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A T850 - T950 THE HARDEST HUNDRED YEARS Since wagons westward First dragged their painful way Through desert, and over mountain height, Past Indian perils and waterless plains To California's treasured valleys, Our schools have come a long way. From a day when education Meant lifting an axe, Shoeing a horse, Wresting a living from unwilling soil- Hanging blindly to life with only a prayer, The century has brought forth schools On which many another state Now builds its models. We owe the comforts of Now To the sacrifices of Then. We of T950 must be worthy of them. Z silt HW Wfiflifflfim 2536 gt, X X- is es K ,wrt F' fg ltnelitlwlttii mnifgigfa '5Wt,1l,l3g3ZT.v ' if N J Oo ou C QL - iisizigfi' 131 SLOPE?-22,1-Q - llie- is-few? Jililmllll H5323 :El EE XTL ' ' wild? legion l l-W 332513-T f QL f 25.45715 5 3mf1iij4g7f lg LQ! itll: wii,f':.T G! f fw fgsfiiy' , ,-X t Q f-X Eg, Def c x-SL 'W Al so T. 1,925 e5?iifP6f ll? f qlfm Cf f if STUDENT CABINET Seated-Malcolm Smith, Patty Brinker, Bob Marsh, Susan Bichachi, Annette Weiss, Diane Plotkin, Kenny Johnson, Shirley Bennion, Charlean Franke, Frances Fogel, Faye Aratani, George Abajian, Barbara Suval, and Martin Ansoorian. Standing-Pat Corbin, Rudy Stuhlman, Roberta Baronian, Carroll Darrow, Robert Resnick, Sue Colby, and Mrs. Leone Hamilton. LEADING LIGHTS Working as a closely coordinated group, the Student Cabinet, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Leone Hamilton, has done much this term for the betterment of Mt. Vernon and the welfare of its students. Drives such as the P.T.A. and Community Chest, school activities and events, are part of the business discussed and arranged, through the Cabinet, meeting in Room 206 during Period IV each day. Presiding over the meetings is the student body presi- dent, Carroll Darrow, assisted by the girls' vice-president, Shirley Bennion, and boys' vice-president, Kenneth Johnson. Taking the minutes is Diane Plotkin, secretary. Student body treasurer is Charlean Franke, editor of the Minute Man, Annette Weiss, and circulation manager, Susan Bichachi. Chief Justice of the Safety Court is Frances Fogel, Safety representative, Faye Aratani, girls' athletic representative, Barbara Suvalg boys' athletic representative, George Aba- iian, Welfare representative, Martin Ansoorian, Lost and Found custodian, Bob Marsh, girls' activity representative, Patti Brinker, boys' activity representative, Malcolm Smith, manager of the Youth Center, Bob Resnick, and assistant manager. of the Youth Center, Sue Colby. The office of girls' lower division representative was filled for the first ten weeks by Patricia Corbin. In her absence Myrtle O'Mara was elected to fill the position. Boys' lower division repre- sentative is Rudy Stuhlman, and parliamentarian is Roberta Baronian. "A good example of democracy is shown in Cabinet this term with different races, creeds and religions repre- sented. Although the members don't always agree, a com- promise is usually reached," comments Mrs. Hamilton. "Correct Social Patterns for Behavior of Teenagers" was HONORED QUARTETTE Singled out for their exceptional service to their school, accompanied by fine scholarship, are Shirley Bennion and Malcolm Smith, winners of the American Legion awards, and Janice Yamamoto and Elbert Lui, recipients of Daughters of the American Revolution honors. Shirley, in addition to leading Mt. Vernon's girls as their vice-president this year, has served two other terms in cabinet as lower division representative and -Youth Activity representative. She took the chief responsibility for the Log Cabin Christmas last month, and has arranged numerous Council luncheons, and served on all Cabinet and Council activities with genuine understanding and reliability. Malcolm Smith, a four term safety, has contributed his service to the school on the Flag Squad, and also in four terms on Projection Crew. He has been an auditorium proiectionist for two semesters. As Boys' Youth Activity representative he has been a member of Student Cabinet, and maintained an excellent scholarship rating. Janice has worked faithfully on Council activities, de- voting herself to the work of Art chairman the past year. She has also carried on Modes and Manners work as both a lower division and upper division student. Safety organi- zation has profited by the work of her squad, of which she is captain, and she has also worked on Unesco. Elbert has served as president or vice-president in his homeroom and in many classes, and has been an outstand- ing member of 2l8's athletic organization. His work on Boys' Council has been consistent, and he has maintained a solid "E" in cooperation throughout his school career. Others nominated for service recognition were Lawrence Haines, Kenneth Johnson, Marcia Gilbert, and Irene Levonian. the term's theme, which the Student Cabinet presented to the student body by meansgof a skit in an early assembly. ADMINISTRATORS Miss Edna McCahan, Mr. Karl Lovejoy, Mrs. Edith Shreve, Dr. Hazelle Moore, Miss Mary Helms, and Mrs. Hazel Branscom. VARIATION ON A THEME The A-9 graduation theme, "TOO years of Education in California", covered three areas-past, present, and future. Of these they had read of the first and imagined the third, but the second they had an excellent opportunity to experience at first hand. The teachers and administrators who met them daily- sometimes seriously, often smiling-were a far cry from the legendary figures of the little red schoolhouse which had faded into history-the lchabod Cranes, the stern masters, the ruler-wielders, belonged to the early days when Cali- fornia had first emerged from a school-less wilderness, whose wealthy families had sent their sons to Hawaii or even around Cape Horn to Europe for an education. They belonged to the era when occasional tutors were lured to the west for a hazardous rendezvous with uncertainty. Instead of a harrowing study of a few texts, students of today were aware of hundreds of books at their command, and more fields of study than their counterparts of 1850 ever dreamed of. They knew the pride of accomplishment in shops equipped with tools unknown even to the best scientists a hundred years ago. They felt the results of a health program completely non-existent even half a century back, and a pleasure in music and arts for which early Californians could scarcely find a name. Some things they shared in common with the youth of 1850. They sang some of the songs left as a