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C7 i ' skagina 196 f ,,,, , Q5 J Mount Vernon Union High School Mount Vernon, Washington ,Q X X fi inf A T mQfEjigft.i ,, nitt. Zig, M x iiiigi ii iX!'NfQ'f .itt if x iLTf-Q19- N of N 'xxx X ' if 51+-iff oovt o W3 oott Afvf Nr People. myriad and uniqueg Xlixcd thoughts and emotions rvfiecteri in mztny fzxccsg Shilling in at mziinstrezim oi' life. N' I' . an. -'Six A-' LJ: q X '- 1 :Jiri 1 K f f flwgw' A fa Qitmifzl ' 1, it' 1 1 fuk , I , A Q 2 . 4 ' fa' ,t 1 v 1 ff lnt....J O Kale-zido TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration . . Facuhy ....., Students . fXetivities .. Sporm ...... Advertising . . . Index ..... Page 10 Page 12 Page 22 Page 68 Page 98 Page 122 Page 148 Oftastes and talents. . . A moving kaleidoscope of human figuresg Of tastes and talents, Of aspirations and pastimesg Of people, myriad unique pebbles, Shifting in a vibrant mainstream of lifeg Of mixed thoughts and emotions, Reflected in many facesg Of fast-paced commotion, excitement, decisions, Ofcare, and calm, and teen-age thoughtfulnessg The magic of laughter and tearsg A wondering part Ofthe changing drama Ofall mankind. THIS IS MOUNT VERNON HIGH. Xv5?'f time Of aspirations and pastimes. harmony and rivalry, ,NAA IQ., 0 A y f I' aan for l l c tool lest of ll' t I A turning kaleidoscope of human pat terns, Cf harmony and rivalry, Of scholarship and fun, Of united effort, and Bulldog champions, Of plays, elections, and spectator sports, Of spending time, and making deadlines, Balancing responsibility and inner peace, The cool zest of self-motivation, And the warm thrill of accomplishment, Using the past, Taking the present, Making the future, THIS IS MOUNT VERNON HIGH. Vx. Cul' Kal eidos cop Q of Aclii 'ties if Of united eflbrt. and Bulldog champions, And the warm thrill ofaccomplishmcnl. F . ko 'P N.. i '2- "1 Ms W 0' --Q-Q ' Y 'Z 1. The solid erectness ofold brick, andthe stature of trees A channeling kaleidoscope of human direction' 7 Of sidewalks and stairwells, Of windows and fields, Ofsolid erectness in old brick, And the flatness of new constructions, The stature of trees, And the expanse of grass, Of multitudes exploding over a network of paths, Parallel, crossing, solitary, And the silent direction of hallways and steps, A human signature Across its environment, A door to life, THIS IS MOUNT VERNON HIGH stwork of paths, in an expanse of grass. A human signature, a door to life. 7 ww- N N r "R ul M'!.fu ' v-' ' . , ,SV -. l W uf X .. 1. M n , .xg 4,,.. T . 'Lan' AN X. ki'w ,Q .,mnv4"""" nm 1-kwlfz w'-A' . " jjw -fu wmv,-, . wp Ck, Mft, 5. x sL,- ww Q' -M , Q W '-x--...K In ,, ., M rnhmw., eu, ,X -,A 4. --..., e ' Q- 1 x ,hw-f. ' .. ..- .1-.- -...M fmt' fv , wmv -N .,,...,.,T fx. Efficient Administration Key to Smooth Operation of School and Its 1200 Students -Q ., Waw null L ll if Ei N 5 " 1 f 2 1 ' ll l REPRESENTING all walks of life, the School Board Members of Union Larson, Marion Kenney, Roger Morrison, Dr. Richard Hoag, Dr, Harry High School Distrirt No. l are above, lefl lo right, Hoff Tronsdal, Gladys Worley, Elmer Bergulack Dcierlein, Rex Wilson, and Earl Hanson 10 L mr M.. - A ' ,, . A ,Lx . . 'I - . I V , 'W mek -- H,-' ,M WWW, 3 . E F X I E S .4 5 -5 ! Q :,Z:1,:,:.: f I " 1 . . K r 1 1 W so we S 1 S X 5 S tgwsgii K , 'fs .L1'il. 'L L D . syn. vt V ,K ISI img" WN i --,-,,..x' NJ 1:1 -Us X ur i r- . :- ll: 0. il. . 9.' -iz Ill' -.hun 1 .t if . ,sy gi-M, Q eds .N tft""i"'. :Wir-V 3 . y --f-Q.. Sys One might well wonder how approximately twelve hundred students and sixty faculty members can trav- el in and out ofseven buildings all day long, live days a week, and still maintain the degree of organization necessary for effective fulfillment of their educational purpose. llllicient administration is the only answer to this problem. Superintendent of schools, Mr. Wendell T. Phipps, almzw, is assisted in his administrative duties by the school board, left, which is under the chair- manship of Dr. Harry Worley. Also essential to effective organization is Principal W'illiam E. Gurney, zzbozta, whose quiet cheerfulness, interest and ability to coordinate the more detailed operation of his administrative divisions requires great skill. ln his second year as Vice Principal Mr. Patrick Hayden, top, jkzr Itjft, provides counseling as well as administrative services. Mr. Dave li. DuVall, mp ltjfl, also vice principal, is district director of health, physical education, and athletics. Mrs. Alma Murray, lop right, is of special aid to college-bound seniors, while Mr. Leo G. Hake, nm!- flfc right, counsels all -juniors and sophomore boys. Mrs. Connie M. Otjen, bottom rzlght, is new on the counseling staff, working primarily with freshman and sophomore girls. 11 RODA INMAN - WSU B.A., home economics. LEILA STECKELBERG- U of W B.S., home econom- ics, dept. head, FHA. WL. COPNER - WSU B.A., business law, typing, ASB financial advisor. WALTER KEMMERER - TANGLED LEGS may result from this attempt to kick thc hall. rzghl. during st sophomore boys' soccer game, Fingers lly. lmlfmz, as Greg Hughes and Ron Martin concentrate on a typing job, W ffftiigigirasil it UofW B.A., bookkeeping, typing. MARJORIE THOMAS - WWSC B.A., shorthand, transcription, adv. typing, Girls, Club. Preparing for Future Life Is Aim of Home Economics and Agriculture Classes Q55 The Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 is the basis for a four year training program in which many ofthe boys at Mount Vernon High School are active. These boys learn modern methods in farming and numerous related areas. Home projects and home visitations are current, and many of the boys own and exhibit their own animals. The department is inseparably linked with the Future Farmers of America club, also a part of the Smith-Hughes Act which provides funds for the training of young people through age twenty-one in the general field of livestock. Mrs. Leila Steckelberg, head of the home- economics department, says, C'Homemaking is the many things that make a healthy, happy, well- adjusted group of peoplef' Cooking, sewing, and home furnishings classes help students achieve a rea- sonable understanding of basic principals in all areas of homemaking, including time budgeting, financial management, social needs, and care of the ill. HNKRSMX Combined Work,Play Make Good Citizens "One, two, one, two . . ." Familiar sounds echo from the gymnasium as physical education students warm up with calisthenics. Soccer, field hockey, arch- ery, volleyball, basketball, and swimming are among the activities which help students to develop recrea- tional skills useful throughout life. New studies in- clude an individual exercise analysis for freshman girls, and an advanced class for both boys and girls. Classroom instruction in driving is a regular part of the sophomore curriculum. An outlet for tension, physical education classes also stimulate growth of intellectual, social, and emotional, as well as physical capacities. Business education teachers have an opportunity to emphasize the elements of character and personality practical to all businesses. The latest in IBM machin- ery aids preparation in either the general clerical and accounting course or the secretarial-stenographic study. Among the new equipment is an IBM tran- scriber and dictator, equipped with tape-recordings and adjustable headsets to provide practice in dicta- tion. Twenty new typewriters and Eve new IBM se- lectrics also prepare business students for work in modern ofhces. PERRY BROWN - WSU B.S., phys. ed., asst. football, swimming. MARIORIE CLEAVE - U. of Portland B.A., phys. ed., Pep Club, cheerleaders. DARRELL PEARSON - WWSC BA., phys. ed., cross country, asst. track. JUDITH RUSSELL -WWSC BA., phys. ed., GAA. GEORGE MOWRER - WSU B.S., agriculture, welding, FFA, concessions. HILDING NELSON - WSU B.S., ag- riculture, FFA. Snow? ln May? Such freak weather reports are common in Mr. Malcolm Thomsonls chemistry classes, where the term 'fsnowfiakej' means a pop quiz in the near future. Both chemistry and biology students utilize the laboratory to investigate processes of science and the history of scientific ideas. Biology classes deal specihcally with the unity as well as the diversity of all living things. In physics students are briefed in mechanics, heat, sound, light, and electrici- ty. Astronomy, meteorology, and geology make up the course in earth science, in which Mr. Richard Dixon strives to give his students an understanding and background basic to their environment. The revolutionary 'fnew math" has now become a A RELL'C'l'AN'lS MOTOR causes problems in Mr. Hoagland's power mechanics class, rzzglzf. regular and successful part of our curriculum. Courses range from elementary algebra and geometry to advanced algebra and trigonometry. Ambitious students can take up to live years of math. Industrial arts classes are offered to prepare stu- dents forjobs in vocational and industrial Helds. Mr. Bill DeHon teaches his electronics students to work with and repair electrical equipment. Metal working and power mechanics are being taught for the First time in the new metal shop. Mr. Bruce Parker in- corporates the use of good design into his wood shop classes, where students must also make use ofthe skills obtained in a previous semester of mechanical drawing. ath Science Industrial Arts Interpret Man 7 7 RICHARD D1xoN - wwso B.S., earth science, geography, dept. head, . .rai M Red Cross. . .- ,1osEPH NORLIE - Luther College . ,., BS., physics. algebra, public address. ,t f i X, All . . ... 8 ..... ROGER RINGSTAD - UPS B.A., OSU MS., biology, dept. head, asst. football, ASB activities advisor. ooN,xt.D suNDe,xN - wwso Bs., K biology. H i MALCOLM THOMSON - U of W BS, chemistry. BUT l'l' Dll3N'T dissolve, observes Clccilia Blanco, Vlgflf, as she helps Nellie llorton and .Iana Hoag determine un- known substanccs in a chemistry class. t l x ff ...Q BILL IJEIION-WWYSC1 BA., li.l'1d., electronics, mathematics. CHARLES M. HO.-XUIANIJ-WWSKI BA., power mechanics, HIl'lLll shop. H. BRUCE PARKER-WSL' li..-X. B.Ed., WWSC lNi,Ed., wood shoppc dept. head. blems . 1 I Y KEN VANIJERH YDE-WWSC BA .. technical and architectural drawing. IS ANCSLE CBA coiiqructit In .intglc CIFEQ' 'l'li1it is the prolmlcm lacing solvccl ln' Danny Miner. .john llolmcs. Nlorris Iohnson, :intl lonx' lJ1tx'is,lfr!o:.", in Mr. Ravniles qconictry class. Q s, A 'u K . .. "1 . , In . , f KSK' . Q. ' . . lf A A - A a, . 4 is A -r . 1 , ff. ' sv g ..-- al J Im J J d ll, IL ALLEN EVANS-WWSC B.A., U. of PAUL REIMAN-PLU B.A,, adv. New Mexico M.Ed., mathematics. mathematics, geometry, wrestling, fresh- man track, Honor Society. A. L. RAVNIK-WVVSC B,A., B.Ed., algebra, geometry, dept. head, FRED E. SIZELOVE-WWSC B,A., algebra, FTA. I5 RUSSI I L CI-IRISTENSEN - WWSC Il X I5 I d., sociology, geography, Pos- ttcs. OSI I'II DAY - Northwestern Oklaho- n 1 St ut College BS., L' ol Oklahoma X I S. and world history. golf. il R I' I.Ii Eli.-Xb - WWVSC ISA.. uorlcl history and geography, asst. foot- tn b tseball. OS IH INIURPHY - L' oIlV'B.A., tuttcnt problems and northwest history, XR JI IN NIiUI,IiY - WWWSCI ISA., xx ot ld history and geography. I I XXI PRINCSLIL - U of W BA. tits I Shistory. DNN Ill QLIALL - SPC B..-X., econom- ics I S history,basketball. CII XRI IES ROBERTS -Willamette T b isketb ill, Nlartin Hi-Y. '-l world and US. history. LISSI. I-sl. t .- VllC'I'N.'X5l is among thc many issues to appear in the daily newspaper. .ll ztghl, Nlr. XIurphy's stuclcnts scan for such items of interest to discuss during class. Interest Added to Information about the past is linked with current events in such cultural classes as social studies. for- eign language, music, and art. Mr. .loc Murphy's senior current problems classes enter their discus- sions around recent news events, using their histori- cal background as a basis for understanding world situations. Freshman geography classes are presently participating in a program involving only nine other schools in the nation. The ro ram, Hi h School P S S Geography Project, is sponsored by the National Sci- ence Foundation. Its purpose is to evaluate and revise given units of study in the field of geography. and to prepare a practical course from them for use in sec- ondary schools. French, German, and Spanish classes now concen- trate on speaking and pronunciation rather than .just reading and writing the language. Tapes of native I speakers and a language laboratory provide for the necessary individual practice. The music department plays both classical and modern music. Advanced students are encouraged through solo opportunities and ensemble groups to increase their musical understanding, appreciation, . and skill. Awareness is the key word in Mr. Gordon Fisher's art classes. Drawing and painting provide ample opportunity for students to express themselves. Mr. I Fisher also helps students in gaining some apprecia- tion ofour artistic heritage. lffgglfxxg. f , Q , A 'Id T:, 6 , ' x -ff tt ,F A by 5 . if . ta., N V U :if I 5, .shl f tw' -tttt l K, .... W I-A 575 jig' 1 'itt , V K t . WOW 'iii ., 16 9 an Classes by Linking Past and Current 'KW .. IIA IIROUKIQ-U uf IIC IIA.. I'II'1'lll'II. I NA'I'II.XNIIiI. IJIKZKINSON-I' UI W " 4 .',l,.'. VINffI'IN'I' IIRYICR - I' UI' Nlillllvsulxl ,z . , , ' . . . I I "" 5 IXCQI'I'II.INIi CQRICICN - IYIYSI1 ""' 'X .. 'lll.lII. GORDON FISIIICR - I' UIW Ii..X.. 'Q 'sKIIuIr. UI W II..'X.. psyc'ImIuL5x', u1'4'I1cstx'g1. IzI.N IN II.'XI,I'.X - I ul XS ISA.. Immi. DENNIS NIISS - U oI'O ISA.. clumir. I V X - 1 I Y 4 V . Ks., -L 7' I I ' BUENOS IJIASI greets NIV. Frycr's Spanish studculs in Ihr Iilllglllllt' I.1Is, mp. I-If MD, Nz1m'y.IorcIz1n is seen working on nn lll'l project. rf- X, A Mg?Es:1'f5Q If N ,. i New I II M , X OUl'SlDE REAUING is strongly emphasized by all English teachers. Bill Paul and Alzinllohnson. riglif. rcprcscnt Il typical library scene. English Teachers Strive To Provide Varied Ideas English teachers strive to help students become literate readers, competent writers, and self-assured speakers. 'LEach year, we hold classes to improve our own skills and maintain communication about cur- rent trends in English," explains Miss Geraldine Hofer, English department head. Various classes are offered to suit the needs and interests of all students. Mr. Archie Vivian teaches a course in business English dealing with written and oral communication in the business world. Creative writing. taught by Mr. Jim johnson, is designed to supplement the natural talent of creative students by providing useful forms and channels for energy, along with helpful evaluation and criticism. Miss Hofer's advanced placement English class is offered to top students who are capable of doing col- lege-level work. By scoring high on a test given in the spring, these students can obtain college credit for the study-they have done. The highlight of the year was a trip to the Seattle Repertory Theater in December to see HThe Cruci- ble" by Arthur Miller. This trip gave many students their hrst opportunity to see professional drama pre- formed on the stage. MARY ALLAN - U ofll' B.A., Eng- DONNA FOWLER - OSU BA., Eng lish. lish. debate. PAUL BARTON-EWSC B.A., Eng- IJIANNE GRANT - NVSU B.A.. Eng- lish, Thcspians. all-school play. lish. IAMES BEASLEY-WWVSC BA., WSU GERALDINE HOFER - L' of O B,A.. BS.. VVSU MS., English, freshman English, humanities. dept. head. football and basketball, JAMES -IOHNSON - WVVSC B,A,. MARILYN CZHICORATICH - U of O English. creative writing. li.A.. English, lournalism. Skagina, Bulldog, Quill and Scroll, 18 IVA NY. DIGRRICIK - KZIIISXIS SIIIIK' VIICZli'IH'l'S flullvgc' IRS.. L' MIN' NI.l,.. librzlrv. I,iIu'g11'x'CIluI1. NX XI.XII X .XI X-I ul XX ISHX.. l1Iv1'al1'x'. I4lI7I'IlI'Y C.luIw, MARILYN SOINE - library assi. 3 W Cl ' ""7 fp? 3 , X A - xww 1 Q " ,-'W r I Library Adds Invaluable I id in Research Projects I , I'.fXMIil..vX QIOHNSON - WWSCZ ISA English. l"'l'.X. MARX UI'SI.I'.Y - WSI' BMX.. ling IISII. assi. Iootlmll :md lmskcllmll. . il R I". WICSNIQR - I' of W ISA. I'1I1QIISI1.5UL'I1lI studies, QIIIKIIUXISILII .aids XVRITINCQ .XSSICQNXIICNIS am' ircqlucnt in .ull I'2nQlisI1rl.1ssrs. Mrs. lnhn- snn returns ax p:xpcrluI1c'1' l'rcsInn.1nclgxssjrff. A. NY. YlYI.'XN-WWSKZ BA.. Iinqlish "1 I SCHOOL BUS Hamburgers, Keys, F1 es p S It takes many capable people working behind the scenes to keep each school day running smoothly. Mrs. Ruth Holmes, Mrs. Brenda Frazier, and Mrs. Phyllis Ray keep things functioning efficiently in the main office, where they answer questions and solve problems for many students every day. In the attendance office Mrs. Grace Cunningham has the job of keeping track of our 1200 students six periods a day. Imagine the job of feeding more than 250 hungry teenagers every day. That is the task of our school cooks, Mrs. june Haley and Mrs. Alleen Poppe. Our custodians, Mr. Sanford Swartos, Mr. Elmer Fleck, Mr. Rutz Anderson, and Mr. Roy Strong, are responsible for keeping our campus spotlessly clean. Combating tight schedules, late students, and the weather are Skagit Valley College boys who trans- port hundreds of students to and from school daily. Located near the bus barn is the office of Mr. john Tonkin, cafeteria and maintenance supervisor. Mrs. Phyllis Pearson, school nurse, is not only concerned with the health of MVHS students, but is also advisor to the Future Nurses Association. Mr. Phipps' office is staffed by four capable secretaries, Miss Elin Anderson, Mrs. Gloria Van- Valkenburg, Mrs. Myrtle Elde, and Mrs. Olive Page. ANSWERING PHONE calls, typing, and filing are only a few of the many jobs that keep Mrs. Grace Cunningham, Mrs. Brenda Frazier, Mrs. Ruth Holmes, and Mrs. Phyllis Ray, right, busy every day. . X 1 'ffm x, 1 if lf G F I - K ' i Y , ' L ' 1. X .' q. .' . 43l.::t , DRIVING our school busses, above, are ROW ONE: Kees Weyers Terry Stoupa john Ramerman Dale Davidson, Bob DeHon, Mike Shumway, Don johnson, and Bob Hanseth ROW TWO jim Nakashlma Clint Conrad, Gary Larson, Al Walcott, George Donkalaar, Ed Werkhoven Tim Wiles Bill Coss Bob Britten Dave Allan, Ralph Dalseg, and Mr. Dennis Dobson. unctioning . H an Q Z! il I sa ll H u lil 1 u su sl 3 51 il! X I 5 ans "Hn: Hn' I Sill i .llilf IIB!!! illlll THIIIBI Hua 'nun nun Nun nu Nan :ian 1 un :gran llliu. .rand 1 ills: - -il fo 5 ' ., ..,, an A . -Qmrf ss s . Su P' ,F - 'll 'Ulllf A 11 ' Agn" mf o -Q? ' I ll X :ll I 2, 4 1, 1 W ! iq " Ill :" 'll X eller 3: f V. L QQ.:- ll H ,SN l K X U . . V51 N J Y A 2 ,N fmt K S :ix ff s Q1 :wif r,,..s. 5? Q. +--. ,. AN APPLE a day keeps the doctor away, but not Mrs. Phyllis Pearson, the school nurse, lzjt. A very busy man is Mr. john Tonkin, below lqfl, the cafeteria and maintenance supervisor, Working hard after school hours are our friendly janitors, Mr. Rutz Anderson, Mr. Elmer Fleck, Mr. Sanford Swartos, below, and Mr. Roy Strong, no! pictured. --. HUNGRY STUDENTS never seem to get filled up, SECRETARIES to Mr. Phipps are Mrs. Gloria Van observe our cooks, Mrs. Alleen Poppe and Mrs. June Valkenburg, Mrs. Olive Page, Miss Elin Anderson, and Haley, MZ, who serve not only plate lunches but ham- Mrs. Myrtle F.lde,r1bozw. burgers, pastries, ice cream, and milk, We are a conglomeration of people, moving together through our years in school,far rightg with mixed thoughts and emotions reflected in many faces, right and below. in-f We have our own pastimes, above, left and righlg fast paced commotions, right, spending time together, opposite page, lop 22 Z r 3 1 if if 'id 330 Anxious Freshmen Overcome Confusio Three hundred and thirty anxious freshmen ex- changed their anxiety for familiarity, as the class of 1970 became oriented to a new campus, located classes, and developed acquaintances with classmates and teachers. The confusion of that hectic first week of high school soon disappeared and the class settled down to a productive year. One of the hrst class responsibilities was to elect President Morris johnson, Vice President Mike Krieger, Secretary Sue Schneider, and Treasurer Susan Fisher as their class oflicers. These students represented their class in spirit and ambition. Frosh adaptability to MVHS was aided by the many activities offered by the school. Participation in Girls Club, Red Cross, Horizon Club, FHA, FNA, and the ski club provided the means to develop group cooperation. Another means of frosh recognition was provided by. sports, when the Bullpups won the Northwest League freshman football title after an undefeated season. All in all, the freshmen left behind them a year typified by confusion and restlessness, to be pro- moted, and acquire the larger responsibilities of a new class status. Dan Abrahamson jim Aguirre Mark Albertine ELECTED BY CLASSMATES are freshman officers, left to right, johnson, Krieger Schneider, and Fisher. Gayle Andal .m '-- 5 f . 