Mount Vernon High School - Skagina Yearbook (Mount Vernon, WA)

 - Class of 1947

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Mount Vernon High School - Skagina Yearbook (Mount Vernon, WA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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fig kb in Iv KN " L D ff VX I! 1 J nv 'N 'AR 1' 'K Y J 'K xf5'i?fw VW Y ,QM .7 . CX , Y! I X N r fl x'-4 ,xl W Fax, xy . w N 1 Q ' U 1-' N ' L' fl!! H!! f' I W ,H Q ffl" V 7 ,vii f 5 X1 . 2 V V' ,LL Q I 1 A N f 7 I L fr" yi E L f ,P I J . I U U N X4 fl V fyd 4 jjj I 4 V' ffl: I Z x X ' V I 1 fx f ' 4 1 . A, ,if U! 717,01 r WL! . ' xg f 1 K .fu ' gf I 01' 5 xi. I. X' ,E J V I 9 ,W 1 0 4X- v V. fx J 1 V ,L Nj V lp v M . , k ff Mm, Mg!! vw N' , XJ M D f 1,7 1 V. x VAX -sf Y ' 7 f 'V' yi Z' 5 'NX J 0' M t vyf U' 'ffl' ll! TIN sqgxrxll ' ' -- 0 x N " . x ' K f ' V X 1 ,V .2 X , V it U J J NN N vo , ff V I L- 5- NYJ A A ' br all .Xi b , Q 110 sy , J fff A V y ' . Q N f y tj, ' ,yy 5 X I I Ky xx' my + vi" ff A Y NJ, A ' Q Q9-7, xf ,h 421 N V, V-' Q . I x W F alum- -1' Flwj " ,, 14' ,h,, fi ,, If W, f , , 1, .A I ' J . Y! , I , ,A V - Ja, f . "',,' ' . M 1 ..--- , . , 4" .. 4' '4 4 ff,-' K-5 1 'Zi . , 'fl K-- 1 . I947 , Af: A. ff -1' published by the associated students umon hugh school maWI947 mount vernon, washington district' no. I Aix Ng Y XL ? Slcagina I JK' 1 V' 3 1 . . -x-..g-in Xi. 'flvxv 4 x.-. , I 'K . xx mill' ' - i .L L : ' V 7' "- 'SSE A 1 ., k , -fk A..-1. , I R , 51, L E 51: K :TQ iv is ,ff fr-W Q' 11, fo rwa rd school days UW these accounts and prctures ever Null memorlee of the days ue base ment lure towether, ind alvxa s rose I 2, Y P school 6 7 J 1 5 ' 'XXL' 1 I 5 g 7 V 3 X 2 - , I ' f to be 21 treasured memoir of this, our 'Q IQ!-L7 iisqqiww published by the associated students umon hugh school dustnct no I may, IQM7 mount vernon, washington 2 2' .' Y 'Nix yr 4 S gx Z a x 4' it g i 3 ' . gl 5 ug in 1 i , . n' L4 V 3 o 0 x ' D V . n 'QR ef., N is an mu Slcagina xy i ' L ' 'f X I , X 124 Mm 'L '-Ti. '3 ' ' dar" Ang 'I f- ,, if' ' ' QM' i V JM 0. 2.2 S ,S w' 1 . W V forward Xlflv these accounts 'md plctures ever lumll munorlcs ol the days ue have spun hc re together and always prove to he '1 trmsured mcmolr of thls, our school 3 l 1 Ah ' X . c . '- school days K , v 4, dedication Mr Harry Steele lI1 UI In IL ncmIQcIvumnt ul Ins Qlflux Q orts UJLIIII J N un! Xunmw tI1L Ins n ma. Ldun mon un IIILLIIUDIILIX ual L I ll 1sL1nI m orlu If V I I I 0 MII. IIAIIIIY S I IQIQLL' hu 'I'uI ,gi , ' ,pf k- IIITOUQII twcntysn-vcn yours to bring to II1L"' 1I'I In '-- I rjt in uqe' 'Q , 'A L cut' lI1is Im IX ul' our I QI 5 'I mc cm faculty W W4 W4 A .Q ,draw 'M 'gina'-" , M 12"- ii fl? " ' , S114 I 'Q '33 Qi. 'Aka f Q , if 3, J if ' WJQQ . X ' by . 3 ' ::1Q :p'f ff'-' .v F' , M., , If A administration I Mr, Shovlin Mr. Sayre SUPEHIN I ENUENPI XY,Xi,'l LR NX'NXS'!il1.X. Prineipiil Dun bhovlin. and .XQiI1lil1iSIl'llIiYC 1XSSiSlLlDI ll. in Qziyre Lire xhov n seineci .il their desks ox er whieh inueh ol' the sehooiis husiness pnsxes. Mr. XVYHSIIII Im eoinpieicci Ins sixth xean' .is SllI5l'I'IHI4.'I1liK'Hl ol schools in Mount Vernon. Mr. Sayre has served ns nci1ninisrrn1jixe ussisrnni in ehiirge ol' nulintenzlnee :ind t1'zinsPo1't11tion for one and one-hail' years. lie nchnneeci to this position niiter eoinliieling six nmi onerhniii venrs ns prineipali ol' Mount Vernon High Sehooi. Une and onefhnil' reins zis principal ligne heen eompleleml In Mr. Shovlin after holding the position of viee-principal for one semester. Xlrs. ,lnnel Mairexg seerL1nl'x' to Mr. llin Shox lin during the iiiI'Sl seniex ler, had ehnrge ol' nil high Sehooi reeorcis zinrl eorrespminclenee. Shortly Lli.lL'l' Inici- Year, Airs. Mzirevis ciuties were tnlsen over hy ,izinet Stover. filiss Elin .'Xmierson serves as rfeeretnrx' to Ur. inxvllifill' U'i'lisIrn. Miss .-Xlidr-rs '-'U Johnson Youngqurst Wynstra Vaux Lund l HE BO XlxD Ol' Dllll C ICWRS polru malxmo bodv lor all lnoh school mat tus rs dn ussmu pl ms lor the pmpobed new oxmnmum mth Mr Wxfnstra lmludnd ur M1 olrn Lund Rrdouxav churman, Mr l-lrrrv olmson, Con un Llulx N1 ll lllud lounvqumt Axon md Mr llrrvcy Vaufc Mount Xunun Uklll l 'HL l l Xlll-l1SlllP ol Nunn C mnon student bodv presldent, run Huulns UCL PTLSlClLl1T met X an Xallrenlvurv senruwrv Charlotte Davls tu rsuru X1 nold l c rsrrlm mwlsrrnt treaeurer md Prmupxl Dm Shox lm, lacultv I I I C Stu ant C mum rl ILXlNCClll1C Constitution ISIISl11lll1PI'0lLLIIlllS x C ss 1CllLSCI1l'lllXCS urn. srmor Rover Pederson Don C rlbcrt Bob Krmmel ml s Xnnu lun Don Srromluom Dorotlu Coodlmue Richard Fagan md Sun Xlulplrx wplronmon Norma VK udtld Domlda llunluurv Lucllle rr Lx md bull Nolmlr Inulnnm Xmtl lurxon PIUILII lnll Cnlrv Xlllmltlnger, md Cane Lrrson Fnst row Hamburg Brrsky Iverson Shovlm Van Valkenburg Wudtke C oodhue Qecond low Larson Whltmger Noble Fazan Vlunrhy Pederson Davls Thud row Cannon Gilbert Strombom Krmmel Almey Hughes To seth 8 'C er- V ' l I C- A -C . . , . , L, 1 -A n ., ., . - V ' . rw , n ,U - -H 1- . - . , , , , ' ,' 1 U at f I C X .-C' - ' 3 1 1' , . , , - . , D V, L . L lj -, v 1 i"' 4 1171 "x 7 l V n I f Y L ci, -. . 4 O ., , 1. . c 1, , , -,,, , it .V , . ,l Q V, ' ..-x . -J - . L. lr , . , V, ,. , , 7, 1. , . ,, . - h -v - v.C nv- '- lv 1 -xv - -y-- . - w X1 . rf-4 ' w' 1 1 v' MCU .C , I. . . . . 1. . Q . Ldf. Nl:i" '11'v'x f "Z' 'l i' 'L ' E ' Y. . , . . . .. - U . , I , , . L .log r , IOI , , , , . I ,f . . .C l .. L , c U, l?.'. 7 Y 1' l . l- - . ' . - . -' -'. 1. 1. ' ' If 5 gg . '. H . --I 4 'H , 4 . . , X , . . . . Z 'f 1 I A I I ' ' 1 ' 1 .l I A ' y I 'w u 1 1 l ' I I 1 . , F faculty l5iXfUl-'liY MEMBERS snappctl iii tlic ollicc arc Miss Mary Bcrginan, Latin it-tit-lit-ii, aml Miss llo llcincr. tcaclicr ol' licncli aml Spanisli. Mr. Malcolm lliomson :xml Mr. loscpli Norlic, picturccl in tlic laboratory, teach scicncc. Mr. il liomson tcaclics clicmistry anal is also in cliargc of attendance. Mr. Norlic is the instructor ol' biology. algcbra, and electrictiy. Snappctl discussing luaslictlxill plays are Mr. Iolin Fadness and Miss Gloria Stamatis, lvoys' and girls' pliysical ctlucation instructors. Mr. Faclncss also coaches luascluall, luasltctlnall, and liootlmall. Om- T' 9 First row: Bvrgnian. Reiner Thomson Norlie JU Q Se-t-ond row: Fadness, SldIlldllS Currie 7 21 . 1 Third row: Hansen, Tarbox f6Ill6KS Nelson Miss Dorothy Currie, pictured in the library, is the librarian and art instructor. ln the business ollice are Miss Cornelia Hansen, teacher of typing and short- hand. and Nh. Oren Tarbox. who teach es booltlxeeping and retail selling. Cooking in the home economics labora- tory are'Miss Minnie Gerriets and Mrs. Miriam Nelson, home economics in- structors. Chatting in the library are Mr. Ray Cowell, Mr. Vllilliam Gurney, and Mr. joseph Murphy, social science instruc- tors. Mr. Cowell teaches state history, civics, and journalism, Mr. Gurney, social science, economics, and world his- toryg and Mr. Murphy, A m e rica n history. Also shown in the library are Miss Ann Curtis, algebra and geometry teacher, and Mr. lames McKeehan. teacher of trigonometry and advanced algebra. Mrs. Violet Reinseth, hlrs. Maude Kim- mel, and Mr. George Hodson, English instructors, were snapped in the library. Mr. llodson is also the dramatics coach. Discussing a music score are Mr. Charles Easton, choir and glee club director, and Mr. Harry Steele, band and orchestra leader. ln the shop are Mr. John Salford and Mr. George Mowrer, agricultural in- structors, and Mr. T. Pederson, teach- er of mechanical drawing and woodwork. First picture: Cowell, Gurney, Murphy. Second picture: Curtis, Mr-Kee-han. 'l'hir4l picture: lleinseth, Kimmel, Hudson. I-'ourth picture: Easton, Steele. I-'ifth picture: :4at't'or4l, Perle-rson, Mowre-r IO classes J L ,V ', A Y px -1 Xmono om most l1L.1sL11ul luuh sghool IDLINUIILS an them ol UL11 ldlou stu dents tx p1HLd bs thug tu 0 sgnlom LD IOXIUKQ one 01 school 5 hghter moments i, 4-' , ' , f ' m - 3 . if Q1 . .N 1-.4 m -.x. Y 4 'Y PM a - K . , V, -,-,. L, 'EY 2 ,V , N 414' , ,.. y i , L " Z. ' , 4 w' xx fu . fs ' 1 ff!". VMS f! I - K, ,I in-A ' ." X, X. N, 4, X xl 1 I . K. . ,, . . , ' - . D ' O ' X -' x - 1 - u - 1 ' - X 1 v x . m - - r ' x 1 xf 1 r - m ' N x - SGDIOYS 'lHE CLASS OF 1947 graduated from Mount Vernon H1oh School Mav 78 leaxmo behmd It a retord ot br1ll1ant leadershxp and success Une ol the most outstandlng events ol then lnglx school career was Blossom l une, tht umor Prom Equally suu Lssl ul xx IN tl1e Semor Ball Snow Frohc Brlnglng athlet1c olory to the class xxc re txxcntx one stmor boys, xxmnlng letters n ont or mort sports Dean qtcn1l1aut11 Llttttcl tht lnsp1r.1t1onal Football Plaver ol the vear, and Bob Stem xxc re appomted to the North xxrst All Star Football Team llrt tltle ol llonorarx' Foot bxll Laptam xxent to Glenn Krub and rm Cozad xx as tlttttd Honorarv Basketball C1pta1n l lu glass of 47 was well rtpresrnted ID all .1tt1x1t1es earned speual honors 111 Jour nahsm were axxarded mem bershlp 1n the nat1onal honor souetv, ulll and Scroll Sev Lntttn ulrls xxuc members ol Cnrls Green M Nlneteen scmors xx ere members ol the natlonal dramatlc socletv -I hespmns, xx 1th Marjorle Saxre and Gordon Mllsten bemg recogmzed as the out standlnv Ihesplans 111 the1r stmor vtar rl hls honcr xxas received bv Puchard Lawson m lns yumor vear kt the top a scene from The Huf. lm Irom left to Ilglll lederson Nlllsten Goldade 1 henoweth VS ard ,tom picture Yost Kamh H111 . I 'x W W V 1 ' .1 ' ca , Y O 1 . ' 1 1 H 1 1 - .1 1 - 1 - 'N I 1.1 ,, , Q xi I- 1 . u - n ' ' , ' 1- rx 11 1- 1 11 I f' ' D L I 1 1 . g , . , - .1 1 1 1 1 1 11-1 1 N- - - V J Vi X I ' .. V A x . 1 W ' , 1 N 1 l Y 1 W L If Az . '1 U -1 1-1 ' . , 1 'r' '1- I wclvc scnlor students who 1, x 15. ' ' - ' ,' Y - 1 Q ' e I Xl I ' 7l'1 ' ' D . . '14 ' Y fl YY 1 'L ' ' V3 I v Ia i H' '4 ' V' 1 I . ' 3 , . 