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fo 1- ,.w,., -, Q, "'4??'1f2L ' , A s-22" if qw fa -, .rig .lg,a12hj.: i -1111 ?--"-.V ,. ,lift-vw' " 2' 54" .21 --v - w4,,.5 ,f- h A- 4115 .-6551,-A-fv - ,. -V Hglhm' phi. , , -.Y . , iv '- I J: -lit, .1 :- - '14-: gl 3959-- .rgvf QQ--E.',f fi?-uf , fri vw' 'g'75f'Y?F 321'-3'f? JJ r b 5 2-TQ .14 I iii' "l'if-"- fm. :gp re--4. - -M.-4' ,+A . . if FSf+,.l.f" ' g ag: Y ??'eT:fw5-vi ,Y . , , 4 ' .f1"L."c5:.5 - jf? ,J-sax . -' , QL 'Wiffkl Qi ' ws:-z. f:.wrf . if-1? rib.: QQ L 'fir Q, A-fu ZF. , -qgJ1a:r- P fi L if ., 2 -Sr. via . , 'aff iff- Q.,-Qi, K. -, QR., . ,1 q- ,V h , . 'zxgiaf Egg' V is: Z fe-e-is: an fzqfifv -'- ,fzi A --V -:.::'..f . . 1 fp, .N , .4,. , ,Q 2: wfgxiff-. '-ff, an -, ,.L .131 Q, if M ' ' '1f"f,f : Muni , - Ik: fm.-i '1-'-'- -1 'sfik J -' eva 9 uae A23--, '- ' ' '5 -qu., ,. f , .Hag ,QI , 'h,f,,g. , W -F 54 15. nt . ,L - iii' -..,.. ,. ,,-4 " fri 2 1 ,H 1 - -- QL 115' -, .A- -. mi.-. - .,,',Zs1-H f Hg-,v,, A , 2 , , ' , .-Z!! A ' " 9545? 3IQLq 'f2.1, ' f A-A .gf ,Ng 9-Q 2441151 : V - 5 ' 2, 3,5 ff' fl? nz: v - 1sp:..: if' ,,, v -eq? we 1iSjHgL,: , .,,xg,.n,. .fl - 753213. ff' . mg- -.I k f -.-sfpj 4 iifffff Qi?-Tgl H-nr! -uw A: 4- .- -1-5 iw,-. , fi? W' ?1f" 'J, ll guy ., H :g,gg?f,I.K:i ' - H1-vs.:-f 1 , ff?-r 5-..1': ., -- , .gggf-11 1 A - 5Ei.?A+'-',j ' ' 5, iiifnr Q X". L K ' 5Qf'x:k'gAg ,:' if refvegf'-if ' 6.4.-, ., . H' 211-:ai - f ' fb?-rx? , ' ,. Kzwlit-lf,' ' F' sw' . -f ,,Qg.f16' Q X Fly- 0590 f E O 1: b...J 522' "1f"I"'xi"'I"'sf"'2"'xf"4f""1f"'f"'1f"'If"4xf"fI"'af"'I""mf""f"xf""f"'nf""IQ"- P 22 5' . if KI 3.-" ' I R. h E: ff xx 5' Q"-.. coNTeNTs o I. Aclminiskrat-iono 2. Fabulty b o 34 Seniors , u. '1Achleucs 5. oflrgainizaiionso 2 .Wi ""s ' ,,.v' 'E ' 2 .-f' S s J. T3 MJ. was -3 :aa "s 'F JU, -.,. . , .-4' U .-f" , ' . o W .o 'X 12.1xm..:,,1m:Jx.1,fx..:,m.Jx.g.fxhgfxg.fxLJx:fs f'1f'Z"'v'fT'Nr"f?"uf"2"'wf'2"ar"'Z"'xf"?Hf"Z"'xf"I'f'xf"ff'Hf"2"xr'fZ"'1.f"2"'1.f"Z"'f """' f Be Thou their pilok through khe great unknowni I Then Shall thdy mount asheagles ohd not Fall' wwmxgfkzw-.1,fa:,A:,fm.A.gfx.:,,2x.g,fxg,fx . , " ' !5f'27U:::.f H'-.vwgh Fx " .1 uw ...nv .2 1 I l 1 i arousal sr f FOREWORD At our departure we, the Senior Class of '30 present to our readers the liirst Magazine Edition of the l-loop-Pole. We wish to thanlc all who have helped us in any way. We hope that you will enjoy this Magazine as much as you have the preceeding annuals. l I I I! J 'u 's Z F I DEDICATION To those whose love made possible through the noble sacrifice that we might carry on, We grateliully dedicate this to their loving memory - - Our Parents J, 1 a 5 1 4 1 5 Administration The School Boa rd President Secretary Treasurer WILLIAM ESPENSCI-IIED .ALFRED S. GRONEMEIER AMBROSE W. I-IARBERT Superintendent MAURICE N. O'BANNON It was not until their senior year that the class of '30 realized how much Mr. O'Bannon had done For them., They now Fully appreciate the Fact that he has Followed their activities closely during their high school days and that he has been able to guide each one most helpfully in selecting his vocation. Our Superintendent was graduated from Indiana University in I9l7 with an A. B. degree and received his M. A. degree from Columbia University in l925. I-Ie has also done graduate worlz at the University of Chicago. Secretaries To Superintendent To Principal KATHERINE HOGAN DORIS LIMBERGER G. S. Rust Principal When the Freshman Class of '27 enrolled in Junior High School, Mr. Rust was their principal. Three years later when this same class enrolled as the Senior Class of '30, they were glad indeed to Find that Mr. Rust had also advanced and was to be their new principal. Mr. Rust received his A. B. degree from Indiana University and will Finish worlc on his A. degree this summer at the University .of Chicago. f.'xa.'