5 8 I . il .e Evelyn Anderson Ray Anderson Ted Anderson 1 QPJ 4 ks - . h 1 . , . - ' X . V ,1 , ,,"5 sm, , ,ss if if ' "' 1 s 5 , as M .3 ... 5 L . ,, 4, Q '1- Arw I . rf P , Coleen Andrew john Armenta Gary Ash Mike Barnett David Barton Cheryl Bates Derek Beacham ii i- is Ygi 'X 'fi-ss f Wi Q nv- .wg 'g3' f' L ia! 1' Xing wiv Q' . We , . , S-tl 3 'L t vi . 1 be 5 Connie Beckett Andrea Benson Marilyn Bill Tom Birkett Roberta Bjorling Mike Bjorn Don Black Rose Blacksher ,Ioan Bol Ted Booth Jack Bowen Mike Brannan Kelli Brooks Mary Brummitt 34755 a I' ...Mi . . X 2x..t.f..,6x e X S ' Q s, w iff gg :LV IV - .5 ie I ' . V g " 'V I r - fi if .. - ' Yami! 3, ., 1 t ' A , li A i A "' 2? ' gl M.. , , .. Q.. ' t .- L I N. ,A , ,, ' , y' ' ,' with we R- 4, of 2 x iirf 'i vm t w. X -, ' t im ,V ug .,' -'f . n Q - it i n at u ., 1 it A .st Q ei AN Ted Brusegaard .1 if Daryl Buckner ' Don Burnett -' 2 ,Q if 'fm Q 4. V - Judy Burham A MEAT L, fi I S2 . K el 'R 75 ' -gi Bill caldwen . G.. 3- be , if jg, , x f . Sally can s rl My f We A Laura Campbell A T ' ' 'F 5 r I., 24 A Q 3 sf! 3 i L L ,tw Qsg D EQ an,n, KK I iss .4 N 'v- 3 V , S, GT. Vw -. . at N i X Q . ogg ,WE AZ Z is S Wg : mfr f ' 1 ' Jess Q - A NW jg? wwg Av ei- x 'ffl' g . x i i, M :E . x x ' 2: ' ei 1. M D A 31 X ERN are Glas V'i 1'1 S . Zl. f i si f tiiitf Q1 f' is ,-, , ,Q isa S K , -A'.:' i l H :J a 1 ' ' 571 ' N- - " 9 " L . I it il I -a f E15-i' ' fs Ron Cartwright Rhonda Case Cheryl Caudill Fred Cayou Karen Cayou Rose Cayou Cleave Chase Teresa Childers Pat Chilson Ken Christianson Brian Clark Lana Clodfelter Sam Coffman Kathy Cole nd Settle Down for Two Busy Semesters ,. M, Q? ,l., QRN is gag K s,re- in Q at N if .5 -.Q i ii fii ' A ri -ta: 1 fa Q wi QQ! '- v,fiww? nys tw , ffm , if -1, X' K g. A X 'X Y ll 1 G ' ,, As esss Q' as 5 Q iyhmwkwg bgwqmf Lil 1H2 d Eifw'3!x 'fm N' llii :i f f -.fax I - QQ 5-4554: .rrr s .. W R a :.'1 ,C . il A A P 5" I r, -i4ffK5 :LL 'F 513337 F-,5 . giiyf .5 x 'Sa G - .-.v, Y J' y 1 K - '- -A ss. y I . .L A --:, 55. . . f W s1Qm, sss F W ssl' is l an s Q,-fkggg J , , N , W .V ' '91 f, ."' gl - i n " ff vikk 'Ki tx 4 szs i s tags L of Q y 1 t .E K y .Ny '1 ., . - . . .k . M A N MMS, A f :,x L K . . f K li f rv, ,:-, H ., . a P3 , hwy wa'sMwf wwf aff som S Yogi. !gi?E EZQQSQXF S iofij QEQEQTQ Q 5 ?1i M 'll'l f . i ennr so Lesr A ,s:., N ' J'Cl Vi, S' 5 - . . N N es S . V- .SV aw .Q XR EQ ll' str, f Yfi , ii iqvg M ii Ei gi gwgwg, 'R5,- asv AWP' it , '.:' Fig! Rs il ' SRS gall figs s s,,.s to .-'S tm. vw la i i ri K , E -,. ti - k S i lem assi sa siaeif wif ell Q is sv gsm if l, lls aww e,r lls .'w' Q L. ,iQS. 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' ENKIOYING A BRIEF LUNCH are these freshmen boys, below. Claire Roundall Meigan Samples Becki sandal ' ' in gl Q Alan Savage if L y f r X vfr- Nancy Sawyer Dennis Schleusner i k 'ii -, en S in S in t .,., .M A ---A. Vw S 3 ii W i im T 5,1 1 U 1- it - t - - y ft.. s 5 .a 5 S' S K Star t 4. 3 K jj xx 32 my , tx xx in ""' A 2, Q if ,,,: 1 '43 ! .. . , ty 1: i v ., . 'f S .. +A S . Sim i 411251: Q . 'gg X W QS' j we E 1 wx ,Q 'L .:. f A Y '9' 5 'E x i 'N 1 X M, I K y ' Cheryl Schmidt Don Schmidt Rhonda Schmidt Sue Schneider Kris Schons john Schroeder Jeff Scott Dave Shaw Bev Sheridan Cherralee Sibley Michael Simonseth john Simpson David Sjogren Merle Smith Michele Smith Judy Spink Cathy Spoelstra Maureen Spragg Grant Springer john Stein john Stewart nd Follow Tricky Schedule for Lunch Period V S - f, -f S it gettaifiig 1 15,2 1 ..ti , 4 is A 'it' sf 'i 1 wg... - ft RE sw' is M w-.., N. -1 i. N an ,E f . Q., F, X M ' 4"'.:tw K sz . :if , :Z is 4 1 . - - t 'ITQ -.t 6 .Xl at .t.a. 5 . . gm K X N... t A is .. fl .Q N Pg' i Q . PM vi ,js was Q - V. .5 ., - . '0 N1 W 11 t Q M .,tt,. , ,, , A: .mf Q, , is W. lt vw- 'va I ix t 5 .. 'fly Y y . F I , :f. ,q p I ' ,et TNF e .. - - :ees H f . ' . L? M .... f g WS at , -, i-ttei S .fi -tt 4 K. 32 X Q E S -1 Sivsfifi tt t RN is i T .. T, mg S i 11 . S , R .. 'Q-X t , S ,. tl . at 1 t S ' ' f ' N' 53:2 if ii g it S eet 2 W T S S S 2 ' ' fi 'ij ,S 1 N Ss S t t t ,,,, Si S S ' ,..A S S wif: f fat as 'Qi 'fi 'ff f qi ,ql I' i i ff H S S .. at K it 29 Ethel Stoaks Mike Stoupa Mike Stratton John Swanland Tom Swanson Sylvia Taft Joan Taylor Don Thorn berry LesTokarchuk Tom Townsend Dennis Trautman Kerry Twombley Elida Valdez Dick Vander Sar Harold Vander Vegt Ida Vanzanten Bruce Walker Mary Walker Sandra Wallace Margaret Waltner Mary Waltner Sylvia Warkentin Shelley Waterman Mark Watkinson Toni Welch Pam Wallace Ron Weyers Nancy Whitehead Vickie Wicks jerry Wigren Gail Williams Nan Williams Robert Williams Ken Wilson Cathy Wollard Marsha Hansen George Wright jilene Wylie joan Wylie Elaine Yale Rick Young Larry Youngquist U ing New Voting Machines, Sophomores 'l'im .XiJI'2lililIIlSOH Liiiclzi .Xlskog Cllicryl .Xncirrson lim .-Xmlrrsoii Yvrnon .Xrviiclsv ,loc .'Xrnn'Iilz1 .loci Bilrnvs Ili-nnis Iizxrncll Sluziri liczlslcy llzivill iicllislf' filll'Oi livrg licrclizi liiiiiirhini lzin liluvk Shirlvx' lilalrkslicr Tinzi Blank' .lim Bloom Izmir? Iiol Chris liolinu, .Iohn Boynton VIQOITI Brooker' .Irfii Brooks Alohn Brown 'l'crry Brown Nlzlrshzl Bullock Pzitiy Burkr Yii-kic liutlci' Kali' liiifvzirrl Clzilhi' Cizirlqiiisi A X 5' 5 53 qw f O HSA k X i ,,, we QR ' W . , V.., i ,. 3 K- gffw ag: ,. hQgis1i wfwf 'W u ' K .l:-:::.i- -' .,.. :La i ., i V . x if A if, 'S lv .Fi :. ' ii qi: . .- " 3 ii f ,V E ,V ia 1 in ii YOTING is one of the mziny rcsponsiliiliiics sophomores hclcl during their second vc-ur in high svhool, Scott lilhvrington, ulmgw, wists his vols for class oiiivcrs. ""M Qjfgss Q f""'k ef' f fwxg , w ,Q in L i 15 E 5 X 3 N ' i .,i,.,.V Q :L ax : .rf kg, Ya- in in Y Q NV K X if? ,. is S , 5 3 'in 1 5 55? 5? iw' 'A 1? , i :',- mf f i, ww ii P mir iimqgk hhhi hh'1 5 L 33 :.Vk L ii :Vi S ' .,LV z ui Khk. 1 jx . . .g i , SQ J Yi: 5 f .:- , f iguw -Rafi giwf kQf 1 h ih L i . ii i iv 3 5 A-'f g i1i-1 i i 5 iE5?f 'sgwz k:Ik . Tx Jim Carroll lj , Q llvniiisClzirlwriqht P 5 Q, Q LIIFFY Clinic' Kzircri Clhrisicnson -'--W.. , iill . .t W. 5' 1 if Nlzirk Clhrisiizinson , Piiul Cllzirkc gf X '11 - ' Tim Cllaiv Bill Cook Bm' Connell Bonnie Goss ' F :fn 'W' si A-4-"9"i.. ' in 3 fix K 9 N " ,i r Yi X A is Ambition, initiative, talkativeness-these are words characterizing the sophomore class of the I966-67 school year. Utilizing the new voting machines, the class elected President jack Thomas, Vice President Bruce I-Iayton, Secretary Krissa Haberly, and Treas- urer Kay Buzzard to represent them in an event filled year. The busy schedule consisted of participation in Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, pep council, inter-club council, and the all-school play. These activities kept the class of 1969 busy while they contributed to the growth of Mount Vernon High School. Relieved of their freshman status, the sophomores proved their cooperation and willingness to work by building and entering the third place float in the homecoming parade. Many boys earned letter sweaters this year by turning out for various sports. Several made varsity teams, two of whom were in the starting line-up for football. Various girls also earned their sweaters by actively participating in GAA. With the end ofa successful year, the class was eagerly looking forward to summer vacation and their next two years as upperclassmen, when they will play a definite role in the leadership of the school. Elect Officers to Lead Them for the Year l ' t 3 . t X Q .. si: f Lis' M it "" A-0 ...I ' J 'N 1 Q t east W " t an A ii , .,.. ,J Q., s 'N I a si A ' " ., 1 t X I Q gutfi YL, . Q X t X .i .-yt. s x t w . , - . i .M t- t ,, .ik N.. is f , A N " l. .M .. ,,, L f Sis-1 is 0 f ' ix 'fx WMS YU 'X FL 2 . .jack Cuvcrt -' I c BobCrafton .- . - Randy Dahl K .. X .. MariaDall'At'qua llolyn Davidson t , Tony Davis fit 'lui 'I' -Q' 4 5 1.37 Nr it ! . , S c ig., if it wwf t st in g... . ir:" s . '.,L, ., ':" , J ljcffllebocr A 5 "Qt ak W Q 'Q W s N fini.: ,X My 3 Hans Dcjongc . Ron Denton - Q A . Randy Dessell f r -' ' , Brenda Dobbs i . I 1- 1 Dennis Dobson . 1 1 lJ1lV1!'lll0LlQ:l1ll' 1 . H Toni Drake Dick matte g i, q Gcri Dundin ' , J 5. Dick Durham Q! 4 342! 1 5 it . livelyn lickstrom 5 'lim tzttwttfas i :R V . V Don Iicrkes F Bruce DuVall ' ---fgs1'...sftt E - ".i: 9 L - ea-1 A " Mike Eghers c Susan lilde H a . 1 t stttty Eldridge i i i Patty Erspamer ' Q, -gd, Gerald lirvine . A Scott Etlterington if A tV.L 1 .. , x P iw 31 t Q TS g. -. Lorna Ellestad , if g gx S Z E:,,,V Sue Evans f Dal Farias 'i Nikki Feden Ken Feemster iig.. ' Gary Felton . Randy Flagg ' Debbie Forbes Cheryl Forsyth Lacey Foss - y Linda Fox A Eileen Frayling Q -' Pat Galbreath Chris Garlinghouse Daphne George V125 A f - zr - .I V- . .lim Gibbons Q I Doug Gilbert ' ,-,. . in L 1 Richard Gilbert E Q f, .lx :,- fr.A,, if, ,,,' f"', L M N --ff? Wilson Godwin , , junior Gonzales il' ' i"-. 5 Q ' Egf Diane Graff ""-P "" V ..,:, lu :E gger Q fm ' I 'ff Mark Grover ' I A 'S ' " it as ii- i gg . zlv ' 2 ' - Tom Gustafson V I G ' XE Dennis Gwin ' kl':" ' K i Todd Hagen g LLLV G -Y A f A 1 k,q, M I q Glen Hager ,K '- il Z' " P' f' f Kay Ha, man if ,.,,' A A ' 5 , 7 it Gayle Hike 4 + N Vicki Hiiie ' it ' , it Eric Hamburg -f Barbara Hamilton - . Barbara Hansen th- 4 Q , Beverly Hansen if j M Terry Hanson , 1 'G A l i Mike Harris .. Ricky Hastings 1 ' K is T xi .05 . Ml. :E , G i.. if 4 r' 9 , Y-if 3 i w if ni: 1 ,. .ws f is i I! , 1 '.- K ull 'Ft '- any Activities Keep Glass of 769 Busy ff: Don Hayes Tracy Hayes Bruce Hayton E Gary Hayton N r Penny Heffernan Linda Henson Rosita Hernandez i s f Gary Hickok Linda Highnam .loan Hill Sondra Hill fi L I Rick Hoag i I ' 5 Sue Hoback Mike Hodgman , fyxk t Karen Holmstrom fi . Bob Horne Paul Horton , , ., , Linda llowcll . -t i Mary Huls Bill Hunter Bob Husby 5 - .s ikk llanellensen-Norman E2 Carl johnson - ,-i Dennisllohnson iig ' 'luliellohnson Kathyllohnson ' Marciallohnson ,AL Ron johnson 1 ' V. . f 9 Chloeujordan Clairetlordan Sueljudge Dcbbiellungquist Gayle Kahn Karen Kamb -ix i M" ' Hiii,-+,i,fi'ii1'i?'5's 'E' f A 1-liliffifffii i , . is W1 i ol , . -:iii-gi' K K 'i ,:- - ix fl uk' -1011 il-E if XM' 4 A i if ' 1, A Q giffiff A gf ,. , -wi 'im iii iii .gi A l . . -I N I ,V any r I if I um ix lit-vm inf wg-. I , i s 1 is " 1 32 M S i. 1.. 1 w a. 2 us 1 S 223' ix his 4? M .,, sa: 515 df 2 we 'WNW V9 f ' , 5 ,. '-fe'-M . -1351 . 'ffif i?1l',:2:15'E X xg -, -Q-ik ' . i.ii u 1, l, -5, 1 'Yip' ' "K Qr, E4 f i 1 .ee kg-gg! 0 ' . fa 2 Q , ' 1 10 vg g.,-Q5 A X ..,.,xx . cg .. 4 f' i l I T ia, -' i -ff rw. 'ft Q -,r Q My f-Y 4' E feel Ks. '5 'Q l In 'fl A -go it 1 g , , El' kwa ,, -fl as -Hi' l I 'Sl' , if ment sd- si Sl i.- W We . i .W -1, "9 , twig Q wff .f -' - x. im ' iq, NF rf lx! - Q T52 if N ' iw 4 N X SD, It -4: E t V I It 5 sa, j Q Q.. fi at K lx ll A .sw QA .1 3 iz, 4' 'jf' Wk . XX t we e ft. e . .f lgx T 2 555" A Gary Kenison Gordon Kent Jay Kiblmy Mike Kilgore Kathy King Lauren King .lerry Kopp .Ion Kortus -qu, Y I Y - ll.-XNCING at the lio Gi Ha Pa was only one ol the many wliool ltllkl Sheila lxronewltter that sophomores partiripatecl in, filing-.g Henry I.a Count -is -we X, 1 +1 Q Q ,. ni ., : ii I .,AA..A,z. W Q - PSV ' ,ff N 1 - I W-Q .- K Me ga n K i Ii KK - A ':s . ,X J .. is! I Ji K .K i , if '1.- so . . A V , '5'?9yf'ril5 . , ,.,. ye . K Q X . 3 U ,. ,. , - i K ll ,gs I E I Qi' M735 i"1':s-' mf in L ' t ' L,n K it K , tgzy f - 1 -'.: .V - 1. ly .X A i , ' D- X f i ' Q 5 H ' . - ' L f l' by nK. H KKn K ..,,.. he - 5 H'-I-5. ' 'iv ' ffl ik i 33 Susan l.an1 Ceralcl Larson .lim Larson 'llieresa Laffari Sandra l,eekt-nlvy Linda l.erllortl Connie Lee Earl Lind Renee l.intllnc-rg Greg Logsrlon l.eon l,uncle Gayle Lunclquist Loren Lunclquist Cheryl Maeliin Louise Maeliung Kathy Magee Steve Maron .Iackie Martin Lance Nlasonliolrlei Renee Mayhew lilmer McKenna Tom Merritt Kathy Miller Robert-a Blitelielle Bob Nloe Kathy Moe Ken Mohnie Nanette Mons:-es Cort Montague Art Moon Sue Moores Beverly Morris 'l'erry Morris Ken Morrison Margaret Murphy Slam Murr Stun Nzxkzlshirnzx Linda Nell Nicky Nemo lieeky Niclcrnmyel' NYemly Novolny Connie Nypen Pznn Olson Susan Ulson Kent Perkes Rzllplm l'eIIOr l,inclz1 l'l1ill:ri4'k flincly Poppe l.ind:1 Porter Lorraine l'o1'Ivr Randy l,I'1lIl Gerry Pruyn Steve l'ullin liUIll'llCR2lyH10llCl llzlvicl Rverl Cierlm Reehourn llnve Rell' Ron Reinurrl Karen Rex Ron Rhodes Doug Rindul Bill Roberts Nlznrlelcine Rmlzcn George Ruiz Rena Russell H , r , KX 5 X 'Cm k , k w ' J ' l e u lf . ' 'Q yn A ' A P- """ I ke V 5 .X R R'-w -. fl M- xl eu". M rj ,V il . '3 --Y A my' f i .kxfjflj E , 'Q,.l',Q K N '1' X if Qu l f e E1 :S Mix . W X '-.N 5 4 'ILRZNA vb... . Xe 7 lf " iq?-Q if-A2 I1 "4 f cf.. N ' ' 'lk Inf. K -A K Q V 1 KK xlgrj Y ty! A . ' LK' . . ' e .L an - , '--VR '77 QU' rf? -45 f 9 5 R ',,. Crisli Szlnclell K +1- fx .Inhn Salvage Nancy Sc-lnnicll Sharon Sdlllllfll Diane S4-huns 431 fx ef A .xx vb' , , WFJ 5: if Q all ' I Af, ! gf x 5 fm 4 if X gi SQ Qfsg... '-- N 1 fix his 'A w W 5 v xx 55.8 Cx X v - - X7 71 p la. , 'L -'N-.- .wwe , 2 HOLRS OF NYORK went into lmuilcling il lloznl for the hnnmevominq pzlrnrle. IJUICS ICVICRY li.-XClI,li have il Bulldog ll2ll"lJL'I'l, 'l'ln' Arlington lizlglc l PQIHQ in to help ureululiellolmnson. Ranlu' Nevures, Panty Erspzlmer, and Izxinly rlicl. 'Ib the :ll-light ol the SUpl1UIIl0l'CS their flour ren'eix'ecl:1 llIlI'fl pl ue D lpl1neGem'qL'. zzlmzw, lwfl lu fllgllf. Implmy. 34 . S Q 5 x 1 X R5 5 if r . , -tx, . ., as, -f tems L '42 V is lam. ' D W .,-. -at ts., SR N R 'll ,vie if ,. '71 to S 133 he X A tfXws:a.rt. We X Q. K ,it Sal ,A 4 - 515 w 3 X N 3 ns 3 ,gr a . , , L inf 'J -iw t gn at is M X A A X f' se , X . ,, qs AS ,R kv 1 tag Bette Seaburv lane Sevv iVVes Seymour Linda Sjogren Susan Slifer livelyn Smith David Smoots .jerry Snyder Les Snyder .john Soine Robyn Soine Linda Stanek Patty Strangeland Norine Stanley Sophomores Construct Third Place Float . if, . ....,E,,A, .st .1 :gg 5 - i " tt 3 'N 1 ' S 3 S in NN , ,1t, lf' ii 3 it ff- -f -. f ii' . ' e - 'SL L t , t ".. ' 2554 - S .P 5 X - like h'Sis 'ge, 'i W vu 'ii 'f i ' ii '25 s t if SS S: S . Y- -gy ' , i S Si sim. f -W' S f' S, 5 s syn . is V 4' kzk. ,qml . N wggvly, S SS S itinnt , it S , ., fl . xy - 7 K ,pw S y y . Aki m t. S f ,, iw: S K S Qi , Q 5 if-T Newt 3 K, J . N' S 1 "'fS'i - ' Wei' lttt 'S S " t m' ' A V --is , . -,..kk Jie? v Y X -R U , 1... X - , , SK ef -.-' 1 j2S1fY:i:15jgjf5E u we S S , L Q 'X 3 5. 'll , - 5 Fi ' i ii' I S - - te Ll-i- igxg. t td , T ' 'fi' -Q., I R- L7 Vw' f s""i Y' 57 SS I f w . ' Qiff Y :i S WtSt , . ' ' ii ,. S S W. 1' Sf - A ws A 1- t. tSSt its get , eil mi X FQ' K 'iff y A. . . ,,t, V was 51 t me gg X 2 ig ,,-.. 1- ,R , 'UQ --Stisctt -11,11 t.. 3 q T f f X i s , ,. -::,k 'Sit . .. i K if i '7 5 Q sg "gf 'Y wk N Si i . S my it .. . 1. '32, in S 'S my zt. ,Tl Q t 4' 'lf' 1 fi.. -' s A 'i is 1 I its F K ,ttl S - .- Sw . N 'WN if! ii at , :' ' -A if 35 is as 1 3 .Q if , - ...N x t s S if Bill Steinbeck Betty Stevens Debbie Stevens Wlently Stevens Gordon Stevenson Delbert Stewart Barbara Stiles Karin Strege Kevin Summers Tom Summers Shirley Swanson Dennis Tally Darrell lawes Pam Taylor Eileen 'l'esch Maria 'l'esch .lack 'lliomas Stacey 'lippett Michelle 'l'urner Steve Van Batavia .ludy Van Burkleo Ralph Van lisch Mark Van Gasken Patti Van House Candyce Van Valkenburg David Van Valkenburg Ann Von Moos Linda Vopnford Karen Walker Steve Walker Bill Waltner Mark Wfarren Susan Watts Betty Wieiss Marcella Weiss Verna W'ells Kim Westenhaver Kim Weymouth Sharon White Susan White Carol Wier Barbie Willcox loen Wilkins Iudy VVils0n Ron Wilson Brian Youngquist Dave Youngquist Ronna Zamora Randy Zeretzke unior Class Exhibits Much Leadership in Making Year Both Successful, orthwhile Dave Abrahamson Ron Adler julie Allan Patti Allen Oralia Almanza Marcia Anderson Nancy Anderson Terry Anderson Betty Andrew Patty Baalson Tom Bahr Sally Ballinger Linda Bannerman Nancy Bates Wendy Bellcoe Carolyn Bellisle Linda Billeter Bill Bolzell Debbi Bonner Lynda Booth Sharon Bradshaw Gail Brandstrom Terry Brazas Judy Bremer Barbara Burdick Dennis Burk Bonnie Burnett Edna Burt Ray Caldwell Kay Cameron Doug Carstens Valerie Case Saou Cqld Mary C ristiansen Mark Christoflerson Karen Clodfelter Bob Cook Barbara Crane Debbie Crim Brad Dally Gerben De Jong Linda Delano -:-:1w1,g, New rzsi-4. . , . is sim-l. M N Y RISK F. , ,K X . Q3 5 +11 F -If Q- is-:si ze 13 5 M s R 5 . q,.,,. ,,, J fi ,wa . l q 3' as sr li X ai, .1 xc? Sfss , . ,,.., .WM . :six 55555 . syi Q fE 4 Q -,al l S 9 9 5 ., we if fi ill 'lifflfff , Y 1 :ie-,gps f", n '9 li f 1 yin ., .L aff sein-X Y we .. A 53' . 4' - 1 ff' s l ife.-f el , J was 72 fix El, A . 'Sv- 9 V' 1 7 ss Q gl evra-fha 36 - Wriwfri 5. ' . ,. I f --kk 1 JUNIOR CLASS officers are left to right Hefliey Bremer Haberly Rindal. Three down-one to go. The class of '68 as juniors saw to it this year was one of their best. Put together 279 of the finest students and how could the year be anything less! Under the able leadership of President jeff Rin- dal, Vice President Kent Haberly, Treasurer Judy Bremer, and Secretary Becki Hefiiey, the class pro- gressed through their first year as upper classmen. Their enthusiasm showed up in both participation and support for school activities. Homecoming, being one of the highlight activities of the year, saw the junior class coming up with the Hrst prize float. Almost every junior belongs to at least one of the many clubs and activities affiliated with the school. Some of the favorite clubs are Tri-Hi-Y, with two groups-Lawson and Reep, Adams Hi-Y, and Chesk-Cha-May Horizon. The annual, joint-town Junior Prom came ofl' as another junior class success. Sedro-Woolley, Bur- lington, LaConner, and Mount Vernon pooled their efforts to make this one of the best proms ever. Even with all of these extra-curricular activities, fifty-four juniors achieved the needed 3.2 G.P.A. for Honor, Society, giving the class the largest member- ship in the organization. Junior classmen no longer, the eyes ofthe class of ,68 look forward to the three big MSE"-Summer, Sun, and Senior Year. Ig 1, R Claudia De Leeuw J , fi l W t Pam Deming -"W 5 , 4 j i Diane De Montigny Cfeig Dewey ,Hg t V Brian Dow t X L , a " 1 i Scott DuBois K .fu 1 -, , it wr fx .U 'V ' ,apps 1 1' 1 S.. .. Q .i Q A Doug George . Wi -- 4 . -' Carol Duffy Connie DuVall P t Trudy Eaton 55. .N he f '--' Renae Eklund A we , .,' ' ' if Steve Elde t 32355. Rick Ellestad ISR 4 at W 'erm-Z, its . R H v . gg' R SQ. if fi? LL" 'Q .X x tg, ' - iff WG I ifffk, Nick Evans Teresa Ewing Ruth Faller Stephen Fifield Janice Fisher Mike Forbes fi Swv' I Richard Forsloe Cynthia Franklin Larry Friend in 3 BobFrydenlund 1- g l i . Cathy Good as 37 F Vicki Goodman Fred Gorton Heather Grant Paul Hagman lfrank Hall Mary Hall Sharon Hall Wes Hammack Niall Hammond Marilyn Hanan Don Hansen Kathy Hanson Cathy Hanstad Sandy Haux Bccki Heffley Norma Helstrom Linda Heiner Bob Hill Sue Hinton Lauretta Hoare Pat Hockman Penny Hockman Gary Hoflman Dwight Holms mi W'Al'l'lNG FUR the bell to ring, Mr. l3arton's.junior English students 'L"l1 listen to a last minute assignment. f W t 1 L 125325 ' sy z -t h "" s gg-, ,ff .T as i i , ' ix' 2,3 ' A- W' 'U :M I L , y mag 7 ., 'rf' -1. 