1' ' - ' a -1 ' 1, ', , .,, . 153. 1 . v 1 . Porn sk ll." 1' .', 1 . ' . A V 1 1 ,K . Bti " . ' U. 2 , ' . Stmurs who nut munbtr1 ol tht dtbltt tt nn that non tht IDINIFILI Dtbatt l0LlI'I1lll1LI1I nut RILIIITCI Lmson Bob VK cxmouth IXIIFIOFIL Sax rt lltrold XJILIIIITIL, 'md om Cfoldadt M IIJOYIL Surg uns DIIHLCI First Utlntm ol tht xt ur mcmv tu L IS m L10 1 txt tncttxtn mu XIIFIUIIL Stun X IIQLIILIOI um Axtlsm1 mt Xllll Xlulmtr Slllllliillllll lxxtntx lout otlul mum lxrs of tht Ll Iss wart IN nrt td lmxlllmuslup an Ioltlx Souttx lm than suhol lsttt 'ILIIICVSIHLIIIS Barbara Huuhu md lmltlurd I mson nut tu lrcltd tht Bind I LILILIL for IIINPII' tltlonil planner md Mlrlom Sure rtulxcd rht Orglwuttt Pllquf. Xxx ml I hc amor pl IX Ions oi Xlonu nas A uit ll suutv Lt lclmu rolu nut plaud In AIJFIOTIL Su rt md Cmxclon NIIISILD Harold X altntlnt, .15 Mdsttr ol Q LILIHOIWIKS, PIKSILILL1 on r tht C l1I'1Sfl'l1lS ISSLIH blx It uns ont of the most LlI'lI.lNll1l lssunbllu of thc xetr 'mturmg A Chr1stm'1Q pun hlhe Corn Iluxk Uol prutnttd In ilu unto: mtnmlmcrs of rl lmuptlns me 1 clexu qum prom tm xxlth those txxo goltesters ohm Hull md Bob Po t Other pn tu lpants nut rev Annu md Richard LIHSOD uxth olm Ixamb as the tradmon lllx tonal 'Vanta C Mus C 011111114011 on Inge J-l Nttnhm., 1 ul Xlmxdmlex M-fttul lop.,Sdun xlnnm-l hmm X ll fb VALIBDICTOBIAN SALUTATOEIAN SAI-UTATOEIAN ll 1 X tkllllil Nlnxlnf Xxflvm llhn-rl led:-rsull 7 i 1 l I iz 2 ' I 14 4 1- .1 1 - 1 1 1 R 5 sd, '1 1: '1 1 l ,J ' M 7 I ' I ' . l 'I ' I 2 ' Y. . ' I I xli -,i..ri.' s111'r.A .mt .1-1 1-- . - . 1 1 4' 1- 1 L . ' , 'la . 1911.11 I' 'IW- YI ILS' 'l'z" 1--t 'L 'ikllll Milf ' 1 lr: 1 l'..'1 1 "1 sf '- ' -1 4. Y D ' f. C, 1 K K -1 . K C C , 4 A 0 Q ' 'Y' h, 1 1 1. . E x'L'Y E E Wi' Yi X W ik' 'L i E. Fur his cxccllcncc in svicntific work, David Xvlllll rcccivccl tht- Banach :mtl ltnnlw I Vl . . 'A 1 -1 ' lavvu A J 'A 1'v'n --X-f n-11 X- 1-.xl-' 1 ' O 1: -1 1 1,-1 5 1 -1 1 I . 11 L-Q A t 1 1 : " D1 ' 1 s. 1 '- a " ' 1 " f f ' I , J 203 V' f I . f ' f 7 , . 'xx K S . . T V 1 1 2 x , P 14 .- A l- x vmss utfzflvn-inns: .-1 w -, Vt- 1, 'nw-ua -, xx: -.L G' , ' 1 .- AVIS Al4liAllAAlSlPN-Girls' Club 1-4, Library Club 3-4. 144114 AB'l'S-Boys' l'lub l-1. Ass'l. Track Mgr, 1. Ski Club 3, Stage Crew 4. ALAN ALICXANIPIER-Boys' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1-2. lfrench Club 2, All School Play 2, In-bale 2, President 2, Honor Society 2-3, Vice-President 3, Class Treasurer 4, Hi-Y 2-4, Secretary 3, Vice-Presiflent 4, Thespians 4. Senior l'lay 4, Torch Society 4, Bulldog Staff 4. Salutatorian, AlAlll1l'I'Illl'l'I'I ALM-Gil'ls' Club l-l, lllec , ., 1 - . - tlnb 1--. 41. A, A. l-4, lsllcrs Club 1, Choir 3-4. 'I'ri-Hi-Y 24, Green M 4. IIUHIS ANl1l'1RSUN-Girls' Club 1-4, G. A. A, 1-4, Glee Club 1-2, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Green M 4. 'l'l'NlI-Z ANIJEHSCiN-linteretl from Livings- ton, Montana. Girls' Club 4. Pep Club 4. .l4llC AIQMICY-Boys' Club 1-4. 'Vliesplans 2-4, President 4, lli-Y 3-4, Treasurer, 4, Choir 3-4. Fire Chief 4. MAXINIC AXIGLSUN-Girls' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1-2, tbrchestra 1-4, Honor Society 2-3. 'l'orch Society 4, Spanish Club 3, Vice-presi- dent 3. 'l'ri-lli-Y 3-4, Bulldog 4, Skagina 4, Make-up ldilitor 4, G. A, A. 4, Quill anti Scroll 4, Salutatorian. MARY ANN B.lHl2GANf-Girls' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1. 'l'l'i-lli-Y Il. .IACK HHNVIIUN-Boys' Club 1-4, Band 1-4, All School Play 1. llrcllesira Ll-4, Hi-Y 2-4, I J llonor Society Z.-3, Basketball 2.-4, Bulldog 2-3. Htlitor 3, llcbate 2, l-faseball 2, Green M Il-4. Quill and Scroll 3-4, Tennis 4. IMIRIS BRYSUN -4 Girls' Club 1-4, G. A..-X. 1-4, Library Club 1-4, Treasurer 2, Presi- dent 4, Glee Club 1, Fshers' Club 2-3, Honor Society 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Green M 4, 'l'orch Society 4, Pep Club 4. IRI-INR Bl'liKIlAI.'l'EH--Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1-2, Vshers' Club 1-2, Choir 3-4, G. A. A. 1-3. MARVIN CANNON-Boys' Club 1-4, Vice- l'rt-sltlenl 3, lf". l-'. A. 1, Glee Club 1, Green ll l-4, Vice-Presitlent 3, Hi-Y 2-4, A. S. B. Vice-President 3, Presitlent 4, Football 1-4. Basketball 1-1. Tennis 2-3,, Baseball 1-4. .ll-IAN CHPINKlXYl'1'l'IlfGirls' Club 1-4, G. A. A. 1-4. Latin Club 1. Vshers' Club 2-3, Vice- President 3, Green M 3-4, President 4, Thes- pians 3-4, 'llri-Hi-Y 3-4, All School Play 3, Senior Class l-'lay 4, Pep Club Leader -l. Library Club -1. GAYLIC CUl"l"MANfl-loys' Club 1-4, l-'. l". A. 1-3, KA'l'lll.lGlfIN CUNLUX---I-Interell from Comp- ton. Calif. 2, Girls' Club 2-4, G. A. A. 2-4, Hrehestra 2-4, Honor Society 2-3, llebate 2-4, President 3, All School Play 3, 'l'ri-lli-Y 3-4. Torch Society 4, Thespians 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Flullilog 4, litlitor 4, Pep Club 4, Skagina 4, Girls' Sports Eilitor 4. BEVI-IRIA' COUPICH-Girls' Club 1-4, Honor Society 2-3, All School Play 2, Class Yell Leader 2. 'l'ri-Hi-Y 3, Class Secretary 3, Torch Society 4, Tliespians 4, Library Club 4, G X X 14 .llkl CUZAIP KICN lPAl.l,Y-Boys' Club 1-4, l'resi4lent 4. l"ootbl:ill 1. 4, Baseball l, Green M 2-4. l'. S. Coast Guartl 3. Basketball 3-4, Golf 4. CHAIiLH'I"l'l-I IJAVIS-Girls' Club 1-4. Vice- Presillenl 3. Class Yell Leader 1, G. A. A. 1-4. President 4, Secretary-Treasurf-r 2. Latin Club 1. Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Vice-President 3, Green M 3-4. All School Play 3, A. S. B. Assistant Treasurer 3. Treasurer 4, Library Club 4, 'l'h4-spians 4. Class Vice-presillent 1. CAl:uLYN lrl:llf'l'Mll-Ili - Girls' Club 1-4, G. A. A. 1-4, Latin Club 1-2, Gb-c Club 1, llonor Soc-ii-ty 2-3, Ski Club 2, Green M 3-4. 'l'ri-Hi-Y 3-4, Choir 4. 'l'orch Society 4, Pep Club 4, I-Iullilog 4, l"Q'illllI't- litlitor. Circulation Managcr. 15 YVONNE Dl.'PZL'QL'E-Girls' Club l-4, G, A. A. 1-3, lfshers' Club 2. HELEN MARIE 141151.14211 - Girls' Club 1-4. Mask and l1a,2'f.Ter l-4, Gleq- Club 1-22, llonor Society 2-3. lll"l'llt'SIl'll 3-4, All Srhool Play 25, Bulldog 3-4, Iialitor 4, Skzigina 3-4, limlitrlr 4. Spanish Club 3-4, 'l'nrvh Society 4. Quill and Scroll 4. .IIM l1II.I.l0'l"l' - Boys' Club 1-4, Swimming Team 3-4, I-'ootball 'IR-am 3-4. .IUIIN l-II.l.lS-Boys' Club 1-4, liasl-ball 1-4. . ., 1-oolball --4. CAIIULYN l'1NGI.lSHAGil'ls' Club 1-4, Glen- Club l. G. A. A. l-4. lfrench Club 2-3, Green M 3-4. Tri-Hi-1' 3-4, Bulldog 4, Fkagina 4. Choir 4. PPI! Club 4. NAIDINI-I lGNYlCAll'l'+Girls' Club 1-4, Library Club 1-4, President 2, Secretary 3, Honor Soviety 3, 'l"irrb Society 4. MA RY ANN Ft l'l'l1ANll lIAZl'Il. G11-ZBHNS - lintvrell from Nate-rex, Miss. Girls' Club 3-4, Band 3-4, Hrcliestra 3-4. Pen Band 3-4, Spanish Club 3, llonor Society 3, 'Porch Society 4, l.atin Club 4, Choir 4, 'l'ri-Hi-Y 4, Bulldog 4. ININALIJ GlLBl'Ili'l'-Boys' Club 1-4, Vive- presitlent 3. F. l". A. 1, Glee Club 1-2, Class Treasurer 1, Stage Crew 2, Green M 2-4, President 4, Hi-1' 3, Choir 4, Preside-nt 4. I-ootball 1, 3-4, Basketball 1-4, 'l'i':u'k 3, Bas:-ball l-4. JUAN GOLIDAIJIC-Entered from Sedro-XVool- lex, WVash. Girls' Club 2-4, Latin Club 2, Debate 2-4, Class President 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. Honor Society 3, Thespians 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Torch 4, Bulldog 4, Senior Play 4. LARRY GROSS-Boys' Club 1-4, lf. lf. A. 1-4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Green M 1-4, Hi-Y 2-4. Honor Society 2-3, Torch 4, Baseball 1-4, Football 3. VIULA GVGGICMUS-3 year student, Library Club 1-3. Girls' Club 1-3, Ushers' Club 2, G. A. A. 1-2. lDl'Il.tblil+1S HAIAG-Girls' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1, G. A. A. 1-4, Green M 3-4, Vsbers' Club 3, Sevretary 3, 'I'ri-Hi-Y 3. lNbl.0lCl'ZS llAl.l.lN-Girls' Club 1-4, G. A. A. l-4, Glee Club 3, 'l'rl-lli-Y 3-4, l,PIl Club 4. Song: Queen 4, Skagina 4, Bulldog 4, Choir 4. GRAYCIC HANSI-IN-Girls' Club l-4, Glve Club 1-2. l'shers' Club 2, Choir 3. .IHYCIC HANSHN-Girls' Club 1-4. Glee Club 1-2. Vshers' Club 2-3, President 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. NONA HANSUN-Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1-2. Choir 3-4. GEORGIA HERBAUGH--Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, Spanish Club 3, Choir 4. .IUHN HILL--Boys' Club 1-4, All School Play 1-4. Debate Club 2, 4, Bulldog 2-4, Editor 3, Thespians 2-4, Best Thespian Award 2. Senior Play 4, Choir 4, Quill and Scroll 3-4. PAT HUIJGE-Entered from Cordova, Alaska. Girls' Club 4. Tri-Hi-Y 4, Choir 4, Bulldog 4, l4AliBAllA HUGHES--Girls' Club 1-4, G. A. A. 1-4, Vice-president 4, Latin Club 1-2, Orches- tra 1. 3-4, Band 1-4, Green M 2-4, Honor Society 2-3, Glee Club 2, All School Play 3, Spanish Club 3, Choir 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Thes- pians 3-4, Bulldog 4, Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Vive-president 4, Toroh Soviety 4, Pep Band 2-4, Rand Award 4. 