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W vfu flu, +A. EL x,-?i1.,.A',x " x .,N- nnffj ,ww 9' ,,, v - 3 I . w MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Mount Vernon, Ohio I Hififfiqnaf' 1 9 5 , -Lkfl, fiqji ' fn: Ihr lu v 'wi-., A -54:51 N Editors: SANDRA LANE MIKE HYN ES A Business Manager: - " ' :M V um. .wx - ' A 12 JOHN FERGUSON 1 Adv1se-rs. A SARA CANNON C. A. CASSELL w Q , Wx W ww H H M w k'i"s11!wil was j , zew ,, H ' m -u 1 FN 5' N u l q N 11 H l IN 1. " 'J H... wx " 5 2 ' w U . A. 'u Have you ever paused to think about the symbolism of a door? A door opens on new fields of endeavors and oppor- tunitiesg a door closes upon past mistakes. Each September these doors open to incoming seventh graders who are offered training in various skills planned to prepare them for their later years. Each June these doors close upon the Seniors who have completed their training, and new doors open for them upon life itself. uAnd through these portals, one and all they came and Went their various Waysn u Bill Kahrl and Sue Falkenstein enter these doors for the iirst time. TABLE OE CONTENTS DEDICATION . . . . ADMINISTRATION . . SOCIETY . . CLASSES . . SKILLS . . . CULTURE . . . . ADVERTISEMENTS . . 4 APPRECIATION Dear Reader We dont suppose many edrtors can resrst the temptation to add a more personal post script to the rmpersonalrty of yearbook copy We re no exception So we ll offer a few miscellaneous comments and many words of public thanks to some people who wont be expecting rt Berng edrtors of a yearbook can be drs couragrng or rnsprrrng mostly depending upon whether the advisers are wrllrng or not to grve a yearbook Mrss Sara Cannon and Mr Arthur Cassell have certainly made the job easier and we thank them Special thanks go to the commercial photo graphers Don Garverrck Guy Lrpps and jm Israel who were wrllrng to take their time day or night to come to the hrgh school to take pictures of large groups The school photographers were Steve Day john Green Rick Day and George Wallot Special thanks must go to photo editor une 9 1959 Varian Simmons who stepped rnto a rob and worked wrth tireless effort Verbal laurels a so are due to busrness manager john Ferguson We dont know how the book would have fared but the edrtors would not have lasted too long wrthout the assistance of Beverly Beroth one who could and would do nythrng for the good of the annual Thanks to Sharon Cornrlle for doing the senror sectron and Gary Nell for athletics Susan Wrnger and Marjorie Shultz deserve recognr Linda Young has done more than her share of work as advertising manager Thanks to Janine Keenan for collecting faculty facts We would also lrke to express our appre cratron to Mr Charles Prckens superintendent Mr Max Wrggrns prrncrpal and all the teach ers and other administrators We hope we wrll succeed rn brrngrng great enjoyment to you through the 1959 FORUM Thank you reader for your cooperation Srncerely Sandra I ane Mrke Hyres I , , . . 7 . . ' ' Q a ' Y their undivided attention to the construction of non for handling the big task of Subscriptions, - ' 3 ' , - i . 7 s - ' I I 7 3 3 ' A ' 5 MISS MARGUERITE MAN N Teacher ol the Year This year, the dedication of the yearbook is going to a woman who has been adviser and teacher as well as a friend to most of the seniors of Mount Vernon High. Having graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University and having received her master's degree from Bowling Green, she is now head of the Senior High English Department. Seniors have lone benefitted from her sincerity and vurdance and many alumni have either written or returned to Mount Vernon High to thank her for the good English background she gave them before they entered college F or her exer present guidance and understand inv attitude we proudly dedicated the 1959 Forum to Miss Marguerite Mann Lynda Winslow and Joan Milligan benefit by Miss Manns advice Lejz Eddie Blackburn is pleased with his re Right Santa Claus fDave Gueulcttej givcs Miss port card in senior English Mann gifts from each of her classes 'gris- wiv ,- . 11,111 -45751-Ni nl, 1 5 1 I - ..,, gt A I' , ,, 2 V 1 1 1 E QQ .4 -. v 1 J 'i . Tre F1111 1 f 'Q yn, 1 A 0 I, ., :.....-V X 1 . 1 'JF . rf'- 1 111 1 , 1 ' 11 ,li V, 1 11 ' 1 1. 1 E Y-1 'Y 1'1- W we A H -415 V. W . 1 1fg'1"i 1112? . --9151 il-.Pl 5 uf ri, 1 I 1 n 1 Our pathway to the future is made by the helping hand of the ADMINISTRATION jol XV nick 1 e about to co fer on school p oblems Principal Max Wiggiils and Assistant Principal in a " nr n r . Mr. Pickens, ri former principal and presently the superintendent of Mount Ver- non City Schools is a well-known figure. His capability and progressive spirit have been beneficial to our educational system. He has been particularly instrumental in getting plans underway for the new junior high building which is expected to be com- pleted for the 1959-60 school term. Mr. P SUPERINTENDENT CHARLES J. PICKENS Ohio State University: B.S., M.A. ickens checks the plans for the new junior high. is . Q was ' -:Q sqi Rio Grande College, Ohio University PRINCIPAL H. M. WIGGINS Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. Mr. Wiggins plans the school calendar, l i Y ggi fl f'm4j'L2, Mr. Max Wiggins, our versatile prin- cipal, holds the respect and admiration of the student body and faculty by his likeable and efhcient manner. Since the beginning of his administration, he has promoted better co-operation among the students and has given us a stronger and more enthusi- astic school spirit. , 1:-5 its 'I 1, ,442 JOHN WARRICK Manchester College, Kent State University, B.S., M.E. Assiximzt Principal Mr. John Warrick has had an hectic time this year preparing to take over the respon- sibilities of the principalship of the new junior high school. DEAN OF GIRLS AUDREY WRIGHT Muskingum College, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. As dean of girls, Miss Audrey Wriglat advises and counsels the girls in their present and future educational plans. - ...- f---11 DEAN OF BOYS HOWARD A. FOWLER Kent State University, Ohio Univer- sity, Asbury College, A.B. Before coming to Mount Vernon High School, Mr. Fowler was a minister, and he taught in Tiverton, Windsor, and Utica High Schools. I-Ie is now Dean of Boys and acts in the capacity of adviser for high school boys. MOUNT VERNON CITY BOARD OE EDUCATION ? Y. Ss CTITYT hi- CLOCKW"ISE.' Mr. William Wzlrd, Mr. James Brown, Mr, George Gelsanliter, Nlr. Lee Fair, Mrs. Mary Minnlch, President. The major project of the Board of Education this year was com- pleting all the plans for the new junior high school which is to be opened next fall. During the school year, this group had installed a new heating system in Fourth Ward Schoolg and this summer they plan to have converted Mount Vernon High Schoo1's coal heating system to a gas heating one. 14 DIRECTOR OE INSTRUCTION High School and Elementary Schools ALBION GOTAAS North Park junior College Northwestern University, B.S. University of Michigan, M.S. Ohio State University, Ph.D. Dr. Albion Gotaas, a valuable man to the ele- mentary and high schools, carries out his duties as director of instruction for these schools. li BUSINESS MANAGER LLOYD VOLK X.. X -QXXXXX 1 Bowling Green University, B.S. ' fi X mia x...., if ff! I With great ability, Mr. Lloyd Volk handles the business problems which arise within our school system, THESE EIGHT LOSTNG BATTLE Bethany, New York University, .A.B. FLORENCE CASS Denison University, Columbia Univer- sity, University of Minnesota, Ph.B., IVLA. Euglifb 8 J W MARCIA FEENEY i I -' ' Emerson-Boston 'Uniyersity, Williiirru ,N .fi .. in E arEel4!1VgaryL2Ur.:gversLty,l1??.A.!. J ,.. ' rj' - I i lliqlfggtb, , emo m erurnzg ram . fn- .1 ' Z, iii LOUISE M. HU-SGINS V it College of Wlooster. Ohio Univer- l MARGUERITE MANN Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State Univer- sity, Ohio University, Bowling Green University, B.A., M.A, English 12 ELEANOR OWENS Denison University, A.B. Euglirb 10 PEGGY ROBERTS Ohio State University, B.S. -Z.: Efzglirly 9, Axrirlflnf Libnlrhnz . 'D JEAN W, SHICK - Western Reserve, Denison University, Ohio University, A.B. , Ezzglirb 9, IO i Ali 1'Ei:.'iTfff' 355 ' , ,"'f T Y Y Y A 13 :il RUTH s. SHIELDS Q-,mix Oberlin, Denison, B.S. I-Iirlory 8, Eziglirb 8 RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXALL Ohio Wesleyan University, North- western University, B.A. Speerb, Americrw Lilefrzlzlre, Direclm' of D1'lIl1lIlfiCJ 16 Afzzerirmz Lilemfzzre. j01n'm1Ii.fl11, Sup- 6l'l'lJ01' of High School Pul2limfirn1.r 1 -3-fs X LAN YJ.---f MlChlgdH State Umvusxty Oluo Stftte Umvermty BS MEd Algebra II Sold Geomelrg Tngo 11011191111 Scrum Rez1eufAInlb Pub IICKIIIOIIJ' SULANNE S FRIEDLY Bowlmg Gteen IYIHVEISHY Oluo Stftte Umversxty Amerlcfm UHlVCfS1fy B S M A GL 116701 Mama mfzlzm ROBERT I WELLS JR Ohlo Stfltn UH1VPfS1fy BS Alclfbflllflflff THESE HAVE PROBLEMS Ohm Umverslty lx nt State Umver stty Aihland College Mafbezlmlzrr 8 Pffdllf? and Safety DWIGHT PILKINGTON Oluo Nmthern Umvcrsxty Ohio State Umvermty 'XB MA Mnlbenmfzcr 7 Sczence 7 KENNETH WEST Oluo St1tL Un1vLts1ty BA BEE BS MSC Algebra I 7 C1p1t1l Umvusxty Ohxo State Druvgr sxt B S Marbezzznlzrt 7 8 HOUSTON SCHI OSQFR Gtovc Clty P1 llnn ctsxty of I'lo11d'1 Ohm Stlte IJIIIVCISUCY Oluo Wes Ieyan Umvcrsxty Kent State Um versity AB INIA P11110 Geomelzg Gefzevfzl DMM Head Barleefbzll mach tt i V? X Y 1 I ' , t J C. ARTHUR CASSELL PEARL CARPENTER RAYIVIOND COOPERRIDER '.',.., ., ',. -1 ' 'y, ,,Ak, I ROU D THE WORLD IN 180 DAYS ' :xy -,z:. tr' . I' .z:I'.3uA 4 fav., ff v ,w " xl , N .x fi... , . , r x , 'IC f si il " .N ., V1 ,. E '65 "V 18 VIVIAN DOWDS Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Core 7 EUGENE 1. GARROW Champlain College, Kenyon College, A.B. Core 7 REX JARVIS West Virginia Wesleyan, Ohio Uni- versity, B.S. American Hirlory 11, Head Foolbnll Coach MARIAN H. MAC PHEE Grove City College, B.A. Care 7 BERT C. MOORE Denison University, Ohio State Uni- versity, B.S. Amerinnz Hirlory 1 1 LAMOIL L. OWEN Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, M.A. Awerimzz Prablenzr, Direclfzr of A11- dio-Vifual Edumliwz of Mozmf IIENZOIZ Cily School! GLADYS J. scorrm Kent State University, Ashland Col- lege Care JIM SPICER Muskingum College, B.A. Azlzericmz Hirmry, Ohio Hirmry 8 Head Track Coach. H end of Pbyrical Tmirzizzg Prognwz GUY VAN NOSTRAND Ohio State University, B.S. N llvorld Hirlory AUDREY WRIGHT Muskingum College, University .of Wisconsin, Ohio State University, B.S.,M.A. Dean of Girlr, Sociology DEL CORNWELL Muskingum College, B.A. Hfrlllh Coafh of junior High Sport: JACK ROBESON Ohio University, Ohio State Univer- sity, B.S. Biology LAWRENCE E. YARMAN Ashland College, Ohio State Univer- sny, B.S., M.s. General S rience COU T D'OW . Z iz . "1" fe? f if 'Y' -Li 1- in k , ,Sl , ji L' 4 2? ,VU 9 3- HOWARD A. FOWLER Asbury College, A.B. Sfiellfg and H ealzh 7 Deniz of Boyx CHARLES STANLEY Ohio University, B.S. Commercial Geography Science and H ealth 7 Head Barehall Coach 19 CHARLES D. HILL Western State College, Colorado, B.A. Germ-ul Sfiezzre H eallh and Srielzre Rererzfe Bnxkeihall and Football Coach ROGER L. WALTON Kenyon College, Kent State Univer- sity, Ohio Wesleyan University B.Sc. Chemiriry, Phyxicr 9 PAST ON THE DRAW - ALWAYS PLAYI G AROU D - . 1 l, 5 - 1 I ., Q . rg . ' Q I ,A gli. i fr A X ROBERT H. BECHTEL GLENN S. GARRATT ROBERT H. JOHNSON Ohio State University, B.Sc. Wooster College, Ohio State Univer- Ohio State University, B.S. Inrlrzwzefzml Murir sity' BA" B-SC junior Higb Fine Arlr, Social Sludier Arif 9 - 12 NORBERT P. KRAEMER , , , , JACK E. STAUCH Duquesne University, Ohio Univer- sity, B.S. Ohio State University, B.Sc., M.A. Music - String: Mzuic Mr. Robert johnson starts teaching ceraxnirs with Mr. Robert Bechtel has a puzzled look as the Ernest Lamb, john Sutcliffe, Donald Shultz. "Mellow Jackets" practice a new arrangement. THEYRE I THE MONEY t f ?7 MARTHA V. COCI-IRAN MARY B. HERRON BERYL HIGHMAN Asbury College, University of Ken- Ohio Wesleyan University, Ohio State Ohio University, B.S. tu-clay? Aglgand College, Ohio Uni- University, Capital University, B.S. Booueepillg If IIWJ VUSI Y' ' ' Typing II, Sh01'lblll1d I, II, C1erimlP1'aclire Typing I . General Bzcrimfrr Offire Pmrlice HAROLD HIGHMAN DORMA WARRICK Ohio University, B.S., M.A. Manchester College, University of General Malbenmlfcr, SdfE,l'7lZ:II1J'f7ifl, Denver' A'B' and Burizzert Orgarzizzzziozz Burinerr 10 and BIl.filIE.l'.I' Law Miss Martha Cochran shows Carolyn King how Don Norris, president of the F. B. L. A. checks to type. Ron Staats seems amused at instructions. deposit slips with Mrs. Beryl Highman. t -41 it F . If 2:1 I. I ,-1 21 SOMETI-H G FOR THE BOYS we .gf CLARENCE R. FRIDLINE DONALD E. MORRISON JAMES J- PEGG Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. Miami University, B.S., MA. Ohio State UUiVC1'SitY, B-3- Vomlimzfzl Agricullure I lzdlmtriffl Arif, Driver Trflirzifzg llyoodwofkiflgf Elefffifilyf Lf-'dfhff El1gilI6'?7'ilIg Drawing J. FLOYD THOMAS Ut I St t B S CHARLES E. WHITE, SR. rn . 11 e, . . Madison College lTenn.j University Pbyximl Eduralian of Marylmd B S I u:l1z.rlrial Ari: Under the guidance of Mr. Morrison, the boys are doing their engineering drawing while John Ellis and student teachers, Max Moh- Dave Mills pauses a minute to read the in- ler and Don Kemmit are planting trees on structions. John's farm. www '-' e' ' I l FUR HO E A D HEALTH tl 3 ' 9- LINDA MURRAY BESS STAUCH NANCY STILLWELL WiffCUb6f8, B-5. Arkansas State College, Ohio Univer- Capital University, Stetson University Home Ecozmmzrf sity B S Home Ecoxmmzcx 8 az d 9 Plsjncal Edumtzon FOREIGN AID GLRALD BECKER Heidelberg College veisity BA Sp IIIIJZT I and II IMOGENE MONTGOMI Ohio Stflte Un Denison University T leclo Univcr sity McG1l1 University BA M A Ffeurb I and Il nd H0ll01.f Semm r 23 ,...g- DOTSEY S ROBERTS University of Houston Southern Methodist B A Lrillll I and Il , ' ' , . . B.S. . V V . . , , l w W f A . f A 7 -.I .,f- , wi- -37 .- V l A Q 1 il .l -f yrfilz' Tilt, 1 i. 5- : 4 1RY . . ' I 4, Q K 1 .- - - . , O . - ' A ' . - 3 .N 'J ' ' 3 7 ' '! " ' . , ' K 5 ' , ' r J ' ' Li' L. BANDAIDS - BOOKS - BI ET Q Q BARBARA BAUGHMAN REBECCA WAREHAM CLARK A. DEVOL Cornell University, Yale University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Bowling Ohio University, B.S., M.E. B.S., R.N. Green University, Kent State Uni- SpEtidZEn,uM1iml School Nurxe versity' A'B' Librarian li-33 i ix 7 . E an ,ff Mrs. Bess Stauch explains sewing to Kathy Ewers and Christine Clark. In the background Karen Fritz measures a hem. Mr. jack Robeson shows Larry Schafer and Gary Rine how to dissect a crawfish. SECRETARIES The secretarial work of the sup- erinterxdenfs and the Principals offices has been greatly appreciated. This fine staff has dedicated its services willingly and efliciently to the betterment of the schools. 2 MARY LOUISE BECK Secremry lu Ike Szfperizzlslzdezzt VIOLET j. VANDERHORST Ai',ri.i'tfu1l lo Ibe Clerk, Mmm! Cify Bmw! 0fEd11mf.imz il: LORETTA EBERHART S errelury HAZEL VERNON V erzzon Bethany College S i ,H V 14 1 4 1 fmwav Me., .. 1 ,J ,iQiIi55i?i1l55lf5"-M " in ' ' Q-wfegxmnmeg Y' f xieilwifiilgnmf . we v-- eff- 1: -,-,,,,.,- ...ver V Clerk, Trea.r1n'er, Mount Verizon City Board of Ezifzmliou DIZZY FINGERS RUTH FRANZ Prorlnrlimz Clerk 'i . , 1 V --'T 'T' F' 1, Q N .Wi . etegsi, i . -1 ' , .,,., i fl - V w 4 Nr I I i 'iz-., ' W 'fit--Ay.. Q ... ' BETTY FRYE Filing Clerk l 25 LETHA F. FERGUSON Serrelary lo Principal If I ,H . . N sw? 'if' E .. 1 .,, I.-'xl p , , 1551" 1 , , 4521 -, lm ' l 11 11 11 1 11 H111 1 1 4- 1 3 vt- rf' 1 r 11 RJ' , an 4.5, .Q e Wt 4 . ., sb., , 51, x- -., E . ' FF',u1 A1 v w. " 1- "1 1 , 'T-1 1,f- V "' sf' H R11 , n 1.1 1 ' .f 1 1 R 1.11 ' 11f1 Y 11 ... ' 1. -' N 1114 .sw ' Wir N1 E ,lf M . 1 1. 'Ei' . 2 HV , uk f A, M: - ,1 M, , 1 ' yi . .ff- 4 '?'.,,. 1-1 r M Q 11 11 E H11 11 gi, 11 . - 2 1 i11,1 1 ' 1 1 ,, 1 , A 3 , ,111 H ., ' Wwfi 'V 13:11, 1 ww! H1 WH! WL Y I in A- A - va rf ,' " 4 ' 12 , I A-11W 11'-'.. '1 1115 1" H " 1 .,5f1::iH,,. , A V Rl It ,V Y, ' 1:-V' ' , - , ,,,11,.1 1 1511" 951224 '1"'11 1"1111" ffiww- 2 -1' 1155 5, - - 1 ' Njni' m 2,1 rf' 4 11:11 3 1' 1 -.A , ff 1- 1111 "N 1 1 ,111 155111 1. 1l3"',5?s11"1.. QMQ' 15.5555-asf A dk HAL-1 11 H1 Lg, M I: ':...L 1 1 6 ' -1 A U in "' 1 YB 1- W 11'i1'H ' H ' 111 11' " i111"'11 "'11"j 1 ,1 A 1 ' lc h 12 :7 . 1 V 1 ' , " 1111 1" "Jw" f111 "1 EK' r 1 V ,L , Q " ' I ' l , 'fh.:u?2- H '4 M: -1 - ' - , 1. L-JW,'n,Zg,..Lag,. ,. I-f -nf 11 1 11 I 1 1 1 L . I, 1 s 1'1 l J L 11 1 7 ' -5.1 3' Q 1 .4 -X P' ' AQ, jx -' ' ' ' MV YA TL' ' T515 l 1 1 11 '11, Q 1 a . f ,QQV j., 1 - 11L':" if , , .f , .. W' 35119 5 , , 1119, " 143 4 , 'f J 1, mm. 6 f!',, . 9 ,--...Q v"'1 sl 1 . "- . " 335 ,A 7 f- 'V 1 1 '3 1 jifr-K I 'A "mx, gy'xQ's' A I , .. .-gc 1.- 8 . . -Nia' if ' PM 1 " I ,-,JJ -Npl Qrganizations provide an outlet for high school energy, a chance for friendship, and an opportunity for LEADERSHIP Dale Clutter, president of the junior Class, and Bill Reynard, president of the Senior Class open the doors to leadership. Firr! row: Susan Shick, Shirley Bickel, Judy Frady, Varian Simmons, Diane Harvey, Mary Jean Ball, Judy Brown, Judy Stenzel, Secozzfl row: Gary Goodson, Ann Withgott, Barbara Mahard, Linda Wilson, Kay Sanner, Beth Boyd, Diane Daily, Jackie Brunner, Karen Stoyle, Dale Clutter. Third row: Terry Tucker, Milton Williams, David Taylor, Alvin Shick, Ben Lee, Tad Koch, Charles Holcombe, Don Norris, John Ferguson, Ed Blackburn, Doug Hoecker. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Old members induct new candidates. 28 Sharon Cornille, Elaine Shuff, Judy Kuivinen, Carol Sue Oakes, Jacques Transue, Kay Kleiner, Nancy Martin, Judy Perrin, Sandra Lane, Mike Hynes. fBeth Banning, Gary Koch, not in pictureJ. First row: Mrs, Imogene Montgomery, Judy Fracly Sandra Lane Loraine Nexghbarger Mary jean Ball Judy Sullivan, Ruth Gordon, Mike Hynes. Second row: Eric Souers, Pete Clark, Diane Harvey Marilyn Howard Barbara Bone Ann Wrtlmgott Gary Goodson, Alan Beck. Third row: Doug Hoecker, Susan Shick, Carol Sue Oakes Sue Allen Julie Daly Jeffrey Breaks Faurzb row: Dale Clutter, jerry Frady, Alvin Shrek Scott Mintier Milton Willranis Nancy George Dave Taylor, Sally Heintz, Jacques Transue. FIRST SEMINAR CLASS Mrs. Imogene Montgomery was the instructor for the first honors class in Mount Vernon High School. The class studied philosophy, Greek tragedy, applied logic, and classical arts. Each Friday a guest speaker talked to the group on some phase of business or professional life. The members of this seminar were chosen from the upper tenth of the junior and senior classes through a series of intelligence tests. Dr. john Drake, Mount Vernon sur geon, one of the Friday spellxcrs NATIQNAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP lllmlr I l 1958-5 303253 S650 ORS Left zo righz: Mike Hynes, Fred Emley, Mike Duckworth, Bill Reynard, Ed Blackburn, Max Clutter Knot in the picturej. Boys eligible for membership in the National Athletic Scholarship Society must be in the upper half of their class and have earned one athletic letter in a major sport or two in minor sports. 