Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA)

 - Class of 1945

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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1945 volume:

Zhe Swveyor Collection of Mayo S. Stuntz Vienna, Virginia ti i Book One — SCHOOL Book Two — ACTIVITIES Book Three — ATHLETICS Book Four — FEATURES u □ 1 r MM 1 MT. VERNON ROUTE ONE, ALEXANDRIA, ♦ ♦ ♦ Foreword YOU look at this book you will see the activities of Mount Vernon High School. May it bring to you the memory of successful, happy events. As this 1945 Surveyor serves this purpose, may it also be a reminder of the ideals and traditions of our school and carry us toward our 1945 goal, “He who serves best, profits most.” Dedication ♦ ♦ ♦ Mrs. Olive Scott Benkelman T O Mrs. Olive Scott Benkelman, who, during her years in our school, faithfully followed the motto " Service to Others, " we dedicate this volume of " THE SURVEYOR.” 5 y WILBERT T. WOODSON Superintendent uf Schools Fairfax County Fairfax, Virginia ■ieY GRANVILLE CLAUDE COX Principal i7)r FACULTY Mr. Granville C. Cox B.S. — William and Mary College M. Ed. — Duke University Mr. Edward G. Darst A.B. — University of Virginia Cornell University Miss Mabel DeVault A.B. — Emory and Henry College University of Virginia Miss Natalie J. Disbrow A.B. — University of California M.A. — University of Virginia Miss Rebecca Engleman B.A. — Mary Washington College Miss Bertie E. Flippo B.A. — Westhampton College, University of Richmond University of Virginia, V.P.I. Mrs. Alice E. Hatch A.B. — B.Y.U. — University of California Mr. Harry A. Lee B.A. — Furman University Miss Lucy Jane Lowman B.S. — Radford College FACULTY Miss Clara Mergler B.S. — Radford State Teachers College George Washington University Miss Anna Belle Pulley B.A. — Radford College Mrs. Hattie G. Quinley B.S. — Radford State Teachers College Miss Marjory Rea B.S. — University of Virginia, Averett College Mrs. Purcelle M. Robertson B.S. — Radford State Teachers College Miss Clara Robison B.S. — Madison College Mrs. Eleanor White B.S. — Mary Washington College and University of Virginia, Beaver College, Paterson State Teachers, George Wash- ington University Miss Mary Ruth Williams B.S. — Radford College Miss Josephine Wood B.S. — William and Mary College Averett College Miss Reba Woodbridge B.S. — Farmville College Averett College Guidance Office Principal’s Office Library Storeroom Senior Officers President William Snellings Vice-President Calvin Meahl Secretary Virginia Treasurer Charlotte Perdue Sponsor Miss Marjory Rea i 11 Y Seniors Arnold, Wava Nickname — " Wava” Ambition — Telephone Operator Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Beazley, Jo Doris Nickname — " Angel” Ambition — Dramatic Actress Next Year — College Course — Elective Bonnett, Willard Nickname — " Willie” Ambition — See the World Next Year — Service Course Academic Clark, Margaret Nickname — " Muggins” Ambition — Typist Next Year — Work Course — Elective Coates, Jean Nickname — " Jeannie” Ambition — Surgical Nurse Next Year — College Course — Academic CoLAVECCHIA, ELVIRA Nickname — " Vera” Ambition — Dress Designer Next Year — Work and Night School Course — Commercial Crowther, Dean Nickname — " Dean” Ambition — College Next Year — College Course — Academic Davis, Anne Lee Nickname — " Butch” Ambition — Nurse Next Year — Nurse’s Training Course — Elective MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 12 Y 1945 Davis, Vyonne Nickname — " Vyonne” Ambition — Teacher Next Year — College Course — Academic Dawson, Kathryn Nickname — " Kitty” Ambition — Typist Next Year— Work Course — Elective Delozier, Sadie Nickname — " Shortie” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Secretary Course — Commercial Estes, Norman Nickname — " Estes” Ambition — T axidermist Next Year— Work Course — Elective Fenimore, Charles Nickname — " Charlie” Ambition — Naval Officer Next Year — Naval Academy Course — Academic Fitzgerald, Anna Belle Nickname — " Ann” Ambition — Model Next Year — Cadet Nurse Course — Commercial Gilliam, Ida Nickname — " Butch” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Greenstreet, Percy Nickname — " Percy” Ambition — Navy Next Year — Navy Course — Elective R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 4 13 E Seniors Hammersley, Richard Nickname — " Hammersley” Ambition — Mechanical Engineer Next Year — College Course — Academic Hanekamp, Virginia Lee Nickname — " Jenny” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Harris, Christine Nickname — " Crick” Ambit ion — N ur se Next Year — Work Course — Elective Hartman, Helen Nickname — " Helen” Ambition — Nurse and raise seven sons Next Year — Nurse’s Training Course — Elective Hill, Pansy Nickname — " Toots” Ambition — T ypist Next Year — Work Course — Elective Hook, Thomas Nickname — " Tommy” Ambition — Navy Next Year — Service Course — Academic Johnson, Ruth Nickname — " Punch” Ambition — Singing with an orchestra Next Year — Work Course — Elective Jones, Marjory Nickname — " Margie” Ambition — Designing Next Year — Work Course — Commercial MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 14 1 1945 Kahn, Marilyn Nickname — " Connie” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Keeler, Merlyn Nickname — " Keeler” Ambition — Draftsman Next Year — Service Course — Academic King, Anna Nickname — " Biddie” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Larson, Barbara Nickname — " Bob” Ambition — Private Secretary Next Year — College Course — Commercial Lavinus, Margaret Nickname — " Margo” Ambition — Nurse Next Year — Training Course — Academic Lewis, Jack Nickname — " Jack” Ambition — See the World Next Year — College Course — Academic Martin, Evelyn Nickname — " Eve” Ambition — Housewife Next Year — College Course — Elective Mattingly, Patsy Nickname — " Pat” Ambition — Own dress shop on 5th Avenue, New York Next Year — Work Course — Commercial R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA { i5 y i Seniors Meahl, Calvin Nickname — " Lightning” Ambition — Aviation Mechanic Next Year — Service Course — Vocational Metzger, Lois Nickname — " Gus” Ambition — Typist Next Year — College Course — Commercial Mills, Vernon Nickname — " Mills” Ambition — Navy Next Year — Navy Course — Elective Milstead, John Nickname — " Johnny” Ambition — Engineer Next Year — Military Course — Commercial Mueller, Irma Nickname — " Queenie” Ambition — Nurse Next Year — Cadet Nurse Course — Elective Neitzey, Randolph Nickname — " Sammy” Ambition — Veterinarian Next Year — College Course — Academic Orr, Doris Nickname — " Doris” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Packard, Phyllis Nickname — " Phyl.” Ambition — Accountant Next Year — Work Course — Elective J 16 1- Painter, Fred Nickname — " Freddie” Ambition — Typist Next Year — U. S. Navy Course — Commercial Perdue, Charlotte Nickname — " Perdue” Ambition — Receptionist Next Year — College Course — Academic Petitt, Ernest Nickname — " Curly” Ambition — Successful Journalist Next Year — College Course — Commercial Phillips, Norma Nickname — " Jeannie” Ambition — Go to South America Next Year — Cadet Nurse Course — Commercial Pugh, Betty Jean Nickname — " Jeannie” Ambition — Nurse Next Year — Work Course — Elective Rice, Hervey Nickname — " Hervey” Ambition — Get out of school Next Year — Join the Navy Course — Elective Ridgeway, Helen Nickname — " Ridgeway” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Roberts, Lee Nickname — " Cocky” Ambition — Engineer Next Year — College Course — Academic , VIRGINIA { i7b R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA Seniors Roberts, Martha Nickname — " Marty” Ambition — Medicine Next Year — College Course — Academic Robertson, Carlton Nickname — " Colie” Ambition — Garage Manager Next Year — Work Course — Vocational Sanborn, Marie Nickname — " Marie” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — More Study Course — Commercial Schieve, Virginia Nickname — " Ginny” Ambit ion — N u rse Next Year — Training Course — Academic Scott, Barbara Nickname — " Scot tie” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Sears, Josephine Nickname — " Jo” Ambition — Nurse Next Year — Training Course — Vocational Shifflett, Anna Mae Nickname — " Pudgy” Ambition — Typist Next Year — Work Course — Elective Skrinski, Edward Nickname — " Pee- Wee” Ambition — Basketball Player Next Year — Work Course — Commercial MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL {ny 1945 Snellings, William Nickname — " Billy” Ambition — See the World Next Year — College Course — Academic, Catherine Nickname — " Nookie” Ambition — Accountant Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Speakes, Virginia Nickname — " Ginny” Ambition — Do Something Worth While Next Year — Work Course — Elective Steidel, Albert Nickname — " Al” Ambition — Newspaper Reporter Next Year — Join the Navy Course — Commercial Straub, Robert Nickname — " Bob” Ambition — Career in Popular Music Next Year — College Course — Academic Timms, Catherine Nickname — " Kitty” Ambition — Typist Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Travers, Thelma Nickname — " Theby” Ambition — Go to France Next Year — Work Course — Elective Waddell, William Nickname — " Bill” Ambition — U. S. Navy Next Year — U. S. Navy Course — Academic R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA { 19 1 - Seniors 1945 Walter, Joyce Nickname — " Chicken” Ambition — To Be a Lady Next Year — Sleep Course — Academic Wilson, William Nickname — " Buck” Ambition — Navy Next Year — U. S. Navy Course — Elective Wollon, Dorothy Anne Nickname — " Dorothy Anne” Ambition — Teacher Next Year — College Course — Academic Wray, Virginia Nickname — " Ginny” Ambition — Secretary Next Year — Work Course — Commercial Wright, Louis Nickname — " Luke” Ambition — Navy Next Year — Navy Air Corps Course — Elective PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Baker, Alvin Nickname — " Stud” Ambition — Navy Air Corps Next Year — Navy Course — Academic Pinkerton, C. E. Nickname — " C. E.” Ambition — Plastic Surgeon Next Year — Service Course — E lec ti ve MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 4 20 - Junior Officers President Joseph Holmes Vice-President Robert Baumann Secretary Dorothy White T reasurer Betty Lee Jaynes Sponsor Miss Mabel De Vault R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA {21 K Juniors MOUNT Alexander, Eleanor Anderson, Selma Baumann, Bob Benkelman, Alvin Bennett, Henry Butler, Marion Campbell, Walter Cashman, Wanda Clark, Mary Ellen Collins, Joe Cook, Bernice Cooke, Robert Cooper, Roberta Crump, Claude Hamilton Curtis, Ernest Doughton, Nancy Dodson, Catherine Duncan, Dorothy Dunnivin, Joseph Miller Duvall, Elizabeth Farrar, Virginia Fenimore, William, Jr. Fisher, Helen Flowers, Thomas VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 22 1 1946 Flynn, Betty Frickleton, Marie Hall, Caton Hardbower, Eloise Harding, Jordan Harley, Ramana Harris, Jean Hicks, Barbara Holliday, Willa Lee Holmes, Joe Hook, Richard Donald Hook, Thelma Hunt, Thomas Hutchinson, Lillian Jaynes, Betty Lee Jones, Diana Vivian Ladson, Bill Leisner, Richard Lookabough, James Lyles, Gladys McDonald, Faith Melvin, Herbert Millard, Annette Munday, Lois R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA J 23 }» Juniors Murphy, Edward Nalls, Lynwood Norfolk, Betty Norfolk, William Orndorff, Josephine Overly, Bonnie Painter, Lucille Peterson, Norma Petitt, Betty Lee Petitt, Margaret Petitt, Hilda Phelps, Beulah Price, Mary Alice Proffitt, Donald Pugh, Connie Rose, Jeter Saffelle, Nina Sapp, Marion Schwarz, Ira Sears, Mary Shackelford, Geraldine Shifflet, Audrey Simms, William Simpson, Rowena MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 24 h 1946 Skrinski, Robert Steidel, Mansfield Sullivan, Pat Talbot, Jean Talbot, Eldridge Tate, Bernice Thomas, Carol Timmons, Elywood Turner, Lester G. Uhl, Charles Talbott Eldridge Walker, Doris Anne Webster, Rosalie White, Dorothy White, Jeanne Deloris Wieland, Robert Williamson, Eugene Woodyard, Betty Ann R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Snaps 1. Northern Virginia Champions 5. Ginny 2. The Majorettes 3. Sunning 4. Caught off duty 6. Dough boards Sophomore Officers President Pat O’Flaherty Vice-President Bucky Rudderforth Secretary Vilma Davis T re as it re r Jerry Welch Sponsor Mrs. Purcelle Robertson Sophomores Alexander, Joseph Ballowe, Sydney Beach, Vernon Bevis, Carolyn Blunt, Delores Boyd, Martha Buchman, Margaret Campbell, Loren Carr, John Alvin Carter, David Landon Chinn, Josephine Chinn, June Coffey, Alberta Cole, Charlotte Cone, Ethel Mae Confer, Delores Craig, Sam Creed, John Davis, Vilma Deitrick, Thomas Dodd, Geneva Dodson, Doris Dodson, Warren Dooley, Betty Dunnivin, Jimmie Duvall, Margaret Dwyer, Henry English, Elva Ennis, Edna Estes, Harry Lee Fenimore, Robert Flammer, Lorraine Fleenor, Lynn Ford, Walter Fowler, Lois Frank, Marion Freeland, Marshall Frye, Helen Frye, Marvin Gardiner, Gloria Gardiner, Lorraine Goodwin, Mary Ann Gordon, Charles Gregg, Frances Hardage, Eileen MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 1947 Harper, Rose Marie Harris, James Hartman, Haro!d Harvey, Joanne Hewitt, Charles Hicks, William Howell, Mildred Howell, Rowina Huntington, Ruth Jamison, Jo Ann Jones, Ruth Judy, Marilyn Kaiser, Anna King, Sue Kitson, Dorothy Lamb, Howard Leary, Patricia Leith, Thelma Liming, Virginia Lowe, Bobby Manning, Patsy Mays, Mary Ella McCreary, Thomas Mdler, Connie Miller, Cris Miller, Gordon Mil er, James Mitchell, Norma Moore, Wilma Morris, Virginia Morrison, Irene Munday, Frances Murphy, Richard Murray, Marie Newman, Gloria O’Flaherty, Pat O’Neil, Robert Painter, Edward Painter, Maxine Panagos, Gus Parrish, Nancy Pearson, Gracie Pearson, Mildred Pegelow, Mary Penn, Jean R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -{ 29 } Sophomores, 1947 Penn, Mary Perkins, Betty Pettitt, Betty Jean Phillips, Joan Piercy, Allen Powers, Laura Redmon, Ruth Reeder, Wallace Rice, Barbara Roberts, Edith Rogers, Joan Rudderforth, Buckie Ruffner, Mary Minor Sanborn, Melvin Sapp, Robert Sawyer, Rebecca Schieve, Donna Schindel, George Schurtz, Mary Glennis Schwarz, Alfred Schurtz, William Shirk, Mary Catherine Smith, Richard Solliday, Aaron Stewart, Rodney Sublett, Virginia Thomas, Betty Thomas, Charles Torres, Anthony Tyrrell, Wanda Uhler, Robert Vincent, Geraldine Waddell, Robert Wagner, Jack Walker, Katherine Welch, Geraldine Wiley, Keith Williamson, Beatrice Wilson, Jewel Windsor, Betty Windsor, Irene Wright, Wilma Yater, Harriette Young, James MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL f 30 b Freshman Officers President Willia m Young Vice-President Kathryn Weaver Secretary Jeanie Hootman T reasurer Dorothy Monroe Reporter Barbara Von Deck Sponsor Mrs. Hattie Quinley R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA ! 3i y Freshmen Abbot, Geraldine Alicia Alcorn, August Earl Allen, Jean Arnold, Wanda Baker, Madaline Barrington, Thomas Bayliss, Mildred Bayne, Mack Coleman Beah, John Beavers, Richard Bennett, I a Jane Bollinger, Joseph Booth, Elmer Bowers, Bennie Brown, Louise Brown, Roland Brown, Wallin Brown, William Cahender, Ann Elizabeth Cope, Edith Cathy, John Clem, Doris Coldwell, Geraldine Collins, Robert Comer, Gloria Cook, Ei.len Cook, Irene Agnes Cook, Kathleen Cooper, Marian Cornell, Robert Creed, George Crim, Catherine Isabelle Cross, Mildred Louise Crump, Bobby Culver, Charles Davis, Graham Davis, Helen Davison, Joetta Virginia Dodd, Ann Elizabeth Dodson, Beatrice Doughton, Frank Downs, Richard Duncan, Robert Duvall, Eugene Dwyer, Rose Marie Dyson, Barbara Edwards, Cynthia Egleson, Ellen Blanche Embrey, Dorothy Marie Epps, Robert Fears, Leonard Fenimore, George Fast, Doloris Marie Foster, Etta Jean MOUNT VERNON J32 y HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Fraley, Talmadge Freeman, Wi liana Frickletin, Pat Garrett, Sam Gonzallez, Joe Griffin, June Wanda Grimsley, Dolores Flackett, Cornell Hall, Carter Hansen, Albert Harley, Louis Harris, Violet Hartman, Doris Hewitt, Patsy Hollard, Joan Hootman, Martha Jean Hudson, Ben Hudson, Carl Huffman, Virginia Hulbert, Ted Hummer, Sue Anne Hundermer, Donald Hunnington, Raymond Jacobs, Ethel Jenkins, Wil ' ard Jones, Beverly Jones, Edward Jones, John Richard Jones, Mary Jones, Rudolph Kahn, Grace Kearnes, Marion King, Vernell Kirkpatrick, Joyce Kisendaffer, Warren Lambright, Gale Langwell, Hal Lester, Otis Levay, Alice Patricia Lewis, Jean Lloyd, Bonnie Lou Lowery, Thomas Lyles, Jean Lyles, Robert McAuliffe, Tom McCann, Maxine McDonald, Barbara Anne Mclnturf, Phyllis McIntyre, Frances McKeown, Robert Mahon, Naomi Delores Mattingly, Elizabeth Miller, Wilma Milstead, Elizabeth Ann R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA r {ay Freshmen Mock, Margie Monroe, Dorothy Moore, James Moore, Norma Moore, Robert Morgan, Geraldine Morison, Carl Moss, Edwina Moshier, Marjorie Neitzey, Sara Newville, Jean O’Flaherty, Nancy Otis, Irvin Overly, Betty Parker, Ellen Paul, Audrey Penn, Stephen Peters, Margaret Pettit, Betty Pettit, Shirley Mae Phillips, James Piner, Dorothy Posey, John Powell, Daisy Purks, Velma Qually, Dean Quillan, John Reedy, Daisy Reller, Beverly Reynolds, Casco Ridgeway, Leroy Ridgeway, Norma Ridgeway, Thelma Riley, Alice Roberts, Patricia Anne Rogers, Betty Ann Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Richard Rose, Elizabeth Rudderforth, Juanita Saffelle, Mary Ellen Sanborn, Jean Saulnier, Paul Sawyer, Dixie Schubel, Lorene Scott, Marilyn Scudder, Ralph Shepherd, Frances Shifflett, Newman Shirk, Francis Simons, John Simpson, Ernestine Simpson, Robert Skinner, Colleen MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Sten, Janet Stevens, Herbert Stevens, Margaret Stowers, Dook Sullivan, Pauline Taylor, Allean Taylor, Edna Templeton, Floyd Thomas, Ann Nora Thompson, Joyce Viar, Janet Von Deck, Barbara Wade, Mary Jean Warren, Billy Waybright, Jean Weaver, Katherine Whitehead, Betty Wilcox, Dorson Wise, Loretta Wollon, Carol Young, William Zeller, Charles R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA { 35 y 1. Most Popular 2. Most Artistic 3. Laziest School Mirror 4. Best All Around 5. Best Dressed 6. Most Dependable 7. Wittiest 8. Best Dancers 9. Most Intelligent 10. Most Athletic 11. Best Looking Student Government President OFFICERS Dean Crowther Vice-President Billy Snellings Secretary Anna King T reasurer Herbert Leisner Sponsor Miss Mary Ruth Williams CABINET MEMBERS Secretary of Safety Willard Bonnett Secretary of Sanitation Joyce Walter Secretary of Activities Lucille Painter Secretary of Public Relations Mary Alice Price JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT Senior Vyonne Davis Junior Joe Collins Sophomore Doris Dodson Freshman Catherine Crim LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Room 1 Virginia Room 2 Jordan Harding Room 3 Delores Blunt Room 5 Warren Dodson Room 6 Charles Fenimore Room 7 Mary Ellen Saffelle Room 8 Betty Ann Rogers Room 9 Barbara Von Deck Room 10 Betty Lee Jaynes Room 14 Jerry Welch Room IS Ira Schwarz Room 16 Mary Ella Mays Room 17 Cornell Hackett Room 18 William Young MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 3 8 1 I Surveyor Staff SURVEYOR STAFF Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Art Director Ad vertising Manager Literary Chairman Typists Sponsors Art Literary Business Manager Fee Roberts Joyce Walter Vyonne ' Davis Dorothy White Jo Beazley Marjorie Jones Dorothy Anne Wollon f Catherine Timms •{ Norma Phillips [ Anna Belle Fitzgerald Miss Wood Miss DeVault Mrs. White ADVERTISING STAFF Patsy Mattingly Bobby Waddell Anna Belle