Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA)

 - Class of 1942

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Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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THE SURVEYOR SURVEYOR STAFF Jean Holmes--Editor Jean Roberts--Assistant Editor Ruth Nelson--Business Manager Art Editors Adver tising Literary Marguerite Duncan Robert Coates Catherine Shepherd Bob Jenson Bob Hardy Edith Nelson James Tacey Elmer Murry Betty Berrett S por ts Staff Typists Photography John Conners Thelma Wallis Margie Harvey Bill Murphy Mary Parnell Pearl Dent Venton McGrady Virginia Bevis Florence Deane Faculty Advisor: Alice T. Hansborough TABLE OFCONTENTS Dedic at ion F acuity Se ni o r s U ncjej’gfaduates A c i ! v i t e 5 Ad ve h t i 5 e m e n t 5 DEDICATION We, the student body, in appreciation for all the inspiration and assistance so cheerfully and helpfully rendered us, dedicate the 1942 “Surveyor” to HAZEL BUNCE NEVITT nOUNT VERNON FACULTY 1. Mr. G. C. Cox, Principal 2. Miss Annie Mae Davis, Chemistry and Science 3. Miss Mabel Gregory, General Math and Algebra 4. Mrs. Alice llansborough, English and Social Studies 5. Miss Virginia Miller, Science and English 6. Miss Revere Ashley, Commercial subjects 7. Miss Mary D. Clark, Commercial subjects 8. Mrs. Mary Derflinger, Biology and Science 9. Miss Elizabeth Little, World History 10. Mrs. Henry D. Gasson, English 11. Mr. Henry D. Gasson, Latin and Boys’ Physical Education 12. Miss Marjorie Rea, Librarian 13. Mrs. Helen Jones, Girls’ Fhysical Education 14. Mrs. Hilda Dryer, Home Economics 15. Mrs. Olive Scott Thompson, Civics and Director of Guidance 16. Mr. Robert Marshall, Shop and Mechanical Drawing 17. Miss Virginia Wilcox, English and Music Appreciation 18. Miss Thurman Baker, History and Spanish 19. Mr. Carl Levin, Assistant Principal SENIORS , - 42 - . Mildred Josephine Beahm " Millie” Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Work or School Virginia Ann Beazley “Virginia” Course: Elective Ambition: Singer Next Year: Work Elizabeth Jirne Berrett “Betty” Course: Commercial Anbition: Secretary Next Year: Work Charles Alexander Burke “Billy” Course: Elective Ambition: Sales Manager Next Year: Work Kathryn Ierva Bowling “Kate” Course: Elective Ambition: Nurse Next Year: In Training “Jimmie " Course: Elective Ambition: To fly Next Year: Work Virginia Lee Compton " Ginger ” Course: Commercial Ambition: Typist Work William Robert Cooke " Cooke " Course: Vocational Ambition: Mechanic Next Year: Work Helen June Davis “ Helen " Course: Elective Ambition: To be Independent NeXgtj Yeaal: Work Russell Edward Davis Course: Vocational Aviation Mechanic Next Year: Work Dorothy Dawson " Dorothy " Course: Elective Ambition: Go West Next Year: Work Vivian Dorothy Dawson " Viv " Course: Elective Ambition: Pianist Next Year: Strayer’s Florence Cornelia Deane " Bugger " Course: Commercial Ambition: Typist Next Year: Work Estelle Virginia Dent " De nt " Course: Elective Ambition: Beautician Next Year: Work Clarence Lester Devers " Devers ” Courser Vocational Ambition: (parpen ter Next Year:»., Wbrk earj ' work John Edward Dickerson “Jack " Course: Elective Ambition: Accountant Next Year: Post Graduate Nan Ru th Di ck in son f . v Course: Academic Ambition: Desi e r Next Year: National Art College . JB Emory Dawson Dillon “ Sonny” Course: Elective Ambition: Aviation Mechanic Next Year: Work Ma r gu e jlP rite |Ei izabeth Duncan Dunky” Cou on ry Washington College Ellen Elizabeth Durrer -Baby " Course: Commercial Ambition: Get a Good Job Next Year: Worl Margaret Elizabeth Facchina " Feeny " Course: Elective Ambition: Telephone Operator Next Year: Work ' Xsr 0 Oiarles Richard Fitzgerald " DiCk " Course: Commercial Ambition: Accountant Next Year: Work Joseph Flaherty “Tow " Course: Vocational Ambition: Engineer Next Year: Work Next Year: Nadine Godfrey " Chicken’’ Course: Elective Ambition: Aviatrix Next Year: Flying School Walter Richard Frazier " Walter " Course: Commercial Ambition " : Accountant Work and Night School Norma Lee Grimsley “Norma ” Course: Elective Ambition: Travel Next Year: Work Glenn Wilmer Hall “ Professor” Course: Commercial Ambition: Accountant Next Year: School -f ' j ' Ethal Pauline Hall " Polly” Course: Elective Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Work Doris Mercedes Hodges " Pee Wee” Course: Elective Ambition: Independent Next Year: Work -£ 5«L-CJ - Jean Isobeli Holmes " Sandy” Course: Academic Ambition: X-Ray Specialist Next Year: Stuart Circle • SJL, Kenneth Willis Hoppe " Kenny " Course: Academic Ambition: Aviator Next Year: Colleke«Kr Beverly H. Horman " Beverly " Course: Academic Ambition: Undecided Next Year: School Dorothy Gertrude Javins " Dot” Course: Commercial Ambition: Commercial Teacher Joseph Michael Kleckner " Joe " ' Course: Academic Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer Next Year: College Charles Benjamin Lookabough " Church " Course: Elective Ambition: Naval Officer Next Year: Join the Navy Juanita Ellen Lyles " Peggy " Course: Commercial Ambition: Social Secre tary Next Year: School Etta Louise Minnick " Shorty” Course: Academic Ambition: Dietician Next Year: College Ruth Bernice Monroe " Toodles” Course: Commercial Ambition: Photographer Next Year: Work Tabitha Verbena Morris “Tabby” Course: Academic Ambition: Teacher Year: Mary Washington Lorraine Virginia Mui “Mundy” Course: Elective Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Work William Rule ' ll Murphy “Murph " Course: Elective Ambition: Prof. Ball Player Next Year: Baseball School Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Work Mitchell William Nelson “Mitchell " Course: Vocational Ambition: Manufacturing Unit Next Year: Work or Army Ruth Thorwalda Nelson “Rufus” Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Work EdwaVa Stephen O’Neil “Lor ton Knight” Course: Elective Ambition: Fhotographer Next Year: W ' ork .r Calvin O’Rourke “Lorton Knight” Course: Elective Ambition: Good Job Next Year: Work John Nevelle Padgett " Nevelle” Course: Elective Ambition: Radio Technician Next Year: Radio Course Mary Adeline Parnell “Parnell” Course: Commercial Ambition: Always be happy Next Year: Work Shirley Irene Platt “ Shir 1 " Course: Commercial Ambition: Nurse Next Year: School Jean Hunt Roberts “Jean” Course: Academic Ambition: Athletic Director Next Year: Work or College Marian Henriette Romdahl “Peggy” Course: Commercial Ambition: Dress Designer Next Year: Strayer’s Alveria May Schurtz “ Alveria” Course: Corranercial Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Work Carter Lee Smith “ Smitty” Course: Academic Ambition: Chemist Next Year: Post Graduate Norma Grace Smith " Butch” Course: Academic Ambition: Doctor Next Year: College Lena Frances C. Talbert " Lena " Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Strayer’s Elizabeth Marie Williamson " Fee” Course: Elective Ambition: Secretary Next Year: Strayer’s Thelma May Wallis " Dimples” Course: Commercial Ambition: President’s Secretary Next Year: Undecided Jerry Marshall Wilson " Jerry " Course: Elective Ambition: , Draftsman Next Year: Work Hector Wright " Hector” Course: Elective Ambition: Naval Officer Next Year: Work in Navy Yard