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Z."-. , ...Z P1 hfi' ,N , Ov 'y , . 1. 3 1 I From these doors- 'Dedication E respectfully dedicate the 1944 Skagina to the sons and daughters of Mount Vernon Union High School and the city of Mount Vernon who have left their homes, their school and their loved ones to defend the honor and the liberty of their countrymen and of free men everywhere. Cgoreworcl E, the young men and women of Mount Vernon Union High School, are learning to be fighters in a world of war and we are preparing to be citizens in a world of peace. With the guidance of the able men and women who are our instructors we hope to develop the qualities which will make us capable leaders and worthy citizens. Gontents Leaders .. Students... . Activiyies .... Athletics ..,.. ' A P 4 I yr A Board of Education HE Board of Directors for the Mount Vernon High School district has as its purpose the direction of the school and is responsible for all questions pertaining to school affairs. Directors """ Walfred John E. Mrs. Joh Gle G. M. Jungqui:-st Lund Stafford Sto Tirleman ERVING on the school board this year for Union High School District No. l were Walfred Jungquist, Harmonyg John E. Lund, Ridgewayg Glenn Stover, Mount Vernong Mrs. john Stafford, Avon: and G. M. Ticleman, Conway. Glenn Stover was chairman and Mrs. John Stafford, clerk. The following committees were appointed: education-Mr. Lund, Mrs. Stafford, Mr. Tideman, Mr. Stoverg finance-Mr. Tideman, Mr. Stover, Mr. Lund, Mr. Jungquistg buildings and grounds-Mr. Lund, Mr. Stover, Mr. lung- quistg transportation-Mr. Tideman, Mr. Iungquist, Mrs. Staffordg Junior Col- lege-Mr. Stover, Mrs. Stafford, Mr. Tideman. Student Council UR student council might be compared to the legislative branch of the national government. The eouncil's duty as expressed in the student association constitution is to carry out the wishes of the student body and to manage school affairs. Executives 1, 'i ' pfga ,., ,a f .rs A Richard Argus Janette Jack Miss Louise Blackburn Howson 0'Leary Martin Peterson E of the student council had Argus Blackburn as student body president until April when he left for the service. Richard Howson, vice-president took over then for the remainder of the year. Among the things we accomplished thisfyeaf were the purchase of a loud- speaker system, revision of the tennis, golf and track point allowance, and limita- tion of the number of offices one person may hold. Late in the year we began working on a plan for more student representation. Principal E. F. Sayre, and Coaches Leroy Sebastian and Hazel Mitchell were faculty advisers. Miss Louise Peterson was student association treasurer and jack Martin was student treasurer. LaDon Henson was his assistant. janette O'Leary was secretary for the year. Student representatives on the council not pictured were Helen Pinkerton, seniorg Warren Gilbert, juniorg Quint Schroeder, sophomore, and Janet Lloyd, freshman. W. S. WYNSTRA Superintendent N the peace-time world of tomorrow, you are going to play the major role. On your shoul- ders will rest the worldls illsg in your hands will lie the worldls future. If you could magically order that you of tomorrow to fit your dreams, you would specify a full measure of charm and wisdom and of wit and goodness. You can-you are-ordering that you of tomorrow, not magic- ally, hut slowly, painstakingly, step-hy-step. To- day's thoughtless act or well-considered action is tomorrowls hahit-an inseparable part, whether blemish or glory, of ltomorrow's you. W. S. VVYNSTRA S the seasons follow one another endless- ly in succession so do the affairs of men move inexhorahly across the stage of time. You have little choosing of the hour or day when you will assume the full responsibility of a man or woman. But you can choose how well prepared you will he when that day comes. Most im- portant will be your inner resources of courage, imagination, and daring. Dream great dreams- then boldly will them into reality! E. F. SAYRE E. F. SAYRE Principal Co Donald A. James Lenore Ferris Addison Anderson 3 45 xXYillill'K-I Hansen 14 M. G. Elma lhmrmlen Imlermmr-I 5? 4 i f -W unselors Laura Angst Lucille Axelson Thelma Brooks f -I K Q , , X mf ng :., Ll 1' f was Y vgfw- A James Frances Hazel McKe-ehun Miller Mitchell Lester Uupner Sf,-fi Joseph Murphy liuy Ellen Opal Vuwc-ll llllsse-ll l 4 ' 'S , Hum-I Joseph Nesbitt Nurlic Counselors llnlwllly Curriv lv p Vx .I. Turner Vellersen Ann Curtis if '. 'I' xg mul' ! imx Louise Peterson Hstellzl llyn-r " I.eruy'l' Smelyzlstxun M innie Gorriets Uurnelia llunsen '-3 ,, 'SL Mary K. Hurry S. Simeon Steele 15 We NM Wea ,aa Um 7wm New HIS quiz is to be completed before 1950. Do your own work. If you are caught talking, your paper will go into the waste basket. ADDISON-If President Roosevelt has ten secretaries in his cabinet, how many has he in his bureau? ANDERSON-If there was 2 kids what ain't yet handed their themes in, wood youse make 'em stay in after skool? ANGST-lf you combined one cup water with two tablespoons sulphur, four teaspoons glycerine, one-half cup nitrate, and six eggs, would you have a choco- late cake, a substitute for rubber, or a secret weapon? AXELSON-If you have five straight- pins in your mouth, two safetyfpins in your left hand, and one needle in your right hand, does that make you a pin- cushion? BROOKS-When s p e a k i n g to a Spaniard is it permissable to say, "Buenos dias, good lookin', what's cookin,?,' COPNER-If ua bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush" how much are "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie?', CGWELL-What English king said, "Ain't Goin' to Reign No More?" RUSSELL-What is the good of a "Charm School" if "You Can't Take It With You?" CURRIE-If "lane Eyrei' were "Gone With the Wind," would she meet "Rea becca or "My Sister Eileen?" CURTIS-VVhen you are explaining the difference between a bar graph and a circle graph, of what value is X? DYER-Do students have a passing grade in your course before they can sit on the boss' knee? EERRIS-When a senior has a B average, or better, in his grades is he permitted to sing "Tess,s Torch Song?" GERRIETS-If you place a roast in water, salt it, and put an onion on top, where do you get the ration points? C. HANSEN-As you are the Ska- gina advisor, why do you let stuff like this get in? VV. HANSEN-If big, strong, heal- thy cows give Grade A milk, do little calves give condensed milk? HARNDEN-If Old MacDonald had a farm with one pig, two cows, and three chickens, did he have blue or brown eyes? INDERGAARD-When ante meridi- em means before noon, and post meri- diem means afternoon, what is the meaning of mfnscray ootsmiy? MCKEEHAN-Can you name five social organizations, other than the Ladies' Aid and the Study Hall? MILLER-Vvhen a "Pistol Packin' Mama" with "Star Eyesn meets "Rose O,Day" is it US-unday, Monday, or Al- waysn or a '4Holiday for Strings?" MITCHELL - Approximately how many left feet has the average dancing student? MURPHY-Why was the shot put in the pole vault? NESBITT-Can you use a climax to split an infinitive? NORLIE-If a plane is seen three feet off the ground, going straight north, is it a P-38 or B-17? I. PEDERSEN-If you switch on spotlights, and you switch on footlights, do you switch on Northern Lights? L. PETERSON-ls the touch system you teach the kind used on pay day? SEBASTIAN-How does a iack- knife dive and where does an Australian crawl? SIMEON-lf a Nematlrelminthes is a worm and an Echinodermata is a star- fish, what is a jitterbug? STEELE-Where is the key of Z on a left-handed saxophone? Boys' Club I2 ol' the Boys' Club had as our purpose the encouraging of all boys to take Part in the activities which the school sponsors. Through the Boys' Club we hoped to create a program which would appeal to varied interests. ln April we presented a comedy musical assembly with .lim Anderson as master ol' ceremonies and featuring the school pep band. Toward the end ol' the vear we sponsored Campus Day on which everyone enjoyed contests, games, sports ol' all kinds and reI'reshments. .lim Anderson was our president: Dick hludy, vice-president, Owen lorseth, secretaryetreasurcrg and Mr. .lames Addison, advisor. Q wi1fing4amf.Q ...ul o I I i 1 L -... llii U1 -. -...,,. Mr. Aflrlison, .inrlt-rson, Judy, 'l'orsr-th. Miss Curtis, Goodhue, Torseth, Rasmussen, Rice, Nelson iris' Club li members ol' the Girls' Club include all the girls ol' our high school. The annual event of selecting "big sisters" for the freshmen girls began the year's activity for us. Wlc then enjoyed a mixer given in honor of the entering freshmen. Other social activities at which we entertained were the freshmen 1nother's tea and the faculty tea. In May we honored our mothers at the mother-daughter banquet when we also installed our ollicers for next year. 'l'Anne Coodhue served as president, Gudrun Torseth, as vice-president, Gertrude Rasmussen, as trcasurerg Nagel Rice, as secretary: Nancy Nelson, as l'reshman class representative, and Miss Ann Curtis, as advisor. 17 I 'S-. an, 1- ' - Q-,.. , W - '-THQ-.QFX 'i' ' V L, - -- Y., . 1.5, A 5 .lm ,,- -- ,. ,Tx Y --...A ' , V, I , ff '-' :z,,..