16 PI-IYLLIS JAMES--Girls Club 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, G. A. A. 3, Quill and Scroll 4, President 4, Pep Club 4. IrnRO'I'lll'I.X .IOCIIIM - Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 2. ALVIN JOHNSON-Boys' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1-2, Green M 1-4, Tennis 1-4, Band 1-4, Honor Society 2-3, Torch 4, President 4, Hi-Y 4. NANCY JOHNSON-l.atin Club 1, G. A. A, 1-4, Glee Club 1, Girls' Club 1-4, Skagina 1-2. Class l-Iditor 2, l'shers' Club 2, Library Club 2, Honor Society 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Spanish Club 3, Green M 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Choir I, Song: Leader 4, Torch Society 4, Pep Club 4. JOHN KAMB-Boys' Club 1-4. Latin Club 1-2, lf. F. A. 1-3, Glee Club 1. Honor Society 2, Football 2-4, Baseball 3-4, Hi-Y 4. IIOBI-IRT KIMMIGI. - Entered from Chester, Illinois. Skagina 4, Business Manager 4, De- bate Club 4, Thnzspians 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Torch 4, Spanish Club 4, All School Play 4. Boys' Club 4, Bulldog 4. VIRGINIA KING-Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1-2, Choir 3-4, Vshers' Club 3, Pep Club 4, Office 4. GEORGE KIRN--Boys' Club 1-4, Baseball 1-4, F. A. 1-3, Green M 3-4, Football 3-4, Hi- ' 4. GLENN Klil'B-Boys' Club 1-4. Green M 3-4, 1-'. I". A. 1-4, Treasurer 3, lli-1' 2-4, President 4, Class President 4. MARGARET LARM - Latin Club 1-2, Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, G. A. A. 2-4, Honor Society 2-3, Office 2, Spanish Club 3, Tri- Hi-Y 3-4, Green M 3-4, Choir 4. Torch Society 1, Pep Club 4. ROBERT LARSON-Boys' Club 1-4, Treasurer 4, Band 1-2, Assistant Track Manager 1, Track Manager 2, Hi-1' 2-4. Vice-president 3, Class Vice-president 2-3, Honor Society 2, Tennis Team 3-4, Green M 3-4, Secretary- Treasurer 3. RICHARD LAVVSON - Boys' Club 1-4, Band 1-4, Orchestra 1-4, All School Play 1-4, Latin Club 1-2, Thespians 2-4, Secretary 4, Best Thespian Award 3, Choir 3-4, Vice-president 4, Senior l'lay 4, Debate Club 4, 'Band Award 4. JACK l.Il'IBl'I-lintered from Cordova. Alaska. Boys' Club 4, Spanish Club 4. PHYLLIS LINDQCIST-Girls' Club 1-4, I'sh- ers' Club 2-3, Glee Cluib 1, Choir 3-4, Office 4. JANET LLOYD--Girls' Club 1-4, Secretary 2, President 4, Latin Club 1-2, G. A. A. 1-4, Skagina 1-4, Class Editor 1, 3, 4. Class Repre- sentative 1, All School Play 2, Honor Society 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 3, Bulldog 4, Torch Society 4. IDVANIC LOGSIION--Boys' Club 1-4, lf. F. A. 1-2, Track 1-4, Football 1, Green M 3-4. Yell Leader 3, Golf 4, Yell King 4. l,.1l'lll'lNCI'Z LOIIICNZIGN-Boys' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, Track 3-4, Green M 3-4, Spanish Club 3, Stage Crew 4. BETTI-I MARTIN-Horizon Club 1. Photog- raphy Club 1, Girls' Club 1-4, Mask 8: Dagger Club 1-4, President 3. Glee Club 1, G. A, A. 2-4. Library Club 2-4, Vice-president 4. Vshers' Club 2-3. Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Song Leader 4, Choir 4, Pep Club 4. BOB MASON-Boys' Club 1-4, Green M 1-4, Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 1-2, Class Representative 2, Baseball 2-4. VIRGINIA MASON--Girls' Club 1-4. Glee Club 1-2. l'shers' Club 2-3, Choir 3-4. XAIJINIC MAl'Sl'ITH-Girls' Club l-4, G. A. A. 2-4, l-'rench Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Office 3-4, Skagina 4. Pep Club 4. I7 ELAINE MCCONKEY-Girls' Club 1-4, Horizon Club 1, G. A. A. 2-4, Library Club 2-4, Secre- tary 2, Vice-president 3, Ushers' Club 2-3. Green M 3-4, Pep Club 4, Choir 4, Glee Club 1. MARIAN Mct'Ul:MlCK-Girls' Club 1-4. Band 1-4, Orchestra 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Honor Society 3, Spanish Club 3, Torch Society 4, Pep Band 4. MARGIE MCKICUN-Girls' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1, Glee Club 1. Honor Society 2-3, French Club 2-3, Mask and Dagger Club 2, Debate Club 2-4, Bulldog 3-4. Editor 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Skagina 4, Torch Society 4. Thespians 4. tjuill and Scholl 4, Secretary-'l'reasurer 4, Senior Play 4, All School Play 4. PHYLLIS MELLOT-Girls' Club 1-4. Library Club 1-4, Secretary 2, President 3, Reporter 4, G. A. A. 2-4, l'shers' Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Pep Club 4, Choir 4, Mask and Dagger 4, Green M 4. TOM NICXYCUMBIC-Boys' Club 1-4, I". F.A.1-4, Vice-president 4. BETTY MEYER-Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, Vshers' Club 2, G. A. A. 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Gif-en M 3-4, Choir 4, l'ep Club 4. YIULA MOU!!-l-Entered from Russel, Kansas 2. Girls' Club 2-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Bull- dog 3-4. BICRNAIIIJ Ml'lll'HY-Boys' Club 1-4, l.atin Club 1. Track 3, Stage Crew 4. LOXVICLL NORLIE-Boys' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1-2, Choir 3. KRISTINA ULS0NAGirls' Club 1-4, Vshers' Club 3, Choir 4. ROGER PEIJI-IRSUN -- Boys' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1, Stage Crew 1-3, Green M 2-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Treasurer 3, Track 3-4, Choir 3, 'Vhespians 4. Senior' Play 4, All School Play 4, Golf 4. lzul-1i'l.l'MMlCll-Boys' Clubl-4, Stage Crew 4. MARJORI ld SAYRIC-Girls' Club 1-4, G. A. A. 1-4, I.atin Club 1, Honor Society 2-3, Green M 3-4, Badminton Manager 3-4, Girls' Glee Club 1, Choir 3-4, Orchestra 1-4, French Club 2-3. All School Play 4, Senior Play 4, Thespians 4, 'Porch Society 4, llebate Club 4, First Ile- bator 4, Valedctorian. Orchestra Award 4. Best Thespian Award 4. IKDN SCHMIIVI'-lflntered from Chicago, Ilii- nois 3. Boys' Club 3-4. JACK SHARP - Boys' Club 1-4. Band 1-3, Urcliestra 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1-2, Choir 2-4, Honor Society 2-3, Spanish Club 3, Ten- nis 3-4, Green M 3-4, Hi-Y 3-4, All School Play 3-4, Thespians 3-4, Quill and Scroll 3-4, Torch Society 4. Skagina 4. llli VVAYNIC SMITH --Boys' Club 1-4, Green If 1-4, Track 1, 3, 4, Football 1-4. DIG.-KN STICMHAGI-IN-Boys' Club 1-4, Presi- dent 3, Representative 4, Green M 1-4, F. lf. A. 1, Track 1-4, Football 2-4, All-Northwest 2-4, Basketball 3-4, Inspirational I-'ootball Play- er 4. HUB S'l'lGlN-Boys' Club 1-4, l'. S. Navy 2-3, Football 4, All-Northwest 4. JIM TAFSHICII-Boys' Club 1-4, Secretary 2, Glee Club 1, l4'.l".A. 1, Green M 2-4, Vice- presidont 4. Basketball 2-4, Baseball 2-4, Football 2-4, Hi-Y 3-4, Choir 4. Sl-IIRLIQY 'l'Rl'AX-Girls' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1, Glee Club 1. Choir 3-4, 'l'ri-Hi-Y 3-4, Class Secretary 4. HA RULID X AI.lCX'I'lNlC--Boys' Club 1-4, Vive- president 4, State Representative 3, l-'ootball 1-3, Band 1-4, Pep Band 2-4, Class President 2, F. lf, A. 1-2. Secretary 2, Honor Society 2-3, Baseball 2-4, Class Representative 3, Green M 3-4, Torch Society 4, Thespians 4, Choir 4, Debate Club 4, Senior Play 4. 18 Nt Vl' l'lCTl'Rl7Il J: -1-WN HIGTKG-Hors' cum 1-4, G11-Q Club 1-2, Choir 3-4. JANET VAN VALKENBURG--Girls' Club 1-4, G. A..-1. 1-4, Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1-2, Class Treasurer 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, A. S. B. Sec- retary 4, Choir 4. .IIGANNIQ VIKE-Girls' Club 1-4, Treasurer 4, Latin Club 1-2, Glee Club 1, Class Treasurer 2, Honor Society 2-4, Secretary-Treasurer 3. French Club 4, Torch Society 4. .IOANNE VIKE-Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1. Lzitin Club 1-2, Class Secretary 2, Honor Soc-ietv 2-3, Torch Society 4, Secretz1ry-Treas- ui-er 4, Choir 4. lIllLAINl'1 Nl'.XLKlCli - Girls' Club 1-4, Li- brary 1-4, Secretary 4, Mask and Dagger Club 1-4, President 4, Horizon Club 1, Glee Club 1, G.A.A. 2-4. Ushers' Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Green M 4, Pep Club 4, Choir 4. LK AVID VV.-X1-ill-Boys' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1-2, Honor Society 2-3, Thespians 3-4, Vice- presiflent 4, Green M 3-4, Torch Society 4, Class Vice-president 4, Hi-Y 4, Bauch and Lomb Science Award 4. U .XHILYNN WAlililCK - Girls' Club 1-4, G.,X.,X. 1-4, Glee Club 1, Horizon Club 2, Sec-retziry 2. llshers' Club 2, Green M 3-4, 'l'ri-lli-Y 3-4, Choir 4, Song Queen 4, Tum- bling' Club 4, l'-ep Club 4. M HONALIJ XVICBB--Boys' Club 1-4, F.l+'.A. 1, Glee Club 1, Choir 2-4. HUB XVIAIYMQH"FH-Boys' Club 1-4, Latin Club 1, Ha:-ketbzlll 1-3, Plus:-lmll 1, Football 2-3, Spanish Club 1, Track 3-4. Green M 3-4, llebute 'l'e'im 4. MVA NVILSUN-Girls' Club 1-4, G.A.A. 1-4, Glee Club 1, Latin Club 1-2, Green M 3-4, Honor Society 2-3, Spanish Club 3, President 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Choir 3-4, Torch Society 4, Tumbling' Club 4, Pep Club 4. MARIE XVtlI..lllflX -- Girls' Club 1-4. Vsliers' Club 3, Pep Club 4. .XIACIC XVOOIJ-Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, Library 1-4, Vice-president 1-2, G.A. A. 2-4, Vslaers' Club 2, Honor Society 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Green M 4, Torch Society 4, Pep Club 4. M X'l"l' XVUHIJ BlCT'l'E VVUDTKE-Girls' Club 1-4, Glee Club 1, Mask and Dagger Club 1-4, Vice-president 4, Library Club 1-4, Treasurer 3, Horizon Club 1, Photography Club 1, G.A.A. 2-4, Vshers' Club 2-3, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, Green M 4, Choir 4, Pep Club 4. MONA ZlMMER-VVith1lrzxwn. .ll'NlC JUHNSUN NIGIS-XVithtlr:1Wn. K 'l'l'3lP CHICNIGY - Boys' Club 1-4. Band 1-4, Urcliestra 1-4, BOB l'l'I.XSI+l - Entered from Berkeley, Calif. Boys' Club. .IUYCIG SIVIGRSUN f lintereil from Spokane, XVush. Girls' Club. fffmztiizzmci from Page 1-U ilihe seniors were capahly led through their linal 'fear ol' high sehozzl ht Cllenn liruh, president: David Vllarcl, viceepresiclentz ghirlei' Truax. secretary: and .Klan Alexander, treasurer. Mr. Ray Cowell, Xlis. Xlautle liiinmel. Kliss lJ::i'otlw Currie. Nlr. Ulilliain Curnev, and Nlr. l. Pederson were class ,itlristws. llaccalaureate services were held Nlay 25 and eoinincncement exercises Hay ZS. THF. PEPPY YELLS of Bud Logsdon. yell Ling, and his assistants, Marilyn Lee .. and Carol Nohle, added color and end thusiasm to our athletic contests. ic- 'A il heir costumes were in the traditional green and white. Ar the heginning ol' the Year they organized new vells, uni' . If 4 'Mig ,rf if ff I versitv stvle, and inet twice weekly to rehearse. SONG QUEENS Delores Hallin, Marilynn VVarriel4, Nancy johnson and Betty Martin atlclecl much to the school spirit. They wore round neelied blouses and short green pleated slairts, and led the singing at all pep meetings and games. Top giieturo' Lee, Logsdon, Noble Bottom pit-ture: Johnson, Martin, Hzillin, XVari'iek - I 5 ,I 1 ., , . a' ' 5 0 I .. Q r iilijiors' 1 . 