ewlors CLASS WILL We, the graduating seniors of Class ’42, of Mount Vernon High School, County of Fairfax, and state of Virginia, do hereby leave wholeheartedly, to you, the underclassmen, from whom we are sadly departing, to use and develop, to aid and give you ease in making good your ambitions. May you best use them in all solemn carefulness, in deep reverence to us, the foregoing givers. I, Jane Ballenger , leave my appointments in the Beauty Salon for the beautification of everyone. I, Gordon Beach, leave my way with the girls to any bashful, hesitating lad. I, Mildred Beahm, leave my singing ability to the Glee Club with the hope that it helps. I, Virginia Beat ley , leave my talent for singing and dancing to Bernie Hamilton. I, Betty Berrett, leave my way with the teachers to any failing underclassman. I, Kathryn Bowling, leave my quiet nature to Hilda Lawrenc®- I, Billie Burke, leave my love to all the girls. I, Virginia Compton, leave the milk concession to Guy Shepherd. I, Billie Cooke, leave my “Gift of Gab” to John Conners. I, Edward Davis, leave ray ability to sing and play the guitar to Lee Conley. I, Helen Davis, leave my winning personality to Waughnita Davis. I, Dot Dawson, leave my flirtatious eye rolling to Jean Dixon. I, Vivian Dawson, leave my ability to play the piano to Edna Elwood. I, Florence Deane, leave ray " Future Possibilities as a Model” to Sadie Delozier. I, Estelle Dent, sleepily leave my naps in English class to Gene Patermaster. I, Clarence Devers, leave my interest in school activities to Margaret Miller. I, John Dickerson , leave my talkativeness to Claude Viar. I, Nancye Dickinson, leave my long flowing hair to Marilyn Kahn. I, Emory Dillon, leave my inconspicuousqess to Billy Harwell. I, Marguerite Duncan, leave my “Southern Drawl” to Jean Hamlet. I, Ellen Durrer, leave ray classy figure to Grace Beck. I, Tom Flaherty, leave my ability to “collect” pennies in class to Walter Arnold. I, Walter Frazier, leave my art of blushing to Hilton Lamphier. I, Nadine Godfrey, leave my ability to be seen and heard too, to any wallflower of Mt. Vernon. I, Norma Grimsley, leave my ambitious qualities to Bob Jense. I, Glenn Hall, leave my scholastic record to next years Senior class. I, Pauline Hall, leave ray forlorn lovesickness to Virginia Bevis. I, Doris Hodges, leave my happy-go-lucky ways to Miss Miller. I, Jean Holmes, leave my part in school activities to anyone who is as industrious. I, Kenneth Hoppe, leave my ardent persuit of studies to Robert Leisner. I, Beverley Hornman, leave ray analytical mind to Mary Holmes. I, Dot Javins, leave ray unique ways of study to Leo Kincheloe. I, Betty Jane Jumet, leave my “never-ont-of-place pin curls” to Jean Bayliss. I, Joseph Kleckner, leave my shortness to James Tacey. I, Charles Lookabough, leave my eagerness to get in the Navy to all who want to be sailors. I, Peggy Lyles, leave my lack of stature to Marrian Parrish. I, Louise Minnick, refuse to leave my “Claudie” to any girl in the coming Senior Class. I, Ruth Monroe, leave my love for singing ’em " hot and snappy” to Lois Wiley. I, Tabitha Morris, leave my ability of “catching on quick” in Latin class to Mildred Phelps. I, Lorraine Mundy leave ray continuously helping hand for Mrs. Hansborough to Martha Roberts. I, Bill Murphy, leave my “big talk” to Eugene Thomas. I, Edith Nelson, leave my way of winning the teachers to anyone who can use it to the advantage I have. I, Mitchell Nelson, willingly leave my position as Class President to anyone who wants a tough j ob. I, Ruth Nelson, leave my charming smile to anyone who can use it as effectively