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-s W I 0 - . E. Altman 8: Gln. have in stock, or will make to order Misses, Riding Habits of correct materials built on English lines, in styles for cross- or side-saddle riding. Attention is especially directed to the im- proved Safety Skirt, made exclusively by B. Altman 8: Co. Riding Shirts, Hats, Boots Gloves and other Equestrian Accessories Zliifth Avenue 1: New Burk Ehirtg-fnurth anti Ulhirtg-iiftly Streets A Heart to Heart Talk There is no royal road to learning nor to fortune-each comes by the process of gradual accumulation and no one who would gain learning and fortune can depise the day of small things. - In New York City there is the highest building in the world. It is founded on dimes and it is a monument to the man who recognizes and applied the principle that it is the little things that make the big ones. It is not how much one gets that leads to fortuneg but it is how much one sets aside out of what he gets that leads to ulti- mate wealth. SO N0 ONE MAY REASONABLY HOPE FOR FINAN- CIAL POWER WHO IS NOT WILLING TO TRAVEL THE ROAD OF "THRIFT." Fortunes do not come by chance nor in lumpsg but they come before one knows it if the RULES ARE OBEYED. HAVING ARRIVED AT THIS POINT WE DESIRE TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT YOU CAN ACCUMULATE MONEY IF YOU WILL. Ifyou have we invite you to open an account in our NEW THRIFT DEPARTMENT, which is designed solely to aid those who really desire to form the valueable habit of T HRIFT. An account maybe opened in our New Thrift Department with an initial deposit of 25 cents or any multiple of 25 cents- WITH THIS PROVISO: The depositor must agree to make reg- ular weekly deposits Cor in advancej of 25 cents or a multiple thereofi THIS PROVISION IS TO INSURE REGULARITY WITH- OUT WHICH GENUINE THRIFT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Those having accounts in this department receive interest in accordance with the rules, and they may withdraw their money at any time without notice. John Dobson, the "Carpet King' of Philadelphia, who uc- cumilated a fortune of thirty millions of dollars was once a mill boy at 35 per week. He made it a rule to keep a part of what he earned each week and to set his earnings to work for him, thereby coining a part of his labor into capital. His plan embraced the whole secret of thrift and it was as simple as it was certain. The same road is open to every young man, and it depends upon himself whether he will travel therein. If you are in earnest on this subject of being thrifty you are invited to make your start on the road to financial indepen- dence by joining our THRIFT DEPARTMENT. THE MOUNT VERNON TRUST COMPANY THE LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY I "PRODUCTS THAT PLEASE" ,.,...N ...NI QUALITY "" 5? SERVICE UA ,.-' "Wh . THE HIGHEST THE BEST "PRINTING THAT PAYS" ' The "ANNUAL" is ll produrl of our plant. 3 FOR THE PAST 50 YEARS BURR DA VIS 62 SON UNDERTAKERS 81 LIVERYMEN Have satisfactorily served your Fathers 81 Gramlfathers They can serve you as well Automobile Funeral Equipment Telephone 27 fl- T H E A N N U A L f ffl, it N .ggi xy VOLUME XIV k PUBLISHED BY THE Athletic Association OF THE MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL MDCCCCXIII DEDICATION our To Ernest Samuel Durkee, as a Slight but Sincere Recognition of His Deep Interest in Mount Vernon High School, we Respectfully Dedicate This Book. 6 ERNEST SAMUEL DURKE E M. V. H. S. '06 INSTRUCTOR ' IN MNI IIEMATICS AN 7 D EI.0CU'l'ION Board of Education President Frank M. Tichenor Trustees Robert J. Jennings Jacques W. Redway William H. Owen, Jr. Frederick Bellesheiln Emil M. Brodbeck Herman G. Preuss Elizabeth L. Lowe Thomas A. Fletcher Edwin L. Ford Franklin O. Poole Officers Superintenclent - - Edwin C. Broome Clerk - - - Edwin Brenvenu Secretary Helen F. Gendenning 8 M. V. H. S. Faculty, 1912-1913 A, B, Davis, '94, Principal Helen S. Johnston, '06, Algebra, Geometry Ida L. Robinson, '97, Drawing ChaI'leS J. Smith, '06, Latin Caroline M. Stamm, '00, German Florence I. Blackburn, '07, English Anna S. Johnston, '00, English Louis I. Hand, '08, Algebra Emma C. Robinson, '00, Biology Clara H. Schmidt, '08, Chemistry Alice M. Southworth, '02, Latin Martha A. Sargent, '08, English Carolyn A. Hammond, '03, German Gertrude Chapman, '08, History Clara F. Mann, '03, History Mary E. Sears, '08, Latin Edith M. Fairchild, '04, Algebra Edna L. Palmer, '09, French Mary A. Sweeting, '04, Geometry Mary W. Young, '09, English Bertha Brown, '05, English Laura Banning, '10, Biology Eliza J. Jones, '05, Biology Ernest H. Buell, '10, Physics Ernest S. Durkee, '06, Mathematics, Elocution Josephine de Boer, '10, French Mary T. Patterson, '06, Latin T. W. Sturgeon, '11, 'Vocal Music I Vera F. Douglas, '06, Secretary Anna E. Frost, '12, Drawing ' Caroline M. Locke, '06, Greek, Latin Elizabeth K. Abbe, '12, English, Physical Geog 9 Board of Editors Editor-in-Chief Earle C. Blakeman Business MIl.ll.Ug0l' Assistant lllanagers Assistant Editors Herbert H. Melcher Edwin W. Fiske, Jr. Walter E. Thwing Creigh M. Hydecker Margaret Gibson Associate Editors Kenneth H. Erskine 1 Albert J. Bragg William G. Catheart Dorothy B. Jenkins Milton J. Wilson 4 Helen McLellan Wayles B. Bradley Beatrice Lowndes Harold E. Fendler Charlotte Babcock Fred. F. Gould- Edith Thompson 10 18 x 'A ' M. V. H. S. Athletic Association Officers President - F Earlc C. Blakcman Vice-President - - Myron W. Bradbecr fl'reasurcr - Hcrbcrt H. Mclcllcr Secretary - Harold E. Fcndlcr ll Athletic Association The past year may be termed one of the most successful years High School has ever had in athletics. There was not one strong team but three strong teams, and even a fourth which was successful under adverse conditions. One team tied for the championship, another won it easily, and the third was in first place when this book went to press. This is indeed a record of which we may be proud. It speaks of good playing, individually and collectively, good coaching, good captainingg and lastly, good support--the best that High School has ever had. This support, which is directly responsible for the Association's financial success, bespeaks great credit for the managers. In football it was seen from the start that Captain Catheart with Coaches McLean and Levine would turn out a championship team, and indeed they did, for not one game was lost. However, New Rochelle succeeded in holding our boys to two tie games, thus leaving these two teams tied for first place. iCaptain Cathcart surely is responsible for the great showing of his team, for with his indomitable spirit he always set an example which was mighty hard to follow. In managing the team, Earle Blakcman showed excellent business ability, for after all expenses were paid, he deposited a tidy little sum in the treasury. In basketball the success was not as great. Although Captain Bradbeer and Coach Downs did their best, they could not get a winning team together. However, the fault was not theirs, for 12 one injury after another incapacitated most of the fellows at sometime during the season. Manager Gilroy brought the financial end through in great style, due largely to his excellent schedule. For four years High School has been endeavoring to turn out a track team worthy of Mount Vernon, and has succeeded in doing it this year. Captain Many and Peeso were the chief point winners of the team, and only through them did High School win two dual meets allfl the county championship. As there was 110 coach, Captain Many had a double duty to perform which he did in fine fashion. The strength of this team lay not only in the first place winners but also in second and third place men. This shows a well-rounded team. The baseball championship has not been decided, but Mount Vernon leads with a possible tie with New Rochelle at the end of the regular schedule. If this should be the case, Coach Durkee is quite confident he can turn out a team able to defeat New Rochelle and thus annex another championship. N , xiii -BGL . LQ-. . , .'-:Q an-46 9 s I 1"' nv - s:,1a,f-4s:,a,'.s.,5A ' 2. -Ana, e err:-sa ,, f Q Jef BJUN , 'lx . - ...Q God.-1 gl.. K r I, ff QV., -f f- xl-W ,, ' 13 MEMBERS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Addonizio Bacon Bailley Baker Bernstein Bertine Blakeman, E. Blakeman, L. Bowman Boyd Bradbeer Bradley, L. Bradley, W. Bragg, A. Bragg, E. Bragg, J. Brasted Brodbeck Brush Burton Ca ill Callgcart, D. Cathcart, W. Cart Clancy Claydon Con don CooRiaugh Crozier De Pasquele Doyle Dunton Eaton Ellille Erskine Farr Farrington Fendler Fiske Frankcnberg Freitag Gebhard Gilchrist Gilroy Gould Gussenhovcn Hagenbucklc Harder Hart Hawe Hayward, A. Hayward, R. Heidtmann Herbst Hydeckcr Hnag Hodge Hoffman Hubbard Hughes Jennings Kelley Kirchcr Kreuser Lanff Lawlljor Lees Lehmer Lester Liccione Lindon Luckhardt Lydecker McCabe McTeiguc Manyrfii Martens Mathewson Melcher Messenger Miller 'Mitchell, Mitchell, R. Murray, F. Murray, K. Myers Nelson O'Bierne Olp Owen Parker, I. Parker, P. Parker, W. Peeso Plessner ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Preuss ' Rich Rodgers Scharrenheck Schede Schiellinger Seithcr Smith, E. Smith, G. Stevcnsl Stickles, E. Stickles, L. Storey Sweet Seigal Taylor Tichbourne Trotter Thwing Tynan Uhler Van Houten Wathen Walters Wedlake Weiskee Weitz Wilde Wilson, E. Wilson, M. Windliorst FOOTBALL 1912 Captain W. Gray Catheart Mfzlzfzger - Earle C. Blakeman Assistant Mczlzflgczr Stacy G. Kircher Georffe McLean Coaches - D I George Levlne 15 M. V. II. S. I"0U'l'IlAI.l. TICAM rzm-in QA,-'I mfg mmm-1 'rnwlxca nl-:1lw'rM.'xNN VAN not Tl-IN IlIIAllliICl'1l! nl.,uuc:smN m....1.g.-f cznnzu-in wllsox 'VYNAN cz. c:A'l'11r:,xlc'r q1:1.,...3 um-'lfMAx R. lIA'l'lllIAll'I' Nr-:1.soN vl-:Hsu w. llIlAIJI.l-IN lmluu-in I.. mmm,l-:Y 5Il'1l.fZIlI'Zl! 16 ,, f ilth' f 2 li xx xi: J A.