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i E E s 5 E 3 5 1 E a E rw .-YM,-,, , -, , fP?...f- W , .W ,M-,.--.... ,.. ,U ,--.-Y , Y .V-U -- ----4------M QM- - -- - , - - - V---- - ,,,,..,,x . ..,,. 2 s i x:. s i Z r. gil, A b i X 73'-L wx 3 w if N -df. M, wow., Lo- I W Q U ng - K o 'ix Es- Nov 2' o ,ka I . A . Y -N it Q ' "H, . K' 'N lx ,G Q 'mb Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon, Ohio FUREVVCRD In this Forum of the class of 1952 we are using Latin as our theme. It has been carried out in the cover and in the sketches done by Mary Ellen Carter. Most of the snapshots were taken by Rita Lipps, Fred Kimble, and Tommy Mosely. The senior, junior, and group pictures were taken by the professional photographers of Mount Vernon, James Israel, Guy Lipps, and Don Garverick. l My Mm W ' ww Ri 2, MW5 , DE - N E EEE i ll B-Q05 f xxx 1 lmull 1 I MOUNT VEQNQN 4-Hsu so-aooL I , WU ig? THE 195 Z FURUM V Ni DEDICATIGN Mrs. Alice Cassell Dedication The 1952 Forum editors and staff are proud to dedicate this yearls annual to Mrs. Alice C. Cassell for all her interests in students. She is admired by everyone for her sense of humor and understanding of the troubles of her students. Because of her interest in her profession, we now have the Alice Cassell Chapter of the Future Teachers of America in Mount Vernon High School. For these things and the many more not mentioned, we dedicate this book to Alice C. Cassell, Latin teacher of Mount Vernon High School. Mrs. Cassell and her classes. Mr. and Mrs. Cassell Mrs. Cassell's son Arthur, and daughter Jean and daughter Jean are both teachers. iGLOl2lOU3 5cuooL oAv5 ' X , X . X 1 bl NX - X 4 JA , 'Q' N x f ' X M X 'O N X I X ' : Ng Q 1 J ' X 5 I ' I I ' X. N XXX I f 7 H X 3 2 X ff Q W 9 1 f i S ly W I 9 V x f4N ' X 51 ' Q VV l iii 0 5 gf QX q lx X' f X ' A X QW! I J X I l Xxx X x , X 1 1 ffff 2 ' V 3 1 XWK XX S I P U . 4' ' T4 nn xt' , 5 ' ' u J X , Y X 0- I, Q i f Wifi ,N 9. i A lm ,A x I' u ' X V . ' x ' x VJ f 1,4 We R f' : I "4. y fffl ' X x X X' AM 3 -Q-Q X X XX X X x ADM IN iff' f ig fl I' k3 S Tm 53 X 'x N YR.. X . .1 Y X A , ' Q w ' 2 ' r f Xa i ' F-Qsxx I ' xxx X RN 'ii' 5 'SX - 5 , . H Ni V ,J rx wfyxx YQM XYSX X f 'wxixQ x . X N . .. X L NN 29 , hx ' 3 - X ig QV xx K- Q49 X ww xl xx-.5 xxx ' Q X 'x ' fm V XS ,X R, AZ? Aw 4' ' .- lr M tlvru XX NX x SME Superintendent Page Eight JOHN DAVID GEIGER Mount Vernon, Ohio Bluffton College B.A. Ohio State University M.A. Principal KENNETH WEST Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.A., B.E.E., B.S. Ed., M.S. Page Nine Page Ten ! Assistant Principal HAROLD I-IIIGHMAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. Ed., M.E. i f K. t- 1!, 5: X. 1 Construction Spring of this year construction on a new wing was begun back of the present Mount Vernon High School building. The music and shop departments will be located here. By relocating these departments classrooms and a large study hall will be provided for rising enrollment in the present high school now and in the future. The music department will have room for practice and storage. The general shop will contain a wood shop, automotive shop, mechanics, graphic arts, welding, electric, drawing and sketching, foundry, and arts. There is a possibility that a plastic shop and a sheet metal shop may be included. Page Eleven LAURA E, KOONS Mount Vernon. Ohio XVestern College for Wlomen B.A. Columbia M.A. Ohio State University English IJ DON SXVHGAN Mount Vernon. Ohio Xllfooster B.A. Baldwin-XVnllaCe Harvard University Wfesrern Reserve University Ohio State University General Science Head Iinrbelball Conch Reserve lioollmll Cmlclf Axx'I liuxelmll CINICIJ IMOGENE MONTGOM IERY Mount Vernon. Ohio Denison University B.A. Toledo University M.A. IVlCGill University lirench l. ll Slmni.rlJ l. Il FACI LTY HAROLD HIGHMAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed.. M.A. Business I0 Relail Srllex Deun of Boys LOUISE M. l-IUGGINS Frederiektown. Ohio Wlooster B.S. English 3. II American ljlerulllrv A. D. ASKINS Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio University Ohio XVesleynn University Ohio State University B.S in lid. M.A. Commercial Geography ALICE C. CASSIZLI. PEARL CARPENTER Mount Vernon. Oh io University of Michigan B.A. Latin l. Il Page Twelve Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio University Kent College Ashland College Math enmlics BERYL HIGHMAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Business Organizalion Elenlenlx of Record Keeping Bookkeeping I. ll Clerical Practice VIVIAN DOWDS Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio Wlesleyan University B.A. U. S. History English 7 GLADYS J. SCOTTIE Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent State University Gengrupliy IELMIZR M. CRABBS Mount Vernon, Ohio Georgetown College A.B. Miami University Ohio State University BLA. General Mallawnalicx Track Coach Ass'l linollmll Couch S10 GrudeBasbeIball Coach AUDREY K. XVRIGHT Mount Vernon. Ohio Muskingum College Ohio State University B. n lid, M.A. Sociology Dean of Girly KATHERINE PEARL ASKINS Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio Wfesleyan Ohio University Ohio State University Bb. in lad. illafljenlatics 7 GUY VAN NOSTRAND Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio Stale University BS ll" orln' llixlory IZLIZANOR OXVENS Mount Vernon. Ohio Denison University A.B linglixb IU X -A, .