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. .... • ®ss iiwi ! ! ®i . ■ ! ■ t nny Y V " The Surveyor of 1943 Mount Vernon High School Route No. 1 Alexandria, Virginia The background has been set on each page. We ask you to consider carefully every picture, poem, and word in this book. Our theme is the growth of the United States and her challenge to us, the youth of America, to work for the survival of democracy. This is your book — everyone’s book. It has been both an honor and a privilege to assemble it. When you have finished reading it, if you feel yourself a part of this book, we shall not have worked in vain. 3L y e „r Boo l Staff Surveyor Staff Foreword Dedication Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Activities Advertisements y e ar Booh Staff Sponsor — Miss Molly Lehrman Editor — James Tacey Assistant Editor — Earl Curtis Business Manager — Lorraine Heider Assistant Business Manager — Helen Rose ACTIVITIES Virginia Duvall Jean Duvall Claude Duell Dorothy Atchison Kenneth Blunt Gay Davis Jean Griffith Anita Cox PHOTOGRAPHY Lois Fenimore Lorraine Thompson Ann Violett Sue Roberts Nellie Mellot TYPISTS Lillian Via Hilda Penn ADVERTISING Carolyn Rice Owen Talbert Pearl Dent June Bartlett Jo yce Walters Anna King Elizabeth Boyd LITERARY Beatrice Sloan Jeannette Minnick Lois Fenimore Shirley Brown ARTISTS Inez Painter Ray Sullivan Bob Jensen GRANVILLE CLAUDE COX, Principal B. S. College of William and Mary M. Ed. Duke University . 5 oreworcl This, the 1943 Surveyor, is the first yearbook to record four years of events in the Mount Vernon High School. You have watched these four years of work and play pass. As you read these pages you will re-live the ex- periences which hold fond memories of pleasant school days. There will be much for you to read between the lines. History, as made by you, holds a different mean- ing for each of you. May you pause each time you open this book to pay tribute and be thankful that you had the unique experience of helping make these few pages of history. PVT. FRANK E. MORSE MEDICAL DETACHMENT STAFF SGT. CARL W. LEVINE ARMY AIR CORPS SR.GR.UEUT.H.D. GASSON - Ottr Jrilute To you who are meeting the challenge, Who are loyal in all you do, You who have left all you know and love, To fight a battle that’s true. To you whom we’ve loved and respected, And depended ’on before, You were helpful, faithful always, But now we admire you more ! To you and the millions like you, Who are truly the nation’s brave, Glorying in the America, You’d give your all to save. You who are fighting for freedom, And are defending Mt. Vernon, too, While you willingly battle for us, We dedicate this book to you. Shirley Brown. ★ ★★★★★★★★★ ★★ Army Murlyn Bartlett Charles Bayliss Randolph Bevis Jimmy Charroin Marion Clore Clarence Deavers Garfield Duvall Lynwood Fitzgerald Walter Frazier Edward Greenstreet Jack Gustafson Elmer Hall Clarence Hardbower Jimmy Harty Alton Harwell Harry Jones Leo Kincheloe Eddie Lloyd Frank Manning John Metzger Edward Moriarity George Morrison Lindsey Morrison Howard Neitzey Nevelle Padgett Bill Pearson Robert Pearson Louis Peverill Henry Rea ★ Our -AL limn i in the Sc ervice Webster Rose Dallas Schurtz Gus Summers Paul Theimer Wilfred Thomas Aubrey Thorpe Donald Walker Keith Wiley Army Air Corps Gordon Beach Bob Draney Gerard Hansen Mitchell Nelson Warren Nowlin Hector Wright Coast Guard James Baldwin Jerry Evans Dick Fitzgerald Howard Mellott Marshall Tacey R. A. F. Francis Hoskins Marine Corps Bill Coffey Douglas Forest Merril Sanborn Merchant Marine Charles Lookabaugh Robert Roberts Melvin Rose Navy Buddy Barnhart Charles Blunt Tildon Brown Homer Bruington Lawrence Burke Jimmy Coffey Leonard Conley William Cook Edward Davis Lester Freeman Bill Flaherty Josh Hodges Johnnie Hughes Bob Jackson Pete Nelson Steve O’Neil Tommy Pilkerton Austin Scott Carlin Simpson Charles Suthard Leslie Thompson Elvan Thorpe Tommy Violett Francis Youell Russell Walker S’ ★ ★★★★★★★★★★ „ A V- Mrs. Alice E. Hatch, A.B. Social Studies, English Miss Eloise C. Strader, B.S. Mathematics ' W F Mrs. Ona Haverkamp, A.B., M.A. Latin, English Mrs. Y. A. Neal (Substitute) Eyiglish, Civics Mrs. Thurman Brisben, A.B. Spanish, History, Civics Miss Virginia L. Wilcox, B.S. English Miss Elizabeth Little, B.S. Eyiglish, History Mrs Katherine B. Helms, B.S. Chemistry, Physics, Science Mrs. Kassie C. Smith (Substitute) Biology, Science Mrs. Hazel Nevitt Miss Mary D. Clark, A.B. Commercial Miss Margaret A. Porch, B.S. Physical Education Director Miss Lois A. Heimer, B.S. Home Economics School Secretary 1. Mrs. Olive Scott Thompson, B. S., Director of Guidance. 2. Miss Molly Lehrman, B.A., M.A., D.G.A. (Diploma Graduate Accountant) , Commercial. 3. Miss Marjory Rea, B.S., Librarian, English. 4. Mr. John C. Ross, B.A., Physical Education Director. 5. Mr. Edward Thomas, A.B., Industrial Arts. MISS MARJORIE REA Sponsor of Senior Class s: eniord ’43 President — Mary Holmes Vice President - — Lawrence Baldwin Secretary — Jean Dixon Treasurer — Beatrice Sloan 3Jhe op ’43 If our heads seem held a little high, If there’s a gleam within each eye, It’s just because we’re proud to be, Mt. Vernon’s Class of ’43. We’ve known remorse, we’ve had our fun, We’ve tasted failure, and we’ve won. We’ve gained in wisdom day by day, And we ’ve loved it all the way. We’re now prepared to take our place, We’ve our lives to live, a world to face. Before us lies a bright, new dawn, But school-day memories linger on. We say good-bye and shed a tear, Enthralled with joy, struck with fear, The fate that’s ours, we cannot tell, We only smile, and say farewell. Shirley Brown. ? Walter Johnson Arnold Walter Course — Elective Ambition — Air Corps Dorothy Atchison Dot Course — Elective Ambition — Air Hostess Lawrence Baldwin Lawrence Course — V ocational Ambition — Success Kenneth Earl Blunt Kenneth Course — Elective Ambition — To Get Hitler Joseph Bernard Bradley Joe Course — Elective Ambition — Get Hirohito e Wilma Mae Bridges Wilma Course — Commercial Ambition — Songstress Leo Gilbert Briscoe Leo Course — Elective Ambition — Airplane Mechanic Shirley Frances Brown Brownie Course — Commercial Ambition — To work as a successful secretary Richard Edward Carter Eddie Course — Commercial Ambition — Army Robert Garlen Coates Robert Course — Elective Ambition — Mechanical Engineer Alton Lee Conley Lee Course — V ocational Ambition — N avy Randolph Hunter Cooper Cooper Course — Elective Ambition — Army Air Corps Audrey Lorriene Covert Mickey Course — Commercial Ambition — Secretary Earl Henry Curtis Earl Course — Commercial Ambition — Military School Gay Odell Davis Gay Course — Elective Ambition — Work with War Dept. Waughnita Virginia Davis Waughnita Course — Commercial Ambition — Typist Howard Duggar Deavers Duggar Course — Elective Ambition — Machinist Gloria Jacqueline Dempsey Jackie Course — Commercial Ambition — Stenographer Jean Sheldon Dixon Jean Course — Commercial Ambition — Secretary Claude George Duell Claude Course — V ocational Ambition — Professional Football Player Mary Virginia Duvall V A Course — Academic Ambition — To have a private Kin- dergarten Lois Evelyn Fenimore Feeny Course — Academic Ambition — N urse Helen Frances Greenstreet Helen Course — Elective Ambition — Nurse George Albert Grimsley George Course — Elective Ambition — Aviation Mechanic r Donald Robert Handberg Donald Course — V ocational Ambition — Officer in Air Corps Helen Louise Hammersley Helen Course — V ocational Ambition — Aviatrix William Frank Harwell Bill Course — E lective Ambition — Football Coach Lorraine King Heider ? Lorraine Course — Academic Ambition — Mathematics Teacher Mary Atcheley Holmes Mary Course — Academic Ambition — Journalist William Harold Holt Harold Course — Elective Ambition — Airplane Mechanic Beverly Hormann Bev Course — Academic Ambition — V. M. I. Henry Clark Huffman, Jr. Henry Course — Elective Ambition — Aeronautics Patricia Ann Jenson Pat Course — Commercial Ambition — To conquer Shorthand Robert Joseph Jenson, Jr. Bob Course — Elective Ambition — Army William Stephens Johnson Billy Course — Elective Ambition — Office job Patricia Alene Jumet Patty Course — Commercial Ambition — Stenographer u Virginia Lee Kelly Ginny Course — Commercial Ambition — Typist Hilton Bradley Lamphier Pete Course — Commercial Ambition — Ground Force, Air Corps Hilda Frances Lawrence Hilda Course — Elective Ambition — Stenographer Tommy Eugene Mattingly Tommy Course — Elective Ambition — Pilot in Air Corps Venton Wayne McGrady Hot Course — Elective Ambition — Movie Actor James Douglas McKenzie Douglas Course — Elective Ambition — Army Joseph McMahan Joe Course — Elective Ambition — Army Air Corps William Arthur Mills Art Course — Vocational Ambition — Fight for Uncle Sam Margaret Louise Milstead Margaret Course — Elective Ambition — Secretary J Jeannette Marie Minnick Nette Course — Academic Ambition — Private Nurse Martin Elmer Murray Elmer Course — Elective Ambition — Aviation Francis Marders Nevitt Marders Course — Elective Ambition — Auto Mechanic James Irvin Nowlin Jimmy Course— Elective Ambition — Get out of School William Archie Otis Archie Course — Vocational Ambition — Marines Mildred Inez Painter Inny Course — Commercial Ambition — Model Gene Cressman Patermaster Gene Course — Academic Ambition — Criminal Lawyer Elizabeth Uron Pearson Lizzie Course — Elective Ambition — Cartoonist Lilas Evangeline Pearson Lilas Course — Commercial Ambition — N urse Gertrude Viola Peebles Gertrude Course — Elective Ambition — Travel Hilda Mae Penn Hilda Course — Elective Ambition — Typist Margaret Pettit Margaret Course — Elective Ambition — N urse Gloria Louise Plaugher Suzie Course — Commercial Ambition — Secretary John Louis Randolph John Course — Academic Ambition — Civil Engineer Carolyn Louise Rice Carolyn Course — Commercial Ambition — Secretary Inez Orene Roberts Inez Course — Elective Ambition — Typist Helen Estelle Rose Helen Course — Commercial Ambition — Air Hostess Elmer Bailey Rudd Elmer Course — Academic Ambition — Electrical Engineer Stewart Delaney Saffelle Saff Course — Elective Ambition — Railroad Engineer Herbert Guy Shepherd Shep Course — E lective Ambition — Airplane Pilot Wynona Elizabeth Shifflet Wynona Course — Vocational Ambition — Dancing Teacher Lois Marie Simms Peggy Course — Commercial Ambition — To be an Efficient Stenographer Graham Lindsey Simpson, Jr. Junior Course — Elective Ambition — Air Corps Beatrice Pauline Sloan Bee Course — Academic Ambition — Journalist James LeRoy Tacey Jimmy Margaret Elizabeth Talbert Peggy Course — Commercial Ambition — Secretary Owen Moore Talbert Owen Course — Vocational Ambition — N avy Sarah Lorraine Thompson Ree Course — Commercial Ambition — Secretary Thomas Randolph Violett Tommy Course — Elective Ambition — N avy Lillian Roberta Via Lillian Course — Academic course — Academic Ambition — Aviatrix fjtfr jjy ' Ann Elizabeth Violett Ann Course — Elective Ambition — Air Hostess Constance Miller Wiles Connie Course — Elective Ambition — Nurse Lois Virginia Wiley Lois Course — Academic Ambition — College Ruth Roberta Wiley Roberta Course — E lecti ve Ambition — Government job Lena Elizabeth Wright Lizz Course — Elective Ambition — Typist ' C Calais J li. ' itor ¥ In the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine, 93 eager and uncertain youths assembled at Lee Jackson High School near Alexandria to assume their role as freshmen. This year as never before, they had come from Lorton, in addition to coming from Fran- conia, Baileys, Annandale, and Groveton. They became organized under the leadership of President Arthur Arnold, and Vice President Beatrice Sloan. Various freshmen took part in such inter-class activities as Stu- dent Government, Glee Club, and Dramatics Club. One of our mem- bers, Roberta Wiley, won the school Beauty Contest and became known as the Miss Mount Vernon of 1939-1940. During the first part of the year Mount Vernon High School was completed, and the students of Lee Jackson then became pupils of Mount Vernon. As sophomores, the class was under the competent leadership of President Virginia Bevis. The