30 NINTH AND TENTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP TEAM l'1sf rm Dfmn Woodward Steve Carter Dennrs Srrbaugh Rrcky Zehr Pete Mondron Semrrd 10111 Drclx Chrrstopher Don McCon ncll Mrke fredrrclxs Irvrne Drew Third mu Mrlte Grlchrrst Larry Frye jrm Annable Rosrlyn Latham Fomllv mu Drn Rhodes Betty Kymer M'rrg,'1ret Burgess Judy Edrck Susan Holcombe Sally Allen F1 fb mu Carolyn Cawrd y Lmda Roesler Bfrrbarfr Way Nrcky Ixreutz Gary Kerr JUNIOR AND -,rrxuorz scHoLARsHrP TEAM F1111 mu Norman Tabor john Ferguson Pit jones Dave Guculcttc Mrlte Hynes Clyde Mary Daugherty Mary Jun Ball Susm Shrclc jane Dccly Tbmf mu Lucra Curtrs Susan Momrn Donnr Dudgcon Lor unc Ncrzhblrger Bet Boyd Sally Hcrntz Ann Wrthgott Ruth Ann Gordon Fmnlb mu Lrrc Sowers George Wallot Robert WIOIICHIJD Tad Ixoch Gary Koch F1 lb mu Drck Adfrms Dave Taylor Jacques Fransuc Tom Buckh'rm Alvrn Shrclt jrm Stamper State honors were grven to Susan Shrek for plfrcrng Hrst rn the state rn French II Eleventh rn the state drvrsron rn French II was Judy Kurvrnen and Gary Koch Honor able mentrons rn the state went to Alvrn Shrck Algebra II Gary Kerr Plane Geometry Norman Twbor World Hrstory Carolyn C'rssaday French I Sharon Butler Bool keep mg I Dawn Woodward Englrsh X and Betty Kymer Englrsh X 31 . . l ' 'ff 'f '.' L ' ' 1 ' , A I, r L , , a . . ' . -' -, , I f ' 4 - .- -' . ' I 3 ' ' I Y 7 , . 1 - A V- - A ' . . . ., I , ' 71 It ' r 1 , 1. ' ' . "f ' . ... a , ' . . , r ' Q v , r' , . .f V 1 . y.. K -, , , Z r , . . .y , l Second 7'Ull".' Judy Stenzel, Sharon Butler, Sally 3 1 I I 16 1 H r Jr , ' A dh . ' 'A ' 4 ' r, s 4 , 2 . u 1 . .. A 1 ., , 1, , , I' ' ! 7 Y .1 . , ,A N, 7 7 I . r . y , ., . . L Q 49 4 J ,Q n C 4 Z S l 1 4 r , g r , g , c ' S , Z , - QUILL Sc SCROLL so QRSQB Kzzeelizzg: John Ferguson, Mike Hynes, Gary Koch, Charles Holcombe. Stalzding: Sharon Comille, Beth Banning, Barbara Mahard, Sheila Barr, Carol Mathews, Sandra Lane, Linda Young, Varian Simmons, Marjorie Shultz, Beverly Beroth, Susan Winger. fAnn Witlagott, not in picturcj N . y l 32 The Quill and Scroll is a national organization for juniors and seniors who do outstanding work in high school pub- lications. A member must also be in the upper third of his class. JUNIORS IN QUILL AND SCROLL Franz! row: Judy Frady and Jackie Brunner. Slmzdizzg: Alvin Shick, Gary Nell, jeffrey Breaks, Bill Beck. wmgags ' ,ff :nl 3, .l... "IE f I FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Tad Koch, Judy Kuivinen, Milton Willin111s fusing Susan Bauhe, Michele Mazza, Lucia Curtis, Judy the tape recorderj, Gary Goodson. Stenzel, Diane Daily. Mrs. Montgomery watches Duma Harvey correct a French . ,, lesson. 1' LANGUAGE CLUB GPFICERS 33 ffm. I eliva-. NIS.. ,Q ' nw Q:'5fQ , ' fffff vi. .L,:pg7, sw , r V X5 , , .X 5 -2 7 Pb ASH nfl- .,,'..r e. LA-Qw, . X Q ., x J fr- "' 51? Us u 1 ' :'L:'mnN 5 ik ' Wm' F5 .kmaga hx , . 1 qv L 54, V' u .u .-yw-1 Q, N-f, lin? . ,il-52 1 , " HN 518534 5 'T xi? an A 5 5 'W ' S M Hwwf E, EV ,E, Eff 5 mm f Ei fa? Q., 5- .xi . 5,1 4' 4-fs-? in ia is qge.gyW ' ,, L, -H, 2 HX' n1mW f will QMzm'1iE. - ..' 1 W -6 il ,' fgdprigjf- Qi. -xzgikx :U V. 'S . UHF? 5'lgg4fF kr'-g 15133415 -3 Adi.: QI' 4,4 '57 QTETE W' ,L , IQ, 'F fha , . " .. 'Ang-25 ff lg:-Qi", lil' . , 1 1 1' 5:,itLi'H 1 i 15 ff ,V ,V ,nf-iff If r ,mi an ' , 1 Law is 1 , E Q Q' JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President fseatedj ..... ........ B ill Buckham Vice-President ....... ,...... S id Barton Treasurer ......... ........ T erry Grubb Secretary ,....... .I...... B ill Kymer The Student Council is an organization composed of elected representatives who act as the voice of the school. The Council tries to promote co-operation in the school and promote student welfare. The Student Council helped with the "Red Feather" and "The March of Dimes" drives in the school and sponsored a collection of Christmas baskets for the Salvation Army. The Council presented an assembly this year. It has also published the "Crest," our school handbook. Another project of the group each year is the "Student Shindigf' an all high school party, at which time courtesy awards are presented to one boy and one girl in each class. STUDENT SHINDIG Sponsored by the Student Council Doug Cameron "goofs off" while Carol Sue Oakes plays the piano to the accompaniment of Tom Bob Eastman, Saundra Weaver, and Larry Corcoran at the drums and Frank Beam at the bass Schafer are all tangled up with each other. viol. Quite a jam session.'s get in the swing! 35 1 V-'1 il 1' " E ll is First row: Judy Brown, Marcia Warren, jackie Brunner, Carol Mathews, Susan Morain, Mary jean Ball, Sally Pitkin, Ann Farmer, Varian Simmons, President. Serum! row: Sheila Barr, Linda Young, Helen Angelas, jane McDonald, Sharon Postell, Lynda Hagan, Carolyn Want- land, Trudy Richards, Carole Lescalleet, Leslie Haney. Third row: Ina Walker, Carolyn Kochis, Carolyn King, Sharon Beckett, Sharon Scott, Rosilyn Latham, Sophia Angelas, jean Hurlow, Pam Hamilton, Sharon Perotti. Fourth row: Pam Gueulette, Lorinda Netolick, Patsy Melcher, Ceila Mayeur, Betty Kymer, Mary Alice Mayeur. Fifth row: Barbara Parnell, Mary Brown, Carolyn Conard, Dixie Bartlett, Doris Bowers, Carol Clark, Susan Lord, Nancy Rine, Ellen Ahearn. A Sixzb row: Carol Davis, Bill Beck, Bob Buker, Carolyn Tucker. FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA The Alice Cassell Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was founded in 1947. Some of the members during the year undertake substitute teach- ing for high schools and grade schools. Each year the group raises money from special events to provide a small scholarship for one or more of their members whose ambition is to become a teacher. At the end of the year several juniors are chosen to usher for commencement and baccalaureate. F. T. A. OFFICERS Sillirzg: Varian Simmons, President. Smuding: jackie Brunner, Secretaryg Mr. Ken- neth West, Adviserg Susan Moraiin, H15- toriang Carol Mathews, Vice-President. 36 5 :V .LA p .. .., .. ,I 1-fx . . 1,!.kl.ivL-ULU 4, V , xl . - S. . .. . ,. ' ,-If ,.,, , , , . ,., . .. .. . . . Firzrl row: Ann Wacker, Marjorie Drew, Carol Osborn, Donna Pond, Brooksie Wright, Pat Kenney, Judy Stenzel, Susan Taylor, Beth Boyd. Serond rozu: Diane Daily, Peggy Jamboski, Judy Tims, Beth Banning, Janet Baker, Judy Kuivinen, Carolyn Colopy. Third rozv: Sue Humbert, Ruth Ann Gordon, Susan Winger, Barbara Willis, Natalie McMillan. Fam-fb row: Barbara Mahard, Sue Huff, Sharon Cornille, Laurel Engel, Karen Thompson, Margaret Cranmer. FUTURE URSES OF MERICA Under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Baughe man, the F. N. A. was organized the second semester. Included in this year's program were a trip to the Ohio State University Hospital for Career Day, a tea at Mercy Hospital, and several interest- ing talks by people in the medical profession. The club also helped with the testing of eyes and ears and with the Easter lily sale for crippled children. F. N. A. OFFICERS President, Judy Kuivineng Historian, Susan Taylor, Treasurer, Lffarjorie Drewg Vice-President, Barbara Willis, Secretary, Velma Zwilling fnot in picture-J. 37 Firrl row: Gretchen Sapp, Teresa Colfing, Carolyn Midos, Charlotte Biffath, Sue Swartz, Peggy Anderson, janet McVey, Linda Earley, Sheryl Durbin. Secoml row: Sue Brooks, Sally McKee, Linda Bateman, Beverly Litt, Louzella Butler, Delores Brate, Miss Linda Murray, Adviser. Third 1'ou.'.' Virginia Ellis, Marylin james, Barbara McVey, Barbara Schonauer, Pat Stroller, Lucille Dunn, Carol Harper, Janice Fletcher. EUTURE HGME MAKERS OE AMERICA The main project of the F. H. A. this year was making and selling teen-age bulletin boards. They served two banquets and made several Held trips. 1 OFFICERS 1 l Swartz, Reporterg Linda Earley, Treas- Charlotte Biffath, Parliarnentariang Sue urerg Peggy Anderson, Presidentg Miss Murray, Adviserg Carolyn Midos, Vice President, Sheryl Durbin, Historian, Janet McVey, Secretary. 38 Firrl mum' Patty Payne, Shirley Stringfellow, Don Norris, Marilyn Calkins, Sally Clyde, Shirley Bickel, Kay Peterson, Dixie Wallace. Second raw: Richard Bowden, Kay Kleiner, Patricia Bryan, Carol Lescalleet, Nancy james, Katie Blue, Judy Perrin, Elaine Shuff, Sharon Butler, Carolyn Midos, Marjorie Shultz, Gloria Beatty, Regina Brooks. Tbird row: Carol Doup, Betty Fox, jean Hurlow, Amy Magill, Suellen Harris, Beverly Crawford, Gloria Gitlin, Ruthann jamboski, Marge Coss, Marilyn Howard, Joyce Rinard, Karen Payne, Sharon Postell, Mary Daugherty. P01016 row: Mrs. Beryl Highman, Mrs. Mary Herron, Mrs. Dorma Wfarriclc, Miss Martha Cochran, Mr. Harold Highman. Abrefzl from pirlure: Sandy Dunn, janet McVey, Kay Payne, Martha Teeter. EUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OE AMERICA A new organization has been added to the school activities this year. The main objective of the Future Business Leaders of America is to improve the students' leadership and to create a better business world in the future. Firff rozw: Vice-President, Shirley String- fellowg President, Don Norris. Second rouu' Reporter, Patty Payneg Treasurer, Janet McVeyg Secretary, Marilyn Calkins. l A 39 FFA Firrt row: Richard Fowler, Gerald Wells, Dick Schonauer, Jerry Keys, Bill Brown, Bill West, Carl Fry. Second row: Chauncey Blair, Gene James, Norman Montgomery, Eugene Thompson, Bill Wagner. Third row: Tom Gregory, Dick Burke, Marvin Page, Sherman Sorah, Carroll Mills, Harry Bouton, Lonnie Higgins. Fozzrib row: Bob Lee, Jim Piar, Allen Earnest, Frank Biffath, john Ellis, Bob Yauger, Neal Springer. Fifth row: Mr. Fridline, jay Coe, Bill Ferrie, Tom Bartlett, Larry jones, Jerry Spearman, Max Clutter, Gordon Coe. Clorkwiye: Bill Brown - student adviser, Dick Shonauer - treas- urer, Gerald Wells - vice presi- dent, Bill West - reporter, Carl Fry - sentinel, jerry Keys - secretary. l AO HAS SUCCESSFUL YEAR F. F. A. At the state convention last year Neal Springer received the award of state farmer. There have been two other boys elected to state farmer from the senior class, Richard Schonauer and jerry Keys. Neal Springer and jerry Keys also re- ceived star awards in the district. jerry Keys is star dairy farmer and Neal, Springer is star lamb producer. The F. F. A. started the school year with a trip to the Ohio Hydrological Sta- tion in Coshocton. In November came the annual Parliamentary Procedure Con- test. The Mount Vernon Chapter re- ceived a gold rating. In February Gene james entered the district public speaking contest and placed third. In March came the annual Parent and Son Banquet which was held at Columbia School. The boys who received awards at the Honors Assembly are: Star Farmer of Chapter - Neal Springer. Chapter Winner in Farm Mechanics - Jerry Keys. Chapter Winner in Farm Electrification -- Norman Montgomery. Chapter Winner in Dairy Farming - Jerry Keys. Chapter Winner in Soil and Water Management - Neal Springer. Chapter Winner in Farm Safety - Rich- ard Fowler. Chapter Winner in Extemporaneous Public Speaking - Paul Reiss Chapter Winner in Regular Public Speak- ing - Gene james. Highway Contest - Gene James flstj. Plowing Contest - Dick Burke flstj. Top: President Dick Fowler displays awards. Middle: Barbara McVey, F. F. A. Queen, re- ceives a gift from Neal Springer. BUIIOIIII New oiiicers are installed at banquet. Firft rouf: Sally McKee, Susie Hart, Pepina Anton, Carol Wallrlce, Agnes Scarvelis, Teresa Cutting. Second row: Mrs, Wareham, Donald Blankenship, Donna Pond, Mary jane Deeley, Zelmu Guy, jackie Brunner, Dixie Bartlett, Carolyn Cassaday, Mrs. Roberts. LIBR RY STAFF These busy librarians catalogue and shelve books and supervise the charging desk. 42 LIBRARY STAFF OFFICERS ,Incl-:ic Brunner, ViCe.Presirlcntg Teresa Cofiing, Prcsirlcntg Mary june Dccley, Secretary-Treasurer. Fifi! row: Roger Chalfant, John Bong, David Graham, Ronnie Allen, Chuckie Mowery, Dennis Meekins. Second row: joe Palmer, jack Peterman, Bill McCullen, Lynn Lasky, Wayne Pigman, Mr. Owens. Tbifd row: Mike Duckworth, Bob Kuninger, Bill Bohn, Ricky Day, Gary Barncord, jim Morgan. Fourth row: Bill Boner, Harry Zimmerman, Harold Sturtevant, Gerald Meekins, Mike Gilchrist. Fifzb row: Bill Beck, Dick Fowler, Don Robertson, Frank Beam. PROTECTION CLUB These boys take care of visual aids for the entire school. They show slides and operate the movie camera. PROJECTION CLUB OFFICERS Mike Gilchrist, Student Council Repre- sentative and news reporter, Gerald Meekins, Vice-Presiclentg Mike Duckworth, President, Harry Zimmerman, Secretary- Trensurer fnot in picturej. Y-TEEN CABINET S1u11dil1g.' Beth Banning, President, Firrl row: Janice Cunningham, Elaine Shuff, Laurel Engel. Second foul: Sue Harris, Carlena. Ayers, Mary jean Ball, Carol Mathews, Amy Magill, janet Baker, lN'Iz1rj41rie Shultz. Third row: Ruth Ann Gordon, Jane McDonald, Carol Sue Oakes, Inamarie Walker, Linda Wilson, Evelyn Fallis, Diana Wilson. Y-TEEN S PLAN FOR Fin-.rl ww: Janice Cunningham, Carlena Ayers, Mary jean Ball, Marge Shultz, Janice Fletcher, Sue Harris, Elaine Shuff, janet Baker, and standing, Bcth Banning. Semm! rnzv: Inu Walker, Laurel Engel, Judy Perrin, Jane MacDonald, Linda Wilson, Carol Mathews, Amy Magill, Carol Boyd, and Lucia Curtis. 44 AYEROF At the first Y-Teen meeting of the year, the cabinet entertained their mothers with a cow-boy skit. Y-TEENS The Y-Teens offer many opportunities for girls in grades nine through twelve. They meet twice a month and during the past year they had a wide variety of programs. One of the most interesting ones was a demonstration of modern dancing and exercises by Mrs. Shirley Richardson and her dancing class. The highlight of the Y-Teens' social activities was the formal dance at which the theme was "Even- ing in Paris." On Beggars' Night the Y-Teens joined the Hi-Y and collected more than 35275 which they contributed to U.N.I.C.E.F. The club closed the year's events with the Mother-Daughter banquet at which time ten of the club girls modeled spring clothes from Ringwalt's. At this time the new officers were also announced. FUN AN D SERVICE o-lf" B ,xkh ,M--"1 Y. . . , ., 5- if Social chairman, Carlena Ayers surveys some of the decorations for the formal. Y-Teen girls are busy stretching crepe paper for the ceiling. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun at the Y-Teen formal, "Evening in Paris." TRI-TEE CABI ET -5 Hx , i -wr , i vi ii wfuu in www . H J' u ' iff Y Fin! row: Pam Beck, Jane Boyd, Carol Orsborn, Judy Eclick, Lynn Kiracofeg fimzdirzg Ann Bouton, President. Serorzd row: Rosilyn Latham, Nancy Delaney, Carol Davis, Paula Mickle, Connie Graham, Maris Minkler. Third row: Carolyn Cassaclay, Patsy Melcher, Betty Kymer, Mary Mayeur, Celia Mayeur, Patty Riley. Y - TRI -TEENS HELP Mr. Becker and Mrs. Banning count the money collected for UNICEF. Refreshments after collecting for UNICEF. y L ,Y I , 1 ,m,- b , -I A' Q i V l ttf' f' T .ly l' l l V 46 Y-TEEN STYLE SHOW M.ucm Hyatt Sfmdm Lanc Connie Grllnm busui I-Inns Jflne McDon1ld Lmda Young Judy Perun Lmda Wdson Caxlena Ayers, Elfune Shui? Beth Bmnmg, WITH CGMMUNITY PROIECTS Frofzf mu J mce I'letchLr Shcrvl Dumbm Bzcia :azz Cwrol Boyd Susan Anmble Ims Coxcorm collected most money for UNICEF Hot chocohte tlstes good after 1 mght of commumty Servlce I --- W. AE. 47 ' ' . ' , .1 2 ' ', 1 1 , 4 ' , 1 1 , , V I. . . 1 - . Y , , 1 , f . . 4 II' a ' 4 Lu 1 A I ' 1: ' '.' 1 , - ' 4 , - .' ' 2 1 ' ' 1. Z 2 E' - " H 1 T W 1 ' w V . I i W L Y , .. - I i - r, 1 1 "N, -X-, K .' ' 4 1 Y , Y E . . W, john Ferguson, Bufizlefx Manager THE FORUM STAFF Sandra Lane and Mike Hynes, Ezlilon' ,AS 'e 'Lx S 48 Judy Hill helps in the advertising layout. Carlena Ayers contributes her art ability. XVl'ltlI1g copy is Susan Morain. Varian Simmons hoto editor is workin on , P , photo appointments. EDITS TI-IE YEARBOGK -.5 - QP, fi x ' .,.. Top, lefl: Jodie Trace and Gary Nell are working on layouts for sports. Top. rigbl: Susan Winger, subscription manager, and Marjorie Shultz take charge of the Forum subscription Campaign. Bnlfrmz, Iefl: jucly Stenzel and Bunny I-lauger are doing mounting for the yearbook. Barlow, rigbf: Beverly Beroth is working on class identihcation, and the faculty facts are being done by Janine Keenan. The Forum Staff is busy at work preparing the 1959 yearbook. At the back table are Bunny Haugcr, Susan Winger, Marge Shultz, Beverly Beroth, Sandra Lane, Gary Nell, and Mike Hynes. Seated at the front table is Tom Buckham. 1 LP. 49 Linda Young, advertising manager of the Forum, is distracted from her work for a minute. l IACKET IOUR AL HEADS Business Manager Co-Editors Charles Holcombe Ann Witlmgott and Gary Koch Top row: Reporter, Barbara Mahardg Ad' vertising Manager, Beth Banning. .4 ' Bazlonz 7'U1l'.' Sports Co-Editor, Dave Tay- lorg Circulation Manager, Sharon Cor- nille. ' , 7 'f N 50 IACKET IOURNAL STAFF jacket journal Staff stuffs Scholastic Rotos into Christmas issues preparatory to holiday distribution. 1 PRODUCES SCHCDOL PAPER ,L -I 'L l Kiki' y l :rf r Top lc-lf: Sue Brooks, Betty Llewellyn, and Carolyn Bolmnz leff: Diane Daily, Fred Emley, Midos check gally proofs. Katie Blue, Bill Reynnrd, and Susie Top rigbf: Dave Brown and Terry Tucker liile sub- Baube work on athletic write-ups. scriptions. Bolzozlz rigbl: Sheila Barr and Carol Math- ews read Exchange papers. - an ,- My 'A X Y 4 ,,.,.-6 51 Firrf raw: Terry Tucker, President, Mike Duckworth, Larry Savage, Fred Emley, Bill Reynard, John Warinan, Mr. Gerald Becker, Adviser. Second row: Tom Buckharn, Dick Adams, Fred Holfman, Dave Taylor, Dave Brown. Third row: Lewis Martin, Howard Baer, Dave Frye, Dave Purdy, Roger Porter. Fourth raw: Gary Goodson, Eugene Thompson, Dan Lorey, jack Dowds, Jim Annable. Fifth row: Dale Clutter, Tony McCluskey, john Ralston, Alvin Shick, Dave Vasbinder, Neal Springer. Sixlh raw: Al Banning, Dick Christopher, jim Morgan, Tom Bartlett. THE I-ll-Y is the oldest service club in school HI-Y OFFICERS Clorhu-'ire: Fred Emley, Secretary, John Warman, Treasurerg Mr. Gerald Becker, Adviserg Terry Tucker, Presidentg Mike Duckworth, Chaplaing Bill Reynard, Vice President, Larry Savage, Sergeant of Arms Knot in picture, . 