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32 if ws i g T954 Forum Foreword SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 We have chosen newspaper as the theme of the 1954 Forum. We are using this theme because the book is dedicated to Miss Sara Cannon, our publi- cations' adviser. Several of our pages carry out our theme. We would like at this time to express our appre- ciation to the many people who have helped so much in getting our book together. Barbara McDermott, photo editor, started the year by setting a record of efficiency and speed in getting seniors to the photographers for the senior portraits. Mariorie Kerr, literary editor, has carried out the big iob of identifying all the class pictures and assemblying the information to go with the teachers' pictures. She, together with Barbara Scott, senior editor, found quotations to accompany all the seniors' pictures. Barbara also collected the information for the seniors' activity lists and edited that material. Keitha Porter, calendar editor, and her assistants, Dave Warren and Ann Robeson, have kept a day- by-day record of the happenings around the school. Keitha has made herself invaluable by typing and offering her services for many of the odd jobs. Kay Dennis and Joan Drake have done most of our art work, and Dave Misicka, sports editor, helped de- sign the sports pages. Elizabeth Gaines and Sue Tarr identified the music pictures. Monte Rutherford counted tax stamps and ran many errands. Business manager Dan Bastin has kept the finan- Page Two ces in order, and he has been helped in this big task by Sarah Eastman. Barbara Beroth and Sarah Eastman, subscription managers, managed the Forum show in addition to their regular work. Their assistants in taking care of subscriptions were Ann Titus, Jo Ann Ulery, and Jo Ann Jackson. The advertising staff, headed by Larry Epstein, collected the ads for the book. Assisting Larry were Nancy Stillson, Rachel Daly, Carolyn Barton, Don Reed, Monte Rutherford, and Mary Ann Hanes. lnformal pictures were taken by the staff photo- graphers, John Wareham, Bob Lipps, Dick Morain, Duke Wagoner, and Bill Martin. Duke and Bill have done much of our printing and enlarging. Three members of the iunior class who have helped us are Jim Hofmann, Mary Ann Rawlins, and Carolyn Frederick. There are many other members of both publications staffs who have proofread, typed, and identified pictures for us. We thank them, too. Recognition must be given to the professional photographers, Mr. James Israel, Mr. Guy Lipps, and Mr. Don Garverick, who took our formal pic- tures. We appreciate their cooperation and sup- port. By dedicating the Forum to Miss Cannon we have already shown our admiration for her as a teacher and our gratitude for her friendship. May we, though, say again how grateful we are for her guidance and advice. The Forum, 1954 "" we qfxog Edjforg, HANNAH MAUTNER CLIFFORD SLAYMAN Business Monoger: DAN BASTIN Adviser: SARA CANNON ..,.:,f:-Q V, .. - i' ,,,. z ,4 A ,... "ii ",. :" - E ,, ., :, ,,.,...., i f ,Sty -.A, im... 51 4:5211 gl ,,, j '-Q- ' ---, - 'Y' """"""' 2 Mil, , ' i' M " e 'A "' A ee e e ' ,.,W- i' I "" Q Q J.: ...,.,. .13 ...,. . .,-V M if ,..' I 1 - "AV ','.. T A r'.-i 52231 It VA...... Z I J ,J Y -v , ui ,, , ii E wfx Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, Ohio 1954 FORUM DID YOU KNOW SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 MOUNT VERNON BATTLE CRY TEACHERS WITH MOST PEP SONG Here's to Mount Vernon High, We raise our voices in song. Hark, to our battle cry, We sing it our 1,000 strong! Rah! Rah! Rah! Here's to our victories, Play with all your might. Men of orange and black, Spirit you never lack, So Fight! Fight! Fight! O ADMINISTRATORS: Dr. Harold Nichols, Superintendent Mr. William Root, Personnel Co-ordinator Mr. Kenneth West, Principal Miss Audrey Wright, Dean of Girls O ALMA MATER On Mount Vernon, Alma Mater, Glorious through the years, Brave, triumphant o'er our rivals, Harbor for our fears. l We who love thee sing your praises, Shout them to the sky. When we're gone, we'll still remember Our Mount Vernon High. O'er the fields of triumph ever Shall her banners fly, Black and orange, loyal colors, Of Mount Vernon High. 20 years or more Nora McKay L. L. Owen Gladys Baker Sara Cannon Ruth Truxall Pearl Carpenter Imogene Montgomery Kenneth West Harold Highman Eleanor Owens Gladys Scottie Jack Robeson 15 years or more Tommy Thomas Florence Cass Mary Herron Martha Cochran Alice Cassell Audrey Wright Suzanne Friedly 10 years or more Letha Ferguson Beryl Highman Marguerite Mann Elda Behnke Roger Walton Guy Van Nostrand A. D. Askins 5 years or more Elmer Crabbs Lawrence Yarman Vivian Dowds Robert Fuller Clarence Fridline Pearl Askins Louise Huggins Marian McPhee Mary Beck William Root Florence Benedict Come give a cheer for old Mount Vernon High, And for her men so brave and true. Come let us shout her praises to the Sky. While orange and black go dashing through. And when the Yellow Jackets enter the fray, The victory is ours that day. We have a team that ever fights to win, Although they never give in. Hip! Hip! Hooray! NUMBER OF TEACHERS 47 TOTAL ENROLLMENT 1 1 85 BY CLASSES: 165 165 194 229 Twelfth ..,..........,.,..,.,, Eleventh ....,., ,,,,.,, Tenth ..,..... ,.,, Ninth ..... Eighth .,,., ,,,,,,, 2 13 Seventh .... ....,,, 2 19 NUMBER OF ALUMNI 5495 NUMBER OF CLASSROOMS 50 MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL 305 NORTH MULBERRY ST. MOUNT VERNON, OHIO SCHOOL COLORS Orange and Black Music - 1954 Fonum TABLE O F CONTENTS SEPTEMBER, 1953 Foreword - Title Page - - Fact Page - - Table of Contents - Dedication - - - September Calendar - Administration - - Superintendent - - Principal ---- Pupil-Personnel Coordinator Dean of Girls - - - English Faculty - - - Social Studies Faculty - Foreign Language Faculty Library Faculty - - - Science and Health Faculty Mathematics Faculty - Music Faculty - - - Art Faculty - - - Business Faculty - - Physical Education Faculty Industrial Arts Faculty - Home Economics Faculty - Secretaries - - - Bus Drivers - - Cooks - - - Custodians - - - Teachers' Autographs - Board of Education - P. October Calendar - - Classes ----- Senior Class OFl'1cers - Senior Class History Seniors - - - Seniors' Autographs - November Calendar - voLuMe 34 JUNE, 1954 Library Staff - 78 G. A. A. - - 79 Y. F. C. - - 80 Kotton's Kids - 81 French Clubs - 82 Spanish Clubs - 83 January Calendar - 84 Athletics - - 85 Coaches ------ 86 Football ------- 87 Football Team-Individual Pictures - 88 Varsity Team and Season Record - 90 Varsity Awards ----- 91 Cheers ------ 93 Reserve Team ----- 94 Junior High Team ---- 94 Reserve Season Record and Awards 95 Football Queen and Attendants - - Cheerleaders - - Basketball - - - Varsity Season Record Basketball Tea m-Individual Pictures Varsity Team and Award S - . - Reserve Team and Awards - - Junior High Teams - T. A. Officers - 21 - 19 Boys' Intramural Championship Teams - - 19 Tennis Team - Golf Team - - - - - 19 Baseball Team - Track Team - - - - 20 Girls' Intramural Championship Teams - - -22 February Calendar - - Junior Class Officers and History - Juniors ---- Sophomores - - - Freshmen - - Eighth Grade - - Seventh Grade - December Calendar Organizations - - Student Council - Forum Staff - - Jacket .lournal Staff - Quill and Scroll - Y-Teens - - Hi-Y - - Junior Hi-Y - Key Club - F. F. A. - - F. T. A. - - - Proiection Club - Marching Band - - Training Band - - - Senior and Junior Maiorettes Concert Band - - - Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys' Glee Club - - Girls' Choruses Ninth and Tenth Grade Girls' Glee Club Senior Choir - - - Music Festival - - - March Calendar - The Arts - - - All-High School Play - Junior Play - - - Senior Play - - Forum Show - Patrons' Page - Scholarship Team - April Calendar Ads ---- May Calendar - - - Most Friendly Students - 100 7. Home Rooms in Foru Classes of 1890 and 1900 Past Publications Staffs - Alumni ---- m Subscriptions 96 98 99 100 101 102 105 106 107 108 109 111 112 113 115 116 116 118 120 121 121 123 124 126 127 128 130 132 134 143 145 146 147 170 183 183 189 191 196 Dedication Miss Sara Cannon . In appreciation of the time and effort she has unselfishly devoted to the publications of Mount Vernon High School, her fine teaching, and her humor and patience with us all, we are proud to dedicate The 1954 Forum to Sara M. Cannon MISS CANNON ON THE JOB w.,'i . Q 3 ...c K Mrs. Helen Sevitts former school W 1954 FORUM SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 ew American istury Teacher Our new American History acher, who is taking Mr. Mur- ty's place this year, is Mr. Gerald ecker. This is his First teaching b and so far he has liked it very ell. Mr. Becker hails from Canton tier: in ' "' school he partici- .e in "-ell, H aduate e IIFAD rm... 0 p ,.. ,,.,,,,, Kam NEW FACULTY MANAGER ge m J is teaching senior AM-'Wim In umm M LO a rioduate of Ohio State Dk 7, A. . . ' Q . un' cc ura s h .d ' .es- -1 .er Jo Miss Mann and Mr. Fridline Receive Master Degrees During the summer both Miss Marguerite Mann and Mr. Clar- ence Fridline received master's degrees. Miss Mann had a leave of absence from Mount Vernon High for the last year, and she attended Bowling Green Univer- sity and received her degree in English from that school. She has now returned to Mount Ver- former Forum editor Mrs. Burwell Replaces i for Miss Wright- Mrs. Stauch American history clr Mrs. Wanda Burwel Home Economics teae places Mrs. Bess St Burwell's home is in She is a graduate of C sity, and had taught four years - the la Versailles. Her students are r remodeling clothes. to start a Future Hon I' L FACU LTV Miss Eleanor Owens and Mr. nd Mrs. Paul Friedly had a very leasant trip this summer to iorthwestern United States. They traveled 7,000 miles and 'ere gone three weeks and four ays. During this time they had rany enjoyable experiences and aw some very beautiful and his- Jric scenery. Their first main stop after Baching the North West section E our country was Milwaukee. lr. and Mrs. Friedly were much iterested in the National Con- ...U att -. ahd .I Hi. . .lu ehnwn beautiful col Former Student is New Commercial Teacher Mrs. Vnlgene Knerr is the new commercial teacher. She is re- placing Mr. Dwight Bumpus, who resigned shortly before the be- ginning of school this year. She was born in Charleston, West Virginia, and was a graduate of Mount Vcrnon High School She mme is ied to rey re- years before red the .-, -.s... ,.- .... ew., ....,n they HF- e - gh ' -. - . .' C011 Uded Jun Stus - V on their senior trip to New ge foo 639 this Bowlingc Wareham 'wilgigmarft Came hex? City ez-d Washington, D. C. , 3 coax Sum 1-een . . s aeu y manager rem, .- As She. 1SGjn Lnmez- Whe State years. Mr. X I ' 5 lvjth IS stjlln lbrarjan T6 she r then appoints ere S CI New FG ng, 1- her of full Scie for almost for In - Ce Ilg. lbrar- New . .Vac UGG. 9 Offlce . D lan, M Job quaint . Murphy came -IHS Fesenfjn 'S- HQ1' our for ed High scrroor He I Mrs-F101-we ef-- . Wa je that :Pharm for fem, Dr, - Wf'dI1eSdaylhe11'b1-arjn Seviftsmfl' for almost-'eig Mrs 1 and Fu., On Tung Q' Is rc sob is MRS. WABER TO ,Skid cafe Hb. TEACH ENGLISH Mrs. Eunice Waber, who has d HE Mrs. Lee work Yffilrs form. Vlrs. big' 4- ean' ention of America " 10 iey operate the Becker Mtn I 1 Centerburg. Xdce M ' Hom Can' eckef 1 to T? been teaching in the Frederick- town schools, can now be seen at Mount Vernon High teaching ninth and twelfth grade English, She has received her A.B. degree from Ashland College. Her hus- me li wld, PQ rent-rg Faculty Findings Former Superintendent John D. Geiger left in October for an extended trip to Hawaii. librarian, spent the summer in Europe. While in England, she visited Mrs. Mavis King, our Eng- --Ue teacher three years gsS0CfQ'tf0QChe1'S sented They traveled id B hoseit there they saw i. MT' Gieraytas been chy, Who hc H - A ' . r y, ' ' if mining Ti ton Ohio' Rex NNW intended K H 'K S CCP r nakota. From th plaCe Mr omted SHPE Mr. Bee S then Sep Mow ers :nded a 'here they saw 1 been app d Schoo be Wea The tw ' W 10 of thi ng A10n if re Ohio . . e Howaf . ww and his o varsity football C ednesd S years gf was ' hey visited the G th. X teach we eceived Co are Mr. Houston Som oaeht Alumni ay, Mm, PTA C the Septem- irk, then' went ur Wgvisof. He xgeidelb61'xiWaYil:lgI'.l?l-ly VanNostrand. 03531 ar as the tiuditoriufg 18, jnapgs, . Irrletthererthey s igegree from workmg, me if Ing for the first year a moving al Gme state The Sho ouch made nd zine mining '1 as been ax O r. Sehlosser i - the fa ong W s, did rv, , his work rr to .British-Colur 23255255 degree coach and his hoibgiisbiek fir a variggfy taltingtg m keep aey enJoyed a boat ti . efsity- Mount afld anything assoc. 05011 Mr Of skits. ah, B. C. Uewhnme to ,aa erH1s favorite f ,lated with Mr. - and Mrs his color ' blood IS turkey, 0o-.- aiid Mrs .Q E- A. P Then back M Ph Visits the e IS ue. Sf-in-. '- tates, througl MrS'C C eed C d gngvinis ?0ys on, Idaho, w East oast an ana 21 . , 9 0 his Bien Park the Mrs. McPhee, 7th grade English Ped U1 the pt aey attended a and history teacher and her hus- 'Ch10sser's nick the bad lands band spent a ten-day vacation in nd h9'has two nd on home, s August journeying in Canada and ld al girl. J see General along the East Coast. The Mc- Assisting Mr. , Phees first went to Quebec where an Nostrand, lil sudes oy Mrs. they enjoyed much of Canada'S 'Strands Pet Dee took the pictl. scenic beauty. They then visited :fe the ability ar 1 - A ., -4-nrlonf at Kenyon CO1 1' esent 'n : boys Mrs. Imogene MonlEl0m91'y, high em belts mer where C' Sbotlight if is master'S ardoo 1 .or art teach- Mosley wid ner at Ohio fheral Colle his master's Pmen Warn" a large note 01' Wr' Q' y and painted .favorrt l modern l'inSLU11BU teacher' h U L Zcirdoolilliss Helene EFHCST- fourth grade teacher' at Central, Httended a workshop, I'0P1'059ming Mount Vernon, in Columbus, Malch 22 27. The workShOD WJS sponsors .. 'gh dn' Stagg!! K1mb1e'eth West and nd MPS' Root both took 'd M,.S'ourses at Ohio '- Hari' summer. f '-'9I'e- :Kay visited Sgt. - ' l Assocra- , Page Ten Superintendent . . . HAROLD L. NICHOLS Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Union College Ohio State University A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B A., B.E L 1, , Q1 RA .v4-w.-aff-gag.,-'Y -. .f .- Principal KENNETH WEST Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University d., B.S.LD., M.S. Page Eleven William M. Root Coordinator of Pupil Personnel PgTl Audrey K. Wright Dean of Girls Louise M. Huggins Fredericktown, Ohio Wooster B.S. English 9 ii Eleanor Owens Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University A.B. English IO Virginia F. Denison Mount Vernon, Ohio College of Wooster B.A. English 8 English ll one Elda Behnke Ashville, Ohio Miami University Ohio University B.S. in Ashland College Ohio State University English 8 if QS WNW 'Sa 5 3? Ruth Domigan Truxall Sara M. Cannon Sunbury, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B,A. School of Speech, Northwestern University Speech English 10 Director of School Plays Mount Vernon, Ohio Bethany A.B. New York University American Literature Business English .lournalism Director of Publications . .. Enghsh Marguerite Mann Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Ohio State University Ohio University Bowling Green State University M.S. English l2 Eunice H. Waber Mount Vernon, Ohio Ashland College A.B. University of Denver English 9 English 12 Page Thirteen Social Studies . . . L -W , ,M f as sig .. V ...VY iz . if ,Q ii ' . , ,.ax1g1 QP , P ' ii ' xiii, V bxi. .. ' , Q . - , 4 X 40 Audrey K. Wright Mount Vernon, Ohio Muskingum College University of Wisconsin Ohio State University B.S. and M.A. Dean of Girls Sociology Guidance Councilor Florence Cass Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University Ph.B. Columbia University M.A. University of Minnesota American History Core Gladys J. Scottie Mount Vernon, Ohio Kent State University Geography 7 Nora Reid McKay Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent History 8 Marian H. MacPhee Mount Vernon, Ohio Grove City College Litt.B. Core 7 Lamoil L. Owen Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University M.A. in Ed. American Problems Director of Visual Aid Gerald J. Becker Canton, Ohio Heidelberg B.A. Ohio State University American History Vivian Dowds Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Core 7 Robert C. Fuller Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University Kings College Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. History 8 Head Baseball Coach Reserve Football Coach Reserve Basketball Coach Guy Van Nostrand Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. World History Assistant Football Coach Assistant Track Coach Foreign Language, Library and Science ,E ,XAX xi Imogene Montgomery Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University B.A. Toledo University M.A. McGill University French I, ll Spanish I, ll Roger L. Walton Gambier, Ohio Kenyon B.S. Kent State B.S. in Ed. Chemistry Physics Alice C. Cassell Mount Vernon, Ohio Michigan State College University of Michigan B.A. Latin l, ll Jack Robeson Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. Ohio State University Biology General Science Rebecca N. Wareham Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University A.B. Librarian Lawrence E. Yarman Howard, Ohio Ashland College B.S. Ohio State University M.S. General Science Helen C. Sevitts Mount' Vernon, Ohio Wooster Ph.B. Columbia M.A. Western Reserve Bachelor of Lib. Sc. Assistant Librarian Houston Schlosser Mount Vernon, Ohio Grove City College Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Ohio State University Kent State M.A. University of Florida Health Head Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Assistant Baseball Coach Page Fifteen Mathematics, Art, and Music Gladys H. Baker Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B.A. Ohio State University M.A. Geometry Advanced Algebra Trigonometry Suzanne S. Friedly Centerburg, Ohio Bowling Green University B.S. Ohio State University M.A. The American University Mathematics 7 Algebra 9 Senior Mathematics Pearl Carpenter Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent College Ashland College Mathematics 8 Katherine Pearl Askins Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan Ohio University Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Mathematics 7 Elmer M. Crabbs Mount Vernon, Ohio Georgetown College A.B. Miami University Ohio State University M.A. General Mathematics l, ll Mathematics 8 Track Coach 9th Grade Basketball Coach Junior High Football Coach Joe W. Cotton Mount Vernon, Ohio Kent State University Ohio State University Art 9-12 Robert B. Frontz Mount Vernon, Ohio Ashland College B.S. Ohio State University Art 7 and 8 Jack Stauch Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. lnstrumental and Vocal Music Director Maryalice Shockey Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.Sc. lnstrumental Music John P. Mazarak Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. lnstrumental and Vocal Music Assistant Director Floyd Thomas Mount Vernon, Ohio Utah State College B,S. Director of Athletics Director of Intramurals Physical Education Reserve Football Junior High Basketball Golf Coach Valiean Knerr Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Business 9 Business Law Economics Martha B. Shaffer Fredericklown, Ohio Ohio Stale University B.S. Girls' Physical Education Martha Cochran Mount Vernon, Ohio Asbury College B.A. University of Kentucky Ashland College Typing I, ll Personal Typing Assistant Librarian Physical Education . . . and Commercial Harold L. Highman Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed M.A. Salesmanship Business 70 Mary Herron Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University 8.5. in Ed. Capital University Shorthand Typing Ottice Practice Beryl Highman Mount Vernon, Ohio . Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Bookkeeping Business Organization and Management Elements of Record Keeping Clerical Practice A. D. Askins Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University B,S. in Ed., M.A. Commercial Georgraphy 3. Page Seventeen Home Economics, Agriculture, Industrial Arts, and Secretarial . . . Wanda Burwell Centerburg, Ohio University of Cincinnati B.S. in Home Ec. Ed Ohio University Home Economics Letha F. Ferguson Howard, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Secretary to Principal Page Eighteen Clarence R. Fridline Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. and M.A. Vocational Agriculture Florence Benedict Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Production Clerk Donald E. Morrison Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University B.S. in Ed., M.A. in Ed. industrial Arts Mary Louise Beck Mounl' Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Secretary to Superintendent Joseph F. Spanovich Columbus, Ohio Ohio Slate University B.S. in Ed. Mechanical Drawing and Metal Vivian H. Corwin Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon Business College Clerk of the Board of Education . . Cooks, Custoclions, and Chouffeurs Top row: Margaret Tier, Dorothy Frye, Ross Durbin, Virgil Skeen, Dale Barnhart, 2nd row: Hurry Worley, Stacey Hoy, Cora Durbin, Bertha Skeen. 3rd row: Wendell Skeen, Bob Robbins, Bernard Dowds, Aurell Lauderbaugh. 4th row: Lowell Randolph, John Beach, Fred Reagh, Hurry Fleming. Bottom row: Paul Jenkins, Carl Latham, Walter Simca, Jessie Simmons. l954 FORUM 1 K ITS BEEN NICE KNOWING YOU SEPTEMBER l953 VOLUME '54 Jung 1154 V JbCA'f'?O5e50f7 GV' xv lauiff E 'Y 'ffff WW 'I Q ff X W - wbuludwji wi f J7- GY A , F I fupk ,V Fw X55 ' I XXX. i hw WW WW W 2 M19 Wei , 'QQ 45 A -X E af, f 222 fwfwjfw W Jiwiaff 5 jfwf W My by ft 2Wf'fQ W 5 OWQ,f,j7ffQaQ ,, 79? ,l,,,,fwigf9E,A V A 1 . v W L f bgliv-A ,J ,fff fi' 5 L N VL ffjhrx ,bfyl wW,,OWWW fam W, WW fl HW Q Q LN 'IM E ELQVVLQL a.JvvQa, ez ,I .X 4f 1, . few wi iq? MASMW A E , . My wwf XM JW! J Jw X mf! Cy! 'W' wif!! - . . . Board of Education and P.T.A. Officers 5. D, f l A is if ,L ., Left to right: Superintendent Harold Nichols, Pupil Personnel Coordinator Bill Root, Dr. John Drake, Mrs. Vivian Corwin, Mr. George Gelsanliter, president, Mr. Dan Bastin, Principal Kenneth West, Mr. Kenneth Warren. P. T. A. OFFICERS: Mrs. Kenneth Warren . . . Secretary Mrs. Robert Ransom . . . Treasurer Mrs. Ruth Bastin . . . Vice-president Mr. Davis Lemaster . . . President Page Twenty-one 1953 OCTOBER 1953 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 1 2 Hi-Y sponsors "snake After getting ofi to a bad dance" thuse behind start, the Jackets lose to school. Bexley 2l-6. 5 6 7 8 9 First general Student Council meeting. Six Y-Teens attend inter- club council at Frazys- burg. Dr. Gloria Wysner takes us to Africa via assembly talk. Phil levering and Linda Brillhart are going steady - but not with each other. Juvenile Juniors elect of- ficers. Keith Merrin, prexy. 12 Dan Bastin's library book is due. 13 The race is onl Y-Teen formal announced. 14 The magazine man comes - some new iokes? 15 Linda still going steady - what happened to Phil? 16 "Tootie" announced foot- ball queen. Student Council presents "School notes" over WMVO. 19 More pictures taken for FORUM. 20 Larry Davis does work of several horses in pulling apart Mr. Walton's Macl- geberg hemisphere. 21 First report cardsl 22 Hoorahl The novice typ- ists have broken the 30 words per minute mark! But how many mistakes? 23 Key Club stages an en- thusiastic thuse - "hay" there. "Queen Kay" reigns over Grandview 7-7 deadlock. 26 Lost: Several of Miss Can- non's pencils. 27 Bob Ransom throws ink bottle at Marilyn Reiss. 28 Band learns show for to- morrow night's game. 29 Senior band boys display wild array of p.i. tops. Eleven senior gridmen perform in their last home game. 30 No school-State Teach- ers' meeting in Columbus. Page Twenty-two -..Q.l.l..l.1 1954 FORUM SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 tigh School Freshm n Visits Europe Beret' D'-he Ogden Wintermute. V X Vernon High freshman, rece F35 bCh?i?'!ead?rS th . l , elle HDCE Ol' 9 .etumed from a ff' ox Q6 Q6-3, He and his father sailef Vernon high cheerleade, he "United 'N N0 MOON and returned Senmmbel' held at the Keynote, Frida General Science Classes Learn About Air Mr. A. J. Robeson's general sci S - H d' f 9'30t 11-: j d 9 . an tember ll, rom . o . .iran ,wgxf set Answers to "Do You Know Igor on the gym Hoof- C C Th g eral admission r Qasi Qsfj st from Novemher Bth lssuew at .hi diii... 'ixxxgiilz' sei 610 1 President of Y-'PPMS "' N' fit ioissee Sfeets C1eneK1ine' Other Officers to be bar"'iBut1e" and P5 ,add .1309 .dpi 2. Senior Class A ' K 'vinen re stud i 9506x9215 250 Walton. McNabb, u? 1 s used,y lf an vas I1 ique Londc :ook Eamotl ng t Phey :vatch ence classes have finished a uni on matter and its changes. They had a test over than unit, and the re made b5 fill' schoo snuf humps, CLASSES The avas SETNUTS Bmw' ' me vm ch eh Heil' 1 VTIY L-I Sl ,- . '13 'M O 7 ' in' rho - du held beioie a I Se Wh 6 he Ed ' Class Of 1954 F. S h 1. In her first W' 3 Se ese read' 0 hiv ,hiatt tThf?rsierci1,s meeting 01 E cfasggs fhowiu Zgtflt grade RQQJEBMSJ e i 5 te 15 in t. X ting 9 1 S .su t l l day, Sep 9 foo S. 1 K r Star 6 et 1 rrainige Tuiiitoriu 'Baie GOOOX me .' . High Artists aight work nd , The follow' A S G nam eu 'gk yt 5 gettli Senior 'lTh9Y h tech' a' In Mrs A . mg seve d Lhe cfxi x ax 'ifxg 'QQXVQH 3 ThL ing now' and brus 2 an avff-. Skins, math .Sith graders :Omet vgigec Qeiiecx Caiiox Y5. the r iegeivrerent 533.31 days- ' Weeks. F , :afesWa, ,Y-oe ...Axle qv! oi WOXJO Henry in T --aers,f1na A B' Herew HE LAB mr rroroooosonor :Il:li'IGiIih6 PHS Great bring youenjlre 111 the lab -again t rvey . , . S el' 0' toms W . ore news about .. ery Miss Gladys Scottie's sevent Zlegsagel. In Bc S ar-rio:-s.:,' Wal- Zfbl gradetger- av Classes have bee jlacelfllfln thx r ' 'c The physi .NG I ' , dog studyln, 'th' and Space cs ar , . . Ogden , pos dal.: Jael, Robe y my boys and D this year has g n , Alclng 0 Q ooklets wlt 1 t the fo T ,pe sonfs b. M at a sham ! S rqvtrg, , Dick 1- JQZY 0 sheieartk Ehzlav--4 CGRNER beige Sfudyingolgfg is ggemistry Sti 0 L :Fe 00-P 'Ye,.ife'66 Q90 'UQT N, depth . y have m says they f ' 1 so 5' Lt' ' 4 Qtu J rsslgnm 00111- fine sta t. I 0 19 ff C6 664, f Home Efcon INDUSTRI ent on each r ' , JJ pjlslr, GQYQ' PQ? Che Ramona OUS PEOPL ' ' of -vs, 094. QQ, qv 4 e now afamm IN SHOP E t Chemrsfr- Mfhe S U 3 Q 016, 'CD6-of GQ: 9390 eal makin? AhT2is'sif:-weeks ,. tire? their th l5SMa,,f'1210,- E ', Oo, 'ff is- 601 Q' VOULDN'T IT BE :Deuod the In- e.V.? Sbe1,.StuQ7E'uarjte ngjjsh ses III and IV at 6' gap Jf Oflgllfann Class' 911 the m8P uh' 6 '3 ngl' hai' 1 . 'UNNY IF D1 Language Students . I H ' ' ' t d f evgarnsgie ouscs ms ca 0 fl Have Perfect PCPBFS averly were Gravy instead of I Mrs. Imogene .Montgomery, Beroth. :ie French and Spamsh teaches rg rrroll were Orange instead of eq P01415 that Several of her Stu en Black. ng have received Perfect Scores on lward were Sunburn instead ' V test papers- In French I' Nancy Blackburn. A Stillson and Peggy Cochran re: 2 1, , . 3' Verv MANS mam Perfect Hugh School Grrl fi The perfect high school girls U i opening vould have le 10 thinking 0 uqhmeni' 'rthletic ability of Pat Baltzell. lg H you are mess estabk' at the eauty of Sandra Lamphear. h our own bussure to loo the typ' mmplexion of Charleen Smith. ie zomeday, acfoss ffffxt how is ncing ability of Carol Mckee dispiay ca' nd mid letterhea ' Ogg' . :nd mom Smnrooyiale , ,,,,, s of Punky Harris. ln 6 Q Ge 'fe be. f o 6. 43. I6 16, ce-we l"F'e.' QS'-'ew dbh iwcaofiza Perfect High School Boy The perfect high h 1 would have sc oo boy .. Sh Ish . eb zgmh gr-1' hjstolif-lteratf omg j, and t. of lit 1121, ndjvid he D 12 the U81 , up e C mst Lfeporg Athletic ability of Carrol Ring, IV 0 aes., Build of Jim and John Lord, of Riu Noce. g d. rd i l Szilfen. Selorriogarl Haag, gg Slayman' nology jncgie Institisgeance Colm like Jerry Bee- S - Poke eve-1 U Of T Period EZgM1'-S. Glaacfyfi gisited Ziff' ieckholt. f Oct. 26. AZ10metry classakerfs 4th Bruce Tramont. Qany Various fiHaa-if djscu Mfmday, m Perrine. bd than told elds of en ised the JH Crawfor . b out the all glneej-ing, Any Drake ect In fequir 'bvy ' d N f at fees . of Phil . Page Twenfyfou T954 FoRuM SENICR CLASS HISTORY SEPTEMBER, i953 Vol-UME 34 JUNE, i954 ln early September almost six years ago, a group of wide-eyed seventh graders stumbled around Mount Vernon High School with bewilderment. They were to become the senior class of 1954, the largest senior class in the history of Mount Vernon High School. Much has happened since then. As ninth graders we got our first taste of real high school. Two years later - we were iuniors then - we organized and elected John Wareham as our president, Al Shields as vice-president, Car- olyn Barton as secretary, and Joe Dunlap as treas- urer. Under this administration we ordered our rings, presented the play, "Boy Wanted," and held the Junior-Senior Prom. Finally our last year came, and we chose Dave Misicka to lead us. Stan McNabb was elected our vice-president, Juanita Hite, secretary, and Ned Kuivinen, treasurer. The big event of the fall was Homecoming, at which Kay Dennis reigned. She was attended by Sarah Eastman, Shirley McGibney, Beverly Rine, and Marilyn Harris. In the winter we ordered our name cards. Spring, however, was the busiest season for the senior class. The Forum queen elections and the Forum show started the season off. Ann Titus was chosen queen of the show, which was entitled "Good News." Keitha Porter, Peggy Cochran, and Shirley McGibney were her senior attendants. Next came the senior play, "George Washington Slept Here." To finish the year socially, we gave a successful Senior Prom at the country club. And so goes many a class history. We of the class of 1954, however, can add some things which not every senior class can say. High scholarship stands out particularly in our class. Our record in the state scholarship tests, in the classroom, and in the various competitions for prizes, scholarships, and honors would be hard to challenge. Clifford Slayman, our valedictorian, can indeed be proud to stand l'irst in this class. ln athletics we have five four-year lettermen in varsity sports. Leadership and musical ability also come high in the class of '54, In the various clubs and organizations, we have held a large percentage of the offices. Thus we leave Mount Vernon High School. We leave with a sense of accomplishment and with devotion to our Alma Mater. We wish the best of luck to the senior class that will follow us, and we hope that they will enioy themselves as much as we have. Bill Transue Page Twenty-live 'IQ- '-ffl an-va. ff 1, re ' 4 I Karen Rae Ack I I Y-Teens I, 2, 3, I efllldll . Silence is the perfect herald of ioy. F. H. A. 3. Judy Allen interest in anything debatable. Library Staff 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club I, Junior Choir I, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "I He:r America Singing" 4. friendliness. H. A. 3, 4. Secretary-Treasurer 3,"J. J." Staff 4. John Ernest Augenstein Beware of the fury of a patient man. Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band 2, 3, 4, Drum Maior 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 4, Proiection Club I, 2, 3, 4, "Forum" Shaw 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4. dest of living things. F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Key Club 2, Track I, 3, Intramural Volleyball 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, ngton Slept Here" 4. Patricia A. Baltxell I care not for o man. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Champion- ship Team I, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball I 2, 3, 4, Championship Team 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, Championship Team I, 2, Intramural Othcial 2, 3, 4, Y'Teens I, 2, Library Stat? I, Art Club I, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "l Hear America Singing" 4, Student Council Execu- tive Committee 3, Spanish Club 4, President 4. ' An Marilyn J. Amsbaugh 'Q Her genius is her Y-Teens 3, 4, F. Ib .sf 'Q Qs I G. Andrew Ball The soil is the kin "George Washi J r Christine Banner W Good nature and Be Carolyn Grace h . 3, Senior Band, "Sweethearts" Washington Sle Da Nat V., is E , ix 15151. Jo Ann Beach 57, Sober, steadfast, si' Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Library Stafl I, 2, 3, Intramural Baseball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 1. G. A. A. 1, 2, good sense must ever ioin. 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3 3, 4, "Forum" Show Head Usher 3, "What a Lie Peggy Barncord not afraid to voice your own thoughts Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball I, "What A Life" 3 Barton The maiden with the meek brown eyes. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Service Chairman 3, Junior Class Sesretary I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, President 4 2, Y-Teen Style Show 4, Bach Oratorio I, "Forum" Show 2, 4 "J. J." Staff 4, Scholarship Team 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "George pt Here" 4. n Edmund Bastin ure made him and soid: now here is a man Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football I, 2, Reserve Basketball 2, Freshman Basketball I, Business Manager of "Forum" 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, Track I, 2, Intramural Volleyball 3, Intramural Basketball 3, "What A Life" 3, "Boy Wanted" 3, "Forum" Show 2, 3, 4, President Keynote 4 Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Chaplain I, 3, President District IO, 3, Scholarship Team 2, P. T. A. Capers 4, Quill and Scroll 4, "George Washington Slept Here" 4. and demure. ' "I Hear America Singing" 4. John Earl Beck, Jr. While there's life, there's hope. f " 3. I Senior Chair 2, 3, 4, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, " 1 qw- ff -f- 1.-,Yr Robert E. Beck Courage mounteth with occasion. Football I. James Glenn Beckholt This world belongs tothe energetic. Varsity Football I, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Captain 4, Varsity Basketball 3, Re- serve Basketball 2, Freshman Basketball I, Intramural Basketball 4, Champion- ship Team 4, Intramural Volleyball 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y I, 2, Art Club 3. Jack J. Bell I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course. F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectian Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 3. Barbara Ann Beroth Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Worship Chairman 2, 3, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir I, Girls' Glee Club l, Senior Band librarian 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "Sweethearts" 2, "Ever Since Eve" I, "Forum" Show I, 3, 4, "Forum" Co-Subscription Manager 4, Y-Teen Reporter 4, Scholarship Team 3, French Club 4, Student Council 4, English Folk Concert I, Quill and Scroll 4. Janet J. Bouton Trip it lightly as ye go, on the light fantastic toe. V-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 4, Maiorette I, 2, 3, 4, Head Maiorette 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, "Sweet- hearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "Bay Wanted" 3, Scholarship Team 3, Y-Teen Style Show 4, Talent Show 3, Student Booster Club 4, French Club 4, President 4, co-Editor of "J.J." 4, "Forum" Show l, 2, 3, 4, Head of Group Dances 3, 4, District Music Contest 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Janet Susan Bower Melancholy is no friend ol mine. Gambier, Latin Club l. Mount Vernon, Y-Teens 3. Jean loyer I have no secret of success but hard work. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, 3, World AHairs Institute 4, Junior Chair I, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Secretary 4, Student Council Handbook Chairman 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball I, library Staff l, "Men Are Like Streetcars" 2, "What A Life" 3, "Sweethearts" 2, "J. J." Stall 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3, 'I Hear America Singing' 4. Linda lee Brillhart Her smile persuades the immovable. Student Council l, 3, Junior Choir l, Senior Chair 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Advisor 4, "Sweethearts" 2, Spanish Club, Vice-President 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Vulleyball 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Style Show 3, 4, "Forum" Queen's Court 3, 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3, Variety Shows 2, 3, "Forum'l Shows l, 2, 3, Girls' Quartette 3, Oils Club l, 2, Secretary I, Art Club I, Music Festival I, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Eleanor Brown Modesty is not a mask, it comes from within. Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Co-Exchange Editor, "J. .l." 4, French Club 4, Ensemble 3, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Knox County Music Festival I, Quill and Scroll 4. John Butler So pass out days in high school. Every day seems like a century. F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ada Elizabeth Carper Come what come may, time and the hour run through the roughest day. Chesterville: May Queen Attendant 2, Football Attendant 2, Class Secretary 2. Sylvia Odell Carper Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. Chestervillez Choir I, Librarian I, 2, May Queen Attendant I, Bond 2, Class Treasurer 2, Intramural Basketball 2. -'wie-'rzfi .