other officers included Vice President, Lorraine Heider; Secretary, Doris Thorpe; Treasurer, Mary Holmes. This year the sophomores were guided through nine months of tem- petuous training by which each became more skilled and more aware of the nearness of his completion of high school. The following year, Doris Thorpe was chosen President for the Juniors. Mary Brickerd became Vice President, Jean Dixon, Secre- tary, and Lee Gentry, Treasurer. The class was asked to help maneuver the Junior-Senior Prom. The year ended very successfully and the Juniors became Seniors. As is evident, the school year of 1942-1943 arrived on schedule. This promising young group, now Seniors, was led by Mary Holmes, the Class President. Lawrence Baldwin iwfas Vice President, with Jean Dixon, Secretary, and Beatrice Sloan, Treasurer. Jimmy Nowlin was head of the Student Government, and Janies Tacey became editor of the Surveyor. Thus, this most industrious graduating class consumed four years of high school life. Nothing is so priceless as the pleasant memories of those four years. Therefore, best wishes go to every member of this graduating class, no matter what may be his destiny. CL Wit ad d I, Walter Arnold, leave my dark handsome- ness to Carol Thomas. I, Dorothy Atchison, leave some of my talkativeness to Vyonne Davis. I, Lawrence Baldwin, leave my love for whittling to Victor Whetzel. I, Kenneth Blunt, leave my versatality to Claude Crump. I, Joseph Bradley, leave my meek ways to Tommy Jennings. I, Wilma Bridges, leave some of my fem- ininity and cheerful personality to Mildred Phelps. I, Leo Briscoe, leave my arguments with teachers to Ernest Pettit. I, Shirley Brown, leave my poetic ability to anyone who enjoys it as much as I do. I, Edward Carter, leave my “Girl Trou- ble” to Leo Rodgers. I, Robert Coates, leave some of my shyness in class to Joyce Walters. I, Lee Conley, leave my shortness to Billy Barrel. I, Audrey Covert, leave my happy-go-lucky ways to Jean Pugh. I, Earl Curtis, leave my ability to keep the class in time, according to my 25c watch, to Claude Smith. I, Gay Davis, leave my love for dancing to Audrey Shifflett. I, Wauglmita Davis, leave all my reading pleasure to John Boothe. I, Duggar Deavers, leave my ability to flirt to Billy Holt. I, Jackie Dempsey, leave behind my tales of Florida to Eloise Ward. I, Jean Dixon, leave my class interest and leadership to Frankie Strobel. I, Claude Duell, leave my pitcher’s box to Wiley Barrington. I, Virginia Duvall, leave my love for apples to Lois Metzger. I, Lois Fenimore, leave my unending love for Latin to Janice Payne. I, Helen Greenstreet, leave my “always in place” hair to any young damsel who spends hours fixing hers. I, George Grimsley, leave my love (?) for Mount Vernon to all rising Seniors. I, Donald Handburg, leave my argumenta- tive spirit to Virginia Wray. I, Helen Hammersley, leave my flirtatious eyes to Betty Thomas. I, Billy Harwell, leave my ability to get into trouble to Robert Leisner. I, Lorraine Heider, leave my mathematical intellect to anyone who needs it. I, Mary Holmes, leave the school paper and its worries to Miss Clark. I, Harold Holt, leave my prized Math book to Kenneth Hasle. I, Beverly Hormann, leave my G-I hair cut to Jesse Flowers. I, Henry Huffman, leave my dainty ways to Jack Sullivan. I, Pat Jensen, leave my quiet ways to Mildred Norris. I, Billy Johnson, leave my “way with the teachers” to anyone who can make use of it. I, Patty Jumet, leave my singing ability to Sue Roberts. I, Virginia Kelly, leave my sunny disposi- tion to Anna Hansen. I, Hilton Lamphier, leave my gentlemanly ways to Claude Lawrence. I, Hilda Lawrence, leave my ability “to be seen and heard, too” to Marion Long. I, Tommy Mattingly, leave my “don’t get it” attitude to Jimmy Kaiser. I, Douglas McKenzie, leave my bashfulness to Alfred Jorden. I, Joe McMahan, leave my dislike for Alge- bra to Beverly Hatt. CL» Wdl I, Arthur Mills, leave my habit of getting to class late to George Powell. I, Margaret Milstead, leave my “sweet tooth” to Miss Wilcox. I, Jeannette Minnick, leave my “little moron” jokes to Sieber Mellott. I, Elmer Murray, leave my shyness to girls to Martin Bostetter. I, Marders Nevitt, leave my patrol belt to Fred Roberts. I, James Nowlin, leave the Student Govern- ment to be carried on by all students of Mount Vernon. I, William Otis, leave my “always grin- ning” expression to Joe Dunivan. I, Inez Painter, leave my tactful way with boys to Margie Harvey. (Not that she needs it.) I, Gene Patermaster, leave my “flirting” nature to Lila Wray. I, Elizabeth Pearson, leave my interest in Stewart to Julia Murphy. I, Lilas Pearson, leave my blonde hair to all girls who envy it. I, Gertrude Peebles, leave my “high stand- ing” in the world to Jean Bayliss. I, Hilda Penn, refuse to leave my “Lyle” to anyone. I, Margaret Petitt, leave my ability to get to those week-end dances at Vienna to Pansy Hill. I, Gloria Plaugher, leave my favorite type- writer to anyone lucky enough to get it. I, John Randolph, leave my knowledge of science to the future chemists and physicists to Mount Vernon. I, Carolyn Rice, leave my quiet charms to Charlotte Berrett. I, Inez Roberts, leave my love letters to Ida Hodges. I, Helen Rose, leave my technique of get- ting anywhere just in the nick of time to Martha Roberts. I, Elmer Rudd, leave my ability to read English Literature to any poor soul who needs it. I, Stewart Safelle, leave some of mv pop- ularity to Billy Collins. I, Guy Shepherd, leave my friendliness to- wards everyone to Betty Norfolk. I, Wynona Shifflet, leave my passion for dancing to Margaret Rogers. I, Lois Simms, leave my hilarious good times at school to Ray Sullivan. I, Graham Simpson, leave my “never worry about anything” attitude to Glenwood Clark. I, Bee Sloan, leave my originality to any student who prefers “H’s.” I, James Tacey, leave my ability to always have my homework in on time to Lynwood Wiley. I, Margaret Talbert, leave my determined ways to Virginia Haar. I, Owen Talbert, leave my mischievousness to Jimmy Speiss. I, Lorraine