1 . ' ' 1' ll ILE CLASS UF 1948 lens uziiiplclvti :inutlicr silcct'Q5l'iil vcair. diicicittlx' ICLICI , llic liollniting UiHfL'l'S' iiiclinrci XlL'X'L'li. liivsifii,-111. liun i5iiiiit'y, Xiu' pivsgidviilg ' Umaothr lilwlw, 5L:L'I'L'lLll'X' lg1iI'l5LlI'li Sgiirv. iIit'Ll5llI'L'I'. .uni Dun Stmiiiliuiii, rupi1' , . . , , suntntivc. 2 1' 1 'L' 'J' ,Advisors for the class were Miss Xlimiic ClQ1'riut5. Miss cN01'i1L'liL1 llzinscn, Mr. 1 joseph Norlic, and Mr. Gcorgt' Mmxrcr. l'IIiS'l' i'It"I'l'lli'I: Ifirst iwiw flmiiliiiit-. .I. ,Xiiiit-rstm, Maiilsvlh tmim-ll, l'1':i11il:iil, Mt-Mumii. SQ-1 -uni! ww: Umipvr. lf'zilwi', li. .Xu- tivrstmii, l'zirnwy, B9l'2,'l1lliSl, Brzitz lzllinuswn, Bznnw, l,uve1t-ss, Ulurk l':l!'pvViKvI'. 'Vhirii i-uw: lCwiiig.g', lfliiyi-:ii't, Fniiis S i .xxx It-r, Hi-r'gr4-ii, Iriinkin, Swain. SICVHNIY I'l1"l'l'lll'I1 I"il':4t rwviv Gilla-Ilv. lln-illlllhl, Lilvluy, Husllv llzxrln-rt, Grnxs, ,Im-ksmi. Sm-i 'mul rnw: Giistzilkuii, .14-wi-ll lizxlms, Ifinm-X, Il. liziiisun, lfagziii H Hen Nlil t ri Pile . 1 still, . ' S P , Lipke, liilll l"zl1!vI'. Thirii row: Hziyden, Ii. .Xndersnm f13il'lil?lIl. Grape, Iil1A2'h6S, Standish THIIIIJ i'Il"l'l'ili'I: Ifirst it-w 4'iii'ili'ziy. Nt-al, Moor, 1'i'it4-iizirii 44 's, Ve-tors. le! Sec-im-l row: Ima, Mztrshzill, H. Mm'- li1lTI'lllllI1lllTllxtSl lil in Q , z-1: , z MA wrist 'l'iiir1l rt-wi L. Alt-yt-r, S. Miirphy Klilln lu mm-tin-, Mi-lxirilvy, IL Mui- why. Ifmirlli rifw: Ihiiiipaiwl, Imtliiuri IC. Mu-ye-I', lmi'vlwI', Muir, Nunnt-I' I'1'l'Il'I'H l'll"I'l'llI'IZ First row 'l'l1iI4i XX 'Hg-niiii, it.. XYillizims S.-limi-lt, lluil, X. Xiillmms, Way Sf-1-'mil ruw: Triyip, Sztyrw, Smith St-ixiltz, N1-lsun, XVilson, l't-:la-rsim XY.iltvrs, ifzirnvs, Quinn, Snwwilffii 'l'hir1i r-nw: I-lin-1111511 Stimilitmxii IH- irswn. Swzuiln-rg, Ste-velnsim Str---.-iw. 21 l lie annual I lianltsgiving assenililv was presented Novemlier 25. Xlarvlu Oalv lantl and Barluzira l luglies plavecl a Piano cluet and Reverenrl Xvilliam lwiclclv ol' tlie liirst Xletlieclist Qiliureli spoke. .X movie was sliown anal two numlners were plavetl ln tlie violin quartet. ln eon' elusion. a one-aet play, Wllianltsgiving Beats the Dutelif' clireetecl bv Miss for- nelia Hansen, was given. il lie 'lunior elass was well representecl in atlileties witli letters being awarclecl to eiglit lmovs in lootliall anal two in lmasf ltetluall. il liese liovs were Ben Lotliian, .Xlvin Koetie, lliels Xlevers, Pat llavtlen. Don Streinlwrm, Cameron Stantlisli, Les Streeter. D a r r e l l Pierson. ancl Don liwing. Don Strolnli. in reeeivecl lioner almle mention lor tlie fXll-Northwest loot' ball team. :Xliee Cooper liacl a maiar role in tlie ,Xll-Seliozil plav. 'AULH' Town." ancl lie! eame a memlier ol' Vliliespians for lier elllorts. llie -Iunior Prom, ualeonliglit Madness." was presentecl at tlie Allen Grange en wlav 2. il lie cleeorations were macle verv elleetive luv sparl-.ling stars anal a silvl r moon against a solit, clarlv lmaelvgrountl. Sain nlurpliv was outstanding in oras torv. winning first place in tlie lfveal anal eeunlv State llesourees eentests anal s' euring second plaee in tlie clistriet eonf lest. ilillk' lunior-Senier lea, given in Nav lor llie senior girls was tlie last soeial event ol' tlie vear. Dorotliv Iilmlnv vas general eliairnian. I--Junior 4-t't'ieers: km-Q-lil11.:'. Ken Finney, llieh- arnl I-Zigi-ni standing: lion Stroinboni, llmirnllly' Gomlhlie, Barbara Sayre-, Ilieharil Meyer, Iiois Brutz, Sain Murphy. 15-lnitinites' ililemnia. .s -.- HHN' illmlll 21 1l:lIn".' 4 Broan! Slioiililvrs rr- Ioufli wr rk. vi--Sain Murphy. eouniy winin-r' in NYashirigt-in State- lit-eoiiiwps orzitorieal eontest. 22 4? -unn- sophomores I I Ill fl,.XSS O17 V349 has linislwcl L1 SLlL'L'C5Sl'Lll YCLII' with the i'oHoxx'i11g mom- bcrs serving as ofllccrs: .Xrnold Moores, Pl'L'3wiLlL'I1ll Cluruldim' ljoppc, vicchprcsi- Juni: .loycc Cxrist, SL'L'l'L'ILlI'f1 xllll'-ill1'iL' limfdlllml, ll't'LlSllI'L'l'L nml Carol Nolmlc, yn-Il lczlclcr. fx fvl'CSlllUill'I mixcr. sponsorcd by thc wplwonzmm- vluss, uns In-ld at thc YMCA. I-'HIST l'll"l'l'l:l-1: Vi rst row lvilllllllll, Nlvillllll' Hurlm, Iirisky l':Vl'lXIl Iial1'Im,1'r'iSt, Ilym-s,.X-1:11115 :N-1-mmf! row: lie-r'p:vx'. Iillglllnnl pri-n, In--lolph. 'I'hir1l I-nw: Iiirml, Hro: les, l.uon:uwl Iirwxxrm, 1'r':1lnla1ll, llnkzm, Hn-vivk l"Ulll'lh row: .Xlm-xumh-12 HllI'p14'l' Vzalinu, lfvrris, .XIlllQ'l'SHll, Ifzlgznlx Iinllvr, SIGWINIP l'l1"l'l'Iil1I: Ifirst row - w - Q l-.1151-:11'l, fmhlamh-, llurtwu-k, I-1-ll sun. lun-, I'lI1m-lcl, livnry, llnhlxs. Iflshvr Iluwanul, Ifurnmso. huns. Nlm-11, llzmpga-nmn, f12ll"lt'I'3.1. l'QHlll'llI row: Goml, l1llSl2lI'SHIl Iluls, I,ill1Hlt'I'Q.2, Kmgm-S, HllI'!l. 'I'Hll:I1 l'I1"l'l'I!I'I: First row li.Nv1sun, L1-iglu, II. Ne-lsnn, lmppl- IIKISQWIY. IA'l'kQ'I1lP5', l'v:11'snl1. Nolvln- l.avinv. Swwunl row: M, Xe-lsfm, llurris A In-ru, Laxmlul. ' 'I'hi1'1l rms: l.:1m-rmzm. Kuhn Mn-Ginm-s, 3Ivtlx'ep:or', Mv1'l1-llzul Hufh. l.in1l, Knight. I-'wxrth row: Alnssar, N.-Isfm. IM-ly No:-liv, Alamrtin, Hlsffll, I':mrk.-r. I-'Hl'Il'I'H I'I1"l'l'liIi: First row Wnlmll. Srnoxvnlmx, XYUIAQ-11. XV114lI In-, Yogi, Wa-11-llllml, Svl1.,1'lm. rf-Nun! row: Ilothrm-k. Venn-, 'I'm-k v-V. Slamvv, XX'hitv, liusinu.-1'. Sm-hr..v .lf-V. 'I'h11'1l row: Yun Slznpzre-n. I'n-11+-rsfnl Ilnslnllsswn, S1-mg--r, Yan Mons Slfllllil, lmllm-li. I-'.fux'II1 row: 1iol1v1'tscm. lizdlqlngm Sw--tt, Sirxgvr. lmppr-. Shznm-. 23 R lmvis, Vgxlmnlwll, I.:unplwl', Holl- H.-wlluml, Hllostzul, H2llUblll'g, Ilmlg- SUVIPIIH row: Gulyf-aux, Iflyml. flowi- 'I'hir1l row: llzmsm-11, ll.-ally, GNP , 5l1'K:ly, Xlfmrvs, Hull, Noble-. l,lln1l- Octolmer 50. ilhe "jungle Dance" nas presentecl alter the lyntlen game. janu- , - v 7' .HX ,.7. Xrcleth Brooks won a leading role, por- travinv llniilx' XYL-hh, in the .Xll-School . 5 Play, "Our 'lioxx'n." lhrough this role she gainccl rnemhership in ilihespians. Douglas Slave also hacl a role in the play. Featuring singing waiters, a hartenaler. chorus line, ancl a howery quintet, the "l3oucrt' Hevieun sophomore assemhly was an instantaneous success. I he piano, the songs, "Darl4tou'n Strutters Ball." "Skip to Mx' Lou," anrl the howerx' seen- ery inatle the affair very realistic. ilihirtr' members ol' the class were initi- atecl into Honor Society. The sopho- mores nerc also well represented in Lilurary Club. Mask and Dagger, ancl the musical organizations, Rita Golclacle ancl Harry Parker were lnemlners ol' the clehate team. Harry, hy participating in the Northwest District Dehatc iliournainent, earned his letter. Six sports-mintlctl hors in the class who hecarne mernhers ol' Green "M" this year were: llarvey Burger, Ray Gustaf- son, Dave lingluncl, Don Fagan, Melvin ljeclerson, Don Gooclhue, anal Val Xlartin. Girls who hecame "wearers ol' the green" were: Evelyn Barho, Eleanor Barho. loan Vogt, L Ll c i l l e Brislxy. .-Xrlene Schroeder, .Xrlene fannon, Dolores Nel- son, Marjorie Heclluncl, Nadine Burger, Delores Xllenclluncl, ,leanette Lauerman, Donelcia Harnburv, Lorraine Cirandall, 3 Peggy Declolph, antl Lois Ellestacl. ,fXclvisors lor the class this year were Miss Xnn Curtis, Nliss Gloria Staniatis, Mr. ,loc Xlurplng anal Xlr. .Iohn liatlness. lfSophoiriori- officers: Kneeling: Ilonelilzi Harnlu1r:'. .Xrnr-ld Moor.-sz standintfz Marjorii- Ht-llunil, Varol Nohli-, GQ-ralwline Imppe, I.ut-ille liriskr-y, Norma xvlltlllie-, .loyce Frist, I -Slllilt' lIl't-IIY, Il--'l"3I'IIlr-I"N lit?-. 4- -Saek tim.-. 5--Not fair In go. vi! l'n1h-r thi- spin-znlitig' hir'-h lrw-, T Vitixffns ot' "Hur 'I'own." 24 Freshmen ii I IE CLASS OF 1930 ciitcrvci ,Xhinnt Xicriiun High St-lwwi with high spirits, cictcrmincci to hccomc ti class that xwnicl hc tum-ii1hci't-ti. .X good choice of tiitiss oiiiccrs nas inginic lust linii nilh Dun iiiripp, prcaiticntz Nortnun Lincihcrg, x'iccfpi1-siciciitg Ngiciut,-n iitihiis, SL'L'l'Ct2lI'Y1 tinci tXrh'cc I ltinscn, lrC1lSLlI'Cl'. Rcp1'cscntziIix'cs to the stnclcnt crnumgii wort- Anitri lvt-rson, Put Bull, I"IllS'l' l'l1"I'l'llI-I: lfirst row: ilziyinis, Gnu-s. Glzlsm-, Iizlll, .Kn- ilwsnil. lmlly. 44-1-111iiiww:l'i1emAy, Iinglish, lfntlr- ni., IUIIIHH, l'1rY'4iI'2lY, Aslier. 'Fhiril ww: G1-nss, Gurinlvy, Hm'p.1'- lnnd, Blnuvy, Erivksun, Kwan-r. I"nnrth row: idllingsun, Ifmul, 1Tut't'- ini-n. i'Im'kvs, Imnit-lsun, I-Ingmlahl. SICVHNID Pll"l'l'Rl'1: First ruw: Yrtn Slzigviwli, Swzirsl, Sundquist, J. Hanson, Whitt-, lvt-i'Snn, Hnrris, iw-w: Slz'l1S2l:l, King, l"r:niS, H1-his-, lxm-lkn-, He-l'l1:illgl1, ll. llzillf sun. 'Viiiiwl TONY! Hnldely Juhuson, Ham- hliu, Moen, A. Hzinsnn, Ilntley, Stvve-ns. I-'unrth www: Kraft, Jnlyzm, Buiritm-V, Jzirvis, Kzillstrinn, Gzilimiitii, .Ins- livv, G:tllip.:'ilu'I'. i 'l'HII:lv I'l1"l'l'lil'I: First 1-nw: liiinhlf-, lmaif. H. Kumh, S. XYzu'- rivk, Yun Rlnlri-, Murrow, ,Inhnsim. Sm-mul rww: Na-lsun, G. I.:ii's1m, my Xl1'l'.1l'lilj'. Lund, 'l'hi1'il rmv: M. Kahns, ihwvltim, Nlilrtin. Lynfiun. iulsnn, I:n,g'm's, Sinn:-in:i..Svhlm-nn-I . ,N v . ., - rkfigsluii, linin, Xknlih-11, 11. lripp Smiel'lnml, Nims. Stiugn-n, limi xV3liii!1SUll. ill.-. 25 S1-wi-ll, Alimr, I.. Lind, U. AIi-l'nnk- I-1. XVhite, J. Martin, Mau-hin, lv. I l"inlIl'li1 row: l'i-tfwsnii, Yun Sivkli-, I..-4-, li. I,in1l, Ni:-iiuls. . Lzirsuii, Nuxiv, Kirn I,irniln-rp.t Iv, i'4-mirsuii. IfHI'Il'l'H l'I1"l'l'liI'I: I-'irst ww: Hgtlt-n, 'I'ji-iwlsinzi, lmris l't-nrsnn, Fvwrnil 1-nw: Whiting:-V, ll. Smith. 'rmg-.1 1'-iw: Sairihnrii, In-yimlils, Viniriii rim" 'I'iirs+-th, XVilli:uns, Sninnn-rs, Stvvf-ns, Il, Tripp, Gilt- Gene Larson, antl Gary Xlhitinger. The elass atlvisors were Nlrs. Nlaurie Nelson, Xliss Klart' Bergman, Mr. Charles liasf ton, anrl Xlr. George llotlson. Xlr. llotlsons home room heltl a partx' at llillerest Parlg leotlge lior the entire l'reshm:m elass on Fehrttary l l. Daneing, games, gmtl relreshments xx ere enioyetl. I he lrosh presentetl their assemhlx ,Xpril 3 with many memhers ol the class taking part in the minstrel show, the big feature ol' the program. Sharron XYarriel4 was general ehairman. lhe elass sponsored a tlanee April 19, earry ing throught the theme ol' minstrels introclueetl in their assemhly ancl naming it the "DarlQtown Strutters Ball." Gen- eral ehairman lor this event was Nlacleen Kahns. 