.!f.i In the same efficient manner in which she supervised the three preceeding annuals, Miss Bradley made the First magazine edition of the l-loop-Pole a success. Miss Bradley is Dean of Girls and Sponsor of the Sunshine Society. She received her A: B. degree at Indiana University and has done worl: on her M. A. degree at the same University. Mildred F. Bradley Dean of Girls Faculty BOTTOM ROW: Mildred Dirlxes, Dorthea Dietz, Catherine Howard, Helen Bruner, Gertrude Green TOP ROW: Robert Gough, Cyrus Gunn, Lloyd Deckard, Charles Hames. 1 l Faculty BOTTOM ROW: Fletcher Jacques, Edward Pence. TOP ROW: Alice Miles, Margaret Yunker, Anormalee Martin, Miriam Wilson, Naomi Pfister, Tlwetis Kemp, Virginia Miller. National Tlwespians Aaron Dunn, President Marie Mann, Secretary Elizabeth Edmonds, Treasurer Otis Allyn Frank Fessenden Martha Gonnerman Miss Howard, Sponsor Magazine Staff Aaron Dunn, Editor Martha Gonnerman, Business Manager Opal Alldredge, Organizations Louise Graf, Typist Elizabeth Peters, Typist Guy Cleveland, Jokes Erma Boatman, Art Janice Redman, Seniors Marie Mann, Snaps Robert Soden, Sports Miss Bradley, Sponsor -u ug, pu, .nh ...nn ...uh vu... Ins... .,ns,. .,an,. .,up,. ...uh .,nu,. ',on,. .,.u,. .,au,. vu. . . . 4 . ' o 'f "- 1" ' .' '. ." . . - . .. .. 3 .- .Q 1 .f .. 5 .. . I .. . l. . f 9 35 e "xi 1 if Q o o ar o sz o '31 o az o 'Er o xr e H o 'Es o as o s if .3 2 . .". J: 's ,,-' o 0 g E 1 5 I "- ...-" . .- ..,,. : 1 01 I 5 -5 ug fi ua ni " ng I ' Q ui -1 F1 J' in . . . . . . 23- up e fl o is o H Q fs e 1 o I o n o lg o gg. o ga o 11 0 .v Q H - H.. o lx . "uno" "'n.o"' Shao". ."oqa". ."nu"' nuns". ."sn" ."uo". Shu". ."nn" "uni: aku". "Nu" ."ne"l ."ua" "un" "no" GUY CLEVELAND OTIS ALLYN "Fawkes" "Okie" Class President Vice-Presidenl: ol Class JANICE REDMAN RUBY ALLDREDGE "Fernie" "Ruby-Lee" Class Secrelary Class Treasurer AARON DUNN MARTHA GONNERMAN Edif0f-in-Chief Business Manager Cl Magallne of Magazine BERNELL ALLDREDGE ll DI THELMA ALLDREDGE " Dee " CLYDE DEFUR "Kelley" ERMA BOATMAN MILDRED BOTTOMLEY " Micky " ROBERT CARMAN " Bob" MERLE CLINE " Doc" FRANCES DENBO " Fanny " OPAL ALLDREDGE " Pal " CLARA ALLEN GEORGIA BLACKBURN " George " NORMAN BOKELMAN " Buck " WILLIAM BREINER " Bill" JOSEPH CARROLL " Joe " ELOlCE COLEMAN " Coloy " PAULINE CURTIS " Ponee " WALLACE BISHOP "Bish" WILSON DICKHAUT "Dick" CASPER EILERT llcapll HARRY GERBER "Jake" LOUISE GRAF "Esau" MARIE M. GREEN RUBY I-IAMES "Rubin" VIOLA HARTMAN EDWARD CULLEY llEdlI ELIZABETH EDMONDS "Red" FRANK FESSENDE N "Fez" DOROTHY GRADE RT "Dottie Lou" MARY GULLEDGE FLORENCE HAGEMAN "FIossio" MYRTLE HARBERT IIMYIFI CHARLES HIX "Skipper" ALMA HOLLER DOROTHY LAYER nootn 'LORETTA MILLER "Banty" WILLIAM OLIVER "Bill" PAULINE RIECKEN " Peany" ALMA SCHICK NAI'-Ill ROBERT SODEN "R-I-IaroId" DOROTHY THOMAS " Dot" ESTHER KNOOP " Ekkar " MARIE MANN " Rao-Roe " JOBIE OLIVE R " Jobie " ELIZABETH PETERS ll ll ARTHUR ROTHROCK KENNETH SHEPHARD " Shorty " ARMENIUS TEMPLETON H Temp H VE RA TO PPER " Shortio " EDNA UHDE WOODROW WHIPPLE H Ed U "Woody" CHARLES WORKS WILLARD YOUNG " Foxy " "Brigham" Class Colors Class Flower GREEN AND WHlTE WHITE ROSE Class Motto EXCELSIOR! - - EVER HIGHER" Staff ol: the l-loop-Pole, I929-30 Frank J. Fessenden, Robert Soden, Richard Caldemeyer, Aaron Dunn, Marie Mann, Malcolm Fuhrer Harold Brown, Martha Gonnerman, Herschel Aud, Otis Allyn, Janice Redman, Alma Wiegand, Suzanne Stinson, Margaret Mitchell, Georgia Blackburn, Evelyn Keck, Elizabeth Edmonds, Donald Smith, Genevieve Martin, Raben Schenk, Agnes Utley, Lillian Riecken, John Walling, Lewis Rhodes, Wilson Given, Stella Lewis, Mariorie Utley, Mary B. Grabert, Eloice Coleman, Opal Alldredge, William Causey, Paul G. Scheller, Lois Boatman, Miss Miller, Miss Bradley, Miss Howard. Juniors Sophomore Class BOTTOM ROW: Mattie Fischer,Alvin York, Genevieve Martin, Paul Scheller, Marie Kapperman, George Blaclc, lrma Seibert, James Bottomley, Aline Hartman, Marion Alldredge, SECOND ROW: Emery Wheat, Laverne Seifert, Wilson Given,Viola Pfeiffer, Albert