Thompson, leave my love for jitterbugging to Anita Cox. I, Lillian Via, leave my office practice to Nellie Davies. I, Ann Violett, leave my wav with the Lieu- tenants to Jean Kimes. I, Constance Wiles, leave my secret of “how to make friends” to the new students of Mount Vernon. I, Lois Wiley, leave my knowledge of “how to mix business and pleasure successfully” to Kathy Young. I, Roberta Wiley, leave my good posture to Anna Mae Rogers. I, Elizabeth Wright, leave my slap-happy ways to Margaret Lavinus. cu p, ropliecy Gazing into the future, we can see the for- tunes of this Senior Class, nnveiled for the moment in the magic crystal: Walter Arnold and Graham Simpson who have formed a partnership operating a grocery store, are still throwing dice while their customers wait. (Theirs is the only store still selling coffee.) Dorothy Atchison has just married the former Captain of James Monroe’s football team and is living in Fredericksburg. Lawrence Baldwin, now a college instructor of Science and Physics at Georgetown. Kenneth Blunt, who has taken charge of his father’s store, has acquired that “man of the world” air. Joseph Bradley, an accountant for the Metro- politan Insurance Company. Wilma Bridges, designing clothes for the stars in Hollywood, California. Leo Briscoe, known as Rev. Briscoe, is now minister of the Woodlawn Baptist Church. Shirley Brown, who has gained fame by her poetry and a book called “Poems the Peo- ple Love.” Edward Carter, teaching Commercial sub- jects at Strayer’s Business College. Robert Coates, a famous figure in Aeronaut- ics, is now President of his own air-line. Lee Conley has joined his brother, entering the United States Navy, and is now sta- tioned — due to his own choice — in Hawaii. Randolph Cooper, now an M. P. in the United States Army. Audrey Covert, happily married to her hand- some Marine. Earl Curtis, busily waiting on customers at Tillinghast’s store. Gay Davis, working in one of the larger de- partment stores of Washington. Waughnita Davis, a well-known critic on “Popular Books of Today.” Duggar Deavers is a traveling salesman for Lady Esther’s Cosmetics. (The girls, dazzled by Duggar’s charm, are making Lady Esther’s the most famous make-up in the world.) Jackie Dempsey, hostess a,t a fashionable stage-door canteen. Jean Dixon, efficient secretary to one of Alex- andria’s leading business men. Claude Duell, home from Europe where he was stationed with the Marine Corps, is being presented with medals for bravery during the war. Virginia Duvall, teaching a class at her pri- vate kindergarten. Lois Fenimore, stirring the world with her famous essays, which are even more widely known than those written by the late Emerson. Helen Greenstreet has just been appointed head nurse of the Children’s Ward in the Alexandria Hospital. George Grimsley is now constructing flying fortresses for the Curtis-Wright Corpora- tion. Donald Hamburg, chief flying instructor at Langley Field. Helen Hammersley has received awards for her bravery in flying bombers to Britain and is now resting on her laurels. Billy Harwell, finally deciding on Georgia Tech, is now coaching “Tech’s” football team. (Rather what’s left of the team. The players all left for Duke when they found that Harwell was to be their coach.) Lorraine Heider, teaching Mathematics at Mount Vernon High School. Mary Holmes, news correspondent for the Star Newspaper, now stationed in Bombay, India. Harold Holt, working in the Post Office in Alexandria. Beverly Hormann, now a Sergeant in the Army, is coaching his privates in football, especially on “Plow to intercept passes.” Henry Huffman, a confirmed bachelor, is still the “Dashing Romeo.” Pat Jensen, a, typist for the government in Washington. Billy Johnson, a dealer for the Packard Motor Company. Patty Jumet, singing on the Saturday Night Serenade” in place of Jessica Dragonnett, who recently retired from the air. f roph ecif Virginia Kelly, writing a column called “Beauty Hints” in McCalls magazine. Hilton Lamphier had gone to England to help win the war. After defeating the Germans, he married a girl from England, and is now trying to acquire an English accent. Tommy Mattingly, an authority on “How to apply the Physics that you know.” Venton McGrady and Elmer Murray have joined the “Flying Tigers” in China. Douglas McKenzie, a retired farmer, is rest- ing at his farm just outside of Occoquan. Joe McMahan is a Commanding Officer in the U. S. Army, Infantry Division. Arthur Mills, since his father’s retirement, is the game warden for Fairfax County. Margaret Milstead, now a favorite teacher, is teaching Home Economics at Mount Ver- non. Jeannette Miwnick has just passed her nurse’s examination, and is now leaving for New York to apply for a position as “Private Nurse.” Marders Nevitt has been promoted to Cap- tain in the United States Army. James Nowlin has taken the place of Mr. Carrico as County Maintenance Superin- tendent. William Otis, now a guard at Lorton Reform- atory. Inez Painter, having studied in New York, has come back to Alexandria to open her own fashion shop. Gene Patermaster, having completed her studies at George Washington University, has gone to New York to make a more thorough study of law. Elizabeth Pearson, a noted cartoonist, is busily working on her comic strip, “The Adventures of Kathleen,” now appearing in the Star newspaper. Lilas Pearson, who is married and living at home, is teaching a Sunday School Class at Poliick Church. Gertrude Peebles, living in Washington is doing welfare work for the state. Hilda Penn is living in Annapolis, Maryland, where her husband is instructing the young Midshipmen. Margaret Petitt is now retired on her farm with her husband and children. Gloria Plauglier, employed as secretary to a prominent lawyer in Alexandria. John Randolph has just been appointed by the President on a mission to South Amer- ica to further the “Good-Will Policy.” Carolyn Rice, now secretary to America’s Ambassador to England. Helen Rose, still waiting for “Bill” to come home, is a well-known leader in Alexandria