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 - Class of 1959

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R w. ,Q , f Ns5g??g?i?5Vi i?9 f wh SE giuiig' fy. +'y45f955?? +903 333553 Q? 'Wg Qt ffgfYifiQ1f , 'QL 499 315256396 ffiiiigwf W jfwif ,ig X X 9,5 My QQ 13 Q jwf jf EJRWEXEQFM Nw ,Q5 QM Jw WWW W 6332 232210 A W? 1WNlXf g'55i'g5 an 1 gs? V X34 :sff3'?"-fb M ' Y ji 22 rg EW 25 A53 3 KEGG 33 iiQg2?i'5Q-M55 Wig 5555 Q21 52 Vi ?Q 3i?1f 2 5 GZ 5 5 f Q0 W ii M 3 if gi 5 Y 5 5 W ig? ii 5 1 -X 5 X5 gm mifag f M 5222 Q if igfiifb is A Nga MQ 4 s?2fQ,i55f2Qqi f1?3, QQ +43fif5gg5gi Q fi Q M gf Q ig 5 2 T is ' 1 F Q 1 4321332 ff? 29 312533 5 5 5 35 2 i f X X N t ' X ,J , wzfwil , 15 S ft ' ' Rik fi x ... I .N tg , ' . A 40 X . -nag, X k X kk V, L I A, N1 X ,""-LJ 0 I X N4 I 5 t x X X x 1 t , n -X 1 X X, .X N t Xs X tf 5 Y ' 1 , , . X N: X X, x . 3 , tx, .2 5 - ' . 'Jw N", 'I , Q , q s . .T 1 X 0 ' 'K ' if-7 A 6 Jil! I . " f IN' ,N . jr?" Jury' V 4' Y: ff 0, V l I I fm , V if ' ' 53 . . If 5 , Pubhshed by the Assoclatcd Students A n 1 I ' sf ' , nf. . Mount Vernon Hxgh scnnnl 1 '- I- '7 h Mount Vernon, Washington I u. , 'J 'a jj n - l JJ' May, 1958 . fl X 'v AJ If ' I W , , -n I - - , 1.44 . 1 f" ' ,011 V , ' 1 " - ' ff.. 'ix 1 , gsm, 4.13 K rv 11--v--,.,... .. 5. 3... A . r mnggf K W., , f,-fwgm, f M, - g.L..,..,.,-,,' . A My . , r. 'Abel fig, 8?,,M,A Q,-,,-pf - K QQ? -qgiggimr ,?,k.,,,MM giikggf!-4 am , -W N .fi .Q Q I sk il -! K V' im, ,Nr -mg , ' I 'Q' xx , 4 .qgfgg ' , ' 91g:N"""', af, my fx 1 . fu, 'W ... :mw- ,S . , N , Y I Q I N X ,Ufe"'f'f1'f"?.'.'aiQ?54K5'i,',w6+T. , - 4 " - 4..,.,,, . ,.-v- .f . , , .. N., . . K . .- ,, 15. . - P- ' ' . .K .- , 4 ,, Q M7 V..-Mfsw - , 5: ,Q Ar J .x . Y W' 'fi' iifwkf ' ' ' .,.,ffM'-X k'...,.fq' -In. - '-e.. -' ff :W W, 1 ..f 'f w .f Q., . ' . 5, ,, J' hh. K' is ' K .4 K I f 2.1 s .f b , -gg 1, L .W ..,v' . ,", '-gm. -uf: A' 'W H 3 W... X jr 'W Q Q-1. V f' whim . . 5 M 7, ,. . - W K g ' ff. . -1 - ' x 'rgq3'... ...A ' , ' A, ' L N 1 -4--"M" ,, f. .ff 1 x W- r- ,, .Q-Q , .W , ,.5,..4,, V . 7, . V "U rf' ' W. V . ' FQ' k ' . V JNL. 5 N5-.fwfkkx .5 5g,qL"' ff Ljif, A - . k ,,..,j 431-if in - K' 5.115 V 3 V - . K ,. , 'M Fgnu. ffm nJ,g,.- .,'Z1f,g. . ,M gf K W Amy. Y ,, ,N WQQWWQQ 1,-W g fy. " X Gi" --5,pg.w . k ' fs 4 www.,--f, Q , -.., , . 7. , Q , .. ., ,ni M . A ,.., , - -- , , - M ...M 1 ' N., s,3g..w .:,..w7fW'j,7...1.,, - . W.-fl., , ','.k,S 4 . 6 ' ...wi .-.WL ,m..,....wfff V- - . , ,:. ...Q f 15-1.51 -Q ,. 45.1 , 4 'F' ' Wm . wg., 4 .,.,,,,hN,- - ww 3. . . 1 . A .K 4.1 ' ' f, ww N , -- -' M . ff A . ' ff - g ., v A ,.-- 1 ,Eva .. 'X 4" Q .1 'fe' 3" ff g,.M:... . :ss 1' in K my ff, ,tj 1 3 , E-i1..,k, V, i , L. AM. . .QM -x .. ff ' Q ' A 523-'F -' www. fy,-.X if ' A , A M 3 , f "4 .J ,...A X , ,-gf 5... A ,.,, I ' , r . I , , . , I 0 ' ..-MA 7' ' gf . 1 , . 1 5 .PQ me ,J 'D ix- ffl gust YiQPxi5? f Gig Digi ,, J Nj TLB1 fl' A is -F iw ,M i 9 Qsk ' st 0 if - 1 , in 3 Ina 3..l Fw! 3 Jigf X55 lil . 9 'N v l Q . Qt ,J 5 V tr, --., M SKAGINA STAFF V -V: 'TQ .3 Q X 5. Go-Editors . . . .............. Jody Gordon, Karen F inle E S X R Senior Editor .. ......... Norma Sundquist Q N 'Y' unior Editor .... .. . .... Patsi Mur h ' P V QI jx. P ..e N Y it So honuwe Edhor .. ... riaakm cndhi D , ,xml X ,Nx - P E. QSIXW KJQX Freshman Editor . .. .... Maureen Finle ' 5 'X Qi Q mils? C0py-Edhor ,.... ..... J ' - 'H 'P' 2 'N S orts Editor ............. ..... R ichard Garlso N , v fx Q 2 P it gj ',cQY"'1: Business Manager ........... .... K athleen Murph ' , - 'P Assistant Business Manager ....... ........ L ynn Esar 3 J Advertising Manager ............................ Ann Equals 5 rs 'U - Y N . 3 ., v ' Q . 3 A m 9 3 H Q P. edgy s, N w V P hgqg yQf x.., JW if iz D ii V 'P iz? Q 'rw 5 P t f l kj KJ ' faq 'Q ij ' K l N 'X w Xs A "5 'J ,H .xl PNK 6, Ns Typists ......... Sharon Clizbe, Gloria Loomis, Diane Genovese, Mona Peterson Photographer ...... .............. I lobinson's Portrait Studio Other pictures by ....... Glen Dixon, Carol Christie, W. D. Wills anat i lil N xx ix! N3 X1 S QNX 1, XX 3 HWY, L W Q, 'w Y. f Xml' ' A f 1 4 W X 442: V XQ-- I , "X vi Us 1 'Ti-5' ,. --f-- ' az 'HWL 1 . . V ,S W K my V kk..k i - .IM .K - gL ?45'i"4PfM f sf Qw,,f1v.,gfN,,f.,,.,,.,,fg,,,,l.g,7-Q- .- -3 --w,z'L'Az?-if-.1341 . Q f ' , - K . ' K, q ., 9, K y ,-- 'fgf.: :.s'E 2'-2, 'ww M "k'k',' g " Iv AFI. 4 K K ',,,'x"', ,Q Q "K .fn - FLfii,,Q,iaFTiXW3 A Am,, 3 1' LfflaElf"W, an , Q--A wfgief M? Kk ,,A: .Q fi -'4 ' Q ' ..msf r' , 5 ' W 5' . , W ,E K M. ,Q 1: ,Q - 5 it ..,, 5, Q. t 5 r 8' L A ,.1X L 7, ,1 ,F W X m , Q sdxfk' V f - f Y ' A S Q elf 'Fl mrjfXa"'5i,' 'nf S Ylqgif " M' "5 'f' --5 m1rf13'fg1k- Q,.A Q ,V A - V . 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' A TTY! -M 3 Y 5 by ' Y 1 i 'L , ksgfzwgw ARM ' ,L A -Sly vff' if . C , L N QFWL Q-9' A ,O 'xi - A I ,Mi-aww!! N' ' as 5, AA ,. , "fwwfsm,m, W VL xvlk in ,L Wh 'V.kW ykry "flag ai F , Mil AQ- K ,,,,,, W . Qxlwgj K lv'- S wx Q Urn' Q ':"'f"'1e" -Q: K N, X. K N., Q Sf an af . 'X"'Qsvf-wiv ,,,i,,',f"' liyi-Fssu. I , 5 k." K P' 6 9 ,,,. gg, 39,5 g . ., A . , Y.,i"'5 vfjfmg .V-I-1--. .A ,, ,, ,M K N' 'W' f +42-..NSaW ,:, .2...Wm?WmMwsx5::: -rx wx ,A Q K K X-Z-.f.Q:ngWQ wwwf, .,.,,:gY , X , , 'X fj5y5.1.,f,5,,,x..W,.,., .,, , '.::fQAg1 g.., Q? . , 4 -.Lfw -1 ' 1 - m W . fb tex .tv A x 1 A x K is R. .Jig -L M. . x ,,.':,L?k . . A1 - -wk , in ,Jr M K Q S f 1 t I QQ. 5 - I, . R Q i 9 J 'pf .. Al. L A ' ' Y , xi ' -i , A - .4 "'. ' A' .,.1. ' ,X 1 " f 'Y M 'X K--I Y' ' 1' . " 'K g ..., . , .IM UQ , . , I I .ei ,lx 'st I., , r ' ,I GQVQ, 'fx' A , 1 , . , , ' 1 ,Q . , - f-,gf - - ff I, L1 ' K - 'fx' L' 'S 4' 1 W .. 5 U sf .0 ' ig, SM 1 J' ' E W ' K ,in yew X 'f',.Qf.f5.: Q A I-Z I I v 'I r X lk 4 5 xf' 4 , . .M H , A ' W ,f A ' ,Q 'W - V 3 . ,' 5 ,M 3 ' 1 1 , r . , A L, ,, . 9'Qw?" rw ff ff ' 3 ' ' wi s 'T f . .- 1 xv- ' '1 Q K Mi' x A M ' g I A A X4 , .- MM ,V 12 V Q ,a ,5 ig- 1 X w H fur vi. up I . 1 . .W A ,, - 0 ' f ,f , , i 5" NM Y M , , V gf 47 V Wiz? ' , 5 ff K , , -n--. K xwq .v nf., if ,i'k"'x ' - l Mllrwxg .Y K " -Q W ' ' k 4, S vTilR!E5 SS2imNNXm Y. A Iv ww ff' ' ,ms lf I ' f ' f "L ' . I ' .,. K A 'f K ' y Q ,, , 1 f' pLWJ, y,wjj J QM pk X, Q 1 M A If ' . I - W ' 1 LN A ' P 1 1 ' . 4",v4 xi s . r 'Y' Ev W ' S X x XQAKK. ,fy -f,- ,. in-5'-p . A" s L'.f"".i sf.. l M' 6 A ga, ui ,,-f x ',."w 5 i , ,f uw . ,f aw , . rw vm. ,X.. V ,hh X WP l ,fs ., ww' 1:59 . 1!rziz:25iw . Q a.'!. X V ,I ' x! Tn k 511 ' ' ' 'rg ...W ff 411' ., !5.TSj,vff' k f Pg. ,V ' f I N ,f ' ' Q 44'-M in 4, 6 s, A,,. . , K ,. X 4 'Y ' A - ff ' K ' 3 ' . i' - f' as ix -fflf 5--K . .MQ f A .. ' Q, gQ1i.J" 0 . T 1 'fx' 4 ,- i 'S 7. x u Brick tower, giant evergreens, budding flowers, and sweeping walks . . . spacious green playing Fields . . . two gymnasiums . . . busy school offices . . . bustling class rooms . . . new auditorium drapes . . . conscientious faculty . . . This is the school from which our education comes. This Is Qur S hool These are the things which remind us of school: the long walk from the Y after a swimming class, the long row of lockers on the First and third floors, the arrival of faculty in the morning! ff- Joan VanSlageren and Bcverely Burress "X come up from a swimming class at the Y.M.C.A. Seniors on the first floor wait for hfth period to begin. Mr. Gurney and Mrs. Derrick talk over library aff airs. .mmm M JM Am ge? Xbpfw WN -I . if FA 0 Mui JPN 'Www MK ii -30 vm ,Xwvs FTW gspwakm px CNTX. fm LL - V CJUAVXGDX . ,nw-'ii I ka- J ,LQ L- J-Nu V L - . kewl fe wx r v X 99. ., Jxfy-04 M' 1 MW- ,wvmm Many doors are opened to us: learn- ing, responsibility, leadership, and fel- lowship. School doors open to a new way of life through knowledge, the guidance of administration and fac- ulty, and making new friends. OPPO- SITE PAGE: Vice-Principal Ray Co- well talks with Malcolm Thomson in the school ofiice. Students lounge on the front steps before class. These Are Our Leaders For more about them see page A.S.B. .................. . . . 16 Administration . . . . . 46 Girls, Club .... . . . 32 Boys' Club ........ .. . 33 Athletic Directors . . . . . . 73 Our administrators . . . helpful . . . friendly . . . busy . . . Without their reliability and patience, Mount Vernon High School could not possibly produce the high cali- ber students which it does. Above, School Superintendent Wendell T. Phipps works at his desk and below Vice-Principal Ray Cowell and Principal William Gurney discuss school affairs. Student leaders guided M.V.H.S. through a highly successful year . . . presided at meetings . . . ap- pointed committees . . . promoted school projects . . . co-operated with faculty and administration in making lN1.V.H.S. a school of which to be proud. A.S.B. President Al Littler, in the top picture, begins an assembly by leading the student body in the Ilag salute. The four students in the middle picture were chosen by their class- mates as presidents: Dave High- nam, Senior Class, Darcy Gear- hart, Freshman Class, Krist Lane, Junior Classg Mel McDonald, Sophomore Class. In the bottom picture, Bob Park- inson, A.S.B. assistant treasurer, makes his daily trip to the bank to deposit school funds. -A fsrewflmig 58135521 ii? 'ww ,if Y iq Q5 X Lg M X Jw x :gi if S 2 3 E 1 5 A Q, ? ,gijfftf Q ,Q N Q if A il ., 0 will M, MK ' .Mg i?qQ2w'3W Agp www! aw, .M ,.,. 1:55 EHM HW3 ,k,, ,.,L 1 32 EEE f"'- - ' :Jia vm 2 N, 3,33 5? -af? 15 , .41 '-,' ,, 4 as in E565 ,,,, g N r -uf L ,CWA .gi amx. , We build strong bodies, and de- velop useful skills to take into the world with us. At the top of the opposite page a girls' physical education class practices volley- ball and Gary Morrow works on a shop project. At the top, right, a home economics class watches a demonstration before beginning their own work in foods and, bot- tom right, an advanced typing class concentrates on its work. From the study of such things as science, mathematics, languages, and the arts - comes our real ed- ucation and with these we spend most of thc day. In the center picture, right, a beginning Latin class bends over its books. In the picture at the bottom of the op- posite page, Dave Large and Fred Kinney do a chemistry experi- ment and Mr. Denc Lawson's geometry class grapples with a theorem. 3, .Q .LQ . ,xt Vw sf V155 g - 1 f ' "NIU oi 'ix ".xffXG'yf. SL f4 'LAm- f iff . 5' 3 J -.ff . li' N 4 wi , , .H jj--5: . 3. ,. , ff. .j::fj,. 5'-, 4 X ,775 R, Emi .. .3 'gig ' A ' f 5 7.-in .sw v- :gf Z fy f , w-3 . 3 .eff fam z. , ,Q 5 , WF' Q 4: W x if Q- sx w my 5? by gl if ' K M 155 ui Y 1 Y A 5 x ..... .' " " I L M. 591 . , z X. Q 2 1 X ga ,, 32 f rs 1252 if H YES. S . sg. ff N ,M .qi ,. .Tl JE, X QT" if m. Af - , 11 1 Xl x, lm i Q wx, .Ari KX f i K X . ' V .' 'iyok . 5 . 'Z 5 I 71. Q , . x ,. K K A I g A 2' - -. , .fgga Q .. ' ' ' 1, V '. 7534 Fi , " t Q s K , N. ' sk 1. 7 ' 'Y - :af--' L., ll 'S 5 ' 'kk, xz' ' .. .Q 5 X2 , A A Qs X X X X ., . ,M W., g X N ' ff lffyvii by rl? if 2 f W "1-, : V ggi A Q 1... K f - -. . i f , . Q 5 W sw xib' ' . XJ. ,R t gm Q 2 E+, v , K' is 1 3' VW QHMQY- L, .. ' 3 -.u w,. f, ,ef1. v K , , . A if i ..- J .... A 53 1 X K I 4 ft 1 ' ' X.,-X vgzfxg V, Qr, i ,, - . .1 fi ,. X ik, . ., Q, jgi5LiK.f.fi2?k .L S A , -f.k. :gag 5 ,. K- KI.. g , .ef A i ' 1 W, X . , f H . ,. AW" 'W 1' g A ff z X i K .X . 3. ' X52 5 Mx Q 'E QA Q 5 S egg X K , A,-nggggx 4 sm Qs? i i 15, X . X A my f 3 K. 5 t . -gi x l- x :f 4, we - - 16"ixf- -f s, - W. 