-1-' -, iff , Ir,-1 " fx .,,..u1r f V W --.iii .Lg In M ' .i,. I - - ,I ?" Y - My - Aj fs Q f 1 .. ' 'xg lv fc I ' ' gf X 1 I! ' f ,, ' ' ,, " -llX'f"' X f k? K' V ' L - I -SIS' r John Ferguson Pinkerton. Rogers, Mr. Cowell, Schroeder, Fell. Owen Torseth we, Q S we, the memhers of the class of 1944, rounal the last hend of our high school life at Mount Vernon Union High School we look hack at four years of work anal fun anal friendship. We look ahead with hope anal high aspirations to the worlal in which we are to take our places. NE hundred and five seniors were graduated with the class of '44 mak- ing ours the smallest class in recent years. Commencement exercises took place in the gymnasium, May 25. Dr. R. Franklin Thompson, president of the College of Puget Sound, was the main speaker, ad- dressing us on the theme, "For ldeals We Fight." The Reverend S. E. Fosket, pastor of the Free Methodist church of Mount Vernon, directed baccalaureate services on the pre- ceding Sunday, May 21. Awards presented at the close of the year were the music plaque for band to Richard Judy, and the plaque for orchestra to June Sharp. Clifford Schroeder was recipient of the inspirational football award. Top scholastic honors were awarded to John Ferguson and Owen Torseth, valedic- torian and saiutatorian respectively, who represented the class as commencement speakers. Not all of the graduates were present to receive diplomas, since eight had been in- ducted into the armed forces. They were Argus Blackburn and William Wilson, Marine Corps, Jerry Martin, Leslie Ek- lund, Loyal Morgan, George LeBlanc and Dale Greene, Navy, and Harlan Omholt, Merchant Marine. Some of the boys who left for military or naval service before thev had completed their senior year were Clem Ford, Maurice Freeman, and Richard May, Navy, and George Orrock and Clayton Wlalde, Army. Our class officers for the senior year were Raymond Fell. president, Clifford Schroeder, vice-president, Shirley Rogers, secretary, Owen Torseth, treasurer, and Helen Pinkerton, representative to the student council. Leslie Eklund was class yell leader as well as leader for the school. Margaret Ann Wilson was assistant vell leader. Gertrude Rasmussen, Norma Draper, and Gladys Oakland led the pep songs at assemblies and games. r. Our advisors were Mr. Ray Cowell, Miss Minnie Gerriets, Miss Mary K. Simeon, Miss Dorothy Currie, and Mr. Turner Pedersen. VVe won our share of the athletic glory in each sport. Boys who won letters in one or more sports were Iames Anderson, Argus Blackburn, Albert Egbers, Albert Hall, Robert Hobbs, Richard Judy, lohn Martin, Richard Lee, Nels Larson, Leland Novot- ny, Herbert Payne, Phillip Sayre, Clifford Schroeder, Robert Sinclair, Robert Stark- Oakland. llrapi-r' Hartle, Lindberg, lvram-r. Ifront-Goorlhue, Hfinson. tw-nter4tbshrink. 'Feist-th, Davy rm lfinsen. Back-He-lile, Lawson. Burgess, Sinrrletei-ry, liklunil, Buss, lfergu- Smith xvllsol son, Gmail. weather, Elmer Struzenberg, Bobert Val- entine, Glem Ford and George LeBlanc. lhe girls outstanding in sports were Billie Garter, Joyce Finsen. J'Anne Good- hue, Dorothy llusby, Janette O'Leary, Marilyn Osbrinlc, June Sharp, Annette Swanson, Johanna Fleiseth, and Margaret Krubb. The Pep Club under the direction of Miss Hazel Mitchell put on many clever drills, most ol' which were done with candlelight. Through all our years we took part in dramatic productions. ln our freshman vear, Nadine Bartle was in the all-school play and was the only freshman initiated into 'l'hespians. ln our second year, Gladys Oakland was the feminine lead in "June Mad." J'Anne Goodhue, John Martin and Probert Sinclair also won parts. As juniors, seven class members were in "The Night ol' January l6th." llelen Pinkerton and John Ferguson had leads and John Martin, Phillip Sayre, Gladys Oakland, Bobert Starkweather, and Probert Sinclair partici- pated. "You Gan't lake lt XVith Youf, in our senior year had John Martin in the leading role and Janice Smith, Bobert Starkweather, Owen Fliorseth, Philip Lind' berg, Prichard Singletcrry and James llindal in lesser roles. The senior play, "Charm School," was presented November 17 with the following "charming" the school: Olive Buss, Norma Draper, Geneva Burgess, Nadine Bartle, llarriet Hanson, Johanna Teiseth, Phyllis Lawson, Joyce Finsen, J'Anne Goodhue, Shirley Helde, Marilyn Osbrink, Richard Singleterry, John Ferguson, Philip Lind' berg, Maurice Lloyd and Leslie Eklund. Bulldog editors were Billie Garter, l lelen Pinkerton and Bobert Bussell. Barbara Bennett and Shirley Bogers served as busi- ness managers lior the paper. 'lihe 194-l Skagina was edited by llelen Pinkerton with Miss Cornelia Hansen as advisor. Seniors holding major positions on the an- nual stail' were John Ferguson, business managerg Gladys Oakland, senior editor: James Anderson, boys' sports editor, and Johanna Teiseth and Annette Swanson, girls' sports editors. Several social events were sponsored by the class, the outstanding ones being the junior prom and the senior ball. The junior prom was a "Stardust Ballf, in April ol, I9-B at the Skagit country club. 'llhe senior hall, "Aloha," was an informal al'- l'air in May ol' 194-l. VVe enjoyed games, dancing, swimming and other sports at the annual senior picnic which we held at l-ake Goodwin, May IO. ll'e elected ten girls oi' the class, out- standing in scholarship, leadership, and character to attend the banquet given by the Business and Professional Wfomcnis Club ol' Mount Vernon. The girls were: Nadine Bartle, Marilyn Osbrink, Johanna Tciseth, Janette O'Leary, Helen Pinker- ton, J'Anne Goodhue, Loretta Spahr, Joyce Finsen, Phyllis Lawson and Margaret Krubb. VVe received our diplomas at commence- ment from L. Glenn Davis, chairman of the school board, and they brought the realization that our high school years were over. We, the class ol' 1944, took our place -and a high one-among the graduates ol' hflount Vernon Union High School. Abts .l. Anderson M. Anderson R. Anderson Bartle Belcoe Bell Bennett Blackburn Ronde Brevik Brusefraard Burgess Buss Carlson Cariventer Carter Commet DONALD ABTS XIIOLET BONDE Boys' Club 1-4: F. lf. A. 1-4. Ushers Club 2-3: Honor Society 2-3: 'Porch Society JAIVIES ANDERSON Student Council 1: Football 1-4: Track Manager l-21 Baseball 3-41 Green M 2-4: French Club 31 Class Vice-president Z: Class President 3: Boys' Club President 4: Bulldog 4: Skagina 4: Fireman 4, BIARION ANDERSON Latin Club 1-2: Library Club 3-4: Glee Club l-2: Choir 3-4: Uperettzt 1-23 Office 4. ROBERT ANDERSON Entered from Roosevelt High, Seattle 4: Boys' Club 4. NADINE BARTLE Senior Play 4: All-School Play 1-2-43 Glee Club 1: Choir 4: Choir Secretary 4: Pep Club 4: Pep Club President 4: Tri-Y 3-41 'Fhespians 1-41 Tbespian Secretary 3: 'Fhespiun Vice-president 4: llperetta 1: G. A. A. l-4: Yell Leader 2: Class Yell Lender 1-3: Bulldog 4: Skagina 4. DELORES BELCOE Choir 3: Girls' Club 1--l. ALVIN BELL Boys' Club l-4: I". In A. l-4. BARBARA BENNETT Girls' Club l-4: Pep Club 41 Bulldog 3-4: Business Manager Bulldog 4. IAP-GUS BLACKB URN Student Body Presidt-lit 4: Football 2-43 'l'rat-li l-4: President Choir 3: Air liaid VVarden 4: Fire- man 4: Latin Club 2. lli-Y 3-4: Basketball l-2: Green M 2-4: Honorary Football Captain 41 Marines 4. 22 -I: 'l'ri-Y 3: Pep Club 3: Office 3. EVELYN BREVIK Entered from Alberta. Canada 3: G. A. A. 'X-4: Girls' Club 3-4: Debate 3: Choir 4. THOMAS BRUSEGAARD Band 1-2: Latin Club 2: Hi-Y 2-43 Green M 2-4: Tennis 2-4: Honor Society 2-3: Torch 4: Vice President Hi-Y 4. CQENEVA BURGESS Glee Club 1-21 Operetta 1-2: Glee Club President 2: Senior Play 4: Pep Club 4: Thespians 4: Honor Society 2: Choir 3-4: G. A. A. l. OLIXVE Buss Glee Cluib 1-2: Choir 3-4: Latin Club 1-2: French Club 3: 'Fri-Y 3-4: Secretary Tri-Y 4: Skagina l-2: Uireretta 1-2: Senior Play -l: G. A. A. lg P+-p Club 4. PEGGY CARLSON Glee Club 2: G. A. A. l-3: Vsbers Club 33 Pep Club 4: Choir 3-4: uperetta 2. KENNETH CTARPENTER NA'itbd ra wn BILLIE CARTER G. A, A. 1-4: Office 4: Student Council ll Skaginn l-3: Green M 2-4: Bulldog 3-4g Bulldog Editor 42 Quill and Scroll 4: Pep Club 4. l2AYNIOND LTOINIIXIET Boys' Club 1-43 F. F, A. 1-4. li' L. t'r:iuc Elkins lflusl-n lluruuif l'l'UW't' lN'1lIN-'I' l":l1lci't' l":U-fun lfitmrt-rzilil Fusket CRANE K.. A. A. I-21 Hkuiriua 2-3: Vslwrs Club 3: 'Pri-Y 31 liullelug- 3-43 Quill and Scrnll 4: Ul't'icQ 3-4. Aniwuu Cnowxa .1 '.- ,1',.vv 4.. A. A. I. 1 limi .4-4. hills t.lub I-4. Nonmfx IDRAPEH 4211-4-Club l-Lf: frm-rw-ttai I-Ll: Sf-ninr' l'l:iy 4: 'Phos- iuizinx 4: Sum.: I.l-:uh-r 4: l't-p Club 4. Cmiivsl DllBUQUE AVith1lruwu IALIIEIVI' Ecznuns l-'. I". A. l-4: l". I". A. Vic-4--pr:-siflf-nt 3: lf. I". A. 'l'ra-:usur4-r 4: Hats:-bull I-21 Grcvn M 2-4: Boys' Club I-4, I.i5si Ili EKLUNIJ Yi-ll lin-:ith-r 4: Class Ye-ll l,E'?lilk'l' I-2: lhiys' Club l-4: Nzuvv 4. liiaviaiuy llLK1Ns I-Iiitwrw-1I linm 1 ulicl'e-tv 4: Cirlw' Club 4 iA1All'I'llA Flxniairif 't I ru buuuc l":llllcnh0I' lil. Ganllannei' lflixliers F4-ll ll. Gzlllangvi' lflkluntl l"er'i-ttlstixl Gzirburfr ARLIE FAULCONER lllntviw-tl from Se-:ittlc 2: l'cp Club 4: 'Fri-Y 4: G. A. A. 2: Girls' Club 2-4. RAYMOND FELL Honor Society 2-31 Class l'rm-sislcnt 4: Spanish Club 2: l"irt-inznn 4: Air NVurmlcu 3-4. JOHN FERGUSON Vuleelictnwiitn 4: Lzitin Club 23 Hnnor Society 12-3: 'l'm'l-li 4: l"il'tlll1:lI'l 2: Hi-Y 3-4: .l. C, Play Ii: Senior I'l:1y 4: Uixewttzi 2: Hi-Y Sci-rc-tziry 4: All-School l'luy 3: 'l'lwspians 3-4: 'Fliespiztn 'l'roaisurt-r 4: Glu- Club 1-2: Student Cnntluctur Cliuir 4: Sccrc- tury Clinir 3: Business hlzliiagei' Skaipxina 4. joycii FINSEN G. A. A. l-4: Glet- Club T: Pep Club 4: Grvcn N 3-4: llnnur Society 2-3: 'l'urch -4: French Club Il-41 'I'ri Y 'X 4' Qt-nim' l'l'iv 4 - .-.4 4, . iA1ARlE F1Tzc:EuAi.iu IH-ii Club 4: Girls' Club l-4: Cliuir 3. KENNETH FOSKET Urclu-sti'zl 2: Stzisrc Crcw 3-43 Choir 4: liuys' Club 2-4. EVELYN ClA1.LANGE.ll l-Intcrcil fruui lmpcz lslunql 35 Girls' Club 3-4: uffict- 4. RUTH CIALLANGER I-Int1-ri-sl fruui St-alro-XVu1vllcy 4: Girls' Club 4, lflutcrcml l'rum lmm-z lslnncl 3: Girls' Club 3-4. 1 4 w X l F Y 5IIlRLl:Y C1ARl3ORG 1' 'AMW 'WAN wilt-1-S cipi. zz simxrnm 2: Hullmlug :i-4g Tri-Y sg lhiys' Club I-4: linml l-4. Iwi- Club 4. 23 LB? o Q- S 3 , :iii i ,X f':W'QR- fii .ff Good Goodhue Greene Hansen Harlow Helcle .lngrraham .I oyce Judy BEVERLY GOOD Glee Club 1: Latin Club 2-3: French Club 23 Sec- retary Latin Club 35 Vice-president French Club 3: l'shers Club 2-33 Pep Club 43 Library Club 3: Tri-Y 3: flvervtta 1: Torch 4. TWP' -412' '- 453 --Q .er ik Eu.