-tx' I I MARY LOU CARSWELL JOHN CUNNINGHAM RICHARD CHESSER MARVIN CONNELL NORA MAY COON RACHEL DALY Top row Mary Lou Carswell Her smile proves her good nature. Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, "Sweet- hearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, Intramural Volleyball I, ln- tramural Basketball I, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Ensemble 2. Peggy Eileen Cochran She's here . . . I heard her giggle. Senior Band I, 2, 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Spanish Club 4, President, "Bay Wanted" 3, "Dear Ruth" 4, French Club 4, "Forum" Queen Attendant 4, Student Council 4, F. T. A. 4, "Forum" Show 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Scholarship Team 4, "George Washington Slept Here" 4. Rachel Anne Daly My heart leaps when I behold U ITICD. "I Hear America Sin9in9" 4: "Naughty Marietta" 3, "Sweet- hearts" 2, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 4, Senior Band 3, 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, G. A, A. I, 2, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, F. T. A. 4, "Forum" Show I, 2, 4, Bach Oratorio I, French Club 4, Treasurer 4, Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3, Intramural Softball I, 2, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3. "Forum" Stott 4. Page Twenty-eight John Curtis Cunningham Be gone my cores, I give you to e winds. Proiecticn Club I, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Staft I, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 3. Carolyn Lee Colgin Oh-h girls, there goes a man. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir I, Glee Club I, Art Club 4, ln- tramural Basketball I, 2, 3, In- tramural Volleyball I, 2, Chair Festival I, "Forum" Show I, 2, 3. Larry Joe Davis A grin or a smile, you could see it a mile. Hi-Y 3, 4, Key Club 2, Senior Choir 2, 3, Senior Band 2, 3, 4, Root's Tooters 3, 4, "Sweet- hearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, Intramural Volleyball 4, ln- iramural Basketball 4, Tennis team 3, 4, F. F. A. I, 2, "George Washington Slept Here" 4. DARLINE CLINE LARRY DAVIS Richard Chesser Of what can a red-headed boy be molded? Golf I. Bottom row Marvin Leroy Connell l stand on the brink of a great career, will somebody please push me alt? Shirley Lee Davis Have fun, your life is yet tree. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, lntramu Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Champion- ship team 3, Art Club I, 2, French Club 4, Intramural Base- ball I, 2, 3. PEGGY COCHRAN CAROLYN COLGIN SHIRLEY DAVIS KAY DENNIS Darllne Ann Cline Bright was her face with smiles. Ashland: G. A. C. I, Mount Vernon, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "J. J." Stat? 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Nora May Coon Thy modesty is a candle to thy merits. G. A. A. 1, 2, Y-rem 3. Kay Ja-Ann Dennis merry as the day is long. Cheerleader 4, Co-Advisor 4, "J. J." Stal? 4, Art Editor of "Forum" 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Style Shaw 3, 4, Publicity chair- man 3, "Forum" Queen's Court 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 2, Library Stalt I, 2, 3, "Forum" Show I, 2, 3, 4, Football Queen 4, Attendant 3, Art Club 2, 4, Program Chair- man 2, President 4, "George Washington Slept Hare" 4. Top row James Devore life is lust one thing after an- other. lntramural Basketball 3, 4. Sarah W. Eastman From a little spark may burst a great tlame. Secretary of Student Council 45 Co-Subscription Mgr. "Forum" 45 "J. J." Stati 45 "Forum" Queen's Court 35 Football Queen Attendant 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Girl at Large 25 "Boy Wanted" 35 French Club 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Booster Club 45 Spon- ish Club 45 "What A lite" 35 Chairman Will Committee 45 Scholarship team 4. Norma Jean Fetter I have heard af her, and good words go with the name. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, Style Show 45 Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Accompanist 2, 3, 4, President 45 Junior Choir lp Senior March- ing Band 2, 3, 45 "Sweethearts" 25 "Naughty Marietta" 35 "I Hear America Singing" 45 Senior Orchestra I, 25 Student Boosters 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Show 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Queen's Court 3, 45 "George Washington Slept Here" 4. I , Harriett JoAnn Dexter Dreams make the successful person. "Sweethearts" 25 "Naughty Marietta" 35 Senior Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 "I Hear America Singing" 4. Marilyn Kay Engle Steady of heart and stout of hand. Senior Choir 3, 45 Junior Choir l, 25 "Naughty Marietta" 35 "I Hear America Singing" 4. James L. Fisher Quiet, reserved and unusual. Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Proiection Club l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES DEVORE JO ANN DEXTER JOHN DISBRO LAURENCE EPSTEIN GEORGE FERENBAUGH NORMA FETTER .. ,Aha- 'tl 5 4 vs . 4 -ffm. John Orville Dlsbro Work is good for a man. F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4,Public speak- ing 3, 4, Parliamentary Pro- cedure team 3, 4, Reporter 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Proiection Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4. Bottom row Laurence B. Epstein He would stop St. Peter's roll call to crack a punl Junior Hi-Y lg Key Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Art Club 45 F. T. A. 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Show l, 35 "What A life" 3 Advertising Manager of "Forum" 45 Scholarv ship team 2, 3, 45 P. T. A. gapers 45 Intramural Volleyball Elizabeth Gaines She's here l heard her sneeze. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Style Show 45 Senior Concert Band l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, Row Sergeant 45 Knox County Music Festival lg Quill and Scroll 45 "Forum" Stat? 45 "J. J." Stat? 45 "Forum" Show l, 2, 3, 45 "Boy Wanted" 35 District and State music contests 2, 45 Or- chestra l5 French Club 4, Chair- man Program Committee 45 "George Washington Slept Here" 4. .loan Frances Drake Why do they tease me so? Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Oils Club l, 25 Art Club 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 4, Otticial 45 Spanish Club 4, Treasurer 4. George Harmer Ferenbaugh Men of few words are best. Mary Martha Galbraith Qui etness is her own possession. Berlin Township: Girls' Glee Club i, 25 Mixed Choir l, 25 Mount Vernon: Y-Teens 3, 45 "J, J." Staff 45 Senior Choir 3, 45 "Boy Wanted" 35 "Naughty Marietta" 35 "Forum" Show 3, 45 "I Hear America Singing" 4. JOAN DRAKE SARAH EASTMAN MARILYN ENGLE JAMES FISHER ELIZABETH GAINES MARTHA GALBRAITH I.orena R. Gardner A gay, serene spirit is the source of all that is noble and good. Senior Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Saxophone Ensemble 2, 4. Charles Henry Gill The world knows what I am, but not what I may do. Key Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 2, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 4, "What a life" 3, "Forum Show I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y I, Student Council 3, "J. J." 3, "Sweethearts" 2, "I Hear America Singing" 4, F. T. A. 4, Tennis 2, 4. Ronald Gary Gaumer On with the dancel Let ioy be unconfined. Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Football I, 2, Reserve Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, Championship team 2, Ofticial 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, Varsity Baseball 4. Carol A. Glffin Modesty is the citadel of beauty and virtue. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, G. A. A. I, 2, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Championship Team 4. Shirley Dean Graves Do a good turn when e'er you can. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Boosters Club 3, 4, Art Club I. .lean Hale It there were dreams to sell, what would you buy? Senior Choir 3, 4, Junior Choir I, 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Small in stature only. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, "Forum" Show 3, 4. Mary Ann Hanes Without kindness, there can be no true ioy. Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Oratorio I, "Sweethearts" 2, District and State Music contests I, 2, 4, "Forum" Show 2, 3, 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, F. T. A. 3, 4, "Forum" Stall 4, Student Council 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Intramural Sports I. Carole F. Harmon Quiet and reserved. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, Vice President 3, Y-Teens I, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Champions 4, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Champions 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, 3, Student Council 3. Marilyn Eileen Harris What is yours is mine, and all mine is yours. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir I, library Stott I, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Championship team 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Championship team 4, Spanish Club 4, Vice President 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Intramural Otticiol 4, Subscription Manager "J, J" 4, French Club 4, G. A. A. 4, Attendant to Football Queen 4, F. T. A. 4, Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Track Queen 4. I.oa Kathleen Hathaway Have fun while youth holds you. Gambier, Cheerleader I, 2, Vice-President of Class I, 2, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, latin Club I. Mount Vernon, Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Chairman 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, "J. J." Stott 4, "Boy Wanted" 3, "Forum" Queen's Court 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Softball 3, 4. Lois June Hauger Happiness is the supreme object of existance. Y-Teens I, 2. year- - - 'V , f-.4 . -.,?-1.3-gj:'w -fl: azz ra Tri: Q ..-W J Kenneth Earl ,Heaps Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. "Boy Wanted" 3, "Dear Ruth" 4, Key Club 3, Hi-Y 4, Tennis team 3, "Root's Taoters" 2, 3, 4, Senior Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 3, 4, Senior Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, "Forum" Shaw l, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 4, Intramural Basketball 4, Variety Show 3, "George Washington Slept Here" 4. Margaret Ann Heaton Silence is a gift divine. Howard: Choir 1, "Ink Splash" Staff 2, 3, Librarian 2, Junior Class Play 3, Mount Vernon, Art Club 4. James Ivan Hendershott My thoughts are not with common things. Reserve Football l, 2, Reserve Basketball I, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, "Forum" Show 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y l, 2, Student Council 4. Ina Jane Hendrickson Learning by study must be won. Spring Branch: Dramatics Club 1, 2, History Club 3, Parliamentarion, lst place District Declamation l, F. H. A. l, 2, State Delegate 2, "Gay Nineties" Musical 3. Gene Gilbert Henthorn All the world's a stage. Charles Lloyd Henthorn A man of the world must seem to be what he wishes. Ted Hlckerson Men of few words are the best men. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 4. Richard Hines Little strokes fell great oaks. Juanita M. Hlte Thoughtful, faithful, and devoted. Class Secretary 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Scholarship team 3, Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Softball 'l, 2, 3, 4. Edward Lee Hofmann Never one so patient, steadfast, and sincere is he. Mary Elya Hogan There is good in everything. Y-Teens 3, 4, Senior Choir 3, Art Club l, 2, Junior Choir l, 2. Jean Ann Hough ' The light heart lives long. CHARLES HULSE GLEN IRICK JOANN JACKSON NED KUIVINEN DORA LAYMON PHILIP LEVERING Top row Charles F. Hulse Women are tine in their place, but their place is not around me. Intramural Basketball 3, Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3, Student Council 3, 4, Scholarship team I, 2, 3, Monitor I, 4, Mariorie Ann Kerr Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, library Stat? I, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Championship team 3, ln- tramura! Basketball 2, 3, "Men Are Like Streetcars" 2, Literary Editor of "Forum" 4, Spanish Club 4, Program chairman 4, Quill and Scroll 4, "J. J." Staff 4, F. T. A. 4, Scholarship team 4. Philip Clark Levering They are envious of he who has talent. Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, "Forum" Show I, 2, 3, 4, "J. J." Business Manager 4, Scholarship Teams I, 2, 4, Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4, All- Ohio Boys' Band 4, Dixieland Band I, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Senior Orchestra I, 3, Senior Choir 2, 3, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, District and State Music Contests I, 2, Intramural Vollyball 3, 4, ln- tramural Basketball 3, 4. Page Thirty-two Glen Erwin trick He who thinks for himself, and rarely imitates, is a free man. Hi-Y 3, 4, Scholarship team I. Marlene Ann Kline Her personality outshineth all. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Finance Chairman 2, Secrtary 3, Presi- dent 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Social Co- Chairman 3, French Club 4, Vice President 4, "J. .I." Staff 4, Junior Choir I, President I, Glee Club I, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "I Hear Alnerica Singing" 4, "For- um" Show 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, 4, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Champs 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Thomas Rockwell Lonzo Let the world slide, l'll not budge an inch. Art Club 3, Treasurer 3, "For- um" Show 3, 4, "OH a Pewter Platter" 2, Library Stat? I. DAVID KENNETT MARJORIE KERR MARLENE KLINE THOMAS LONZO LAVAWN LOW HANNAH MAUTNEII JoAnn Jackson A good face is the best letter of recommendation. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, "J. J." Stat? 3, 4, "Forum" Staff 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Intramural Bask- etball 3, 4. Bottom row Ned Allan Kuivinen He strives for the perfect thing. Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 2, 3, 4, "Forum" Show 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, 3, 4, "Root's Tooters" 2, 3, 4, All Ohio Boys' Band 3, District Music Contest 2, 3, 4, State Music Contest 3, 4, Dixieland Five 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volley- ball 2, 3, 4, lntramural Basket- ball 3, 4. La Vawn Low She who tries to be happy is sure to succeed. Cambridge, Girls' Glee Club I, Barnesville, Y-Teens 2, Mount Vernon: "Boy Wanted" 3, Y- Teens 3, 4, Senior Choir 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "Geo- rge Washington Slept Here" 4. David Kennett The great hope of society is an individual character. Newark, Class play I, Scholar- ship team 1, 2, Debate team I, 2, Camera club 2. Mount Ver- non: Key Club 4. Dora Mae Layman This is a very good world we live in. Junior Choir I. Hannah Elizabeth Mautner For learning hath she an abund- ance. Co-Editor of "Forum" 4, F. T. A. I, 2, 3, 4, librarian 2, Trolli- urer 3, President 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band I, 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Chairman of elections 3, Library Statl I, 2, President 2, Scholarship Team I, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, French Club 4, Constitution Chairman, Essay Contests 2, 3, 4, Girls' State Delegate 3. NANCY McCULLOUGH BARBARA McDERMOTT LYDIA McDOWELL SHIRLEY McGIBNEY RICHARD McGlNNIS STANLEY MCNABB DONNA McQUlGG NANCY METCALF EDWARD MILLER RUSSELL MILLS DAVID MISICKA RICHARD MORRE Top row Nancy Louise McCullough True love is a woman's greatest desire. Glee Club l, Senior Choir 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, "Naughty Marietta" 3, French Club 4. Richard McGinnis I have done all I could. Edward Neil Miller All great men are dying, ond I don't ieel so well myself. Football l, 2, 3, Track 1, 2. Barbara Ann McDermott Laughter is a gift. Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, "Forum" Lydia lou McDowell Speech is a mirror of the soul. G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, SMH 46 5DUf1lSl1 Club 4, lntra- 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball l, mural Volleyball l. Stanley Richard McNabb A very gentle man and of good countenance. Gambier, Latin Club l, Base- ball l, 2, Basketball l, 2, Football 2, Volleyball l, 2. Mount Vernon: Senior Choir 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball 3, 4, Intra- mural Volleyball 3, 4, "Boy Wanted" 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice President Class 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3. Russell C. Mills Laugh and the world laughs with you. F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Student Ad- visor 4, Parliamentary Proced- ure Team 4, Reserve Basketball 3, Intramural Basktball l, 2, 4, Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4, F. F. A. Basketball 2, 4, F. F. A. Baseball 2, 3, 4. 2, 3, 4, Championship Team 4, Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Championship Team 3, 4, Art Club 3, Intramural Softball 2, 3. Bottom row Donna Mae McQuigg All grand thoughts come from the heart. Senior Marching Band 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir l, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Charles David Misicka Earnest activity is a living hymn of praise. Class President 4, Student Coun- cil Assembly Committee Chair- man 4, Reserve Basketball 2, 3, Varsity Basketball 4, Varsity Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Band 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra l, 2, Hi,Y 4, Key Club 2, Athletic Editor 'Forum" 4, Freshman Basketball 1, "George Wash- ington Slept Here" 4. Shirley Kay McGlbney And true she is, as she has proven herself. Maiorette l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Football Attendant 4, "Forum" Queen Attendant 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Championship Team 3, lntra- mural Basketball 3. Nancy Metcalf God helps them who help them- selves. Richard Lee Moore In lite, os in chess, forethought wins. Scholarship Team l, 3. Page Thirty-three 1 39" ,fs-me-.1 fffwiik . .L .., 1 1 l i 05 rg I F . , . i l v . l .if in ,tu ffl, 51 E 'vc Top raw David Lee Nlossholder To be merry best becomes you. Hi-Y 1, 2, Football Team l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, lntramural Basketball 3, 4, lntramural Vol- leyball l, 2, 3, 4. James Leo Noonen Moonlight traveler in fancy's land. Reserve Football 2, Track 2, 3, Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4, "Forum" Shaw 4. Mary .lane Pierce My tounge, it goes continually. Yauncey Maurice Newman Ahl For a life of ease. Football l, 2, Basketball 'l, 2, Track l, lntramural Volleyball 3, 4. Nadene Parker Small and neat, quick and sweet. Senior Concert Band 'l, 2, 3, Senior Marching Band l, 2, 3, lntramural Volleyball 1, 2, ln- tramural Basketball l, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Elaine Ann Pipes Oh, that irrepressible giggle. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. 1, 2, lntramural Baseball 2, In- tramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, lntramural Volleyball i, 2, 3, 4, "Forum" Show 3, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Maior- ette 3, Senior Maiorette 4, Y- Teen Style Show 3. " fwfr , P c , Donald Newton william N059 All knowledge is not found in I-een' 'Unk and likable- ,,ook,, Hi-Y 3, 4, chaplain 4, "J. J." Advertising Stal? 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, "Dear Ruth" 4, lntra- mural Volleyball 4, Champs 4, Booster Club 4, "Naughty Mar- ietta" 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "George Washing- ton Slept Here" 4. Bottom row Joan perrin Thomas Lee Perrine Honor lies in honest toil. I love fo wind. 'WY "mum UP! Y-Teens 3, 4, Scholarship Team I love io hear H go' 3. Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Secretary-treasurer 1, 3, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir I, lntramural Basketball 3, 4, "Forum" Show 3, 4, "J. J." Business Staff 3, 4, Featufe Writer 3, 4. Keitha .lean Porter Charles Keven Potes A smile for everyone she meets. Wise men reflect before they Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 2, Service Chairman 4, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team l, 2, Junior Choir l, lntramural Vol- leyball l, 2, 3, 4, Champs 3, lntramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, lntramural Softball l, 2, 3, "J. J." Stal? 4, "Forum" Cal- endar Editor 4, Attendant to "Forum" Queen 3, 4, "What a Life" 3, French Club 4, Y- Teen Style Show 4, Quill and Scroll 4. speak. - Reserve Football 2, Varsity Foo ball 4, Track 2, 3, 4, intro mural Basketball 2, 4, "Bay Wanted" 3, "J. J." Sport!- Writer 4. DAVID MOSSHOLDER YAUNCEY NEWMAN DONALD NEWTON WILLIAM NOCE JAMES NOONEN NADENE PARKER JOAN PERRIN THOMAS PERRINE MARY JANE PIERCE ELAINE PIPES KEITHA PORTER CHARLES POTES r J, 1 NANCY RALSTON HORACE RANSOM ROBERT RANSOM BEVERLY RINE ANN ROBESON BUD ROHLER Top Row Nancy L. Ralston To do good rather than be con- spicuous. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir I, Girls' Glee Club I, Library Stat! I, 2, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4, Root's Tooters 3, 4, "Forum" Show I, 2, 3, 4. Marllyn Reiss lt's the little things that count- frecklesl Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club I, Junior Choir I, Senior Choir 3, 4, "Forum" Show 3, 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3, Co- Editor of "J. J." 4, "J. J." Stall 3, Booster Club 3, 4, Scholarship Team 2, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, "I Hear Amer- ica Singing" 4, Quill and Scroll 4. ' Buddy" Blll Rohler Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I iust sit. Varsity Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, lntramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volley- ball 2, 3. Horace Ransom For he is a iolly good fellow. Reserve Basketball 3, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4, Varsity Football 4. DON REED MARILYN REISS ALMA RINE ROGER RUSH MONTE RUTHERFORD BARBARA SCOTT Robert Dale Ransom, Jr. Don Reed Let any man speak long enough Be reasonable and you will be and he will get believers. Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Senior Choir 3, 4, Sports Editor, "J, J." 4, "Forum" Stat? 4, "What a Life" 3, "Boy Wanted" 3, Varsity Basketball Manager 3, Intra- mural Volleyball 3, 4, Champs 3, 4, "Forum" Show 3, 4, In- tramural Basketball 3, 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Bottom Row Alma Rlne Beverly Ann Rlne Ambition has not rest. Good humor is the health of the soul. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, Booster Club 3, 4, French Club 4, Senior Choir 4, Co-Exchange Editor of "J. J." 4, Knox County Music Festival I, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Intramural Softball I, 2, "For- um" Queen's Court 3, 4, At- tendant to Football Queen 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Marching Bond I, 2, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Clarinet Ensemble 2, Maiorette 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Roger Ray Rush Monte Royd Rutherford You cqn', iudge 9 bggk by its All things come to him who coyey- waits. Key Club 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 4. Football 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Junior Hi-Y I, 2, President I, 2, "J. J." Stal? 3, 4, 'AForum" Stal? 4, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, "Forum" Show 3, 4, happy. Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, "Sweet- hearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "J, J." Stat? 3, 4, "Forum" Advertising Stall 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Ann Robeson she not passing fair? Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, In- tramural Softball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Champs 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 3, 4, Student Council 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen Style Show 4, "Forum" Show 3, "Forum" Queen's Court 4, Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4, "J. J." Stall 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Barbara Scott Brilliant, clever, with her over- flowing wealth of ideas. Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Junior Chair I, Art Club I, 4, Vice President 4, "Naughty Marietta" 2, "Sweethearts" 3, "Boy Wanted" 3, Senior Editor "Forum" 4, "Forum" Show I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Worship Chairman 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Glee Club I, "Dear Ruth" 4, French Club 4, Social Chairman 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Courtesy Chairman 2, Pub- Iicity Chairman 4, Concert Band 2, "J. J." Stat? 4, Scholarship Team I, 2, 3, 4, Library Stat! I, 2, 3, F. T. A. 2, 3, 4, Librarian 3, Secretary 4, Intramural Vol- leyball 2, Student Boosters 4, World Allairs Institute 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Page Thirty-five David Prentlss Sellers Be merry, regret not. Junior Choir I, Reserve Football Team I, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Allan Hamill Shields What should a man do but be merry. Basketball I, 2, Golf I, 2, 3, Baseball 4, Junior Chair I, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Junior Class Vice- President 3, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "Sweethearts" 2, Spanish Club 4, Vice President 4, Student Council 3, Courtesy Chairman 3, Junior Hi-Y Vice-President I, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 3, "Forum" Show I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball 3, 4, P. T. A. Capers 4. Clifford L. Slayman, Jr. None but himself can be his parallel. Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 3, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Mari- etta" 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Essay Contests 3, 4, Buckeye Boys' State Dele- gate 3, All-Ohio Boys Band 3, Golf Team 3, Intramural Volleyball 4, "For- um" Show 1, 4, "L J." Stuff 3, Co- Editor "Forum" 4, Scholarship Team I, 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4, "Boy Wanted" 3, District and State Music Contests I, 2, 3. Lydia Elaine Snow Victory belongs to the most persevering. Student Council 3, Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, 3. Norman Lamay Sorge Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you. Football 3, 4, Track 3. Carolyn Putnam Sperry The reward of one duty done is the power to fulfill another. Intramural Volleyball I, "Naughty Mar- ietta" 3, "Sweethearts" 2, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, "What a life" 3, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Scholarship Team 3, State and District Music Con- tests 2, 3, 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "Boy Wanted" 3. Gerald Martin Shelter Many things are better unlearned. Kenneth L. Silvis Every man should be persuaded in his own mind. Charleen Smith Hold the fort - I am coming. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Finance Chairman 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Student Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, "J, J." Girls' Sports Editor 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Junior Choir I, "Sweethearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Champs 4, Intramural Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Champs 4, Intramural Softball I, 2, 3, Champs I, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "Forum" Show 4. Janet Snow Do not turn back when you are iust at the goal. Ronald I.. Spearman A gentleman makes no noise. F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Parlia- mentary Procedure 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 4, In- tramural Volleyball 4. Barbara Laurel Stoyle Kind hearts are more than coronets. Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Intrarlural Basket- ball I, 3, library Staff 2, 3, 4, "Naughty Marietta" 2, "Sweethearts" 3, "What a life" 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club I. um'-ws.,-az-Qeu - -5 -..-im? -12,4-waxy Q , .,,,,., . -, A , W ' id s - ,E I M T, 1-JZ?--f'L"'1"l'lQi1!'l,f D Kay Sandra Stream A noble deed is a step toward God. G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, In- tramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Softball I, 2, 3. Sue Tarr Diligence reaps rich rewards. Senior Bond I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra I, 2, 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Co-chair- man Social Committee 3, Treasurer 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Proohesy Committee 4, "Forum" show 3, 4, State Music Contest 2, Intramural Bad- minton 2, Scholarship Team 3, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Champs 3, Intra- mural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, lntramurrl Softball I, 2, 3, "J. J." Stat? 4, Quill and Scroll 4, "Forum" Stai 4. Joe Tharp Here is a bold bad man. F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Public Speaking I, 2, Parliamentary Procedure Team I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Wllllam Transue Let women be far removed from me. Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club 4, President 4, Reserve Football 3, Varsity Tennis 4, Scholarship Team I, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4, World Atiairs Institute 4, "Forum" Show 4. Jo Ann Ulery Beauty is a flower. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, "J.J." Stott 4, "Forum" Staff 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volley- ball I, 2, 3, 4,Champs 3, Intramural Softball I, 2, 3, "Forum" Show 2, 4, Student Council 4. Joseph 0. Vanbover Be thine own self and always thou are likeable. Key Club 3, "Forum" Show 3, Intra- mural Volleyball 3, Intramural Basket- ball 4, Varsity Football 4, Varsity Track 3, 4. 'Y 3 v --X -. f.:', .i -,jr ,- -lug-. ., , ,v.,.r , . - --P. 5315- 1 -. - - -' 4' ft . " -' " ' ..,.:- :.-f ' " "Us V -1 ', v-., .LT-' f'-1- " F' I a. fl '!kfr'I"W'EI'tc New Q, 13 Inf, .A James Mllten Stuller Still water runs deep. F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Band I, Orchestra I, 2, Track 4, F. F. A. Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 4. Howard Taylor A straight, upstanding lad am I. Key Club I, 3, Hi-Y 4, Reserve Foot- ball I, 3, Scholarship Team 3. Ann Charlotte Tltus For to see her was to love her. Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 2, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 4, "Forum" Subscription Staff 4, Football Queen Attendant 3, "Forum" Queen Attendant 3, "Forum" Queen 4, G. A. A. I, 2, 3, Spanish Club 4, Program Chairman 4, District Music Contest 2, 4. Mary Jane Tyson Friendship is contant in all things. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, Intramural Volleyball I, 2, 3. William Strong Ulery Fun lives forever. Student Council I, 2, Intramural Vol- leyball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, library StaH I. Janet Vannatta Woman's heart, like the moon, is al- ways changing. But there's always a man in it. Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Freshman-at-large I, Program Chairman 2, G. A. A. 3, 4, Senior Choir 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club I, Junior Choir I, Football Queen At- endont 3, 4, "Forum" Queen's Court 3, 4, "Forum" Show I, 2, "J. J." Staff 3, 4, Library Staff I, Cheerleader I, 2, 4, Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4, "Sweet- hearts" 2, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Student Coun- cil I, 3, 4, Finance Chairman 3, Treas- urer 4, Y-Teen Style Show 2, 3, Intra- mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Champs 3, lntromural Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4, lnfm. mural Softball I, 2, 3. L. I x gf? WILBUR VERNON JOHN WAREHAM DAVID WARREN CHARLES WYANT EMMA LOU YARMAN JOYCE BOWN Top Row Wllbur Wesley Vernon Give me time, l'lI not worry, great things are not done in a hurry. Reserve Football I, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Reserve Basket- bnll Manager 2, 3. Edward Lee Welsh Life is a jest, and all things show it. I thought so once and now I know it. Hi-Y 1, 2, Football 1, 2, choir l, 4, "Sweethearts" 3, "Naugh- ty Marietta" 2, "I Hear America Singing" 4, Key Club 3, 4. Joyce Ann Bawn I have no temper e'en tho' my hair is inclined to be red. Conesvillez F. H. A. I, 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, Girls Quartette 3, Class Play 3, Class Omcer 3. Mount Vernon, French Club 4. No Pictures Richard Lee Ashton I doubt the wisdom of being too wise. Adelphian Academy: Class Presi- dent I, Vice President of Class 2, Sergeant at Arms of Boys' Club 2, All-sports team 2, Mount Vernon: Football 4. John Maurice Wareham, Jr. Always put oft until tomorrow what you can do today. Senior Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, Football I, 2, "Forum" Photo- grapher 4, "What a life" 3, "Dear Ruth" 4, "Forum" Show I, 3, 4, Scholarship Team I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary I, Chaplain 2, "Forum" Staff 3, 4, "Sweethearts" 2, "I Hear America Singing" 4, "Geo- rge Washington Slept Here" 4. Phoebe Wheeler Few words she wastes but has her quiet fun. Joe C. Dunlap Give us a man who sings at his work. Class Treasurer 3, Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Treas- urer 4, Student Council 4, "Forum" Show 2, 3, 4, State Music Contest 2, Intramural Vol- leyball 3, 4, Intramural Basket- ball 3, 4, Senior Orchestra I, 2, Scholarship Team 2, 4, Ninth Grade Basketball I, Senior Choir 4, Treasurer 4, "I Hear America Singing" 4. Jim Neal Mossholder Dull care and I do not argue. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. JOE DUNLAP RICHARD McKENZlE BARBARA PETERSON David Grant Warren Commend a wedded life bu keep thyself a bachelor enlor Band I 2 4 President 4 Root s Tooters nd e c olarshrp Team I 2 3 Drstrlct and State Music Con tests 2 4 Boys State Delegate 3 Student Council 4 Forum Staff 4 Reserve Basketball 2 Freshman Basketball I AllOhro Bays Band 3 Boys Glee Club I Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4 Intramural Basketball 2 3 4 Varsity Golf 2 3 4 Forum S ow 3 4 Sweethearts Naughty Marietta 4 Bottom Row Charles L. Wyant Many like to make merry M rchlng Bandl 2 3 4 o B nd 2 3 4 Art Club 4 Secretary 3 Treasurer 4 Key Club 3 Hr Y 4 Intramural Vol leyhall 4 Intramural Basketball Forum Show 3 Stage wsl 2 Richard I.. McKenzie Every man's task is his life pre SEYVEI' Track 3, Intramural Volleyball 2 3 4- lntramu Basketball Leonard A. Sally The wrong way seems more reasonable. Senior Choir 3, 4, "Naughty Marietta" 3, "Sweethearts" 2, Reserve Football I, 2, lntra- mural Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, Junior Choir I, "Forum" Show 3, "l Hear America Singing" 4. Shirley Catherine Wells A small lark may lurk unseen. our I ens Emma Louella Yarman My true love hath my heart and I have his rary Statil 2 3 G A I YTeensI C Barbara Jean Peterson I bear a charmed Ilfe Amity Secretary Treasurer of Jun lor Class Glee Club 2 3 Schol arship Team 2- Mount Vemonx Y-Teens 4. Donald Totman I Too much rest is rust. '- SHIRLEY WELLS EDWARD WELSH PHOEBE WHEELER-.g' 'flu j,L. , I F 3 . Ch ' , 2, Y-Te 1, 2, 3. ' j'- S ' , , 3, , Vice I IE: ' , ' I, 2, f'- 3, 4, Dixiela Fiv 2, 3, 4, r 5 II , ' . . . 4: ,Q . U . l ,nf Z - , . .-- ' -1 45- I1 . 2 " " 3: .. U ' . , . s C H- I ' Cefl 0 1 1 I 3, Lib , , , 4, . . . . . 1 A. , - , heir I. Ai nl F wr I Cre , , 3, 4. I, , , , ral ' I, 2 3, 4 1954 ronulvl REMEMBER ME ? SEPTEMBER l053 VOLUME 34 .JUNE N54 Qkgfjg, fffWf?5fQifh- , WJWQW K ?AQQOU"gM JH li fin ' RW QMJN , M WW iff Mu 2122 Aff ,Www AW QM ii C 'W M ' ' JQJWE M2122 MQW ffW?44f42ff9Wsf2iv1f M, f J1.f?f:fj? QYJVJC 'E-ffiilcg fhuxf 5 my ivan, il-3 ,My U f' A KU W ff' ,als-J ffm ffm C"?p4f-Jwf W My My Q 'ywfaw W WWA BML: AWWUBW ww E ww awww M W WN if mf WGN WWW W JW MM My f QWQQEWKX wif WW5 WQQWSMQWFEKW A MW ,E - . wf 'E W M if 0 X3 f55WkefEMMMsfigQ?47535WfpQy X , J' f fw'+,w'f A Wal U, M 9 'EZX XC x' ,,94Q'J:.X. V ,WJA E E 'K W of i W, ..,fv?M'Q', Afxx Ev WM Qffc'-fi'fifJ47f 'YQV W1,,1LAC.ffQ,Q,.J .,., J 62- MOJg?fiW,,JMfK' f,,,ifC2gj4ALQLLVk 4i7ALJLv 1953 NOVEMBER 1953 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 2 3 4 5 6 "Forum" campaign be- Boys' volleyball tourna- Nancy Ralston and Carol SNOW - the first pre- Juniors select class rings. gins - "Get in shape, ment begins - first of Ogg make effort to teach cious flakes of the season buy a 'Forum'." noon sports. dancing to junior high students. appear in time for the Wooster game. 9 Parents go back to school to see iust what is being taught to their kids now. 10 Mrs. Ferguson adopts a stray cat that wanders in- to the oltice. 11 Mr. Robert Bangham highlights Armistice Day Assembly. 