon 26. . . ...Manassas .. . . . . . 0 October . . .Mt. Vernon 13 ..., . . . Manassas .... . . , . , 0 October . . .Mt. Vernon 7, . . . .Fredericksburg , , . . . 6 October . . .Mt. Vernon 13. . . .... Montgomery Blair, . . . . . 18 November . . .Mt. Vernon 0 .... .... M orrison ........, . . 20 November . . .Mt. Vernon 12. . . .... Woodward Prep. , . . . 0 November , . .Mt. Vernon 26 . .... Culpeper ..,.,. . . . 0 November . . .Mt. Vernon ..,. .... O pen November . . . Mt. Vernon 0 .... . . . Fairfax . . 6 December . . .Mt. Vernon 7, . . . . Lorton . . . . . , . . . . 12 Fioofball Managers R. WADDELL, W. JACOBS, E. WELCH 'l 72 I- The Young Brothers CHARLES, JAMES AND WILLIAM .-- I H -xx ,I kry, , .f , All High-HAROLD HARTMAN Cl08?fl0dL!8f-JERRY WELCH Bus fo Montgomery Blair Game ALL HIGH STARS This year, Harold Hartman, flash triple-threat man, was placed in the line-up for the annual All-High-Alb Prep tilt. This is the second season Mount Vernon High has been included in the event, which is played in Wash- ington for Metropolitan Area gridsters of outstanding ability. However, due to severe injuries just before the tilt, "Nose" was kept from performing in the clash. But in spite of this unfortunate occurrence, he was awarded a gold football and a sweater for the honor he earned. For the first time, our school has the privilege of placing a cheerleader on the All-High cheering squad. Jerry Welch, our human pretzel, was chosen to represent us in this capacity. As a result of her performing in the event, she was awarded a sweater and a skirt by the sponsors of the event. Luck to you two celebrities! Mount Vernon is proud of you. Culpeper Game '48 'l 73 I' Monogram Club FIRST ROW, lrf! fo righi: B. Crump, D. Coflin, W. jenkins, S. Craig, K. Wiley, J. Alexander, L. Rodgers, D. Mur phy, V. Beach, il. Quillan, W. Dodson, C. Thomas, G. Miller, B. W dd ll A. l SECOND Row: Coach Lee, J. Welch, N. Mitchell, V. Liming, ning, A. Riley, E. Turner, P. Buckman, B. Overly, E. THIRD Row: Q. Stover, H. Dwyer, J. Young, N. Shifflett G. Baker, B. Warren, T. McCreary, P. Thompson, R. a a , Sc iwarz, K. Everett. E. Arick, D. Blunt, R. Hoppe, M. E. Mays, P. Man Moss, R. M. Dwyer, L. Flammer, Coach Waid. , H. Hartman, E. Odenwalder, A. Tarpley, R. Stewart jones, R. Cole, C. Gordon, E. Alcorn, W. Young. In the middle of last year the Monogram Club organized. At first, the membership was restricted to persons holding two or more athletic letters. It was changed later so that a person holding one athletic letter was eligible for membership. A committee was appointed and drew up a constitution by which the members must abide. The purpose of this club is to bring the holders of athletic awards closer together to further a general desire, this desire being to promote further the ideals of fairness, good sportsmanship and the ability to lose or win with a grin. This club is not for boys exclusively but girls holding one or more athletic letters are eligible to join. Persons holding two or more letters are eligible to take part in the voting activities. This year officers are: James Young, president, Gus Panagus, vice presi- dent, and Patsy Manning, secretary and treasurer. -l74l' 1 J -' ,ks Cheerleaders lf ,xiyaf Vx . J The cheerleaders, better known as the "lung bustersf, came through again with flying colors. Game after game the Uplucky eight" fought rain, snow, or what have you, to get to a game-but they were always there. Their rewards varied from laryngitis, sprained ankles, stiff necks and straight hair, to the greatest attainment of it all, their letters. Did anyone happen to see Jerry and Mary crying on each others' shoulders after the G.W. game? And poor Milly! What a time she had all season keeping up with her megaphone! Then there was Ducky to rely on to show up with a bag of those "tickle stoppers"- lemons to you. All of us will remember the home coming game with Morrison, when the Morrison cheerleaders and four of us stayed at Jerry's. And, too, weren't we a proud bunch when we had movies made of us at the Fairfax game? Our "human pretzelf' Jerry, never ceased to cause sensations with flips and other acrobatics. This helped her a great deal in representing our school on the All- High cheering squad. We were all proud of this honor because this was the hrst year we have ever been represented. Extra credit is due Amber, Jeanne, Kitty and Marjorie who cheered through basketball season, and led the largest cheering section for this sport that our school has ever had. Our job as cheerleaders has ended for the year, but in true cheerleading style, we give three hearty cheers to the success of next yearis teams! I, U in ., Qaj Mary Ella ay75FEg5-ptaiimjigbj Jerry Welch, Co-Captain, Qcj Delores Blunt, Cdl Jean Frinks, Qej Marjorie MN! iseiffj Mildred Howell, Sect'y-T reas.g Qgj Amber Henry, Qhj Katheryn Weaver. rrp' ff 'ss' T' e 73 e r 4 vs P X 'Nz Boys' Basketball Fmsr Row, lvfl to rigbi: A. Tarpley, C. Hoffman, Mr. Jones, coach. SECOND ROW: A. Schwartz, G. Miller, M. Gordon. THIRD Row: R. jones, S. Craig. FOURTH Row: T. McAuliffe, B. Clark, E. Odenwalder, R. Huntington. 1947 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Home Team S core january 10 .... . . .Mt. Vernon 31 January 14 .... . . .Mt. Vernon 27 January 16. , . . . .Mt. Vernon 1 January 21 ..,, . . .Mt. Vernon 40 January 23 .,.. ..Mt. Vernon 14 January 28 .... . .Mt. Vernon 28 January 51 . , . . , ,Mt. Vernon 19 February . . . . . . Mt. Vernon 30 February . , . . . .Mt. Vernon ZS February 14. . . . .Mt. Vernon 27 February . . . . .Mt. Vernon 21 March 6 .... . . .Mt. Vernon 30 -1 76 Opponent Occuquan .. Manassas - - . Falls Church Stafford .... Falmouth .. Falls Church George Washi Occoquan .. Stafford . . . Falmouth .. Fairfax . . . Fairfax , , , n gton Score ..40 .38 ..20 25 .. 18 29 78 24 29 50 65 41 CAPT. TARPLEY CLARK JON ES MILLER Center Forward Guara' Guard F orwara' 7-,,,,,....f .li FALLS CHURCH GAME MANASSAS GAME CRAIG MCAULIFEE GORDON GDENWALDER Guard Forward Guard Forwa ra' 'I77l' Girls' Basketball 'K FIRST Row, left io rigbf: E. Arick, F. Flammer, P. Manning, M. Mays, R. Hoppe, E. Moss, S. King, A. Sho- walter, M. Flinchum, Miss Waid, coach. SLQONU Row, loft lo 1igbi: D. Blunt, E. Turner, P. O'Fl.1herty, E. Finchum, B. Showalter, B. Freeland. THIRD Row, left to fight: B. Overly, E. Yowell, E. Whitt, A. Riley, D. Judy, R. Dwyer, J. Rogers. 1947 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Home Team -T Score Opponent Scofc Jan. 10 Mount Vernon. . . . . 9 Occoquan , . Jan. 14 Mount Vernon. . . . . 10 Manassas . . . . Jan. 16 Mount Vernon.. .. 8 Falls Church .. Jan. 21 Mount Vernon. . . 16 Stafford . . . . Jan. 23 Mount Vernon. . . . . 4 Falmouth . . . . . . . Jan. 24 Mount Vernon.. .. 15 George Washington Jan. 28 Mount Vernon. . . . . 11 Falls Church . . . . Feb. 6 Mount Vernon. . , . 33 Faculty . . . . Feb. 11 Mount Vernon . .. 13 Occoquan . . Feb. 13 Mount Vernon. . . . . 14 Stafford . . Feb. 14 Mount Vernon. . . . . 17 Falmouth . . Mar. 3 Mount Vernon. . . . . 18 Fairfax . . . Mar. 6 Mount Vernon. . . . . 