-:v - Q ..3,,,,. u : ., ., ,Q f 214+ f 4 'N it 1 t wit 3 -4 3 422 Y rt 1 jf 4 tx 'E 'lf' S AQW: I Hull llamblin Hanson Hobbs Flolm Husby Krubb ll. Larson N. Larson ROBERT Hoses l-li-Y 3-43 Green M 3-43 Football Manager 2-3: Baseball 1-33 Stage Crew l-23 Spanish Club 3-4. G1L1zERT HOLM ' 1 IP. If. A. 1-43 Boys' Club 1-4. J ANNE GOODHUE French Club 1-23 French Club Secretary 23 Latin Club 43 Tri-Y 3-43 Pep Club 4: Girls' Club Presi- dent 4: G. A. A. 1-4: Green M 2-43 Band 3-43 Orchestra 1-33 Honor Society 2-3: Torch 43 Class Treasurer 1-Z: Student Council 33 Thespians 2-41 All-School Play 2: Senior Play 4. IDALE GREENE Boys' Club 1-43 Torch 4: Navy. ALBERT HALL DOROTHY HUSRY Latin Club 1-2: Glee Club 13 Honor Society 2-3: llshers Club 2: Pep Club 4: Torch 4: Green M 45 G X X 2 4 SHIRLEY INGRAHAM G. A. A. 1-4: Skagina Z1 Girls' Club l-4: Green M 3-43 Office 3. BETTY JOYCE Spanish Club 2-33 Track 3-43 Green M 3-4: Ski I 'tm muh 1 , bl , Club 13 Boys' Club 1-4. LESTER HAMBLIN Boys' Club 1-4: Choir 3-4. HAIIRIET HANSON G. A. A. 1-4: Tri-Y 3-43 Skagina 1-43 Pep Club 4: Honor Society 23 Thespians 43 Senior Play 41 Ski Club 1. PHYLLIS HANSEN Glee Club 2: G. A. A. 1-33 Tri-Y 33 Ushers Club 33 Pep Club 43 Choir 3-43 Operetta 2. JOHN HARLOW Boys' Club l-43 Basketball 4. SHIRLEY IiELDE 1: ' " -L.: "rls' Club 1-4: Uperettzx 1-2, Skassina 4. RICHARD JUDY Hi-Y 43 'l'I'62lSUI'61' lli-Y 43 Football 1--1: Band 1-43 Orchestra 2-33 Student Conductor Band 3-43 Boys' Club Vice-president 43 Fireman 4: Air Raid Ward- en 43 Boys' Green M 3-4: Spanish Club 23 Music Plaque for Band 4: Victory Corps 3-4. MARGARET' KRUBB G. A, A. 1-4: Green M 41 Honor Society 1-23 Latin Club 4: Tri-Y 3-43 Ushers Club 33 Library 3. HELEN LARSON Latin Club 3: Honor Society 2-33 Pep Club 4: Girls' Club 1-4: Green M 41 Trztvk 4. NELS LARSON Entered from Yuma, Colorado 33 F. F. A. 3-4: Pep Club 43 Senior Play 43 Choir 33 Girls' Club 1-4, Football 43 Green M 43 Track 4. 24 .I I I.asRr-n H. Lawson P. Lawson Llovd Loomis Looy .lolm Martin Mitchell Morlfan JAMES l.,ASSEN IRNA' vnu, 1-41 If. iv. A. 1-4. I lARoLu LAWSON ltoys' Club l-43 .IIInior Collegi- -l. PIIYLLIS LAwsoN VI-p Club 4: Hand l-41 Uroliestra l-K: Tri-Y 3-41 Horizon Club -1: Horizon Club Pre-sidt-nt 43 Latin Club 2-3: l'slwrs Club 3: Skagina -l. RICIIARIJ Liss Football 3-4: Baseball 1-4: fll'Pt'll M 3-4: l"ll'UYll2lIl Il-ll Buys' Club 1-4. PIIILIP LINIJIIERG , I , All 'ite-,B . Lee Lorenzen Novotny P. Lindberg Machin Oakland R. Lindberi Jerrv Marti O'Leary MARY ANN LORENZEN Pell Club 4: Girls' Club 1-4. CLIFFORD MACHIN Boys' Club 1-4: French Club 33 Victory Corps JERRY MARTIN Stage Crew 1-43 T Navy 4. JOHN MARTIN 3. hespians 2-4: Boys' ClLIb 1-43 Latin Club 1-2: Football 2-4: Student Council 2-4: All-School .Play 2-43 Green M 2-43 Basketball Manager 23 Thespians 3-4: l'resident. Thespians 4: Student Body Treasurer 3-43 Hi-Y Club 4: Skagina 3: Golf 2-4: Tennis 23 Ski Club 13 Baseball 43 Honor Society 2-3: Torch 4. CLAIRE MITCHELL Pep Club 4: Girls' Club 1-4. lll-X .1-4: lluf:-uuans 4: 'l'raI-k Zi-4: Senior l'l:Iy 4: Ilaskn-tbull 4: Choir -4: Stage Crew 1-3. LOYAL MORGAN Boys' Club 1-43 Bulldog 4: Navy 4. RICIIARIJ LINIJBERG LELAND NQVOTNY HIIYH' lllllll l-41 Hi-Y 34- Football 2-4: Track 3-43 French Club 3: Green M 4: Fira-nian 3-4: Air Raid Warden 4. lX"lAlllllCE LLOYD GLAJJYS OAKLAND I". IX. l-4: F. I". A. l-'vcrutary'4:.Se-nior Play 4: Torch 4: Honor Society 2-3: Som.: Leader 4: .lil- lllf'HlPI1IflN 42 VIVTUTB' UIFIIS 42 l-h0lY' 4- School play 2-33 Thespians 2-43 'Phespians Sevre- tary 4: Glel-I Club 1: Uperetta ll Sliagina 4: Senior Elliffll' Of Skilginu 4: Pen Club 4: Secretary of Pep RICHARD LQQMIS Club 4: Il:-Ihers Club 2-33 Secretary Cshers Club 3: , I A 3 V Latin Club 2-3: Vice-president Latin Club 3: Pent- 4 hoir J, Boys Club 1-4. house play 3: Office 4. X M Q L IANETTE O'LEARY I NNA Ann: OOY Secretzllw Student Body 43 G. A. A. l-43 l'rI-sich-nt Pe-p Club 4: G. A. A. 13 l'slIeI's Club 3: 'l'I'i-Y 3: G. A. A. 4: Green M 3-4: Secrrtzlry Green M 33 Sl-nior l'lI-ny 4: Skagina 3-43 Latin Club 2-3: Secretary-treasurer Girls' Club 23 1-'ep Club 4: l'I-nthous-we Play 3. Secretary G. A. A. 3' V' ' - " 1 ' - ' . . Ice president Library L.lulJ 4: Skugma 1-4: Tri-Y 3-4. 25 Oshrink Rasmussen Mortlan PODDE Park Rindal Schloemer LUCILLE MORGAN Choir 41 Girls' Club 2-4: Bulldog 4. MARILYN OSBRINK Glee Club 1-23 Choir 43 l'ep Club 43 Tri-Y 3-4: Senior Play 43 Thespians 43 Green M 3-43 Operetta 1-2: G. A. A. 1-43 Bulldog 4. WILLIAM PARK Boys' Club 1-4. HERB PAYNE Green M 2-43 Latin Club 23 Hi-Y 43 Baseball 1-43 Football 43 President Green M 4: Vice-president Green M 4. DOROTHY PHILIPS Orchestra 1-4: Student Conductor Orchestra 1-3, Band 2: Choir 43 French Club 33 Girls' Club 1-4. HELEN ADELE PINKERTON Entered from Butte, Montana 33 Skagimi 3-4. Skagina Editor 43 Thespians 3-43 Torch Society 4. Student Council 43 Tri-Y 3-43 Tri-Y President 43 Quill and Scroll 4: G. A. A. 3-4: Pep Club 4: Bulldog 4: Bulldog: ldditor 43 Orchestra 33 All- School Play 3. LYLE POPPE Boys' Club 1-4. GERTRUDE RASMUSSEN Skuginn 1-32 G. A. A. 1-33 Tri-Y 33 Library Club President 33 Class Treasurer 33 Girls' Club Treas- urer 43 Song Leader 43 Bulldog 4. JAMES RINDAL Boys' Club 1-4. 26 Payne Rogers Schroeder S Ie . Sail? ig? 326, 5 X 5 X21-I 3 34 " rs- l ..-,323 J: .3 3 3 . Philins Russell Sharm SHIRLEY ROGERS Entered from Aberdeen, VV:I 2-43 Ulleretta 23 Latin Club 2, 43 Skagina 43 Quill and Sc tary 3-4. ROBERT RUSSELL Entered from Buffalo, North Bulldog 3-43 Bulldog' Lltlltfjl Quill und Scroll 4. PHILLIP SAYRE Pinkerton . Sayre Sinkrleterry shington 23 G, A. A. Pep Club 43 Bulldog roll 43 Class Secre- Ilnkota 31 Hi-Y 3-42 - 43 Boys' Club 3-43 Track 2-43 Basketball 1-43 Football 3-43 Tennis 2: Operetta 23 Choir 4: Band 1-43 Orchestral 2-43 Boys' Glee Club 23 lfiremun 2-43 'Fhespians 3-43 Hi-Y 2-43 Hi-Y Chaplain 43 Latin Club President 4: Green M 3-43 Vice-president Green M 43 Victory Corps 33 All-School Pluy 33 Junior Music Club 1-23 Ski Club 13 Skagina 4. LEONA SCHLOEMER Glee Club l-23 Choir 3-43 G. A. A. 1-23 Ushers Club 3. F CLIFFORD SCHROEDER Class Vice-president 43 lfire Chief 4: Green M President 41 Fmvnball 2-43 Basketball 2-43 Truck 2-43 Spanish Club 2-33 Green M 3-43 Honor Society 2-33 Torf-h 43 lnspirational Air Raid Squad 3-4. JUNE SHARP Football Avvzird 43 Pep Club 43 Honor Society 2-33 Torch 43 Orchestra 14 G X X 14 'eenM4 TriY'i ,.....-:Gr 3 RICHARD SINGLETERRY Hi-Y 2-43 'Fhesviuns 43 Senior Play 43 All-School Play 43 Choir 3-43 Ilebate 33 French Club 3-43 Honor Society 2-33 Torch 4. "I J v Slauxzliter Snahr ll. Smith Swanson 'Veiseth 'Forseth Welch NVQ-stnhall NV. W'1lson ROBERT SIAIIOIITER Milla-l'e4l from Huhl, Idaho 4: Boys' Club 4: Hull- Ilug' 4. LOR1s'r'rA SPAIIII Girls' 1'lub 1-4: l'ep Club 4: Art Club 2: Skaginu 4. IDOIIOTIIY SMITH l-Entered from Oak Ilarbor 2: Torch Soc-iety -ll PPP t'lub l: Skagina 4: Spanish Club Scribe 4. jANIt:E SMITII Peo Club 4: Latin Club 2-3: Honor Society 2-3: 'l'orc'li Society 4: Ufflve 4: All-Svhool Play 4. Thesplans 4. ROBERT S'l'ARKWEATII1iR Baseball lg Latin Club 2-3: Victory Corps Zi-4: Football Manager Il-4: Green M 4: All-School l'lay Cl--1: 'i'll!'HlliilIlS 4: Choir 4. El.Mlill S'l'RUZENl3ERG Football 2-4: Basketball 1: Latin Club 2: Honor Society 2-3: 'Port-h 4: Glee Club 2: Choir 3' rbperetta 2: Hi-Y 3-4: Green M 3-4: Air Raid Warden 4: Fireman 4. lxNNli'l"l'E SNVANSON liand I-3: Green M 4: G. A. A. 1-4: Vice-president 4: Latin l'lub 2-3: Vshers Club 2-3: Ushers Club Vit-e-presiulerit fl: Pep Club 4: Tri-Y 3-4: Skagina 4. JOIIANNA 'l'EIsETII G. A. A. l-4: Green M 4: Latin Club 2-3: Ushers Club 2-Il: Peo Club 4: Ski Club 1: Bulldog 4: Sltanrino -13 'l'ri-Y 3--lg Ushers Club President 3: Senior l'lay 4. CDVVEN IORSETII Salutalorian 4: Band l-2: Class Vice-lvresident 1: Class l'rt-sident 2: Class Treasurer 4: Boys' Club Sl-'t'l't'lill'y-Il'l-'5lSLll'l'l' 4: Latin Club 2-3: Latin Club l're:-Ildent 3: lli-Y 4: Vit-tory Corps 3: Choir 42 llonor Soeiety 2-3: Torch Society 4: All-School Play 41 'Fhespians 4. Struzenberg' Starkweather Vufzt Waltner ,me J. Smith Valentine M. A. WVilsOn ROBERT VALENTINE Class President 1: French Club 3: Hi-Y 2-4: lli-Y President 4: Honor Society 2-3: Torch Society 4: Honor Society President 4: Football 3-4: Green M 4: lfireman 3: Hi-Y Secretary 3. ARDIS VOGT Entered from Oak Harbor 4: Girls' Club 4. HERBERT WALTNER l". F. A. 1-4: Boys' Club 1-4. iVI1LDRED VVELCH Gir1s't'lub 1-4: Glee Club 1-2: Choir 3-4: G. A. A. 4, LLOYD QBILLD WESTPIIALL lfreneh Club 3: Thespians 4: Boys' Club 1--4: Stage Crew 3-4. WILLIAM WILSON Entered from Fargo, North Dakota 3: Boys' Club 3-4: Band 4: Orchestra 3: Marines 4. iVlARCARET ANN WILSON Entered from l+'arp:o, North Dakota 3: G. A. A. 4: Yell Leader 4: Tri-Y 4: Girls' Club 3-4. .X-.Ax-Ve.. A Camera S hy: iX1ARGARE'l' IYIURRAY Glee Club 1: Choir 4: Latin Club 2-3: G. A. A. 1: Girls' Club 1-4. 27 I-'rout row mln-ft to riglitl-l', .Xl14lt'I'SHIl, Alm, Prim, H. Anrlerson, Gilbert, Vi-ont row tleft lorightb- -.l.lllL,ll1 I ni wson, I-'4n'1I. M, Hughes, Ilusby, Hurley. How 2 tleft lu risthtj - liillgweii, Ifiw-deen, Alquist, Hriiitlm-,i'ni1iei'on, D, Anderson, New llfff Ie. 1'iS'h1'3YHilllU+ldU4 Hlwnhul-1, H,.UHth,,u,-A Lutio, fiillllt-'I,LL, I-,ut-kli:irt: I , ,I , i Q 1 IV , H V, , ,I 4 Rovv 3 tleft to riglitl-Ixorie How .2 Hott In right! loirllay, Imkan, Lovxion, Dunkin, lnrsmi, l'lil2lb, lolmgon Hwlg. Hlziekinore. latina, l,llillll.lI1, Iiow 4 HHH to mghw-xv' Hlnxun 1-mek row llvlil to rightJ--lf'i'y4l1-nlunsl, .Xl1I'1lll2lIl'lSlPYl, Brlsky, Bratz, Frels. I". Iiagman. lfi-mix row 111-Vt lu right!-V. Al2lS4rll, H'lIeni-in-, Neal, .l. Ilugilmes, Knnfernmn, l"1"mf.F0YV' Alllff' lf' Y'i?j2'llUfPhlI U1 li.-ilmnnfi, llc-Iiuy. lie-lx: INAH-131111, F-1'l1bwler', S 111 , . , , . , , I How Z 411-tt to l'IH'lll,+lilCl1ll s How 2 llnlt to I'lL1'lllf2llIA-'ill'X, Minahan, Mitt-hell, All-Lend, Larson, king. Revlmms Ruthruff Alt-lxq-ull, Imllqiiwl. - V Baek row fleft to rightj 0 1: Hin-It row rleft to riglitJ-fI'P1ll'I'Sf'n, lilmlrlli Ml'YftI', ll1lSflNS'S. Lee, Nlil1'l7HUlU'H. Stevens, NVE-leh, Tennyson, Mxufen Xuln Mason, ll. I'ni-leer, N. l'arket'. be-r:.:'. We, ,Zfze 61644 ,of '45 li, the elass ol' 1945, present our- selves lor inspection! Uliliieers ebosen to leatl our Class tbis year were Grace Pedersen, Presitlentg Cuclrun lorsetli, yiee-presicientg Isobel Ui learne, seeretaryg Robert Fraas, treasf urerg XfVarren Gilbert, representative: ancl Lee Anne Frets, yell leader. U ur Thanksgiving assembly was agreed to be one of tlic best assemblies 28 of the year. Everyone especially enjoyed Rieliarcl Ilowson's hula-liula clanee. Vlfearing the two bar pins, wbieli cle! note membership in tbe Honor Soeiety, were twenty-five juniors. Ray Tennyson ol' our elass was vieefpresiclent ol' tliis group. ln atbleties tlie members ol' our elass proved well their ability. Besides being tlie baelibone ol the basketball squacl ont row ilf-ft to rifriiti-Horrobin, R. lohnson, iiznrniaforfi, Linciquist. ovi 2 ll:-fl inl'ig'lill-l.if.1'f.:'1'I, Howson. irton, I.. iianson. :vi 3 iii-i't to righti-Kaislroin, Iiowaxrml, n mi. N. Maso . 