12 We wonder what bod luck tomorrow will bring. 13 Friday the thirteenth. "Ransoms" win the boys volleyball championship. 16 "Courtesy is Contagious" movie. Let's start an epi- 17 The epidemic is onl 18 Boys hold up wall while girls enioy noon dance. 19 Bill Noce "confesses" to Mrs. Baker about late 20 Y-Teens are dazzling in style show presented by demig, work. Rudins - Many boys present. 23 24 25 26 27 Y-Teen models reluctantly Miss Cannon shuts out Thanksgiving assembly- Santa Claus comes to return to their own every- daily "lunch eaters" from speaker says to be town, escorted by band. day clothes. 127. "thanks-living" all the time. Y-Teen formal - "Magic Mist." 30 Rumors are flying - are Norma Jean and Dave really going steady? Ohl they arel - , I I 1 Page Forty ...Juniors Keith Merrin Jerry Beeman President Vice-president Nina Marchal Carolyn Wagner Secretary Treasurer History of the Junior Class The iunior class of Mount Vernon High School closed the school year of 1953-1954 by treating the seniors to the annual Junior- Senior Prom, May twenty-first. Carolyn Cary was chairman of the social committee and Carolyn Frederick, Carol Gillooley, Essie Er- langer, and Sally Latham helped in planning all the details of the Prom. However, one's iunior year is not all play and no work. The iuniors appointed a finan- cial committee to handle and raise money for their class. This committee was headed by Lorna Eagle. Roberta Rabishaw, Dick Baney, Harry Bassinder, and John Lord were the other members. The first committee to swing into action was the ring committee. Students buy their class rings when they are iuniors so that they may wear them their entire senior year. The ring committee consisted of chairman Jim Hofmann, Jack Hess, Marilyn Taylor, Janet Henry, and Marilyn Ullman. The rings arrived March first. Mary Ellen Fox was chairman of the play committee and Jim Rice, Ronnie Cline, Nancy Rice and Bob Lipps assisted her in selecting "Stag Line," a light and fast-moving comedy. The play was given March twenty-six. Mar- iorie Warman, Carolyn Frederick, and Bob Dunham headed a cast of eighteen. The iuniors were ably assisted in their trials and tribulations by their two advisers, Mrs. Louise Huggins and Mr. Guy VanNostrand. The entire iunior class wishes all the luck in the world to a grand group of people- the seniors. And we hope that next year's junior class is very successful in its under- takings. Page Forty one Abie Adams Donna Adams Ronald Anderson Richard Baney Harry Bassinder Harry Beckholt Jerry Beeman Ann Bell Albert Blue Delores Blue Larry Branstool Shirley Brooks Jacqueline Burgess Phil Burris Walter Butler Clark Fawcett Betty Carter Carolyn Cary James Clark Gordon Clements Ronnie Cline John Coffing Jean Conway Robert Corcoran Patricia Cranmer Donald Crawford Carrie Lee Dailey Donald Day Jack Day Lloyd Dement Jacqueline Dudgeon Bob Dunham Lorna Eagle Essie Erlanger John Ewalt Charles Fawcett Mary Lou Ferenbaugh Richard Ferry Joyce Fletcher Howard Fowler Mary Ellen Fox .gf A-nz:4fu1stfs,11, .L 1 4' ' ny- - 1- ,fini 14.1 .-JP' ,.- -1'-.'-M. ,.f,' -'J " . . ' " ' A ' f. James Hoovler Nancy Houbler Clayton Huff Virginia Humbert Marie Hunter Judith Hurps Janet Hyatt Mary Jane lmhoff Philip Jacobs Betty Jones Elaine Keller Phyllis Kymer Carol Lamb Barbara Lamson David Land Sally Latham Anna Belle Lepley Beverly Lewis Gene Lewis Bob Lipps Barbara Lonzo James Lord John Lord Harry Love Nina Marchal John Frary Carolyn Frederick David Fridline Eleanor Frye Carol Gillooley Ron Gullett Charles Gunia Mary Lou Hampton Bobbie Joe Harrod Handley Hayes Janet Henery Mary Jane Henthorn Jack Hess Jack Heysel Cathy Hodder James Hoffman Page Forty-four Sterling Millard Richard Morrain Thomas Mosley Gene Nelson John Nugent Sondra Lamphear Carol Ogg Gerald Ohde Patricia Payne Richard Payne Bernard Johnson James Peterson William Peterson David Potes Harley Pryor Roberta Rabishaw Linda Ralston Mary Ann Rawlins Pearl Reed James Rice Nancy Rice Clarence Ridenbaugh William Ridenbaugh Keith Rinehart Sue Roberts Iris Marks Bill Martin Robert Masteller Marcella Mathers Gary Mayer Joe Mazza Bob McConnell Donald McFarland Georgiene McKee Wayne McKee Linda McKinstry Nancy McMahon Glenn McMillan Kenneth McMillan Keith Merrin Judy Mild Carl Robinson Lester Rockwell Alan Savage Barbara Schmidt we Janet Scott Freida Shepard Ronnie Skinner Velma Smith Kaye Snyder Carroll Sorge Ronald Speer Edith Springer Nancy Stillson Tommy Stream Neil Talbot Marilyn Taylor Nancy Lee Taylor James Trowbridge Marilyn Ullman Patty Umbaugh Phyllis Underwood Ned Vannatta Margaret Vernon Burdetta Wagner Carolyn Wagner Clarice Wagner Duke Wagoner Betty Wagstaff Mariorie Warman Gail Weeks Barbara Wilmotte David Wyant Bonnie Yoakum William Yoakum Richard Hall Pat Hull Page Forty-five Sophomores . . . ,is gf: 314 si wr su N is my ., its Q4 TOP PICTURE: lst row: Gary McKay, Charles McDowell, John Levenson, Saundro Miller, Kathleen Mooney, Janice Mild, Helen Morey, Janet Johnson, Beverly Main, Jim McKee, John Mossholder, Gene McGlothin. 2nd row: Tom McCartney, Larry Marble, Bob Melcher, Betty McFarland, Rilla Jackson, Peggy Bloom, Barbara Jacquet, Kay Mills, Roger Massa, Mike Lee, Charles McDermott, Jim Melton, 3rdrow: Joann Kigei, Shirley Lunsford, Maud Mansen, Charlotte Loney, Hester London. BOTTOM PICTURE: lst row: Bob Poland, Sandra Silvis, Linn Sellers, LaRue Schorr, Jim Ohde, Kay RGPP, Charles Ransom, Mariorie Sanner, Bill Prichitt, Janet Ransom, Jef? Shamansky, Nancy Newcomb, Carroll Rine, Margaret Ann Rowe, Robert Rock, Shelda Robertson. 2nd row: Tanya Stuller, Ann Rice, Roger Rardin, Joyce Snow, Viola Stevens, Wilma Show, Dick Pealer, Judie Porter, Jack Pearson, Dave Spitzer, Pat Shrimplin, Ray Ogborn, Martha Rae Rine, Ed Rowley, Sandra St. John, Bill Shoults, Collean Reese, Gerald Speer, Peggy Smith. TOP PICTURE: 'lsrrow: Dave Evans, Thelma Clements, George Colgin, Mollie Deedrick, Ken DeWiH, Maxine Cunningham, Don Dalrymple, Rosalie Ernesl, Paul Emlich, Melony Coffing, Doug Evans. 2nd row: Bob Cline, Chryslal Conant, Ben Cochran, Shirley Coles, Don Coe, Joyce Colopy, Don Dearman, Roberla Curry, Charles Denharl, lorella Davis, George Ellis, Marcia Davies, Dan Clark, Loduska Eis, Eddie Corwin, Carole Cranmer, Hank Edmisler, Anna Rulh Cox. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lsr row: Dick Brown, Charles Banning, Jim Brady, Donna Baxter, Mary Jane Bell, Donna Boucher, Ann Baltzell, Annelle Burris, Bill Appleion, Bill Baker. 2nd row: Bill Bown, Bah Berry, Bob Bader, Gusly Angelas, Belly Adams, Patty Beeman, Jane! Bumpus, Judy Ackerman, Carolyn Brookins, Bob Beck, Clarence Benson. 3rd row: Marie Anlill, Marjorie Barncord, Nancy Ball, Julia Boyle, Pele Barnes. T1-..1..- 1 ... . 5 - ..N.., .. ,,....v 1 TOP PICTURE: Ist row: Jean Hall, Mary Jo Greene, Muriel Harris, Nancy Hagan, Frost, Joyce Fetter, Marita Grubb. 2nd row: Sue Carole Hyatt, Shirley Hall, Patty George, Bette Haas, 3rd row: Ellis Hite, Larry Henry, Dick Haas, George Hartman, Dana Laurence Fowler. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst row: Connie Jackson, Carol Kiger, Bonnie Henry, Jim Kimble, Klein, Mary Lynne Kathary, Alicia Hostetler, Linda Ketner. 2nd row: Eddie Humbert, Lynda Lannoy, Gene Lockhart, Barbara Howard. 3rd row: Jo Ann Hall, Frances Kymer, Irene Layman, Myra Henthorn, Norma Hall, Tom Knox, Ken Holmes, Rosa Lee Helsel, Linda Knapp, Dave Keys, Nancy Jean Humbert. I-----1 1 Rachel Hendrickson, Barbara Hall, Jennene Hatfield, Patty Jeanetta Hall, Beverly Hill, Betty Humbert. Harper, Dick Fawcett, John Graves, Bill Graham, Larry Fogle, Jo Lee Hunt, Jim Land, Jim Lamson, Wally Kaser, Janet Hunter, Barbara Leiter, Bob Keenan, Judy Lemaster, Homer Harper, Barbara Lauderbaugh, Joan Keller, Clinton Bob Litzenberg, Nancy Lee Humbert, Marie Higgins, t TOP PICTURE: 'lst row: Pal Wilson, Jean Wells, Deanna Wright, Marcia Verson, Katina Piki, Carolyn Williams, Mary Weidner, Julie Theibert, lris Zschocher, Barbara Yarman, Jean Taylor. 2nd row: Ron Thomas, Bill Young, Dick Wright, Joe Todd, John Young, Jim Wareham, Bud Woodward. 3rd row: Tom Turner, Jim Vernon, Gale Ullman, Bob Totman, Gary Ute, Albert Williams, Floyd Walton. BOTTOM PICTURE: Boys kneeling: Ron Vernon, Martin Zschocher, Leroy Wheeler, John Woodland, Robert Yocum, Charles Warren, Dan Wagner, larry Van Riper. Girls sitting: Margaret Workman, Jean Wagner, Joyce Wagner, Margaret Zimmerman, Dolores White, Bonnie Wise. 3rd row: Betty Watson, Connie Woods, Sandra Weirick, Mildred Wilson, Ann Wythe, Carolyn Workman, Ogden Wintermute, Dick White, Dick Ware, Ron Wolf, Ron Wagner, Charles Williams, Back row: Larry Walpole, Mearl Yocum, Charles Wilson, Bob Young, Bud Wythe, Hugh Watson. Freshmen . . . TOP PICTURE: lst row: Shirley Conkle, Patty Cary, Gerry Bryan, Carole Brown, Virginia Baney, Jeanne Cameron, Sandy Bowman, Diane Bollinger, Nancy Blue, Tina Angelas. 2nd row: Jim Cagnon, Charles Berger, Richard Cochran, Sue Burggraf, Joyce Crawford, Phyllis Coon, Kathryn Coffing, Sandra Corcoran, Barbara Butler, Pauline Carpenter, Carolyn Collins. 3rd row: Henry Antill, Tom Carpenter, Paul Berry, Tom Beach, Ron Cross, Dale Carter, Jim Bouton, Robert Cline, 4th row: Forest Clark, Dick Buckham, Jim Belcher, Dave Butler, Dennis Bell, Melvin Berry, Harvey Connell, Joe Belcher. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst row: Wilma Gullelt, Molly Fletcher, Patty Gerber, Mary Kathryn Eastman, Dale Fletcher, Pauline Gunia, Mary Flecknoe, Susan Dunn, Beverly DeVcre, Helen Edwards, Anita Hall, Linda Emley, Marybeth Gilfillan, Irene Fawcett, Nancy Fritz. 2nd row: Keith DeLong, Gary Frye, George Engle, Bob Elwood, Ervin Erlanger, Bill Doup, Alin Fairchild, Loren Fickle, Larry Davis, Jo'1'1 Fawcett, David Fawcett, Dick Ellis, Bill Fawcett, Richard Gossett. Page Fifty e Y A 35" alba "" 'lv TOP PICTURE: 'lst row: Shirley Rardin, Judy Reed, Charlene Orsborn, Judy Phelps, Martha Madias, Sally Mahafley, Camille Mazza, Carolyn Reed. 2nd row: Gaynelle Robinson, Kay Murdock, Susan Nash, Ann Rice, Judy Mayer, Dorothy Mapes, Barbara McElroy, Phyllis Rine. 3rd row: Dick Mill, Dick Rush, Larry Mondron, Al Poland, Tom Pribble, Charles Piilow, Bob Mayer, Pete Movromates, Ernie Rehling, Bob Moreland, Ken Rockwell, 4th row: Delano Rogers, ,lack McGreevy, Charles Moore, Bob Moore, Richard Robinson, Dick Miller, Ronnie McMillan, Chuck Pond, Raymond Page, Bob McDonald, Frank Miller. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst row: Sarah Tufts, Dixie Swadener, Sandy Towner, Brenda Trace, Sheila Schwartz 2nd row: Saundra Starmer, Nancy Stuller, Anna Sperry, Shirley Spearman, Nicky Shaman, Dorothy Strickland, Annita Stevens, Betty Stringfellow, Phyllis Stout, Nancy Taylor, Lucille Thompson, Marilyn Thomas. 3rd row: Lawson Smith, Gordon Springer, Ernie Springer, Donald Springer, Paul Harding, John Scarvelis, Harold Tomes, Bill Thomas, Bill Taylor, Dick Simmons, Bruce Shouten, Alfred Scholz, Bob Sowers, Larry Simmons, David Starmer, Tyler Thornton, Ron Snow. Eighth Grade . . . TOP PICTURE: 'Isl row: Kay Kreps, Judy little, Judy McKee, Carolyn Lord, Sandra Midos, Nancy Miller, Susie Minnich, Anila Mack, Joan Mumper luanna ImhoH, Pamela Mintier. 2nd row: Mary Lalherns, Elizabeth Jewell, Mable Laymon, Mary Klabough, Belle Kymer, Blanche May, Patty Mooney, Palrlcla Lawrence Ann Munroe, Carole Lilzenburg. 3rd row: Horace Mower, Charles McCulchen, Bob Lord, Mike Knox, Landon McMannis, Gary Kosl, Wayne Kline. 4II1 row: Richard Lalherns, Tom Browne, Richard Kymer, Roger Main, Mark Misicka, Jerry Miller, Bobby Miller, Keilh Lewis Raymond Looker. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'Isl row: Lois Ewall, Murcia Doehia, Linda Devin. 2nd row: Sandra Caldwell, Marcia Coxey, Sandra Coles, Shirley Coe, Irene DeVore, Caralene DeVore, Judilh Engle. 3rd row: Shirley Ealon, Judy Ernesl, Bud Cline, Alden Coe, Edgar Erlanger, John Curlis, Bob Clark, Morris Carper 4lh row: Bob Dudgeon, Wayne Corwin, Robert Dial, Myron Coon, Grace Conkle, Mary Ann Engle. 51h row: Richard Dice, Joe DeFolo, Gregory Chesler, Jack Dennis, Richard Cline, Eddie Ehrgoll, Chuck Rean. 's.. .xWl'n 1 an 'X Q if,5i'.i.l!9!.f 1 "' TOP PICTURE: 'lst row: Joyce Franz, Ann Fife, Claudette Hess, Jane Gaumer, Nancy Franz, Kathy Hagan, Sally Harris, Carolyn Gantz, Jane Higgins. 2nd row: Roger Hite, Dave Hauger, Wayne Fry, Garland Henthorne, Denny Gaumer, Harold Heckel, Bill Fawcett, Jim Gill, Gary Gray, Myron Gallogly. 3rd row: Carole Harlow, Shirley Huff, Diana Gullett, Carol Hayes, Janet Hostetler, Esther Hartley, Linda Humes, Marilyn Fawcett, Marilyn Davies, Thelma Cheet, Beverly Galbraith. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst row: Norma Peterson, Judy Reed, Saundra Perkins, Sheila Ralston, Ruth Reed, Janet Neely. 2nd row: Joyce Paisley, Kay Fawcett, Elise Rice, Donna Porter, Joyce Perrine, Dixie Pembrook. 3rd row: Nancy O'Brien, Linda Richards, Betsy Pollock, Willis Rummel, Ronnie Ridenour, Wayne Potes, Steve Peterson, Johnny Pryor. 4th row: Elmer Newton, Chris Laney, Dick Hunter, David Rowe, Harold Fowler, Joe Porter, Bill Pillow, lon Rine, Douglas Rinard, Jack Rohler, Don Regula, John Paques. Standing: Lawrence Page, and Charles Burger. 'fa Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Page Fifty-four 5 o , 1 1 4 t I x ,at 'lm lik 'elim f init' it K' 3? , f ' Xa X Y M we l 1 ,pst wwe m-me TOP PICTURE: lst row: Janet Burson, Nancy Adams, Linda Allen, Judy Borden, Mary Beck, Elizabeth Barton, Sharon Bricker, Patty Boyle, Beverly Bond, Donna Ables, Karen Boucher, Lynda Bown. 2nd row: Everett Baer, Freddie Bates, Bob Adams, Raymond Atkinson, Rex Bebout, Ned Brooks, Jerry Brady, Ron Brasseur, Jimmy Baube. 3rd row: Steve Barnes, Gene Ackerman, Paul Antill, Ted Beach, Carroll Black, Harold Bond. BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst row: Patty Moreland, Gloria Giffin, Phyllis McKenzie, Jane McDonald, Wendy Lamb, Betty Llewellyn, Carol Mathews, Dixie McGlothin, Barbara McNeil, Anita McKinley. 2nd row: Brenda Ward, Dottie Moreland, Nancy Martin, Nora Jamboski, Pearl Loney, Carolyn Midas, Susan Morain, Barbara Mahard, Sondra Lane, Shirley Morey. 3rd raw: Thad Lockwood, Charles McKenzie, Lloyd Morton, Larry long, Gerald Meekins, Jimmy Morgan, Paul Minder, Jerry Mills, Tom Mill, Floyd McNeil, Eugene Luker, Bob Latherns. TOP PICTURE: Ts? row: Judy Stanley, Belly Skinner, Peggy Spearman, Diane Worrell, Jeans-:He Snow, Geneva Thompson, Devola Shaman, Janice Yauger, Carolyn Yoakam. 2nd row: Jeannine Vernon, Wanda Sleele, Audrey Hall, Judy Ullman, Jim Willis, Dave Welsh, Terry Walker, Ted Beach, Sleve Scarvelis, Joan Wilson, Myra Zieg, Carolyn Sims, Francis Shepard. 3rd row: Wilbur Wilkinson, Zale Smilack, Phil Ward, Dave Gullell, Ronnie Stoneburner, Jeff Walker, Bruce Tramont, Slanley Wallace, Bob Wheeler, Larry Sleele, Harry Hess, Lesler Vernon, Guy Zimmerman, Chuck Shuff, Donnas Schuller. BOTTOM PICTURE: lsl row: Joann Smilh, Susan Winger, Ann Wilhgoll, Susan Shick, Carol Wilson, Linda Young, Joan Thomas, Judy Sienzel, Linda Winslow, Carolyn Wonders. 2nd row: Billy Richerl, Larry Trowbridge, Gerald Wells, Ronnie Staals, Wayne Weaver, William Wheeler, Ronnie While, Harry Zimmer- man, Carllon Smith, Jacques Transue, George Wallol. 3rd row: Dixie Wallace, Linda Wilson, Janice Workman, Wanda Woodring, David Taylor, David Vasbinder, John David Ware, Jim Wears, Terry Tucker, Rex Throckmorlon, Janice Sloneburner, lone Steinbrink, Jody Trace, Belly Lou Sleele. Page Fifty-flve M .. Qffx 1.-M llw E- 4-. 1 I K ev Q x Ki ...Q , in Un, 'W N. Q, J' 'W A W N we . ...- .HA-"" TOP PICTURE: 'lst row: Louzella Butler, Linda Crawford, Carlena Ayers, Christina Teresa Coffing, Barbara Boyle, Elizabeth Banning, Shirley Bickel 2nd row: Stephen Chalmers, Tom Bartlett, Carol Boyd, Kathryn Blue, Corcoran, Susan Baube, Sharon Cornille, Beverly Crawford. Kneeling: John Chalmers, Jack Bowden. 4th row: Larry Conkle, Gano Conkle, David Brenemen, Hugh Bonney Gary Bowers, Wayne Beckholt, Nevin Camp, Cary Christopher BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst row: Suellen Fidler, Donna Lou Dudgeon, Diane Dailey, Donna 2nd row: Sheryl Durbin, Patty Flecknoe, Judy Geiger, Betty Gessling, 3rd row: DOY, Raymond Fralee, Tommy Goosens, Richard Fowler, Jerry Peter Frye, Fred Emley, Charles Eis. 4th row: Alan Giffin, Oscar Jones, Mike Duckworth, Earl Guina, Standing: Geotirey DeSylvia, Anthony English, John Ellis. I 1 Alberts, Burdetta Brooks, Juanita Cunningham, Mary F. Allen, Sandra Baker. Beverly Beroth, Judy Brown, Sheila Barr, Rebecca Brown, Lois Max Clutter, David Brown, Edward Blackburn, Johnny Baney, Eugene Boucher, Dennis Branstool. May Dudgeon, Patty DeHart, Janice Fletcher, Phyllis Devore. Charlotte Graves, Betty Davis, Gloria GiHin, Linda Sue Early. Frady, David Dudgeon, John Ferguson, Jimmy Fawcett, Steven Dave Frye, Nick DePolo, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Haas. Page Fifty-seven 1,953 DECEMBER ' 1953 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY A 'I 2 3 4 We surrender to our dear Calendar staH absent to- Noon dance for couples Wind tatters American Newark rivals. day. only - all 8 of us. flag, Hi-Y decides to buy a new one. Nothing to do tonight. 7 ' . 1. 8 9 'l0 'l'l ' - Visiting cheerleaders were big attraction at Worthington game Sat- urday. Who won the game, fellas? T953 question of the year - will we play Coshoc- ton again next year? Dave Kennett comes to physics class with hat and coat on, only to be counted tardy. F. T. A. annual stuffing party lbanquetl. G. A. A. sponsors play day for 7th and 8th grade girls. Senior Jackets drop IIM C. B. L. game to Urbana. Junior Jackets bring home a victory. 14 Flashl Locker inspection. As if we didn't know. 'l5 College night - Seniors and iuniors take home pocketsfull of propa- ganda. 'I6 Sergeant Pike combines humor, magic, and sense land embarrassmentl to impress the essentials of safety. 'I7 ll neigel Hi-Y Minute Men Snow Brigade is called ta duty. Hi-Y presents Mr. Wait with a beautiful nylon A- merican flag. 21 Christmas proiects are philanthropicolly planned and carried out by the Hi-Y, Y-Teens and the Student Council. 22 We start a much needed vacation with double vic- tory over Westerville. 23 We make a last-minute check of our Christmas gift list and do our last- tinute shopping. 24 Christmas Eve Day. 25 Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 28' We start exchanging our useless gifts and wrong sizes. Approximately 350 shopping days left 'till Christmas. Page Fifty-eight 29 "Scrappy Galion Quint Upsets Jackets" - quote, Spiv Harris. 30 Calendar crew confer- ence at Keitha's. 3'l Hi-Y - Keynote New Year's Eve Party. 1'. - 1954 FORUM SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, l954 FA " E C Club to Be tudent Gouncrl Plans tiiggffigipnngk.DYQQBRADEYQY he! re Far tbl-V me T 0 e ear s Program Poi der by Pr 14' 1953 An S veland BK nt Oi p X25 . A X 1 1 'he first general meeting of 'L 1 Omfers jsldellt, Jiilnd 0-2 DY-' Clie departnai Defilsoneni dent Council was ' from the Monday fifth period clas- Haprod- Te Vice P Stull Soy in d reugion dnesday eV n X Uday noon i- News ies. These students are expected Ilan: :Zire Seq-,Star residen phy -an Spogggvqethe Hi-Y 10' ,1 Ka- A hoop attend all the general meetings d Repor aslu-el. yi ROI verslw' 21, to Hgh SGC A, ' agtet Scsepgr' the Student Council and re- bfi-Wness tel? Johg D4Ud1-ew Octobfff .lp,itCY in his mio G- G, A. Prutsaav- bigrt back to the mom which they we M d1s0,,SSed Isbron 5,,biCCY, Bfadnelhiar . aw The fvfsi' heya. TY: a VCT?-qj1eS-resent, This year's represen- anned fn, Was a Wham? -messed . aioivbi an? ,W rf-1 Omef e pta? fn ,,,eaSC nslbxllw nd w35 quaint actwx edves are' F F I nn' atmer' 5 3 50X is oi l . " l, . ' ' 9 9 to W . A I M , SQO UK yy, 3 . C0 , - u ie- 35 tzbln-Qui' dxlhd va A 'fr Lamb 19 John' FH I 0 dm ad' hey Cal EA 3. W Snr ORGAN n d successi mans ', the iiege cshat tl Y -as l ml in eo "' wow" V "Wire 5 he Student Coil N555 pubifh to the S 53105 ere the 0 The Y-Teen cabinet of 1953-54C the dance aft' fccfe ,HPD 306 -- --'OA and n B0Ut0n met lar Tune 5 for an informal ,e, Octt w is 1 "" ' Sparks D 051 Dick Mil discus' 'ons for the future 1 this L e ,, which ui Key of Dflve no lfflnger, Y-Ter ' the main . pay ft Crest, dent CO Blood Don -th the Knox Kofi- 6 'pringei prob' fy faced ty .-The t-The axe Stu. Septeil In Cooperation wgxe Mount Ver- otke Chool was 0 af 'oil hufgdafla Magyar nw Red Cross, t ked a 1Get5'QtBSS :1Ag1-, me B 0 le Comm- Ye :XT . .ia Q cw '- Club Spar . , - 'f"S0n. f T T A L ge SQYXOOTX non H11 Key or Dfwe can? :Plan ' lo ,he 11' . . CUHC GS 500 0 Out T 9 5C . ambership Drive Dechairmaz 13530, le n..-....11 r'1-.,..+m- nf fl"lPE,,.,paYget1, dph lfe leg KTeens To Have t n Style Show mn The ann del which is sponsored b 8'15 in the . I HL -U. 4L'WY1cx .TI is ..Baske1 W. Y Begins yea ual Y-Teens Style Show, A th, I y Rudin's 'iso is veal-, is to be given tonight at O, an me donorf iBl'nbe H 4 iailed NX last if we Red ,be blooc NW hoSP 9861 The havf AVS' 5 Cl ' O' den SA ferent sc nh New A . r 'Slat a T, Night of tl Mr, Jem, Motion? rs. Ruth Truxall talked on iamentary procedure to the f. A. in their meeting Thurs- noon. Under her supervision, C motions were made, and y common problems were dis- ad and smoothed out. Here's lt to the club groups - do you .f all you should about parli- ntary procedure? If not, we 1 such a program as this will Blood Don 1 items mug to h I E Us , 'gh K TWO mousmldsoiiiiminey Frandofl Mem ' 04 sch Kes ofchoof Q, house 'O Mus aio bring" 1 at 7p. m "Ig 'Wy . game. " Club -1---fer2l15e - that 41,6 ch' 1 ' hejd Tefir, A Cdfort , ji-at . ' I I 12 , KEITHA PORTER ld f f.,,0S"1 the Aumt,,,, fha ,ms 1953s APPOINTED AS BThq,fa the O "f 1?,,O,"'w,,, O 'heetx CALENDAR EDITOR ef' lip-ffl-bam'iTOOg?i'e-113. fn' the gft0be,. 1 ' 0 0 . 1. Keitha Porter, Senior, has beens IGS sviHi-Y S DMN! mf' ,flip 't appointed calendar editor of the ends " x54 F .-,--L The O C of t N Bob R mem Staffers iJD3Vid Waigsom' .Dresidentpa Assif C Ethe senior Vice presjdgnt 2? ren, onference We Hi-Y Uaijftended a stile and amp N ing S - ' men C0'ed1t0fS Of the J- J., Marilyn on Club meriimendingweredrili 6' T1 Reiss and Jan t B ' and di - ods, Pro - ed ' , .Y B u tai ri jgonws th Heidelberg Cjlilgei, graduate ha: , e on social SC. ' ge and mf "ll b 'ence r Us Yc vulklmgi igchey. here, WM b Pushes U16 , attended any Dr Us george Campbeljlown .t . . . - an H in You Make lem an KeY df' ., Campaign fe held arbfafe and his? Hadley of Kiiil' Czgb as 1 Your Blke - ciubbefs sity. In the 'pmem Of a Pefcturis On 'fnevei ob R. he High School K3 me fir-Si ,Sting talks Warren was sonahtyg, 'iy Warren' hard at .wodiety campaign, md edifi' f the Camp, anslected President ng rsom, were ai of men. sa h-uc New A 1 the recr , Ransom Ser ive se ma pha e outon, business - , SCUSs10n,1 . gram ideas 1 day manager, Phil I ring, and re- inspired by the Timg' They Wergi spor wwe, H - bong leader 3 10na11y-k ,. . 93 V n to SCOW of tl- 5 vvlded H011 cguncl ed an Sufei-1 ' Pla 'reams Yx . Dhysi- . .f Which, , fl Bill Tbelble in towpi ' S Including cal affilvities each lm Mar b1C3 ,, vlsitlw 'B 1 Ofgam chel Keymen me . 3 lball, Volleybauzed 50ftba1l,I.1e,. Uhools of -on 3x..NL,- ong, and Ca ., swimming I. Septembe like is pYOl tg Coxbeixix QQSQIOOQX Collectjonnieing. A Wopjdiggi- essed tlieil t in the .QC Sax. CYS a, .on Q made so almg about .. for th den , Geklx Q00 Qnfo OHV , dllllng th Bell. of e pro- bicyilles an NXY- X X0 Qglfo QCW 5 xo V , . e week.. . the H tummy man , CXN avg Q10 0 t Scott is aw, mbel 0-fem H-:hfsf 0pp01' K RA ueoilq AXLCY Ag Tl 7 Ngea as 3, rm-.-and rmm nqrann . . . Student Council lst row: Geoffrey De Sylvia, John Ferguson, Eddie Blackburn, John Drake, Mollie Deedrick, Pat Wilson, Marcia Verson, Keitha Porter, Sarah Eastman, John Ewalt, Judy Perrine, Ann Munroe, Donna Sue Ables. 2nd row: Dan Wagner, Ed Welsh, Ron Speer, Barbara Scott, Judy Mild, Sondra Lanphear, Carolyn Wagner, Nancy Rice, Judith Reed, Barbara Beroth, Carolyn Cary, Shirley Ann Spearman. 3rd row: Ron Anderson, Richie Hoyt, Charles Williams, Bill Transue, Jean Boyer, Lorna Eagle, Janet Henery, Ann Robeson, Diana Gullett, Carolyn Frederick, Ann Rice, Susan Nash. 4th row: Jo Ann Ulery, Mary Ann Hanes, Peggy Cochran, Jo Ann Jackson, David Misicka, John Hess, Miss Audrey Wright, adviser, Joe Dunlop, Bob Lipps, Jerry Beeman, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: lst row: Keitha Porter, president, Carolyn Wagner, vice-president, Jan Vannatta, treasurer, Sarah Eastman, secretary. MP, 2nd row: Lorna Eagle, scrapbook, Nancy Rice, community service, Ann Robeson, social, Jean Boy- er, handbook, Carolyn Freder- ick, election, Barbara Scott, publicity. 3rd row: Jack Hess, iuke box, Dave Misicka, assembly, Miss Audrey Wright, adviser, John Ewalt, head monitor, Ned Van- natta, noon hour, Jerry Beeman, safety. -sg' Page Sixty-one K "Forum" Staff . . . Clilf Slayman, Co-Editor Hannah Mautner, Co-Editor Dan Bastin, Business Manager Literary Editor ...... Photo Editor ....... Senior Editor ..... Calendar Editor r.... Calendar Assistants ,..,., ,,.,,. Art Editors ...,.. Sports Editor ..... Music Editors ..... Subscription Managers Subscription Staff ..... Advertising Manager ...., ...... Advertising Staff ...,. Staff Photographers ...... ..,... Adviser .... Page Sixty-two Marjorie Kerr Barbara McDermott Barbara Scott Keitha Porter David Warren Ann Robeson Kay Dennis Joan Drake David Misicka Elizabeth Gaines Sue Tarr Sarah Eastman Barbara Beroth Ann Titus .lo Ann Ulery Jo Ann Jackson Larry Epstein Rachel Daly Carolyn Barton Don Reed Monte Rutherford Mary Ann Hanes Nancy Stillson John Wareham Duke Wagoner Bill Martin Bob Lipps Dick Morain Sara Cannon 'X '34 in -'Q' iff Top row: Ql1 David Warren, Keitha Porter. Q21 Mariorie Kerr. Q31 Barbara Scott. Q41 Joan Drake, Kay Dennis. 2nd row: Q11 Nancy Stillson, Mary Ann Hanes. Q21 Barbara Beroth. Q31 John Wareham. Q41 Rachel Daly, Q51 Carolyn Barton. 3rd row: Q'l1 Larry Epstein. Q21 Sarah Eastman Q31 Sue Tarr. Q41 Dick Morain Q51 Don Reed. Bottom row: Q11 Barbara McDermott. Q21 Ann Titus. Q31 Elizabeth Gaines. Q41 Duke Wagoner. Q51 Bill Martin. Q61 sob lipps. Page Sixty-three H J." Staff . . . Marilyn Reiss, Co-Editor Phil Levering, Business Mgr. Janet Bouton, Co-Editor Sports Editor ....,,,,... ..., Girls' Sports Editor Exchange Editors ,.... ...,. Feature Writers ,... Reporters Advertising Manager ...., ..,. Advertising Assistants ...,, .... Circulation Manager ..,. .... Circulation Assistants ,,.,, .... Adviser ..... Page Sixtyvfour Bob Ransom Charleen Smith Beverly Rine Eleanor Brown Phil Levering Tom Perrine Sue Tarr Ann Robeson Carolyn Barton Keitha Porter Elizabeth Gaines Martha Galbraith Sarah Eastman Tom Perrine Peggy Cochran Nancy Rice Darlene Cline Bill Noce Marilyn Harris Ann Robeson Loa Hathaway JoAnn Jackson Miss Sara Cannon , gov X. 1 JR fu .S A -. Top row: U1 Jo Ann Ulery, Peggy Cochran Q21 Bob Ransom 131 Tom Perrine. 2nd row: U1 Marilyn Harris l21 Nancy Rice I31 Ann Robeson I41 Martha Galbraith I51 Marlene Kline. 3rd row: ll1 Monte Rutherford 121 Eleanor Brown, Bev Rine 131 Charleen Smith. Bottom row: U1 Chuck Pond C21 Loa Hathaway, Darlene Cline C31 Hondley Hayes, Charles Potes. c Page Sixty-tive 127 Chaos . . . I i Top row: ill Waiiing for somefhing? Q21 Deep concentration. Middle row: U1 Is it dead or alive, Mr. Lipps? ID A general state of confusion. Boflom row: U1 Smile, everybody. Q21 Lighls, camera, phoiographers, and Barb. Page Sixty-six L . . , 1954 Quill and Scroll Dan Bastin Barbara Beroth Elizabeth Gaines Martha Galbraith Keitha Porter Marilyn Reiss Peggy Cochran Sarah Eastman Marlene Kline Hannah Mautner Barbara Scott Clifford Slayman Carol Sue Tarr Janet Bouton Eleanor Brown Marilyn Harris Mariorie Kerr Beverly Rine Ann Robeson Page Sixty-uve: - Q Mlm an ,G,,mm2l21'.' AJiLN M. 4t.w ,,r:rmg1g3 ,Um -35 ' 3 :T J., 1 Y TOP 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th -Teens. .. PICTURE: ow: Linda Brillhart, Janet Vannatta, Carol Ogg, Judy Mild, Barbara Schmidt, Kathy Hodder, Virginia Humbert, Ann Bell, Barbara Lamson, Betty Jones, Carolyn Wagner, Lorna Eagle, Maiorie Warman, Joan Drake, Sue Tarr, Barbara Beroth, Ann Robeson, Beverly Rine. Y row: Shirley Davis, Sondra Lanphear, Essie Erlanger, Marilee Ehrgott, Shirley Brooks, Jackie Burgess, Janet Henery, Mary Ann Rawlins, Roberta Rabishaw, Carolyn Frederick, Patsy Cranmer, Alma Rine, Barbara Stoyle, Carolyn Barton, Norma Jean Fetter, Janet Bouton. row: Elaine Pipes, Shirley McGibney, Darlene Cline, Nancy Ralston, Carolyn Sperry, Carolyn Cary, Nancy Houbler, Sally Latham, Mary Ellen Fox, Nancy Taylor, Nancy Stillson, Nancy Rice, Georgiene McKee, Phyllis Kymer, Mary Jane lmhoff, Marilyn Harris, Ann Titus. row: Linda Ralston, Rachel Daly, Jo Ann Jackson, Marilyn Ullman, Mary Jane Henthorn, Hannah Mautner, Nina Lou Marchal, Carol Gillooley, Janet Scott, Judy Hurps, Martha Galbraith, La Vaun Low, Janet Hyatt, Elizabeth Gaines, Mary Ann Hanes, Jo Ann Ulery. w: Charleen Smith, Jean Boyer, Judy Allen, Barbara ro Scott, Peggy Cochran, Donna Hall, Iris Marks, Elaine Snow, Joan Perrine, Marilyn Amsbaugh, Mary Lou Carswell, Sarah Eastman, Keitha Porter, Carolyn Colgin, Loa Hatha- way, Kay Dennis, Mrs. Cass, adviser. row: Christine Banner, Mrs. Askins, adviser, Mrs. Burwell, Marlene Kline, Shirley Graves, Kay Mary Hogan, Barbara McDermott, Lorena Gardner, Eleanor Brown, Mariorie Kerr, Marilyn Reiss. adviser, Marilyn Engle, Stream, Betty Carter, BOTTOM PICTURE: 'lst 2nd 3rd 4th 5th row: Betty Adams, Jean Hall, Joan Hall, Jo Lee Hunt, Saundra Miller, Dixie Swadener, Sally Stout, Pat Cary, Jerry Bryan, Carol Kiger, Mary Lynne, Kathary, Rosalie Ernest, Camille Mazza, Sally Mahaftey, Lynda Lannoy, Bonnie Wise. row: Kay Murdock, Loduska Eis, Wilma Gullett, Connie Jackson, Shirley Spearman, Brenda Trace, Judy Lemaster, Anna Sperry, Kathleen Mooney, Judy Phelps, Sandra Cor- coran Muriel Harris, Shirley Hall, Julie Boyle, Margaret Rowe, Marie Higgins, Martha Madias, Mary Kathryn East- man, Diane Bollinger, Pat Gerber, Linda Ketner. row: Thelma Clements, Janet Klein, Molly Fletcher, Rosa Lee Helsel, Nancy Humbert, Mariorie Sanner, Janet Ran- som, Ann Baltzell, Kay Rapp, Pat Wilson, Deanna Wright, Sandy St. John, Sue Carole Hyatt, Donna Boucher, Marita Grubb, Joyce Fetter, Barbara Leiter, Marybeth Gilfillan. row: Maxine Cunningham, Rilla Jackson, Shirley Coles, Carolyn Reed, Jean Wagner, Joyce Wagner, Loretta Davis, Carole Cranmer, Mollie Deedrick, Nancy Hagan, Judy Ackerman, Ann Rice, Beverly Main, Nancy Fritz, Linda Emley, Judy Mayer. row: Marie Stevens, Linda Knapp, Barbara Stevens, Sandy Bowman, Nancy Taylor, Phyllis Stout, Barbara Hunter, Tina Angelas, Ann Rice, Nancy Humbert, Sheila Schwartz, Susan Nash, Dale Fletcher. EV, ll Ili, J? Q , E Wy , Vfffgf H ja' . an P' Wi , X----.--.---..q.,-Q ff' - :J,f13!'i""fQfr trlw-L 'ii' I 'lst row: Peggy Cochran, secretary, Marlene Kline, president, Car- olyn Barton, vice-president, Sue Tarr, treasurer. 2nd row: Barbara Beroth, reporter, Keitha Porter, service chairman, Norma Jean Fetter, music chairman, Janet Bouton, social chair- man, Bonnie Wise, freshman girl-at-large, Nancy Stillson, social chairman. 3rd row: Mariorie Sanner, sophomore girl-at-large, Ann Robeson, senior girl-at-large, Charleen Smith, finance chairman, Barbara Scott, worship chairman, Cathy Hodder, program chairman, Mariorie Warman, iunior girl-at-large. 4th row: Mrs. Wanda Burwell, Mrs. Florence Cass, and Mrs. Pearl Askins, advisers. Y-Teens Cabinet Page Seventy-one Hi-Y . . . OFFICERS: Bill Noce .... Bill Martin .... Bob Ransom . David Warren Cliff Slayman Bus Ransom .... Chaplain Sergeant-at-arms President Vice-president Treasurer Secretary 'lst row: Larry Kreps, Charles Denhart, Bob Bader Charles McDoweI Bob Melcher Handley Hayes Charles Banning John Wareham Tom Perrine, Stan McNabb, Andrew Ball, Bob Poland Benny Cochran Phil Jacobs Al Shields 2nd row: Don Reed, John Levenson, Bob Berry, Jim Hoovler Bill Doup Jim Wareham Jam Rice Keith Merrln Keith Rinehart Dick Corcoran Buzz Pryor, John Nugent, Ned Kuivinen, John Frary John Augensteln 3rd row: Larry Davis, Bob Dunham, John Ewalt, Jim Hofmann Jack Day Duke Wagoner Jack Hess Bill Marlin Bob Ransom Mr Becker adviser, Bus Ransom, Cliff Slayman, David Warren Bill Noce Dave Mislcka Dan Bastln John Lord Bill Yoakum Ron Gaumer Ron Anderson, Jim Lord, Phil Levering, Glen lrick. Page Seventy-two Junior Hi-Y 'lst row: Jim Bouton, Jim Baube, Jim Gill. 2nd row: Everett Baer, Mark Misicka, Dick Kymer, David Gill. 3rd row: Stanley Wallace, Paul Antill, Bruce Tramont, Gregory Chester, Ronnie Brasseur. Standing: Bill Thomas, Jim Land, Bob Mayer, Chuck Pond, Lawrence Van Riper. Left side: Richie Hoyt, Milton Outcalt. Right side: Bill Tanner, Charles Berger, Bob Moore. Page Seventy-three Key Club . . . Larry Epstein ,... Charles Gill .,Y,, Joe Mazza ,,., ,.... OFFICERS: .loe Dunlap .,..,,A, Treasurer Dick Baney ..,. Vice-president Ron Gullett ,,,. Chaplain Committee Chairman President Secretary 'lst row: David Evans, Ron Gullett, Jim Kimble, Larry Epstein, Joe Dunlap, Mr. Edgar Sampson, Adviser. 2nd row: Joe Mazza, Danny Wagner, Charles Warren, Pete Mavromates, Roger Rush, David Kennett, Ron Cline. 3rd row: Edward Welsh, Dick Simmons, Milton Outcalt, Ron Snow, Linn Sellers, Charles Williams. 4th row: Joe Van Dover, George Engle, Bob Lipps, Ernie Rehling, Dick Ferry, Dick Kimble, Jerry Beeman. OFFICERS: Bobbie Joe Harrod ..,w Vice-president Russell Mills ..... Student Adviser Ron Spearman ,... Secretary Jim Stuller ...... ..,, P resident Andrew Ball .,l,, .,7, T reasurer Ron Skinner ,A,,A ,,,. S entinel John Disbro Reporter ...F.F.A. fislll S 'Ist row: Richard Hall, Byron Dearman, Richard Hines, Don Dalrymple, Ken DeWitt, Paul Emlich, Don Dearman, Don Springer, Ernest Springer, Joe Watson, Charles McDermott. 2nd row: Delano Rogers, Jim Bouton, Clark Fawcett, David Keys, Bill Peterson, Pete Barnes, Ned Vannatta, Don McFarland. 3rd row: Bob Cline, Tony DePolo, Bob Moreland, Russ Mills, Mr. C. R. Fridline, adviser, Ron Spearman, Andrew Ball, Bob Harrod, Jim Stuller, Mike Lee, Joe Tharp, Jack Bell, Ron Anderson. Page Sevenlybfive ."7, 'ui Future Teachers of America 'lst row: Mrs. Alice Cassell, adviser, Janet Ransom Barbara Scott Hannah Mautner Nancy Stlllson Marlorle Warman Nancy Rice Palsy Cranmer, Barbara Butler, Margaret Zimmerman Mr Don Morrison adviser 2nd row: Janet Scott, Hester London, Betty Humbert Peggy Bloom Roberta Rabushaw Sondra Lanphear Dorothy Strickland Jean Wagner, Loretta Davis, Peggy Cochran, Linda Emley 3rd row: Larry Epstein, Mary Ann Hanes, Kay Rapp Cathy Hodder Janet Henery Lorna Eagle Rachel Daly Shirley Cole OFFICERS: Secretary .... Treasurer ,,,... Vice-president President .,,,,s Page Seventy-six Barbara Scott Nancy Stillson Mariorie Warman 7 Hannah Mautner . . . Proiection Club 'lst row: 2nd row: 3rd row: 4th row Sth row: Mr. Owen, Gordon Springer, Gregory Chester, Paul Emlich. Bob Dial, Jack Cunningham, Bud Massa, Curtis Hissong, Raymond Looker, John Augenstein. Bob Poland, Gary Daubenspeck, Dick Rush, Kenneth Rockwell, Bob Sowers, Chris Loney, Dick Morain. Joe Todd, .lim Fisher, Larry Steele. Bob Lipps, Delano Rogers, Richard Cline, Dove Fridline, Harold Heckel. OFFICERS: Paul Emlich Mr. Owen ,,,. Ned Vannatta Bob Lipps .... John Disbro ...,. Vice-president Adviser President Secretory-Treasurer Reporter Page Seventyeseven Libra ry Staff Back row: James Hoovler, Chrystal Conant, Iris Marks, Patricia Ann Rice, Shelda Robertson. Middle row: Mary Klabaugh, Patti Boyle, Grace Conkle, Barbara Stoyle, Ronnie Ridenour. Front row: Kay Kreps, Keith Lewis, Elise Rice, Joan Wilson, Susan Minnich, Linda Devin. Page Seventy-eight OFFICERS: President ............... .... D avid Fridline Secretary-treasurer ..,.. ...,, D ick Morain G.A.A lst row: Pat Baltzell, Charleen Smith. 2nd row: Jo Ann Ulery, Janet Scott, Betty WagstaFf, Lydia McDowell, Janet Vannatta, Sue Tarr, Ann Robeson, Rachel Daly, Kay Stream. 3rd row: Ann Bell, Phyllis Kymer, Pat Wilson, Mary Jane lmhott, Marilyn Harris, Roberta Rabishaw, Mariorie Warman, Joan Drake, Keitha Porter, Juanita Hite. OFFICERS: President e,,,,7,,,,7,,,, ,..l, P at Baltzell Secretary-treasurer ,,7,,7,7 Charleen Smith Page Seventy-nine Y. F. C. . . . YOUTH FOR CHRIST OFFICERS: Vice-president .... ..,,, B ob Beck Secretary ,.,,... ,,,, D iana Gullett Vice-president ,,,, .... C harlie Fawcett Treasurer ..,,,..,, .,.. D onna McQuigg Vice-president ,,,, ....,,,, L arry Fogle President ...,. ,,,, R on Gullett Pianist ..,,.,........,. Norma Jean Fetter Assistant Social Director ,,,, Jean Hale Social Director ..... ..., P at Wilson Assistant Pianist Edith Springer Music Director .,.. .,... J oyce Fetter Music Director ,.,. Joe Dunlap X ist row: Miss Cochran, Diana Gullett, Patty Umbaugh, Pat Wilson, Norma Jean Fetter, Joyce Fetter, Larry Fogle, Chariie Fawcett, Edi Springer, Donna Lou Dudgeon, Joe Dunlap, Ron Gullett. 2nd row: Mary Lynne Kathary, Linda Humes, Ned Brooks, Everett Baer, Mary Beck, Don Coe, Charles Wilson, Carol Wilson, Marilyn Taylor, Bob Moore. 3rd row: Marilyn Fawcett, Joan Keller, Nancy Miller, Kay Murdock, Rosalie Ernest, Jackie Dudgeon, Carolyn Daup, Barbara Lauderbaugh, Barbara Yarman. 4th row: Carol Hayes, Donna Lee Porter, Wilma Jean Gullett, Judy Borden, Velma Smith, Betty Watson. . . . Kotton's Kids Vw sl fx' Top row: lll Barbara Scott, vice-presidenlp Charles Wyant, treasurerg Kay Dennis, presidentg Felicie Paques, secretary: Mr. Joe Cotton, adviser l2l Carolyn Frederick. 