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Text from Pages 1 - 236 of the 1953 volume:

1 Y 'ilihz jfnrum 1953 'K 4 l fkfg. 'kqnlf Ed ID IE P CAROL DU Business Manag JANE Gmc Adviser: SARA C -'www f X ' Q ,N ' . Y ,-, .- - 7 If ,., , , 1--1-x-W V. uk 1 N. -. M, -W 4 J-ffff..-Q H' ff, . :..:w'xYf:' n-.. - wa, QP.: .' ex I , L- 1 ' . ,, 1" ,. , V - , f-4, 1-wir. .1-:gm QQ""i " ' P: "T .-. f',-psvfid. ' 4 ' , f ,i5,F':? 2'5'ff-4 .dk I 6,45 b QS , .C ,ir ,V:5,?N5x..4 :Q C, A '.',..E- 5 f ,Q yx . 1 2:3 V -in W, vt- 1 ex-f t. 'y':gQj!Cg, x fax- If ,, L, uf-P' . v 5, 1 ' X . uv.: 1 wg' ' ' 5' - m-f . 1- 'Agffw ff ' 'Pdf' X V -x g.A sig Yf K x., 4-K iv 'x XL - 5. V " .-,, via' 5 SSRN xw..A at ,I FHL, .15 ,x .ll .L M5 X .L,, gxnyhug.-.Q-.,z, - A Agi. .fi X F1-awi.'5"V.' w'W'9""'H?fX' Was' f ff-ff?-fg..-' ...A+-iw 9-'Sei' '1'-938-,-V1 .1-ir-v Jrfw L " -'A' ff V 0:-Q X ,. 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Q -fig, Q fr --.'f""'fA 'f A, 'f 5, 1 " 'tw ' "'-A . - Vik .v ,AQ . ' -. 9s',"'-vu . h K 9 N fu. Q41 A ., ., - 3 je c,.w I .,.,. wdqi . . . ' . , r R. 4 .. A X , .T -' . new- ' . pw-in :gm ' 5. ,.v- iwxggxf ,- 4 Qs. 1' Jo ' N y- ,Q - . Kygg. 17.15 'nb' ' X . . .' --E, Q9 ff -.Q Vvf. M A .gk , -V -3- I if 4"'ff-1.1 A R , ,Ng-,ES , D 'lx 1 ' ' '.,- 7 .. L. , l ' 'S Hr, ., ' 'L ,.- - -' 2 -' . .ew -Jef, L . . N ' V .ff,x-m, x .av , VT ix b 1 r 1 , -s ' 'wtf f , Q gw' K ,W Q ...-v 1:01. X' . Q K, m ' L 6 . 'ii Q ': 3... - nl 'X T . 53.57 , .A - .,, Q-1, . -'Q..,hi., .. .Q Wim Lx." . J r- ,K 1 'f' -V21 in 7' in Y, . 2 .. I , . . , . r, 1 , ' YU- " ' , p QW:-If " " 'g , I 3. 1 K. fi, f 1. A 1 N1 T "-:L N 1 I f 14. ,, , "f V- , " 4 k' x ' . , " ' m Az, . ,194 'Q-11 Q , . I 5' J :i "- - '1 ' eiiif "' 2 --T f.,V ix! Q g - - . 1- 1 g 'K ' , , , N 1,--'4.,.4.., " X '. ,. - W W A' Q ' fF1:f4" +2 2 ' f eil ll , - 6-.fv,ff'-45. 15 .-K-:sr 0:35. .P ' L-4 W. 'ff '- ' I f f"'fxxNg "ff ,L i '-fwigf' 7'L'.'x '1.g?',. Tv" . ,1 ., . 9 5 g-aff 'i .Q kkag- ,-,-g,.s12,.A!P14,,.,. 'Rv . 4 H fx -, ' yd If 7,4 ,. i ..-- - ...:v,.1.-,gws-qv ,1 -1- ' ' uf ff Q W -' falf: ' 'Y-9-+ ' . M, hav ,puff -nl. ui .QQ k ld Q, f '91-ANL.. fy gg-.x .A......W ...HW ' ' ' 'f A QQWN, T W- ff-'T wav! ,-2 W, h iq . 6 . ,- . y M +4 -V: .. , , - .,:s,,:,Q ,,. ,-W V .... - f ,V . , 'vvb :zu -y-731 , A- 'W :Sr 51' , sv-f mgw xv 'B J. 4, s I - .L x 1 CV' 2.57 ' W IX " A QSM 3,5 , x v 1 I 'gi ' 'Z . H " ,wg :FE -- A 1 x . K -Q1 jzffwxm I ,E ml' 1:45 :YF-f 'M fl , ,. A f iff: X W fr w,fpe-,f'f -W-l'+Cf"b-f-5 f 'I -Q Rig. 'Fin...3.ztTJ'M23EFTt7a-,,"2'f1 2 , .. ' M1 H-ai -- qw. A. f 'rf L .1 1-21 V' A -xv , .-.A SE ., 215 4 A lj 5' l ' .151 4 1" L3 , v ivy L xl 5 I ,Qi ,W Q- , iv' 4 ',,,if,,q QQEM' A , ttf-'-wg JJ., mmusfgw '-fvw - f f"""1 . . 1 ,G , ,x .5 1 " lt Ag qi ,LJ I tv 'K K ff - U - Bel 4-' "4 -qs! 1 .N- f" 'J ' W ,-.A -we ' .fw V, .. -7, i E 9 be FOR Courtesy Joe Munroe Mmm! Vernon High School Mmm! Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon!! First Hzlglv School Old C entml Building Courtesy Clinton Williams Mount Vernon's first high school building, known as the Central Building, was situated at the corner of North Mulberry and West Hamtramck Streets. It was completed in 1859 and razed in 1923 so that the west wing of the present high school building might be erected. On the third Hoor of this building was a very large room which was used as a gym, but was later converted into a large study hall. The teacher sat on a raised platform in the middle of the front of the room. There were two classrooms at the rear of this large room and the only access to them was through the study hall. Usually there were a number of students going and coming through this room all the time. OLD JUNIOR HIGH This high school building was situated on the corner of Mulberry and Burgess Streets. It was built in 1897 and razed in 1938 when the present building was erected. From 1927 to 1938 it was used as the junior High Building. W Foreword Sesquicentennial is not a correct name for the 1953 FORUM because Mount Vernon High School is fifty-five years short of celebrating its sesquicentennial. However in conjunction with the Ohio Sesquicentennial Education Committee, of which our own Mrs. Ruth Truxall is a member, we are helping our own school to celebrate Ohio's one hundred and fifty years of statehood. In this yearbook we are attempting to give a history of Mount Vernon High School from its beginning in 1858 until the present time. This is not a complete history because it was impossible financially to do such a piece of work. However, we expect to save all the material that will be of value to future historians. Some attempt has been made to identify former students by married names, but this is not complete. The list of deceased alumni is not complete either. Our thanks go to many of the alumni who contributed pictures, identifications, and editorial material. Especially do we wish to thank Mr. Clinton Williams for giving us access to his collection of old pictures and letting us use the ones we wanted. Formal photographs of the 1952-53 activities were taken by Guy Lipps, james Israel, and Don Garverick. Informal shots were made by Fred Kimble, Bob Lipps, john Wareham, and jack Bell. Cartoons were loaned by the Mount Vernon News. Vivian Gallogly and Shirley Wolf did the art work, and the entire staff worked hard to help you remember the happy days of the past and the progress made in Mount Vernon High. K 1 11 'Y' 'fkyylf 'Z' Z! ffl X if NN 5 M' M If , A-I wil if ,+ W X I I , f fl W . , -e R X 6' Z i ,ZHWWF 4 4A,.' ,x 1.-.- ,fnva P7 7 xi W 6 ll I i 'MJ NWI XX ll,lil'l' - Jf"'l'fy 1 , L '1' Page Six THE MOUNT VERNON PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM The Mount Vernon public school system originated in the early nineteenth century. In 1808, three years after the town of Mount Vernon was laid out, because of an increase in population, the townspeople thought the town should have some form of education for the youth. Therefore, in that year 118087, a very crude log house was constructed on the southwest quarter of the Public Square. In 1818 a larger and better-equipped build- ing was erected on two lots on North Mul- berry Street. After the incorporation of Mount Vernon in 1845, the town was divided into five wards, each of which was to set up separate school sub-districts. In 1850 the five wards were given money by the treasurer of the Board of Education to build a school house in each district. In 1854, when the town had progressed to a city of the second class, progress demanded improvement in the public school system. This improvement came in 1856 when eight lots on the west side of Mulberry Street between Hamtramck and Burgess Streets were pur- chased for the erection of the Union High School. This building was completed in the fall of 1859. In 1874 a grade school building was com- pleted in the fifth ward district at the west end of Pleasant Street. This was known as the Davis Building. In 1877 another building was finished in the second ward at the south- east corner of Scott and West Vine Streets. This is now the location of West School. Some time before the completion of this building, three intermediate schools had been established in the other three wards. A new high school building was erected on the corner of North Mulberry and Burgess Streets in 1898. After the old Union Building was razed, this 1898 building was used for a junior high school until it was torn down in 1958. In 1924 the old Union building was razed and in its place a modern high school was built. This is the West wing of the present high school. A junior high for seventh and eighth grades was established in 1927. This brought all the seventh and eighth grades from the five wards into one building. When the junior high building was torn down in 1938, the junior, high was incorporated into the new large high school building. The combination gym and auditorium was added to the rear of the high school building in 1928. Both boys and girls used this gym. For the first time a girls' physical education program was introduced as part of the regular curriculum. Sara Cannon was hired as girls' physical education director, and Angus King was boys' gym instructor who coached all the teams with no assistant coaches. In 1938 voters approved a 55360,000 bond issue for the building of the present high school building facing North Mulberry Street, a new Third Ward, now known as Central School, and a remodeling program for the other five elementary schools. This building program was completed in 1940. Dr. A. W. Elliott was superintendent during the con- struction of the new buildings. Because of the growth of population and the number of homes erected in the Mansfield Road area, Dan Emmett School was built and opened the fall of 1952. Page Seven The buildings that have been constructed during the past century and a half are only part of a growing school system. Many people have worked in these schools to make them what they are today. Today there are seven elementary schools - East, West, Central, Fourth, Elmwood, Hiawatha, and Dan Emmett. A bond issue was passed by the voters in 1950 for 55990,000 which added three all-purpose rooms and 22 class rooms - five at East, two at Hiawatha, eight at Elmwood, seven at Dan Emmett Ca complete, new buildingj, and a shop and music room at the high school. As the state of Ohio celebrates its sesqui- centennial, Mount Vernon residents can look with pride on its public school system. The schools today have everything to rate them class A, and those wishing to take advantage of excellent instruction in many fields can get a liberal education in our city schools. There are now 111 members of the faculty of the entire system and 2843 students. DAVIS .BUILDING Page Eight CoIyfCll WII Fifth Ward or Davis Building located end of West Lamertine Street, facing east. It was built 1874 and razed 1923. The site is now occupied by the Frank Durbin residence. DeS!l'0ying the Old Building the New IFS SUPERINTENDENT A. W. ELLIOTT LAYS CORNERSTONE OF NEW BUILDING Page Nine Dedica tio n To have spent thirty-one years in one school system is an achievement in itself. To have served as teacher, principal, and superintendent in that same school is an even greater achieve- ment. It is natural then that the students of Mount Vernon High School feel that the standing of the school is due in part to the time, effort, and administrative ability of Superintendent John D. Geiger in making this school one of the best in Ohio. Mr. Geiger came to Mount Vernon High School in 1922 as a physics teacher. The next year he taught chemistry and general science, and in 1924 he became principal of the high school, a position he held until 1941 when he was made superintendent of city schools. Since he has been in Mount Vernon, Mr. Geiger has also been active in various local organizations. He was president of the Chamber of Commerce in 1937. That year the Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in bringing the Shellmar Corporation to Mount Vernon. He has also served as president of the Ohio Principals' Association. He is a deacon in the Congregational Church and is moderator of this church at the present time. "j.D.," as he is often called, is a member of the Masonic Lodge, American Legion, Kiwanis, and board of the local Y.M.C.A. After retiring Mr. Geiger plans to travel and visit his brother who is principal of Mc- Kinley High School in Honolulu. When travel begins to bore him, he will probably return to his present hobby of raising beauti- ful flowers. As a token of our admiration and gratitude for the aid that he has given to the students and faculty, the FORUM staff is proud to dedicate the 1953 book to Iohn David Geiger Page Ten PICTORIAL LIFE OF "j. D!! me 0? 1 15- -L. 1. Singing in High School Operetta. 2. A College Freshman at Bluffton. 3. In the Army, World War I. 4. Grad- uation from College. 5. Bride and Groom. 6. Daddy and Lois. 7. Daddy and Jane. 8. As High School Principal. 9. A Masters Degree from Ohio State, 10, He's also Full ol' Fun. 11. His Home Is His Hobby. 12. Vacation With the Girls. 13. "The Big Fisherman." 14. After Twenty Years. 15. A Garden Spot at the Geip:Zcr's. 16. Superintendent. 17. Graduation for Three, Lois from College, "J.D." from Work, and Jane from High School. 18. Retirement. Page Twelve I K r'- ULTY rn X km W 9 N A if of 1 U 1 ' ff 1 0 J O f s x 'ra f xx J A A X? x, 'I J K m .X X R Q 5 I ming A M ' K .wg . 31. gn 'Iqfx A I. 5221.1 I. In-'S' Affzlfteznt Superintendent Page Fourteen HAROLD L. NICHOLS Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Union College Ohio Stare University A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Pwnczllnal KENNETH WEST Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.A., B.Ed., B.S.LD., M.S. Page Fifteen A.r.rz'.rmnt Principal Page Sixteen HAROLD HIGHMAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S.ED., M.E BOARD OF ED CATION Assiwtant Superintendent Harold Nichols, Superintendent John D. Geiger, Vice-President Dr. John Drake, President George Gelsanliter, Mr. Dan Bastin, Mr, Fletcher Devin, Clerk Vivian Corwin, Mr. Kenneth Warren was out of town when the picture was taken. , ' Q K Page Sevenfeen PLEASING PEDAGOGUES MARIAN MacPHIEE Mount Vernon. Ohio Grove City College Literature 7 Cort' llixlorj' 7 Ifnglixlv 7 DON MORRISON Mount Vernon. Ohio Miami University M.A. Induxlrial Arls HAROLD I-I IGHMAN Mount Vernon, Ohioy Ohio University B.S. in Iitl.. Iinrinetr 10 Retail Sales Dean of Boys JOE W. COTTON Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent State University B.S. in lid. flrf REX M. MURPHY Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent Stale University B.S. in Ed. Duke University Wfestern Reserve University DLA. Amerirau Ilistory MARTHA VIRGINIA V COCHRAN Mount Vernon. Ohio Asbury College B.A University of Kentucky Ashland College Typing Arrishtut ljbrariuu Alblclit' liacnlly Manager NINA M. LIEVFRING Mount Vernon. Ohio XVestern Reserve University B.S. and M.A. Red Croix Home Nursi GLADYS J. SCOTTII2 Exfisx Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent State University Gillflgfrlfibj' ng and Mother and Baby Care School Nurte Senior Heallb BESS STAUCH Mount Vernon, Ohio Arkansas State College Ohio University B.S. in H. Ee. Home licoflolzlirx GUY VAN NOSTRAND .L Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. Ilvorld llislory IELDA BIZHNKIE Ashville. Ohio Miami University Ohio University B.S. in Ashland College Ohio State University English S LETHA F. FERGUSON Howard. Ohio Mount Vernon High School Serrrlarjr lo Prinripal JOSEPH F. SPANOVICH Columbus, Ohio - Ohio State University B,S. in Industrial Arts Imluslrinl Arls GLADYS H. BAKIZR Mount Vernon. Ohio My-' Ohio Wesleyztn University B.A. Ohio State University M.A Gtfomelry flrlzvlurcd Algebra 'I rigouomclry BILL ROOT Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. M.A. Director of lnxtrnmerllul and Voral Muxiv JEAN LEE Mount Vernon. Ohio Prodnrliou Clerk I,AMOlL L. OXVEN N Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio XVesleyan University Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University M.A. in Ed. .'lllIl'fil'dIl Problems Dircrlm' of Visual Aid SUZANNE S. FRIEDLY Centerhurg. Ohio t. i 'O Bowling Green ,Q I' University B.S. Ohio State University M.A. The American University Alllfbfllltlfffl' 7 Algebra 9 Senior Mrllbenlalirr F MARYALICE SHOCKEY Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. I rlxtrvmlenlul Murir Ari 'I Dirvrfor RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXALL Sunbury. Ohio Ohio Wlesleynn University B.A. Northwestern University Sfveefb . Dramafirr Izuglixb FACULTY FRIENDS PEARL CARPENTER Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent College Ashland College lHllfl78IlIdfil'I S 5 . - K FLOYD THOMAS ij. . 147 Mount Vernon. Ohio i ,f Utah State College B.S. Direflor of Alblelits Dirwlor of Iulrumnralx I"iJJ'.riCal Ed. Reserve Fovllmll junior High liarkelball Golf Coach VIVIAN DOXVDS Mount Vernon. Ohio LOUISE M. HUGGINS Fredericktown, Ohio Wooster B.S. lfnglixh 9 HELEN C. SEVITTS Mount Vernon, Ohio Wfooster Ph.B. Columbia M.A. XVestern Reserve Bachelor of Lib. Sc. Librariazi ROGER L. XVALTON Gambier. Ohio Kenyon B.S. Kent State B.S. in Ed Ohio XVesleyan University B.A. gbf"li5f"J' lf. s. zimofy bm lfrlglirb 7 IMOGENE MONTGOMERY Mount Vernon. Ohio Denison University B.A. Toledo University M.A. McGill University French I. ll SfnlnixlJ I. ll SARA M. CANNON Mount Vernon, Ohio Bethany A.B. New York University A nl. Lit. Bur. Eng. jlunvmlls m NU e'Lf.,ff1r' cf' ELM ER M. CRABBS A. Mount Vernon, Ohio Georgetown College A.B. Miami University Ohio State University M.A General Malbemulift 'l'1-ack Conti: flxx'l lfoollmll Coach Wh Grade Iiaxkvtlmll Coutb D. ASKINS Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio University Ohio XVesleyan University Ohio State University B.5 in Ed.. M.A. Cfovlrzlewial Gcograpbg BERYL HIGHMAN Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Blliillfii Organization lfit'lllt'lIl5 of Rt'L'm'd Kufuug Ifonbbeelviug I. ll Clcrifal l'rat'lite Gwleral Sales lil.liA NOR OXV ENS Mount Vernon. Ohio Denison University A.H. Dircrlor of Pul1li4'alinu.r liuglirb I0 ROBERT CHARLES FULLER Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University King College Ohio State University B.S. in Sc. History. Geography 7, 8 Head Baseball Coach Reserve Foolbull Couch Reserve Basketball Coach HOUSTON SCHLOSSER Mount Vernon, Ohio Grove City College University of Florida Ohio Wlesleyan B.A. Ohio State University Kent State M.A. 8th Grade Mrzlbcnmlinxr Heallb jr. High Foofball Head Basketball Coach AxJ't Baseball Couch ILLUSTRIOUS INSTRUCTORS MARY HERRON y Mount Vernon, Ohio' Ohio Wfesleyan Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Capital University Shorthand Typing Offire Prurilce DXVIGHT L. BUMPUS Mount Vernon, Ohio Springnglvgl Teachers College Business 9 Economics Head Ifoolhull Conch 8119 Buskellmll Couch As.v"l Track Coach ROBERT B. FRONZ Mount Vernon, Ohio Ashland College B.S. in Education jr. High A rl CLARENCE R. FRIDLINE Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.S. Votaliolml Agricvllllrre MARY TOMB Mount Vernon, Ohio Penn State B.A. English 8, ll FLORENCE CASS pf Mount Vernon. Ohio Denison University Ph.B. University of Minnesota Columbia University M.A. Hixtory 7, II MARY LOUISE BECK NORA REID MCKAY ALICE C. CASSELL 7' - LAURA E. KOONS JACK STAUCH Mount Vetnon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon. Ohio i yi Mount Vernon. Ohiio Mount Vernon. Ohio Mount Vernon High School Ohio University VP Michigan State College XVestern College for Wlomen Ohio State University B.S. in Sw,.t,,m.y ,O 5-,,,,w.i,,,c,,,de,lt Kent 5 xv University of Michigan B.A. Ed. History 8 1 Latin I, Il Columbm . Iflilfllllleflllll and Vocal Ohio State University Mmif English 12 Axx't Dirvrlor JACK ROBESON AUDREY K. WRIGHT LAWRENCIE YARMAN KATHERINE PEARL ASKINS MARTHA SHAFFER Monnt Vernon. Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon. Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Muskingum College Ashland College B.S. in Ed. Ohio Wesleyaxn Ohio State University Ohio State University Ohio Stir:-le Llltimixersity B.S. in Ohio State University M.S. glgio glnivelrlsity . B.S. in Ed. Biology X 3 H - - G 1 IS '1 1 W IO, fate n'VCf5'W Phyximl Ed calion General Science J Sociology WMM CIUICLZYVVVJ B-S ln Ed- H Dean of Girls Alntbenlaficx 7 -.. Y ll , A Ac: Av' rf ' ENTIRE TEACHING STAFF OF THE MOUNT VERNON SCHOOL SYSTEM 1894- 1895 Picture taken June 7, 1895 Pictures from Clinton Williams' collection. Identified by Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Bricker, and Mrs. Weaver FIRST ROW, left to right: tStandingl Emma Cole, Minnie Graff, tseatcdj Mr. Bowman. Mr. Bonebrake, Superintendent: Bertha tBrowneJ Parmenter, Priscilla 1BanningJ Sanderson. STANDING EIGHT - left to right: Dora Worley, Maud Nickleson, Anne tLetzJ Tarr tSue Tarr's gran mo terl. SECOND ROW: Jessie Bryant tstandingb, Seated, two unidentified, Gertrude tHallJ Weaver back of Mr. Bonebrake, Nellie Farrisson. Carrie McMillan. FOURTH ROW: Unidentified, Mary Devoe, Alice Curtis, Lois Bishop. SEATED TOP LEFT: Clara McKay, Anna Barre, Kate Benedict, J. K. Baxter tPrincipalJ. Seated in front of Baxter: Fannie Thrailkill, Myrna Stone, Lou Hanna, Rose Carey, Mary Seymour. SEATED TOP RIGHT: Kate Fordney, Stella tWelshymerJ Levy. IN DOORWAY: Robert White, Janitor. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY OF 1913 , an v-4 if li' BOTTOM ROW: Laura Koons, Jean McIntosh, Vera Hadley Seig, P. C. Zcemcr, Superintendent: Nellie Heilner, Helen Colville Sevitts. SECOND ROW: Ila Williams McNabb, Minna Docrschuch, R. C. Chubb, Pearl Mercer, Gene Voight, Alice Campbell Cassell, Alice Lane. TOPBRQW: C. F. King, J. J. Kirk, Myron Miller, W. F. Rimer, C. C. Winans, Principal: Clifton us y. FRANK BEAM P. ZEMER DR. HARLAN C. KOCH DR. A. w. ELLIOTT Page Twenty-iwo FORMER SCHOOL OFFICIALS FRANK BEAM, president of Mount Vernon Board of Education 1924-1927. During that time he presented to the high school the Beam Play Ground which is situated at the rear of the present high school building. CDeceasedJ P. ZEMER, superintendent from 1913-1921. CDeceasedD DR. HARLAN C. KOCH, principal from 1919-1925. Dr Koch is now assistant Dean of the Rockham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan, Graduate adviser to the Michi- gan College of Educationg Head of the department of Guidance and Counseling in the School of Education, and Editor of the "North Central Association Quarterly." DR. A. W. ELLIOTT, superintendent from 1921-1941. After leaving Mount Vernon, Dr. Elliott edited a school magazine, then taught at Denison University for a time, going from there to teach at Ohio Wesleyan University. He has now retired. We are sorry we could not Find the pictures of all the Superintendents of Mount Vernon schools or the former Principals of the high school. SUPERINTENDENTS OF MOUNT VERNON PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1858 - 1953 William Mitchell .............,.........................,...................,,... 1858-1879 R. B. Marsh ............... ........ M ay 1879 - May 1883 J. A. Shawan .......... ....... J une 1885 - August 1889 Lewis Bonebrake ...... ....... A ugust 1889 - May 1898 John K. Baxter .......,............,........................... June 1898 - May 1905 CPrincipal from 1890-18981 John G. Leland ........................................ June 1905 - January 1907 john Alan .....,....... ............................ 1 907 - 1913 P. Zemer ........... ....... ....... ...... 1 9 1 5 - 1921 A. W. Elliott ......... .................................. ...... 1 9 21 - 1941 Cretiredb J. D. Geiger ............................................................... ...... 1 941 - 1953 Cretiredl 1Principal from 1924-19411 ,M G . M 0 fi 0 4 X X -1+ N W vw I J, 2, f 1 iii .1 n 3 , ? .gn 46 gb x i THE LEADERS OE 53 'TQo1wP,k.l.L,.,.,' A p,bt.L" 1902? Jfwaaamov OUI' 7'.4,u.Lo6uJC' ywaaa X BIZVERLY ARMSTRONG DORIS BELQHER LARRY BRYAN CRIZSTON CLINE BARBARA DAVIS WESTON AUIIENSTEIN JANET BERGER NIAXINE BUMPUS WILLIAM CONARD GEORGE DOUP TOM AWWILLER PHIL BERGER ROBERT BURRIS IWONA COON CAROL DUNI-IAM FREII BALL NANCIX' BARNCORII CHARLES BONNIST JAMES BRIERER CLARK BUXTON CURRY JOANN CORNELL JOAN CURTIS CAROLYN DUNN JOANN ELWOOD 'bi the G-if X JOANNE FERENBAUGH PHYLLIS FRYE RUTH GILLOOLEY JAMES HISSONG NANCY HUNTER TWILA FISH VIVIAN GALLOGLY JOHN GRIMM WILLIAM HODDER NANCY IRELAND DONALD FLEEGER BARBARA GANTZ jon HENTHORNF EDWIN PIOFMANN PATSY joHNsoN .N R4 43" Rr Q BARBARA JONES DAVID KIETNER VIRGINIA IQYMER XVAYNE LEVERS JOHN MCKINLEX' NIARILYN JONES NIAURICE JONES FRED KIMIILE JERRY KNOX GORIJON DARLENE LANNING LAMBILLOTTE CAROL MAYER BERNICE LUNSFORD DALE MILLER DONALD MILL RONALD JODQEG BRADLEY KOCH ROBERT LAYMON PATRICIA 1WCCLIZLI.AN BARBARA IVIORRIS JAMES KATIIARY IiI,AINIz KOUSOULAS ISARIIARA LIEITIER ROSALIIQ IWCKIENZIE BELVA NELSON BILL TYSON LARRY VAIL REGINA VERNON NANCY VVADIHZLI. ' DON XVAGS1'Alf1? SIDNEY WALKER BILL WARD NDOROTHY WAIIMAN MARY WARNER CAROLYN WIaLI.s LELANII WHITE JOHN WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WOLF DORA DELL WYANT BOII THOMPSON DAVE SNEDDEN Bon PITKIN I JACK RANSOM CNo: Picruredj WILLIAM SHUBEIIT Page Twenty-nine SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The senior class of 1953 has come a long way. Here are a few of the milestones in our life at Mount Vernon High School. In the seventh grade, many of us Hrst became acquainted with the school and its teachers. Our next important step was our entering the ninth grade when we ollicially became members of the high school. In the eleventh grade, we were introduced to the problems that beset the upper classes. We elected Bill Conard as class president, Dale Miller as vice-president, Ruth Gilloolley as treasurer, and janet Berger as secretary. With this able cast of officers we accomplished many projects. We ordered our rings, gave a suc- cessful play, and climaxed the year with a fine junior-Senior prom. At last the final year arrived! We were seniors! We elected Bob Rooch as class presi- dent, Tom Phillips as vice-president, joan Curtis as secretary, and Dorothy Warman as treasurer. Sally Pryor was crowned football queen, with Debbie Pond and Mary Poland as senior attendants. Our basketball team had its best season in 31 years, with a record of 18-3 and a C.B.L. championship. For the Forum Show we elected Shirley Tier as queen, and Mary Poland, Sally Pryor, and Ruth Gill- oolley as senior attendants. We have many distinguished seniors this year. Debbie Pond and Fred Pargeon won the American Legion Essay Contest. Fred Pargeon won the Cooper- Bessemer scholarchip, while Dee Olson won the "Hire the Handicapped" essay contest and had a poem published in the National Anthol- ogy of High School Poetry. john Hoyt and Norman Steagall held up the athletic end, both winning acclaim for their performances in football and basketball. John also won the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company scholarship. A successful senior class play entitled "You Can't Take It with You" and a wonderful Senior Prom climaxed our last year of high school. All in all, our high school career has been a happy one. We wish to thank the teachers for their help and to say "Good Luck!" to the senior classes of future years. Jane Geiger was top honor student. Dick Gilfillan , - -we vi -, - .e'.P?Q-!'F2'1?f:. :aa fr, Q, ""' , 1Q"4'Q3Y7lf'ili155262352-le? -wil-'f'!2,3'1 P. .. X, - I . E ii wgngffgka-E3-?ii??iYl -. 4 P9 :' 1f"h"f7 .. Page Thirty CLASS OF 1889 .49 A 5 K fi: D i.. ed by Sourin Alsdorf FIRST ROW: Nellie Farrison, Principal Weld, Rose Osborn, Alice Morris, Doris Styers, Edna Haggaman. SECOND ROW: Margaret Taylor, Saurin Alsdorf, Birdie Miller, Minnie White, Alice Stump, William Horner, Otto Patterson. THIRD ROW: Dr. George Miser, Cora McCullough, Dr. Grant Walker, Superintendent J. Shawn, Lillie McClelland, David Hanna. Page Thirty-one Clary of 1891 by tltlt ir ,L ' 1, , O di I A - A min M to sw- sk Picture loaned ond identified by Ado Bedell Woolen BOTTOM ROW: Fred Severns, Walter David Braddock, Hurd Cassil, Allie Yauger Ball. SECOND ROW: Bessie Whittington Sedclen, Nellie Ada Critchf-ielcl, Belle Welsh Scarborough, Jessie Miller Gilmore, Maud Bainter, Priscilla Banning Sanderson, Blanche Austin Montgomery, TIIIRD ROW: Irene Agatha Gains Yeager, Fred Marion French, Superintendent Louis Bonebrake, Mary Frances Blake, Principal John Baxter, May Weaver, Anna Letts Tarr, Ada Lena Bedell Wooton. TOP ROW: William Arthur Vincent, Frank Thomas Disney, Mallie Hawkins Roland, Howard Lee Torbet, Winnifrcd Rush, Edwin Clair Eisminger, Irene Forry Dally, Pattie McKee Eastman, Blanche Magill Grubb, Arthur George Neighbor, Harry Crit Drake, Harry Lybrand Reese. This was the Inst class to graduate under the three year course. Graduation exercises were held in the Wootlwartl Opera House on the southwest corner of Main and Vine Streets, June ll, at 7:15 p. m. Page Thirty-two H., w r. 49 , A Picture and identincolion by Dr. Isabelle Nixon QECOND ROW Dx Babellc Nwon Maxv iMLG1ll3 Norrlsh WIIIIIIU Parmcntcx Clug Mlllcr, Stella Pitkin. IIIIRD ROW Cma Debcs Dorl 1Wor1cvJ Mmsmore Stcllw 1Wel'-.hxmmelb Monils L gene Biglcr. Laura 1StmmL-J IOURTH ROW Rowe Thompson Pl1l'lClp'l1 John L Baxter SllDLllIltCl1dCl1l Lexus D Boncbrukc, llmvnrcl Baldwin, Page Thirty-three Clam of 1899 A , ' 1 53-ff g t 'l , s A ., 5 ei. M' I Q ima f 1 . f Y' 4' t , 1 1 f,a , ' 5. F E .Q . 'WEN ,., as , ma-4 New wi? H' 5' figs , iii , X ' SPS.. o . 4 A f 7 Q f S F if ii f ii 3 Q E ii f 5 5 i is fri li ini. Y K1 in A i F5?:..1if,h K , F K W K X I A Q K is ,f . me--wi' .E ., fi .. W t 1' we f' len .A ' in 'K 1 fri Mg. . J- as-,. . K , , Q 44 11 ,N s .rieie s La.-T. A .1-A J J 1 1 45, we -. - ,, 4' 5 Pictures and identification from Mrs. Robert Baldwin FIRST ROW: Lulu White Taylor, Nellie Gantt Humbert, Mary Kingsbury, Rose Sapp Armstrong, Ida Underwood Bennet, Catherine Walton, Nannie Fawcett Baldwin, and Jennie Parr Allen. SECOND ROW: Carrie Dry. Wilda Clark, Nita Warrel Branne, Stella Gordon Smith, Maud Alsdorf Smith, Mary Edith MeCalla, Elizabeth Sperry Conley, Eva Sineer, and Ara Morford Hancock. THIRD ROW: Hittic Merrin, Nellie Hogue McFeely, Susie Agey, Bertha Copeland, and Myrtle Booker Williams. FOURTH ROW: Martin Kelly, William Koons, William Pembrooke, John O'Brein, William Allen, Fred Ransom, Mr. Hezekiah Curry, Frank Larimore, Carrol Muiphy, Zenno Taylor, Walter Anderson, and Earl Borden. Fiftieth Reunion of Class of 1899 STANDING: Jane Parr Allen, Stella Gor- don Smith, Rose Sapp Armstrong, Zenno Taylor, 'Wilda Clark, Carrol Murphy, William Pembrooke, William Koons. SEATED: Mary Edith McCalla, Nannie Fawcett Baldwin, Elizabeth Sperry Con- ley, Nellie Hogue MeFeely, Nellie Gantt Humbert, Myrtle Booker Williams. At the home of Nellie Hogue McFeely Page Thirty-four 7 Y Fl0z1'ers and Bows, Raffles and Falls Belong to the Sweet Girl Gradzmte of 1902 Pictures Courtesy of Lisle Wineland - Indentificction Margaret Devulon FIRST ROW: Clair Smith, Margaret Devalon, Nina Crowthe: Clark. Walter Starr. Jennie Clark lleadingtan, Lela S13 Lis Fyke. ' SECOND ROVV: Lisle Wineland, Mae Sensel Pentek, Clara Whittier Doup, Inez Vance Rofiers, Frances Whittington Ilolnns Charles Dalrymple. 'l'llIRD ROXV STANDING: Kathryn Putt Johnson, Grace H nkle Brock, Ena Henderson Tavenner, Harry Cochran, lVlnv Stephens lllelntire, Gladys Sapp Beam, Calvin Bartlett, Blmehe George Lippi. John lvlorton. lf'OUll'l'll ROW STANDING: Joe Creveling, Vernon Grail, Edward Starr, Edward Clark, Sherman Chase. lfifiicfb Rflllliflll of Class of 1902 Al the Home of Lisle uVilI6ldl1d SI'l"l'ING: Inez Vance Rogers, Clara Whittier Drnip. Mary Stephens IVleIntire, lvlargaret Devalon, STANDING: llarry Cochran, Edward Starr, Wal- ier Starr, Lisle XVineland. Page Thirty-five LONG GLOVES AND RUFFLES, THE FASHION FOR 1907 GRADUA'l'E'S Courtesy Helen Colville-Sevitts - Indentificution by Mrs. Sevitts BACK ROW: Jay L. Clow, Harper Russell, Russell Levering, Leo Higgins, Allen Clark, John McFadden, Marcus Rosenthall, John Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Robert Dowfls. George Black, Dwight Vincent, Lester Ogg, Scott Glore, Joseph Bradtield, Frank Chapman, Russell Sellers. Clell Perkins. TIIIRD ROW: Anna Trimble Johnston, Ralph Headington, Merrill Harris, Barton Blair, Mr. R. E. Otlenhauer, High School Principal, Ray LeFever, Fred Cary, Frank Martin, Harry Grubb, Lena Lyncle Cochran. SECOND ROW: Jane Chase Beth Trimble Edith Flemini Auskin is Mabel Moore, Oscar Arnold, CLASS REUNION Al UNE 1952 at the home of Mrs. Mamie Thompson . V 5- I-. V Kathryn Anderson Gee. Lillian Craner, Irene Sigler Salt. FIRST ROW: Helen Colville Sevitts, Laurene Canning, Bess Sellers Ward, Kathleen Koons Williams, Bessie Seymore Perkins, Hazel Banning, Anna St-hnebly Cromlcy. Class of l907 As F7'6Sl7fll672 Courtesy Clinton Williams Page Thirty-six Courtesy Helen Colville-Sevutts SEATED: Mrs. Kathleen Koons VVilli:nns, lXlrs. Helen Colville Sevitts, lXlrs. Anna Schnehly Crornley. STANDING: Ray LaFever, John Mitt-liell, Barton Blair. CLASS OF 1910 BOTTOM ROW: Florence Welker, Ruth Willi Locned and identified by Pearl Wenge ams, Imez Beever, Ruth Pitkin, Irene Dowds, Vivian Hutton, Anna Swetland, Bessie Bartlett, Edith Neal, Edna Charlton. MIDDLE ROW: Winifred Jones, Constance M Carey, Ada Van Voorhis, Hattie Panfield. errin, qiye Florence Bartlett, Carol Conard, Nola Barnard, Florence TOP ROW: Virgil Dowds, Dwight Hobbs, Dwight Ewalt, Earl Baxter, Pearl Wenger, Walter Harris, Guy Ackerman, Carl Masteller, Darrel Banning. I' CLASS OF 1912 The Part in the Hair Goes to the Side The Skirts Creep Up t 4 .5 ' 1 gl' Q W ., ,gs ' l v 5, : X wg x ,H X Picture and Identification by Edna Parrott Zeisloff FIRST ROW: Hazel Bair, Florence Mason, Bernice Song, Parma Stephen, Albert Culbertson, Ethel McKee, Alice Vernon, Edna Parrott, Marie Sliireman, Myrtle Gotshall. SECOND ROW: Lois Speck, Nellie Wynkoop, Pauline Stump, Ruth Hier, Margery Backer, Cora Hoffman, Olivc Clark, Ella Black, Eunice Cooper, Nellie Snow, Essie Jeffries. THIRD ROW: Frances McAuslan, Alice Browne, Nina Clay, Margaret McAuslan, Leona Hamilton, Mabel Browne, Kathryn Colley, Verie Gleason, Merle McGugin, Pauline Bedell, Ruth Lepley. TOP ROW: Robert Baxter, Earl Seavolt, Ray Hall, Harold McDevitt, Charles Kelley, Leland Cassell, Harold Corwin, Floyd Bartlett, Clarence Lauderbaugh, John Ewing. Stella Shaffner lnot in picturcl Page Thirty-eight .,.,. rlriirt ,., ,,,, "" ",, we M 'm CLASS OF 1913 loaned by Nina levering. lndenlified by Florence Cass and Pauline Riley BOTTOM ROW: Gladys Elliott, Pauline Riley, Mary Bair Schaeffer, May Wynkoop Ogle, Hazel Chrisman Smith, Anna Tulloss, Margaret Mathews Strang, Ruby Barnes Cole, Helen Baxter Mason. SECOND ROW: Mabel Wenger Williams, Willia Spitzer Jenkins, Carita Buxton McDermott, Edith Meliek Stevenson, Florence Fishburn Cass, Helen Faddis, Mearle Ewers Jackson, Mary Mix, Alice Hull. THIRD ROW: Hoy Russell, Dorothy Ash Geary, Almeda VanVoorhis Hawkins, Elizabeth Allspaugh Clark, Florence Barre Allerding, Charles West, Nina Levering, Marjorie Benoy, Pearl Donough Griffith, Edna Severns Englehardt, Ralph Morton. FOURTH ROW: Clyde Purdy, Hovey Altenburg, Faith Strang, Ralph Clough, Eugene Bell, Cecil Hall, Berlin Blakely, Paul Ferris, Percy Greer, Henry Arnold. FIFTH ROW: Larry Bartlett, Riley McDevitt, Joseph Smith, Harold Ashcraft, Charles Cassell, Ray Wolfe, Harley Vance, Armand Collett, Harry Haynes, Charles Breeee. CNot in picture: Sturgess Sigler, Dorothy Tudor Tarbcllb ff -s H2 gfqssagv :a..axNemxs:sw was W X ,J Page Thirty-nine CLASS OF 1918 Picture loaned by Mary Brown Snyder. Identified by Pearl Carpenter. FIRST ROW: Marie Breece, Mary Elliott, Agnes Ahrendt, Elizabeth Jones, Claire Sweeny, Margaret Porter, Edna Gorsuch, Margaret Clements, Nellie Taylor, Florence Kile, Mary Kauffman, Mary Zeisloft, Phillipine Mathews, Lucille Steinmetz, Margaret Hinger. SECOND ROW: Leone Perkins, Eva Clark, Pearl Carpenter, Dorothy Penn, Helen Hall, Louise Oliver, Pauline Leonard, Margaret Reed, Margaret Tulloss, Marie Cunningham, Laura Cutler, Mary Brown, Maurea Mossholder, Lillian Minard, Cora Rood, Ada Debolt. THIRD ROW: Fred Johnson, Herbert Masteller, Robert Eastman, William Wynkoop, James Shields, Roger Tarr, Anita Blinn, Frances Herdman, Abanna Cunningham, Elizabeth Ashcraft, Martha Willimin, Ronald Green, Welby Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Leo Lewis, Lawrence Wantland, Burgess Cochran, Arthur Branyan, Chester Ward, Leland Kelser, Herbert Rawlins, Evard Hoar, Ralph Hedges, Arthur Conrad. TOP ROW: Kenneth Masteller, Russell Jones, Henry Levy, Fred Hayes, Clarence Reed, Frederick Von Wicklin, William Myers, Burton McDonald, George Grossman, Leo Underwood, Howard Blair. This was the first class to wear caps and gowns for graduation. It was also the last class in which everyone had to give a class oration. These orations were given during assembly periods throughout the year. . .... 