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 - Class of 1950

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3 F. K f 5 v fi' A 3 ' dy' A brief.. - ozflfbvf- l'r'-Lys Q rw Ei.: I. 15.- ii. -4 l 1 - w . ,A , -. - . ' fl' E, "Z ..' 'Q-1, -1.15: J - -' v WM mm "-Y",-w 221 I it ! i , hi 1 I r 4 Mg if. i l v 4 w lu x x 1 ' 1 1, ! rr E Q ii E 3 se ".-519 .,,'5. nvqs ,L l do 5 2. ', ' 1, ' I 'X' F: .52 ami' J, ,.,,..,, W4 ,W- f ga 1 F 51' ,J Fw., 1 A ,- , 5, Q, , TJ? .1- V r A. - -, .pi .-3. 4539 ' ' ff, 5 . .1 " fgv Q.: A V-MW. H Q? .-ff' - - " fe 31 -Q. .I ' ., I 2 . 1 .Wi f, 1 'iw ,, , I-ii! L 4. ' , "uL.v- 24 I, A W ,, w iilfgf' C4-Q f "sm, . : .1 AT 'A H-i1'if'.i. ,ffi..e':w. f' Tb 'I X' If: 2' . . . ,Lib ' 5. .YQ P. 14' 1 Q - Y ETH Q 2 V ' ' "l "1 'i-.+,z'5" . '51 c' 'I .P , 15524. , -I 3,5 ,v V : 1' 3,9 ,, SWE? ' -5-2.5 Q. ,L V -'A . 11- w-1,-Q4 ,v rx . ga .1-:ig-Ei . . 5 ' 5 11 1-,.,,. '.-' z ' I 7' ST? -1 ' 1 'I ' .' - V H,5.g 'ml . yg .. ' -Q 'MQ aff " " an X 5 . .. , jd. r- ai' -9 . 14 f' Q' 5+ . Ma .,, , . yur- 3 . ya 2- ' L ' " J 'tri-jf-'jszi' I F ,. Y ' :E .fa .xl . .. Y 3.3, " W . U . N ,P f V 'gf' , V X f. Q .b N I, gf ' in -' 5 . r. ' . K ,. . I 'V n A 1' I M , in V- wu' .Q i I 4 -1 A I, lj 5 1 U N nf , . i. tr.- Y U .. W 577, X M N ' IOW 'QZHWMJY of cub 1,60 fc,l?0qjj10n?c5Q900inGe W' 0 fzgnr' Pam 430' rouge JU. gang 19220, bEyIX0v9v2'YCXkA?lv' SCWO? h'a ke gzpfpx 43210-V'b N121-z31Q'fuW K VOM 7? fuvj 47320 lb Success , v 2-be ,ALQSWZZ faem WW' N5 MT VERNON CONSOLIDATED SCHOOLS MT. VERNON, MISSOURI ELIZA ETH SMITH Secretary The members of the school board are elected by the people of Ht. Vernon. They are responsible for a program of edu- cation for the boys and girls of Mt. Vernon Public Schools. From left to right are Earl Smith, Dr. Kenneth Glover, President, Janes Hunt, Dr. A. M. Alexander, Superintendent of Schools, Elizabeth Smith, Secretary, Karen Williams, Ben Cuendet, and Frank Cofer. Dr. Alexander recently received his Ed. D. degree from the University of Missouri Several new additions have been made to the Mt. Vernon Grade School pictured above. These include three classrooms, a principal's office, and a cafeteria. Approximately 225 lunch- es are served each day to grade and high school students. The high school buildings, includ- ing the main building, the industrial arts building, and the home economics cottage are pictured at the left. 2 The MOUNTAINEER is rapidly becoming established as one of the traditions of Mt. Vernon Schools. Year after year it serves as a pictoral record of many of the outstanding events of the year. Within its pages, too, are the faces of those many friends whom we have come to know and love in ou associations in the classroom and in other activities. Congratulations and an expression of appreciation are due those of our nu - ber who have worked so earnestly and so diligently to make this yearbook a suc- cess. Again it is representative of the very fine attitudes and the high standards maintained by Mt. Vernon boys and girls and their teachers. As your superintendent, I am glad to have a part, small as it may be, in your experiences of the year and I com- mend each of you in your achievements. May this year hold nothing but pleasant memories for you in the days to come. With the school year of 191.19-1950 successfully completed, lt. Vernon High's reputation has grown far be- yond the reaches of the local com- munity. As one student put it, 'Why this year even the teache s are human.' This exemplifies the close cooperation between teachers and stu ents. The co munity has come through by helping the band purchase new uniforms. The student body has won recognition everywhere. But underlying all this cooperation and recognition is a foundation built on friendliness and good sportsmanship. There are no strangers at MVHS. 2 f DELBERT L. 