19 Fairfax , . . "l78l' K FALLS CHURCH GAME MANASSAS GAME E. TURNER Forward R. M. DXVYER Forward M. E, MAYS Forward L. FLAMMER Forward A. RILEY E. FLINCHUM M. FLINCHUM P. O,FLA1-IERTY E- MOSS, Cfltmliff R. I-IOPPE, Co-Captain Guard Guard Guara' Guard M1155 WMD, Com-1, 'l79l' Varsity Baseball Team FIRST Row, left lo right: "Happy" Lee, Mascot. SECOND Row: R. Morris, Coach Lee, R. Sapp, W. Jacobs, V. Beach, E. Duvall, G. Miller, J. Young, H. Dwyer, J. Alexander. CoAcH LEE "HAPPY" LEE, Mascot Date April April April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May May 2 3 8 11 18 19 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 1 2 S 6 7 9 13 16 20 27 29 Home Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount THIRD Row: G. Vzm Scoyoc, C. Gordon, T. McCreary, P. Thompson, R. jones, W. Jenkins, K. Everrett, N. Shiff- lett, W. Dodson, R. Murphy, R. Flinchum, C. Clark, C. Hogman Baseball 1947 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Team Vernon Vernon . Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon ::'Class A and Prep Schools. 4803" Score 8 6 15 10 18 3 11 3 7 16 3 21 6 8 13 8 17 8 13 7 9 Opponent Score Alexandria Boys' Club . S James Monroe ........ 2 Manassas ..... ,.,.... 8 Falls Church . . . . . 5 Culpeper .... . , 7 Gonzaga ...... . . 4 James Monroe . . , . . 3 Anacostia ..... . . 1 Occoquan . . . . . 6 Manassas . . , , . 13 Devitt ........... . . 6 Stafford ............. 3 George Washington . . , 13 Central ,.....,...... 2 Nat. Training School . . 13 Fairfax ............. 6 Stafford ........,.... 3 George Washington .. . 6 Bullis .........,.,.., 5 Fairfax .......... . . 5 Washington-Lee . . . . 7 Falls Church .... Culpeper ,...... . Washington-Lee . . Gonzaga ....... f .A SENIORS Fmsr Row, left to right: V. Beach G. Miller, H. Dwyer, D, Murphy, J. Young. SECOND Row: C. Gordon, W. Dod- son, R. Jones, A. Tarpley. . I MANAGERS . J. Alexander, R. Morris, C. Hoffman Junior Varsity MAJOR HURLERS Lefi to rigbl: W. Jacobs, R. Sapp, H. Dwyer, R. Jones, P. Thomp- son, E. Duvall, N. Shifflett. if in ..-..:", FIRST Row, lcff to right: P. Doughton, R. Huntington, E. Newville, B. Flinchum, K. Everrett, A. Schwartz, A. Tarpley, M. Gordon, W. jenkins, E. Atkinson, C. Clark, Stover. SECOND ROW: M. Ledbetter, E. Welch, Torres, H. Stevens, D. Cooke, C. Young, L. Rossie, L. Bunch, F. Alcorn, H. Dodson -I-812' Baseball f,f': I f,,,V i LV 7 , , AQ-. Eighth Grade Team rmsr Row, lvft I0 rigbl: R. Solon, j. johnson, j. Miller, T. Quigley, I.. Bunch, E. XVclcl1, L. Rossie M. Ledbctter, XV. Sullivan. SECOND Row: Coach jones, J. Gelling, A. Allen, li. Alcorn, E. West, NV. Hudson, H. Dodson. ? Softball ,X 61,1 llvmggfffr f .,.' 4 4,545 FIRST ROW, Ivfl to rigbf: R. M, Dwyer, E. Turner, V. Liming, D, Blunt, M. F. Mays, Welch, R. Hoppe P. Manning, N. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: M. Bollinger, K. Fleenor, V. Harris, A. Riley, J. Wfison, B. Lambert, B, Nwilliamson S. Crofut, A. Benton. THIRD Row: P. O,Flaherty, Managerg Miss Waid, Coachg A. Henry, Assistant Manager. 19-17 SOFTBALL SCHEDULE Date Home Team S April 8 Mount Vernon . . . April 11 Mount Vernon.. . .. April 18 Mount Vernon.. . April 24 Mount Vernon. ., .. April 26 Mount Vernon . . . . . April 28 Mount Vernon . . . . . May 2 Mount Vernon . . May 5 Mount Vernon . . . May 8 Mount Vernon . . . . . May 16 Mount Vernon . . . May 20 Mount Vernon . . . core 14 6 3 10 21 ,118 -'9 2.2 V 10 4835, Opponent Manassas . , . Falls Church Culpeper , Occoquan .. Manassas ,. Stafford Fairfax . . . Stafford . Fairfax . . . Falls Church Culpeper . . . Scor e 0 19 2 4 18 10 13 3 13 Our 61515555 I-Typing Class, 2-Chemistry Class, 3-Eighth Grade Music Class, 4-Solid Geometry Class 5 Girls Physical Education Class, 6-Geography Class, 7-Salesmanship Class 8-Home Economics Cla? 9- 1 S, Physlcs Class, 10-Bookkeeping Class. 'l 34 lb 7 W ..g,. WWWM WMM? aww! KM! 7L,,g,bfvw1 LJ Jfhmga MMM MMMU ZMJJL 70 fi WJ? f W J WMW74 ,wwf A If Lf':nlw'sbi11 sIAM ES YOUNG In1'elligc'm'a' FRED KAUI-'MAN M SjJ0rz'x111ansfQij2 GORDON MILLER Personality MARY ELLA MAYS f ,lf f 7 X, Mos! Popular MARY ELLA MAYS CHARLES GORDON Most Musical EDWINA Moss ROBERT SIPES Laziest ERNESTINE SIMPSON PAGE THOMPSON Hafllbivsf JERRY WELCH CHARLES GEORGE . .I 87 I, Most Dependable' WARREN DODSON MARCIA GILL x 6 1 f , rg, . X If! IM Xt, M31 XJ lj 'I I I ,I I N F ffiyf J Q f QA! XG' ,gf Most Original MARION FRANK CHARI.ES THOMAS Wiiliesi NORMA MITCHELL WILLIAM YOUNG Best Danvcrx MILDRED HOWELL Gus PANAGOS Most Likely To Succeed JAMES YOUNG PEGGY BUCKMAN Most Ailolelic HAROLD HARTMAN PATSY MANNING 4188? Besi Looking Bcfsf Dressed AMBER HENRY DELORES BLUNT RANDY JONES DINKY WESTBROOK MOSI' Arfisiic' PAT CYFLAHERTY DAVID CARTER Most Intclligenf DORIS DODSON FRED KAUFMAN 43922 Best All A round MARY ELLA MAY9 JAMES YOUNG JOHN ROBERT POWERS A a I N c v c o n r 247 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK CITY I7 February l7lh, l947 Mlss Delores Blunl Edifor, "Surveyor" MT. VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Roule I , Alexandria, Vlrglnla Dear Mlss Blunl: Il has been a greal pleasure lo judge lhe beauly conlesf for your yearbook, 'Surveyor. The pholographs of fhe candldales, which you sub- mlffed, were all so allracllve lhal I found If dll- llcull fo make a declslon. As e mafler of lacl, lhe Cook lwlns are bolh so aflracllve lhal, with your permlsslon, we would like lo name lhem equally as runners-up lo lhe queen. If was also dilllculf lo make my selecllon wllhoul seelng and lalklng lo each conlesfanf. l The fhree girls were selecled on fhe basis ol personallly, characler, and lnlelllgence, as well as lor nafural beaufy. My cholce was Influ- enced, of course, by my greal inleresf In and admlr- alion for fhe hhfural Girl. Il fhe conleslanfs are ever ln New York If would be a pleasure lo meel lhem. Wilh besl wishes lo fhe confeslanfs, lo lhe slall ol lhe nSurveyor,n and lo the sfudenls of Ml. Vernon High School, I am , . Sincerely yours, ohn Roberf Powers jRP:ea l9Ul' AMBER HENRY fl , fi , ,, 49' QI , Y f, Q4 Q,-in .X V ,u,,,., , if fm , 'X w O 1 CMV A57 if ff'f"f.' ff , Q? xx ff I ,- A 7751 eff? ALICE COOK KATHLEEN COOK .I Q1 1. 7 v-,v vlr' ,H i. x S A Q' FEW K, ' A Gardiner 41- Virqlnioz Lirning hifi f Y: . ' 'Q' iff W pf' DQHOJWIGS' Blum 'Nigga . J M, 3 5 1. 3,15 ' s,,. 4 4 lx.. .. 45 . 3 ff? 1 if fy .ff fi. was .5 NA Q LI. . ' 'F F Sf 2 -'ff 5 " eil f W b 1 ' A A i ,fy ' . QW-ff Lk 4 I H, f., Sm br Directv y .JOSEPH ALEXANDER---Alfa-Bamum-Box 243, Franconia Road, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Flying plane- Ambition: President of United States-science club, 2 years, student government, I year, art club, 1 year, football, 3 years. LEONARD CHARLES ALLEN1Af-ROUIC 4, Box 281, Alex- andria, Virginia-Ambition: Electrical engineer-science club, I year, football, 1 year. EILEEN MINAMAE ARICK-Clairlz-U-S9-D, Gray's Hill Village, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Bowling-Ambb tion: to get married-home economics, I year, year- book, 3 years, paper staff, I year, basketball I year, Manager, softball, I year. GEORGE LEROY BAKER+CbIlWl1R.F.D. 7, Lorton, Vir- ginia-Hobby: Sports-Ambition: College-science club, I year, newspaper club, I year, football, I year, public speaking, I year, student government, l year. VERNON BEACH - Booter -- Lorton, Virginia - Hobby: Sports-Ambition: To be known in the sports world- baseball, 2 years, football, 2 years. EMMA CAROLYN BEvIs-Carol-Route 3, Box 652, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Collecting phonograph records-Ambition: To amount to something some day- glee club, 2 years, paper staff, 1 year, home economics, 2 years, yearbook, 2 years. AUDREY DEI.ORES BLUNT-Durlay-Blunt's Lane, R.F.D. 34, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Collecting perfume bottles-Ambition: To be a singer-student government, 3 years, secretary of sanitation, library club, I year, president, glee club, I year, cheerleader, 1 year, basket- ball, I year, yearbook, 2 years, editor. MARGARET BUCHNIAN-Peggy-Route 4, Box 408, Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Journalism-Ambition, Noth- ing in particular-basketball, 3 years, public speaking, 4 years, paper staff, 2 years, softball, I year. DAVID CARTER-David-Ft. Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Drawing on books-Ambition: Art College. JULIA LORRAINE CLARK-Indy-Route 4, Box 441, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Movies-Ambition: To travel-basketball, I year. WILLIAM CLARKTS!II0llf'J'1R.F.D. 4, Box 650-Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Billards-Ambition: To go to college-basketball, I year. ALBERTA CHRISTINE COFFEY1LilflU Om--Route 5, Box 467, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: "Av Boy- Ambition: Stenographer-home economics, I year, paper staff, I year, library club, I year, yearbook, 1 year. RICHARD SWEENEY C0FLINTHFIfj'1R0UtC 3, Box 23, Alexandria, Virginia. CHARLOTTE RosE COLE'Cbdf-ROUYC 5, Box 87, Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: Nurse -home economics, 3 years, glee club, 2 years, year- book club, 2 years, patrols, I year. ROBERT E. COLE-Cole-Route S, Box 76, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Building-Ambition: Civil Engineer- football, I year.- ETHEL MAE CONE-Ethel-R.F.D. 3, Box 22, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Dancing-Ambition: Private Secretary-home economics, 2 years. ROBERTA C. COOPER1Bl'ffJ'+DUkE Street Extended, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: Nurse-home economics, 2 years. SAM J. CRAIG-Illdlgt' Craig-Gray's Hill Village, Mt. Belvoir, Virginia-U-I9-B-Hobbies: Women and design- ing planes-Ambition: To get through college and be an Airplane Designer-public speaking club, I year, art club, l year, yearbook, l year, football, 2 years, student gov- ernment, I year. MARGARET DUVALL DAUGHERTY-MH7'gCiROUEC 4, Box 369, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Writing letters to Ralph and collecting pictures-Ambition: To become a successful housewifwglee club, 3 years. GENEVA MAE Doon-Ian-Route 4, Box 78, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Roller skating-Ambitionz' Surgical Nurse-glee club, I year, paper staff, I year, Spanish club, 2 years, pep squad, 2 years. DORIS ELIZABETH DoDsoN-Dorix-U-4I-A, Gray's Hill Village, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia-Hobbies: Oil painting and collecting classical records-Ambition: Study art and psychology-art club, 2 years, student government, 4 years, glee club, 2 years, library club, I year. WARREN DoosoN, JUNIOR'S01771j'1U-41-A, Gray's Hill Village, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Hunting-Ambi- tion: U. S. Marine Corps-student government, 3 years, science club, I year, football, I year, baseball 1 year. BETTY MARIE DOOLEY-Dooley-Route I-Hobby: En- tertaining Army Hospital with U.S.O.-Ambition: To live in Texas and speak Spanish-glee club, 4 years, Girl Scouts, home economics, 3 years, public speaking, I year, library club, I year. JAMES HENRY' DWYER'Hfl1!'Yjl1L0fI0H, Virginia- Hobby: Hunting and fishing-Ambition: Dentist-base- ball, 2 years, yearbook, 2 years, Americana quiz. HARRY LEE EsTEs-Route 3, Box 603-D, Alexandria, Virginia. ROBERT GEORGE FENIMORE-Bob-R.F.D. P, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Sports-Library Club, I year. LORRAINE LOUCELLE FLAMMER-Flapcake-Route S, Box 342, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Basketball and boys -Ambition: To be a dancer-Girl Scouts, I year, glee club, 4 years, library club, I year, basketball, I year, paper staff, 1 year. LYNN FLEENOR - "QU - Lorton, Virginia - Hobby: Hunting-Ambition: Millionaire-baseball, 2 years, foot- ball, 2 years. ELLEN FLINCHUM-Fli11ClJiKTR.F.D. 5, Box 265, Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: To be somebody worthwhile-basketball, I year, baseball I year, home economics, 2 years, president and vice president, P.W.F. club, president glee club 2 years, vice president patrols, I year. LOIS JEAN FOWLER-IUHMIIG-BOX 62, Fort Belvoir, Vir- ginia-Hobby: Snap shots-Ambition: Nurse-home makers club, 1 year, art Club, 1 year. MARION PAULA FRANK-Frankie-Grays Hill Village, U-38-A, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-Hobbies: Drawing and swimming-Ambition: Commercial artist-paper staff, 3 years, public speaking, 2 years, Pan American club, I year, Spanish club, I year, debate team, 2 years, art club, I year, student government, 1 year, yearbook club, 1 year. JITANNE ELIZABETH FRINKS1ICd'fl11F"R0Ut6 3, Box 2, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Sports-Ambition: To be Mrs. C. M. Thomas-cheerleader, I year, yearbook club, I year. HELEN Frye - Helen - Springfield, Virginia - Hobby: Collecting pictures-Ambition: Housewife-home eco- nomics club. GLORIA IRENE GARDINER-G66 Gee-Box 544, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Dancing-Ambition: Model or secretary-paper staff, I year, home economics, I year, yearbook, I year. BLRNICE LORRAINE GARDINIER-Rdnif-ROUEB 3, Box 36, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Boys-Ambition-To loaf-glee club, Girl Scouts, 1 year. 4534? cniar CHARLES GORDON-Caifisla-Lorton, Virginia-Hobby: sports in general-Ambition: To be an athlete-glee club, 4 years, yearbook, 2 years, patrols, 4 dent government, 2 years, football, 3 years, baseball, 2 years, basketball, 1 year, paper staE, 1 year. years, stu- RQSE MARIE HARIAER---Rosie-Route 4, Box andria, Va.-Hobby: Music-Ambition: Surgical Nurse -glee club, 1 year, paper staff, M year, Spanish club, 2 years, pep squad, 2 years. 566, Alex- QIAMES HARRIS1HdfTiSTR0UEE 4, Box 250, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Playing my guitar-Ambition: Navy -basketball, 1 year. HAROLD HARTMAN-Nose-R.F.D. 4, Box 370, Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Eating-Ambition: College -football, 3 years, Captain-monogram club, 2 years. ROBERT CHARLES HAUG-Bobby-R.F.D. 4, Box 619, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Riding horses-Ambition: Veterinarian-paper staff, 1 year. AMBER PAYE HENRY-Forever-404 K'ng Street, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Keeping a diary-Am- bition: College-dramatics club, 2 years, paper staff, 3 years, home economics, 1 year, library club, I year, yearbook, 2 years, basketball, 2 years, cheerleading, 1 year. CHARLES HEWITT-Charles-2429 Cameron Mills Road, Groveton, Va.