heritage by Spanish provincials, and hopped and skipped to the square-dance calls with as much vigor and enthusiasm as their pioneer predecessors. They loved their state with the same pride. FACU LTY Row I-Mrs. Emily Spring, Mrs. Mary Wood, Miss Edna McCahan, Mrs. Edith Shreve, Mr. Karl Lovejoy, Dr. Hazelle Moore, Miss Mary Helms, Mrs. Hazel Branscom, Mrs. Jeanne Lavagnino, Mrs. Catherine Brown, Mrs. Winifred Yeakey. Row 2-Mrs. Phyllis Morey, Mrs. Jessie Dungan, Mrs. Lois Reeves, Mrs. Ethel Smith, Mrs. Marion Hooton, Miss Dorothy Lucas, Miss Grace Potts, Miss Ebby Marlow, Mrs. Lottie Gregory, Mrs. Grace Cameron, Miss June Oaks, Miss Alice Michael, Mrs. Leone Hamilton. Row 3-Miss Margaret Acheson, Miss Willia Ingram, Mrs. Myrtle Toothaker, Mrs. Alta Maiben, Mrs. Edna Knotts, Mrs. Maiorie De Stefano, Mrs. Helen Colton, Mrs. Helen Hannah, Mrs. Pauline Migala, Mrs. Jane Niethamer, Miss Ineta Nelson, Mr. Don Campbell. Row 4-Mr. George Wight, Mr. Earl Matthews, Mr. Bernard Feldman, Mr. Allison Bell, Mr. Clifford Hirsch, Mr. Hugh Woodward, Mr. Paul Cranmer, Mr. Charles Bloch, Mr. John Corbeil, Mr. Garland Ware. PERFECT A-9 FACULTY by Diane Plotkin and Faye Aratani Principal .................................,........ Cal fPretty Boyl Darrow Girls' Vice ..... ......................... C arl Hunn Boys' Vice ...... ....... M ickey Garfield Girls' Gym ..... ....... F rank Abrahamian Boys' Gym ..... ..................................... D orothy Duke Spanish ..... ...... M arcia Gilbert and Kathleen Sato Music .......,, ...... R od Edwards and Norma Peterson Spelling ....... ......................................... D iane Plotkin Drama ....,.. ..... M arty Berman and Marty Ansoorian Art ................. ....... F aye Aratani and Jessie Miranda Social studies ...... ....... S hirley Bennion and Joyce Motty English ......... ........ I rene Levonian and Elaine Rush Journalism ..... ....... A nnette Weiss and Susan Bichachi As they practiced their graduation program, thinking over the dramatized evolution of California's schools, many a thoughtful A-9 thanked his lucky star that he belonged to the class of 1950-instead of 1850. OH, NO! by Dan Pogoler It was a drowsy winter day of January, 1970, when I awoke from my slumber with my head feeling like a two hundred ton brick. Being a neurotic I decided to have a visit with my special psychiatrist, Fraiilein Annette Weiss. Because I was in such a hurry, I hailed a Leon Katz Yellow Cab, which was driven by Andy Hazelle. As I entered the reception room of my psychiatrist, I was greeted by the receptionist, Norman Siegel. While I was being ushered into Fraulein Weiss's ottice, to my amazement whom should I see rushing out, but the mad musician, Peter Vogler, with scraps of sheet music flying from his fBillyl Davis hat! After inviting me to recline on the couch, Faulein Weiss then proceeded with her fPeggyl Barret treatment. My mind slowly wandered back to the previous night and the gala ball in honor of the Count and Countess Berman Knee Mickey Gartieldl of lKennyl Kuhlman Kounty. As I entered this dazzling affair, I remembered my wraps being taken by the two head butlers, John Allen and Don Houk. While the orchestra played the Uanetl Schroeder Concerto, under the direction of Selwyn Rose, I made a mad dash to the newly invented IBIIU Clack phone to call Susan Bichachi, editor of the Daily Darrow, to inform her that her gallant reporter, fme, of coursej was covering this social event of the year. I got back to the hall in time to witness the can-can dance done by Beverly Silver and Dorothy Duke, which was presented by Diane Plotkin's Can-O-Matt. Following this was Rod Edwards, the famous singing star of "North Atlantic," accompanied by Kenny Johnson at the piano. Afterwards various other acts were presented by Faye Aratani's "Holeless Do-Nut Shop," which gives you more dough for your money, Robert Lewis's Reducing Salon, "Steambath" KC-Peralolinel Murray, Rock's Novelty Shop, COMBINED COUNCILS Row I-Linda Crickmore, Janice Yamamoto, Dora Silk, Betty Todd, Susan Bichachi, Kenny Johnson, Shirley Bennion, Helen Strasser, Rosalie Gross, Frances Marcus, Barbara Suval, Bobbie Perll, Wanda De Witt. I Row Z-Phyllis Metler, Rodeama Crane, Linda Olsen, Diane' Plotkin., Elaine Widoff, Patti Brinker, Charlotte Kohen, Pat Potts, Harriet Christensen, Clarice Battyany, Marilyn Farkas, Anita Jensen, Judy Sklar, Janet Schroeder. Row 3-Yoel Muchnik, Rudy Stuhlman, Marcia Gilbert, Joan Tapaliari, Irene Levonian,Diane Kowolski,CharIene Goodman,Donna AtIer,Leelane Ellis, Kath- ryn Stewart, William Carter, Jack Mednicoft, D-avid Segal, Murray Berman. Row 4-Ralph Pfeiffer, Jerry Franklin, Jimmy Kimsey, Albert Barish, Dennis Galanter, Carl Hunn, Charles Lockard, Walter Flood, Leslie Pollack, Lloyd Hendrickson, Bob McDaniel. Sharon Mack's Peroxide Bottling Company, Big Bob's Watch Manufacturing Corporation, and Norma Peterson's Voice Studio. Wild Animal Trainer Margie Drake began to clap loudly, and everyone else joined in, including her favorite wild animal, Carl Hunn. There were many celebrities present, and among them was Marion Megrdichian, famous little bad kid of the stage, Sheila "Ann Miller" Margo, noted tap dancer, Marcia Gilbert, Spanish quiz kid, and Vernon Landry, radio's Sam Spade. The highlight of the program was an original play, "Forever Chuckie," penned by Nancy Baker and Shirley Bennion. Seated in the audience was the worId's greatest Olympic orange squeezer, Moe Bloom, who seemed to have eyes only tor Shirley. The drama was sponsored by the "Silk-Wolf Sweater Shoppe," located on No-land Johnson Boulevard. Refreshments were served by Ted Matthews and Fred Rosenthal, from the Schwartz Catering Service and Seltzer- cola was passed around by dispensers Bobbi Perll and Pat Motfet. In a second there was a shrill scream and the lights went off. I sensed someone near me, and I knew then that my pocket was being picked. When the lights went on, I realized my story of 259's football triumph was gone, and I noticed Jesse Miranda on the roof above crawling into his Polin helicopter. Dashing to the home of my two mechanics, Roger Summers and Joe Miller, I picked up my Kelley rocket ship, manufactured by the Mad Irish- man, and took after Miranda up the .loyce Motty Trail to the fMarilyn1 Bluh Planet. I parked my rocket ship at YOUNG LADIES OF MOUNT VERNON Row I-Janice Yamamato, Irene Levonian, Helen Strasser, Susan Bichachi, Shirley Bennion, Rosalie Gross, Betty Todd, Frances Marcus, Diane Plotkin, B b S I. BI' 5 B UVB