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1- fn , , ips i..,.x,:Y 1,J CE, .-.1 V +11 ' f:.--L 1- ,'.4,LL ,- mg: -v. af: '- QQ' LS: 4 'wr- . ,Q ,, .,, Q :Si :- ES,-1'f'T"E 1, -,gn-5 4 --3:1151 7- 31-9- 1 J ,-54-3 ' E , -1-.te,i3g .:K'2'sE -,ali ,QL 1--:AS-4 ...ff ,--'A ,v 15' ir' - Ma, '-3"'5 -'T 4,5 -1-, 5? , Sa: 5 .f ' Q' 5. ' Ci mi if . , sim -ff' 5-f, W3 -, L.: ir, -1.41-gf '- 'l fi 0155.1-. . ups: ' Y YV-1' fi ff: .avg as Elle-iu ' .gr "gi -mi-' K V :'.:1:-5-ir '. -F.,3.,.,u.-im., .,, . .cw -A Qi- ' Q.: W, l ' LH .111 .K 4-- ua: .Ik- M. x ,QL .QQ ,w.,.4,, Y -, , L" fave" ti' I 31' f +5 :ily pn 'ur- A -. E 12 ELCOME . . . Student Council President Ierry Beeman Welcomes seventh grader Billy Bell on the first day of school. Foreword The 1955 Forum is using Doubles as its theme. There are a double dedication, two editors, and twins on the division pages. There are a number of people without whom the Forum would have been impossible. Many of the staff have worked very faithfully. Also, several juniors, especially Iudy VanDoren, have aided in making this year's Forum: and most of the Iunior class have gathered ads. Certainly, thanks go to the professional photog- raphers, Mr. Iames Israel, Mr. Guy Lipps, and Mr. Don Garverick for their helpfulness and cooperation. Mr. Iames White also furnished some of our pictures. Last but not least, our thanks go to Miss Sara Cannon, our adviser and friend, for her advice and suggestions. The type used on heads of the 1955 Forum is Cheltenham Bold Italic, and the body type is Mem- phis Medium. The book is engraved by the Iahn 6. Ollier Engraving Company and is printed by the Manufacturing Printers. The Forum, 1955 Editors: Mary Ann Rawlins Iim Hofmann Business Manager: Bob Dunham Adviser: Sara Cannon qdagr we x 1 X , f X -',. "v' -2 :""1f: Q 1, ,11:. L f qi. 1 2'. :ZZ f A rizg rf1aQ.1z:2: . iio g oR1n,i: 1'1 n Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, Ohio A 'fu Y. A u 5 " Q A ,SSS ' A Mawr 9 Y ' sul "" ...,,,j? if H-X, -, 3 . W Y Wm , X gt Sffvwf i 5, TY ,bw Mar k L ,Q i 4 5 1 NA X , MEN OF OHIO Come give a cheer for old Mount Vernon High, And for her men so brave and true. Come let us shout her praises to the sky, While orange and black go dashing through. And when the Yellow Iackets enter the fray. The victory is ours that day. We have a team that ever fights to win, Although they never give in. Hip! Hip! Hooray! C ADMINISTRATORS : Dr. Harold Nichols, Superintendent Mr. William Root, Personnel Co-ordinator Mr. Charles I. Pickens Principal Miss Audrey Wright, Dean ol Girls Mr. Elmer M. Crabbs Dean of Boys Mr. Kenneth West, Activity Co-ordinator O ALMA MATER On Mount Vernon, Alma Mater, Glorious through the years, Brave, triumphant o'er our rivals, Harbor for our fears. We who love thee sing your praises, Shout them to the sky. When we're gone, we'll still remember Our Mount Vernon High. O'er the fields of triumph ever Shall her banners ily, Black and orange, loyal colors, Of Mount Vernon High. MOUNT VERNON BATTLE CRY Words by Ann Titus, '54 Here's to Mount Vernon High: We raise our voices in song. Hark, to our battle cry: We sing it out 1,000 strong! Rah! Rah! Rah! Here's to our victories: Play with all your might. Men of orange and black, Spirit you never lack, So Fight! Fight! Fight! Did You Know? TEACHERS WITH MOST YEARS OF SERVICE 20 YEARS OR MORE Nora McKay L. L. Owen Gladys Baker Sara Cannon Ruth Truxall Pearl Carpenter Kenneth West Harold Highman Eleanor Owens Gladys Scottie lack Robeson Florence Cass Mary Herron Martha Cochran Alice Cassell Audrey Wright Suzanne Friedly A. D. Askins Imogene Montgomery 15 YEARS OR MORE Tommy Thomas Guy Van Nostrand 10 YEARS OR MORE Letha Ferguson Elda Behnke Beryl Highman Roger Walton Marguerite Mann Vivian Dowds 5 YEARS OR MORE Elmer Crabbs Louise Huggins Lawrence Yarman Mary Beck Robert Fuller William Root Clarence Fridline Marian MacPhee Pearl Askins I NUMBER OF TEACHERS 50 TOTAL ENROLLMENT 1192 BY CLASSES: Twelfth ................................ Eleventh ..................... ..... Ninth ....,.... ..... Eighth ..,........ ..... 135 165 Tenth ...... ..... 2 07 221 211 253 Seventh ....................,.......,... NUMBER OF ALUMNI 5787 NUMBER OF CLASSROOMS 51 MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 305 NORTH MULBERRY STREET SCHOOL COLORS Orange and Black Dedication For her co-operation in student affairs, and many years of devoted service to the betterment of Mount Vernon High School, We dedicate the 1955 Forum to Mrs. Beryl M. Highman Double Beryl M. Highman Dedication Dedication Because of the many hours of invaluable service he has given to various organiza- tions, especially to the Athletic Department, his excellent Work as Dean oi Boys, and other reasons too numerous to mention, we dedicate the 1955 Forum to Harold L. Highman Harold L. Highman September Calendar 7 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 27 28 29 30 Page Here we go again! First day of school. The football boys' red hair causes the first fire drill. Mount Vernon scrimmages Ashland. lack Hess is the first senior to pass out senior pictures. Bob Moore loses teeth at football practice. Any- thing for the cause, eh Bob? "Forum" staff meets to plan strategy. Band music "sends" Charlie McCutchen. Sends him tumbling off the back of the band platform, to be exact. Mr. Owens' jokes are getting better all the time. Yellow Iackets defeated by Coshocton in season football opener. 13 to 6. Crawford captures scoring honors for Mount Vernon. Iacket Iournal subscription campaign starts. Auditorium poluted with girls. The reason - first Y-Teen meeting. Monitors go on duty in the halls, despite the awful smell from the chemistry lab. Bob Dunham, Iohn Ewalt, and Iim Hofmann tell of their experiences at Buckeye Boys' State. HOORAY!!! Mt. Vernon swamps St. Marys 37-13. Pat Wilson hooks up her Bunsen burner to a water faucet in Chemistry lab. Shades of "Old Faithful." Iim Hofmann elected president of senior class. Mr. Stauch is all bent over with lumbago. Patsy Cranmer is announced queen of the 1955 homecoming festivities. Smile! Che-e-e-se! "Forum" pictures are taken. Roger Hardin elected president of juniors. Eight ACULTY . . . Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Twins Barbara and Beverly Porter discuss assignments with Mrs. MacPhee. - f-1 :K - ,, H-1.fuIgynrazzrfwfaawswegmwwgmwfrJ., M f ew,.w,r,3w.s.:4s1a-'e':vrw12aw:N3 Superintendent HAROLD L. NICHOLS Mount Vernon. Ohio Mount Union College Ohio State University A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Principal CHARLES I. PICKENS Mount Vernon, Ohio Rio Grande College Ohio University Ohio State University B.S.. M.A. Page E I Page Twelve Co-ordinator of Activities KENNETH WEST Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.A.. B.Ed., B.S,LD.. M. S. Co-ordinator of Pupil Personnel WILLIAM M. ROOT Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.A.. M.A. ELMER M. CRABBS Dean of Boys AUDREY K. WRIGHT Dean of Girls Social Studies , 1" , P .- rd.. g I fs ,... it ,ki if-771' 2 M Q r xt H Q t 'Si wi it ' , ,af XZ Audrey K. Wright Mount Vernon, Ohio Muskingum College University ot Wisconsin Ohio State University B.S. and M.A. Dean of Girls Sociology Guidance Councilor Florence Cass Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University Ph.B. Columbia University M.A. University of Minnesota Core Gladys I. Scottie Mount Vernon, Ohio Kent State University Geography 7 Nora Reid McKay Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent History 8 Lamoil L. Owen Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University M.A. in Ed. American Problems Director ot Visual Aid Gerald I. Becker Canton, Ohio Heidelberg B.A. Ohio State University American History Vivian Dowds Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Core 7 Robert C. Fuller Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University Kings College Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. American History History 8 Head Baseball Coach Reserve Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach Marian H. lVlacPhee Guy Van Nostrand Mount Vernon, Ohio Crove City College Litt.B. Core 7 Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. World History Assistant Football Coach Assistant Track Coach Foreign Language, Library, and Science L t- '-CN! Q:'.:M,' Imogene Montgomery Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University B.A. Toledo University M.A. McGill University French l, ll Spanish I, Il Roger L. Walton Gambier, Ohio Kenyon B.S. Kent State B.S. in Ed. Chemistry Physics Alice C. Cassell Mount Vernon, Ohio Michigan State College University oi Michigan B.A. Latin I. II lack Robeson Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. Ohio State University Biology Rebecca N. Wareham Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University A.B. Kent State University Librarian Lawrence E. Yarman Howard, Ohio Ashland College B.S. Ohio State University M.S. General Science Helen C. Sevitts Mount Vernon, Ohio Wooster Ph.B. Columbia M.A. Western Reserve Bachelor oi Lib. Sc. Assistant Librarian Houston Schlosser Mount Vernon, Ohio Grove City College Ohio Wesleyan, B.P.. Ohio State University Kent State M.A. University of Florida General Math ll Health Head Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Assistant Baseball Coach Page Fifteen Mathematics, Art, and Music Gladys H. Baker Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Ohio State University M.A. Geometry Advanced Algebra Trigonometry Suzanne S. Friedly Centerburg. Ohio Bowling Green University B.S. Ohio State University M.A. The American University Mathematics 7 Algebra 9 Senior Mathematics Pearl Carpenter Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio University Kent State University Ashland College Mathematics 8 Katherine Pearl Askins Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan Ohio University Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Mathematics 7 Elmer M. Crabbs Mount Vernon, Ohio Georgetown College A.B. Miami University Ohio State University M.A. General Mathematics I General Science Track Coach 9th Grade Basketball Coach lunior High Football Coach Ioe W. Cotton Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent State University B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University Art 9-12 Robert B. Frontz Mount Vernon, Ohio Ashland College B.S. Ohio State University Art 7 and 8 lack Stauch Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Instrumental and Vocal Music Director Maryalice Shockey Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.Sc. Instrumental Music Iohn P. Mazarak Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. Instrumental and Vocal Music Assistant Director Floyd Thomas Mount Vernon, Ohio Utah State College B.S. Director of Athletics Director of Intramurals Physical Education Reserve Football Junior High Basketball Golf Coach Valjean Knerr Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Business 9 Business Law Economics Martha B. Shaffer Fredericktown, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. Girls' Physical Education Martha Cochran Mount Vernon, Ohio Asbury College B.A. University of Kentucky Ashland College Typing I, ll Personal Typing Assistant Librarian X 2 Physical Education and Commercial Harold L. Highrnan Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed., M.A. Salesmanship Business 10 Mary Herron Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Capital University Shorthand Typing Ouice Practice Beryl Highrnan Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Bookkeeping Business Organization and Management Elements ot Record Keeping Clerical Practice A. D. Askins Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University B.S. in Ed., M.A. Commercial Geography l Page Seventeen Home Economics, Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Secretarial Wanda Burwell Centerburg. Ohio University oi Cincinnati B.S. in Home Ec. Ed. Ohio University Home Economics Letha F. Ferguson Howard, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Secretary to Principal Page Eighteen Clarence B. Fridline Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. and M.A. Vocational Agriculture Florence Benedict Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Production Clerk Donald E. Morrison Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Ed. Industrial Arts Mary Louise Beck Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Secretary to . tc . Superintendent Ioseph P. Spanovich Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Mechanical Drawing and Electricty Vivian H. Corwin' Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon Business College Clerk of the Board of Education ' Deceased March B Louise M. Huggins Fredericktown, Ohio Wooster B.S. English 9 Eleanor Owens Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University A.B. English lU Virginia F. Denison Mount Vernon, Ohio College oi Wooster B.A. English B English l l English Marguerite Mann Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Ohio State University Ohio University Bowling Green State University lVl.S. English 12 if Elcla Behnke Ashville, Ohio Miami University Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Ashland College Ohio State University English 8 Ruth Domigan Truxall Sunbury, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Sshool ol Speech, Northwestern University Speech English 10 Director of School Plays Sara M. Cannon Mount Vernon, Ohio Bethany l-X,B. New York University American Literature Business English Iournalism DirectoroiPublications Mae Belle Tucker Gambier, Ohio University of North Carolina A.B. Catawba College English 9 English l2 Page Nineteen . L...- Dean Farmer Loretta Eberhart Kenneth West Iohn C. Warrick Butler, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Kent State University Mount Vernon High Ohio State University Manchester College B.S. in Ed. School B.A., B.E., B.Sc, Ed.. qlnclianaj B.S.inEd Math Production Clerk M'S' yolingtlinlrliilllx md. Arts Algebra 9 en a e ' ' General Math I Core 7 Iunior High Coach fy-A1-J I, t ' - , N-: ' ',4 - V571-if 22,1 "1 f Yfx - ii' ge, fb- , n , FL Vg-I .3 . - .V -F mix, O ,. .gfsjf ...J ' , ' -9-'Hal-L 'fr 'nm' .tg A-- .WV W! ,NA UW M13 rt- fnxx om-D' -X yt :YI 1 ff 3 ' 5, x --N -- X 27571: X-' F3-'1-A Page Twenty Board of Education Dr. Iohn Drake, Pres. Supt. Harold Nichols Pupil Personnel Coordinator Bill Root H. S. Principal Charles Pickens Florence Benedict, Clerk Mr. George Gelsanliter Mr. Dan Bastin Mr. Kenneth Warren, Vice-Pres. Mr. Fletcher Devin Vivian Corwin Cdeceasedb 5 -as . 1 ga -sr. ,ts fggiffifirfgp 5.131 V fngqry-Ay ,n -K -..,y, Af X , 1. f1i.,gW'iQf igiqlkgz- - -f ze await, 24 -'fi ?4 ,- ge - if A -fi - I - ri?" - 5' 4 ' " - r ' .A ' '11 i.g4gQqg1 ? 1 52' ,if a 1 '-f - 5-g,fs3g5tf -, 115 'N 'ECQNT if A4 Ei 0, 1- -Md' -'ti-""1l 94.11. 1.f?f7lf:-xfsfirr 4. A iq. 3 -iii-9 an 4 H 9, ' 11,11 45 ,ag Af Ffljfx Sas, 1 1 - ,, 44 ,u . 1 5 A 4, ffl:-" ' f A N A fc" z Q -X 1 H H41 45, .zz S gg it .4113 t4,!",,A235,ZH,1 I-1 a 41,1 uf 1: 1 t ,.1,, P 11.4. ' ",z44.g. iii " 9 L' ' 5 4' , 'tg-'P 1' -,e v - NW Y' fl .. " 'M , gf If is Q- ' VA 1 tiny e , .5 f ' - ' Y 1:5741 7 h V tu- A iwilgg 5, L 4 -gg,-. ., if -- - at ' : ' ,W ,A " . -Y, E rr-'-41, ar tgf,-,.g,-J, , ,, ,fr . W., .J V X ,V,,- . , ..,.,,. fx y wg U P- P .4 - - - P-"-aging, n 1 P , H, - if xx 'x ff t t x 5" l' i..t:fr"' Q. ' gg gpg-'ji V 'LV P P 4, I-.f - Page Twenty-one P. T A. OFFICERS Mr. Charles Misicka, pres.: Mrs. Paul Davis, treasurer. Mrs. Kenneth Warren, sec., Mr. Gordon Grubb, vice-pres. Bright Spots Now we turn our spotlights on the P. T. A. This organization really brightened up Mount Vernon High School. They purchased our new spotlights which have been enhancing all high school pro- ductions. The P. T. A. also decorated a lovely lounge for the teachers. Here the teachers can find a bright and cheery spot to rest during the long school day. The student body Wishes to extend its thanks to the parents and teachers who make up this organ- ization. Pgl ly? LASSES . . . Double Entry The Dudgeon twins, Donna and David, lead the Rardins, Harrises, and the Zschochers to class. lr' "" - 7 A V' -- -1 , in - 9' W"n 3 QWN J'hSRE'3E'S.22"' SENIOR JZEVPEZZTSINT CLASS sscRz 1ARv TREASURER mm MARCHAL RON SPEER Senior Class History As Commencement approached, the class rooms teemed with ill-surpressed excite- ment: the halls were filled with busy throngs of workers. It seemed impossible that these industrious people preparing for the final appearance in the role of high school stu- dents were the same who six years ago were the joke of upper classmen and the despair of their teachers. The history of the class of '55 actually begins in 1954, when this year's Seniors were Iuniors. During its Iunior year, the class of 1955 first became organized as a class. To lead it, the class selected Keith Merrin as president, Ierry Beeman as vice-president, Nina Marchal as secretary, and Carolyn Wag- ner as treasurer. Committees were appointed and, coached along by its advisers, the class presented the play "Stag Line," selected class rings, and entertained the Seniors at the Iunior-Senior Prom. Some old faces were missing and some new faces were present at the beginning of the last year of existence for the class of '55. One hundred thirty-four seniors chose Iim Hofmann as their president, Iohn Ewalt as their vice-president, Nina Marchal as their secretary, and Ron Speer as their treasurer. Committees were once again appointed and the class, its officers, and its committees, aided by its advisers, Mrs. Ruth Truxall, Mrs. Mary Herron, Miss Martha Cochran, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Highman, proceeded into the turmoil, trouble, excitement. work. and fun which is contained in one's Senior year. The first activity encountered by the Seniors was the ordering of name cards. Senior pictures were taken during the sum- mer, so most of the fall and winter was spent trading name cards and pictures. Also during the winter, the Senibr Class sponsored the Columbus Citizen-WLW-C Talent Search program. Hester London, a junior, won the local contest and went on to win the grand prize - a trip to New York and an appearance on Steve Allen's program. The profits from this show greatly strength- ened the Class treasury. Early in the Spring, the Seniors took the Senior Scholarship tests. Some members of the class placed high in the county, demon- strating the scholastic ability of the Class of '55. On May 17, the Honors Assembly was held and twenty seniors were elected to the National Honor Society. The Quill and Scroll Society and the National Athletic Scholarship Society were also chosen at the assembly. Various awards were presented to members of the student body, with Seniors receiving many of the awards, proving the athletic, literary,and musical as well as scholastic ability of the Class of '55. On May 20, the Seniors presented the play was interesting and entertaining and Frary and Kaye Snyder headed the cast. The play was interesting and entertaining and was witnessed by a large audience. The Seniors made their first and final appearance as a class before the entire stu- dent body at the Senior Assembly which was held May 26. At this time the class will and prophecy were read and the popularity poll was presented. The next day, May 27, the Seniors were entertained by the Iuniors at the Iunior-Senior Prom. The Mount Vernon Country Club was the site of the Senior Prom which was held Iune 3. With the troubles and woes of twelve years' work behind them, the Class of '55 re- laxed by dancing to the music of Art Saliers. Baccalaureate was held Sunday, Iune 5, in the high school auditorium. On Iune 9 the moment for which the Class of '55 had been waiting finally arrived. Happily, but yet sadly, the members of the class marched down the aisles of the audi- torium and onto the stage to be graduated. The Commencement address was delivered by the Rev. Phillip E. Auer, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Galion, Ohio. Following the address, Principal Pickens announced the winners of scholarships and awards. Class president lim Hofmann then presented Dr. Nichols, the Superintendent of Mount Vernon Schools, with the traditional class gift. However, this year a new innova- tion was introduced. The Class of 1955 had consisted of very energetic and extremely industrious people. Because of its indus- triousness, the Class of 1955 had a larger treasury than any other class which had gone before. Therefore, President Hofmann pre- sented Superintendent Nichols with two gifts. One was an Atlas cabinet for the school library and the other was a check to be given to the school yearbook. After the presentation of the gifts, the members of the class were awarded their diplomas. Then sadly, but happily, the graduates filed up the aisles and left Mount Vernon High School. Page Twenty-five I ABIE ADAMS "Laughing On The Outside" Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3. 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2. 3, 3: gntqamural Volleyball RONALD G. ANDERSON "Dark Town Polka Club" Freshman Basketball l: In- tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track l: Intramural Volley- ball 4: "Forum Show" 3: Student Council 3: Key Club 2: Varsity Football Manager 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: "Dear Ruth" 3: "Stag Line" 3: "Mr. Barry's Etchtnqs" 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. 3, 4, Sott- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary, 4, F. F. A. Parliamentary ro- cedure Team 3, 4: Prophecy Committee 4: "Goodbye, My I-'ancy" 4. IERRY H. BEEMAN "Sound OH" Student Council l. 2, 3. 4, Safety Chairman 2, 3, Presi- dent 4: Reserve Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 4: Key Club 3: HI-Y 4: Class Vice-President 3: Scholarship Team 2. 3, 4: Stage Crews ot Plays 2, 3: "Forum" Show 3: Class Gilt Committee 4: "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. 1 LEWIS ALBERT BLUE "Temptation" Intramural Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: "Fonxm" Show 4. SHIRLEY ANN BROOKS "1t's a Lovely Day Today" Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 4: lunior Choir l: Ssanish Club 3, 4: Intramural olley- ball l: Scholarship Teams 3, 4: "O, Sing Your Songs" 4: "Goodbye, My Fancy' 4. PHILIP E. BURRIS "Crazy Man Crazy" Reserve Baseball I: Key Club l, 2: Intramurals 2, 4. Page Twenty-six DONNA RI-IAE ADAMS "Honest and True" Y-Teens 2, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: F. H. A. 3, 4: Y. F. C. 1, 2: Intramural Basketball 1, 2: Intramural Volleyball l, 4: Intramural Baseball l, 2: In- tramural Badminton 4. RICHARD ALLAN BANEY "Everything I Have Is Yours" Reserve Football l: Varsity Football 2. 3, 4: Key Club l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Bas- ketball 3, 4: Intramural Vol- leyball 4: Track l. Basket- ball I. ANN PHYLLIS BELL "My Bill" Intramural Volleyball 1, 2. 3, Olticial 3: Intramural Basketball l. 2: Intramural Soitball I. 2: Interscholastic Sottball 3: G. A. A. 3, 4: Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 4: Exchange Editor ot "I. I." Statt 4: Spanish Club 3. 4: "Stag Line" Property Committee 3: "Forum" Show 3. DELORES LOREE BLUE "Five Foot Two" Y-Teens 4: Intramural Vol- leyball 4: Choir l, 2: Or- chestra l: Basketball Team IACQUELINE ELAINE BURGESS "One Alone" Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee I. 2, 3, 4: F. T. A. 4: G. A. A. 4: "Forum" Stair 4: Intramural Sports 1: Sen- ior Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 3: "Stag Line" Property Committee 3: Spanish lub 3, 4, Secretary WALTER BUTLER "Stout Hearted Men" Reserve Football l, 2. CAROLYN IEAN CARY "Open The Door Richard" Y-Teens l. 2, 3, 4, President 4: G. A. A. 4: Class Social Chairman 3: "Stag Line" 3: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Champions 4: "Forum" Queen's Court 3, Attendant 4: Fciotball Queen's Attend- ant . IAMES HAROLD CLARK "After You're Gone" Scholarship Team 3. IOHN COFFING "When Day Is Done" Art Club 1. Z, 3: Reserve Football l. PATRICIA LOUISE CRANMER "Sweet and Lovely" Y-Teens 1. 2. 3: Y-Teens Style Show I, 3: F. T. A. 3, 4: "Forum" Queen's Court 3, 4: Football Queen 4: Stu- dent Council 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Sub- scription Manager ot "Fo- rum" 4. CARRIE LEE DAILEY "Sophisticated Lady" Intramural Basketball 1: In- tramural Volleyball 2: Stu- dent Council 3: "Forum" Queen's Court 4: Intramural Baseball 2. IACK DAY "Undecided" Baseball I, 2: DeMolaY. Mar- shZll,32,3, Sr. Steward: I-Ii-Y ELIZABETH ANN CARTER "Paper DoIl" Art Club I: Kotton's Kids 2, 3: F. T. A. 4: Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 4. Vice- President 4. RONALD E. CLINE "With A Song In My Heart" Senior Choir 1, 2, 3. 4, Presi- dent 4: Spanish Club 3. 4: Treasurer 4: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "O Sing Your Songs' 4: "Naughty Mar- ietta" 2: "Forum Show l, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Tennis 3, 4: Class Gilt Committee 4. BOB CORCORAN "Oh!!" Golt 2. DONALD EUGENT CRAWFORD "Mr. Touchdown U.S.A." Intramural Volleyball I. 4: Intramural Basketball l. 2, 3: Reserve Baseball 1: Var- sity Baseball 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Varsity! Football 3. 4: Varsity Bas etball 4: Hi-Y 1. 2, 4: "Forum" Show 3, 4: Varsity Track 2. DONALD DAY HH.. LLOYD W. DEMENT "Guy Is A Guy" Reserve Baseball I: Varsity Baseball 2. 3, 4: Reserve Football 2: Intramural Vol- leyball 2. 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l. 2, 3. 4. 'fn-n....v Q 3 Q 'hw Q 'W' x I ACQUELINE ANN DUDGEON "The Girl In Red" Senior Choir Z: Y-Teens l, 2: Secretary and Treasurer oi Junior Choir 1: Intramural Volleyball 2: Intramural Basketball 3. LORN A I UNE EAGLE "Sleepy Time Gal" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 3, 4: Senior Marching Band l, 2. 