2nd row: fll Charles Wyant, Donna Boucher, l2l Janet Bumpus, l3l ? 3rd row: Ill Frant row: Joan Drake, Iris Zschocher, Carolyn Broakins, Kay Dennis, Felicie Paques. Back Row: Bob Antonick, Ogden Wintermute, Ann Lepley, Charles Wyant. Bottom row: Ill Kay Dennis 121 Margaret Heaton, lloyd Henthorn, Carolyn Frederick. French Club . . . ,J wr 4. Cl 'Q riff Q r e Tap row: Ill Front row- Jenn Boyer, Janet Boutan, Rachel Daly, Marlene Kline. Second rowl Barbara Beroth, Eleanor Brown, Shirley Davis, Essie Erlanger, Barbara Scott, Keilha Porier. Back row. Judy Allen, Beverly Rine, Hannah Maulner, Mary Ann Hanes, Sarah Easlman I2l Oggie shows his slides. Middle row: lll Fronf row Mary Ann Rawlins, Nancy Rice, Nancy Slillson, Jerry Beeman, Keith Merrin, Bill Bown. Second row: Barbara Yarman, Carol Ogg, Franklin Miller, Marcella Mathers, Mary Jane Bell, Mary Lynne Kalhary, loyce Bown, Tom Mosley. Third row: Kathleen Mooney, Catherine Hodder, Ogden Winfermute, Roberta Rabishaw, Peggy Cochran, lris Marks. Back row, Dick Morain, Tyler Thornlon, Clifford Slaymcn, John Frary. l2l Merry Christmas and HQDPY New Year. Bohom row: lil My correspondent says . . . l2l Snaps and scraps. . . . Spanish Clubs Top row: llj Front row Ann Bullzell, AI Shields, Pal Frosl, Jo Ann Ulefy. Middle low: Judy Ackerman, Sheila Schwartz, Lo Rue Scholr, Jennene Halneld, Alicia Hosleller, Linda Emley, Palsy Cranmer, Top row Roger Massa, Nancy Newcomb, Margaret Zimmerman, Joe Mazza, Bah Ransom, Reber! Cline, Ron Cline, l2J Umm, Good. Second row: lll Fronl row- .lack Hess, Linda Brillharl, Keith Rineharl. Middle row llandley Hayes, Marilyn Reiss, Chuck Pond, Virginia Humberl, Donna Baxter, Shirley Brooks, Top row: Bob Poland, Judy Mild, Mary Ellen Fox, Maud Mansen, l2l Lel's don'l be greedy! Third row: Ill Swing! l2l Kinda like that-Hun? l3lTl1e1liingl Bollom row: lil What a clossll lil Al the board. l3l At work? 1954 JANUARY 1954 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 'I "l resolve -- 4 5 6 7 8 We came back to school sporting new Christmas clothes. Mr. West meets with the Student Coun- cil. Very few Y-Teens pres- ent to give program sug- gestions to cabinet. Senior girls granted 'pri- vate' Iunchroom. Cleaner drinking fount-- ains requested by Stu- dent Council delegation. Jackets sting the Bears. 'I 1 12 'I3 'I4 15 ll fait froidl Perfect golf A few more Y-Teens at- Class of '54 chooses to Resolves begin to dis- 'Brains?' of the county day. tend continuation of last be graduated in white. solve. gssemble for Senior Sch. week's meeting. lB.U. dayl Qlgyghip Tesl. Reserves' winning streak snapped by Bexley. 18 'I9 20 2'l 22 New 'chartreuse' showers in girls' gym-NICE. Weekly dancing class is begun for iuniors and seniors. Patrolman tells Hi-Y how to be safe drivers. Some typists reached the astonding speed of 50 wpm. Jackets make 401, of shots to dazzle Delaware into defeat. 25 Cupid aroused early as Y-Teens and Keynoters begin quest for "Valen- fine" dance dates. 26 Resolves dissolved. Oh, well. Seniors take ACE test. 27 Dr. Harold Nichols tells Hi-Y to be leaders. 28 Dicky Fawcett tells speech class his family climbed Mt. Everest. We think he means Mt. Everet. 29 Bock in the C.B.L. race - WE beat Urbanal Yeal Page Eighty-four 19154 FORUM Ju SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 NE, 1954 iior Jackets Bring Your Skates' H G m Hshm-t H Th C ty Park Associa- y S LIICH AI'11flgtOn tion 18502112331 ioolSk,,,t.-fink The female "Robin Hoods" have e host Mount Vernon R O - ing ad one after school session. This is dispiayed th - Ygnn Jort is more or less open to the J ""' em tmuna . . E15 B PEARAWE Sllllf-I-800116 u Bobbie Rabishaw and P1 - ML 1 11 K 1 s first time in ietlnnesltnkoiilgh ggbbbowkl iewerl ng packed to store. SRIDIRON SCRAPS by Charles Potes Vell, now' that basketball i rting, football mem0l'iGS af his being better than a.uSu2 son, found the Jackets WW" 8 n record. Lk' F9 .,- 'E ttg WAESN - - few , ' . -, - :1.fitd'N If sir - de' A we 'u . Pointe Ir , E or .1 . ,. -Q tv . Upper fo S the JaCketS B K glrls hav, V Arriwiogxlvi fl-tx B A Nuo xarbl their 1 Serie it ket. h .WA I nh , 1, in ootbal Bears at hom? f on Yellow Jai 2 yes- iogfrlix' 2 veteran D, if Juclid 6 The 0 Y! . -6 ,os "fi ' 1 V - X0 ' aagctsteis with 2 Yecor The Mt' Verstervxlle 75 U Y'-Vlwtlm ., Be, N me Jurgen Z1 1--1 9. a ,X A Lid fn? 'f U nlall.. -.4. 1...nsaf.6d we ggi xnn leahum the n, Ji ie 59 ff to R2 'T ATHLETICS 1, with Campbeu 'WH TEE. " eS if zchet Jay Ve k 3152 The one ' , V llop Newar r nteS F2-r num U31 Wm a J Q I 10 he Urban ' - . ketS a Hillclimb - aokets Lose we 211123 ' tu - or their 3rd 1 ,ack attegeat 21 Powezo 0 -I1 and undisputed H eague qille to mist, 38 T .ve CBL Standi rst place in 865352 Skis 255303 ZHESV- 0 3615085 waigite s1v11'r-1-scoPE VGY bbe ' H ernon in 1 H .. 1 they gra ket R95 Irbana d f eagu' Th purpose of Intiamulfl tad. The Jagement. noZanesvil1e ,. 8 act the Jicliiste was sur S mfs is to teach Sportsmanshlo . timvfo Mot H h" ated M e S were U p Ctitive programs 1 glee me, as H. S turd Ount Ver- --A engply COIUD 1 re Oly- il svtlle Q llle ay night o I I """m 3 3 cot Zanesvl y .GC Qt ki 1 fave' vme'-" E NW" ' Su" FU! Surprises Wooster 33 2 1 hard Jhdrles P t n 7- S W . th fought O es B0b Be k Wt aC expo, r2the Ye11owJ k Q C , a rough F h ln X4 Juntof J of the season the vixenee 311' Second cnmjciats guard, will not see any acifs me . it game to 3 , 01-yn A '5 year becaus U this e, vt hon firb bowed Doing 1 -Y, Blue L e of a broken bo - r thi Int t Jay Vees Squad and n G'-Hd defeat in ""' His leg was inju, Ze 3 lt no the Jacko nesviue reserve Mount Zaoeszlgei. llow Jack e in Jil Co. oi Strong Za re of 43 to 39- neil the the Jac? sei-ies of M , fr, pulled a NS, wt tw the Seo ,, me saxtupwxdnit the ball ,frffupfjp T: y S 24 6 te mst prec- I THE RESERVES , JACKETS Loss TO , Moon ' Wouuhave oly 4 's dlspl t Verno Of action jf - ayed . n Y 1 h' the SG'-5180 their best ellow is leg- Colo H wh - DQS. KCarrol Sorge Ht mbus St. GH the Absent Teeth Chd M . , rt H , ershof, In alys 6 p E1 Varsjt akln 35-bln .V ,I IH this issue of the Jacket is Sw . ral we want to introduce You three ImpreSS'Ve 'n Fnsf Stqrt t Mount Vernon rosowo foot- gre- The new Mount Vernon Yellow L d f 1953. Thx J, o jit Jackets, under the direction of 2:5 yin is Bob Ftniedy Xie inen HOUSW SCNOSSH and Guy Van ' l'. 1' -' li t' . . ' . - 'E d 'u - a a k 6 ttszt-ti im 5352? it " 0 0 eserve bt r' the CBL pennant. on with umalld ith the will to win N v ' t t tckneid. EN H1116 'timbers de n .the 1 air' the '-1?-I -hge L 53f?5'f .efsf Z? 'ff hSCo1iI?g1a1vf,e1'1f b 'th t051YXE .efleng ne mf TDS? ng tl gwn ey nd ond Q sd thf' xo OC ' ' G N 1,107 'tiQvilV55 -C he "an no Qci' 729' !UP?e1,e1 ' 53.00 m od- W tU,,,a,,a Whips Jackmu-U Mount Vernon Mount Vernon, who was favo: as the underdogs, hrnivnri that ty they t. 0-0 in Joster efused -power: 100 ya? L' ckets' DQ by J f Vern 5 ,hat w- ieut C the :ie foul out anot awed 1 seasa .tsuul Sv UURU Q, ie ,OO Ig attack ha' J gifs! HUC new d f -er Moon 0 mu' mere are ul Uwana n0Y1 Ye I m 9 S ' , , S The he Mount Ver 3rd league amper Enid su1Te,.ed Vezylon z position 1 ieatidtg 20-O for theitiluost place in Jim J S ,Q N efeat tb y e mmoi e ar lo 53, eip S110 Q 1 We ' ' - d ' Th ewil- 46 9 W 5 son, a yum JBC d unolspuie senio 9 first of our 9 wj Ur W. 1 aft 4900 or . . , , m , 11 ,, 11 h Hd Appl itohel. on U w1nE1gL Standingshe Second for the ilivejrvfn Erlanger anagofs' We ark S Hmfc.-,ta ,rfhaodclth ,I R Coaches . Housfon Schlosser Guy Van Nostrand Robert Fuller Elmer M. Crabbs Floyd Thomas Page Eighty-six Football M E -en M .4 QQ Q 2 95 1 OAWM nfzu DUN!-IAM 'fax S mug , , , , b Q ' fy f' wsono 1 j 'Q' x Loan suusfr Pnvon BANEY MERRIN VERUDPP BASTINM ,,,. ' P sf S E moulin 1953 Yellow Jackets . . . 'lst row: Loren Fickle, manager, Ron Gaumer, Don Crawford, Jim Beckholt, John Lord, Joe Mazza, Ron Gullett, Norman Sorge Dick Baney, Harley Pryor, Bill Martin, Bus Ransom, Wilbur Vernon, Bill Appleton, Bud Woodward, Ervin Erlanger, manager 2nd row: Coach Houston Schlosser, Carroll Rine, Bob Beck, Jim Lord, Dan Bastin, Jim Hendersholt, Carroll Sorge, Bob Dunham, Charles Potes, Bill Yoakum, Keith Merrin, David Mossholder, Jim Noonen, Coach Guy Van Nostrand, Coach J. Floyd Thomas. Page Ninety Season Record Coshocton l4 .................. Mount Vernon 7 St. Mary's 6 ................... Mount Vernon Bexley 2l .......-.............. Mount Vernon Delaware 0 ................... Mount Vernon Urbana 20 ..................... Mount Vernon Grandview 7 .................. Mount Vernon Arlington l4 ................... Mount Vernon Wooster 0 .................... Mount Vernon Name Jim Beckholt Dan Bastin Ron Gaumer Jim Noonen Dick Baney Bob Dunham Joe Mazza Carroll Rine Jim Hendershott Charles Potes Bus Ransom Norman Sorge Wilbur Vernon Don Crawford Ron Gullett Jim Lord John Lord Keith Merrin Harley Pryor Carroll Sorge Bud Woodward Ervin Erlanger Gerald Skeen Joe Van Dover Varsity Football Team Awards Year 4th 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst lst Amnud Trophy Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Medal Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Certificate Certificate C.B.L. Jim Beckholt Dan Bastin John Lord y J Raise that 5:33-htSiiQt, Lilith, 'higher'-' Y . 1 ' F-a-gh-t tight, nght F-i-gh-t Hght, Hght . F-i-gh-t tight, tight Fight, Fight, Fight Beat Beat Beat Beat 'em boys beat 'em fair, beat 'em em bays beat 'em square em boys beat em 1' Come on r. 'i We've got at guard on the We've got a guard on the We've got a center in the That's ready to fight, so Rack 'em Rack 'em Rack 'em Rack 'em up Jackets iclap, up Jackets lclap, up, rack 'em up, Bo bo ski Bo bo ski , Come on orange, black, team, back - Come on L Fight 'em J Center, end, tackle, guard, . Get together, hit 'em hard J Hit 'em high, hit 'em low 3 Come on team, let's go Q Y-e-ll-o-w J-a-c-k-e-ts J-a-c-k-e-t-s Ssssssssss sting 'em 1 i P . 1 .- I f 2 1 T, . EQ cl i 'R Y W 1 'B' up Jackets iclap, left, right, middle, clapl clapl clapl rack 'e wha tan dat awa da si wha tan dat awa da si mup Who can beat 'em, we can beat 'em We're the team that will defeat 'em Bo bo ski wha tan dat awa da si Aoaaah T-e-a-m T-e-a-m Te-am Team, team, team Go you Jackets go Go you Jackets go Jac-kets Go you Jackets go Page Ninety-three ' " 'm,'t.t,g S '.:,LLs.A.. ,L M im, L4-: 45' Junior Jackets and Honey Bees . . . l i l l TOP PICTURE: Ist row: Jack Rohler, John Curtis, Jerry Miller, Gary Gray, 2nd row: 3rd row: 4th row BOTTOM PICTURE: 'Ist row: Gordon Clements, Dan Clark, Don Dalrymple, Bud 2nd row: Mgr. Loren Fickle, Bill Baker, Charles Berger, Al Gary McKay. 3rd row: Dick Buckham, Bill Yoakum, Tom Knox, Jim Boulon, Pillow, Bob Moore, Coach Bob Fuller. 4th row: Jim McKee, Carl Robinson, Bill Appleton, Wayne Page Ninety-four l Jerry Brady, Mark Misicka, Bill Pillow, Tom Vealch. Greg Chester, Don Regula, Charles ShuFf, Paul Antill, Wayne Fry, Lon Rine, Bob Clark, Coach Tommy Thomas. Coach Elmer Crabbs, Joe Porter, Bruce Tramont, Ron Stoneburner, Myron Coon, Harry Shoemaker, Phil Ward, John Pryor. : Chris Loney, John Paques, Jack Dennis, Denny Gaumer, Harold Heckel, Charles Burger, Ted Beach, Steve Peterson. Woodward, Paul Emlich, Jack Heysel, Leon Ransom, Don McFarland. Savage, Bill Doup, Richie Hoyt, Jim Trowbridge, Bob Masteller, John Young, Dick Wright, Jim Kimble, Dick Fawcett, Al Poland, Dave Evans, Charles McKee, Tom Pribble, Lawson Smith. Jim Trowbridge Carl Robinson Wayne McKee Bill Yoakum Al Savage Bill Appleton Bill Baker Gary McKay Dick Wright Dave Evans Bud Woodward Dick Fawcett Tom Knox Leon Ransom Dan Clark Don McFarland Jim Kimble Gordon Clements Jim Bouton Season Record . Reserve Awards and Record LETTERS CERTIFICATES Danville 21 ....... --- Mount Loudonville 0 Mansfield Mad ------ --- Mount ison 21 -- --- Mount Bexley 18 ....... -.- --,- Mount Delaware l3 Grandview 21 Arlington 24 ---- --- Mount --- --- Mount --- --- Mount Jack Heysel Paul Emlich John Young Al Poland Richie Hoyt Bill Doup Lawson Smith Dick Buckham Jim Watson Tom Pribble Loren Fickle Charles Pillow Jim McKee Dick Kimble Bob Masteller Bob Moore Don Dalrymple Charles Berger Vernon 6 Vernon O Vernon 6 Vernon 6 Vernon 7 Vernon 6 Vernon 6 d S h Eastman B I y Rine 1953 FOOTBALL QUEEN KAY DENNIS McGib y Marilyn Harr Courtesy of Joe Monroe Top Picture: Judy Hurps, Nancy Stillson, and Nancy Rice, Reserve Cheerleaders. Boftom picture: Kay Dennis, Loci Hathaway, Linda Brillhart, and Janet Vannatta, Varsity Cheer- leaders. Page Ninf.-ly-eighi Yea, Team! Basketball KEWH RINEHART 'Mm JIM NOONEN JOE M AZZA HARRY DICK B BUS RANSONI RON GAUMER -I-t01mhNOZ 1954 Basketball Squad - - - Kneeling: Joe Mazza, Keith Merrin, Keith Rinehart, Bus Ransom, Harry Bassinder. Standing: Dave Misicka, Jim Hendershott, Jim Beckholt, Bud Rohler, Jack Hess, Ron Gaumer, Jim Noonen Letters: Jim Hendershott Dave Misicka Bus Ransom Ron Gaumer Jim Noonen Keith Merrin Joe Mazza Keith Rinehart Harry Bassinder Dick Buckham Jack Hess Page One Hundred Two l .-x -w' 1 ww v' Mil' :,,..,.-q'j5il.'5egfLi5fQ. JH Q ,Q ',f..'T,'6i, , -' +93 -fefgxfw ' -235 J - ,.,"- f 'p. 3,ffv,-35, . . . ReseriieTeam and Awards Back row: Coach Roberl Fuller, Jim Land, Manager. Middle row: Tom Knox, Charles Ransom, Al Poland, Jerry Beeman, Bob Beck. Fronl row: Jim McKee, Richie Hoyl, John Lord, Bill Yoakum, Harley Pryor. Reserves Lellers Cerlificales AI Poland Tom Knox Jim McKee Bob Beck Richie Hoyt Tom Pribble John Lord Charles Ransom Bill Yoakum Harley Pryor Jerry Beeman Jim Land lManagerl Page One Hundred Five Future Jackets . . . Freshmen Back row: Manager, Ernie Rehling, Al Fairchild, Charles Warren, Jim Kimble, Keith DeLong, Bill Tanner, Coach Elmer Crabbs. Center row: Dan Wagner, Lawson Smith, Jim Bouton, Jim Watson, Jim Cagnon, Bill Graves, Bill Doup. Front row: Ron Snow, Dick Robinson, Chuck Pond. Eighth Grade Back row: Don Ferris, Coach Floyd Thomas. 3rd row: John Pryor, Jock Dennis, Bruce Tramont, Landon McManis, Ronnie Stoneburner. 2nd row: Jack Rohler, Steve Peterson, Alden Coe, Charles Shuft, Wayne Potes, Jeff Walker. lst row: Lon Rine, Jerry Miller, Tom Veatch, Bill Pillow, Mark Misicka, Keith Lewis. Seventh Grade Back row: Rex Throckmorton, Coach Floyd Thom- as, Eddie Blackburn, Bill Reynard, David Vasbinder, Nelson Newcomb, Joe Roberts, Coach Elmer Crabbs, Jim Pollock, Mike Duck- worth. Middle row: Larry Steele, Gary Rine, David Mau- gans, Larry Long, Tom Bartlett, Terry Tucker, Larry Savage, Bill Pond, David Seavolt. Front row: Wayne Weaver, John Ralston, Don Scott, Cory Christopher, Jim Fawcett, Jim Dean, David Taylor. Page One Hundred Six Volleyball Back row: Bus Ransom, Yauncey New- man, Stan McNabb. Front row: Ted Hickerson, Bob Ransom, Bill Noce. Basketball - League Back row: Ted Hickerson, AI Shields, Jim Beckholt. Front row: Bob Ransom, Glenn McMillan, Stan McNabb. Basketball - Tournament Back row: Don Crawford, Dick Baney, Jim Rice. Front row: Tom Perrine, Jim Lord. Boys' Intramural Champs Page One Hundred Seven Tennis and Golf Teams . . . TENNIS: Standing: Tyler Thornton, Dave Misicka, Ken Heaps, Coach Schlosser. Sealed: Jim Hofmann, Bill Transue, John Wareham. GOLF: Bill Young, Dave Warren, Ned Kuivinen, Dave Spitzer, Charles Warren, Milton Outcalf Harry Bassinder, Coach Thomas. 'Nj' lhfln S BASEBALL: Front row: Bill Yoakum, Stan McNabb, Al Shields, Larry Branstool, Carl Robinson, Bill Graham. Middle row: Sterling Millard, Bus Ransom, Bob Ransom, Ron Gaumer, Tom Cheeks, Bob Rock. Back row: Coach Fuller, Buddy Rohler, Don Crawford, Monte Rutherford, Able Adams. TRACK: Front row: Loren Fickle, Ron Wagner, Dick White, Gary McKay, Leon Ransom, Charles Ransom, Bill Baker, Andy Ball, Lawson Smith, Bill Martin, Jim Kimble. Middle row: Dave Evans, Jim Wareham, Bud Woodward, Joe Van Dover, Dick Kimble, Carroll Rine, Bob Beck, Jim Noonen, Bob Dunham, Jim Beckholt, Dick Buckham, Jim Watson, John Lord. Back row: Gusty Angelas, Buzz Pryor, Jim McKee, Bob Moore, Ron Gullett, Charles Potes, Gene Nelson, Jim Lord, Jim Vernon, Jim Stuller. . . . Track and Baseball Teams Mui Our Babe Ruths, Ben Hogans, Jack Crcmmers, and Bob Mathiuses . . . Top row: H1 Seeing double, 121 Cuifing ihe icpe. 2nd row: UD This is for the birdies, Q21 Casey oi boi. 3rd row: HJ Anoiher record? 121 Why ihe open mouth? Bottom row: HJ Wrong sport, 121 Up and over. . . . Girls' Intramural Champs 5 YM Top row: Ill 9TH GRADE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS - Standing: Kathryn Sandra Corcoran, Dolores White, Dorothy Strickland, Pauline l2l IOTH GRADE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS - Back row: Jean Hall, Rachel Hendrickson, Loretta Davis, Nancy Ball. Middle row: lil JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS - Betty Wagstaff, Fox, Janet Henery, Lorna Eagle, Carolyn Cary, Carolyn Wagner. Bottom row: ill SENIOR VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS, SCHOOL CHAMPS Smith, Carole Harmon, Carol Giftin, Lydia McDowell, Joan l2l SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPS, SCHOOL CHAMPS - Back Front row: Phyllis Kymer, Pat Baltzell, Mariorie Warman, 5.5 Q ,iw I X vt 3' lt lt 4' A Lk f T' Cotting, Judy Reed, Shirley Rardin, Ann Wythe. Sitting: Sally Stout, Gunia. Marcia Verson, Peggy Smith, Margaret Rowe, Joyce Fetter. Front row: Mariorie Warman, Carolyn Frederick, "Bobbie" Rabishaw, Mary Ellen - Mary Jane lmhoft, Janet Scott, Marilyn Harris, Pat Baltzell, Charleen Drake, Phyllis Kymer. row: Betty Wagstaff, Charleen Smith, Lydia McDowell, Carole Harmon. Page One Hundred Eleven l 1954 FEBRUARY 1954 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 1 2 3 4 5 Iowa State Tests make More testing - Y-Teens Last morning of tests Clever movie on the Mr. Walton refuses to rest from morning clas- ses but make burden on brain. view Ogden Wintermute's slides of Paris. climaxed with free noon dance sponsored by the Student Council. 'atom' is shown to scien- tific-minded students. issue library slips to phy- sics class. Panel ol "expert" stu- dents discuss problems with parents at P. T. A. meeting. 9 Mr. Stauch makes "state- ment" of the week at Ohio University band concert. 10 Mr. Al Diess, Y. M. C. A. regional secretary, visits our Hi-Y club. 1 1 Nothing happened today. 12 Ann Titus is announced 1954 Sweetheart of Mt. Vernon High. 15 Student CounciI's new monitor system gets un- der way. 16 lust another school day- Y-Teen cabinet meets. 17 Key Club elects ot1icers- Ron Gullett new presi- dent. 18 School closes early-2:15, for teachers' meeting. Hi- Y has skating party. 19 Mount Vernon loses to Bexley in final seconds of play. 22 The school week begins with no school. 23 The day after the school week began with no school. 24 Student Council has one of the many noon dances. 25 Dr. Roy Dickerson and student panel combine to express ideas on teen- age problems at Family Institute. 26 Jr. Jackets win second straight C. B. L. Champ- ionship. 'Nice goin' fel- last. Page One Hundred Twelve 19'54 FORUM SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 195 4 zior .1JE1".f07'l6l1l.lZhf of the Bama' here are twenty-seven seniors in the band this yes .d like to acquaint you with -.em by! telling yo e, number of years thev ' km 'ed in the band, a ion in row, what i ' l, and their 0" ,- CAROL SING and P" JUMP. SXCCOMPANIED By P1 .fx C. RASS QUARTETTE S ,ant Dave Warrei The Cai-01 si - , Square F' ng on the - , "M" . M - .., 1-I1-Y, member of Roe Wh. Uday night ubhc ems that Joe likes the ex "fired in practi Joe Dunlap Elected President Of The Senior Band As is the annual custom, the Mount Vernon High ited for election. Those chosen were preside pg vice president, Dave Warren, secretary, Carolyn Ba P id treasurer, Ann Titus. Schc Senior Band elected their officers for the coming year i y, October 5. As usual only names of seniors W nt, ce tin lf t Ich Omciany o ' NOV' 27 's having 7 eam' mas sho ' pened the C ' ' ' ositions for he is treas Q h - ' p ' ecretary Carolyn Barton, Danied bripgli Season. Wag, MCSE f the Key Club, and treas alfa YJ? - U A ' pq- nf nw the ham, ' rass ql-lH1'to++.-..1. - r the Snnim- Choir as well -' ' - 'liar 6' .mt rear r, F1 .arbi rterf arr. ers.i .achel Daly, 2, assistant sergeant, drurn,'Y-Teens, ., G. A. A., orchestra, choir, Forum staff. 'orma Jean Fetter, 3, assistant sergeant, u ens Booster Club r , . '9Zy n f T n f , . . . ba. Ours G . ' A e h 5Cll001 V Ol' 2 I KI - fe iz a1neS. 6 C, none, Y Teens r t Vernon hig iece from th Boron! out hh! w MUSIC .VMLCQV lg,-gla gone music. he .f ing pxbo' Y. F Kefy Club- gfdefla Hone a 'VCI lly fir .of son et. Re u........- .- .. -: . 1 T treasurer is a 3 member of thef marching ba. Th E -.. d Q itt me en 0 K fir s X113 . . e Ulu lm etc" A The M0un . -. gain 3 95'p 'IQF K' Pafod .' This - t '3l'1an B ' G B ' h arching band is a'rector Jack E' nd FSU D in a Job and is 'I Very 0 B S president coulm d assoclale dl to the he son lt Barb une' Co It W0u E eant, saicop om ,this year. ll! ,recwn fe- Sal red V OL state of ou, Cho. co? I lS , ' ' Y ' Staufrh 3? O. S- U 0. o 3 F . 'lfvsi N W be called F. T- A-1 Y'Te' nt addluon frorjxlohn Malaracki Ph 8 "es -Ol, tlleif S t on w . . ' . ,Q ' ". ' E . e mcially erected ce department t of half Q n td In 8 tudffn C W o ew muSlC. H Vane Y Q IR d W gun . we Fanjoomcers vile the 62:23 Cornet, orche prom1Se 3 :tina football gagyxiiii 'mf CARCISS QU RQ elsh was S1 FJ ' chow wdfe 5 1 ww time Shows ouled 10 Per fr A Ls 41? gone .entg anftlt. . a day -D a mos he able- band is sche S as well as Na gb? TE? 'e M99 gction K ds of l jean orchestra, HTM he home game durbana. of boy Q T5-rn. Car015 ll 'fu hafx :ma Q all if X , an 12, S1 Ua . er xjtdhav in thgsident ' :Z oi lheize in Co5l'10Ct0n'BeX elhocton game 91147 Zobrofjljsofl igtefte 0 I., 6 pf I 'E 0 S ' theme 'f at OS: hd 0117 M mmdf Norma xentors YOU, ese ness manag "' on we .. The nglvaft, 88152861-b 861-5 p0se Rob BSU rein" Orme 5 me halls hand ' or Peace' e f2z 13, 611 ala S are 8dl0f . . S . -l v . ' P01111 brig-ht O xhroughg , yy vbusgo . M ashy entranc le CQYUIVIJ lday t?1701- Zta Q 6' 4 7' , unnlilg- keepb Xe in a 9 CPI'lt9I' of ,Myst g lj, Illgh lfo. tacti lgnl ll She babe,-ai -ec S I th 11 ,ha .Ima G Hihtljvllga -' - ' ' . 1 . . 0 . lm st clav:j gem? to ,St tor th i B Libe I -' -igbekfza mor? st Mila. nxusli' s accornpall mber 0 5 Ai Qulre O 112 inn R hasbgen QS 3 med oi C0 M em. bqufpsu 'Ig on of .ent Ct Nec :eat od. an' opefe e ' U- Mm-1 Y , 7- - but X hmg ba gh the m d ncx Boy ene Kiln ' -YC . rw 'des ' e . 8.13 e - 1 b . litgfcgdx ixvggxinttvgie ergo. 12221 mtgfot n Seniors marilgot, if iinmment ?gs,713oys! This was , I forartiielz. O 1- . uh QVC . exy 35 3 Chaxfil ty Seve Sc-hogl . 0 Choir W students the ikes Perfec xv , pr ,ic wen ' - ht 5- l th , ed w 1 ue Tart our get 'TQCUS Konus x ri their last nfsic Show. Thxgrmt Waifigt day of ZEEZZEV. Hfth pllllid ts, G. A. Amer ou intxme rn me Nl q e boys and . . Mr. St . o Ann l ters Club harles Wy anet Bout u hal 29, af- Kash. S though this y , , . allchsteemed S ay October gton iootballmc next were an hnegot them- 'Tift-looks and ' 'rx , . ' M bv . Je,,,0n-W1 .H was Shi carries ich . GIRLS QUARTETTE V Grlene Klm A W! . Spit! Ven 'lpeti CA Just think e The bait a certalfzh -year :Band Lara! ROI-'S Thankb i . S 3 m01'C davs and yeah b d on ea of the .ursl A girls' quartette composed of seniol tread w . Sym gens' C0-el what g Vmg Vacation This ' the ban 9 Poruon Nancy Stillson and Barbara Ber- - ' I ' 1 to If hrrley M' evoi-vofgsnshgo be going throughs thwghia graduates' . vernfm -H' Oth- S0Pf0n0Si Barbara SOON. alto: lame Pili leave us d 'ad' ibut before you armuaxy ----' ' Pat.Balta611, tenor, sang at everly P Thanks ' 'Ont fmget the annualtl' e CAROL SING Walls .Fnday night' Novem' e we Y . . . staff, ch Wednesdxfng assembly' NOV- 25 band ACCOMPANIED are 7'du1'ngth"f Omclal Opening M - ' I C ' . Dhn Aug The Ch .i Jec tepp., ASS QUARTE bbc I h-ristmas shobping season 0 1 R P . ' c-Tw 1- Sometime Cjh 15:38 beell workingve S1953 B carol sing OU mgovu 27, Ing the traditional Christ- , Wm, 61 program Wh. h is music and thef- 30 Ente, The Friday night, mist 1-015, the girls visited all of I- Hai D4 mam I IC they have aligned haga Nix, Square ii -im: Qgened the C vartments of the store sev- :za sie ban. so ' A ihi All Play and No Work . . . 9 QQ lst row 2nd row: 3rd row: 4th row' lll Touchdown! l2l "Peoches!" 131 Pep Rally. ill Johnny, "1he Drummer Boy." IZ, Mazarok "the pro." l3l Bess und Jack. lll Hail seniors! l2l Jo-Jo and friends. l3l Smile prelly. HJ Turn around John. Q21 Junior Birdmen cl band comp. Q31 The oltos lend o hand . . . Senior Bancl ,s - -'-YH -' 'WP-ill' q-"" Q W 'i"i""'! 'iiiqffw 3.1 fa '- ri: 1 Sgr? 'A 2 1l",,l?s,f1e:7,gt W V , S' 'J row: Asst, Dir. John Mazarak, Doug Evans, John Drake, Mariorie Warman, Judy Reed, Larry Davis, Betty Wagstafl, Mary Kathryn Eastman, row: Charles Ransom, Norma Jean Fetter, Dan Wagner, Joann Kiger, Milton Outcalt, David Warren, Charles Warren, Stanley Wallace, row: Mary Ann Hanes, Charlene Orsborn, Carolyn Barton, Linda Ralston, Gordon Springer, Ken Heaps, Bob Elwood, Dick Simmons, row: Kay Rapp, Marita Grubb, Ned Kuivinen, Susan Dunn, Deanna Wright, Elizabeth Barton, Carolyn Wagner, Barbara Schmidt, Judy Reed, Rosalie Ernest, la Rue Schorr, Sue Roberts, Gary Kost, Donna McQuigg, Joyce Fetter, Charles Wyant. row: Mary Ann Rawlins, Janet Henery, Mary Ellen Fox, Sally Latham, Lorna Eagle, Jacqueline Burgess, Janet Johnson, Sue Tarr, Jo Ann Ulery, Elizabeth Gaines, Lorena Gardner, Georgiene McKee, Diana Gullett, Gene Lewis, row: Carolyn Williams, Cathy Hodder, Ann Robeson, Eleanor Brown, lois Ewalt, Shirley Eaton, David llauger, Landon McM:mis, Phil Jacobs, Bob Harrod, Joe Dunlap, Ronnie Snow, Carol Hayes, Mary Jo Greene, Ann Titus, Charles WEl.iam:., Bonnie Wise. . Tu? .S wwf B .1 1"t4.s,Zt,4.:, ' uiv'f,. ' ,y K R as ,J J -mv .S f Q, 1 . ,x ' J.. Q 1 Y' . , N KT, Q . J, , lst Rachel Daly, Director Jack Stauch lstandingl. 2nd John Frary, Marjorie Sanner, John Augenstein. 3rd Bill Doup, Larry Marble, Bob Mayer, Barbara Beroth. 4th 5th 6th 7th row: Bob Bader, John Ewalt, Kay Murdock, Kay Snyder, Charles Banning, Charles McDowell, Clifford Slayman, George Engle, Bob Melcher, Loretta Davis, Walter Koser, Martha Rine, Don Reed. Training Tooters ancl Senior Strutters - - - lst row: Stephen Chalmers, Marilyn Davies, Carol Sue Oakes, Judy Phelps, Terry Walker, Frank Miller, Nancy Humbert, Martha Madias, Steve Barnes, Larry Steele, Betty Thompson, Norma Peterson, Jean Hall, Betty Adams. 2nd row: Bob Moore, Marilyn Jennings, Joan Mumper, Carolyn Yoakam, Luanna lmhoff, Carol Kiger, Peggy Spearman, Susan Baube, Nancy Franz, Anita McKinley, Barbara Butler, Marie Higgins, Margaret Rowe, Neal Springer, David Maugans, Joe Roberts, Dick Rush, Phil Middleton. 3rd row: Director John Mazarak, Linda Hagan, Mike Knox, Sondra Lane, Jane Gaumer, Varian Simmons, Elaine Holt, Shirley Spearman, Lois Cochran, Mary Lynne Kathary, Tanya Stuller, Barbara Jacquet, Wayne Ross, David Rowe, Larry Trowbridge, Ronald Staats, Gary Frye. 4th row: Nellie Cochran, Sharon Ccrnille, Terry Tucker, Mike Duckworth, Judy Hill, Pat Gerber, Carlena Ayers, Lois Corcoran, Diane Dailey, Thad Lockwood, Nancy Miller, Donna Porter, Billy Richert, Max Clutter, Bill Pillow. 5th row: Janice Yauger, Kay Baer, Carolyn Gantz, Barbara Holt, Sandra Nuse, Judy Perrin, Richie Cochran, Brenda Ward, Beverly Crawford, Carolyn Midas, Linda Richards, Pam Mintier, Kathy Hagan, Ned Brooks, Janine Keenan, Donna Dudgeon, Ida Mae Heiberger, 6th row: Everett Baer, Sheryl Durbin, Shirley Conkle, Shirley Hall, Jane Higgins, Charles Holcombe, Eddie Blackburn, John Chalmers, Dixie Swadener, Frances Kymer, Linda Devin, Gerald Wells, Harry Shoemaker, Joe Porter, Charles Moore. 7th row: John Ralston, Mark Misicka, Alden Coe, Charles McCutchen, Devota Showman, Betty Skinner, Geneva Thompson, Linda Allen, Loren Fickle, Gene lockhart, Gary Kost, Wayne Ross, Fred Bates, Don Ferris. Bth row: Curtis Hissong. 9th row: Ervin Erlanger. Standing on sides with bass horns: Left side: Roger Hite, Susan Nash, Right side: Billy Reynard, Raymond Looker. The Champs The Challengers 1 K ff, s 'M ' My , f Shirley McGibn ey, Elaine Pipes, John Augenstein, Janet Bouton, Beverly Rine Melony Colifing, Charles Ransom, Linda Ketner ' The Concert Program . . . Cadet Band Program Vanguard - March - -------- - M. W. Hollingsworth lrish Folk Tune ll Know Where I'm Goingl - - Arr. by John Kinyon Trombone Toboggan - --------- - Ernest Weber Featuring the Trombone Section Swedish Rhapsody - - Percy Faith - Arr. by Walter Beeler Symphonic Band Program Musicians of Tomorrow -- March - - Beautiful Saviour - Chorale - First Suite in Eb for Military Band - l. Chaconne 2. lntermezzo 3. March Rhapsody in Blue ---- Piano Soloist, Joe Dunlap Finlandia - - - - - Tone Poem, Op. 26 No. 7 Intermission March of the Steel Men - Serenata - Flute Cocktail ------ Scherzo and Blues for Three Flutes with Band Featuring -- Mary Ann Hanes, Carolyn On the Trail ------- From the "Grand Canyon Suite" Highlights from "Kiss Me Kate" - - - "Another Opening', Another Show" "Wunderbar" "Another Opening, Another Show" "So ln Love" Arrangers' Holiday, "A Twinkle Wrinkle" - Page One Hundred Eighteen Sperry, Sue Tarr William J. Schinstine F. Melius Christiansen - Gustav Holst George Gershwin Score by Ferde Grofe - Jean Sibelius Arr. by Lucien Cailliet Charles S. Belsterling Scored by Harry L. Alford Arr. Leroy Anderson Harry Simeone - Ferde Grofe by David Bennett - Cole Porter Arr. by Paul Yoder David Bennett Harold Walters Paul Yoder i . . . The Concert Band Choruses and Glee Clubs . . . Seventh Grade Girls' Chorus: 'lst row: Joyce Rinard, Nora Lombas, Patty Flecknoe, Carol Boyd, Lindo Crawford, Charlotte Graves, Carol Sue Oakes, accompanist. 2nd row: Betty Gessling, Suellen Fidler, Ruth Borden, Susan Morrain, Shirley Morey, Beverley Beroth, Shirley Hendrickson, Louzella Butler, Mr. John Mazarak, director. 3rd row: Linda Wilson, Sally McKee, Wendy Lamb, Ann Withgott, Ruthann Jamboski, Betty Llewellyn, Shirley Bickel, Barbara Mahard. 4th row: Judy Geiger, Phyllis McKenzie, Linda Winslow, Sue Brooks, Carolyn Hoar, Linda Young, Jody Trace, Kathryn Blue, Bunny Hauger. Eighth Grade Girls' Chorus: lst row: Dixie Pembrook, Carole Harlow, Francie Shepard, Anne Fife, Joyce Franz, Kay Kreps, Karen Boucher, Susie Minnich, accompanist. 2nd row: Mary Lotherns, Carol Hayes, Mary Ann Engle, Nancy Adams, Janet Burson, Judy Borden, Joyce Perrin, Beverly Galbraith, Mary Klabough, Mr. John Mazarak, director. 3rd row: Becky Belcher, Janet Hostetler, Esther Hartley, Mable Laymon, Beverly Bond, Judy Ullman, Diane Warrell, Ann Munroe, Marcia Doehla, Sandra Caldwell, lrene DeVore. 4th row: Pat Lawrence, Myra Zieg, Elizabeth Jewell, Joyce Paisley, Nancy O'Brien, Linda Richards, Lynda Bown, Patty Mooney, Lois Ewalt, Donna Sue Ables, Marilyn Fawcett. i 5 Q 2 3 l till i vi rf me Boys' Glee Club: lst row: Myron Gallogly, Gregory Chester, John Baney, Bud Cline, Dick Kymer, Ronnie White. 2nd row: Bob Clark, Eugene Boucher, Gary Bowers, Bob Reed, Clifford Ridgeway, Jerry Frady, Wayne Corwin. 3rd row: Myron Coon, Tommy Bartlett, Ronnie Ridenour, Gary Koch, Roger Main, Charles Williams, accompanist, Mr. John Mazarak, director. Ninth and Tenth Grade Girls' Glee Club: 'lst row: Helen Morey, Loduska Eis, Thelma Clements, Nancy Blue, Tina Angelas, Joan Keller, Jean Wagner, Joyce Wagner, Mollie Deedrick, accompanist, Judy Bartlett, accompanist. 2nd row: Joyce Doup, Jean Wells, Betty Humbert, Barbara Hunter, Judy Porter, Vietta Wilkinson, Phyllis Stout, Nancy Taylor, Janet Klein, Brenda Trace, Nancy Hagan, Mr. John Mazarak, director. 3rd row: Betty Watson, Ann Rice, Viola Stevens, Beverly Hill, Pamela Mintier, Maxine Cunningham, Joyce Colopy, Bette Jean Haas, Barbara McElroy, Jo Lee Hunt. 4th row: Kathleen Mooney, Betty Adams, Nancy Newcomb, Roberta Curry, Barbara Lauderbaugh, Betty Stringfellow, Anita Stevens, Lucille Thompson, Saundra Miller, Jo Ann Hall. Page One Hundred and Twenty-one Music Department Steps Out . . . ,aww Top row: Ut Best-looking l'?t section of Roofs Tooters. 121 Hester hits high Middle row: Ut Let's harmonize. Q21 Shall we dance? Bottom row: Ht "Foot-foot" at the ivories. 121 Pretty as a picture. Page One Hundred Twenty-two Senior Choir s Ist row: Marilyn Engle, Martha Galbraith, Phyllis Kymer, Pat Umbaugh, John Lord, Ronnie Cline, Pat Baltzell, Donald Springer, Ernest Springer, Jim Lord, John Frary, Leonard Sally, Nancy Rice, Nancy Stillson, Edith Springer. 2nd row: Darlene Cline, Jo Ann Beach, Jo Ann Dexter, Joe Dunlap, Ned Vannatta, James Hoovler, Larry Van Riper, Tom Perrine, Al Shields, Jean Hall, La Vaun Low, Beverley Rine, Director Jack Stauch. 3rd row: Barbara Beroth, Barbara Lonzo, Jean Boyer, Marlene Kline, Bob Dunham, Charles Ransom, David Sellers, Bob Keenan, Bill Martin, Keith Rinehart, Bill Young, Don Coe, Bus Ransom, Judy Allen, Nancy McCullough, Donna McQuigg, Jean Hale, Linda McKinstry, Joyce Fetter. 4th row: Joyce Snow, Judy Ackerman, Shirley Coles, Mary Lou Carswell, Hester london, Janet Vannatta, Charles Wilson, Carl Robinson, Tom Knox, Jim Wareham, Bob Ransom, Ed Welsh, Bill Noce, Stan McNabb, Charles Gill, Rachel Daly, Charleen Smith, Marilyn Reiss, Eleanor Brown, Barbara Scott, Beverly Main. OFFICERS: Joe Dunlap Allan Shields Treasurer Vice-president Marlene Kline Norma Jean Fetter Secretory President Page One Hundred Twenty-three ORCHESTRA ockey, Mr. Sh Maryalice Barron, Miss Carolyn on, Bout nel Ja 5, m Willia Charles Humberl, ancy Butler, N bara Bar nner, Sa I' 8 Mario 'lsl raw: Marilyn Warre D710 ,Di Cafiing hile, Kathryn W ed, Dolores Re Judy hollz, Sc ile, Alfred a H Juan 1 Sloyle, John Mazarak, Barbara Ralston. uncy nsam, N Ra nel Ja slers, m0 Le Judy , Janet Klein, ll Sco , Janel ll Ce Faw Warman. ariorie slufl, M 09 W Belly Standing: Cafhie eaps, H Snyder, Ken Kay ock, urd M Kay PP, Ra Titus, Kay erry, Ann SP I'll'1C erry, A SP Carolyn er, Kig Hanes, Joan l'ln Mary A WZ Back ro o Q. cn 1 5 'L o 9: cn U5 -u cn W CD o 3 3 L Kuivinen. ed N Ba rlon lh Elizab McKee, Geargiene N Gulle Gnd ,Di Hodder 123 on page ed Choir is idenlifi 1 9 5 4 M A R C H 1 9 5 4 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 1 2 3 4 5 No school. No school again. Back to school, but bus Bless the snow, no school. No school. students get to go home early and the city stu- dents have to stay until noon. S N O W S N O W 8 9 10 1 1 12 Friends meet after week of no school. Bishop Werner speaks at Youth Lenten Service. Barb Beroth's broken pearls cause disturbance in French class. Seniors start collecting name cards from their classmates. Mme. Montgomery loses her hrst spring flower. 15 Beginning of "Friendship 16 Several students and Mr. 17 Faculty, parents, and stu- 18 "Wearing of the green" 19 A strange bottle appears ' J: Week," sponsored by the Walton enioy federal aid dents combine talent in -Song of the day. In 2121 . Student Council. lunch in the Howard annual presentation of cafeteria. P. T. A. Capers. 22 23 24 25 26 Special-bottle contained pickle iuice. Will the Y-Teens become the Tri-Hi-Y next year? The Senior Choir is work- ing hard as noon prac- tices begin for "I Hear America Singing." Bill Noce classifies a few sentences of English as- signment as "catch" questions. Junior Class presents "Stag Line." 29 Fredericktown Honor Club visits our Student Council. 30 Y-Teen lnterclub Council postponed. 31 Preliminary Scholarship Tests given. Page One Hundred Twenty-six 1954 FORUM SEPTEMBER, 1953 VQLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 meme- mmol lttendants and arman, Frederick and Dunrmxil ,memreyl rah ' nior Glass Play Lealllll"aSl'tnlt0l'mffXC Court Named rags lnn Titus. pretty, petite, black- enger ed senior has been chosen e B uv - ' ' , th B ucCe5Sw rick Forum Queen. The election Tl. aded roine o. tb Dunha y is below. 'e Junior Class play, "Stag Line" mes 151259 me U , MGT n h0 ' 1 place last Frida in the En - Warman as Maudle, who has be pay' Csgeolgast at hi arrwedagd Classes of theyfour upper olaysg Carolyn Frederick as Sylvi ,tamed i me goes Cawwn my. :, and Ann was elected by a erry. The cast, as it was posted when as m0u?'hvmg manga to HHj0rity. The Pretty little Seemed Ye Conti? ww ofa ke and is a member of the Forum Bob we xmmeaxa he out ca e next d plays in the high school K ost Bob Was en wbefinenxs, T26 Car- .ast year she was a junior 's. N '. Ms audi: lvia ix . lie 'sbei mg . Tl-IE ADT5 :Tia "" """ ---'--- v F l s297':'ga1n25- 3,,c11l""i Joh' - .. .mhmxl lto the 1953 Forum A M mu W-A.. Ttendant 0 Peggy any. and a - mem l, Jacket .A.. She all high last fall. Oth? N lofi Euen F0 Y Still n the commercial ...,...,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,, K , I ' . I Rarrington , X X f I K The v Maw derSon, N213 Scot-lf' majorette for the neg 0 339 ann B3 Pe rn utty ...........,.,.,.,, 6 gon Hufpsr ,e war D vy ....-. .....,, ' um LOY ' JVAY- Nlanolx Uxuna ' lsiest seniors in D e L he For 509. eWXSv Marilyn B07-7' l Q 1 ...... ..,.,, F 0 the 1954 Gene L Cars- Ke Bareessae Er- She IS presldent gr ,uvhh nnnphh n on, ' SI- fowfl 'Jac l M ESS nn, vuncil, 'reporter my Miss Sara Cfuiwmg cos YJY Ngihn Cgzhn Ffafgxm Nllgegxm Htigaand vnul. a member 'lOl 0 1 Y or Bell nlla ' vas an attend- ' . Cube nwx ' rw ' fl 'nov Q lrgaret ..... '-"- p Olnte Miss Cantlfgnr Jaxx , ,xangen 'ZSHQQLBO s. forum Queen, , '1 231 il, ' - W1 ' oats ' "" APU Ruth Tfuxa ison- X W ROm:5,5t-255' -flmi0l' attendants are Nancy Th . 