Row 2-Marcia Gilbert, Donna Atlerl Pat Potts, Harriet Christensen, Clarice Battyany, Kathryn Stewart, Patti Brinker, Lillian Kim, Arlene Kopulsky, Rodeama Crane. Row 3-June Casparian, Romana Bruce, Althea Reames, Teresa Palazuelos, Peggy Barrett, Norma Braverman, Nancy Cohen, and Dorothy Main. IShirleyJ McNutt's airfield. Remember that Miranda was a reporter for a rival paper, The Atomic News, owned by Marvin Snyder. Feeling hungry and in need of energy, I entered Coast's modern ice cream parlor, owned by Nathan Karsh. I ordered a fLarryJ Pear-sall sundae, and was waited on by Irene Levonian. The sundae was all lshy-Kanian. At that moment newsboy Marty Ansoorian was selling the latest issue of the Atomic News, and the front page surprised me, for the story which was stolen from me was not printed. Now intent on the idea of seeing Miranda, I started on my way. As I entered the building of the Atomic News, I spied Rosemary Hoffenberg, known through- out the world for her tremendous height, and a group of howling girls around the well-known French actor, Frank Abrahamian. I got up to room W. 1950 by means of a Knapp elevator run by Marilyn Lee. Upon arriving at Miranda's office, I was ushered in by his private secretary, Audrey Smylie. As I looked around the room, I then knew the reason behind my story's being stolen but not printed. It was a cover-up. Miranda was working for 218 and dangling from the ceiling was 259's football pennant. I snatched the story from his desk and ran to the Daily Darrow building, where it was given a first page banner headline. The next day I picked up the paper. The headlines read: "Winter '50 Graduates Make Good in World." EDITOR'S NOTE: Any resemblance between the foregoing article and Danny Pogoler's original version is purely co- incidental! THIS TERM'S COUNCIL A successful Big and Little Sister party and luncheon, a beautiful installation ceremony, and an enioyable Council luncheon, featured another active semester of the Girls' Council, sponsored by Mrs. Catherine Brown and Miss Mary Helms. They also sponsored publication of "Poems of Thankfulness" at Thanksgiving time. Elected officers are Shirley Bennion, President, Rosalie Gross, Scribe of the Manor, Betty Todd, Mistress of the Wardrobe, Helen Stras- ser, Keeper of the Insignia, and Susan Bichachi, Lady, of the Manor. Most memorable activity of the joint councils this year was the Log Cabin Christmas for which all members ioined with Cabinet to collect usable toys and clothing, worn but wearable, for needy children of Kentucky. Chief innovation of the Boys' Council this year was the launching of the Big Nine and Little Seven Party, initiated with the intention of promoting good fellowship between the A-9's and incoming B-7's. Patterned after the tradi- tional girls' party it met with great success and will prob- ably be continued throughout the coming semesters. Boys' Council officers are Kenneth Johnson, president, Jerome Franklin, vice-president, and Jimmy Kimsey, secre- tary. Sponsors are Mr. Karl Lovejoy and Mr. Don Campbell. ,.,. ' Eng LI SLI I Adgesvhv is -4 Verb I : ,M e 4 ' M- , JI' I ann-I LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT by Annette Weiss Being of sound mind and body, we, the A-9 class, do leave the following: Kenny Johnson'leaves his physique to Buddy Stark. Mickey Garfield leaves her cuteness to Linda Pollack. Dorothy Duke leaves her athletic ability to Helen Strasser. Danny Knapp leaves nothing, he's taking it all with him! Audrey Smylie leaves her one and only cashmere sweater to any cold B-9 girl. Moe Bloom leaves his wolf call to any foghorn with laryngitis. Norma Peterson leaves her voice to the Girls' Glee Club. Dan Pogoler leaves his certain something, which he never had, to Larry Brody, who has even less. Frank Abrahamian leaves his good looks to Jack Papazian, Cwho's doing o.k. with his ownl. Mike Polin, Marty Berman, Selwyn Rose, and Don Selt- zer leave their terrific quartette Qi to the next Minute Man show. Marion Megrdichian leaves her sparkling smile to any user of Pepsodent. The A-9 drama classes leave Mr. Kerian to the B-9's. Bobbie Perll leaves her surefootedness to Nancy Herbst. Roger Summers leaves his way with women to Jimmy Kaufman. Annette Weiss leaves her iournalistic ability to Howard Rosenfeld. Joe Miller and Bob Dady leave their size 'HW shoe to any B-9 with small feet. Margie Drake leaves her pug nose to Joan Sanden. Susan Bichachi leaves her insanity to the "Snake Pit." SAFETY COU RT Dennis Galanter, Doreen Osep, Irene Levonian, Frances Fogel, Lezlane Ellis, Faye Aratani, Robert Schultz, Mrs. Alta Maiben. fx 1-J .11 "C-'TT ri, lui Diane Plotkin leaves her misspelled minutes to Betty Todd. Nancy Cohen leaves her skating ability and a pillow to anyone who's iust learning how to skate. Johnny Allen leaves. The A-9 class leaves Mt. Vernon under the watchful care of the B-9's, with the hope that they will keep it in the same state of contented confusion. SAFETIES Row l-Lillian Kim, Dixie Griffin, Barbara Fukuyama, Dorothy Duke, Margie Drake, Janice Yamamoto, Nancy Gushiken, Edda Schwartz, Susan Wilson, Janet Inman, Alice Nakagawa, Jean Takayoshi, Sue Colby, Frances Fogel, Faye Aratani, Betty Walker, Camille Roane, Rodeama Crane, June Cas- parian, Evelyn Herman, Phyllis Jung, Adele Seltzer, Donna Atler, Helen Strasser, Loraine Bernstein, Darlene Baller, Marilyn Farkas. Row Z-Madeline Guttelman, Kathryn Koch, Carol Dake, Arlene Harmon, Cynthia Shevel, Cyra Wolf, Dora Silk, Irene Levonian, Elaine Kaplan, Marilyn Gordon, Shirley Standiford, Frances Sotcher, Ruby Stewart, Harriet Christensen, Jennifer Kent, Nancy Owens, Leelane Ellis, Marilyn Pepperdine, Nancy Finlay, Mary Lou Campbell, Doreen Osep, Elizabeth Bush, Patti Brinker, Marilyn Bravender, Pat Potts, Barbara Duncan, Carolyn Smith, Betty Starr, Teresa Palazuelos, Arlene Youristi, Myrtle O'Mara. Row 3-Naomi Kayashi, Robert Whitney, Joe Doss, Elbert Lui, Selwyn Rose, Rodney Champion, Ralph Logan, Larry Pearsall, Moe Bloom, Joyce Brown, Sandra Berkovitz, Marilyn Bluh, Seymore Zeldin, Lawrence Haines, Ted Matthews, Jim Kimsey, Malcolm Smith, Andy Hazel, Nowland Hong, Paul Levitt, Albert Osterloh, Yvonne Heilig. Row 4-Dick Matthews, David Segal, Robert Blum, Ronald Bradley, Rudy Stuhlman, Joe Schulman, Allan Karno, Dennis Galanter, David Scott, David Sauerwald, Robert Brodowski, Bill Fisher, Carl Hunn, David Mill, Tim Leckey, Dale Simpson, Aldo Loria, Tom Jacobs, Charles Lockhard, Sidney Cain, Lee Schmidt, Warren Nye, David Linderman, Leslie