4 c row ilu-Y! to rigiilj- iiunsteml, Henson. ironl row Ili-fl lo rigliw-Walker, Truaix. ynstrfi. Stout. nw 2 ileft to rightl7Vnn MooS, XVillia1me4, lic-rnzl1:1-l, NYoli'kilI. ik 1-ow tleft to rigiiti-Walters, Silver- ni ii, 'rams .-11, vik.. 'iwim-xii. our boys were prominent in football, track, and baseball. Nine junior boys earned a letter in football, and eight in basketball. Vibe junior girls won the boclicy clialnpionsbip. firtbur Silvernail, Future Farmers ol' America president, represented our class in agriculture. lbrcc girls, Phyllis Anderson, Shirley llernlioll, Virginia Mason, represented our class in tbe All-School Play. 'lilic annual .Iunior Prom held at time 29 FQRTY PHVE Country Club in April was considered a successful event by all. Ably led by our officers and advisor, Miss Cornelia Hansen, we feel capable of sbouldering the responsibilities of seniors and so the class ol' '45 accepts the cballenge-forward marcbl Sealteil tit-fl to i'ig'iiU-'l'orselii, tflil 1 Pefiorsf-n. Preis. Miss Hanson. Starniing: lie-fl to 1'ig'i1tJ-Gilbert, i-'ii Vppei' left pieture, first row 11+-ft to rightj-Iloclrzqe, Calhoin, Currit, Country- man. Hell, Good, lfrisk, Gustafson. Second 1-ow tleft tu rigrhtb-Hein, Glassoe, Geisenrlorf, Ik-tleri, Brant, .Xmlerson Blant-y, Conimet, lngman. Back row tleft to riglitl-B. Hansen, liavis, lfiefielml. lt. Good, llally, Enyeart Akin, Breslicli. Lower left pit-ture, first row 4ler'l to rightj-H, McCaslan4l, live, lliinclgren B. Pearson, liinmlal, IC. Pearson, lihoatles, Mt-Corniick. Second row th-l't to rightl-N. Moores, Johnson, Poppe, l.in4ll1el':-:', Mcllaniels M. Moores, U, Mc-Caslantl. 'l'hir1l row tleft lo riglitj-liolminson, Nice, Mclvonnell, Martin, Parker, Pierce, lh-ilinoml, ltml, Murray. Back row tle-fl to rig'l1tJ-NYilliams, Thor, Nelson, Hlin, Van IR-lt, Sluis, Young. NV:1lde. Upper riglit picture lleft In rightl --.Ium.:aguist, Karlson, Kopp, Hageman. Sec-onrl row lleft tu rightygliilly- gren, Logrsdon, .lar-obs, Ht-tlcling, Third row tleft to rigrhtb-Kenealy, N. Hansen, Hushy, liamri-n. Back row tleft to riprlill-.lensen. John:-zon, Jacobsen, Loveless. Lower right picture, first row th-ft to riglitj ?Thix'et, l'. Smith, Turner. Set-ond row fleft to riglitj-'l'i'im1. Sayre, Swanson, Van XVit-rinfren. Third row tleft to rightj-NVillar4l, Stewart. Randall. We, ,Med E, tbe class of 516, began our sophomore year by electing the following class officers: Dick Harlow, president, Tom Henry, vice-president, Nagel Rice, secretary, Harold Bell, treasurer, Quint Scliroecler, representa- tive: .luanita lorgenson, Girls' Club representativeg Frances Thomas antl Ricliartl Swanson, yell lcaclers. Later in tlie year we elected Eloise 30 lngman, Mickey Doclge, Ken Dally, and Lester Smitli to represent us on tlie student recreation center committee. Dick Harlow acted as master of cere- monies llor our VVasl1ington's luirtliclay assembly, February 22. The program eonsistecl of several songs sung by Dale lX1cDaniels, Lester Smitli, Bill Davis, and Richard Swanson, a reading by Peggy Smitlig a solo by Nagel liiceg anti LFQDLRTY-2 First row tleft to right!-Henry, Johnson. Jolly, Lewi:-6. Second row th-ft l0l'iKl1IQ-IIHFIIYNV, llHlII'l0S, In-ein-nhy, Lynn, Loomis. 'l'hir4l row ll:-ft In riixhtj-Iiorlon, llenry, Hansteail, .Ioi'g'4-nson, H. Johnson. Hack row th-I't to rigiilj-Km-t-iiaii, Larson Lind, Libby, Lind. First row 111-t't lu riixhtl--Stover, i., Smith Swanson, Sliaffor. Su-1-ond row tl:-ft to i'i1.:'htJ-NVilli:in1s, .'l1 "llUHl4l'4 IC N"lli Ill S Q-i1tt.l .Ni a s. Hack row-Sinne-H. Sjogren, Snowmien. a short play about how our high school went over the top in the Fourth Will' Loan hond selling campaign. Those par- ticipating in the play included Eloise lngman, juanita Iorgenson, lX-flargic Rhoades, Marilyn Jungquist, Patricia Sayre, Nancy Lindberg, Lou Ann Parker, Barbara johnson, Norval Hanl sen, lerry lledding, Richard Swanson and Bill Davis. Another highlight ol' the year for us was the comhined party and dance we SEX presented at the Y. M. C. A. on Saint Patriclcs day. We decorated the "Y" with shamrocks, and green and white crepe Paper, and in general carried out the genial Irish theme. First row lleft to riiziitl-Rice, 'Fhoniiw or LZPIISUII, Hell, Harlow. Back row tlvft to right?-Miss Axi-lsou Nt tier, Henry. lop picture lst row-Ellis, L'ot't'm:in. Berg, Pannon, Ahts, Curlmw, 'Pup pieture, lst row - l'o-t I o su 'nm I x-Howron, .XI'IHOy, Anderson, Iflnglish, llavis, Bjorgan, Bryson, l':llYl"ill'I, 9 Alorggiii, IV,ar'so'ri. . thaltt-1', t'liemiwetli, Irlkroni, Nerkes. -ml 'Uwflxi l'1n""' If M"l1"' XUHNAT it row'-,Xrnit'ielil, .Xlexandf-r, .Xxt-lson, Hooper, Burt, B1Ij'l'P, Ilulirifilie. Bilfgk V"W'B' 3lf'S""- N""l'l "lx" i ilmnison, t'.iy.zul. Brown. X- Milimn- MM UNRY' I-1-WS' , 4 , 4. . . . .YV , I muy 1lll'lllI'Q', lst row- Flynn, ll. Johnson, Krulm, Knapp, lxern, Gilbert. Ixamli, ldmimqllalzlul''xvmll "M lk"' HHH I 1' . . . , . , . ' 'i, ' 1+-, m on---tlrosir Ifollriirimli Ilgill, G. llhinsen, laiulcgiiist, Iwariiniore, .l. llillll-IHII, :ml I.Hx,s,Lfl,H1lSm,I,. JPHIHW xlu ,HU N ihnwon, uni., boom , all, A, . oinson. Vikv. Yun VaNWm,m.g' fl I mx X In IUNKfllZlINUlHIl, Hale, Linlllrlooin. HQ-rlmaugli, Lloyil, Joehini, N. Johnson. Baek I'lIYY'XVJlf.l'llP1', Sayre I um liuprlies, Ili-lnier. Su-iiiliagi-ii, Shih. Vali-ntnii We, fVeafr.fufZ'e4 E, tlie elass of '47, came into Mount Vernon lligli Seliool lioping to aeliieve liiqli lionors and lie t L long remeinlbered. NVQ' elected our elass ollieers in tlie lall. 'liliey were: Ronald Donnerlierg, presidentg Charlotte Davis, vice-presif dent: Marvin Cannon, seeretaryg Donald Cilliert, treasurer: Janet Lloyd, student eouneil repi-csenraiiveg Cliarlotte Davis, elieer leaderg and Nancy Nelson, Girls' Club representative. Miss Ann Curtis was our advisor. Wie l'eel tliat we made a good start on tlie tootlvall field sinee two lioys ol' our elass made tlie first team. 'lliey were Holi Mason and Duane Sniitli. ln the latter part ol' tlie fall, we lield our Freslunan Party at tlie Y. M. C. A. wliere we played games and liad a pros grain. After tlie prograni reliresliments were served. Nt link I I ppt-r pit-tt1t't, Isl l'ow--I'ett-rson, ii. I'IuinlwI', 'wlz row NI:-M-V. Nlaiusvth. .XIt'I'uI'Hlir'li. row I'.I'Inn1In-i',Mt-llttll,Xi-Isol1.XIvKf-oti I uri-iizt-ti, Noni-uniln. i intl. Iuuvi' pivtlltw-, ISI row Szttlwr, XVI-yiiimltll, It rfinith. Hluis. ntl row XX':4t'rit-It, Zitnni--V, XYriuIit,'I'It1wt1li1sfni, oltlt-ii. 'I':1nis. row -Wznllntr. Wmllkt-, Wolfltill. ti, Yikt-, I NI IIIllIL.1lI 4. XIIIIIII .' 4- On St. l'zttriclt's clan' we prcsentccl an isseinhly lor ilu- school. illhe name ol the play given :ts part ol' the progrznn was "Rosie O'Clmclv's lglIL'liyLll'Cl,n written hi' Cieorgiat llerlxiugli. lircshincn class . . . . . '1 IIIl'IIIlIL'I'S PlII'lIL'Il7lIllIIQ II1 II XX'L'I'L'I cflllll' lottc l74n'is, M4irx'in Cannon, Nancy Nelson, .Iohn IIiII, ,lcain fhcnoweth, IFQRTYC- SEVEN the freshman girls from the Girls' Clee Cluh sung at liew Irish songs. llonultl Donnerherg was muster ol' ceremonies. VVe concluded the year with high hopes for next years activities :incl op- portunities to ticlvztnce in scholarship :incl leziclership. llohcrt Post, Delores l lille. ,lxicli llowron, 4,fi-i..,.i.,-.3.-iftttvt. rlioy-I. Gilln-rt. crumtm, Iron I .Xl.nir.tie Satire. lloh Maison, Gail Viltc, Uontilcl ifltnn, llichzircl l,iIIX'SiII1, Boh Xhts, Clilvin Ilrown, 1lI1Ll llohhy l-zirson. llzirhzirai llughcs lulziyccl the piano :incl 'T w JD In-HL, Miss lurtis. f,4,W . 840661116 j li. .Xnde-rson. Bell, I ll. Iledxnonrl, 'l'or:4eth, lfrerleen, Ualhom, Martin, Sluis, Thomas, llarlow, I' I .. .een 2nd row lleft to ripqhtj- Potter. N. Mason. Vike, I'. Sayre, l'. Smith, U'Hearne-, V. Mason, l'Iei'ke:s. Tripp, Crim. 3rd row lleft to I'l,2'lllJ-f- .Inrg'enson, lI'lH'I1lilI'l, Koffel, Rice, Lewis. -lth row Ileft tu rightl- Hiltlelnranrl, Pedersen, I.. Parker, Garherg, N. Mason. Loomis. Nelson 5th row tleft to righty- Thiret, Young, Breslieh. Karlson. t'. lie-dinond, B. .l. Anderson. 6th row tleft to riglitj- Nlinahan. XVynstra, 1.1. Schroeder. Cameron, YI ' B Tennyson, Truax, lfraa H. Front row lleft to rightj St-Iiroe-sIei', Struxenberg, Brevik, Good, Uaklantl, Guorllitie, Bruseg.:'aard, Illartin. :End row- Ile-ft to rightj- Mr. Ferris. Hushy, Boncle, Vinsen, Sharp, Sayre, Pinkerton. 3111 row lleft to riprhtj- lf, Smith. .I. Smith, Bennet 4th row Ileft to rightj- Greene. Torseth, Slllf-I'l0lPl'I'Y, Ferguson. I Honor Society HE Honor Society is an organized group of sophomore and junior students who have earned twenty-four and fifty points respectively during the year, according to grades. Our president this year was Robert Valentineg vice-president, Ray Tennysong secretary, Peggy Smith, and Mr. Ferris acted as our advisor. In the fall of the year we sponsored a banquet for the new sophomore members, welcoming them into the organization. Refreshments were served and an inter- taining program was enjoyed by all. At a general assembly the Honor Society pins were awarded to all members. The club also had charge ol' the assemblies during the year. Torch Society VVENTY-THREE seniors, outstanding in scholarship, were presented with Torch pins this year. Eighty points at the end ol' our junior year are neces- sary to be a member of the Torch Society during our senior year. If a student has earned one hundred ten points at the end of his fourth year he may keep the Torch pin. This gives us something to work for during all our high school years. Members of the society not in the picture are Anna Marie Looy and Bob Valentine. Our president this year was Bob Valentine, vice-president, Ray Pl en- nyson, and secretary, Peggy Smith. 