's,?, if 'i'- A F' 'A V1 :fi ' Page Forty UNIORS JOHN WAREHAM ALLAN SHIELDS JOE DUNLAP CAROLYN BARTON President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary HISTORY OF THE JUNIOR CLASS The largest junior Class in the history of Mount Vernon High School, with more than 170 members, held its first meetings and election of officers under the direction of its advisers, Mr. Guy Van Nostrand and Mrs. Louise Huggins. The next accomplishment of the class of '54 was the selection and purchase of class rings. The members of the ring committee were Dave Warren, Dave Misicka, Janet Bouton and Marlene Kline. Next came the Junior Class play. The play committee, Bob Ransom, Keitha Porter, Sarah Eastman, and Dave Misicka, chose "Boy Wanted" with a cast of 17. The final achievement of the Junior Class was the planning and executing of the junior-Senior Prom. Gayle Meyer was the chairman of the prom and assisting her were Dave Warren, Ned Kuivinen, and Phil Levering, who secured the band, Kay Dennis and Ann Robeson, who were in charge of the decorations, Bob Ransom and Al Shields, co-chairmen of the publicity committee, and Tom Perrine who was in charge of tickets. Page Forty one Nadene Parker Tom Perrine JoAnn Perrin jim Noonen Phil Levering Barbara McDermott Yauncey Newman Hannah Maurner Kay Stream jim Stuller Sue Tarr Howard Taylor Ann Titus Mary Ann Hanes Nancy McCullough Marvin Connell Marie Wilson Charles XVyant Emma Lou Yarman Phoebe Wlleeler Carl Williams Gerald Skeen Clifford Slayman Charleen Smith Elaine Snow janet Snow Norman Sorge Ronald Spearman Carolyn Sperry Shirleen Sroneburne Nancy Stout Barbara Stoyle john XVareham Donna Hall Wilbnir Vernon David Wzxrren Shirley Wells Edward Welsli Neal Haltermon Jean Hale l' Elizabeth Gaines Tom Lonzo Don Newton Lee Munroe Bill Nocc David Kenner: Marjorie Kerr Ned Kuivinen Marlene Kline Dora Laymon Jean Hough Juanita Hire Richard Hines Ted Hickerson Lloyd Henthorn Kenneth Heaps jim Hendershort Gene Henthorn Wy Karen Ackerman Judy Allen Marilyn Amsbaugh Carol Gifhn Shirley Graves joe Dunlap Helen Garrad john Augenstein Andrew Ball Pat Baltzell Christine Banner Peggy Barncord Carolyn Barton 1 Lorena Gardner joe Tharp Ron Gaumer Sylvia Gerrard Janet Vannatta janet Veatch Dan Bastin JoAnn Beach Jim Beckholt jack Bell Barbara Beroth Janet Bouton janet Bower jean Boyer Linda Brillhart Eleanor Brown john Butler Sylvia Carpcr Mary Lou Carswell Bethel Chatreau Richard Chesser Darlene Cline ' Peggy Cochran John Cofling Carolyn Colgin Ada Carper Nora Coon ,lack Cunningham Raehel Daly jo Ann Dexter Gary Davis Larry Davis Shirley Davis Tony DePolo Kay Dennis jim Devor john Disbro Dean Thompson Bill Thompson Don Totman Bill Transue Mary jane Tyson JoAnn Ulery Bill Ulery Marrha Galbraith Charles Gill Left to right starting at top row after row: George Ferenbaugh, Marilyn Harris, David Misicka. Lydia McDowell. Al Shields. Don Recd, Elaine Pipes, Bob Ransom, Shirley McGibney, Larry Epstein, Chuck Schrader. Loa Hathaway, Patsy Mahaffey, Kenneth Fletcher. Bus Ransom, jim Fisher. Carole Harmon, Ruth Iidminister, Dave Mossholder, Bob Ferris. Richard Moore. Roger Rush, Chuck Sayer, Barbara Scott, Marilyn Reiss, Joan ig ...r N' Sv' las... sg Xi R ,ff Drake, Dick McKenzie, Donna McQuigg.. Sarah Eastman Stanley McNabb Russ Mills Marlene Rowley. Ann Robeson. Gerald Sheffer. XVinnie Rucka. Lois Hanger, Don Iiberhart. Charles Hulse. Beverly Rine, Glen Iriek. Keitha Porter. Dave Sellers. Norma Jean Fetter. Leonard Sally, Alma Rine, Nancy Ralston. Marilyn Engle. Barbara Pierce. Gayle Meyer, Charles Potes. Joanne Jackson, Nancy Mercalf, Monte Rutherford, Kenneth Silvis. SOPHOMORES :Hu 2 ,vw TOP PICTURE- FIRST ROW: Phyllis Underwood, lvlarilyn Taylor, Barbara Schmitt. Edie Springer, Nancy Taylor. Frieda Shepard. Elizahctli Smith, Creta Carter, Clarice Wagner, Berdida Wagner. SECOND ROW: Barbara Wilmont. Marilyn Ulman. Wanda Van Buskirk. Kay Snyder, Patty Uinbaiieh, Betty Wapgstall, lvlarjorie Warman, Carolyn Wagner, Nancy Stillson. Jackie Dudgeon. Margaret Vernon. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Yoakum, Brent Scudder, Ronald Speer, Carrol Sorge, Alan Savage, Dave Wyant, .Inn 'l'l'tlXYlll'lCll.10. Tommy Stream FOURTH ROW: Dick Smith, Ncil Talbott, Ron Skinner, Ned Vannatta, Bill Yoakum. BOTTOM PICTURE- FIRST ROW: Russel Rockwell, David Potes, Richard Payne, Bill Peterson, Lester Rockwell. SECOND ROVV: Clarence Ridenbauigh, Carl Robison, Larry Obec, Harley Pryor, John Nuizcnl. Gene Nelson, Iii-ith Rhinehart. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Piirbaugh, Phyllis O'Dell, Ester Ransom, Roberta Rabishaw, Linda Ralston. FOURTH ROW: Pearl Reed, Ann Payne, Mary Roach, Mary Anne Rawlins, Nancy Rice. Page Forly-five Y v x, R Aww rf Page Forfy-six ll E+!! vo ik' U It QKQY' r-255-ix JK wil, is Y 1' Sophomore! TOP PICTURE- FIRST ROW: Marcella Mathers, Judy Hurps, Virginia Humbert, Gene Lewis. Mary Jane Henthorn, Phyllis Kymer, Judy Grubaugh, Sally Lathem, Elaine Keller, Betty Jones, Bertha Gray, and Beverly Lewis. SECOND ROW: Nina Marchal, Carol Gillooley, Mary Jane Tyson, Janet Henry, Patty Hull, Mary Lou Hamptem, Carol Lamb, Janet Hyatt, Iris Marks, Linda McKenstrie, Nancy Houbler, Judy Mild, Ann Lepley, Cathy Hodder, Barbara Lamson, Zeta Henthorn, Mary Jane Imhoff, Barbara Lonza, Nancy McMann. THIRD ROW: Jim Hofmann, Jim Hoover, Georgine McKee. FOURTH ROW: Jim McKee, Glenn McMillan, John Lord. Dick Morain, Tom Mosely. FIFTH ROW: Bill Martin, Phil Jacobs, John Rahming. SIXTH ROW: Jim Lord, Ron Gullet, Bob Harrod. LAST ROW: Joe Mazza, Bob McCornell, Jack Hess, David Land, Dick Hall, Handley Hayes, Kenneth McMillan, Edwin Rowley, Bob Lipps, Bob Masteller. BOTTOM PICTURE- FIRST ROW: Phil Burris, Ronnie Cline, Jackie, Burgess, Essie Erlanger, Lorna Eagle, Mary Lou Ferenbaugh, Shirley Brooks, Carolyn Fredericks, Ann Chalmers, Harry Basinder. SECOND ROW: John Frary, Bob Cortland, Carolyn Cary, Mary Ellen Fox, Ann Bell, Carrie Lee Daly, Joyce Fletcher. THIRD ROW: Don Crawford, Albert Blue, Pat Burns, Jackie Dudgeon, Marilee Ergatt, Ruby Brown, Donna Adams, Eleanor Frye, Ronald Anderson, Dick Baney, Howard Fowler. FOURTH ROW: Don Day. FIFTH ROW: Bob Dunham, John Ewalt, Betty Carter, Patsy Cramer, Marti Elder, Leroy Bumpus, Dick Farcy, David Fridlinc, Walter Butler. SIXTH ROW: Clark Fawcett, Jack Day, Byron Dearmen, Buster Demitt, Abie Adams, Charles Fawcett, Jerry Beeman, Harry Beckolt, Jim Clark, Gail Weeks. X259 Page Forty-seven FRESHMEN Ln an-9, . ,, M- 4' , ,mv .LAD TOP PICTURE- FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Bell, Loduska Eis, Janet Bumpus, Joyce Colopy, Patty Frost, Rosalie Ernest, Melony Coffing. Donna Boucher, Shirley Coles, Martha Workman, Peggy Bloom, Marjorie Barncord. Judy Ackerman, Marcia Davis. SECOND ROW: Betty Adams, Donna Baxter, Patty Beeman, Maxine Cunningham, Thelma Clcmmens, Stella Frost, Bar- bara Carmichael, Chrystal Conant, Carolyn Brookins, Julie Boyle, Larry Agnew, Mollie Deedrieh, Carol Cramer, Jovee Fetter, Marie Antill. THIRD ROW: Anna Ruth Cox, Nancy Ball, Annette Burris, Lawrence Fowler, Emory Carpcr, Bob Berry, Tom Brown, Charles Banning, Mike Alexander, Larry Fogle. FOURTH ROW: Mildred Pruitt, Loretta Davis, Ann Baltzell, Roberta Curry, George Ellis, Dave Evans, Doug Evans. Mearl Yoakum, Bob Bader, Charles Denhart, Gary Daubenspeek, Lloyd Devore, George Colgin. FIFTH ROW: Hank Edminister, Clarence Benson, Bill Baker, Nick Angelous, Roderick Conkle, Bob Beck. Danny Clark, David Frazec, Bill Appleton. BOTTOM PICTURE-- FIRST ROW: Bob Poland, Leon Ransom, Jack Pearson, Bobert Rock, Leslie Pierpont, Bill Pricheti. Charles Ransom. SECOND ROW: James Odlie, Richard Pealer, Roger Reardon, Raymond Ogborn, Judy Porter, Janet Ransom, Nancy New- comb. TIIIRD ROW: Carroll Rine, Martha Rine, Kay Rapp, Melvina Neighbarger, Shelda Robertson, Felieie Paques, Margaret Rowe, Delores Marvin, Ann Rice. FRESHMEN , 5 a ' - Y . A W' . .. ' xk... ,.., .... ., .. -S .NM 6. A ,grams ,F . ,,, , : - . ,, Q - Y ,..,n.,. ... .,.,. ,. , , V ws , . , Q, f' , .V wf,,..,.d, , - . . M Q 4.a,..irs ' My .x.. rixgf L -. -. , x X X -- M 'FOI' PICTURE- KNEELING: Jeannine llatlield, Donna Morasutti, Estelle May, Kathleen Mooney, Barbara Hall, Ilester London, Shirley I-Iall, Jerry Hull, Carolyn Laymon. FIRST ROVV: Sandra Miller, Jean Hall. Janet Johnson, Joan Kiger, Beverly Hill, Joan Higgins, Charlotte Loney, Helen Morey. Barbara Jacquette, Janice Mild. Muriel Harris, Beverly Main, Betty Humbert. SECOND ROW: lilarita Grubb, Mary Jo Greene, Maud Manson, Nancy Hagan, Sue Carole Hyatt, Rilla Jane Jackson, Larry Henry, John Lcvenson, Pat George, Ed Hagran, Betty Hass, Kay Mills, Betty McFarland. TIIIRD ROW: Bob lllclcher. Richard Massa, Larry Marble, Larry Kreps, Dick Kimble. FOURTH ROW: Charles McDowell, Bob Lewis, Tom McCartney, Gail Henthorne, Jim Melton, Jim Laiherns. FIFTH ROW: John Graves, Dana Harper, Gene MeGlothan, Sam McQueen, Hank Greer, Jim McKee, Ellis Hile, John Mossholder, Howard Irick, George Hartman, Bill Graham. BOTTOM PICTURE -A FIRST ROW: Gail Ullman, Dick NVright, Walter Stanley. Sandy Silvis, Barbara Yarman, La Rue Scllorr, Dcanne Wright, Bonnie Walpole, Wilma Showe, Tanya Stuller, Bill Shoillls, Tom Turner, Gary Ute. SECOND ROYV: Jim Wareham, Jeil' Shamansky, Sarah Wilson, Carolyn Williams, Peggy Smith, Joyce Snow, Marie Stevens, Pat Wilson, Marcia Verson, Gail Weeks, Bud Woodward, Gerald Speers, Bob Totman. TIIIRD ROW: Joe Todd, Newman Tomb, Julie Theibert, Jean Wells, Sandy St. John, Patty Wolford, Iris Zschucker, Jean Taylor. lXIarjorie Sanner, Charles Ware, John Young, Linn Sellers, Ronald Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Al Williams, Jim Vernon. js CT I 2 Q , 81:19 Grade TOP PICTURE, L-R.- FIRST ROW, stooping: Glance McCoy, Jo Lee Hunt, Sally Mahalfey, Camille Mazza, Lynda Lannoy, llelonnie Henery, Barbara Leiter, Janet Kline, Margaret Matthews, Alicia Hosteller, Dorothy apes. SECOND ROW: Connie Jackson, Joan Hall, Rosa Helsel, Barbara Lauderbaugh, Barbara Hunter, Nancy Humbert, Linda Knapp, Norma Harper, Mary Beth Gilfillan, Mary Linn Kathary, Marie Higgins, Louise Lanning, Myra Henthorn, Anita Hall, Martha Madias, Irene Laymon, Patty Gerber. THIRD ROW: Linda Ketner, Barbara McElroy, Joan Keller, Francis Kymer, Franklin Miller, Judy Lemasters, Nancy Humbert, Judy Mayer, Kay Murdock. FOURTH ROW: Bill Graves, Bob Hull, Ronnie McMi1lian, Richard Miller, Bob Mayer. FIFTH ROW: Jim Kennedy, Jim Kimble, Jim Land, Charles Moore. SIXTH ROW: Bob Metcalf, Bill Miller, Richie Hoyt, Kenneth Holms. SEVENTH ROW: Pete Mavromates, Bob McDonald, Gene Lockhart. EIGHTH ROW: Homer Howard, Larry Mondron, Wally Fisher. NINTH ROW: Bob Moreland, Jim Lamson, Bob Keenan, Eddie Humbert, Bob Litzenburg, Dick Mill. TENTH ROW: Dick Gossett, Clinton Hall, Harry Gains, Bob Moore, Harold Tombs, Jim Goins. MIDDLE PICTURE, L-R.- FIRST ROW: David Starmer, r , , , Till, Earnest Springer, Bill Thomas, John Woodland, Martin Zarachek, Ronnie Wagner, Phyllis Stout, Shirley Smith, Sandy Towner. SECOND ROW: Bud Wyatt, Brenda Trace, Margaret Zimmerman, Delores White, Irene Shoman, Nancy Taylor, Ruth Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Richard Ware, Sara Tufts, Betty Stringfellow, Donna White. THIRD ROW: Connie Woods, ane mi , Snow Charles Warren, Dixie Swadner, Betty Watson. d S r' er Larry Walpole, FOURTHYROW: Marie Stevens, Jean Wagner, Joyce Wagner, Gor on p ing , Charles Wilson, Carolyn Workman, Anna Sperry, Shirley Spearman, Saundra Starman. Alf ed Scholz Bill Tanner Donald Springer John Scarvellis. Carol J S 'th Lawson Smith, Curtis Hissong, Hugh Watson, Ron BOTTOM PICTURE, L-R.- FIRST ROW: Harold Cline, James Belcher, Lyle Dewitt, Pauline Carpenter, Sandra Bowman, Linda Emley, Nancy Fritz, Pat Cary, Diane Bollinger, Joyce Crawford, Sue Burggraf, John Fawcett, Bill Doup, Gary Fry, Tom Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Richard Corcoran, Paul Berry, Richie Cline, Melvin Berry, Richagd Ellis,BCarole u on, Brown, Nancy Blue, Lois Chatreau, Joyce Doup, Phyllis Coon, Barbara But er, immy o George Engle, Bob Cline. THIRD ROW: Larry Davis, Henry , Coffing, Joe Belcher, Dick Buckhan, Ervin Erlanger. C kl Susan Dunn Molly Fletcher FOURTH ROW: Harvey Carnold, Mary Flecknoe, Shirley on e, , David Butler, George Flecknoe, Bill Dennis, Lorin Fickle, Charles Berger, Bob Elwood. FIFTH ROW: Harry Ca Antil Tommy Beach, Tina Angelas, Jerry Bryan, Kathryn rmichael, Danny Dalrymple, Tom Berry, Bob Barton. Page Fifty one f SENIORS OF THE JUNIOR HIGH TOP PICTURE4 BOTTOM ROW: Dale Carter, Ken Robbins, Raymond Page, Chuck Pond, Milton Outcalt, Kenneth Rockwell, Al Poland, Dclno Rogers. 2nd ROW: Charles Pillows, Richie Robinson, Richard Rush, Judy Reed, Judy Phelps, Janice Porter, Charleen Osborn, Mary Katherine Eastman, Sandy Cochran. 3rd ROW: Ernie Rehling, Tom Priover, Carolyn Reed, Virginia Baney, Wilma Gullette, Ann Rice, Judy Bartlett, Susan Nash, Dale Ann Fletcher, Carolyn Collins, Jim Kagnen. BOTTOM PICTURE- BOTTOM ROW: Robert Yoakum, Ogden Wintermute, Dick Simmons, Leroy Wheeler, Larry Simmons. 2nd ROW: Danny Wagner, Ronny Vernon, Larry Vanriper, Ronald Wolfe, James Tuters, Dick White, Carroll Wcirs. 3rd ROW: Bruce Shouton. Bob Young, Nancy Stuller, Sally Stout, Marilyn Thomas, Sandra Wirrick, Ann Wythe, Charles Williams, Bob Sawers. Page Fifty-two ng. SEVENTH GRADE V L , Waals - I TOP PICTURE-- BOTTOM ROW: Douglas Rinard, Willis Rummel, John Paques, Steve Peterson, Joe Porter, Wayne Ross, Don Repula, Lonnie Rine. Lawrence Paige, Wayne Potcs. SECOND ROW: Linda Richards, Donna Porter, Elsie Rice, Nancy O'Brien, Ruth Reed, Sheila Ralston, Sandra Perkins, Dixie Pcmbrook, Janet Neely, Arnold Ridenour, John Pryor. BOTTOM PICTURE- EOTTOS ROW: Ronnie Brasseur, Don Ferris, Ned Brooks, Carroll Black, Bob Dial Gerald Brady Donald Fry ECON ROW: Judy Reed, Beverly Bond, Donna Ables, Karen Boucher, Gregory Chester, fllorris Carper, Jimmy Dixon, Tom Elder. Paul Antill, Richard Dice. THIRD ROW: Wayne Frye. Bill Pillow, Rebecca Belcher, Judy Benson, Irene DeVore, Dick Cline, Steve Barnes, David Dowdell. Gene Ackerman, Bob Dudgeon, Jim Baubc. Bob Clark, FOURTH ROW: Judith Engle, Sharon Bricker, Shirley Eaton, Marilyn Davies, Joanne Beckett, Anne Fife. Louise Franz, Marvin DeWitt, Bud Cline, Harold Bond. Edgar Erlanger. FIFTH ROW: Joe DePolo, Ted Beach, John Curtis, Rex Bebout, Freddie Bates, Alden Coe, Myron Coon, Charles Dean, Charles Burger. SIXTH ROW: David Rowe, Sandra Coles. Mary Ann Engle, Mary Louise Beck, Elizabeth Barton, Linda Devin, Alarilyn Fawcett, Marcia Doehla, Patty Boyle, Grace Conkle, Nancy Frantz, Judy Borden. SEVENTH ROW: Lois Ewalt, Marcia Coxey, Linda Allen. Judy Ernest, Shirley Davis, Janet Burson, Richard Frazce, Jack Dennis, Bob Crill, Dale Rogers, John Drake, Eddie Ehrgott, Everett Baer, Terry Becker, Raymond Atkinson. SEVENTH GRADE - .X -- f 4 W ifiivi' ij? I 4 . 5sifgfTij'T'T'Q QS' 55f'k,S5f ,", ' iv 4 ,, V Hi T fl I K wvyf-1. '5 KASWKQ .. WM X1 A K X .X . ..k,.,,,. A , , ,f..q-wr I A ,,. I . +V P g Fffyf SEVENTH GRADE TOP PICTURE- BOTTOM ROW: Susan Minnich, Bette Kymer, Judy McKee, Sandra Midos, Carol Litzenberg Mable Laymon K K Kathy Hagan Blanche May Ann Munroe S ll . , ay 16995. , , , a y Harris, Judy Little, Jane Gaumer, Luanna Imhoff, Linda Humes. SECOND ROW: Audrey Holt, Mary Latherns, Jane Higgins, Beverly Galbraith, Pat Lawrence, Dick Kymer, Jerry Miller, Keigh Lewis, Joanne McCleary, Patsy Mooney, Janet Hostetler, Joan Mumper, Pamela Mintier, Mary Klabaugh, Carole Har ow. THIRD ROW: Carole Greenlee, Esther Hardy, Carolyn Lord, Roger Main, Carol Hayes, Nancy Miller, Diana Gullett, Carolyn Gantz, Elizabeth Jewell. ON STEPS: Raymond Looker, David Gill, Gary Gray, Garland Henthorn, Philip Middleton, Myron Gallogly, Roger Hite, David Hauger, Gary Kost, Bob Griffith, David Gullett, Michael Knox, Landon McMannis, Bob Lord, Bob Miller, John Latherns, Charles McCutchen, Mark Misicka, Phillip Miller, Jimmy Gill, Charles Harrington, David Morton, Harold Heckle, Horace Mawer, Denman Gaumer, Bud Cline. 1896 BOTTOM PICTURE- BOTTOM ROW: Jam W'll' es 1 is, Sonny Vernon, Tommy Veatch, Bette Thompson, Frances Shepard, Jeannette Snow, Diane Warrell, Judy Ullman, Jeannie Vernon, Peggy Spearman, Betty Skinner, Janice Yauger. SECOND ROW: Charles Shuff, Ronnie Stoneburner, Bruce Tramont, Bobby Wheeler, Joan Wilson, Carolyn Simms, Myra Zieg, Jane Higgins, Carolyn Yoakam, Wanda Steele, Mary Smith, Devota Shoman, Geneva Thompson, Viette Wilkinson. THIRD ROW: Larry Steele, Stanley Wallace, Jeff Walker, Donas Schuller, Steve Scarvelis, Guy Zimmerman, Harry Shoe- maker, Zale Smilack, Wilbur Wilkinson. Page Fifty-five TWENTY-FIFTH REUNION OF THE CLASS OF 1927 Held at the Alcove in july 1952 Pi ture nd ide ifl i n by Mr . Joh Lrman c o nt cot o s n W BOTTOM ROW: Jane Reed Amann, Kathleen Ward Dunmire, Catherine Worley Young, Blanche McLain Welker, Naomi Bell Hawkins, Harriett Tulloss Brenne- man, Josephine Hogue Russell. MIDDLE ROW: Bessie Roberts Ransom, Eleanor Roberts Langen, Sara Lewis Rowley, Helen Neass Moore, Bei-della West Warman, Betty Severns Kerr, James Beam, Helen Lore Mill, Gwen Nixon Lester. TOP ROW: Dr. Charles Baldwin, Charles Mayle, Burr Wyant, John Cochran, Bruce Burgess, Lawrence Lewis, Fred Emley, Davis Lemasters, Paul Dowds. "'f47if A " mpg? P is , ,f I - Q fqa ff Q- JLIW B ff ' KJ' Q ti A . wi-f f l -Qc 1 3 h is L ' 'ills 1 'HES 1 " l It 1 4i Page Fifty-six REUNION OF CLASS UF 1928 Taken june, 1952 Q, S UIELCOIHE 'C Photograph by Lipps Studio - Indenfihuiion by Geneva Phillips SEATED, left to right: Ruth Bebout Ball, Mildred Baker Olvey, Margaret Adams Baker, Pearl Burgoon Leedy, Ruth Doty Heffelfinger, Florence Smith Barton, Geneva Kirkpatrick Phillips, Eleanore Postle Brurnm, Wynona Tucker McLaughlin, Margueritciltflann, Bettie, Kerr Kuffman, Alice Grosscup Gerber, Louise VanVoorhis Eberle. 'WND' T' A STANDING, left to right: Elizabeth Koons Miller, Margaret Merrin Hannegan, Paul Davis, Sarah Humbert Halcomb, Charles Olvey, George Yingling, Ruth Graham, RonalcL,.H,yaj.t, Margaret Rudin Beam, Clementine Balcom Litzenburg, CeciL.Bor,ter, William Bricker, Eunicexgensel Mendenhall, Solon McDonald, Roberta Cole Johnson, Eleanor Williams Ralston, Glen Mills ide- ce'5s7e'dT-Clinton Burris, , Dorothy Lake Mondron, Carroll White, Gordon Speelman, Doris Rockwell Miser, Albert Blanpain, William Biggs, Dan Johnson, Harold Johnson, Margaret Jameison, .GoLdon.GLuhb, Herbert Day, Virginia Cotton Lazear, Charles Scottie, Lucille McCollum Greer, Kirk Taylor, Kenneth Cochran, Gladys Brock Kreps, Chelsie Thornberry, Frank Houck, Ruth Lucas Jacobs, Frederick Frye. S -nail? . 4? 'Wx , gjlgilfgiol it ,QW A' X 372. 4' Val! Page Fifty-seven CLASS OF 1932 Picture loaned by Conord McLn'n"n identification by Virginia lewis FIRST ROW: Virginia Thompson, Ruth Mavis, Elsie Bushong, Dorthea Miller, Margaret Clark, Mary Ellen Fettig, Lester Williams,V5obert Rollins, Dale Strouse, Clara Thomas, Betty Rawlinson, Harriett Herron, Mary Deeley, Dorothy Lytle, Marjorie ythe. SECOND ROW: Irene Hoovler, Mary McNeil, Elizabeth Weirick, Dorothy Grant, Alice Scottie, Christine Beach, Ruth Fowler. Elizabeth Beach, Madeline Lambillotte, Marguerite Wenger, Virginia Walker, Kathlyn Trott, Ruth McClain, Margaret Coe, Jayne Clark, Pauline Mclntire, Iscah Dutt. THIRD ROW: Edith Line, Georgette Delgouffre, Eloise Bischoff, Mary Allspaugh, Edna Houbler, Caroline Cozad, Carita Vannatta, Eulalah Craig, Ruth Gibbony, Geraldine Bevington, Lillian Goosens, Clara Graham, Margaret Thiel, Jane Claypool, Sue Deeley, Mary Brock, Lorene Bowman. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth McCoy, John Carpenter, Ronald Frizzell, Conard McLarnan, Merle Lybarger, Helen McFarland, Martha Workman, Ruby Woolison, Emma Williams, Mary Giffin, Mary Grace Kunkle, Virginia Lewis, Dale Graham, Lawrence Goodman, Raymond Perrine, Darwin Lake. FIFTH ROW: Donald Ryburn, Paul Porterfleld, Robert George, Norman Burgess, Ralph Barton, Samuel Clark, John Gost, Malclom Black, Ernest Lanoy, Alden Oakes, Harold Cookman, Conard Hill, Nelson Pitkin, Stanley Simmons, Glenn Mowery. SIXTH ROW: Robert Headington, Fred Yeager, Henry Sebach, Charles Zink, Charles Dudgeon, Carrol Ellis, Arthur Metcalfe, John Gost, Harry Horner, John Rine, William Coe, George Booker, Richard Anderson, Lloyd Hunbert, George Kerns, Cecil Durbin, Fletcher Lawrence. On account of the depression, no annual was published in 1932. This group picture was taken instead of individual pictures. Page Fifty-eight 4. If , I I I I I III Iam iff' ' 'K W5 fx ,XM 'fl bg! 3? fx I vf ,aff A116 h II I 4 KI A P IA fx L C Q 'ax xi-I " I , IQ 2. I I I Im XX X -J ff Q I I I I X xv Shiga. I ' 2 I I ' "' 4 hx'-gin! I - 'I ...TI ' 1 'Oli 1 I 1 I I I 0 I I ' 0 QA I x. I 0 I C C' f, If y x I 'H IW 'I Nl I k Ivo RA I I aw , I I I I I I UQGANEZATE UN5 I Q , I I II I 5 W , 'III C fir .,IgfI I I ' II 5- fv- V A I 5 ffl , V lg Ty L ,. I If I I If I ' I C I 5 II ea Q A I - -XISWNIQQI x ' f'-T fo WW' ' -I.. I I I Q x an Q 7 II Q x h 4 'X -:N I Z' I U I , ., n fN QQQXI wt, xiklzlh XXI I 5 II N El Q I I I f 5, I II I I II4? 5 N In DI NI X Uk J' -,' "'I In 'JI O I Z II I I III IIIIP7' I U- ol ' lu ff' ff X if Q .X I IIII A I1 I YI 'SEV' I I -I I L . I X I. XJ3 A ,rx fg I I I SI I . - A ' 'YN' X- K W ,.1gf+'A f P I,'2 : XQILIA I II I I w I If I L I X I W I Wood CIAIJII I-QLIII I I I III, A KN I I I I I ' ,, XIII I A .LQ I K LJ HISTORY OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was organized in 1926. That was the first time in the history of Mount Vernon High School that students were given the privilege of helping make the rules of the school. The success of the Council in 1926 was so great that it was permanently established. The purpose of the Council was to give the students a part in the management of the school functions. It was the first step taken toward student government. The first Council was composed of six mem- bers from the senior class, five from the juniorg four from the sophomore, and three from the freshmen. In each case the president of the class was a representative. The group met for the first time December 9, 1925 and chose the following persons for their officers: President .................... Gordon Pumphrey Vice-President ........................ Allin Kahrl Secretary .................,.......... Houston Shields Executive Committee - Gordon Pumph- rey, Evelyn jones, Ann Platt Hartman, Allin Kahrl, and Houston Shields. During the first year the following recom- mendations were submitted to the students: ,:. -f- 'B X .l iw etwe ' WAS? Page Sixty 1. That the students refrain from loitering in the hall, and to keep locker doors closed or locked to prevent conjestion in the halls. 2. That the students deposit waste paper in the waste paper baskets provided for that purpose. ' 3. That the eight minute period Cwhich we no longer haveb be repealed as the notices were not always sent around at that time, and because some students used it as a rest period. The Council also co-operated at all times in promoting school events. During recent years the Student Council has published a handbook called the "Crest," which is given to each student in school. It also purchased the juke box which is used at some of the dances. One of the highlights of the year is a dance sponsored by the Council, known as the "Shamrock Shindig." This event takes place on a Friday night before or after St. Patrick's Day. The entire program is planned by the members of the Council. Miss Audrey Wright, the present adviser, has had charge of the Student Council for six years. Previous to Miss Wrightls having charge of the Council, Mrs. Imogene Montgomery was the adviser. 1 t J. ,X Q. STUDENT COUNCIL 11 H2 la,,ll EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Vivian Gallog- ly puhlicityg Sally Pryor, treas- urerg Dale Miller, vice-presidentg Miss Audrey VC'right, adviserg Bradley Koch, president. SECOND ROW: jean Boyer, handbookg Hannah Mautner, elfzctionsg Pat Baltzell, scrap- bookg Carolyn Wells, community serviceg Marlene Kline, socialg Keitha Porter, secretaryg Bob Rooch, assembly. ON LEDGE: Fred Pargeon, soc- ialg jerry Beeman, safetyg Larry Epstein, monitorg Allan Shields, courtesy. :iles ...N A!- re. ,assays .. --I-c.5.f.i.SQ.eS? b trs,.k ,. A at ,, . sr, X yi in 8 K ,V-I W X 4 . YN- , ,, ,, , y A FIRST ROW: John Drake, Jefl' Walker, Patty Baltzell, Vivian Gallogly, Jean Boyer, Hannah Mautner, Sally Pryor, Carolyn Wells, Keiiha Porter, Larry Epstein, Dale Miller, Bradley Koch, Robert Rooeh, Miss Audrey Wright, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Susan Minnieh, Nancy Huinbert, Carole Harmon, Christine Banner, Nancy Ralston, Lois Chaireau. Beverly Main. Ann Tabor. Marlene Kline, Fred Pargeon, Jerry Bee-man, Allan Shields, Leroy Binnpus. George Hartman. THIEP POW: Lois Ewalt, Nancy Rice, Elaine Snow, Peggy Smith, Pat Wilson, Myron Gallogly, Charles Gill, Sid Walker. ar: Fawcett. FOURTH ROW: Aim Rice, Dale Ann Fletcher, Mary Poland, Dee Olson, Charles Ransom, Charles Hulse, Weston ALILQCII- stein. Page Sixfy-one HERE'S WHAT MAKES THE FORUM GREAT! LITERARY EDITOR .....................,......... ..... PHOTO EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHER ...... ART EDITORS ........ ADVERTISING MANAGER ..,. ADVERTISING STAFF .... ADVERTISING STAFF ..,....... SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER ..... SUBSCRIPTION STAFF ..... SUBSCRIPTION STAFF ................. ASSISTANT BUISNESS MANAGER ADVISER ..........,.........,....,............. Page Sixty-fwo FIDE cxn DOROTHY WARMAN JOHN GRIMM FRED KIMBLE VIVIAN GALLOGLY SHIRLEY WOLF BARBARA GANTZ WESTON AUGENSTEIN CHUCK BONNIST MARY WARNER DON CURRY TWILA FISH JERRY KNOX SARA CANNON HERE!S WHERE HANGS THE FORUMCS' FATE! TOP PICTURES: Fred Kimble, Shirley Wolf and Vivian Gallogly, John Grimm, MIDDLE PICTURES: Mary Warner, Dorothy Warman. Twila Fish, Chuck Bonnist, Barbara Gantz. BOTTOM -PICTURE: Jerry Knox, Don Curry, Weston Augenstein. As co-editors of the Forum, we want to thank our staff for their help and assistance in publishing this book. We also wish to acknowledge the work of Mr. Don Garverick, Mr. james Israel, and Mr. Guy Lipps, profes- sional photographers of Mount Vernon. The people of Mount Vernon who have generously donated many of the pictures used. We wish to thank the many individuals and businesses who have made our book possible. Last and most affectionately we thank Miss Sara Can- non, our friend and adviser, who helped us so much and did most of the work on the history section. Carol Dunham Debbie Pond Page Sixty-three WE MEET THE DEADLINE! Belva Nelson ' Co-Editor Bradley Koch Business Manager Fred Pargeon Co-Editor THE JACKET JOURNAL The Jacket journal is a bi-weekly newspaper of Mount Vernon High School. The first number each year is complimentary to the whole school and is issued the first day as the students enter the building. This first paper contains all the information that students and teachers need for the opening of the school year. Pictures of new teachers, unusual vacations, and summer activities of the school's personnel are included in this number. Miss Sara Cannon has been the adviser since 1935. Page Sixty-four Nw f F . xc X ',.1u-- -Q34 I 5 ya View dh I 1N.A.'v 3 HU! .J HISTORY OE PUBLICATIONS IN MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL THE FORUM THE JACKET JOURNAL Mrs. Robert Baldwin, Class of 1899, has preserved the first high school publication of which we have any record. Two numbers were issued by the senior class of 1898. These were called "The Tattler," and the ediiorial staff of the first number consisted of Ruth Bogardus, Editor-in-Chiefg Robert Armstrong, Managing Editorg M. C. Starr, Local Editorg and George Kingsbury, Business Manager. "The Tattler" contained little school news as we know it today. There was a long description of Celia Hen1ey's trip to the Philadelphia Navy Yardg a whole column by Louie Wythe was devoted to the business conditions in the United Statesg a long description of a trip to Bangs that the geology class took was one of the most interesting itemsg and there were two columuns by George Kingsbury on the political situation of the country. An election of ofhcers for the Junior Literary Society resulted as follows: President, Zenno Taylor, Vice-President, Walter Andersong Secretary, Willie Arnoldg and Treasurer, Willie Allen. The officers of the Senior Literary Society were President, Lou Wytheg Vice-President, Florence Westlakeg Secretary, Ruth Bogardusg and Treasurer, Clinton Smith. Ila Williams was the Censor. At a meeting of the Senior Literary Society the subject was "American Humoristsf' Ruth Bogardus read an essay on "American Humoristsf' Gertrude Parr read from Washington Irving's "Knickerbocker History of New Yorkg" Florence Westlake read a passage from "The Autocrat of the Breakfast Tablef' Paul Brent recited "The Heathen Chinesef' Newton Anderson read an essay on "A Fable for Critics" by James Russell Lowellg Harry Parrott, read from "Huckleberry Finng" and Ila Williams recited "The One Hoss Shay." This program was followed by a debate on "Resolved: That Humorous Literature is more Effective for Good Than Serious." After 1898 no more papers were published until 1905. Then a booklet was started known as the "Forum," and was published every other month. Curtis Kinney, now manager of the J. S. Ringwalt Company, was on the staff in 1905, and he became the Editor-in-Chief the second quarter and continued in this position the rest of the year. The booklets consisted mostly of literary works, some athletic news, and a few jokes. The "Forum" continued in booklet form until 1921. In the spring of that year the first year book, known as the "Hi-Log" was published. There were two volumes printed under this name. The name MM 4 0 "Hi-Log" was chosen because "Hi" was the popular abbreviation for high school, and the meaning of "Log" is derived from use of a ship's log to record a vesse1's history. Virginia Alsdorf Garroutte was the first editor and Gladys Hadley Baker was the adviser. This book was the first one which included individual pictures of seniors, groups of all other classes, pictures of athletic teams, clubs, and snap shot pages. The girls' club was called the Athenaeum, and the president the Hrst semester was Mary Ransom fMo11y Fletcher's motherl . The president during the second semester was Martha Davis. The boys, club was known as the Delphi, and there were more than sixty members in this group. The president the first semester was Geoffrey Erretr, :Eid the president the second semester was Brice reer. There were two debates during 1921, and one with Cambridge and the other with Zanesville. Al- though Mount Vernon had very good arguments the team was defeated both times. Miss Marie Richter was director of the Boys' and the Girls' Glee Clubs, and Mr. Henry Levy was director of the fourteen piece orchestra. The athletic coach was Mr. Ray Michaels, an uncle of Mrs. Imogene Montgomery. In 1923 the annual was again called the "Forum" and is still published under that name. During the depression years lack of funds stopped the publica- tion of a year book. According to the "Forum" files no book was published in 1930, 1932, or 1933. A small annual was published in 1934 and "The Forumn has been published every year since. From 1925 to 1925 the high school literary booklet was continued, then it became a newspaper also known as "The Forum." The first editor was William Ackerman, and the Business Manager was james Alsdorf. William is now with R.C.A. and iamles is legal adviser for a bank in Palmyra, New or . Having two publications under the same name was confusing, and in 1938 a contest was held by the "Forum" newspaper staff to change the name. joe Hantman won with the name "Jacket journal." Since then the paper has been known as "The Jacket Journal," and the yearbook as "The Forumf' Don Dowds was the first editor of "The jacket journal." The high school paper has been published every year since 1925 except between the years 1930 and 1935. Sara Cannon has been the adviser since 1956. 'sitflihm Page Sixty-six Hz'Jtory of tloe Quill and Scroll Society The Sara Cannon Chapter of the Quill and Scroll Society was granted a charter March 16, 1944. This is a national society for high school journalists and has chapters in schools all over the United States. To be eligible for membership in the society a stu- dent must be either a junior or a senior in the upper third of his class. Work on the Forum or the Jacket journal in either the editorial or business field is necessary for membership. In Mount Vernon High School it is custom- ary to elect eligible juniors after they have completed a course in journalism. An election is also held the second semester for seniors who have done exceptional work in publi- cations during their last year. The charter members of the local chapter were Kathleen Fravel, James Doughty, Lo- wayne johnson, Edward Taylor, Robert Bon- nist, Mary Kaler, Marjorie Ferrell, Jean Cassell, jane Yauger, Patricia Freshour, and Christine Johnson. Since the founding of the local club, it has become customary to elect honorary members each year from the faculty or citizens of the community who have an interest in journalism. Honorary members are Sara Cannon, adviser of publications since 19355 Gladys H. Baker, former Forum adviser, Helen C. Sevitts, second editor of Forzmzg Curtis Kinney, first editor of the Forumg Laura Koons, senior English teach- erg Ruth Truxall and Pearl Carpenter, assistant advisers of Forum Follies, Fern Dudgeon, art teacher. 