Pollack. FOR SAl:ETY'S SAKE Mt. Vernon's safety organization is run parallel to a metropolitan police force. lts various divisions may be com- pared to the departments of a large city law enforcement staff. The network of squads under the sponsorship of Mr. Karl Lovejoy, Mrs. Grace Cameron, and Mrs. Emily Spring, and the student leadership of Faye Aratani, Safety repre- sentative, has proven itself a valuable asset to Mt. Vernon. Sponsors and captains of the squads are: Miss Dorothy Lucas and Kay Nishimura, Main Hall, Mrs. Marion Hooton and Pat Potts, West Building, Miss lneta Nelson and Donna Atler, Morning Door, Miss Nelson and Phyllis Jung, Noon Door, Mrs. Myrtle Toothaker and Shirley Standiford, Cafe- teria Squad, Mrs. Bernice Farley and Joyce Brown, Hash Line, Mr. Bernard Feldman and Alan Karno, South of Cafeteria, Mr. John Corbeil and David Scott, Noon Gate, Mr. Clifford Hirsch and Carl Hunn, Bike Squad, Mr. Earl Matthews and Bob Little, Red Caps, Mrs. Edna Knotts, girls' eating area, Mrs. Ebby Marlow and Mrs. Helen Col- ton, boys' eating area, and Mrs. Jeanne Lavagnino, Now- land Hong, and Elbert Lui, Bugle and Flag Squad. Safety Court is sponsored by Mrs. Alta Maiben and meets once a week to administer iust sentences to pupils who disobey the safety rules. The six court members under Frances Fogel, Chief Justice, are Doreen Osep and Bob Schultz, B-9 iudges, Leelane Ellis, clerk, lrene Levonian, secretary, Dennis Galanter, bailiff, and Faye Aratani, Safety representative. DRAMA lN REVIEW Sober appearing Thespians pictured here did an out- standing iob this semester, under the direction of Mr. Ohan Kerian, put on numerous plays both for workshop and assembly. Among the first to be seen by the student body in a double assembly were, "Buddy Answers an Ad," "Bobs Goes Dramatic," and "A Date for Bobby Sox." Workshop plays enjoyed by special classes were, "The Prettiest Girl in Town," "Billy Goes Haywire," "The Red Lamps," "Pa's New Housekeeper," and "Wilbur Minds the Baby," which was found the most popular of workshop otterings this semester. Thanksgiving and Christmas were marked by two suc- cessful productions. "This is Thanksgiving," a radio play, was offered for both upper and lower divisions. Following the season's spirit the drama classes presented for double assemblies and to the parents at a P.T.A. meeting, Decem- ber 'l6, Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Closing their semester with a final flourish, Cl forty-tive minute double assembly was presented, consisting of seven radio plays, from tive to fifteen minutes long, on Janu- ary ll. DRAMA CLASSES Row I-Richard Sanders, Martin Ansoorian, Charles Mishkin, Janice Yama- moto, Marian Megrdichian, Beverly Silver, Bobbie Perll, Sharon Mack, Frank Besag, Morton Light, Bradley Barrows. Row 2-Selwyn Rose, Marvin Schneider, Wanda DeWitt, Janet Schroeder, Rodeama Crane, Eleanor Lieberman, Frances Grantham, Kathryn Stewart, Frances Fogel, Marcia Gilbert, Margie Drake, Dorothy Duke, Paula Mealy, Gareth Carmody, Saul Barr. Row 3-Stan Schwartz, Michael Polin, Charlean Franke, Shirley Bennion, Sylvia Friedman, Diane Nellis, Sheila Margo, Elaine Kaplan, Nora lshkanian, Irene Levonian, Marilyn Lee, Sandra Bora, Barbara Duncan, Julie Herren, Estelle Jablcn, Mr. Ohan Kerian. Row 4-Lilliana Blott, Rita Rudelson, Helen Toal, Nancy Herbst, Myrna Bergstrom, Sandra Berkowitz, Edna Boardman, Marilyn Bluh, Peggy Barrett, Teresa Palazuelos, Barbara Suval, Donald Seltzer. Row 5-Marty Berman, Caroll Darrow, Malcolm Smith, Nathan Karsh, Frank Abrahamian, Danny Knapp, Kenny Johnson, Ted Matthews, Kenny Rose, Bob Resnick. STAGE CREW Louis Weinstock, Leon Blake, Paul Van Zytfeld, John Sakata, Jack Papazian, Kenny Johnson, Bill Kern, Kenny Kuhlman, Bob Little, Bim Gutsch, Mr. Ohan Kerian, Julian Dixon, Bob Palout1ian, Jim Kimsey, Danny Knapp, Jimmy Kaufman, Roger Summers. OPERATION STAGE CREW Throughout the term stage crew has worked on all assemblies and plays under the supervision of Mr. Ohan Kerian. Big man of the stage crew is Bim Gutsch, stage crew manager, who is also in charge of operating the lights. Under him are Bob Paloutzian, assistant stage crew man- ager, and John Sakata. ln charge of the sound crew is Jimmy Kimsey, with Julian Dixon, second in charge, and Jack Papazian. Supervising the arc crew is Bill Kern, assisted by Leon Blake, and Bob Little. ln charge of the grid crew is Roger Summers, and under his command are Jimmy Kaufman, Danny Knapp, Kenny Kuhlmann, Paul Van Zytveld, and Lewis Weinstock. Chief proiectionist is Kenny Johnson. BOYS USHERS Standing Robert Rumack Milton Aiken Seymour Zeldln Jimmy Yowell Jerome Franklin Captain Sitting Herbert Kalmlcx Marshall Goldstein Jack Wledder Howard Bergman PROJECTIONISTS Hats are off to the proiection crew for pictures they have shown Mount Vernonites this semester. The club is sponsored by Miss Bess Peacock and its officers are Larry Pearsall, president, Bob Shultz, vice-president, Marguerite Garlock, secretary, Richard Le Vine, Joe Schulman, Malcolm Smith, and Ernest Kodama, auditorium proiectionists. Her- bert Kalmick and Jack Mednicotf are A-9 special projec- tionists. On Wednesday, December 7, the crew made a valuable trip to audio-visual headquarters at Sentous Center for the purpose of seeing how films are distributed and cared for. Tlgey examined all types of machines and visual aids avail- a e. PROJECTION CREW Row I-Jack Mzdnicoff, Steve Droker, Betty Bettinger, Marguerite Garlock, Row 2-Robert Schultz, Allan Karno, Larry Pearsall, Miss Bess Peacock, Archie Herbert, Ernest Kodama. Row 3-Richard Le Vine, Herbert Kalmick, Marty Berman, Owen Lee, Joe Schulman, Albert Rosenheck. THREE YEARS' DREAM Last night A-9's dreamed. As in the experience of many a dreamer the visions began with the day's excitement, and drifted back through the years. They relived the thrill of yesterday's graduation-pen formed for parents and friends in the afternoon-and the morning rehearsal for the B-9's to see and anticipate their own program one semester away. The dream shifted back to the Awards Assembly of January 23, with its recognition of all worthy service, and to the Installation of January 13, when the Class of Winter '50 turned over to new officers-the stewardship of the school. And back further still to the elections of January 6-to the visits of counselors from Dorsey, from Los Angeles, from Polytechnic high schools, all with their plans, their maps of the future for A-9's of today. They saw themselves again in the stirring