36 I Front row Ileft to right- 'l', Irheary, I"r4-ts, Lutrn, . r. lit-iris. ack row Ile-ft tu righti- t Too row llc-fl to rip.fhU-Singletn-rry, Sayre-. ldklnnd, Lindberg, Lloyd, J. Martin, .lack Martin, 'Vhirrl row tleft to rhrhtlwkuss. llernhoft. Alm. Mason. l"1ri:uson. Se-cond row tleft to Flglltl-fi001ll1ll9, Barth-. Burgess. Front row lleft to rllrhtl-Miss Coy, Dram-r, Hanson. Pinkerton, Uaklanwl. Top row tle-ft to right?-Itussell, Slaughter, Iiasniussn-n Garlu-rg, Uarter. Front ripzhtl-Morrran, Anderson. Pinkerton, Bennett. Honra-rs, Mason, tfrnne. Wir. Uovvell. Jlanoaecl Thespians E, ol' 'lihespian lroupe No. 207, had an active program this year. Pro- gram committees presented some lorm of entertainment at each meeting. Our programs delved into modern dramatics a hit, and enlivened the more serious side of Greek Drama. Our lhespian Troupe now belongs to the National ilihespian 'liheater lor Victory Program and when called upon presents patriotic plays for different occasions. Advertising lor the senior play and the all-school play was carried on by us, mostly by carrying sandwich boards on hlain Street. Although producing sour laces at the time, it brought smiles as the success ol' the play was our crowning glory. Quill and Scroll HE would-be journalists ol' our high school who write three hundred inches ol' copy lor the Bulldog or another approved publication and are given the approval ol' the Quill and Scroll advisor, Mr. Ray Cowell, may become members ol' Quill and Scroll, an international honorary society for high school journalists. Credit toward membership is also given for holding a position on the Bulldog stall. Six journalism students who were accepted into Quill and Scroll this year were Barbara Bennett, Billie Carter, Nancy Mason, llclen Pinlterton. Shirley Rogers and Bob Russell. P eu Bulldog O us of the Bulldog staff falls the task of editing and publishing the high school paper, the Bulldog. Chewing a steadily diminishing pencil over a particularly hard assigned story is no small part ol' our job, for the paper is put out bi-weekly, under the direction of Mr. Ray Cowell, journalism instructor. Stall' changes are made every six weeks, and a new "beat" is assigned each reporter. Editors this year have been Billie Carter, Bob Russell, Helen Pinkerton, and Nancy Mason. Our business managers were Barbara Bennett and Shirley Rogers. This is definitely the place for those budding journalists with a nose for news-and a pencill S lc a gi n a E, the Slaagina stall, aided by Miss Cornelia Hanson as advisor, are con- stantly worltingq for a bigger and better annual. We are the official statisticians and compilers ol' events of great importance around school. It is our duty to capture forever the spirit ol' each particular school year and enclose it in this-the Slaagina as a pleasant and ever vivid reminder of school days. Stall' members this year were Helen Pinkerton, editor: Nancy Mason, assistant editor, John Ferguson, business manager, Jimmy Anderson, sports editor, Gladys Oakland, senior editor, lllargaret Lutro, junior editor, Peggy Smith, sophomore editor: and Nancy johnson, freshman editor. BULLIJUG First row Cleft to right!--Mr. Cowell, Rasmussen, Crane, Carter. Mason. Back l'OW tleft to right?-Bennett, Rogers, Pinkerton, Russell. SK.-XGINA First row lleft to rightl-Swanson, Hanson. Bartle. llakland, Rogers, Meyers, Koffel, Lockhart. l', Anderson Smith, Johnson. Second row lleft to rightj ellawson, .I ' NV lfh Q h oyee, e c , . pa r, Redmond. Teiseth, Vike. V. Mason, Alm, Lutro, N. Mason, Lloyd. Thiril row tleft to rigrhtl-Schroeder, J. .X1lll9I'S0l'l, Pinkerton, lferguson, Sayre, Eklund, Miss Hansen. First row ilefl ln right!-lirzitz, fi'iil'lN'I'1.f, ltiniliil, 'I', ir'l,i-airy. llaiiinaiforii, Sllill'lil'll'lN'l'Lf, Ifinsen, Gimillilli-, Krlllrln, Y. Nlusim. H'lli-arni-. .Xlule-i'srm. Sei-ont! row ilt-ft to right! 'IH-isa-th, Swanson, .I. H'lie:il'5', Huss, 154-rnhoi't, Lawsuit, Alm, Hairlle, Wilson, lforil, I'inki-rion. Iinvk row Ili-It to right! TilI'llZt'!llN'I'l-I, xy -i 'r te 4-lvh, lilllii , I' 1' -. Ili-ilinoiiil, N, Maison, l'i-:Ii-rsull, M1-Nei' Miss Hruuks. 'Phi-issi-it, Vilu-, Kullslrnni. Nolu Maison, II. llklllrilbll. Uzirlson, I,m-khairt. l'. llzlnsen. lioI'I'i-I. ltuwson. l"ii'Sl Vow llefl In right!-lie-ll. litwisi-i.:aaiwI, Gillu-rt. .luii,v, Sti'Lizt-iilwi'g.:', 'l'joi'ri:ii4i-l, Miirtiti, All'Kl'uIl. Fw-mini row tl:-I'I to right? --lilzu-kiiiore, l"i'I'1.CllSiill, Sayre, Russell. Minzniizin, How:-ion, XVynstrn. Iikiunil. lie-eliling. Smith. ' Hawk row lit-It to rii.:'liU--Mr. Sayre, In-yrinlils, Sllll-1ll'l4'I'l'Y, G1'0l'!1e, 'I'ill'Si-Ili, I'ayiie, I', l.imllii-i'g, lk l.insiln-ri.:, Ili-use-ti, Mr. I'1-ali-rseil. Hlnekhiirn, ' ' T r 1 f H 1 - Y lf iliri-l Ii-Y memhers are junior and senior girls desirous of contrihuting to the welliare ol' our homes, school, and associations through sell'- improvement. One ol' the major dances ol' the year was our "Hook 'Em Hop" tolo which we puhlicized at a comic assemhly. Among our activities were helping at the rationing hoard, making scraphooks for invalid soldiers, and playing basketball at the Y. M. C. A. Our meetings, held twice a month at the "Y," were presided over hy Helen Pinkerton, president. Donna Ford was vieespresident, Olive Buss, secretary. and Nola hlason, treasurer. VVe were advised hy hliss Thelma Brooks and Mrs. Cl. U. hloen. H 1 f Y li hoys ol' the lli-Y enjoyed a year ol' varied activities and experiences. Vile sponsored the Church liaskethall League at the Y. N. C. A. and Iiollowed the games with interest. lhe lormation ol' a cluh constitution gave us a working hasis lor our activity. Our drive lor the Vklar Prisoner's Aid liund netted 552-IO through a liour-way track meet and an inliormal dance at the armory. Scott XVynstra, Fred Minahan, lerry llcdding, and Dick Harlow attended the Northwest District Ili-Y congress in Portland as our representatives. Our leaders were: Holm Valentine, president: john Ferguson, secretary, Dick Judy, treasurerg Phil Sayre, chaplaing and Nr. E. F. Sayre and Mr. T. Pederson, advisors. .g . First row-Shai'fen- berg, Billsrren, Alm, Stout. Second row- Miss Currie. Anderson. Hannaford McKay, Jacobson. Back row-Mason, Rindal, Lipfgett, Garberg, Ford. First row lleft to right? -Rasmussen, Enyeart, Stout, Back row tleft to rightl-Wood, Miss Currie, Bryson, Mellott. NValker, Shidleman, Commet. llsherf Cflub E, of the Ushers' Club, consisting of twenty-one sophomore and junior girls, ushered for the Christmas concert. all-school play, and graduation exercises. VVC chose as our uniform, a dark brown pinafore and a white tailored blouse with which we wore a seasonal flower in our hair. VVe learned how to usher by practicing on one another and held rehearsals before each performance. Remembering that each section is lettered differently, that there are no rows for the letters l and Q, and that X, Y, and Z are in the balcony was necessary in order to lead a person to his proper seat. The officers that we elected were: Lois Billgren, president, and Eldora Alm, secretaryetrcasurer. bliss Dorothy Currie was our advisor. Library Club E, of the Library Club, celebrated our fourth year of service to the students of Mount Vernon High School this year. VVe offered a wealth of reading material, information of all sorts, pamphlets and picture material to the school. Opportunity was given each librarian to develop responsibility, to learn more about boolcs, and to enjoy knowing our fellow students. The library collected fifty books for the service men, sponsored displays of art, hobbies, and boolas, and also published a newspaper called the 'iBook Worm." VVe tooli trips to the library at the University of Wfashington and to the Seattle Public Library. I-'irst row-Swanln-ri.:, .Iat'ohs, Hell, Smith, .lorgqt-nsoxt, tlnrlu-114, l,uti'o,. 'Vhirt-t 4'ix'rt- lllcc. Tripp. 'I'I1il'1I Pown- Miss Brooks, .loII5'. lmwsoli. I"oI'1I. Ilzilllmforii, Vaillnoirt. H1-cltnond. SIl:ll'I't-IIII1-l'1-ll , N Hil4l4 In :IMI Ixoilel Aim, ltit.:'I:vi. I Num Nlgtstrll, Iiiam-A. Vogt, I'HllllllI'l, I-NNN. Back row jr gh,-ril't', Xialkt-in Print, lie-rr. I-irst 1'llVY--XYEIWI. xVttyinouth, Hnytlarl. liell. NYoIl'kill. Iii: slit It I IIUI II lrvk 1-,.l.-gmt. I-jnolds. Hack row "I7l'iI4llIllt'Y', .lot hun. li lnl I gguaril, .I--anne xvliif. M, M1-Ki-on, Ilavii I tim Xx I ll 4'ht-nowt-th, Wilson. ' Sayrv, Gallai1p:'1'r, , -B. . Spanish Club I2 had two Spanish clulus this year under thc advisorship ol' hliss 'lihelma Ilrczolts. Our meetings were held every other Friday with the groups par- ticipating in etlttcatimml and entertaining progratns. Nile also had a Iiew parties, including a swimming party at the Y. IXI. C. A. in hlarch. Cluh It-atlt-rs were elected each semester. 'Ilhose holding olilices during the year were llaroltl Ilell, Diclt Ilarlow, Frances 'I homas, Nola hlason, hlar- garet I.utro, Mildred I Iughes, Dorothy Smith, Nancy hlason, ,luanita -Iorgenson, Icrrv Iledding, hlagcl Ilice, Clloria Dawson, Sandra Ilrcsliclt, Peggy Smith, and Bill Davis. Latin Club UR I,atin clulm, Signilieri Romani, composed ol' second year Latin students, met and enjoyed inlormal programs and discussions pertaining to Roman lille on the Iiirst and third Vi'edncsdays ol' each month. Roman gods were imper- sonated, plays enacted. and games played. 'llhe Iiirst year class was initiated into the Signilieri Romani and was given junior Classical League pins on February I6 in typical Roman style. All Came dressed in togas and tunics, wearing "IvuIlas" and other appropriate jewelry. The junior Classical League is a national organization lor all torchlvcarers ol' classical civilization and education. 