Gerth, Elsie Daws, Paul Hartman, Ethel Moore, Alvin Mix, Sarah Ashworth. THIRD ROW: Anna Blake, Carl Grabert, Sybil Billups, Robert Collins, Kathryn Fuhrer, Melvin Lopp, Irma Junclcer, Roy Woodward, Dorothy Stettler, Lloyd Peerman. FOURTH ROW: Louis Causey, Florence Beste, Stafford Abell, Dolores Pearce, Gilbert Wehr, Mary B. Grabert, Darnell Walker, Rosie Thomas, Orphus Oeth, Ruby Creelcmur. FIFTH ROW: Eva Marie Menilcheim, Paul Wehr, Vacal Hood, Sterling Bartlow, Mary Hames, Hilton Ashworth, Naomi Duncan, Oscar Holler. Lillian Milton, John Carroll- SIXTH ROW: Frederick Hellenberg, Hazel Robb, Oscar Barter, Suzanne Stinson, Malcolm Fuhrer, Heloise Walters, Hubert Wallis, Mary Beste, Jacl: Stallman, Dixie Wallis. SEVENTH ROW: Edgar Davis, Edward Hausman, Averil Thompson, James Hubert,Hazel Reinitz, Elvis Alldredge, Mandale Kishline, John Graf, Rachel Tennison, Arthur Woods. EIGHTH ROW: Clarence Thompsom, Eugene Russell Mr. Declcard, Miss Wilson, Mr. Hames, Erwin Willis, William Steclcler, John Walling. 'E viii?-, , ,, 1 Zig 91' 'Wkffds M' A51 k5?L:g .A , if V 'mfg ,. 1 wi? mf K .. 9 .56 by Y. Q, af W, v,v.,,.,q api, W H Q'55?,.: AL .4 5 iff' f . fgq my-' f . if 55.43, A -I . I , ' ' A 1557? fs Q My l?95??sf3'K , . Y, Q, AQ? 5 vw A, R fkvv ,.,,. Y f :ef if.. ' X 2 gf f 'N A Freshman Class BOTTOM ROW: Cecil Holtzmeier, Arleta Strickland, Kenneth Topper,Mariorie Reinitz,Arnold Juncker, May Key, Bernard Jeffries, Arvilla Niehaus, Cliltord Hames, Edna Noelle. SECOND ROW: Bernice lsham, Kenneth Aud, Margaret Snyder, Alfred Oeth, Alma Boatman, Harold Gentil, Janie Jones, Howard Rhodes, Wilma Loehr, Jaclcson Campbell. THIRD ROW: Melvin Miller, Mariiohn Cieveland, Gentry Gibert, Dorothy Thompson, Edward Temple- ton, Pauline Nolan, Byron Rowe, Fayetta Benton, Howard Thompson, Kathryn Conlin- FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Allyn, George Russell, Valeda Rowe, Raben Schenk, Vera K. Sturm, Charles Bray, Ruby Lee Weilbrenner, Herbert Whipple, Beulah Bennett, Samuel Bradley. FIFTH ROW: Elwood Benthall, Marjorie Utley, Leonard Stevens, Kathleen Cox, Orville Haas, Anna V- Green, Gerald Schallier, Mariorie Reeves, Herbert Hyatt, Elvera McFaddin. SIXTH ROW: Louise Breeze, Richard Edmonds, Eileen Butler, Dwight Roberts, Virginia Pharr, Eldon Welborn, Esther Dausman, Marla Kost, Dorothy Ashworth, Herbert Roehr. SEVENTH ROW: Geraldine West, Martha McKinney, Mary L. Peerman, Harlan Cobb, Della Mann, Elinor Fay O'Bannon, Sampson Klotz, Martha Jane Staples, Ethel Ginger, Pauline Williams. Seventh and Eighth Grades Class Will To whom it may concern: In order that we shall not be forgotten, we, the Senior Class of Mt. Vernon I-Iigh School, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty, being adjudged of sound minds feven those who know no better do not think so J do herein will and bequeath our property, beloved and otherwise, to those who, to us, seem most deserved. To wit: I, K. Bernell Alldredge, will to Mr. Pence all of the shoes I have worn out, walking unnecessarily in the halls, as a happy remembrance of my high school days. I, Opal Alldredge, will to Esther Carroll and Kenneth Millspaugh a book entitled "I-low to Fall In Love." I, Ruby Marie Alldredge, will Room 3l to any Junior couple who can take care of it at noon as well as Frederick and I have. I, Thelma Alldredge, will my popularity to Lila Katherine Rich in order that the schooI's popular girl may still live in my community- I also will my beau to any one who is "Abell" to get him. I,Olis Allyn,will my place in the Footlight Performers to John Hames with the sincere hope that he may learn some of the technique of acting from Miss I-loward,and so that he may be successful in Hollywood. I, Clara Allyn, will to Katherine Allen my latest book on "I-low to Lose Flesh." I sincerely hope that she may use it with more success than I. I, Wallace Bishop, will a pair of my famous heel plates to Alvin Mix so that he may attract as much