'TY W N - ". . K L43-fv , . x . Y ,Q g. ,t. AWQ1? X' y RW ,X x fm A fl - f -' 5' f Q WQQ gs: ' ' ff, Y L? 2- R Lk V k , Y ,gf - k X . K H- 4 f I 'AQ ff K! V A 'gif Q Hx X.-.W Q X L, x 4 f Q Nr X r Q , . X ': .S " " X wx v NR., NW-0 - L Ru, 1. , K qs- V X35--ref.. swf- wx ' ini 3. x :Sk K3 Tw? X39 k lx I A 5 V 'X - Nfl 13359 X Z N .. sr. -K QA ..-.-h gf2,' - sr' L, S1 1, A K a - x 585 - wwf up il-, - 1 SQ Q in 1- ' - 'ik . T.,-.x 55 1':x,.: M TLXX ,air M sk - in gjgy 5 X-5 I bf:-, 'K ,Q-gi .E X X Y .1 Q 'fi M. EY Q M af N Q ,Ili rl .1-Ir. A LN v P r Q4 FEE' t o Here We Are f 9 page Seniors . . . . 18 3 Juniors .... . . 32 Sophomores . . . . .38 Freshmen . fi. . . . . 42 Cb F 0 Q r Seniors - Juniors - Sophomorcs - Freshmen w studying, learn- ing, playing. School is a number of things . . . classes . . . assemblies . . . dances . . . games . . . more classes . . . noon-time gossip . . . crowded halls . . . and the walk to the busses which ends each 0 school day. lwdfii if llln Nydpf 92: K7 if ,fill QTJW 'f it SM 1 fl! W fl '77 'jfw t9 lliilw ,J Kiki ffvf Mich J jiffz l ff, M75 QW tllQjw32f c5BUc K Q!!! QyA7 s if t JZLNL will This noon-time on thc landing is a familiar sight. In thc middlc picturc a quartet of junior boys rcndcrs g'Olc Man Rivcr" against a showboat back- drop for their annual class as- sembly. And, bottom picture, thc rush of students to bc Hrst in the lunch linc is a daily ritual. sf W SALE! .. ..-.sw--1 ,,.-.--4-""" 'l ww ' Gur A. . B. Officers The officers of the Associated Student Body hold the most important student positions in school. Each officer has an important and difficult job - one that is vitally necessary in maintaining good student government. President Al Littler, wielding the gavel at the right, has exerted a Erin and friendly leadership throughout the year. His efhcient fellow officers, above, Assistant- treasurer Bob Parkinson, Treasurer Norm Etherington, Vice-president john Haubner, and Secretary Kerry Lynn Pearson, spent many hours each week in the A.S.B. of- fice managing student affairs. This year's chief school project was the improvement of the auditorium. A new grand drape, new spots, and a new cyclorama gave the auditorium an elegant "new look." 16 .- -mswff ,wwmsmv was ,ss rs 1 54 ASQ ,ea- 4 3 h jg Berk. Q- , Q '- 1 V V M , -. s - .tw V ,. , v: , :-1. 1 , .. ..M,, s.-"Wi, 'at ,, x The Student Council is the representative body of the stu- dent government. Each member of the council acts for his council class when the group meets with the A.S.B. oHicers to consider student afTairs. First semester student council members were. FIRST ROW: Highnam, Treasurer Eth- erington, Lindbloom, Sundquist, Bidwell, Diedzic, Assist- " As, S ,l wt VJ. - 5-P. ant Treasurer Parkinson, Shumwny, Swanson. SECOND ROW: Finley, Danielson, Grimes, Lane, Kelley, Richard- son, Lindbeek, Stewart, Gezxrhart, Axelson, Sprague. STANDING: A.S.B. President Al Littler and Vice- president John Haubner. A. S. B. Maintains Student Government These students were elected to serve on the student council second semester. SEATED: Mcllreath, Erickson, Lindbeek, Genrhart, Genovese, Gordon, Etherington, Littler, Pearson, Danielson, Hutchins, Harris, Johnson, VanWaveren. STANDING: Wright, Dalseg, Shumway, Wilson, Ander- son, Gutierrez, Lynch, Pelland, Swanson, Hansmnnn Kingma, Rimmer, Nelson. 'i F 'V , ,W Study and Top Grades Commencement Speakers The six students in the senior class who have the high scholastic standing are chosen each year to be the speakers at the Commence- ment exercises. The valedictorian, salutatorian, and the next four U g top seniors will choose a general topic around which each will build ' his speech for the ceremony which will end their high school careers. The speakers will be chosen at the end of the third quarter from ' this group of nine seniors. They are Betty ageman, David rge f Mona Peterson, David Highnam, Norman therin ton, D dm X Sandra Bidwell, Linda Esary, and John ja eson. g Xry W lil 2 SWQQQQ A X, -Fife s 18 l Earn tudents Honor These seniors maintained a 3.2 scholastic average for their first seven semesters in high school. and will. if the average is main- tained, receive at graduation the covetccl pin which signifies their membership in Torch, the national high school scholastic honor society. FIRST RUIVJ Bidwell. SECOND ROI!! Britten, Cramer, Esary, Etherington. Genovese, Gordon. THIRD ROIV: Grimes, Hageman, Hall, Highnam, Hutchins, Jamieson, FOURTH ROW: Jensen, Large, Littler, Loomis, lXIcPhcrson, Murphy. FIFTH ROW: Peterson Rouw, Sunclqnist, Volle. XVil- son, Whoolery of 'tr WY Nr' 19 Q- Dave Highnam, class presidentg Ray Bloom, vice-presidentg Karen Finley, secretaryj and Larry Wha- len, treasurer, led the class of '59 through a busy and exciting sen- ior year. Graduation Rewards Four Years of Study When the class of '459" entered high school they had ahead of them much work, much to learn, and many wonderful experiences. Elected as class president was Ray Bloom. Other class oflicers were vice president, Ray Lillquist, secretary, Gary Morrow 5 and treasurer, John Haubner. The students quickly joined various organizations and -turned out for sports and dramatics. The class was especially proud of its girls' basketball team for winning the March of Dimes championship. The assembly "Then and Now" was presented to the student body in the spring. The next fall officers chosen were President John Haubner, Vice president Dee Hall, Secretary Diane Genovese, and Treasurer Connie Cook. Students who had earned a place in the honor society were given a luncheon by the Kiwanis Club, and this became a yearly tradition. Boys turning out for varsity sports made a fine contribution to the teams. Al Littler was among the varsity basketball players who repre- sented MVHS at the state tournament. School yell leaders included Connie Cook and Diane Barry and Jean Dewey was a song leader. Karen Williamson won the award of c'Miss Pep" for basketball. Again in the spring the class assembly was presented, the action centered around an academy awards theme. This production won for the class the best assembly award for the year. As upperclassmen in the fall of 1957, Sandy Bidwell was elected president g Joe Arcadia, vice president g Larry Whalen, treasurer, and Linda Britten, secretary. The Junior Class had three players on the starting line-up of the championship football team, and Al Littler received the blocking award. Taking part in the homecoming victory celebration were Homecom- ing Princesses Connie Cook and Diane Genovese. Kerry Lynn Pearson and Carol Busby were two of the schoolis song leaders. In swimming, John Cramer won honors as did Mel Kingma in wrestling. Winners of gentlemen athlete awards for this year were Norm Etherington, swimming, and Nels Molstad, tennis. In November the annual Thanksgiving assembly was presented with a classroom setting. By this time Al Littler was serving as vice president of the student body and Norm Etherington was assistant treasurer. On May 2 the Junior Prom "Mystic Moments," was held at the Holiday Ballroom. Bill Rasar and Judy Nelles were crowned king and queen from Mount Vernon. Members of the class of "59" walked the halls as seniors in the fall of 1958. Al Littler was A.S.B. president, Norm Etherington, treasurer, and Kerry Lynn Pearson, secretary, Class officers were Dave Highnam, president, Ray Bloom, vice president, Karen Fin- ley, secretary, and Larry Whalen, treasurer. Al Littler was named football captain and received the blocking and inspirational player awards, and Larry Whalen and Al Littler were named to the All- Northwest first team. Steve Whoolery was elected gentleman ath- lete. Willard Anderson was basketball captain and, in track, out- standing pole vaulter John Cramer promised to break all county and state high school records as spring turnouts began. Yell Leader Mona Peterson and Song Leaders Kathleen Murphy and Diane Genovese were part of the year's excellent song and yell squad. Homecoming was a bit damp, but the rain took second place to Queen Kerry Lynn Pearson and Princesses Pat Wood and Jean Dewey. The Senior Ball, "Je T'Aime" was held at the Holiday at Thanksgiving time. Reigning as king and queen were Nolan Lee and Diane Barry. "The Christmas Miraclef' which was written by the class, was presented as the Christmas assembly. Graduation pictures, announcements, graduation plans, caps and gowns, the senior sneak! High school days were over. Class advisors for the four years were Mr. Rex Coslor, chairman, Mrs. Frances Davis, Mr. Perry Brown, Mr. George Mowrer, M. Mal- colm Thomson, Mr. Turner Pedersen, and Miss Minnie Gerriets. SENIORS TOP ROW.' HELEN ANDERSON - Girls, Club 1-4, JOG 3, Chorus 1-2, Choir 3-4. WILLARD ANDERSON - Boys' Club 1-4, Honor So- ciety 1-2, Hi-Y 4, Basketball 1-4, Captain 4, Baseball 1-4. SECOND ROW: CHARLES GARY AUCKLAND - Boys' Club 1-4, Swimming 1-3. BILL BACHOFNER - Bovs, Club 1-4, Hi-Y 4, FFA 1-4, Basketball 1-4. THIRD ROW: ROBERT BARKER - Boys' Club 1-4, Honor Society 1, Thespians 2-4, Hi-Y 4, Swimming 3, Basketball Mgr. 1-2, All School Play 2-4. DIANE MARIE BARRY - Girls' Club 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Yell Leader 2, May Queen 2, Student Council 2, All State Cheerleader 2, Senior Ball Queen 4, GAA 1-2, Water Ballet 4. FOURTH ROW: IACK BEACH - Transfer from Forks, Wash. 2, Boys, Club 2-4. KENTON ALLEN BEAL - Boys, Club 1-4, Fgotball 1-4' Track 1-3. 7 FIFTH ROW: HELEN MARIE BENSON - Girls, Club 1-4, JOG 3, Chorus 1-2, Choir 3,4. SONIA EULENE BENSON - Girls' Club 1-4, Service Club 2-4, JOG 3-4, Historian 4, Library Club 3-4, Pres. 3, Sec.- Treas. 4. 21 SANDRA JEAN BIDWELL - Girls' Club 1-45 Class Pres. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 15 GAA 1-35 Pep Club 2,35 Debate 15 Thespians 45 Mask SL Dagger 2,35 Torch 45 Honor Society 1-4, Vice-Pres. 25 All School Play 2-45 Choir 35 Student Council 1,4. R. DALE BLESSNER - Boys' Club 1-45 Swimming 2. FRED CHARLTON - Transfer from Ferndale, Wash. 25 Boys' Club 2-45 Bulldog Staff 45 FFA 3,45 Radio Club 3.4. RAY WILLIAM BLOOM - Boys' Club 1-45 Hi-Y 45 Honor Society 25 Class Pres. 1, Vice-Pres. 45 Swimming 1-45 Tennis 1. LINDA DIANE I. BRITTEN - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 45 Class Sec. 35 Honor Society 2-45 Torch 45 Student Council 1-25 Thespains 354, Sec. 45 All School Play 35 March of Dimes Winners 1. SHARON DIANE CLIZBE - Transter from Bellingham, Wash. 25 Girls' Club 2-45 Skagina Staff 4, Typist. IX, !. DONNA LOUISE BROWN - Girls' Club 1-451fITri-Hi-Y5 Pep Club, 2-35 GAA 15 Bulldog Staff 4. DOUGLAS BURKE - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-45 Service Club 1-4, Pres. 45 Thespians 45 ,All School y . JOHN L. CRAMER - Boys' Club -45 Hi-Y 35 Swimming 1-4 Co-Capt. 4, State Champion 35 Track 1-45 chestra 1-4, Cbncert Mafster5 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Industrial Arts rd 1.5 1 f , l ' , F , . ,fl I ' ' 1 ' f' 1 x l , ' XX . ff 5, I 1, . J I xl 3' 1 X K li f ix O B SS , B lu gl- 5 rack 1-45 Wrest1i'ngg25 C oir ' Qji sf Glee Clhb 4. O i B SBY Q Girls! Climb 1- 5 N , AA V25 Tr '-Y 5 u ,nt Council 1-2" S011 er 3, l y Qu en 5' Bu og ta 5 CN 4. March off ' s i rs 1. G RY D G oys Qlub' -45V A 1-45 All Schbol y , hoi . . W 3 I X UN - A , , X Q x X K 6 If X . . , . . xl l 1 1 W 1 xl 1.. ,f 2 A . ROBERT BYRNES - Boys' Club 1-45 Radio Club 3-45 Se ice lub 1-45 Baseball Mgr. 354. RICHARD CARLSON - Boys, Club 1-4, hess Club 25 Hi-Y 45 Thespians 3,4, Pres. 45 All School Play l-45 st Support- ing Actor 2,45 Baseball 1,25 Golf 1,2545 Track 35 Skagina Staff, Sports Editor 4. JUDY A. DURANCEAU - Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 1-4. 