52 The Senior Hi-Y under the direction of President Terry Tucker continued its reputation as one of the school's most active clubs. They worked at the concession stand after every home football game, and sponsored two dances. Excessive snow gave the Hi-Y's famed shovel brigade lots of opportunities to work. They spon- sored two delegates to the Annual Youth and Government Convention in Columbus, Ohio. In collaboration with the Y-Teens, for the Easter Sun- rise Service, they contributed to world service. Mike Duckworth and Dale Clutter representatives to the District Ten Hi-Y were elected President and Vice-president respectively of District Ten Hi-Y. 1 r Fmt mu Hanry Bouton Steve Carter Davxd Schmxdt Denrus Slrbaugh Gary Statler Bob Porter Mr Johnson Serum! 1014 Mauuce Champion Bob Funck Tom Todd Mxke Potter John Seavolt Mlke Mrsxcka Ibnd um Glenn Mushall Tom Wxlson Ron Lockhart Larry Teeters john Mmtler jay Harms Top mu Dav1d Dally Tom Wxthgott JU IOR HI Y IS the youngest SCIVICC club 111 school IR HI Y Ofl ICIIRS Szllmg Ron Lockhart Chaplzun Ron Plerson Scuctary Ifnrty Tcetcrs Plcsldent Tom Wxlsmrn V1cePres1dcnt Hwrry Bouton TILISLIFLI Sllllzflllq Bob Funck Sergemt 'lt Arms Mr johnson Advrser D'1v1d Schmidt R porter 5.1 ...V V' H D . . . . - ' y s 1 r s 7 - - ' ' 1 a 1 a x - , .1 I U U . . . . ' 1 x 1 2 2 : ' . J. ' ' ' . , . . v - - .2 . ' ."' a : : ' - , .L , , - a ' 1 A s f a Au: DI. 1 , . . g '. 1 1 f 1 e' w w 11 Fin! row: jim London, Ashby Lewis, Frank Beam, Don Robertson, Ben Lee, Doug Cameron. Second row: jack Peterman, Bill Bohn, Gene James, David' Dauphin, Bill Boner, Gary Barncord, Tom Falter. Third row: David Nash, Jim McCarron, Phil Knox, Tom Parnell, joe Mumper, Ken McClenathan, George Van Aman. Fouwib row: Don Norris, Merlin Levering, Bill Beck, Gene Leiter, Sonny Mumaw, George Pfouts, Jeffery Breaks, Milton Williams. Fiflb row: Don Biefnes, Bob Wytlme, Dave Sanner, jim Beroth, Tucker Burt, Rollin Seibold, Bobby Stillings. KEY CLUB GIVES SER ,ICE T0 SCHGOL OFFICERS l Mr. Robert Bechtel, Adviser, Milton Wil- , liams, Vice-President, Ben Lee, Treasurer, Drive Dauphin, District Treasurerg Ashby Lewis, Secretaryg Frank Beam, President. Firxt 1-ow: Donna Pond, Pam Beck, Carol Orsborn, Janice Cunningham, John Beam, Judy Sullivan, Connie Gray, Karen Stoyle, Susie Baube, Diane Daily, Jodie Trace. 1 Seromi ro-uf: Jane Deeley, Barb Eyster, Sharon Beckett, Barb Bone, Ruth Gordon, Lennie Henry, Julie Daly Saunclra Weriver. Third row: Pam Pitkin, Pat Devin, Wendy Irvine, Rosilyn Latham, Sue Alexander, Connie Graham, Michele Mazza, Pat Kenney, Beth McKinley, Barb Parnell, Helen Angelas. Fourfb row: Shari Scott, Paula Mickel, Sally Tanner, Mary Roller, JoAnn Byrd, Ann Farmer. Fifzb row: Rollin Seibold, Amy Magill, Janet Baker, Sophia Angelas, Carol Lescalleet, Carolyn Kochis Ellen Lord, Mary Allen, Marilyn Rockwell, Luanna McKinstry, Maris Minkler. PEP CLUB BOOSTS MORALE Left to right: Michele Mazza, Vice-Presi- dent, Janet Baker, Treasurer, Ann Farmer, Secretary, Janice Cunningham, President. The newly organized Pep Club has created a spirit of enthusiasm in the field of sports. This uniform section of the crowd emphasizes good sportsmanship and participation in school sports. This year the club followed the basketball team to Bexley. In the future the organiza- tion plans to have a card section for football season and raise more money so they may at- tend away games during basketball season. ' IA I lla 1 T J' E? 5 QQ I lg' I Nh if 'CZ7 N.. - A Greater knowledge lies beyond the door of our CLASSES Miss ,lVl:Zl1'gLlC1'lfC lvfann greets a Senior English Class. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Bill Rcynardg Vice-President, Mike Duck- worthg Treasurer, lvlxujorie Shultzg and Secretary Joyce Rinard. CLASS HISTORY The Class of 1959 was graduated on Tuesday, june 9, 1959, at the Mount Vernon Academy Assembly Hall. This was the first class to depart from the custom of holding commencement in the Alumni Auditorium and move to a larger gradua- tion site. The Class started their junior year with the signing of petitions for class officers. This was thrill- ing as we were working together for the first time as a whole class. We voted on and selected our rings. Later in the year we presented the hilarious comedy, "Two's a Crowd." Finally as a farewell gift to the Seniors, we planned and held the Junior-Senior Prom -- the theme was Tropical Paradise. For the first time in several years, juniors were elected to the National Honor Society. Fifteen members were initiated into the society at this time. The impressive title of "Senior" was at long last ours. Once again petitions were circulated and signed. Bill Reynard and his staff of oflicers led the class through the hectic year. By this time name cards and senior pictures were circulating, as is customary. In the spring, we were burning the night oil working on our masterpieces - the senior themes. Panel discussions seemed to be a weekly thing during the spring in Miss Mann's English Classes. After numerous arguments we finally decided to give the school a clock for the senior hall. We also supported the city's dogwood project by planting dogwood trees in the front yard. Senior Beth Banning reigned over the Forum Show as sweetheart of Mount Vernon High. Presented May 15, was M. Barrie's fantasy, "The Admirable Crichton." Sixteen more seniors were elected to the National Honor Society, sixteen to Quill and Scroll, and six to National Athletic Scholarship Society. The Hnal last two weeks of school were filled with such events as Senior Day, the junior-Senior Prom, the cramming for exams, the Senior Prom, which we shall never forget, the Baccalaureate ser- vices, and of course, graduation with all the tears. At long last we had the wonderful document - DIPLOMA. Terry Tucker, Class Historian F' Il getting measured for caps and gowns. Mike Hynes, chairman of the Senior finance committee, explains ways and means to earn muncy for class projects. Indians - well not exactly - just seniors l 41 59 - YS!-, SENIORS - X if fa ELLEN AHEARN F T A 4 YTeens 3 Chorr 4 Sp.1n1sh Club 3 Solon Ohro Y Teens 1 2 JANET ALLEN F H A 2 3 4 Y Teens 2 3 CARLENA AYERS Student Councll 2 Iorum Stlhc 4 Lrbmry Staff 1 Y 'leens 1 1 lorun S w 2 3 4 For ueens Court 3 4 Marchrng Band 1 2 3 4 Chorr 1 French Club 2 KAYE BAER F T A Forum Show 3 4 Marchrng Band 1 2 3 Concert B1nd 1 2 3 Chorr 3 4 French Club 1 ueen Marching Band 1 2 Concert Bmd BETH BANNING Student Councrl 4 Staff4 F N A 3 4 YTeens1 2 3 4 President 4 Forum Show 3 4 unror At tendrmt 3 Forum Queen 4 Junror Class Plrry Twos A Crowd Marchmg Brlnd 2 3 Concert Bmd 2 3 Spamsh Club 3 4 SI-IEILA BARR jacket Journal Smff Musrt Editor F T A 2 3 4 YTeens 1 2 3 4 Forum Show 2 3 4 Orchestm 1 2 3 4 French Club 3 4 Senror Cluss Prom Commlttee Charrmm ALAN BECK Scholarship Team 2 In tramuml Sports 1 2 French Club 1 2 BEVERLY BEROTH Forum Stlff 4 Library Smit 1 F N A 2 YTeens 1 lunlor Class Play Twos A Crowd c estra 1 2 3 4 G A A Spanish Club 1 2 French Club 4 SENIORS MARY ANDERSON A F N A 3 Treasurer F H A 2 3 4 Pa ha ment1rmn 3 Prcsrdent 4 YTeens 2 3 4 C'lo1r 1 2 3 Spamsh Club 3 F F A ueen 3 Bwbes rn Toyland 3 Student Councrl 4 SUSAN ANNABLE Y Teens 4 Forum Show 4 G A A 4 Pep Club 4 Groxe Crt Penn Art Club 1 2 3 F N A 9 L A SAM BALL JOHN BANEY Student Counul 1 VQISIFY Football 2 3 4 lntmmuml Sports THOMAS BARTLETT F F A 3 4 1 2 3 4 Track Team 3 Forum Show 3 4 SUSAN BAUBE 'lcket journal Stalf YTeens 1 2 3 4 Forum Show 2 3 4 unror 'md Senror Attendant to the Forum 1 2 Cheerleader 3 4 G A A 4 Sprmrsh Club 4 Presrdent 4 Pep Club 4 SHIRLEY BICKEL YTeens 1 2 3 4 F B L A 4 Semor Class Name C1rds and Announcements Commrttee Cl'l21lI'1Tl"lll CHARLOTTE BIFFATH H 2 3 4 YTeens 2 3 4 Chorr3 F Queen 3 ---fs - -F.T. .1g+. 3 ,'1 - A 7 ' L .4 vm S. ' s 7 -1' , , ,g ' 'Q 4. '. . - +. .A . , ,, 5 - Q 33 " , ' A " 5 -, r. l M , Z4 "3 - . . -z 5 " 'y, .: , ,,g'. . .'g F. B. . .5. .M . Z 2 1 Q ' C 5 -' , 2, 3, ig 3 1 ho 1, , F, g ' um - 4' 3 Q ' - T, 3 ' , , . ' ' , , g 1 . . ', 5 ' gr . 2, 3, 4. 5 1 l s s . L , , 9 ' , 9 ' - - ' 5 - . , g National Honor Society 3, 45 jacket journal Hi-Y 3, 43 Ch0if 3, 45 Intramural Sports g . . . , 3 - ,,,, ,,,' S ' S , - . 5 4 1 QI . - . ?g ' 3 ' -l- ' A 9 .," ' "5 ' . - , , , 9 , , is 2 4 : . re ' J K 4 Q 9 ' , s 2 - L K 5 , g , 5 . . . 3 ' " ' g ..., ', 5 - A , 1 3 - 5' , , 3 - , -, ,, g ' , 3 ' I . . - ' Q - - - , , , s , 5' , . 1 .... g ' ' . 1 F ' I . f - 4 2 lg '.f 1 gt ..g- ,5, al? .A.1, 4g" . ,", ' "1 -,,5- ,,g ',g'.F.A. Orh ' , , , 'Q . . .1, 2, 3, 43 '. . , , . 61 SENIORS wiv? 62 CAROL BOYD - Student Council 4, EDWARD BLACKBURN - Student Council 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 3, 4, Con- cert Band 1, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, Track 1, 2, 3, Intra- mural Sports 3, Spanish Club 3. KATHRYN BLUE - Student Council 1, 2, 3, jacket journal Staff 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Forum Show 2, 3, 4, junior Court, Senior Attendant, French Club 1, 2, F. B. L. A. 4, Football Attend- ant 4. GARY K. Za 3: 'lv SENIORS BOWERS - Projection Club 1, Intramural Sports 1. Library Stag 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Girl-at-Large, Forum Show 4, Intramural Sports 4. BARBARA BOYLE - F. N. A. 35 Y- DELORES BRATE - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4. Y-Teens 1, 2, Choir 1, G. A. A. 1, 2. DENNIS BRANSTOOL - Junior Class SUE BRooKs - Jacket Journal staff 4, Play, "Two's A Crowd." F. H. A. 4, junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 4, Pep Club 4. DAVID BROWN - Student Council 1, TUCKER BURT - Key Club 4, Choir 3, jacket journal Staff 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Forum 4, Vice-President 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4. Show 3, 4, Varsity Football Manager 2, Reserve Football 3, Intramural Sports 1, LOUZELLA BUTLER - F. H. A. 4, Y- 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Will Committee Teens 1, 35 5PHf1iSh Club 4- Chairman. JUDITH BROWN - Student Council 4, F. T. A. 1, 2, 4, F. N. A. 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 3, Marching Band 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 1, 2. MAX CI-UTTER - F- F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, TERESA COFFING - Library Staff 3, 4, Forum Show 1, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, President 4, F. H. A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Track 1. Marching Band 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2. SHIRLEY COE - Intramural Sports 2, 3, GANO CONKLE - Reserve Football 4- 4, G. A. A. 1, Spanish Club 2. Intramural Sports 2, 3. I ' '92711 1 ,L .A W . 'fm 1 N JF ' 1 .. A p SENIORS LOIS CORCORAN 4 Student Council 2, MARGE COSS - Student Council 33 Y' F. T. A. 1, F. N. A. 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, Teens 1, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, Concert Band G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports Spanish Club 2, F. B. L. A. 4. 4. SHARON CORNILLE -f'National Honor Society 3, 4, jacket Journal Staff 4, F. N. A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Forum Show 3, 4, junior and Senior Court, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Class Secretary, Senior Class XVill Committee Chairman. ARTHUR DAILEY DIANE DAILY - Jacket journal Staff, F. N. A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 3, 4, junior and Senior Court, Marching Band 1, 2, Concert Band 1, 2, Spanish Club 4, President 4, French Club 3, Cheerleader 3, 4, Attendant to the Homecoming Queen 3, Homecoming Queen 4, All School Play 2, 4. MICHAEL DUCKWORTH - junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class Vice- President, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 2, 3, Varsity Football 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4. BEVERLY CRAWFORD - Scholarship Team 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, F. B. L. A. 4, Y. F. C. 3, 4, Secretary 4, Senior Class Name Cards and Announcements Committee Chairman. STEVE DAY - Forum Staff 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1. JAMES DEAN - Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. DONNA DUDGEON - Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 5, 4. SHERYL DURBIN - F. T. A. 5, F. H. A. 3, 4, Historian 4,iY-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, "Babes in Toyland" 3, French Club 2. DAVID DUDGEON - Student Council 1, F. F. A. 1, 2, Orchestra 1, Y. F. C. 3, President 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. FRED EMLEY - Student Council 1, 4, jacket journal 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary LINDA EARLEY - F. H. A. 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, Choir 1, Spanish Club 11, 3, 4, Forum Show 1, 3, 4, junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Varsity Baseball JOHN ELLIS - Jacket Journal Staff 3. 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish F, F, A, 3, 4, Club 1, 2, French Club 3. JOHN FERGUSON - Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 3, Forum Stalf 4, Business Manager, Hi-Y 2, Varsity Football Manager 3, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, Senior Class Prom Committee Chairman. 65 Af 45 ' in' '.f.U -5 v lp, x x 'N I SB N 'r JE. I1 ll -. X . 5 . Qv AM.f 1 ' 'W V Sym - . Wy ri ' 'Q 37a 57 w k , - Y tiger' .H E , 1 ,ff iw Rx Y-ggvxg .,v' .' K - ..v.., 'I Wm' SUE FIDLER DONALD FINNELL - Student Council 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Basket- ,ball 3, Intramural Sports 3,24, Forum Show 4, Zanesville: Projection Club 1, 2, Class Play 2, Varsity Football 2, Varsity Baseball 2, Reserve Football 1, Reserve Basketball 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Fellowship Club 1, 2, German Club 2. JERRY FRADY - Choir 1, Spanish Club 1. DAVID FRYE - Hi-Y 2, 35 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Span- ish Club 3, 4. ALAN GIFFIN - Reserve Football 3. GLORIA GIFFIN - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. sg F. B. L. A. 4. JAMES HAAS - Hi-Y 4, Key Club 3, Forum Show 4, Varsity .Football 3, 4, Var- sity Basketball 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Reserve Basketball 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3. LYNDA HAGAN - F. T. A. 4, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 3, Forum Show 4-. 67 SENIORS JANICE FLETCHER - F. T. A. 3, F. H. A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 4, Pep Club 4. RICHARD FOWLER - Student Council 1, Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", All School Play 4, Senior Class Parliamentarian, Senior Class Prophecy Committee Chairman. PETER FRYE - Intramural Sports 2, 3. BETTY GESSLING -Q Spanish Club 1, 2, Y. F. c. 2, 5, 4, Giee Club 1. THOMAS GOOSENS - Tennis 1, 3g Spanish Club 3, 4. DAVID GUEULETTE - Scholarship Team 1, 2, 39 junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Choir 3, Reserve Football 1, All School Play 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2. KENDALL HALL - Choir 1, 2, 3, Var- sity Football 4. CAROL HARPER - F. H. A. 4, Intra- mural Sports 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2. mf E255 A it is - fn f-Gs . ew "' 3, ,M ' 14.525 up-A , Ll ,fn , , . A i' + n - "TSW ., ,. ggi.. , : " p --any ,,,,,Q-'- Y A .mf '-' 42, I .... 5-, " : xii J X5 T y 5 ,R ,Q 1 M 1 2, Q ,f A my ' I zu 5 il' .21 , ,gi Al r .2 .fv .4 QS? " '1 I . .J Q ESP, Q" - Y .... V- ' Q . wif- Ef A 7,1 15+-Qvg, ,H .5 H JERRY HARPER - Student Council 1, Forum Show 3, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Ring Committee Chairman. DIANE HARVEY 4 Jacket Journal Staff 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, President 3. HERMAN HELSER - Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 3, 4. VIRGIL HEMPFIELD - Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 4, Dance Band 4, Intramural Sports 4. LINDA HESS 4- Intramural Sports 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Newton, Illinois: Choir 1, Cheerleader 1. KAREN HICKEY - F. T. A. 4, Y-Teens 4, Forum Show 4, Claridon: Choir 1, Sophomore Class Treasurer 2, Galion: F. H. A. 3. CHARLES HOLCOMBE - Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Jacket Journal Staff 4, Business Manager, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 33 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, Boys' State Representative 3. MARILYN HOWARD - Choir 35 F. B. L. A. 4, "Babes in Toyland." SENIORS BETTY JANE HAUGER - Forum Staff 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. SARAH HEINTZ - Scholarship Team 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Marching Band 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, Presi- dent Bg Junior Class Play Committee Chairman. MARLIN I-IENTHORN - Reserve Foot- ball 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Track 3, 4. HAROLD HENTHORN - Intramural Sports 2, 3. JUDY HILL - Forum Staff 4, F. T. A. 1, 2, F. N. A. 3, 4, F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, "Song of Man," "Babes in Toy- land", French Club 3, 4. CAROLYN HOAR JOE HUMBERT - Student Council 1, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. BILL HUNNICUT - Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football 2, Intramural Sports 4. SENIQRS TG se E' 5 E ? SENIORS RUTHANN JAMBOSKI - Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, F. B. L. A. 4. MICHAEL HYNES - National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Schol- arship Team 1, 2, 3, Forum Stal? 3, 4, Editor 4, Forum Show 4, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. , V ROBERT ITALIANO - Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Varsity Football 2, Varsity Basket- ball 4, Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, 3. PATTON JONES - Hi-Y 4, French Club 4, Iaeger, West Virginia: Student Council 1, National Honor Society 1, Varsity Base- ball, Varsity Basketball Manager 1. MICHAEL KARADY - Student Coun- cil 4. JANINE KEENAN - Forum Staff 4, Library Staff 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, Concert Band 2, Choir 3, In- tramural Sports 1, G. A. A. 2. JOSEPH KENT JUDITH KUIVINEN - Student Coun- cil 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, 3, F. T. A. 1, F. N. A. 2, 3, 4, President 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, President 4. SANDRA LANE - Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, Forum Staff 3, 4, Editor 4, F. N. A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 3, 4, Junior and Senior Court, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 71 EARL JONES - Bladensburg: Student Council 1, Class Play 3, Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, Reserve Football 1, Reserve Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. JERRY KEYS - F. F. A. 4, Secretary, Orchestra 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL KELLER - Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, 4. KAY KLEINER - Student Council 35 National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholarship Team 3, F. H. A. 1, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 35 Spanish Club 2, F. B. L. A. 4. GARY KOCH- National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Jacket Journal Staff 3, 4. Editor 4, Junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Choir 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, All High School Play 3. MARY ANN LEEDY - Fredericktown: Chairman of Dress Committee for Latin Banquet 1. CHARLES LEIBEL - Scholarship Team 1, Hi-Y 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, "Babes in Toy- land", Reserve Basketball 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SENIORS wsi'-Ky Seniors rush for the annual card and photograph exchange. 