1 Mrs. . - pen!! QR me N S . e play W111 be L Virguna ' n for tx U C ce. ancy tillson, and Carolyn - - MTS' hdlfme . X ' agner. Nanc R1 h t f M . X C an ' y ce IS C alrfnan ec Tori O rs Rum Genetud Sarah EaS1mJeanB0 dy man? Shlfley the Community Service Com- Th1s IS a good 3 ati Berotb an Commutee' Reed, an f calf n Carolyn tee of the Student Council, a ,pied from the "Mag Ticket Xmhoffy Dofrtee 'H Ka K Qma ' zrleader, and last year had a , ne ' 1 S- st 't' th llh'h h l The entire play take. Mary Ja ation Comxm Laffy 9357 qany Charm 123221 :Lifeena lg sc oo . . Decor . Xangef, d jacqu - ne, SylV1H Mason is E Sie EY . ow an . ieA U ,O take lace the neX' Davis, S Carol G1ll0 I Nlaflm' icy Stillson has been a pianc I t' p' t ' t A Frederick, u n Committee I ang Ron L the Forum show for twc ae ime 1S rymg o r Corongno or BYQWU. me Ruthe has done accompaning l make all the other and 1-glean Wm b6 MO Jim H050 vgamzations, ht dollars and forty cenx Poles' e Manage! ugee " X Pryof' 9 Q . . . n Hoffman, who was Stdqi iowa Cgmm 131' EY ioei t1sCV1ce':9res1. C I x I . an ounci , and uble begins when Maudi Exe John fra Scott, Tom L ssofiaok nior class. ' and ' 'xt' we 'W 605 - The Play 15 Vein' a , K f. -X09 0 O , ' QQGXXQ, vor court are - ,te 1 x. 1' , - mm' mm, Barhal' f-Bear Ruth X 62221. slg,e9iv , 1 X,oi'Z01,.1?.RT,f. 6 'n ',.ieN1ien' ' Q90 -Q 'VN 64" 'Si obeson v s X . 'r Force after 'gess' -'SK' Q . eo 'ie . P R u Nocg 15 i ght' Wkxers in .vathy H-OL l QQTQZ qxiqxgg BRO lxldoeioi ham beginning 'mam Se uv ans' w 'X Jacobs Q? wif? vt 6 X W B S , all red bb' ant W1 nets tina des: W O be? .oo 00 -8' ,000 9. X letter anew? bu my le t anew F01 fe Q fa? ee 'vc 90 o txt? but moe S Cas , Xen 9 e o 1 X. 50 Ruth ' .S 3115i a X pl8Y pe1'50n' est oi the us. Nlail-hayrn WY El rd 0 'Co '00 049' xgao 3 ON!" 'rw 1 u SCWO The f We ' f 1 nephe 1 as 6 . wt- ec im- of the a e ' ' te Plot ,. any is th ayarlgxzpeggg lifctxho bylgi- 've qs X yua ' u 1 th . gm . ' rn, , ', 'o , o il Sister at Causes :gt deal Ola Sotirne vw Wxirlisfnni Audgorm er chairman' Bl xwesvopeoiiei L n dee . Q ce . the 019 ' on 7 , ' ood redericks, grating fmangen ber 13, 111 EVerYb0dV: ,June 1"1"5 W is Mark, ,0f.690g5'9-a9dfss F . 4 ' gtlcno, Thqfg-1, olayed by at 8'1?f...u9"vn! 7 .1'-..finQ the Sho ,."lJ11f" gift' ta. 35216 f. -ss ,... n t S 4 Dora 5 S3353 iefegm pmdef 3 AnnRaWl1Tc,5kvji-Qi? 0669141 X Xco"'1,3,Ci5 Loret , Harol , K -dr, Bar o 90 ,be-'K' one '0 Hoffman' H Novem -Chml 6 0 69 Q Wqel Gd .93 roof' -ia-4-Q Page One Hundred Twenty-nine I' f fi Q :ji FF ' S X LA Page One Hundred Thirty one Senior Play . . . GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE Mr. Kimber - Newton Fuller Annabelle Fuller - Madge Fuller Steve Eldridge - Katie - - Mrs. Douglas - Clayton Evans - Rena Leslie - Hester - Raymond - - Uncle Stanley - Leggett Frazer - Tommy Hughes - Sue Barrington Miss Wilcox - Mr. Prescott - Director - - Stage Manager - Stage Crew - Electricians - - Sound Effects - - Property Committee Tickets - Head Usher - Page One Hundred Thirty-two Friday Evening, May l4, 1954 Alumni Auditorium CAST - - - - Dan Bastin - - - - John Wareham - Peggy Cochran - Ann Robeson - Bill Noce - - Kay Dennis - Norma Jean Fetter - - David Misicka - Carolyn Barton - Elizabeth Gaines - Andrew Ball - - Larry Davis - Clifford Slayman - Horace Ransom - Barbara Scott - LaVawn Low - - - Ken Heaps SCENE A farmhouse in Pennsylvania ACT l Scene l -- May. Scene 2 - June. ACT ll Scene l - A Friday in August. Scene 2 - Sunday Afternoon. ACT lll The following morning. PRODUCTION STAFF - - - Ruth Domigan Truxall - - - - Tom Lonzo - - Ed Welsh, Dave Mossholder, Leonard Sally, Gene Henthorn - Howard Taylor, Jack Cunningham - - - - - Phil Levering - Hannah Mautner, Carolyn Sperry, Pat Baltzell, Don Reed Carole Harmon, Shirley McGibney - - - - Christine Banner Page One "Forum" Follies 1954 Good News Personnel FORUM QUEEN -- Queen's Escort ..-- Senior Attendants Keitha Porter .... Shirley McGibney Peggy Cochran --- Junior Attendants Nancy Rice ....... Nancy Stillson ..... Carolyn Wagner --- Senior Court Linda Brillhart .... Kay Dennis ....... Norma Jean Fetter Loa Hathaway .... Beverly Rine -- Ann Robeson --- Janet Vannatta --- Junior Court Carolyn Carey -- Patsy Cranmer -- Carol Gillooley --- Judy Hurps ..... Nina Marchal --- Judy Mild .... Janet Scott --- Crown Beavers Beth Nichols -- Kathy Jewell -- JACKETTE CHORUS Janet Bouton, Ballerina Donna Hall, Rachel Daly, Sue Tarr, Elizabeth Gaines, Loretta Davis ORCHESTRA Joe Dunlap, Pianist -- ANN TITUS -- Phil levering Escorts -- David Warren -- Jim Noonen - Ned Kuivinen Escorts ---- Bill Noce Harry Bassinder - Don Crawford Escorts Hugh McGowan "Bus" Ransom David Misicka -- Tom Perrine - Keith Merrin - Allan Shields Jim Hendershott Escorts -- Dick Baney --- Joe Mazza -- John Grimm -- Ed Sockman Keith Rinehart -- Tom Pribble - Bob Dunham Escorts -- Tim Cotton -- Greg Fuller John Ewalt, Ronnie Gullett, Bob Ransom, Landon McManis, Bob Bader, Charles Gill, Mr. John Mazarak. FRESHETTES Mary K. Eastman, Ann Rice, Molly Fletcher, Shirley Spearman, Connie Woods, Judy Lemasters, Linda Ketner. COMEDY ORCHESTRA Mariorie Warman, Betty Wagstaff, Kaye Snyder, Georgiene McKee, Judy Reed, Joann Kiger, Cathy Hodder, Lois Ewalt. Mr. John Mazarak - The Frustrated Director PUBLICATIONS SKIT Students: Marilyn Reiss, Don Reed, Tom Moseley, Ronnie Cline, Dick Moroin, Ronnie Gullett, Velma Smith, Marie Hunter, Barbara Wilmotte, Duke Wagoner, Chuck Pond, Marilyn Taylor, Mary Ann Rawlins, Ron Anderson, Marilyn Ullman, Barbara Beroth, Ann Bell, John Nugent, Essie Erlanger, Monte Rutherford, Charles Wyont, Jerry Beeman, Jim Rice, Charles Potes, John Frary, Marcella Mathers, Diane Bollinger, Edgar Erlanger, Patty Hull, Linda Emley, Sarah Eastman, Fred Emley, Bob Harrod. CAN CAN GIRLS Dixie Pembrook, Sharon Bricker, Becky Belcher, Patsy Mooney, Linda Knapp, Janice Stoneburner. Hundred Thirty-four 1954 "Forum" Queen Ann Titus ddh "Forum" Follies 1954 Good News Program . . . Master of Ceremonies --- PROLOGUE Scene: Publications room the day of the show Time: Morning, noon, or after school Characters: Miss Cannon and students Miss Cannon ............................... .......... C harleen Sm The Sweetest Music The Other Side of Heaven -- ............. Comedy PROGRAM "Good News" .............. ............. ........ - Waiters .................................................... .... E rvin Erlanger Jim Kimble Dan Wagner, Dick SHI Presentation of Queen's Court ................................................. Clitlord Presentation of Queen's Attendants and the 1954 FORUM QUEEN "At last" -- Star Dust" .... ............. "Sentimental Me" and "Peg O' My "You, You, You" --..,K.--- "TenderIy" --- ----- "Make Believe" .............. "A Pretty Girl ls like A Melody" Roving Reporter ............. "Down ln Cotton Town" Dance -- "One Alone" Solo .....,.. - - "Rag DoII" Two Pianos ---- The Charleston ......... Time for the Commercial ....... "Goofus" Dance ................ "The Best Things ln Life Are Free" Cane Dance ............. ...... "Changing Partners" -- "Heart Of My Heart" -- Archie and Delano ...... "Tea For Two" Skating ---- A Friendly Gesture ...... "Chicago" ......... -- Secret Love" .. Wanted" ..... - "Jazz Pizzicato" ............. "You're The Cream ln My CoHee" Ballet ............... Verona Waltz .......... "Dear John and Marcia" -- Novelty Tap ............ Ftoradora Sextette .............. "When Day ls Done" Two Pianos "The Birth Of The Blues" ...... "Young At Heart" - Page 'One Hundred Thirty-six Cumana" Piano Solo ......... Blue Moon" ................. QLlEEN'S PROCESSION 'U-r12HfiJEJ32lS If BL22'WS92ff" ---Tala-rlToeFSololay-l.andon-MT:Mc:1H? ' --""'-'5J2'SQEfJrl2I6h""'n RS-5Q'aIn'n22'6Biu2FffH21-BI.IJJ,I,'EE2FL2 -'--6JZfBQ'EJJ,Ia2'6BiLlf 2.5-Ii'IJJBIfnl2Q '""vESnR'5Sn2'SQ'lRF.'ISiT.I HS2SR.1"' H""""3f2E2IG2"""""' --- Dan Bastm Bill Transue Clifford Slayman Chdrlee F I --- Joe Dunlap AI Shields Charles Gill Ronnie Gull FINALE K' ',,.F'19?lE',.:"I ."!'fluG4'1 eldlrnllvlf "?!.l!ll1lf"'!?"'1 1954 FORUM "FORUM" QUEEN ATTENDANTS SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE' 1954 I Nancy Rice Junior Attendant Keifha Porter Senior Attendant Carolyn Wagner Junior Attendant Peggy Cochran Senior Attendant Nancy Stillson Junior Attendant Shirley McGibney Senior Attendant 2 l "Forum" Follies, 1954 Production Staff . . . Director .,.. Choreography -- Musical Arrangements --- Skits ....,.......... - Sara M. Cannon --- Janet Bouton Carol Ogg --- Joe Dunlop --- Barbara Scott Tom Moseley Decorations -- --- Kay Dennis Coronation -- --- Moriorie Kerr Program -- -- Sarah Eastman Barbara Beroth Publicity -- --- Cathy Hodder Costumes - --- Gene Lewis Flowers -- -- Linda Brillhart Property -- Mary Ann Rawlins Tickets W - Chdrleen Smith Jean Boyer Mary Jane lmhoH Ushers --- ...... Jo Ann Ulery Christine Banner Stage Manager -- .... Dick Kimble Electrician .... --- Jim Hofmann Photography - --- Duke Wagoner Finance ............ A-- ...... .... D an Bastin Dance after the show --- ..... ........ - - Marilyn Harris Page One Hundred Thirty-eight . . . Queen, Court, Attendants li fi Children: Greg Fuller, Beth Nichols, Kathy Jewell, Tim Cotton. Attendants: Carolyn Wagner, Nancy Rice, Nancy Stillson, Queen Ann Titus, Keitha Porter, Peggy Cochran, Shirley McGibney. Escorts: Don Crawford, Bill Noce, Harry Bassinder, Phil Levering, Dave Warren, Ned Kuivinen, Jim Noonen. SENIOR COURT Court: Beverly Rine, Ann Robeson, Norma Jean Fetter, Janet Vannatta, Linda Brillhart, Loa Hathaway, Kay Dennis. Escorts: Keith Merrin, Allan Shields, Dave Mis- icka, Jim Hendershott, Hugh McGowan, Tom Perrine, "Bus" Ransom. JUNIOR COURT Court: Patsy Cronmer, Carolyn Carey, Janet Scott, Judy Mild, Judy Hurps, Nina Marchal, Carol Gillooley. Escorts: Joe Mazza, Dick Baney, Bob Dunham, Tom Pribble, Ed Sockman, Keith Rinehart, John Grimm. , j S8491 Girls Tuesday January 12, 1951+ P. M. Boys Estelle Frost 9 Sheila Schwm-+f, THE FORUM YEAR BOOK THE JACKET JOURNAL NEWSPAPER MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Department of Publication: Lost' 7th grad C MOUNT VERNON, OHIO GH SCHOGL ' 125 1 ' - 9 ' ru :he Office. eog phy book V308 W 4Z "Jf . ,Y I 6-st 5 A h . . I Z5 1 f' - f EEK Draftlng Set if' xa75,1o91of2.pA 7 2 M 1:22:45 W I '-f 5565 CUC- Returr "no of 2 . . , 2,5:Ls . 51 11222 Q .sw WEE Y! ?E1i1gGi1ts4f1re again remg gepofl of a ,LEEKS 1 5 0 J Qemester they are L, EUBJEC1-S 1 0 I A A 1 , I , 2 113- 1 W Mount Vernon High School - Registratio f 5 1 n ,or econd Semester Subjects , ABSEN EE REPORT l Teacher ...... . ................................. . -1 - PUPIL PERMIT Date .... .geriod ..... . C a Name Firsth Name ...........,..,,,,,,. ,,,-,,.-,, --,------------.------ O K El L0Ck6I' Room ,..,.,,,,.,,,,,, -.,--.'- P W lj Rest Room Period ,,,,.,, ,,--.-- .A--,.. h , Z Cl Office Time Iss d 2 f - e-ee ee--e--e - -1 - E1 Library T 1 , .--- ,-.- -.---..- - i ow mon SQHOUL . em MQUNT VERN lj Detamed Time Ret ed ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,. Senior 5221022 lj Out of Building Signature 19 ' ' mommy '-f XQ 1151033 , .. .... ---- ---- 7 ' """ dent: Dave 1 ..... -- N 1 6 Absent If ty 'dnl-St I C? riffs:--n X' If 4 if "funn- MCN3'bb ,ff "I ,,,. .. me REPORT ,Xf Stan . .Vx 3 7 8 9 10 Q6 ...-- J Juanita 211 ' Day 1 2 f H61 11 18 19 20 21 , """""' -' . 11 1213 14 12 29 30 31 ,f6'1?""2 Pergd my 222215 22 23 24 25 26 27 23 f 3 9 10 " ......:gaIne FHS ' . I ' 4 5 6 I If 8.--0 'st X med Kulvwen Month 1 2 3 ,vw 4. . Kel' 11 12 PE .1 In Mar 501.16 Ll 1. gf, In PATRONS U53 VOLUME 34 JUNE, U54 Charles W. Ayers, Attorney John L. Baube, M.D. Chambers Lumber Company George Deeley, D.D.S. .lohn Drake, M.D. Robert L. Eastman, M.D. Grubb and Walker, Realtors Robert H. Hoecker, M.D. George B. lmholi, M.D. Howard Kiraeofe, O.D. J. B. Koch, D.O. Henry T. Lapp, M.D. James C. McLarnan, M.D. J. Fred Minnich, D.D.S. Gordon' Pumphrey, M.D. Lamar S. Reynard, D.D.S. Delbert Schmidt, M.D. John S. Schnebly, D.D.S. William E. Steffen, O.D. at Law Bertram B. Sturtevant, D.D.S. Roger A. Tarr, D.D.S. Charles B. Tramont, M.D. J. Maurice Wareham, O.D. Williams' Flower Shop Zelkewitz and Barry, Attorneys at Law 3. " +"'?ii'Esf. 3- A Page One Hundred Forty-three t -'- fwgde, ' .V - . ' -- .- ,' - i4+-tht-49's:,.5ziX'iwf'-auto-v-H-A -as -F -1 Mr. WaIton's Happy Little Warriors . . . Top row: Ht Puzzled Toms? 121 Problems. 2nd row: Ut Studying hard. t2t Throwing stones. Q31 Pretty boy. Bottom row: til Long putt. C22 Scientists at work, 131 Theoreticolly, that is. . . . 1954 Scholarship Tea ITI 'lst row: Shirley Brooks, Beverly Lewis, Betty Jones, Barbara Jacquet, Barbara Butler, Martha Rine, Nancy Stillson, Janet Johnson, Nancy Rice, Bill Tanner, Charles Warren. 2nd row: Carolyn Frederick, Mariorie Kerr, Anna Sperry, Judy Bartlett, Jim Brady, Howard lrick, Charlie Ransom, Tom Brown, Roger Rardin, Jim Ohde. 3rd row: Phil Levering, Mary Ann Rawlins, Peg Cochran, Shirley Spearman, Nancy Lee Humbert, Loretta Davis, Kay Rapp, Ron Speer, Jim Clark, Kenneth McMillan. 4th row: Marlene Kline, Mary Ellen Fox, Janet Henery, Miss Audrey Wright, Hannah Mautner, Marita Grubb, Cathy Hodder, Hugh Watson, Charles Williams, Bob Bader. Sth row: Dave Warren, Sarah Eastman, Barb Scott, Ned Kuivinen, Larry Epstein, Cliff Slayman, John Wareham, Bill Transue, John Frary, Howard Fowler, 6th row: Principal Kenneth West, Jerry Beeman, Tyler Thornton, Jim Hofmann, Bill Martin, Bob Melcher. Page One Hundred Forty-five 1954 APRH 1954 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY I 2 Nothing happened, no fooiinl Spanish and French Fair in roorn IIO. Art Ball was a balll 5 Hi-Y cleans, sands, shel- Iocs B-20's maltreated 6 Results of Iowa State Col- lege tests made known. 7 Hi-Y goes to iaill lThat is, on a conducted tour "I Hear America Sing- ing" is one of most co- 9 I Senior band mimbers take a musical-knowledge desks. Surprises all Ground- by the sheriffl. Iossal musical production test - only two perfect of all times. PGPCYS- 'I2 'I3 'I4 'I5 'I6 N Choir presents musical Beautiful day for golf- Congressional candidate Seniors beg Miss Mann Easter assembly. so they played - and Bob Levering gives Hi-Y for mercyp get a 7 day lost to Arlington. a political sales talk. extension of theme due day. I9 20 2'l 22 23 Forum show practice. More Forum show prac- Still more of the same. More The big night. The Forum tice, Show "Good News" with traditional "standing room only." Ann Titus is crowned queen and sits with her lovely attend- ants upon a giant type- writer. 26 27 28 29 30 "Rain, rain go away our Announcement of a new Grade cards tell us the Scholars begin cramming Yellow Jackets baseball- ball teams want to play." system of scheduling for sad facts - but we have for Saturday's State Sch- ers knocked Upper Ar- next year's subiecls. one more chance. olarship Tests. lington 5-4 to temporar- ily lead c. s. L. Page One Hundred Forty-six 1954 FORUM SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 A Good Thing ron ALL Goon roons P 001,05 To W" STOP N' sHoP 5 P 0 GR0"""" CO' 0 'bo G EBNO 5' KJ SOUTHCZMPA 0000 was S H O P ex. G' S Quuuii Irxirxbk. Afouhf 0240 41 e 9 0 D L I R U D 1 N s N of 7 X "' V.. Tb.. Ofc, X NCQ alle 8 TE DEPARTMENT sTo A '45 C O 04,3 N-N, .. I I A T c 11 f -6 PP X I Ce 34" 15' bf ' 5 Honfbffooww FARMERS M0IvDPi"9-fr -swell' YXXIIZISYLDXNEILLNON ' Z'11fl1"'d"' D141 X' D F Mo 9318 wt! S S wfinilalfflzfifrqq, 'We X B H A N Efx J E w E L L E BIRD SEED FRP wesizfwsfyxkt f ron , ' WILD 6 TBI' 01110 6 Ho P Bibles -olgicuezxrzrin -:.:lciuu 'K 5 GTM' A T W YA, ' ::,f,..:::::. 2 QS S 101 w. Gamma Y for 18955 V D 45: A1 und gun Eu --.-.caries 8-3,xse0" Mount Vernon W 'M O R L E ' . Nash Sales Y 5 CX ,, TESMAN , 5. 901051-,MOOSE RAMBLSQASZEOR T MEN S WEAR B159 ooajm- MILD I-AYMANIS P' B. 43 4-.0 04, TRY i xv "ooosei9 D0me-Burgers 90 Phone 31916 C' F' Thvmpson, P5125 E' is H O P ll pay CLEAN I AT THE WHRp5-4,7 I X WD AND ING IS Sxlver Dome Truck St 1 We1IY 7h Sr ENT8'A'N'f1f1g'Ez1lf ,.-Mgnw-.L -- Q.: if I LQRQYS QL reet RY 'wb I- - K S fin . .-.- .. -- -. R. Snuth G Co. Mono:- MAKE A DATE G I A N Dm Zenxii Shaw DEcK's 'i.i"'1"?"T"""1'i"Q' 'md T Mm ' H ec nca Supplies 01126 - d Service to ou H :v2zf,E21:::,:,:1:,.,,g .M AMBUHQHRS YLg5Vgg5,MS LEMASTERS Ncgxles BRINING NEWS Cong, is VICTOR 'COT G UNITED CIGAR STOP' eqqexe OOD MARK 1-'INE CLOTHES Y Qu R zmxgzeiuppmae, ,961 X 1 e mqnfs only FOR MEN n MOUNT VERNON. on 9 ,Nw 23,5 gagggniiss . 95090 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 L Pennuennon 1 wmoow Gmss Symbol of Quality PITTSBURGH PLATE GLA S S CC. Works Number Eleven Mount Vernon, Oh1o O d d h . .41 Top row 2nd row 3rd row: Bottom row IU Where s your mule? l2l Leanrng Tower of Paso Compliments of Fred D. Pharis G. R. Smith 8E Co. HARDWARE PLUMBING AND Insurance ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mt. Vernon, Ohio 5 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 27745 Ph0Ile 32846 "Good Service to You a Pleasure to Ur" J. T. GLACKIN Chevrolet, lne. Mild Refrigeration 5 "YOUR ERIGIDAIRE DEALER" 105 West Vine Street Dial 53971 Q 11 W. Ohio Ave. Dial 24881 Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Wayne Cash Feed Store Asa Workman, Proprietor Coal, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Grinding Phone 24931 512 W. High St. Food Market Inc. GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS MEAT LOCKERS - DRUGS Phone 28851 117 - 118 W. High Street, Mt. Vernon, O Sara M. Cannon Agent for ALL Magazines 126 E. Vine Street Phone 22593 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Merrin XL Ewers Sohio Service Phone 27096 631 N. Sandusky St. Near Shellmar Page One Hundred Fifty .,5.-fg-551 LW it Compliment: Metcalf Motors, Inc PLYMOUTH - DESOTO Brlmng News Co DAILY at sUNDAY pnnns CANDY - MAGAZINES West Vme Street Congratulatxons from West Hlgh Self Serve Market 713 W High sf Weese Dalry Products Home Made Ice Cream Sandwzcbes - Snacks Sundaes - Sodas Derry Products 200 S Mann St Mt Vemo Ohio Wayne Vannatta's SUPER SERVICE STATION 2 Columbus Road Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Sears Roebuck 81 Co. ELLIOTT'S SHOES 4 South Main Mount Vernon, Ohio See Us For A Full Line of Masonry Supplies West Builder's Supply 612 W. Gambier St. Rear Dial 28941 Page One Hundred Fifty-two .-:.1rv.11 i?S'iUiK...k. - I Congratulations To Tbe Graduating Class of 1954 THE ALCUVE , MOUNT VERNON ws D0 More SPORTING GOODS In '54 13 Wes: High sf. The Best in Athletic Goods for High School 8: College S. Kresge CO. Students WILSON RAVVLINGS EQUIPMENT BAUGHMAN Sand 8: Gravel - FOR ALL YOUR SAND AND GRAVEL NEEDS - Located - OH South Main St. Telephone 29991 Page Ono Hundred Fifty-thru "LH n'f51.rg1.wm,w-t1f'l-.gills Q41 limi! 51, , ,- 35s-ff",-.1g,55..uv-5--f :-- ay- 1,-in - -....f. Just for Sport Top row: 111 I like me, who do you like? 121 Somebody goofed! 131 Scrabble! 2nd row: 111 There was an old man , .. 121 Donkey Serenade. 131 This is the end. 3rd row: 1I1Band Boosters. 121 The "RackeD" squad. Bottom row: 1l1Misicka vs. Merrin? 121Hi-Y snow brigade. Page One Hundred Fifty-five Tom N. Klein LEMA TE ' S Lawn Mower-Fishing Tackle Shop johnson Sea Horse - Toro Mowers FINE CLOTHES Shot Gun Shells Hunting and Fishing Licenses FOR MEN 502 Coshocton Ave. Phone 25931 HAMILTON ART CARVED Congratulations to ELGIN . DIAMONDS Richard Day The Class of '54 J E W E L E R 9 W. VINE Isaly's Dairy Store MT. VERNON, OHIO Browne Oil Co. Cities Service Petroleum Products Wholesale - Retail Woods' Hardware Co. WHOLESALE and RETAIL Fredericktown, O. Mt. Gilead, O. Phone 4811 Phone 69 8-12 W. High Street Phone 25861 Dial 24826 Mount Vernon, Ohio MOUNT VERNON OHIO I City, Urban Delivery Compliments Courteous-Eflicient-Service of Phone 34941 Art's Garage ALL CARGO INSURED Owned and Operated by THOMAS W. SPEER Page One Hundred Fifty-six School Daze ""'snn-u - fop row: KU Jus? using up film. 121 Oh! How boring. 131 Smiles uren'tro1ioned. 2nd row: IU Artist at work. LZJ Pals. 3rd row: IU Three smart girls. 121 Our heroes? ICJ What cciiviiy is this? Bottom row: U1 The mob. Q21 Ann. Q31 Smile. Compliments of Virgil F. Parker Compliments of Mt. Vernon ELECTRIC AND Telepllone BATTERY SERVICE Corp. S. Center St. Phone 32826 Congratulations, Graduate! 0 lc and Al1t0IIl0tlVe ICS, Best Wishes for a Happy Successful Future from Inc. Complete Parts and Machine Shop Service Phone 34715 THE MOUNT VERNON BUSINESS SCHOOL Lewis Building -- 9 West High St. Mrs. Charles Campbell, B.S. in Education Director Telephone 26061 Our school has been training graduates of the Mount Vernon High School since 1896. Compliments of Ralston Art Memorial Compliments of CO- K E P P L E ' S Authorized Dealer of SHEET METAL WORKS Rock of Ages Memodals ORNAMENTAL 1RoN WORKS Tel. Gambier 2104 Howard, Ohio CUSTOM BUILT Phllco Cain's Grocery F A W C E T T RADIOS 8: TELEVISIONS SALES 8: SERVICE 405 Newark Rd. Mount Vernon, Ohio Phone 25976 School Supplies and Candy 401 N. Mulberry St. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight Congratulations Class of '54 May this forward step in life bring you Wealth of happiness and success. The Ruclin Co. Beck's Gulf Station Mount Vernon Implement Store O , ' h 2 006 ALLIS-CHALMERS 403 S. Main St. P one 7 FARM IMPLEMENTS , Pho e 23926 Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Heap's Market 103 Jackson St. Groceries -- Fruit - Vegetab les Todays Treasures Tomorrowfv Heirlooms Phil Thompson Jewelry 29 East Gambier Street Mount Vernon, Ohio PgO HddSy . . . Merry Moments of Magic Mist i?' IFC I Top row: 111 Having fun, 121 Smile, 131 Happy 2nd row: 3rd row: 1I1BashfuI, 121Y-Teen Rabbits, 131 On with the show, 141Heart-throbs. 4th row: 111 Going Steady, 121 Double Treat, 131 Gay. 111 Young at Heart, 121 Before the darmce, 131 Time for Refreshments, 141Sweethearts. ....-......-................-..-...-.....-Q.................-... .-.--.....---............-...-.......--...-....-.............. PENNEY' Where uality is your Greatest Savings Helen Boyd's Candies at SUGAR 'N' SPICE 215 W. High sf. Meliinleyis Market Groceries - Provisions Dairy Products Phone 21861 102 N. Division St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of EDDY BROTHERS Marathon Service Station 501 Coschocton Ave. Phone 29801 Licking Laundry Complete Laundry Service Dry Cleaning 8: Rug Cleaning A. E. Auskings, Mgr. 7 N. Main St. Phone 21081 Page One Hundred Sixty-iw 1907 1954 SHARIYS The place you always find the best of the conventional or the unusual in flowers - cards - gifts . s.-,X Sharp's Cards Gifts Flowers 22 Public Square Phone 34745 When You See Us Don't Think of Insurance But When You Think of Insurance, See Us C. K. SALISBURY Sc SON 5 WEST VINE STREET Mount Vernon, Ohio Auto Supplies Sporting Goods Congratulations to the Class of '54 from OLSONS School Supplies Oflice Supplies Sporting Goods , , Toys Summer Line Toys Pqim W ll P Western Auto H Wet C- A- Silvefwovd, Owner 107 S. Main sr. Phone 31886 Public Square Mount Vernon, O. Compliments The Best In of Drugstore Service H E C K L E R' S "Prescription Specialists" REXALL DRUG STORE On the Square "HlKE - TO HECK'S" Shaw Funeral Home Compliments of Humbert's Grocery -605 Coshocton Ave. Page One Hundred Sixty-five Q f I 'fjf,,., jt-.Zyl 7 a. V - , . -tw -. ' X rf. f M 'TV i3'l"f7fff7i7'5 ,. , .., , . '- U s-'1 .5 il 1,4-1 - fl' f1,1y'v.A,,V A H, . .-J I,-.F 1 I . . l Thi' W ' J' fn' 1 i J. , . I 1.i."i4 .iifjli nf 1 I. aim -fill 52 ' i i f -- lf. ef' - A 1' lf ' ,'ff'i'5" " f ' .hs f ,.- .:...a1-e.1,2.!!7Z.f:' If-125541W" 1 f ...- f4 mid at 'f w is n r ' fr . -.bifiidfff islii-Lil!-lff'21.3 if 3 i I ffb 'r F51 o' if ,-or "1T7i731" .,,.-1-rf' if' A,.. - ' J '53'l.iZ1'53?i5-3-'iii i 'z -' 19 F12 ' " 'K ' ' Us-"?4f?321'?.E-' sl is 6-71 2 ----rs' " r - 2 , F ,fr ta. L .-.. H, Q Q u gi , 1 1 ale- . ,M 5 -g .. ff.ff?'i , .f f. .9 we ga -i I ,. 'FM ll1"s2'e y: Qffuglg 1 l ,tj . ' gif M li nf - 1 23 f . F" . 's ' ' 1 iizleiif-3179 if 1 - fi' 33 5-, . 1 if " f 5 -J ,K gi-Ifqfpjiiiififfa. I .1 f F J aff' 1 z i 1- if C r2'2?'Q"-11 rg J - .A Q 1,1 4, Q M., :....,,: - Q .i-Pl all '-Q ' ,' if 'iylqr' il .2 . 5' 9 , 4 1 yi f fl'-1 I 1 i -jliie il .f 55 , -' Q' ,J ,Q 1 ' l .: , rl i 5 t ee fn'--fi-wi-f"f "fri: "" f "' ,- , f I I 1 1 -1 1. .1 f - gg 0 I . ' Q 1 Q as--3 yi 4 0 fir.: 9 f. fi ' r .. 7 Q., 'J ft G fl r A -' X i i - -H-f,,-1 , ' Ng Y,-. ,uv '-: .n v We- . I N . V- 175: 'I-:I L-as 3. yu" "-'- -,-1v-a.-..- " .........-.- ,y sf Q u 0 - -1 i '-F74 'i 'f""7 'll -id .Q----"""""'f5:2? ' ""' - liffrr, i ,fs .. .Lil .LV . 5..,.4-------msaeyr, -V ",:',- ' ,tr N . -'UHIH V .. iq - f ' -UA-Qu..- 5 155"-2'fQ-446325.-P:-, . 1' l All pf. ,. l Q aw, lzvifyl-TiHE..24f" lk i F fiiljiii I I- I M -Ain I 4 th ll: I 1 ' f li f ,Q I 1 ' ., as.. " 9' ' " ' . M., gg i hi h O W 1C 1 stronger. T'S the one on the right because it's a door of an American home. No one can get through without permission. Not even a police- man, unless he has a search warrant. Here, in America, your right to freedom from search without warrant is guaranteed by The Constitution itself. How different behind the iron curtain! There, the people have no such protection. And even a solid oak door, strong enough to guard a fortress, can't keep out the secret police. When they want in they get in, eventually, even if they have to use a battering ram. But the flimsiest screen door in America can keep out the police unless they have a search warrant. Because we Americans take our rights for granted, it's hard to believe that there are "pinkos" and fellow-travelers amongst us who want to take away our freedom from search without warrant. Itls just part of their plan to steal all our rights, like the right to own property, the right to work wherever we please, the right to vote secretly and all the rest. The best way to protect a right is to use it. So if you ever hear anyone come out in favor of permitting arbitrary search and seizure on some pretext or other, set him straight! Remind him that freedom from search without warrant is a right guaranteed every American by The Constitution. Remember, they're your rights, so treat them right! DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom :nd the highest standard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of them are: Freedom of worxhip Right lo secret ballot 'Right lo know how your union spends your dues Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Right to criticize ogficials iRight to know salaries of your union ofirerl Freedom from ,teartb without warrant Right to petition government for redress of grievances 'Right to know if your union officers are Communists 'Right to know how your union is run Right to speedy and public trial by iury Right lo help of a lawyer 'Right lo hear your employefx side of disagreements Right not lo appear as a witness against yourself 'Right lo refuse lo permit the "check-of" ol union dues 'Right lo go dirert to your boss with a grievance Right la be presumed innocent until proved guilty Freedom to own properly 'Right to work despile union jurisdictional dispulex Freedom to work in any locality 'Right lo proper supervision of your union welfare funds Freedom lo start and manage a business Freedom to make a profit 'Right not to be fired by union leaders ""'Righl to vote on companys best oier 'new are ngms you may in-an the Tan-Hanley 1-w. "This is I right enioyed by members of United Steel Worked. C.l.0. Only when the Tsflfllarlley law is invoked. 'l'HEY'RE YOUR RIGHTS, TREAT THEM RIGHT! The Timken Roller Bearing Company tu "The right to work shall not be abridged or made impoten . I . . . Melody Medley 4 H , , QQ.. A ml ,. ,4 3 ni Z alll E in A I """'l 9 ' . Sk Front row: HJ Eyes on Loretto, l2i Slide men, slide. Middle row: HJ Three peeps, 121 Ccmero shy. Bohom row: Ui II's all over, C21 Three Irumpeters and Heops. Page One Hundred Sixty-seven . . 'wr'f"1 f MV' AM. rf " ,':,-'-"-'- " ' -1"-'f - -1Q2vLL1::'H ' " - -" ' LL -I . Easy as Falling Onto cs Mat 1 P O ddS 1954 MAY 1954 MON DAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 3 Seniors meet in the Li- brary to hear Miss Michaux discuss iob op- portunities. Student Coun- cil presents "News Re- view" variety show at noon. 4 Charles and David War- ren under "quarantine." 5 Pat Baltzell is confused by having too many meetings to attend. 6 Desporute plea sent out to the school by the Y- Teens for clothing drive. 7 30 girls compete in re- serve cheerleaders try- 10 .lerry Beeman elected Student Council presi- dent. Annual Y-Teen Mother - Daughter ban- quet. 11 Physics class visits Lomb Glass. Mrs. Frary tells Y-Teens about Tri-Hi-Y. 12 Senior art trip to Cleve- land. Several girls go to Ashland to play soft- ball. 13 Another art class trip. This time to Columbus. outs - 3 will be chosenl 14 Seniors stage a splendid play - "George Wash- ington Slept Here." 17 Senior High assembly. G. A. A. members enioy picnic. Five girls re- 18 Honors bestowed to hon- orable students in Hon- ors Assembly. 19 Juniors thrill over the idea of soon becoming seniors. 20 To skip or not to skipl 21 Couples enioy music of Lee Bobbit at .lunior-Sen- ior Prom. ceive their letters - at lastl 24 25 26 27 28 Another week begins as Students begin review- Examinations! Examinationsll Exdmimlllvtlilll usuall ing and cramming for final exams. 31 - l - I K - Page One Hundred Seventy Goodwin Sand and Gravel Mount Vernon, Ohio Newark Road Phone 27971 For Complete Insurance - Fire, Wind, Automofnile, General Liability, Life and Iqnerl. Tire CO. Hospita . Call Of Write Vulcanizing - Recapping Robert C. Baxter Whgelkligencing es 1 ing G. A. oilcliee U. S. Royal Tires and Tubes Mount Vernon, Ohio, R- F- D- 4 401 S. Main St. Phone 21811 Phone 26177 or 26112 C0mP1imemS of Pat Long Tailoring Co. E. A. SCHLAIRET The Finest Tailoring - Semibly Priced TRANSFER CO. CGenera1 Office! Phone 25812 Mt- Vernon, Ohio Gambier at Gay Mount Vernon, O. -9 'Q' ,p M3555 X N 5 - el' 'ln 11 Q fb Lumber 1 -fri-33' P "'e' K , ' "ii 5 N ' SQ! Store ' -.-'1 SCJ "' For Friendly Service, Phone 21745 Page One Hundred Sevenly-o 91118 Quality Cllekd. lce Cream Jewell Ice Cream and Milk Co Mount Vernon, Ohio . . . Shamrock Shinclig Shots Top row: U1 Swing your partner! 121 Gary returns. 131A courteous couple. Middle row: HJ Go get her, Buzz! Q21 Woke up, AI. C31 Confused square dancers. Bottom row: IH Liz finishes. 1211-2-3-kick. 131 Nol Don't hit him. Page One Hundred Seventy-three 2:23:35 -f xl Ulu "G ahn S O-lie1r Again A familiar and reassuring slogan FAMlLlAR..,bBCdll5E it has appeared in thousands of the country's finest year- hooks for the past half century. RiaAssuluNo...because those years of specialized experience bring complete service, outstanding quality and de- pendable delivery to the yearbook staffs with whom we work. + JAHN k OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 V. Washington Blvd 39 all V Q r Chicago 7,llllnols l H H MJ in w.,,y,,r ,'i',w 3 M' M M ill mlX 'irilnl.iw x w9f1li 1 Page One Hundred Seventy-four 4, K .tiff 'Z' 1 nwm.,:- f ' Q. 'A' .. N1 A KK K . fy, . s Q kvr. Kiba N I L - X' wt Top row: lll Oh boyl No school maybe. l2J Snowbound. Middle row: Ill Come on in. The water's fine? l2l lt's been s x V March First 'SM L sbixiffhxl ' 1 V H f I' N sl, . 3 xi-4 My 4 Q nowing. Bottom row: lll Mother Nolure's work of art. l2l Duke will gel lo school somehow. l3l Br-r-r, il's cold. FRANK A. VANNATTA Trucking - Lime, Gravel, Phosphate, and Fertilizer 59 Columbus Roa Mount Vernon, Oh Telephone 3483 1 d Elgin Omega Hamilton Bulova as T H E Allen Jewelers ' 7 East Gambier St. F U R N I T U R E C E N T E R M A R Q U A R T FORD AGENCY 'B Mount Vern Oh "There's a Ford In Your Future" PATRONIZE T H E Mount V Oh Oh A ADVERTISERS Singing Sideglances Q , K gg Q' 1 'ia A f gi an -as L 5 x Top row: HJ Talking, coughing, singing, or.. .? Q21 Human desks. Middle row: U1 Let's face ii. 121 Tympanic troubles. Bottom row: U1 Tuning up? 121 Huddle. Page One Hundred Seventy-seven 'L ,,.-as Y --- SQ, -.a .fu 'l""4U1gn1vr-5v-v- oc. jfeep your eye on fhe Many a tangy American phrase from the world of sport contains good advice for the advertisers of merchandise: a smooth fol- low-through will keep you on the fairway in every sales drive,' the crowd will follow your sales message from the tee to green when you hit top-form with fine papers and printing. THE MANUFACTURING puhfwuf BIJMPANY 18-20 N. MAIN STREET, MIJUNT TIERNUN, 0HIO PgOHddS ryghr . . . P. T. A. Capers FQ , Et if 4.5-"l 'Gil - xnxx- fag Nvuu.. S f 'yifegk 'fn ,vw ?, if 1. r f ll . - lik Top row: Ill Faculty beauty parade. 121A very clean show. 2nd row: lll T. V. Teachers. l2l Mr. West trips the light fantastic. 3rd row: lll Charlie's lament. l2l People Are Funny. Bottom row: lll Shake il, boys. l2l How're you fixed for blades? Page One Hundred Sevenryvnine PONTIAC "the most beautiful thing on wheels" Carroll Pontiac Co. 401 West Vine Street Mount Vernon, Ohio Reddy Kilowatt Congratulations S 3 to the U L Class of 1954 1 A 19 7 v Loyal Order of . Moose S Your Electric Servant Mount Vernon Lodge No. 824 V07 ne OHIO POWER Ca NJ Congratulations from Dowd's Funeral Home Phgne 61421 Mount Vernon, Ohio Page One Hundred Eighty . . . Journalism Class Views the News -yn 1 Q. ---+ MMG? Top row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Bottom row: Ill Get a close look, Gene. l2l The inspeciors general. llj Final inspection. Q21 Three mechanical engineers? lll Cathy is supervising. lil Stand bockl Q21 Hm-m-m-m. Wonder how this works? Page One Hundred Eighty one Compliments of the Mount Vernon News Compliments of Home Electric Co. "Your Philco Dealer" 8 S. Mulberry St.-41006 Service With A Smile HADLEY'S Furniture and Appliances Cash or Terms 23 East Gambier Street P 0 N D Lynde's Market Motor Sales Inc. QUALITY MEATS AND X li is OVENDRESSED POULTRY CADILLAC -, OLDSMUBILE 104 N. Division sf. Dial 21416 E. Gambler 8: Gay Mount Vernon, Ohio We Deliver Page One Hundred Eighty-1wo Our Most Friendly Students and TOP PICTURE: Sitting: Shirley Davis, Eleanor Brown, Bar- bara Beroth, Rachel Daly, Sarah East- man, Essie Erlanger. Standing: Mrs. Montgomery, Judy Allen, Jean Boyer, liz Gaines, Carolyn Col- gin, Marilyn Harris, Janet Bouton, Bev Rine, Nancy McCullough, Barbara Scott, Keitha Porter, Marlene Kline. BOTTOM PICTURE: Back row: Standing: Jack Day, Bob Dun- ham, Harry Bassinder, Buzz Pryor, Bill Martin, Jim Hofmann. Sitting: Bill Yoakum, Phil Jacobs, Phil Levering, Ted Hickerson. Middle row: Dick Ashton, Dick Baney, Mrs. Baker, John Nugent, Sue Tarr, Janet Henery. Bottom row: Loa Hathaway, Marjorie War- man, Carolyn Wagner. Marilyn Barton, l Middle row: Greene, Bottom row: Top row: John Augenstein, Judy Allen, Ullman, Buzz Pryor. Charles McDowell, Mary Jo Kay Murdock, Jim Kimble. Landon McManis, Elizabeth Gary Rine, Diane Daily. 'l0Ofk Rooms in FORUM Subscriptions Page One Hundred Eighty-three Harpster 81 Poulson HARDWARE sg IMPLEMENTS Ralph G. Cornell Don C. Endsley Phone 22346 441 W- High INSURANCE -REAL ESTATE Congratulations to Gambier at Gay Class of 54 Phone 29841 Compliments of Bartlett Appliance Store Complete Line of Appliances Sales and Service Compliments of Quality Shoe Repair Home of Fine Leather Goods and Luggage 106 W. High St. Mount Vernon, O. Compliments of Ronald T. Gaines Farm Produce Riley Builders Supply Everything In Masonry BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 22951 113 W. Gambier St. Mt. Vernon S. Mechanic St. Phone 25841 Handbags Costume Imported Gifts jewelry Marathon Anne Lapp Service Station Millinery I1 E. Gambier St. Mount Vernon, Ohio J. T. GLACKIN Mulberry 8: Vine Phone 53971 Page One Hundred Eighty-four Hither and Yon Top row: UQ John eats while Lorna smiles. 12, Hi, Tootie. Middle row: HJ Stood up. 121 A distinguished group of gentlemen. Bottom row: HJ Copycat. Q23 Booll ywwf Page One Hundred Eighty-five PITKIN'S CDRNER SUPER MARKET Quality Foods For Over 40 Years Congratulations Class f '54 R. W. Pitkin . . . Class of 1895 M. M. Pitkin . . . Class of 1924- E. N. Pitkin . . . . Class of 1936 Corner of Gambier and Main Mount Vernon Ohio PgO Hddfghy . . . Royal Rehearsal F, an-we nh QQ . v H1 R asf rx I 4.1 5. 'Q 19? Top row: Ql1 No time for play. Q21 Dig those crazy shorts. Q31 Good Work, girls. l..i.QdIo rom Q11 -and at your age, too. Q21 Cutie, Tootie. Q31 Goto minute? Q41Ain't love grand? l3o.tom row: Q11 Atlas Nugent. Q21 It went that-a-way. Q31 The royal couple. Page One Hundred 'Zdalfzz :- ' Q? :xx 5,75 52' 2.1 t A S Established In 1898 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Compliments of Compliments of ASHTON BROS. C L I P P Y ' S EGGS - POULTRY S N A C K B A R sos W. High Sf. 686 N. Sandusky Sf. Mount V ernon , Ohio Mount V ernon , Ohio Page One Hundred Eighry-eighf . . . Class of 1900 es . .. f 1 K 5,-4 .if . - 4 H9 J xi . . i , I .i K i x, ,N X, - , ,. a 8 'r , - H . f V' rf ' ' 1 , L, I I. il ,-. . N an K Q V- 1 . . ' af F , s. ' ' . WJ' s-we - fi K ,, .vs . ' W . . ., . .5 x we-.N -se L, L ' ' ,, ,,,.. -. , "'?3'jTy'f' , .. "M . Laaned and identified by Charles B. F. Wander Top row: Colin Welshymer, Joseph Stauffer, Marian Harter, Charles F. Carey, Isabel Cooper, Mary Clarke, Charles A. Beck, Anna White, Harry A, Hyman, John Austin, May Kelly, Maria Chase, William Barker, Bessie Parks, Charles Wander, Goldie Beach. Middle row: Gail Coaksey, Mariorie Merrin, Isabel Morton, Lillie Mullin, Mable McGibney, Pearl Stoyle, Jennie Lybarger, Gus Goins, Frank Sapp, Grace Merrin, Bessie Hess. Bottom row: Carne Cochran, Magdalene Rees, Mora Wing, Pauline Mizer, Catharine Shinnaberry, Lucile Campbell, Iva . . . Class ofglgil Warren, Marie Hague, Gertrude Sellers, Belle Ewing. loaned and identified by Anna Bogardus Beam 'lst row: Bessie lCochranj Bell, Clyde Liming Weaver, Carrie tMorrisi Fisher, Augustus Theodore Seymour, Mildred Cunningham, Place, Fanny Ferne Thrailkill, Gertrude Alexander lBakerl Phillips, Harry Sanderson. 