- ff X -45 ' - f I Q. ' I l . KQV. g wc' O 9 fzblffl l ' Mt. Vernon was represented on the grid-iron this year by one of the fastest teams that ever wore the Maroon and White. When Captain Cathcart first issued the call for candidates, nine of last ycar's men responded, the only vacant positions being right tackle and right end, and a large squad of new men were out for these two positions. The fellows worked hard under the able coaching of George McLean and were in fine fettle for their first game. They got a flying start 'by running away from the Ossining H. S. team to the tune of 67---0. The team improved rapidly and in the next three weeks easily defeated Concordia College, Brooklyn Preparatory School and the strong Peekskill Military Academy team. This brought them up to the first county game-New Rochelle. The game was a hard, uphill iight for High School and resulted in a tie, 12-12. At this point Coach McLean had to leave Mt. Vernon a11d Captain Cathcart was fortunate enough to get George Levine, all-American end in 1908, who played for two years o11 Pennsylvania. Coach Levine caused a great improvement in the line playing, both on offense and defense. High School next defeated Stuyvesant and Bloomfield High Schools and kept up the pace by scor- ing a victory over White Plains in the second county battle. . And now came the big game of the year with our old rivals, Yonkers. Yonkers had a good ,team but Mt. Vernon had a better and the Maroon and White won a well-played, closely-contested game, 14---3. We were then tied with New Rochelle for the county championship and a game was arranged to play off the tie. Again there was no decision for the result was a scoreless tie. We had to be satisfied with dividing the championship with New Rochelle but the record of no defeats is one to be proud of. ' 17 FOOTBALL-Continued It would be hard to pick tl1e stars of the team for all the fellows played fine games. " Reggie " Cathcart played a great game at quarter-back, his head-work as well as his playing being largely respons- ible for the team's success. Wilson at full-back and Melcher and Crozier in the half-back positions com- pleted a backfield which was invincible, especially in the "tandem play." Taylor also did fine work until an injury put him out of the game. He was easily the star in the first New Rochelle game, practically saving High School from defeat by his splendid rushing. On the line, Captain Cathcart at left tackle put up a great game and his fighting spirit kept his men continually on the jump. Thwing played the other tackle and this pair showed fine form on the defense and also on the tackle-around play. " Jimmy 3' Tynan filled the left end position and Bradley and Doyle took care of right end. 7'Gregory" was espec- ially valuable in receiving forward passes and a good many yards were gained by him. Doyle and Brad- ley were both new men and did great work in their position. Hoffman and Bradbeer, two of last year's veterans played the guard positions in great style, stopping everything that came their way and breaking up their opponents formations. Heidtman held down center like a regular "Ketcham" and on the defense often smashed up plays before they were started. "Jimmy" Peeso substituted at quarter and half-back and "Jimmie" Nelson at guard and center and these men did fine work whenever the opportunity was given. Paul Parker was elected next year's captain and with the amount of good material he has, will probably lead a fine team through a successful season. Manager Earle Blakeman is to be congratulated upon his excellent schedule and skillful manage. ment of the team. "Stewey" deserves much credit. Stacy Kircher will be next year's manager and he is sure to make a good one. K The second team also made a fine record by going through the season without a defeat. They won games with Yonkers and New Rochelle and tied Stuyvesant. A 18 . n F OOTBALL-Continued SEASON'S RECORD M. V. H. S. 67 ...... Ossining H. S. 0 M. V. H. S. 31 . Concordia College 7 M. V. H. S. 9 Brooklyn "Prep" 3 M. V. H. S. 20 Peekskill M. A. 7 M. V. H. S. 25 Stuyvesant H. S. 14 M. V. H. S. 12 . New Rochelle H. S. 12 M. V. H. S. 9 Bloomfield H. S. 6 M. V. H. S. '19 . White Plains H. S. 0 M. V. H. S. 14 . .... Yonkers H. S. 3 M. V. H. S. 0 . . .... New Rochelle H. S. 0 Total number of points scored M. V. H. S. 206 Opponents 52 T H E L I N E U P Left End ----- James Tynan Left Tackle - Gray Cathcart, Captain Left Guard - - - Karl Hoffman Center . Walter Heidtmann, James Nelson Right Guard - - - - Myron Bradbeer Right Tackle - - - Walter Thwing Right End - Wayles Bradley, Harry Doyle Quarter Back - Donald Cathcart, James Peeso Left Half Back - - Courtenay Crozier Right Half Back - - Herbert Melcher Full Back - - - Milton Wilson, Herbert Taylor 19 M. V. H. S. Songs and Cheers The Maroon and White Long, long ago, in ages bright with heroes, Knights, as they led their charges to the fray, Wore on their helms their chosen ladiesf colors- Colors for which they rode, to conquer and to slay. Then on thc Iield,whcre sword and lance rang fiercest, Wavcd they the colors proudly to the breeze, Fighting for honor and for their allegiance, Brought they the focman, humbled, to his knees. Hail M. V. H. S. Tuna "Two Blue Eyes". Hail, Hail Mount Vernon, Loyal 'and true, Thy sons are gathered To cheer for you: , Rah! Rah! Rah! And whether victors Or vanquished, thy Sons still will cheer II So we to-day, though bearing other weapons, May be, like them, each one an errant knight, Deep in our hearts our chosen colors carry, Wearing afield the good MAROON AND WHITE, Wear to the fray the armor she has giv'n us And to the gale her well loved banners throw. Fight for her name, her honor and her glory,- For victory every thought, for High School every blow! Chorus. On, comrades true, to the field where honor waits you, Bold in your strength and strong for the right, On to the fray! and remember whom you fight for! Deep in your hearts hear the MAROON AND WHITE. School Yell Hard Luck Hard luck old - - What can you do? This high school team Too much for you. Each man's a wonder We'll cheer for ever, For M. V. H. S. D. W McLean, '02. Locomotive Yell . M-0-u-n-t-V-e-r-n-o-n Yes, yes, yes, yes is M. V. H. S. Long Yell . fLong drawn outj Oss key wow wow, Whiskey wow wow Boom a Chicka, Boom a Chicka Boom a Chicka Boom. Rig a raga Rig a raga Rig a raga rumm Hannibal, cannibal Sis boom hah Mount Vernon High School Dea, 01.1 Mount v,,,,,,,,, High. Ram Rah! Rah! Holy mackelishzkeniuflky Rah! Rah! Rah! CRepamJ Mount Vernon High. Izyigh, 20 a Ket all.. , L ef 1 r My BL! County Championship League - WON LOST Yonkers 5 1 White Plains 4 2 Mount Vernon ---- 3 3 Portchester ---- 0 6 For the first time in the history of the school the County Championship does not rest with Mount Vernon, but with Mount Vernon does rest the honor of being the only team to defeat the Champs from Yonkers. - However, the season was a success, possibly not as successful as previous seasonsg but considering injured players and the absence of "Reggie" Cathcart it could not be truthfully called unsuccessful. This success is due to one man only, Mr. Downs,'whose able coaching built up the team from limited material, 23 BASKET BALL-Continued Individually our boys were wonders but in team work they were often lacking. At the time, how- ever, when team work was in evidence they always finished at the large end of the score. Captain Bradbeer, an exponent of difiicult shooting, was always to be found in the thickest of the fight, while his running-mate Blakeman proved to be the Mind" of the year, as his work in every department of the game could at all times be favorably criticised. The guardsulimmiev Tynan and "Scotty,' Cathcart saved the team from many a defeat by their excellent work. Wilson and Doyle both played well, the former filling ill at forward and guard with equal skill. ' In a financial way the season was a decided success and was due to Manager Gilroy and his assist- ant "Sleepy" Boyd. Never before has High School supported basketball so wellg but this mystery can easily be solved by glancing over the excellent schedule. L I N E U P Earle C. Blakeman - - Right Forward Mahan J. Wilson Left Forward Captain Bradbeer Center James G. Tynan Right Guard Williani G. Cathcart - - Left Guard Substitutes: Doyle, Kircher, Erskine 24 BASKET BALL-Continuerl y SEASONS RECORD M. V. H. S. , 22 Alumni 11 M, V. H. S. 12 Townsend Harris 14 M. V. H. S. 20 Erasmus Hall 34 M. V. H. S. 20 De Witt Clinton 27 M. V. H. S. 19 C. C. N. Y. Freshmen 21 M. V. H. S. 29 Stuyvesant 18 M. V. H. S. 21 Yonkers 18 M. V. H. S. 25 Portchester 5 M. V. H. S. 12 Pawling 39 M. V. H. S. 14 Commerce 25 M. V. H. S. 16 White Plains 42 M. V. H. S. 12 Yonkers 26 M. V. H. S. 18 Rahway 22 M. V. H. S. 33 . Katonah 23 M. V. H. S. 33 Drum Hill 22 M. V. H. S. 43 Portchester 23 M. V. H. S. 34 N. Y. U. Freshmen 10 M. V. H. S. 12 Riverview Academy 48 M. V. H. S. 23 White Plains 27 M. V. H. S. 12 Hoboken 33 M. V. H. S. 24 C. C. N. Y. 2nd Varsity 42 M. V. H. S. 47 Waverly 8 M. V. H. S. 30 Manhattan Prep. 11 M. V. H. S. 531 549 Games won: M. V. H. S. 10 Opponents: 13 25 Winners of M. V. H. S. Mono ram '12-'13 FOOTBALL W. G. Cathcart CCaptainj James G. Tynan Wayles B. Bradley Harry B. Doyle Walter E. Thwing Myron W. Bradbeer Karl Hoffman Walter Heidtmann Donald R. Cathcart James B. Peeso Courtenay C. Crozier James Nelson Herbert H. Melcher Milton J. Wilson Earle C. Blakeman QManagerj BASKETBALL Myron W. Bradbeer QCaptainj Earle C. Blakeman Milton J. Wilson James G. Tynan William G. Cathcart Fred. A. Gilroy CManagerj B A S E B A L L Kenneth H. Erskine CCaptainj Herbert Taylor Donald R. Catllcart John Cleary Richard Brodbeck Manfred H. Freitag Ernest Stickles James B. Peeso Wayles B. Bradley William G. Cathcart Jacob Roseff Harold E. Fendler QManagerj T R A C K Seymour B. Many CCaptainj James B. Peeso Herbert Taylor Edward H. Bragg Albert J. Bragg 26 Wayles B. Bradley Milton J. Wilson Herbert Bowman Emery Trotter A. Marinus Bertine Wilfred Fee Herbert H. Melcher James Willett Hoag QMana ery - Baseball 1913 Captain Kenneth H. Erskine Manager Harold E. Fendler Assistant Manager Leslie S. Blakeman Coach Ernest S. Durkee 27 M. V. U. S. BASEBALL 'PEAM Hl,AKI'IMAN Mr. Durkrr fflmuvllj FF2NDI.l-ZR fMunngf'rj l"NEl'l'AC ROSICFF ll. 1IA'I'IIKZAl'l'l' HNSKINIC Qfinpluinj HRODHECK G. CATHCART l'Il,l.ll"Fl' TAYLOR PEESO BRADLEY STIKIKLI-IS CLHARY 28 Pitcher Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Short Stop Left Field Center Field Right Field Elliffe BASEBALL-Cfllllillfllfllll THE TEAM SUBSTITUTES Bradley 29 Taylor Erskine R. Cathcart . Cleary Freitag . Brodbeck Stickles . Peeso G. Cathcart Rosell f "I it ,y K V T X' 1 'ff , V , j . 'f ase N , .1 N all ' X7 Q X ' 'fl . ' X , A-4 L ff-WW f '22 'of y After four years of careful training, the team, under the able coaching of Mr. Durkee and the careful work of Capt. Erskine, has a fine chance for the championship. The old rule that a bad beginning constitutes a good ending was certainly upheld in the history of the M. V. H. S. Baseball Team of 1913. For, after being defeated by New Rochelle in their first county game, they came back and defeated all the remaining county teams. Finally the success of the season came when New Rochelle went down to defeat, 4--2. It is a hard job to pick out the individual stars. The work of the battery, however,-Taylor pitching and Erskine catching--seemed to outshine the rest of the team., as Taylor lost but one game all season and Erskine caught every game. Reggie Cathcart played his usual good fielding game at first base, but in the batting line he surprised everyone. After his batting record for the season, he may well be called "Home Run" Cathcart. Cleary at second and Brodbeck at short played wonderful ball, each batting .400. Third was well protected by the clever playing of Freitag. Stickles, Peeso and Cathcart in the outer gardens played even better ball than last year--1912. Bradley, Roseff and Elliffe, acting as substitutes, deserve much credit for their good work. The team batted .348. ln fact, M. V. H. VS. this year had an unusual baseball team, one that following years will find hard to equal. A 30 B A S E B A L L-- Continued S C H E D U L E Rain . Columbia Freshman Team Rain 13 C. C. N. Y., 2nd Varsity '3 9 . Eastern District Forfeit 6 . , Morris H. S. 8 Rain , Manhattan Prep. Rain Rain . Portchester H. S. Rain 12 . New Rochelle H. S. 15 1 . , Peekskill M. A. 2 8 . White Plains H. S. 4 10 . . Yonkers H. S. 2 3 . Commercial H. S. 8 32 . . Portchester H. S. 0 4 . New Rochelle H. S. 2 9 . White Plains H. S. 1 6 . . Yonkers H. S. 3 6 . , Brooklyn Prep. 5 Rain . Commercial H. S. Rain -- . . . Stamford H. S. -- -- . , Manhattan Coll. Prep. -- 31 M. V. H. S. ATHLETIC RECORDS 100-Yard Dash QSeniorj-10 2-5 seconds, Adolph Moses, New Rochelle Meet, 1911. 