1953 MEMBERS Shirley Wolf Elaine Kousoulas Dorothy Warman Carol Dunham Barbara Gantz jo Ann Cornell Mary Warner Beverly Lieter Richard Reynard Vivian Gallogly Jane Gieger Debbie Pond Belva Nelson Bradley Koch Fred Pargeon Dee Olson Nancy Ireland Page Sixfy-seven Y-TEENS TOP PICTURE - FIRST ROW: Carolyn Wells, Ann Tabor, Jo Ann Ferenbaugh, Barbara Davis, Beverly Armstrong, Phyllis Fry, Mona Coon, Shirley Graves, Barbara Stoyle, Alma Rine, Macie Wilson, Mary Jane Tyson, Jo Ann Cornell, Janet Bowers, Shirley Davis, Linda Brillhart, Maxine Bumpus, Nadine Parker. SECOND ROW: Christine Banner, Peggy Barncord, Martha Galbraith, Judy Allen, Nancy McCul- lough, Marilyn Jones, Jo Ann Dexter, Jo Ann Beach, Dora Dell Wyant, Roberta Shannon, Joanne Elwood, Nancy Barncord, Twila Fish, Elaine Kousoulas, Barbara Gantz, Marilyn Engle, Shirley Wells, Joan Drake. THIRD ROW: Darlene Cline, Winifred Rucka, Hannah Mautner, Carolyn Sperry, Jean Boyer, Emma Lou Yarman, Sylvia Gerrard, Virginia Kymer, Regina Vernon, Beverly Leiter, Sonia Fridline, Shirlene Stoneburner, Marilyn Ams- bough, Mary Lou Carswell, Lorena Gardner, Nora Coon. FOURTH ROW: Beth Chatreau, Barbara Morris, Belva Nelson, Debbie Pond, Carol Dunham, Barbara Davis, Betty Prichett, Joan Perrin, Mary Alice Warner, Dorothy Warman, Sarah Eastman, Marjorie Kerr, Loa Hathaway. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Gillooley, Lydia McDowell, Jane Geiger, Dee Olson, Barbara McDermott, Mary Ann Hanes, Marilyn Reiss, Karen Ackerman, Donna Hall, Peggy Cochran, Anne Painter, Elizabeth Gaines, Beverly Rine, Mary Poland, Marilyn Harris, Ann Titus, Shirley McGibney. SIXTH ROW: Eleanor Brown, Rachel Daly, Vivian Gallogly, Jo Ann Jackson, Carole Harmon, Carolyn Colgin, Janet Bouton, Sally Pryor, Nancy Ralston, Janet Veach, Elaine Pipes, Jo Ann Ulery. BOTTOM PICTURE- FIRST ROW: Sylvia Purbaugh. Patty Frost, Patty Wilson, Sandra Miller, Kathleen Mooney, Lod- uska Eis, Melonia Cotling, Rosalie Ernest, Barbara Schmidt, Mary Lou Ferenbaugh, Betty Jones, Clarice Wagner, Gene Lewis, Patty Hull, Donna Boucher, La Rue Schorr, Judy Ackerman, Barbara Yarman, Shirley Coles. SECOND ROW: Judy Grubaugh, Mary Lou Hamp- ton, Joyce Fletcher, Virginia Humbert, Shirley Brooks, Carolyn Layman, Deanna Wright, Marilyn Ullman, Barbara Lamson, Ann Payne, Nancy Rice, Judy Hurps, Edith Springer, Essie Erlanger, Sally Latham, Marcia Verson, Carolyn Williams, Eleanor Frye, Carolyn Fredericks, Mary Jane Imhoff. THIRD ROW: Donna Marrassutti, Fredia Sheppard, Jeanne Hatfield, Ann Rice, Janice Mild, Joyce Fetter, Beverly Main, Kay Snyder, Wanda Van Buskirk, Barbara Wilmotte, Joan Higgins, Caro- lyn Brookins, Betty Haas, Maxine Cunningham, Patty George, Carolyn Carey, Mary Ellen Fox, Nina Lou Marshall, Carol Gillooley, Donna Adams, Margaret Rowe, Ann Chalmers. FOURTH ROW: Jacqueline Dudgeon, Phyllis Under- wood, Iris Marks, Patsy Cranmer, Marjorie War- man, Judy Mild, Mary Roach, Thelma Smith, Thelma Clements, Nancy Houbler, Joyce Colopy, Betty Adams, Jean Hall, Crystal Connat, Nancy Ball, Betty McFarland, Julie Theibert, Muriel Harris, Sandra St. John. FIFTH ROW: Carol Cranmer, Macie Davies, Marita Grubb, Janet Johnson, Marilee Ehrgott, Nancy Stillson, Lorna Eagle, Betty Wagstaff, Helen Bar- bara Lewis, Felecia Paques, Betty Humbert, Peggy Smith, Donna Baxter, Ann Bell, Roberta Rabishaw, Nancy Taylor, Nancy Miller, Sue Hyatt, Sue Roberts, Linda Ralston. SIXTH ROW: Annette Burris, Loretta Davis, Marjorie Sanner, Molly Deedrich, Roberta Curry, Ann Baltzell, Kay R-HDD. Jean Wells, Peggy Blue, Julia Boyle, Carol Lamb, Bonnie Yoakum, Janet Hyatt, Mary Jane Henthorn, Mary Ann Rawlins, Nancy Newcomb, Ann Lepley, Janet Ransom, Marti Elder, Judy Porter, Pearl Reed, Jerry Hull. SEVENTH ROW: Beverly Hill, Viola Stevens. Nancy Hagan, Hester London, Kathy Hodder, Marilyn Taylor, Barbara Lonzo, Jackie Burgess, Janet Henry, Carolyn Wagner. W . .RIN Y-TEEN CABINET STANDING: Elaine Scholz, president, Charleen Smith, ch. Finance com.1 Joann Curtis, reporter, Shirley Woll', Vice- presidentg Roberta Curry, freshman at large, Gayle Meyer, junior at large: Sue Tarr, co-ch. social com., Carolyn Barton, service ch., Marlene Kline, secretaryg Norma Jean Fetter, pianist, Ann Robeson, co-ch, social com., Nancy Ireland, ch. Music com. SEATED: Barbara Beroth, ch. Worship com., Nancy Stillson, sophomore at large: Janet Berger, treasurer, Wanda Sutton, senior at large, Kay Dennis, ch. publicity com., Kcitha Porter, ch. program com. HISTORY OF THE Y-TEENS The Y-Teens is a service club composed of girls from the ninth through the twelfth grades. It is a national organization, and the chapter at Mount Vernon High School was founded in September 1928 with Miss Laura Koons as the adviser. The club was originally called the Girl Re- serves, and the first cabinet consisted of Frances Wartl, president, Louise Cochran, vice-presi- dent, Edith johnson fPat and Ann Baltzel1's motherj, secretary, Esma Pilotti, treasurer, Louise Cochran, ch. membership com., Imo- gene Denny CPete Barnes' motherb , service ch., Page Seventy Evelyn Tarr CHugh Watson's motherj Service ch., Ann Platt, social ch., Betty Clawson Cjim and Ann Rice's mother? , finance chairman, and Mildred Dennison, publicity chairman. Miss Koons acted as adviser until 1939, and since that time advisers have been Mrs. Mary Herron, Miss Bernice Boner, Mrs. Imogene Montgomery, Miss Mary Kaler, Miss Clarice Neff, and Mrs. Florence Cass. The present advisers are Miss Maryalice Shockey, Mrs. Bess Stauch, and Mrs. Mary Tomb. The name of the club was Changed from Girl Reserves to Y-Teens in 1946. ' .s L ,. P X f - , . sf x X 14 k . A K K W A . ' L ' x U T f. If ' 5524 A if . E k a 15 Q 4, ., ,W , .Q , .--Q45 ' 'T x wil-, Un--ai,,pverv v-wi f. 'SQA -A S wi i we we ' msfzfffg . ,Je W 1 K 7: Q, 'Eiga w U.. K ,. .X . is BX i 5 ,.,. A ,,,, z ..,. W N A . Q f I ' L L mf .. r i H 15 I me -E SI '1 55? "f ' 5' LL SN 3ttS"""'5 L F eg gg FEE X K A n.K5', Nga.. Q 1 N 2 xi . wx ' v 5- Q55 31,3 I f Xxigrf- X . ' LQAXEKS if . In 1' ' W 5. gi,-,Y 1 , xxx? x , ldtkik , f at T h A ' N .At nz f I f , 1x,,w. - ," 'NN 'A' kmg Q 5 V 6 V tfmy .Tw M mx' 1-f. 'Wf"?g, f- bf, h, , m K A h 51,4 V 1 4 V. ,syf h ,r . Ev f . , .M . x ,Q . . X QQ' W -' Q Q51 " - . W My A A ? 1' - W A' ' w 1 ix s I 4' x 3 - , ,Q X :nl - , A if M as Af ' I - . -ff ., I 1 9 X1 0-,.17,.. win, ,A ,A ,.xx.,f.- an-f 1' -X.-f .. .,. . . , mir- K1 if l.:.- " ,, f , N. :gre-M.- ,A N N f-ff..4-eg. " 4-:eV.v"-. .Xwg 5115! ,,,,... -v - .ew-Q a F -A rv K' "' A STN 1 I -3' lifts AV!!! -gif vu, ylnff-QL "" T - ,f rl Y' UNIOR HI-Y .v , inc' -N.. I , ., .1 FIRST ROW: Gregory Chester, David Gill, Tommy Berry. Eddie Htnnbcrt. SECOND ROW: Roger Main, Dick Kymer, Jim Land, Milton Outczzlt. THIRD ROW: Jim Kimble, Dick Simmons, Danny Wagner. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Snow, Richie Hoyt, Chuck Pond. HISTORY OF HI-Y The Hi-Y is sponsored hy the Young Mezfs Christian Association. It was organized in September, l924 with only six members and has recently grown to 50. Its motto is, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school :rid community, high standards of Christian character." This year the Hi-Y has sponsored a formal New Page Seventy-fwo Year's eve danceg stenciled the sidewalks in Mount Vernon and near-by towns with "don't forget to vote," distributed and collected the March of Dimes contribution cansg sponsored a spring formal, and conducted Sunrise Service Easter morning with the help of the Y-Teens. King Egger has been adviser for the Senior Hi-Y this year. Key lub 1 , 8 , -siss Xxg Q WM A-.W,,,,, .,xX .,......-0" 5- ,N K Cx- ,k r kl FRONT ROW: Diek Frary, Howard Taylor, Dick Kimble, Donald Gullett, Roger Rush, Charles Gill. Student Council repre- sentative: Bill McKay, secretary: Dick Baney, viee-president: Fred Kimble, treasurer: Mr. Robert Lay, adviser: Don Fleeger. oresident. SECOND ROW: Leland White, Charles Wyant, John Nugent. John Young, Larry Epstein. THIRD ROW: Phil Burris, Joe Mazza, Dick Morain, Tom Mosley. FOURTH ROW: John Grimm. Tom Awwiller, Chuck Bonnist. FIFTH ROW: Don Wag:stalT. Bill Conard, Mike Alexander. SIXTH ROW: Joe Dunlap, Charles Fawcett, Ronnie Anderson. SERVICE TO THE SCHOOL The Key Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis International and is dedicated to service to the school and community. This year the boys made, painted and installed new name plates over the doors in the west wing of the high school building: purchased new yard markers for the football Held: numbered the seats in the auditoriumg and polished the trophies in the trophy case. SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY Contributed to Polio Fund, distributed material for Community Chest, and helped the Kiwanis Club sponsor Kids' Day. The Key Club of Mount Vernon High School received its charter in August, I9-18, and Hal Walker was the hrst president. Page Seventy-ihree N , , 5, -U Al. 0 1 'N FUTURE FARMERS CELEBRATE TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY The week of February 22 to 28 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the National Future Farmers of America. Every year since its founding the F.F.A. has ob- served the week of Washington's birthday as its national week. The local chapter was granted a charter in 1930 when Mr. William Stuart was the instruc- tor, and has been one of the leading clubs of the school ever since. It is built on a found- ation which includes leadership, character development, sportsmanship, cooperation, ser- vice, thrift, scholarship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship, and patriot- ism. There are four degrees of membership in the organization. They are Green Hand, Chapter Farmer, State Farmer, and American Farmer. The first two degrees are determined by the local chapter, the third by the state, and the last by the national organization. One member out of fifty receives the state degree, and only one out of 1000 receives the degree of American Farmer. Twenty boys from the local chapter have received state degrees since the founding of the chapter, and two have received the Ameri- can Farmer degree. Those having received the state degree are Monroe Bouton, 1931, Richard Anderson, 19353 Carl Jennings, 1935g Francis Dalrymple, 1935, Fred Coe, 19353 Warren Ward, 19363 Charles Crouch, 19375 Emmett Lybarger, 1938, Dean Beever, 1938, Dale Spearman, 1940, Doyle Smith, 1941, Paul Rowe, 1942, Robert Beckley, 1945, John Ewart, 19503 C. Robert Blue, 19513 Richard Zinsmeister, 1951, Fred Ball, 19525 and Eugene Phillips, 1952. Carl Jennings, 1936, and Dean Beever, 1940 were both fortunate enough to receive the degree of American Farmer. The chapter participates in various activities such as the State Chapter Contest, Parliamen- tary Procedure, and Public Speaking. Dur- ing the last three years the chapter has been awarded two gold and one bronze rating in the State Contest. In the Parliamentary Pro- cedure Contest the boys have received four gold, one silver and two bronze ratings, and in the district Public Speaking Contest at Lancaster February 4, 1955, Bob Harrod placed second in the memorized speech contest, and Fred Ball received third place in the extempor- aneous speaking contest. At the present time there are thirty-nine boys in the local F. F. A. chapter under the direction of Mr. Clarence Fridline. Members of the present faculty who have been made honorary members are Miss Laura Koons, Mrs. Ruth Truxall, Miss Sara Cannon, Mr. J. D. Geiger, Mr. Kenneth West, Mr. Harold Highman, Mr. J. F. Thomas, Mr. L. L. Owen. Dale Miller and Tom Phillips were elected State Farmers for 1953. 1'5- 'Z X Rafi? ,Mgr ,' - Q 2-vac'f....'Z,,, QTJB' Hlbwmm' -. . . 'uf in 1 ' ' 6 ' ' I 1 'rv V: felis'-1.1 at -'-ty, 1217.2 ,L .1 1. ,f Nr' 'V t-.'.ie'-'4--vf1-- V ' X' W few -41 if Q V 1 I , B ' ' f -' " ':..f,,.-' Page Seventy-four l FILM LAND INCORPORATED Officers jack Bell ,.....,,. ,A,,.. I fresident Lester Rockwell Vice-President N- A Bob Lipps ......,.. ..,,.,..,.........,. R eporrcr Bob Poland ..... Secretary-Treasurer PROJECTION CLUB V 7+ FIRST ROW: Bob Sowers, Joe Todd, Gordon Springer, Bill Thomas, Gene Lockhart, Bob Poland, Bob Lipps, .lack Bell, Lester Rockwell. SECOND ROW: David Fridline, Joc Tharp, John Augenstein, Dick Morain, Paul Emlich, Linn Sellers, Bill Pricliitt, Don Coe. Curtis Hissong, Larry Bryans. THIRD ROW: Gordon Fawcett, Wayne McKee, Harold Lahmon, Weston Augenstein, John Disbro, Nucl Vannatta, L. L. Owen, adviser. Page Seventy-six f5373.:Q' k 6' 2 K i S' i if f e . g ' ,. is If .. , Nl. UL: Q fx NM? mg.. faxlfpf 5 , 'QQ :fq:ff,. 4 1,4 AS I will 2- ,GQ 5 ' ' N N if- 2 it .M 3 49" Q? " .lx l'.'lH if S 5 ,5'. "1 hp 'V J - lieek . A!vf.l ll 's 3 fo 91, g., A I' 'gk o J A 91" C31 ' at SSE' eign: A .K Q.. tv Y I W . SN' 'ff' K -2 U I u X Q . - ,,. -- f x 0 61 'J we F gf' u s X, QQ, .- Wwsiw' ' A Wk ' 5 D - x 55, HSN X 54, -A .Fbft ,wb sf . aa", f" 5 , 3? ---6' vw- " L. Lxggqvcmn, we 5 'F sf- Q, 5' N Y . . iff, - - --li Q xy, , v ?B.aSa 'Q 'xx A ,wifi ' . Q 'N A 4, """' xg' - L. 'J N Q pix un S M mx 'Num ..,.9.-..,'- 3- X F!P9"9"'T" 3 ll 1. 'P Jw I -sf. 1 "Si A .qs 5-in A. - wh 0 Z ORGANIZATION OFFICIALS S , h 5 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Officers Hannah Mautner, Treasurer Nancy Ireland, President Jo Ann Cornell, Secretary K OTTON 'S KIDS Carolyn Frederick, Sergeant at Arms Vivian Gallogly, Vice-President Emry Pardee, President Charles Wyant, Sec.-Treas. Mr. joe Cotton, Adviser I FUTURE HOUSEIVIVES I OF AMERICA F. H. A. OFFICERS SEATED Mona Coon, President Alma Rine, Vice-President Marilyn Amsbaugh, Sec.-Treas STANDING Mrs. jack Staugh, Adviser Patsy Hottinger, Reporter Betty jones, Parliamentarian Mary Alice Warner, Vice-Pres. M 3 Q if H' H , 5. Q if ,fe I .W,.,,,,,.-.NE o K N lf? 'Q if DEBATING DEBATE TEAM OF 1911 ldentificcllion by Milton Reede. SITTING: Hoy Russell, Cecil Hall, Bess Patterson, Fay Thompson, Henry Arnold. STANDING: Ernest Hesse, Charles Kelley, Charles West, Harold McDevitt, Coach S. R. Miller. Between l9l0 and 1950, debating was a popular subject in the high school. Triangular debates were held with Newark, Zanesville, Cam- bridge and other cities in Central Ohio. People looked forward to the nights on which debates were to be held, and usually the auditorium was Hlled. There was always great excitement when our team won, and the cheerleaders were on hand to arouse enthusiasm in the crowd. The last debating team contest was held about 1930. DEBATE TEAM OE 1918 TOP ROW, left to right: Mrs. Ila McNabb CCoaehJ, James Shields, Leland Kelser, Howard Blair, Mr. Rosebloom tCoachj, Elinor Hobbs Cole. BOTTOM ROW: Herbert Masteller, Fred Johnson, Mr. Cunlifle tCoaehJ, Claire Weed, Robert Eastman. Page Eighty-two DEBATE TEAM OE 1914 H at I N ltw ' 4 "www R in Pictures from FORUM files. TOP ROW: Jav McDevitt, Stanley Johnson, ll ,J " e ff ' , 3 m, ' e f . ill- ,tt lf Qlfxlnlgz l, ' N l Dan Houckf MIDDLE ROW: Russell Thraikill, Dorothy Blair Purington, Russell Eastman. BOTTOM ROW: Glen Sparks, Russell Ewalt. 4 1' E 't 4' fy., Igiysbsu ll' 'L if 'A' il" ixgvi' jjilffqflff' 'F W F' 'fx E, W' my X 055357 ix 5 I Q J ,m fi Q X 1f51aef2z :'w"1 ' 1 rllllfll , . 1-nz:r:r-in . v ,f1qnp:fn4 11,1 ,uf - ' "D ., , -I y. - P, 0 . 1 - 1' XJ' , :Ag - vfirzfg 4 Q: .-2.1 -,q,5.:?? : , f COA CHE! FULgERh- Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Reserve Basketball oac . CRACBBSI1- Head Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach, 9th Grade Basketball oac . SCHLOSSER - Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, Junior High Football Coach. BUIVEJPUSI1- Head Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, 8th Grade Basketball OSC . THOMAS - Head Golf Coach, Reserve Football Coach, 7th Grade Basketball Coach, Athletic Director. ii' 'P rraa Y Page Eighty-four FOOTBALL ."f, u - - rv: :r,5:,,,-- .. ..,. . 'I 'i'i-fQ7f?f'g -'frfff 44, vrf qff'?1'4" ,, cr, Q J wg 'sci '-0" J " o.1'.,f5f i1:?:.xjql..'.' . ' ' . ba' l q'Ly'-f . M 1 4 Q - : 'n-,.-"4 ' . hf"'wv-v-4:-"4 1 I. m'.'b' 1 , ' - A - Y '- , FHM 'F Q-rr""'i .......-- -... . wa 1- .. - . Y l 1,2 I .,,.f'4. ' ., " A.. W. "':-I wc, ' JL., A 5 , : . .,, 1, , - 4- 0.1 J' -, .- ' f..- A'-f - --1. 544:-.,.,, N...: , ' Page Eighty-f7ve FOOTBALL UNDER THE FLOODLIGHTS During the 1930's, night football became very popular all over the country. Naturally Mount Vernon wanted to keep up with other schools of its size. However, the only field the team had to play on was a rented oneg so in September 1935 the present athletic field was purchased from Dale Barre. This was the same field on which they had played for years. The first Yellow jacket teams played at Hia- watha Park and on the present baseball dia- mond of Riverside Park. Work was begun on the new field as soon as contracts were released. The old field ran east and west, and the only means of keeping the crowd off the playing ground was a rather slack rope. During an exciting part of the game, many of the fans ran up and down the field yelling instructions to the players. The new field was constructed to run north and south surrounded by a Cinder track. Then there arose a need for a field house because players had to come clear back to the high school to shower and dress. The old Davis building had been razed and the stones had This was done, and the present field house was erected in 1938. Previous to the building of the field house, flood lights had been bought, and the first night game was played September 1937. Wooden bleachers were built at the time that the field was completed, and in 1948 steel bleachers were installed on the east side of the field. Anyone who contributed S15 was allowed to sit in the steel bleachers the first year. People who contributed to this fund still have the privilege of buying reserve seats in that section. The entrance gates were the gift of the class of 1937. In 1952 a new and better lighting system was installed and a new scoreboard erected. The large bell that is mounted at the south end of the field is the same one that hung in the tower of the old Central Building. For several years Mr. Harold Highman acted as faculty manager of athletics, but as interest, receipts, and the need for more equipment grew, he became known as faculty business manager, and Mr. Rex Murphy is now faculty been left piled where they had fallen. A manager. member of the school board suggested that Mr. J. D. Geiger was faculty manager in this stone could be used to build a field house. 1925. x X X f N f' A fx I K N,-gm ,X f N ' :fi Q3 YQ ff. Page Eighty-six Df i L ' Q P h h mx x X mmbi M . - K Q gk A K K Z Q Lg, ?g ,5x,.Ls,X X A I Ka Q ' ff X . A, L- . " X kgs, X. .ffizff iw' :bg x kwa 'fix X .ygif-w f- I. 7 A. ' 5, X . X fwsggg jg L .'v.?gz,.,,:-H-f -1 . 2 Q M- X- if Q1 Y l X T34 v Q W ... . P 1 Y 4. 2 pl, ' 9 Sf X 5 X , -KK1L. E .3 5502 f E 1 N, .. fs, . Q . it , , is 6 z 2 N0 'Q 35 Q , . y,fi sf ,ix ' 2' 2 p S5 f . xv 6 A , 15 ' ' sk A A r,,0...,.f..,.X , . .. . .V .,., ,.., xx A F - V : wr , K wg--1 ' ,, , .M ' A . L, ,A Y 4 - ' A Q93 x D V 31 Y! 1 -f 1, jx 42 . x vi K ' 3 if N 0119 : T 6 5 X y ff? Af 1 Sf- - 4- ' - .v4. Q ' ' 4 Q ki R fs A' is '- ' - ' w W M at ff N . f - ' k , f f Q 9 iQ ' 5 gg, ' V fr a f K x x .X I 5 4' ,jdiav -3. Q ' 54.5 2 J, 5. .f . K ,QI A F s - E 2 I 'kA'-' Y Mk' W hy I , w ' A-4424. .. ' N X! , . mir 'if' ' A , ' k" A fx . 5 "" " , i' I V. ' x 4o 5 if 1' K X ii ,. , 3 M. X 'HM . 4 , " Xi - Q' k all Q a '4 5 nv ff? If Jr i if M Eu PHILLIPS LLLLi LL D0UP W ' BALL L L L KETNER 'Sf mow xf.FL'V , - wscz E L 'f L BRICKER WILLIAMS NILLERQ . L iq ilx yi if - ' , T, A I L L LL' J 5VFAGAiVL L 1LWBLLL0TT5'2??:lLgLLfi LfL , LAYMON . n N, fl f4,S35wf- -f Vfilfmp 5 Rurnzaroan , HRAISELR . SC GHUMER Mo5SH DER V . VIHZZA HENDERSHOTT OBEE , cl X K ki N F Y 1 no A , b, A 5 q RQ, V .5 . U , l if A ,f y u YEXN - , ' Q Q 5' R x X L f Q 2 BECRHOU BASTIN THE"52"YELLOWjACKET FOOTBALL SQUAD Fred Ball, Joe FIRST ROW: Head Coach Dwight Bumpus, Ron Gaumer, Dale Miller, Bill Tyson, Larry Obee, Mazza, Chuck Schrader, Dan Bastin, Jim Bricker, Ed Miller, Richie Erlanger, Manager. SECOND ROW: Coach Floyd Thomas, George Doup, Carroll Rine, Tom Phillips, Norm Stcagall, Don Curry. Bob Laymon, Phil Berger, "Zeke" Swigeart, John Williams, Gordon Lambillotte, Jim Noonen, John Hoyt, Jim Becke holt, Coach Elmer Crabbs. Coach Bob Fuller. Page Ninety 1952 FOOTBALL SEASON Coshocton - 26 ...,, Carey - 12 .........,, :fi Arlington - 14 ...., , :liBex1ey - 20 ,i,.... ifiDelaware - 15 :1iUrbana - 27 ....,,,,. . iliGrandview - 13 ,O,, Wooster - 57 ....,,,w..,,..... Record 1 win and 7 losses Season point totals: Mount Vernon 77 Opponents 149 ifidesignates C.B.L. Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM AWARDS Name Ron Gaumer -- Junior Dale Miller - Senior Bill Tyson - Senior Larry Obee - Sophomore Fred Ball - Senior Joe Mazza - Sophomore Chuck Schrader - Sophomore Dan Bastin - junior jim Bricker - Senior George Doup - Senior Carroll Rine - Freshman Tom Phillips - Senior Norm Steagall - Senior Don Curry - Senior Bob Laymon - Senior Phil Berger - Senior "Zeke" Swigeart - Senior john Williams - Senior Gordon Lambillotte - Senior jim Noonen - Junior john Hoyt - Senior jim Beckholt - junior Bob Dunham -- Sophomore All C.B.L. - john Hoyt Year 1st lst 2nd lst lst lst 2nd lst 3rd 2nd lst 3rd 3rd 3rd lst 2nd 3rd lst 2nd lst 5rd 3rd lst Gordon Lambillotte S fir? ,uf t if li Award Letter Letter Medal Letter Letter Letter Medal Letter Belt Buckle Medal Letter Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Letter Medal Belt Buckle Letter Medal Letter Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Letter - "Zeke" Swigeart. Page Ninety one JUNIOR JACKETS and HONEY BEES TOP PICTURE- BOTTOM ROW: John Nugent, Walter Butler, Bill Young, Norman Sorge, Hank Greer, Don Crawford, .lim Lord, Corroll Rine, Monte Ruthford, Dave Moss- lioltier, George Carter. SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Fuller, Gaiy McKay, Jim Hendershoti, Bill Appleton, Bill Martin, Ron Gullett, Carroll Sorge, Dave Evans, Dick Kimble, Jim Trow- bridge, Bill Yoakum, "Buzzy" Pryor, John Lord, Dick Fawcett, Coteh I. F. Thomas. THIRD ROW: Jefl' Shamansky, George Colcin, Gene Nelson, Bill Peterson, Bill Youne, Bill Transue. Bob Lewis, William Hodder, Wayne McKee, Charles Bann- ing. Scores Mount Vernon Loudonville 7 Mount Vernon Madison 14 Mount Vernon Upper Arlington Mount Vernon Bexley 0 Mount Vernon Delaware 0 Mount Vernon Grandview 19 Page Ninety-two BOTTOM PICTURE- BOTTOM ROW: Jim Grennell, Lawson Smith, Charles Pillow, Jim Kimble, Bob Young, Richie Hoyt, Jim Cagney, Harold Hiekle, Dick Buekham, Jim Skeens, Tom Pribble, Al Poland. SECOND ROW: Henry Antill, Jim Bouton, Bob Moore, Jack Dennis, Bruce Schouton, Dennis Gaumer, Loren Fiekle, Bill Graves,,Larry Van Riper, Carroll Tille, Milton Outcalt, Dale Carter, John Scarvelis. THIRD ROW: Tom Beach, Bill Miller, Dick Rush, Charles Berger, George Fleeknoe, Ronnie Stoneburner, Chuck Pond, Richie Robinson, Bob Mayer, Harry Gaines, Bob Kenyon, Larry Simmons, Coach Houston Schlosser. Scores Mount Vernon 35 -Danville 0 Mount Vernon 33 -Centerburg 0 Mount Vernon 54-Danville 0 Mount Vernon O-Delaware 21 RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM AWARDS Name Bill Appleton Walt Butler George Carter Don Crawford David Evans Dick Fawcett Ron Gullett Hank Greer jim Hendershott james Lord john Lord Bill Martin David Mossholder john Nugent Harley Pryor Carroll Sorge Norman Sorge john Young Bill. Yoakum Carroll Rine Dick Kimble Gene Nelson Bill Peterson jeff Shamansky jim Trowbridge Bill Transue Wayne McKee Howard Taylor Award Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certihcate Certificate Certificate Certificate 2 A .fs . . V jgggq-' V - Managers Russ Rockwell Bill Young Page Ninety-three The 1952 Football neen Gr. g gg CI? Queen Sally Pryor and her attendants, Mary Poland and Debbie Pond, seniors, and janet Vannatta and Ann Titus, jun- iors, were elected by the 1952 Football team to reign over the Homecoming game and dance afterward. Homecom- ing was October 17 played with Urbana. The band dedicated the pre-game and half-time show to these girls. Page Ninety-four .Valb Pryor The Queen and her Captain Norman Steagall HIGHLIGHTS OF HOMECOMING TOP: Team and their gals. Faculty Frolics. Homecoming Royalty. Sally and Shorty. Forward Pass. Sally and the Seniors. Flowers for the Queen. Smile Please! These are teachers???? Parade of Pulchritude. Page Ninefy-flve COME GIVE A CI-IEER TOP ROW: Carol Dunham and Debbie Pond, varsity cheerleaders: Kathy Hulstrand and Billy Root, mascots. MIDDLE: "You Tczun! Fight! Fight! Fight!" BOTTOM ROW: Riding in the Homecoming paradeg Linda Brillhart, Gayle Meyer, and Lon Hathaway, reserve cheerleaders. REJ'R VBS C B. L CHAMPS VARSITY BASKETBALL AWARDS Name John Hoyt Norm Steagall Ken Shira Phil Berger Don Curry Tom Phillips jim Beckholt jim Hendershott jim, Bricker John Williams Don Fleeger Gordon Lambillotte Year 5rd 5rd 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd lst lst lst lst lst 2nd ALL C.B.L. - First team - Norm Steagall and john Hoyt. Norm Steagall also made third team all-state. Second team all C.B.L. - Ken Shira - Don Curry. All District First Team - John Hoyt. All District Second Team - Norm Steagall. Award Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Medal Medal Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Medal RESERVE BASKETBALL AIWARDS Name Years Played Carroll Rine Keith Rinehart joe Mazza john Lord James Lord Bill Yoakum Harry Bassinger Bob Dunham john Hess Dave Misicka jim Noonen Buster Ransom Russell Mills Ron Gaumer jerry Beeman Page Ninety-eight 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 l 1 l l Award Letter Letter Letter Letter Certificate Certiiicate Letter Certificate Letter Letter Letter Letter Certificate Letter Certificate B L,CHfWlPS Curry Sfeczgoll Shim Berger w Loman uma "hams Phnllnps Bmcker Fleeqer b Bieckholi' Hehder-sHo'H' Z5 . THE H52 - 53" YELLOW JACKET BASKETBALL SQUAD STANDING, loft to right: Jim Bcckholt, John Williams, Norm Sicagall, John Hoyt, Don Curry, Kon Shim, Jim Hcndershotl. STOOPING, left lo right: Coach Houston Schlosscr, Phil Berger, Tom Phillips, Gordon Lzimbillotic, .lim B1'iL'kci'. ,, ' Y , ,A 6 0' K ,, , K f, 4 X IX 2 I A-iw-"' X' e N X 0 xx r Iva' xx I Q00 v 1: Page One Hundred Zanesville ...,. Worthington Coshocton ..... :ii Delaware ...,, 1' Urbana ....... Newark .,....,,. Westerville Wooster ....,,, Galion ........,.. 'l:Granclview 'li Arlington ,Y..... :fi Bexley ......... :fc Delaware ,.... Newark ..,..,. 3: Urbana ....,.... 15: Grandview 5 Bexley ..,..,...., tl: Arlington ..,.. Worthington . Circleville ..,.. Newark .,.... Mount Vernon Opponents 1,102 52 .. ...... 61 '52 BASKETBALL '53 SCORES 55 Mount Vernon 47 Mount Vernon 64 Mount Vernon 57 Mount Vernon 59 Mount Vernon 54 Mount Vernon 43 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon 59 54 Mount Vernon 56 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon 35 58 52 70 Mount Vernon 52 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon 58 Tournament 33 Mount Vernon 42 Mount Vernon 41 Mount Vernon All-over Record won lost 18 3 Points for Season 1,503 - school record C. B. L. Record 9 wins and 1 loss CChampsD. Set C. B. L. scoring record -768 points Scored 104 points in one game KC. B. L. and school recordh. Won first C. B. L. championship. SCC. B. L. Games. 74 53 88 80 76 68 88 72 91 104 50 57 92 38 83 83 67 76 59 Page One Hundred One 'P N, 133 jx!! -fi Z an 1 fa gy Q54 vm wk ,mmm if " Ai 4 ll H 4 A 4 T ' wfwgf , A .S t H ..+-E A L an H Q Q is v. XE' X ff A ., 3 1 l ' A I fe- ," .1 is v Q ss 1 1. Q. M, , fx? is A T Q '4 XX Q 1 I I' A N R. 41, I 1 ,I ' , V' . 'Nr QT' Q-:Y ,iq ,s ' , , 1 gf . X A 3 U 5 Q , ff 52541 1 fr R' " if ' ' 'Xwmwstmvgpm-, ,, 'tw . ,365 . X. 2 fig, M1 ' L1 A151 2:6 15 W if WX mm . Q 9 W as . Q' u I I 3 if L ,mfg ,X ,A XS x wg X ' Sm gf ,E NWN gy g f no-Q, 4 ! 2 -A mug. 5 Y ifg in Q kh .. V y N, nv.. 45. ,an kb Q .4 fl, qw :N H ff-mwzwfrw , SHTVS' gi? K 7 'f5':4Q'lfm95'3f5f? f'!s5l,ZAlf7z1l k :iw w X QLK,, ,L,,.LA.W , A Y' , 191155-E19 3 fr Wg V gyyiw, . :Q ! .X RESERVE C. B. L. CHAMPIONS un e lCourtesy Mo 1 V BOTTOM ROW: Dave Misicka, Jim Noonen, Ron Gaumer, Carroll Rine, Harry Bassinger. SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Fuller, Keith Rinehart, Joe Mazza, Bud Rohler, Jack Hess, Bill Yoakum, John Lord. THIRD ROW: Russ Mills, Jerry Beeman, Bob Dunham, Buster Ransom, Manager George Engle. ,a E Page One Hundred Four JUNIOR HI BASKETBALL Freshmen Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Rardin, Dave Evans, Dick Kimble, Bill Baker, Hank Greer. SECOND ROW: Newman Tomes, John Graves, Larry Fogle, Bill Appleton, George Hartman. TOP ROW: Coach Elmer Crabbs, Manager John Young. Seventh Grade Team FRONT ROW, left to right: Ronnie Stone- burner, Wayne Potes, Bill Pillow, Jack Dennis, Tom Veach, John Drake, Bob Dudgeon, Bud Cline, Keith Lewis. SECOND ROW: Jack Rowler, Mark Mis- icka, Gary Grey, Bruce Trarnont, Jeff Walker, Ted Beach, Steve Peterson, Charles Shuff, Phil Miller. THIRD ROW: Wayne Ross, Harry Shoe- maker, Lon Rine, John Pryor, Lawrence Page, Aldon Coe. FOURTH ROW: Larry Steel, Harley Pryor, John Nugent, Coach Tommy Thomas. 4 Eighth Grade Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Hull B111 Doup, Al Poland, Richie Hoyt, Dick Buckham, Bruce Shouten, Ron Snow SECOND ROW: Jim Land, Ron Vernon Jim Skeens, Bob Young, Jim Kimble Tom Pribble, Lawton Smith, Loiin Fickle. Page One Hundred Five GIRLS' ATHLETICS ICI-IABOD JETS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Titus, Janet Vannatta, Marlene Kline, Ann Robeson, Marjorie Kerr, Sue Tarr, Keitha Porter, Shirley Davis, Jo Ann Ulcry. This is the champion volleyball team of the senior high. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIRST ROW: left to right: Barbara Davis, Pat Baltzell. SECOND ROW: Joan Drake, Marjorie Warman, Edith Springer, Ann Robeson, Sue Tarr, Kay Stream, Ann Titus. THIRD ROW: Betty Wagstaff, Roberta Rabishaw, Phyllis Frye, Phyllis Kymer, Marlene Kline, Keitha Porter, Jo Ann Ulery, Elaine Kousoulas, Dorothy Warman, Shirleric Stoneburner. FOURTH ROW: Charleen Smith, Virginia Kymer, Christine Banner, Janet Vannatta, Carol Harmon, Alma Rine, Essie Erlanger. Page One Hundred Six Pres. Pat Baltzell Vice-Pres. Carole Harmon Sec.-Treas. Barbara Davis ,ii'? 'f .ii --'S ix -. .: Ai.-1 MOUNT VERNON'S FIRST FOOTBALL TEAM 1896 UNIFORMS ARE ANYTHING BUT UNIFORM Pidure from High School Trophy Case FIRST ROW: John Headington, Sperry Bogardus, Wilmot Sperry, Walter Sperry, Harry Veatch. MIDDLE ROW: Oliver Smith, Charles Owen, Paul Brent, Captain: William Ewing, William Welshymer. TOP ROW: William Arnold, Lewis Wythe, Lewis Ewalt, Coach Fred Jones, Zenno Taylor. MASCULINE MODES CALLED FOR HAIR PARTED IN THE MIDDLE IN 1898 Picture courtesy of Clinton Williams - Identification Clinton Williams, Charles Appleton, Lake Banning BOTTOM ROW: Clarence CJerryD George, Harry Hyman, Clair CBabeJ Smith, John O,Brien, Sperry Bogardus. MIDDLE ROW: Art Bigler, Zenno Taylor, Paul Brent, Captain: Frank CMokeyJ Jones, Austin Hardesty. TOP ROW: Joseph Stauifer, Edward Kingsley, Coach: Ned Ilger, Charles Appleton, Will Barker, L. Tate Cromley, Harry Uumbob Veatch, Walter Sperry, Luke Banning, Colin Welshymer, Ray Hamilton. FOOTBALL AT THE TURN OE THE CENTURY 1900 ON FLOOR, side by side: Sperry Bogardus, Frank CMokeyD Jones, Ned Ilger. SEATED: Jerry George, Dwight Smith, Warner Devoe, Louis Horn, Walter Sperry. P ROW d' H C h H S' on Th 1 Bo ardus, Ike TO , stan ing: arry oc ran, arry 1mm s, omes g Errett, Clair Smith, Harry Koons, Clay Parker, Arthur Rawlinson. TURTLE NECKS AND STRIPES BECOME THE FASHION IN 1903 loaned and Identified by Cllnfon Wxlllams FRONT RCEDW: Cleveland Bricker, Arthur Rawlinson Cholding the balll, Russell Bogar us. MIDDLE ROW: Fred Sharpnack, Clarence Berger, E. Ogg, Burgess Belt, Sam Cureton. STANDING IN REAR: Vance Parks, Ernest Amadon, Thomas Bogardus, Robert K. Owen, James Harter, Henry Beam. Page One Hundred Eight THE 1908 FOOTBALL TEAM ,DISPLAY VARIETY IN UNIFORMS .,n....... .-- -- -.f X... . , I - --1 4 4 .K ' 1 few- 3?l2 -W3 - L Picture loaned by George Culbertson - Identified by George Culbertson FRONT ROW, left to right: George Culbertson, Sr., Walter Englehardt, Earl White, Guy Lauderbaugh, Ralph Reed, W. Ray Culbertson, Riley Morehouse. CENTER: Curtis Meltzer. BACK ROW, left to right: Hovey Altenburg, Donald Creveling, Dwight S. Ewalt. 95. Page One Hundred Nine 1910 l Picture and identification by Leon Zeisloft 1911 FIRST ROW: Almond Po- land, Hoy Russell, Earl Sevolt, Mascot Carter, John Ewing, Allen Sapp, Lawrence Pipes. SECOND ROW: Roy Loney, Harold Ashcraft, Oscar Kramer, Leland Cassell, Hovey Altenberg, CCap.D, Walter Mason, Robert Severns, David McFarland. THIRD ROW: Dale CDiXieJ Porter, Clarence Lauder- baugh, Harley Vance, Leo- nard Postle, Albert Cul- bertson, Charles Clayton, Russell Ewalt. FOURTH ROW: Milton Reeder, Henry Arnold, R. H. Kinney CCoachJ, J. G. Kirk QMath teacher and asst. coachb William Lewis. identification by Milton Reeder Page One Hundred Ten BOTTOM ROW: Leon Zeis- loft, Hoy Russell, Clarence Lauderbaugh, John Breece. MIDDLE ROW: Hovey Al- tenburg, John Ewing, Wal- ter Englehart, Albert Cul- bertson, Harley Vance, Milton Reeder. TOP ROW: Ralph Jenkins, Leonard Postle, George Culbertson, Leland Cas- sell, Clarenee Cramer, Mr. Hesse. Picture from Clinton Williams 1917 FOOTBALL TEAM Identified by Harold Weir BOTTOM ROW: "Stubby" Waite, Sutton Critchfield, Don Goodell, Don Stadlcr, Dick McLarnan. MIDDLE ROW: Robert Eastman. Chase Clements, Mr. Todd fAsst. Coachl, Coach John Jerpe, Howard Blair, Dick Pickard, Harold Weir. TOP ROW: "Brownie" Cochran, Herbert Hunt, Earl Lewis, Lowell Bricker, Leland Kelser, Lester Craig, Don Coile. CENTRAL OHIO CHAMPIONS 1925 .... L-...1........... ,.,. ,,,,..,,., , .. ,. .,,,-1 A ' :MX-1. Q. -, A Identified by Allin Kahrl FRONT ROW: Lawrence Conkling, Roy Mc-Calla, Lloyd Smith, Murray Mengigtllall. , Milford Winland, Leo Van Rhoden.f9ff-4" ' SECOND ROW: Charles Ilger, Robert Cranmer, Howard Tarr, Edwin Way, Kenneth Cochran, Walter Donaldson. John Italiano. THIRD ROW: Coach Angus King, William Bricker, James Alsdorf, George Fouch, Donald Champion, James Beam, George Knecht, Robert Moxley, Manager Robert McKown. Page One Hundred Eleven THE FIRST BASKETBALL TEAM 1911 l Picture from Mary Brown Snyder and identified by Milton Reeder FRONT ROW: Hovey Altenburg, George Culbertson, Leonard Postle, Harold Seymour, Milton Reeder. BACK ROW: Hoy Russell, Raymond Speek, Clilford Brown, Allan Sapp, Clarence Lauderbaugh, Barton Blair, Coach. Page One Hundred Twelve 6 fy! JE'-Qin 1, X I x H X '10 f ,, lf v j of x ' of X my f' ' f is Mel GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1918 Locned and identified by Mary Brown Snyder Mrs. Snyder is now principal of West School LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Dowds, Coach: Mary Brown Snyder tBrownieJ, Marie Mossholder, Margaret Clements Salisbury 4Migj, Marie Brceee Marsh tBreecieJ tdcceasedl, Leona Perkins tPerkicl, Mary Elliott Jones lJohnnyJ. BASKETBALL FOR GIRLS While basketball for girls is limited to intramural events today, there was a time when there were organized teams in high school that played teams from surrounding towns. Two of these teams are shown on this page. 1921 .. N LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Rayot 1Coachl, Louise Bell Sellers, Eleanor Lorey James, Dorothy Hess Dunham QC:-trol Dunham's Motherj, Margaret Fairchild Beach llvlareia Beach's Mother! Annis Conley Miller, Mary Salisbury, Mary Ransom Fletcher tMolly Fleteher's Motherl. THE SEASON Mount Vernon ,. ,..,..... 