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KC fwffr SKAGI MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON fig Today s Education Builds Tomorrow s Foundation "Today's education builds tomorrow's foundation." These words echo in the ears of each senior who carries his cap and gown to graduation practice. Each one realizes he has only a few days to meet this challenging motto. These few words, chosen by the class of '62 just four years ago, assume a new significance as each class member gazes anxiously into the unknown. But even though he feels a little insecure for a few minutes, every senior, and each student for that matter, knows that the REAL answer to the future is provided here at MVHS where today's education has helped him build tomorrow's founda- tion. Www? ' -:ae 5 R as an N N ' ..... 'EE' i 'sif 1 il! W-...- . ""--....,,. "huh... X Preparing in Many Ways 'wif i i ag 2? R!-'B' , ,Q i ' . 4' Q "lQZ g S I ,W. L 5 smun BEER Girls' Club Hoat in the Home- coming parade .... . ay Our beautiful Chirstmas tree bright- ened the main hall for the holiday SC3S01'1. E-Fe Our heritage, Mount Ver- non High School. 6 They take a break from their class ritual A F. A 3 i 2 5 , ..f...i V 49, Much training and practice are required to produce an expert tennis man. Matters of importance cussed in this play picture. are dis- Noon hour finds a noisy cafeteria. ' . , Few HK... Homecoming was a special event as can be seen by thc crowd at the game. 7 7'W"T1Z?5.'f?'521L. 'q3P52ff59??'5?2'ifL5 TSIBTTLW 51-mm ifijilii ,,..t 7h1 3 ZZV h 'i': Directors . . Students . . Activities . . . Sports . . . Advertisements Content 8 . . 8-21 . 22-59 . 60-85 86-105 106-123 - - f - V W--visuals .-uf' go DIRECTORS The office of the principal is the center of life in the school, dominating the teachings of the four years in highschool. School Board and Administration Plan and Carry Meeting once each month, the school board discusses problems of the public school system. Seated at their conference table, above, are: Halfdon Tronsdal, Roger Morrison, Gladys Larson, Earl Hanson, Chair- man Dr. Harry Worley, Eldon Wiggs, Elmer Berg, Malcolm Glover, Rex Wilson, and Marion Kenney. It is their responsibility to guide and direct the high school district which is composed of Mount Vernon School District, :H:320, and the Conway School Dis- trict. Members from Conway are Mrs. Larson, Mr. Berg, Mr. Tronsdal, Mr. Morrison, and Mrs. Kenney. Those members from Mount Vernon are Dr. Worley, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Glover, Mr. Wiggs, and Mrs. Wilson. These are the pages of memories - 1961-62. This is the year that we first had a thousand -students. Over 200 graduating seniors and over 300 freshmen. f Yes, and we put new doors in the main building - added rooms to the gymnasium and sidewalks to the campus. While the radios are hammering out 'gBig Johnf' the "Space Needle" and the Monorail remind us that John's day is literally past and a new age has come. - They are calling it Century 21. These are the visible records but underneath them we have grown another year mentally, morally, and spir- itually toward the fulfillment of our dreams f and our goals. Rich, carefree, vital - this high school life - these memories - 1962. Out New Ideas to Improve Cur Educational System rw-nf? administration has the responsibility to expand school improve facilities, and recruit the teaching stall. the past year much has been accomplished. administration has enjoyed a pleasant year working to the educational opportunities for the more than one young people enrolled in the Mount Vernon high 0 a well-trained and experienced stall, new instructors have added in several subject areas. classrooms, a complete music department, and a mod- ' library help house one hundred twenty-five additional students of Mount Vernon High School are fortunate to live in a country and a community that offer an oppor- tunity to everyone who will accept the challenge to educate himself. Policy and desire dictates that the school board works un- tiringly with the community and the professional staff to keep the schools at a high level of educational service. The board will devote many hours of additional time this year in planning for the proposed new sciences and arts building provided for by a bond levy in 1960. In addition to their usual problems, the board is joining with lay citizen groups to study means for improving and expanding the curricula. , 3 . gi -gt SJ if l ALMA MURRAY - University of Washington B.S., Counseling, Girls' 1 gyygjjs .,f M Club Adviser. F'-f ssvtt' ' V. P . IKR T C H ice rmcipa ay H ,R owe f - Vice Principal Dave E. DuVall - . ,,.-..,t .,,.. R' M... 1' , a As We Set Our Courses to the Corners of the World - Mathematics "The Language of description" is what mathematics is called at Mount Vernon High School. Successful courses in mathe- matics teach students to think clearly, using their powers of reasoning to face daily life as well as classroom situations. If a knowledge of mathematics is useful only in class- room arithrnetical calculations, mathematics would not be an important area of study. However, it is increasingly evident each day that mathematics has a major role in mod- ern society. People who attempt to compete in a highly technical society must have a good foundation in mathematics, for with- out such knowledge they are severely handi- capped. Thus Mount Vernon High School plans to add to its curriculum a course for Senior students lacking a good background in mathematics, giving them a last opportu- nity to prepare themselves for intelligent ex- istence in our fast-moving society. Science In the hope that students of MVHS will ac- quire an appreciation for several areas of science, courses in biology, chemistry, phys- ics, earth science, and electricity are offered. Teachers attempt to demonstrate the effec- tiveness of scientific thinking, a reasoning process in which memorized facts are impor- tant only when they can support or refute a theory. High school science study is valuable to the college-bound student and essential to students who leave high school and enter a society in which every individual must be well-informed, with a wide basic background in a variety of Fields. Such a background can make each person a more useful, intelligent citizen. xx. L... 'N FRANCES DAVIS - Washington State University B.A., Algebra. BILL DeHON - Western Washington State College B.A. Ed., B.A. Arts and Science, Geometry. 12 ALLEN EVANS - Western Washington State College B.A., Geometry, Chemistry, Math Analysis. AL RAVNIK - Western Washington State College B.A., Algebra, Geome- try. PAUL REIMAN - Pacif- ic Lutheran University B.A., Algebra, Advanced Math, Honor Society Adviser, Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach. We Need Guides - Teachers to Aid Us Along the Way . sxssss. W... G 'A GERALD BOGAR - Western Washington State College B.A., DONALD SUNDEAN - Western Washington State College B.A., B.S., Biology, General Science. JOSEPH NORLIE H- Luther Col- Biology. MALCOLM THOMSON H University of Washington lege B.A., Electricity, General Science, Physics. B.S., Chemistry, Junior Counselor. Dissecting a frog is fascinating work, and if you don't believe it, ask Mark Swan- son and Chris Hanson who are shown here working in biology lab. In addition to such interesting tasks as this, MVHS biology students in Mr. Bogar's and Mr. Sundean's classes study microscopic, plant, and animal life. They start with protoplasm and end their year's work with the study of man. It takes a lot of concentration to get a geometry assignment done cor- rectly, sophomore Allene Ward, above left, can testify to that. Classroom time just isn't enough - it takes a few hours at home each evening, too. After Allene has learned the necessary theories, she will find many of her problems easier to answer. She is a student in Mr. Reiman's class. Working mathematics can be fun - especially when you use some of the devices that help solve problems. Gay Polson, Mary Rygmyr, and Curt Wylie, sophomore students in Mr. Ravnick's geometry class, demonstrate a special problem to their classmates to prove the point. "'h-MN' 65,3-"' 13 At MVHS Our Trails Are Charted by Members of the IVA DERRICK - Kansas State Teachers College B.S., Library. RUTH TORRELL - University of Washington B.A., Audio Vis- JESSIE JAMESON - University of Utah B.S., M.A., Library, Eng- ual Director, Textbook Librarian. ELVIN HALEY - University of lish, Journalism Adviser, Washington B.A., Band. JERRY WRIGHT - University of Washington B.A., A Cappella Choir, Choruses. GORDON FISHER - University of Washington B.A., Art, Ceramics, Lettering, Poster Club Adviser. Enjoying just one of the new books in the library are Myrna Hull and Mike Felt. On the right, Kayren Hammond and Tom Linder are working with plaster of Paris in one of Mr. Fisher's art classes. Music and Art Music provides an interlude in the day of many students who take one class to relax with music. Besides developing musical talent and an appreciation for good music, stu- dents have fun working in groups and learning self- discipline. Students are shown ways in which their study of music can be put to use. Art gives the student the opportunity to express himself with creative skills in drawing, painting, and claywork. Students are acquainted with a variety of artforms and learn to judge their values wisely. To every student, art suggests interesting and rewarding hobbies. Library Mount Vernon High School's remodeled library is being used for reference and by those in search of reading rec- reation. The library subscribes to magazines and newspa- pers and supplies motion pictures and records for supple- mentary classroom work. Library hours also have been ex- panded this year. 14 W adj Facult - with Them We Start a Firm Foundation ii if ! if JOE DAY - Northwestern State College of Oklahoma B.S., Uni- versity of Oklahoma M.A., World History, American History, Base- ball Coach. RICHARD DIXON - Western Washington State Col- lege B.A., Geography, Earth Sciences, Tennis Coach. LEO HAKE - Central Washington College of Edu- cation B.A., Orientation, Head Football Coach, Assist- f ant Basketball Coach. BILL i LEE - Central Washington College of Education B.A., American History, World History, Assistant Football Coach, Head Basketball Coach. JOE MURPHY - University of Washington B.A., Current Problems, Civ- ics, Track, Cross Country Coach. ,ix CHARLES EASTON - University of Washington B.A., American History, Sociology, Psychology, Orchestra. BEN EDLUND -Q West- ern Washington State College B.A., State History, Assistant Swim- ming Coach. History World and U.S. History are designed to give students a back- ground for understanding the world around them. In the former they study ancient civilizations and their contributions to todayis life, while in U.S. History and Government they get a thorough knowledge of the beginnings of our Nation Judy Sollie and Felix Harke tour the world's historical places in a year's course of world history. and the growth of our form of government democracy. In both courses they gain an appreciation for our present day world and our way of life, through the study of what our world was, in years gone by. Joan VanSlageren and Tony Senfl' study a relief map of Civil War Battlegrounds in American History. 15 These Men and Women Devote Their Lives to Our JIM BEASLEY 7 Western Washington State College B.A., Eng- lish, Head Frosh Football and Basketball Coach. MARILYN CHICORATICH 7 University of Oregon B.A., English, Assist- ant Skagina Adviser. Speech Freshmen at Mount Vernon High School take a speech course for one semester. During this time they give speeches and develop poise and control in front of an audience. Their time is spent demonstrating a process, selling an idea, or trying to convince their audience of a particular point of view. Twice weekly English classes are included in this class. Speech courses enable students, such as Pam Mitchell to "think on their feet." By preparing and giving speeches, students learn to speak intelligently, organizing their ideas into logical patterns so that the audience can fully understand them. THOMAS DAVIS - University of Washington B.A., English, Drama and Debate Coach, LESLIE HANIGER - Seattle Univer- sity B.A., English, Frosh Adviser. English The Mount Vernon High School English department teaches students to use their own language as educated people should. English teachers hope to interest their students in reading all kinds of books. Students are taught to express themselves clearly and capably, making their written ideas understand- able to others. PAT HAYDEN -- University of Washington B.A., English. JOAN LeMIEUX g Eastern Washington State College B.A., Speech. AR- CHIE VIVIAN - Western Washington State College B.A., Eng- lish, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach. WILBUR WIGNER - University of Washington B.A.. English. Service Club Adviser. 16 Education - ur Preparation for an Improved Future Languages Latin, French, and Spanish are offered at Mount Vernon High School. Each has a special value. Latin, although no longer spoken by the people of any single country, is not a "dead', language as is generally believed. Miss Lisleis Latin students not only learn the bases of words, but also add to their knowledge of ancient history. French, an important language in Europe as well as in Asian or African countries. is made interesting for students because Mrs. Brooke, Mount Vernon High School's French teacher, is acquainted with French attitudes and customs. French stu- dents enjoy talking with each other in their adopted lan- guage, using the language lab, listening to tapes and practic- ing French pronunciation. Students of Spanish at MVHS have spread their own version of the language they are learning. Almost everyone has a few Spanish words on hand. Miss Hofer and Mr. Fryer, Spanish teachers, have visited Mexico, and can bring to life the old- world atmosphere found only a few miles from the southern borders of the United States. Mr. Fryer introduces his classes to Mexican people and their way of life through slides and photographs he has taken and interests his students in visit- ing Mexico and Latin America. ILA BROOKE - University of British Columbia B.A., French I,lI. VINCENT FRYER Q University of Minnesota B.S., Spanish I,II, III, Spanish Club Adviser. GERALDINE HOFER - University of Oregon B.A.. English, Spanish, Assistant Spanish Club Adviser. RUTH LISLE - University of Washington B.A., Latin. ri, -es fi jf - NJ . , '49 F M, .li sg up L, -,gd was .K :gf 12. ' . ff -QM 5 t L 17 2 A . . f,?tfY?ff.iz 5 "Hable usted espanol, Ann Hoag?" This phrase is just one of hun- dreds that foreign language students at Mount Vernon High School hear on a recorder in the sound booths in Annex 3. These booths are something comparatively new in teaching and have proved quite successful since their installation in Mount Vernon. Mark Sather turns to the writer's "best friend" 7 the big die tionary in the library. When the answer can't be found in a class- room dictionary, students turn to the library volumes for help K x Through Them We Prepare to ake This World a Business Goals of the business department are the development of the basic skills of the business world: typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Students are directed into channels in which they will be able to conduct their personal business intelligently. VVith the exception of shorthand, which is taught at both beginning and advanced levels, most business courses serve as only introductions to job possibilities connected with the business world. Although none of these courses are required for graduation, many students take typing be- cause they consider it an essential in college work. The business department attempts to give each student the ability to choose wisely and prepare properly for his career. Vocations Many students take advantage of the two industrial arts courses offered at Moiint Vernon High School: wood- working and mechanical drawing. ln wood-working they learn to use tools and machines and working with their teacher, complete a chosen project. As future consumers of industrial products, students learn to recognize and ap- preciate high standards of quality and workmanship. Those with interest and ability are shown the job oppor- tunities available to them in our industrial economy. GEORGE MOWRER --- Washington State University B.S., Weld- ing, Agriculture, lfarxnshop, F.F.A. Adviser, HlLDlNG NELSON f Washington State University B.S.. Vocational Agriculture, F.F.A. Adviser. -L. A steady eye Terry Norris and a lot of for all good practices this --., LES COPNER -- Washington State University B.A., Typing, Business Law, Economics. A.S.B. Adviser. CORNELIA HODSON - lege BA., Columbia Univer- sity M.A., Shorthand, Ofhce Skagina Adviser. WALTER KEMMERER - University of Washington B.A.. Bookkeeping, Typing. Whitman Col- Practice, and a skillful hand are needed to guide a band saw, as and Dan Vopnford learn in woodshop. Care, precision, fun carve out each sernestr-r's projects, Now is thc time men . . , Judy Lovelace shows concentration as she familiar exercise in first year typing. BRUCE PARKER -- Washington State University B.A., Wood- working. JOE PEDERSEN --f Washington State University B.S.. Mechanical Drawing, Junior Adviser. 