Fitzgerald Marjory Jones Jeannette Wheelock Faith McDonald Josephine Orndorff Catherine Dodson Jo Beazley Fa Juan Koerner Jean Coates Margaret Favinus Sam Craig Patsy Mattingly Vyonne Davis Faith McDonald Flenry Dwyer Gordon Miller Ellen Egleson Josie Orndorff Anna Belle Fitzgerald Pat O’Flaherty Delores Grimsley Beverly Reller Jo Ann Jamison Fee Roberts Marjorie Jones Martha Roberts EXANDRIA, VIRGINIA i 39 1 Vyonne Davis Joyce Walter Dorothy Wollon Joan Rogers Virginia Schieve Robert Waddell Joyce Walter Jean Waybright Jerry Welch Jeanette Wheelock Dorothy White Irene Windsor Dorothy Wollon Surveyor Homemakers Club President Virginia Vice-President Eileen Hardage Secretary Sue King T reasurer Gloria Gardiner Reporter Alberta Coffey Sponsor, Mrs. Purcell M. Robertson MEMBERS Wanda Arnold Josephine Beazley Carolyn Bevis Louise Brown Helen Campbell Josephine Chinn Alberta Coffey Charlotte Cole Gloria Comer Ethel Mae Cone Anna Lee Davis Ruby Davis Beatrice Dodson Betty Dooley Elizabeth Duvall Edna Ennis Virginia Farrar Sue King Helen Frye Dorothy Kitson Gloria Gardiner Thelma Leith Mary Ann Goodwin Virginia Liming Eileen Hardage Eloise Hardbower Rose Marie Harper Christine Harris Violet Harris Helen Hartman Mildred Howell Rosina Howell Jaunita Hughes Ruth Huntington Vivian Jones Ruth Jones Marilyn Judy Calvin Meahl Connie Miller Wilma Miller Wilma Wright Norma Mitchell Margie Mock Virginia Morris Marjorie Moshier Irma Mueller Frances Munday Marie Murray Gloria Newman Maxine Painter Ellen Parker Jean Penn Mary Penn Laura Powers Ruth Redmon Barbara Rice Thelma Ridgeway Norma Ridgeway Carlton Robertson Elizabeth Rogers Joan Rogers Harriette Yater Nina Saffelle Rebecca Sawyer Josephine Sears Glenns Schurtz Frances Shepherd Rowena Simpson Virginia Speakes Janet Sten Virginia Sublett Pat Sullivan Edna Taylor Joyce Thompson Janet Viar Katherine Walker Joyce Walter Joyce White Betty Whitehead Betty Windsor Irene Windsor Beatrice Williamson Patrols Secretary of Safety, Willard Bonnett Captain Pat O’Flaherty Lieutenants Thelma Hook Robert O’Neil Sponsor Miss Williams MEMBERS Robert Duncan Betty Flynn Charles Gordon Marvin Gordon James Harris William Frances Munday Richard Murphy Ellen Parker Betty Lou Petitt Joan Rogers Schurtz MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 40 b Forty-five Em Vee Hi STAFF Edit or -In-Chief Patsy Mattingly Associate Editor, Anna Belle Fitzgerald Sponsor Miss Mergler Alumni Editor Dolores Confer E eat ure Editor Virginia Schieve Exchange Editor, Jeanette Wheelock S ports Editor Lee Roberts News Editor Ma rjorie Jones Business Manager Martha Roberts Circulation Manager Helen Fisher Asst. Circulation Manager, Bobby Crump Reporters Alberta Coffey Eileen Hardage Ruth Jones Mary Pegelow Colleen Skinner Ila Bennett Ann Callender Robert Cole Catherine Crim Ann Dodd Catherine Dodson Ellen Egleson Helen Frye Library Club Grace Gelling Mary Ann Goodwin Carter Hall Charles Hewitt Patsy Hewitt Carl Hudson Ruth Mae Huntington Bonnie Lloyd Norma Mitchell James Phillips Laura Powers Beverly Reller Donna Schieve Lorene Schubel Ann Nora Thomas Jerry Welch Dorothy White STAFF President Jerry Welch Vice-President Grace Gelling Secretary Catherine Dodson Treasurer Norma Mitchell R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA ■{41 h S. P. T. A STAFF President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Lucille Painter Maxine Painter Audrey Shifflett Edith Roberts Miss Mergler Alvin Benkelman Carolyn Bevis Peggy Buckman Ann Callender John Cathey Catherine Crim Nancy Doughton Dorothy Duncan Delores Fast Billy Freeman June Griffin Eileen Hardage Thelma Hook Bill Ladson MEMBERS Jack Lewis Bonnie Lloyd Mary Ella Mays Edwina Moss Sarah Neitzy Pat O’Flaherty Gus Panagos Lucille Painter Maxine Painter Nancy Parrish Mary Pegelow Velma Purks Barbara Rice Alice Riley Edith Roberts Geraldine Shackelford Audrey Shifflett John Simon Robert Simpson Billy Snellings Margaret Stevens Edna Van Inwegen Janet Viar Billy Waddell Bobby Waddell Kathryn Weaver Wilma Wright Peter Pan Director Robert D. Hesson Assistant Director Marjorie Jones S till Photographer Peggy Buckman Make-Up Artist Ruth Jones Make-Up Artist Dolores Blunt Prompting Director, Dorothy Duncan $ Jack Lewis (Tasting Directors | p AT q’Flaherty Publicity Agent, Jeannette Wheelock Property Clerk Robert Waddell Miss Disbrow s P° ' tsors l Miss Mergler MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL j 42 y Public Speaking STAFF President ' Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Sponsor Alvin Benkleman Billy Norfolk Patsy Manning James Harris Miss Disbrow Wanda Arnold Alvin Benkleman Peggy Buckman Ruby Davis Rose Marie Dwyer Elva English James Harris Jean Hootman La Juan Koerner Phyliss Mclnturff Patsy Manning Herbert Melvin Edward Murphy Billy Norfolk Margaret Pettit Joan Phillips Patricia Roberts Catherine Shirk Francis Shirk Barbara Von Deck Joyce White Carol Wollon MEMBERS Alvin Baker Joe Collins Dean Crowther Claude Crump Eileen Day Geneva Dodd Dorothy Duncan Pan-American Charles Fenimore Betty Flynn Marion Frank Eileen Hardage Joanne Harvey Joe Holmes Anna Kaiser Jack Lewis Mary Ella Mays Pat O’Flaherty Peggy Panagos Charlotte Perdue C. E. Pinkerton Wallace Reeder Marion Sapp Billy Snellings Rodney Stewart Edna Van Inwegen Billy Waddell Doris Walker Bobby Weiland Louis Wright STAFF President Charles Fenimore Vice-President Charlotte Perdue Secretary Mary Ella Mays Treasurer Joe Collins Sponsor Miss Engleman R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA J 43 1 Cheer Leaders Captain Assistant Captain Secretary-T reasurer Sponsor Peggy Panagos Helen Fisher Barbara Larson Miss Pulley MEMBERS Mary Ellen Clark Anna King Barbara Larson Gladys Lyles Marjorie Moshier Mary Alice Price Edna Van Inwegen Science Club Joseph Alexander Joseph Bollinger William Brown John Cathey Robert Cole Robert Cornell Warren Dodson Page Doughton Cynthia Edwards Jordon Harding William Hicks Eddie Jones Patsy Leary Herbert Leisner Irene Morrison Alice Riley Richard Rogers Aaron Salliday Alfred Schwarz Colleen Skinner Rodney Stewart Charles Thomas Anthony Torres Robert Uhler Jack Wagner Beatrice Williamson James Young William Young ★ President ' Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Sponsor James Young Joseph Alexander Patsy Leary William Young Mr. Darst MOUNT J44 y VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Glee Club Director Eleanor Alexander Carolyn Bevis Louise Brown Helen Campbell June Chinn Josephine Chinn Charlotte Cole Doris Dodson Betty Dooley Mrs. Quinley Nancy