-.4,.... I ! r Qi Jfsuif f what i 511 hx MARTHA SHAFEER Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Illlyxivill Illlllfrlllllll MARY ALICE SI-IOCKEY Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. lIl,Yll'lH?l0lIlt!l Muric fl xx 'I Direclor BILL ROOT HELEN C. SEVITTS Mount Vernon. Oh io Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. M.A. Inxlrlmleufal and Vocal Mnxic Direclor JOE XV. COTTON Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent State University B.S. in Ed. A rl MARGUERITE MANN Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio XVeSleynn Ii.A. Ohio University Ohio State University Iinglixb 9 Page Fourteen Mount Vernon. Ohio Wlooster Ph.B. Columbia M.A. Wlestern Reserve Bachelor of Lib. Sc. l.ibr11rirm JACK STAUCH Mount Vernon. Ohio FLOYD THOMAS Mount Vernon. Ohio Utah State College B.S. Director of Athletic.: Direc'iov' of Iulrrzmuralx I'by.tica.' Ed. Rcxerre Foolball junior High Batkelllall Golf Coach FLORENCE CASS Mount Vernon. Ohio Denison Lniversity Ph.B. University of Minnesota Columbia University M.A. Ilistory 7. 11 SARA M. CANNON Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Bethany A.B. Ed. New York University lII.l'll'llN1CIlfdl and Vocal Muxic Iiuglish Il A xx 'I Director DXVIGIIT L. BUMPUS Mount Vernon. Ohio Springheld Teachers College B.S. Iiutiuesx 9 lfL'0Il0IIll1'.l' llcnd Football Couch Re.ruri'e Brntkellmll Coarb ,-l.vx'l Truck Coach I Dllflldllilll Direclor of Pulzlicatioux SUZANNE S. FRIEDLY Centerburg. Ohio Bowling Green University B.S. Ohio State University M.A. Mfzllwnlalicx 7 Algebra 9 Senior Alallswzlalivs RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXALL Sunbury. Ohio Ohio XVesleyan University BA Northwestern University Sp verb Dramatics Englixb ROGER I.. WALTON Gambier. Ohio Kenyon B.S. Kent Stnte B.S. in Ed. Clvemixlry P11 yrics LAXVRENCE E. YARMAN Mount Vernon. Ohio Ashland College B.S. in Fd Ohio State University M S Heallb Science EERN LEWIS DU DGEON lfredericktown. Ohio Asbury College A.B. Ohio State University A rf 25 ua' -' , 1 IM MARIAN MacPHEE Mount Vernon. Ohio Grove City College Literature B. Core Hixlory 7 Iiuglixb 7 ROBERT CHARLES FULLER Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University King College Ohio State University B.S. in Sc. Civics, Geography 7. 8 Head Baseball Coach Asx't Ifoolball Coach 7IlJ Grade Bavkelball Coach GLADYS H. BAKER Mount Vernon. Ohio LAMOIL L. OWEN Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio Wfesleyan University Ohio University B.S, in Ed. Ohio State University lVI.A. in Fd. Afllerirau Problems Direvlor of Visual Aid CLARENCE R. FRIDLINE Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. Voc'alioual Agricullure NORA REID McKAY Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio Wlesleyan University B.A. Ohio University Ohio State University M.A Hislmly 8 Geometry A1lz'am'e1l Algebra Trigou omelr y REX M. MURPHY Mount Vernon. Ohio Kent State University B.S. in Ed. Duke University XY'estern Reserve University M.A. Ainerican Hixiory Albletic Facully Manager DON MORRISON Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University B.S. in Industrial Arts ludnslrial Artx IELDA BEI-INKE Afhville, Ohio Miami University Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Ashland College Ohio State University lfuglisb 8 LETIIA F. FERGUSON LORETTA EBERHARDT MARY LOUISE BECK Howard. Ohio Mount Vernon. Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon I-Iigh School Mount Vernon High School Stwrefarj' Io Principal Pf0lllll'fi0lI Clerk Sevrelury I0 Sufzeriulellfleul Page Sixteen MARY HERRON Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wlesleyan Ohio State University B.S. in Ed. Capital University Slmrlband Typing Office Praclire JACK ROBESON Mount Vernon. Ohio Ohio University B.S. Ohio State University Biology General Science NINA M. LEVERING Mount Vernon. Ohio XVestern Reserve University B.S. and M.A. Red Cross Ilome Nursing fifoflaer and Baby Care Sciuml Nurse Senior Health and MARTI-IA VIRGINIA COCHRAN Mount Vernon. Ohio Asbury College B.A. University of Kentucky Ashland College Typing Axsixlant Librarian X25- QF Z- YR Q3 .1 aSu"5ix' S Wmfisae 'N-1 i -QA lf , ' .-I Page Eighteen In Memoriam In memory of Mrs. Ruth Mclilhinney, home economics teacher at Mount Vernon High School for three years, who died after a long illness Sunday evening, November 19, 1951 in Mercy Hospital. Under her direction, decided improve- ments were made in both the home economics rooms and the cafeteria. LASSES f X ", IEEYQNQIEIEA Mi-., I 33? EEA: Q mf Nj' Anlsas ff Q 'aah Q tlllll MN W gf in W T22 Secveiavy I Seniors Cavde GCGYQQ Treasurer Mary Lou B abscm Prcsidenjt Ed Erm: st Vice president Lawrevx cz Svzvrxi . 5 2 .af f .,U x 3 1 . I5 5., ' e , ,W any WK? 7 ..-"'!Fwx if gg. W 1:9 F' .9-. 1 .1 KL .H z 5 . . - u' , N, s. .Q -1.. 4 Jr X 'FQLSQ !, Q 3 lx A YK XR ig ' 'f Q x 5 Q X x 'P F ,E 4 ,S i,f"'9-1. fxx. yi 1 X L an-A -. 5,-N, , . Q lr, n . 1 X Y Q 453 X K A Xswxw. A ix Q29 X 4 X., K S. xq x vw' 3 . 'C 1 .ia K 4:5 I Q S ..' 4' inf 3 51 2 x , X .ge a In ' ,IM . 'QU' ,ff-"",' SM V, lf! an ""'.- H -I 2 -Q Ah. ,.,m. K K 5 'Z W if , .I I f X f wvq-nr A I if fig!--. . ,-N. Jr? xx it! ,v.',,'J -fx x. wg . x Q Q, ..,, .ss 4? sa""'ff'.75 Q' . .O Q . y ck 1. --.. ,... . gy .f1,f+m f . R. wav- ! N' ffm Q f 557' A if ,J W 1- up fn is , rf, if n H ,, aww, Wh U -if fi, W ' ,ff A f L 'L' .Q QV .V W 0 A -x .. ef' ,Q , f' d' K Q 5 " 4 J x L , ,J T, 7 Q v lv U . Q? xr I X 4 5 if 'U' ,asf Q Q' X , if x'.f -wi N . " X A mx . fn , , 'GP' Nm .-, 9 A,,.,, f - x-. , h pl k L,,. I ,- 3? if film - :J W .Y-. ,-QL Q . 'T ms Y ,yff K N' . .wx "4 . ,v 9 , . I ?'QFS4 Q fm ,""" .xx Z .Y Faris: . F5 ex ' wal, lgfvlm 33' W ,il AW M yy F - 'al 4 .A.'vf4Hf- , - -H1 If Y , ,E W7 V 4 g ' 7 .,. K, S3 QV? ' ':53f-ini? L- ww.. ,, . ,M il 7 E, 512, y X, v u ' K X 55. . -QW ., .. s Q. 9? 