as I. I, Stephen O’Neil, without hesitation leave my oversized Ego to a better man than I am--if any. I, Calvin O’Rourke, leave my sincere wishes to all underclassmen. I, Mary Parnell, leave my " always neat” hair styles to Bernie Hamilton. I, Charlotte Paul, leave my love for the “boys in the band” at the so-called " Gale” to Doris Thorpe. I, Louis Peverill, leave my shyness in Senior Science Class to Claude Duell. I, Shirley Platt, leave my instructions on " Learning How to Drive in six easy lessons” to Billy Rose. I, Marian Romdahl, leave my fear of Mrs. Hansborough to more noble souls. I, Jean Roberts, leave my pet jokes to anyone who is inclined to laugh. I, Robert Roberts, leave my love for talking to Billie Allgood. I, Alveria Schurtz, leave my sense of humor to any pessimistic character. I, Carter Smith, leave my good looks and personality to Stuart Saffelle. I, Grace Smith, leave to Marshall Tacy all my love. I, Lena Talbert, leave my ability to “do and do correct” to Pat Jensen. I, Thelma Wallis, leave my secretarial ability to Lillian Via. I, Marie Williamson, leave my poetic ability to any future poets. I, Jerry Wilson, leave my architectural drawing ability to LeRoy Jentry. I, Hector Wright, leave my broad shoulders to Charles Collins. IN WITNESS WIEREOF, We the Class of Forty-Two, the Testators above named, have hereunto sub¬ scribed our names and affixed our seal,the 8th dayof June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-two. Class of Forty-Two Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the above departing Senior Class. CLASS PROPHECY “Tempus Fugit” and here we are in ’52. Let’s look around and see what’s happening to the Class of ’42 of Mount Vernon. What’s this! Jane Ballenger has opened a fifth avenue dress shop for her patriots from Mt. Vernon. On the Lorton Radio Station we now find " Beachie ” crooning love songs, and he’s even better than Gene Autry! Mildred Beahm’s long waited for soldier has returned from Pearl Harbor and they are happily married. After four unsuccessful engagements, Virginia Beazley has decided on being a ballet dancer for Nightingale ' s floor show. Betty Berrett has gone to Pearl Harbor to be with Carl. Well, well, Kathryn Bowling is found in charge of the Maternity Ward at Walter Reed Hospital. Poor Billie Burke is in the Lorton Reformatory for stealing other boys’ girl friends. Jimmie Coffey has long since joined the Air Corps and is now training schoolmates at Randolph Field. Virginia Compton finally married “Albert”, and with the trusty guitar is crooning him to sleep. Billy Cooke has become very famous as a mechanic in the airplane factory at Baltimore. A large plane has just swooped to the ground and gingerly stepping out of it we see Helen Davis authoress of " Love Versus Public Opinion.” We look in on a happy family of five out in Annandale where Dorothy Dawson is head of the household. (Poor Randolph never gets a word in edgewise). Edward Davis is “slick” looking in his new Marine uniform. (At any rate that’s what Grace thinks. ) Florence Deane is taking dictation from the fast talking Carter Glass. Miss Dent has decided to settle down with one of those “very Good looking” soldiers and is rearing three kids! While reparing the Washington Monument Clarence Deavers was blown from the building by a strong puff of wind. (Poor “Tim”, it may prove fatal.) John Dickerson has settled down in Groveton with Lillian Via. Nancye Dickinson is now calling figures for a big barn dance for Emory Di11ians engagement party. After two years of college “Dunky” has given it up and gone to North Carolina to be a