100-Yard Dash Uuniorj-11 1-5 seconds, Clifford Tichenor, New Rochelle Meet, 1908 220-Yard Dash-23 1-5 seconds, C. Edgar Storey, New Rochelle Meet, 1909. 440-Yard Dash-54 4-5 seconds, Adam G. Henn, New Rochelle Meet, 1910. 880-Yard Dash-2 minutes, 6 seconds, Lyndon Lee, Wesleyan Meet, 1907. Mile Run-4 minutes, 44 4-5 seconds, James B. Peeso, Yonkers Meet, 1913. High Jump-5 feet, 9 1-2 inches, H. S. Babcock, Wesleyan Meet, 1908. Running Broad Jump-21 feet, 4 1-2 inches, Paul Gaehelein, New Rochelle Meet, 1905. Standing Broad Jump-9 feet, 4 inches, Roy H. Thompson and Walter C. Many County Meet, 1911. Pole Vault-10 feet, 6 1-4 inches, H. S. Babcock, Wesleyan Meet, 1908. Shot Put-44 feet, 1 inch, Roger Sherman, County Meet, 1904. Hammer Throw-127 feet, 5 inches, J. Gilroy, Yonkers Meet, 1908. Discus Throw-85 feet, 7 inches, J. Gilroy, Wesleyan Meet, 1908. 32 Track Athletics, 1912-1913 Captain ---- Seymour Many Manager - J. Willet Hoag Assistant Manager John Lang 33 I M. V. II. TRACK TEAM nom: u. MI'l'fIllI'Il.l, nuwmx 'l'R0'I"l'I'1R Mummzn wlLsuN nmmwrz LANG HRAIILICY H. muse wzpgso MANY q1:.,.mi..y A. nnmzu 1-'EE wmm-Ln J. Mxrcmzu, 311- W ll it TIZACK I U' , sy .0 O.. CQQKKCWWF' 9 C This ear M. V. H. S. has been represented on the cinder path by the best track team M. V. has had since 1908. We have at fast decisively won the county meet by beating our nearest op onent by ten oints. The fact that the weather conditions were not favorable prevented Captain Many fiom gettin the squad out as early as he would have liked. However, once the fellows got out they made up for lost time by hard practice, Peeso has again proved himself to be the iudividua star ofthe season. Commencing the season by going down to some of the big indoor meets in New York, he captured one first and two seconds. In the Inter-Class meet he won the 440 yard, half and mile runs. It was in this meet that he broke the mile high school record by negotiating the distance in the fine time of 4.44 4-5. I-Ie again won the half and mile in the Yonkers Dual meet and later in the season repeated these preformances by capturing both in the county mcet. Probably his best race this season was at the Post- Oflice Clerk's games where he won the 1000 yard special. By losing him, next year's track team will indeed find that they have lost probably the best middle distance runner High School has ever had. Captain Many has also proved himself to be in the same class in the jumps as Peeso is in the runs. He has competed in some of the large meets in the city early in the season and has done very creditably. llis best perform- ance being inthe Columbia meet where he captured third in the running broad jump. In the county meet he won the running high and broad jumps and got third in the standing broad jump. By doing this he secured twelve points for his team and also came within one point of getting the individual point medal. The success of High School's Track Team can be largely attributed to Captain Many's earnest efforts. It will surely be hard to secure a fellow who could fill this position as adequately as Captain Many has done. 35 TRACK- Continued The followin fellows showed up to good advantage and without them the championship team'w'ould have been an im ossibility. Pace got second in the 100 yard and third in the 220 yard. Al. Bragg was fourth in the 220 yard and seeondl in the quarter, in which race the county record for the distance was broken by one second. Ed. Bragg tplaced second in the half to Peeso and Taylor was second in the shot. Bradley was third in the high jump. All o these performances are very creditable and were made at the county meet. N. Y. U. MEET On April 19th a small squad of four fellows traveled to N. Y. U. to compete in their school boy meet in which the class of a radius of one hundred miles of New York City was represented. Ed. Bragg finished an easy third in the 880 yard run which was won in the record time of 2 minutes 5 1-5 seconds. Captain any won fourth in the broad jump with a leap of 20 feet IL inches. Al. Bragg pulled a tendon and and therefore failed to qualify, while Bertine hurt foot on his first jump in the broad jump and was therefore out for the afternoon. A INTER-CLASS MEET Owing to the large entry list the meet was held on two days. Jimmy Peeso proved to be the star performer by winninff three firsts. He won the mile in fine style in 4 minutes 4-4 4--5 seconds thereby beating the high school record. life also won the 4-4-0 yard and half mile runs. Several other fellows who showed up to good advantage at the early date were Fee, Wilson and Melcher in the sprints, Bowman and Trotter in the shot and Bradley and Captain Many in the jumps. THE SUMMARY IS AS FOLLOWS: The Seniors, first, Poslgraduatcs, second, Sophomores, thirdg Juniors, fourth, Freshmen and Commercial, tied for fifth. 100 yard CSeniorj, first heat-Won by Many Cseniorjg second, Wilson, Cseniorjg third, R. Mitchell, fseniorl. Time, ll seconds. Second heat-eWon by Fee, CCommerciul schooljg Melcher, Cseniorj, second, Trotter, fsopr.J third, Time, 10 4-5 seconds. Third heat-Won by Zittel, Clfreshmanjg second, Parker Uuniorlg Time 11 2-5 seconds. Finals-Won by Wilson, fseniorjg second, Fee, fCommercial schooljg third, Many, fscniorbg Time 10 4-5 seconds. 220 yard dash-first heat-Won by Fee, CCommercial schoolbg second, Melcher, fseniorjg third, Hubbard, C juniorjg Time 25 seconds. Second heat-Won by Wilson, Lseniorjg second, Parker, Cjuniorlg third, Addonizio, Qjuniorl. Time 25 3-5 seconds. Final heat--Won by Mel- cher, Cscniorjg second, Wilson, fseniorlg third, Parker, Cjuniork Time 25 l-5 seconds. 36 TRACK-Continued Running high jump-Won by Erskine, Cseniorj, 5 feet 8 inches, actual jump, 5 feet 3 inches' second Bowman C juniorl Trotter Cso nh 9 1 9 9 9 I ' omorej, and Heydecker, Cseniorb, 5 feet 6 inches, Bowman's actual jump, 5 feet 1 inch, Trotter 5 feet 4 inches, I-Ieydecker, 4 feet 10 inches. One mile run-Won by Peeso, Cpostgraduatel, second, J. Mitchell, Csophomorej, third, Bertine, Cpostgraduatejg Time 4:44 2-5. Shot put-Won by Bowman, Cjuniorj, net 42 feet 1-2 inch' actual put 39 feet 1-2 inch- second Trotter Cso homoreb 40 f t 6 1 2 ' I , , , , p , - ee - mc ies, actual put, 38 feet 6 1-2 inches, third, Wilson, Cseniorb, 38 feet 9 inches, actual put 34- feet 9 inches. 880 yard run-Won by Peeso, Cpostgraduatebg second, Wilson, Cseniorj, third, Mitchell, Csophomorej, Time 2 minutes 8 2-5 seconds Runnin b d ' W b B dl g roa jump- on y ra ey, Cseniorb, 19 feet 9 1-2 inches, actual jump, 18 feet3 1-2 inches, second, Fee, CCommerci'ulj, 19f t8 ' h - l' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ee me es, actua jump, 18 feet 6 inches, third, Trotter, Csophomorej, 19 feet 3 inches, actual jump, 17 feet 11 inches. 100 yard dash Uuniorb-Won by Zittel, Cfreshmanj, second, Manahan, Cfreshmanj, third, Addonizio, fjuniori, Time 11 2-5 seconds. Standing broad jpmp-Won by E. Stickles, fCommercialj, second, Bradbeer, Qseniorj' third Many Cseniorj' Distance 9 feet 4' h , , , , imc es, actual jump, 8 feet 10 inc es. 440 yard run-Won by Peeso, Cpostgrarluatej, second, Wilson, fseniorj, third, Parker, Cjuniorlg Time 55 seconds. COLUMBIA MEET Again our fellows went into a big New York meet and came home with tro hies. This time Peeso ran second in both t e half and one-mile runs. Both of these races were run in fast time. Eaptain Many gained credit for both himself and the school by placing third in the running broad jump. YONKERS DUAL MEET On Thursday, May the 8th, Mount Vernon defeated Yonkers in the Annual Dual Track Meet. This meet was intensely interesting, for, when the last event was about to be run off, the tally showed that Yonkers was one ploint ahead. In or .er to win the meet we had to get both first and second in the half-mile which was the last event. d. Bragg, after having been laid for two weeks with a pulled tendon took the mark ln doin this h t 1 t l , . g e no' on y ran without any training but also with a weak pair of legs. However, 1n s ite of these drawbacks he secured second to Peeso, thereby getting the rewired number of points, and High School, was returned the winner with Mount Vernon a total of 48 points as against onkers 42 points. The summary is as follows: A 100 yard dash, won by Hudson, Y. H. S., second, Du Bois, Y. H. S., third, Wilson, M. V. H. S. Time, 10 2-5 seconds. 220 yard dash, won by Lennox, Y. H. S., second Hudson, Y. H. S., third, Du Bois, Y. H. S. Time, 25 seconds. 440 yard dash, won by Lennox, Y. H. S., second, Melcher, M. V. Hg S., third, Parker, M. V. H. S. Time, 55 1-5 seconds. 880 yards run, won by Peeso, M. V. H. S., second, E. Bragg, M. V. H- S., third, Richards, Y. H. S. Time, 2:12. Mile run, won by Peeso, M. V. H. S., second, Richards, Y. H. S., third Mitchell, M. V. H. S. Time, 4:48 1-5. . 37 TRACK- Continued Running broad jump, won by Many, M. V. H. S., 20 ft. 4 in., second, Bradley, M. V. H. S., 19 ft. 10M in., third, Oliver, Y. H. S.- l9 ft. SZ in Standing broad jump, won by Lathro , Y. H.S., 9 ft. 654 in., second, Taylor, M. V. H. S., 9 ft. 2 ip., third, Many, M. V. H. S., 9.ft. IZ in. Running high jump, won by Many, V. Il. S., 5 ft. 4 in., second, Trotter, M. V. H. S., 5 ft. 3 in., Lathrop, Y. H. S., 5 ft. 3 ln. Shot put, won by Taylor, M. V. H. S., 41 ft. 3M in., second, Bowman, M. V. H. S., 37 ft. 5 in., third, Trotter. M.-V. H. S., 36 ft. 4 in. Pole vault, won by Lathrop, Y. H. S., 8 ft. 9 in., Holden, Y. H. S., 8 ft. 9 in., third, Bradley, M. V. H. S., 8 ft. 6 in. W. I. A. A. MEET V The result of this meet was not a surprise, for the previous work of the fellows showed that nothing could grevent Mount Vernon High School from having a championship team. The final score was: Mount Vernon High chool, 43 1-3 points, New Rochelle High School, 32 1-3 points, Yonkers High School, 19 points, White Plains High School, 16 1-3 points. Every man on the team deserves credit, for without each member's earnest efforts and strong co-operation the championship would have been imtpossible. Many was our star performer, capturing the high and running broad jumps, and getting third in the stan ing broad jump. Peeso, as usual, captured both the half and mile in good style. In the former event, Ed. Bragg finished a good second. Fee got second in the 100 yard, and third in 220 yard, both of which he ran very creditably. Al. Bragg was fourth in the 220 yard, and second in the 440 yard, the latter being run in record time of 53 4-5 seconds, The summary is as follows: 100 yard dash. First heat, won by Hudson, Y. H. S., second, Kuchler, N. R. H. S., third, Wilson, M. V. H. S., fourth, Yearwood, P. C. ll. S. Time, 10 4-5 seconds. Second heat, won by Fee, M. V. H. S., second, Du Bois, Y. H. S., third, Doyle, Y. H. S. Time, 104-5 seconds. Final heat, won by Hudson, Y. H. S., second, Fee, M. V. H. S., third, Kuchler, N. R. H. S., fourth, Doyle, Y. H. S. Time, 10 3-5 seconds. 220 yard dash, won by' Bramley, W. P. H. S., second, Palen, N. R. H. S., third, Fee, M. V. H. S., fourth, A. Bragg, M. V. H. S. Timo, 24 3-5 seconds. 