'IHEELER RUTH BLAKEY Ind. Arts, D. 0. Latin, English BURBANK YOUNG KING SCHOLILENBERGHi Geography Music Science TI-IELHA SWISHER EUCENE CARL Commerce Social Studies JOHN GIISTE Athletics MARY OIJISTEAD Library ADDIE AUSTIN lathmetics English Drivers Education THELMAMIJRRAY Voc . Home Economics RU'1'H JONES Social Studies 8th Grade LYLE A. HOUK Vocational Agiculture 6 up ' ,H Quai ,-- ,:, fig BLAND WHEELER Bruce School RETTA SMITH Grade 2 CLARICE ENGLISH Grades 5-6 DEIORES BOILES Grade 3 FRANCES KING Grade 6 EULA SiELTON Grade 1 WINNIE PUGH Grade h IDTTIE CAMERON Principal Grade 7 ALMA ASH Grade 5 ESTHER RICHEY Grades 3-14 BETTY GRISTE Grade 2 OPAL BURROW Grade 1 ' f re.- Student Council plays a major role in the ac- tivities of our school. All the business concerning our students and their relations to our school and other schools is carried on within the council. It supervises all extra-curricular activities and plans a definite program of student happenings within our school. Our council is a council of the students, by e students, and for the students, end its constant is for the betterment of the students. 1.1 '71 9 K5 5 Yo 5 T g Ko' ',,, ,, . W ' Wifi' A"':' f ami- Prdmih351'vaTfon l 5' ,Z'. . ,Q v ms l , if f .J w 4'. ' ' , i fef f-xi rx is 1-A H 1' i 1- 1 Q. I k--k H1 iqv.. w Qss uacte Ecli+ov- -s n f' ',AwfF C ,Y X , W ec v ,.:., L ' J- 'L N Q L E R 'b 0 .0133 . .wwvh ,f" kvx . 1, 01.1 , ual., 4 . eq, If Q., ?' X! V!! Syoiis fZ 1 -RF I n Q ve e. N'l'llIl1ptfkqc1!QN A 4 TIGER TRIBUNE lb 0:52, News september, 1.949 TIGER TRIBUNE STAFF ...- ...................,...................................... Assistant Editor ..... .............................. - ........,.,.........,....... Business Managers Feature Editors ...... Sports Editor ..... Society Editor ..,........ Roving Reporter ....... - .... Grade School Editor .......... Exchange Editor ...-..-... Circulation Manager ..... Typist ...- ................... 'tQj?f EDITIURIAL5 QUE Yvonne Burlison Bob Marshall Carl Hunter Shirley Graham Dortha Warford Billy Moore Carl Howell Wanmita Riley Ruth Smith Pat Bsssore Iris Parsons Hubert Conway Billy Giles EEC me nenpeper, the 'Tiga' Tribune," is published by the Speech and Journalism elses the staff. They ere publishing the paper Burlison ss Editor. 0 responsible during the year for their pert in 'To her left is her eble assistant Bob lsrehsll., Oqh Beeh :saber of the elses is assigned e job on Seeted et the center of the table is Yvonne end to her right is Carl Hunter who is business manager. Seated around the table are the other nubere of the staff, working on en issue of the paper. B vw 'J 4? Z. O G This year the coneree department edded a course in Secretarial Practice. Aside fron typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping, students ere given an opportunity to learn filing, office grocedure, buisness corre- spondence, business mchines, etc. In the ebove picture these girls are learning to run e copy on the ditto nechine. Debate is en ectivity of the Speech and Joxrneliel elses. he question for this yeer tes, 'Resolvedx 'mst the President of the United States should be elected by the Direet Vote of the people! These students are sham taking part in e debate eeeeion. 