3, 4: Senior Concert Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 3: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Grade Champs 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramu- ral Basketball l, 2. 4, Grade Champs l, 2, 4: Intramural Baseball 1, Grade Champs I: Math Club 4: F. T. A. 3: Student Council 2, 3, 4, Scrapbook Chairman 3, Com- munity Service Chairman 4: Class Finance Chairman 3: "Stag I.ine" Property Com- mittee 3: Iotting Editor of "I. I." Staff 4: "Forum" Staff 4: Class Will Committee 4: "Forum" Show 3, 4: "Good- bye, My Fancy" 4. IOHN WARD EWALT "Wish You Were Here" Hi-Y l, 2, 3. 4, President 4: Senior Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, Master Sergeant 4: Sen- ior Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, President 4: Intramural Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3. 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Roofs Tooters l, 2. 3, 4: Student Council 3, Head Monitor 3: Orchestra 1, 2: Class Vice- President 4: Boys' State Del- egate 3: Varsity Tennis 4: Essay Contest 4. CLARK FAWCETT "School Days" F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 4, Sentinel 4: Property Committees of "Dear Ruth" and "Stag Line" 3: Property Committees ol "Mr. Barry's Etchings" and "Goodbye, My Fancy" IOYCE FLETCHER "Enjoy Yourself" lunior Choir I: F. H. A. 1: Y-Teens 2: Intramural Vol- leyball 2, 3. MARY ELLEN FOX "You, You, You" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4: "Stag Line" 3: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Marching Band l. 2, 3, 4: Senior Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 4: Student Council 4: Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Circulation Manager of "I.I." 4: G. A. A. 4: F. T. A. 4: Student Booster Club 2, 3: Championship Volleyball Team 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Chairman of Class Play Committee 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2: "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. ROBERT GALEN DUNHAM "Young at Heart" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Senior Choir 3, 4: "I Hear America Singing" 3: Reserve Football 1: Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Varsity Track 2, 3: In- tramural Volleyball 4: In- tramural Basketball 3, 4: League Champs 3, 4: "For- um" Show 3, 4: Business Manager of "Forum" 4: Scholarship Team 1: Student Council 4, Vice-President 4: "Stag Line" 3: Boys' State Delegate 3: "Good-bye, My Fancy" 4: "O Sing Your Song' 4. ESSIE ELLEN ERLANGER "l Wonder Why" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4, Social Committee 2, Publicity Com- mittee Chairman 4: Art 1, 2, 3, 4: "Kotton's Kids" Z, Social Chairman 2: Senior Choir 4. Secretary 4: G. A. A. 2: Booster Club 3: In- tramural Volleyball l, Z: Intramural Basketball l: ln- tramural Baseball l: French Club 3: Club News Co-editor "LI," 4: Iunior Class Social Committee 3: Class Decorat- ing Committee Chairman 4: 'Forum" Show 3, 4: Property Committee "Stag Line" 3: "O, Sing Your Songs" 4: "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. CHARLES STEPHEN FAWCETT "Charlie My Boy" Iunior Choir 1: Reserve Foot- ball l: Varsity Football 4: Y. F. C. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 2, 3. President 4: Senior Choir 4: Spanish Club 3: French Club 4: "O, Sing Your Songs" 4: Y. F. C. Bas- ketball Team 4. RICHARD L. FERRY "Iust One of Those Things" Key Club 1: DeMolay 4. HOWARD N. FOWLER "This Is Heaven" Scholarship Team 1, 3, 4: Essay Contest 1: Math Club 2: Intramural Volleyball 1, IOHN EUGENE FRARY "Why Don't You Believe Me" Senior Band 1, 2, 3: Senior Orchestra 2, 4: I-Ii-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Scholarship Team 2, 3: "Stag 1.ine" 3: "O Sing Your Songs" 4: French Club 3, 4: "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. CAROLYN LEE FREDERICK "Hostess With the Mostest on the Ba1l" I. I. Editor 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, Secretary Spanish Club 3: Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Ser- geant at Arms 3, President 4: Decoration Chairman Ir. Sr. Prom 3: "Dear Ruth" 3: "Stag Line" 3: "Mr. Barry's Etchings" 4: Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4: Student Council Election Chairman 3: French Club 4. Secretary 4: Intramural Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Champs 4: Intramural Baslgetball 2: Student Boost- ers . ELINORE LOUISE FRYE "Ask Me No Questions" Y-Teens 21 4: Y. F. C. 2. 3: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, Z: Usher tor "Stag Line" 3. RONALD LOWELL GULLETT "Count Your Blessings" Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band I. 2: Reserve Football 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Forum Show 2, 3: "Stag Line" 3: Varsity Track 3, 4: Y. F. C. 1, 2, 3, 4: Y. F. C. President 1, 2, 3: Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3. Presi- dent 4: Root s Tooters 1: "Naughty Marietta" 2: "Sweet earts" 1: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "O Sing Your Songs" 4: Spanish Club Treasurer 3: Prophec Com- mittee 4: Intramural llolley- ball l, 2. MARY LOU HAMPTON "Teach Me Tonight" Intramural Volleyball 2. 4: F. H. A. 1, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. IANET LUCILLE HENERY "You're My Everything" Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Centennial Chairman 4: Senior March- ing Band l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: G. A. A. 4: F. T. A. 3, 4. Historian 4: Sen- ior Choir 4: Senior Orchestra 4, President 4: Scholarship Team 3: Student Council 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 4, Champs 4: Intramur- al Basketball 1, 2: Intra- mural Soitball 1, 2: Calendar Staff of "Forum" 4: Property Committee oi "Stag Line" 3: Class Will Committee 4: Class Ring Committee 3: "O, Sing Your Songs" 4: Y-Teens Style Show 4: Booster Club IOHN HESS "How Important Can It Be" Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Var- sity Basketball 3, 4: "Forum" Show 2, 4: Student Council 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Hi-Y 3. 4: Track 2. DAVID R. FRIDLINE "No Other Love" Library Staft I, 2. 3, 4, Vice- President 2, President 3: Pro- Lection Club l, 2. 3, 4, Vice- resident 4: Scholarship Team 1. 2: Key Club 3: DeMolay 3, 4: "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. CAROL ANN GILLOOLEY "Three Coins In A Fountain" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Court ot "Forum" Queen 3, 4: Y-Teen Style Show 3: Tick- et Committee of "Stag Line" 3: Decoration Committee of "Forum" Show 3. CHARLES F. GUNIA "All Or Nothing At All" Electrician "Stag Line" 3: Electrician "Mr. Barry's Etch- ings" and "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. ROBERT IOE HARROD "Slow Poke" F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Secretary 2. Vice-President 3, President 4: First in Public Speaking Context Z. 3: Sec- ond in Public Speaking Con- test l, 4: Senior Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: "Forum" Show 3: "Naughty Marietta" 2: Senior Choir 2: Stage Crew for "Stag Line" 3: In- tramural Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Class Will Committee 4: Parliamentary Procedure Team 3. 4: "Forum" Stott 4. MARY IANE HENTHORN "Changing Partners" Choir l, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4. IAMES CHRISTIAN HOFMANN "The High and the Mighty" Class President 4: Co-Editor of "Forum" 4: I-li-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 4: Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4: Reserve Base- ball 1: "Dear Ruth" 3: "Stag Line" 3: "Mr. Barry's Etch- ings" 4: Chairman Class Ring Committee 3: Intra- mural Volleyball 4: "Forum" Show 3, 4: Buckeye Boys' State 3: Intramural Basket- ball 3. 4: Scholarship Team 3, 4: F. T. A. 1: "Goodbye. My Fancy" 4: "O, Sing Your Songs" 4. Page Twenty-nine JAMES R. HOOVLER "Accordiana" Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 2. 3. 4: Progction Club 1: "What A 'te" 2: "Forum" Show I, 2, 3. 4: Library Stat! I. 2, 3. 4: "Naughty Marietta 2: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "O Sing Your Songs' 4: Essay Contest 2. PATRICIA ANN HULL "Happy Wanderer" Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: Junior Choir l: Senior Choir 2: In- tramural Basketball l, 2: In- tramural Volleyball I. 2. S. MARIE HUNTER "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" Y-Teens 1. 2: F. I'I. A. 3. 4: "Forum" Show 3. IANET LEE HYATT "Over The Rainbow" F. H. A. 2. 3. 4: Y-Teens I. 2, 3, 4: Junior Choir l. 2: Intramural Volleyball 4: Head Usher ol "Stag Line" 2: Usher ot "Forum Show PHILLIF LUCAS IACOBS "lt's A Big Wide Wonderful World" Senior Choir 4: Senior March- ing Band 1. 2. 3: Intramural Vo le ball 2, 3. 4: Intra- mural Basketball 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y I, 2. 3: "Forum" Show: Track I. 2. 3: Stage I-land. "Sta: Line": Senior Concert Ban l, 2, 3. GRACE ELAINE KELLER "Sincerely" Choir 1: Y. F. C. 2. 3: Y- Teens 1. 4: Intramural Vol- leyball 4. Page Thirty NANCY LOU HOUBLER "A So-o-oth One" Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: "Forum" Start 4: G. A. A. 4: Ticket Committee ot "Stag Line" 3: Class Play Committee 4: In- tramural Volleyball 2: In- tramural Basketball I. VIRGINIA LEE HUMBERT "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" Y-Teens l, 2. 3. 4: Usher at "Stag Line" 3: G. A. A. 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: "I.I." 4: Art Club 2: Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2. 3: Intramural Volleyball 1. 2. 3, 4: Intra- mura Softball 2. IUDITH HURPS "Wedding Be1ls" MARY JANE IMHOFF "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" Y-Teens 1, 2. 3. 4: F. T. A. 4: G. A. A. 1. 2. 3, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 4: Faculty Editor "Forum" 4: Spanis Club 2. 3: French Club 4: "Forum" Show Ticket Com- mittee 3: "Forum" Show Pro- gram Committee 4: Intra- mural Volleyball 2. 3. 4. Champs 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Interscholastic Volleyball 4: Student Boost- ers 3: Intramural Softball 1: Property Committee "Stag I.ine" 3: Chairman Giit Com- mittee 4: Prcifergy Committee "Goodbye, y ancy" 4.. BETTY MAE IONES "lt's A Great Feeling" Parliamentarian of the F. H. A. 2: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basket- ball l, 2. 3. 4: Baseball l. 2: Scholarship Team 3: Y- Teens l, 2, 3. PHYLLIS KYMER "Pledging My Love" Junior Choir 1: Senior Choir 2. 3, 4: Y-Teens 3: G. A. A. l. 2. 3. 4: "l Hear America Singing" 3: "Naughty Mar- ietta" 2: "O Sing Your Songs" 4: Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 2. 3: Intramural Baseball l, 2: Badminton 2. CAROL ANN LAMB "Summer Time" Y-Teens l, 2, 4: Choir 2: G. A. A. I. DAVID ARLEY LAND "Afraid to Soy Hello" Key Club 2: Hi-Y l. BEVERLY C. LEWIS "Look For The Silver Lining" Y-Teens I. 2: Junior Choir I: French Club 4: Spanish Club 3: Library Stall l, 2. 3: Scholarship Team 3. ROBERT LIPPS "lunior Bird Men" Projection Club l, 2. 3, 4: Student Council 2: Key Club 3: "O Sing Your Songs" 4: Stage Crew in "What A I.i!e": Assistant School Pho- tographer 3: Electrician for " orum" Show 4. ROBERT G. McCONNELL "Mr. Sandman" Intramural Basketball I, 2. 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 3. 4: Baseball l. GEORGIENE McKEE "Keep It Gay" Senior Marching Band l. 2. 3. 4: Senior Concert Band l. 2, 3. 4: Senior Orchestra 3. 4: Y-Teens 3: G. A. A. 4: Root's Tooters 3, 4: Solo-En- semble Contest 2. 3, 4: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "Naughty Marietta' 2: "O Sing our Songs" 4. BARBARA I. LAMSON "Goin' Steady" Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Property Committee 4: Junior Choir 1: F. I-I. A. I: Intramural Vol- leyball 2. SALLY A. LATHAM "Three O'Cloclr ln The Morning" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Marching Band l. 2. 3, 4: Senior oncert Band l. 2. 3: Senior Choir 4: F. T. A. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Intra- mural Volleyball I. 2. 4: In- tramural Basketball l, 2: In- tramural Baseball I: "O Sing Your Songs" 4. GENE LOUISE LEWIS "Jeanne With the Light Brown Hair" Y-Teens l. 2: Senior March- ing Band 2. 3. 4: Senior Con- cert Band I, 2, 3: Intramural Volleyball 2. 4: Intramural Basketball 1: "Staci Line" 3: Calendar Stait ot " orum" 4. BARBARA A. LONZO "You Belong To Me" Junior Choir 1: Senior Choir 2. 3: Y-Teens 1. 2. 3. 4: In- tramural Vollsiball 2: In- tramural Basket all 1. DONALD MCFARLAND "Someday" Reserve Football l: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. 4: F. F. A. Parlia- mentary Procedure Team: F. F. A. Basketball Team: F. F. A. Volleyball Team: F. F. A. Softball Team. WAYNE E. McKEE "Sinner Or Saint" Reserve Football 2, 3: In- tramural Volleygball I. 2. 3. 4: Intramural asketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Projection Club l, 2. i 1 I R ' I f - f - II' VW in I " ' i "U"" NANCY IEAN MCMAHON "One O'Clock lump" lunior Choir l: Y-Teens 2, 3: Iitrarnural Sports l. KENNETH EUGENE MCMILLEN "Fine and Dandy" Scholarship Team 3: Senior glass Decorating Committee NIN A LOU MARCHAL "Sweethearts" Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 4: Girl at Large 4: Intramural Volley- ball l. 2. 3. 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 4: Student Council Social Chairman 4: "Forum" Queen's Court 3, 4: Class Secretary 3, 4: Iunior Choir I. WILLIAM WHITNEY MARTIN "Dance With Me, Henery" Reserve Football 1, 2: Re- serve Track l, Varsity Track 2. 3: Intramural Volleyball l, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 4: Freshman Basketball 1: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. 4. Sergeant- at-arms 3: Scholarship Team 3: Senior Prom Committee 4: Stage Crew "Dear Ruth" 3, "Stag Line" 3, "Mr. Barry's Etchings" 4:"Forum" Photog- rapher' 3. 4: "Naughty Mar- ietta" 2: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "O. Sing Your Songs' 4: Senior Choir 2, 3. 4: Electrician "Once In Every Family:" Electrician "Goodbye, My Fancy." MARCELLA MATHERS "There's No Tomorrow" Y-Teens 1, 4: "I.I." Stall: French Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. DENNIS KEITH MERRIN "Tweedle Dee" Class President l, 3: I-li-Y 2, 3Ftballl234Re I OO . I . I - serve Basketball l: Varsity Basketball 2, 3. 4: Scholar- ship Team 2: French Club 3, 4: 'Fonim" Show 3: Treas- urer ot French Club 4: In- tramural Volleyball 3: Latin Club l, 2: Student Council 4. GLENN MCMILLAN "Merry Oldsmobile" Intramural Volleyball l, 2. Ii, 21: plntgamural Basketball PEGGY IEAN MAHAN "Peg Oi My Heart" F. T. A. l. 2: Senior Choir 1. 2, 3. 4: "O Sing Your Songs" 4: Y. F. C. Club 4: "Forum" Show 4. IRIS FAYE MARKS "Sam's Sonq" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. 4: Library Staff l. 2, 3. 4: Scholarship Team 1: Intramural Volley- ball 1, 2: Intramural Basket- ball l. 3: French Club 3, 4. ROBERT EDGELL MASTELLER "Stranger In Paradise" Reserve Football 1. IOSEPH C. MAZZA, IR. "l Came Here to Talk for Ice" Reserve Basketball 2: Re- serve Football l: Reserve Baseball 1: Varsity Football 2. 3. 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Baseball 3, 4: Varsity Track l: Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 4: Intramural Vol- leyball I. 2, 4. IUDY MILD "When Your Hair Turns To Silver" Student Council l: "Forum" Queen's Court 3: Spanish Club 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: ln- ttramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, SONNY MILLARD "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4: Intramural Basketball I, Z, 3. 44: Varsity Baseball RICHARD WYMAN MORAIN "I Get Ideas" "Forum" Show 3: "Forum" Stati 3: "I. I." Staff 4: Key Club 2: Scholarship Team l: Library Staft 1. 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary-Treasurer 3: French Club 3: DeMolay 3. 4: Pro- jection Club l, 2, 3. 4: Master Councilor of DeMolay MERRILL GENE NELSON "Funny Fellow" Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4, Sergeant ot Arms 4: Reserve Football 1, 2: Track 3, 4: "Stag Line" Stage Manager 3: Intramural Volleyball l. 4: Intramural Basketball l, 3, 4: Reserve Baseball 1. GERALD OHDE "Head in the Clouds" RICHARD LEE PAYNE "Let's Misbehave" Intramural Basketball 1, 4: Intramural Volleyball 1. 4. I AMES RUSSELL PETERSON "lf l Live To Be A Hundred" Intramural Volleyball 2, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 4. THOMAS ALLAN MOSELEY "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" Key Club l, 2: Scholarship Team 3: Co-Editor of "I.I." 4: "I.I." Stat! 3: "Forum" Staff 4: Intramural Volley- ball 4: "Forum" Show 3. 4: Senior Band Concert 4: French Club 3: Senior Pro- phecy Committee 4: Spanish Club l, 2. TOM MOXLEY "Don't Be That Way" Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 213: Intramural Basketball 2. IOHN NUGENT. IR. "Dancing ln The Dark" I-Ii-Y 4: Key Club l. 2, 3: Basketball 1: Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Track I: Golt 4: Base- ball 2: "Forum" Show 3: De- Molay 3: Intramural Basket- ball 2. 3. 4: Intramural Vol- leyball l, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN PAYNE "The Red We Want ls the Red We Got" Y-Teens 2, 4: Usher Com- mittee 3: F. I-I. A. 1. BARBARA I EAN PETERSON "Stardust" Y-Teens 2: Intramural Bas- ketball l: Scholarship Team Z: Class Secretary and Treas- urer 2: Glee Club 2, 3: F. H. A. Z. WILLIAM B. PETERSON "O Happy Day" Hi-Y 4: Football 3: Reserve Baseball Z: F. F. A. 3, 4: In- tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Page Thirty three DAVID RUSSELL POTES "Ballad OI Davy Crocket" IOHN CHRISTOPHER RAHMING "Runnln' Wild" Iunior Choir 1: Senior Choir 4: Scholarshig Team 1, 2. 4: President of panish Club'4: "l.J." Statt 4: Hi-Y 4: Treas- urer Fremch Club 4: Student Council 4: F. T. A. 2: Intra- mural Basketball 4: Intra- mural Volleyball 4: "O Smq Your Songs' 4. MARY ANN RAWLINS "Tell Me 'Why" Co-Editor of "Forum" 4: Sen- io: Marching Band 2. 3: Sen- ior Concert Band l, 2. 3: Y-Teens I, 2, 3. 4: Scholar- ship Team 2, 3. 4: World Al- falrs Institute 4: Essay Con- tests 2, 4: Library Statt l: Student Boosters 3: Spanish Club 3. 4. Secretary 3: French Gub 3. 4, President 4: "Forum" Show 3, 4: Chatr- man "Forum" Show Property Committee 3: Property Com- mittee ol "Stag Line' 3: In- tramural Volleyball l, 3: In- tramural Basketball 1, 2: In- tramural Baseball 1: "For- um" Show Decorating Com- mittee 4. CLAIH IAMES RICE. IR. "Ain't Misbe1mv:n"' Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: Varsity Foot- ball 4: Intramural asket- ball 1. 2' 3. 4: Intramural von. ball 1. 2. a. 4: "o Sing Your Songs" 4: "I Hear America Singing" 3. WILLIAM D. RIDENBAUGH "Trulia lam" Intramural Basketball 1, 2. 3: Intramural Volleball 2, 3. D. KEITH RINEHART "Sweethearts" Iunior Choir 1: Senior Choir 3: Reserve Basketball 2: Var- sity Baslaetball 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: "I Hear America Simi- ing" 3: Sports Editor ot I.' 4: Secretary? ot Spanish Club 3: Vice- resident ot Sganish Club 4: "Forum" S ow 3, 4: Intramural Vol- leyball 3, 4. Page Thirty-four HARLEY PRYOR "Ebb Tide" Hi-Y 1. 2, 3. 4: Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3: Reserve Bas etball 2: Intramural Basketball l. 2. 35 43 Intramural Volleyball MELINDA RALSTON "Unchained Melody" Y-Teens 1. 2. 3, 4: Student Boosters 3: G. A. A. 4: Monitor 4: Marchirg Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Social ommittee Y-Teens I. 2, 3. 4: "I.l." Stott 4: Advertising Manager "Forum" 4: Scholarshig Team 2: Intramural Basket all l, 2: Intramural Volleyball 1. 2: Property Committee "Stag Line" 3: 'What A Lite" 2: Spanish Club 3: French Club 4: Senior Play Committee 4: F. T. A. 4: "Forum" Show Ticket Committee 4. PEARL MARIE REED "String Of Pear1s" Y-Teens 1. 2: Choir 1: In- t:arnural Basketball l. NANCY L. RICE "Oh. You Beautiful Doll" "Men Are Like Sreetcars" l: Y-Teens l, 2. 3, 4: Senior Choir 2. 3: "What A Lite" 2: Cheerleader 3. 4: Student Council 1. 2. 3, Community Service Chairman 3: Iunior Choir l: Prophecy Committee 4' "St Lin " 3- Intr l , ag e , amura Volleyball 2, 4: "I.I." Busi- ness Manager 4: Girl-at- large l: Attendant to "For- um' Queen 3, 4: "Naughty Marietta" 2: "I Hear Amer- ica Singingn 3: "I.I" Adver- tising talt 3: "I.I." Adver- tising Manager 4: Y-Teen Style Show 4: Iunior Class Play Committee 3: F. T. A. 3, 4: French Club 3. 4. Sec- retary 3: "Goodbye. My Fancy" 4. CLARENCE G. RIDENBAUGH "O Baby Mine" CARL E. ROBINSON. IR. "I Still Get Jealous" Senior Choir 3. 4: Basketball 1: Varsity Football 4: Re- serve Baseball 1: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 4: Reserve Football 3: "l Hear America Singing 3: "0 Sing Your Songs' 4. SUE CATHERINE ROBERTS "ll You Knew Susie" Senior Marching Band l. 2. 3: Senior Concert Band 2: Y-Teens l. 2. 3. LEONARD ALLEN SALLY "Wake Up and Live" Reserve Football 1, 2: In- tramural Volleyball 2: ln- tarnural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Iunior Choir 1: Senior Choir 2. 3. 4: "Sweethearts" 3: "Naughty Marietta" 2: "Music tor Modern America" 3: "0 Sing Your Songs" 4: "Forum" how 2, 4. BARBARA IEAN SCHMIDT "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" Senior Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Shamrock Shindig 3: Sen- ior Choir 3, 4: "O Sing Your Songs" 4: "Forum" Show 1. 2, 4: Intramural Champs 1: Choir. FREIDA MAXINE SHEPARD "Let's Have A Party" Y-Teens l: Choir 1. VELMA IEAN SMITH "Honey Babe" CARROLL E. SORGE "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" Reserve Football 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Track 2. LESTER GENE HOCKWELL "l Don't Love Nobody" Projection Club 1. 4: Vice- President 2: Intramural Vol- leyball 4: Intramural Bas- ketball l. 2, 3. RAYMOND A. SAVAGE "What's the Use" Reserve Football 3. IANET LOUISE SCOTT "I Need You So" Marching Band I, 2. 3: Con- cert Band 1. 2. 3: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 3, 47 Stle Show 3, 4: Blue Tri l, 2: G. A. A. 2, 3: Football Attendant 2. 4: F. T. A. 3, 4: Inramural Volleyball 2. 3. 4: "Forum" Stall 4: Play Committee 4: Senior Com- mittee 4: Spanish Club 3. 4: College Club 1, 2: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "For- um" Court 3: ttendant to "Forum" Queen 4: "Stag Line" 3: "Mr. Barry's Stah- ings" 4: Property Committee "Dear Ruth' 3: Class Sec- retary 2: F. H. A. l, 2, Pres- ident 2: "Goodbye, My Fancy" 4. DOROTHY IEANNETTA SMITH "Beauty Dreamer" KAYE FRANCES SNYDER "M usic! Music! Music! Senior Marching Band I, 2, 3. 4: Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Root's Tooters 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 2. 3. 4: Concert Band Librarian 4: District State Solo and En- semble Contest 2. 3. 4: "Forum" Show I, 2, 3, 4: ZMr. Barry's Etchings" 4: Stag Line' Property Com- mittee 3: ' Dear Ruth ' Prop- erty Committee 3: Class Prophecy Committee 4: Y- Teens 2. 4. RONALD FRANCIS SPEER "Devil's Highway" Class Treasurer 4: Intramur- al Volleyball 4: Scholarship Team 3. 1. - 2 W iii :vial 'Qc iv! i yr.- 'if ug N! 6- 'E' EDITH CAROL SPRINGER "l Believe" Senior Choir 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Y. F. C. Club 3. 4: Student Council 4: "Forum" Show 2: President ot Iunior Choir I: "What A Lite" 2. TOM DAVID STREAM "Me and My Shadow" Intramural Basketball 2: In- tramural Volleyball 2. NANCY LEE TAYLOR "Thun1balina" Y-Teens 4: Iunior Choir 1. 2: Student Council 1. IAMES E. TROWBRIDGE "Earth Angel" Reserve Football l. 2. 3: Var- sity Football 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Intra- mural Volleyball 1. 2. NED W. VANNATTA "My Little Red Wagon" F. F. A. l, 2. 3. 4: Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: Projection Club 2. 3. 4: Key Club l: "Naughty Marietta" 2: "I I-Iear Amer- ica Singing" 3: "O Sing Your Songs" 4. BURDETTA WAGNER "Tea tor Two" Y-Teens l, 2. 3, 4. NANCY MARIE STILLSON "A Pretty Girl Is Lilre A Melody" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 3, 4: Style Show l: Senior Marching Band I, 2: Iunior Choir Accompanist l: Senior Choir Assistant Accompanist 2. 3: Senior Choir Accompan- ist 4: Senior Choir Vice-Pres- ident 4: "Sweethearts" 1: "Naughty Marietta" 2: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "Oh, Sing Your Songs" 4: Senior Orchestra Accompan- ist 1. 3: Senior Concert Band Z, 3, 4: Scholarship Team 3: "Forum" staft 3: "I.I." Stat! 4: F. T. A. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3, President 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: French Club 3, 4. Vice- President 3, Secretary 4: Dance Band 3: "Stag Line" 3: Senior Prom Chairman 4: Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3. 4: Football Queen's Attendant 4: "Forum" Show l, 2, 3, 4: "Forum" Queen's Attendant 3: "Forum" Queen 4. MARILYN I . TAYLOR "Why Worry" Student Council 1: "I.I." Stall 4: Y-Teens I, 2, 4: Iunior Choir l: Class Ring Commit- tee 3: "Forum" Show 3, "Forum" Show Ticket Chair- man 4: Intramural Volley- ball 2. DONALD EUGENE TOTMAN "Money is the Root ot all Evil" Reserve Baseball 2: Intra- mural Basketball 2, 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball 2. 3, 4. MARILYN ULLMAN "All The Things You Are" Student Council Treasurer 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: "Stag Line" 3: "Forum" Show 3: Court ot "Forum" Queen 4: Intra- mural Baseball 1: Intramural Basketball 2: Intramural Vol- leyball 2, 3: Essay Contest l, 3: Class Ring Committee 3: Class Will Committee 4: "Goodbye. My Fancy" 4. MARGARET VERNON "Dream House" CAROLYN WAGNER "When You're Away" Senior Marching Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Senior Concert Band 1. 2. 3, 4, Secretary 4: Student Council 3, 4. Vice-President 3. Head Monitor 4: Y-Teens l. 2. 3. 4. Style Show l. 4: F. T. A. 4: Iunior Class Treasurer 3: Booster Club 3: Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2: Intramural 1: "Forum" Attendant 3: "Forum" Court 4: Football Attendant 4: Sen- ior Choir 4: "Forum" Staff 4: Property Committee "Stag Lme" 3: Prophecy Committee ot Senior Class 4. MARIORIE GLADYS WARMAN "Girl ot My Dreams" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4: "Stag Line" 3: "Mr. Barry's tchings" 4: F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 3: Sec- retary 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3. 