440 yard dash, won by Palen, N. R. H. S., second, A. Bragg, M. V. H. S., third, Lenox, Y. H. S., fourth, Melcher, M. V. H. S. Time, 53 fl--5 seconds. 880 yard dash, won by Peeso, M. V. H. S., second, E. Bragg, M. V. H. S., third, Nelson, W. P. H. S., fourth, Bertine, M. V. H. S. Time, 2 m., 10 sec. ' One mile run, won by Peeso, M. V. H. S., second, Bartnett, N. R. H. S., third, Dessau, N. R. H. S., fourth, Haynes, Y. H. S. Time, 4- ., 53 se . m Riinning broad jump, won by Many, M. V. H. S, second, Bramley, W. P. H. S., third, Palen, N. R. H. S., fourth, Oliver, Y. H. S. Distance, 19 ft. 7 in. 38 TRACK--Continued Standing broad jump, won by Whitehouse, N. R. H. S., second, Lathrop, Y. I-I. S., third, Many, M. V. H. S., fourth, Bradbeer, M. V. H. S. Distance, 9 ft. 1 in. High jump, won by Many, M. V. H. S., second, I-Iammerly, N. R. H. S., third, Bradley, M. V. H. S., fourth, tie between Trotter, M. V. H. S., Greeley, N. R. H. S., and Boldtman, W. P. H. S. Height, 5 ft. 4 in. Pole vault, tie between Lathrop, YZ H. S. and Davidson, N. R. H. S., third, Holden, Y. H. S., fourth, Brady, ll. R. H. S. Height, 9 ft. 9 in. Shot put, won by Bramley, W. P. H. S., second, Taylor, M. V. H. S., third, Whitellouse, N. R. II. S., fourth, Hamen, W. P. H. S. Distance, 42 ft. 7 in. Relay race, won by N. R. H. S., second, M. V. H. S., third, Y. H. S. NEW ROCHELLE DUAL MEET This year, after two events had been run oil' and the third one in the rain, the meet was called oil, because of the heavy downpour of rain, which did not let up the whole afternoon. At the conclusion of these events the score stood M. V. H. S. 16 points and N. R. H. S. 11 points. . BJ 39 M. V. H. S. Rogues Galery Name Known As Identification Favorite Haunt Worst Ofence Sentenced to Abie His Adam's apple Franklin Ave. Use of soft tissue Be a bell-hop William G. Cathcart Scotty His beard Newv Jersey Hit Tynan The Ring James B. Peeso Wop See name Front row-Bijou Studied Caccidentallyj Be a hosiery expert Donald R. Cathcart Ignatz His ties S The "Woods" Coached Nausicaa Syracuse Earle C. Blakeman Stewy His Glfghiggss and Is legkjrzjgngor a Took ssvrgigirl out ' Be a Mormon Harold E. Fendler Shrimp His husky build Bedford Ave. Danced in a cabaret show Be Peeso's partner Fred. Gould Fred. His smile Stage entrance Spoke to a girl The stage Milton J. Wilson Mil. His socks The "Hills" Went fussing "Toot" his horn Albert Bragg Al. His shape Claremont Ave. Ney-er did anything had Take Scott's Emulsion Harry B. Doyle Gyp the Gore His Dutch nose Miner's Smoked a cigarette V The "Devil" Herbert H. Melcher Foggy His German face Head 'of the stairs Is a speeder Chester Crest Edward Bragg Ed. His "fatness" Too young to have any Played hookey Columbia Donald M. Boyd ' Sleepy Looks like a worm Chemical lab. Spoke in Study Hall The Bar CU Walter E. Thwing Twang His grace Adams St. Changgiiggks with Study Hagiffn Fisher Wayles B. Bradley Grozzo His chest Fulton Ave. swore in the 1916 Olympic Team N. R. football game 40 Nausicaa Basketball Club 1912-1913 Captain ..... Dorothy B. Jenkins Manager . Edith Thompson Assistant Manager Dorothy Mallette Treasurer . Mildred Van Doren 41 NAUSICAA BASKET BALL TEAM fl-2 is We N f ill f NAU SI fa . 1 , I f ! giwapwr X Z ls f pjlf Thirteen may be an unlucky number, but Nausieaa's thirteenth year certainly has proved the contrary. Although we began the season with a new team, under Mr. Reginald Cathcart's able coaching, we turned out a far better team than had been anticipated--winning the county championship of High School teams. The girls all worked hard and deserve a great deal of credit. Miss French came first in scoring the greatest number of points for Nausicaa, Miss Van Doren second and Miss Mclntyre third. One great event of the seasonfwas our game with Rosemary Hall. For this game, with Rosemary's consent, we took up a strengthened team-Miss Gales and Miss Helme, from last year playing forwards, Miss Lang, also from last year playing center, and Miss French and Miss Jenkins playing guards. It was a great game and Nausicaa succeeded in landing the honors and winning tl1e Rosemary pennantg Rosemary lost for the first time in three years and the fourth time in fourteen years. People-you who feel that you nccd a few pointers in true, sports- man-like spirit-we heartily recommend a visit to Rosemary Hall. Our social season, too, was a great success. As usual the "feasts" after each game were well attended by a hungry mob, who vied with each other in seeing who could make the greatest number of sandwiches and other good things disappear most quickly. On Deeemder 28th we held our Annual Dance, which-thanks to the hard-worked committee-proved a great success, both socially and financially. Besides this we had the annual theater-party in May and the luncheon in June. Out of a total ofl2 Games, Nausicaa lost 3. L I N E U P Right Forward . . . Louise French Left Forward Gladys McIntyre Center . Mildred Van Doren Right Guard Charlotte Babcock Left Guard . Dorothy Jenkins Substitute . . Katherine Low 4-3 Nov. Dec. J an. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar Mar Mar Mar. Charlotte Babcock Louise French Gladys McIntyre Mildred Van Doren Katherine Low Edith Thompson Dorothy Buck Margaret Gibson NAUSICAA-Continued RESULTS OF GAMES 30 Nausicaa 0 14 Nausicaa 5 11 Nausicaa 15 16 Nausicaa 15 18 Nausicaa 3 1 Nausicaa 15 8 Nausicaa 17 18 Nausicaa 5 1 Nausicaa 4- 8 Nausicaa 10 16 Nausicaa 12 22 Nausicaa 1 Nausicaa Total 102 Average per game 8.5 p MEMBERS OF NAUSICAA Adeila Ferguson Margaret Anderson Dorothy Willyoung Jane Staples Isabella Hussey Alice Draz Henrietta Scott Helen Kemble Dorothy Jennkis I HONORARY MEMBERS Alumnae 16 Trinity 4- White Plains 1 Velton 21 Kahoste 0 White Plains 8 Rosemary Hall 12 Rye Neck 4- Rye Neck 3 ' Sigma Tau 21 Velton 0 Sigma Tau -0 Opponents 90 7.5 Helen Huntington Doris Woods Josephine Gregory Thelma Martens Marie Martens Martha Miles Beatrice Lowndes Dorothy Mallette Miss Palmer Miss Fairchild Christine Robb 44 f Officers of Kieu, 1912,-1913 V Dorothy McVickar Captain Manager - Jessica Van Horsen Treasurer Marian Law Reporter - Constance Lambert 45 Kieu Kieu's second basketball season has certainly been a great improvement over its first. Of the thirteen games which have been played, the team has lost only two. Since every local team has had a chance to play Kieu, and since each team that played has been defeated, Kieu has the right of claiming the girl's basketball championship of Mount Vernon for 1912-1913. This great success has been gain- ed through the splendid coaching of Mr. Paul Parker, and the hard, earnest work of the girls themselves. However, the lion's share of the credit belongs to Miss McVickar for her wonderful playing at center. Always to be found in the thick of the fight, our captain has been the one who really won every game. The exceptionally strong defense of Miss Van Horsen and Miss Sampson has supported her, and kept down the opponents' score, while the forwards, Miss Beetson, Miss Lambert and Miss Place, have been always on the spot ready to work their hardest. Then, too, not a little credit should be given to Miss Law and Miss Fowler, our efficient subs. In addition to the games there have been many jolly feasts and social times during the past season. H THE LINE UP Right Forward - - Margaret Place, Florence Beetson Left Forward - - - A Constance Lambert Center - Dorothy McVickar ' Right Guard - - Jessica Van Horsen Left Guard - - Gertrude Sampson Substitutes - ' Marian Law, Evelyn Fowler 47 Kieu 10 Kieu 1 1 Kieu 1 1 Kieu 13 Kieu 22 Kieu 0 Kieu 4 Kieu 7 Kieu 20 Kieu 24 Kieu 10 Kieu 12 Kieu 9 Total 153 KIEU-Continuerl Summary of Games Mamaroneck 2 Hai Kai 2 Atlanta 10 Mamaroneck 0 Commercial 0 White Plains 15 Sigma Tau second 0 Sigma Tau 10 Wah-wah-tay-see 3 Wah-wah-tay-see 6 Hai Kai 2 Rye Neck 9 Kahoste 8 Opponents 67 Average score per game, Kieu-11.7+ V Opponents- 5.1 -Q- MEMBERS OF KIEU Florence Beetson Margaret Kendig Helen Bird Adele Dods Evelyn Fowler Marian Immel Miss Blackburn Marian Law Constance Lambert Gladys Martin Dorothy McVickar Madeline Morrow The baskets made are as follows Miss McVickar Miss Van Horsen Miss Miss Miss Miss Place Sampson Beetson Morrow Madeline Menzel Margaret Place Gertrude Sampson Marjorie Taylor Jessica Van Horsen HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Chapman Miss Fairchild 48 mba and Smcneines SIGMA Dl'Il.'l'A ICPSILON 50 4 ls ? OFFICERS 159 President - - Dorothy J. Mallette Vice President - Beatrice Lowndes Treasurer - Isabelle Hussey - Secretary Edith Thompson X..,,.5 51 Sigma Delta Epsilon Society The close of the school year 1912-13 also marked the close of the fourteenth year of the Sigma Delta Epsilon Society. Starting out this year, as we did, under a new constitution, which in every way is more liberal and demo- cratic, we feel that this year Sigma has accomplished a great deal. The first meeting was held October seventh. After this we held a meeting every other week and successfully carried out the usual play of work, so that we all feel our afternoons spent at Sigma meetings have been both enjoy- able and instructive. Our annual dance was held during Christmas week at Elk's Hall and was enjoyed by many Alumni as well as by the friends and members of Sigma. Our next public event was the joint Sigma-Congress play in which three of our most talented members, the Misses Beatrice Lowndes, Dorothy Mallette and Faith Wilcox displayed their dramatic itbility. The event was unquestionably a social success, and we are glad to add, the financial results were most satis- actory. A 1 Sigma elected a debating team consisting of the Misses Margaret Anderson, Helen McLellan, Edith Thompson and Grace Morgan as alternate. They were to meet Congress in the annual public debate for the Esser Cup but Congress felt unable to accept the challenge, so the cup was yielded to Sigma by default. The year was brought to a happy ending when the annual luncheon was held at Miss Edith Diefendorf's, the last of June. MEMBERS OF SIGMA DELTA EPSILON SOCIETY Margaret Anderson Josephine Auld Florence Beechinor Beatrice Bowman Edith Diefendorf Adele Dods Margaret Gibson Martha Heintze A Helen Huntington Martha Miles Isabelle Hussey Dorothy Jenkins Helen Kemble Katherine Lawder Beatrice Lowndes Dorothy Mallette Helen McLellan Dorothy Zerfass 52 Grace Morgan Olga Moses Marie Plate Louise Swift Edith Thompson Mildred Van Doren Faith Wilcox COI1gI'CSS OFFICERS FIRST TERM President - - Frederick F. Could Vice President Albert J. Bragg Secretary Myron W. Brndbeer Treasurer . Lyman C. Bradley SECOND and THIRD TERMS P u i Kenneth H. Erskine ' msldem Edward H. Bragg Vice President Edward H. Bragg Secretary Harold E. Fendler Treasurer J. Raymond Lawler 53 M. v. H. CONGRESS 54 Q GDEJXY C' nl . f . f W f I' W' fri -n '7 ff t 1 WM .K ELW f ' 1 hich the societ has been active along several lines. The early Congress is approaching the end o a year in w y part of the year saw a number of interesting and prohtable debates on varying subjects. One of the dates "marked in red" on the calendar of our social events of the first term, is that of December twenty-sixth. This was the date of the "Annual Congress Dancei' which, by the way, we might appropriately call a ' ' f the bi successes of the ear "reunion," for it brought together a large number of our alumm. The event was one o g y and needless to say was enjoyed to the full. During this term three new members were elected: Ross M. Bacon, Otto T. Kreuser and Willet Ji. Hoag. I11 the second term the function which stands out conspicuously, is the production by Sigma and Congress of "The Prlvate Tutor," on March twenty-eighth. Since that date Congress has remained more or less inactive until the present time, when preparations are being made for the "Annual Dinner" in June. So with a "good luck" to our old High School and our many friends, we subscribe ourselves, CONGRESS OF MT. VERNON HIGH SCHOOL. 