1- , my - ,ww , , 2 - .. ,ff A x- fH:S'Qfm' " .. X ,. ,-x, 5 Q xt' . As Sui xx ,. , as mfs, 9 , +I! .K l v,.45m315'?5N 4 a , 'F ' 1 5, In Memoriam ln memory of -lack Stream who was killed in an automobile ac- cident the night of October 31, l95l. black, a senior, was a good student and well liked. Active in the Buck Hi-Y, lie also had played reserve football for two years. In memory of Jack, the senior class gave a science book to the school library because he excelled in all sciences. JEAN XWARMAN JOAN XVARMAN IERVA XVILSON MARILYN XVOODS BIZLINDA XVYANT ROBERT PATTIERSON Page Twenty Eve Senior Class History In the years to come the seniors will all at sometime look back to their high school days with a smile. There was the first day that they entered the great portals of learning as inexperienced seventh graders. But they soon understood the ways of this high school and they were on their way up. Their next great accomplishment was as juniors, when they became organized for the first time. They elected Janice Dearman as class president with Eddie Ernest as vice-president, Eugene Phillips as secretary, and Bill Everett as treasurer. That year they ordered and received their class rings and produced the comedy "Growing Pains." Their final act as juniors was a wonderful junior-Senior Prom. At last that long awaited year had arrived - they were Seniors. Their first act of the year was to elect Eddie Ernest as class president. Eddie organized various committees and worked very hard seeing that all the plans went over just right. Elected to help him were vice-president, Lawrence Sperry, secretary, Carole George, and treasurer, Mary Lou Babson. That year they all saw Mary Jo Tier crowned Football Queen. Her Senior attendants were Deedra Hess and Ellen Dalrymple. The next big affair was the Forum Queen elections which found Libby Kittelberger as Queen, with Mary jo Tier, Marilyn Hofmann, and Margaret Graves as Senior attendants. The Senior class play demonstrated the fine acting of the Seniors. Gradually the days began to pick up speed, and they suddenly realized that their high school days would soon be over. As a fitting climax to a wonderful year the Senior Prom, held at the Mount Vernon Country Club, ful- filled all their hopes. Page Twenty-six juniors Junior OHicers President - Bill Conard Vice-President - Dale Miller Treasurer - Ruth Gillooley Secretary - Janet Berger Page Twenty-seven llarold jane! Beaver Berger Cresion Hill Cline Conard Carolyn Nancy Dunn ltberhardt 'liwila Wlilliam Fish lloclalei' Ruth John Gillooleb' Grimm Patsy Barbara johnson jones lilaine Virginia Kousonlas Kymer Philip Berger Mona Coon Ruth lidmisier Don lileegei' Joe llemhorn Faith jones Gordon Lambillotre Fred Ball Maxine Bumpus Barbara Davis Gordon Fawcett llarbara Ganu john l loyl Fred Kimble Nancy Doris. Barnuord Belcher Robert Clark Burris Buxton George Carol Doup Dunham joanne jo Anne Feasel Ferenhaugli ,lane Geiger Nancy Ilumer jerry Knox Darlene Lanning Carol Mayer Dee Olson james Kathary Jolene Mazza Anne Palmer Debbie Pond Bill Small Shirley Tier Bill Xvard Berry Priehett Ronald Starler Bill Tyson Mary Alice Xllfarner Berry Latherns Don M ill Fred Pargcon Sally Pryor Norman Steagall l.arry Vail Carolyn Wfells Dick Gilli llan Nanuy Ireland Bradley Koi h ffl Cf. P ,... weff X X 1 'Q' Q' 613. Y. EA Wg. f i -f: ,J 5, QQ! I in p. ,I in - v 'S' fw"-'le R... 9 1 . Q ..- - X ,..-3 a A.. I is fi v x 355' , 55' 1 Q Ssfffk, 3' 71: 7 if , , ' S X5 QAM? ,M V 'C gill' sa- 1 fl , rgfffh Q 31' h' V ' 1 4 4 9 K :XV U 'I 1' f ,.. Nwflfs x .F X -4 Q if wufi, wg. ik 9 gg if v s ,.., A . A.,- Q v FZ Q! if Q, .T ? - ... r Tig! I x Q2 ,3 .K i, 4' Q5 ,D and f 1'-'ir 'FS ziwfwct- . ff' P' '.. v"- 4 . 'I - V 9' A , A is iw , - qt. ,,, - . v MSN' Y 4 Q w r f ,, X Z: K M ,fu , 1 . R 5 'cis-:J Q 'f ." lyylx- uxflr x vt A v QL- if 5 if-, "" Ji A ,Ap L Y A 'Q 5 - Xi" 3 'gh ' L- ,pf , 1 ' M v, . -, . V, f Q , mal 'f' , , - I , . n I 6 A. , bQ , ffvffi , l V A fi K f' Y Y' Y ' fly. 4- X ' yi Q sf' 2.-,, X wv Y 4 :Www vnu ! 3 5 A 5 D 5 N.. l a A Y ' ' B1 ' - S fl' '55 'f E weft 'E Eg 5 - ' M, if tg' Nm' fhr K, ,N 5 A ' f . an, , i,,,. l .i ? . 3, l'I"3k D ax .ifiqxv .A H' is QQ. ,, , . N, x 5 4 X 3 X .5 . 1 3 1 W N i . I T X ' 1 Q Q- 1' Y if F25 S EN ."' Q I QQ A xi , J, X Zi! wi 1 " -F fl! f K f ,ks i .h Q -Q N -1 lxwff I s ' RY -5' A 3 . ' 5 3 s A -' Q.-1 Y 4 ja M u 34 -W . A ,A X W? 3 :QQ Ay V ha 'Q X x K 3 'a' gi ,I sf. X I J 'gg A S f .. Q5 Q, H 'NX ,, .1 1 Or .if ar w J K rf. .ya Nw 1 +6299 at ,,,A 535 L- ' lWX'imfS4 ,xxx fs ff, , KF ,-aazflim X f .-, 'kt ophomores liirst row: David Misieka. Donna McQuigg, jean Hale. Shirley MCGihnejv'. Marjorie Kerr. Rafhel Daly. Kenny Fletcher. Second tow: Charles Gill, Nancy Metcalf. Lois Hanger. Iilizaheth Martin. Lee Munroe. Lydia McDowell. Mary lou Carswell Standing: jim Beckholt. Phil Levering. Jack Cunningham. Barbara McDermott. Carol Gilhn. Karen Ackerman. Dave Allen Danny Basrin. Don liberhart. Ron Gaumer. Charles llulse. Glen lrilik. ,lim Henderahofr, SQPHOMORES iclllllillllfd from page 513 Qllnttnni picturej first row: Charles Sayer. Joe Tharp. Bud Rohler. Norman Sarge. Wfilhur Vernon. Dnn Totman. Don Newton Don Reed. Roger Rush. Second row: Raymond Tnrres. Charles Potes. Gerald Sheffer. Carl Wfilliams. Iimmn I.nn Yarman, Kay Stream. Marcie Xvilson Dan Silvus. Steve Zelkowirz. Charles XVyant, Bill Ulrey. 'l'hird row: lithel Wfoods. Shirley Wfells. Phoebe Wfheller. Fla ne Snow. Janet Snow. Fourth row: Shirleen Stonehnrner. Marlene Rowley. Joan Perrin, Wfinifred Rucka. Fifth row: Alma Rine. Janet Veatch, Mary jane Tyson. Nancy Stout. Sixth row: Clifford Slayman. Dave Wfarren. john XVareham. Al Shields. Page Thirty-two Foreign tudents This year Mount Vernon High School was international in the fact that it had two foreign students studying here. Raymondo Torres, left, a Mexican boy from Cindad de Mexico, is shown above studying English with Haralampos Eleniathis, right, a Greek boy from Hallis, Greece, under the supervision of Mrs. Ruth Truxall. Page Thirty-three Karen Ackerman Shirley Ackerman Able Adams Donna Adams Jerry Adams Ronald Anderson Paul Atherton Dick Baney Harry Bassinger I-larry Beckholt Jerry Beeman Ann Bell Betty Blubaugh Albert Blue Gary Boucher Larry Branstool Harry Breneman. Jr. Shirley Brooks Ruby Brown R. Leroy Bumpus Jacqueline Burgess David Burkey Patricia Burns Phil Burris