18 xx Safer Place to Live for ow and in the Years Ahead MURIEL GURNEY - Wash- ington State University BA Home Economics Family Liv mg Horizon Club Adviser RODA INMAN Washington State University BA Home Economics NANCY ZIEGLER Washington State University BA Home Economics Home Furnishings FHA Adviser 'ff' sf Q, . Q xt Sew a fine seam . . . and that's what Pat Flannigan is doing in freshman home economics class. The girls start with aprons and develop their skills until they can complete a dress. Keeping slim and trim, Melody Libby and the freshman girls in physical education classes spend several weeks on calisthenics. PERRY BROWN - Washington State University B.S., P.E., His- tory, Health, Assistant Football Coach, Head Swimming Coach. MONA KENDALL - Western Washington State College B.S., P.E., G.A.A. Adviser. In N--u-nu--M Home Economics In Home Economics courses offered at M.V.H.S., girls prepare for a challenging career: that of the housewife. They learn basic skills in cooking and sewing, besides gaining experience in home management, budgeting. and baby care. Freshmen learn basic fundamentals in cooking and sewing, while sophomores do advanced work. Visits from hair stylists, industrial home economists and demonstrators, and salesladies who describe the uses of many different types of products, vary the classroom rou- tine, and liven interest in many areas of home economics. Students are encouraged to judge goods and services wise- ly, because this ability can enable a girl to manage a household efliciently. Physical Education Physical education classes provide fun and relaxation for students. The major purpose of physical education courses, however, is to condition and strengthen the body. Stu- dents learn the thrill of competition, and the importance of courtesy and good sportsmanship. In P.E. classes, the importance of personal cleanliness and grooming is emphasized and students are taught to better understand themselves and those around them. KATHLEEN KNOWLES - University of Washington B.A., P.E., Pep Club Adviser. JAMES THRASHER -- Central Washington State College B.A., M.A., P.E., Assistant Football, Wrestling, ands Track Coach. 19 i 1' We .4 ,. - , 5 Senior English students in Mrs. Chicoratich's class worked on special projects in connection with English literature. Ralph Jewell and Jerry Nelson built a scale model of the Globe Thea- ter. Learning Today for Tomorrow Typing is an art, especially with Pat Wardenaar, Gene Young, and Sharon Bonner, students in Mrs. Hodsonls advanced typing class. Audio-visual helpers working with Mrs. Torrell in the projection room are Leo, Herrell, Doss, Matheson, Helde, Hansen, Gray, Allan, Johnson. Flower arranging was just one of the i projects that Miss Ziegler's home furnishings class worked on this year. Discussing the possibilities of dried material are Paula Snyder, Louise Johnson, and Barbara Raymond, SEATED. 20 an Hands Keep the School Running Smoothl 40 I v F in . Q,-vs Efficient and helpful are Mrs. Herrell, clerk and Mrs. Holmes, Those aiding administrators in the superintendents office are secretary to the principal. Mrs. Shaw, Miss Anderson and Mrs. Van Valkenburg. Students can thank Mrs. Poppc and Mrs. Seidel for the deli- cious mezils served in the cafeteria. so uve on Safe driving is the code of llicse bus drivers: Homan. Frank, Pearson, Donkelnnr. Sligidlc, Husby, Gutierrez, Ervine. Bell. Cofflcr, Jones, Peterson. Wiles, Pollock, Hill, Knight, Andor- son, Francis, Armstrong. Those who keep our school so nent and clean are Custodians Fleck, Nelson, Anderson, Swartts, and Snyder. Seniors . . . Juniors . . . Sophomores Freshmen . . Content 24-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 -ws.. i ,.... M fg, ,:ess,,ss,,.,.l. if X AQ X 'E .ss.-sn fl x p .s ,Q is -' 'Www ..w,,2 - , r 5 "S is shi S. - ,, 451, X 'uf .ss I I 'Q up rs. 11 .-an-mv ww Xmisk se? STUDE TS 23 The modern library facilities are a. popular place for students preparing for classes. We Build Toward Tomorrow Part of the cast for the assembly, pictured above, are STANDING, Carolyn Elde, Barbara Cooper, Claire Slocum, Sharon Bonner, Susan Leigh, KNEELING, Darcy Gearhart, Ann Schneider, Janet Bustad, JoEllen Day, John Dean, and STANDING to the right, Jerry Nelson, Dennis Boner, and Bob Gray. Traditional gold rings with green stones were worn during highschool by the class of ,62 in the style they chose their freshman year. The class pin was chosen in their senior year as a new addition to MVHS class emblems. "The Littlest Angel" was presented by the senior class for the annual assembly before Christmas. Doris Bergman played the Littlest Angel who wanted, more than anything, to visit the Christ child on Christmas eve. She was assisted by JoEllen Day as Mary, John Dean as Joseph, Jerry Nelson, Dennis Boner, and Bob Gray as the three kings, Maureen Finley as narrator, and the senior Chansonettes as a choir of angels. pm Senior advisors, above, were: Miss Knowles, Miss Lisle, Mr, Hayden, Mrs. Chicoratich, Mr Copner, chairman, Mr. Easton, Mrs. Gurney, Mr. Beasley, and Mr. Parker. Missing was Mr Thrasher. Seniors In 1958 the class of '62, the largest entering class in Mount Vernon history, got into the full swing of high school life with Darcy Gearhart elected president, Ann Schneider, vice-presi- dent, Janie Hermanson, secretary 5 and Chuck Gordon, treas- urer. The frosh football team was undefeated, their basketball team was a champion one, and their wrestlers took second place in the district. As sophomore, the class elected Chuck Gordon, president, Mary Mcllraith, vice-president, Kristy Sather, secretary, and Duane Holmes, treasurer. The first members of the class to win their letters were football players John Slostad, Clint Stroebel, and Wes Snowden. Jerry Pelland starred on the basketball team which took second in the Northwest League while the wrestlers went to the state tournament. Cross-Country, a new sport that year, found Vic Rasmussen, Dave Olson, and Don Vanderpol as lettermen. The junior class oflicers were President Gary Stewart, Vice- president Mike Rimmer, Secretary Nancy Swanson, and Treas- urer Bruce Parkinson. From the junior class Janie Hermanson and Sara Sprouse were elected yell leaders and Mary Mcllraith, Maureen Finley, and Ann Schneider, song leaders. The football team again took the Northwest League Champion- ship and the Homecoming class princesses were Jane Cornwall and Linda Carlson. The Mount Vernon basketball team took fifth place in state. The wrestlers also had a tremendous season with a 13 to O record. Jan Jaeger was elected assistant treasurer of the Associated Student Body, and Joan Van Slageren won a special biological scholarship to summer school in Oakland, California. Janie Hermanson and Vic Rasmussen were MVHS royalty at the junior prom. The first sign of the new reigning class was the freshly painted "62" on the water tower. ASB officers were Doug Hansman, president, Sara Sprouse, vice-president, Mary Mcllraith, secre- tary 5 and Jan Jaeger, treasurer. Class officers were Evan Hansen, president, Bruce Parkinson, vice-president, Joan Van Slageren, secretary, and Jim Shelby, treasurer. The Girls' Club was led by Darcy Gearhart. Senior cheerleaders were Nancy McSpadden, Joanne Sparks, Ann Wilson, Susie Wotherspoon, and Ruth Wright. Homecoming royalty was Queen Janet Bustad and her court, Shirley Iversen and Nancy Swanson, and Senior Ball, Queen Janie Hermanson and King Jan Jaeger. The class assembly, "The Littlest Angel" was held before the Christmas holiday. The new year went fast and soon the senior sneak was a thing of the past, graduation night was gone . . . our high school days were over. 25 Leading all senior class meetings are President Evan Hansen Vice-president Bruce Parkinson, Secretary Joan Van Slagercn and Treasurer Jim Shelby. Senior Honor Students Enjo Privilege of Being Six Commencement speakers will be chosen from these top ten seniors, from top: Phipps, Seiler, Holmes, Smith, Boncr, Mcllraith, Hayton, Finley, Bergman, Holte, and Van Slag- eren. Membership in Torch Society, a national organization, is the aspiration of all high-school students and the re- ward given to Seniors who have shown achievement in their studies. This membership in Torch is a goal reached only by students who have maintained a 3.2 or B+ average during every semester of their high school years. The creators of Torch Society wished to honor hard- working students who complete high school with high academic accomplishment, and to provide a goal to- ward which all students could work. All over the United States, outstanding students are rewarded with valued membership in an honorary society with only the highest academic standards. NOT PICTURED Gary Walmer H. Anderson K. Axelson . Benson J. Cornwall Berg tl. Day Bergman B, Doble Boncr C. Elcle Burkhalter R. Etherington Clausen M. Finley Members of Highest National Honor Society - Torch D. Gearhart C. Gordon D. Greenwood D. Hansmann S. Havens B. Hayton M, Hayton J. Hermanson S. Hoag D. Holmes M. Holte M. Husby J. Jaeger S. Johnson T. McCarthy M. Mellraith J. Metcalf T. Meyer D R B. J. K K. Mitchelle Moen Parkinson Pearson Phipps Sather . Schneider Seiler Sibley . Slocum . Smith . Soine S. G. Sprousc Stewart Swanson N. 1 'ndfol-d jf A Van Slagcren Wilson .-. uv" Z' plhlg il! Qwi September 5, 1961-the First Da of the Last Year for f, LARRY ROBERT ANDERSON Boys' Club 15 Football 1,25 Bas- ketball Mgr. 1-35 Baseball 1-4. PHYLLIS C. ANDERSON Girls, Club 1-45 Junior Red Cross 15 Bulldog 15 Chorus 1525 March of Dimes 1-2. SUSAN ANDERSON Girls' Club 2-45 Spanish Club 45 Transfer from Lopez, Washington.4. MARIANNE BALL Girls' Club 2-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 Transfer from Sedro-Woolley, Washington 4. JOAN LESLIE BARKER Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2535 GAA 1-45 Honor Society 1-35 Band 1-4 All-Northwest 2-45. March of Dimes 1-4, Capt. 4. SHARON ANN BEATH Girls, Club 1-45 GAA 1-45 Pep Club 45 FHA 3,4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Skagina5 typist 4. MIKE AIKEN Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 3,45 Spanish Club 25 Oper- etta 35 Choir 3,45 Football 1,25 Baseball 15 Wrestling 1-4, Track 4. DON ANDERSON Boys' Club 15 Football 1,25 Baseball 1-45 Wrestling 1-45 Second in State Wrestling Meet 3. HEIDI LAURINE ANDERSON Girls' Club 1-45 Student Coun- cil 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Vice-Pres. 45 GAA 1-35 Pep Club 4, Drill Leader 45 Horizon 1,25 Junior Red Cross 1-4, Sec.-Treas. 25 CO- Chairman 45 Poster Club 35 Honor Society 1-45 Sec.- Treas. 41 March of Dimes 253. KATHLEEN AXELSON Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 GAA 1,25 FTA 45 Librarian 45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Band 152. LYNN LOUIS AXTHELM Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 FFA 3,45 Football 1-45 Wrestling 1, Track 1. TIMMIE BALICH Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 GAA 1,25 FTA 45 Choir 45 Chorus 1. MARGARET IRENE BENSON Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Soci- ety 1-45 Torch 45 Orchestra 1-45 Honor Orchestra 1-4. STEVE L. BENSON Boys' Club 15 FFA 1-4, Pres. 45 Inter- mediate Choir 45 Boys' Chorus 1-3. DWAYNE E. BERG Boys, Club 15 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 All-School Play 25 Football Mgr. 15 Boys' State 3. the Senior Class of '62 DORIS MARILYN BERGMAN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-County Rep. 25 GAA 1-3 Horizon 2,35 Poster Club 35 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 March of Dimes 3 Champions 3. FRED BERGSTROM Boys' Club 15 FFA 15 Baseball 15 Track 1-3. TONY BIORN Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 1-4, Sec. 45 Basketball 1,25 Tennis 1-4. KAREN ELIZABETH BLADE Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 45 GAA 1,2,4 Pep Club 3-45 FTA 4, President 45 March of Dimes 1-4. ROGER BLANCHARD Boys' Club 15 Choir 3,45 Chorus 2. SHARON L. BOLZELL Girls' Club 2-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Service Club 25 Trans- fer from Edmonds, Washington. Madrigals 45 Choir 3,45 All-State Chorus 45 Thespians5 Transfer from Stockton California 2. SHARON DIANNE BONNER Girls Club 1-45 GAA 1-45 Chansonettes 3,45 Madrigals 45 Choir 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Operetta 2,3. J SALLY BOTTLES Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 1-35 Choir 3,45 Chorus 1,2. LINDA BOYCE Girls' Club 2-45 FHA 35 Poster Club 45 Transfer from Friday Harbor, Washington 2. IUDITH ANN BUCKNER Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-35 Pep Club 45 March of Dimes 1. NANCY BURKHALTER Girls' Club 1-4, Rep. 1, Vice-Pres. 35 Student Coun- cil 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sgt. at Arms 1, Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Youth-Leg. 35 GAA 1-4, Pep Club 4, Sgt. at Arms 45 Honor Society 2-4 Torch 45 March of Dimes 3,4, Champions 3. 29 DENNIS M. BONER Honor Society 2-45 Torch 45 Operetta 3,45 Chevaliers 3,45 Black Suits, Pink Rosebuds WAYNE L. BURKLAND Boys' Club 15 FFA 15 Track 2-45 Cross Country 3,4, Gentlemen Athlete 4. CINDI BURRESS Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 GAA 1,25 Choir 2-45 Chorus 1. IANET L. BUSTAD Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 All- School Play 45 Operetta 35 Chansonettes 3,45 Madrigals 45 Choir 2-45 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 1,25 Homecoming Queen 45 Thespians 4. EDWARD A. CAHILL Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 3,45 Spanish Club 25 All-School Play 2,45 Swimming 1,25 Track 45 Cross Country 35 Chess Club 25 Debate 45 Radio Club 1,25 Thespians 4. jOAN A. CANTRELL Girls, Club 1-45 GAA 1,25 Chorus 1. AL CARLSON Boys' Club 15 FFA 1-4. LINDA KAY CARLSON Girls' Club 1-4, Rep. 25 Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 GAA 1-25 Chorus 15 Homecoming Princess 3. ARCHIE BRENT CARPENTER Boys, Club 15 Hi-Y 45 Track 2-45 Cross Country 3. IAY P. CHEEK Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 1-45 Football 1,25 Basketball 1-35 Baseball 1 4. RUSSELL W. CLAUSEN Boys' Club 15 Honor Society 2-45 Torch 45 All-School Play 45 Band 1-45 Debate 2-45 Honor Band 2-45 All-Northwest Band 35 All- State Band 4. BARBARA I. CONNELL Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1,25 Horizon 1-3, Pres. 2, Vice- Pres. 3. BARBARA JEAN COOPER Girls' Club 1-45 Chansonettes 45 Madrigals 4 Choir 2-45 Chorus 15 Operetta 2. 30 and Crisp Taffeta Seem to Enchant the Senior Ball NORAH IANIC CORNWALL Girls' Club 1-4, Treas. 41 Student Council 41 GAA 1-3, Vice- Pres. 31 Pep Club 41 FTA 41 Spanish Club 41 Horizon 1-3, Sec. 31 Postrr Club 3, Pres. 31 Honor Soci- ety 2-41 Torch 41 Skagina 2, Soph. Ed. 2: All-School Play 21 Or- chestra 1-31 Honor Orchestra 1-31 Operetta 41 March of Dimes 3, Champions 31 Homecoming Princess 31 Thespians 4. JOAN LOUISE COX Girls' Club 1-41 Orchestra 1-4. IUDI CRAWFORD Girls' Club 1-41 Tri-Hi-Y 314, Treas. 41 GAA 1-31 FHA 41 Chorus 112. ROGER DENNIS CRAWFORD Boys' Club lg Spanish Club 4. fOI5I.I,lfN DAY Girls' Club 1-41 Tri-Hi-Y, Vicc-Pres. 21 Pres. 31 Youth Leg. 2.31 GAA 1-41 Pep Club 3,41 Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 41 FTA 41 Honor Society 3,41 Torch 41 All-School Play 2,41 March of Dimes 1-4, Champions 3. AIOHN DEAN Boys' Club 11 Student Council 21 Hi-Y 41 All- School Play 1 1 Football 1-4-1 Basketball 1,31 Baseball 1-4. IAMES ICASTBURY Transfer from Stanwood, Washington 31 Library Club 41 Bulldog 41 Football 41 Track 4. SUSAN ICDDY Girls' Club 1-41 Tri-Hi-Y 2,31 GAA 1-41 Pep Club 31 Bulldog 3,41 Skagina 4: Choir 3,41 Chorus 1,21 Badmin- ton Champions 31 Quill and Scroll 4. CAROLYN SUE ELDE Girls' Club 1-41 Poster Club 31 Honor Society 1-43 Torch 41 Chansonettes 3-41 Madrigals 41 Choir 3-41 All-State Choir 41 March of Dimes 3, Champions 31 FNA 4. DONALD EDWIN DILLS Boys' Club 1: Hi-Y 314, Sgt. at Arms 41 Football 1,21 Basketball 11 Baseball 1-41 Wrestling 2.3. BRUCE DOBLE Honor Society 41 Torchg Transfer from Ellcns- burg, Washington 4. fANIS RAE DRUCKREY Girls' Club 1-41 GAA 1-21 Service Club 1-21 Bulldog 31 Choir 3-41 Chorus 1-2. ALAN ERICKSON Boys' Club lg Hi-Y 41 Choir 1,31 Football l-31 Wrestling 1-41 Track 1, RANDY ETHERINGTON Boys' Club 11 FTA 4, Vice-Pres. -11 Honor Society 3,41 Torch 41 All-School Play 1-41 Band 1-41 Swimming 1-41 Track 2-41 Cross-Country 1-41 Operctta 2-41 Chess Club 1,21 VicePres. 21 Debate 1 1 Thespians 4. PAULETTE KSUGAIU FAHE1' Girls' Club 1-41 Tri-lli-Y 1-41 GAA 1-31 Bulldog 31 Chior lg Chorus 1,2141 lyfarch of Dimes 4. Pencils, Texts, Notebooks and Glasses Clutter the MAUREEN G. FINLEY Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 2-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 GAA 1-4, Pres. 45 FTA 45 Horizon 1-25 Honor So- ciety 1-45 Torch 45 Skagina 154, Class Editor 1, Co-Editor 45 Song Leader 35 May Queen 35 Choir 3-45 Sec. 45 D.A.R. Award 45 Oratory Contest 35 March of Dimes 2-45 Pep Club 4. SAMUEL DEAN FISHER Boys' Club 15 FFA 1-45 Football 15 Wrestling 15 Swimming 2535 Cross-Country 2. CAROL ANN FLOWERS Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 GAA 1,25 FTA 45 Choir 45 Chorus 1. NORMA MARIE GALLIGHER Girls, Club 1-45 GAA 15 All- School Play 2,45 Operetta 25 Choir 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Thespians. DARCY IANE GEARHART Girls' Club 1-4, Pres. 455 Class Pres. 15 Tri-Hi-Y l-45 Thespians 45 Pep Club 3-4, Sgt. at Arms 35 Hon- or Society 1-45 Torch 45 Skagina 45 All-School Play 25 Operetta 3,45 Chansonettes 45 Madrigals 45 Choir 35 March of Dimes 1-4. CHARLENE ANN GENOVESE Girls' Club 1-4, Senior Rep. 45 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 2. GLEN FALLER Boys' Club 15 Band 15 Baseball 1-45 Wrestling 1 5 Cross-Country 3. PAT FARRELL Boys' Club 15 Bulldog 45 Baseball 15 Track 2-45 Cross-Country 354. MIKE FELT Boys, Club 15 Football 1-45 Wrestling 1. GEORGE W. FOSTER Boys' Club 15 All-School Play 1-45 Foot ball Mgr, 1-45 Wrestling 15 Radio Club 1-35 Pres. 3. GREG FRANKLIN Boys' Club 15 Chorus 15 Track 1. GARY FRIEND Boys' Club 15 FFA 1-45 Treas. 