55 Boss M. Bacon Arthur M. Bertinc Myron W. Bradbeer Lyman C. Bradley Wayles B. Bradley Albert J. Bragg Edward H. Bragg Q CON CHESS -- C0ll.liIlll.0ll CONGRESSMEN Kenneth H. Erskine Harold E. Fendler Frederick F. Could Willet J. Hoag Otto T. Kreuser J. Raymond Lawler William J. Wedlake g . MAglM'Mlulu.H5Mlw!HLw S ,ky . , Illllf'I'l' 'il - .flllllrvgfrl U' T N The Art Club was organized in November, as a result of a trip made by some High School pupils, under Miss R0biHS0l17S ehaperonage, to the New York WiltCF Color Club. llere they enjoyed the unexpected pleasure of a visit to the studio of Mr. E. W. Blashfield, the famous mural decorator, who showed them some of his unfinished works. The pupils wbo went on this trip were so enthusiastic, that they decided, at Miss Robinson's suggestion, to or- ganize an Art Club in the High School. The purpose of this society is to become well acquainted with the pictures in Study Hall, and with other pictures by the same artists. to know something about the style of work ol' the different artists, as well as about the lives of the men themselves. At the first meetin ofthe club, the oflicers for the year were elected as follows: l'resident, Blanche Andersong Vice-President, Marie Witlkellsg Secretary, Adele Dods. The first four months ol' the season were spent in 'the study of Italian art and artists. During this time an open meeting was held at which Dr. Broome and Mr. Davis made some very pleasing remarks. Later, the club mar e a visit to the Academy of Design. The last four months have been spent in tl1e discussion of French art. On Saturday, April l9th, a cake sale was held at Genung and MeArdle's, at which the sum of twelve dollars was cleared. With this money the members will buy a new picture to help decorate the wall ol' the Assembly Hall in the new High School. Thus lar, the Art Club has met with marked success. We hope it will be still more suecessliil next year, when Dutch, English and German art will he studied. MEMBERS - Gladys Ametrano Bessie Fenigstein Marie Wilkens Blanche Anderson Elsie Lozier Ethel Sullivan Ellen Bird Doris Marvin Annie Grillith Marjorie Bodmer Christine Robb Edna Rosenthal Adele Dods Gertrude Sampson 57 fag txt a sa N i , UNIUHUHAMJWQ an .Gvlvxtatfstt 4 The Junior Dramatic Society, although very young, has been most successful from the first, everyone taking an interest and being most enthusiastic about the work, lt was on February 6, 1913, that the society was organized, with a membership of twenty-six, pupils in the three English two classes. Our object has not been to give a great production to the public, but to enjoy dramatizing plays among ourselves, and to learnt to appreciate the beautiful in Drama. The first meeting in the month has been spent in reading parts of pla s, and discussing them, while at the second meeting, a social meeting, parts of plays have been presented by some of the members, with the others as an interested audience. U Besides some essays on Early Greek Drama thatdproved very interesting, we have enjoyed talks in general. At one meeting,M1s: Mann very kindly told us about the old morality plays, welling especially on their crudeness, as seen in "Everyman" and "The Piper. Another time Miss Sargent gave an interesting talk on Drama and "The Drama League of America." We have presented parts of "Antigone," "Mid-Summer Night's Dream," "David Copperfield." In May, all of the three English one classes who cared to, were invited to join. OFFICERS President - - DOROTHY McVICKAR ' Vice-President - ARTHUR LINDOU Secretary - - ALIDA RAUSCHENBERG Treasurer - - - - RICHARD KEICWIN Harold Bcrgwald Christine Cauger Anne Dickinson Alice Draz Frederick Farr Dorothy Fogg Florence Freeman Thomas Galvin I MEMBERS Ganswoort Gebhard Gertrude Johnston E. Storey Halleck Richard Keigwin Stanley Hubbard Arthur Lindou Helen Huntington Louise Lovell 58 Gladys McIntyre Dorothy MeViekar Josephine Miney Marie Plate Alida Rauschenberg Leah Robison Rosalie Resell' Jessica Van Horsen 1 ff 'Zi' 5 112211 Qu "M fb, -at so TIFI f Q-J V Pl" if I A I fd! - S.. ' xl , ff g g Y ' iigggh I IIII' ,7 In W Mfadmiififafs "wif ,my fi , -',A"'5if5iiiss5sseis5f' , K J B I Reza.- ..,. .- xxx ,X JY.. If buf f V 'f , 7 . ' is mam . - - M' rw f OFFICERS President . Malcolm Baker Vice President Faith Willcox Secretary David Miller Treasurer .... Grace Morgan Scientific Tramps started the year with one of the jolliest, out-of-door affairs the club has cver en- joyed-a corn roast on the grounds of the New High School. The night was cool and starry andthe breeze was just keen enough to make us all gather together around the brushwood fire to roast corn and toast marshmellows. All the members were invited to bring their friends and in consequence about fifty of us spent a delightful evening and pronounced it a tremendous triumph and success for tl1e club. 59 MEMBERS SCIENTIFIC TRANIPS-COl1,liIlll.i!l1 In February, another interesting feature of the year took place at School No. I where Dr. Kirk gave us a very entertaining and instructive lecture on 'G Pure Milk and Its Production." He illustrated his talk with about a hundred stereoptieon slides. The entire school was invited and those who attended, thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. At the April business meeting, some radical changes were introduced into the organization. The former constitution, considered inadequate on account of our growth and broadening standards, was sup- planted by a new, stronger and better form of government, drawn up by a most capable committee. At this time also, we elected for the coming year, Malcolm Baker and David Miller, President and Secretary, respectively, to succeed Mr. Scharrenbeck and Mr. Murray. Malcolm Baker Harry Caygill Robert Dean Karl B. Earle Harold Gusscnhoyen Kenneth Harder John Hayward Stanley Hubbard Richard Keigwin Otto Kreuser Katherine Lawder William Liceione Helen McLellan Dorothy McViekar Jean McFarlane David K. Miller Grace Morgan Olga Moses Dorothy Zerlass 60 Christine Robb Edward Smith . George Scharrenbeck Dorothy Stretch George Vaughn Faith E. Willcox Margaret Wilson Edgar Wilson Julian Wright x ' 1 - tie . ,fb-Y: 'fy , ' -, f ' . ,ff-'Z 1' i ' go . A lik 1 i .WFAMWQ 4 A . - 'li K -if af Wlliw a Not to be outdone by the other departments of High School, the history classes organized a "History Club," the purpose being to visit such places as would seem to be the most interesting in connection with some historic event. After the first meeting the following members were elected officers: President - - - W. GRAY CATHCART Vice President - - FAITH E. WILCOX Secretary - 4 - HARRY CAYGILL Activities began immediately. The Board of Directors made out a very excellent program for the year. The Courtland Manor House, the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and the .Tunnel Mansion were in turn visited. A jolly crowd went on all these trips. Another important event was a very interesting and instructive stereopticon lecture on 4'Aneient Greece and Romew which was given by Miss Mann in the Study Hall. The audience, made up of teachers, members of the club and their parents and friends, spent a most enjoyable evening. - To finish up the first year of this new organization, a trip to West Point is planned. Everybody is looking for- ward to this excursion with the greatest of pleasure. A great deal of the success of the club developed from the earnest work done by Miss Chapman and Miss Mann, A great future is ahead of this movement and next year will see the History Club opening with new surprises for its members. 61 R GlCMU'I'I.IIIlll'I KRIIS Cf:1'l'lllllll Clulnj 622 Z'- ix cf Q .lg t HEI? C p pw CL . The second year of the German Club has been a very successful one, partly on account of the good work of the members and partly on account ofMiss Stamnfs able supervision. The regular meetings, which as a rule were well attended, were full of interest. Special attention was paid by the Club to present-day conditions in Germany, by the study of the most important cities and sections. The different functions of the year were most successful. ln tl1e Fall the members of the Club and their friends enjoyed a stereopticon lecture by Otto Kreuser. Then came an enjoyable Christmas entertainment at which two sketches were given and several musical selections were rendered. The 4' feast " which followed the entertainment was welcomed by all. . The First Annual German Morning was held in Study Hall, on April 17th, and was a decided success. Essays were prepared by Miss Martha Miles, and Messrs. Caygill, Many and Kreuser, and several German poems were recited. ln conclusion the Club, through its president, presented to the School pictures of Richard Wagner and Emperor William ll. , 63 DER GEMUTLICHE KREIS-Continued The season ended with the Second Annual Picnic on May 24th. Next year's outlook is very favorable for a successful year, full of educational and social functions. The oflicers for the past year were: President - - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer The members were : Josephine C. Auld Barbara Beattys Florence K. Beetson Edwin K. Bertine Arthur M. Bertine Harold F. Borgwald Florence Briggs . Harry W. Caygill Edwin P. Coolbaugh Edith Cudlip Alice J. Draz William A. Dietz Martha E. Fleer Dorothy Fogg Helen Fowler Manfred H. Freitag Augusta I. Hake E. Story Hallock Eleanor R. Helwig Gustav P. Herbst Creagh M. Heydeeker Alice J. Hinck J. Willett Hoag Karl E. Hoffman Esther R. Houst Stanley G. Hubbard Herbert Hubsch Richard P. Keigwin Stacy G. Kircher' Otto T. Kreuser Otto T. Kreuser - Barbara Beattys Louise F. Swift - Alice J. Hinck Beatrice Lowndes Gustav G. Luckhardt Selden P. McCabe Dorothy McVickar Bertlla H. Mann Seymour B. Many Marie G. Martens Martha S. Miles Mildred L. Miles Grace B. Morgan Olga D. Moses Kenneth P. Murray Helen K. Ozmon L. Mabelle Parks Edith M. Reid Harold A. Rose Rosalie Roseff Edna Rosenthal Emma M. Ruddiek Edward M. Smith Mary A. Sposato Louise E. Staudermann Louise F. Swift Jessica H. Van Horsen Elizabeth von Kokeritz William J. Wecllake Frederick Weiske Charles L. Weitz Dorothy C. Willyotllig Margaret E. Wilson Julia V. Wright l Fl? NCl'l Cl., Ll E3. L Leslie warm saw, O F F I C E R S: President - Helen W. McLellan Secretary Edith C, Thompson Vice-President ---- Wznyles B. Bradley Treasurer ----- Joseph Addonizio Toward the end ofthe year l9l2 a new High School club was started, appropriately named "Sans S0uci." This club was organized by a few enthusiastic French students, with the valuable aid