72 T' my lm Marge Shultz, Ruthann jamhoski, Shirley Bickel, Judy Brown, and Gloria Gilliam DOUDCEITICHIS. count and distribute senior nn- 5, 5,4 . A SENIORS ,:.'.,,. ,Y .v - -- t-Y-V if' , tai'-igt-Vg L -1 ' i?.5lir-533353 5' ' 135' A me H Q f- Librarian, Mrs. Rebecca Wareliam, explains working on research to the seniors before they start on their annual themes. Notice the happy expressions. Donna Dudgeon and Varian Simmons re- ceive their corrected themes from Miss Munn. Fmm their smiling expressions, they must have been pleased with their grades. 73 SENIORS 'VT'-JZ!" QP' 74 BETTY LOU LLEWELLYN - Iacket journal Staff 4, Y-Teens 3, Intramural Sports 4. PEARL LONEY - Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, Glee Club. CAROL MATHEWS - jacket journal Start 4, Exchange Editor, F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 3, Y-Teen Delegate to the U. N., Spanish Club 1, 2, French Club 3, 4. JON MCCLUSKEY - Student Council 4, Hi-Y 4-, Forum Show 4, Intramural Sports 4, Gambier: Student Council 1, Class Play 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, Varsity Football 2, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, Reserve Basketball 1, junior Class Treasurer. CHARLES MCKENZIE - Spanish Club 1, 2, French Club 3. PHYLLIS MCKENZIE - Choir 1. CHARLOTTE METCALFE - Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, "Babes in Toyland." CAROLYN MIDOS - Jacket journal Staff 4, F. H. A. 3, 4, Vice President 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, F. B. L. A. 4. SENIORS BARBARA MAHARD - jacket journal Staff 4, Library Staff 1, F. N. A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 1, 3, 4, Marching Band 4, Spanish Club 4, Vice- President, French Club 3. NANCY MARTIN - Student Council 2, 3, 4, President 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, F. T. A. 1, 2, Historian 2, F. N. A. 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play Committee Chairman, Choir 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Art Club 1. JANE MCDONALD - Student Council 1, F. T. A. 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, "Song of Man," "Babes in Toyland", Intramural Sports 3, G. A. A. 1, Spanish Club 1, 2. SALLY McKEE - Library Staff 4, F. I-l. A. 4-, G. A. A. 1, Spanish Club 2, 53 French Club 1. ARNOLD Mc LAUGHLIN GERALD MEEKINS - Projection Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. JERRY MIESSE THOMAS MILL - Projection Club 1, Forum Show 3, Choir 1, Spanish Club 4. f , .-- ay ' mq 41 A- Q30 - Y-A .X l V. ' 'ilr 5 ? K I N S l A! I JAMES MILLER - Key Club 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, "Song of Man" 2, "Babes in Toy- land" 3, Spanish Club 1, 2. SENIORS JERRY MILLS - Forum Show 3, 4, Var- sity Football 2, 3, 4, Reserve Football 1, Reserve Basketball 2, Intramural Sports 3. JO ANN MILLIGAN - F. H. A. 1, Choir 1. SUSAN MORAIN - Student Council 3, 4, Forum Staff 4, F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Staff 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, French Club 1, 2. JAMES MORGAN - Projection 4, Hi-Y 4. DONALD NORRIS - Student Council 4, F. T. A. 3, Hi-Y 4, Forum Show 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, Choir 1, F. B. L. A. 4, President, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Howard: Freshman Class Treasurer. Club LOREN MONK - Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Reserve Basketball 1, Intramural Sports 4. SAUNDRA NEESE - Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band, Dance Band 2, French Club 2. SHARON NELSON - F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 4. DAVID PAQUES - Intramural Sports 2, 3, CAROL SUE OAKES - Student Council 4, Treasurer, National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 1, President 2, Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 4, junior and Senior Court, junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 1, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4. KAY PAYNE - Y-Teens 2, Intramural Sports 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 4. PATRICIA PAYNE - Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Forum Show 4, Choir 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 4, Spanish Club 2, F. B. L. A. 4. KAREN PAYNE - Y-Teens 2, Intra- mural Sports 2, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 4. JUDITH PERRIN - Student Council 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 3, 4-, Junior and Senior Attendant, Junior Class Play, "TWo's A Crowd", Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Secretary, junior Class Treasurer, F. B. L. A. 4. CARL PETRY W ,N Q N W :ww , M ff- 1 M 11 :af migafar L' .E ' I v W uw 'Ll' H L' r gl' . ' .H H r A -J' ' . A3 07' 'C li' V ,Q we -1 .- ,WU 12 113 555 H -Y gy, , , n. ' n .1- y, .1 Af, an xr mx 'ml an EF he 4 1 1 N , ,Q 3? ..1..f,., ,. mx., M mi 5325? :mf fix -nw I .. ,J Y Q.-:Qi ,555 WILLIAM POND Student Coune1l 2 3 1 H1X 4 V1rs1ty Iootball 3 4 Intra ral Sports 1 2 3 4 Golf 1 2 Spamsh Club 1 2 V1fS1ty V Club 2 3 Pep Club 4 ROGER PORTER H1 Y 4 Reserxe Football 1 Tennxs 2 3 Intramural Sports JOHN RALSTON H1 Y 2 3 March mg Bandl 7 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 -1 Secretary 4 Dmce Band 4 Intramural Sports 1 2 3 4 Spamsh Club 3 4 ROBERT RARDIN Intramural Sports JOYCE RINARD YTeens 1 2 3 4 Forum Show 1 2 3 Marchm Band 2 3 4 G A A 1 Sen1or Class Secretary FBL GARY RINE Student Counc1l 4 Var s1ty Football 1 'P 3 4 Vars1ty Baskctba 3 Intramural Sports 4 Spanrsh Club Track 1 'P 3 4 Vars1ty V Club 1 2 CAROLYN ROCKWELL Centerburg Annull Staff 2 3 YTeens 1 2 3 News ortc,r1 2 Chorr 1 G A A Jun1or Class Secretary Sophomore Class Secretary unzor Football Attendant Cen terburg News Staff 2 3 RICHARD ROSS A SENIORS SHARON POSTELL A Y eens 1 3 4 Cl101I' 3 4 G A A 3 B L A DAVID PURDY Scl1olarsh1p Team 2 1Y 2 C r 3 4 n mural Sports 1 2 3 4 WILLIAM REYNARD Senxor Class Pres1dent Scholarshxp Team 2 acket Journal Staff4 H1Y 2 3 4 V1cePres1dent 1 Forum Show 3 VHISIIY Football Manager 1 Spanrsh Club 2 3 Buckeye Boys State Representatwe Delegate to the World CLIFFORD RIDGEWAY Varsrty Foot ball Manager 1 2 3 Track 2 ERIC RITTERHOFF Gamb1er Llbrary Staff 1 2 Marchrng Band 1 Concert Band 1 Claorrl 2 JOSEPH ROBERTS H1Y 3 Vars1ty Basketball 4 V1fSlty Baseball 1 2 3 Reserve Basketball 3 Intramural Sports JOAN RUHL Student COLlI1Cll 3 X Teens DON RYAN Projectlon Club 1 2 Varsrty football 3 Reserve Football 1 2 Reserve Baseball 3 Track 1 2 - ' , ' -F. T. .3,4g '-'-Q 2' I 5,13 K- -T 4 ,9.--5 mug . , ,,, -g , , 3, 4g F. . . .4. K 5 7 4 1 1 . 'L' 4 L J 3gH'- ,3,4g hoi 1, 2, , gltra- i .- ' 'I 7 9 7 3 ' ' 1 1 ' KL - f 2, 5, 4. T ' J 3 ' -1 Y " 1-1:51 1 ' 5 1-'1 1 K Q J C 4-, . -g 2 1 -5 ' I 'f 5 - , , , ' 1 3 J J ' 1 ' 5 7 . , 2111 1 - 1 r ' 5 2, 3, 4. Affairs Institute. l L 1 v 2 7 S T ' 1' ' 7 1 1 1' I : A L 4 1 1 1 g 7 ' 1 I L 1 61 S - - - S Q S 1 - 1. . .A.4. - .I 3 - ' as 1- f' 9 L ' w , , 5 . ' 1 ,-, , g . 1 'J .ll ' g 'g '. 1 5 . 23 1, 2, 3, 4. 7"'7 5 3 3 ' Z : N Z ' 9 1 f -,Ts - ,Ns '- 3,4- Rep -1 ,..g ' g . . .2, 3g ' '- 4 - - ' ' , ,Sa sl ' ' L s - ' 1 - 1 ' ,-Q p' ' 1 u . , . , , . -F.F. .2, 3. 79 1 5 5 L Y A i 1 w LARRY SAVAGE - Student Council 1, 4 H1 Y 2, 3, 4, Sergeant of Arms 4, Var- sity Iootball 1, 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2 Intramural Sports 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4. RICHARD SCHONAUER - F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 3, Treasurer 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2. KLNNETH SHOTTS - Intramural ELAINE SHUFF - Student Council 2, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Scholar- ship Team 3, F. T. A. 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, F. B. L. A. 4. JOAN N SMITH NEAL SPRINGER - F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Master Sergeant, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. JUDITH STENZEL - Student Council 4, Scholarship Team 2, 3, Forum Staff 4, Y- Teens 1, 4, Forum Show 3, Choir 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4, Senior Class Gift Committee Chairman. CARL STOLLER - Hi-Y 4, Intramural Sports 4. SENIORS SUSAN SHICK - Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4, F. N. A. 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, Orchestra 2, 3, Intra- mural Sports 2, French Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Delegate to the World Affairs Institute 4. WILLIAM SHOMAN MARJORIE SHULTZ - Student Council 2, 4, Forum Staff 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Senior Class Treasurer, Art Club 1, F. B. L. A. 4. VARIAN SIMMONS - Student Council 4, Forum Staff 4, F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Forum Show 1, 2, 3, March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Senior Class Gift Com- mittee Chairman, Delegate to the UN Con- ference for Y-Teens 4. RONALD STAATS - Student Council 4, Forum Show 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Senior Class Senior Assembly Chairman. IONE STEINBRINK - F. T. A. 4, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Art Club 1. PATRICIA STOLLER - F. H. A. 4, Y-Teens 1. JANICE STONEBURNER - F. H. A. 4, Y-Teens 1, 3, 4, Forum Show 1, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2. ' . N Q3 AJ' , , , "1 ' E A ' , "'..:f1 3 , '- I I I r 1 ,g M-gi' .isis 1 1 1 my . , .4 - -I . od , ,f r .9 A ,,- it 'HJ ' 5 ' 'R 141 ,mer 1 JJ, P 9. If a. K7-- N' mar gs, LL?" ' ..-L Q -'Q ,1 f '- 'fvmgfa SENIORS SHIRLEY STRINGFELLOW - Student CONSTANCE THOMAS - Y-Teens 45 Council 1, 45 F. H. A. 15 Y-Teens 1, 45 Intramural Sports 45 G. A. A. 45 Spanish Forum Show 45 Intramural Sports 1, 45 Club 45 Stuart Hall School for Girls, Va., G. A. A. 1, 3, 4, President 45 F. B. L. A. 4, Riding Club 1, 25 Art Club 1, 25 Intramural Vice-President. Sports 1, 2. DAVID TAYLOR - Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 Jacket journal Staff 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Forum Show 3, 45 Varsity Football Man- ager 1, 25 Reserve Football 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, Vice President5 Junior Class Finance Committee Chairman5 Track 2. JACQUES TRANSUE - Student Council 45 junior Class President5 National Honor Society 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd"5 Span- ish Club 3, President5 French Club 1, President5 Senior Class Play Committee Chairman. LARRY TROWBRIDGE - Marching Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 25 Varsity Base- ball 3, 45 Reserve Baseball 25 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. RITA VOLK INAMARIE WALKER - Student Coun- cil 3, 45 F. T. A. 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Forum Show 2, 3, 45 Senior Court5 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Intra- mural Sports 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Assembly Chairman. BRENDA WARD - Scholarship Team 25 Library Staff 15 F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 March- ing Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Choir 35 Spanish Club 45 French Club 3. MARCIA WARREN - F. T. A. 45 Y- Teens 45 Spanish Club 45 Senior Class Finance Committee Chairmang Wickliff, Ohio: Intramural Sports 35 G. A. A. 2, 3, JODIE TRACE - Student Council 33 Forum Staff 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Court5 junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd"5 Marching Band 1, 25 Concert Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 1, 25 Intramural Sports 1, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Attendant to Home- comin ueen 3' French Club 2 3. g Q , , TERRY TUCKER - Student Council 1, 2, 3, 45 jacket journal 45 F. T. A. 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd"5 Delegate to Buckeye Boys' State5 junior Class Play Committee Chairman. DAVID VASBINDER - Hi-Y 3, 45 Forum Show 25 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 25 junior Class Prom Committee Chairman. DIXIE WALLACE - F. B. L. A. 4. GEORGE WALLOT - Scholarship Team 35 Intramural Sports 2, 35 Art Club 1. XVAYNE WEAVER - Hi-Y 1, Presidentg Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Reserve Football 1. GERALD WELLS - F. F. A. 55 Vice President. SENIGRS WILLIAM WEST - Gambier: F. F. A. 1, 2, Choir 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 2, Reserve Basketball 1, Tennis 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, F. F. A. 3, 4, Intramural 3, 4. RONALD WHITE - Student Council 2, Varsity Football Manager 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. LYNDA WINSLOW -- Student Council 1, Y-Teens 1. ANN WITHGOTT - Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Scholar- ship Team 1, 2, 3, jacket journal Staff 4, Editor, Library Staff 1, Secretary, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", French Club 3, 4, Editor of the "Crest." 84 LINDA WILSON - Student Council 1, 2, Scholarship Team 1, 2, F. T. A. 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 2, junior Class Play, "Two's A Crowd", Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3. SUSAN WINGER - Forum Staff 4, F. T. A. 1, F. N. A. 2, 33 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, French Clut 3, Senior Class Prophecy Committee Chairl, man. I LINDA YOUNG - Forum Staff 4, F. T. A. 2, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Forum Show 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 4, French Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, All School Play 3, 4. HARRY ZIMMERMAN -- Student Coun- cil 4, Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3, Secretary 4, Forum Show 5 4, Reserve Football 1, Intramural Sport: 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 1, 2. SENIGRS I 1 Clac12u'i.rc'.' Charlene Henry, secretaryg Amy Magill, treas- urerg Dale Clutter presidenlg Gary Nell, vice-president IUNICDR CLASS HISTQRY OF 1959 The class of 1960 began its ofiicial year by elect- ing oliicers in October. Dale Clutter was chosen to guide this class through the year, and others elected were Gary Nell, vice president, Charlene Henry, secretary, and Amy McGill, treasurer. The junior class received many honors through- out the year. Among the honored for their writing ability are Tad Koch, Tom Boyd, james Stamper, Laraine Neighbarger, jeff Breaks, Pete Clark, and Doug Hoecker. Alvin Shick won first place in the National Mathematics Test in Mount Vernon High School. Robert Workman and Tad Koch received apprenticeships to Kenyon College for this summer. Dale Clutter is going to Europe via a tour by the National Association of Student Councils. Among the others honored were Karen Walker, Howard Baer, Mary jean Ball. 