2nd row: Anna Louise tBogardusl Beam, Frederick Henry Ward, Alice C. tBlacki Mill, L. Della lCoupi tChallingsworthj Brininstaol, Elizabeth tRansomi Sanderson, Mary Elizabeth Cole, Elizabeth Veatch Wilson. 3rd row: Vivian Dale Ebersole, Gertrude A. lBunni Stevens, Katherina Vance lSandersoni Reeves, Myrtle Dell Fowler. 4th row: Charles J. McFarland, Franck Walter Poland, Mr. Weld tPrincipalj, Hugh Lawrence Mahaffey, Alexander Percy Tarr, Lewis D. Bonebrake tSuperinlendenti, J. Carle Bell, Sara lMyersi Curtis, Lina lArmentrouti Garber, Gertrude tHallJ Weaver, Blanche Mabel Gotshall. IGH K.. 37' AIN . M Q fLffCQQQ5ff I I ll CHESTNUT 6' . N GAY .Sf Mfr VERNON 5 ffgff 5 5 NULBIRRY SZ' PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS P VB!-IC' 490054 RZ VINE O HddNy 457' A BZER 57' AIN Z' GAMBJER 517' Sf! E OHIO 1954 FORUM PAST PUBLICATIONS STAFFS SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE 1954 FORUM JACKET JOURNAL 1906 Editor: Curtis Kinney Business Manager: Oscar Arnold 1907 Editor: Helen Colville Business Manager: Curtis Stone 1908 Editor: Grace Headington Business Manager: Royal Butcher 1909 Editor: Helen McNabb Business Manager: Royal Butcher 9 U1 1910 Editor: Nola Barnard - Business Manager: Louie West ' 1911 Editor: Hazel Kirkpatrick x Business Manager: Joseph Smith 1912 Editor: Nina Levering Business Manager: Charles Kelly A 1913 Editor: Hay Ruessell I I Business Manager: Ralph Morton ' 5 ll 1914 Editor: Ruth Colville ' Business Manager: Dale Davis ' 1915 Editor: Clementine Rose Business Manager: Russell Eastman I 'Q 1916 Editor: Olive Black 5 Business Manager: Edward Rawlins 1 T 1917 Editor: Orodt Gamertsfelder Y Business Manager: Robert Eastman ,. Q 1918 Editor: Agnes Ahrendt 1 C, Business Manager: Richard Shutt .ily i 1919 Editor: Margene Faddis 1 sl Business Manager: Lawrence Baldwin "" ! 1920 Editor: Virginia Alsdorf Q " ' Business Manager: Lester Masteller 1921 Editor: Virginia Alsdorf Business Manager: Cedric Smith 1922 Editor: Colin Montis Business Manager: John McKinley 1923 Editor: Harold Bettinger Business Manager: Paul Gilliland 1924 Editor: Annis Conley Business Manager: Allen Reed 1925 Editor: Augusta Banning Business Manager: W H A k 1926 Editor: i iam c erman - , . . Business Manager: Howard Ogg 5122255 Manager 3223: 391191111911 1977 5111109 2911111 19111111 Editor- Julia Ellis? Business Manager: st ey oss - ' l 1928 Editor: GW: Wk 12212227 Manage' E233 riff? Business Manager: Fred Wolfe Business Manager: Fred Wolfe 1929 Editor: olive rrenmnh Business Manager Robert Walker 1930 Editor: John Gerwick 1931 :dnon M :una neadingnm lezsgneuss Manager. Tom Klein usiness anager: er gnew . ' 1932-33 not Pubmed B"1"le1s Manage' 1934 Editor: Jock Jenkins Ednw. Business Manager: Evelyn Lockard Business Manager. 1935 51111911 Lowell Perllllls Editor- A Grace Hepler Business Manager: Carroll McMillen Bnsinnss Manager Don Trenwnn 1939 Ed11o11 11911911 Felrall Editor: 1 Harry Swoger 919111955 91111199911 Neal 39111911 Business Manager. Donald Jackson 1937 Editor: Charles Selbold Ednon owen Leonard 9111111955 1991199911 D911 Jackson Business Manager Charles Tarr 1938 5911911 1111911 9911191 Editor: Robert Hayes B11f1'19'5 1991199911 191111 Nlfhol Business Manager. Fred Surlas 1939 E1111911 P9111 11111911 Editor: Don Dowds Business Manager: Cyrus Porter Business Manager, George Thayer 1940 51111011 C""1'10" 1-Ynd' Editor: am Deeley Business Manager: Stanley Johnson Business Manager: Frank Ynnger 1941 Ed110ff 101111 K'PP'e Ednor: Fred Schnebly 5115111915 M91199e1i P11111 117911 Business Manager. George Kaparos 1942 5111911 Gemld Walks' Editor: Robert Lehman Business Manager: Harold Woodward Business Manager- Don Taylor 1943 Ed1191f 11111195 M519111911 Editor: Edwin Dotson 9115111955 M9119991i 19119 19959917 Business Manager: Ruth Harris 1944 11911911 11111 1991191117 Editor: Kathleen Fravel 5115111955 M9119991i E4 197191 Business Manager: Lowayne Johnson 1945 Ed11911 11311 B991-11f11111 Editor: Art Cassell 5115111951 1991199911 V19 1911111111191 Business Manager: Loraine Swatik 1946 Editor: 119117 11111111191 Editor: Sue Rian Business Manager: Charles McLarnan Business Manager. Bm Deedrick 1947 Editor: B111 M9919 Editor: Joan McFeely Business Manager: Paul Hartzler Business Manngeh louise thomas 1948 Editor: Be11Y 19 F1917 Editor: Lenor Rapp 5115111055 M91199911 111911 511111911 Business Manager. Betty Turner 1949 Editor: 1911691991 Editor: Jo-Ann Fravel Business Manager: Miriam Titus Business Manager, Bob Sgalny 1950 Editors: Sandra Pitkin Eamon: gobbge Jeanne pw D911119 M1111191 Business Manager Pat George Business Manager: Davida Kahrl Ednofs, Day, gnields 1951 Editor: Vifeirlfl 50919 Perry Williams 111111119911 119111911 Business Manager. Gertrude Kittleberger Business Manager: David Gelsanliter 1952 Editors: 1-1bbY Kiftleberser Editors: Marilyn Woods Jim Franlis Digk Lomy Business Manager: Deedra Hess Business Manager Grace Walden 1953 Editors: Debbie Pond Editor: Fred Pargeon Carol Dunham Belva Nelson Business Manager: June Geiger Business Manager: Brad Koch 1954 Editors: Hannah Mautner Editor: Marilyn Reiss Clifford Slayman Jqngt Bowen Business Manager: Dan Bastin Business Manager Phil Levering RI GWALT'S VIEWPOI MOUNT VERNON, OHIO OUR 85th YEAR DATE LINE: THE REST OF THE CENTURY BEST NEWS IS HUMAN "The Twain To Meet" Despite Kipling, the East and West will meet, if we meet them half way with understanding. The world conflict is more moral than military, yet paradoxically, dynamic human needs are univer- sal. True democracy, the social expression of emo- tional and intellectual maturity, satisfies human needs. We don't have it, however, and neither do the Mau Mau, Hindu, Buddist, Communist, Moslem or Israelie so- cieties. Each is a partial answer so designed to maintain the half-life we all live. We must grow, learning from one an- other. That will be our fand theirj moral victory. "THE REST OF THE CENTURY?" Rip VanWinkle? WEATHER Always fair from the right point of view. ll NNf"Nmd i A W .,pr'1llliQli13,E,,llli!p, 1 STAR Jawmdi i 'WAS fi iii Gum' BORN Hhs IX I . E -if? - W - 3 'l i . ,wif 54. ' ' V - '.: 'vw V . y. it ,fx Y 4' , mise f '43, ,mv .ij F! Ringwalt's Goes Into 2nd Half of 20th Century Ringwalt's goes into the last half of the 20th Century with the con- viction that we magnify the com- plexity of personal, local, and in- ternational problems: l. to excuse our own lack of positive purpose, 2. to excuse our possible failure, 3. to get an extra pat on the back if we succeed. Retailing and Newspaper Work Essentially Human Human Needs Are Their Chief Concern Newspaper and retail institutions are necessar- ily human and down-to- earth. They sense and satisfy the real need of real individual people met daily. Art of Living Living is the noblest art and like all arts its highest attainment is style, the simple direct accomplishment of a fore- seen goal and with the beautiful ease of an ex- pert. Retailers strive to put into our homes the materials for a beautiful creative style of family living. Newspapers strive to put into our hands the truth and wisdom perti- nent to our creative or- ientation to a fast chang- ing town and world. Page One Hundred Nineiy-two MW.. I l ...sittin' on top of Nal'ure's gas tanks! FRE are hve good reasons why people in the territory served by United Fuel Gas Company always enjoy good, cheap gas service. They are live Cooper-Bessemer compressors totaling 4400 horse- power. They're installed at Coco, West Virginia, one ofAmerica's largest underground gas storage stations. Their job? Very' interesting! When you aren't using much gas, like in the summertime, they receive it from distant wells, via pipeline, and pump it into great hollow spaces far beneath the surface of the earth . . . to hold it for you in nature's storage tanks. Then when the demand for gas goes up.. . when it's needed for heating homes. for industrial plants, stores and ofhces fmaybe the place you workj . . . these sturdy Cooper-Bessemer compressors pump the gas out again, send it on its way to you and hundreds of other communities. All you know is that when you turn on the gas . . it's there to serve you! Technical gas men could tell you why these gas compressors are most unusual. It has to do with a very wide range of pumping pressures never before achieved. They eliminate lots of other costly equipment and thus do their share to hold down the cost of gas service! In many fields of business and industry. Cooper- Bessemer, one of America's olzlcxl engine builders, has come up with the uezrexl. . .time and again! Got a heavy-duty power problem ? XVe invite you to write, Mounl Vernon, Ohm CDUPER-BESSEMER Grove Cnty, Pa. New York ' Chicago ' Washinglon ' San Francisco ' los Angeles ' San Diego ' Houslon 0 Dallas ' Odessa ' Pampa ' Gregglon ' Seallle 0 Tulsa ' Sl. Louis ' Gloucesler ' New Orleans 0 Shreveport Cooper-Bessemer of Canada, Lid., Halifax, N. S. DIESELS ' GAS ENGINES 'GAS-DIESELS 0 ENGINE'DRIVEN AND MOTOR'DRIVEN COMPRESSORS 0 HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID PUMPS is Best Wishes to the Class of '54 IS 3 MT. VERNON, OHIO South x9J' A sparkling glass bottle is the per- fect milk container. No substitute container protects milk's purity, flavor and your family's health so well. ll GLASS IS PURE A sterile battle cannot con- ,4 taminate your milk-cam W not endanger your famiIy's health, because glass is chemically inert. :ffl X s fo? Q Q GLASS LETS YOU SEE THE CREAM l l in ' See what you buy and know ln- 5 you get full measure of nu- H. - Mg tritious health food. ii b,,. 45 :E cuss is zcouomlcu. 63.2 ' ' Housewives could realize 2 a saving on every quart Q, G9 KH' of milk were all milk pur- chased in glass bottles. GLASS PROTECTS FLAVOR Glass completely guards milk's delicate flavor -- im- parts no foreign tastes or impurities to spoil milk's deli- cious goodness. The Lamb Glass Co. Vernon Telephone 72710 fy 6!'7ff6 M26 ' ' My We Uofftafkenf Page One Hundred Ninety-five A COMPLETE ROSTER OF THE GRADUATES OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL This roster was compiled from the 1927 FORUM and from the liles in the superintendent's oliice. In some cases it was difficult to obtain a woman's married name, but the staff hopes that all Mount Vernon High graduates are listed here. CLASS OF 1861 U. Clarence Blake Wilbur F. Lathrop Rollin C. Hurd, Jr. Henry C. Rogers CLASS OF 1862 Erskin Curtis Wilmot Sperry Lewis H. Mitchell CLASS OF 1863 Harriet A. fBaldwinJ Armstrong V. Ella QCotton7 Simmons Frances R. Crowell Harriet R. tHallerj Norton Olive E. QHydelJ Burr Carrie E. tLewis7 Lane Anna M. Mackay Clara QMartinJ Burr Anna M. Nicholas Antoinette Nicholas Mary A. lRathellj Foltz CLASS OF 1864 Perry Gribbin CLASS OF 1865 Alice QBucklandJ McMillen iulia flrvinel Hollowell imily Patterson I Sarah QRectorJ Vincent J. M. Rowe Minnie QStaulferJ Sanderson Elizabeth tThompsonJ Rowe CLASS OF 1866 Louisa tBowersJ. Brooks M. Emily 1DurbinJ Stewart M. Curran Farquar Rose E. Farquar Ida E. Qlrvinej Hollowell Mary R. QLewisJ Mason Rose A. QLippittJ Morrow Nora lParkJ Hyde Lizzie B. QSperryJ Bogardus Ella A. Vance Rilla tYoungJ Lee CLASS 01" 1867 Nettie lBallD Chisholm Laura L. QBascomJ Little Letitia S. lElder7 Anderson A. M H'll . 1 s Rose E. Qlngramb Owen Anna Lewis Minnie E. QMillerJ Mackey Adelaide E. Smith CLASS OF 1868 Mary KLaneJ Robinson Amanda KLewisJ Leonard Perlie tstaufferj Mitchell Belle Stevens Louisa QTurnerJ Elder CLASS OF 1869 Anna R. Barre Louisa CBeamJ Gould. Ella M. CBechtolJ Craig Austin A. Cassil Sarah L. tCurtisJ Kelly Royal S. DeWitt games F. Hood . Chubbie tHydeD Vance Etta Qlngramj Kirk Alice Lane Alice M. CLewisJ Cushing R. M. Morgan H. Kate Parke Lou L. Peterman Orlando V. Price Ella L. Reeves Maria L. tRowleyJ Hogue Harvey Scribner Carrie M. Thompson Emma fWhiteJ Wright Page One Hundred Ninety-six CLASS OF 1870 Mary E. 1CalkinsJ Fultz William T. Colville Julia S. lNortonJ Fawcett Harry A. Sturges CLASS OF 1871 Adelaide E. Brown Amanda QBrownJ Newell Mary E. tBrownJ Haynes Emily lCohenJ Presbry Katherine B. Fordney Frank R. Moore Alice lReynoldsJ Herrman Sarah Smith Elizabeth R. XVillis CLASS OF 1872 Carlie F. fBenedictJ Tharpp Anna M. Blair Robert W. Colville William B. Ewalt Mary tThompsonj Swetland CLASS OF 1873 Kate F. Benedict Selena K. tHodginsJ Clark Elizabeth A. Smith Elizabeth E. fWellsJ Scott Alice M. CTrickj Yeager CLASS OF 1874 Lu Ella Mitchell Belle lShawJ Newson Marian lSmithJ Hill Ida 1Tudorj Wilson CLASS OF 1875 Emma T. A. iBridge1 Seeberger Emma V. CHustonJ Molen Dora M. McDonough Agnes R. lMontgomeryJ McNeille Charles Page Peterman Martha A. Power Carrie C. fPylej Congdon Mary L. tRowleyJ Branstetter Selena L. Trick Anna fTrimbleJ Colville Clara J, fTudorJ Rogers Frances L. tWillisJ Clark CLASS Ol" 1876 Fannie J. QBlanchardJ Marsh Jennie tChapmanJ Stephens Charles W. Doty Anna R. McKay A. Baldwin Norton Charlotte E. iShawJ Frederick Ella E. QShawJ Wyrick Mary E. CSnookJ Elliott Jessie White CLASS OF 1877 Samuel R. Gotshall Frank Harper Louis Lane Q Harry Martin Sue R. Miller Florence L. fStephensJ Sclmebly Emma Trott CLASS OF 1878 Herbert Ewalt Belle tPickardJ Jackson Annie B. Severns CLASS 01-' 1879 Edd. O. Arnold Lidda CDe Voej Patterson Stephen D. Frederick Clara QMastellerJ Sundells Maggie M. tWardj Jellil? Olive M. CWilliamsj Benoy CLASS OF 1880 Ollie CAtwoodJ Humphreys Lois T. Bishop Will E. Fisher Edith M. fMarshj Allen Luella QMartinJ Green Iva fSprouleJ Baker Libbie CTudorJ Arnold CLASS OF 1881 Jessie CClarkJ Thomas Mary fClarkJ Peterman Anne C. Curtis Samuel J. Simmons CLASS OF 1882 Addie Arnold Jennie Balar Grace C. CBennettJ Marple Bessie B. tBrownJ Taylor Jessie Bryant Robert H. Fowler Ella Grant Jennie A. Hanna Leonice E. fHuntJ Day Florence B. ilrvinej West Winifred lLaneJ Gotshall Dora CParmenterJ Broadwell Hattie QThompsonj Miles George A. True Eva M. tVohlJ Cassell CLASS Ol" 1883 George Martin Carrie fMillerJ Critchlield Idelle 1MillerJ Miller Retta Richardson CLASS OF 1884 Harry Arnold Minnie fBainterJ Wynkoop Ella lBroadwellJ Rowe Georgia fChapmanJ Dunning Lizzie France Minnie E fHallJ Hunter Louie 1HannaJ Roberts Lucy iSpindlerJ White CLASS OF 1885 Jessie fBainterJ Kelser Fanny tBlairJ Coup Bessie fClarkJ Thomas Oscar Daniels Betta Darby Lottie Jackson Sadie Miller Cora 1MitchellD Brunner Linda 1SharpnackJ Bishop CLASS OF 1886 Bettie fAdamsJ Grant Mary CBaldwinJ Dickinson Alice Curtis Cora Ewalt Eva lGainesJ Payne Nannie flsraelj Porter Nora CLoweJ McKee William Magill Minnie QParmenterJ Herron Bertha Rogers Mary tripearmanl Lowther Mary 1 aylorj Cowdry Nettie fThatcherJ Graves Lizzie CVan Akinj Arny CLASS OF 1887 Lula fAbhottJ Herron Charles W. Baker George S. Ball Charles V. Critchfield Madge QCunninghamj Wilson C. Walter Irwin Ollie M. CKelleyJ Eggleston Philip Sheridan Kelser Daisy 1LaneJ Heard Lee F. Lybatger Rollin R. Mclntire Hattie QParkesJ Lauderbaugh Fred. A. Place Bertie Shrimplin Frank A. Yauger Olive J. QYoungJ Cosner Benjamin Zeisloft CLASS OF 1888 Mary Baker Bessie gBirdJ Debes Katherine lBraddockJ Barron Lula Bunn Clarence Bryans Lucy 1ClarkJ Mitchell Emma Cole Nancy lCurryJ Wheeler Ida CGatdnerJ Frederick Kale fNealJ Kinley Jennie 1SeftonJ Nichols Earl Smith Flora fSpearmanJ Gearhan Ella 1TiltonJ Stevens Edith fTudorJ Errett CLASS OF 1889 Saurin W. Alsdotf XVinnie P. lBaldwinj Coup Eleanor QFarrisonJ Van Wicklen Edna tHagamanJ Branyan David A. Hanna William J. Horner Lily B. McClellan Lula M. QMcCormickJ lCarpenterb Norton Cora lMcCullockJ Austin Berdie A. lMillerJ Bedell George M. Miser Alice B. 4MorrisJ North Rosa T. iOsbornJ Huntsberry Otto A. Patterson Alice G. tStumphJ Kaiser Medota E. lStyetsJ Derringer Marguerite tTaylorJ Weir Charles G. Walker Mmta A. tWhiteJ Wells CLASS Ol-' 1890 Lina fArmentroutJ Garber Gettrluldgifklexander QBBKCIFJ I l " ps Bessie fCochranJ Bell Alice C. 1BlackJ Mill Anna Louise 1BogardusJ Beam Gertrude A. lBunnJ Stevens J. Carle Bell Mary Elizabeth Cole L. Della 1CoupJ QChallings- . worthy Briningstool Mildred fCunningharnJ Place Vivian Dale Ebersole Myrtle Dell Fowler Blanche Mable Gotshall Gertrude Qlfiallj Weaver Hugh Lawrence Mahalfey Charles J. McFarland Carrie fMorrisJ Fisher Sara fMyersJ Curtis Frank Walter Poland Elizabeth tRansomJ Sanderson Katherina Vance QSanderson7 Reeves Harry Sanderson Augustus Theodore Seymore Alexander Percy Tarr Fanny Ferne Thrailkill Frederick Henry Ward Clyde Liming Weaver Elizabeth Veatch Wilson CLASS OF 1891 Blanche fAustinJ Montgomery Maud Ellen fBainterJ Jorbet Priscilla 1BanningJ Sanderson Ada lBedellj Wooten Mary Frances Black Walter David Braddock Hurd Alexander Cassil Nellie Ada Critchiield Frank Thomas Disney Harry Crit Drake Pattie tMcKeeJ Eastman Edwin Clair Ensminger Iona Daisy fForryJ Dalley Fred Marion French Irene fGainesJ Yaeger Mollie lHawkinsJ Roland Annie lLettsD Tarr Adelle Blanche tMagill1 Grubb Jessie Elizabeth lMillerJ Gilmore Arthur George Neighbor Harry Lybrand Rees Winifred Rush Fred Grant Severns Howard Lee Torbet William A. Vincent Mary Elizabeth Weaver Belle CWelshJ Scarborough Bessie Whittington iSeddenJ Allie QYaugerJ Ball CLASS OF 1892 Jennie Belle Roberts CLASS OF' 1893 Eugene Frederick Bigler Della fBlackb Mill C0ra Della Debes Adelle QFishburnel Martin James Clifford George Mary QGordonj Ensminger Mary Elizabeth QMagillJ Norrish Clare Isabel Miller Belle Beary Nixon William Watts Parmenter Helen QP:-ittersonl Alsdorf Edith Estella Pitkin Laura QStoneJ Mclntire Estella CWelshymerJ Montis Isadora fWorleyD Messmore CLASS OF 1894 Rose QCareyb McKinley Dora Clillisj Ward Mary Bertha QFergusonJ Dollinger Minnie Rae GraE Gratia 1GrahamJ Walker Lulu KGordona Canning Mary Grace Q ossagej Frazier Elkan Henly Fred Stevens McConnell Alfred Heber Mclntire Jed S. Montis aura Marjorie Pickard Mable Irene Stauifer Frances QThompsonl Moore Louis Clyde White Frances 4Youngl Jacobs CLASS OF 1895 Lyman Vance Armentrout Anna Illanningl Hankey Mae QBraddockl Sturgis Fannie lBrickerJ Raymond Henrietta QBunnJ Stevens John Milton Coup Jessie Catherine Dickerson atherine tlilliottj Reese Dora fEnsimingerJ Pollock Mabel QHarrisJ Kreuder Liddie Elizabeth fHoodl Fry Carroll Ross Jackson Elizabeth fLarimoreJ McKinley Fred Lewis Florence iMitchelll Eggleston Mabel QMitchellJ QFrenchj Pratt Pearl QParker7 lForbingJ Slingluff Beniamin Franklin Parmenter Charles Wilbur Phifer Walter McClelland Pyle Estella Grace QSappJ Byers Anna Eliza fSenselJ Pearl Gertrude fSpindlerl Weaver Viola Virginia QSymonsJ Booker Bertha fTrottJ Nichols Frank Charles Waddell Frank Kinear Wilson CLASS OF 1896 Bertha CAusting Kline William Earle aldwin Selora Stuart 4BlackD Cooksey Eleanor Mae 1CrumleyJ Moore Victor Albert Debes William Lewis Diehl Clara Converse Ewalt Erwin Cassius Gordon Eva Martin QGraffJ Garret Laura Katherine QGrahamJ Jackson Cora Eleanor Grant Edith Hillier Maude Lyle Hubbell Mary Adelaide Koons Thomas Guthrey McCalla George Skidmore Murphy Walter Flemming Murphy Lucille iParrottJ Hosack Minnie Eliza Rees 1' ' ' ' ' 'H' Rizpah Norwood Tart fMurphyJ Joseggi George Tilton Iva' ary fWalkerl Kochherser Daisy QWaltonJ Beckley Elizabeth CWrightl Shaw Jessie KWrightJ Wolfley Mary Grace KYoungl Harris CLASS OF 1897 Nellie Elizabeth QBallJ Trenwith Edith Camma fBellJ Stickney Emma Eliza 1Clarkj Levering Mary QEwingJ Lawrnan Nellie QEwingJ Sharp Florence Mabel Fay Cornelia Maude QFultzJ Frasier John Labon Headington Georgia Virginia Neal Charles Sumner Owen Augusta Andrews Pearl Anna Anna Stella Clara Ethel Stella Christina CPhiferJ Debes Gertrude Ransom Rosenthall Louise Ross QSappl Tudor QSappj Ruch John Frank Smith Bertha Dee CStyersJ Michael Wilmot Sperry Philip Hyatt Tarr Eleanor Bragg fTierJ Roberts William Perry Welshymer CLASS OF 1898 Newton Otto Anderson Robert Baldwin Armstrong Melvin Thomas Beck Ruth Elizabeth fBogardusJ A derson I1 Paul Julius Brent Lillian Josephine QCavinJ ns Steghe Sarah K larkj Fleming Rachel Jane fEwingJ Workman Pearl Ethel 1FlowerJ Wythe Corlindia Allie QHurleyJ Gore Elizabeth Kjacobusl Kellison Charles Samuel McKee George Webb Kingsbury LuNylla fMitche1llg Whitford Clarence Chancey ark Gertrude Emily Parr Harry Benton Parrott William Lane Robinson Clinton Pearl Smith Sophia Knox QSmithJ O'Bryan Elsie Mabel lStarrl Fairchild Mildred Colville QStarrJ Tarr Florence Louise Westlake Ila Bernice iWilliamsJ McNabb Otto Elmer Whittington Nannie Ellen QWrightJ Baker Louie Wythe CLASS OF 1899 Susie Edessa Agey William Francis Allen Maud Mae QAlsdorfJ 1Bendel7 Smith Walter Stewart Anderson Myrtle Lavata QBookerJ Williams Earl Raymond Broden Wilda Craig Clark Bertha Cedella 1CopelandJ Payne Frances Carrie Drye Nanny ilfawcettl Baldwin Elinore QGanttJ Humbert Stella Swan QGordonJ Smith Helen fHogueJ McFeely Martin Sylvester Kelly Mary Elinor Kingsbury William Garfield Koons Frank Larimore Mary Grace Mackay Mary Edith McCalla Harriet Sylvinia Merrin Arra Carolyn QMorfordl Hancock Carrol Dean Murphy John William O'Brien Jennie Elizabeth 1ParrJ Allen William Francis Pembrook Frederick Page Ransom Rosebud 1SappJ Armstrong Eva Lena QSingerj Sleeper Elizabeth Browning fSperryJ Conley Zenno Elbridge Taylor Agnes Kemp Tier Ida May QUnderwoodJ Bennet Helen Katherine Walton Nita lWarellJ Brannie Lulu Gertrude lWhiteJ Taylor CLASS OF 1900 John George Austin William Edger Barker Goldie Alice QBeachj Harmer Charles Albert Beck Georgia Lucille 1CampbellJ Gower Charles Foster Carey Maria Sanford Chase Mary Kenyon 1ClarkJ Coup Carrie Elsie QCochranJ Wier Gail Ogle Cooksey Isabel Cooper Mary Isabel iEwingJ Smith Augustus Henry Goins Marian QHarterJ Armentrout Bessie Della KI-iessj Switzer Marie Mason fHogueJ Dyer Harry Abe Hyman Mary Agnes Kelly Jennie Evaline Lybarger I Mable iMcGibenyJ Morrison Marjorie Eleanor Merrin Myrta Grace fMerrin7 McKinney Pauline Angelette QMiserJ Freeman Margaret Isabel fMortonl Hatter Lillie Wilhelmina QMullinJ Lorentz Bessie May Park Magdalen Rees Frank Whitford Sapp Frances Gertrude Sellers Catherine Gertrude 1ShinaberryJ Herring Joseph Byron Stauffer Pearl Clair iStoyleJ McDonald Charles Beniamin Wander Iva Lovina CWarrenJ McDonald Colin Clifton Welshymer Orphia Sophia CWelshymerl Gordon l Annie Mae lWhllEJ Gardner Olus Verne Williams Nora Wing McIntyre CLASS OF 1901 George Sefton Allspaugh Helen V. Anderson Mary Louella Beck Jared Sperry Bogardus Belle Leona iBowmanJ Humphreyville Clellie iNewtonl Brentlinger Mary Eleanor 1CassilJ Reynard Margaret 1Claypooll Rockwell Ester Ellen iConditl Murphy Ethel Cooper. Isabel iCunn1nghamJ Anderson Isaac George Errett Alice Blanche lEwingJ Linton Gaylord Augustus Freeman Clarence Edward George Ada Graham George Burleigh Graham Fred Blaine Hagaman Mable Baker Hunt Harry Wilson Koons Iva Browning KLewisJ Deeley Charles Addison Miller Harry Oertel Mitchell Harry S. Molfitt Zadia May QMooreJ Hodell Henry Clay Parker Mona QPlattJ Reese Cecil Bertram Rush Harry Thomas Simmons Blanche Fanny Stadler Wilson Abram Stansiield Elizabeth Fay Taft Howard Sterling Tarr Norman Guernsey Turner Ida May Westlake ' Bessie Matilda QWtnelandJ McFeeley Arthur Clifton Wolfe Walter Jared Sperry CLASS OF 1902 Calvin Bartlett Sherman Chase Edward Monroe Clark Jennie May fClarkJ Headington Harry Cochran . Joseph Delano Creveling Mina Belle QCrowthetsJ Clark Charles Douglas Dalrymple Margaret Ethel Devalon Blanche Elizabeth fGeorgel Lippi Warner Vernon Graff Ena Imelda KHendersonl 1Cavenoughl Ewalt Grace Maude Hinkle John Burson Morton Kathryn QPuttj Johnson Charles McGibeny Roberts Gladys Mae iSappl Beam Mae Belle fSenselJ Richwine Sinclair Preserve Smith Edward Marquis Starr Walter Starr Mary Elizabeth KStevensJ Mclntire Lela Alice QStyersJ Fyke Inez Mae iVanceJ Rogers Clara Llewellyn QWhittierJ fNyeJ Fisher Frances Ellen iWhittingtonJ Peck James Lisle Wineland CLASS OF 1903 Grace Elizabeth fBlockerJ Rawlinson Mae lBryanJ Stump Bertha Lee fEllisj Morris Ethel Vera Hagaman Harriet ijuipterl Perry Laura Elizabeth Koons Mary Struble Merrin Ruth Evelyn Merrin Coreta Al Robinsonj Class Edna Lillian QRushJ Pettit Pearl .Melcina lSevernsJ Cole Beatrice Antonia Stradler Ruby Ethel Vance Bessie Emma iRinglerJ Camp Clara Margaret Wood Francis Joseph Anderson Paul Morton Ashbaugh Kenneth James Campbell Henry Hyman Charles James Jennings Dwight Young LaFever Carl Nelson Skeen Armistead Taylor Waight Ralph Campbell Sellers CLASS OF 1904 Eva Margaret 1BarberJ Rohrer Grace Edith Beach Ethel Grace Brown Carrie Luella iClaypool7 QBerryJ Callimore Lucy 1Ewingl Barber Mae Eva iGeorgel Deeley Mary Adaline Goins Zuletta B. Grimm Blanche Belle iHarkerJ Smith Lottie Lovina iHogueJ Johnson Florence Angelette Jupiter Edenia Ceclia iKentJ Mamburg Pearle Cleophus McDonald Olive Mabel QMcFarlandJ Alspaugh Mary Gertrude Mills Lulu Faye Moffitt Florence Beth Patterson Pansy Alfreda iPuttJ Wagner Ethyl Caroline tRichardson7 VanVoorhis Mary Swetland 1StauR'erJ Hatter Xantha Bartlett Swingle Mabel B. Vincent Leafy Lanore Wineland Bert Wilson Allspaugh Paul Brown Barber Henry Greer Beam Thomas Lowe Bogardus Clifford Russell Brentlinger William Walter Cary Samuel Cureton Justin Emerson Devalon Julius W. Heatlington Arthur Davis Hyman. William Lloyd Mclntlre Ray Walter Osborn Joseph Vance Park Elliott Hudson Reynolds William Cooper Russell Robert Wallace Stauffer CLASS OF 1905 William McCreary Banning Ethyln Agnes Beach Franklin Otto Blue Cleveland Bricker Page One Hundred Ninety-seven f.. :leafy ie' ' Edythe Melville QCanningJ Stophett John Redman Claypool Leonard Scott Clements David Wallace Collins Bessie lConlkeJ Graham Frederick Sturges Cooper Philip Lewis Day Herbert Wilkinson Hancock Mable Elizabeth 1HessJ Mitchell Stella Sarah QH manj Hantman Francis Barrell Jennings Hubert Clyde LaFever Howard Allen Levering Gertrude Bird fMcElroyJ Brentlinger Rose QMillerJ Blair Arthur Hildreth Mitchell Lena Anita 1MitchellJ Welker Arthur Ellwood Robertson Catherine Elizabeth CSheppardJ Huntsworth Donald Montgomery Snow Lottie Ogg iSpearmanJ Johnson Dorothy Jean Starr Jessie Helen iStarrJ Apter Clyde Franklin Turner Levia Rebecca CWardJ Iams Mable Eliza iWarmanJ Craig Charles Ernest Warman CLASS OF 1906 Minnie Isabel iBraddockb Dean Bessie iMcDevittl Shui? Cordelia tGarberJ Shalfner Helen Bainter Bessie Parrott Blanche Charlton Mark Curtis Kinney Russell Bogardus Bessie Stute Ruth lPfautzJ Woolson Herman Swingley Roy Fowls Cordellia fGardnerj Shaifner Daisy Gearhart Madeline Weaver Cleveland Wolfe Alma fH1gginsJ Clark Edna Higgins Clotilda Lepley Edyth Ewart Carolyn Stone Frances tTitIany7 Healy Mabel fMitchellJ Higgins Alva Beach Florence CYoungJ Cassell Carl Emanual Miller Flossie lVeatchJ Brundage Heber McClelland Lucie QCraigJ Mitchell Fred Sanderson CLASS OF 1907 Harry Grubb Clell Perkins Russell Sellers Barton Blair Laurene Canning Allen Clark Scott Glore Merrill Harris Ralph Headington Ray LaFever Frank Martin John McFadden Harper Russell Elizabeth KSellersJ Ward Bessie QSeymoreJ Perkins Anna QTrimbleJ Johnson Dwight Vincent Edyth Qlilemingj Auskings ilcane QChaseJ Sanderson athryn 1AndersonJ Gee Oscar Arnold Hazel Banning Joseiph Bradfield Fre Cary Frank Chapman Jay L. Clay Helen fColvil1ej Sevitts Lillian Cranier Robert Dowds Leo Higgins Kathleen iKoonsJ Williams Russell Levering Lena QLyndeJ Cochran John Mitchell Mabel Moore Lester Ogg Marcus Rosenthall Anna 1SchnebleyJ Cromley Irene 1SiglerJ Salt Beth Trimble George Black CLASS OF 1908 Ava Alvena Adrian Edward E. Allspaugh Marguerite R. 1BedellJ Nichols Belle Colopy fButcherJ Vance Florence Isabelle 1Bradlield7 Greer May Edna Bennington Stella B. 1CoxJ Bell Cora Pearl 1Colginj Daniels Scott William Camp Julia Dowling Derwin D. Dancels Margaret Eggleston Helen Lee Green Katherine Ann CGeorgeJ iCottonJ Cochran Esther Georgia iGunnJ Sinclair Carrie Jane Glenn Martha Harriet Hyatt Grace Gertrude iHeadingtonJ 1 Schumann J Motherall Bessie Blanche iHaymes7 Lamont Philip William Hull Laura Madge QHumbertJ Simmons Maud Ellen fHenwoodJ Sellers Nellie Keigley Madeline Dean fKingJ Genin Anna Gladys Merrin Marguerite Page QMartinJ Starr Nora McKay Gertrude Harriett iPhillipsp Snare John Jay Phillips Lynn Estes Revennaugh Edwin Rightmire Clara Margaret Stute Lulu Dale Staats Lawrence Edmund Sperry Ethel Snow Elda Williams Mable Irwin QYoungJ Yauger CLASS OF 1909 Mary Helen Alden Mildred Beatrice CAlerJ Sheriif Marguerite Swaney iAllenJ White Leland Asher Arnold Helen iAshcraftJ 1 Scribner J Stanley Eva QBeeverJ Sullivan Harold Edwin Bell Fay Eleanor Bell Lillian Bernice tBennettJ Bown Minnie Ellen QBlairJ Miller Royal Rufus Bucher Clara Catherine QCervenkaj Schmidt Mary Josephine Cheyney Arline Frances iCraigJ iSchlessingerj Kelly Clarence benjamin Cramer William Ray Culbertson Grace Ellen iDoupJ Kidd Margaret Wave Qllunlapj Jennings Katherine Lavina QElderj Paazig Norris Raymond Elliot Alby Sweet Fleming Lottie iMa5g QFrielj Zolman Ivan Blinn earhart Ruth Elda 4GreenJ Kells Hazel Clarke lGrubbJ Wing Gladys Ellen CI-Iadleyb Baker Edna Marguerite iHayesJ Taylor Florence Lavinia QHuddleJ Clark Charles S. Huntsberger Ruby Huntsberger Ethel Vivian Jamison Leroy Kells Lenna May iLitzenburgJ Chapman Blanch Lois Long May Ethel Mann Carrie Belle Masteller Curt Henry Meltzer Roy James Moorehouse Ethel Mae 1McGuginJ LaFever Mary Helen lMcNabbD Lytle George B. Owen Iva Beatrice Paul Page One Hundred Ninety-eight Ethel Elizabeth fPitkinJ Studor Ralph Daniel Reed Florence fRavennaughJ Townsend Ray Scarbrough Edna Sellars Eleanor CSiglerJ Robertson Charlotta Pearl CStaatsJ Metcalf Joseph William Tulloss Ethel Rae Vincent Bessie Isabell CWalterl Porter Earl Franklin White Cleora Marie QWilkinsonJ Congdon CLASS OF 1910 Guy L. Ackerman Darrell Banning Bessie Mae Barker Nola Ruth CBarnardl fDowds7 Shaw Elizabeth Louise fBartlettJ Banning Earl Hayes Baxter Imaz Retta Beever Olive Belle Brooks Floren-ce Evelyn iCaryJ fJesterJ iston L Edna Irene Charlton Carroll Dunham Conard Virgil R. Dowds Florence Irene fDowdsJ Rose Dwight S. Ewalt Donald Hanly Harper Walter Grant Harris Dwight Walker Hobbs Vivian Dale fHultonl Corwin Winifred Estella Uonesj Hadley Carl H. Masteller Ida Constance Merrin h Edith Miriam 1NealJ QMenanisJ LaFever Henrietta Eisenhart Penfield Ruth Eleanor 1Pitkin7 Conard Brooke Reed Anna Elizabeth iSwetlandJ Gotshall Florence Estella tWelkerJ Lickert Clinton Pearl Wenger Ada Olive 1Van Voorhisj Ewalt CLASS OF 1911 Loma Pearl fArndtJ Adams Mae Isabel QBartlettj Wolfe Mary Ann Blair Anna Lee Black Frances Chew George Thomas Culbertson Hubert Harold Cary Helen Catherine Chew Mable Ida Coleman Beulah Chapman lDoeltsJ Morton Vivian Dowds Walter S. Englehardt Mary Bell Ewing Heater Grace iFaddisJ Hall Lawrence Fletcher John Samuel Gotshall Hazel Pearl Graif Berta M. iHallJ Schnebly George Hugh Hookway Jennie Hildebrand Ralph Gearhart Jenkins Hazel Merrin Kirkpatrick Monroe Hipsley Kaufman Alma Vernice Lepley Evelyn Marie Lyman Ruth Marie Mitchell Dean Vincent McKee Mary Evelyn KMochwartJ Koch Bessie Gladys CPattersonJ Chrisman Helen Marguerite iPorterJ Sapp Vernice Elman Phillips Raymond H. Spechk Louise Elizabeth Sperry Verna Talitha 1SalisburyJ Pinkley Ethel CSimmonsJ 1ReynoldsJ Hammond Olive Algebra lSnowj Humbert Miriam Grace iStrangl Curran Lydia Faye Thomas Bessie Lee Van Voorhis Louis William West Anita Marie 1WrentzelJ Christel Portia Annette 1WagnerJ Coleman Elizabeth Irene 1ZeisloftJ Jenkins Mqfjlaas. ict- gqfjg. . X- U, .. . A N , :,,..,kJ ' Q: ' -,, -- -, - A -4 53? '- at C' ' 2 slr g! Darrell Banning Leon Franklin Zeisloft CLASS OF 1912 Hazelena Bair Mary Margery iBarberJ Crouch Floyd E. Bartlett Robert Clinton Baxter Pauline Louise iBedellJ Shutt Ella Mable fBlackJ Buxton Alice Anita fBrownJ Lantz Mable Estella Brown Olive M. QClarkJ Herron Nina Ruth Clay Kathryn Maree Colley Eunice Ellis Cooper Harold Burr Corwin Leland G. Cassell Albert Lewis Culbertson John Ewing Ellie Verie fGleasonJ Ewalt Myrtal Elizabeth QGotshallJ Pisor Lena Isabel Hamilton 'William Ray Hall Ruth Hier . Essa Olive Cjeifriesb Murray Charles Mathias Kelley Clarence Parkes Lauderbaugh Ruth Ann Lepley Bernice Olive QLongJ Smith Florence Justina iMasonJ Baxter Frances May McAuslan Natalie Margaret CMcAuslanJ Cramer Henry Harold McDevitt Julia Merle CMcGuginj McConnel Ethel Vere fMcKeeJ Hammond Edna Maurie 1ParrottJ Zeisloft Earl Ray Seavolt Stella Mae Shaffner Marie QShiremanJ Ashcraft Nelle Carolyn Snow Lois L. Speck Anna Parma iStephanJ Grubb Pauline Ruth KStumpJ Hagrean Alice Virgin fVernonJ Belt Nellie Emma Wynkoop Cora Mae Hoifman CLASS OF 1913 Elizabeth E. iAlspaughj iCockranJ Clark Hovey Leslie Altenbuxg Dorothy Margaret Ash Henry Rogers Arnold Harold Colgin Ashcraft Ruby Winona iBarnesJ Mary Ellie iBairJ Schaffer Florence Irene Barre Larry D. Bartlett Helen Lorancy iBaxterJ Mason Eugene Harris Bell Marjorie Pickford Benoy Berlin E. Blakely Charles Harold Breece Carita Laura fBuxt0nJ McDermott Charles Howard Cassell Hazel Irene iChrismanj Smith Ralph Boyd Clugh Armand R. Collett Pearl Elizabeth Donaugh Gladys Irene Elliott Mearl Ewers Helen Wright Faddis Florence Mary QI-'ishburnl Cass Percy A. Greer Cecil Bertram Hall Harry Emmett Haynes Alice Louise Hull Nina May Levering Margaret Irene iMathewsJ Strang William Riley McDevitt Delia Edith 1MelickJ Stevenson Maryann McClurg Mix Ralph Emerson Morton Paul Philmore Pharis Clyde Walter Purdy Pauline Hazel Riley Hoy L. Russell Edna Mildred fSevernsJ Englehart Sturges A. Sigler Joseph Smith, Jr. Willia Laurabell 1SpitzerJ Jenkins Faye Lafe Strang Dorothy Elizabeth Tordor Harley Oland Vance Cole Almeda May Van Voorhis Anna Foster Tulloss Ona Mable CWengetJ Williams Charles. Franklin West Ray Edison Wolfe Mary Estella 1WynkoopJ Ogle CLASS OF 1914 Opal Ferne fAndricksJ Ransom Gertrude Marie fBarberJ Leonard Alison Redmills tBartlettJ Farmer Arthur Beck Mary Taphena Beggs Edna Maude fBellJ Harmon Dorothy Juliet QBlairJ Purinton Edna Emma QBlairJ Russell Melvin Hiel Black John Gordon Bone Selena Bessie fSchaferJ Breece Augusta Martha Brigode Edith Christina Cervenka Ruth QColvilleJ Stewart Mary Margery Claypool Frank C. L. Claypool Russell Edward Crouch Arletta Fae fDavisJ O'Bryan Marguerite Dowds L. Dale Davis Frank Raymond Elliott Robert Russell Ewalt Emma Jane tFobesJ Kauffman Leota Irene fGleasonJ Ewalt Ray Emery Harrison . Beulah Colville. Herrick Velma Pugh Hillbrant Herbert Dale Huntsberger Stanley E. Johnson Margaret Mary Kelly Oscar Wise Kramer Bruce Martin Lepley Carl Leverrng Leota Salena Loney Sara Elinor tLoneyj Jones Gertrude F. Lorey Myrtle Evangeline Mapes Elsie M. lMelickJ Masteller Florence Pearl McClelland Margaret Helen iMcIntireJ Smithheisler George Oliver Melick Helen Maddeline CMooreJ Dutt Jay Samuel McDevitt Dwight Tracy McNabb Laverna Neoma fMildJ Culbertson Maurice Almon Mitchell Helen Mill Elizabeth Sgitle Owen Alberta C. ayne . - John McKinley Phillips Wilfred Oren Phillips Mary Bromley Reed Dale S. Porter Walter Sapp Allen'Dwight Sapp ' Beatrice Elizabeth Singer Gladys C. iSmithJ Dowds Zulene Smith Mina Catherine Shilflette Elsie Sckipfzer . - Leo Russel Thrailkill Margaret Isabelle Todd Charles Robert Tulloss Helen Lucille Vernon Thomas Van Voorhis Hazel Belle QWorleyJ Walker CLASS OF 1915 Russell Harris Berry Mildred Irene Bishop Helen Mildred Dye Roger Sherman Eggleston Forest Wayland Eley I Elizabeth Miller tGilmoreJ Harris Augusta Greer . Lucy Orrella iHawleyJ Price Harry M. Hayes Hugh Hillbrant Faun Winters iNicholsJ Dora Clementine Rose Robert Wilson Simpson Gertrude Ferne fStrangJ Barnard Ethel Florence Baird Edna Adelphia Bartlett Mary Ruth Bartlett Donald Joseph Bell Ruth Eleanor Bricker . Mary Catherine CClippmgerJ Emma Maria Crider f"': --33? -T'-l'Ef"?3?'3L .. 