Civic Affairs. Elmer Rudd, who has been playing Hamlet on the stage for the last four years, is scheduled to speak at Mt. Vernon, using the topic, “How Literature Influences Our Life.” Stewart Saffelle, a tobacco auctioneer for Lucky Strike in North Carolina. Guy Shepherd with his radio program is fast becoming a rival of Red Skelton. Wynona Sliifflet is busily selling hats to cus- tomers at Leonard’s in Baltimore. Lois Simms, secretary to Mr. Cox at Mount Vernon High School. Beatrice Sloan, who has just sold her first novel, is preparing to buy a ranch in the mountains. James Tacey, the most argumentative poli- tician in Congress. Margaret Talbert, conducting classes in ac- counting in a local business college. Lorraine Thompson has come back to Mount Vernon to instruct Physical Education courses. Lillian Via, music teacher at the Peabody Music Conservatory in Baltimore. Ann Violett, recently renewed her five-year contract with the M. G. M. Studios. Tommy Violett, America’s most spectacular football player since Knute Roekne. Constance Wiles, a nurse at John Hopkins in Baltimore. Lois Wiley, a hostess for the P. C. A. airlines. Roberta Wiley, modeling evening apparel at Saks Fifth Avenue. Elizabeth Wright, working in an Alexandria clothing store. ? 2 - MRS. THURMAN BRISBEN Sponsoi • of Junior Class an lord President — Wiley Barrington Vice President — Frankie Strobel Secretary — Glenwood Clark Treasurer — Sue Roberts 2-3 Marjorie Baggett Wiley Barrington George Baker June Bartlett Jean Bayliss Charlotte Berrett John Booth Martin Bostetter Minnie Butler Donald Clark Glenwood Clark Evelyn Cleveland Richard Coflin Jack Colcord William Colcord Raymond Cones Douglas Cook John Covert Catherine Cox Kent Crowther Nellie Davies I John Davis Pearl Dent Vera Dickson Jean Duvall Lucille Epps Freda Fraley Helen Fraley Dolores Gardner Anna Hansen Billy Harrell Christine Harris Vernon Harper Betty Harwell Kenneth Hasle LaVerne Hill Violet Hill Hilda Hudson Rebecca Hummer Annie Javins Iola Javins Tommy Jennings 2 . J James Kaiser Jean Kimes Claude Lawrence Mildred Lee Robert Leisner Harold Letcher Duane Lewis Marian Long Marion Martin Marie Maters Perry McCann Doris McMinn Mary Ellen McNelis Nellie Mellott Alice Monteith Jean Morse Dollie Mundy Julia Murphy Marie Nelson Richard Otis Bobby Painter Janice Payne Verne Pearson Mildred Phelps Sue Roberts Bernice Rogers Frances Rogers Leo Rogers Margaret Rogers Earl Scott Josephine Sears Mary Simpson Claude Smith Marjorie Staples Frankie Strobel Nelson Sublett Helen Suthard Eugene Thomas Parker Thornton Alice Travers Helen Wagner Eloise Ward ■ 7 MISS MOLLY LEHRMAN We, the Student Body of Mount Vernon High School, wish to thank Miss Molly Lehrman for her conscientious work in sponsoring our annual THE STUDENT BODY, Mt. Vernon High School. School, Hj (14% rror T°P yVosb Wlh ' esi: t$t° T£e 2 f f 9 £■ e °f 5 fates m oi-cle To torm POort pe 2 C+ union, esi aM sJ-i ' m uve c oMes-fe -rr rvfj,n;± pvSvicit ffo ' r r a commion eie evx pW oTb- hera use arc ar c{ 3eUjfe blesaincjs qt | ' ibert v To guy stives a oyr posit nil) do brdain -W esfek- . 1 S — h’l 5 Cokhiutoh sV £ 9 T c f I i 4bi5 WaUmo o9 £he- L ( . iWe , W -H-re. p«op]H A T fcr hl — jUg Ph Th is_.. MRS. HENRY D. GASSON Sponsor of Sophomore Class President — Thomas Hook Vice President — Louise Nalls Secretary — Anita Cox Treasurer — J oseph 0 ’Connor Leonard Allen Wava Arnold Jack Bailey Alvin Baker Dorothy Belt Willard Bonnett Mary Elizabeth Boyd Margaret Clark Jean Coates Jean Cole Anita Cox Dean Crowther Leslie Currie Vyonne Davis Nellie Delozier Sadie Delozier Francis Dorset Marian Duncan Joseph Dunivin Charles Fenimore Annie Fitzgerald Thomas Flowers Ida Gilliam Gloria Good Shirley Goodwin Herman Gorham Percy Greenstreet Jeanne Griffith Richard Hammersley Virginia Haverkamp Helen Hartman Dale Harwood Beverly Hatt Pansy Hill Thomas Hook Dorothy Hooper Sidney Johnson Marjorie Jones Marilyn Kahn Merlyn Keiler Anna King Barbara Larson - 5 , Margaret Lavinus Jack Lewis George Mann Florence Mattingly John McKelvey Lillian McMinn Calvin Meahl Lois Metzger John Milstead Douglas Murray Randolph Neitzey Billie Norfolk Richard O ' Neil Fred Painter Douglas Pearson Ethel Penn Earnest Pettit Norma Phillips C. E. Pinkerton George Powell Jean Pugh J i- Phyllis Pung Betty Reynolds Hervey Rice Helen Ridgeway Lee Roberts Fred Roberts Martha Roberts Carlton Robertson Marie Sanborn Marion Sapp Barbara Scott June Scott Anna Mae Shifflet Eddie Skrinski William Snellings James Spiess Joyce Staples Robert Stiedel Bob Straub Carl Thomas Catherine Timms Vernon Timms Haneil Timmons Thelma Travers Dalford Via Claude Viar Joyce Walter Eugene Williamson William Wilson Dorothy Ann Walon Virginia Wray Lewis Wright John Wynoski i i rsh Trartsccfvkrreietl )8eq e TwMCH-IrtoK of Bc C TS e ? Ko«. u $ ?x N )e»- -a,haf Bell 1912 — U8 _ x . STATE S J f .,Z„) BECOME U8 UNITED STATES s r ft ' MRS. OLIVE THOMPSON Freshman Coordinator Sponsor of Freshman Class men President — Joseph Holmes Vice President — Edgar L,ooney Secretary — Faith McDonald Treasurer — Maxine Dixon Betty Allen Eleanor Alexander Selma Anderson Frances Bard Harriet Parker Bob Bauman Doris Baumback Henry Bennett Jane Blind Alvin Bolton Marie Booth Bobby Bowers Richard Briscoe Joe Brown Marian Butler Alfred Binkleman James Cantrell Mary Clark Mary Ellen Clark Robert Clatt Elveria Colanecchia 3t Joseph Collins Bernice Cook Robert Cook Donald Cooper June Cooper Roberta Cooper Jack Cowley Claude Crump Ernest Curtis Sabine Daniels Nancy Doughton Dixie Davis William Davis Eileen Day Angeline De Marco James Dixon Maxine Dixon Alvin Dodd Catherine Dodson Dorothy Duncan Elizabeth Duvall ) Carolyn Evers Emma Feagens Billy Fenimore Latane Fletcher Irving Florence Grace Gelling Betty Godfrey Carlton Goodwin Caton Hall Milton Hansborough Eloise Hardbower Romana Harley Roberta Harper Virginia Haar William Harris Jean Harris Richard Hart Kendrick Hatt Barbara Hicks Edith Higgins Ida Hodges . U Billy Holt Donald Hook Thelma Hook Elizabeth Howard Edward Hudson Evelyn Hughes Malcomb Jacobs