1. 5 . u p x Y 3 film IW ' WI 9 4 0 :J f1uiQ Shawn above, proudIL7 wearing their new green and white unifoms, is the concert band. In the Upper right-hand corner is the brass quartette. They are: Willa Jean Glover, Jerry Swearingen, Vincent Fromke, and George Mayberry. Seen along with the marching band at all the football games and other events of the school and community are the twirlers. They are: Barham Harsh, Roberta Robinson, Pat Rusch, Mary Kay Moore, June Teague, and Martha Pender- grass. f W ft X It f be In 6 I O '41 Approximately forty enroll each year in Dr-iver's Education. The .- students not only learn how to drive carefully, but they are given I J ' fp instructions in the mechanics of the machine. Shown here is a problem " in parallel parking in a downtown area. 0 5 XE' fi' X 41 r ' ' - C Q? 2 4-ef' f 'ms Science department consists of classes in physics, biolog, and Central science. lr. Young is shown in a typical classroom scene explaining s problem in the separation of liquids by distillation. 12 Qjja Od! modern home economics cottage consists of s four-unit kitchen, dining room, sewing room, bath roon, li-ring room, and ample storage The girls above are practicing some oi the principles of A under the guidance of tnelr instructor, Mi-ee d nt, 'dluxa Jean Brox-my ' Treasurer, 5. JL space. botgmaklng learns like Murfay. Club Officers are: P1-eel e e' Secretary, Betty Helen, ' BDp0r5er, 'Hills Jean Glover, ry K. Hunterg Else 'ment of The 'YB' Y. H. L. Vice-Yre eldent, Mary Kay Moor , Joann Homang Historian, Nyce Henry, Parllenenteriau, Alice Jones, and song, Leader, 168 'Yhe1nB Murray, advisor. Willa Jean Glover ls also the pres our Sub-district of Missouri. I4 Each boy has his own project and many h ve won prizes and ribbons at the fairs and other shows in which they participated. Five Judging teams won in the district, and four qualified in the state. Three of the four participating teams received group one ratings. The Field Crops Team won lst place. Bob Marshall placed third in the di.Lrict Public Speaking Con- test. The F. F. A. officers are: Bryan Berry, Presidentg Joe Dahlman, Vice Presidentg Bob Marshall, Secretaryg James Stearns, Treasurerg Joe Moore, Rsporterg and Mr. Lyle Houk, Supervisor. 15 1 1 W? s Alcyp 5 N f Zvdgft U Q F1 Q ul f 1 ,' I 4 C L' I, I - fs -Apfkrwu 1 506549, 1' YP of we Cv wt Torking? o'f'x',5e . . ev? 130 59 mfg Election of officers of the ner high school P. T. A. A gms played be- ween but 'Vernon and 'B' Tomo lu Ihaley and his efficient office help. At the door-Parents' nidnt. s -vi I6 hrner Henk 4,. Z-3 x :D I z -1 5 .2 fx ip ' ' Q ,. hm -v I . m, 'f-," 5 . S. fs. V4 , fx 'Y ,y. V, ij E - A.. . fl-gi. . ,,, V+ i v fxfhxx ig 2 . 'Y ., ., X V 5','Li'7?Ai1 ' ,QCA ,AQ X ' vow" 333,17 .x ,n-,mv 'X sf .:.5yf.' ., .4 X! LV: 1 xql -1 The Basketball HBH Team shown above played lb games, winning 6 and losing 8. They fought hard and showed good sportsmanship all the way. We are proud of our Football Squads. Not only did they learn how to play football, but they met new friends along with learning how to win and lose. With all the equipment to be taken care of and ankles to be taped, the squad needed three managers, Ronnie Graham, Jerry Swearingen and William Patrick. The school also takes an active part in the Big n8U Track, Tennis, and Golf. 17 WML? Ka' 1 3 . Paul Spratt Shirley Crocker Myrle Washburn Ruby Hammons Dorotha Marford Bill Giles Barbara Bassore