'Iiheir contrihution to the department this year was to Iiinish paying lor the Imust ol Caesar purchased by last year's cluh. I Nstney Mason, ltihlty, l'glrk4-rl I4!'4'SII4'Il, 'l'honias, Kztrlsou. l,imlIn-mr, :-Zluis, Ili-ailing. llarlow. Swanson, In-t-. A gpt-4,1141 VHXN Iillitizll, lmvis. Akin. ' XlltIt'l'S0ll1 . 'u"". IAIIPIIY. HF4 ', II.-tlelilrg, Flynn. ti I tx . A 5 .sl 4,.-- I-'otlan4l. .loauliv N Ike. XVo1uI, N. N4-Islm, 12' . . fl' HH , N, Johnson, IIIIIJIIUS, Van VJlIIit'!lIllII'L2', tiootl, 'I'i'uax. ltloytl. HIUIT-Yilll. llnle-, Kruhh, Ili-lmvr, Gootlhuv, Shilt. Ifvck. A. Johnson, Lawson, I,o1.:s4It-H. im Girls' Green M E, the members of the Cirls' Green M, had a successful year under the leadership of Billie Carter, president, Lee Ann Prefs, vice-president, and Nancy Mason, secretaryetreasurer. VV e were ably advised by Miss Hazel Mitchell. A tolo barn dance February 18 at the Y. M. C. A. proved a success. On April 26, new members were formally initiated at the home of Donna Ford. Our annual assembly was held April 28 at which time the initiates gave a play as part of their initiation. After the assembly an informal initiation was held at Lake Samish. Joyce Finsen earned her second stripe this year. Pep Club E senior girls who had as our purpose the encouragement of student enthusiasm and accomplished that purpose, we believe, made up the 1944 Pep Club. Miss Hazel Mitchell was our advisor and taught us some new d1'ills. Nadine Bartle was president and majoretteg Phyllis Lawson, vice-president, and Gladys Oakland, secretary-treasurer. VVe choose a dark skirt and white blouse with white anklets as our uniform. We were most active during the basketball season when we performed for home games in the gymnasium. Drills and letter formations with lighted candles and shakers proved very effective. Second row- Miss Mitchell, Rindal. Third row-Ford, Frets. T. O'Leary Finsen, Lutro. O'Hea.rne, Bratz, Hannaford. Standing-Miss Goodhue. Teiseth, Larson. D. Smith, Burgess, Hushy, Lorenzen. Helde, Draper, Bartle. Oakland, Rogers, Faulconer, Looy, Pinkerton. Finsen Hanson. Mitchell. First row-'Good hue Ingraham. Carter. Dawson. Nola Mason Swanson, Garberg Fourth row-Welch Fifth row-Redmond J. O'Leary, Teiseth Back row-Kallstrom Liggett, Nancy Mason Mitchell. Kneeling lfitzgerald, Swanson Bonde. Good, J. Smith 'Uiqcva First row-Blackburn, It. Anderson, Crim, Han:-ntad, Huglle:-r, J. Anderson, Linzlhertr. Martin. 'I'jernax::el, Struzenherg, Hall. Gill ert. D 4eeond row-Mel.e-od, Si-lit-ssh-r, Wvnstra, Sayre, Bruseiqaaril, Payne, Starkweuther, Slthrot-der. Third !'tbW1Sl'l1Ut'lf!I'. Reynolds, Mason, LeBlanc. McKeon, Mlnahan. Judy, Mr. Selmtstlztll. lloward, Henry, Mitt-ht-ll, Nfvvvilly. HOW:-lon. Baek row-llerle-ren, l'. Lee. Ugle, IP. Lee. Sllvernail. Larson, ligbers. l"irr-at row-Ahts, Pannon, Milsten, Valentine, Flynn. Good, Logsdon, Johnson, Uot'1'man, Kern, NVehb, Sluis, lla:-stlnnrs. Second row-Lloyd, .lim ltindal. 'I'aushf-r. Hull. L. Good, W':lJ:her, Gilbert, ldkrem, Gross, Kruhli, Ilanstad, Johnson. H. Holm. Mklund, Hu:-shy, G. Holm. Back row-- Mr. Hansen. Wnltnf-r, Neweombe. Hoag, Williams. VVulrle, Comm:-t. l,ar:-zon, Berber:-1. Iam:-ten, John liindnl, Bondi-, Bell. Sllvernail, Mr. Harnden. Boys' Green M Club E "he-men" of the high school made up the Boys, Green M this year. Our officers for the first semester were Cliil' Schroeder, president, Herb Payne, vice-presidentg and Fred hlinahan, secretary-trtasurer. For the second semester Herb Payne was president and Phil Sayre, vice-president. We sponsored an invitational basketball tournament for eighth grade boys at the Y. M. C. A., and followed the games with interest. Early in the year we held a sport dance and another in May. All the new Green M initiates were required to attend this dance. Initiation took place at Flagstaff May 19. Future Farmers of America E, the Future Farmers ol' qXmeriea, assumed increased importance this year because of the vital products we are learning to produce for the war. Awards made at our twenty-third annual fathers and sons banquet were the shop award to .lames Lassen, purebred Guernsey award to Gordon Ilanstad, purebred Holstein awards to .lohn Kamb and Glen Krubb, purebred Jersey award to Gilbert Holm, and the project winner award to Alvin Bell. Our only judging trip made this year was to Ghillawack, ll. C., where we received one first place and two fourth. Our judges were Gilbert Holm, Alvin Bell, and llerb VValtner, all of whom received Green M letters for their judging. First semester officers were: llell, president: Egbers, vieespresidentg Silver- nail, seeretaryg G. llolm, treasurerg VValtner, reporter. For the second semester officers were: Silvernail, presidentg llanstad, vice-president, l.loyd, secretary, john Rindal, treasurer, Gannon, reporter. Heian Seflf-ed-HPIIUGF. Singleterry, Torseth, Rindal, Martin, Starkweather, Bernhoft, Davis. Stand- ing-Anderson, Lindberg. Smith, Brown, Hill, Mason, Lawson, Howron, Uommet, Vike. VVoocl. "You Ccm't Take It With You" E, the cast of the all-school play, believe we have produced the gayest, giddiest comedy ever presented in the Mount Vernon High School audi- torium. The play-You Canit Take It With You-a three-act comedy written by Moss Hart and George Kaufman, was given by us March 28, under the capable direction of Mrs. Ellsworth Russell. Those in the cast were: Jack Martin, as Grandpa Martin Vanderhof, who collected snakes and went to circuses and commencementsg Shirley Bernhoft as Penny, his eldest daughter who wrote playsg Bill Davis as Paul, Penny's husband, who was an expert on firecrackers, Lillian Helmet as Essie, a ballet dancer who made candy for a livingg Dick Singleterry as Ed, who printed anything he could, Phyllis Anderson as Alice, the only sensible person in the household, Phil Lind- berg as Tony, a young business man in love with Alice, Rob Starlcweather as Mr. DcPinna, who helped Paul with the fireworks. Owen Torscth as Mr. Kolenkov, a Russian who admired Stalin, two negro servants, played by Janice Smith as Reba and Galvin Rrown as Donald, Virginia Mason as Gay Wellington, a slightly tipsy actress, Gail Vike as Mr. Henderson, who had his troubles collecting income taxg lim Rindal as Mr. Kirby, a success- ful business man, and Alice NVood as Mrs. Kirby, who believed in spiritualismg Laurice Gommet as Dlga Katrina, the grand duchess, who made Hblintzesf' and Richard Lawson, jack Bovvron, and john Hill as three police officers. First row-P. Sayre, Lawson, Philips. Second row-Sharp, M. Sayre, Babcock, Xxelson. Goodhue, Flynn. Pat Sslyre, Robinson. M. Meiloriiiiek, Hughes, Judy. Hack row-Redmond Hastings, Conlon, Joehirn, Hanson, Struzenherg. Johnson. H. Bowron, I+'. McCormick, Mr. Steele, .lorgr-nson. First row-- -l'. Lawson I '1 u v ' I. haue, Lott, Robinson, Ir. Goodhue lt. Lawson, Stewart. Second row- Judy, N-Ny-T-V-efx' Young. Mellonnell, M. McCormick. Jacobsen. Redmond, hindqui:-nt. A. Johnson, Melkrrinivk. Prim. Phlrd row-Hughes, Anderson. Prentice, li. Sayre, l"ai.ran, Redmond, Richards J. Gnodhue. Wilson. Davis. Hanstad. Mr. Steele, XV. John:-ion, Valentine. Cann-ron B. Howron. Sharp llnmren, Hanson, J. Bowron. Qrclfestra NDER the capable instruction ol' Mr. Harry Steele, musical director since l92O, we ol' the Mount Vernon High School orchestra, concluded our twenty-fourth successful year. Our twenty-five members were featured in the annual Christmas and spring concerts as an outstanding instrumental organization. During the past school year, our group included eleven string instruments, one drum, two bases, one bassoon, one saxophone, two horns, two elarinets, two coronets, one trombone and two flutes. Band E ol' the Mount Vernon High School band feel that we had a real part in the schools war effort this year. Among our many patriotic activities, LlIlLlCI' the direction ol' M r. Harry Steele, were our musical participation at a boat launching, the bond parade, the local Holstein show, the Victory Harvest Festival held in the late summer, and the dedication of the servicemen's roster at the American Legion hall. VVe played our school songs at all the home football and basketball games, and gave a 'Adress' assembly for the enjoyment of the student body of the school. As always, our participation in the annual spring Concert and in the gradu- ation exercises highlighted our yearly program, and we stand confident that our contributions brought enjoyment and inspiration to many. acalulh USIC! The word itself is magic. The inspiration and comfort it brings to all people, especially in these troubled times, can not be measured. The words of a song can bring a soldier close to home or stir him to great achievement. Unforgettable songs have been born in times of stress. Old and new songs, sweet and stirring songs-all these, we vocalists brought to our listeners this year, in our concerts and Victory sings. We sing the songs of a free nation with the hope that one day the song of freedom might be heard everywhere. CHOIR First row Cleft to right! Torseth, Schloemer, Carlson. Miss Miller, Fredeen, Osbrink, Brevick, Sandness, Kallstrom. M Anderson. Buss, Libby, Welch, Lutro. N. Parker, Burgess, Phillips. Back row-Wilson, Fosket, Lloyd, Carson, Blackmore, Ferguson, Hamblin, P. Lee, Hoag, Smith. Mullaniels, Stevens, Stover, Sayre, Flklund. Front row-Shilt. English, Walde, Lewis, Wilson. Miss Miller, Calibom, M. Martin. Kenealy, Glasoe, Williams. Burklialter. Second row-Edler, Lynn Lillygreen, King, Thompson. N. Hanson, B. Martin, Murray, Reed. Herbaugh, Jorgensen. Third row-Sayre. Good Driftmier, K. Olson, Jenson, Bryson, Stem- hagen, Van Valkenburg, N. Johnson, Larm, V. Lind. S. Lind, Alm Back row-Nelson, B. Hanson, Loomis, Sandall. Lindbloom, Burt Boyce, Noste, Olin, Willard, Loveless. Mever Sjogren. Fenimore, Du- buque, Keenan, O. Olsen. First row-Henry. Swanberg, Cannon, Lee, Miss Miller, Johnson, Second row-Hanstad, Dalley, Ekrem, lfeden, Bennett, Jacobs, Holm, Kamb. Third row-Brown, Moores, Sjogren, Schloemer, Lindberg, Elkins. Bartle. Bernhoft, Second