tobacco aucctioneer. After winning the title of “Miss America” Ellen Durrer has signed a three year contract for the “Twenth Century Wolf.” When you lift your telephone to make your call and the voice says, " Number Please,” it might be our own Margaret Facchina. Who knows? Mr. Richard FitzgearId is now a great soap box orator campaigning for a gymnasium for Mt. Vernon High. Tom Flaherty has joined partnership with his brother in a new Washington News Paper. Even though Walter Frazier is working as an accountant, Mt. Vernon girls still drop in to get chewing gum from him! Mt. Vernon’s halls have been dull since Nadine Godfrey has left with her glittering personality to entertain the rest of the world. Norma Grimsley is now a traveling saleslady for Contour Foundation garments. Glen Hall has taken Morganthaus’ place as Secretary of Treasure. It didn’t take long for Pauline Hall to take that final plunge after she received her diploma. She is now the most popular hostess in Franconia. Doris Hodges, after having several unfortunate marriages, has settled down, the head of the “Old Maids Society in Chicago”. Jean Holmes has proved herself to be a success in the medical world as an X-Ray specialist. Kenneth Hoppe, that shy little man of yester-years, has now become the man-about-town, breakin many hearts but never mending any. Beverly Horman, who learned the ropes of army life way back in the good old days is now the youngest general in the U. S. Army. After taking many difficult rhymba lessons from Arthur Murry, Dot Javins has developed hip and knee. Owner of the largest ranch in Kansas, we find Betty Jumet hiring and firing cowboys. In EkiPon t ’ s Laboratories we see Joseph Kleckner , who has just discovered the formula to dissolve sit-down strikes. After shooting many “Japs” in our last war Charles Lookabaugh is well on his way to becoming a retired sailor. Peggy Lyles has become an eniment figure in society as a social secretary. In one of the largest hotels in the south we find Louise Minnick, as a dietician, trying to decide just what would be suitable for a honeymoon breakfast. Although the light of Ruth Monroe’s life has gone out several times, it has renewed itself and she is once again engaged to a wealthy football coach. Tabitha Morris is the Home Demonstration Agent of Fairfax County. Lorraine Mundy , that gal of many loves, believe it or not, has become a man-hater. Since Bill Murphy has gotten so fat slinging beer at Fort Belvoir’s P.X. he is now selling Phillip Morris Cigerattes. (He’s Johnnie the second.) Edith Nelson is noted for her strictness in her classes, she is teaching typing and shorthand at Mount Vernon. Mitchell Nelson, an executive officer in the school, is now superintendent of schools in Fairfax Coun ty. We look in on the Nelson home way out in Franconia, finding Ruth knitting and wishing that some of those boys would come by. Stephen O’neil has secured a wife, as well as fame and fortune as coach of the Washington Redskins. Calvin O’Rourke is the sole owner of a large duck farm in Lorton. He and his wife may be seen every morning counting downy little quack-quacks. Neville Padgett has taken Casey Jones’ place on the B. 0. Mary Parnell is in one of the largest colleges of Virginia teaching music to its students. Well, well, so Franconia has a chicken farm now --Charlotte Paul has seen to that. At Virginia Beach, we see Louis Peverill the ever-needed life guard. He answers female S.O.S. calls so often that he has nightmares of screaming mermaids. Shirley Platt has now reached her goal as an airline hostess on a bomer. Down in Hawaii we find Jean