1 1 tl 1 " Q 1 M . .. vs ,..,g f 4 gx Q t .Q 1 .Q i s A fa ix i - Q s M .iff 1 ii Q I I X ' 'fx 51,3 .F K Q ,S 1 .bg , t Q, Sk. V J 1 .. . 'R f-': ?2 - I X my -it H A - f- W 'Sam e if '- 'QQ aint s , N ' as i s I I Q +- 5' ' L . , 6 dk, Q ii : l Q ,V . ,,:' ' 38 , 1 E if Q, -1 .. 5,33 S S R in' Cv' 3 . jx. Wm.- N 1 B-A X .. gi gig 5 gm X E K Kathi Holmsrrom Alice Holtrop john Hunter Bill Inman Pamjames Patsy Jensen-Norman Marlene Jewell Bill johnson Carr Johnson Dale johnson jilljohnson Patty Johnson Ambitious and Eager to Learn,TWenty Per Cent of Junior Class Make Honor Society fx s .ie 'N ' ig 2 s X X xx, as I i 'liiiix use My EQ i , L iiii -f S ' ' "1 kv , Q. Q - in L W W Q A if l-i1Pf'5if"-.-. A is A 2 1 R Am-2 xiii: ii ' 'Q . j ,:,kh:: , , is t 1-,si , K . ,,, , .. izl, iii 5 ' X 2-2133? ig: .. - . - uf- . P so 1 ,,ii A, Y. L 1 - , som e L , L S , . x ' imc' 5 f 535-f ii 'fk' K, , ' , .. . .K.. . K .L. fruity' 39 Sallyjohnson Shelleyjohnson Teresa johnson Marlene jones Ruth Jordan Robjorgensen Mark Judy Stevejungquist Gary Kahn Karen Kaiser Steve Kamb Vickie Kenover Dwayne Kester Karen Kesler Dan Kirkman Barbara Kotsogean Kristine Kuhns Chuck LaMay Bonnie Lang Kassy Larsen Richard Leander Dave Lindberry jerry Locken Tom Logsdon Miguel Lopez David Loss Mike Maguire Nicholas Markus Richard Marsula Roger Martin Dave Marvin Kathy Mason Neal Masonholder Robyn Mathis Cheryl McCartor Dull McDaniel john McGrath Regina McGuire Susie Mclntyre Michael McNamara john McNulty janet McSpadden Dennis Meador Ron Medcalf Diane Meyer Thea Meyer Scott Miller Terry Minor .qi f ' , , . .., Q ' .. .. A ' tl , r -- '93 - J.. fr I , V .S f t ig ,V ' z. ii 'lf - g-is f .f .1 " -rr V 'gtg 3 . qs-M, ' . -gi 'mf' Wav' , ' H z ,,., H V , J .Qui--' , K A N A 'ififflgg 5 fi ffgll 'f'f.f.fS1. 'K , -N, A 2. if in K " Y E5 at , '31 fa if if--f im, in " , . , 'ls--'V' .Q-.f 1 P l fi? Q The Day Begins at 2:30 For Enthusiastic uniors Who Participate inVaried Activities Bonnar Mitchelle Nancy Moen Larry Morrison janet Morrow jim Mowrer Chris Murphy Dave Murray joe Murray Michele Murray Ken Musser Rich Nelson Rick N emo jim Ness Bill Nevares Pete Nordlund Marilyn Nulle Teresa Nurmi Marc Olds Bill Olson Linda Olson Steve Olson Mag Olszewski Melissa Palmer Vicki Parker 6 Q i t .F is J it Q wt si .. ,Z it f -f.1,.,. b as Q 'T' yyoy - .... S N a V Y-me 12 A: 'fx 1' if , It , ii if P Q X ' tti,.. 1. E Q E s ,x ,,,: ,. Aww F 1-C, Giza! fi. .vs lam -P ' - YQ ,,.a- -.1 Ya-'ff 7 4-0 52 :P 4 as las 5 W3 t , t if z .V W- ww fe -. . -,sash ' V-1'- s t. 'Slim if fl - in - 3 O , .,:, . Sf -, ik '- W ,L . s f L,- koir , K -I R SFW ii fl K ' ,Qty ' 1 Q ' 9 t... i -V . . 1 X I f t .., fl " S 1 if . . to - in 1 - S. ' - ,.:, - HE 'vm .1 .5 1 . si I -Skirt. 1. x 41 Sli! ' . S I at S L gist K A, --me Q3 iff: lQ it Q ' . Pt s Q . Laif i A ., ..,S ' 'S . I Sigh K, it X ' jUNIORS STAR in all-school one-act play, "Riders to the Sea? Al left, Heather Grant comforts a grayingjudy Bremer. Bill Paul Mary Pearson Kathy Perkes Bob Perry Christie Peterson Dave Phipps Reas Pierce Mark Plummer Teresa Pollock Pennie Powers Kathy Prentice Nora Pressentin Leann Price Stan Pulsipher Sharon Purcell Mike Quinn Debbie Raasina Raenette Rainwat Sandi Rasar Richard Raymond Jim Reed Paula Reese Judi Rhodes Tom Rhone Lorin Rice Dick Rindal CI' jeii' Rindal Greg Robertson Bob Rood john Roozen Margy Rosin Laura Rynaard Steve Samples Norm Savage Howard Saxauer jim Schmidt Kerry Schmidt Sallee Schroeder Robert Scott Steve Scott Lavina Shaw Carol Sheridan Cathy Smith Greg Smith Lynn Smith Doug Snider Mark Soine Mary Sollie Neil Speiss Larry Stanek Karen Stark Mardick Stevens Suzi Stewart Kerry Streitz Terry Suiter Charlie Sutton Marilyn Tarter Debi Taylor Linda Tellesbo Dennis Tenbrink Bruce Tessem Judy Thomson .john Tokarchuk Marc Torset Roberta Trainor Terrance Trautman Rick Turner Charles Urbick Carl VanderSar Janet VanderVegt Minnetta VanderWal Alice VanOssenbruggen Henry VanZanten Dick Verdoes .e'7 t T L 0 EJ ky 'Q' I i. fl . 2 1 X X it x 5 AQ 'i A SSX 'X it .iii ' " q I Q X Hit t Mic: l y Kyzi l 6 fa 4 . ,, if f 1 , 'l .. A it '-A " t , 423 , ,L ,A r. .,. 'Hit' i 1 jf' I ty K X NX xt..,w,.' .Q 11 Q5 ii i, ,g gi f 5. an sq iq 1 S3 t 5 S .l :'f .3 I 3 W fffisasal . Q E W' 2 gs V ,, M E , V: ,1--.-fr 42 jf? QQ ,tg M 1 fa , c 'Wy kt if H I l E t N l xf' , xt: J 3 u S, it fi wxfi, -ill " ' if 'S' t . X," ds., , i2LV4i.:T Ffh.-.4 ' xi Q x t Q' ,' X Three Down-Gne to Go. Spirited Glass of '68 Looks Forward to Senior Year s""..'54 I WL SUCKERS, BANANAS, and milk make up the diet ofjuniors Connie DuVall, Karen Stark, Cathy Good, and Vicki Goodman, abozw. ,- S t fr qs ff M QS R .. li A 1 is + , G ., I E 1 25 Q gg ii EN-sr' . sauna 43 I' - s Q lz+"""' 'UF 'Ffa tl., fl' V fl? 94 -4 'F . Qi? 2, .1 ,-X , 5 , -. .. F 3:33 js., 'X s : lf I as 5-'wg N 'X 1. i , ,5 5 as-fr . ', Candy Warren Randy Welch Jerry Westenhaver Claudette White Terry VVhite Janice Whitney Nancy Wigncr Susan Wilkins Clyde Willey Gretchen Williams George Wilson Wayne Wilson Ray Wiseman Brad Wolford Pat Wright Sharon Zamora Paul Zamzow Ted Zegstroo L fa ,iq 5 fu-.- ...., i W' A fx Li' fl if L 5' 5 fsff f' Q, Q ., ' ab "W ' . f - , k K A . " , .vt xg 15,5 . X J? xv' ' ff F' wi A, A NN . To lead the seniors successfully down the last leg of their high school years, the class elected as responsi- ble officers President Chuck Carroll, Secretary Kar- lynn Haberly, Treasurer jack Miner, and Vice Pres- ident Ray Olmsted, pictured at left, from left lo rzglzl. Throughout the year the seniors were busy with many activities. Thinking of others, the senior council classes or- ganized the entire student body in preparing Christ- mas baskets for the needy. An all time record of 15237.19 was raised, and enough food, clothing, and toys for five families was collected. Groups of stu- dents carolled outside the doors of each house as the food was delivered. With the new year came the anticipation ofthe moving-up assembly, commencement, the cruise, and the end of high school. Semors are Active Class During F mal Year as MVH Bulldogs DELIVERING FOOD, clothing, and toys to five needy families at Christmas time, Jim Wotherspoon unloads boxes from a truck, left, while members ofsenior social studies classes sing Christmas carols to one of the fami- lies,above. ggheads rack The Books, Earn Torch Membership Rick Brynildsen Linda Christensen David Crawford Myrene Darr Louise Davis Cindy DuBois Randy Elde Sharon Flagg Fran Hastings KI ana Hoag Tom Holmes Nellie Horton john House Joyce-johanson Elliotxlohnson Susan johnson Jean Joiner Greta Koning Mike Lazzari Janet Machung Peggy Nlcllraith Debbie McPherson Charlene Meins Gloria Merryweather Jeryl Miller Q-1-ui 'nw TOP TEN students in the senior class are, above, ROVV OiVE:Jz1net Ma- Louise Davisg RUN" TWO: Randy Eldc, Peggy Mrllraith, l.ind1i Pzirkcr chung, Cindy DuBois, Charlene Mains, Judy Youngquist, joan Stafford, john House. 47 Steve Nzlkzishinm Kathy Nziss Nzlnfy Nuwnclnick john Wf Olson Linda Parker Shirley Petty June Schneider Joan Slllillllffl Bob Swbotlzi Al Turnbull Liz Urbick Betty NVctsvh Virginia Weymout Iudy Youngquist Cathy Zamzow h In Re membranee of Albert Greenwald 1 949- 196 48 Proudly Presentmg the MVH Classof '6 DEHLIA DEE AKER Girls, Club 1-4, Pres, 45 Student Council 15 Class Sec. 25 Pep Club 45 Ski Club 35 History Club 45 Class Assembly 3,45 Homecoming Queen 4. GREG ANDAL Football 1. STEVE ANDAL Baseball 1. LEE F. ANDERSON Transfer from Burlington-Edison High School, Burlington, Wash. 25 Hi-Y 45 Football 45 Wres- tling 2-4, Outstanding'Wrestler 3, District Champ. 3, Capt. 45 Track 35 Cross Country 2. PATRICIA LOUISE PARTINGTON ANDERSON Girls' Club 1-45 FHA 15 Choir 1. DIANE KAY ARMINTROUT Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Vice Pres. 15 Poster Playmates 35 FTA 35 Bulldog 35 March of Dimes Games 1. JOYCE DIANE AUSTIN Transfer from Rancho Alamitos High School, Anaheim, Calif. 35 Girls, Club 3,4, Cabinet 35 Student Council 45 FNA 3g Honor Society 3.4, Torch 4. BILL BAILEY Hi-Y 45 Ski Club 3,4, Pres. 45 Footoall 15 Basketball 15 Track 1,25 Tennis 3,45 Cross Country 25 Band 1 4. LARRY BARNETT Choir 1-3, A Capella 2,35 Football 1-35 Swimming 15 Track l,2. PATTI M. BARNETT Girls'Club1-45Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 Poster Playmates 25 Choir 4, Class Assembly 3. RONALD SCOTT BERG Student Service 45 Hi-Y 1-4, Vice Pres. 1, Treas. 45 Bulldog 35 Football 1-35 Basketball 1-45 Baseball 1-4, All-Northwest Second Team 3. ARTHUR RUSSELL BERGH Student Council 15 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Band 1-4, Honor Band 2-45 Basketball 15 Football 1-4, All-Northwest 3,4, Blocking 81 Inspirational A- ward 4, Co-Capt. 45 Wrestling 3,45 Track 1-45 Class Assembly 4. ROSALIE JOAN BERGMAN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 45 FTA 45 History Club 45 Choir 1,2, A Capella 4. JAMES M. BERGSTROM Hi-Y 45 Choir 1-3, A Capella 2,35 Operetta 35 Wrestling 25 Swimming 2-45 Cross Country 2. MARC ALLEN BILLINGSLEY Band 1,25 Football 15 Wrestling 1,2. JULIE ANN BJORN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 15 GAA 15 Poster Playmates 35 FTA 45 FNA 2-45 Horizon 15 Choir 1-4, A Capella 45 Class Assembly 4. STEVEN A. BLACK CECILIA MARIA BLANCO Foreign Exchange Student from Liceo de Senoritas HM. Belgranon, Cordoba, Argentina5 Girls, Club 45 Student Council 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 4. Seniors Build Huge Homecoming Bonfire ANITA BOL Transfer from Ripon Christian High School, Ripon, California 35 Girls' Club 3,45 Pep Club 4. FORREST W. BRITTEN Transfer from George Washing- ton High School, San Francisco, Calif. 35 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Class Assembly 3. ALAN LEE BROOKS Student Service 35 Hi-Y 3,45 Thes- pians 45 Poster Playboys 45 All-School Play 45 Operetta 35 Wrestling 1,2,45 Tennis 45 Class Assembly 3,4. RICK BRYNILDSEN Student Council 3,45 ASB Asslt. Treas. 3, Treas. 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Baseball 3,45 Track 1,25 Cross Country 1-4, Co-Capt. 4, Gentleman Athlete 45 Inter-Hi Council 3,4, Vice Pres.-Treas. 45 Class Assembly 4. NIKKI KAY BURTON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y l-4, Sec. 35 Poster Playmates 35 Ski Club 35 Bulldog 25 Pep Council 45 Yell Leader 4. DANIEL VICTOR CAIN Student Council 2,35 Hi-Y 2-4, Vice Pres. 25 Poster Playboys 2-45 Wrestling 1,25 Golf 1,25 Cross Country 15 Class Assembly 3,4. LINDA CAROL CALLENDER Girls' Club 1-45 Tri- Hi-Y 15 All-School Play 35 Choir 1. CHARLES VINCENT CARROLL Class Pres. 45 Ski Club 3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Honor Society 2,35 Basketball 35 Base- ball 15 Tennis 4g Class Assembly 4. CAROL CARTER Transfer from Sedro-Woolley High, Sedro-Woolley, Wash. 35 Girls' Club 3,45 Debate 35 Pep Club 45 Honor Society 3. STEVE CASE Transfer from Oak Harbor jr, High School, Oak Harbor, Wash. 15 Band 1,2. LINDA SUE CHRISTENSEN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 FTA 35 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 History Club 3,45 Bulldog 35 Choir 25 Class Assembly 4. STEVEN MURRAY CONN Choir 15 Basketball 1. MMM 50 Q 1 'S' Q: si gx RMS 'Sgr Qi up . ff, , ff' , girl, 5 SARAH LEE DEIERLEIN Girls' Club 1-45 Poster Play- mates 3,45 Horizon 1,2, Vice Pres. 25 History Club 45 Bulldog 45 Choir 1-3, A Capella 2,3, Treas. 35 Operetta 25 March of Dimes Games 25 All-School Project Comm. 35 Class Assembly 4. SHIRLEY DE VRIES Girls, Club 1-4. GORDON GEORGE DEWEY Student Council 1,35 Hi-Y 1-4, Pres. 2, Chaplain 35 History Club 35 Basketball 1-45 Base- ball 1,25 Tennis 3,45 Cross Country 2,35 Class Assembly 3,4. KATHRYN DEE DOBSON Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club 45 Choir 2-4, A Capella 2-45 Operetta 2,35 March of Dimes Games 2-45 Class Assembly 4. CINDY DONNERBERG Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 1135 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 March of Dimes Games 1-45 Class Assembly 3,4. GARY DRAKE Student Council 45 Hi-Y 2-4, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 35 Poster Playboys 25 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 All- School Play 45 Football 15 All-School Project Comm. 45 Class Assembly 4. any Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, MHSICIRH CINDY DUBOIS Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Debate 45 Poster Playmates 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 History Club 3,45 Orchestra 1-35 Operetta 2,35 March of Dimes Games 1,2, Capt. 15 Homecoming Princess 45 Junior Prom Queen 35 Class Assembly 45 Water Ballet 35 International Club 3,4, Co- Chairman 4. MICHAEL S. DUNDIN Hi-Y 3,45 Football 1-4, Co-Capt. 4, All-Northwest Honorable Mention 3, All-Northwest Second Team 45 Wrestling 35 Track 1,3,45 Class Assembly 3. THOMAS C. DUNLAP Hi-Y 45 Football 15 Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2-45 Baseball 1-45 Class Assembly 4. JUDY EASTBURY Girls, Club 1-45 Student Council 45 FHA 4. RANDY L. ELDE Student Council 35 Class Treas, 35 Hi-Y 4, Chaplain 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Band 1-45 Football 15 Wrestling 1-45 All-School Project Comm. 4, Chairman 4. JEAN MARIE ELDRIDGE Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sgt.-at-Arms 15 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 45 History Club 3,45 Choir 15 March of Dimes Games 1,4. VIRGIL O. ELLESTAD Hi-Y3,45PosterPlayboys35 Band 1,35 Wrestling 1,25 Track 1,2,4. EUGENE N. ERVINE Student Council 35 Thespians 45 All-School Play 45 Operetta 35 Football 15 Class Assembly 3,4. JOHN EVANS Football 1,35 Baseball 1-4. DAVE FELT FFA 15 Poster Playboys 3. JUDY LEE FERGUSON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Chaplain 35 Pep Club 45 Class Assembly 4. SHARON KAY FLAGG Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Chaplain 45 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 Honor Society l-4, Torch 45 March of Dimes Games 3,45 Choir 1. TERESA FOTLAND Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 15 Choir l-4, A Capella 2-45 Operetta 1,2. MARIA FOWLER Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club 45 Choir 1. MIKE FOX Transfer from Choctawhatchee High School, Choctawhatchee, Fla. 4. etors Compose the Talented Senior Class CHERYL RAE FULKER Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 Pep Club 4, Co-Pres. 45 March of Dimes Games 3. SUSAN JANICE GARNER Girls' Club l-45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 Horizon 1,25 March of Dimes Games 3,45 Class Assembly 45 Student Service 4. JO ANN GIBBONS Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 45 Horizon 1-3, Sec. 25 Stage Crew 25 Band 1-45 Class Assembly 4. PAMELA ANN GILKEY Transfer from Anacortes High School, Anacortes, Wash. 25 Girls' Club 2-45 Library Club 35 All-School Play 25 Majorette 2-4. MARY LOUISE GRIFFIN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Class Assembly 45 Student Service 4. GERRY P. GWIN Chorus 1,25 Baseball 15 Wrestling 15 Cross Country 1. MARY KARLYNN HABERLY Transfer from West Seat- tle High School, Seattle, Wash. 35 Girls' Club 3,45 Class Sec. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 4, Treas. 45 March of Dimes Games 35 Class Assembly 4. MARILYNN ELIZABETH HALEY Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Youth Legis. 3,45 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 3,45 FTA 45 Ski Club 3,45 History Club 3,45 Bulldog 3,45 March of Dimes Games 1,2,45 Quill SL Scroll 45 Class Assembly 4. LINDA ANN HAMMOND Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Poster Playmates 45 History Club 35 Choir 1. 1 J ...H E f' To 3 . an DICK HEDBLOM Hi-Y1. MIKE HENRY Hi-Y 1-4, Pres. 15 Vice Pres. 45 Football 1-45 Wrestling 1-25 Swimming 35 Track 2-45 Junior Prom King 35 Lettermen's Comm. 4. DELBERTA LOU HERINGTON Girls' Club l-45 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 Stage Crew 2535 Choir 15 Horizon 1-25 Sec. 2. Semor Assembly Rehearsals Casual, Fun JACK HILL Band 15 Choir 25 Football 15 Baseball 1. JANA BELLE HOAG Girls, Club l-4, Sec. 2, Treas. 45 Pep Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 Poster Playmates 3,45 Ski Club 3,45 Honor Society 1-4, Sec. 4, Torch 45 History Club 3,4, Sec. 35 Bulldog 4, Co-Business Mgr. 45 Quill 8a Scroll 45 All-School Project Comm. 45 Class Assembly 3,45 AFS Foreign Exchange Student to Holland 3. JOHN HOGSETT FFA 25 Track 1-3. THOMAS LOUIS HOLMES Student Council 45 Hi-Y 354, Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 45 Spanish Club 25 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 History Club 3,45 Band 1-45 Football 15 Basketball 152,45 Track 1-45 Cross Country 25 Class Assembly 4. CAROLYN LEE HOOVER Transfer from Meadowdale Sr. High School, Lynnwood, Wash. 25 Girls' Club 2-45 Tri- Hi-Y 35 GAA 3,45 FTA 45 Horizon 45 History Club 35 All- School Play 45 Operetta 3,45 Chorus 25 March of Dimes Games 45 Class Assembly 4. NELLIE RUTH HORTON Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council l,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Pres. 25 Youth Legis. 3,45 InterClub Council 45 Thespians 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 45 GAA 15 Pcp Club 45 Poster Playmates 3,45 FHA 354, Sec. 3, State Vice Pres. 45 Ski Club 3,45 Honor Society 1,2,45 Torch 45 History Club 3,45 Bull- dog 45 Quill 8L Scroll 45 Skagina 45 All-School Play 35 Choir l,2, A Capella 25 Operetta 2,35 March of Dimes Games 45 All- School Project Comm. 45 Class Assembly 4. DALE HOTCHKISS Transfer from Burlington-Edison High School, Burlington, Wash. 45 Hi-Y 45 Baseball 45 Wres- tling 4. JOHN R. HOUSE Student Council 2,45 Class Prcs. 25 Hi-Y 4, Treas. 45 Honor Society 1-45 Pres. 4, Torch 45 Mr. Pep 15 Skagina 4, Business Mgr. 45 All-School Project Comm. 2535 Class Assembly 4. MICHAEL HOWARD Class Vice Pres. 35 Hi-Y 45 Football 1-25 Basketball 15 Track 25 Golf 1,25 Class Assembly 3,4. DOUGLAS ROGER HUDDLE Student Council 45 Hi-Y 1-4, Pres. 3, Chaplain 45 Youth Legis. 2-45 InterClub Council 35 Orchestra 1-4, Honor Orchestra 1525 Operetta 1,25 Football 15 All-School Project Comm. 45 Class Assembly 4. GREG L. HUGHES Library Club 45 Red Cross Club 3,45 History Club 2-45 Wrestling 2-45 Track 1,3545 Cross Country 1-4. JENNIFER MARGUERITE HUFFSTETTER Girls' Club 1-45 Thespians 354, Historian 45 GAA 15 Poster Playmates 35 Horizon 1-4, Pres. 1, Vice Pres. 3, Council Pres. 45 Art Club 35 All-School Play 3,45 Choir 15 Operetta 35 March of Dimes Games 3,45 Class Assembly 3,4. Energetic Seniors Pursue Varied Interests KAREN MARIE HUNTER Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,3, Chaplain 15 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 3,4, Vice Pres. 45 March of Dimes Games 1. SUSAN COE HUNTER Girls' Club 1-45 FNA 1-45 Red Cross Club 45 Art Club 4, Sec.-Treas, 45 History Club 45 Or- chestra 1-4, Honor Orchestra 1-45 Operetta 152. ELLA MAE HUSBY Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Thes- pians 1-35 GAA 1-25 FHA 35 All-School Play 1-35 Operetta 1-3. KAREN LYNN JACKSON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 Horizon 1,25 WADE NOLAN JACOBSON Choir 1-3, A Capella 2,35 Football 15 Baseball 1. CRAIG E. JAMES Student Council 45 Hi-Y 1-4, Chaplain 45 Poster Playboys 35 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,2545 Cross Country 1-45 Pep Council 3. CAROLYN H. JEWELL Girls' Club 1-45 Poster Play- mates 35 FNA 15 Band 1-4. JOYCE JOHANSON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Pres. 15 Pep Club 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Bulldog 2,35 Class Assembly 3. DARLENE JOHNSON Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 Band 1-3. DENNY JOHNSON Transfer from Burlington-Edison High School, Burlington, Wash. 35 FFA 35 Class Assembly 3. ELLIOT WILLARD JOHNSON Hi-Y 1-45 Poster Play- boys 35 Honor Society 354, Torch 45 Track 1,25 Cross Country 1,35 Class Assembly 3,4. . MICHAEL R. JOHNSON Baseball 1,25 Wrestling 1. SUSAN LYNN JOHNSON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4 Sec. 2, Treas. 