-library club, 2 years. WILLIAM Hicks - Cheers - Lorton, Virginia - Hobby: Swimming-Ambition: Navy. ROBERTA COLLEEN HOPPE-Hoppe-63-A Jadwin Loop, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Calling joe Alexander "Peachy,'-Ambition: Career in Physical Therapy- basketball, 2 years: softball, 2 years, Spanish club, 2 years, public speaking, 2 years. MILDRED HOWELL-Milly-Route 1, Box 520 Alexandria, Virginia--Hobby, Dancing-Ambition: to be a model- glee club, 1 year, science club, 1 year, yearbook, 1 year, paper staff, 1 year, home economics, 2 years, cheer- leading, 2 years. RUTH CAROLINE joNEs-Rudy-Route 1, Wellington Villa-Hobby: The Bridge-Ambition: Travel to Alaska after graduating-paper staff, 1 year, patrols, 2 years, glee club, 1 year. HARRISON RUDOLPH joNEs-Randy-R.F.D. 5, Box 323, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Airplanes-Ambition: Electrician-football, 4 years, baseball, 3 years, basket- ball, 1 year. MARILYN ARLEEN JUDY-Lynn-Route S, Box 83, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: Stewardess4yearbook, 1 year, home economi:s, I year, art club, 1 year, library club, 1 year. ANNA LOUISE KAISER-Anna-Route 4, Box 342-A, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Singing. Ambition: Nurse-glee club, 1 year, Spanish club, I year, Pan American club, l year. FREDERICK HOUSTON KAUFMAN'FI'L'l,'-'l45 Nineteenth Street, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Military insignia and stamps4Ambition: Electrical engineer. NORMA ETHEL KIDWELLiN0fl11dl22S Collard Street, Groveton, Virginia-Hobby: Collecting snapshots. Am- bition: Senator's secretary. SUE PRISCILLA KING-Oodie-1309 King Street, Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Basketball. Ambition: Learn to pilot a plane-home economics, l year, year book, l year, basketball, 2 years, softball, I year. BETTY LAMBERTTBFflX"'L0fEOH, Virginia-Hobby: Col- lecting jewelry. Ambition: To be a nurse-home eco- nomics club, 1 year. Z? rectory CLAUDE BURTON LAwRENcE, JR.-Ill7ZIOflR.F.D. 4, Box 514-, Alexandria, Virginia--Hobby: Boxing-Ambi- tion: College. XVIRGIL BROOKE LAYTON'Bf00k.YiR.F.D. 1, Engleside, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Collecting snapshots. Am- bition: Business man. HERBERT WILLIAM LEISNERTBl'Hf71S?ROUfC 4, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Shooting pool. Ambition: Pro- fessional basketball player-science club, 1 year, stu- dent government, l year, paper staff, l year. MARGARET VIRGINIA LIMING-Ginny-Gray's Hill Vil- lage U-37-B, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-I-lobby: Collecting pictures. Ambition: To get married-home economics, 3 years, literary editor, paper staff, I year, home eco- nomics, I year, softball, 3 years, yearbook, 1 year. PATRICIA ELIZABETH MARGARET MANNING-Patsy-124 Gunston Road, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Swim- ming. Ambition: College, Lab technician-public speak- ing, 4- years, student government, 1 year, paper staff, yearbook. I year, pep squad, monogram cl'b, l year, basketball, 3 years, softball, 2 years. MARY ELLIS MAYs-Mary-Route 4, Box 377, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Having fun.-Ambition: To go to college-student government, 3 years, newspaper staff. glee club, 1 year, honor society, 2 years, Spanish year, cheerleader, 2 years, softball, 1 year, bas- 1 year. 2 years, club, 1 ketball, CORNELIA GORDON MILLER-C0111lfF1ROUIC 1, Box 231, Alexandria. Virginia-Hobby: Horseback riding-Ambk tion: Learn to pilot a plane-Girl Scouts, 1 year, home economics, I year. GORDON MILLERiP1lUCbj'i35 East Walnut, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: coach-football, 3 years, yearbook, club, 1 year. Sports-Ambition: To be a football years, basketball, 3 years, baseball, 2 1 year, newspaper, l year, science JAMES MILLER-Iiuzmy-Mount Vernon, Virginia- Hobby: Sleeping-Ambition: None-paper staff, I year. NORMA DIXON MlTCHELLTS!7l0kjl-RCUEC 1, Box 136, Springfield, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: Stenographer-home economics, 1 year, patrols, 1 year, softball, 3 years, yearbook, 2 years, library club, 2 years, treasurer. GEORGE ASI-ITON MORRISON-"GF!JYgF1B0X 812, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Reading-Ambition: Aeronau- tical engineer-Science club, l year, library club, 2 years. FRANCES CATHERINE MUNDAY-Ffd71!'FX-'ROLZIC S, Bax 510, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Dancing and movies-Ambition: Interior decorator-patrols, l year, home economics, 1 year. RICHARD MURPHYTMIIVflbj'-l.O1'fO1'1, Virginia-Holy bies: Woodwork and sports-Ambition: Multi-million- aire-student government, 1 year: art club, 1 year, patrols, l year, basketball, 1 year, manager, football. 2 years, baseball, 2 years. EVERETT LEE NEISON-Bculz New-Route 4, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Ambitionz To get out of school-basket- ball, 2 years. GLORIA NEWMAN-Gloria-Route 1, Alexandria, Vi"- ginia-Hobby: Dancing-Ambition: Szcretary-home e'onomics club, 2 years, glee club, 3 years. MURIRIEL RU"H NYBERG-Suiiv-Temple Trailer Village, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Swimming-Ambition: To use my knowledge to the best of my ability-girl reserves, 1 year, music club, 1 year. -195l- Senior Directv y PATRICIA ANN O'FI.AHERTY-Pali-Marshall Street, Groveton, Virginia-Hobby: Bowling-Ambition: Go to college-Paper staff, 3 years, editor, yearbook, I year, patrols, 2 years, captain, I year, student government, I year, public speaking 1 year, basketball, I year, presi- dent of class in sophomore year. EDWARD KYLE PAINTER-Sunshine-Box 652, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Sleeping-Ambition: United States Navy-football, I year. MAXINE REGINIA PAINTER-Mac-Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Roller skating-Ambition: To work- s.p.t.a., 2 years, vice president, home economics club, 2 years, art club, 2 years, patrols, 4- years, secretary, I year. NANCY LOU PARRISH-NHH-ROUIC 4, Box 223, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Riding horseback-Ambition: To raiie and train horses-art club, 4 years, Girl Scouts, 2 years, s.p.t.a., 2 years, paper staff, I year, public speaking, 1 year, pep squad, 2 years. MARY LINNELL PEGELOW-Pfggj'-BOX 25, Lorton, Vir- ginia-Hobby: Collecting odd china-Ambition: Secre- tary-glee club, I year, library club, I year, s.p.t.a. club, 1 year, paper staff, I year, yearbook, 2 years. LAURA ELIZABETH PowERs-Larry-R.F.D. 4, Box 2, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Movies-Ambition: Sec- retary and to travel-home economics, I year, library club, I year, softball, 1 year. WALLACE REEDER-Wallace-Lorton, Virginia-Hobby: Classical music and sports-Ambition: United States lawyer-glee club, 2 years, public speaking, 2 years. BARBARA RICE - Boblgy - Lorton, Virginia - Hobby: Filling my photograph albums-Ambition: Stenographer -home economics, 2 years, art club, I year. LEROY RIDGEWAY-Leroy-R.F.D. S, Box 16, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Swimming-Ambition: To get out of school. JOAN LEE RoGERs-Ioanir-Route 4, Box ISI, Alex- andria, Virginia-Hobby: Scheming ways of getting men, especially "Coley"-Ambition: To get Miss Lowman married so I can have her teachers job when I graduate from college-home economics, 3 years, secretary, yearbook, 3 years, softball, 2 ball, I year. president and years, basket- JOSEPH LEO ROGERSTD0l1lllrf-R.F.D. Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Hunting Ambition: Auto mechanic and to own a football, 2 years. 5, Box 374-, and fishing- "47', Buick- MARY MINOR RuIfI-'NER-Mary-Lorto Hobby: Drawing-Ambition: Go into club, I year, public speaking, 4 years, art n, Virginia- radio-library club, 2 years. DONNA LEE SCHIEVE-DUFIIZIFTZ6 Rixey Drive, Fair- haven, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Bowling-Ambi- tion: Secretary and to get married-library club, I year. GEORGE SHINDEL-George-Springfield, Virginia-- Hobby: Traveling-Ambition: To get out of school. GLENNIS SCHURTZ-Pele-Route S, Box 315, Alexan- dria, Virginia, Hobbiez Movies-Ambition: Office job-- home economics, 3 years. ALFRED SCHWARZ-AI1R0UI6 S, Box 126, Alexandria, Virginia-Ambition: Plane pilot-football, 2 years, baseball, 2 years, basketball, I year and manager, science club, I year. BETSY SHOWALTER-Brix-U-89-C Gray's Hill Village, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Roller skating and col- lecting snapshots-Ambition: Secretary-basketball, 4 years, home economics, 2 years. ROBERT HARRIS SIPES, III-Bobby-Wellington Villa, Virginia-Hobby: Music-Ambition: Undertaker or Army Air Forces Officer-glee club, I year, ye2rb00ki I year, paper staff, I year. 4961- RICHARD MONROE SMITH-Snziity-Lorton, Virginia- Hobby: Collecting popular records-Ambition: College- newspaper club, I year, glee club, I year, patrols, 2 years. RODNEY DOUGLAS STEWART-R, D.