'Thirteen members of the junior class were elected to the National Honor Society in May, and six to Quill and Scroll. The junior class turned out in full to aid the flood victims in Mount Vernon during the Hood on january 21. The dramatic talented members presented a very successful comedy, Money Mad, in March. Rollin Seibold and Judy Frady had the leads. The juniors entertained the Seniors at the junior- Senior Prom on May 29 at the Memorial building instead of the High School auditorium. The theme was Mardi Gras. - Dale Clutter, Historian Evelyn Fallis prepares a chem- istry experiment while Kay San- ner looks on. Mr. Wiggins gives final instructions to juniors before taking their Iowa Tests IUNIORS AT WORK 'Qs L., I, Q 87 i , f -J-Fx ' I IU 1oRs Beverly Ackerman Dick Adams Peggy Agnew Susan Ahearn Sue Allen Sophia Angelas Dan Baer Howard Baer janet Baker Shirley Baker Mary Ball Pete Barber Gary Barncord Dixie Bartlett Linda Bateman Kay Beach Frank Beam Gloria Beatty Bill Beck Gary Beeman Bill Bell Don Biefnes Lois Bland Mary Blubaugh Barbara Bone Bill Boner Dick Bowden Doris Bowers Beth Boyd Tom Boyd jeff Breaks Regina Brooks james Brookins Ann Brown Paul Brown Bill Brown jackie Brunner Pat Bryan Tom Buckham Sharon Butler Sharon Cagnon Marilyn Calkins Doug Cameron Don Carper joe Cates Geneva Chandler Judy Chisholm Carol Clark Peter Clark Dale Clutter Sally Clyde Lee Coe Carolyn Colopy Carolyn Conard jack Coss Bob Coy Janice Cunningham Lucia Curtis Julie Daly Mary Daugherty Dave Dauphin Mike Davies Glen Day Alice Dexter Bill Dillon Carol Doup Kay Dowds Lucille Dunn Sandy Dunn Sheila Earnest Laurel Engel Barbara Englehart Evelyn Fallis Tom Falter Ann Farmer Carol Fickle Sue Fletcher Betty Fox Judy Frady Rose Lee Franko Phil Frost Carl Fry Janice Frye Dave Gatchell Nancy George Mary Lou Gerard Sandy Giffen Bob Gill Gary Goodson Ruth Ann Gordon Larry Grant Connie Gray john Greene Mary Harrington Don Harris Suellen Harris Phillip Hatfield Charlene Henry Bruce Hite Douglas Hoecker Fred Hoffman Dave Hollifield Mary Houbler Mary Huggins Linda Hull Sinda Hull Sue Humbert Jean Hurlow JU ioas JUNIGRS Janet Hyatt Sallie lmel Gene James Nancy James Eileen Jeifry Mary Jewell Carol Jinks Pat Johnson Barbara Jones Sally Jones Joyce Joslin Sue Kadow Sue Ellen Kutlmry Jolm Kenmuir Tad Koch Carolyn Kochis Bob Kuninger Karen Kymer Herb Lamb Ben Lee Jean Legros Carole Lescalleet Earl Levering Merlin Levering Jackie Lipps Beverly Litt Jim London Susan Lord Dan Lorey Margie Lotz Tom Lybarger Amy Magill Gary Mechling Dennis Meekins Barbara Milligan Dave Mills Scott Mintier Fred Mohn Norman Montgomery Kay Ann Moore Becky Mowery Nancy Mowery Jim McCarron Jean McCluskey Darrell McDonald Homer McGrew Jim McKay Marlene Mclarnan Dave McMahon Natalie McMillen Janet McVey Barbara N eighbarger Lnrnine Neighbarger Gary Nell Pam Norris David Ohde Richard Omlor Sandra Osborne Sharon Pearotti jack Peterman Nancy Petry George Pfouts Pete Pitkin Sally Pitkin Barbara Porter Beverly Porter Richard Porter Gordon Potes Beverly Reed Bruce Revennangh james Rine Becky Roberts Donald Robertson Saunclra Ryan Kay Sanner Gretchen Sapp David Scarbrough Larry Schafer Sue Schwartz Rollin Seibold Alvin Shick Wynal Shoman Phyllis Simmons Lynn Sirbaugh Lewis Sleeman Robert Snyder Eric Souers Ralph Spearman James Stamper Ceeta Steurer Robert Stillings Sandra Stoutenburgh Karen Stoyle Carroll Stringfellow Judy Sullivan Edward Sunkle Marie Taylor Susan Taylor Martha Teeter john Thomas Eugene Thompson Gary Thompson Carolyn Tucker Larry Ullman Reagh Underwood George Van Aman Sonny Vance Linda Van Riper IU was IU 10115 jack Vernon Larry Vilfer Dave Wagner Karen Walker james Wantland John Warman Sandra Weaver Milton Williams Barbara Willis Diana Wilson Robert Workman Bob Wythe Frances Zink Velma Zwilling Charles Zolmnn ,T Members of the junior Class are selecting their class rings. Doug Hoecker, Alvin Shick, and Ann Farmer are really sticking their necks out to select the ring they prefer. Class Rings and the junior Prom The juniors are work- ing hard to change the Memorial Building into the "Mardi Gras." are Highlights of the junior Year. 93 154- .,..,. , - -. - - SOPI-IOMORES liirrl row: Larry Woodland, Jean Taylor, Marilyn Wheeler, Saundra Wheeler, Sherry Wfag- ner, Janice Smith, Doug Watson. Second row: Larry Willianis, Janice West, Leslie Trace, Bonnie Wallace, Carolyn Wantland, Judy Stull, Don Volger. Third row: Harold Sturtevant, Gary Williams, Sharon Sny- der, Judy Tims, Lauralie Stringfellow, Virginia Shan- non, Cheryl Underwood, Jim Stoyle. Fourth row: Eddie Strouse, Janet Taylor, Clara Mae Smith, Karen Thompson, Judy Wil- son, Dennis Zolman. Fifzb row: Joe Youst, Margaret Shields, Geneva Shrontz, Char- lotte Spurling, Shirley Taylor, Brooksie Wright, Ann Wack- er, Glenn Spellman. Sixth raw: Tom Van Voorhis, Nancy Wythe, Dawn Wood- ward, Kay Peterson, Pat Thorn- ton, Lana Smith, Linda Sturte- vant, Bob Yauger. Top four: Howard Pipes, Alva Wilhelm, Judy Sphon, Ronnie Topp. Fin! row: Jack Dowds, Mary Flecknoe, Judy Corcoran, Pat Devin, Barb Eyster, Jane Deeley, Ken Easterday. Second row: Lloyd Gaumer, Judy Edick, Pat Everett, Ivlarilyn Coons, Frances Flecknoe, Linda Gamble. Third row: Ricky Day, Sharon Gallagher, Marjorie Drew, Sarah Cline, Connie Crist, Margaret Cramer, Ron Crago. Fourfb row: Tom Dice, Jay Coe, Dean Ferris, Tim Frary, Don Frazier, Dick Dowclell, Larry Frye, Gordon Coe, Robert Franz. SOPHOMORES l fv 9.3 TOP Fzrrl rou Tom Parnell Lorrnda Netolrck Carol Orsborn Lrnda Severns Pam Prtkrn Barbara Parnell Donna Robertson Mrke OHanlon Vrctor Refeld Ross Barbara Harmon M11-.e Prerson Tbnzl :ou Darrell Reynolds Walter Rudrn Francrs Rummel Patty Porter Lrnda Hunter jrm Sowers Bob Wood Fnurfb mu joe Palmer Evan Rrce John Herrrtz John Rentz bonny Mumaw Dave Sanner joe Mumper Drcl. Nethers Dave Nash Henry Sebach john Sowers Wayne Pxgman Francrs Rmehart BOTTOM Frrrl mu Gary Hrll Roger Hess Bob Grehl Lorrame jefferson Marxlyn Graves Marsha Hyatt Connre Graham john Henthorn jrm Hoar Danny Hughes SEFUIIIP mu Bob Hoar Shrrley Grubaugh Ruth Ann Henthorn C1rol Hampton Roger Hrll Tbzrd row Da e Hammond Rrchard Greene Lonnre Hrggrns 1'llen jones Carol Grrmrn Peggy jamboskr Pam Grreulettc Susan Holcombe Sharon Ilger Zelma Guy Sharon Horn joan Gullctt Larry Jones Mrke Grlchrrst Dean Henthorn Prul Lnrmm 95 l J 'V " K' . . 'L . J A y YQ - , u . . -A wa -' f 5 X r ' T L 1 T ' ' ' ni . ,, , O Q..- . ,Q ,W es- T - . - M- A . X O .. oggfgiafl T 4' h .ri I y I . . , 3 . , . . , , D J I 1 ' Seroud four: Curtrs Hrcks, Wesley Hrnes, Elrzabeth Salls, Barbara Schonauer, Louxse Prrtchett, Donna Pond, Diane ., 4 ' 1 , ' . ' 'S . 7 ' 7 Q 5 I I l ' 1 7 I ! 3 I ' 'W D Q l-I I l s s I : Q' l : l 1 1 x l ' 1 ' r f a v - . . ll.. , . , . . . , i , . . . ' 4" "l ' 1 x 1 1 u I 1 I Y ' . 5 l 's 5 ' x ' a s ' r A n 1 9 l y SOPHOMORES 1. L "-1.1 LT .-L.-- .ML TOP - Firrl row: John Mowery, Gary Kerr, Betty Kymer, Barbara McVey, Mike Lybarger, Chuck Mowery. Semrza' row: Randy Bowers, Billy McDonald, Danny Levering, Patsy Melcher, Pat Kinney, Jeanie Lamb, Joan Kuhn, Kathy Mowery, Beth McPherson, Celia Mayeur, Mary Mayeur, Ellen Lord, Susan McMahon, Lewis Martin, Gene Leiter. Third raw: James Piar, Tommy Morrow, Carolyn King, Mary Michele Mazza, Bob Lee, Ken McClenathan. Fourlla row: David Koch, Denny Miller, Dixie McCord, Linda Karen Malone, Richard Knohl, Lynn Laskey. Fiflb row: Terry Brasseur, Glenn Mackin, Judy Moran, Bonnie BOTTOM - Fir!! row: Ronnie Allen, Roger Chalfant, Mary Beckett, Dick Christopher, Albert Banning. Serofzd row: Jim Beroth, Jim Annable, Crystal Black, Margaret Allen, Gary Buxton, James Addlesperger. Tbird row: Pat Alexander, Bob Buker, Phyllis Dexter, Alena Busenberg, Bob Barnard, Don Blankenship. Fourib row: Frank BiEath, Jerry Boucher, Ann Auker, Sue Ann Bouton, Bill Bohn, Dennis Annett. Fifth raw: Carolyn Dial, Patty Benson. Lamb, Martha Keenan, Linda Sue Kost, Diane Llewellyn, Kinnard, Beth McKinley, Mary Lou Kost, Betty Leacly, Lewis, Lynn Kiracofe, Ashby Lewis, Phil Knox. Allen, Helen Angelas, Joan Carter, Rita Carpenter, Sharon Burgess, Ann Brooks, Nora Caley, Judy Carpenter, Sally Alberts, Carol Burt, Mary Brown, Wilda Antil, Janet Alexander, Sharon Bateman, Pam Beck, June Christopher, Lei to ri hz: Put Devin, Pam Beck, f 14 Pat Kinney. SOPHOMORES During the spring three sophomore cheerleaders are elected for the coming year. The girls are given a chance to work with the older leaders, and are then able to take over their new jobs at the beginning of football season in the fall. Curious sophomores inspect gas lines for the school's new furnace. ,gf 97 FRESHMEN icuii-ul TOP - Fin! row: Charles Highman, Ann Harris, Leslie Haney, Melody Harris, Connie Hendershott, Virginia Houbler, jo Ann Kirch, Bob Gunia. Second row: Darrell Gilbert, Kenny Ressler, Cheryl Hill, jerrie Hollifield, Sally Hellwig, Kay Jacobs, Wendy Irvine, Pam Hamilton, Carol Griesmyer, Sadie Guinther, Freda Gregory, Don Heagren, Bob Ketter. Third row: Dennis Kerr, Jim Kahrl, Bruce Hoy, jay Harris, Allan Helser, Charles Hachat. Fourth row: Bob Crawford, Hugh Hookway, Marilyn james, Delores Hess, Carol Greene, Patty Hall. BOTTOM - Firrr raw: Gary Statler, Sandy Shoman, Evelyn Schafer, Dick Stillings. Second raw: David Schmidt, Dennis Sirbaugh, Becky Rutter, Rutkowski, Sharon Scott, Marjorie Sorah, Butch Sorah. Third row: Danny Summers, John Seavolt, Eddie Simms, Tom Fourth row: Paul Reiss, jerry Sprankel, Mike Smith, George 98 Susie Hart, Mary Gardner, Sharon Kerr, Linda Hatfield, Smith, Linda Shultz, Saundra Rushton, Becky Smith, jean Mary Rouse, Agnes Scarvelis, Leah Stamper, Galene Speer, Bill Stillwagon, Walt Still, Janice Sayre. Smith, Tom Gregory, jerry Spearman, john Schroeder. Fifi! 1'u1zf.' Sharon Farley, Judy Graf, Joanne Gra- ham, Sharon Frye, janet George, Eileen Dexter. Second raw: Mary Lou Elliott, Virginia Ellis, Nancy Delany, Dianne Garverick, Sandy Dillon. Tbird row: Ronnie Faw- cett, Jerry Franz, Larry Frost, Bob Funck, Torn Frye, Louise Fulmer. Fam-lf: row: jerry Gantt, David Graham, Ronnie Darling, George Del- gouffre, Irvin Drew. Fiflb mm: Phil DePolo, jim Garrus, ,lim George, Mike Fribley, Phil Crid- er, Bob Blue, John Dennis. Firri row: joe Outcalt, Connie Ridgeway, Carol Davis, Trudy Maier, Suzanne Mellberg, Nan- cy Pumphrey, Leonard Mosely. Second row: Dan Omlor, Mary Roller, Patty Rine, janet Paisley, Barbara McC:1ll:1, Sharon Moran, Dave Rardin. Third row: Lewis Reese, Janice Monk, Nancy Morey, Dorothy Mat- thews, Nina Oaks, Bar- bara Pemberton, Ron Pierson. Folzrfb row: Neil Mar- chall, Nancy Newton, Roseau Myers, Judy Mondron, Marylin Rock- well, Maria Piazze, Linda Roesler, Mike Potter. Ififfb row: Peter Mondron, Patty Nutt, Elsie Mor- ris, Nancy Rine, Connie Rice, Irene O'Brien, Alice Neighbarger, Bob Mowery. Sfrrlb razzz' Bonnie Knox, Roy Payne, Ralph Lath- erns, john Neighbarger, Doug Rhodes, Ron Mu- nmw, Marvin Page, Bob Pillow, FRESHMEN - " W W V F , . , .., . ..-,.. v . , , , L L.-.-M..Ml4 TOP - Firrz row: James Chandler, Jim Curfman, Jane Boyd, David Cornell, Steve Carter, Harry Bouton. Semnd row: Richard Bemiller, john Ashcraft, Frances Cline, Marcella Boyer, jim Beeman, Donnie Clements. Third raw: jim Bergs, john Bong, Linda Burgraff, Jo Anne Maurice Champion. Fourth row: Bill Alberts, Terry Allen, Phyllis Biggs, Marcella jack Bartlett, Bill Buker. Fiflb row: Dick Burke, Dick Byrd, Arthur Atkinson, Kenny BOTTOM - Firzrz row: Phillip Kissel, Billy McCulan, Ivena Linda Lasky, Glenn Marchal, Ron Lockhart. Carolyn Baer, Pat Crothers, Carolyn Cassaday, Susan Colville, Sharon Cary, Melody Black, Marilyn Cofling, Pepena Anton, Byrd, Linda Barton, jean Baker, Sandy Beck, Bob Clutter, Beatty, Connie Clark, Barbara Carper, Connie Clippinger Boyd, Chauncy Blair, Russell Carter. Knox, Teresa Madias, Frances McMahon, Paula Micklc Seromi row: Doug Little, Dick McConnell, Deanne Kundmiller, Maris Minkler, Luanna McKinstry, Rosilyn Latham, Sharon McDowell, Don McConnell, jim Marvin. Third raw: Ray Milligan, John Mintier, Bob Matheny, Lanny lOO McGinnis, John Kuhn. r FRESI-IME V TA Q 1 gf N l 7 . . i , rrr,-- , C -dl --,- c Fin: row: Charles Woodard, Dick Welker, Patty Thompson, Barbara Way, jennifer Waddell, Carol Wallace, Cheryl White, john Talbott, Craig Wright. Second row: Rick Zehr, John Wythe, Billy jean Vance, Judy Westenbarger, Nancy Thomas, Sally Tanner, Judy Work- man, Larry Swick, Art Snyder. Third row: Tom Wilson, Harold Wells, David Yarman, Bob Swingle, Dan Wilson, David Willis, Dan Wolford, Tom Todd, joe Yarman. Mr. Garverick patiently arranges the freshmen into an orderly group for their class picture. 2 EIGHTI-I Fin! row: Ron Rummel, Jeanne Shick, Sandy Stafford, Carol Purdy, Jackie Swain, Barbara Stillwell, Betsy Shaw, Virgil Sheets. Second row: Bobby Shepherd, Karen Slaughter, Ruby Rouse, Robin Rhoades, Florence Sens' man, Marilyn Rogers, Rick Ralston. Third row: Houston Schlosser, Jr., Judy Roberts, Jerry Shoe- maker, Dixie Robbins, Bur- nice May, Shirley Mower Polly Smith, Bob Strouse. x Fourth row: Bob Smith, Bob Ryan, John Reiss, Gary Shu- bert, Margaret Scholp, Sherry Reed, Karl Stickert, Tom Trace, Eddie Rhul. Fin! row: Phyllis Swans, Janet Harvey, Patty Elmer, Sue Ernest, Martha Easterday, Fred Dailey. Serond row: Richard Eaton, Patty Harris, Gretchen Garrity, Shirley Galbraith, Joyce Gal- logly, Cheryl Farmer, Dennis Foster. Third row: Mike Fuller, Eliza- beth Fullemann, Virginia Dud- geon, Esther Fetter, Kathy Ewers, Diane Fletcher, Charles Fithian. Faurzh row: John Gifhn, Nancy Earley, Saundra Finnell, Karen Fickes, Linda Gerard, Dick Fox. Fifth row: Virgil Dudgeon, Brian Gatchell, Jim Harvey, Reed Hamilton, Bill Fox, Jack Fer- rie, Jeff Graf. Sixlh row: David Drake,, Ken Fry, Bruce Dudgeon, David Daily, Wayne Decker. ,V -4 , - l , . ,, A. ---. i- , sl.: , TOP - Firri wuz' Jacob Kochis, Bill Kymer, Charles Hunnicut, Leslie Holmes, Brenda Howard, Katherine Kirch, Shirley Jackson, Bob Hitchcock, Fletcher Lathern, Harry Drope. Scroud mzzx' Lowell Henthorn, Ronnie Hemptield, Gene Kouba, Randy Lanning, Gail Gifhn, Merla Mathews, Jerry Lambert, Sharon Lleweleyn, Eddie Heath, Camden Henthorn. Third mir: David Lober, Sue Kerr, Marilyn Lauderbaugh, Beth Imhoff, Elizabeth Kofod, Suzanne Lester, Carol Hoecker, Mike Hobbs, Kay Holloway. Fofzlrb row ,rm11di1zg.' Sharon Lewis, Dale Leedy, Tom Jarnboski, Tom Johnson, Bob Jewell, Beth Heagren, Ernestine Huff- man. BOTTOM - Firrr wuz' Jim Taylor, Loys Ward, Karen Weekly, Jackie Weaver, Kathleen Thompson, Martha Ward, Jim Tracey, Robert Walpole, Ken Thompson, Bob Williams. Semin! row: Bob White, Mike Ulery, Steve Walker, Torn Withgott, Anna Youst, Virginia Taylor, Patty Wynn, Peggy Thornton, Vaughn Wiester, Doug Williams, Third muf: Alice Wolf, Sheila Sutton, Patty Mackin, Judy Willis, Karen Workinan, Suzanne Vernon, Jayne Warner, Mike Van Aman, Cary Thompson. Faurlb raw: Roy Warner, Karen Vernon, Sue Todd, Brian Wynkoop, Max Walton, Victor Thompson, Tom Wood- ward, Fred Workman. 103 EIGI-ITI-I GRADE I V: ' First row: Dave Blair, Roger Cochran, Bob Bowden, Barbara Barton, Leslie Bartels, Susan Bong, Sharon Craig, Diana Cochran, June Brooks, Janice Blair, Bob Bracey, John Bollinger, Mike Crider. Second row: Tom Cornell, Bill Buckham, Joyce Atkinson, Diane Boucher, Janice Baube, Carolyn Boyle, Carol Adams, Cocona Anton, Charles Christopher, Eugene Biggs, Brent Brasseur. Third row: Tom Brown, Dan Clyde, Betty Bowers, Virginia Beever, Sally Barncord, Sharon Baney, Susan Bone, Karen Brown, jerry Booth, Larry Clutter, David Cofiield. Fourth row: Gary Berger, Charles Brown, Linda Butler, Christine Clark, Kay Cline, Lynda Clutter, Rosalie Allen, Ellen Beach, Bob Bostic, Charlie Bragg, Ron Anders. 104 EIGHTH GRADE Fin! row: Pat Price, jackie Mincler, Virginia Mills, Bonnie Metcalf, jackie Ormancly, Sharon Prince, jane Painter Marilyn McDowell, Kathleen McCutchen, Larry McKee, Robert Porter. Second row: Alfred Montalbo, Dan Porter, Gay Maxon, Bonny Butler, Ronetta Miller, Karen Miller, Norma Meekins, Shirley Porter, Gary Porter, John McDonald. Third row: john Payne, Tom Pilotti, Dwight Small, Darlyne Patton, Mary McRill, Saundra Meharry, Linda Nutter Mike Misicka, Dan Mills, Gary McKenzie. 105 SEVE TI-I H' i' i' I TOP - Fir!! row: Ronnie Woolson, Larry Winegardner, Charles Truex, Ray Williams, Don Vandevelde, Jim Thompson, Dick Weir, John Tarr, Billy Thompson. Second row: Richard Winegardner, Lee Vance, Sheryl Tulloss, Marianne Thomas, Gwen Sturtevant, Debbie Topp, Debbie Ward, David Zolman, Malcolm Shrimplin, Junior Vance. Third row: Mike Willianus, Don Vilfer, Donna Thompson, Debbie VanVoorhis, Carolyn Westenbarger, Sharon Wells, Patty Potter, Tom Vasbinder, Craig Wolfe. Fourth row: Danny Smith, John Sutcliffe, Nancy Tucker, Carolyn Steurer, Janet Wacker, Kathy Taylor, Linda Watson, Chris Sykes, Craig Wiester, David Wlmarton. BOTTOH - Fivzfz rauf: Gary Prushing, Bob Price, Jim Netolick, Bob Shannon, Rodger Sillars, Butch Sentel, Bob Steinbrink, Fred Shaw, Richard Pollock, Carl Smith. Second raw: Bob Shultz, Denton Rummel, Nancy Ross, Madeline Sleeman, Patty Petry, Linda Norris, Peggy Nevin, Judy Seavolt, Janice Phelps, Roger Swick, Bob Sunkle. Third row: Harold Sne-decker, Ricky Rand, Ethel Senseman, Judy Porter, Janice Porter, Marcia Simmons. Christine Ransom, Dixie Rine, Lanny Parker, Don Shultz. Fourzb row: Judy Paradise, Ann Springer, Karen Popejoy, Kathy Rudin, Kay Sisk. 106 SEVE TH TOP - Fi:-,rl row: Keith Frye, David Graves, Susan Fuchs, Janice Edwards, Pat Gilchrist, joan Ferrie, Cindn Farmer, Claire Fithian, julie Heighton, Pat Gilliland, jim Hotchkiss, Robert Florer. Second row: Jeff Sharp, Roger Hicks, Don Durieux, Marcia Frye, Patty Gallagher, Roberta Hall, Becky Ball, Celia Gray, Sue Falkenstine, Carolyn Hill, Warren Henthorn, Don Durieux, Larry Dunn. Third row: Robert Guedenet, Larry George, Charles Hall, jane Grimm, jane Edick, Pam Gilchrist, Patty Finnell, Edna Holt, Sandy Boucher, Philip Giehl, Thomas Frye, Paul Doup. Fourlla row: Gary Elliot, Harry Drope, Robert Dean, Connie Earnest, Donna Henry, Sharon Frye, Mary Kay Ferris, Judy Gamble, Terry Hauger, Terry Grubb, Robert Daughtery. Fiffb rozv: Charlie Hobbs, Larry Gatchell, Joe Garzieri, Bill Green, Terry Fleming, Dan Earnest, Bob Green, john Fox, Larry Ferris, john Fair. BOTTOM b- Fin! row: Billy Morain, Ronnie Miller, Jack Matheny, Tom Leach, Ernest Lamb, Dennis Lamb, Rayfield Neigh arger. Second row: Gary Mintier, john Kofod, Annabelle Miller, Ellen Knox, Marla Neighbarger, Sharon Lower, Patty Jones, Candy McCoy, Jim Laughrey, Glenn McDonald. Third row: Dennis Kinnard, Lawrence Matthews, Lisa Kreps, Sharon McClellan, Barbara Marquart, Delphia Mechling, Mary Moran, David Levering, George Lee. Faurlb row: Ken Lutz, Steven McMains, Ruth Lauderbaugh, Betsy Lorey, Betty Neeley, john Mazza, jerry Miller. SEVE TH f A , R- Q f , -- ff, , v .- ,A i A I 5 l A' V. V-Y -- .fr 1 .xc it . ft W , - ., ' W 1 1 ,r 1 gas-'Efgigsi - .- r ,qw . -.X sassy ,, , Q- ' 0 , vii , . :Q .A , TOP - Fir!! row: Bill Kahrl, David Haire, Martha Kerr, Mollei Harris, Gail Kerr, Gayle Lemasters, Tom James, Ron Hendershott. Second raw: David Hall, Tom McLarnan, Judy Joslin, Evelyn Lynds, Thelma Kelly, Judy Miller, Chuck Helwig. Third row: Paula Hiner, Cindy Hughes, Pamela Holski, Clara Hess, Priscilla Warner, Barbara Kernodle, Carl Hoar. BOTTOM - Firrz row: Gary Carpenter, Cheryl Carpenter, Fred Ballam, Terry Barber, John Beaver, Jim Bollinger, Judy Blair, Carl Smith, David Boner. Second raw: Gordon Antil, Diana Blair, Carol Antil, Barbara Blubaugh, Susan Allman, Sharon Bradrick, Bonnie Clutter, Carolyn Annette, John Beam, Jim Blue. Third row: fstandingj Chester Bickel, Joe Brooks, Ed Clutter. fseatedj Darlene Ball, Sharon Bickel, Sandy Boucher, Kay Boyd, Kandy Black, Joyce Annette, David Bumpus. Fourth row: Vicky Adams, Darlena Burgraf, Theresa Beck, Linda Bostic, Nancy Calkins. Standing back: Joan Atkinson, Virginia Butler, Gary Bevington, Major Bowles, Sid Barton, Bobby Beach, Bob Bickel, Sandy Brown. 108 . SEVE TH . "-x"L- - - - ' -SL "'. L-- ' ""'.Y X"',,,.19-.-"'.f"-CE-" 'T' -"r-i'F?"F"7'.g. Firrz rom' Kenny Cook, Janet Coe, Ann Knouff, Connie Dial, Mary Deavers, Vicky Day, Bonnie Delporte, Robert Collins Semin! row: Lenore DeSylva, Brenda Dement, Connie Jo Dement, Vicki Downer, Susan Donnelly, Sharon Deem. Third row: Ellen Denhart, Mary Crumbaker, jim Bevington, Ronnie Coe, Karen Cochran. Fourth row: Tommy Beeman, Larry Coe, Gene Baldwin, Terry Dohmen, Ronnie Cunningham. Fifrb row: Franklin Courson, jeff Dauphin, Steve Dowds, Gary Carpenter, Gary Commins, Craig Chancellor, Roger Cline Mr. Garverick, Mr. Lipps, and Mr. Israel, commercial photog- raphers, are still smiling after a hard clay's work. --fvina-uiA!?: ,E -Y . eff-'K -... -f ,iv-1 Q-,4 T'3i..11i: ' ' , It 1 U ...J 1 P -' ia' V Y?-vw . i kk, ,w ...ff-. 525,115 w.... , ,,.. r M ,. -5.--a,.L..n -.