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X m?c Lk- Toby Sinl.inj .rl . - . I A.o-t ij;4 K ' ? . - i ' ' :: " ' Y- L wV y - - i 2 - 3- • r!sS " Vv -) vs-r V V ■i%i .l -4 ■ F ' t fc. .1 ' ' Editor — Linda Devin Editor — Robert Dudgeon Business Mgr. — Myron Gallogly Centennial Editor and Adviser — Sara M. Cannon Faculty Business Manager — C. A. Cassell yr- Mo? Toby Simkin ' J f 7(niJk. A, • 7 t y Foreword The year 1858 was one of uncertainty and indecision. Everywhere people were discussing secession and slavery. However, despite the turmoil throughout the country, men of vision and understanding realized the necessity of providing better facilities for secondary education in Mount Vernon. That year the foundation for what was to become the first high school in the city was started on the grounds where the present high school is located. Today, one hundred years later, there are still men and women with the same vision and purpose who are looking forward to even greater achievements in the present educational system, and planning for better schools for the boys and girls of the com- munity. As we step across the threshold of an- other century, let us take time to reflect on the past and look into the faces and read about the high school life of our ancestors. If we look through the roster of all the graduates from Mount Vernon High School, we will find that the names of several fam- ilies appear through four or five genera- tions; and many of us will take pride in looking at pictures of our pretty grand- mothers as they appeared in their lace ruffled dresses on commencement day fifty years ago. Nostalgically we may recall some of our own happy times at entertain- ments or athletic contests. To thank everyone who has helped with the publication of this book would be im- possible. AH the men and women who were asked to give us the slighest informa- tion, did so willingly and enthusiastically. There were those who worked so diligently on the " roster of graduates, and those who provided pictures and historical material. Because of lack of funds and space much of the material sent in could not be used. We thank those who helped with the mail- ing lists and proof reading. We appreciate the work of the present Forum staff who worked so industriously on their part of the book while the centennial editor delved into the archives. Our apologies go to the faculty who were patient about interruptions of photogra- phers and subscription agents. We would like to thank all the people who telephoned or wrote letters commend- ing this project. Through those media many pleasant acquaintances were made and old friendships renewed. Last but not least we want to thank all those who had faith enough in the centen- nial venture to pay in advance for a book that had not even gone to press. We sincerely hope that the realization is equal to the anticipation. Sara Mary Cannon Centennial Contents i ormer Classes 15-62 ydthletics in the Past ... 63-80 Organizations and the Arts ... 8I-105 •■ ..V Tir ■■■ ' all -: v ; 2 u a % - " -iF ? ' W Arf giii)iigittfffli|g) ' ' « ' A ) P | ll|fffl (i lf| il Toby Siml.fns BACKWARD, TURN BACKWARD OH, TIME, IN YOUR FLIGHT. ii Otir First Hundred Years When we glance casually each day at the million dollar building that houses our present high school, we can scarcely believe that edu- cation in Mount Vernon began in 1808 in a log cabin on the Public Square under the instruction of one teacher for all grades and subjects. This history is intended to cover just the part the high school has played in our educa- tional system, but we must give a little of the background of county and city schools in order to understand our present secondary school system. Although Mount Vernon was laid out in 1805, it was not established as a county seat until 1808. The people who settled the community felt the need of educating their children, so a one- room log cabin was built on the south west corner of the Public Square where Heckler ' s Drug Store now stands. This room was four- teen by sixteen feet square and was heated only by a large fireplace. The building contained a teacher ' s desk and slab benches facing crude wooden shelves at- tached to the wall which served as desks. The pupils faced the wall and sat with their backs to the teacher. For the privilege of receiving this education, the pupils paid a small tuition fee to defray the expenses of the teacher ' s salary and fuel for the fireplace. The first teacher whose name has been re- corded was Thomas Irving in 1811. This little building gradually deteriorated and a market place was built in its place. As the population increased, it became im- perative to build a school; and a committee was appointed by the citizens to collect volunteer contributions to purchase a school site. Two lots on the north east corner of North Mulberry and West High Streets were purchased from John Williamson of Lancaster, August 23, 1817, and a small two story building was erected on them. Because the Masonic Order had been instru- mental in raising funds for the new structure, they insisted on occupying the second story of the building as a lodge room. Again just one room was used for school purposes. When this building was finished, no money was left for plastering or furnishing it, so once more the slab benches and wall desks were used. Joseph Chapman was the only teacher employed. On Sunday the room was used by various religious groups who had no churches of their own. Finally Henry Curtis, Esquire, was successful in raising enough money for furnishing the little building. This was the first free school in Mount Ver- non, and it was not very popular; consequently, a number of private schools were started. By an act of Legislature in 1845, Mount Vernon was incorporated and divided into five separate wards or school districts. The mayor and the councilmen from each ward acted as the school board, and the members of this first council were James Smith, Jr., Jon- ston Elliott, Job Evans, Rollin Hurd, Henry B. Curtis, Esquire, and Charles Cooper. The board agreed to pay the teacher the sum of twenty-two dollars a month and furnish the school room with desks, chairs, and fuel. Some members of council were impressed with the Akron system of operating schools and adopted a similar one for Mount Vernon. A petition signed by 333 voters was brought to council asking to appoint a regular school board which would provide better school facili- t ies for the fast-growing city of Mount Vernon. This was done and C. P. Buckingham, Abel Hart, Job Evans, Jonathan Burr, James Young, Henry B. Curtis, and Samuel Israel were ap- pointed school directors in 1849. This board petitioned council to levy a tax for the purpose of building schools including a " Grand Central " one for the teaching of higher branches of learning. The people of Knox County became alarmed at the anticipation of such high taxes, and in 1850 an act was passed exempting the town of Mount Vernon from Knox County. The school board was dissolved and the management of schools again reverted to the mayor and councilmen. The amount of $2,879.58 which had been collected for schools was distributed by council to wards. Each ward held meetings and with approximately s$500 in each treasury, decided to levy taxes for the building of a school house in each district. Petitions were now brought to council asking that they provide facilities for teaching high school subjects, and an ordinance was passed to " provide for appointment and election " of a board of education consisting of six members. The first meeting of this regular board of education was held in April, 1856, and those present were Walter Smith, Samuel Israel, Henry Warden, Mark Curtis, Levi Ward, and Jacob Lybrand. From this time until the present day school administration passed forever out of the hands of council. The board elected to spend $10,000 for the erection of a central school building, and they paid George True 84,500 for eight lots on the west side of North Mulberry Street between West Hamtramck and West Burgess Streets. They also agreed to pay a maximum salary of $40 a month to male teachers and $25 for female instructors. This was considered quite a raise over the S22 formerly paid. On May 4, 1857, the Board resolved: " As the sense of this Board, that it is expedient to erect a school edifice sufficiently large to accommodate all the scholars of the city, should it hereafter be thought for the interest of the city to con- centrate the entire system in one building . . . " Auld and Miller, architects, designed a plan for a Union Central Building and bids were opened October, 1857. The bid of Henry Huller and Joseph Gardner was accepted, and the school was to be completed before August, 1859. The cost of the building including the lots and furniture came to $30,000. Although the school was begun in 1858, it was not ready for occupancy until October, 1859. For a time all the pupils of the city except those in the primary grades attended this large central building. As ward structures were com- pleted, the central building was finally con- verted into just a high school. The school year was ten months long divided into three terms. Besides the subjects now taught in high school, such impressive names as zoology, astronomy, geology, intellectual phil- osophy, moral philosophy, and elocution were in the curriculum. French and Greek were added if there was sufficient demand for them. The first commerical courses were ofifered about 1870 under the management of Captain H. Stevens! By 1897, the Central Building which had been erected on the corner of North Mulberry and West Hamtramck Streets had become too small for high school purposes, and another building was erected on the corner of North Mulberry and West Burgess Streets. No attempt was made to follow the type of architecture of the first building, but they were connected by a corridor. One of the outstanding features of this new structure was the large central hall into which the rooms on the first floor opened and the big fireplace at one end of the hall. Finally the school population soon out-grew these two buildings and wooden garage-like buildings were built at the rear to house indus- trial arts and home economics. By 1925 the fact became apparent that Mount Vernon must have a modern high school. So the old Central School was razed, and in its place the west wing of the present high school was erected. The building on the corner of West Burgess and North Mulberry was still in good condition despite its wooden floors and stairways, and it was converted into Mount Vernon ' s first junior high school bringing together all the seventh and eighth graders of the city into one school. This was done in 1927. In 1928 a combination auditorium and gymnasium was added to the rear of the high school. Both boys and girls used the gym and for the first time a girls ' physical education program was introduced as a part of the curri- culum. Sara Cannon was employed as girls ' physical education director, and Angus King was hired as boys ' physical education instructor and coach of all teams with no assistant coaches. In 1938 the voters approved a $360,000 bond issue for the building of the present high school. The erecting of this edifice necessitated the razing of the junior high school, and both junior and senior high school classes were taught in one building. This new building contained a boys ' gym, art and photography rooms, well equipped home economics rooms including a social room for small teas and dinners, a regular journalism room, a commercial area including a school bank, laboratories for chemistry, physics, biology and general science, visual aid facilities, music room, and a complete vocational agricul- ture department. By 1954 the 100 piece school band and the industrial arts section had out- Coiithiiiei! on last page Mount Vernon s First High School Old Central Building Courtesy Clinton Willi Mount Vernon ' s first high school building, known as the Central Building, was situated at the corner of North Mulberry and West Hamtramck Streets. It was completed in 1859 and razed in 1925 so that the west wing of the present hi gh school building might be erected. On the third floor of this building was a very large room which was used as a gym, but was later converted into a large study hall. The teacher sat on a raised platform in the middle of the front of the room. There were two classrooms at the rear of this large room and the only access to them was through the study hall. Usually there were a number of students going and coming through this room all the time. 10 Old Junior High This high school building was situated on the corner of Mulberry and Burgess Streets. It was built in 1897 and razed in 1938 when the present building was erected. From 1927 to 1938 it was used as the Junior High Building. Courtesy Clinton Williams 11 The Men Who Have Guided Our Destinies In 1858 there were not more than five stu- dents in the high school, so the superintendent of schools added the duties of high school principal to his schedule. The list of superin- tendents is complete, but we are not sure about the principals. The first principal ' s name that appears in any history is that of Mr. M. A. Yarnell in 1884. That year there were only eight graduates, so we assume that Mr. Yarnell was the first high school principal. We were interested in noticing the fact that in our first hundred years there have been the same number of superintendents and principals. Several principals moved into the superintend- ency after they had been principals. SUPERINTENDENTS Captain William Mitchell 1858 - 1864 Colonel P. D. Hayes 1864 - 1866 Charles Baker 1866-5 mo. Richard Marsh 1867 - 1883 J. A. Shawan 1883 - 1889 Lewis Bonebrake 1889 - 1898 John Baxter 1898-1905 John G. Leland 1905 - 1907 John Alan 1907 - 1913 P. Zemer I9I3 - 1921 Dr. A. W. Elliott 1921 - 1941 John D. Geiger 1941 - 1953 Dr. Harold Nichols 1953 - 1955 Charles Pickens 1955 PRINCIPALS The dates for some of the principals were not available. M. A. Yarnell 1884-1885 Mr. Weld 1885 - 1890 John Baxter 1890 - 1898 John Leland 1898 - 1905 John Alan 1905 - 1907 R. E. Offenhower C. H. Winans W. S. Rimer 1916-1920 Dr. Harlan Koch 1920 - 1924 John D. Geiger 1924- 1941 Kenneth West 1941 - 1954 Charles Pickens 1954-1955 Clark Pouts 1955 - 1956 H. Max Wiggins 1956 0- h-:::. i 12 The Years Have Brought Changes In School Rules and Regulations The Mount Vernon Board of Education published a booklet in ISS4 called a " Manual and Annual Report. " This included a history of the educational system in the city, a list of all the graduates, a complete curricu- lum of all grades, and some general rules. Some of the regulations are not very much different from those of the schools today; however, we were amused as we made some comparisons with the present curriculum. Both written and oral examinations were given in all grades including the primary ones at the end of each term. The pupil ' s promotion depended on the passing of these examinations. Pupils could be pro- moted to a higher grade any time during the school year if — " upon strict examination he was found competent to do the work of a higher grade. " DUTIES OF THE SUPERINTENDENT " The Superintendent shall have regular office hours from 8:30 to 9:30 a. m., and from 1:10 to 2:10 p. m. He shall be in the office, halls, or on the playgrounds during recess unless called away by important business connected with the schools. " He shall not leave the city during school sessions except by permission of the Board of Education. " He shall prepare all questions for written exam- inations, and oversee the grading of pupils on the same. " He shall direct the teachers as to the best methods of instruction and government, giving special attention to those of primary grades who have had little ex- perience in the profession. He shall carefully note the modes of government and instruction pursued by each teacher; and whenever he doubts the qualifications, efficiency, or fitness of a teacher, he shall report the same, promptly and distinctly to the Board. " DUTIES OF TEACHERS " Teachers are expected to attend Teachers ' Institute either in this city or some other city or county at least once a year unless prevented by illness. " Teachers shall require cleanliness of person and dress, neatness, obedience, and order from all pupils. " Teachers shall give special attention to the thorough ventilation of their school rooms, and keep them as near as possible at a uniform temperature. " The clocks in various rooms shall be kept with the bell in the high school building. All teachers must be in their school rooms at the first ringing of the bell. " The morning session of each school shall be opened by the reading of a portion of scripture and a prayer. " Each teacher shall prepare a program of the daily exercises. She shall keep the same in her room, and shall furnish a neat copy to the superintendent within two weeks after the beginning of each term, and shall give him notice of any change made therein. " DUTIES OF PUPILS " It shall be the duty of every pupil to render strict obedience to the authorities of the school, and anyone failing to do the same shall be excluded from the school. " Pupils will not be permitted to use tobacco in any form or have it in their possession about the school premises. " All slates must be covered to prevent noise and damage to the desks. " Pupils shall walk quietly and in single file up and down the stairs, and through the halls making no unnecessary noise or engaging in conversation. " They shall not bring to school books, papers, or anything else not required by their studies. " Pupils must not collect about school buildings before the first ringing of the bell. " They shall not remain in the halls, stairways, or on the walks. " They shall leave the school premises, and go directly home after the close of school, unless detained by the teacher. " Balls, toys, and other playthings are strictly pro- hibited from the play grounds and premises. " Any pupil receiving ten marks for misconduct shall be reported to the Superintendent. If he receives ten demerits in one term, he shall be suspended. " Absence from examinations or rhetorical exercises without reasons satisfactory to the Superintendent cannot be allowed. " DUTIES OF THE JANITORS " They shall sweep and dust each school room twice a week. The basements where the children play and eat their dinners shall be swept once in two weeks. " They shall kindle fires when necessary, separate the coal from the ashes, and see that the ashes, slag, and cinders are removed from the premises. " They shall keep yards and privies clean and in good order. " They shall wind up and keep all clocks in good order. " They shall sprinkle the yard and street in hot weather, and see that the water is let off from the water pipes in winter. " Provide water for teachers and pupils morning and afternoon. " They shall ring bells according to schedules. ' They shall notify members of the Board, of Board meetings, and carry messages that shall be necessary for the good of the schools. " GENERAL RULES " School hours shall be from 8:55, a.m. until 4:30, p.m. " The school bell shall be rung for five minutes at 8:30, 8:50, 1:10, 1:25, and at the close of both school sessions. " In no case shall a pupil be kept in school for more than five minutes after the ringing of the bell at the close of the school session. " Non-resident pupils shall be charged two dollars a month for attending high school. " Schools shall be graded as follows: High School course, four years; Grammar School, two years; the three Secondaries and Intermediate, one year each; and the Primary two years. " Recess is for the purpose of thoroughly ventilating the rooms as well as to furnish exercise for the pupils. Teachers are required to open windows and doors, and to keep a careful supervision of the pupils on the play- grounds. No pupil will be allowed to remain in the room during recess, except the girls in the high school, unless the weather is inclement. " 13 Coming to School in the ISOO s Was Slow Process LEFT: Until 1892 a covered bridge spanned the Kokosing River. This vifas the only way to enter Mount Vernon from the south. When the Commissioners decided to construct a new bridge, most of them wanted to make it the width of two buggies. Thomas Vannatta would not sign any contracts until the rest of the commissioners voted to make it as wide as it is today. Imagine five o ' clock traffic going across the present viaduct if it were just the width of two buggies! Courtesy Clinton Williarr RIGHT: In 1892 construction of a new viaduct was started which resulted in the present bridge connecting South Main Street with the Newark and Columbus Roads. Bob Lipps Photo Courtesy Clinton Williams LEFT: In a recent check on the viaduct, it was estimated that more than 11,000 cars and trucks cross this bridge every day. More than one third of the high school students now come to school across this viaduct. Traffic has become so heavy entering Mount Vernon from the south and west, that a new approach has been made from West High Street. Entire Teaching Staff of the Mount Vernon School System 1894-1895 Picture taken June 7, 1895 FIRST ROW. left to right: (Standingi Emma Cole. Minnie Graff, (seated) Mr. Bowman. Mr. Bonebrake. Superintendent; Bertha (Browne) Parmenter. Priscilla (Banning) Sanderson. STANDING RIGHT — left to right: Dora Worley. Maud Nickleson. Anne (Letz) Tarr. SECOND ROW: Jessie Bryant (standing) seated. Anna Coup, Stella Pitkin, Gertrude (Hall) Weaver back of Mr. Bonebrake. Nellie Farrisson, Carrie McMillan. FOURTH ROW: Unidentified. Marv Devoe. Alice Curtis. Lois Bishop. SEATED TOP LEFT: Clara McKay. Anna Barre, Kate Benedict, J. K. Baxter (Principal). Seated in front of Baxter: Fannie Thrailkill. Mvrna Stone, Lou Hanna, Rose Carey. Mary Seymour. SEATED TOP RIGHT: Kate Fordnev, Stella (Welshymer) Montis. IN DOORWAY: Robert White. Janitor. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY OF 1913 b ' k ' If A B Kii B% wKt H K BM fl| H y B | " if ' 1 ' fTV ' X Ww ' ' 1 V 1 H BI . ■ i ' x feHHHI H i fSyiJ flil ' ' JitiaK. 4.... mt ' ' " BOTTOM ROW: Laura Koons, Jean Mcintosh, Vera Hadley Seig. P. C. Zemer, Superintendent; Nellie Heffner. Helen Colville Sevitts. SECOND ROW: Ila Williams McNabb, Minna Doerschueh, R. C. Chubb. Pearl Mercer, Gene Voight, Alice Cainpbell Cassell, Alice Lane. TOP ROW: C. F. King, J. J. Kirk, Myron Miller, W. F. Rimer, C. C. Wmans, Principal; Clifton Busby. High School Faculty of 1916 Was Small FIRST ROW — Misses Zemer. Campbell. Mina Doerschuk. Hadlev. SECOND ROW — Misses Heffner, Mclntosli, Cowles, Williams, Koons, Helen Doerschuk. THIRD ROW — P. C. Zemer, Supt.; W. F. Rimer. Principal; W. L. Saunders, M. J. Doherty, E. W. Huntsberger, C. F. Brockway, F. B. Blosser. Banquet At Alcove for Retiring Superintendent, John D. Geiger Entire Teaching Staff, March 13, 1953 77:7 First Classroom Picture, The Scientists of 1898 Picture from Clinton Willioms Collection This chemistry laboratory was situated in the basement of the old building on the corner of Mulberry and Burgess Streets. All members of the class could not be identified, but the girl with the braids is Marguerite Bobst Armstrong; next to her is Harry Koons. and opposite them is Howard Tarr. Mr. C. F. King ' s Typing Class 1916 Members of the class were Irene Berger, Dale Chadwick, Albert Devault, Henry Faulhaber, Lory Gilpin, Dea Jones, Al- bert Hofmann, Walter H untsbury, Don- ald Messmore, Edwin Moore, Charles Myers, Cameron Trott, and Mabel Work- man. Loaned by Mabel Workmen 17 The Class of 1868 Was Decidedly Feminine The Civil War was over, but evidently the boys had not re- turned to school. This picture is the first class picture the editor found. It was loaned and identified by Mabel Mitchel Anderson, granddaugh- ter of Perliette Staufifer Mitchel. FRONT ROW: Perliette (Stauffer) Mit- chel. Amanda (Lewis) Leonard. BACK ROW: Lu (Turner) Elder, Belle Stevens, Mary (Lane) Robinson. Fiftieth Reunion of Class of 1887 — Summer 1937 FIRST ROW: Fred Place, Daisy (Lane) Heard, Sheridan Kelser, Madec (Cunningham) Wilson, Lulu (Abbott) Herron, Ben Ziesloft. SECOND ROW: Bert Herron, Jessie (Bainter) Kelser, Mildred (Cunningham) Place, John Wilson. 18 High Collars and Bangs Were in Vogue in the Class of 1889 -- ' ■■ ' ' ■IMl ! 1 .k ■ 1 m m ■■Bff ,-,-. ■4 1 % fi Ag ; - .jlt r 1p ! l ' ' ? p l B ' 1 f !l P K ' E A P ' ' " 1 L «i» 1 Loaned and Identified by Sourin Alsdorf in 1953. FIRST ROW: Nellie Farrison, Principal Weld, Rose Osborn, Alice Morris, Doris Styers, Edna Haggaman. SECOND ROW: Margaret Taylor, Saurin Alsdorf, Birdie Miller, Minnie White, Alice Stump, William Horner, Otto Patterson. THIRD ROW: Dr. George Miser, Cora McCullough, Dr. Grant Walker, Superintendent J. Shawn, Lillie McClelland. David Hanna. 19 Dark Clothes and Fans Were Popular in 1890 Loaned by Anna (Bogardus) Bearr FIRST ROW: Bessie (Cochran) Bell. Clyde Liming Weaver, Carrie iMorris) Fisher. Augustus Theodore Seymour, Mildred (Cunningham) Place, Fanny Feme Thrailkill, Gertrude (Alexander) (Baker) Phillips, Harry Sanderson. SECOND ROW: Anna Louise (Bogardus) Beam, Frederick Henry Ward, Alice C, (Black) Mill, L. Delia (Coup) (Challingsworth) Brininstool, Elizabeth (Ransom) Sanderson, Mary Elizabeth Cole, Elizabeth (Veatch) Wilson. THIRD ROW: Vivian Dale Ebersole, Gertrude A. (Bunn) Stevens, Katherina Vance (Sanderson) Reeves, Myrtle Dell Fowler. FOURTH ROW: Charles J. McFarland, Frank Walter Poland, Mr. Weld (Principal), Hugh Lawrence Mahaf- fey. Alexander Percy Tarr, Lewis D. Bonebrake (Superintendnt). J. Carle Bell, Sara (Myers) Curtis, Lina (Armentrout) Garber, Gertrude (Hall) Weaver, Blanche Mabel Gotshall. This was the beginning of the era known as the Gay Nineties. 20 The Class of 1891 Gave the World a Serious Look Picture loaned and identified by Ada Bedell Wooton BOTTOM ROW; Fred Severns, Walter David Braddock, Hurd Cassil, Allie (Yauger) Ball. SECOND ROW: Bessie (Whittington) Sedden, Nellie Ada Critchfield, Belle (Welsh) Scarborough, Jessie (Miller) Gilmore, Maud Bainter, Priscilla (Banning) Sanderson, Blanche (Austin) Montgomery. THIRD ROW: Irene Agatha (Gains) Yeager, Fred Marion French, Superintendent Louis Bonebrake, Mary Frances Blake, Principal John Baxter, May Weaver, Anna (Letts) Tarr, Ada Lena (Bedell) Wooton. TOP ROW: William Arthur Vincent, Frank Thomas Disney, Mallie (Hawkins) Roland, Howard Lee Torbet, Winnitred Rush. Edwin Clair Enisminger, Irene iForry) Dally, Pattie (McKee) Eastman, Blanche (Magill) Grubb, Arthur Geoi-ge Neighbor, Harry Crit Drake, Harry Lybrand Reese. This was the last class to graduate under the three year course. Graduation exercises were held in the Woodward Opera House on the southwest corner of Main and Vine Streets, June 11, at 7:15 p. m. 21 For Graduation in 1893 the Girls Chose the Ruffled Neckline Picture and identification by Dr. Isabelle Nixon BOTTOM ROW: Delia (Black) Mill, Helen (Patterson) Alsdorf. SECOND ROW: Dr. Isabelle Nixon, Mary (McGill) Norrish, William Parmenter, Clare Miller, Stella Pitkin. THIRD ROW: Cora Debes, Dora (Worley) Messmore, Stella (Welshhaymer) Montis, Eugene Bigler, Laura (Stone) Mclntire. Ada (Fishburn) Martin, Mamie (Gordon) Ensminger, Clifford George. FOURTH ROW: Rose Tliompson, Principal John L. Baxter, Superintendent Lewis D. Bontbrake, Howard Baldwin, Miss Wallace. Miss Jennie Roberts was the only graduate in the class of 1892, and no picture of her was available. 22 The Class of 1894 Appeared in Bow Ties and Pujfed Sleeves y Loaned and Identified by Laura Pickard First low — Laura Pickard. Frances (Thompson) Moore, Dora (Ellis) Ward, Mable Staufier, Frances (Young) Jacobs, Mary Grace (Gossage) Frazier. Second row — Rose (Carey) McKinley, Mr. Bonebrake (Superintendent), Lula (Gordon) Canning. Gratia (Graham) Walker. Third row — Miss Mary Seymour (Teacher), Mary Bertha ( Ferguson) DoUinger, Mr. John Baxter (Principal) Alfred Heber Mclntire, Miss Wallace (Teacher). Minnie Mae Graff. Fourfh row — Jed Montis. Elken Henly, Fred Stevens McConnell, Louis Clyde White. Coxey ' s Army marched on Washington this year. The country was in the midst of an economic panic. 23 There Was Informality About the Class of 1895, hut Why Did the Man Have the Pan? Lo::ned by len.i (Mit;hsll) Welket Identified by Ada IBedelll Woolon FIRST ROW: William Parmenter, Frank Wilson, Walter Pyle, Prof. Walcott. Vance Armentrout, Fred Lewis. SECOND ROW: Jessie Dickerson, Florence (Mitchell) Eggleston, Carroll Jackson, Prof. Baxter, Miss Wallace, Supt. Bonebrake. THIRD ROW: Nettie (Rosenthal!) May, Pearl (Parker) Slingluff, Katherine (Elliott) Reese, Stella (Sapp) Byers, Mabel (Mitchell) (French) Pratt, Nettie (Bunn) Stevens. ON LEFT WALL: Anna Sencil, Fannie (Raymond) Bricker, Elizabeth (Larimore) McKinley. John Coup. FOURTH ROW: Libbie Fry, Charles Phifer, Bertha (Trott) Nichols, Mabel (Harris) Cuder, Everett Bogardus. FIFTH ROW: Miss Seymoure, Viola (Simmons) Booker, Anna (Banning) Hankey, Miss Nicholason, Mary (Brad- dock) Sturgess. Gertrude (Splinder) Weaver, Will Clarke. ON RIGHT WALL: Frank Waddell, Dora Emsinger, a Teacher. The first automobile came into practical use this year. 24 A Club Group of Members of the Classes of ' 96, ' 97, ' 98 Loaned by Grace Headington Mofherall Identified by Ada Bedell Woofon, August Pearl, Mary Ewing Carter FIRST ROW: Emma Booker. Sophia (Smith) O ' Bryan, Stella Rosenthall, Mary (Ewing) (Lawman) Carter, Edith (Bell) Stiekney, Nell (Dalrymple) Fairchild, Miss Twiss (teacher), Augusta Pearl, Georgia (Neal) Sapp. SECOND ROW: George Lewis, John Headington, Charles Owens, Anna (Phipher) Debes. Bertha (Styers) Michael, Edward Parker, Leonard Kelly, Phillip Tarr. THIRD ROW: Clara Ross, Nellie (Ewing) Sharp, Ethel (Sapp) Tudor. Ruth Bogardus, Belle (Anderson) Bucher, Florence Fay, Daisy (Coup) Pyle. Belle Headington. Maud (Fultz) Fridley, Miss Fisher (teach- er) Eleanor (Tier) Roberts. FOURTH ROW: Wilmot Sperry, Frank Smith, Professor John Baxter, Robert Pitkin, Will Welshmeyer. No picture was available for the Class of 1896, but many of the members are in this club group. 25 The Class of 1897 Presented an International Appearance j t Loaned by Grace Motherall — identified by Augusta Peorl FIRST ROW: Charles Owen, Ethel (Sapp) Tudor, Clara Louise Ross, Stella Rosenthal, Augusta Pearl, Nellie Sharp, Bertha (Styers) Michael, Mary (Ewing) Carter, Phillip Tarr. Stella (Sapp) Ruch. SECOND ROW: William Welshymer, Edith (Bell) Stickney, Anna (Phifer) Debes, John Headington. TOP ROW- Wilmot Sperry, Nellie (Ball) Trenwith, Emma (Clark) Levering. Florence Fay, Frank Smith, Eleanor (Tier) Roberts, Maude (Fultz) Frazier, Georgia Neal, Anna Ransom. The only picture for the class of 1897 was that of their class play. Each member or couple represented a different country. During the 1890 ' s, each class produced an original play for Class Day exercises. No picture was taken of the Class of 1898. Some of the boys were with Admiral Dewey when he destroyed the Spanish Fleet. 26 Primness Predominated in the Class of 1899 f i -p ,i- t .- ' , ' ' .- ' liifsjl Pictures and ident!flcaTion from Mrs. Robert Boldwin FIRST ROW: Lulu White Taylor. Nellie Gantt Humbert, Mary Kingsbury, Rose Sapp Armstrong, Ida Underwood Bennet. Catherine Walton, Nannie Fawcett Baldwin, and Jennie Parr Allen. SECOND ROW: Carrie Dry. Wilda Clark, Nita Warrel Branne, Stella Gordon Smith, Maud Alsdorf Smith, Mary Edith McCalla. Elizabeth Sperry Conley, Eva Singer, and Ara Morford Hancock. THIRD ROW: Hattie Merrin. Nellie Hogue McFeelv. Susie Agey, Bertha Copeland. and Myrtle Booker Williams. FOURTH ROW: Martin Kelly, William Koons, William Pembrooke, John O ' Brein, William Allen, Fred Ransom, Mr. Hezekiah Curry, Frank Larimore, Carrol Murphy. Zenno Taylor. Walter Anderson, and Earl Bordon. Fiftieth Reunion of Class of 1899 STANDING: Jane Parr Allen, Stella Gor- don Smith, Rose Sapp Arinstrong, Zenno Taylor, Wilda Clark, Carrol Murphy, William Pembrooke, William Koons. SEATED: Mary Edith McCalla, Nannie Fawcett Baldwin, Elizabeth Sperry Con- ley, Nellie Hogue McFeely, Nellie Gantt Humbert, Myrtle Booker Williams. At the home of Nellie Hogue McFeely, summer of 1949. The Turn of the Century Bells rang out wildly as a new century was ushered in. This was to be known as " The Century of Progress. " New inventions such as the horseless carriage, the flying machine, and the telephone were the wonders of the age. The Spanish-American was was over, and the country was entering an era of prosperity. Class of 1900 Loaned by Charles Wander FRONT ROW: Carne Cochran, Magdalene Rees. Nora Wing, Pauline Mizer, Catherine Shinnaberry. Lucile Campbell, Ira Warren, Marie Hogue. Gertrude Sellers, Belle Ewing. MIDDLE ROW: Gail Cooksey, Marjorie Merrin, Isabel Morton, Lillie Mullin, Mabel McGibney, Pearl Stoyle, Jennie Lybarger, Gus Goins, Frank Sapp, Grace Merrin, Bessie Hess. TOP ROW: Colin Welshvmer, Joseph StaufTer, Marian Harter, Charles F. Carey, Isabel Cooper, Mary Clarke, Charles Beck, Anna White. Harrv Hvman, John Austin, Mary Kelley. Maria Chase, William Barker, Bessie Parks, Charles Wander, Goldie Beach, Olus Williams, Orpha Welshymer. 28 Formal Attire and a Patriotic Play Characterized the Class of 1901 Loaned and identified hy Howard Tarr 1st TOW — Iva (L wis " ) Deeley, Mary (Cassil) Reynard, Walter Sperry, Isaac Errett, Ethel Cooper, Helen Hunt, Isabel ( " Cunningham " ) Anderson. 2nd row — Esther ( Condit) Murphv. Harry MoHitt, George AUspaugh, Alice ( Ewing } Linton, Zadia ( Moore i Hodell, Elizabeth Taft, Ida Westlake, Mona (Piatt) Reese, Belle (Bowman y Humphreyville, Bessie (Wine- land) McFeeley, Blanche Stadler. 3rd row — Helen Anderson. Margaret (Claypool) Rockwell, Clarence George, Louella Beck, Clellie C Brentlinger ) Newton. Fred Hagoman, Harry Koons, Howard Tarr, Charles Miller, Harry Simmons. 4th row — George Graham, Ada Graham, Harry Mitchell, Gail Freeman, Clay Parker, Arthur Wolfe, Sperry Eogardus, Wilson Stans- lield, Bertrum Rush, Norman Turner. Flowers and Bows, Ruffles and Fans Belonged to the Sweet Girl Graduate of 1902 Pictures Courtesy of Lisle Wineiond — Identificotion by Morgoret Oevolon FIRST ROW: Clair Smith, Margaret Devalon, Nina Crowther Clark, Walter Starr, Jennie Clark Headington, Lela Styers Fyke. SECOND ROW: Lisle Wineland, Mae Sensel Pentek, Clara Whittier Doup, Inez Vance Rogers, Frances Whittington Holmes, Charles Dalrymple. THIRD ROW STANDING: Ka thrvn Putt Johnson, Grace Hinkle Brock, Ena Henderson Tavenner, Harry Cochran, Mary Stephens Mclntne, Gladys Sapp Beam, Calvin Bartlett, Blanche George Lippi, John Morton. FOURTH ROW STANDING: Joe Creveling, Vernon Graff, Edward Starr, Edward Clark, Sherman Chase. Fiftieth Reunion of Class of 1902 At the Home of Lisle Winela}id Summer of 1952 SITTING: Inez Vance Rogers, Clara Whittier Doup, Mary Stephens Mclntire, Margaret Devalon. STANDING: Harry Cochran. Edward Starr, Wal- ter Starr, Lisle Wineland. Hair Botvs and Middle Parts Added Attractions to the Class of 1903 Loaned by Ruby Vance — Identified by Laura Koons FIRST ROW: Francis Anderson, Kenneth Campbell, Henry Hyman. SECOND ROW: Laura Koons, Lillian (Rush) Pettit, Ruby Vance, Bertha (Ellis) Morris. Bessie (Ringler) Camp, Clara Wood, Hattie (Jupiter) Perry, Pearl (Severns) Cole, Coreta (Robinson) Taylor, Grace (Blocher) Rawlinson, Mae (Bryan) Stump. THIRD ROW: Beatrice Stradler, Armistead Waight, Ralph Gallimore, Paul Ashbaugh, Mr Ralph Sellers, Charles Jennings, Dwight Lalever. Carl Skeen, Ethel Hagaman. Leland (Principal). Joseph Pulitzer founded the first school of journalism at Columbia University in 1903. 31 The Shirtwaist, the Bow Tie, and the Pompadour Were Stylish for the Class of 1904 Loaned by Robert Stauffer — Identified by Florence Patterson and Tom Bogardus FIRST ROW: Ethyl (Richardson) Van Voorhis, Edenia (Kent) Mambourg. Leafy Wineland. Peaile C. McDonald, Mabel B. Vincent. Lucy lEvving) Barber. Zuletta (Grimm) Fletcher. Mabel (McFarland) Allspaugh, Lottie (Hogue) Johnson. SECOND ROW: William Cooper Russell. William Lloyd Mclntire, Arthur D. Hyman, Justin Devalon, Julius Headington, Thomas L. Bogardus. Clifford R. Brentlinger, Samuel Cureton. THIRD ROW: Ethel (Brown) Downing. Pansy (Putt) Buxton, Lulu Moffit. M. Gertrude (Mills) Hanna. Blanche (Harker) Smith, Eva (Barber) Rohrer. Mary (Stauffer) Harter. Mae (George) Deeley, Xantha (Swingle) Bash, Florence B. Patter- son. Carrie (Claypooli Gallimore. Florence (Jupiter) Macknig. Adeline (Goines) Perrell. FOURTH ROW: Vance Park. Elliott Reynolds. Robert W. Stauffer. Henry G. Beam. William W. Gary. Ray Osborn. Bert W. Allspaugh, Paul B. Barber. Six political parties presented presidential candidates this year — Republican, Democratic, Populist, Prohibitionist, Socialist, and Socialist Laborite. 32 Sleeves Began to Lose Their Puffs in the Class of 1905 Loaned and Identified by Lena Mitchell Welker FIRST ROW: Mable (Warman) Craig, Lena (Mitchell) Welker, Gertrude (McElroy) Brentlinger, Edith (Canning) Stoephlett, Helen (Starr) Apter, Jean Starr. SECOND ROW: Arthur Robertson. Levia (Ward) lams, Mable (Hess) Mitchell, Bessie (Conkle) Graham, Stella (Hyman) Hantman, Frank Blue, Clyde Turner. THIRD ROW: Ernest Warman, Elizabeth (Sheppard) Huntsworth. William Banning, Lottie (Spearman) Johnson. Ethel (Beach) Garrard, Clyde LaFever, Rose (Miller) Blair, Francis Jennings. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Clements, Howard Levering, David Collins, Phil Day, John R. Claypooi, Donald Snow, Arthur Mitchell, Sturgess Cooper, Cleveland Bricker. Andrew Carnegie gave ten million dollars for a pension fund for college and university professors, in 1905. 33 Diplomas Were First Seen in the Picture of the Class of 1906 Loaned and Identified by Lena iMircneil) Welker FIRST ROW: Helen Bainter, Cordelia (Garber) Shaffner, Russell Bogardus, Frances Mahaffey, Bess Parrott, Florence (YoungJ Cassell. SECOND ROW: Lucie (Craig) Mitcliell. Flossie (Veatch) Brundage, Daisy Gearhart, Madaline Weaver, J. S. Alan, Principal; Mabel iMitchelll Higgins, Edith Ewart. THIRD ROW: Ruth (Proutsl Woolson. Bessie Stute. Clothilde Lepley, Minnie (Braddock) Dean, Carolyn Stone, Alnea (Higgins) Clark. Blanche Charlton, Edna Higgins, Bessie (McDevitt) ShufT. FOURTH ROW: Curtis Kinney. Huber McClelland, Roy Fowls, Cleveland Wolfe, Fred Sanderson, Alva Beach, Carl Miller, Herman Swingley. This was the year of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. 34 Long Gloves and Ruffles Were the Fashion For 1907 Graduates Courtesy Helen Colv BACK ROW: Jay L. Clow. Harper Russell. Russell Levering, Leo Higgins, Allen Clark, John McFadden, Marcus Rosenthall, John Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Robert Dowds, George Black, Dwight Vincent, Lester Ogg, Scott Glore, Joseph Bradfield, Frank Chapman, Russell Sellers, Clell Perkins. THIRD ROW: Anna Trimble Johnston. Ralph Headington. Merrill Harris. Barton Blair. Mr. R. E. Oflteniiauer, Higli Scliool Principal; Ray LeFever, Fred Cary, Frank Martin, Harry Grubb, Lena L ' nde Cochran. SECOND ROW: Jane Chase, Beth Trimble, Edith Fleming Auskings, Mabel Moore, Oscar Arnold, Katlrrvn Anderson Gee, Lillian Craner, Irene Sigler Salt. FIRST ROW: Helen Colville Sevitts. Laurene Canning, Bess Sellers Ward, Kathleen Koons Williams, Bessie Seymore Perkins, Hazel Banning, Anna Schnebly Cromley. (I — Idenlification by Mrs. Sevitts FORTY-FIFTH REUNION JUNE 1952 at the home of Mrs. Mamie Thompson 907 As Freshtneu Courtesy Helen Colvilis-Sevitts SEATED: Mrs. Kathleen Koons Williams, Mrs. Helen Colville Sevitts. Mrs. Anna Sclmeblv Cromley. STANDING: Ray LaFever, John Mitchell, Barton Blair. Bouquets and Banners Were for the Class of 1908 -Loaned and identified by Maigueiite Bedell Nichol 1st TOW — Madge Humbert Simmons, Julia Darling, Mable Young Yauger, Florence Bradfield Greer Stevens, Lynn Revennaugh, Marguerite Bedell Nichol, Bessie Haymes Lamont, Gladys Merrin Sheen, Clara Stute. 2nd row — Belle Butcher Vance, Gertrude Phillips Snare, Martha Hyatt Kerr, Stella Cox Bell, Esther Gunn Sinclair, Grace Head- ington Schumann Motherall, Margaret Eggleston Areford, Helen Green, May Edna Bennington Mills. 3rd row — Carrie Glenn Barber, Katherine George Cotton Cochran, Nellie Keigley, Nora McKay, Maud Henwood Sellers, Ethel Snow Coleman, Lulu Staats Treen, Ava Adrian Banks, Cora Colgin Daniels, MadeUne King Genin. 4h tow - Edna Williams, Jolan Joy Phillips, Philip HuU, Scott Camp, Lawrence Sperry, Derwin Daniels, Edwin Rightmire, Edward AUspaugh, Marguerite Martin Starr. The Wright Brothers demonstrated the first successful flying machine this year. 36 The Pompadour Was Really Outstanding for the Girls in the Class of 1909 Loaned by Mrs. Joseph TuUoss. Identilied by Mrs. TuUoss and CJeora Wilkinson Congdon. First row Grace (Doup) Kidd, Lavinia (Elder) Paazig, F!o-snce ( Revennaugh ) Townsend, Helen ( Ashcraft) Scribner Stanley, Roy Moorehouse, Edna (Hayes) Taylor, Ethel (Pitkin) Studor, Pearl CSlaats) Metcalf, Wave (.Dun- lap) Jennings, Cleora (Wilkinson) Congdon. Second row — Ethel Jamison, Mae Ellen Mann, Bernice (Bennett) Bown, Gladys (Hadley ) Baker, Carrie Masteller, Eva (Beever) Sullivan, Clara ( Cervenka ) Schmidt, Minnie (Blair; Miller, Lenna ( Litzenberg ) Chapman, Helen Alden. Third row — Mildred CAler) Sheriff, Mary Cheyney, Helen (McNabb) Lytle, Bessie (Waher) Porter, Eleanor (Sigler) Soult Robertson, Hazel ( Grubb) Wing, Ethel (McGugin) La Fever, Ruth (Green) Kelts, Edna (Sellers) Ward, Ruby (Huntsberger) Miller, Marguerite (Allen) White, Ethel Vincent. Fourth row — Alby Sweet Fleming, Leroy Kells, Fay (Bell) Folin, Blanch Long, Arlene (Craig) Schlessinger Kelly, Lottie (Friel) Zolman, Iva Paul. Florence (Huddle) Clark, Joseph W. Tulloss, Ray Scarbrough, Harold Bell, Leland Arnold. Filth row - Curt Meltzer, Norris Elliott, Clarence Cramer, Charles Huntsberger, George Owen, BUnn Gear- hart, Earl White, Ralph Reed, Ray Culbertson, Royal Bucher. Peary reached the North Pole in 1909. 37 There Was Simplicity of Style for the Class of 1910 Loaned end identified by Pearl Wenger BOTTOM ROW: Florence Welker, Ruth Williams, Inez Beever, Ruth Pitkin, Irene Dowds, Vivian Hutton, Anna Swetland, Bessie Bartlett. Edith Neal, Edna Charlton. MIDDLE ROW: Wmifred Jones. Constance Merrin, Olive Brooks, Florence Bartlett, Carol Conard, Nola Barnard, Florence Care.v. Ada Van Voorhis. Hattie Panfield. TOP ROW: Virgil Dowds. Dwight Hobbs, Dwight Ewalt, Earl Baxter, Pearl Wenger, Walter Harris, Guy Ackerman, Carl Masteller, Darrel Banning. In August of this year the first electric trains were used successfully to run under the Hudson River into New York City. 38 The Audacious Short Skirt Was First Displayed by the Girls in the Class of 1911 " • ' vijiippwimHj Loaned by George Culbertson — Identified by Vivian Do vds and Berfa (Hail) Schnebly FIRST ROW: Faye Thomas, Anita (Wrentzel) Christel. Loma (Arndt) Adams, Grace (Strang) Ulrey, Mary (Blair) Vail, Hazel (Kirkpatrick) Workman, Vivian Dowds, Ethel Snow, Berta (Hall) Schnebly, Alma Lepley. SECOND ROW: Portia (Wagner) Coleman, Irene (Zeisloft) Jennings, Helen Chew, Ruth Mitchell, Helen (Porter) Sapp, Grace (Faddis) Hall, Jennie Hildebrand, Anna Black, Mary (Ewing) Henter, Buelah (Doelfs) Morton, Bessie (Patterson) Chrisman. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Lyman, Frances Chew, Mary (Mochwart) Koch, Verna (Salisbury) Pinkley, Hazel Graff, George Hookway, Bessie Van Voorhis, Louise Sperry, Mabel Coleman. Ethel (Simmons) Hammond, Vernice Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Lawrence Fletcher, Raymond Spechk. Hubert Carey, Monroe Kauffman, Walter Englehart, George Cul- bertson, Louis West, Dean McKee, Ralph Jenkins, John Gotshall, Leon Zeisloft. Direct telephone communication between New York and Denver was opened in 1911. 39 The Part in the Hair Goes to the Side the Skirts Creep Up in the Class of 1912 Picture and Identification by Edno Parrott ZeislofI FIRST ROW: Hazel Bair, Florence Mason. Bernice Song, Parma Stephen, Albert Culbertson, Ethel McKee, Alice Vernon, Edna Parrott, Marie Shireman, Myrtle Gotslrall SECOND ROW: Lois Speck, Nellie Wynkoop, Pauline Stump, Ruth Hier, Margery Backer, Cora Hoffman, Ohve Clark. Ella Black, Eunice Cooper, Nellie Snow, Essie Jeffries. THIRD ROW: Frances McAuslan, Alice Browne, Nina Clay, Margaret McAuslan, Leona Hamilton, Mabel Browne, Kathryn CoUey, Verie Gleason, Merle McGugin, Pauline Bedell, Ruth Lepley. TOP ROW: Robert Baxter. Earl Seavolt, Ray Hall. Harold McDevitt, Charles Kelley, Leland Cassell. Harold Corwin, Floyd Bartlett, Clarence Lauderbaugh, John Ewing. Stella Shaffner (not m picture) This year was remembered for the Titanic disaster. 40 These Were Serious Seniors, Class of 1913 Loaned by Nina Levering. Identified by Florence Coss ond Pauline Riley BOTTOM ROW: Gladys Elliott, Pauline Riley, Mary Bair Schaeffer, May Wynkoop Ogle, Hazel Chrisman Smith, Anna Tulloss, Margaret Mathews Strang, Ruby Barnes Cole, Helen Baxter Mason. SECOND ROW: Mabel Wenger Williams, Willia Spitzer Jenkins, Carita Buxton McDermott, Edith Melick Stevenson, Florence Fishburn Cass, Helen Faddis, Mearle Ewers Jackson, Mary Mix, Alice Hull. THIRD ROW: Hoy Russell, Dorothy Ash Geary, Almeda VanVoorhis Hawkins, Elizabeth Allspaugh Clark, Florence Barre Allerding, Charles West, Nina Levering, Marjorie Benoy, Pearl Donough Griffith, Edna Severns Englehardt, Ralph Morton. FOURTH ROW: Clyde Purdy, Hovey Altenburg, Faye Strang, Ralph Clough, Eugene Bell, Cecil Hall, Berlin Blakely, Paul Ferris, Percy Greer, Henry Arnold. FIFTH ROW: Larry Bartlett, Riley McDevitt, Joseph Smith, Harold Ashcraft, Charles Cassell, Ray Wolfe, Harley Vance, Armand Collett, Harry Haynes, Charles Breece. (Not in picture: Sturgess Sigler, Dorothy Tudor Tarbell) The Panama Canal was opened, and $4,000 was the income tax exemption. 41 Class of 1914 and Their Fortieth Reunion Loaned by Florence McClelland TuUoss Identilied by Mis. TuUoss and Judge lay McDevitt First row -- Mary Claypool, Zuleme Smith, Leota Loney. Edith i Ce ' venka ) Veeman, Allen Sapp, Edna (Bell) Harmon, Florence ( McClelland 1 Tulloss, Selena i Shafer ) Breece, Elsie ( Melick l Masteller Stephenson. Second row Ruth ( Colville ) Stewart, Velma Hillbrant, Edith Hillbrant, Marguerite Dowds, Fae (Davis) O Bryan. Dorothv (Blair) Purinton. Sara i Long 1 Jones, Emma i Fobes ) KauHman, Helen ( Moore 1 Dutt. Third row Elsie Schipper, Margaret (Todd) Schwartz, Myrtle Mopes, Elizabeth (Owen) DeWolfe, Gertrude ( Lorey ) Ellis, Alison (Bartlett) Farmer, Hazel (Worley) Walker, Helen (Mclntire) Smithheisler, Beatrice Singer, Margaret Kelly, Sara Wyncoop, Frank Elliott. Group of four boys - Jay McDevitt, Ray Harrison, Dale Davis, Wilfred Phillips. FourtJi row Beulah Herrick, Alberta (Payne) Mommouth, Marie (Barber) Leonard, Opal (Andricks) Ransom, Gladys (Smith) Dowds, Nina Shitlletle, Edna (Blair) Russell, Lucille Vernon, Augusta Brigode, Irene (Gleason) Condon. fiftii row - George Melick, Gordon Bone, Bruce Lepley, Dwight McNabb, Tommy VanVoorhis, Carl Levering, Russell Thrailkill, Maurice Mitchell, Mary Reed, Laverna (Mild) Culbertson, Mary ( Beggs ) Emch. Sixth row — Harold Mill, Herbert Huntsberger, Russell Crouch, Oscar Kramer, Russell Ewalt, Walter Sapp, Dale Porter, Arthur Beck, Frank Claypool, John Phillips, Charles Tulloss, Melvin Black, Stanley Johnson. At the Alcove 1954 tfd The Class of 1915 Display a Navy Influence with Middies and Ties Loaned and Identified by Irene (Parrish) Carr FIRST ROW: Ruth Bartlett, Neva (Wolf) McLarnan. Ruth (Nixon) TuUoss, Ethel Baird, Mildred Bishop, Mildred Dye, Martha (Cutter) Crouthers, Irene (Parrish) Carr. Ruth (Moffltt) Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Mary Clippinger. Edna Bartlett. Pauline (Jamison) (Ogg) Kartman, Mary (Graham) McClusky, Miriam (Ros- enthal!) Koch. Clementine Rose, Zenna (Winteringer) Snow, Elma (Denman) Beifnes, Alice (Pickard) Smith, Jane Eley. Ruth Montgomery, Madge (McKinley) McGinley. THIRD ROW: Hazel Parrish, Mary Crider, Grace Vickroy, Helen (Gorsuch) Bone, Lucy (Hawley) Price. Eleanor Snow, Velma (Tucker) Shaffer, Sara (Kohl) Irvine, Frances Hinger, Hazel (Jackson) Shorr. FOURTH ROW: Augusta Greer. Faun Nichols, Arthur Matthews, Forrest Elay, Ralph Yauger, Robert Simpson, Henry Flaharty. Carl Snow. Eleanor (Zeisloft) Scott. Elizabeth Gilmore. Ruth Bricker. FIFTH ROW: Fern (Strang) Barnard. Joseph Sellers. Francis King. Harold Trott. Hoy Jenkins, Hector Jones, John Schnebly, Waldo McDonald. Calvin Lafever. Harry Hayes. SIXTH ROW: Clarence Lahmon. Donald Bell. Oliver Walker. Earl Denman, Glenn Sparks. Russell Charlton, Peugh Hildebrand, Russell Berry, Roger Eggleston, Robert Severns. Lusitania was sunk by the Germans as we tried to avert war. 43 The Class of 1916 Improved with Age Loaned ond identified by Eunice (Hunrt Rawlins First TOW — Mabel Workman, Georgia Blocher, Irene Braddock, Eva Cosner, Helen Steinmetz Seale, Irene Beiger Lewis, Alice McKee Stevens, Mabel Cochran Brown, Evelyn Gallon Dorsey. Second row Doris Wooton Simpson, Olive Black, Glora Wysner, Eunice Hunt Rawlins, Dulcie Hayes Gantt, Dorothy Winland, Delta Clements, Leah Biggs, Mary Brown, Wilda Rinehart Worley, Margaret Beam Stillwell, Josephine Young. Third row — Olive Kile, Cora Conard McLarnan, Julie Branyan Clemm, Ada Levering, Mary Schnebly Seymour, Florence Parrish Warman, Lenna Jacobs Woessner, Palmer Barnard. Mary Mason Bateman, Coreta Wright McManis, Ellen Mill Heckler, Mae SchaeHer, Edwin Moore, Wm. McBroom, Henry Faulhaber, John Ackerman. Fourth row — Dan Houck, Edward Rawlins, Lee Wright, Paul Whittacre, Phillip Dye, Gilbert SchaeHer, Harry Upham, Clarence Bateman, Dea Jones, Roger Walton, Raymond Hall, Albert Hofmann. Fifth row — Ross Youst, Ralph Schaffner, Hugh McLarnan, Walter Huntsberry, Russell Eastman, Dale Chadwick, Lowell Van Rhoden, Wilbur Vernon, Duane Rightmire, Carrol Benoy, Harlan Davis, Paul Grossman, Stanley SchaeHer, Cameron Trott, Merritt Chambers, Henry Sebach. Not shown in picture - Eldon Faddis, Lory Gilpin, Corrinne MahaHey, John McLarnan, Donald Messmore, Charles Myers, Ogden Wintermute, Lorna Shaw, Simon Bair, Clyde Johnson, Albert Devault, CliHord Parsons. Forty Years Later — Reunion in 1956 Loaned end Identified by Eunice (Hunt) Rawlins 44 Those m the Class of 1917 Were Serious and Thoughtful; The Verge of World War I %niit 0xmmi sum iv i Loaned and Identified by Luke Biggs FIRST ROW Josephine (Young) Sullivan, Mae (Warman) Loyd, Marguerite (Talmadge) Twynliam. Sara (Simmons) Dol- lison, Edna (Wmland) Nease, Josephine (Tucker) Keller, Leona Shields. Marguerite Sharp, Ruth (Walker) Dalrymple, Dorothy (Murray) Fletcher, Zillah (Graham) Wood, Carol (Hadley) Garber, Mary (Crider) Lockwood. SECOND ROW: Mary (Charlton) Vincent, Helen Steinmetz, Lela (Sparks) Staab, Grace (McLaughlin) Bishop, Dorothy (Swingley) Dudgeon, Gertrude (Hotmann) Smith, Ruth (Doup) Curran, Inez (Cornell) Chadwick, Ethel (Powell) Bishop, Gladys (Walton) Long, Mabel (Fobes) Bond, Verna McGugin. THIRD ROW: Printha (Fowles) McMillan, Mary (Burson) Scott, Mary (Shaffer) McLarnan, Stella Wenger. Helen (Schaffer) Wright, Clara VanVoorhis, Martha (Bell) Dettinger, Madge (Shellenbarger) Handwerk, Virginia (Stumph) Hannon, Hallie (Beamer) Green, Ruth (Pealer) Bross, Martha (Richert) Pryor, Pearl (Smith) McManis. si Fortieth Reunion Summer 1957 f M ' ■f£|j yf W58 Fv- « ., f . 