45 Poster Playmates 3,45 Honor Society 1-4 Torch 45 Class Assembly 4. JEANNE JOINER Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Sgt.-at-Arms 1, Vice Pres. 25 Poster Playmates5 Honor Society 15354, Torch 45 History Club 3. NANCY CHRISTINE JORDAN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri- Hi-Y 35 GAA 15 Poster Playmates 35 Bulldog 25 Class Assembly 4 y 1 'f CHRISTINE L, JUDGE Girls' Club l-4: Tri-Ili-Y 3: GAA lg Poster Playmates 3, FHA 3,4, Pres, 4. JANICE LE MAE .IUNGQUIST Girls' Cluh l-4. Tri-Hi-Y Z,3, GAA lg Poster Playmates 33 Bulldog 33 Pep Club 45 Choir l-4, A Capella 4, Madrigals 41 Operetla 1,33 March ol' Dimes Games lg Class Assembly 4. TAMARA JEAN KOETjE Girlsl Club l-4g Tri-Hi-Y 1.3: Youth Legis. 3, Operetta 3: Mart-h of Dimes Games 4: Class Assembly 4. GRETA MAE C, KONING Girls' Club I-4, Yire Pres. 33 Student Council 1, Pep Club 4, Honor Society l-4, Torrh 4, History Club 45 Choir 1-4, A Capella I-4, See. 3, Honor Choir 3, Madrigals 4, Operetta l,2, Homeroming Princess 33 Class Assembly 4. BERNICE KORTUS Girls' Club l-4, Choir 3. BARB J. LARSON Girls' Club I-45 'liri-lli-Y 35 GAA lg Pep Club 4, Poster Playmates 3, Art Club 3, Choir l 3 Stage Crew 3, March of Dimes Games l-4, Class Assembly 4. MICHAEL LAZZARI Transfer from Saint Martins High School, Seattle, Wash. 3, Poster Playboys 3, Honor Society 3,43 Class Assembly 3,4. GEORGIA LEE Transfer from Franklin High School, Seat- tle, Wash. 4, Girls' Club 4g Mareh of Dimes Games 45 Senior Project Comm. 4. TERRY LEESER AMATEUR RADIO operator Greg Andal, below, spends much ofhis time in pursuit ofhis interest in electronics. EA if: : 1 . 1 eeet. 2? if . 4 t k PJ :st it N J - wiv.. r 4. . W, nf -su..xu3 DENNY DOUGLAS LEGRO Hi-Y 45 Choir 152, A Ca- pella 25 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Swimming 253. JUDI ANN LEIDLE Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Treas, 15 GAA 15 Poster Playmates 35 Stage Crew 35 Band 1,25 Class Assembly. BOBBE ANN LIGGETT Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 15 Or- chestra 1-4, All-State 35 Operetta 1,25 March of Dimes Games 4. KEITH LIND Hi-Y 3,45 All-School Play 25 Band 1-45 Base- ball 15 Swimming 1-45 Track 2. LANETTE S. LINDBERG Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 152, Sgt.-at-Arms 1. SHARI LOUISE LINDBERRY Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 GAA 1,25 Choir 1,25 March of Dimes Games 35 Class As- sembly 3. DAVID ALLEN LINDE Student Council 2-45 ASB Pres. 45 Class Pres. 35 All-School Project Comm. 35 Boys' State 35 Class Assembly 3,45 Football 15 Basketball 1,25 Track 1-45 Cross Country 2-4. MARY SUE LLOYD Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Chaplain 25 Poster Playmates 25 Class Assembly 45 March of Dimes Games 1-4. BETTY LOUISE LOCKHART Girls! Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 GAA 15 Pep Club 4, Co-Pres, 45 Poster Playmates 35 March of Dimes Games 1,3545 Class Assembly 45 InterClub Council 45 Pep Council 4, CATCHING UP on homework and sharing the latest news during lunch time are Judi Leidle Gayle Martin Jeanne oiner Diane Armlntrout Judy Ferguson and Jean Eldridge, below. - 1-an - 1 tus Seniors Recall 720 Days ff 59 CAROLE ANN LOOMIS Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Sgt.-at-Arms 35 Poster Playmates 35 Spanish Club 25 Horizon 25 Miss Pep 35 Choir 1,2. KEITH GUY LOY Student Council 15 Hi-Y 2-4, Treas. 35 Orchestra 15 Football 15 Basketball 25 Track 1,3. NELS E. LUNDE Hi-Y 45 Choir 1,25 Football 15 Basket- ball 1,35 Track 1-45 Cross Country 2,3. of High School JANET MACHUNG Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society l-4, Torch 45 History Club 35 All-School Project Comm. 4. STEVE G. MADDOX Wrestling 2,3. GAYLE MARTIN Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 Pep Club 45 Water Ballet 25 March of Dimes Games 1-45 Class Assembly 3,4, RONALD W. MARTIN Hi-Y 2-4. CHRISTINE JUNE MASON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 3,45 Ski Club 35 March of Dimes Games 2-4. NANCI JANE MAYS Transfer from Robert H. Goddard Sr. High School, Roswell, N. Mex. 45 Girls' Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Pep Club 45 Choir 4, A Cappella 4, Madrigals 4. INGRID MCCLINTON Girls' Club 1-45 March of Dimes Games 45 Senior Ball Queen 45 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 45 GAA 152. MARGARET ANNE MCILRAITH Girls'Club 1-4, Cab- inet 15 Pep Club 45 Student Council 45 Class Treas. 25 Poster Playmates 3,45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 History Club 3,4, Pres. 45 Skagina 4, Class Ed. 45 Song Leader 35 Choir 15 All- School Project Comm. 45 Girls' State 35 Pep Council 3. WILLIAM ROLLAND MCILRAITH Football 1,25 Track 25 Cross Country 2. PAM MCINTYRE Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1,2,45 Pep Club 45 Horizon 1-4, Treas. 2, Pres. 4. JOHN RANDALL MCLEOD Thespians 3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Poster Playboys 35 All-School Play 3,45 Choir 1-4, A Capella 2-4, Madrigals 4, Honor Choir 35 Operetta 1-45 Cross Country 15 Class Assembly 4. DEBORAH ANN MePHERSON Girls' Club 1-45 Debate 35 GAA 15 Honor Society 3,4, Torch 45 History Club 35 Skagina 4, Co-Ed. 45 Choir 1. CHARLENE MEINS Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 1,2, Rep. 25 Poster Playmates 35 Ski Club 3,45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Skagina 2, Class Ed. 25 March of Dimes Games 1,2,45 Class Assembly 4. NANCY JO MELLAND Girls, Club 1-45 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 45 Band 1-45 Gymnastics 1-3. STEVEN R. MERRITT Hi-Y 1-4, Chaplain 2,35 All- School Play 1,25 Choir 1-4, A Capella 354, Madrigals 45 Foot- ball 15 Wrestling 15 Track 1. GLORIA MERRYWEATHER Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 FTA 4, Sec. 45 Spanish Club 25 Honor Society 45 Bulldog 45 All-School Play 2-45 Choir 1,25 Quill 81 Scroll 45 Class Assembly 4. GLEN MICKELSON Golf2. JERYL ANN MILLER Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Pres. 35 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 3,45 March of Dimes Games 2,45 Class Sec. 3. c'Sen1or1t1s,' Sets KENNETH D. MILLER Hi-Y 2-45 Bulldog 15 Choir 15 Football 15 Track 1-3. JACK MINER Class Treas. 45 Hi-Y 1-4, Chaplain 1, Sec. 45 FTA 25 Football 1,2,45 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 15 Tennis 2-45 Class Assembly 45 Lettermen's Comm. 4. JOHN EDWARD MITZEL Hi-Y 45 Poster Playboys 2,35 Mr. Pep 15 Football 45 Baseball 1,25 Wrestling 1-45 Tennis 3,45 All-School Project Comm. 45 Student Service 4. JON MOEN Hi-Y 2-4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 Poster Playboys 35 Honor Society 2,35 Baseball 15 Wrestling 1-45 Golf 25 Cross Country 152. DIANA ELIZABETH MOHME Transfer from Mt. Olive Sr. High School, Mt. Olive, Ill. 35 Girls' Club 3,45 Pep Club 45 Horizon 35 Choir 3,45 Operetta 35 Class Assembly 3. STEVE MICHAEL MOORES Band 1-4. TEMPLE MORRIS Transfer from Brownfield High School, Brownfield, Tex. 2. NORMAN PETER MURRAY Hi-Y 45 Poster Playboys 35 Ski Club 3,45 History Club 3,45 Band 15 Football 1,25 Swim- ming 1-45 Tennis 3,45 Class Assembly 4. SHARON ANNE MURRAY Transfer from St. Mary's Academy, Toledo, Wash. 35 Girls' Club 3,4. 1n Durmg Sprmg Months 60 STEVAN NAKASHIMA Student Council 35 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 All-School Project Comm. 45 Winter Sports At- tendance Comm. 3. KATHRYN ELISE NASS Girls' Club 1-45 Student Coun- cil 15 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 FTA 2-4, Vice Pres. 45 Horizon 1-3, Pres. 25 Honor Society 4, Torch 45 History Club 45 Bulldog 45 All-School Play 2-45 Choir 15 Operetta 1,35 March of Dimes Games 25 Quill 81 Scroll 45 All-School Project Comm. 3,45 Class Assembly 3,45 InterClub Council 4, ERNEST JAY NEFF Hi-Y 2-45 Poster Playboys 45 Basket- ball 15 Track 1-45 Cross Country 15 Class Assembly 4. GREG NILES Transfer from Westside High School, Mem- phis, Tenn. 35 Red Cross Club 3. NANCY LYNN NOWADNICK Girls' Club l-45 GAA 1,25 FNA 15 Ski Club 3,45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 History Club 3,45 Band 1-4, Honor Band 1-4, All-State 3. LES NURMI Hi-Y 3,4. Ilraduation and the SeniorCruise Draw Near RAY OLMSTED Class Vice Pres. 45 Hi-Y 1-4, Treas. 1,2, Pres. 45 Band 1,25 Football 1,2,45 Swimming 2-45 Wrestling 15 Senior Ball King 4. JOHN L. OLSON Football 1,3. JOHN W. OLSON Student Council 2,45 ASB Vice Pres. 45 Hi-Y 45 Spanish Club 25 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 History Club 25 Football 15 Basketball 1-45 Track 1,25 Tennis 3,45 Cross Country 2,35 Boys, State 3. MARIA MARTHA OOSTERHOF Girls' Club 1-4. LES OZAKI Class Vice Pres. 15 Hi-Y 4, Vice Pres. 45 Mr, Pep 25 Band 1-45 Football 1,25 Baseball 1-45 Wrestling 1-35 Class Assembly 35 Pep Council 4. LINDA LOUISE PARKER Girls'Club1-45GAA 1-3, Rep. 1-35 Red Cross Club 2, Sec. 25 March of Dimes Games 25 Ski Club 3,4, Sec. 35 Honor Society 1-4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Torch 45 Orchestra 1-4, Honor Orchestra 1-3, All-State 3, All-Northwest 45 Operetta 1,25 Class Assembly 35 Junior Science and Humani- ties Symposium at U. ofW. 3. CHRISTINE MARIE PARR Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 Bulldog 25 Class Assembly 35 March of Dimes Games 1,2. PATRICIA LOU PECK Girls' Club 1-45 Library Club 1,25 Horizon 1-4, Treas. 3, Sec. 15 Miss Pep 2. BOB H. PETERSON Class Pres. 15 Hi-Y 45 Poster Play- boys 35 Football 1,25 All-School Project Comm. 35 Class Assem- bly 3,45 Pep Council 25 Student Service 4. ,qu ij . . ' ' . aiifiiiiis, - 1' . 5' ' , f X S 3-7 gf . '-sri: 552319 ' ea if" .XL X 9 S . .. , kiwjkk f K Q ,LV.- 1--3, gi f K 'Hr ., of , , gm., '1- 1 :. . ww, A. . il Colorful Individuals Make Up 4 1 W, i 63 GIL RODRIGUEZ All-School Play 2-4, Thespians 2-4, Pres. 4, Choir 1-4, A Capella 2-4, Pres. 4, Madrigals 4, Boys' Quartet 3, Honor Choir 3, Operetta 2-4, Track 15 Class Assem- bly 3,4, Chairman 4. KAREN DALE RUDERT Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 Ski Club 3,4, History Club 3,4, March of Dimes Games 3. REBECCA LYNNE SATHER Girls, Club 1-4, Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1-35 Youth Legis. 2, Poster Playmates 2,35 FTA 1-3, History Club 2, All-School Play 15 Operetta 1, March of Dimes Games 1,2. Class of '67 JANE CLARE SCHNEIDER Girls' Club 1-4, Student Council 1, Class Treas. 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Sec. 2, Pep Club 4, Poster Playmates 35 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4, History Club 3,45 Song Leader 3, Choir 1-3, A Capella 2,3, Chansonettcs 1, Operetta 25 Orchestra 4, March of Dimes Games 1, Class As- sembly 4. KATHRYN ANN SCHONS Transfer from Nlarysville-Jr. High School, Marysville, Wash. 15 Girls' Club 1-4, GAA l-4, March of Dimes Games 1-4. MARTHA LYNNE SCHWALBE Girls' Club l-45 CAA 1-4, Rep. 45 FTA 2,35 March of Dimes Games 4. RANDY SHEPPARD Transfer from Anacortes High School, Anacortes, Wash. 35 Hi-Y 3,45 Track 4. CHERRI D. SIBLEY Girls' Club 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, GAA 1,25 Poster Playmates 35 Bulldog 15 Band 1-4. JEFFREY K. SLATER Hi-Y 1-4, Honor Society 1,25 Cross Country 2. RONALD D. SMITH FFA 1,23 Wrestling 2-45 Track 1, 3,45 Cross Country 2. DUANE M. SMOOTS FFA1-4, Band 1-4, Track 1,4. MARY LOU SPANE Girls' Club 1-4. HANK SPOELSTRA Hi-Y 3,45 FFA 4, Class Assembly 4. JOAN CRAIG STAFFORD Girls' Club 1-4, GAA 1, FTA 2,45 Ski Club 3,45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4, History Club 3,45 Band 1-4, Honor Band 1-4, All-Northwest 45 Operetta 2, Class Assembly 4. Q V CAROLYN JANE STALCUP Transfer from Norview High School, Norfolk, Va. 35 Girls' Club 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Pep Club 4, March of Dimes Games 3,4. SHARON STARK Girls' Club 1-4, Student Service 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1-33 Pep Club 4, Poster Playmates 33 History Club 33 Bulldog 33 Song Leader 43 March of Dimes Games 23 Pep Coun- cil 43 Class Assembly 4. JAYNIE STRIBLING Transfer from Lake Stevens High School, Lake Stevens, Wash.43 Girls, Club 4, Library Club 43 Choir 4, A Capella 4. LARRY GENE STRUTHERS FFA 13 Poster Playboys 3,43 Wrestling 13 Track 13 Cross Country 13 Class Assembly 3. JERRY SUMNER Choir 3, A Capella 33 Baseball 1, DARREL C. SUTA Hi-Y 2-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 InterClub Council 43 Youth Legis. 3,43 Poster Playboys 33 Baseball 2-43 Cross Country 1,33 Class Assembly 4. ELLEN ANN SUTHERS Girls, Club 1-43 GAA 1-4. Top Scholars of 67 Class IH Spotlight ROBERT SVOBODA Student Council 23 Class Vice Pres. 23 Hi-Y 43 Poster Playboys 1,23Junior Red Cross Rep,1-43 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 43 History Club 43 Band 1-4, Pres. 4, Honor Band 1-4, All-Northwest 43 Swimming 1-4, District Champ. 2-4, State Champ. 3,4, All-American 3,43 Class Assem- bl 3,4. LARRY MICHAEL SWANSON Football 43 Swimming 2-43 Tennis 33 Baseball 4, MARLENE MAE SWANSON Girls' Club 1-43 Tri-Hi-Y 23 History Club 43 Yell Leader 43 Band 1-43 March of Dimes Games 2,3. STEVEN W. SWEDEEN Hi-Y 3,43 Swimming 2-4. ELLEN MARGARET TAFT Girls' Club 1-43 GAA 1-43 Pep Club 4. MARCIA TAWES Girls' Club 1-43 Tri-Hi-Y l-33 GAA lg Pep Club 43 Poster Playmates 33 FHA 334, Vice Pres. 43 History Club 43 March of Dimes Games l,2,43 Class Assembly 4. LEONA KAY TAYLOR Girls' Club l-43 Tri-Hi-Y 3. KATHERINE JEAN TESCH Girls' Club 1-43 GAA 13 Pep Club 43 Horizon 4. JOHN GEORGE THOMAS Hi-Y 3,43 Poster Playboys 2,3,43 All-School Play 2,33 Operetta 2,33 Wrestling 1,23 Track lg Cross Country lg Class Assembly 3,4. -.uw-. av Xg DEBBIE THURSTON Girls' Club l-43 Tri-Ili-Y 2,33 GAA 1, Pep Club 4, Poster Playmates 3, Band l-4, Mart-h of Dimes Games I-45 Class Assembly. PETER ALAN TIMMER Transfer from Lee High School, Huntsville, Ala. 3, Hi-Y 3,4. ALFRED E. TURNBULL Transfer from Beavcrlieacl County High School, Dillon, Mont. 2, Thespians 4, All-School Play 45 Class Assembly 4. ELIZABETH L, URBICK Girls, Club l-43 Student Coun- cil 4g Pep Club 43 Poster Playmates 3, Ski Club 4, Horizon 3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Poster Playmates 33 Ski Club 4, Horizon 3,-l, Vice Pres. 43 Honor Society I-4, Torch 4, Skagina 4, Layout lirl. 4, Class Assembly 3,4. SUZANNE I.. VAIL Girls' Club I-4, Cabinet 4, Bulldog lg Band 1,2. NANCY VANCE CORA JOHANNA VANDER SAR Girls' Club l-43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Pep Club 4, FTA 4, Choir 2,3g Uperetta 3, March of Dimes Games 3,44 Class Assembly 4. STEVEN JOHN VAN VALKENBURG l"I"Al-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, State Farmer Award 3, Baseball lg Wrestling 2-4. DIANE ELIZABETH WALKER Girls' Club I-4, Cabinet 35 InterClub Council 4g FNA 2-4, Sets. 3, Pres. 43 Choir l,2g March of Dimes Games I-45 Class Assembly 4. PLANNING AHEAD for college are National Merit Semi-Finalistsjanet Machung, Ginny Weymouth, anrljohn House, lwlozw. C Q, , Q Qi in im-mi itsxzsgm, 5 M A Q LATHERED with shaving cream, Rick Brynildsen interrupts Randy McLeod as he tries to read to Nellie Horton and Doug Wiegand in a scene from the senior play, above. MICHAEL WALKER Student Council 25 Band 1-45 Football 1-45 Wrestling 1,25 Track 1-45 All-School Project Comm. 3,45 Class Assembly 3,45 Student Service 4. KAREN RUTH WALLACE Girls, Club 1-4, Cabinet 15 Tri-Hi-Y 35 GAA 15 Bulldog 45 Quill 8t Scroll 4. DERYL ERNEST WALLS All-School Play 45 Thespians 45 FTA 45 Art Club 3,45 History Club 2-45 Bulldog 45 Choir 15 Track 15 Class Assembly 45 Quill ESL Scroll 4. PHIL WARKENTIN Transfer from Blaine High School, Blaine, Wash. 4. ELIZABETH ANN WETSCH Girls' Club 1-4, Cabinet 25 Library Club 25 Pep Club 45 Horizon 1-3, Pres. 35 Honor Socie- ty 1-4, Torch 45 Bulldog 2. WILLY W. WEYERS Hi-Y 2-45 Basketball 1-45 Cross Country 35 Class Assembly 4. GARY E. WICHERS Hi-Y 45 Poster Playboys 2,35 Base- ball 35 Cross Country 35 Class Assembly 4. DOUGLAS R. WIEGAND Transfer from Sedro-Woolley High School, Sedro-Woolley, Wash. 35 Hi-Y 3,45 InterClub Council 45 Band 3,45 Football 45 Track 3,45 Class Assembly 4. MICHAEL L. WIER Band 1,25Wrestling 1-4. GEORGE WILCOX Hi-Y 45 Choir 2-4, A Capella 3,45 Foot- ball 1-4, Gentleman Athlete 45 Baseball 1. KATHY WILCOX Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Treas. 25 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 March of Dimes Games 45 Class Assembly 4. THOMAS A. WILLETT Hi-Y 25 FFA 1-45 Art Club 3,45 Choir 1,25 Wrestling 15 Swimming 2-45 Track 1,25 Cross Coun- try 1. SeniorAssembly One Worth Remembering CALVIN EUGENE WILLIAMS Transfer from Chief ,Io- sephjr. High School, Richland, Wash. 15 Hi-Y 3,45 Cross Country 1. CHARLENE KAY WILSON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y l,2, PAULA LOUISE WILSON Girls' Club 1-45 Poster Play- mates 35 FHA 2-4. STEVEN E. WILSON MERRI MELODI WITHAM Transfer from Cleveland High School, Seattle, Wash. 45 Girls' Club 1,2,45 Student Coun- cil 15 Bulldog 45 Quill gl Scroll 45 Choir 15 Class Assembly 4. CATHERINE ANN WORLEY Girls' Club 3,45 Debate 35 GAA 3, Rep. 35 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 45 Horizon 3,4, Sgt.-at-Arms 45 History Club 45 Bulldog 45 Skagina 4, Advertis- ing Mgr. 45 Orchestra 3,45 March of Dimes Games 3,45 Quill 8t Scroll 45 Ski Club 3,45 Class Assembly 3,45 Honor Society 4. Torch 4. JAMES F. WOTHERSPOON Hi-Y 1-45 Football l,3,45 Basketball 15 Baseball 1-45 Wrestling 1,25 Class Assembly 4. LEONARD WRIGHT SUSAN MARIE WYCOFF Transfer from Baker jr. High School, Tacoma, Wash. 15 Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 GAA 2,35 Poster Playmates 35 FNA 1,25 Red Cross Club 35 March of Dimes Games 2-45 Class Assembly 3. JUDY YOUNGQUIST Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club 45 Poster Playmates 35 Ski Club 3,45 Horizon 152, Vice Pres. 25 Junior Red Cross Rep. 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 History Club 35 Class Assembl 3,4. CATHY LYNINI ZAMZOW Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club45 Poster Playmates 35 Horizon 1,2, Scribe 15 Choir 1-3. LARRY ZIMMERMAN Hi-Y5 Wrestling. iveefv Q. Being active means spelling out loyalty for 8 - Q MVHS,jk1r rzlglzt, or yelling for your team, . X rzighl, Cooperation is getting your hands sticky with wheat paste and molding strips of sog- gy newspaper into a float, below, . . .waiting to play for the next yell at a quarter to eight in the . . .the consequences of having y-our T-shirt stretched out, above, whilejoining with your teach- morning, above. ers for a night of fun, rzght. And in the end, a warm sense of accomplishment, fippfit-1:0 page, lop. O UI' ACfiViti QS , RX , 4 . .. M VN N Lx f xXXxxXxX- XX X ' ff-ju, X QQK 1 KA if , X ff 4 xx , K X iffx ' . ,,,,, , L, X Y X x I Q X VVXX. V X4 jx XX ff X' f Ax zf f1ii f gg...