-L.. "Eid ,fp-.Mix-1'. V k,wE,,,E ., www, ., 1 -.TAR M ggi.: il 5, .V A . F sms? 4 w 1 . Lfgf,.A-A . J1.. MH, .---.. - b: g1.,, 1 ,, . v Q 1 , ' -- MW . ,' +2 5 Va -.......A.- ,,i,E,- - ?,g,,,M.,,A, fl ' fn I yl I if . ,X V 1 , .2 Y , . Z .. . -.-, ,, .. . ',.,.........:, , . m if 'Sf n-:iV , V -ff. 'T f, "f":3-',72:f- 3.431 - ' V -lv ...J....... .. , .....WNT,w, .,Y, .Y .,...,,. A -.k..-.,Y.. 1 , W ' 79? .,-..,.-f . ...,,- . . .-L. . awww ,....,,,.,T,, .. .I I 9, .J LL -,. . Y .,., ,R..,., .-ug .. ,,, - fi I W-, -,,?,...g,......, TQ ll ..-1. F . , QM A: 4,52 A , A . , ,, uh, in w ,i w J Z, 7 ' Bi? ,, - gig , f' P if . f U -5 , .P h ' , I ,I GV 2 - A T... I. --F .. ' , "' Q- 'nf' 5 5533-H: - ' 51, gif Q-',51L'l mg.: v-5" ,1-w'-wv Q i: f.:.f 1'E.f.,k , -. 23:32.31 'z1.2dz:L. -,'i.LLx171? p V- 'I 1- af, , ,VL ..-..,.F,-- .., . ..- .4 '54 -r Y - 4 I I YW. L N I - .,,n 5 w 5 3. X... FEL .QQ- ,us ,. ,, , .QQ ff JK, M A V12 E Clean lun, clean living, and good sports manship enter through the doorway ol- SKILLS Gary Nell leads the basketball team to face the opposition Fin! row: Bill Reynard, Manager, Fred Hoffman, Don Vogler, jerry Mills, john Barley, John Warman, Mike Duckworth. Serorzd allow: Houston Schlosser, Assistant Coach. john Rentz, Dave Mills, Cary Fry, Ben Lee, Don Biefnes, Bob Yauger, Dic Nethers. Third row: Chuck Stanley, Assistant Coach, Bob Barnard, Fred Mohn, Manager, jack Warrell, Bruce Revennaugh, Reagh Underwood, Gordon Coe, Mike Hynes. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM W Rex Jarvis was appointed head foot- ball coach of the Yellow jackets in 1958. He succeeded Ben Wilson who is now coaching at Sandusky High School. Coach Jarvis was head coach at Pomeroy High School before coming to Mount Vernon as Ben Wilson's No. 1 assistant in 1955. 112 Fix-ri razor jerry Harper, Don Finnell, Larry Savage, Max Clutter, Ed Blackburn, Gary Rine, Gary Nell, Tom Boyd, Manager. Serozzd row: Larry Schafer, Bill Hunnicut, Jim Dean, Jim Haas, Don Carper, Bill Pond, Manager Third row: Dick Omlor, jim London, jim Rine, Terry Shira, Dave Gatchell, Ken Easterday, Rollin Seibold, Manager, Rex Jarvis, Head Coach. PRGMGTES LEADERSHIP This year's coaching staff handled the largest number of boys ever to report for football at Mount Vernon High. This is evidence of their great popularity with the student body and hard work. Mr. Spicer and Mr. Cornwell are new ad- ditions to this year's staff Mr. Cornwell coached the junior High, Mr. Spicer and Mr. Hill guided the reserves, and Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Stanley, and Mr. Schlosser tutored the varsity. Fin! row - L. zo R.: Charles Hill, jim Spicer. Second row: Del Cornwell, Houston Schlosser, Charles Stanley, Head Coach Rex Jarvis. lm! H3 Larry Savage sees an opening, will he make it? Coach Jarvis gives instructions to Back Gary Nell. 4 IACKETS CGMPILE 1958 marked one of Mount Vernon High's most exciting and interesting football campaigns in recent years. The fighting Yellow jackets compiled a 4-4-1 record against some of the stiffest competition ever seen on the Mount Vernon gridiron. The team and their fine coaches can be proud of this record considering the fact that this was to be a rebuilding year for new head coach, Rex Jarvis, and his staff, fwho succeeded Ben Wilson, after two un- defeated seasonsj The youthful jackets began their season with a surprising 54-0 victory over traditional rival Coshocton. This stretched the Mounts' winning streak to 19 straight games. Mount Vernon's first loss in the last 20 games came the following week against Mans- field Madison. The jackets threatened several times, but couldn't score until after the veteran Rams took an 8-O lead late in the game. The 4-4-1 RECORD Mounts' conversion attempt failed and Madi- son gained an 8-6 victory. Powerful Upper Arlington handed the home team their second straight defeat of the season 34-28. The Bers' All-State halfback, George Collins, rambled to four 6 pointers, while Mount Vernon's own Larry Savage scored three times. 5,500 homecoming fans watched the Jarvis men exploded into a 16-0 lead in the opening minutes, and lead at half time 16-8 against C. B. L. Champion Urbana. The visitors took command in the second half, and scored twice in the hnal stanza to edge the Jackets 22-16. Helped by a fumble the Orange and Black led 6-0 at half time over unbeaten Bexley. The Lions produced two long scoring plays in the second half to claim a 15-7 triumph. The season's finale was a 32-0 victory over winless Delaware. Dick Omlor downed after nice gain. w Dick Omlor evades tackler, scores touchdown 115 f BS jerry Harper Larry Savage Guard Back Eight positions on the 1958 All Central Buckeye League Football Team were filled by boys from Mount Vernon High. First team selections were seniors, jerry Harper, Don Finnell, and Larry Savage. A senior, three juniors, and a sophomore were awarded honorable mention. They were jerry Mills, Dick Omlor, Dave Mills, Don Carper, and Bob Yauger. Gary Rine missed most of the season because of a broken leg received in pre-season drills. Previously Rine had been chosen twice to the C.B.L. team. 116 : . e.. ' Don Finnell Tackle EIGHT IACKETS Gary Rine Four year trophy A19 jelry Mills Bob Yauger Dick Omlor Back En Back NAMED ALL C B L N L' '7 Don Carper Dave M1lls Guard Guard 7 . d . 3, 4 ' L 'X f L , ful Qfib '-n 4 iii l W' V -. A nikki 'L' 11 l RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM Fin! row: "Bump" Omlor, jim Garrus, joe Youst, Marlin Henthorne, Tom Todd, Dave Yarmun, Ron Mumaw, jim George, Bob Hoar, Gano Conkle, Howard Pipes, Dick Stillings, Ken McClenathan, Doug Hoecker, jay Harris, Louis Martin. Second row: Gary Mechling, Dave Silverwood, Pete Pitkin, Tom Buckham, Dave Hammond, jim McKay, Frank Biffath, I Larry Grant, john Green, Dennis Conkle, Harry Bouton, Dick Byrd. Tbzrd row: Dave Cornell, joe Yarman, George Pfouts, Mike Smith, Ray Milligan, Walt Still, jim Neese, Lee Coe, Harold Schwartz, jim Spicer, Coach Chuck Hill. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM Fim row: Harry Drope, joe Kyle, Butch Sentel, Dick W Schlosser, jim Tracy, john Bollinger, Tom James, Second raw: Ed Heath, Bill Buckham, John Mazza, Tom George Lee, John Fair, Steve Walker, Mike Williams bird row Frank Courson Bob Bostic jim Bevington T V -' , 1 , Kinnard, Don VanDevelde, Bob Shultz, David Bumpus, Fourth 1-ow: Bill Fox, Reed Hamilton, Ron Henclershott Hobbs, Loys Ward, Mike Hobbs, Tom Cornell, Fiflb row: Ron Fox, Terry Grubb, Dan Mills, Bob White, Hunnicut, Randy Lanning, Dave Daily. Bill Kymer, Kent Lutz. Trace, Larry George, Dave Carpenter, Bob Beach, Denny Del Cornwell, Coach, Gary Thompson, Coach. ,Mike Fuller, Sid Barton, Bruce Dudgeon, Mike Ulrey, David Drake, Gary Commins. Bob Dean, Bob Daugherty, Larry McKee, Jeff Dauphin, Malcolm Shrimplin. Mike Kennarcl, Lee Vance, Craig Wolf, David Cotheld, eir, Denton Rummel, Ron Rummel, Tom jamboski, Houston Foster, Denny Charlie Charlie FOOTBALL FU Toastmaster, Doctor john Drake, proudly models the toboggan presented to him at the football banquet by the team. Gary Rine and the speaker of the evening, Doyt Perry, show their approval by smiling. The animal football banquet was sponsored by the Mount Vernon Boosters' Club. At this party awards and letters are presented to the players. Parents and friends may also attend. The speaker at this year's affair was Mr. Doyt Perry, head football coach of Bowling Green University. Players' Party Plenty of food, fun, and television combine to Players are served in the Held house by Benny make the football party a success. Zarlingo's catering service. 119 IACKETS HAVE CDN AND OFF SEASON Kneeling: Manager, Doug Hoecker, Coach Houston Schlosser, Manager, Don Robinson. Smmliug: Dick Omlor, Bob Italiano, Mike Duckworth, Larry Schafer, George Pfouts, jim Haas, Gary Nell, Ben Lee, Don Finnell, Dale Clutter, Fred Hoffman, joe Roberts. Coaches Signal Players ln 1958-1959 Houston Schlosser guided the Yellow jackets to a 7-12 record. This is the first Schlosser coached team not to win 5O'Z: of their games. Coach Schlosser began his coaching career at Brown Township while in college. After college Mr. Schlosser took a coaching position at Minerva, Ohio. After four successful campaigns at Minerva, he came to Mount Vernon in 1953. His combined record for twelve years of coaching is 177 wins, 75 losses. Sitting on Mr. Schlosser's left is Reserve Coach, Chuck Hill. Mr. Hill has completed his third year of coaching and his second at Mount Vernon. THE SEASONS SUMMARY This year's team had their good and their bad nights. The record of 7 wins, 12 losses indicates that the bad ones were more numerous than the good. The nucleus of this year's team was made up of seven juniors, all of whom won letters. The three senior lettermen are pictured at the right: jim Haas 1421, Bob Italiano 1101 and Mike Duck- worth f24j. The Yellow jackets opened their season by defeating Ashland 53-44. Playing like real professionals, the jackets edged tall and talented Upper Arlington 61-57. Wortli- ington brought the Schlossermen back to earth by soundly beating them 64-49. This was the first of six straight defeats to Newark, Urbana, Grandview, Zanesville, and Wfhitehall. After losing six straight, the jackets surprised everyone by bouncing previously undefeated Bexley 62-56 in a 'per- fectly played game. Delaware was trampled 80-66 the next night. Worthington again ended our winning streak at two, with a 48-45 overtime victory. League champion Urbana, extended our losing streak to two defeating our boys 61-50. Grandview was defeated 71-68 in a thrilling contest when they visited Mt. Vernon. The sixth victory of the season came the following night against Coshocton 67-62. Whitelmall ended our third two game winnings 70-60. Bexley scored a basket as the final gun sounded to defeat the Yellow jackets 64-62. Arlington gained revenge for our earlier defeat 78-70. The regular season was ended with a victory over Delaware 76-70. Fourth seeded Columbus Central was our opponent in the Central District tournament. The highly regarded Pirates came out on top in a thrilling contest 61-60. 121 YELLOW IACKETS STRIVE T0 WI Swish! junior forward Ben Lee C221 sinks a Get that rebound! and they did. Three Yellow Close-in shot against Whitehall. jacket players in white, jump for a rebound while two Bexley boys look on helplessly. with two of Whitehall's Rams for a rebound. 1 22 Turn me loose! jim Haas, m white, struggle Standing beside Coach Houston Schlosser are his two All-C.B.L. performers jim Haas 1423 and Gary Nell 1141. Haas, a senior, was awarded honorable mention on the all- league team. Nell, a junior, was unanimous first team choice. This is Nell's third straight year as a member of the team. 1958 1959 BASKETBALL Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Ashland Arlington Worthington Newark Urbana Grandview Zanesville Wlurtehall Bexley Delaware Worthington Urbana Grandview Coshocton Whitehall Bexley Arlington Delaware SEASON m. it m , , H 1- w +---..,..i- .wifi SU it , , .. . -1. , G-2 f if +V - ,.,..,4 . . ,, . 551 . Q 'T V .....,.... ,. ,,M, Fin! row: Mike O'Har1lon, Tom Parnell, Dick Nethers, Dan Omlor, Bob Yauger, Mike Potter. Semmi row: Manager Curtis Hicks, Jack Warrell, Dave Nash, Pat Alexander, Jim Neese, Dick Dowdell, Del Hickey Coach Charles Hill. RESERVE BASKETBALL SQUAD PHYSICAL FITNESS Firxl ww: Ken McClenathan, Gordon Coe, Louis Martin, Don Vogler, Bill MacDonald, Wesley Hines, jim London, Dave Gatchell, Coach jim Spicer. Second row: Joe Foust, Bob Barnard, john Rentz, Joe Yarman, Dave Yarman, Dave Mills, jerry Harper, Carl Fry, Glen Mackin. Third row: Ray Milligan, Tom Trace, Lee Coe, Larry Savage, Bill Pond, Don Finnell, Gary Rine, Mike Hynes. Coach jim Spicer plays referee as Don Finnell and Gary Rine begin to wrestle. 125 Franl: Managers Howard Pipes and Danny Sumners. l l First row: Coach Chuck Stanley, Ron Topp, John Waxman, Gary Goodson, Mike O'I-lanlon, Bob Italiano, Dick Van Houten, Fred Hoffman, Bruce Revennaugh, Lee Coe, jim London, Harold Welsh, Assistant Coach Chuck Hill. Second row: Gary Nell, Dale Clutter, Dave Mills, Ben Lee, Ken McClenathan, Ferd Emley, George Pfouts, Bob Clutter, Dave Silverwood, Dave McMahon, Larry Trowbridge, Del Hickey. BATMEN C0-CHAMPS GP C. B. L. Out! Dave Rardin is called out While attempting Safe! Bruce Revennaugh slides home scoring one to score in the game with Olentangy's Braves. Ben of the Mounts 13 runs against Olentangy. Lee U55 advances to first on the play. .Q ' " iw Swan . Mount Vernon Nine Divides Championship Coach Chuck Stanley's boys began league play by splitting a doubleheader with Worthington. Urbana was victimized twice by the Yellow jackets, and then we lost to Grandview. Mount Vernon split in their next two games by beating Whitehall and losing to Bexley. Dela- ware received its lirst defeat of the season from the jackets. This year's team advanced to quarter hnals of the Central District Tournament. Tournament hopes were squelched when District Champion, Columbus St. Charles, took the toll of the jackets 7-3. League play was resumed when Grandview defeated our boys the second time. The Yellow jackets then climbed to the top spot with Urbana by winning their last five games. TOP: George Pfouts delivers his mighty fast ball. BOTTOM: A Bexley player tries to beat out a bunt. Bob Italiano, only senior to make all C.B.L. lvg -' E. ' M SEVEN MAKE ALL-C.B.L. junior john Warman and senior Bob Italiano were selected on this year's All C. B. L. first team. Close behind in the balloting were junior George Pfouts and senior Fred Emley the two jacket mounds- men, who were named on the second team. Included on the honorable mention list are juniors Dale Clut- ter, Bruce Revennaugh, and Ben Lee. 127 Firfz row: Larry Savage, Larry Schafer, Don Finnell, Gary Rine, Mike Duckworth, Louis Martin, Mike Hynes, Marlin Hen- thorn. Second row: Ron Lockhart, Bill MacDonald, Don Vogler, Dean Henthorn, Dave Gatchell, Larry Woodland, john Rentz, Joe Yarman. Third raw: Joe Palmer, Reagh Underwood, Dick Omlor, Dick Nethers, Bob Yauger, Bump Omlor, Darrell Reynolds, jack Warrell, Terry Shira, Harry Bouton. Fourth row: Joe Youst, Tom Buckham, Jim Piar, jim George, Dave Mills, John Harris, John Seavolt. Fifth row: Coach jim Spicer, Don Carpet, Dave Yarman, Lynn Lasky, Alva Wilhelm, Bob Barnard, Glenn Mackin, john Ruclin. TRACKME HAMPERED BY Sophomore Terry Shira goes up and over the bar during a pole vaulting session. Marlin Henthorn, a Senior, clears the high jump barrier in a practice at Beam playground. LCDSS OF FIELD The trackmen's season was hindered greatly by the loss of their track during the january flood. All home meets were cancelled, and the jackets were forced to practice on an under sized self-constructed track. In two dual meets Coach Spicer's men were out- scored by Bexley 78 to 40, and Ashland 70 to 48. Mount Vernon finished nrst in a four way meet with Bellville, Plymouth, and Willard for their only .li J win. The Mounts finished fifth in the eight team Bucyrus Relays. In the annual C. B. L. meet the Yellow Jackets finished sixth with eight teams com- peting. Four year letterman, Gary Rine, finished first in the district meet and then competed in the state. This year's top point maker was junior Dick Omlor followed by seniors, Mike Duckworth, Gary Rine, and Don Finnell. Sonny Vance, Bill Pond, Milton Willianws, Don Harris, Pete Mondron, Tom Parnell, Sonny Mumaw, joe Outcalt, Coach "Tommy" Thomas. GOLFERS THIRD IN C. B. L '. Mount Vernon's 1959 golf team was the best in fourteen years according to golf coach "Tommy" Thomas. jacket Golfers had an impressive season record of fourteen wins and four losses. This included a league record of eight wins and four losses, good enough for third place, trailing only Whitehall and Upper Arlington. Don Harris was this year's medalist for the Yellow jackets at the district tournament. 1 U qi 130 Left: Head Baseball Coach Charles Stanley looks on intently as team- mates and opponents fight for the ball. Rigbl: Head Basketball Coach Houston Schlosser pops in two of his twenty- one points while jim Spicer, in white, and George Van Aman look on in amazement. FACULTY TRGMPS IU IGRS Did he make it? Don't know. Mr. Devol, Mr. Schlosser, Lee Coe, and Milton Willialns wonder what to do as the ball seems to be suspended on the rim. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Junior High Physical Fitness - left to right: Ron Rummel, Fred Daily, and Reed Hamilton. 132 Fin! row: Ron Stzlats, jim Dean, Larry Trowbridge. Second row: Dave Mills, jerry Harper, Dave Vas- binder. 'W INDIVIDUAL BOWLING CHAMP JOHN BANEY M,..L-. BOWLING TEAIVI CHAMPS Left zo rigbl: Mike Keller, joe Humbert, Tucker Burt Pete Mondron. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS SHUFFLEBOARD CHAMP BADMINTON CHAMP PING PONG CHAMP DON HEAGREN JOE HUMBERT MILTON WILLIAMS ...iw 4. Mr, fl 133 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO " . . .2:.a.1.'rf.J-2 I rg Mfrwirif- . :L '..'1+g ,'g9.,,1lj-1,1 nw., Y l, L.. .QT ' fviufiiw -3 H . 1? 1 . 7. . laf v . Xa-wifi. 'Q -I A ,. ., -Q S, Fin! row: G. A. A. Basketballg Sharon Ilger, Sandy Firft raw: G. A. A. Volleyballg Pam Beck, Donna Shoman, Evelyn Smith. Pond, jean Hurlow. Second row: Janice Cunningham, Karen Stoyle, Con- Sefond raw: Ruthann jamboski, Ann Farmer, Connie nie Gray, Ruthann Jamboski. Thomas, Karen Stoyle. GIRLS' COMPETITIVE SPORTS W l 134 INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Janice Cunningham, Connie Gray, Sandy Osborn, Ann Farmer, Karen Stoyle. G. A. A. OFFICERS Fir-11 row: julie Daly, Social chairmang Shirley String- fellow presidentg Sue Kadow, parliamentarian. Second row: Sally Imel, vice-presiclentg Ruthann Iam- boski, treasurerg Lennie Henry, secretary. The Girls' Athletic Association is an association for girls interested in athletics and good sportsmanship. This year the G. A. A. has been very active. Their volleyball and basketball teams defeated all the neighboring G. A. A. teams that they played. The organization also sponsored a family at Christmas and a Sadie Hawkins Dance in the spring. Janice Stoneburner, Shirley Stringfellow, and Ruth- ann Iamboski are selling Mount Vernon High jewelry at noon, in the hall. One of the many G. A. A. volleyball games 135 'Jag 'aw-1 ,. as , mg: ,M 9 'f 'L'-':.1"v :ff I ,- E:-pn.. 9-123: .,':',..g' nr'r1M.-rg: N" V' 41 I 'iii' 1 H-e'1awFL:'.J2 .. , , v .Mu , 'fi-,v WV 1 ff? AWAY 1 m"5?y U :Jim S1513 ' 'HW 1 Q 1.1 au '. . .I . .JF Hin -N 5' A -L il' 1 , 2- I'-f qs-Qxn M E. S 1 .: -"- .U 5' 5' '- , Q hail, ,- 1 L 5 nh, .4 A 1 fly? .rl 1 1 'V ' :e:,5fQ:a': .3 ,, fl 1 'f q jv cg i, 'i' Nl '-'gg . 