'lihe elass ol' '50 is proutl ol' Dorothy Holder, who partieipatetl in the District Debate 'liournament, therehv winning a clehate letter. Gorene johnson, a n o t h e r freshman, showed some promising talent in her part in the All-School Play. lhe lreshmen had a large representation in the girls' glee, orehestra, and hand, as well as elaiming an outstancllng aeeor- tlion quartet. The following lrosh hoys showetl out- standing ahility in haslxethall antl loot- hall: llowarcl Ellingson, Glen Kallstrom, l lowartl Asher, Don Pearson, Gene Larf son, Larry Van Sielxle, Don Tripp, Oli' ver Noste, Leonartl Bainter, Norman Linclherg, Gary lripp, and Gene Beleoe. 'lihe freshmen also may hoast ol' these liour lvirststeam hasehall players: Don Pearson. Don Tripp, Norman leintlherg, and Gary iliripp. Gene Larson antl Glen Kallstrom turnetl out lior traeli, and Glen English ancl Richard Fraas were members ol' the swimming team. lil-'reshnian ot'r'it-ers: Kneeling: Bill Jones, Made-en Kahns: standing' Anita Iverson, Nor- man 1.inclbf-rg. .Xrlyee Hansen, Don Tripp, Gary XVhitinger. 'P ..-Pensive. -7 .,--H0111 it, 4---Conga line. :r-I le-man. Gwlfashion show. 26 activities 0 o o 8 , 1 D , - E I lawn llnu lluspl ms PILUIILLI IH than mlm Ill u s O 1 mxn up nplgsumtltlu ol thu mam oppmnun mes lvr self LXPILSSIOU olfercd bs our suhool aatlxltles 1 5 S 3 k 25 E f' A 3 . E Q 5 '51 5 ' rl '1lHi'CIlUOIlllllylu u"l' ' ,H l'4tl' l'ltT'l'lTIiI'I: Seated: Sharp. Goldude, Hughes, Hallin, XV:xrtl. Ser-onli roxv: Mc:Keon, Axelson, llI'il'Illlit'l', U1 on, flillltflllii, Powell, Shiltz, Peers, James, Lloyd, Moor, Johnson. Third row: Xvillk'Hllll0. Ittihuque, Ifitlla-V, Ki1111111l .Y"1 .11 -"' ' T" ' i'1:.' att-12 . 'um 'e. . e o , . ause 1, 1 eq- 1v,t'1'1111il:11l, liilleren, XV1llli1'l', Hililnnis I4NXII lllllltllll Net I RV ltk Nllltt XI tl lel+11l Qltlwtllll row: Alzirtin, N., For1noso, lmkaxn, Edit-1', Sjogn-11, ll1MlSHll, Lind. IA-XYl'Ilt ltlGll'l' l'll"l'l'HI4Z: Sezitt-il: ll. Mtlrplxy, Herisle-y. Stziliilingi .l. I'1-:Ii-1'so11, lioove1', S11-vi-iisoii. llusin iAtI't'llZt'll, lf. l'4-eh-rso11. Murplxy, l'lun1n1e1', Galbraith. 'll IE BLILLDOG, published and edited hi-xveel-gh ht tl1e journtilism eluss under tl1e supervision of Mr. Ray Cowell, adviser, xvus enlairged lvI'Ull1 Ll live to Ll six column paper this vezxr. ll2ll'lJ1lI'2l Hughes, hltirgie lX'leKeon, llelen Edler. L1n.l Kathleen Conlon served its editors: Margie Melfeon, Phvllis -ltunes, and Beverly Peers, its husiness IHLIDLI' gers. lhev are pictured at the top ol' the page with the rest ol' the Bulldog stall.. llllf MASK AND DKCCER Cllllgls oiheers were l,or111ine Xvtillver, presi' dent: llettie Xliudtlve, reporter 'md xiee president: Mutt l3.1lu111. seeretgiri ll4L'.lN urerg Lind Mr. George llodson, ztdviser. 'l l1e eluh, xvhieh does the Inztliesup for all sehool LlI'2l1Di1IlC produetions. en-ioved Ll field trip to Seattle, L1 formal hanquet at Hope Island Inn, and il Cil1I'iSil113S ptirtv. Alqhe group is pictured at the lower left. lllll SFIAAGE CREVV, whieli is shown in the loner right pieture with their ttdviser, Xlr. iliurner Pederson, spent intinv llULll'S eonstrueting sets rind Ufllil-.lllg hehind seenes to assure the sueeess ol' stage produetions. 29 Ill' lui' l'lt"l'l'Illi: Ifirst row: lh-lilo, li-iinter, Smith, liulvfvlllilll. I4'orlu-s, Illwrlces, .L XYol1len. Second row: .Xllquisl vliay, I.. XX'ol1h-ii, Bzisiiigt-r'. I"IXl1ll, Yun Sl:ii.gren, Ilelstroin, I,IlIIlIIll'l'g', Krugness. 'I'Ilil'lI row: lfqiln-l', II2il'llIHll Ivunkin. Nloi-rison. Mow:-er, S:iI'I'oi'4I, Gross, Kruh, Whitt-, tlust:nt'son, St-lioriio, H1111-lt. IHXYICII l,l-1If'l' l'll"l'l'1'lli: Str-oinhoin, Gurney, 1111131 Vtili-ntint-, Larson. IHWICII IIIGHT I'ICTl'1:LI: First row: Il. Pederson, Hiirlu-rt, Tliiret. P1-itehartl, Quttrith-, Hziklund. Second row I ustzifson, Oakes, Fagan. Thirti row: Kimmel, Stricklzind, Liehe, Swyre, Robertson, I". Pemierson, lldler, Mausetli I I Ill 1fLl I LINE Ii.XII.XIIfIiS OI? .XNIIQIiIQi,'X, shown in the top picture. enjoietl un active year participating in judging contests and other activities under the Ieuciership of Larry Cross, president, Tom Ncwcomhe, vice presitientg Roy Cusf tufson, secretary: Ihre Chirii, treasurerg Gemini Ilzirmon, reporter: and Bob Flynn. sentinel. Il IE BOYS' CLUB had Ll successful year under thc Icaciership of Ken Daily. president: Harold Yziientine. vicerpresicientz Ilon Stromhom, secretary: Roh Lar- son, treasurer: and Mr. XYiIIitun Gurney, zichiscr. Ihev sponsored the annual Bots' Cluh Smoker and ll tiunce. Ol' specigii interest was their intcrfcitiss sports tictix ities in Im1sI4etImII and truck. 'I he winning groups were presented with trophies. The ofiicers are shown in the Iower Iciit picture. TI IE SPAXISII CNLIIB. UUn Poco tie Esp1m:i," has limi as their ofhcers Rich- arri Fagan. president: Roh Kimniei. viceepresicientz Marylu Oulaiunci. secretary: Uorothx' Lihhv. treasurer: IIeIen Fciier, reporter: nnci Miss Ilo Reiner. adviser. I he chihis activities inehlcieci corresponding with Iillili .Xnierietnn pen pills, pre senting ll "Pun LXIIICFILXIII Ilzwu tisseinhh' .'XpriI I-I, and preparing Ll tiinner Ironi ziuthentic Spanish recipes. 30 nas,- l'l - ,ou- lb Q5 ,Q 'J' 1. 'l'l1l' l'll"l'l'lil'I1 lfirst row: Neal, Gillette, Axelson, Conlon, Wztrrivk, lmvis, Meyer, Hale, Aim, Quinn. Third row: Bratz, l'ritc-lnirtl, Kathns, Strieklzind, McCormick, Hensen, XVudtke, I-Ihlingi, Uakluml, Morrison, Johnson, XVi1son, harm, Bryson, f"henowetl1, li1I'l"l'tPM l'll"'l'I'lilC' Ifirst row: Gilbert, Gross, Johnson, IH-elf-rson, Nztnnon, liirn, Koetje, Strouilrotn, VVur4l, 'Forst-th, Alurpliy, Alt-yt-r, 'l'hir4l row: l,:1rst-n, Sharp, Imtliiznii lilll'lla-yi rXll'XZlllllt'l', Sliw-etor, Patterson, .Xi'im-y, 'I'al1slivr, liztinlv, Krulr. IQUXXIWFYI, lluglies, l'zu'm-y, Yztlviitim-. St-voiitl ron THE TRI-HI-Y, pictured at tlic top of tlic picture, is an organization ol' junior and senior girls sponsored by the YMCA to maintain liigli stunclauds ol' Christian cliaractcr. Y hlainet Vain Vtillxcnlmrg, president, lccl tlic Tri-lli-Y in nnotlicr successful your uinlccl ln' licr olliccrs, Mzirylu Uziltlzincl, vice-prcsiclcnt: Dorothy llztnscn, score tary: fzirol Connell, trczisurcrz zincl XVilnizt Peters, scribe. Ilie innjor activities ol tlie group IIlClllLlL'Ll glances, pot luclx dinners, ll joint meeting with tlic lli-Y group. and un asseinlnlv. klqlie clulfs new venture wus the sponsoring of tlie :ill-girl Swing Band wliicli played for some ol! the scliool dances. il lllf lll-Y, slioxx n in tlie bottom Picture, is tlie boys' organization sponsorcsl lay the YMCA. lts purpose is to create, maintain, and extcncl tlirougliout tlie scliool and community, liiglt sttiml11rcls ol' Ciltristiun clizirzicter. Cllcn Kruli was elected president: Alun illexamlcr, vice-prcsiclcnt: Don Strom- lnom, SCL'l'L'lllI'f'1 'loci' ,-Xrincr, treasurer: and llzirolcl l.Yzilentint', cliripluin. Mr. T. Pcclcrson was sponsor. lluslxctlxill grunt-s, lun' rifles. dances, and ti clinner att Hope lsluncl lnn were Among tlic clulfs activities. il Kimmel, Vain vJllkt'l'llPlll',2,', lluglies, Tripp, N. Mau- st-tli, lf. llunson, .lat-kson, Mcbloratn. Second row: B. Muusetli, Goodhue, 'l'liiret, Mcliinley. liipke, llastie, XVulkei', Gibbons, Heelluntl. Gross. Uonnell, t'runmlull, llzir- lrert, Slatrtin, Quantle, lbriftrnier, Sliiltz, Mellott, J. Hansen, Anderson, l-'ourtli row: Cooper. Hodge, linglish, Hallin, NYi1liums. Fifth row: Peters, Mc'Ke0n, Lilvlty, Q 'Tr' HY' l'l'l'l'Iii l..l'1l4"l' l'lt"i'l'lllC: First row: Conlon, McKe-on, Van Slagren, Holder, ll. Golslatle, .l. Goltlatle, Ilanilrlin Hill. Second row: Ariney. Slizirp, Valentine, Lawson, Sayre, XX'e3'rnouth. Third row: lit-t'eliei'. Kimmel, Homlson l'ai'ker, Ifaazin. l'l'PifIR RIGHT lllCTl'lll4I: First row: James Edler, Mt-Keon. Second row: Hughes, Axelson, Conlon, Sharp Gnltlalle, Cowell, lbriftinier, Moor, llill, Bowron. IAIXVIGR LEFT l-'lCTl'HlC: lfirst rovs: Cooper, Cordray, Stensaa, Van Slagrren, Harris, Holder, Iverson, lllnyeart St-cond row: Chenoweth, Mauseth, Snowden, Hamblin, Hatley, Schmidt. Third Row: Knight, Strickland, Glzttsoe Martin, Hansen, .-Xhrahamson, lluseby. Fourth row: XVootl, Bryson, Currie, N. NYutltke, Blellott, B. NVudtkt-. LUXVER RIGHT PlCTl'lilG: Standing: Lloyd, Curtis. Seated: Vike, Goodhue, Poppe. THE DEBATE SQUAD is shown in the upper right pictures with their coach, Mr. George lloclson. The group participated in hoth intra-mural and intere scholastic dehates and xv on the Northwest District Debate Tournament. QUILL AND SCROLL is a National Honorary Society composed of students who have had three hundred inches of copy puhlishcd or have been editor or husiness manager of the school paper. Ollicers were Phyllis james, president, Barbara Hughes, vice-president, and Margie Melieon, secretaryetreasurer. 'lllE LIBRARY CLUB activities included skating and swimming parties, a dinner at Hope Island lnn, and a hobhy show. Olheers were: Doris Bryson, president: Bette Martin, vice-president: Lorraine lVallter, secretary-treasurerg Phyllis Mellott, reporter: and Miss Dorothy Currie, adviser. 