Doughton Margaret Duvall Edna Ennis Lorraine Flammer Francis Gregg Doris Hartman Violet Harris Jean Harris Ruth Huntington Lillian Hutchinson Marilyn Judy Thelma Leittia Connie Miller Mary Ella Mays Dorothy Monroe Marie Murray Gloria Newman Ellen Parker Jean Penn Mary Penn Ruth Redmond Edith Roberts Elizabeth Rogers Frances Shepherd Edna Taylor Betty Thomas Glee Club Geraldine Abbott Jean Allen John Cathey Doris Clem Geraldine Coldwell Aileen Cook Kathleen Cook Mildred Cross Joetta Dawson Rose Marie Dwyer Barbara Dyson Dolores Fast Marvin Frye Charles Gordon Wanda Tyrrell Janet Viar Wilma Wright Doris Walker Katherine Walker June Griffin Virginia Huffman Sue Hummer Mary Hutcherson ★ Assistant Director Ethel Jacobs Mary Jones Joyce Kirkpatrick Jean Lewis Bonnie Lou Lloyd Dolores Mahon Phyllis Lane Mclnturff Betty Ann Milstead Edwina Moss Sarah Neitzey Miss Pulley Audrey Paul Juanita Rudderfort Mary Ellen Saffell Nina Saffell John Simons Robert Simpson Margaret Stevens Pauline Sullivan Aileen Taylor Mary Jean Wade R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA J45 y Girl Scouts President ' Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Sponsor Betty Dooley Connie Miller J o Ann Jamison Gloria Newman Miss Wood ★ MEMBERS Delores Blunt Helen Davis Betty Dooley Lorraine Flammer June Griffin Jo Ann Jamison Connie Miller Dorothy Monroe Gloria Newman Art Club Joe Alexander Bernice Cook Kathleen Cook Sam Craig Catherine Crim Doris Dodson Jimmy Dunivin Cynthia Edwards Pat Fears Lois Fowler Marvin Frye Jo Ann Jamison Betty Lee Jaynes Gale Lambright Anne McDonald Josie OrndorfT Betty Overly Bonnie Overly ★ President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Sponsor Nancy Parrish Audrey Paul Janet Viar Loretta Wise Nancy Parrish Connie Pugh Joan Rogers Richard Rogers Richard Smith Rodney Stewart Anthony Torres Geraldine Vincent Bobby Waddell Jack Wagner Dorothy White Doris Dodson Sam Craig Joan Rogers Betty Lee Jaynes Miss Wood MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL d 46 L 1 Spanish Club President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Sponsor Marion Frank Pat O’Flaherty Billy Snellings Thomas FIook Mrs. FIatch MEMBERS Alvin Baker Claude Crump Charles Fenimore Jack Lewis Marion Sapp Bill Snellings Billy Waddell Louis Wright Eileen Day Dorothy Duncan Marian Frank Pat O’Flaherty Edna Van Inwegen Wallace Reeder ★ Academic Letters Dean Crowther Joyce Walter Mary Ellen Mays Lucille Painter Anna King Jerry Welch Betty Lee Jaynes Doris Dodson R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA CIVICS CLASS f 48 y n jQo = u » 4 ) 3 - ' 4AJ G our coo Football Coach Captain Manager Bob Bauman Willard Bonnett Walt Campbell Dean Crowther Bobby Crump Claude Crump Tommy Flowers Marshall Freeland Charles Gordon Jordan Flarding Harold Hartman Joe Holmes Billy Holt Bill Ladson Thomas McCreary Calvin Meahl Harry Lee Calvin Meahl Bobby Schrinski Gordon Miller Johnny Milstead Billy Norfolk Fred Painter John Quillian Lee Roberts Colie Robertson Alfred Schwarz Ira Schwarz Ralph Scudder Eddie Skrinski Bob Straub L. G. Turner Billy Waddell Billy Warren Keith Wiley MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J lOh Boys’ Basketball Coach Harry Lee Manager Gordon Miller Bob Bauman Walt Campbell Tommy Hunt Bill Ladson Dick Leisner Jack Lewis Calvin Meahl Buddy Moore Gus Panagos Donald Proffitt John Quillan Lee Roberts Bucky Rudderforth Ira Schwarz ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA J n j- Girls’ Basketball Coach Miss Woodbridge Charlotte Perdue Catherine Speakes Peggy Buckman Dorothy Duncan Rosina Howell Anna King La Juan Koerner Patsy Manning Edwina Moss Lucille Painter Beulah Phelps Virginia Speakes Captain Manager Snaps ■ Fight team fight Bus time This is how we prompt for movies Two hillbillies Lil Abner and Daisy Mae A Senior Trio Hope she makes it! Snaps Runners Up The Champion man catcher Physical Education Jack has a firm foundation In a huddle Sadie Hawkins Day A Snowman Sports Directors Last Will and Testament We, the Graduating Class of the Mount Vernon High School, of the County of Fairfax and State of Virginia, being of legal high school age and sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this to be our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT towards the Mount Vernon High School, its faculty, and remaining student body, hereby revoking any and all wills heretofore made by us to the aforementioned. I, Wava Arnold, leave my friendship with Lillian Hutchinson. I, Jo Beazley, give my hair styles to Nancy Parrish. I, Margaret Clark, leave my quietness to Elizabeth Duvall. I, Jean Coates, leave my love for Latin to Sam Craig. I, Elvira Colavecchia, leave my cooperative ways to Eileen Day. I, Anna Davis, leave my boots for someone who wants them. I, Vyonne Davis, leave my ability for making " H’s” to Tommy Hunt. I, Kathryn Dawson, leave my love of school to Lynwood Nalls. I, Sadie De’ozier, leave my devil-may-care ways to Thelma Hook. I, Anna Belle Fitzgerald, leave my friendliness to all who follow me. I, Ida Gilliam, leave my sunny disposition to Jean Talbot. I, Virginia Hanekamp, leave my fictional books to James Dunnivin. I, Christine Harris, leave my secretarial ability to Betty Norfolk. I, Helen Hartman, leave my seriousness to Dorothy White. I, Pansy Hill, leave my talkativeness to Margaret Buchman. I, Ruth Johnson, leave my little feet to William Fenimore. I, Marjorie Jones, leave my shortness to Norma Peterson. I, Marilyn Kahn, leave my bashfulness to Nancy Doughton. I, Anna King, leave my ability to get along with everybody to anyone who needs it. I, Barbara Larson, leave my cheer-leading ability to Gladys Lyles. I, Margaret Lavinus, leave my blond hair and brown eyes to Betty Lee Jaynes. I, Evelyn Martin, leave my Shakesperian ability! period! I, Patsy Mattingly, leave my artistic ability to Miss Disbrow. I, Lois Metzger, leave my cheerfulness to anyone who needs it. I, Irma Mueller, leave my jodhpurs to Johnny Posey. I, Doris Orr, leave my love for roller skating to Jean Penn. I, Phyllis Packard, leave my boys to Margie Moshier. I, Charlotte Perdue, leave my love for the football teams to the coming Seniors. I, Norma Phillips, leave my " Jeanie with the light brown hair” to Maxine Painter. I, Jean Pugh, leave my talkativeness to Norma Moore. I, Helen Ridgeway, leave my love for more exercise to Miss Woodbridge. I, Martha Roberts, leave my ability to ice skate to anyone who wants it. I, Marie Sanborn, leave my long, blond hair to Faith McDonald. MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL J 56 y Last Will and Testament I, Virginia Schieve , leave my red tresses to Joanne Harvey. I, Barbara Scott, leave my neat and fashionable appearance to all Mount Vernon girls. I, Josephine Sears, leave my stockroom work to Norma Peterson. I, Anna Mae Shifflett, leave my way with the freshmen to Edith Roberts. I, Catherine Speakes, leave my " sweet and lovely” appearance to everyone. I, Virginia Speakes, leave my bubbling personality to Geneva Dodd. I, Catherine Timms, leave my class room efficiency to Patsy Leary. I, Thelma Travers, leave my love for the Mount Vernon boys to Helen Fisher. I, Joyce Walter, leave my love for Mrs. White to Ducky Blunt. I, Dorothy Wollon, leave my curly hair to Carol Wollon. I, Virginia Wray, leave my golden hair to all brunettes. I, Alvin Baker, leave my love for plane geometry to Mr. Cox. I, Willard Bonnet, leave my red shirts to anyone who enjoys bright colors. I, Dean Crowther, leave my fancy shoestrings to everyone who likes to be different. I, Norman Estes, leave my innocent looks to Bobby Skrinski. E Charles Fenimore, leave my love for Spanish to Mrs. Hatch. I, Percy Greenstreet, leave my likeness to Alan Ladd to Henry Bennett. I, Richard Hammersly, leave my love for American history to the next class of juniors. I, Thomas Hook, leave my worries with Bus 42 to the next driver. I, Merlyn Keller, leave my ability to get excused absences to Eddie Jones. I, Jack Lewis, leave my yellow suspenders and tie to Jackie Simms, in the hope that he uses them as I do. I, Calvin Meahl, leave my " Lightning” ability in football to Lynwood Nalls. I, Vernon Mills, leave my " helping hand” to David Carter. I, John Milstead, leave my shyness to James Young. I, Randolph Neitzey, leave my " southern gentleman” manner to Doak Stowers. I, Fred Painter, leave my blue eyes to Alvin Shurtz. I, Ernest Pettit, leave my curly blond hair to Albert Hanson. I, C. E. Pinkerton, leave my never-offend-anyone attitude to Donald Cooper. I, Lee Roberts, leave my hail-fellow-well-met attitude to Robert Talbott. I, Carleton Robertson, leave my home economics cooking to Bobby Cole. I, Edward Skrinski, leave my love of baseball to Claude Crump. I, Billy Snellings, leave my love for Groveton to Chris Miller. I, Albert Stiedel, leave my ability to get along in business law to Alvin Benkelman. I, Bob Straub, leave my popularity to Marvin Frye. I, Billy Waddell, leave my love for chemistry to Miss Woodbridge. I, William Wilson, leave my jolly disposition to Bob Baumann. I, Louis Wright, leave my wavy locks to Robert Duncan. R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA { 57 } Senior Class Prophecy The other day while we were consulting with a ouija board we decided to find out what would become of the Mount Vernon Class of 1945, 10 years from now. After much expert juggling of the board, this is what we found: Wava Arnold is now secretary to one of the biggest concerns in the world. Jo Beazley has continued in the line of art. Margaret Clark owns a very nice dress shop. Jean Coates has graduated from Garfield Hospital and is specializing in surgical nursing. Elvira Colavecchia has her own private school and is teaching Italian. Anna Davis has been Mrs. Dean for quite some time now. Vyonne Davis was elected to Congress in the place of Clare Booth Luce. She is speaking in favor of more money for schools. Kathryn Dawson finally settled down and married a Coast Guardsman. Sadie Delozier is now in New York running her own b eauty salon. Anna Belle Fitzgerald is the advertising manager of the " Washington Star.” Ida Gilliam is the girl about town in her vicinity, breaking many hearts. Virginia Lee Hanekamp has become librarian at the Alexandria library. Christine Harris has gone in business manufacturing dolls. Helen Hartman, after a very adventurous trip around the world, has married and settled down. Pansy Hill is the head of the Botanical Gardens in Washington. Marjorie Jones is now a secretary for a government agency. Marilyn Kahn works for the Library of Congress. Anna King is the confidential secretary to a top-flight airline executive. Margaret Lavinus is now a full-fledged " Registered Nurse,” also the wife of a famous psychiatrist. Evelyn Martin has become a famous roller skating star in the " Follies.” Patsy Mattingly has found a job with one of the national leading fashion magazines. Lois Metzger accepted a job with PCA as their publicity manager. Irma Mueller has been voted the best cornet player in all of the bands in the country. We find Doris Orr, a professional figure skater. She says her practice in the Fort Belvoir rink has come in handy. Phyllis Packard is now teaching physical education at Radford College. Norma Phillips is the editor of the woman’s page of one of the most important New York papers. After her experience in Mount Vernon’s library, Jean Pugh is the head librarian in Alexandria. Helen Ridgeway is the chief airline hostess with American Airlines. Martha Roberts is still attending college. Marie Sanborn, after taking a course of instruction under Arthur Murray, has opened her own dancing school. Virginia Schieve is still single and is seen at the most popular nightspots in Washington. Barbara Scott is the fashion expert for the Linda Lee Shop. Josephine Sears is now an airline hostess for Transcontinental. Anna Mae Shifflett is the receptionist for a large modeling agency in New York. Catherine Speakes, known as a perfect hostess, has a lovely home in the most exclusive suburbs of Alexandria — Groveton, no less. MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL f ts fr Senior Class Prophecy Virginia Speakes also has a beautiful home. Virginia, as you know, has had several Hollywood offers since winning the Personality Contest but she refused them all. She said she had other plans. Catherine Timms is a reporter on a large Washington paper. She is known for her subtle ways of wheedling out the news. Thelma Travers has become secretary to Mrs. Roosevelt. She has traveled around the world three times since. Joyce Walter is president of the Civitan Club of Alexandria, besides being a librarian at the Library of Congress. Dorothy Wollon is greatly enjoying the success of her book, " Traveling.” Virginia Wray is now private secretary to the United States senator from Virginia. We find Alvin Baker the master-of -ceremonies on his own program, sponsored by Ipana tooth paste. Willard Bonnet has made a great success of his army career. We read that he has been made a lieutenant general because of his heroic