0, ' ., Mt}Sf, ' Loaned by Dorothy Murry Fletcher S ' fi f- ' -O i The Cap and Gown Is Introduced by Class of 1918 .4:j . ' ; = ned by Moi b. . Identified by Pearl Carpenter. FIRST ROW- Marie Breece, Mary Elliott, Agnes Ahrendt. Elizabeth Jones, Claire Sweeny, Margaret Porter, Edna Gorsuch, Margaret Clements, Nellie Taylor, Florence Kile, Mary Kauffman, Mary Zeisloft, PhiUipine Mathews, Lucille Steinmetz, Margaret Hinger. SECOND ROW: Leone Perkins, Eva Clark, Pearl Carpenter, Dorothy Penn, Helen Hall, Louise Oliver. Pauline Leonard, Margaret Reed, Margaret Tulloss, Marie Cunningham, Laura Cutler, Mary Brown, Maurea Mossholder, Lillian Minard, Cora Rood, Ada Debolt. THIRD ROW: Fred Johnson, Herbert Masteller, Robert Eastman, William Wynkoop, James Shields, Roger Tarr, Anita Blinn, Frances Herdman, Abanna Cunningham, Elizabeth Ashcraft, Martha Willimm, Ronald Green, Welby Taylor. FOURTH HOW: Leo Lewis, Lawrence Wantland, Burgess Cochran, Arthur Branyan, Chester Ward, Leland Kelser, Herbert Rawlins. Evard Hoar, Ralph Hedges, Arthur Conrad. TOP ROW: Kenneth Masteller. Russell Jones. Henry Lew. Fred Hayes. Clarence Reed, Frederick Von Wicklin, William Myers, Burton McDonald, George Grossman, Leo Underwood, Howard Blair. This was the first class to wear caps and gowns for graduation. It was also the last class in which everyone had to give a class oration. These orations were given during assembly periods throughout the year. 46 The Class of 1919 Was the Last to Wear Caps and Gowns until the 1940s Looned by Gladys Scottie — Identified by Geneviev irr) Bellinger FIRST ROW; Evelyn Shaffer, Charline (Bebout) Van Sise. Julia Doup, Marjory Myers, Bernice (Coel Griffith, Mabel Smith. Elizabeth Myers, Helen Povirbaugh, Sara Cannon, Murl Nixon. Eva Burson, Dorothy (Spence) Johnson, Lennabel (Lafever) Ge " lhaus, Mary Ball. Yetta iLurie) Bowman, Ruth iTrott) Wells. SECOND ROW: Rozella Farquhar, Frances Coup, Harriet (Cutler) Thompson, Victorine Seats. Ethel Lucille (Chris- man) Vannata. Isabel (Forry) Wintermute, Ruth (Fletcher! Allen, Genevive (Barr) Hettinger, Elinor (Hobbs) Cole, Jane (Copper) Barker, Clarissa Schnebly, Dora (Grosscup) Decker, Louise (Schnelby) Winston, Katherine (Hillier) Reagh, Martha Blair, Glaclys Scottie, Eleanor (Montis) Levy, Ursel (Laymon) Gleason, Alice (Wysner) Condon. THIRD ROW: Chase Clements, Harry Talmadge, Russler Bell. Rector Dye, Edgar Mill, Leroy Sharp, Careta (Mann) Masteller, Helen (Huntsberger) Foster, Reed Barker, Malcolm Morrison, Jocelyn (Emsweiller) Coe, Helena (Koppert) Dowds, Margaret Walker, Margene Faddis, Mary Wills, Harriet (Willett) Wintermute, Richard Shutt. FOURTH ROW: Willis Bell. James Biggs, Paul Gamertstelder, Lloyd Hoffman, Charles Sweet, Merrill Jackson. Carroll Greer, (three men between third and fourth rows) Guy Tucker, Lester Craig. James Dwight W.vker, Harold Sleeman, Harold Stewart, Paul Poland, Kenneth Beach, Ivan McDonald. Harold Wintermute, Orlo Masteller. First World War had ended, and this was a year of reorganization and reconstruction. 47 Boys Predominate in the Class of 1920 -LiJI ..,, .±::t j ' Loaned and Identified by Paul McFeely FRONT ROW: Grace (Ogg) Hauger, Helen (Scott) Masteller, Iva Wolfe, Olive Barrick, Opal Stamm, Mildred Taylor, Margaret (Ashbaugh) Beeney. Mary (Bricker) Ulery, Martha Cochran, Katherine (Dunlap) Biggs, Irene Oliver, Ethel lEarlyvvineJ Van Voorhis. SECOND ROW: Mary (Halsey) Arrington, Josie Farquhar, Velda Ward, Isabel (Tydings) Frederick, Grace (Dudgeon) Rine, Evelyn Ross, Ruth Sesser, Mabel Kenwood, Ladybird (Charlton) Totman, Xantha (Cook) Signorelli, Bonnelyn Bell, Pauline Kirk. THIRD ROW: Douglas Quack, Sidney Ball, Francis Bettinger, Gladys (Gorsuch) Decker, Dorothy (Tucker) Crumley, Lucille (Dunham) Neass, Miriam (Mardis) McFeely, Alfred Thompson. Lawrence Mill, Paul Turner, Albert Fields. FOURTH ROW: George Crumley, Clarence Springer, Albert Rawlins, Ernest Tucker, George Tucker, Lawrence Baldwin, Ernest Hookway, John Drake, Robert Wells, Ronald Yarman, Lawrence Williams, Robert Kenwood, Virgil Parker, Paul Forsytlie, James Sigler, Curtis Watters. FIFTH ROW: Kennth Ransom, Charles Salisbury, Arnold Condon. Herbert Hunt, Lowell Bricker, Lyman Garber, Walter Grant, Everett Black, Ben Zeisloft, Merle Culver, Clarence Huddle. Women ' s suffrage became a law, and these girls will be able to vote as soon as they reach the age of twenty-one. 48 The Class of 1921 Enjoyed the Holiday Season with a Christmas Party Loaned by Lloyd Martin — Identified by Paul McFeely FIRST ROW: Donald Coile. Claii- Bishop. Alfred Swingle. Glenn Woods. Nelson Burris. Clovce Christopher, Claude Turben, Clyde McBroom. Claude McBroom. Waldo Rollins, Edward Miller, Lloyd Michael. Geoffrey Errett. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Mizer. Paul McFeely, Lloyd Mrrtin, K3nneth Stonebrook, Curtis Grubb, Payne Stroble, Kenneth Hofmann, Glenn Workman, John Sauer. Myron Neass. THIRD ROW: Cecil Vian. Harold Crumley, Brice Greer, Herbert Gi ' ham, James Burden. Hoy Wharton, Charles Copper, FOURTH ROW: Frances Wintermute, Gladys (Murrin) Nichols, L-ona Cline, Ha (Ward) Kohl, Cornelia Her- ron, Audrey Taylor, Henry Sauer (Santa Claus). Esther (Blaii) Nelrer, Louise (Bell) Sellers, Elizabeth Porterfield, Lucille (Sinith) Brown. Mary Walker. Kathryn (L:!zear) Hess, Lenore Rayot (French teacher), Dorothy (Nixon) Dille, Lillian Cunningham (History teacher), Dorothy (Hess) Dunliam. Mar.v (Ransom) Fletcher, Sara Neass. Frances (Taylor) Warman. Ruth (Davis) Rerick. FIFTH ROW; Ruth Yauger, Rose Schroeder, Fannie (Roberts) Howell, Priscilla (Tarr) Thompson, Mabel Fishburn, Daisy (Melick) Greer, Irene Pearl. Elizabeth (Tulloss) Tucker. Ruth (Wysner) Warman. Ruth Herrick. Helen (Murphy) Zeisloft. Mabel Beamer, Eloise (McFeely) McCann, Edith (Wharton) Strodt- beck. Grace (Sandy) Rodgers. Mildred Jones, Helen (Bair) Barnhouse, Thelma (Lewis) Weir, Eva (Sparksi Taylor, Fern (Lucas) Riley, Margaret (Ayers) Bonnist, Helen (Burkepyle) Jennings, Virginia (Alsdorf) Garoutte, Margaret (Fairchild) Beach, Martha (Davis) McLean. Formerly w hen class parties were held, no guests outside the class were permitted. This made for better class spirit and unity. The class of 1921 published the first Mount Vernon High Yearbook called the Hi-Log. 49 Class of 1923 Displayed Variety In Styles of Hair and Dress ■ E »|y -.l W - , B !S9I ■1 19HH| BWfo ' gffi KI BBB l v S 1 , S B ' L j Bp p . B.« BL jpH BkT v llHf l B fl H ISmtjB ' y CTB ' ■ ' ' r V ' Ji B ' Wb y 1 E H HH H jE JSuft,;iiftM 2HBw s M; ' C l1 k| o lt: .1 MBnlf . ' E 1 pKj £. JMS T M i s i y H Jr9 SH ral lEB 1 tf K M ifef " € i: " 1 l r- F- ' r- :-r. WattErT K. . -W f " y - MiP j- TyiJ Ife;- ' . MkIt Mqifll Jwr ■ ' Mfc3 BT ' Ljflr -flj fl OB " - ' ' Inl BR ; i - ' SS H ' i bHlMlvHI JpU fjPB ' " Mpl ll BHkyWBJ f.- »fei«)5i- ' Sij ' ■ ■ . „ . ' .-. la FRONT ROW: Ruth Corcoran, Hazel Kunkle, Minnie Vess, Pauline Porterfield, Eleanor Reese, Dorothy Latta, Theresa Shafer, Gertrude Hagan, Margaret Mardis, Virginia Pyle, Helen Workman, Laurel Roberts, Irene Leonard, Margaret McGibney, Edna Everly, Ruth Dial. SECOND ROW: Eloise Scott, Beatrice Cramer, Miriam Woolson, Pauline Ashcraft, Ruth Green, Lucille Gleason, Dorothy Bowden, Ruth Green, Gladys Myers, Naomi Swigart, Mary Louise Wirwille, Dorothea Mendenhall, Kathryn Twinem, Mildred Bockoven, Genevieve Bradfield, Eleanor Worley, Louise Hamilton, Jennie Mondron, Eleanor Taylor, Bernice Van Nausdle, Irene Baker. THIRD ROW: John Lord, Allan Dowds, Ethel Snyder, Mildred Miller, Katherine Wynkoop, Thelma Lucas, Vera Perrine, Mary Hyatt, Mildred Kile. Nellie Nuce, Alice Parker, Violet Henwood, Lenora Mizer, Mamie McNabb, Rachel Seymour, Naomi Fronce, Bessie Maffett, Helen Mayo, Angeline Swoger, Leane Hamilton. FOURTH ROW: Harold Brown, Harold Black, Clarence McKown, Kenneth Martin, Forrest Carle, Adin Capron, George Yauger, Charles Hookway, Parr Avers, Harrison Greer, Chester Bishop, Robert Beum, Everett Frye, Marcus Bell, Russell Darling, Jesse Dougherty, Chester Hollingsworth. FIFTH ROW: Homer White, Carson Young, Hugh Edman, Bernard Hoovler, Lloyd Yoakum, Paul Lepley, Harry Dancey, John Davis, Franklin Giffin, Dwight Cochran, Donald Browne, Harold Bettinger, Lynn Morgan, Lloyd Goins, Walter Humes, Norman Smith, John Keyes. SIXTH ROW: Harry Harker, Clarence Chrisman, Roy Shields, George Wythe, Vance Burson, John Humbert, Royal Beum, John Sauvel, Paul Gilliland, Charles Mendenhall, Robert McGugin, Harold Berry, Russell Willett. This was the decade of the " Roaring Twenties " — the Flappers were all doing the Charleston, and hem lines rose above the knees. 50 The Twenty-fifth Reunion the Class of 1925 Loaned and Identified by EllioM Stoyle FIRST ROW: Arthur Brown, Luella (Simmons) Hayes. Irene Thomas. Elliott Stoyle, Isabel P IcFeely, Glenn Wythe. Gertrude (Campbell) Appleton, Free Vail. Ethelyn (Winland) Stoyle. Ruth (Wolf) Nettleton. Don Jackson, Lawrence Moore. SECOND ROW: Russell McCollum, Eleanor Underwood. Eleanor (Humbert) Durbin, Irene Harrison, Eleanor (Wag- ner) Weaver. Lucille (Blue) Lambillotte, Eva (Cline) Ernest, Evelyn (Purcell) Dunlap. Dorothy (Houck) Potts, Irene (Peterson) Brown. Audrey Wright. Lenabelle (Baldwin) Servais. Ruth (Williams) Hagan. THIRD ROW: Dorothy (Doup) Pealer, Dorothy Bebout) Bateman. Vera (Swank) Lemon. Alice (Shipley) Burson. Corda (Griffin) Lifer, Ruth (George) Smith, Frances (Gorsuch) Martin, Lilian (Berger) Sawvel, Ruth (Marker) Myers. Marcella Cooksey. Marian (Nelson) Blum, Wilson Johnson, Lillian (Roller) Rhoads, Mildred (Menden- halU Dunn. Margaret (Banning) Pritchard. Treva (Swank) Kelling. FOURTH ROW: Charles Way, Ruth (Dailev) Bastin. Ray Harris. Wilda (Harker) Gantt, Katherine (Bell) Benson, Dorothy Carpenter. Lawrence Moore. Jon Lazear. Cedric Mill. Wilbur Ulery. Floyd Elhs. Earnest Springer, Robert McGibney, Lisle Lewis. The Navy dirigible Shenandoah was destroyed in 1925 in Ohio by a thunder storm. 51 Reunion the Class of 1928 Taken June, 1952 Photograph by Lipps Studio — Identificotion by Geneva Phillips SEATED, left to right: Ruth Bebout Ball, Mildred Baker Olvey, Margaret Adams Baker, Pearl Burgoon Leedv, Ruth Dotv Heffelfinger, Florence Smith Barton, Geneva Kirkpatrick Phillips, Eleanore Postle Brumm, Wynona Tucker McLaughlin. Marguerite Mann, Bettie Kerr Kuflman, Alice Grosscup Gerber, Louise VanVoorhis Eberle. STANDING, left to right: Elizabeth Koons Miller Humbert Halcomb, Charles Olvey, George Yi Rudin Beam, Clementine Balcom Litzenburg Mendenhall, Solon McDonald, Roberta Cole J ceased) Clinton Burris, Ray Mondron. Doroth Doris Rockwell Miser, Albert Blanpain, Will Jamison, Gordon Grubb, Herbert Day, Virgin Greer, Kirk Taylor, Kenneth Cochran, Gladys Ruth Lucas Jacobs, Frederick Frye. Margaret Merrin Hannegan, Paul Davis, Sarah ngling, Ruth Graham, Ronald Hyatt, Margaret Cecil Porter, William Bricker, Eunice Sensel ohnson, Eleanor Williams Ralston, Glen Mills (de- y Lake Mondron, Carrol White, Gordon Speelman, iam Biggs, Dan Johnson. Harold Johnson, Margaret ia Cotton Lazear, Charles Scottie, Lucille McCollum Brock Kreps, Chelsie Thornberry, Frank Houck. In 1928 Charles Lindberg received the Woodrow Wilson Peace Award for his " service in the cause of international friendship. " 52 The Depression Class of 1932 Picture loaned by Conoid . ' LcLoinan Identification by Virginia Lewis FIRST ROW- Virginia Thompson. Ruth Mavis, Elsie Bushong, Dorthea Miller, Margaret Clark, Mary Ellen Fettig, Lester Williams, Robert Rollins, Dale Strouse, Clara Thomas, Betty Rawlinson, Harriett Herron, Mary Deeley, Dorothy Lytle, Mariorie Wythe. , „,„,,„, SECOND ROW- Irene Hoovler. Mary McNeil, Elizabeth Weirick. Dorothy Grant. Alice Scottie, Chnstn-ie Beach. Ruth Fo-wler, Elizabeth Beach, Madeline Lambillotte. Marguerite Wenger. Virginia Walker. Kathlyn Trott. Ruth McClam. Margaret Coe. Jayne Clark. Pauline Melntire. Iscah Dutt. , „ . THIRD ROW- Edith Line. Georgette Delgouffre. Eloise BisehofF. Mary Allspaugh, Edna Houbler. Carolme Cozad, Canta Vannatta, Eulalah Craig, Ruth Gibbony, Geraldine Bevington, Lillian Goosens. Clara Graham. Margaret Thiel, Jane Clavpool, Sue Deelev, Mary Brock, Lorene Bo-wman. ,, „ , , FOURTH ROW: Kenneth McCoy, John Carpenter, Ronald Frizzell, Conard McLarnan. Merle Lybarger, Helen McFarland, Martha Workman, Ruby Woolison, Emma Williams, Mary Giffin. Mary Grace Kunkle, Vn-gmia Lewis, Dale Graham, Lawrence Goodman, Raymond Perrine, Darwin Lake. „,,„ r. , , , ■, , » FIFTH ROW: Donald Rvburn. Paul Porterfield, Robert George. Norman Burgess. Ralph Barton. Samuel Clark. John Gost, Malclom Black. Ernest Lanoy, Alden Oakes. Harold Cookman. Conard Hill, Nelson Pitkm, Stanley Simmons, Glenn Mowery SIXTH ROW: Robert Headington. Fred Yeager. Henry Sebach. Charles Zink. Charles Dudgeon. Carrol Ellis. Arthur Metcalfe. John Gost. Harry Horner, John Rine, William Coe, George Booker, Richard Anderson. Lloyd Humbert, George Kerns, Cecil Durbin, Fletcher Lawrence. On account of the depression, no annual was published in 1932. This group picture was taken instead of individual pictures. 53 The Class of 1933 Was FIRST ROW: Evelyn Mae (Dilley) Bong, Audrey (Morton) Roeser, Margaret (Bell) Fawcett, Reynetta (Yerian) Silver- wood, Arlene Workman, Elizabeth (Cave) Levering. Lucille Norrick, Mary (Grubb) Spearman, Lydia Parks, Mary Elizabeth (Dudgeon) Clippenger, Susan Owen, Rose A. Michaux. Ellen Swanson, Lena (Boyle) Paques. SECOND ROW: Robert Porter, Gail Porterfield, Robert White, June (Pipes) Summers. Alberta (Robinson) Coffing, Reba (Johnson) Bartlett, Kathryn (Denhart) Jennings. Ruth (Phillips) Seaman. Isabel (Hoffman) Church, Mary (Fleming) McKee, Helen Edith (Sutherland) Earl, Eleanor (Jackson) Richert. Norma (Long) Doup. Rosemary (Murphy) Mc- Donough. Martha (Nolin) Jordon, Doris (Nethers) McDonough. THIRD ROW: James Earl, Robert Simmons, Ben Capron, Louise (Roberts) Dauphin. Wilma (Brown) Wagoner, Lucille Rearick, Vivian (Cornet) Roth, Fay Olive (Selby) Robinson, Pauline (Hunter) Graham, Grace (North) Carter, Mary (Olvey) Gardner. Martha (Fowler) Yoakum, Jennie (Camillo) Hawkins. Martha (Clark) Westfall, Mary (Smith) Lybarger, Mary Lou (Zeisloft) Goodson. FOURTH ROW: Russell Summers, Miona M. (Hookway) Rule, Naomi Braddock, Elizabeth (Lantz) Harris, Mrytle Patter- son, Dorotliy (Johnsoni Heimsch. Mary Katherine (Balo) Sterner, Charlotte (McCluskey) Thuma. Maxine (Wagoner) Butler, Hazel (Butler) Brady. Dorothy (Hall) Bitzel. Eloise (Oggi Goodall. Charles Frederick Cureton. FIFTH ROW: Robert Mill. Charles Hachat. Ralph Workman. Clarence Marion Colwill. Bernard Edmund Smith, Dan W. McKay, Hubert Lore, William Botkin, Richard Shorkey, Wilmot Sperry, Webster Buell, Kay Walker, Darwin Alexander, These people will hol(J a 25th reunion this summer. 54 Also a Depression Class Loaned and Identified by Rose Michoux FIRST ROW: Violet (Cookman) Miller, Elizabeth (Charlton) Sheppard, Mar- guerite (Hayes) Taylor, Floy (Coss) Barnum, Marcella (Magill) Worley, Betty (Rollins) Palmer, Geraldine (Breece) Meyers, Aretas Peugh, Robert Nixon. SECOND ROW: Ruth (Gibbs) Dalrymple, Mary (Hiles) Denman, Pauline (Hoar) King, Olive (Jadwin) Heysman, Sarah L. (McCalla) Wolfe. Mary (Taylor) Holmes, Lillian (Highman) Fairman. John Speelman, Russell Durieux, Carroll Lybarger. THIRD ROW: Mary Olive (Scarbrough) Bowie, Caroline (Denny) Kuss, Dorothy (Reisman) White, Carolyn (Van Aman) Crumrine, Antoinette (Burgoon) Lehman, Glenn Mayer, Richard Green, Fred White, Daniel L. Chase. FOURTH ROW: Robert Stamm, Charles Banning, Carl T. Crumrine, Walter Armstrong. Guy Kearns, James King, Ronald Parker. FIFTH ROW: Wesley Cochran, James H. Rohler, George Chase. Howard McCoy, Wesley Gueulette, Ralph Mondron, Rene Bastin. Unemployment had reached its peak and Franklin Roosevelt began the first of his four terms in the White House. 55 Debatin ' g DEBATE TEAM OF 1911 Identificafion by Milton Reeder SITTING: Hoy Russell, Cecil Hall, Bess Patterson, Fay Thompson, Henry Arnold. STANDING: Ernest Hesse, Charles Kelley, Charles West, Harold McDevitt, Coach S. R. Miller. Between 1910 and 19. 0, debating was a popular subject in the high school. Triangular debates were held with Newark, Zanesville, Cam- bridge and other cities in Central Ohio. People looked forward to the nights on which debates were to be held, and usually the auditorium was filled. There was always great excitement when our team won, and the cheerleaders were on hand to arouse enthusiasm in the crowd. The last debating team contest was held about 1931, and Ruth Domigan-Truxall was the coach. DEBATE TEAM OF 1914 TOP ROW: Jay McDevitt. Stanley Johnson. Dan Houck. MIDDLE ROW: Russell Thraikill, Dorothy Blair Purington. Russell Eastman. BOTTOM ROW: Glen Sparks, Russell Ewalt. TOP ROW. left to right: Mrs. Ila McNabb (Coach). James Shields, Leland Kelser, Howard Blair, Mr. Rosebloom (Coach), Elinor Hobbs Cole. BOTTOM ROW: Herbert Masteller, Fred Johnson, Mr. Cunliffe (Coach), Claire Weed, Robert Eastman. 56 History of Publications in Mount Vernon High School THE FORUM — THE JACKET JOURNAL Mrs. Robert Baldwin, Class of 1899, has preserved the first high school publication of which we have any record. Two numbers were issued by the senior class of 1898. These were called " The Tattler, " and the editorial staff of the first number consisted of Ruth Bogardus, Editor-in-Chief; Robert Armstrong, Managing Editor; M. C. Starr, Local Editor; and George Kingsbury, Business Manager. " The Tattler " contained little school news as we know it today. There was a long description of Celia Henley ' s trip to the Philadelphia Navy Yard; a whole column by Louie Wythe was devoted to the business conditions in the United States; a long description of a trip to Bangs that the geology class took was one of the most interesting items; and there were two columns by George Kingsbury on the political situation of the country. An election of officers for the Junior Literary Society resulted as follows: President, Zenno Taylor; Vice-President, Walter Anderson; Secretary, Willie Arnold; and Treasurer, Willie Allen. The officers of the Senior Literary Society were President, Lou Wythe; Vice-President, Florence Westlake; Secretary, Ruth Bogardus; and Treasurer, Clinton Smith. Ila Williams was the Censor. At a meeting of the Senior Literary Society the subject was " American Humorists. " Ruth Bogardus read an essay on " American Humorists; " Gertrude Parr read from Washington Irving ' s " Knickerbocker History of New York; " Florence Westlake read a passage from " The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table; " Paul Brent recited " The Heathen Chinese; " Newton Anderson read an essay on " A Fable for Critics " by James Russell Lowell; Harry Parrott, read from " Huckleberry Finn; " and Ila Williams recited " The One Hoss Shay. " This program was followed by a debate on " Resolved: That Humorous Literature is more Effective for Good Than Serious. " After 1898 no more papers were published until 1905. Then a booklet was started known as the " Forum, " and was published every other month. Curtis Kinnej, now manager of the J. S. Ringwalt Company, was on the staff in 1905, and he became the Editor-in-Chief the second quarter and continued in this position the rest of the year. The booklets consisted mostly of literary works, some athletic news, and a few jokes. The " Forum " continued in booklet form until 1921. In the spring of that year the first year book, known as the " Hi-Log " was published. There were two volumes printed under this name. The name " Hi-Log " was chosen because " Hi " was the popular abbreviation for high school, and the meaning of " Log " is derived from use of a ship ' s log to record a vessel ' s history. Virginia Alsdorf Garroutte was the first editor and Gladys Hadley Baker was the adviser. This book was the first one which included individual pictures of seniors, groups of all other classes, pictures of athletic teams, clubs, and snap candid pages. The girls ' club was called the Athenaeum, and the president the first semester was Mary Ransom Fletcher. The president during the second semester was Martha Davis. The boys ' club was known as the Delphi, and there were more than sixty members in this group. The president the first semester was Geoffrey Errett, and the president the second semester was Brice Greer. Miss Marie Richter was director of the Boys ' and the Girls ' Glee Clubs, and Mr. Henry Levy was director of the fourteen piece orchestra. The athletic coach was Mr. Ray Michaels, an uncle of Mrs. Imogene Montgomery. In 1923 the annual was again called the " Forum " and is still published under that name. During the depression years lack of funds stopped the publica- tion of a year book. According to the " Forum " files no book was published in 19.30, 19.32, or 1933. A small annual was published in 1934, and " The Forum " has been published every year since. From 1923 to 1925 the high school literary booklet was continued, then it became a newspaper also known as ' The Forum. " The first editor was William Ackerman, and the Business Manager was James Alsdorf. Having two publications under the same name was confusing, and in 1938 a contest was held by the " Forum " newspaper staff to change the name. Joe Hantman won with the name " Jacket Journal. " Since then the paper has been known as " The Jacket Journal, " and the yearbook as " The Forum. " Don Dowds was the first editor of " The Jacket Journal. " ' The high school paper has been published every year since 1925 except between the years 1930 and 1935. Sara Cannon has been the adviser since 1936, and C. A. Cassell has been business manager since 1955. Former advisers include Gladys Hadley-Baker, Helen ColviIIe-Se itts, and Mary Leonard-Dowds- Ridenour. 57 Forum Staff, 1912-1913 dentified by Dr. John Schnebly SEATED: Madge McKinley. Ethel McKee, Harriett Swetland. Nina Levering, Marjorie Barber, Ruth Colville. SECOND ROW: Alice Brown, Sturgess Sigler, Charles Kelley, Charles West, Robert Baxter. Robert Weaver, Ruth Moffitt. TOP ROW: Cy Morton, Hoy Russell, Allan Sapp, Floyd Bartlett, Fletcher Devin, Jay McDevitt. Since the Forum was published only four times a year, and there was very little advertising in it we wonder how all these people kept busy. Forum Staff 1915-1916 Miriam Slingluff. Edward Rawlins. Leona Shields. Milo Hadley. ■ Stanley Coleman, Carol Hadley, FIRST ROW: Leland Kelser, MIDDLE ROW: Olive Black, Susan Parsons. Robert Walton, Miss Helen Colville, Faculty Editor. TOP ROW: Paul Whittaker, Robert Eastman, John Wolverton Arndt Gamertsfelder. Mr. Blosser, (Faculty Manager), 58 Forinn Staff 1917 Picture from Forum Files. Identified by Mrs. Baker. FIRST ROW: left to right: Charles Salisbury. Jr., Priseilla Tarr Thompson, George Crumley. Charlene Bebout Van Sise. Lawrence Baldwin, Dr. Richard Shutt, Lucille Brawner Mitchell, Robert Rimer, Evelyn ShaefTer. Banning Errett. ® SECOND ROW: Margaret Reed Shane, Mr. Lawrence. Eva Clark Stotz, Francis Bettinger, Lennabel Lafever Gelhaus, Fred Johnson. Agnes Ahrendt Pierson, Mary Elliott Jones. TOP ROW: Fred Hayes, Kenneth Masteller, Margene Faddis, Russell Jones, Margaret Clements Salisbury, Henry Levj ' , Gladys Hadley Baker, adviser. Hi-Log Staff 1921 BOTTOM ROW: Winifred Riley Sloane. E.xchanLe Eclii(jr: Eleaiioi Lorey James, Alumni Editor; Evelyn Levy, Assistant Alumni Editor; Helen Aluiphy, Typist; Fannie Roberts Howell, As- sistant Local Editor; Dorothy Bowden Sperry, Sophomore Reporter; Pauline Taylor, Assistant Editor; Kathryn Lazear Hess, Locals Editor. MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Mill. Junior Reporter; Evron Weekly. Typist; Mildred Miller. Typist; Virginia Alsdorf Garroutte, Editor-in-Chief; Gladys Hadley Baker, Adviser; Mary Salisbury, Artist; Annis Conley Miller, Freshman Reporter; Irene Thomas Tabor, Junior Reporter; Robert Beum. TOP ROW: George Yauger, Sophomore Reporter; Vaughn Banning, Freshman Reporter; George Wythe, Assistant Business Manager; Karl Vanaman, Assistant Athletic Editor; Cedric Smith. Assistant Business Manager; Collin Montis, Rub Editor; Claude Turben, Athletic Editor; John Sauer, Assistant Business Manager. 59 Mount Vernon High Schools First Scholarship Team This was the first scholarship team that Mount Vernon entered in compe- tition with other high schools of the district of Ohio State University. This 1930 team had the honor of placing first in the district. FIRST ROW. left to right: Antoinette Burgoon. Virginia Bogardus Jackson. SECOND ROW; Dr. Lester Williams, Edith Johnson Baltzell, Sue Sanderson. Lucy Ellen Lamb Custer. Alfred Sleeman. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Jackson Haynes, Thomas Burnett. Naomi Broddock. Today more than fifty students take part in these scholarship tests at Denison University every spring. During the past ten years. Mount Vernon has had three national first places in French. Those who won this honor were William Transue, Jacques Transue, and Charles Williams. First places in state scholarship competition were won in French by William Transue, Perry Williams, Hannah Mautner, and Charles Williams. William Transue also placed first in the state in biology. There were some state winners previous to this time, but no records were available. Many Mount Vernon High students have placed first in district scholarship tests in various subjects. 60 The Smart Set of 1927 THE MOUNT VERNON CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY In 1927 Mount Vernon High School was granted a charter to establish a chapter of the National Honor Society. To be eligible for membership in this society, a senior must be in the upper third of his class and must show qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The seniors are elected by a com- mittee from the faculty, but no more than fifteen percent of the entire class may be elected. At an impressive ceremony sometime in May, these seniors are formally initiated into the society. They are not notified of their honor but are called from the audience after the program begins. Parents of the candidates are invited to attend the exercises, because election to this society is considered one of the highest honors a senior can achieve. During the same assembly special honors are mentioned and awards are presented to students of the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades who have won recognition in various departments during the year. The First National Honor Society FIRST ROW: Julia Elliott. Davis Leinasters. James Alsdorf, Freida Knox. MIDDLE ROW: Madge Davis, Hush Wayt. Delee Van Nausdle. TOP ROW: Isabel Jewell, Arabella Newton, Pauline Lorentz. Members not in picture: Don Sattler. Harriett Tulloss, Grace Paazig, Virta Cook, Ruth Conley. 61 Destroying the Old Building the New v|?4 SUPERINTENDENT A. W. ELLIOTT LAYS CORNERSTONE OF NEW BUILDING SUMMER OF 1939 62 jithletics in the Past . £»«; - »;,,, hiER LEADERS tt fK wtf ey u ms All K ' j-- 63 Football Under the Floodlights During the 1930 ' s, night football became very popular ail over the country. Naturally Mount Vernon wanted to keep up with other schools of its size. However, the only field the team had to play on was a rented one; so in September 1935 the present athletic field was purchased from Dale Barre. This was the same field on which they had played for years. The first Yellow Jacket teams played at Hiawatha Park and on the present baseball diamond of Riverside Park. Work was begun on the new field as soon as contracts were released. The old field ran east and west, and the only means of keeping the crowd off the playing ground was a rather slack rope. During an exciting part of the game, many fans ran up and down the field yelling instructions to the players. The new field was constructed to run north and south surrounded by a cinder track. Then there arose a need for a field house because players had to come clear back to the high school to shower and dress. The old Davis building had been razed and the stones had been left piled where they had fallen. A member of the school board suggested that this stone could be used to build a field house. This was done, and the present field house was erected in 1938. An ad- ditional dressing room was added in 1956. Previous to the building of the field house, flood lights had been bought, and the first night game was played September 1937. Wooden bleachers were built at the time that the field was completed, and in 1948 steel bleachers were in- stalled on the east side of the field. Anyone who contributed SI 5 was allowed to sit in the steel bleachers the first year. People who contributed to this fund still have the privilege of buying reserve seats in that section. The entrance gates were the gift of the class of 193 7. In 1952 a new and better lighting system was installed and a new scoreboard erected. A large bell which was mounted at the South end of the field was the same one that hung in the tower of the old Central Building. This has since been removed. For several years Mr. Harold Highman acted as faculty manager of athletics, but as interest, receipts, and the need for more equipment grew, he became known as faculty business manager, a position he still holds. Football has played an important part in the high school since the turn of the century. Basketball was introduced as a major sport in 1911. Track and baseball became prominent in the 1930 ' s and a golf team made its appearance in 1943. Today a strong intramural program gives both boys and girls a chance to participate in many sports. 64 Early Mixed Doubles TENNIS CLUB OF 1887 Picture and identification by Mrs, W. B. Wilkinson FRONT ROW: Lawrence Taylor, Will Mather, Alice Curtis, Charles Critchfield, Kate Neal Kinley, Earl Smith. MIDDLE ROW: Charles Baker, Lizzie Bradfield Parsons. Lucy Clark Mitchell, Dolly Bradfield Moore, Jewett Mather, Charles Ingrman, Edith Tudor Errett, Willie Horner. TOP ROW: RoUin Mclntire, George Mizer, Lulu Bunn, Ed Mitchell, Edith Floyd, Ollie Kelly Eggleston. Will Sellers. 65 Mount Vernon s First Football Team 1896 UNIFORMS ARE ANYTHING BUT UNIFORM Picture from High School Trophy Cose FIRST ROW: John Headington, Sperry Bogardus, Wilmot Sperry, Walter Speny, Harry Veatch. MIDDLE ROW: Oliver Smith, Charles Owen, Paul Brent, Captain; William Ewing, William Welshymer. TOP ROW: William Arnold, Lewis Wythe, Lewis Ewalt, Coach Fred Jones, Zenno Taylor. MASCULINE MODES CALLED FOR HAIR PARTED IN THE MIDDLE IN 1898 Picture courtesy of Clinton Williams Loke Bonning BOTTOM ROW: Clarence (Jerry) George, Harry Hyman, Clair (Babe) Smith, John O ' Brien, Sperry Bogardus. MIDDLE ROW: Art Bigler, Zenno Taylor, Paul Brent, Captain: Frank (Mokey) Jones, Austin Hardesty. TOP ROW: Joseph Stauffer, Edward Kingsley, Coach: Ned Ilger, Charles Appleton, Will Barker, L. Tate (Bromley, Harry (Jumbo) Veatch, Walter Sperry, Lake Banning, Colin Welshymer, Ray Hamilton. The 1900 Team in a Relaxing Mood Loaned by Clinton Willioms ON FLOOR, side by side: Sperry Bogardus, Frank (Moliey) Jones, Ned Ilger. SEATED: Jerry George, Dwight Smith, Warner Devoe, Louis Horn, Walter Sperry. TOP ROW, standing: Harry Cochran, Harry Simmons, Thomas Bogardus, Ike Errett, Clair Smith, Harry Koons, Clay Parker, Arthur Rawlinson. TURTLE NECKS AND STRIPES BECOME THE FASHION IN 1903 Loaned and identified by Clinton Willioms FRONT ROW: Cleveland Bricker, Arthur Rawlinson (holding the ball), Russell Bogardus. MIDDLE ROW: Fred Sharpnack, Clarence Berger, E. Ogg, Burgess Belt, Sam Cureton. STANDING IN REAR: Vance Parks, Ernest Amadon, Thomas Bogardus, Robert K. Owen, James Harter, Henry Beam. 67 The 1908 Football Team Display Variety in Uniforms a j % ii- ' mp I-- " " ' Picture loaned by George Culbertson — Identified by George Cuibertson FRONT ROW. left to right: George Culbertson, Sr., Walter Englehardt, Earl White, Guy Lauderbaugh, Ralph Reed, W. Ray Culbertson, Riley Morehouse. CENTER: Curtis Meltzer. BACK ROW, left to right: Hovey Altenburg, Donald Creveling, Dwight S. Ewalt. Apparently there were no substitutes on the team. 68 The 1909 Team Wore Vests Identified by Milton Reader and Ken Milter BACK ROW: Guy Lauderbaugh, Virgil Black, Walter Englehardt, Bill Way, Herbert Spangler, George Culbertson. SECOND ROW: Hovey Altenburg, Ken Miller, Dwight Ewalt, Brooke Reed, Fred Hagerson. FIRST ROW: Leon Zeisloft, Ralph Jenkins, Russell McManus, Milton Reeder. 69 1910 Picture and identification by Leon Zeisloft BOTTOM ROW: Leon Zeis- loft. Hoy Russell, Clarence Lauder baugh, John Breece. MIDDLE ROW: Hovey Al- tenburg, John Ewing, Wal- ter Englehart, Albert Cul- bertson, Harley Vance, Milton Reeder. TOP ROW: Ralph Jenkins, Leonard Postle, George Culbertson, Leland Cas- sell, Clarence Cramer, Mr. Hesse. 1911 FIRST ROW: Almond Po- land, Hoy Russell, Earl Seavolt, Mascot Carter, John Ewing, Allen Sapp, Lawrence Pipes. SECOND ROW: Roy Loney, Harold Ashcraft, Oscar Kramer, Leland Cassell, Hovey Altenberg, (Cap.), Walter Mason, Robert Severns, David McFarland. THIRD ROW: Dale (Dixie) Porter, Clarence Lauder- baugh, Harley Vance, Leo- nard Postle, Albert Cul- bertson, Charles Clayton, Russell Ewalt. FOURTH ROW: Milton Reeder, Henry Arnold, R. H. Kinney (Coach), J. G. Kirk (Math teacher and asst. coach) William Lewis. Identification by Milton Reede Picture trom Clinton Williom 70 1917 Football Team Identified by Harold Weir BOTTOM ROW: " Stubby " Waite, Sutton Critchfield, Don Goodell. Don Stadler, Dick Ak-Larnan. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Eastman. Chase Clements, Mr. Todd (Asst. Coach), Coach John Jerpe, Howard Blair. Dick Pickard. Harold Weir. TOP ROW: " Brownie " Corcoran. Herbert Hunt, Earl Lewis. Lowell Bricker, Leland Kelser, Lester Craig, Don Coile. The Football Team of 1919 FIRST ROW: Herbert Hunt, Earl Hildebrand. Nile Stadler. Merle Culver, Claire Bishop, Paul Stream. Lowell Bricker. SECOND ROW: Clyde McBroom. Arnold Condon. Francis Lord. Coach Conley, Mgr. Baldwin, Capt. Corcoran, Claude McBroom, Curtis Grubb, Albert Fields. 71 Football in the Twenties —1920 Identified by Paul McFeely FIRST ROW: Encil Fletcher, Clyde McBroom. Claude McBroom, William Corcoran, Ed Arnold. SECOND ROW: Curtis Grubb. William Brinning, Hector Biefnes, Carl Clarke, Clyde Houck. TOP ROW: Coach Ray Michael, Clair Bishop, Earl Hildenbrand, Harold Cunningham, Alfred Swingle, Paul Stream, Claude Turben. 1921 FIRST ROW: Clyde Houck, Carl Clark, Harold (Cookie) Cunningham (Captain), Curtis Grubb, Clarence Mc- Larnan. SECOND ROW: Edward Ar- nold, Lester Brining. Rus- sell Willett, Cedric Smith, Sumner Lei, Abbott Herron. TOP ROW: Harry Newman (Coach), Claren Duke, Har- ry Dancy, Marcel (Massie) ( {trnille, Stanley Moore (Student Mgr,) Loaned by Marcel Cornille 72 Football 1924 Central Ohio Champions ■j » » . ■ n N. . FIRST ROW: Melvin Hagan. Kenneth Peugh. Elmo Rowley, Charles Way, George Knecht. SECOND ROW: Manager Richard Shutt, Richard Carter, Fi ' ee Vail, Harry Gorsuch, Ray Harris. George Fouch, Coach Angus King. THIRD ROW: Allin Kahrl, Leo Van Rhoden, Murray Mendenhall, Howard Tarr, William Bricker. BACK ROW: James Alsdorf, Russell McCollum, Robert McKown, Edward White, William Lucas. CENTRAL OHIO CHAMPIONS 1925 Identified by Allin Kahrl FRONT ROW: Lawi-ence Conkling. Roy McCalla, Lloyd Smith. Murray Mendenhall. Allin Kahrl. Milford Wmland. Leo Van Rhoden. SECOND ROW: Charles Ilger, Robert Cranmer. Howard Tarr, Edwin Way, Kenneth Cochran, Walter Donaldson, John Italiano. THIRD ROW: Coach Angus King, William Bricker, James Alsdoif. George Fouch, Donald Champion, James Beam. George Knecht. Robert Moxley, Manager Robert McKown. 73 The Champions of 1948 m, FIRST ROW: Paul Colopy, Forbes Hayes, Dick Thomas, Don Hillier, Jim Imel, Jim Le- gros, Dave IVIavis, Dave Imel, Bill Clippinger. SECOND ROW: Sonny Bair, Jack Howard, Dick Carter, Sonny Simmons, Bill Emlick, Jack Sweet, Gene Evans, Willis Taylor, Chuck Smith. THIRD ROW: Walt Clippinger, Bob Frye, Gordon Fletcher, Dick Taugher, Dick ShufT, Paul Mentis, Cecil Knerr, Dave Appleton, Bob Parker. FOURTH ROW: Managers Wilbur Stump and Dave Wells, Jim Spicer, Carroll Berger, Don Scott, Karl Johns. FIFTH ROW: Assistant coach, Tommy Thomas, Coach Dwight Bumpus, Assistant coach, Elmer Crabbs. 74 Forty-seven Years Have Seen Many Changes in Basketball Prior to 1911 there was no organized basket- ball in Mount Vernon. In 1910 a coachless group played Mansfield and were defeated 114 to 1. Mansfield piled up 88 points before Mount Vernon finally stripped the basket for one foul shot, its only score of the day. Barton Blair was the first coach, and he was not a member of the faculty. Since its beginning in high school, the Yellow Jackets have had twenty-three coaches. Many good teams have been produced, but the 1922 one still stands out as the greatest. This team was runner up for national champ- ionship. The best scoring team was in 1956. That year the team scored 1,670 points. The best individual record was made in 1956- 57 by Richie Hoyt with 50 points for one game, and 508 for the season. The most points scored for a game on the home floor was in 1957 when the Jackets totaled 107 against Grandview. This year marked their worst defeat also, as Zanesville tripped them 112-63. THE FIRST BASKETBALL TEAM 1911 I jijttr. f f R ' 18 Jfts Picture from Mary Brown Snyder and identified by Milton Reeder FRONT ROW: Hovey Altenburg, George Culbertson, Leonard Postle, Harold Seymour, Milton Reeder. BACK ROW: Hoy Russell, Raymond Speek, Clifford Brown, Allan Sapp, Clarence Lauderbaugh, Barton Blair, Coach. 75 Mascot and Uniforms for 1913 FIRST ROW: Ewalt, Strang. Mitchell. MIDDLE ROW: Seymore, Porter, Sapp, Captain; Crumley. Severns. TOP ROW: Prof. Kirk. Faculty Mgr.; Bell. Russell. Student Manager; Altenburg. Clayton, Shireman, Chrisman, Coach. THESE WERE CHAMPIONS OF NORTHERN OHIO IN 1913 FIRST ROW: Blau-. Clayton, Eastman. SECOND ROW: Coach Hagaman, Bond, Shutt, Jones, (Faculty Manager). 76 RtinnerS ' tip For National Champions 1922 One of the most famous teams that Mount Vernon ever produced in basketball was the 1922 one. That year they were State Champions and runners-up for National Champions, and Harold Cunningham and Cedric Smith placed on the All-American Team. Loaned by Encil Fletcher BOTTOM ROW: Ed Arnold. Lester Brining. MIDDLE ROW: Harold (Cookiel Cunningham. Cedric Smith, Charles Wright. TOP ROW; Coach Harry Newman, Charles Hookaway (deceased), Encil Fletcher, Claren Duke, Manager Stanley Moore (deceased). Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon THE 1922 SEASON .... 12 West Commerce 13 ... 35 Akron Central 26 .... 44 Massillon 17 .... 24 Cambridge 27 .... 30 Dayton Stivers 10 . .. 23 Canton McKinley 25 - 39 Fostoria 16 .... 46 Garabier 11 .. . 20 Toledo Woodward 22 .... 60 Norwalk 12 .... 38 Columbus East 24 DELAWARE TOURNAMENT Mount Vernon . .. 48 Mount Vernon .. .. 32 Mount Vernon . .. 34 Mount Vernon .. 22 Mount Vernon . .. 25 Mount Vernon .. .. 34 Mount Vernon .. -. 33 Akron North 9 Massillon 6 Archbold 10 Canton McKinley 19 Woodward Tech 14 Fostoria 19 Delaware 17 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Mount Vernon .. .. 31 Mount Vernon .. .. 50 Mount Vernon .. -. 35 Mount Vernon .. . 24 Mount Vernon .. .. 28 Yankton, S. D 19 Sutton, Neb 14 Watseka, 111 19 Rockford, 111 20 Lexington, Ky 46 77 The Team Grew Larger in 1925 Identified by R. M. McCollurr FIRST ROW: R. McKown, M. Hagan. G. Fouch. K. Peugh, R. McCoIlum. SECOND ROW: H. Snyder. H. Richards, E. Rowley. B. Greer, W. Smith. TOP ROW: R. Baltzell, W. Blair, Coach Angus King. G. Knecht. R. Ransom. Basketball Co-Champions Central Ohio League Mount V ernon-Zanesville 1931-1932 FRONT ROW: Stamm. Mondron, Yea- ger, Sebach. Straiise. SECOND ROW: Robeson A. J. Coach, Birkhimer, Reisman, Ryburn, Roh- ler Weirick, Montgomery Asst. Coach. THIRD ROW: Weiss, Johnson, Sperry, Walker. FOURTH ROW: Hanna, Nixon, Lorieux. Managers. 78 Girls Basketball 1918 Loaned and identified by Mary Brown Snyder LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Dowds, Coach; Mary Brown Snyder (Brownie), Marie Mossholder, Margaret Clements Salisbury iMig), Marie Breece Marsh (Breecie) (deceased), Leona Perkins (Perkie), Mary Elliott Jones (Johnny). BASKETBALL FOR GIRLS While basketball for girls is limited to intramural events today, there was a time when there were organized teams in high school that played teams from surrounding towns. Two of these teams are shown on this page. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Rayot I Coach). Louise Bell Sellers. Eleanor Lorey James, Dorothy Hess Dunham, " Margaret Fairchild Beach, Annis Conley Miller. Mary Salisbury, Mary Ransom Fletcher. Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon THE SEASON 24 Fredericktown 38 11 Coshocton 24 3 Lancaster 18 79 The Beginning of Spring Sports Identified by Milton Reeder Baseball Team 1912 FIRST ROW: Donald Wootton. Larry Gilpin, Lawrence Postle, Berlin Blakely. SECOND ROW: Harrv Altenberg, Russell Mills. Floyd Bartlett. Dale (Dixie) Porter, Ray Norrick. Hector Jones. TOP ROW: Ralph Clough. Manager; Gerald Wright. Harley Vance. R. C. Kinney. Coach; Albert Culbertson. Ralph Morton. Track Team 1926 This was the first mention of a track team that we found. SEATED: Bob Baltzell. Bob Cranmer. Carl Mosher, Charles Ilger. Jim Beam, Hugh Wayt. Lester Pearl, Walter Springer, George FoLich. STANDING : Lawrence I Ty ) Lewis, Carlton Babbs, William Biggs. Coach An- gus King, Lawrence Conk- ling. Bob Swanson, Wal- ter Mayo. Taken on the Kenyon Track field. Identified by Robert Baltzell Golf Began in 1943 SEATED: Perry Trinkner. STANDING: Winslow Curry, Art Packard. Bill Deedrick. The first golf team was organized in 194.T under the direction of Myron Prech who was basketball coach at the time. After Mr. Prech joined the navy, there was a period when there was no golf team at Mount Vernon High. In 1950 Coach J. F. Thomas again organized a group of golfers, and has been the coach of this sport ever since. Joan ( Culbertson ) Bayley who played with the team in 1944 was the only girl ever to be on the high school golf team. Loaned by Perry Trinkne 80 (Organizations and the Arts Harry Swoger and Grace Hepler White in " The Taming of the Shrew " 1936 81 Student Council Was Organized Thirty-two Years Ago The Student Council was organized in 1926. During the first year the following recommend- That was the first time in the history of Mount ations were submitted to the students: Vernon High School that students were given i. That the students refrain from loitering in the privilege of helping make the rules of the the hall, and to keep locker doors closed or school. The success of the Council in 1926 was locked to prevent congestion in the halls, so great that it was permanently established. 2. That the students deposit waste paper in the waste paper baskets provided for that purpose. The purpose of the Council was to give the . , . , r L i_ 1 . That the eight minute period (which we no students a part in the management of the school ' ' , . , , r 1 1 longer have) be repealed as the notices were not functions. It was the first step taken toward " , , ■ , always sent around at that time, and because student government. • ' some students used it as a rest period. The first Council was composed of six members The Council also co-operated at all times in from the senior class; five from the junior; four promoting school events. from the sophomore; and three from the fresh- t-. • u c. i - -i u During recent years the Student Council has men. In each case the president of the class was ui- l j u ju 1 u j u •• - " u- u published a handbook called the Crest, which a represen a ive. j given to each student in school. It also pur- „, rue • T-. u r chased the juke box which is used at some of the The group met tor the first time December 9, ' ,„,. , . i_ r II • r .u • dances. One of the highlights of the year is a 1925 and chose the following persons for their . r dance sponsored by the Council, known as the officers: , „,.,.,, _, . , Student Shindig. The entire program is plan- President Gordon Pumphrey ned by the members of the Council. Vice-President Allin Kahrl jyjj Audrey Wright, the present adviser, has Secretary Houston Shields had charge of the Student Council since 1947. Executive Committee — Gordon Pumphrey, Previous to Miss Wright ' s having charge of the Evelyn Jones, Ann Piatt Hartman, Allin Council, Mrs. Imogene Montgomery was the Kahrl, and Houston Shields. adviser. FIRST ROW: Evelyn Jones, Allin Kahrl, Gordon Pumphrey, Houston Shields, Ann Piatt. SECOND ROW: William Ackerman, Jane Reed, Myrtle Nugent, Marcene Pumphrey, Ruth Conley, Charles Ilger. THIRD ROW: Howard Ogg, Roy McCalla, Robert Swanson, Hugh Wayt. FOURTH ROW; George White, Carlton Babbs, Raymond Lord. 82 77:7 Athejtaeum Society, 1918 Loaned by Helen Huntsberger Foster. Identified by Harriet Willett Wintermute, Genevieve Barr Bettinger, and Isabel Forry Wintermute FIRST ROW; Mary Ransom, Rose Schroeder. Grace Ogg. Rhea Anderson, Louise Oliver, Evelyn ShaefTer, Harriet Willett. Ila Ward. Margaret Oliver. SECOND ROW: Olive Barrick. Genevieve Barr, Pauline Leonard, Yetta Lurie, Leona Cline, Frances Coup, Irene Oliver. Charlene Bebout, Hazel Peairs, Francis Wintermute. THIRD ROW: Gladys Gorsuch. Gladys Merrin, Pauline Kirk, Mary Wills, Lenabel Lafever, Elizabetli Aslicraft. Ruth Davis, Florence Kyle, Opal Stamm. FOURTH ROW: Helen Hall, Leone Perkins, Eva Clark, Miss Ila Williams, Adviser; Frances Herdman. Jane Copper. Myrtle Payne. Careta Mann, Miriam Mardis. FIFTH ROW: Helen Huntsberger, Margaret Walker, Jeannette Miller, Mildred Mahaffey. Girls Clubs Girls ' clubs began in the 1900 ' s with a literary club called the Athenaeum. In 1928 Miss Laura Koons organized a chapter of the Girl Reserves, a national service club for high school girls. The cabinet consisted of Frances Ward, presi- dent; Louise Cochran, vice-president; Edith Johnson, secretary; Esma Pilotti, treasurer; Louise Cochran, membership chairman; Imogene Denny and Evelyn Tarr, service chairmen; Ann Piatt, social chairman; Betty Clawson, finance chairman; and Mildred Dennison, publicity chairman. Miss Koons acted as adviser until 1939, and advisers since that time have been Mary Herron, Imogene Montgomery, Bernice Boner, Mary Mavromates, Clarice Luther, Maryalice Shockey, Bess Stanch, and Mary Tomb. The present ad- visers are Deborah Hoyt and Norma Hull. In 1946 the name of the group was changed to Y-Teens. Under the able direction of Flor- ence Cass who was head adviser for several years, the organization became affiliated with the Y. W. C. A. The group has now become so large that it has been divided into two organizations. The club consisting of juniors and seniors is called Y-Teens, and the freshmen and sophomores are named Tri-Teens. Each division has its separate officers and cabinet. They usually have separate meetings, but for certain programs there are joint meetings. Both clubs perform services for the school and community, and raise money enough to give a worthy member money toward a college scholarship. Each year several mem- bers are sent to New York to a national con- ference. The big social event of the year is the Y-Teen formal. The girls also entertain their mothers once a year at a banquet. 83 Future Teachers Were Organized in 1947 Followed by Future Nurses Ten Years Later The Alice Cassell Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was founded October 13, 1947 under the leadership of Miss Fern Lewis. The club was named for Mrs. Alice Cassell, Latin teacher at Mount Vernon High School for many years. Mrs. Cassell later became adviser for the group. The first officers were Betty Turner, president; Paul Mentis, vice-president; Ann Adrion, secretary; and Mary Kathary, treasurer. The members of the Future Teachers have regular meetings, and often act as substitutes in the grade schools. The main project is to raise money to provide a small scholarship for one of their members whose ambition it is to become a teacher. In 1947 there were 35 members, by 1956 Future Nurses had joined the group, and by 1957 the organization had become so large, that the nurses formed their own club. Many of the Future Nurses act as nurses ' aids at the local hospitals and take instruc- tion from the school nurse. The first officers of the F. N. A. were Linda Ketner, presi- dent; Bonnie Wise, vice-president; Sharon Cornille, secretary; Nancy Martin, treasur- er; and Janet Hostetler, historian. Mrs. Carole Walker, school nurse, was the ad- viser. Their year ' s project is to give a scholarship to a worthy member to enter nurse ' s training. 