J. C. Briedenstein WFJQ The graduating class, nu bering 71, has been active in school activities such as pep club athletics m , , usic, F. F. A., and F. H. A. They worked diligently during the annual All School Party and put their candidates, Wanda Bolin and Willis Meyer, on the throne. The class officers are Joe Dahlman, President, Betty Hulen, Vice P 'd nt' W ' resi e , ands Bolin, Secretary-Treasurer, and Ronnie Graham, Student Council Representative. The sponsors a Austin and Mr. Houk. re Mrs. Lelpha Christensen Loretta Horton yawn ' '55 Shirley Smith Jack Hill Carolyn Moore Gene Wendler Ronnie Graham Betty Hulen Gary Ewing Jimmie Hardin Melrose Sulwold Harry Faucett Clara Nichols Vincent Fromke Raymond Keatts Wilma Brown Ralph Hudson Fern Lewis Wanda Bolin Harold Gillingham Carole Forman Earl Faucett Howard Lee Maxine Rader 'Q Bryan Berry Hazel Emlet Lucille Hendricks J. E. ."M Jackson Velma Ellifrits Carl Howell Jim y Evatt Connie Schoonover Richard Garner Emma Jean Wilmoth Norma Lee Leath Lloyd Shrum Yvonne Goodman Royal Holloway Jesse Lee Ross Ruth Smith Billy Peoppel Iris Parsons .MG of 1 """0naw fuk. THD r'T::- .-W3 Ill Joe Danlman Virginia Mahan Ronald Butler Yvonne Burlison Norma Miller CmlHmmw Virginia Mullet Wilbur Kaiser George Mayberry Wilma Hicks Roy Weihe Janis Weise Louise Glover James Stearns Donna Doss Bob Marsnall Jerry Swearingen Lila Colwell Royce Dowell Gertrude Etheridge I fm in The Junior class is the largest in school with 86 members. The year has been one full of activities with their class play and the Junior-Senior banquet holding the spotlight of memories. The officers ere: Martin Quade, Presidentg Richard Neely, Vice Presidentg Dick Larson, Secretary-Treasurer and Joe Moore, Student Council Representative. Qs" James Lawyer .FXQQK Dio k Henry l l Bob Aleshire Martha Garringer Harold Brinkman Kathrine Sifferman Elizabeth Aleshire Billy Meismer Marilyn Swearingen Joe Alexander HI 51' IZ! Q3 it 8,55 L 5 X Gr f' ffl, P , 3 '27 nr gan' N ,W yr J. X 5 ag . MTB M Q 11 it J it f MQW? 7 . I .... M K D xl ' ix in ,, Q Q ,mf 6 5 ' K J Q' 2355 nfl V7'W5 x',? law 2 ,f 2 fl , C , Ag M - ,., -, B .T aa! , , , i , Q f 6,112 s g' ---- U if -3 W g X if K' 1 A s L - 51 .5-5 1--? m 4 fqa-mw a.- win L X. 2 gvv' l rf?-B' . ii v .. f 3, x., .IDL 'il ' J Al I 1.-fix. : - ,V H ff,, -,,.zQ5,5.f,,-1 'ii 5 we , all X f M fl Kenneth Barnes Wynona Royster Bobby Fruend Jo Ann Holman Dan Huser Martha Hunt Boo Clark Helen Herndon Bill Frank Jerry White Eugene Natho D. Hendrickson Hugh Moore Freda Royster Dickie Pyle Patty Wood Martin Quade Betty Schultz Roy Carter Otta Lee Wallen Max Summers Lucille Conway Gary Burson Ada M. Chandler George Ellis Alice Johnson Denny Brown Irene Riddle Harold Baugh Janice Michel Marlin Grey Dola Batson Mark Nicholas Willa J. Glover Charles Fender William Patrick C. W. Matthews Benny Koenamon F. Mieswinkel Pat Bassore Dale Stoner Max Schnake Bobby Hammons Joe Moore Harold Tiede Norman Lee Hubert Conway Marie Scott Frankie Willard Loretta Irwin Donald Moore V. Nicholson Richard Neely Jodie Royston John Furgason Carolyn Rathman Dean Hendricks Joyce Henry Dick Larson Dorothy Mullins Billy Buehler Faye Colley J. Hollingsworth T. Rosebrough Ben Aufdenbrink Joetta Shipley Billy Marshall Joanne Lawson Hal Williams Mary Kay Hunter PKBMQ gf. L J ill' S, in Many of these 69 Sophomores have been active in sports music, and other activities of the school. They look forward with much interest to the last half of their high school life. The class officers are: Pres., J. D. Brie- densteing Vice Pres., Barbara Samuels, Sec'y, Gary Weaver, Student Council Rep., Waunita Riley. Their sponsors are Mrs. Swisher and Mr. Wheeler. ww. f ..f 3 . 