atten- tion as he walks through the halls as I have. I, Georgia Blackburn, will to Elizabeth Riecken a bottle of " Golden GIint" so that EIizabeth's hair will be sure to stay red. I, Erma Boatman, will to Anna Blake my violin, which after twenty or thirty years of practice, she may learn to play. l, Norman Bokelman, will a rope to Louise Weilbrenner so that she and " Perk " may pull together, and, if " Perk " refuses, she may threaten to hang herself. This will surely make " Perk " do right. I, Mildred Bottomley, will a record of all the times I have been sent to the office to George I-lessler so that he may profit thereby. I, William Breiner, will Leo Weir to Mr. Jacques so that Mr. Jacques will have someone smaller than himself to wrestle with. l, Robert Carman, will the remainder of my last plug of tobacco, since my graduation I am swearing off, to anyone who thinks he can use it. Don't all rush up at once. I, Joseph Carroll, will some of the ribbon and some of the medals I have won in iudging contests to El- wood Benthall, since I realize he will probably never win any. I, Guy Ellsworth Cleveland, Jr., will Emma Louise Oliver to the Faculty, since they are the only ones who can take care of her as well as I have. I, Arthur Merle Cline, will the keys of the I. G. A. Store to Wilson Given with the sincere desire that Wilson stop in some time and see a food store. I, Eloice Coleman, will a book of passes to John Bauer so that he can go to Evansville more often. I, Edward Culley, in order to show that I still love my dear teachers, will a Iollypop to each one of the Faculty. These lollypops are to be left at Weckesser's until next fall so that the teachers may spend a pleasant summer in happy anticipation of my treat. I, E. Pauline Curtis, will a bottle of Sloan's Liniment to Forrest Sewell since I am afraid he has sprained his wrist by writing me so many notes. I, Clyde DeFur, will a letter to Beniamin Kermit Seifert in order that he may have at least one letter when he graduates. "M" brought forward: envelope given to Beniamin. l, Frances Denbo, will to I-lerschel Aud, a green comb so that it can be company for the one he borrow- ed from me a few years ago. "Will" Continued on Next Page I I, Wilson Dickhaut, will my Caesar pony to Paul Gene Scheller, who finds it difficult to get through without a ride. I, Aaron Dunn, will all the extra time I shall have next year to next year's editor. I am sure whoever it is will need the time and I shall surely have some extra time since I shall not have to work on the maga- zine. I, Elizabeth Edmonds, will a talking picture of myself to the school so that my presence will not be miss- ed so much. I, Casper Eilert, will to Mr. Jacques an International Tractor to be used in demonstratlon work in the Agriculture classes. lCasper surely knows where his bread and butter comes from.D I, Frank Fessenden, will all of my extra-curricular activities to Frank Henderson so that he will not have time to get into mischief. I, Harry Gerber, will a book of violin selections to Paul Wehr. These selections are very easy. Paul should be able to play them well if he practices at least sixteen hours per day for 23 years, II months, one week, 6 days, and I5 hours. I, Martha Gonnerman, will to Ruby Vines a piece of ice with the advice that Ruby take this as a model when boys make eyes at her, since this is the way I have so successfully resisted Cupid's advances. I, Dorothy Grabert, will to Angelo Stephens my book entitled "How to Tiptoe Through High School as a Pretended Genius," which tells how to get a great big kick out of school life and still stay in the good grace of all the "Captains of Pretended Knowledge," in other words, teachers. I, Louise Graf, will my hair to Marie Kapperman so that Marie will not have to spend so much time curl- ing her hair. I, Marie Meinschein Green, will several of my personal letters to Mr. Gough, so that the commercial classes may have some