4: Senior Orchestra 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Sr. Prom Committee 4: In- tramural Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4. Champs 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3. Champs 3: Intramural Softball 1. 2: Intramural Badminton 2: Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl-at- large 3. Worship Chairman 4: "Forum" Photo Editor 4: Root's Tooters 2, 3: "Forum" Show 3: "Forum" Queen's Court 4: "I Hear America Singing" 3: "Naughty Mar- ietta" 2: "O. Sing Your Songs" 4: "Goodbye. My Fancy" 4. DWAIN ALLEN WAGONER, IR. "Chattanooga Choo Choo" Hi-Y l. 2. 3. 4. Finance Chairman 4: "Forum" Statt 3, 4: School Photographer 3. 4: Senior Choir I, 3, 4: "Forum" Show 2, 3. 4: Stage Crew ot "Dear Ruth" 3: Electrician of "Stag Line" 3: Electrician ot "Mr. Barry's Etchings" 4: "I Hear Amer- ica Singing" 3: "O Sing Your Song" 4: Intramural Basket- ball 3. 4: Intramural Volley- ball 4. BARBARA IEAN WILMOTTE "Rainbow Ga1" Y-Teens I, 2: "Forum" Show 3: F. H. A. 3. 4. WILLIAM R. YOAKAM "What More ls There To Say.. Hi-Y I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2: Sports Editor oi "Forum" Stott 4: Senior Choir Z: He- serve Football l. 2: Varsity Football 3, 4: Reserve Bas- ketball 3. 4: Reserve Basket- ball 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 4: Reserve Baseball l, Z: Varsity Baseball 3, 4: Chair- man Will Committee 4. RICHARD HALL "A Little More Time" BETTY LOU WAGSTAFF "I Got Rhythm" G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l: Senior Marching Band 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 3: Girls' Sports Editor ot "I.I." 4: ln- tramural Basketball l. 2. 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 3, 4: Volleyball Champs 4: Basketball Champs 3: "For- um" Show 3. 4: "I Hear America Singing": "Good bye. My Fancy" 4. GAIL LLOYD WEEKS "Dream, Dream, Dream" Intramural Volleyball 4. BONNIE LOU YOAKAM "Candy and Cake" Y-Teens Z, 4: F. H. A. 4: Iunior Choir 1. DONNA VIAN "Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume" Page Thirty-:even Senior Assembly Processional "March of the Brave" Greetings lim Hofmann, Class President Solo Ron Cline Prophecy Kaye Snyder, Nancy Rice. Ron Anderson, Carolyn Wagner, Hon Gullett Solo Nancy Stillson Ron Gullett Combo Ron Gullett, Nancy Stillson, Phil Iacobs, Georgienne McKee, Kaye Snyder Solo , .i as as Peggy Mahan Will e so Bill Yoakam, Lorna Eagle, Bobby Io Harrod, Marilyn Ullman, lim Clark Popularity Poll as . c c Carolyn Frederick, Iohn Frary Recessional Scipio ' 1 Pglhyg '1'-fu rl. fi , , HN fn, - --- -nu-1-n .....-.4-may PIER .QE ielffm .Jag '?+ 'Fw-Q ' in l 8 fw- Senior Popularity Girl with best personality ....... Boy with best personality ....... Most popular girl ................ Most popular boy ........ Most beautiful girl ...... Best-looking boy ,........ Best girl scholar ....... Best boy scholar ......................... Girl most likely to succeed ..,...,. ....,, Boy most likely to succeed ..... Best boy singer ........ . Best girl singer ........ Best actor ....... Best actress ...,... .... Most romantic couple ........ Wittiest senior ............................ Senior accomplishing the most Senior contributing the most ...... Best athlete .................. Most versatile senior ......... Favorite teacher ....... Pug Forty Carrie Lee Dailey Iim Hofmann Nancy Stillson Iim Hofmann Ianet Scott Iohn Ewalt Mary Ann Rawlins lim Hofmann Carolyn Frederick lim Hofmann , ,.,.... Hon Cline Peggy Mahan Iim Hofmann ,,.c.... ...........,.. M arjorie Waxman Keith Rinehart and Nina Marchal Tom Moseley Iim Hofmann lim Hofmann Keith Merrin Bob Dunham Miss Marguerite Mann Senior Prom - A Night to Remember H, 'Q Baccalaureate Program Orchestral Prelude: "Song of Iupiter" .......,....A......,, ,.,,.,, H andel High School Orchestra Processional: "March of the Brave" ....,.......,........,.,.,....,..,A,,..,...,..,,,,.,..,..,., Zamecnik Call to Worship .........A............,,...,.... ........ T he Reverend O. M. Lasley Hymn: "God of Our Fathers" ..... .,..........,.,............,,........,..V.,...... W arren Prayer .......,.......,...,....,.,.,c...,.,aa,...,... .... ........ T h e Reverend G. Edward Wolfe Responsive Reading ,.........,..............,............. ............. T he Reverend Lonzo Green Anthems: "Fierce Raged The Tempest" ..... ..........,....................,. C andlyn "Festival Song of Praise" .,.. ......................,......, M endelsohn Scripture Reading ,,,.,,....,.,.............,.. ....... T he Reverend Donald Hart Sermon ,.,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, :,.,::.. T he Reverend Willard Guy Benediction AY:,,,,,,,,, :....., T he Reverend O. M. Lasley "Chora1 Postlude" ...... .......,....:..........................-.V O :...f-.s............: A II- by Siauch High School Senior choir Recessionalz "March from "SCipi0" .......... ....... ,...... H a ndel l N N Page Forly-Iwo Commencement Program tftrvw if 5 91 gs new V V V Orchestral Prelude: "The Windsor Melody" .,.. ,e.e., N oel Gay Processional: "Pomp and C1rcumstance" .....e,e,,......r,e,,,w..,,,r,,,,,,, .,,,..,,,, ,, E I gar High School Orchestra Invocation: c,cvc....,.,.l,c,c,Ycc,.....cccc or O, ...,YcYYc.......l..,c. The Rev. Herbert Wiggins Vocal Music: "Graduation Song" ,c.... .t,t,,,,,cY.....,,,,,,, A rr. by Stauch "Ode to America" .,,t,t,..,..t,,,,,...., , ...t,., c, Cain High School Choir Announcement of Scholarships and Awards: ,,,.. tttt,t, C harles I. Pickens High School Principal Commencement Address: ,t,,,c. .,,,,,,.....t,,,,,,,.,...ttt T he Bev. Philip E. Auer Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church - Galion, Ohio Presentation of Diplomas: ,.,r., t.,c,c,c,....,,,c c,..t.., . D r. Iohn C. Drake President, Board of Education Benediction: .....,,,..,,.,,.......,,.,,..,,......,,,,,....,. 7 .c,c,... The Rev. Herbert Wiggins Recessional: "War March of the Priests" .....,c,c,c,cY ,..c,c,ctcco.,.ttc,cc.,... M endelssohn High School Orchestra Page Fortyethree National Honor Society and ational Athletic Scholarship Society -1, -nn 1, 1-,L ni X 5 : - fx ?',a..A", vyyi Y 'K'-axghfahx ' rp.--n..g . ....- tw, ' at -'in - or 'Ni tv, ' - ' "-2' , xg i '. -fflxh,-.,.'qli ,, if " a.f,,!,Q-N ' Q r Lett to right: Nina Marchal, Keith Rinehart, Lorna Eagle, Marilyn Ullman, Nancy Stillson, Ierry Beeman, Ianet Henery, Marjorie Warman. Carolyn Frederick, Bob Dunham, Mary lane Imhoff, Carolyn Wagner, Nancy Rice. Bill Yoakam, Mary Ann Rawlins, Kaye Snyder, Iohn Ewalt, Mary Ellen Fox, lim Hofmann, Carolyn Cary. K B ca, ,tw nm Kneeling Cleft to riqhtjz lohn Ewalt, Keith Rinehart, Bob Dunham, Bill Martin. Standing 1 lelt to riqht li Ierry Bee- man, Bill Yoakam, Iim Hofmann, Keith Merrin, Ron Gullett, Page Forty-four VWII of the Class of 1955 DONNA ADAMS leaves her athletic ability to Peggy Cox. DELORES BLUE bequeaths her diamond ring to Sally Mahaffy. SHIRLEY BROOKS leaves her blushing ways to Lois Ewalt. CAROLYN CARY leaves her locker to anyone with enough nerve to clean it. MARY ELLEN FOX leaves her private parking places to anyone who can find them. CAROLYN FREDERICK leaves, still trying to explain that she jumped off her horse. VIRGINIA HUMBERT happily leaves Mrs. Herron's typing class. PAT HULL leaves her height to Mike Lee. ELAINE KELLER leaves her report card to someone who doesn't want his. SALLY LATHAM leaves to fill her hope chest. NINA MARCHAL bequeaths her ability to be class secretary to one of next year's lucky Seniors. GEORGIENE McKEE leaves, still wondering how she always manages to get ink all over her hands. IUDY MILD takes off in her Cadillac leaving a cloud of dust behind. PEGGY MAHAN leaves her unfinished American Problems papers to anyone who wants them. NANCY RICE leaves to be a cheerleader at Kenyon. LINDA RALSTON regretfully leaves the men of Kenyon. KAYE SNYDER leaves her Staff Sergeant's stripes to anyone in the band who can handle her responsibility. NANCY STILLSON leaves her ability to become Forum Queen to one of next year's lucky Seniors. MARILYN ULLMAN leaves to go "Speer" fishing. With Ron of course. MARIORIE WARMAN leaves her ability to break drumsticks to Iohnny Drake. BONNIE YOAKAM leaves her quiet Ways to Pam Mintier. LORNA EAGLE leaves, still wondering when the class "Will" will be finished. DICK BANEY leaves his spare time to Carolyn - does he have any other time? IERRY BEEMAN leaves his most important attraction behind. PHIL BURRIS wills his hair-combing ability to anyone who can master it. IIM CLARK leaves to catch the biggest fish in the Atlantic. IOHN NUGENT leaves Mrs. Tucker with a "bang." BILL PETERSON leaves his listening ability to Room 207. IOHN RAHMING wills his brain to Mr. Robeson. CARL ROBINSON leaves for the Majors. TOM STREAM leaves for the lake. NED VANNATTA wills his shyness to Charles McDermott. ANN BELL leaves on a motorcycle. IACKIE BURGESS leaves to tend sheep and Sid. BETTY CARTER wills her English tests to next year's Seniors. PATSY CRANMER wills her Football necklace to next year's football queen. IACQUELINE DUDGEON leaves in a buick. CAROL GILLOOLEY wills her ability to play volleyball to the Iuniors. JANET HENERY leaves to become a second Florence Nightengale. MARY IANE IMHOFF leaves to join Ron. GENE LEWIS will her height to Richie Hoyt. Page F IRIS MARKS leaves Physics class to make room for next year's brave girls. MARCELLA MATHERS wills Mrs. Tucker's English class to next year's Seniors. MARY ANN RAWLINS wills her French papers to next year's classes. IANET SCOTT leaves for Galion to join Iack. FREIDA SHEPARD wills her ability to fall up steps to Iack Pearson. CAROLYN WAGNER leaves to join Brad in Cincy. CARRIE LEE DAILY leaves her pretty smile to Marcia Verson. ESSIE ERLANGER wills her artistic ability to Mr. Walton. IOYCE FLETCHER leaves her long hair to Marcia Doehla. ELINORE FRYE leaves very quietly. MARY LOU HAMPTON wills her naturally blond hair to NANCY HOUBLER bequeaths her peroxide to Bert Curry. BETTY IONES leaves to set up housekeeping. PHYLLIS KYMER leaves still reading her letters from the CAROL LAMB wills her neat appearance to anyone who can look as neat. BARBIARA LAMSON leaves her shorthand notes to anyone who can transcribe t em. ANN PAYNE leaves to start work at Kroger's. SUE ROBERTS and BARBARA SCHMIDT leave joyfully. EDI SPRINGER leaves, much to the regret of Larry. DOROTHY SMITH leaves. glad it's finally over. MARILYN TAYLOR leaves her quiet ways to Iudy VanDoren. NANCY TAYLOR leaves to take care of her neighbor, lim. BURDETTA WAGNER leaves - careful not to step on any more nails. ABIE ADAMS wills his ball playing ability to Bob Rock. WALTER BUTLER bequeaths the final payments on his car to anyone with enough money to pay them. RONNIE CLINE wills his build to next year's football team. along with other things, his musical ability to Sue Carole Hyatt. DON DAY leaves to become President of the Kroger Company. CHARLES FAWCETT wills his good behavior to Roger Massa. IIM HOOVLER leaves to work with Brother George's band. PHIL IACOBS wills his flat top to Mr. Pickens. DAVID LAND leaves for the open sea. BOB MASTELLER leaves to open up "Big Bob's Used Car Lot." BOB MCCONNELL leaves singing. "Oh, happy days!" STERLING MILLARD leaves with a shining face. TOM MOXLEY wills all his unused books to George Hartman. IIM PETERSON leaves to become the world's next heavy weight champion. Watch out Marciano! BILL RIDENBAUGH leaves with lipstick on the collar of his white shirt. Could this be Ann's? LESTER ROCKWELL wills his Oldsmobile to Pete Barnes. RON SPEER bequeaths his personalized pinball machine to his brother. IIM TROWBRIDGE leaves his stale jokes to anyone with enough nerve to tell them. GAIL WEEKS leaves - it's been months. DICK FERRY leaves to become the chief mopper on the USS Barge. CHARLES GUNIA leaves Mrs. Highman in a dither. IOHN COFFING leaves on his motorcycle to become an undertaker. Dixie Pembrook. U. S. Navy. Page Forty-six DON CRAWFORD wills to next year's lucky fellow - Forum Queen's Escort. IACK DAY wills his confused problems to next year's Solid Geometry class. BOB DUNHAM wills his medical terms to next year's Solid Geometry class. LLOYD DEMENT wills his unfinished homework to anyone. IOHN FRARY wills his reading ability to the author of "Blackboard Iungle." RON GULLETT will leave if someone politely awakens him. BOB HARROD leaves to become President of State F. F .A. IACK HESS wills his scoring ability to next year's basketball team. BOB LIPPS leaves to join the flying egg-beaters. IOE MAZZA leaves da datta da da. NANCY MCMAHON wills her quietness to next year's English class. KEN MCMILLIAN leaves Physics perplexed. KEITH RINEHART wills his going-steady to Dan Wagner. KEITH MERRIN leaves singing - Linda? RON ANDERSON wills his ability to all the girls. ALBERT BLUE leaves Marge to any Iunior who can get her. BOB CORCORAN wills his tardy slips to the Mt. V. Iron and Metal Co. IOHN EWALT leaves with a zip to The Windy City. HOWARD FOWLER wills his studying ability to Iim Brady and Pete Barnes. DAVID FRIDLINE wills what's left of his car to Snyders. IIM HOFMANN leaves his funny jokes to Mr. Owens. MARIE HUNTER leaves to become a huntress. BARBARA LONZO leaves with Larry Branstool. BILL MARTIN and DUKE WAGONER, the happy wanderers, leaves still in the dark. DICK MORAIN wills his guns to the Civil War. TOM MOSELEY and PHIL Iacobs leave for the Smokies. GENE NELSON leaves for White Plains, New York, to see whom? DICK PAYNE leaves with a pain. BARBARA PETERSON wills her undone English papers to Miss Mann. DAVID POTES leaves his farmer's clothes to next year's Agriculture students. IIM RICE leaves Mrs. Baker in a state of confusion. ALAN SAVAGE, WAYNE McKEE and GLENN MCMILLIAN leave still arguing who won Daytona Beach Race. CARROLL SORGE leaves shooting his deer gun. LEONARD SALLY wills his dancing ability to Dale Carter. DON TOTMAN wills his height to a step ladder company. BARBARA WILMOTTE leaves for Kincaid's for a trade. Page F y Class Prophecy - Time Turns Back 1855 - Office of Hofmannville News IIM HOFMANN has the town Hofmannville and is mayor. DON MCFARLAND is the first person on whom ether was used in surgery. LINDA RALSTON and MARY IANE IMHOFF take in washings and ironings. MARY ANN RAWLINS' box lunch is bought by IOHN EWALT at the annual box social. DAVID POTES is our bank president. BUZZ PRYOR and IOHN NUGENT have just bought a tobacco plantation so they can roll their own. IOE MAZZA sold the town saloon to BOB MASTELLER who hired TOM MOSELEY and RON CLINE as super-strong bouncers. Our wagon train is leaving today. A going-away party was held for CAROLYN CARY and DICK BANEY, NINA MARCHAL and KEITH RINEHART, ANN PAYNE and DON DAY, PATSY CRANMER and ALBERT BLUE. The driver of wagon No. 1 is fearless DAVE FRIDLINE with LORNA EAGLE as chief cook and bottle washer. CAROL GILLOOLEY, MARY IANE HENTHORNE, SUE ROBERTS. BARBARA LONZO, and BARBARA SCHMIDT compose the local W.C.T.U. RON GULLETT, a famous gambler from Monte Carlo has just arrived in town. CAROLYN FREDERICK, SHIRLEY BROOKS, and MARILYN TAYLOR are now dancing in IOHN RAHMING'S "Gaiety." BOB DUNHAM. IIM HOOVLER, CHARLES GUNIA, and BILL PETERSON make up our famous barbershop quartet. RON ANDERSON is our town bachelor. IERRY BEEMAN runs a livery stable. ESSIE ERLANGER, DOROTHY SMITH, and Mary LOU HAMPTON are in the lonely hearts club. The saloon chorus line is composed of ELAINE KELLER, PEGGY MAHAN, and DELORES BLUE. PHIL IACOBS is the town barber. IIM TROWBRIDGE is a preacher. PHIL BURRIS is now riding for the pony express. ABIE ADAMS is teaching calculus at M.I.T. DONNA ADAMS is a railroad gang supervisor. RICHARD PAYNE just left for England on a Rhodes Scholarship. IACKIE BURGESS is driving the 40 mule team for Borax. WALTER BUTLER publishes poetry. KEITH MERRIN'S "All-Girl Follies" was raided by the Hofmannville police force. Taken in on charges of disorderly conduct were chorus girls PAT HULL, NANCY STILLSON, KAYE SNYDER, CAROLYN WAGNER and a man who protested that he was an innocent bystander, IOHN FRARY. Page F ty-eight VIRGINIA HUMBERT just came out first in a shooting match with Daniel Boone. BOB MCCONNELL is modeling for cigar store Indians. CARROLL SORGE is making hoops for women's skirts. RON SPEER claims to own a horse that will run 70 m.p.h. MARILYN ULLMAN is the only one who believes him. NANCY RICE is queen of the Barbary Coast with Noce as her king. LEONARD SALLY now runs the Mid-Western Hayride. TOM MOXLEY has received his Ph.D. in English. JACK HESS has created a new game called "basketball." You throw a round object through a peach basket on the barn. BETTY JONES is a bookkeeper in KENNETH McMILLEN'S blacksmith shop. GEORGIENE McKEE made a speech for equal rights for women. DAVID LAND is packing them in with his side show called "Dave's Dandy Dolls." ELINORE FRYE is now a famous trapeze artist. MARIE HUNTER is now a finder. We knew she would be a finder if she were a good Hunter. JOHN COFFING, a student at Kenyon, is trying to disapprove the law of gravity since he fell up the stairs. GLEN MCMILLEN is teaching a subject called industrial arts in the high school. All the class has made so far are square pegs for round holes. CARL ROBINSON and JIM PETERSON are in the class. BETTY CARTER was the first woman to reach the Pacific Coast in search of gold, but her claim was jumped by HOWARD FOWLER. JIM CLARK, a relative of the Clark of Lewis and Clark has gone to Washington to advise Senator JACK DAY. He was accompanied by his legal aide, BOB LIPPS. ROBERT CORCORAN is presiding Judge of the Ohio Probate Court. JANET HENERY, EDI SPRINGER, JACQUELINE DUDGEON, and BARBARA LAMSON left for Europe. Their vessel is the "City of Bangs" and is captained by DICK FERRY. MARY ELLEN FOX claims there are no such things as Horseless Carriages, Flying Machines, and Frozen Foodstuffs. These things are strongly advertised by PHYLLIS KYMER. There is a rumor that MR. DONALD CRAWFORD is ready to come out of retirement. Don is planning to write a book "Should Women Participate in Sports?" as a sequel to his book "Are Sports Necessary?" JIM RICE and BETTY WAGSTAFF, producers of clothes for very short, stout men and women, are rivaled by GENE LEWIS, a producer of clothes for very tall people. Page F y Page Fifty Class Prophecy fCon't.j RICHARD MORAIN gave a lecture on the American Indian. He was accom- panied by a live specimen by the name of LLOYD DEMENT. Under-Secretary of State STERLING MILLARD gave a stirring speech on be- half of his colleague GAIL WEEKS, who is running for Secretary of the State. SALLY LATHAM just recently returned from appearing in BILL MARTIN'S traveling opera company. Also in the cast were CLARENCE RIDENBAUGH, BARBARA WILMOTTE, NANCY MCMAHON, and PEARL REED. LESTER ROCKWELL, publisher of the Hofmannville News, has sold to CHUCK FAWCETT and BILL YOAKAM, who are going to introduce several new features including DUKE WAGONER'S latest invention, the camera. FRIEDA SHEPARD, IRIS MARKS. and MARCELLA MATHERS have gone to the Mexican War as nurses. NANCY TAYLOR is the first woman sheriff with her deputies IANET HYATT and CAROL LAMB. IUDY MILD set fire to BARBARA PETERSON'S house. BONNIE YOAKAM drove the fire wagon with MARGE WARMAN on the back shining the fire bell. NED VANNATTA has pleaded innocent to charges of selling the Brooklyn Bridge to ALAN SAVAGE last year. IOYCE FLETCHER, DON TOTMAN, BEVERLY LEWIS, WAYNE McKEE, and CLARK FAWCETT have just received awards for twelve years of perfect attendance in school. BOBBY IOE HARROD has opened a corset factory. CARRIE LEE DAILEY has Buggy Seat. NANCY HOUBLER is now to get and hold a man. She says it is working perfectly. mother for an old men's home. made many improvements upon the Merco-Matic taking lessons from BURDETTA WAGNER on how IANET SCOTT is a house BILL RIDENBAUGH is municipal judge for Hofmannville. GENE NELSON is his chief deputy. They have issued a warning against speeding. ANN BELL has just opened the Dinner Bell which is fast becoming the leading restaurant. It is rumored that TOM STREAM holds forth in the back room with several one-armed bandits. "Of Cabbages and Kings" Odors of the out-doors drifting through windows pushed To the stars and the smell of sweat and perfume and Hair and after-shave lotion and paper and worn floors And dirty cement steps . . . gritty sounds of metal and Stone scraped together and thousands of foot-steps Converging only to move away again . . . voices of friends Clashing with laughs and shouts and calls of greeting And parting and other meeting places .... smears and stains Of the foot-prints of hands on walls and chipped paint And battle-scarred doors and chairs . . . and the clock's Eager ticking vibrating against a thousand eardrums Then the slamming of doors and a march of feet . . . the Touch of cool metal to damp cloth and the lingering Glance of a push .... and a thousand pounding Stampeding shoes hit the Free World. The easy glide of a dance with the most Wonderful Beautiful Nicest Sweetest Girl in the world C at that momentj .... the telephone Conversations about The Big Test and who's got a sheet of Paper for The Old Dad .... the split-second timing And the flash of legs taking Steps Two At A Time to get to class before the bell . . . the Class Pig and I don't have the slightest idea teacher and Hun ran run . . . the tardy slips and the sleep regained In English class and the groaning and complaining About The Biggest Assignment in the World .... the sigh Of relief at the close of a day and Whatarewegonnadotonight And the light laugh of the most Wonderful Beautiful Nicest Sweetest Girl in the world. Page Fifty-one "Of Cabbages and Kings " fCon 't.j The gentle rustle of formals and the ice cream white Dinner jackets and the smoothest Dance Music in the World. And the caps and gowns and pictures taken by The Proud Parents in the summer sun and the party That night with the sobs and tears and jeers and the I never Thought I'd Make It Talk and The Most Wonderful Time of Your Life . . . and I'll see You in September or October or Christmas or Easter And you write first and a thousand goodbyes To A Good Time Was Had by All. Now a lone figure walks the corridors of the deserted Building CThe Building where, only a brief instant before in the passing of a life, had rung the sounds of voices and hurrying feet.j The Building in which the lone figure's footsteps came Rushing back, unhindered by other sounds. A spray of vivid memories of clanging metal locker doors And pounding feet hung in the air .... the sound of bodies Pushing the air aside to meet a deadline . . . the Pungent odor from an open lab spreading through the Halls . The line snaking out from the Drinking fountains where throats parched by oration Caught the full meaning of coolness .... and the Rumbling laughter that only a mind at ease can Pour out .... people everywhere. The figure walks on, in freedom from the scurrying Mass of students that had so often plagued him when A few precious moments counted: he peers in the Empty rooms where opinions were moulded and Knowledge spewed forth in depthless streams. He sees the desks impressed with the hieroglyphics of This generation: he remembers the hours spent gathering Know-how, and the hours spent in boredom .... and the Crushing weight of a teacher's edict. He feels the breeze blowing down the long passage as He quickens his step to meet the summer sun . . . and to Plan his next bold move in life. Pg F ytwo Tom Mosley Graduation Song -arranged by lack E. Stauch. With your kind attention, we will sing a song, a tribute from our gradu- ating class. We're the lucky ones who managed to amass The credits you have got to have to pass. To a friendly band of hosts we bid adieu. This affectionate bouquet is just for you. We say. Thank you, Miss Mann. What more could we ask? You taught us that English with you ain't a task. You never gave homework, but we'll never tell. So thank you, Miss Mann, you really was swell. Refrain: We'll miss you. we'll miss you when you are far away. We'll always remember you as you are today. We say. Thank you, Mrs. Baker, for showing us through The mysteries of math so easy for you. It wasn't a lark, but we fought a good fight And found out your bark was much worse than your bite. Refrain We say. Thank you, Mr. Cotton, for doing your best. You gave us for art a part of your zest. Among us there must be a genius or two Who'll get to the top and give credit to you. Refrain We say, Thanks. Mrs. Montgomery, whose course is a treat. You learn enough Spanish Cthat's if you don't cheatj To know how to order an enchilada Down south of the border in old Mexico. Refrain We say. Thank you, Mr. Becker. You had quite a chore. To show us that history isn't a bore. We learned that a date can refer to the past As well as the girl you saw night before last. Refrain We say, Thank you. Mr. Walton. for giving your all. The way that you taught us never did pall. We mixed up the mixtures green. red. white and pink. Some blew up the fixtures, and some made a smell. Refrain We have left out some teachers: we don't have the time To list their good features or think of a rhyme. Three cheers for them all and our Principal, too. In ten more years, we'll send our children to you. It's Iune now: we're leaving: we must be on our way. No time for grieving, we must be on our way. We've a family to raise, a country to run. In so many ways there's a world to be run. We'll build on your foundation A firmer, freer nation. For courage and strength we humbly PHY On this, Our Graduation Day. Page Fihy-th ee Uctober Calendar No school - game at Delaware, lost 26-6. Linda Ketner and Milton Outcalt live it up on band bus. Fire drill 3rd period. Mr. Pickens makes several people who share lockers go back to their own lockers. Iackie Dudgeon is now going around on crutches. Kay Rapp is first casualty in chemistry. She cut her finger on a broken thistle tube. Snake dance - Dr. Nichols encourages team to get