3 Y .gc tggsggilti '?. gb D L Bobby Dobbyns Jerry Capps Dwight Wilmoth Waunita Riley Jack Garoutte Shirley Graham Darrold Hurliso Betty Lester J. D. Breidenst Nola Butler Bobby Long Kathryn Hicks Jimmie Holloway Donna Hill Dick Thomas Dorothy Hood Paul Nicholas Barbara Samuels Wayne Daniel Dorcas Conway Charlie Beckeme Pat Busch Leo Faucett I1 ein ier Paulene Keatts Gary Weaver Betty Clark Billy Ford June Teague Jack Parsons Jo Ann Barker Leroy Parker Pat Arthur Orval Snrum .IA Helen Hood Joe Pennington Carolyn Williams Maurice Weihe Barbara Browning Joe Burton Vw G Gale Bridges G G Ira Fees at Judy Crawford 34 i Jerry Wood AP gf f XBTMHX if Billie Moore Donald Crandall Patsy Strong Stanley Marsh Alberta Moenkhoff -I P 11,15 wnQff.rvfawnQWHa? . Qing M -. new Gerald Hood G ybZ ,oya Tx 5 1232 Dolly Ro S ebrough 'df Q f--9' 'ff . MbJmmhgs ri qtgu kh5Eg -vzl ,.,-- Earlene Riley H351 ,'1l aa:', ll.,Wj 5235 Billy Evatt LBQQQQE Vr., ' 972 11 3753? Q fi dir 1 . A , AL my Anna Dowell Frank Loveland Barbara Marsh Jack Swearingen Wilma Batson The Freshman class this year, sponsored by Miss Murray and Mr. Young, numbers 73. These uFreshiesW have displayed much interest and pep in school life. They sold more tickets to the school party than any other class. Their class is well represented in debate and other activities. Class officers shown above are: President, Helen Quadeg Vice-President, Cecil Settleg Secretary and Treasurer, Roberta Robinson, Representative, Mary Kay Moore. ef' iEQQi'mW5Q3E? desi. ,,.enEl M' fi? 5sg1!?1?QQ-5iI'i I i . Qf':'.'5' IE 'whri' gfk k -1 w . ff Henman-Q? eps 225 -r?i2QQiSiE5f.l' r i, ' if er,.e1, eh ,,, gig imfgiiiifs - Xiewww d ,Q e V:. .,. ,, e1,,ee eee,, ,yn :.5f,.. i'3"?5T?5' , u p .::,.. K 5 MTW! QQQQ .IL ffl as if , 'f mfqvs w-en'?' arhidiiwikwh fweruwhwwi I Q . f,fs- ,Ill SX Vi, v Iii , , X., , 'affix . f'- vff 'f auiiyggyfxgw 'I X' 9 2 X Qxlbfi X r.l Donald Bassore Glo Colley Eual Moore Shirley Williams Buddy Mayberry Joan Towery Jack Maberry Elaine Bourne Billy Dobyns Marilyn Manlove Donald Eskew Archie Kane Wanda Sumner Jack Harris Rozanne Lewis Jack Swearingen Elda Rae Mahan Phillis Weise Harlan Mieswinkel Betty Noltensmeyer Nolan Pruitt Shirley Johnson Franklin Sharon Billy Underhill Billie Tae Herndon Donald Irwin Mary Kay Moore Sidney Neely JdiaDmm Vera McCreary Charles Boss Shirley Kingsley Tommy Boss Norma Jean Ellis Arthur Huser Winston Washburn Barbara Wagnon Richard Short Norma Hunter Wendell Page Jackie Collier Carolyn Johnson George Loftis Betty Perry JUmySwtm Anna Lou Hedfearn Pat Murphy Dorothy Walkenhorst Ruth Koeneman Glenn Reece Roberta Robinson Don Hardin Winnie Hollingsworth Kenneth Gaunt George Hailey Jane Ann Johnston Richard Mason Donna Loveland Cecil Seattle Bonnie Royster Martha Warren Kenneth Mullet Helen Quade Lynn Nicholas Patricia Chastein Mary Ann Bowls Tommy Mc Dora ld Loetta Holloway Billy Doane Peggy McClain Travis McCoy E af X as gg was si my f o In SEL 2199? . 'an Am win, ' A - ::.+ i ia. f a d ' if-:'r -f M " V- A C .1 V' C., .i 'b 'M C I ' 1 r V J l f 4, ' ,,,,+ Jaacyyac , C Jccc ,, 'sa Rt. .,+' f ' ' . li . , y 5 ' uf .q, 'V V W l Q1-'S-r J 'M 12" isis: . 