Wfalter Butler Betty Ann Carter 'EEE-f'?!ll1"i' . Freshmeni Ann Chalmers Jim Cherryholmes James Clark Gordon Clements Eddie Cline Ronald Cline Jerry Clingerman Benny Cochran Jolm Cofling Beverly Conway Robert Corcoran Patricia Cranmer Donald Crawford R. Douglass Curry James Curry Carrie Dailey Donald Day Jack Day Byron Dearman Lloyd Dement Jacqueline Dudgcon Margaret Dudgeon Bob Dunham Lorna Eagle Michael Eaton Marilee Iihrgott Marti Elder lissie lirlanger John Ewalt Charles Fawcett Mary Ferenbaugh Richard Ferry Joyte Fletcher Mary Ellen Fox John Frary Carolyn Frederick David Fridline Eleanor Frye Jim Geiger Carol Gillooley Shirley Grubaugh Leo Grubb Ronnie Gullett Riel-lard Hall Marv Lou Hampton Bobby Joe Harrod Handley Hayes H. Edwin Hcagren Sue Heighton Sally Henderson Jantt Henery Bernard Henthorn Mary Jane Henthorn Zaida Henthorn Jack Hess Catherine Hodder james Hofmann james Hoovler Nancy Houhler Hazel Huggins Patricia Hull Betty Humbert S. Marie Hunter Judy Hurps Janet Hyatt mary Jane Imhoff Phillip Jacobs Eddie Jenkins Betty Jones Tim Kahrl G. Elaine Keller Fred Kittelberger Phyllis Kymer Barbara Lamson David Land Dale Larson Sara Latham Ann Lepley Beverly Lewis Dt!! All nfxvh H fr' E . 'u 7 .ie . .H N FE? Ji: gelias .,-u j' 4 C hrs Gene Lewis Robert Lipps Barbara Lonzo james Looker james I.ord john Lord Nina Marchal lris Marks Bill Martin Dick Massa Robert Masteller Marcella Mathers joe Mazza Judith Mild Sterling Millard Russell Mills Richard Morain Thomas Moseley ,lack Mowery R. Tommy Moxley Robby McConnell Don Meliarlantl R. Georgiene McKee Wfayne McKee Linda McKinstry Nancy McMahon rr- Glenn McMillan Kenneth McMillen M. Gene Nelson Patricia Newton Johnny Nugent Larry Obee P. Ann Payne Richard Payne James Peterson Bill Peterson Kenneth Porter Richard Porter David Potes Harley Pryor Roberta Rabishaw John Rahming Linda Ralston j. Esther Ransom Leon Ransom Mary Ann Rawlins Pearl Reed C. james Rice Nancy Rice Clarence Ridenbaugh Wfilliam Ridenbaugh Keith Rinehart Mary Roach Sue Roberts Carl Robinson Lester Rockwell Russell Rockwell lidwin Rowley Alan Savage Barbara Schmidt Charles Seel Brent Scudder Frieda Shepard Gerald Skeen Ronald Skinner Dorothy Smith Richard Smith Velma Smith Kay Snyder Caroll Sorge Ronald Speer David Spitzer lfdith Springer Nancy Stillson Tommy Stream james Sweet Creta Tablet! Doris Tablet: A 2 --,.,,,.,-4 rg ' if Q 1 sl L, 'I XV. Neil Talbott Marilyn Taylor Nancy Taylor james Trowbridge Marilyn Ullman Patricia Untbangli Phyllis Underwood Wfantla Van liuskirk Ned Vannatta Margaret Vernon XViIbur Vernon Donna Vian Rurdetta XVa1.:ner Carolyn XVagner Clarice Xvagner Duke Wfagoner Betty XVa,i:stafT Mariorie XVarman Il. Dinsmore Xvarner Gail XY'eeks Shirley XVilliams Barbara Xwflllllllllt Bill Wfise David XVyant Bonnie Yoakam XViIliam Yoakam Page Tbirtyrfive fr Judy Ackerman Betty Adams Donna Adams Larry Agnew Gusty Angelas Marie Antill Mike Alexander XVilliam Appleton Robert Bader Bill Baker Nancy Ball Ann Baltzell Charles Banning Marjorie Barncord Pete Barnes Donna Baxter Robert Beck Patty Beeman Mary Jane Bell Bob Berry Peggy Bloom David Bobst jim Bottomley Danny Boucher Julia Boyle Donna Boucher Carolyn Brookins Shirley Brooks Douglass Brown Tom Brown Leland Brown Janet Bumpus Ann Burgess Anetta Burris Leroy Byall Barbara Carmichael Harry Carmichael Kenneth Chisholm Dan Clark Thelma Clements Richie Cline Robert Cline Don Coe Melony Cofhng George Colgin Shirley Coles Joyce Colopy Chrystal Conant Roderick Conkle Ann Cox Carole Cranmer Roberta Curry Donald Dalrymple Gary Daubenspeck Marcia Davies Carole Davis Loretta Davis Don Dearman Molly Deedrick Charles Denhardt Marsha Devin Floyd Dcvore Kenneth DeWitt Marilyn Dudgeon Henry Edmister George Ellis Loduska Eis Paul Emlich Rosalie Ernest David Evans Douglas Evans Martha Farnsworth Clark Fawcett Dick Fawcett Joyce Fetter Larry Fogle James Fox Page Thirty-six Eighth Grade David Frazee Patty Frost Stella Frost Evelyn George Patty George Bill Graham John Graves Mary Jo Green Hank Greer Marita Grubb Dick Haas Nancy Hagan Barbara Hall Jean Hall Shirley Hall Clinton Hall Wfilma Hamilton Muriel Harris Dana Harper George Hartman Jennene Hatfield Larry Henry Joan Higgins Ellis Hite Cary Horlacher Paul Huffman Harvey Huggins Beverly Hill Jerry Hull Betty Humbert Sue Carol Hyatt Howard Irick Barbara Jacquet Janet Johnson Joan Kiger Dick Kimble Bette Knowlton Larry Kreps Harold Lahmon James Latherns Carolyn Layman Michael LCC John Levenson Wfilliam Lepley Hester London Charlotte Loney Jack Lybarger Shirley Lunsford Beverly Main Donna Marassutti Larry Marble Gary Mayer I Maud MHHSCII Robert Melcher James Melton Janice Mild Fred Miller Sandra Miller Kay Mills Helen Morey John Mossholder Patty McElroy Tom McCartney Charles McDermo Betty McFarland Gene McGlothin Joan McGugi.n Jim McKee Carol McPeel-: Sam McQueen Bud Murphy ti Melvina Neighbarger Nancy Newcomb James Ohde Bud Oldaker Felicie Paques Peter Parsons Jack Pearson James Peterson Robert Poland Pamela Porter Kenny Porter Billy Pritchett Eugene Pryor Colleen Reese Louella Reesman Janet Ransom Kay Rapp Ann Rice Carroll Rine Martha Rine Shirley Rine Robert Rock Shelda Robertson Delores Roe Margaret Rowe Marjorie Sanner La Rue Schorr Linn Sellers Jeff Shamansky Billy Shoults Lloyd Show Wilma Show Sandra Silvis Cecile Small Bob Smith Lydia Smith Margaret Smith Joyce Snow Gerald Speer Billy. Squires Mavis Stacey Walter Stanley Marie Stevens Sandra St. john Don Stout Tanya Stuller Jean Taylor Bob Temple Julie Theibert Carol Thomas Ronald Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Joe Todd Bob Totman Thomas Turner Brice Twigg Gale Ullman Gary Ute Ronald Vail Sue Van Voorhis Jim Vernon John Vernon Marcia Verson Shirley Wagner Bonnie Walpole Jim Wareham Joe W'atson Gene Wears Jean Wells Karen Wharton Albert Williams Carolyn Williams Shirley Williams Patricia Wilson Sara Wilson Carroll