-..,4 ,, ,...,.. -......M ,,,,,,... Heading Student Government are A B Qffioers HOMECOMING WEEK is the highlight of the year for many students, and its success is credited to ASB Vice Presidentjohn W, Olson ri' hi whose dut it was to supervise the week's activities 1 5 1 Y - As Vice President, John also conducts assemblies and serves as as- sistant to President Dave Linde. BALANCING the books is a time-consuming job for Assistant- Treasurer Dale johnson, below, and Treasurer Rick Brynildsen, below right. These boys handle the bills and receipts and keep ac- counts for all the organizations in the school. was . ,tmgff ,gsm 'E A is--.e s AS PRESIDENT of the Associated Students ol' Mount Vernon High School, Dave Linde is often rolled upon to denionstrztte his various talents and abilities, lqll. Presiding over student council meetings, Dave makes sure that all the activities of the student body run smoothly. , t i I . Af I Q CHOSEN for their leadership abilities to represent NIVIIS :tt Boys' State and Girls' State were,r1lmm',lJUll'U.Y1','.'Drive Linde, Nlyrene Dztrr, Peggy lN'IeIIrz1ith,AIohn Olson, und 'lYll'.' Rick Brynilclsen. KEEPING MINUTES of student eouneil meetings. writing let- ters, and typing forms and reports are ull jobs of ASB Seeretztry Myrene Darr, Irjfl. In addition to these seeretzirixtl tasks. Blyrene is responsible for the ASB bulletin boztrd. Honor Society Has Large Membership during Year OFFICERS for the year are at rzglzl, Secretary-Treasurer Jana Hoag, Presi- dentJohn House, and Vice President Chuck LalN1 ay. MAlNTAlNlNG an accumulative grade point of at least 3.2 are these sopho- more Honor Society membcrs, below, ROW ONE: Susan Elde, Bonnie Coss, Linda Vopnford, Cathy Carlquist, Marsha Bullock, Connie Nypen, Patty Magee, Lauren King, RO ll' TWO: Kathy King, Louise Machung, Susan Sli- fer, Tina Blade, Lorna Ellestad, Lacey Foss, Jolyn Davidson, Maria Tesch, Dal Fariasg ROW THREILY Karen Kamh, Jane Jensen-Norman, Kathy John- son, Jackie Martin, Sally Eldridge, Candycc VanValkenburg, Judy Van- Burkleo, Madeleine Roozen, Kay Buzzard, Krissa Haberly, Daphne George, RON" l"OlfR.' Ron Wilson, Scott Etherington, Jay Kibby, Gerry Pruyn, lvlor- ris'1'rautman, Bruce Hayton,J ack Thomas,John Boynton, David Smoots. JUNIOR HONOR Society members are above, RO W ONE: Mike Mc- Namara, John Tokarchuk, Joe Murray, Vicki Parker, Laura Rynaard, Mary Pearson, Christy Peterson, Gretchen Williams, Linda Bannerman, Kris Kuhns, ROW TWO: Shelly Johnson, Judy Thcmson, Linda Olson, Betty Andrew, Marilyn Hanan, Sally Johnson, Nancy Moen, Teresa Ewing, Vicki Goodman, ROW THREE: anice Fisher, Heather Grant, Mary Sollie, Lin- 72 ws K-:Mn K da Tellesbo, Marilyn Nulle, Connie DuVall, Patsy Jensen-Norman, Debbi Taylor, Judy Bremer, ROW FOUR: Sandy Haux, Cathy Hanstad, Sallee Schroeder, Janet Morrow,Joe Funk, Dennis Burk, Mark Soine,Jefl' Rindal, Dave Loss, ROW FIVE: Tom Rhone, Kerry Schmidt, Steve Kamb, Doug Carstensg ROW SIX: Steve Samples, Terry Brazas, Doug Snider, Doug George, Scott Child, Chuck Lamay, Clyde Willey, Pete Nordlund. INVESTIGATING the many projects suggested by the student members the All-School Projert Committee reported to the student body the feasibility of each one, After voting, a new public address system was chosen as the pro- , ty Andrewulanet Maehung, Randy Elde, Peggy Mcllraith, Kathy Nass, Sally Johnson, RON' TWU: .Ieff Rindal, Doug Huddle, Iana Hoag, Clary Drake, Terry Brazas, Nellie Horton, Steve Kamb, Mike VNlalker,xIolin Nlitfel, Steve ject. Members of the committee are, filmtv, RO l1'0.Yli: Sharon Purcell, Bet- Nakashima. Student Council Qrganizes Student Projects, Aetivties NT 73 ELECTIZD by their council classes, student council members represent their classmates in student government by expressing various opinions on controversial issues. lfreslitiian and sophomore representatives arc, 111 ltjfk, ROIV O.X'lf: Shelley Waterman. 'l'ina Blade, Candyce VanValkcnburg, Shirley Swansong RUN' Y'll'U: Ken Morrison, Alan Savage, Colleen Andrew, Carol llohn- son, Mary Brummitt, Patil Larson. Kent Perkesg RON' 1'lIRlfl'f: Alan 'lolinson. Daryl Buckner, Brian Clark,xlim Darrglon Eldridge, Mark Albertine. ,Yn!fm'!urt'zl are Rob Mclntosh, Stu Beasley, Ron Wlilson. jim 'l'homas. AMENDING the Constitution. setting up committees, and raising money for proiects are only a few of the responsibilities of stu- dent eouncil members. Junior and senior representatives are, Ilf It-ji, RUll'U.X'1f: Terry Brazas, Betty Andrew, Connie Du- Vall, Teresa Johnson, Vicki Goodman, Linda Bannermang KOH' Y'll'U.' Nellie Horton, Cecilia Blanco, Kathy Perkes,lludy Eastbury, Peggy Mcllraith, Liz Urbickg ROH' Tl1Rl:'lf: Jean Eldridge. Cheryl Davidson, Teresa Nurmi, Karen Stiirk, Penny Powers, Debbie 'l'aylorg RO ll' 1"0l'R: Doug Carstens, Steve Kamb. 'l'om Holmes, Dull McDaniel, Mike Lazzari, John House, Doug Huddle. Bonnie Lang is n11lpz2'11n't'rl. r"'N 2 'i"WUih ax - If!! I '71,- as W The Cirls' Clubis activities this year reflected the initiative and progressive attitude of every girl who belonged to it. Full response, participation, and a variety of new ideas helped to make 1966-1967 one of the most successful and event-packed sessions of the group possible. Among the important events on the Cirls' Club agenda was a 17-model fashion show whose theme was g'Fashions from the Avenue." With the catchy scenery, swinging music, and scores of outfits, the show meant a prohtable 3125 success and a lot of fun. An original change took place at the traditional BoCiHaPa which cast a different spell with the selec- tion ofa Witch and Warlock, plus pictures for all couples. Donations for the Thanksgiving basket topped previous years as enough food was collected to feed six families. Also in the line of charity was the drive for Vietnam hospital supplies. The "Cherish,' Sweetheart Dance was accented with purple and pink decorations. lt was followed up by the March of Dimes Came and the annual Moth- ers' Tea. All in all, the ingredients of imagination, ambition, and talent combined to make this a most memorable year for every girl. INVADINC the Christmas Assembly, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus QMr. Vivian and Mrs. Holmesj create an uproar of laughter, ltjl. WITCH AND WARLOCK at the BoGiHaPa are, above, Lacey Foss and Steve Walker. GIRLS fill the auditorium for the Christmas Assembly, left. 'Q .4-v STACKING CANS of food for the Thanksgiving basket are Dehlia Aker, Sue Evans, and Ellen Suthers, above. EASILY fitting into the daily rou- tine of American life, Hanne Jensen, rzght, found that school, with all of its activities, can be fun. Exchange Student Bring Foreign Flavor to MVH For senior Jana Hoag, the 1966 summer vacation meant a trip to the Netherlands, where she spent two months with a family in a suburb of Rotterdam. This exciting experience, sponsored by the American Field Service, brought her many new ideas. Shopping trips, camping in southern Holland, bicycle-riding, and various other activities helped Jana to understand that despite language, custom, or any other kinds of barriers, people are the same the world over. They must be accepted as themselves. Hanne Jensen of Denmark, a student at MVHS, for the second semester, is also learning about people the world over. She chose to change her visitor's pap- ers to a student visa in hopes that she might come to better understand the United States and its people. HLITTLE DUTCH GIRL" Jana Hoag poses with her souvenirs from Holland, right. i as 'e'?1,.. S iii eg4 ,...-A AS AN ARGILNTINI2, Cecilia Blanco cannot hclp but enjoy il Spanish meal, Ich. l'Thank you so much to everyone of you for what I have learned from you and for the fun I have had. Being an exchange-student at MVHS I have been able to understand the life and school spirit ofthe people of the United States and the Mount Vernon community especially. L'Thank you for this wonderful ten-and-a-half months as a senior, for being one of you, fOr lCIliI1g me take part in your activities. INIVHS isa great school and what makes it great is the student body, and I feel the proudest '66-'67 AFS'er for being here. "I will never forget the class of l67, and the most important thing is that this year will live forever in mef' Cecilia Blanco sd' HOST FAMILY for Cecilia's year in Mount Vernon were the Charles Statlords. J" 1 ' ' z '. ' 1 N IxEhPINC UP with her many classes, Cecilia reads in the library, above. Zlligilia ml lib 77 WITHOUT Bob Perr ' ri fh! there never would have been a paper. Here at the veri-ty- M A per Bob is justifying a story forthe sports page. Bulldog Gets a New Look As Well-Trained Staff Strives for Excellence CONSIDERING POSSIBLE ad layouts are Jana Hoag and Cheryl David- son, top lefl. These girls keep the books balanced and assign advertising beats. IT'S SERIOUS BUSINESS as page layouts are prepared for the printer. This job involves an eye for balance, patience, and a knowledge of what is front page news. Working on paste-up are. abozte, Deryl Walls, Pete Nor- dlund, Kathi Nass, and Steve Kamb. Editors during the year have been Pete Nordlund, Steve Kamb, Louise Davis, Kathi Nass, and Bob Perry. 78 REPORTERS and photographers who learned the ropes and helped reorganize and revitalize the Bulldog are, lop riglzf, RUII' UNE: Duff Mt'- Daniel, Gary Kahn, Brian Youngquist, Nellie Horton. ROW TIVO: Louise Davis, Heather Grant, Carol Dufly, Linda Olson, Sarah Deierlein. SETTING THE HEADLINES correctly is just one phase of having an at- tractive paper. Here at the Headliner is Catherine Worley, above rzghl, while Nlarilynn Haley, Gloria Nlerryweather, and Karen Wallace look on. kagina Staff Aims for Another Award inning Annual WORKING ON AD LAYOUTS are Business Manager John House and Advertising Manager Catherine Worley, below. 4 My iii' Q iirA ' F33-.-s Z l E i li FREQUENT TELEPHONING is only part ofthe routine for SKAGINA Co-Editors Debbie McPherson and Linda Parker, laeluzzn .fy girly? Q Q.. at aff.: T 171' USL. , I HWE BETTER NOT use this one!" Sports Editors Steve Kamb and Joe Funk, above le-H, reared, take a break from sports writing as photographer Brian Youngquist gives them a preview of his latest pictures. HELPING TO MEET DEADLINES, Linda Olson and Carol Dullpy are kept busy typing, above, while Louise Davis, copy writer, watches her work being reproduced in triplicate form to be sent to the publisher. IDENTIFYING PICTURES, writing copy, and completing layouts are the work of class editors, who are responsible for the class sections in the annual, At lei are Junior Editor Kathy Mason, Sophomore Editor ,julie johnson Freshman Editor Elaine Yale, and Senior Editor Peggy Mcllraith. The entire staff has been working hard to keep up the annuaI's excellent record. The Skagina has received a first class rating for seven straight years from both Na- tional Scholastic and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations. Horizon Clubs Initiate Service Projects, Provide Summer Counseling COUNSELING younger girls at summer day camp is the main activity for High Horizon Club. Officers are, at rzght, Secretary-Treasurer Karen Kaiser Vice President Liz Urbick, and President Pam Mclntyre. CRUISING from New York City to the Caribbean while attend- ing the Horizon Club Conference Afloat was an exciting experi- ence for Blazer Horizon Club members Patty Ersparner, Pam Olson, Sally Eldridge, Julie johnson, and Daphne George, above right, Oflicers of thc club are above lejl, left to rzghf, Vicc Presi- dent Daphne George, President Patty Erspamer, Secretary Mary Brummitt, and Treasurer Elaine Yale. Hl-Fl HORIZON officers are, al right, Vice President Vicki But- ler, Secretary Jane Jensen-Norman, Treasurer Linda Vopnford, and President Judy Thomson. Not pictured' is Sergeant-at-Arms Catherine Worley. This club was the guinea pig for the new com- munity project STEP, or Service to Elderly People. Horizon members went into the homes of disabled persons and helped with their housework. CHESK-CHA-MAY Horizon officers are, al right, Secretary Marilyn Nulle, Treasurer Vicki Goodman, Reporter Patsy jen- sen-Norman fm frrmlj, President Patty Johnson fxlandingj, and Vice President Connie DuVall. One project ofthe club was to pre- pare a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family. H Q. s nil ' Q. 1 'lx f I KS' ix I t 'Age ,iq 1 5 Q 5 x . sg 253 F xii Ui Fgifl ZX ??p I Fw F X 28-1 ,llfi W... Nil ,gwx , 1, K X1 , K .. W fi , QR: :K 2 S" - S f -, ' I E .Q gk? 14. 1 A ,A ,C D .Q 3 7 .1 f gy. a , - v 4, f -i . ' 'I Q' X V .K i N6 A Variety of Clubs for Special Interests DEBATE CLUB topic lor 1966-1967 concerned the nature of LIS. aid to foreign nations. The team consisted of Vicki Parker, Mike McNamara, Tom Rhone, Mark Soine, Coach Donna Fowl- er. Teresa Ewing, and Patsy ,Jensen-Norman, riglzt. THHSPIANS were responsible lor the development ol' many origi- nal productions at XIVHS. Heading the theatrical group were, licluzw, Historian ,jenny Huffsetter, Vice President Randy Nie- I,eod, President Gil Rodriguez, and Secretary-Treasurer Nellie Horton. BBAUX ARTS club officers during the year were, rrghl, mzrlrlle fnclimg President Hans Dejonge, Secretary-Treasurer Susan Hunter, and Vice President Vernon Arendse. Trips to several art museums highlighted the group's activities. LIBRARY CLUB, chiefly a service group, prepared bibliogra- phies lor classroom teachers while receiving instruction in basic library procedures. Ollieers for the year were, ul rzgfif, Treasurer Ken Fiedler, Vice President Kris Kuhns, President Bob Williams, and Secretary Verna Wells, .wx b a y ebate, Art, Skung, GAA 1 ,vw SKI CLUB proved to be popular this ycar, with a membership ol' over lilty skiers. l'1c!t1rcf! llIlt7t"1', arc Vice President Chuck Carroll. l'rcsidcnt Bill liai- ley, Secretary Sally llohnson, and 'l'rcasurer Lorna Ellestad. The main money-making projcct ol' thc year was rt stylc show, which reatured a display ol' thc latest fashions, ski movies, and door prizcs, GAA featured sports days and play days this ycar, in which MVHS girls competed with other schools for a traveling trophy. Otlicers. Imclttrctl at loft. alzocc, were Vice President Betty Andrew, Presi- dent Carla Hayes, and Secretztry-'lireasttrcr Klan- dytie VanValkenburg. GAA COUNCIL planned most ol the groups ac- tivities throughout the ycar, including thc various sports and the annual candy sale. Nlcntlxcrs werc. ft! Iqfl, RUN' OXISJ Ellen 'l'al't, Nlartha Schwalhe: R011 TIVO: Mary Pearson, Cathy Carlquist, Marilyn Nullc, Sue White. ix! I 42 Outlook for Future America is Good as Club ork Trains MVHS Studen r"""" EATING TACOS is a new experience for many home ec girls, righl, as they tastethe various dishes they have prepared for a Mexi- can dinner. As one of their many projects, the girls have prepared a series of five foreign meals, including Italian, Russian, japanese, and Scandinavian. These dinners were given in the home economics room, and faculty members were invited. Ei . STUDENT TEACHING is the main project of the Futur Teachers of America. Club members volunteer their services to elementary school teachers in return for being able to observe a classroom in action. Officers for the year are, above, Vice Presi dent Louise Machung, President Kathi Nass, and Secretary Treasurer Gloria Merryweath er. LEADING the Future I-Iomemakers of America through a busy year are, at right, Treasurer LeAnn Price, Secretary Nor- ma Helstrom, Vice President Marcia Tawes, Historian julie johnson, President Chris judge, and State Vice President Nellie Horton. PROUDLY DISPLAYING their many trophies and awards, Future Farmers of America officers recall the hard work that went into preparing their animals for county, regional, and state competition. Piclured al right are Sentinel Dave Van- Vzilkenburg, Treasurer Dennis johnson, Vice President Dale -johnson, President Steve VanValkenburg, Reporter Bill Paul, and Secretary Henry VanZanten, P PLANNING the year's activities lor Blade lli-Y arc. ul ftjfl. from AW to rzglil, l.C.C. Representative Doug Niegantl, Chap- lain Craig James, Treasurer Ron Berg, Vice President Mike Henry, President Ray Olmsted, Secretary .jack Miner, Sergeant- at-Arms jon Moen, Parliamentarian Don Ranrlles. and l.CI.C. Representative Peter Timmer. Senior MYR Groups Have Unique Fund Raising Activities s I fi um- , :W 4 L , ,rf r re J 'Mui L-i. ...f.,:" . ,.t. .e,. , ., X .. SELLING SWINGS at an old at an old car during homecoming week proved to be a successful project for Martin Hi-Y boys, above, who added a few more dents to their car by gathering on top of it. Ofhcers for the year are, above left, ROW UNE: President Darrel Suta, Parliamentarian Doug Huddle, Sergeant-at-Arms Glen Prestmo, I.C.C. Representative Dan Caing ROW TWO: Secretary Tom Holmes, Treasurer John House, Vice President Les Ozakig and TOP, Chaplain Randy Elde. SLAVERY remained unabolished at MVHS when the Pederson Hoods sold themselves into a day of servitude to other students as a money making project. Elected as officers for the Pederson Tri-Hi-Y are, at left, R0 W ONE: President Cheryl David- son, Vice President Marilynn Haley, Secretary Pam Dall- 'Acqua, Treasurer Suzieglohnsong Ro Il' TIVO: Sergeant- at-Arms Christy Mason, and Chaplain Sharon Flagg. ,Q XS 'F . ,Lf ,i xiii: . f' as uf' ik 1 X- - X 'Aiwa WW u . fx Q ' IA xi- ! Russian Tempers, Irish Brogue Fill Stage During a "OH, LM ILL," moans servant Luka, character from "The Boorf' al ftjl, played by Don Hanson. Louise Davis, playing Helena Popov. and Gil Rodriguez, as Grigori Smirnoff, look on. ight of Gne-Acts REHEARSING ON ST.-XGIZ for 'RA Package for l'oiisonby," Infiniti, are Cilsl members Daphne kiC0l"gl',.fi2I't'xQ7'llI1lIf!, and Nan- cy Moen, Vernon Arendse. and Linda Bannerman. fuirkgnmfifl. wx-,N All's well that ends well, said a man once, and though 'fRed Carnationsf' by Glenn Hughes, is not the first short comedy to prove the point, it is proba- bly the most confusing. This turnabout trauma takes place in a secluded corner of a city park. Here a young man, played by Mel Brooks, has a strange date with a girl he met at a masked ball. Having no other clues to her identity than her eyes, he is thor- oughly frustrated to hnd another man on the park bench waiting for the same girl! However, when the joke is revealed, and the man turns out to be her father, the three of them go ofl' to dinner together. Jenny Huffstetter plays the mysterious young lady, Deryl Walls, her father. 87 L'We cannot allow this Bohemian element to worm its way into mn' little community." This is the community attitude toward the new summer people in John Davis' "A Package for Ponsonbyf' Eddie Simms, a struggling young flutist played by Randy McLeod, practices while his wilelcnny, played by Sallee Schroeder, rows him around Loon Lake, and the neighbors watch suspiciously. But fig newton-crunching Granny Lewis comes to the res- cue, pulling a few painful strings around the com- munity. The storekeeper was played by Linda Ban- nermang the mayor, by Gene Ervineg the barber, by Vernon Arendse, Mrs. Gorham, "the aristocrat of the community," by Nancy Moen, and the incredi- ble Granny, by Daphne George, 5 4' . 5 ,Ast XIADRIC ALS IS a select group of smgers almu Nflembers 'ire RU!! UNI Nanel Nlays anlce ungqulst Robyn Xlathls j1netV1nrlerVegt C1thy l-linstad lN1nq Wxgner Ihe1 Xleyer C rem lxonnng RO Il I ll O VN es Sex mour Stem C 1rlsen Doug Carstens lxerry Sthmlrlt C 11 Rorlrnguez Rindw Pritt Carrjohnson Cfordon lxent A C APPELI A C HOIR members are ul rzghl R011 UNI Itnne IIIHQQUISI linet V1nderVeQ,t Robyn lbfl'lll'llS Linda Bmnernnn Vulu C ooclnnn Susln llrle RClSlllC Bergmin C retx lxonlng C lthj. Hinstad Ninty Wlgner lhei Nleyer lxtrry Schmldt Stexe Carlsen R011 IHU Nunn Nhys Wynle Strlbllng V1ler1eC1se C l xuclm Del ceuss C xnrly lrmklln Altec Holtrop Barb lxotsogetn XlCllSSl Psllmer lx lSSyl21I'SCl1 Rcn'1c Eklunrl C lndx YV'1rren Xl1tH1m mond RON IIIRII Dunght Holmes Wes Scxmour Bob Cmfton udy Xinllurkleo C lthx Cirlqulst lxmthy Xlwgee C iyle l-hke X lckex Wins ul1e Bjorn Bxrrx Wengren Bob lllll Cwrr ohnson C orclon lxcnt RUN IUI If StexcXler rttt Doug, Cirstens lxn H1rm0n lxtthw Dobson Sue Hln ton P1tty B1 xlson lcrry Suiter Blrb 1r1C I me l1uren lung llntll llenson Rinrly Prltt Cul RC7ClI'lgL1Cl Ceorge W xlcox Not pictured IS Ranflx Xlal cod Choir Has New Director, Maintains Its Traditional Group Excellence From Rennaisance selections to modern music, the material covered by the A Cappella choir makes up a wide variety of learning experiences. Mostly upper- classmen, the members of the choir are accepted by an audition only, and are expected to have a basic knowledge of music reading. This year Mr. Dennis Ness has taken over direction of the choirs. Mr. Ness has hopes for an even higher level of requirement at entrance in the future years. Activities of the choir include singing for concerts, clubs, and other public groups. This year's Spring Concert was done in con- junction with the orchestra, the combined musical group presented "The Gloria," by Antonio Vivaldi. Nladrigals, a select group of sixteen singers, are chosen from the many members of the A Cappella Choir. These singers also audition, arc expected to exhibit superior singing ability. Madrigals concen- trate on extending their musical learning as well as having fun. They perform for local groups and clubs, and enjoy making public appearances. The group has been renewed this year due to a revival of interest in this phase of musical entertainment. 