'W f' fiv w i- i X129 iii -I . '37 1-as M J J C -M' V 1, 'J 7 ,- 'Ql' f"f ,' N lly, , 'Num , 51? ,- f B3 ,- 'ff - Q Q' While finishing their last year in grade school, the eighth grade get a taste of what the next four years hold for them as they occupy Room l at the high school. This industrious group was steered safely through the year by Miss Jones and Mr. Shollenburger. They helped elect their candidate, Charlene Selvey, queen of the Mt. Vernon Hallowe'en Festival. Class officers are: Pres., Peggy Freitagg Vice Pres., Eddie Mosherg Sec'y- Treas., Shirley Roethemeirg Rep., B. Bauman. , ' Oreo Butler eaf wg aiwafew f' ga . . giragma mggagfefwf EQ David Garringer Barbara Warford ersea ' . fsaef, W H B e Donald Hicks ?wFg,f . ,wQfxm4i I f . aaa ,,,a ,t'gAQygyW,rr Charlie Johnson Robert Short Charlene Selvey Alfred Herd Mary Jean Porter Carl Alsup Shirley Roethemeier Lou Ann Capp Dan Henry Brown Donna Baker Ronald Parton Joyce Beavis Kenneth Lane Richard Brinkman Mary Mieswinkel Dean Ford Elizaheth Carpenter Billy Washburn Shelba Waggener Miriam McClain Billy Ben Bauman Mary Ann Bartlesmeyer Elmer Cates Peggy Freitag Billy Powell Gene Lambert Jean Underhill James Hailey Barbara O'Donald Floyd Beck Joyce Dean fa K?-'gQ+wiY4ifi iifgQf3Ii55 '5 ff ' I n Y Y V an .K lb ,fi E : 41 l ' S . : 5 ' . - ,ET . .. "M :i W -71 . .12 flfeggrs K "1-M, 4- ' 1 2 ras' YFQSJQF ' . " W A -er ' '-:,f,fff':g,gf,g, S mal -I., -L,,1 r It gf . rr J. -:W B gg.5a.': ,fy-52 - . . " , ' . . , ,V 1, 'iw , :nf In R , f . 1' WT .Ffa fs .w r 1 .21 Q ur YQ'- , A N -A , , , . . ,. , .,,.,, ,,,. V, ami- N, f - .. if'-Vl',I""f-f-1,'AfW537l . . W - ??a53i5' ' ' Nil f ' fyillff wif ,V-'rm"f 43755 5' t o - 1' ' ...J to e , ' 1 4 1, 5 ,,, ' 1 Q f 1-.1 5. .A gisgjisfjwg il 3-12:12 " W, T., 45163 Qfllw, L 4 ' 1 ' f- 2' yffhj-f'f,,-1, f- ff ,Q W . 'K -I Wff n .gflwagaae use Qamaw9f fa an ga as aQag'a ia f 2 .. 'JFK L H, T L"' J y t T Q 1, P 1 Q. ff' ,Ziggy f Lyn? A , if 're' 5 4- 5 .5 . .. V ,,,. . . -1- '- ' '- a B we - L .. ,puailr f:-Wff,gy,gf,:,1.m,s:: et, - ,, .,.,. ,, ..,. , .,., , ,, fsffiitii' Qgfiiwzsffi . . .T -F11 . 5543645 4f95?k53iA521 Yiiiilf 'R t 1 ' - f ' - V' . W y y l 1 Zigi, a . ,Z ..,, r rf-x -iv J' 5' Q fl 4 4 .4 S v V -, E . , , 7 . -.:-fbwi:-f1'f , " ' :'. 't ' V31 ?i5,.bsf'ff-:ggggllJT .5 K W '- ., h g asa-fgiv'i 1' 4 of ' in ' w w ' if ' gg , AL A, ....... . - 1-f , - V. , , H :gm :.., .,5i,g . X . sz: .r gg 2 -1 V , WW , 5 1' ss K 4 4 w as ' ' , gy' -eat.,-:S "--' 3' j2::.,i1q,,.. f ,z -:Sfhggg mnfawdrwweemgiaagyg we . A "fp 2359? , , . K if an ' V, 1' . W fi ,QP 7 ' Q ., gag: Q Qi . A? ts 0 Top Row: Cleo Herd, Belva Bolin, Emma Jean Gaunt, Delores Stearns, Harold Porter. Second Rowg Lila Washburn, Carroll Patrick, Verna Kay Baugh, Ellen Herndon, Robert Manlove, Kay Young, Leroy Gaunt, Beverly Barnes, Sandra Hardy. Third Row: Helen Herndon, Joretta Yost, Bobby Evatt, Joan Sharp, Gary Hill, Cecil Buble, Kay Irwin, Kenton Johnson, Barbara Hadley. ' Fourth Row: Marlene. Dennison, Shirley Warnaca, Patricia O'Donnell, James Herndon, Elvin Hood, Gary Weaver, Hartha Carl, Sue Bassore, Jerry Parton. Fifth Row: Roy Robinson, August Gardner, Wilburn Buehler, Viola Lind, Peggy Daugherty, Jerry Curnutt, Jimmie Pugh. Bottom Row: Sadie Deeder, Nelda Butler, Joy Holloway, Noeda Pruitt, Loretta Latham, Alzora Jeffords. as P zifif' 5 S, -'jews six: s ' K 'ur figaff fr: 5 '1I:,: f-.' - im , Q W ., QYY 'S Kg V fl-v-fissfiv i My ., - , 4, X ' KK I 'fl 1 1 'L 5' ad! ,H ,if Q -if J , V Q NZ? :aza.y'...nzf-5: J. . grapes Q NT ,. ' , -f f.: ff:-f, ,sx zyru . G A I ' ' aim r R P E. 'Es-s,gf2,fgj,, . M - jj, ' b g:-i:q2s:g a' " " 'f ,, - Q? 1, shiiifi ,KL i fl. ,Q-Lgewgggygfw gSFQQq',gais5's?y fi .77 .