Roberts vacationing. And guess what, she has gone native even to the extent of wearing a grass skirt. Marion Romdahl has made Groveton a modern “Paris” w ' i th her new fashion shops. Carter Lee Smith has become famous since he has finished constructing a large bridge spaning the Hudson. Grace Smith is a great dietician at St. Mary’s. Lena Talbert is the most popular interior decorator in Washington, D. C. Thelma Wallis is happily controlling her duties as Mayor of Mt. Vernon. Jerry Wilson is chief of the draftsmen at the Glen L. Martin plant. Hector Wright is happily employed by Edsel Ford as Division Manager. Ill III Billy All good Walter Arnold Edward Carter Robert Coates Dorothy Atchenson Earl Bawnback William Coffey John Conners George Bayliss Virginia Bevis Audrey Covert Phyllis Cooke Kenneth Blunt Joseph Bradley Earl Oirtis Waughnita Davis Wilma Bridges Mary Brikard Gay Davis Duggar Deavers Leo Briscoe Shirley Brown Jackie Dempsey Jean Dixon Virginia Duvall Claude Duell Shirley Harris Robert Harty Edna Elwood Lois Fenimore William Harwell Lorraine Heider Connie Frost Le Roy Gentry Mary Holmes Hen ry Hu f fman Eleanor Graham Helen Greenstreet Patricia Jenson Robert Jenson George Grimsley Leslie Guerry William Johnson Patty Jumet Bernie Hamilton Donald Handberg Hilton Lamphier Hilda Lawrence Tommy Mattingly Margaret Milstead Lilas Pearson Gertrude Peebles Margaret Miller Jeannette Minnick Hi Ida Penn Gloria Plaugher Elmer Murry Marders Nevitt John Randolph Carolyn Rice Alvin Norris James Nowlin Inez Roberts Grace Robinson ffilliam Ottis Inez Painter Joe Rogers Helen Rose Gene Patermaster Elizabeth Pearson Joyce Rupp Stuart Saffelle Gloria Seymore Guy Shepherd Margaret Talbert Lorraine Thompson Wynona Shifflet Gertrude Simpson Doris Thorpe Lillian Via Graham Simpson Lucille Simpson Annie Violett Tommy Violett Lois Simms Beatrice Sloan Alma Walters Lois Wiley Charles Suthard James Tacey Roberta Wiley Elizabeth Wright . 0 V v, •is- SOPHOMOREr 44 - Lamont Arnold Marjorie Baggett Linwood Clark Evelyn Cleaveland George Baker Wiley Barrington Mary Ellen Clore Richard Coflin June Bartlett Jean Bayliss Charles Collins Douglas Cooke Josephine Beazley Charlotte Berrett Bill Col cord Jack Colcord Martin Bostetter John Booth John Covert Kelt Crowther Minnie Butler Raymond Cane Reginald Crump Nellie Davies Virginia Chinn Donald Clark John Davis Pea r1 Den t I I f ( Freddie Derendorf Vera Dickson Bill Harrol Margie Harvey Jean Duvall Lucille Epps Betty Harwell Kenneth Hasle Freda Fraley Helen Fraley John Howard La Verne Hill Delores Gardner Opal Goodnough Violet Hill Dorthy Hudson George Grimsley Jean Hamlet Hilda Hudson Rebecca Hummer Anna Hansen Vernon Harper Mary Frances Huntington James Jameson Christine Harris June Harrison Annie Javins Iola Javins Thomas Jennings James Kaiser r Nellie Mellot Elizabeth Miller Joe King Katherine Ladd George Miller Alice Montieth John Lavinas Claude Lawrance George Mori son Jean Morse Mildred Lee Stanley Lee Perry McCann Mary E. McNelis Robert Leisner Harold Letcher Daune Lewis Marion Long Dolly Mundy Julia Murphy Marie Nelson Mildred Norris Doris Orr Richard Ottis J Marion Martian Marie Maters 49 % Howard Painter Marian Parrish Janice Payne Verne Pearson Margaret Rogers Josephine Sears Catherine Scott Earl Scott Mildred Phelps Thomas Pilkerton James Shifflett Marjorie Staples Edwin Radford Patricia Reeder Gordon Steidel Frankie Strobel Ilena Riley Viola Robinson Nelson Sublett Helen Suthard Sue Roberts Bernie Rogers Frances Rogers Leo Rogers Josephine Sutton Evelyn Teague Eugene Thomas Hattie Thompson ) i Alice Travers Inez Trussell Linabel