22 CAROL CHRISTIE - Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-45 Water Ballet 45 Quill SL Scroll 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Pep Club 2,35 Horizon 1-4, Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 15 Bulldog Staff 3-4, Photographer. IEAN CLARK - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 Pep Club 35 GAA 1-25 Chorus 15 Choir 2-4. CONNIE IEAN COOK - Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 Cheerleader 25 Homecoming Princess 35 May Queen 25 Class Treas. 2. IAMES ARTHER COX - Boys' Club 1-45 Radio Club 3,45 Trcas. 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Thespians 2-45 FFA 1-35 All School Play 2-45 Orchestra l-45 Choir 45 National Thespian Award. PATRICIA ANN DAVIS - Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Bulldog Staff 4. BARBARA MARIE DEAN - Girls, Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Chaplain 1,45 GAA 1-45 Water Ballet 45 Mask Sc Dagger 2,35 Skagina Staff, Fresh. Ed.5 Bulldog Staff 354, Sports Ed. 3, News Ed. 45 Chorus 15 Student Council 2. jEAN SHARON DEWEY - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 25 GAA 1-25 Pep Club 35 Tri- Hi-Y 1-45 Chorus 15 Choir 2-45 Song Leader 25 Homecoming Princess 45 May Queen 25 Student Council 2. LINDA LEE DINKINS - Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Choir 45 Chansonettes 45 Transfer from Sedro Wolley 2. RICHARD LEE DUTTON - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-4, Pres. 4, National Convention 45 Honor Society 3-45 Torch 4: Baseball 35 Student Council 3. JERRY EKKELKAMP - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-4. ANN EQUALS - Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Treas. 45 Quill 8L Scroll 3,4, Vice-Pres. 45 Thespiansl-5 Mask 81 Dagger 35 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 35 All School Play 3, Crew 45 Bulldog Staff, Fea- ture Ed. 35 Skagina Staff, Adv. Mgr. 4. LINDA JOY ESARY - Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club 35 Quill 8L Scroll, 3,45 Mask 8: Dagger 35 Thespians 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,3,4, Vice-Pres. 45 GAA 1-35 All School Play 2, Crew 3,45 Bulldog 3-4, Bus. Mgr. 3, Ed. 45 Skagina 4, Asst. Bus. Mgr. Honor Society 1-4, Sec.-Treas. 35 Torch 4. LINDA MARIE FELT - Girls' Club 1-45 Horizon 1-45 GAA 15 Chorus 1-2. KAREN LYNNE FINLEY - Girls' Club 1-45 Tri- Hi-Y 1,3,45 Horizon 15 GAA 1-25 Class Sec. 45 Student Council 3-45 Bulldog Staff 35 Skagina Staff, Co-Editor 4. RICHARD LEE FLECK - Boys' Club 1-45 All Northwest Honorable Mention, Football 1-45 Basketball 15 Tennis 15 Swim- ming 2,35 Baseball 25 Wrestling 45 All School Play 1,3, Crew 45 Thespians5 Choir 4. LARRY FLOWERS - Boys' Club 1-45 Football 1-25 Basketball 15 Wrestling 2-45 Track 1-45 Band 1. KENNETH FRANCIS - Boys, Club 1-45 FFA 1. DIANE GENOVESE - Transfer from Bellingham, Wash. 15 Class Sec. 25 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 GAA 2-35 Tri-Hi-Y 2-45 Girls' Club 2-45 Pep Club 35 Skagina Staff, Typist 45 Chorus 15 Choir 45 Student Council 2-45 Song Leader 45 May Queen 45 Homecoming Princess 3. GRACE GORDON - Girls' Club 1-45 Horizon 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 GAA 1-2. IO- SEPHINE ANN GORDON - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 1-4, Secretary 25 Junior Red Cross Council 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-4, Vice- President 1, Pres. 25 GAA 1-2, Mgr. 25 Water Ballet 45 Student Council 3,45 D.A.R. Award 45 Bulldog Staff 3, Feature Ed., Quill SL Scroll 3-4, Pres. 4. Skagina Staff, Soph. Editor 2, Co-Editor 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4. NORMAN ETHERINGTON - Boys' Club 1-45 Student Council 2-45 ASB Treas. 4, Asst. Treas. 35 First Place in Oration 35 Debate 1-45 Thespians 3-45 Honor Society 1-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Torch 45 Swimming 2-4, Gentleman Athlete5 All School Play 2-4, Best Actor Award 2-35 Band 1-45 All-State Orchestra 3. DIANE HABLUTZEL - Girls' Club 1-45 Ushers' Club 1-25 Library Club 45 Chorus 1. BETTY HAGEMAN - Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 35 Third Play in Oration 25 Horizon 1-4, Trcas. 1-25 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Debate 2-45 Quill 8a Scroll 3-4, Treas. 3, Sec. 45 Bulldog Photographer 25 Band 1-35 All State Band 35 U. N. Pilgrimage for Youth 2. DENNIS FISHER - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-45 Track 2-4. ELIZ- ABETH DEE HALL - Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 15 Class Vice-Pres. 25 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 JOG 3-4, Trcas.5 Horizon 1-4, Pres. 35 GAA 1-35 Band 1-35 March of Dimes Winner 1. GORDON HARMON - Boys' Club 1-45 Hi-Y 25 Golf 2-3. HELEN MAY FOSNAUGH -- Girls' Club 1-45 Service Club 1-4, Vice- Pres. 45 GAA 1-4, Inspirational Award 35 March of Dimes Winners 1. ELLEN HARRIS - Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society 15 Betty Crocker Award 45 JOG 3-45 Vice-Pres. 3-45 Horizon 3-4, Sec. 45 Debate 15 Mask SL Dagger 2-3. JOHN HAUBNER - Boys' Club 1-45 ASB Vice-Pres. 45 Class Treas. 15 Pres. 25 Hi-Y 45 Football 1,2545 Wrestling 25 Basketball 15 Base- ball 1-45 Student Council 3-4. My BUD GENTHER - Transfer from Ferndale, Wash. 35 Boys' Club 3-45 Swimming 3. GERALD HELDE - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-4, Sec. 45 Bas- ketball 15 N.B.C. Heifer Award 1. JAMES CLELL HENSON - Transfer from Pe Ell, Wash.5 Boys' Club 2-4, Vice-Pres. 45 Hi-Y 45 Student Council 45 Football 2-45 Basketball 2-45 Track 2-45 Choir 45 Boys' Glec Club 4. JANET CRIMES -- Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 4: Honor Society 2-4, Torch 45 Quill BL Scroll 3-45 GAA 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Water Ballet 45 Library Club 45 Bulldog Staff 3-4, Ed. 3, Managing Ed. 45 Skagina Staff 4, Copy Ed. DAVE HIGHNAM - Boys' Club 1--1-Z Class Pres. 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Basketball 1: Tennis 1.4: Wrestling 25 All School Play 1-25 Student Council 3-4. ION HILL - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-45 Hi-Y 45 Athletics Property Manager 1-2: Junior Red Cross 1-4. 25 DENNIS WARREN HOFF -- Transfer from Oak Harbor, Wash. 35 Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Wrestling 35 Football 45 Choir 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 4. JOHN HOLLENBECK - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-4. MELVIN KINGMA - Boys' Club 1-45 Wrestling 1-4. RONALD JAMES HORTON - Boys' Club 1-45 Basketball 25 Track 3-4. KAREN SUE HUTCHENS -- Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Student Council 45 Thespians 2-4, Vice-Pres. 35 Debate 45 Chess Club 25 Radio Club 45 All School Play 2, Crew 2-45 March of Dimes Winners 15 GAA 1. DAVID LARGE - Boys' Club 1-45 First Place Competitive Math Exam 3-45 National Thespian Award 2-35 Chess Club, Sec.5 Radio Club, Pres. 3-45 All School Plays 1-45 Lighting and Sound Director 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 4. ANDREW JOHN JAGER - Transfer from Twin City High, Stan- wood, Wash. 15 Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 1-45 JOHN DAVID JAMIE- SON -- Boys' Club 1-45 Honor Society 1-45 Torch 45 Hi-Y 4, Treas. 45 Football 15 Wrestling Mgr. 1-25 Golf 1-4. GLORIA LOOMIS - Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society 1,3,4, Torch 45 Orchestra 1-45 Choir 354, Chansonettes 3-45 Skagina Staff 4, Typist5 All-Northwest Choir 45 March of Dimes Winners 1. ALLEN PAUL JENSEN - Boys, Club 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Debate 1-45 Band 1-45 Choir 45 Student Council 4. ALICE DEE JOHN- SON - Transfer from Oak Harbor, Wash. 15 Girls' Club 1-4. MARY KAY McCAIN -- Transfer from Seattle, Wash. 25 Girls' Club 2-45 Service Club 3. PATRICIA ANN KAISER - Girls' Club 1-45 Ushers' Club 3-45 GAA 2-45 JOG 3-45 Chorus 15 Choir 4. CONNIE KALBERG - Transfer from Bellingham, Wash. 35 Girls, Club 3-4. CLAIRE MILLARD - Girls' Club 1-45 Library Club 3, Treas.5 JOG 35 GAA 25 Choir 3-45 Chorus 15 Chansonettes 4. FRED KINNEY - Boys' Club 1-4. SAN- DRA BETH KIRBY - Transfer from Mercer Island, Wash. 35 Girls' Club 1,3-45 GAA 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 All School Play 45 Choir 3-45 Bulldog 4. NOLAN LEE - Boys, Club 1-45 FFA 1-4, Vice-Pres.5 Basketball 1-4. AL LITTLER -- Transfer from Kent, Wash. 25 Boys' Club 2-45 Student Council 2-45 Choir 45 Boys' Glee Club 45 ASB Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Honor Society 2-4, Torch 45 Hi-Y 2-4, Chaplain 2,45 Football 2-4, Capt. 4, Inspi- rational Award 45 All Northwest Second Team 3, All Northwest 45 Basketball 2-45 Baseball 2-4. MARY LYNAM -- Girls' Club 1-45 Chorus 15 Choir 4. BETTY ANN MARLER - Girls' Club 1-45 GAA 1-25 Choir 45 Ushers' Club 1-35 Service Club 35 Library Club 3. ANNALY McPHERSON - Girls' Club 1-45 Debate 1-25 Thespians 1-45 Mask SL Dagger 2-35 President 35 Honor Society 1-3, Torch 45 All School Play 1-45 Choir 4. LARRY RAY MICHEAU - Boys' Club 1-45 Band 1-45 Orchestra 2-45 Choir 45 Stu- dent Council 2. CAROLYN RUTI1 MILLER -- Girls, Club 1-45 GAA 25 Chorus 1. G. RUSSELL MILLER - Transfer from San Diego, Calif. 35 Boys' Club 3-45 Track 35 Journa- lism 4. NELSON JOHN MOLSTAD - Boys' Club 1-45 Hi-Y 4, Vice-Pres.5 Boys' Glee Club 45 Tennis 1-4, Gentleman Athleteg Basketball 1-2. CLARK MOORE - Boys' Club 1-45 Football 1-25 Basketball 1-45 Baseball 1-4. IERRY MULLEN - Boys' Club 1-4. KATHLEEN MURPHY - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 1, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Girls, State 45 May Queen 45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Thespians 3-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,4, Pres. 45 Pep Club 35 Mask :Sc Dagger 2-3, Treas, 35 GAA 1-3, Sec.-Treas. 35 Water Ballet 45 All School Play 2, Best Support- ing Actress 25 Skagina Staff 3-4, Junior Ed. 3, Business Ed. 45 Student Council 35 Song Leader 4. IUDITH ANN NELLES - Girls' Club 1-45 Junior Prom Queen 35 GAA 1-25 Tri- Hi-Y 1-4, Sec. 45 Student Council 1-25 Quill 8L Scroll 4, Treas.5 Bulldog Staff 3, Feature Editor. MICHAEL E. NELSON - Transfer from Sedro Woolley, Wash. 25 Boys' Club 2-4, Sec. 35 Band 1-45 Thes- pians, Vice-Pres. 45 Track 2-35 Wrestling 25 All School Play 2-3. IEROME LYLE NOGLE - Boys, Club 1-45 FFA 1-4. GARY OGDON - Boys' Club 1-45 Hi-Y 15Track 1. LEROY LESLIE ORCUTT - Boys, Club 1-45 FFA 2,45 Library Club 35 Swimming 2, Mgr. 3-45 Golf 25 Band 15 Boys' Glee Club 4. KERRY LYNN PEARSON - Girls' Club 1-45 ASB Sec. 45 Song Leader 35 Homecoming Queen 45 May Queen 35 Tri- Hi-Y 152,45 Pep Club 3: Mask 8: Dagger 2-3, Sec. 35 GAA 1-25 All School Play 25 Student Council 3-45 Inter High Sec. 4. GARY MORROW - Boys' Club 1-45 Football 1-25 Basketball 1-45 Basc- ball 1-4. MONA EILEEN PETERSON - Girls' Club 1-45 Yell Leader 45 Honor Society 1-4, Treas. 