-.-.amy 52' wp N Jliiffxf Q.. ,s ww -' A asa, 1-rex - V' " 1 ' r ,liwigiflfl '1'.I,:::":Ell,QL'QKL? K V5 ,L ' I ' .j ,5:-, :. -, .vg,3 15fj'g1Q 'f:fl1UQi',fdg,1f,Q,if'a2fg,3.1557fgn, ,,A N -. ..,. 'vv- ,- ,,. V ,gf .ff li gf- - . 13' 14. 2 w zffsgzss VLV- - , - - , K k , , ,yx V if H, Q all 2 L , 5.2 '3- ' sr, wa- A , ' ' ix X Q 'las' Top Raw: Q-iiifl ng 3 ' , T, K X, , 5 M A Qffffif fiif W. . 5? - .. .,r , . ai . I N .. V' ' -, V 1 ii 1 !5 i s was ge 4 1liZ i4 L W O M ' , xg .. ,--' at ., si Qf z zz , . X-S4 if A 11 RB? ' ,ziflillii f as , . ' Sm- fl Q4 1 A 4, aiu W' , 5.1-rf. Q J ,fffiifiq ' as so 4 F gp Margie Jarrett, Averil Nicholas, David Mason, Miles Jackson, Second Row: V353-.'1'4'f" 'rahrfars ' , ' is 1 J GP r 1' K ia fa: -1- I , V is - RR? f 5? gm. - Norma Jean Yost.. Mary Belle Flanigan, Jinmy Manlove, Kay Shannon, Verna Mae Lewis, Linda Forman. Wilma Jenkins, Mary Louise Neely. Third Row: Ethel Ellis, Betty Robinson, Bonnie Faust, Connie Weaver, Billy Howard, Barbara Charles, Jackie Perriman, Barbara Vandsrgrift, Sybile Epps. Fourth Row: Sondra Lewis, Karen Swearingen, Junior Monson, Sandra Butler , Betty Bolin, Shar- lotte Rhodes, Geraldine Riley, Richard Shockley, Marion Walton. Fifth Row: Paul Evatt, Ruth Shrum, Jerry Johnson, Anna Mary Burnes, Gary Colley, Delores Van Nurden, Barbara Pendergrass. Bottom Row: Helen Tiede, Doris Mullins, Eddie Kimbler, Glynda Arthur, Jackie Hastings. 34 P gm , 'zr ' ',-. I+l5Z- GDB V --:: . if F ' 3 if, , 1 'Fa f if llly Wi' U? :fi-as ' il ff of J J J Q eq. ,Syn ' iq assi... SZ?-55 M , 5 E L X in Y we my W " Yes J 1 Q an Q . , W iv .. e . Q . L. 1 qi 5, -:fe 6 b Kg 4 , is X Q sw W if J .Q Q '41 ':.P,v "' 1: ., Q2 Q e ,F M iii if .1 zidlwli 'Q ' A A Ji11i'?f'I4L vans , W , if :ff gy S J of T' f 2 gi X , ,range is X W ,- J H, 4' ft 5' '1 I y-Lg. V, if .Q - :ef ? , if 6 , .1 if wi 'kr iv mag A 1 ci ijt 9, ,Q e 'fwfgsm f P W T' 7 M " "Zi V ":s?ff'z1 :fl --" "5-fri' wifi . ze' - 3' .2 2: 'f n W W V- 2 ,... mf, Q ...h 'l ,, ' V' 4 ff 4 Av ,M J Y s ff mf "' 'ivv V ---+,- . ff fifi, f . . ,. h..r A Ei X. em ,K J Tin K wan . , H -Efamifgjp lm : ig :F H x '41 ' S, g 1 8 'fr W 52 ,ff 2 9 '74 his f 5, L if ,L ia ME, ' a.'f".f -fs' --ffvfxi 1 zi, ml. , , : ,X my N m. 15: , - Y nf ., Lf ,S mm 9 k',,,,?gq4 le? S4 ff, ' .fl 1 fe ', 4 i I W ' Top Row: Ronnie Cole, Nita Bolin, Duane Dawson, Lyndle Brown, Mary Pruitt. Second Row: Mulene Stearns, Teddy Morris, Margaret Johnson, Judy Ford, Leroy Spellman, Delores Sue Wiese, Sarah Ann Jaques. Third Row: Sherry Ann Brown, Ronald Dunton, Patty Pendergrass, Sonya Gwynn, Donna K. French, Donna Sue Willard, Wayne Bolin, Georgellen Ramey, Jimy Dale Barnes. Fourth Row: Roger Woods, Ruby Jarrett, Donnie Latham, Norma Ledia Yancey, Gary Norton, Eliza- beth Manlove, Carl Holmes, Stephen Mesley, Leroy Brimer. Fifth Row: Danny Gaunt, Regina Combs, Gene Garringer, Karen Ann Warren, Carolyn Swearingen, Jacqueline Broaden, Karen Rae Schmeling, Sharon Kay Warnaca, Linda Lou Smith, Bottom Row: ,J ' , Russell Campbell, Janesxirk Hunt, Geneva Underhill , William Harold Hieswmkel, Joe Wayne Perriman, Sue Catts, Jeryl.