1 .-.l,:,f 75-.- - ,.. M4 .5-qw ugzlgpwz H - NH 1?-XM! I The doorway to Entertainment and Fun is opened by SOCIETY Beth Banning, 1958 Forum Queen, opens the door for pleasure. r Pg 1 e 7 WHT? FOOTBALL QUEEN DIANE DAILY Pretty Diane Daily was chosen by the Fighting Yellow Jackets as the 1958 Home- coming Queen. Ruth Reed, last year's queen, was present at the field to present Queen Diane with the gold, 'Student Council, football. Although Mount Vernon bowed out to Urbana with a 22 to 16 loss, the spirits were not dampened at the after-game dance where Diane and her escort Jerry Harper were the reigning couple. Katie Blue Susie Baube Connie GraY Ann Farmer 1, f-A I 11, l 5 H ,,, A i l 1 Q "'t 3-gi il rqfrfgjfi ' led in-11' .ii , di Nh.. The Queen and her attendants along with Cheerleaders Jodie Trace and Karen Stoyle led the crowd in cheering at the Homecoming Game. HOMECOMI G HIGHLIGHTS FOGTBALL SEASGN Mount Vernon High's Yellow jackets chose pretty Cheerleader, Diane Daily, to reign as their Football Queen. Queen Diane and her attendants gave the team all their support, even though it was rr night of defeat. ' Queen Diane and her escort, jerry Harper, begin the I-lumecoming Dance. 139 The "Fighting Yellow jackets" have been led through football and basketball season by these six vivucious cheerleaders. They are: Top - Jodie Traceg Slfllldillg - Susie Baube, Diane Daily. Kneeling. left lo rigbl - Connie Gray, Karen Stoyle, and Judie Sullivan. 1958 - 59 CHEERLEADERS "out of this world." Remember the beep l beep-beep of the Martian cheer? 140 Some of the "Thuses" proved to hc. The hrst out-door "thuse" was a blg succcss Here they come theme they go THUSE BOOSTS TE M SPIRIT Top Zell: Coaches Schlosscr, -Iarvis and Spicer take part in football thuse. "O-Baby, you KNOW what I like." Top, rigbz: "Tum me loose - Daddy-o, I've come of age." Bormm, left: "Everyone was there." Brflfonz, right: "Tallahassee Lassie." QCoach Hillj THE MARCHI G Firrt row: Joyce Rinard, Sinda Hull, Don Norris, Howard Baer, Bill Woods, Virgil Hemplield, john Ralston, Judy Edick, Sharon Horn. Serorzrl row: Beverly Ackerman, Barbara Mahard, Merlin Levering, Sharon Scott, Sandy Guinther, Sally Tanner, Evelyn Fallis, Ann Wacker, Brooksie Wriglit, Sharon Beckett, Third mw: Larry Jones, Evan Rice, Linda Lasky, Sharon Ilger, Barbara Eyster, Mary Flecknoe, Pamela Gueulette, Geneva Shrontz, Diana Wilson, Sally Jones, Beverly Crawford. Fourlh row: jim Beroth, Mary Gardner, Susan Holcombe, Nancy Delaney, Carol Davis, Carolyn Conard, Laurel Engel, Margaret Butcher, Varian Simmons, Francis Zink. Fifth row: Mr. Bechtel, Assistant Band Director, Neal Springer, Doug Little, Don Heagren, David Hollifxeld, jack Peter- man, Richard Van Houten, jim Bemiller. Sixlla row: Lloyd Gaumer, Dave Dauphin, Pam Beck, jack Bartlett, Barbara Harmon, Lennie Henry. l42 O EI-IU DRED Firrl row: Sue Alexander, Sharon Bateman, Gary Beeman, Craig Wriglit, jean Shaffer, Allan Helser, Glenn Marchal, Linda Hull, Pam Norris, Semin! roun' Carol Grimm, Beth McPherson, Mary Jean Ball, Betty Kymer, Sandra Weaver, Linda Shultz, Carol Wallace, Bob Bricker, Carlena Ayers, Maria Piazze. Third row: Marilyn Calkins, Betty Fox, Dixie Bartlett, Connie Crist, Robert Swingle, Ann Auker, Patty Jo Riley, Lana Smith, Lorraine jefferson. Fourzb raw: Linda Severns, Gary Hill, Carolyn Tucker, Susan Morain, Nancy George, Ashby Lewis, Karen Thompson Fifrlv ww: Ronnie Lockhart, Louis Reese, Lewis Sleeman, Bruce I-lite, Billie Knecht, David Sanner, Sounie Mumaw, Mr. jack Stauch, Head Band Director. Sixth row: Doug Cameron, Bill Buker, Sandy Dunn, Mary Allen, Ruth Ann Gordon, Al Banning, Darrell Gilbert. 143 THE MARCHING 100 CO VERTS Firrt row: Sandra Weaver, Evelyn Fallis, Beth McPherson, Betty Kymer, Sharon Beckett. Second row: Bob Buker, Diana Wilson, Sally jones, Marilyn Calkins, Connie Crist, Pam Gueulette, Lana Smith, Patty Jo Riley, Linda Lasky. Third raw: Betty Fox, Patsy Melcher, Carol Wallace, Geneva Shrontz, Linda Shultz, Sandra Guinther, Sharon Scott, Sharon Cornille, Judy Perrin, Saundra Neese, Susan Morain, Linda Severns, Fourth raw: jim Beroth, jack Peterman, Cstanclingj Barbara Eyster, Mary Flecknoe, Sally Tanner, Merlin Levering, Lee Rhoades. Fifth row: Mary Allen, Sandy Dunn, Barbara Harmon, lack Bartlett, Bill Buker, Doug Cameron, Karen Stoyle, Dave Dauphin, David Nash. 144 T0 A CONCERT BA D Firrt row: Brooksie Wright, Carol Grirnm, Dixie Bartlett, Ann Auker, Nancy Delaney, Susan Holcombe. Second 1-aw: Sharon Gallegher, Lorraine Jefferson, Esther Fetter, Karen Thompson, Jane Painter, Carolyn Tucker, Varian Simmons, Sharon Ilger. Third row: Laurel Engel, Carolyn Conard, Mary Gardner, Sonny Mumaw, Ashby Lewis, Billie Knecht, Dave Sanner, Phil Knox, Lewis Reese, Bruce Hite, Lewis Sleeman, Nancy Geore. Fourth row: Albert Banning, Lloyd Gaumer, Darrell Gilbert, Sue Alexander, Carol Orsborn, Allan Helser, Howard Baer, Bill Wood, Sharon Bateman, john Ralston, Gary Beeman, Virgil Hernplield, Judy Edick, Dave Frye, Mr. Robert Bechtel, Mr. Jack Stauch, directors. After football season, many of the members of the Marching 100 continue training in the high school concert band. This organization presented its annual spring concert April 3-4. 145 SENIOR CHOIR Firrz row: Director Mr. Jack Stauch, Jim London, Sharon Postell, Marie Taylor, Bunny Hauger, Judy Stenzel, Lynda Hagan, Judy Hill, Joan Gullett, Ann Brooks, Sue Brooks, Max Clutter, Tom Falter, Jack Peterman. Seroud rauu' Jack Coss, Jean Taylor, Susan Taylor, Sheryl Durbin, Frances Rummel, Susan Graves, Peggy Jamboski, Dave Purdy, Ron Crago, Don Biefnes, Jim Miller, Nancy Martin. Third row: Kathy Mowrey, Patty Payne, Gary Hill, Judy Frady, Barbara Neighbarger, Marlene McLarnan, Judy Kuivinen, Janine Keenan. Fourth row: Tucker Burt, Reagh Underwood, Doug Cameron, Pat Bryan, Linda Wilson, Jane McDonald, Kay Beach, Judy Wilson, Linda Young, Kay Baer, Beverly Crawford, Earl Levering, Tom Lybarger, Charles Leibel, Tom Bartlett. SENIOR CHOIR OFFICERS president. 146 Doug Cameron, secretary-treasurer-g Ina- marie Walker, president, Tucker Burt, vice- SENIOR ORCHESTRA GIVES CONCERT Firfl row: Sheila Barr, Concert Mistressg Ann Farmer, Suzy Allen, Linda Hunter, Trudy Maier, Nancy Pumphrey, Barbara McCa1la, Beverly Beroth, Donna Duclgeon, Sue Brooks. Serond row: Lorinda Netolick, Ann Bouton, Linda Sturtevant. Leslie Haney, Dixie Bartlett, Beth McPherson, Ann Wacker, Geneva Shrontz, Diana Wilson, Carolyn Tucker, Susan Holcombe. Third row: Mr. Kramer, Mr. Stauch, Charlene Henry, Janet Baker, Sharon Moran, Barbara Harmon, Jodie Trace, Virgil Hemplield, Dave Frye, Phil Knox, Bruce Hire, Margaret Burgess, Dick Nethers, Karen Stoyle. One of the busiest musical organizations is the Mount Vernon High Senior Or- chestra. In addition to its annual winter concert, the orchestra plays for various assemblies throughout the school year. This group also plays for baccalaureate and commencement. This organization is composed of approximately forty members of whom seven are 1959 graduates. Senior Choir presents Easter pro- gram for the whole school. 147 LEADERS OF MUSIC Firrz row: Varian Simmons, Judy Perrin, Sharon Cornille, Saundra Neese. Second row: Bob Buker, Marilyn Calkins, Sally Jones, Diana Wilson. Third raw: Mary Allen, Phil Knox, Bruce Hite, Ashby Lewis, Nancy George. Fourth row: Jim Beroth, Howard Baer, Lewis Sleernan, John Ralston. , ss-l -1' E . I 'f g ,S -""-95.3 148 Sergeants and Corporals of the Marching 100 OFFICERS OF CONCERT BAND Sharon Cornille - President Judy Perrin - Vice-President Varian Simmons - Treasurer john Ralston - Secretary The Marching 100 practices for one of their many performances of the football season.. Refugees from band camp. The saxophonists of the new dance band, The Mellow jackets, are preparing for another appearance. 1 "MERRY CHRISTMAS, The All High School Play, "Merry Christ- mas, Mr. Baxter," was presented on November 17, 1958. This two-act play was concerned with the approach of the Christmas season and its effect on Mr. Baxter and his family. This comedy with a happy ending provided great entertainment and was well received by the audience. Mrs. Truxall advises Diane Daily and Terry Tucker on stage directions. MR. BAXTER' George Baxter Susan Baxter . CHARACTERS David Gueulette Judy Frady Polly Baxter .,,,... ..... B eth Banning Milly ............ Suzette Cox Linda Young julie Daly Grant Cox .,...., ......... T erry Tucker Bobby .........,. George f"Gee Molly Baxter 'Ianey ............. An Old Lady A Girl .......... Sandy ..... Ronnie Woolson Bee"j Baxter, Jr. .... Richard Fowler Mary Nicole Kreutz Debby Ward joan Kinnard Diane Daily Kathy Stauch g TOP - Ronnie Woolson is apprehended by his "father," Terry Tucker, as julie Daly, Richard Fowler and Judy Frady look on. BOTTOM - The singing of "Deck The Halls" by the entire cast provides a happy ending. Dave Gueulette counsels his daughter, Beth Banning, about her personal problems. MONEY MAD,' janet Baker and Gary Nell talk over money matters with their parents, Judy Frady, Amy Magill, and Rollin Seibold. Frank Beam, as a real estate agent, presents a Gary Goodson, Mary jean Ball, Lennie Henry, proposition to Judy Frady, Rollin Seibold, and Dale Evelyn Fallis, and Bruce Revennaugh discuss cheers. Clutter. 152 Edgar Blakely ........ Cora Blakely ....... Janet Blakely ...,................ 1UN1oR CLASS PLAY Rollin Seibold Judy Frady janet Baker Barbara fBabsj Blakely ...... ....... J udie Sullivan Larry Hobson ................... Maude Hobson Keith Hobson .,...... Rickey Hobson Ellie Fuggle ............ Maggie Murphy Mr. Grant .............. Dale Clutter Amy Magill Gary Nell Thomas Boyd Carol Lyn Clark Carolyn Kochis Frank Beam Tony Srnellero ....... .............. J ames London jimmy Collins ........ ........ B ruce Revennaugh Eddie Brock ........ Bob Turner ........ Gloria Horton ....... Alma Gilmore ....... Dotty Regan ....... The arrival of jim London, an Ital- ian Hsh peddler, divulges a problem for Rollin Seibold and Dale Clutter. Peter Pitkin Gary Goodson Evelyn Fallis Charlene Henry Mary Jean Ball Lennie Henry and Judie Sullivan present a hill billy act. SENICDR CLASS PLAY The entire cast rehearse the finale for "The Admirable Crichton." 154 Dave Taylor and Sally Heintz caught a romantic pose THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON A Fantasy in Four Acts by Sir James M. Barrie Friday Evening, May 15, 1959 Alumni Auditorium SYNOPSIS ACT I - The drawing room in the Earl of Loam's house in Mayfair. 4:50 P. M Summer. ACT II - The Island. Two months later. ACT III - The Island. Two years later. ACT IV - The drawing room in the Earl of Loam's house. An evening in early SllfI'1IT1C1' . Directed by Mrs. Ruth Truxall. C Mr. Crichton ...................... ....... J acques Transue The Hon. Ernest Woolley ....... The Rev. John Treherne ....... Terry Tucker David Brown Lord Brocklehourst ........ ........ D avid Taylor Fisher .......................... ....... C arlena Ayers Lady Agatha Lasenby ........ ........ L ois Corcoran Lady Catherine Lasenby ........ Lady Mary Lasenby ....... The Earl of Loam ....... ....... Tompsett .............. ..... Eliza fTweenyJ ....... Naval Otiicer ..................... ....... Diane Daily Sarah I-Ieintz David Gueulette William Reynard Jodie Trace . Jon McCluskey Countess of Brocklehurst ....... ...... B everly Beroth AST Servants at the Earl of Loam's: l55 Mrs. Perkins ..... ............. ........ E l aine Shuff M. Fleury ....... Michael Karady Rolleston ............ ....... J ohn Ferguson Miss Simmons .......... Carol Boyd Madamoiselle Jeanne ...... ..... S haron Postell Thomas ..................... John ...... Jane ...... Gladys ...... Stable Boy .......... Kitchen Wench Page Boy ........ Fred Emley . Michael Hynes Lynda Hagan Joyce Rinard .. Eric Ritterhoff Barbara Mahard Donald Norris FORUM FOLLIES USED PROGRAM Mistress of Ceremonies ........ ...,...5.,..,. , ,T ,.,,,.......,,. , ,, , ,,,,,,,,,,. Sandra Lane Master of Ceremonies ...... ............ ,.......,.,,.. ....,..........,..,..............,.,,,,.,,,,,,,., M i k e Hynes Overture ......................................................r,. H ........................................... Mellow jackets Fan Fare .................................... Judy Frady, julie Daly, Carol Lescalleet, Carolyn Kochis Introduction of the Forum Queen's Court PRESENTATION OF THE 1959 FORUM QUEEN AND HER ATTENDANT S Music for the Procession ................................,..,...,.............,.......,.,..,,,,...... Mellow jackets Sleeping Beauty .........................,..................r....,,...,.......,,................,... Luanna McKinstry "Star Dust" ................... ............................... S ally Tanner Colorama Folklore ..... .................................... F olk Dancers Directed by Mrs. Ralph Barton Remember That Day .,.... ....................................... H ighlighters Directed by Mrs. Fae O'Bryar1 Tap Boogie ............. .........,................,..,.......... P atty Finnell Umbrella Dance ....... ...... I. inda Hull, Sinda Hull, Pam Norris "Polonaise" ..,.......... ........,.........i..............,..,.......... C arol Sue Oakes "Jericho" ..................,........ .........i.....................................,.,......... T he Felines Directed by Mary Lamb and Sharon Ilger "Bess You Is My Woman" ..... ................ I namarie Walker and Charles Leibel "The Bells of St. Mary" .......... ............ C arola Ann Adams and Queen's Court "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" .... ...... P eggy Agnew, Kaye Baer, Beverly Crawford Lady in Red ............................ .... 4 ................................,..,..,.... F rances Rummel "Steam Heat" .............................. .......................................,....,.. The Abstracts Directed by Karen Walker "Liebesfreud" and "Blue Hawaii" .... ............................... B ruce I-Iite 156 COLORAMA AS THE 1959 THEME "The Day That the Rains Came" ......., Carol Sue Oakes, Linda Young, Inamarie Walker "Three O'Clock in the Morning ........................,.........,..........................,...... Sharon Wells "I'm Looking over a Four Leaf Clover" ..................,................................. Tom Buckham I ve Got Rhythm- : ................................ "Melody of Love" u Without a Song" ..... The Hectic Hour ..,....... "Tea for Two Cha Cha" "Jamaican Rhumban Tap Quartet .............. Medley ...................... "Ain't She Sweet" "I Double Dare You" ..... .. Teen To gs ........,..................... Boogie Woogie Variations ........... "How Could You Believe Me" Baton Speciality .......,.................. The Polka Dots Directed by Carol Ogg FORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Directed by Susie Baube Charles Leibel Lizbeth Fullemann, jane Painter, 'jean Shick, Beth Imhoff, Carol Hoecker Freshmen Friskies Directed by Luanna McKinstry Nancy Martin and Judy Kuivinen The Zolmans, Charles, Dennis, David and jeff Mellow jackets The Queen's Court Directed by Carlena Ayers Linda Young Narrator, Ron Staats Phil Knox Sharon Ilger and Doug Cameron Don Norris and David Thompson "Friendship" ....r.,,,,.,............,.....,... ........... M arjorie Shultz, Carol Boyd, Susan Winger, "Tan Shoes and Pink Shoe Laces" "Hawaiian War Chant" .............. .. Sue Annable, Sheryl Durbin, Janice Fletcher Carlena Ayers and Dave McMahon Mauna Loa Girls Directed by Carlena Ayers 157 Cl0clazoiJe.' junior Attendants, Ann Farmer, Barbara Bone, Connie Grayg Forum Queen, Beth Bzmningg Senior Attendants, Judy Perrin, Susie Baube, Kathryn Blue. THE 1959 EORUM QUEEN AND HER ATTEN DAN TS 158 ' Judy Fracly, julie Daly, C1rol Lescallcct md Carolyn Kochis announce the opening of the 1959 Forum Show R-. V: Y H NL . , A If J! X ?'4Q z'i A Msg Q , , , : :T-n 2' .Q 3' vx 7 , 'LT as E 7' J 1 f, i , V I I 4 1 . . 'if .5-fag 'e".'fs E - i 4 68242 Q Q.. F I 'n 5 film! 1 n fx' Q 1 I 3 ' Q Q 1 3 1 o Y I I if ll B lk r ? rw r a Q ZEN x...- A 4 as n as J P! . YQ an . 'Ml nw ,,,... , f' if 1.71, s,'1' . , - .v in ,, fi" V' Q fi? 'fx ' ","W"" 1 I .-- ,Q-1 X ' . W1 -Q - X l4,,.. wig? ., Q V- . ' hd J " 4: V ff' 731 "bv fm' .M , k , j-. 1 .9 -"" """ 1 11? T I Q 5 ' V ' E155 -, " I M23 I , 6 ., gg HY' .N .Zi '-im, N ' f K f E ' " lf, Q A -4 ., - " I 1 1 L 1 . il- v 3 ' V' 2 .W i Firrt row: Jodie Trace, Diane Daily, Sandra Lane, Sharon Cornille, Carlena Ayers, Carol Sue Oakes, Inamarie Walke1'. Semnd row: Mike Keller, Don Finnell, Mike Hynes, Tony McCluskey, Dave McMahon, Fred Emley, Dave Taylor. THE QUEENS SENIOR COURT The Queen's court attempts a routine cha-cha Queen Beth and her attendants entertain with a waltz. to "Ain't She Sweet." l w 160 fn Fin: row: Peggy Agnew, Kay Sanner, Karen Walker, Sandy Osborn, Ruth Ann Gordon, Lennie Henry, Beth Boyd. Second row: Ben Lee, Dale Clutter, Gary Rine, Jerry Mills, Gary Goodson, Milton Williams, john Warman. HER MAIESTYS IU IOR COURT The sophomores do a modernistic version of Jericho. A hilarious comedy was presented by the senior line 161 'With a pleasing smile, Carlena Ayers accepts the honor of being part of the Forum Qucen's Court from Mrs. james Spicer, who was Mount Vernon's Sweetheart in 1949 ASSEMBLIES BREAK TI-IE 1 162 The American Legion repre- sentatives congratulate Charles I-lolcomhe, Terry Tucker, Bill Reyrmrd, and Rodger Drnbick on being chosen to attend Boys' State. Patrolman Jobe, judge Elaine Mayhew, Mr. Wiggins, Gary Good- son, and Patrolman Rine present a program on automobile safety, which included slides of various accidents. MO OTO Y OP CLASSROOM WORK A leading scientist from Oakridge shows the audience the theory of radiation with the assistance of Bill Hunnicut and Carol Sue Oakes. 