24 Fredericktown Mount Vernon ., .,.. 11 Coshocton ,,,.... .. Mount Vernon ., .. 3 Lancaster 58 24 18 Page One Hundred Thirteen RUNNERS UP EOR NATIONAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 1922 BOTTOM ROW: Ed Arnold, Lester Brining. MIDDLE ROW: Harold CCookieJ Cunningham, Cedric Smith, Charles Wright. TOP ROVlL:'Coach Harry Newman, Charles Hookway ideceasedj, Curtis Grubb, V,-A-'Claren Duke, Manager Stanley Moore 1deceased.7 . N X W ,f X ' ,W R XQOUMQ Identified by Bill Dennis 1928 BASKETBALL SQUAD BOTTOM ROW: Bob Cranmer, Harold Johnson, Captain Bob Swanson, Fred Rinc QBeverly and Carrol Rine's fathery, Rae Mondron. SECOND ROW: George Hutsberger iassistant coachj, Bill Bricker, John Worley, Claude Hoffman, Coach Angus King. THIRD ROW: John Paques, Edgar Allen, Bill Dennis 1Kay Dennis' fatherj, Pete Mondron, Harold Sowers. TOP ROW: Sidney Ramsey, Charles Scottie, Bill Twinem. Page One Hundred Fourteen RUNNERS-UP FOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 1922 One of the most famous teams that Mount Vernon ever produced in basketball was the 1922 one. That year they were State Champions, and Harold Cunningham and Cedric Smith placed on the All-American Team. THE 1922 SEASON Mount Vernon West Commerce ....... ..... 1 5 Mount Vernon Akron Central ..... ..... 2 6 Mount Vernon Massillon ............ ...,. 1 7 Mount Vernon Cambridge ........... ..... 2 7 Mount Vernon Dayton Stivers .,....... ...,. 1 0 Mount Vernon Canton McKinley ...... ..... 2 5 Mount Vernon Fostoria ..................,.. ..... 1 6 Mount Vernon Gambier ,............,........ ..... 1 1 Mount Vernon Toledo Woodward ...... ..... 2 2 Mount Vernon Norwalk .....,............. ..... 1 2 Mount Vernon Columbus East ..... ..... 2 4 DELAWARE TOURNAMENT Mount Vernon Akron North ....... ..... 9 Mount Vernon Massillon ...,,....,... ,..., 6 Mount Vernon Archbold ,,..,.,..,.,,,..... ..,,, 1 0 Mount Vernon Canton McKinley ,..... ,,,,. 1 9 Mount Vernon Woodward Tech ......., .,.., 1 4 Mount Vernon Fostoria ..,.,.......,...,,,,, ..,,, 1 9 Mount Vernon Delaware ,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 7 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Mount Vernon Yankton, S. D. ,,.,,,, ,,,,, 1 9 Mount Vernon Sutton, Neb. .,.,,., ,.,,, 1 4 Mount Vernon Watseka, Ill. ...,., ,.,,, 1 9 Mount Vernon Rockford, Ill. .... ..,.. 2 0 Mount Vernon Lexington, Ky. ,.,.. ...,, 4 6 , f'-21-1 4 Q21 .4 V , bv- ' if . .3 V .. - af ' f 1,1:w,.:- -ww. 1'--sf' "av .' Page One Hundred Fifteen GOLF FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Lcvcring, Harry Bassinger, Dave Spitzer, Al Shields, Jerry Knox, Dave Warren, Robert Corcoran, Ben Cochran, John Nugent. Coach, Tommy Thomas. Jerry Knox placed 3rd in State Finals oi' thc State High School Goll' Tournament. BASEBALL xii . ,xg ge me +. ft 'ff Q.. 1 'sv E 3? . - lCourtesy Mount Vernon Newsl BOTTOM ROW: George Engle, manager: Carl Robinson, Wayne Levers, Larry Branstool, Abe Adams, Stan McNabb, Monte Rutherford. James Hissong, Bus Ransom. BACK ROW: Coach Bob Fuller, Bob Ransom, John Williams, Don Fleeger, Norman Steagall, Brad Koch, Joc Mazza, Bud Rohlcr, Bill Yoakum, William Tyson, Coach Houston Schlosser. Page One Hundred Sixteen TRACK ,"'Y' .J is .ax Y, A 5 W BOTTOM ROW: Loren Fickle Lawson Smith An rew Ball , . d , Phil Jacobs, Larry Obee, Don Crawford, Manager Jim X.. D'ck Kimble, Richie Hoyt, Paul Emlirk Richald McKenzie SECOND ROW: Charles Pillow, Carol Sorge, Norman Sorge, Ronnie Spearman, Joe VanDover, Al Pol and Bill Maxim Charles Poles, Bud Woodward, John Lord, Tom Knox TOP ROW: Coach Dwight Bumpus, Hank Greer, Jim Bec kholt, Jim Noonen, Carroll Rine, Jack Hess Ron Gaumei Dick Buckham, Bob Dunham, Tom Prible, Coach Elmer Crabbs. KNEELING: Handley Hayes, Charles Ransom, Mike Alexander, Coach Rex Murphy. STANDING: John Augenstein, Dave Misicka, John Wareham, Jim Hofmann, Larry Davis, Bill Young Page One Hundred Sevenfeen TENNIS CLUB OF 1887 Picture und idenlificulion by Mrs. W. B. Wilkinson FROEVTIEOWI: Lawrence Taylor, Will Mather, Alice Curtis, Charles Critchfleld, Kate Neal Kinlcy, ar mi 1. MIDDLE ROW: Charles Baker, Lizzie Bradfield Parsons, Lucy Clark Mitchell, Dolly Bradfleld Moore, Jewett Mather, Charles Ingrman, Edith Tudor Errett, Willie Horner, TOP ROW: Rollin Mclntire, George Mizer, Lulu Bunn, Ed Mitchell, Edith Floyd, Ollic Kelly Eggleston, Will Sellers. SMALL FACULTY In 1887 the high school had just two teachers, Professor Yarnell and Miss Emma Seymour. The superintendent, R. B. Marsh, also taught a few classes. zles it c "'1. Page One Hundred Eighteen I , 'v ab 1100 4K1 ff ,f ff! 1 , 1 f fx, f ' x 'iff-ff 2 'JZ 17,17 W X QNX Vf A New 41- , ., Axlvf , 14,4 y f' ij " 91 in X f ff ' 1 ' B.-ox X r fl, S M - pq 1, 'X .. WX - - R '. 'Za' 1' ig-gvkqfx A 5.. . wkvxii A 'Bw if XMIM XX. f 1 a ,A x 7 A 1 A -,,w . ' . - - 'on ' ' '- ,, , f' , 5 :fu , f ' A 3' 1' :T -. P' 'wa ' J fg ' ll i f U . Lgfzil- --.-. .f:. - ---::::aii-' :5:x7Q3?25' " 'J"""5 "'A :"""""' g , " ' - 4 ' , 5 . , gr .A X r 4 X X i- 1 . '- -.. .I I - l .I .-. . ' szwzszsxzs. x 3 f LE 1 -5 ' uc:-gvu:wo:.vuQ ..,1f:--Efffzn-an-sa. '. Ilia... I J 4. I2 f ij ' 1 f-. P U V '23-1 ' L1 , Ni, f -5 0 .J 4: ' QNX P rt " I" ,.'. I , ., W QE: Ny . g ,Ex I "'.v..- I .' . .'. , , Q, AQ ' '. f ff A if WT '31 .' ' ' Y all YZ! - ' ,I hx " , 7:5 . " - . I . ' I ,724 xx . 1 .- . I LL GKA 0 S MOUNT VERNON'S CLAIM TO FAME Lgkifzlzzii ozsgiif is 5 Q fftifnfalfzallcfm, , Ifigwf degli. " 14 1 1 V ...wig ' , r s ii5,,i g K QAINM and summit wi, W 555, .,X, . tr at ,E E E E re., 'f?1iTQ "'- A W fi' -- Q ff , NK J 22 Q X ...MN E steem Q ix is t on A ssse M i 7k.,L ,I 1. V.,. W. A Ak... .L.,....W..,. ., . v,.. .. my K K . ...desk L.Q4f:?.i!,?.-?,,fl' ff'f'..fE'ife ' re..-fig-Lfi LW..L .L'LL i ,. so W' -A - n ..-- A A , f 9-we 4' fi 'W 1 LL., L- A - jf::,,.e'f.1f:': -,'- . A-'- - -A . :,r,k..,.: zzgrfjygg Picture from H. O. Winiermufe Daniel Decatur Emmett author of "Dixie" No history of Mount Vernon would be complete without a picture of Dan Emmett. Mr. Emmett wrote his famous song "Dixie" for a minstrel show of which he was a member. The song has become almost a national anthem of the South although it was first sung in New York City. Pictured above is Mr. Emmett with the original cover of "Dixie" is Di N5 M E'MMETT DIXIE 1. M f 1 Page One Hundred Twenfy HIGH STEPPERS OF THE BAND me VAT 1: STANDING: Weston Augenstein, Elaine Pipes, Janet Bouton, Sally Pryor, Shirley McGibncy, Hobart Magill. HOME TOWN BAND ABOUT 1880 Page One Hundred Twenfy-one Regular Formation 1 PgO HddT fy-tw Marcbz'ng and FIRST ROW: Shirley Tier, Sally Pryor, Shirley McGibney, Hobart McGill, Assistant Director, Mr. Jack Stauchg Director, Mr. Bill Root: Drum Major, Weston Augensteing Elaine Pipes, Janet Bouton, Ruth Gillooley. SECOND ROW: Anne Painter, Dorothy Warman, Rachel Daly, Mary K. Eastman, Joe Dunlap, Jerry Knox, Don Waastafl, Dick Reynard, Marjorie Warman, Norma Fetter. THIRD ROW: Walter Stanley, Charles Warren, Joann Kigler, John Frary, Carolyn Barton, Larry Davis, David Warren, Jane Smith, Hannah Mautner, Kay Rapp, Marita Grubb, Mary Ann Hanes, Douglas Evans, FOURTH ROW: Deanna Wright, JoAnn Cornell, Elaine Kousoulas, Loretta Davis, Beverly Rine, Twila Fish, Janet Johnson, Mary Ann Rawlins, Cathy Hodder, Mary Ellen Fox, Sally Latham, Eleanor Brown, Janet Henery, Mary Poland, Ned Kuivinen. FIFTH ROW: Peggy Cochran, Joyce Fetter, Bill Doup, Bill Conard, Don Reed, John Ewalt, Charles Wyant, Ron Gullctt, Kay Murdock, Roberta Shannon, Bob Harrod, Dick Smith, Ken Heaps, Charles Denhart. SIXTH ROW: Bob Elwood, Ron Snow, Larry Marble, Bob Bader, Nadine Parker, Gene Lewis, Jackie Burgess, Lorna Eagle, Carolyn Wagner, Chuck Bonnist, Mary Warner, Kay Snider, Ann Robeson, Martha Rae Rine. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy Barncord, Nancy Stillson, Sue Roberts, Rosalee Ernest, Lorena Gardner, JoAnn Ulery, Barabara Schmidt, Sue Tarr, Dora Dell Wyant, Georgiene McKee, Elizabeth Ann Gaines, Barbara Gantz. EIGHTH ROW: Ann Titus, Janet Bumpus, Charles Williams, Bonnie Wise, Phil Jacobs, Jane Geiger, Gary Boucher, Dick Poling, Nancy Ireland. Linda Ralston, Judy Bartlett, Charlene Orsborn, Wally Kaser, NINTH ROW: Phil Levering, Charles Gill, Bob Melcher, John Augenstein, Clifford Slayman, Bill Ward, David Burkcy. Page One Hundred Twenty-Three THE MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONIC BAND Presenter! its A nnuoll Winter Concert Thursday and Friday, March 12 and 13, 1953 Bill Root, Director jach Stauch, Assistant Director High School Auditorium 8:15 P. M. PROGRAM Ciribiribin Concert March - - Death and Transfiguration Finale ------ Clarinet Royale - - Clarinet Soloist - Badinage for Brasses - - - Featuring the Brasses 4 . Symphony in F Minor No. Finale INTERMISSION Tap Roots ----- Original Movie Score The Peck - Hornls Revenge Featuring the French Horn Section The Three jacks ---------- Bill Conard - john Ewalt - Dick Smith li Vincent Youman's Fantasy Page One Hundred Twenfy-four Paraphrased by Harry Alford - Richard Strauss - - David Bennett - Elaine Kousoulas - - Harold Walters - Tschaikowsky Op. 56 - Frank Skinner - Bowles - Harold Waltesr arr. by Paul Yoder BOYS! TRAINING FIRST ROW, left to right: Leroy Wheeler, Ernest Springer, Stan Walker, Miron Gallogoly, and Michael Knox. SECOND ROW: Don Springer, Alfred Sholtz, Ronald Ridenour, Larry Van Riper, Carrol Gillc, Roger Maine, Dick Kiner, and Charles Burger. THIRD ROW: Charles Nelson, Morris Carper, Miron Koon, David Dowdell, Jim Wareham, Bud Ebrie, Fred Brooks, Eriven Corwin, Gregory Chester, and David Gullett. Elizabeth Barton, accompanist. GIRLS' TRAINING CHOIR , TOP ROW, left to right: Carol Lamb, Bev. Main, Wanda Van Buskirk, Kathleen Mooney, Roberta Curry, Nancy Hagan, Bonney Yokem, Joyce Snow. MIDDLE ROW: Ann Rice, Viola Stevens, Betty Humbert, Annett Burris, Jean Wells, Molly Deedrick, Maxine Cunningham, Shirley Coles, Patty Frost. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Hall, Betty Adams, Bev Hill, Thelma Clemens, Loduska Eis, Helen Morey, Judy Ackerman, Joyce Colony, Thelma Jean Smith, Zoda Henthorn. Director Jack Stauch. Page One Hundred Twenty-six Wz'tb 61 Jong in Their emftf SENIOR CHOIR FIRST ROW: Marilyn Jones, Marilee Ehrgott, Mary Lou Carswell, Janet Vannatta, Nancy Ireland, Mary Fowler, Hester London, Elaine Scholz, Dorothy Warman, Marjorie Sanner, Marlene Row- ley, Charleen Smith, Bethel Chatreau, Edith Springer, Donna McQuigg, Jackie Dudgeon, SECOND ROW: Barbara Beroth, Phyllis Kymer, Marlene Kline, Martha Galbraith, Marilyn Engle, Patty Umbaugh, Beverly Armstrong, Barbara Lonzo, Nancy Stillson, Marilyn Reiss, Gayle Meyer, Linda Brillhart, Nancy McCullough, Judy Allen, Nancy Rice, Carolyn Wells, Jean Hale, Barbara Scott. THIRD ROW: Norma Jean Fetter, Phyllis Fry, Jean Boyer, Jo Ann Beach, Jo Ann Dexter, Tom Perrine, Allan Shields, Bill Young, Leonard Sally, Elaine Kousoulas, Chuck Bonnist, Ronnie Cline, Edward Welsh, Ned Vannatta. FOURTH ROW: Director Bill Root, Winifred Rucka, Darlene Cline, Bill Martin, Dick Polinq, John Wareham, Jim Kathary, Larry Davis, Jim Hoovler, Maurice Jones, Charles Gill, Phil Levering, Richie Erlanger, William Hodder, Fred Kimble, Dave Sellers. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven THE MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA presented Na ugbty Marietta An Operetta in two acts Music by Victor Herbert Book and Lyrics by Rida Johnson Young APRIL 9 and l0, 1953 Directed by Bill M. Root assisted by Maryalice Shockey and Jack E. Stauch Accompanist: Norma jean Fetter Assistant: Nancy Stillson CAST OF CHARACTERS Marietta ---------------- Captain Richard Warrington --------- Lieutenant Governor Grandet - - Etienne Grandet ----- - Adah -------- Silas Slick - - Lizette - - Rudolfo - - - Sir Harry Blake - - Florenze - - - Nanette - Felice - - Fanchon - - Chorus of entire Senior Choir SCENES Act I The Public Square in New Orleans about 1780. Act II Scene I: The Marionette Theatre Scene II: The Governor's Ballroom -J',.- MW-- "3 33... .-IF' . - E32-. . 'ZS' l I T61 I I Ek gif! F95 F53 5915 CEI 5:23 Q19 -. 5 -. ,gtggg " If atifigrffbigf' Ye:2S!!':o-" Page One Hundred Twenty-eight - Elaine Scholz Charles Bonnist - Fred Kimble William Hodder Carolyn Wells - Allan Shields janet Vannatta - - Ed Welsh John Wareham - Tom Perrine Hester London Marlene Kline - Barbara Scott MAY FESTIVAL RIVERSIDE PARK 1915 Teacher was Grace Headington Motherall loaned and identified by Edith Babbs West BOYS, front to back: Tom Davis, Campbell Thomas, Claude Gates, Don Jackson, Eugene Stamm, Robert Johnson, Robert Thompson, Charles Tucker, Stoyle Patterson, Jack Appleton, Dr. Robert Blair, Houston Rockwell. GIRLS, front to back: Sara Brauner Hosack, Ora Champion Rabishaw, Virginia Robinson Gentry, Elizabeth Ewing, Margaret Snyder, Imogene Michael Montgomery, Edith Babbs West, Eleanor Owen, Louise Atwood Niles, Ruth Taylor Vaughn, Jeanette Bell, Annis Conley Miller. McDOWELL CLUB PARTY OF MISS NELLIE McFADDEN'S MUSIC PUPILS PARTY AT THE HOME OF SARAH HERVEY BROWN 1914 ff BOTTOM ROW: Martha Weaver Gatton, Charlene Bebout VanSise, Eloise Scott Gaumer, Dorothy Bowden Sperry, William Kahrl, Stanley Moore, Robert Greer, Cedric Mill, Alice Creedon Jones, Eleanor Dorzran Deedrich, Priscilla Tarr Thompson, Evlyn Levy. SECOND ROW: Pauline Ashcraft, Ruth Taylor Vaughn, Edith Babbs West, Marcella Cookscy, Myron Eggleston, Robert Odell, Annis Conley Miller, Harriett Fairchild, Sara Bermont Hagan, haura McConnell, Thelma Burris Sharp, Mary Arndt Rahming, Esther Blair Neher, Cornelia erron. THIRD ROW: Eva Hose, Charles Cooper, Nelson Burris, Eleanor Lorey James, Frances Wolverton, Virginia Alsdorf Garoutte, Eloise McFeeley McCann, Sarah Hervey Brown, Mary Dowds Houck, Helen Summers Stevens, Lawrence Williams, Lawrence Mill, Harrison Greer, Anna Sanderson Salisbury. FOURTH ROW: Lucille Smith Brown, Christine Kinnard, Cunidentifiedj Margaret Ayers Bonnist. s A x, E .-5: 'X-. 535. N., . N, nv' X N kklf xwftzftt, K il-Q sglgggsfgg' K - t' sgvty' ' 'xo .XR j V 'TS K A ' I r i XX . - 5s X f I 'n q .', I "- f 4 - 1 S, 5, .iv I 'ii X ' I' . A w . 7 :V I Ig, E 1 .x I, X -1 'i I -1 f f xl 1 'g,'l3'K' it-l Lv," . . fl Q l I X x ,J -,Q ' 1 I v ' ' gf w T:-lr: WL 4 1 Q X fyfw Q69 f C, 0 NQ. -VL- i n fait' Q I Q-sad -g 'xl m m f i .J 'KJ v W If fv' ' ALR f W ' ' 35 A X J 6 Q55 83 X-f Q - ' C a5'?'!'! ff' ff 5' f rx K - ix X xxa :QT M-. MIT! ., Ra 1 'V' sx Yi . xx xl l Xi? swfx' I I 'liv- What A Li e All High School Play A Comedy in Three Acts by Clifford Goldsmith Alumni Auditorium, Friday Evening, November 14, 1952 Miss Shea - Mr. Nelson - A Student - A Student - Mr. Patterson Miss Pike - Bill - - - Miss Eggleston Miss johnson Mr. Vecchitto Henry Aldrich Barbara Pearson Gertie - - - Mr. Bradley - Miss Wheeler George Bigelow Mrs. Aldrich Mr. Ferguson THE CHARACTERS - Marti Elder - Dale Miller Hester London james Hoovler Charles Bonnist Belva Nelson - Bill Baker - jean Boyer Carolyn Sperry Larry Epstein - Bob Ransom - Nancy Rice - Phyllis Frye - Dan Bastin - Ann Tabor John Wareham Carolyn Wells - Charles Gill Mary - - - --------- Mary Lou Ferenbaugh Students - - ---- - Edith Springer, Christine Banner, Sandy St. John, Keitha Porter, Loretta Davis, Peggy Barncord, Judy Ackerman, Sarah Eastman, Beverly Leiter, Beverly Armstrong, jean Wells, julie Thiebert, Jim McKee, Larry Davis SCENES ACT I: The principal's office in Central High School. A morningin spring. ACT Il: The same. The following morning. ACT III: The same. An hour later. PRODUCTION STAFF Director - - ---------- Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager - -------------- Fred Kimble Stage Crew - ----------- Gene Nelson, Dick Kimble, Page One Hundred Thirty-fwo Jerry Beeman, jim Wareham, Bob Lipps, Dave Evans, Phil Levering, Ervin Erlanger Property Committee -------------- Phoebe Wheeler, Barbara Stoyle, Kay Rapp, Mollie Deedrick, Janet Ransom, Marjorie Sanner, Nancy Hagan Tickets - - - - - - - Beryl Highman, Patsy johnson Head Usher - ----- Lorena Gardner THE JUNIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented B 0 y Wan A Comedy in Three Acts by tea' William Roos Alumni Auditorium, Friday Evening, March 27, 1955 Margaret - Doris - - Adele - Nancy - - Cynthia - - Mrs. Holmes - Professor Drake - Miss Francis - Linda - - Mr. Flynn - - Harold Rollins Mrs. Hill - - Fred - - - Rodney Faulkner Mr. Rollins - - Mrs. Rollins - - Mr. Hill - - - CAST Cin the order in which they speakb - - - - - - - Gayle Meyer - Loa Hathaway - La Vawn Low Elizabeth Gaines - Peggy Cochran Carolyn Sperry Clifford Slayman - - Barbara Scott - Sarah Eastman - Kenneth Heaps - John Wareham - - janet Bouton - - Bob Ransom - - Dan Bastin - - Stan McNabb - - - - Martha Galbraith Charles Potes The entire play takes place in a Sorority Room on the second floor of the dormitory of the Ridgeway Academy for Girls on an evening in june. PRODUCTION STAFF Difectof - - - ---------- Ruth DOlIllgaIl TILIXHII Stage Manager - Stage Crew - - Electrician - - Property Committee - - Ticket Committee Head Usher - - - - - - - - - Larry Davis - Charles Wyant, Joe Van Dover, john Augenstein TomLonzo - Nancy Ralston, Charleen Smith, Beverly Rine, Ron Gaumer, jim Beckholt, Bus Ransom Guy Van Nostrand, Bob Ransom, Keitha Porter, Sarah Eastman - - - - - - Lorena Gardner ZW 5 lg a ,r -fir , X, s l Page One Hundred Thirty-four THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented You Can 't Take It With You A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Penelope Sycamore Essie ---- Rheba ---- Paul Sycamore - Mr. DePinna - Ed ----- Donald - - - - Martin Vanderhof - Alice ----- Henderson - - Tony Kirby - - Boris Kolenkhov - Gay Wellington - Mr. Kirby - - Mrs. Kirby - - Three Men - - - Friday Evening, May 15, 1953 THE CAST - Ann Tabor Anne Painter - Marilyn jones - - Brad Koch - - Phil Berger - William Hodder - Maurice Jones - - Fred Pargeon - - Debbie Pond - - Tommy Phillips - Dale Miller - Gordon Lambillotte - - - Sally Pryor - - - - - - John Williams - - - - - - - Carolyn Wells - - - - - - - - Fred Ball, Don Curry, jerry Knox Olga --------- ----------- C arol Dunham The scene is the home of Martin Vanderhof, New York. ACT I A Wednesday evening. CDuring this act the curtain is lowered to denote the passing of several hours.D A week later. The next day. Director - - Stage Manager - Stage Crew - - - Property Committee Ticket Committee - Head Usher - Page One Hundred Thirty-six ACT II ACT III PRODUCTION STAFF - - - - - - - - - - - Ruth Domigan Truxall --------------FredKimble - - Larry Davis, Gene Nelson, Larry Davis - - - - - - Nancy Barncord, joan Elwood Dee Olson, Beverly Leiter, Mary Alice Warner, Twila Fish, jane Geiger - - - - - - - - - jane Geiger, Nancy Barncord Joan Curtis, Barbara Davis, Carol Dunham, joan Elwood Twila Fish, Don Fleeger, Sonia Fridline, Brad Koch, Jerry Knox, Dale Miller, Dee Olson, Anne Painter, Fred Pargeon, Tom Phillips, Debbie Pond, Bob Rooch, Bill Ward, Dot Warman, Carolyn Wells --------------CarolynDunn Rugs and curtains: Ringwalt's :Ex is W aixg Q' 559 1 , X fag 2 Q. X..X . X , QP give 344-f x -"XX I it -N,Q- -Q N Awtwjg-fl :SS 1551.6 Y Q g , ,.i- , x L ,Ss Q 5 . pf , x . -5 : QX QE "HONOR BRIGHT" JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 1925 TY, l Pidure Iocned by William Ackerman. Identified by Ruth Truxall BOTTOM ROW: Lois Burtnett, William Ackerman, Evelyn Jones, Louis Moore, Kathryn Young. MIDDLE ROW: Francine Yerian, George Fouche, Helen Trenwith, Milford Winland, Marguerite Arek. TOP ROW: Allin Kahrl, Harry Snyder, John Johnson, Alwyn Gearhart. Bob Greer not in picture. Page One Hundred Thirfy-eight THE FIRST FORUM QUEEN RUTH BEBOUT BALL In going over the Forum files, the first account we found of a Forum Queen was in 1928, when Ruth Bebout Ball was crowned Carnival Queen. Mrs. Ball is the mother of Fred Ball, a graduating senior, Andrew and Nancy in high school, and three other children in the grades. She said there was nothing spectacular about the Forum show in those days. At the end of the high school carnival, she went to the auditorium, where a small crown was placed on her head, the dancers paused long enough for her to receive her crown, then immediately continued dancing. There was no program con- nected with the ceremony. 0 ' wi . 'Ilw E-?iil'f Page One Hundred Thirty-nine THE CORONATION OF THE SWEETHEART MOUNT VERNON HIGH FORUM QUEEN A..... ..................,....................,......A...........,............... . . Queen's Escort ........ Senior Attendentr Sally Pryor ,, ,... Mary Poland .......... Ruth Gillooley ,...,. Junior Attendants Ann Titus ......A....... Keitha Porter ,.,., Kay Dennis ...... Senior Court Jane Geiger ........ Joann Cornell .... Elaine Scholz .,,.. Debbie Pond ...... Carol Dunham ....., Janet Berger ....... Shirley Wolf ....... junior Court Janet Vannatta ............. Norma Jean Fetter ...... Sarah Eastman ......,... Loa Hathway ......... Linda Brillhart ....... Gayle Meyer ....... Beverly Rine ....... Crown Bearers ....... Pages ......, Knights ....,.. "My Gal sax" ...... QUEEN,S PROCESSION SHIRLEY TIER Marvin Vannatta Escorts Norman Steagall Tom Phillips Gordon Lambillotte Escorts Don Curry Phil Berger Bob Pitkin Escorts jerry Knox Bill Conard Ed Welsh john Hoyt Brad Koch Walt Clippinger Don Mill Bill Noce David Warren Dan Bastin Carroll Rine David Misicka Allan Shields Kenneth Shira Carol West jeneal Vannatta Billy Root Stephen Murphy Frank Beam Edgar Erlanger Male Quartet for Sally Pryor "Make Believe' .,,,.,.,.....,.,....,...,.,................., ........, H ester London for Ann Titus "A Pretty Girl" ,,,,,,,....,.,,...,.,....................................................... Male Quartet for Mary Poland "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" ,.........,................. Mary Lee Ergott for Keitha Porter "Stardust" ,.,............,..................,,.................... Dave Warren - Trombone - for Ruth Gillooley "Embraceable You" ..,.............,......................................,............ Janet Vannatta for Kay Dennis "Lovely to Look At" ..., .....,..,..............,..................... O rchestra for QUEEN SHIRLEY TIER YELLOW JACKET CHORUS Don Curry, John Hoyt, Phil Berger, Tom Phillips, Ken Shira, Gordon Lambillotte, John Williams, jim Hendershott, Jim Bricker, Don Fleeger, Carroll Rine, joe Mazza, Dave Misicka, Richie Erlanger, Bob Ransom, Bus Ransom, Jack Hess, Ron Gaumer, George Engle, John Lord. JACKETTE CHORUS Janet Bouton, soloistg Elizabeth Gaines, Peggy Cochran, Ann Robeson, jo Ann Ulery, Loretta Davis, Sue Tarr. QUEEN'S GRENADIERS jim Wareham, Bill Young, Dave Evans, Ervin Erlanger, Charles Banning, Doug Evans, Hank Greer, Dick Kimble, Larry Davis, Larry Henry, Curtis Hissong, Richard Rush, Bob Melcher, Linn Sellers, Dick Wright, Bob Poland, Norman Sorge, Bob Berry, Buddy Wythe, Everet Baer. Page One Hundred Forty FORUM Q UEEN SHIRLEY TIER F THE FORUM STAFF PRESENTED THE ANNUAL FORUM FOLLIES OR THE ROYAL REVUE April 24, 1953 Master of Ceremonies ............,....,...............................,.,..........,................... ....... F red Pargeon Announcer ........................,.....................,.,...........,.,..,..,.,.,................,............... .,....... B rad Koch PROLOGUE AT THE PALACE GATES Guards ...,,............. "Gone Fishin"' Mrs. Baker ........... Mrs. Cassell ............ Mrs. Montgomery ..... Miss Koons ......,.......... Winston Churchill ........ Flower Girl ............,. Mrs. Sevitts ,....... Mrs. King ............. Anthony Eden ...,.... Lady from Spain ..,..... Sir Harry Lauder President Ike ..,....... Mamie ., .,.............. Elaine Pip es, Hobert Magill Ronnie Gullett Barbara Beroth ,, ....,... Barbara Scott Carolyn Colgin Martha Galbraith Fred Kimble Judy Ackerman Marilyn Reiss Phyllis Frye William Hodder Edith Springer Ronnie Cline John Wareham Marlene Kline PROGRAM Court Dance ..,........,... ...........................................,..,,.,,................. Q ueen's Court Queen's Procession ........ ...... F ORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Washington Post ..,..................... ....,....................................,........ L inda Ketner "Down Younder" ........,,..,............. .................,.,........................ S haron Bricker "Till I Waltz Again With You" .... ....................................,.........,....... S hirley Coles Three Waltzes ..................,....,....... .......................................................,. J ames Hoovler "School Days" .............................,. ......... D ixie Pembrook, Linda Knapp, Judy McKee "Night and Day" ...........,................. .,..,,,,,...................,.......... A nne Painter, Mary Ann Hanes 'Walkin' My Baby Back Home" ......,....,.............,,...,............................,..,,....,.,..... The Sportsmen Jeff Shamansky, Charlie Wyant, Joe Van Dover The Blue Lady ......,................. Nancy Ralston, Chuck Bonnist, Anne Painter, Mary Ann Hanes 'Darktown Strutters' Ball" ..... H . - ,, Three Cavaliers .......... . . "Tea for Two" ,...., . Organ Medley ............ "Stars and Stripes" "Toot Toot Tootsie" Duel ........,...........................,,.... Sweethearts ..........,.................... FORUM "Deep Purple" ................,......... Sheila Ralston Diane Warrell Beautiful Ohio .........,,...... .......................................,...................................,........ Larry Epstein, Charles Ransom, Charlie Wyant Janet Bouton, Don Curry Judy Mild Melonie Cofling Camille Mazza Dan Bastin, Tom Perrine, John Wareham "Just One of Those Things" Two Hoboes ......,..................... "Merry Widow Waltz" ........., " A Fella with an Umbrella" . Elaine QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Scholz, Ed Welsh Charles Williams Loduska Eis Allan Shields, Dan Bastin Marilyn Jones Gayle Meyer, Bob Ransom, Linda Brillhart, John Williams, Dixie Pembrook, Dennis McMannis "The Sunny Side of the Street" The Jackettes Movie Stars .,,.,,..,........................... .................,...........,............. D on Curry, Jim Hendershott Archie and Delno ...................... .............................................. D 6100 Rogers Jazz Babies ,,,..,.....,., ........ N ancy Humbert, Mary Jewell Sapp "Ain't He Sweet" ,,,,.,.,...... .....................,...................,....... C harles Ransom, The Jackettes "Men of M. T. V." ,............, .........................,..,..,..............,..,................. Y ellow Jacket Chorus "A Kingdom of Our Own" ............ Janet Vannatta, Gayle Meyer, John Williams, Bob Ransom "The Sweetheart of M.T.V." .... Gayle Meyer, Janet Vannatta, Linda Brillhart, Marlene Kline FINALE UGOODNIGHT SWEETHEARTU Page One Hundred Forty-two FORUM QUEEN ATTENDANTS mlm LKDURT 6.63655 Q NIS FORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS CHILDREN: Stephen Murphy, Jeneal Vannatte, Carol West, Billy Root. ATTCTEIHDIENTS: Kay Dennis. Keitha Porter, Ann Titus, Queen Shirley Tier, Sally Pryor, Mary Poland, Ruth 1 oo ey. ESCOETS: Bob Pitkin, Phil Berger, Don Curry, Marvin Vannatta, Norman Steagall. Tom Phillips, Gordon Lam- bil 0 0. PRODUCTION STAFF Director .,.......,..... .,................................ .......,...,.......,......,...... S a ra M. Cannon Group Dances ...... ..,.....,..,,,..,.....,.,.,............ J anet Bouton Tickets .......,........ ...... M ary Warner, Elaine Kousoulas Head Usher ..... .....................,......... C hristine Banner Electrician ..........,..,. ..................,.......... J ohn Augenstein Stage Manager ,..... ....... ............... ,..................,....i...... T o m Lonzo Decoration .......,.. .................,....,........ V ivian Gallogly, Shirley Wolf Coronation ...... ,.....................,...........,.........,..,...... i.... S 0 nia Fridline Program ...,.... ......, N ancy Ireland, Debbie Pond, Carol Dunham, Belva Nelson, Beverly Leiter Finance ...,.. .....i.........,,............,.,.......................... J ane Geiger Dance ............ ,...,.,,.,....,.......,.............. F red Pargeon Publicity ...,.,. ,..,,. B arbara Gantz, Wes Augenstein Music ,.,.........,... .........,.............................. J ane Geiger Photography ...... .....,.,.......,...............,........,.......,..,....,..,.,,..............,...... F red Kimble FACULTY ASSISTANTS Pearl Carpenter Ruth Truxall, Don Morrison, jack Stauch, Bill Root, Joe Cotton, Florence Cass ACCOMPANISTS Ann Painter, Mary Ann Hanes, Nancy Stillson, Mrs. Stephen McKee, Phil Levering, Elizabeth Barton, Martha Jean Gamble, Mrs. George Stull, Donna Hall. Page One Hundred Forty-four THE FOR M QUEEN AND HER COURT --Q T' SENIOR COURT TOP: Jane Geiger, Jerry Knox: Janet Berger, Walt Clippingerg Shirley Wolf, Don Mill, Elaine Scholz, Ed Welshg Joann Cornell, Bill Conardg Carol Dunham, Brad Koch' Debbie Pond, John Hoyt. MIDDLE: Stephen Murphy, Jeueal Vannatta, Queen Shirley Tier, Carol West, Billy Root. JUNIOR COURT BOTTOM: Gayle Meyer, Allan Shieldsg Janet Vannatta, Bill Noce, Beverly Rine, Ken Shira' Sarah Eastman, Dan Basting Loa Hathaway, Carroll Rineg Linda Brillhart, Dave Misicka' Norma Jean Fetter, Dave Warren. F aa a A Q X 3 vit. xx Xxx Q Y KX X x Q ' f . 1 F S233 F if-ASQ 'X ' ,.,WH X K - fx x - A K .f ki A - 1- X' -N . ' A Rig .ig ' sg?-1 f - Ili . - 55' , 1- X, -9 S5 , K x.-h KE . -A : i . . ,fe .L 5 x 1 f xsd. S Qk... if gf i t. ' , xxxb " 5 K ff. ffsfi 5 , 5fQ5'ffqii'e??v ii 1 . 5 'k . 3 ' 35 N ?i5x .15 LX 1: ,, Q L W , I' fl? ' I 6 XF . - A fr. . . Ne - , 4 1,-fl , k , 1 x . 53' 2 'u ,fig , .y 1 -14. ,,. ,. Y,-,. ix t l , ,I ,.Yv...kK, .5 ' . T f ff 'f X Q1 .D ' L? 1 -is ' 'ff 1 - :Q f,q Lf -71. AARJQYQHX- S 3 5 t 5 g ,M PQ 5 Vik . fps 1.w.i, 3.5-,ang Y' -Q ix-sr' 1 5 F - 'E' ' 'fr V W ff f 3 'Rf :X is X' , . - X x . 3 gg If' 5 , fl, , ' .. uv ww 'a 'xi 4 'l I " v Nj ., . , -V -qw 4'2f ! 4 lar 9 igmi Q gf: KJ- X Q ' 1, X I ', rx , f fa 2 a EE w . S . ' , Q 9,1 '1 I. A . U , 531 'Q I 3 J FORUM SHOW IN 1938 Picture ond identification by Houston Schlosser 690 FRONT ROW, L. to R.: Don Dowds, Perry Conkle, Stan Johnson, Don Biefiqiess, Bob Coe, Jack Heighton, Bob Banning, Jim Coe, Bob Graham, Eddie Dean, Dwight Bell, Bob Wolfrom, Paul Snyder, Sam Richardson. GROUP STOOPING AT RIGHT: Bob Smith, The "Dummy" Ron Miller, Paul Myers, Fred White, Dick Mild, Bud Beam. John Nichols. GROUP STANDING AT RIGHT: Rex Morris, Dick Ayers, Wzdter Ackerman, Ralph Elder, Don Clutter, Virgil Henthorn, unidentified, Noble Snow, Paul Ulrich, Paul Coon. 'X GROUP STANDING AT LEFT: Stanley White, George Harris, Dwight Williams, John Morey, unidentified, Harold Makos, Miss Curran, Virgil Hamilton, Albert Weaver, Bus Householder, Letha Ferguson, unidentified, Ken Daily. CHORUS GIRLS: Paul Vendervelt, Joe Black, Tom Trott, Eddie Lore, Clyde Deam, Mervyn Nugent, Aucly Ander- son, "Cy" Porter, unidentified, Willy Hull, Houston Schlosser, Elden Workman, Kay Thompson. "The Varsity Follies" The "Varsity Follies" was the first presentation of its kind ever to be attempted in Mount Vernon High School. Under the able direction of Coach Snyder, an all male cast of varsity letter men presented a ten act show that was such a success they had to give a repeat performance the following year. The acts included: tumbling, pyramid building, several original skits, a harem scene with the boys doing a chorus dance that was highly entertaining to the audience, and a number of unusual tableaux. The tableaux depicted different scenes of athletic activities, and the participants were covered with gold paint. Playing before a capacity house both nights, the event proved a tremendous success. Notice that Coach Houston Schlosser was a member of the chorus. Page One Hundred Forfy-eight 1 BENEFIT PERFORMANCE Pictured above is one of Mount Vernon's early movie houses. It was situated where the Chamber of Commerce is located today. This picture was taken about 1912 following a children's benefit performance of a silent movie in which Mary Pick- ford was featured. The first movie house was located on South Main Street and was called the White Palace. In those days all sound effects were made by the pianist who had to be quite accomplished at watching the Courtesy of Clinton Williams changing emotions on the dancing screen and making the music fit the moods of the actors. The first talkies were brought to Mount Vernon about 1950 in the Old Vine Theater on West Vine Street. Before the advent of movies, Road Shows and plays given by local talent were given in the opera house situated on the corner of West Vine and South Main Streets where Lemasters' store is now located. I-1 . ' 'l' -.-.-11:2-gb Q, 4, , , ,4.,.,.,., N '-5:21, ' --11:29 .f 12:3 P -31222121 :121EiEiE1?,, f E 11. 1:-1-111:-ggzgzgz, " 35:21:31 qszx , 1i3i5i5l1 12' EE1E3:3:2:2:21E1.,1131212 1- fE1E'fi 3. fi 1:1:3:21E2?- 15211 312111: 1.1 : 11 . i2i1f15?E1i1. 1- 23521533 ,-ziriiiiii 121212 '111E-iflziiiriii. .f:1:3:51-"Ei '21:1:?1flE2'?11i1: if 12iE13?E2E : .f'.-2122221213-E2r21E1E- ' " ' 1222222552221231122:f'11121E1Ea2a??1. '1?'12. T2iCi211:2:1:hi1:15:1 111111 ' ' -1111212215"i'i':'.' - ' ' - Page One Hundred Forty-nine FORUM STAFF 1917 Picture from Forum Files. Indentified by Mrs, Boker FIRST ROW: left to right: Charles Salisbury. Jr., Priscilla Tarr Thompson, George Crumley. Charlene Beboul Van Sise, Lawrence Baldwin, Dr. Richard Shutt, Lucille Brawner Mitchell, Robert Rimer, Evelyn Shaciler, Banning Errett. SECOND ROW: Margaret Reed Shane, Mr. Lawrence, Eva Clark Stotz, Francis Bettinger, Lennabel Latever Gelhaus, Fred Johnson, Agnes Ahrendt Pierson, Mary Elliott Jones. TOP ROW: Fred Hayes, Kenneth Masteller, Margene Faddis, Russell Jones, Margaret Clements Salisbury. llenry Levy, Gladys Hadley Baker, adviser, H1-LOG STAFF 1921 BOTTOM ROW: Winifred Riley Sloane, Exchange Editor, Eleanor Lorey James, Alumni Editor: Evelyn Levy, Assistant Alumni Editor: Helen Murphy, Typist: Fannie Roberts Howell. As- sistant Loeal Editor: Dorothy Bowden Sperry, Sophomore Reporter, Pauline Taylor, Assistant Editorg Kathryn Lazear Hess, Loeals Editor. MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Mill, Junior Reporter, Evron Weekly, Typistg Mildred Miller, Typist, Virginia Alsdorl' Garroutte, Editor-in-Chief: Gladys Hadley Baker, Adviser: Mary Salisbury. Artist: Annis Conley Miller, Freshman Reporter, Irene Thomas Tabor. Junior Reporterg Robert Beum. TOP ROW: George Yauger, Sophomore Reporter, Vaughn Banning, Freshman Reporter: George Wythe, Assistant Business Managerg Karl Vanaman, Assistant Athletic Editorg Cedric Smith. Assistant Business Managerg Collin Montis, Rub Editorg Claude Turbin, Athletic Editor, John Sauer, Assistant Business Manager. Page One Hundred Fifty A DOCTORS' PICNIC ABOUT 1910 N vi K1--fs v-bf DG if QS! if ,, ,Sam K Picture from Clinton Williams' Collection Identification by Mr. Williams and Dr. Workman BACK ROW, left to right: Dr. Joseph Smith, Dr. J. M. Pumphrey, Dr. F. M. Dowds, Dr. I. S. Workman, Dr. L. L. Williams, Dr. H. W. Blair, Robert Eastman Cnot the local Dr. Eastmani, Dr. F. L. Singrey, Howard Blair, Dr. Heard, Dr. Newton Eastman, Dr. James F. Lee, Dr. Frank Larimore, Dr. Douglas. flast man unidentifiedj. WOMEN, left to right: Lucille Vernon, Zulene Smith, Mrs. Larimore, Mrs. Eastman's sister, funidentifiedb, Mrs. N. R. Eastman, Mrs. F. M. Dowds, Mrs. J. M. Pumphrey, Mrs. H. W. Blair, Mrs. F L Singrey, Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. James F. Lee, Mrs. L. L. Williams, Dorothy Blair Purington. CHILDREN: Sam Workman, lunidentifledb, tunidentifiedj, Frances McKinley, Leah Jcan Singrey, Gwen Singrey, Mary Dowds, Jane Eastman, Esther Blair, William Blair, William McKinley, Phil Lee. XJ R "., f x I 'JI 2 . 