-. Block, Mary Pruitt. as Friday night, October 28, Lucille Hendricks was crowned football queen of Mt. Vernon High School for 1950, by the captain of the team, Harold Gillingham, who presented her with the traditional kiss. Her attendants were: Roberta Robinson, Waunita Riley, Jo Ann Holman, and Norma Jane Miller H XRQQQ gy ?aA K At the Annual All School Party, January 23, Wanda Bolin was crowned queen of the 1950 MOUNTAINEER. Her escort was Willis Meyer. Attendants and their escorts were: Loyce and Dick Henry from the Junior claaeg Paulne Keatts and Charlie Beckemeiq Sophomoreeg Peggy McClain and Jack Harris, Freahmeng and Peggy Freitag and Eddie Mosher, Eighth grade This year at the Annual Barnwarmin' for the F. F. A. and F. H. A., Mary Kay Moore reigned as Chapter Sweet- heart. She was crowned and given the traditional kiss by the manager, Joe Dahlman. Later, she was presented with a Chapter Sweetheart jacket. Charlene Selvey reigned as queen over the Mt. Vernon Ha1lowe'en Festi- val. It was sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce with the help of the school. The Annual Staff had a hot dog stand at the affair and the proceeds helped to finance the MOUNTAINEER. X il. Q X 'fa ix 1 -4.x-,XA L . 1 E N27 X f, Ye Editors Is my lipstick straight? Pres. Allah! Shorthand Slaves Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boys The Guernsey Judging team above did outstanding work in the Veterans' Agricultural Program which is under the direction of Kenneth Morris and Wray R. Reeves, Itinerant instructors. Imogene Brune is the secretary to the course at M. V. H. S. 43 , I The Junior Class Play THE READY MADE FAMILY, by Jay Tobias, was a huge success financially, as well as from the standpoint of entertainment. The cast was well chosen and their acting was excellent. The characters were as follows: Henry Turner . . . C. W. Matthews Sammy Turner . . . Roy Jean Carter Doris Turner . . . Pat Bassore Agnes Martin . . . Carolyn Rathman Gracie Martin. . . Willa Jean Glover Marilee Martin . . Alice Jones Bob Martin . . . . John Furgason Lydia Martin . . . , . . . Loretta Irwin Of course it takes some good sponsors and student directors to make the characters function, so Mrs. Blakey, Mr. Carl, Twyla Rosebrough, and Mary Kay Hunter were responsible for much of the success of the play. The play was held December 7 and 8, with capa- city crowds both nights. 44 MEET ME . IN T. LOLHS Q 'i ': 'x fg7'Jj!63x Qfqr, xt ' V .fr ta' rel! A P l V Y , 1. .A.' ' if W?-., 'gi' w J G, Y' ' N , Q . W' 1 .1 5 '-u, I 0- gi , titffm D - - Mywfgx . uf A '.,, - fs 'ZF' 5 1 p v .,-' 'x 1? 'lyk ,xx , Q, if , W1 xr I4 ' ' K Y? E f 5 .f g M , QQ f P 'Q K k A H - M AM t W 9 1' My Senior Intramural football team. -L e ' "- gems Wli Fine- w, Pep Squad and Cheer Leaders. Most of these took active part in all games t c En. 46 .A'Q"t1la ff J' 01 F? How's you all feelin' tonight? King and Queen Teachers are fun Brides and Grooms ,lf X fit Q e gy ki ,M ii eXe f gfgfi 2 . 47 Skaters of 1950 Us SEQ Yum, yum! Hen Session ei my ee- f ,m Atomic Power FII WVU' , Billy Ben's Brilliance Three Musketeers which twin has the Toni? Guess Who? n Shoe Shine Boys Schollenberger and Whaleyoskie Sitting Pretty f The Charles Atlas Class. Benny, how do you and Dan rate ll those good looking girls? tllkm B R! Ll, I .R 48 MYERSQ if-TIYEARBOQKS o,'.::. 0 0 0. 5 'o,': THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY a . . . MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS M .., I- M . Q-3' ve x 14.5. .3 ' v .- i r . .. l i 4 a Q - K , 1 W V 1 , ' lj I. W 1 's v w N I 1 i N i , 4 R Q w 4 ' s Q 3 A l . 1 L 3 'V ' 1 .. Q , Y .f.l.1 V ,.w- 1 1 4 . . 1 , .- 4 1 . , je , 5 ii 2 V! .Q ' , 5 37 , W M -572 g , V jrfQ1:.j,::1ET '?3' V I .Q 'll . ' 'Ag fs . ' P--fav sf 4. 5,5 -W,-s',L ' f 1 . s, .L-hu

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