3, Reporter 4 Wrestling 15 Track 1. CHUCK GORDON Boys' Club 15 Student Council 35 Class Treas. 1, Class Pres. 25 Hi-Y 35 Junior Red Cross 1-45 Honor So ciety 1-45 Torch 45 Choir 15 Football 15 Basketball 1-45 Golf 1-4 Cross-Country 2. BOB GRAY Hi-Y5 Mr. Pep 35 Chevaliers 3-45 Madrigals 4 Choir 3-45 Basketball Mgr. 3-45 Honor Choir 45 Thespian 4 Transfer from Omak5 Washington. DIANE LEE GREENWOOD Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sec 45 GAA 1-25 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 15 Skagina 3, Junior Edi tor 35 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 1-25 Torch 4. Rooms of Senior Students MYRLIE LOUISE GRIFFIN Girls' Club 3,4, Service Club 4, Transfer from Anchorage, Alaska 3. JOHN PATRICK HAMMOND Boys' Club 1, Choir 1,4, Wrestling 1, Mgr, Swimming 2-4. EVAN WYATT HANSEN Boys' Club 1, Class Pres. 4, Hi-Y 1,2, Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 1, Tennis 3. GARY HANSETH Boys' Club 1, FFA 1,4, Football 1. DOUGLAS R. HANSMANN Boys' Club 1, Student Council 4, Pres. 4, ASB Pres. 4, Thespians 2-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Honor Society 1-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Torch 4, All-School Play 1-4 Oscar Award 3, Band 1-3, Sec. 3, Swimming 1,2, Tennis 1, Golf 2-4, Boys' State, Oratory Contest 1-3, 2nd place 2, lst place 3. BILL HARMON Boys' Club 1, Football 1-2, Wrestling 1-3. JAY HARRIS Hi-Y 2, Bulldog 2-4, Photographer 3-4, Bs Mgr. 3, Quill and Scroll 3 , Transfer from Sedro Woolley, Washington 2. SUZANNE HARTZ Girls' Club 3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, FHA 3-4, Spanish Club 4, March of Dimes 3, Champions 3, Transfer from Sedro Woolley, Washington 3. SHARON VIRGINIA HAVENS Girls' Club 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, FTA 4, Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4. DAVID HAYNES Boys' Club 1, Student Council 1-3 , Hi-Y 1-4, Chaplain 3, Intermediate Choir 4, Chorus 1, Football 1-4, Inspirational Award 1, Wrestling 1-4, Capt. 4. MARY ELIZABETH HAYTON Girls' Club 1-4, FTA 4, Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4, Band 1-4. BILL HAYTON Boys' Club 1, Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4, Band 1-4. 33 Elections, Leadership DOUGLAS HELDE Boys' Club 15 FFA l-25 Football 15 Baseball 15 Swim- ming 1,3. IANE LOUISE HERMANSON Girls, Club 1-45 Student Council 2-35 Class Sec. 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Honor Society 3,45 Torch 45 Miss Pep 45 Skagina 4, typist5 All-School Play 15 Yell Leader 35 May Queen 3 5 March of Dimes 1,2 5 Junior Prom Queen 35 Senior Ball Queen 4. GREG HINTON Boys' Club 15 Football 1,3,45 Track 35 Golf. STEVE H. HOAG Boys, Club 15 Student Council 45 Spanish Club 15 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Football 1,2 5 Golf 2-45 Cross Country 3-4. DONN HOLLENBECK Boys' Club 15 Band 1-45 Track 2. DUANE C. HOLMES Boys' Club 15 Student Council 45 Class Treas. 25 Honor Society 1-4, Pres. 45 Torch 45 All-School Play 2. MARK H OLTE Honor Society 2-45 Transfer from Salem, Oregon 2. LARRY M. HOUGEN Boys' Club 15 Band 2-45 All-State Band 4, Pres. 35 Chevaliers 45 Madrigals 45 Swimming 2,3 5 Operetta 3-45 Thespian 4. IAKE HUIZENGA Boys' Club 15 FFA 3-45 Chorus 1. MYRNA HULL Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1-2, Sgt. at Arms 25 GAA 1-25 Pep Club 35 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 1,2. MARSHA RUTH HUSBY Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sgt. at Arms 35 GAA 1-4 5 Poster Club 3,4, Pres. 45 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 3,4, Champions 3. MARY MARGARET HUSBY Girls' Club 1-45 Thespians 45 Mask 8: Dagger 25 GAA 1-45 Pep Club 45 Horizon 2,35 Poster Club 3, Sgt. at Arms 35 Honor Society 1-4 5 Torch 45 All-School Play 45 Choir 3,45 All-State Choir 45 March of Dimes 2-4, Champions 3 5 Operetta 1-4. 34 Participation - All Reflect a Growing Pride in VHS LEEANN INIVIAN Girls' Club 1-4, Rep. 35 Student Council 1 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 3,4, Sgt. at Arms 35 Horizon 1 All School Play 25 Choir 45 March of Dimes 1-2. SHIRLEY ANNE INVERSEN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2 GAA 1-25 Pep Club 3,4, Sec. 45 Chorus 1,25 March of Dimes 1,2,45 Homecoming Princess 4, Operetta 2. RICK JACKSON Boys' Club 15 FFA 1. IAN B. IAEGER Boys' Club 15 Student Council 2-45 ASB Ass't. Trens. 3, Treas. 45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Mr. Pep 25 Ten- nis l-45 Gentlemen Athlete 35 Cross-Country 3,45 Senior Ball King 4. MIKE IENSEN FFA 45 Transfer from Amery, Wisconsin 4. ROGER R. jENNINGS Boys' Club 15 FFA 1-45 Basketball 1. GEORGIA L. IOHNSON Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1,25 Chorus 1,2. STEVEN W. IOHNSON Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 Honor Society 1-4 Torch 45 Band 1-4. MARILYN IEAN IONES Girls, Club 1-45 Student Council 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sgt at Arms 1, Pres. 25 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 Bulldog 3,4, Feature Ed. 45 All-School Play 2,45 March of Dimes 1,25 Quill and Scroll 45 FNA 4. DOUGLAS H. IENSEN Boys' Club 15 FFA 3,45 Football 1,2. RALPH IEWELL Boys' Club 15 Student Council 2: Band l-45 Football 1-45 Wrestling 15 Tennis 2-4 Honor Band 2,35 Dance Band 2-4. GEORGE A. .IOHNSON Boys' Club 15 FFA 1-45 Football 1-45 Wrestling 15 Track 1-4. KATHY KANSKE Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Y 1-35 Chaplain 15 GAA 1,25 Poster Club 45 Bulldog 3, Exchange Ed. 3. MARYANN KENNEDY Girls, Club 1-45 Chorus 1. DAVID KNUDSON Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 Chorus 15 Football 1. Committees, Planning and Scripts Finall Pa Off LEROY B. LANGE Boys' Club 15 All-School Play 45 Thes- pians 4. DAVID LEANDER Boys' Club 15 Junior Red Cross 1-45 Band 1,2. DEE LEDESMA Transfer from Huntington Beach, California, 45 Girls' Club 4. THOMAS LINDER Boys' Club 15 All-School Play 1-4, Ass. Lighting Director 2-45 Radio Club 3, Vice Pres. 35 Thespians 4. ELAINE MARY LUNDGREN Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 1-25 Chorus 1-2. KENNETH W. LYON Boys' Club 15 FFA 2-45 Football 25 Swimming 1. ROBERT KOLB FFA 3-45 Transfer from Burlington, Washing- ton 2. CHUCK KOSKI Boys' Club 15 Bulldog 3,4, Bs. Mgr. 45 Ska- gina 4, Bs. Mgr. 45 Band 1,25 Quill and Scroll. RANDALL JON KOSTER Boys' Club 15 Student Council 2,35 Honor Society 25 Swimming 1-45 Track 3,45 Tennis 1,25 Cross- Country 2-4. SUSAN LEIGH Girls' Club 1-45 Chansonettes 2-45 Madrigals 45 Choir 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Honor Choir 45 Transfer from Edmonds, Washington 1. GEORGE ANTHONY LEO Boys' Club 1 5 FFA 1 5 Baseball 4. GERALDINE LEO Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 GAA 15 Bulldog 3-4, Circulation Mgr. 45 Quill and Scroll 4. HARLEY MANN Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 Football 15 Track 15 Cross-Country 3. THECLA MARNACH Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 35 Poster Club 4, Sec. 45 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 3,4, Champions 3. TERRY LYNN McCARTHY Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 GAA 1-35 FTA 45 Spanish Club 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Junior Red Cross 2-4, Co-ch. 45 Honor Society 3,45 Torch 45 Bulldog 35 All-School Play 25 Quill and Scroll 4. in the Christmas Assembly MARY PATRICIA McILRAITH Girls Club 1-45 Student Council 1-45 ASB Sec. 45 Class Vice-Pres. 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Sec. 35 GAA 1-35 Pep Club 45 FTA 45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 All-School Play 25 Song Leader 35 May Queen 35 Chorus 15 March of Dimes 1-3, Champions 3. Transfer from Sedro Wooley, Wash. 1. NANCY LOUISE McSPADDEN Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 45 Tri Hi-Y 1-3, Vice-Pres. 25 GAA 1-45 Pep Club 3,45 Miss Pep 15 Yell Leader 45 May Queen 45 March of Dimes 1-35 Champions 3. JERRY METCALF Boys' Club 15 Honor Society 35 Torch 45 Tennis 1-4. TONNIE MEYER Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-25 FHA 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 45 Honor Society 1-35 Torch 45 FNA 4. MARY LEE MILLARD Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 GAA 1-35 Choir 35 Chorus 1,25 March of Dimes 4. DAVID MILLER Boys' Club 15 Band 1-4. INGRID DIANE MITCHELLE Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 GAA 1-35 FHA 4 5 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 March of Dimes 3, Champions 3. RANDY MOEN Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 1,25 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Choir 45 Chorus 15 Football 1,25 Basketball 1-45 Tennis 1-4. DENNIS R. .MULLEN Boys' Club 15 Honor Society 35 Basketball 15 Tennis 1-2. JIM MURRAY Transfer from Burlington, Wash. 35 Cross-Country 4. ALAN JOSEPH MURPHY Boys' Club 1. JIM MYERS Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 35 FFA 2-35 Chorus 15 Swimming 1-4, Co- Capt. 15 Track 3. 37 Bursts of Gaiety Accompan SANDRA LEE NEAL Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 GAA 25 Chorus 2. IAY NELSON Boys' Club 15 FFA 15 junior Red Cross l-45 Football 1-45 Baseball 1-4. IERRY ALLEN NELSON Boys' Club l5 Student Council 1-35 Service Club 25 FFA 15 Choir 3-45 Chorus 25 Baseball 15 Track 2. CARL HERMAN NESS Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 1-45 Vice-Pres. 35 Chorus 1-25 Wrestling 1-25 Tennis 1-45 Cross-Country 1-2. VESTA NOGLE Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Poster Club 4. DAVE fAMES OLSON Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 3-45 Treas. 45 Honor Society 15 Boys' Chorus 15 Football 15 Wrestling 1-25 Track 1-35 Cross-Country 2-45 Co- Capt. 45 Lettermens Committee 3-4. TERRY ORMISTON Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-25 FHA 15 Junior Red Cross 1-35 Chorus 1-25 Transfer from Arlington High School, Arlington, Wash. 1. BRUCE PARKINSON Boys' Club 15 Student Council 25 Class Trcas. 35 Class Vice-Pres. 45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Band 1-45 Football 25 Cross-Coun- try 3. DAVE PARTINGTON Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 Football 15 Basketball 15 Golf 2-4. IOHN PEARSON Boys' Club 15 FTA 45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Band 1-45 Honor Band 35 Track Manager 25 Cross-Country 3. MARILYN IEAN PEARSON Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Operetta 15 Choir 15 Chorus 1. IERRY M. PELLAND Boys' Club 15 Student Council 15 Hi-Y 1-35 Sec. 25 Boys, Chorus 15 Football 15 Basketball 1-45 Co-Capt. 45 Baseball 1-45 Cross- Country 2. 38 the Balloons and Crepe Paper of the Class Sneak CAROL PHILLIPS Girls' Club 1-4: Horizon 1-3g Band 1-2, Operetta 2. KATHRYN H. PHIPPS Girls, Club 1-4g Student Council 3: Tri- Hi-Y 3: Thespians 4: GAA 1-3: Pep Club 4, Treas. Honor Society 1-4: Torch 4: Spanish Club 2,4g Poster Club 3, Vice-Pres. 3g Skagina 4: Copy Ed.: All-School Play 2-4: Choir 3g March of Dimes 3, Champions 3. MARILYN ELIZABETH POPPE Girls' Club 1-4g Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Pres. 1, Chaplain 2: GAA 1-4, Pres. 3, Rep. 4, Inspirational Award Winner 3: FTA 4, Sec. 4: Spanish Club 2,4, Pres. 4: Poster Club 3, Sgt. at Arms 3g All-School Play lg Blarch of Dimes 1-4, Cham- pions 3. DAVE PRUTZMAN Boys' Club lg Hi-Y 1-4, Treas. 2, Chaplain 4g Bulldog 3g All-School Play lg Chorus lg Football 1-4g Basket- ball l-4: Baseball lg Track 3: Tennis 2g Golf 4. TOM RAINES Boys' Club 1: Honor Society 3-4: Torch 4: All- School Play 1-45 Radio Club 1-4, Pres. 1-3g Lighting Director 1-4g Thespians 4. IACQUELINE fOY RANDALL Tri-Hi-Y 2g GAA l,2g Bulldog 3g Choir 4: Chorus lg Girls' Club 1-4. SHARON LEE REED Girls' Club 1-4g Student Council 2: Tri- Hi-Y 1-4: GAA 1-2: Pep Club 3-4g All-School Play Staff 1-4: March of Dimes 1-2g Youth Legislature 3. IEFF RICE Boys' Club lg Student Council lg Hi-Y 1-4g Foot- ball l-4. Inspiration Award 4: Basketball 1-4: Baseball 1-4. MICHAEL G RIMMER Bovs Club 1 Student Council 13 Class Vice Pres 3 H1Y 14 Sgt at Armsl Sec 3 Pres 4 Bull dog 34 Asst Sports Ed 3 Sports Ed 4 Football 12 Basketball 14 Baseball 14 uill and Scroll Lcttermens Committee Ska gina Sports Ed LINDA KAY RANGER Girlsl Club 1-4: Tri-Hi-Y 2: GAA 1: Band 1-4, All Northwest Band 3-4. VIC RASMUSSEN Boys' Club 1: Student Council 2-3: Hi-Y 1-25 Wrestling 1-2g Track 1-4: Cross-Country 1-4: CoCaptnin 4: Junior Prom King. BARBARA RAYMOND Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-4: Poster Club 4. KATHLEEN CAROLYN RINDAL Girls' Club l-42 GAA 1-3: FHA 4: Choir 3-4: Chorus 1-2. ROBERT LEE ROBARGE Boys' Club 1: Student Council 4: Hi-Y 1-4, Treas 3, Vice-Pres. 4g Football lg Swimming 1-4: Track 1-3g Cross-Country 1-2. ROBERT E. KREDQ ROBINSON Boys' Club 1: Hi-Y 1-4: Mr, Pep 2g Bulldog 3-4g Quill and Scroll 3-4g Lettermens Committee 3-4, Property Mgr. 1-3. ANS Caps, Robes, Tassles, and Looks of Pride and Anxiety KRISTINE ALANA SATHER Girls' Club 1-4g Student Coun- cil 3g Class Sec. 2g Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sec. lg GAA 1-2g Pep Club 3-4, Demerit Board 4g Honor Soceity 3-4g Torch 4g Youth Legis- lature 4g Skagina Staff 4. BARBARA SAYER Girls' Club 1-4g Tri-Hi-Y l,2,4g Chorus l. BARBARA IOANNE SCHLAGEL Girls' Club 1-4g Skagina 4, Typistg Choir 3g Chorus l-2. IAMES B. SHELBY Boys' Club lg Class Treas. 4g Hi-Y lg Honor Society 1-4g Torch 4, Swimming 1-4g Track 1,2,3g Cross-Country 1-3. IEFF SHRINER Boys' Club lg Swimming 1-4g Cross-Country 2-4g Prefect Attendance 1-4. STAN D. SIBLEY Boys' Club lg Hi-Y 4g Honor Society 3-4g Torch 4g Football 1-4, Gentleman Athlete 4g Wrestling 2-3, Track 1. CONNIE IO RUEB Girls' Club 1-4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,4g GAA l-3g Spanish Club 4g All-School Play 4. NEAL R. RYLAARSDAM Boys' Club 1. RAYLENE M. ST. IEAN Girls' Club 2-4g GAA 2g Pep Club 4, Horizon 2g Transfer from Holy Names Academy 2. ANN LOISE SCHNEIDER Girls' Club 1-4g Student Council 35 Class Vice-Pres. lg Tri-Hi-Y 3g GAA l-2g Pep Club 4g Horizon 1-3, Treas. 3g Honor Society 1-4g Torch 4g Song Leader 3g May Queen 3g Band lg Chansonettes 4, Madrigals 4g Choir 3,4. IERI COY SEILER Girls' Club 1-4g Tri-Hi-Y 3g Mask 8: Dagger 2g Honor Society 1-45 Torch 4g All-School Play 2g Band 1-4, Fes- tival Band 3,4-. ANTHONY SENFF Boys' Club lg Chorus 1. IULIE ANN SIERVEN Girls' Club 1-4g GAA lg Choir 4g Chorus 1 g FNA 4. CLAIRE MARCIA SLOCUM Girls' Club 1-4g Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 Chaplain 1,3, Pres. 4g lnterclub Council 4, Chaplain 4g GAA l-4g Pep Club 4g FNA 4g Poster Club 3, Treas. 3, Honor Society 1-4g Torch 4g Chansonettes 4g Madrigals 4g Choir 4g Honor Choir 4g All-Northwest State Choir 4g Operetta 2,4g March of Dimes 1-4, Capt. 3, Champions 3. fOHN SLOSTAD Boys' Club lg Hi-Y 1-4g Intermediate Choir 4g Chorus lg Football 1-4, Co-capt. 4g Wrestling 2-4g All-North- west 2nd team footballg Operetta 1,4. Complete Our Graduation ZENITH IUDEEN SMALLEY Girls, Club 1-45 GAA 1,2. SUSAN LOREEN SMILEY Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 GAA 1-45 Spanish Club 45 March of Dimes 1-4, Champions 35 FNA 45 FHA 4. SANDRA SMITH Girls, Club 1-45 GAA l-25 Pep Club 45 Horizon 25 Poster Club 35 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Transfer from Seattle, Washington 1. WES D. SNOWDEN Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 1-4, Pres. 2,3, Sgt. at Arms 4, Youth Leg. 25 Football 1-4, Co-Capt. 4, All-Northwest 2nd team5 Basketball 1,25 Wrestling 35 Track 1, 4, Lettermens Committee 4, Pres. SONDRA SOINE Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society l-35 Chorus 15 FNA 4. IOANNE DEE SPARKS Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y l-35 Pep Club 3,4-, SCC.- Treas. 35 Operetta 15 Yell Leader 45 May Queen 45 Chorus 1,25 March of Dimes l,2,4. JOHN SPOELSTRA Hi-Y 3-45 Transfer from Sedro Wooley, Washington 2. SARA JANE SPROUSE Girls' Club 1-45 student Council 3,45 ASB Vice-Pres. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Sgt. at Arms 45 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Miss Pep 15 Operetta 25 All School Play 15 Yell Leader 35 May Queen 35 Choir 3,45 March of Dimes 1,2. DA VID A. STA VE Boys' Club 15 Band 15 Choir 4. GARY THOMAS STEWART Boys' Club 15 Student Council 35 Class Pres. 35 Junior Red Cross 2-45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Mr. Pep 15 Football 1,25 Baseball 1-45 Wrestling 1-2. LINDA DARLENE STEWART Girls' Club 1-45 Choir 3-45 Chorus 1-2. CAROLYN 1. STONE Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-35 Chorus 1. 41 These, Our Senior Days, Will CLINTON R. STROEBEL Boys' Club 15 Football l-45 Blocking Award 45 Wrestling 1-35 Track 1-35 All-Northwest Football 4. WILLIS SUMMERS FFA 3-45 Transfer from Tonasket, Washington 3. NANCY JEAN SWANSON Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 1,3-45 Class Sec. 35 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 3,45 FNA 45 Horizon 1,25 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Skagina 4, Co-editor 45 Choir 45 Honor Choir 45 March of Dimes 2,45 Home- coming Princess 45 Quill and Scroll. JOHN TAFT, JR. Boys, Club 15 FFA 1-4, Sentinel 3, Treas, 45 Football 1. JOE TEDFORD Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 Honor Society 2-45 Torch 45 Bulldog 45 Football 25 Wrestling 3, Mgr. 15 Golf 2,45 Quill and Scroll 4. KENNETH LEE THOMAS Boys' Club 15 Hi-Y 45 FFA 15 Football 1-45 Wres- tling 2-4. BARBARA JEAN TUCKER Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 15 FHA 35 Band 1-45 Honor Band 4. ALVIN H. VANDERPOL Boys' Club 15 Service Club 25 Sno-Cone Mgr. 35 lVIr. Pep 1. DONALD VANDERPOL Boys' Club 15 Baseball 15 Wrestling 2-45 Cross Coun- try 2,4-. LAURENE VANDERPOOL Girls' Club 2-45 Service Club 35 Library Club 25 Transfer from Spokane, Washington 2. JOAN WILMA VAN SLAGEREN Girls' Club 1-45 Class Sec. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 GAA 1-35 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 45 Poster Club 3, Sec. 35 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Operetta 35 Girls, State 35 March of Dimes 3, Champions 35 N.S.F. Microbiology Fellowship 35 Oratory Contest 1,3. SUSAN E. WALKER Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 45 Spanish Club 4 5 Skagina 4. 42 Be Recalled Through the GARY I'VAL.MER FTA 4, Treas. 4: Ilonor Society 3: Torch 4: All-School Play 4: Band 3-4: Transfer from Nooksaek, Washing- ton 3. REX WARD Boys' Club l: Service Club l: FFA l: All-Sehool Play 4: Tennis l : Transfer from Spokane, VVashington 3. PATRICIA RAE WARDENAAR Girls' Club l-4: Student Coun- eil 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2-4, Chaplain 4: GAA l-4: FNA 4: Bulldog 3-4, Ed. 4: All-School Play 4: Choir 4: Honor Choir 4: Mareh of Dimes 2-4, Champions 33 Quill and Scroll. PATRICK IEROME WEBSTER Boys' Club l: Hi-Y 4: Cheva- liers 3-4: ltladrigals 3-4: Choir 3-4: Swimming 1,21 Traek 3-4' Tennis 1: Gross Country 3. DANA LYNNE WELLS Girls' Club l-4: March of Dimes 3, Champions 3. SIIERIDAN SUE WHALEN Girls' Club 1-4: Tri-Ili-Y l, Sec. l: GAA l-2: FTA 4: All-School Play lg Choir 4, Treas. 4. RUTH ANGELA HIRIGIIT Girls' Club l-4: Student Council 4: Tri-lli-Y l-2, Treas. 2: CAA l-3, Sec.-Treas. 3: FNA 4: Song Leader 4: May Queen 4: Chorus l: March of Dimes 2: Pep Club 4. WILLIAM GERALD YEAGER Boys' Club lg Hi-Y 3-4: Band 1-4: Football 1 : Swimming l : Track 1-4: Cross Country 3. DENNIS If, YOUNG Boys' Club 1: Football lg Basketball lg Baseball 1,3-4. Memor of Class Activities SHARON A. WIIITLOCK Girls' Club 2-4: Tri-Ili-Y Al: FTA 4: Poster Club 4: Choir 4: Operetta 4: Thcspians -I-1 Transfer from Long Beach, California 2. ANN IVILSON Girls' Club l-4, Sec. 2, Cabinet 2, Girls' State 3: Student Council l-2,4: Tri-Ili-Y 2-3, Youth Leg. 2: GAA I-2: Pep Club 3-4, Pres. 3: Honor Society l-4, Sec.-Treas. 2: Yell Lead- er 4: May Queen 4: Oratory Contest l: March of Dimes I-2. Capt. 2: FNA 4: Torch 4. SUSAN MARGARET WOTIIERSPOON Girls' Club I-'IRL Stu- dent Council 4: Tri-Hi-Y l-3: GAA l--11: Pep Club 3--lg All- School Play 3: Song Leader 4: May Queen -l: Chorus 1: Choir 3. GENE B. YOUNG Boys' Club l: Ifli-Y 3--l: FTA 'l-: Choir l,-I: Football l-2: Swimming l-2: Golf 2-4: Operetta 4: Tllespians tl. RONALD YOUNG Boys, Club l: FFA l-4: NV1'C'SlllIlg' l: Swim- ming l: Track l : Tennis l. IIOIIANNA l'VII.HELIlIINA fjOl'GEj ZECTSTROO Transfer from Quincy, Wash. 2: Girls' Club 2-4: FHA 3-4, Pres. 4: Band 2-3: Orchestra 4: Chansonettes 3-4: Madrigals -l-1 Choir 2-Al-: FllA State Convention 3: Honor Choir 2: Ilonor Orclu-stra -l: Oper- ctta 2-4, Asst. Director 4. Seniors Get Honors from 1962 Classmates Senior Superlatives chosen by their Classmates MOST ATTRACTIVE Janet Bustad, David Haynes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Doug Hansmann, Mary NIeIIIraith NICEST TO BE WITH Vic Rasmussen, Maureen Finley CLASS CUT UPS Bob Gray, Darcy Gearhart MOST STIIDIOUS joan Van Slageren, Mark Holte MOST ATHLETIC joan Barker, john Slostad uniors Soon to Become the Leaders of Our School Selecting a tcam of ofhcers to lead them was the first action of the class of 1963 as juniors. Ron Karr was named class presi- dent, Jock Mcllraith, vice-presidentg Hugh Flanary and Ruth Anne Forbes were treasurer and secretary, respectively, and Mr. Mowrer represented the faculty as head adviser. Of first importance in the fall was the Thanksgiving assembly, traditionally the responsibility of the junior class. The Rev. Mr. Forbes of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Mount Vernon gave the introductory message followed by a salute in song to America's history. The junior Prom was one of the social highlights of the year and was attended by students from Burlington, Sedro Woolley, LaConner, Oak Harbor, and Mount Vernon high schools. Thirty-one juniors were on the Honor Society, and the class was well represented in the schoolis athletic events. Many var- sity letters were earned by boys in the class. Juniors also made their opinions known in student government, shouldering their re- sponsibilities with thc vim and vigor typical of the class. All in all, the juniors had a successful year, and they impa- tiently await the arrival of their senior year, and then gradua- tion. Junior Officers for this year are, right: Hugh Flanary, treasurer, Jock Mcllraith, vice-president, Ruth Anne Forbes, secretary, and Ron Karr, president. School work, athletics, activities - all are a part of school life, and members of the class of 1963 played an increasingly important role in all of them. Three Sedro Woolley Cubs were unable to stop Bill Montgomery, BELOW LEFT, and Karl Blade started his famous charge in the all-school play. Becky Miller and Mary Taft, BE- LOW RIGHT, study a knotty office-machines problem. Y 5 .XV at . 3, I TS... T 'M i tg, gr. . 'ix i s-.Q t i- ,. A I. pid , rl er K, " -I e xklj 45 We Have Completed One More Successful Step in ur em: If , Wlff . i WW ' gn.. - w ,- if Y Q '64 4 Q r Qggggiqgfggsgggswsiifgsf .gwzfffpggsz iw- H.,-1 Egg-.M is-f,fmsi2i1eSS:gci 's2?' .E4ff7?55 !f 5 ,ggggr5.if,.s.,,m.,N.Wsffs. Len., U1 izisegggdillf ' i 'if I 1 'Lsq'w7fQff..g ' 1 E , dk, ' ' LE- fmgise. V. - 1' 4 : fe H fp: E35 H: 21552 is - E525 :,p.--: mi: 'Wiiiezilxsjg ' ffl. Wil'-57457 .illlfi "l:5l:5iYQ!fifLfVj ww: . -V we .ws ,Wg is -- 55,5 .fs ww 'Sw - wifi - Ng sl Sergei .rf img., K .' - H ilk fzsviseis . -1 -wgsfwffif ' X T A - wif'-1i'1-S.. -' 'Sw as '. , gi- - l " . ,f f . . 't ,A 562525 Y time 4. .fzgags ei .1g,.,:,, . -1: ' D. Anderson R. Anderson Andrews Atkinson Avey Axtlielm Barber Beckley Benson Bidwell Black Blade Bloom Bowman . is , gg ::: A gflfeili If :..:mev1.. .3,w- 1. , .ww '- -- K A r - ..,-A - . . , f 'as m f 5' W., ..,.,,..,Z fs-..:w..3. ., ,fs if g w..ig 4 si , is SSQXNHXW 3 S les all ss Q , s as s f K M i ' w W N We S2313 la 1 Kim-:ff S , ,r.., .r.., i . SRS --In X is 2 X if f i 'S 1. ,' 4 1' D Brandt Brcatliour Buckner Burk J. Burke R. Burke Cedarslrand 46 Chenaur Childers Clinger Covert Craig Delano Doss DuBay Dykstra Eells Ekkelkamp Elofson .E , ti, ,sf ' '7 'SPE X " s 'P:'., '. :. . i K , '-V' .9 6 I N5E?5M . . K K' 5.5. A f, s Ellstrom Ellestad Ellis Esliuis Fenimore Ferguson Flanary M. Forbes R. Forbes Funk Garner Gildness High School Life - Now We Face a Greater Challenge P X . if. ll, , 1. 2. .... M. - .:,' . X X Wlxlx . s . A Ssgpgisfx 'N Wi 6' X ,Qi ,G f f . 'QQ ss - 1 :ws ' x ., . or. .. rz. Giard Gleesing Godwin Greve Gustafson Hammond Hanson G. Hanson G. Hanson Harant Hartz Hawkins X L K in i. J Hayton Hegdahl Helde Henley Hiester Highnam Hodgins Hoover Hudson Huizenga Hunter Irwin SFS Q 5 Q Q g . S 5 - xx QS MW sea Es , x w Q . A S Johnson Jorgensen Karr Kennon Kent Kerr Knudson a K K La May Larson B. Lec F. Lee G. Lee Lewis Light 5 W- . NN ... wx "X 'rt H LiMogcs Lind Lindbcck Lowe Nlanion Matheson Mayette Supporting, Participating in and Maintaining A11 8- 1 Mayhew Mcllraith McKay McKenna B. Miller G. Miller Moe Montgomery Moore Morriss Mowrer Neil Nelles G. Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Olson Olson Olson Olson Orcutt Parker Parsons Percival Phillips Pock Pollock 48 Powell Powers Purcell Raymond Rhoades Richardson Roberts Roseland Russell Sass Shackleton Shepard Simonson Slickers Skinnell Smaby Smalley C. Smith Bchool Activities Will Be Our Goal for the Future titt ' 'film . is . Q ii? fl . 5. is is iw if E. Smith J. Smith Snowden Snyder Soler Sollie Soma Spear Spragg Springer Stoupa Streitz ' L Strom Struthers Stuurmans Suta. Swanson M. Swanson Taft Taylor Tarry Terwilliger Thomas R. Thomas S. Thomas 49 Tippie Urbick Vance Vandenhoorn Vanderpol Vanderpool Wallace Y' f ,,. X an . xx . I: WVard B. Ward Weideman Wells Werkhoven Wilkerson Williams so :Q 1,- x xx ,, ig , G. Williams M. Wilson Woeck Wright Youngquist D. Younkin Zamzow 1 r .f x . if ll .i as A f. 4 1 . fr E Q at f if Q' N if 3 , ifi, teh at g. ii .1 iii s x si I .. l 1' is ii KVI, lr QE if z, ji. If Ifg Q. f Entering their second year with real enthusiasm the sopho- more class elected their class oflicers. Gay Brazas, presi- dentg Nick Snider, vice-presidentg Nancy Jansen, secre- taryg and Marcia Watkins, treasurer. Interesting studies and an energetic sports program kept the sophomores busy all year. Among the courses taken by the class of N64-" this year were: physical education, English III St IV -- a course in composition and understanding composition, world history or world geography. World history stressed important events while geography demonstrates the effects of other countries in our own immediate area. Able Bulldogs for over a year now, four sophomore boys lettered in fall sports, with several boys making varsity teams in the winter and spring sports. G.A.A. attracted many girls with some getting their white sweaters. The G.A.A. swim team proved strong by defeating last year's sophomore team in the swim meet during the fall. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y proved to be popular activities along with Girls' Club. Class officers conducted most of their meetings in the auditorium where they are pictured. They are Vice-president Nick Snider, STANDING, President Gay Brazas, STANDING, Secretary Nancy Jansen, SEATED at left, and Treasurer Marcia Watkins, SEATED at right. We Fondly Recall Our Sophomore Days Advisers for the Sophomore class are Mrs. Rhoda Inpmanf Gordon Fisher, Hilding Nelson, Paul Reiman, .Tom Davisg' At last Homecoming was here! Eager sophomores created this Sec- fioat showing a Roman emperor, slave girl, and two viewing four dead Oak Harbor Wildcats. Days of work ond place guards all Mrs.,Cornelias I-Iodson, Archie'Vivian,.sJoseph Norlie, Rich- Dixon5'Miss Nancy isli Ziegleryandt Chairman Ben Edlund. storm dampened the iioat parade, school spirit remained undamp- ened for the victorious Bulldogs. Those riding on the float were Jane Mitchell, Neil Jorgensen, Kitty Collins, Lou Inda Heron, , . f X and worry went into the green and white float. School spirit grew, Claudia Henry, Les Wardenaar, Ray Struthers, and Teri Mason not finally the pep assembly, then the float parade. Although a rain picturedy i .,. rsfs we it it ,... or ,MMM L rg p yp . fs. if l . 51 - "2- . an-si" . 2 ' .' i1. .N't Qjiifls ix ffm ..k M . . .. . . . ... a . e. Qs - i f ., .. . or .ss s 33 q i Li - ..,. Q k f ...,-f Q if K - , Q f F, 5 2 ' ""it tf': f et figs . '- its f A t A A A lysrr r- l tll 'l t 4 r r gf t ' i ' I Cal! i I W J .i - sb K """ 1 -1. 3 K . .l it . i :L 1 - ... .sf . '- - A. . . + s xi "it s ssl Q W' -, lsts A f"' "' 5 ll Ill i s is f 'll . is . i es.. s . L e r . . . i ss to v om nr. it i vs ' s resists some flN i . ci r-MCHTFP lN ANI' l NT Rh i' f 50 FIRST ROW: Toni Bremer, Karen Austin, Sue Anderson, Kathy Brown, Renae Aubel. THIRD ROW: Reggie Bratz. Larry Bjork, Bolling, Susan Brooker, Arlene Benson, Karen Branclstrom, Gay Peter Cole. James Bowman, Eddie Anderson, Paul Bergman. Dennis Brazas. SECOND ROW: Greg Cass, Jim Doughty, David Cheek, Brune, Harold Carlson. Gary Crawford, Carla Auscnhus, Carolyn Anderson, Marjorie but Now the Future Hands Us Great New Adventures Sophomores are an "in-betweenu group - not really underclassrnen and not quite upperclassrnen . . . But they have made the grade and are ready to help next years seniors lead the school to bigger and better things. FIRST ROW: Natalie Cook, Jeri Chestnut, Kay Collinson, Barbara Ronnie Eliassen, THIRD ROW.' Gary Downs, Jerry Dow, Gary Chenoweth, Mary Countryman, Jon Anne Caskey, Marilyn Carlson, Clay, Ron Duncan, Perry Edlcr, John Egan, Tom Childers, Dick Kitty Collins. SECOND ROW: Dave Eastbury, Nancy Doph, Peggy Barnett, John Cornwall. Cahill, Vicki Carlson, Kristie Everett, Patty Erickson, Mary Ellis, 51 We Go Now to More Advanced Studies - from Observing FIRST ROW: Colleen Gilkey, Sandy Garlinghouse, Judy Hoback, Claudia Henry, Heidi Hanson, Bonnie Horton, Secelia Holte, Diane Holmes. SECOND ROW: Karen Gustafxon, Loulnda Heron, Anona Hill, Kayron Hammond, Jennifer Hill, Donna Hanley, Helen Hall, FIRST ROW Cbelowjz Sid Greenwald, Pat Eckstrom, Susan Harant, Carolyn Farnsworth, Sue Danielson, Joan Franklin, Butch Hrnicek, Felix Harke. SECOND ROW: John Hughes, Rick Frydenlund, Steve Hunter, Steve Hansen, Rick Gudmunson, Vern Grenier, Craig Griflin, Mary Glaccum, Renae Haffey. THIRD ROW: Mike Jost, Gene Leo, Dave Havens, Gary Lease, Bob Hanseth, Albert Lyon, Dennis Hofstad, Stewart Hougen, Mike Haffey. Larry Fleck. THIRD ROW: Dwayne Harman, Andy Hendrickson, Paul Gray, Gay Polson, Dick Howson, Bob Hayton, Ron Everett, Will Shaw, Don Hays. aw? ffl I I FIRST ROW: Janet Longnecker, Kris Leander, Janice LaCount, Kathy Kamb, Cheryl Lloyd, Kathy Kildall, Marlene Kraft, Judy Lovelace. SECOND ROW: Janet Minor, Maureen McMullen, Barbara Mickelson, Teri Mason, Linda Morgan, Jane Mitchell, Diana Linde, Jeanne Lind, Curtis Miller. THIRD ROW: Bob Murray, Bruce McSpadden, Don Melsby, John Metcalf, Steve Moen, Robert McCauley, Don McMoran, Andy Mitchell, Wayne Martin. to Participating - Leading Instead of Following FIRST ROW: Diane Weaver, Ellen Osterbauer, Roberta Purcell, Ronnie Peterson, Willie Meyer, Ann Machung, Susan Primley, Barbara Plocg. SECOND ROW: Gary Smith, Ted Pearson, Joe Shurman, John Schmidt, Ken Vanderpol, Larry Wilson, Steve Olson, FIRST ROW fbelowJ: Becky Hunter, Trudy Johnson, Louise Jarvis, Linda Johnson, Susan Johnson, Nancy Jansen, Jill Jaeger. SECOND ROW: Gary Johnson, Timothy Lanata, Neil Jorgensen, Phil Kooy, A . I P C1 I Tom Sphinx, Ron Pulsipher. THIRD ROW: Tom Phipps, Ken Rice, Nick Snyder, Jim Oftebro, Rick Sprague, Phil Summers, Fred Spane, Paul Nakashima, Jerry Riggs. Allen Kester, Larry Jones, Chuck Miller, Allen Kwant. THIRD ROW: Brian Jedlicka, Dennis Johnson, Bobby Iversen, Gary Iverson, Bob Meyers, Howard Kenison, Gale Logsdon, Deston Logsdon. FIRST ROW Cbelowjr Cheryl Smith, Alona Smith, Mary Lynn Cecelia Raymond, Marie Rex. THIRD ROW.' John Tellesbo, Larry Rygmyr, Fay Stewart, Colleen Allen, Nancy Stakkeland, Wendy VonMoos, Howard Tronsdal, Andy Thompson, Norm Tesch, Ray Smith, Kathy Stafford. SECOND ROW: Barbara Rhodes, Marcia Torgeson, Dan Vopnford, Gerald VanderPol. Soine, Judy Sollie, Karen Schroer, Diane Swanson, Noreen Starrett, ,NM ,,,. .--, FIRST ROW: Linda Pearson, Lynn Roberts, Gwen Roberts, Doreen Pearson, Darlyn O'Leary. Shirley Penn, Wendy Pollock, Rosalind Olson. SECOND ROW: Pat Ryan, Leigh Schopf, Ron Roberts. YVill Shaw, Robert Swanson, Steve Smiley, Dale Smiley, Joy Olson. THIRD ROW: Rob Ranger, Mike Stangeland, Dick Sollie, Ray Struthers, Rick Shelby, Steve Sprouse, Bruce Schmith, Mark Swanson, Jim Spurgeon. It Was Fun . . ow We Anticipate Our Third Year YVith eager anticipation of their future in NIVHS, the Sopho- mores completed an exciting year in their high school life. It was a year of new and varied experiences. Clubs were formed, leaders were chosen. The class contributed to GAA, football, basketball, swimming, cross country, and track. Hours students from the class became members of Honor Society having attained a 3.2 or better grade average. Student Counci became familiar to the class as the representative governmeni they will lead in their Junior year. At last, they will be Juniors of study began to round out their life scholastically. Forty two i FIRST ROW: Peggy Whalen, Barbara Van Scyoc, Libby Van Slagren, Kay Van Sickle, Karen Van Hoose, Gretchen Van Pelt, Pam Timbrook, Sandra Watkins. SECOND ROW: Les Wardenaar, Doug Wesley, Rosalie Vance. Marcia Watkins, Judy Thompson, Paula Victor, Curt Wlylie, Jeff Tedford. THIRD ROW: Ben Dave Widen, Earl Wing, jon Wylie, Dan Vopnford, George Steve White, Tim Rodriquez. Anxiety and enthusiasm were marks of the entering Freshman class, the largest class in MVHS history, Chosen to lead the class of l65 were Andy Mclntosh, president g Allen Beasley, vice president 5 Joanne Swan- son, secretary, and Mike Fisher, treasurer. They are pictured at the right. All four became acquainted with parliamentary procedures and led their class through an exciting year. The class followed tradition and chose their class rings, which they will wear proudly throughout their four years in high school. The freshman class was welcomed into the school social life by a "slack stomp" sponsored by Girls Club, which was held after the first home football game. Athletics were an important part of the year also. The girls participated in GAA, earning points toward their letter sweaters. Frosh boys formed an outstanding foot- ball team under Coach jim Beasley, scoring victories over Shuksan, Oak Harbor, Anacortes, Whatcom, and Burlington. The Sedro-Woolley game was their only loss. Their basketball team was also a center of pride for the class. The first year of high school was successfully completed, and the freshmen looked eagerly forward to their soph- omore year. Freshmen FIRST ROW: Patricia Burke, Joanne Doughty, Donna Dixon, Kath- Godwin David W Anderson THIRD ROW Dale Davidson Roger leen Grafton, Karen Collins, Nancy Cleve, Linda Anderson, Paula Hanson Richard I-Iayton Alan Beasley, john Bergstrom Paul Borgen Covert SECOND ROW: Paul Allan, Daniel Davis, Darla Andrew, David A Anderson Ragan Backstrom Diane Berg, Kathleen Burke, Elizabeth Bryant, Mary Cleave, Arm Buff FIRST ROW: Barbara Gilbert, Donna Dahl, Gale Armintrout, Gloria Michael Dinkins. THIRD ROW: Dennis Ball, Robert Beath, Ronald Brooke, Linda Carpenter, Caroline Anderson, Penny Arford, Mercella Hardy, Michael Fisher, Charles Easton, Dennis Hardy, Dick Abra- Carlson. SECOND ROW: John Bustad, Kim Flanary, Danne Farns- hamson, Larry Bradburn, Wicher Hofman. worth, Bob Boheman, Jesse DeLeon, Harold Brookins, Gary Allen, We Look Back on a Fun-filled Year, but Go on to The Freshmen were a group of fire-balls, they brought new enthusiasm and ideas to the various clubs at MVHS. They took part in almost all of the extra-curricular activities, including assemblies, clubs and "Y" groups. FIRST ROW: Margery Cain, Mary Collins, Jackie Cantrell, Diane Fortin, Pamela Crawford, Dixie Duffy, Phyllis Durham. THIRD German, Teri Doble, Judy Gwin, Becky Dubois, Susan Good, Patricia ROW: Jay Hammer, Casey Dykstra, David Howson, Marvin Hall, Flannigan, Jeannine Eklund. SECOND ROW: Richard Fields, Daryl Richard Harbert, Donald Cook, james Demeyer, Steve Herrell, Karl Evans, Patricia Christie, Kitty Griffin, Cathrine Graebener, Suzanne EfhCl'iHgtOH, David Loomis. 