of Miss Palmer and Miss de Boer. Not very many meetings were held, but those that didntalse place were greatly enjoyed. At Christmas time a very fine program was given, consisting ol' French songs and recxtatlons and a well-acted production of "Hansel and Gretelf, in which Mademoiselles Willcox and Sullivan and Monsieur Bradley displayed great ability as French actors. On another occasion Miss Palmer gave a very interesting miroscope talk on "Paris" The other meetings were spent singing, conversing in French and playing games. Although the club was small and met with much competition, those that are leaving it this year certainly feel that it has been a success, and it is earnestly hoped that the good work so bravely begun will be ably carried on next year by the twenty new members. Margaret Gibson Frances liipps Dorothy .l. Mallelte Mollie P. Garofano llclen W. McLellan Martha A. lleintzc Margaret D. Anderson Charlotte M. Babcock Florence H. Beechinor Christine C. Robb M E M B E R S: Mildred Van Doren Wayles B. Bradley .lane G. Staples Faith E. Willcox . Lyman Bradley Dorothy O. Smith Marie M. Wilkins Herbert Tichborne Edith M. Sullivan Joseph Addonizio Louis Samuels Edith C. Thompson Ross M, Bacon 65 V. ll. S. URCHICS 66 SMQAXX ix X. NX s X .ass s .Ss Rehearsal ,s QXWNXXY www R X X 3 N as s K sx XX X WN S X , . X S S K Qgxxxxxxx WW X N XA Q - Probably no organization in High School has met with such marked success during the past year as the High School Orchestra. The willingness on the part of the members to attend rehearsalsg-the spirit of enthusiasm and co-operation, the wonderful ability displayed by the members themselves have been influential in making the Orchestra not only the leading organization of its kind in the city but in the whole country as well. Dr. Broome well said, while attending one ofour rehearsals, that he knew of no High School, save in New York City, which . fh ' h o 'hestra as ours. mum oilisdtsinsazxgtigksllcfudliaxf' tlihn words, so let us see what the orchestra has done this past year. At all school functions, as at the exercises held in connection with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Graduation, the Orchestra was a prominent feature. Outside of High School, the Orchestra has assisted in "Open nights" held in School No. 5 and in the Commercial School. On Feb. 14th came the first opportunity of the Orchestra to show the people of Mt. Vernon what it could do, when it played at the concert of the Mt. Vernon ' ' ' W'll d H ll. V l Musical Thilwiesahesteirwogianis Club then came forward and asked the Orchestra to give a concert on May 9th for the benefit of their building fund. This was done with wonderful credit as the following programme would indicate: PART I F ' IM h - - M 'nd l h. I esuva are High School Orchestra i e so n II Scherzo Il in B-6 Minor Fmnll Sheridan - Chopin III Violin Solo-Andant - Regina M. buff-t - Dcbertor IV Overture-"The Golden Sceptre"High SCI-A001 Orchegtm - Schlepegrell V Reading-"The Lady of Shallot' Mrs. Daniel Nanny Tennyson VI Quintette-Minuet in C - - 67 - Beethoven ORCHESTIKA1Cllllfillfllllfl PART II I Violin Solo-"Il Lombardi" - - Vieuxlcmps Carla H. Kleibe II Walzes from the "Firefly" - - - - Funil High School Orchestra III Reading-"Telephone Romance" - - Mrs. Daniel Nally IV Violin Solo-Scene from the Czarda - - llulwy Harry Michlin V Cello Solo-Dance Espanole - - - Popper Mr. Joseph Gotsch . VI Oveture-"Zampa" - - - ' - Harold High School Orchestra Just before the close of the concert, David K. Miller, President of the Orchestra, presented Mr. Neilson, the leader, with a beautiihl ebony silver mounted baton as a token of the esteem of the High School Orchestra. Following the concert came the usual dancing which lasted till 12 o'clock. The following Friday evening, May 16th, also at the Auditorium at a benefit performance in aid of one of our local churches, the Orchestra again played a conspicuous role, repeating a number of its pieces which proved as pleasing as ever to the audience. The Orchestra has also had time to help our local churches in several concerts, notable among them being at thc Church of the Ascension, and the First Congregational Church. With the rewption at Mr.Davis's home on June 13th and the graduation exercises on June 211-th for which the services ofthe Orchestra were demanded, completed a year of activity which was epoch making in the history of the Orchestra. ' The following is the personnel of the Mount Vernon High School Orchestra: M E M B E R S : A FIRST VIOLINS Carla H. Kleibe Leonora Maul Harry M. Micklin Regina M. Dufft Marion Davis Bernard Katzenstein Mamie Gleason Claricc Parker Magnus Moebcrg Bertha Thoma Selma Gross liveritt Kochlnan 68 ORCHESTRA- Continued SECOND VIOLINS David Miller David Baumsee William Dietz Edward Breden Ernest Schappach William Ct-,smles Samuel Katzenstein FIRST MANDOLINS Stacy Kircher Everitt Eaton Kenneth Harder Francis Bender CLARINET Richard Keigwin VIOLA Magnus Moeberg SECOND MANDOLINS PIANO Hazel M. Palmer Edward Lurcott Richard Zucker Helen King Margaret Crocheron CELLO Edwin Gunther DRUMS and TRAPS Ernest Lester To belong to the Orchestra has meant work, but there have been good times, as every member knows. Monthly soclals and musical evenings have been held at the homes of the various members, which tends to build up the social as well as the musical side of our organization. Every member of the Orchestra certainly enjoyed the big affair which came as a result of the concert on May 9th, the nature of which only the members can tell. Next season we look forward to a better, bigger and larger orchestra. We want more violinists and players of other instruments. So, fellow students, get busy during vacation and be ready when the call comes next September. ' The greatest honor came to the Orchestra when it was asked by the City of Mt. Vernon to play at the Auditorium on May 30th in connection with the Memorial Services. A wonderful testimonial of approval was given by an immense audience to the work of the Orchestra. Much of the success of this club is due to Mr. Emil Neilson,'whose able efforts have aided greatly in bringing the Orchestra to its present status. 69 M. V.!kll. S. GLEN CLUB 70 Glee Club OFFICERS President - - Faith E. Willcox Vice President - Seymour B. Many Secretary - - - Hazel Palmer Treasurer J. Willett Hoag 71 ,WN X' Aware? I? ml mil, i ggi O Mm, f ax6A , The Glee Club, which has had a most successful and encouraging season, was founded in the lfall of 1912 when the f uls C lu, Club was re-organized and enlarged by extending its lllf'llllJ0l"illllJ to the boys The 0l'gI'llll7'll.i0ll w is nur! fortun ite in suurm M St . . ., . . .. as s 1 , " r urgeon as director. Under his leadership the annual concert given by the Club was a success in every way. This was lu-Id Friday eve lun Apul lth in the Auditorium of the W0mun's Westchester Club. The program was as follows: 1. Cal A Hong-Kong Romance ............... . . . . Ilfullvy Cbj The Shoogy-Shoo . ........... . . .fllll1l7'0SU The Girls' Club 2. Qual A Spirit Flower . . .......... . .lfumplwll-Tipton Chl Villanelle .... . . .' ...... . . . 1,01-.'ll'!lllll Miss Hazzard 3. Cub Absent ...... ........ . . 1llvlr'uU1l,ylms fbi A Winter's Song . . ....... . ..... Bullard ' Boys' Club 4. Cai The Little Irish Girl . . ..... ...... I ,ulvr fbi Irish Names ..... .... . . Ilillon-Turlwy ici Invictus ........ ....... . . lfrzum-lluliin Mr. Milos 5. Cai The Wreck ofthe Hesperus ......... . . Amlvrlon Cb? Fair Ellen . ...... . Combined Clubs . .... lirurlr The money cleared by the convert is to be plaved in the Club treasury for the payment of next year' lllllillt 72 Gladys Alnetrano Elizabeth Atkins Dorothy Bird Harold Borgwald llelen Brock Pearl Cuskey Eleanor Corde Margaret Crocheron Victoria Croll Edith Cudlipp 'William Dietz Carrie Dursie Everett Eaton Elizabeth Ebert Alice Feit Helen Fowler Mollie Garafano GLEE CLUB --Continued MEMBERS Wessel Gebhard Gladys Gogarn Frederick Gould Floyd Guion Martha Heintze Alice Hinck J. Willet Hoag Walter Hodge Carl Hoffman Jennie Hughes Gertrude Johnston Bernard Katzenstein Ruth Katzcnstein Leona Kelley May Kelley Estelle Kimble Constance Lambert F1 Seymour Many Helen McLellan Eliot Morgan Adelaide Mulry Hazel Palmer Catherine Pearsall Frank Pearsall Elsa Peeso Marie Plate Elizabeth Rhode Frances Taylor Margaret Tynan Theodore Van Yorx Harriet Westervelt Marie Wilkens Faith Willcox Margaret Wilson 1:2 , A N M. V. II. S. URACLIC BOARD 'H Editor-in-Chief Assistant-Editor Florence Beechinor, '13 Barbara Beattys, '13 Beatrice E. Bowman, '13 Dorothy H, Buck, '13 Edward Bragg, '13 Myron W. Bradbeer, '13 William T. Liccione, '13 1 Business-Manager Assistant-Managers Oracle Board ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Marie G. Martens, '13 Helen McLellan, '13 Olga D. Moses, '13 Caroline Biehl, '15 Walter E. Thwing, '13 Jessica Van Horsen, '14 Margaret Wilson, '13 75 Beatrice Lowndes Harry W. Caygill Katharine Lawder, '14 Frances D. Bender, '14 Sigrid Holt, '14 Richard P. Keigwin, '14 Harold A. Rose, '14 Malcolm M. Baker, '14 Fred. F. Gould . Dorothy J. Mallette James Nelson The Mount Vernon Commercial Industrial School I A the Mount Vernon Commercial Industrial School In athletics several of the fellows made the baseball and track teams Ru hle turned out to be one ofthe blggest finds of the year ln baseball and ext. 5 played an exceptionally fine game at shortstop throughout the sea- F- son. Fee also made baseball squad but showed up more conspicu- fa ously at track, where he developed into a fast sprinter and a good 45- HE school ear 1912-1913 has been in ever wa a banner ear for 6 Y Y Y Y i ,gi - . . broad jumper. The Girl's Basketball Team again had a successful season, playing many of the strongest teams in the city such as Kahostc, Kicu and Hai Kai. Much has also been accomplished in educational matters, for classes have been established in printing and machine shop work. Moreover, it has been so arranged that regents credit can be obtained for all work done in the school cvcn for such subjects as shop work and sewing. The principal clubs ofthe school are " The Forum " and " The Literary Society," two debating organizations, controlled by the boys and girls respectively. With such a season behind them the students and teachers feel sure that the suc- ceeding years will be still more glorious and successful. 