Carl Jenkins Vivian Jones Alfred Jordan Whitelow Kitson Bobby Kline William Ladson Geneiva Lear Leon Leif Dick Lewis Jane Lookabough Edgar Looney Robert Lowe Gladys Lyles Carol Mahon Y Faith MacDonald Robert McGee Seiber Mellott Herbert Melvin Kenneth Merrick Annette Millard Irene Morrison Betty Mosure Edward Murphy Lois Murphy Pete Murphy Linwood Nalls Betty Norfolk Carl Otis Bonnie Overly Lucille Painter Billy Perroro Norma Peterson Betty Lee Petitt Lorraine Petitt Luther Pettit Margaret Petitt Buelah Phelps Helen Plaugher Mary Alice Price Donald Profitt Connie Pugh Horace Pulley Ruth Redmond Jeeter Rose Annie Rogers Bucky Rudderford Leonard Schiendel Mary Sears Ruby Seymour Geraldine Shackleford Audrey Shiftlett Jack Simms Rowena Simpson Bobby Skrinski Alice Stanton Manifield Stiedel rs Romana Steuartson Jean Talbott Eldridge Talbott Evelyn Theimer Betty Thomas Junior Timmons Robert Tolman Edna Van Inweger Shirley Vickers Billy Wadell Jack Wagner Katherine Walker Rose Lee Webster Betty Weston Dorothy White Jean White Beatrice Williamson Billy Wood Betty Jane Woodyard Glenn Yeater tty. Nemo hr NM Y © Nevu VorK T 3 ' a u f4 ylitui t ieS Student Government Glee Club Paper Staff School Patrol Football Teams Cheering- Squad Victory Corps Sbe .Student Cjovernnient The Student Government at Mount Vernon is develop- ing into the most honored, most influential organization on the Campus. Each year students are assuming more and more responsibility. In the session 1941-42 the Student Government published the first Handbook and initiated the use of Activities Tickets, which in the 1942-43 session has netted the school some $2500-$3000. With the opening of school in September, 1942, Patrols were placed directly under Student Govern- ment. Under the leadership of Secretary of Safety, Jean Hamlet, who was later succeeded by Willard Bonnett, great strides in clearing up bottlenecks in administration have been made. One of the outstand- ing features of Patrols has been the Color Guard made up of: Henry Bennett, Jordan Lee Harding, Edward Hudson, Robert Clatt, Dale Harwood, and Carrol Mahon. The Lost and Found Department was established and is manned by the following volunteers: Donald Clark, Kent Crowther, Raymond Cone, Claude Smith, and Annie Javins. 182 articles have been returned to their owners and 128 articles, including books, are now stored in the Department. On April 1, the Student Government will hold an Auction Sale of all articles in the Department. The proceeds will go into the Student Government Treasury In relieving the manpower shortage Student Presi- dent, James Nowlin, Secretary of Public Relations, Kent Crowther, and Secretary of Sanitation, William Otis, have led the Student Body in “clean-up work,” and in replacing the janitor. The money realized from the County for this will be given over to the Student Government. As Secretary of Activities, Martin Bostetter has scheduled all organization meetings, planned and put into working order the Victory Corps, and, for the second time, sponsored the sale of magazines, which is one of the high lights of the Student Government activities each year. James Tacey, as Senior member of the Judicial De- partment has, with the help of the other members, Glenwood Clark, Secretary, Bob Straub, and Sieber Mellott, carried on a very fine Court Department. Their meetings have been conducted at regular inter- vals and they have handed down a number of decisions. Officer 1942-43 President — James Nowlin Vice President — Guy Shepherd Secretary — Carolyn Rice Treasurer — Lorraine Heider Secretary of Safety — Willard Bonnett Secretary of Public Relations — Kent Crowther Secretary of Activities — Martin Bostetter Secretary of Sanitation — William Otis mm Sponsor — Virginia Wilcox President — Virginia Lee Kelly Business Manager — Ray Sullivan £n L JJ, Staff Sponsor — Mary D. Clark Editor-in-Chief — Mary Holmes Assistant Editor — Beatrice Sloan Business Manager — Gene Patermaster Circulation Manager — Ernest Pettit Sports Editor — John Davis Club Editot — Lois Wiley Feature Editor — Shirley Brown News Editor — Lois Simms PatroL Sponsor — Olive Scott Thompson Captain — Willard Bonnett Lieutenants — Earl Scott, Fred Roberts V 3oolUl De Coaches — Mr. Morse and Mr. Thomas Manager — John Davis FIRST TEAM Captain Lawrence Baldwin Center Lee Gentry Left Guard Leonard Nalls Right Guard Lawrence Baldwin Left Tackle Billy Harwell Right Tackle George Baker Left End Robert Leisner Right End Beverly Hormann Quarter Back Claude Duell Half Back Wiley Barrington Half Back Tommy Violett Full Back Lynwood Wiley (dlieer aJdecideri 3 quad Sponsor — Margaret Ann Porch Squad Leader — Eloise Ward Second 3i earn Center Left Guard Right Guard Left Tackle _ Right Tackle Left End Right End Quarter Back Half Back __ Half Back Full Back Jimmy Speiss Douglas Murray Parker Thornton .1 Lynwood Allen _Carlton Goodwin Douglas Cook Tommy Pilkerton Leif Torkelson Ted Cooper Charles Blunt Jack Bailey 5 As the last page of the ' book entitled “Foot- ball at Mount Vernon High in ’42” is turned over, we have read a very interesting and ex- citing story. The story starts out with Coach Morse’s arrival at M. V. H. and the calling of the first practice. Five days later, we played our first game in the history of our school outside the state of Virginia. The game was with Western and, as many of you will remember, Western won by a score of 48 — 0. This score was almost a fore-gone conclusion as Western is one of the largest schools in Washington — thus their team was much heavier than ours. The next few pages deal with hard prac- tice for the squad on the home field. Then another game, this time with Warrenton. Warrenton won by a score of 19 — 0. Many of the Mustangs were injured in this game, especially P. Thornton whose injury kept him off the football field for the rest of the season. The next chapter has a decidedly brighter aspect for within its pages we played the Alumni and tied them by a score of 6 — 6. Wiley Barrington scored our only touchdown. This game was a good example of team work. A