row-Struzenberg, Walters. Crowe, Hagman, D. Lindberg, P. Lindberg, . Zimmer, McKeon, Truax. Newman. Snowden. Wood, v v Hegman, Berg, Pederson, Norlie. Swenson, Gilbert, Tausher. Webb, Swanson. Choir E. of the choir, under the direction of Miss Frances Miller, have tried not only to develop our own musical interests, but also to bring entertain- ment to the students and faculty of Mount Vernon High School as well as to our parents and friends. We presented our usual Christmas and Spring concerts for the public, and also several Victory Sings in which the entire student body participated. At the beginning of the school year, we elected our officers. They are as follows: president, Bill Blackmore, secretary, Nadine Battle, and student leader, john Ferguson. Girls' Glee Club HE Girls' Clee Club, composed of seventy freshman and sophomore girls, made their first appearance at the Christmas concert and also for both students and the public in the spring. Of special interest was, "The Walnut Tree," by Schumann in which harp and violin accompaniments were played by Phyllis Lawson and Marjorie Sayre. Debussy's "Clair de Lunef' accompanied by Pat Calbom, and "Looking Glass River," directed by Mary Martin, student conductor, were also enjoyable. Lois Lillygreen, Dorothy Nelson and Marjorie Sayre sang the solo part in "If Thou Art Near," a Bach chorale. Boys' Glee Club HIRTY-TVVO boys, freshman and sophomore, sang in the Boys' Clee and participated in both the Christmas and spring concerts. "Nazareth," by Counod and "White Christmas," from "Holiday Inn," were outstanding in the Christmas concert. The group numbers which they sang in the spring concert were, "Old Man River," by Jerome Kern, "De Cospel Train," a Negro Spiritual, and a group of service songs including, "What Do You Do In The Infantry," "Hit The Leather," and "Song Of The Bombardiersf' directed by Richard Swanson, student director. Interesting bits of information about each number were given by Cordon Hanstad, president of the glee club. 1' ff ff N X N X . , f X fq f W WCM!!! wx xxxff jgfgy 1 ff ,X 4, lk 'wfgyfk 7 A A A "' +17 . 1 , , I if I .1 nv, W .',f,p! f , v,yl X 1 iff , I " ' if NE W!! fi I vu ' ay fxff X V 'r f ff M 0 XR af rjf' ' 443 1 , xxx xv '-A- X , ,J O VA f My 'V ,g l ,, V f 77 if! fff fl x ,gg f 1 if 'f'l,1', I X b Anderson Capt. Blackburn Judy Howson Hughes Lee Martin Minahan Mitchell Nuvutny Payne Ruthruff Sayre Schroeder Stl-uzenbe Tjernugel Valentina NVynstrz1. Cfflootlzall ilimzroe 70 hlount Vernonis uninspired Bulldogs lost a heartfhrealter in the opening game of the season to hlonroels Bearcats. VVith the score tied O-0 in the last 40 seconds ol' plav, lN'lonroe's Vernie llerglund went oil' tackle 50 vards lor a touchdown. The Bulldogs outplaved the visitors throughout the game, hut lailed to punch over a score. lX'lount Vernon amassed over twice as many first downs as Monroe. lllurys1'ille 18-I3 Behind I8-O in the liourth quarter, Mount Vernon's injury-ridden Bulldogs made one ol' the liinest comehaclis ever wit- nessed on ,Xslxev Field. Plaving in 75 to 80 degree heat, the Mount Vernon team thrilled the lians with two snappy touch- downs in the dying minutes of the game. Clill' Schroeder scooped up a hloclaed punt and galloped five yards for Mount Vernon's lirst score ol' the season. Minutes later Duane Smith elimaxed a savage Bulldog drive to score on a line play from inside the IO-yard line. Seconds afterward the gun sounded. Snolzomislz I-I-0 A listless Green and VVhite elex en went down to delieat hetore a hard hloclting Sno- homish Panther team. Not scoring once, Mount Vernon was outplayed during the entire game. Nothing can he said for the Bulldogs, Snohomish looked like cham- pions. Burlington 13-6 Fans ol' Mount Vernon began to take heart after this game, defeat though it was. For three quarters the Bulldogs threw a scare into the undefeated Tigers, but vic- tory eluded them. Rex Hauser, giant Tiger hack, proved Mount Vernon's undoing. His savage line hucles finally wore down the Bulldogs who grudgingly gave up two touchdowns. Boh hflason, freshman hack, plunged over for Mount Vernon in the second quarter but a last minute spurt by the Bulldogs fell short in the fourth quarter. Ifirst row-Mgr. Starkweather, lr. Smith, Gilbert. Mason, Unzaui, lb. Smith, H. Valentine, llfllllllill- Blur, Hollins. St-eonti row-Mr. Acldisoir, Martin, N., C. St-iirm-der, Anderson. Novotny, Judy, lmym-, Blackburn, Struzenhurg, Horrobin, Mgr. Perkinson. Third row-- Q, Sc-in-of-:it-r, Alinahnn, 'l'j+'l'll2il.Z't'l, Henry, llowson, Mitt-hell, Huthruff, ire-e, NVynstr:t, ll. lairson, lt. Williams, Mr. Sebastian. Sayre. Mellaniels. Back row-Natura-n, IC. Williams. Harlow. Ilwlllingg .lolinsotn Ifrisk. .f-. l 4 ' p . , 4 -L 51 'Wie ami as Mirza, ,ima Arlington 12-0 Playing their best game of the year, de- spite injuries the Bulldogs battled on even terms for the most part of the game. Hal Davis, speedy Eagle back, went around end for both of Ar1ington's scores. Mount Ver- non, never out of the game, threatened many times. Argus Blackburn was the main Bulldog offensive threat, while Ruth- ruff and Valentine got in the opponents' hair all afternoon. Cliff Schroeder, the fifth man in Arlington's backfield, covered him- self with glory as well as mud. Things were looking up for Mount Vernon. Edmonds 6-19 Playing like champions, the Mount Vernon Bulldog eleven annihilated the strong Edmonds Tiger team. Scoring twice in the second quarter and once in the third, the locals completely routed the visitors. The Bulldog line charged like demons to smother the vaunted Tiger attack. Herb Payne, Tom Henry, and Wally Pmuthruff pulled down 8 passes in 13 attempts. Two of them went for scores. Argus Black- burn and Scott Wynstra cracked the line, which was opened time and again by the charging Bulldog forward wall. Bob Val- entine and Blackburn drove the Tigers crazy with their daring end runs. It was a glorious victory for the Green and VVhite and optimism ran high. Lake Stevens 7-13 In a hard fought battle on Askey Field, the Bulldogs again looked like champions by trouncing the Lake Stevens Vikings. Sporting the biggest team seen here in years, the Vikings started out like a ball of fire, but were soon cooled off by the 52 scrappy Bulldogs. Using line plays and passes, the Green wave drove down to the two yard line in the second quarter from where VVynstra went over standing up on a weakside buck. On the first scrimmage play after the touchdown, Jimmy Ander- son intercepted a Viking pass and scamp- ered 36 yards for another score. This wound up the scoring for the Bulldogs, but Lake Stevens pulled a pass triple lateral with a minute to go in the fourth quarter which went for a score. The Bulldog line again dominated the field, while the backs made good use of their opportunities. .Anacortes 25-O In a sudden reversal of form, the Bull- dogs bowed to Anacortes 25 to O. Only in brief snatches in the second quarter did the locals look like the team of two weeks be- fore. Clifford Foss, Seahawk quarterback, tore the Bulldogs' line apart with his savage running, and his dead-eye passes were gobbled up by Olson, Erickson, and Mur- ray. There was little to say for Mount Vernon, they were a thoroughly beaten eleven when the final gun sounded. Ana- cortes looked very much like champions. Sedro-Woolley 460 Sedro-VVoolley's Cubs, led by Spud Walley, completely routed the Bulldogs on Greene Memorial Field in Sedro-Woolley. Mount Vernon threatened in the first part of the game, but that was about all. In the first, third and fourth quarters the Cubs scored at will, having no mercy on the hap- less Bulldogs. With a paper line and ab- solutely no pass defense, the Bulldogs played their worst game of the season. This game ended the season for the Bulldogs. Practi Cyifaf Sfafigficg vxA.fvx,xx, J, iBaseball cc Games Mount Vernon I2-Arlington 5 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon 1-Bellingham 4 5-Oak Harbor 6 1-Ferndale 9 County Games Mount Vernon 1-Sedro-Woolley 3 Mount Vernon 7- Mount Vernon 4- Mount Vernon 3- Mount Vernon 7- Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon - Mount Vernon - qfilennis Burlington 4 Concrete 0 Anacortes 4 Sedro-Woolley 1 Burlington Concrete Anacortes Mount Vernon 4-Sedro-Woolley 0 Mount Vernon 5-Bellingham l Mount Vernon 4-Sedro-Woolley O Mount Vernon 792-Marysville 736 Mount Vernon 10-Marysville 5 Everett 62 1-3 Mount Vernon V2-Bellingham 1492 Grack Mount Vernon 5816 Bellingham 9 Anacortes 21 Mount Vernon 55 5-6 Anacortes 4016 Arlington 20 5-6 Concrete 5 Stanwood 3 Mount Vernon 85 Burlington 3616 Mount Vernon 76 Sedro-Woolley 46 cege qxjinnevg Special sport award winners of the year were: FOOTBALL All Northwest-Cliff Schroeder. All Northwest, Second Team- Argus Blackburn, Fred Minahan. All Northwest, Honorable Men- tion-Dick Judy, Bob Valentine, jim Anderson, Tom Henry, Leland No- votny. BASKETBALL All County-LaDon Henson All County, Second Team Cliff Schroeder. HonorableMention-Gerald Mitchell. 55923 we +4 m aw " -z f W M 3 Il QW? ,, W X :S .1 Q 5 'F id? . ,fix Qkiff 1 1, +53?'