4, Torch 45 GAA 1-25 All School Play 1-25 Choir 4. SHARON LEE PRICE - Transfer from Mt. Baker, Wash. 35 Girls' Club 3-45 Library Club. DAVID R. NASH -- Transfer from Springfield, Ohio 35 Wrestling 35 Track 35 Boys' Club 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 4. PAT V. QUINN - Girls' Club 1-45 Mask 81 Dagger 1-25 Library Club 35 JOG 35 Chorus 15 Choir 4. WILLIAM L. RASAR Q Boys' Club 1-45 Student Council 15 Junior Prom King 35 Wrestling 1-25 Football 2-3. PATSY NELSON - Girsl' Club 1-45 March of Dimes Winner 15 Band 1-25 Choir 4. RITA IO RASMUSSEN - Girls' Club 1-45 Ushers' Club 25 Service Club 15 Chorus 1-25 Choir 45 Chansonettes 4. ELLY AUDRI- ANA ROUW - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 25 Honor Society 2-45 Choir 45 Chansonettes 4. DANIEL OLSON - Boys' Club 1-45 Basketball 1-25 Baseball 1-4. ROGER SAYER - Boys' Club 1-45 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Boys' Glec Club 4. IOHN FREDERICK SCHRAM - Boys' Club 1-45 Football 15 Wrestling Mgr. 15 Tennis 3-4. IUDY DIANE PELLAND - Girls' Club 1-45 Bulldog Staff 35 Chorus 1-25 Choir 3, DAVID CHARLES SHARP - Boys' Club 1-45 Hi-Y 45 Tennis 1-45 Band 1-25 Boys' Glcc Club 4. CAROL IEAN SHRAUGER - Girls' Club 1-45 Pep Club 2-35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Bulldog Staff 4. 29 CRAIG WESLEY SHUMWAY - Boys' Club 1-4, Pres. 45 Hi-Y 2, Treas. 25 FFA 1-4, Sentinel 45 Football 2-45 Wrestling 2-35 Track 3-45 Swimming 15 Baseball 25 Student Council 4. ANN SMALLEY - Trans- fer from Vancouver, B.C. 25 Girls' Club 2-4. I-IILDA VAN OSSEN- BRUGGEN - Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 GAA 1-25 Choir 45 March of Dimes Winners 1. LINDA ROSE SPANE - Girls' Club 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 Horizon 45 GAA 1-35 Bulldog Staff. WILLIAM ARTHUR SPROUSE - Boys' Club 1-45 Chess Club 25 Radio Club 3,45 Vice-Pres. 35 Thespians 4, Greenhorn Award 35 Golf 1-35 All School Play 3-4. JANET KATHLEEN WATKINS - Transfer from Bellevue, Wash. 35 Girls' Club 3-45 Bull- dog Staff 45 Choir 45 Chansonettes 4. SHARILYN LOU STONE - Girls' Club 1-45 JOG 3-4, Sec.5 Horizon 1-2, Sec. 25 GAA 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Quill 81 Scroll 45 Bulldog Staff 3,4, Office Mgr. 4, News Editor 45 Girls' State 3. THOMAS E. STORRS - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 15 Library 2-4. JUDY WHITE - Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society 1,35 JOG 3-4, Pres.5 Library Club 2-3, Treas. NORMA LOUISE SUNDQUIST - Girls' Club 1-45 Student Council 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1-45 GAA 1-25 Skagina Staff 4, Senior Editor 45 March of Dimes Winners 1. GERALD SWETT - Boys' Club 1-45 FFA 2,45 Industrial Arts Award. KAREN WILLIAMSON - Girls' Club 1-45 Miss Pep 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3-45 GAA 1-45 Quill 8: Scroll 3-45 Pep Club 35 Water Ballet 45 March of Dimes Winners 15 Bulldog Staff 3-4, Sports Editor. WILLARD ERWIN TUCKER - Boys' Club 1-45 Swimming 35 FFA 1,4. VERNON ROY VANDER POL - Boys' Club 1-45 Basketball 15 Tennis 1. CHARLES CLARENCE YOUNG - Boys' Club 1-45 Hi-Y 4, Pres.5 Swimming 1,3,45 Baseball 2-45 Track 15 Band 15 Boys' Glee Club 4. Q s FRED R. VAUGHAN - Boys' Club 1-45 First place Art Contest 3. GRACE LOUISE VOLLE - Girls' Club 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Mask 81 Dagger 1-35 JOG 3-45 Bulldog Staff 3-4, Circulation Mgr.5 Quill :SL Scroll 45 Choir 3-45 March of Dimes Winners 1. TRUUS WEYERS - Transfer from Hol- land 23 Girls' Club 1-45 Service Club 3. LARRY WHALEN - Boys' Club 1-45 Class Treas. 3-45 All Northwest Football 45 Hi-Y 45 Chess Club 25 Football 1-45 Base- ball 1-45 Basketball 15 Wrestling 35 Boys' Glee Club 4. STEVE WHOOLERY - Boys' Club 1-4, Council 2-35 Hi-Y 1-4, Pres. 2, Sec. 45 Track 1-45 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Football 1-4, Gentleman Athlete 45 Swim- ming 1-4, Co-Capt. 4. KATHERINE ANN WILCOX - Girls' Club 1-45 Mask 8: Dagger 1-25 Thespians 2-45 All School Play 1-45 Band 1-3. MARCY WILSON - Girls' Club 1-45 Second place in oration 35 Honor Society 1-4, Torch 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Horizon 1-4, Sec. 2, Pres, 45 Debate 1,2,4g Pep Club 2-35 JOG 35 Thespians 3-45 Mask 8: Dagger 2-3, Vice-Pres. 35 Water Ballet 45 GAA 1-35 All School Play 2,45 Choir 3-45 Orchestra 1. PAT WOOD - Girls' Club 1-4, Council 3, Treas. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,45 Horizon 15 GAA 1-25 Bulldog Staff, Feature Editor 45 Home- coming Princess 4. CHARLOTTE YOUNGQUIST - Girls' Club 1-45 Horizon 1-45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 CAA 25 Band 1-4. NOT PICTURED IOHN OLSON - Transfer from Stanwood Wash. 4. AL SHERK - Transfer from Stanwood, Wash. 4. LESLIE SMITH - Transfer from Anacortes, Wash. 4. Krist Lane led the Junior Class as presi- dent. , W NX-1, Lf' l : f 5 ' , my X.. , -- , fx J ix N rx' NU , ,Lf X, -I 4 A L-' I If 1 'I X . ,L R In X L 3, X L N 'r T by In 1 X X i of Krist Lane Elected As President of Junior Class , I Class of 1960 N, :T X' ' ' ' f A w , QQ 'i X V . 3 X X , IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: FIRST ROW: Gabrielson, Deming, Easton, Crapson, Ivey, S. Johnson, S. Burkhalter, Soler, Boyle, Doughty, D. johnson. SECOND ROW.' Ver- million, Bovier, Murphy, Hazen, Copner, Jacobson, Kelley, Olson, Soine, Hamburg, Danielson, Gearhart, Cramer THIRD ROW: Fowler, Higgins, Brazle, Wilson, Day Ozretich, Randles, Sprague, Lane, Duncan, Christensen Vaux. NOT PICTURED: Bruce Osborne, Bob Parkinson J I Juniors Active in School Functions After two years of successful high school life, the class of 1960 opened its junior year with the election of Krist Lane as president, Gerald Christenson, Vice-President, Curtis Sprague, secretary, Gary Rackner, treasurer. Among the first of their activities was the presentation of the annual Thanksgiving Assembly. Much hard work and planning went into the traditional Junior Prom. Many Junior boys were active in sports and the class had representatives on all the school teams. The Junior Honor Society had the largest membership. The Junior'Class is anticipating its senior year at M.V.H.S. Auckland Anderson Axthelm Barnett Bergman Best Bigler Boling Bordner Bovier Boyle Bradshaw Brazle Brune Bunny C' I iiii f ii C if a-ti- in ,,.:. r 5- , "" . ,,... X --' "U A ikiyf' .,1,,1:QI:1:':' ' V, Q k 5 , 9 . Q 6 'N i Q x Q . Q 5 .-.xi 0 sw- - - mal. ,- I 'eet A . Q "" it eeise 33 Burkhalter Burkland Cantrell Chandler Christensen J. Cook R. Cook Collins Connell Copner Cornelius Craig Cramer Crapson Curry Custance Buress X N gg. QQ? Q X Scholasticall , the Clas tecjfHigh w We Gerald Christenson was elected t 51 K graft the office of vice-president. A jf 1 jf X ll M W - ,.5gf.,::,w. , 1 f - M agi 5. Q S asa , , , S!!! ' M .1 Y f 0 lm- H., . lr F l nn H, Ax 5 .Ll nb ,, N - fs. ,L FIRST ROW: V. Dale, Dawson, V. Deming. S SECOND ROW: Dills, Dosch, Doughty Douglas. THIRD ROW: Dralle, Duling, Dun- can, Easton, Eisses. FOURTH ROW: Elf- strom, Engen, England, Erickson, Everett FIFTH ROW: Faller, Finan, Fowler, Frey Gabrielsen. SIXTH ROPV: Gearhart, Geisen dorf, Goodrich, Gross, Hamburg. SEVENTH , . , . ,.-, , , K .sg V 2 ' ' ' " A ' .f-" F7 " N S A '-A 'E SwR'l , 4.1 in , Jr dry 'W' 'wi . 1-.. , li ' lm-M' sg? ' t - I "' or lr' l Lim 1 5? sr. -will 'U' f. , 5, l . e S T c A Kg,,, g i "" S " T ccLgc c g T l cccc . 1-1: las ml K ,: ' pf' K J 5 ,Ss H 1 ef sr fi . ,Sc , 'wi - S wav, ...- J ,,.. ROW: L. Hamburg, Hanson, Harberson, Hart, Hazen. A i A 34 ' - ".. E' N "Showboat" Was Theme M E, of Junior Assembl ,af . W X As class secretary, Curtis Sprague wrote the minutes for the year. ' , If f' ' I , f 1,1 ,Mft v , ' lair I pf " , 1 v 1 s ir - ' Q-I" f.,-1 'pd ' I J.l.!'7 'I f - "H s ' I h I I - .W I Q: 'i C. I .s s IJ 14' ' 1 U7 f' I na' F 4 'r' . f . ' ' MW , "H:-5 f ' . R' - L .-..' 'f ,sg K ,NJ SQQ-1 I f ., J n "- 1: Y 3 J . f I 20 -H V ' I X i 0 I Nf 'L,, If xiaiy' ,. J 4 x g I s ,-" ins Q' .. 'A N ,fx LA". f ' F A X L ' A L s , f ssrs ...,2' I I Q s H In ' FIRST ROW! Higgins, Hockmfm, Huizenga. S :I 'W A"L 1 X ISV SECOND ROW: Hull, Hurd, Hurst, Ivey. ' - ,J THIRD ROW: Jackson, Jacobsen, Jensen, D. 2 h Johnson, G. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: P. ' .A a , .4 o nson, . o nson, oiner, ost, e cy. . . s , .. .- .ss Jh 5 Jh KH J Vs" is ' I I X J I FIFTH ROW: Kingma, Knudson, LaCount, vii, ls, 3 3' k-,. ,, Lane, Large. SIXTH ROW: Leander, Lind- s.L . 1 J V w g ' 5 I if J X beck, Lindbloom, Linder, Littler. SEVENTH .1 ' , ' ' I I- ROW: Lockell McCartor, McClelland D. A . I' A . .. Q L, 4.1 5 5 E McCown, McCown. A 1 They Worked Hard to Presen,t the Jupihr Qrogr A , fi 5 C 'M W fl rr W, My . if l ll f'J,,f ,Ml J MFI flap jj JW! f ' l f .ff , Gary Rackner served the classjft feas- 5 fl XQVZMO fxwgfl Jiffy I A f I f . , ffglfjf X4 ld X 1 Ah I , J X V ,af Kc :25 rw I jf M . .., . ,ef rw S, fe . 47 Q, ljlfl 5 f V. F f e i , , Z ,4f I X703 WU 1 e f F Q I I ,flwwl JZ., 3' M IV U L K 'Q I I' FIRST ROW: MeMor21n, Meyer, Mitchell SECOND ROW: Moberg, Moore, Morgan Mower. THIRD ROW: Murphy, Neal, N son, Oftebro, A. Olsen. FOURTH ROIV: J Olsen, Ozretieh, Parker, Parkinson, arr. FIFTH ROW.' Passmore, Pettett D. Philli J. Phillipps, Pittman. SIXTH RO : . ner, L. Rackner, Randlcs, Rich rdson, Ri mer. SEVENTH ROIV: Robar e, Rygmyr Sather, Schafer, Scallard. 36 uv' yin 31.40 P' I. 1391 ' Q v m . ll A ,K U My ,J it lyvgf ' "' V A ff.: ' , V' V it X ll ' 4 QJJVK lf, VO ' X H W Q , Anxlously Awalt f 1 wf Their Senior Year - f Susan Kelley and Bruce Wilson study Q- ,ingi -."' ' " in V fl V vi , ' V- " L1 ll V , ' f .- gf Q.. 41' ' f V ff lf 'f I ' 1 ' -"' ' 'W' 4 lu s! ff 71" Vi Q ., . . . lf, lf, -K fu. LV . ff H I. LL i 'L' Y. yu 1? 7' f ' li if ' I I J - I ' A Q . K . D- A 'U il 1 fy 1 t X. , ,', 1 "1' I .,. .., ., L 1 -:-. 5 N ., X , 'l r ' . ' -V--I if , - H V Q-., V- 4 7 4 f- Q sw' ,jg ' . jf Fw .. . 1 .. I "'P " S 5 sf ' Absa , ., ,Z, Ulgili N , . , . V 1 , 5 ar V U I . V V .I V . - 1 w -f .' X tl . ,r 1 F ' , g ix lf. v V Q- Q' I M . , . K . 'lf ' lr' S, HV LQ ik .. f 1 f Y v " - V 5 l X ly . X V. fy ' . 14 l 5 L e, e . A ,Z . - 1, 'LV , A . '-- ..: Q - .Qi-: '-Lf' " 1 ' , .V V if . , an 't " . , . '- ' f -- f . ' . ' K' 4. ' fx H ' . D LV V AY. , : A ' -. V . A ff . . . ,V .- 5 A 1 give? we 1 lf, is il ll Q Q 0 'Q .cgk I K A Vx J f f V n 1 ML .. . If KJ tr 3 l I K' 1 f Q W ri f, lt Y rf I . , Q 'ly xg. I , iffy Ll KM. if I ,Ti B -VVV . ' . ,,,1 A ,ga A i 'Q' ti , 3 f. 35: 'WV ,, V if 1 . of V. 5, ' H, 0 . - V tv' M V . ft Lf- NV. V f V 1 I A "FyL '1 A . :wus 2.-.-gff. Y. .:. V' A41 lf, lg if, Rf' I - V ' f. 'tl V1 LV, ,jf fr eeee il in Q ii i W Il N . I 'V I Mx il ' Ui i ' li ffl I QV . 3' V. y . il we . L81 K. A ,rg 'X .1 'V if lf YVSQV . V W' ws. ,f M jjfggl .,,X E t -V.. . -P .J , 1, A Q T' l' J , I fl, , ,:' K ,'.. Ll K 1' LJ., -rl lg! '1 , 4 , Q, .1- , 5 , L. 1. -, x Q J mage' V , , tx' - . 'I ' A . . 1 . .. V, Li i FIRST ROW: Shadle, Sherry, Soinc, H. Solcr. SECOND ROW: Sollie, Smith, C. Smith, J. Smith. THIRD ROW: Sprague, Stockflcth, Sullivan, Swartos, Sward. FOURTH ROW: Terwilligcr, D. Torset, J. Torsct, Vanden Hoorn, Vermillion. FIFTH ROW: Vaux, B. Walker, R. Walker, Webster, Wcckcrt. SIXTH ROW: Wegner, Wells, West, A. Wilson, C. Wilson. SEVENTH ROW: Winhofer, Wright, Woodward, Yeager, Younkin. . VJ J: as M 's ' ll wav f' ,. , , Ks' : L V 5 ,-f. . SZ, ,NM T K 1' at rr -I I 1 iii 1. ,. Q X W K .,, w A ! Q .Q A g V. f f V t if V V 37 .4 , I ' 1 5 SOPHOMORE HONOR SOCIETY, FIRST ROW: J. Thomas. THIRD ROW: D. Smith, Dalseg, Lynch, M. Cox, C. Johnson, Sande, Gidlund, Tesch, Atkins. SEC- Pearson, McDonald. OND ROW.' D. Holmes, P. Dinkins, Hull, M. Fagan, Sophomores Eagerly Returned to School Life I 38 The class of 1961 proudly and eagerly returned to Mount Vernon High School for another exciting year. Elections were held and those chosen to lead the Sophomores were: Mel McDonald, president, Brian Olson, vice-president, Gloria Koetje, secretary, and Deanna Nel- son, treasurer. Leading the Sophomores were Deanna Nelson, treasurer, Mel McDonald, president, Brian Olson, vice-president, and Gloria Koetje, secretary. FIRST ROW: Conn, Bosma, Childers, Atkins, J. Cox, C. Burke, G. Burke, J. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Benson, Bradshaw, Christoffcrson, Burchfield, Canham, Bauer, Twenty members of the Sophomore Class received their Honor Society pins for maintaining a 3.2, or better, grade average. The class contributed to sports, drama, music, and student government. The big event of the year was the Sophomore Assembly, FIRST ROW: Franklin, Eshius, M. Fagan, Erickson, P. Dinkins, S. Dewey, Frazier, Earlandson, Friend. SECOND ROW: Douglas, Faber, Duffy, Erwine, Avey, A. Fagan, Case, Beath. THIRD ROW: Axelson, Cassidy, Cooper Callahan, Chichester, Barnes, Carleson. which was successfully presented in February. The members of the Sophomore Class are looking forward to next year, when they return to lvfount Vernon High School as upperclassmen. Carlisle, Ellis. THIRD ROW: D. Britten, Davidson, Dal- seg, Dziedzic, Downs, Davison, DeMeyer, Balda. J LM., .- ' inlhiif x 7, 5, A Y 5 ' Q!! X gf A 1 A Q , M ' .2552 iwf' 7? 'Q i Q A' Eu WD Tryk V Q3 :SHR ' A 11 -'-, .1 gi' L. f , -y . -ws ,af - ' MH 2 ,-:lm W? 4 WISQV ' -. 0 ,, W 'fy wk -sw, Q we SM:-V '- gag. I- . , 3,565 'wane Q, mf, - , ,- 4' .V 7 WHEN gm V S Z 1- :fig f X Y 3 S s X .1 I 'Q . Tyr ,mi ' as is 1 Sf:- if JVM ., ' .. ,Q . J - 3, M., ,ww 'S lk i f .WK ff 2 w. 1 Q15 ' Y , .... , X ng - 'K f. r w V me-Y f 'xg FE M X S N X BR 5+ X. x , SM , A ixf-ig? 5 is EE E 1 ig if 'T Euan 5 gf? ' 2 Wfflls 'wffi AS'-3' 2' Lain www P . s r xg? Q kifg, -Q .v .-U 5 x . sir . ,ra-"' A fi 153255 ji? k Si"w3 ' 3 ia , 4 if -5 Freshmen Arrive Largest Class in History of M. V. H The class of "62,' entered Mount Vernon High School as the largest class in the history of the school. Their well chosen leaders were Darcy Gearhart, presidentg Ann Schneider, vice- presidentg Jane Hermanson, secretaryg and Chuck Gordon, treasurer. The class had fun working to present their successful assembly. They also took charge of concessions at the Homecoming game to build up their treasury. The class turned out enthusiastically for sports and formed good teams. Their football tcam was undefeated. The members of the clsas are looking forward to their second year at M. V. H. S. 42 O 0 Jane Hermanson, secretaryg Darcy Gearhart, prexident, Ann Schnieder, vice prexidentg Chuck Gordon, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Beath, Baxter, Bonner, Bergman, Jan Bar- P. Anderson, Burkhalter, Bustad. THIRD ROW: L. An- k . er, Jean Barker, Buckner, Bahch, Benson. SECOND derson, Berg, D. Anderson, Axthelm, Bergstrom, Benson ROW: Bottles, Burress, Blade, Bacoka, H. Anderson, Burt, Blanchard, Burkland. Adjusted Quicki to H'gh S h I L'f FIRST ROW: Donahue, Cornwall, Cox, J. Crawford, cry, Cantrell, Clausen. THIRD ROW: Ethcrington, Carl- Bamgarner, Clark, Axelson, Elde. SECOND ROW: Bjorn, son, Aiken, Dills, Dean, Evans, Crapson, Erickson, Ellison. Cooper, Cameron, Sandra Eddy, Day, Susan Eddy, Druck- 43 5 1. K 'E Y X1 1 x Lx . ,W 'N'-x ...Ns S Az-,Q f. ggx 'A' f K Q fsf A . i 1 iiiig-X' k , . , ig A... 1 ii? , ' ix. af- .L Wi ' if f 25? lyqbu gy., il' - i X X f K, ! K T A 'S K TW ,Q X- SQ' 5 Qnlg . 1 94 if m 1, is fn. Qggii xv lvl H- fl rig! ff ww if 3 v lil ji? 'x it gd J 3 . L l LLLV WENDELL T. PHIPPS WILLIAM E. GURNEY RAY CQWELL Superintendent Principal Vice Principal Our School Board Serves Members of the Board of Directors of Union High School District Jil arc: Rex lfVilson, Earl Hanson, Dr. Harry Worley, Elmer Berg, Gene Olson, Gladys Larson, Cole Comings, Chairman LeRoy Cleave and Roger Morri- son. NOT PICTURED: H. Tronsdal. 46 K .. 1 N -Q - C' 'QQ " .vsx wi of-9 599 oi if -..., NTS' V J I" wjhxv 1 5' EA ' SQ xy KJ - '.J .5 :X Ng, .ja 'J 'fu' -fswgrs' vp A Jah wh? of f fl? 9' any s Q e s W J 3 f ss Agri ,QB ,JI I 5 N9 J K' .J .JSUJ 1-I Q 'sir-MA, fl' vlix lb., 9 , Y dxf ,fo Qc,- if 52 fx, QT Our school board, elected by our community, serves us in many ways. Their primary concern is fulhll- ing our educational needs, Due to their efforts, our educational opportunities and facilities are con- stantly being improyed, and the growth and spirit of our student body ,has been maintained. 1 c, xl .K .IJ Ruth Holmes, secretary to Mr. Gurneyg Elin Ander- son, administrative assistantg and Cleo Tjcerdsma, clerk work together to keep the schools running s in Many Ways smoothly- 47 Our Facult Gives IVA DERRICK, Librarian. LES COPNER, Typing, Busi- ness Law. CORNELIA HODSON, Short- hand, Typing. RHODA INMAN, Home Eco- nornics. MINNIE GERRIETS, Home Economics. GEORGE MOWRER, Agricul- ture, Welding. HILDING NELSON, Agricul- ture, Landscaping. REX COSLOR, Speech. RUTH LISLE, Latin, Spanish. BERTHA COMPTON, Span- ish, French, Social Studies. Much Time and Effort FRANCIS DAVIS, Alge- bra. JAMES BEASLEY, Eng- lish, Freshman Coach. PATRICK HAYDEN, English. GLORIA BASSETT, Physical Education, Girls' Athletic Director. PERRY BROWN, Physi- cal Education, Swimming Coach. ROGER RINSTAD, Bi- ology, Head Basketball Coach. RICHARD BARCLAY, World Geography, ealth, General Science. ALVIN HALEY, Band. OE MURPHY, Civics, American History, Track Coach. OE DAY, World His- tory, American History, aseball Coach. H, X -.. 'Y' -fm me y WW , mx M 4. 44, 'Q Went Beyond the Classroom PAUL REIMAN Mathematics, Wrestling Coach, Boys' Club Adviser. DENE LAWSON Mathematics, A.S.B. Adviser. RAY COWELL Vice Principal, Counselor, Social Science. MURIEL GURNEY Home Economics, Family Living. WILBUR WIGNER English, Social Sciences. Service Club Adviser. MALCOLM THOMSON Science, Drivers' Train- ing, Transportation Director. JOSEPH NORLIE Science, Mathematics, Elec- tricity. DAVID ZEIGLER Social Science, English, Psy- chology, Journalism, Bulldog Adviser. LILLIAN CADY English, Girls, Club Adviser, Girls' Counselor, Ushers' Club Adviser. JOAN STOCKLEY English LEO HAKE Social Science, Drivers' Training, Head Football Coach. XMXNQ s Mau Xkgfl-KX Ax qlQfApCfNC112Q QQGQ dealt-1 Qnmo Vvs1r4"TQ I W 1 IQSIZQ S flhlilllllfx' Q Q x ULQXL CHARLES EASTON Social Studies, Mathemat- ics, Orchestra Director. GORDON FISHER Art. BRUCE PARKER Industrial Arts. TURNER PEDERSEN Mechanical Drawing. ROBERT YOUNG Vocal Music, Drivers' Train- ing. 532:33 +3 lf 11 , Wt' ,Tb ffgigif ,. v,gfa:A,L .K ' ?S5:':.-J' 5. QMS' f g , PE., 'S-ffl! ' ' at " wg" . x ig 24525, 'X . 'V 5 '2v'f:,,G'm mif +1'ff,e ff.v fp - Yhgfg- Q vfazm A fx Tw k iz., Si g ,ff N 5 Y is 3 ... E X . f W X N Mf.K,,k,. ,. Vi ,S ' r 1 A. elf. C -, ggi .1 :vias 1 gpg, 542355 K xxwif. 1? ?m,,g1 f A ffm? - mg, 3 .Lv 15, . Q, V .f,-: ,J mf A 5' 4' K X :Wm ,Q -1511? Vw . ,Y Wfgg, A, ,f Z-if ,mpg N., W is., 3 A.a k,,f: ,TQ hc M , 2 ? :ai QP , sf Q' QSM ,SWL M 1.4 'ff QM ,Q it -li 3 . ,E M as Q, v . 1,5 f ,Q X. K . '- si' QQ- A VP S k X 555 . iw QS ig Qi. Q5 . I-...., Boys' Club leaders for U58-593' were: Van Ed Deming, .vecretaryg Jim Hensen, vice-preridentg Craig Shumway, presi- N dent, and Bruce Wilson, treasurer. The Girls' and Boys' Clubs started the year with the Bo Gi Ha Pa, an annual Halloween dance. Under the leadership of Kathleen Murphy, the Girls' Club had many activities, including the Thanksgiving Baskets for needy families and the Girls' March of Dimes Basketball Tournament. In May the incoming as L - Freshmen were invited to meet their big sisters and become acquainted with the high school. Providing care for our school mascot, Miss Toby, was one of the major projects of the Boys' Club. In spring, the boys had fun at their annual fishing derby. Delegates to Boys' State and Girls' State were: Sharie Stone, Al Littler, Norman Etherington, and Kathleen Murphy. The Royal Court consisted of Jean Dewey, senior princessg Mary Ellen Copner, junior princess g Pat Wood, senior princessg Susan Weckert, junior princess. Homecoming, Highlight of Football Season Football provided thrills and excitement for the fall quarter of school and Homecoming climaxed a series of. exciting games. Queen Kerry Lynn Pearson and her charming prin- cesses added the sparkle and glamour of royalty to the feats of athletic heroes to make October 16 and 17 bright spots on the school calendar. Their reign began with their crowning at an assembly Friday morning. In the afternoon they led a car parade of loyal rooters through the downtown streets, and in the evening in all the glitter of their royal robes they were presented at the football game and presided over the Homecoming Ball. Our Homecoming Queen Kerry Lynn Pearson 55 mv Homecoming activities began with the Serpentine. Climax of Serpentine was a bonfire. Our band during the Serpentine. sei 4 ' Yell leader Alice Lindbloom leading a group of freshmen. Norm Etherington presenting Homecoming Our Homecoming for '58-'59 was November 17. A.S.B. Vice-President John Haubner was in charge of the activities. The homecoming activities began with the crowning of royalty followed by the Serpentine, a big pep assembly, a car parade, and the football game. Our Queen Kerry Lynn Pearson with her escort Nolan Lee at halftime activities. 57 Queen Kerry and court. fx "ix, S6421 Chuck Brazil-G Q-'Si' 'xxx Q-gi Q,-5 4 . fx 3 . 1 .'L M QE. V -- L. Cralg Shumway-T , m , w K --"' m Richard Fleck-T All NWL Honorab :'- Geiald A'1l Bruc V' ilibn-LH -All NWL Honorgble Mention AAIIV A114 NWL 2nd Team 2 - Q NMention 55- xr X 40 gd Bob Sullivan-G wi A . , Gary Rackner-E L k as A 4 - f. f Ii john Day XS X -OB X? All NWL cam SMC W'h06l0ry Y . ,wh kk - Pat R1mmcrQ Haw 1 in J!! x :W X Denny Hoff-'If 1: lf y ' 'X ' i ' 1 ,l I Bruce Wilson grabs a pitchout from John Day during a tense moment veg' the? Mo .nt Vernon-Burlington game. W l , Al' K ' ,N ' ' X' co L , ' ,, ' ' ' I ' ir L , -5 I L K , 1 I, ' I ,, ' 'x k, , Il i f I ' l ' w I' if l lg N "1 5 f If I 7 1 N L I w I . . ' C V ,f I l The Bulldogs failed gtofkeep tlie Norlthwest A155 title this year, ibut they didfshhw us that we had a teaniiof w ich wq Could be proiid. Although -they hadlimid-season jitters the Bulldogs starte and 'finished like the chailnaaions they are, and with a little luck and the fini: ,coaching staff lhas, Qey willldo lthe same next year. Congratulations to thejtcainnhlcoacliesi ahd Littlerg whplwas Voted honoraryf captain, inspirational award winner, and best blocking baclj. L kf . K' li l I ' , ff l ' A A 5 ffl Y xl X ' 4 lx' t uf' I' 1 N V Li l A U X I K f ft' x 2 t. l I W j X ' H f. i V l l l ll wif ,f X c r It .. Leading the Bulldogs to an- other winning season were Mount Vernon's highly rated coaches. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Ringstndg Head Coach Leo Hakeg Pat Hayden, Our Heroes and Three of the eleven places on the All- Northwest first team were won by Mount Vernon players. Those honored for their outstanding play were: Captain Al Litt- ler, guard, Larry Whalen, end, and John Day, back. Season's Record for 1958 Mount Vernon .. 38 Mercer Island .. . 6 Mount Vernon . . 39 Arlington ...... . 6 Mount Vernon .. 36 Sedro Woolley .. . 6 Mount Vernon .. 6 Anacortes .... . 6 Mount Vernon . . 13 Marysville . . . . . 12 Mount Vernon . . 14 Burlington . . . . . 14 Mount Vernon . . 13 Edmonds . . . . 19 Mount Vernon . . 6 Snohomish . . . 7 Mount Vernon . . 