1964 marked the last year of Madrigal activities until the present time. Members ofthe Madrigals took part in an evaluation contest in which they received excellent ratings - an attestment to their quality as a fine singing group. l l Choirs, Orchestra Give Spring Concerts CAMPUS CHOIR members are, above, lop picture, ROW ONE: Pam Tay- lor, Betty Stevens, Susan Olson, Mr. Dennis Ness, Marcia johnson, Christy Garlinghouse, Linda Fox, ROW TWO: Claudette White, Kay Hagman, Vicki Butler, Marcella Weiss, Patti Barnett, Linda Howell, Renee Mayhew, Bette Seabury, Phyllis Pospyhala, Koni Lee, RU W THREE: Evelyn Eck- strom, Sandy Covert, Diane Mohme, Penny Hefferman, Sandra Leckenby, Gloria Farnsworth, Mary Huls, Karen Kester, jane Sevy, Cheryl Machin, Rebecca Mitchelle. FRESHMAN CHOIR members are, rzbozxif, bottom piclzirr, ROW UNE: Cathy Peterson, Roberta Bkjorling, Nancy Hanstad, Suzan Freeman, Nan Williams, Sheryl Hartley, Cheryl Bates, Barbara Edwards, Carole Lindber- ry, Leslie Davis, Donna Pittman, Diane Morgan, Paige Leflingwell, Lucinda Howson, Vickie Wicks, Nancy Sawyer, Pam Wallace, Cathy Spoelstra, ROW TWU: Nancy Whitehead, Marta Page, Teresa Childers, Andrea Bcn- son, Cherralee Sibley, Jill Wylie, Ann Johanson, Sylvia Warkentin, Kathy Rosmolcn, Carolyn Hill, Linda Neff, Karen Detillion, Merle Smith, Ann Enquist, ROW TIIREEJ Joan Bol, Ida Vanzanten, Mary Hendrickson, Barbara Mowrer, Ann Merryweather, Molly Matheson, Judy Spink, Berki Sandell, Colleen Andrew, Dorothy Crossman, Laurie Grant, Teresa Purcell, Joan Wylie, Shelley Hayes, Gretchen Olson, Geri jones, Cail Williams, Shelley Waterman, Sheilah Maguire, RUN' 1901 'Ri Kevin johnson, Mike Kriegerulerry Huddle. Brice Quinn, Steve Lindberg, Clifl'Norton, Mr. Ness, Dick Millenaar, Allison Edwards, Fred Wright, Jack Bowen, Rhonda Case, Ethelyn Raines. an Vocal training at Mount Vernon High School be- gins with the Freshman Choir, which was currently composed of about seventy students. This class is the most basic in extending musical knowledge and appreciation. The Campus Choir, composed of soph- omores, juniors, and seniors, selected music that had been specially arranged for girls, choirs. With a somewhat smaller enrollment ofthirty girls, the Campus Choirjoined the Freshman Choir in the tra- ditional Christmas and spring concerts. The two groups were directed by Mr. Dennis Ness, who coor- dinated all parts ofthe vocal program. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Charles Easton, played a variety of music, from Bach to mod- ern folk tunes. Individual ability was recognized by the large number of students playing solo parts at various times throughout the year. The orchestra was kept busy rehearsing for the many musical events that occured during the school year. Besides a series of five school concerts, the group performed for various community organizations, and took part in music fes- tivals with other schools. Two violinists from the orchestra and two MVHS band members had the opportunity of attending the seven-state, All-Northwest Orchestra and Band in Missoula, Montana. These young musicians were chosen on the basis of tapes they submitted, demon- strating their ability on their instruments. TRAVELING to Missoula, Montana, in the spring were All-Northw est p irtii ip ints Dave Phipps, Linda Parker, Bob Svoboda, andlloan Stafford, bclozl l X Q ORCHESTRA members are,al1oz'e, R0 W ONE: Linda Parker, Dave Kuhns, Sandy Parker, Becky Nidermayer, RUIV Tlllfll ane Schneider Phipps, Bobbe Liggett, Susan Hunter, Margaret Olszewski, Shelleyxjohnson, Steve Olszewski, Mr, Charles Easton, David Lindberry. Karen Kuhns, HOU' TIVO: Patsyllensen-Norman, Debi Taylor, Kris 91 IN A RARE INTERVAL between songs, band members focus their attention on the game, right. At far right, director Elvin Haley strikes up the band after a touchdown has been made. Bulldogs Score . . '4Mount Vernon High foreverg sing Bulldogs, sing . . . ll The excitement in this song is generated by the MVHS band which adds a vibrant beat to pep at our games and pep assemblies. While the large concert band is present at every football game, the smaller stage band rallies the basketball team on to victory. This band is composed of saxophones, coronets, trombones, and a string base. Beside the regular concert band, a class in sym- phonic band is offered to provide a more challenging selection of music for students who pass the required auditions. Also enriching the program are a brass choir and a clarinet quartet. M. . .Andthc-:Band Plays Oni? lib- MARCHING PRACTICE is a daily activity for the band during the weeks before homecoming, above, CONCERT BAND members are R0 W ONE, lryl lu riglzl: N Nowadnick, Yale, Bianchini, Melland, Frayling, Powers, Graff, Wilkins, Gillett, Andrew, Nulle, Eldridge, Etherington.RUW TWO: Martin, Knowles, Harris, Harman, Olmsted, Taylor, Hoback, C. johnson, Sheridan, Swanland, La Count, Prater, Carlquist, Bergh, Philbrick, Ravnik, Wigren, D. Ozaki, Tesch, Wiegand, George, Gibbons, L. Ozaki, Susan White. RUII' THREE: Eaton, S. Call, Kathy Cook, Montague, Robin Johnson Lowe, Highnam, K. Musser, Faller, Anderson, Burdick, Hansen K. Lind, Collins, Price, T. Leander, Moores, DuBois, Rood, M Walker, M. Barnett, E. Loss, Dalton, E. Lind, Connell, xl. Nowadnick, D. Barnett, Ron Johnson. ROW 1"Ol'R: Stafford Sharon White, Schroeder, Smoots, Boyton, Schneider, Olson Thomson, Thurston, Sibley, Tokarchuck, Svoboda, McDaniel, Moe, Mitzel, S. Elde, J. Holmes, Swanson, D. Johnson, Rell, Burk, Reiman, Zeretzke, T. Holmes, Bailey, Lindberry, RUN 1'YVE, xtandz'ng: B. Musser, Spragg, D. Call, Godwin, Samples, Pratt, Brazas, Snider, R. Elde, Kelly Cook, R. Leander, Mcln- tosh. v v u y Beginning this year, and laying the groundwork for the following year's organization, the Pep Club was presided over by Co-Presidents Betty Lockhart and Cheri Fulker. Other officers included Vice Presi- dent Becki Hefiiey, Secretary Vicki Goodman, and Treasurer Karlynn Haberly. Qualifications limited membership eligibility to upperclassmen only, and to maintain membership, girls had to attend a required percentage of games. Unity as an organization came from dress and activities ofthe group. All 125 mem- bers wore outfits of green skirts and white sweaters for football season, exchanging the sweater for a green vest and white blouse during basketball. The total outfit cost was partly defrayed by summer mo- ney raising projects. Club activities centered around pep skits, bake sales, and the decoration ofthe boys' locker room with pep signs throughout the sports sea- son. Also concerned with the many promotional aspects of pep and the thinking up of new and original gim- micks, the 12-member Pep Council organized ever- ything from a mock funeral to a Clash day. Another job of the Council was to create slogans that served the dual purpose of antagonizing MVHS opposition and giving pep a novel expression. Taking the Coun- cil's pep themes and making them into signs was the task ofthe Poster Playmates. The Playmates man- aged to leave little wall space uncovered, decorated the players' bus every week, and came to school early many mornings in order to hang their work. PEP COUNCIL members are, af rzgfzl, RON' UNILY Marlene Swanson, Sharon Purcellg RON' 7'll"U: Teresa Nurmi, Karen Stark, ROW YY-lRl:'l:': Jana Hoag, Sharon Starkg ROW I"OL.'R: Sue Hatcher, Margaret Olszewskig ROlVI"lVl1': Sue Radke, Nikki Burton, next ln lop, Steve Eldeg and lop, Les Ozaki. POSTER PLAYNIATES, bclnui, is composed of Karen Hunter Qin carl and nn lI1f2,fl'077l ltjl In right, Christy Nlason, Marilyn Haley, ,lana Hoag, Sue Radke, Susie johnson, Peggy Mcllraith, Sarah Dcierlein, Nellie Horton, and fvlyrene Darr. HLAWYV, E 'ii Signs, Slogans, and Spirit Are Provided by Pep Organizations Worley, ftyz. PEP CLUB members are, zzlmzw, RUN' U.Ylf: Teresa Johnson, Alice Van- Ossenbruggen, Melissa Palmer, Marilyn Hanan, Betty Andrew, Patsy jen- sen-Norman, Linda Olson, Peggy Mcllraith, Myrene Darr, Nancy Wigner, Penny Hockman, Shirley Petty, Ellen lalit, Rllll' Y'll"U: Renae Eklund, Kassy Larsen, Patti Allen, Marlenetlewell, Pam James, Sue Mclntyre, Cathy Smith, Pennie Powers, Berki Hcflley, Terry Suiter, Kathy Hanson, Regina McGuire, Kathy Perkesg Rllll' Y'lIRlilf: Candy Warren, Anita Bol, Rosalie Bergman, Cora VanderSar, Greta Koning, Sylvia Reehoorn, Debbie Raasi- na. ,janet Morrow, lloyce Johanson, Dehlia Aker, Betty Lockhart, Cheri Fulker, RO ll' FUI 'R: Nellie Horton, Sue Garner, Susiexlohnson, Gail Mar- tin, Judy Ferguson, Linda Christensen, Karlynn Haberly, Marilyn Nulle, Judy Thomson. Bonnie Lang, Mary Sollie, Sue Hinton, Patti Baalsong RU ll' 1"1Vl:': Vicki Goodman, Cathy Good, Chris Parr, Carolyn Stalcup, Sue Rad- ke, Marcia Tawes, Debbi Crim, Nora Pressentin, Linda Tellesho, Klanirc Fisher, Kathy 'lieschg RUll'.S'l.Y: Connie DuVall, Pattyylohnson, Sallyklolin- son, Linda Boothe, Nancy Moen, Elizabeth Urbick, Betty WVetch, Ingrid McClinton, Gretchen Williams, Linda Bannerman, Kay Cameron, Mrs. Mary Cleave. PRESl'1N'l'lNG A SKl'l' at a pep assembly are Candy NN'ar- ren, Connie lJuVall, Patsy .lens sen-Norman. Betty Amlrew, Nancy Moen, and Catherine I 3 I'eres1Nurmi A Q' A A rl. Y "K " Jr: X ii S. M x s WN i ' bw v Swanson ' ' X.-0. .L 'A . ' , 5 'P Nikki Bi1rtoriyQ.' f- . - 4 Debi Taylor :sv x, :K fm v A busy schedule, but time to relax before moving on, f1lg,lZC17lffkfH77'lglZl'. A spirit of excitement and fun, below. 435' Milf nw..- Hours of preparation for the moment of truth . . . above, The patterns of harmony and rivalry, above. Of united effort, and Bulldog champions, lop right and right. 98 Q A ,W fr. ' 2- fmggn :Q-gig -. x .ac Af K 5 iiragsi S is K , 1 3 Q. S' 9 KA FRESHMAN TEAM members are ROW ONE: Twombley, Simpson Krieger, Scott, M. Johnson, Piffath, Bowen, Rivas, Fagan, Martin, Lisher ness, Albertine, Ozaki, Magin. ROW TWO: Judy, Mersereau, Wigren Crafton, Howard, Koetje, C. Johnson, Stewart, Simonseth, Lind, Christian- W Bullpups Undefeated This year's freshman team, coached by Jim Beasley and Al Evans, completed their 1966 season with a 6 win-0 loss record to take first place in the Northwest League among freshman teams. To add insult to injury, the frosh allowed their opponents to score only 34 points during the entire season. The highlight of the season was a surprising 33-7 victory over Sehome High School of Bellingham. The Bull- pups went into that game with high hopes, but the surprising part was the margin by which they won. Sehome had defeated one of the top frosh teams in the state just a week before. FRESHMAN COACHES are Al Evans and jim Beasley, above. Y.. I DEEP KNEE BENDS and leg raises, left, as directed by Coach Hake, are an invaluable part of ealisthenics turn-out, A football team is on display to the public only ten times a year, and to some people it may seem that the football players receive a lot of glory for only a little effort. Some players, however, receive very little prestige, but the personal satisfaction they gain from a seasonis play far outweighs any effort put into it. Ask any football player what he remembers most about the last season. He will probably say something about how much fun it was or how sorry he felt about not doing better for MVHS. What he won't remem- ber will only consist of minor things, like eight one-hundred yard sprints, bearwalks, hamburger drills, the double turnouts, or if he's a third stringer, serimmaging the varsity, or worst of all, getting the coaches mad. But from all this he will remember most the satisfaction gained from being one of the few who made up the Bulldogs of 1966. Hours of Practice for BULLDOG BENCH FOLLOWING A LARGE gain watches the game from the Steve Olson is brought down by sidelines, left, while Mr, an unidentified Arlington oppo- Ringstad consults the scouts HCUl,Hl10U6'- in the booth. 101 inutes of Play '66 Bulldogs Build for Coming of Next With only three starters returning from last year's team, the MVHS squad took to the task of putting together a football team out of relatively inexperi- enced men. While the season was not too successful as far as win-loss records go, the Bulldogs posted a 2 win-7 loss-1 tie record to take seventh place in the final league standings. There were times, such as the scoreless tie with a strong Anacortes team, when the drive and determination of the Bulldogs showed that they could do the job. Indicative of the calibre of the team is the fact that two of this year's team were named to the All-Northwest squad. Art Bergh, a senior tackle, was named to the offensive squad at that post and Steve Olson, a junior, was named to the defensive squad as a hallback. Both the blocking and the inspirational awards were vot- ed to Art Bergh by the team. Bergh and Mike Dun- din were named as this year's co-captains while Steve Olson and Chuck LaMay were named co- captains for next year. Voted by the team as out- standing sophomores ofthe year were Gerry Pruyn and Steve Pullin. SWEEPING THE END for a large gain are Chuck LaMay and Steve Olson, righl. Season AN INTEGRAL PART of any foot- ball team is a set ofgood managers, such as Dick Leander, Larry Swan- son, and Dennis Barnett, righl. atflr right, Coaches Archie Vivian, Perry Brown, Head Coach Leo Hake, Bob LeBeau, and Roger Ringstad are seen drawing up the starting line-up. 102 LEADING THE BULLDOGS onto the held is All-Northwest tackle Art Bergh, lfjl. POINTING OUT a weakness in the opponents defense is Coach Ringstad, below. ALL-NORTHWEST back Steve Olson outruns two Arlington defenders below. , g . .. 5 VARSITY TEAM members are ROW ONE: Bergh, M. Walker, T. Trautman, Hall, Olson, Miner, Henry, Olmsted, Wilcox, Hoekman ROW TWO: LaMay, Gwin, Schmidt, Anderson, Wotherspoon, Westen- haver, Pratt, M. Trautman, Pierce, Rindal. ROW THREE: Cook, Pruyn, Dally, Wiegand, Rhone, S. Walker, Hayton, Perkes, Thomas, Mitzel. X ..- ROW FOUR: Hunter, Covert, Larson, Pullin, Hagen, Horne, Savage. Rhodes, Morrison, Dundin. RO W PYVE: managers Barnett and Leander, Hill, Nelson, Meador, Brown, Felton, Eerkes, Manager Swanson, RON SIX: Coaches LeBeau, Vivian, Brown, Ringstad, Head Coach Hakc. Serpentine and Hottest Bonfire in History Were Highlights of Homecoming 'fChew ,em to bits in sixty-six." That was the theme of the 1966 Homecoming held during the week of October 24-28.kIohn W. Olson supervised the week's activities, which ended with a Friday night game against the Arlington Eagles. Early Monday morning students filled the gymna- sium for the annual coronation assembly, where the court was announced to the anxious audience. The elegance of this assembly set the mood for the rest of the week, and students left the gym eager to begin the traditional activities. On Tuesday members of classes and clubs wore assorted costumes and accessories with accompanying slogans to promote pep. A car smash, sponsored by Martin Hi-Y, predicted the fate of the Eagles. Letter Sweaters were plentiful on Wednesday as students displayed their pride in MVHS. Sadness filled the halls on Thursday as teachers and students alike wore black to mourn the defeat of the Arlington team. But in the evening, excitement rose again as the cheerleaders led the serpentine through the downtown streets. This event ended with the largest, hottest bonfire in the history of the school, rzghl. With only one day left in the exciting week, students went home thoroughly conhdent of victory on Friday night. TAKING A SWING at thc car is George Wilcox,bcloz1'. x,.:? 3 S, 3 ,1 F' F K V xp 9 f S is .8 I an A 1 Q, I A w ix ,' Q 3 .J f E 3 "W"Qif ig: Q Happiness is being Homecoming Queen for Senior Dehlia Aker, right. Cindy DuBois and Myrene Darr reigned as Senior Princesses, while junior Princesses were Connie DuVall and Becky Heffley. Senior royalty were elected by new voting methods instituted this year. Half-time ceremonies were high-lighted by the presentation of the royalty, a review of the Car and Float Parade, and marching by the band. Homecoming graduates of 1956 renewed old acquaintances in the library following the game. The formal tea was organized by Chuck Carroll. The Counts, now known as the Rubber Bands, made music for the dance at the YMCA. L'My Fair Lady,', this year's theme, was carried out in bur- gandy and pink. FLOWERS FOR A QUEEN and her court are presented by john Olson during half-time ceremonies at the Friday night game. Above, left to right, are Bob Peterson, Connie DuVall, Rick Brynildsen, Myrene Darr, Cindy DuBois, Willy Weyers, Dehlia Aker, Becki Heiiley, john Roozen, and john Olson. A VICTORIOUS BULLDOG guards over a dead Arlington Eagle on this sophomore entry in the homecoming parade, right. reen and WhiteDayisClimaXofHomeeoming Green-and-white day, a traditional climax to the weekls activities, caught up school spirit in a whirl- wind of activities. A pep assembly and a pep skit centered the students' attention on the long-awaited game ahead of them, The team was lined up on the floor. Members of the pep club presented them with the victory cake, while cheerleaders gave them an official victory "V',. The student body cheered en- thusiastically from the bleachers. Darrel Suta organized this year's Car and Float Parade, an annual contest exhibiting efforts on the part of clubs, individuals, or any other student group. First place in the Hoat division and the 1520 prize went to thejunior class for their "Eagle-in-a Cagef' The senior class received second place, while the sophomores constructed the third place float. In the car division, Hi-Horizon received first place, with Blade Hi-Y and Martin Hi-Y taking the second and third place prizes. POSING for a formal portrait are 1966 Homecoming Royalty. at left are junior Princess Becki Heflley. Senior Princess Cindy DuBois, Queen Dehlia Alter, Senior Princess Myrene Darr, and junior Princess Connie DuVall. -f""' CARRYING ON A TRADITION of homecoming, cheerlead- ers Sharon Purcell and Teresa Nurmi exhibit a Howered symbol of victory to the student body before presenting it to the football team, above. 