Wolford Patty Wolford Bud Woodward Deanne Wriglit Dick Wfright Barbara Yarman Billy Young Judy Young John Young Iris Zschocher 'x ANN- inu- 5 I 1-rv-'-v-ww Roger Allen Claire Alexander Tena Angelas Henry Antill Virginia Baney Judy Bartlett james Belcher joe Belcher Dennis Bell Charles Berger Melvin Berry Paul Berry Thomas Berry Hazel Blankenship Betty Bluhaugh Nancy Blue Diane Bollinger jimmy Bouton Saundra Bowman Carole Brown Geraldine Bryan Richard Buckham Sue Burggrafl Robert Burton David Butler Betty Butler Jimmy Cagnon Tum Carpenter Pauline Carpenter Dale Carter Daniel Chadwick Forestt Clark Elizabeth Cline Harold Cline Robert Cline Carole Clingerman Richard Cochran Seventh Grade Katherine Colling Carolyn Collins Shirley Conl-:le Harvey Connell Phyllis Coon Sandra Corcoran Joyce Crawford Ronald Cross Don Dalrymple Larry Davis Paul Davis Beverly Devore jimmy Devore Joyce Doup XVilliam Doup Susan Dunn Mary K. Ea-itman Richard Iillis Bohhy Elwood Linda Fmley George Engel lirvin Erlanger Billy Fawcett john Fawcett Loren Fickle Mary Flecknoe George Fleclcnoe Dale Ann Fletcher Molly Fletcher Nancy Fritz jean Frye Gary Frye Patty jo Gerber Mary Beth Gillillan James Goins Dick Gossett Bill Graves jimmy Grennell ,lean Gullett Joan Hall Nonna Harper Rosa Helsel Bonnie Henry Myra Henthorn Marie Higgins Curtis Hissong Kenneth Holmes Joe I-lootman Alicia Hostettler Nancy Humbert Nancy Humbert Glenn Householder Homer Howard Richie Hoyt Donald Huffman Bobby Hull Edward Humber! Jo Lee Hunt Babs Hunter XVally Kaser Mary Lynn Kathary Joan Keeler Bobby Keenan jimmy Kennedy Linda Ketner james Kimble Carol Kiger janet Klein Linda Knapp Tom Knox Frances Kymer James Lamson james Land Louise Lanning an Inu Linda Lannoy Barbara I.auderbaugl1 Irene Laymon Barbara Leiter Judy Lemasters Lucille Lepley Robert Litzenberg Gene Lorkhart Bobby Lower Martini Madias Sally Mahaffey Dorothy Mapes Dolores Marvin Margaret Mathews Peter Mavromates Judy Mayer Robert Mayer Camilla Mazza liohlwy Midkifl' Dick Mill Billy Miller Franklin Miller Richard Miller liarbara Mclilroy Larry Mondron Rob Moore Charles Moore Kay Murdock Danny Murphy Danny McCafl'ery Robert McConnell ,..,.,.....-.- sr Jack MeGreevy Ronnie McMillan Susan Nash Milton Oulcalt Charlene Orsborn Raymond Page Judy Phelps Charles Pillow Almon Poland Chuck Pond Tom Pribble Carolyn Recd Judy Ann Reed lirnest Rehling Ann Rive Kenneth Robbins Richard Robinson Kenneth Rockwell Delano Rogers Riehard Rush john Scarvelis Robert Sowers Louis Scheetz Alfred Scltolz Bruce Schouten Sheila Schwartz Irene Shoman Dick Simmons Larry Simmons Elizabeth Smith Lawson Smith jane Smith Ruth Ann Smith Ronald Snow Shirley Spearman Anna Sperry Donald Springer Ernie Springer Gordon Springer David Starmer Saundra Starmer Annita Stevens Sally Stout Phyllis Stout Dorothy Strickland Betty Stringfellow Nancy Stuller Dixie Swadener Bill Tanner Nancy Taylor james Teeters Marilyn Thomas Billy Thomas Tyler Thornton Carroll Tille Sandy Towner Brenda Trace Sarah Tufts Larry Van Riper Ronnie Vernon George Wzigner jean XVagner Joyce Wfagner Ronald Wfagner Marion Wfalden Larry Wfalpole Richard W'are Charles XVarren Ilugh XVats0n Betty XVatson Carroll XVears Sandra Wfeirick Leroy Wfheeler Dolores XVhite Dona XVhitc Richard Wfhite Charles XVilliams Vietta Wfilkinson Shirley Wilson Ogden Wfintermute Bonnie XVise Gatherine XVithe Ronald XVolfe john Wfoodland Connie Wfoods Carolyn Wforkman Margaret XVorkman Buddy NVythe Robert Young Floyd Zickefoose Margaret Zimmerman Martin Zschocher Page Thirty-nine Complete Financial Statement, 1951-1952 Bribes ..,..,.., ,Y,. Razor Blades Donations ,,,.....,...,,,,,,,,llll,,,,,,ll..,. lce Packs and Hot Water Bottles ........ Staff Get-Togethers and Banquets .,.,... Refreshments ,Y,Y,,,,,,,,.,,,, ...w.,v,Y,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Business Trips: Chicago CFifty timesb .,,.,, Utica Qonceb ....e.......v,e Clothing for the editors ,,,t,,,rr Photography ,,et,,...l,,,,.,e., Engraving tt,,,,, Printing ,eeee,,,ee,,et Covers CGiftJ Page Forty Total Expenses 86,000.00 S 256.70 .00 S .29 999.99 S9,000.00 S 285.00 S .13 Sl,000.00 55 14.34 S .45 55 4.67 Sl,ll1.ll jim Francis - Editor Libby Kittelberger - Editor Deedra Hess - Business Manager OR ANIZATIO S . N , Xff TE ENS Hmfcf :s ff? F F P X 3 E txx x 5 R If X! S., ' igJjQQ i T N if X X W l W W X A, if U X jf R4 ,Z J l N W W xx J f X Melvin tuclent Council The Student Council is an organization of elected students who are the voice of the school. It tries to promote co-operation in the school, promote student welfare, and train its members to become better citizens in the school. Each home room and club or organization has the right to elect one or more persons to represent them in the Council. The Student Council tries to promote the student welfare through various committees like the Safety, Courtesy, and the Social committees. All committees try to work for the improvement of the school and its activities. This year the Student Council has helped in many charitable drives. It has helped with the "Red Feather," the "March of Dimes," and with the Salvation Army Drive for money to build a new citadel. The Council sponsors the collection of a fund for assemblies which feature many noted speakers. It has also published the "Crest," a hand book with information about the school for students. The Council earns money by sponsoring dances after ball games. The most important social event every year is the "Shamrock Shindig," an all high school party in March. Page Forty-two tudent Council President Adviser Head Monitor Treasurer Secretary Vice-President .... -...