'ravi 4E.Q1J:Qng?i3' LT,-ef " Ski mriuf' 1 -"' Page One Hundred Fifty-one BANQUET FOR MR. GEIGER On March 18 the Mount Vernon Teachers' Association honored retiring Superintendent john D. Geiger with a banquet at the Alcove. Principal Kenneth West acted as toastmaster and speeches were given by Mrs. Helen Sevitts, Mr. Fletcher Devin, Dr. Harold Nichols, and Mrs. Ruth Tulloss. Mr jack Robeson read an original poem on the life of Mr. Geiger, and Mr. james Neff, president of the association, presented him with a gift of luggage from the group. Page One Hundred Fifty-two Neither short or tall, Not heavy or thin ftheenj, But well proportioned: Somewhere in between. His hair is quite gray, But it's not even thin. How, with teachers like us, Has it ever stayed in? He is always clean shaven, His clothes always neat, lust like Beau Brummel Whenever you meet. In his winter outfit, Gray topper and fedora, You never would guess He was born in Pandora. When his Uncle Sam Entered World War I, He dropped everything And shouldered a gun. Mount Vernon needed a teacher In the year '22. When this man applied, The Board said, "You'll do." While at Bluffton College He started courting his bride. After 5 years in Mount Vernon, The knot was tied. Since I've lived here, Two children have arrived: The first in '31, The next in '55. His family at present Is still just four. As things stand now, I predict no more!- HGUESS WHO" When I came to Mount Vernon, In the fall of '51, His job as Principal Was seven years done. Our Superintendent left, Back in '42. This man's foot More than filled his shoe. When he takes off these shoes, I hope he don't tear 'em, Cause we want them in good So Nichols can wear 'em. shape His skill as an angler Is held in high esteem, Cause he can catch Hsh In lake or stream. I suppose next year, When I'm here a teachin', He'll be roaming the country A huntin' and a fishin'. Another pet hobby He'll be following soon Is searching in fields, For the sponge mushroom. A wonderful treat For your eyes and your noses, Is a visit to his garden, Full of flowers and roses. Speakin' for myself, And other teachers as well, Your job's been well done, And to us you've been swell. I'm sure we've upset you By some things we've done, But, with your understanding, Teaching's really been fun. With the best 0' Luck From us to youg May your joys be many And your sorrows few. Now if you haven't guessed Who this man might be, I'll just have to tell you. He's our own, "John D."! by A. Jack Robeson I I ,, 'i"' 4' . .I 2 D Mx ff -,- I 1 " ' F - A 37 , ' ' it . 'Efli F" 5' 5, 'f E. 2- - 551 .vg IW. Page One Hundred Fifty-three Helen Colville Sevitts Page One Hundred Fifty-four Retiring Librarian HELEN COLVILLE SEVITTS The reason that the picture of Mrs. Sevitts did not appear in the front of this book is that the Forum Staff did not know of her retirement until most of the book had gone to press. We could not let a teacher like Mrs. Sevitts, who has been so valuable a member of the faculty, retire without giving her some idea of how much she has been appreciated. Since 1940 she has been full time librarian of our high school, and during that time the circulation of the library has tripled. Mrs. Sevitts has been a great help to all students from the seventh grade to seniors, in hunting up reference material, getting out special bulletins, and increasing the pleasure reading of the pupils. She has also been of valuable help to the teachers by putting books on reserve and working with classroom libraries. Helen Sevitts was a graduate of Mount Vernon High School, and then received her bachelor of arts degree at Wooster College. There she became a member of Pi Beta Phi, one of the oldest social sororities in America. She returned to Mount Vernon High to teach mathematics which included arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry, bookkeeping, ancient history, and commercial English. She became so much interested in math that she went to Columbia University where she received a master of science degree. Our petite librarian had had an ambition to be a librarian since she was a child, so she welcomed the chance to take over the high school library. From the tremendous amount of work she did in planning the present school library, cataloguing, and repairing, the Board of Education realizes that the position Mrs. Sevitts holds now will be hard to fill. The first thing that Mrs. Sevitts will do when she leaves Mount Vernon High will be sail for Europe June 24. In England she will visit Mrs. Mavis King, who was our exchange teacher a few years ago. The librarian has no definite plans of what she will do when she returns to America, but some of you may see her substituting next fall. Like Mr. Geiger, her garden is her hobby, so she plans to beautify that. Because a librarian has little time to read the things she especially likes, Mrs. Sevitts hopes to do con- siderable reading. Both the faculty and all the students wish Mrs. Sevitts happiness in her new freedom, and want to express their thanks for everything she has done to further education in Mount Vernon. Page One Hundred Frffy f7ve THE SMART SET OF 1927 THE MOUNT VERNON CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY In 1927 Mount Vernon High School was granted a charter to establish a chapter of the National Honor Society. To be eligible for membership in this society, a senior must be in the upper third of his class and must show qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The seniors are elected by a com- mittee from the faculty, but no more than fifteen percent of the entire class may be elected. At an impressive ceremony sometime in May, these seniors are formally initiated into the society. They are not notified of their honor but are called from the audience after the program begins. Parents of the candidates are invited to attend the exercises, because election to this society is considered one of the highest honors a senior can achieve. During the same assembly special honors are mentioned and awards are presented to students of the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades who have won recognition in various departments during the year. There are now 484 members of the Mount Vernon Chapter of the National Honor Society. This does not include the members elected in 1953. The First National Honor Society FIRST ROW: Julia Elliott, Davis Lemasters, James Alsdorf, Freida Knox. MIDDLE ROW: Madge Davis, Hugh Wayt, Delee Van Nausdle. TOP ROW: Isabel Jewell, Arabella Newton, Pauline Lorentz. Members not in picture: Don Sattler, Harriett Tulloss, Grace Paazig, Virta Cook, Ruth Conley. Page One Hundred Fifty-six MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL'S FIRST SCHOLARSHIP TEAM This was the hrst scholarship team that Mount Vernon entered in compe- tition with other high schools of the district of Ohio State University. This 1930 team had the honor of placing first in the district. is-r k f FIRST ROW, left to right: Antoinette Burgoon, Virginia Bogardus Jackson, SECOND ROW: Dr. Lester Williams, Edith Johnson Baltzell, Sue Sanderson, Lucy Ellen Lamb Custer, Alfred Sleeman. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Jackson Haynes, Thomas Burnett, Naomi Brodtlock. 1953 SCHOLARSHIP TEAM X199 ii.. -. BOTTOM ROW: Torn Mosley, John Rahming, .Iohn Frary, Barbara Davis, Twila Fish, Barbara Morris, .loan Curtis. Nancy Ireland, Jean Boyer, Carolyn Frederick Barbara Beroth. SECOND ROW: Bill Transue, Richard Moore, Martha Rinc, Joann Elwood, Joan Perrinc, Jane Geiger. Sue 'l':irr, Marry Ann Rawlins. THIRD ROW: Clitlord Slayman, Jerry Beeman, Carolyn Laymon, Linda Ralston, Kay Rapp, Nancy Iiaean. Felicia Paques. Marita Grubb. FOURTH ROW: Howard Taylor, Brent Seudder. Nancy Rice, Loretta Davis, Carolyn Barton, Janet Bouton, Cathy Hodder, Barbara Scott, Gayle Meyer, Mrs. Beryl Hipfhman. FIF'I'l'I ROW: Charles Hulse, William Hodder. Hannah lVlautner. Ann Chalmers, Carolyn Sperry, Ned lilllYllll'll. Tom Brown. Rocer Rardin, Dick Reynard. SIXTH ROW: Dick Poling, Bob Rooch, ltlr. Kenneth West, Larry Epstein, Dave Warren, Bob Meleher, Dave Fridltnt-. Miss Audrey Wright. Hannah Mautner first in state in French I Bill Transue first in state in Biology MR. WALTON AND HIS "HAPPY LITTLE lVARRIORS" Top left: Frustrated Fredsg Top right: "Whcre's Your Apron Gayle-" Middle left: "It won't do any more than blow your head off!" "That's a Fair Statement." Middle right: "How High The Moonf' Bottom left: Atomic Energy, Bottom right: "It Even Baffles The Experts." Page One Hundred Fifty-eight SCIENTISTS OF 1898 in ms... if Ms, x . . qbix: gi. 1 .k.. ,Mk -tt .fs-Q., - .Q This chemistry laboratory was situated in the basement of the old building on the corner of Mulberry and Burgess Streets. All members of the class could not be identified, but the girl with the braids is Marguerite Bobst Armstrongg next to her is Harry Koons, and opposite them is Howard Tarr. 1Picture from Clinton Williams' collectionj. Mi? N iff ' VEZ--:HE "K f ?,' X s ,ifss go ,,, , il? tti ' at xx il'14'iHf H Z: f s EJ 5-sf g Page One Hundred Fifty-nine EDITORS THEN AND NOW Bug Curtis Kinney, the 1907 Forum editor, discusses his newspaper ad with Fred Pargeon, editor of the 1953 Jacket Journal. Page One Hundred Sixty A ES ' x 4 'x 'x ,V Nix N WI SE A A ww 279 x J + OCQYQCQXX 'V V M W QVQZYQE, " a , KETE iv Dy JM! 'JV , Lf 5 f E: x M 'fl f fn Q 2' H .gf ,Z E, ' 'E X0 Q gig, ' N , fp 2 R " 2 W M E " Ed EW A jik b y 5 F N i ff Em if fg -:gag-ff!! p0 7 G X 'f -w ,lj ' A -if 4 H X ,wh ,,,,, fd 1'1" W F y k if J fy Y K X mx D Ji f , ' ' '- +L XXX M, ... X f mf 3 5 '54 ff , Q ,X wg, Z QQ 953 FORUM PATRONS OF THE 1 Charles W. Ayers, Attorney at Law Fred Barry, Jr., Attorney at Law john L. Baube, M. D. George Deeley, D. D. S. John Drake, M. D. Robert L. Eastman, M. D. DEHD Grubb and Walker, Realtors Robert H. Hoecker, M. D. George B. Imhoff, M. D. H. Clifford Johnson, M. D. Howard E. Kiracofe, O. D. J. L. Koch, D. O. Henry T. Lapp, M. D. Pat Long, Tailor J. Fred Minnich, D. D. S. Gordon H. Pumphrey, M. D. Lamar S. Reynard, D. D. S. Delbert C. Schmidt, M. D. John S. Schnebly, D. D. S. William E. Steffen, O. D. joseph W. Sellers, D. D. S. Bertram B. Sturtevant, D. D. Roger A. Tarr, D. D. S. W. Thurman Todd, Attorney Charles D. Tramont, M. D. J. Maurice Wareham, O. D. Richard V. Wellman, Attorn james C. McLarnan, M. D. f5:Mr. Todd was on f the Hrst Pu rrons to tribute to the page l fall. He was January 1955. Our symg I is extended Page One Hundred Sixty-fwo S. at Lawrli ey at Law con killed in his family. D- P Antique! 0 Twm.r1Do1'mtz'on When the Mount Vernon street cars are mentioned in the presence of any old resi- denter, he has some interesting tale to tell about it. One person told of making onion sandwiches for her boy friend and giving them to the conductor. The conductor would leave the sandwiches at McCormick's furniture store CGene's Clothing Storej and the boy friend would pick them up. Another story is that if a woman wanted to buy a spool of thread at Downings Store fRudin'sb the motorman would wait until she got off the car, bought the thread, and re- turned to the car. Imagine doing that at five o'clock any evening in 1953. john Tainter Foote, a prominent American author of the 1920's mentions the street car in some of his stories. Mr. Foote's old home was on the corner of Division and East Gam- , , . Courtesy Clinton Williams bier Streets, the present home of the Robert Pitkin's. There were two types of street cars, the summer car with the seats running across the car, and the winter cars with the seats running lengthwise. Both cars are shown in the above picture. When the black topping on some of the streets wears ol? today, the old car tracks may be seen. The route of the cars was around the Square to the Baltimore and Ohio Station on West High Street, to the Pennsylvania Station on South Main Street, to Catherine Street on East High Street, and from there out Catherine Street to East Pleasant and on to the Fair Grounds. Street cars were discontinued about 1916. The above picture was taken in front of Mercy Hospital about 1912. East Vine Street looking west about 1870, Church of Christ on left in background. Buggy believed to have been built by the late George D. Neal whose residence is just behind the buggy- Page One Hundred Sixty-fhree Since America Became A Man Ringwalfs has served a people who, because they produce quality products, demand quality goods in return. 1869 IN When America first felt the strength of her productive power, a thrifty farm boy from Newcastle shouldered his shoes and walked barefoot to Mount Vernon. His name was JOHNNY RINGWALT. Buying and marketing wool for Knox County Farmers he discovered their respect and desire for QUALITY. With this idea was born As.-Q g.f-mf-1'. J. S. RINGWALT CU. - Now 84 Years Uld PERSONNEL OF j. S. RINGWALT COMPANY 1924 Picture from Clinton Williams' Collection Identification by Curtis Kinney and Mrs. Baldwin FIRST ROW: Wm C. Simpson, Silks and Dress Goods: Robert MeGibney, Assistant to Mr. Trick: R. G. Baldwin: Miss Lizzie Roberts, Glove, Handkerchief and Ribbon Departments: Mrs. J. C. Wood, J. C. Wood, Store Superintendent: T. T. Ringwalt: in front: Miss Louise Baldwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Ba dwin. SECOND ROW: Mrs. R. G. Baldwin: Mrs. Geo. Mochwart, Assistant Alteration Department: Miss Louise Bennett, Assistant Silk Department: Miss Selora Gaines. Knit Underwear Department: Mrs. Lucinda Collins, Alteration Department: Miss Nell McCloy, Corsctierre: Mrs. John Nolen, Assistant Salcswoman, Ready-to- Wear Department. THIRD ROW: Norman T. Smith, Lace, Trimming and Notion Departments: Mrs. Trick, Drapery Department: Wm. C. Trick, Floor Covering and Drapery De- partments: Miss Edith Melick, Ready-to-Wear Department: Mrs. Walter Gilmore, Assistant Ready-to-Wear Department: Miss Katherine Stone, Domestic Depart- ment: Mrs. Earl Pipes, Hosiery Department: Mrs. Myrtle Fisher, Service Depart- ment: Mrs. R. C. Ringwalt: Mrs. Etta Youst, Linen and Wash Goods Departments: Mrs. Fay Strang, Assistant Piece Goods. FOURTH ROW: Miss Lela Darling, Oflice: Miss Mary McCann, Neckwear Department: Miss Marguerite Cochran, Toilet Goods Department: Miss Coreta Cullison, Notion Department: Miss Dorothy Dorsey, Assistant Toilet Goods Department: Mrs. M. C. Kinney. TOP ROW: H. M. Eggleston, Secretary: R. C. Ringwalt, President: M. C. Kinney, Treasurer. r "Fen Yards of Alpaca please" Page One Hundred Sixty-five Mount Vernon Implement Store Mt. Vernon Nash Sales 207 W. Gambier sf. Mt. Vernon, O. Phone 31254 ALLIS-CHALMERS Rambler FARM IMPLEMENT5 Statesman Ambassador Phone 41466 Mt. Vernon, Ohio You'Zl Be Ahead with Nash CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '53 from GELSA G I F T S FOR GRADUATION Phone 22360 LITER'S RECORDS RADIOS TELEVISION 333 S. Main St. DeWinter Gulf Station 403 S. Main St. Phone 71796 Mount Vernon, Ohio Helen Boyd's Candies at SUGAR 'N' SPICE 215 W. High sf. Page One Hundred Sixty-six ..........-ff. ... .. . .... ......... ...... ,... ' . ---.......-.......... --- PENNEY We never use style as a Sugar Coat for poor quality, anybody can sell a customer once. It takes quality to keep you coming - all through school and rest of you life! IT PAYS TO SHOP AT PENNEY'S congmuiations Weese Dairy Products from Home Made Ice Cream West Sandwiches-Snacks Self-Serve Market 715 W. High sf. Sundaes - Sodas Dairy Products 200 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Tom N. Compliments Lawn Mower-Fishing Tackle Shop of johnson Sea Horse - Toro Mowers Shot Gun Shells Hunting and Fishing Licenses 502 Coshocton Ave. Phone 61951 Sears Roebuck Sr Co. Page One Hundred Sixty-eight ENTERING MOUNT VERNON FROM THE SOUTH t.,gi..,. weft. ' fm 'L - -r- ,....4 Courtesy Clinton Williams RIGHT: In 1892 construction of a new viaduct was started which resulted in the present bridge connecting South Main Street with the Newark and Columbus Roads. ,f "'A f " I ii ' LEFT: Until 1892 a covered bridge spanned the Kokosing River. This was the only way to enter Mount Vernon from the south. When the Commissioners decided to construct a new bridge, most oi them wanted to make it the width of two buggies. Thomas Vannatta 1Ogden Wintermute's great grandfather and Janet Vannatta's great great grandfatherj would not sign any contracts until the rest of the commissioners voted to make it as wide as it is today. Imagine five o'c1ock traffic going across the pres- ent viaduct if it were just the width of two buggics! . I it Courtesy Clinton Williams LEFT: In the winter of 1953, a checking machine was placed on the viaduct, and it was estimated that more than 10,700 cars and trucks cross this bridge every day. Photographs by Bob Lipps. Page One Hundred Sixty-nine The Mt. Vernon Hatchery BIG VALUE BABY CHICKS and TURKEY POULTS 322 S. Main Street Phone 32841 MOUNT VERNON SPORTING GOODS 13 West High St. The Best in Athletic Goods for High School 8: College Students WILSON RAWLINGS EQUIPMENT Better Livin g Electrically n 1, 77" OHIO POWER C4 PITKIN'S FAMOUS CORNER COMPLETE FOOD MARKET For 40 Years O Phones 62211 and 62221 Compliments of Heapis Market 103 Jackson St. Groceries - Fruit - Vegetables Compliments of Virgil F. Parker ELECTRIC AND BATTERY SERVICE S. Center St. Phone 32356 Page One Hundred Seventy Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling For All Good Food STOP 'N' SHOP GRocER1Es - MEATS DELICACIES Company 115 S. Main Street 52731 or 52721 506 W. Vine St. Phone 62381 Free Delivery 9 Congratulations to Vannatta S The Class of '53 Gas House Isaly's Dairy Store 2 Columbus Road Brining News Co. DAILY 8: SUNDAY PAPERS CANDY - MAGAZINES West Vine Street When You See Us Don't Think of Insurance But When You Think of Insurance, See Us C. K. SALISBURY 81 SON 5 WEST VINE STREET Mount Vernon, Ohio LEMASTERS' FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN Harpster St Poulson HARDWARE 81 IMPLEMENTS Phone 22346 441 W. High Congratulations to Class of '53 Page One Hundred Seventy-fwo THE ANNUAL OUTING OF DEPARTMENT HEADS C. si G. COOPER COMPANY MAY 31, 1919 Courtesy of Clin! W II s FRONT ROW, left to right: B. L. Larsen, Martin Theil, Park Worley, Henry Weber, B. J. Williams Cfather of B. BJ D. B. Kirk, B. B. Williams, an unidentified visitor. SECOND ROW: Ed Vernon, Thurlowe Burger, Harry Weber, Richard Keeley, Peter Letz, William Appleton, Charles Welker, Lawrence Dial, Jay Seavolt, Roy Hagaman, Glen Thomas, CUnidenti- fied.D THIRD ROW: Zenno Taylor, Charles Scottie, Jed Montis, Clinton Williams, Norman Daney, Percy Tarr, Harry Richards, Albert Woodford, John Martin, Byron Loback, John Warman, James Conn, Fred Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Midos, Ed Worley, Dwight Vincent, Ray Culbertson, Bruno Thiel, Walter Lake, John Bumpus, William Pembrook. TOP ROW: Paul Cunningham, Stanley Johnson, Walter Starr, Frank Moore. Page One Hundred Seventy-three Congratulations to the Class of 1953 L. A. MILL FUNERAL HOME 619 East High St. Dial 52696 The Ridgeway BE CK, S Duck Hatchery PRODUCE White Pekin Ducklings B. B. Bronze Turkey Poults and Baby Chicks No. 6 N. Main Street Phone 41096 Mt. Vernon, O. Ice Cream, Old Fashion Freeze Sundaes, Milk Shakes Root Beer, Coney Island Hamburgers, French Fries And Lots of Other Delicious Sandwiches Rt. 13 South Woods' Hardware Co. WHOLESALE and RETAIL FREDERICKTOWN, O. MT. GILEAD, O. Phone 2081 Phone 69 8-12 W. High Street Phone 51321 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO "Save Today for College Tomorrow" The Knox County Savings Bank Member F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS OF BAIR'S DRY CLEANING 3 W. HIGH ST. DIAL 41836 MT. VERNON, OHIO Page One Hundred Seventy-four ld Landmark! East Gambier Street looking east from South Main Street. Taken about 1850. Corner of West High Street and South Mulberry about 1900. This was Allen and Trimble's Grocery. McNabb's grocery about 1907. This is now Pitkin's Corner. Left to right: Benny Parrott, Nettie Lynde, George McNabb, Haffy Alsdorf. All Pictures Courtesy Clinton Williams Page One Hundred Seventy-five Compliments of Wayne Cash Feed Store Asa Workman, Proprietor Coal, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Grinding Phone 42571 512 W. High sf. Compliments of E. A. SCHLAIRET TRANSFER CO. QGeneral Ofiicel Mt. Vernon, Ohio SUCCESSFULLY SERVING THIS COMMUNITY 105 YEARS The First-Knox National Bank or MOUNT VERNON Cor. Public Square 8: S. Main Established 1847 Member lf. D. I. C. and Federal Reserve System L. V. Gantz Asphalt Paving Co. Fon THE BEST IN Compliments of Humhertis Grocery . ASPHALT . BULLDOZING . GRAVEL . GRADING . LIMESTONE - HAULING 405 Coohoofoo Avo- Dial 71486 203 Pine St. Mild Refrigeration "YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER" 11 W. Ohio Ave. Dial 42421 Riley Builders Supply Everything In Masonry BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 22831 113 W. Gambier St. Mt. Vernon Page One Hundred Sevenfy-six ART CLASSES MAKE FACES FOR CREDIT! TOP: Ann Tabor, winner of first prizcg Kay Dennis. MIDDLE: M1'.Joe Cotton, art instructor. BOTTOM: Kay Dennis, Jim Beckholt, and Emry Pardee. ART For several years it has been the custom for students of the art department to go down town a few days before Halloween and decorate store windows. The merchants have cooperated very well in this project because the decorated windows are seldom soaped or defaced. The above picture shows the artists and their work. Page One Hundred Seventy-seven Cain's Grocery ITS School Supplies W 0 R L E Y 7 S and Candy 401 N. Mulberry St. FOR MEN'S WEAR IN MOUNT VERNON HAMILTON ART CARVED Compliments of ELGIN DIAMONDS Peopleis Shoe Store Richard Day J E W E L E R Corner of 9 W. VINE Main and Vine Streets MT. VERNON, OHIO Browne Oil Co. Cities Service Petroleum Products Wholesale - Retail Dial 42906 Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Citizens Building Loan and Savings Association 6 East Vine St. See Us For A Full Line of Masonry Supplies West Builder's Supply 612 W. Gambier St. Rear Dial 62461 City, Urban Delivery Courteous-EHicient-Service Phone 52976 ALL CARGO INSURED Owned and Operated by THOMAS W. SPEER Page One Hundred Seventy-eight SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATION OE OPENING OF NORTHWEST TERRITORY ' ' it 71 ? :7 1 jfgfi , I A T,IptT'5:' l ,-'I . VER ON 'QE 3 'WK- .An In 1937 Ohio celebrated the sesquicentennial oi the opening of the Northwest Territory. In 1787 zu group ot' settlers came down the Ohio River and disembarked at Marietta. Even though the state did not receive its charter until the next year, this marked the opening oi the Northwest Territory. During the summer of 1937 celebrations were held all over the state commemorating this event. The above pictures were taken by Sara Cannon as the Mount Vernon parade crossed Vine Street at McKenzie. ELLIOT'S SHOES 4 South Main Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of Shaw Funeral Home Lynde's Market QUALITY MEATS AND OVENDRESSED POULTRY 104 N. Division St. Dial 21416 We Deliver 1 The Best In Drugstore Service H E C K L E R ' S "Prescription Specialists" Compliments of Art's Garage REXALL DRUG STORE On the Square "HIKE - TO HECK'S" 'Zdalfzz l i A P E212 2215.1 E'-fs 51612, if Established In 1898 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Page One Hundred Eighty l POLICE FORCE OF 1909 loaned and identified by Clinton Williams H " W vim-,B This picture was taken in front of the old Third Ward Fire Engine House located on the east side of North Gay Street between the Methodist and Episcopal Churches. In the driverls seat is William Diet- rich Cno relation to William Diet- rich of North Main Streetb. Stand- ing left to right: Walter Butcher, W. P. Hough, Charles Gessling, William Perry, Lawrence Dermody. QSFARGOLU 3,1 . Aa: if News gl ui ll - ' 17 W -U FQ-Fl 1: wlllk ' ll ,Q LAYIN G OF C ORNERSTONE In 1913 the present jail was built. This picture shows the laying of the corner stone by Mt. Zion Lodge No. 9 F. 8: A.M. Picture from Clinton Williams' Collection Page One Hundred Eighty-one COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Knox Motors, Inc. LINCOLN - MERCURY V I C T O R Y Food Market Inc. GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS MEAT LOCKERS - DRUGS Phone 62251 410 W. High St. Phone 51511 117 - 118 W. High Street, Mt. Vernon, . Service With A Smile Compliments of H A D L E Y'S The Donut Shop . Furniture and 12 E. ohio Ave Phone 31533 APPHMCCS Open Daily - 7 A. M. to Midnight Cash or Terms 23 East Gambier Street Congratulations Class of '55 May this forward step in life bring you Wealth of happiness and success. The Rudin Co. Page One Hundred Eighty-two Compliments of Bartlett Appliance Store Complete Line of Appliances Sales and Service The General Dry Cleaners QUALITY CLEANING AND TAILORING Uptown: Gambier Drive-Ins: Fairmont Ave P. Kousoulas Congratulations To the Gmdzmting Class of 1953 THE ALCOVE The One Stop Place Is Lleklng Laundry Co. HARTSOOIQS 7 N. Main St. Phone 21956 DRY CLEANING RUG CLEANING ALBERT E. AUSKINS, Mgr. GROCERY 8: SODA FOUNTAIN Nice Place To Park 104 Ringold St. Page One Hundred Eighty-four PUBLIC SQUARE Courtesy of Clinton Williams Return of National Guard about 1882 from Cincinnati where they had been called to quell a riot. Note that the fountain is not located in the same place it is today. 8 . Courtesy of Clinton Williams Mount Vernon Water Works and Power House and Well about 1882. Page One Hundred Eighty-five . ww J' BG W " h umm . .vwaw ,M-"' -M" .."" bum - lf- . R153 'sr'-'mir-':f+2's-e"'W Szpf.-"'Z'f7':2f1N 1-1' 5-tn. V qt- - 'r' gy, qui ,sf-,,,?.,i-we grmhaamsisaasmw 1' ML N, 'fifgyfff' 0 f """" 1-45,1--1zE.f.1g-jf'1,, ,. 1, v-ww Ru 0 'X?'f2"""'. an ' -A " - ' ,.,,h ,ow-1-W--x .g wwm,,,,,..,,,..n-:M . ' wa '?M5?m ' s , WWN -., ---' 1111" , ,,- M' 3 ' if-.232-lit, , ., .... , "V'C'f-1-T'r:..-"'gif: 75-EEWT' A N . -'1Jf::'T.I'flfN f 1 it ff ' Wliilvxr'-l A' as " M ew , ---,M 'Ak ,,.-1 .., f. -Q fp , N. w , or W::',-fr" f'M ? f"""'----n-...-rw--r... pun: ' F15 Z1-""'f'...w',i,...a ty n "UM-7,,...,,, ,M gf""Hn ' 0' .iff ' asks-Y-l1'l5,...-:mf , , . as it f--M-at as 'lislxkr lm wats' Maw, 4 of-a ,, Forward .. I 1 ' .f V- Ja., SY'-KES -v1'4.'i'L-W' Porwf --'ff' 'ww nhuvjijliiingu 'N 1 1 it . it .ate K yr. wxmgxh f - f X - mimi ---MN M' y .asus W " ' ' ' 3 tx:.2L.p2:f.g.. 1.314 , vc A M I '5-'755N-333'i1i'li 'A - Gif i Nu 'TWT ..r..,.,..w':'L'2::.- W, ,. x - -- " .,,f',"-4.8"--4. 'f-fs, ., W.. q.....,:.gmfw . A,m...5rf:g7:'f? lehlrlnrhmllmfi Bevamn save E,,15i.1.1A,.g:Q3M, 1-...,, ., 'iffy o A E'.'..II.'.iL.'...r.t...i,1f1n f'fff2a -iii!-5fI3l1l"'T' kaikua Cm N ie: if ku-11-'S"f"'i'.T"'ZIfff"' 32::.1'z:.'.:'v:rf-'f:,If.ffQ.m'Vg ' . ,gff?3 ,ijfj ' y 4"W .P ljlif Q-Qfzfgitgf, A Nv-k -.h' :r . .X 753-L3ITffE'f k"""" M QI ' I.:-w'1v'l'w2 L,P' 1 Y """ 11'Efi?f'-:lit Q as - mais-v",'H,2 . 1 ' "Y' ..:?1..i fl 'N-'rf-1: ' A "E.'i1nuvnii"""f"'+iL. fsi3fiE,:f2:rT1'fw1i'Li"---'Sm W 51551 N r, 14-55: fg3?S'fff'4"L1E.'MQ11Qy5i51ff' 3fE':?: , , 25.1 .13 jIfAg55i1g,gq'i3JlW W Y if I Kg ' iffllifli 'Nif"'P' my nna.....r. ri. 'isaaTWM'? J' 'af'-tif . w T P 1 . ' . "www 3-awww f"1f'f'f1"1?3e - mms A 1- W I .. t?:T5i:'E ,,-,. 1 .t.....i.i..1...f'l ' I f iiET?.?:2Ef?3iiSf?iii' i W4'35f3:2f5fx13iia:1?3i Yk". 4"'A" A 343 " A-..,:'3, '- rh fff :SET These are American HE foreign language newspapers you see here are as American as the funny papers. Yet these papers are pub- lished in languages that look very strange to most of us. They are just a few of the many hundreds of foreign lan- guage newspapers published in America. The publishers of these papers have the same freedom to express their views and support their interests that English language newspaper publishers have. The right to publish what we please, and in any language we please, is one of the freedoms guaranteed to us by our Constitution along with the right to secret ballot, freedom of worship and many others. In some countries these rights are being wiped out because they stand in the way of a totalitarian state. There, free-speaking newspapers have been replaced by state- owned propaganda machines. Religion has been suppressed. History re-written to glorify the state. There are those in this country who would like to re-write our Constitution so that it would wipe out our rights, too. The only way we can prevent this is to stand up for our rights whenever newspapers! DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, wc have the greatest freedom and the highest standard of living in the world. Help kccp it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of lhcm arc: Frevdom ol rrorxbip Right In rvrrvt ballot Ykigbl lo buou- bow your union rpmdr your riucs Freedom al :porch Freedom ol tlzc prcrr Right Io rrilicizr' ojjirialx 'Right to know salaries ol your union oLlir'ial.t Freedom from rvnrrlz rrillmul warrant Rigbl lo pclitimz goin-umm! lor rcdrux of grirz'a:1rt'r i:RiglJt lo bnou' il your union ojlirerr arv Commuuixls Hiigbl lo know hon' your union ix mu Right lo rpccdy and public trial by jury Right lo bvlp of 1: lauqvr ifRighl lo bear your cnzplnyvrk ride ol diiugrcrnlculx Right trol lo appear ar a uilnvsr agniurl yonrxcll 4Righl Io rcluxr' lo pcrmil tb: "chori:-all" ol union dur: 'Right lo go direct lo your Iron rritb a gricraucv Rigbl to bc frrrxumcd imma-ul fulfil fvrorvd guilty lirevdom to orrrr profwrlg PFRigbl lo work drxpilv union jurirdiriimml dispulcr Frevdonr lo work in any Imuzlity WRigl1t to fraflcr sup:-rririmz ol your uuimr urllarr' lumlr Frcedom In xlurt and rmnmgc 4 bmiururx Ifrcvdom to make a profil mRigbl ual to bf lircd by union lradrrr Wfhesc arc rights you enjoy under the 'l'afz-llarrlcy law. THEY'RE YOUR RIGHTS, we see them threatened. TREAT THEM RIGHT! Remember, they're your rights, so treat them right! THE TIMKEN ROLLER BEARING COMPANY "The right to work shall not be abridged or made impotent" Q UE1-ENS: MODELS: ACTORS .' 'H MeKinley's Market Compliments Groceries -- Provisions gf Dairy Products Phone 21771 Metcalf Motors, Inc 102 N. Division St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio PLYMOUTH - DESOTO i A sparkling glass bottle is the per- fect milk container. No substitute container protects milk's purity, flavor and your family's health so well. "4i"f cuss IS run: E ' of A sterile bottle cannot con- J1. taminate your milk-cam , V V22 not endanger your family's 5 Z n - 21- health, because glass is 5 -, chemically inert. GLASS LETS YOU SEE THE CREAM I ull d k ' ' J ll If See what you buy an now Su- you get full measure of nu- , - eg tritious health food. " U, 44 cuss IS :coraouum 43? ' Housewives could realize 'Q' a saving on every quart I ' of milk were all milk pur- ET41 -V chased in glass bottles. GLASS PROTECTS FLAVOR Glass completely guards milk's delicate flavor - im- parts no foreign tastes or impurities to spoil milk's deli- cious goodness. The Lamb Glass Co. South Vernon Telephone 72710 gy 79076 MZC ' ' 'lg We Cafftafifefzf Page One Hundred Eighty-eight THE HOT ROD OF 1900 Courlesy Clinton Williams Looking east at the inter- section of East Vine and South Gay Streets about 1900. Dr. Rapp's present office is seen in the background. Walter Curtis, Sr., Cde- ceasedb of Round Hill Farms is driving. With him is Sellars Braddock of Thistleridge. Thistleridge was a beauti- ful home that stood where the high school playground is now located. It was used as a hospital before it was torn down. EATMOR BAKERY This building was on the site of the present Post Office on West High Street. Before it was converted into a bakery, it was the residence of Dr. and Mrs. Colville, parents of Mrs. Helen Sevitts. Page One Hundred Eighty-nine ,1 ,111 1,1 L 11 1 I 1 X N I NWN N VWMH X . 112-' 11, 1 z 1- 1- -- -- -- -- ----1-- ---.1-U - -AH H 1- -f---f f---- i xfe. X -1, N1-, : X AX . L!!! I" ' ' ,, -SQ me Z ' A 1 Y 1 , Q fe .i . 1 1 1 1, 1 'K .... - - if 1-.. i - " . I 1 ' A - I V ,K ying' .xx 1 IHUN1 NS-,ff KQS X ,f 1 N , ZV7171 1 ' ' - - "' X 'A'-1P' """"- 'fa .f f , 1 f N1 11111 1 11 1 fl YYKY 1 1f: E 2" ,1. A i 11161 1115 X x A1,'f "1'f1 1" ' "' . f ,f '... f 1 1J"'111" V A Nw..11.1i1111N1111'1U1111115Kww 11 ? ' fi ,,ff . , 1 ,fZW741'1F,, W1 1 1 1111 1 1111111 X 1 Q YN . ..,,,,,. ,. .,,.,,..w, . , . , ,f 2 , ,,,, 1 WON. 1111, 11,,. 11111,...11.. XJ f27,f 2155 'lzi ff! f 1 1 1111.11 1 19 1 - 1 1 ff, 1 , 1.e f .1 1 We A N W ff WNV f11w1111 1111111101 XX :N , ' , M1 111 1 , 4,',,uf . W,. 1' fE 1, ':1,7111111 '?111'111'1 msaxvgi XX U1 7 1: Q-:f f 1 . 1 4 4 1111 1111111112111 1 - ,. 1111111.11Rf1111f11N111 . XX11 11 8 111 1 1 11111111111 ':.- 1 ' Wf 1' 1 1 X111111 Q 11 M11 XS 1 1111 11 'E 1111111 WSH ff 'H11 1111 11111111111-.111 'NQWNW 1 11111111 53? 11111 L f ' ,, 1 11 11011 ' ' N151 'W1111 W 1 N 1111111111141111111111f111.1111111 ,....... ,M... 1 W"' ' 'W1X,...'V11111.x5114511911N11111X 5' 11 ,..,n .WMWQ Q "" if V 45-'111111111 Vw11111111111Xfm111115971111-.XSX f1,:"f"7uf: ,,',V "V X ' I if M1 WT! '11 V1111"f1WWXMi1'N11W X . 1 ' 11 1 H K1'11'W1N 1 'N1111if111i1eR1111:1111111.11111M11 . ,1 'fn' W1 A ' .1 1 Q' ff K I 1 1 1L"7X,111f11'x I 4 WL Ef'111fQ x,x' 1 11,1 151 11" 5 1 '11 C1111 1 1 11111111111X'--1111.1111:111W14Q1'i 1'11'1 1 1 :ig 111111 1 1" 1. . 1 91 1 '1 1' U1111 Nyl1711111511111f.11SvNNXXx 12'-'li 35191.-'. 1 1" . '. . ' W W 1'1WMW 1 1 1'11N'1" WWULH WWY1111 11 kN V1 'X F1 5 1 .1 1' . 4 1 , 1 JK 1.11.1- . ,1 ff, 1 . 1 . 11 ,1 11 e 11 111 1 -ss: A? 2 -'LY . -. .'-. 1- Ms' gf , ,:f!lVM'1."1n,'- 5, XM! MH!! H 1'w1.E11 1135.11 X 1 XNMY f 'if 0 '11 . J r SgVg1m1f "Allahu S O1U11ie11' Again" 1 " - 1 1 1 f iv .1'1 if 1 : 57,4 A familiar and reassuring slogan 7 ' FJ . , 1 'X ' '1 ,111 oo 5 Off e past a century. ' N . REASSURlNG...I76Cfl1456 those years of X '1 X1 '- Q0 1 ,,,: 3' specialized experience bring complete E1 ' X L1 Vlfkwh service, outstanding quality and de- ff fr 1 1 11 1m.w We Q f X eieee X MM E G..,.g.i , pendable delivery to tbeyearlwooksfajfs, . 1 X XIjf f1fF1flfN111Wl ,EY JAHN 1. 01.1.1211 ENc1zAv1Nc co. 1 V 2 ff! 1 UM M iieg 817 W-Wasmruon Blvd- 1 1 il if . in C"'W""""""" 11 i' i rre' X in I1 11 111 WV11111111 "1 ff 1 11 1 ' XM 1 l QQQFQZ - - Um mm X NR MM Mi ---U-,.......... .. .. .,.,.,,, U ,, , .,,, .,a,,i:3,,,,.,,. .... ., -V .. ,. .... .... .. - .... .