4 .AW Martha Caroline KCutlerJ Crowthers Helen Sellers CGorsuchJ Bone Frances Elizabeth Hinger Hazel Ellen tjacksonj Schorr Hoy Holpkins Jenkins Robert rancis King Calvin Charles LaFever Clarence Celsus Lahmon Arthur J. Matthews, Jr. Waldo Emerson McDonald Madge Carey McKinley Ruth Josephine Moftitt Ruth Belle fNixonJ Tulloss Irene Clements Parrish Alice Louise QPickardJ Smith Miriam H. 1RosenthallJ Koch John S. Schnebly Joseph Walker Sellars Robert D. Severns F. Glenn Sparks Eleanor Rebecca Snow Jennie Margaret 1StullJ Eley Harold A. Trot: Velma Margaret CTuckerJ Shaffer Grace D. tVickroyh Oliver Monroe Walker Robert Spindler Weaver Lenna tWinterringerJ Snow Neva Pearl Wolfe Ralph George Yauger Elenor Ruth QZeisloftJ Scott Russell Thomas Charlton Earl Wesley Denman Elma fDenmanh Beifnes Henry Albert Flaharty Mary Ellen fGrahamJ McClusky Pauline Mae Uamisonj Ogg Hester Clark Jones Sara Adeline fKohlJ Irvine Ruth Montgomery Hazel Gertrude Parrish Carl L. Snow CLASS OF 1915 John E. Ackerman Simon Bair Palmer Jacob Barnard Clarence F. Bateman Margaret Josephine CBeamJ Stillwell Carrol Leddie Benoy Irene Berger Leah Beatrice Biggs Georgia Ethel Blocher Myrtle Irene Braddock Julia Elizabeth iBranyanJ Clemm Mary Eliza Brown Dale R. Chadwick Merritt Madison Chambers Delta May Clements Mabel Aldeen Cochran Cora Marie fConardJ McLarnan Eva St. Claire Cosner John Harlan Davis Albert J. Devault F. Phillip Dye Russell Vance Eastman Henry A. Faulhaber, Jr. B. Evelyn Gatton Lory L. Gilpin Paul Miller Grossman Dulcie Viola Hayes Lewis Daniel Houck Albert C. Hofmann Walter Huntsberry Enice Mary CHuntJ Rawlins Liana Jacobs Clyde B. Johnson Dea Harry Jones Olive Margaret Kile Ada Levering Corinne Mahaffey Mary Lorena Mason William W. McBroom John Walter McLarnan Hugh F. McLarnan Alice McKee Donald M. Messmore Bessie Ellen fMillJ Heckler Robert Edwin Moore Charles S. Myers 4 Florence Amand QParrishJ Warman Edward Bigbee. Rawlins Duane Rightmire Wilda Alice fRinehartJ Worley C. Gilbert SchaHer Mae A. Schaffer Stanley Logan Schaffer Mary Ruth QSchneblyJ Seymour ' 2 I' 'T Henry Forest Sebach Lorna Doone Shaw Cameron D. Trott Lowell Van Rhoden Wilbur Don Vernon H. Ogden Wintermute Doris Elizabeth iWoottonJ Simpson Mabel Irene Workman Leroy Andrew Wright Coreta Gertrude Wright Ross Youst CLASS OF 1917 Hallie Marie fBeamerJ Green Robert Beckley Sarah Martha Bell Luke Burdell Biggs Clyde R. Black Edwin H. Brown Charles W. Bumpus Mary Elizabeth Burson Mary Drysdale Charlton Paul Thomas Chase J. Clinton Coe Inez Mary iCornellJ Chadwick Mary Lucille Crider Glenn Leroy Daniles Edwin Charles Devault Ruth QDoupJ Curran Virgil Wood Doup Andrew Paul Elliott Dwight D. Fletcher Mabel Catherine Fobes Printha Olive iFowlsJ McMillan Arndt Gamertsfelder John F. Gorsuch Zillah Lawrence iGrahaml Claude Herbert Green Carol Virginia Hadley Milo Cordell Hadley Stanley Porter Haines Gertrude Irene QHofmannJ Smith Raymond D. Hall Verna Lee Hulse Conard K. Johnson Lorentz Lepley William Paul Lord Forest O. Mavis . Verna Mary McGug1n h Edith Grace McLaughlin Caleb Motz Margaret Dorothy QMurryJ Fletcher Howard E. Nyhart Frederick Roscoe Parker Ruth Ellen I-'ealer George E. Porterfield Ethel Loretta Powell Dean V. Pryor Benjamin Wade Rawlins Martha Alice iReichertJ Earl James Robinson Mary Leverta Shaffer Emma Marguerite Sharp Helen Elizabeth Sheifer Madge W. Shellenbarger Leona Shields Sara Alice Simmons Pearl Katherine QSmithJ McManis Lela Birdie QSparksJ Monroe Edythe Eliza Qstimmelp Helen Elizabeth Stinemetz Helen Virginia Stumph Dorothy .Mae Swingleyj Dowds Marguerite Elizabeth Talmage Edna Josephine Tucker Clara Bernice Van Voorhis Ruth Marie Walker Mae Warman Gladys Lucille Walton Leon R. Weaver Stella Alice Wenger Clyde E. Wyker Josephine M. Young Julian S. Yauger Edna May Winland CLASS OF 1918 Agnes tAhrendtJ Pierson Elizabeth Grayce Ashcraft Howard Holt Blair Arthur Donavon Branyan Anna Ruth Marie QBreeceJ Cormier Edith Pearl Carpenter Eva Howell Clark Margaret Elizabeth Clements Burgess Jay Cochran Arthur M. Conard Prior ffm? Q-Tmyvvaw 'jf-gg-gon-gl-gm'lj5."w if Abanna Cunningham Marie Cunningham fiE"'ii5iZi"23 Duiiei a 1 r e o t Robert William Eastman iwifljary Efzlythecglliotth na mor ors c Ronald Martin Gileen George Dewey Grossman Iilelsns Beatrice!-I-Iall re y vester ayes Ralph Greenlee Hedges Franc? Marie fHerdmanJ Ufflef Margaret Amelia iHingerJ E Hagrii-sq wart . oar Fred McCoy Johnson' Elizabeth l onesb Stxnchcomb gussell R. ones ary Ann Kauffman Phillip Leland Kelser Florence M. Kile Pauline Leonard ileiilr-y Levy ar . ewis gargld Iienrnieth Irfasteller er err . este er Phillipine tMatthewsJ Collins Ildllian Ellizableqla Minard 2lllX'Ea 05 O K' greslie Buli?otloIMctI3onald 1 iam . rs Louise Wilhen,-iina Oliver Dorothy Lee iPennJ Severns Florence Leone Perkins Margaret Lee Porter Herbert L. Rawlins Clarence M. Reed Marg?-et Boallgleeal ora eatrice oo James Hamill Shields Lucille Clark Stinemetz Claire Warbrick Sweeney Roger Alexander Tarr gyellie lSAIayrT:1ylor e y . ay or yaryi-iM5rg5aret igfdullossl Black eo . n erwo Frederick Charles VonWicklin -Lazvligence Isle Vgantland . ester ar glyaatha Jlaneviviflleminj Jarvis i iam . yn oop Mary Hazel Zeisloft Mary Inez QBrownJ Snyder CLASS OF 1919 Mary Alice Ball James Reed Barker Genevieve Elizabeth tBarrJ Bettinger Mary Charline fBeboutJ Vansise Kenneth Clifton Beach Rusler Hasson Bell James Willis Bell James Franklin Biggs Martha Angeline Blair Eva Ladonia Burson Sara Cannon Dorothy Jean 1SpenceJ Johnson Harry Paul Talmage Ruth Anne CTrottl Wells Harriet May fWillettJ Wintermute Ivan McDonald David Guy Tucker Merrill Jackson Alva Ryan Helen fHuntsbergerJ Foster Ethele Lucille QChrismanJ Vannatta George Chase Clements Bernice Coe Jane Elizabeth CCooperJ Barker Frances Baldwin Coup Lester Craig Chester Cring Harriet Anne QCutlerJ Thompson Julia Ellen Doup G. Rector Dye Jocelyn Mae fEmswellerJ Coe Margene Lucille Faddis Rozella Edna Farquhar Isabelle L. fForryJ Wintermute Paul G. Gamertsfelder Gladys Irene Gorsuch Carroll Ivan Greer Dora Agnes Grosscup Katherine J. Hillier Elinor Cornelia QHobbsJ Cole Page One Hundred Ninety-nine Lloyd F. HoEmann Helen Louise Koppert Lennabel fLafeverJ Gelhaus Ursel Marie QLaymanJ Gleeson Yetta Carolyn Lurie Julia Careta 1MannJ Masteller Orlo Glenn Masteller Edgar Leslie Mill Eleanor Augusta lMontis7 Levy Malcolm Chapman Morrison Margery Martha Myers Sara Elizabeth Myers Murl Irene Nixon Paul J. Poland Helen Mae Purbaugh Evelyn Alice Schaeffer Gladys Justine Scottie Clarissa Ann Scnebly Phoebe Louise Scnebley Victorine Sears N. Leroy Sharp Richard Stanley Shutt Clarence Harold Sleeman Mabel Marguerite Smith Harold E. Stewart Harold T. Wintermute Alice Dow Wysner Charles Edward Sweet Ralph Alfred Thompson Margaret C. Walker Mary Elizabeth Wills J. Dwight Wyker CLASS OF 1920 Margaret QAshbaughJ Beeney Sidney Chester Ball Bonnelyn Barbara Bell Everett Leon Black Mary Bricker Martha Virginia Cochran Xantha Adelaide Cook Merle Culver Grace Olive Dudgeon Lawrence Edward Baldwin Olive M. Barrick Francis Edward Bettinger Lowell H. Bricker Ladybird Maria tCharltonJ Totman Arnold Everett Congdon George Daniel Crumley John Carlton Drake Cora Lucille Dunham Katherine Helen Dunlap Josie Wave Farquhar Paul Forsythe Gladys Gorsuch Ernest William Hookway Mabel Lucille Henwood Clarence Huddle Pauline White Kirk Alfred Lawrence Mill Grace Adeline Ogg Douglas Quack Kenneth Brown Ransom Charles William Salisbury Ruth Sesser Opal Morea Stamm Alrred Thompson Ernest Tucker Paul Hamilton Turner Ethel Margaret Earlywine Albert William Fields Lyman Armentrout Garber Walter Leo Grant Mary Marguerite Halsey Robert B. Henwood Herbert Clayton Hunt Miriam Jane lMardisJ McFeeley Irene Inez Oliver Virgil Fulton Parker Albert L. Rawlins Evelyn Fae Ross Helen Louise tScottJ Masteher Clarence Springer Mildred Lucille Taylor Dorothy Lucille t'l'uckerJ Crumley George Edgar Tucker Isabel Foster QTYCIIDSSJ Frederick Curtis Raymond Watters Robert John Wells Iva Leta Wolfe Ben Zeisloft Velda Anna Ward Lawrence F. Williams Ronald Paul Yarman CLASS OF 1921 Mabel Florence QBlairJ Beckley Page Two Hundred Virgina fAlsdorfJ Garoutte Helen Emma Bair Clair Gilbert Bishop Mabel Adella Blosser Helen Ruth Burkepyle Mabel Margaret Beamer Francis Benson Clark Blanche Irene Clippinger Charles Fulton Copper Harold M. Crumley Ruth Lillian Davis Mary Clark QDowdsj Houck Hector E. Biefness Margaret Edith tAyersJ Bonnist Harriett Louise fBellJ Sellers Esther Mar tBlairJ Neher James Burdlen Nelson Weiler Burris Cloyce Arthur Christopher Leona Veryl Cline Helen Marie Coile William Dennis Corcoran Martha Alyce Davis Robert Russell Doup Earl John Edmisrer Mildred Evelyn Miller Margaret Eloise tFairchildJ Beach Oma May Frasher Bryce Robert Greer Ruth Ullom Herrick Dorothy Louise Hess Cornelia C. Herron Harriett Ewalt QKrafl'tJ Turner Kathryn Jane 1Lazearj Hess Samuel Little Lloyd Fishburn Martin Clyde Victor McBroom raul Hogue McFeeley Ruth Mercer Uorothy Earle Miller Hazel Irene Mumaw uladys Eleanor llvlerrinp Nichols Dorothy E. lNixonJ Dllle 1-lazel Sara tPeairsJ Vernon John Walter Sauer Mabel Irene Fishburn Herbert Edwin Graham John Henwood Sarah Ellen Herrick William Howard I-Iarris Mildred Lois Jones I Ruth Eleanor QLamsonJ QMillerj Bateman Thelma Kathleen QLewisJ Weir Fern Crystal QLucasJ Riley Claude Vernon McBroom Eloise iMcFeeleyJ McCann Daise Emmeline iMelickJ Greer Lloyd Styers Michaels Lawrence Dewitt Mizer Sarah Helen Murphy Sara Elizabeth Neass Margaret Oliver Irene Lydia Pearl Elizabeth G. Porterfield Mary Elizabeth iRansornJ Fletcher Waldo Sutton Rollins Grace Sandy Ralph McCrory Schafer Lucille Thelma QSmithD Brown Eva Climenia iSparksJ Taylor Margaret Marie tSteinmetzJ Wheaton Payne Whitney Strobel Priscilla Marie QTarrJ Thompson Edith Louise Cleeland lvlarguerite Mae iCochranJ McGugan Alice Louise iCreeden7 Jones Paul Dixon Cunningham Lela Leontine QDarlingJ Rollins Mary Eleanor QDorgan1 Deedrick Claren Emmett Duke XVilbert Quack Fannie Pauline tRobertsj Howell Melvin Staats Riley Henry George Sauer Rose F. Schroeder Eddie Harland Scott Kenneth Spence Kenneth John Stonebrook William Alfred Swingle Audray Laura Taylor Joseph Cawley Cleeland Olive Bell Colville Harold Cunningham Charles Lepley Davis Frances Louise QDempseyJ Waite Harold Eloyd Dougherty Myron Mitchell Eggleston Banning Errett Hazel fFishburnJ Dowds Edith fFlorryJ Parsons Pauline Mabel Gleason Dana A. Harper John Abbott Herron Frances Lillian tTaylorJ Warman Claude Franklin Turben Mary Louise Walker Ila Allwilda lWardJ Kohl Frances L. Wintermute Glenn Lewis Workman Frances Lillian QAIVBYIOIJ Warman Ray Harold Yarman Kathryn Fairchild Encil Fletcher Byrdie lliorsmanj Parker Curtis C. Grubb Eli F. Harris William Glenn Hess Sara Elizabeth Q'1'ullossJ Tucker Zenno Robert Taylor Edna Mae QWagnerj Burden Edith Mae Wharton Glenn Wilber Woods Evron Daisy Weekly Louis Paul Worley Ruth Jane Yauger CLASS OF 1922 Hazel Edith Agnew Robert Chase Appleton Frank Kendrick Baldwin lvlarrletta tnergery lvlanaffey James Lester Brining Carl Hays Clark Kenneth Hofmann Clyde Francis Houck Ruth Adell Johnson Frances Elizabeth Jones Bertrand William Kleiner 'l helma Edenia Larabee Ray Lepley nvelyn Levy Joseph McCarthy . 1-Ielen Gould Merrin Colin Barker Montls Loren Murry Gordon Clark Nixon Thyra Bartlett h Ethel 1-hyllis Blame Edna Olive Burke I . Mary Frances KI-ligginsy Fairchild Elizabeth Hosack . lflilda l-auline Uacobsb McMillen Elwood Charles Jones George Morrow Karhl John R. Lamson Lorena Latimer . Marjory Elizabeth Levering Eleanor iLorey7 James John Charles McKinley Ralph Jethro Mill Stanley Blair Moore Robert A. Odell 'l hurston Parker . Doris Charlene Pipes Hilda lQuackJ x. olte Winifred LYABISBFCI Rl.ey Lucy May Scottie Doris Olma Simpson Leroy A. Slusser I Ulive Amelia Smith Mary Lois Stonebrook Mabel Clair 'l winem Ruth Esther Wintermute Ethel Vera Whetsel Lewis Charles Wright Eldon Earl Porter . Dorothea New llhchardsl Lampson I Anna QSandersonJ Salisbury' Lulu Scottie , Mary Alice 1ShuttJ Cunningham Cedric Leland Smith Agnes Somers weltha PHUIIIIE Taylor Irene lThomasJ 'labor Cecil Mae .Whetsel Samuel Kllnger Workman CLASS OF 1923 Pauline Ashcraft Irene Elizabeth Baker Harold Arthur Bettinger George Parr Ayers Marcus Theodore Bell Robert Francis Beum N s New Royal Beum Chester Keith Bishop Harold Wilson Black Mildred Marie QBockovenJ Vian Q 1 37-133 1 ,-.- ' frf"J'JAE.v ' - " If . 5 --.4 - u fagf. . - A 52 .L A , V, r 1" -if Dorothy fBowdenJ Sperry Harold Thomas Brown Mary Malinda Bumpus James Vance Burson Genevieve Bradlield Harold Johnson Berry Adin Ballou Capron Dwight Tucker Cochran Ruth Mary Corcoran Beatrice Ann Cramer Harry William Dancey Russell Harvey Darling John Francis Davis Ruth Dial Jesse Allen Dougherty Allan Alva Dowds Edna Everly Naomi Mae Fronce Everett 'Clifton Frye Paul Kingston Gilliland Franklin Dennis Giffin Sarah Lucille CGleason2 Knerr Lloyd Franklin Goins Thelma Ruth QGreenJ Ruth Faye lGunnJ Henry Harrison Greer Gertrude QI-Iagany Wright Leone Hamilton Louise Hamilton Violet Leone Henwood Chester G. Hollingston John Charles Hookway Bernard Beatus Hoovler John Edward Humbert Walter Barker Humes Mary Clarinda Hyatt John Wesley Keys Mildred Kile Hazel Charlotte Kunkel Dorothy Weaver Latta Josephine Lee Paul Harry M. Lepley Alexina Irene QLoriauxJ Ackerman Frances Thelma Lucas John Daniels Lord William Lawrence Mahaffey Margaret Ann 1MardisJ Trinknet Kenneth Justus Martin Bessie May QMaHettJ Curran Helen Elizabeth M129 Mary Margaret Mc ibeny Robert Nelson McGugin Clarence Davis McKown Mayme Laverne McNabb Charles Newton Mendenhall Dorothea Mae 1MendenhallJ Clarkson Mildred Sophia iMillerJ Bishop Mary Lenora lMizerJ Jackson Jennie Lucie QMondronJ Revennaugh Lynn Chandler Morgan Gladys Luella Myers Nellie Lenore Nuce Irene Julia QPacot7 Legros Alice Kathryn Parker. Vera Catherine QPerrlneJ Grubb Priscilla Pauline Porterfield Virginia Pyle Ralph Miller Russell Laurel Rachel lRobertsJ Stoyle Eleanor Gertrude lReeseJ WoodruE John Simon Sawvel Josephine Eloise QScottJ Fulmer Rachel Dora lSeymourJ Shipley Thersa Qshaferb McKee Roy Lovejoy Shields Norman Theodore Smith Ethel Mae Snyder Q Naomi Marjorie Swigart Angeline Hallar Swoger Eleanor Manning Taylor Kathryn Twinem Bernice Erdine Van Nausdle Minnie Laverna Vess Russell James Willett Mary Louise Wirwille Homer Coleman White Helen Maleva Workman Marian Palmer Woolson Eleanor Worley Kathryn Louise Wynkoop George William Wythe Lloyd Allan Yoakam Irvin Carson Young H or 1. 'T' .,:,l rr 4. It f fl 3 CLASS 01" 1924 Clarence Evan Allen Edith tBabbsJ West Albert Theodore Ballard Vaughn Banning Marie Susan Barr Elizabeth Mary fBellJ Williams Richard Kenneth Berrier Sarah Anna Berger Ruth Esther QBirdl Cochran Helen Marguerite Breece Thelma Gwendolyn Bricker Donald Harry Browne George Wells Burris aohn Curtis Burris helma fBurrisJ Sharp Robert Clow Burris Arthur Glenn Burke Junior Gardner Clark Inez Cleo 1CochranJ McClead Martha Faun Cochran Clifford Colwill Annis fC0nleyj Miller Leatha May tConklingl Lahmozi Grayce Conn Dwight Schuyler Cooper Edith Helen Cutler Olive Beatrice Dalrymple Elizabeth Estella Doup Miriam Dubinsky Joe Dwight Dunlap Mildred Mae 1ErnestJ McDonald Priscilla Elizabeth games Harold Fawcet rince Finlayson Robert Gillette Forsburg Dolores Marie Forsythe Martine Lenore Fox Lorin Shaffer Gaines Rose Ellen Gaines U Alice Josephine Gardiner Charles Workman Grier Leonard Paul Gilfith Althea Hardy Edgar Hays Lawrence Hedges Opal Bessie QI-Iendershotj Van Voley . Kathryn Elizabeth Herrick Edna Cleo Henry Homer Downs Hill Gerald Stanley Hudson Isabelle Florence Hofmann Charles Jackson Floyd Elmus Jacobs Pauline Jones ' Marguerite lKnechtJ Weidner Dean Elmo Levering Venora Lowther Marguerite Helen Lucas Joe Masteller ' Frederick Leddy Merrin Ruth Imogene Michael Paul Monroe Edwin Austin Montgomery Ward Winslow McDonald Edith Marie Murphy Emma Jane Nell Dorothy Katherine 1NewtonJ Lawrence Frances Ellen Nixon Eleanor Catherine Owens Beatrice Pembrook Millard Morton Pitkin Helen Laverna Proper Pauline Edna Robertson Lewis Robinson Wauneta Ralston Allen Reed Hubert Rhoads Pauline Mary HRogersJ Allen Loren Smith Ryan Marguerite Ryburne Louise Delphne Salisbury Carlos Sapp Thomas Henry Sapp Hazel Fern tScottiel Crouthers Katherine Service Gothard Holwill Shutt Thomas Walter Shutt Charles Sigler l . Nina Marie fS1mmonsJ Lipps Alexander Smith Ronald Spohn David Eugene Stamm Martha tSteinmetzj Lamson Mae Eleanor Steinmetz Albert Clyde Stonebrook Thornley McClel'lan Stream Charles Banning Sutton Kenneth Harley Sweet '?', , lim ji, C, - Ralgh Waldo Swank Ru White tTaylorJ Watters Ethel Bernice Thomas Gladys May Thomas Caro ine Louise Tulloss Everhart Turner Edith May Vernon Mildred Mae fWalpolej Woolford Allen Leroy Watters Bernice Ima Weekly Harold Weidner Dorothy Elizabeth V'inder Elsie Ruth Wirwille Ruth Frances Woolson Virginia Louise Workman Carmen Cleola Wright Herbert Clinton Wyant Mary Yarman CLASS 01-' 1925 Elmer William Adams Mary Catherine Arndt Eulala L. Amos George Andrew Ball Augusta Ludlow Banning Mary Margaret Banning Nellie J. Bair Dorothy Irene Behout Kathryn H. 1BellJ Benson Kenneth Samuel Benson Lillian fBergerJ Samvel Sara CBermontl Hagan Lucille Martha Blue Arthur F. Brown Gertrude C. fCampbellJ Appleton Dorothy M. Carpenter Ada Lucille fCarpenterJ Hauger Glenn Stewart Carpenter Isabelle Elizabeth Clark Evah Marie Cline Celestia Louise Conn Marcella Cooksey Albert Lockwood Crider Margaret Ruth Daily William Lyle Davis I Elizabeth Gertrude Drrpps Charles Floyd Ellis Cleota Fern Fogle Etha Leona Forsburg Dale M. Fowler Hazel Marguerite Fowler Oscar N. Gilt Corda Lenora Gidin Carolyn C. Goins Blanche Grosscup Ruth R. George Mary Frances Gorsuch Carroll R. Grimm Willar M. Gruntner Melvin Charles Hagan Harriett Vernell Hall Wilda Pearle Harker Mabel Elzina Harmon . Ray Montgomery Harris Martha Irene Harrison Eunice Lucille Hedges Ralph Henwood Dorothy Mathilde Hepler Dorothy Ottolene Houck Eleanor Mae Humbert Bernice May Uacksonj Hill Don. C. Jackson Howard Edgar Johnson Robert Black Kerr Elwood Baker Layfield John Milford Lazear Eleanor Virtue Lewis Everett H. Lewis Henrietta Lucille Lord Mildred Louise tLorentz7 Sebring Russell Lewis McCollum Faye Isabelle McDermott Helen Isabelle Mclieeley Robert John McGibeny Olive Avice Marshal Kathryn Marker Mildred Louise Mendenhall Cedric Black Mill Forrest P. Monroe Lawrence Benton Moore Lillian Virginia Murray James Albert Parker I Alice Jane fPearlJ Wintermute Dorothy Irene Peterson Emmaretta Ewalt fPhillipsJ Lay Evelyn Louise KPurselJ fD3V1SJ Dunlap Robert D. Ransom Elizabeth Idele Reed Lutie Ethel Reeder Henry G. Richards Verna May Rine Lillian Dale QRohlerJ Elmo M. Rowley Louise Elizabeth Sawvel William Leland Scarbrough Alice Elizabeth Shipley Clarence Louis Shore Sylvia Gwendolyn tSingeryj Turner Luella Evelyn iSimmonsJ Hayes Verna Margene Slusser Harry Sinclair Smith Ralph Bennett Smith Mary Viola Spearman Ernest Springer William Elliott Stoyle Vera Vandella Swank Lethel Irene Thomas Mary Elizabeth Thomas Bernice Pauline Thomas Hilda Marie Turner William Paul Turner Wilber F. Ulery Eleanor Vernon Underwood Free Jackson Vail ioanna Walker leanor Diane Wagner John William Warman Charles Albert Way Margaret Winters Lake Cochran Edward F. White Ethelyne Marie tWinland7 Stoyle Audrey Kathleen Wright Harriett Letitia Wright Ruth Elizabeth Wolfe Helen Alice Young CLASS OF 1926 William C. Ackerman Marguerite Eloise Arck Cleo Ashbaugh Lenabell Baldwin Harry G. Gorsuch Robert M. Greer, Jr. Robert A. Baltzell Densil C. Bartlett Sarah Frences CBashettJ McConnaghal Alice Eudora fBellJ Rush Mary Ellen Biggs Alice Pearl Qlirickerl Smith Margaret Brown Mildred Audrey Brown Anna Edith Brown Norma QBryanJ Payne Lois Gertrude fBurtnettl Sapp Genevieve Marie QBurgessJ McNeal Bertha C. Cain Stella Isabel Chrisman Mildred Izetta Claggett Marjorie Cocanour Kenneth Corcoran Dorthy Ann Critchfield Blanche Mary Cutler Eudora Naomi Davis Ruth Esther Davis Stanton J. Dick Walter George Donaldson Dorothy Ellen Doup Pat. J. Dowdell Helen Lucille Durbin Paul W. Dunmire Lorene Catherine Ernest Lura Burdelle Earleywine Arthur Frances Gardner Helen May Garland Alwyn S. Gerhart Edith Maureen Gilmore Mildred Frances Haas Averilla Harris Dolores Lucille Moore Grace Guestenburger Hogle Marguerite Hosack Mable Juanita Hull Evelyn L. Jones Victor Vernon Jones Allin K. Kahrl Cora Elizabeth Keys Leona Merle Kile George Knecht, Jr. Ruby L. Lauderbaugh Sylvia B. Leedy William Lloyd Leonard Ivan K. Lepley Frederick N. Lorey Edward David Longaker William L. Lucas Margaret Elizabeth Mahaffey Don. Masteller Geneva. Estella Masteller Marjorie Hatheny Walter Mayo Ruth McCarthy Elizabeth McGrbney Robert C. McKown Edith Irene Metcalf Esther Lulu Miller Louis W Moore Carl Mosher Elsie B. Neighbarger Myrtle Marie Nugent Howard Samuel Ogg William Kenneth Payne Gordon Pumphrey Ruth V. Ransom Mary E. Read Ila Marguerite KRearickl Jackson John J. Rinehart Donald Roby Ona Marie fRockwellJ Hayes Ruth Jane fkohlerl Smith Edna Lucille Sebach Wayne Eban Smith Harry P. Snyder Frances Gay Spellman Francis Marion Stimmel Mary Elizabeth Sutton Ellen Louise Smith W. Vance Stevens Catherine Thompson Helen Trenwith Charles Arthur Tucker Don. E. VanVoorhis Clara Geneva Vernon Pauline Voorhees Edwin C. Way Lockhart Way! Howard White Milford A. Winland Frances Elizabeth Wolverton Maude E. Yarman Mary Louise Yeager Francine D. Yearran Catherine King Young Mary Elizabeth Wyant CLASS OF 1927 James Reed Alsdorf Charles S. Baldwin Frances Louise Beam Donald H. Birnie William H. Blair Kathryn Inez Bricker Claude C. Chrisman Ruth Elizabeth Conley Elizabeth C. Devalon Julia D. Elliott Frederick J. Emley Claude C. Ernest Ruth E. Fawcett Louise Gaines Wyona F. Geary h Bertha I. Hampshire Margaret L. Helderbrand Virgil B. Jacobs Isabel Ada Jewell George Henry Jones William Henri' Kohl Mabel E. Lau erbaugh Pauline Lorentz Roy McCalla . Ruth Mildred Mills Robert H. Moxley Helen Mae Neass Gwendolyn C. Nixon Elsie Grace Paazig Lester S. Pearl Bernice Ralston Dorothy Jane Reed Robert Ryall Donald Sattler Josephine Severns Jean E. Thompson Harriett Aurilla Tulloss Delle M. VanNausdle Kathleen Marjorie Ward Mildred E. Brentlmger Virta Helen Cook Madge Ruth Davis Carl E. Hull Donald F. Lafferre T. Davis Lemasters Helen Kathryn Lore Paul C. McGibeny Ruth McMnnis Elio Pilotti Catherine Lorena Ruble Philip M. Stinemates Page Two Hundred One -ig: -fx' i . Ralph S. Trott Aurice A. Winterringer Burr Alva Wyant Hugh W. Wayt Berdella Charlotte West Naomi Fay Bell Bruce Ernest Burgess Carroll B. Crowthers Eva Irene Francis Frieda Irene Knox Ethel Isabelle Laymon Sarah Louise Lewis Vergie M. McDonald Blanche V. McLain Arabella Newton Eleanor Sarah Roberts Orrell May Sellers Marguerite M. Taylor Leo Paul VanRhoden Catherine A. Worley Clarence Richard Allen Charles F. Balcom Mystel Maurine Burson Paul K. Dowds Grace Haas Clayton Kinsey Howard Ruth Irene Marker Bessie Louise Roberts Alice Spencer Pearl Williams Virginia Louise Young Josephine M. Campbell John C. Cochran Grace Evelyn Myers Mabel Geneva Wisner James Alfred Beam Virgie Cross Naomi Ruth Dubinsky Josephine O. Hogue Lawrence C. Lewis Charles Bernard Mayle Betty J. Severns James M. White Anna M. Woolison gmhn C. Agnew . onald W. Champion Georgette Delporte Robert J. Perkins CLASS OF 1928 Margaret E. Adams Ruth A. E. Bebout William J. Biggs Pearl Burgoon Thelma Burris Roberta Mae Cole Ruth Elvina Doty Odessa Dubinsky Charles P. Ilger Margaret Louise Jamison Harold C. Johnson Bettie Black Kerr Irene I. Lepley Earle C. McKay Marguerite Irene Mann Margaret Lovina Merrin Raymond P. Mondron, Marcene E. Pumphrey Eunice Eloise Sensel C. Robert Swanson Gladys Louise Brock Gladys Irene Burke Kenneth Lynde Cochran Virginia E. Cotton Ruby L. Dowds Alice Grosscup Archie R. Jackson Dan G. Johnson iohn Ray Johnson lizabeth Ann Koons, Raymond S. Lord, Jr. Lynn McKinley Martha Frances Mahaffey Iris Alan Mitchell Eleanor Kathleen Posele Estley A. L. Ross . Florence Irene. Smith William E. Wing Frederick C. Wolfe Clementine M. Balcom Albert V. Blanparn. Clinton Louis Burris Wilma E. Deem Edna Grace Frye Ruth Charlotte Graham Herbert V. Hanna Roland T. Hyatt Edith Leah Kearns I Anna Geneva Kirkpatrick Gilbert Earl Knox N. Ruth Ligget Page Two Hundred Two Glen Dale Mills Ronald R. Murray Laverna Osborn Cecil Lewis Porter Sidney Frederick Ramsey George Sausser Yingling Ruth Bernyce Bell Wilbur L. Brown Herbert Saotfel Day Frederic Frye Blanche E. George Robert C. Grubb Frank H. Houck Frances Ellen Johnston Edith Marguerite Kearns Helen Grace Kleiner Fernand Lannoy Lela C. Litzenberg James Gilbert Mizer Charles H. B. Olvey Irene E. Paques Pauline Louise Ralston Doris Irene Rockwell Ronald Nelson Skeen Ethel Soles Chelcie O. Thornberry Marjorie Gwynne Westcott Twyla Ferne Workman Raymond W. Dennison Virgil Kenneth Lazear Solon McDonald Joseph Hussey Park Charles H. Scottie Gordon L. Speelman Juanita U. Sumtimer Helen Louise VanVoorhis Carrol L. White Charles L. Williams Bernice C. Goss Elizabeth M. Hauger John Italiano Elizabeth Jeanette Sleeman Kirke L. Taylor iulia Alwilda Way leanor M. Williams William James Bricker Dorothy Ruth Lake Lucille Anne McCollum Frances E. Newson Lillian Scarbrough Harry Lisle Shafer Helen Darrah Strong XVynona Irene Tucker Ellis Harry Veatch Mary Jo Wintermute Mildred M. Baker Derlzal W. Harding Sara E. Humbert Kathleen V. Summers Charles J. Underwood Alberta A. Workman Robert Rine Mary Louise Williamson Clifford Dale Black CLASS OF 1929 John Carlton Babbs William C. Buell Burdetta Frondeen Fawcett Edith Beatrice Curran Marjorie N. Disinger Paul E. Durbin Robert Charles Ewalt Claude S. Hoffman Carroll E. Horner Helen Lillian Jacobs Marjorie Lucille McCoy Henry W. Meinecke Kathryn Ann Platt Esther Braddock Evelyn S. Conley Maurice V. Cornell George E. Deeley Marjorie E. Dowds Mary C. Edman Emily Marguerite Gibson Wilma Marguerite Horne Howard P. Hunt Ruth Johnson Elizabeth M. Mclntire Frederick E. Mills Betty Louise Ransom Catherine A. Richards Velma M. Shaffer Ruth Evelyn Stonebrook Evelyn Maria Tarr Olive L. Trenwith Frances E. Ward Twyla A. Welsh Richard Edward Wynkoop John Keith Bell Doris G. Bricker lla R. Buskirk Mildred L. Carpenter Lawrence W. onkling Curtis Wilson Cotton Joseph Neil Crill Edna Frances Giilin Howard Humbert Mabel Elizabeth Roberts Jessie L. Sperry Lloyd K. Swadener Florence A. Thomas Robert G. Turner William Llewellyn Wayt Verne Brokaw Wootton Vance K. Bartlett Marshall B. Bronsell Irene N. Brown Charles T. Carpenter Margaret L. Champion Philip M. Corcoran Robert Paul Cranmer Ronald E. Doup Mabel Irene Hough Helen Hywarden Pauline M. McClellan Dorothy E. McCluskey Bertha Marie Paques Frederick J. Rine Clara Frances Scottie Walter Springer Katherine B. Wells Paula Ora Wilmotte Betty L. Clawson Paul W. Davis E. Imogene Denney Coreta Cora Harris Audrey Nethers Bertha May Petterson Mary Agnes Roberts Mary Elizabeth Aber Ralph Leroy Daily Marion Jean Gibbony Ruth Magill Esma M. Pilotti Shirley Esther Ruble Cecil Elbert Soles Thelma Genevieve Wagoner E. Leona Williams John T. Worley Harold D. Cornell Jessie Florence Dawdy Robert C. Dunson Irene N. Lattimore Pauline R. Pealer Dana Erwin Riley William Twinem Vesta M. Bishop Margaret G. Doup Margaret E. Jones Lillian Winifred McKay Leland A. Barton Paul Elden Pipes Thurlowe W. Beeman CLASS OF 1930 C. Louise Baldwin Frederick M. Baltzell Roberta May Black Martha Isabel Bricker Grace Elizabeth Brock Leroy Wm. Balcom E. Joyce Bell Helen Cecile Burgess Violet June Burgess Geneva Fay Busenburg Helen Louise Burke Mary Ann Clarke Louise Rae Cochran Wilbur Arthur Cochran Louis Smith Clutter Frieda Coss Ruth Mae Cutler Paul Lester Clark Lawrence A. Dalrymple Jane Annette Deeley Mildred L. Dennison Ralph Allen Dudgeon Fuller Lease Dunson Ethel Irene Deem Leona Delporte Joseph I. Ferenbaugh Margaret Lee Fleming Dale Dean Fletcher Raymond Francis Genin John D. Gerwick Martha Louise Gower Olive Mae Gifhn Velma Creta Gleason Harold Lloyd Green Nelda Josephine Hayes Toma Loretta Hess Charles A. Hartley Ralph William Harris William E. Hayes Frank Italiano Tony Italiano Robert Jennings Edith Marie Johnson J. Nelson Jones Elizabeth Alice Johnson Bertha Beatrice Knecht Lawrence Romie Kunkle Helen Mae Klein Marguerite E. Kennedy Thomas Klein, Jr. Velma Kunkle Lucille Emaleen Lewis Karl Judson Lamson Mary Margaret McCalla James Edward McKee Harold Walter Miller Ralph E. Miller Romaine Eugene Mondron Mildred Jane Murry Doris Irene McCugin Dorothy Loretta McKinstry Mary Frances Monroe Bessie L. Mossholder Agnes Ernestine McDonald Margaret Audrey Mayle Richard Olen Moore Ruth Olive Mendenhall Clarence Wilmerth Nixon H. Louise O'Brien Frances H. Pembrook Iris Nadene Phillips Isabel Peterson Velma Helen Peugh Raymond G. Patterson Edna Alice Phillips John B. Paques Dorothy Louise Peugh Roberta Marian Pursel Alma Belle Rinehart George Cureton Ramsey Everett Cring Robinson Helen Jeannett Ransom Irene Ransom Dwight Carlton Ruby Sue Elizabeth Sanderson Carl Theadore Schutz Ronald Edward Scott Ruth Elinor Silvester Beatrice Mae Sparks Leonard William Swanson Dorothy Mary Schury Eleanor Mae Shutt Kenneth M. Simpkins Mary Elizabeth Stewart Pauline Madeline Swank Mable Elizabeth Snyder Leroy Stuller George C. Shellenbarger Harold Leroy Sowers Alfred Jesse Sleeman Mary Elizabeth Turner Mary Emma Taylor Sara Naomi Taylor Frank Van Voorhis, Jr. Winona Vail James Trimble Walker Carl Brenton Wyant Robert L. Walker William Pratt Ward George Brown White William Withgott Elizabeth I. Workman Martha Emily White Gertrude Pauline Woolison James Lee Woodland Donna Carine Warning Banning Edward Whittington Paul Williams Ina Pearl Young Minnie Lavilla Zedaker CLASS OF 1931 Harriet Elizabeth Altenburg Florence Elizabeth Apple Herbert E. Agnew L. Jeannette Antonie Basil H. Bair Belinda Sperry Beam Beatrice Belt Henry Brown Thoman Harold Burnett Nellie Lizette Bonham Margaret Alice Beeman Robert Phillip Brown Merrell Beeman Mabel Bell Monroe Bouton Dototha Marie Coe Helen Conley Irene Margaret Akins Esther Margaret Carter Margaret Elizabeth Coon Robert G. Champion Thelma Cramer Gladys Chambers Noreen Cherryholmes Ralph M. Clark Miller Daily Eileen Davis Richard Day Harold Eugene Denman Annretta Devore Helene Ernest Viva Eckert John Ewalt Margaret Ferenbaugh Mary Eldora Fishburn Donald Frye David Ferguson Edna Corinna Gaines Freeman A. Gehres Della Amelia Goodman Marguerite Hanna Katherine 0. Hayes Ruth Clark Headington Josephine Louise Iden Pauline Johnson Arlene Joris Mary Elizabeth Jackson Raymond Jackson Howard Leroy Jones Ruth Irene Kirby Alice C. Kirkpatrick Barbara LaFever Lillian Frances Langford Ronald Arlo Lemasters Clarabelle Lewis Ruth Salome Leiter Robert S. Lorey William McCracken Dorothea Marie Meinecke Lauretta Monroe Arthur McGibney Ethel Marie McMillen James Morris Dorothy Manross John McMillen Harold Mills Pauline Neldon Dorothy Helen Nelson Kathryn L. Oakes Janet Ogle Louis Stanley Patoux Bessie Kathleen Perry Edward Pipes Burt Pharis Mannie Pilotti . Alice Rebecca Paazig George Burton Ransom Marie Roberts Ruth Robertson Walter Rudin Margaret Jane Roberts Victoria Robinson Margaret Rouse Thelma Sheifer Albert Shorkey Kathryn Sleeman George Smith William Richard Stamm Byron Walker Sapp Esther Marie Schonauer Milder Louise Soles John Shackelfotd ' Robert Leslie Sullivan Richard Spittle Floyd David Spohn Marjorie Tarr Charles Taylor William George Turner George Tanner Donald Day Tarr Elouise Mae Umphryes Lucile Umphryes Roy VanR1per , James VanVoorhis . Myrtle Alice VanVoorhis Guy VanNostrand, Jr. Paul Winder Jean Woolson Mary Margaret Workman Ruth Wilkins Mildred Rose Workman Kenneth Warman Dwain Wagoner Reva White Paul Yoakum David Young CLASS OF 1932 Mary Vivian Allspaugh Richard Gray Anderson Ralph Lore Barton Chrtsteen C. Beach Elizabeth Beck Beach Geraldine Bevington Eloise Mary Bischoff Robert E. Bricker Mary Esther Brock George R. Brooker Lorene Bowman Norman C. Burgess Elsie C. Bushong John Thomas Carpenter Margaret Clark Samuel Amos Clark Jane Dunham Clarke Jane Claypool William Coe Margaret Coe Carolyn Cozad Ethel Crai8 Mary Katherine Deeley Susan Deeley Georgette Delgoulfre Charles Andrew Dudgeon Carrol C. Ellis Ruth M. Fowler Ronald Frizzell Lawrence Goodman Lillian Beele Goossens ffhn William Gost obert George. Jr. , Ruth Gibbony Mary Alice Griffin Clara Frances Graham Dorothy Henrietta Grant Dale Allen Graham Conard J. Hill Harriett Herron Edna Lucille Houbler Robert Clark Headington Lillian R. Hoovler Lloyd Buston Humbert Irene S. Hoovler Harry U. Horner George Edward Kearns Alice B. Kelker John Franklin Kost Mary Grace Kunkle Charles Darwin Lake Virginia Lewis Madeline Lambillotte Marie Lee Ernest Edward Lannoy Fletcher R. Lawrence Margretta Laukhuli Edith Line Merle Cotton Lybarger Dorothy E. Lytle Ruth Gertrude Mavis Arthur E. Metcalfe. Glendon Cecil Magill Dorothea Mae Miller Helen A. McFarland Kenneth Paul McCoy James Conard McLarnan Ruth A. McLain D Mary Frances McNeil Eleanor L. Myers ' Pauline Lucille Mclntire Glenn Irvin Mowery Alden Bayard Oakes Raymond C. Perrxne Olive Paul Porterfteld Nelson Pitkin Betty R. Rawlinson John Franklin Rine. Theodore Lloyd Reisman Robert R. Rollins Donald T. Ryburn Alice Elmina Scottie Henry Verdell Sebach Stanley William Simmons Lloyd Dale Sttouse Lucille Dollyne Staats Sarah Louella Swigart Margaret Thiel Virginia B. Thompson Clarabell Thomas Sarah Kathlyn Trott Carita Arlene Vannatta Virginia Walker I ' Mary Elizabeth Wetrtck Marguerite O. .Wenger Emma L. Williams Lester Louis Williams Ruby Geraldine Woolison Martha Pearl Workman Magorie I. Wythe Fre T. Yeager Charles Zink CLASS OF 1933 Walter Sapp Armstrong Mary Katherine Balo Charles H. Banning Margaret Elizabeth Bell Virginia Bogardus Lena Boyle Naomi Grace Braddock Webster Buell Hazel Butler Antoinette Burgoon fiennie Camillo lizabeth Lela Cave Elizabeth Charlton George Preston Chase Martha Clark Wesley Cochran Clarence Marion Colwill Violet Cookman Vivian Cornet Cloy Mae Coss Audrey Crider Ann Caroline Creeden Walter C. Curtis, Jr. Carol Tracy Crumrine Evelyn Mae Dilley Mary Elizabeth Dudgeon James Lewis Earl Russell Justin Durieux Mary Fleming Martha L. Fowler Ruth Gibbs Betty Goodman Richard Green Dorothy Hall Lillian Marie Highman Pauline Eleanor Hoar Isabel Hoffman Miona Marie Hookway Pauline Ethel Hunter Eleanor Elizabeth Jackson Olive Jadwin Marian Cary Jester Dorothy Hogue Johnson Guy Kearns James King Norma Ethelyn Long Carroll Myron Lybarger Dan McKay Sarah Louise McCalla Rose A. Michaux Robert Saunders Mill Ralph R. Mondron Au ra Morton Edgar Morton Robert J. Nixon Lucile Charlotte Norrick Eloise C. Ogg Mary Elizabeth Olvey Susan Ingram Owen Lydia Park Myrle Patterson Ronald David Parker Aretas Earl Peugy Ruth Phillips n June Lucille Pipes Robert Joseph Porter Gail Porteriield Dorothy Reisman Louise Roberts Alberta Ann Robinson Frank Rine Donna L. Robertson Mary Olive Scarbrough Richard Schorkey Robert Simmons Bernard Smith John Speelman Wilmot C. Sperry Robert Stamm Russell Summers Helen Sutherland Ellen Margaret Swanson Mary Elizabeth Taylor Fred White Robert White Leanore Maxine Wagoner Ralph Workman Laura Workman William Kay .Walker Reynetta Yetian Mary Lou Zetsloft CLASS OF 1934 Regna Adams Robert Alexander Ray Anderson- Yolanda Arqutlla Agnes Ban' Rosalie Balo Rowena Balo Flora Banning Jack Beck Edward Beeman Elmeda Bell LeRoy Bell William Black Carol Bricker George Bricker Wilford Brown Mary Burger John Burgoon Dorothy Butler Robert Carpenter Frank Chambers Betty Champion Robert Chilcote Charles Clark R. Ned Cochran Rebecca Coup George Craig Grace Dailey Francis Dalrymple Opal Darnold Vivian Davidson Benjamin Deeley Emily Deeley Dora Deem Earl Donaldson Alice Dowdell Ruth Dowds Letha Farmer James Edward Ferguson Mae Ferguson Jane Fettig Jack Fink Mildred Fletcher Virginia Fowler lthna Gaines Kenneth Gearhart Bernadette Gerard Kenneth Gerard Parma Grubb Mary Hass Kenneth Hanna Nellie Harris E. Isabel Helper Hugh Hookway Leslie Horn Mildred Hubbell Gladys Houbler Katherine Hunter Richard Hunter Jack Jenkins Maizie Jones John Kaser Grace Kerst Lohn Kilkenney- ileen Kirkpatrick Jack Korns Raymond Lahmon Robert Latherns Kathryn Lepley Carmen Levering Pansy Lober Harry Litzenberg Evelyn Lockard Wayne Lonzo Emile Loriaux Grace Lynde Martha Maxwell Paul McManis Beulah Michaux James Miller Robert Mintier Marjorie Moore Ruth Morgan Irene Mowrey Margaret Nash Genevieve Neldon Virginia Nelson Inza Newell Katherine Olvey Jennie Paques John Parker Willard Parsons Helen Payne. Rosie Perottt Lyle Peterson M. Katherine Peterson Leo Pilotti John Porter Julia Porter Harry Pursel Betty Reeder Ethel Reynolds -1- az. Emmett Riley Russell Roberts Joseph Rogers Frances Sharp Nile Sherman Bernard Smith Hazel Spittle Wayne Spohn Margaret Stephens Mary Stephens Betty Staats Donald Sutherland Harold Tarr T. Edgar Terry, Jr. Margaret Thompson Charles Thomas Lynn Thuma Betty Trott Phyllis Tucker Vernon Unroe Stanley Vail Alberta Van Rhoclen Richard Veatch Donald Vernon George Wallott Agnes Watson Hugh Watson Dorothy West Elaine White Kenneth Williams Robert Wissinger Jack Workman William Woolson Dorothy Wright Marjorie Wright Robert Zink CLASS OF 1935 Charles Ackerman Marshall Adams Hazel Agnew Clement Amicon Ethel Anne Bailey Isabel Bair Marcella Baker Ralph Baker Roger Bair Lucille Bartlett George Beach Milton Beeman Pauline Bell n Robert Bennington Marguerite Bietness William Blanchard Louis Blanpain Sara Boltinghouse James Boyd Dorothy Brown Erma Brown William Brown fzohn Bryans mma Lou Butler Floyd Bumpus Pauline Burris Donald Butcher Larry Bartlett Raymond Carter Betty Cline Donald Chilcote Frederick Coe John Coe Betty Jane Conn Dwight Cornell William Colwell Eugene Cowen Robert Curtis Willa June Cozad Curtis Grant Daniels . Barbara Elizabeth Daniels George Delgouffre Alice Virginia Dickenson Doris Dudgeon Dwight Donaldson Floyd Dunmire LeRoy Durieux Sara Jane Eckert Daniel Fawcett Mary Eleanor Foster Edie Geraldine Fowler Robert Fox Fack Fribley Ruth Frye Edith Frye George Glaros Ellen Gost Jean Gower Charles Gray James Grossman Dan Grubb Ruth Hantman Eric Hawke Audrey ns Frank Ho man Wilfred Horn Ruth Hoovler Gynne Horner Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Dorothy Johnson Charlotte Johnson Dorothy Ennings Dorothy empton Mary Lou Klein William Kost Margaret Kunkel Raymond Lannoy John Lambtllotte Mary Jean Lapp Charlotte Lepley Ralph Ligiscomb Richard agers Edna Mayers Floyd Mahard Betty Jayne MahaEey Virginia Masteller Carroll McMillen Lois Sue McCoy Nellie McMillen Nina McElory Thomas Mill Wayne Mills R neg' Morrison- III John dward Netbarger Wayne Oakes Gene Payne Ruth Payne Elroy Peacock Lowell Perkins Harold Pealer Samuel Radabaugh Miriam Remlinger Mercedes Rose Charlotte Rosse Jennie Rouse Craig Schlessinger Harold Scott William Shutt Helen Simmons Lawrence Simmons Mildred Simmons Rowena Simmons Elizabeth Smith Helen Jane Spittle Dorothy Squires Joe Staulfer Walter Striebel Helen Swigeart Fred Taylor Grace Teeter Catherine Tier Lillian Tucker Wilda Tulloss Stephen Ulery Frances Ulrich Earl Underwood Corintha Walker Emily Walker Andrew Walton Helen Watson Bernard Weiss Charles White Robert White Charles White Dudley Woolson Robert Wythe Rollin Wilkins CLASS OF Margaret Armentrout Virginia Bair Anna Baldwin Betty Barnard Nea Bartlett Richard Bartlett Dorotha Barton Jean Bebout Joseph Beever Julia Ann Berry Rachel Bishop Betty Bricker Eleanor Brown Raymond Burgess George Butler William Byers Anna Coe Sarah Cochran Margaret Conn Marjorie Cornell Charles Crouch Sam Cureton Mary Dalrymple Nelle Dohmen 1936 Page Two Hundred Three 'fl Richard Graham -,1i,3mg.1,yg1gg5,,i.