'lihe club is shown in the lower left picture. I IIE GIRLS' CLUB orhcers, -lanet Lloyd, president: Dorothy Cwoodhue, vice- president: Gerry Poppe, secretary: Jeanne Vike, treasurer: and Miss Ann Curtis, adviser, are shown at the lower left. They were responsihle for the very active and profitahle year enjoyed hy the Girls' Cluh. 32 'I'1fl' l'lU'l'L'lllC: First ruw: Gumlliiii-, ljlilllllllll, Haslie, lluil, XX'm-il, 1'lirAiiuwe-iii, llrysmi, lvriftmi--i', lluglws, XYil sim, Warrrif-k, llzilv. SQ-vmnl row: 1'1m1mi', Mn-Kinli-y, Hmllunil, English, twmnli-n, Wzillwr, llnrm, .lulinsun, All-pw: Aim. 'l'liii'4l row: l'otr-iw, 'I'ripp, Lllliilllltl, l'riln-lizircl, llairlwrl, Ili-risen, XX'liilllai-. All-llutl. l"UllI'lll row: Miss Siu mzitis, lizihns, 'l'hi1'vl, Hrzitx, Alvtmiilwy, llavis. l'1"l"I'HM l'I1"I'l'lil'I: First row: llill'S4'll, Maison, Sll'vz'lPl', I-'zulexy l'E'1l0l'5Hll, Gilbert, 'l':il1slicr', Stciiilizigein, XVui'd l 1 l ln A Grwiss. Sm-mul iww: Shairp, Srimvilvn, Km-lje, i':u'riey, l,11H'S1iHH. H111-flu-S. in .' , Wszail, Bui'g1:i'. " 'nl iw x l timn fillFl2ll'SHll.. l3UNVl'Ull, llzxyili-n, lillis, Aluuros, l'v:1rsim, Smith, Johnson, Uuins, Valli-iililii-, Kirn, lAll'Q'llZl'll, Al. l,k'4lf'l' sun, linuliiiiil. I-'uiirlli row: lfl'llll, Uaillimli, lmlly, Sliwnxilmiii, Sizinilish, NlPj'l'l' THE GIRLS' GREEN 'NIH cnioycnl many activities cluring tlic year: cliicl' lunung tlicsc were ai llwringil lxinquct liclcl at Hope lsluncl inn. Nuvcinlncr 16, and an asscinlnly, prcscntccl to tlic Student ldocly, April 4. rl liis year tlic club was under tlic lcndcisliip ul' -In-:in Clicnowefli, prcsiclcntg Lois Bratz, vicuprcsi- cient: Nancy lolinsim, scc1'ct1iri'-Irczisurcr. zmcl Xliss Gloria Stznnutis, aiclviscr. vl l IE. BUYS' ClillliN HM" consists ul' tlirmsc luuys wlio lizlvc curnccl ll pi'csc1'ilJccl mimlmcr ul' points1m'z1i'clcrl lm' pnrticipgition in lxislactlxill, lxisclmll, liootlnull, truck, zrml tunnis. ln Sllllllllllllg and grill, lctlcrs were 1lXV2lI'ClCLl on rccoinincnclution ol llic coucli. The clulw liclcl its annual siiiorgzislxml clinncr at llopc Islzincl lnn. Ofliccrs wcrc: Don Cillvcrt, prcsiclcntg lim Tauslicr, vicchprcsiclcntz Bob Larson, sccrcmryftrcusiircrg nncl Nlr. lolin Faclncss, aclviscr. ww DD ,,.,..,.,--.. v. - -, . 1 .,- .' IHI Ilf ll I.I4.. I-nfl rum. .lzmn-5, XXau'r'1wIx, .Xrldq-1's1n1, A. Nlanum-III, Ii. NI.Ills.-lI1. NA-'uxul run. hum, IJIQII I1 I II In XI f I4 -. , px" ug Imlxluln, 'I'I1il-II I-1-xx: 4'I1--mfxxw-lI1. Ilznsliw, King, XXHIIIX--1', 'I', ,XIIQII-XNHII, I-'uurllm VHWI IIIAIIIIIIUII, W1 I IVSUII. I.i:.m, I'r'ii'Imi1-V. I"il'III rim: NI.lI'IIIl, I.:1rm, .XII-1, XX'ils4In. ,XII-IUIIIIQ-'3, Sixth rms: .XII-Ilwll,.IuIll1Sul1. II II Im, Wmllla.-, Slrivklauni, XYHIIII-11. l,'I-nt--V1 Miss Slzmmtis. I P'I"I'llAl I'I4"l'I'III-I: Ifirsl rim: FIEIVV, I.1aws-In, BIIISIVII, IY2lI'I'It'Ii, Ii.IrI-ll. 3Iw1'1l1'n1iI-Ia, Szlylwu I'IlVII1'lIIl'I'. IIllL:'I1m N wlml lwwt Vulv-HIIII1-, Iiwwlwwll, II. Ilihlwlls, Lfralldznll. Ii Gilnlnnns, In-rwvu. AI.I1'Iir1, Sxvznnxlu-114. I'IIil'IIQ'S. I'I1+-no I I III. I'I1I'C'I IIIZ. cunsisting III' txxcnty IIYQ wniurg1mI an-xvn IL1niurgirIs, I'm'lm'mI .1 LIHII ILKIIII xxIm'I1 pc1'Iurll1uI L'IIt'L'IINL'II IIIIIIIIQ IIIL' Imlxw UI IIII- IWIXI-Ilmll QLIIHCS. 'I In- uniI'urms were xvlmirc skirts and LL-Ily gn-Q11 sxwgltf.-rs with emblems. 'lc-un LIIICIIUIYCIII, cIriII Iu1cIc1'. IQLI thc girIs YIII'1lLlgII mum' IIIIVICLIIL' IIlLlIIL'LlYL'l'5 umIcr lI1c cIircctimmn OI' XIisx CQIUVIJ Smxngltis. II4I1ugirIs nlwsf-III Pl'4lgl'LlIllS at tI1c IIIIUIIHLIII. Ix1sIxc1Iu1II, AIIKI IULISCIDLIII gxxncs to ruiw I'umIs tu pay lin' rI1c xwcntcrs. IIIIl I'I5.I' IEIXNIJ umInr tlw LIIl'L'L'IIUII ul' NIL IILIITN Stu-Ic LIIILI XII: cIIILlI'IL'N IQLISIUII umt1'iI1LltucI g1'c4ltIx lu LIN' cuIm' LIIILI cxnitcllmcnt ul lImc pup IlIL'L'lIIIg5 amd Iwmc gmncs. I Inc gLI'ULlP 41Iso pIax'ecI ut 5cwruI Ollt-UI"lUXXI1 QAIIUCS, incIunIing thu aIuIic41tiun ul' tI1c Xnnumrtcs IIQIQI. 34 Top: Sayre, Lefeber, Pederson, Brooks, Arrney, Lawson, Pedersen, M-'Aloran, Brooks, Christ. Center: Funeral scene in Act IH. Bottom: Brooks, Hill, Cooper, Lee, Lawson, and choir in Act I, "OUR TOVVN," the prize-winning Thornton Xfvilder play, was given as the alleschool play, November 23. Under the direction of Nr. George llodson, the students presented this unusual play with feeling and skill. The play was elab- orately costumed and presented with liew props and no scenery. Richard Lawson had the important role of the stage manager, and taking the leads of Emily Webb and George Gihhs were Ardeth Brooks and Roger Pederson. As they went through the trials and trihulations of lille at the turn of the century, George and Emily were assisted hy John Hill and Aliee Cooper as Mr. and Mrs, 'Nehlr Marjorie Sayre and jacla Sharp as Dr. and Nl rs. Gihhs, and an unusually large cast of thirtyelive others. 35 Top: Ala-x:tn4ler, Vatltiitim-, Golrlutle, l,:iu'son, Ut-nter: All-Ki--.ii, .Xl"XiIl1ll!'l'. llultlmlt-, Imwsoli, Sztyrt-, Nlils Petlerson, Clietioxw-tlt. Yale-ntine, Hill. Ii--ttoniz Pt-tlet-sou, Sayiw-, Alilst-Au, .Xlvlim-till, Hill. ljlufinowetli. 'VIIUNS Oli XIUNFYH proved to lie at liilarioux suueess ulien it was presented as the annual senior class play, iieliruari 251. .X Ifiree in tliree aets lay Xliill lixans and Valentine, the play. under tlie direetion ol' Xlr. Cleorge llodson, provided numerous moments ol' laugliter for its receptive audienee. Ably portraying the leading roles ol' Xtilmret' and Louise Xllington, were Cordon Milsten and Klarjorie Sayre. Struggling through a nuinlier ol' selieines Io est,-ape paying tlieir delmts ulien willed a large fortune, tliese tho llostoniaii weialites iuxolxed tliemselves in one mixfup alter another, aluaxa lmrolnwlx ltiudered lu tht- rest ol tht- east. il lie eirele led tliem lvaeli to wliere they started, uitli tlieir delvx Htill unpaid and a liuge inheritance ol' one dollar and liortynine eeuts. 46 Q if ft t Z TOP PICTURE: First row: Easton, Mchloran, Gibbons, Rnglisli, Mt-lfonliey, Matson, llr'it'tniier, Yun xYZllk6l'lllllI',LZ' Nelson. Iillestutl, John:-son, Hodgt-, Wt-ymouth. Second row: Neal, llustit-, llnllin, Warrick, l,arni, 'l'i'unx Meyvi' Hanson, Rud, Mztuseth, Mellott, Webb. 'l'liirtl row: llohbs, Failing, XVilson, lit'I'lD2ill3.Z'll, .lonnnv Vikt-, Sayrv, King: Zimmer. Libby, Martin, Wudtke, Walker, Millny. lfourtli row: llwiiry, Moor.-s, Martin, lftult-i', Sliqwp, Swanln-rg Gilbert, Ferris, TtlllSlll'l', Pollock, Hill, Lawson, .Xrliwy, Nelson, Norlie, ,Xt piano: tmklnntl. Htl'l"l'lDBl l'lt"l'l'liIC: First row: Huston, XVatton, Stensna. Hlson, llenly, l:oi.:t-rs, Sunburn, lit-ynoltls, Swnrwl Suntluuist, Van Slagewri, Nelson, B. Tliornqllikst. Second row: Fell, B. l't-ni'son,A l'. llnstit-, llztnihlin, llutl, Glatsot- Hnnson, Pearson, liotlirot-k, .l. HIRAFUII, llnrris, lmlly, Gormley, Mat-lun. 'l'liii'tl row: Lnvint-. liill1ll!llI'1.1', .Iul yan, Johnson, liuginztn, Rickerson, Alexander, Erickson, Bergluntl, Blnnvy, Moon, lflirist, Knlins, Sclilot-nit-i' Gross, Huzelton, lflngduhl, 1.eck+-nby. At piano: B. Nelson, THE CHOIR, shown in thc top picture, is tl musical Ol'gLlI1ll,Llfl0l1 ol' junior .intl st-nior inns anti girls unticr the tiircction ol' Mi: Cliurlcs linston, lhc Christinus and Spring Cfonccrts wcrc two ol, thc ing cvcnts oi' thc yctir. Vllhc vi'l'l'cx0Lll1ly licstivzll wus nttcnclccl ln' niuny ol' thc mcnihcrs in Scciro- XVoollcy, March 7. Four mcmhcrs sting in tht- till Nortliwcst Music Conlcrcncc hcltl in Scztttlc in March. .X small cnscnililc ol' girls anti hoys sung lor ti nunilncr ol' scrvicc cluhs during thc ycar. lllhc ofiiccrs this yczir wcrc: Don Gilhcrt, prcsicicntg llichtirti l.11u'son, viccf prcsitlcnl: untl Nancy johnson, sccrctairy-trcusurcr. ll IE GIRLS' Clllill Cl UB, in the lwottoni picturc, toolt an uctivc Part in thc tinnuzil Christnizis Conccrt anti in thc Spring Conccrt, "Vocal Vtiricticsf' untlcr thc direction oi' Mr. Charles Euston. Ofliccrs wt-rc: Donnclcizi lrlunilmrg. prcsiclcnt: -lcazn licrgluntl. xiccfprcsitlcnt: hloyct- Christ, sccrctaryg and May Xllolcicn, treasurer. 5... Di' - Wi-an 1, I ISXNII-Ifii-st row: I. Woinsltfy, Martin. Second row: lluglies, t'ai'ienter, Ii. Sayre, MeCnriniek, Noble, Gates, I ogran, Ivt-rsun, Flynn, AI. Ifowr-m, Swanbergr, Gustafson, 'I'onkin, XVai'rieIc, .IoImson. 'I'hirtI row: Mr. Steels-, iiciit, Iiarlitf, I'2np:lisI1, S. NYotiislt1y, Vogt, Kirn, Seliroe-tier, Vetlersen, Slave, Valentine, Hztrrimztrt Urantlall, lxl I llrluiiix 4i.ll'I'lSll, l.auerntztn, Barnes, lr. Ulteney, 'l'. i'lll'llt'j', Howrou. I-'ourlh row: Smit-rlintl, Milsten, Julyan. 4rIi1'III-I:4'I'Il.X-Alr. Stem-le. First row: Bl. Sayre, fj2lI'1N4Hlc'l', l.ipkt-, I't-tlersen, Ilastiugs, Calbom, Lawson, Gross, I Sayre, .Xxt-lson. St-eorttl row: XYhite, Illekland, Sturdy, lliltlelwrztutl, liowr'oii, Iverson, Gates. Iinglislt, Noble, IIug:Ii-'s, 'I'Iiir-I row: Alilstttn, Soeit-rlintl, stave, '1'uruei', Trauuian. Print, Vonlon, Swaniwrg, Gibbons, Vogt, Gus- tttson, XYari'Ivk. .Xt piano: I-Idler, l'RESEN'l'l2D BY 'IISIE BAND, the annual Stutlent Botly ami Spring Con- eerts. untler the tlirection ol' Mr. Harry Steele, were exceptionally good this year. Xlost ol the members participatecl in the Tri-County Music Festival held et Seclro-XX'oolley, March 7, anti the entire group playecl in the Apple Blossom lfestiyal in XXI-natcltee. May 3. 'lhe outstanding students who won the Inspirational Xlusie .Xwartls were llarlmara llughes anti Richard Lawson. l IIE ORCI IES l RA lvurnishecl music between the acts ol' the allsschool play, "Our lownf' anti the senior play, H-lqons ol' Money." They also presentecl their annual christmas antl Spring Concerts. Many tnemhers playecl in the lriffounty Niusic liestixal This is the twenty-seventh year that Mr. llarry Steele has eontluetetl the Xlount Vernon High School Orchestra. Xlarjorie Sayre, stutlent tlirector, reeeiyecl the Orchestra Plaque for her inspira- tional playing. 38 'l'1bl' l'lt!'l'l'ltI-Z: First row: lflmller, lflnyenrt, N. Johnson, A. Johnson, H. Gibbons, Wilson, llnelws, .I+-anne Viki- .Ioan Vik:-, Sl-eonil row: llriftinier, L11I'IIl,.Nli'XiAll1it'l', Uonlon, Mn-Ke-on, All-Von-4-iek, Vooln-r, Xllrmi. 