-R.iF.D. S, Box 274, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Breaking plate glass win- dows with a brick-Ambition: Chemist-science club, 1 year, art club, I year, Spanish club, I year, paper staff, 2 years, baseball, I year, student government, I year, glee club, I year, football, I year. BETTY WINDSOR STRAUB-Tiflj'-I6 Hillcrest Drive, Fairhaven, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobbies: Ice skating, dancing and cooking-Ambition: Secretary and have twin boys-paper staff, I year, patrols, 1 year, public speaking, M year, yearbook, I year, home economics, I year, Peter Pan movies, I year. CHARLES THoMAs-Egg-802 Potomac Avenue, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: None-Ambition: Pool shark- football, 2 years. ROLAND ROBERT UHLER-B0bbJ!-ROUIC S, Box 263, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Airplane building-Am- bition: Mechanic. GERALDINE CONSUELO BURGEss VINCENT-Gerry-Lon ton, Fairfax, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: Commercial artist-glee club, I year, art club, 2 years. ROBERT HOLMES WADDELL-Daisy-Route 1, Box 524, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Sports and movies-Am- bition: Naval ofbcer-patrols, I year, yearbook I year, paper staff, 2 years and editor, football, 2 years, public speaking, 1 year, home economics, I year. SHIRLEY WALLIS-Baby-Quarters, 122 Gunston Road, Fort Belvoir, Virginia-Hobby: Collecting postcards- Ambition: Seamstress-student government, 1 year, home economics, I year. MARY GERALDINE WELCH-ferry-Lorton, Virginia- Hobby: Swimming - Ambition: Pharmacist - student government, 3 years, library club, 2 years, glee club, I year, yearbook, 2 years, paper staff, I year, softball, 2 years, cheerleader, 2 years, basketball, I year, manager. ELVA CATHERINE VVHITT-Mickey-Route 41, Box 140, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: "Men"-Ambition: In- terior decorating-basketball, I year, softball, I year, yearbook, I year, paper staff, I year, public speaking, I year, pep squad, 2 years, home economics, I year. KEITH EVANS WILEY-Wiley-R.F.D. 1, Lorton, Vir- ginia-Hobby: Sleeping-Ambition: To be a millionaire -Freshman President, football, 3 years. GERTRUDE BEATRICE WILLIAMSON-BCE Bee-Newing- ton, Virginia-Hobby: Traveling-Ambition: Beau- tician-home economics club, 3 years, science club, I year. JEWELL BEE WILSON-Dzzilu-Route 1, Alexandria, Vir- ginia-Hobby: Short-story writing-Ambition: Work, write, travel, marry-patrols, 2 years, art club, I year, glee club, I year, softball, I year. MARY IRENE WINDsOR-Flirt-16 Hillcrest Drive, Fair- haven, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Drawing-Ambi- tion: Commercial artist-newspaper staff, 2 years, are club, IG year, yearbook, I year, home economics, I year. WILMA WRIGHT-WilZ71it'-ROUIC S, Box 341, Alexan- dria, Virginia-Hobby: Ice skating-Ambition: Nurse- glee club, I year, home economics, 1 year. JAMES YOUNG-SOIll1j'-ROUIE 5, Box 389, Alexandria, Virginia-Hobby: Hunting-Ambition: College-base- ball, 4 years, football, 2 years, science club, 2 years, student government, 2 years. last Will and Zfesfamenf I, Joseph Alexander, leave my ability to get along in Physics to any senior who likes lf. I, Leonard Allen, leave my "loving abilities" to Carol Sears. I, Eileen Arick, leave my ability to get along with veterans to Kent Fleenor. I, George Baker, leave my Pepsodent Smile to Joyce Hill. h I, Vernon Beach, leave my bright sweaters to anybody who is crazy enough to wear t em. I, Carolyn Bevis, leave my interest in a "BEACH" boy to any Lorton girl. I, Delores Blunt, leave my position as "editor', of the USURVEYORU to anyone who can stand the critics. I, Peggy Buckman, leave my love of an argument to any peace-loving soul. I, David Carter, leave my ability not to be late twice a week to anyone that is not late once a week. I, Julia Clark, leave my strawberry blonde hair to Shirley Hastings. I, Billy Clark, leave my name "Smoky" to all cigarette fiends. I, Alberta Coffey, refuse to leave my secret love to anyone. I, Dick Coflin, leave my week-end parties to Gordon Cooper. I, Charlotte Cole, leave my love for Home Economics to Donna Judy. I, Robert Cole, leave my name, Common, to the blackboard in geometry class. I, Ethel Mae Cone, leave my taste and neatness for clothes to those who need it. I, Roberta Cooper, leave my neat blonde hair to Janet Sten. I, Sam Craig, leave my teeth to Earl Alcorn. I, Margaret Daugherty, leave my love for housework to Dorothy Duvall. I, Geneva Dodd, leave my height to Virgie Purks in hopes that she may reach it. I, Doris Dodson, leave my love for "good music" to Bobby Sipes and his "Sophisti- cats. I, Warren Dodson, leave my love for English to Ross Limerick. I, Betty Dooley, leave my ability to do the South American dances to my sister, Shirley. I, Henry Dwyer, leave my Eis in Civics to next year's seniors. I, Harry Lee Estes, leave all my teachers to George Creed. I, Bonne Federalin, leave my ability to bowl at least 190 to any person who likes to bowl ten-pins. I, Robert Fenimore, leave my quiet ways to Walter MacArtor. I, Lorraine Flammer, leave my ability to get along with the Franconia boys to Dar- lene Hermon. I, Lynn Fleenoi, leave my big feet to Marjorie Bollinger. I, Ellen Flinchum, leave my fondness for Home Economics to Margaret Flinchum. I, Lois Fowler, leave my night at the Neptune Room to any person who likes a good time. I, Marion Frank, leave my debating ability to any Mount Vernon student who finds himself at a loss of words. I, Jean Frinks, leave my southern drawl to any Yankee. I, Helen Frye, leave my love for Physical Education to Doris Huntington. I, Gloria Gardiner, leave my love for ujitterbuggingn to anyone who needs the exercise. I, Lorraine Gardinier, leave my love for "Boyd's" horses to Betty Overly. I, Charles Gordon, leave half my women to Harvey Westbrwk, and the rest I take myself. I, Rose Marie Harper, leave my southern accent to Miss Whitt. I, James Harris, leave my ability to play basketball to anyone who is crazy enough to play. I, Harold Hartman, leave my "Nose" to John Cathey. I, Robert Haug, refuse to leave my love for M. M. R. to anyone. I, Amber Henry, leave my bangs to any other girl unfortunate enough to have a barber for a father. I, Charles Hewitt, leave my love for Math to James Shinault. I, William Hicks, leave my love for "Cheese', to the mice of Mount Vernon. I, Roberta Hoppe, leave my basketball ability Qughlj to Eula Turner. I, Mildred Howell, leave my ability to tell tall tales to Lee Payne. I, Ruth Jones, leave my pigeon-toes to Betty Scott. I, Rudolph Jones, leave my ability to catch "noses's,' passes to "Bulldog" Stover. I, Marilyn Judy, leave my position as editor of the O'Pa's Info to Jane Nicely. I, Anna Kaiser, leave my love for English to June Pearson. 