26 Shoreline . . . . 26 Mount Vernon . . . . . 26 Blanchet . . . . 0 This is the team which made such a fine showing this year FRONT ROPVJ Day, Rimmcr, WVhalen, Parkinson, Littler, Whoolery, John Haubner, Brazlc, Wilson, Shumway, Fleck Bob Sullivan, Christcnson, Rarkner, Burress, Higgens. BACK ROIV: Fagan, jim Hamubner, Pearson, Ellingson Downs, Woeck, Bullard, Craig, May, Olson, Husby, Kelley, Henson, Morelan, Masonholder, Davidson, Seollard, Case, Pollack, Jenkins, Dave Sullivan, Mitchell. NOT PIC- TURED: Hoff, Lynch. QW Grid Hopefuls Referee "Moose" Zurline prepares to blow the ball dead as halfback Phil Burress is brought down from behind during a thrilling moment of the Bur- lington game. Pictured below are the undefeated Mount Vernon Bullpups. Sport- ing both size and agility, the freshmen romped through their season without a single loss, the least margin of victory being fourteen points. Jim Beasley and Dick Barclay are to be congratulated for giving Mount Vernon a promising team of the future. SMALL PICTURE: Coaches, Jim Beasley and Dick Bar- clay. LARGE PICTURE, FIRST ROW: Head coach Jim Beasley, D. Partington, M. Aiken, G. Foster, L. Anderson, D. Olson, C. Berg, A. Erickson, R. Van Lierop, Assistant Coach Dick Barclay. SECOND ROW: Rice, G. Stewart, D. Haynes, G. Young, R. Evans, R. Jewell, G. Hanseth, B, Robarge, M. Wright, D. Young. THIRD ROW: Taft, C. Strobel, J. Nelson, C. Gordon, B. Harmon, G. Johnson, G. Hinton, D. Dills, M. Rimmer. FOURTH ROW: S. Fisher, S. Hoag, J. Mersereau, G. Schroder, H. Mann, J. Dean, W. Snowdon, K. Thomas, S. Sibley. FIFTH ROW: L. Axthelm, B. Finan, Pelland, E. Han- son, D. Jensen, M. Felt, D. Helde, D. Prutzman. y l V Fight Hardz Bulldogs Mount Vernon had a team it could be proud of this year as the Bulldogs Finished with a four game winning streak to Finish with a 10-6 record. The highlight of the season was a 47-44 victory over Burlington at Burlington and a 54-28 victory over Marysville at Mount Vernon to clinch fourth spot in our league. Shown below is Captain Willard Anderson, as he pulls in a rebound against Bur- lington. Willard led the team in rebounds and was a valuable asset to the team. Watching for an opportunity to help out for the Bulldogs are John Day C55j, Al Littler,C33j, and Jim Henson f30j. 'V 'V VJ, X . M ,. Q -fl Q r 'B U, I l xt, " ' ' ll ,J- l NA' 'x A L A ' V 2, This page sponsored by THE VARSITY SHOP 62 u " mis 'Ulm K K..1 VC 'hm if XX y Q X - x . ., 'ii J? man' I A f Team Work and Spirit Earn District Honors After a hard fought battle for fourth spot in the league, the Bulldogs drew a rough bracket for their Hrst game in the District Tournament and played Burlington who later became Dis- trict Champions. After a hard fought contest the Bulldogs were defeated but came back to trounce Bellingham in the second game. The third game found Mount Vernon giving way to Snohomish in a well-played contest. Bulldog fans supported their team to the utmost and can be proud of their team for the Bulldog's excellent showing. BASKETBALL RECORD Mount Vernon Twin City ....... Mount Vernon Oak Harbor . Mount Vernon Snohomish ....... Blount Vernon Bellingham .. Mount Vernon Anacortes . . . Mount Vernon Edmonds .... Mount Vernon Sedro VVoolley Mount Vernon Burlington ....... Mount Vernon Marysville . . . Blount Vernon Snohomish ....... Mount Vernon Anacortes . . . Jim Henson gives his special touch to one of his patented jump shots in the Marysville game. Mount Mount Mount Mount Blount John Day twists and turns to put up a shot during the Marysville contest. Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon 44 Edmonds ........ 43 45 Sedro Woolley .... All 47 Burlington ....... 44 54 Bellingham ....... -1-6 54 Blarysville .. 28 The Bulldog's leaders, Coach Roger Ringstad and Tezun- Captain Willard Anderson, talked over the season. if 1 fe' f . e 5 A Coach Leo Hake was well satisfied with his team this year as they fought to a third place Hnish in their league. Jun- ior Varsity team is pietured with Coach Hake. KNEEL- Frosh Champs Score Unclefeated in two sports. the freshman teams had a spec'- tneular sports year. Pictured below are the frosh basketball Champions. KNEELING: Anderson, Bjorn, Cheek, Rim- ilif ING: Beath, Sullivan, Wilson, Dzieclzie. Vziux. STANDING' Lyneh. Snowdon. Pearson, Johnson. Christensen. Lane. Undefeated Season mer. Gordon, Riee, Evans, Prutznian. STANDING:'P:1rt ington, Bergstrom, Hanson, Hlright, Moen, Pelland, Dean Young, Snowden, and Coach Jim Beasley. Q ., 1, CIE Team Spirit Encourages Players Although failing to achieve victory as a team, the Mt. Vernon Bullfish can look back on the 1958-59 season as one of individual success. Even though they were lacking in depth, the Bullfish accounted for themselves by setting many individual and relay records. Our high school can be proud of such a fine swim team. Pictured above is thc freshman swim team. BACK ROW: Schroeder, Hansman, Koster, Shelby, Myers, and Coach Jerry Kaasa. FRONT ROW: Lyon, Etherington, Hayes, Robarge, Cahill. PICTURED FROM LEFT TO Sherry, Hurst. 66 RIGHT: Ingwaldson, Ploeg, Smith, Auckland, Whoolery, Young Shadle, Etherington, Craig, Bloom, Cramer, WRESTLERS' RECORD Mount Vernon 28 Mount Vernon 39 Everett ..... Oak Harbor . Mount Vernon 21 Burlinffton .... D Mount Vernon 19 Sedro Woolley Mount Vernon 22 Anacortes ..... Mount Vernon placed third in the District tournament. Four boys earned the right to compete in the State tournament by winning three firsts and a second. The varsity wrestling squad, below, consisted of Anderson, Duffy, Smith, Neal, VanderPol, K. Kingma, Carlisle, Gabrielson, Mason- holder, Flowers, M. Kingma, Sullivan, Haub- ner, Duncan, Lee, Scollard, Leander, Fleck, Hoff. Coach Paul Reiman is shown giving helpful hints while Managers Hammond, Youngquist, and MacDonald look on in the background. At right is the Freshman team. They won four Hrst places and won second place as a team in the District frosh meet. Mount Vernon 17 Mount Vernon 49 Mount Vernon 19 Mount Vernon 14 Mount Vernon 22 Everett ..... Oak Harbor . Burlington . . . Sedro Woolley Anacortes . . . . S 67 Lettermen Return for Spring Sports Golf and Tennis ohn amieson senior letterman and re resentative of Mount 5 P Vernon's olf team. S At press time golf coach George Mowrer was faced with the task of rebuilding the golf team as there was only one return- ing letterman, As part of their activities the golf team plans to attend a district meet and a spring tournament. The tennis team under coach Perry Brown is planning an eventful season with the district meet as their ultimate goal. It was impossible to print the season's record of the spring sports because of an early press date. Returning lettermen for tennis pictured with Coach Perry Brown are: Rygmr, Everett, Fowler, Vaux. SECOND ROW: Sharp, Mol- stad, Randlcs. 68 Track Star in Action y awp if , ,aww M 4 swf 7 jlayf M y ,ff At the right John Cramer is shown pole- vaulting with a practice leap of 12' 6". Last year John had a leap of 13' 10" in practice and went 13, 9" in an A.A.U. meet. In addition to being one of the five best high school pole-vaulters in the country, John also won A.A.U. All- American honors in swimming. for a successful track season: FRONT ROW Bunny Moberg, Cramer Hurst Bmzle Wilson Below are the aspirants carrying Mount Vernons ho es SECOND RO DeMeyer, Duncan, Flowers, Burress, Whoolery Fowler ry it N. A3 Team Hopes to Maintain orthwest Title The 1959 baseball team hopes to defend successfully its title of Northwest League Champions in this springls competition. Coach Joe Day's hopes are high for a strong team. John Day and Larry Whalen were the force behind the team's success lastfspring and with another yearls experience they should prove even more of a boon for the team. First baseman Clark Moore, the coach feels, will provide the real hitting power of the club. John Day, Larry Whalen and John Haubner will comprise the pitching power of the club with each one doubling at other positions when not on the mound. The club has great hopes for catcher Bob Sullivan, and Moore will be returning to the first base position. Curt Sprague will be making a bid for the second base position while Al Littler will try for the shortstop position. The rightfield opening will be filled by Gerald Christianson. Third base will be filled alternately by Day and Whalen while John Haubner will be returning to the centerheld position, and Mike Pettett, Chuck Young, Ken Schaffer, and Jerry Swartos will be vying for the leftheld position. Strengthening the squad will be several players moving up from last yearls Frosh team. The 1958 Northwest Championship team is pictured below. Most of those pictured will b returning to league play this spring on the Mount Vernon team. , V z wg -,K k M Vs, k K . .,.,,. z K, , , N , ,Q N .M as y . , W W M . , ,, g, -V X V i . ,rv ,ef 5' s ' -' - an-W L... K' .. , V 70 Athletes and Fans Make Strong Supporters The fine sportsmanship and loyal rooters' support that represents a school is mainly due to such individuals as those chosen gentlemen athletes and Mr. and Miss Pep. For football season this year, Steve Whool- ery was selected gentlemen athlete, and Nancy McSpadden and Tom Aylesworth were Miss and Mr. Pep, respectively. Chosen as outstanding team supporters during has- kctball season were Miss Pep, Sara Sprouse, and hir. Pep, Gary Stewart. Gentlemen ath- letes for winter sports were lVillard Ander- son, basketballg Ray Bloom. swimming: and Larry Flowers, wrestling. These people rep- resent the ideal of conduct and loyalty to their school at all times. Gentlemen athletes pictured at left are: Flowers, Bloom. Whoolery, and Anderson. Our loyal supporters this year were Nancy MeSpadden and Tom Aylcsworth for football. Basketball's Miss and Mr. Pep were Sara Sprouse and Gary Stewart. Seniors Win Annual Games 1 . ievtsfs i W 'Q'-L U" s xx- W si -10 ,s sv, all? T 6 ' igifiizzr. 1E:iEE2'ai2' s nsn: ' wi it .. z, . 