new play-calling system introduced by Mr. Morse and executed by Leif Torkelson at the quarterback position helped greatly in catch- ing the Alumni team off guard. “Kisses” Wiley also deserves recognition for a beau- tiful block laid into a certain Smith, who, nine chances out of ten, would have nabbed Barrington at the beginning of his touch- down run. The next two or three pages deal with Mount Vernon and Manassas. The team travelled to Manassas by train. The game ended with victory for Manassas by a score of 13 — 6. This game would have been a Mus- tang victory if we had started really playing football a little sooner than we did for our touchdown was scored in the last two minutes of the game. We then played a game with National Training School. This game ended with a 19 — 0 score in favor of N. T. S. The next few pages are rather wet and mud-stained because these pages contain the story of the Mount Vernon-Fairfax game. There is an intense rivalry between these two schools and Mount Vernon spirit was flaming when it arrived at Fairfax, but mud, water, and the Fairfax team soon put it out. Fair- fax outweighed us, and outplayed us because of the slow field. Our end runs, off tackle smashes and reverses, could not function on their field. When the sixty minutes of wet playing were over, Fairfax had accumulated 54 points to our 0. This was a great dis- illusionment for our team, but we sincerely hope that next year’s squad will beat the pants off of Fairfax. The last chapter in the book more or less compensates us for the dark ones. On these pages is recorded a victorious and fitting- finale to our football season of ’42. This was the second game with Manassas, which ended in a 6 — 0 victory for Mount Vernon High. This game was another shining example of teamwork and stubborn resistance. The one touchdown was the result of “Bev” Hor- mann’s interception of a pass and running to a touchdown. This being the last game made it seem only right that a Senior should make the only touchdown and that Seniors should more or less dominate in this game, as they did. Now, as we look back over this season, we Seniors realize we have saddled up for the last time. We regret very much to leave, but, in leaving we know that the good work will be carried on by next year’s squad. THE END ' ictoru (OtjiS of Wt. Vernon Mu f l, ScLot Mount Vernon High School is vigorously at work in the war effort. While scores of our graduates have answered the call to the Colors, we of the Home Front are preparing to back them in every way possible. The High School Victory Corps provides simple, definite and organ- ized means by which school officials, teachers, parents, citizens, and pupils may discharge their responsibilities to the country in the present crisis and may carry Virginia’s program into action through a logical and easily managed pattern. Specifically, the High School Victory Corps provides the high schools with: 1. A simplified and easily administered organization for dis- charging their responsibilities to the war effort. 2. The opportunity for the participation of their pupils in the school’s war effort. 3. The opportunity for participation in the war effort of the community. 4. A means of guidance of boys and girls in appropriate types of training for the armed forces and civilian occupations essential to the war effort. The year 1943 will be marked in every High School in the United States as a Red Letter Year for it is the year that saw the beginning of the Victory Corps. In the Future the insignia of the Corps will be as much of an “Open Sesame” to those familiar with high school activities as the insignia of a Greek Letter Faternity. Unlike a Fraternity the Corps Membership is ultra-democratic and owes its exi stance to nothing but its real worth. Miss Mable Gregory, Sponsor. Martin Bostetter, Secretary of Activities. sStw ' iSfel ’Uwc ' le » T " toc raphs 3tt Jlemorium To A Loyal Freshman September 11, 1928 March 27, 1943 Doris Mae Baumback was one of the happiest Fresh- men at Mount Vernon High School. She was an honor student and was loved and respected by faculty and students. In her untimely going the school lias sustained a loss for she was one of those rare, dependable persons whose capacity for hard work was exceeded only by her ability to live happily and give generously. W. A. BARNETT ' S SONS WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS ★ 115 King- Street Alexandria, Virginia S. F. DYSON and BROTHERS Over 50 Years of Service 420 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone: Alex. 0278 Cdompdimenti of COLONIAL 5c and 10c STORE Alexandria, Virginia Cdompdlments of WASHINGTON KANE Realtors — Loans — Insurance 1615 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Office Phone : Alex. 1621 Cdompdiments of A P SUPER MARKET Alexandria, Virginia MONTGOMERY WARD ARROWSMITH’S Reed Theater Building COMPANY Coats Alexandria’s Only Complete Sweaters Skirts Department Store Dresses Blouses 906 King Street Suits Alexandria, Virginia 1707 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone : Alex. 1900 Phone: Alex. 3512 C om p fitnen ti oj! VIRGINIA GRILL Old Virginia Country Ham WHELAN’S DRUG STORE Sea Food - - Beverages Alexandria, Virginia Corner King Washington Streets Phone: Alex. 9471 THE BEAUTYETTE Alexandria’s Leading C ompiimenti of Permanent Wave Shoppe ROSENBERG’S 1619 King Street 409 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Phone : Alex. 1086 COHEN’S QUALITY SHOP Hart, Scliafner, and HOPKINS FURNITURE STORE Marx Clothes 1104 King Street Lowest Prices Alexandria, Virginia Easiest Terms Alex. 0656 Courteous Treatment WALTER ROBERTS, INC. Located at Roberts Feed - - Purina Chows Free Delivery on Route 1 810-812 King Street Friday and Monday Alexandria, Virginia Alex. 0166 Ford V-8 Mercury 8 LEVINSON CLOTHING COMPANY Lincoln Zephyr V-12 Outfitters for Men and Boys 424 King Street HERBY’S INCORPORATED Alexandria, Virginia The House That Service Is Building ALEXANDRIA STUDIO 113 N. St. Asaph Street Fine Photography Alexandria, Virginia 418 