7: I I I I I fortunate. las! Will and Zfcsfammf Fred Kaufman, leave one badly worn English desk to my "dear" brothers. Norma Kidwell, leave my footprints for the janitors to sweep up. Sue King, leave my love for sports to Norna Ridgeway. , Betty Lambert, leave my natural curly hair to Joyce Kerns. Claude Lawrence, leave my ability to be seen and not heard to anyone so un- I, Brooke Layton, leave my ability to shoot long basketball shots to Carroll Cyr. I, Herbert Leisner, leave my love for English IV to Mrs. Ames. I, Virginia Liming, leave my love for the Lorton boys to Kathryn Weaver. I, Patsy Manning, leave my doubtful ability, but definite love, for all kinds of sports to all up-coming athletes of M. V. H. S. I I I I I I Ii I Ii I Ii school J 7 3 1 Mary Ella Mays, leave my devilish dimples to Grace Haug. Connie Miller, leave my blonde hair to Shirley Dooley. Gordon Miller, leave, PERIOD! Jimmy Miller, leave my height to Jimmy Hartman. Norma Mitchell, leave my nickname "Smokey,' to Leah Henry. George Morrison, leave my perseverance to Alfred Tarpley. Frances Munday, leave my love for "YOUNG" boys to Vilma Davis. Dicky Murphy, leave my love for English to anyone who needs it. Everett Nelson, leave my curly red hair to Robert Morris. Gloria Newman, leave my love for Charles George to Virginia Beach. Susie Nyberg, leave my encouragement to all undergraduates to continue with until they graduate. I, Pat 0,Flaherty, leave my green eyes to the rest of the Heats". I, Eddie Painter, leave my height to johnny Posey so the girls won,t have to bend over to kiss him. I, Maxine Painter, leave my class interest and friendship to Betty Plaugher. I, Nancy Parrish, leave my love of horses to Shirley Dooley. I, Mary Pegelow, leave my love for Mount Vernon High School to the rising seniors. I, Laura Powers, leave my brown eyes to Gerry Morgan. I, Wallace Reeder, leave my ability to make U 3's in Typing I to Betty Ann Rogers. I, Barbara Rice, leave my ability to pass notes in class to anyone who can get away with it. I, Leroy Ridgeway, leave my love for Civics to Talmage Fraley. L L L L L L Joan Rogers, leave my meager beaver ways" to any shy and bashful girl. Leo Rogers, leave my love for olives to Miss Lowman. Mary Ruffner, leave my love for American History to those who do not care for it. Donna Schieve, leave my short curly hair to Roxanne Bachtler. George Schindell, leave my shortness to Doak Stowers. Glennis Schurtz, leave my freckles to Barbara Leake. Alfred Schwartz, leave my ability to get through geometry Without doing any L work to any poor student who is having a tough time. I, Betsy Showalter, leave my love for skating to Mary Bryant. I, Bobby Sipes, leave my trying ways with women to Eddie Morrison. I, Richard Smith, leave my ability to get along with the shorthand girls to James Phillips. I, Rodney Stewart, leave my IOM shoes to Betty Jean Plaugher L L L L L L L Betty Straub, refuse to leave my Lorene Schubel to anyoneg even Donald Clark. Charles Thomas, think I should receive credit for writing "The Egg and I." Robert Uhler, leave my geometry knowledge to David Cook. Geraldine Vincent, leave my love of baseball to Nancy O'Flaherty. Bobby Waddell, leave my curly hair to anyone with straight hair. Shirley Wallis, leave my baby face and height to any poor senior. Jerry Welch, leave my love for school activities to anyone who wants to under- take them. I, Elva Whitt, leave my natural blonde hair to all peroxides. I, Keith Wiley. leave my ability to remember things at the wrong time to anyone who wants it. I, Beatrice Williamson, leave my desire to play speedball to Delores Pettit. I, Jewell Wilson, leave my ability to laugh in class, and almost get away with it, to Susie Monroe. I, Irene Windsor, leave my ability to daydream of night to Ruth Dant. L Wilma Wright, leave my quiet, dignified ways to Marjorie Moshier. I, James Young, leave ways to capture all the girls' hearts to brother, "Ticky". lfraphecy Gazing into the crystal ball we see the 1947 Senior Class, ten years from now, en- gaging in various walks of life. Joe Alexander has taken over his father's car repair shop in Franconia. Leonard Allen has finally popped the question and is happily married. Eileen Arick is one of the leading stenographers at the Engineer Board and is getting along fairly well with the office force. George Baker, of Chicago, is one of the leading electrical engineers of the time. Vernon Beach, still sporting those bright sweaters, is head coach of the ever-famous Lorton football team. Carolyn Bevis, now dreaming about her good old days at Mount Vernon, has finished her course in stenography and working at the Maritime Commission. Delores Blunt, a popular young lady in New York, is on her way to a big musical career. P-eggy Buckman must like this vicinity, she has been elected to the House of Repre- sentatives. David Carter, an accomplished musician, is coming up in this world as an artist, also. Julia Clark has been doing quite a bit lately. She has flnished her course in interior decorating and is a prominent aide to the country. William Clark, still carrying "Smoky" around with him, is touring Europe as a leading basketball star. Alberta Coffey has found her "secret heart" and is living in Oregon. Also has a secretarial job on the side. Dick Coflin has just been discharged from the Navy the second time and has a permanent job as "Bouncer" at Dew Drop Inn. Charlotte Cole is doing nicely in her "Rose Dress Shoppe" in Annandale. Go visit her sometime. Robert Cole is a professor of geometry at V. P. l. Several of his high school mates are with him and he is still answering to the name "Common". Ethel Mae Cone is still around these parts. She has risen from just a dancing girl to Senior hostess at the Belvoir Service Club. Roberta Cooper has overcome her shyness and is seen at quite a few of the popular night spots. Sam Craig, after being graduated from the University of Tennessee, is teaching there. Margaret Daugherty is one happy woman. Her husband is stationed in Italy and she is very happy in the foreign country. Geneva Dodd is giving the skates the old go-round. She has an offer to go with the "Roller Skate Folliesf, Doris Dodson is quite an accomplished musician who is now starring at Carnegie Hall in New York. Warren Dodson, our mathematician, is back at Mt. Vernon teaching good old chemistry. Betty Dooley is in Texas with her husband, in addition to housework she is teaching rhumba and congo on the side. Henry Dwyer is now pitching with the St. Louis Cardinals. They seem to be at the head of the National League, too. Harry Lee Estes has now taken over Frankie's QSinatraj job as crooner for the bobby soxers. Bonne Federaling has her name in the Sports Headlines as the woman bowler of the times. Robert Fenimore hasn't grown an inch. He must like library work because he is back at Mount Vernon as assistant librarian. Lorraine Flammer is happily married to Hugh, and playing professional basketball each season. Lynn Fleenor has gone far in that great city of Lorton. He is now "Mayor". -1995, Praphccy Ellen Flinchum is now in charge of the Girls Service Organization and is traveling .ill over the world. Lois Fowler has turned out to be 1 very popular model in Hollywood. She is still crazy over Lenny. Marion Frank is married and living in Paris, while there she is teaching American art to the Parisians. Jeanne Frinks is in Texas with her southern friends. Helen Frye has finally said "yes" and is keeping a very attractive house in Allen's Alley. Gloria Gardiner, now a high rated secretary at the Navy Department, is casting a dancing eye in the direction of a guy named Vic. Lorraine Gardinier, is successfully married and is living in New York with her in- laws. Charles