White Lynwood Wiley Helen Wagner Alice Welch Lila Wray Katherine Young Virginia West i Betty Allen Leonard Allen Wava Arnold Joseph Duninin Norman Estes Billie Erickson Jack Bailey Alvin Baker |s» c Roy Barnhart Robert Farrar Arnold Fesseden Charles Finimore Willard Bonne mf Annie Fitzzerold Thomas Fitzgerald Thomas Flowers Harold Burleson Elaine Camele Judson Carter Jeany Geurry Ida Gilliam Shirley Goodwin Audrey Clark Margaret Clark Jean Cole Herman Gorham Percy Greenstreet John Harper Lewis Cooke Fred Cooper Patty Cramppert Clifford Harty Dale Harwood Virginia Hanekamp Clean Crowther Dixie Davis Wyonne Davis Helen Hartman Ranell Heaton Patsy Hill Kathryn Dawson Nellie Delozier Sadie Delozier Ida Hodges Thomas Hook Arnold Huffman Marj orie Jones Marilyn Kahn Merlyn Keeler Leonard Nalls Randolf Neitzey Billy Nor folk Edward Lee King Sally King Barbara Larson Herbert Pearson Douglas Pearson Ethel Penn Margaret Lavines Alfred Lester Jean Lester George Peverill Earnest Pettit Norman Phellips Jack Lewis James Lookabough Willis Luckett C. E. Pinkerton Jean Pugh Phillis Ring Douglas Murry Malcolm Murphy Louise Nalls George Mann Florence Mattingly Irene Marshall Edward Qkiinn Betty Reynolds Karvey Rice Lois Metzer Vernon Mills John Mil stead t Florence Iorizzo Clinton Inscoe Betty Mae Jones Helen Ridgeway Lee Roberts Fred Roberts 1 Martha Roberts Carlton Robertson William Rose Catherine Timms Vernon Timms Thelma Travers John Runkle Marion Sapp Marie Sanborn Carol Thomas Dal ford Via Claude Viar Barbara Scott June Scott Virginia Shiflett Dorothy Wallen Joyce Walters Othe West Edward Skrinski Claude Smith William Snellings Billy Wilson Jerry Wilson Eugene Williamson Joyce Staples Robert St rank Albert Studel Virginia Wray Louis Wright Billy Waddle Ray Su 11 i van Gloria Taylor Hancil Timmons Victor Whetzel Ralph Young Happiest Wittiest Nadine Godfrey Gordon Beach Most Popular Teachers Mrs. Derflinger Mr. Marshall Sch oo I. Mirror Most Athletic Ruth Nelson Claude Due 11 Most Dependable Lena Talbert Mitchell Nelson Most Intelligent Best All-Around Nancye Dickinson Jean Holmes Glenn Hall Jimmy Coffey Most Popular Jean Holmes Gordon Beach Most Handsome Ellen Durrer Walter Frazier Most Versatile Jean Roberts Mitchell Nelson ACTIVITIES STUDENT GOVERNMENT Glenn Hall --President Mrs. 0. S. Thompson--Advisor EXECUTIVE Glenn Hal 1--President Carolyn Rice--Secretary Mary Holmes —Vice President Beatrice Sloan--Treasurer CABINET Jean Holmes--Secretary of Safety James Nowlin--Secretary of Sanitation James Coffey JUDICIAL Lorraine Hieder LEGISLATIVE John Runkle Kent Crowther Bill Calcord Lee Gentry Doris Thorpe Martin Bostetter Linabel White Sue Roberts Marian Romdahl Ellen Durrer Edna Roebuck SCIENCE CLUB Louise Minn i ck--President Miss Davis--Advisor LIBRARY CLUB Joe King--President Miss Rea--Advisor PAPER STAFF Mary Holmes--Editor Helen Jones—Advisor SCHOOL PATROL Jean Holmes--Captain Mr. Levin --Advisor DRAMATICS CLUB Ray Su11ivan--President Mrs. Gasson --Advisor GIRL RESERVES Grace Beck --President Miss Mi 11er--Advisor COMMERCIAL CLUB Gloria P1augher--President Miss C1 ark--Advisor GLEE CLUB Francis Youell Miss Wi1 cox --Advisor ATHELETIC COUNCIL John Conne r s- -Pr e s i den t Mr. Le v i n -- Adv i so r S.P.T.A. OFFICERS Jean Holmes--President Helen Jones --Advisor FOOTBALL TEAM Under the able leadership of Coach Bob Marshall and manager Mitchel Nelson, the 1941 football squad turned in one of the most admirable per¬ formances in the history of Mount Vernon. The team and the students showed moee spirit than any previous year. All the graduating seniors played bang up games all