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Alex. 0374 Te. 3768 Phone : Alex. 0491 VANITY BEAUTY SHOP 1129 King Street Special Prices on All Permanents for School Girls Prices $4.95 to $12.50 Permanent Waving Our Specialty Oil Shampoos and Finger Waves $1.00 Mrs. Johnnie L. Black, Prop. Mrs. Mary Lawrence, Mgr. Phone : Alex. 9584 “ LINDOS ” Peal Italian Dinner and Delicious Steak Located on Richmond Highway 0 Miles South of Alexandria Under New Ownership Co nip li m ents ofi MERRILL C. LYNCH DRUGGIST Reed Theatre Building Alex. 4100 Alexandria, Virginia Compliments of TURNER STUDIO Photographers 108 North Washington Street Alexandria Virginia Compliments op MT. VERNON MOTORS 121 South Alfred Street Alexandria, Virginia C. H. Mason, Prop. Phone: Alex. 3100 Compliments op MORTON’S Cut Rate Toiletries . . . Cosmetics Gifts - - Patent Medicines “You Save More at Morton’s 9 ’ Corner King and Patrick Streets Alexandria Virginia For Appointment - - Phone Alex. 0432 BOULEVARD BEAUTY SALON Mrs. Del G. Crowe, Prop. 102 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia C omplimenti op R A WLETT’S Wall Paper - - Paper Hanging S. S. KRESGE CO. 318 King Street 604 King Street Alexandria Virginia Alexandria, Virginia, Alex. 1335 C ompiiments op GRAHAM and OGDEN, INC. FRANK MICHELBACK Realtors - - Insurance Fine Furniture 803 King Street 814 King Street Phone Alex. 1300 or Temple 1300 Alexandria Virginia Alexandria Virginia GINN’S GINN’S STORE NO. 2 Washington’s Most Progressive Stationers now announce Their Most Beautiful • Where You Will Find the Same High Quality Household Furni- ture That You Have Always Known in Our Stationery and Household Furniture Store Office Supplies 1417 New York Ave., N. W. Washington, D. C. • 7111 Wisconsin Avenue REpublic 5850 Bethesda, Maryland ALEXANDRIA DAIRY PRODUCTS CO., INC. “Drink More Milk For Your Health’s Sake’’ Pitt and Princess Streets Alexandria, Virginia Phone : Alex. 2525 or Temple 5390 (Compliments of MONTICELLO HOTEL Alexandria, Va. C. C. Batcheller J. L. Batcheller C. C. Batcheller, Jr. BATCHELLER SONS Realtors - - Insurance 115 South Royal Street Alexandria, Virginia, Phone: Alex. 1247 (Com plimen ts of K. E. BLUNT’S SERVICE STATION Belle Haven Alexandria, Virginia, Fuel Oil Kerosene Solvent RAMBO BEAUTY SHOP All Lines of Beauty Work Specializing in Permanent Waving Mrs. M. Anna Rambo, Prop. Fleming Building 101 South Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia, Jolene and Airstep Shoes For Those Who Care HAYMAN SHOE STORE 526 King Street Alexandria, Virginia, Pictures of This Annual Made by THE LEMLEY STUDIOS Stephens City, Virginia Phone Alex. 1157 MILLER’S HARDWARE Paints - Oils - Glass Housewares - Gifts - Toys 800 King Street Alexandria, Virginia, Day and Night Service Flowers by Telegraph RANDOLPH FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Say It With Flowers 1015 King Street Alexandria, Virginia, Phone Alex. 0537 FRANK B. HOWARD Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Fresh Meats - Pork Products We Deliver 525 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone Alex. 1477 or 1478 C onifj li men t J of THE GEORGE MASON HOTEL Northern Virginia’s Leading Hotel Alexandria, Virginia (Somali men li of EDWARD S. HOLLAND, Jr. Certified Land Surveyor 624 King Street Alexandria, Virginia, Cf ' otn jj li men ti of B. B. EZRINE Alexandria Virginia FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND COHEN BROTHERS LOAN ASSOCIATION Leading Credit Jewelers of of Alexandria Northern Virginia First Mortgage Loans Shares Insured Up To $5,000 Home of Perfect Diamonds Dividend 3% Alexandria 9580 1123 King Street C. T. Nicholson, Executive Vice Pres. Alexandria, Virginia 803 King Street Chestnut 7500 Alexandria, Virginia 2510 Columbia Pike Phone Alex. 1727 Arlington, Virginia THE COLONIAL (Compliments op HAIR DRESSING PARLOR Ma ' bel Taylor FITZGERALD GROCERY 110 South Royal Street Alexandria, Virginia Franconia, Virginia Phone Alex. 0765 (Co m p (i m enls op GAINES VARIETY BEDDING Specializing in Good Bedding and Furniture F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Mattresses - Box Springs - Bedding J. C. Gaines, Owner and Manager Alexandria, Virginia 1225 King Street Phone Alex. 3583 Alexandria, Va. J. C. PENNY and COMPANY Alexandria ’s Leading Department Store 615-619 King Street Alexandria, Va. _ Collegiate standards in business education. • Graduation from high school required for admission. • Special 8 and 12 week courses for college students. SUMMER COURSES Begin June 7, 21 — July 5 • 1943 courses adjusted to War Emergency demands. • Accelerated programs in Shorthand and Typewriting. • Visitors welcome. Write or call for catalog or Summer Bulletin. COLLEGE OF SECRETARIAL TRAINING MOORE’S DRUG STORE 1113 King Street Phone Alex. 0141 Alexandria, Va. (Compliments BERNARD COHEN Attorney at Law 102 North Fairfax Street Alexandria, Virginia, C. B. HARRIS COMPANY Plumbing - - Heating 1414 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone Alex. 0831 dompdimenti of • R. E. 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SAUNDERS COMPANY 211 North Seventh Street Richmond, Virginia Phones Alex. 2021-2022 ★ NORTHERN VIRGINIA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, Inc. Alexandria, Virginia ★ READY MIKED CONCRETE SAND - GRAVEL EXCAVATION Office and Plant Telegraph Road Always the Newest Things for the Junior Miss HELENE’S 712 King Street Alexandria, Virginia E. F. CANNON Brick Contractor merits oj- FAMILY SHOE MART 518 King Street Alexandria, Virginia 322 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Phone Alex. 3101 Phone Alex. 4107 PENN DAW HOTEL 2 Miles South of Alexandria, Virginia .lir Mia id II ardeu Headquarters Temple 1932 Alexandria 1932 HEALTH FOOD CENTER Dealer in Natural Foods DeSoto Plymouth Dealers Whole Cereals - - Raw Sugar ERB-LAX GLADNEY MOTORS 1000 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Great Cars - - Fine Service Ella Sanders A Square Deal Phone Alex. 0379 Good Used Cars Harold Polk, Mgr. 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