56 l l FIRST ROW: Linda Hanson, Anne Hodgin, Roberta Holmes, Char- Delores Hatley, Sandy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Jay Kirkevold, Ross lene Huffstetter, Phyllis Holtrop, Dawn Holm, Kitty Hildebrand, Johnson, William Kotsogean, Bob Hill, Andrew lylclntosh, Richard Ruth Hill. SECOND ROW: Wayne Knudson, Gary Larson, Deanna Hoy, Richard Hughes, Richard lngwaldson. Hull, Diane Hill, Carol Hendrickson, Jill Hammond, Ann Hoag, Participation in Sports and Student Government The future of MVHS looks bright if we can judge by the caliber of the members of this year's Freshman class. Their school spirit and interest in athletic events added vitality to the year's activities. FIRST ROW: Constance Jones, Linda Keenan, Nancy Johnson, Cynthia Kaiser, Donna Loomis. THIRD ROW: Steve Johnson, Danny Patricia Lidell, Sharyn Lindberg, Paige Logsdon, Connie Lopez, Ellen Jungquist, Joaquin Martinez, Monte Jones, Kenneth Leander, Henry Johanson. SECOND ROW: Melody Libby, Leslie Lind, Pat Leander, Ledesma, James Moore, Lloyd Lindbcrry, David Mcllraith. Patricia Landreth, Terry King, Robin Lindstrom, Christie Johnson, Our Trial and Error Days Are Over - Now We Look FIRST ROW: Marylou Mowrer, Karen Machin, Linda Montgomery, Pamela Mitchell, Trudy Millenaar, Luana Martin, Theresa Moen, Peggy Morelan. SECOND ROW: Bob Nordlund, Norma Melland, Valerie Meins, Janet Meyers, Leslie May, Colleen Musser, Donna FIRST ROW: Joanne Ozaki, Arlene Nakashima, Joyce Rainwater, Karen Parker, Mary Roller, Marilyn Nelson, Linda Palmer, Kathryn Rosin. SECOND ROW: Mary Russell, Gloria Orcutt, Judy Rothrock, Patricia Olson, Sharon Parsons, Judy Purcell, Pamela Prutzman, ROW: William William Nelson, Dennis Olson, Richard Maksen, Gary Minor, Phil Miller, Edward McKay. McCartor, Carol Miller, Larry Nelson. THIRD Nogle, Marvin Neil, Don Needles, Mike Nelson, Valerie Ruddell, Dene LeBeau. THIRD ROW: Greg Partington, Robert Ozretich Terry Merritt, William Peters, Daniel Pedersen, Michael O'Brien, Cary Raymont, William Olson, Daniel Raines. 2.53 I an FIRST ROW: Verna Stangeland, Judy Snyder, Mary Summers, Jim Rhone, Dianne Schleusner. THIRD ROW: Jerry Rogers, Lee Martha Smith, Susan Stenberg, Vicki Sandell, Janice Schopf, Colleen Ruddy, Byron Rasmussen, William Rimmer, Jerry Ranger, Michael Snyder. SECOND ROW: Sandra Spurgeon, Brent Raasina, Scott Pierce, Kenneth Pearson, James Ritchie. Slifer, Steve Seabury, Tim Rosenhan, Llark Sather, John Roberts, J Forward to New Projects, New Ideas, and New Friends FIRST ROW: James Swanson, Joan Schafer, Candice Streitz, Nancy Louis Spane, Robert Shepard, David Sprouse, Norman Spragg, Ed- Sather, Joanne Swanson, Jackie Shuert, John Spear. SECOND ROW: ward Snyder, Mark Smaby, Richard Sherman, Robert Stanley, Rob- Phillip Schneider, John Snow, David Spane, Jerry Snyder, Stanley ert Stewart, Sass, Larry Sparks, Richard Smith, Thomas Smiley. THIRD ROW: FIRST ROPV: Nancy Taft, Bernice Martin, Katherine VonMoos, derpol, Nancy Wilson, Larry TenBrink. THIRD ROW: Chuck John- Lynn Tarry, Janice Thomas, Janice Thomson, Becky Tedford, Judy son, Frank Skinnell, David Stambuck, Neil Thou-m-. Clrvgmy Simi- Taylor. SECOND ROW: Charles VanAllen, Johanna Vandenhook, ton, Ronald Swcdeeny Roy TenB1-ink, Bill Stuurmans, Audrey Vanderpol, Sarah Urbick, Mary Vanderpol, Andrea Van- FIRST ROW': Kristie Younkin, Rita Wright, JoEllen White, Sherie Thomas Wallace. THIRD ROW: Robert Wilson, Biichacl lVechcrt, Wilson, Vera YVebb, Linda Wendlund, Kathlene Younkin, Cathie Jo Kees Weyers, Michael Yeager, Thomas Wells, Lawrence YVeis. Wlaync Woeck. SECOND ROW: Marsee Wilson, David Williamson, Janice Vanderpol, Larry Vanderpol, Daniel Vance. Ward, Carol Wigner, Gerarda Weyers, Carol Walmer, Stanley Wells, Associated Student Body Organizations .... Music ....... Drama .... Content 62-65 66-77 78-81 82-85 3 Half A E I E I illm.. I Q 3 . 2 3 5 It 5 S' ACTIVITIES just as the main office is the center of faculty instruc- tion, the Associated Student Body office is the center of student activities. Associated Student Body fficers Associated Students of Mount Vernon High School are organized for the purpose of promoting in- terest, assistance, and support of school activities. The student council meets once a month with A.S.B. President Doug Hansmann in charge. First major project of the student body this year was homecoming with Vice-president Sara Sprouse in charge. At Christmas the A.S.B. contributed food, money, and clothes to needy families in the county. By far the largest task falling to the A.S.B. was the All-School pro- ject. It was decided that the mon- ey raised this year would bring a foreign exchange student to M.V.H.S. As the donations poured in the dream took a step toward reality as final arrange- ments were made for a foreign girl to enroll at Mount Vernon High School. The interest and support shown by everyone contributed to a suc- cessful and memorable year at M.V.H.S. A.S.B. officers pictured at left are, top to bottom: Sara Sprouse, vice- presidentg Mary Mcllraith, secretaryg Jan Jaeger, treasurer, and Lou La- May, assistant treasurer. Doug Hansmann, Associated Student Body presi- dent for 1961-1962. A.S.B. officers, below, are LaMay, Mcllraith, Hansmann, Sprouse, and Jaeger. 62 Lead Us in Our A11-School Projects and Functions First Semester Student Council, FIRST ROW.' Wright, A. Hoag, Cornwall, Wardenaar, Swanson, Hodgin, Gearhart, Brazas, Russell, Hide. SECOND ROW: Ranger, D. Olson, Beasley, Blade, Ward, Second Semester Student Council, FIRST ROW: Ward, Brooker, Van Slageren, Mason, Mitchell, Genovese, Wilson, Slocum, Burk- halter, Flanigan. SECOND ROW: Nelles, Olson, Sparks, Light, P. Swanson, R. Olson, J. Olson, Jansen, McSpadden, McCauley, B. Ol- son. THIRD ROW: S. Hoag, Pearson, Holmes, Phillips, Flan- ary, Strom, Streitz, Wylie, Rimmer, Robarge, Gurnunson, Hanson Mitchell, Dubois, Landreth, Frydenlund, Senff, Hanson. THIRD ROW: Highnam, Ellis, Schuh, Barber, Hayton, Elde, Hill, Berg, Wy- lie, Boner, Mowrer, S. Nelson, J. Nelson. 1 63 'Q T ya f g 1 Q fa s asm. f-at M Y fa These Man Important Events All Lent a Special f? W Q.,,,,,-' it . y 'atLMwa1"' i, c n n Pep Club and the Senior Class won Hrst places in the contest for best car and float in thc Homecoming parade. The Homecoming royalty, above, took the lead as the float parade began its annual drive which wound throughout our town. Throngs of students par- ticipated in the gala event which promoted enthusiasm for the game that night. Janet Bustad, LEFT, was radiant that night when she was crowned Homecoming Queen by the A.S.B. President of 1952, Art Dedolph. Coach Leo Hake and Assist- ant Coach Jim Thrasher, BELOW, gave some pointers to our team which really paid off as the game matured. W it r fi .I in 64 Excitement to Our Homecoming Homecoming week, highlight of the football season at Mount Vernon High School, began on Monday morning, October 23, with the crowning of Queen Janet Bustad and her court. Junior princesses were Linda Harant and Bonnie Hodging senior princesses were Nancy Swanson and Shirley Iversen. Among the activities of the week were the serpentine and the bonfire on Thursday evening. On Friday, school was dismissed at 1:30 for a pep assem- bly and car parade. Bursting with pep and excitement, the Bulldogs organized one of the most colorful car pa- rades in the history of MVHS. That evening, during the first half of the Homecoming football game, rain drenched the spectators and players as the team pounded on the Held into a sea of mud. How- ever, the rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the Bulldogs, who scored before the end of the first half. Just before half-time, the rain stopped and Doug Hansmann, ASB president, introduced the royalty. Art Dedolph, ASB president for the honored class of 1951-52, crowned Queen Janet and her Court. The high school band and three majorettes performed for the court. In the second half the Oak Harbor Wildcats were held in check by a team of determined Bulldogs. As Mount Ver- non rooters cheered, the final score Hashed on the score- board: Mount Vernon 7: Oak Harbor 0. The class of 1952 was honored at a tea in the library and for the students, the exciting week came to a close with the homecoming dance, 'gRed Sails in the Sunsetf, Chairman of Homecoming was Sara Sprouse, ASB vice president. The presentation of the Homecoming royalty at half-time was a moment of sheer excitement for these five girls. They looked radiant as they rode the beautifully decorated float towards the Coronation platform. A A lg.. ik. 5 X r,-' 1" 7' ig.. janet Bustad lent a special air of regality when she reigned as queen over our Homecoming festivities. Chosen to reign with her were Nancy Swanson, senior princess, Linda Harant, junior princess, Bonnie Hodgin, junior princess, and Shirley Iverson, senior princess. K ff -4-like A fi' -fs A 2 Girls' Club Members Work Hard During the Ye Girls' Club officers for this year were, STANDING: Jane Cornwall, treas- urer, Kristi Leander, secretary, and SEATED, Getty Hanson, vice presi- dent, and Darcy Gearhart, president. The Girls' Club Council, under the leadership of President Darcy, in- cluded: Cahill, Moore, Bergman, Cornwall at table left, and Hanson, Leander, Genovese, and Eide SEATED at table right. MVHS Girls' Club, led this year by President Darcy Gearhart and her fellow officers Jane Cornwall, Kristi Leander, and Getty Hanson, began the active year with the annual BoGi HaPa. During Homecoming, the group held a tea in the library for the graduates of 1952. Girls' Club mem- bers lilled Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. The Club also con- tributed to the all-school project, earning money with successful car washes and bake sales. The traditional Christmas program, complete with carol singing, candy canes, Santa Claus, and Christmas baskets was carried out. Members presented their annual Sweetheart dance and donated to the March of Dimes through their interclass Basketball games. The winners in these contests were judged for costuming originality, sportsmanship, and scoring ability. With spring, club members began to plan for the Girls' Club, Tolo and for the climax of each year's activities: the Mothers' Tea. At this afternoon gathering of girls and their mothers a fashion show, entertainment, and installation of new ofhcers is featured. With the tea, ended a busy pro- ductive year for the Girls' Club of MVHS. Seniors celebrating their March of Dimes victory over the Freshmen are, FIRST ROW: Raymond, Wardenaar, Mamach, Mary Husby. SECOND ROW: Marsha Husby, Poppe, Day, Burkhalter, Barker, Slocum, Bergman, Finley, Smith, Gearhart. 'IQ' 21' Their Activities Are Variedg Accomplishments Man BELOW are the Girls, .and Boys' State representatives for 1961-62: Doug Hansmann, Lou LaMay, Ann Wilson, Joan Van Slageren, and Dwayne Berg. ..t. t ice c K 3 . iz - . .:-:.f Q wfix: it it P J 3 g it is ABOVE are Sweetheart Queen and King, Ruth Wright and Jeff Rice. At LEFT are the Prince and Princess, Jerry Pelland and Nancy McSpad- den. mp-, Wg, ABOVE, juniors and freshmen contend for a place in finals in the March of Dimes games. BELOW are the Gladiators, a school band, who entertained at a Girls' Club meeting. 67 Girls Athletic Association Volleyball Champions Marilyn Poppe, Mary Beth Light, Joan Bar- ker, STANDING, and Cheri Smith, Ger- ene Williams, and Dor- othy Dodd, KNEEL- ING. Swimming awards for the year were presented to Vickie Carlson, Peg- gy Cahill and Karen Austin. Vice-president Ann Russell, President Maureen Finley and Secretary-treasurer Bev. Hunter were the 1962 GAA officers. Hiking in the Cascades, winter ski trips and a new constitution helped to make 1962 a full year for the Girls' Athletic Association. A cabinet was formed and a constitution written to assist the rapidly growing club. Pro- ceeds from the presentation of the Cornish Ballet of Seattle went to the all- school project. Members enjoyed their swimming, volleyball, bowling, bas- ketball, badminton, and baseball and so earned their school letter sweaters. High score bowlers were Kay VonMoos and Jill Jaeger, BELOW LEFT. joan Barker, Marilyn Poppe, Cheri Smith, Gerene Williams, Judy Purcell, and Jill Jaeger, BELOW, were members of the newly formed GAA Council. Joan Franklin and Jan- ice Schopf, not pictured, were also members. 68 Superior Grades Reward Students in Honor Society Students whose grade point is 3.2, or above, are eligible to join the Mount Vernon High School Honor Society. This large organization is made up of the "top" sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year President Duane Holmes, Secretary- Treasurer Heidi Anderson, and Vice-president Mike Lewis, right, have made the Honor So- ciety a hardworking active group - one of which its members are proud. These students, who wear those tiny white pins, banded with green, participated in many Student Body activities. They took over the concessions at one of the basketball games and hosted their annual exchange dinner with Hon- or Society members from Sedro VVoolley High School. T39 ,,.c, Members of Junior Honor Society, SEATED: Forbes, Beckley, Knud- Ward, Hayton, Olson, Schuh, Light, Smith, Greve, Thomas, Jor- son, Snowdon, Bidwell, Hunter, Roseland, Wright, Godwin, Hegdahl, gensen, R. Forbes, Hawkins. Brandt. STANDING: Hanson, Lewis, Soler, Karr, Gleesing, Blade, Sophomore Honor Society members, below, are SEATED: Holte, V Carlson, Pollock, Linn, M. Carlson, L. Johnson, Van Scyoc, Soine Heron, Mitchell, Lloyd, Erickson, Van Sickle. STANDING: Bra zas, Clausen, Danielson, R. Olson, Van Slageren, Jansen, Wardenaar, Brandstrom, Hayton, Holmes, Hanson, Schroer, Jorgenson, S. Olson Tesch, Peterson, Spink, Miner, Cole, Greenewald, Osterbauer, Loss Longneeker, Thompson. 69 Yell Team and Pep Club Members oined Forces lk D 44315 Shown in formation are the MVHS cheerleaders Son leaders plctured ABOVE LEFT are Wotherspoon Wright Olson and Nelles Yell leaders BELOW RIGHT are McSpadden Wilson and Sparks Bubbhng and bouncmg with enthusiasm, the MVHS cheerleaders build school spirit and see that the teams which represent the school in all athletic events never lack support. They are chosen by the student body to conduct yell sessions and to lead the cheering at every game. wif 70 to Promote School Spirit for All School Activities Bright green skirts with matching weskits and mon- V ogrammed blouses distinguish the upperclass girls in the Mount Vernon High School Pep Club. This active organization promotes enthusiasm for all MVHS activities and creates interest and pride in the schoolis athletic events. The girls planned their outfits and organized their busy program for the school year during regular summer meetings, ably led by President Jo Ellen Day, Vice President Jane Hermanson, Secretary Shirley Iverson, and Treasurer Kathy Phipps. Pep Club has helped the school by supporting team efforts and by contributing to the all-school project with funds earned in money-making proj- ects. Poster painting and co-operating with the cheer leaders' actixities also take the time of this group which works as a team to keep school spirit and quality at a high level. Pep Club ofhcers. FIRST ROW: Janie Hermanson, Jolillen Day, Shirley Iversen. SECOND ROW: Cherie Smith, Nancy Burkhalter, Kristy Sather, Heidi Ander- son. Forming an "BI" are Pep Club members Schneider, Mclllraith, Sollie, Kennon, Roseland, Wright, M. Forbes, Beckley, Pock, Blade, Childers, Simonson, Gearhart, Burkhalter, Reed, Sather, Greenwood Sprouse, Hennanson, Sass, Skinnel, Jones, Hunter, Iverson, Phipps? Anderson, St. jean, S. Smith, VanSlageren, Slocum, Burkland, Walker, Helde, Swanson, Moore, C. Smith, Giard, Williams, Knudson, Soma Husby, Beath, Gleasing, Lowe, Cornwall, and Inman. In the "V" are Day, Swanson, Finley, Harant, Lindbeck, Sheppard, Ellestad Bidwell, Ferguson, R. Forbes, Bloom, Bustad, Greve, Woeck, Buckner, Genovese, and Miller. Clubs for Fun, for Learning, and for Service - Senior Hi,Y Officers: BACK ROW, Treasurer Olson, Secretary Tres. Altus officers, FRONT ROW: President Slocum, Vice- Bjom, Chaplain Prutzman. FRONT Row, Dills, Vice-President Pfesldem Anderson, Sgt'-at-Afms Svfouse- SECUND R0Wf Reba,-ge, president Rimmer. Chaplain Wardenaar, Secretary Greenwood, Treasurer Crawford. Four active Tri-Hi-Y groups W Tres Altus, Coble, Brannigan, and Sherwood - are sponsored by the YMCA. They strive to build and extend high standards of Christian character and create inter- est in the activities offered by the YMCA. Mem- bers of these groups look forward to many activ- ities, the chief of which are the annual Pre-Youth Legislature and the Senior Citizens' Christmas Party. Cutting and selling wood and collecting scrap met- al were two of the ways in which this year's Senior Hi-Y worked to earn money to donate to the worthy causes which they support. Sponsored by the YMCA, the group worked hard on school projects and YMCA activities. ia -9 Spanish Club officers, ABOVE, are McCarthy, Jorgensen, Poppe, Greve, and Hunter. Horizon Club officers, pictured at the LEFT, are Cain, Brazas, Light, and Thompson. Spanish students now find a practical use for their second language - in their own club, run with a flair for the Mexican customs and traditions with which the clubfs ad- visers, Mr. Fryer and Miss Hofer, are so familiar. The Spanish Club, although new, has had a busy beginning. The officers were: Marilyn Poppe, president, Terry Mc- Carthy, vice presidentg Melody Greve, secretary, Carol Jor- gensen, treasurerg and Bev Hunter, sergeant at arms. Again this year Horizon Club proved to be an important member of the community. Always ready to give energy and ideas to civic and school functions, Horizon Club helped to keep our school strong. Keeping things running smoothly in this important club were: Mary Beth Light, president 3 Judy Thompson, vice president, Gay Brazas, secretary, and Marjorie Cain, treasurer. Service Club oflicers are: Grenier, Smith, and Schuman. 