84 Future Home Makers Began Thirty-two Years Ago When courses in cooking and sewing were first introduced into high school curricula, it was dignified by the name of domestic science. Large city schools first equipped their buildings with stoves and sewing machines early in 1900. The popularity of this course spread to all parts of the country, and the name was changed to home economics. Gradually the study of foods, diets, textiles, and home-making was incorpor- ated into the course. The first Home Ec Club was founded in Mount Vernon High in 1936 by Miss Nellie Heffner who taught home economics in both grade school and high school for many years. The officers for the original club were Leah Jean Singery, president; Helen Gamble, vice- president; Jane Faulkner, secretary and treasurer; and June Fox, reporter. The program chairman was Helen Byers. This seemed to be a very busy group, because every week they served luncheon to various mem- bers of the faculty until all the teachers had been entertained. The girls sponsored a cake baking contest which was won by Gladys Woods, Miriam Corwin, and Mary Wolford. The highlight of each year was to cook and serve a full course dinner to the Board of Edu- cation. In 1939 a Chef Club was organized by some of the boys who thought it would be a good idea to learn how to cook. This organization lasted just a few years until the interest in it died. Several years ago the Home Ec club became affiliated with the national organization known as The Future Home Makers of America. In conjunction with the Future Farmers, they have programs to foster better living. The girls also take part in state meetings and conventions. Mrs. Wanda Burwell is the leader of the club today. Girls ' Athletic Club Has The first girls ' athletic group was organized in 1930 by Miss Sara Cannon. This club was known as the Leaders Club. No regular meetings were held, and only a few intramural games were played. One interscholastic game was played with Howard High School, and Mount Vernon was defeated. Miss Wilma Jones and Miss Viola Deibel continued the clubs when they were physical education directors. For a time, no club was organized, then under Miss Martha Shafer there were two clubs, one for junior high called the Girls ' Athletic Club, and one for senior high called the Girls ' Athletic Association. Had Ups and Downs Under the present director. Miss Nancy Still- well, there is only one club known as the Girls ' Athletic Association. Some of the projects for the G. A. A. for the ' ist two years have been interschool volleyball (varsity and reserve), interschool basketball, providing food and clothing for a needy family a: Christmas time, meeting every other Thursday evening, club picnics and parties, and sponsoring an assembly. This year for the first time the girls have raised money to provide a small scholarship fee for one of their members who will enter the field of physical education. 85 Boys Clubs Have Developed Into Service Organizations The First Hi-Y 1922 On Steps of Y. M. C. A. Loaned by Elliott Stoyle FIRST ROW: Parr Avers. George Kahrl, Abbott Herron. H. Greer. Kenneth Martin, Marcus Bell. SECOND ROW: Edward Arnold. Cedric Smith, Charles Sigler, Adin Capron. Edward Mont- gomery, Free Vail, Robert Ransom. THIRD ROW: Phillip Lee. Maurice A. Mitchell, Adviser; Gene Stamm, William Kahrl, Carson Young, James Cleeland, Samuel Workman, Cedric Mill. John Lord, Elliott Stoyle. HI-Y FORMED IN 1922 Boys ' clubs began in Mount Vernon High School as local fraternities. There were two of these groups, and they were purely social organizations. They boasted Greek names, and tried to emulate college fraternities. The boys even had club rooms in town. The Board of Education soon frowned on these groups as non-democratic, and they were abandoned in favor of service groups. About 1916 a boys ' literary society was formed known as the Delphi Society. In the meetings the members had discussions of current problems per- taining to school or city. Once a year the boys entertained members of the Athenaeum Girls ' Club, and sometimes the joint societies produced a play. In 1922 a branch of the Y.M.C.A. was formed in the school, and this was known as the Hi-Y, an or- ganization which is still in existence. Their slogan was: " To create, maintain, and extend unostentatiously throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. " The boys help with school duties, and do things to improve the betterment of the high school. Mr. Spence was secretary of the " Y.M.C.A. at the time the Hi-Y was organized, and Maurice Mitchell was the first leader. THE KEY CLUB IS TEN YEARS OLD The Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International and is a school service organization. The group was organized in the fall of 1948 and the following officers were istalled: Wilbur Stump, president; Cecil Knerr, vice-president; Dave Wells, secretary; and Don John- son, treasurer. The charter was received August 19, 1948 at a dinner given for the boys by the Kiwanis Club at the Alcove. There were twenty-three charter members. The club has participated in such activities as selling concessions and programs at games, painting numbers on the seats in the auditorium, helping with clean-up campaigns, raising funds for a public address system, painting name plates over the doors in the west wing of the building, and buying yard markers for the football field. They also have a number of social affairs each year. 86 Future Farmers Have Been Active In High School Since 1930 Because George Washington was one of the most successful farmers of his generation, the Future Farmers of Amreica celebrated the week of Washington ' s birthday every year by special activities. The local chapter was granted a charter in 1930 when Mr. William Stuart was the instruc- tor, and it has been one of the leading clubs of the school ever since. It is built on a founda- tion which includes leadership, character devel- opment, sportsmanship, improved agricultural organized recreation, citizenship, and patriotism. There are four degrees of membership in the organization. These are Green Hand, Chapter Farmer, State Farmer, and American Farmer. The first two degrees are determined by the local chapter, the third by the state, and the last by the national organization. One member out of fifty receives the state honor, and about one out of 1000 receives the degree of American Farmer. Two Mount Vernon High School boys have received this honor. They are Carl Jen- nings in 1935 and Dean Beever in 1940. Those from the local chapter who have re- ceived the State Farmer degree are Monroe Bouton, 1931; Richard Anderson, 1931; Richard Johnson, 1935; Carl Jennings, 1935; Francis Dalrymple, 1935; Frederick Coe, 1935; Warren Ward, 1936; Charles Crouch, 1937; Emmett Lybarger, 1938, Dean Beever, 1938; Dale Spear- man, 1940; Doyle Smith, 1941; Paul Rowe, 1942; Robert Beckley, 1945; John Reed Ewart, 1950; C. Robert Blue, 1951; Eddie Ernest, 1951; Richard Zinsmeister, 1951; Fred Ball, 1952; Eugene Phillips, 1952; Dale Miller, 1953; Tom Phillips, 1953; John Disbro, 1954; Bob Harrod, 1954; James Bouton, 1957; Donald Springer, 1957; and Gordon Springer, 1957; Neal Springer, 1958. The chapter participates in various activities such as State Chapter contest. Parliamentary Procedure, and Public Speaking. The local F. F. A. has been awarded several gold, silver, and bronze ratings in the State Contest, and a number of the members have achieved honor in public speaking contests. Each year the boys elect honorary members from the faculty or from persons in the com- munity who have taken special interest in the F. F. A. Those on the faculty today who are honorary members are Mr. Charles Pickens, Mr. Max Wiggins, Mr. Harold Highman, Mr. J. F. Thomas, Mr. Kenneth West, Mr. L. L. Owen, Mrs. Ruth Truxall, and Miss Sara Cannon. Mr. Clarence Fridline is the present adviser for the group, and he has served in that capacity since 1949- Preceding Mr. Fridline were Mr. Tom Berry, and Mr. William Stuart. 87 Quill and Scroll Society Attracts Good Journalists The Sara Cannon Chapter of the Quill and Scroll Society was granted a charter March 16, 1944. This is a national society for high school journalists and has chapters in schools all over the United States. To be eligible for member- ship in the society a student must be either a junior or a senior in the upper third of his class. Work on the Forum or the Jacket Journal in either the editorial or business field is necessary for membership. In Mount Vernon High School the custom is to elect eligible juniors after they have completed a course in journalism. An election is also held the second semester for seniors who have done exceptional work in publications during their last year. The charter members of the local chapter were Kathleen Fravel, James Doughty, Lowayne Johnson, Edward Taylor, Robert Bonnist, Mary Kaler, Marjorie Ferrell, Jean Cassell, Jane Yauger, Patricia Freshour, and Christine Johnson. Since the founding of the local club, some honorary members from the faculty or citizens of the community who have an interest in jour- nalism have been elected. Honorary members are Sara Cannon, adviser of publications since 1935; Gladys H. Baker, former Foruni adviser; Helen C. Sevitts, second editor of Forum; Curtis Kinney, first editor of the Forum; Laura Koons, senior English teacher; Ruth Truxall and Pearl Carpenter, assistant advisers of Forum Follies. flHTERWATIONAJJ 88 Benefit Performance Courtesy of CItnton Williams Pictured above is one of Mount Vernon ' s early movie houses. It was situated where the Chamber of Commerce is located today. This picture was taken about 1912 following a children ' s benefit performance of a silent movie in which Mary Pick- ford was featured. The first movie house was located on South Main Street and was called the White Palace. In those days all sound effects were made by the pianist who had to be quite accomplished at watching the changing emotions on the dancing screen and making the music fit the moods of the actors. The first talkies were brought to Mount Vernon about 1930 in the Old Vine Theater on West Vine Street. Before the advent of movies, road shows and plays given by local talent were given in the opera house situated on the corner of West Vine and South Main Streets where Lemasters ' store is now located. i 89 May Festival, Riverside Park, 1913 Teacher was Grace Headington Motherall Loaned and identified by Edith Eabbs West BOYS, front to back: Tom Davis, Campbell Thomas, Claude Gates. Don Jackson, Eugent Stamm, Robert Johnson, Robert Thompson, Charles Tucker, Stoyle Patterson, Jack Appleton, Dr. Robert Blair, Houston Rockwell. GIRLS, front to back: Sara Brauner Hosack, Ora Champion Rabishaw, Virginia Robinson Gentry, Elizabeth Ewing, Margaret Snyder, Imogene Michael Montgomery, Edith Babbs West. Eleanor Owen. Louise Atwood Niles, Ruth Taylor Vaughan, Jeanette Bell, Annis Conley Miller. McDowell club party of miss nellie McFAdden ' s MUSIC pupils PARTY AT THE HOME OF SARAH HERVEY BROWN 1914 BOTTOM ROW M.iitha Weaver Gatton. Charlciic Bcbout VaiiSi u. Eloisi Scolt Fullmer. Dorutliy Bowden Sperrv. Wilham Kahrl. Stanley Moore. Robert Greer. Cednc Mill. Alice Creedon Jones. Eleanor Dorgan Deedrick. Prisci ' Ua Tarr Thompson. Evelyn Levy. SECOND ROW: Pauline Ashcraft. Ruth Taylor Vaughan. Edith Babbs West. Marcella Cooksey, Myron Eggleston, Robert Odell, Annis Conley Miller, Harriett Fairchild, Sara Bermont Hagan, Laura McConnell, Thelma Burris Sharp, Mary Arndt Rahming, Esther Blair Neher, Cornelia THIRD ROW: Eva Hose, Charles Cooper. Nelson Burris. Eleanor Lorey James. Frances Wolverton, Virginia Alsdorf Garoutte, Eloise McFeely McCann, Sarah Hervey Brown. Mary Dowds Houck. Helen Summers Stevens. Lawrence Williams, Lawrence Mill, Harrison Greer, Anna Sanderson Salisbury. .- , ,. . „ FOURTH ROW: Lucille Smith Brown, Christine Kinnard, (unidentified) Margaret Ayers Bonnist. Minstrel Show — 1921 Loaned by Paul McFeely LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Turner, Paul McFeely, Kenneth Ransom. Lawrence Baldwin. Nelson Burris, Sidney Ball, Francis Bettinger (at back), Kenneth Spence. Ernest Hookway, Curtis Watters, Robert Fairchild, Arnold Condon, Henry Sauer (at back, Charles Salisbury, George Tucker, George Crumley, Ernest Tucker. W hat Happened To Jones — High School Play, 1921 Loaned by Paul McFeely FRONT ROW: Mary (Dowds) Houck, Anna (Sanderson) Salisbury. Ruth ( Lamson) Bateman. Marv (Ransom) Fletclier, Frances (Tavlor) Warman, Dorothy (Nixon) Dille. BACK ROW: Cloyce Christopher. Charles Wright, Charles Hookway, Edward Miller, Cedric Smith. Paul McFeely, John Sauer. 91 The Fox Hunters from the Operetta, " Miss Bob White " -1920 Loaned by Lloyd Martin — Identified by Paul McFeely Payne Strobel, Hoy Horton, Kenneth Stonebrook. Lloyd Martin, Ed Miller, Melvin Riley, Glenn Woods, The Director. The Operetta was given in 1921 under the direction of a hired producer. We were unable to find her name. " Hansel and Gretel " — Junior High Operetta, 1929 jJl_ I Mary Lou Winters and Besse Sargent were the directors, and Betty (Trott) Doup and Eric Hawke played the leading roles. Rebecca Coup was the good fairy, and Ruth (Hantman) Cross played the witch. 92 The First Torum ' Queen RUTH BEBOUT BALL In going over the Forum files, the first ac- count we found of a Forum Queen was in 1928, when Ruth (Bebout) Ball was crowned Carnival Queen. Mrs. Ball is the mother of six children now and a teacher in Amity High School. Mrs. Ball said there was nothing spectacular about the Forum show in those days. At the end of the high school carnival, she went to room 31, where a small crown was placed on her head, the Carnival Crowd paused long enough for her to receive her crown, then im- mediately continued merry making. There was no program connected with the ceremony. The auditorium was not built until 1929. The carnival idea was discontinued during World War II when articles to sell were hard to get. The Forum Show has now become so popular that it is given two nights. At this production the Forum Queen, her attendants, and court are presented to the public, and students with exceptional talent entertain the audience. 93 May Queen — 1930 CHILDREN: Constance (Boeardus) Selden, Tom Bogaidus (M.D.); Olive (Giffin) Derbaum. Katherine (Hayes) Lemasters, Queen, Sue Sanderson; Carolyn (Denny) Kuss, Jane (Claypool) Robbins. One Hundred and Twenty Girls Formed the Queens Court 94 Dedication of the Beam Playground May 28, 1930 Just at sunset on May 28, 1930, the Frank Beam Playground at the rear of the high school was dedicated for the enjoyment of all the boys and girls in the community. The May Queen, Sue Sanderson, was crowned, and she and her attendants, along with several hundred spectators, watched a colorful and beautiful spring pageant. All the schools in the city took part in the pageant, and the children did dances represent- ing flowers, butterflies, birds, the wind, and other appropriate spring themes. Rebecca Coup por- trayed " The Spirit of Spring. " The members of the boys ' gym classes demon- strated tumbling and statue building. Climaxing the entertainment, was a four Maypole dance of 128 high school girls all dressed alike in matching colors. The whole program was under the direction of Sara Cannon and Angus King. At one time a residence known as Thistle- ridge stood where the playground is today. This home was later converted into a hospital. In 1929, Mr. Frank Beam, who was then president of the Board of Education, bought the hospital and grounds, had the building razed, and presented the ground to the Board of Education. With the expanding building program, part of the ground has had to be used for building the music and industrial arts areas. However, both the boys ' and girls ' gym classes today use the playground in the fall and spring for out- door games. FRANK BEAM 95 Honor Bright JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 1925 Picture looned by William Ackerman. Identified by Ruth Truxall BOTTOM ROW: Lois Burtnett, William Ackerman, Evelyn Jones, Louis Moore, Kathryn Young. MIDDLE ROW: Francine Yerian, George Fouch, Helen Trenwith, Milford Winland, Marguerite Arcli. TOP ROW: Allin Kahrl, Harry Snyder, John Johnson, Alwyn Gearhart. Plays have always played an important part in high school life. Since Ruth Domigan Truxall has been dramatic coach, she has directed more than 75 high school plays. 96 Lelawala — 1928 Directed by H. O. Wintermute CAST OF CHARACTERS Wokomis Howard Hunt Klolowar Charles Ilger Lelawala Alice Grosscup Marpeetopah Dan Johnson Hintola Ruth Bebout Sowanas John Gerwick Shungela Carlton Babbs Wacootay Fred Baltzell Wambebe George Deeley Wanyeca Olive Trenwith Napanee Ann Piatt Eagle Eye Verne Wootton Major Wallace Harry Schafer Mabel Frances Ward Captain Bliss Richard Wynkoop Clarinda Bond Margaret Champion Sergeant Bilks George White Lord Tatler William Buell Martha Gower Wilma Horn Marjorie Dowds Mary Edman Mary McCalla Mary Jo Wintermute Gladys Brock Loma Hoovler Maurice Cornell William Hyatt Lynn McKinley Robert Simmons Chorus: Lucille Lewis Martha Mahaffey Eleanor Postle Elizabeth Anne Koons Clara Scottie Christine Reichert Betty Clawson Lillian Scarbrough Margaret Merrin Rosalie Herrick Grace Brock Mildred Dennison William Ward William McCracken Leroy StuUer James Woodland Raymond Gunia James Walker Adrian Robeson William Dennis Jack Rudin Fred Baltzell James Carey Rex Lamb Loaned by H. O- Wintermute 97 H.M.S. Pinafore - 1929 Directed by H. O. Wintermute Loaned by H. O. Wintermute CHARACTERS Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. First First Lord ' s Sisters, his Cousin, his Lord of the Admiralty .... Frederick Baltzell Aunts, Sailors, etc. Captain Corcoran, Commanding H.M.S. Accompanist Dorothy Carter Pinafore Burt Pharis First Lord ' s Sisters and his Cousins and his Ralph Rackstraw, Able Seaman .. Jack Marchand Aunts: Harriett Altenburg, Mary Altenburg, _. , _ , ., , o xr IT Louise Baldwin, Belinda Beam, Beatrice Belt, Dick Deadeye, Able Seaman Howard Jones „ , ti. i t i , , i Roberta black, Grace brock, Jane Clark, Bill Bobstay, Louise Cochran, Martha Gower, Marguerite Boatswain ' s Mate William Withgott Hanna, Katherine Hayes, Ruth Headington, Edith Johnson, Ruth Kirby, Margaretta Laukhuff, Bob Becket, Carpenter ' s Mate Paul Williams Mary McCalla, Frances Pembrook, Iris Phillips. Kathryn Sleeman, Jean Woolson, Pauline John- Josephine, The Captain ' s sq . Daughter Elizabeth Kennedy Sailors: Herbert Agnew, Don Amos, William Little Buttercup Dennis, Joseph Ferenbaugh, William McCracken, A Bumboat ' Woman Viva Eckert Howard Poulton, Walter Rudin, Donald Ryburn, Wilmot Sperry, William Turner, Dwaine Wag- Hebe, First Cousin to Sir oner, James Walker, William Ward, Paul Joseph Porter Mildred Dennison Winder. 98 The Mikado - 1930 Directed by H. O. Wintermute CAST The Mikado Nanki-Poo -. Ko-Ko PooBah Pish-Tush .... Albert Shorkey - -. Ned Spence . Howard Jones , Burt Pharis Darwin Lake um- ' uni Pitti-Sing . Peep-Bo - Katisha Nee-Bon ... CHORUS: Marguerite Hanna Belinda Beam Ruth Headington Pauline Johnson Katherine Hayes Margrcca Laukhuff Beatrice Belt Donald R burn Emmett Riley Kay Walker Dudley Woolson Mjrle Patterson James Morris Dwaine Wagoner Wilmot Sperry Roy VanRiper Viva Eckert Jean Woolson Rutn Kirby James Miller Lloyd Humbert Donald Woolson Graha:n Day Margaret Coe Virginia Walker Marian Jester Kathryn Sleeman Susan Owen Eleanor Myers Martha Workman Marv K. Halo Jane Clark Harriett Altenburg Paul Winder Walter Rudin George Ransom William MacCracken Herbert Agnew Mary Scarbrough Harriett Herron Betty Rawlinson Darwin Lake m, Loaned by H. O. Wintermute n . f lolanthe — 1932 Directed by H. O. Wintermute loaned by H. O. Wintermute CHARACTERS: Lord Chancellor Charles Taylor Lord Mountararat Don Ryburn Lord ToUoller Paul Williams Private Willis Nelson Pitkin Strephon Ned Spence (An Arcadian Shepherd) Fairies Eleanor Caldwell Willa June Cozad Louise Fronce Ellen Cost Isabel Hepler Charlotte Johnson Dorothy Johnson Carmen Levering Betty Rawlinson Ruth Stonebrook Maxine Wagoner Dorothy West lolanthe Katherine Wells ( A Fairy, Strephon ' s Mother ) Fairy Queen Susan Owens Fleta, Leila, Ceila ... Jean Gower, Myrle Patterson, and (Fairies) Margaret Coe Phyllis Virginia Walker (An Arcadian Shepherdess and Ward in Chancery) Peers Malcolm Black Russell Durieux James Grossman Lloyd Humbert Jack Jenkins Darwin Lake James Rogers Russell Summers William Turner Paul Winder Donald Woolson Dudley Woolson 100 Skidding — The Senior Play — 1934 Directed by Edith Campbell Brinkerhoff and Sara Cannon LEFT TO RIGHT: Edith (Campbell) Brinkerhoff, director; Margaret Ann (Thompson) Bair, Jack Porter, Bob Wissinger, Harold Tarr, Bill Black, Agnes (Bair) Taugher, Jim Miller, Ruth (Morgan) Miller, Rosalie (Balo) Squires, Betty (Trott) Doup, Jack Beck, Dick Veatch, Sara Cannon, Director. 101 Pride and Prejudice — All High School Play - 1938 Directed by Ruth Domigan Truxall CAST Mr Bennett David Turner Hill Clyde Irvine Mrs. Bennett Marjorie Harris Lady Lucas lolene Hayes Charlotte Lucas Annabelle Shutt Jane Bennett Jane Jones Elizabeth Bennett Mary Jane Klein Lydia Bennett Constance Sapp Mr. Darcy Joe Hantman Mr. Bingley Paul Ulrich Mr. Collins Rupert Anderson Amelia Thelma Lawrence Captain Denny Louis Jahnke Mr. Wickham Dwight Williams Agatha Virginia Anderson A Young Man Fred Schnebly Miss Bingley Ann Brunner Amanda Margaret Scottie A Young Man Don Dowds Belinda Evelyn Scott Maggie Ellen Heib Mrs. Gardiner Emogene Yarman Lady Catherine de Bourgh Elizabeth Mathews Col. Guy Fitzwilliam Kay Thompson Mrs. Lake Jean Ann Wagner A Maid Dorothy Mavis This same play is also the choice of the 1958 class, twenty years later. It is also directed by Mrs. Truxall. 102 The Varsity " V Show, 1938 Directed by Paul Snyder FRONT ROW, L. to R.: Don Dowds, Perry Conkle, Stan Banning, Jini Coe, Bob Graham, Eddie Dean. Dwight GROUP STOOPING AT RIGHT: Bob Smith. The " Dummy Beam. John Nichols. GROUP STANDING AT RIGHT: Rex Morris, Dick Ayers Henthorn, unidentified. Noble Snow, Paul Ulrich, Pa GROUP STANDING AT LEFT: Stanley White, George Makes, Miss Curran, Vu ' gil Hainilton. Albert Weaver CHORUS GIRLS: Paul Vandenelde, Joe Black, Tom Trott son, " Cy " Porter, unidentified, Willy Hull, Houston Picture and identification by Houston Schlosser Johnson. Don Biefnes, Bob Coe, Jack Heighton, Bob Bell, Bob Wolfrom. Paul Snvder, Sain Richardson. Ron Miller, Paul Myers, Fred White, Dick Mild, Bud Walter Ackerman, Ralph Elder, Don Clutter, Virgil ul Coon. Harris. Dwisht Williams, John Morey, unidentified, Harold Bus Hoiiseiiolder. Letlia Ferguson, unidentified. Ken Daily. Eddie Lore, Clyde Deam, Mervyn Nugent, Andy Ander- Sclilosser, Elden Workman, Kay Thoinpson. " The Varsity Follies " The " Varsity Follies " was the first presentation of its kind ever to be attempted in Mount Vernon High School. Under the able direction of Coach Paul Snyder, an all male cast of varsity letter men presented a ten act show that was such a success they had to give a repeat performance the following year. The acts included: tumbling, pyramid building, several original skits, a harem scene with the boys doing a chorus dance that was highly entertaining to the audience, and a number of unusual tableaux. The tableaux depicted different scenes of athletic activities, and the participants were covered with gold paint. Playing before a capacity house both nights, the event proved a tremendous success. Notice that Coach Houston Schlosser was a member of the chorus. 103 Sweethearts — 1952 Directed by Bill Root and Jack Stauch Assisted by Maryalice Shockey V -. ' j3 ' . m m HHH " T-aiai M El ' ' ■ ' v ' W k iii- ■ . , liirtfO B feO v ' Hi y l Hr H « ' - ' " uiuubiiuiuJi ldid-3 fjfl CAST Sylvia Elaine Sholz Prince Franz Allen Shields Dame Paula Grace Walden Mikel Mikelovisky Bill Everett Lieutenant Karl Norman Gaines Hon. Percy Algernon Slingsby William Hodder Petrus Van Tromp Lawrence Sperry Aristide Caniche Dale Larson Sic Daughters .... Carol Shultz, Janet Vannatta, Marlene Kline, Thelma Pumphrey, Loretta Stillson, Barbara Main Captain Lourent Charles Gill Footman Jim Francis Chorus .... Janet Conger, Barbara Beroth, Winnie Ruska, Joan Beech, Shirley Ackerman, Joyce Soles, Jean George, Mary Jo Swadener, Marilyn Jones, Joan Emlick, Carole George, Darlene Cline, Jean Boyer, Carolyn Doup, Joan Dexter, Elsie Potes, Donna McQuigg, Mary Lou Carswell, Marilyn Wells, Lou Ann Koch, Kay Lay, Barbara Kymer, Pat Baitzell, Marilyn Ramsey, Barbara Scott, Linda Brillhart, Janet Berger, Margaret Graves, Mary Lou Ash- brook, Dorothy Owen, Charlene Smith, Marlene Rowley, Carolyn Wells, Gayle Meyer, Francis Mossholder, Leonard Sally, Tom Perrine, Paul Colopy, Edward Welsh, Ronnie Gullett, John Wareham, Larry Davis, Jim Kathary, Fred Kimble, Richie Erlanger, Maurice Jones, Eddie Ernest, Phil Levering. This was the second time Sweethearts had been produced in Mount Vernon High. The first time was in 19. 7 under the direction of H. O. Wintermute with Kay Thompson and Ruth Sloan in the leading roles. 104 The Beginning of the Marching 100 FIRST ROW: Harry Lyle Shalci. Earl McKay. Rujiald Scott. Herbert Agnevv. SECOND ROW: Alfred Lindsay, Robert Simmons, Fred Mills. Walter Rudin. THIRD ROW: Robert Lindsay, Richard Wyneoop, William Wing, Raymond Lord, Carl Shultz, Richard Day, Basil Bair. FOURTH ROW: Verne Wootten, Llewellyn Wayt. Mr. H. O. Wintermute organized the first marching band in Mount Vernon High School. The group is pictured above, and while they marched at every foot- ball game, there were not enough of them to make any intricate formations. Mr. Wintermute also directed the orchestra and choir, produced an operetta every year, and taught five classes in English Literature. He left the teaching profession to go into the antique business, but his interest in music is still his avocation. The music department has had many able leaders such as Dr. Gene Taylor, who is now music director at Capital University; Dr. Bill Root who left music to further his work in school administration. He re- ceived his master ' s degree at Ohio State University, and in June 1958 the same university conferred a doctor ' s degree on him. Dr. Root has been assistant superintendent of the Mount ' Vernon School system since 1954. Mr. Jack Stauch replaced Mr. Root, and is still the head of the music department. Mr. Stauch has been instrumental in increasing the band member- ship to more than one hundred fast-stepping musicians, and their usual half-time shows delight the crowds at every home football game. Mr. John Mazarak was the orchestra leader for several years, and he is now teaching music at Bexley High School. This year the assistant music directors are Mr. Norbert Kramer and Mr. Robert Bechtel. DAN EMMETT, Author and Composer of " Dixie " No history of music in Mount ' Vernon would be complete without mentioning Dan Emmett, the author and composer of the famous " Dixie, " a popular min- strel number of the late 90 ' s. Mr. Emmett was born in Mount Vernon, and became one of the end men in a minstrel show. Later he returned to his home town where he died. A votive stone on the Memorial Building grounds commemorates his work, and Mr. H. O. Wintermute is the author of Emmett ' s biography. 105 Table of Contents Administration 124 Classes 142 Athletics 188 Student Life 216 Time Marches On One hundred years — a rather impressive length of time, and yet not nearly so impressive as all the events that took place during that century. Mount Vernon High School can now boast of clubs, athletic programs, and scholastic oppor- tunities which all had their beginnings during that period and have grown to meet present-day requirements. " So what? " one might ask. " Isn ' t that what has taken place in every other high school in existence. ' " Yes, but does ad- mitting this fact lessen the significance of what our high school has achieved. ' Just as the seniors of 1958 have felt a particular pride in their being a part of the centennial celebration, so has every past class been aware of its contributions to the school and the benefits they have derived. It is this feeling of school spirit that cannot be instilled too deeply in prospective graduates. To this end, let all under- classmen leaf through their annuals and come to recognize the many opportunities offered them in their remaining high school years. The only limits imposed are those regarding Time. So, underclassmen, to make every minute count: Take Time To .., 107 Dr. John C. Drake Appreciate Others Efforts For the first time in its history the Forum staff has chosen to dedicate the yearbook to a man, who, although he is not a member of the high school faculty, has done a great deal for the school. Dr. John Drake was a member of our local school board for seven years and served as its president for two. He has been physician for the athletic teams for many years. As an outstanding citizen in our community, he has always contributed his time and energy in the interest of students. His advice and the use of his library have aided many a struggling student. For his active interest in all branches of our educational system, for his faithful service as a member of the Board of Education, for his un- failing devotion to Mount Vernon High ' s athletic teams, we are proud to dedicate the 1958 Forum to Dr. John C. Drake. 108 At the banquet honoring the undefeated champions of the Central Buckeye League, Dr. John Drake was presented an autographed raincoat in appreciation of his service to the team. Our hero to the rescue as Coach Ben Wilson, referee, and assistant anxiously watch the treatment of Roger Thompson ' s eye. For exhibiting out- standing qualities of courteousness throughout the school year, awards were given to these stu- dents at the Student Council Shindig. FIRST ROW: Bill Kymer, Judy Mondron, Gary Gray, Nancy Godfrey, Dave Taylor. SECOND ROW: Merla Mathews, Amy Magill, George Pfouts, Jerry Smilack, Ann Wacker. NOT IN PIC- TURE: Diane Harvey and Ron Pierson. Display Good School Citizenship Liz Barton, F. T. A. presi- dent, relieves a teacher in the junior high as she serves as a substitute instructor. 110 Barry Lutz, head monitor, checks Mike Hynes ' hall pass. Who will forget the pande- monium resulting from an anonymous telephone call to Mr. Wiggins saying a bomb had been planted in one of the lockers. The local police cooperated to check this rumor. Betty Lou Skinner collects money from Shirley McMillan for the January March of Dimes. Ill " Bubble, boil, toil, and . . . " Walton ' s Warriors succeed in creating their usual havoc in the lab. Take Advantage of . Sparks fly as Mr. James Pegg approaches Jim Willis. Our camera seems to have startled Jim more than the wonder wrought by the planing machine. The quick brown fox receives his workout in typing class. Now is the time for Mrs. Mary Herron to come to the aid of her pupils. Opportunities Offered Gary Rine and Sharon Cornille test their read- ing skill on the pacer under the supervision of Mrs. Sally Kraemer. 113 Mr. Kenneth West explains the intricacies of math to Frank Beam. Will Russia succeed in turning out better educated men and women? This serious- minded group recog- nizes the necessity of providing a negative answer through study. Students receive a great deal of knowledge through inter- esting assemblies such as the one sponsored by the Bell Telephone Company. Acquire Knowledge The school library provides a complete source of information as well as entertainment. Morris Carper searches for material for his senior theme. Mr. L. L. Owen explains the mechanics of the projector and the tape recorder to Greg Chester and Mike Duckworth. Supplied by the Audio Visual Center, these aids to our edu- cation provide an entertaining yet effective program for learning. 1 15 MTVH students prove their athletic prowess in the physical fitness tests. Participate In Activities " Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays " the dauntless members of the Marching 100. 1 16 A backstage peek at Twink- le Toe ' s notorious crew from Cactus Junction in Tumble- weed County. Another pro- duct of the Forum Show. Toothbrushes in hand, these MTVH cuties beautify our streets. Could this be a glim- pse of a Tri-Teen initiation? The usual crowd stampedes to reserve a seat, any seat for the Forum Show. 117 Can it be that this conservative soul is embarrassed by his fellow teammates? It has been said that MTVHS has the sharpest cheerleaders in the C. B. L. Gary Rine and Steve Peterson leave no room for doubt in anyone ' s mind. The Rembrandts of our school put their creative minds together and came up with this masterpiece. 118 Enthusiastic fans at a baseball game encourage batmen to, " slam it outa ' here! " Boost the Jackets The cheerleaders lead off the annual Snake Dance which takes place before the homecoming rally. 119 Anticipation and prep- aration are half the fun of the reahzation. This is particularly true of the Y-Teen ' s annual formal dance. The operetta, " Babes In Toyland, " was one of the most delightful per- formances by school or- ganizations. These fellows exhibit their affliction known as " senioritis " as they wend their merry way down the halls. Woe to any underclassmen lacking respect for age. 120 " I could have danced all night ... " A scene from the Y-Teen Formal — one of the three form- als during the school year. Enjoy Yourself At noon, avid conversationalists enjoy the sunshine before returning to the ole ' grind. Realize the Value of Your School Day and night the high school plays a prominent part in the lives of the youth of Mount Vernon. By day, the students receive instruction from com- petent teachers. At night, the teen-agers return to participate in or to watch games, plays, con- certs, or social activities. « - f Toby Simkins Ujctmunjubudiori Our Leaders Provide PRINCIPAL H. Max Wiggins Ohio State University: B.S., M.A. Mr. Wiggins has no trouble filling the school calendar. 126 Mr. Wiggins, our one for all, all for one principal, in two short years has earned the respect and admiration of both the student body and faculty through his easy-going, yet efficient manner. Pupils come to him with their problems and quips knowing that he will find time to listen to them. His contagious enthusiasm has in- fected the school with a new spirit of cooperation. Guidance SUPERINTENDENT Charles J. Pickens Rio Grande College, Ohio University, Ohio State University: B.S., M.A. Mr. Pickens ' promotion to the superintendency of Mount Vernon schools two years ago was learned with mixed feelings. As a popular and familiar figure in the high school hall, he was missed by the students; but his effor t and progressive spirit have been beneficial to the education- al system. He has been particul- arly instrumental in getting plans underway for the new jun- ior high building. Mr. Pickens plans for the new junior high. 127 ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT Bill Root Ohio State: B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Mr. Root, a valuable asset to our school system, ably carries out his duties as assistant superintendent and pupil co-ordinator. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL John Warrick Manchester College: B.S., Kent State: M.E. Mr. Warrick is well-known among the junior high students as a sympathetic and competent adviser. 128 Alotint Vernon Board of Education BOARD OF EDUCATION — Hazel Vernon, James Brown, George Gelsanliter, William Ward, Mary Minnich. NOT IN PICTURE: Leland Fair. One of the major projects undertaken by the Board of Education this year was the planning of the new junior high school. The remainder of their work evolved around maintaining an efficient educational system. 129 DEAN OF GIRLS Audrey Wright Muskingum College, B.S. Ohio State University, M.A. Miss Audrey Wright ' s func- tion as dean provides an op- portunity for the high school girls to discuss their problems and receive understanding help. Donna Abies and Susie Minnich, students in her so- ciology class, talk over their future college plans. 130 DEAN OF BOYS Rex Jarvis West Virginia, A.B. Boys come regularly to Mr. Rex Jarvis for advice and guidance. Particularly popu- lar with the football team, he is seen here counseling Steve Peterson. 131 Faculty BARBARA BAUGHMAN Cornell University, Yale Uni- versity, B.S., M.N. School Nurse ROBERT H. BECHTEL Ohio State University, B.Sc. Instrumental Music GERALD BECKER Heidelberg, Ohio State, B.A. History 8, Spanish 11 ELBA BEHNKE Miami University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, B.S. English 8 WANDA BURWELL University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, B.S. Home Economics SARA M. CANNON Bethany College, New York University, A.B. American Literature, English 11, Director of Publications PEARL CARPENTER Ohio University, Kent Uni- versity, Ashland College Mathematics 8 FLORENCE CASS Denison University, Columbia University, University of Min- nesota, Ph.B., M.A. Core 7 C. ARTHUR CASSELL Michigan State University, Ohio State University, B.S. M.A. Adv. Algebra, Solid Geomet- ry, Trigonometry, Senior Re- view Math, Publications MARTHA V. COCHRAN Asbury, University of Ken- tucky, Ashland College, A.B. Typing I and II, Business 9 132 Faculty RAYMOND H. COOPERRIDER Capital University, Ohio State University, B.S. Math 7 SUZANNE S. FRIEDLY Bowling Green University, Ohio State University, Amer- ican University, B.S., M.A. Math 7 and 8 VIVIAN DOWDS Ohio Wesleyan, BA. Core 7 GLENN S. GARRATT Wooster, Ohio State, B.A., B.Sc. Art 8 - 12 CLARENCE R. FRIDLINE Ohio State University, B.Sc, M.A. Vocational Agriculture MARY B. HERRON Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State, Capital University, B.S. Shorthand, Typing, Office Practice Mrs. Wanda Burwell in- structs Judy Borden, Marianne Engel, and Martha Anderson about table settings. Pat Law- rence and Karen Boucher pre- pare food, and Esther Hartley fixes salad for a special home ec dinner. Faculty BERYL HIGHMAN Ohio University, B.S. Bookkeeping I and 11, Clerical Practice, Business Organization and Manage- ment, Elements of Record Keeping HAROLD L. HIGHMAN Ohio University, B.S., M.A. Business 10, Salesmanship, Business Organization and Management CHARLES D. HILL Western State College, Gun- nison, Colo., B.A. General Science, Health and Science DEBORAH POND HOYT De Pauw, University, A.B. Core 7 LOUISE M. HUGGINS College of Wooster, Ohio University, B.S. EngUsh 9 NORMA JAMES HULL Muskingum, Ashland, Gen- eva, Ohio University, Ohio State, B.A. History, Home Economics REX JARVIS West Virginia Wesleyan, Ohio University, B.S. Dean of Boys Health and Science ROBERT H. JOHNSON Ohio State University, B.S. History 8, Fine Arts 7 VALJEAN KNERR Ohio State University, B.S. Business 9, Business Law, Economics NORBERT P. KRAEMER Duquesne University, Ohio University, B.S. Music — Strings 134 Faculty SARAH KRAEMER Colorado Woman ' s College, University of Arizona, Uni- versity of Denver, B.A. English 8, Remedial Reading IMOGENE MONTGOMERY Denison University, McGill University, Toledo Univer- sity, B.A., M.A. French, Spanish MARIAN H. MACPHEE Grove City, Litt.B. Core BERT C. MOORE Denison University, Ohio State University American History, World History, Geography 7 MARGUERITE MANN Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio Univer- sity, Bowling Green Univer- sity, B.A., M.A. English 12 DONALD E. MORRISON Miami University, B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts, Driver Training Mrs. Beryl Highman in- structs Carolene Devore in clerical practice. This group takes care of all school funds. Faculty LAMOIL L. OWEN Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio Univer- sity, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. American Problems, Director of Audio-Visual Education of Mount Vernon City Schools ELEANOR OWENS Denison University, A.B. English 10 JAMES J. PEGG Ohio State University, B.S. Woodworking, Electricity DWIGHT PILKINGTON Ohio Northern University, Ohio State University, A.B., M.A. Math 7, General Math JACK ROBESON Ohio University, Ohio State, B.S. Biology HOUSTON SCHLOSSER Grove City, Pa., University of Florida, Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State University, Kent State. A.B., M.A. Plane Geometry Head Basketball Coach GLADYS J. SCOTTIE Kent State, Ashland College Geography 7 JEAN W. SHICK Western Reserve, Denison, Ohio University, A.B. English 9, 10 RUTH S. SHIELDS Oberlin, Denison, B.S. Core 7, History 8 CHARLES L. STANLEY Ohio University, B.S. Geography 7, Commercial Geography Head Baseball Coach 136 Faculty JACK STAUCH Ohio State University, B.Sc. M.A. Music RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXALL Ohio Wesleyan University, Northwestern University, B.A. Speech, English 10, American Literature, Director of School Plays NANCY B. STILLWELL Capital University, Stetson University, B.S. Physical Education CAROLYN ULSH Bowling Green State Univer- sity, B.S. Latin I and II J. FLOYD THOMAS Utah State, B.S. Physical Education GUY VAN NOSTRAND Ohio State University, B.S. World History Mr. Roger Walton explains the advantages of his alma mater, Kenyon College, to Greg Chester and Cliff Ridge- way on college night. Faculty ROGER L. WALTON Kenyon, Kent State Univer- sity, Ohio Wesleyan, B.Sc. Chemistry, Physics REBECCA WAREHAM Ohio Wesleyan University, Bowling Green, Kent State University, A.B. Librarian DORMA WARRICK Manchester College, Univer- sity of Denver, A.B. Business 9, Business Law, Economics JOHN C. WARRICK Manchester, Mount Union, Kent State University, Ohio State University, B.S., M.A. Junior High Principal KENNETH WEST Ohio State University, B.E.E., B.S., M.Sc. Algebra B.A., CHARLES E. WHITE Madison College (Tenn.) B.S. Industrial Arts BEN WILSON Heidelberg, Ohio State Uni- versity, A.B. Science and Health, Head Football Coach JACK WILSON Ohio State University, Miami University, B.Sc. American History, Asst. Foot- ball Coach, Head Track Coach AUDREY WRIGHT Muskingum College, Univer- sity of Wisconsin, Ohio State University B.S., M.A. Dean of Girls, Sociology LAWRENCE E. YARMAN Ashland College, Ohio State University, B.S., M.S. General Science 138 Secretaries MARY LOUISE BECK Secretary to the Superintendent FLORENCE E. BENEDICT Secretary VIOLET J. VANDERHORST Assistant to the Clerk, Mount Vernon City Board of Education HAZEL VERNON Bethany College Clerk, Treasurer, Mount Ver- non City Board of Education LORETTA EBERHART Production Clerk LETHA F. FERGUSON Secretary to Principal BETTY FRYE Filing Clerk 139 Mrs. Elda Behnke Although we have never heard of a teacher who has taught one hundred years; when it comes time to retire, most of them feel as if they had. However, from Mrs. Behnke ' s smiling face, we are sure that she has enjoyed her profession. This teacher has taught eighth and ninth grade English in Mount Vernon High School for fourteen years, and now she feels that she has earned the right to some relaxation and fun. Our best wishes go with her as she enters her retirement. 140 Custodians, Cooks, Bus Drivers " TT ;Trr»r»I AISJQ Edwin Cline, Holland Parker, Lowell Randolph, Harry Fleming, « uoiwi i iNO j gy Allen, Marion Pillow, Carl Latham, Jessie Simmons. COOKS Margaret Tier, Mary Rine, Mary Blair. BUS DRIVERS Bertha Skeen, Homer Shrimplin, Leonard Brooks, C. L. Miller, Paul Rex, Sr., Aurell Lauder- baugh. Victoria Stillings. 141 ' U f f v) ' oby Siml:ins ,iw Co CJbA JlA At the Country Club, the class dances to the smooth music of Ken Brague. The dreamy atmosphere makes " Memory Lane " a special night in the lives of many to be long remembered. Proms Leave Seniors Lasting Memories " Tropical Paradise " — in the cleverly decorated gym, the guest seniors and their dates dance under swaying palm trees beside the ocean. Before intermission, Connie Gray has a cute story to tell the gang. SENIOR CLASS OFFI- CERS — President Jeff Walker, Secretary Sheila Ralston, Treasurer Bev- erly Bond, Vice Presi- dent Ted Beach. The first graduating class of Mount Vernon High School consisted of three seniors. Today, in this, the one hundredth class, one hundred sixty-nine students received diplomas. Graduat- ing on June 10, 1958, was quite a goal for our class on first entering the doors of Mount Vernon High as lowly seventh graders. The last two years have provided many beneficial and re- warding experiences. The class of ' 58 boldly started off their junior year with the signing of petitions for class officers. This, in itself, was thrilling, as we realize we were well on our way as a class, a class working together. Eagerly we voted on and selected our rings. Later in the year, we presented the hilarious comedy, " Onions in the Stew, " and finally as a farewell gift to the seniors, we planned and held the Jimior-Senior prom — the theme was Oriental Gardens. Now, the impressive title of " Senior " was at long last ours. Once more petitions were cir- culated and signed. The results showed Jeff Walker as class president; Ted Beach, vice-pres- ident; Sheila Ralston, secretary; and Beverly Bond, treasurer. Name cards and senior pictures began circu- lating, as customary. In the spring, we threw ourselves into a state of " hibernation, " and after what seemed to be years, we came up with our masterpieces — the senior themes. Twenty-six seniors were elected to the Na- tional Honor Society, twenty-three to Quill and Scroll. Varied panel discussions, as a change of pace, took place in the senior English classes. Numerous arguments were hashed and re- hashed over what the class gift of 1958 would be. We finally decided to leave a juke box to the underclassmen. Senior Lois Ewalt reigned over the Forum Show as sweetheart of Mount Vernon High. Presented May 16, was a dramatization of Jane Austen ' s novel, " Pride and Prejudice. " The spurring last minute whirl-wind events crowded together into one grand finale. The flurry of Senior Day, the enjoyable Junior-Senior prom, the cramming for exams, the Senior prom we shall never forget, the Baccalaureate services, and the teary-eyed graduation. After receiving our treasured diplomas, we realize — now, we too are ALUMNI! Lynn Bartels Class Historian 145 Class of 1958 DONNA SUE ABLES: Her winning personality coupled with tliose blue eyes will always bring her success. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Staff 4; Class Play 3; Forum Court 3, Attendant 4; Stu- dent Council 1, 2; French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll. NANCY ANN ADAMS: A gift for singing and true intelligence spell success for Nancy. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Intramural Volleyball 3. ROBERT LLOYD ADAMS: Warm friendliness and a quiet manner. Football 2: Track; Key Club 2, 3. LINDA ROSE ALLEN: A gem of a worker. She shines in athletics. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1. 2, 3, 4, president 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Quill and Scroll. Lynn Battels poses for her senior pictures, one of the first activities the class does as a whole. Lucky the ensemble of Bermudas, tennis shoes, and bl ack drape won ' t all show. MARTHA LEE ANDERSON: Capability, effi- ciency, and outstanding ability in home economics are Marty ' s assets. National Honor Society 4; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Y-Tri Teens 3, 4: Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student Council 4; Glee Club 1. CLARENCE FREDERICK BATES: A real leader with unsurpassed ability in agriculture. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, President 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: Track 4; Hi-Y 4, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. 146 EVERETT EDWARD BAER, JR.,: A depend- able lad who is earnest in his work. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Dance Band; Jacket Journal Staff 4; Forum Staff 4; Class Play 3. STEVEN M. BARNES: A real handy elec- trician around school with a friendly personality. Play and Forum Show electrician 1, 2, 3, 4; March- ing Band 2, 3, 4; Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, Secretary 3; French Club 1. 2. LYNN H. BARTELS: Pep in every step and quick wit spell Lvnn — a one gal team. Forum Court 3, 4: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Historian 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; Senior Choir 3: G. A. A. 4; French Club 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball Champs 4; Quill and Scroll. ELIZABETH ANN BARTON: A reward for her sweetness and depth of character are her many friends. Y-Tri Teens 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4; Student Council, Secretary 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; Class Play 3; Forum Court 3, 4; French Club 3, 4, Secretary 3: National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll. JAMES BAUBE: His loyalty to many make him a welcome guy anywhere. Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4; Glee Club. THEODORE ROB- ERT BEACH: Man of many interests; high ideals and true intelligence. National Honor Society 4; National Athletic Society 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice President 4; Boys ' State Delegate 3; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Bask- etball 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4. JOANNA MARIE BECKETT: A real pretty gal who will have no trouble being hired as a secretary. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; French Club 3, 4; Forum Show 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2; Student Council 1; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2. CHARLES FREDERICK BEEMAN: A quiet manner; a good friend to all who know him. Span- ish Club 1; French Club 2; Junior Hi-Y 1, 2; Pro- jection Club 1. REBECCA ANN BELCHER: A sparkle of life combined with a note of gay abandon. Forum Show 1, 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. HAROLD C. BOND, JR.: A quiet manner at the present describes this man with a future. Intramural Volleyball 3, 4; Intra- mural Basketball 3, 4. 147 Class of 1958 BEVERLY ANN BOND: Our Senior Class Treasurer who excels in commercial studies. Class Treasurer 4; G. A. A. 3, 4, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4; Scholarship Team 2, 3; Class Play 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 3. JUDITH LA- JUNE BORDEN: Judy ' s faithful and friendly ways make her a good librarian. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Staff 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H, A. 4: Y-Tri Teens 1: Girls ' Glee Club 1, 2. KAREN ANN BOUCHER: Her gay smile and lively chatter make her a lot of fun. Senior Choir 3, 4; Forum Show 2, 3; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Toons 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1. PATRICIA JUNE BOYLE: A shy manner combined with an unexpected sense of humor. Y-Tri Teens 2, 3, 4, Service Chairman 3: Library Club 1, 2, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; French Club 3, 4: F. T. A. 3, 4; Forum Show 3; G. A. A. 4; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2. f . L UaJXUi Linda Wise signs Jeff Walker ' s petition for senior class president while Gloria Miesse and Carolyn Sims wait their turn. DELORES J;EAN BRADLEY: An appealing Miss with intelligence also on her list. She came from Benton Township High School, Zion. Ilhnois. Commercial Club 2; Hi-Times Staff 3. SHARON KAY BRICKER: A peppy majorette with a shining personality. Her talented feet win her fame. Majorette 2, 3, 4; Forum Attendant 3. 