tougher. Homecoming with Urbana - lost 39-7. loe- Mazza kisses Queen Patsy and breaks all records. Hi-Y is selling black and orange cushions to use at football games. Members are demonstrating them in class. Magazine assembly - Iohn Ewalt seems to be practicing his art during sociology. As result of Y-Teen initiation last night, fresh- men girls can't wear lipstick today. Mr. Crabbs, Mr. Pickens, and Miss Wright talk to seniors about college and work. Game at Grandview lost 33-7 - played game in rain - Milton and Linda are still enjoying band trips. Bill Ward, graduate of 1953, joins physics class. Seniors take ACE Test. Ronnie Snow loses shoe while marching at band practice - John Bahming elected president of Spanish club. Loretta Davis, Iim Hofmann, and Ianet Scott capture leads of All High School Play. Game at Upper Arlington - lost 31-O. New couple on band bus - Iudy Reed and lim Kimble. Knee socks - new fad. Assembly on acting your age. Y-Teen meeting - Ierry Beeman and Mr. Walton don't agree on physics problems. Y-Teens sponsor noon dance - art classes paint on downtown windows. Another new fad - rope beads. Band practice after school. Bexley plays us here - lost 12-0. Charlie Ransom awes audience while twirling fire baton inside of heart outlined with red lights. Page Fifty-four Junior Class History Roger Rorrdin President Donna Boucher Treasurer Melony Coffing Vice-president Tom Brown Secretary The junior class of Mount Vernon High School began its activities early in the fall of 1954 by nominating class officers. At their first class meeting they selected Roger Rardin, President: Melony Coffing, Vice-president, Tom Brown, Treasurer: and Donna Boucher, Secretary. These officers served faith- fully and well through-out the year and made the junior class very proud of its choice. The first committee to start its work was the ring committee, headed by Charles Banning. They began the dif- ficult task of selecting a class ring. After the committee had narrowed it down to a few, the whole class made the final decision. The beautiful new rings ar- rived around the last of February. Lawrence Fowler and Ianet Iohnson organized the finance committee and began planning ways to obtain class funds. They thought of several ways to bring in money and did a good job of this all year. With mid-term exams safely behind most of the class, the play committee started thinking about the coming junior production. Nancy Hagan and Bob Bader headed the committee which picked "Once in Every Family" to be the class play. Donna Boucher, Iohn Levenson, and Ieff Shamansky had the leads in the play, and together with the rest of the cast they made it a huge success. In February it was announced that Loretta Davis, Melony Coffing, and Donna Boucher were the class's sweet- hearts. You see, these girls attended the Queen in the annual Forum Show given in May. The last event of the year was the Iunior-Senior Prom. This was carefully planned by Kay Rapp, Bob Berry and their committee. The theme of a Parisan sidewalk cafe was beautifully carried out. The prom was lovely and truly "a night to remember." Before they knew it the year was over, and the class looks back on it as a happy and successful one. The junior class wishes to thank its advisers Miss Marguerite Mann, Mrs. Imogene Montgomery, Mr. Iack Robeson, Mr. Roger Walton, Mr. Lawrence Yarman, and Mrs. Wanda Burwell for their advise and guidance. We also thank the sen- iors for their examples and help and wish them all the luck in the world. And the junior class of next year? We only hope you can have as much fun and get as much out of your junior year as we feel we have. Page Fifty fl e IUDY ACKERMAN NANCY BALL MARY I ANE BELL CAROLYN BROOKINS BOB CLINE Page Fifty-six BETTY ADAMS ANN BALTZELL BOB BERRY TOM BROWN BENNY COCHRAN LARRY AGNEW CHARLES BANNING PEGGY BLOOM IANET BUMPUS DON COE GUSTY ANGELAS MARIORIE BARNCORD DONNA BOUCHER ANNE BURRIS MELONY COFFING BILL APPLETON PETE BARNES BILL BOWEN EMORY CARPER SHIRLEY COLES BOB BADER DONNA BAXTER IULIE BOYLE DAN CLARK GEORGE COLGIN BILL BAKER PATRICIA BEEMAN I IM BRADY THELMA CLEMENTS JOYCE COLOPY CI-IRYSTAL CONANT LORETTA DAVIS LODUSKA EIS LARRY FOGLE DICK HAAS PEGGY COX DON DEARMAN GEORGE ELLIS LAWRENCE FOWLER NANCY HAGAN CAROLE CRANMER MOLLIE DEEDRICK ROSALIE ERNEST PAT FROST BARBARA HALL MAXINE ROBERTA CUNNINGHAM CURRY CHARLES DENHARDT DAVE EVANS WILLIAM GRAHAM I EAN HALL FLOYD DEVORE DOUG EVANS MARY IO GREEN SHIRLEY HALL DON DALRYMPLE KEN DEWITT DICK FAWCETT MARITA GRUBB MURIEL HARRIS MARCIA DAVIES HANK EDMINSTER IOYCE FETTER BETTY HAAS GEORGE HARTMAN LARRY HENRY RILLA IACKSON IANET KYLE LARRY MARBLE IIM McKEE BEVERLY HILL BARBARA IACQUET MICHAEL LEE ROGER MASSA BOB MELCHER ELLIS HITE I ANET IOHNSON IOHN LEVENSON TOM MCCARTNEY IIM MELTON BETTY SUE CAROLE IOAN HOWARD HUMBERT HYATT HIGGINS IRICK I OANN DICK LARRY F RED KIGER KIMBLE KREPS KNOHL HESTER CHARLOTTE BEVERLY MAUD LONDON LONEY MAIN MANSEN CHARLES CHARLES BETTY GARY MCDERMOTT McDOWELL MCFARLAND McKAY SAUNDRA KAY HELEN I OHN MILLER MILLS MOREY MOSSHOLDER MELVINA NANCY NEIGHBARGER N EWCOMB I ACK BOB PEARSON POLAND ROGER COLLEEN RARDIN REESE MARGARET MARIORIE ROWE SANNER SANDRA IOYCE SILVIS SNOW RAY OGBORN I UDY PORTER ANN RICE LaRUE SCHORR GERALD SPEER IIM Ol-IDE CHARLES RANSOM CARROLL RINE LINN SELLERS DAVE SPITZER FELICIE DICK PAQUES PEALER IANET LEON RANSOM RANSOM MARTHA RAE SHELDA RINE ROBERTSON IEP F BILL SHAMANSKY SHOULTS VIOLA SANDY STEVENS ST. IOHN BILL PRITCHETT KAY RAPP BOB ROCK WILMA SHOW TANYA STULLER Page Filfy-nine I EAN TAYLOR MARCIA VERSON DICK WRIGHT Page Sixty IULIE RONALD IOE GALE I UDY BOB TODD ULLMAN VAN DOREN TOTMAN I IM IEAN CAROLYN AL PAT DEANNA WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILSON WRIGHT I OSHUA BARBARA I OHN IRIS GARY KATHI YOUNG ZSCHOCHER DAUBENSPECK MOONEY THEIBERT THOMAS WAREHAM WELLS WILDER YARMAN L ,fix 'gg Fi? X 5' Af '51 A A4 pq., . I , uf... we ' 1- aj , , A ew 26:31 ' ref 1 3 - ' X A-ia? " :5q1'! Q , wwf its-LL 5 K 4k rw ,WV Maia i - .W fm P52 iff' ' ' A-.gmt r?,g4,,,, F! 5 ., M W V...-.. N., A L F I M fg . , :M -1' 7 Q fiv- ii - 5 2 nf fwv . - -A f.if?Qf:f1 ,:1:.12t 4 ,Q J., Y Y hiv , X ,S 1 AVA hu 1 0 X Q4 f' I Y .WJ Q. ', ?'? V 6 " ww W ,i 1. ' L, 'w W bv 'sb' -. rv, 44 "wi Q . , -3- ,af i .1 ' k af an V Q, ,, s S. X f , N ,A ,, .. , V J x 5563 3 W A fu W nw -af xr 2 5 , ,dna I . R34 , -..- ke-!?"'fIv' ' l "7 1 ax, mn, 3 , 4 g"'Y 5 Qzwf. g ..w Qi Y' lynn an ff ..-1 V .fi-1 "' 's , A,,,.we-W" Hg,--W2 x if I ,3 W ', VK wx 'fx 1 A 'N' ,rw . V' Q fiQ?w5 as-A R Freshmen TOP PICTURE Iwt row Shirley lV!f'l,auahlin, Carolyn l.ord, Mary Lalherns. Mmmch, Ann Munroe, Anita Mack, Iudy McKee, Nancy Miller, Blanc! 2nd mw Farol Stllr-za, Bette Kymer, Mabel Layman, Luanna Mrrlos, Carole Lrtzenbmq, Patsy Mooney. 3rd row l.oolrer. 4th tow l.ueas, liorac' Charles McCutchen, Dick Kymer, jerry Miller, Gary Phillip Nlrdrlloton, Dan Peters, Elmer Newton, Bob e Mawer, lohn Latherns, BOTTOM PIC lst rr-vv Allen, Linda Pull row Ilrrl raw TUBE Sharon Brtekor, Karen Boucher, Elizabeth Barton, Brown, lim Haube. Pat Boyle, Iucly Borden, Donna Ables, Beverly Bond, Martha Anrlereon, Ted Beach, Harold Bond, Hex -Hh low Paul Anttll, Ronald Brasfzeur, Robert Adams, Raymond Page Sixty four Shirley McMillan, Mary Klabouqh, Kay Linne Kreps, Susan me May. Irnhofl, Pam Mintier, Ioan Mumper, Elizabeth Iewell, Sandra Kost. Lanny McMannis, Roqer Main, Dick Lewis, Raymond Miller, Bob Lord, Mark Misicka, Mike Knox, Keith Lewis, David Becky Belcher, Judy Benson, Lynn Bartels, Nancy Adams, Linda Io Anna Beckett, Ned Brooks, Fred Booman, Bebont, Steve Barnes, Everett Baer. Atkinson. 1 Q Ar, an 5.1! W, R "QSM H.. hai T W. A M VAIIA L. I . N Aff K ff I' L Q ,X X 'Pai was - ' 'uf ' hmkg - Q- 'gf Y, " A N M A mf X228 ' M - , Lk, azu' D -,., fri? A' K ,.A. My 21' Vg: ' X ' -' -V VV X xg J f W A 'Sf I ' . W 4 Q M ik x , , X .- , H, kk ' H K g 1 Y wk K f .Nr y af - 'sg f WM hvv' W-N' , 5. .. 'Qs L 3 if ' 1.4 A 'H' A as Li -A ,. 3 2 i N 5' Y S ww- , , L gy! wa: V M , ui' Y 4 J ' , wif. Mig Q 'X .An 'J A , Ng V. .fy 91 gal r Nh, N ,bi 57' w -if L fig' A' I Q k Qu A L 5 QQ 'H-P+? Q "ff 7 -, , ,J 3' ' , ' Q fr, X, ' M Q, if 8 QJMIQEVVI. PA , ' fa Wy -4 kim, ,A M 8 x .,,, .Q 1, in .L I H p. L' 5, . gy - fe' , ,V ww f A9 fl Q' ,J if 1' ' ,I .. I I ff" - x., Q , f , - 5 , ,. 1 "' ' wh A ,ff M "J u, A .A Q LQ ,Q 39 4 fm- 'B N. t . ' "7 M, M " Q x n A I ' 'ff U. A M. xl N. , an Freshmen TOP PICTURE lst row Zale Smilack, Iim Willis, Sally Sorge, Devota Shoman, Iudy Ullman, Myra Zieg, Carolyn Sims. Iudy Stanley, Carolyn Yoakam, Wilbur Wilkinson, Tom Veatch. 2nd row Steve Scarvelus, David Welsh, Betty Skinner, Peggy Spearman, Ioan Wilson, Ieannetta Snow, Francis Shepard, Diane Warrell, Linda Wise, Iennie Vernon, Ruth Ann Wise, Wanda Steele, Terry Walker. 3rd row Charles Shuft. Henry Wilson. Ronnie Stoneburner, Larry Steele, Stanley Wallace. Bob Wheeler, left Walker, Richard Thompson, Bruce Tramont, Harry Shoemaker, Harold Wilson, Guy Zimmerman, Donald Shuller, Sonny Vernon. BOTTOM PICTURE lst row Iim Gill, Roqer Heaton, Kay Fawcett, Ioyce Franz, Shirley Hutt, Claudette Hess, Kathy Hagan, Sally Harris, Don Ferris, Donald Fry. Znd row David Hauqer, Gary Gray, Harry Hess, Ianet Hostetler, Linda Humes, Diana Gullett, Carolyn Gantz. Marilyn Fawcett, Iane Gaumer, Beverly Galbraith, David Gullett. 3rd row Roger Hite, Terry Hoar, Robert Griffith, Myron Gallogly, Audrey Holt, Esther Hartley, Carol Hayes, Iane Higgins, Laddie Franklin, Howard Fowler, Dick Hunter, Wayne Fry, Garland Henthorn, David Gill. Page Sixty-six ,Rx gmgx S ziggy rf " 6 few, Pa Maw , ., ' . Q u - ' K L, A f my Q L. 'At ..- - -may ' W ANY ' x I ' 'lf . ' f , p 1 . V, A 4' I " my in GT-:Qui 4 11551, V ' . L F' n Q Ax I Ma v 45:5 - . i W1 4 X 1. .aL A A W, ,WJ54 AES " M., ' K M H gy X ii , Ag, 1 V A E 3 'K ' " ,-H 1 f Q . ? 'Q 2. -, if W5 s -2 , - , nh X k ,-' f7 V ff , fn , X . A " W , A ,S , - is 'K ., 1 R 's ITL? 'Af 'EE L f'5 as A I y , K, A A ,K-, K R K , - - fy , ,' . A A fa, W .lf V g gf' A, Q Q . H 1--' ' ' f . ff ' . 'X' f f M I gg, fm' - is .QM "' ig 1 M. 5 k Q an . 5 xg . v ws V 3,f,f1?R3 SQL I yr-ff 5 ' gg 'gf 'Q J' - ' -L had f Ii' ' Q ' A J- 'YK W mix ' Y v , Q Q si. 'ANNE A 0 . 4, ' ' A - , 'SX . 5 - - - ram - -'- N Q. 1 5 ff . "1 ' ' :sf -' If ' ' fu .sawn M7 . - ,. ,,... I :-'Lx' N 'W' , 9 ,, .... : ,, ig - is mx , f v ,an 5-gui Eighth Grade TOP PICTURE lst row 2nd row - Ann Wilson. 3rd row Walker. 4th row Sth row - Wayne Weaver, Ron White, Indy Stenzel, Linda Young, Joanne Smxth George Wallot, Harry Zimmerman. Iacques Transue, David Taylor Edward Spain Betty Lou Steele Carol Iodie Trace. - Gerald Wells, Neil Springer. Ronald Staat, Linda Winslow. Sue Wonders Linda Wilson Brenda Ward Ina - Larry Trowbridge, David Vasbinder. Otis Wilder. - Terry Tucker. William Wheeler, lim Wears. Iohn Ware, Ianice Stoneburner Ann Wlthgott Dine Wallace Ianlce Workman. Ioan Thomas, lone Steinbrink, Margaret Smith, Susan Winger MIDDLE PICTURE lst row - Shirley Bickel, Beth Banning. Teresa Coiling. Sue Brooks, Christina Albert Iohn Baney Eddie Blackburn Allen Beck, David Brown. Louzella Butler. Linda Crawford. Sheila Barr. 2nd row - Iuanita Cunningham. Beverly Beroth, Susan Baube, Lois Corcoran Carlena Ayers Iudy Brown Tom Bartlett Dennis Branstool, Sondra Baker, Barbara Boyle. Carol Boyd. 3rd row - Katherine Blue, Sharon Cornell, Kay Bear. Mary Allen. Delores Brate Tom Bradley Stephen Chalmers Iohn Chalmers. Max Clutter. 4th row - Larry Conkle, Gary Bowers. Gano Conkle, Eugene Boucher. Bob Coy Gary Christopher BOTTOM PICTURE lst row -- lane Hauger, Carolyn Hoar. Ida May Heibarger. Marilyn Howard Linda Hagen Marilyn lennmgs Ianine Keenan. 2nd row - 3rd row - 4th row 5th row Donald Huggins. Bobby Page Sixty-eight Diane Harvey. Ruth Ann Iarnboski, Carol Harper. Indy Hill. Sally Heintz, Herman Helser. Charles Holcome, Ruth Hogan Judy Kuxvxnen Mary Harrmgton - Virgil Hernptield, Mike Hynes. Ierry Carper, Ice Humbert. - Harold Henthorn, Marlin I-lenthorn, Darlin Henthorn. Gary Koch Raymond Heckel Sonny Keller Ilm Hass Latherns, Oscar Iones. Eighth Grade Seventh Grade in ,. Y Q. wr lf. 1 K t-H3 ,f C TOP PICTURE lst row Bill Brown, Paul Brown, Peter Clark, Larry Cunningham, Thomas Chambers, Georqe Cameron, Wayne Coe, Charles Flis, Norland Chester. 2nd row Iohn Carlile, Iames Brookins, Donald Carper, Ioe Cates, Bobby Conkle, Thomas Rackham. 3rd row Betty Cantlebary, Sharon Butler. Ianice Cunningham, Patty Bryan, and Sally Clyde. 4th row Marilyn Calkins, Carolyn Conard, Christine Cassady, Lucia Curtis, Ioyce Byrd, Regina Brooks, Iackie Brunner, Carolyn Busenburg, Sharon Caqnon, Carol Clark. Ann Brown. BOTTOM PICTURE lst row Marlene McClusky, Bonnie Lewis, Patty Mapes, Amy Maqill, Linda McCullough, Sue Kathary. 2nd row Beverly Litt, Ioan Kinnard, Larry McLaughlin, Iohn Henmuir, 3rd row Marlene McLarnan, Marjorie Lotz, Iackie Lipps, Daniel Lorey. 4th row Karen Kymer, Macie Lester, Don Henthorn, Earl Leverinq. Sth row Iames I.ondon, Dennis Meekins, Iames McCarron, Robert Hoar, Fred Mohn. Sth row Tad Koch, Norman McGee, Susan Lord, Thomas Lybarqer. 7th row - Duane Lones, Bob Kunninqer, Benny Lee. Page Seventy Seven th Grade TOP PICTURE lst row Gary Goodson, Tommy Falter, Nancy George, Betty Fox, Sandra Dunn, Iudy Frady, Ianice Frye, Mary Daughtery, Laurel Engel, Larry Daubenspeck, Mike Davies. 2nd row Carl Frye, Larry Grant, Carol Fickle, Connie Gray, Ruth Gordon, Ann Farmer, Bobby Gill, David Gatchell. 3rd row Iames Gantt. David Dauphin, Kay Dowds, Lucille Dunn, Sue Fletcher, Iulie Daly, Sandy Giffin, Philip Frost. 4211 row Carol Doup, Karen Gilmore, Patty Glover, Mary Lou Gerard, Evelyn Fallis. BOTTOM PICTURE lst row Gary Thompson, Milton Williams, Sonny Vance, Bob Wythe, Ray Underwood. Znd row - Iohn Warman, David Williams, Frances Zink, Carolyn Tucker. In Front of Stump -- Diana Wilson, Sandra Weaver, Gail Verson. On Stump - Charles Zolman, Ken Taylor, Dan Walton. To right ois1ump,front to bank - Nancy Iames, Tyrone Smith, Lewis Sleeman, Ianet Harvey, Alice Underhill, Betty Lou Heagren, Marie Taylor, George VanAman, Edna Townsend, Karen Walker. To left of slump, 2nd row - Iames Wantlancl, David Wagner, Larry Ullman, Charles Warner. 3rd row - Nancy Zsch+ ocher, Vivian Wilkinson, Gary Williams. 4th row Iohn Thomas, Barbara Willis, Linda VanRyson. Page Seventy-one Seven th Grade TOP PICTURE Left of stairs 1 top to bottom J: Gary Nell, George Piouts. On stairs ttirst row, leit to right J: Pamela Norris, Beverly 2nd row qleit to riqhtbz Pete Pitkin, Sally Pitkin, lack llrd row C left to riqht J: Fred Mossholder, Natalie McMillen, 11th row tlelt to riqhttz Nancy Petty, Doris McMil1er1. Right ol stairs rtop to bottomlz Scott Mintier, Norman BOTTOM PICTURE lst row tlett to right 7: Barbara Bone, Shirley Bemiller. leftroy Breaks, Louella Bradley, Bill Bell, 2nd row 4 left to right 5: Wilda Antill, Suzy Allen, Howard Barncorcl, Dick Adams, Iohn Bietness. Grd row rlelt to right 7: Linda Bateman, Sophia Angelas, Ackerman, Billy Albert. 4th row cleft to riqhttz Kay Brate, Barbara Abrahams, Page Seventy two David McMahon, Alan McDowell. and Barbara Porter, Gordon Potes. Peterman, Barbara Neiqhbarger, Gary Necklinq. Gary Horlacher, Becky Mowery. Ianet McVey. Montgomery, Iim Neese, Dick Porter, Bobby Nichols. Shirley Baker, Dixie Bartlett, Iohn Bracy, Beth Boyd, Baer, Billy Beck, Mary lean Ball, lanet Baker, Gary Dick owden, Peggy Agnew, Frank Beam, Beverly Billy Boner. Seventh Grade TOP PICTURE lst row Gordon Hammons, Patricia Iohnson, Frederick Hoffman, Sally Iones, Don Harris, Allen Loney, lim Hartline. 2nd row Sue Humbert, Carol links, Hugh Grubaugh, Charlene Henry, Doug Hoecker, Mary Iane Houbler, Edward Iohnson, lean Hurlow. and David Hollitield. 3rd row -V Sinda Hull, Linda Hull, Karen Gillmore, Mary Huggins, Ruth Hogan, Ioyce Ioshin, and Bruce Hite. 4th row Barbara Iones, Ianet Hoffman, Sally Imel, Suellen BOTTOM PICTURE lst row Larry Schaffer, Bob Rousseau, Beverly Reed, Alvin Smith, Dennis Rousseau. 2nd row rf Ralph Spearman. Donald Robertson, Sandra Ryan, Schwartz, Iames Rine. Grd row Carolyn St. Iohn, Wynol Shoman, Rebecca Roberts, 4th row 7 Bea Shephard, Iudith Sullivan, Kay Sanner, Clara Harris, and Iohn Iadwin. Shick, Polly Starratt, Eric Sowers, Lynn Sirbaugh, Floyd Bruce Revennaugh, Karen Stoyle, Rollin Seibold, Suellen and Mary Stacey. Smith, Sandra Stoutenburgh, and Fred Rabishaw. Page Seventy-three November Calendar Dixie Swadner causes quite a com- motion by wearing red plaid kilt to school. Bat got loose in hall. Y-Teens and Hi-Y have meeting to- gether f- panel discusses boy-girl relations. Seniors of the band wear one white sock, one black sock. No school -4 last football game for ll boys on team, 13 band members. Wooster won 41-6. Overheard in chemistry class: Ned Vanatta: Have you seen it? Mr. Walton: Have I seen what? Ned: That stray molecule floating around. Physics class takes annual trip to roof of school building and throws stones. Mr. Stauch tells band he has surprise to announce at skating party. By end of day everyone knows the sur- prise is that the band is invited to Washington. Iuniors get out all seventh period to select class rings. All high school play, "Mr. Barry's Etchings" is presented. Y-Teens present style show. Sparkle of fashion. luniors and seniors attend college night at high school. Y-Teens are madly trying to finish decorations for formal. School lets out at 2:30 for teachers' meeting. Those decorations are go- ing to be finished yet f- with a little luck. The long-awaited night finally ar- rives. Y-Teen formal. Parties, Part- ies, Parties, before and after. Mary Ellen and lim are going steady. Boy of the week, Duke Wagoner. After taking G. A. A. pictures, he dis- covers he forgot to put the film in the camera, lim Hofmann is speaker at Thanks- giving assembly. No school --- Thanksgiving. No school -- Mount Vernon wins first basketball game at Zanesville, 61-49. Iim Rice thought it was too hot in trig, so he put the windows up. That's when the trouble began. Mount Vernon plays old rival, New- ark. Won 7l-40. Page Se venty-four RGANIZATIONS . . . Double Trouble Twins Ernie and Don Springer, F. F. A. members, bring their tractor to school for examination by the Ag department. Ns Buckeye Boys ' State Iohn Ewalt, lim Hofmann. and Bob Dunham being congratulated by Mr. Malcolm Francis, commander at the local American Legion, Each year the American Legion, Lion's Club, Kiwanis, and Exchange Club in Mount Vernon sponsor the sending of three Mount Vernon High School boys to Buckeye Boys' State, a school in practical government located at Camp Perry on the shores of Lake Erie. The school, which is sponsored by the American Legion, is held for ten days during the month of Iune. The Mount Vernon boys attending last summer were Iohn Ewalt, Bob Dunham and Iim Hofmann. Buckeye Boys' State is a small model ot the government of Ohio. Camp Perry is divided into cities and counties, and city, county, and state officials are elected. Government proceedings are carried out to the minutest detail, and the boys learn American government thoroughly by actual partici- pation in it. Page Se enty srx Scholarship Team ll-?L"'i fmsifsat 3255 lst row - Cleft to rightD: Marybeth Gilfillan, Carolyn Brookins, Patty Frost, Annette Burris, Iudy VanDoren, Barbara Yarman, Barbara Iacquet, Barbara Butler, Ianet Klein, Gene Lewis, Zale Srnilack. 2nd row - Cleft to rightD: Mrs. Beryl Highman, Miss Audrey Wright, Mary Klabaugh, Shirley Eaton, Georgiene McKee, Ianet Iohnson, Wayne Evans, Anita Mack, Phyllis Rine, Fred Knohl. 3rd row - Cleft to rightj: Mary Ann Rawlins, Mary Ellen Fox, Carolyn Frederick, Iudy Bartlett, Anna Sperry, Lois Ewalt, Nancy Hagan, Loretta Davis, Ann Munroe, Wayne Frye, Ioe Porter. 4th row - Cleft to rightbz Judy Lemasters, Ann Bice, Shirley Spearman, Shirley Brooks, Suzie Minnich, Kay Rapp, Iim Brady, Richard Hardin, Tom Brown, Larry Henry, Richard Thompson, Bob Dudgeon. Sth row - Cleft to rightD: Nancy Humbert, Kay Murdock, Ierry Beeman, Richie Hoyt, Bill Tanner, Tyler Thorton, Hugh Watson, Dick Morain, Howard Fowler, Charles Williams, Iim Ohde, Arthur Graves, Lawrence Fowler. Page Seventy-sev 9 Student Council lst row Nina Marchal, Marilyn Ullman, Lorna Eagle, Ianet Kline, Carolyn Wagner, Loretta Davis, Mollie Deedrick, Carol Cranmer, Patsy Cranmer, Iohn Rahming, Bob Dunham, Ierry Beeman, lack Hess. Znd row f Sharon Bricker, Karen Stoyle, Evelyn Fallis, Brenda Trace, Iulie Theibert, Don Coe, Bob Bader, Charles Williams, Mary Ellen Fox, Dick Kimble. 3rd row Edith Springer, Sharon Cornille, Delores White, Anita Mack, Donna Ables, Ann Baltzell, Ioyce Petter, lim Kimble, Wayne Frye, Mark Misicka. 4th row Sandra Baker, Ianice Keenan, Carol Sue Oakes, Kay Murdock, Bill Doup, Robert Hardin, Ron Stoneburner. Sth row Ned Vannatta, Bill Martin, Al Fairchild, Richie Hoyt, Keith Merrin. Student Council Executive Board Seated Ianet Cline, Loretta Davis, Lorna Eagle, Miss Audrey Wright, ad- viser, Carolyn Waqner, Mollie Deedrick, Nina Marchal, Marilyn Ullman. rw Standing Mr. Elmer Crabbs, ad- viser, Bob Bader, Charles Williams, lack Hess. Bob Dunham, Ned Vannatta, Iohn Rahminq, Ierry Beeman, president. Page Sevenfyreight Future Teachers of America lst row - Iudy I-Iurps, Nancy Rice, Sally Latham, Iackie Burgess, Linda Devin, Diane Warrell, Sally Harris, Kathy Hagan, Peggy Spearman, Betty Skinner, Dorothy Strickland,Iudy Borden. 2nd row Y Mary Iane Imhofl, Mary Lynn Kathary, Carolyn Lord, Sheila Schwartz, Maryheth Giliillan, Connie Woods, Linda Emley, Carole Brown, Linda Knapp, Barbara Butler, Mary Ellen Fox, Ianet Henery, Barbara Iacquet, Shirley Eaton, Shelda Robertson, Barbara Beck, Pauline Gunia. 3rd row- Linda Ralston, Kay Rapp, Shirley Coles, lean Wells, Iudy VanDoren, Patty Wilson, Elise Rice, Mrs. Alice Cassell, adviser, lean Wagner, Nancy Stillson, Marjorie Warman, Martha Rae Rine, Mr. lack Robeson, adviser, Ianet Ransom, Ianet Scott, Carolyn Wagner, Loretta Davis, Ianet Klein. F. T. A. Officers Left to right: 'f,Q:Ai I r y lean Wagner, treasurer: Nancy Still- W son president: Marjorie Warman, sec- 'A fn l S retary: Martha Rae Rine, vice-president. as-K, Page Seventy-nine Iirn Hofmann Co-editor Bob Dunham Business Manager 9 Eshy FORUM Staff Mary Ann Rawlins Co-editor 6 7 8 9 I4 I5 "" I6 17 S- I9 13 ado , - ' . , -1 v? f k ,I 5 jg 7, lu Yoakam, Sports Ed, ZW Morain, Tax Stamps: 33 Imhofi, Faculty Ed.: 47 Waxman, Photo Ed.: 55 Wagner, Senior Ed. 61 Fridline, Cal.: 71 Houbler, Cal.: 86 Buxgess, Cal.: 97 Henery, Cal.: 105 Rabishaw, Ads: 113 Poland, Ads: 123 Bader, ads 137 Ellis. Ads: 143 Cranmer, Subs. Man.: 155 Rice, Subs. 167 Eagle, Subs.: 173 Martin. Phoio.: IBJ Wagoner, Photo.: 191 McKee Photo. '1 .L " Staff N 454 '49 If HNH Nancy RICE Tom Moseley Carolyn Fredenck Business Manager Co-Editor Co-Editor 0-Q. I3 . .' 'T wi an t Q, I2 tn to a I4 1. Sara Cannon, Adviser: 2. Mary Ellen Fox, Subscription Manager: 3. Keith Rinehart, Sports Editor: 4. Betty Wagstaft Girls Sports Editor: 5. Ann Bell, Exchange Editor: 6. Essie Erlanger, Club Editor: 7. Virginia Humbert, Exchange Editor 8. Nancy Stillson, Music Editor: 10. Marilyn Taylor. Assistant Circulation Manager: ll. Marcella Mathers. Assistant Cir culation Manager: 12. Linda Ralston, Advertising Start: l3. Iudy Hurps, Assistant Advertising Manager: 14. Ierry Beeman Assistant. Quill and Scroll -1 ' , . Seated qleft to riqhtjz Carolyn Wagner, Nancy Rice, Mary Ann Rawlins, Carolyn Frederick. Slandinq fleit to riqhtlz Bill Yoakam, Bob Dunham, Linda Ralston, Mary lane Imhofi, Lorna Eagle, Iim Hofmann, Marjorie Warman. Page Eighly four X?ff 0 l l I! zu: Library Staff 3rd row - Cleft to rightj Mike Knox, Ann Rice, Ruth Ann Smith, Dick Morain, Geraldine Bryant, Mary Klabaugh, Carol Wilson. 2nd row - Ann Withgott, Chrystal Conant, Kay Kreps, Linda Devin, Marjorie Newell. lst row - Pat Boyle, Ioyce Perrin, Wendy Lamb, Beth Banning, Iris Marks. S Page Eighfy fi Hi- Y lst row Dick Kimble, Bob Bader, lim Wareham, Charlie Ransom, Charles McDowell, Dan Wagner, Charles Warren, Milton Outcalt, George Engle, Howard Irick. 2nd row Keith Rinehart, Bill Tanner, Bob Melcher, George Ellis. Iim Bouten, Richie Hoyt, Iohn Levenson, Charles Banning, Charles Denhart, Iohn Frary. 3rd row Mr. Becker, Bill Martin, Duke Waqoner, Iohn Ewalt, Bill Yoakam, lack Hess, Carroll Rine, lerry Beeman, Bob Dunham, lim Hofmann, lack Day, Bill Peterson, Cene Nelson. Ron Anderson, Iohn Rahming. 'Q Office rs Kneeling flelt to rightl Charles Ransom, chaplain: Bob Berry, secretary. ' Standing A lelt to riqhtl Gene Nel- son, sergeant-at-arms, lim Hofmann, vice- presidenti Mr. Gerald Becker, adviser: Bob Dunham, treasurer: Iohn Ewalt, president. Page Eighty six ---s....aus-w Freshmen of the Junior Hi-Y -- SS I!!! k lg i ' 'lst row - Dick Kymer. Zndgow - Myorn Gallogly, Bruce Tramont, Bob Dudgeon, Stan Wallace, Mark Misicka, Mike Knox. Top - Iohn Drake. P 9 E sl r Key Club 1 lst row Bob Totman, Ioe Belcher, Dan Wagner, Charles Warren. Al Fairchild, Pete Mavromates. Bob Elwood. Znd row Charles Williams, Iohn Nugent, Ned Brooks. Milton Outcalt. lim Kimble, Richie Hoyt, Larry Davis, Wally Kaser. 3rd row f Ernie Rehling, Ben Cochran, Charles Fawcett, Dick Baney, Ioe Mazza, Ron Gullett, Ron Snow. Dick Simmons, Paul Harding, Bill Doup, Dick Fawcett. Key Club Officers Top Ron Gullett, president: Ron Snow, treasurer. A Bottom Ioe Mazza, vice-president: Dick Simmons, secretary. Q Page Eighlyreight Future Farmers of America Left bank - Harold Fowler, Bob Cline, Dave Morton, Mike Lee. On steps, first row - Bob Gritiith, Gordon Springer, Ernie Springer, Donnie Springer. 2nd row -- Bob Lord, Dick Mill, Wayne Potes, Fred Bates. Bob Moreland. 3rd row -- Ioshua Wilder, Dave Keyes, Carroll Black, Raymond Page. 4th row - Ken DeWitt, Don McFarland, Steve Peterson. Sth row - Mr. Clarence Fridline, adviser: Richard Hall, Bob Harrod, Ned Vannatta, Ron Anderson, Iim Bouton Don Dalrymple. Right bank - Charles McDermott, Bill Peterson, Don Dearman, Lawrence Page. Officers lst row - Don Dalrymple, Vice- Pres- ident: Bob Harrod, President: Dick Hall, Student Adviser: Clarence Fridline, Ad- viser. 