- .ff - , t- xi.. 'fr If -, Fern Donaldson William Everhart Robert Ferrell Flaudean Fishburn Mildred Fleming William Fribley Ruth Gatton Dorothy Gearhart Jack George Roberta Gibson Walter Gidin f Norma Gilchrist Eileen Graham ,i Janet Graham Betty Jane Gregory Dorothy Grubb Jean Hall Virginia Hatton Chauncey Hayes Grace Hepler Margaret Hopwood Malcolm Hall Edna Jackson Margaret Jahnke James Jenkins Carl Jennings Paul Jewell Lawrence Kempton Mildred Kilroy Marjorie Kinnard Mae Koppert Ronald Latham Doris Lepley Alice Lewis Adeline Lloyd Margaret Lloyd Albert.Lober Genevieve Loney Ruth Lybarger Helen Lynde John Hahatfey Dorothy Martin Helen Mavis Ruth Mauger Stephen McFarland James McGibeny James McKee Betty McMillen Ralph McPeek Eleanor McPherson Betty Miller Glenn Miller Robert Miller Helen Mills Edith Minard Lucille Mondron Marie Mumaw James Neibarger Virginia Newman Bettie Owen Jack Parnell Walter Patterson, Jr. Ruth Payne Robert Purdy Dorothy Queen Helen Rawlinson Betty Jane Roberts Grace Robertson Harry Scott John Scott Walter Shbulf Ellamae Simmons Alta South Gordon Sperry Ruth Spindler Pauline Stacey Mary Staulier Sarah Stauifer John Steinmetz Carroll Stephens Marion Stephans Warden Stillwell Anna Stofer Betty Storey Robert Stull Harry Swoger Ann Thompson Milderd Tobin Don Trenwith . Lawrence Underhill Mary Underhill John Vail Burr Van Nostrand Floyd Wharton Carole Williams Juanita Wilson Kenneth Wissinger Ralph Yauger Jack Yerian Page Two Hundred Four CLASS OF 1937 Anne Adams Ruth Anderson Dorothy Allison Frederick Bair - Phyllis Ann Bair Doris Baldwin Ralph Baldwin Jocelyn Baxter Anna Beckholt Elma Bell Grace Black Robert Blake Gerald Blue Richard Bond Helen Bricker Hilda Bricker Margaret Bricker Esther Brown Warren Brown Ernest Brunner Nancy Budd Mary Buzzard Helen Byers Charles Chancellor Howard Chester Marguerite Chester Dana Cline Anita Cochran Dorothy Cornelius Verna Crider Willis Crider Julia Delporte Isabel Dubinsky John Fowler Marjorie Fox Edwin Frank Helen Gamble Dorothy .Gatton Marguerite Giansante John Glaros Louis Grant Richard Grossman Jeanne Gueulette Gerald Hall Glenn Hamer Ann Harris Robert Hart Lillian Hickman Mary Ellen Hiles Helen Hoovler Betty Humbert Iona Hunter Miriam Hunter Donald Jackson Paul Jadwin Glenn Keigley Richard Keiser Mildred Kile Almina Knepper Helen Koontz Charles Lawrence Owen Leonard Robert Lewis Ruth Little Murray Lockard Marjorie Lohr Emmett Lybarger, Jr. Richard Lynde Anna Mason Myron Matheny Lowell McCoy Bette McKenzie Robert McKay William McVey Alice Mills Helen Moore Clara Morris Paul Mossholder Margaret Nolin Beatrice Parker John Payne Loma Perry Betty Jane Phillips James Rine Elizabeth Riley Philip Robinson Eugene Rogers I Antionette Rossi Cecil Rouse Elizabeth Scott Charles Seiboid Margaret Sharp Betty Sheifer Vesta Sherman Constance Simmons Inez Smith Vincent South, Jr. Miriam Spohn James Strouse . Geraldine Swain Paul Swain Charles Tarr Dunbar Terry gowarfilq Thomlas arr ri p, r. Virgiimia 'lgulloss glartniaifurner era yson Robert Underhill gIargare:,UpAnam eorge an man Amelia Van Develde Betty Van Rhoden Jack Van Voorhis Warren Ward Donald Watson Charles Weaver William West Wendall Westler Florence Weyant Daniel Xlghite Mary W ite Marjorie Wilkins Kathleen Williams Gladys Woods Evelyn Woolard Avis Yarger CLASS OF 1938 Rupert Anderson Alfred Antill James Ayers Charlene Balo Rodney Banning Eleanor Barcus Charles Barre Fred Barry, Jr. Nina Bartlett Ethel Beach Henry Beam, Jr. Wanda Beinhower Dorotha Bell Mildred Belt Eleanor Beougher Charles Bevington Edith Blair Emma Blair Jared Bogardus Alene Boggs Gwendolyn Borden Roberta Borden Olin Braddock Jeanne Breece Betty Bricker Glen Britton Marjorie Brock Dwight Bumpus Elwin Butler Genevieve Butcher Richard Byrd Carl Calkins Elizabeth Callahan Elizabeth Chilcote Sally Clark Charles Cowen Frances Crouch Lucy Dickenson Leland Fair June Fosdyke Florence Givens Elizabeth Goossens Richard Graham Robert Graham Frances Gregory Noble Grimm Marcia Hall Mary Harmstead Robert'Hayes ' Marjorie Higgins Harold Hiles Jack Hookway Mona Hoovler William Hull Mary Harmstead Leland Jackson Dorothy Jennings Juanita Jones Clifford Korns Ralph Lawrence Mary Lemasters Glenn Lockard Doris Lohrer Eddie Lore Eleanor Loyd Jean Lyle . Anna Mae Martin Dorothy McMillan Lawrence Metcalfe Nellie Rose Michaux Richard Mild Ferns Miller Ronald Miller Louise Mossholder Doris Mumaw John Nichol Richard Norris Janet O'Bryan Frances Phillips Faith Poat Myron Porter Margaret Ransom Adelaide Reed Paul Rine Miriam Robertson Eugene Rogers Charles Sapp Dorothy Shaneman Martha Shaw Sarah Shoemaker Robert Shutt Frances Simpkins John Simpson Leah Singrey Dorothy Smith Margaret Smith Arthur Snow Vincent South, Jr. Elizabeth Sparks Harry Staats Mary Ann Stachelhaus Fred Surlas Donald Taylor Joyce Temple Charles Tims Elsie Tindall James Tinkey Mary Todhunter Keith Topp Charles Trott Beulah Ulery I Geraldine Underhill Virginia Unroe Paul Van Develde Ethel Van Nausdle Jack Van Voorhis Daniel Walton Florence Weyant Alice White Jayne Williams Robert Williams Howard Workman Ada Frances Wright Ruth Zimmerman CLASS Ol-' 1939 Walter Edward Ackerman Faye Geraldine Antill Eloise M. Arck Ruth Amy Barker Jack B. Barnard Donald Ray Bateman Lyle Wallace Bayliss Robert Wayne Beeman Mary Jane Bermont Allen Beever Dean A. Beever John D. Biggs Charles Orville Bird W. Richard Blackford Donald L. Blue Edna Marie Bockoven Donald Lee Bower Frances Marie Braden Joseph Donald Breece Margaret Frances Bricker Sylvia Louise Brooks Thelma Lou Ella Brown Anna Bell Brunner Marjorie Mae Burgess Florence Ethelyn Charlton Mildred L. Clark Donald W. Clutter Angelene E. Cochran Harriett Eileen Cockrell Betty Rose Coe James Clinton Coe, Jr. Edna Carolyn Compton Robert Allen Conkle William Paul Coon Ruth Louise Cornell Myrian Josephine Corwin Richard Cosner Marie Courtney. Mona Rose Craig Robert Olin Craig Nora Elizabeth Crise Evelyn Cunningham Dorothy Curran Cecil Dailey A Frederick Leroy Dailey Edward Noble Dean Y 1 s 'va ' . i 4 Q' i4ii3'?.v5?2 f.f . Clyde C. Deem Sarah Agnes Devalon Leah Margaret Donaldso Robert Gray Donaldson John W. Dorsey Mary Jo Dorsey William R. Doughty Marjorie Louise Doup Donald H. Dowds Ruth Margene Durieux Ann Eberle Ralph E. Elder Wilbur C. Elder Wilbur C. Elliott Jean Everett George N. Fairchild Nan Ferguson Helen Marie Fishburn Bette Alice Frye Evadean Garber Dorothea M. George Lester George Martha Louise Gilbert Harriette Jane Green Doroth Mae Grimm James Gueulette James H. Grove, Jr. Virgil S. Hamilton Charles E. Hammond Joseph Henry Hantman George Emmett Harris Marjorie Francis Harris Chester Leroy Hatton Lillian Grace Hickerson Muria Emma Hiles James F. Hoffman Betty lllene Hollis Clarence R. Housholder Richard Hughes George Hutchison LillianEJane Iden Clyde rnest Irvine, Jr. Robert Wendell Irvine Fred Jacobs Louis P. Jahnke Jane Jones Virginia Ruth Jones Vesta Keyes H Betty J. Kochheiser Margene A. Koppert Raymond O. Lewis Clara Harriett Lloyd Aaron E..Loney Jane Lucille Mackey Park Logan McCo Charles Leland McVey Dorothy Mavis Virginia Lee Mintier Janice Trew Mitchell A. Lee Moreland John Russell Morrey Mervyn C. Nugent Louise Patterson Beatrice Payne Dorothy Louise Payne Charles Grant Payne Cyrus Sherwood Porter Florence Edna Porter Judy Lenore Pratt William Elizat Purdy Robert Vail Reeder Robert George Reichert L- A . L . 4 ll , . 'li . r ' tl F ' t f I.: is I Q 54'-if ' 2 23.- -'ici ti 1 ., . J ,' 4 11 Margie Marie Hin ' .si If in ff' tv ,. 'tj si. A 1-4 Y 5 J ,Z , a . Q Miriam Roberts Houston Frank Schlosser Constance Anne Sapp Bette Mae Scott Margaret Annetta Scottie Joyce Evelyn Shields Genevieve Shoemaker Charles Shope, Jr. Annabelle Elaine Shutt Marjorie Beatrice Speaks Velma Shoults Noble Snow, Jr. Merrill L. Spearman Eleanor Stacy Mary Maxine Stark Virginia Mae Steiner Richard W. Stull Harriett Taylor George Lincoln 'l"hayer Mary Ellen Thomas Lande Kay Thompson Martha Jean Tier Mildred Eileen Totman Bettiy Marie Tyson . Fre erick Paul Ulrich Helen Mae Umbaugh Stephen P. Upham, Jr. Keith Vance AZ' 3: .. T Q, , ,L , .A if 1? .-.. 'f- Mi? - lf. ii 4 l feilif Harry R. Van Develde Edwin Charles Veith Wendagvj. Walker Albert . Weaver, Jr. Barbara White Dwight Williams Audrey Lucille Wise Robert Charles Wolfrom Martha G. XVoolard Eleanor Amanda Wright Maria Mildred Yauger Lawrence V. Yoakam Betty Jane Young CLASS OF 1940 Dorothy Jane Ackerman Iva Dean Allen George li. Allspaugh S. Fillmore Allspaugh Marian Amicon Virginia Anderson Janice Eileen Arrington Mable Constance Atherton Charles Ayers Anita Cameron Bagley Robert Southard Baird Robert K. Banning Margaret Barry Robert Earl Beach Bernard H. Bell Helen Louise Borden Mary. Elleen -Breech Edit Naomi Bricker Betty Jo Brown Jack Stanlta Brown George E. udd Marjorie A. Bumpus Guinevere Lucille Burgess Ileen Virginia Buskirk Barbara Myrtle Burtton David Nelson Camillo Elizabeth Jane Campbell Rosetta Carr Charles Claypool Perry D. Conkle Arthur Victor Cornell Dolores Cramer Mary June Cramer William D. Crumrine Mary Jane Dando William Radcliffe Deeley Eldon H. Dickenson Paul Ewing Doup Myro Lee Dubinsky Marjorie Fay Eberhardt Russell Eugene Etzwilet Betty Frances Everhart Phyllis Jean Fair Eugene Fairchild Mary Rosalie Fletcher Florence Elizabeth Fravel Dorotlg A. Giansante Laura ifhn l Charles A. Givens Engel Glaros Frank Donald Glover Waverly Glover Allora May Goossens Harriett Marilyn Graham Rebecca Jane Grove Letha K. Hamer Helen Lucille Hawke Clyde W. Hawkins J-ack Heighton ois Ardella Hennell Ruth Violet Hickerson David George Hickman Jack Higgins Charles William Hill Nanetta A. Hoovler Helen Frances Hopkins Esther Pauline Hoskinson Claude D. Houbler William Wayne Humbert games Sedorus Hunter velyn Irvine Wanda Cleanna Jackson Bertha Lynette Jenkins Paul Jenkins Harold Jewell Stanley Johnson, Jr. Celesta Ann Joris Robert Orland Kirk Mar Jayne Klein Edith Wanda Lahmon Thelma Lawrence Charlene Lewis Rex Little Marguerite Lober Randall Lybarger Coradon Lynde Mary G. MahaEey Richard Lee Marsh Carol Elaine McDowell Elaine McLarnan Alice Caroline Mintier Doris Morrison Edith Rowena Mossholder Helen Irene Mossholder Robert Mossholder Frances Evelyn Neighbarger Pauline Amelia Paques Eugene Watson Pargeon Mavine Parker Georgia Louise Parker Robert Keith Parnell James Burke Lucas Payne Ralph D. Perrine Harriett E. Pharis Martha Jean Peugh John Walter Phillips George Hobert Prosser Sarah W. Rahn Donald Conard Reagh Neil David Reeder Eloise Pauline Rex James Henry Roberts Martha M. Robertson Virgil Rose Maxine Elizabeth Ryan Earl Kenneth Sant Ruth Shultz . Jean Elizabeth Simpson Ruth Marie Sloan Betty Mae Simmons Robert Carol Smith Beulah Jean Snow Helen Louise Starn Martin Robert Statler, Jr. Raymond Stephens Edna Virginia Stoneburner George Edward Sweet Maxine Theibert Geraldine Marie White Aletha Winterringer Lola Irene Workman Frank A. Yauger David I.. Upham CLASS OF 1941 Beatrice Ackerman Wilfred Antill Wanda L. Baker Mary Louise Barre John Fred Barton Lillian May Battrick Margaret Baugher Ruth Beach June N. Beaver Robert Frederick Beck Herbert L. Belden Harry Blake Charles Bovard William Braden Jack Branyan Alice Ann Breech Duane Kenneth Brown John Brown Margaret Burke John Edward Clark Lloyd Leroy Clutter Imogene Cochran Robert William Coe Lee Crooks Maxine Cookman Helen N. Cramer Jane Cranmer Carrol B. Crider Donald William Curran Kenneth M. Dailey Mary Darnold Elaine Beem Kathleen DeWitt Grace Dudgeon . Lohn Allen Edminster ileen B. Frye Ruth M. Garber Edward T. Genre Peggy Gill Wanda P. Glover Chester Halderman Marilyn Hall Evelyn Hardman Marguerite I. Harrison Gordon H. Harrod Phyllis Herrick Orval Hill A Mary Virginia Hissong Norman E. Hollis Harold Keith Hoovler Norman Hopewood Esther J. Hunter Arlene Huntsberry Frances I-Iyatt Ikyle Irvine erth Jenkins Nellie S. Jones Phyllis M. Jones George Kaparos Anna Katris Mary Katris John Kepple Bettie Jane La Fever Mariam La Fever George Laymon Ruth Levering Jean Elizabeth Levers Harold Lore Betty Jane Martin Careta Jean Masteller Ruth A. McKenzie Mildred Melton Mary Midas Albert Miller Dortha Jean Miller Margaret Mills Barbara Mitchell Robert E. Moore Rex Morris William Norris Jared A. Owens Don A. Pargeon Ellen Patterson Arlene Louise Perkins Naomi Perkins Margaret Peugh Eloise Anna Phillips Harlan Poorbaugh Joyce Porter James Puffenbarger Margie Pugh Clarrissa Elizabeth Ralls Betty Ransom James L. Rhoads Lois Roberts Ruth Robertson Leora Robinson Wayne B. Rogers Rosa Rubine Paul Ryan Norma Sapp William R. ScarE Fred Schnebly Evelyn Mae Scott Betty Jane Seavolt Earl Sellers Jean Servais Irene Sharp Dale Clifton Sheffer Eleanor Shellenbarger Jesse Shoemaker Edward Shorkey Joseph W. Shoults Grace M. Shutt Mildred Snow Dale Spearman Robert Squires Alice G. Stofer Milford Stofer Neva Stopher Joseph Goodman Storey Mary Martha Strauser Robert S. Stull James L. Sullivan Joy A. Taylor Carl Thompson Cledith E. Totman Louise Totman Eileen B. Tyson Jean Ann Wagner Ruth Ellen Ward Mary Weaver Sue Webster Betty Welsh Ralph S. White Donald Williams Patricia Ann Williams Dorothy Woolard Elizabeth B. Wright Emogene Yarman CLASS Ol" 1942 Elizabeth Balo Pauline Beach Jane Beever Paul Bickel Robert Blackford Marjorie Blackwell Arlene Bockoven Ned Boddy George Bouton Delmer Breneman Alice Bricker Jesse Briscoe Betty Rose Brown Doris Eileen Brown Willis Brown Charles Card Sara. Jane Carson Harry Chadwick Marjorie Charlton Beverly Cochran Ned Cochran Maxine Cocherham Patricia Coile John Cooksey Kathleen Crider Betty Crouthers George Culbertson Dorothy Davis Robert Day Martha DeWitt Gayle Dorsey Janet Doup Thelma Elder Jocelyn Fawcett Kathryn Ann Fletcher Janice Fogle Marjorie Frye Eugene Gardner James Gatton Lester George Eleanor Graham Russell Hall Jon Harris Alma Harrod Eileen Hess Linnie Highwarden Florence Horlocker Marjorie Householder Ula Jean Hull Chase Hunter Jack Hurlow Juanita I-Iurps Ruth Izenberg Maurice Jackson Jerome Kaler Julius Keck Richard Kerin Marjorie King Lou Anne Koch John Lahmon Duane Lambillotte Betty Jane Lawrence Kenneth Laymon Robert Lehman Clinton Lippman Robert Little W. Leroy Little Marjorie Lockard Margaret Martin Martina Mawer Genc McKenzie Frances McPherson Helen McVey Patricia Mehl Thomas A. Mintier Vivian Morrison Ivan Mossholder Janet Mossholder Virginia Motherall Charles Neher Ralph Neighbarger Doris Oakes Betty Pargeon William Parnell Jean Pinkley Paul Poland Paul Pryor Virginia Pugh Harold Purdy Robert Ransom Phyllis Ann Robb Fred R. Robinson Paul Rowe Emma Rubino Ida Rubino Lucille Ryan Ada Schnitzer Jack Schlosser Uldina Schorr Marion E. Scott Hubert Shannon Maxine Sharp Wilma Jean Shelfer Barbara Scholtz Roy J. Siders Maxine Small Charles Smith Doyle Smith Patricia Ann Smith Mary Ellen Soles Neil Steinmetz Claire Jean Stull Kenneth Stull Maxine Stull Richard Stull Lorene Swaclner Donald Taylor Mellie Talley Mathilde Theibert Meredith Thomas Robert Tulloss Herbert Vernon Annabelle Walker Gerald Walker iune Wheaton ileen Williams Margaret Williams Harry Wilson Clarence Wirick Roy Wiseman Harold Woodward Orrell Workman Bernice Wright Ellen Yerian CLASS OF 1943 Charles L. Baldwin Edith Eleanor Baldwin Wilbur R. Bartlett Ernestine L. Beckholt Foy A. Belcher Edwin Hamilton Bell Bertha Rae Bell Kayhryn Ann Bell Richard A. Belt Eleanor M. Benson Harriett Jean Bergin Kenneth James Black Lucille Black William Blackford Dolores Blubaugh Paul Bobs: Mary Constance Bogardus Evelyn Bond Geraldine Brown Richard C. Brown Walter Bunnell Betty Buskirk Betty Isabel Coldwell Elizabeth Clark Dwight T. Cochran, Jr. Norma Jean Cockrell Lillian K. Comstock John Thomas Conrad Howard C. Coon Dorothy Cox Ray G. Crane Mary Cunningham Cecil W. Curran Lawrence K. Curry Mildred D. Darnold Dale Charles Davy Justine Devalon Edwin Dotson John Doup Robert Dowds Jacqueline Everett John Ewalt Marjorie L. Fair Jack E. Flook Dorothy J. Frye Margaret Goosens Betty J. Graham Mary Elaine Green Aaron L. Griflin Pauline Grossnickle Betty J. Hall Sara Hammond Margery Harris Ruth Harris Erma J. Hendershott Jack W. Hess June Hickerson Mabel Hiles Myrtle Hill Kathleen Hoovler Sara Houbler Duane Houck Mildred Houck Ruby Hubbell Robert Humphreys Clyde Hunter Shirley Irvine Emily Jackson . Marguerite Kahalecik Mary Kerin John Kilroy Lucille Klein Leonard Levers Jack Lonzo Sheridan L. Loyd George Lybarger Marjorie Lybarger Carol Lyle Margaret McCoy Page Two Hundred Five sie' wigrgiggevinl sean gcbonald me cFeeley Chester McGee kunes McLarnan athleen McMillan James Mentis Betty Miller Edna Mills Alfred Morey Helen Neighbarger Betty Newman Clarence Newton Marljorie Ottinger Pau ine Overly Barbara Owen Jo Anne Owen Maxine Parker Charles Payne John Perfect leanne Pratt Eugene Radabaugh Fred Reasoner Lolita Reichenbach Reta Rice Ray Robb Lloyd Russell Walter Sapp Thomas Scarf? Kent Scholl A Virginia Seavolt Ruth Shats William S oemaker Mary Alice Shrack Earl Siders Wanda Singer Coreta Small ' Mary Jane Smith Ruth Smith Enid Spake Rose Ada Speaks Dean Spearman Virginia Stark George Stull Phyllis Swadner . Hariet Louise Thexbert Carl Thomas Martha Topp . Miriam Trowbridge Ruth Tulloss Joyce Ellen Turner Kathryn Ueltschy Doris Vasbinder Roselene Vorhees William Waddell Phillip Weidner Annetta White Robert White George Wilkins Charles Williams Darwin Winland Betty Wiseman Ruth' Wright William Wright George Zidek CLASS OF 1944 Peter Amann Arthur Ansel Jean Ansel June Auskings Richard Bair Jacqueline Ballman Harold Balo Roselyn Banbury Barblara Barton Maxine Beeman Mary Benson Barton Blair. Robert Bonnist Jean Bowsher Charles Bryan Betty Burger Donna Carr Carmen Carter Jean Cassell Jane Clark Clarence Cline Anne Cochran Donald Cochran Paul.Cochran Edwin Coe Jean Colwill Stanley Condon Charles Coolidge Norma Cornell William Curran Naomi Curran William Dailey Richard Davey Page Two Hundred Six 'L -'Q ' l , ,H ,pil . V, , ames Doughty Dorothy Durieux Shirley Eggert Jacqueline Everhart Jacques Everhart Margaret Ewart Martha Ewart Jianet Fairchild irginia Ferguson Mariorie Ferrell Shir ey Fogle Wayne Franz William Fraser Kathleen Fravel Patricia Freshour Richard Frye Grace Geisler Betty Gill Velma Gilmore Joan Bueulette Margelaine Hall Sarah Hammond Margaret Handley Martha Harris Rodney Harris Barbara Heckler Adele Hedges Eleanore Hendertho Mildred Hickerson Daniel Hill Ruth Hissong Melvin Hoagland Myra Hookway Maxine Houck Kenneth Huffman Dorothy Huggins Bernadine Hughes Mary Ann Hunter Christine Johnson Lowayne Johnson Rene Joris Mary Kaler Schalmir Kepple Mary Jane Kilroy Betty Koontz 5 Valjean Lambillotte Robert Lantz Donald Leonard Paul Lynde Jane Mahone Dale Martin David Masteller Mildred Mclntire George McKee Maxine McKinstry Willard Meier Rene Mondron Betty Ellen Monk Grace Motherall Patsy Oakes Mary Ann O'Bryan Eloise Page Hilda Peilfer LaVerne Peterson Catherine Pharis Evelyn Pierce Barbara Pryor Shirley Puckett Beatrice Purdy Eileen Radabaugh Thomas Reasoner Pauline Reed Kenneth.Reeder Harry Rme Grace Sapp Ray Sapp Violet Schnitzer Virginia Scholl Sally Scott Janet Seidel Leora Shannon Mary Louise Sharp William Sherman Evelyn Shira Phyllis Shultz Emma Simmons Naomi Smith Robert Stelts Marilyn Surlas Max Talbott Kenneth Tarr Ruth Taylor Edward Taylor Ethel Teeter Henry Tharp Carlotta Theil Carolyn Theil If Mary Helen Thornton Mildred Tier Stanley T otman Kenneth Van Aman 'l imma Tigg'-: Carlotta Van Mock Olpnline Waddell- F oyd Walker Charlene Welker Edward Williams Robert Wilson William Wilson Elaine Wiseman Sarah Worley Helen Wright Jane Yauger Dorothy Zimmerman Edman Zink CLASS OF 1945 Betty Lee Allen Marianne Amicon lla Mae Anderson Frances Antill Adeline Armstrong Beverly Barber Evelyn Barcus Betty Beckholt Robert Beckley Gerald Beeman Robert Belt Marian Benoy George Berger Joseph Black John Blair Robert Blair Edgar Bogardus Warren Bresler Thomas Brooks Alma Brown Robert Brown George Bryans Patricia Bunn Jean Burger Donald Burgess Joanne Burris Ardella Butterbaugh Arthur Cassell Jocie Chase u Wilma Jean Cline Norma Cochran Richard Cockerham Robert Coe Charles Cole Roberta Connell Raymond Cramer Joan Culbertson Joyce Deem. James Denuit Charles Dice Herbert Dietrich Beverly Dorsey Norma Emery Victor Feldmiller Retha Fish Ida Fleming Beverly Fletcher Bernard Fry Richard Frye Dale Gardner Richard Gerrard Hal George Helen Giflin Harry Glover John Goudy Gerald Grabiel Marcella Graham William Gregory Bonnie Hardesty Dwight Harris Gwynne Hartman Donald Hatton Shirley Hanger James Hawkins Roy Herrington Ida Mae Hildebrand Rosemary Hildebrand John Hiles, Jr. Wayne Hillier Louise Hoar Stanley Hoagland Russell Hulse Kenneth Hurlow Mary Ellen Jackson Elizabeth Jewell Mary Johnson Gwendolyn Jones Betty Keck Charles Knerr Richard La Fever Mary Lahmon Letha Lake Glen Lipscomb Neil Lonzo Doris Loriaux Marjorie Masteller Stanley Mavromates Georfenin-Metcalf Char es Miller Betty McGibney Alma McGugin . Lavonne MCGUFIH Carollyn McMil en Clan ia McNeil games McPeek achel Nethers Dionne Newton Duane Nugent Carrie Parker Corrine Parker Betty Payne Willard Peterson Esther Pharis Phyllis Poland Harold Porter Annabelle Robertson Venona Robison Shirley Rossi Dwight Ryan Phyllis Shultz Arthur Seavolt Celena Simmons Jeanne Spurling Roger Spearman Frances Stachelhaus Ernest Starmer Elsie Stillwell Pauline Stinemetz Betty Styers . Lorraine Swatik Jean Thayer Harry Turner Martha Vernon Carolyn Ward Mary Warman Richard Whetsel Beulah White Frances White Robert Williams Dorothy Willis Arlene Wilmotte Charlotte.Wnght Ruth Wrlshr LaVeta Yoakum CLASS OF 1946 Carroll Allen Joan Ansel Charles Armstrong Dow Ayers Ross Bair Kenneth Baker Robert Baker Helen Beck Mary Beck William Beckley Joan Benoy Jean Bxckel Thomas Black Janet Blackford Lewis Blue Gregory Boddy Earl Bower Jane Breech Dorothy Brooks Zella Brooks Richard Bunn Richard Buxton Janet Cochran Leota Conkle Frances Dawson William Deedrich Gillis Denoon Joan Doup Shirlei' Dunham J-ean berhatdt ' homas Edgar Joyce Edminster Frances Emery Hannelore Erlanger Delores Fawcett Wanda Flickinger Oneida Fisher Kathryn Ferguson Nova Fogle Betty Frye I William Furniss Evelyn Gardner Nathine Goolenough Ikydia Gray . athryn Griggs Jeannine Hagan Cherie Hanley Ellis Hauger Joyce Hennell awrence Henry UIUC! Jane Vail Vannatta Vannatta CLASS OF 1947 Marilyn Anderson Harry Barncord Marjorie Barton Dorothy Baxter Anna Bell Helen Bias Robert Bickel Dorothg Booth Elaine ower Charles Bricker Catherine Briggs Violet Brown Betty Burke Ramona Busenburg Robert Butcher Barbara Carson Betty Carter Norma Carter Elaine Chambers Ellen Chambers Ann Clark Donna Cligapinger Katherine ochran Harold Cochran Margaret Collins Irene Cooser Winslow urry Janet Dancey Sue Dietrich Edward Doup Jean Downing Roger Dunham Louise Dutt Jgianita Draper enneth Eyster Helen Fawcett Frederick Ferguson Bennett Feldmiller Marilyn Fox William Frary Virginia Fravel Oren Freshour Kathleen Frye Ina File Donal Gallolly Vannatta Roberta Gardner Joan Gaurner Maurice Gilbert Irvin Goossens Harriett Graham Claude Green Joseph Grubb Richard Haire Richard Hare Paul Martzler Helen Hatfield Gabrielle Hayes Elzada Hess Carmen Hinger Edward Hoagland Bruce Hoffman Robert Hopkins James Hottinger Richard Hottinger Reva Hubbell Jeannine Hughes Lune Hulse odney Hyatt Gus Katris Florence Keever Marilyn Kile Mable Lambillotte Jerry Legros Betty Lewis I Thomas Lewis James Liggett Fredric. Lippman John Lively Mary Lockhart Jeanne Lonzo Rohn Lynde I obert McDevitt Joan McFeely Betty McKee Lucille McKenzie Lean McLarnan aul McMillen Dan McMill.en Lohn McNeil rina Madras Marie Nladias Mary Miller Ralph Mills Wil iani Moore ggctiueline Nelson il iam Morris John Nugent James Poland Gail Pealer Donald Reed Willis Rerick Vora Rine ' Hallie Robinson David Sapp fsck Scott owena Scott Mary Ann Shultz Mary Lee Shultz Charlotte Silliman games Snow onna Spearman Esther Spearman Nancy Stillwell George Swatik Gerald Tharp Louise Thomas Forrest Thompson Barbara Tier Delno Tyree Irma VanDevelde John VanSise Norma Waddell Grace Walton Ernest Williams Marilyn Wilson Antionette Wilson gyhn Wintermute onald Yauger CLASS Ol" 1943 Ann Adrion Thomas Badger Mary Baldwin Joan Barncord Martha Bates Geraldine Beach Margaret Beck William Beldon Margaret Bettmger Roselyn Blackwell Eugene Bair Beverly Blake Loretta Bohn Jian Bowden wis Bowers Richard Brandt Elaine Bricker Sarah Brown George Bumpus Peggy Bunn Fred Buxton Jeanne Byrd Don Caldwell Peggy Calkins Sarah Carter James Chester Marilyn Christy William Condon Dean Conger Wilbur Connell Larry Conkling Marjorie Curry Eleanore Coon Gene Davy Stephan Deedrick Polly Deem Janet Dowds Dick Eberhardt Jack Elliott Margo Erlanger Thomas Fawcett Richard Ferrell Mildred Fox Joan Francis Betty Jo Frary Jean Fraser Betty Fry Dorothy Gantz Lola Gentry Edith Gilmore Gordon Griffin Robert Haire Johanna Halazon Phylis Hardesty Don Harris Joanne Hart George Hedges William Hendershott Ruth Hennell Shirley Herndon Fern Hiles Nancy Hissong Ruth Hoffman Donna Humphrey Eleanor Inks Christina Jacobs John Jacque: Carl Jenkins John Johnson Margery Kathary Janice Lay Patsy Leach Grace Lee Jettie Lee Jean Lepley Ruth Leonard Jane Lybarger Joan Lybarger Dixie Malley Ruth Maloney Eugene Marchal James Meloites Maxine Metcalf Betty Miller Jane Miller Jean Miller Margaret Morey Joyce Mossholder Norma McConnell Robert McCracken Joan McGugi.n Lois McKenzie Lois McNamara Joan McNeil John Payne Joan Perkins Eleen Peterson Lenor Rapp Donald Reasoner Lowell Reeder David Rhoads Vivian Rine Beth Roach- Betty Robbins Ned Roesler Joan Ryan Virginia Sharp Juanita Sheldon Ruth Simpson William Simpson Sammy Snow Norma Starmer Ralph Steurer Joyce Swingley Mary Jo Temple Betty Jo Thomas Esther Treese Bet? Turner Bra ley Upham Edith Vernon Robert Weaver Mary Welker Patricia Wells Robert Wells Elaine Wilkins Dick Wonders Helen Wolford Murray Wright Charlene Zedaker CLASS OF 1949 Jean Allspangh Mary Barton Elaine Bass Eugene Baxter James Bechtol Gretchen Bell Carroll Berger Maxine Bickel Ruth Botkin Robert Brining Marjorie Brooks Joe Brown Robert Browne Edward Bumpus Garnette Bumpus Lowell Butcher David Clark . Walter Clippinger Darlene Cochran Lois Cochran Irene Columber Orla Conard Jenny Connell Annabelle Cranmer Beverley Crumbaker Floyd Cunningham Ruby Curry Ruth Dustin Charles Duckworth James Fairchild Jack Fawcett Ned Fletcher Jo-Ann Fravel Harry Frye, Jr. Lois Geiger Joanale G-ithens Loretta Gilbert John Goossens Robert Graham Martha Greene Lois Gullett Anne Hatdesty Dan Hillier Shirley Hoagland 'Wilma Hodge Jack Howard Virginia Hurps Don Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Charles Jones Esther Jones Barbara Kaiser Beatrice Kaiser Cecil Knerr Kathleen Kreps llean Lahmon Paul Lepley Jean Liggett Harriet Ann Lord Lary Loyd Marian MacPhee Stella Madias David Mavis Frances Mehl Donna McNutt Joan Mendenhall Paul Mentis . Martha Jean Miller Sue Morris Bayes Norton Marjorie Parker Raymond Parker Sylvia Penn Margaret Peterson Carolyn Pier Robert Porter Allen Ralston Patricia Roberts Reva Robertson Jeanne Robinson Alvin Rose Otto Rotunno Robert Sattler Donald Scott Richard Shaw Catherine Shutt Benton Silliman L 5 in Anne Smith ugene Staats Robert Staley Geraldine. Steurer Donna Stiverson Rosa Lee Stricker Wilbur Stump Leisle Swaridener Janet Swain Willis Taylor Richards Thomas Miriam Titus James Tuttle Frank Ulery Donald Vasbinder Barbara Vernon Betty Vilfer Barbara Walton Harriett Ward Wilma Ward Patricia Warner David Wells Marion Wikle Patricia Wikle Mary Jo Williams Helen Wilson John Workman Fred Zerull CLASS OF 1950 Rosemarie Allen David Appleton Seldon Bair Doris Banner Virginia Bebout Sue Barncord Dorothy Belt Robert Bennett Lois Benton Peggy Bergin David Black Betty Bond Jack Boucher Robert Brillhart Carolyn Brandt Willis Butler Creta Carter Richard Carter Forest Clutter Maxine Cochran Jack Coe Carroll Conger Burton Connell Janice Cotton Robby Curry Annabelle Davis Jeannine Dew Jeannette Dotson James Dougherty Elizabeth Jean Doup Donna Draper J anet Durbin William Emlich Gene Evans Robert Evans John Reed Ewart Keith Ewers Martha Fawcett Stanley Fawcett William Ferguson Ronald Fogle Roberta Fry Donald Fry Richard Gantz Matgretta Gaumer Walter George Richard Gillooley Clara Gossett James Goudy James Grey Marlene Griffin Dorothy Hale Dixie Lee Hall Marilyn Hall Robert Hauger Barbara Hendrickson Bernida Henthorn Betty Hottinger Jean Houck David Imel Phyllis Jacobs Davida Kahrl Barbara Klein Delbert Koch Mary Katherine Lee Zelma Lee . Leva Levermg Jane Long. Mary Madras . Stamatia Madras Alice Magill Curtis Ma er David Mcifay Doris McKee ' Nadine McKenzie Robert McMillan Kay McNamara Thomas Metcalf Donna Mintier Joyce Mondron g Georgiann Morris Alice Mossholder Julia Mossholder Ned Mossholder Norma Newton Mary Noffsinger Brenda Olson Lois Owen Esta Lee Parker Robert Parker Lawrence Pembrook Jo Ann Peugh Robert Peugh Norman Phillips Sandra Pitkin Jeannine Porter Phyllis Pryor I Patricia Rahmirig Louise Ralston Dean Reeder Oakley Refiitt Roger Rine Walter,Rine Fern Rinehart Herbert Rock Patricia Romine Keith Schouten James Sellers Joyce Shira Donna Shringalin Richard Shu George Simmons Lois Simpson Charles Smith Hubert Snow Richard Sorenson Pauline Spearman James Spicer Clarabel Springer Larry Steagall Martha Storey Patricia Sutton Jean Swain Jack.Sweet Patricia Taylor Richard Taugher J uanira Thompson Beverly Tier Phyllis Vernon Rodney Vernon Marie Wagner Harlow Walker Carolyn Warman Terry Wells Gene Wittenmeyer Betty Young CLASS OF 1951 Ann Ackerman Lois Agnew. Richie Bastin Edward Bevington Alice Beck Virginia Beeman Jack Ralph Blue Robert Blue Johnny P. Bobst Hobart Brown Nelson Brown Arthur Brown Leo Butler Robert Carter Jlack Cline auline Clipse Marilyn Crawford Martin Crumbaker Betty Dexter Donald Deavers James Eugene Dice Bill Dougherty Virginia Anne Eagle Muriel Epstein Fred Erlanger ' Mary Ellen Ewing Ruth Fish Bill Fisher Partricia Fletcher Ruth Ann Franz Robert Fry u Juanita Hankins Carl Gallaher Jerry Galleher Page Two Hundred Seven Robert Gamble John David Gelsanliter Barbara Genre Robert George Charles Gillooley Anita Glover Jeanette Graves Dan Guenlette Phylliss Gullett Dianne Hammonds Nancy Hare Margaret Hart Gilbert Higgins Doris Hillier Jane Hoovler Robert Hull Barbara Hulse Stanley Hyatt James Imel Carl Irick Monica Jackson Phyliss Kaser Mary Kasson Betty Louise Kerr Virginia Kinney Gertrude Kittelberger James Kousoulas Don Lambillotte Nancy Lannoy Delores Latherns Beatrice Laymon Naoma Jane Leasure James Legros Susan Ann Lewis Beverly Magill Nick Madias Robert McGough Ron McGowan Shirley McKenzie Barbara McKinley Joan Moffatt Arlene Mossholder Donald J. Noonen David Howard Ogg Vaugh Paddock Richard Payne Beverly Jean Peugh Phyllis Pier Jean Reed Walter Rine Susan Robeson Virginia Rouse Eddie Rucka Patricia Ryan Carol Sattler Joseph Sellers David Shields Arvel Snow Mary Lou Siegworth Dolores Simmons Donald Smith Sally Tabor Denny Thompson Charles Titus William B. Turley Floramae Tuttle Marvin Vannatta Ethel Vernon Kathleen Vernon Robert Walton Edna Warman Perry Williams Imogene Willis Marilou Wintermute Bethel Wooldridge Dixie Wolfe Page Two Hundred Eight Elaine Wright Dick Zinsmeister CLASS OF 1952 Mary Ann Ashbrook Mary Lou Babson Marcia Beach Richard Beck Charles Bennett Don Berger La Donna Bowers David Brillhart Nickey Bronson Louis Brown Charles Bumpus Doris Bumpus Joan Burchard Joyce Butcher Franklin Butler Jack Caldwell Jerry Carter Mary Ellen Carter Paul Colopy Janet Conger Barbara Cosner Janice Dearman Ellen Dalrymple Joan Davis Carol Ward Carolyn Doup Betty Jean Drake Nancy Edgar Joan Emlich Eddie Ernest Ruth Evans William Everett James Frances Jeanette Frye Norman Gaines Carole George Jeanne George Paul Goosens Barbara Gimmeson Margaret Graves Alice Hagaman Russell Hall Ronald Haltermon Deedta Hess James Higgins Marilyn Hoffmann William Holland Wayne Hubbell Jack Hyatt U Kathryn Jennings Mary Elizabeth Kittelhei-get I.ou Ann Koch Barbara Kymer Katherine Lay Jean Lee Albert Levenson, Jr. Rita Lipps Robert Lockhart Richard Lorey Roberta Lybarger Barbara Main Dorothy Meek Imogene Middletown Shelia Mill R. William McKown Iris McMillan Marvin McQuigg Dona Nell Ned Neibarger Dorothy Owen Arthur Pacques Eugene Phillips Louella Porter Elsie Potes Thelma Pumphrey Marilyn Ramsey Lois Rex Bessie Ridenbaugh Charles Roach Arthur Bobson Jeff Salisbury Mary Schmidt Carol Shultz Darwin Shultz Barbara Slack Norma Mae Snow Joyce Scoles Lawrence Sperry, Jr. Loretta Stillson Raymond Stout Mary Jo Swadner Mary Lou Thomas Joan Thornberry Mary Jo Tier Richard Trowbridge James Umbaugh Robert Vernon Lena Vernon Grace Walden Jean Warman Joan Warman Erva Wilson Marilyn Woods Belinda Wyant Robert Patterson 1Jack Streamb CLASS OF 1953 Beverly Armstrong Weston Augenstein Tom Awwiller Fred Ball Nancy Barncord Doris Belcher Janet CBergerJ Clippinger Phil Berger Charles Bonnist James Bricker Larry Bryan Maxine Bumpus Robert Burris Clark Buxton Creston Cline Donald Curry Mona CCoonJ Henthorn Joann Cornell Joan 1Curtisj Lambillotte Barbara Davis William Conard George Doup Carol Dunham Carolyn Dunn Joann Elwood Richard Erlanger Gordon Fawcett Jo Anne Ferenbaugh Twila Fish Donald Fleeger Mary Fowler Sonia Fridline Phyllis Frye Vivian Gallogly Barbara Gantz Jane Geiger Richard Gilfillan Ruth Gillooly Mount Vernon High now has 5651 graduates. In order to keep the files up to date, the Forum Staff would like to know the married names of all the women graduates. They would also like to star all deceased alumni, so if you can help with any of this identification, please notify Sara Cannon, 126 East Vine St., Mount Vernon, Ohio. This list bas been revised through 1924. Please notify us also of any errors in spelling names. John Grimm Joe Henthorn Barbara Hershner James Hissong William Hodder Patsy Hottinger John Hoyt Nancy Hunter Nancy Ireland Patsy Qjohnsonb Burris Barbara Jones Marilyn Jones Maurice Jones Ronald Jones James Kathary David Ketner Fred Kimble Jerry Knox Bradley Koch Elaine Kousoulas Virginia Kymer Gordon Lambillotte Darlene Lanning Robert Laymon , Beverly Leiter Wayne Levers Bernice Lunsford Carol iMayerJ Vasbinder Patricia McClellan Rosalie McKenzie John McKinley Donald Mill Dale Miller Barbara Morris Belva 1NelsonJ Theibert Dee Olson Ann Painter Emry Pardee Fred Pargeon Tom Phillips Janice Pealer James Pierpont Robert Pitkin Mary Poland Richard Poling Debbie Pond Betty Pritchett Sally Pryor Jack Ransom Richard Reynard Robert Rooch Elaine Scholz Carol Senter Roberta Shannon Kenneth Shira William Small David Snedden Ronald Stattler Norman Steagall Wanda Sutton Ann Tabor Shirley Tier Bob Thompson Bill Tyson Larry Vail Regina 1Vernonj Byall Nancy Waddell Don Wagstatf Shirley Walker Bill Ward Dorothy Warman Mary Warner Carolyn Wells Leland White John Williams Shirley fWolfJ Mill Dora Dell Vlyant . . . Musicians, Actors, Royaltyfancl ??? Top row: IU I think the boys are hungry. 121 Curtain time. C31 The calendar stafi is working? 2nd row: Ui They seem pleased. 12, We're going to have the best Junior play . . . 13, Hi, Eleanor. 3rd row: Ui Our own Stan Kentons. Q21 Don't miss it. Bottom row: HJ lots of vitamins? 12, You name it. Page Two Hundred Nine 1954 FO R u M HONOR SOCIETIES SEPTEMBER, 1953 VOLUME 34 JUNE, 1954 NATIONAL HONO David Warren Hannah Mautner Clifford Slayman Keitha Porter Ann Robeson David Misicka Carolyn Barton Barbara Beroth Janet Bouton Barbara Scott Peggy Cochran Norma Jean Fetter R SOCIETY Ned Kuivinen Allen Shields Sue Tarr John Wareham Mary Ann Hanes Stan McNabb Carolyn Sperry Sarah Eastman William Transue Marlene Kline Elizabeth Gaines Charles Hulse NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY John Augenstein Horace Ransom Ned Kuivinen Robert Ransom David Misicka Allen Shields Stanley McNabb David Warren Page Two Hundred Ten Page Two Hundred Eleven Autogmpbf ' - x , ,. Tj? ,s..f, SCJ' . I I, , :E '- -, -. ,5- ,. 'R , -'.-1V'.f,," .. . -3- if-V ' gi ,g--"if-'vq.l.i2 : ., 'Q' H.-"jj-.'j',-" V ' if-Lia 313' -- A , -,f ..' 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