4: Football Attendant 3: F. T. A. 3, 4, Vice President 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Class Play 3. 148 NED K. BROOKS: A musical interest inter- mingled witii a shy and earnest manner. Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; F. T. A. 4: French Club 1; Spanish Club 2, 3. CAROL SUE CAR- DEN: A nice girl with an enthusiastic outlook on life. G. A. A. 3. 4; Y-Tri Teens 3, 4. RAYMOND MORRIS CARPER: Easy manner and unassuming way. Intramural basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. THELMA LEE CHEEK: A swell Miss to know; with cheerful ways. She moved here from Danville, Ohio. Art Club 2: Majorette at Danville. GREGORY LYNN CHESTER: Enthusiastic and earnest member of everything he belongs to. Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 1, 2, 3, Treas- urer 4: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Intramural Bowling 4: Senior Choir 1, 2, 3: French Club 1, 2. WILBERT (BUD) CLINE: Liked by everyone: varied interests: one of the boys. Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 4. ALDEN COE: Our head drum major who is everybody ' s buddy with a friendly disposition. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Drum Major 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3; Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: In- tramural Basketball 1, 2. CHARLES S. CON- ANT: A true gentleman: a smiling easy-going nature. Football 3, 4: National Athletic Society 4. MYRON E. COON: Though quiet in the class- room, this guy has a serious outlook on life. Senior Choir 3, 4: Track 3. JOHN CHARLES CURTIS: A very likeable guy with happy-go- lucky ways. A gymnast. Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 149 Class of 1958 CHARLES LEE DEAN: Very neat with a quiet but earnest manner. LINDA DEVIN: Extreme intelligence, true character, and amicable ways make our Forum Co-Editor one of our outstanding Seniors. Forum Co-Editor 4; National Honor Society 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Class Plav 3: All High School Play 4. CAROLENE DEVORE: A quiet lass with a warm, friendly manner. Intramural Volleyball 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2. RICHARD LEE DICE: A real whiz in F. F. A. with a laugh for everyone. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Treasurer 4. Miss Mann, class adviser, measures Mark Misicka for his cap and gown. i - ■ 1 ' m " 1 H cm f E PAT DAVID DOWDELL: A likeable guy with a ready grin and a pleasant personality. Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Varsity " V " Club 3. ROBERT DUDGEON: A leader with constant drive, enthusiasm, and supreme intellect, are a few qualities of our Forum Co-Editor. Forum Co-Editor 4; National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; All C. B. L. 2, 3, 4: National Athletic Scholarship Society 4; Class Play 3; All High School Play 4; French Club 3, 4, President 3, 4. 150 SHIRLEY LEE EATON: Shirley ' s assets in- clude intelligence, an ever-ready smile and lasting friendliness. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3 4- F. T. A. 1, 3; Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3; Na- tional Honor Society 4. LARRY E. EMMERT: An easy-going nature and liked by everyone. JUD- ITH ELIZABETH ENGEL: A capable worker with a wonderful sense of humor. Y-Tri Teens 1 2 3 4- F. N. A. 3, 4, President 4; Buckeye Girls State 4; ' Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor So- ciety 4; Forum Staff 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; Student Council 4; Class Play 3; All High School Play 4. MARIANNE SUSAN ENGEL: A gal with an abundance of amiability who is a true friend to all who know her. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 2, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4. EDGAR L. ERLANGER: Happy-go-lucky guy with a bright outlook on the future. Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. JUDITH LOUISE EARNEST: Cheerful disposition and a neat ap- pearance. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; G. A. A. 4; Intramural Volleyball 3. LOIS E. EWALT: Vivacious personality and in- telligence will make it possible for Lois to succee d in all she attempts. She is tops. National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4: Forum Show 2, 3, 4, Attendcnt 3, Queen 4; Forum Staff 4; Student Council 1, 4; All High School Play 1, 3; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2. JAMES E. FACTOR: A sports-minded guy who hopes to become a coach. A friendly smile for all. Football 2, 3, 4, All C. B. L. 4: Baseball 2, 3; Golf 4: Spanish Club 4, Treasurer 4: Forum Show 3; Varsity " V " Club 3. MARILYN JEAN FAW- CETT: Capacity for friendliness with feminine charm. Quill and Scroll 4; Forum Staff 4: Jacket Journal Staff 4; F. T. A. 3, 4: Y-Teons 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Team 3; Glee Club 1. LOUIS FERGUSON. 151 Class of 1958 JOYCE FRANZ: Her quiet ways win her many friends. GORDON FROST: Gordon tias a quiet friendly manner. Student Council 3; Spanisli Club 2. DONALD W. FRYE: A pleasure to know and a pal to everyone. MYRON WILLIAM GAL- LOGLY: Depth of character; a man with a con- fident future. National Honor Society 4: Delegate to Boys ' State 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4 ' ; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Class Play 3; Track 3, 4; Forum Staff 4. Seniors get name cards from Norma Peterson and Elaine Holt. CAROLYN ELLEN GANTZ: Her soft voice reveals a quiet but very humorous personality. Marching Band 2, 3; Concert 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4; G. A. A. 2, 3: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2. JANE ARLENE GAUMER: Shy chatter coupled with quiet man- nerisms describe this friendly senior. F. N. A. 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. " A. 3, 4; French Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4; G. A. A. 2. 152 DAVID B. GILL: An endless source of wit and fun, a real great friend to everyone. Key Club 3, 4; Class Play 3; Track 3; Baseball 4; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES H. GILL: Nonchalant ways; a dis- tinguished grin that expresses a sense of humor. Baseball Manager 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; Play and Forum Show Electrician 2, 3, 4. NANCY ANNE GODFREY: Supreme intellect; depth of character is reflected in her quiet manner. Nancy moved here from New Lexington, Ohio. Her activities there were National Honor Society 3, 4; Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, Secretary 3; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3: Y-Tri Teens 4; Newspaper Staff 2, 3. GARY GENE GRAY: Good personality plus dark good looks times many smiles equal Gary. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jacket Journal 4: Forum Staff 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Forum Show 4. DAVID E. GULLETT: A quiet, likeable guy who ' s always himself. Intramural Basketball 3, 4; In- tramural Volleyball 3, 4; Football 1, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4. DIANA KAY GULLETT: Great ability shines by its own light. A real good kid. March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Scholarship Team 2; Forum Staff 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; National Honor Society 4. M. KATHRYN HAGAN: Tiny tornado, ex- treme efficiency, and warm, sincere personality describe Kathy. National Honor Society 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4: Forum Staff 4; F. T. A. 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 3; Football Queen Attendant 4: Quill and Scroll 4. CAROLE LOU HARLOW: A serious side of life yet full of fun. Pretty voice. Senior Choir 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 3; F. H. A. 3; Intramural Vollevball 3; Glee Club 1; Forum Show 4. SARAH ALICE HARRIS: Her lively chatter, true friendli- ness, and enthusiastic manner describe Sally. F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2. French Club 3; Class Play 3; Jacket Journal Staff 4; Forum Staff 4; All High School Play 4. ESTHER ANN HARTLEY: Eye-catching tresses and bright personality describe Esther. F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; G. A. A. 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club I, 2; Intramural Volleyball 2, 3. 153 Class of 1958 JON DAVID HAUGER: Quick humor, many interests, but music tops his list. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Bowling 3: Forum Show 4. BETTY CAROL HAYES: Down- to-earth qualities make her easy to know and like. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3; F. T. A. 3. 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2. JOHN L. HAYES: Quiet manner with a good natured smile. ROGER D. HEATON: A real great guy to know with an accommodating manner. Choir 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball 3. For the Senior Day as- sembly, Carol Hayes, Diana Gullett, and Linda Wise entertained the honored seniors and the underclassmen with, na- turally, ' Lollipop. " GARLAND VERLAIN HENTHORN: Quiet manner accompanied by his good nature earns Garland manv friends, track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. EVE HESS: Quiet ways but always ready for fun. A winning personality. F. H. A. 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 4. 154 BRICE HESS: A great guy who gained his fame in athletics. Football 3, 4, All C. B. L. 4, All Ohio 3rd team 4; Track 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4; Varsity V. Club 3; Forum Show 4. JANE YVONNE HIGGINS: A handy homemaker; her cherry pies will make someone very happy. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4; Student Council 4; Intramural Volleyball 3; Y-Tri Teens 3. ROG- ER LOREN HITE: A quiet man around school with a love for farming. F. F. A. 3: Marching Band 1. AUDREY ELAINE HOLT: A gay smile and livelv chatter win her many friends. Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 2: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. JANET LEE HOSTETLER: Al- ways a warm smile and a cheery Hi from this popular senior at Mt. V. High. Cheerleader 3, 4; Student Council 4, Treasurer 4: F. N. A. 3, 4, Historian 3, Treasurer 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3; Jacket Journal Staff 4; G. A. A. 3, 4; Forum Show 1, 2, Court 3, 4. LINDA LEE HUMES: A stylish Miss with slim grace and a friendly nature. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 2, 3. DONALD A. HYATT: Friendly grin with a carefree manner. Football 1; Intramural Basket- ball 2; Intramural Bowling 4. LUANNA MAE IMHOFF: Her quiet ways and diligent hard work will always make her welcome. Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3. 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; F. N. A. 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2; Intramural Volleyball 1: Intramural Basket- ball 1. MARY E. KLABOUGH: Wonderful hum- or, keen mind, and friendly disposition represent this true leader. National Honor Society 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Library StaiT 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Spanish Club 2, 3, President 3: F. T. A. 3, 4: F. H. A. 1, 3, 4: Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL D. KNOX: A tuba player with plenty of enthusiasm and ambition. Marching Band 3, 4: Concert Band 3; Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, 4: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 1. 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4: F. T. A. 4; Class Play 3. 155 GARY KOST: His character, intellect, and warm personality are signs of a purposeful future. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Student Council 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Scholarship Team 2, 3; Class Play 3; Forum Show 4. KAY LIANE KREPS: Quiet mannerism combined with sincerity and friend- ship. Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Forum Show 3. DICK KYMER: A man of action, drive, and good nature with a sure future. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; All High School Play 3, 4; Class Play 3: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Champions 4; Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 4. ANNA E. LAMBERT: Warm friendliness and a quiet man- ner. Anna came here from Harmon, West Virginia. Her activities include: Class Vice President 2: Sec- retary of Tri Hi-Y 2; Choir 2, 3: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. N, A. 4; G. A. A. 1, 2. MARY CHARLOTTE LATHERNS: A deep rich voice and quick humor characterize Mary. Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 4. " PATRICIA LAWRENCE: Pretty and neat, with amicable ways. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 4; F. N. A. 2, 4; F. H. A. 4; Forum Show 3, 4; French Club 3; G. A. A. 2; Choir 1. MABLE ANN LAYMON: Sweet and amiable with athletic ability. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3; F. H. A. 1, 2; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls Glee Club 1. KEITH HERBERT LEWIS: His independent thinking and gifted mind will put him on the road to success. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: All High School Play 3; Class Play 3; Class Treas- urer 3; Key Club 3, 4, Vice President 4; Student Council 4, Vice President 4: Scholarship Team 3. CAROLYN FRANCES LORD: A real busy girl with varied interests. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 4: Class Plav 3; F. T. A. 2, 3, 4: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4; Spanish Club 3, 4. ROBERT F. LORD: A tall lad with an ambitious outlook on life. F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Senior Choir 2, 3. 156 Class of 1958 DAVID LUCAS: A free and easy attitude; a pleasure to know: a pal to everyone. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4; Forum Show 3; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity " V " 3; Student Council 2. BARRY LUTZ, Avery handsome and active boy wit h a likeable manner: another one of the boys. National Athletic Honor Society 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4, Head Monitor 4: Forum Staff 4: Golf 3. 4: Forum Show 3. 4: Varsity " V " Club 3, Treasurer 3. ANITA LOUISE MACK: A radiant personality: a pretty girl; and individual thinking make an appealing person — Anita. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 3; Football Attendant 3, 4; Forum Attendant 3, 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. ROGER MAIN: Shy smile plus subtle good humor equals Roger. Senior Choir 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2: Intramural Bowling 4; Operetta 4. Ron Ridenour discusses his future plans with Mr. Pilkington on college night. JUDITH MARSH: Always a smile and a laugh; friendly chatter; Peppy majorette. Majorette 3, 4; Senior " Choir 3, 4; Forum Staff 4; Y-Tri Teens 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, Secretary: Operetta 4; F. T. A. 3; Forum Show 4. CHARLES R. McCUTCHEN: A likeable guy with a song for everyone. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 " ; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1: Intramural Basketball 1, 3; Intramural Volley- ball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1. 157 JUDITH A. McKEE: Humor and a bright per- sonality portray this senior. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; G. A. A. 1, 3; Intra- mural Volleyball 3. LANNY McMANIS: Variety is the spice of life. Tops on any list — a real leader. Student Council 2, 4, President 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Varsity " V " Club 3; Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANNE McMILLAN: Abundant smiles and amiable ways make her welcome every- where. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 1, 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Show 3, 4. SANDRA MIDOS: A very reserved Miss marked by true in- tellect. GLORIA JEAN MIESSE: Friendly and cheerful with a gracious manner. F. H. A. 4; F. N. A. 4: Intramural Volleyball 3; Y-Tri Teens 1; French Club 2. JERRY MILLER: An easy going fellow with a very likeable manner. Tops on the basketball court. Basketball 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Show 4. NANCY MILLER: Pretty, trim, neat with an accent on sweet. F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4, Queen 3: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN MILLIGAN: A conscientious gal whose hard work will make her a winner. Latin Club 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2; French Club 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 3, 4. SUSAN MINNICH: A pleasing combination of keen in- tellect, outstanding character and pleasing ways. Student Council 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Editor Jacket Journal 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; All High School Play 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Class Plav 3: Forum Court 3, 4. PAMELA ANN MINTIER: Humorous nature, live- ly chatter, and great efficiency equal Pam. Schol- arship Team 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Forum Staff 4: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Forum Court 4; French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. 158 Class of 1958 MARK ALAN MISICKA. A sensible and like- able guy with a quiet but deceiving manner. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Forum Staff 4; Golf 1, 2; Football 1; Basket- ball 1: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. PATSY MOONEY. P . JOAN MUMPER: A neat and friendly Miss who is never satisified with her best. Marching Band 3, 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3: F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4. NANCY ELINOR O ' BRIEN: A real swell girl with a gay sense of humor. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. N. A. 4; Glee Club 1. Looking into their crystal balls, the pro- phecy committee read the future of each senior. JOHN WALTER PAQUES: A carefree and likeable manner: John ' s a good guy. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 4; Forum Show 3, 4; Varsity " V " Club 3; Intramural Basketball 3, 4. JOYCE ELAINE PAISLEY: Whimsical wit and smiling good nature. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 4: G. A. A. 4: Intramural Volleyball 3; Intramural Basketball 1. 159 SAUNDRA LEE PERKINS: A gay smile and lively chatter make her tops. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. N. A. 4; F. T. A. 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2: French Club 3. JOYCE ANN PERRINE: A lively Miss with loads of pep and a sunny disposition. Glee Club 1; Library Staff 1; Senior Choir 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3. 4: Class Play 3; Intramural Volleyball 2. NORMA JANE PETERSON: Good natured, down to earth qualities win her many friends. Glee Club 1; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN LYNN PETERSON: Steve ' s jovial personality and hearty laugh will go unsurpassed. Football 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Forum Staff 3. WILLIAM M. PILLOW: A like- able guy with a smile for everyone. Marching Band 2; Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Bowling 4; Key Club 1, 2. MARLA ANN POLAND: A bundle of pep with a pleasing personality. Glee Club 1; Y-Tri Teens 3, 4; American Legion Essay Award I. CHARLES W. POND: Our independent man with promising plans for the future. Quill and Scroll 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 3, 4; Jacket Journal Staff 4; All High School Play 4: Scholarship Team 2, 3; Senior Choir 3: Golf Team 1, 3, 4. DONNA LEE PORTER: A warm and thoughtful personality is reflected in every word. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Tri Teens 1, 4; F. T. A. 4; French Club 3, 4. JOSEPH BRADFIELD PORTER: Determination that promises success: intellect plus carefree nature. Scholarship Team 1, 2. 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Key Club 3. WAYNE EUGENE POTES: Definite capabilities combined with a serious outlook. F. F. A. 1, 2; Intramural Basketball 1. 160 Class of 1958 SHEILA JEAN RALSTON: Her sparkling red hair adds iiuicli to her shining personality. Class Secretary 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1. JUDITH ANN REED: Her gay smile and lively chatter win her friends. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 3; Senior Choir 3, 4; French Club 3: Dance Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta 4. RUTH IRENE REED: A sunny disposition that matches her golden locks. Forum Court 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4; Football Queen 4; G. A. A. 1, 2: Y-Tri Teens 3, 4; Intramural Basket- Bail 1, 2; Intramural Vollevball 1, 2; Art Club 1. ARLENE LENORE REYNOLDS: A characteristic giggle, ever ready for a good time. Chorus 1, 2; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 1; Scholarship Team 2. Miss Marguerite Mann hands back the senior themes. They are re- ceived with much relief after being at the mercy of her meticulous grad- ing pencil. ELISE JEAN RICE: Intelligence mingled with a cheerful personality make Elise tops. F. T. A. 2, 3, 4; Senior Choir 3, 4: Y-Tri Teens 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, Vice President 2: Scholarship Team 3; F. H. A. 1; Operetta 4. LINDA RUTH RICHARDS: Friendly to know, and an air of simplicity. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2; Glee Club 1. 161 RONALD GENE RIDENOUR: A gentleman with many smiles and a likeable manner. Senior Choir 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 2: Key Club 3, 4, Chaplam 3, Treasurer 4; Class Play 3; Intramural Volleyball 1 2 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. LON JOSEPH RINE: A tall lanky lad with a friendly smile and a pleasant personahty. French Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4. Vice President 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 4: Tennis 3, 4: In- tramural Volleyball 3, 4; WAYNE ROSS: A very quiet lad that keeps his mind on his work. Intramural Basketball 2. 3, 4; Intramural Volley- ball 2, 3, 4. DAVID MARTIN ROWE: A win- some blend of shv smiles and sincere ways. Key Club 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 2, 3, 4- Intramural Volleyball 4. WILLIS ELY RUM- MEL, JUNIOR: His first love is football, his last love, the classroom. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, C. B. L. 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Forum Staff 3. RICHARD LEE RUSH: A regular fellow with smiles and warm friendliness to last a lifetime. Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN M. SCARVELIS: A quiet man with a carefree attitude. French Club 2, 3; F. T. A. 4. DONNAS SCHULLER: Enjoys a good time; Don has happy-go-lucky ways. Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 4; Intramural Basketball 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4. FRANCES JEAN SHEPARD: A shy grin and sweet ways are two distinguish- able characteristics of Jean. F. H. A. 1, 2. 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3; G. A. A. 2, 3, 4. HARRY SHOE- MAKER. 162 Class of 1958 CHARLES A. SHUFF: A real terrific guy with a iiianlv physique and athletic tendencies. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, " 4, Captain 4, C. B. L. 3: Varsity " V " Club 3, Secretary 3: Track 2, 3; Intramural Bask- etball 4: Intramural Bowling 4: Baseball 4; Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 4. CAROLYN SIMS: Pleasant company, nice to know, and sweet ways. F. H. A. 1, 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Pro- duction Secretary 4; Intramural Basketball 1. ROBERTA ANN " SIMKINS: Clever imagination, artistic ability coupled with individualistic think- ing describe this real great gal. Forum Staff 4; Scholarship Team 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 2: French Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Forum Show 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. BETTY LOU SKINNER: A cheery Hello! a pretty smile, and gay humor complement Betty Lou ' s person- ality. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Forum Staff 4; Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Forum Show 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A. 2; Quill and Scroll 4. Sheila Ralston and her mother discuss a home economics course with Mrs. Norma Hull during college night. ZALE HARLAN SMILACK: A man of super- ior intelligence with high ideals and thoughtful ways. Jacket Journal Co-Editor 4; Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3; Class Play 3; All High School Play 4; French Club 3, President 3: Intramural Basket- ball 3: Intramural Volleyball 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4. RUTH ANN SMITH. 163 SALLY MARIE SORGE: Warm sincerity; a pleasure to know. Glee Club 1; G. A. A. 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Y-Tri Teens 3. PEGGY LOU SPEARMAN: Blonde attractiveness complimented by a bright personality. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. N. A. 3, 4, Vice President 4: Jacket Journal Staff 4; Forum Staff 4; Class Play 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3; Forum Court 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. JUDITH ANN STAN- LEY: Sincere and friendly ways characterize this senior. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. WANDA JEAN STEELE: A good-natured gal with amiable ways. F. H. A. 1, 2. RON STONEBURN- ER: A sports-minded guy whose ambition prom- ises a bright tomorrow. Class Vice President 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4: Forum Show 3; Student Council 1: Varsity " V " Club 3; National Honor Society 4; National Athletic Scholarship Society 4. RICH- ARD DAVID THOMPSON: Supreme intellect and accommodating nature assures success for Richard. Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Dance Band 3. ROGER D. THOMPSON: Life of the party — a live wire in any crowd, terrific athlete. Varsity " V Club 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, C. B. L. 4, Jaycees All-Ohio 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Track 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3. CHARLES BRUCE TRAMONT: A terrific guy with many hidden talents. Tops in sports! Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, C. B. L. 3: Student Council 2, 4; Hi-Y 2; National Athletic Scholarship Society 4; Forum Show 4. JUDY ANNETTE ULLMAN: Smiling good nature and lasting amiability. Class Play 3: Senior Choir 2, 3: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 4; G A. A. 4: Glee Club 1: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 1, 2. JEANNE C. VERNON: A tiny package of shy ways and a friendly manner. Scholarship Team 3: Y-Tri Teens 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 164 Class of 1958 JOHN LESTER VERNON: A tall stout lad with a smile lor all. WILLIAM JEFFREY WALKER: A promising leader, intelligent, poised, friendly, and adept in sports. He ' s tops. Class President 4: Basketball 1, 2; Boy ' s State Repre- sentative 3: Football 1. 2, 3, 4; C. B. L. 3: Track 2, 3: Varsity " V " Club 3; Intramural Basketball 3; Forum Sta " fT 4; Quill and Scroll 4. TERRY FLETCHER WALKER: Determination, intellect and winning personality promise success for Terry. Class President 3: Key Club 2, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4; Concert Band 3. 4, Vice President 4: March- ing Band 3, 4: Forum Staff 4; Intramural Basket- ball 1. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Play 3: National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4. " STANLEY D. WALLACE: An inde- pendent, intelligent lad with an eye toward the future. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Jacket Journal Staff 4; Student Council 4; Marching Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Or- chestra 1, 3: Senior Choir 3, 4; Operetta 4; Quill and Scroll 4. A senior debate team plans its strategy for its presentation in English class. DIANE WARRELL: A cute miss with a capti- vating grin and heartfelt amiablity. She ' s a truly friendly gal. Marching Band 1, 3, 4: Orchestra i, 2, 3: Senior Choir 2, 4: F. T. A. 1, 2: F. N. A. 3: Forum Show 1, 2. 3: Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3. BARBARA ANN WHITE: An ever- lasting grin that proves contagious: fun to spare. Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 2. 165 JAMES McCLAIN WILLIS: A good natured guy with special interests. Football! HAROLD WILSON: A quiet man with a carefree outlook on life. LINDA ELLEN WISE: Quiet sophistica- tion plus a sweet disposition endear her to many. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3; Student Council 4; F. T. A. 3, 4; Senior Choir 2, 3; Operetta 4. RUTH ANN WISE: A bundle of dynamite with a winning smile. Glee Club 1; F. A. A. 2, 3; Y-Tri Teens 3; Scholarship Team 3. CAROLYN SUE YOAKUM: Bright as sunshine with twinkling eyes, a gay way. Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 2, 3, 4. DELMAR YOUNG, JUNIOR: A distinguished voice that wins him many friends. Marching Band 1, 2. MYRA LEE ZIEG: Calm, cool, and collected; radiant good will. Spanish Club 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Y-Tri Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4. WILLIS D. PRITCHETT: A gay disposition full of fun and mischief. Spanish Club 1, 2. RICHARD CLINE: Richard projects on his screen an earnest, capable, and friendly manner. Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 166 Excitement ran high after com- mencement, June 10. The main halls were crowded with scenes such as the one pictured of Judy Reed showing her diploma to Delores Bradley, Pam Mintier, and Elise Rice. One hundred and sixty-nine diplomas were presented to the Class of 1958. Jim Willis receives his diploma from Mrs. Mary Minnich, a member of the Board of Education. 167 Test tubes in hand, these juniors of the chemistry underworld seem quite intrigued with Terry Tucker ' s scientific techniques. Perhaps another Einstein is in our midst? Juniors Work Together For A Successful Year One of the more unpleasant episodes in the life of a junior is taking the Iowa State Tests. 168 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS —Vice-President Mike Duck- worth, Adviser Mr. Jack Wilson, Secretary Sharon Cornille, President Jacques Transue, Treasurer Judy Perrin. The class of 1959 officially began their class activities with the fall election of the junior class officers. Jacques Transue was chosen to lead his class; others elected were Mike Duck- worth, vice president; Sharon Cornille, secretary; and Judy Perrin, treasurer. The ring committee, with the help of Mr. Lawrence Yarman, began the big task of select- ing a class ring. The final choice was an attrac- tive white gold one. In the spring some of the junior class members showed undiscovered talent when they acted in the class play, " Two ' s A Crowd. " This hilarious comedy was a big success. Entertaining the seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom was the top social event for the juniors. " Tropical Paradise " was chosen as the theme of the dance held on May 29. For the first time in the history of Mount Vernon High School, juniors were elected to the National Honor Society. This is the highest honor the school can bestow. Those initiated into the society should be proud of this honor and try to uphold the ideals of the organization. Mr. Yarman, Mr. Jack Wilson, and Mrs. Jean Shick guided the class throughout the year as the advisers. Ann Withgott Class Historian 169 Class of 1959 Ellen Ahearn Janet Allen Peggy Anderson Cailena Ayers Kaye Baer John Baney Both Banning Sheila Barr Tom Bartlett Susie Baube Alan Beck Beverly Beroth Shirley Bickle Charlotte Biffath Ed Blackburn Katie Blue Gary Bowers Carol Boyd Barbara Boyle Dennis Branstool Dolores Brate Sue Brooks Dave Brown Judy Brown Tucker Burt Louzella Butler Max Clutter Shirley Coe Teresa Coffing Gano Conkle Lois Corcoran Sharon Cornille Margery Coss Beverly Crawford Linda Crawford Arthur Dailey Diane Daily Steve Day James Dean Phyllis DeVore Bob Dial Mike Duckworth Donna Dudgeon David Dudgeon Sheryl Durbin Linda Earley John Elli;- Fred Emley m 170 Jim Favvcctt John Ferguson Sue Ellen Fidler Don Finnell Janice Fletcher Dick Fowler David Frye Pete Frye Betty Gessling Alan Giffin Gloria Giffin Tom Goosens Charlotte Graves Dave Guculette Earl Gunia Jim Haas Lynda Hagan Kendall Hall Carol Harper Jerry Harper Mary Harrington Diane Harvey Joe Hatton Jane Hauger Sally Heintz Herman Helser Virgil Hempfield Harold Henthorn Marlin Henthorn Linda Hess Judy Hill Carolyn Hoar Charles Holcombe Marilyn Howard Joe Humbert Bill Hunnicut Mike Hynes Bob Italiano Ruth Jamboski Pat Jones Janine Keenan Mike Keller Joe Kent Jerry Keyes Kay Kleiner Gary Koch Judy Kuivinen Sandra Lane Mary Ann Leedy Chuck Leibel Jim Lewis Betty Llewellyn Pearl Loney Barbara Mahard 171 Class of 1959 Saundra Neese Sharon Nelson Nelson Newcombe Don Norris Carol Sue Oakes Dave Paques Kay Payne Karen Payne Patty Payne Judy Perrin Carl Petry Bill Pond Roger Porter Sharon Postell Dave Purdy John Kalston Bob Rardin Bill Reynard Cliff Ridgeway Joyce Rinard Gary Rine Larry Rine Eric Ritterhoff Joe Roberts Nancy Martin Carol Mathews Jane McDonald Sally McKee Chuck McKenzie Phyllis McKenzie Jim McMahon Gerald Meekins Jim Merrick Charlotte Metcalfe Phil Middleton Carolyn Midos Jerry Miessc Tom Mill Jim Miller JoAnn Milligan Jerry Mills Loren Monk Susan Morain Jim Morgan Dorothea Moreland Pat Moreland Shirley Morey Louise Mui ' dock nr- 172 Charlotte Ross Joan Ruhl Don Ryan Larry Savage Let ha Schaub Barbara Scholp Dick Schonaucr Don Scott Barbara Searls Susan Shick Bill Shoman Ken Shott Elaine Shuff Marjorie Shoultz Dan Simkins Varian Simmons Joan Smith Margaret Smith Neil Springer Ron Staats Betty Lou Steele lone Steinbrink Judy Stenzel Carl Stoller Pat Stoller Janice Stoneburner Shirley Stringfellow Dave Taylor Jo Ann Thomas Jodie Trace Jaques Transue Larry Trowbridge Terry Tucker Dave Vasbinder Bill Wagner Ina Marie Walker Dixie Wallace George Wallot Brenda Ward Wayne Weaver Gerald Wells Bill West Ron White Carol Wilson Linda Wilson Susan Winger Linda Winslow Ann Withgott Sue Wonders Linda Young Harry Zimmerman Mr. Jarvis confirms next year ' s schedules of sophomores, Karen Walker and Kay Sanner. Sophomores Prepare For Future Responsibilities Varsity cheerleader for 1958, Jodie Trace, gives the newly elected " spirit boosters, " Kar- en Stoyle, Connie Gray, and Judy Sullivan, a few pointers. 174 Class of 1960 First row: Eileen Jeffrey, Rosa Franko, Joyce Joslin, Patty John- son, Sally Jones. Second row: Phil Hatfield, Bruce Hite, Dan Lorey, Fred Hoffman, Gary Good- son, Doug Hoecker. Third row: Charlene Henry, Jean Hurlow, Ruth Gordon, Connie Gray, Karen Sue Gillmore, Barbara Jones. Fourth row: Gene James, John Jadwin, John Greene, Ralph Greer, Don Harris, Dave Holli- field. Fifth row: Nancy James, Suellen Harris, Mary Lou Ger- rard, Sue Humbert, Mary Hug- gins, Nancy George. Sixth row: Linda Hull, Mary Jane Houbler, Carol Jinks, Ruth Hogan, Larry Grant, Patti Glover, Bob Gill, Janet Hyatt, Sinda Hull. First row: Dave Scarbrough, Nor- man Montgomery, Dennis Meek- ins, Peter Pitkin, Scott Mintier, Jim Rine. Second row: Nancy Mowery, Lorraine Neighbarger, Barbara Milligan, Pam Norris, Sally Pitkin, Sharon Perotti. Third row: Saundra Rine, Becky Roberts, Beverly Porter, Barbara Porter, Lynn Sirbaugh, Becky Mowery. Fourth row: Nancy Petry, Rosalie Riley, Barbara Mc- Neil. Kay Sanner, Beverly Reed, Saundra Osborne. Fifth row: Don Robertson, Rollin Seibold, Sue Schwartz, Barbara Neighbarger, Dick Porter, Alvin Shick, David Ohde, Homer McGrew, Gordon Potes. Bruce Revennaugh. Sixth row: David Mills, Eric Souers, Lewis Sleeman, George Pfouts, Dick Omlor. 175 Class of 1960 First row: Sue Fletcher, Sheila Ernest, Carol Fickle, Sally Clyde, Janice Frye, Paula Gamble, Christine Cassaday. Second row: Larry Finnell, Sandy Dunn, Trudy Mayer, Alice Dexter, Carol Doup, Kay Moore. Third row: Peter Clark, Lee Coe, Evelyn Fallis, Julie Daly, Janice Cun- ningham. Fourth row: Carol Clark, Lucia Curtis, Kay Dowds, Lucille Dunn, Ann Farmer, Betty Fox, Carolyn Conard, Laurel En- gel. Fifth row: Larry Cunning- ham. Sixth row: Larry Grant, Tom Falter, Dav ' e Dauphin. Sev- enth row: Jack Coss, Bob Coy, David Gatchell, Don Carper, Mike Davies, Joe Cates, Dale Clutter, Nick DePolo. First row: Gary Barncord, Frank Beam, Doug Cameron, Gerald Beeman, Bill Brown, Dick Bow- den. Second row: Mary Blu- baugh, Mary Jean Ball, Shirley Bemiller, Janet Baker, Sharon Butler, Marilyn Calkins. Third row: Shirley Baker, Lois Bland, Sophia Angelas, Beth Boyd, Janet Bohanon, Susie Allen. Fourth row: Regina Brooks, Roseann Myers, Sharon Cagnon, Ann Brown, Pat Bryan, Susan Ahearn. Fifth row: Barbara Abrahams, Beverly Ackerman, Jackie Brun- ner. Barb Bone, Dixie Bartlett, Linda Bateman. Sixth row: John Bracey, Bill Boner, Doris Bowers, Kay Beach, Jeffrey Breaks, Jim Brookins. Seventh row: Dick Adams, Donald Biefnes, Tom Buckham, Bill Beck, Howard Baer. 176 Class of 1960 Firsi row: Judy McCord, Carolyn Kochis, Joan Kinnard, Marlene McCluskey, Marjorie Lotz. Sec- ond row: J. C. Mathews Karen Kymer, Jean Legros, Linda Mc- CuUough, Beverly Litt. Doris McMillen, Natalie McMillen, Jim London. Third row: Earl Lever- ing, Jaclcie Lipps, Marlene Mc- Larnan, Wynol Shoman, John Latherns, Sue Ellon Kathary. Fourth row: Paul Ketter, Tom Lybarger. Fred Mohn, John Kenmuir, Susan Lord, Norma McGee. Fifth row: Amy McGill, Mavis Lester, Charles Kaser, Tad Koch, Gary Mechling, Alvin Law- son. Sixth row: Dan Lorey, Mer- lin Levering, Floyd McNeil, Bob Kuninger, Ben Lee, Jim McKay. First row: Ed Sunkle, Gary Thompson, Kenneth Taylov, Char- les Zolman, Bob Stillings, Floyd Smith. Second row: John War- man, Alice Underhill, Karen Stoyle, Judy Sullivan, Barbara Willis, Sharon Taylor, Harriet Wilson, Eugene Thompson. Third row: Susan Taylor, Velma Zwill- ing, Martha Teeter, Carolyn St. John, Ruth Vance, Dan Walton. Fourth row: Reagh Underwood, Saundra Weaver, Karen Walker, Sonny Vance, Bob Wythe, Milton Williams, Frances Zink. Fifth row: Jim Stamper, Larry Vilfer, George Van Aman, Robert Work- man. Ralph Spearman, Carolyn Tucker, Diana Wilson, James Wantland. Sixth row: Larry Ull- man, Jack Vernon, David Wagner, David Williams, Larry Schafer. 177 Class of 1961 First row: Sherry Lee Wagner, Judy Spohn, Ronnie Wallace, Les- lie Trace, Cheryl Underwood, Mary Stacey, Janice West, Sandra Wheeler. Second row: Ronnie Topp, Sharon Snyder, Brooksie Wright, Dawn Woodward, Judy Stull, Kay Peterson, Jean Taylor, Janet Taylor, Marilyn Wheeler, William Wood. Third row: Eddie Strouse, Jim Stoyle, Larry Wil- liams, Shirley Taylor, Judy Tims, Pat Thornton, Carolyn Want- land, Ceeta Steurer, Alva Wil- helm. Fourth row: Douglas Wat- son, John Sowers, Karen Thomp- son, Ann Wacker, Linda Sturte- vant, Charlotte Spurling, Judy Wilson, Lauralie Stringfellow, Janet Taylor. Fifth row: Bobby Yauger, Harold Sturtevant, Ralph Pryor, Norman Tabor, Darrell Stull, Jim Sowers, Kay Young, Lee Swank. Sixth row: Tom Van- Voorhis, Larry Woodland, Jim Williams, Daniel Wolford, Glen Wolford. First row: Marilyn Coon, Frances Flecknoe, Marilyn Graves, Judy Corcoran, Mary Flecknoe, Connie Graham, Marjorie Drew, Shirley Grubaugh. Second row: Connie Crist, Carolyn Dial, Patsy Everett, Carol Grimm, Tim Frary, Richard Green, Linda Gamble. Third row: Sharon Gallegher, Jane Deeley, Pat Devin, Barbara Eyster, Ron- nie Crago, Ronnie Frye, Larry Frye, Paula Gamble. Fourth row: Phyllis Dexter, Allen Earnest, Ken Easterday, Bob Franz, Dean Ferris, John Dudgeon, Margaret Cranmer. Fifth row: Don Frazier, Jack Dowds, Dick Dowdcll, Ricky Day, Tom Dial, Bob Eastman, Mike Gilchrist. 178 Class of 1961 First row: Bob Lee, Carroll Mills. Chuck Mowery, John Mowery. Second row: Fred Mossholder, Ashby Lewis, Mike O ' Hanlon, Sonny Mumaw, Tommy Morrow, Gene Leiter, Lewis Martin, Joe Mumper. Third row: Denny Mil- ler, Susan McMahon, Cathy Mow- ery. Betty Leedy. Diana Llewelyn. Fourth row: Beth McPherson, Lorinda Netolick, Mary Mayeur, Celia Mayeur, Karen Malone, Beth McKinley. Fifth row: Carol Orsborn, Jim Neese. Danny Lev- ering, Patsy Mclcher. Back row: Danny McKee, Larry Ohnewehr, David Nash, Glenn Mackin, Don McMahon. Dixie McCord, Barbara Jones, Bonnie Lewis, Judy Moran, Ellen Lord. First row: Jerry Boucher, Dennis Annett, Bill Bohn, Jim Beroth, Gordon Coe. Second row: Al Banning. Dick Christopher, Bob Buker. Terry Christopher, Arthur Atkinson, (standing) Wilda An- till, Alena Alberts. Third row: Marv Brown, Nora Caley, Judy Chisholm. Crystal Black, Margaret Burgess, Ann Auker. Patty Brown, Rita Carpenter. Fourth row: Helen Angelas, June Christopher, Patty Benson, Ann Brooks, Mar- garet Butcher, Judy Carpenter, Sharon Bateman. Fifth row: Bob Barnard, Ann Bouton, Sharon Beckett, Pam Beck, Sally Allen. Sixth row: Mary Allen, Sue Alex- ander, Sarah Cline. Seventh row: James Addlesperger, Frank Bif- fath. Randy Bowers. Roger Chal- fant. Eighth row: Jay Coe, Gary Buxton, Ronnie Allen, Gene Cag- 179 Class of 1961 First row: Tom Rine, Lloyd Gau- mer, Robert Snyder, Tom Parnell, Jerry Smilack, Dave Sanner. Sec- ond row: Mike Lybarger, Curtis Robbins, Darrel Reynolds, Harold Schwartz, Terry Shira, Henry Sebach. Third row: Margaret Shields, Geneva Shrontz, Pam Pitkin, Donna Dee Pond, Linda Severns, Francis Rummel. Fourlh row: Janice Smith, Mildred Peck, Mary Peck, Donna Robertson, Barbara Schonauer, Barbara Par- nell. Fifth row: Clare Mae Smith, Virginia Shannon, Patti Riley, Elizabeth Sails, Diane Ross, Emily Searls. Sixth row: Walter Priest, Mike Pierson, Evan Rice, Lana Smith, Patty Porter, Walter Rud- in, Howard Pipes. Seventh row: Vic Refeld, Joe Palmer, John Rentz, Dave Silverwood, Francis Rinehart. First row: Lonnie Higgins, John Henthorn, Jimmy Holcomb, Jim Howard, Gary Hill, John Heintz. Second row: Marsha Hyatt, Pat Kinney, Pam Gueulette, Martha Keenan, Peggy Jamboski, Ellen Jones. Third row: Mary Lamb, Lorraine Jefferson, Joan Gullett, Linda Sue Kost, Mary Lou Kost. Fourth row: Zelma Lee Guy, Linda Kinnard, Linda Hunter, Sharon Horn, Betty Kymer. Fifth row: Lindsey James, Caro- lyn Henthorn, Ruth Ann Hen- thorn, Susan Holcombe, Lynn Kiracofe. Sixth row: Joan Kuhn, Sue Hough, Barbara Hannon, Sharon Ilger. Seventh row: Car- olyn King, Jack Harmon, Roger Hess, Dean Henthorn. Eighth row: Danny Hughes, Pete Hewitt, Wesley Hines, Curtis Hicks, Gary Kerr. " Ninth row: Phil Knox, Larry Jones, Jim Hoar, John Horn, Robert Hoar. ICO Class of 1962 First row: Rick Zehr, Craig Wright, George Stillwell, Larry Swick, Danny Summers, Gary Statler. Second row: Charles Woodland. Art Snvder, Billy Ver- non, Billy Scott, John Wvthe, Harold Welsh. Third row: Buly Jean Vance, Barbara Way, Sally Tanner, Sandy Showman, Judy Workman, Cheryl White. Fourth row: Marv Alice Young. Jennifer Waddell, Patty Thompson, Carol Wallace, Carrie Jane Wilson, Judy Stoutenburgh. Fifth row: Bobby Swingle. Tom Todd, Judy West- enbarger, Dorothy Jewell, Tom Wilson, Sherman Sorah. Sixth row: Robert Stewart, Larry Wool- son, David Willis, Dick Welker. Richard Sweet. Richard Van Hou- ten. Seventh row: Jerry Boucher. Jack Warrell, Walter Workman, Danny Wilson. David Yarman, Jim Stoyle, Larry Teeter, Joe Yarman. First row: Richard Bemiller, Rich- ard Byrd, Harry Bouton. Dick Burke. Second row: Charlotte Albert, Barbara Carper, Linda Barton. Jane Boyd, Marcella Boy- er, Steven Carter. Third row: Chauncey Blair, Kenny Boyd. John Bong, Bob Blue, James Bergs, Larry Ashcraft. Fourth row: Kathleen Butler, Phyllis Biggs, Melodee Black. Linda Bur- graff, Pepena Anton, Robert Bab- cock. Fifth row: JoAnn Bohanan, Marcella Beatty, Jo Ann Byrd. Jean Baker, Sandy Beck, Sharon Cary. Sixth row: Terry Allen, Bill Albert. Jack Bartlett, James Beeman, Bill Buker. 181 Class of 1962 First row: Ronald Pierson, Eddie Ruhl, Mike Cotter, David Sch- midt, Marvin Page,, Dennis Sir- baugii. Second row: Bobby Pil- low, Ronold Perkins, Janice Sayre, Nancy Pumphrey, Maria Piazze, Agnes Scarvelis, Lewis Reese, Kenny Ressler. Third row: Sharon Scott, Patricia Rine, Becky Smith, Marjorie Sorah, Mary Lee Roller, Douglas Rhodes. Fourth row: Becky Rutter, Mary Rouse, Jean Schafer, Curtis Rabbins, Mike Smith, Connie Ridgeway. Fifth row: Evelyn Sinith, Linda Roesler, Paul Reiss, David Rardin, Connie Rice, Saundra Rushton. Sixth row: Linda Schultz, Jim Stoyle, George Smith, Janet Paisley, Tom Speers, Nancy Rine. First row: Sally Helwig, Wendy Hewitt, Anne Harris, Judy Graf, Susie Hart, Joann Graham, Dian- ne Garverick, Ronald Hempfleld. Second row: Hugh Hookway, Darrell Gilbert, Ronnie Hull, Carol Greene, Carol Greismyer, Pam Hamilton, Melody Harris, Don Heagran, Patty Hall, Bob Gunia. Third row: Charles Hat- chat, Cheryl Hill, Sue Hampton, Sandy Gunther, Virginia Houbler, David Graham, Wendy Irvine, Frieda Gregory, Fred Goosens. Fourth row: Jerry Gantt, Alan Helser, Nancy Gibbs, Linda Hat- field, Leslie Haney, Connie Hen- dershott, Janet George, Larry Hurlow, Charles Highman. Fifth row: Jim Garrus, Larry Gault, Mary Gardner, Jay Harris, Jim George, Jerry Hollifleld, Bob Matheny, Tom Gregory, Bruce Hoy. 182 Class of 1962 First row: Jerry Franz, David Cornell, Patricia Crothers, Eileen Dexter, Frances Cline, Tom Frye, Mike Fribley. Second row: Bob Funck, Ronald Fawcett, Irvin Drew, Steven Farley, Bob Craw- ford, Phil DePolo. Third row: Carol Davis, Nancy Delanev, Connie Clark, Mary Lou Elliott, Sharon Earley, Sharon Frye. Fourth row: Connie Clippinger, Marilyn Coffing, Susan Colville, Virginia Ellis, Louise Fulmer, Carolyn Cassaday. Fifth row: Robert Clutter. Nick Frost, Maur- ice Champion, Edmund Frederick. George Delgouffre, Ronnie Darl- ing. First row: Neil Marshall, Jim Kahrl, John Kromoff, Paul John- son, Dennis Kerr, Leonard Mosley, Joe Outcalt, Phillip Kissel. Sec- ond row: Glenn Marchal, Ivena Knox, Jo Ann Kirch, Sharon Mc- Dowell, Nancy Morey, Judy John- son, Paula Mickle. Third row: Pete Mondron, Maris Minkler, Teresa Madias, Sharon Moran, Trudy Maier, Frances McMahon, Luanna McKinstry, Ronald Lock- hart. Fourth row: Charlotte Mc- Fadden, Patty Nutt, Deanne Kundmiller, Grace Mechling, Bil- lie Lou Knecht, Kay Jacobs, Herschel Jones. Fifth row: John Mintier, Donnie Clements, Wil- liam McCullen, Ray Milligan, Doug Little, Don McConnell, Dick McConnell, Ralph Latherns. Sixth row: Rosilyn Latham, Barbara McCullough, Nicky Kreutz, Phyl- lis Lester, Sharon Lee Kerr, Ron- nie Mumaw. Seventh row: Janice Monk, Nancy Newton, Roseann Myers, Henrietta Lord, John Kuhn, Larry McGinnis, Jack Kent. 183 Class of 1963 First row: Alfred Montalbo, Jerry Lambert, Ronny Laymon, Larry McKee, Randy Lanning, Jim Lay- mon. Second row: Shirley Maw- er, Marilyn Lauderbaugh, Norma Meekins, Sharon Llewellyn, Mar- ilyn McDowell, Virginia Mills. Third row: Fletcher Latherns, Gary McDonald, Ellis Moreland, Dale Leedy, Gary Lockhart, Gary McKenzie. Fourth row: Carol Mapes, Merla Mathews, Sharon Lewis, Gay Maxon, Bernice May, Bonnie Metcalf. Fifth row: Pat- ricia Mackin, Suzanne Lester, Arlene McGee, Sandra Meharry, Kathleen McCutchen. First row: Pat Price, Tommy Brown. Jim Tracy, Tom Withgott, Steve Walker. Second row: Bob Walpole, Jayne Warner, Pat Wynn, Alice Wolfe, Bob White. Third row: Suzanne Vernon. Mar- tha Easterday, Anna Youst. Doug Williams, Roy Warner, Loys Ward. Fourth row: Sue Todd, Peggy Thornton. Martha Ward, Kathleen Thompson, Bob Wil- liams, Judy Willis. Fifth row: Jackie Wheeler. Karen Vernon, Mike Ulery. Tom Trace. Jo Wright. Sixth row: Brian Wyn- koop, Vaughn Wiester, Fred Workman, Tom Woodward, Mike Van Aman, Karen Workman. 184 Class of 1963 First row: Sheila Sutton, Linda Swigart, Barbara Stillwell, Florence Senseman, Jackie Suain, Alice Strouse. Second row: Jean- nie Shick. Karen Slaughter, Sandy Stafford, Virginia Taylor, Barbara Snow, Polly Smith. Third row: Kenneth Thompson, Cary Thomp- son, Ernestine Huffman, Geral- dine Shoemaker, Bob Smith, Karl Stichert. Fourth row: Sherry Reed, Robert Shepherd, Victor Thompson. Virgil Sheets, Ted Show, Jim Taylor. First row: Bill Fox, Brian Gatch- ell. Chuck Fithian, Paul Doup, Fred Dailey, Richard Fox. Sec- ond row: Elizabeth Fox, Gretchen Garrity, Cheryl Farmer, Diana Fletcher, Shirley Galbraith, Sue Earnest. Third row: Virgil Dud- geon, Mike Fuller, Kenneth Frye, David Drake, Harry Drope. Den- nis Foster. Fourth row: Phyllis Evans, Nancy Early. Karen Fritz, Virginia Dudgeon, Patty Elmer, Saundra Finnell. Fifth row: Dav- id Dailey, Bruce Dudgeon, Terry Fleming, Richard Eaton. Sixth row: Joyce Gallogly, Nancy Essex, Lizbeth Fulleman, Esther Fetter, Kathie Ewers. 185 Class of 1963 First row: Charles Hunnicut, Carl Hoar, Jacob Kochis, Bill Kymer, Robert Hitchcock, James Harvey, John Giffln, Jeff Graff, Camden Hentnorn. Second row: Brenda Howard, Linda Gerrard, Joyce Holdbrook, Trudy Travis, Carolyn Jones, Ree d Hamilton, Gene Kouba. Third row: Patty Harris, Clara Hess, Betty Heagren, Alice Strouse, Lois Hopwood, Katherine Kirch, Eddie Heath. Fourth row: Joe Kyle, Sue Kerr, Kay Hollo- way, Carol Hoecker, Beth Imhoff, Elizabeth Kofod, Judy Kent, John Johnson. Fifth row: Lowell Henthorn, Bill Green, Tom John- son, Tom Jamboski, Bob Jewell, Michael Hobbs. First row: Brent Brasseur, David Blair, Chester Beckholt, Ronnie Annett, Robert Bigby, Sharon Craig, June Brooks, Leslie Bar- tels. Second row: Janice Baube, Robert Bowden, Gene Biggs, Rob- ert Bracey, Sondra Brown, Diane Boucher, Cheryl Bilby, Susan Bone, Barbara Barton. Third row: Cocona Anton, Diana Coch- ran, Roger Cochran, Virginia Beever, Linda Cutler, Sally Barn- cord, Carol Adams, Charles Chris- topher. Fourth row: Betty Bow- ers, Sharon Baney, Carolyn Boyle, Joyce Atkinson, Rosalie Allen, Kaye Cline, Christine Clark, Ellen Beach, Susan Bong. Fifth row: Linda Butler, Gary Berger. Dan Clyde, Ronald Anders, Bob Bostic, Bill Buckham, Larry Clutter, Jerry Booth, Tommy Cornell. 