Gordon, a clergyman, is still criticizing the school board for giving us a raw deal on the room situation. Rose Marie Harper is teaching Civics to the pupils of a very high rated deb school in Miami. James Harris is coaching the Groveton Midgets basketball team. Harold Hartman, the star passer of 1946, may be seen regularly with the Wfashing- ton Redskins. Robert Haug is still giving the girls a hard time. Amber Henry is modeling for John Robert Powers. Forever be your luck, Amber. Charles Hewitt has become the greatest treasurer the Elks Club has ever had. William Hicks and his great name "Cheese" is still running loose in the wflds of the "Neck", Roberta Hoppe is promoting the interest of athletics at University of Southern California. Mildred Howell is heading the list of No. 1 gals for our Belvoir Beaus. Ruth jones hasn't settled down yet, it is still "The Bridge or the Bowling Alleys". Rudolph Jones is driving the newest ladder truck for the Franconia Fire Depart- ment. Marilyn Judy is designing clothes for the "Rose Dress Shoppe". Anna Kaiser, our little midget, is head nurse in her sister's hospital. Fred Kaufman has made "Who's Who in America" in the Chemical World. Norma Kidwell is back at Mount Vernon teaching, Civics, that is! Sue King is "our" own Esther Williams, the Alexandria Pool is her regular hang out. Betty Lambert, the quiet little mouse, is running a hat shop in Woodb1'idge. Claude Lawrence is still sporting that sweater with "LH, a little tattered by now but he still persists it means "Lover", but we doubt him. Brooke Layton is married, and still jerking sodas at Peoples for easy money. Hervert Leisner is telling his bootrin' jokes on the stage of the Capitol Theatre in XVashington. Virginia Liming, who has been married for some time, has come back to good ole' Virginia from California. Patsy Manning, our chemist, is working in the experiment lab at the Engineer Board, Fort Belvoir. Mary Ella Mays, now married to Bob, is heading West. The gold in "them thar' hillsn was the inspiration. Connie Miller is a great writer and is a close friend of Emily Post. Jimmy Miller, his height and all, has Hnally succeeded in managing the historic estate of Mount Vernon. Norma Mitchell is telling her "corny" jokes at the Paladium in San Francisco. George Morrison, wife, and family have moved to England. Frances Munday has met "the" boy from Culpeper and is now living in Elkwood. Dick Murphy has turned out to be quite a man. He is one of the leading officers at the Penal Institution. 4100? Frvphecy Everett Nelson is working for the Alexandria Dairy. You've guessed it, he's picking up milk bottles! Gloria Newman is married and has settled down in a quiet little cottage by the river. Muriel Nyberg has finally moved to a larger home and is still talking of all the housework she has to do. Pat O'Flaherty. after several years in Alaska, has come back to her Alma Mater to draw the plans for the USURVEYORH. Edward Painter is thinking seriously of giving Shirley a break. Maxine Painter is a happy married lady and has just entered her son in Fork Union Military Academy. Nancy Parrish is owner-manager of the Parrish Riding Stables, and is a substantial promoter of the Kentucky Derby. Mary Pegelow is helping Jerry Welch supervise the Lorton Penal Institution. Mary is the secretary as you probably guessed. Laura Powers is a sophomore at the University of Paris, and she is still taking the honors. Wallace Reeder has gotten rather stout in recent years, must be from eating large ice cream cups. Barbara Rice has become the leading housewife of Lorton, get her to share some of her good recipes with you. Leroy Ridgeway is manager of his uncle's store and is making quite a profit. Joan Rogers has returned to Mount Vernon to take Miss Lowman's place, and is doing a good job, too. Leo Rogers is Fire Chief for the Franconia Fire Department. Quite a promotion from truck driver to Fire Chef. Oh yes, he still eats olives. Mary Ruffner is coaching the Americana Quiz. Mr. Boykins needed an enthusiastic and interested co-partner. Donna Schieve is still hunting for a "mann to Ht that ring she wears around her neck. George Schindel is the midget of the Barnum and Bailey circus. Alfred Schwarz is a professor of geometry at Maryland University. Betsy Showalter is leading the Athletic Club of Staunton in all their sports. Bobby Sipes, now a popular musician, is frequently seen around Radio City in New York. Richard Smith has finally grown up, and his main interest is still women. Rodney Stewart is living in Washington with his better half. I wonder why! Betty Straub has twin boys, as if you hadn't already heard the news. Charles Thomas finally "popped" the question to Gloria Rogers and they have returned to Florida. Robert Uhler has furthered his studies in Plane Geometry, and is now teaching in Yale University. Geraldine Vincent now a prominent member of the Xwashington Jockey Club, is mingling with high-hats. Bobby Waddell is running the "Red Beauty Parlor," business seems to be on the up and up. Shirley Wallis isn't married yet as she can't decide on her love. Fickle-eye, I'd say! Jerry Welch has taken over her fatheris place at Lorton and running a teen-age- drop-in-center on the side. Elva Whitt is still visiting the Youngs, what's the latest. any luck yet, I wonder. Keith Wiley is co-owner and bouncer of the Main Theatre of Accotink. Beatrice Williamson has landed Boyd and she is very happy. Jewell Wilson is still laughing, but I-Iarold loves her just the same. Irene Windsor is posing for Varga, need I say more? Wilma Wright has married a policeman and her sons are patrolmen at the local school. James Young is a most successful business man, and his leadership in the civic group is outstanding. 4101!- DIXIE DINER Woodbridge, Virginia Open Daily 24 I-leurs-We Never Close CHICKEN DINNERS-FAMOUS HAMBURGERS STEAK DINNERS We have plenty of Parking Space I RAYMOND WOOLFENDEN Formerly of Groveton, Virginia 'let us meet and eat" at Raym0nd's Dixie Diner 41022- May your iuture be as successful asyourpast LOEB'S STUDIO Your Official Photographer 716 King Street Phone: Al. 7333 Alexandria, Virginia A L B A E R Compliments ot HOPKINS Real Estate-Insurance Low Prices O Easy Terms Courteous Treatment ll6 South Saint Asaph Street Alexandria, Virginia 810 Kina Street Al. 6644 Alexandria, Virginia 103 tr HERBYVS, Iiicorporated "Your friendly FORD dealer" 113 North St. Asaph Street Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of CURTIS E. MARTIN Realtor Insuror Al. 6815 Te. 2548 120 South Royal Street Alexandria, Virginia I Compliments of Vulcanizing - Tires Recapped lOE,S AUTO SERVICE 0 Phone: Alexandria 6379 Alexandria 03711 Temple 3768 Anytime A A A Compliments of HOTEL GEORGE MASON Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of GROVETON HARDWARE Alexandria, Virginia Special Selections tor the Teen Age Miss 'Blouses 'Skirts 'Sweaters 'Belts 'Jackets 'Dresses 'String Gloves 'Glove and Scarf Sets 'Goppers 'Suits 'Gage Teen Age Hats From Cur Teen Age Department JAYE'S Al. 7460 582 King Street Alexandria, Virginia -I 104 I- Compliments ot HARRY' E. MITCHELL Real Estate Broker Represented by ..,...,. ll4 South Saint Asaph St, Alexandria, S Harry C. Ccxrlock Harvy W. Snelling Alex. 575l Virginia Compliments of Rosenbergls Department Store Outiitters for the Entire Family 409-4ll King Street Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of GAINS FURNITURE 907 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria 3583 FRANK B. HOWARD Fancy 'Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Phone: 1477 or l478 525 King St Alexandria, Virginia I. KENT WHITE ESTABLISHED 1907 The Electrical Center of Alexandria, Virginia Contracting Electrical Engineers Compliments ot G. C. MURPHY 618 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Alex. 38l4 Select Your Favorite Materials at the Lotlyn Remnant Shop Call Alexandria 1459 Q: lO5l HISTORIC SPRING RANK MANOR PARK "A Home Away From Home" Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Chapman 2 miles south of .Alexandria Compliments of FAIRFAX CABIN S H. K. Smith U. S. No. l Alexandria, Va Compliments of THRIF T AUTO STORE Tires, Radios, Electrical Appliances Compliments of Holden Sz Company, Inc. Real Estate and Insurance lU6 North Saint Asaph Street Alexandria, Virginia America's Finest Men's Wear Shop CoHEN's QUALITY SHOP Hart, Shatfner of Marx Clothes ll04 King St. Alex. 0656 Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of POHICK GROCERY Fresh Meats and Vegetables Self-Service W. N. Rogerson, Owner ARNELLA SERVICE STATION Groceries - Meats Telegraph and Fort Lyons Roads Phone: Alex. 9507 Alexandria, Va. Compliments of FRANK MICHELRACH, Inc. FINE FURNITURE 814 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 4106? R. E. KNIGHT 81 SONS "We Sell Something of Most Everything" Philgas Stoves and Athletic Goods I Phone: Alexandria 0041 or 4180 , als House of Gems Nationally Advertised Diamonds 'Watches Silverware Gift Items Radios Appliances 719 King St. Telephone 8539 Alexandria, Virginia THE NEW HAYMAN The store of SMART IUNIOR CLOTHES Consistently Advertised in National Magazines 530 King Street Alexandria, Va. Compliments of THE TREASURE CHEST Heed Theater Building Gifts - China - Glass Compliments oi Alexandria Amusement Corp. Richmond - Reed - Ingomar Compliments oi HELENEYS The Shop For Smart and Thrifty Clothes and Sportswear 7l2 King St. Al. 7264 Alexandria, Virginia MOORE'S DRUG STORE lll3 King Street Phone Al. 0l4l LLOYD'S IEWELERS 9l9 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alex. 3300 -4107? SAFETYJHlE TRANSPORTATION 0 AJISWC TRANSVFCO. ln Alexandria its GEORGEIS Radio and Television Co. For your favorite RECORDS RADIOS AND APPLIANCES 801 King Street Compliments ot WARD PLAUGHER'S Service Station and Club Franconia, Virginia Best Wishes Thomas I. F annon 6. Sons JIMMY LYLES FLOWERS Your Telephone and Telegraph Florist FLOWERS BY WIRE Phone: Alex. 2430 905 King St. IIMMY - IAY - TOMMY Dial Alexandria 0060 O "The Service Cleaners' O SOUTHERN DRY CLEANING CO. Fine Cleaning For Fine Garments STORE YOUR FURS and WINTER GARMENTS IN OUR CERTIFIED COLD STORAGE VAULT 108 L Compliments of BO-MAR CORPORATION OWNERS AND DEVELOPERS MT. ZEPHYR N. E. BOMBARD R. P. D. 1, BOX 520 E President Alexandria, Vo. Engleside 32 Mew Z01 We Two young idea stores, each with its own exciting "Fourth Floor of Young Fashions" . . . "lV00dic's", traditional head- Q quarters for the school crowd, and our not-so-long-ago-acquired "N0rfh Buildingl' lDooc1uJarc1 ,fs Q ,f ,Q Q just across the street . . . you find twice as wth' Nth' F and G Streets many smart fashions and accessory ideas Zone 13' phone Dlstrict 5300 from which to build a budget-wise ward- robe. KH, r 1 Gaim is-a.ti t f-a F-D 15331 35l1nui'im C w as ii f 3Q?G5l3333"ilng ' x,,'w." QS?: 1, 1 JK ' 3 x fylllai 'z T1 il 1 , u ig' 1 E i ll ass -s re is P, was -- if iz L . 'f O s' ks. .... . 4109? GINN'S 1417 New York Avenue, N. E. Comphments of Washington, D. C. . ERN N FLORIST "GAIN WITH GINNH V O Gif' S l' S h l S l' ,, , ,, gtqfsnergpp les C OO upafis The Finest In Flowers School Equipment Printing I The Most Beautiful Stationery and Phone: A1-0114 806 Kmq Sheet Office Supply Store ln America Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Republic 5850 SIN CERE SEWING Compliments Of MACHINE CO. B. WHEATLY We Repair All Makes Sewing Machines We Teach Sewing I 8 Easy Lessons KIHQ Street Alexandria, Virginia 924 King St. Alexandria, Va. . Dial overlook 2121 Phone' Alex' 0038 The Sooner You PLAN Your Future The SAF ER Your Future Will Be Compliments oi CHARLES F. LEEF District Manager Iohn W. Monroe, Ir. Iames R. Lupton, Ir. THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES 917 Prince Street Alexandria, Virginia 4110? WILLIAM H, WEADON Commercial Printing 104 North Royal St. Alexandria, Virginia FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ALEXANDRIA 807 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Radio and Sound Repairing H . C . B A R T 0 N 339 W. Groveton Street Groveton, Virginia CAREER COURSES STRAYER otters business training on the college level. Graduates secure positions as secretaries, accountants, executives. Special Eight-weelc Summer Courses in Shorthand and Typewriting. B,C.S. degree conferred on graduates ot Business Administration course majoring in Accounting subjects and Business Law. SUMMER CLASSES -June 23 and July 7 FALL-TERM CLASSES - Sept. 8, l5, 22 Aslc for Secretarial or Accounting Catalog STRAYER COLLEGE OE ACCOUNTANCY COLLEGE OF SECRETARIAL TRAINING I3th 81 E, N.W., Washington 5, D. C. We, the SURVEYOR Staff, wish to express our deepest appreciation to our friends-members of the student body, the faculty, and the advertis- ers-who have contributed to the Welfare of this book. In future years, may it serve as a fond re- membrance to each of you. -11111, Printers Stationers Binciers EVERYTHING PCR YCUR CDFFICE I :we are proud to have had the pleasurey of working with C5119 ,Staff in producing C5716 yearbook O BRCDWN-MCRRISQN CQ., Inc. 718 Main Street .... Lyneiqtourg, Virginia Compliments ot Read the GARCUV5 ALEXANDRIA COFFEE SHOPPE GAZ E T T E tor O U. S. Route N l Across from Mt. Vernon High FAIRFAX COUNTY NEWS Americds Oldest Daily Newspop Established 1784 9 K. E. BLUNT, SR. Owner and Md71dlQCI' S H E L L FUEL - KEROSENE Boilers Cleaned by Vacuum System Alexandria 4518 Belle Haven Prompt Service ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA BELLE HAVEN EAR-E-Q K. E. BLUNT. IR. Owmfr and Manager BAR-BfQ, SANDWICHES and LUNCHES Richmond Highway U, S, 1 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGIN! 41132, if 1, W iyfffff MW g f, M1 J Zw'ff"" J Mwff - ' ,1 . , ,f , L, N! , f Z, 'J ,lf n - I Lal' ' .?f , w 'fri 1 f 'fl I 5' ,, IW J all J 2f2"A A 1 r K ' In. 'L e if lx. iffy. I I ' . N!- ! , .IA ul '. . 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F ,U '51 W ,.. , 4, gf-aw-a,i,q 4 TTI " l' ' . - I-Wil v . ., f..5, ,-,N HEZ 5 ' ' f gLi,h' , -gr aff? 1' ,E , A , . , A V Ufvfs YE- M2 'l . ' aj ' . 'E V - ,f 52' , ' L, ,- VV ,jx I ki - v , ' ffg ff -tiff iz! ', , Yliwwf' Y! - "2 1 , I-A,y,f.:.: f , H-Q W --1 ff ' -W.-1 ' ' 1 J 'J- N ,151 , . 1 mr , 'z ,Q Z: " ' . ' ' 11-91 1: ' 2 ,J f , 55? , - , . .V , if my 5 f ,.,,, A ,- -L 'I , , 1 W, 3.12-,. . -Q45 .fy f . 5- . ' 1-53,5-?'f ' wi, " 1- 11. . ww V li 5 A M W- if. i My - .. .,.f,",wi:2 -:S J T,f x W, ,, X mm A ,,w.Q1" T, 54- V.. Ee '-ff-1' Y ' y . A MA, 'X-is 'if .V , ,QL J, 'fir rw: K a. , '-Q Q1 Z' Q. , M. .L Aggi xf , , P il " ' ,v u:L:' i 'P rv 55' f?:ii2"M1 Le a, -. + ' 21 far" . f " wt "1 J' , -' me-ff 41 xy 1-MIA yy 'Tim Akfffymfifg 2 if 3? F M WWMWW My W L. MTW - fx , ww A Sk kZ7'M'1 aW5.,f'fNM4 4 W Q T UMM MQMMWQQ1 E f fxefw MEL 532 MWQfy5'15f?ggf f'9"7'w7M AQ5 'W' W ?YQ g2miwE ?iim f MQW CW wwfifiww 559' W QWWWM QEQWWQWZQ S Milli. LAMQJL GX ,ZWQQM W N wiffxwq z'! ' 'XX

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