76 UICJIPFO Senior Class Officers President Vice President . Secretary Treasurer . Class Colors Class Flower . Kenneth H Erskine . Beatrice Lowndes . Dorothy J Mallette . . Herbert H Melcher . . . . Violet and White . . . Lavender and White Sweet Peas Artists-Jose hine C. Auld, Milton J. Wilsoll Historian-Vsayles B. Bradley Lawyer-Seymour B. Many Prophet-Francis A. Murray Prophetess-Dorothy Willyoun Memento Givers-Dorothy J. Mgallette, Albert J. Bra Musician-Hazel Palmer Poetess-Margaret Wilson Class Class Class Class Class Babies-W. Gra Cathcart, Augusta Hake Clowns--Helen ll'lcLellan, Everett Koclnnann Blulfer-Myron W. Bradbeer Flirt-Margaret Gibson F usser--Harold E. Fendler Prettiest Girl-Jose hine C. Auld Handsomest Man-lflrederick F. Gould Most Popular Girl-Beatrice Lowndes Most Popular Man-Kenneth H. Erskine Most Popular Teacher-Miss Clara Schmidt Class Class Class Class Class Pest-Ross M. Bacon Giggler-fLeonore Gross Wit-Walter E. Thwing Woman Hater-Herbert Heinrich Melchcr Man Hater-Dorothy Buck 78 Record INEZ GOMEZ ANDERSON Music MARGARET DEMAREST ANDERSON Q"l'cg"J Barnard ' Sigma-Nausicaa French Club JOSEPHINE CECELIA AULD C"Jo"J New York Art League Sigma-German Club History Club CHARLOTTE NOYES BABCOCK Q"Churlie"1 Vassar French Club Nausicaa Team, 512-'13 Annual Board, '11-'12, '12-'13 ROSS MATTIS BACON Columbia University Athletic Association Class Grind, 1913 Class Pest, 1913 Congress BARBARA BEATTYS C"Bab"J Postgraduate German Club-Oracle Board Class Grind FLORENCE HELENA BEECHINOR Trinity College Sigma-French Club History Club-Oracle Board of Class of 1913 EARLE CHATFIELD BLAKEMAN C"Stewy"J University of Pennsylvania Assistant Manager Baseball Team, 1911 Vice-President Athletic Association, '11-'12 Assistant Manager Football Team, 1911 President Athletic Association, '12-'13 Manager Baseball Team, 1912 Manager Football Team, 1912 Manager Swimming Team, '12-'13 Basketball Team, '12-'13 Editor-in-Chief Annual, 1913 JESSIE MAE BOGART New York Library School BEATRICE ELEANOR BOWMAN Q"Beattie"J Smith Colle e History CluB--German Club Oracle Board Sigma EDITH FLORENCE BOYD Cornell University EUNICE JAY BOYNTON Business School Glee Club-German Club MYRON WEST BRADBEER Q"Farmer"J University of Virginia Vice-President Athletic Association, '12-'13 Oracle Board ' Football Team, '11, '12 Basketball Team, '11-'12 Captain Basketball Team, '12-'13 Track Team, ill, '12 Secretary Congress, 2nd Term, '12-'13 Class Bluifer 79 LYMAN COOK BRADLEY C'Groucho"J Columbia University Athletic Association Secretary Congress, 3rd Term, '11--'12, lst Term, '12--'13 Treasurer Congress, 2nd Term, '12-'13 Second Football Team, '12 WAYLES BAKER BRADLEY C"Honey"l Columbia University Athletic Association Annual Board, 1913 Track Team, '12, '13 Football Team, '12 Second Basketball Team, '12, '13 Baseball Team, '13 Class Historian-Oracle Board ALBERT JOSHUA BRAGG C"A1"J Athletic Association Annual Board, 1913 Treasurer Congress 3rd Term, '11-'12, 1st Term, '12-'13 Vice-President Congress, 2nd Term, '12--'13 Track Team, '10, '11, '12, '13 Class Memento Giver German Club EDWARD HOMER BRAGG C'Eddie"J Columbia University Athletic Association Oracle Board German Club Track Team, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13 President Congress, 3rd Term, '12-'13 DOROTHY HELEN BUCK C'Dot"J I Syracuse University German Club-Oracle Board Sigma-Nausicaa Class Man-Hater MARGARET MARY CASEY Yonkers Training School History Club DONALD REGINALD CATI-ICART C"Reggic"J Syracuse University Athletic Association Football Team, '10, '11, '12 Basketball Team, '10-'11, '11-'12, '12 li Baseball Team, '11, '12, '13 Captain Tennis Team, 1912 WILLIAM GRAY CATHCART C"Willic"j Syracuse University Athletic Aasociation Annual Board Football Team, '09, '10, '11 Captain Football Team, '12 Basketball Team, '10-'11, '11-'12, ' Baseball Team, '12, '13 President History Club Captain Swimming Team, '12-'13 Class Baby EDWIN PATTERSON COOLBAUGI-1 Q"Eddie"J University of Rennsylvania Athletic Association German Club ELEANOR VALERA CORDE History Club-Glee Club EDITII FREDA CUDLIPP Stf Lawrence German Club-Glee Club DOMINICK Dc PASQUALLE New York University Athletic Association EDITH LOUISA DIEFENDORF Emma Willard School Sigma-History Club ' KENNETH HOWARD ERSKINE Q"Abie"j Syracuse University Vice-President Athletic Association, '10-'11 Assistant Manager Football Team 1910 Baseball Team, '10, '11 Treasurer Congress, Ist Term, '11-'12 Vice-President Congress, 3rd Term, '11--'12, lst Term, '12-'13 President Athletic Association, '11-'12 Annual Board, '12, '13 Manager Football Team 1911 Captain Baseball Team, '12, '13 Basketball Squad, '12-'13 President Class of 1913 Most Popular Man, Class of 1913 Swimming Team, '12-'13 ALICE GRACE FEIT Albany Normal College Glee Club HAROLD EDWIN FENDLER C"Shrimp"j Syracuse University Assistant Manager Annual, 1912 Annual Board, 1913 Secretary Athletic Association, '12-'13 Scientific Tramps Assistant Manager Baseball Team, '12 Second Basketball Team, '12--'13 Manager Baseball Team, '13 Captain Second .Baseball Team, '13 Secretary Congress, 3rd Term, '12-'13 Class Fusser HELEN FOWLER Postgraduate German Club-Glee Club History Club MANF RED HERBERT FREITAG New York University Athletic Association Baseball Tcam, '13 LOUISE STEWART FRENCH Nausicaa Team, '12-'13 I DA F U HRM EISTER New Paltz Normal German Club-History Club MOLLIE PEARLE GAROFANO French Club-Glce Club MARGARET GIBSON C'Cibbie"j Swcel Briar College French Club-History Club Sigma-Nausicaa Assistant Editor Annual, '12-'13 Class Flirt FREDERICK FOSTER COULD f"Frcd"l University of Michigan Athletic Association Assistant Manager Oracle, '11--'12 M. V. ll. S. Orchestra-German Club llflanagcr Oracle, '12-'13 D 1. rcasurcr Congress, 2nd Term, '11-'12 President Congress, 1st and 2nd Terms, '12-'13 I-Iandsomest Man, Class of 1913 LEONORE caoss qffromiw Barnard Class Giggler AUGUSTA IDA. HAKE C"Gussie"j New York Normal College German Club-Class Baby MARTHA ANNA IIEINTZE Training School for 'Nurses Sigma-Glee Club 'French Club ELEANOR ROSE IIELWIG German Club GUSTAV .l'TRl+IDRICK IIERBST Athlctic Association German Club CREIGII MITCIIELL 1I EYDECKER Columbia University Athletic Association Assistant Manager Annual, 1913 Cross Country Team German Club ALICE JOIIANNA IIINCK New Paltz Normal School History Club-Glec Club Treasurer German Club,'11-,12, 512 JAMES WILLETT HOAG Syracuse University Athletic Association Congress-Glee Club-German Club Assistant Manager Track Team, '12 Manager Cross Country Team, '12 Second Basketball Team, '12-'13 Second Baseball Team, '13 Manager Track Team, '12-'13 THOMAS FRANCIS IIOULIHAN, Jr. Columbia University ELIZABETH ADINA IIUNT History Club '13 ISABELLA BEATTIE HUSSEY f"Issy"J Business School Nausicaa-Ilistory Club Treasurer Sigma, '12-'13 DOROTHY BENNETT JENKINS C"Dot"J Capen's School German Club-History Club-Sigma Nausicaa Team, '10-'11 Captain Nausicaa, '12-'13 Annual Board, '12-'13 JOHN WILLIAM KELLEY l"Jack"1 United States Military Academy Athletic Association ELLEN BARBARA KENDIG History Club-Glee Club EVERETT LESTER KOCHMANN C"Dutchy"D German Club-Orchestra Class Clown OTTO THEODOR KREUSER University of Michigan Athletic Association German Club JAMES RAYMOND LAWLER Q"Ray"D Columbia University Athletic Association Treasurer Congress, 3rd Term, '12-'13 WILLIAM TITUS MARIUS LICCIONE C"Bill"J Cornell University Athletic Association German Club-History Club-Scientific Tramps Oracle Board, '12-'13 FRANCES M ARI! IN 1,1 1'1'S Business School ' BEATRICE LOWNDES C"Bca"J Smith College Vice-President Sigma, '12--'13 Editor-in-chief Oracle, '12-'13 Assistant Editor N '11-'12 German Club'-Annual Board, '12 Vice-President, Class o1'1913 Most Popular Girl, Class ol'1913 ELSIE PIIILENA LOZER C"C1n1bby"J New Paltz Normal School Secretary Art Club, '12 llistory Club DOROTHY ,IEANNE MALLETTE f"Doaa1"1 Holyoke President Sigma, '12-'13 Assistant Manager Oracle, '12-f--'13 Secretary Class of 1913 Memento Giver SEYMOUR BALL MANY C"Cy"J New York University Athletic Association Second Football Team, 'I 1 Vice-President Glcc Club, '12--'IIS Track Team, '11, '12 Manager Track Team, '12 Captain Track Team, '13 Class Lawyer MARIE GERDA MARTENS Miss 1'1unter's School Nausieaa-German Cluh Oracle Board '13 DORIS EVELYN MARVIN C"Dot"j Yonkers Training School Art Cluln- llistory Clulm I1El,EN WIN1+'1ELD Mc1,1'1l.LAN C"Nc11ie"J Wfellcsley Sigma-Oracle Board President lfrench Cluli 1'iS'l'E1..I.E 1'ILIZAl3E'1'll MoVICKAR History Cluh HERBERT HENRY M ELCIIER f"1"oggy"j Amherst 'l'reasurcr Athletic Association, '12 Business Manager Annual. 19,13 Football '1'cam, '10, '11, '12 'I'rat-k Team, '11, '12, '13 Treasurer, Class ot' 1913 Class NVonian-llater MILDRED 1.UC1I,l.E MILES New York Institute ol' Musical Art German Clulr-llistory Clnh RICHARD HENRY MITCHELL C'i1Jick"J Georgetown University Athletic Association OLGA IJORI 1'l'1IEA MOSES Ratlclilfe Sigma-f German Cluli-Scientific 'I Oracle Board FRANCIS ANTHONY MURRAY Athletic Assooiattion Scientific 'l'ramps-German Club Class Prophet Q - 13 'ramps EDITII I-IAZEL PALMER Yonkers Institute of Musical Art German Club-Glee Club-Orchc High School Pianist, 'I2-'13 Orchestra Class Musician IDA POPPER Yonkers Training School PELTON GEORGE PREUSS Columbia University Athletic Association Scientific Tramps-German Club Orchestra Second Football Team, 'll IRMA HARRISON RI-IOADS New York Library School Ilistory Club IIAZEL .IOSEPHINE ROBERTSON MARION ETTA LUCIA ROBERTSON EMMA MARGARET RUDDICK New Paltz Normal German Club-History Club LOUIS DAVID SAM UELS JULIUS Cornell University Second Baseball Team, 'I2 WILHELM SCHEDE C"Julic"J Columbia University Athletic Association Orchestra S l ra MARTHA ISABEI .I ,E SCIIWARZ Postgraduate HERBERT LE ROY LEE f"Roy"J Wesleyan University Track Team, '10, 'II EDWIN LESTER SLAGLE C"Les"J Cornell University EDITI-I MURIEL SMITH New York Normal School of Physical Education French Club--History Club EDWARD MICHAEL SMITH C'Ed"j Cornell -University Athletic Association Scientific Tramps-German Club- History Cluh JANE GILBERT STAPLES Barnard History Club--French Club-Nausicaa EDITH MARGUERITE SULLIVAN History Club--French Club AUGUSTE FRANK SUPOT Dartmouth University DORTHY SUTTON C"Dot"j Oracle Board LOUISE FREEMAN SWIFT C'Dede"j Vassar College Secretary, German Club Sigma EDITH CAROLINE THOMPSON Gout-her College Secretary Sigma, '12-4'13 I Manager Nausicaa, '11--'12, '12-'13 Executive Committee, Class 1913 Secretary French Club Annual Board, '13 WALTER EUGENE THWING. IIERBERT Athletic Association Assistant Editor Annual, 1913 Oracle Board, '12-'13 Football '1'ealll, '12 Second Basketball Team, '12-'13 Class Wit Executive Committee, Class 1913 MONTGOMERY TICIIBORNE Athletic Association MILDRED THORNE VAN DOREN L"Millie"J Syracuse University Sigma-Annual Board, '13 Nausieaa Team, '12-'13 Treasurer Nausicaa, '12-'13 WILLIAM JACOB WEDLAKE f"Bill"J Cornell University Athletic Association Congress-German Club MARIE MARSHALL WILKINS I"Babe"J Yonkers Training School Glee Club-Art Club DOROTHY CARPENTER WILLYOUNG f"Dot"l Nausicaa Class Prophetess . Executive Committee, Class 1913 MARGARET ELIZABETH WILSON Cornell University German Club-Scientific Tramps Class Poetess-Oracle Board MILTON JOHN WILSON C"Mil"J Postgraduate Athletic Association History Club--Annual Board, 'Ill Track Team, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13 Football Team, '11, '12 Basketball Team, '12-'13 Swimming Team, '12-'13 Second Baseball Team, '11, '12, '13 Assistant Manager Oracle, '12 Class Artist IJOROTI-IY IIEMPSTEAD ZERFASS C"Dot"5 Siglna-Scientific Tramps 85 by v - ' '29,-f ' ix 7 1 r u Y I , .4 '1'1,,+-:gv4- -,3-'ara fi if nga: I1'v1L:T'1'3?' lin?