saving of General Eisenhower’s life. After playing in one of the nation’s most popular swing bands, Dean Crowther has become the leader of his own band, and is now playing in the best night-spot in town. Norman Estes has just returned from his latest trip into the wilds of Africa. He has spent the last five years there, as a missionary. Charles Fenimore has obtained the ownership of a garbage collection agency. Percy Greenstreet is now one of the main men around the Franconia Fire Depa rtment. Merlyn Keeler has become one of the leading Republican members of the United States Congress. Jack Lewis has acquired the ownership of a chain of grocery stores. Calvin Meahl is a famous football coach and is ranked along with Knute Rockne. Vernon Mills, true to his family tradition, is game warden for Fairfax County. John Milstead, who is in the grocery business, has finally made good, having already made several attempts. Randolph Neitzey is now the owner of a huge plantation in Virginia. Fred Painter has gone into private business and is coming along fine. Ernest Pettit is now one of the leading lawyers of Alexandria. C. E. Pinkerton, reform mayor of Alexandria City, has changed the place beyond recognition. Hervey Rice is an up and coming real estate agent. Lee Roberts still enjoys deer hunting as he did in high school days. Since Franconia has become such a thriving city, Carlton Robertson has opened a branch of his father’s business there. Edward Skrinski has been coach at Mount Vernon for the last five years. Billy Snellings is the vocalist with Dean Crowther’s orchestra. His singing has the same effect as Frank Sinatra’s, only more so. Albert Stiedel has discovered Canada all over again and has established famous hunting grounds there, where thousands flock annually. Bob Straub is a well-known news correspondent and announcer. Waddell is the champ. on farmer in the state of Virginia. Wiiliam Wilson has become a very prosperous business man. Louis Wright now owns a bus line all his own. R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 1 59 |- Senior Class Directory Arnold, ¥ava — R.F.D. 1 , Box 92, Alexandria, Virginia. Baker, Alvin — Lorton, R.F.D. 1. Beazley, Josephine — 166 Belvoir Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia. Bonnett, Willard — R.F.D. 4, Box 5 5 5, Alexandria, Virginia. Clark, Margaret — Lorton, Virginia. Coates, Jean — Box 3 2, Fort Belvoir. Colavecchia, Elveria — R.F.D. 4, Box 72, Alexandria, Virginia. Crowther, Dean — Marshall Street, Groveton, Virginia. Davis, Anna Lee — Woodbridge, Virginia. Davis, Vyonne — Box 474, R.F.D. 5, Alexandria, Virginia. Dawson, Kathryn — R.F.D. 5, Box 432, Alexandria, Virginia. Delozier, Sadie — R.F.D. 1, Fairfax Station, Virginia. Estes, Norman — R.F.D. 3, Box 403B, Alexandria, Virginia. Fenimore, Charles — R.F.D. 4, Box 600, Alexandria, Virginia. Fitzgerald, Anna Belle — R.F.D. 1, Fdunters Station, Virginia. Gilliam, Ida — R.F.D. 1, Lorton, Alexandria, Virginia. Greenstreet, Percy — R.F.D. 1, Box 44, Springfield, Virginia. Hammersly, Richard — R.F.D. 5, Box 239, Alexandria, Virginia. FIanekamp, Virginia — 606 Potomac Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia. FIarris, Christine — Lorton, Virginia. Hartman, Helen — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Hill, Pansy — Springfield, Virginia. Hook, Thomas — R.F.D. 1, Box 53 5, Alexandria, Virginia. Johnson, Ruth — FH. 68, Route 1, Lorton, Virginia. Jones, Marjory — R.F.D. 1, Box 113, Alexandria, Virginia. Kahn, Marilyn — Lorton, Virginia. Keeler, Merlyn — Lorton, Virginia. King, Anna — 400 E. Del Ray, Alexandria, Virginia. Larson, Barbara — R.F.D. 1, Box 511, Alexandria, Virginia. Lavinus, Margaret — Box 407, R.F.D. 5, Alexandria, Virginia. Lewis, Jack — R.F.D. 4, Box 472, Alexandria, Virginia. Martin, Evelyn — Box 772, Alexandria, Virginia. Mattingly, Florence — Hunters Station, R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Meahl, Calvin — R.F.D. 4, Box 45 3, Alexandria, Virginia. Metzger, Lois — Lorton, Virginia. MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 60 } Senior Class Directory Mills, Vernon — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Milstead, John — R.F.D. 5, Box 2 34, Alexandria, Virginia. Mueller, Irma — Fairhaven, Alexandria, Virginia. Neitzey, Randolph — Mt. Vernon, Virginia. Orr, Doris — Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Packard, Phyllis — 164 Ellsworth Street, Alexandria, Virginia. Painter, Fred — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Perdue, Charlotte — 400 Del Ray Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia. Pettit, Ernest — Lorton, Virginia. Phillips, Norma — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Pinkerton, C. E. — R.F.D. 4, Box 542, Alexandria, Virginia. Pugh, Jean — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Rice, Hervey — Lorton, Virginia. Ridgeway, Helen — R.F.D. 5, Box 16, Alexandria, Virginia. Roberts, Lee — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Roberts, Martha — Lorton, Virginia. Robertson, Carlton — R.F.D. 5, Box 62, Alexandria, Virginia. Sanborn, Marie — R F.D. 3, Alexandria, Virginia. Schieve, Virginia — Fairhaven, Alexandria, Virginia. Scott, Barbara — R.F.D. 5, Box 39A, Alexandria, Virginia. Sears, Josephine — Lorton, Virginia. Shifflett, Anna Mae- — R.F.D. 3, Alexandria, Virginia. Skrinski, Edward — R.F.D. 4, Box 3 83, Alexandria, Virginia. Snellings, William — R.F.D. 4, Box 272, Alexandria, Virginia. Speakes, Catherine — Lorton, Virginia. Speakes, Virginia — -R.F.D. 4, Box 5 27, Alexandria, Virginia. Steidel, Albert — R.F.D. 5, Box 273, Alexandria, Virginia. Straub, Robert — R.F.D. 4, Alexandria, Virginia. Timms, Catherine — Lorton, Virginia. Waddell, William — R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Virginia. Walter, Joyce — R.F.D. 5, Box 331, Alexandria, Virginia. Wilson, William — R.F.D. 4, Box 521, Alexandria, Virginia. Wollon, Dorothy — R.F.D. 5, Box 324, Alexandria, Virginia. Wray, Virginia — R.F.D. 3, Alexandria, Virginia. Wright, Louis — Lorton, Virginia R. F. D. 1, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -I 61 j- VIRGINIA SPEAKES (jHiss Jieunt iJe imn A 62 y Hopkins Furniture Store LOWEST PRICES EASIEST TERMS COURTEOUS TREATMENT Located at 810-812 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Flowers by Wire Mtount Vernon florist J AYE ' S FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Ready-to-wear specialty shop. Now more than ever it’s thrifty to buy at TELEPHONES: Store: Alex. 0114 Night: Alex. 7298 806 King Street Alexandria, Va. JAYE’S where values are always supreme — where shopping is a pleasure not a chore. Virginia Beauty Salon Geneva Belote, Proprietor Corner Patrick and King Streets Alexandria, Virginia Phone — Alexandria 3663 • 5 32 1 KING STREET Alexandria, Virginia PHONE: Temple 2410 a 63 y QUAL1TI] SHOE STORE Compliments of Abe Rosenberg, Proprietor AUTO ACCESSORIES 431 King Street COMPANY Inc. Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria 9 5 69 o Compliments, of CORNER KING AND COMMERCE STREETS TURNER ' S STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS • 108 North Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of BLUNTS SERVICE STATION R.F.D. 1, Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia ”1 64 Y A. M. Bowling, Prop. TELEGRAPH and FORT LYONS ROAD TEXACO FIRE CHIEF and SKY CHIEF GASOLINE Phone: Alex. 9507 Compliments, of EVELYN INN U. S. Highway 1 Under New Management Mr. and Mrs. A. Harris Jamison Mount Vernon High School CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS and CALLING CARDS Supplied by W. C. Saunders Company 211 North Seventh Street Richmond, Virginia { 65 Y Compliments of Twin Barrel Grill R.F.D. 1 Alexandria, Virginia PETER PAN PRODUCTION GROUP Members of AMATEUR CINEMA LEAGUE of AMERICA Robert D. Hesson, Director HERBY’S, Incorporated rr Your Friendly Ford Dealer” ★ 113 N. St. Asaph Street Alexandria, Virginia VULCANIZING— TIRES RECAPPED ★ Alex. 0374 Te. 3768 Serve " Smooth-freeze” Meadow Gold Ice Cream when the gang gets to- gether . . . they’ll love it. Made in Washington by the CARRY ICE CREAM CO. 1337 D Street, Southeast In Alexandria It’s the Lady Lois Shop where co-eds meet to select their college clothes 702 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Al. 1316 Open 10 a.m. — 8 p.m. Ieiiiiv SllOfl BEAUTY CULTURE Specializing in Permanent Waving Mabel Streat and Frances Wilson, Prop. 101 North Alfred Street Alexandria, Virginia 4 66 h ALEXANDRIA STUDIO Compliments of FINE PHOTOGRAPHY 1 1 8 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Goodyear Service Phone: Alex. 0491 Helenes Specialists in Clothes King and Commerce Streets for Alexandria, Virginia " THE JUNIOR MISS” 712 King Street Alexandria, Va. Day and Night Service Flowers by Telegraph RANDOLPH FLOWER SHOP Compliments of MARSHALL’S FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ARMY NAVY STORE Say It With Flowers 1015 King Street 430 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone Alex. 05 37 Alexandria, Virginia VIRGINIA GRILL COHEN ' S QUALITY SHOP OLD VIRGINIA COUNTRY HAM HART, SCHAFNER SEA FOOD — BEVERAGES and MARX CLOTHES Corner King and Washington Streets 1104 King Street Alex. 05 5 6 Phone: Alex. 9471 Alexandria, Virginia -{ 67 ARROWSMITH’S Reed Theater Building R. L KNIGHT l SONS ★ " We Sell Something of COATS SWEATERS Most Everything” SKIRTS DRESSES ★ BLOUSES SUITS PHILGAS STOVES and ATHLETIC GOODS ★ 1707 King Street ★ Alexandria, Virginia Phone ALexandria 3 51 Phone Alexandria 0041 or 4180 Open to 8:00 JOHN McCUEN COMPANY MOORE’S DRUG STORE MARTIN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 1113 King Street 1121 King Street Phone Alex. 0141 Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Alex. 0708 Alexandria, Virginia Phone TEmple 7621 ft ' HUGHES KELLY Ill) $ Cathleen Hughes, Mgr. " The Best in Flowers” 130 5 King Street Alexandria, Va. R.F.D. 1, Alexandria, Va. 68j- Engleside 3-F-12 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. LEVINSON Compliments of CLOTHING £ittie COMPANY U Aite Hauie Outfitters for Men and Boys 5, m on U. S. Route 1 424 King Street Six Miles South of Alexandria, Va. BOYD and CLEDA HARTMAN Proprietors Alexandria, Virginia REGULAR DINNERS 75c to $1.25 Compliments of ROSENBERG ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of Outfitters for the Entire Family 409-411 King Street Alexandria, Virginia FRANK MIGHELBACK Compliments of FINE FURNITURE SCHURTZ and ROGERS 814 King Street GROCERY STORE Franconia, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia " i 69 )- J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Inc. Compliments of ALEXANDRIA’S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE f. HI. UJOOLHIOfiTH COHIPflfiy 615-619 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of STEVEN’S BEAUTY SHOP 6. C. MURPHY CO. Alexandria, Virginia THE FRIENDLY STORE JOLENE and AIRSTEP SHOES For Those Who Care Alexandria, Virginia HAYMAN SHOE STORE 526 King Street Alexandria, Virginia f70j- Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAM B. TILLINGHAST FITZGERALD GROCERY Lorton, Virginia Franconia, Virginia Phone Alexandria 0745 HENRY W. CASEY RAMBO BEAUTY SHOP ALL LINES OF BEAUTY WORK INTERIOR — EXTERIOR Specializing in Permanent Waving PAINTING Mrs. M. Anna Rambo, Proprietor Address: R.F.D. 4, Alexandria, Virginia Fleming Building Phone: Alexandria 5151 101 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria Dairy Products Co., Inc. ' DRINK MORE MILK FOR YOUR HEALTH’S SAKE” Pitt and Princess Streets Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Alexandria 2 52 5 or Temple 5 390 A 71 1 W. A. BARNETT ' S SONS WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS SCHRAFFT’S CHOCOLATES 115 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of MEMORIAL MOTORS ATLANTIC SALES — PACKARD SERVICE We Buy Used Cars 1414 King Street PACIFIC TEA Compliments of COMPANY S. S. KRESGE CO. Deogonal Road and King Streets 604 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia 72 Woodward Lothrop 10th, 11th, F G Streets, N.W. Washington, D. C. Compliments of Compliments of The The Alexandria Blue Bird Amusement Corporation Record Shop 1016 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia i 73 h PENN DAW HOTEL ★ 2 MILES SOUTH OF ALEXANDRIA, VA. ★ FINE FOOD ★ Temple 1932 Alexandria 1932 1417 New York Ave., N.W. REpublic 5 8 50 " Gain -with Ginn ” Washington, D. C. OFFICE SUPPLIES STATIONERY GIFTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES SCHOOL EQUIPMENT PRINTING The most beautiful Stationery and Office Supply Store in America ( 74 ) Compliments PHOTOGRAPHY Merin Studio School Animal Photography of a PORTRAITS GROUPS— VIEWS— ACTION friend GLOSSIES for FINE REPRODUCTIONS 1010 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Phone: Pennypacker 5777 PRINTERS STATIONERS BINDERS EVERYTHING FOR YOUR OFFICE IV e are proud to have had the pleasure oj forking vith The Staff in producing this Yearbook • BROWN-MORRISON CO., Inc. 718 Main Street .... Lynchburg, Virginia s 75 r • 76V

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