moments of the A-9-B-9 football game of December 14-the exciting score, 6-2. They saw themselves in the gaiety of their A-9 Tea Dance, the bright clothes, the guests, the conference, and the joyous time in the gym afterwards. They remembered the officers they had chosen to lead their class in November, and remembered them with pride, Marty Berman, their president, Marion Megrdichian, their vice-president, and Dorothy Duke, their secretary and treas- urer. They thought of the early class meetings and the first awareness of their A-9 status. A-9 STEERING COMMITTEE Marion Megrdichian, Larry Pearsall, Mrs. Edith Shreve, A-9 Counselor: Frances Sotcher, and Althea Reames. Girls recollected with tenderness the B-7's they had entertained at their Big and Little Sister party. Boys re- called the Big Nine Little Seven party, and what it meant to the little newcomers. As the dream went on, it focused on the A-9 Faculty game, coed this term on both sides of the net, and they thought a little ruefully of losing two out of three to their elders. The recollection of the Girls' Installation drifted across their memories with its dignity and quietly meaningful cere- mony-and the boys thought of their companion assembly, the thrilling story of the Dons. As the magic carpet sailed backwards to the spring, landmarks were farther apart-but there was that day where their student body leaders took their oath of office, and the hard fought baseball game with the A-9's who preceded them-and won the top score. The subconscious sailed back a little faster. There were glimpses of the big moments in the A-8-their first upper division dance and assemblies. In the B-8 they recalled making their first subject choices, and sharing in student government, with their lower division representatives. There was the time when they shed their badge of new- ness in the A-7 and farthest back of all the B-7 tours, the B-7 Tea, and all the puzzling initiation it took to become used to a strange, exciting new school. At this point they turned restlessly in their sleep and awoke once more to the present-to realize that the three good years were past-and to wonder what lay ahead for them in the three years to come. A-9 CLASS OFFICERS Marion Megrdichian, Martin Berman, Dorothy Duke. FLAG RAISING Buglers-Joe Doss, Newland Hong. Flag raisers-Seymour Zeldin, Elbert Lui, and Malcolm Smith. BOY - THE PERFECT A-9 - GIRL Cal Darrow Hair Emily Rochon Nolan Johnson Eyes Shirley Roberts Donald Houk Smile Marion Megrdichian Morris Bloom Posture Norma Peterson Buddy Logan Nose Margie Drake Jesse Miranda Personality Irene Levonian Norbert Sternad Brains Shirley Bennion Morris Daniels Height Geraldine Murray Kenny Johnson Athletic Ability Dorothy Duke Frank Abrahamian Clothes Dora Silk A-9 CLASS Row 'l-Sandra Berkovitz, Geraldine Murray, Edna Boardman, Marilyn Bluh, Lilliana Blott, Peggy Barrett, Pat Moffett, Ezra Lee Jeffery, Lucy Mendoza, Wanda DeWitt, Marian Megrdichian, Shirley Kelly, Beverly Silver, Roberta Perll, Annette Weiss, Sharon Mack, Marilyn Garfield, Shirley McNutt, Edda Schwartz, Dorothy Duke, Margie Drake, Janice Yamamoto, Faye Aratani, Kathleen Sato, Norma Peterson, Rosemary Hotfenberg, Donna Atler, Nora lshkanian, Linda Attarian, Marcia Gil- bert, Frances Fogel, Nora Grant, Shirley Standifard, Frances Sotcher, A Sally Givant. Row 2-Dixie Griffin, Dorothy Main, Myrna Sorkin, Melinda Patton, Arlene Harmon, Beatriz Aguilera, Elaine Rush, Arlene Ritt, Jeanette Robbins, Jackie Ohlson, Myrna Carter, Dora Silk, Cyra Wolf, Susan Bichachi, Kathryn Koch, Cynthia Shevel, Sheila Margo, Norma Braver- man, Althea Reames, Charlean Franke, Shirley Bennion, Elaine Kaplan, Irene Levonian, Grace Gillett, Diane Plotkin, Teresa Palazuelos, Marilyn Lee, Audrey Smylie, Vickie Stoner, Janet Schroeder, Emily Rochon, Shirley Roberts, Helen Flood, Nancy Cohen, Curtis Mae Williams, Joyce Motty, Mary Gruber. Row 3-Marvin Snyder, Leon Katz, Herbert Kalmick, Norman Siegel, Peter Vogler, Don McKenzie, Cal Darrow, Martin Berman, Martin Ansoorian, Dan Pogoler, Fred Rosenthal, Erwin Sokol, Martin Korobkin, Bob Sprague, Edmond Rothstein, Milton Wolfson, Richard Hutchison, Billy Davis, Bernard Williams, Jesse Miranda, Carl Clay, Vernon Landry, Robert Lewis, Norbert Sternad, Pat Paloutzian, Alonzo Parks, Edward Villard, Elbert Lui, Don Seltzer, Allan Karno, Stanley Schwartz, Selwyn Rose, Carl Hunn, Andy Hazell, Bill Fisher. Row 4-Clay Bracking, Robert Whitney, Fred Boswell, John Anderson, Don Houk, John Allen, Joe Miller, Roger Summers, Mike Polin, Eddie Tobin, Warren Turnidge, Malcolm Smith, James Pa Frank Abrahamian, Danny Knapp, Nathan Karsh, Rod Edwards, Kenny Johnson, Nowland Hong, Grant Tom, Jack Mednicoff, Ralph Logan, Ted Matthews, Lawrence Haines, Bill Clack, Kenny Kuhlman, Archie Herbert, Bob Resnick, Morris Bloom, Bob Dady, James Pattinson, Billy Nadel, Larry Pearsall, Seymour Zeldin, Wallace Hilton, Nolan Johnson, Morris Daniels, Dave Bambacigno, Ronnie Rock. te, Don Sawyer, A-9 CLASS SONG Composed to the tune of: "Maybe You'll Be There" by Bobbi Perll and Annette Weiss Each time we think of Junior High School, Our thoughts go wandering Through the years, And then we think of all the ioys we've spent In old Mt. Vernon dear. f The A-9 Tea and Graduation, The way the kids roam through the halls, These lovely things we never will forget, That happened here last fall. The counselors and the A-9 teachers, Our problems they have helped to solve, And all through Senior High and College, Never to forget them, we resolve. And as we leave dear old Mt. Vernon, Our hearts are so depressed and sad, And so we say goodbye to you, dear school, And all the good times we have had. Fine contributions were also made by Beverly Silver Nancy Cohen, Charlean Franke and Dorothy Duke. I The glee club has sung for P.T.A., Christmas and gradu- SONGS OF THE LARK BOYS' GLEE Leadership of Boys' Glee this term rested in the hands of its president, Fred Rosenthal, vice-president, Richard Kohling, and secretary, Timothy Lecky, under the super- vision of Mrs. Jane Niethamer, who is also their accom- panist. ation programs. Songs featured this term were Lucky Old Sun, Battle of Jericho, White Christmas, Carol of the Bells, and several Spanish ballads and cowboy songs presented for graduation. GIRLS' GLEE Assisting Mrs. Myrtle Toothaker with the management of Girls' Glee for the term, are Shirley Kelly, president for the first ten weeks, and Norma Peterson for the second ten weeks. Jocelyn Schneider, A-8, has done an'outstanding