'l'hii-il row Slmrp, Walid, Axelson, liinnnel, Mrs. Kimmel, Sayre, Lloyd, Bryson. B41'l"l'HM I'lt"l'l'lil+I: Left side, seated: Nelson, Millay. Right side, seated: Poppe, XVemllnn1l, Burlro. First row lloiieson, Itlausetr, aKlins, Gross, Peters, He-dluncl, Fell, Schroeder, lformoso. Gibbons, Ileilolph. Set-onll row Massar, Hakes, Libby, Quande, Lipke, Henllund, Bush, McGregor, Lauerman, Berger. Third row: Mnrtin, Gomlhne Torsetli, Lee, XYuiltke, Mrs. Kimmel, Habeoek, Vogt, Von Moos, Loveless, Yearsly, Nelson, Gilln-rt, Billgren Kuelin. lfomth row: l'mlerson, l"ag'nn, Murphy, Uarney, Stromlmoni, Robertson, lfhller, llavis. l-'erris. THE HONOR SOCIETY, uhieh is pictured at the hottom, is eomposecl of sophomore and junior stucienls whose grades hate met the high stanciarci established hy the club. -i-he annual assembly at which the pins were awarcieci to the memhers was the main event of the year. Chlh officers were: Alvin nlohnson, president: Sam fxiurphy, vieehpresicientg Joanne like, seeretary-treasurer: and Mrs. Xiaucie Kiinmei, aciviser. 'i IIE 'IORCII SOCIETY is an honorary society for seniors whose grades have met a preserihed high standard. Members of the society are pictured at the top of the page. Iioreh pins were awarded in an assemhiy, Xiareh 13. Aetivities ol, the 'lioreh Soeietx' were eomhineci with those of the Honor SUL'iCll' this year. 39 as. FUI' I'lC'I'l'lll'I: First row: .l:nnies, Kiminei, llliiler, Sharp, .Xxx-lson, liiiiimy, Miirpiiy. Sw-oinl row: Golilanlt- UHIISPUI, Xivlieoii, lfliisflish, Voiiiori, I,:sn1h, Sviirowlt-i', Yost, i'i'i1eIi.llwl. 'l'hii'1l row: Kirn, Slave, XYai'rit-k, Martin i'iliI'f'l, l'Q-Vt-VS. BOT'l'HM PIC'l'l'l:lC: Ifirst row: Nelson, Martin, Massar, lmkan. Gilbert. H. Gibbons, Hodgson, Lztxtial. Set-ont ow: I.indherg:, Hush. Lauerman, lforinoso, McGregor, Iverson, llwiolpli, Brisky. 'l'hii'd row: Lind, I'. Gibbons Davis, Kamb, Le-auf, Stave. Yettrsly, Yon Mons, Lee, Polioek, Morris, Gooilhtie-, Hergtxiiiit. iiiii SKAGINA S IAAFF was beacieti tiiis year by iieien Etiier, eciitor: Sam Xiurpby anti Robert Kimmel. business managers: anti Miss Cornelia iiansen, ativiser. Time staii' is pietureti at tiie top ol' tiie page. Staff members enjoyed a busy year taking pictures. writing eopy. anti ciistribut- ing time iinisbeci Siiaginas at tiie emi oi' tbe year. THE SIGNIFERI ROMXNI, tbe i.atin Ciiub, iieiti its annuai Roman banquet at iiiiierest iocige to initiate time Fresbman members. il be eiub also soiti ciougbs nuts under time eioeit to raise funds. Oiiieers were: presicients, Hen Nelson anti Vai Xiartin: viee presidents, Biii nlassar and Marv Daitan: seeretarv-treasurers, rirtietb Brooks anti Carol Gilbert: seribes, Vai Martin anti iiazei Gibbons. 40 Q' 9 5 I Ili HHQNYII CLUIYS alctivitlvs hglw inclllclul cc11'1'csp0l1cling with SlL1dL'llIS in Fl'2lI1CL', scmling Clillllilig to I31'g1m'c Ihr clist1'iluu1im1 zunong thc needy, and ll K iuuttlc excursion to acc A'cNLlX'lNCI1.U Ufliccrs wcrc Marilyn Mcliinlcy, prcsiclclwtz Dorothy Gof1dhL1cx vicoprcsidcntz Alcan Yilw, SCCFCTQIl'Y'U'L'LlSLll'L'I'l Bu1'lm1'11 Vbcling, scrilx-1 :md Miss Hu Rcmcr. udviscr. 'Hu' club in thc top pint 'l'l1I' l'lLZ'l'l'lllC, Vikv, Gumlllllz- Whitt-, Hnlnh-V, Laxrson, Alvlflul land, libelillg, Gund, .IUIIIISUII Ah-Kinley, Pete-rs, Lydon Lam- pht'1ll'. XIIIPIHIJC l'IC'l'l'llI'I: Kneeling' Ilill. I-'irst row: Sayre, Lzmwson Wudtke, Hughes, IH-derson. Lzlxulul, .L Campy-r, B. Coopor' Mnlieon. Second row: Sharp Kimmel, Milsten, Armey, Gold- zulf-, Mr. Hmlsnn, Chenoweth. l41J'I"l'f PM PI41'l'I'li1i: Miss Sta nmtis, Iluvis, IIIILIIIHS, Cannfm S1-lmrmwlv-r, Al, 5ll5'l't', xVZll'I'il"li 41 Larry Gross and Tom Newcombe, representatives from the local chap- ter ol' F. F. A., attended the na- tional Futurc Farmers of America convention at Kansas City, Mis- souri, October 21 to 24. Larry was president, and Tom, vice-president, of the local chapter. Larry Gross Tom Newcombe THESPIANS, a national honorary society for dramatic students having a prescribed number of lines in plays or the equivalent in play production, enjoyed a banquet at Hope Island Inn, a beach party at Camano Island, and an excur- sion to Seattle to see "Hamlet," among other activities. I Gordon Milsten and lVlar'orie Savre were chosen the outstandin Thes ians 1 1 J r a o g P a of troupe 207, led this year by Joey Armey, president, David Ward, vice- presidentg Ioan Golclade, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. George Hudson, adviser. THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION is composed of all girls turning out for sports. They were led this year by: Charlotte Davis, presidentg Barbara Hughes, vice-presidentg Arlene Cannon, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Gloria Stamatis, adviser. The annual G. A. A. Carnival took place in the high school gym, April 13. On May 10 and ll, the girls enjoyed the G. A. A. camp. 'I' he officers and managers are shown in the bottom picture. 42 sports Mmm C mmm Mudent bodx presldent nnthusnsm of 111 lugh Quhool students for ithletlcs 1 " 1 ,' f f ' and four vear letterman, typifies the Shox lin, F ldness B lLllpllX Football llll I9-lo H701 B XI l se lson proxed to he one ol the most sueeesslul seasons IU Vears lor the Bulldov elexen Coxeh ohn Fadness former phxsleml xnstruetor rn the Umted States Naxx md one tnne eole lx ol the Bulldog dIlllLUL department belole he lelt lor SLYVICC, put the Ll1lCllCllILN lol the selutd through a vrgorous trnmnu seheelule Ixlfllflg Coteh Fadness xxas Xh Dmlel Shoxhn xxho xxorlxed prmelpallx' xxlth the hnesmen Xlthouuh the re xxere manx IDILIFILS ln the squad the te un strll pushed on to xretorx, grvmg all IHE QLNEIX XL5 thex h rd md then some lhe Bulldog squad reeerxed a had bloxx It the begmnmg of the xeftr xx hen Bob Mason 1945 all Northwest first term Gund lI1ILllLCl hls lenee and Wai out of on rl r el the V Seemv the most lemon rn the hlelxhelel xxere Manm Lannon, 1m Cozad hennx Lothu mn De rn Stemhwen md Q nneron St'1l'lClI9ll The average welght rl the h lelelneld xx IS rhout one hundred md slxtx txxo pounds making them U If l N UH lllll leet lULIUll lnfl tfll 5 n Strom on tue e xxx the he me t mm on the lme trppmg the sea it one hunelleel md nlnetx loul pounds lhe other revullrs xxere lm Tausher, end, Boh Stem txelele Glenn Krub, guard George Klrn eenter, ohn Kamb, vuud lxen U xllx end l he hne s xxeraoe xx eruht xx as one hundred and seventy sex en and thlee tenths pounds lxxo Bulldow men reeelxed reeovmtlon lor then' outstmelmo performance on the loothmll held De an Stemhwen and Roh 'stem reeelxed POSIIIODS on the rll Northxxest loethxll te un IS hxllhlelx md tlelxle respectlxelv lm Cozad ze elxeel 1 posmon lSleSLIXLl11ll:l'J'1Clx lor the first te un Glenn Kruh and Dean Sfemh wen xxere xoted hx fl1C1I' teammrtes as honor xrx co Captalns The lnsplra 'tonal pllxer ol the xe rr xxae Dean Qtemhaven Under the eorehm 1 ol 'Nh Ioe Nurphx the Bullpup Qquad completed quite 1 sueeesslul se rson X lot ol wood mate nal xx 19 dlspllved for next vears squad lv 'EA ' it 'x 'A e , -x1- rx s x r - - y.,-- .,,. . ' ,, e by 7 "Nl - - r m k lvv 2 l A I Wi' I I 1.x 1 L' I I 'X I I 'N . i x, ' , ,. . , . , ' . L L - 5 L - 'fl I as 3 x ' I w,x , ws y,v C U . - . AK - We l v Y 1 A 1 1 l . e .i u , V v y 'D x . x' l f x x fx-x - r' ' 'm-' x A P . . L ' ' s xi W' - 1 r" V ' ' ' I I I . r . . 1xx'vy 1 1 y 1 H . I j C 7 , 7 V ' r . , . , .- ' Ax '- r . . D t , J . , . . :tell lor 16 est 1 ' ear. , D . , ,H . , - . . . L . r . .O ,. e .. ,. 1 X 1" ' 1:1 ' 'H 2 f- ' ., l'l hu l'l'l lf' 'X ' ' 'lay h ' rv ' lo . ' 1h n, nlxl- L5 ' 'z ' rs 1 - ' 1 . 'les , . . FW w - 1 - - v A 1 I Y e -. . , . 1' - Ii I Y 5 i 1 1 rx i 'J Y ' l - rw L , e , . .1 ea U c. -V, L , - ' I 'XYIIYH '!' " I' 'z . D ' 5 L C L u K e tra C . l . 1 . . ., t t . . , . 1. .,,.,'., , ,..,-,-V, , - Y - .1 r 'rs lass fx-x - 1 v ' L 2,s-t- 2 V -. f l - ' :Yi H V11 Y J . .n . e e U . 4 :lx . ' I ' ' l I x X K ag l . , , . - v . 1 Q W . , ,,.. ,, ,, . , , . .e . . . I me . f - K ' 0 Y 1 - , I 5 i Q 4 P 4.. ' ' . , TUPP1l.,'1l1l" Ntxndlkh lemh 1,,en 101111 Cmnon lau her Nrrumbom Nlason Klrn Krub Stem Dallx XIIDDL1' I'ILlLl I Ntandmg 1 uanh 1 xdnesk Gomlhue Nw un Pexrson I lder Mason xmlerxon Ntmch h Lund Ntemha,.en Lumg GuQt'1tK0r1 Berger CEIHEX Hughes Ixmmlv Nhmlm Nxttm lru Xlf-Xer Flllkhtl' Ntxombmm Nlowrw klrn krub Stem mnon lllx 611111 XX lk Ile-11 Lothl B 11 IHNI l ll TI Nt mumn, I nglanl C amemn Hunan Ierrx Xu-tc Grxpe I1 91 gk- 5 1 am XX luis Nhrtm x 1 xtmm I lndlwx X m suklf- Lu ich Xlurphx Sxttmg r m,.,S , Br - gf-1 U m lll N 111 Hu Pfarxon Hum Nlawhar basketball COACHED BY MB JOHN FADNESS thc Bulldog basketball squad plaved a total of sex en teen games during the 1946 41 basketball season Although thcre ucre not so mans Checks ln the um column, thc Bulldous ucrc hlgh rn aplrlt 1nd clcln sportsmanshlp Startmg lrom scratch c0lLl1 Flclncss cut down thc hlvh number uhlch turned out at the begrnmg ol the year lor the hrst squad to ten selcct men Bowron Cozad, Tausher, Stemhagen Dallv, Mason md C mnon scmors Qnowden and Koetjc, 1un1ors and Harvey Burger sopho morc For thc Xltdl statlstrcs thc Bullclou Hxc won four games mo ol uluch were counts lcaguc uames puttlng thcm onc Ofnnc lnoher than thc bcdro VVoollcv C ubs xx ho held down the ccllmr POSITION ID the county league lhe top seormv honors xx cnt to rm 4 aushcr and ack Bon ron A lot of good matcrml for thc 1941 48 basketball squad showcd up ln thc Bullpup team P a mg exceptlonallx Good baskctblll the Bullpups non 1 hlgh IDJJOIIIV ol therr games e Bullpup squad was lnnlted to onlx freshmen and sophomores lllh BULLPUPS 1-adness Nioorc Xolkman Ilndber Trlpp Pome Smger 'QE xii 47 ' 1 ' 1 - . , . . 