2nd row -V Ned Vannatta, Treasurer: Iim Bouton, Reporter: Clark Fawcett, Sentinel: Ron Anderson. Secretary. Page Eighty-nine Y-Teen and Tri-Teen Cabinets Page Ninety Y-TEEN CABINET --f Top Picture lst row ff Cleft to riqhtl: Mary Ellen Fox, Vice-President: Carolyn Cary, Presi- dent: Nancy Ball, Program Chairman: Loretta Davis, Secretary: Nancy Stillson, Social Chairman: Kathi Mooney, Finance Co-Chairman. 2nd row tlett to riqhtbz Carolyn Frederick, Reporter: Hester London, Music Chairman: Marjorie Warman, Worship Chairman: Essie Erlanger, Publicity Chairman: Mrs. Cass, Adviser: Kay Rapp, Service Chairman: Marita Grubb, Finance Co-Chairman: Ioyce Petter, Treasurer. TRI-TEEN CABINET Bottom Picture lst row qlett to right J: Lois Ewalt, Freshman-Girl-at-Large: Shirley Spearman. Finance Chairman: Mary Klabaugh, Program Chairman: Ianet Klein, Service Chairman: Iudy Lemasters, Publicity Chairman: Kay Murdock, President: ludy Bartlett, Co-Music Chairman. Znd row tleit to riqhtjz Diane Warrell, Co-Music Chairman: Mrs. Denison. Adviser: Sally Harris, Treasurer: Elizabeth Barton, Secretary: Linda Ketner, Sophomore Girl-at-Large: Bonnie Wise, Vice-President and Social Chairman: Dale Fletcher. Wor- ship Chairman. .sm 1341 257. xi 1 .PA rf f EE E2 Si Q10 WS ,A as mm aw Qi QA CLD E A U O A U .-. GJ Q 51 -'U 322 EUA :s III U A .-1 v-1 .-1 U 'U S-A z 5 1 M3 E E r-I gum In A33 UAE ID J 41 :E Wa ll-1 O E 'SE QA E.m U35 AEV - 's .-C we ,N AXE 'a H 2 U oo 5 O 52 B 22 2 mi QE im UA A .-1 0 .- A U Q .-1 is bye-1 n-IU! Ab., EU -E5 Qs- 3.5 Bl U S 52 Eu AE iw STI 0... ,Q-E UU! E 5 Zu- UU Em aa 92 of EU! 'N 'U 5 -. .- A .E gm O :TJ VII! N A 2 X 0 Q LD Z GJ C U OJ v- G 0 VI 5 aa ... A .... Q C gi! ,.,U 5 W .2 U GJ ID A o Ill 51 2 GJ A U UA is o Z2 EA U 3 O 51 A VI A E .O mx.. U O A an -5- Gi U' U IE 5w u wo QEAA Alu 4 N U wig. AQUA H U U NW 0 UE D1 -I 1'-I 'U 5 v-. 3 O A 'U A ru A2 2 E E E U A 'U G U AA o A E A U A A U U A 6 C ,A .2 A Cb D- U G E O D4 U A U S U . 0 n-'I :cf 5' Alim A U1 O E A U U 6 U N U A 2 B1 U U A A n-I QA WA .-. arc F Z U A 'U E U U1 0 'U A O Q .M 2 M m U A m 55 A 5 E 0 . A E 3 6 U2 ' A E23 :Z U - A .552 AUD A Ogb ETB UNE E lka Ill NAU EUU U52 A Um ogg roA 'W U A AJ. 'mi Oww A N me Us mvw Agc 2 U N D A o E .-. .- A55 sg-f U02 ZA0 .mu 0 AUE A 'U BSA Ama SD 51Q"' Omg .- .ge N A GU UOW U A mme GA AEE 0 A ,. 0 U GJ A .gm :J U I 'U E A u o Q Z A UIC G 4 51 W 2 .Q 'g 5501 ,A mud .Eg C,U mQ m 5Q51 m A 3: .-..-C A 2 o m 5 3 3A gm A :CA U A Em 9 A U. AEE .EOE ..:QrD. A AD U A A32 3035 Dain Dame .GJ ED EUAESU UUUO AIEQ and A Dm m m D H 9 A E O H H O m 0 'SE UI mm QA C3 5-1.-54 Uu n-I AE n-III ,O QU 2. Wm EE U A U 2A -E A UE A U m -fi A EE Em U :E bi EA E5 sm 33 . sg U: Eu U mm -E 3 U A I m -Q E 5 mr C m Ho E . U 0 U UA QU UZ Z ,A I-10 35 . 0 AA ES UE UA gl N3 Ho FDA 51'U ES U. A5 Ee U-JD A 52 ms GJ 50 WE JE B so mu ml 37 OZ T8 E.- UU Eh Ill UE Mu -5 MU 'a 3 UE 51 '-5 fc 3 o H UD C Q3 Q9 D- E ,Er-I U ew? .Q A S A U UGC OP' EE QA 2- 2 A A o m 'U A 93 6 .A C 5 A C I Q E O U E U A o u A 0 O U A 'U A ri UA Ev n-I N by Ez C O m E U U BIO UAUU - FG AA 5 UA 'U .KI AU w. A W 2 GJ A 2 A U V7 O ,BI O 0 U 51 0 du 0 U 5 0 A Ii 3 2 lb C C U 0 A 2.1: 23 in 2 4. H A EU 3 A U m 52 O ,A '-0 -E dm 6 2 gm U gi -c V2 55 EU E A U 0 A A P-4 E 5 E. U3 U A H U 'U G GJ A .Um U1 . -S Ill na? m A5- ,DMU A3 'U . DA '2 -A UU Ev 0 GJ 35 II U AI 2 -A GJ 5 NU d 53 Q 0 A U U 3 U- U SEO P1 u C U Z D. ED 51 0 S3 Inv-I 'J V751 .u E5 0 AZ Ill O: CA Qu 26 M U -C Us it .-. I-A 2 2 3 U EA ...w-' 32 A Q... gm QA U2 5 '05 Eg 5 52 U: wE Ur-I 52 F2 -2 NW A : O E U El A 2 E m U :E UI- .-A -. Z --s ov: Q A Gin- gs 53 -E SI UA :I A I U 5' 3 U SA ,SD 52 N U gm 0 ES' 53 '52 A mA -U 53 mm A GM EE QE 'EE .AW Es BB 'o 3 5 . V, M Nw Em H93 o 225 ADO E A U. A - A KD U S A G U fin SWE and mzm Projection Club Top row - qlett to rightj: Gregory Chester, Bob Sowers, Paul Antill, Steve Barnes, Curtis Hissonq, Gary Daubenspeck, Bob Poland, David Fridline, Mr. Owen. Bottom row Cleft to riqhtj: Larry Simmons, Gary Bowers, David Starmer, Bob Dial, Ray Looker, Ned Brooks, Donald Huggins, Iohn Ferguson, Richard Rush. OFFICERS Lett to Right: Gregory Chester . .,,,, President Q David Fridline rrrr Vice-President Ray Looker ,,,,rr,, News Reporter Bob Poland Student Council Bob Sowers . ,r,,r,,r,,, Secretary Mr. Owen , ,,,,, Adviser Page Ninety-three French Clubs TOP PICTURE: lst row Lleft to riqhtb: Ogden Wintermute, Tyler Thornton, Keith Merrin, Iohn Frary. 2nd row flett to riqhthz Nancy Rice, Mary Ann Rawlins, Mrs, lmoqene Montgomery, Iris Marks. 3rd row Cleft to right J: Mary Lynne Kathary, Iudy Vanlloren, Mary lane Bell, Nancy Stillson. MIDDLE PICTURE: lst row llett to riqhtb: Barbara Iacquet, Charles Fawcett, Nod Brooks, Peqqy Cox, Pat Wilson, Beverly Lewis, Muriel Harris, Mollie Deedrick. Lnd row tlett to riqht 1: Iulie Theibert, Shelda Robertson, Martha Rae Rine, Ioann Kiqtvp, Lo c-tm Davis, Iulie Boyle, Betty Humbert, Mary Io Green, Hester London, Linda Rcrl'sto'i, lfmet Runiom. liO'I'TOM PICTURE: lst row fleit to riqhtl: Maud Mansom, Steve Barnes, Bill R4i'f1ix, Ann I7 ct-, lane Hortetler, Gregory Chester, Lon Rine. Znd row ilett to riqht W: Ester Ann Hmtly, Carolyn Frederick, Iohn Rahminq, Nancy Haaan, Nancy Newcomb, Marjorie Sfinner, Smindrn Werrick. 3rd row Cleft to right ii: Dixie Pembrook. Carolyn Brookins, lane Gaumer, Jacques Transue, Freddie Beeman, Anthony English, Curtis Hissonq. Spanish Club TOP PICTURE lst row -- Cleft to riqhtt Marybeth Gilfilian, Keith Rinehart, lack Hess, Linda Emley, Janet Scott. 2nd row Cleft to rightj Larry Mondron, Paul Harding, Wilma Show, Patsy Cranmer, Ann Baltzell, Virginia Humbert, Shirley Brooks, Maud Mansen, Margaret Zimmerman, Sheila Schwartz. 3rd row Cleft to rightb Ronnie Cline, Bill Doup, Iackie Burgess, Mary Ellen Fox, Ann Bell, Mary Ann Raw' lins, Sally Latham, Iim Brady, Ron Snow. MIDDLE PICTURE lst row Cleft to right J Bob Moore, Ann Monroe, Nancy Blue, Carol Kiger, Kay Rapp, Fred Knohl, Phyllis Rine. 2nd row Cleft to rightb Iohri Coffing, Connie lackson, Chuck Berger, Wally Kaizer, Ioyce Stanley, Ioanna Beckett, Ruth Ann Smith, Rosa Lee Helsel, Arthur Graves. 3rd row -V Cleft to rightb Shirley Coles, Io Ann Wilson, Iudy Reed, lean Wells, Luanna Imhoff, Ieannette Snow, Barbara Mahan. BOTTOM PICTURE lst row Cleft to rightt Ernie Rehling, Larry Davis, Chrystal Conant, Carole Cranmer, Betty Carter, Rex Bebout. Znd row - Cleft to rightl Sally Harris, Larry Kreps, Nancy Fritz, Tanya Stuller, Rilla Iackson, Laddie Franklin, David Hauger, Lynn Bartels, Roger Hite, 3rd row Cleft to rightb Dorothy Strickland, Kay Kreps, Barbara Williams, lim Gill, Willis Pritchett, Gary Gray. Girls' Athletic Association Back row we Ann Wythe, Betty Kymer, Iudy Borden. 4th row -e f Donna Adams, Ioyce Colopy, Delores White, Mable Layrnon Linda Allen, Betty Humbert, Miss Martha Shaffer, director. 3rd row -f Peggy Cox, Sandy Silvis, Maxine Cunningham, Sandy Corcoran, Katherine Coffing, Nancy Ball, Luanna Imhoff, Ruth Reed. Kneeling -f Shirley Hall, Ianet Henery, Phyllis Kymer, Betty Wagstaft, Mary Ellen Fox, Sue Carole Hyatt, Georgiene McKee, Frances Kymer, Carolyn Cary, Iackie Burgess. Holding balls We Mary lane lmhoft, secretary-treasurer: Marjorie Warman, president. P J Ninety six r Girls ' Athletic Club President - - - Lois Corcoran Vice President - Jane McDonald Secy.-Treas. - - Judy Brown Reporter - - Barbara Scholp Sheila Barr Beth Boyd Judy Brown Christine Cassaday Julie Daly Diane Daily Patty Flecknoe Ruth Cordon Suellen Harris Charlene Henry Linda Hull Sinda Hull Sallie Imel Joan Kinnard Linda McCullough Jane McDonald Karen Payne Kay Payne Judy Perrin Marjorie Shultz Varian Simmons Karen Stoyle Jody Trace Gail Verson Susan Winger Susan Baube Barbara Bone Becky Mawery Sue Schwartz Evelyn Fallis Susie Morain Lois Corcoran P9 N Youth For Christ Kneeling Ned Brooks. Everett Baer, Larry Fogle, Charles Fawcett, Howard Fowler. Standing Ron Gullett, Iudy Reed, Nancy Miller, Carolyn Sims, Linda Wise, Donna Dudgeon Brenda Ward, Marilyn Fawcett, Miss Martha Cochran, adviser: Rosalie Ernest, Pat Cary, Edith Springer, Jerry Bryan. On steps, Iirst row Pat Wilson, Diana Gullett, Margaret Howe. 2nd row Beverly Main, Wilma Gullett, Carol Hayes. 3rd row loyce Fetter, Donna Porter. Top - Betty Watson. Youth For Christ Officers Larry Foqle, viceepresidentg Diana Gullett. secretary: Charles Fawcett, president: loyce Fetter, music director: Pat Wilson, social chairman. ,af Page Ninety eight t-""" Graduates of Mount Vernon 's First Driver Training Course lst row Phil Burris, Ervin Erlanger, Bob Cline, Tom Turner, Tom Brown, Howard Fowler, lim Brady, Larry Marble, Roger Hardin. 2nd row - Marie Higgins, Nancy Ball, Donna Adams, Lorna Eagle, Carolyn Wagner, Nancy Rice, Iudy Hurps, Nina Marchal, Virginia Humbert, Arm Payne, Barbara Wilmotte, Marie Hunter, Patsy Cranmer, Nancy Stillson. 3rd row Barbara Lamson, Carol Lamb, Bonnie Yoakum, Martha Rae Rine. Ianet Iohnson, Ioann Kiger, Iulie Theibert, Iackie Burgess, Ann Baltzell, Sally Latham, Mary Arm Rawlins, Mary Ellen Fox, Patrolman Paul Dudley, Mr. Robert Fuller. 4th row f Henry Curtis, Dave Fridline, David Land, Bob Beck. Ann Baltzell Receives Driver's License Ann Baltzell, Instructor Robert Fuller, Patrolman Paul Dudley, Secretary of Chamber of Commerce Cyril Allerding. Superintendent ot Schools Dr. Harold Nichols, Howard Niggles. ot Mount Page Ninety-nine Kotton 's Kids R" ', xi 3rd row: Donna Boucher, Sheila Ralston, Peggy Bloom, Ogden Wintermute, Carolyn Brookins, lVlr. Cotton, 2nd row: Sally Stout, Barbara Yarman, Iris Zscliochcr, Sandy Corcoran, Ianct Bumpus. lst row: Indy Enqle, Sandra Perkins, Carolyn Frederick. Officers - " Lf-lt to iiqlit. Ofyrlou Vlinlorimilo, Vice .tl Prosaiclvntf Ianol BIIITIQIIS, Socirotaryf lVlr. lor- Cotton, Advisor: Pc-qqy Bloom, I. . 'M Tli'ilSlllf'If Carolyn i"rm-ciorirlc, President, 'fi 'fn Pugyc Ono Hundred Pete Barnes Bill Tanner Janet Klein Arthur Graves Richie Hoyt Mrs. Baker Math Club - President Vice President - Secretary - Treasurer - Reporter - Adviser Lorna Eagle Dave Fridline Larry Fowler James Brady Pauline Cunia Alicia Hostetler Al Fairchild Nancy Lee Humbert Connie Woods Howard Fowler Charles Williams Bob Keenan Dale Fletcher James Ohde Barbara Beck Marybeth Gilfilan Ernie Rehling Barbam Butler Howard Irich Anna Sperry George Ellis Doug Evans Bud Wythe Jack Day Nancy Stuller Tom Brown Tom McCartney PgOHd wu- TOP PICTURE 47' S Standing tL. to RA: Gerry Bryan. Nancy Blue, Marianne Engel, lane Higgins, Norma Harper, Phyllis Stout, In-no Fawcett, Pauline Gunia, Mrs. Rurwell. Seated Nancy Humbert, Dorothy Mapes, Barbara Hunter, Ronnie Henry, Nancy Fritz, Carole Brown. BOTTOM PICTURE Standing tl.. to R. H: Barbara Hall, Ianet Kyle, Iudy Mayer, Bette Haas, Frances Shepard, Wanda Steele, Sarah Tutts, Martha Anderson. Seated Linda Wise, Barbara Wilmotte, Marie Hunter, Barbara Williams, Dorothy Strickland, Bessie Pollock, K, Page Ona Hundred Two OFFICERS ' Lett to right Bonnie Henry, Secretary: Barbara Hunter, Parlia- ,S 5 mentarian: Nancy Humbert, Assistant 3 Secretary, Geraldine Bryan, Re- porter: Ann Rice, Presidentg Nancy , Blue, Vice-president, Nancy Fritz, ' Treasurer. .I ff-t -ff THLETICS Twins Ioyce and lean Double Shot Wagner check their accuracy. Coaches Houston Schlosser - Head football coach, head basketball coach, tennis coach. Robert Fuller - Head baseball coach, reserve basketball coach, reserve football coach. Elmer Crabbs - Head track coach. Iohn Warrick - Seventh and eighth grade basketball coach, seventh and eighth grade football coach. Floyd Thomas - Freshmen basketball coach, golf coach, director of athletics. Guy Van Nostrand - Assistant football coach. - I X f ! y 1 1 X ' ' ' . Z Z E 1- 1 H A T15 ? - , 4 s g? X, H J, N x X xv a b lg ,,S.? P g O Hundred Four Football 91? 4 K, KA R me Peterson 'M 1 jg Aj x,Nk Z l--4 5 "S" "P 'Ja 'xl 5. ' ' ffF?Ew Woodward ' ww ar rc 3 1 . S f If 9 ,au wa Q. 0. 4 A. ,,,.,,M A ft 3 'I nga' .eh f W. 'as - .. f-si . 71 1' - .,Mfz.,:-, wg -I -7, 5. Q 'Ego , 'fimff 1954 Yellow Jackets lst ow left to right: Manager Anderson, Mazza, Dunham, Fawcett, Trowbridge, Totman, Smith. 2nd row Nugent Harrod McKay Hoyt, Doup Baney, Crawford, Robinson, Manager Cochran. 3rd row: Coach Schlosser, Appleton Merrxn Pryor Yoakam, Buckham, Rine, Pillow, Poland, Gullett, Sorge, Woodward, McKee, Peterson, Knox, Coach Van Nostrand MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON L MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON MOUNT VERNON P g One Hundred Eight Season 's Record 6 37 COLUMBUS ST. MARY'S 6 DELAWARE .,,v,,,,,,,.. ,, 7 URBANA .,,,,,,,,, E, 7 GRANDVIEW ,,,,,,,,, . 0 UPPER ARLINGTON O BEXLEY ,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,. B WOOSTER COSHOCTON or .o ,,,,,, , Dick Buckham Ioe Mazza Bob Dunham lim Trowbridge Lawson Smith Dick Baney Don Crawford Keith Merrin Bill Yoakam Varsity Football Awards LETTERS Tom Knox Carroll Rine Charles Pillow Al Poland Ron Gullett Bud Sorge Bud Woodward Bill Peterson Ron Anderson, Manager CERTIFICATES Charles Fawcett Bill Doup Iohn Nugent Carl Robinson Bob Harrod Iim McKee Richie Hoyt Carroll Rine L 1 ltc L .A ALL c. B. L. if X KAMHY -' , d I 'ul v X Wd .LN '4 . .Lx I Ju. 1 ,J 4 2 'Q' 45 ,., - I F Q U H X ,J GP' 'X Y' .,f Ne iv yi! , .e w fp " y Y 5 X, JG V . y , X ,W-Qs, P M if N I A 'F ., , 4 W . ib f a Q Af' fa . - ...,, P ' I . -x xqfw 93" 'M I O r-- Reserves and Honeybees " n .3 eee. ,i,z, . Qieg ,:1e, 1.1,.,R?,L,5 , . , , , , ..,, ,QS ' ,..k. Qw- . I .. ,. ef . ,,,.. .. "' limi- M smugmug. M' A .. w flusqngw Y gh. - Jams-1 gg., 4- 1l 5... RESERVES lst row Henry Antill, Dan Wagner, Milton Outcalt, Charles Warren. Dick Robinson, Tom Veatch, Mark Misicka, Bob Moore, Carroll Tille. Znd row ff Steve Peterson, Harry Shoemaker, Tom Gullett, Ron Stoneburner, Phil Ward, Leon Ransom, Bill Shoults, lim Cagnon, Dale Carter, Don Dalrymple: Manager Ernie Rehling. Top row - Coaches I. F. Thomas and Bob Fuller, Bruce Tramont, Iohn Paques, IeH Walker, Ron Wagner, Iack Dennis, Dick Wright, Iohn Young, Forrest Clark, Iack McGreevy. HONEYBEES lst row qleit to rightlz D. Taylor, I. Weirs, L. Rice, T. Bartlett, G. Wallot, D. Scott, I. Pollock, W. Weaver, D. Ryan. 2nd row E. Spain, I. Harper, R. Pond, I. Mills, H. Zimmerman, D. Hougan, I. Roberts, G. Rine, D. Seavolt, D. Vasbinder, L. Savage. M. Hynes. 3rd row D. Cameron, I. Kenmuir, E. Iohnson, L. Sleeman, A. Loney, T. Smith, R. Brenneman, B. Reynard, I. Warman, R. Wythe, D. Bieiness. by guns-if - .dr .3 I - or-t up - - via ls i Yew ' aff?" ti ' Rai 535.32 I I My' 591. .Qi fl Reserve Football Scores Mount Vernon .....,,., ,,,,,,, Mount Vernon ....,,.,, ,,.,,,, Mount Vernon ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,, Mount Vernon .,,,.,,,, .,,,,., Mount Vernon ,,,,,.,,, ,A.,,,, Mount Vernon ,..,,,,,, Mount Vernon ......... Galion ..,,,,,,,.,, Loudonville ...., Madison ....... Delaware ...... Arlington ...... Grandview .,..... Bexley .......,.. Reserve Footboll Awards Letters: Dan Wagner, Charles Warren Dick Robinson Bob Moore Steve Peterson Harry Shoemaker Ron Stoneburner Phil Ward Leon Ransom Bill Shoults Manager's Letter: Ernie Hehling Certificates: Henry Antill Milton Outcalt Tom Veatch Mark Misicka Carroll Tille Honeybee Scores lim Cagnon Dan Dalrymple Bruce Tramont Iohn Paques left Walker Ron Wagner lack Dennis Dick Wright Iohn Young Tom Gullett Dale Carter Forest Clark lack McGreevy Mount Vernon ....... 0 Danville ,... Mount Vernon ....... ....... 2 8 Westerville ,,.,, Mount Vernon ....... .,.,,,, 2 6 Danville .A----- Page Ono Hundred Twelve Cheer Leaders Kneeling: Diane Bollinger and Nancy Stillson. Standing: Iudy Hurps, Loretta Davis, Nancy Rice, Donna Boucher lg ll " CI-'Q ll' YXXx nd 1954 Football Queen Attendants Attendants Patsy Cranmer Carolyn Cary Carolyn Wagner Janet Scott Nancy Sti11so1 Homecoming 1 W-4"' Iv' '-"' -ll cf I ' X3 ' sv! wwf 'mg ww wisfi .ewan i N 'W l Top row: Q 1 3 U m m m rn m m ! ! ! Q23 Queen and admirers. 2nd row: Q17 Speech, Speech! QZJ Cream of the Crop. Q85 The one and only. Bottom row: Iackie and the qirls. Q23 Everybody gets into the act. Page One Hundred Fifteen Nancy Rice Page One Yea, Team Donna Boucher Judy Hurps Diane Bollinger Nancy Stillson Hundred Sixleen Loretta Davis Basketball Zanesville .. Newark ..........., Worthington Grandview ' Ashland ...... Arlington ' Westerville Galion ....... Newark ..... Bexley ' .,... Delaware ' .. Urbana ' Grandview ' Arlington " Coshocton ........ Bexley ' ..... Delaware " '54 BASKETBALL '55 Scores 49 40 49 41 55 55 56 60 44 44 84 74 53 53 73 47 67 Mount Vernon ..,.... Mount Vernon ..,.... Mount Vernon ...,... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon .,.,... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ......, Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ......, Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ....... Mount Vernon ......, 61 71 43 74 61 54 86 76 45 53 51 104 75 85 61 45 75 Wwster ...... ...... 8 2 Mount Vemon ,,,,.,, ,,.,. 9 6 Urbana' ----- .....4 5 2 Mount Vernon .,,,,,, ,,,.. 7 1 'C. B. L. games TOURNAMENT Bexley - 57 Mount Vernon - 47 ALL-OVER RECORD Won 14 Lost 6 POINTS FOR SEASON Mount Vernon 1,334 C, B, L, RECQRD OPPonents 1,078 7 wins and 3 losses O Hundred Eighteen Tied C. B. L. record of 104 points in a game. 1955 Yellow Jackets lst row - Coach Houston Schlosser, Al Poland, Iim McKee, Keith Rinehart, Keith Merrin, Don Crawford, Iim L , . and2rlrcIaIl'?3fr- Ierry Beeman, Richie Hoyt, lack Hess. Dick Buckham, Bill Yoakam, Carroll Rine, Dick Simmons, manager. LETTERS : MEDALS : Ierry Beeman Iack Hess Richie Hoyt Keith Merrin Iim McKee Dick Buckham Bill Yoakam Keith Rinehart Carroll Rine CERTIFICATES: MANAGERS' LETTERS Al Poland Iim Land Don Crawford Dick Simmons ALL C. B. L. Keith Merrin: Honorable Mention, lack Hess Page One Hundred Ninetee unix 'Fx RINE BUCKHAM I CRA WFORD 1 is J' fs? 5 McKEE BEEMAN HESS N',,, HOYT 5 1lum1M 1 7 ' F MERRIN Lfvfyff I ,-dM YOAKAAI POLAND RHWWi4RT Jacket Cagers in Action ,J lsr row r I H Look, coach an easy one. C25 Steady, George, steady. K 33 Where's the basket? 2nd row L 1 v Move, Ret. move, Q21 Ooooooi, Page One Hundred Twenty two this is tiring. 3rd row -' 1 J He-'ll shoot someday. Q21 Did he make it? Freshmen, 7th. cfz 8th Grade Teams Q 1 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM CTop Picturej lst row - Tom Veatch, Robert Dudgeon, Iim Baube, Mark Misicka, Gary Gray. Znd row - Charles McCutchen, Lon Rine, Charles Shufl, Richard Kymer, Zale Smilack, Manager. 3rd row 3 Coach Tommy Thomas, Iohn Pryor, Harry Shoemaker, Iohn Paques, Wilbur Wilkinson, Manager. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM QBottomj lst row - Don Scott, Mike Duckworth, Dave Maugans, Ioe Roberts, Larry Savage, Ierry Mills, Mike Hines, Coach Warrick. 2nd row f Milton Williams, George Phouts, Gary Nell, Gary Rine, John Warman, Iim London, Iimmy Dean. 3rd row - Ralph Greer, Fred Hoffman, Ben Lee. Dave Williams, Larry Schaeffer, Gary Goodson. Page One Hundred Twenty-three Reserve Basketball lst row fleft to riqhtj: Iim Kimble, Charles Warren. Dick Fawcett. George Hartman Ron Stoneburner Bruce Tramont Landon McManis, Tom Pribble. 2nd row Cleft to rightjz Manager Iohn Drake, Bob Moore, Bill Appleton, Ielf Walker Larry Davls Benny Cochran, Bill Graves, Dave Lucas, Coach Fuller. Awards LETTERS CERTIFICATES Iohn Drake, Mgr. Bill Appleton Ieff Walker Benny Cochran George Hartman Ron Stoneburner Bruce Tramont Tom Pribble Page One Hundred Twenty-four Bob Moore Larry Davis Bill Graves Dave Lucas Iim Kimble Charles Warren Dick Fawcett Landon McManis Reserve Basketball Sco res Zanesville ...,... ..... . 51 Newark ........... .,e.,eee 5 9 Worthington .A... .ee.., 4 , 49 Grandview eeiv.ii.., 2 7 Ashland ,........ .,...e.. 5 6 Arlington .rr..., .rr..r, . 40 Westerville ......... ....... 2 8 Galion .r........... ......r, 5 5 Newark ..,..... ......r, 5 1 Bexley ,o.... .... , 52 Delaware ......, ,.,,.,r, 3 8 Urbana ........... ,.r,,,r, 3 7 Grandview ,.,..,,.. rrrrrrr, 4 5 Arlington .,l,,r, -,,,oooo 4 1 Coshocton -,... M,,,oooo 4 4 Bexley ..,,., ,,,,Aoow 4 8 Delaware ,,,..,. rrwrrrq 3 6 Wooster ....,l ,,,,44 4 4 62 Urbana ....... 46 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Pig .. . 4451-ft ' N .rf iff ..1f1fr,v5'fLff:,aq:,- 4. .-,a3,g9g:g:g:,:,'p-5 ' H I"Tiff,-:E:,11?-E'-231.. J-Q-:iff X x 3'1?5'5flfP' i' I L ' 4:-. Q , f "mit-Pa9'uswf""", Baseball Team 'FEI' 4 UO' Page One Eff: js A 1 Managers - Dick Simmons, Ioe Belcher. 2nd row - Bill Yoakam, Al Poland, Richie Hoyt, Don Crawford, Dick Robinson, Abie Adams, Bill Baker, Carl Robinson. 3rd row - Bruce Tramont, Bill Appleton. Larry Branstool. Ron Stoneburner, Roger Hardin. Bob Berry. Bob Rock. Gary Gray, Coach Fuller. 4th row - Keith Merrin. Dick Buckham. Scores Mount Vernon ..,. .. 9 Lexington ..... .... 3 Mount Vernon ,oo. 2 Galion .., oo,. U Mount Vernon 7 Galion ..... .l.. 8 Mount Vernon 6 Urbana .,...... ,l.. 4 Mount Vernon 2 Grandview o.,., .... 0 Mount Vernon 10 Arlington ..., , 4 Mount Vernon 6 Ashland 4 Mount Vernon 8 Ashland .. 5 Mount Vernon 0 Delaware ..,.. ,o,. 5 Mount Vernon ll Bexley o,..,,.. ,... 1 0 Mount Vernon 3 Urbana ......,. 1 Mount Vernon 22 Westerville . .t,. 10 Mount Vernon 16 Grandview .,,.. 8 Mount Vernon 2 South ...t.... .... 9 Mount Vernon 2 Arlington .,,. .... 3 Mount Vernon 2 Delaware .,o, .... 3 Mount Vernon 2 Bexley oo..... . 3 Hundred Twenty-six Track Team lst row - Cleft to rightj: Bob Elwood, Carroll Rine, Paul Harding, Richard Moore, Bill Thomas, Iim Cagnon, Dick White, Dennis Bell, Tom Veatch. Butch Berger, Bob Moore, Howard lrick, lim McKee, Manager Larry VanRiper. 2nd row - Cleit to rightj: Coach Warrick. Harold Wilson, Gale Ullman, Charlie Ransom, Bill Tanner, Gene Nelson, Dick Kimble, Ron Wagner, Dave Evans, Larry Davis, Leon Ransom, Willis Rummel, Tom Beach, Coach Crabbs. TRACK SEASON'S RECORD Mount Vernon ,,......... 5 Marion Harding ..... 113 Mount Vernon ...... 23 Wooster .......,..... ., 95 Mount Vernon .,,... 24W Ashland ..... .. 93W Mount Vernon ,,.,.. 26 Westerville .... ,. 92 TRIANGULAR MEET Mount Vernon 23 Bexley ................ S5 Delaware ..,., .,,., 6 0 UPPER ARLINGTON RELAYS Mount Vernon .,,.,,.. sixth place Upper Arlington ........ first place Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Tennis Team lst row - Cleft to rightj: Iohn Levensen, lim Hoimann. Iohn Ewalt. Ron Clme Znd row - CL left to right H: Coach Schlosser. Ted Beach. Bud Cline. Tyler Thornton Ierry Beeman Mount Vernon .oo., .. Mount Vernon ..,,t ,. Mount Vernon A.t.. .. Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon , .. Mount Vernon ..... .. Mount Vernon ...., .. Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Scores Grandview Arlington Delaware A, Bexley ,,.... Grandview Arlington Delaware Bexley ..Y, Golf Team Ron Snow, Bob Keenan, Bill Doup, Charles Warren, Milton Outcalt, Iim Land, Mark Misicka, Mike Knox, Coach Thomas. Golf Season Mount Vernon started the 1955 golf season by sending an entirely new and completely inexperienced team into action. The team, composed of freshmen and sophomores, was a little too "green" to battle the perennially strong con- tenders among the Central Buckeye League, and as a result, compiled a season's record of no wins and twelve losses. However, the experience which this year's team gained will undoubtedly come to light in the 1956 season. The lettermen were Mike Knox, Mark Misicka, William Doup, Iim Land, and Milton Outcalt. Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Boys ' Intramural Champs BOYS' CHAMPIONSHIP VOLLEYBALL TEAM W Top Picture lst row Cleft to rightb: Gail Weeks, Sterling Millard, Tom Moxley. 2nd row - f Qleit to rightj: Buster Dement. Abie Adams. Larry Branstool Bill Appleton. BOYS' CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM -W Bottom Picture ls! row Cleft to rightbz Tom Moxley, Abie Adams, Larry Branstool. Znd row Qleit to rightjz lim Rice. Bob Dunham. Buster Dement. Page One Hundred Thirty Girls' Basketball and Volleyball Champs GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHAMPS - Top Picture lst row - Cleft to rightD: Diane Warrell, Kathy Hagan, Peggy Spearman. Elizabeth Barton. 2nd row - C left to rightj: Betty Skinner, Devota Shoman. Lois Ewalt, Ann Munroe. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS - Bottom Picture lst row - Cleit to rightj: Marjorie Waxman, Lorna Eagle, Carolyn Frederick, Mary Iane Imhott. Znd row - Cleft to rightj: Ianet Henery, Betty Wagstafi, Mary Ellen Fox. Page One Hundred Thirty-one 1909 Football Squad eniie J ion ees-run Back row -Y f Guy Lauderbaugh, Virgil Black, Walter Engelhardt, Bill Way, Herbert Spangler, George Culbertson. 2nd row ef- Hovey Altenburg, Ken Miller, Dwight Ewalt, Brooke Reed, Fred Hagerson. lst row fe Leon Zeislott, Ralph Ienkins, Russell McManus, Milton Reeder. ' ...'