interesting letters for dictation. I, Mary Gulledge, will my wig to Lillian Riecken so that Lillian Riecken will not have so much trouble in keeping her hair back. We, Florence Hageman and Myrtle Harbert will a book on "How to Get Along" to Frances Vines and Emma Oliver so that they may get along as well as we have. I, Ruby Hames, will to Mr. Pence another aquarium in which he is to put some of the poor "fish" he is always talking about. I, Viola Hartman, will a complete record of my days absent since being in High School to Elizabeth Harris, so that Elizabeth may use it as a model. No days absent, therefore no record. I, Charles Hix, will my position as chief monitor to Sampson Klotz, Jr., because Sampson is the only person who, in my opinion is physically fit for the strain of the position. I, Alma Lourene Holler, will my height to Agnes Utley so that next year she may be tall enough to get the tip-off in class basketball as I did this year. I, Esther Knoop, will to Herbert Schafer the exclusive right to be with Janice Redman as much as I have, since Janice and I may be parted next year. I, Dorothy Faye Layer, will to Esther Carroll the wedding ring left me by a member of the class of '29 hoping it will be of more use to Esther than it has been to me. I, Stella Marie Mann, will my horse and buggy to Frederick Sills so that he will have a safer way to come to school. Apparently he needs this since he seems unable to handle his Ford as it should be handled. I, Loretta Fern Miller, will Emily Greathouse my book entitled "Overcoming Backwardnessn and I hope she will profit from it. I, Jobie Oliver, will to Richard Caldemeyer all of the jokes, in which my name has been used, in the Hoop-Pole so that he may not have to look for any new iokes while he is editor of the Hoop-Pole. ' I, William Oliver, will the l93l cooking class a box of prunes. I, Elizabeth Peters, will to any Junior typist my position as typist in Mr. Rust's Office. I have found this quite an advantage, since I have first access to Mr. Rust's Civics and Economics reference books. I, Janice Redman, will my diploma to Mr. Hames, because I feel that he deserves it after all the help he has given me in chemistry. "Will" Continued on Inside Back Cover n Senior Sunshine Society- Junior Sunshine Society 4 Mr. Cyrus Gunn , Boys'Athlotic Coach Miss Thetis Kemp Girls' Athletic Coach Intramural Winners or Girls Sophomore Boys Miss Miriam Wilson Girls' Physical Training Teacher Clyde Del: ur Student Manager Malcolm Abell Football Captain BOTTOM ROW: Richard Floyd, Lemuel Osborn, Sterling Bartlow, Malcolm Abell, Captain, Stafford Abell, and Anson Osborn. SECOND ROW: Nathan Johnson, Elvis Alldredge, Norton Walling, Clarence Thompson, Arthur Woods, and Charles Johnson. THIRD ROW: Willard Young, Herschel Aud, Charles Worlcs, Edward Culley, Harry Gerber, and Damon Schnee. FOURTH ROW: Charles Hix, Frank Fessenden, Jr., Herdis Curtis, Mr., Gunn, Coach, Paul O'Donnell, Armenius Templeton, and Clyde DeFur. Number Games Won 2. Number Games Lost 4. Herschel Aucl Boys' Basketball Captain BOTTOM ROW: Malcolm Fuhrer. Clifford Williams, Herschel Aucl, Captain, Herbert Schafer, Staliliorcl Abell. SECOND ROW: Franlc Fessenden, Charles Hix, Mr. Gunn, Coach, Harry Gerber, Charles Works. Number games won 4. Number games lost l3. Georgia Blackburn Girls' Basket Ball Captain BOTTOM ROW: Janice Redman, Georgia Blackburn, captain, Kathryn Dieterle, SECOND ROW: Vera Given, Esther Knoop, Evelyn Keck, Hazel Robb, Augusta Lang THIRD ROW: Lillian Milton, Leia Mitchell, Mandale Kishline, Dorothy Young, Virginia Pharr, Violet Thomas, Vacal l-loocl. Coach, Thetis Kemp. Number won 2 Number lost I2 Honor Page Letters, sweaters, and awards granted to the participants in the maior sports, football and basketball, For the school year I929-30. Letters Granted To Boys ln Football I . Malcolm Abell 2. Herschel Aud 3. Arthur Woods 14. Richard Floyd 5. Herdis Curtis . Charles Hix 7. 