- --- ...Hh- n -N- -up-ua il-Q liU!vl1Q 1 an-nun-can a I -'uracil N1-.anal Russell Ilall Miss Audrey Wfriglix Dale Miller . Carol XV:ird Debbie Pond Sally Pryor If-an--n ii J . c is ..:I'..':. ? !q'T1'i,1.,I A A 7 L? I I V lI.efr ro righrj lsr row: Hanna Maunter. Nancy Rice. Patsy Mafiaffey. Dale Miller. Miss Audrey XVrig.:l1t. Sally Pryor. Carol Wfard. Debbie Pond. Keitha Porter. Maxine Bumpus, Russell Hall. Ind row: Steve Zelkowizl. Glen lrick. Kay Lay. Hester Londin, Ann Ballzfell. Carol Crannier. Phyllis Pacques. Dennis Bell. lllltlil Brillharr. Barbara Main. 5rd row: George lillis. Clark Buxton. Barbara Lonzo. Grzwe XVald:n. Carole George. Carol Harmon. lielva Nelson. Al Levenson. Ron Halrermon. -ith row: Fred Pargeon. Carolyn Wlells, Carol Dunham. Ceola Midkifl. Barbara Scott. Charles XVilliams. Tim Kahrl, Page Forty-three Buck Hi-Y President , . Dick Trowbridge Vice-President , , Eugene Phillips Secretary-Treasurer ,, Bill I-lolland Chaplain , ,. . ....,,.. .. Paul Colopy This year the Buck Chapter of the local Hi-Y Club partici- pated in many activities. On the money making side they sold magazines, had several bake sales, and a scrap-iron drive. It was not all work as they helped sponsor the Cactus Capers. This is the senior organization of the Hi-Y. nun! 'F' Y .-s-v 'Ili' QQ? wil' L no ' 'fiiilf' 5 an ,nw is .ww-atv nh. an: F1 pl H0 ff Left to right. lst row 7 Dick Trowbridge. Charles Roach. Eugene Phillips. Bill Holland. Paul Colopy. David Brillhart, Norman Gaines. Ind row - jeff Salisbury. Dick Lorey. Darwin Shultz. Charles Bumpus. Russell Hall. ,Grd row - jim lirancis. jack Stream. Ron Hnltermon. Arthur Paeques. jerry Carter. Lawrence Sperry. Al Levensnn. Page Forty-four 'ikii ,S-l nv '53 I V. I 1 '. A Xt Q X 5 . . l -3:2 . 1 K I NS N - 'T , ' :naive - -1 ff . v LHJ ' "Af 'M' W Q QQ vi A fQ"Tl , 6 K ' ' Y. A Y L A . 11 A? 'fs " -. X X i.. sz' ' TA' +1 f . ,. v N xl ., A :s A -. , I , . ' W -' 1 -1 I X N ,Q h" v ' n x . tn, , ff' -n W' S... .. .,. r Q 1 .,,. A X K I f- .H x ', . 1 Q . lx . 7 it V . V 'f ', ,:x.'-'Q w fl. gsm , 1 1. l-. xi f ' -Q I .' N K 1 yi7Q'v, :wi Q -4 94 V X w ' V 'Wf Nh wr I XM. f-'Qr '. ,N . :gi???' ., HSI?-' K 7' .vw A H11 ' 'l L.3,i'ff1' 1X x,,,,v - .4 -- wfru rx ,Ms 4 . x -u A f .MQ K. vw - 0 K, 1 9 ja ,. 9 ,Q Us -v A . ff J A if 4 'S ff V5 'W J' x sg 1 .nz- 'l H r M vs, if .245 JM XX-If x 'fn s3:f,f'j 221' Wiz.. , Q' E U ,SIA :Q N -:' i ,, L Qtr., WVliki9'Rl9R"nw- , - . 1 In 'X ' as xt Q m L A tx X 'f"ff'4l "' if x Xu, 4 Sophomore Hi-Y President Dan Bastin Vice-Prrcsitlent Al Shields Secretary-Treasurtr Tom Perrin Chaplain john XVarelmn1 Adviser Mr. Robert Fuller The Sophomore Hi-Y was made up of fourteen members. The club activities consisted of the Cactus Capers, a Christmas dance, and a party held at the Y. M. C. A. The Hi-Y visited the different churches of Mount Vernon in- cluding the Presbyterian, the Methodist, and the Catholic Churches during the Christmas holidays. Itft to right lst row Mr Rohr luller Tom Perrin Al Shields Dan Blsun john XV1r4.l1ln1 Phil Iutring, 'nd ron Nad Kunmtn jim Ifltndtrshon Ltr Munrot john Amigtnsttin Dun Alltn jim Bctkholr Dnv. XVurrtn Page Forty sux Junior Hi-Y Clubs Yellow jackets President ,.,, ..,.. . . , ,. , , Fred Killelberger Vice-President . Tim Kahrl Secretary . jim Lord Treasurer ,, ,,,,,, , Bill Yoakum Left to right. lsr row - john liwalt, Tim Kahrl. Bill Martin. Bill Yoakum. Fred Kittelberger. Jim Lord. Znd row - Don Crawford. Duke Wzigner. Gene Nelson. john Lord. Eighth Grade Hi-Y President ......... Howard lriek Vice-President ..,,....,. ...... D avc Bobs! Secretary-Treasurer ,,,. .. Boh Bader Chaplain ,.,,, H ,,., ,, , ., ,, , ,,.. jack Pierson lst row - Bill Young. Larry Krups. Wfalter Stanley. Carroll Rine. Dave Bobst. Howard lrick. 2nd row - john Vernon, George Ellis, Dick Kimble. Larry Marble. Seventh Grade Hi-Y President , , , ,. Richy Iloyr Vice-President ...,. . Dick Simmons Secretary-Treasurer Milton Oulcalt Chaplain , , , . Ron Snow lst row - Chuck Pond. Bill Thomas. Bob Mayer. 2nd row - john Wfoodland. Milton Ouleali. Richy Hoyt, Larry Van Riper. Dick Simmons, Boh McDonald. Bill Tanner. Page Forty-seven Y-Teens This year, since the Y-Teens had become such a large organization, it was decided to divide the club into three groups. These groups then picked names for their own club using Greek letters. The names picked were Delta, Kappa, and Sigma. As in the past the Y-Teens held their annual formal and Mother- Daughter Banquet. For projects the Y-Teens sent chocolate bars and clothing to Germany and gave food to a needy family at Christmas. Mrs. Florence Cass and Miss Maryalice Shocky are the advisers. President .,....,..... .........,. L ouise Brown Vice-President ....,. ,,,.,,. B etty Jean Drake Secretary ,...Y....... ........... E laine Scholz Treasurer ....... ...... C arole George Y-TEEN CABINET Sara Eastman, Nancy Ireland, Anne Painter, lNIary Poland, Janet Vannatta, Elaine Kousoulas, Nancy Rice. Marlene Klein Dee Olson, Carol Dunham, Barbara Berotll, Carole George, Ann Titus, Elaine Scholz, Betty jean Drake, and Louise Brown Page Forty-eight Y-Teens 1-. TOP PICTURE lst row - Phyllis Frye. Faith Jones. Marilyn Ramsey. Mary Lou Thomas. Joan Davis. Mary Carter. Marcia Beach. I.ouise Brown. Betty Drake. Elaine Scholz. Carole George. Dee Olson. Nancy Barncord. Barbara Gantz. Twila Fish. Jo Ann Cornell. Ellen Dalrymple. Barbara Cosner. Carolyn Doup. .Ind row - Pat Harmon. Joan Emlick. Loretta Stillson. Erva Wfilson. Lou Anne Koch. Jane Geiger. Sally Pryor. Janice Dearman. Roberta Lybarger. Regina Vernon. Belva Nelson. Imogene Middleton. Wfanda Sutton. Ruth Evans. Grace XValden. Rita Lipps. ,ird row 4 Joan Curtis. Shirley Wfolfe. Marilyn Hofmann. Barbara Main. Deedra Hess. Jolene Mazza. Libby Kittel- berger. Dorothy XVarn1an. Nancy Ireland. Anne Painter. Carolyn XVells, Maxine Bumpus. Mary Lou Babson. Marilyn Wfoods. Carol Dunham. Jean XVarman. Barbara Gimmeson. Lois Rex. Joyce Butcher. -ith row -- Carol Shultz. Kay Lay. Dorothy Owen. Beverly Armstrong. Barbara Davis. Elaine Kousoulas. Mary Wfarner. Ruth Gillooley. Shirley Tier. Mary Poland. Joan Feasel. Mary Schmidt. Shelia