186 Class of 1963 First row: Leslie Holmes, Gary Shubert. Robert Porter, Richard Pollack, Edward Sentel, John Mc- Donald, Susan Schunk, Sharon Prince. Second row: Margaret Scholp, Jane Painter, Jacqueline Ormandy, Carol Purdy, Robert Strouse, Houston Schlosser, Ruby Roush, John Reiss. Third row: Betsy Shaw, Ricky Ralston, Linda Nutter, Karen Miller, Ronetta Miller, Bob Ryan, Gary Porter, Jack Minder, Larry Parker. Fourth row: Dixie Robbins, Mar- ilyn Rogers, Tim Radebaugh, Dwight Small, Ronald Rummel, Darrlyne Patton, Judy Roberts, Roger Rice. Fifth row: Mary StuUer, Dan Porter, John Payne, David Nicholson, Joe Garzieri, Tommy Pilotti, Mike Misicka, Dan Miller. 187 Toby Srmkins r: . QjJhljduA ' FIRST ROW: R. Thompson, R. Stoneburner, L. Schafer, L. Savage, B. Lutz, W. Rummel. SECOND ROW: G. Nell, Coach R. Jarvis, J. Baney, B. Revennaugh, D. Biefnes, D. Finnell, W. Weaver. THIRD ROW: D. Mills, R. Yauger, C. Frye, J. Warman, B. Lee. FOURTH ROW: Coach J. Wilson, R. Underwood, T. Shira, D. Nethers, M. Clutter, E. Blackburn. !5(? Squad These are the men who brought the Yellow Jackets through. Their experience, know how, and spirit are the main reasons for Mount Vernon ' s success. The coaches are: Head coach, Ben Wilson; Charles Stan- ley; Houston Schlosser; Charles Hill; assistant coach. Rex Jarvis; Jack Wilson. 190 FIRST ROW: J. Factor, B. Tramont, B. Hess, C. Conant, J. Walker. SECOND ROW: E. Earnest, Wm. Hunnicut, J. Mills, C. Shuff, S. Peterson. THIRD ROW: J. Dean J. Kenmuir, J. Baney, J. Williams, Mgr. C. Ridgeway, Mgr. J. Ferguson. FOURTH ROW: J. Harper, M. Hynes, G. Rine, Mgr. B. Pond, Coach Ben Wilson, Mgr. D. Simkins. Climaxed Second Undefeated Season To the showers goes coach Ben Wil- son, as the Wilsonmen celebrated their lopsided victory over Grandview. The greatest team in Mount Vernon ' s history was ranked thirteenth in the state by Ohio ' s sports writers. Led by the one- two punch of Brice Hess and Roger Thompson, the Jackets rewrote most of the local football record books. As a reward for their efforts, nine of these champions were lauded with C.B.L. or All State honors. Jackets Win Central Buckeye League Top: Brice Hess slices through tlie Bexley line with plenty of blocking ahead. Bottom: Shoulder pads clash as Roger Thompson picks up 33 yards. Right: Urbana ' s forward pass is just out of the reach of Mount Vernon ' s defender, Gary Nell. With a combination of hard work and one of the best coaching staffs in Mount Vernon ' s history, the Mount Vernon Yellow Jackets garnered another undefeated season. COSHOCTON (14-12) In their first game of the season, the Mounties replied with a last minute victory over Coshocton Redskins. Through a knee injury, the fine abilities of senior end Jeff Walker were lost. MANSFIELD MADISON (28-13) The Rams were the next victims to visit the West High Stadium. This game saw the beginning of the Hess-Thompson punch. UPPER ARLINGTON (7-0) The Golden Bears seemed to mix up the Jackets by using a newly developed split T. Brice Hess was credited with the only touchdown of the game. Centered around Willis Rummel and Jerry Harper, the Mount Vernon defense proved to be a stone wall as Arlington ' s score was held to a flat zero. BEXLEY (27-6) A long Bexley pass resulted in the only touchdown scored against the Mounties in C. B. L. competition. DELAWARE (39-0) A homecoming crowd of 4,500 was pleased to see the Jackets white- wash the Willis Panthers. All the Jacket touchdowns came on straight power plays. URBANA (48-0) The Mounties invaded the home of Urbana. Throughout the encounter, Roger Thompson brought the fans to their Championship With 9-0 Record Jerry Mills John Baney Bill Hunnicut Ed Blackburn Halfback Guard Tackle Center feet as he smashed up the middle for five touchdowns. WOOSTER (45-0) Terrific line play plus ex- cellent play calling by quarterback Bruce Tramont enabled the Jackets to roll over the Generals. CULVER MILITARY ACADEMY (53-7) The boys of the Culver Military Academy trav- eled 240 miles only to suffer their worst de- feat of the season. Brice Hess was credited with four first half td ' s. GRANDVIEW (64-0) Fumbles spelled defeat for the Bobcats as the alert Jacket eleven capitalized on every break. Even as the bench was cleared, the Mounties continued to penetrate the goal line. John Ferguson, Bill Pond, Dan Simkins, Cliff Ridgeway, Managers. Larry Schafer Fullback Don Finnell Tackle Gary Nell Quarterback •v- V Brice Hess hauls in Bruce Tramont ' s aerial. Jim Factor is out in front of Hess to lead interference. Nine Mounts Chosen For John Paques Guard Charles Conant Tackle Barry Lutz Fullback Jeff Walker End Bruce Tramont Quarterback Charles Shuff Halfback 194 ' ' T ' ! X ' t: 6P " 10 r Jim Factor End Ron Stoneburner End Steve Peterson Tackle Larry Savage Halfback Gary Rine Guard Jerry Harper Guard All C.B.L. Teams For the second straight year, Mount Vernon High landed nine Yellow Jackets on the All Central Buckeye League first team, which was selected by the league coach- es. Five other members of the team received honorable mention. The outstanding players selec- ted for their offensive accomplish- ments were end Jim Factor, tack- le Steve Peterson, guard Jerry Harper, halfback Brice Hess, and fullback Roger Thompson. Lauded for their defensive skills were end Gary Rine, guard Willis Rummel, linebacker Ron Stoneburner, and halfback Larry Savage. Rine. Rummel, Thompson, and Stoneburner were all league re- peaters. Bruce Tramont, Charles Shuff, Don Finnell, Larry Schafer and Roger Thompson Fullback Gary Nell received honorable mention. One of the greatesl honors be- stowed upon the team was the election of Brice Hess, Roger Thompson, and Willis Rummel as members of All Ohio teams. Brice Hess Halfback Willis Rummel Guard 195 The Queen, her attendants, and escorts: Jerry Harper, Diane Daily, Jodie Trace, Ron Stoneburner. 1957 Football Queen, Ruth Reed Blond, blue-eyed Ruth Reed was chosen by the Yellow Jackets as football queen for the Mount Vernon-Delaware Homecoming game. Queen Ruth and her at- tendants watched the Jackets de- feat the Panthers and afterwards celebrated the victory at the dance in the high school auditorium. The convertible of cheerleaders led the Homecoming procession around the field. 196 Ruth Reed, Brice Hess, Anita Mack, Jeff Walker, Kathy Hagan, and Larry Savage. Ruth and Brice reigned at the Homecoming dance. Ruth Reed Reigns at Football Homecoming Diane Daily, Anita Mack, Queen Ruth Reed, Kathy Hagan, and Jodie Trace Prospective Football Stars RtbllKVllo: FIRST ROW: Dennis Zolman. Terry Brasseur, Dick Dowdell. Larry Ohnewehr. Bill McDon- ald. Louis Martin. Walt Rudin, Jim Hoar, John Gree. SECOND ROW: Gary Buxton, Gordon Coe. Ken Easterday, Jim Neese. Bob Yauger, Harold Schwartz. Gary Goodson. Don Vougler. Larry Grant. Coach Chuck Stanley. THIRD ROW: Bob Barnard. Jim Sowers. Terry Shira, Lee Coe. Glen Mackin. Jack Har- mon. Doug Hoecker. John Ferguson. Dick Adams. FOURTH ROW: John Souer, Bob Gill, Jim Ryan. Bill Reynard. Dave Taylor, John Giffin, Bob Hoar. FIFTH ROW: Ben Lee, John Warman, Gary Thompson. Dick Nethers, James London. JUNIOR HIGH: first ROW: Tom Todd. Rav Milligan, Han-y Bouton. Bob Mowery. Mike Hobbs. Jim Lavmon. Tom Trace, Reed Hamilton. Bill Kvmer. SECOND ROW: Bill Buckham. Loys Ward. Bruce Dudgeon. Randv Lanning. Tom Cornell. Harry Drope, Dennis Foster, Larry Ashcraft, Mike Ulery. THIRD ROW: Joe Outcalt, Phil Crider, Dan Mills, Tom Jamboski, Chester Beckholt, Mike Potter, Teriy Flemmg, Tom Speers, Larry Woolson, Joe Yarman, Ron Maumaw. 198 ! j M ftiE fl These six spirit leaders of Mount Vernon High have cheered our fighting Jackets to the many proud victories we have captured this year. Kneeling are Jodie Trace, Susie Baube, Janet Hostetler, and Liz Barton. Ruth Reed and Diane Daily are standing. Our Cheerleaders Built Morale JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Sharon Craig, Nancy Delaney, Karen Miller, Pam Hamilton, Ginny Houbler, Susan Bone. 199 THE 1958 YELLOW JACKET CAGERS — SITTING: Zaie Smilack, Jerry Miller, Roger Thompson, Ron Stoneburner, Ted Beach. KNEELING: Gary Rine, Bruce Tramont, Barry Lutz, Lanny McManis. STANDING: Loren Monk, Dave Lucas, Lon Rine, Gary Nell, Jim Haas, Coach Houston Schlosser. Jackets Finish Second In C. B. L. After getting ofif to a slow start, Coach Schlosser ' s basketball team reached its peak midway through the season. 13y winning six straight games, the Jackets rose as a contender for the C. B. L. title. However, late season upsets stymied our hopes. In the first league encounter, senior guard Bruce Tramont sizzled the nets with 24 points against the Delaware Panthers. Although tall, six feet four inch Lon Rine tossed in 24 points, arch-rival Newark set back the Mounties. Jerry Miller ' s fancy ball handling sparked the Jackets to revenge against the Newark Wildcats. The Schlossermen defeated Upper Arlington and, though Lanny McManis swished several side shots, lost a heartbreaker to Bexley. Surprised by a fired up Grandview squad, the Mounts were outscored and ousted from the league race. With the title out of reach, the basketball team closed the home schedule by again routing the Upper Arlington Golden Bears. The Central Buckeye League coaches chose three Yellow Jackets for All C. B. L. berths. Center Lon Rine was selected for first team; forward Gary Nell, second team; and guard Bruce Tramont, honorable mention. 200 Lon Rine Center Gary Nell Forward Bruce Tramont Guard Mount Vernon 64 Zanesville HI Mount Vernon 59 Ashland 78 Mount Vernon 80 Delaware 45 Mount Vernon 55 Newark 60 Mount Vernon 43 Urbana 30 Mount Vernon 77 Grandview 51 Mount Vernon 64 Gallon 63 Mount Vernon 72 Wooster 56 Mount Vernon 60 Newark 54 Mount Vernon 72 Arlington 57 Mount Vernon 46 Bexley 48 Mount Vernon 44 Delaware 38 Mount Vernon 66 Urbana 50 Mount Vernon 44 Coshocton 37 Mount Vernon 60 Grandview 67 Mount Vernon 62 Arlington 41 Mount Vernon 51 Bexley 72 Mount Vernon 60 Worthington 70 Lon Rine scores again, towering over all. 201 Jim Haas Forward Loren Monk Center Gary Rine Forward Tough Schedule Challenged Cagers Jerry Miller outscraps Urbana for the ball. Defense watches as Dave Lucas sinks a layup. 202 Dave Lucas Forward Barry Lutz Guard Landon McManis Forward " ' ■ III --3 Jerry Miller Guard Ron Stoneburner Forward Roger Thompson Guard 203 RESERVES — FRONT: Doug Hoecker, Mike Duckworth, Don Robertson, Dick Omlor. STANDING: Coach Charles Hill, Larry Schafer, Ben Lee, Dale Clutter, Bruce Revennaugh, Don Finnell, George Pfouts, Bob Italiano, Milt Williams, Joe Roberts, Fred Hoffman. Reserves Won Thirteen Games — Undefeated In League Mount Vernon 35 Zanesville 47 Mount Vernon 69 Arlington 62 Mount Vernon 52 Ashland 56 Mount Vernon 33 Bexley 32 Mount Vernon 61 Delaware 47 Mount Vernon 69 Delaware 28 Mount Vernon 45 Newark 56 Mount Vernon 69 Urbana 38 Mount Vernon 41 Urbana 29 Mount Vernon 51 Coshocton 36 Mount Vernon 70 Grandview 50 Mount Vernon 51 Grandview 40 Mount Vernon 70 Gallon 42 Mount Vernon 43 Bexley 29 Mount Vernon 46 Wooster 52 Mount Vernon 46 Worthington 41 Mount Vernon 61 Newark 69 Movmt Vernon 60 Arlington 41 204 NINTH GRADE — KNEEL- ING: Harold Schwartz, Terry Shira, Jack Harmon, Jerry Smilack, Pat Alexander, Tom Parnell. STANDING: Mike O ' Hanlon, Jim Neese. Bob Yauger, Dave Nash, Jim Wil- liams, John Rentz, Dick Neth- ers. Ron Allen, Coach Charles Stanley. EIGHTH GRADE — FIRST ROW: John Seavolt, Bob Clut- ter, George Smith, John Den- nis, Tom Speer, Bud Delgouffre, Harold Welsh. SECOND ROW: Dennis Sirbaugh, Ray Milligan, Joe Yarman, Jay Harris, Jim George, Dave Yarman. THIRD ROW: Craig Wright, John Min- tier, Joe Outcalt. FOURTH ROW: Dan Summers, Larry Teeters, Jack Warrell. SEVENTH GRADE- KNEELING: Larry McKee, Bill Fox, Bob Bracey, Tom With- gott, Wayne Decker, Bill Kymer, David Daily, Houston Schlosser, Bill Buckham. STANDING: Coach Ray Coop- errider. Jack Minder, Charles Hunnicut, Mike Hobbs, Mike Misicka, John McDonald, Tom Pilotti, Bruce Dudgeon, Dennis Foster, Randy Lanning, Tom Jamboski, Mike Fuller, Ron Rummel, Mike VanAman, Tom Cornell, Student Manager Dick Kymer. 205 ft: C ■. v. ' •4 1958 CENTRAL BUCKEYE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS — FIRST ROW: Gary Gray, Dave Gill, Dick Kymer, John Warman, Bruce Revennaugh, Fred Hoffman, Bob Italiano , Bob Dudgeon. SECOND ROW: Roger Thompson, Charlie Shuff, Ben Lee, Fred Emley, Joe Rob- erts, Larry Trowbridge, Lanny McManis, Bruce Tramont. THIRD ROW: Coach Charles Stanley, Jim Gill, Jim Baube, George Pfouts, Dale Clutter. Batmen Won Schools First Baseball Champtonshtp Third-sacker Bob Dudgeon smacks a Mansfield Madison hurler ' s pitch for a double. Bolstered by a good crop of veteran seniors, the Jacket Base- ball Team won Mount Vernon High ' s first baseball champion- ship. Coach Stanley ' s baseball club earned a very creditable record of thirteen wins, four losses, and one tie. Highlights of the victorious season were a twelve inning deadlock with Columbus Central and a 2-1 defeat to league runner- up Bexley. The Champions placed pitcher Lanny McManis, catcher Joe Rob- erts, third baseman Bob Dudgeon, shortstop Gary Gray, and center- fielder Roger Thompson on the All C. B. L. first team. First sacker John Warman received honorable mention. Speedy Roger Thompson races around third base to score after Joe Roberts singled. All Western Ohio pitch- er-shortstop Gary Gray fires a fast ball past an enemy batter. RESERVES — KNEELING: Gene Thompson, Fred Hoffman, Dick Nethers, Jim London, Gary Goodson, Ken McClenathan, George Pfouts, Francis Rinehart. STANDING: Coach Chuck Hill, Jim Williams, Dave McMahon, Pat Alexander, Jack Harmon, Ron Allen, Mike O ' Hanlon, Dale Clutter. The mile relay team of Gary Rine, Mike Duck- worth, Larry Savage, and Jerry Mills cracked the school ' s record of 3 min- utes, 39.6 seconds. They lowered the old mark to 3 minutes, 39.1 seconds. Brice Hess shattered the school ' s low hurdle record by clearing the hurdles in 21.1 seconds. Fieldman Ron Stoneburner winds up to heave the discus. 208 Jacket Thindads Raced To Best Season in Recent Years TRACK TEAM — SEATED: Ed Blackburn, Doug Hoecker, John Rentz, Gary Rine, Don Finnell, Jerry Mills, Larry Savage, Brice Hess, Carroll Black, Ron Stoneburner, Myron Gallogly, Larry Schafer, Mike Duckworth, Don Biefnes, Terry Shira. STANDING: Coach Jack Wilson, Mike Hynes, Ken Taylor, Tom Buck- ham, Bob Yauger, John Kenmuir, Joe Cates, Tom Bartlett, Marlin Henthorn, Dean Henthorn, Tom Lybarger, Bill Reynard, Joe Palmer. 209 Golf Team Strived For Low Scores GOLF SQUAD — Sonny Vance, Phil Knox, Jim Factor, Dan Simkins, Coach Tommy Thomas, Chuck Pond, Bill Pond, Milt Williams, Don Harris. Smack that ball down the middle of the fairway! Chuck Pond practices tee- ing off with his three wood. 210 Four year letterman Bud Cline warms up before a match with Mansfield Madison. The racket squad upset the Rams. This was the first match a Mount Vernon High Tennis Team has won in eight years. Racket Squad Won Five Matches TENNIS TEAM — KNEELING: Don Vogler, Don Schuller, Dave Dowdell, Al Shick. STANDING: Coach Houston Schlosser, Bud Cline, Ted Beach, Lon Rine, Jim Haas. 211 INTRAMURAL SPORTS COUNCIL — Terry Walker, Keith Lewis, Dick Kymer, Gary Gray, Gary Kost. Fair Play Shown By Intramural Champions VOLLEYBALL — KNEEL- ING: Lanny McManis, Gary Gray, Jerry Miller. STAND- ING: Dave Gill, Lon Rine, Dave Lucas, Bob Dudgeon. BASKETBALL — SITTING: Bob Dudgeon, Student Intra- mural Basketball Tactics Ad- viser Barry Lutz, Steve Peter- son, Gary Gray. KNEELING: Don Schuller, Bud Cline, Dave Gill, Dick Kymer. PHYSICAL FITNESS Fred Bates BADMINTON Gary Gray PING PONG David Frye SHUFFLEBOARD Terry Walker BOWLING SINGLES Don Hyatt 213 GIRLS INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS — Lenny Henry, Barbara Bone, Velma Zwilling, Julie Daly, Lynn Bartels, Karen Stoyle, Karen Walker. NOT IN PICTURE: Sally Imel. BOTTOM: Over the net, not under it! Two hands, two hits . . . shape up, gang! 214 Girls ' Athletics Promote Skill In Sports GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION — FIRST ROW: Ellen Lord, Mary Allen, Lois Ewalt, Ruth Ann Gordon, Karen Walker, Linda McCuUough, Linda Hess, Marianne Engel, Esther Ann Hartley, Joyce Paisley, Beverly Beroth. SECOND ROW: Karen Boucher, Sue Alexander, Judy Corcoran, Lenny Henry, Julie Daly, Karen Stoyle, Barb Bone, Sally Pitkin, Marjorie Shoultz, Christine Cassaday, Evelyn Fallis, Mary Flecknoe. THIRD ROW: Sally Harris, Janet Hostetler, Lynn Bartels, Judy Chisholm, Connie Gray, Jackie Lipps, Sandra Weaver, Sandy Osborne, Judy Brown, Ina Walker, Mary Jean Ball, Janice Cunningham, Sharon Postell. FOURTH ROW: Pat Lawrence, Susan Lord, Beth McKinley, Mary Klabough, Pat Boyle, Linda AUen, Sharon Bricker, Anita Mack, Joan Mumper, Judy Borden, Sally Sorge, Francis Shepard, Ann Farmer, Mable Laymon. FIFTH ROW: Judy Sullivan, Beverly Bond, Judy Ullman, Judy Earnest, Sue Ellen Kathary, Carol Wilson, Janice Stoneburner, Ruth Jamboski, Marge Coss, Shirley Stringfellow, Varian Simmons, Kay Payne, Gloria Giffin, Karen Payne, Becky Belcher. 215 ibidt m STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — LEFT: Lan- ny McManis. SITTING: Barry Lutz, Liz Barton, Janet Hostetler, Keith Lewis. STANDING: Mr. Max Wiggins, Judy Engel, Greg Chester, Ann Withgott, Stan Wallace, Katie Blue, Ed Blackburn, Susie Minnich, Miss Audrey Wright, adviser. School Democracy Through Student Council W4.jl i The Student Council is an or- ganization which serves as the voice of the student body. The Student Council encourages good conduct in school, promotes gen- eral student welfare, and makes recommendations to the school officials for any necessa ry changes. Under the leadership of President Lanny McManis, the Student Council sponsored the annual Courtesy Week, the Stu- dent Shindig, assisted in organ- izing a C. B. L. Inter-School Council, and supported the Sal- vation Army by collecting can- ned goods at Christmas. JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — President Nicky Kreutz, Sec- retary Sherri Scott, Vice President Jane Painter, Treasurer Patty Wynn. 218 STUDENT COUNCIL — FIRST ROW: Lynda Wise, Judy Engel, Linda Allen, Greg Chester, Barry Lutz, Bruce Tramont, Bob Dudgeon, Lanny McManis, Keith Lewis, Mike Knox. SECOND ROW: Martha Anderson, Connie Gray, Sharon Bricker, Nancy Adams, Liz Barton, Susie Minnich, Lois Ewalt, Janet Hostetler, Stanley Wallace, Fred Bates, Adviser Miss Audrey Wright. THIRD ROW: Barb Abrahams, Mary Jean Ball, Judy Kuivinen, Jodie Trace, Susan Morain, Katie Blue, Bob Italiano, Judy Perrin, Joann Ruhl, Jim London, Gary Nell. FOURTH ROW: Kay Young, Beth Boyd, Ann Bouton, Carol Orsborn, Barb Eyster, Ann Withgott, Sharon Beckett, Eddie Blackburn, Jim Neese, Doug Harmon. FIFTH ROW: Nan- cy Delancy, Trudy Mayer, Pam Hamilton, Kay Jacobs, Shirley Taylor, Marsha Hyatt, Bob Clutter. To campaign for courteous- ness among students, the Stu- dent Council sponsors an annual all school party. The Student Shindig, and honors the most courteous boy and girl in each class. Albert Banning and Dick Christopher help Greg Chester dress up the old gym. Character, Scholarship, Leadership, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — FIRST ROW: Beverly Bond, Sharon Bricker, Judy Engel, Kathy Hagan, Susan Minnich, Donna Abies, Linda Devin, Martha And- erson. SECOND ROW: Elise Rice, Mary Klabough, Shirley Eaton, Diana Gullett, Liz Barton, Lois Ewalt, Anita Mack. BACK ROW: Stanley Wallace, Jeff Walker. Charles Pond, Bob Dudgeon, Ted Beach, Ron Stoneburner, Richard Thompson, Myron Gallogly, Terry Walker, Zale Smilack. The induction ceremony for the newly elected senior members of the National Honor Society was held February 27, 1958. 220 and Service Recognized QUILL AND SCROLL — SITTING: Jeff Walker, Bob Dudgeon. FIRST ROW: Judy Engel, Kathy Hagan, Lynn Bartels, Linda Allen, Peggy Spearman, Pam Mintier. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Fawcett, Betty Lou Skinner, Donna Abies. THIRD ROW: Lois Ewalt, Toby Simkins, Susan Minnich, Liz Barton, Anita Mack, Diana Gullett. NOT IN PICTURE; Linda Devin, Zale Smilack, Terry Walker, Stanley Wallace. 221 NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY — KNEELING: Lanny Mc- Manis, Dick Kymer, Ted Beach, Roger Thompson. STANDING: Ron Stoneburner, Bud Chne, Bob Dudgeon, Barry Lutz, Chuck Shuff, Charles Conant, Jeff Walker, Bruce Tramont. Athletes Awarded Membership In N.A.S.S. Eligibility to membership in the National Athletic Scholarship Society is limited to boys earning an athletic letter and whose grade aver- age for three consecutive semesters is equal to or higher than the general average of the school. They must have exemplified the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship. Mount Vernon High School is fortunate to have hat! twelve who met these standards. 222 Scholarship Teams Ranked High In State ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP TEAM — FIRST ROW: San- dra Lane, Carol Sue Oakes, Susan Minnich, Toby Simkins, Susan Shick, Judy Engel, Kay Kreps, Judy Stenzel. SECOND ROW: Judy Kuivinen, Shirley Eaton, Ann Withgott, Elaine Shuff, Sally Heintz, Kay Kleiner, Beverly Crawford, Linda Devin, Nancy Godfrey. THIRD ROW: Mike Hynes, Zale Smilack, Richard Thompson, Gary Koch, Joe Porter, David Purdy, Terry Walker. FOURTH ROW: David Taylor, Keith Lewis, John Ferguson, Jacques Transue, George Wallet, Dave Gueulette. NINTH AND TENTH GRADE SCHOLARSHIP TEAM — FIRST ROW: Dawn Wood- ward, Susie Allen, Ruth Gordon, Judv Frady, Jackie Brunner, Judy Edick, Beth Boyd, Ann Wacker, Margaret Burgess, Betty Kymer, Christine Cassaday. SECOND ROW: Bob Buker, Don Frazey, Jeffrey Breaks, Mike Gilchrist, Gary Goodson, Joe Cates, Alvin Shick, Doug Hoecker, Evan Rice, Jim Stamper. THIRD ROW: Jerry Smilack, Dick Chris- topher, Dale Clutter, Bob Workman, Tad Koch. 223 Linda Devin and Bob Dudgeon Editors Myron Gallogly Business Manager Forum Stajf Published Centennial Yearbook " Toby " Simkins makes drawings for the yearbook dividers. Jeff Walker and Terry Walker plan the advertising campaign. Lois Ewalt and Barry Lutz hunt captions for each senior ' s pic- ture. Peggy Spearman spends her time filing the Forum sub- scriptions. 224 Pam Mintier and Donna Sue Abies make appointments for Forum photo- grapher. Betty Lou Skinner works on the Centennial roster. Mark Misicka makes a Forum layout, and Sandra Lane and Mike Hynes check identifications. Myron Gallogly, Peggy Spear- man, Linda Devin, and Bob Dudgeon, membei ' s of the Forum staff, dress in Centen- nial costumes as they adver- tise the yearbook. Linda is selling a subscription to Don SchuUer. 225 Susie Minnich Editor Zale Smilack Editor Chuck Pond Business Manager Jacket Journal Reporters Covered the Neivs Liz Barton checks the subscription folders for the Jackel Journal. Linda Allen handles the advertising for the newspaper. Ann Withgott reports the news from the Student Council. Marilyn Fawcett, Kathy Hagan, and Judy Engel use the dictionary to check spelling in news articles. Anita Mack mails the exchange papers. Gary Gray is busy report- ing the highlights of the latest football game. 226 Janet Hostetler writes the girls ' athletic news. Dick Kymer works on the athletic column. Judy Marsh, Ned Brooks, and Diana Gullett report on the activities of the music department. Lynn Bartels is amused as she " Digs This. " Sally Harris takes time out from counting tax stamps to do some typing. Juniors, Barbara Scholp and Gary Koch, are put to work as reporters. Some members of the Jacket Journal and Forum Staffs begin the year ' s work. In the foreground Gary Gray and Dave Gill discuss the week ' s athletic events while Barry Lutz checks Lynn Bartels ' typing. Zale Smilack works on the dummy for the Jackel Journal, and Linda Devin, Pam Mintier, and Bob Dudgeon make a layout for the Forum. 227 LIBRARY STAFF FIRST ROW: Christine Cassaday, Kay Kreps, Zelma Lee Guy, Suellen Harris, Pat Boyle, Carolyn Cassaday, Pat Devin, Carol Wallace. SECOND ROW: Curtis Robbins, Carol Mathews, Barbara Abrahams, Beth Boyd, Judy Borden, Mary Klabough, Mike Knox, Lucia Curtis, Evan Rice, Susie Hart. The Library Staff and Projection Club LIBRARY STAFF OFFICERS President, Mike Knox, Vice- President, Christine Cassaday; Secretary-Treasurer, Pat Boyle; Reporter, Lucia Curtis. 228 PROJECTION CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. L. L. Owen, director; Greg Chester, Mike Duckworth, Steve Barnes, Har- ry Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: David Graham, Ronnie Allen, Ronnie Fawcett, Jim Morgan. THIRD ROW: Ricky Day, Gary Beenian, Douglas Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Mowery, Roger Chal- fant, Dan Robertson, Gary Bowers, Dan Byan. FIFTH ROW: Bob Kuninger, Richard Cline, Joe Palmer, Fred Moss- holder, Richard Fowler. SIX- TH ROW: Bill Boner, Harold Sturtevant, Gerald Meekins, Frank Beam, Dean Ferris. Provide Instruction and Entertainment OFFICERS Greg Chester, reporter; Harry Zim- merman, president; Mike Duck- worth, vice-president; Steve Barnes, secretary and treasurer. 229 Clubs Offer Opportunity To Gain FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA — FIRST ROW: Sally Harris, Carol Mat- hews, Susan Morain, Varian Simmons, Sharon Bricker, Liz Barton. SECOND ROW: Sharon Postell, Miss Carolyn Ulsh, Celia Ann Mayeur, Mary Alice Mayeur, Lorinda Netolick, Carolyn Wantland, Mary Brown, Helen Angelas. THIRD ROW: Mary Jean Ball, Margaret Cranmer, Ann Auker, Sophia Angelas, Lucia Curtis, Doris Bowers, Evelyn Fallis. FOURTH ROW: Ned Brooks, Pat Boyle, Mary Klabough, Christine Cassaday, Diana Gullett, Dixie Bartlett, Beth McPherson, Patsy Melcher, Jackie Brunner, Kay Dowds. FIFTH ROW: Sheila Ernest, Joan Mumper, Elise Rice, Sharon Beckett, Carolyn Kochis, Lennie Henry, Karen Stoyle, Sharon Per- otti. SIXTH ROW: Mike Knox, Don Norris, Julie Daly, Ann Farmer, Judy Chis- holm, Jean Hurlow, Carolyn Gantz, Linda Wise, Ina Walker, Elaine Shuff, Pam Gueulette, Kathy Hagan, Sally Pitkin, Marlene McClusky. LAST ROW: Barb Bone, Carol Sue Oakes, Carol Hayes, Marilyn Fawcett, Brenda Ward, Sheila Barr, Carol Wilson, Susan Shick, Judy Borden, Barb Scholp, Sheryl Durbin. F. T. A. OFFICERS — SEATED: Secretary Carol Mathews, Treasurer Varian Simmons. STANDING: Ad- viser Miss Carolyn Ulsh, Pres- ident Elizabeth Barton, Vice President Sharon Bricker, Historian Varian Simmons. Experience For Future Careers FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA — FIRST ROW: Janet Baker, Jackie Lipps, Laurel Engel, Nancy Mowery, Peggy Anderson, Luanna Imhoff, Saundra Perkins, Judy Engel. SECOND ROW: Barbara Abrahams, Carolyn Tucker, Carolyn Conard, Margaret Butcher, Sue Hough, Joan Ruhl, Susan Taylor, Barbara Mahard, Janet Hostetler, Jane Gaumer. THIRD ROW: Pam Norris, Patty Riley, Beth Boyd, Sue Humbert, Saundra Weaver, Beth Banning, Sharon Cornille, Diane Daily, Ruth Gordon, Judy Brown, Mavis Lester. FOURTH ROW: Karen Thompson, Ann Wacker, Brooksie Wright, Barb Eyster, Susan Holcombe, Carol Orsborn, Donna Pond, Anna Lambert, Gloria Miesse, Sandra Lane, Lois Corcoran, Judy Kuivinen. FIFTH ROW: Peggy Spearman, Judy Tims, Diane Warrell, Nancy O ' Brien, Judy Hill, Barbara Boyle, Pat Lav rence, Susan Winger. F.N. A. OFFICERS — President Judy Engel, Vice President Peggy Spearman, Secretary Janet Hostetler, Historian Laurel Engel, Treas- urer Peggy Anderson was ab- sent when picture was taken. HI-Y — FIRST ROW: Bob Dudgeon, Fred Emley, Dick Kymer, Mark Misicka, Alden Coe, Myron Gallogly, Stan Wallace, George Van Aman. SECOND ROW: Lon Rine, Dale Clutter, Dave Taylor, Zale Smilack, Dave Dowdell, Lewis Sleeman. THIRD ROW: Joe Roberts, Larry Savage, Dave Brown, Tom Buckham, Herman Helser, Terry Tucker, Dan Lorey, Howard Baer FOURTH ROW: Mike Duckworth, Chuck Pond, Richard Thompson, John Ralston, Bill Reynard, Alvin Shick, Pete Pitkin. FIFTH ROW: Neil Springer, Ted Beach, Dave Purdy, Dave Gatchell, Eric Souers, John Warman. SIXTH ROW: Scott Mintier, Everett Baer, adviser Mr. Gerald Becker, Dave Frye, Dick Adams, Fred Bates, Rollin Seibold. Hi- Y Builds Christian HI-Y OFFICERS — FIRST ROW: Secretary Fred Emley, Vice President Dick Kymer, President Myron Gallogly. SECOND ROW: Sergeant-at- arms Mark Misicka, Chaplain Stanley Wallace, Treasurer Alden Coe, Adviser Mr. Ger- ald Becker. 232 JUNIOR HI-Y — KNEELING: Gary Statler, Harry Bouton, Steve Carter, Douglas Rhodes, Bob Funk, Bob Crawford, Joe Outcalt, Craig Wright, Bill Kymer, Tom Withgott. STANDING: Mike Misicka, John Mintier, Larry Teeters, Curt Robbins, Richard Bemiller, Charles High- man, James Bergs, Darrell Gilbert Charles Hachet, Tom Frye, Don Heagren, Tom Wilson, Gary Lockhart, adviser Mr. Johnson. NOT IN PICTURE: Ricky Ralston, Bill Buckham. Character The Hi-Y Club, led by President Myron Gallogly, was active again this year. They worked at the concession stand after every home football game and sponsored two dances. Be- cause of no snow, the Hi-Y ' s famed shovel brigade was idle. The club placed and collected March of Dimes ' containers at Easter. They sponsored two delegates to the Annual Youth and Government Convention in Columbus, Ohio. In collaboration with the Y- Teens for the Easter Sunrise Service, they contributed to World Service. 233 CABINET — SITTING: Susan Morain, Varian Simmons, Elaine Shuff, Katie Blue, Lois Ewalt, Kathy Hagan, Sally Harris, Diane Warrell, Patsy Mooney, Mary Klabough. KNEELING: Beth Banning, Sandra Lane, Judy Reed, Susan Winger, Judy Kuivinen, Judy Engel, Joyce Perrine, Carolyn Yoakum, Shirley Eaton. Y-Teens In Tune SOCIAL — FRONT ROW: Joyce Perrine, Sandra Lane, " Bunny " Hauger, Sharon Cornil- le, Judy Perrin, Lu- anna ImhofF. SECOND ROW: Shirley McMil- lan, Joan Mumper, Judy Marsh, Sharon Bricker, Elise Rice, Shirley Eaton, Kay Kreps, Judy Brown, Joan Ruhl, Judy Hill. LAST ROW: Maria Po- land, Jeanne Vernon, Joyce Franz, Patsy Mooney. Ruth Reed, Marianne Engel. Nancy Adams. Jane Gaumer, Linda Humes. 234 FINANCE — FRONT ROW: Sally Harris. Diane W a r r e U . Katie Blue. Peggy Anderson. Shirley Bickle. Karen Boucher. Beeky Belcher, Pat Law- rence. SECOND ROW: Sharon Nelson, Sharon Postell. Barbara Mahard, Susan Morain, Gloria Gif- lin. Joyce Rinard. Marilyn Fawcett. Varian Simmons. Pat Boyle. THIRD ROW; Susan Shick, Susan Winger. Judy Kuivinen Jodie Trace. Diane Daily. L.vnda Wise. Donna Por- ter. Judy Stanley. Carolyn Yoakum. FOURTH ROW: Betty Skinner. Joyce Pais- ley, lone Steinbrink, Bar- bara Boyle. Carolyn Midos. Judy McKee, Nancy Mil- ler. SERVICE — FRONT ROW: Carlena Ayers. Saundra Neese. Pam Min- tier. Donna Sue Abies. Beverly Crawford, Barb Scholp. Kathy Hagan. Lyn- da Hagan. SECOND ROW: Saundra Perkins. Judy Earnest, Arlene Reynolds. Eve Hess. Carol Mathews. Ann Withgott, Susie Baube. Carol Sue Oakes. Beth Banning. THIRD ROW: Judy Engel, Jane MacDonald. Linda Wilson. Lois Corcoran. Ellen Ahearn. Ruth Ann Smith. Patsy Mooney. Beverly Beroth. Judy Reed, Ina Walker. Charlotte Met- calfe, Mary Klabough. PROGRAM — FRONT ROW: Linda Devin, Lynn Bartels. Anita Mack. Peg- gy Spearman, Joanna Beckett. Kay Kleiner, Charlotte Ross. SECOND ROW: Lois Ewalt, Toby Simkins, Elaine Shuff, Sheila Ralston. Marge Shultz, Janice Fletcher. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Lord, Esther Hartley, Judy Ullman, Nancy O ' Brian, Diane Warrell, Janet Hostetler. Susie Min- nich. Liz Barton, Carol Boyd. Sheila Barr. FOUR- TH ROW: Bev Bond. Mar- tha Anderson. Linda Al- len. Carolyn Hoar, Mabel Laymon. Pat MiUigan, Janet Allen. Sally Heintz. Diane Harvey. Carol Wil- son, Sheryl Durbin. FINANCE — FIRST ROW: Mar- jorie Drew. Sue Alexander. Kathy Mowery. Linda Severns. Barbara Eyster, Sharon Ilger, JudA ' Cor- coran, Mary Jean Ball. SECOND ROW: Lam-a Lee Stringlellow, Mary Lamb. Carol Orsborne, Shar- on Beckett. Zelina Guy. Mary Mayeur. Betty Kymer, Christine Cassaday. THIRD ROW: Beth Boyd. Celia Mayeur. Lindsey James. Linda Sturtevant. Betty Fox. Marilyn Calkms, Sandv Dunn. Jackie Brunner. FOURTH ROW: Kay Dowds, Jane Deeley. Pat Devin. Pam Pitkin, Connie Gra- ham. Judy StuU. Barbara Willis. Dixie Bartlett. FIFTH ROW: Beta Carpenter. Beverly Reed. Sandy Stoutenburg, Sharon But- ler. Pat Bryan, Kay Beech, Judy Wilson. Evelvn Fallis. SIXTH ROW: Sue Humbert. Janice Cun- ningham. Lorinda Netolick, Ann Wacker, Carolyn Tucker. MUSIC AND WORSHIP — FRONT ROW: Carolyn Kochis. Sharon Perotti, Joyce Joslin. Sally Jones. Lorraine Neighbarger, Mar- tha Keenan, Pat Kinney. Geneva Shrontz. Margai-et Shields. SEC- OND ROW: Janice Fry. Ciystal Black, Kay Sanner, Lennie Henry, Ann Farmer, Pam Norris, Jean Legros, Sinda Hull, Julie Daly. THIRD ROW: Karen Stoyle, Jean McClusky, Becky Roberts, Karen Kymer, Linda McCullough, Linda Hull, Janet Hyatt, Beckv Mowery, Margaret Cranmer. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Bone, Ruth Ann Gordon, Lynn Sirbaugh, Natalie McMillen, Margie Lotz, May Jane Houbler, Connie Gray, Sandy Os- borne, Vii-ginia Shannon. FIFTH ROW: Judy Chisholm, Nancy James, Nancy George, Mavis Les- ter, Joan Kinnard, Sue Ellen Har- ris, Sheila Earnest, Bev Ackerman, Jean Hurlow. PUBLICITY — FIRST ROW: Mary Brown. Paula Gamble. Les- lie Trace. Barbara Parnell. Mary Allen, Pat Rilev, Sheryl Under- wood, Dixie McCoid. SECOND ROW: Sharon Bateman, Jean Tay- lor, Janet Baker, Lucia Curtis, Barbara Abrahams, Amy Magill, Sophia Angelas, Bonnie Lewis. THIRD ROW: Nancy Petry, Bev- erly Porter, Carol Jinks, IJarbara Porter. Karen Malone. Shirley Taylor. Ann Auker. Karen Thomp- soii. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Har- man. Leetta Steurer. Marlene Mc- Larnan. June Christopher. Judy Sullivan. Janet Bohanan. Ruth Vance. Frances Flecknoe. FIFTH ROW: Mary Lou Kost. Carolyn Conard. Jackie Lipps, Laurel En- gel. Velma Zwilling. Diana Wilson, Beth McPherson, Clara Smith, Susan McMahon. SIXTH ROW: Susan Ahearn, Susan Taylor. TRI-TEEN CABINET — KNEELING: Michele Mazza, Carol Orsborn, Nancy George, Mary Jean Ball. STANDING: Susan Hol- combe, Jackie Brunner, Ann Bouton, Barb Bone, Sharon Ilger, Suellen Harris, Beth McPherson, Beth Boyd. Margaret Shields. Tri-Teens In Tune SOCIAL — FIRST ROW: Frances Rummel. Patsy Everett, Mary Flecknoe. Marsha Hyatt, Emily Searls, Marilyn Graves, Nora Caley, Brooksie Wright, Marv Jewell. SECOND ROW: Sue Ellen Kathary, Patty Benson. Mary Stacey, Donna Robertson, Sallv Clyde, Carol Grimm, Sally Pitkin. Saundra Weaver, Judy Moran. THIRD ROW: Shirley Grubaugh. Carolyn Henthorn, Margaret Butcher, Sue Hough. Carolyn Wantland, Pam Beck, Donna Pond. Patty Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Patty Porter. Michelle Mazza. Sharon Snyder. Judy Tims, Sharon Horn. Helen Angelas, Marv Kost. Susan Holcombe. FIFTH ROW: Patsv Melcher. Ann Bouton. Phyllis Dexter, Sandy Giffin. Car- olyn St. John, Pam Gueulette, Nancy Wythe. KEY CLUB — FIRST ROW: Terry Walker, Gary Kost, John Curtis, Don Schuller, Gary Gray. SECOND ROW: Keith Lewis, Ron Ridenour, Dave Gill. THIRD ROW: Don Biefnes, David Dauphin, Tom Falter, Don Robertson. FOURTH ROW: Gary Nell, Frank Beam, Doug Hoecker, Dave Hauger. FIFTH ROW: Bill Boner, Joe Porter, Mike Knox, Bud Cline. Key Club Is Active In Service Projects KEY CLUB OFFICERS — President Terry Walker, Vice- President Gary Kost, Chap- lain Ron Ridenour, Secretary- Treasurer Keith Lewis. 238 F. H. A. Works Toward New Horizons FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA — FIRST ROW: Mary Klabough. SECOND ROW: Martha Anderson, Peggy Anderson Jane Higgins, Karen Boucher, Becky Belcher, Pat Lawrence. THIRD ROW: Nancy Miller, Mrs. Burwell, Judy McKee, Carolyn Yoakum, Patsy Mooney, Carol Wilson, Ther- esa Coffing, Janet Allen. FOURTH ROW: Marianne Engel, Linda Early, Alice Underhill, Joyce Paisley, Sheryl Durbin, Beverly Litt, Judy Hill. FIFTH ROW: Jane Gaumer, Joyce Franz, Karen Butler, Kay Peterson, Esther Hartley, Mabel Laymon. SIXTH ROW: Judy Borden, Carolyn Hoar, Judy Tims, Barbara Schonauer, Gloria Miesse, Anna Lambert. SEVENTH ROW: Frances Sheppard, Sally Sorge, Carolyn Midos, Sue Schwartz, Judy Stanley, Sue Fletcher. F. H. A. OFFICERS — Historian Carolyn Yoakum, Parliamentarian Peg Ander- son, Treasurer Martha Ander- son, Secretary Judy McKee, President Nancy Miller, Vice- President Jane Higgins, Re- porter Mary Klabough, Advis- er Mrs. Burwell. Dick Dice, Bob Lord, and Fred Bates examine Dick ' s tractor whicli they have just reconditioned for spring plowing. The ERA. Learns B Di y uoiiig At the F. F. A. Banquet on March 4, Fred Bates rehnquished his gavel to the new president of the Mount Vernon Chapter, Dick Fowler. The 1958 F. F. A. Queen, Charlotte Biffath, is shown with John Ellis at the banquet. K »l Wt M. Mfe FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA — FIRST ROW: Adviser Clarence R. Frid- line, J. R. Ewart, Dick Fowler, Dick Dice, Bob Lord, Fred Bates, Larry Rine, Neal Springer. SECOND ROW: J. C. Cline, Charles Zolman, Gerald Wells, Dick Schonauer, Ralph Spearman, Gene James. THIRD ROW: Max Clutter, Norman Montgomery, Bill Wagner, Carl Fry, Bob Yauger, Don Biefnes. FOURTH ROW: Bill Brown, Bill West, Jerry Keys, Allen Earnest, Tom Bartlett, Gordon Coe. FIFTH ROW: Jim McMahon, John Ellis, Nick DePolo, Jay Coe, Carroll Mills, Ronnie Frye. LAST ROW: Larry Jones, Lonnie Higgins, Bob Lee, Frank Biflath. F. F. A. OFFICERS — Vice- President Bob Lord, Treasurer Dick Dice, Adviser Mr. Clar- ence Fridline, President Fred Bates, Secretary Richard Fowler. Reporter Nea! Springer, Sentinel Larry Rine. w " f ' 1 ?| ' ' J , " Centennial Capers ' Hit Highspots of Entertainment During Last Century Mistress of Ceremonies Linda Devin Master of Ceremonies Bob Dudgeon Overture High School Dance Band Presentation of the First Forum Queen, Mrs. Ruth Bebout Ball. Dedication of The 1958 Yearbook to Dr. John C. Drake. Introduction of The Forum Queen ' s Court. Presentation of The 1958 Forum Queen and Her Attendants. Indian Pow Wow Jodie Trace, Ina Walker, Judy Stenzel, Jane McDonald, Linda Young Coming of the Cowboys . Sinda Hull, Linda Hull, Pam Norris Getting to Know You Carole Harlow The Starlit Hour Geneva Shrontz Old Fashioned Square Dance .. Buzz Lewis, caller My First Formal Gown Jackie Suain Then and Now ... A contrast betwen 1858 1958 Summertime Marie Taylor History of Jazz The Ambassadors Dixie The High Hatters Songs of Three Decades Ina Marie Walker The Villain and the Mortgage . Patsy Melcher Marjorie Drew, Ann Wacker, Lorinda Netolick, D awn Woodward, Evan Rice, Joe Mumper Waltz of the Flowers Luanna McKinstry 242 Oh, You Beautiful Doll The Dixiettes Fascination The Forum Queen and Her Attendants The Bicycle Built for Two Linda Young and Carol Wilson Cecelia Charles and Dennis Zolman The " It " Girls Julie Daly, Barb Bone, Sue Kadow, Karen Walker, Sally Pitkin, Ann Farmer, Dan Simkins Bedtime Story Lewis Sleeman and Bill Bell Tea for Two , Diana Gullett and Peggy Agnew Whispering Frances Rummel The Flapperettes Shirley McMillan, Joan Mumper, Judy Marsh, Marilyn Fawcett, Elise Rice, Judy Reed Boop Boop-de Doop Linda Young Organ Melody Bruce Hite Impatient Pistols Steve Peterson, Don SchuUer, Jack Peterman, Dan Simkins, Art Adams, Roger Thompson, John Paques Donkey Serenade Judy Kuivinen and Nancy Martin Sugartime Peggy Agnew, Kay Baer, Beverly Crawford Old Soft Shoe Fred Emley, Dick Omlor, Dave Brown, Dave Taylor Begin the Beguine Carol Sue Oakes, Frank Beam, Jodie Trace, Karen Stoyle, Steve Barnes The Walk Queen ' s Court Around the World Sally Tanner Rhythm on Skates Judy Stenzel and Dennis Rousseau Jamaica Jingers The Calypso Dancers When a Hvmdred Years Have Rolled Myron Gallogly, Ina Walker, Carol Harlow and entire cast 243 Lois Ewalt Elected 1958 Forum Queen Senior Attendants Donna Abies Sharon Bricker Anita Mack Junior Attendants Beth Banning Susan Baube Judy Perrin ivi i III jr »;: ' A-. j.v y ■ - ■ ■ ' QUEEN LOIS, HER ATTENDANTS, AND THEIR ESCORTS — Beth Banning, Gary Kost, Judy Perrin, Jerry Mills, Susan Baube, Gary Nell, Queen Lois Ewalt, Chuck Pond, Anita Mack, Bruce Tramont, Sharon Bricker, Bud Cline, Donna Abies, Charles Shuff. Bruce Hite enchants the audi- ence with " The Doll Dance. " This calypso crew consists of Jane Deeley, Pat Kinney, Carol Orsborn, Pam Beck, Barbara Eyster, Sharon Beckett, Donna Dee Pond, Sharon Ilger, Marv Lamb, and Linda Severns. SENIOR COURT AND THEIR ESCORTS — Ruth Reed, Brice Hess, Janet Hos- teller, Jeff Walker, Pam Mintier, Alden Coe, Susie Minnich, Gary Gray, Lynn Bartels, Pat Johnson, Liz Barton, Bob Dudgeon, Peggy Spearman, Barry Lutz. Back to the " Roaring Twenties " for a glimpse of the " Flapper Era " with the It Girls, Sally Pitkin, Barb Bone, Julie Daly, Sue Kadow, Karen Walker, and Ann Farmer. In the " Impatient Pistol, " we are taken back to the wild and wool- ly West. -?■ Atff A, n Dj !(«■ ' i -r Zy ■ ' J " ■ WWlfca JUNIOR COURT AND THEIR ESCORTS — Carol Sue Oakes, Fred Emley, Barb Scholp, Lanny McManis, Carlena Ayers, Jerry Miller, Katie Blue, Ed Blackburn, Sandra Lane, Terry Walker, Sharon Cornille, Charles Conant. Luanna McKinstry charms the Court with her dance to " Waltz of the Flowers. " In honor of the queen, the Dixiettes tap dance their way through " Oh, You Beautiful Doll. " w H WM Km IP i H p W J L ' H ' K] p ■ 1 ; k ' r u: ,. ae - i The symbol of the " Red House Mystery " is pointed directly at its victim. The Red House Mystery The All High School Play, The Red House Mystery, was presented on November 15, 1957. Antony Gillingham, amateur detective, ably solved the murder of Mark Ablett, the host at ■ Red House, with the aid of the other weekend guests. The suspenseful drama was well done and provided exciting entertainment. The weekend guests of Mark Ablett, Zale Smilack, enjoyed their afternoon coffee together. Linda Devin, appearing as a ghost, frightened Zale Smilack, the host at Red House. Sheila Earnest, Judy Engel, and Dixie McCord served the week- end guests well. 248 The cast was thoroughly questioned by Inspector Birch, Dave Guellette, about Marlt Ablett ' s murder. CAST Mark Ablett Zale Smilack Robert Ablett Dick Christopher Angela Norbury Susan Minnich Mrs. John Norbury Linda Young Matthew Cayiey Charles Pond Betty Calladine Christine Cassaday Mrs. John Calladine Sarah Harris Major Rumbold Gary Koch Bill Beverly Richard Kymer Ruth Norris Linda Devin Antony Gillingham Robert Dudgeon Audrey Stevens Sheila Earnest Elsie Wood Dixie McCord Mrs. Stevens Judith Engel Inspector Birch David Gueulette Joe Turner Dick Christopher Dick Kymer and Christine Cassaday provide variety with their mutual admira- tion. 249 T; wo ' s The junior class play com- mittee chose " Two ' s A Crowd, " a three act comedy, which was presented March 28. Three teenagers, left to their own resources, turned their home into a boarding house, which promptly be- came quarantined because of a case of measles, and hilarity followed as mystery deepened around their strange boarders. Ann Withgott, as Mrs. Maxwell, gives her children some last-minute advice before leaving. Shall we dance? Beth Ban- ning and Gary Koch give Ar- thur Murray some competition in this scene. Jacques Transue and Judy Perrin receive a lecture from David Gueulette. 2.50 A Croivd CAST Mamie Beggs Beverly Beroth Patricia Maxwell Judy Perrin Emily Maxwell Ann Withgott Richard Maxwell Jacques Transue Dorothy Maxwell Carol Sue Oakes Marion Maxwell Linda Wilson Willie Peabody Dan Simkins Wilbur Street Terry Tucker Michael Street Gary Koch Albert C. Wilson David Gueulelte Annabelle Wilson Beth Banning Hortense Wilson Jodie Trace Dr. Webster Richard Fowler Bill Tomkins Fred Emley Little Boy Dennis Branstool Little Girl Sue Brooks Tall Woman Sally Heintz " Stick ' em up! " Beverly Beroth says to David Gueulette. Carol Sue Oakes and Beverly Beroth appear not to notice Dan Simkins as he patiently holds his sign. 251 Before curtain, Mrs. Truxall makes up Sally Harris. Waiting bashfully is Mike Knox. Pride and Prejudice The seniors chose a costume play " Pride and Prejudice, " for their class play. Quite a con- trast to previous productions, the play tells the story of Mrs. Bennet ' s determination to get her three daughters married to wealthy bachelors. CAST Mr. Bennet Jeffrey Walker Hill -. Michael Knox Mrs. Bennet Sarah Harris Lady Lucas Joan Mumper Charlotte Lucas Judith Engel Jane Bennet Elizabeth Barton Elizabeth Bennet Susan Minnich Lydia Bennet Judith Marsh Mr. Darcy Zale Smilack Mr. Bingley Charles Pond Mr. Collins Richard Kymer Amelia Janet Hosteller Mr. Wickham Terry Walker Belinda Joyce Perrine Amanda Peggy Spearman A Young Man Stephen Scarvelis Captain Denny Ronald Ridenour Miss Bingley Mary Klabough Agatha Shirley McMillan Second Young Man Robert Dudgeon Maid Luanna Imhoff Maggie Nancy Adams Mrs. Gardiner Lois Ewalt Lady Catherine De Bourgh Linda Devin Colonel Guy Fitzwilliam Myron Gallogly Mrs. Lake Joyce Paisley Col. Fitzwilliam has a serious conversation with Lady Catherine about Mr. Bingley. Miss Bingley tries to encourage Mr. Collins to marry Elizabeth. 252 Mr. Bennet announces to his daughters that Mr. Collins is coming to visit them. Jane seeks the advise of her aunt, Mrs. Gardiner. Outside the ballroom, Amelia, Captain Denny, and Lydia wait for refreshments. Lady Catherine counsels Mr. Collins before he talks with Elizabeth. 253 ' 1 ■ ' WO ® - li ' i ■ rii ' iVil S ■ ' •fc MlM — ' - The Marching One Hundred Salutes Mount Vernon High ' s Centennial Anniversary 254 The student leaders of the band, a master sergeant, row sergeants, and cor- porals, are selected by the directors, Mr. Jack Stanch and Mr. Robert Be chtel, at the annual camp held in August. This organization has helped trementlously in creating enthusiasm among the members of the student body. We the class of 1958, sincerely hope that this spirit will continue through the next hundred years. 255 The Elite With a Beat ROW ONE: Don Noriis, Karen Stoyle, Diane Warrell, Mary Allen, Pat Devin, Terry Walker. ROW TWO: Asst. Director Robert Bechtel, Luanna Imhoff, Judy Brown, Keith Lewis, Stan Wallace, Dave Frye, Charles McCutchen, Everet Baer. ROW THREE: Judy Reed, Diana Gullett, Carolyn Yoakum, Carolyn Conard, Earl Levering, Dixie Bartlett, Marilyn Calkins. ROW FOUR: Greg Chester, Carol Orsborn, Linda Severns, Laurel Engel, Carolyn Tucker, Mike Duckworth, Diane Wilson, Geneva Schrontz. ROW FIVE: Sue Alexander, Audrey Holt, Varian Simmons, Susan Morain. ROW SIX: Saun- dra Lane, Susan Holcombe, Margaret Butcher, Judv Perrin, Sharon Cornille, Pam Mintier, June Christopher. ROW SEVEN: Dave Hauger, Ned Brooks, Shirley McMillan, Lor- raine Jefferson, Lorraine Neigh barger. Nancy George, Peggy Spearman, Lois Ewalt. ROW EIGHT: Carol Hayes, Betty Skinner, ' Myron Gallogly, Shirley Eaton, Bob Buk- er, Patsv Melcher. Barb Eyster, Wayne Pigman, Buzzy Lewis, Tom VanVoorhis, Landon McMani ' s. ROW NINE: Mike Knox, Fred Bates, Albert Banning. MAJORETTES: Sinda Hull, Joyce Rinard, Pam Norris, Carlena Ayers. 256 ROW ONE: Saundra Dunn, Barb Harmon, Steve Barnes, Charlene Heniy, Ruth Gordon, Jack Peterman. ROW TWO: Mark Misicka, Gary Beeman, Dave Williams, John Ralston, Sharon Bateman, Charles Holcombe, Mr. Jack Stauch, director; Alden Coe, drum major. ROW THREE: Betty Fox, Sharon Ilger, Saundra Weaver, Beth McPherson, Ann Auker, Sharon Beckett, Howard Baer, Virgil Hempfield. ROW FOUR: Sally Jones, Mary Fleck- noe, Carol Sue Oakes, Mary Jean Ball, Anita Mack, Joan Mumper. ROW FIVE: Brenda Ward, Linda Allen, Bruce Hite, Dave Banner, Larry Trowbridge, Dave Hollifield. ROW SIX: Celia Mayeur, Mary Mayeur, Neil Springer, Sonny Mumaw, Lloyd Gaumer, Edgar Er- langer. ROW SEVEN: Judy Earnest, Beth Banning, Dave Dowdell, Dave Gatchell, Louis Sleeman. ROW EIGHT: Phil Knox, Gary Kost, Dave Rowe, Joe Mumper, Donna Porter, Dave Dauphin, Bob Stillings. ROW NINE: Dave Nash, Don Robertson, Frank Beam. MAJORETTES: Judy Corcoran, Sharon Bricker, Linda Hull, Judy Marsh. 257 CENTER: Alden Coe. LEFT: Sinda Hull, Joyce Rinard, Pam Norris, Carlena Ayers, Don Norris, Judy Corcoran, Sharon Brick- er, Linda Hull. Drum Majors and Majorettes Exhibit Skill and Zest Summer camp for Marching Band members not only improves marching and music, but also provides a moment of relaxed fun. Chug-a-lug . . . Mary Jane Houbler looks on as Mr. Robert Bechtel, assistant director, comments on Mr. Jack Stauch ' s drinking capacity — for chocolate milk, of course. CONCERT BAND OFFI- CERS — President Gary Kost, Treasurer Lois Ewalt, Secretary Diana GuUett, Vice- president Terry Walker. ORCHESTRA OFFICERS — Vice-pre sident Jodie Trace, Secretary Barbara Scholp, Treasurer Betty Lou Skinner, President Diana Gullett. CHOIR OFFICERS — S t u - dent Director Stanley Wal- lace, Treasurer Ina Walker, President Myron Gallogly, Vice-president Martha Ander- son, Secretary Bud Cline. . glE. CONCERT BAND — FIRST ROW: Carol Sue Oakes, Anita Mack, Sandra Weaver, Mary Jean Ball, Sharon Beckett, Beth McPherson, Betty Lou Skinner. SECOND ROW: Lois Ewalt, Diana Wilson, Sally Jones, Beverly Crawford, Pam Mintier, Linda Allen, Celia May- eur, Mary Mayeur, Patsy Melcher. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Calkins, Betty Fox, Sheila Earnest, Pam Gueulette, Connie Crist, Bob Buker, Brenda Ward, Mary Flecknoe, Barb Eyster, Geneva Shrontz, Evan Rice, June Christopher, Merlin Levering, Barbara Neigh- barger, Shirley Eaton. FOURTH ROW: Greg Chester stage manager, Myron Gallogly an- nouncer, Judy Reed, Sharon Cornille, Mike Duckworth, Susan Morain, Saundra Neese, Jodie Trace, Pat Devin, Barbara Harmon, Judy Brown librarian, Terry Walker, Karen Stoyle, Car- olyn Lord, Fred Bates, Albert Banning. Concert Band Stimulates On March twentieth and twenty-first the music department presented its annual band con- cert under the direction of Mr. Jack Stauch. The band played John Philip Sousa ' s " King Cotton March, " Gossic ' s " Military Symphony in F, " Mozart ' s " Alleluia, " " El Capeo " by Parera, 260 FIRST ROW: Dixie Bartlett, Ann Wacker, Susan Holcombe, Diana Gullett, Sharon Ilger, Charles Holcombe. David Hauger. SECOND ROW: Karen Thompson, Lorraine Neighbarger, Carol Hayes, Shirley McMillan, Ned Brooks, Varian Simmons, Beth Banning, Judy Earnest. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Yoakum, Sandra Lane, Judy Perrin, Elaine Holt. Kaye Baer, David Banner, Larry Jones, Bruce Hite, Lewis Sleeman, Carolyn Gantz, Edgar Erlanger, Nancy George, Neal Springer, Gary Kost, Landon McManis. FOURTH ROW: Frank Beam, David Nash, Donna Porter, David Rowe, Carol Orsborne, Howard Baer, Dave Williams, Gerald Beeman, John Ralston, Virgil Hempfield. David Frye, Alden Coe, Mark Misicka, Keith Lewis, Everett Baer, Stanley Wallace. Robert Bechtel assistant director, Jack Stauch director. Interest In Music Tschaikowsky ' s " The Oprichnik, " " Tap Roots " by Skinner, " United States Overture " by LaValle, " Slippery Gentlemen " by Waiters, " Impressions of a Scottish Air " by Ployhar, and ended the program with a medley of tunes from the cur- rent Broadway musical, " My Fair Lady. " 261 Orchestra Furnishes Music For Many Occasions ORCHESTRA — FIRST ROW: Marilyn Fawcett, Sheila Barr, Ann Bouton, Charlene Henry, Sue Humbert, Sally Heintz, Donna Dudgeon, Milt Williams. SECOND ROW: Ann Farmer, Barbara Bone, Ruth Gordon, Janet Baker, Sandra Weaver, Evelyn Fallis, Beverly Beroth, Julie Daly, Sue Brooks. THIRD ROW: Norbert Kraemer assistant director. Jack Stauch direc- tor, Kay Sanner, Lorinda Netolick, Jackie Brunner, Suzy Allen, Barbara Jones, Linda Stur- tevant, Linda Hunter, Diana Wilson, Robert Buker, Betty Lou Skinner, Diana Gullett, Susan Holcombe, Shirley McMillan, Ned Brooks. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Burgess, Pat Devin, Jodie Trace, Barb Scholp, Bob Coy, Lewis Sleeman, Nancy George, Gerald Beeman, Everett Baer, Richard Knohl, Dale Clutter, Susan Lord, Carolyn Lord. 262 I This winter, the annual Orchestra Concert included Handel ' s " Largo from Xerxes, " " Fugue in G Minor " by Bach, " Simple Symphony " by Britten, " Symphony in F Major " by Johnson, " Quartette No. 21 in D Major " by Mozart, " In- terlude in Ancient Mode " by Glazounow, Brahm ' s " Hungarian Dance No. 5, " Mozart ' s " Bassoon Concerto in B Flat Minor, " Beethoven ' s " Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, " Humel ' s " Moods Americana, " and " Copa Cabana " by Walters. The orchestra was directed by Mr. Jack E. Stauch and Mr. Norbert Kraemer, who were assisted by the Ohio University Faculty String Quartet which played " The Mill, Op. 192, No. 2. " 263 Music Groups Give Pupils a Chance SENIOR CHOIR — FIRST ROW: Barbara Neighbai-ger, Sheryl Durbin, Charlotte Metcalfe, Lynda Hagan, Judy Hill, Tucker Burt, Patty Payne, Jean Taylor, Mary Latherns, Carol Sue Oakes, Nancy Martin, Marlene McLarnan, Martha Keenan, Doris Bowers, Marilyn Howard, Peggy Agnew, Director Jack Stauch. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Henthorn, Joyce Perrine, Judy Wilson, Judy Marsh, Nancy Adams, Diane Warrell, Elise Rice, Judy Reed, Roger Main, Doug Cameron, Jim London, Judy Kuivinen, Susan Winger, Kaye Young, Ceeta Steurer. THIRD ROW: Patty Bryan, Peggy Anderson, Judy Stenzel, Charlotte Biffath, Alva Wilhelm, Kendall Hall, Frank Biffath, Jim Williams, Jack Peterman, Jim Miller, David Purdy, Tom Bartlett, Joan Gullett, Carole Harlow, Karen Boucher, Mary Jean Ball, Judy Frady. FOURTH ROW: Evelyn Fallis, Linda Young, Marie Taylor, Jane McDonald, Ina Walker, Linda Wilson, Norman Montgomery, Gene James, Roger Heaton, David Gueulette, Charles Leibel, Richard Fowler, Stanley Wallace, Gary Koch, Bud Cline, Myron Gallogly, Myron Coon, Sharon Postell, Linda Van Riper, Kay Beach, Martha Anderson, Linda Wise, Carol Hayes. 264 To Express Talent This spring, for the first time since 1906, Mount Vernon High School presented the op- eretta, Victor Herbert ' s " Babes in Toyland. " The operetta begins with an Overture which sets the atmosphere of the musical style. The scene opens with a picnic given by the villain, Barnaby (Stanley Wallace), at which he is almost drowned in the lemonade. Later in the scene, his nephew Alan (Myron Gallogly), posing as a gypsy, does a little dance. A high point of the scene is the arrival of eight Dandies to the garden of Mary ( Ina Walker ) . The scene closes with Victor Herbert ' s well known song, " I Can ' t Do the Sum. " The second scene takes place in the Spider Forest where Jane (Jane McDonald) and Alan are lost. The second act is at Toyland, the one in which Barnaby is finally overthrown and happiness rules. The combined talents of the choir, orchestra, faculty members, and other students went into this production. Under the direction of Mr. Jack Stauch this operetta proved to be the most spectacular musical activity of the year. The entire cast of " Babes in Toyland, " after a colorful and sparkling performance. 265 Seen with his camera at athletic games, plays, concerts, dances, and in the halls is Steve Day. The Staff receives most of the candids through the efforts of Steve. As Stage Manager, Greg Chester keeps plays, concerts, the Forum Show, and other school productions running smoothly. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We, the Forum Staff of 1958, wish to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to those who have been of such great assistance in helping us try to produce a successful yearbook. We can never thank our advisers, Miss Sara Cannon and Mr. Arthur Cassell, enough for the wise counseling, inexhaustible patience, and many hours of hard work which they so willingly gave. Our appreciation goes to The Manufacturing Printers Company for their excellent printing job, and to the Publications Department of the Jahn and Oilier Engraving Company for their competent service. The fine work done by Mr. Don Garverick, Mr. Guy Lipps, and Mr. James Israel on the senior and junior pictures and group photos deserves a vote of thanks. We wish to thank Paul Slaughter and Virgil Shipley of The Mount Vernon News, and Gene ' s Clothing Store for letting us use their pictures of the football and baseball seasons. Much time, effort, and expense have been used to provide a permanent record, attractively pre- sented and complete in every detail. The Staff has worked exceedingly hard to produce a book which portrays the high lights of the one hundredth year of Mount Vernon High School. 266 Frieuds of the Foriiiii Phillip Mauger, Mayor of Mount Vernon John L. Baube, M.D. Ralph H. Beery, Jr., D.C. Bishop ' s Beauty Shop Blair and Turner, Attorneys-at-Law Thomas L. Bogardus, Jr., M.D. Da) ' Jewelers George E. Deeley, D.D.S. John C. Drake, M.D. Robert L. Eastman, M.D. James C. Flanegan, Orthodontist Richard Gomer, M.D. Hagan ' s Grocery Grubb and Walker, Realtors George B. Imhoff, M.D. J. L. Koch, D.O. Dr. H. E. Kiracofe, O.D. Henry T. Lapp, M.D. James C. McLarnan, M.D. J. Fred Minnich, D.D.S. Ohio Mower Repair Olsons ' Inc. Lamar S. Reynard, D.D.S. Round The Clock Signs C. Iv. Salisbury and Son E. A. Schlairet Transfer Co. John S. Schnebly, D.D.S. Bertram B. Sturtevant, D.D.S. P. M. Trinkner, D.D.S. Charles B. Tramont, M.D. Turner, Burris, and Wolf, Public Accountants Walt ' s Bowling Lanes Weese ' s Coffee Shoppe Wise Motel Zelkowitz and Barry, Attorneys-at-Law 267 INCWAIT ' S ■ SAY IT WITH A GIFT FROM RINGWALT ' S HUMAN TIME moves, as up a pyramid, step by step. Each step, a generation, rising to a new challenge, strik ing out into creative areas untried by man. The steps ascend. Challenges grow in magnitude. And the relevance of the civilization ' s basic philosophy is stretched to the breaking point. Crucial conflicts appear. Social disintegration sets in. America s young generation can detect the signs of it in our society. Our challenge is to apply science to morality. This will broaden the philosophical base of our civilization. Without this our civilization will topple, top heavy with discoveries in the physical sciences. KANT combined the spiritual discoveries of the Middle Ages with the rational spirit of the French Revolution and discovered the seed of reason in morality. He might have explained it this way: " Here is a critique of pure reason to test the morality of any act. Let ' s apply this critique, for example, to falsehood. Try to imagine EVERYONE ALWAYS lying: No true statements are being made; no truth may be known, therefore the falsehood of no state- ment may be known, and lying becomes a logical self-contradiction. - - LIniversalize in your mind any act, if it remains logical in its universal form it is moral, but if it becomes self-contradictory, it is not moral. " HEGEL was Kant ' s student. He might have replied this way; " You ' re right, Mr. Kant, but you have it inside out ! According to your law of universality, the universals exist only in men ' s minds, while in reality they exist outside men; they form the very framework on which the universe hangs. In the beginning was the IDEA. This produced something new and difTerent, yet containing elements of the first two: HUMANITY. This illustrates the logic of universals (dialectic logic): Any universal (THESIS) produces its opposite (ANTITHESIS), and the conflict between the two produces a com- pletely new universal (SYNTHESIS) yet containing elements of the thesis and the antithesis. MARX was Hegel ' s student. He might have replied this way: " You ' re right, Mr. Hegel, but you have it upside down! The universe did not start with IDEA, the only reality is MATTER! The dialectic logic explains man ' s universal material struggle for control of the means of production. " KANT, HEGEL and MARX were all dialectic philosophers. Kant and Hegel agreed that universals were ideal in nature. Marx argued that they were material. This conflict is resolved in discovering that the dialectic is really spiritual. (As IDEA and MATTER produced HUMANITY dialectically, so humanity being -mind and emotion becomes spiritual dialectically.) Hegel and Marx agreed that 268 univcrsals had objective existence outside of individ- ual minds. Kant argued that they are only subjective and inside men. This conflict operates between spiritual expressions or " beliefs, " outside in the objective world when believers fight against be- lievers, but subjectively inside men, when the rule of Dialectic Spirituality is followed: We can be sure of one thing only: that any belief we hold in the pleasure of pride and with the force of conviction is only half right. Change is painful. It is especially painful to admit error in our fundamental beliefs. The emotion of proud con- viction automatically rises to keep the soul from becoming a spiritual battleground. Thus an ob- viously conflicting belief is kept in the mind, but out of the soul by the force of conviction. The function of denial gives conviction its strength. But Dialectic Spirituality requires not only an open mind but also an open heart. Suffering the pain of spiritual con- flict in our souls is the Promise of Peace. The Promise of Peace is the basis of a new Mid- western Civilization, the first culture worthy of the name, and world peace. This concept is explained more fully in a little book called " Promise of Peace " available at Ringwalt ' s. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL KNOX COUNTi ' UPON THE lOOTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE HIGH SCHOOL OF MOUNT VERNON, OHIO, " WHERE THE MIDWEST BEGINS. " THE DONUT HOLE on the square next to the theatre Open Daily 7:30 A.M. to MicJnight Sunday 2:30 P.M. to Midnight SERVING: Hot Donuts, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Waffles " We make our own ice cream " Sara M. Cannon Agent for ALL Magazines • 126 E. Vine St. Phone EX 3-5258 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 269 Gray Bunipus SUNOCO NEWARK ROAD VASBINDER ' S Howard at McKenzie Phone EX 3-2821 WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES Pies, Rolls, Donuts and Bread THOMPSON ' S PASTRY SHOP Phone EX 3-1961 — 701 West High Street Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of ELLIOTT ' S SHOES " We fit the feet to keep them fit. " South Main Street Mount Vernon, Ohio Fletcher ' s Sinclair Service Station South Main Street 270 Compliments of SHAW-NORTH Funeral Home Woods ' Hardware Co. WHOLESALE and RETAIL 8-12 W. High Street Phone EX 2-5861 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO The Best In Drugstore Service HECKLER ' S ' Prescription Specialists " REXALL DRUG STORE On the Square •HIKE — TO HECKS ' STABLISMED 18 9 8 Hubert M.Wafil?G;i Soma INCORPORATED MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 271 Elephant Lumber Store For Friendly Service, Phone EX 2-1085 Kousoulas Cleaners 9 E. Gambier St. Fine Cleaning and Quick Service Hats Cleaned and Blocked Expert Tailoring Compliments of Rex ' s Shell Station Nevfcfark Road Across from the Milkhouse THE RUDIN COMPANY 211-213 South Main Street Peggy Spearman models a dress in Rudin ' s Department Store for Luanna Imhoff and Pam Mintier. 272 Compliments of Northside Manor Central Ohio ' s most modern Home for the elderly retired. Avalon Road — Mount Vernon, Ohio Guy and Lucille M. VanNostrand, Directors EX 2-5986 Anne Lapp Millinery and Exclusive Costume Jewelry HE. Gambler St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of KEPPLE ' S SHEET METAL WORKS Compliments of Bair ' s Dry Cleaning 3 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Humbert ' s Grocery • 405 Coshocton Ave. Mount Vernon, Ohio 273 To the Class of ' 58 Congratulations on your accomplishments Good Fortune in your future endeavors CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY Shellmar Betner ' ex i e Packagins ' " ' s c MT. VERNON. OHIO 274 VICTORY SUPER FOOD MARKETS, Inc. 117 West High St. 206 South Mulberry St. " W here Service is our greatest Commodity " SHARFF ' S HSHIOH MOUNT VERNON SPORTING GOODS 13 West High St. The Best in Athletic Goods for High School College Students WILSON RAWLINGS EQUIPMENT The Sherwin-Williams Co. 212 South Main Street Ernie J. Brunner Branch Manager Phone EX 2-3986 Compliments of The Knox County Appliance Dealers Assoc. Bartlett Appliance Bross Electric Service Knecht-Feeney Electric Knox Refrigeration Mild Refrigeration Morris Electric Rockwell Appliance Simmons Appliance Compliments of City Laundry and Cleaners CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS (mi 275 Motherall Insurance Agency " Protection for Industry or Individuals ' 1011 2 S. Main St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone EX 2-6036 Sc icKn oacCx. FURNITURE CENTER Mount Vernon, Ohio PITKINS 135-137 South Main St. Mike Davies, Sally Pitkin, Pam Pitkin, and Pete Pitkin enjoy a coke at Pitkin ' s Lunch counter after school. Groceries Meats Vegetables Bake Goods Phone EX 2-8811 Pat Long Tailoring Co. The finest Tailoring — Sensibly Priced • Phone EX 2-5812 Gambier at Gay Mount Vernon, O. Elgin Hamilton Omega Bulova Allen Jewelers 7 East Gambier St. 276 To be assured of the best, visit your Professional Photographer for a fine portrait. — STUDIO Guy E. Lipps Corner of 3 1 E. Gambier St. Mulberry St. and Gambier St. Phone EX 2-1057 Phone EX 3-1038 277 For Your Appliances Mild Refrigeration 205 South Mulberry St. Congratulations To The Class of ' 58 from S. S. Kresge Co. SOUTH MAIN GULF 403 S. Main St. Phone EX 2-0036 James W. Tighe Son GENERAL INSURANCE 100 South Gay Street Mount Vernon, Ohio THE MOUNT VERNON BRIDGE CO. offers Interesting Jobs and Steady Employment to Graduates of Mount Vernon High School 278 Congratulations to The Class of 1958 P(nDU(Rnon LOlDDOU) Gl iss Symbol of Quality PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. Works Number Eleven Mount Vernon, Ohio 279 ewe it Ice Cream Jewell Ice Cream and Milk Co. Mount Vernon. Ohio 280 Lyude ' s Meat Market operated by Gilbert Mizer Meats and Oven Dressed Poultry MeKiiiley ' s Market Groceries — Provisions Dairy Products Phone EX 2-1861 102 N. Division St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio The Knox County Automobile Dealer ' s Association Kincaid Buick Co. Reid Edman, Inc. Fairchild Ford, Inc. J. T. Glackin Chevrolet, Inc. Metcalf Motors, Inc. Niggles Pontiac Co. Cochran Motor Sales Roger P. Servais CMC Trucks Harris Oldsmobile - Cadillac, Inc. Home Owner — Home Operated AUTO DEALERS To serve you better Cornell - Endsley 35 East Gambler Street • Phone EX 2-9841 " If It ' s Insurance — We Have It " LESTER ' S " For the Best in Nationally Advertised Men ' s Wear. " 281 j ' Jahn Oilier Again " A familiar and reassuring slogan Familiar, .. ec(Jl(5t ' it has appeared in Ihotisands 0 the country ' s finest year- hooks jor tl)e past half century. REASSuRiNC... because those years of speciaUzed experience hrin compute service, outstanding iluality and de- pendahle delivery to the yearbook staffs, with whom we work, -♦- JAHN 8. OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7, Illinois 282 North American Companies America ' s Oldest Capital Stock Fire and Marine Insurance Company Founded in Independence Hall, Philadelphia 1792 TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY 25 Belmont Avenue Mount Vernon, Ohio EX 3-3746 Paul H. Turner — 1920 Harriett Krafft Turner — 1921 Riley Builder ' s Supply Everything In Masonry BUILDING SUPPLIES • Phone EX 2-2931 1 13 W. Gambier St. Mount Vernon, Ohio " Doc " Fixit ' s CUSHMAN SCOOTERS WHIZZER MOTOR BIKES SCHWINN BICYCLES ECLIPSE MOWERS CLINTON HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS FAWCETT RADIOS TELEVISIONS SALES SERVICE YOUR PHILCO DEALER 405 Newark Rd. Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone EX 2-5976 Browue Oil Co. Cities Service Petroleum Products Wholesale — Retail Dial EX 2-4826 Mount Vernon, O. 283 Compliments of The Peoples Bank Gambier, Ohio Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Buckeye Candy Co. Distributors of JOHNSTON ' S CHOCOLATES BRACH ' S CANDIES Mount Vernon, Ohio GELSANLITERS ' 1888 - 1958 Congratulations Mount Vernon Schools 1858- 1958 IT ' S WORLEY ' S In Mount Vernon FOR MENS WEAR CONGRATULATtONS f To the Young Men and Women of the 1958 Graduation Class Oi r best u ' isbes for a happy, successful future. OHIO PWWER J Ly ' coN pkw LEMASTERS FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN Quality and Honesty Foremost WISE JEWELRY FEATURE LOCK DIAMONDS ELGIN— HAMILTON— BULOVA WATCHES Phone EX 3-1043 102 S. Main St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of tumbcr NEWARK ROAD YOUR LUMBER NUMBER EX 3-2056 For complete building materials and planning service in residential and farm construction. " WHERE QUALITY IS A FACT " Compliments of People ' s Shoe Store Corner of Main and Vine Streets FOSTER ' S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 285 Cooper-Bessemer JM ' s withS-step automatic un- loading in the Rawsonville plant of Ford Motor. Note the windows to observe crosshead action within compressor. Cooper- Bessemer industrial air compressors . . . helping build the ' ' Ford in Your Future ff Wrife for your free copy of the NEW 44-page Industrial Air Bulletin M-81. Address The Cooper-Bessemer Corporation, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Here in the Accessory and Hardware Division, Manufacturing Plant of the Ford Motor Company, Rawsonville, Michigan, two Cooper-Bessemer JM compressors furnish compressed air for general factory and production facilities. The rugged construction and dependability of these 2-cylinder motor-driven compressors, each rated 600 hp at 300 rpm, assures trouble-free service for many future years. Extreme compactness reduces foundationing and needed floor space, saving installation time and cost. Natural force balance contributes to vibration-free operation and lower maintenance. Find out for yourself how Cooper-Bessemers economically answer every plant air problem. Motor-driven, turbine-driven, engine-driven . . . Cooper-Bessemer M-Line compressors are available in sizes from 200 to 6,000 horsepower and for pressures to 15,000 and vacuums. CEMtRAL Offices: MOUNT VCRMOM OHIO Branch Offices: Gfove City • New York • Chicago • V Qshinglon • Son Francisco • los Angeles • Houston • Dallas • Odessa • Pompa • Greggfon • Seoul© • Tulsa • St. lours • Kansas Cily • Minneapolis • New Orleans • Shreveport Subsidiaries: Cooper-Bessemer of Conada, limiled . . . Edmonton • Calgary • Toronto • Halifax Cooper-Bessemer Internationol Corporation . . . New York • Coracos • Mexico City CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF THE MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL z !iij We Are Pleased To Announce Our New Lithography Department WITH THIS new photographic PROCESS AND OUR MODERN LETTERPRESS EQUIPMENT WE ARE IN A POSITION TO GIVE COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE, THE MANUFACTURING PRINTERS CO. 18-20 N. MAIN STREET MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 287 Cain ' s Grocery School Supplies and Candy 401 N. Mulberry St. J. W. BARNCORD FIRST CLASS SHOE REPAIRING 37 Public Square Mount Vernon, Ohio ■■■■ " ■ ■ I l l l ll ll lllll ll l l ll lll ll l lll l llllllllll Penney ' s Where Quality Is Your Greatest Savings Compliments of Mount Vernon Farmers Exchange Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1958 THE ALCOVE 2C8 SHARP ' S 1915 Maxwell Right hand drive — Chassis was purchased through The Salisbury Agency — Body built by Silcott Buggy Shop on West Ohio Avenue. This was the First Panel Truck in Mount Vernon. Cards Flo wers Gift: Over 50 Years Servicitig Your Cotnmunity Mount Vernon ' s Finest Store Phone EX 3-4045 22 Public Square 289 GENE ' S MEN ' S BOYS ' CLOTHING 128 South Main Street Compliments of Karl F. Shearer International Farm Machinery EX 3-1816 Flora-Lane Slioppe " Fashions in Flowers " 12 Martinsburg Road Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone EX 2-7926 ALL HOURS Crawfortl Merrin Gulf Service 631 North Sandusky Street Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone EX 2-7096 " SAVE TODAY FOR COLLEGE TOMORROW " THE KNOX COUNTY SAVINGS BANK West Side Public Square Mount Vernon, Ohio Affiliated with Bancohio Corporation Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 290 Compliments Of THE MILK HOUSE STORES 3 convenient locations — 700 North Sandusky Street 525 South Main Street 406 Coshocton Avenue G. R. Smith Co. HARDWARE PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES " Good Service to You a Pleasure to Us " Patronize the Advertisers WE HAVE SERVED MANY GRADUATES since this bank was established in 1847, and as we extend our BEST WISHES for your success, we sincerely hope that you will let us help you, just as we have helped others before you. We invite you to come in and get acquainted, and to make Knox County ' s Oldest and Larg- est Bank your banking home! THE FIRST-KNOX NATIONAL BANK MOUNT VERNON CENTERBURG FREDERICKTOWN Member F.D.I.C, Federal Reserv System 291 Ellis Brothers READY MIXED CONCRETE Roundhouse Lane EX 3-2801 Compliments of The First Federal Savings Loan Association Mount Vernon, Ohio Insured Savings Accounts Mortgage Loans Service With A Smile H A D L E Y ' S Furniture and Appliances Cash or Terms 23 East Gambier Street Phone EX 2-1896 Parnell Brothers Shell Service Station for Lubricating, Car Washing and Oil Changes Coshocton Ave. Mount Vernon, Ohio Keep up ivith the rest of the tvorld - Read your daily newspaper! READ THE MOUNT VERNON NEWS EVERY DAY • INTERNATIONAL NEWS • NATIONAL AND STATE NEWS • LOCAL NEWS • SYNDICATED COLUMNISTS • OUTSTANDING FEATURES • PERTINENT EDITORIALS • BEST IN COMICS • PRODUCTIVE ADVERTISING WORLD AFFAIRS • SPORTS • HEALTH • RELIGION POLITICS • ECONOMICS • ENTERTAINMENT • SOCIAL MOUNT VERNON NEWS " Knox County ' s Home Newspaper " ABC CIRCULATION — 10.800 292 Squa k Box You can squawk all you want about how your government is being run. You can squawk to your family, your neighbors, the boys at the shop, or your barber — anyone who ' ll listen. Or you can praise your government. But your squawks and praise won ' t pay off unless you deposit them in the ballot box. The right to a secret ballot gives you an actual voice in your government. By casting your ballot at election time, you can help decide who is going to run the show. It ' s not like this in every country. Behind the Iron Curtain there ' s a lot to squawk about. But people have to keep it to themselves. If you com- plain out loud, you may get a one-way ticket to Siberia. At election time you may get a ballot, but there ' ll only be one person to vote for. But in America you can choose. And choosing means that you ' ve got to do some serious thinking to make sure you vote for the right man. The secret ballot is a right you don ' t exercise every day. But the fact that elections are not daily occurences makes the right all the more important. And the guy who fails to vote has lost the right to squawk. Think it over — and then make sure you vote. It ' s your right; so treat it right. Ala TRADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. The Timken Roller Bearing Company " The right to work shall not be abridged nor made impotent " DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom and the highest stand- ard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of them are: Freedom of worship Right to secret ballot Right to know how your union spends your dues Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Right to criticize officials Right to know salaries of your union officers Freedom from search without warrant Right to petition government for redress of grievances Right to knoiv if your union officers are Communists These are rights you enjoy under the Taft-Hartley law. This is a right enjoyed by members of United Steel Work ers. C.I.O. only when the Taft-Hartley law is invoked. Right to knoii ' how your union is run Right to speedy and public trial by jury Right to help of a lawyer " Right to hear your employer ' s side of disagreements Right not to appear as a witness against yourself Right to refuse to permit the " check-off " of union dues ■ ' Right to go direct to your boss tiilh a grievance Right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty Freedom to own property Right to uork despite union jurisdictional disputes Freedom to tvork in any l ocality " Right to proper supervision of your union tvelfare funds Freedom to start and manage a business Freedom to make a profit Right not to be fired by union leaders " " Right to vote on company ' s best offer THEY ' RE YOUR RIGHTS, TREAT THEM RIGHT! NO ONE EVER OUTGROWS THE NEED FOR MILK! AND, OF COURSE, GET YOURS SAFETY SEALED IN GLASS FOR YOUR PROTECTION The Lamb Glass Co OVER 35 YEARS SERVING THE DAIRY INDUSTRY 294 1300- AM WMVO 93.7-FM ' Serving the Heart of Ohio " MUSIC The Saturday Junior DJ Show with Bruce Tramont and Willie Rummel was scheduled every Saturday afternoon during the winter months over WMVO. Students from the various schools were invited to participate. Mayor Phil Mauger gave trophies to the outstanding DJ ' s. This year the trophies were presented to Sally Hamms and Connie Porterfield of Gambler, Jack Peterman and Ronnie Staats of Mount Vernon. NEWS Knox County Elementary Supervisor Mrs. Henry Koontz and Supervisor of Mount Vernon Elementary Schools Mr. Max Evans combined their efforts to bring " School Notes " Sunday 1:15 p. m. and " School Forum " Sunday 2:05 p. m. to the community. These programs have been presented as a public service over WMVO for the past seven years. SPORTS George Bennett, Sports Director of WMVO and the Yellow Jacket Play- by-Play broadcaster with Charlie Kil- kenny on the Pre-Game Interview. Dick Kymer is the statistician. Coshocton Road MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 295 36th Year Williams Flower Shop 14 South Main St. A. B. Williams - Owner A. Earl Williams - Class of 1927 Greenhouse Manager N. Paul Williams - Class of 1930 Store Manager Grace B. Williams - Class of 1930 Designer Bridal Bouquets and Corsages Onda M. Rinehart Bookkeeper Marilyn " Molly " Fletcher - Class of 1957 Designer Bennie Weikle Delivery We all congratulate the " High School ' on this their 100th anniversary. 295 Round Hill Dairy Mount Vernon, Ohio Tom Curtis enjoys a thick milkshake at Round Hill Dairy. EGGS — PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM — BUTTER Stop at our New Dairy Store — Wooster Road at City Limits Carry Out Sundaes, Milkshakes and Sodas For Home Delivery Phone EX 2-7801 297 A COMPLETE ROSTER OF THE GRADUATES OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL This roster was compiled from the 1927 FORUM and from the files in the superintendent ' s office. In some cases it was difficult to obtain a woman ' s married name, but the staff hopes that all Mount Vernon High graduates are listed here. CLASS OF 1888 Mary Baker Bessie (Bird) Debes Karherine (Braddock) Barrow Lula Bunn Clarence Bryans Lucy (Clark) Mitchell Emma Cole Nancy (Curry) Wheeler Ida (Gardner) Frederick Kate (Neal) Kinley Jennie (Sefton) Nichols Earl Smith Flora (Spearman) Gearhart Ella (Tilton) Stevens Edith (Tudor) Errett CLASS OF 1861 U. Clarence Blake Wilbur F. Lathrop Rollin C. Hurd. Jr. Henry C Rogers CLASS OF 1862 Erskin C. Curtis Lewis H. Mitchell Wilmot Sperry CLASS OF 1863 Harriet A. (Baldwin) Armstrong Ella (Cotton) Simons Frances R. Crowell Harriet R. (Haller) Norton Olive E. (Hyde) Burr Carrie E. (Lewis) Lane Anna Mackey Clara (Martin) Burr Anna M. Nicholas v.. Antoinette Nicholas Mary A. (Rathell) Foltz CLASS OF 1864 Perry Gribbein CLASS OF 1865 Alice (Buckland) McMillen Julia (Irvine) Hollowell Emily Patterson Sarah (Rector) Vincent J. M. Rowe Minnie (Stauffer) Sanderson Elizabeth (Thompson) Rowe CLASS OF 1866 Louisa (Bowers) Brooks M. Emily (Durbin) Stewart Curran M. Farquar Rose E. Farquar Ida E. (Irvine) Hollowell Mary R. (Lewis) Mason Rose A. (Lippiit) Morrow Nora (Parks) Hyde Lizzie B. (Sperry) Bogardus Ella A. Vance Rilla (Young) Lee CLASS OF 1867 Nettie (Ball) Chisholm Laura L. (Bascom) Little Letitia S. (Elder) Anderson A. M. Hills Rose E. (Ingram) Owen Anna Lewis Minnie E. (Miller) Mackey Adelaide E. Smith CLASS OF 1888 Mary (Lane) Robinson Amanda (Lewis) Leonard Perlie (Stauffer) Mitchell Belle Stevens Louisa (Turner) Elder CLASS OF 1869 Anna R. Barr Louisa (Beam) Gould Ella M. (Bechtol) Craig Austin A. Cassil Sarah L. (Curtis) Kelly Royal S. DeWitt James F. Hood E. Chubbie (Hyde) Vance Etta ( Ingram) Kirk Alice Lane Alice M. (Lewis) Gushing R. M. Morgan H. Kate Parke Lou L. Peterman Orlando V. Price Ella L. Reeves Maria L. (Rowley) Hogue Harvey Scribner Carrie M. Thompson Emma (White) Wright CLASS OF 1870 Mary E. (Calkins) Fultz William T. ColviUe Julia S. (Norton) Fawcett Harry A. St urges CLASS OF 1871 Adelaide E. Brown Amanda (Brown) Newell Mary E. (Brown) Haynes Emily (Cohen) Presby Katherine B. Fordney Frank R. Moore Alice (Reynolds) Herrman Sarah Smith Elizabeth R. Willis CLASS OF 1872 Cariie F. (Benedict) Tharpp Anna M. Blair Robert W. Colville William B. Ewalt Mary (Thompson) Swctland CLASS OF 1873 Kate F. Benedict Selena K. (Hodgins) Clark Elizabeth A. Smith Elizabeth E. (Wells) Scott Alice M. (Trick) Yeager CLASS OF 1874 Lu Ella Mitchell Belle (Shaw) Newson Marian (Smith) Hill Ida (Tudor) Wilson CLASS OF 1875 Emma T. A. (Bridge) Seeberger Emma V. (Huston) Molen Dora M. McDonough Agnes R. (Montgomery) McNeille Charles Page Peterman Martha A. Power Carrie C. (Pyle) Congdon Mary L. (Rowley) Branstetter Selena L. Trick Anna (Trimble) Colville Clara J. (Tudor) Rogers Frances L. (Willis) Clark CLASS OF 1876 Fannie J. (Blanchard) Marsh Jennie (Chapman) Stephens Charles W. Doty Anna R. McKay Clara J. McKay Baldwin A. Norton Charlotte E. (Shaw) Frederick Ella E. (Shaw) Wvrick Mary E. (Snook) Elliott Jessie White CLASS OF 1877 Samuel R. Gotshall Frarik Harper Louis Lane Harry Martin Sue R. Miller Florence L. (Stephens) Schnebly Emma Trott CLASS OF 1878 Herbert Ewalt Belle (Pickard) Jackson Annie B. Severns CLASS OF 1879 Edward Arnold Linda (DeVoe) Patterson Stephen D. Frederick Clara (Masteller) Sundells Maggie M. (Ward) Jelliff Olive M. (Williams) Benoy CLASS OF 1880 OUie (Atwood) Humphreys Lois T. Bishop Will E. Fisher Edith M. (Marsh) Allen Luella (Martin) Green Iva (Sproule) Baker Libbie (Tudor) Arnold CLASS OF 1881 Jessie (Clark) Thomas Mary ( Clark ) Petterman Anne C. Curtis Samuel J. Simmons CLASS OF 1882 Addie Arnold Jennie Balar Grace C (Bennett) Marple Bessie B. (Brown) Taylor Jessie Bryant Robert H. Fowler Ella Grant Jennie A. Hanna Leonice E. (Hunt) Day Florence B. (Irvine) West Winifred (Lane) Gotsha ' l Dora (Parmenter) Broad well Hattie (Thompson) Miles George A. True Eva M. (Vohl) Cassell CLASS OF 1883 George Martin Carrie (Miller) Critch ' ie ' d Idelle (Miller) Miller Retta Richardson CLASS OF 1884 Harry Arnold Minnie (Bainter) Wynkoop Ella (Broadwell) Rowe Georgia (Chapman) Dunning Lizzie France Minnie E (Hall) Hunter Louie (Hanna) Roberts Lucy (Spindler) White CLASS OF 1885 Jessie (Bainter) Kelser Fanny (Blair) Coup Bessie (Clark) Thomas Oscar Daniels Beria Darby Lottie Jackson Sadie Miller Cora (Mitchein Brunner Linda ( Sharpnack ) Bishop CLASS OF 1886 Beitie (Adams) Grant Mary (Baldwin) Dickinson Alice Curtis Cora Ewalt Eva (Gaines) Payne Nannie (Israel) Porter Nora (Lowe) McKee William Magill Minnie (Parmenter) Herron Bertha Rogers Mary (Spearman) Lowiher Mary (Taylor) Cowdey Nettie (Thatcher) Graves Lizzie (Van Akin) Arny CLASS OF 1887 Lula (Abbott) Herron Charles W. Baker George S. Ball Charles V. Critchfield Madge (Cunningham) (Wilson) Frank C Walter Irwin OIlie M. (Kelley) Eggleston Philip Sheridan Kelser Daisy (Lane) Heard Lee F. Lybarger Rollin R. Mclntire Hattie (Parkes) Lauderbaugh Fred A. Place Bertie ShrimpUn Frank A. Yauger Olive J. (Young) Cosner Benjamin Zeisloft CLASS OF 1889 Saurin W. Alsdorf Winnie P. (Baldwin) Coup Eleanor (Farrison) Van Wicklen Edna (Hagaman) Branyan David A. Hanna William J. Horner Lily B. McClellan Lula M. (McCormick) (Carpenter) Norton Cora (McCuIlock) Austin Bierdie A. (Miller) Bedell George M. Miser Alice B. (Morris) North Rosa T. (Osborn) Huntsberry Otto A. Patterson Alice G. (Stumph) Kaiser Medora E. (Styers) Derringer Marguerite (Taylor) Weir Charles G. Walker Minta A. (White) Wells CLASS OF 1890 Lina (Armentrout) Garber Gertrude Alexander (Baker) Phillipj J. Carle Bell Alice C. (Black) Mill Anna Louise (bogardus) Beam Gertrude A. (Bunn) Stevens Bessie (Cochran) Bell Mary Elizabeth Coie L. Delia (Coup) (Challings- worth) Briningstool Mildred (Cunningham) Place Vivian Dale Ebersole Myrtle Dell Fowler Blanche Mable Gotshall Gertrude (Hall) Weaver Hugh Lawrence Mahaffey Charles J. McFarland Carrie (Morris) Fisher Sara (Myers) Curtis Frank W ' alter Poland Elizabeth (Ransom) Sanderson Katherine (Sanderson) Reeves Harry Sanderson Augustus Theodore Seymour Alexander Percy Tarr Fanny Feme Thrailkill Frederick Henry Ward Clyde Liming Weaver Elizabeth Veatch Wilson CLASS OF 1891 Blanche (Austin) Montgomery Maud (Bainter) Torbet Priscilla (Banning) Sanderson Ada (Bedell) Wotten Mary Frances Black Walter David Braddock Hurd Alexander Cassil Nellie Ada Critchfield Frank Thomas Disney Harry Crit Drake Pattie Eastman Edwin Clair Ensminger lona Daisy (Forry) Dalley Fred Marion French Irene (Gaines) Yacgcr MoUie (Hawkins) Roland Anna (Letts) Tarr Adelle Blanche (Magill) Grubb Jessie Elizabeth (Miller) Gilniort 298 Arthur CitorKc Nt-iglibor Harry l. br.vnil Rccs Winifrt-a Rusli Fred Cir;in( Sc .Tns Howard I. ft- I ' urhct W ' A, Vincent Marv Fli .ibfth Weaver Belle (Welch) Scarborough Bessie Whiitinjjtoa ( Sedden I Allic tVaiiMt-r) Ball CLASS OF 1892 ( Because of tlie change from a three year hi ;li school to a four ear one, no class would have jiraduated in 18 2. How- e ■er. Miss Roberts liad nio L ' d to Mount N ' ernon from another communit and had cnouph credits to graduate under the four year plan. ) Jennie Belle Roberis CLASS OF 1893 Eugene Frederick Bigler Delia (Black) Mill Cora Delia Debes Adelle ( Fishburn ) Martin James Clifford George Mary (Gordon) Knsminger Mary Elizabeth (Magill) No;ri li Clare Isabel Miller Isobelle Beat Nixon William Watts Parmenter Helen (Patterson) Alsdorf Edich Estelle Pitkin Laura (Stone) Mclntirc Estella (Welshymer) Montis Isadora (Worley) Messn-.ore CLASS OF 1894 Rose (Carev) McKinlev Dora (Ellis) Ward Mar Bertha ( Ferguson ) Dollinger Minnie Rae (Graff) Bender Grace (Graham) Walker Lulu (Gordon) Cannijig Mary Grace (Gossage) Frazier Elkan Henly Fred Stevens McConnell Alfred Heber Mclntire Jed S. Montis Laura Marjorie Pickard Mable Irene StauflFer Frances (Thompson) Moore Louis Clyde White Frances (Young) Jacobs CLASS OF 1895 L nian Vance Armentrout Anna (Banning) Hankey Mae (Braddock) Sturges Fannie R. (Bricker) Raymond Henrietta (Bunn) Stevens John Milton Coup r Jessie Catherine Dickerson Katherine (Elliott) Reese Dora (Ensiminger) Pollock Mabel (Harris) Kreuder Liddie Elizabeth (Hood) Fry Carroll Ross Jackson Elizabeth (Larimore) McKinley Fred Lewis Florence (Mitchell) Eggleston Mabel (Mitchell) (French) Prati Pearl (Parker) (Forbing) Slingluft " Benjamin Franklin Parmenter Charles Wilbur Phifer Walter McClelland Pyle Estella Grace (Sapp) Byers Anna Eliza ( Sensel ) Pearl Gertrude (Spindler) Weaver Viola (Simmons) Booker Bertha (Trott) Nichols Frank Charles Waddell Frank Kinear Wilson CLASS OF 1896 Bertha (Austin) Kline William Earle Baldwin Selora Stuart (Black) Cook ey Eleanor Mae (Crumley) Moore Victor Albert Debes William Lewis Diehl Clara Converse Ewalt Erwin Cassius Gordon Eva Martin (Graff) Garret Laura Katherine (Graham) Jackson Cora Eleanor Grant Edith Hillier Maude Lyie Hubbell Mary Adelaide Koons Thomas Guthrev McCalla George Skidnuiie Mutphy Walter l-lemmmi; Muiphv Lucille [ Parrot!) llosaik Minnie Eliza Rei-s Rizpah Norwood (Tarr) Murphy Josephus George Tilton Marv I Walker ) Kinhheiser Daisv (W alton ) Hetkle Mi abeth (Wriglu 1 Shaw Jessie (Wright) W.ilrky Mary Cirace l tniiig) Harris CLASS OF 1897 Nellie I ' li abeth ( lUil ' ) Trenwith Edith Camma (Bell) Stickney Emma Eliza (Clark) Levering Mary (Ewing) (Lawman) Cartel Nellie (Ewing) Sharp Florence Mabel Fa Maud (Fultz) Fridley John Labon Headington CJeorgia Virginia Neal (Uiarles Sumner Owen Augvista Andrews Pearl Anna (Christina (Phifer) Debes Anna Gertrude Random Stella Rosenthall (ilara Louise Ross Ethel (Sapp) Tudor Stella (Sapp) Ruch John Frank Smith Bertha Dee (Styers) Michael Wilmot Sperry Phillip Hyatt Tarr Eleanor Bragg (Tier) Roberts W ' illiam Perry W " elsh mer CLASS OF 1398 Newton Otto Afuler on Robert Baldwin Armstrong MeUin Thomas Beck Ruth Elizabeth (Bogardus) Anderson Paul Julius Brent Lillian Josephine (Cavin) Stephens Sarah (Clark) Fleming Rachel Jane (Ewing) Workman Pearl Ethel (Flower) Wythe Corlindia Allic (Hurley) Gore Elizabeth (Jacobus) Kelli:on Charles Samuel McKee George Webb Kingsbury LuNylla (Mitchell) Whiiford Clarence Chancey Park Gertrude Emii ' Parr Harry Benton Parrott William Lane Robinson Clinton Pearl Smith Sophia Knox (Smith) O ' Bryan Elsie Mabel (Starr) Fairchild Mildred Colville (Starr) Tarr Florence Louise Westlake Ila Bernice (Williams) McNabb Otto Elmer Whiltington Nannie Ellen (Wright) Baker Louie Wythe CLASS OF 1899 Susie Edessa Agey William Francis Allen Maud Mae (Alsdorf ) (Bendel) Smith Walter Stewart Anderson Myrtle Lavata (Booker) Williams Earl Raymond Broden Wilda Craig Clark Bertha Cedella (Copeland) Payne Frances Carrie Drye Nanny (Fawceii) Baldwin Elinore (Gantt) Humbert Stella Swan (Gordon) Smith Helen (Hogue) McFeely Martin Sylvester Kelly Mary Elinor Kingsbury William Gariield Koons Frank Larimore Mary Grace Mackay Mary Edith McCalla Harriet Sylvinia Merrin Arra Carolyn (Morford) Hancock Carroll Dean Murphy John William OBrien Jennie Elizabeth (Parr) Allen William Francis Penibrook Frederick Page Ransom Rosebud (Sapp) Armstrong Eva Lena (Singer) Sleeper Elizabeth Browning (Sperry) Con ley Zenno Elbridge Taylor Agnes (Tier) Kemp Ida May (l ' n(.lerwo()d ) Hennet Hi-len Katherine Walton Nita ( Warell ) Brannie Lulu Gertrude (White) ' I ' aylor CLASS OF 1900 John (ieorge Austin W ' illiam Idger Barker C ' roldie Alice (Beach) Harmer Charles Albert Beck (ieorgia Lucille (Campbell) Gower Charles Foster Carey Maria S. (Chase) Bundy Mary (Clark) Coup Carrie Elsie (Cochran) Weir Ciail Ogle ( " ooksey Ir abel Cooper Mary Isabel (Ewing) Smith , Augustus He(ir ' Goins Marian (Harier) Armentrout Bessie Delia (Hess) Switzcr Marie Mason (Hogue) Dyer Harry Abe H man Mar ' Agnes Kelly Jennie Evaline Lybarger Mable (McGibney) Morrison Marjorie Eleanor Merrin Myrta Gra ' x- (Merrin) McKinney Pauline Angelette (Mi cr) Freemari Margaret Isabel (Morton) Har:er Lillie Wilhelmina (Mullin) Loreniz Bessie May Park Magdalen Rees Frank Whitford Sapp Frances Gertrude Sellers Caiherine Gertrude (Shinaberry Herring Josepli Bvron Stauffer Pearl Clair (Stoyle) McDonald Charles Benjamin Wander Iva Lovina (Warren) McDona ' d Colin Clifton W etshymer Orpha Sophia (Welshymer) Gordon Annie Mae (W hite) Gardner Olus Verne Williams Nora (Wing) Mclntyre CLASS OF 1901 George Sefton Allspaugh Helen V. Anderson Mary I.ouella Beck Jared Sperr Bogardus Belle Leona ( Bowman ) Humphreyvilte Clellie (Newton) Brentlinger Mary Eleanor (Cassil) Reynard Margaret ( Clavpool ) Ro ' :kw ' !l Esther Ellen (Condit) Murphy Ethel Cooper Isabel (Cunningham) Anderson Isaac George Errett Alice Blanche (Ewing) Linton Gaylord Augustus Freeman Clarence Edward George Ada Graham George Burleigh Graham Fred Blaine Hagaman Mabel (Hunt) Glaser Harry Wilson Koons Iva Browning (Lewis) Deeley Charles Addison Miller Harry Oertel Mitchell Harry S. Moffitt Zadia May (Moore) Hodell Henry Clay Parker Mona (Piatt) Reese Cecil Bertram Rush Harry Ihomas Simmons Blanche Fanny Stadler Wilson Abram Stansfield Elizabeth Fay Taft Howard Sterling Tarr Norman Guernsev Turner Ida (Westlake) Caldwell Bessie Matilda (Wineland) McFeeley Arthur Clifton Wolfe Walter Jared Sperry CLASS OF 1902 Calvin Bartlett Sherman Chase Edward Monroe Clark Jennie May (Clark) Headington Harry Cochran Joseph Delano Creveling Mina Belle (Crowthers) Clark Charles Douglas Dalrymple Margaret Ethel Devalon Blanche Elizabeth (George) Lippi Warner Vernon Graff Ena Imelda (Henderson) (Cavenaugh ) Ewalt Grace (H inkle) Brock John Burson Morton Kailuyn (Putt) Johnson Charles McGibeny Roberts Gladys Mae (Sapp) Beam Mae Belle (Sensel) Richwine Sinclair Preserve Smith Edward Marquis Starr Walter Starr Mary Elizabeth (Stevens) Mclntire Lela Alice (Styers) Fyke Inez Mae (Vance) Rogers Clara Llewellyn (Whiitier) (Nye) Fisher Frances Fllen ( Whitfing:on ) Peck James Lisle W ' ' ineland CLASS OF 1903 Francis Joseph Anilerson Paul Morton Ashbaugh Kenneth James Campbell Bessie Emma (Ring ' - ' ) Can:p Coreta ( Robinson ) Cass Pearl Melcina (Severns Cole Ethel Vera Hagaman Henry Hyman Charles James Jennings Laura Elizabeth Koons Dwight Young LaFever Mary Struble Merrin Ruth Evelyn Merrin Bercha Lee (Ellis) Morris V ' Harriet (Jupiter) Perry Edna Lillian (Rush) let. it Grace Elizabeth (Blo.ker) Rawlinson Ralph Campbell Sellers C arl Nelson Skeen Beatrice (Stadler) Antonia Mae (Brjan) Stump Ruby Ethel Vance Armistead Taylor Waighi Clara Margaret Wood CLASS OF 19C4 Bert W. AlUpaugh Eva (Barber) Rohrer Paul Barber Grace E. Beach Henry Beam Thomas Bogardus Clifford Brentlinger Ethel (Brown) Downing William Cary Carrie (Claypool) Gallimore Samuel Cureton Justin Devalon Lucy (Ewing) Barber Mae (George) Deeley Mary A. (Goins) Perell Zuletta (Grimm) Fletcher Blanche (Harker) Smith Julius Headington Lottie (Hogue) Johnson Arthur Hyman Florence (J P ' tt- ' ) Macknig Edenia (Kent) Mambourg Pearl McDonald Olive (McFarland) Allspaugh William Lloyd Mclntire Mary G. (Mills) Hanna Lulu Moffitt Ray Walter Osborn Joseph Vance Park Florence Patterson Pansy (Putt) (Wagner) Buxton Elliott Reynolds Ethel (Richardson) VanVoorhis William Cooper Russell Mary (Stauffer) Barter Robert Stauffer Zantha (Swingle) (Bartlett) Bash Mabel Vincent Leafy Wineland CLASS OF 19U5 William McCreary Banning Ethyln Agnes Beach Franklin Otto Blue Cleveland Bricker lidythe Melville (Canning) Stophett John Redman Claypool Leonard Scort Clements David Wallace Collins Bessie (Conkle) Graham Frederick Sturges Cooper Philip Lewis Day Herbert Wilkinson Hancock Mable Elizabeth (Hess) Mitchell 299 Stella Sarah (Hyman) Hantman Francis Barrell Jennings Hubert Clyde LaFever Howard Allen Levering Gertrude Bird (McElroy) Brentlinger Rose (Miller) Blair Arthur Hildrcrh Mitchell Lena Anita (Mitchell) Welker Arthur Ellwood Robertson Catherine Elizabeth (Sheppard) Huntworth Donald Montgomery Snow Lottie Ogg (Spearman) Johnson Dorothy Jean Starr Jessie Helen (Starr) Apter - Clyde Franklin Turner Levia Rebecca (Ward) lams Mabel (Warman) Hyatt Charles Ernest Warman CLASS OF 1906 Helen (Bainter) Maynard Alva Beach Russell Bogardus Minnie (Braddock) Dean Blanche Charlton Lucie (Craig) Mitchell Edyth (Ewart) Porch Roy Fowls Cordelia (Garber) Shaffner Daisy Gearhart Alma (Higgins) Clark Edna Higgins Mark Curtis Kinney Clothilde Lepley Herbert McClelland Bessie (McDevitt) Shuff Carl Miller Mabel (Mitchell) Higgins Bessie Parrott Ruth (Pfauts) Woolson Fred Sanderson Carolyn Stone Bessie State Herman Swingley Frances (Tiffany) Healy Flossie (Veatch) Brundage Madeline Weaver Cleveland Wolfe Florence (Young) Cassell CLASS OF 1907 Kathryn (Anderson) Gee Oscar Arnold Hazel ( Banning ) Conklin George Black Barton Blair ' Joseph Bradfield Laurene Canning Fred Cary Frank Chapman Jane (Chase) (Sanderson) Keeley Allen Clark Jay Clow Helen (Colville) Sevitts Lillian (Craner) Sevy Robert Dowds Edith (Fleming) Allspaugh Scott Glore Harry Grubb Merrill Harris Ralph Headington Leo Higgins Kathleen (Koons) Williams Ray LaFever Russell Levering Lena ( Lynde ) Cochran Frank Martin John McFadden John Mitchell Mable Moore Lester Ogg Clell Perkins Marcus Rosenthall Harper Russell Elizabeth (Sellers) Ward Russell Sellers Anna (Schncbley) Cromley Bessie ( Seymour ) Perkins Irene (Sigler) Salt Anna (Trimble) Johnson Beth Trimble Dwight Vincent CLASS OF 1908 Ava (Adrian) Banks Edward E. Allspaugh Marguerite R. (Bedell) Nichols Belle (Butcher) Vance Florence ( Bradtield ) ( Greer ) Stevens May Edna Bennington Stella B. (Cox) Bell Cora Pearl (Colgin) Daniels Scott William Camp Julia Dowling Derwin Daniels Margaret (Eggleston) Areford Helen Lee Green Katherine Ann (George) (Cotton) Cochran Esther Georgia (Gunn) Sinclair Carrie (Glenn) Barber Martha Harriet Hyatt Grace Gertrude (Headington) ( Schuman) Motherall Bessie Blanche (Havmes) Lamont Philip William Hull Laura Madge (Humbert) Simons Maud Ellen (Henwood) Sellers Mellie Keigley Madeline Dean (King) Genin Marguerite Page (Martin) Starr Anna Gladys (Merrin) Sheen Nora McKay Gertrude Harriett (Phillips) Snare John Jay Phillips Lynn Estes Revennaugh Edwin Rightmire Clara Margaret Stute Lulu Dale Staats Lawrence Edmund Sperry Ethel (Snow) Coleman Elda Williams Mable Irwin (Young) Yauger CLASS OF 1909 Mary Helen Alden Mildred Beatrice (Aler) Sheriff Marguerite Swaney (Allen) White Leland Asher Arnold Helen (Ashcraft) (Scribner) Stanley Eva (Beever) Sullivan Harold Edwin Bell Fay (Bell) Follin Lillian Bernice (Bennett) Bown Minnie Ellen (Blair) Miller Royal Rufus Bucher Clara Catherine (Cervenka) Schmidt Mary Josephine Cheyney Arline Frances (Craig) (Schlesinger) Kelly Clarence Benjamin Cramer William Ray Culbertson Grace Ellen (Doup) Kidd Margaret Wave (Dunlap) Jennings Katherine Lavinia (Elder) Paazig Norris Raymond Elliot Alby Sweet Fleming Lottie (May) (Friel) Zolman Ivan Blinn Gearhart Ruth Elda (Green) Kells Hazel Clarke (Grubb) Wing Gladys Ellen (Hadley) Baker Edna Marguerite (Hayes) Taylor Florence Lavinia (Huddle) Clark Charles S. Huntsberger Ruby (Huntsberger) (Miller) Barnhart Ethel Vivian Jamison Leroy Kells Lenna May (Litzenburg) Chapman Blanch Lois Long May Ethel Mann Carrie Belle Masteller C urt Henry Meltzer Roy James Moorehouse Erhel Mae (McGugin) LaFever Mary Helen ( McNabb ) Lytle George B. Owen Iva Beairice Paul Ethel Elizabeth (Pitkin) Studor Ralph Daniel Reed Florence (Ravennaugh) Townsend Ray Scarbrough Edna Sellers Eleanor (Sigler) Robertson Charlotta Pearl (Staats) Metcalf Joseph William Tulloss Ethel Rae Vincent Bessie Isabell (Walter) Porter Farl Franklin White Cleora Marie (Wilkinson) Congdon CLASS OF Guy L. Ackcrman Darrell Banning Bessi e Mae Barker 1910 Nola Ruth (Barnard) (Dowds) Shaw Elizabeth Louise (Bartlett) Banning Earl Hayes Baxter Imaz Retta Beever Olive Belle Brooks Florence Evelyn (Cary) (Jester) Lision Edna Irene Charlton Carroll Dunham Conard Virgil R. Dowds Florence Irene (Dowds) Rose Dwight S. Ewalt Donald Hanly Harper Walter Grant Harris Dwight Walker Hobbs Vivian Dale (Hutton) Corwin Winifred Estella (Jones) Hadley Carl H. Masteller Ida Constance Merrin Edith (Neal) (McManis) Lafever Henrietta Eisenhart Penfield Ruth Eleanor (Pitkin) Conard Brooke Reed Anna Elizabeth (Swetland) Gotshall Florence Estella (Welker) Lickert Clinton Pearl Wenger Ada Olive (Van Voorhis) Ewalt CLASS OF 1911 Loma Pearl (Arndt) Adams Mae Isabel (Bartlett; Wolfe Mary Ann Blair Anna Lee Black Frances Chew George Thomas Culbertson Hubert Harold Cary Helen Catherine Chew Mable Ida Coleman Beulah Chapman (Doelfs) Morton Vivian Dowds Walter S. Englehardt Mary (Ewing) Henter Grace (Faddis) Hall Lawrence Fletcher John Samuel Gotshall Hazel Pearl Graff Berta M. (Hall) Schnebly George Hugh Hookway Jennie Hildebrand Ralph Gearhart Jenkins Hazel Merrin Kirkpatrick Monroe Hipsley Kaufman Alma Vernice Lepley Evelyn Marie Lyman Ruth Marie Mitchell Dean Vincent McKee Ruth Marie Mitchell Mary Evelyn ( Mochwart ) Koch Bessie Gladys (Patterson) Chrisman Helen Marguerite (Porter) Sapp Vernice Elman Phillips Raymond H. Spschk Louise Elizabeth Sperry Verna Talitha (Salisbury) Pinkley Ethel (Simmons) (Reynolds) Hammond Olive Algebra (Snow) Humbert Miriam Grace (Strang) Curran Lydia Faye Thomas Bessie Lee Van Voorhis Louis William West Anita Marie (Wrentzel) Christel Portia Annette (Wagner) Coleman Elizabeth Irene (Zeisloft) Jennings Darrell Banning I eon Franklin Zeisloft CLASS OF 1912 Hazelena Bair Mary Margery ( Barber ) Oouch Floyd E. Bartlett Robert Clinton Baxter Pauline Louise (Bedell) Sluitt Ella Mable (Black) Buxton Alice Anita (Brown) Lantz Mable Estelle Brown Olive M. (Clark) Herron Nina Ruth Clay Kathr ' n Maree Colley Funice Ell is Cooper Harold Burr Corwin Leland G. Cassell Albert Lewis Culbertson John Ewing FHie Verie (Gleason) Ewalt Myrtle Elizabeth (Gotshall) Pisoi Leona Isabel Hamilton William Ray Hall Ruth Hier Essa Olive (Jeffries) Murray Charles Mahias Kelley Clarence Parkes Lauderbaugh Ruth Ann Lepley Bernice Olive (Long) Smith Florence Justina (Mason) Baxter Frances May McAuslan Natalie Margaret (McAuslan) Cramer Henry Harold McDevitt Julia Merle (McGugin) McConnell Ethel Vere (McKee) Hammond Edna Maurie (Parrott) Zeisloft Earl Ray Seavolt Stella Mae Shaffner Marie (Shirenian) Ashcraft Nelle Carolyn Snow Lois L. Speck Anna Parma (Stephan) Grubb I auline Ruth (Stump) Hatjrean Alice Virginia (Vernon) Belt Nellie Emma W nkoop Cora Mae (Hoffman) Baldwin CLASS OF 1913 Elizabeth E. (Alspaugh) (Cochran) Clark Hovey Leslie Alienburg Dorothy Margaret Ash Henry Rogers Arnold Harold Colgin Ashcraft Ruby Winona (Barnes) Cole Mary (Bair) Schaffer Florence Irene (Barre) Allerding Larry D. Bartlett Helen Lorancy (Baxter) Mason Eugene Harris Bell Marjorie Pickard Benoy Berlin E. Blakely Charles Harold Breece Carita Laura (Buxton) McDermocc Charles Howard Cassell Hazel Irene (Chrisman) Smith Ralph Boyd