?2t f 21,2 YL , X 3 ",, , E r X A 5 j 4 Y 2'zm:w51f Q f- Ftif ,519 Q , E-gzis fmwwwm L V1 fha "Z,!1e3um.'5 I if gm , y z 9, S JC gg rx , 1 1 Q W, igaskftpball Q0 get fem, uffboggl Sedro-Woolley 38-Mount Vernon 26 Mount Vernon's Bulldogs dropped the opening game of the county season by losing a hard fought game to the Sedro- Woolley Cub five. Sedro-Woolley, a strong team of veterans, was unable to shake the battling Bulldogs until the last few minutes of the game. Mount Vernon's inexperi- enced fivc gave a good account of them- selves, but were not yet ready for a team of Sedro-VVoolley's calibre. Concrete 37--Mount Vernon 43 Playing basketball like it was made to be played, the Green and White outscored thc Concrete Lions 43 to 37. Led by LaDon Henson, the Bulldogs completely outplayed the upriver five, who put up a great fight nevertheless. Anacortes 27-Mount Vernon 17 Fighting desperately, the local five had the champion Anacortes Seahawks sweat- ing all the way. Only a barrage of baskets by Bay Polly, Seahawk high-scorer, kept the Bulldogs from one of the biggest upsets in years. Mount Vernon was ahead for a time in the third quarter. LaConner I7-Mount Vernon 32 Playing excellent ball most of the way, Mount Vernon won an easy victory over the LaConner Braves. LaDon Henson paced the scoring with counters. The small LaConner floor hampered the Bulldogs somewhat, but could not stymie them com- pletely. Burlington 28-Mount Vernon 38 Charging out of the north, the Burling- ton Tigers started like a whirlwind on the local floorg but Mount Vernon's smooth- working Bulldogs changed the Tigers' stripes to spots in front of their eyes by a basket barrage that was beautiful to behold. The visitors fought all the wav, but they had met their match in the Bulldogs. Sedro-Woolley 39-Mount Vernon 35 Staving off a last minute rally, the Sedro-Woolley Cubs downed Mount Ver- non in a wild and wooly game before a packed house. The Green and White played desperately but victory eluded them. The Cubs played fine ball to win. Concrete 25-Mount Vernon 24 Mount Vernon played listless ball for three and a half quarters, and when they did wake up it was too late to save the game. A last minute rally fell short and defeat was the penalty. Anacortes 40-Mount Vernon 25 In the clutches of one of Anacortes' greatest teams, the Bulldogs were trounced severely. Anacortes displayed the type of basketball that marked them as one of the state's leading teams. The Seahawks were never in danger, although the Bulldogs played good ball even in defeat. LuConner 21-Mount Vernon 26 A stubborn LaConner team gave the Bulldogs a hard tussle on the local floor. The Green and White were hard pressed to win, and the game was in doubt all the way. The game was slow in its early stages, but picked up at the end. Some good shoot- ing was all that saved the Bulldogs. Burlington 22-Mount Vernon 26 The Bulldogs sewed this one up in the third quarter with an exhibition of basket- ball playing that left the fans agog. The Tigers were plowed under by the deluge of points, and a rally of their own fell short in the last minutes of play. The Bulldogs played spotty ballg at times it was brilliant, and other times not too good. It was good enough to win the last game of the county season. 5: ad Front row- Mf-Er. Pederson, Stover Sharp. WVQ-ymouth, Iiall, Horrobin, Klrn, D. Lee, Ellis, Williams. M. Hanstad Mgr. Bonrle. Erick row-Gilbert, GFOSS. Silvernail, Minahan, Anderson, Mitchell. Tennyson, Cannon, Martin, Payne, Newcombe, P. Lee. Mc-Leod. Hanstad. Mr. Sayre. Martin. Miss Mitchell. Johnson. Baseball T this writing the Bulldog baseball team was battling it out for the county championship. Milton Hanstad, infielder turned pitcher, handcuffed most opposing batters to date, only losing to Anacortes. The team has displayed much batting power, hitting the ball well in all but the first Sedro-Woolley game, where Pete Lee lost a heartbreaker. Herb Payne, early season star, was injured after the opening county game and forced to the sidelines for the season. The first nine was composed of Cannon, catcher, Tennyson, first base, Minahan, second, Silvernail, third, Mitchell, short, Gross, left, McLeod, center, and Anderson, right. The scores are listed on page 53. Golf , HE golf team, composed of Gerald Mitchell, lack Martin, Bob Swenson, Rudy Johnson, Orville Huseby, -lerry Horrobin, and lack Howard, had a successful year under their coach, Miss Hazel Mitchell. They won one match and lost one, the scores of which appear on page 53. More matches were Sched- uled for later in the season but results were not as yet obtainable. Front row-Howard Swenson. Mitchell Back row-Horrobin 4 Track ARLY in May Coach Joe Murphy girded his track team for another county championship. The big guns of the Green and Wliite cinder men were Cliff Schroeder, Rich llowson and Don McLeod in the weights, jim Hughes, Bill Blackmore, Duane Smith and Bill llansen in the sprintsg Don Frank and Ken Dally in the hurdlesg Jim Hughes, LaDon Henson, Dick Larson, and Rich How- son in the jumping events, and Scott Wynstra, Wally Ruthruff, Albert Hall, and Nels Larson in the distance. The Bulldogs won the county championship May 5 in Sedro-VVoolley. Scores appear on page 53. Tennis NDER the tutelage of Mr. james Addison, the tennis team had a very successful season this year. Winning all their matches to date, the racket wielders are eyeing the district meet which will be in Mount Vernon. Members of the tennis squad are Richard Anderson, Bud Leaf, Don McKean, Ed Cameron, Wzirren Gilbert, Harvey Crim, Tom Brusegaard, Price Hale, and Alvin johnson. Scores are on page 53. Front rtrw-MEF. Neal, Nr-wlnnal, Smith, ltuthrut't', Iiimlal, Ilally, ll0f1Yli'I'lYt'I'K, l"rank, I.intlhf-rg, Wynstra, Seht-ssler, Mkrem, Irogsrlon, Hell, LJ. St-hrneller, Hull, Hanson. Sehuelvr. Blackmore-, Hughes. Back row--Johnson, Hanson, Uozml, Ilatugen, Stenlhagen, Lars:-n, l'. Seliroenla-F, Hnwsnn, Henson, Utrlt-, Moores, Matson, Akin, Valt-ntine, Larson, Sayre. Ilaurnan. Melbonnt-ll, He-nry, Parson, Howard. lmppe, Mehr-ml, Williams, Ifrie-ak. Mr. Murphy. Front row-Anmlerson, M1'Keun, Gillwrl, Prim, Bl'll:-wfxatslrd. Bark row-- Mr. Addison, Leaf. Carnwr-mi. Johnson, Hale. G B . A. .L LluA DICRS Swanson Ford .l. U' Leary Miss Mitchell A S K ICT PIA LL Brisliy' lluwson V. Mason Rimlzll Hunnaford Aim I'vslersen lfrets Knffel Miss Mitchell H1 DUKEY Fr B1 V1 ont row- 0'Henrne I lzlwsun Fornl Alm wk row- Miss Mitchell IJ. Redmond T. KYLE-ary l'e-nh-rsen Bratz Hughes R. Parker Lutro Koffel DLLFIYBA LT. Miss Mitchell M. Sayre Rurkhalter Nelson Ma rtin I Drift mier Shilt NVil:-:on Hzxmnton Dubuque Girls' Cilltltletic Qlssociation E Girls' Athletic Association members comprise all the girls of the school who are interested in sports and who turn out after school for teams and competition. We were led in a successful year of activity by 'lanette O'Leary, presidentg Annette Swanson, vice-president, and Nancy Mason, secretary-treasurer. Miss Hazel Mitchell was our advisor and coach of all teams. An unusually large number of freshman girls turned out for sports this year and became new members of the G. A. A. A new sport we took up this year was field hockey which proved popular with all the girls. Our "Foot Brawl" sport dance at the Y. M. C. A. began the social activity for the entire school. Highlight of our doings for the year was our Circus-Carnival, April 14, in the gymnasium. Both young and old enjoyed it immensely to judge by applause and proceeds. Grace Pedersen was master of ceremonies and introduced each of the acts which included vocal numbers, clowns, trained animals, strongmen, a Hawaiian dancer, a real live pony and an "honest-to-goodness wolf." Music was given out by june Sharp and her "Flats" After the circus, camival attractions were open to all. We took our annual weekend trip to Camp Kirby April 29 and 30. The camp theme, "Leap Year," was considered appropriate by all. Next year's presi- dent, Therese O'Leary, was toastmistress at the banquet the night of April 29. More than fifty girls went to camp and everyone reported that she had a memor- able time. The Girls' Athletic Association closed the year on an optimistic note for next year. Basketball Although turnouts for basketball were slighlty delayed on account of the boys' occupation of the gym approximately fifty-seven enthusiasts turned out to play. A hard fighting junior team came out the victors with the seniors second. Hockey Hockey, a sport that was just introduced this year, drew a large turnout of girls. In the final games the juniors took the seniors by two points, thereby com- ing out first, with the seniors second. Volleyball Turnouts for volleyball began in March and an energetic freshman team came out on top with the juniors second and the sophomores trailing. I. "Bye now." '. "VVe're just Froshf' 3, "Lund me your enrsi' 4. "Drive slow!" "Meet Smitty and C0 6, "How'd we get un this pu eo 4. "Hill Nu! Not that!" 8. "Hi! Good luokin'!" l H1-y! I,4-g'p.:u my Mull friends-" 4 I um lln- Gr:-:lt stu lf-5: I" ' Gu Lu-t 'vm Hl1ll4lng.:s!" ' im- ili: Huw- Xlnll 1:01 yr l':'u-k-:I-hun!" I lnld Ylrll sul" XVIIM hum- I du blll' vw-Q fllll "' .W Ill' . I mhz nulxtul Ulu. wha: . -4 murninp:!" ,,f -warg hai, TT Jcknowledgments The Skagina staff acknowledges the assistance of thc following in prepar ing tlmc 1944 Skagina- Engraving WESTERN ENGRAVING Seattle, Wasllington Plzotogmplly Knut: STUDIO Mount Vernon , 1. I. HOLT AND COLORTYPE Co. VVushington Mount Vernon, VVashington Covers and Binding S. PRIEBE Everett, W8Sl1lHgICJH Printing lVlOUNT VERNON IJAILY HERALD Mount Vernon, Wasllington 5 LH' EA .V ' "ii--an '. 1 ' .U if df I 1 , ' ,Viv -P' Eh V '- -Q 'JH M - - 1' QL - ' v 'e ' ' t '- '. uflfl- I '-'Q' ' ' f '52 4 '-5 . 17" : f, j an -5- if V' fb +5 ,z "' If- ' . if W' 134 . -3 v - lg 'Q IP. , ,tg - -E 'A .-xii , fp ff --4 'Vp A ' - . ,A , 1 . f.f'fYf'gf 1V -5-- H - '4-J , - fi Q -, .. - A 1 yd! .a M I I , . 49- 1, i 1 ym' ,-.11- 35' mfr I - . 1, ' dam! Liz? gg-ri, .:., I Zi ' - ' 'I ' ' 5 ' -I -"' .Q - L4""': 3? fi ? v .V ' :L 'L :'44f.yL-'E.-l:5',,A!A uv . sf in ' A ' v' " , L1 ffm Aff. 'x , , . 5 Za. mf' ' ' .7 I-jig gas' V . ' g, ,, V ' . 4.1 Q13-,.4m'-, " ... ..-J,' ,A ., . 1 '- -' - ,fr-r dm- .v gp , , '- " 'sl' " .vi ..-,Ji,i,: pg! 1 5 x. .4 ll 5 P . H N, , in K x vq ru. ' - 9' ' f wx' .-'.. ' f . v V ' 1. ' ' ln I vki .g-,f A is ! ' , .V.,- F," g' - -- - - .Q Q ' ' , if me-'Q-HZ.. 9' l A ,f 1 tk Ag if , .-wlibm- . n ' ."vf-- - .. '. -, - . "ss . 1, -. A 1 'WI' I ..-gl-., F 4 ,- 'N - fulfil 'miggiivf , , ' K 'fi".. ill!" a qv QU: 4' 'fi' I "W 'lfw .wi-,ggvd 1 1 K " ' FI?-4 . 'Z .-,ug i.yj,.l,, ' .iu:.,- pg' M' , - jf:-ls5r'f.",-+ :Af ' , ."' Qi" . 'f' 'um 1 if ' Ku QIQJQQM HQ- d:gMX"','L T ' ' ' ., . ,' V1 , ' " - ' -1 I ' t' . 6 I- ' , , v 'ks' - ,isa 14. . --. , F. .. .-4 , 5 'W . I! ' . . .Q' . - ' ' I ' ' if-fish , N- Q'--rg 1.4 1,2 J' ' 1+ S-'-fl, -H' in 'ff'-eggf. .Bw - ' - ,mln :1 -, - .' , 4, ' H n- . :jul Ah . 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