Mill. Mary Jo Swadner. Sth row -- Barbara Slack. Emery Pardee. Joan Eerenbaugh. Joyce Soles. Carol XVard, Mary Jo Tier. Joan Burchard. Kathryn Jennings, Dona Nell. Belinda Wfyant. Dorothy Meek. Joan XY'arman. Roberta Shannon. ga...4 ,Wm XX .Aft-WLh,,,iiI5ai BOTTOM PICTURE lst row g Marilyn Reiss. Carolyn Noble. Janet Vannatta. Sarah Eastman. Shirley Davis. Carolyn Colgin. Elaine Pipes. Marilyn Engle. Nadine Parker. Betty Jones. Ann Bell, Mary Jane lmhoff. Carolyn Fredericks. Kathy Ilodder. Beverly Lewis. Elaine Keller. Margaret Dudgeon, Essie Erlangcr. Intl row - Christine Banner. Bonnie Atherton, Karen Ackerman. Shirley Graves. Norma Jean Fetter. Beverly Rine. Barbara Beroth. Linda Brillhart. Lydia McDowell. Linda Ralston. Nancy Rice. Mary Roach. Roberta Rab- ishaw. Marjorie Wfarman. Mary Lou Hampton. Linda McKinstry. Janet Beckholt. Betty Bluhaugh. Janet Ilyatt. Nancy McMahon. 5rd row - Elizabeth Gaines, Eleanor Brown. Alma Rine. Carol Gifhn. Freida Shephard. Sally Latham. Jackie Burgess. Patsy Cranmer. Nancy Stillson. Nancy Taylor. Lorna Eagle. Carolyn Wagner. Edith Springer. Joyce Fletcher. Patty Newton. Peggy Cochran. Wfantla Van Buskirk, Ann Titus. Marjorie Kerr. ith row - Judy Allen. Marie Hunter. Barbara Schmidt. Nancy Houhler. Judy Mild. Jean Boyer. Mary Lou Cars- well. Carolyn Sperry. Mary Ann Rawlins. Sue Roberts. Janet Henry. June Cosner. Barbara McDermott. Janet Bouton. Lois Hauger. Rachel Daly. Carolyn Barton. Patty Hull. Marilyn Harris. Carol Gillooley. Joan Ulrey. Judy Hurps. Sally Henderson. Shirley McGibney. ith row f Esther Ransom. Phyllis Underwood. Mary Ilogan. Judy Grubaugh. Hannah Maunter. Ann Robeson. Shirley WR-lls. Charlene Smith. Marlene Kline. Barbara Stoyle. Mary Ellen Fox. Nina Lou Marehal. Marilyn Taylor. Virginia I-Iumbert. oth row - Mary Jane Tyson. Betty XVagstafI. Juanita llite. Nancy Ralston. Donna llull. Joan Beach. Joan Dexter. Wfinifred Rucha. Darline Cline. Ann Chalmers. Joann Jackson. Elizabeth Martin. Sylvia Gerrard. Macy Wfilson. Kay Stream. Nancy Stout. Kay Dennis. Page Forty-nine 552, . P Q. Q in Q W -1' Key Club llmll 3- .3 lst row - Phil Burris. Joe Mazza. Don Fleeger. Bill Conard. Fred Kimble. Edward Ernest lstandingj. .Ind row -- Tom Mosely. Tom Awwiller. John Grimm. Dave Misika. Larry Epstein. Charles Gill. 5rd row - Don XVagstalf. Larry Davis. Charles Bonnist. Leland XVhite. Roger Rush. -ith row - Dick Baney. Frank Butler. Bill XVard. Jerry Knox. joe Dunlap. The Key Club was founded thc year l9Z5. It consists of boys with a scholastic average of C or better. These boys are usually recommended by members of the Kiwanis Club. This last year they had a membership drive. and the current membership was up to thirty. The Key Club is an organization founded and supported by the Kiwan- is International Organization. This club has the support of the Kiwanis Club of Mount Vernon. They try to set up a model Kiwanis Club in their own Key Club meetings. In the past year the Key Club has worked at the football games selling pop and hot dogs, they started a pro- ject of making signs for over the rooms in the old building, and they played basketball with Key Club members from Newark High School and the Ohio State School for the Deaf. They had a luncheon with the Delaware Key Clubbers. The Key Club had an installation supper in which the new ollicers were in- stalled. 4- YW 11154 President . Edward Ernest Secretary , Don lfleeger Vice-President ,, .... Bill Conard Treasurer , lfred Kimble Page Fifty-one CC 77 Forum Staff LIBBY KITTFLBERGER Iidilor Literary Editor ..... Photo Editor ,rr,. Photographer ,.,..... Art Editor .....A Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising Subscription Subscription Subscription Subscription Adviser ..... Page Fifty-two Manager ....,.. Staff .,.., Staff ...,. Staff .,,,. Staff .,....., Manager Staff ..,,... Staff .,..,., Staff .,,..,. JAMES FRANCIS lizllfor DEEDRA HESS Buxiucsx Mumigcr Louise Brown Barbara Gimmeson Rita Lipps Mary Carter Nancy Edgar Marilyn Hofmann Charles Bennett jean Warilman Barbara Slack DorothyiMeek -Ioan Warman r,m.,r.Elsie Potes Joyce Soles Sara Cannon Ist row 7 Elsie Potes. Rita Lipps, Nancy Edgar. 2nd row - joan Wzlrntan. Charles Bennett, jean XVarman. Dorothy Meek, Barbara Gimmeson. jul row -- Marilyn Hofmann, Mary Carter, Louise Brown. ED1TOR'S NOTE As co-editors of the Forum, we would like to acknowledge the work of our staff in helping us to compile this publication. We also wish to extend our gratitude to Mr. D, Garverick, Mr. James Israel, and Mr. Guy Lipps, professional photographers of Mount Vernon, who willingly co-operated with us. We would like to thank the many businesses and individuals who have helped sponsor this book. Most of all our thanks goes to Miss Sara Cannon, our adviser, who while helping us acquire the know-how of publishing this book, acquired a few gray hairs for herself. Libby Kittelberger Jim Francis Page Fifty-three "Jacket Journal" Staff Lx MARILYN WOODS Editor jottings Editor , v,.. jottings Editor ......... Junior High Editor r,.,. Band Editor .....,.,r Choir Editor ,r.... Exchange Editor ..,.... Exchange Editor ...... Sports Editor ,..,....,,,.. Girls' Sports Editor ,,.,rY., Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Advertising Staff ....,,.. Advertising Staff ...,.,. Subscription Manager Subscription Staff ,r..,,r Subscription Staff ,,... Adviser ...i....,..,i,,,.. Page Fifty-four DICK LOREY Editor GRACE WAL DEN liuxiu ex: A luurlgcr Lou Anne Koch Erva Wilson Betty Drake Marcia Beach Carolyn Doup Marilyn Ramsey Kay Lay Dick Trowbridge Joann Emlich Ron Haltermon Mary Schmidt Roberta Lybarger Shelia Mill Janet Conger janice Dearman Jeannette Frye Sara Cannon W 3 4 x N x 1 Future Farmers of America The Future Farmers of America leaped into another big year with 13 boys receiving the Green Hand Degree. The Parliamentary Procedure team had success in achieving