5. 9. IO. l I. l2. I3. Edward Culley Frank Fessenden Armenius Templeton Clyde DeFur, team manager Harry Gerber Damon Schnee Willard Young Sweaters Granted To Boys ln Football and Basketball I. Charles Hix, Maroon sweater, three seasons' participation in Football and one in basketball. Three white service stripes. 2. Frank Fessenden, Maroon sweater, three seasons', two seasons' participation in Football and two in basket- ball. Two white service stripes. 3. Wallace Bishop, Maroon sweater, three seasons' participation in basketball. I+. Malcolm Abell, White sweater, Four seasons' participation in Football, three Maroon service stripes and one gold stripe. Letters Granted To Girls ln Basketball I. Esther Knoop lb. Carolyn Givens 2- Janice Redman 5. Hazel Robb 3. Katherine Dieterle 6. Augusta Lang 7. Evelyn Keck Sweaters Granted To Girls ln Basketball I. Georgia Blackburn. Maroon sweater, three seasons' participation in basketball. Thr white stripes and one gold stripe. Letters Granted To Boys ln Basketball I . Charles Hix 2. Herschel Aud 3. Stafford Abell 4. Clifford Williams 5. Frank Fessenden Harry Gerber Malcolm Fuhrer Charles Works Wallace Bishop Norton Walling ee service stripes, two ... Band BOTTOM ROW: Elvis Gentil, Numa Williams, James Blake, Frank Henderson, Erwin Seifert, Paul Egli, John R. Keck, Esto Eilert, Alfred White. SECOND ROW: Eugene Kohler, Billy Keck, Kenneth Duckworth,John R. Walters, Lemuel Blackburn, Francis Ranes, Maurice Breeze, Wilbur Rust. THIRD ROW: George Black, Casper Eilert, Robert Soden, Charles Johnson, Sampson Klotz, Wilson Dickhaut, Bernell Alldredge. FOURTH ROW: Charles Hix. Drum Corps FLAG BEARERS: Mozelle Shake, Margaret Jane Rhein, Mariiohn Cleveland. SNARES: Dorothy Ashworth, Suzanne Stinson, Martha Mangis, Elizabeth Riecken, Vera Given, Dora Collier, Elinor O'Bannon, Alma Wiegand, Heloise Walters, Sarah Ashworth, Valeda Rowe, Nellie Bailey, Ethel Moore, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Lucille Peerman, Genevieve Martin, Barbara Fessenden, Rosie Thomas BASS DRUMS: Louise Weilbrenner, Dolores Pearce. DRUM MAJOR: Marian Powell What has helped to develop the school spirit oi Mt. Vernon High School? The Drum Corps, ot course. Although it has only existed a Few years, it has proved to be a great success. It is recognized as one ct the best in the Tri-State. Miss Miriam Wilson was the Drum Corps sponsor, and Marian Powell was the peppy drum major. This year, the drum corps had many more new members, than it had the years before: thus making it a stronger organization. The pep at Athletic contests was Furnished by this Drum Corps. M. V. H. S. is proud to know that the Drum Corps has helped to make this school what it now is. Girl's Glee Club Boy's Glee Club ORCHESTRA BOTTOM ROW: James Blake, Alma Boatman, Esto Eilert, Marie Kapperman, John Ramsey Walter, Mary Lucille Peerman, John Robert Keck, and Barbara Fessenden. SECOND ROW: Erma Boatman, Herbert Whipple, Ruby Lee Weilbrenner, Charles Bray, Margaret Jane Rhein, Paul Henry Egli, Mozelle Shake, and Numa Williams. THIRD ROW: Casper Eilert, Anna Blake, Edwin Shake, Lois Boatman, Paul Wehr,Elinor Fay O'Ban- non, Kenneth Millspaugh, and Suzanne Stinson. FOURTH ROW: Wilson Dickhaut, Harry Gerber, Bernell Alldredge, and Charles Hix. FOOTLIGHT PERFORMERS BOTTOM ROW. John l-lames, Genevieve Martin, Mary Blanche Grabert, Edwin Shake, Helen Rose, Rosie Thomas, Richard Caldemeyer. SECOND ROW: Janice Redman, Ruby Alldredge, William Steckler,OpalAlldredge,Malcolm Fuhrer, Dorothy Grabert, Lillian Riecken. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Stinson, Marie Mann, Dolores Pearce, Guy Cleveland, Jr., Carolyn Given, Margaret Mitchell, Hazel Robb. A FOURTH ROW: Frank Fessenden, Jr., Ruby Vines, Martha Gonnerman, Charles Works, Evelyn Keck, Alma Wiegand, Otis Allyn. FIFTH ROW: Bernell Alldredge, Aaron Dunn, Frances Vines, Miss Howard, Robert Moll,Wilson Dick- haut, Elizabeth Edmonds. Senior Play , 1 -7--- , Entire Cast Seniors excel again! The Class Play "The Goose Hangs High" proved further that the class of '30 is the best yet. This play was presented with a cast of thirteen, and was coached by Miss Howard, director of High School dramatics. The cast was made up of the Following Seniors Mr. Bernard lngals ..... Aaron Dunn Mrs. Bernard lngals Lois lngals .......... Janice Redman ,Bradley lngals .... Hugh lngals .... .... F renlr Fessenden Dagmar Carroll . . . Granny Bradley ....... Ruby Alldredge Julia Murdock .... Ronald Murdock ....... Robert Soden Leo Day ...... Elliot Kimberly ........ Charles Hix Noel Derby .... Rhoda . . . . , . Myrtle Harbert . . . . . Martha Gonnerman Otis Allyn Marie Mann Esther Knoop Joseph Carroll Wilson Diclchaut ACT l " Why Lois, how did you get here ? " PROP!-IECY When I tuned in on my radio last night I got some queer results. I got station M. V. H. S. and Mr. Rust was delivering his speech to the class of '5O. His speech ran similar to this:- " Fellow students, I wish with all my heart that you may make a success of life, such as the class of '30 has done. I shall now point out each one individually and show you how he or she has succeeded. Bernell Alldredge runs a grocery at Solitude, where he lives with his father-in-law. Opal Alldredge married Lee Alldredge and lives at Upton on a farm. Ruby Alldredge has married Frederick Sills and has been swimming around in the Wabash bottoms ever since. She still resem- bles a grandmother which she really is. Thelma Alldredge married Malcolm Abell and is now living very happily. Clara Allen is the largest woman in the world. She weighs seventeen hundred pounds and goes with a circus. Otis Allyn is still hunting a wife. The poor fellow sings and dances, but does not seem to be able to attract the opposite sex. Wallace Bishop invented a new kind of heel plate which has made him wealthy- Georgia Blackburn married William Breiner who directs a thriving business in his general store at Farmersville. Erma Boatman is a popular movie star. In most of her talkies she plays opposite Casper Eilert, who is also a famous movie star. Norman Bokleman teaches Vocational Agriculture in Mt. Vernon High School. Married--A millionare by the name of Edward Culley. He is the first man ever known to get rich farming. Robert Carman is the Chief-of-Police in the city of Mt- Vernon- Joseph Carroll owns thirty oil stations and finally got into society. He at last realized his greatest desire, marrying Loretta Miller. Guy CleveIand,Jr. is a tramp and is still pondering on "How to Be- come Wealthy." Merle Cline is manager of an I. G. A. storein Mt. Vernon. Eloice Coleman isa reporter on The Chicago Herald Tribune newspaper. Pauline Curtis teaches at Jeffries school. Clyde DeFur is coach of the Leland Stanford football team. Frances Denbo is an old maid. She and Otis Allyn seem to be in the same predicament. Aaron Dunn is a noted detective, noted for his splendid way of solving murders. Elizabeth Edmonds runs a rooming house in Mt. Vernon. Frank Fessenden,Jr. is a printer at the Western Star. Harry Gerber is center and captain of the Cleveland Rosenblooms basketball team. Martha Gonnerman is head of the Sunshine Societies in the state of Indiana. Dorothy Grabert married Woodrow Whipple, who is a minister. Louise Graf is still the old maid that she always declared she would be. Marie Meinschein Green works at the A 6- P grocery in Mt. Vernon- Mary Gulledge manages a public library in New York City. Florence Hagemann is still going to Indiana University, as she is determined to get an education. She has been going there for fifteen years. Ruby Hames is the champion tennis player of the world. Myrtle Harbert is chief cook in Billy OIiver's restaurant. Viola Hartman is Dean of Girls at Mt. Vernon High School. Charles Hix is manager af The Tavern in New Harmony and is still interested in girls. Alma Holler is a nurse in the Deaconess Hospital