- -- -- " 5231"- A Page One Hundred Nineiy SOME SOLID CITIZENS OF I892 Looned und identified by Clinton Williams FRONTRROW: Mrs. Leroy Hunt, Mrs. Annie Henderson McClintock, Mrs. George Baker, H. C. Par er. MIDDLE ROW: John Stevens, Mrs. Carrie Smith, Mrs. Young Rowley, Leroy Hunt, lVlrs. William Vance, David Henderson. TOP ROW: Mrs. John Henry, George Baker, Mrs. David Henderson, Young Rowley, Mrs. John Stevens, William J. Vance, Mrs. H. C. Parker, John Henry. This group represents a social club that met together once in awhile for an evening of enjoyment. Some well-known merchants are pictured above. !1 .L.qZl5f'El,4 3 --'V , 1 sa N 5 Ii , ,ff f .Ml N OW-iff s""" Page One Hundred Ninety-one Cochran 81 Ewers Sohio Service Phone 71786 651 North Sandusky Near Shellmar G. R. Smith 81: Co. HARDWARE PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mt. Vernon, Ohio 21835 - Phones - 51845 "Good Service lo You a Pleasure to Us" J. T. GLACKIN Chevrolet, Inc. 0 105 West Vine Street Dial 21015 8: 21025 Mount Vernon, Ohio Ralph G. Cornell Don C. Endsley INSURANCE -REAL ESTATE Gambier at Gay Phone 71081 Compliments of the Mount Vernon News Page One Hundred Ninety-two SENIOR ACTIVITIES BEVERLY S. ARMSTRONG Senior Choir 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 "What A Life" 45 Intramural Basketball 45 Intramural Softball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 45 "Naughty Marietta" 4. WILBUR WESTON AUGENSTEIN Intramural Basketball l, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 2, 45 Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 45 President 35 Reserve Basketball 25 Junior Class Play Stage Crew 35 Forum Advertising Staff 45 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 35 Senior Prom Committee 45 Forum Show l, 2, 35 Senior Concert and Marching Band, l, 2, 3, 45 Drum Major 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y I5 Stage Crew "Sweethearts" 35 "Naughty Marietta" 4. THOMAS AWWILLER Key Club 3, 45 Projection Club 2, 3. FRED B. BALL F. F. A. Student Advisor 25 F. F. A. Reporter 35 F. F. A. Secretary 45 Junior Fairboard 25 Vice-President 35 President 45 Hi-Y 25 Sec- retary 39 Vice-President 45 Varsity Football 3, 45 Scholarship Team l, 3. NANCY JEAN BARNCORD Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Forum Show 35 1. J. Staff 45 Cap and Gown Committee 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. DORIS ANN BELCHER Junior Choir 25 Senior Choir 35 Y-Teens 1. JANET R. BERGER Junior Choir I5 Senior Choir 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 1, 2, 35 Secretary Junior Class 35 Forum Show Court 3, 45 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 Student Booster Club 2. 3, 45 Y-Teen Treasurer 45 Forum Show 1, 25 Y-Teen Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 45 "Sweethearts" 3. PHIL ROGER BERGER Reserve Football I, 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Reserve Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 1, 25 Intramural Vol- leyball l, 2, 35 "You Can't Take It Wih You" 4. CHARLES A. BONNIST Sr. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Choir 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 15 "Naughty Marietta" 45 Sweethearts" 35 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 J. J. Staff 45 Scholarship Team 25 Sr. Prom Committee 45 "W'hat A Life" 4. JAMES WILLIAM BRICKER Reserve Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 45 Reserve Football 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 2, 3. LARRY RAYMOND BRYAN Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Staff 1, 25 Photography Club 25 Stage Crew Forum Show 35 Intramural Volleyball 4. MAXINE M. BUMPUS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 35 Scholarship Team 35 Forum Show 35 Y- Teen Finance Committee 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 2. ROBERT L. BURRIS Reserve Football, Manager, 15 Varsity Foot- ball, Manager 25 Varsity Track, Manager, 2. CLARK BUXTON F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Student Advisor 45 Student Council l, 2. DONALD C. CURRY Reserve Basketball I5 Reserve Football I5 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball l, 35 Hi-Y 25 Vice- President Hi-Y 35 Subscription Stal? for Forum 4. CRESTON JOHN CLINE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Reserve Football l, 25 Varsity Track 35 F. F. A. Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Volley- ball l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Sentinal 3, 45 F. F. A. Chapter Farmer 25 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Intramural Volleyball 3, 45 Scholar- ship Team 45 F. F. A. Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Speaking Contest l, 2, 3. WILLIAM CHARLES CONARD Hi-Y 1, 25 Key Club I, 2, 3, 45 Senior March- ing Band l, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band l, 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 President Senior Band 45 Forum Show l, 2, 3, 45 "Mother Is A Freshman" 39 .lunior Class President 35 In- tramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. MONA COON Y-Teens 45 F. H. A. President 45 Capt. of Volleyball team 4. JO ANN SUE CORNELL Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Senior Band 2, 3, 45 F. T. A. 3, 45 Treas. Sigma Y-Teens 35 Sec. F. T. A. 45 Treas. Senior Band 45 J. 1. Subscription Manager 45 Junior Play Property Committee 35 Queen's Court 3, 45 Scholarship Team 35 Junior-Senior Prom Decorating Committee 3. HELEN JOAN CURTIS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Service Committee 2, 35 Cheerleader 35 Forum Show 35 Scholarship Team 35 Student Booster Club 45 Sec. Senior Class 4. BARBARA MARIE DAVIS Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Sec.- Treas. of G. A. A. 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 "Mother Is a Freshman" 35 F. T. A. 35 Scholarship Team l, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball Official 2, 3, 45 Basketball and Baseball Referee 2, 3, 45 Comm. for Jr.-Sr. Prom 35 Dec. Comm. for Y-Teen Formal 2, 3, 45 Char. of Home Ec. Dinner 2. GEORGE R. DOUP F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 45 Reserve Foot- ball 25 Varsity Football 3, 45 Varsity Track 2, 35 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 In- tramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3. CAROL DUNHAIVI G. A. A. l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens Girl at Large 1, Social Chairman 35 Cheer- leader 3, 45 Co-editor of Forum 45 Co-Presi- dent Student Booster Club 45 Queen's Court 3, 45 Booster Club l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Junior Choir I5 "Gay Fiesta" 15 "You Can't Take It With You" 45 "Men Are Like Street Cars" 35 "Mother Is A Freshman' 3. CAROLYN MARIE DUNN F. H. A. 45 Intramural Basketball 45 Intra- mural Volleyball 3, 45 F. H. A. News Re- porter 45 Class Play Usher 3, Head Usher 4. Page One Hundred Ninety-three Philco F AW C E T T RADIOS 8: TELEVISIONS SALES 8: SERVICE 405 Newark Rd. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 61841 Compliments of LESTER'S SMART APPAREL FOR MEN and BOYS Phone 41476 COCHRAN Motor Sales, Inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS - TRUCKS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS 14 West Ohio Avenue Mount Vernon, Ohio Congratulations from 2-1 DOWDS' Funeral Home I-u PHONE 61421 MOUNT VERNON, oH1o Compliments of EDDY BROTHERS Marathon Service Station 501 Coschocton Ave. Phone 7105 1 Automotive Suppli Inc. Complete Parts and Machine Shop Service Phone 82715 - 82725 CS Page One Hundred Ninety-four Senior Activities C Continued J ELLEN JOANN ELWOOD I. I. Staff 45 Y-Teens 45 Intramural Volley- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Forum Show Dance Committee 4. RICHARD M. ERLANGER Senior Choir l, 2, 3, 45 President 45 Varsity Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basket- ball l, 2, 35 Varsity Baseball Manager l, 2, 35 Chairman Senior Class Finance Committee 45 "Sweethearts" 35 "Naughty Mariettav 4. GORDON FAWCETT Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Reserve Football 25 Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Volleyball l, l, 3, 4. JO ANNE FERENBAUGH Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 1. J. Staff 45 Y-Teens Cabinet 45 Senior Class Play Committee 45 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 3. TWILA LOUISE FISH Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. l, 25 Sr. Band l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 25 Prop Comm. Jr. Class Play 35 Sub Staff of Forum 45 Ticket Comm. of Forum Show 3. DONALD L. FLEEGER Basketball l5 Reserve Basketball 2, 35 Var- sity Basketball 45 Key Club I, 2, 35 Key Club President 45 Sports Editor J. J. 45 Stagecrew junior Play 35 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Gift Com- mittee of Senior Class, 45 Forum Show. MARY FOWLER Treasurer Senior Choir 45 Prophecy Com- mittee. SONIA FRIDLINE Y-Teens Finance Committee, l, 2, 3, 45 Library Staff 35 J. I. Staff 45 "Men Are Like Street Cars" 35 Radio Program, "School Notes" 45 F. T. A. 15 Gift Committee Senior Class 45 Chairman Coronation Committee, Forum Show 4. PHYLLIS LOUISE FRYE G. A. A. 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 45 Junior Choir 35 "What A Life" 45 Junior Class Play Property Committee 35 Forum Show Usher 35 Forum Show Dance Committee 45 1. J. Staff 45 Intramural Volley- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. VIVIAN EILEEN GALLOGLY Intramural Basketball l5 Intramural Volley- ball l, 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Oils Club 2, 35 Vice-President Oils Club 35 Decoration Com- mittee Forum 35 Quill 81 Scroll 3, 45 Chair- man Publicity Committee Student Council 45 Senior Assembly Committee 45 1. 1. Staff Reporter 45 Co-Art Editor Forum 4. BARBARA ANN GANTZ F. T. A. 3, 45 Senior Band l, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Swing Band l, 25 Junior Class Play Property Committee 33 Advertising Manager Forum Staff 45 Intramural Basket- ball 15 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 35 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 45 District Music Festival 35 Chairman Forum Show Publicity Committee 45 Forum Show. JANE GEIGER Senior Concert and Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 F. T. A. l, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 F. T. A. President 35 Business Manager i Forum 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 Intra- mural Sports l, 25 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 45 Senior Scholarship Test 45 Senior Court Forum Show 4. RICHARD E. GILFILLAN Chairman Prom Committee 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Choir 15 Track 25 Scholarship Team English 1, 25 WMVO-School Broadcast 3, 45 Intra- mural Sports 45 Prophecy Commmittee 4. RUTH GILLOOLEY Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club l, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer Junior Class 35 G. A. A. I, 2, 35 Forum Show I, 25 Forum Queen's Attendant 3, 45 Captain Intramural Basketball Team l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Band Majorette 3, 45 Junior Choir I5 Senior Choir 2. JOHN D. GRIMM Forum Show 35 Photo Editor Forum 45 Varsity Golf 2, 3, 45 Projection Club 2, 35 Photography Club 25 Senior Class Gift Com- mittee 4. RICHARD EUGENE HILES Track l, 25 Senior Marching Band 1, 2. JIM E. HISSONG Hi-Y 1, 25 Junior Hi Football 15 Junior Hi Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball Z, 3, 45 Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM JAMES HODDER Senior Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 World Affairs Conference 45 "Mother Is A Fresh- man" 35 "You Can't Take It With You" 45 "Sweethearts" 35 "Naughty Marietta" 45 Forum show 45 Scholarship Team 3, 4. JOHN S. HOYT, JR. Reserve Basketball 15 Reserve Football 15 Reserve Track 15 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Track 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 25 Forum Show 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Ap- pointment to Boys' State 35 Senior Class Will Committee 4. NANCY JEAN HUNTER Junior Choir 15 Senior Choir 25 Y-Teens l. NANCY RUTH IRELAND Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 45 Glee Club 15 F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Y-Teen Music Chairman 3, 45 1. I. Staff 45 G. A. A. 25 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Intra- mural Softball 35 Scholarship Team 2, 45 Senior Class Prophecy Committee 45 Junior- Senior Prom Decorating Committee 35 Dance Band 2, 35 Junior Class Play Property Com- mittee 35 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 45 World Affairs Conference 45 State Music Contest 3, 45 Forum Show Program Committee 45 "Gay Fiesta" 1. PATSY E. JOHNSON Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baseball 2, 35 Intramural Volleyball 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Ticket Chairman All High School Play 4. BARBARA JEAN JONES F. H. A. 45 Y-Teens 25 Basketball Team 2, 3, Captain 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 4. FAITH MARILYN JONES Y-Teen Music Committee 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 3, 45 Junior Choir Assembly Com- Page One Hundred Ninety five For Your Printing Needy - Stationery - Programs - Booklets Color Work Given Special Attention 18- 20 N. Main St. THE MANUFACTURING PRINTERS 00. Established 1924 PHONE 31070 - 31080 MOUNT VERNON, 0Hl0 PgO HddN1y Senior Activities CContinuedJ mittee 15 Head Usher "Mother It A Fresh- man" 35 1. I. Staff 45 Forum Show 3, 45 Oratorio Soloist 33 Intramural Basketball 45 "Sweethearts" 35 "Naughty Marietta" 45 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. JAMES MAURICE JONES Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Reserve Football 1, 25 Track 1, 25 Senior Assembly Committee 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 25 Boy's Quartet 1, 25 Forum Sihow 2, 35 "You Can't Take It With You" JAMES RICHARD KATHARY Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 "Ever Since Eve" 25 "Sweethearts" 35 "Naughty Marietta" 45 "Mikado" 2. FREDERICK A. KIMBLE Key Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, 45 Forum Ass't. Photographer 3, Photographer 45 Intramural Basketball 35 Senior Choir 3, 45 Senior Class Gift Committee 45 Forum Show 45 Stage Manager "You Can't Take It With You" 4, "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 Electrician "Men Are Dike Streetcars" 35 Stage Crew P. T. A. Cappers 35 "Naughty Marietta" 4. JERRY KNOX Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Key Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Scholar- ship Test 45 Swing Band 1, 2, 35 Golf 1, 2, 3, . BRADLEY CHRIST KOCH Freshman Basketball 15 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 President of O-Hi-Y 35 President Elect of Mount Vernon Hi-Y 45 "Men Are like Street Cars." 35 "Coco-Cola Quiz" 35 Presi- dent Student Council 45 Business Manager J. J. 45 Chairman Senior Chapel Committee 45 Scholarship Team Chemistry 35 Appoint- ment to Boy's State 35 Intramural Volleyball Champs 35 Intramural Basketball Champs 45 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. ELAINE MARIE KOUSOULAS Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl at Large 35 F. T. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 35 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 J. J. Stal? 45 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 45 Forum Show 2, 35 Root's Tooters 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA ANN KYMER G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. GORDON R. LAMBILLOTTE Scholarship Teams 1, 25 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Varsity Base- ball 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Chairman Senior Class Will Committee 45 Intramural Basket- ball, 15 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Forum Sihow 3, 45 "You Can't Take It With You" JOHN ROBERT LAYMON Reserve Football 25 Varsity Football 45 In- tramural Basketball 2, 45 Intramural Vol- leyball 1, 25 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. BEVERLY IRENE LEITER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 "What A Life" 45 Junior-Senior Prom Decorating Committee 35 Chairman Cap and Gown Committee 45 Quill 8: Scroll 35 J. J. Staff 45 junior Choir 15 Senior Choir 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. WAYNE A. LEVERS Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Reserve Football 15 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Forum Show 35 Hi-Y 1, 25 J. J. Advertising Staff 45 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3. CAROL MARIE MAYER Y-Teens 25 Volleyball Team 1. ROSALIE MAE MCKENZIE G. A. A. 1, 25 Senior Play Committee, 45 Y-Teens, 15 English Scholarship Test, 3. DALE C. MILLER F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 F. F. A. Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Volley- ball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Judging Team 1, 2, 45 F. F. A. Parliamentary Procedure Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 45 Reserve Football 1, 35 Reserve Basketball 2, 35 Senior Prom Committee 45 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Head Monitor 3, Vice-Pres. 45 Vice-President junior Class 35 "Men Are Like Street Cars" 35 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 "What A Life" 45 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. BARBARA JEAN MORRIS Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Scholarship Team 35 Senior Class Finance Committee 45 Oils Club 33 Intramural Volleyball. FRANCIS ELMER MOSSHOLDER Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football Manager 25 Senior Choir Dance Committee 25 Varsity Track 25 Intramural Basketball 3, BELVA FLORENCE NELSON Co-editor Jacket Journal 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 "What A Life" 45 Executive Treasurer Student Coun- cil, 3g Student Council 45 Volleyball Team 1, 25 Basketball Team 1, 25 Finance Committee Y-Teens 3, 45 G. A. A. 15 Band 15 Chairman Gift Committee 45 Chairman Forum Pro- gram Committee 4. NELDA DEE OLSON Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Forum Staff 45 Library 1, 2, 3, 45 Library President 45 Student Council 2, 45 Property Committee of "Years Ago" 15 Property Committee of "Ever Since Even 25 Senior Prom Committee 45 Y-Teen Reporter 35 Poem Accepted For National Anthology Magazine 45 Quill 8: Scroll 45 Spanish Scholarship Team 4. MARY ANN PAINTER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teen Cabinet 35 Band 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Booster's Club 3, 45 Forum Show 1, 2, 45 Queen's Court of Forum Show 35 District Music Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 "Sweethearts" 35 F. T. A. 35 Root's Tooters 35 Prom Comm. 45 Play Comm. 35 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. EMRY ANN PARDEE Y-Teens 3, 45 Oils Club 1, 25 President Kottons Kinds 45 Pen 8: Brush Club 1, 2, 3, 45 "Mikado" 25 "Black Magic"5 "Treasure Island,'5 "Faculty Frolics." Page One Hundred Ninety-seven IE W E L L ICE CREAM 85 MILK CCMPANY le Senior Activities C Continued J FRED H. PARGEON Co-Chairman Student Council Social Com- mittee 3, 45 Senior Choir 1, 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Scholarship Team 35 Senior Class Prophecy Committee 45 Library Stall' 15 I. J. Editor 45 Emcee Forum Show 45 "Mikado" 25 "Gay Fiesta" 15 Chairman "Get Out to Vote' Campaign 45 "You Can't Take It With You" 45 American Legion Essay Winner 4. THOMAS L. PHILLIPS Vice President Senior Class 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Sec F. F. A. 25 Treas. F. F. A. 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplin 2, Sec. 45 junior Class Play, 35 Reserve Football 15 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 "You Can't Take It With You" 45 Forum Show 3, 4. MARY ELINOR POLAND Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Student Council 45 Chair- man Y-Teen Service Committee 35 Forum Show 15 Football Attendant 3, 45 Attendant to Forum Queen 3, 45 "Gay Fiesta" 15 J. I. Staff 4. RICHARD THOMAS POLING Hi-Y 2, Treasurer5 Scholarship Teams 2, 3, 45 "Naughty Marietta" 4. DEBORAH DEE POND Co-editor Forum 45 Varsity Cheerleader 45 Forum Queen's Court 3, 45 Football Queen Attendant 45 Sec. Student Council 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 15 Library Staff 15 Scholarship Teams 2, 3, 45 Announcement and Will Committee 45 Track Queen 45 American Legion Essay District Winner 45 "Gay Fiesta" 15 "Men Are Like Streetcarsu 35 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. BETTY ANN PRITCHETT Y-Teens 3, 45 Scholarship Team 3. SALLY ANN PRYOR Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Maiorette 2, 3, 45 Student Council Vice-President 35 Treasurer Student Council 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intra- mural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 "Mother Is A Freshmani' 35 Forum Queen Attendant 3, 45 Football Queen 45 Football Queen Attendant 35 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. RICHARD L. REYNARD 1. 1. Advertising Manager 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band l, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball l, 25 World Affairs Conferences 45 Scholarship Team 3, 45 Key Club 25 Quill 8: Scroll 3, 45 Basketball Manager 1, 25 Senior Class Prophecy Committee 45 Forum Show 45 Senior Orchestra 2, 35 "Naughty Marietta" 45 "Mother Is A Freshman" 3. MELVIN ROBERT ROOCH President Senior Class 45 Chairman Student Council Assembly Committee 45 Scholarship Teams 3, 4. BARRY CHARLES ROESLER Hi-Y l, 25 Varsity Baseball 15 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4. ELAINE ALICE SCHOLZ Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. of Y-Teens 3, Pres. of Y-Teens 45 "Gay Fiesta" 15 Jr. Choir 25 Girls' Glee Club 15 Library Staff 15 Sr. Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 45 "Ever Since Eve" 25 Senior Choir 3, 45 Concert Soloist Orch. 25 "Sweet- hearts" 35 "Naughty Marietta" 45 Senior Court of Forum Show 45 Pres. Sr. Orch. 45 F. T. A. 1. ROBERTA JEAN SHANNON Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Marching Band l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Intramural Volleyball 25 Student Council 45 Senior Class Prophecy Committee 45 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 "The Pied Piper" 1. KEN SHIRA Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Reserve Football 35 Hi-Y 25 Forum Show 3, 45 Varsity Track 2. WILLIAM GEORGE SHUBERT Hi-Y 1, 25 Reserve Football 1, 25 Reserve Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4. NORMAN STEAGALL Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 Forum Show 3, 45 Senior Class Will Com- mittee 4. WANDA YVONNE SUTTON Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Boosters 2, 3, 45 Junior Choir 25 Senior Girl at Large 45 Concession Chairman 45 G. A. A. 15 Intra- mural Basketball 1, 25 Intramural Volleyball l, 2. ANN ELIZABETH TABOR Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Oils Club 1, 2, 35 F. T. A. 45 Senior Class Play Committee 45 "Men Are Like Streetcars" 35 "Mother Is A Freshman" 35 "What A Life" 45 "Mikado" 15 junior- Senior Prom Comm. 35 Scholarship Team 2, 35 "You Can't Take It With You" 4. ARLENE MARIE THOMAS Y. F. C. 4. ROBERT F. THOMPSON Band 1, 25 Latin Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Foot- ball l5 Baseball 1, 25 World History District Scholarship Team 25 American History Scholarship Team 35 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baseball 3. SHIRLEY JO-ANN TIER G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 Senior Band Majorette 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 President junior Choir 15 Forum Queen's Court 35 Forum Queen 45 Forum Show 1, 25 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HENRY TYSON Varsity Track 35 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 2, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 3. LARRY GENE VAIL junior Hi-Y Athletic Club 1, 25 Varsity Golf 35 Intramural Basketball 45 Intramural Volleyball 4. REGINA MAY VERNON Y-Teens 15 Senior Choir 2. Page One Hundred Ninety nme Congratulations Graduate! Compliments of . and Best Wishes for a Happy Successful Future from Home Electric Co. "Your Philco Dealer" 8 S. Mulberry St.-41006 THE MOUNT VERNON BUSINESS SCHOOL Lewis Building-9 West High St. Mrs. Charles Campbell. B.S. in Education Director Telephone 21626 Our school has been training graduates of th Mount Vernon High School since 1896. C Handbags Costume Imported Gifts jewelry Unite To Be Free Anne Lapp 5 In '5 Millinery 11 E. Gambier St. Mount Vernon, Ohio S. S. Kresge Co. BAUGHMAN Sand Sz: Gravel - FOR ALL YoUR SAND AND GRAVEL NEEDS - Located - Off South Main St. Telephone 71231 The Kahrl and Ward Cochran Electrlc Co. REALTORS AND GENERAL INSURANCE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS If It's Insurance We Write It Mount Vernon, Ohio Phfme 42396 Wilbur A. Cochran Phone 82821 7 W' Vine Sff'-ff M" Ve"'0"' Ohio Page Two Hundred 1 Senior Activities C Continued J NANCY J. WADDELL Intramural Basketball 2, 5, 43 Intramural Chairman Forum Show 4g Ad Staff Forum Baseball 2, 53 Intramural Volleyball 33 MARY CAROLYN WELLS Y-Teens 2. DONALD E. WAGSTAFF Senior Band l, 2, 5, 4g Key Club 5, 43 In- tramural Basketball 5, 4g Intramural Volley- ball 4g Stage Crew "Mother Is A Freshman" 5. SIDNEY BENJAMIN WALKER F. F. A. 1, 2, 5, 4, Sentinel 5, Treas. 43 Hi-Y 2, 53 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 5, 43 Intra- mural Volleyball I, 2, 5, 43 Student Council 43 Booster Club 5, 4. WILLIAM D. WARD Hi-Y I, 2g Key Club 2, 5, Vice-President 2, Sargeant-at-Arms 53 Boys' Glee Club 2g In- tramural Basketball 2, 5, 43 Intramural Vol- leyball 43 Senior Marching Band 2, 5, 4g Senior Concert Band 2, 5, 43 I. I. Staff 43 Forum Show 53 Home Coming Decorating Committee 43 Stake Manager "Gay Fiesta" l. DOROTHY MAY WARMAN Senior Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Senior Choir 4, Vice- President 43 Treas. Senior Class 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4g Forum Staff 43 Intramural Basket- ball 5, 43 Intramural Volleyball 4g G. A. A. 1, 2, 5, 4g junior Class Play Property Com- mittee 53 "Naughty Marietta" 4. MARY ALICE WARNER Scholarship Team l, 2, 53 F. T. A. 1, 2, 5, 43 F. T. A. Vice-President 43 F. T. A. Secretary 53 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 4g Senior Concert and Marching Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Quill 8: Scroll 5, 43 Senior Prophecy Committee 43 Intramural Volleyball 13 Student Council 13 Ticket junior Choir 13 Y-Teens l, 2, 5, 4g Senior Choir 2, 5, 4g Chairman Student Council Committee 5, 43 "Men Are Like Streetcars" 53 "Mother Is A Freshman" 53 "What A Life" 43 "Sweethearts" 53 "Naughty Marietta" 43 Chairman Senior Play Committee 43 Re- freshment Committee Junior-Senior Prom 53 Intramural Volleyball 5, 43 Intramural Easketball 53 "You Can't Take It With You" LELAND WHITE Key Club 1, 2, 5, 43 Student Adviser in F. F. A. 4. JOHN D. WILLIAMS Reserve Basketball 23 Reserve Football 23 Varsity Football 4g Varsity Basketball 5, 43 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 5, 43 Hi-Y 2. 43 Fourm Show 5, 43 "You Can't Take It With You" 43 Intramural Volleyball. SHIRLEY ANN WOLF Vice President Pen and Brush Club I3 Y- Teen Girl at Large 2g Art Co-editor Forum 43 Y-Teens l, 2, 5, 4, Vice-President 43 Oils Club 2, 53 Forum Show 5, 43 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 5, 43 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 5, 43 Co-Chairman Decorating Commit- tee Forum Show 4. DORA DELL WYANT Y-Teens 5, 43 Senior Marching Band I, 2, 5, 4g Senior Concert Band 1, 2, 5, 43 Sec. Art Club 43 F. T. A. 2, 5, 43 G. A. A. I, 23 Student Council 4. 1955 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY jane Geiger Nancy Ireland Mary Alice Warner Barbara Morris Ann Painter Debbie Pond Elaine Scholz john Hoyt Robert Rooch Fred Ball Elaine Kousoulas Carol Dunham Gordon Lambillotte Norman Steagall Mary Fowler Willianm Hodder Barbara Davis Vivian Gallogley NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY John Hoyt Norman Steagall Jerry Knox Bill Conard Fred Ball Gordon Lambillotte Bradley Koch Dale Miller Dick Reynard Tom Phillips Page Two Hundred One Congratulations to Class of ,53 TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY Paul H. Turner '20' 25 B 1 A Mount Ver Oh D 1 81766 P91 HddT ' f Compliments O Bebout 81 Meek Fred D. Pharis Shell Service Insurance 5 W. High sf. Mi. Vernon, ohio 100 Coshmon Ave' Phone 52416 Mount Vernon, Ohio FURNITURE CENTER" Mi.Vernon, Ohio Elgin Omega Compliments of Hamilton Bulova Mt. Vernon Allen Jewelers Telephone 7 East Gambier sf. Cgrp, BUILDERS IN MOUNT VERNON FOR 5 GENIZRATIONS QUONSET AND LONG SPAN STEEL BUILDINGS MASONRY AND LANDSCAPING RANSOM BUILDING COMPANY 110 E. Gambier St. Tramont Building Page Two Hundred Three QQQ5' YEARS 'llh mvg, 1 -125' , Q- W . ' 'SW ,X ' N41 Vg I ' jg dy Q R : N N, . , '--1.5: ,-,.,- .,v, 1 ,:3Z,'.Qgf5N- 5235 ' , '33 15 +. 2 , f S' s 5- , .w 5 Qmwmmim THROUGH 1 . W T H E "". ..:1. - '.... . 3':gzQQQ :z1::f3.:s:f+i'-' M 2QQis 32:3 231222 "'2 :, '12 , - ' " ' Q1 5 1 c-1... g 1890 JS? .. ,,,. LIPPS GARVERICK ISRAEL Z-,Q giii 1955 iii? EQEEE, . QQQE Powmm by .,.:, '::': M wwf Vewwn ..2Q -: 4:,, ,.:: 2 zz.. :4: ,.1:1:A .Q12 ::.... V VAZ geieititi -.:.. . 'zil i5f515E515E5E5E5E55Ei-573555E5E5E52515E53553535?: Pbotog s H 4'f21 5 4 1 5Q5Q5:5:5Q5:55g55:5Q5Q51jQ5Q5,5,5.g:g., Page Two Hundred Four 3. 0 ?" buggy? f2'Hi5 Q -, Q -,,.,.,,.:.,.,.1.:.5.4 1:51215"'5:2f'2'7.55:2:2:f94' ':i:2:Egg1Ag4:1:5:: in gy Q 'Ya A e 3,15 S 1 .aj Ji' 'ii Lg xx S H E LL I M O E- ff R rim Best Wishes to the Class of '53 fd 1 PRODUCTS co j uNTvRNoN,oH RPORATION IO Page Two Hundred Five 5 XM! Ni S ,I Q is NWN KWQX? .. . gilt.-,,?.ib.-an ' 5 , , is Msg 1, W 'vs Q A fbi, O ' 15 cQ'7iX'Ni N - A 'F A .ww 17. kg 4 4- q5e4G1"S- ,.. . ai f A 9 Yi . A , A M X It A GQ wi Q f'7'4iN " , flip F2 iw .Y if I x Q , A S .ww-ww-2 y , '1 1 f T SKI. 4 I X ,nil ' QQ ,- N01 .. 'A , vu RP,S 1915 Maxwell Right hand drive- Chassis was purchased through The Salisbury Agency - Body built by Silcott Buggy Shop on West Ghio Avenue. This was the First Panel Truck in Mount Vernon. CARDS GIFTS FLUWERS Mount V6PH0D7S Finest Store Page Two Hundred Seven in I .." if 5' - Qfhftfu ' all rc' ' NN, ig all 3, fgpy ,,,' Q,7,yj,fz,g ,f ff .-gg - A 13 we. a ,ff f W UT Ns gr 1, elle use 1 5 gi, - gl g N 9 5 - ' 7? Powlsn COSTS Down... f egfrgdl from ships and power plants... X to pipe lines and refineries 4 ei, xf - I E T ffm ALM il xx T. :all .. , - it . ... , . .Ei 'E ii fill , To . E I IE - V ' Q. I ii H 1 1 ODAY you'd be hard put to find any field of heavy duty power utilization not served by Cooper-Bessemer diesels, gas engines and gas-diesels. These big, modern units power fishing schooners, tugs, ocean-going cargo ships, locomotives and huge earth-moving machinery. They're hard at work in industrial, R.E.A. and municipal power plants everywhere. Hundreds ofthe biggest Cooper- Bessemers provide the push to send crucial gas and oil through cross-country pipe lines to our fuel-hungry pro- duction and metropolitan areas. Two fundamentals lie behind this broad application. First, Cooper-Bessemer men continually study the ever- changing requirements in each type ofservice, then design and build engines and equipment to meet these needs. Secondly, equally important, Cooper-Bessemer engineers are constantly coming up with new ideas that cut the cost of power. For example, in many services right now, two Cooper-Bessemers are doing work that took three such engines only a few short years ago. Likewise, there are new Cooper-Bessemer developments that reduce fuel con- DIESELS ' GAS ENGINES ' GAS DIESELS ' ENGINEPDHIVEN AND sumption and space requirements by a third . . . and more! Advances like these help to make the most of our natural resources . . . help make power dollars do more. For de- fense-supporting power, check with Cooper-Bessemer. Find out about the new things being done by one of America's oldest engine builders. Cooper-Bessemer mama.. MOUNT VERNON, OHIO GROVE Clif PA' New York 0 Chicago o Washington 0 San Francisco o Los Angeles 0 Houston e Dallas 0 Odessa o Seattle o Tulsa u St. Louis e Gloucester s New Orleans 0 Shreveport MOTOR'DRIVEN COMPRESSORS' HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID PUMPS 1953 Ford Victoria This Year The Ford Company Is Celebrating It's 50th Anniversary Clinton Williams in 1910 Model "T" Ford V You Get Better Service for Your Ford at K. D. BEBOUT, INC. Authorized Ford Sales and Service 16 East Ohio Ave. Mount Vernon, Ohio Page Two Hundred Nine Todays Treasures Tomorroufs Heirlooms Phil Thompson Jewelry 29 East Gambier Street Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of KEPPLIEYS SHEET METAL WORKS ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS CUSTOM BUILT Compliments of S T A R M E R Sara M. Cannon Agent for ALL Magazines Community Market 126 E. Vine sneer Phone 42983 . Sychar Road MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Congratulations To The Class of '53 MOUNT VERNON Exchange Club Page Two Hundred Ten Phi Sigma Chi FIRST ROW SEATED: Kenneth Snow, Lester Dutt, Leon Zeisloft. SECOND ROW: Ford Pisor, Harry Hay- mes, Francis Banning. TOP ROW: Paul D. Banning, Walter Woods, Dick Shireman, Harry Upham. Phi Sigma was a social fraternity for young men. This picture of the pledges to this group was taken about 1913. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER COURT IN A NEW OLDS CONVERTIBLE XVITH CHEERLEADERS AND MASCOTS IN THE FOREGROUND. SALLY PRYOR - i952 HOMECOMING QUEEN SENIOR A'l"l'ENDAN'l'S CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR A'I"I'ENDAN'l'.S' MARY POLAND CAROL DUNHAM JANET VANATTA DEBBIE POND LOA HATHAWAY ANN TITUS LINDA BRILLHART GAYLE MYER BILLY ROOT, MASCOT KATHY HULSESTRAND, MASCOT PDND MOTOR SALES, ING. CADILLAC-ULIJSMUBILE Page Two Hundred Eleven C 012 gwztulatiovfzs T0 the Class of '53 from School Supplies Office Supplies Sporting Goods Toys Paint Wallpaper 107 S. Main St. Phone 31596 Page Two Hundred Twelve WERE PROUD OF OUR NEW BUILDING! TOP: New Shop. MIDDLE: New Muslc Room. BOTTOM: View of all three wings of the school. A COMPLETE ROSTER OF THE GRADUATES OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL This roster was compiled from the 1927 FORUM and from the files in the superintendent's oliice. In some cases it was diiiicult to obtain a woman's married name, but the staff hopes that all Mount Vernon High graduates are listed here. CLASS OF 1861 U. Clarence Blake Wilbur F. Lathrop Rollin C. Hurd, Jr. Lewis Mitchell Henry C. Rogers CLASS OF 1862 Erskin Curtis Wilmot Sperry CLASS OF 1863 Harriet A. 1BaldwinJ Armstrong V. Ella lCottonJ Simmons Frances R. Crowell Harriet R. lHallerJ Norton Olive lHydeJ Burr Carrie E. lLewisJ Lane Anna M. Mackey Clara lMartinJ Burr Anna M. Nicholas IE. Antoinette Nicholas Mary A. lRathcllJ Foltz CLASS OF 1864 Perry Gribbin CLASS Ol" 1865 Alice fBucklandJ McMillen Julia llrvinej Hollowell Emily Patterson l Sarah iRectorJ Vincent J. M. Rowe Minnie lStauiTerJ Sanderson Elizabeth lThompsonJ Rowe CLASS OF 1868 Louisa lBowersJ Brooks M. Emily QDurbinJ Stewart M. Curran Farquar Rose E. Farquar 1 Ida E. llrvinej Holloweil Mary R. QLewisJ Mazon Rose A. tLippittj Morrow Nora tParkJ Hyde Lizzie B. QSperryJ Bogardss Ella A. Vance Rilla lYoungJ Leu CLASS OF 1887 Nettie lBallJ Chisholm Laura L. lBascomJ Little Letitia S. lElderJ Anderson A. M. Hills Rose E. llngramj Owen Anna Lewis Minnie E. lMillerj Mackey Adelaide E. Smith CLASS OF 1868 Mary fLaneJ Robinson Amanda lLewisJ Leonard Perlie fStauHerJ Mitchell Belle Stevens Louisa lTurnerJ Elder CLASS OF 1869 Anna R. Barre Louisa lBeamJ Gould Ella M. QBechtolJ Craig Austin A. Cassil Sarah L. lCurtisJ Kelly Royal S. DeWitt James F. Hood E. Chubbie lHyde7 Vance Etta flngramj Kirk Alice Lane Alice M. tLewisJ Crushing R. M. Morgan H. Kate Parke Lou L. Peterman Orlando V. Price Ella L. Reeves Maria L. lRowleyJ Hogue Harney Scribner Carrie M. Thompson Emma fWhiteJ Wlright CLASS OF 1870 Mary E. CCalkinsJ Fultz William T. Colville Julia S. lNortonj Fawcett Harry A. Sturgess CLASS OF 1871 Adelaide E. Brown Amanda lBrownJ Newell Mary E. lBrownJ Haynes Emily CCohenJ Preshy Katherine B. Fordney Frank R. Moore Alice fReynoldsJ Herrman Sarah Smith Elizabeth R. Willis CLASS OF 1872 Carlie F. lBenedictJ Tharpp Anna M. Blair Robert W. Colville William B. Wealt Mary CThompsonJ Swetland CLASS OF 1873 Kate F. Benedict Selena K. CHodginsJ Clark Elizabeth A. Smith Elizabeth E. 1WellsJ Scott Alice M. fTrick7 Yeager CLASS Ol" 1874 Lu Ella Mitchell Belle fShawJ Newson Marian iSmithJ Hill Ida lTudorJ Wilson CLASS OF 1875 Emma T. A. lBridgeJ Seeberger Emma V. CHustonJ Molen Dora M. McDonough Agnes R. lMontgomeryJ McNeille Charles Page Peterman Martha A. Power Carrie C. lPyleJ Congdon Mary L. tRowleyJ Branstetter Selena L. Trick Anna lTrimbleJ Colville Clara J. lTudorJ Roger Frances L. CWillisJ Clark CLASS OF 1876 Fannie J. lBianchardJ March Jennie QChapmanJ Stephens Charles W. Doty Anna R. McKay Clara J. McKay A. Baldwin Norton Charlotte E. CShawJ Frederi:k Ella E. iShawJ Wyrick Mary E. lSnookJ Elliott Jessie White CLASS OF 1877 Samuel R. Gotshall Frank Harper Louis Lane Harry Martin Sue R. Miller Florence L. lStephensJ Schnebly Emma Trott CLASS OF 1878 Herbert Ewalt Belle lPickardJ Jackson Annie B. Severns CLASS OF 1879 Edd. O. Arnold Linda CDe Voej Patterson Stephen D. Frederick Clara CMastellerJ Sundells Maggie M. lWardJ Jellilf Olive M. lWilliamsJ Benoy CLASS OF 1880 Ollie fAtwoodJ Humphreys Lois T. Bishop Page Two Hundred Fourteen NVill E. Fisher Edith M. lMarshJ Allen Luella lMartinJ Green Iva lSprouleJ Baker Libbie lTudorJ Arnold CLASS OF 1881 Jessie 1ClarkJ Thomas Mary fClarkJ Peterman Annie C. Curtis Samuel J. Simmons CLASS OF 1882 Addie Arnold Jennie Balar Grace C. lBennettJ Marple Bessie B. CBrownJ Taylor Jessie Bryant Robert H. Fowler Ella Grant Jennie A, Hanna Leonice E. lHuntJ Day Florence B. llrvinej West Winifred fLaneJ Gotshall Dora fParmenterJ Broadwell Hattie lThompsonJ Miles George A. True Eva M. lVohlJ Cassell CLASS OIF 1883 George Martin Carrie fMillerJ Critchfield ldellc lMillcrJ lliiller Retta Richardson CLASS OF 1884 Harry Arnold Minnie lBainterJ Wynkoop Ella lBroadwellJ Rowe Georgia fChapmanJ Dunning Lizzie France Minnie E QHallJ Hunter Louie lHannaJ Roberts Lucy CSpindlerJ Vfhite CLASS Of' 1585 Jessie CBainterJ Relser Fanny lBlairJ Coup Bessie CClarkJ Thomas Oscar Daniels Betta Darby Lottie Jackson Sadie Miller Cora CMitchellJ Brunner Linda CSharpnackJ Bishop CLASS OF 1836 Bettie fAdamsJ Grant Mary lBaldwinJ Dickinson Alice Curtis Cora Ewalt Eva CGainesJ Payne Nannie tlsraelj Porter Nora CLomej McKee Wlilliam Magill Minnie fParmenterJ Herron Bertha Rogers Mary CSpearmanJ Lowther Mary 1TaylorJ Lowdry Nettie lThatcherJ Granes Lizzie lVan Atkinj Amy CLASS OF 1887 Lula lAbbortJ Herron Charles W. Baker George S. Ball Charles V. Critchfield Madge lCunninghamJ Wfilson C. Walter Irwin Ollie M. lKelleyJ Eggleston Philip Sheridan Kelser Daisy lLaneJ Heard Lee F. Lybarger Rollin R. Mclntire Hattie CParkesJ Lauderbaugh Fred A. Place Bertie Shrimplin Frank A. Yauger Olive J. fYoungJ Cosner Beniamin Zeisloft CLASS OF 1888 Mary Baker Bessie tBirdJ Debes Katherine fBraddockJ Barron Lula Bunn Clarence Bryans Lucy QClarkJ Mitchell Emma Cole Nancy iCurryJ Wheeler Ida fGardnerJ Frederick Kate fNealJ Kinley Jennie lSeftonJ Nichols Earl Smith Flora iSpearmanJ Gearhart Ella CTiltonJ Stevens Edith iTudorJ Errett CLASS Ol" 1889 Saurn W. Alsdorf XVinnie P. lBaldwinJ Coup Eleanor lFarrisonJ Van Wicklen Edna KI-Iagamanj Branyan David A. Hanna William J. Horner Lily B. McClellan Lula M. fMcCormickJ lCarpenterJ Norton Berdie A. iMillerJ Bedell George M. Miser Alice B. fMorrisJ North Rosa T. fOsbornJ Huntsberry Otto A. Patterson Alice G. lStumphJ Kaiser Medora E. lStyersJ Derringer Marguerite fTaylorJ Weir Charles G. Walker Minto A. CWhiteJ Wells CLASS OF 1890 Lina fArmentroutj Garber Gertrude Alexander lBakerJ Phillip.: Bessie lCochranJ Bell Alice C. CBlackJ Mills Anna Louise 1BogardusJ Beam Gertrude A. 1BunnJ Stevens J. Carle Bell Mary Elizabeth Cole L. Della lCoupJ lChalling.s- worthj Brininstooi Mildred lCunninghamJ Plate Vivian Dale Ebersole Myrtle Dell Fowler Blanche Mable Gotshall Gertrude tHallJ Weaver Hugh Lawrence Mahaffey Charles J. McFarland Sara lMyersJ Curtis Frank Walter Poland Elizabeth lRansomJ Sanderson Katherina Vance lSandersonJ Reeves Augustus Theodore Seymore Alexander Percy Tarr Fanny Ferne Thrailkill Frederick Henry Ward Clyde Liming Weaver Elizabeth Veatch Wilson CLASS OF 1891 Blanche lAustenJ Montgomery Maud Ellen fBainterJ Jorbet Priscilla 1BanningJ Sanderson Ada CBedellJ VUooten Mary Frances Black Walter David Braddock Hurd Alexander Cassil Nellie Ada Critchlield Frank Thomas Disney Harry Crit Drake Pattie lMcKeeJ Eastman Edwin Clair Ensminger Lone Daisy CForryj Dalley Fred Marion French Irene lGainesJ Yaeger Mallie CHawkinsJ Roland Annie tLettsJ Tarr Adelle Blanche lMagillJ Grubb Jessie Elizabeth lMillerJ Gilmore Arthur George Neighbor Harry Lybrand Ries Winifred Rush Fred Grant Severns Howard Lee Torbet Belle fWelshJ Scarborough Bessie Whittington lSetldc-nj Allie fYaugerJ Ball CLASS OF 1892 Jennie Belle Roberts CLASS OF 1893 Eugene Frederick Bigler Dilla iBlackj Mills Cora Della Debes Adeele CFishburnej Martin James Clifford George Mary CGordonJ Ensminger Mary Elizabeth lMagillj Norrish Clare Isabel Miller Belle Beaty Nixon William Watts Parmenter Helen 1Pattersonj Alsdorf Edith Estella Pitkin Lallra 1StoneJ Mclntire . Estella iWelshymerj MOHIIS Isadora QXVorleyJ Messmore CLASS OF 1894 Rose fCareyJ McKinley Dora 1EllisJ XVard Mary Bertha tFergusonj Dollinger Minnie Rae Graff Gratia QGrahamj Walker Lulu 1Gordonj Canning h Mary Grace fGossageJ Frazler Elkan Henly Fred Stevens McConnell Alfred Heber Mclntire Jed S. Montis. . Laura Marjorie Plckard Mable Irene Stauffer Frances tThompsonj Moore Louis Clyde XVhite Frances QYoungJ Jacobs CLASS OF 1895 Lyman Vance Armentrout Anna CBanningj Hankey Mae fBtaddockj Sturgis Fannie Raymond Bricker Henrietta tBunnJ Stevens John Milton Coup. Jessle Catherine Dickerson Katherine fElliottj Rees Dora 1Ensimingerj Pollock Mabel CHarrisj Krender Liddie Elizabeth fHoodJ Fry Carroll Ross Jackson A Elizabeth tLarimoreJ McKinley Fred Lewis . Frank Kinear XVl150h Florence CMitchellJ Eggleston Mabel lMitchellj QForgingj Slingluff Benjamin Franklin Parmenter Charles Wilbllr Phifer XValter McClelland Pyle Estella Grace fSappJ Byers Anna Eliza fSenselJ Pearl Gertrude fSpindlerj XVeaver Viola Virginia fSymonsj Booker Bertha CTrott5 Nichols Frank Charles Waddell CLASS 01" 1896 Bertha fAllstinJ Kline William Earle Baldwin Selora Stuart lBlackJ Cooksey Eleanor Mae lCrumleyJ Moore Victor Albert Debes William Lewis Diehl Clara Converse Ewalt Erwin Crassills Gordon Eva Martin CGraffj Garret Laura Katherine fGfHh3H1J Jackson Cora Eleanor Grant Edith Hillier Maude Lyle Hubbell Mary Adelaide Koons Thomas Guthrey McCalla George Skidmore Murphy Walter Flemming Murphy Lucille CParrottJ Hosack Minnie Eliza Recs Rizpah Norwood CTarrj Murphy Joseph George Tilton Iva Mary iWalkerJ Kochherser ff? -Rwbw 0599 B' is KNOB Daisy QWaltonJ Beckley Elizabeth CWrightJ Shaw Jessie CWrightJ Molfley Mary Grace QYoungJ Harris CLASS OF 1897 Nellie Elizabeth lBallJ Trenwith Edith Camma 1BellJ Stickney Emma Eliza fClarkJ Levering Mary QEwingj Lawman Nellie QEwingj Sharp Florence Mabel Fay Cornelia Maude 1FultzJ Frasier John Labon Headington Georgia Virginia Neal Charles Sumner Owen Augusta Andrews Pearl Anna Christina fPhiferJ Debes Anna Gertrude Ransom Stella Rosenthall Clara Louise Ross Ethel iSappJ Tudor Stella CSappJ Ruch John Frank Smith Bertha Dee QStyersj Michael Wilmot Sperry parm Philip Hyatt Tarr Eleanor Bragg tTierj Roberts William Perry Welshymer CLASS OF 1898 Newton Otto Anderson Robert Baldwin Armstrong Melvin Thomas Beck Ruth Elizabeth QBogardusJ Anderson Lulu Gertrude lWhiteJ Taylor CLASS OF 1900 John George Austin William Edger Barker Goldie Alice fBeachJ Harmer Charles Albert Beck Georgia Lucille CCampbellJ Gower Charles Foster Carey Maria Sanford Chase Mary Kenyon CClarkj Coup Carrie Elsie KCochranj Wier Gail Ogle Cooksey Isabel Cooper Mary Isabel CEwingJ Smith Augustus Henry Goins Marian QHarterJ Armentl-out Bessie Della CHessJ Switzer Marie Mason 1Hoguej Dyer Harry Abe Hyman Mary Agnes Kelly Jennie Evaline Lybarger Mable fMcGibenyj Morrison Marjorie Eleanor Merrin Myrta Grace lMerrinJ McKinney Pauline Angelette iMiserJ Freeman DOCTO Q Margaret Isabel 1Mortonj Harter Lillie Wilhelmina fMullinj Lorentz Bessie May Park Magdalen Rees Frank Whitford Sapp Frances Gertrude Sellers Catherine Gertrude 1ShinaberryJ Ena Imelda 1HendersonJ Cd Venough Grace Maude Hinkle John Burson Morton Kathryn tPuttJ Johnson Charles McGibeny Roberts Gladys Mae fSappJ Beam Mae Belle fSenselj Richwine Sinclair Preserve Smith Edward Marquis Starr Mary Elizabeth fStevensJ Mclntire Lela Alice Styers Inez Mae tVancej Rogers Clara Llewellyn fWhittierj CNyeJ Fisher Frances Ellen 1WhittingtonJ Peck James Lisle Wineland CLASS OF 1903 Grace Elizabeth fBlockerj Rawlinson Mae QBryanj Stump Bertha Lee CEllisJ Morris Efhel'Ve1ra HHHGIIQIW dy P arrlet reeman ar err Laura Elizabeth Koons FN Teyfqcfuee Mary Struble Merrin Ruth Evelyn Merrin Coreta CCassJ Robinson Edna Lillian CRushj Pettit Pearl Melcina fSevernsj Cole Beatrice Antonia Stradler Ruby Ethel Vance Bessie Emma fRinglerj Camp Clara Margaret Wood Francis Joseph Anderson Paul Julius Brent I Herring Llumf' Josephme KCHWU7 SLfJoseph Byron Stauffer QGQL- Eifrhri 5fCPh0"S Pearl Clair 1StoyleJ McDonald Sarah QClarkJ Fleming Rachel Jane 1EwingJ Workman Pearl Ethel CFlowerJ Wythe Corlindia Allie lHurleyj Gore Elizabeth Uacobusj Kellison Charles Samuel McKee George Webb Kingsbury LuNylla lMitchellJ Wllitford Clarence Chancy Gertrude Emily Parr Harry Benton Parrott William Lane Robinson Clinton Pearl Smith Sophia Knox QSmithJ O'Bryon Elsie Mabel KStarrJ Fairchild Mildred Colville tStarrJ Tarr Florence Louise Westlake lla Bernice tWilliamsj McNabb Otto Elmer Whittington Nannie Ellen CWrightj Baker Louie Wytlle CLASS OF 1899 Susie Edessa Agey Willianl Francis Allen Maud Mae CAlsdorfJ tBendelJ Smith Walter Stewart Anderson Earl Raymond Broden Wilda Craig Clark Bertha Cedella KCopelandj Paynl Frances Carrie Drye Nancy QFawcettj Baldwin Elinore CRanttj Humbert Stella Swan CGordonJ Smith Helen tHoguej McFeely Martin Sylvester Kelly Mary Elinor Kingsbury William Garfield Koons Frank Larimore Mary Grace Mackay Mary Edith McCalla Harriet Sylvinia Merrin Arra Carolyn CMorfordJ Hancock Carrol Dean Murphy John William O'Brien Jennie Elizabeth lParrJ Allen William Francis Pembrook Frederick Page Ransom Rosebud iSappJ Armstrong Eva Lena fSingerJ Sleeper Elizabeth Browning KSpert-yj Conley Zenno Elbridge Taylor Agnes Kemp Tier Ida May fUnderw0odj Bennet Helen Katherine XValton Nita 1WarellJ Brannie Charles Benjamin Wander Iva Lovina QWarrenJ McDonald Colin Clifton Welshymer Orphia Sophia Welshymer Annie Mae lWhiteJ Gardner Olus Verne fWilliamsJ McIntyre CLASS O1-' 1901 George Sefton Allspaugll Helen V. Anderson Mary Louella Beck Jared Sperry Bogardus Belle Leona fBowmanJ Humphreyville Clellie iNewtonj Brentlinger Mary Eleanor fCassilJ Reynard Margaret QClaypoolJ Rockwell Ester Ellen iffonditj Murphy Ethel 1CooperJ Thomas Isabel Cunningham Isaac George Errett ' Alice Blanche 1Ewingj Llnton Gaylord Augustus Freeman Clarence Edward George Ada Graham George Burleigh Graham Fred Blaine Hagaman Mable Baker Hunt Myrtle Lavata QBookerj Williamwaiarry xvilson Koons PTTORAQY Iva Browning CLewisJ Deeley Charles Addison Miller Harry Ocrtel Mitchell Harry S. 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Grimm l Blanche Belle tHarkerj Smlth Lottie Lovina tHoguej Johnson Florence Angelette Jupiter Edenia Ceclia 1Kentj Maimburg Pearle C1C0p1lllS McDonald Olive Mabel iMcFarlandJ Alspaugh Mary Gertrude Mills Lulu Faye Motiitt Florence Beth Patterson Pansy Alfreda 1Puttj Wagner Ethyl Caroline tRichardsonJ VanVoorhis Mary Swetland CStaufferj Harter Xantha Bartlett Swingle Mabel B. Vincent Leafy Lanore Wineland Bert Wilson Allspaugh Palll Brown Barbelf' Henry Greer Beam Thomas Lowe Bogardus Clifford Russell Brentlinger William Walter Cary Samuel Cureton Justin Emerson Devalon Jlllius XV. Headington Arthur Davis Hyman' William Lloyd Mclntire Ray Walter Osborn Joseph Vance Park Elliott Hudson Reynolds William Cooper Russell Robert Wallace Stauffer CLASS OF 1905 William McCreary Banning Ethyln Agnes Beach Franklin Otto Bllle Cleveland Bricker Edythe Melville fCanningJ . Mina Belle Crowthers Stophett E! 559 Charles Douglas Dalrymple X7 lln Redm Cjaygqgl Wcrck' Deuyh Margaret Ethel Devalon eonar cott Clements Blanche Elizabeth fGeorgeJ Lippi David Wfallace Collins Warner Vernon Graff Bessie QConlkeJ Graham Page Two Hundred Fifteen fb Frederick Sturges Cooper Philip Lewis Day Herbert Wilkinson Hancock Mable Elizabeth CHessJ Mitchell Stella Sarah fHymanJ Hantman Francis Barrell Jennings Hubert Clyde LaFever Howard Allen Levering Gertrude Bird QMcElroyJ Brenrlinger Rose CMilIerJ Blair Arthur 1-lildreth Mitchell Lena Annita KMitchellJ Welker Arthur Ellwood Robertson Catherine Elizabeth iSheppardj Huntsworth Donald Montgomery Snow Lottie Ogg iSpearmanJ Johnson Dorothy Jean Starr Jessie Helen CStarrJ Apter Clyde Franklin Turner Levia Rebecca Ward Mable Eliza iWarmanJ Craig Charles Ernest Warman CLASS OF 1906 Minnie Isabel fBraddockJ Dean Bessie M. McDevitt Cordelia QGarberJ Shaffner Helen Bainter 14 :CBessie Parrott gpg, TEu.E Ex CLASS OF 1908 Ava Alvena Adrian Edward E. Allspaugh Marguerite R. QBedell7 Nichols Belle Colopy QButcherJ Vance Florence Isabelle QBradlieldJ Greer May Edna Bennington Stella B. lCoxJ Bell Cora Pearl QColginJ Daniels Scott William Camp Julia Dawling Derwin D. Dancels Bessie Isabell CWalterJ Porter Earl Franklin White Cleora Marie CWilkinsonJ Congdon CLASS OF 1910 Guy L. Ackerman Bessie Mae Barker Nola Ruth iBarnardD Dowds Elizabeth Louise QBartlettJ Banning Earl Hayes Baxter Imaz Retta Beever Margaret Ellgeston 77KOlive Belle Brooks M ' 'EMM el., Helen Lee Green o ve aryig Jester Katherine Ann tGeorge7 QCottonJ Cochran Esther Georgia CGunnJ Sinclair Carrie Jane Glenn Martha Harriet Hyatt Grace Gertrude QHeadingtonJ Schumann Bessie Blanche fHaymesJ Lamont Philip William Hull Laura Madge QI-Iumberty Simmons Maud Ellen tHenwoodJ Sellers Nellie Keigley Madeline Dean King Anna Gladys Merrin Marguerite Page QMartinJ Starr Nora McKay , - pa Xiifiliiif duffifkixiicy 21 vc,-we -r 5cGefffg1rjl:NfIHfiie?fAf'fil5lUPSD Russell Bogardus Bessie Stute Ruth 1PfautzJ Woolson Herman Swingley Roy Fowls Daisy Gearhart Madeline Weaver Cleveland Wolfe Alma Higgins Edna Higgins Clotilda Lepley Edyth Ewart Carolyn Stone Frances QFiffanyJ Healy Mabel QMitchellj Higgins Alva Beach Florence Young Carl Einanual Miller Flossie iVeatchJ Brundage I-Ieber McClelland Lucie QCraigJ Mitchell Fred Sanderson CLASS OF 1907 I-larry Grubb Clell Perkins Russell Sellers art n ' TT, 176-BO awrence Canning Allen Clark Scott Glare Merrill Harris Ralph Headington Ray LaFever Frank Martin John McFadden Harper Russell Elizabeth QSellersJ Ward John Jay Phillips Lynn Estes Revennaugh Edwin Rightmire Clara Margaret Stute Lulu Dale Staats Lawrence Edmund Sperry Ethel Snow Elda Williams Mable Irwin QYoungj Yauger CLASS OF 1809 Mary Helen Alden Mildred Beatrice Aler Marguerite Swaney QAllenb White Edna Irene Charlton Carroll Dunham Conard Virgil R. Dowds Florence Irene 1DowdsJ Rose X Dwight S. Ewalt Donald Hanly Harper Walter Grant Harris Dwight Walker Hobbs Vivian Dale fHultonJ Corwin Winifred Estella ljonesj Hadley Carl H. Masteller Ida Constance Merrin Edith Miriam QNeall LaFever Henrietta Eisenhart Penfield Ruth Eleanor CPitkinj Conard Brooke Reed Anna Elizabeth LSwetlandJ Gorshall Florence Estella QWalkerJ Tickert Clinton Pearl Wenger Ada Olive QVan Voorhisj Ewalt CLASS OF 1911 Loma Pearl KArndtJ Adams Mae Isabel lBartlettJ Wolfe Mary Ann Blair Anna Lee Black Frances Chew , George Thomas Culbertson 09" 1 ert aro ary Helen Catherine Chey Mable Ida Coleman Beulah Chapman LDoellsb Morton Leland Asher Arnold ' ax, Vivian Dowds DE ,sp -'Teach 601 Helen QAshcraftJ Scribner Eva Beever Harold Edwin Bell Fay Eleanor Bell Lillian Bernice 1BennettJ Bown Minnie Ellen QBlairJ Miller Royal Rufus Bucher Clara Catherine QCervenkaJ Schmidt Mary Josephine Cheyney Arline Frances QCraigJ Schlessinger Clarence Benjamin Cramer William Ray Culbertson Grace Ellen QDoupJ Kidd Margaret Wave Dunlap Katharine Lavinia Elder Norris Raymond Elliot Alby Sweet Fleming Lottie CMayJ Friel Ivan Blinn Gearhart uth Elda CGreenJ Kells Bessie Ovcrl J Sargent pdffllilcwlclglazel Clarke iGrubbJ Wing K Q I s y 1 Anna lTrimbleJ Johnson Dwight Vincent Edyth Fleming Jane iChaseJ Sanderson Kathryn Anderson Oscar Arnold Hazel Banning Joseph Bradheld Fred Cary Frank Chapman Jay L Clay Y. Gladys Ellen QHadley7 Baker Edna Marguerite Hayes Walter S. Englehardt Mary Bell Ewing Heater Grace iFaddis7 Hall Lawrence Fletcher John Samuel Gorshall Hazel Pearl Graff Betta M. tHallJ Schnebly ' George Hugh Hookway Jennie Hildebrand Ralph Gearhart Jenkins Hazel Merrin Kirkpatrick Monroe Hipsley Kaufman Alma Vernice Lepley Evelyn Marie Lyman Ruth Marie Mitchell Dean Vincent McKee Mary Evelyn fMochwartJ Koch Bessie Gladys lPattersonl Chrisman Helen Marguerite Porter Kernice iilitfag Phliglips .- aymon . pee ' PQ9Louise Elizabeth S e DE W P Florence Lavinia QHuddleJ Clark Charles .Huntsbcrger was u y unts erge ' Ethel Vivian Jamison Leroy Kells Lenna May QLitzenburgJ Chapman Blanch Lois Long g May Ethel Mann arrie Belle Masteller If HMFFI feolliillcl Svvits Mil Tvimdzggurt Henry Meltzer L ll n C nier i ia ra Robert Dowds Leo Higgins Roy James Moorehouse Ethel Mae CMcGuginJ LaFever Mary Helen fMcNabbJ L tle Kathleen tKo0nsJ Williams x7fGeor e B' Owenzsewcpgtl gag? Russell Levering Lena QLyndeJ Cochran Jolm Mitchell Mabel Moore Lester Ogg Marcus Rosenthall Anna QSchnebleyJ Crumley va Bea e aul Ethel Elizabeth lPitkinJ Studor Ralph Daniel Reed Florence Revennaugh Ray Scarbrough Edna Sellars Eleanor Sigler Irene iSigler7 Satt Charlotta Pearl 1Staatsj Metcalf Beth Trimble George Black Joseph William Tulloss Ethel Rae Vincent Page Two Hundred Sixteen a ait a a isburyj PinkleQ Ethel Jones Simmons Olive Alegra Snow Miriam Grace QStrangb Curraa Lydia Faye Thomas Bessie Lee Van Voorhis Louis William West Anita Marie iWrentzelJ Chrisiel Portia Annette QXVagner7 Co.ema X 'sf Harold Burr Corwin Leland G. Cassell Albert Lewis Culbertson XF n ' aww Elfie erie C leasonj Ewalt Myrtal Elizabeth CGotshallJ Pisor Lena Isabel Hamilton William Ray Hall Ruth Hier Essa Olive Ueffriesb Murray Charles Mathias Kelley Clarence Parkes Lauderbaugh Ruth Ann Lepley Bernice Olive 1Longb Smith Florence Justina lMason7 Baxter Frances May McAuslan Natalie Margaret lMcAuslanJ Cramer Henr Harold McDevitt Depp -fl u ia e e McConnel Ethel Vere CMcKeeJ Hammond Edna Maurie CParrottJ Zeisloft Earl Ray Seavolt Stella Mae Shaffner Marie 1ShiremanJ Ashcraft Nelle Carloyn Snow Lois L. Speck Anna Parma QStephanJ Grubb Pauline Ruth iStumpj Hagrean Alice Virgin CVernonJ Belt Nellie Emma Wynkoop Cora Mae Hoffman CLASS OF 1913 Elizabeth E. CAlspaughJ QCocki-any Clark Hovey Leslie Altenburg Dorothy Margaret Ash Henry Rogers Arnold Harold Colgin Ashcraft Ruby Winona Barnes Mary Efhe iBairJ Schaffer Florence Ircnt. Barr 9 Larry D. Bartlett Gcilpbc Arvdri Helen Lorancy Baxter Eugene Harris Bell Marjorie Pickford Benoy Berlin E. Blakely Charles Harold Breece Carita Laura fBuxtonJ McDermott Charles Howard Cassell Hazel Irene fChrismanJ Smith Ralph Boyd Clugh Armand R. Collett Pearl Elizabeth QDonaughJ Gladys Iren lio se ,p.a,1O wers Helen Wright Faddis Florence Mary Fishburn Percy A. Greer Cecil Bertram Hall Harry Emmett Haynes Alice Louise Hull Nina May Levering Margaret Irene 1MathewsJ Strung William Riley McDevitt Delia Edith Melick Maryann McClurg Mix Ralph Emerson Morton Paul Philmore Pharis Q I Walter Purd DPW auline a e 1 ey Hoy L. Russell Edna Mildred CSevernsJ Englehar Sturges A. Sigler Joseph Smith. Jr. Willia Laurabell Spitzer Faye Lafe Strang Dorothy Elizabeth Tordor Harley Oland Vance Almeda May Van Voorhis Elizabeth Irene 1ZeisloftJ Jenkin94Amm Foster Tulloss Darrell Banning Leon Franklin Zeisloft CLASS OF 1912 Hazelena Bair Mary Margery 1Barbe,rj Crouch Floyd E. Bartlett Robert Clinton Baxter Pauline Louise iBedellJ Shutt Ella Mable CBlackJ Buxton Alice Anita 1Brownb Lantz Mable Estella Brown Olive M. CClarkJ Herron Nina Ruth Clay Kathryn Maree Colley Ona Mable fWengerJ Williams Charles Franklin West Ray Edison Wolfe Mary Estella Wynkoop CLASS OF 1914 gpal Fgrnbel fzfnbllxiicksh lgansomd ertru e arse ar - ,eonar Alison Redmills l 7 Farmer Arthur Beck Mary Taphena Beggs Edna Maude 1BellJ Harmon Dorothy Juliet Blair Edna Emma fBlairJ Russell Iylelvin Hiel Black Eunice Ellis Cooper Sdjohn Gordon Bone E, glllvf TT1 T065 Selena Bessie lSchaferj Breece Augusta Martha Brigode Edith Christina Cervenka Ruth 1Colvillel Stewart , ,Vu-0'-" ar Mar 'r S' 'D.QQI:.'L"3"7'q bzglarik . L. Claypool DGFD Russell Edward Crouch Arletta Fae 1DavisJ O'Bryan Marguerite Dowds L. Dale Davis Frank Raymond Elliott Robert Russell Ewalt Emma Jane lFobesJ Kaulfman Leota Irene iGleasonJ Ewatt Ray Emery Harrison Beulah Colville Herrick Velma Pugh Hillbrant Herbert Dale Huntsberger Stanley E. Jolmson Margaret Mary Kelly Oscar Wise Kramer Bruce Martin Lepley Carl Levering Leota Salena Loney Sara Elinor fLoneyJ Jones Gertrude F. Lorey Myrtle Evangeline Mapes Elsie M. fMelickJ Masteller Florence Pearl McClelland Margaret Helen Mclntire George Oliver Melick X Il-Ielcgn Maddelirg Moore ' ay amue Mc evitt 'Q Q 95,5 2TDvvTgTit lracy'Nl'FNabb xxlloiiverrta lxlfonla H aurice mon :tc me Helen Mill Elizabeth Spitle Owen Alberta C. Payne John McKinley Phillips Wilfred Oren Pillips Mary Bromley Reed KDale S. Porter - f'W:llter Sapp - Allen Dwight Sapp Beatrice Elizabeth Singer Gladys C. Smith Zulene Smith Mina Catherine Shifllette Elsie Sckipper Leo Russell Thrailkill Margaret Isabelle Todd Charles Robert Tulloss All D gqyHe1. -5 . . -De!! 19 omas Van Voorhis Hazel Belle lWorleyJ NValker CLASS OF 1915 Russell Harris Berry Mildred Irene Bishop Helen Mildred Dye Roger Sherman Eggleston Forest Wayland Eley Elizabeth Miller iGiImorej Ha Augusta Greer Lucy Orrella il-Iawleyj Price Harry M. Hayes Pugh Hillbrant Faun Winters CNicholsJ Dora Clementine Rose Robert NVilson Simpson rris Gertrude Ferne CStrangJ Earnard Ethel Florence Baird y. Edna Adelphia Bartlett Mary Ruth Bartlett Donald Joseph Bell Ruth Eleanor Bricker Mary Ruth Bartlett Donald Joseph Bell Ruth Eleanor Bricker Mary Catherine tClippingerJ Emma Maria Crider QcMartha Caroline iCutlerJ Crowtherzr Helen Sellers QGor5uchJ Bone Frances Elizabeth Hinger ?i.7KLowell Van Rhoden - Robert D. Severns F. Glenn Sparks Eleanor Rebecca Snow Jennie Margaret iStullJ Eley Harold A. Trott Velma Margaret 1TuckerJ Shaffer Grace D. QVickroyJ Oliver Monroe Walker Robert Spindler Weaver Lenna QWinterringerJ Snow Neva Pearl Wolfe Ralph George Yauger Elenor Ruth 1Zeis1oftJ Scott Russell Thomas Charlton Earl Wesley Denman X V-S190 Henry Albert Flaharty Mary Ellen QGraharnJ McClusky Pauline Mae Cjamisonj Ogg -X I Edwin H. Brown Charles W. Bumpus Mary Elizabeth Burson Mary Drysdale Charlton Paul Thomas Chase J. Clinton Coe Inez Mary CCornellJ Chadwick Mary Ann Kauffman Phillip Leland Kelscr Florence M. Kile Pauline Leonard Henry B. Levy Earl J. Lewis Harold Kenneth Masteller Mary Lucille Crider N 'e rl 'J Glenn Leroy Daniles Edwin Charles Devault f'7xLillian Elizabeth Minard wwf' 7 Ruth lDoupJ Curran Virgil Wood Doup Andrew Paul Elliott Dwight D. Fletcher Mabel Catherine Fobes Printha Olive lFowlsJ McMillan Arndt Gamertsfelder John F. Gorsuch Zillah Lawrence CGrahaml HCSICI' Clilfk Jones 254 Claude Herbert Green -- W' 3 'ti Sara Adeline iKohlJ Irvine Ruth Montgomery Hazel Gertrude Parrish XX EP CLASS OF 1916 John E. Ackerman XSimon Bair Palmer Jacob Barnard yClarence F. Bateman Margaret Josephine CBeamJ Stillwell Carrol Leddie Benoy Carol Virginia Flailley Milo Cordell Hadley Stanley Porter Haines Gertrude Irene CHofmannJ Smith Raymond D. Hall ?'7Boger,A1exandm-.Jbrr-0 t Verna Lee Hulse Conard K. Johnson Lorentz Lepley William Paul Lord Forest O. Mavis Verna Mary McGugin Edith Grace McLaughlin Caleb Motz Phillipine tMatthewsJ Collins Maurea Mosholder Leslie Burton McDonald William R. Myers Louise Wilhemina Oliver Dorothy Lee CPennJ Severns Florence Leone Perkins Margaret Lee Porter Herbert L. Rawlins Clarence M. Reed Margaret Boal Reed Cora Beatrice Rood James Hamill Shields Lucille Clark Stinemetz Claire Warbrick Sweeney 7 Il 1 Nellie May Taylor Ethele Lucille iChrismanJ Vannatta George Chase Clements Bernice Coe Jane Elizabeth iCooperJ Barker Frances Baldwin Coup . U .Lester Craig Irene Berger XMat-garet Dorothy Murry4lC U59 N' Chester Cring Leah Beatrice Biggs Georgia Ethel Blocher Myrtle Irene Braddock Julia Elizabeth lBranyanJ Clemm Mary Eliza Brown Dale R. Chadwick Merritt Madison Chambers Delta May Clements Mabel Aldeen Cochran Cora Marie 1ConardJ McLarnan Eva St. Claire Cosner John Harlan Davis Albert J. Devault F. Phillip Dye Russell Vance Eastman Henry A. Faulhaber, Jr. B. Evelyn Gattoa Lory L. Gilpin Paul Miller Grossman Dulcie Viola Hayes Lewis Daniel Houc 5XAlbert C. Hofm. kDe'Q,,-5 a unts erry DC Enice Mary Hunt Linna Jacobs Clyde B. Johnson Dea Harry Jones Olive Margaret Kile Ada Levering Corinne Mahaifey Mary Lorena Mason Xlifilliam XV. McBroom John XValter McLarnan Hugh F. McLarnan Alice McKee Donald M. Messmore Bessie Ellen CMillJ Heckler Robert Edwin Moore Charles S. Myers Florence Amand iParrishJ Howard E. Nyhart Frederick Roscoe Parker Ruth Ellen Pealer George E. Porteriield Ethel Loretta Powell Dean V. Pryor Benjamin Wade Rawlins Martha Alice 1ReichertJ Earl James Robinson Mary Leverta Shaffer Emma Marguerite Sharp Helen Elizabeth Shelfer Madge W. Shellenbarger Leona Shields Sara Alice Simmons Pearl Katherine CSmithJ McManis Lela Birdie fSparksJ Monroe Edythe Eliza QStimmelJ Helen Elizabeth Stinemetz Helen Virginia Stumph Dorothy Mae iSwingleyJ Dowds Marguerite Elizabeth Talmage Edna Josephine Tucker Clara Bernice Van Voorhis Ruth Marie Walker Mae Warman Gladys Lucille Walton Leon R. Weaver Stella Alice Wenger Clyde E. Wyker Josephine M. Young Julian S. Yauger Edna May Winland CLASS OF 1918 Agnes CAhrendtJ Pierson Elizabeth Grayce Ashcraft Howard Holt Blair Arthur Donavon Branyan Prior Warman A KR IM ' B... Edward Bigbee. Rawlins ""'CoL22,2e, me l mm Dunne Rlghfmlfc xEdith Pearl Carpenter Tvimmafi- Wfilda Alice 1RinehartJ Hoagfand C. Gilbert Schaffer Mae A. Schaffer Stanley Logan Schaffer L Mary Ruth lSchneblyJ Seymour. PKI-Ienry Forest Sebach 4N4'll0 Lorna Doone Shaw Cameron D. Trott 9 UNH-D Hazel Ellen Uacksonj Schorr Xvilblll' D011 YCFHOU Hoy Hopkins Jenkins X24 H. O intermu ' PERB Robert Francis King oris Elizabett oottonl Calvin Charles Laliever SH'l'lP50fl Clarence Celsus Lahmon Arthur J. Matthews. Jr. Waldo Emerson McDonald Madge Carey McKinley Ruth Josephine Mollitt Ruth Belle lNixonj Tulloss Irene Clements Parrish Alice Louise lPickardl Smith Miriam H. fRosenthallJ Koch 'Xjohn S. Schnebly Joseph XValker Sellars Mabel Irene Workman Leroy Andrew XVright Coreta Gertrude Wright Ross Youst CLASS OF 1917 x4'Hallie Marie CBeamerJ Green ' Robert Beckley Sarah Martha Bell Luke Burdell Biggs Clyde R. Black Eva Howell Clark Margaret Elizabeth Clements Burgess Jay Cochran Arthur M. Conard Abanna Cunningham Marie Cunningham Laura Emma Cutler Ada Mildred Debolt ffkobert William Eastma 42,150,2- pfs. ar t 'wrt Jeno na . mor orsuch Ronald Martin Green George Dewey Grossman Helen Beatrice Hall Fred Sylvester Hayes Ralph Greenlee Hedges Frances Marie QHerdmanJ Turner Margaret Amelia iHingerJ Harris Evart D. Hoar Fred McCoy Johnson Elizabeth fJonesJ Stinchcomb Russell R. Jones X'xGladys Justine Scottie Harriet Anne iCutlerJ Thompson Julia Ellen Doup G. Rector Dye Jocelyn Mae CEmsweIlerJ Coe Margene Lucille Faddis Rozella Edna Farquhar Isabelle L. Forry Patil G. Gamertsfelder Gladys Irene Gorsuch Carroll Ivan Greer Dora Agnes Grosscup Katherine J. Hillier Elinor Cornelia Hobbs Lloyd F. Hoffmann Helen Louise Koppert Lennabel Lafever Ursel Marie Layman Yetta Carolyn Lurie 2vxlu.lia .Carem Ielql-Masteller DJ Orlo Glenn Maste Lr Edgar Leslie Mill Eleanor Augusta Montis Malcolm Chapman Morrison Margery Martha Myers Sara Elizabeth Myers Murl Irene Nixon Paul J. Poland ' Helen Mae Purbaugh Evelyn Alice Schaeffer X , --1 Q I ill L Clarissa ATiii'Scneb1y' XX' Phoebe Louise QScnehleyJ - Victorine Scars N. Leroy Sharp Richard Stanley Shutt Clarence Harold Slceman Mabel Marguerite Smith Harold E. Stewart Welby A. Taylor Mary Margaret fTullossJ Black Leo H. Underwood Frederick Charles VonWicklin Lawrence Lee Wantland NJ. Chester XVard f Martha Jane twilleminj Jones William L. Wynkoop Mary Hazel Zeisloft Mary Inez Brown CLASS OF 1919 Mary Alice Ball Ililmjames Reed Barker Genevieve Elizabeth fBarrJ Bettinger Mary Charline Bebout Kenneth Clifton Beach Rusler Hasson Bell James Willis Bell James Franklin Biggs Martha Angeline Blair Eva Ladonia Burson xSara Cannon Dorothy Jean iSpenceJ Johnson Harry Paul Talmage Ruth Anne Trott Harriet May CWillettJ XVintermute Page Two Hundred Seventeen Uvnt l Gum A13 J-fl H7 Harold T. Wintermute Alice Dow Wysner Charles Edward Sweet Ralph Alfred Thompson Margaret C. XValker Mary Elizabeth Wills J. Dwight Wyker fC0!lliHlll'd on page 2263 CLASS OF 1920 Margaret lAshbaughl Beeney Sidney Chester Ball Bonnelyn Barbara Bell Everett Leon Black Mary Bricker '- Martha Virginia Cochran - Xantha Adelaide Cook Merle Culver Grace Olive Dudgeon Lawrence Edward Baldwin Olive M. Barrick Francis Edward Bettinger Lowell H. Bricker X,4Lad bird Maria iCharlton otman G 05 an Arnold Everett Congdon George Daniel Crumley 'xJohn Carlton Drake 4-oe-t1 ua Cora Lucille Dunham Katherine Helen Dunlap Josie Wave Farquhar Paul Forsythe Gladys Gorsuch Ernest William Hookway Mabel Lucille Henwood Clarence Huddle Pauline White Kirk Alfred Lawrence Mill Grace Adeline Ogg Douglas Quack Kenneth brown Ransom Charles William Salisbury Ruth Sesser Opal Morea Stamm Alfred Thompson Ernest Tucker Paul Hamilton Turner Ethel Margaret Earlywine Albert William Fields Lyman Armentrout Garber Walter Leo Grant Mary Marguerite Halsey Robert B. Henwood Herbert Clayton Hunt Miriam Jane lMardisJ Mclieeley Irene Inez Oliver Virgil Fulton Parker Albert L. Rawlins Evelyn l'ae Ross Helen Louise iScottJ Masteller Clarence Springer Mildred Lucille Taylor Dorothy Lucille Tucker George Edgar Tucker Isabel Foster Tydings Curtis Raymond Watters Robert John Wells Iva Lcta Wolfe Ben Zeisloft Velda Anna Ward Lawrence F. Williams Ronald l'aul Yarman CLASS OF 1821 Mabel Florence QBlairJ Beckley Virginia Lyle Alsdorf Helen Emma Bair Clair Gilbert Bishop Mabel Adella Blosser Helen Ruth Burkepyle Mabel Margaret Beamer Francis Benson Clark Blanche Irene Clippinger Charles Fulton Copper Harold M. Crumley Ruth Lillian Davis Mary Clark iDowdsj Houck 7c,lfHector ' Biefness peut' argaret ' it Ayersj Bonnist Harriett Louise Bell Esther Mary LBlairJ Neher James Burden Nelson Weiler Burris Cloycc Arthur Christopher Leona Veryl Cline Helen Marie Coile William Dennis Corcoran Martha Alyce Davis Robert Russell Doup Earl John Edmister Mildred Evelyn Miller Margaret Eloise fFairchildJ Beach Oma May Frasher Bryce Robert Greer Ruth Ullom Herrick Dorothy Louise Hess Cornelia C. Herron Harriett Ewalt LKraB'tj Turner Kathryn Jane Lazear Samuel Little '7lLloyd Fishburn Martin Clyde Victor McBroom Paul Hogue McFeeley Ruth fMercerj Dorothy Earle Miller Hazel Irene Mumaw Gladys Eleanor QMerrinl Nichols Dorothy E. Nixon Hazel Sara 1PeairsJ Vernon John Walter Sauer Mabel Irene Fishburn Herbert Edwin Graham John Henwood Sarah Ellen Herrick William Howard Harris Mildred Lois Jones - 'I+Ruth Eleanor lLamsonJ lMlll6fl Bateman I Thelma Kathleen iLewisJ Weir Fern Crystal lLucasJ Riley Claude Vernon McBroom Eloise tMcFeeleyJ McCann Daise Emmeline iMelickj Greer Lloyd Styers Michaels Lawrence Dewitt Mizer Sarah Helen Murphy Sara Elizabeth Neass Margaret Oliver lrenc Lydia Pearl Elizabeth G. Porterfield Mary Elizabeth Ransom Waldo Sutton Rollins Grace Sandy Ralph McCrory Schafer Lucille Thelma Smith Eva Climenia Sparks. lviargaret lvlarie tSteinmetzJ Wheaton Payne Whitney Strobel Priscilla Marie lTarrJ Thompson Edith Louise Cleeland Marguerite Mae Cochran Alice Louise Creeden Paul Dixon Cunningham Lela Leontine Darling D mary Eleanor tljorganj Deedrick Claren Eames Duke NVilbcrt uac Fannie Pauline QRobel'tsJ Howell Melvin Staats Riley Henry George Sauer Rose F. Schroeder Eddie Harland Scott Kenneth Spence Kenneth John Stonebrook William Alfred Swingle Audray Laura Taylor Joseph Cawley Cleelimd Olive Bell Colville Harold Cunningham Charles Lepley Davis I Frances Louise CUCFUPSCYJ Walle Harold Eloyd Dougherty Myron Mitchell Eggleston Banning Errett Hazel Fishburn Edith Florry Pauline Mabel Gleason Dana A. Harper Kjohn Abbott Herron .gqofhi 4'- Frances Lillian q'1'aylorJ Warman Claude Franklin Turben Mary Louise LWalkerj Louis Paul Worley Ruth Jane Yauger CLASS OF 1922 Hazel Edith Agnew Robert Chase Appleton Frank Kendrick Baldwin Marrietta CBergerJ Mahaffey James Lester Brining Carl Hays Clark ."sKenneth Hofmann -- Clyde Francis Houck Ruth Adell Johnson Frances Elizabeth Jones Bertrand William Kleiner Thelma Edenia Larabee Ray Lepley Evelyn Levy J oseph McCarthy Helen Gould Merrin Colin Barker Montis Loren Murry Gordon Clark Nixon Thyra Bartlett Ethel Phyllis Blaine Edna Olive Burke Mary Frances QHigginsj Fairchild Elizabeth Hosack Milda Pauline ljacobsj McMillen Elwood Charles Jones George Morrow Karhl John R. Lamson Lorena Latimer Marjory Elizabeth Levering Eleanor Lorey John Charles McKinley Ralph Jethro Mill Stanley Blair Moore Robert A. Odell Thurston Parker Doris Charlene Pipes Hilda QQuackj Yvolfe Winifred Margaret Riley Lucy May Scottie Doris Olma Simpson Leroy A. Slusser Olive Amelia Smith Mary Lois Stonebrook Mabel Clair Twinem Ruth Esther Wintermute Ethel Vera Whetsel Lewis Charles Wright Eldon Earl Porter A Dorothea New fRlChHfdSJ Lampson Anna Sanderson Lulu Scottie I Mary Alice lShuttJ Cunningham Cedric Leland Smith Agnes Somers Weltha Pauline Taylor Irene Louise Thompson Cecil Mae Whetsel Samuel Klinger Workman CLASS OF 1923 Pauline Ashcraft Irene Elizabeth Baker Harold Arthur Bettinger George Parr Ayers Marcus Theodore Bell Robert Francis Beum Royal Beum Chester Keith Bishop Harold Wilson Black Mildred Marie fBockovenJ Vian ,clidifh Pauline Bghbg bw,-t03gll 7 Dorothy Claire Bowden Harold Thomas Brown Mary Malinda Bumpus James Vance Burson Genevieve Bradfleld Harold Johnson Berry lla Allwilda Ward Adin Ballou Capron Frances L. Winrermute 74, " ' Tucker Cochran DC p 0 Glenn Lewis Workman A Ruth Mary oran Frances Lillian Claylorl Warman Ray Harold Yarman Kathryn Fairchild Encil Fletcher Byrdie Qrorsmanj Parker Curtis C. Grubb Eli F. Harris William Glenn Hess Sara Elizabeth QTullossj Tucker Zenno Robert Taylor Edna Mae iW'agnerJ Burden Edith Mae Wharton Glenn Wilber Woods Evron Daisy Weekly Page Two Hundred Eighteen Beatrice Ann Cramer Harry William Dancey Russell Harvey Darling Jolm Francis Davis Ruth iDialJ Jesse Allen Dougherty Allan Alva Dowds Edna iEverlyJ Naomi Mae Fronce Everett Clifton Frye Paul Kingston Gilliland Franklin Dennis Gifhn Sarah Lucille iGleasonl Knerr Lloyd Franklin Goins Thelma Ruth iGreenJ Ruth Faye lGunnJ Henry Harrison Greer Gertrude iHaganj XVright Leone Hamilton Louise Hamilton Violet Leone Henwood Chester G. Hollingston John Charles Hookway Bernard Beatus Hoovler John Edward Humbert Wfalter Barker Humes Mary Clarinda Hyatt hn Wesley Ke s Q51-' Ml re i e Hazel Charlotte Kunkel Dorothy Weaver Latta Josephine Lee Paul Harry M. 