'AKENTUCKY FRIED EAGLE always makes the best dog food," declares Steve Elde to his agreeing granddaughter Maggie Olszewski, in a pep skit, lej. 107 l Finishing the dual meet season undefeated and first in the league, the MVHS Bullhsh completely out- classed most of their opponents, Although the 1951 team was the state champion, this year's version has been called the ubest ever.', Coached by Perry Brown, who was assisted by Dan Cleave, the hard-working Bullfish were highly expectant ofa good showing at the state meet. Except for a late season tie with a strong Bellevue team in a triangular meet, the Bullfish were not chal- lenged during the season. The state meet was the first real test for the swim team and they represented lV1VHS well. Co-Captains for this yearls swim team were Bob Svoboda and Ray Olmsted. Other notables were Chuck LaMay, Tom Willet, Bob Rood, Steve Swe- deen, Jim Bergstrom, and Kent Haberly. VARSITY SWIMMERS are, top right, ROW ONE: Steve Sam- ples, Joe Murray, Marc Olds, Dennis Meador, Bob Rood, Dick Leander, Kent Haberl , Wilbur Godwin, John Tokarchuk, Kim Westenhaver, Chuck LaMay, ROW TWO: Bob Svoboda, Ray Olmsted, Steve Swedeen, Tom Willet, Peter Murray, Keith Lind, jim Bergstrom, Larry Swanson, Coach Brown. JUNIOR VARSI- TY swimmers are, bottom right, ROW ONE: Earl Lind, Dave Marvin, Tom Leander, Mark Warren, RO W TWO: Mike Wetsch, Dennis Johnson, Greg Goodmanson, Cort Montague, ,joel Barnes, RO W THREE: john Follman, Bob Moe, Gerb Reehoornhlerry Pritchard, Mr. Cleave. Bulldog Swim Team Capture League Title-Swims to Stat FESTING between swims, Chuck LaMay, left, watches Bob Svoboda display his winning orm. Cross Countr Team Running most other teams into the ground, the MVHS cross country team defeated all of their dual and triple meet opponents save for Burlington and Oak Harbor, with whom they split. The meet record for the season was 4 wins and 7 losses. In post-season competition, the cross country men placed fourth in what is known as the Northwest League meet. Our lead runner in this meet was jim Mowrer, who placed third. Others making a good post-season showing were Craig james, Greg Hughes, Dave Linde, and Mike jones. Lead runners for MVHS during the regular sea- son were Mowrerhlames, Hughes, Linde,jones, Dalejohnson, Ronjohnson, Tom Summershlim Carroll, and Craig Dewey. PRACTICING his diving isjunior Steve Samples, lejl. SPRINTING the final 50 yards during turn-out are Mike Jones, Jim Mowrer, Ronjohnson, and Greg Hughes, below. Places High in League Meet 109 JOGGING easily around the track are members of the Bulldog cross country team, above. CROSS COUNTRY men are, al ltjk, RU ll' ONE: Mark Jacobson, Mike Egbers, Ron Wilson, jim Carroll, Tom Summers, Greg Hughes, Rick Brynildsen, Dave Linde, Dale Johnson, Earl Lind, Dennis George, ROW TWO: Willy Weyers, Richard Raymond, Scott Reiman, Mike jones, Dave Van- Valkenberg, Stan Pulsiphenjim Anderson, Jim Mowrer, Wes Seymour, Rick Hoag, Craig Dewey, Ron Johnson, Coach Pear- son. ulldog Wrestlers Place High in League, istriet - l. FROSH WRESTLERS arc, lop, RO W ONE: Mickey McCullough, Leo Roozen, David Con- nell, Dan Miner, John Stewart, Larry Youngquist, Mike Price, Gary Ash, ROW TWO: John Stein, Ron Hanson, Pat Howard, Mike Stoupa, Chivo johnson, Dan Dahl, Gary Mitzel, Ron Fagan, Steve Lindberg, Ron Weyersg RO W YHREE: Coach Pearson, Jim Heyne, Leon Macl- dox, Tom Magin, David Ozaki, Sam Coffman, Scott Reiman, David Moe,John DeGoede. JUNIOR VARSITY are, bnllom picture, ROW ONE: Paul Clark, jack Covert, Dennis Burk, Eric Hamburgjim Anderson, RO W TWO: Kim Weymouth, Richard Marsula, Carr johnson, David Youngquist, lan Black, Tom Swanson, Coach Reiman. 110 f""' GRAPPLING lor position at the beginning of a round are Art Bergh and his Burlington opponent, lijfl. VARSITY WRESTLERS are, inflow, KOH' ONE' Lee Anderson, John Mitzel, Don Smith, l'zit Hocklnzin, l,ortn Rice, Art Berghg ROW TWO: Coach Reiman. Randy Elde, Gary Holl'man, Dave VanValkenbcrg, Doug Snidci Daletjohnson, Dale Hotchkiss, Steve VanValkenberg. .st l 4- -MW Once more MVHS has turned out a wrestling team to be proud of. Finishing up the season with a 10 win-3 loss record, the Bulldog grapplers placed in the league, then went on to place third in the Sub- District meet and sent four men, Gary Hoffman, Lee Anderson, Dale johnson, and Dale Hotchkiss, on to District, The state meet also came out well for the Bulldogs, who placed third in the league. Under the able leadership of Head Coach Paul Reiman and his assistant Darrell Pearson, the relatively inexperi- enced Bulldog team has strived long and hard to show the rest of the league that they were tough enough to meet the challenge that the 66-67 season has brought them. Three of these men finished out the season undefeated. They were Dale Johnson, Lee Anderson, and Art Bergh. AS OTHERS watch, Coach Reiman demonstrates a reversal dur- ing turn-out, ltjk. lll ATTEMPTING to roll his man for ll pin is Ron Smith, almzw. Basketball: Hard Work and Winnin g Play Enthusiasm was high as the MVHS freshman basketball team closed out their season undefeated in league play. Led by coachjim Beasley, the frosh bested their rivals, most by large margins, to capture first place in the freshman division of the Northwest League. The highlight of the seasonls wins was that over a much taller Bellingham team. After a first halfof confusing their opponents with their offense and making it score for them, the frosh led Bellingham 26-4. In the second half the Red Raider frosh started to come alive. With their offense still racking up the points, the Bullpups 'Lhung on and prayedn and re- ceived a well deserved win. Prospects for next yearls varsity look to be Mike Krieger, Jeff Scott, and Morris johnson. TURNING-OUT for the Frosh team are, at right, top picture, RU W ONE: Mike Bjorn, Mike Krieger, Jeff Scotthlon Eldridge, Dennis Lind, Bd Crafton, Coach Beasley, RO W TWO: Ron McMullen, Chris Lisherness, Morris Johnson, Jerry Martin, Bill Mersereau, Mark Albertine, Mike Simonseth,sIelT Koetje. JUNIOR VARSITY players are, at right, bottom picture, ROW ONE: Scott Etherington, Doug Rindal, Cordon Campbell, Loren Lundquist, Paul Larsong ROW TWO: Craig Dewey, Ken Feem- ster, Steve Hammit, Kerry Schmidt, Joe Fu nk. BULLDOGJ.V.'s and their Sehome opponents scramble for posi- tion after a shot by Paul Larson, below. DRIVING for a lay-in is Reas Pierce, right. iq! 6 x L B553 K 3 if ,og ,WM 5, 1 Once again the MVI-IS basketball squad launched themselves into the task of preparing for competition in the Northwest League. This entailed much hard work and the curtailing ofother activities to give turn-out top priority. While others were enjoying the freedom of Christmas vacation, the roundballers were turning out to keep themselves in shape for the return to regular league play. Here it might be added that they did a line-job of out-hustling their competitors in the league. Those long hours ofturnout, with their various devices meant to get the men in the best shape possible, were dehnitely successful. Standing in defensive position for eight minutes may not sound like much when you read it, but sometime try performing it and see how long you last. After you have done that, play a little one-on-one, shoot some foul shots, work on your jump shot, then the set shot, scrimmage for ten or fifteen minutes and check your pulse. All right, back to work. just a few more things to go through. First, we'll run some lines. Frontward to the foul line, backward to the end line, frontward to the mid-court line, backward to the end line, front- ward to the opposite foul line, turn around and run to the mid-court line, turn around again and run back- ward to the end line, and now all the way to the other end, backward from the mid-court, and that's one. Try Five or six of those. Before we go in we had better try running up and down the bleachers in the gym a few times. Oh, and on your way in, touch eighteen or twenty rims. Try this for the first eight or ten turn-outs for two and a half hours a day, add some expert coaching, and you'll have a first-rate basketball team, just like Mount Vernon. MANAGERS for this year's basketball teams are, ahora, Dennis Dobson, Ken lNlusser,lNf1ark Plummer, and Bill Roberts. FIGHTING for the rebound are Bulldogs Don Randlcs and George Dewey, lefl. THE V.'XRSl'l'Y lmsketlmzlll squad. almzw, is vomposcflol'Rcz1s l'icrc'c,.IcfT Rinclz1l.StcrC YN'z1lkcr, Tom Dunlap. XN'illy W'cycrs. Don Rzxmlles, George llvwvy, Stuart Beasley. -Iolm f,lSOIl,R011BCI'Q,flllI'l'KCIllllS0ll,llllfllxllfli Nemo. CO.-XlIHliS lor tha' SPLISOII. 1lrC. zz! rrgfzf. UMC Qrmll. fll1lll"lCS Rolwrls.11ml.Xrclllu Viviun. SCIRfXNllil.lNCl for an loose lmll is junior Alclll Rinrl1rl,!np, SHOOTING aqjump shot is sophomore Steve Walker, rzghl, 114 331.31 Take Fourth in District Tournament Bulldogs Rank Third in Leagueg Alter a tough Northwest League race, that saw the Bulldogs and four other teams tied for first place at one time, the MVI-IS basketball team Finished the 1966-67 season with a tie for third place with Bur- lington, Finishing with a l4-win 8-loss record for the season. the Bulldogs saw moments ofglory. For a while, they led the league and then the right combi- nation ol' wins and losses in the league play knocked them out of the top spot. This got the team in a good position forthe District Tournament, where the Bulldogs took fourth place. Under the able leadership of Head Coach Dave Quall and his assistants Charles Roberts and AI.V. Coach Mic Vivian, this year's squad fought a long, hard battle to get where they did. With only two or three men substantially over six lcet, thc tcam showed surprising rebounding strength. This. com- bined with extra-sharp shooting by guards Tom Dunlap, -john Olson and Ron Berg, put the team in good shape. Add to this Don Randles, George Dew- ey, and Willy Weyers, the three big men who kept the defense honest under the basket, and you have an A-I basketball team. Also adding quick moves and strong rebounding to the fray, were junior back-up men Reas Pierce andxlcfl Rindal. CA l-"1'AlNxlohn Olson goes in for a lay-in. ltjt. with Tom Dunlap waiting for a rebound. DRIVING the base line against the Sedro Wooley Cubs is George Dewey, lat-ltiw C1ONCliN'l'RA'l'lON is the expression on Art Bergh's face, righl C ene Lunde limbers up for his next pole vault fwluzx' rzlgfzl. Track and Field Men Run Away With Honors in Spring Meets A new coach and a new spirit led the Mount Ver- non track squad to victory in 1967. The team, coached by Darrell Pearson, former state champion iavelin thrower, bounced back after losing many sen- iors from last year's outstanding squad that won both the sub-district and county meets. Led by hard-working junior and senior lettermen the 1967 team continued its outstanding reputation in both track and field events. Each athlete will long remember the thrill of competition, the taste of victo- ry, and the agony of defeat. There is a great amount of satisfaction to be ob- tained from these sports. The satisfaction that the individual feels comes not only from great victories, but also from hard work at turnout and the knowl- edge that he has done his best. This satisfaction and pride lives on for many years, and it is what makes any sport truly worthwhile. BREATHING HEAVILY, miler jim Mowrer is first across the finish line, nlwzw, while teammate Doug Wiegand receives the baton from Jerry Westen- haver in the mile relay, right. Dave Linde, two-miler, sprints the final yards ofhis eventjir rigfzl. TRACK TEAM members are ROI1'UYl"' Terrv lrautman Frank Hall TIVO 1966 Cmch Xlur hx 7 , . , . .. I . , 4 . , : . u . p lave l,imlc, Doug W'ieg:uirl, .Xrt licrqli, .Ierry Wlestenhaver. Greg Hughes, Steve Olson, Nlike Walker, .lorry Tom Holmes. Ernie Neff. Chuck Lzihlay, Bill llilclehrziml. Cla-ue l,uncIc'. Hansen, Ron Nicholson, Neil Speiss, Craig james, Steve Carlson. RON' .jim Neff,Mike Henry,xIim Mowrcr, l.ccAnclerson. 2: -2' Us COMING ON STRONG and only inches ahead on his opponent is hurdler Jer- ry Hansen, above, on right, SENIOR LETTERMAN Tom Holmes clears the high jump bar with inches to spare, left. ,R VVATCHING from the sidelines are Assistant Couch Bob LeBeau and members ofthe team, riglzl. BATMAN Darrel Smal strikcs DURING A BRIEF but important strategy conference, Couch ztg11in,z1lmmf!tffY, and rounds third Ai Evans gives catcher .jeff Rindzil instructions :ind at word of base on his way home. fzlmzux cncoiirztgcmcnt. Vlilfllf, 118 'cSafe!9' is the all as Bulldog Nine Score Again Against a tough Northwest League the Bulldog nine broke even in the spring of 1966 with a record of eight wins and eight losses. This record got our team into the upper division of the final league standings with a fourth place finish. This year proved to be another successful one, as most ofthe players were back for another season. The great Bulldog spirit ofteam cooperation again played an important role in continuing the reputation of the team. Under the able leadership of Head Coach Al Evans and Assistant Coach Bob Lelieau, our team showed that they were no pushovers, losing most of the time only by close margins. They also showed that great Bulldog spirit that enabled them to bounce back after some disheartening losses that would have destroyed the morale ofa lesser team. But the fact that they were a team was what held them together. They took to the field, played hard, and shared the fruits of vic- tory andthe despair of defeat as a team. 1 STOPPINU ON THIRD to View thc action at home plate is lfzrcc-Qymt' lelterman 'Iim lX'otlicrspoon, lofi qfjzflgc. while first baseman Don Randles.f1fmz'i', watches the other sideofthe infield. UI-Iole in Qnen is Aim of M HS Golfers Armed with the coaching of Mr. Joe Day, the Bulldog golf team led the Northwest League in the spring of 1966 with a 9 win-1 loss record and went on to win the district title. This year only two lettermen returned, so the team could not hope for comparable victories. Perhaps the reason for such a small turn-out is that many people do not consider golf to be one of the more manly sports. Golf, however, is a sport that requires well- developed coordination and enough muscle to get the ball out on the green. It takes hard work, hours of practice, and unlimited patience to obtain the confi- dence required for this game, in which consistency is a prime factor. TEEING OFF on the front nine is junior letterman Brad Dally, mp rzglzl, while Kcn Musser creates his own sand trap on the ninth hole, nlmzie. owerful Strokes Shown by Bulldog Raeketeers Following a disappointing year in I966, this year's tennis team had great hopes for a winning season. With much enthusiasm, the boys worked hard, and succeeded in making the season both worthwhile and memorable. Returning lettermen included seniors George Dewey, .lohn Mitzel, John Olson, jack Miner, and junior Terry Brazas. Again, as in other years, the team had to turn out at Hillcrest Park and Skagit Valley College because of the lack of courts at the school. On rainy days the team members took refuge in the gym, but did not escape a rigorous turn-out. They did many exercises not ordinarily associated with the sport, such as run- ning up and down the stairs, climbing ropes, and running the wrestler's course. SMASHING the ball with all of his strength isulohn XY, c,lSUll,,flll' ltffl, whilexlack Miner plays the net ina doubles ITIllIt'll,fe1fl. RETURNING thc ball from deep in the TEANI NIEMBERS are, RUII' U.Y1:': Manager Larry Swanson,lIohn Mit- court is ohn M1t7el while partner Ceorge 7el ack Winer, Peter Murray, Kim W'cstcnhaver. Rtlll' Tlltl: John WV. .L-n Den ex looks on I fl Olson Terry Brazas, George Dewey, Dennis Burk, Mike Quinn. TNQ i 3 1 -W1 I Q .f X " 122 TING Cul' Community V l' Wi , .. - : '- P -f-- ' , h N s ff ' Q ' x ,Alun 7,,,, ffj., 'df X If-'Qf M,,, 11f-.. ,. ---,NX 1 ,ff ,xv x XX, V,,V v XX XX ! M If ifbf MK, L X VX fff f " Flagg Willet Pratt D. Johnson J. C. PENNEY CO S. Hammond Bailey Carroll Haberly vx V sf SERVICE TRUCK BILL BAILEY FOR TIRES C0. BLADE CHEVROLET CO Ts I E Ill IES EEE Bw I IIE I III III III Ili III Ill Ill ll: II! I!! FS ' Cain Davidson son 125 Reehorn ICE CREAM MART MILLER'S Koetje Parr FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LCAN ASSN THRIFTY FOODS Jacobson Taft Merritt Petty Bol WELLS DRUG STORE BUSTAD, INC Nakashnma L. Hammond Lundberg WEST X Armintrout Christensen LeGro Lunde NORMAN'S PHARMACY CARLSON PCNTIAC, CADILLAC 81 BUICK M.Swanson Johanson Miner E.Johnson 28 RYGMYR AND FLANN IGAN SKAGIT RIVER STEEL SUPPLY Urbick Fowler Wetsch Liggett ,..,.W-,..,,....J , , k C M . Lkfi Y 'S f0'U3f5"fG I, Y S gm pmuosmrlou Effwwe arwtl DOMESTIC REFRIGERATION WR. Lind Loy Prestmo DEMING JEWELERS Felt Bjorn Leidla Wier HANSEN'S FURNITURE Herington Kortus S.Hansen 130 Moen Stark ANDERSON FLORAL HAYES FLORAL HART BROS. FLORISTS Sheppard Jordan JOHN F. MARTIN AND SCNS WYCOFF INSURANCE AGENCY was D. Hansen Wycoff Callender Huffstetter Hoover Nowadnick THE NORGE VILLAGE DEMING CLEANERS P.Murray D. Walker Stafford Moores Wotherspoon Dall JACK'S SPORT SHOP COOK MOTORS House McPherson Davis Machung WOYIBY Parker JIM PALM REPRESENTATIVE AMERICAN YEARBooK co. GIFTS VALBORG'S ANNE RICHARD'S Mcllraith Schneider Hoag 3 ERICKSON BROS. FURNITURE SKAG IT CASCADE GRAIN NATURAL AND SEED CO. GAS CO. Walls Schwalbe Vanvalkenburg Devries Harmon Williams M pi.. ,E f i' m Berg Dundin KOW KORNER SKAGIT VALLEY TRAVEL AGENCY "Welcome Students Travel With Us" K. Hunter Haynes Thomas Taylor Covert TH RIFTWAY DRUG JO'S STYLES Burton Radke Mason Eldridge J W Olson Linde ELDRlDGE'S HARRY'S A 81 W l Davison Garner MOUNT VERNON DRUG CO. HILL 8. HILL C REALTY Holderith Merryweather Struthers Rodriquez Henry Barnett Olmsted HUGO HELMER MUSIC, INC IIIJGO llfllllill IIIIJSIC mc. ED 6-3382 Mnvur SEARS, ROEBUCK AND C0 S. Hunter ONE HOUR MARTENIZING EVERETT HALL MEAT SERVICE P. Wilson Za mzow Niles Connell SEATTLE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HIGHLAND- PACIFIC Ggg A , A , A A N m ' I A , A II I I I 1I 'I ff FFN i 51 1-I 5 IQIQ ZII ' ...::.. Q ..., .-.- S 3 SX qw X A F A Q BEVERAGE INC. Vance M.Johnson Jackson Sumner Thurston Sibley Q NATIONAL BANK COMMERCE 1 TESARICK OFFICE EQUIPMENT 56. McLeod Lazzari Mclntyre Tesch 141 HINTCN OLDSMCBILE-GMC TRUCKS INC BOB'S SPORT CENTER S.Johnson McCIinton Witham Rudert Aker Neff DuBois Svoboda GEARHART FORD 143 Hastings Deierlein Lloyd NORMAN'S APPAREL CHUCK WAGCN Hayes Horton Carter Slater Drake Swedes VAUX PHARMACY COLLINS OFFICE SUPPLY Jewell Melland Lesser Oosterhof C SKAGIT COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN RIVERSIDE LANES Billingsley Ellestad Spoelstra Nurmi J.L.0Ison Crawford Elde Ferguson Howard GUBRUD MOTOR CO. CAMERON HEATING OIL SERVICE 146 WALTER R. JACKSON STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY SUBJ ECT INDEX Administration I0 Advertisements 124 Agriculture 13 All-Northwest Participants 91 All-School Play 86,87 All-School Project 73 Art 17 Art Club B2 ASB 70 Band 92 Baseball 118,119 Basketball 112 Boys' and Girls' State Delegates 71 Bulldog Stafl 18 Bus Drivers 20 Cheerleaders 96,97 Choir 88 Cooks 20,21 Counselors ll Custodians 21 Debate 82 English 18,19 Exchange Students 76,77 FFA 85 FHA 85 FNA 81 FTA 85 Football 100 GAA 83 Girls, Club 74,75 Golf 120 Homecoming 104 Home Economics 12 Honor Society 72 Horizon 80 Industrial Arts 15 Language 17 Library 19,82 Maintenance Supervisor 21 Math 15 Memorium 48 Music 17 National Merit Scholars 65 Orchestra 91 Pep Club 95 Pep Council 94 Physical Education 12,13 Poster Playmates 94 Red Cross 81 School Board 10 School Nurse 21 Science 14 Secretaries 20,21 Senior Assembly 44,54,66 Senior Ball Royalty 45 Skagina Sta1T79 Ski Club 83 Social Studies 16,17 Student Council 73 Swimming 109 Tennis 121 T hespians 82 Top Ten 46 Torch 46,47 Track 116,117 Typing 12 Wrestling 110,111 Y Clubs 84 FACULTY INDEX Allan 8,18 Barton 18 Beasley 18,27,100,112 Brooke 17 Brown 13,102,103,108 Chicoratich 18 Christensen 16 Cleave 13 Copner 12 Cunningham'20 Day 16 ' DeHon 15 Derrick 19 Dickinson 17 Dixon 14 Duvall 10 Easton 17,91 Evans 15,100,119 Fisher 17 Fowler 18,82 Frazier 8,20 Fryer 17 Grant 8,19 Green 17 Gurney 11 Hake 11,101,102,103 Haley 17,92 Hayden 10 Hoagland 15 Hofer 18 Holmes 820,75 lnman 12 Johnsonhj. 