5 U1 as ru C7 C D ro 'U r-s O 5 C Fl' cb CD 3' n sw CL rn 5. n as D CL U3 O Q. 3 U1 D Fi' 57 C 2. sw U5 5 aww Www Q 2 Z , QU Mill i w - x 2 Y Poster Club oflicers are: Marnach, Van Pelt, Hill, and Husby. of the Debate team dis this year's topic with Mr. are. Leander, Landreth Johnson, Mitchell, Rud- VVardenaar, Phillips, and bers of the active Junior Cross Fund Drive are: ROW: Rygmyr, McCar- , Anderson, Nelles, and Olson. ROW: Gordon, More- Thompson, Stewart, Wylie, and Bustad. 1 Mfr 73 35332503-5Q?E'EE3f,T55C P-s ,., -sm Op-'vi 8-'em--9-I C'9,6'gx45F!'1-J-rr GH, S. U' :---fvcsffiiw Q,OB:r.E'2S .-+cnON5' UWB. s'1"E.g5g:'2g"'fE.7f3 vang? CLD- 80 5 r:.U1,-,Fi N .-,.. PUUQ Q0 ' :sc-65.59 21555 mgggsw nC:7",...t'Ds-450m Ds--main CD'-lifn'-D-FD E'-1 3 OO'-1 ,MQ-X40 AJUQ gn .-'rug-L no ani' 551 gwm :H Et: Emiga gag? QGSHQ ,U . 3 fp- cbUQ'-Vgfvggo gE":'5g 'meg'-+'-s2'G'E',-mgw N20-AQUQQ. P+ n-an F-1 FQ'-'H' S.-'woo sv 55 i5w05S: Wuxi? eg: OS em me-Q5 R 9235-SE"S"'1:Hs :-Biff S. D"3"'S"L -1-2.52.5 Szgsgg iwaafaisas sages very capable advisers were Mrs. ournalists Work Hard to Prepare and Record a Two of the busiest students in MVHS each year are Skagina ed- itors. This year was no exception and Nancy Swanson and Mau- reen Finley were frequently seen hurrying from place to place to line up pictures or get informa- tion. The two young editors at- tended a three-day conference for annual editors .in Bothell last t '1'i- t V " 1. summer. The information ob- it A tained there has been a valuable E asset to the girls this year. ' t'f' Seen almost as frequently as the ay H editors throughout the year was lValter Jackson, the Skagina pho- V tographer, who covered all of the school's actixiities. The staff's two s' tiit s i1" Hodson and Mrs. Chicoratich. . --:..::-s.f,:s-4. .,,. is ..i'!i"9fi t Y - , if 1, ' sjtfxf if il ' 35, UQ 5 ,568 as 'B fc V, 5 f-we si 'tn ,- is Qt ,aaa M ag, 1, M251 , W Q5 5 2, ,St 8 if fx 2 in-i i-M4 J' 5 ,Iii S as si ,i,..-v" Nancy Swanson Maureen Finley Co-Editor Co-Editor 1962 brought a change in the Mr. Vernon yearbook, begin- ning with a larger book whose theme was taken from the futuristic senior class motto, 'iToday,s Education Builds Tomorrowis Foundation. The assistance of the Y'Valter Jackson Studios, the Skagina staff, and Mrs. Hodson and Mrs. Chicoratich, advisers, is acknowledged by the editors. Above are: Koskiy Phipps, Checking last minute details for a deadline are Rimrner, Finley, Koski, and Swanson. Rimmer, and Sather, Making up the 1962 yearbook staff this year were, FRONT ROW: Hermanson, typist, Schlagel, typist, Sather, senior editor, Collins, sophomore editor, Phipps, copy editor, Walker, business. SECOND ROW: Finley, editor, N. Swanson, editor, Beath, typist, J. Swanson, ,..,..M--Q-P freshman editor, Rimmer, sports editor, Blade, junior editor, Eddy, business, Koski, business, Mrs. Chicoratich, adviser, Mrs. Hodson, adviser. Treasure of Memories in Skagina and Bulldog Pages Quill and Scroll is a national honorary organi- zation for high school journalists. Members must have written 300 inches of copy for a school publication and have been recom- mended for membership by the secretary- treasurer of the organization. Membership is open to any junior or senior journalist pro- viding he has met these requirements. Symbol of its fighting teams, the BULLDOG is also the oliicial Mount Vernon High School newspaper. It is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association, Pacihc Slope School Press, and International Quill and Scroll. Pat Wfardenaar, editor-in-chief, had Mike Rimmer, Casey Jones, Patti Childers N J Joe Tedford and Geraldine Leo on her editor- ' ial Staff. Mr. Jameson was the adviser. Quill 8: Scroll members, SEATED: N. Swanson, Eddy, McCarthy, M. Jones, P Wardenaar. STANDING: Finley, Robinson, Rimmer, Koski. ...un nn M ,png is - I.-Q. . . . 5 i . ,. ,f I, U, ,. . wwf' A X-5 . .A sexy: it Capable and emciem Bulldog Editor, Pat Wal-denaar Editorial Staff: P. Wardenaar, Koski, Eddy, Rimmer, M. Jones. busily types copy for the school paper. Meeting deadlines for the 1962 Bulldog were, FRONT ROW: Wardenaar, Eddy, Jones, Childers, Franklin, Leo, and Ryan. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jameson, adviser, Tedford, Rimmer, Koski, Farrell, and Robinson. FHA officers: Wilkerson, Gleesing, Holte, Beath, Soma, and Meyers. . .ww gVN" if 'SToward new horizonsn is the motto that guides Future Homemakers of America to their many goals. Upper- most in the minds of FHA members is the desire that future homes will be stronger, more smoothly run and bet- ter able to face the future. Until Miss Nancy Ziegler came to Mount Vernon High there was no lo- cal chapter, but in the past two years FHA has become one of the more ac- tive groups on the campus. Helping to lead this civic and school-minded club are Sharon Beath, president g Lynn Soma, vice president 5 Tonnie Meyers, secretary-treasurer, Secelia Holte, reporter, Mary Jean Gleesing, historian and Frances Wilkerson, parliamentarian. VHS Students Prepare for Their Futures in Celebrating their thirtieth year at MVHS, the Future Farmers of America Chapter is still help- ing to train boys in the most mo- dern techniques of fanning. The group's aims are to promote bet- ter scholarship, leadership, character development, sportsman- ship, cooperation, service, organ- ized recreation, and patriotism while emphasizing the impor- tance of the most advanced agri- cultural practices. Oflicers this year were Steve Ben- son, president 3 Leroy Werkhoven, vice president, Stanley Nelson, secretary, John Taft, treasurer, Gary Friend, reporter, and Don McM0ran sentinel. --f-a..,,g . ,k,.,.k, k , Ei L2 Above Benson Mr Nelson adviser Jennings Nelson and Flsher FFA officers: Werkhoven, Benson,Friend Nelson, and McMoran. Future Teachers of America, a newly formed club at Mt. Vernon High, was capably lead through its first year by Karen Blade, president, Randy Ether- ington, vice president 5 Marilyn Poppe, secretary, Gary Walmer, treasurer 5 and Kathleen Axelson, librarian. Mem- bers of the group are interested in teaching as a profession. They plan to work with teachers here and in the elementary school and eventually in- terest more students in the planning for a teaching career. F.T.A. ofiicers pictured are Etherington, Poppe, Blade. STANDING are Axelson and Walmer. Homes, Farms, Schools, and Musical Crganizations Girls' Chorus members are: FIRST ROW: Carlson, Rosin, Morelan, J. Vincent, Good, Swanson, Logsdon, C. Snyder, J. Snyder, Dixon, Libby, Eliasson. SECOND ROW.' Ham- mond, Huffstetter, Schafer, Carpen- ter, Kaiser, Younkin, D. Pearson, Brooke, Millenaar, Arford, Wright, Strege, L. Hanson, Machin, Mitch- ell, Jones, Stangeland. THIRD ROW: Urbick, Sandell, Lind, Wendland, Co- ert, Farnsworth, Loomis, C. Johnson, urke. Members of Mr. Wright's interme diate choir are: FIRST ROW: Ever- ett, Benson, Whalen, Randall, Balich C. Anderson, Percival, Young, Lind Hammond, Powers, S. Benson Haynes, Slostad, Axthelm. SEC- OND ROW: Druckrey, Slickers Whitlock, M. Pearson, M. Johnson Nelson, Starrett, Lovelace, Watkins Schopf, Stewart, LaCount, Hanson I Harant, L. Pearson, Limoges, Ches- nut, Roberts, DeLano, Manion, Rob- erts, Irwin, S. Johnson, McKay, Fa- hey, Simonson. vii , .ja M Sounds of Music Fill the Air as Mount Vernon High In almost constant demand for both school and community activities are the Chansonettesg Elde, Roseland, Cooper, Zegstroo, Johnson, Schneider, Bonner, McMullen, Hansen, Lee, Slocum, Bustad, Gearhart. 78 School Choral Groups join in Close Harmon There was an entirely 'inew lookn to the choral department at MVHS this year. Mr. Wright, new director, established three mixed choruses that proxide val- uable experience in choral work for many students. The young people taking part in these classes are aiming toward membership in the school's select, a cappella choir, which has a permanent membership of 65. In addition to teaching choral work, Mr. lVright attempts to in- crease his students, appreciation of all types of music while learn- ing the basic skills of reading and understanding common musical terms. The Chansonettes and Chevaliers are picked groups of vocalists, who play an important part in the schools musical program. Estab- lished for many years, the Chan- sonettes have an enviable repu- tation. Performing for the first time this year, the Ghevaliers show promise of achieving a like reputation. , A The newly-organized Chevaliers are the male counterpart of the girls choral group They are Lee, Gray, Highnam, Richardson, Hougen Boner Sprague Olson V1nderPol Webster FIRST ROW: Jarvis, Coo- per, Leigh, Bustad, Smith Schroer, Rindal, Galligher Bonner, Clinger, Ekkel- kamp, Schneider, Finley Swanson, Huizenga, Hoo- ver, Elde. SECOND ROW. Inman, Lindbeck, Slocum Henry, Kildall, Erickson Wardenaar, Stewart, Pol- lock, Husby, Sjewen, Mc- Mullen, Bottles, Johnson 3 Eshuis, Sprouse, Boner, Sprague, Eddy, Swanson Hanson. THIRD ROW: Gray, Iversen, Iverson, Ai- ken, Vander Pol, Stave, An- derson, Highnam, Fleck, El- iassen, McKenna, Huff, Blanchard, Frydenlund, Nel- son, Gray, Moen, Roberts, Sjerven, Richardson. 79 Melod Fills the Air When MVHS Band and Orchestra Band Members are, FIRST ROW: G. Brazas, M. Soine, E. Godwin, D. Loss, M. Carlson, L. Ranger, J. Clausen, M. Hayton, C. Brandt, S. Johnson, God- win. SECOND ROW: D. Hollenbeck, E. Osterbauer, J. Ozaki, B. Tucker, Hay- ton, J. Ranger, J. Hiester, R. Jewell, R. Clausen, F. Spane, J. Eells, S. Thomas. THIRD ROW.' B. Yeager, J. Matheson, J. Seiler, H. Walmer, J. Bergstrom, D. Hofstad, L. Beckley, P. Ryan, N. Wilson, A. Russell, S. Hougen. Band Members are, FIRST ROW: R. Harbert, H. Brookins, D. Anderson, B. Schuh, L. Hougen, K. Lean- der, L. Wardenaar. SEC- OND ROW: R. Hanseth, P. Summers, J. Spurgeon, P. Bergman, D. Smiley, R. Etherington, T. Pearson, N. Teseh, D. Havens, T. An- derson. THIRD ROW: B. Parkinson, A. Hendrick- son, J. Rice, D. Miller, B.- Hayton, P. Cole, P. Miller. FOURTH ROW: J. Pear- son, G. Kent, R. Spragg. Band Members are, FIRST RO W.' T. Franklin, J. Swanson, S. Breathour, J. Kirkevold, M. Fisher, L. Weis, J. Johnson, D. Berg, C. XValmer. SECOND ROW: L. Lindberry, R. Hayton, M. Yeager, J. De- meyer, R. Hanson, M. Mel- land, Rainwater, A. God- win, J. Thomson. THIR ROW: G. Partington, P. Schneider, L. Spane, R Eldridge, D. Howson, A Beasley, J. Ellestad, K Leander, D. Jungquist FOURTH ROW: B. Elde J. Connell. Soar into Realms of Fantasy Through Music Under the direction of Mr. Elvin Haley, the Mount Vernon High School band is a top-quality organiza- tion with a full schedule of activities. The group par- ticipates in many Northwestern festivals, and pa- rades, and represents M.V.H.S. well. The group gives two concerts each year for parents and students of our school, and plans to present a Hroadu concert in the spring. In addition, the band participates in all pep activities during football and basketball seasons. With the band are several small groups which give the students additional opportunities to work on music of different types other than that played only in the concert band. Pm rs- Majorettes: Janice Pock, Gwen Dickinson, Frances rs' iit'i M ,Vk K , 4 4, Q c f 2. -' 's Mr. Elvin Haley Mr. Charles Easton Mount Vernon High School's orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Charles Easton, participates in the annual music festival pre- sented here in Mount Vernon and plays the introductions to all the school dramatic productions. The orchestra, as one of the ma- jor projects of the school, provided the instrumental music for this year's musical production South Pacifc. Hegdahl. Members of the high school orchestra are: Russell, Carl- son, Ward, Benson, Zeg- stroo, Cox, Easton, Hardy, Kotsogean, Elde. 81 Comedy Takes the Spotlight in Mystery Thriller -0 IQ Cn November l7 and 18, Mount Vernon High School presented Joseph Kesselring's three-act comedy, Arse- nic and Old Lace. The play tells the story of two sweet old ladies who poison lonely men to relieve them of worldly burdens. When the old ladies, Abby CKathy Phippsj and Martha QMary Husbyj, unwit- tingly allow their drama critic nephew, Mortimer, CDoug Hansmannj to discover the body of their latest victim, the resulting complications nearly stop their favorite charity work. The arrival of another nephew, Johnathon, CLeroy Langcj and his hench- man fRuss Clausenj threatens to make life clifhcult for the aunts, until the police step in to stop Johna- thon, who likes to do his aunt's charity work for fun. discuss the Abby Brewster and her sister Martha, ABOVE, Panama Canal with their nephew Teddy over afternoon tea. They are Kathy Phipps, Karl Blade, Mary Husby. Teddy, AT RIGHT, persuades Dr. Einstein to of the Panama inspection join him on a quick trip to Panama for an Canal. Others are Russ Clausen, Karl Blade, Leroy Lang e. The crew of Arsenic and Olrl Luce, BELOW, relaxes on the set: Tom Linder, George Foster. Rithellc Dubay, Kristi Leander, Christine Hanson , Connie Rueb, joan Barker, Claudia Henry, Pat Wardenaar, YVill Shaw, Tom Raines. Cary Walmer, 82 With Johnathon, below, safely in the hands of the police, Abby, Martha, and their little secret appear to be safe. The cast members are. Scott McKenna, Randy Etherington, Tony Cahill, Leroy Lange, Ken Rice. Mary Husby, Kathy Phipps, Janet Bustad, Doug Hansmann. AGWQZQ ,N Abby and Martha, UPPER LEFT, fKathy Phipps, Mary Husbyj are in more difficulties in this scene from Arsenic and Old Lace. Teddy, ABOVE, is about to bury poor Mr. Hoskins, another one of his aunts' rather stiff victirfis. They are Karl Blade, Jim Denning. Oth- cer O'Hara, AT LEFT, has a "captive" audience in Mortimer, as he begins to describe the plot of a play he is writing. johnathon and Dr. Einstein look on. wishing the cop would leave so that they could quietly dispose of Mortimer. The actors are Doug Hansrnann, Scott McKenna, Leroy Lange, Russ Clausen. Bali Hai's Enchantment Calls the Operetta Cast to Above, Emile and Nellie fLar'ry Hougen, and Sharon Whitlockj gaze at each other fondly. At left, John Schmidt, Norman Gustafson, Norm Tesch, and John Cornwall, the efficient Stage Crew' Below, ustewpotsi Uohn Above, Nellie and Emile Uane Cornwall and Dennis Slostadl and Billis, QBob Grayj attract B h . . 1. . h Lt. Cable qDarwin Vanderpou with a onerl are caug t gazing 1nto the uture in anot er few harsh words. scene from South Pacific. Below, a curtain call shows the cast: from left, Steve Tarry, Marjoxy Cornwall, Sharon Whitlock, Dennis Boner, Ann Russell, Gene Young Cain, Cliff Highnam, Bob Gray, Norma Galligher, Larry Hougen, Jane Darwin Vanclerpol, and Norman Gustafson. the South Sea Islands With 'iSouth PaciHc," Mount Vernon High School presented its first recent Broadway musical. Double-cast because of a surplus of fine talent, Jane Cornwall and Sharon VVhitlock portrayed the energetic Navy nurse, Nellie Forbush. Romantic leads opposite them were Dennis Boner and Larry Hougen, as the suave French planter, Emile Becque. Ann Russell and Norma Galligher were the ir- repressible Bloody Mary. Bob Gray and Gene Young played the ':Big Dealerj, Luther Billis. A lovely and exotic romance between Liat and Lt. Cable was played by Margery Cain, Ann Hoag, Cliff Highnam, and Darwin Vanderpol. All the comedy and romance was set against a World War II military background. Steve Tarry and Randy Etherington portrayed the two naval officers, Capt. Brackett and Cmdr. Harbison. The Rodgers and Hammerstein production was directed by Mr. Wright with Mr. Davis in charge of the staging. W Director Wright, top , right, makes up Ann Russell, who portrays Bloody Mary. Below them, Lt. Cable and Liat CCliff Highnam and Marjory Cainj dis- cover some of the island's enchantment. Billis CBob Grayj is up to more of his pranks at right. His buddy fjohn Hudsonj challenges him as the others CRichard Smith, Will Shaw, Norm Tesch, Scott McKenna, and Fred Lee, standingj look on. Colorful Bloody Mary CNorma Galligherj bar- ters for goods with the l navy men, left. Navy nurses fKatherine Stafford, Sue Danielson, l t Mary Husby, standing, and Pam Mitchell, Trudy Johnson, Audrey Vandcrpolj bring their talent show to a roaring Finale at right. Maureen McMullen, Operetta dancers fSusan Johnson, Emily Solima, Marilyn Johnstonl were a sparkling trio of vital- ity. They are at the left. Thespian officers, right, Scott McKenna, secre- tary-treasurer, Doug Hansmann, president g and John Eells, vice president g lead the group through an out- . standing year. 85 X ,- fist 8 . 