.,' sv- ' -,.,1,- 8 P 9 O Hundred Thirtyt N . NEQRY MTH? Y-1 Rl TEENS December Calendar This would have been a good day to stay home. Grade cards. Ah! Ha! Ron Anderson and Linda Ketner are going steady. Duke has a party. Refreshments-dog biscuits?? Y-Teens are selling little Yellow Iacket pins. Senior English classes go to library to learn about writing senior themes. Physics class grades tests taken yesterday. Oh well! Mr. Pickens speaks at F.T.A. banquet. Hi-Y snow brigade gets work out. Yellow Iackets travel to Grandview to win 72-41. Career Day for grades 9-12. F.T.A. Members are getting experience by teach- ing at grade schools. Spoiled Brats win girls' volleyball championship. G.A.A. volleyball game at Mansfield. Mount Vernon loses at Upper Arlington by one point. Only three more days until vacation. Mount Vernon beats Westerville in home game. Bill Martin has party to celebrate beginning of vacation. Everyone hurrying to finish Christmas shopping. Day before Christmas. Everyone starts exchanging Christmas presents. Mount Vernon beats Galion in home game. Ah! peaceful vacation. Sleep till noon. Hi-Y and Keynote have semi-formal dance - huge snowman in middle of dance floor. New Year's Eve. Page One Hundred Thirty-three anuary Calendar Back to school - everyone wearing new clothes. Mount Vernon beat Newark in overtime thriller 45-44. Carolyn Frederick is still trying to explain that she jumped off her horse. Bob Lipps is now passing out gum in physics class. Yellow Iackets beat Bexley in home game - band tryouts start. Mary Ann is still trying to get kicked out of gym class. Four physics' students have perfect test papers. Poor Mr. Walton loses four cokes. Does anyone know what a blunny is? Ah! Ha! we found out. Are you a blunny? Mount Vernon loses in upset at Delaware 84-51. Carolyn and Dick breakup: How long will this last? New fad! everyone is cramming for exams. Seniors' name cards arrive. Carolyn and Dick are back together again. It's St. Agnes Eve. Carolyn Frederick and Mary Ann Rawlins test an old superstition to see who their husbands will be. They don't say a word all day. Iackets beat Urbana 107-74. Ben Cochran is get- ting to be quite a celebrity. Did you see all the little kids asking him for his autograph at the games. Orchestra pictures taken in auditorium while real live birds fly around overhead. Surprise locker inspection. Oh pain! What a mess. Question of the week -- Are Kay Rapp and Charles Williams really going steady? No School -- Wonderful snow. Game with Grandview - Mount Vernon won 75-53. Senior scholarship test - grade cards. Iuniors are enjoying Q'??j Iowa State Tests. Page One Hundred Thirty-four A 1' .ff ,Mao I ---.1-Nh S is 'S..,,,W .M .ng-P -ff ,QKQ 10 ' USIC . . . Double Play The Chalmers twins, John and Steven, tune up for band director, Iohn Mazarak Drum Majors and Majorettes lst row: Shirley Spearman, Nancy Humbert. 2nd row: Jim Kimble, Annette Burris, Linda Ketner, Melony Cof UD fing, Charles Ransom. P90 Hddrhy K. Mary Steele. Larry Barton. abeth Eliz areham. mW Ii Kimble. lim Ransom, ectors. Charles dir Mr. Stauch, azarak and Mr. M htD rig lst row 3 Cleft to Spearman, Melony Cofting, Linda Ketner. arrell, Shirley W ias, Diane ad an, John Drake, Martha M 111 BI W arjorie Evans, M oug y Heed, D ud Betty Wagstati, I Siman, Ea Humbert. rris, Nancy Bu nette An Allen, Everett Baer, nda right. Li W Hanna Fox, Sally Latham, D Ellen ary walt M E Lois ger. Ki Swadner. Carol 9 Dixi Williams. arolyn C J: -A Cleft to right W IO 2nd Ianet Henery. Eagle. Lorna ef, Kig 81111 wis, Io Le an Coe, Keith Outcalt, All Mi ton Frye, Dan VVagner, Charles Warren, Stanley Wallace, Charles McCutchen, David Kathary. Lynne ary mer, Pat Gerber, M KY Francis 1111. Du Susan Burgess, lackie ow, Bob Mayer. Sn antz, Ron er, Carol G T19 b Elwood, Neal Spri Bo y Kaser. y Frye, Wall af Lewis, G 9116 Carolyn Wagner, G tier, in mM Pa Cleft to rightj IOW - Grd Trow- Larry Marble. der, Larry Ba Ewalt, Bob hn Io anis, CM M onald, Landon CD M aker, Bob Shoem arry H y Kost. al' urdock, G M mmons, Kay Si ck r, Di Porte Ioe hart. 911 D dge, Charles bri 9959. N Ia Ernest, Sand Rosalie We. Ro Margaret OIL mm Si Varian Gullett, B119 e, Di Rin Rae artha ne, M La ger, Sandra all H avid D qhli Cleft to ri W- IO 4th Sue Baer, Carol Io Green, Georgiene McKee, Sharon Cornille, Iudy Reed, Kay Anna Sperry, Charles Williams, Bonnie Wise, Shirley McMillan, Carol Hays, Mary Oakes, Anita Mack, Marita Grubb, Kay Rapp. l. owel CD M Banning, Charles ash. Charles N Susan Engle, eorge G Hite. nger, Roger ri Sp don Of , G Bartlett orne, Iudy sb Charlene O rightl 5th row A Cleft to yder. Sn aye Eaton, K Skinner, Shirley Betty Porter 011118 d Baer, D Bl' W Ralston, Ho nda Melcher, Li in Erlanger, Bob Erv an 8fll0T SERGEANTS OF SENIOR BAND Top Picture lst row IL. to R. J: Kaye Snyder, Iohn Ewalt, lim Wareham, Martha Rae Rine. Znd row Q L. to R li David Hauqer, Marjorie Warman, Dick Simmons, Rosalie Ernest. 3rd row IL, to R.J: Linda Ketner. Bob Bader, Ianot Henery, Ioann Kiger. flth row IL. to R.J: Bob Melcher, Kay Murdock, Marita Grubb. CORPORALS OF SENIOR BAND Middle Picture Bottom row II.. to RJ: Mary Ellen Fox. Iudy Reed, Kay Rapp. Middle row KL. to R.J: Milton Outcalt, Charles Williams, Landon McManis. Top row 1 L. to R. J: George Engle, Gordon Sprinqer, Douq Evans. SENIORS OF Tl-IE SENIOR BAND Bottom Bottom row QL. to R.J: Mary Ellen Fox, Kaye Snyder, Iohn Ewalt, Ianet Henery, Marjorie Warman. Middle row QL. to RJ: Iackie Burgess, Carolyn Waqncr, Sally Latham, Lorna Eagle. Top row IL. to Rm: Gene Lewis, Linda Ralston, Georqiene McKee, Betty Wagstali. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight Cadet Band lst row - CL. to RQ: Eugene Luker, Dave Gill, Terry Walker, Steve Barnes, lVIike Knox, Marge Newell, Iodie Trace, Sandra Dunn. 2nd row - Mr. Mazarak, Charles Holcombe, George Beeman, Iohn Bracy, Allen Beck. Sally Iones, Beth Boyd, Richie Cochran, Evelyn Fallis, Mary lean Ball, Sandra Weaver, Ioan Mumper, Charles Warner, Susan Baube, Linda Bateman, Barbara Neighbarger, Anita McKinley, Barbara Butler, Don Walton. 3rd row - Ed Blackburn, Peg Spearman, Linda Devin, Dixie Bartlett, Ioyce Ioslin, Betty Fox, Brenda Ward, Judy Ernest, Devota Shoman, Mary Allen, Thad Lockwood, Linda Richards, Beverly Crawford, Susan Shick, Lois Corcoran, Diane Daily, Mr. Stauch. 4th row - Iohn Chalmers, Audrey Holt, Susan Morain, Iane Gaumer, Gail Verson, Luanna lmhoft, Carolyn Yoakam, Gary Barncord, Charles Zolman, Gary Williams, Shirley Conkle, Nancy Miller, Ken Taylor, Bruce Hite, Marilyn Calkins, Mike Duckworth, Diana Wilson, Nancy Zschocher, Laurel Engel, Karen Stoyle, Frank Beam. Sth row - David Williams, Ida Mae Heiberger, Marilyn Iennings, Lynda Hagan, Norman Mont- gomery, David Hollifield, Alvin Shick, Larry Daubenspeck, David Dauphin, David Gatchell, Edgar Er- langer, Don Robertson, Wayne Ross, lane Higgins, Betty Watson, Frances Zink, Iudy Perrin, Carolyn Conard, Carolyn Tucker, Kathy Hagan, Ned Brooks, David Rowe. Sth row - Earl Levering, Willis Pritchett, Lewis Sleman, Ioe Roberts, David Maugans, Tyrone Smith, Max Carter, Dick Rush, David Dowdell, Carolyn Workman, Nancy George, Iohn Carlile, Nellie Coch- ran, Sheryl Ann Durbin, Bob Nichols, Rollin Seibold, lean Legroes, Loraine Neighbarger, Raymond Looker. 7th row - Bonnie Lewis, Bill Pillow, Fred Bates, Mark Misicka, Virgil Hernpiield, Steve Chalmers, Bill Reynard, Iohn Ralston, Dick Adams. Page One Hundred Thivty ruin The Concert Program CADET BAND PROGRAM Airport - March .......... ......................,........................oo,o ooooo...,..o ,o.,4 R . B . Eisenberg Blue Moon - Waltz ..,..., .,........ .,..oo . ,...o......... ,o,.A,., M . H . Ribble My Buddy ...,....,.,.............. .....,.............,..,.............,.,...........,.. .,.,.... E r vin Kleffman CFeaturing Cornet Sextetj Yesternight - Serenade .,.... ........,.,.,..... . ..,.........., .....,,, R . B. Eisenberg American Farmer Overture ................,........ . ,.,..............,................ ..,.,. W alter Beeler SENIOR BAND PROGRAM Thunder Song - March ..............,,,.........,.,...,.rr...r,r..........................,. Walter A. Finlayson Overture in Classical Style .,v,.. Three Sketches for Band ,.v,.. I. Hayride II. Spiritual Ill. Barn Dance Light Cavalry Overture ............ Charles Carter . ..,.,. Iohn I. Morrissey Franz von Suppe March for Americans ......... ..,,..,....,. , ..,r.,.... F erde Grofe Egmont Overture ......... ........ L udwig van Beethoven INTERMISSION Illinois - March ........,...................................................A.. ,,c.., E dwin Franlro Goldman Slaughter on Tenth Avenue ....... ......,,..rr., ,,.r R i Chard Rogers Three Cardinals ...,,.......c,c....... .,..... A lbert Oliver Davis La Mascarada .,,,..,........ , ..rc Harold L. Walters Lights Out - March ....iY..............,,.,.........,...c.....,.............,,r, crc.r,rc E arl E. McCoy Little Bop Riding Hood - Novelty ................,......,.....c,..,..,..... ,,..... G uy F. Foreman qnmafed by Tom Moseleyl Lassus Trombone ......... ,................,..............................,..,.,..,.... ........ H e nry Fillmore CFeaturing the Trombone Sectionj The King and I - Symphonic Paraphrase i...........,.,.............,. ........ R ichard Rogers One Hundred Forty Senior Orchestra LEFT FROM CENTER ls! row ludy Reed, Nancy Stuller, Iohn Frary. 2nd row Dolores White, Kathryn Colting, Sheila Barr, Beverly Beroth. 3rd row Marilyn Fawcett. Ioanna Beckett, Pat Cary, Donna Dudgeon, Ierry Keys, Kay Sanner. 41h row Ruth Ann Gorden, Barbara Bone, David Dudgeon. 5th row P- Charleen Henry, Ann Farmer. STANDING Miss Maryalice Shockey, Loretta Davis, Iudy Lemasters, Kaye Snyder, Carolyn Lord, Richard Thompson, Mary K. Eastman, Marjorie Warman. RIGHT FROM CENTER ls! row Ianet Klein, Iulie Daly, Sally Heintz, Nancy Humbert. 2nd row f Marjorie Sanner, Charles Williams, Barbara Butler, Milton Vtfilliams. 3rd row Kay Rapp, Anita Mack, Evelyn Fallis, Diana Gullett, Sue Brooks. 41h row f Anna Sperry, Shirley McMil1en, Ned Brooks, Bonnie Wise, Landon McManis, Bob Coy. Sth row Ioann Kiger, Stanley Wallace, Charles Warren, Keith Lewis. Root's Tooters ls! row flelt to rightb Ioann Kiger, Charles Warren, David Frye, David Hauger, Martha Rae Rine. Mr. lack Stauch, Georqiene McKee. Kaye Snyder. 2nd row Qlett to rightj - 7 Landon McManis, Iohn Ewalt, Mary K. Eastman. Page Ono Hundred Forty-two Senior Choir lst row - Nancy Stillson, vice-president: Essie Erlanger, secretary: Iim Wareham, treas- urer: Mr. lack Stauch, director: Ronnie Cline, president. 2nd row - Hester London, Shirley Coles, Iudy Ackerman, Ioyce Snow, Bud Cline, Larry VanRiper, Bill Young, Ernest Springer, Lois Ewalt, Susan Minnich, Ann Munroe, Kathy Hagan. 3rd row - Diane Bollinger, Helen Morey, Betty Haas, Nancy Adams, Gregory Chester, Myron Gallogly, Don Springer, Bob Clark, Ioyce Doup, Viola Stevens, Io Lee Hunt, Iean Hall, Patti Frost. 4th row -- Shirley Brooks, Phyllis Kymer, Barbara Schmidt, Iudy Porter, Mary Lath- erns, Beverly Hill, Bob Keenan, Charles Ransom, Charles Wilson, Carl Robinson, Beverly Main, Ioyce Petter, Carol Hayes, Diana Gullett. 5th row - Carol Oakes, Sue Carole Hyatt, Velma Smith, Ianet Henery, Carolyn Wagner, Charles Fawcett, Ronald Gullett, Iames Hoovler, Dick Porter, Homer Howard, Duke Wagoner, Ianet Scott, Sally Latham. Sth row - Ieff Shamansky, Iim McKee, Torn Knox, Larry Fogle, Don Coe, Bill Martin. Page One Hundred Forty-three Clee Clubs GIRLS VOCAL MUSIC lst row loyce Perrin, Ioyce Franz, Linda Wise, lean Vernon, Sue Burqraff, Phyllis Stout, Barbara McElroy, ludy Ullman, Irene DeVore, Ruth Ann Wise. Znd row Shirley Eaton, Marilyn Fawcett, Sally Sorqe, Io Ann Hall, Barbara Williams, Betty Lou Kymer, Betty Strinqlellow, Beverly Bond, Diane Warrell. 3rd row Mr. Mazarak, Martha Anderson, Barbara Beck, ludy Borden, Barbara Lauderbauqh, Mary lo Emmert, Barbara Stevens. BOYS VOCAL MUSIC ls! row Iames London, Fred Mossholder, lim Brookins, Alan McDowell, Bill Beck, David Purdy, Ierry Frady, Larry Viller, Gordon Hammons, Cary Goodson. Rnd row Fred Hoffman, lohn ladwin, Gary Bowers, David Gill, Edward Spain, Clifford Ridgeway, David Waqner, Dick Lewis, Roger Heaton, Iohn Kenmuir. 3rd row Elizabeth Barton, accompanist, Roger Main. Harold Wilson, Richard Thompson, Terry Hoar, Henry Wilson, David McMahon. Mr. Mazarak. Page One Hundred Forty-four Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls' Vocal Front row - Wilda Antill, Clara Smith, Shirley Baker, Carolyn St. Iohn, Lucille Dunn, Patty Bryan, Amy Magill, Barbara Willis, Linda Van Riper, Ianice Frye, Sharon Butler, Patricia Mapes, Peggy Agnew. Middle row - Sue Kathary, Kay Moore, Kay Dowds, Doris McMillan, Mary Lou Gerard, Karen Gillmore, Sue Fletcher, Sharon Cagnon. Mary Iane Houbler, Mary Huggins, Pamila Norris, Ann Brown Back row e-H Mr. Iohn Mazarak, director: Carol Clark, Susan Lord, Carol Doup, Ianet McVey, Beverly Litt, Lucia Curtis, Beverly Ackerman, Linda Hull, Marie Taylor, Susan Taylor. Front row - lane Hauger, Louzella Butler, Charlotte Metcalf, Betty Davis, Betty Gesslinq, Sharon Postell. Sue Wonders, Sue Brooks, Wendy Lamb, Phyllis McKenzie, Pearl Loney, Sandra Baker. Middle row Sharon Nelson, Ina Walker, Linda Early, Ioyce Rinard, Donna May Dudgeon, Ruth Hogan, Iudy Kuivinen, Iudy Brown, Patty Flecknoe, Marjorie Newell, Barbara Boyle, Carol Wilson. Back row --- Mr. Mazarak, Linda Wilson, Nancy Martin, Iane McDonald, Suellen Fidler, Barbara Maharcl, Carlena Ayers, Sally Heintz, Beverly Beroth, Iudy Perrin, Iody Trace, Kathryn Blue, Marjorie Sanner, accompanist. Page One Hundred Forty-five "O, Sing Your Songs" Moods Americana ........ Gerald Humel Orchestra O. Sing Your Songs .....,... ........... ........,..........,........ N 0 ble Cain L'il Liza lane .................. .,,,,,,L,,,,,,,, A rr. by Lyn Murray Little BIOWII lug ........ ........... .... ..........r......... . ......... A 1' I . by Clive Richardson Orchestra Nobody Knows De Trouble I've Seen ......................,...... .,,,.,,. A rr. by H. T. Burleigh Negro Spiritual Set Down Servant ........ .....,..................v................ voo,.r A r r. by Robertshaw Negro Spiritual Mississippi Suite ,.,. Q ..........,........ ...................,rr... -,,-,, F e rde Grofe 1. Fathers of Waters 2. Huckleberry Finn 3. Old Creole Days 4. Mardi Gras An Orchestral Tone Iourney Warsaw Concerto ..................,........................... ...,................rcc,cr... . .O Richard Addinsel Double Piano Selection ............ ...... N ancy Stillson, Carol Sue Oakes Iesus, Our Lord. We Adore Thee ....... .................... ,............,,.. W i ll james One Kiss ..........,........,........................ ....... S iqmund Romberg Soloist .................. ......... H ester London Lullaby of Broadway ...... ...................,............. , Warren-Warnick INTERMISSION In The Still Oi The Night ..................,.............................. ...,.... C ole Porter Orchestra That Old Black Magic ......... ......, .................................. A r land-Rinqwald Dance by .,................. ...... S usan Minnich. Charles Ransom Chopsticks .................. .......................... ........... ....,... A I r . by Rogers-Allen Alice Bluegown .....,.......,............... ,V,. ..,.,....... ..,............. ............. H a r ry Tierney Girls of the Choir When You Wish Upon A Star ............ .,ce,e, .........,,.. ...... W a s hington-Harline Orchestra Count Your Blessings ......v.. .i.r..... . .......... ............. I r vinq Berlin April Is Forever ............... .....,. ,,....,,. G e nee Youse I Want To Go Tomorrow ....i.. .................eee.eeeeee..eee... G . O'Hara Dramatized by ............, ....... ......... P e g gy Mahan. Ron Cline Stouthearted Men ................,...........,.........,.ee..............,.e ee..,...,e.e S iqmund Romberg Boys oi the Choir Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor .................... ,e,....,. ...... l r ving Berlin They Call It America ................ ....e,. F reddy Grant Page Ono Hundred Forty-six February Calendar Y-Teens present "Sparkle of Poise" and Nancy CMartha Baye3 Newcomb stars in program. Phil Burris is growing a mustache. Watch out, girls! Mr. Fuller informs study hall that it looks as if Al Blue has been using his mother's eye brow pencil - not on his eyes either. Bob Melcher marches around in snow with no coat on at band practice. Mount Vernon beats Upper Arlington. Buy a candy bar and support the band. Iuniors hold out their paws to exhibit new class rings. Duke Wagoner starts new fad - sideburns. Shades ot the wild frontier. Senior Class sponsors talent show. Hester London wins first place. Mount Vernon loses heart-breaker to Bex- ley 45-47. Chest x-rays in auditorium. T. B. or not T. B. Nancy Stillson announced as Mount Ver- non's valentine. Rumor has it that Howard Irick put a tack on Tom McCartney's chair in history class. Hon Gullett can't stay awake in American Problems Ccan't imagine why not.j Sue Carole Hyatt has lost her voice. Un- fortunately it's only temporary. Mount Vernon beats Delaware. Seven Senior boys take C-B scholarship test. No school. Good old George. Buzz Pryor, Iohn Nugent, and Charlie Faw- cett are late to Problems. Trying to forestall the agony, no doubt. School is out at 2:30 for teachers' meeting. Another whole hour to do homework! Donna Boucher and left Shamansky capture leads in Junior Class Play. Eighth Graders take Iowa State Tests. Ina Walker lefted brainwashed. OSU students invade Music Department. P ge One Hundred Forty-eight THE RTS . . . Double Take Twins, Linda and Cinda Hull, buy tickets from Donna Boucher. Page O MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented Mr. Barry 's Etch ings A Comedy in Three Acts by Walter Bullock and Daniel Archer Bud e,A...,...........,.. Mrs. Taylor ,r.,..,A Friday Evening, November 12, 1954 Alumni Auditorium CAST Evelyn Taylor ...l.w.. Iudson Barry , ,. , Marvin Pritchard Carrie Stanwich "Fift " Ferris Y ..4....,. A . "Sawbuck" Sam Mrs. Griswold Sam Iordan .....c,c.. Torn Crosby ........... Daisy ......,...............i...,. ,,,.,.,,...,,.,,.. Kenneth Plunkett A A A SCENES ct I. An afternoon in September. ct II. Late October. ct III. An afternoon in November. L Iohn Levenson ,. Loretta Davis Ianet Scott Iim Hofmann .. . .c Bob Melcher Carolyn Frederick Marjorie Warman Iefi Shamansky .. .......... Lois Ewalt Bob Bader Ron Anderson . ., ,... Kaye Snyder lim Wareham All the action takes place in Mr. Barry's Studio. PRODUCTION STAFF Director .....,..,,....., ....,...................................,,.. c .. . , Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager ,,,,..,. .......,...........,,......,.....,................ , .... . , ....,. .. Gene Nelson Stage Crew ,,.,,,,,., .....,......,,..,. , . .......... .... I ohn Fawcett, Bill Bown, Hugh Watson, lack Pearson, Dick Kimble Electricians ,,,,....,..,...,.,,,,.., ,..... D uke Wagoner, Bill Martin, Charles Gunia Property Committee ........ .............. Tickets ...........,... Head Usher ..,... Hundred Fifty lean Hall, IoAnn Hall, Io Lee Hunt, Barbara Lamson, Rilla Iackson, Nancy Ball, Marcia Verson, lean Wells, Betty Humbert, lean Cameron, Charles Wil- liams, Clark Fawcett, Pete Barnes, Betty McFarland, Shirley Brooks. Carol Gillooley, Burdetta Wagner Carolyn Williams Mr. Barry 's Etch ings UHUIS 9 l sm. TI,1,ZZiTfZ"' Top Mrs. Truxall mascaras lim Wareham, Marjorie Warman and lefl Shamansky play gangster roles, Bob Bader and Loretta Davis rehearse their lines. Middle Iohn Levenson laces a sad situation, Carolyn Frederick comes to lhe rescue, lane! Scott and Bob Nlelcher qo swimming, Boitom Hon Anderson and Kaye Snyder are about to solve a crime, lim Hofmann offends Lois Ewalt, lanet Scott and Ron Anderson see that the play ends happily. Pogo Ono Hundred Fifry one Page O THE IUNIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented ll 77 Once In Every Family A Family Comedy in Three Acts by Marrijane and Ioseph Hayes ALUMNI AUDITORIUM Friday Evening, March 25, 1955 CAST Barbara Brooks ....,..,. ...,........... ,,,,,., D o nna Boucher Iill Higgins ............ .,.,..,,..,,,,,A-, I ean Hall Betsy Brooks .......... ....... I udy VanDoren Mr. Brooks ........ ........... N ancy Hagan Mr. Brooks .,...,... ,,,... I eff Shamansky Ierry Caldwell Mrs. Willis esr,. Shipahoy CRodneyj Russell ....... Bruce Brooks ...s.......,.,....,......,..... Pee Wee ................ Iughead ........... Ruthie ,.,.,..,...... Louise ................. Mr. Russell ......... Mrs. Russell ....... Mr. Willis ........ . Iohn Levenson lean Wells Howard Irick Bob Poland Pete Bames Bob Berry ACTION AND SCENE Mollie Deedrick Ianet Iohnson Floyd DeVore Ianet Bumpus Fred Knohl The scene throughout is the rumpus room in the basement of the Brooks' home. ACT I A Thursday afternoon in spring. ACT II Scene I: The following evening. Scene II: A few hours later: after midnight. ACT III The following evening. PRODUCTION STAFF Director ...,.........,.,..... ......,,.........................,....,........,..,... R uth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager ,.,.......... ,...............................7..,.,,....,............,.... D ick Kimble Stage Crew ,,,,.,,,,,,,..,....,... ...... H ugh Watson, lack Pearson, Iohn Fawcett Property Committee ...,... .,......... R osalie Ernest, Ann Baltzell, Marjorie Barncord, Carroll Rine. Barbara Yarman, Deanna Wright, Marcia Verson, Felice Paques, Pat Frost. Nancy Ball, Ann Rice. Electrician ....,.. .........eI...,..sw,....A........................ D on Dalrymple Tickets ,,,,.t,,,,. Betty Humbert, Ianet Ransom, Bob Bader, Bob Melcher Head Usher ,e,,,,,, ,.e,., M artha Rae Rme Hundred Fifty-two "Once In Every Family" Row I - 1. The Unseen Stars. Z. Brotherly love: Donna Boucher, Bob Poland, Iudy VanDoren. 3. Shall we dance? Donna Boucher, Iohn Levenson. Row II - 1. Future Broadway Personalities. 2. Howard wanls a bite: Howard Irick, Iudy VanDoren. 3. Now, Iughead: Bob Berry, Ianet Iohnson. Row Ill - l. Calm down, Fred: Fred Knohl, Ieff Shamansky. 2. Poor henpeclced man! Ianet Bumpus, Mollie Dee- drick, Pete Barnes. Floyd DeVore. 3. The Old Folks: Nancy Hagan, lean Wells. Row IV - 1. En garde! lean Hall. 2. Happy Domestic Scene: Iefl Shamansky, Nancy Hagan. 3. What a lovely couple! lean Hall, Howard Irick. Ono THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented "Goodbye, My Fancy" A Comedy in Three Acts by Fay Kanin Alumni Auditorium, Friday Evening, May 20, 1955 CAST Un order of Appearanceb Ginny Merrill ......... .........................................,..e......r7, .7...r,.r,,r M a rjorie Warman Amelia ................. ....,...........,... e..,..,.,.. E s s ie Erlanger Clarisse ...A......,.,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I anet Scott Mary Nell .....v.............,,.. ,.,q...,., N a ncy Stillson Miss Shackleford ...... ..,...,,,. , ,ror, ,,,v ,,,, M a ry Ellen Fox Ianitors ........................ ,..,.. D avid Fridline, Ierry Beeman Telephone Man ......... ,...,........ . ..... v...,, C harles Gunia Susan ............,.......... ..,,.e.......r ,.... ,..r.rrr G e n e Lewis Grace Woods ...,..... ..., . rr,, G eorgiene McKee Agatha Reed ....... .a..,......... K aye Snyder Ellen Griswold Prof. Birdeshaw Shirley Brooks Lorna Eagle . ......., Nancy Rice Betty Wagstaff Iim Hofmann Carol .,.................. . Io ....................... Dr. Pitt ............. .... Iames Merrill ...... ,..,........... I ohn Frary Prof. Dingley .......... - ..,...,, Ierry Beeman Matt Cole .................... .,.ii.,. R on Anderson Claude Griswold ....... ,.............. ....e.. Bo b Dunham SCENE The entire action of the play takes place over Commencement weekend in early Iune, in a dormitory of Good Hope College for Women in Good Hope, Mass. ACT I Friday morning. ACT II Scene 1 - Saturday afternoon. Scene 2 - Saturday evening. ACT III Sunday aftemoon. PRODUCTION STAFF Director .,...,.......... ....,..................... ............,................ B u th Domigan Truxall Stage Manager ....... ......................................... ............................. G e ne Nelson Dick Kimble, Hugh Watson, Gregory Chester, Iohn Chalmers Duke Wagoner, Bill Martin, Bob Lipps Ned Vannatta Property Committee ........ .........................,.,. M ary Iane Imhoff, Virginia Humbert, Mary Lou Hampton, Carolyn Frederick. Edith Springer, Ann Bell Beryl Highman, Carol Gillooley, Elaine Keller, Iim Clark, William Ridenbaugh, Ronald Speer Stage Crew ......... Electricians , ,...,...,......,.,. . Sound Effects .................... ....................................,...........,. Ticket Committee .....,.................................. Head Usher ............ ...............................................................................,,,. E lmore Frye Hundred Fifty-four N nv Goodbye My Fancy We ' -, . . . ff few' Top row C l 3 The grads. C27 The cast. C39 Me Tarzan you lane!! Ierry Beeman and Lorna Eagle. 2nd :ow C l J The stage hands and Mary lane. C21 Shirley, Bob, Iohn, and Kaye. C39 A conference between Carolyn and lVlrs. Truxall. 3rd row C lb Good Hope welcomes Agatha Reed. C23 Iohn and Nancy discuss campus policy, . 3 2 Ron spies on Georgienne. Bottom row C15 The property committee and Nelson. C25 Charlie, Dave, and lorxy fonler on picture-hanging. C.3l lust relaxing. Page Ono Hundred Fiffy-five 'Torum Follies " 1955 FORUM QUEEN Queen's Escort ....... Senior Attendants Carolyn Cary ....,...., Nancy Rice ....., I anet Scott v..,...,..,. I unior Attendants Donna Boucher ....... Melony Colting ..... Loretta Davis ........ Senior Court Patsy Cranmer ,,..... Carrie Lee Dailey Carol Gillooley ....... Nina Marchal ........ Marilyn Ullman .,... Carolyn Wagner Marjorie Warman I unior Court Betty Adams ,...,... Ann Baltzell ....,. Muriel Harris ........ Hester London ....... Kathleen Mooney Marjorie Sanner ......... Iulie Theibert ....... Crown Bearers Ann Crabbs .,,..... Belinda Baltzell ....... Ono Hundred Fifty-:ix ll !7 School In the Spring THE QUEEN'S PROGRAM MAY 6. 1955 NANCY STILLSON Don Crawford Escorts C rcc,.c Dick Baney Bill Noce lack Pfeifer Escorts lim McKee Bill Ulery Charles Ransom Escorts Albert Blue Bob Fry Tom Moseley Keith Rinehart Ron Speer Bob Dunham Bill Yoakam Escorts Bob Beck Carroll Rine Dave Evans Iim Hofmann Iohn Rahming Roger Rardin lack Hess Escorts Larry Yarman lohn Warren 1955 FOR UM Queen Nancy Stillson THE FORUM STAFF OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTED "SCHOOL IN THE SPRING" The Annual FORUM Follies Master of Ceremonies ....... .... ......,.........,.................... .,.,,,.. I i m Hofmann Assisted by .........,..,....,... .................. ..... ........,, B i 1 ly Bell PROLOGUE Clown ........... .. ......................... ....A......,.,................... B etty Wagstaff Truants .,..,.......... ,,....... E rvin Erlanger, Dan Wagner, Dick Simmons, Iim Kimble Teacher's Pet ........ ..................,e..... ........,........................... I e an Hall PROGRAM "Temptation" ...........................................................................,...... ...... C arlina Ayers Presentation of Queen's Court .........,,.........,,......A....,...........,....... ....,,.. I im Hofmann Presentation of 1955 FORUM QUEEN and Her Attendants PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION Teacher ..................................................... "Getting To Know You" .........,.,.v,,,.... ., "One Kiss' .....,.,.................. , Accordian Medley ..............,.. Mandy" ....,.....................,,.. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"l"::lI "S1sters .,..,...............,,.............. "It May Sound Silly" .......... . "Get Happy" ...................,.,. Learning the Alphabet .,....... "How Important Can It Be" .... Dance Team ........................... Baton Comedy ....,.............. Geography Lesson ........ Sandman" ........., .. "Deep In My Heart" ...... . Harmonizers ................... "Twelfth Street Rag" .... , Dance ............................ Spelling Lesson ...... "Melody of Love" ...... Arithmetic Lesson ...... Spanish Lesson, "Lady of Spain" Dance .................................................. "A Date with Judy" ....... The Gloworm ,....v....,.............,... u ll The Man I Love ............................ "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" Page Ono Hundred Fifty-eight Marcia Verson Iudy Ackerman Peggy Mahan Iames Hoovler Sharon Bricker Barbara Schmidt Betty and Nancy Humbert Diane Bollinger, Pat Gerber, Mary Katherine Eastman Loduska Eis Susan Minnich, Charles Ransom Charles Wilson Dixie Pembrook, Sharon Bricker Peggy Agnew, Beverly Ackerman Kay Rapp, Carolyn Brookins, Iudy VanDoren Ron Gullett, Queen's Court Hester London Ieff Shamansky, Dick Porter, Phil Iacobs Carol Sue Oakes Charles Ransom .......Rosalie Emest, Iean Hall, Io Ann Hall. Deanna Wright, Barbara Yarman FORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS with Hester London Marjorie Sanner, Essie Erlanger, Carolyn Brookins, Dicka Simmons, Ervin Erlanger, Dan Wagner, Iim Kimble Larry Grant Dixie Pembrook Iudy VanDoren, Charles Banning, Iohn Levenson, Bob Melcher Loretta Davis, Iudy Bartlett Mary Latherns Mary Ann Rawlins. Linda Emley. Bob Melcher, Iohn Levenson, Fred Emley LORETTA DAVLS J,f MELONY N , DONNA corrms N QUEEW5 Rxaoucnen NX ATTENDANT5 CAROLYN 1 ! JANET cAnv SCOTT XXX XX, , N NANCY RICE POHddFf "SCHOOL IN THE SPRING" "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me" ................ Dixie Pembrook, Sharon Bricker, Ianet Hostetler, Peggy Spearman, Becky Belcher. Patsy Mooney, Ann Munroe, Ianice Stone- burner Piano Medley ................ .......................,..,..............,........A. N ancy Stillson Agricultural Lesson ........ .... ,........ .,.......... L e o nard Sally, Pat Payne "That Old Soft Shoe" .......... .......... C harles Ransom, Bob Melcher, Charles Banning, Iohn Levenson "The Finger Of Suspicion" .....,. .....,,..........,.A.,,,.,..,.,...,..., H elen Morey "The End Of The Day" ............ ........ .... .,,.,,..,.,,,,,..,,,A,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, D i c k Porter FINALE SCHOOL CHILDREN Betty Steele. Mary lane Imhoff, Gene Nelson, George Ellis, Tom Brown, Ogden Wintermute, Essie Erlanger, Carolyn Brookins, Dick Simmons, Dan Wagner, Ervin Erlanger, Iim Kimble, Betty Wagstaft. ORCHESTRA Iohn Ewalt, Landon McManis, Ioann Kiger, Charles Warren, David Frey. Georg- iene McKee, Kaye Snyder, Martha Rae Rine, David Hauger, Iudy Reed, Mr. Iohn Mazarak, Elizabeth Barton. accompanist: Mr. Iack Stauch, Director. ACCOMPANISTS Carol Sue Oakes, Marjorie Sanner, Elizabeth Barton, Iudy Bartlett, Diana Warrell, Agnes Pardee. Grace McKee. PRODUCTION STAFF Director ...........,..............,,,. .r.....,.,,,...,...........,..,,..,...........................,..... S ara M. Cannon Lighting and Scenery ...... .................................................... R uth Truxall Decorations ..,.,,.,.,,..,,..,... .,.. C arolyn Frederick, Mary Ann Rawlins, Ogden Wintermute, Essie Erlanger Coronation ............... .............................,................. N ancy Rice Queen's Court ...,............,. ....,...........,........................ P atsy Cranmer Choreography ,,,,,.,,A,,,,,,,,,,,., .,,...... C harles Ransom, Dixie Pembrook Orchestra Arrangements ........ ..........................................,.. I ohn Ewalt Piano Arrangements ............ .................................................... C arol Sue Oakes Program ,..,...A...,,...... ,..... , .,,,.,,,.,.,,,,.,.,.....,.,..,...,,..,,,....,.............. M ary lane Imhoif Tickets .,,.,..,..,,,,,,,., ,.,.,,,, M arilyn Taylor, Betty Wagstaff, Linda Ralston Head Usher ...,......... .....................................,........................... Lo rna Eagle Stage Manager ....... ......,.........,............................................. D ick Kimble Electricians ............. ....... B ob Lipgs. Bob Berry Program Design .,....... .........,....... e ggy Bloom Photography ............... .................... I im McKee Finance .......,.,............,,,.. ...,.,.. B ob Dunham Dance after the show ...... ..,... N ancy Hagan FACULTY ASSISTANTS Pearl Carpenter, Virginia Denison, lack Stauch, Ioe Cotton, Iohn Mazarak. P g Ona Hundred Sixty Queen and Her Attendants Children - Larry Yarman, Ann Crabbs. Belinda Baltzell, Iohn Warren. Attendants - Loretta Davis. Donna Boucher, Melony Coffing, Queen Nancy Stillson, Nancy Rice, Carolyn Cary, Ianet Scott. Escorts - Charles Ransom, Iim McKee. Bill Ulery, Don Crawford, Bill Noce, Dick Baney, Iack Pfeifer. Page One Hundred Six Senior and Junior Courts TOP PICTURE lst row flett to rightjz Marilyn Ullman, Nina Marchal, Carrie Lee Dailey, Patsy Cranmer, Carolyn Wagner, Carol Gillooley, Marjorie Warman. 2nd row Ron Speer, Keith Rinehart, Bob Fry, Albert Blue, Bob Dunham, Tom Moseley, Bill Yoakam. BOTTOM PICTURE lst row flelt to rightj: Muriel Harris, Hester London, Iulie Theibert, Marjorie Sanner, Ann Baltzell. Betty Adams, Kathleen Mooney. Znd row Dave Evans, lim Hofmann, Iack Hess, Roger Rardin, Carroll Rine, Robert Beck, Iohn Rahming. Page One Hundred Sixty-two , ,mt -1 .-'msiulll - mf... M-sd ,X s v .g I 'EM-Q' T . -, , ,i-75:9 Q? 10 f ,gs 1 a 5 fad' A X - x March Calendar Bob Dunham "accidentally" drops a few bunsen burners out of the lab windows. Frary and Gullett fake their way through Problems. Probably feel they have enough of their own. Marge Sanner is confronted with a real live mouse in study hall! It was a pet of one of the boys. Carolyn Frederick, Mary Ann Rawlins, and Dick Morain go to Cincinnati for World Affairs Institute. Careful! Safety week starts today. Mr. Robeson's classes seem to enjoy teas- ing the crow in his room. CWe mean the little, black bird.j Cancer movie proves that boys have weaker stomachs than girls. Iack Dennis proves in B-20 seventh period that he can snore louder than anyone else in the school. Student Council sponsors annual Shamrock Shindig. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could square dance! Hester London floats on a cloud after win- ning first place in T.V. Variety show. Watch out New York! Here she comes!! John "Hot Lips Harry" Ewalt misses his solo at band practice. Band presents first night of annual concert. Pictures taken afterwards by "Speedy" Lipps. Exciting day in physics. Duke Wagoner's chair tips over Cof course he was in itj and Iohn Rahming wins S .25 from Mr. Walton. Kay Rapp has a party after band concert. Who could have stolen those light bulbs? Bob Moore get kicked out of library, Marcia, you talk too much! Watch out all cars! Deanna Wright has just passed her driver's exam. Everyone stays up late to watch Hester on TV. And this isn't just make believe. Will the Iuniors know the third act by to- morrow night? They know it! Iuniors present "Once in Every Family" and Father Ieff is an up and coming actor. Girls' Glee Club sings in Easter Assembly. Preliminary Scholarship Tests given. Iun- iors sponsor a style show. At noon Charlie Ransom was still wonder- ing if Mrs. Baker was going to sign his slip. Band leaves at 3:30 and Charlie goes too. Band tours Washington and marches in an- nual Cherry Blossom parade. What a thrill! Page One Hundred Sixty-five April Calendar Ioyce Fetter and Lois get a little wet on the train while coming from Washington. Won- der what happened to the bottom of those cups. Ah! Vacation!! Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Choir and orchestra practice everyday this week. The boys of the choir are becoming excel- lint marchers. lust ask Ieff Shamansky. Everyone is hurrying to get his Easter out- fit. Only one more day till the Easter bunny comes. Two classes surprise Mrs. Montgomery with day-after-birthday parties. No tests. Girl Robinhoods are now practicing archery. Watch out for flying arrows. Student Council sponsors noon dance. There must have been 20 people there. Choir and orchestra present "O Sing Your Song." Kay Rapp has party after "O Sing Your Songs." No light bulbs stolen this time though. Bill Martin catches a bat which is loose in the hall. Mrs. Baker is wrecked. Ianet Scott uses the rest of her peroxide. Band banquets. Seniors burn the midnight oil to do their themes for tomorrow. Root's Tooters play for Masque Ball spon- sored by Art Club. While running after an arrow, "Straight Arrow" Rapp falls in the mud. What a mess. Patsy Cranmer and Al Blue appear to be components of a new couple. Forum Show practice. Easy, Miss Cannon! Grade cards again. Students camping in Riverside Park till the heat's off. Loretta Davis limps around after a wreck last night. Page One Hundred Sixty-six THE DS... Double Date Twins Kay and Karen Payne and Robert and Dennis Rousseau examine ads of coming events. Patrons The FORUM Staff wishes to thank the following patrons without whose help this book would not be possible: Phillip Mauger, Mayor of Mount Vernon Ioseph W. Allman, M.D. Charles Ayers, Prosecuting Attorney Blair and Blair, Attorneys-at-Law Paul Bobst, O.D. Iohn L. Baube, M.D. George Deeley, D.D.S. Iohn Drake, M.D. Robert Eastman, M.D. Iohn R. Fowler, D.D.S. Robert Hoecker, M.D. George Imhoft, M.D. Howard Kiracofe, O.D. I. L. Koch. D.O. Henry T. Lapp. M.D. Raymond S. Lord. M.D. Alexander Mack, M.D. Iay S. McDevitt, Common Pleas Iudge Iames C. McLarnan, M.D. I. Fred Minnich, D.D.S. Norris and Breithaupt, Attorneys-at-Law Gordon Pumphrey, M.D. O. W. Rapp, M.D. Lamar Reynard, D.D.S. Ralph W. Royer, M.D. Delbert Schmidt, M.D. Iohn S. Schnebly. D.D.S. Iulius Shamansky, M.D. Page Ono Hundred Sixty-eight William Steffen, O.D. Bertram B. Sturtevant, D.D.S. Roger Tarr, D.D.S. Clinton W. Trott, M.D. Charles B. Tramont, M.D. Harry E. Turner, Attorney-at-Law I. Maurice Wareham, O.D. Zelkowitz and Barry, Attorneys-at-Law Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lewis Mr. and Mrs. David Young Mr. and Mrs. Ben Verson Isacc Shamansky, D.D.S. Cochran Electric Company Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Ferris Grubb and Walker, Realtors Kahrl and Ward, Realtors Margaret Starmer, Community Market Phil Thompson, Ieweler Knox County Automobile Dealers' Association Shoults' Market Thompson Red and White Store Doup Sinclair Service Chris Razos, High Restaurant Vin Ettes Cootiette Club Agnew Advertising Company Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hofmann Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Rawlins Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Frederick Traveling to Washington with the Band 5 3 4 3 S , I 1-Q Top row Well, here we ure. 127 Crowded, isn't it? 2nd row KH Anyone for conustcr? 121 Stouch and MUZGfGk'S army in vodes Stmttord Hotel. 3rd row - - 4,15 G'bye! C25 Band membexs are getting shorter. Bottom row 413 Mr. Slouch and the senators QZW No letter today. Z llllllllTlUNS.... We've led the fashion world a long way from that day in 1869 when well-bustled ladies stormed our opening doors to see the latest in embroideries and shirtwaists. Right from that day, fashion was our aim. Over the years, working in the markets of the nation, we have launched important fashions in every field until today, fashion's look to the people of Knox County has become the Ringwalt Look. Not limited to apparel, the Ringwalt Look has become the look of fashion and quality in fine home furnishings, in exciting gifts, in children's wear, in hne linens and fabrics ....... in everything that signifies the finest in taste. In this Sesquicentennial year you'll hnd the Ringwalt Look at its best throughout our store. Six busy floors are radiant with an aura of freshness and welcomemreflecting our dedication to the imagination and ideals behind the Ringwalt Look. When you visit us today, you will be greeted with the same friendly ser- vice that has come to be our mark of identification through the years... service that will continue through the many generations yet to come. awe, J. S. Ringwalt Company Mount Vemon, Ohio 0 100 Per Cent .L J. Subscriptions lst row - Donna Baxter, Carol Swank, Donna Boucher. 2nd row - Bob Antonick, Iris Zschocher, Peggy Bloom, Carolyn Brookins. lst row We Marilyn Taylor, Elaine Keller, Berdetta Wagner, Carrie Lee Dailey, Mary Iane Henthorne. 2nd row 4 Ron Speer, lim Clark, Carol Lamb, Betty Iones, Ann Payne, Carol Gillooley, Bill Ridenbaugh. lst row - Ernie Rahling, Lynn Bartels, Larry Davis, Betty Carter, Rex Bebout. 2nd row - Larry Kreps, Laddie Franklin, Tanya Stuller, Carole Cranmer, David Hauger, Sally Harris. 3rd row 4 George Engle, Barb Williams, Kaye Kreps, Iim Gill, Gary Gray, Willis Pritchett, and Roger Hite. Page One Hundred Seventy-one IGH SZ' NHL BER? Y ST N Al QA M XE E Pl Kg 42 ml' D00 Z3 O-4 22 hu E C'll5'.S'7'1VU7' AS' N GAY .ST HGH .ST PROFESSIONAL PH OTOGRAPHERS P VBLIC' APOIIARE S 457' W GAMBIER AS' 7' AIZV Z' GAMBJER 57' .Eff E OHIO fl 'lvl' Q , 27 ' Jw 1 f U ., . WH- W .f . ' AMVINESZ Af C? rw 'N - .s..Q .-.... A - QQ b-1 E L WI V5 , 9 ' NS I P g O Hundred Seve nfyf 12 May Calendar 2. Lois Ewalt seems to be receiving notes every day from a bass player in band. 3. Mrs. Truxall walks into homeroom and hears Hon Gullett playing the piano. 4. Mr. Walton gets the mumps. 5. Forum Show practice. Twenty-eight kids late for band. 6. The big night. The Forum show. 9. Mrs. Baker gets a new car!!! 10. There are now substitutes for sub stitutes in Physics. ll. Iohn Ewalt comes to school early to listen to the radio. of F. T. A. 13. Iohn Rahming wrecks his car. Oh well, that's the Way the ol' Ford bounces. 16. Mr. Fuller and Mr. Stauch use the beard-growing contest as an excuse not to shave. 17. Honors assembly. 18. Kay Rapp goes home with the mumps. 19. Whoops! False alarm. Kay didnt have the mumps after all. 20. Senior class play. 23. Roger Hardin installed as president oi Student Council. 24. Safe driving demonstration. Roberta Curry and Albert Blue prove that girls' reaction times are better than boys'. 5. Iuniors decorate for Iunior-Senior Prom. 26. Senior day. 27. Senior Prom at the Country Club Page One Hundred Sevenfyethr . Carole Cranmer elected president Compliments 0 f MILD REFRIGERATION "Your Frigidaire Dealer" ' REFRIGERATORS ' RANGES ' AUTOMATIC WASHERS ' AUTOMATIC DRYERS ' FREEZERS ' AIR CONDITIONERS ' REPUBLIC KITCHENS 11 West Ohio A Ph 2 4881 Career Day Top row 1. Carolyn plans her luture in the bank. 2. "Hard work brings success," Prosecuting Attorney. Charles Ayers. Second row - 1. This picture looks familiar. 2. Lenore comes back to school to talk about nursing. Third row f 1. "And these will be our homemakersf' said Mrs. lack Stauch. 2. "What a pretty occupation!" Bottom row 1. "Insurance is a good field." Lawrence Lewis. 2. "Dentistry interests many." Dr. Iohn Fowler. Page One Hundred Seventy-five ELLIS 8: STR ODTBECK Ready Mixed Concrete Roundhouse Lane Phone 3-2801 Cain's Grocery School Supplies and Candy 401 N. Mulberry St. Licking Laundry Complete Laundry Service Dry Cleaning 8: Rug Cleaning A. E. Auskings, Mgr. 7 N. Main St. Phone 2-1081 ELLIOTT'S SHOES 4 South Main MOUNT VERNON SPORTING GOODS 13 West High St. The Best in Athletic Goods for High School 8: College Students Mount Vernon, Ohio WILSON RAWLINGS EQUIPMENT allen 1, 53 3" E ' 55, fi: g g 6 r,5 2, .1-in Established In 1 898 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO P g O e Hundred Seventy-sl School Seems to have Its Funny Side ,Nh Top row 1. We were dancing together. 2. Half iime antics. Second row l. Cartoonist Iim. 2, Hey, Mr. Pickens! Third row l. Now let's talk this over. 2. Don't worry, maybe it isn't true. 3. Patsy, Ioe, and friend. Bottom row 1. Charles Banning, no less. 2. Careiul, Kay. 3. The happy couple. Page One Hundred Sevenfy-seven Congratulations to the Class of 1955 L Pcnnvcnnon Y lmnoow Glass Symbol of Quality PITTSBURGH PLATE GLA S S CO. Works Number Eleven Mount Verno Oh o Parents Co to School Top row - 1. Attention class! 2. School was never like this. Second row - 1. Mrs. Baker smiles approval. 2. Interesting? Third row f 1. Typing can be fun. 2. No lingering in the halls, now. Bottom row - l. Music minded moms and dads. 2. Parents must not like front seats. Page One Hundred Seventy-nine D A sparkling glass bottle is the per- fect milk container. No substitute container protects milk's purity, flavor and your famiIy's health so well. -ffl-ff 2 : G4 GLASS IS PIII! A sterile bottle cannot con- - J . . Je, taminate your milk-cam ., '92 not endanger your lamily's ip A 5' health, because glass is 0 ff chemically inert. cuss urs vou ses rn: emu ,KW ,f See what you buy and know Suv: " 4 you get full measure of nu- -, - 1' :g trltious health food. af u, Skigff cuss is scouomcu 632 ' ' Housewives could realize a saving on every quart I ' , of milk were all milk pur- ,,, 9 chased in glass bottles. GLASS PROTECT! FlAV0l Glass completely guards milk's delicate flavor - im- parts no foreign tastes or impurities to spoil rnilk's deli- cious goodness The Lamb Glass Co. South Vernon Telephone 2-9715 gy Wwe M26 ' ' 'lg Me Uoltafkeqf Page One Hundred Eighty Planning the Future l l.. 494' "rr ' lui EJ Top row - 1. Shall we be airline hostesses? 2. This seems to be a crowded field. Second row ff 1. Iournalism anyone. 2. Science on the march. Third row 1. Reporters of Tomorrow. 2. Those pretty hostesses again. Bottom row f 1. The law speaks. 2. And here are our future teachers. Page One Hundred Eighty-one The Best In Drugstore Service H E C K L E R' S "Prescription Specialists" REXALL DRUG STORE On the Square "I-IIKE -TO HECK'S" Compliments of Wayne Cash Feed Store Martha Workman Hall, Mgr. Coal, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Grinding Phone 2-4931 512 W. High St. When You See Us, Don't Think of Insurance But When You Think of Insurance, See Us C. K. SALISBURY 81 SON 5 WEST VINE STREET Mount Vernon, Ohio See Us For A Full Line of Masonry Supplies West Builder's Supply 612 W. Gambier St. Parnell Brothers Shell Service Station for Lubricating, Car Washing and Oil Changes Rear Dial 2-8941 Coshocton Ave. Mount Vernon, Ohio Quality and Honesty Foremost Delicious Flavor Fruit Filled W I S E J E W E L R Y FEATURE LOCK DIAMONDS T W I N 0 A ELGIN-HAMILTON-BULOVA WATCHES Phone 3-1043 102 S. Main St. Mount Vernon, Ohio O R C H A R D S State Route 586 Page Ono Hundred Eighty-two Side Glances if 2 1 How I 1. Heap big secret, 2. How lovely you look, Kcxy. How II l. Art flourishes, 2. Keep them shining lim. 3, In, Jim! Row III I. Whcxt could be so interesting! 2. Louder, Iohn! 3, George tries cz shot. Row IV l. And this won iirst pxize. 2. Our admiring fcms, 1907 1955 SHARIYS The place you always find the best of the conventional or the unusual in flowers - cards - gifts L-1 Sharp's Cards Gifts Flowers 22 Public Square Phone 3-4745 Top row - Qlj Look at the little people. Q21 Lift them high. Second row - Qlj Make yourself comfortable! CZD Tired girls? Third row - CID Your poor backs. QZD I want the front seat! Bottom row e CID Band Camp Beauties. C21 No Comment. Band Camp Page One Hundred Eighty-five A 'fahn 61 Ullieir Again 1181 A familiar and reassuring slogan thousands of the country's finest year- hooks for the past half century. lg FAMn.1AR...hecause it has appeared in k RxaAssumNc...hecause those years of lc specialized experience bring complete l service, outstanding quality and de- l 11 pendable delivery to the yearbook staffs l with whom we work. l 1,1 + 1 1' , 1 JAHN at oLLiEk ENCRAVING Co. 1111 817 W. Washington Blvd. ilk Chicngo 7, Illinois 1' wx 1 , 1 nw, 1 1!1',gr11Wm1j1Vi.NA W1 1 1 1 H 11 1 lll.1ll1111111A1l.111111x Nw-1 Page One Hundred Eighty-six Styles and Stills Top row - C11 Pretty as a Picture. Q23 Quite, the most. C31 And, entering from the right . . . Q41 Sweet and Lofrely. Second row - Q11 Art-ie QZQ a prop. CSD And then, Banquo said to Macbeth. Bottom row - Q15 Bob. C25 Big Wheels. QCD Stop the press. Page One Hun dred Eig 0' C 5 ...-.- 3 ,:-1 " Z? -Q.- EIEWM ,f S - ,. El h ' CKVRCSS 'Z 3 .. ep ant . - -5 2 - ff, V , ,. 'li Q Q Lumber , ,.,,.. . " -2 1, I fi' er aa ' Q. ' ,I .7 55:3 C Store For Friendly Service, Phone 2-1745 P 0 N D Motor Sales Inc. ,.A Lyndeis Market QUALITY Mans AND OVENDRESSED POULTRY XJ 104 N. Division St. Dial 2-1 CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE E. Gambier 8: Gay We Delivgr Mount Vernon, Ohio Say it with Flowers Compliments of 9 Wllllams Flower L E S T E R S Shop SMART APPAREL 14 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, O FOR MEN and BOYS Phone 2-2076 Congratulations to the Class of 1955 L. A. MILL FUNERAL HOME 619 East High St. Dial 2-6956 Page One Hundred Eighty-eight Just Relaxing Lift-N ,. 7V 3 f QL-:p -- j- 4. XX xx, glen if ff J L..- A x Top row - CID The four aces. QZD Remember that night? Second row - CID Comfy everyone? CZD Mollie and her escort. Bottom row - CID Knees and more knees. C23 Beauty is its own excuse for being. Q31 Now, I say. Page One Hundred Eighty nin ot compressor. . .prescribed for new problems RAISE be, American industry is always on the go -always working out new and better ways to do things. A good example is today's incredible chemical and petrochemical industry. As in most other in- dustries, new processing techniques have posed new problems. One is how best to handle the huge-volume compressing of gases and air. And that is a field in which Cooper-Bessemer has a 100-year stake. Shown above during test stages is one of Cooper- Bessemer's latest answers-a highly efficient, remark- ably compact, multi-stage centrifugal compressor, that can be driven by electric motor, internal combustion engine or turbine. These space-saving compressors will help solve many new problems of industryg are already in phases of government service. Although such centrifugal compressors are new in application, they are not new in Cooper-Bessemer experience. Here work on rotating compressor equip- ment has been under way for years . . . anticipating these very problems . . . and the answers. It's easy to determine whether your compressor needs can be met best, most economically with reciprocating units . . . or with new-type centrifugals. It's also easy to find out all about the new things being done by one of America's oldest engine and compressor builders . . . and it paysl Mounl Vernon, Ohio CDDPER-BESSEMER Grave Crly, Pa. Now York 0 Chleago ' Washlnglan ' San Francisco 0 los Angelus ' San Diego 0 Houston ' Dallas ' Odessa ' Pampa 0 Gregglon ' Seallla ' Tulsa 0 Sl. louis ' Glaucesler 0 New Orleans ' Shrevoparl Cooper-Bessemer of Canada Lld., Halifax, N. S., Edmonlon, Alberla DIEBELS 0 GAS ENGINES 0 GAS-DIESELS ' ENGINE-DRIVEN AND MOTOR-DRIVEN COMPRESSORS ' HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID PUMP Takes Time Top row C17 Pool sharks. C23 Setting the clock? C33 Cheer up, Iohn. Second row - Clj No gambling. C21 Flip for it, boys. C33 Listen to your buddy, buddy, little biddy buddy. Bottom row -A C13 Any film? C21 Giant size. C3j What happened? C4j Get him! Page One Hundred Nine'y one ellie Quality Chekml. Ice Cream Jewell Ice Cream and Milk Co Mount Vernon, Ohio Days at Band Camp Top row -4 Clj Future Gene Kroupas. C25 Ready, set, march! Second row - C15 Ring around the Rosy. Q21 Learn to labor and to wait. Third row --A CID Volley Victims. Fourth row f - Q13 Time out. Q21 Blow boys. D Bottom row -W QU Charlie periorms. QZD Drum with head, legs, and arms. CSD The leader ol the band. Page One Hundred Ninety-three MONTANA Nil' OIEGON Y on wrsc0N5'N 'DAM Mrc,moAN Nita WYOMING WNNSYYV emo ND rumors Nfvwa -t., xl mown A may Missouri rcrrllllcu Anon P KANSAS ,mount- Am oKrAHoMA ARKANSAS ION' New Mexico V Miss ALABAMA TEXAS 91 o l , . I L f NC N ,wnrssei . S. l V he . X , . l l v What's your Choice? ww R VER think about working in some far away place? Like logging in Oregon? Lobstering in Maine? Farming in Iowa? Go ahead if you want to. Freedom to work in any locality is one of your American rights. And it's a right that people in some other countries wish they had. DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom and the highest standard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of them are: Freedom ol worship Right lo secret ballot 'Right to know how your union spend: your due.: Freedom ol .speech Freedom of the prerx Right to criticize olirialr 'Right to know salaries ol your union oliver: Freedom from .search without warrant Right to petition government lor redress ol grievance: 'Right to know if your union obirerx are Connmntirts 'Right to know bow your union ir run Right to .rpeedy and public trial by fury Right to belp ol a lawyer 'lfRight to hear your employer'.r ride ol dixagreerm-utr Right not to appear as a u-itnr-rr against yourself 'Right to relure to permit the "cheek-ol" ol uuiou dues 'Right to go dirert to your box: with a grieraltre Right lo be presumed irmorcrtl until proved guilty Freedom to own property 'Right lo work despite union jurisdictional disputer Freedom to work in arty locality 'Right to proper mperririon ol your union wellare luudr Freedom to rlart and manage a buriuers Freedom to make a pralit 'Right not lo be fired by union leader: "Right lo role on rompany'r best oder Millions of people behind the Iron Curtain can't work where they choose. Communist bosses make them slaves where manpower is needed most. And if they do try to move someplace else, they're very likely to end up in a box car bound for Siberia. What's your choice? Freedom, of course. Bur there's more to preserving our rights than iust thinking about them. Communists over here would give us Iron Curtain country working standards if they could. They've done it every place else they've taken over. lf we want to keep our rights, like the right to work in any locality, we've got to work for them. one WHY is I0 speak up when we hear someone talk- ing down our freedom. After all, a few extra words from each of us could guarantee our freedom forever. 