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XVtidner El' 2 K ' ' 1 " J ' XiXLDean E evering ,fin enora Lowther Marguerite Helen Lucas 1'!Joe Masteller Frederick Leddy Merrin ,-4 Ruth Imogene Michaelie .mmf Fl Paul Monroe Edwin Austin Montgomery Ward XVinslow McDonald Edith Marie Murphy Emma Jane Nell Dorothy Katherine 4Newtonb Lawrence . Frances Ellen Nixon Nellie J. Bair Dorothy Irene Bebout Kathryn H. lBellJ Benson Kenneth Samuel Benson onald Lillian 1BergerJ Samvel Sara CBermontJ Hagan Free Jackson Vail Joanna Walker Eleanor Diane Wagner John William Warman Charles Albert Way Margaret Winters Lucille Martha Blue Mx Like-Cochran DKAEQQA Arthur F. Brown p EdwarHFF'WITite Gertrude C. lCampbellJ Appleton75X Mari inland! Dorothy M. Carpenter U, fs n XAudrey Kathleen Wrig t..- 7'XAda Lucill ar ent er- Harriett Letitia Wright enn tewart arpenter Isabelle Elizabeth Clark Evah Marie Cline Celestia Louise Conn Marcella Cooksey - Albert Lockwood Crider Margaret Ruth Daily William Lyle Davis Elizabeth Gertrude Dripps Charles Floyd Ellis Cleota Fern Fogle Etha Leona Forsburg Dale M. Fowler Hazel Marguerite Fowler Oscar N. Gilt Corda Lenora Giltin Carolyn C. Goins Blanche Grosscup Ruth R. George Mary Frances Gorsuch Carroll R. Grimm XVillar NI. Gruntner Melvin Charles Hagan Harriett Vernell Hall Wilda Pearle Harker Mabel Elzina Harmon Ray Montgomery Harris Martha Irene Harrison Eunice Lucille Hedges Ralph Henwood Dorothy Ottolene Houck Eleanor Mae 1-Iumbert Dorothy Mathilde Hepler 74Eleanor Catherine Owens Ttirkaefl Bernice May Uacksonl Hill Beatrice Pembrook ji y.Millard Morton Pitkin Us 'P Pauline Edna Robertson Lewis Robinson Wauneta Ralston Allen Reed Hubert Rhoads Pauline Mary HRogersJ Allen Loren Smith Ryan I Marguerite Ryburne Louise Delphne Salisbury Carlos Sapp Thomas Henry Sapp Don. C. Jackson Howard Edgar Johnson Ruth Elizabeth Wolfe Helen Alice Young CLASS OF 1926 William UC. Ackerman Marguerite Eloise Arck Cleo Ashbaugh X'XLenabelI Baldwin -v 0590 l'f73 Harry G. Gorsuch A .P 2SxRobert M. Greer, Jr. Dcffa ICI7 Robert A. Baltzell Densil C. Bartlett Sarah Frences lBashettJ I McConnaghal Alice Eudora lBellJ Rush Mary Ellen Biggs Alice Pearl fBrickerJ Smith Margaret Brown Mildred Audrey Brown Anna Edith Brown Norma 1BryanJ Payne Lois Gertrude tBurrnett7 Sapp 'Genevieve Marie tBurgess7 A McNeal - Bertha C. Cain Stella Isabel Chrisman Mildred Izetta Claggett Marjorie Cocanour Kenneth Corcoran Dorthy Ann Critchfield Blanche Mary Cutler Eudora Naomi Davis Ruth Esther Davis Stanton J. Dick Walter George Donaldson Dorothy Ellen Doup Robert Black Kerr Xpaf- J. Dowdell r Elwood Baker Layfield John Milford Lazear Eleanor Virtue Lewis Everett H. Lewis Henrietta Lucille Lord Sebring Russell Lewis McCollum Faye Isabelle McDermott Helen Isabelle McFeeley Robert John McGibeny Mildred Louise iLorentzj Hazel Fern tScottieJ Crouihers Katherine Service Gothard I-Iolwill Shutt Thomas Walter Shutt Charles Sigler 74.Nina Marie tSimmonsD Lipps Alexander Smith Ronald Spohn David Eugene Stamm Martha QSteinmetzJ Lamson Mae Eleanor Steinmetz Albert Clyde Stonebrook Thornley McClellan Stream Charles Banning Sutton Kenneth Harley Sweet Ralph XValdo Swank Ruth XVhite 1TaylorJ Watters Ethel Bernice Thomas Gladys May Thomas Caroline Louise Tulloss Everhart Turner 7-iEdith May Vernon Mildred Mae iXValpoleJ Wloolford Allen Leroy Watters Bernice Ima Weekly 7f,I-Iarold Weidner Dorothy Elizabeth NX'inder Elsie Ruth Wirwille Ruth Frances Woolson Virginia Louise XVorkman Carmen Cleola Wright I-lerbert Clinton XVyant Olive Avice Marshal Kathryn Marker Mildred Louise Mendenhall Cedric Black Mill Forrest P. Monroe Lawrence Benton Moore Lillian Virginia Murray James Albert Parker fx Helen Lucille Durbin Paul W. Dunmire Lorene Catherine Ernest Lura Burdelle Earleywine Arthur Frances Gardner Helen May Garland Alwyn S. Gerhart Edith Maureen Gilmore Mildred Frances Haas Averilla Harris Dolores Lucille Moore Grace Guestenburger Hogle Marguerite Hosack Mable Juanita Hull Evelyn L. Jones , Victor Vernon Jones T 7NAllin K. Kahrl -'JWSURGIVU' Cora Elizabeth Keys Leona Merle Kile Harry P. Snyder Frances Gay Spellman Francis Marion Stimmel Mary Elizabeth Sutton Ellen Louise Smith W. Vance Stevens Catherine Thompson J ,VJ Helen Trenwith Stgble Charles Arthur Tucker Don. E. VanVoorhis Clara Geneva Vernon Pauline Voorhees Edwin C. Way X Lockhart Wayt flslomatd White pe A 0 Milford A. Winland Frances Elizabeth Wolverton Maude E. Yarman Mary Louise Yeager Francine D. Yearian Catherine King Young Mary Elizabeth Wyant CLASS OF 1927 James Reed Alsdorf yC7iCharles S. Bald ' psf? 9 ran s ouise eam Donald H. Birnie William H. Blair Kathryn Inez Bricker Claude C. Chrisman Ruth Elizabeth Conley Elizabeth C. Devalon Julia D. Elliott Frederick J. Emley Claude C. Ernest Ruth E. Fawcett Louise Gaines Wyona F. Geary . Bertha I. Hampshire Margaret L. Helderbrand Virgil B. Jacobs Isabel Ada Jewell George Henry Jones William Henry Kohl Mabel E. Lauderbaugh Pauline Lorentz Roy McCalla Ruth Mildred Mills Robert H. Moxley Helen Mae Neass Gwendolyn C. Nhixon Elsie Grace Paazig Lester S. Pearl Bernice Ralston Dorothy Jane Reed Robert Ryall Donald Sattler Josephine Severns Jean E. Thompson Harriett Aurilla Tulloss Delle M. VanNausdle Kathleen Mariorie Ward Mildred E. Brentlinger Virta Helen Cook Madge Ruth Davis Carl E. Hull Donald F. Laiferre T. Davis Lemasters Helen Kathryn Lore Paul C. McGibeny Ruth McManis 7kElio Pilotti XMargaret Elizabeth Mahaifey ajax" Philip M, Srmemates Ralph S. Trott Alice Jane lPcarlJ Wfintermuze George Knechr. .Il Dorothy Irene Peterson Ruby L- I-audefbflugh Emmaretta Ewalt lPhillipsj Lay SYIW51 B- I-ECCIY Evelylg Lciuise QPurselJ QDavisJ Xg21i1cmLIggLf:,LC0n3fd R lm np D919 15 Frederick N. Lorey liz earth ld il Rm? Edyvard David Longakcr Lutiie 'William L. Lucas 1 Jpathherine Lorena Ruble Henry , ic'ar s x,D0n Mas A DL pm fsvsffm May Rmf " 'K 'Geneva stella Masteller Lillian Dale fR0hlerJ Elmo M. Rowley Louise Elizabeth Sawvel XVilliam Leland Scarbrough Marjorie Hatheny Walter Mayo Ruth McCarthy Elizabeth McGibney Aurice A. Winterringer 2-Burr Alva Wyant Hugh W. Wayt Berdella Charlotte West Naomi Fay Bell Alice Elizabeth Shipley . ' , . , - xR0be1'f C- MCKOWII e wtf'-'L"J iv Br ce Ernest Burgess fwifggilszofgin el. , Edith Irene Metcalf Cai-'roll B. Crowthers Y il-umm, y g y Esther Lulu Miller Eva Irene Francis Louis W Moore Luella Evelyn fSimmonsJ Hayes Cm-1 Mosher Verna Margene Slusser Harry Sinclair Smith Elsie B. 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Dowds '- Mary Margaret Banning Eleanor Vernon Underwood XVayne Eban Smith Grace Haas Page Two Hundred Nineteen 14 71: Clayton Kinsey Howard Ruth Irene Marker Bessie Louise Roberts Alice Spencer Pearl XVilliams Virginia Louise Young Josephine M. Campbell John C. Cochran Chelcie O. Thornberry Pauline M. McClellan Marjorie Gwynne Westcott Dorothy E. McCluskey Twyla Ferne XVorkman Raymond W. Dennison Virgil Kenneth Lazear Solon McDonald Joseph Hussey Park Charles H Scottie Y- - ' Grace Evelyn Myers Gordon L. Speelman Mabel Geneva Wisner James Alfred Beam Juanita U. Sumtimer A Helen Louise VanVoorhis Virgie Cross xCarrol L. White Naomi Ruth Dubinsky Charles L. Wfilliams Josephine O. Hogue ,MjiBernice C. Goss Lawrence C. Lewis A-C-J" " Elizabeth.M. Hauger Charles Bernard Mayle 'W 01100 Betty J. Severns Elizabeth Jeanette Sleeman James M. White Kirke L. Taylor Anna M. Woolison I Julia Alwilda Way 9John C. Agnew.: 0V'50m7l Eleanor M. Williams Donald XV. Champion Georgette Delporte Robert J. Perkins CLASS OF 1928 Margaret E. Adams Ruth A. E. Bebout William J. Biggs Thelma Burris Roberta Mae Cole Ruth Elvina Doty Odessa Dubinsky Charles P. Ilger . Margaret Louise Jamison Harold C. Johnson Bettie Black Kerr Irene I. Lepley William James Bricker Dorothy Ruth Lake Lucille Anne McCollum Frances E. Newson Lillian Scarbrough Harry Lisle Shafer Helen Darrah Strong XV nona Irene Tucker Bertha Marie Paques cFrederick J. Rine Clara Frances Scottie Walter Springer Katherine B. Wells Paula Ora Wilmotte Betty L. Clawson Paul W. Davis E. Imogene Denney Coreta Cora Harris Audrey Nethers Bertha May Petterson Mary Agnes Roberts Mary Elizabeth Aber Ralph Leroy Daily Marion Jean Gibbony Ruth Magill h Esma M. Pilotti Shirley Esther Ruble Cecil Elbert Soles Thelma Genevieve Wagoner E. Leona Williams John T. Worley Harold D. Cornell Jessie Florence Dawdy Y A Ellis Harry Veatch fpllobgff C, Dunson Pm'-I Burgoon AMary Jo Wfintermute 43'1l:jZ'Irene N. Lattimore Mildred M. Baker ' Denzal W. Harding Sara E. Humbert Kathleen V. Summers Charles J. Underwood Alberta A. Workman Robert Rine Mary Louise Williamson Earle C- McKay KClifford Dale Black XMarguerite Irene Mann 'WrA""'JELAss op 1929 Margaret Lovina Merrin Y Wap P ndmnowci ohn arlton Babb-s P 1 iam ue l ' arcene E. ump irey ,Ag31,B ' - - if- -P detta Frondeen F'1wc ' E - Elois- S-nsel N' UF . ' C -umm . L L 'W Edith Beatrice Curran C. Robert Swanson Gladys Louise Brock Marlene N' Disingcf Gladys Irene Burke 'kpaul E' Durbm I Robert Charles Ewa.t Kenneth Lynde Cochran Virginia Cotton Ruby L. Dowds Alice Grosscup Archie R. Jackson Dan G. Johnson John Ray Johnson Elizabeth Ann Koons, Raymond S. Lord, Jr. Claude S. Hoffman Carroll E. Horner Helen Lillian Jacobs Marjorie Lucille McCoy Henry W. Meinecke Kathryn Ann Platt Esther Braddock .velyn S. Conley . - . .- 1 0 Lynn McKinley Q . 4 ' loffmll Dfg 7sMartha Frances Malmalfegfw NGe0fge E' DLE LY '9""' 'H' Iris Alan Mitchell Eleanor Kathleen Posele Estley A. L. Ross ' Florence Irene. Smith XVilliam E. Wing Frederick C. Wolfe Clementine M. Balcom Albert V. Blanpainl Clinton Louis Burris Wilma E. Deem Edna Grace Frye Ruth Charlotte Graham I-Ierbert V. Hanna Roland T. Hyatt Edith Leah Kearns Q Anna Geneva Kirkpatrick Gilbert Earl Knox N. Ruth Ligget Glen Dale Mills Ronald R. Murray I averna Osborn Marjorie E. Dowds Mary C. Edman Emily Marguerite Gibson XVilma Marguerite Horne Howard P. Hunt Ruth Johnson Elizabeth M. Mclntire Frederick E. Mills Betty Louise Ransom Catherine A. Richards Velma M. ShaFfer Ruth Evelyn Stonebrook Evelyn Maria Tarr Olive L. Trenwith Frances E. Ward Twyla A. Welsh Richard Edward Wynkoop John Keith Bell Doris G. Bricker Ila R. Buskirk Mildred L. Carpenter Crt Pauline R. Pealer Dana Erwin Riley William Twinem Vesta M. Bishop Margaret G. Doup Margaret E. Jones Lillian Winifred McKay Leland A. Barton Paul Elden Pipes Thurlowe W. Beeman CLASS OF 1930 C. Louise Baldwin Frederick M. Baltzell Roberta May Black Martha Isabel Bricker Grace Elizabeth Brock Leroy Wm. Balcom E. Joyce Bell Helen Cecile Burgess Violet June Burgess Geneva Fay Busenburg Helen Louise Burke Mary Ann Clarke Louise Rae Cochran Wilbur Arthur Cochran Louis Smith Clutter Frieda Coss Ruth Mae Cutler Paul Lester Clark Lawrence A. Dairymple Jane Annette Deeley Mildred L. Dennison Ralph Allen Dudgeon Fuller Lease Dunson xEthel Irene Deem - Leona Delporte Joseph I. Ferenbaugh Margaret Lee Fleming Dale Dean Fletcher Raymond Francis Genin John D. Gerwick Martha Louise Gower Olive Mae Giffin Velma Creta Gleason Harold Lloyd Green Nelda Josephine Hayes Toma Loretta Hess aCharles A. Hartley 755160-il Lewis Po,-my petw fxLawrence W. Conkling9v5l Ralph XVilliam Harris d . , . , msgy I urtis Wilson Cotton' William E. Hayes Cietiligle Sauge'r?Yinwgling Joseph Neil Cflll fyFra Italiano --Quan Ruth Bernyce Bell Edna Frances Glmn QK ' UCP' O Wilbur L. Brown Howard Humbert o ert Jennings Herbert Saoffel Day Frederic Frye ,, Blanche E. George' god-loyd K- Swv envrraiw yllobert C. Grubb - KV Frank H. Houck Frances Ellen Jolmston Edith Marguerite Kearns Helen Grace Kleiner x Fe nd Lannoy Kiki ela . itzen erg James Gilbert Mizer Charles H. B. Olvey Irene E. Paques Mabel Elizabeth Roberts Jessie L. Sperry Edith Marie Jolmson f J. Nelson Jones Doris Irene McCugin Edna Corinna Gaines X Dorothy Loretta McKinstryfFreeman A. Gehres Mary Frances Monroe Bessie L. Mossholder Agnes Ernestine McDonald Margaret Audrey Mayle Richard Olen Moore Ruth Olive Mendenhall Della Amelia Goodman Marguerite Hanna Katherine O. Hayes Ruth Clark Headington Josephine Louise Iden Pauline Johnson Clarence Wfilmerth Nixon 7SArlene Joris -1 H. Louise O'Brien Frances H. Pembrook Iris Nadene Phillips Isabel Peterson Velma Helen Peugh Raymond G. Patterson Edna Alice Phillips John B. Paques Dorothy Louise Peugh Roberta Marian Pursel Alma Belle Rinehart George Cureton Ramsey Everett Cring Robinson ?YHelen Jeannett Ransomaf 'Xlrene Ransom 1' Dwight Carlton Ruby Sue Elizabeth Sanderson Carl Theadore Schutz Ronald Edward Scott Ruth Elinor Silvester Beatrice Mae Sparks Leonard William Swanson Dorothy Mary Schury Eleanor Mae Shutt Kenneth M. Simpkins Mary Elizabeth Stewart Pauline Madeline Swank Mable Elizabeth Snyder Leroy Stuller George C. Shellenbarger Harold Leroy Sowers Alfred Jesse Sleeman Mary Elizabeth Turner Mary Emma Taylor Sara Naomi Taylor Frank Van Voorhis, Jr. Winona Vail James Trimble Walker Carl Brenton Wyant Robert L. Walker XWilliam Pratt XVard George Brown White William Withgott Elizabeth I. Workman Martha Emily White Gertrude Pauline Woolison James Lee Woodland Donna Carine Warning Banning Edward Whittington Paul Williams Ina Pearl Young Mary Elizabeth Jackson Raymond Jackson Howard Leroy Jones Ruth Irene Kirby Alice C. Kirkpatrick Barbara LaFevei' Lillian Frances Langford Ronald Arlo Lemasters Clarabelle Lewis Ruth Salome Leiter Rober.: S. Lorey XVilliam McCracken Dorothea Marie Meinecke Lauretta Monroe Arthur McGibney Ethel Marie McMillen James Morris Dorothy Manross John McMillen Harold Mills Pauline Neldon Dorothy Helen Nelson Kathryn L. Oakes Janet Ogle Louis Stanley Patoux Bessie Kathleen Perry Edward Pipes Burt Pharis Mannie Pilotti . Alice Rebecca Paazig George Burton Ransom Marie Roberts Ruth Robertson XWalter Rudin '- Margaret Jane Roberts Victoria Robinson Margaret Rouse Thelma Shelfer Albert Shorkey Kathryn Sleeman George Smith William Richard Stamm XByron Walker Sapp -f Esther Marie Schonauer Milder Louise Soles Jolm Shackelford Robert Leslie Sullivan Richard Spittle Floyd David Spohn Marjorie Tarr Charles Taylor William George Turner Minnie Lavilla Zedaker 1-George Tanner - CLASS OF 1931 Donald Day Tarr Elouise Mae Umphryes Harriet Elizabeth Altenburg I-ucfle Umlmfyes Florence Elizabeth Apple ROI Vm"R'Pe' . joqierbcrt E Agnew .., James VanVoorhis ' L Jeannefte Antonia Myrtle Alice VanVoorhis H ,Basil HI Bair - XGuy VanNostrand. Jr."IL Belinda Sperry Beam Beatrice Belt Henry Brown Thoman Harold Burnett Nellie Lizette Bonham Margaret Alice Beeman Robert Phillip Brown Merrell Beeman Mabel Bell Monroe Bouton Dorotha Marie Coe Helen Conley Irene Margaret Akins Esther Margaret Carter Margaret Elizabeth Coon Robert G. Champion Thelma Cramer Elizabeth Alice Johnson fGladys Chambers nce . homa Bertha Beatrice Knecht , 9 Noreen Cherryholmes Robert G. Turner S6Lawrence ie Kunklriw Ralph M. Clark William Llewellyn W'ayt Verne Brokaw Wootton Vance K. Bartlett Marshall B. Bronsell Irene N. Brown Charles T. Carpenter Margaret L. Champion Philip M. Corcoran Pauline Louise Ralston KRobert Patil Cranmer Doris Irene Rockwell Ronald Nelson Skeen Ronald Doup Mabel Irene Hough X e cn ae Klein Marguerite E. Kennedy Thomas Klein, Jr. Velma Kunkle Lucille Emaleen Lewis Karl Judson Lamson pQMary Margaret McCalla'-S James Edward McKee ' X Miller Daily Eileen Davis Richard Day Harold Eugene Denman Annretta Devorc Helene Ernest Viva Eckert John Fwalt ov W 9 Harold Walter Miller erenbaiigh , Ralph E. Miller .pMary Eldora Fishburn ' e Eu ene Mondroriw Donald Frye Ethel Soles , Helen Hywarden Mildred ane urry David Ferguson Page Two Hundred Twenty Paul XVinder Jean Woolson Mary Margaret Workman Ruth Wilkins Mildred Rose Workman Kenneth Warman Dwain Wfagoner Reva White Paul Yoakum David Young CLASS OF 1932 Mary Vivian Allspaugh Richard Gray Anderson Ralph Lore Barton Christeen C. Beach Elizabeth Beck Beach Geraldine Bevington Eloise Mary Bischoff 1Robert E. Brickerx Mary Esther Brock George R. Brooker Lorene Bowman Norman C. Burgess Elsie C. Bushong Jolm Thomas Carpenter Margaret Clark Samuel Amos Clark Jane Dunham Clarke Jane Claypool William Coe Margaret Coe :Lit e 13 Carolyn Cozad Ethel Craig Mary Katherine Deeley Susan Deeley Georgette Delgouffre-1' Charles Andrew Dudgeon Carrol C. Ellis Ruth hi. Fowler Ronald Frizzell Lawrence Goodman Lillian Beele Goossens John Wfilliam Gost Robert George. Jr. Ruth Gibbony Mary Alice Griliin Clara Frances Graham Dorothy Henrietta Grant Dale Allen Graham Conard J. Hill Harriett Herron Edna Lucille Houbler Robert Clark Headington Lillian R. Hoovler Lloyd Buston Humbert Irene S. Hoovler I-larry U. Horner George Edward Kearns Alice B. Kelker XJohn Franklin Kost Mary Grace Kunkle Charles Darwin Lake Virginia Lewis Madeline Lambillotte Marie Lee Xlirnest Edward Lannoy-- Fletcher R. Lawrence Margretta Laukhuff Edith Line Merle Cotton Lybarger Dorothy E. Lytle Ruth Gertrude Mavis ,rLArthur E. Metcalfe -- X X Glendon Cecil Magill Dorothea Mae Miller Helen A. McFarland Kenneth Paul McCoy James Conard McLarn Ruth A. McLain Mary Frances McNeil Eleanor L. Myers Pauline Lucille Mclntire Glenn Irvin Mowery Alden Bayard Oakes Raymond C. Perrine Olive Paul Porterfield Nelson Pitkin - all XBetty R. Rawlinson- John Franklin Rine Theodore Lloyd Reisman Robert R. Rollins Donald T. Ryburn Alice Elmina Scottie 2lHenr Verdell Sellgljjff' fXK Stan ey 1 iam Simmons Lloyd Dale Strouse Lucille Dollyne Staats Sarah Louella Swigart Margaret Thiel Virginia B. Thompson Clarabell Thomas Sarah Kathlyn Trott Carita Arlene Vannatta Virginia Wfalker Mary Elizabeth XVeirick Marguerite O. Wenger Emma L. Williams Lester Louis Williams Ruby Geraldine XVoolison Martha Pearl XVorkman Marjorie I. XVythe Fred T. Yeager Charles Zink' CLASS OF 1933 Wfalter Sapp Armstrong Mary Katherine Balo Charles H. Banning Margaret Elizabeth Bell Virginia Bognrdus Lena Boyle Naomi Grace Braddock Wfebster Buell Hazel Butler Antoinette Burgoon Jennie Camillo Elizabeth Lela Cave Elizabeth Charlton George Preston Chase Martha Clark XVesley Cochran ,XX X Violet Cookman Vivian Cornet Cloy Mae Coss Audrey Crider Ann Caroline Creeden XValter C. Curtis, Jr. Carol Tracy Crumrine Evelyn Mae Dilley Mary Elizabeth Dudgeon James Lewis Earl Russell usti IIFICUXQEPB ary eming T Martha L. Fowler Ruth Gibbs Betty Goodman Richard Green Dorothy Hall Lillian Marie Highman Pauline Eleanor I-Ioar Isabel Hoffman Miona Marie Hookway Pauline Ethel Hunter Eleanor Elizabeth Jackson Olive Jadwin Marian Cary Jester Dorothy Hogue Johnson Guy Kearns ydlame Kin s g -- Norma Ethelyn Long Carroll Myron Lybarger Dan McKay Sarah Louise McCalla wtf 7Rose A. Michauxu-Qieir xy Robert Saunders Mill ondrgn oe it 'J Au ra Morton Edgar Morton 7KRoberr J. Nixon Lucile Charlotte Norrick Eloise C. Ogg Mary Elizabeth Olvey Susan Ingram Owen Lydia Park Myrle Patterson Ronald David Parker Aretas Earl Peugy Ruth Phillips June Lucille Pipes f- all Portertijeldw -v Ssfm Dorothy Reisman Louise Roberts Alberta Ann Rokiason XFrank Rine D15 Donna L. Robertson Mary Olive Scarbrough Richard Schorkey Robert Simmons Bernard Smith John Speelman Wilmot C. Sperry Robert Stamm ,'Russell Summers Helen Sutherland Ellen Margaret Swanson Mary Elizabeth Taylor Fred XVhite Robert White Leanore Maxine Wagoner Ralph Workman Laura Workman Rebecca Coup George Craig Grace Dailey Francis Dalrymple Opal Darnold Vivian Davidson Benjamin Deeley Emily Deeley fDora Deem 1- Earl Donaldson Alice Dowdell Ruth Dowds Letha Farmer George Wallott Agnes Watson Hugh Watson Dorothy West Elaine White Kenneth Williams Robert Wissinger Jack Workman William Woolson Dorothy Wright Marjorie Wright 1'Robert Zink 1995 James Edward Ferguson u CLASS OF : D Mae Ferguson Jane Fettig Jack Fink Mildred Fletcher Virginia Fowler Ithna Gaines Kenneth Gearhart Bernadette Gerard Kenneth Gerard Parma Grubb Mary Hass Kenneth Hanna Nellie Harris E. Isabel Helper Hugh Hookway Leslie Horn Mildred Hubbell Gladys Houbler -Katherine Hunter Richard Hunter Jack Jenkins Maizie Jones John Kaser Grace Kerst John Kilkenney Eileen Kirkpatrick Jack Korns Raymond Lahmon Robert Latherns Kathryn Lepley Carmen Levering Pansy Lober Harry Litzenberg Evelyn Lockard Wa ne Lonzo ' Dc e O Grace Lynde Martha Maxwell Paul McManis Beulah Michaux James Miller Robert.Mintier Marjorie Moore Ruth Morgan Irene Mowrey Margaret Nash Genevieve Neldon Virginia Nelson Inza Newell Katherine Olvey Jennie Paques John Parker Willard Parsons Helen Payne Rosie Perotti Lyle Peterson M. 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Loney Jane Lucille Mackey Park Logan McCoy Charles Leland McVcy Dorothy Mavis Virginia Lee Mintier i XJack B. Barnard -' Donald Ray Bateman Lyle Wallace Bayliss Robert Wayne Beeman Mary Jane Bermont Allen Beever 2'-Janice Trew Mitchell " A. Lee Moreland John Russell Morrey XMervyn C. Nugent -' 7'- Louise Patterson '- Beatrice Payne Dean A. Beever John D. Biggs Charles Orville Bird Dorothy Louise Payne Charles Grant Payne Cyrus Sherwood rortet REV. Richard Blackford P' I onald L. Blue Edna Marie Bockoven Donald Lee Bower Frances Marie Braden Joseph Donald Breece Florence Edna Porter Judy Lenote Pratt X7NWilli ' d -'O o ert Vail Reeder Robert George Reichert Miriam Roberts Margaret Frances Bricker XHouston Frank Schlosser ASylvia Louise Brooks '- Thelma Lou Ella Brown N Anna Bell Brunner M3-Marjorie Mae Burgess ... 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FtF.l,D x Henry Motherall Frederick McFarlande William McGough e Page Two Hundred Twenty-four t ,gtg I tc Carlyle To so euwW'f"'W Helen Fawcett Frederick Ferguson Bennett Feldmiller erfserx me t lam rary , - Virginia Fravel 17" ,UN K Oren Freshour Kathleen Frye Ina Frye Donald Gallogly Roberta Gardner E05 Joan Gaumer 95,1 Fe40 Maurice Gilbert Irvin Goossens 1 Harriett Graham E 555' Claude Green Joseph Grubb Richard Haire - llsicltard Hire au Martz er J ' Helen Hatfield gpg, Gabrielle Hayes wif-F5 Elzada Hess Carmen Hinger Edward Hoagland Bruce Holfman Robert Hopkins James Hottinger I f-'10 H B J Richard Hottinger Reva Hubbell Mi M ILLEN Jeannine HUgh8SkfFFff June Hulse 'IAA-Q-EAS Rodney Hyatt Gus Katris Florence Keever Marilyn Kile Mable Lamhillotte Jerry Legros -- Betty Lewis kc Q E Thomas Lewis James Liggett Fredric Lippman John Lively Mary Lockhart Jeanne Lonzo -- ffl LSTC IV John Lynde , . Robert McDevitt Joan McFeely 5Ck'Df?N Betty McKee 5g,g..,,v Lucille McKenzie Jean McLarnan Paul McMillen Dan McMillen John McNeil Erina Madias " U' 5L'K'Ei, Marie Madias -FELDMW Mary Miller Ralph Mills XVilliam Moore Jacqueline Nelson 'f William Morris John Nugent James Poland -- Gail Pealer Donald Reed Willis Rerick Vora Rine - Hallie Robinson LKWQ'-5 David Sapp Jack Scott f Rowena Scott - Mary Ann Shultz -fl Mary Lee Shultz BGR-lil? Charlotte Silliman amen Snow J , Donna Spearman C-i-'IIKZINV Esther Spearman pp-1,g,3,q Nancy Stillwell-- George Swatik Gerald Tharp Stephan Deedrick Polly Deem -6 t. ,L-OH-E K3 Janet Dowds Dick Eberhardt 1- Jack Elliott Margo Erlanger-nh? Thomas Fawcett Richard Ferrell Mildred Fox Joan Francis Betty Jo Frary Jean Fraser Betty Fry Dorothy Gantz - Lola Gentry - Edith Gilmore Gordon Grinin Robert Haire - Johanna Halazon Phylis Hardesty ' Don Harris Joanne Hart -- George Hedges DE Fl' William Hendershott Ruth Hennell Shirley Herndon Fern Hiles - Nancy Hissong Ruth Hoffman Donna Humphrey Eleanor Inks - Christina Jacobs John Jacque: - Carl Jenkins John Johnson Margery Kathary Janice Lay Patsy Leach Grace Lee Jettie Lee Jean Lepley Ruth Leonard Jane Lybarger Joan Lybarger.- Dixie Malley Ruth Maloney Eugene Marchal - James Meloites ,- Maxine Metcalf Betty Miller Jane Miller Jean Miller Louise Thomas 7R1lVf!Aldb Margaret Morey Forrest Thompson Joyce Mossholder Barbara Tier f KD -784,6 Norma McConnell Delno Tyree . Robert McCracken Irma VanDevelde - rl:Jr1'l'fEJoan McGugin John VanSise Norma Waddell -- Grace Walton f-L0f4U""'f Ernest Williams Marilyn Wilson Antionette Wlilson John Wintermute Donald Yauger CLASS OF 1948 Ann Adrion Thomas Badger f Mary Baldwin Joan Barncord -Infu- Martha Bates Geraldine Beach LHFFEFU Margaret Beck XVilliam Beldon Margaret Bc-ttmger Roselyn Blackwell 57310252 Eugene Bair Beverly Blake Loretta Bohn " Joan Bowden Lewis Bowers Richard Brandt Elaine Brickerfteg Sarah Brown George Bumpus - Peggy Bunn Fred Buxton Jeanne Byrd Don Caldwell '- Peggy Calkins Sarah Carter James Chester Marilyn Christy William Condon Dean Conger Wilbur Connell Larry Conkling- Marjorie Curry Eleanore Coon - Gene Davy Lois McKenzie Lois McNamara Joan McNeil ' John Payne Joan Perkins Eleen Peterson Lenor Rapp - Donald Reasoner Lowell Reeder David Rhoads Vivian Rine Beth Roach Betty Robbins Ned Roesler Joan Ryan Virginia Sharp Juanita Sheldon Ruth Simpson William Simpson Sammy Snow Norma Starmer Ralph Steurer Joyce Swingley -- Mary Jo Temple f Betty Jo Thomas - Esther Treese Betty Turner Bradley Upham-- Edith Vernon Robert Weaver Mary Welker Particia Wells Robert Wells -f Elaine Wilkins Dick Wonders DEM' Helen Wolford Murray Wright Charlene Zedaker DIN? LL CLASS OF 1949 Jean Allspangh Mary Barton ' Elaine Bass Eugene Baxter James Bechtol Gretchen Bell Carroll Berger Maxine Bickel Ruth Botkin Robert Brining - Mariorie Brooks -- Joe Brown Robert Browne Edward Bumpus Garnette Bumpus - Lowell Butcher - David Clark Walter Clippinger Darlene Cochran Lois Cochran ' Irene Columber Orla Conard Jenny Connell Annabelle Cranmer -- Beverley Crumbaker Floyd Cunningham Ruby Curry '- Ruth Dustin Charles Duckworth James Fairchild - Jack Fawcett Ned Fletcher Jo-Ann Fravel Harry Frye, Jr. Lois Geiger - Joanale Githens - Loretta Gilbert John Goossens Robert Graham Martha Greene Lois Gullett - Anne Hardesty - Dan Hillier Shirley Hoagland -'- Vfilma Hodge Jack Howard Virginia Hurps- Don Johnson .- Jacqueline Johnson Charles Jones Esther Jones Barbara Kaiser Beatrice Kaiser Cecil Knerr - Kathleen Kreps Ilean Lahmon Paul Lepley '- Jean Liggett Harriet Ann Lord- Lary Loyd Marian MacPhee Stella Madias -5 p tl i- 7'- David Mavis Frances Mehl Donna McNutt Joan Mendenhall Paul Mentis ,- Martha Jean Miller Sue Morris Bayes Norton Marjorie Parker Raymond Parker Sylvia Penn Margaret Peterson Carolyn Pier Robert Porter Allen Ralston Patricia Roberts Reva Robertson Jeanne Robinson Alvin Rose Otto Rotunno Robert Sattler Donald Scott Richard Shaw Catherine Shurt Benton Silliman Jo Anne Smithe Eugene Staats Robert Staley Geraldine Steurer Donna Stiverson Rosa Lee Stricker Wilbur Stump Leisle Swandener Janet Swain Willis Taylor Richards Thomas Miriam Titus James Tuttle Frank Ulery Donald Vasbinder Barbara Vernon Betty Vilfer Barbara Walton - Harriett Ward XVilma Ward Patricia Warner David Wells Marion Wikle Patricia Wikle Mary Jo Williams .S Helen Wilson John Workman Fred Zerull CLASS OF 1950 Rosemarie Allen David Appleton Seldon Bair Doris Banner Q Virginia Bebout Sue Barncord ' Dorothy Belt " Robert Bennett Lois Benton Peggy Bergin David Black Betty Bond Jack Boucher Robert Brillhart Carolyn Brandt Willis Butler Creta Carter Richard Carter Forest Clutter Maxine Cochran Jack Coe Carroll Conger Burton Connell Janice Cotton Robby Curry Annabelle Davis Jeannine Dew Jeannette Dotson James Dougherty Elizabeth Jean Doup Donna Draper Janet Durbin William Emlich Gene Evans Robert Evans John Reed Ewart Keith Ewers Martha Fawcett Stanley Fawcett William Ferguson Ronald Fogle Roberta Fry Donald Fry Richard Gantz Margretta Gaumer Walter George Richard Gillooley Clara Gossett James Goudy - James Grey Marlene Griffin Dorothy Hale Dixie Lee Hall Marilyn Hall Robert Hauger - Barbara Hendrickson Bernida Henthorn Betty Hottinger Jean Houck David Imel Phyllis Jacobs Davida Kahrl Barbara Klein Delbert Koch Mary Katherine Lee Zelma Lee Leva Levering Jane Long. Mary Madras ,, Stamatia Madias ' Alice Magill Curtis Mayer David McKay Doris McKee Nadine McKenzie Robert McMillan Kay McNamara Thomas Metcalf Donna Mintier Joyce Mondron Georgiann Morris Alice Mossholder Julia Mossholder Ned Mossholder Norma Newton Mary Noffsinger Brenda Olson Lois Owen -'Ag M, ,gli ,L ,J Esta Lee Parker 91 ,LAWN 6, Robert Parker Lawrence Pembrook Jo Ann Peugh Robert Peugh Norman Phillips Sandra Pitkin Jeannine Porter Phyllis Pryor Patricia Rahming Louise Ralston Dean Reeder Oakley Reffitt Roger Rine Walter Rine Fern Rinehart Herbert Rock Patricia Romine Keith Schouten James Sellers Joyce Shira . Donna Shrimnplm Richard Shu George Simmons Lois Simpson Charles Smith Hubert Snow Richard Sorenson Pauline Spearman James Spicer. '- Clarabel Springer Larry Steagall Martha Storey Patricia Sutton Jean Swain Jack Sweet Patricia Taylor Richard Taugher Juanita Thompson Beverly Tier '- Phyllis Vernon Rodney Vernon Marie Wagner Harlow Walker Carolyn Warman Terry Wells - Gene Wittenmeyer Betty Young CLASS OF 1951 Ann Ackerman Lois Agnew - Richie Bastin " Edward Bevington Alice Beck yirginia B-egman Q45 Hrs Jack Ralph Blue Robert Blue Johnny P. Bobst Hobart Brown Nelson Brown Arthur Brown Leo Butler Robert Carter Jack Cline Pauline Clipse Marilyn Crawford Martin Crumbaker Betty Dexter Donald Deavers James Eugene Dice Bill Dougherty Virginia Anne Eagle Muriel Epstein Fred Erlanger Mary Ellen Ewing Ruth Fish Bill Fisher Partricia Fletcher Ruth Ann Franz Robert Fry Juanita Hankins Carl Gallaher Jerry Galleher Robert Gamble 'John David Gelsanliter Barbara Genre Robert George Charles Gillooley Anita Glover Jeanette Graves Dan Guenlette Phylliss Gullett '- Dianne Hammonds Nancy Hare Margaret Hart Gilbert Higgins Doris Hillier Jane Hoovler Robert Hull Barbara Hulse Stanley Hyatt Page Two Hundred Twenty-five MMA. James Imel - Carl Irick Monica Jackson Phyliss Kaser Mary Kasson Betty I.ouise Kerr Virginia Kinney Gertrude Kittelberger James Kousoulas - Don Lambillotrc Nancy Lannoy Delores Latherns Beatrice Laymon Naoma Jane Leasure James Legros Susan Ann Lewis Beverly Magill Nick Madias f- Robert McGough Ron McGowan Shirley McKenzie Barbara McKinley Joan Moffitt Arlene Mossholder Donald J. Noonen David Howard Ogg Vaugh Paddock Richard Payne Beverly Jean Peugh Phyllis Pier Jean Reed Walter Rine Susan Robeson Virginia Rouse Eddie Rucka Patricia Ryan Carol Sattler Joseph Sellers David Shields Arvel Snow Mary Lou Siegworth Dolores Simmons Donald Smith Sally Tabor Denny Thompson - Charles Titus William B. Turley Floramae Tuttle Marvin Vannatta Ethel Vernon Kathleen Vernon Robert Walton .- Edna Warman Perry Williams Imogene Willis Nlarilou Wintermute Bethel Wlooldridge Lloyd Hofmann Harold Stewart Yeta Lurie Julia Ellen Doup Murl Irene Nixon Ivan McDonald Jocelyn Emsweller Coe Sara Elizabeth Myers Evelyn Schaeffer Edgar Mill Eleanor Montis Levy Richard Stanley Shutt David Guy Tucker JOXPhoebe Louise Schneblyf' Nlerrill Jackson Margene Olive Faddis Alva D, Ryan Dixie Wlolfe Elaine Wright Dick Zinsmeister CLASS OF 1952 Mary Ann Ashbrook Mary Lou Babson Marcia Beach Richard Beck Charles Bennett Don Berger La Donna Bowers David Brillhart Nickey Bronson Louis Brown Charles Bumpus Doris Bumpus Joan Burchard Joyce Butcher Franklin Butler Jack Caldwell Jerry Carter Mary Ellen Carter Paul Colopy Janet Conger Barbara Cosner Janice Dearman Ellen Dalrymple Joan Davis Carol Ward Carolyn Doup Betty Jean Drake Nancy Edgar Joan Emlich Eddie Ernest Ruth Evans William Everett James Frances Jeanette Frye Norman Gaines Carole George Jeanne George Paul Goosens Barbara Gimmeson Margaret Graves Alice Hagaman Russell Hall Ronald Haltermon Deedra Hess James Higgins Marilyn Hoffmann William Holland Wayne Hubbell Jack Hyatt Kathryn Jennings QClass of 1919 continued from p Clarissa Schnebly Helen Mae Purbaugh Katherine J. Hillier Victorine Sears Rozella Edna Farquhar Harold Sleeman Helena Koppert Lester Dennis Craig Dora Grosscup Leroy Sharp Helen Huntsberger Foster Paul Gamertsfelder Lennabel Lafever Elinor Hobbs Cole hlalcolnl Morrison Jane Copper Barker Carroll Greer age 2181 Mary Elizabeth Kittelberger Lou Ann Koch Barbara Kymer - Katherine Lay Jean Lee Albert Levenson, Jr. Rita Lipps Robert Lockhart Richard Lorey Roberta Lybarger Barbara Main Dorothy Meek Imogene Middletown Shelia Mill R. Wlilliam McKown Iris McMillan Q Marvin McQuigg Dona Nell Ned Neibarger Dorothy Owen Arthur Pacques Eugene Phillips - Louella Porter Elsie Potes Thelma Pumphrey Marilyn Ramsey Lois Rex - Bessie Ridenbaugh Charles Roach Arthur Bobson Jeff Salisbury Mary Schmidt Carol Shultz Darwin Shultz Barbara Slack Norma Mae Snow Joyce Scoles Lawrence Sperry, Jr. Loretta Stillson Raymond Stout Mary Jo Swadner Mary Lou Thomas Joan Thornberry Mary Jo Tier , Richard Trowbridge James Umbaugh Robert Vernon Lena Vernon Grace Walden Jean Warman Joan Warman Erva Wilson Marilyn Woods Belinda Wyant Robert Patterson Cjack Streamj Gladys Gorsuch Isabelle Forry Wfintermute X ,Mable Marguerite Smith Paul Poland Careta Mann Masteller Margery Myers Chase Clements Bernice Coe . Ethel Lucille Chrisman Ursel Marie Layman Gleason xHarriett Ann Cutler Q 1 0 XGlad ' 'ltilcdg rances Baldwin Coup Chester Craig Ruth Fletcher Orlo Masteller Rector Dye kjrl Mann! Vernon Iligb now lms 5495 gfddlldfvf- In order to keep ilae files up to date, the Forum Staff would like to know the married names of all the women graduates. They would also like to slar all deceased almnni, so if you can help will: any of Ibis identification, please noiify Sara Cannon, 126 Easi Vine Sl., Mount Vernon, Ohio. Please notify ns also of any errors in spelling names. Page Two Hundred Twenty-six ALOHA W ' 'X NN M V , .S Y Page Two Hundred Twenty-seven A Seniorfr Farewell E i p Q Tommy Phillips r .- b .V J

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