1 H2 Q 'ftbszzzzs The victorious senior team won the March Of Dimes Hutchins. johnson. Fornaugh. Williamson. Rouw. Voile tournament which is sponsored each year by the Girls' Hull. Murphy. Yell Lenders: Barry. Equals. Cook. Club to raise money for the March of Dimes Fund: Wilcox, Badminton champions for I958-59 were Linda In the freshman G.A.A. turnout .Ioan Barker drives in for a lay-in. Erickson and Patsy Dinkins. .se flies. K -its X 72 Our Athletic Directors Miss Gloria Bassett, Girls, Athletic Director, and Mr. Dave Du Vall, Athletic Director, lrff, both worked to produce a good athletic program. Girls' Athletic Association is open to any girl who wants to turn out. Ten points are given for each turnout, and eight turnouts for any one sport are worth one hundred points. A total of eight hundred points is required for a sweater and the Hrst stripe. Four hundred more points earn the second stripe, and an additional four hundred earn the pin, which is given only to seniors. G.A.A. officers pictured below were Pntsi Mur- phy, Vice-presidentg Susan Kelley, president: and Susan Weckert, secretary-treasurer. Hard Working Staff Produces Skagina Co-editors, advertising and business managers of the Ska- gina are chosen by Mrs. Hodson and the student council, while other staff members are selected by the co-editors. As always the Skagina Staff has worked hard to produce a pleasing annual to the student body, Pictured here are the co-editors, Karen Finley and Jody Gordon of the 1959 Skagina. Copy Editor Senior Editor Advertising Manager Business Manager Sports Editor Janet Grimes Norma Sundquist Ann Equals Kathleen Murphy Richard Carlson Members of the Skagina staff are: SEATED: Maureen STANDING ARE: Lynn Esary, assistant business man- Finley, Freshman eidtorg Marilce Gidlund, Sophomore edi- agerg Kathleen Murphy, business managerg Karen Finley, torg Sharon Clizbe, Mona Peterson, Diane Genovese, Gloria co-cditorg Richard Carlson, sports editorg Jody Gordon, Loomis, typistsg Norma Sundquist, Senior editorg Patsi co-editor. Murphy, Junior editorg Arm Equals, advertising manager. Pam Engen confers with Mr. Zeigler while Pat Davis and Grace Volle sort the Bulldogs to be sent out. Above is Bulldog Editor Lynn Esary. Members of the staff pictured below are: SEATED, Barbara Linder, jane Frey, Diane Morgan, Danny Shadle, advertising man- ager, Sharie Stone, managing editor, Karen Williamson, sports editor, Barbara Dean, news editor, Janet Grimes, Virginia Hart, business manager, Pat Davis, Joyce Wood- ward, Grace Wright, Carol Chandler. STANDING: Al- Bulldog Staff Kept Presses Rolling The school newspaper, the Bulldog, is produced twice a month by the staff which meets each day during sixth period under the guidance of the ad visor, Mr. D. G. V. Zeigler. An excellent school paper is produced through the efforts of the staff to cover the news, meet deadlines, and create orig inal copy. len Dralle, Alice Connell, Karen La Count, Starleen Locken, Grace Volle, circulating manager, Mr. Zeigler, advisor, Pam Engen, feature editor, Lance Gilkey, Lynn Esary, editor, Adrian Parr, Carol Christie, photographer, Fred Charlton, Pat Wood, Jerry Swartos, Donna Brown, Janet Watkins, Jenny Webster, Carol Winhofer, Nancy Jensen, Faye Crapson, Carol Shrauger. .mxjnf-,ws-...,. - ,1,: A-Q-ali' W- l 351 iw- 1- 3 ,Q Royalty Reigned at Sweetheart Ball Prince and Princess at the ball were Jim Henson and Rita Rus- mussen. The climax of the Sweetheart Dance, sponsored annually by the Girls' Club, was the crowning of King Willard Anderson and Queen Patty Wood. . 4 X f fa 1 . - I lf L 1 ,,., 1 f f ' '. , . , ' 1 f nf 1 ,N .' X ' '11 1' It "Isl 4 l , id: 4 X ' f .' " K f K , ,' , ,' I ,I mx L, " , . Y q l V, , ,f , 'Ill' l, 1 , fl V ., 'fl L, 1 . ,M 3 .- , . r 3 V 1 - 'fl N , '- I ' - I -' ' l , sl -4' ' f j P '- Q X1 I f L N1 . X 1, Q. ' x l ? I A 1 ff' ' ff L gf' - u : pf' - sf' 'A ,I ' , f . . ,fl 1 , .1 . -nn, L1 x 'v 1, N K 1 4. X A I, w y . - -, , , 5 ntl - !-' f lf' . f' -' 'IV Y" 1 L, ,, J , I L tj, J, , V L ,V V X Il - ' 1. 5 .mf k A ,J f lf . .l H, fn ,f 71 , f ,-X , Diane Genovese V ' I Susan Gesirhart 6 9- ' S on g Q dee n s Susan Kelley Kathleen Murphy 79 Choral Groups Had Outstanding Year Filling the halls with music of all kinds the year round were the choral groups, di- rected by Mr. Robert Young. The vocal division of the music department supplied much talent and color to various assemblies throughout the year. The Boys' Glee Club, above, is a new musical organiza tion which added much to the year's musical programs. FIRST ROW: Palmer, Bjorn, Huizenga, Livesay, Knud son, Sicklesteel, Young, Sullivan, Burress, Neal, Robinson. SECOND ROW.' Senff, Smiley, Olson, Dean, Haynes, Franklin, Keitel, Johnson, Haubner, May Christensen, Those in Girls' Chorus, pictured on the opposite page, are: FIRST ROW: Bonner, Sjerven, Clark, Millard, McIl- raith, Bumgarner, Flowers, Wright, Genovese, Marnach Cooper, Rindal, Johnson, Erlandson, Baxter, Springsteen, Skinnell, Balich, Bottles. SECOND ROW: Gerlings, Franklin, Friend, Mustatia, Goodrich, Stewart, Wickdall Burt, Scollard, Cantrell, Carlson, Galligher, Husby, J Sayer. THIRD ROW: Meyers, Koeller, Wright, Moen Sharp, Day, Whalen, C. Young, Bordner, Hoff, Littler, Slo- stad. FOURTH ROW: Walker, Higgins, Johnson, Prutz- man, Pelland, Irwin, Nash, Henson, Moberg, Axthelm McCain, Crawford. Pianist is Katy McDonald. Wotherspoon, Sparks, Kalberg. THIRD ROW: J. Wallace L. Wallace, Marcus, Sawyer, Anderson, Schlagel, Miller Cameron, Olson, Galbreath, Sayer, Spine, Taylor, Boer White, Bosma. FOURTH ROW: Pearson, Henson, Smith Lundgren, Greenewald, Durant, Crawford, Druckery Whitehair, Sandy Eddy, Susan Eddy, Limoges, Ormiston Iverson, Greenwood, Hull, Stone, P. Anderson, Burress. J The Chansonettes this year were: Patti Younkin, Sharon OND ROW: Jane Frey. Elly Rouw, Gloria Loomis, Gwen johnson, Janet Watkins. Rita Rasmussen, Shirley Cuperus, Hazen, Karon La Count, and Connie Bovicr. Beth Axthelm. Linda Dinkins, and Claire Millard, SEC- 81 1, 1 s. ,rx . 1 ' 1 nj I ,. L i 'c WV t A . -f ., , , K, I M I if H, ,fy ,- f , , ,, f vl, I ' 1 g 4 ,iq I ,l Q ' X. , I N jf' , I, 1 my 5, ,qw w N 1 l lj ' jj W J f I ' jf f f rv J U 1' , 1 J ,,. r ,f T 5 .r f :jul Vg! Pjfr lx X J J ' M f J 7 va' 4 J ,QU -1 fv J, 1 iff flag .ff V J g , Q' f-., . fi , j . , f , X MU l p .W fx J 7: ,V 42 f,ffG,!i Kgs' X A ,B ffm! 'J Jililbx! ,sell jlylf ',,, f' XJ fx! IQ!" 2 V we ,ff J VQVZ if wh l'!i'UlJ :si . lf W J if it ff jf ,fr J fl! 4 f ll N 'Lf iff' if P0 U! AM fam ' iz 5,22 ,W L! ff ,,,ffAifjV, LJ!! , ,Q 'L 1, G 1,5 , , , fx b v pf 2 X? f lmjfj' j' fgfmlff ivy- Xjf ww. up T17 time ww M M ,ff ,y I ,f ,fl ,yr V FJ! fl! JU 151 lfj Md 6, e Wa lux ,rj Y X17 A . s if If U 1 f O" Wl,fW j,ft'ffylf Under Mr. Robert Young, the school choral groups provided music of all kinds throughout the year, The main events of their year were the Christ- mas and Spring concerts. Members of the choir pictured are: FIRST ROW: Younkin, Marler, Axthelm, Custance, Hurd, Olson, Cantrell, Bunney, Faber. SECOND ROW: Millard, Anderson, Benson, Mitchell, Torset, Huls, Swartos. THIRD ROW: McPherson, Kirby, Volle, Jager, Bovier, Peterson, Busby, Gearhart, Auckland. FOURTH ROW: Rasmussen, Rouw, Quinn, Watkins, Barnett, Dewey, Clark, Stockfleth, Morgan, Hanson, Littler. 82 Stiff? Y 3 af I if x SQ Q .Tif'fff'S.TXg,'f,3Lfs3:," f1i1'5,g5'25f:'-6-21. 'at , - ,x . rv. , WWFk!Qll Ay VRUVK: The orchestra under the direction of Mr. Charles Easton is pictured on the opposite page. FIRST ROW: J. Cramer, La Count, Benson, Can ham, Cornwall. SECOND ROW Loomis, Soine, Jim Cox, Joan Cox, Hazen, Jacobsen, Micheau. STAND ING: V. Cramer, Pearson. The M.V.H.S. Band is shown marching and playing in the Santa Claus Parade. Norman Etherington is leading the group. FIRST ROW: Director Mr. Elvin Haley, Pearson, Micheau, Nelson, Jensen, R. Phillips, Leander. SECOND ROW: Clausen, Kent, Faller, Jewell, Jean Barker, Ivey. THIRD ROW: R. Etherington, Koski, C. Phillips, Bob Parkinson, Easton. FOURTH ROW: Fairchild, P. Johnson, Seiler, Hansmann, Jones, Schneider. FIFTH ROW: Ellis, Van Lierop, Hulls, DeMeyer, Rice, Bruce, Parkinson. SIXTH ROW: Vermillion, S. Johnson, B. Hayton, Youngquist, Ranger, M. Hayton. SEVENTH ROW: Tucker, Lang, Stave, Hollenbeck, Yeager, Walker. EI GH TH ROW: Joan Barker, Axelson. 84- rw A 0 W- 1.9 mf' V95 4, wa- I' 1 J I Q 1 51 The "gang," Mike Nel- son, Bob Barker, Richard Carlson, Bill Sprouse, and Doug Hansman, try suc- cessfully to kccp Caro- line's little sister Susie, played by Janie Herman- son, from telling of their scheme. Ma Rand, por- trayed by Annaly Mc- Pherson, checks to make sure poor Susie doesn't choke!! Those experienced in the area of "show businessa' are found as members of Thes- pians, a national drama honorary. These stage veterans have earned membership by working backstage, on make-up or prop crews, or by appearing in plays. Pictured are Thespian officers: Linda Britain, secretary, Mike Nelson, vice- president, Richard Carlson, president, Judy Cox, treasurer. Q! 9 ' ' 99 You Can t Kiss Caroline Marke 86 At left Caroline, played by Sandy Bidwell, is ably assisted by Joe, Norman Etherington, in the tying of her apron. vang? In the bottom left picture it seems that Susie is getting 11 scolding from her sister Caroline for not being suspicious of Joe. The fond looks exchanged by Joe and Caroline indicate :x budding romance, below to the right. cting Debut of Thespian Hopefuls i S -, 2, Gay Festive Scenery Added Muc A full scale production - orchestra, chorus, actors - was the three act operetta "A Waltz Dream." This is the First time in many years that an operetta has been produced in Mount Vernon High School. Adding to the production's effective- ness were the long ramp protruding out from the stage and the festive stage scenery. Under the direction of musical director Mr. Robert Young and drama director Mr. Rex Coslor, the operetta was a success. Richard Fleck Beth Axthelm . . . Jack Schect ..... Dwight Johnson .. Pam Engen .. Annaly McPherson . . . . . . . Allen Jensen . Karen LaCount .... ............ Norm Etherington . . . Mike Nelson . Bob Barker . . Jerry Swartos Marcy Wilson Jenni Webster Judy Cox and Below Nelson, LnCount, Eugen, break between rehearsal scenes. Johnson, Barker, Cast . . . . Maxmilan X . . . Princess Helene . . . Prince Rupert .. Lieutenant Niki , . . . . Kay Robinson Princess Matilda . . . . . . . Lieutenant Montschi Louisa .. Bertram Budgett . . . . Count Lothar Count Sigismund Nicholas ...Fife . ................... .. Annerl Norm Etherington ............. Student Directors and Hazen take a Engen and Johnson singing "Love's Rounde- lay." 88 l ito First Cperetta " Waltz Dream" HCM' arc' somv svrncs from il "VVnltz Dream." At right arc Nvlson YVebstCr, Fleck and Wilson. Flevk, as Maximilian and Nvlson, as Lothar, visit si calc whcrc lhvy meet tht' girls. Below Judy Cox. studvnl director, rc- hr-nrsvs scvnc' with Burkvr. Swnrtos :md Jcnson. Bvlow to the right Johnson, Axthclm, Neilson. Flcvk aftvr proccssionxll "VVhy, Hc's Positively Frigidlu y,m,,,,,-4,,.,sqw,. W,,Ww,,.,..w. W, W,w,,, ,V X. L CT? xx The debate topic this year was on educational issues. The club attended a tournament at Seattle University in December. Pictured are Marcy Wil- son, Randy Etherington, Wes Schroeder, Allen Jensen, Betty Hageman, Jacque Cook, Karen Hutchens, Norm Ether- ington, and Miss Cady, advisor. Literary Arts Are Their Interest Quill and Scroll, Inter- national Honor Society for High School Journal- ists, is composed of stu- dents who have attained distinction for their work on the Bulldog and Ska- gina Staffs. Membership in Quill and Scroll, in addition to basic require- ments, is by national se- lection. Pictured are: Ann Equals, vice-presi- dent, Jody Gordon, president, Judy Nelles, treasurer, Lynn Esaryg Mr. Zeigler, advisor, Barbara Deang and Betty Hageman, secretary. 1: 0' A E L4 ME ?:y,11a ' I 'xiliivm 6 Q .. 