8,18 johnson, P. 19 Kemmerer 12 LeBeau 8,16,l02,118,103 Mowrer 13 Murphy8,l6,117 Murray 11 Negley 16 Nelson 13 Ness 17,89 Norlie 14 Otjen 11 Ousley 19 Parker 15 Pearson, D. 13,109,110 Pearson, P. 21 Phipps 11 Pringle 8,16 Quall16,114 Ravnik 15 Ray 20 Reiman 15,110,111 Ringstad14,l01,102,103 Roberts 8,16,114 Russell 8,13 Sizelove 15 Soine 19 Steckelberg 12 Sundean 14 Thomas 12 Thomson 14 Tonkin 21 Vanderhyde 15 Vaux 19 Vivian 19,75,102,103 Wigner 19 STUDENT IN DEX Abrahamson, Dan 24 Abrahamson, Dave 36 Abrahamson, T. 30 Adler 36 Aguirre 24 Aker 49,74,75,95,106,107,143 Albertine 24,73,100,112 Allan 36 Allen 36 Almanzo 36 Alskog 30 Andal, Gayle 24,90 Andal, Greg 49,57 Andal, S. 49 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson ,c.30 E. 24,90 Anderson, ,J. 30,109,110 , L. 49,103,l11,117,126 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, , R. 24 Anderson, , Terry 36 M. as N. 36,92 P. 49,140 Ted 24 Andrew, B. 36,72,73,74,83,86,93,94,95 Andrew, C. 24,73,90 Arendse 30,82,87 Armenta,Joe 30 Armenta,John 24 Armintrout 49,58,128 Ash 24,100,110 Austin 46,49 Baalson 36,89 Bahr 36 Bailey 49,83,93,125 Ballinger 36 Bannerman 36,72,73,88,95 Barnes 30,108 Barnett, D. 30,93,102,103 Barnett, L. 49 Barnett, M. 24,93,100 Barnett, P. 49,90 Barton 24 Bates, C. 24,90 Bates, N. 36 Beacham 24 Beasley 30,81 Beckett 24 Belcoe 36 Bellisle, C. 36 Bellisle, D. 30 Benson 24,90 Berg, C. 30 Berg, R. 49,85,136 Bergh 49,92,102,103,110,111,116,117,146 Bergman 49,108,133 Bergstrom 49,139,126 Bianchini 30,92 Bil124 Billeter 36 Billingsley 49,145 Birkett 24,100 Bjorling 24,90 Bjornhl. 50,89,95,130,50,89,95,130 Bjorn, M. 24,1 12 Black, D. 24 B1aek,I.30,110 Black, S. 50 Blacksha, R. 24 Blacksher, S. 30 Blade 30,72 Blanco 15,50,73,77 Bloom 30 Bol, A. 50,95,127 Bol,xIanice 30 Bol,joan 24,90 Boling 30 Bolzell 36 Bonner 36 Booth, S. 36 Booth, T. 24 Bowen 24,90,10O Boynton 30,72,92 Bradshaw 36 Brandstrom 36,81,95 Brannan 24 Brazas 36,72,73,92,121 Bremer 36,37,41,72,86 Britten 46,50 Brooker 30 Brookshl. 30 Brooks, K. 24,90 Brooks, L. 50,86,135 Brown,j. 30,103 Brown, T. 30 Brummit 24,73,80 Brusegaard 24 Brynildsen 46,50,66,70,71, Buckner 24,73 Bullock 30,72 Burdick 36,92 Burk 36,72,93,110,121 Burke 30 Burnett, B. 36 Burnett, D. 24 Burnham 24 Burt 36 Burton 50,97,105,l37 Butler 30, 50 Buzzard 30,31,72 Cain 50,135,125 Caldwell, B. 24 Caldwell, R. 36 Call, D. 92 Call, S. 24,92 Callender 50,132 Cameron 36,95 Campbell, G. 112 Campbell, L. 24 Carlquist 30,72,83,88,92 Carlsen 36,88,89,117, Carroll, C. 45,50,83,125 Carroll,J. 30,109 Carstens 36,72,73,88 Carter 50,144 Cartwright, D. 30 Cartwright, R. 25 Case, R. 25,90 Case, S. 50,127 Case, V. 36,88,95 Caudill, C. 25 Caudill, L. 30 Cayou, F. 25 Cayou, K. 25 Cayou, R, 25 Chase 25 Child 36,72 Childers 25,90 Chilson 25 Christensen 50,46,95,128 Christenson 30 Christiansen 36 Christianson, K. 25,100 Christianson, M. 30 Christofferson 36 Clark 25,73 Clarke 30,110 Clay 30 Clodfelter, K. 36 Coldfelter, L. 25 Coffman 25,110 Cole 25 Collins 25,92 Combs 25 Conn 50 Connell, B. 30 Connell, D. 93,110 Connell, K. 51,140 Cook, B. 36 Cook,j. 25,90 Cook, Kathleen 92 Cook, Kelly 51,92,103,127 cnnk, w. 30,103 Coss 30,72 Covert,j. 31,103,110 Covert, S. 51,90,136 Covert, S. 51,90,136 Crafton, E. 25,100,112 Crafton, R. 31,88 Crane, B. 36,89 Crane, S. 25 Cranmore 25 Crawford 46,51 ,1 46 Crim 36,95 Crossman 25,90 Crumrine 25 Dahl, D. 1 10 Dahl, R. 31 Da11'Acqua, M. 31 106,109,135 Dal1'Acqua. P. 51,85.133 Daily, B. 36,103,120 Dally, K. 25,91 Dalton 93 Darr,J. 25,73 Darr, M. 46,51,54,71,103,107,142 Davidson, C. 51,73,78,85,125 Davidson,J. 31,72 Davis, Leslie 25,90 Davis, Louise 46,47,51,78,79,87,134 Davis, 'l'. 15,31 Davison 51,137 Deboer 31 DeGoedc 25,110 Deierlein 52,725,144 DeJong 36 DcJonge31,82 Delano 36 DeLeeuw 37 ,7-1,88 Deming 37 1JeMontigny 37 Denton 31 Derr 25 Dessell, Randy 31 Dcssell, Ruth 25 Detillion 25,90 DeVries 52,135 Dewey,C.37,109,112 Dewey,G.52,113,121 Dobbs 31 Dobson, D. 31,113 Dobson, K. 52,88,95 Donnerberg, C. 52,135 Donnerberg, S. 25 Doughty 31 Dow, B. 37 Dow, R. 25 Drake, G. 52,73,114 Drake, T. 31 Dralle 31 DuBois, C. 4o,47,52,1o0,l07,143 DuBois, S. 37,92 Duffy 37,78,79 Dundin, G. 31 Dundin, M. 52,103,136 Dunlap 52,126 Durham 31 DuVall, B. 31 Duvall, c. 37,43,72,73,80,94,106,107 Eastbury 52,73 Eastman 25 Eaton 37,92 Erkstrom 31.90 Edwards, A. 25,90 Edwards, B. 90 l:1dwards,J. 31 Eerkes 31,103 egbers, M. 31,109 ligbers, S. 25 Eklund 37,89 Elde, R. 46,47,52,73,92,1 1 1,146 lilde, Steve 37 ,43,94,107 Elde, Susan 31,72,85,89 Eldridge, Jean 52,58,73,136 Eldridge,Jon 25,73,112 Eldridge, S. 31 ,72,74,80,93 Ellestad, L. 31 ,72,83 Ellestad, R. 37 Ellcstad, V. 52,145 Endrizzi 25 Enquist, Allan 90 Enquist,Ann 25,90 Erspamcr 31 ,34,80,94 Ervine, E. 52,133 Ervine, G. 31 Etherington 3l,72,93,112 F.vans,J. 52 Evans, N. 37 Evans, S. 31 ,74,75 Ewing 37,72,82,95 Fagan 25,100,110 Faller 37,92 Farias 31,72,91 Farnswonh 90 Farrow 25 Fauser 25 Feden 31 Feemstcr 31,112 Felt 53,130 Felton, G. 31,103 Felton, L. 25 Ferguson 53,58,95,146 Fiedler 25 Fitield, R. 25 Fiheld, S. 37 Fisher, D. 25 Fisheej. 37,72,91,95 Fisher, s. 24,25,74 Flagg, M. 25 Flagg, R. 31 Flagg, S. 46,53,85,124 Follman 25,108 Forbes, D. 31 Forbes, M. 37 Forsloe 37 Forsyth 32 Foss 32,72,75 Fotland 53 Fowler 53,95,l29 Fox, L. 32,90 Fox, M. 53 Franklin 37,39 Frayling 32,92 Freeman 25,90 Friend 37 Frydenlund 37 Fulker 53,95,146 Funk 72,79,1 12 Galbreath 25 Garcia 25,100 Garlinghouse 32,90 Garner 53,95 George, Daphne 32,34,72,80,87 George, Dennis 25,93,109 George, Doug 37,72 Gibbons,Jim 32 Gibbons,Jo Ann 53,93,100 Gilbert, D. 32 Gilbert, V. 32 Gllkey 53 Gil1ett25,92 Godwin 32,92,108 Gonzales 32 Good 37,43,74,95 Goodman 38,43,72,73,80,88,95 Goodmanson 108 Gorton 38 Graff 32,92 Grant, H. 38,41,72,78,86 Gram, L. 25,90 Greathouse 25,100 Greenwald 48 Grifhn 53,126 Grover 32 Gudmunson 25 Gustafson 32 Guttridge 25 Gwin, D. 32 Gwin, G. 53,103 Haher1y,Kar1ynn 45,53,95,125 Haberly, Kent 37,108 Haberly, Krissa 31,72,74,91,105 Hagen 32,103 Hager, G. 32 Hager, K. 25 Hagman, K. 32,90 Hagman, Paul 38 Hagman, Phillip 25 Hake 32,89 Hale 32 Haley 53,54,78,85,129 Hall, F. 38,103,1 17 Hall, M. 38 Hall, 38 Hamburg 32,1 10 Hamilton 32 Hammack 38 Hammit 112 Hammond, L. 53,127 Hammond, M. 38,89 Hammond, 54,95,125 Hanan 38,72,95 Henson 32,89 Herington, Delbert 26 Herington, Delbertzl 55,130 Hernandez,J. 26 Hernandez, R. 32 Heyne 26,110 Hickok 32 Hieb, B. 26 Hieb, D. 26 Highnam 32,92 Hildebrand 117 Hill, B. 38,119,103 Hill, C. 26,90 rllll,Jm- 1455 Hi1l,Joan 32 Hill, R. 26 Hill, S. 32 Hinton 38,88 Hoag,J. l4,46,55,72,73,74,75,76,78,134 Hoag, R. 32,941,109 Hoare 38 Hobaek 32,92 Hobbs 26 Hovkma Hoekma n, Pat 38,103,111 n, Penny 38 Hodgman 32 Huffman 38,1 11 Hogberg 26 Hogsett 55 Holmes, D. 38,88 Holmes,J. 15,26,93 T. 46,55,73,85,93,116,117,137 Holmes, Holmstrom, Karen 32 Holmst om Kathy 39 Hansen, Hansen, Barbara 32 Beverly 32 Hansen, C. 54,145 Hansen, Darletta 54,132 Hansen, Don 38 T' 7 Ho1trop39,89 Hoover 55,132 Horne 32,103 Horton, G. 26 Horton, N. 14,46,55,66,73.78,82,84,144 Horton, P. 32 Hotchkiss 55,111 House 46,47,55,65,72,73,79,85,13-1 Howell 32,90 Howard, M. 55,146 Howard, F. 26,100,110 Howson 26,90 Huddle, 11. 44,s5,73,zl5,l4t, Hudd1e,J. 26,90 Huflstetter 55,82,86,l32 Hughes12,55,109,117 Huizenga 26 Huls 32,81 ,90 Hunt 26 Hunter,J, 39,103 Hunter, K. 56,95,l36 Hunter, S. 56,82,9l,140 Hunter, W. 32 Husby, E. 56 Husby, R. 32 Husk 26,90 lnman 39 Jaekson, K. 56,141 Jackson, 26 Jarobson, M. 26,109 Jacobson, W. 56,127 James,C.56,85,117,142 James, P, 39,81,95 Jensen 76 Jensen-Norman,J. 32,72,80,91 Jensen-Norman, P, 39,72,80,82,91 ,9-1,95 Hansen,J.54,116,117 Hansen, R. 25 Hansen,S. 54,130 Hanson, D. 25,87 Hanson, Kathy 38,95 Hanson, Kimball 25 Hanson, Roger 25,92 Hanson, Ron 25,110 Hanson, T. 32 Hanstad, C. 38,72,88,89,90 Hanstad, N. 25 Harman 26,92 Harmon 54,88,95,135 Harris, L. 26,92 Harris, M. 32 Hartley 26,90 Hastings, F. 46,511,144 Hastings, R. 32 Hatcher 26,81,94 Hauser 26 Haux 38,72 Hayes, C. 54,B3,142,144 Hayes, Dennis 26 Hayes, Don 32 Hayes, S. 26,90 Hayes, T. 32 Haynes 54,136 Hayton B. 31,32,72,103 Hayton G. 32 Hedblom 55 Heffernan 32,90 Hefliey 37,38,l06,107 Heiner 38,95 Heller 26 Helstrom 38,81,84,95 Hendrickson 26,90 Henry 55,85,103,117 Jewell, C. 56,145 Jewell, M. 39,95 Johanso Johanso n, A. 36,90 n,J. 46,56,105,128 Johnson,A. 19,26,73 Johnson, B. 39 Johnson, Carl 32 Johnson, Carol 26,73,92 Johnson, Carr 39,88,89,110 Johnson, Chivo 26,100,110 Johnson, Dale A. 39,70,81,109,11 1 Johnson, Dale 26,84,93 Johnson, Darlene 56,124,140 Johnson, Dennis 32,114,108 Johnson, Dennis 56 Johnson, E. 45,56,128 Johnson,Ji1l 39,95 Johnson,Juanita 26 Johnson ,Julie 32,34,79,80,84 Johnson, K. 32,72 Johnson, Marcia 32,90,105 Johnson, Mike 56,141 Johnson, Morris 15,24,26,l00,112 Johnson, P. 39,80,95 Johnson, Robin 26,92 Johnson, Ron 32,93,109 Johnson, Sally 39,72,73,75,83,95 Johnson ,Shelley 39,72,91 Johnson, Susan 46,56,85,95,143 Johnson,'l'. 39,73,95 Joiner 46,56,58,l-14 Jones, G. 26,90 Jones, Marlene 39 Jones, Mike 109 Jordan, Chloe 32 Jordan, Claire 32 Jordan, N. 17,56,132 jordan, S. 39 Jordon 26 Jorgensen 39 ,Judgc,c1.57,x4,144 Judge, S. 32 Judy, 61,211,100 Judy, M. 39 ,jungblt Jungqu Jungqu mm 26 ist, D. 32 ist,,1. 57,88,95,105,135 Jungquist, 39 Kahn 3 2 Kaiser 39,80 Kamb, Kamh, Kamb K.32,72 41.20 s. 39,72,73,78,79 Kzxmmenga 26 Kenison 33 Kenoye r39 Kent 33,88,89 K1:reheva126 Kester, Kester, 11. 39 K. 39,90 Kibliy 33,72 Kilgore 33 King, K. 33,72 K1ng,1..33,72.s9 Kirkman 39 Knowles 26,92 Knudson 26 Koetje 26,100,112 Koning 46,55,88,89,95,126 Kopp 33 Korlus, B. 57,130 K0rtus,.1. 33 Kotsogean 39,89 Krieger 24,26,90,94,100,112 Kronewitter 33 Kuhns, Karen 91 Kuhns, Kris 39.72,91 Kuipers 26 Laflount 33,92 Lam 33 L11fN1ay 39,72,102,103,108,1 17 Lane 26 Lang, B. 39,95 Lang, 26 l.arsen 39,89,95 Larson, B. 57,95 Larson, D. 26 Larson, G. 33 Larson,,l. 33 Larson. P.73,103,112 Lazzari, M. 46.57,73,141 Lazzari. T. 33 1.eander,D. 39,92,102,103,108 Leander, T. 26,92,108 Leckenl yy 33,90 Ledford, Linda 33 Ledlorrl, Lorraine 26 Lee, Ca ndi 26 Lee, Connie 33,90 Lee, D. Lee, G. 26 57,133 Leeser 57,145 Lellingwell 26,90 LeGro 58,128 Leidle 58,130 Lenssen 26 Lewis 26 Liggett 58,91,129 Liles 26 Lind, D. 26,100,1 12 Lind, E. 33,93, 108,109 Lind, K .58,92,108.130 Lindberg, L. 58,127 Lindberg, R. 33 Lindherg,S. 26.90,110 Lindberry, C. 26,90 Lindberry, D. 39,91,93 Lindber1y, 58 Linde 58,71,109,116,117,137 Lisherness 26,100,112 Lloyd 58,144 Loeken, Loeken, 6.26 1.39 Lockhart 58,95,l05,146 Logsdon, G. 33 Logsdon, T. 39 Long 26 Loomis, C. 59,142 Loomis, M. 26 Lopez 3 Loss 39 9 ,72,93 Lowe 92 Loy 59, Lunde, Lunde, 130 E.59,116,1I7,128 L. 33 Lunrlgren 26 Lundquist, G. 33N Lundquist, L.33,112 Maehin 33,90 Machung, G. 26,100 Maehunghj. 46,47,59,65,73,134 Marhung, L. 33,72,84 Maddox, L. 26,110 Maddox, 59 Magee 33,72,89 Magin 26,100,110 Maguire, M. 39 Maguire, 27,90 Markus, B. 27 Markus, N. 39 Maron 33 Marsu1a39,110 Martin, G. 58,59,95,126 Martin,,1acqueline 33,72 Martinhlaniee 27,92 Martinhlerry27,81,100,112 Martin, Roger 39 Martin, Ron 13,59 Marvin, Dave 40,108 Marvin, Doug 27 Mason, B. 27 Mason, C. 59,85,137 Mason, K. 40,79 Masonholder, D. 27 Masonholder, L. 33 Masonholder, N. 40 Matheson 27,90 Mathis 40,88 Mayhew 33,90 Mays 59,88 MeCarron 27 Nicflarttxr 40 MeC1inton 44,59,95,143 MCu11ough 27,110 McDaniel 40,73,78,86,93 McGrath,-jim 27,100 McGrath,-john 40 McGuire 40,95 Me11rai1h,B.59 Mcllraith, P. 46,47,59,71,73,7 Mclnlosh 27,92,94 Me1ntyre,L.27 Mclntyre, P. 59,811,141 Melntyre, S. 40 McKenna 33 McLeod 59,66,82,141 McMullen 27,112 McNamara 40,72,82 NleNulty 40 McPherson 46,59,79, 134 McSpadden, D. 27 MeSpatltlen,j. 40 Meador 40,103,108 N1edeal1,D. 27 Medeall, R. 40 Meins 46,47,60.133 Mellantl 60,92,95,145 Merritt, S. 60,89,127 Merritt, T. 33 Merryweather, A. 27,90 Merrywr:1ther,G.46,60,78,84 Mersereziu 27,100,1 12 Meyer, D. 40 Meyer, '1'. 40,88,89 Mickelson 60 Milius 27,90 Millenaar 27,90 Miller, C. 27 Mi11er,j. 60,411,126 Miller, Katherine 33,90 Miller, Ken 60,135 Mi11ef, 40 Miner, D. 15,27,110 Miner,,j. 45,60,85,103,121,12 Minor 40 Mitehelle, B. 40 Mitehelle, R. 33,90,105 Mitzel, D. 27 Mitze1,G. 27,113,110 Mitze1,j. 60,73,103,11 1,120,1 Moe, B. 33,108 Moe. D. 27,93,100,1 10 Moe, K. 33 Moen,,l. 60,85,131 Moen, N. 40,72,87,91,94 Mohme, D. 60 Mohme, K. 33,90 Monsecs 33 Montague 33,92,108 Moon 33 Moores, Steve 60,92,133 Moores, Sue 33 Morgan, D. 27,90 Morgan. 27 Morris, B. 33 Morris, Temple 60 Morris, Terry 33 Morrison,J. 33,73,103 Morrison, L. 40 Morrow 40,72,95 Mowrer, B. 27,90 Mowrer,j. 109,116,117 Murphy, C. 40 Murphy, M. 33 Murr 34 Murray, David 40 Murray, Denise 27 Murray, E. 27 Murrayul. 40,72,108 Murray, K. 27 Murray, M. 40 Murray, P. 108,121,133 Murray, S. 60 4,79,95,134 3. 21,144 Musser,B.27.92,113 Musser, K. 40,92,1 13,120 Nakashima, Stan 34 Nakashima, Steve 47,61 ,73,127 Nass, D. 27 Nass, K. 47,54,6l,73,78,84,125 Nel1, E. 61,1 17,143 Nef1,L.27,90 Nell, L. 34 Nell, M. 27 Nelson, B. 28 Nelson, R. 40,103 Nemo. N. 34 Nemo, R. 40 Ness 40,117 Nevares, B. 40 Nevares, K. 34 Nickerson 28 Nidermayer 34,91 Niles 140 Nommensen 28,100 Norrl1untl40,72,78 Norris, G. 28 Norris, 28 Norton 28,90 Novotny 34 Nowadnick,hI. 28,93 Nowadi1iek,N.47,61,92,132 Nul1e40,72,80,B3,93,94 Nurmi, L. 145 Nurmi, T. 40,73,9o,105,107 Nypen 34,72 Olds 40,108 Olmsted, L. 28.92 Olmsted, R. 44,45-,111 ,85,103,108 Olson, B. 40 Olson, D. 91 Olson, G. 28,90 Olson,,I. 1.. 61,145 O1son,J. W. 47,61,70,71,103,12 Olson, L. 40,78,79,72,95 Olson, P. 34,80,92 O1son,Steve 40,101,102,103,117 Olson, Susan 34,90 Olszewski, M. 40,91,94,95,107 Olszewski, S. 28,91 Oosterhol, C. 28 Oosterhof, M. 61,145 Ozaki, D. 28,93,100,110 Ozaki, L. 61 ,85,93,94,142 Page 28,90 Palmer 40,89,94 Park 28 Parker, L. 47,61,79,91,l34 Parker, S. 28,91 Parker, V. 40,72,82 Parr 61,126 Paul, B.4l,84 Pau1,C. 18,28 Peabody 28 Pmrson 4l,72,83 Peek, G. 28 Peek, P. 61 Perkes, Kathy 41,73,95 Perkes, Kent 34,73,103 Perry 41,78 Petersen 28 Peterson, B. 61,106,125 Peterson, Cathy 28,90 Peterson, Christy 41 ,72,81 Petter, H. 62,132,145 Petter,jaek 62,132 Petter,john 62 Petter, R. 34 Petty 47 ,62,95,127 Philhrick 34,92 Phillips 28 Phipps 41,91 Pierce41,l03,112 Pifliath 28,100 Pittman 28,90 P1ummer41,113 Pollock 41 Poppe 34 Porter, Linda 34 Porter, Lorene 34 Pospyhala 90 Potts 28 Powers 41 ,73,92 Prater 28,92 Pratt, Randy 34,88 Pratt, Rich 62,89,93,103,124 Prentice41 Pressentin 41,94 Prestmo 62,85,130 Price, L. 41,84 Price, M. 2s,92,100,110 Pritchard 28,108 Pruyn 34,72,103 Pullin 34,103 Pu1sipher4l,109 Purcell, s. 41 ,73,96,105,107 Purcell, T. 28,90 Quinn, B. 28,90 Quinn, M. 41,121 Raasina 41,95 Radke 62,911,137 Raines 28,90 Vo Rainwater 41 Randles 62,85,113,119.133 Rasar 41 Ravnik 28,93 Raymond, B. 34 Raymnnd, R. 41,109 Reed. D, 3-1 Reed,-I. 41 Reehonrn, Ci. 34,108 Reehoorn. S. 62 ,94, 1 26 Reese 41 Re1l'34.93 Reiman 28,93.109,110 Reinard 34 Reinstra 28 Rex 34 Rhndtshl, 41 Rhotles. R. 34,103 Rhone, B. 28,100 Rhone, '1'. 41.72,82.103 Rite 41.111 Rintlal, Dirk 41 Rindzil, Doug 34.112 Rinda1..1,37.-12.72.73,l03,119 Rivas 28,100 Robbins 28 Roberts,B,34.113 Robertsul. 28 Robertson. Gary 28 Robertson. Greg 42 Robson 28 Rodriguez 44.63.82,87,88,89 Ronken 28 Rood 42,473,108 Roozen..l. 42,106 Ruozen,1.,28.100,110 Roozen,N1. 34,72 Rosin 42 Rnsmolen 28.90 Rount1:tl28 Rttdert 63.143 Ruiz 34 Russell 34,81 Rynaart142.72 Samples,1X1,28 Samp1es.S, 42.72,93,108,1ll9 Sandel1.Ii. 28.90 Sand:-11,C. 34 Sather 63,142 Savage, A. 28,73 Savage.-1.34.73,103 Savage, N. 42 Sawyer 28,90 Saxauer 42 Sehleusner 28 Srhmidt, CI. 29 Sehmidt. D. 29 St'hmidt,.l. 42 Srhtttitlt, R. 42.72,88,89,1 Schmidt, N. 34 Schmidt. R. 29 Schmidt. S. 34 1 Svhneid 'r, 47 ,63.91 .95,l34 Schneider, S, 24,29.92 Srhons, D. 34 St hons, Kathy 63 Schons, Kristine 29 St-hroet1er.,1. 29 Sehroeder, 42,72,81,92 S4'hwalhe63.83.135 Scott, B. 42 St'olt,,I 29,100.112 Seott. S. 42 Seabury 35,90 Sevy 35,90 Seymour 35.88.109 Shaw. D. 29 Shaw. I., 42 Sheppard 63,132 Sheridan, B. 29.92 Sheridan, C. 42 Sibley. Lherralee 29,90 Sibley, llherri 63.92.141 Simonseth 29,100,112 Simpson 29,100 Sjogren. D. 29 Sjogren. I.. 35 Slater 63.144 Slifer 35,72 Smith. KI. 42 Smith, D, 111 ,l, 'I'hontas.,1at'k Smith, Ii, 35 Smith, li. 42 Stnith, I.. 42 Smith, Merle 29,90 Smith, Michele 29 Smith R. 63.1 11 Stnoots, David 35,72 Stnoots, Duane 63,92 Snider 42.72,92.111 Snyderml. 35 Snyder. I.. 35 Soine.,I. 35 Soine, 51. 42,72,82 Soine, R. 35 Sollie 42,72,94 Spane 63 Spiess 42,117 Spink 29.90 Spoelstra. fl. 29,90 Spoelstra. H. 63.145 Sprztgg 29.93 Springer 29 Stalliord 47.63.77,91,92.133 Stalrup 63,129 Stanek, Larry 42 Stanek, l.im1a 35 Stangelantl 35 Stanley 35 Stark, K. 42,73,96,105 Stark, S, 64,96,1115.13l Stein 29.110 Steinberls 35 Stevens. Ii. 35.90 Stexens, D, 35 Stevens, 51, 42 Stevens, W. 35 Stevenson, 35 Stewart, D. 35 Stewztrtul,29.100,110 Stewart. S. 42 Stiles 35 Stoaks 29,90 Stoupa29,100,l10 Stratton 29.100 Strege 35 Streitz 42 Stribling 64,88 Struthers 64 Suiter 42,89,95 Summers, R. 35 Summers, '1'. 35,109 Suntner 64,141 Suta64,85.118.127 Sut hers 64.75 Sutton 42 Svolmda 47,6-1.81 ,91 ,92,108, 1.4 Swanlant129.92 Swanson. l..64.102,103.108.1 Swanson.51,6-1,96,105,123 Swanson. S. 35.73 Swans6n,'I'.29.93.110 Swetleen 64, 108.144 't2tt't, 1i.64,83,95,l27 ,,. alt. S. 29 'l'ally 35, '1'at'ter 42 'l'awes, D. 35 '1'awes,fX1. 64.84,105.132 Iaylor, D. 42,72,73.91,97.105 'I'aylor,.l, 29,92 '1'ayl6r, I.. 64,136 ,I, . aylor. 1'. 35.90 'I'e1lesbo42.72 'I'enbrink 42 I'est-h, li, 35 I'est-h, R, 64,141 est'h.h1,35.72,93 l'essem 42 I'h0mas,-john 64,103,136 I'homson lhornberry 29 I'hurston 65,92. 141 l'itnmer 65,85 lippett 35 'l'okarehuk,.1, 42.72.92,108 'I'o1tart'huk, L. 29 'I'orset 42 Townsend 29 'I't'ainor 42 'l'rauttnan, D. 29 '1'rautman, M. 72,103 'l'rautman,'I',42,l03,l17 'I'urnbu1144,47,65 '1'urner,N1,35 Turner, R. 42 'I'womh1ey 29,100 Urbiek.C. 42 Lfrbiek, Ii, 47.65,73,80,95.129. Vai165,74,133 Valdez 29,90 Van Batavia'35 Van Burkleo 35 ,72.88 'anee 65,141 Vander Sar.Car1-12 Vander Sar. flora 65,95, 126 Vander Sar. D. 29 'ander Vegt. 11.29 'ander, Vegt, 42,88 'antler Wall 42 Van Iiseh 35 'an Gasken 35 Van Hnose 35 151 V. V: V: V: in Ossenbrugqen 42 tn Va11settburg,CI. 35.72.73,83,9l in Valketthut'g,D, 35,8-1,109,111 tn Valkenbutg,S.65,84.111.135 Van Zatttett,1I.-12.84 V: in Xanten. 1, 29,90 Verdoes 42 Vt Vt un hloos 35 apn1'orr135.72.80 Waits 89 1V1l11u'l1Ii.29,100 Walker. D, 65,8 1 ,133 W W W alker. R 35 alker, hlary 29 alker.Mike66,73.93,103,117.1412 Wa1ker,S 35, 5,103 Wallave. K, 66,78 W W Ltllate. l'. 29.90 al1s66.78.86.135 Wa1tncr,B. 35 Waltner, Xlargaret 29 Wa1tnet',N1ary 29 Warkentin, 1' 66 Warkentin, S 29,90 Warren, il, 43.81.8994 Warren. Nl, 371.108 1Valet'tn:ttt 29,7 3.90 1Val1i1ttsott29 1Vatts 35.90 Weiss, 141. 35 XVeiss, 81.35.90 1Ve14h,R 43 1Ve1tlt, 'l', 29 Wells 35 Wengten 89 1Vestettlt1tvet', -13,103.1 16.1 1' 3Vestett1t:u'et', Is. 35,108,120 Wetseh. Ii. 47.66,95, 129 VVetst'h. 51.29.108 Weyers. R. 29.1 10 Weyers, W, 66. 106. 129 Weymouth, R. 35.1 10 1Veyntouth, V. 47,65 White. CI. 43 W W W W W W W W hite. Sharon 35.92 hite, Susan 35.83.93 hite.'1' 43 hite1te.tt129,90 hitt ey 43 t, . irhers 66.132 it-ks 29,90 iegantl 44.62,66,85.93, 103.10-1. 10K W'ier.f1. 35 Wier. Nl. 66,130 Wigner 43,118.89 Wigrett 29.93.100 W'i1t'ox,I1.35.81 1Vi1t'ox,Ci.67.89,103.104 XV W W ilvtlx, K. 67,135 i11tins.,I. 35 ilkins 43.92 1Villn'1l 67,108,124 Willey 43.72 Williams, Il. 29 1Vi1li1ttns. ll, 67,135 W W W W illiamms,Ci.ti129.9lI illiants, ilrett hett -13,72,95 illiams. N, 29.74.90 i1son,C. 67,132 1Vilson.Cf. 43 Wilson 31 1Vilson,Ix 29 Wilson. Il, 67.140 Wilson. R. 35.. 2,109 NVilsnn. S. 67 1Vi1son.1V. 43 IVisetn:m 43 Withtttn 67,143 1Vo11'ot't1-13 Wo11at'd29 1Vor1ey S4,c,7,7x,7v,t14.11Q.t ta 1Votherspoon -1'r.67,11l3.l19,l.33 Wright. I". 90 Wright, 11. 29 1Vright, I. 67 Wright, 1'.43 1Vyt'o11 61.132 1Vy1ie.,Iilene 29,81 ,90 W'y1ie.,loan29,90 Xale 29,79,80,92 ung 29.90 Youngquist, Youngqttist. Vottngquisl, 11. 35.78,79 11.33.116 ,1. 47,m,xt.142 Voungquist.1..29,l10 Zantora, R. 35 latnora. S. 43 ZatttLott',i1. 47,67,95.l40 Zztttuow, P. fegstroo 43 Zeret zke 35, Z i ntmerman 43 93 67 1 The world is in motion, In action, revolving, Made of people, Myriad pebbles, Shifting in a vibrant mainstream of life. Where are they going? To all walks oflife, And many paths over the world, To Find themselves. X .

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