163 Top left: Curtis Hicks and Mr. Robeson make friends with the "quick brown fox." Top riglai: Physics students learn dialing system as the class visits the telephone company. Bottom left: Peggy Anderson uses sister Janet as an home ec. project. Bottom right: Scott Mintier, John Warman, and Ruth Ann Gordon prepare to initiate the Warriors. ,A 164 Sophomores take National Merit Qualifying tests in preparation for taking the National Merit Scholarship tests next year. The tests were admin- istered in the girls' gym. Silliugx Varian Simmons, F.T.A.g Don Norris, F.B.L.A.g Shirley Stringfellow, G.A.A.g Teresa Cofling, Libraryg Beth Banning, Y-Teensg Sharon Cornille, Bandg Terry Tucker, Hi-Yg Bill Reynard, Senior Class. Sffzudizzg: Janice Cunningham, Pep Clubg Richard Fowler, F.F.A,g Peggy Anderson, F.H.A.g Diane Daily, Spanish Club lg Dale Clutter, Junior Classg Nancy Martin, Student Councilg Judy Kuivinen, F.N.A.g Judy Stenzel, Spanish Club II. PRESIDE TS REPRESE T LEADERSHIP Participation in activities encourages leadership among high school students. There are several organizations in our school which promote service both to the school and to the community. Each group is headed by ofhcers who appoint committees and see that the work of the club or class is carried out. Pictured above are the presidents of the organizations and the junior and Senior classes. 165 JUST ARG D scHooL 1. Noon hour gives the girls time to catch up on 2. the latest gossip. 3. Look at the birdie! 5. The junior high cheerleaders cheered their 6. team on to victory many times. ' 6 Varian Simmons takes a subscription for the Forum. Miss Wriglit and Mr. Warrick look with pleasure at the many Christmas baskets. Nancy Martin is pleased to present the courtesy awards at the Student Shindig. 1 Peggy Andcrson mwkes a sale fm the FHA 2 Mr Wiggins IS giving instructions to the juniors for next ye-.11 S scheduling mm PLLPII' to bit up thc PA bystcm 4 Is the school going to the dogs! 167 5. Bill Boner, Bill Reynard, and Harry Zimmer- A . I lb fl inn- 5 1 b-,,,' if '. ' , - ,,. , , 1-Stir:--JXXQ' an., I . I 4 --M---'----1 -H - Mm W q ' T rr ' Q -' ni. 2:7 'x 5 'N 5 1 ' g' I YU 'W 9 ' ' " " .f'VT""V"llfV , -W 1' mi L 5 ' Amin. 19 fm w '?,,gf?'l' iw ' M ,. ' L .Q-QQ., 3 53 H, A ' A 13 ' if ..' C f Nl I . I ' U ', 7 w Agua!!! ,ly 5 Ev? U, m H 1 m X N .4 V V tri? ,twF!'lJ'1' 'WEL X , 4: wif Q1i'f,,x,"Q 4.5 1 I aryl 3 ,gl V 4 'fx ' 1 if! Eg P J" -5- 11' w" 'f' . f W JM- - '14 .1 i rw V" A ww ' J v f -V 'W.5'k.w: ,L i 1 . ' m w M A N '. ' gr w y PN F ' . 4 E ' -Vi Y-L ' wr Rf , V ' '. fv A v rim "Nu 5,. , . , - :ww ' 9 ., UI -,,1, 1 V' U . ,P i a 1 1 , Q 5 xf H ,IV 5 w Q, 'l f uw A . .3 1 1 , 5 VL? F. ,L i. - 1 A ,pu :Ji " s Ni' 1 at...-g 3: , N. ' CS L ,S .H .S-s :iiTTE3i".r1'f3u i: E .1 A pathway leads straight from the school to the doorway of future life for SENIGRS Sandra Lane and Mike Hynes pass through the high school doors for the last time. , "1-Sf ' wh ' 'aw ' V , . I 2. ,fjiifg . Y, .5 I, ' h rg ' iq ' ""- J I Y vll A A .L K J E 1 .1 e ,, l -.- S ' ff' . f,. V. L. 1 - . F If 'Q ' L 1 ' ,gi ,. M 1 1 X 'L " f r 4 P' V r X9 Y W ez um -W nl J Q . 9 ., I , YXJQ -ff-,LJ f-Y-. ,, --,J-', Y , ,.,, ,..5,j.f?T? 716, . Qfbgfg,-.,: aj?" j,nf:l5.,' -jf... A ,,m.5svy,fQ,,, --.H M 'H' i.25"'wff' iegmwgaz 1 , ,. " 'L,?g3J. 'N N nd 1 is , "Mm X. fs' 1 --my , 1, - Ei: 'J , W -V , , "q Qf:j-i7.faf- 1 Higmu Mwji -N mx ,- - nib wife Zi., 5 Y! I l a, W- :YQ ......--- ---- , 1352121 "vw , msmmqw H u 1 . R EL l ff' 1-.2 M' 1 h ' .lr I A 'Lx ' f J ' 4 J 1 M l',,'l :M FW' hy, 4' B!! i .4- 3 41" S HQ. 4 I Ili 1 Fi f ' Q w I' ,VV ' L? I TV. "'V-ai' - Vt MJ: J ' -1- V ' - v VI I jjj: 51 ,A 1. Q Q- 2 V VV V -V KVO 7 W 11: A JQBJ' 'VVV 'tVv'ii1.Vf'x 3 A , . V, f 1 - Vi? .A .n A . Q w 05 -V ,V ef 5 1 2 A .' , 1 1, , - . ' . ' . .. - K.. ' A., fr ' W QJA, 13' W! .1 :T-iii-. . A Q F! X J 1 , uw., Vail 'Af 'rim ' 1 -- V! L cg? U 'VNV' . 'lY"Q'. . "'fl'fia iV 'fWQk' V IL' f L rl 1 , fl ' ' ' W, V U ' ' f V' ' . s AVN! 'Y-Iwi Y, A ,,U'VV' V ,V N V fs: Q -1 V ' , V J" ' ,H 4 yu , T N H, 5 H. 4 V , I V is VJ ,,., VV5 ,A V V :VV Vx V,' VV' F I - K VV V gag., 'VLN' 'T-,V l I ,V V V VI' P ,f' gy V , A A V F f N 5, Q ,ix If 53:1 3651 . ,QAVVVV ' V , ,r . V. VV HV V, ,H . .1 t V ' rl' V I V IQ, -- 4731: AVL' - li J , I U I-' ' N . ,-df'-,'4'Av a L ew ll .f , ' 9, . ' ng.. fiiif 5 Vw 1 I n V I' ' .A f ,. N , 'I ' V ' ' ff .1 5. + 1 f . I I X J W. V ' ,:.. u." N, " :N ,W . If I gif' N ,. 'J ' if Q' P. ' ef ,. I Q 1 w I' "7 ' V . s' 1" ' V ,A , V4 'gh' 'I ' Y 5 ' 'Vi' " ' ' fir- if MM f ' I ll . 6 V ' 9 I V : 7 I 'if All -' 31 H 1 .' S 4 Q 7, . . ' i ' r ? , L" SV 3,2 ' V VVVI' ' P ' . Q ' 0 W NH' f . V V- 5 ,. Ar 1 A qi. V,. V VV I . . Av, V ,V V V V , A K? W r Y X, E . . V, ,V , . , V 3 'U 2 if ? n f g HN , -1 ' ,uw K 1,3 ' I 1 . ' V, ' . ..- , f , -" H- 1 f 41-I I , V V, 1 VN ,wx ' '5 ' V I ,A X lu ,W V' x , 5- t-"' 5 5, g.f ' W' Q L + . k if 5 ' 1 , V FV ,- Y 1 5,-5 ',v 1 f ' Y 1 L ' VV l V Qf?5VfN VV- V.,H,,,,4p, sw 1. 'ff V L - My . ,' - wg A1,'V5. F , ,, , - , Nz,-ug1.1 sl- Askgi-:g,gi.iV"v '- V V H VT. - V Vf.,,,,-,LV gp 1 -ONE 4 "T ' f 'jpf 1 -. 5 fd V wAY " .-.A .lf ...J ' ' .' .- ' , 5-f':nL:Tc',. -LA.:.3fVf-V , , , -T Lf' 1 -5f.gl1Vf1 ""' '4'Qi.F:L"'2"'i1 1:5 "fl 7 ' 'N' ' A 1 I 'Kiwi "' ' 'gli I V'., 4 :V Yi 'ViVnl,VxVAVVVVV'- uw V- 1 VV:jV qi, . VV la 5 u-4, 1 V ,. , , , , H? P: .v.n, ,.-4 1,-J, . . . V - ,w X..Vf , d., , 9-f jifaig .At WAV S' fm- V -r Li, -. a4 'gr FGRUM FRIENDS Phillip Mauger - Mayor of Mount Vernon Robert Hoecker, M.D. Eckenroads J. Fred Minnich, D.D.S. Marie's Diner C. W. Trott, M.D. Lee F. Kramer, M.D. Simmons Disposal Service Factor Beauty Shop Leroy's jeweler Round the Clock Signs Woods Hardware Parnell Brothers Wintermute's Antique Shop Phil Thompson, Registered jeweler Kousoulas Cleaners Robert Eastman, M.D. Mount Vernon Sporting Goods Richman Brothers Clothes john Drake, M.D. Alexander Mack, M.D. Richard Smythe, M.D. John Baube, M.D. Roger Tarr, M.D. George Deeley, D.D.S. Kresge Ralph Beery - Chiropractor joseph W. Sellers, D.D.S. B. B. Sturtevant, D.D.S. Zelkowitz and Barry - Attorneys George B. Imhoff, M.D. John Fowler, D.D.S. T. L. Bogardus, jr., M.D. J. L. Koch, D.O. james C. McLarnan, M.D. Gordon H. Pumphrey, M.D. Lamar Reynard, D.D.S. Towne and Country Shoppe C. K. Salisbury and Son at Law C 01zgmtulati01zs To The Gmduating C lass of 1959 THE ALCOVE Compliments and Best IVislaes from your Electric Service Company OHIO PQWLR XJ! COMPANY 173 Compliments of Sears Roebuck and Co. 14 E. Gambier St. Phone EX 3-2015 Cornell - Endsley 35 East Gambier Street O Phone EX 2-9841 It's Insurance - We Have It FRANK AND JOHN BEAM ADVERTISE THEIR FATHER'S BUSINESS Complzments of Q 011111130110 W1 1111111100 'N .-, NEWARK ROAD f ,YQLLFZLUMEEBJSULMBER 33901 YOUR LUMBER NUMBER EX 3-2056 For complete building materials and planning servic in residential and farm construction WHERE QUALITY IS A FACT 7 -T Q - 4' Q fi 4 V K4 -- - - - - V' 'f s --' - ML W I , -- . ' Patronize Our Advertisers SOUTH MAIN GULF 405 S. Main St. Phone EX 2-0036 ESTABLISHED 1922 "Mother Loved Our Flowers" WILLIAMS FLOWER SHOP 114 S. Main Street 174 For 1959 it's RUDIN'S Q FOR YOUR GENERATION TOO! 107 SOUTH MAIN ST. PHONE EX 3-1886 C3ill,S Grocery School Supplies d Candy -i01 N. Mulberry S LEMASTERS FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN I 5?- . ,K-R + Guy E. Lipps 102 W. Gambier St. Phone - EX 3-1038 W ,, A 176 PHOTOGRAPHERS D. Garverick 31 S. Gambier St. Phone - EX 2-1057 james Israel Master of Photography 9 W. High sf. Phone - EX 2-5896 EUNEEHATULATIUNS lo lhe . LUUIS SHIPBUILDINE 8t STEEL EU. on THE Mfv UNITED STATES i . , most powerful towboat in the World... ef' if li 8500 COOPER-BESSEMER HGRSEPOWER -Q by the St. Louis Shipbuilding and Steel Co. for the Federal Barge . . . the MXV United States is the mightiest towboat on the capable of pushing a tow of forty barges. cl talk about power . . . four Cooper-Bessemer LS diesel engines, th "Vapor Phase" cooling and burning heavy fuel, total 8500 horse- wer of long-term eficiency and availability. oper-Bessemer engines, built in Mount Vernon and Grove City, nnsylvania, are operating in all parts of the world . . . wherever 1 finest in heavy-duty power is a must. GENERAL OFFICES: MOUNT VERNUN, OHIO momxsx :us - mssn - on-ousn cow-nmssons. unnecnms Ann cmvnruau.. mm on Malo: muvm BRANCH OFFICES: New York City ' Seattle. Wash. - Chicano, Ill. ' Houston. Texas. ' Washington. D. C. ' San Francisco and Las Angeles, Calif. ' St. Louis. Mo. ' Gloucester. Mass. - New Orleans. La. 5ouSIDlARIES: COOPER-BESSEMER OF CANADA. LTD .... Toronto ' Halifax. Nova Scotia COOPER-BESSEMER INTERNATIDNAL CURPORATION . . New York ' Caracas Keep up with the rest of the world - Read your daily newspaper thoroughly LOCAL - STATE - NATIONAL - WORLD N EWS 0 SPORTS 0 BUSINESS 0 EDITORIALS 0 POLITICS 0 COMICS 0 ADVERTISING 0 SOCIAL 0 FEAT'URES ccBest of Luck and Success to the members of the Class of 959.99 MUUNT VERNUN NEWS "Knox Countyiv Home Newspaper" ABC CIRCULATION - 10,800 omega PEOPLE'S Hamilton Bulo Allen Jewelers 7 East Gambier St. FOSTER'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY SHOE STORE 178 Service With A Smile H A D L E Y'S Furniture and Appliances Cash or Terms 23 East Gambier Street Phone EX 2-1896 G. R. Smith 81 Co i": HARDWARE PLUMBING AND S HARIHS FLUWERS ELEQTRICAL supprms GIFTS - CARDS "When you say it with flowers, 1-.5 my if with gm-5" "Good Service to You, a Pleasure to Us .., ,,., W F , .:.:. 1 f .. .. . A '?,:j.4, 53.5.4 f g:,s Q 53522 ' ':Z:Ig:32g:::.g.::-g.-.-,.... - ,H..I.-.-.-.-.-.-:-:-:5:55-I1:25:3:?:7:5:f:1:2-:-:-:5:5:f:5:3:5:2g5-:-:':I:1:CgIg:y:g:5:-:-:5:5:2:2yrg:g:5:g:-1':!:?:i:2gIgrg:g1g:4:i:5:i:3:2:C" rr"-'-!5Z3:3:5:5:I:I: ''1:131:23:91-:7:5:-:-:-' , ,Q-'-LG-uk' 'S 1 ' , - .V . ziaifi-1"-.J t 1515252E2ErE15:5:5:2:r:2:r:r1'P'j.,..-.--A-A--'-'ff-'P-A'-'22525:25:2:ISIE1ErE:3:5:3:515:5:rE1E2Er5:5:5:5:5:5:3:rErEf?E:5:5:5:5:5:::r:rirSr5:5:5:5:5:5:5:rE1E2E2E:5:5:5:5:5:1:1:1E1Er?:E:5:2:5:5:5:23152ErEr5:5:5:5:f:fzf' -4 X 1: :1-f1'f""' ' W. '5:5f!f3E5ff5EI725I3:5"'.--"' '3f?5'5:?f!f5f2f7E25 " 55:5155:1352551215:5:1:fzlfffiflfifI5If:1:5:1252235153512I5:12Y:55322iiflffiiffitfzfzifffffiEiffflffli': We -P - f r--an-.t. .5:::.:-:.:.:.g.g.g,g:-9-- ,.f .,, 45.g.g.:.5.: 4.::-:-:-:-:.g.g.3.:.:.::-:-:-:4.5.g.:.g.p.-:-:-:-:-g.g.g.f.:..541-:-:-:.g.f.:.:.,:,:-:-:-:rg-g.g.y.g.g., -, Q1 3, X , , ,65,:,-,,.,.,.5 lg.. ,::::,:,:.:. .EW A.. -i.. J X lg. 1, '.5:,:::::- at -un, 31 fi f:5:f:5: :-E.. s 4"9'f1'-'-:-.1- ri 7525 .""""4'W:-'E:-:D '3f-c-:-'-:::51kEF54! Ry If ' , . Q., A J. T. Glackin Chevrolet, Inc 105 West Vine Street Mount Vernon, Ohio EXpress 2-1055 For the best in service, parts and body shop finishing 179 THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON YOU Fashions from Ringwaltfs lllllflfll Compliments of ELLIOTT'S SHOES "We fit the feet to keep them fit." I South Main Street Mount Vernon, Ohio The Sherwin-Williams Co. 212 South Main Street L6 Ernie J. Brunner Phone Branch Manager EX 2-3986 alloc" Fixit's CUSHMAN SCOOTERS WHIZZER MOTOR BIKES SCHWINN BICYCLES ECLIPSE MOWERS CLINTON 8: HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS Compliments of Northside Manor Central Ohio's most modern Home for the elderly retired. Avalon Road - Mount Vernon, Ohio Guy and Lucile M. VanNostrand, Directors EX 2-5986 "SAVE TODAY EOR COLLEGE TOMORROWQ THE KNOX COUNTY SAVINGS BANK West Side Public Square Mount Vernon, Ohio Aililiated with Bancohio Corporation Member Member Federal Federal Reserve Deposit Insurance SYSYEID Corporation 181 Congratulations to The Class of 1959 Pennvcnnon I' W lnmoow Gmss Symbol of Quality PITTSBURGH PLATE GLA S S CO. Works Number Eleven Mount Vernon, Ohio 182 IT'S WORLEY'S In Mount Vernon FOR MEN,S WEAR Patronize the Advertisers The Best In Drugstore Service E C K L E R ' 'Prescription Specialists" C REXALL DRUG STORE On the Square "HIKE - TO HECK'S" IH., Quality and Honesty Foremost WISE JEWELRY FEATURE LOCK DIAMONDS ELGIN-HAMILTON-BULOVA WATCHES Phone EX 3-1043 102 S. Main St. Mount Vernon, Ohio VIOTORY SUPER F000 MARKETS, Int: 117 West High St. 206 South Mulberry St. "Where Service is our greatest Commodity" Best Wishes from JET CLEANERS MELLBERG'S Family Bakery Quality Family Bakery Specializing in Wedding and Birthday Cakes 10 N. Main EX 3-4056 In Mount Vernon It's Thompson's Pastry Shop Thompsolfs Pastry Shop 701 W. High sf. Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone EX 3-1961 Gray Sz Blunpus S U N 0 C O O NEWARK ROAD C omplimenls of Grohe Funeral Home 108 N. Main St. Phone EX 2-4956 AMBULAN CE SERVICE 4646 Years Selling Quality F ootwearg' MAGER S SHOE STORE 103 S. MAIN ST. NO ONE EVER OUTGROWS THE NEED FOR MILK! AND, OF COURSE, GET YOURS SAFETY SEALED IN GLASS FOR YOUR PROTECTION The Lamb Glass Go OVER 35 YEARS SERVING THE DAIRY INDUSTRY 186 i Round Hill Dair EGGS - PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM - BUTTER Stop at our New Dairy Store - Wooster Road at City Limits Carry Out Sundaes, Milkshakes and Sodas For Home Delivery Phone EX 2-7801 187 Z X "" A fy K-f4,,5.9, -,. Qfizf L -' 1' Z 7 ,Jie X iw . X xNVl with whom we work. + Chicago 7, Illinois "Zahn G Olllienr Again A familiar and reassuring slogan FAMn.lmz...because it bas appeared nt thousands of the coimtry's finest year books for the pas! half century REAssumNc...because those years o specialized experience bring compleie service, outstanding quality and de pendable delivery io the yearbook staffs JAHN ai OLLIER ENGRAVING C0 817 W. Washington Blvd i 5 X W L i x i mix W Congratulations to the Class of 1959 Coca-Cola Elephant Lumber Store aAa1,..,A.,V P 1' or Elf 'W' df I E - ' ' r Q..,.,, ' iaa 1aa'a +9 fo For Friendly Service EX 2-1085 Sara M. Cannon Agent for ALL Magazines 126 E. Vine St. Phone EX 5-5258 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO The Mount Vernon Automobile Dealers Association Kincaid Buick Co. Reid Edman, Inc. Fairchild Ford, Inc. J. T. Glackin Chevrolet, Inc. Metcalf Motors, Inc. Niggles Pontiac Co. Cochran Motor Sales Roger P. Servais GMC Trucks Harris Oldsmobile - Cadillac, Inc. Quality Luggage and Leather Goods 8 South Main Street Mount Vernon, Ohio EX 2-5956 Kahrl and Company Home Owner - Ho111e Operated General Insurance A U T O D E A L E R S To serve you better and Real Estate 7 West Vine Street Mount Vernon, Ohio MUSIC The weekly Saturday Junior Dj Show was presented over WMVO for fourteen weeks with Ron Staats and Jack Peterman. "Pepsi Pops" received thousands of top tune entries. A maximum of twenty-five students was permitted audience participation weekly. The weekly winners received a case of Pepsi, and two LP's were also given away weekly by WMV O. Mayor Phil Mauger gave trophies to the outstanding DJ's for the season. The two city winners were Susan Baube and Don Norris and two Centerburg county winners - Diana Edwards and Bob Chandler. Judy Perrin won a transistor radio for the grand prize, presented by WMV O. . N.,- .Lia ..- T:- jack Peterman - Ron Staats NEWS "News 8: Views" was presented every Saturday at 11:00 a. m. with Bill Reynard and Judy Perrin as newscaster. Pertinent school information and timely interviews were presented. "School Notes" aired at 1:15 Sunday and "School Forum" aired at 12:45 p.m. continued for their eighth consecutive year as a public service over WMV O. Judy Perrin - Bill Reynard SPORTS George Bennett, Sports Director of WMV O, was on hand for WMV O's eighth year Yellow jacket Play-by-Play broadcasts. These broadcasts were made possible by the following sponsors - Victory Food Markets, Fawcett Radio 8: TV, Cochran Ford Motor Sales, Kahrl 8: Company, Mills Electric, Elephant Lumber, Elliott's Shoe Store, Foster's Pharmacy and Pond Tire. Lew Wagner, Sales Manager of WMV O, is George's new game assistant since Charlie Kilkenny moved to Mansfield. Roger Hill worked as statistician X' the past season. ' Lew Wagner, announcer, Rex Jarvis, Charles Stanley, nett, announcer. B4 Houston Schlosser, Charles Hill, coaches, George Ben- 190 To the Class of '59 Congratulations on your accomplishments Good Fortune in your future endeavors CONTINENTAL CQ CAN GUMPANY Flexible Packaging Division MOUNT VERNON. OHIO 191 Congratulations to the Class of 1959 TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY 25 Belmont Avenue MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Dial EX 3-3746 Anne Lapp Millinery and Exclusive Costume Jewelry 11 E. Gambier St. Mount Vernon, Ohio VASBINDER'S O Howard at McKenzie Phone EX 3-2821 Mount Vernon, Jewell Ohio Quality Chekd. Ice Cream Jewell Ice Cream and Milk Co. Motherall Insurance Agency "Protection for Industry or Individuals" 10156 S. Main St. WE HAVE SERVED MANY GRADUATES since this bank was established in 1847, and as we extend our BEST WISHES for your success, we sincerely hope that you will let us help you, just as we have helped others before you. We invite you to come in and get acquainted, and to make Knox County,s Oldest and Larg- est Bank your banking home! THE F IRST-KN OX NATIONAL BANK MOUNT VERNON Mmm' Ve"'0"' Ohio CENTERBURG FREDERICKTOWN Phone EX 2-6036 Member F.D.I.C., Federal Reserve- System fafzqfzafzflwbfzs jfkzffzf Qwnan A740314 5651315 7959 T o enjoy one's work is the key to success. In choosing your life's work be sure that the profession or business you go into is one you can enjoy. We in the Printing business enjoy working with our customers to achieve something to be proud of in the finished Folder, Brochure, Catalog or Annual. It is always a pleasure to work with the Forum Annual Staff. To achieve an annual representative of such a fine class of Seniors, juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen in this years Annual is no small task. We congratulate the 1959 Forum Annual Staff for a job well done. THE MANUFACTURING PRINTERS CO 'I8-20 N. Main Street - Mount Vernon Ohlo 193 1, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF On January 21, 1959 the Mount Vernon Schools were closed at 10:00 A. M. due to the falling rain instead of the falling snow. By 5:00 in the after- noon the water Plant was flooded, the dike had broken in the west and south end causing those areas to be evacuated, the West High Street bridge was condemned, and the viaduct was Hooded closing the roads to the south end - Mount Vernon was isolated! - The Governor had declared the city as a disaster area. 194 When the waters reached their peaks the measure- ments showed that the 1959 flood waters had risen higher than the 1913 Hood waters. V Everyone was willing to help the evacuees and by many hours of hard work the families were soon back in their homes. High recognition should be given to the Red Cross, WMVO, and Mayor Manger and his council for the duties they tirelessly per- formed. Mount Vernon had been in the national news broadcasts but no one was glad of the news. .L-L .M- np. .."' , -un.--N .i' 32531 TF' f' . -'v' A f L 'Q 1 L 1 T ,, . . ef . I M' 1. n e -. i . F , L, Q .. ny i F 3 QT Sm Y . 4 4 I f 3 f Q . I 1-Lf . : 1 I I 1 A . 1 f 1 6 1 . C o 4 I v iv .- I ,. I i 4 , f ' ,. F ,N Q -Q -5 .1 " J: 1 . 52 .5 V, 5 4

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