1 . .- - ' x 1 x - y . Y. X Q H x . . N . . 2 s xi Q . . D. . . . s . - H N H . . c . y J 2 i an 4 h 1 ' ' X 1 V l ,- 7 7 ' 7 N, . . . . fi ,z 12 :gc 1 .g. ,. - , . . 3 rl I ' . ' . ' 3 Yi V B ' 7 i Y , ' Y Y 3 Y ,,, . ., O ., 1 - ' 1 4 X ' 1 ' , - , - , , U 2 ,n " aa' 5 p . " A .- - 7 . . h .- Y- 1 K . x . J Y . ' , , 'C ' s "- . 1 , - . ' , ' y- ' V N ' . Y . s V 1 . s f , ' 1 ' ' ' ' V A A 1 O r . , v 4 . J . Ih V' B 7 . .. , , , 1 4 R First row: Singer Bvlcoe, Kulstrom, Hurn, Anderson, Lindberg. Seeond row: Coach " , . XS, l , 4 S, , ' P , N ' - 4 1651- fzifffmk'-,i' - 4 ' .MA I n,r.r,K,r, Lag ,L 1 avtrsrgfgi- -fr v1 1: , , ' 4 , , , .Vi K 'Q X .. fm mx f THE FIRST TEAM Berger Koetge incmde-n Cmnon Tlugher Nlwor' Stemhlgen Cozad DQ113, Coach hadness and Boxxx-Vn . cf the box scores September October Nlox ember Iytktllllll lanuftrw Felmruarx 4 I HL Blk LLLX EN Xlortlm cbt Football amboree Sltagtt Countx Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Xlount Nlount Mount Xlount THE Mount Nlount Xlount Nlount Mount Mount Nlount Mount Nlount Mount 'Xlount Mount Mount Mount Mount 'Xlount Nlount Vernon Vernon Vernon Ve rnon Vernon Vernon Vernon N L rnf rn X e rnon C ALLA X t 1 non X e rnon X L rnon V L rnon V etnon X ernon V e rnon Vernon V t rnon Vernon Vernon Vernon Ve rnon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Nl FIX I1 Belllno im SllOl1OIT1lSll Burlington Seclro XX oollet Arlmgton Edmonds C onerett An leol tt s M ITN st tllt Snolmonnxlm Sum as Books lLlx XI trx wx tllt Ex e rt tt C one rate Xn leortes Xfllllgltlli I IC onnel Burllngton Seelro VK oollex Conerete I xncltn Xn leortes L IC onner Burllngton Arllngton Seelroxl oollex . I . . 4 .L t 12 l f Q f I --' " ' 1 I' " 20 0 2 ' nh. " 27 f' 2 6 t' - 4 4 - 12 ' j " ll f x 0 - f' 18 14 ' " 25 l 7 5 l fl , 1 t - 27 T - - - .. 8 1, O 1 , . 16 I It 15 1 " - 1 , NM " 6 lf' 21 Q " 7 lf 71 27 f l 13 t 7- 22 t 1 V - I7 t - 16 '- - " 20 4 2' 33 T f X K " . 1' 3 7 24 f to " 4 1 f 25 1 ' K 10 4 1 27 -1 7 V 14 t - 26 ' 1 21 - 29 'J - 7 24 tl 4 38 J N 1 4 25 23 5 ' -2 f If 4 - 25 tt 1- H 7 f 1 25 2 T x 4 14 f 19 ' A 15 t' 37 ' k 21 t 41 ' Q 9 D I N III S11 1 L IU 1 II U 1 II IIII 111ss 11111 111 1111111 11 IL N 7 Q 1 ILKK, Xkl IIQ LLUIICI I LLIU 1111I111s 11 6 D XX IX III I I3 1 IL 1 17 xx II 71 11 U1 111 'C lk X XIIILII 1 X L I L11 IIIL SLUC C U18 XI1111111 XI11Lll1I XI11L1111 XI1111111 XIKILIIII XI1111111 XI111111l XI11L1111 XI1111111 XI1111111 XI1111111 X 1111111 Xl1111111 XI11Ll11l XI1111111 X 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 III 11111 1 11111111 X 11111111 X 11111111 X 11111111 X11111111 X11111111 X 1r111111 XI1111111 I11I111 Il1II1X X IX 1 1 XX I111II11 X IX 1II1 NL IJLII 1111111111 1111 C 111111111 X 11111 1 tl 1 1111 II SLK 111 XX 1111 LX 1111 1111111111 C 111111111 1111111 1Q1111 1 1 11111 1 1111 11 K 1 1 2 1 NJ Q-4 K VI I 'I' 1C r1111i11111'1I 1.111111 IJIIQL' 52 K IXIII11 XILIIIXI Sl UII I S. I11 11'1I1'1' 111 I111iI1I up 1111 111'1i1'1' i1111'l'1'.1 ' QI 11'1s. XIV. XX'iII111111 CQ111'111'1' NILlI'IL'1I LIII i111111111111'11I I111sI 1'1I141II 1111111141111 '111. I2XL'l'X' I III1' 111 PI . I111111 I'1'11sI11111111 111 s1'11i111', 111'h1111i11'1I 11 I111sI 1'1I111II 11'11111. II1 II11- 1'Ii 1i 1 i1111 1111 11'11111s 11'111'1' I1'I'1. S1'11i111' 11111111. NIS, 111 I11's1 11I111'1'. '11, II ' IIIIKI IIL111' 11111. 11111I s11l1I111111111'1' I1c11111' 111 1111, 200, ' 'I I ' s " 1 I111'1' ' 1 . XI1 I 11111111 507 1111111 11'1'1'1' IX111111I1I XX'1'I1I1, II111' XX'1'111111111I1. 1' 'L '111' SIIIA I . IDz11'11I XX 111'cI. .l11I11 SI1111 , a1111I 'la11'I If -I111. IIII5, I LIIII5 IDIIS I IQIIS. II11' g11II, 11111111 l1I111'1'1I 11111 911111-5 1111I1 II1'IIi11gI111111 LIIILI 11 '11 g1111111a 11'i1I1 M111'1's1'iII11, 11'i1111i11h 111111 11'i1I1 XI111'1's1iII1'. IYIIL' IL'.II'I 111' 1111 I rs-I 1:II I311I1 C2111'111'1, IIi1'I11111I I'-QIHIII. I3iII X1I'Iz I31.I II.j'.LIIJII. 11111I IVUII I11II1', 11i1I1 Al11I111 IJ11II111'I111s s11I1s1i11111'. M11 QNIILIIICS IQ11s11111 111 s ' n1'I1. 1 I 3 , , , : , . 5 1 T 4 . .51 27 1 I2 . 'y' 3 H 29 XT " 5 XXII ' I . 51 '1 I I5LIQL' I H 23 1 X7' S I A 'L ju."-I .X111"I 21 1 XIX' I I 1I, 5 O -' S 1 1' 1- 11 12 11111 1 " 7 1 X' -' 3 ' ' -I H I4 1 XY1' 1111 6 . 111 ' 'I 's 5 4' I3 1 X' " ll I If1 -111 5 " 20 1 XV' 2 II1IIi1hI111 4 " 2I 1 5 ' ll-1' -I " 2-I . 6 I' 'I' 5 I " 28 1 I 5 I - -I .XILII I . U ,XII1 ' ' 's I " 5 1 7' 6 I.1 ' II 11' U " 6 . 7 3 II 111' DI 1 2 THIS THIN CLALDS I-'irst row: Lothian, Martin, Kalstrom, Snowtleii, Fader, Popper, Petlerson, XVeyniouth, Larson. England, Howard. Second row: VanSlag'eren, Hobbs, Henry, .II-nes, Murplly, llally, Smith, Stenihagren, Lorenzen, Moores, Pelle-rsoii, Olson. Third row. Hughes MeKay, Murpliy, Swett, Muir, Hayden, Kragness, Garlu-rg, Meyer, Stroinhoin, Sowier, XYhite. Hocmenian, 1lUI'llllY, llogstlon. 'IIIIE THIN CLADS. Flying to the llill Military Academy in Portland, Oregon, for the llill Relay Carnival, the Rulldog one mile relay teain set a new record for the one mile relay. Under the coaching ol' Nr. joseph Murphy, Dean Stemhagen, Arnold Moores, Lawrence Lorenzcn, and De Vllayne Smith were alile to set a new record at three minutes, lofty-live and live-tenths seconds lor the indoor mile relay. Later the same team attended the relay carnival at Centralia, Wlashington. There they cut their time to three minutes and forty and four-tenths seconds, to take the event but not to hreali the three minute and thirty-seven second record set hy the Bremerton team in l94O. Also running in the Centralia meet was the Bulldog two mile relay team. The team, consisting of Glenn Kallstrom, hlelvin Pederson, Roger Pederson, and Richard lxleyer, won the two mile relay in eight minutes and liorty-eight seconds. At the Northwest District Relay meet, held at Scdro-VVoolley, Mount Vernon took first place, winning the -I-IO, spring medley, and the distance medley. THIS 'I'l'llI' lII,'5'l'ERS Vauzin, l'ai'm-y. .intl Vozic-Ii iliastonf Sitting' IH-alerson, Ellis, Ahts, Nobel, Murpliy. Kirn Alilstvn. 'l'l I If Il.Xl'Kl'I'l'l'II'IliS "tn, .' art, .I-ihnson. Morris. Iillinyrsffii, ani Xoste. Sitting: lme. Nelson, Suinini-rs, Swain Ittxnn, :intl Ia-e. Sl Standing: I.o,f:-ulon, Hllf.1'lIt?S Iballv Lefelmer' Siaiiimlivipgi Vozicli Giirtit-y. I.:u'son, twins, lion- I Sli f If!!-7 U3 ski :W 'l'lll-I SI,l'Glll'IllS St:tntling': 4'o:tt-it l"2l1llll'FS, lit-rg:'0r, Gustafson, Lintlln-i'g4', Gross, 'I'z1ttslif-r. i't-zu'son, r'iny:t-V, Vozaul, 1't::11'son, llt son, Kztmlv, 'l'r'ipp, Milstt-n. Sitting: Strtwtr-i', Gilln-t't, 'l't'ipp, Uunnon, lillis, livwtjt-. l'1IlLI,i,lll, Mztsoll. KIVIL I l llt RAC lxlg I lgkll5. lcnms Prowcl to lx- onc ol Mount Vcrnon s must suc ccsslttl sports tltis ycztr, its tht- not squad linislictl tht- sctison with it pcrlcct umlc- lcaitccl record in six sclictlttlctl nttcts. ln utltlition to tliis rccortl. iltlxin loltnson took tlic sinvlcs cluiinpionsliip in tht- : , Q . county play-oils: ,lack lgowton and Bob Larson tools second in tlic doubles coin- pctition: uncl Nonnztn Coins and llowartl Ellingscn took tliircl in cloulnlcs in tltc same plttysofls. llowron tintl Larson wont on to tttltt- sccontl in tlic cloululcs mlm-ollxs in tlic district tourntimcnt, licld at Bcllinultatin. l . w kliltc tctim, coticlictl ln' Xlr. lllilliuni Clttrncy, niet for pructiccs ztltcr scltool on tlic llillcrcst Park courts. lcxflllflilllfftl 011 Page 501 SI-IVHNIH l'l,,X1'I'I lN'I'll.XAlI'l2.XI, l5.XSKl'1'I'l4.Xl,l, S4gl'.XD, ROHM 200 lmttpglit-l'ty. lin-rpgt-r, I-Illiott, llvltl-', Vltviif-y untl tlnlligln-r'. l-'IliS'I' l'l,,X4'I-I IN'I'li.XAll'lI.XI. l4,XSKl-I'l'H.Xl,l, SIJIIXIV. IUNPM 2108 Voxml. Smith, Srztrp l,i1-iw, NVQ-ynitttttli. 32 gurls sports x S s 1 ol hm L x8 tu umm gmu 'll 1 u L wg xLX L um an L um v 1 L wm hom ilu spm t tu smu uma SXXIIHIHINU JIIIILS mlxu lm s umu pums uma .111.11wu md Lontlnucd tl11oLwl1uL1t tha ual Um lxundud mul pomts mug HX lrdcd fm putlupltlnw m flux tumours 1 sxululll L11 lm mmm nun L L :ms IL I ta 111 rlu LI1llNPIlJl'lSlllP Q mu 74 I9 lumuuts llstnd hom NUXLlI1l7Ll to ILIUILIJIX md smooth uollxllw tn wmx nun dunlopnd dumw tlu h7LlI months C mls Cnuu XI sponsoud IPLIXCIIX im SLd1c1XXool1u 1Xn.1w1tLs BUIIIDOIOD mum 1 x 1 xx uma v ta lms xu L mu L 1 u n xm L mu PLIIIILI Html IL mums xxug not nlaxul on m IVIILISL mama mms but IHSILLIL gn s mm L uh sglmuol nun on CIIHLILHI tcams COITHIIU on flu mulx of lmskptluxll nas IQIWDIS tha onlx llminlsdmohstxa s mt and to nu s KIU su. 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A lux' " xx" 'n1z"'.',l'l".',1 l:L4'D 251 . 1 . . 1 5 . l3'1yl'- 1 ' 1 I' 5 Ill' s'n'mr.', who dcllcutcd thc lx"SlllTlCl1 I 'um ' ,,2 -k.-H,H- lw,, ,. I P9 v . k k I Y . Q 2 Q D H J ' 'h ' ' .. Cb ', uml Mzvys 'illc girls, Jlllillklf' ll. 'I' 'cm lapl -tl ull 'Q Q 'xr' ' "lcd Ill-Ulu C11 ul' thc SCIIUUIS Alllll lCAlI115 I.I'Ul11 IIIL' -xii I I XVCITIHII gt' 'x ' A x11 ' . llxa' 1.11" 1 ' 'q"l,k"l:l' off rg 'lg .X l'1'hc Q I md of rl 'ty ' -I : ' y 1 " ' Q 'nt, witl ' nd '111 'xl plzji' ' I wing. .Xn -liminutimzn lcmurnqmmcnt ug l -If llvrx-1 1lig"lslll'glk I l"l S" 5 ,ill 'Q Pl ll's Volleyball, which wus hold nt flu' Y. M. CN. .'X., and lmscbull wcrc the last two Spf 'g ml if yunr. Fix" Y' ' ' nm senior girls zlltcmlccl Ll play la ' . J "l ' ' 'Wity ol' VV1' ' D , MQ' 17. Act' 'l' i1I'l'LlI1D'I in Ul'dC1' to 'lic lc girls mc '- fun ilinr with thc plmysiull cduunicrn courscs nl tlxc ' "1'iIy. C'i'!qt1l4' U 11' ' ILXQI 'xTi's:u1, Uurilyn xxv1lI'I'iClx. 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Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Skagina Yearbook (Mount Vernon, WA) collection:

Mount Vernon High School - Skagina Yearbook (Mount Vernon, WA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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