iob of accompanying. The girls in glee club have discovered many new tal- ents on the semi-weekly programs which they present for their own enjoyment, and also offered many outstanding performances to the student gatherings. Girls' Installation of Officers was their first offering fol- lowed by the first P.T.A. meeting of the semester. The Thanksgiving assembly was next, for which they sang two inspiring songs, "Bless This House," and "O God, Our Help in Ages Past." At the annual Christmas program they pre- sented "Jingle Bells," "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Draw Nigh, lmmanuel," by William Hughes, and "Good Christian Men, Rejoice," with descant by Vernon. In the interest of the Yuletide spirit they went caroling in the halls on December 16. Q BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row I-Kenneth Jenkins, Leslie Blum, Sheldon Krupp, Rudy Stuhlman, Frank Brown, Fred Rosenthal, Joe Gonzales, Leif Erson, Haig Bajoian, Louis Mon- toya, Talmadge Lewis, lvan Erdos. I Row 2-Robert Barrett, Jack Eschback, Ronnie Spilholtz, Bill Fisher, Richard Christy, Wayne Fawcett, Donald Goldman, Walter Flood, Arthur Fisher, Ed Rothstein, Russell Karches. Row 3-Julius Johnstone, Al Mendes, Bob Henderson, Richard Kohling, Tom Paine, Bob Marshall, Irving Sobelman, Jack Valensky, David Segal, Ray Whitt. Row 4-Sheldon Ackrich, Albert Barish, Louis Garay, Robert Rumack, Billy Nadel, Harold Smith, Ralph Phillipson, Michael Wood, Timothy Lecky, Wayne Simpson, Mrs. Jane Niethamer. A-9 ALPHABET by Diane Plotkin and Faye Aratani Adorable ...,....................................... Athletic ........ Bashtul ......... Bold .......... Colorful ........... Courteous ..... .. Darling .,.........,.. Determined .,,.,.. Eyes ............. Exotic ........ Frank ........ Figure ............. ....,Mickey Garfield ...........,.Carl Hunn ........Buddy Logan .........Mike Polin ......,Beverly Silver ......Rod Edwards ......Margie Drake .......Sharon Mack ..............Joe Miller ......lrene Levonian .........Cynthia Shevel .....,...Faye Aratani Gay ...................... ........... N ancy Cohen Good-looking ....... .........,,.. D anny Knapp .Frank Abrahamian Happy-go-lucky ....... . impractical ........... Handsome ........ Imaginative ....... Juvenile ........ Jolly ..........,..... Killer fmani ....... Kibitzer ........... Laughable ........ Lavish ........... Musical ........ Modest ......... ..............Bob Dady .......Peggy Barrett ...........Gerry Murray .......Chuckie Franke ...........A.Shirley Kelly ...Teresa Palazuelos .............Don Seltzer ....Martin Ansoorian ................Dora Silk .........Peter Vogler .......Joyce Motty ..........Cyra Wolf GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row I-Jocelyn Schneider, Marilyn Miller, Joan Friedman, Janet Inman, Evelyn Chanon, Wanda Peterson, Norma Peterson, Alyce Ushijima, Joan Theard, Carol Reed, Darlene Baller, Shirley McNutt, and Carol Dreyfus. Row 2-Leatrice Hersh, Diane Nellis, Sandra Bennion, Helen Strasser, Roberta Barionian, Shirley Kelly, Yoshika lshigami, Camille Roane, Carol Frye, Bar- bara Catalano, Myrna Bonn, Edda Schwartz, Ethel Outlaw, and Mrs. Myrtle Toothaker. Row 3-Linda Pate, Norma DeWitt, Beverly Coleman, Nancy Finlay, Elaine Rush, Joyce Toran, Mary Jane Upton, Beverly Giles, Bernice Frye, Mary Gruber, Joan Topalian, Brenda Chapin, Lois McFarland, and Wanda Oglesby. Row 4-Adrienne Clark, Joanne Bernstein, Sylvia Mansfield, Sally Peters, Phyllis Heckler, Marilyn Bravender, Sue Domack, Joanne Kritt, Julie Mason, Carolyn Smith, Arlene Harman, Ezra Lee Jeffery, Shirley Cooke, and Myrna Weiner. N Nice ....,.., ,..,,, .,,,,, Noble .,...... O Ornery ...... Obliging ...... P Personality ...... Physique ....... Q Quaint ....,.. Quiet ...... R Roguish ...... Rugged ,..... S Simple ....... Sweet .......,,,4,,.. T Temperamental ....... Talkatrve .......... U Useless ...,....,.,.,., Unattached ...... V Voice ..........., Vain ........ W Witty ......,..... Wise .....,..,,,,... X 'Xtra Smart ...... 'Xtra Funny ...... Y Yappy ............. Youthful ..,.,.. Z Zany ........,. Zealous ..... ......Kenny Kuhlman ...,,..Marvin Snyder .........Marilyn Lee .......Jesse Miranda ...........Kenny Johnson .......Madeline Seropian .................Elbert Lui .........Carl Clay ..............,Cal Darrow .........Shirley Bennion Marion Megrdichian ...........Diane Plotkin ....,...Marty Berman ...,..,....The A-9 Class .....Edmond Rothstein .......Norma Peterson .............Don Houk .,...Annette Weiss ............Morris Bloom ...,...Norbert Sternad ........Stan Schwartz ......Audrey Smylie .......Dorothy Duke ,.....Susan Bichachi .,.....Bobbie Perll Bob Resnick ........ Nancy Cohen ....... PET PEEVES ,.,.,,,,.GirIs who dont wear socks Marty Berman ......................................... Mickey Garfield ....,.. Don Seltzer..People Cyra Wolf ............................................. Joe Miller ........ Joyce Motty ....... Moe Bloom ........... Shirley Bennion ....... Cal Darrow .,......... Susie Bichachi ....... Kenny Kuhlman ,..... Charlean Franke ....... Carl Hunn ............... Margie Drake ...... Roger Summers ....... Annette Weiss ....,. Johnny Allan ..,..... Bobbie Perll .........,.. Marty Ansoorian ........................... .........People who sing in algebra who are show offs .,.........Susan's talking in social studies .....Boys who don't roll up their sleeves ...,..............Hair worn in a horses tall ...................People who dont smile ........People who have bacl tempers Dora Silk ................................................. Diane Plotkin ............ ll ir M JJ FQ dll' y J .Marty Berman's Hungarian nicknames who talk about their home state or city .Roman s pet sayings . ...... People who call her Beck .Boys who wear low pants B-7's who act like A 9's Cor vice versal -A I INSTRUMENTALISTS The Mount Vernon Senior Orchestra, numbering seventy members this term, is recognized as among the finest of such organizations in junior high school. Heading an excellent first violin section are Claudette Eidlhuber and Dennis Galanter, concert mistress and master. Other section leaders are indicated by stars in identifica- tion. Managers of the orchestra deserve recognition, and for Mt. Vernon's orchestra the difficult iob is handled by George Papazian and his assistant, Barbara Tukuyuama, who is also orchestra librarian, assisted by Julianna Whisenand. The group's initial appearance was highlighted with the well liked "Adoration," by Felix Barowski. At the Christmas assembly, December 16, they played the "Prelude" from the "L'Arlesienne Suite, Number l," by Georges Bizet, and a selection from "Hansel and Gretel." They also gave an excellent performance for graduation. Mount Vernon is proud of its orchestra, which plans to enter the all city Band and Orchestra Festival to be held in the spring. Skating and swimming parties have been held during the last semester for the enjoyment of all its members. Band has added many a lively march or fight song to track meets andthe A-9-B-9 games, assisted by a few of the brasses and woodwinds of Senior Orchestra. SENIOR ORCHESTRA First Violins-'Claudette Eidlhuber, Dennis Galanter, Albert Rosenheck, George Papazian, Nancy Owens, Thelma Street, Barbara Fukuyama, David Locken, Gloria Lopez. - Second Violins-'Madeleine Hurzeler, Ruth Aranow, Judy Sklar, Richard Triplett, Lillian Kim, Jennifer Kent, Charles Krahmalkof, Gilbert Good, Jane Bresee, Sheila Raider. Cellos-'Harriet Christensen, Joyce Brown, Peter Vogler, Vahan Yeterian, Ruby Stewart, Jackie Terry, Barbara Sutton, Clay Brackrng, Tony Houton. Violins-'Gareth Carmody, Lorraine Burnstein, Mary Lou Campbell, Geraldine Haig, David Golding, Helen Tom, Lawrence Brody, Frances Mooradlan, Archie Herbert, Elizabeth Starkey. String Basses-'Patti Brinker, Truman Long, Gloria Morton. Oboe-'Dick Welland. Flutes-'Al Loria, Donald Silver. Clarinets-'Louis Varasso, Stanley Steelman, Robin Camp, Larry Arbeitman. Saxophone:-Louise Barrackman. Bassoon-'Bob Kaitz. Percussion-Patricia Harrison, Charlotte Kohen, Maurice Better. Pianist-Julianna Whisenand, Paul Witkovsky. Brasses-'Nowland Hong, Joe Doss, James Howard, Morgan Erlick. Conductor-Mrs. Jeanne Lavagnino. 'Indicates section leader. : 7 t-:iam-wxmx-.,,w.. BAND Clarinets-'Jack Glantz, Louis Varasso, Morton Farberow, Stanley Steelman, Lois Riffle, Larry Arbeitman, Neil Goldman, Joanna Forbes. Brasses-'Nowland Hong, Leslie Pollack, Joe Doss, Fred Hardon, James Howard, Alex Sherriff, James Sakata, Donald Cottle, Ronald Bradley, Ray Kong, and Morgan Erlick. Oboe-'Dick Welland. Flues-'Al Loria, Donald Silver, and Barrie Arnold. Bassoon-'Bob Kaitz. Saxophones-Louise Barrackman, Thaddeus Mitchell, Charles Thayer, Sydney Cain and Dale Simpson. Percussion-Charlotte Kohen, Maurice Better, Harvey Kaufman, Pat Harrison, Arlene Kopulsky. Conductor-Mrs. Jeanne Lavagnino. Q 1 ll -Q'-' l l li A-9 PET SAYINGS by Annette Weiss and Susie Bichachi Sharon Mack .....,.. Charlean Franke ...... Shirley Bennion ....,. Cal Darrow ......... Marty Ansoorian ..... Irene Levonian ...... ..........Some people! .......Grow up! ......l'm crushed! ......Harrumph! .......Oh, crude! . ....... You slay me! Geraldine Murray ....., ....................... Y OU bug! Dorgfhy Duke ,.,,,,,,,,, ..,,... N ever, father, never! Jesse Miranda ....... ................... H ey, mdnl Cyra Wolf ........ Don Seltzer ..... Nancy Cohen ..... Selwyn Rose ..... .........lshka! ..,.............Guano! .............Honest to Pete! .......Don't be a schlemiel! Linda Attarian ...... ................. W l1C1l'S Up? A-9 COMIC CHARACTERS H01-Shot Charlie ,A,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,,....,....,........,, Frank Abrahamian Tarzan ............,... Tiny Tim ..,... Blondie .......... Daisy Mae ....... Dick Tracy ....... Little Abner ....... Smilin' .lack ..... Little Iodine ..... Wilbur ....,...... Red Ryder ....... Snookums ...... Dogwood ...... ......Kenny Johnson .......Marvin Snyder ......A..Marilyn Lee ......Shirley Bennion ......Nathan Karsh .....Moe Bloom . ..... Cal Darrow ......Faye Aratani ....,.Danny Knapp ......Ralph Logan .....Danny Pogoler .......Kenny Kuhlman GlRLS' VOLLEYBALL Dorothy Duke, Shirley Bennion, Shirley Kelly, Bobbie Perll, Marilyn Garfield, Shirley Roberts, Cynthia Shevel, Annette Weiss, Dora Silk, Frances Sotcher, Charlean Franke, Nora lshkanian, Nancy Cohen-. GYM SHORTS Basketball, volleyball, tetherball, and kickball are at the top of the girls' sports list, the first named being G.A.C.'s principal achievement. Mrs. Helen Hannah coached the girls for teams in this sport. G.A.C. officers are president, Barbara Suval, vice-presi- dent Lois Strasser, roll secretary, Rosalie Gross, minute secretary, Phyllis Mettler, treasurer, Helen Strasser, man- ager, Marthalee Wentworth, and assistant, Shirley Standi- ford. Grade representatives are: A-9, Dorothy Duke, B-9, Nancy Herbst, A-8, Madelyn Guttelman, B-8, Donna Hig- gins, A-7, Carol Feldman, B-7, Patty Smith. Co-ed has brought out incredible numbers of girls and boys. Over 200 each week have organized homeroom teams, and competed against each other in tournaments. Miss Selma Larson and Mr. Clifford Hirsch are co-ed sponsors. Square-dancing has been a favorite pastime both in classes and leisure hours. lts devotees organized a club, with Miss Grace Potts, as sponsor. lts two secretaries are Malcolm Smith for the boys and Patty Brinker, for the girls. SQUARE DANCING Group l lFront to backl-Nathan Karsh, Margie Drake, Sharon Mack, Robert Whitney, Mike Polin, Shirley Bennion, Beverly Silver, Larry Pearsall. . Group 2-Alonzo Parks, Marcia Gilbert, Frances Sotcher, Archie Herbert, Clay Bracking, Nancy Cohen, Elaine Kaplan, Marvin Ripes. Group 3-Ronnie Rock, Faye Aratani, Norma Braverman, Bernard Williams, Robert Lewis, Dorothy Main, Sheila Margo, Buddy Stark. I I . 1 2 FOOTBALL GAME Mr. J. A. Bell, Billy Davis, Morris Bloom, George Abaiian, Bernard Melamed, Jim Fogarty, Allen Brownstein, Kenny Bryant, Selwyn Rose. SPORTS ROUND-UP Ardent sports admirers had plenty of things to talk about during the year when speedball and football reigned as maior sports in Mount Vernon. Speedball started off slowly, but soon picked up with the Wolverines of 218 tak- ing the pennant. The Badgers and the Spartans split the points in a tie for second place. Although speedball started slowly, the football season started off with a bang. The Wolverines looked as if they were going for their second straight pennant when the Hoosiers of 259 beat them. A post season play off to de- cide the championship resulted in an upset-with the underdog Hoosiers winning the title. Meetings of Gym Club are held every Thursday after school in the gym. The club now boasts twenty members, three of whom have already earned their letters. They are Mike Polin, Jack Kelly and Tom Goula. The club also has some promising B-7's. - One of the most closely fought volleyball games on record at Mount Vernon was held October 13, when the faculty shattered a fighting A-9 team