4-1 Q YE? S Qt T: 1 Football and Basketball .... . . . 88-95 Wrestling, Swimming, and Cross Country .......... .... 9 6-100 Spring Sports .... . . . 101-104 Sports Honoraries . . . . . . 105 Content 1 it SPORTS The "Hall of Fame" for sports is admired by athletes of '62 who hope to be listed among the honored. 1 -A LT. M .K A Enthusiasm Runs High As Although the mighty Bulldogs were never lacking spirit and desire, for the first time in three years they were unable to capture the Northwest AA League Championship. The high spot of the season was the Bulldog victory over the Wild- cats of Oak Harbor in the annual homecoming game. Pre- vious to that Oak Harbor had been undefeated and held first place in the league. Playing under a steady downpour during the Hrst half, the Bulldogs picked up their lone touch- down and were able to sustain Oak Harbor in the remain- ing two periods of play to win 7-0. Sixteen seniors, including eight who were part of the start- ing eleven, will be lost through graduation this spring. These are: John Slostad, Wes Snowden, Clinton Stroebel, Jeff Rice, B'll Williams C425 is about to down an Anacortes player while Lynn Axthelm f75j, Jay 1 Nelson 1545, Wes Snowden QGQD, Stan Sibley C53j, and George Johnson C840 are in close Coach Hake gives Dave Prutzman pursuit, strategy to use during the Marysville The starting Bulldog eleven were, FRONT ROW, Prutzman, Sibley, Slostad, Strobel, Nelson, Snowden, and Johnson. In the BACKFIELD were Mclllraith, Vaugn, Montgomery and Rice. Gridders Complete Season Mike Felt, Dave Prutzman, Jay Nelson, Lynn Axthelm, Evan Hansen, Ralph Jewell, David Haynes, John Dean, Stan Sib- ley, George Johnson, Ken Thomas, and Greg Hinton. Special recognition was given by the team to John Slostad and Wes Snowden, co-captains, Clinton Stroebel, blocking award, Jeff Rice, inspirational award, and Stan Sibley, gentlemen ath- lete. John Slostad was named All-Northwest second team tackle, Wes Snowden second team guard, and Clinton Stroe- bel won an honorable mention guard. Two juniors also re- ceived All-Northwest honors. They are Bill Williams, second team halfback and Bill Montgomery, honorable mention quarterback. 88 S Coach Leo Hake and his able assistant, Jim Thrash- er, are pictured above. Coach Hake was in charge of the line while Mr. Thrasher was primarily con- cerned with the backfneld. SEASON ,S RECORD: Mercer Island Cle Elum .... 99Sedro Woolley fAnacortes .... 99Marysville . . . 99Burlington . . . fOak Harbor . . fSnohomish . . . Arlington .... 96 Lea gue Games We They 14 6 13 6 13 14 6 19 0 0 O 27 7 0 6 21 0 19 X Us X-swfilis g g Sig ws sg E K 'S e 1 s. JOHN 89 It Takes Players, Coaches, and Managers, Plus a Lot Members of the varsity team are: FIRST ROW: Nelson, Slostad, Jewell, Dean, Johnson, Stroebel, Snowden, Montgomery, Prutzman, Rice. SECOND ROW: Thomas, Sibley, Mellraith, Dykstra, Haynes, Werkhoven, Anderson, Needles, Vaughn, Hanseth, Hansen. THIRD ROW: Hinton, Sawyer, Hiester, Ellis, Lewis, LaMay, Eastbury, Bar- ber, Dow, Hayes, Thomas, Hayton. FOURTH ROW: Head Coach Hake, Funk, Felt, Williams, Thompson, Parker, Axthclm, Ander- son, Raymond, Foster, Assistant Coach Thrasher. Mlm 90 of Hard Work and Spirit to Develop a Real Team Making up the Bulldog managers' staff were Peter Cole. Richard Funk. Bruce Schmith, and Head Manager George Foster at right. An unidentified Bulldog, far right picked up fifteen yards before being tackled during the Anacortes game. Members of the Freshman team are: FIRST ROW: Rhone. XVil liamson. D. Olsen, Bustad. Sparks. Sass, Fields, Wleckert. Smaby. Del,eon, Dinkins. SECOND ROH7: Schneider, Howson, Raymond. Ranger, lN'Ioe. Spear, Davidson, Nelson, Hansen, Allan, B. Olson. M Coach Jim Beasley and his spirited Bullpups Finished the 1961 loot- ball season in second place, one-half of a game behind the Sedro- Wloolley Cubs who gave the Bullpups their only loss. I2 6. Bulldog victories were over Shuksan ol' Bellingham 7gO. Oak lflar- bor 28-0, Anacortes 29-6, VVhatcom of Bellingham lfif O. and Burlington 13-0. Bill Montgomery. Bulldog quarterback, at left, takes time out to talk things over with Coach Hake during a crucial moment in the Oak llar- bor game. Tenbrink, Fisher, Hayden. THIRD ROPV: hlaxsen. Bergstroin Rimmer. Stanley. FOURTH ROW: Assistant Coach Vivian. Heath, Swanson. Hughes. Axthehn. Brokins, Custavson, Swedeen. I.etlt-sma YVilson. Rosenban, Snider, Head Coach Beasley. Hn...- 91 -1 s S ' l ,fi fi? 41" xt Y . ng A The N LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Everett ..... Bellingham . . Seattle Prep . Bellingham .. Arlington . . . Marysville . . . Anacortes . . . Oak Harbor . Burlington . . . Snohomish .. Lynden ..... Sedro Wloolley Marysville . . . Anacortes . . . Oak Harbor . Burlington . . Snohomish .. Sedro Wloolley We They 53 69 60 35 59 43 44 38 44 42 64 42 49 35 40 38 49 43 69 50 59 78 79 61 56 36 60 45 71 41 52 50 62 40 95 43 Randy Moen, above, drives in for another basket. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Blanchet . . . Burlington ..... . . . Sedro WVoolley Oak Harbor . . . . . . Blanchet ..... . . . They 62 48 51 61 53 Jerry Pelland, left, gets another tip-ouff for the Mount Vernon Bulldogs. Above left, Bill Montgomery is about to Cinch two more points, and Dave Prutzman above right, piles up points against the Anacortes Seahawks. Bulldogs Top League Tournament Wlinning all of their league games and losing only two games throughout the entire season, the Mount Vernon Bulldogs captured first place in Northwest District AA league and compiled an amazing l6-2 record. Coach Bill Lee, in his first year at Mount Vernon, was a major factor in giving Mount Vernon their first league title since 1950. The regular season's biggest victory was a thrilling 52-50 win over arch- rival Burlington on the Burlington Hoor. Up to that point Burlington had lost only one league game, but also to the Bulldogs, in a close 49-43 game. Bill Mountgomery's jump-shot in the last five seconds of play gave the Bulldogs the victory and the league championship. In the district tourney, the Bulldogs took third place losing to Blanchet, Seattle parochial school champion, in a close contest. Seven Seniors, four of whom were starters, were on the team. They are Jerry Pelland, Dave Prutzman, Randy Moen, Evan Hanson, Chuck Gordon, JeH' Rice, and Mike Rimmer. Juniors Bill Montgomery, Jerry Ellis, and Jerry Olson will be the backbone of next year's team. 95 Coach Bill Lee Members of this year's junior varsity team were: FIRST ROW: Coach Hake, L. Von Moos, K. Stuurmans, R. Gudmunson, F. Harke, G. Crawford, J. Dow, M. Mowrer, G. Vaughn. SEC- OND ROW.' R. Roberts, M. Swanson, A. Hendrickson, S. Moen, Egan, D. Howson, J. Oftebro, R. Everett, J. Ladesma, H. Kenison. On the freshman team were: FIRST ROW: E. Snyder, B. Rimmer, C. Raymont, A. Mclntosh, R. Hansen, D. Olsen, D. Williamson, De- leane, Coach Beasley. SEC- OND ROW: A. Beasley, H. Brookins, D. Spane, H. Ladesma, J. Bergstrom, R. Swedeen, G. Allen, D. Abra- hamson, J. Hammer, N. Spragg. Bulldog Wrestlers Capture State and District Titlesg 'M' Alan Erickson proves to be a capable match for Don Vanderpol. ABOVE. At right, John Slostad. State Champion in the Unlimited Class, works out with LeRoy Werkhoven. Wrestlers SEATED are: Haynes, Thomas, Hanson, Erickson, Smalley, Vanderpol, Aiken, Thompson, and Ending a perfect season with a perfect record, the Bulldog wrestling team won the State Championship at Pullman after capturing the Northwest League crown for the second consecutive year. Five of the six wrestlers that gave Mount Vernon second place in the wrestling tournament in 1961 were back to defend their honor. Rob Thompson, Dave Haynes, Don Anderson and Scott Masonholder got seconds, and John Slostad a first at State. Alan Erickson, Bulldog senior, was one of the teamis standouts by winning all of his league matches. Don Vanderpol, John Smalley, Mike Aiken, Ray Thomas, Steve Hanson and LeRoy Werkhoven rounded out the Hrst string wrestlers and helped make MVHS wrestling team a definite threat for district and state honors. Manager Smith. SECOND ROW: S. Thomas, Garner, Anderson, Masonholder, Werkhoven, Slostad, Gray, Hunter. and Manager K. Thomas. THIRD ROW: Greenwald, Lanata, Iverson, Hayes, E. Struthers, M. Struthers, Widen, Norris, and McMoran. Bring Trophies to Mount Vernon High School Freshman wrestlers are, FIRST ROIV: Sather, Hamhurg, Ander- son. D.W., Ranger, Fisher Erickson, Spane, Stratton. SEC- OND ROW: Olson, Hughes Rosenhan, Leander, Ruddy, Spear Axthehn, Norcllund, Davidson THIRD ROW: Fields, Sprouse hlinor, Skinnell, Burkland Shepard, Hardy, Miller, Flanary Coach 'I'hrasher. Records fell as the powerful Bulldog wrestling team walked away with first place in the Northwest District wres- tling tournament. The records were: Most points scored in a tournament --- 115, won by the widest margin f 115-91, placed the most in the tournament -- 1 1, had the most qualify for the State Tournament, and,had the most district champions Y 5. These champions were Alan Erickson, 120- pound division, Rob Thompson, 154, Scott Masonholde1', 175, Leroy Werk- hoven, 191, and John Slostad in the Unlimited weight division. John Smally, 112, David Haynes, 145, and Don Anderson, 165, all took second place and qualihed for state. Slostad, Werkhoven, Masonholder, Anderson, Thompson, and Haynes are kneeling at left. Standing are Hanson, Thomas, Aiken, Erickson, Smalley and Vander- pol. Varsity wrestlers are, KNEELING, Slos- tad, Werkhoven, Masonholder, Anderson, Thompson, and Haynes. STANDING are Hanson, Thomas, Aiken, Erickson, Smal- ley, and Vanderpol. L ,sig ' J ,l:,lTI I I'I 'll "l:ilif.. 11.1. '-l- T555 X.fX.if.i i'i7Llil1lfQf.' .i.f sIi.-.f'-.hiY?f-' ,, . . star Y R . Q . .iz-E gt - h 3 ,a P is R? J M 1 5 . X ,K Q . x as gcsf ff f 5 1 i 'K fist. Q K sk ws I I ' tr cr . J f Frosh wrestlers competed this year against frosh teams from Burlington. Oak Harbor, Sedro-WVoolley, An- acortes, Concrete and Whatcom Junior High School of Bellingham. Jim Erickson and Mike Fisher went through the season undefeated, and John Spear lost only one match. Dave Haynes and Don An- derson warm up for the dis- trict meet hy perfecting wrestling holds. ount Vernon High School Swimmers, Divers and As a team with spirit, determination, and de- sire, the 1962 MVHS Swimmers did an excel- lent job. Led by almost all seniors, the's biggest victory was over the arch rival, Belling- ham, in the last meet of the season, by a score of 54-51. The loss of Jim Myers late in the season due to illness greatly hurt the Bullfish in their at- tempt for district and state honors. Jim and Bob Robarge, both three year letter-men, were this year's co-captains. Jeff Shriner, also a three year letterman, was a top con- tender for state honors. Co-Captain, Bob Robarge C0'Cf1PfaiU, .lim MYCYS FIRST ROW: Downs, Etherington, Koster, Shriner. SECOND ROW: Barber, Shelby, La- May, Robarge. These boys are hopeful for state honors. FIRST ROW, below: White, Hammond, Richardson, Koster, Shelby, Barber, Smiley, Myers, Spear. SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Edlund, Pearson, Downs, Shriner, Etherington, Robarge, LaMay, McKenna, Sprouse, and Coach Brown. if W 98 Relay Teams Hit 1962 with a Big Splash of Success S Above, Gary Downs, MVHS diver, prepares to cut the water after a top diving performance. At center, MVHS coach, Perry Brown got a little wet when his Swim team playfully rioted and threw him into the pool. Below, John Hammond, Jeff Shriner, and jim Shelby get in shape by sprinting lengths. Randy Etherington, Randy Kos- ter, and Bob Robargc, above, wind up a day's tumout with the 20-yard butterfly. Below, another Mount Vemon diver, Bob Myers, comes out of a full-gainer to complete another excellent dive. .. gf ' , Cross Countr Team Runs With ings on Their Feet Q. as Q.m,,eL . 532, ww 1. A, FIRST ROW: O'Brien, Hamburg, Needles, Sprouse, Etherington, VanderPol, Smiley, Vo-n Moos, Gray. SECOND ROW: Coach Murphy, Mclllraith, Myers. BACK ROW: Tronsdal, Mowrer, Burkland, Flannery, Clson, Rasmussen, Jaeger, Hayton, Oftebro, Jorgensen. Coached again by Joe Murphy, the Cross-country team had another suc- cessful season. After winning all of their league meets, but one, the Bull- dog runners ran away with first place in the district meet for the second year in a row. To top off the season the Bulldogs placed thirteenth out of a field of forty teams in the State Cross-country meet in Seattle. Graduating Seniors will take a big part out of next fall's team as four of the top six run- ners are graduating this Spring. These Seniors are: Co-captains: Dave Ol- son and Vic Rasmussen 5 Wayne Burkland, Don VanderPol. The other two runners are Juniors, Mike Mowrer and Hugh Flannery. A number of fine golfers turned out this spring to work under Coach Mowrer. Sen- iors: Partington, Young, Gordon, Prutzman, and Junior Karr held the hopes of a promising season. Besides regular matches, they participate in district and state golf matches. Turning out for golf, above, are Doughty, Karr, Polson, and Coach Mowrer. Kneel ing are Partington and Young. Cross-country men warming up from top left are Burkland, Olson, Rasmussen, VanderPol, Flannery, and Mowrer. 100 Tennis, Golf Teams Work Hard to Take Top Honors sim Mount Vernon High's hopes for a coun- try tennis championship this spring rested almost entirely on seniors. Carl Ness and Jan Jaegar, both seniors, held the num- ber one doubles spot while Tony Bjorn and Randy Moen, also seniors, battled it out for the number one singles spot. Ri- chard Dixon, in his second year of coach- ing, did a fine job with the tennis team this spring. M Pre-season warm up finds Carl Ness and Jan Jaeger practicing doubles and Tony Bjorn singles. Tennis players, ABOVE, are Metcalf, Bjorn, G. Lee, J. Smith, Ness, STANDING, and Highnam, Parker, Jewell, and Jaeger, KNEELING. At left, Gene Young and Dave Plllll- ington examine golf clubs. BELOW, Jay Polson and Ron Karr lesiurely pure a IJI'fM'llC'L' golf match. 14 101 With Resolve, a Field Coach Joe Murphy started the season with a team of return- ing lettermen and looked forward to a great year in track. Al- though there was no particular star on the team, the entire group worked hard to uphold the reputation earned by former track teams at M.V.H.S. Any good team has to have a back log of experience and the Bulldogs were not lacking in it. Returning senior lettermen were Wayne Burkland in the mile, Clint Stroebel in the relay, Vic Rasmussen in the 880, Brent Carpenter in the broad jump, Pat Farrell in the high jump, George johnson in the jave- lin, and jim Shelby in the discus. Backing up the seniors were these junior lettermen: Bill Mont- gomery and Hugh Flanary in the 880, Danny Raymond and Ken Needles in the 440 and Jerry Ellis in the discus. George Johnson, left, gets set to throw the shop-put. Wayne Burkland, Brent Carpenter, Pat Farrell, and Clint Stroebel, BELOW, are poised for a dash. Brent Carpenter, BOTTOM LEFT, picks up momentum for taking a practice broad jump, while Bill Montgomery and Dave Prutzman, BOTTOM, round the final turn neck and neck in the 440. 102 and a Track, a Body Can Cop the Ways of the Wind . 1. an.. Wayne Burkland and Clint Stroebel, above, work hard in practice preparing for the week's track meet. Both are senior lettermen and participated in track for four years. Pat Farrell, right, prepares for a jump over the high jump bar. The l962 track team was built around these returning lettennen. FRONT ROW: Pat Far- rell, Pat Webster, Jerry Ellis, Earl Smith, Bill Montgomery, Clint Stroebel, Wayne Burkland, Bill Williams. SECOND ROW: Bill Hayton, Ken Needles, Brent Carpenter, jim Roberts, Jack Hammond, Vic Rasmussen, Hugh Flanary, Dan Raymond. 103 Jeff Rice Jock Mcllraith Larry Anderson FIRST ROW: Oftebro, Mcllraith, Vaughn, D. Anderson, Rimmer, Dills, Nelson, Rice. SECOND ROW: Coach Day, Gudrnunson, Stewart, Young, Andrews, Crawford, Faller, Dean, Cheek, Pelland, L. Anderson, Olson. 104 1m Cheek Gary Stewart Glen Faller Don Anderson Mike Rimmer Jay Nelson Don Dills Dennis Young Jerry Pelland Jerry Olson Jack Andrews John Dean Fourteen lettermen including seven first string players of the l96l team were on hand when Coach Joe Day put out the call for baseball turnout. With experience in every position, the 1962 baseball team appeared to be headed for a successful season. The returning letterrnen were Don Anderson, catcher-outfielder, John Dean, first base, jeff Rice, second base g jim Cheek, short stop, Larry Anderson, third base, Don Dills, left field, Mike Rimrner, center fieldg and Dennis Young, left field. Doing the pitching chores for the Bulldogs were Jerry Pelland, Jerry Ol- son, and Jack Andrews. Other lettermen were Jock Mcllraith, Glen Faller, and Jay Nelson. We Salute Those Athletes Who Earned Top Honors Above, are TOP ROW: Bill Williams, All-Northwest 'Ind tc-am: Bill Mont- gomery, All Northwest Honorable Mention: John Slostad, Co-captain, All- Northwest District 2nd team, Stan Sibley, Gentleman Athlete. BOTTOA1 ROW: Wes'Snowden, Co-Captain, All-Northwest District 2nd team: jeff Rice, Inspira- tional Awarclg and Clint Stroebel, Blocking Award. These boys were chosen to lead their classmates in the various sports of our school. They represent leadership, sportsmanhip, ability. and pa- tience. Awards were given to boys playing football for gentleman ath- and state teams. ABOVE, are football co-captains, John Slostad and Wes Snowden, BELOW are the cross-country eo-captains, Vic Rasmussen and David Olson. At the LOWER RIGHT are Bob Robarge, co-captain of the swim team with Jim Meyers Qnot pieturedj , and David Haynes, captain of the wrestling team. 105 lete, blocking, inspirational, and for winning positions on all-northwest Advertisements . . . . . 