Clugh Armand R. Collett Pearl Elizabeth Donaugh Gladys Irene Elliott Mearl Ewers Helen Wright Faddis Weinberger Florence Mary (Fishburn) Cass Percy A. Greer Cecil Bertram Hall Harry Haymes Alice Louise Hull Nina May Levering Margaret Irene (Matthews) Strang William Riley McDevitt Delia Edith (Melick) Stevenson Maryann ( Mix ) Irvin Ralph Emerson Morton Paul Philmore Pharis Clyde Walter Purdy Pauline Hazel Riley Hoy L. Russell Edna Mildred (Severns) Englehart Sturges A. Sigler Joseph Smith. Jr. Willia Laurabell (Spitzer) Jenkins Faye Lafe Strang Dorothy (Tudor) (Harrell) Ewing Harley Oland Vance Almeda (VanVoorhis) Hawkins Anna Foster Tulloss Ona Mable (Wenger) Williams Charles Franklin West Ray Edison Wolfe Mary Estella (Wynkoop) Ogle CLASS OF 1914 Opal Feme (Andrick) Ransom Gertrude Marie (Barber) Leonard Alison Redmills ( Bartlett ) Farmer Arthur Beck Mary (Beggs) Emsh Edna Maude (Bell) Harmon Dorothy Juliet (Blair) Purinton Edna Emma (Blair) Russell Melvin Hiel Black John Gordon Bone Augusta Martha Brigode Edith Christina Cervenka Frank C. L. Claypool Mary Margery Claypool Ruth (Colville) Stewart Russell Edward Crouch 300 Arkcca Vw (Oavis) ( Brv.m L. irMc n.n is MargUL-ritc ( Oowds ) 1 1.irt Frank R.unioiui I ' llioii Robcr( Russell l-wali Kmnia Jane ( Fobcs ) KaufTman Irene (Gleason) Condon Ra I-nur Harrison Beiilah ( .ihille UerriLk Edvthe Millbrant Veima VuiiU llMlbrant Herbert Hate I luntsberijer Stank I-. ,lolin (»n Oscar Wise Kraaer Margaret t Kelly) Ktihlnian Bruce Martin l.epley Carl Leverini; Lcota Salena I one Sara Eleanor { Lonp ) Jones Gertrude ( Lorey ) Donaldson Mvrtle I ' van.uciinc Mapes Florence (McClelland) Tolloss Jav Samuel McDevitt Margaret Helen (Mclntire) Smithheisler Dwiglu Tracv McNabb Elsie (Melick) (Masieller) Stephenson Georue t.)livcr Melick Laverna (Mild) Culbertson Harold Mill Maurice Alnion Mitchell Helen Maddelinc (Moore) Dutt Elizabeth (Owen) D Wolf Alberta C. Favne John McKinlev Phillips Wilfred Oren Phillips Dale S. Porter Mary Bromlej ' Reed Allen Dwight Sapp Walter Sapp Selena (Schafer) Breece Elsie Schipper Nina Catherine Shifflette Beatrice Elizabeth Singer Gladys C. (Smith) Dowds Zulene Smith Leo Russell Thrailkill Margaret Isabelle Todd Charles Robert Tullois Helen Lucille Vernon Thomas Van Voorhij Hazel Belle (Worley) Walker Sarah W nkoop CLASS OF 1915 Ethel Florence Baird Edna Adelphia Bartlett Mary Ruth Bartlett Donald Josiah Bell Russell Harris Berry Mildred Irene Bishop Ruth Eleanor Bricker Russell Thomas Charlton Mary (Clippinger) Hunter bmma Marie (Crider) Martha (Cutler) Crowthers Ear ' Wesley Denman fclam (Denman) Biefnes Helen Mildred Dye Roger Sherman Eggleston Forest Wayland Eley Heorv Albert Flaharty Elizabeth Gilmore Helen ( Gorsuch ) Bone Marv Ellen (Graham) McCIusky Augusta Greer Lucy (Hawley) Price Harr - M. Hayes Pugh Hillbrant Frances Elizabeth Hinger Ha?el (Jackson) Schorr Pauline (Jamison) (Ogg) Kartman Hoy Hopkins Jenkins Hester Clark Jones Robert Francis King Sara (Kohl) Irvine Calvin Charles Lafever Clarence Celsus Lahmon Arthur J. Matthews. Jr. Waldo Emerson McDonald Madge (McKinley) McGinlev Ruth (Moffitt) Baldwin Ruth ( Montgomery) Faun W. Nichols Ruth (Nixon) Tulloss Hazel Gertrude Parrish Irene Clements (Parrish) Carr Alice (Pickard) Smith Dora Clementine (Rose) Ridge way Miriam (Rosenthall) Koch John S. Schnebly Joseph Walker Sellers Robert D. Severns Robert Wilson Simpson Car! L. Snow Eleanor Rebecca (Snow) F. Glenn Sparks Jennie Margaret (Stall) Elcy Feme (Strang) Barnard Harold Trott Velma (Tucker) (Shaffer) Denison Grace D. Vickroy Oliver M. Walker Robert Spindler Weaver Zcnna ( Winterringer ) Snow Neva Pearl Wolfe Ralph George Vauger Elinor (Zeisloft) Scott CLASS OF 1916 John E. Ackernian Simon Henry Bair Palmer Jacob Barnard Clarence F. Bateman Margaret (Beam) Stillwell Carrol Medlie Benoy Irene (Berger) Lewis Leah (Biggs) Diehl Olive (Black) Edleman Georgia (Blocher) Thorn Irene (Braddock) Pilkington Julia (Bryan) Clemni Marv (Brown) Ross Dale R. Chadwick Merritt M. Chambers Delta (Clements) (Rowley) Layman Mabel (Cochran) Brown Cora (Conard) McLarnan Eva (Cosner) Bricker John Harlan Davis Albert J. Devault Philip Dye Russell Vance Eastman Henry Faulhaber, Jr. Evelyn (Gatton) Dorsey Lory L. Gilpin Paul Miller Grossman Dulcia (Hayes) Ghant Albert C. Hofmann Lewis Daniel Houck Eunice (Hunt) Rawlins Walter H. Huntsberry Linna (Jacobs) Woessner Clyde B. Johnson Dea Harry Jones Olive (Kile) Barker Ada Levering Corinne (Mahaffey) Gerow Mary ( Mason ) Bateman William W. McBroom Alice (McKee) Robinson John Walter McLarnan Hugh F. McLarnan Donald M. Messmore Ellen (Mill) Heckler Robert Edwin Moore Charles S. Myers Florence Amanda (Parrish) Warman Clifford U. Parsons Edward Bigbee Rawlins Duane Rightmire Wilda (Rinehart) Worley Mae (Schaeffer) Dunivent Stanley L. Schaeffer Gilbert Schafer Mary (Schnebly) Seymour Forest Sebach Lorna Doone Shaw Cameron D. Trott Harry Richard L ' pham Lowell Van Rhoden Wilbur Don Vernon Harold G. Walton Paul Eugene Whittaker Amy (Wineland) Stagel H. Ogden Wintermute Doris (Wooten) Simpson Mabel Irene Workman Coreta ( Wright ) McManus Laroy Andrew Wright Glora May Wysner Ross Voust CLASS OF 1917 Hallie (Beamer) Green Robert Beckley Martha (Bell) Dittinger Luke Burdell Biggs Clyde R. Black Edwin H. Brown Charles W. Bumpus Mary (Burson) (Taylor) Scott Mary (Charlton) Vincent Paul Thomas Chase J. C;iinton Coe Inez (Cornell) Chadwick Mary (Crider) Lockwood Glenn I.eroy Daniels Edwin C. Devault Ruth (Doup) ( urran Virgie Wood Doup Andrew Paul Elliott Dwight D. Fletcher Mabel (Fobes) Bond Printha (Fowls) McMillan Arndt Gamertsfclder Jennings John F. Gorsuch Zillah (Graham) Wood Claude Herbert Green Carol (Hadley) Garber Milo Hadley Stanley Haines Raymond D. Hall Gertrude (Hoffman) Smith Verna Lee Hulse Conard K. Johnson Lorentz Lemley Clarence B. Lepley William Paul Lord Forest O. Mavis Verna Mary McGugin Caleb Motz Grace (McLaughlin) Bfshop Dorothy (Murray) Fletcher Howard E. Nyhart Roscoe Parker Ruth Ellen (Pealer) Bross George E. Porterfield Ethel (Powell) Willis Dean V. Pryor Benjamin Wade Rawlins Martha (Richert) Pryor Earl James Robinson Mary (Shaffer) McLarnan Emma Marguerite Sharp Helen (Sheffer) Wright Madge (Shellenbarger) Handiwerk Leona Shields Sara Alice (Simmons) Dollison Pearl (Smith) McManis Lela (Sparks) Staab Helen (Steinmetz) Searls Edythe (Stimmel) Taylor Helen Virginia (Stumph) Hannon Dorothy (Swingley) (Dowd ) Dudgeon Marguerite (Talmadge) (McElkinney) Twynham Josephine (Tucker) Keller Clara Bernice VanVoorhis Ruth Marie (Walker) Dalrymple Gladys (Walton) Long Mae (Warman) Lloyd Leon R. Weaver Stella Alice Wenger Edna (Winland) Neass Clyde E. Wyker Julian S. Yauger Josephine (Young) Sullivan CLASS OF 1918 Agnes (Ahrendt) Pierson Elizabeth (Ashcraft) Body Howard Holt Blair Marie (Breece) Cormier Arthur D. Branyan Mary (Brown) Snyder Pearl Carpenter Eva (Clark) Stoltz Margaret (Clements) Salisbury Burgess Jay Cochran Arthur M. Conard Abanna (Cunningham) Pealer Marie (Cunningham) Hoovler Laura Emma Cutler Ada (Debolt) Beach Robert William Eastman Mary (Elliott) Jones Edna ( Gorsuch ) Wolverton Ronald Martin Green George Dewey Grossman Helen (Hall) (Harris) Grove Fred S. Hayes Ralph S. Hedges Frances (Herdman) Turner Margaret (Hinger) Harris Evart D. Hoar Fred McCoy Johnson Elizabeth (Jones) Stinchcomb Russell R. Jones Mary Ann Kauffnian Phillip Leland Kelser Florence M. (Kile) Kirk Henry B. Levy Earl J. Lewis Pauline (Leonard) West HaroUi Kenneth Masteller Herbert R. Masteller Philipine (Matthews) Collins Leslie Burton McDonald Lillian Elizabeth Minard Maurea ( M issholder ) Hawke William R. Myers Louise W. Oliver Dorothy (Penn) Severns Leone Perkins Margaret (Porter) Lyons Herbert L. Rawlins Clarence M. Reed Margaret (Reed) Shane Cora (Rood) (Cochran) Kirkpatrick James Hamill Shields Lucille Clark (Stinemetz) Jones Claire (Sweeney) Weed Roger Alexander Tarr Nellie May (Taylor) Hose Welby A. Taylor Margaret (Tulloss) Black Leo H. LInderwood Frederick Charles VonWicklin Laurence Lee Wantland J. Chester Ward Martha (Willemin) (Jarvis) Brown William L. Wynkoop Mary Hazel (Zeisloft) Hampshire CLASS OF 1919 Mary Alice (Ball) Anawalt James Reed Barker Genevieve (Barr) Bettinger Kenneth Clifton Beach Charline (Bebout) Van Sise James Willis Bell Rusler Hasson Bell James Franklin Biggs Martha Angeline Blair Eva (Burson) Yarman Sara Cannon Lucille (Chrisman) Vannatta George Chase Clements Bernice (Coe) Griffith Jane (Copper) Barker Frances Coup Lester Dennis Craig Chester Kring Harriet (Cutler) Thompson Julia Ellen Doup Rector Dye Joycelyn ( Emsweller ) Coe Margene Olive Faddis Rozella E. Farquhar Ruth (Fletcher) (Burson) Allen Isabelle (Forry) Wintermute Paul Gamertsfelder Carroll Ivan Greer Dora Grosscup Josephine (Hillier) Reagh Elinor (Hobbs) Cole Lloyd F. Hoffman Helen ( Huntsberger ) Foster Merril Jackson Helena (Koppert) Dowds Lennabel (Lafever) Gelhaus Ursel (Laymon) Gleason Yetta (Lurie) Bowman Careta (Mann) Masteller Orlo Glenn Masteller Charles Ivan McDonald Edgar Leslie Mill Eleanor (Montis) Levy Malcolm Chapman Morrison Margery M. Myers Sara (Myers) Myers Murl Irene Nixon Paul J. Poland Helen (Purbaugh) Miller Alva Drake Ryan Evelyn Alice Schaeffer Clarissa Ann Schnebly Louise (Schnebly) Winston Gladys Justine Scottie Victorine Sears Leroy Sharp Richard S. Shutt Clarence Harold Sleeman Mable M. Smith Dorothy ( Spence ) Johnson Harold E. Stewart Charles Edward Sweet Harry Paul Talmage 301 Ralph A. Thompson Ruth (Trott) Wells David Guy Tucker Margaret (Walker) Weaver Harriet (Willett) Wintermute Mary (Willis) Blake Harold T. Wintermute J. Dwight W yker Alice (Wysner) Condon CLASS OF 1920 Margaret (Ashbaugh) Beenc Lawrence Edward Baldwin Sidney Chester Ball Bonnelyn Barbara Bell Olive M. Barrick Francis Edward Bettinger Everett Leon Black Lowell H. Bricker Mary (Bricker) Ulery Ladybird ( Charlton ) Totman Martha Virginia Cochran Arnold Everett Congdon Xantha Adelaide (Cook) Signorelli George Daniel Crumley Merle Culver John Carlton Drake Grace (Dudgeon) Rine Lucille (Dunham) Neass Katherine (Dunlap) Biggs Ethel (Earlywine) Van Voorhis Josie Wave (Farquhar) Kreps , Albert William Fields Paul Forsythe Lyman Armentrout Garber Gladys ( Gorsuch ) Decker Walter Leo Grant Mary (Halsey) Arrington Mable Lucille Henwood Robert B. Henwood Ernest William Hookway Clarence Huddle Herbert Clayton Hunt Pauline White Kirk Miriam (Mardis) McFeely Alfred Lawrence Mill Grace (Ogg Hauger Irene Inez Oliver Virgil Fulton Parker Douglas Quack Kenneth Brown Ransom Albert L. Rawlins Evelyn Fae Ross Charles William Salisbury Helen (Scott) Mastcller Ruth ( Sesser ) Warner James B. Sigler Clarence Springer Opal Maria Stamm Mildred Lucille Taylor Alfred Thompson Dorothy (Tucker) Crumley Ernest Tucker George Edgar Tucker Paul Hamilton Turner Isabel ( T dings) Frederick Velda Anna Ward Curtis Ravmond Watters Robert John Wells Lawrence F. Williams Iva Leta Wolfe Ronald Paul Yarman Ben Zeisloft CLASS OF 1921 Virginia { Alsdorf ) Garoutte Margaret (Ayers) Bonnist Helen Emma Bair Mable Margaret (Beamcr) Louise (Bell) Sellers Hector E. Biefnes Esther (Blair) Neher Mabel (Blair) Beckley Claire (Gilbert) Bishop Mable Adella Blosser James Burden Helen (Burkepyle) Gamertsfelder Nelson Weiler Burris Cloyce A. Christopher Francis Benson Clark Leona Veryl ClJne Blanche (Clippinger) Snavely Helen Marie Coile Charles Fulton Cooper William Dennis Corcoran Harold M. Crumley Martha Alyce (Davis) McLean Ruth (Davis) Rerick Robert Russl-II Doup Mary (Dowds) Houck Earl John Edmister Jeffery Erreti Margaret (Fairchild) Beach Mabel { Fishburn ) Mossie Oma May Frasher Herbert Edwin Graham Bryce Robert Greer " i iam Howard Harris John Henwood Ruth Herrick Sarah Ellen Herrick Cornelia C. Herron Dorothy (Hess) Dunham Mildred Lois Jones Harriett (Krafft) Turner Ruth ( Lamson ) Bateman Kathryn (Lazear) Hess Thelma (Lewis) Weir Samuel Little Fern ( Lucas ) Riley Lloyd Fishburn Martin Claude Vernon McBroom Clyde Victor McBroom Eloisc (McFeely) McCann Paul Hogue McFeely Daisy (Melick) Greer Ruth Mercer Lloyd Styers Michael Dorothy Earle Miller Edward Miller Mildred Evelyn Miller Lawrence Dewitt Mizer Hazel Irene (Mumaw) Heaps Sarah Helen (Murphy) Zeisloft Gladys (Murrin) Nichols Dorothy (Nixon) Dille Sara Elizabeth Neasse Hazel (Peairs) Vernon Margaret Oliver Irene Lyda Pearl Elizabeth G. Porterfield Wilbert Quack Mary ( Ransom ) Fletcher Melvin Staats Riley Fannie (Roberts) Howell Waldo Sutton Rollins Mary Salisbury Grace (Sandy) Rodgers Henry George Sauer John Walter Sauer Ralph McCrory Schafer Rose (Schroeder) Chapman Eddie Haeland Scott Lucille (Smith) Brown Eva (Sparks) Taylor Kenneth Spence Marie (Steinmetz) Wheaton Kenneth J. Stonebrook Payne Whitney Strobel Alfred Swingle Priscilla (Tarr) Thompson Frances (Taylor) Warman Audrey Laura Taylor Elizabeth ( Tulloss) Tucker Claude Turben Cecil Vian Mae (Wagner) Burden Marv Louise Walker Ila (Ward) Kohl Evron Daisy Weekly Frances (Wintermute) Wiborg Edith Mae (Wharton) Strodbeck Hoy Wharton James Irvan Winland Glenn Wilber Woods Glenn Lewis Workman Louise Paul Worley Ruth (Wysner) Warman Ray Harold Yarman Ruth Yauger CLASS OF 1922 Hazel (Agnew) Nugent Robert Chase Appleton Frank Kendrick Baldwin Thyra (Bartlett) Gross Marietta ( Berger ) MahafTey Ethel (Blaine) Porter James Lester Brining Edna (Burke) Kaltenbauch Carl Hays Clark Edith Louise Cleeland Joseph Cawlev Cleeland Marguerite (Cochran) McGugin Olive Bell Colwill Alice (Creeden) Jones Harold Cunningham Paul Dixon Cunningham Lela (Darling) Rollins Charles Lepley Davis Frances ( Dempsey ) Waitc Eleanor ( Dorgan ) Deedrick Harold F. Doughert - Claren Emmett Duke Myron Mitchell Eggleston Banning Errett Kathryn (Fairchild) Green Encil Fletcher Hazel ( Fishburn) Dowds Edith ( Forry ) Parsons B rdie ( Forsman ) Parker Pauline ( Gleeson ) ( Pealer ) Adams Curtis C. Grubb Dana A. Harper Eli F. Harris John Abbott Herron William Glenn Hess Marv Frances (Higgins) Fairchild Kenneth Hofmann Elizabeth ( Hosack ) Folmer Clyde Francis Houck Milda Pauline (Jacobs) McMillen Ruth (Johnson) (Cotle) Car:on Elwood C. Jones Frances E. Jones George Morrow Kahrl Bertrand William Kleiner John R. Lamson Thelma Fredenia Larabee Lorena Latimer Ray Lepley Marjory (Levering) Hofmann Evelyn Levy Eleanor (Lorey) James Joseph McCarthy John C. McKinley Helen ( Merrin ) Breece Ralph Jethro Mill Colin B. Montis Stanley Blair Moore Loren Murray Gordon Clark Nixon Robert A. Odeli Thurston Parker Doris (Pipes) Montis Eldon Earl Porter Hilda (Quack) Wolfe Dorothea (Richards) (Lam:on) Young Winifred (Riley) Sloan Anna (Sanderson) Salisbury Lucy (Scottie) Carpenter Lulu (Scottie) Kaltivasser Doris Alma Simpson Mary Alice (Shutt) Cunningham Leroy A. Slusser Cedric Leland Smith Olive (Smith) Riherd Agnes (Somers) Randall Marv Lois Stonebrook Pauline (Taylor) Warman Irene (Thomas) Tabor Mabel (Twinem) Clouse Cecil Mae (Wheisel) Vernon Ethel Vera (Whetsel) Frye Ethel (White) (Reugh) Carter Ruth (Wintermute) Drew IDean Woods Samuel K. Workman Lewis Charles Wright CLASS OF 1923 Pauline Ashcraff George Parr Ayers Irene Elizabeth (Baker) Strang Marcus Theodore Bell Harold Johnson Berry Harold Arthur Bettinger Robert Francis Beum Royal Beum Chester Keith Bishop Harold Wilson Black Mildred (Bockoven) Vian Dorothy (Bowden) Sperry Genevive (Bradfield) Johns Harold Thomas Brown Mary (Bumpus) Wright James Vance Burson Adin Ballou Capron Clarence Cecil Chrisman Dwight Tucker Cochran Forrest Winfield Coile Ruth (Corcoran) McLarnan Beatrice Ann (Cramer) McKav Harry William Dancey Russell Harvey Darling John Francis Davis Ruth ( Dial) Hoagland Jesse Allen Dougherty Allan Alva Dowds Edna (Fverly) Brokaw Naomi Mae (Fronce) McDona ' d Everett Clifton Fr e Franklin Dennes Giftin Paul Kingston Gilliland Lucille (Gleason) Knerr Lloyd F. Goins Ruth (Green) Halterman Henry Harrison Greer Ruth ( Gunn ) McKenzie Gertrude ( Hagan ) Wright Leone (Hamilton) Henderson Louise Hamilton Violet (Henwood) Oakes Chester G. Hollingsworth John Charles Hookway Bernard Beatus Hoovler John Edward Humbert Waller Barker Humes Mary (Hyatt) Jackson John Weslev Keys Mildred (Kile) Wright Hazel (Kunkle) Pealer Dorotha (Latta) Koehler Josephine Lee Paul Har.-y Lepley John Daniels Lord Alexina (Loriaux) Ackerman Thelma (Lucas) Shreve Bessie (Maflfett) Curran William L. Mahafifey Margaret (Mardis) Trinkner Kenneth Justus Martin Helen Elizabeth (Mayo) Cobb Margaret (McGibney) Fro:t Robert Nelson McGugin Clarence Davis McKown Mayme (McNabb) (Burris) Baldner Charles Newton Mendenhall Dorothea (Mendenhall) Clarkson Mildred (Miller) Bishop Lenora (Mizer) Jackson Jennie (Mondron) Revennaugh Lvnn Chandler Morgan Gladys (Myers) Zeigler Nellie (Nuce) Pfouts Irene (Pacot) Legros Alice (Parker) Vasbinder Vera (Perrine) Grubb Pauline (Porterfield) Ransom Virginia (Pvle) Spearman Ralph Miller Russell Laurel (Roberts) Stoyle Eleanor (Reese) Woodruff John Simon Sawvel Eloise (Scott) Fulmer Rachel (Sevmour) Shipley Theresa (Shafer) McKee Roy Lovejoy Shields Norman Theodore Smith Ethyl (Snyder) Cool Naomi (Swigart) Soka Angeline (Swoger) (Trow- bridge) Eleanor (Taylor) Dietrich Kathrvn (Twinen) Sapp Bernice (Van Nausdale) Stoddard Minnie (Vess) Pipes Homer Coleman White Russell James Willett Marv Louise (Wirwille) Ryan Marian Palmer Woolson Helen (Workman) Harner Eleanor (Worley) Sullivan Kathryn (Wynkoop) Clark George William Wythe George William Yauger Lloyd Allan Yoakam Carson Young CLASS OF 1924 Clarence Evan Allen Edith (Babbs) West Albert Theodore Ballard Vaughn Banning Marie Susan (Barr) Lovell Richard Kenneth Barrier Elizabeth (Bell) Williams Sara ( Berger ) Moody Ruth (Bird) Cochran Robert Lee Blair Helen (Breece) Levering Thelma G. Bricker Donald Harry Browne Arthur Glenn Burke George Wells Burris John Curtis Burris Robert Clow Burris Thelma (Burris) Sharp Junior Gardner Clark Inez Cleo (Cochran) McClead Lake Cochran Martha Faun Cochran Leatha (Conkling) Lahmon 302 Annis (Conley) Miller Graycc Conn Dwiglu Schuvlcr Cooper Clifford Cohvill FJith lU-lcn ( uiler Olixc H. n.ilryniplc Doroth Arittt.i Doup Elizabeth IstL-lla Doup Miriam Oiibinsky Joe Dwi ;lu Dunlap Mildreii (I-arnesi) McDonald Priscilla Elizabeth Farago James Harold Fawcett Prince Finlayson Roberc G. Forsburp Dolores Forsythe Martine ( Fox) Mill Lorin Shaffer Gaines Rose FUen (Gaines) Sayles Alice Gardiner Charles Grier Leonard Griffith Aithea Hardy Edgar Hays Lawrence Hedges Opal (Hendcrshot) VanValey Fdna Cleo (Henry) Boyd Kathr n E. Herrick Homer D. Hill Isabelle F. ( Hofmann ) Schlairet Gerald Stanley Hudson Charles Jackson Floyd Elmus Jacobs Pauline (Jones) Woods Marguerite (Knccht) Weidner Dean Elmo Levering Venore (Lowther) Shade Marguerite ( Lucas) Erbin loe Masteller " Ward W. McDonald Frederick L. Merrin Imogene ( Michael ) Montgomery Paul Monroe Edwin A. Montgomery Edith Marie Murphy Emma Jane (Nell) Booth Dorothy ( Newton ) Lawrence Frances (Nixon) Walton Eleanor C. Owens Beatrice (Pembrook) Rortman Millard M. Pitkin Helen (Proper) Vannatta Wauneta Ralston Alien Reed Hubert Rhoads Pauline (Robertson) Hoiibler Lewis Robinson Pauline (Rogers) Allen Loren Smith Ryan Marguerite Ryburn Louise ( Salisbury ) { Rhoades) Duncan Carlos Sapp Thomas Henry Sapp Hazel (Scottic) Crowthers Katherine Service Gothard H. Shutt Thomas Walter Shutt Charles Sigler Nina (Simmonds) Lipps Alexander Smith Ronald Spohn Eugene Stamm Mae Eleanor Steinmetz Martha (Steinmetz) Lamson Albert Clyde Stonebrook Thornley Stream Charles Banning Sutton Ralph Waldo Swank Kenneth Harley Sweet Ruth (Taylor) (Waiters) Vaughan Ethel Bernice Thomas Gladys (Thomas) Jennings Carolyn (Tulloss) Black Everhart Turner Edith (Vernon) Brinning Mildred (Walpole) Woolford Allen Leroy Watters Bernice Ima (Weekly) Butler Harold Weidner Dorothy E. (Winder) Harvey Ruth Wirville Ruth Frances Woolson Virginia L. Workman Carmen Cleola (Wright) Sadowski Herbert Clinton Wyant Mary ( Yarman ) Harris CLASS OF 1925 Elmer William Adams Eulala L. Amos Mary (. Arndt ) Rahming George Andrew Ball Augusta (Banning Miller Margaret ( Banning ) Pritchard Nellii ' J. Blair Dorothy ( Beboui ) Bateman Kathr n ( Bell ) Benson Lillian ( Berger ) Sawvel Sara (Bermont) Hagan Lucille (Blue) Lambilotte Arthur F. Brown Gertrude (Campbell ) Appleton Ada ( Carpenter ) Haugcr Dorothy M. Carpenter Glenn S. Carpenter Isabelle (Clark) Peugh Eva ( Cline) Ernest Celestia Louise Conn Marcella Cooksey Albert Lockwood Crider Ruth (Daily) Bastin William Lyle Davis Fern ( Doup ) Pealer Gertrude Dripps Charles Floyd Ellis Cleota Fern Fogle Etha L. Forsburg Dale M. Fowler Hazel (Fowler) McFarland Kenneth S. Genson Ruth (George) Smith Corda (Giflin) Lifer Oscar N. Gilt Carolyn C. Goins Frances (Gorsuch) Martin Carroll R. Grimm Blanche Grosscup Willard M. Guntner Melvin Charles Hagan Harriett V. Hall Wilda (Harker) Gantt Mabel E. Harmond Ray M. Harris Martha Irene Harrison Eunice L. Hedges Ralph Henwood Dorothy ( Houck ) Potts Eleanor ( Humbert ) Durbin Bernice (Jackson) Hill Don C. Jackson Howard Edgar Johnson Robert B. Kerr Elwood B. Layfield John M. Lazear Arthur Lisle Lewis Eleanor V. Lewis Everett H. Lewis Henrietta L. Lord Mildred ( Lorenrz Sebring Kathryn ( Marker ) Myers Olive (Marshall) Colwill Russell L. McCollum Faye ( McDermott ) Parker Isabelle McFeely Robert J. McGibney Mildred (Mendenhall) Dunn Cedric Black Mill Forrest P. Monroe Lawrence B. Moore Lillian (Murray) Winland James Albert Parker Alice (Pearl) Wintermute Dorothy ( Peterson ) Brown Emmaretta (Phillips) Lay Evelyn (Pursel) (Davis) Dunlap Robert D. Ransom Elizabeth Idele Reed Lutie (Reeder) Kathary Henry G. Richards Verna May Rine Lillian (Rohler) Rhoads Elmo M. Rowley Louise (Sawvel) Winklerprins William L. Scarbrough Alice (Shipley) Burson Clarence Louis Shore Luella (Simmons) Hayes Gwen (Singrey) Turner Verna Slusser Harry Sinclair Smith Ralph B. Smith Mary ( Spearman ) Quack Ernest Springer William Elliott Stoyle Vera (Swank) Lemon Tre a (S ank) Keeling Bernice P. Thomas Lethel Irene Thomas Mary (Thomas) Levering Hilda Marie Turner William Paul Turner Wilber F. Ulcry Eleanor V. L ' ndcrwood Free Vail Eleanor (Wagner) Weaver Joanne ( Walker ) Stanfield lohn William Warman Charles A. Way Fdwarti F. White Fthelyne (Winland) Stoyle Margaret (Winters) Stamm Ruth (Wolfe) Nettleton Audrey Wright Harriett (Wright) Berger Glenn Flmer Wythe Helen ( ' oung) Tuller CLASS OF 1926 William C. Ackerman Marguerite (Arck) Rightmire Cleo (Ashbaugh) (Gaylord) Dunmire Lenahell (Baldwin) Scrvais Robert A. Baltzell Densil C. Bartlett Sara ( Basnett ) McConagha Alice ( Bell) Rushton Marv (Biggs) Schell Alice (Bricker) Smith Anna Edith Brown Mildred (Brown) Moore Margaret (Brown) Thompson Norma (Bryan) Payne Genevieve (Burgess) McNeal Lois (Burnett) (VanVoorhis) Sapp , Edna ( Byrd ) Carter Bertha (Caine) Kepher Stella Isabel Chrisman Mildred (Claggett) Higgins Marjorie (Cocanour) Connor Kenneth Corcoran Dorothy (Critchfield) ( Poor- baugh) Koch Blanche (Cutler) Rock Endora (Davis) Simpson Ruth (Davis) Terrel Stanton J. Dick Walter George Donaldson Dorothv (Doup) Rush Pat J. bowdell Paul W. Dunmire Helen (Durbin) Sdcott Burdella (Earlywine) Berry Lorene C. Ernest George E. Fouch Arthur Francis Gardner Helen (Garland) Young Alwyn S. Gerhart Edith (Gilmore) Zeigler Harry G. Gorsuch Robert M. Greer. Jr. Mildred Francis Haas Avarilla (Harris) Gossett Grace (Hogle) Walker Marguerite (Hosack) Cooper Mabel (Hull) Miller Evelyn (Jones) Bliss Victor Vernon Jones K. Allin Kahrl Cora Elizabeth Keys Leona Merle Kile George Knecht. Jr. Ruby ( Lauderbaugh ) Beckholt Sylvia ( Leedy ) Glasgo William Lloyd Leonard Ivan K. Lepiey Bertha (Lewis) Dunn Edward David Longaker Frederick Lorey William L. Lucas Margaret E. Mahaffey Don Masteller Geneva (Masteller) Jacobs , Marjorie (Mathenv) Ackerman Walter Mayo Ruth (McCarthy) Foster Elizabeth (McGibney) Halterman Robert C. McKown Edith (Metcalf) Blackburn Esther (Miller) Saunders Louis W. Moore Lucille (Moore) Stuller Carl Mosher Elsie B. (Neighbarger) Lentsch Myrtle ( Nugent) McKown Howard Samuel Ogg William Kenneth Payne Gordon Pumphrey Marianne (Pyle) Ehrenfried Ruth (Ransom) Sundin Mary E. Reed Ila ( Rearick ) Jackson John J. Rinehart Donald F. Roby Ona (Rockwell) Hayes Ruth (Rohler) Smith Edna ( Sebach ) McKinstry Ellen Louise Smith Wa ne Eban Smith Harry P. Snyder Frances (Spellman ) Kunkel W. Vance Stevens Francis Marion Stimmel Mary (Sutton) Gleeson Catherine ( Thomp :on ) Smith Helen (Trenwith) Wiebe CJiarles Arthur Tucker Don E. VanVoorhis Clara ( Vernon ) Steinmetz Pauline Voorhees Edwin C. Way Lockhart Wayt Howard White Milford A. Winland Frances (Wolverton) Taylor Dollie (Wyant) Shimer Maude (Yarman) Fawcett Louise ( ' eager ) Smith Francine D. ( ' erian) White Kathryn ( ' oung) Marshal! Mae Fern ( ' oung) Horn CLASS OF 1927 John C. Agnew Clarence Richard Allen James Reed Alsdorf Charles F. Balcom Charles S. Baldwin Frances (Beam) Jackson James Alfred Beam Naomi Fay (Bel!) Hawkins Donald H. Birnie William H. Blair Mildred ( Brentlinger ) Johnson Kathryn (Bricker) Smith Bruce Ernest Burgess Mystel (Burson) Williamson Josephine M. Campbell Donald W. Champion Claude C. Chrisman John C. Cochran Ruth Elizabeth Conley Virta ( Cook ) Duncan Virgie Coss Carroll B. Crowthers Madge Ruth (Davis) Beach Georgette { Delporie) Feeney Elizabeth C. Devalon Paul K. Dowds Naomi Ruth Dubinsky Julia ( Elliot) Harris Frederick J. Emiey Claude C. Ernest Ruth E. Fawcett Eva ( Francis ) Brown Louise (Gaines) Williams Wyona F. Geary Grace Haas Bertha I. Hampshire Margaret ( Heldenbrand ) Johnson Josephine (Hogue) Russell Clayton Kinsey Howard Carl E. Hull Virgil B. Jacobs Isabel Jewell George Henry Jones Frieda (Knox) LaFever William Henry Kohl Donald F. Lafferre Mabel (Lauderbaugh) Hess Ethel Isabelle Laymon T. Davis Lemasters Lawrence C. Lewis Sarah (Lewis) Rowley Helen (Lore) Mill Pauline (Lorentz) Cooper Ruth (Marker) McKinley Charles Bernard Mayle Roy McCalla Vergie (McDonald) Smith Paul C. McGibnev Blanche (McLain) Welker Ruth McManis Ruth Mildred Mills Robert H. Moxley Grace Evelyn Myers Helen (Neass) Moore Arabella Newton Gwendolyn ( Nixon ) Lester Elsie Grace Paazig Lester S. Pearl Elio Pilotti Bernice Ralston Dorothy Jane Reed Bessie (Roberts) Ransom Eleanor (Roberts) Langon Catherine ( Ruble ) Gardner 303 Robert Ryali Donald Sadler Orrell May Sellers Betty (Severns) Kerr Josephine (Severns) Blrnie Alice Spencer Philip M. Stinemates Marguerite ( Taylor ) Ferenbaugh Jean ( Thompson ) Barncord Ralph S. Trott Harriett A. (Tulloss) Brenneman Delee M. VanNausdlc Leo Paul VanRhoden Kathleen (Ward) Caywood Hugh H. Wayt Berdella (West) Warman James M. White -i Pearl Williams Aurice A. ( Winterringer ) Magers Mabel (Wisner) Johnson Anna (Woolison) Orsborne Catherine (Worley) Yo ' jng Burr Alva Wyant Virginia (Young ) Neil CLASS OF 1928 Margaret (Adams) Baker Mildred (Baker) Olvey Clementine ( Balcom ) LJtzenberg Ruth (Bebout) Ball Ruth Bernvce Bell William J. Biggs Clifford Dale Black Albert V. Blampain William James Bricker Gladys (Brock) Kreps Wilbur L. Brown Pearl (Burgoon) Leedy Gladys (Burke) Walden Clinton Louis Burris Thelma (Burris) Schrack Kenneth Lynde Cochran Roberta (Cole) Johnson Virginia (Cotton) Lazear Herbert Stoffel Day Wilma E. (Deem) Neighbarger Raymond W. Dennison. Ruth (Doty) HeffelJinger Ruby (Dowds) Swank Odessa Dubinsky Edna Grace Frye Frederick Frye Blanche E. George Bernice C. Goss Ruth Charlotte Graham Alice (Grosscup) Gerber Gordon C. Grubb Robert C. Grubb Herbert V. Hanna Denzil W. Harding Elizabeth M. Hauger Frank H. Houck Sara E. (Humbert) Holcombe Roland T. Hyatt Charles P. Ilger John Italiano Archie R. Jackson Margaret Louise Jamison Dan G. Johnson Harold C. Johnson John Ray Johnson Frances Ellen Johnston Edith (Kearns) Baker Ethel Marguerite Kearns Bettie (Kerr) Kaufman Annie ( Kirkpatrick ) Phillips Helen (Kleiner) Dunmire Gilbert Erie Knox Elizabeth Ann (Koons) Miller Dorothy (Lake) Mondron Fernand Lannoy Virgil Kenneth Lazear Irene L Lepley WN. Ruth Ligget Lela (Litzenberg) Myers Raymond Lord. Jr. Martha Francis (Mahaffey) Gordon Marguerite Irene Mann Lucille (McColIum) Greer Solon McDonald Earle C. McKay Lynn McKinley Margaret L. (Merrin) Hcnningen Glen Dale Mills Iris (Mitchell) Scott James Gilbert Mizer Raymond P. Mondron . Ronald R. Murray J Frances Newsom Charles Olvey Laverna Osborn Irene E. Paques Joseph Hussc Park Cecil Lewis Porter Eleanor Kathleen Posile Marcene E. (Pumphrey) Gabel Pauline Louise Ralston Sidney Frederick Ramsey Robert Rine Doris (Rockwell) Mizer Estley Ross Lillian Scarbrough Charles H. Scottie Eunice ( Sensel ) Mendenhall Harry Lisle Shafer Ronald Nelson Skeen Elizabeth ( Sleeman ) Stonebrook Florence (Smith) Barton Ethel Soles Gordon L. Speelman Helen Darrah Strong Kathleen (Summers) Radabaugh Juanita (Sumtimer) Adams Robert Swanson Kirk L. Taylor Chelcie O. Thornberry Wyno na Irene (Tucker) McNaughton Charles J. LInderwood Louise (Van Voorhis) Eberle Ellis Harry Veatch Julia Alwilda Way Marjorie Westcott Carrol L. White Charles L. Williams Eleanor (Williams ) Ralston Mary Louise Williamson William E. Wing Marv Jo (Wintermute) Kent Frederick C Wolfe Alberta Workman Twyla Workman George Yingling CLASS OF 1929 Mary Elizabeth Aber John Carlton Babbs Vance K. Bartlett Leland A. Barton Thurlowe E. Beeman John Keith Bell Vesta M. Bishop Marshall B. Bonsell Esther (Braddock) Parseau Doris (Bricker) Bergman Irene N. Brown William C. Buell Ila R. Buskirk Charles T. Carpenter Mildred Carpenter Margaret ( Champion ) Jacobs Betty (Clawson) Rice Lawrence W. Conkling Evelyn ( Conley ) Kahrl Phillip M. Corcoran Harold D. Cornell Maurice V. Cornell Curtis W. Cotton Robert Paul Cranmer Joseph Neil Crill Beatrice ( Curran ) Cain Ralph Leroy Daily Paul W. Davis Jessie (Dawdy) Rogers George E. Deeley Imogene (Denny) Barnes Marjorie M. Disinger Margaret (Doup) Agnew Ronald E. Doup Marjorie E. Dowds Robert C. Dunson Paul E. Durbin Mary C- Edman Robert Charles Ewalt Burdetta ( Fawcett) Dudgeon Marian (Gibbony) Shafer Emily (Gibson) Sesser Edna (Gifhn) Black Coreta Cora Harris Claude S. Hoffman Wilma (Home) Dowds Carroll E. Horner Mabel Irene Hough Howard Humbert Howard P. Hunt Helen ( Hy warden ) Bass Helen Lillian Jacobs Ruth Johnson Margaret (Jones) Rinehart Irene N. Lattimore Ruth Magill Pauline ( McClellan ) Nuce Dorothy (McClusky Gilliland ar ' 0 ic L. McCo Elizabeth M. Mclntire Winifred McKay Henry W. Meinecke Frederick E. Mills Audrey Nethers Bertha Maria Paques Pauline (Pealer) Kuivinen Bertha ( Petterson ) Moffitt Esma M. Pilotti Paul Elden Pipes Kathryn Ann (Piatt) Hartman Bett - (Ransom) Nash Catherine (Richards) Moushey Dana Erwin Riley Frederick J. Rine Mabel (Roberts) Day Mary Agnes Roberts Shirley Esther (Ruble) Travis Clara (Scottie) Harmon Velma M. Shaffer Cecil Elbert Soles Jessie ( Sperry ) L ' pdike Walter Springer Ruth (Stoneboork) (Buell) Fishbaugh Lloyd K. Swadener Evelyn ( Tarr ) Watson Glenn W. Tarr Florence (Thomas) Carter Olive (Trenwith) Warner Robert G. Turner William Twinem Genevieve Wagoner Frances (Ward) McKelvey William E. Wayt Katherine (Wells) Neighbarger TwTla A. Welsh Leona (Williams) Williams Paula Ora (Wilmotte) McKee Verne Brokaw Wooicon John T. Worley Richard E. Wynkoop Lawrence Yarman CLASS OF 1930 Leroy William Balcom Louise (Baldwin) Walker Frederick M. Baltzell Elizabeth (Bell) Fawcett Roberta (Black) Braden Isabel (Bricker) Dowdell Grace (Brock) Williams Helen Cecile Burgess Violet (Burgess) Bricker Helen Louise Burke Geneva Fay Busenburg Paul Lester Clark Mary Ann Clarke Louis Smith Clutter Louise (Cochran) Dando Wilbur Arthur Cochran Freida Coss Ruth (Cutler) Corwin Lawrence A. Dalrymple Jane Annette Deeley Ethel (Deem) Corcor an Leona ( Delporte ) Humbert Mildred ( Dennison ) Lilly Ralph Allen Dudgeon Fuller Lease Dunson Joseph I. Ferenbaugh Margaret Lee Fleming Dale Dean Fletcher Raymond Francis Genin John D. Gerwick Olive Mae (Giffin) Derbaum Velma Creta Gleeson Harold Lloyd Green Ralph William Harris Charles A. Hartley Nelda (Haves) Akron William E. Hayes Roma Loretta Hess Frank Italiano Tony Italiano Robert Jennings Edith (Johnson) Baltzell Pauline Johnson Nelson J. Jones Elizabeth (Kennedy) Tinkham Helen Mae Klein Thomas Junior Klein Bertha (Knecht ) Brown Lawrence B. Kunkle Velma Kunkle Karl Judson Lamson Lucille (Lewis) Morgan Margaret (Mayle) Coles Mary (McCalla) Klabough Agnes (McDonald) Springer Doris Irene McGugin James Edward McK-e Dorotliy ( McKinstr ' ) Mjrphv Ruth ( !endenhall ) Lorev Haro ' d Walter Miller Ralph E. Miller Romaine Eugene Mondron Mary Frances Monroe Richard Olen Moore Bessie L. Mossholder Mildred (Murray) Horn Clarence W. Nixon H. Louise O Brien ohn B. Paques Ppymond G. Patterson Trances ( Pembrook ) (Lantz) Arkell Isabel ( Peterson) Stein Dorothy Louise Peugh Velma Helen Peugh Edna (Phillips) Noce Iris Nadene Phillips Roberta (Pursel) Moore George C. Ramsey Helen ( Ransom ) ( Sebach ) Bricker Irene Ransom Alma (Rinehart) Railey Everett Cring Robinson Dwight Carlton Ruby Sue Elizabeth Sanderson Dorothy Mary Schury Carl Theodore Schutz Ronald Edward Scott George C. Shellenbarger Eleanor (Shutt) George Ruth Elinor Silvester Kenneth M. Simpkins Alfred Jesse Sleeman Mabel E. Snyder Harold Leroy Sowers Beatrice Mae Sparks Mary ( Stewart) Sleeper Leroy Stuller Madeline Swank Leonard William Swanson Mary Emma Taylor Sara Naomi (Taylor) Jacobs Mary ( Turner ) Montgomery Winona (Vail) Wyant Frank VanVoorhis, Jr. James Trimble Walker Robert L. Walker William Pratt Ward Donna Carine Warning George Brown VChite Martha (White) Bell Banning Whittington Paul Williams William Withgott James Lee Woodland Gertrude (Woolison) Cox Elizabeth (Workman) Lash Carl Brenion Wyant Ina Pearl (Young) Lanning Minnie Lavilla Zedaker CLASS OF 1931 Herbert E. Agnew Harriet (Alrenburg) Lehmon Jeannette Antoine Florence (Apple) Hamilton Basil H. Bair Belinda Beam Margaret A. Beeman Merrel F. Beeman Mabfcl (Bell) Fawcett Beatrice (Belt) (Simmons) Firestone Nell- ' f Lizetie Bonham Monroe C. Bouton Henry W. Brown Robert Philip Brown Thomas Harold Burnett Irene (Calkins) Lunn Esther Margaret Carter Gladys (Chambers) Bricker Robert G. Champion Noreen Cherr holmes Ralph M. Clark Dorothy Marie Coe Helen ( Conley) Tiedeman Margaret (Coon) Scarbrough Thelma (Cramer) Gaines Miller Daily Eileen M. Davis Richard L. Day Harold Eugene Denman Annretta (Devote) Fadely Viva Lenora Eckert Helene H. Ernest T. John Ewart Margaret M. Ferenbaugh David Ferguson Mary (Fisliburn) Mintier Donald E. Frye Edna (Gaines) Hillier Freeman A. Gehres Delia Amelia Goodman Marguerite ( Hanna ) Lewis 304 Katherinc (Hayes) Lcmasters Ruth ( Hcndinj;ton ) Brown I.oiuM.- lUit ' n) SiIiItsinpLT Hli .vhcth (JiukMin) Haynt-s R.n niond Jackson Pauline (Johnson) Ilutsell Howard Lerov Jones Arlene (Joris) Ma za Ruth (Kirbyl Ik-ukin AlitL- ( " . Kirkpatrick Barbara J. (l.afevcr) Fant Lillian ( Lani;ford ) Brown Ruth Salmoe Lcitcr RonaUl A. Lemastt-rs Clarahc ' lk- ( Lewis) McKinley Robert S. Lorey Dorotln V.. Manross W illiani McCracken Arthur D. McGibney Lthel Marie (McMillen) Bowers John R. McMilkn Dorothea Marie Meinecke Harold C. Mills Lauretta ( Monroe) Gullett James M. Morris Pauline ( Neldon ) ( " onnor Dorothy (Nelson) Long Kathryn (Oakes) Varman Janet E. Ogle Alice Rebecca Paazig Louis S. Patoux Bessie (Perry) Law;on Burt Pharis Mannie L. Pilotii Lloyd Edward Pipes George B. Ransom Margaret (Roberts) Kymer Marie (Roberts) Shapter Ruth M. Robertson ' ictoria M. Robinson Margaret (Rouse) Williams Walter M. Rudin Byron Weiker Sapp Esther (Schonauer) Hall John W. Shackelford Thelma ( Sheffer ) Stream Albert F. Shorkey Kathryn (Sleeman) Williams George D. Smith Mildred (Soles) Dunn H. Richard Spittle Floyd David Spohn Wiiliam Richard Stamm Robert Leslie Sullivan George F. Tanner Donald Day Tarr Marjorie (Tarr) Risko Charles B. Taylor William George Turner Eloise M. L ' mphryes Lucile J. L ' mphryes Guy Van Nostrand, Jr. Roy V anRiper James T. VanVoorhis Mrytle Alice VanVoorhis Dwaine A. Wagoner Kenneth Warman Reva (White) Hayes Ruth (Wilkins) Mitchell Paul M. Winder Jean Woolson Mary (Workman) Diggles Mildred (Workman ) Blamplain Paul M. Yoakum David Young CLASS OF 1932 Marion { Allspaugh) Sturgess Richard Gray Anderson Ralph Lore Barton Christeen C. Beach Elizabeth ( Beach ) James Geraldine (Bevington) Drabick Eloise Marj Bischoff Lorene Bowman Robert E. Bricker Mary (Brock) Mill George R. Booker Norman C. Burgess Elsie (Bushong) Miller John Thomas Carpenter Margaret V. Clark Samuel Amos Clark Jane (Clarke) Parke Jane ( Claypool ) Robbins Margaret (Coe) Lybarger William O. Coe Carolyn ( Cozad ) Cochlan Eulaylah Ethel (Craig) Sorenson Mary ( Deeley ) Pond Susan ( Deeley ) Titus Georgette (Delgouffre) Gaumer Charles Andrew Dudgeon Cecil Durhin Iscah E. (Dutt) Meecham Marv Ellen (Fettig) Speelmnn Ruth M. ( Fowler) Smith Ronald Frtzzell Robert Richard George. Jr. Ruth Nora Gibbon Mary Alice (Gitlln) Miller Lawrence Goodman Lillian Belle Cioossens John William Gost ( ' lara Frances Graham Dale Allen Graham Dorothy Henrietta Grant Robert (;iark Headington Harriett ( Herron ) Babbs Conard J. Hill Irene S. Hoovler Lillian (Hoovler) Berger Harry lUrich Horner Edna Lucille Houbler Llo ' d Buxton Humbert George Edward Kearns Alise B. Kelker _ John Franklin Kost Mary Grace (Kunkle) Francis Charles Darwin Lake Madeline ( Lamb il lot te) Wallot Ernest Edward Lannoy Margretta (Laukhuff) Stimus Fletcher H. Lawrence Alberta ( Lee) Voss N ' irginia Lewis Edith (Line) White Merle Cotton L barger Dorothy E. (Lytle) Doup Glendon Cecil Magill Ruth (Mavis) Schonauer Kenneth Paul McCoy Helen A. McFarland Pauline Lucille Mclntire Ruth (McLain) McCleary Conard McLarnan Mary (McNeil) Winger Arthur E. Metcalfe Dorothea Mae (Miller) Vess Glenn Irving Mowery Eleanor (Meyers) Dailey Alden Bajard Oakes Raymond C. Perrine Nelson Pitkin Oliver Paul Porterfield Betty (Rawlinson) Mild Theodore Lloyd Reisman John Franklin Rine Robert R. Rollins Donald T. Ryburn Alice Elmina Scottie Henry Verdell Sebach Stanley William Simmons Lucille (Staats) Peterson Lloyd Dale Strouse Sarah Louella Swigart Margaret (Thiel) McCormick Clarabelle (Thomas) McLarnan Virginia B. Thompson Kathleen (Trott) Mullen Carita (Vannatta) Harrod Virginia (Walker) Bone Mary Elizabeth Weirick Marguerite (Wenger) Yarman Emma L. Williams Lester Louis Williams Rubv (Woolison) Hyatt Martha (Workman) Hall Marjorie (Wythe) Wagoner Fred T. Yeager Charles F. Zinc CLASS OF 1933 Darwin Alexander Elizabeth (Anderson) (Jenkins) Maushund Walter Sapp Armstrong Mary Katherine (Balo) Sterner Charles H. Banning Rene Bastine Margaret (Bell) Fawcett Virginia (Bogardus) Jackson Willtam H. Botkin Lena (Boyle) Paques Naomi Grace Braddock Geraldine ( Breece ) Myers Wilma (Brown) Wagner Webster Buell Antoinette ( Burgoon ) Lehman Hazel (Butler) Brady Jennie (Camillo) Hawkins Benjamin Williams Capron Elizabeth (Cave) Levering Elizabeth ( Charl ' on ) Sheppard Dan L. Chase George Preston Chase Martha (Clark) WestfatI R. Wesley Cochran Clarence Marion ( olwill Violet (Clookman) Miller Vivian (Cornet) Roth Floy (Coss ) ( Teeters ) Barnum Ann ( Creeilen ) Proper Audrey Louise Critler Carl Trac ' Clrunuine Charles Fretierick C ureton Walter C. Curtis. Jr. (Caroline (Denney) Kuss Kathrvn ( Denhart ) Jennings Evelyn (Dilley) Bong Elizabeth (Dudgeon) (!lippinger Russell Justin Durieux James Lewis Earl Mary (Fleming) McKee Martha (Fowler) ' oakum Ruth (Gibbs) (Italiano) Dalrymple Betty (Goodman) McClelland Richard C lyde Green Mary (Grubb) Spearman Wesley Martin Gueulette Charles Hachat Dorothy (Hall) Bitzel Marguerite (Hayes) Taylor Lillian ( Highman ) Fairman Mary ( Hiles) Den man Pauline (Hoar) King Isabel ( Hoffman) Church Miona (Llookway) Rule Pauline (Hunter) Graham Eleanor (Jackson) Richert Olive (Jadwin) Heysman Marian ( Jester ) Curtis Dorothy (Johnson) Heimsch Reba (Johnson) Bartlett Guy G. Kearns James King Elizabeth (Lantz) Harris Norma (Long) Doup Hubert Carl Lore Carroll Myron Lybarger Marcella (Magill) Worley Glenn A. Maver Sarah (McCalla) Wolfe Charlotte (McClusky) Thuma Howard William McCoy Dan W. McKay Rose A. Michaux Robert Saunders Mill Ralph R. Mondron Audrey E. (Morton) Roeser Edgar F. Morton Rosemary (Murphy) McDonough Doris (Nethers) McDonough Robert J. Nixon Martha (Nolin) Jordan Lucille Norrick Grace (North) Carter Eloise (Ogg) Goodall Mary (Olvey) Gardner Susan Ingram Owen Lydia Park Ronald David Parker Myrle Patterson Aretas Earl Peugh Ruth (Phillips) Seaman June (Pipes) Summers Robert Joseph Porter Gail W. Porterfield Lucille Rearick Dorothy (Reisman) White Frank A. Rine Louise (Roberts) Dauphin Donna L. Robertson Alberta (Robinson) Coffing James H. Rohler Betty (Rollins) Palmer Mary (Scarbrough) Bowie Faye (Selby) Robinson Richard Shorkey Robert J. Simmons Bernard Edmund Smith Mary L. (Smith) Lybarger John A. Speelman Ned Shirley Spence Wilmot C. Sperry Robert F. Stamm Russell C. Summers Helen (Sutherland) Earl Ellen Margaret Swanson Mary E. (Taylor) Holmes Dorothy Wright Tracy Carolyn (VanAman) Crumrine Maxine (Wagoner) Butler William Kay Walker Frederick Charles White Robert B. White Laura Arlene Workman Ralph W. Workman Reynetta " ' erian (Silverwood) Mary Lou (Zeisloft) (ioodson CLASS OF 1934 Regna (Adams) Butler Robert H. Alexander Ray R. Anderson ' olanda A. Arquilla Agnes (Bair) Taugher Rosalie (Balo) Squires Rowena (Balo) McKowan Flora (Banning) Baxter Jack C. Beck Edward Eugene Beeman Alnieda (Bell) George LeRoy Bell William T. Black Carroll Paige Bricker George W. Bricker Wilford E. Brown Mary (Burger) Petit John L. Burgoon Dorothy (Butler) Phillips Robert R. Carpenter Frank Chambers Betty Champion Robert W. Chilcote Charles Dean Clark Ned Cochran Rebecca Kenyon Coup George Robert Craig Ruby Crunkilton Grace Lenora Dailey Francis William Dalrymple Opal (Darnold) VanRiper Vivian Grace Davidson Benjamin Charles Deeley Emily (Deeley) Gerwick Dora (Deem) Blubaugh Earl Donaldson Alice (Dowdell) Bland Ruth (Dowds) Richardson Letha (Farmer) Ferguson James Edward Ferguson James Francis Ferguson Mae (Ferguson) Caughenbaugh Jane (Fettig) Netolick Jack Fink Mildred (Fletcher) Vanatta Virginia I. (Fowler) Curtis Ithna (Gaines) Workman Kenneth A. Gearhart Bernadette (Gerard) Oakes Kenneth Charles Gerard Parma (Grubb) Horn Mary (Haas) Cochran Kenneth Charles Hanna Nellie (Harris) Salli Isabel (Hepler) Long Hugh Eaton Hookway Leslie C. Horn Gladys (Houbler) Ferrin Mildred (Hubbell) McKay Robert Humbert Katherine Margaret Hunter Richard E. Hunter Jackson Fenton Jenkins Thelma (Jennings) Conkle Maizie Jones John Robert Kaser Grace (Kerst) Hunt John L. Kilkenny Eileen (Kirkpatrick) Payne Jack M. Korns Robert J. Latherns Raymond W. Lahmon Kathryn (Lepley) Sutton Carmen (Levering) Gilchrist Harry C. Litzenberg Pansy Mae Lober Evelyn (Lockard) Patrick Wayne A. Lonzo Emile L. Loriaux Grace (Lynde) Rice Martha (Maxwell) White Paul L. McManis Beulah (Michaux) Burris James E. Miller Robert L. Mintier Marjorie (Moore) Boyle Ruth (Morgan) Miller Irene (Mowrey) Leedy Margaret E. Nash Genevieve (Neldon) Mild Virginia (Nelson) Parnell Ina Leona Newell Katherine (Olvey) Garzieri Jennie (Paques) Hunt John Parker Gayle (Parsons) Willard Helen E. Payne Rosie (Perotti) Pribonic Lyie Peterson Katherine (Peterson) Purinton 305 Leo E. Pilotti Julia E. Porter John Q. Porter Harry Pursel I Betty (Reeder) Edgerton •JEthel Reynolds Emmett H. Riley Russell ). Roberts Joseph D. Rogers Nile Leslie Sherman Bernard Eugene Smith Hazel (Spittle) McMahon VC ' ayne Martin Spohn Betty (Staats) Koons Margaret Helen Stephens Frances (Sharp) Phillips Mary Louise (Stephens) Burgess Donald W. Sutherland Harold L. Tarr Edgar Terry, Jr. Charles Clinton Thomas Margaret Ann (Thompson) Eair Lynn Thuma Betty (Trott) Doup Phyllis (Tucker) Kriner Vernon Warren Unroe Stanley Blair Vail Alberta (VanRhoden) Rohlcr Richard Milton Veatch Donald S. Vernon George A. Wallot Agnes Watson Hugh Watson Dorothy (West) (Hunter) Snook Kenneth Wenger Williams Robert Wissinger Elaine Verna White William Donald Woolson Jack A. Workman Dorothy Eleanor Wright Marjorie (Wright) Keil Robert William Zink CLASS OF 1935 Charles Ackerman Marshall Adams Hazel (Agnew) RummcU Clement Amicon Ethel Ann (Bailey) Kazeor Isabel (Bair) Hayes Marcella (Baker) Ferenbaugh Ralph Baker Roger Bair Lucille Bartlett George Beach Milton Beeman Pauline (Bell) L ' nderwood Robert Bennington Marguerite (Biefnes) Wythe William Blanchard Louis Blanpain Sara ( Boltinghouse) Williams James Boyd Dorothy (Brown) Willets Erma (Brown) Hults William Brown John Bryans Emma Lou Butler Floyd Bumpus Pauline (Burris) Gilliland Donald Butcher Larry Bartlett Raymond Carter Betty (Cline) Ross Donald Chilcote Frederick Coe John Coe Betty Jane (Conn) Kaser Dwight Cornell William Colwell ■ Eugene Cowen Robert Custis Willa June (Cozad) South Curtis Daniels Barbara (Daniels) Buckham George Delgouffre Alice (Dickenson) Mills Pauline (Dudgeon) Litt Doris Dudgeon Dwight Donaldson Floyd Dunmire Leroy Durieux Sara Jane (Eckeri) Elder Daniel Fawcett Mary Eleanor Foster Geraldine Fowler Robert Fox Jack Frible ' Ruth ( Frye ) Revenaugh Edith ( Frye) Martin George Glaros Ellen ( Gost ) Dickson Jean (Gower) Snellings Charles Gray James Grossman Dan Grubb Ruth (Hantman) (Stevens) Cross Eric Hawke Audrey (Higgins) Hammond Frank Hoffman Wilfred Horn Ruth (Hoovler) Kessey Gwyne (Horner) George Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Dorothy (Johnson) Herbert Charlotte (Johnson) Olds Dorothy (Jennings) Tate Dorothy (Kempton) Shirer Marv Lou (Klein) Clark William Kost Margaret (Kunkle) Batten Raymond Lannoy John Lambilotte Jean (Lapp) Fribley Charlotte (Lepley) Doyle Ralph Lipscomb Richard Magers Edna (Mayer) Coffing Floyd Mahard Betty (Mahaffey) Morrow Virginia Masteller Carroll McMillen Lois Sue McCoy Nellie (McMillen) Lannoy Nina (McElroy) Wears Thomas Mill Wayne Mills Rodney Morrison John Neighbarger Wayne Oakes J Gene Payne Ruth (Payne) Hayes Elroy Peacock Lowell Perkins Harold Pealer Samuel Radabaugh Miriam (Remlinger) Updike Mercedes Ross Charlotte (Rossi) Perkins Jennie (Rouse) Crossin Craig Schlessinger Harold Scott William Shutt Gerturde (Simmons) Miller ' Lawrence Simmons Mildred Simmons Rowena (Simmons) Rutland Elizabeth (Smith) Pinar Helen (Spittle) Boyd Dorothy ( Squires) Chilcote Joe Stauffer Walter Striebe! Helen (Swigeart) Rouse Fred Taylor Grace (Teeier) Workman Catherine Tier Lillian Tucker Wilda (Tulloss) Lamson Stephen Ulrey Frances Ulrich Earl LTnderwood Coriniha (Walker) Wallace Emily (Walker) Fletcher Andrew Walton Helen (Watson) Wantland Bernard Weiss Charles White Robert White Dudlev Woolson Robert Wythe Rollin Wilkins CLASS OF 1936 Margaret Armentrout Virginia (Bair) Foss Anna (Baldwin) Bartlett Betty Grace (Barnard) Zellers Neal Bartlett Richard Bartlett Dorotha Barton Jean ( Bebout) Yarrington Joseph Beever Julia (Berry) Busenburg Rachel (Bishop) Beever Betty (Bricker) Hayes Eleanor ( Brown ) Lober Raymond Burgess George Butler Ernest Byers Sarah (Cochran) Wade Anna (Coe) Hines Margaret (Conn) Shaw Marjorie (Cornell) Hare Ruth (Cotrell) McKee Daniel Cowen Charles Crouch Clara Mae (Cunningham) Martin Sam Cureion Mary Dalrymple Nelle ( Dohman ) Duning Fern ( Donaldson ) Crago Charles Everhart Robert Ferrell Flaudean (Fishburn) Schlairet Mildred Fleming William Fribley Ruth (Gatton) Highman Dorothy (Gearhart) Fry Jack George Roberta (Gibson) Yarman Walter Giffin Norma (Gilchrist) Mintier Eileen ( Graham ) Christopher Janet (Graham) King Richard Graham Betty Gregory Dorothy (Grubb ) Harwell Jean (Hall) Dean Virginia (Hatton) Lewis Chauncey Hayes Grace (Hepler) White Margaret (Hopwood) Greenlee Malcolm Hull Lawrence Hunter Edna (Jackson) Hunter Margaret (Jahnke) Brennan James Jenkins Carl Jennings Miles Jessup Paul Jewell Jane (Johnson) Tucker Lawrence Kempton Mariorie ( Kinnard ) Crowley Mildred (Kilroy) Pidwell Bernardine (Koppert) Burgess Ronald Latham Doris (Lepley) Raynor Alice (Lewis) DeWitt Adaline Lloyd Margaret (Lloyd) Barr Alberta (Lober) Sproat Genevieve ( Loney ) Dauphin Corrinne (Lybarger) Commins Helen Lynde John Mahaffey Dorothy (Martin) Belcher Ruth (Mauger) Eyster Helen (Mavis) Banbury Stephen McFarland James McGibney James McKee Bett - (McMillen) Feasel Ralph McPeek Eleanor ( McPherson ) Rohler Betty (Miller) Kerr Glenn Miller Robert Miller Helen (Mills) Wagner Edith Minard Marietta (Mintier) Beal Lucille ( Mondron ) Pryor Marie ( Mumaw ) Trowbridge James Neighbarger Virginia (Newman) Fishburn Bette (Owen) Holmes Jack Parnell Walter Patterson Ruth (Payne) Hogan Robert Purdy Dorothy Queen Helen Rawlinson Betty Jane (Roberts) Morris Grace (Robertson) Giffin Harry Scott John Scott Walter Shuff Gladys Silliman Ellamae (Simmons) Williams Beatrice South Gordon Sperry Ruth (Spindler) Kridel Pauline (Stacey) Hayes Mary (Stauffer) Mcttling Sara (Stauffer) Williamson John Steinmetz Carroll Stephens Warden Stillwell Margcne (Stofer) (Hammond) Crago Betty (Storey) Smith Robert Stull Harry Swoger Ann (Thompson) Lukens Mildred (Tobin) Wilkins Don Trenwith Lawrence L ' nderhill Marguerite (Underbill) Jacobelli John Vail Burr Van Nostrand Jack Van Voorhis Floyd Wharton Carole Williams Juanita (Wilson) Humbert Kenneth Wissinger Ralph Yauger Curtis Yerian CLASS OF 1937 Anne (Adams) Taylor Rebecca (Anderson) Burnham Dorothy Alli on Frederick Bair Phyllis Ann (Bair) Copeland Doris ( Baldwin) Shuff Ralph Baldwin Jocelyn (Baxter) McKee Charlent- ( B.ckholt) NLMghbarger Gerald Beeman Elma Bell Grace Black Roberta Blake Gerald Blue Richard Bond Helen ((Bricker) Workman Hilda (Bricker) McKinstry Margaret (Bricker) George Esther Brown Dale Brown Warren Brown Ernest Brunner Nancy (Budd) Edick Mary Buzzard Helen (Byers) Wagner Charles Chancellor Howard Chester Marguerite (Chester) Brown Dana Cline Daniel Cowen Anita (Cochran) Bair Dorothy Cornelius Ruth Cotrell Verna (Crider ) Richardson Willis Crider Frances Darnold Julia (Delporte) Wolfrom Isabel Dubinsky John Fowler June (Fox) ( Rowe ) Harney Edwin Frank Helen ( Gamble) Spearman Dorothy (Gatton) Steinmetz Marguerite ( Giansante ) Headington John Glaros Louis Grant Richard Grossman Jeanne (Gueulette ) Worthman Gerald Hall Glenn Hamer Ann (Harris) Wilson Wendell Hart Lillian Hickman Harold Hiles Mary Ellen Hiles Helen (Hoovler) Richards Betty (Humbert) Dorsey lona Hunter Miriam Hunter Donald Jackson Paul Jadwin Glen Keigley Richard KeJser Mildred (Kile) VanAman Almina (Knepper) Sherod Lucille (Koontz) Workman Charles Lawrence Owen Leonard Robert Lewis Ruth (Little) George Murray Lockard Marjorie (Lohr) Mullally Emmett Lybarger Richard Lynde Anna ( Mason ) Blackburn M ron Matheny Lowell McCoy Bette (McKenzie) Little Robert McKay Emerson McVey Bernard Metcalf Alice (Mills) Coe Helen (Moore) Shutt Clara Morris Paul Mossholder Margaret (Nolin) Steffy Geraldine (Parker) Carpenter John Payne Loma Perry 306 Hc(cy Jiinc (Phillips) Fox J.imcs Rim- Vli abL-th ( Rilfv ) W-rnon Philip Robinson l-ii ;t ' nc Rogers Antoinette ( Rossi ) Sowers . ( Lcil (Rouse) Adams Fli abeth (Scott) Haberman C harlcs Seibold Margaret (Sharp) Lewis Belt) (Sheffer) (Hough) Smith N ' est.i Sherman (Constance ( Simmons) Hawkins Inez (Smith) Harris Vincent South Marram Spolin Harold Strousc Geraldine I Swain ) Dailey Paul Swain Charles Tarr Dunbar Terry Howard Thomas Dwight Tims Harry Tripp Virginia (Tulloss) Moody Martha (Turner) Walker Gerald Tvson Beulah (I ' lery) Maier Robert Underbill Margaret (I ' pham) Clarke Charles Van Aman Amelia (Van Develde) Hull Betty (Van Rhoden) Ryan Jack Van Voorhis Warren Ward Donald Watson Charles Weaver William West Wendell Westler Florence (Weyant) Neese Daniel White Mary (White) Gehres Mariorie (Wilkins) Russell Kathleen (Williams) OHanlon Vernetta Winterringer Gladys (Woods) Zolman Evelyn Woolard Avis (Yargcr) Diehl CLASS OF 1938 Rupert Anderson Alfred Antill Richard Aycrs Charlene (Balo) Junge Rodney Banning Eleanor (Barcus) Boling Charles Barre Fred Barry Nina (Bartlett) Jackson Ethel Mae (Beach) Kost Henry Beam Wanda (Beinhower) Garrety Dorothy (Bell) DeWinter Mildred (Belt) Peaier Eleanor (Beougher) Boihwell Charles Bevington Richard Blackford Edith (Blair) Wise Lucille (Blair) Rine Sperry Bogardus Alene ( Boggs ) Alban Gwendolyn (Borden) George Roberta ( Borden ) Koef Olin Braddock Donald Breete Jeanne (Breece) McMillen Betty V. (Bricker) Bishop Glen Britton Marjorie ( Brock) Bennington Dwight Bumpus Genevieve (Butcher) Bechtel Frank Butler Richard Byrd Carl Calkins Elizabeth Callahan Ethlyn (Charleton) Giffin Elizabeth (Chilcote) Loesche Sally (Clarke) Mennell Frances (Crouch) Campbell Lucy (Dickenson) Fowler Leiand Fair June (Forsythe) Ritchie Florence (Givens) Benedict Elizabeth (Goosens) Taylor Hugh Gower Richard Graham Robert Graham Frances (Gregory) Sprankel Nobel Grimm Marcia (Hall) Johnson Patricia (Harmstead) McParland Robert Hayes Marjorie (Higgins) KnoufF Jack Hook way Mona Jean (Hoo%ler) Burke William Hull Lelanti Jackson l oroihy ( Jennings) Dudgeon Juanita (Jones) Fromke (Clifford Korns Ralph Lawrence Mary Dell ( Lemasters) Norris Glenn Lockard Doris (Loher) Kenney Eddie Lore Jean ( Lt)yd ) Simp on Jean (Lyle) Williams Anna (Martin) Lore Dorothy (McMillen) Shelley Bert Mechling Bernard Meicalf Nellie (Michaux) Falter Richard Mild Ferne (Miller) Dunn Ronald Miller Louise ( Mossholder ) Doris (Muniaw) McCullough John Nichol Richard Norris Janet 0 " Brvan) Westerman Elladean (Phillips) John Faith (Poat) Darling Myron Porter Margaret ( Ransom ) Eaton Adelaide (Reed) Mayer Paul Rine Miriam Robertson Jeanctte (Ross) Frank Charles Sapp Ethel SchuUer Dorothy Shaneman Martha (Shaw) Weber Sarah Shoemaker Robert Shutt Eileen ( Simkins ) Thomp.on James Simpson John Simpson Leah (Singery) Edwards Dorotha (Smith ) Auker Margaret Smith Arthur Snow Elizabeth (Sparks) Grundi h Harry Staats Mary ( Stachelhaus ) Engle Jessie (Starr) Crane Mary Stewart Fred Surlas Joyce (Temple) Swingle Dwight Tims Elsie (Tindall) StuU James Tinkey Mary (Todhunter) Hanna Keith Topp Thomas Trott Geraldine (Underbill) Sagstetter Virginia (L ' nroe) Delporte Keith Vance Paul Van Develde Ethel (VanNausdle) Fuller Dan Walton Lawrence Welker Alice (White) Terry Jayne Williams Eldon Workman Ada Frances (Wright) Salva Ruth (Zimmerman) Johnson CLASS OF 1939 Walter Ackerman Fillmore Allspaugh Faye Antill Eloise ( Arck ) Aldrich Ruth (Barker) Jack Barnard Donald Bateman Wallace Bayliss Robert Beeman Mary Jane (Bcrmont) Koepke Allen Beever Dean Beever John Biggs Charles Bird Richard Blackford Donald Blue Marie (Bockoven) Kirk Donald Bower Frances ( Braden ) Wilson Joseph Breece Margaret (Bricker) Daily Sylvia (Brooks) Lones Thelma (Brown) WiKon Annabell (Brunner) Fontan Marjorie (Burgess) Gamble Ethleyn (Charlton) GilTin Mildred (Clark) Ewalt Donald Clutter Angelene (Cochran) Phillips Harriett (Cochrell) Turner Betty (Coe) Thomas James Coe I ' dna Compton Robert Conkle Paul Coon Ruth (C!ornell) Sarri Myriam (Corwin) Kerr Richard ( osner Marie (Courtney) Shultz Mona Rose (Craig) Fulnier Robert Craig Nora (Crise) Sutton Evelyn ( Cunningham) Dorothy ( Curran ) Doup Cecil Dailey Frederick Dailey F.dward Dean Clyde Deem Agnes ( Devalon ) Rentz Leah Donaldson Robert Donaldson John Dorsey Marv Jo (Dorsey) Patton William Doughty Marjorie (Doup) Blair Donald Dowds Margene (Durieux) Paine Ann ( Eberle) Ralph Elder Wilbur Elliott Jean (Everett) Allen George Fairchild Nan (Ferguson) Trott Helen (Fishburn) Ridenour Bette (Frye) Sebach Evadene (Garber) Holyoke Dorothea George Lester George Martha (Gilbert) Earnest Harriett (Green) Miller Dorothy (Grimm) Palmer James Grave James Gueulette Virgil Hamilton Charles Hammond Joseph Hantman George Harris Marjorie (Harris) Mdler Chester Hatton Lillian (Hickerson) Smith Muria (Hiles) Spearman Margie (Hill) Mechling James Hoffman Betty (Hollis) Dove Clarence Householder Richard Hughes George Hutchinson William Hutchinson Lillian (Iden) Hutchinson Clyde Irvine Robert Irvine Fritz Jacobs Louis Jahnke Jane (Jones) Tille Virginia Jones Vesta (Keyes) Lynch Betty (Kochheiser) Kelsey Margene (Koppert) McDowell Raymond Lewis Clara Harriett Lloyd Aaron Loney Jane (Mackay) Arrington Park McCov Charles McVey Dorothv (Mavis) Loney Virginia (Mintier) Chandler Janice (Mitchell) Day Lee Moreland John Morrey Mervvn Nugent Louise (Patterson) Hobbs Beatrice (Payne) Fields Dorothv (Payne) Carpenter Grant Payne Cyrus Porter Florence (Porter) White Judv (Pratt) Hunter William Purdy Robert Reeder Robert Reichert Miriam (Roberts) Bumpus Constance (Sapp) Schuyler Houston Schlosser Bette (Scott) Margaret (Scottie) Demorest Jovce (Shields) Drabick Genevieve (Shoemaker) Frizzel Charles Shope Velma Jean (Shoults) Siska Annabelle (Shutt) Hume Noble Snow Marjorie (Speaks) Cosner Merrill Spearman Eleanor (Stacy) Boner Maxine (Stark) VanDevelde Virginia ( Steiner ) Richard Stull Harriett (Taylor) Schmidt George Thayer Mary Ellen (Thomas) Hall Lane Kay Thompson Martha Jean (Tier) Stout Mildred ( Totman ) Hatton Betty (Tyson) Hill Paul Ulrich Helen ( Umbaugh ) Varman Stephen LIpham Keith Vance Harry VanDevelde Edwin Veith Wendell Walker Albert Weaver Barbara (White) Stafford Dwight Williams Audrey Wise Robert Wolfrom Martha (Woolard) Biggs Eleanor Wright Maria Yauger Lawrence Yoakum Betty Jane (Young) Horn CLASS OF 1940 Dorothy (Ackerman) Calkins Iva Dean (Allen) Cowen George Allspaugh Fillmore Allspaugh Miriam Amicon Virginia Anderson Janice (Arrington) Truex Mable Atherton Charles Ayers Anita Bagley Robert Baird Robert Banning Margaret (Barry) Riley Robert Beach Bernard Bell Helen (Borden) Davis Mary Ellen Breech Edith Naomi (Bricker) (Hall) Givens Betty Jo (Brown) Dawson Jack Brown George Budd Marjorie (Bumpus) Householder Guinevere (Burgess) Turley Ileen (Buskirk) Ilger Barbara (Buxton) Smith David Camillo Elizabeth (Campbell) Fowler Rosetta Carr John Claypool Perry Conkle Arthur Cornell Dolores Cramer Mary Jane (Cramer) Lepley William Crumrine Mary Jane Dando William Deeley Eldon Dickenson Paul Doup Myra Lee (Dubinsky) Baum Marjorie (Eberhart) Reeder Russell Etzwiler Betty (Everhart) Elder Jean (Fair) Adomaitus Eugene Fairchild Mary Rosalie Fletcher Betty ( Fravel ) Lane Dorothy (Giansante) Rice Laura (Giffin) Smith Charles Givens Engel Glares i Frank Glover Waverly Glover Allora Goosens Harriett (Graham) Walker Rebecca Grove Letha (Hamer) Wharton Helen L. Hawke Clyde Hawkins Jack Heighton Lois (Hennell) Allerding Ruth Hickerson David Hickman Jack Higgins Charles Hill Nanette Hoovler Frances Hopkins Esther (Hoskinson) Heighton Claude Houbler William Humbert James Hunter Jane ( Irvine) Rice Wanda (Jackson) Lackey Bertha (Jenkins) Banks 307 Paul Jenkins Harold Jewel! Stanley Johnson. Jr. Celeste (Joris) (Stillwagon) Falter Robert Kirk Mary Jane Klein (Crescas) Edith (Lahmon) Bickel Thelma (Lawrence) Shutt Charlene (Lewis) Bevington Rex Little Marguerite Leber Randall Lybarger Coradon Lynde Mary Mahaffey Richard Marsh Carol McDowell Elaine (McLarnan) Swigeart Alice Iintier Doris (Morrison) Snow Edith Mossholder Helen (Mossholder) Hammond Robert Mossholder Frances (Neighbarger ) Hiner Amelia (Paques) Currens Eugene Pargeon Maxine (Parker) Miller Georgia Parker Robert Parnell James Payne Ralph Perrine Martha Jean Peugh Harriett (Pharis) Clawson John Phillips George Prosser Sarah Rahn Donald Reagh Neil Reeder Eloise (Rex) Campbell James Roberts Martha Robertson Virgil Rose Maxine Ryan Earl Sant Ruth Shultz Betr - Mae (Simmons) Stringfellow Jean (Simpson) Brantly Ruth (Sloan) Fleuger Robert Smith Beulah Snow Helen Starn Robert Statler Raymond Stephens Edna Stoneburner Edi ard Sweet Maxine (Theibert) Schlosser Geraldine (White) Grimm Aleiha ( Winierringer ) Marker Lola (Workman) Statler Frank Vauger David Upham CLASS OF 1941 Beatrice (Ackerman) Eckleberry W lifted Antill Wanda (Baker) Purdy Mary Louise Barre John Fred Barton Lillian Battrick Margaret Bawgh er Ruth Beach June (Beaver) Cunningham Robert Beck Herbert Belden Harry Blake Charles Bovard William Braden Jack Branyan Alice Breech Duane Brown John Brown Margaret (Burke) Shira John Clark Lloyd Clutter Imogene (Cochran) Coffing Robert W. Coe Lee Cooke Maxine (Cookman) Tier Helen { Cramer ) Patton Jane (Cranmer) Lutt Carrol Crider Donald Curran Kenneth Dailey Mary Darnold Blaine Deem Kathleen DeWitt Grace (Dudgeon) Staats John Edmister Eileen ( Emery) Burson John Fair Doris Ferguson Kenneth Fogle Eileen Frye Ruth (Garber) Watson F-t ' ward Genre Pegg - (Gill) Lerch W anda Glover Chester Haldeman Marilyn (Hall) Falls Evelyn Hardman Marguerite Harrison Marjorie Harrison Gordon Harrod Phyllis Herrick Orval Hill Mary (Hissong) Hughes Norman Hollis Harold Hoovler Norman Hopwood Esther Hunter Arlene (Huntsberry) Beach Frances (Hyatt) Durant Lyle Irvine Keith Jenkins Nellie (Jones) Byrd Phyllis Jones George Kapros Anna (Katris) Rakizos Mary (Katris) Kousalas John Kepple Bettie LaFever Miriam LaFever George Laymon Ruth (Levering) Ritz Jean (Levers) Chalfont Harold Lore Bett ' Jane Martin Careta Jean (Masteller) Harrod Ruth (McKenzie) Strieker Mildred (Melton) Hookway Mary Midos Albert Miller Dorotha Miller Margaret Mills Barbara (Mitchell) Robert Moore Rex Morris William Norris Jared Owens Don Pargeon Ellen (Patterson) Hobbs Arlene (Perkins) Hofmann Naomi Perkins Margaret (Peugh) Mayer Eloise (Phillips) Scott Harlan Poorbaugh Joyce Porter James Puffenbarger Margie Pugh Clarissa (Ralls) Anderson Betty Ransom James Rhoads Lois (Roberts) Crill Ruth Robertson Leora Robinson Wayne Rogers Rosa Rubino Paul Ryan Norma ( Sapp Little William Scarff Fred Schnebly Evelyn (Scott) (Shuff) Shellenberger Betty Seavolt Earl Sellers Jean (Servais) McMahon Irene (Sharp) Farris Dale Sheffer Eleanor ( Shellenbarger) Marshall Jesse Shoemaker Edward Shorkey Joseph Shoults Grace (Shutt) Talbott Mildred (Snow) DeWinter Dale Spearman Robert Squires Alice Stofer Milford Stofer Neva Stopher Joseph Storev Mary (Strauser) Wright Robert Stull James Sullivan Joy ( Taylor ) Grubb Carl Thompson Cledith Toiman Louise (Totman) Alexander Eileen Tyson Jean Ann Wagner Ruth (Ward) Snow Mary ( Weaver) Zolman Sue Webster Betty Welsh Ralph White Donald Williams Patricia (Williams) Beck Dorothv Woolard Elizabeth (Wright) Parnell Fmogene (Varman) DAgostino Phyllis Winemiller CLASS OF 1942 Elizabeth (Balo) Sullivan Pauline (Beach) Daily Jane Beever Paul Bickel Robert Blackford Marjorie (Blackwell) Miller Arlene (Bockoven) Spellman Ned Boddy George Bouton Delmar Breneman Alice ( Bricker ) Dickenson Jesse Briscoe Bett ' Rose Brown Doris (Brown) Jacobs Willis Brown Charles Card Sara (Carson) Cowle Harry Chadwick Marjorie (Charlton) Shultz Beverly (Cochran) Starck Ned Cochran Maxine (Cockerham) Gardner Patricia (Coile) George John Cooksey Kathleen Crider Betty Crouthers George Culbertson Dorothy Davis Robert Day Martha DeWitt Gayle Dorsey Janet (Doup) Frye Thelma (Elder) Burson Jocelyn (Fawcett) Bonnett Kathryn Ann (Fletcher) Steffan Janice (Fogle) Todd Marjorie (Frye) Algire Eugene Gardner James Gatton Lester George Eleanor (Graham) Britton Russell Hall John Harris Alma Harrod Eileen Hess Linnie Highwarden Florence Horlocker Marjorie ( Householder) Baldwin Ula Jean (Hull) Kearns Chase Hunter Jack Hurlow Juanita (Hurps) Dowds Ruth Izenburg Maurice Jackson Jerome Kaler Julius Keck Richard Kerin Marjorie King Lou Anne (Koch) Walker John Lahmon Duane Lambillotte Betty Lawrence Kenneth Laymon Robert Lehman Clinton Lippman Robert Little Lerov Little Marjorie (Lockard) Snyder Margaret Martin Martina (Mawer) Mavis Gene McKenzie Frances (McPherson) Woodwarc Helen (McVey) Rowe Patricia Mehl Thomas Mintier Vivian Morrison Ivan Mossholder Janet Mossholder Virginia (Motherall) Barry Charles Neher Ralph Neighbarger Doris (Oakes) Alexander Bett ' (Pargeon) Wood William Parnell Jean (Pinkley) Boddy Paul Poland Paul Pryor Virginia Pugh Harold Purdy Robert Ransom Phyllis Ann (Robb) Fred Robinson Paul Rowe Emma Rubino Ida Rubino Lucille (Ryan) Bowden Ada Schnitzer Jack Schlosser L ' ldine ( Schoor ) Zimmerman Marion (Scott) Rine Hubert Shannon Maxine Sharp Viilma Sheffer Barbara Schults Roy Siders Maxine Small Charles Smith Do le Smith Mary Ellen (Soles) Gullett Neil Steinmetz Mellie (Stillwell) Talley Kenneth Siull Maxine (Stull) Black Richard Stull Lorene Swadner Donald Taylor Claire (Temple) Stull Mathilde (Theibert) Cline Meredith Thomas Robert Tulloss Ellen ( Turner ) Yerian Herbert Vernon Patricia (Vernon) Smith Annabelle Walker Gerald Walker June (Wheaton) Robinson Eileen Williams Margaret Williams Harry Wilson Clarence Wirick Roy Wiseman Harold Woodward Orrel (Workman) Lybarger Bernice (Wright) Lewis CLASS OF 1943 Charles Baldwin Edith Baldwin Wilbur Bartlett Ernestine Beckholt Fov Belcher Edwin Bell Kathrvn (Bell) Phillips Rae (Bell) Wright Richard Belt Eleanor (Benson) McCullough Jean (Bergen) Dascoli Kenneth Black Lucille (Black) Vernon William Blackford Deletes Blubaugh Paul Bobst Constance {Boe:?rdpv) Selden Evelyn (Bond) Donaldson Geraldine Brown Richard Brown Walter Bunnell Bett ' Buskirk Bett ' Caldwell Elizabeth Clark Dwight Cochran Norma (Cockrell) Nixon Lillian Comstock John Conard Howard Coon Dorothy Cox Ray Crane Mary (Cunningham ) Judkins Cecil Curran Lawrence Curry Mildred Darnold Dale Davy Justine Devalon Edwin Dotson John Doup Robert Dowds Jacqueline (Everett) Richards John Ewalt Marjorie (Fair) Vernon Jack Flook Dorothy (Frye) Beever Margaret Goosens Betty Graham Mary Elaine (Green) Bunn Aaron Griffin Pauline Grossnickle Betty Jayne Hall Margery Harris Ruth ( Harris) Wiley Erma Hendershot Jack Hess June Hickerson Mabel Hiles Mvrtle (Hill) Bower Kathleen (Hoovler) Burke Sara Houbler Mildred Houck Duane Houck Ruby (Hubbell) McMillan 308 Robert Huniphrtys Clyde Hunter Shirley (Irvine) Leopold Emily Jackson Robert Jones Marj iicrife Kakalecik Mar Kerin John Kilroy Lucille Klein Leonani Levers Jack Lon o Sheridan Loyd. Jr. George L barger M.irjorie Lybarger) Shaffer t arol ( I. 1l ' ) Ciossi Mari;arei I Ml( in ) Gritton Eleanor ( McDevitt) Kilroy Jean i McDonald ) George lane ( McFceh ) Woodward ( hfstt-r McGee James McLarnan Kathleen t McMillan) Breneman James Mentis Bettv Miller Edna (Mills) Dailey Alfreda Morey Helen Neighbarger Bett - ( Newman ) Boyer Clarence Newcon Marjorie Ottinger Pauline (Overly) Shaw Barbara (Owen) ' erble JoAnne (Owen) Braddock Maxine Parker Charles Payne John Perfect Jeanne ( Pratt ) Sherry Eugene Radabaugh Charles Reasoner Lolita Reichenbach Frances Rice Ray Robb Lloyd Russell VC ' alter Sapp Thomas Scarff Kent Scholl John Scottie Virginia Sea oIt Ruth ( Sharp ) Kilgore William Shoemaker Mary Alice Schrack Earl Siders Wanda Singer Coreta Small Mary Jane Smith Ruth Smith Enid Spake Rose Speaks Dean Spearman Virginia { Stark ) Leonard George Stull Phyllis Swadener Louise (Theibert) Hendershott Carl Thomas Martha (Topp) Radabaugh Miriam (Trowbridge) Walker Ruth (Tulloss) Ma hone Joyce (Turner) Morrison Kathryn (LUetschy) Hallman Doris Vasbinder Roselene Voorhes W illiam Waddell Philip Weider Annetta White George Wilkins Darwin Winland Bett ' Wiseman William Wright George Zidek CLASS OF 1944 Peter Amann Arthur Ansel Jean ( Ansel ) Neighbarger Dale Armstrong June (Auskings) Hagans Richard Bair Jacqueline (Ballman) Dowds Harold Balo Roselyn ( Banbury ) Beery Barbara Barton Maxine Beeman Mary ( Benson ) White Barton Blair Robert Bonnist Emma Bowsher Charles Bryan Betf Burger Donna Carr Carmen Carter Jean Cassell) Slinkman Martha Jane (Clark) Auskings Clarence Cline Kathefine ( Cochran) ( Brown ) Grey Donald Cochran Paul CAJchran Hdwin C-Oe Thelma Colwill Stanley Condon Charles Coolidge Norma Cornell Naomi (Curran ) Clow William Curran William Daily Richard Davy James Doughty Dorothy ( Durieux ) Antill Shirley (Eggert) Turner Jacqueline ( Everhart) McMullen Jacques Everhart Margaret Ewart Martha ( Ewart ) Roby Janet ( Fairchild ) Jones Virginia Eerguson Marjorie ( Ferrell ) Mullett Shirley Eoglc Raymond Franz William Eraser Kathleen ( Fravel ) Funk Patricia Freshour Richard Erye Grace Geisler Elizabeth (Gill) Handsbey Velma Jane (Gilmore) Fairchild Joan (Gueulette) Brown Margelainc Hall Sarah ( Hammond ) Doup Margaret Ann Handley Martha ( Harris) Pealer Rodney Harris Barbara (Heckler) Perkins Adele (Hedges) Frye Helen Hendershott Joan ( Hickerson ) Mansell Charles Hill Melvin Hoagland Myra Hookway Maxine Houck Eugene Huffman Dorothy (Huggins) Rex Bernadine Hughes Mary Ann Hunter Ruth (Hissong) Poland Christine (Johnson) Harnsberger Roger L. Johnson Rene Joris Mary (Kaler) Mavromates Shalmir Kepple Mary Jane (Kilroy) Reed Betty Jane (Koontz) Valjean ( Lambillotte) Knerr Robert Lantz Donald Leonard Paul Lynde Jane Mahone David Masteller Mildred Mclntire George McKee Edna McKinstry Willard Meier Rene Mondron Betty (Monk) Barnett Grace ( Motherall ) Hoagland Patsy Oakes Mary Ann (OBryan) Rosenfeld Eloise Page Hilda Peiffer Gladys (Peterson) Williams Catherine (Pharis) Kadey Evelyn Pierce Barbara (Prvor) Ewalt Shirley (Puckett) Blair Beatrice Purdy Lois Radabaugh Thomas Reasoner Pauline Reed Kenneth Reeder Harry Rine Grace (Sapp) Leedy Ray Sapp Violet Schniizer Virginia Scholl Sally Scott Janet (Seidel) Davy Leora Shannon Mary Louise (Sharp) Cannon William Sherman Evelvn Shira Phyllis Shultz VEmma Rose (Simmons) Meyers Naomi (Smith) Zimmerman Robert Steltz Marilyn ( Surlas) Organ Max Talbot Kenneth Tarr Edward Taylor Ruth Tnylor Ethel Teeter Henry Tharp Carlotta Thiel) Weirick Carolyn (Thcil) Brown Mary Thornton Mildred Tier Stanley Totman Kenneth Van Aman Rosanna Vance Carlotta Van Hook Opaline (Waddell) Simmons Floyd Walker Charlene (Welkcr) Eyster Edward Williams Robert Wilson Elaine Wiseman Sarah (Worlcy) Manix Helen Wright Jane (Vauger) Pratt Dorothy Zimmerman Edman Zink CLASS OF 1945 Betty (Allen) Reasoner Marian Amicon Ila Mae Anderson Frances Antill Adeline Armstrong Beverley (Barber) Clipps Evelyn (Barcus) Brenneman Betty Beckholt Robert Beckley Gerald Beeman Robert Belt Marian (Benoy) Fryman George Berger Joseph Black John Blair Robert Blair Edgar Bogardus Warren Bressler Thomas Brooks Jean Brown Robert Brown George Bryans Patricia Bunn Jeanne Burger Donald Burgess Joanne Burris Ardella Butterbaugh Arthur Cassell Jocie Chase Wilma Jean Cline Norma Cochran Robert Coe Charles Cole Richard Cockerham Roberta (Connell) DePuy Raymond Cramer Joan (Culbertson) Bayley Joyce Deem James Denuit Charles Dice Herbert Dietrick Beverly (Dorsey) Meier Norma (Emery) Brown Victor Feldmiller Retha Fish Ida Fleming Beverly Fletcher Bernard Fry Richard Frye Dale Gardner Gordon Gerrard Hal George Helen (Giffin) Cochran Harry Glover John Goudy Gerald Grabiel Marcella Graham B ill Gregory Bonnie Hardesty Dwight Harris Gwen Hartman Don Hation Shirley (Hauger) Cole James Hawkins Leroy Herrington Ida Mae Hildebrand Rosemary Hildebrand John Hiles Wayne Hillier Stanley Hoagland Louise (Hoar) Beckholt Russell Hulse Kenneth Hurlow Mary Ellen (Jackson) Black Bett ' (Jewell) Starling Mary Johnson Gwen (Jones) Buchanan Betty Jane (Keck) Yoakum Charles Knerr Richard Lafever Marybelle (Lahmon) Belcher Lctha (Lake) Wallin Cilen Lipscomb Neil Lonzo Doris (Loriaux) Dice Marjorie (Masteller) Genre Andrew Mavromates Stanley Mavromates Betty (McGibney) George Alma ( McGugin ) Cockerham Lavonne (McGugin) Burke Carolyn McMillen Claudia (McNeil) Joris James M. Peek Georgenia (Metcalf) Smith Charles Miller Alice (Nethers) Hur ' .ow Dionne Newton Duane Nugent Carrie (Parker) Baker Yvonne Parker Betty Payne Willard Peterson Esther (Pharis) Scurfield Phyllis (Poland) Nethers Harold Porter Annabelle (Robertson) Lonzo Gladys Robinson Venona Robinson Shirley (Rossi) Stelts Dwight Ryan Arthur Seavolt Phyllis Shultz Celina (Simmons) Herndon Roger Spearman Jeane (Spurling) Collins Frances Stackelhaus Ernest Starmer Elsie Stillwell Pauline Stinemeiz Betty (Styers) McKee Lorraine ( Swatik ) Szabo Jean (Thayer) Chapman Harry Turner Martha Vernon Carolyn (Ward) Kaparos Mary ( Warman ) Burnett Dorothy Willis Richard Whetsel ,, Beulah White Frances White jRobert Williams Dorothy Willis Arlene (Wilmotte) Cochran Charlotte (Wright) Baldwin Ruth (Wright) Sapp Laveta Yoakum CLASS OF 1946 Carroll Allen Joan (Ansel) Neighbarger Charles Armstrong Dow Ayers Ross Bair Kenneth Baker Robert Baker Helen Beck Mary Beck William Beckley Joan Benoy Jean (Bickel) Jones Thomas Black Janet (Blackford) Butt Lewis Blue Gregory Boddy Earl Bower Jane Breech Dorothy Brooks Zella (Brooks) Porter Richard Bunn Richard Buxton Janet (Cochran) Bisyak Leota (Conkle) Baker Frances (Dawson) Artz William Deedrick Gillis (Denoon) Biefnes Joan Doup Shirley (Dunham) Roberts Jean Eberhardt Thomas Edgar Joyce Edminster Frances (Emery) Fowler Hannelore (Erlanger) Jewell Delores Fawcett Kathryn Ferguson Onida (Fisher) Sheffield Roger Fletcher Wanda Flickinger Nova (Fog ' .e) Raymond Betty Frye William Furniss Evelyn (Gardner) Boeshart Nathine (Goodenough) Smith 309 Lydia Gray Kathryn Griggs Jeannine (Hagan) Moreau Cherie (Hanley) Entliy Ellis Hauger Joyce Hennell Lawrence Henry William Hickerson Robert Hodge Arlene Hoitinger f reida ( Hunter ) Beach Charles Johnson Jam ' s (Johnson) Clements Juanita Kenncy Katherine Kerin Kay (Klein) Houbier Patricia (Lawrence) Lafever Rupert Loyd Nicholas Madias Dorothy (Meharry) Bush Kathryn (Mossholder) Hiles Leona ( Mossholder ) Tharp Henry Morherall Frederick McFarland William McGough Virginia McGough Hazel Mclntire Charles McLarnan Donald McManis Richard Neighbarger Jo Ann (Nelson) VanAman Marilyn (Nugent) Bobst Bernard Owen Dean Owen V Vera Payne William Pinkley William Raymond Robert Reasoner Suzanne (Rian) Zane Gordon Rine Joan (Rippey) Black Shirley (Rossi) Steltz Arthur Sapp Lois Schnitzer Eugene Scott J Peggy (Sharp) Lewis Eileen Shoults Donna (Slayman) Caine Marcella (Snider) Lahmon Alice (Spearman) Van Horn Sarah (Stillwell) Voutkus Ann (Strodtbeck) Williams Perry Trinkner David Turner Mary Jane (Vail) Myers Eloise Vannatta Margene (Vannatta) Dennison Velma Jena Vannatta Betty VanRiper Norma (Weider) Truex Betty Wright CLASS OF 1947 Marlys Anderson Harry Barncord Marjorie Barton Dorothy (Baxter) Ellison Anna Bell Helen Bias Robert Bickel Dorothy (Booth) Watts Blaine Bower Charles Bricker Catherine (Briggs) McPherson Violet Brown Betty (Burke) Beckley Ramona Busenburg Robert Butcher Barbara (Carson) Viren Betty (Carter) Frye Norma Carter Elaine (Chambers) Wolfe Ellen (Chambers) Meaks Ann (Clark) Auskings Donna Clippinger Kathryn (Cochran) Brown Harold Cochran Margaret Collins Irene (Cooper) Morris Winslow Curry Janet (Dancey) Edgar Sue (Dietrich) Hillier Edward Doup Jean (Downing) Frye Roger Dunham Louise (Duit) Kavasch Juanita Draper Kenneth Eyster Helen ( Fawcett ) Durkin Bennett Feldmiller Frederick Ferguson Marilyn Fox William Frary Virginia ( Fravel ) Dennison Oren Freshour Kathleen Frye Ina Frye Donald Gallogly Roberta (Gardner) Edgar Joan (Gaumer) Sanford Maurice Gilbert Irvin Goossens Harriett ( Graham ) Essex Claude Green Joseph Grubb J. Richard Haire Richard J. Haire Paul Hartzlcr Helen (Hatfield) Henrv Gabriellc (Hayes) Wolf Elzada Hess Carmen Hinger Edward Hoagland Bruce Hoffman Robert Hopkins James Hotiinger Richard Hottinger Reva (Hubble) McMillcn Jeannine (Hughes) Reffitt June (Hulse) Magers Rodney Hyatt Gus Katris Florence Keever Marilyn Kile Mable Lambillotte Jerry Legros Betty (Lewis) Rowe Thomas Lewis James Liggett Frederick Lippman John Lively Mary Lockhart Jeanne (Lonzo) Ralston John Lynde Robert McDevitt Joan (McFeely) Eckdahl Betty (McKee) Brown Lucille McKenzie Jean McLarnan Dan McMillen Paul McMillen John McNeil Erina (Madias) Welker Maria (Madias) Feldman Mary M. Miller Ralph Mills William Moore William Morris Jacqueline Nelson John C. Nugent Gail Pealcr James Poland Donald Reed Willis Rerick Vora Rine Hallie (Robinson) Riggs David Sapp Jack Scott Rowena Scott Mary Ann (Shultz) Bukcr Mary Lee Shultz Charlotte Siliman James Snow Donna (Spearman) Curran Esther (Spearman) Balcom Nancy Stillwell George Swatik Gerald Tharp Louise (Thomas) Trinkner Forrest Thompson Barbara Tier Delno (Tyree) Perkins Irma (Van Develde) White John Van Sise Norma Waddell Grace (Walton) Lockhart Ernest Williams Marilyn (Wilson) Lacoca Antoinette Wilson John Wintermute Donald Vauger CLASS OF 1948 Ann Adrain Thomas Badger Mary Baldwin Joann (Barncord) Hull Martha Bates Geraldine (Beach) Lafferty Margaret Beck William Belden Margaret (Bettinger) Baker Roselyn (Blackwell) Strieker Eugene Blair Beverly Blake Loreiia (Bohn) Branch Joan Bowden Lewis Bowers Richard Brandt Elaine (Bricker) Coe Sarah ( Brown ) Shaw George Bumpus Peggy Bunn Fred Buxton Jeanne Byrd Don Caldwell Leona Calkins Sarah (Carter) Thomas Marilyn (Christy) Shafer Dean Conger Larrv Conkling Wilbur Connell Eleanor Coon Marjorie Curry Gene Davy Stephen Deedrick Pauline (Deem) Boucher Janet (Dowds) McKeevers Richard Eberhardt Jack Elliott Margo (Erlanger) Waddell Thomas Fawcett Richard Ferrell Mildred Fox Joan (Francis) Katis Betty Jo (Frary) Deedrick Jean Eraser Betty Frye Dorothy (Gantz) Beckley Lola Gentry Edith Gilmore Gordon Griffin Robert Haire Johanna Halazon Phyllis (Hardesty) Hile Don Harris Joanne (Hart) McMahon George Hedges William Hendershoct Ruth (Hennell) Smith vShirley ( Herndon ) Richard:on Fern (Hiles) Daubenmeyer Nancy (Hissong) Poland Ruth Hoffman Donna (Humphries) Rahway Eleanor Inks Christina Jacobs John Jacquet Carl Jenkins John Johnson Robert Johnson Marjorie ( Kathary ) Belden Janice (Lay) Sawyer Patsy (Leach) Cockerell •y ' Grace Lee Jetiie (Lee) McDonald Jean (Lepley) Johnson Jane (Lybarger) Peterson Joan (Lybarger) Vasbinder Ruth (Leonard) Ferrell Dixie Malley Ruth (Maloney) Lawrence Eugene Marchal James Meliotes Maxine (Metcalf) Mazza Bett ' (Miller) Elliott Jane (Miller) Houck Jean (Miller) Gleason Margaret ( Morey ) Zimmerman Joyce Mossholder Norma ( McConnell ) Tay!or Robert McCracken Joan (McGugin) Body Lois (McNamara) Bond Lois McKenzie Joan (McNeil) Adams John Payne Joan Perkins Ellen Peterson Lenor (Rapp) Cochran Don Reasoner Lowell Reeder David Rhoades Vivian Rine Beth (Roach) Price Betty Lou (Robbins) Ned Roesler Joan (Ryan) Andres Virginia (Sharp) Carter Juanita (Sheldon) Nugent Ruth Simpson William Simpson Sam Snow Norma (Starmer) Horlocker Ralph Steurer Joyce (Swingley) Hatfield Marv Jo (Temple) Hunter Betty (Thomas) Wilson Esther Treese Bettv (Turner) Hard Bradley Wpham Edith (Vernon) Skeen Robert Weaver Mary Welker Patricia (Wells) Hammon Robert Wells Elaine Wilkins Helen Woolford Richard Wonders Murray Wright Charlene ( Zedaker ) Hyatt CLASS OF 1949 Betty Jean (Allspaugh) Burke Mary Louise (Barton) Pierce . Elaine ( Bass) Scott Eugene Baxter Jim Bechiol Gretchen Bell Carroll Berger Maxine Bickel Ruth (Borkin) Bowers Robert Brining Marjorie (Brooks) Billman Joseph Brown Robert Brown Robert Browne Garnett (Bumpus) Yanchck Lowell Butcher Walter Clippinger William Clippinger Lois (Cochran) Sherrard Darlene (Cochran) Prange Irene (Columber) Gray Oria Conard Jenny (Connell) Cardie Annabel ( Cranmer ) Fe rgj:on Beverly Crumbaker Ruby (Curry) Hoeflick Robert Cushman Charles Duckworth Ruth Dustin James Farrchild Jack Fawcett Ned Fletcher Jo- Ann ( Fravel ) Barnard Harry Fry Lois ( Geiger ) Holmes Joanalec (Githens) Horn Loretta (Glibert) Ebirhart John Goosens Robert Graham Martha (Greene) (Stewart) Bell Lois (Gullett) Malone Anne (Hardestv) Beckholt Don Hillier Shirlev (Hoagland) Butcher Wilma (Hodge) Tisler Jack Howard Virginia (Hurps) Buxton Don Johnson Jacqueline (Johnson) Barbjry Charles Jones vi Esther (Jones) Hawkins Barbara Kaiser Beatrice (Kaiser) Tollett Cecil Knerr Kathleen (Kreps) Sellers Ilean Lahmon Paul Lepley Jean (Liggett) Fletcher Harriett ( Lord ) Seeberger Larry Loyd Marian (MacPhee) Owen Stella (Madias) Spicer David Mavis Donna McNntt Frances (Mehl) Crothers Joan (Mendenhall) Belt Paul Mentis Martha Jean Miller Sue { Morris) Nugent Bayes Norton Marjorie (Parker) Bierly Raymond Parker Margarut Peterson Carolyn Pier Bob Porter Allan Ralston Patricia (Roberts) Wright Reva Robertson Jeanne ( Robinson ) Slioults Alvin Rose Otto Rotunno Robert Sattler Richard Shaw Catherine (Shutt) Smith Benton Silliman Jo Ann (Smith) Caya Eugene Staats Robert Staley Gerry Steurer Donna (Stiverson) Berger Rosa Lee (Strieker) Hogg Wilbur Stump Leslie (Swadener) Pfouts 310 Janet (Swain) (Hultbcrp) Sarif o Willis T.ivlor Richaril Thoma Miriam (Titus) Witkliani .lamt-s Tiittlc Frank I ' lcry Don Vashindcr Barbara Vernon Bftty (Vilfer) Hatton Barbara (Walton ) Spit cr Harriett I Ward ) Brown W ilma I Ward) Conard Patricia (Warner) W ' eiritk David Wells Marion W ' ikle Patricia (W ' ikle) Reeder Mary Jo (Williams) I ' lcry Helen (Wilson) Lantz John Workman Fred Zetull CLASS OF 1950 Roseniarie Allen Daviti Appleton Selden Bair Doris (Banner) Tbersole Sue Barncord ' irj;inia (Beboui) AUshouse Dorothy (Belt) Green Robert Bennett Lois Benton Peegv (Bergin) Bowsh;ir David Black Bettv Bond Robert Brillhart Carolvn (Brandt) Bristow Willis Butler Creta Carter MRichard Carter Forrest Clutter Maxine (Cochran) Scott Jack Coe Carroll Conger Burton Connell Janice (Cotton) Tier Robby (Curry) Erlanger Annabell (Davis) Levenson Jeannine Dew Jeannctte (Dotson) Conger James Dougherty Jean ( Doup ) Cutter Donna (Draper) Betcher Janet Durbin William Emlich Gene Evans Robert Evans Reed Ewart Keith Ewers Martha Fawceit Stanley Fawcett William Ferguson Bobbie Jean Fry Donald Fry Richard Gantz Margretta ( Gaumer ) Porter Pat George Richard Gillooley Clara ( Gossett ) Treen James Goudy James Gray Marlene (Griffin) (Hedges) Walton Dorothy Hale Dixie Hall Marilyn (Hall) Howard Robert Hauger Barbara Hendrickson Bcrnida Henthorn Helen (Hollifield) Connell Betty (Hottinger) Farra Jean Houck David Imel Phyllis (Jacobs) Miller Davida (Kahrl) Cairns Barbara Klein Delbert Koch V Mary " Kathryn (Lee) McCratken Zelma Lee Leva (Levering) Johnson Jane (Long) Scott Mary Madias Stamatia (Madias) Mann Alice (Magill) Hedges Curtis Mayer David McKay Doris ( McKee ) Martin Nadine (McKenzie) Bavliss Robert McMillan Kay (McNamara) Kempton Tom Metcalf Donna ( Mintier ) McKay Joyce ( Mondron ) Spielberger Georgiann ( Morris) Farinacci Alice (Mossholder) Franz Julia (Mossholder) Bumpus Norma (Newton) Jacquet Mary (Noffsinger) Van Winkle Brenda Olson Lois (Owen) Bernicken Louis Owen Esta Lee (Parker) Strausser Robert Parker Lawrence Pembrook JoAnn Peugh Norman Phillips Sandra (Pitkin) Rian Phyllis (Pryor) Molin Patricia ( Rahming ) Bishop Louise (Ralston) Thompson Dean Reeder Oakley Retlitt Roger Rian Feme (Rinehart) Parson Herbert Rock Patricia Romaine Keith Schouten James Sellers Jovce Shira Dick Shuff Donna Shrimplin George Simmons Lois ( Simpson ) Barncord Charles Smith Hubert Snow- Richard Sorenson Pauline (Spearman) Pealer James Spicer Clarabel ( Springer ) Owen Larry Steagall Martha ( Storey ) Deavers Patricia Sutton Jean (Swain) Foutch Jack Sweet Dick Taugher Juanita Thompson Beverly (Tier) Williams Rodney Vernon Phyllis (Vernon) Antill Marie Wagner Hal W alker Carolyn (Warman) Ransom Terry Wells Gene Wittenmeyer CLASS OF 1951 Ann ( Ackerman ) ( Householder ) Calkins Lois (Agnew) Smith Richie Bastin Alice ( Beck) Hoover Virginia (Becman) Totman Lee Bevington Jack Blue Robert Blue John Bobst Hobart Brown Nelson Brown W illiam Brown Leo Butler Jack Cline Marilyn Crawford Martin Crumbaker Donald Deavers Betty ( Dexter ) Tharp James Dice William Dougherty Virginia (Eagle) Steagall Muriel (Epstein) Fingerhat Fred Erlanger Mary Ellen Ewing Ruth (Fish) Doup William Fisher Patty Fletcher Ruth Franz Robert Fry Carl Galleher Jerry Galleher Robert Gamble David Gelsanliter Barbara (Genre) Spearman Robert George Charles Gillooley Anita Glover Dan Gueulette Phyllis (Gullett) Magers Nancy (Hare) Williams Margaret ( Hart ) Curry Gilbert Higgins Doris (Hillier) Bryant Jane (Hoovler) Levengood Robert Hull Barbara (Hulse) Goudy Stanley Hyatt James Imel Carl Irick Monica (Jackson) McMillan Phyllis (Kaser) Goeppinger Mary Kasson Louise (Kerr) Price Virginia ( Kinney ) Briggs Gertrude ( Kittleberger ) Pearman Janies Kousoulas Donald Lambillotte Nancy (Lannoy) Sellers Delores (Laiherns) Glover Beatrice ( La mon ) Steinmetz Naoma (Leasure) Stone James Legros Susan ( Lewis) Smith Nick Madias Robert McGough Ronald McGowan Shirley McKenzie Barbara (McKinley) Noonen Joan ( Moffuc) Pruitt Arlene (Mossholder) Bross Donald Noonen David Ogg Vaughn Paddock Richard Pa ne Beverly ( Peugh ) Ewers Phyllis (Pier) Payne Jean (Reed) Stevenson Walter Rine Susan (Robeson) McGowan Edward Rucka Patty Ryan Carol Sattler Joseph Sellers David Shields Mary Lou (Siegworth) Schwartz Delores (Simmons) Bemiller Donald Smith Sally (Tabor) Keating Denny Thompson Charles Titus William Turley Floramae (Tuttle) Grennel Marvin Vannatta Ethel (Vernon) Williams Kathleen Vernon Robert Walton Edna (Warman) King Mary Lou (Waiters) Imel Perry Williams Dixie (Wolf) Davis Imogene (Willis) Harris Mary Lou (Wintermute) Tuttle Bethel (Wooldridge) Hyatt Elaine (Wright) Dexter Richard Zinsmeister CLASS OF 1952 Mary Ann (Ashbrook) Engle Mary Lou Babson Marcia (Beach) Outcalt Richard Beck Charles Bennett Don Berger LaDonna Bowers David Brillhart Nickey Bronson Louise ( Brown ) Hoogenboom Charles Bumpus Doris (Bumpus) Brown Joan ( Butcher) Price Franklin Butler Jack Caldwell Jerry Carter Mary Ellen (Carter) Marshall .Robert Carter Paul Colopy Janet Conger Barbara ( Cosner ) Lorey Ellen (Dalrymple) Shultz Joan ( Davis) Durbin Janice ( Dearman ) Sapp Carolyn ( Doup ) McGough Betty Jean (Drake) McGowan Nancy (Edgar) Alien Joan ( Emlich ) Pattson Eddie Ernest Ruth (Evans) Kramer William Everett James Francis Harold Frye Jeannette ( Frye) Hauger Norman Gaines Harold Gates Carole (George) Bolten Jeanne (George) Dugan Barbara Gimmeson Paul Goosens Margaret ( Graves ) Oswalt Alice Hagaman Russell Hall Ronald Halterman Dianne (Hammonds) Raisus Pattv (Harmon) Cook Deedra (Hess) Phillips Janies Higgins Marilyn (Hofmann) Carter William Holland Wayne Hubble Jack Hyatt Kathryn (Jennings) (iorsuch Mary Elizabeth Kittleberger Lou Ann Koth Barbara Kymer Katherine ( Lay ) Moorehead Jean (Lee) Ransom Albert Levenson Rita (Lipps) Simmons Robert Lockhart Richard Lorey Roberta ( Lybarger ) Kremple Barbara (Main) Spearman William McGowan Iris (McMillan) McCollum Marvin McQuigg Dorothy (Meek) Linson Imogene (Middleton) Rosslar Shelia Mill Ned Neigh barger Donna (Nell) Huddleson Dorothy Owen Robert Patterson Arthur Paques Eugene Phillips Louella (Porter) Truex Elsie (Potes) Richards Thelma ( Pumphrey ) Mossholder Marilyn (Ramsey) Staats Lois (Rex) McGough Bessie (Ridenbaugh) Clinedest Charles Roach Arthur Robson Virginia (Rouse) Brooks Jeff Salisbury Mary (Schmidt) Webster Carol Shultz Darwin Shultz Barbara (Slack) Oldaker Nora (Snow) W- ' ilson Joyce (Soles) Anderson Lawrence Sperry Loretta (Stillson) Berger Raymond Stout Mary Jo ( Swadener ) Peck Mary Lou (Thomas) Seldenright Joan (Thornberry) McQueen Mary Jo (Tier) Colopy Richard Trowbridge James L mbaugh Lena (Vernon) Winegardner Grace (Walden) Lockhart Carol (Ward) McMillan Jean (Warman) Wittenmeyer Joan (Warman) Bastin Erva Wilson Marilyn (Woods) Lown Belinda (Wyant) Banner CLASS OF 1953 Beverly Armstrong Weston Augenstein Thomas Awwiller Fred Ball Nancy Barncord Doris Belcher Janet (Berger) Clippinger Phil Berger Charles Bonnist James Bricker Larry Bryan Maxine Bumpus Robert Burris Clark Buxton Creston Cline Mona ( Coon ) ( Henthorn ) W olford William Conard Jo Ann Cornell Donald Curry Joar ( Curtis) Theibi- ' rt Barbara (Davis) Anthony George Doup Carol ( Dunham ) Shornhorst Carolyn (Dunn) Harding Joann ( Elwood ) Burling Richard Erlanger Gordon Fawcett Jo Anne (Ferenbaugh) Carrier Twila Fish Donald Fleeger Mary Fowler Sonia (Fridline) Kramer Phyllis Frve Vivian (Gallogly ) Frace Barbara Gantz Jane (Geiger) Knox Richard Giltillan Ruth Gilloo ' ey John Grimm 311 George Grubaugh Barbara (Hershner) Berry Richard Hiles James Hissong William Hodder Patsy Hottinger John Hoyt Nancy Hunter Nancy (Ireland) Carley Patsy (Johnson) Burris .Barbara (Jones) Smith J Faith Jones , Jack Jones J Maurice Jones Ronald Jones James Kathary David Ketner Frederick Kimble Jerry Knox Bradley Koch Elaine (Kousoulas) Ostrander Virginia ( Kymer ) Doup Gordon Lambitlotte Robert Laymon Beverly (Leiter) Shira Wayne Levers Bernice Lunsford Hobart Magill Carol Mayer Rosalie (McKenzie) Ash John McKinlcy Donald Mill Dale Miller Barbara (Morris) Bartlett Francis Mossholder Belva (Nelson) Theibert Dee Olson Ann (Painter) Miller Emry Pardee Fred Pargeon Janice Pealer Thomas Phillips Robert Pitkin Mary (Poland) Tier Richard Poling Deborah (Pond) Hoyt Betty Pritchett Sally Pryor John Ransom Richard Reynard Barry Roessler Robert Rooch Elaine Scholz Roberta (Shannon) Gorsuch Kenneth Shira William Shubert William Small Ronald Staller Norman Steagall Wanda (Sutton) Evans Ann (Tabor) Keating Arlene Thomas Robert Thompson Shirley (Tier) Vannatta William Tyson Larry Vail Regina (Vernon) B le Nancy Waddell Donald Wagstaflf Sidney Walker William Ward Dorothy (Warman) Everett Mary Alice Warner Carolyn (Wells) Hagedon Leland White John David Williams Shirlev (Wolf) Mill Dora Dell (Wyant) Peugh CLASS OF 1954 Karen Ackcrman Judy Allun Marilyn (Amsbaugh) Beckholi Richard Ashton John Augenstein Andrei ' Ball Patricia Baltzell Christine (Banner) Mickley Peggy (Barncord) Becker Carolyn Barton Dan Bastin Jo Ann Beach John Beck Robert E. Beck James Beckholt Jack Bell Barbara Beroth Janet Bouton Janet Bower Jean (Boyer) Marshall Joyce Bown I inda (Brillhart) Fsliclman Eleanor Brown John Butler Ada (Carper) Henthorn Sulvia (Carper) Melton Mary Lou Carswell George Carter Richard Chesser Darlene Cline Peggy (Cochran ) Murphy Carolyn Colgin Marvin Connell Nora (Coon) Carpenter Jack Cunningham Rachel (Daly) Schrote Larry Davis Shirley (Davis) Gadd Kay (Dennis) Harter James Devore Jo Ann (Dexter) Parker John Disbro Joan Drake Joe Dunlap Sarah (Eastman) Kimmey Marilyn Engle Larry Epstein George Ferenbaugh Norma Jean Fetter James Fisher Elizabeth (Gaines) Svete Martha (Galbraith) King Lorena Gardner Ronald Gaumer Carol (Giffin) Grubaugh Charles Gill Shirley Graves Jean Hale Donna (Hall) Horton Mary Ann (Hanes) Koeh ' er Carole (Harmon) Mathews Marilyn (Harris) Marn Loa (Hathaway) Ransom Lois (Hauger) Oswald Kenneth Heaps Margaret (Heaton) Fox James Htndershott Ina Hendrickson Gene Henthorn Lloyd Henthorn Ted Hickerson Richard Hines Juanita Hite ' Mary Hogan Jean (Hough) Vernon Charles Hulse Glen Irick Jo Ann (Jackson) Neible David Kennett Marjorie (Kerr) Moore Marlene (Kline) Marquis Ned Kuivinen Dora (Laymon) Frye Philip Levering Thomas Lonzo La Vawn (Low) Hall Hannah Mautner Barbara McDermott Lvdia (McDowell) Hoeferkamp Shirley (McGibncy) Slaughter Richard McKenzie Stanley McNabb Donna (McQuigg) Robeson Nancy (Metcalf) Hossack Edward Miller Russell Mills David Misicka Richard Moore David Mossholder James Mossholder Vauncey Newman Donald Newton William Noce James Noonen Nadene (Parker) Park Joan ( Perrin ) Ransom Thomas Perrine Mary Jane Pierce Elaine (Pipes) Miller Keitha Porter Charles Potes Nancy Ralston Horace Ransom Robert Ransom Donald Reed Marilvn (Reiss) Stout Beverly Rine Ann (Robeson) Hudson William Rohler Roger Rush Monte Rutherford Barbara Scott David Sellers Gerald Sheffer Allan Shields Kenneth Silvis Clifford Slayman Charlene (Smith) Jacquet Janet Snow Elaine (Snow) HiUier Norman Sorge Ronald Spearman Carolyn Sperry Barbara Stoyle Kay (Stream) Tomes James Stuller Carol Sue (Tarr) Swepston Howard Taylor Joseph Tharp Ann (Titus) Ewalt William Transue Marv Jane (Tyson) Fleming Jo Ann (Ulery) Ward William LUery Joseph VanDovcr Janet Vannatta Wilbur Vernon John Wareham David Warren Shirlev (Wells) Varlor Edward Welsh Phoebe Wheeler Charles Wyant Emma Lou (Yarman) Bishop CLASS OF 1955 Abie Adams Donna (Adams) Cary Ronald Anderson Richard Baney Jerry Beeman Ann (Bell) Ridenbaugh Albert Blue Delores ( Blue ) Lehner Shirley (Brooks) Hunter Jacqueline (Burgess) Walker Phil Burris Walter Butler Betty Carter Carolyn ( Cary ) Baney James Clark Ronald Cline John Coffing Fiobert Corcoran Patricia ( Cranmer ) Lamb Donald Crawford Carrie (Dailey) Fry Dcnald Day Jiick Day Llovd Dement Jacqueline ( Dudgeon) McKee Robert Dunham Lorna Eagle Essie F.rlanger John Ewalt Charles Fawcett Clark Fawcett Richard Ferry Joyce (Fletcher) Meliotes Howard Fowler Mary Ellen (Fox) Trowbridge John Fr ary Carolyn Frederick David Fridline Elinore (Frye) Adams Carole (Gillooley) McKinley Carroll Griggs Ronnie Gullett Charles Gunia Mary Lou (Hampton) Doup Bob Harrod Janet Henery Mary Jane Henthorn Jack Hess James Hofmann Nancy (Houbler) ShefTer James Hoovler Patricia (Hull) Pitkin Virginia (Humbert) Linson Marie Hunter Janet (Hyatt) Ashcraft Mary Jane Imhoflf Phil Jacobs Betty ( Jones) Bemiller Elaine (Keller) De Polo Phyllis (Kymer) Rarick Carol ( Lamb ) Bonham Barbara Lamson David Land Sally (Latham) Hess Beverly Lewis Gene (Lewis) Dailey Bob Lipps Barbara ( Lonzo) Branstool Peggy Mahan Nina Marchal Iris Marks Bill Martin Bob Masteller Marcella Mathers Joe Mazza Robert McConnell Donald McFarland Georgiene ( McKee) Shelor Wayne McKee Nancy (McMahon) Biefnes Glenn McMillan Kenneth McMillen Keith Merrin Judith (Mill) Roberts Sterling Millard Richard Morain Thomas Moseley Thomas Moxley Gene Nelson John Nugent Ann Payne Barbara ( Peterson ) Richardson Bill Peterson James Peterson David Potes John Rahming Linda Ralston Mary Ann Rawlins Pearl (Reed) Kennedy James Rice Nancy (Rice) Noce Clarence Ridenbaugh William Ridenbaugh Keith Rinehart Sue Roberts Carl Robinson Lester Rockwell Leonard Sally Raymond Savage Barbara (Schmidt) Meyer Janet (Scott) Peiffer Frieda (Shepard) Metcalf Dorothy Smith Kaye ( Snyder ) Hainer Carroll Sorge Ronald Speer Edith (Springer) Evans Nancy Stillson Tom Stream Marilyn (Taylor ) Maynard Nancy Lee (Taylor) Dougherty Donald Totman Jim Trowbridge Marilyn (Ullman) Bahl Ntd Vannatta Jack Waddell Burdetta ( Wagner ) Gaines Carolyn Wagner Duke Wagoner Betty Wagstaff Marjorie Warman Gail Weeks Mike White Barbara (Wilmotte) Carpenter Bonnie (Yoakam) Kearns William Yoakam CLASS OF 1956 Judy (Ackerman) Hansgen Larry Agnew Gusty Angelas William Appleton Robert Bader Nancy Ball Ann Baltzell Charles Banning Marjorie Barncord Pete Barnes Donna ( Baxter) Berger Mary Jane Bell Robert Berry Donna Boucher Julie Boyle Jim Brady Carolyn Brookins Tom Brown Dick Buckham Janet Bumpus Annette ( Burris) Levers Dan Clark Thelma Clements Ben Cochran Donald Coe Melony (Coffing) Ulery Shirley Coles Joyce (Colopy) Swingley Crystal Conant Carol (Cranmer) Small Maxine Cunningham Roberta (Curry) Hoffman Don Dalrymple Gary Daubenspeck Marcia (Davies) Colopy Loretta Davis Mary Deedrick Charles Denhart Floyd DeVore Kenneth DeWitt Loduska (Eis) Scrits George Ellis 312 Rosalie Mrncst Dave Fvans Douglas Evans Joyce (Fetter) Henwood Larry Fople Lawrence Towler Pat Frost Bill Graham Mar Jo Cireene Marita Ciruhb Bette Haas Dick Haas Naiic Ilai;an Barbara (Hall) Mill Jean (Hall) Tindall Shirley Hall James Harrington Muriel ( Harris! Cline George Hartman Larry Henry Zaida Henthorn Joan Hipqins Ellis Hite David Hulse Belt Humbert Sue Carol (Hyatt) Vounp Barbara Jacquei Janet (Johnson) Coe Joann Kiger Dick Kimble Fred Knohl Larry Kreps Janet (Kyle) Clippinger Mike Lue John Levenson Hester London Charlotte Lonev Beverly Main Maud (Mansen) Piar Larry Marble Roger Massa Tom McCartney Charles McDermott Charles McDowell Bett - (McFarland) Bechtel Gary McKav JimMcKee Bob Melcher Harold Milligan Saundra (Miller) McQueen Kav Mills Kathleen Mooney Helen (Morey) McKay John Mossholder Melvina Neighbarger Nancy (Newcomb) Salisbury Raymond Ogborn James Ohde Felicie Paques Richard Pealer Robert Poland Richard Porter Bill Prichett Charles Ransom Janet (Ransom) Birk Kay Rapp Roger Rardin Colleen Reese Ann Rice Carroll Rine Martha Rae (Rine) Almach Shelda Robertson Robert Rock Margaret Rowe Marioric- Sanner Linn Sellers Jeff Shamansky Bill Shoutts Sandra (Silvis) Harwell Joyce Snow Gerald Speer Davi d Spiczer Viola Stevens Saundra St. John Tanya Stutler LaRue Schorr Jean Taylor Julie Theibert Joe Todd Newman Tomes Tom Turner Gale LMIman Judith Van Doren Marcia Verson Charles Waddell Jean Wells Carolvn (Williams) Brown Paul VX ' illiams Pat (Wilson) Gulhtt Deanna Wright Richard Wright Barbara ( " ' arnian ) Woodward John ' oung Marjorie (Voung) McManis Iris Zschocher CLASS OF 1957 Marian Anderson Tina Angelas Henry Antill Virginia ( Baney ) Totman Judith Bartlett Thomas Beach. Jr. Barbara Beck James Belcher kiseph Belcher Dennis Bell Charles Berger Nancy Blue Diane Bollinger James Bouton Carole Brown Geraldine Bryan Sue (Burggraf) Adams Barbara Butler David Butler Jean ( Cameron ) Doup Pauline Carpenter Patricia Cary Dale Carter Robert Cline Richard Cochran Gail Coe Kathryn Coffing Carolyn Collins Roderick Conkle Shirley (Conkle) Weekley Sandra Corcoran Thomas Corcoran Philip Crumbaker Larry Davis Keith DeLong James DeVore Joyce Doup William Doup Mary Eastman Richard Ellis Harry Ehvood, Jr. 1 inda Emley Mary Jo (Fmmert) Johnson Cieorge Engel Alan Fairchild John Fawcett Loren Fickle Dale Fletcher Marilyn Fletcher Nancy Fritz Patricia Gerber Marybeth Giltillan Arthur Graves Wilma (Gullett) Hauger Pauline ( Gunia ) Potter Carolyn Hall Paul Harding Larrv Harwell Rosa Lee Helsel Bonnie ( Henry ) Baylor Myra Henthorn Marie Higgins Curtis Hissong Alicia Hostetler Homer Howard Richard Hoyt Edward Humbert Nancy Jean Humbert Nancy Lee Humbert Jo Lee (Hunt) Poland Barbara (Hunter) George Constance ( Jackson ) Ander. ' ion Walter Kaser Mary Lynne Kathary Robert Keenan Rita Keller Linda Ketner James Kimble Janet Klein Francis Kymer James Land Lynda Lannoy Barbara Lauderbaugh Curtis Lawson Barbara Leiter Judith Lemasters Gene Lockhart Harry Love. Jr. Martha Madias Marjorie Mann Peter Mavromates Judith Mayer Robert Mayer Paula Mazza Robert McDonald Barbara McElroy Ronald McMillen Janice Mild Richard Mill Charles Miller Charles Moore Robert Moore Robert Moreland Susan Nash Nellie (Orsborn) Patterson Milton Outcalt Peggie Perkey Judith Phelps Charles Pillow Almond Poland Janice Porter Judith Porter Shirley (Rardin) Kimble Carolvn Reed Judith Reed I-rnest Rchling Ann Rice Phyllis Rine James Robbins Richard Robinson Kenneth Rockwell John Scarvelis Sheila Schwartz Irene Shoman Larry Simmons Richard Simmons Alfred Smith Robert Sowers Shirley Spearman Anna Sperry Donald Springer Ernest Springer. Jr. Gordon Springer David Starmer Barbara Stevens Dorothy Strickland Betty Stringfellow Nancy Stuller Dixie Swadener William Tanner William Thomas Carroll Tille Robert Totman Sandra (Towner) Newill Brenda Trace Sarah Tufts Larry Van Riper Ronald Vernon Dan Wagner Ronald Wagner Jean Wagner Joyce (Wagner) Marble Charles Warren Betty Watson Hugh Watson Sandra Weirick Howard Wheeler Dolores White Richard White Charles Williams Lorine (Wilson) Stuller Ogden Wintermute Bonnie Wise Ronald Wolf John Woodland Constance Woods Carolyn Workman James Wyant Catherine Wythe George Wythe. Jr. James Young Margaret Zimmerman 313 A Look Into the Future (Continued from page 9) grown their quarters in the new building, and another area was added to the rear of the girls ' gym for these two subjects. Now, as we begin the second century of high school in Mount Vernon, we find we are still growing, and a new building is being erected which will be devoted entirely to the junior high school group. This building which will be situated on East Pleasant Street will be the first one to be built and equipped as a junior high school only. From Civil War Days to the Atomic Age, Mount Vernon school pupils have moved from a log cabin room to a million dollar high school, a junior high school for seventh and eighth graders, and seven grade school buildings; from one teacher to a staff of 138 including six special instructors; a superintendent with two assistants and four secretaries; a high school principal with an assistant and three secretaries; a dean of girls and a dean of boys. Seventeen custodians are employed to take care of the school buildings, and ten buses bring children from outlying districts to the city schools because there are no more so-called county schools. In 1858 the first successful Atlantic cable was laid. Today, one hundred years later, we span the Atlantic between breakfast and dinner. Then the only means of land transportation was the horse and buggy. Today we are penetrating outer space with rockets. As we begin our second century, we wonder what the interests of the pupils of Mount Vernon High School will be in the year 2058. 314 .J I Educational Opportunities Increased On June 26, 1958, ground was broken for the construction of the new junior high school. This new building offers the seventh and eighth grade students increased and improved facilities. They include eighteen classrooms, two science rooms, a demonstmtion-tjpe laboratory, a small greenhouse, a general shop area, home economics, and arts and crafts departments. A large gym- nasium, cafeteria, and a suite of offices are also planned. A public address system is being in- stalled throughout the building. The school, costing in excess of seven hundred thousand dollars, is scheduled for completion July 15, 1959; over six hundred students are ex- pected to enter it that fall. ;j|.Ji.j|.j_ l ■•fester r 315 ••• • Vv ;•• ••; •

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