by taking the first and third of three sets, 15-ll and T5-7 respectively. Members of Mount Vernon Junior High who have been chosen Minute Man of the Week for their oustanding ability in gym and sports activities are: Kenny Johnson, George Abaiian, Carl Hunn, Morris Bloom, Cal Darrow, and Mike Polin. Special credit should be given to Mr. John Bell, head of the athletic department, Mr. Clifford Hirsch, who-par- ticipated in square dancing and co-ed, and Mr. George Wight, supervisor of the homeroom league, for the com- mendable iob that they have done during the year. BASKETBALL GAME Ted Matthews, Ralph Logan, Roy Anderson, Martin Ansoorian Kenny Kuhlman, Kenny Johnson. A-9 NICK NAMES Bobby Perll-Beck Morris Bloom-Moe Charlean Franke-Chuckie Joe Miller-Zeke Dora Silk-Silky Bob Dady-Luke Helen Flood-Stormy Roger Summers-Duke Susie Bichachi-Junior Carroll Darrow-Cal Annette Weiss-Nut Robert Resnick-Big Bob Teresa Palazuelos-Teddy Selwyn Rose-Rosey Marilyn Garfield-Mickey Ralph Logan-Buddy Shirley Bennion-Benny Stanley Schwartz-Nelly Dorothy Duke-Dukie Kenny Kuhlman-Kennabones Norma Braverman-Candy Carl Hunn-Hunny Margie Drake-Butch Don Seltzer-Seltz Cyra Wolf-Cy Dan Pogoler-Pogie Geraldine Murray-Gerry Norman Siegal-Bugsie Sharon Mack-Sherry Marty Ansoorian-Sawed off Diane Plotkin-Butter Ball MINUTE MAN REPRESENTATIVES Row I-Rose Lentz, Marilynn Lee, Lois Strasser, Elaine Niblock, Nancy Fife, Annette Weiss, Susan Bichachi, Geraldine Haig, Ruby Stewart, Marilyn Gordon, Marthalee Wentworth, Barbara Thread. Row 2-Albert Adams, Ronald Bradley, Zelda Friedman, Norma Di Fiore, Beverly Silver, Marilyn Bravender, Donna Mae Thomas, Shirley Standiford, Norma Mehlman, Martin Leibowitz, Leonard Leibow. Row 3-Sidney King, Stan Tobias, John Sakata, Russell Kaplan, Ken Karopian, Jack Glantz, Elbert Lui, SelwynR'R?1sea SFulkBarr, Pat Martin, David Becker, IC ar ar . 5 i s G 8 THE PRESS SPEAKS ln the past semester the iournalism class has striven to bring to the students of Mount Vernon a paper worthy of the name Minute Man.. The staff has endeavored to introduce whatever improvements the paper could afford, and to include new features in the regular issues. Starting the semi-annual subscription campaign was a guessing contest to identify a composite face made up from three well known personalities, and won by Howard Rosenfeld and David Becker. The sports staff also spon- sored the traditional A-9-Faculty volleyball game which was played on a co-ed basis for the first time. Those deserving special credit are Annette Weiss, editor, and Susan Bichachi, circulation manager, for their splendid work in representing the Minute Man in the Stu- dent Cabinet. "lt has been hard, but lots of fun," says Annette, "and I hope the student body has enioyed reading it, as much as I have enioyed working on it. Outstanding writers are Faye Aratani on fashion and drama, Stan Tobias, Howard Rosenfeld, David Becker, and Jim Kimsey, sports, Elaine Widoff, Jerome Franklin, and Cynthia Shevel, for news writing and features. Typing credit goes to Jack Sikking, Howard Rosenfeld, and David Becker. Bob Brodowsky has fulfilled the job of advertising manager. Art work was done by the students of Mr. John Corbeil and Miss Margaret Acheson's art classes, particularly by Sylvia Nokakihara, Grant Tom, Jesse Miranda, Helen Flood, David Mill, Bob Willey, Jim Stealey, Bill Naodel, Jeannette Hindman, Pat Allen, and Marilyn Garfield. Principal snap- shot photographers were Gary Wilmes, Joe Schulman and Ralph Hagerman. Printing credit goes to students of Mr. Garland Ware's classes: Bob Dady, Joe Miller, Ralph Pfeiffer, and David Scott. Minute Man representatives have done their work of obtaining subscriptions with the added incentive of the Minute Man show. Mr. Arthur Thomas, ex-Mount Vernon ll JOURNALISM CLASS Row I-Stan Tobias, Janice Sternkopt, Diane Plotkin, Dan. Pogoler, Annette Weiss, Susan Bichachi, Jerome Franklin, Faye Aratani, David Becker, Howard Rosenfeld. Row 2-Jimmy Kimsey, Myrna Carter, Jolene Brown, Nancy Cohen, Marilyn Bravender, Betty Todd, Brenda Chapin, Rose Lentx, Cynthia Shevel, Mrs. Winifred Yeakey, Sherwin Schwartz. Row 3-Nancy Gushiken, Carol Rede, Norma di Fiore, Eva Tribett, Cecile Schroeder, Joan Sanden, Rosemary Hoffenberg. Row 4-Donna Atler, Robert Brodowsky, Erwin Sokol, Pat Allen, Mel Sanger, Edmond Rothstein, Jack Sikking, Elaine Widoff. teacher, lent his talent as master of ceremonies for a show studded with talent in music, dancing and humor, November 9. The Minute Man extends its best wishes to all its sub- scribers, and hopes the A-9's will long recall with pleasure the scenes herein depicted. THE MAST Editor ..,.. ....,........., .,,..... . ...... ...,.., . . . ..... . Annette Weiss Circulation Manager ,,,,, .. ........ SUSGH BiCl1aCl'li Asst. Circulation Mgr.... , ...... .Jerome Franklin Advertising Manager. ,,.,,. . . . , .,.. , Robert Brodowsky Morgue ............. .,... ..... . ,..., . . .. , . ......Donna Atler Exchanges . ...... .,..... . . ..,, .Nancy Cohen, Marilyn Bravender and Eva Tribett Girls' Sports .....,,............,......,......., . .,..,, .... .,,. ..,......, . . . ...... ........... J a nice Sternkopf Boys' Sports ,...,.., Stan Tobias, David Becker, Howard Rosenfeld and Jim Kimsey Humor Editors ....... . ...... .....,.... ..,... . ...,,.. .... . E r win Sokol and Richard Mooniean Typing Manager. ........,. ........... ........ ....... . . ....... . . ....,.,.... .....,... .....,.. . J ack Sikking Fashion Editor ,.....,,, .....,,. ..,.... ............... F a y e Aratani Photographer. ....,. ......... Gary Wilmes Photo Editor.. .,... , .,..,.. ..........,, D an Pogoler Sponsor ....., .. .,....,, ...... . ...., . .. .Mrs. Winifred Yeakey REPORTERS Patrick Allen, Jolene Brown, Myrna Carter, Brenda Chapin, Norma Di Fiore, Alan Goldstein, Rosemary Hoffenberg, Jim Kimsey, Rose Lentz, Diane Plotkin, Carole Rede, Edmund Rothstein, Joan Sanden, Melvin Sanger, Cynthia Shevel, Cecile Schroeder, Sherwin Schwartz, Betty Todd, Elaine Widoff.

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 12

1950, pg 12

Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 10

1950, pg 10

Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 7

1950, pg 7

Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 11

1950, pg 11

Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 16

1950, pg 16

Mount Vernon High School - Minute Man Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 11

1950, pg 11

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