and is a very good one, because of the motherly care which she gives her patients. Esther Knoop and Elizabeth Peters married the McDaniel brothers. Dorothy Layer married Robert Green- Marie Mann is an old maid and lives at the home of her parents. Jobie Oliveris champion heavyweight boxer of the world. Janice Red- man married Ralph Kreie and lives in Dayton,O. Pauline Riecken teaches in a kindergarten. Her pupils are larger than she. Arthur Rothrock is a truck farmer near Mt. Vernon. Alma Schick is champion gum chewer of the world and tester of all the new kinds of gum. Kenneth Shephard drives a school bus, which hauls students to Mt. Vernon High School. Robert Soden is known all over the world by his dignified strut. Heisa bachelor and is running around telling everyone what he should do. Last week he told the President to veto a bill. Armenius Templeton married Orrie Aldrich and lives on a farm near Savah. Dorothy Thomas cooks for the prisoners at the Jail. Her husband is Sheriff of Posey County. Vera Topper married Sterling Bartlow. She is still as small as ever. Edna Uhde peddles milk. Her husband runs a dairy. Charles Works is an aviator. Willard Young continues to pass papers at the age of thirty eight. Wilson Dickhaut has taken over Rosenbaum 6- Bro's. store and now owns it. " is gee FF , nf: A-at L-wa, ,- . ,cpl s-ag ,, , 1635152 3.9 , .FM . ?Q S?" ' 41. - f- ,aug , V Lt: 'i .-f -t,-,t , K-I-:I ELL' . B' . - L fa-' .rf 55:4 i ij? if -Q ' jig ' EPZ- V Ax , X., , rw .' By- . bv' 4:- Ss 5, Q, jfs w'b-- , evi- 144' gan, :Mfr li' - ' ' "ff" i-cam'-"ers . ' , Y ,. ep. 'F I I .4 ,, - , 'Daw ' Etxifg 3'- : ' 5 ..L- 1 rg .'3g,,grf,,f V Will I, Pauline Rieclcen, will a box oi Dromedary Dates to Richard Caldemeyer -so that he may have dates through the weelz in Mt. Vernon as well as on Sunday in Wadesville. I, Arthur Rothroclr, will to Martin Sailer some of my best speed records since l am told that Martin is having some difficulty in getting any oi his own. I, Alma Schick, will to Evelyn Keel: all oi the chewing gum leit from the ten dollars worth which I bought at the beginning ol this year. One calce. I, Kenneth Shephard, in order that l might not have to wait until next year's fair to see a good race will one stick oi candy to one oi the Osborn twins whoever First claims the treat. l, Robert Soden, will my permanent permit to Paul Gene Scheller because, since l so seldom used it, it is good for quite a while yet. l, Dorothy Thomas, will all love letters that I have received since being in high school to Mac Fuhrer so that he may get some new phrases ior his next letter to New Harmony. I, Vera Topper, will to Marian Powell enough stamped envelopes to talze care of her Detroit corres- pondence ior one weelc so that Marian will not have to send her letters without envelopes. I, Edna Elizabeth Uhde, will my art of being quiet to Augusta Lang. I, Charles Works, will -to Genevieve Martin, Richard Caldemeyer's soclcs. Comment: Richard paid Charles well for this. We lrnow. I, Willard Young, will to William Steclcler my bool: on "I-low To Get a 'Stand-In' With The Faculty" with the sincere hope that he may succeed as well as I. I, Armenius Templeton, alter due consideration have decided that any souvenir of my I-Iigh School days could be sold at so high a price that I could not, under any conditions, ailiord to give anything away. However, anyone who wishes any of my souvenirs may get them by a sufficiently high bid. We, the Senior Class, will a Yellow Taxi-Cab to the school to talze the place of Aaron Dunn's Ford which will doubtlessly be missed very much. Duly witnessed and signed this fifteenth day of May, in the year of our 'Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty. Guy Ellsworth Cleveland, President Otis Allyn, Vice-President Janice Redman, Secretary 4 Ruby Alldredge, Treasurer Otis Allyn, Attorney l -e --- -,s,.i',. was-.

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