'These are rights you enjoy under the Taft-Hartley law. "This is a right enioyed by members of United Steel Work- ers, C.l.O. only when the Taft-Hartley law is invoked. TH EY' RE YOU R RIGHTS, TREAT TH EM RIGHT! THMLQN The Timken Roller Bearing Company "The right to work shall not be abridged nor made impotent" And VVhat Is So Rare As a Day at School 294, Top row Q13 Busy. busy, busy day. Q25 Huh? Second row Q13 Young mathematicians at work. Q23 Mrs. Askins gives advice. Bottom row -- Q19 Deep discussion. Q21 Comparing answers? Page One Hundred Ninefy-five PITKIN'S 00RNER SUPER MARKET Quality Foods For Over 40 Years Congratulations Class of '55 R. W. Pitkin ...... ...... C lass 1895 M. M. Pitkin ...... ...... C lass 1924 E. N. Pitkin ...... ......... C lass 1956 Corner of Gambier and Main Mount Vernon Ohio Page One Hundred Ninely-s Came Time Top row - Qlj lump, Girls! QZQ Good block. Second row - CID Benchwarmers. C25 Get that man! Third row - CID Stand up. CZD Half time. Bottom row - QU Full. C2j Empty. Page One Hundred Ninety-seven "Let George Do It" THE WATCH SHOP I FINE WATCHES Compliments of Irvin Grassbaugh Q WATCH REPAIR sERvICE operating o WATCH BANDS AND STRAPS o JEWELRY REPAIRING THE MT. VERNON HATCHERY "Walk Upmifs and sfvef' azz s. Moio sf. Phone 3-2951 Geo. M. Barnes PItkIn's Corner H. L. HALL Mason Contractor Blocks, Concrete, Tile, Brick, and Stone Phone 2-4896 203 S. Sandusky St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of EDDY BROTHERS Marathon Service Station 501 Coschocton Ave. Phone 2-9801 KNOX REFRIGERATOR "Our Norge Dealer" "Service Is Our Business" 10 N. Main St. Phone 2-5051 Rice Implement Co. MCCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT Sixty-six Years of Service 1889 - 1955 Columbus Rd. Phone 5-1816 PARTS - SERVICE Compliments of Pilotti's Market Only SINGER Has All Three Swing - Needle Slant - Needle and Straight - Needle Restaurant Singer Sewing Machine Co. 225 South Main St. 140 Columbus Rd. Phone 2-7881 Mmm' Ve"'0"' Ohm Phone 2-8726 Page One Hundred Ninety-eighl Reddy Kilo watt Congratulations to the Class of 'ss S 0 from B H. 9 O L S O N S -' 10 f , 5 School Supplies Oflice Supplies Sporting Goods Toys Paint Gw- Wall Paper Your Electric Servant 107 s. Main sf. Phone 3-1886 ffl 7712 OHIQMEOWER C01 HAYES' SUNOCO Buckeye Antiques SERVICE STATION and Gift Shop for finest service visit 511 Newark Road our new station Mount Vernon, Ohio 500 Coshocton Ave. Phone 5-2016 Frank L. Dupont, owner BAUGHMAN Sand 81 Gravel - FOR ALL YOUR SAND AND GRAVEL NEEDS -- Located - Off South Main St. Telephone 2-9991 Page Two Hundred Lab Lads and Lassies Top row A CID Beat the luck! QZD Ron looks questioning. Second row f QU Bird's eyes view. CZD I!'s in the book. Bottom row - QU Aw, I don't believe it! Q22 Keep busy, Peggy! Page Two Hundred One Laymanis Pastry Shop O. F. Thompson, Prop. Wedding and Birthday Cakes Pies, Rolls, Donuts, and Bread 701 W. High St. Phone 3-1961 PARKING IS NO PROBLEM HERE C ompliments of Mount Vernon Farmers Exchange Be Wise in '55 Shop at S. S. Kresge Co. Brining News Co. DAILY 8: SUNDAY PAPERS CANDY - MAGAZINES West Vine Street 0 Compliments of Compliments C L I P P Y 9 S of S N A C K B A R Artis Body Shop 686 N. Sandusky St. Mount Vernon, Ohio City, Urban Delivery Courteous-Eiiicient-Service Phone 3-4941 ALL CARGO INSURED Owned and Operated by THOMAS W. SPEER 64Doc" Fixitis CUSHMAN scooT1sRs WHIZZER MoToR BIKES SCHWINN BICYCLES ECLIPSE MOWERS Page Two Hundred Two School Scenes ,. -..- 4, Top row -- C13 They weren't doing the Mambo. Q23 Make yourself comfortable. C 3 3 Oh now, Gene! Second row - Q13 Easy, Loretta. C23 Happy Little Warriors. Q33 Iim, again. Third row -- Q13 Energelic???? Bottom row -7- Q13 Tell him Lois. C23 Confusion in physics. C33 Flash!!! Page Two Hundred Three Best Wishes to the Class of '55 C0 OWN! 'lah Ah DIVON NTAL CAN , PA. 0 IICNMOND, VA. ' CO S L O. 0 IAIIS, TEL ' IEAUMONT. Ill. ' 105 ANGHIS, C SO G E C J? ,D The Play's the Thing E Loci, Www ..-iw' Top row C 1 H left! C 25 Practice makes periect. C39 Practice C ? J Second row I 15 Alumni invasion. Q27 Who's date? Bottom row 1 lb Merry Marge and Silent Sam. 123 Something to remember you by. Page Two Hundred Five if 4 Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1955 THE ALCOVE "Save Today for College Tomorrow" The Knox County Savings Bank Member F. D. I. C. J. T. GLACKIN Chevrolet, Inc. 0 105 West Vine Street Dial 3-3971 Mount Vernon, Ohio Buck's Gulf Station 0 105 S. Main St. Phone 2-7006 Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Humbert's Grocery 405 Coshocton Ave. Page Two Hundred Six People Are Funny 2-3 ff 2' 'HSL gm -' lil il A ,ha Top row fe Q13 Gossip Corner. C23 Inierested group. Second row - C15 Don't go away mad. C25 The Ole' Gang. C35 Goofus and friends. Bottom row C 13 Where they going? C25 Future I. I. Staff? 433 Yea Team. Page Two Hundred Seven Anne Lapp Millinery and Exclusive Costume Jewelry 11 E. Gambier St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Auten 81 Son 153 Columbus Rd. SINCLAIR PRODUCTS SHELF GROCERIES Phone 2-8056 Kousoulas Cleaners 9 E. Gambier St. Fine Cleaning and Quick Service Hats Cleaned and Blocked Expert Tailoring Congratulations to The Class of '55 Isaly's Dairy Store Browne Oil Co. Cities Service Petroleum Products Wholesale - Retail Dial 2-4826 Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Heap's Market 103 Jackson St. Groceries - Fruit - Vegetables Goodwin Sand and Gravel Mount Vernon, hio Newark Road Phone 2-7971 P g Two Hundred Eight Just Shooting Around ff. 9 "I '-1' f' iff' www 1 s Y "M Nr 4 V f' ga hm """i I Lat L si- ff .,,k,'. .4 ' '1 in I 'i,,,.:,,ii ,gf . : , . 5 dim Top row L 1 J The Four Aces. L23 A short pause. Q33 Stretch. Second row C15 Iacket and Iacketts. C23 A crowded crowd. LBJ And it's a first down! Third row Q 1 J Get out to that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans. 1 27 Get to work. M33 Whats the attraction? Bottom row L 13 Artists at work. 42 1 Hitch em' up! Q39 Ya' don't say. 443 Typing! ? 7 Page Two Hundred Nine Mount Vernon News Knox County's Home Newspaper MOUNT VERNON 1805 SESQUICENTENNIAL YEAR 1955 J. W. BARNCORD FIRST CLASS SHOE Grohe Funeral Home Ambulance Service REPAIRING g 57 Public Square Mount Vernon, Ohio 108 N. Main St. Phone 2-4956 Congratulations, Graduate! and Service With A Smile Best Wishes for a Happy Successful Future from the MT. VERNON BUSINESS SCHOOL and SPEEDWRITTING SCHOOL Lewis Building-9 West High St. Mrs. Charles Campbell, B.S. in Education Director Telephone 2-6061 Our School has been training graduates of the Mount Vernon High School since 1896. HADLEY'S Furniture and Appliances Cash or Terms 23 East Gambier Street Page Two Hundred Ten x rx xfl , ' 4 -11- pg-un-u-1 if -s 15? y nw I 42544, IT'S WORLEY'S IN MOUNT VERNON FOR MEN'S WEAR If'S V I C T O R Y Gelsanlitel-S' Food Market Inc. for GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS n MEAT 5Ch001 SUPPIICS LOCKERS - DRUGS Typewriters Radios - Players - Records Phone 2-8851 117 - 118 W. High Street, Mt. Verno n, O. Compliments of E. A. SCHLAIRET TRANSFER CO. CGeneral Otlicel Mt. Vernon, Ohio GENE HOBBS' SOHIO SERVICE Phone 2-3012 Newark and Martinsburg Road Mount Vernon, Ohio Congratulations from Dowds' Funeral Home Phgne 3-1076 Mount Vernon, Ohio P 9 Two Hundred Twelve ame It Yourself hi X 4 G YY 4 gl A i I i 1 How I L19 Karen begins her masterpiece, Q23 Miss Ccnnon's uri lesson. Row II 1 lb Any good seats? H25 Ieff, we're surprised at you! 433 Puzzled Peggy. Row III L17 "Mount Vernon High Receiving Line". 121 Kay ond Iohn interview Ogden Nash. How IV m 13 Do-re-mi. 42,1 Gee dad! who hi! you? FAIRCHILD FORD INC. A Good Place to do Business Phone 2-3866 14 East Ohi o Ave. Mount Vernon, Ohio Weese Dairy Products Home Made Ice Cream Sandwiches - Snacks Compliments of Fred D. Pharis DEPENDABLE Sundae-v - 5011111 AUTO - FIRE - WIND Dairy Products INSURANCE . ' 5 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio 200 S. Mann St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 3-2846 46 T H E LEMASTERS' , FINE CLOTHES faded mach. FOR MEN F U R N I T U R E C E N T E R Wayne Vannatta's L., SUPER SERVICE STATION Mount Vernon, Ohio 2 Columbus Road Mount Vernon, Ohio P g T o Hundred Fouriee From P.J.'s to Physics Vs ii., 5 , Row I i li Pajama Game! L27 Cheek to cheek. Q35 Really Carolyn. Row Il - fly Ouch! C25 Fiesta. Row III - 1 li What are they doing? Q25 Which one's the teacher? Row IV 4.13 Now, iind your home keys. 42,1 Physics consultation. t3l Six smiling students. Congratulations Class of 1955 Veterans of Foreign Wars and Auxiliary Post 4027 0 Phone 3-4012 Route 3-36 South P g T o Hundred Sixteen Magazine Campaign Winners Along wall 4 Cleft to rightj: Richard Bowen, Howard Baer, Frank Beam, Christine Cassady, Mrs. Askins, Shirley Baker Dick Adams. first table - Cleft to rightj: Gary Barncord, Billy Beck, Billy Bell, Shirley Bemiller, Barbara Bone, Dixie Bartlett, Ieflrey Breaks, Iohn Bracey. Second table -- Cleft to rightj: Io-Ella Bradley, Barbara Abrahams, Suzy Allen, Mary lean Ball, Ianet Baker, Sophia Angelas, Beth Boyd, Linda Bateman. Third table ! Cleft to rightj: Kay Beach, Bill Boner, Peggy Agnew, Wilda Antill. Kay Brate. Left to right - Ron Anderson, Charles McDermott, Don Dalrymple, Richard Hall, Mike Lee, Ken Dewitt, Ned Vannatta. Bob Harrod, Don McFarland. . F1 A. Speaking Contest f U7 f P-,,,f Page Two Hundred Seventeen Compliments of Virgil F. Parker ELECTRIC AND BATTERY SERVICE S. Center St. Phone 3-2826 Elgin Omega Hamilton Bulova Allen Jewelers 7 East Gambier St. G. R. Smith 85 Co. HARDWARE PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 2-7745 "Good Service to You 4 Pleasure lo Us" For All Good Food STOP 'N' SHOP GROCERIES - MEATS DELICACIES 115 S. Main Street Phone 3-4775 We Deliver Frank Vannatta Trucking - Lime, Gravel, Phosphate, and Fertilizer 59 Columbus Road Mount Vernon, Ohio Telephone 3-4831 Compliments of Bair's Dr Cleanin Y DIAL 2-7071 3 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of People's Shoe Store Corner of Main and Vine Streets Philco FAWCETT RADIOS 8: TELEVISIONS SALES 8: SERVICE 405 Newark Rd. Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone 2-5976 Page Two Hundred Eighteen UR ONTRIBUTION T0 THE ESQUICENTENNIAL ,, fblf X . 1 Q ' 2 Y 1' X in 'A Z i.. Y' f I f mr-I :L n X , 4 Y, +V -fr - - - Q 4 'L fi fl-L-.J fx 5 .Y K - 'Q ,.,-g A . I Page Two Hundred Ninefeen Congratulations Class of '55 May this forward step in life bring you Wealth of happiness and success. The Rudin Co. C0mP1ime'1'S McKinley's Market of Groceries - Provisions Dairy Products Shaw Funeral Home Phone 2-1861 102 N. Division St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio 203 North Main St. Phone 3-2866 TAUGHERS' Everything a good Drug Store should carry. Prompt - accurate prescription service. Always the best for less. For Complete Insurance - Fire, Wind, Automobile, General Liability, Life and Hospital. Call or Write Robert C. Baxter G. A. McKee Mount Vernon, Ohio, R. F. D. 4 Phone 2-6117 or 2-6112 Page Two Hundred Twenty Class of 1894 First row -- Laura Pickard. Frances CThompsonj Moore, Dora CEllisD Ward, Mable Stauffer, Frances Clloungj Iacobs, Mary Grace CGossageD Frazier. Second row - Rose CCareyj McKinley, Mr. Bonebreake CTeacherj, Lula CGordonj Canning, Gratia CGrahamj Walker. Third row - Miss Mary Seymour CTeacherD, Mary Bertha QFergusonj Dollinger, Mr. Iohn Baxter CPrincipal or Suphj Alfred Heber Mclntire, Miss Wallace QTeacher D, Minnie Mae Graff. Fourth row - Ied Montis, Elken Henly, Fred Sievens McConnell, Louis Clyde White. We f i , - ay Ai 5 ,Q .AL ':- , Page Two Hundred Twenly-one P O N T I A C "the most beautiful thing on wheels" Carroll Pontiac Co. New Cars 401 West Vine St. Used Cars 202 West High St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Automotive Supplies, Inc. Complete Parts and Machine Shop Service Phone 3-4715 Compliments of KEPPLE'S SHEET METAL WORKS ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK CUSTOM BUILT Compliments of Quality Shoe Repair Home of Fine Leather Goods and Luggage 106 W. High St. Mount Vernon, O Compliments of Home Electric Co. "Your Philco Dealer" 10 S. Mulberry St. -- 2-3806 WE HAVE SERVED MANY GRADUATES since this bank was established in 1847, and as we extend our BEST WISHES for your success, we sincerely hope that you will let us help you, just as we have helped others before you. We invite you to come in and get acquainted, and to make Knox County's Oldest and Larg- est Bank your banking home! THE FIRST-KNOX NATIONAL BANK MOUNT VERNON CENTERBURG FREDERICKTOWN Member F.D.I.C., Federal Reserve System Page Two Hundred Twenly-fwo Class of 1908 Looned ond identified by Marguerite Bedell Nichol lst row Madge Humbert Simmons, Iulia Darling, Mable Young Yauger, Florence Bradtield Greer Stevens, Lynn Revennaugh, Marguerite Bedell Nichol, Bessie Haymes Lamont, Gladys Merrin Sheen, Clara Stute. 2nd row - Belle Butcher Vance, Gertrude Phillips Snare, Martha Hyatt Kerr, Stella Cox Bell, Esther Gunn Sinclair, Grace Head- ington Schumann Motherall, Margaret Eggleston Artord, Helen Green, May Edna Bennington Mills. 3rd row Carrie Glenn Barber, Katherine George Cotton Cochran, Nellie Keigley, Nora McKay, Maud Henwood Sellers, Ethel Snow Coleman, Lulu Staats Treen, Ava Adrian Banks, Cora Colgin Daniels, Madeline King Genin. 4h row Edna Williams, Iolan Ioy Phillips, Philip Hull, Scott Camp, Lawrence Sperry, Derwin Daniels, Edwin Rightmire, Edward Allspaugh, Marguerite Martin Starr. Class of 1905 First row Mable QWarmanj Craig. Lena CMitchellD Welker, Ger- trude QMcElroyD Brentlinger, Edith 4CanningJ Stoephlett, Helen CStarrj Apter, lean Starr. Second row Arthur Robertson. Levia QWardJ Iams, Mable CHessU Mitchell, Bessie tConk1eD Graham, Stella tHymanj Hantman, Frank Blue, Clyde Turner. Third row - Ernest Warman, Eliz- abeth fSheppardJ Huntsworth, Wil- liam Banning, Lottie QSpearmanD Iohnson, Ethel tBeachD Garrard. Clyde LaFever, Rose CMillerD Blair. Francis Iennings. J Fourth row Leonard Clements, X if N,-as S Q , , . V M Howard Levering, David Collins. Phil Day, lohn R. Claypool, Donald Snow, Arthur Mitchell, Sturgess Cooper, Cleveland Bricker. lm, A is HEI. ,xl will Looned and identified by Leno Mitchell Welker ALWAYS ruzsr QUALITYQS Where uality is your Greatest Savings Compliments of Bartlett Appliance Store Complete Line of Appliances Sales and Service Riley Buldelns Supply Everything In Masonry BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 2-2931 113 W. Gambier St. Mount Vernon. Ohio LEROY,S FOR PERFECT DIAMONDS ,IEWELERS 204 So. Main St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Ralph G. Cornell Don C. Endsley INSURANCE -REAL ESTATE Gambier at Gay Phone 2-9841 P g Two Hundred Twenty-I Class of 1909 1- N . R 'N 2 X Dwi S Lcaned by Mrs. Ioseph Tulloss. Identified by Mrs. Tulloss and Cleora Wilkinson Conqdon. First row - Grace QDoupj Kidd. Lavinia CE1derj Paazig, Florence Clitevenaughj Townsend, Helen Clkshcraitj Scribner Stanley, Roy Moorehouse, Edna QHayesj Taylor, Ethel CPitkinJ Studor, Pearl CStaatsJ Metcalf. Wave CDun- lapj Iennings, Cleora QWilkinsonj Congdon. Second row - Ethel Iamison, Mae Ellen Mann, Bernice CBennettD Bown, Gladys Qliadleyj Baker, Carrie Masteller, Eva CBeeverj Sullivan, Clara CCervenkaj Schmidt, Minnie CBlairj Miller, Lenna CLitzenbergJ Chapman, Helen Alden. Third row - Mildred QAlerJ Sheriff, Mary Cheyney, Helen CMcNabbj Lytle. Bessie CWalterJ Porter. Eleanor tSig1erj Soult Robertson, Hazel CGrubbD Wing. Ethel CMcGuqinD La Fever, Ruth CGreenD Kells. Edna CSellersl Ward, Ruby CHuntsberqerj Miller, Marguerite Clkllenj White, Ethel Vincent. Fourth row - Alby Sweet Fleming, Leroy Kells, Fay CBellj Folin, Blanch Long, Arlene CCraigj Schlessinger Kelly, Lottie CFrie1D Zolman, Iva Paul. Florence CHuddlej Clark, Ioseph W. Tulloss. Ray Scarbrough, Harold Bell, Leland Arnold. Fifth row -- Curt Meltzer, Norris Elliott, Clarence Cramer, Charles Huntsberger, George Owen, Blinn Gear- hart, Earl White, Ralph Reed, Ray Culbertson, Royal Bucher. Page Two Hundred Twenty-five DANCELAND SKATING RINK Skating every night except Sun. and Mon. Skating 6:00 to 8:30 Tues. for children and beginners. Sat. and Sun. afternoon 2:00 to 4:30. Ballroom Dancing everey Sun. night. Classes in Dance Skating 32.00 per month. Private Lessons by appointment. Arnold Heyman, Instructor Lorene's Lingerie 56 Public Square Skirts, Blouses, Costume jewelry, Sweaters, Lingerie HAMILTON ART CARVED C""'f"i"'e"'J of ELGIN DIAMONDS MosHoLDER Rlchard Day J 12 W E L 12 R Motor Freight, Inc. 9 W. VINE MT. VERNON, OHIO Tom N. Klein Lawn Mower Shop johnson Sea Horse Motors Toro and Pennsylvania Mowers Briggs-Stratton 8: Clinton Engines PARTS - SALES - SERVICE 502 Coshocton Ave. Phone 2-5951 Compliments of S A M 81 E D ' S MARATHON SERVICE STATION 700 North Main Phone 3-2066 ROUND HILL FARM DAIRY STORE Carry-Out Service On SUNDAES - MILKSHAKES - SODAS - Complete Line of Dairy Products - Wooster Road at City Limits Mount Vernon, Ohio P g Two Hundred Twenty Class of 1901 Loaned and identified by Howard Tarr Ist row Iva QLewisJ Deeley, Mary iCassil7 Heynard, Walter Sperry, Isaac Errett, Ethel Cooper, Helen Hunt, Isabel CCunninqhaml Anderson. 2nd row -Esther CConditj Murphy. Harry Mofiitt, George Allspauqh, Alice LEwinqd Linton, Zadia QMoore5 Hodell, Elizabeth Tait, Ida Westlake. Mona CPlattj Reese. Belle CBowman7 Humphreyville, Bessie tWine- lanclj McFeeley, Blanche Stadler. 3rd row --- Helen Anderson, Margaret CClaypoolj Rockwell, Clarence George, Louella Beck, Clellie CBrentlingerJ Newton, Fred Haqaman. Harry Koons, Howard Tarr, Charles Miller, Harry Simmons. 4th row George Graham, Ada Graham. Harry Mitchell, Gail Freeman, Clay Parker, Arthur Wolfe, Sperry Bogarclus, Wilson Stans- iield, Bertram Rush, Norman Turner. -F'-'-' "mn i x gfltlilstoximi' ig 11111111 112 .- -- NEWARK ROAD1Jf 1l'f4A X f' l - .-L kf Y! ,gf YOJELUMBER NUMBER zggoin 1 f S7 4 .. T Compliments of Wolf 81 Vasbinder Howard at McKenzie STEELE'S MARKET FINE FOOD Heating House Siding south Main st. Roofing Awnings Sheet Metal Storm Windows M0001 Ve1'H0l1, 0hi0 Congratulations Graduates! Best Wishes for Your Continued Success City Laundry 81 Cleaners Inc. 205 W. High St. 508 S. Main Open 26 Hours a Day T,N'T DINER Serving Best Food in Knox County Columbus Road Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of SUGAR 8: SPICE 217 West High St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Fletcher's Sinclair Service Station 521 S. Main St. Phone Z-0096 P g Two Hundred Twenty-eight Classes of 1914 and 1916 Loaned by Florence McClelland Tulloss Identilied by Mrs. Tulloss and judge lay McDevitt First row - Mary Claypool, Zuleme Smith, Leota Loney, Edith QCervenl-:aj Veeman, Allen Sapp, Edna CBellD Harmon, Florence QMcClellandb Tulloss, Selena CShaterU Breece, Elsie CMelickD Masteller Stephenson. Second row Ruth CColvillel Stewart, Velma Hillbrant, Edith Hillbrant, Marguerite Dowds. Fae CDavisj O'Bryan. Dorothy !BlairH Purinton, Sara fLong3 Iones, Emma ilfobesj Kauffman, Helen CMoore5 Dutt. Third row Elsie Schipper, Margaret QTOddD Schwartz, Myrtle Mapes, Elizabeth COwen3 DeWolie, Gertrude CLoreyD Ellis, Alison CBartlettH Farmer, Hazel 4Wor1eyJ Walker, Helen QMcIntireJ Smithheisler, Beatrice Singer, Margaret Kelly, Sara Wyncoop, Frank Elliott, Group oi four boys Iay McDevitt, Ray Harrison, Dale Davis, Wilfred Phillips. Fourth row Beulah Herrick, Alberta CPayne3 Mommouth, Marie QBarber5 Leonard, Opal CAndricks5 Ransom, Gladys fSmitht Dowds. Nina Shiftlette, Edna CBlair3 Russell, Lucille Vernon, Augusta Brigode, Irene fGleasonj Condon. Fifth row George Melick, Gordon Bone, Bruce Lepley, Dwight McNabb, Tommy VanVoorhis, Carl Levering, Russell Thrailkill, Maurice Mitchell, Mary Reed, Laverna QMildU Culbertson, Mary CBeggsJ Emch. Sixth row Harold Mill, Herbert Huntsberger, Russell Crouch, Oscar Kramer, Russell Ewalt, Walter Sapp. Dale Porter, Arthur Beck, Frank Claypool, Iohn Phillips, Charles Tulloss, Melvin Black, Stanley Iohnson. First row Mabel Workman, Georgia Blocher, Irene Braddock. Eva Cosner, Helen Steinmetz Seale, Irene Berger Lewis, Alice McKee Stevens, Mabel Cochran Brown, Evelyn Gatton Dorsey. Second row Doris Wooton Simpson, Olive Black, Glora Wysner, Eunice Hunt Rawlins, Dulcie Hayes Gantt, Dorothy Winland, Delta Clements, Leah Biggs, Mary Brown, Wilda Rinehart Worley, Margaret Beam Stillwell, Iosephine Young, Third row Olive Kile, Cora Conard McLarnan, Iulie Branyan Clemm, Ada Leverinq, Mary Schnebly Seymour, Florence Parrish Warman, Lenna Iacobs Woessner, Palmer Barnard, Mary Mason Bateman, Coreta Wright McManis, Ellen Mill Heckler. Mae Schaeffer, Edwin Moore, Wm. McBroom, Henry Faulhaber, lohn Ackerman. K Fourth row Dan Houck, Edward Rawlins, Lee Wright, Paul Whittacre, Phillip Dye, Gilbert Schaeffer, Harry Upham, Clarence Bateman, Dea Jones, Roger Walton, Raymond Hall, Albert Hofmann. Fifth row - Ross Youst, Ralph Schaftner, Hugh McLarnan, Walter Huntsberry, Russell Eastman, Dale Chadwick, Lowell Van Rhoden, Wilbur Vernon, Duane Rightmire, Carrol Benoy, Harlan Davis, Paul Grossman, Stanley Schaefier, Cameron Trott, Merritt Chambers, Henry Sebach. Not shown in picture Eldon Faddis, Lory Gilpin, Corrinne Mahatley, Iohn McLarnan, Donald Messmore, Charles Myers, Ogden Wintermute, Lorna Shaw, Simon Bair, Clyde Iohnson, Albert Devault, Clifford Parsons. Congratulations Class of '55 Ransom Bldg. Co Builders in Mount Vernon for Five Generations The Sail Boat will slow up when the breeze stops. When advertising stops, your sales slow up. Printing is the breeze that moves your sale boat. For good printing call us today. Telephone 3-1785 THE MANUFACTURING PRINTERS 00. MOUNT VERNON, OHIO PgT Hd d Dalrymple Electric Service Congratulates the Class of 1955 Commercial and Industrial Waring Residential Fixtures Wiring Supplies umbus Road Phone 2-4831 Congratulations from West High Self-Serve Market 713 W. High sf. Pat Long Tailoring Co. The Finest Tailoring - Semibly Priced Phone 2-5812 Gambier at Gay Mount Vernon, O. Woods' Hardware Co. WHOLESALE and RETAIL Fredericktown, O. Phone 4811 Phone 69 Mt. Gilead, O. 8-12 W. High Street Phone 2-5861 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO R O C K W E L L Radio and Appliance 55M Columbus Road Phone 2-7831 Sara M. Cannon Agent for ALL Magazines 126 E. Vine Street Phone 2-2593 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Merrin 81 Ewers Sohio Service Phone 2-7096 631 N. Sandusky St. Near Shellmar S213 li Ax Huw: 'xi 9 , -.. A X LH 1" A E A - yfiwmilli UW .,,- 4 f - 'f lllil fl Page Two Hundred Thirty-three Oliver C. Hagan Dial zsrss or 27931 212 E. Burgess St. Life Accident and Health Polio Congratulations S E N I O R S Education is Insurance of Your Future Hospitalization W: Robert Hatfield Dial 28755 or 27354 233 Ames St. Representing Carroll Crlder Dial 28755 or Fred Fredericktown Auto General Liability Burglary and Robbery Fire Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Farm Bureau Mutual Fire Insura11ce Co. Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co. CHome Office Columbus, OhioD Claims and Sales Office 46 Public Square, Mount Vernon, Ohio 2nd Largest Mutual Auto Ins. Company ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1955 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Ulf' CULIIMBIIS. 0Ill0 will become NATIONWIDE INSURANCE "ln Svrrira- with Pvoph"' 26 Years Service To People 4 Page Two Hundred Thirfy-four The WK iw Page Two Hundred Thiriy-Eve 'K M 4 . ,, ,M - x. - " FJ' ,. ' f - " ., .,. x K w ,,-, ,, - h ,Mmm ,, ,A 5 gn , 1 -,im , , ir' af -at L , if 'X' F, 'ff ,fl 1 .,. ,.' :hmm ' '-Q ,.,.1 li v +1 ,.. 51 - q b y Q ... ,l L A I I Y I, ,, . 4, ", , 4 it ' . I ,L 12,5 , QV. 1' YH? F' .... H 45.9. I I' 1- v ml.. . 1 ' ff gas 12 -T3 5 1 lifimfrx' - ' ML?-':"i l ,..,,... ,, ' ' If 1.11" -f -Q: ' 4- 15: ' ' fl " 1 , , , , Aug hs . 4. un " J -1 A., ww . , 5.-AK. ,, , 1.-M--..,.. ,. six., , , . . ,g ' ., V 4 - 1' -' ug, ,L gg' S--. jx - 4. 2 ' ' 'LQ' , . ,, , "f""' 'uf-..,. ,C 'Fi Wiilfi 'Q Llf ee - 1. 'fa 'gkjiw . ' 47 i p, . Z vfgf-' I , ,z l,igl . y -- ,:,"" .,,.E3. 'W H 4 " --. .' ,.:4 , :ffl - gf ,qu ,vig 4 xv, Y r , 1 s Y s.. Z' Y . LL ' ng - r ', 11 1 'MH' 'A f -4- f-' - . 4 I ' 1 :T RL .?,'f.1'rfv-1, -,ak 4 'f w Jay , g.f ' 15, , . Aw . ,. ..', ' . H L IW NI1 , ? - ,H W f fa Q 1139, L' 1. Q- 51 , - ,H 4 -1.5 f V N " V. win! , 1. EG.-n' -11' f 1,,,l-A ' , , ., Wfi " 1 fr il.. Y fl' 4 , 1 1 I-1' if 11. 'E Y V 5 lb V, L v P V . 34 +1 ii 5 ' 2 'I' X ' if Y' e.W,, 'ELI-sw '-1 FM 'if Q. F 2.19" ,kA.A , :ff 1. -r . . "Rv -.,A 1 11 -,awp L 1 T? r 'Q .4 , m :Q .Q 11 345 A , 11.5 . rf 4.- . ? '4,.f.,.L, . 2.f41'T. 1.2f , ' . j,,jQEe1'iH 4 SF'-Ti -5- ll VIVA.-V ,t V: 1 .- ,fir ff Vg, ii?T3f ', , - -PF ' ,' '41, - - ,,,-??f,-, -s- f ,J -N : 2 'lw1vf4.1,i" Y L .--a.-- . fffzvf . , :fu-Q - y Y -:LU I V T.. ..f.v 55,71 , 4 5:72 .rn " - -.1-L 3 A , If -p.,-1 ,rr .. 1. -.uw 1 ., ,. il . A .,,.. ,QTY A 3 'f '1 .SL .1,,,, -337-at , .w 1. fx, 1 rr. .h . A-4 " ?'- . .V .2 - 31, :px 1 1 mi 1 ul. L2.alEeEJ.I.JJ.Iui. u.l ' " - ' ' I - - W, ,... tb.. ,,..Q.,... . - ,us " 'W ..,.,x., .,, f:,,-M. x-, a, .M -. x --x - 4 Y , I ' - LA - fl' - .14 - 1 I o ,,.+ if ,337 A.. New -'-il' 44:- '- 'Q wx-I JE,-:Q ' 3 . u fs? 'S .-Q, -fs. V. 'L 4? L" , , 4. lx :lm :- ii- QE, f' 5. --,L L 3, .K , -1 "f ,, L 'Ami .- ' A 7 X .1 ,Q

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