-.I Q-2 ws" ' 4, 3515" W ? if so AD VER TISEMEN T5 FQ , ' ,,,,gaET:jv.' -L Q? ' 'QQTE-" x X -if 44" GQ plpj' 8 AllIIIlIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII11I!IlIHHIHHHHHVHUHHIIIHIIIIIIilllllllllllllllllllillNiHiHiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHWNIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHMHHlillIIllIIilIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiINHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHHWiNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHINIUilillilllllllllllillilNNNNNNNNNHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIHNHillNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHHIHNillllilllilllllllllllllliHLlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIll!HlllH1HIIIIlMIM1 New YOI'k College 1913--1914 gp DSHIISITY 'Q 48th COLLEGIATE YEAR IN FIRMARY COURSE LECTURE SESSION - June 10th to September 27th, 1913 September 29th, 1913 to June 8th, 191 4 COptiona1 and Freel iObligatoryJ ' For admission, preliminary educational, curriculum and other requirements write for an announcement QADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO New York , College of Dentistry' 205-207 East 23rd Street :: :: : New York, N. Y. !IIIIllllllllllllllillllllllNHHH!iINIliHllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllliilliiHIIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIillIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllliiiNNHHMiiiiiillllllllllllliliiiiHHH!IIIIIIIIIiHIiIIIIIIIIIIII!l1IlHIIHUIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIII1WWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINHHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHUHUHHIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIII!IIUIIIHUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII . 88 S Q2 "IF WE MADE IT- l'l'S RIGHT" vga, 'ZW' N-JO Official Jewelers for Mount Vernon High School MEDALS CLASS PINS- SOUVENIRS JEWELS l4'RA'llERNll'l'Y PINS CUPS PLAQUES 'DIAMONDS VVATCHES I JEWELRY 20 John Street " New York if Q BJ Telephone 303 Mt. Vernon Chas. L. Carbrey NG VANS STORAGE-WAREHO VAULTS FOR VALUABLES MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. UU AND COMPLETE INSTALLATION FOR " COLOR PROCESS ENGRAVING5 AND OTHER THIN G5 539 5ZE5E'EELEE.E1E3'2?2EEE E HAVE THE MOST APPRQVED 90 QA WELL KNOWN BANK l-H There is special satisfaction in transacting financial affairs with a bank that has had a long and successful experience. Ill A bank in Mount Vernon especially Well known for its years of continuous advancement and sound management is the FIRST NATIONAL BANK, this institution having served the community continuously for twenty-four years. QU It is the oldest bank in Mount Vernon. FIRST LWATIONAL BANIKA, WT?lQg'5EgEV2EgO1EfifjT?pEET SATURDAY NIGHT DEPOSITING HOURS FROM 8 TO 10 O'CLOCK FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION ON Hlbount lbernon anno Westchester Cllountxg 1ReaI Estate EDWIN VV. FISKE REALTY COMPANY 14 Depot Place - - Mount Vernon, N. Y. jfll'6 1lll5llI'21llC6 ill'IB66fG1Ol1lp8Ili65 91 MART FOOTWEAR 'Bd NIS TER Shoes for Gentlemen 'REG fi L Shoes fbr Ladies and Gentlemen OAK'LEY'S Fourth Ave. 85 2nd Street Telephone 3 Oh! 51, Come Un ln lik V0 X X G ' Vacation is coming i' So Hip, Hip, Hooray l L , But before you all beat it ' ' And go far away, I We want you to take just a peel: as you pass At the Sporting Goods Store Which is known as "some class." ALEX. TAYLOR 6: CO. The Complete Athletic Goods Shop TAYLOR BUILDING 42nd STREET NEW YORK , opp. Hotel Manhattan Established 1897 ll you can't come, say-ZZUNKI ' The cussless cuss word. I 92 COMPLIMEN TS OF A FRIEND H Sym' AT f l WARREN 81 COMPANY VAN NAMEE DRY GOODS COMPANY GEORGE S. NOYES, Pfesidcm 37 anal 39 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE , , 2100 IHONES ml ESTABLISHED 1870 J. F. JARVIS Sz SON A JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS Be sure to take a fountain pen with you on your vacation. HAVE THEM- Also a camera to snap by the way. WE HAVE THEM ALSO. ' ' V 64 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE 11-11-1- Wllilc -lwuy qcnd your,fihns to us, we will develop anrl print them in 244 hours Makers of High Grade Emhlematic Jewelry, Class Pins, Fraternity Emblems, Athletic Medals, Rings, Cups, etc., of Special Design. Department of Stationery and Engraving offers what is best in Class Stationery, Commencement Announcements, Weclclillg Stationery, etc. Write or call lor quotations and see samples 108 Fulton Street NEW YORK Dr. J. F. PAULSEN DljN'l'A 1, suleolgozv 412 South Fourth Ave. MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. TESORO BROS. DEALERS IN Qlhnire Zllruitn, liegetahles anh Cmureries I I0 PROSPECT AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. T:t.l:PHoN 2179 The Best of Everything in Dry Goods W Before this year's graduation class started attending school our stores were established. During all thc years since we've been con- tinuously studying to keelp our merchandise and efliciency up to a' ligll standard. GENUNG Sz MQARDLE MOUNI VERNON WIIITI-I IIAHNS HRUNXVII I li NAM XROINI I lx l 'r 1124 WOODLAW SLE S 1878 MouN'r VERNON CHARLES J. REINHARDT Storage anh Hana 4-761 WIII'I'E PLAINS AVE. AND 2442d STREET WAKEFIELD, NEW YORK CITY JOHN D. G. GENNERICH OG GROOEIQDO WrNEs,L1QUoRS AND SICGARS CRARY AND PROSPECT AVENUES Opposite New Haven Railroad Depot ZZLENPSCZTSN MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. A hlenor launbry Glo. Hrmbruslers Photos ARE THE BEST ff Wz'th best wzklzes of a Friend f Mendel? Celebrated Chocolafies SPECIAL 30 Cents .per Pound GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL 4 NEW YORK Telephone 1468 THE VVRIGHT 8: VVEED CO. Anthracite Bituminous 14 DEPOT PLACE Mount Vernon ---- New York A, v as 'TM Hfllwatgs on the job" BICYCLES and MOTORCYCLES ' M. B. Thompson 409 West Lincoln Ave. Mount Vernon - - , - - N. Y Opp. Scott's Bridge A MAN WITH A DEFINITE OBJECT IN VIEW HAS GOT IT ALL OVER THE FELLOW WHO HAS NONE Our object is to serve every automobile owner in this vicinity to the best of our ability. Our experience in. this line dates back to 1889, therefore we are capable. We have the largest, cleanest, most modern one-:torygarage in this vicinity, equipped with n modern automobile .mpply room and re- pair :hop with expert fneehanirr .to take care of your immediate wants. Courlexy and prompt attention with moderate prices is our Motto. Sole Agents for Cole, Buick and White l"leasin'e and Commercial Cars and United States Tires and Tubes. HENNING'S AUTO GARAGE NORTH ard and SIDNEY Aves., MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. Complimenls of F. C. Seillzer Ankerson's Pharmacy 6 South 4th Avenue Mount Vernon - " ' New York We are agents for the PAGE X: SIIAXV PARK 8L TILFORU HUYLER'S X APOLL05 Telephone your order, we flelivel' TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH AND YOUR HEALTH WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF L Dr. William R. Leaf DENTAL SURGEON 101 South Fourth Avenue Phone 156 South East Cor. 2nd St. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Ztbe Giitg IDDSISITIZICQ fEDWARD Hour, PROP-.J 32 East lst Street - -.. . The REXALL Store l Pure Drugs - - - Prompt service Next to Trolley 1Vaiting Room l - Telephone 660 - Westchester Theatre 24 Exits Every Seat a Good Seat The Permanent Home of The Stainach-Hards Stock Company An Estabished Institution in Mount Vernon Producing a New High Class Play Each Week MATINEES-Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 25 Cts. Box Seats, 50 Cents . Evening Prices-25, 35, 50, 75 Cents .Box Seats 651.00 Tr:t,zrHoNz 1567 M'r. VuNoN MAX KAPLAN Custom Tailor 39 AVENUE, next door to Post Office Mlll. VERNON, N. Y Cleaning. Pressing. Repairing and Altering u on Ladies' and Gents' Garments. Goods why Pay mmcf called for and returned the same day. lC'f"1Hf'4 P"55 You' su" ln' 503 Satisfaction guaranteed- Onrr 11 Curlrmlrr, lwayr n Czumrnrr- WATHE E. C. HAKE Hatter and Fzzrfzzlvlzer' 52 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK Telephone 104 The Heather Tea Room CATERING IN ALL lTS BRANCHES 0 O H - dCks,Slcl,Sd'h d h ' I I n 6 Lxirriijhlgtiinei Each D:yaQSung:yslNeic2:mt2:lrDvT1.35 loo? Price, 35 Cents 91 PROSPECT AVENUE -::- MT. VERNON, N. Y. I 106 SOUTH FIRST AVE., MT. VERNON, N. Y. 9 0 , BREAKEY 5 Breunlch s Crystal Garage llbrescriptton llbbarmacxg CLOSE T0 HIGH SCHOOL Ice Cream Soda ,all the Year ,Round Telephone 1540 LOUIS STEMPLINGER CUSTOM TAILOR A GARMENTS CLEANED AND REPAIRED 29 PROSPECT AVENUE -::- MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. 26 and 28 SOUTH SIXTH AVE., MT. VERNON, N. Y. Light, Dry and Fireproof + i3STORAGE"1 ""e 'wi ESTABLISHED 1852 ROSCHER3 BROS. RELIABLE GROCERS And Dealers in HAY, FLOURQ and GRAIN Corner Union Avenue and Third St., Mount Vernon, New York YOUR HIGH SCHOOL 'COURSE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT MTHE ORA CLE MANAGER FOR 1913-1914 James M. Nelson SPORTING Goons WILLOW FURNITURE AND TOYS BASE BALL SUITS A SPECIALTY 7 Schechtere . 57 SOUTH FOURTH AVE. Telephone 3010 W Telephone 1510 IDR. W. F. GILROY ...DENTlST. . . 8 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE MT. VERNON, NEW YORK Compliments . .. Of Henry B. Pruser T' iSiii5TBiioTHERs MOTORCYCLES -:.. BICYCLES and SUNDRIES Wholesale and Retail OIL PROOF TIRES Indian Motor Cycles Sold on Easy Payments Tel. 2111-W 18 SOUTH FIFTH AVE., Mount Vernon, N. Y. ...COMPLlMENTS. .. OF JOHN P. BATH ITIY has this shop been a success? Be- cause we clo not lack the nerve to carry a High Class line of JlTen's Haberclaslzery. ODELL 8: WATT 19 SOUTH FOURTH AVE. MT. VERNON. N. Y. OU GET EXPERT WORK whvn you pl your order with ue lor PICTURE FRAMING. Framing the subject so that ' ' cr off to its best ndvnnlngc is our specialty--we have thc right moulding. correct proportion in mm, clc. Let u l you how well wc can handle your work-sec our stock ol mouldings offered l sclcclion. L west Prices. All kinds of Pictures, Postcards and Novelties. r the wilrtpibop Telephone 1564-R 7 WEST SECOND ST. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. MISS MARION CONKLING TELEPHONE 2l40 MILLINERY PAFILOR GENUNG AND MCAFIDLE BUILDING MT. VERNON, N. Y. ROBERT E. DALE CHARLES CAIN DALE at CAIN GROCERS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES r.n...r..,....II2I2 Cor. PARK .na PROSPECT AvEs. I4I6 MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. THE HOWE BAKERY 122 SOUTH FOURTH AVENUE MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK AMATEUR PRINTERS WITH EXPERIENCE CvT"EJe your prinliog to a Class-Mag' Qpen fofwI3osinei.Pfhrujh,e school year V BAKER PRESS 224 Rxcu AVENUE Tel. 714 SAMUEL LEVINE ' Manufaclurer of ICE CREAM and CHARLOTTE RUSSE 103 PROSPECT AVE. MT. VERNON, N. Y. HENRY W. WAGNER ...jfIOl'I5f... Greenhousg-R - Ojfire and Store: Pelhamdale Ave.. opp. Chester Park 56 South Fourth Ave Phone I6I8 , Phone 929 NORTH PELHAM, N. Y. 3 MOUNT VERNON, N. Y. Phone 2308 Mount Vernon AUTO V P MART TlRESw -::- VULCANIZING 64 WEST FIRST ST. MOUNT VERNON, N. Y Complete Line High Grade Auto Supplie: For Delicious Soda CO TO Gbester 1biIl llbbarmacy JULIUS F. SCHIROTT PROSPECT ANL: PARK AVENUES, MOUNT VERNON, N. Y

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) collection:

Mount Vernon High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Mount Vernon High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 14

1913, pg 14

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Mount Vernon High School - Maroon and White Yearbook (Mount Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 15

1913, pg 15

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