'V , eegFXFA3- - ' ,L ' -J -c Q "ff,,-1535 1 f The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for high school boys enrolled in vo- cational agriculture. The members usually plan to be farmers on a free scale. The many activities of F.F.A. include judging cattle and showing animals. Nolan Lee of the Mount Vernon chapter won grand champion and reserve grand champion with his animals at several fairs. This is a very fine record. Other yearly chapter activities are a watermelon for the new members and a arent and P banquet. Each year the F.F.A. holds state conventions national conventions. Richard Dutton feed son and was Mount Vernon,s delegate this year to the na- tional convention held in Kansas City. His trip was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and our local F .F.A. Chapter. Richard traveled via the Northern Pacific Railway, which treated the delegates to a tour of Minneapolis and Saint Paul during a lay-over period. While at the con- vention, the delegates were fortunate enough to hear such speakers as Mayor Bai-tle of Kansas City and United States Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson. F.F.A. Presiden ichard Dutton. . ' f sw, Lgmogjh W Q' A . bei LLICLQQ OHIVQ- oc Q9-Ku? C f A of ' t A 0 K Jw MEL f F.F.A. officers pictured with raig Shumway sentinelg Jon Hill, reporterg Nolan ee, vice-president, Gerald Helde, secretaryg Larry Leander, treasurer. The American junior Red Cross is the high school branch of the Amer- ican Red Cross. Its goals are service for others and working for better human relations throughout the world. Every member of the student body is eligible to join J.R.C. by con- tributing toward its services. Chosen from the State of Wfashing- ton to attend the j.R.C. Pacific Area Council was our Junior representa- tive, Mary Ellen Copner. Mary Ellen attended a conference in December and one in April. Both trips were ex- pense paid to San Francisco. The J.R.C. council pictured at left is Chuck Gordon, Jon Hill, Jo Ann Ritchie, Heidi Anderson, Gary Rack- ner, and Jody Gordon. SEATED are Carolyn Sande and Mary Ellen Copner. NOT PICTURED is Dick DufTy. Service Is Their Goal The junior Orthopedic Guild is made up of high school girls who work in con- junction with the Senior Orthopedic Guilds to support the Children's Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle. To this end, the girls worked on many different projects dur- ing the year. JOG officers working on a project are Treasurer Dee Hallg Mrs. Iva Derrick, Advisor, Reporter Grace Volleg Historian Sonja Benson, Treasurer Ellen Harris, President Judy White, and Secretary Sharie Stone. " 1 -.Q fin.-.ff I 92 Tri-Hi-Y officers of the Senior Sneakers, are Kathleen Murphy, presi- dentg standing are Ann Equals, treasurcrg Judy Nelles, secretaryg Lynn Esary, vice-presidentg Barbara Dean, chaplain. The Purpose of the "Y Clubs" Is to Create, Maintain, Extend The Senior Tri-Hi-Y, or the Senior Sneakers sponsored a bottle drive and worked on a Firestone National Safety Program. Highlight- ing the year was the January ski trip to Mount Baker. The Junior-Senior Hi-Y promoted homecom- ing by selling booster pins and hats. They also had charge of building the bonfire for the an- nual serpentine. A joint installation was held for the officers of the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y clubs. Kathleen Murphy and Chuck Young were installed as presidents. Hi-Y officers pictured are Nels Molstad, vice- presidcntg Chuck Young, presidcntg STANDING are Steve Whoolery. secretaryg Al Littler, chaplaing Larry Whalen, sergeant at armsg John Jamieson, treasurer. NOT PICTURED is Denny Hoff, ser- geant at arms. Q O O 1 'V We Learn to Work Together ' A af"""Nw Library Club is composed of students who work in the library as one of their class periods. Pictured are Dean Britteng Tom Storrsg Sharon Priceg Diane Hablutzelg Alberta Englandg Jim Axelsong Sonja Benson, secretaryg Vicky Cramer, vice-presidentg George Shope, presidentg and Mrs. Derrick, adviser. One of the main projects of Horizon this year was mak- ing mum corsages for home- coming. Horizon Club officers are El- len Harris, secretaryg Marcy Wilson, president g and Linda Barnett, vice-presi- dent. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY xx '1 B My 4 T- -i : 2-9 ls Lg Honor Society represents stu- dents with high scholastic achievement. To be eligible, a grade point average of 3.2 must be maintained. Officers of Honor Society are Norman Etherington, president, Mona Peterson, secretary-treasurer, Susan Kelley, vice-president. 5 e GER. R801 S9 DTS . . K :main .25 ' fd j 75 N WITH PFHEDT5 6 f " f' pw if U C2132 fi. e ff 1 ,' CQ-2 ,cf A C ' Through al nds of weather the members of the Service Club do their duty. It is their job to sell and take tickets at all games, wrestling matches, and other school functions. : Senior members who have given three years of such service are privileged to wear the service club pin. A service club letter is worn by those members who have earned 20 points. Members may earn one point an evening if they work at least one hour. Mr. Wilbur Wigner is the club's adviser. Service Club officers are Doug Burke, president, Nancy Jensen, secretary-treasurer: Helen F - naugh, vice-president. Freshmen Toil Some of the hardest working peo- ple in school are the freshmen in Mr. James Beasley's English classes. Here students learn the structure of sentences and how to diagram them. Such basic knowledge is es- sential for students to complete successfully the remaining high school courses in English. With shaking hands and trembling knees, freshmen mount the steps to give their first speeches. Students taking this required subject, which is taught by Mr. Rex Coslor, study the fundamental parts of speeches and learn to address an audience. The class helps students to express themselves and to gain self-control, poise, and ease before a group of people. Though a foreign lan- guage may be taken any year, many students do so during t h e i r sopho- more year. First year Latin, taught by Miss Ruth Lisle, serves mainly to acquaint students with the sound and structure of the language and with the people who spoke it. Other languages offered to students are Spanish and French. Every sophomore is re- quired to take either world history or world geography. Mr, Joe Day's world history students get their first real taste of pure history as they begin their studies with ancient Egypt and progress to modern times. In addition to learning history, stu- dents get the experience of writing essay tests and sometimes an extra theme or two! Juniors Bustle If one has been unfamiliar with American and world happenings, he undergoes a rapid change upon being introduced to Mr. Joe Murphyis American history class. Here free opinion and debate are encouraged, and students quickly become acquainted with events all over the world. Outside reading is encouraged to help students better understand our nation's past and its people. Since one science is required to graduate, many students take biol- ogy in their junior year. The sub- ject matter of this popular class, which Mr. Roger Ringstad teaches five periods each day, includes the plant kingdom, the animal king- dom, and the human body. Many weird rumors come from the lab concerning the dissection of worms, grasshoppers, frogs, etc., but students seem to enjoy it just the same. Seniors Hustle In state resources Mr. Cowell mainly lectures, while seniors be- come experts in the art of taking notes. The course includes Wash- ington state history, resources, and government, but is also concerned with current events. This class offers the opportunity for everyone to make the special "honor rollf, a privilege which no one seems to be denied. Though English is not required for seniors, those who don't take the English composition and lit- erature course usually take Eng- lish review. This class, taught by Mr. David Zeigler, reviews the English taught during the past three years. Its main purpose is to improve grammar and vocabulary, but this year students also made a number of magazine articles and book reports. ' 1 ky-4. Sq. 4 3 Rosor Nelles YOUR FRIENDLY FLORISTS HART Bkos. HAYES ANDERSVQN Wood VcmOssenbruggen SEARS ROEBUCK and CO Murphy FOR THE BEST ICE CREAM lT'S HIGHLAND PACIFIC DAIRY ANNE RICHARDS' BERNARD ALTMAN CASUALS LANZ DRESSES GIFT SHOP UPSTAIRS Etherington Clizbe Gordon Esary g GAGE'S HEADQUARTERS FOR THE TEEN-AGE GIRL elt Harmon DARIGOLD THE BEST IN DAIRY PRODUCTS JACK'S SPORT SHOP EVERYTHING IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT Olson Bloom HII YO 9 Bo rry Bochofner PARKER'S MEN SHOP WHITE STAG PENDLETON JANTZEN CRANE'S TRUCK CITY "FOR FINE FOOD Davis Fisher Duronceou Shorp ROBINSON'S STUDIO COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE Gordon Mr. Robinson Finley I MT. VVERNON ' ' V BRANCH , OF me sEATTLE Qf Fmsr NATIQNAL BANK i f ,, ..f L I ' HOII " ' A McPherson B ,- dy, I, , . f M G -A 1 M, ,f , DEMING JEWELERS H W I Nels Molstod Mr. Molstcd THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE THE CHUCKWAGON MILE-HI CHEESEBURGERS F HINTON OLDSMOBILE COMPANY BLADE CHEVROLET Bidwell Anderson CARLSON PONTIAC-CADILLAC GEARHART FORD SALES MILLER DEPARTMENT STORE FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN Mr. Mersereou Youngquist Spcme I ATKINS TIRE SALES and SERVICE HANK'S MOBIL SERVICE .ff Hoff Whalen Liitler Hcubner ANDERSON MUSIC MOUNT VERNON PRINTING CO Dean Stone Grimes Williamson Jager G. Gordon :mm m fp , zuzzzazzzzz W 1 M . 1.,...........-..j I f A i """"""'-w4..1.f..'....L1x::::.f karma A --fu--nw..-...-m. W.. f' -, XX 4 - ammnmuwlvy ' JOHNSON MOTORS CO. SKAGIT MOTOR CO. 4mm uw N Sim" 5 . ,HQr5iL1L1 55, mlvvma xswar' iw' Henson Rosmussen g Q J. c. PENN EY co. For the Newest and Smartest Fashions UNION S HIGH llama HLStore STORE COLUMBIA VALLEY LUMBER COMPANY General Electric Appliances BUREN'S VARIETY STORE Featuring School Supplies Q .fL.LLLk,w,.nf1LMf?6R1!V nfmlf COOK MOTORS Hutchins Large STEWART BUICK Hageman Vol Ie Moore Gen ther Dem COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO MOUNT VERNON FUEL CO. These pictures taken by the Skagit Valley Herald and a January 28, 1959, editorial from the Seattle Times tell the stoiy of a community effort. This page was donated by: by ted gild ine- Q35 4 Q ti.-5" Ni.- tiation. i Them TRICKEN by floods and winter storms, the little city of Mount Ver- non, Ohio, is receiving kindly help from our .own little Washington State city of the same name. Citizens of Wasliingtonki Mount Ver- non, about half the size of the Ohio city, were prompt in dispatching aid in food, supplies and donations of money to their unfortunate sister community via a Whidby Island Naval Air Station plane. The kindred feeling of st common name already had bridged the distance between Mount Vernon, Wash., and Mount Vernon, Ohio. School children of the two cities had been in corre- spondence before disaster struck the Ohio valley. Here in Seattle our hearts are warmed by this friendly gesture of our Skagit County neighbors. New Bond S Equals' Variety and Jim Palm American Yearbook Co. C1553 we mi! l!.,..Jg n ri x 5 ,K9 ,fs , V! wvimg , s ff i2 .' ' , K, X 5 'ff -ifojxl xt", 24,55 JU 4. ' Q . 4 v 5 ,lA I YA ' 1, 'X ' L s A V ,lr . M, t x - s N I v . 5 , l n H' P 4 I ,A , . P , ' . 2 x ' u ,' if X' f I ,LW s 41 , Mfayf tl lg .N K 1 J Z JAXMJVIJ "3 - ff A I ff I . ff JM n A. , - "'l9e'l1gf'd Jewii I ' ' X 4N w ,x,WWW w W W 1 W M xy - , , 1' 1 ff L7 UWA W, endrickson's f off! J! ' W ZF , 51 va! 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Mount Baker. .. 120 H 4. -Nz ,.!...,,Q rg? 5 ll' - 1 V - 1, wwf -7-vii H- 7 ,. ,W , TW. fn,....'-- ..,,-,..,,..,1-wif W Tm,-M ,--.www , ff--"-"W " ' ' wTv"'f""fv--v-'--f-Y--J--G ----.W-W ,. ..,., .- ....,,....---.,. ,,,, A M J , f 4 ZZ? ffZVjLM,QMffM4fjfn,f2fjL7?fg7 M12 ffff QW Jiugfzxfflef g9jp?!:ZtQ7A!5WMwf Jwffffiigj 9 fQfWff?Z97fUfvj7M'Q5f mfifffm gZTj,fz Af Wim Q Jyfgjjfvifmf V40-O ax A4'f'f"'4"4g' . mffmpfkmxfjgzgjiffw 3 W wifi 4f,,fcQ4fa41, MU4' by Mfg ,jfwm jgf fffwu M0 fm, ,fm ZXQXAIJA, 'l4fv'rvv6efw6! "rv'A4.lL- V156 -'cu-114. Admit? 7Mff?Mw'0Q A Zia 'Iwi f ffm, ,J-f 1 Mgifjw M"5?,ZW Wm Wim! JK 1 yfllflf Jun, cl!-2514-rg.. ' 1-fffffffv 'ff-ffvfyl af ffffllwca- gm We QVKAZWVW --.nnnh1dnlmL------- A'-- -.,- M-.X- .. M. 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