season. Francis ‘ ' Nip ' Yuell, brilliant quarter back and Rob Roberts another slashing back, shone superbly all season. We’ll be missing Clarance Deavers, James Coffey, Kenneth Hoppe, Gordon Beach, Bill Murphy and Carter Lee Smith on the line next season. Indeed these are great Losses. Next Year Coach Marshall predicts an even stronger team. Duell, Conners, Kenneth and Charles Blunt in the backfield. On the line great things are expected of George Miller, Leo Kinchloe, Eugene Thomas, Le Roy Gentry, Robert Leisner, and Bob Jensen, last but not least Mount Vernons All Northern Virginia left guard, Lawrence Baldwin. The team of 1941 wishes to extend its gratitude to Robert Francis Marshall, for his time, patience, and never failing effort to help our team on to victory. BASKETBALL 1942 WHO ' S WHO ADVERTISEMENTS Oh VVL CU t-C| ' ) r yiuHA|fwu») OuufijCtKC QAAAS 1 ) U tHtcf ' D ' ‘Kaf. ' H. ' Q.6a ftA HiouVau AptidJl CiXu C lieae 0 3 ' y vynrnit; W UJ Wcuh..£)[ G, - , u , HO y trrwit ClwtyUJ ' 7jJcu)i . ,C, CCO Asnf srij Ssj ' jmJn xjn L r) Ccam£ Ju7jL4jsyvLA juicJjtyyCtj 0 - - U£. ' y)kMHjyn. f£ . 5 . £ i i CfcWASHINGTON PLANOGRAPH CO.Ac. ESTABLISHED SINCE 1919 1220-22 NORTH CAPITOL STREET WASHINGTON, D. C. MEtropolitan 0224 g J3j£ STRAYER A I Degrees for ACCOUNTANTS QUALIFY for accounting and auditing po¬ sitions in business and government by taking Strayer’s two-year day or three-year evening Bachelor of Commercial Science (B.C.S.) degree course. M.C.S. course, one year, in¬ cludes coaching for Certified Public Ac¬ countants’ (C.P.A.) examinations. STRAYER courses in Accounting are na¬ tionally-known, based on the same texts used by 200 leading universities. New Classes: SEPTEMBER FEBRUARY Diplomas for SECRETARIES HIGH SCHOOL graduates and college stu¬ dents with Strayer training are preferred applicants for the best secretarial positions. Strayer graduates make excellent records in competitive examinations. COURSES for Beginners. Review and speed building classes in shorthand and type¬ writing for commercial students. New Classes: EVERY MONTH EMPLOYMENT SERVICE secures Positions for Graduates Over 200 calls each month for trained office employees Secretarial or Accounting Catalog on request HOMER BUILDING • 13f i and F Streets • Washington, D. C. 1EV)N5 FAIRFAX’ AMOCO SERVICE ROUT6S W U3 PHONE FX. .)95 V Fairfax , Virginia (£ 0 Ccuoosn rrC 6 J jui cAs " ' Q o-tt 1 £q-scX 2 hs £!P-Jnjyrxc ' CIJ? 3)0 322 Xi y i t-OAp. . C.B.MMWS CO. PDJTOV6 KUTWG PHONE ftW-0?3) 114.114 )!f6 sr - Axefcw ft yA (Co«r .hJ , r iAs .oo YY bX(aliCH ' J l CXs vriGLsri c o-£lV ' C OyUCtT ( j ) TTmoiR Manufacturing Co. CoviJhcbcTcytS -l3ujJc yuj ' IfY aJ uali FARMVILLE • VA. dfomp-Cims zb OF MARSHALLS AR ay £ A Avy Store. 430 K n ? S 7 ree HOPKINS FURN TURE STORE L OWES T Pr ces fibi. V in n Service Station P- P. Pouv ei Phone - lorton 3 F.3 ROUTE 1 Sas est Terms Courteous Treatment fpccbtccL Cub 3 0 2 K np d eA ' crpc r p, Z r 7 a " Xynd d Real Italian Dinner 4 Delec ousSteak V JVp R chmond Hyhu ay 6 m 7es So. ofvA exandr o, ' Comp Eme rlif OF ROSENBERG S 403 King Jf. Alexandria, I a. (S ' ompTuve it: Orf- Fdtuard S. Holland ft Cert e ed Land Surveyor 224 Kin? Si. A eveondria, Vt yin a. MOUNT VE-MON DIN E-ft Home CooKing - Richmond Hyy. 5 mi Jo. of Alexandria c . Y ' J AVD ( 0 COMPA wr CVASS R)AG$ COWPAC£J v W ' V A V)YOV MOMENTS CRUVG CARDS an worth nH STREET R cmovi),yR, am ? w zz ips MOTOR CO. 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Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Surveyor Yearbook (Alexandria, VA) collection:

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