108-123 Acknowledgements . . . . . . . 123 Index .......... .... 1 24-127 Content Siu inlaid' '1' 'swf mmm 'X Y' Xsgg , m 4 ffwmiisfk F7 ,, .::.Q , 5 AD ERTISEME TS the Christmas spring sales, X LL J , ANDERSON FLORAL HART BROS., FLORISTS HAYES FLORAL YOUR FRIENDLY FLORISTS "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" SEARS, ROEBUC K AND COMPANY LOW IN PRICE BUT HIGH IN QUALITY AEM ,,,,. , re I is g L ' X' v, UNION HIGH STORE HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR DEMING JEWELERS KEEPSAKE DIAMOND McSpcdden Franklin Nogle Crawford Thomas Fisher MOUNT VERNON FUEL COCA-COLA BOTTLING Fi CO Az MNT, ww Zu: .wx ,Ni , -I 4 Hollenbuck Bi Munn REFRESH WITH A COKE I FOR THE NEWEST AND SMARTEST FASHIONS J. C. PEN NEY CO. 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EVERETT HALL MEAT I ANNE RICHARDS SERVICE MOUNT VERNON GA-4-2535 EXCLUSIVE READY-TO-WEAR LINES Stove, Hcrmon, Murray, And Raymond Inmc: eenwood, Elde JOHNSON MOTORS MOUNT VERNON Carlson, Parhngton, Deon, Anderson THE rf CHUCK- WAGON THE HOME OF THE CHEESEBURGERS DARIGOLD THE BEST IN DAIRY FOODS Cc p R b, Fuller, Erickson, Monarch PARKER'S THE STORE FOR MEN R P n, Burklond, Dills D. Anderson, Cahill, Lyon, Smalley, Leo, Fahey, Whclen WESTSIDE BUILDING SWIM QUEEN POOLS ALL TYPES OF BUILDING MATERIALS AL PEARSON FOR FUN BOWL AT SKAGIT BOWL Wo rdenoo r, Ormiston, Meyers, Mr. Slosicd JIM PALM Representative AMERICAN YEARBOOK CO. PICKERING MlLLER'S AND DEPARTMENT HANSMANN STORE UNION on. Pkonucrs LATEST IN FADS AND FASHIONS Spoelstra Friend Hansmann Van Slageren Bergman Randall A WY, L. .,.,,ww? Ii BARKER AIR SERVICE STUDENT INST. AGRICULTURAL-FLYING CHARTER FLIGHTS Slocum McCarthy Bo I, W me - Q if x -N IN ' Y 51 N QW xy K X X . WALTER R. JACKSON'S STUDIO ED-6-3277 609 so. 2nd ACKNOWLEDGMENTS BULLDOG HI-Y MODERN CLEANERS THE VARSITY SHOP HAYES BROTHERS SERVICE MOUNT VERNON TOWING CO. MUSSERS'S HARDWARE STORE HASKELL PLUMBING 8. HEATING MARJE 8. DlCK'S BEAUTY SALON ATKINS TIRE SALES 81 SERVICES JOHN F. MARTIN 8. SONS MOBILE PRODUCTS SERVING ALL OF SKAGIT COUNTY HINTON OLDSMOBILE ky is Student Index Abrahamson, D. 56,95 Aiken, M. 28,79,97,116 Allan, P. 20,55 Allen, C. 53 Allen G 56 91 95 Anderson Caroline 77 Ellis, Ellis, Elofson 45 46 63100102103 Bowman, J. 51 Bowman,iM. 46 Boyce, L. 29 Bradburn, L. 56 Brandstrom, K. 51,69 Brandt, G. 46,69,80 Bratz, R. 51 Brazas, G. 50,51,63,69,72,80 Breathour, Sheri 46 Breathour, Steven 80 Brciner, T. 51 Brooke, G. 56,77 Brooker, S. 51,63 Brookins, H. 56,80,91,95 Brown, M. 51 Brune, D. 51 Bryant, E. 55 Davidson, D. 55,91,97 Frydenlund, R. 52,63,79 Davis, D. 55 Funk, R. 46,90 Day, J. 24,26,31,66,71,113 Galligher, N. 32,79,84,116 Dean, 24,31,89,90,104,118 Garlinghouse, S. 52 DeLano, A. 46 DeLano, 77 DeLeone, 56,91,95 Demeyer, J. 56,80 Denning, 83 Dills, D. 31,72,104,119 Dinkins, M. 56,91 Dixon, D. 55,77 Doble, B. 31,26 Doble, T. 56 Dodd, D. 68 Doph, N. 51 Doss, D, 21,46 Doughty, james 51,100 Garner, 46,96 Gcarhart, D. 24,27,32,44,63,66,71 78,1 12 Genovese, C. 32,63,66,71,111 German, D. 56 Giard, C. 47,71 Gilbert, B. 56 , Gildness, S. 46 Gilkey, C. 52 Glaccum, M. 52 Gleesing, M. 47,69,71,76 Godwin, A. 55,80 Godwin, E. 47,69,80 Godwin, J, 80 1,fsE,SfT?:f,sgQv2 fX.':.'Q:ff QW. 3555 1 7 E,g,Qggx,g5E1Q.w,5w-.zgfe 1... we-ff:....,-. 'W E 2.afF1!s'f fsffiz ' ., ,.,.,,.y,..f1-.. 5 -K.,1Q,5.., .. ask... . . .T lf-371 7. Qff f 5.51113 A S . .... .. - 1 .. 2r.1'slf1.f.. ., of ...,, -- S 7 2 L,LL. -. ...M .pf . . y:.1'fw71,sKE? . ,.,l .:,s2.g,.5.i,S5 . 15511. - i:f.fg.w,.:sv..snfE,sQs.s.j?QsQgr: ' ' ' f A A 1 ....5 infix. ' ' A:::?'l.Y?ffif4s?fS?Ti"'fiiWHes4 - L -wQ?lFiZs.-..:i?i'f2a'?4.'iiiifikfif"Si 7. 'J S 4 f5j75-?'Sif'- F5 55.1 Good . U. iir 3 8 Q . ..:, k.,, G.,.dg,. C 57 ,Q 73 95 ? ssss. ' ' 'K 1 1- ssls ..7.. Gfssbenffa C- 56 . . ei s C"aYf B- GW: P- 1 Gffenewsldfsv GfeePW00d1D- 35198997114 Gffmefs V' 52173 7 is P, lsss 1fMOgfan4 W- 57181 Greve, M. :LV K . K Lk.L . KK Kraft: MK 52 K K K . . . Griffin, C' 52 A- 53 GfiffH1,K- 55 J- 52,77 A . . L:-, . . A Gnmn, M. 33 .,. La May,L.f1-7,62,fi7,90,98 Gudmum, so Laws, . . Gustafson, - 1 A 'i-L LandretlQ?Qi57,63,i73, Gustafson, AV Lange, - Gustmvnf Gwiml- 3711ff,S. 79 A 5' Heffel Steffen Cf A A Hffffey, or .rs - s7.s - ..s .... . . s..s .s..77 J ss. Hsu, R- Hall, J! 3475? Qb f fs L- siii ' .... ..s 1 47-84,103 12 '-:- f f -K . 541' 57277 Becky 531 X . A . . . . ,..,.s,,,,f:S,,,.,igg,.,,y '1M.f,f,-. 1 A . , .7 .5 .-ew.. .,.. -Q.-,..,..,,,.f ,sk T .... . k k . . Hmm'mdii.50hn 33195994 19i 1 Hamonm-52177 S- 3an1eYf D1 52 ' . Hansen, E' sH..Sby. if . Hamelh, G' 332115 1 S21 85,115 , lsii . .il'.fYQ Hamhf R' 52,8030 57 5 Hansmann, D. 27,33,44,52,67,83,1'20 7 Ig K QK K --2036 ,K A Hanson, C. 1i3,47,69,82 Hanson, D. 47 ,L Gg 47,66,78,79 ,Hanson -.-1-Ifianson, , L,K5K7,77 Hanson, R.i55,80,91,95 Hanson, Sgi 52,63,69,97 Harant, 47,65,71 Harant, SQQQ52,78 j Harben,l1if5e,ao . Hardy, DQ56 f .Km nf: Q.. 5.5. .1 I-W . A 5 mf r" : , L1 g.fii1...z.Q .Kf 'Leo,QGef8ldff?e 36,j75,'1i19 i2sLYiWiS3'Mlil17S69:90 A A A lM.5K,1-Q,57,h77K. . 'K nn..' I -ffl,.fiQ?Q:lii?f5?iiEg5.?5ii3.5-'iii' 1513 1 ggi. f Y- ... . ez.. y Y Hardy. ,'T. A Harke,F.15,52,95 nnnn Harmon, D. 52 2, A i ii Harmon, W. 33,1175 Harris, J. V. 33 ..:. Hartz, K. 47 A fi? Hartz, S. 33 K K . Hatley, D. 57 '-hLh A L5 A-ww Havens, D. 52,30 3'-if Havens, S. 27,33,111 2 ill- x 1 Ze Qs . A A ,68 . s."?fg1S2.zff'?iiQl Q ?' i'fL ' 75325 k-'k A A nnn. 1 nn nnnnn ..nn nn.' . . . ., .,,.. . . . nr, .... ,. LS, S 1 . 1 so 1 ..,- rf L, - my fs' ,.iQ?.f.fssf,.7:-..-EXN .- -.,. , 5 gf -- .,., - 7 .aa.:4r.-g..-g- , ..,,-, ,W 1, -. XM . -- 5, . f A .1 35- --Lk f "K f .wg-3 g.Q,,K...f+s k--. :Kan . Qhnwffrffarhy 47 Lv..h . .30hHS01xCT1af1,, .... sf:sifNJlOrdfi.CiilS2.B?1 .nn.. , f, -' "--. L.f, V - 1 oft...-s johnson, ChxisUo'57,7ffi,Q,gE5gj.1, vnnn .nn. i ..sb0sSdQn..JQ,s,s53Ey johnson, D153 K ilQl12?1?9511fE757 ..o oo.o. A . 53 1 ..Y-K --iolii . Johnson? . 3 . .S V HU. 55. Ggorge 35 KK'K 02,11 . -.3 A 'ifQs:o1i1iiiif13fii?id.l56if'ii f A Hawkins, K4 47,59 KK . K KK, ' johnson, Georgia .w.1 55, 57,77 Hayes, D. 52,96 Johnson, 1.80 g,,,peZ,C:.5,,57.,. HHYUCS, D- 33.44,77,90,97,,1sQ5gfiEZs2 L Johnson, Linda KKKKK K D4i1Y39Qf3U.l' 1. HHWOIMJ-47.63,69,80 . . .j01ms0n,L0uase 1 Haytons KK ,.,-. N, Hayfonf .0lmS05i5a1idY A' Hayron, K- Hegdahlr F' . He1de,D-20,34 A A so on.o f 55.sssi A Helde'E'47J71 A A Henddckwn,A:52,80,95 55J0h..gf6.s.sM. mass o'o'o oon. ooy' ooo nooo' M5hU,H.i23i5l1'7111 ...nnn Hendrickson, C, 57 Henley, D. 47 Henry, C. 50,52,79,82 Hermanson, 27,34,44,71,74,109 Heron, L. 50,52,69 , Herrell, S. 20,56 Hiester, 47,8O,90 Highnam, C. 47,63,79,84,101 Hildebrand, K. 57 Hill, A. 52 Hill, D. 57 Hill, 52,73 Hill, Roben 57,63 Hill, Ruth 57 Hinton, G, 34,89,90,123 Hoag, A. 17,57,63,85 Hoag, S. 27,34,63,l18 Hoback, 52 Hodgin, A, 57,63 Hodgin, B. 47,65 Hofman, W. 56 Hofslad, D. 52,80 X jones, C. 57,77 jones, L. 53 jones, Marilyn 35,71,75,l13 jones, Monte 57 ' Jorgensen, C. 47,69,72 Jorgensen, N. 50,5 3,69,84, 100 Jost, M. 52 jungquist, D. 57,80 Kaiser, C. 57,77 Karnb, K. 52 Kanske, K. 35,113 Karr, R. 45,47,69,100,101 Keenan, L. 57 Kenison, H. 53,95 Kennedy, M. 35,116 Kennon, B. 47,71 Kent, G. 47,80 Kerr, W. 47 Kester, A. 53 Kildall, K. 52,79 King, T. 57 Kirkevold, 80 Mamach, T. 36,65,73, 1218 Martin, B. 59 Martin, L. 58 Martin, W. 52 Martincx, 57 Mason, T. 5O,52,63 Masonholder, S. 97 Matheson, J. 20,47,80 Maxson, R. 91 May, L. 58 Mayette, P. 47 Mayhew, 48 McCarthy, T. 27,36,72,73,75,l2l Mcflartor, D. 58 McCauley, R. 52,63 Mcllrailh, D. 57 Mcllmith, 45,48,88,90,lO4 ,gi is S x, X Mcllmith, M, 26,27,37,44,62,7l,123 McIntosh, A. 55,57 McKay, E. 58 McKay, 48,77 McKenna, S. 4-8,79,83,85,98 McMoran, D. 52,76,96 McMullen, M. 52,7s,79,a5 McSpadden, B. 52 McSpar.ldcn, N. 37.63,67,7O,110 Meins, V. 58 Melland, N. 58,80 Melsby, D. 52 Merritt, T. 58 Metcalf, Jerry 27,37,101,112 Metcalf, john 52 Meyer, T, 27,37,76,119 Meyer, W. 53,111 Michelson, B. 52 Orcutt, E. 48 Orcutt, G. 58 Ormiston, T. 38,119 Osterbauer, E. 53,69,80 Ozretich, R. 48 Ozaki, I. 58,80 Palmer, L. 58 Parker, 48,530,101 Parker, K. 58 Parkinson, B. 25,27,38,80,115 Parson, K. 48 I f 7 Parson, S. 58 7' 77 Partington, D. 38,100,101,118, Rosehan, T. 58,91,97 Rosin, K. 58,77 Roan-nek, J. 58 Rnddnli, V. 50,73 Ruddy, 58,97 7 . L K Rueb, C, 40,152,118 g 1 l,ii.77. Russell, A., 48,63,68,80,84. RuSSs111Mf5811i1 .... 7... . 'RYNL P'5f1175eW. .7.717. . RysmYrfM1.33f53:73 7? RYlaafSdaX!iS7'NQf?1fl. if l i St.-lean, R. 40,771 i 1 ff? Sandall, 58,77 Millard, M- 37 Partington, G.58,80 K IKY. 5 7, Sass, D.,48,71 K E-K1-.rf Mi1lenaar,T. 58,77 Passmorgpl 7 H AAA... g,Sass, S. 59,91 F .,:7. Miller, B. 45,48,7l Pearson, D. 54,77 ' V . 537 Sather, Millcf, C' 58 Pearson, J- 27g3B,63,80, S21fher, Miner, Charles 52 Pear50n,K,58, ,,7gg.E,Safheg,N. Miner, Curtis 52 Pearson, L. 54,77 M111Cf,D. 37,80 Pearson,M:38i,77,7,117j1i'7I 7 evl 7 7?Sayer,B.7110,1.15,77'f1.f7'3x1 Miller, G. 48 Pearson, T. ' K 57 M111nn,P.5a,a0,97 Pndensnn,7o,75g,j , snh1ngsi,,13g..4Q,74,1151177 M1'1Cf1J752169 Pelland, J!38s5??s9331Q43Eg23553'7 Sd11eii3fi55Ds159,iii 7i . .. Minor, G. 58,97 penn, 5. 54 E.. 1 .,gSe1m1i5t, H ,S K Mitchell, j.5O,52,63,69 Percival, .if7, ,,1i77senfn111a,B.54,917 .... M1fChe'11P- 1558163177185 Perefsw. ..i., . liiii 7 .77.7... ...-QSC1ineidef, Af2?1g27s40J147BJ9,113. 71 MifChe115A- 52 Pe1efwn,R. P11.55330f11. 7 Mirehelle, D. 27,257,114 Phmipsyc. "--7 j..58 ' Mnn,1a.4s , Phillips, M05 G- 91 Phipps, MUCH: R' 27137'79'95'101'u3 Phipps T- M0631 S- 52195 . niii MMT- 58 77.n E l...... f M0H1g0mCfY,g1?51E53', E 'R 0 7 7 . .'77 21 102,103,105 7.7n 1 7 :7 Moore: . 'A i iiiiiiiii Moore, M.f48,65,71, I m Morelen,'P:if58j713731 1121. , 1222152 .152 7257 5.1. x 37 X sa i i 4 3.105 as K.. 7- 7 7737111437: ge. 7 77 -fs fs 211151551 .. 1, .. --vs.. . .snr .,, .,. ,.. , . .nw .nf 1 glivfffe lf 121151. 531. 1.1 1 -f... .... . . ..: . 1 " " 7 7717 25f4'5:?3f93if 7 SF K YF -11.1 173.2571 , R1 1- M0Pg3n1L552' 1 x niir ..57 ' M0Wfe'1M?W1w158i4 77577 7 M0Wfef1M4f34815?v?53.?9 1 ,. MU11eH1D-32111777 it 7 7... ,R Mu1'PhY,A- 37 1. , ..... . ....,. n.7i .... .... ..... iiiii B:748Iff5f7 it Myers, 7 MvefS,R-.53,99s1f19i71 S asap... 15259597 7 , . ,-..f L.. 2.51.-we-.nmnnfn-..:-Rs ........ . 13.117 '- an 5.1 -1,12 152515 Nakashlmar7A?F581 ?Q.ifigT , . 5873148 7 N?k2Shim1,?QQ15352125 S1irk6iS,HSi48477 ..n.n 7- N 51 5 337177. f .-.5. f7'7' 7 7". - 7 . 5 1 ' 7 17166111651 . C.724,27,40,6S,66,771s7,2,7H1 Needles:Yi5f?9s100S?!792?193t77if f ' 17 N511 ii J'40,41177f88190f9?fi195i1.1.1.?1 Neil, . M' 59291 5 ' 7 nniies, y,4a,53,7o,7sf1 v. 48 1 7 77 - -f.. 1777:-77117 11.151251 U7-. 55115153.27 -Q,3Rse25gf135g5iie7g7aswe-7.11151711177-1s77.1377'77 NC1S0I1fGfY43:77 5 .... ' J-48:97 Nelson, 531161518 .. .7.. . 2-111119 Nelson, Jay B8,62,88,9O,7104117187 D.. 54,80 . Nelson, Jerry 20,24,3B,79,116 Raymond, D. 90,102,103 smiley, steve 54,98 Nelson ,L. 58 Nelson, Marilyn 58 Nelson, Michael 58 Nelson, N. 48 Nelson, S. 48,63,76 Nelson, W. 58,91 Ness, C. 38,101 Nogle, V. 38,110 Noglc, W. 58 Nordlund, R, 58,97 Norris, T. 18,96 O'Brien, M. 58,100 Oftebro, J. 53,95,100,104 O3Leary, D. 54- Olsen, S. 53,69 Olson, A. 48 Olson, David 3s,72,100,105,117 Olson, Dennis 58,91,95,97 Olson, Jean 48,63,69,70,73 Olson, Jerry 48,95,100,104 Olson, Joy 54,63 Olson, P. 58 Olson, Randall 48,79 Olson, Rosalind 54,63,69 Olson, W. 58,63,91 Raymont, C. 58,9195 Reed, S. 39,71,110 Rex, M. 53 Rhoades, S. 48 Rhodes, B. 53 Rhone, 58,91 - V Rien, J. 39,67,80,88,89,90,95,104, 105,112 i Rice, K. 53,83 ' Richzirdwn, G. 48,7299 g Riggs, 53 0 Rimmer, M. 39,72,74,7,5,95,l04,11Q Rimmer, w. 5a,a5,91,95 , Rindal, K. 39,79,1 157 . Ritchie, 5. 58 . S 0 Rnbnnge, R. 39,65,72,9a,99,105,1 16 Roberts, G. 54,77 Roberts, 48,79,103 - - Roberts, John 58 Roberts, L. 54,77 Roberts, R. 54- Robinson, R. 39,75,112 Rodriquez, T. 54 Roller, M. 58 Roseland, K. 4-8,69,71,78 Smiley, Susan 41 Smiley, T. 59 Smith, A. 53 Smith, chnn, 48,68,69,71 Smith, Cheryl 53 Smith, E. 4-935,103 smith, G. 53 snnnn, J. 49,596,101 Smith, snnnn, snnrn, M. 58 RQ 59,85 Sandra M.. 73 Smith, Sandra O. 26,27,41,66,71,114 Srnith, W. 53,79 , . - Snider, N. 50,53 Snow, 59 . 7 Snowden, M. 49,69 Snowden, W. 41,88,90,105,112 Snyder, C. 58,77 Snyder, E., 59,91,95 Snyder, jerry 59 7 Snyder, Judy 58,77 Snyder, P. 20,4-9 Soine, M. 53,159,230 Soine, S. 27,4-1,116 Solbach, D. 117 Solar, Cl. -19.09 Solima, E. 85 Solle, R. 5-1- Sollie, C. 49,71 Sollic. J. 15.53 Soma. L. 49.7I,76 Spline. D. 59.97 Spane. F. 52,80 Spanc, I.. 59,550.95 82,119 Sparks. 'l1,63,70.11-4 Sparks. L. 59.91 Spear. 91.97 Spear. L. 49.59.98 Spink, T. 53.69 Spoelslra, -1-1,120 Spragg. N. 59.95 Spragg, R. 49 Sprague, R. 53,79,80 Springer, T. 49 Sprouw, D. 59,97 Sprouse, Sara 27,4l,62,71,72,79,113 Sprousc, Steve 54,953,100 Spurgeon, 80.54 Spurgeon, S. 58 Summa, K. 53,85 Stakkclancl, N. 53 Stambuck, D. 59 Stzmgeland, M. 54 Stangeland, V. 58,77 Stanley, R. 59,91 Starrett, M. 53,77 stave, D. 41,759,117 Stenberg, S. 58 Stewart, F. 53,77 Stewart, G. 27,41,73,104- Stewart, L. -1-1,79 Stewart, R. 59 Stone, C. 41,115 Stoupa, R. 49 Stratton, G. 59,97 Strege, C. 77 Streitz, C, 59 Streitz, S. 49,63 Stroebel, C. 42,88,90,l02,l03,105,1 18 Stmm, S. 49,63 9 Stmthcrs, E.. 49,96 1 Struthers, R. 50,554,915 Stuumums, K. 49,95 Stuurmans, W'. 59 Siunmcrs, P. 53,80 Summeis, W . 42 Suta, D. 49 'l'imbz'ook, P. 54 Tippie, L. 49 Torgersoii, R. 53 Tronsdal, H. 53,100 Tucker, B. 42,80 Urbick, S. 59,77 Urbick, V. 49 VanAllen, C. 59 Vanrc, D. 59 Vance, R. 54 Vance, NI. 49 Vanclenhook, 59 Vanden Hoom, S. 49 Vanilerpol, Alvin 42,1 16 V andcrpol, Audrey 59.85 Vanclerpol, Aundrea 59 Vanclerpol, Darwin 49,7984 Vanclerpol, Don 42,97,l00 Vanderpol, G. 53 Vzmderpol, K. 53 Vanclerpol, L. 59 Vanderpol, hi. 59 Vanclerpol, R. Vzmclerpol, YV. 59 Vanderpool, Larry 49 Vanderpool, Laureen 42 Vanliyko, S. Van I-loose, K. 54 Van Felt, G. 54,73 Van Seyoc, B. 54,69 Van Sickle, K. 54,69 Van Slztgeren, 15,25,26,27,42,44, 69,71,120 Van Slageren, L. 54-,63,69 Vaughn, G. 5-l',88,90,95.104 Victor, P. 54 Vincent, 77 Von Moos, K. 59,68 Von Moos, L. 53,535,100 Vopnford, D. 18,54 Ylfalkcr, S. 42,71,74,109 Wilson, S. 59 wing. E. 5-1 1'Voeck, C. 49,59 Woeck, S. 71 Wothcrspoori, S. 43,70,l 17 wright, L. 49,69,71 1 Wllriglit, Rita 59,77 ltfriglit, Ruth 43,63,67,7O,1 12 Wylie, C. 13,54,73 Wylie, J. 54,63 Yeager, M. 59,80 Yeager, W. 43,80,1 17 Young, D. 43,104,123 Young f X oung, , G. 21,43,77,84,100.101,113 11.41114 Youngquist, J. 49 Younkin, D. 49 Younliin, Kathlene 59,77 Younkin, Kristine 59,77 Zauizow, 49 Zegstroo, J. 43,78,81 Subject Index ASB.-62 W allace, J. -19 Wallace, T. 59 Walmer, C. 59,80 Walmer, G. 43,77,80,82 Wtlard, A. 13,49,63,69,81 Ward, 59,63 Wai'd, Rex 43 W ard, Robert 49 Administration Oflice Stall 21 Administrators 10 Advertiseinents 106 All-School Operetta. 84 Al1ASehool Plays 82 Band 80 Baseball 104 Basketball 92 Bulldog Stall' 74 Bus Drivers 20 7 Cliansonettcs 78 Choir 77 1 7 7 , Cormneneemem Spwkers 26 Cooks 2-1 -. . . . A Cross Country 100 Custodizins 20 ' 1 Debate,73 - F.F.A. 76 , F .H.A. 76 Faculty 12 Football 88 Freshman Class 55 Future Teachers 77 Swanson, D. 53 Swanson, jim 59,80,91 Swanson , Joanne 55,59,6s,74,77 Swanson, K, 49 Swanson, Mm'k 13,54,95 Swanson, msfif 49,79 . Swanson, N. 27,42,63,65,71,74,75,79, Wfardenaar, L. 5O,54,69,'73,80 mtfdumi-, P. 20,4s,63,s6,72,75,79, Watkins, M. 5O,54,77 Watkins, S. 54 Weaver, D. 53 Webb, V. 59 Webster, P. 43,757,103 Weckert, M. 59,91 Weiclemzm, B. 49 G.A.A. 68 Girls' Club 66 Golf 101 123 - Swanson, R. 54 . Swedeen, R. 59,91,95 Tafr, j. 42,114 Taft, M. 45,49 Taft, N. 59 Tany, L. 59 Tarry, S. 49,84 Taylor, B. -1-9 Taylor, J. 59 Tedforcl, B. 59 Tcclforcl, Jeffrey 54 Tcdforcl, Joe 27,42,75,1l1 Tcnllrink, L. 59,91 Tenl3rirLk, R. 59 Tellcsbo, 53 Teiwilliger, R. 49 Tcsch, N. 53,69,80,85 Weis, L. 59,80 1 Wells, D. 43,118 Wells, W clls, M. 49 - S. 59 Wells, T. 59 Wlcncl land, L. 59,77 Wcrlchoven, L. 49,76,90,97 Y'Veslcy, D. 54 Wcyers, G. 59 Weycrs, K, 59 Wlhalen, P. 54,77 Whalen, S. 43,119 White, -I, 59 White, 51.98 White rl, B. 54 Whitlock, S. 43,77,84 Widen, D. 54,96 Wigner. C. 59 Thomas, Janice 59 Thomas, Jerry 49 Thomas, K. 42,90,96,11O Thomas, R. -l9,69,97 Wilkerson, F. 49,76 VVillinms, B. 49,8B,89,90,103,105 W'illiums, G. 49,68,71 Wlilliamson. D. 59,9l,95 Thomas, S. 49,80,96 Thompson, A. 53 Tliompson, 54,69,72,73 Thompson, R. 96,97 Thomson, 59,80 Thorenc, N. 59 wilson, A. 27,43,63,67,70,117 1'Vilson, L. 53 Wilson, Marsee 59 Wilson, Mike 49 Wilson, N. 59,80 Wilson. R. 59,91 High School Office Stall 21 Homecoming 64 - Honor Society 69 Horizon Club 72 7 - luflioi- cms -16 s 5 ' 1 junior Red Cross 73 Orchestra 81 Pep Club 71 5 Poster Club 73 Quill and Scroll 757 School Board 10 Senior Ball Royalty 44 Senior Class 28 Service Club 73 Skagina Stall 7-1- Song ancl Yi-ll 1102151013 70 Sophomore Class 50 Spanish Club 72 Sports Honomries 105 Sweetlieart Royalty G7 Swimming 98 'llcrmis 101 T hespians 85 Torrli 27 Track 102 Wlroslling 97 MY" Clubs 72 -1 S-Fi T5day's Education Has Built TomorroW's Foundation 128

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Mount Vernon High School - Skagina Yearbook (Mount Vernon, WA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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