their goal of a gold rating. Eugene Phillips was elected Secretary-Treasurer of District 12 at the 'Officers' Training School. The F. F. A. started a new breed in the gilt chain by purchasing a Registered Berkshire gilt from Ralph Dudgeon's fine herd. Don McFarland was the proud owner of this gilt. The F. F. A. had a successful year in public speaking rating gold in the district. Fred Ball, our speaker, placed first with a speech A New Farm Tool. The show of the year was the annual F. F. A. Parent-Son Banquet held in March. The banquet summarized the year's work. The F. F. A. sent judging teams to Ohio State University in Dairy, Sheep, Agronomy, and General Livestock. They also sent two delegates to the state convention. Their budget was supplied by two scrap drives, seed corn sales, selling surplus chain gilts of the old breed, and Christmas card sales. Mr. Clarence Fridline is the adviser. Page Fifty-six Future Farmers of Amerlca lst row - George Dnup. joe Th'xrp ,lick Bell Creston Klint John Dtshrn Ron SDLIFFIIIFI Rithirti Ilmu John Butltr Ind rnw ,lard row Denrm -ith ron Preaident Vice-Presitlem Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel Student Adviser Ned Vunnntm. Tony Del'ol0 jerry Adlms Clxrl-t 'nuttt Boh ll rrnd l rs u Rus Mills Rnn Anderson Leland XVhite. llnh ltrrls Don Mtl url md Len G h Ron Skinner ji Riu Ruth rd l llsrnn Mr, Clarence FridlxnL tllflx Buxton Sd Wfilktr Tram Phillips ld lrntst luL.tnL lhllllps Dxlr. M1 tr Eugene Phillips , ,. lid Iirnest Dale Dliller . Tom Phillips Fred Bull , Sid Wfulker , Clark Buxton Projection Club lst row - XVeston Augenstein, Lin Sellers, Ned Vannatta, Lester Rockwell. Mr. L. L. Owen. adviser. Intl row -- Bob Poland. Paul Emlich. Bill Prichett. Don Coe. A I jrtl row - john Augenstein. Dave Fridline. john Grimm, Tom Awwiller. james Hoovler. jim Fisher. ith row - liugene Pryor. john Disbro, Joe Tharp, Larry Bryan. Gordon Fawcett. Jack Cunningham. Sth row f jack Bell. Ken Fletcher, Bob Lipps. Dick Morznin, Harold Laymon. Tom Lonzo. The Projection Club performs a service not only for the high school, but for the community. This club is open to students of ninth through twelfth grades for regular operators, and to eighth grade for apprenticeship operators. Any dependable, respon- sible boy may join this group. The pledge which the boys must sign before start- ing this work reads - "I promise on my honor to obey faithfully all rules and regulations for the good of this club and I will perform all assigned duties willingly, courteously, and conscientiously to the best of my ability. 1 understand that carelessness, inefficiency, and im- proper conduct may be valid reason for suspension or permanent dismissal from the club." The films which are shown to class groups are acquired through the State Film Service at no expense to the school. Noon movies and special films are secured through the Academy Film Service of Cleve- land. Awards are given at the end of each year to all boys who perform their duties in a manner acceptable to the adviser. Page Fifty-eight President Wfeston Augenstein Vice-President Lester Rockwell Secretary-'I'reasurcr Ned Vannatta O O 5 O GIFIS, Athletic ASSOCl3t10H President .................. .,.. B arbara Kymer V ice-President ...................... Jean Xlifarman Secretary-Treasurer ......,,.,,, Joan Warman lst row -H Barbara Kymer, Keitha Porter, Roberta Rabishaw, Marjorie Warman, Joan Warman, Shirley Tier. Barbara Qosner, Phyllis Frye. Mary Schmidt. . l lnd row - Juanita Hyatt, Carol Harmon, Mary Jane Imhoif, Barbara Davis, Marlene Kline, Ann Robeson, Phyllis Kymer. Charlene Smith. jrd row - Miss Martha Shaffer, Sue Tarr, Sally Henderson. Christine Banner. Nancy Ireland, Elaine Kousoulas, Dorothy Wfarman. Nancy Edgar. Aith row -- Virginia Kymer. Joan Ulrey. Beverly Rine. Elaine Pipes. Joan Feasel, Pat McClellan, Alma Rine, Pat Baltzell, Jean XVarman, Girls' Athletic Club President .... .. Sandy Silvis QNQI Sbvuwj Vice-President ..,., .. Marcia Verson Secretary-Treasurer .,...... Pat XVilson lst row - Miss Martha Shaffer, adviser, Barbara Leiter. Lynda Lannoy. Dorothy Mapes. Laduska Eis. Elizabeth Smith. Joyce Xllfagner. Jean XVagner. 2nd row - Roberta Curry. Judy Mayer. Marie Stevens. Melony Comng. Donna Baxter. Joan McGugin. Ann Rice. Joyre Colony. Jean Hall, 5rd row - Kay Rapp. Marria Verson, Peggy Bloom. Joan Hall. Pat XVilson. Betty Adams. Sandra Miller. Page Fifty-nine Cassell Club, Future Teachers of America The Mount Vernon Future Teachers: Club was named for Mrs. Alice Cassell who was voted favorite teacher by the F. T. A. in 1947. The club adviser is Mr. Jack Stauch and the co-adviser is Mrs. Fern Dudgeon, who was formerly the club adviser. The purpose of the club is to learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, and to foster the development of student leadership. Membership is open to any student in grades nine to twelve who is interested in teaching and who has the necessary qualities of character, leadership, and scholarship. Among the projects each year is to give a fifty dollar scholarship to a senior who plans to enter the teaching profession. This year the scholarship fund was raised by giving a variety show called "Faculty Frolicsf' This was different from the usual variety show because the teachers furnished the talent. ni? X . Q X Page Sixty 1 Library Staff 'fr .t R. , . ' lst row - Dee Olson. Sonia Fridline. Marilyn Dudgeon. Marcia Verson. Kay Rapp, Douglas Evans. Tom McCartney. Roberta Rahishaw. Mary Roach. John Goosens. Nancy Ralston, Hanna Maunter. Ind row 4 Marsha Devin. james Hoovler. Kay Mills. Charles Eianning. Carolyn Wfilliams. Bob Melrher. Dick Morain. jntly Allen. Iris Marks. Peter Barnes. Mary Ann Rawlins, Ann Chalmers. Mrs. Helen Sevitts. adviser. ,Grd row - Kay Dennis. Barbara Scott. Beverley Lewis, Emma Yarman. Sandra Silvis. Gusty Angelus. Shirley llall. Margaret Dudgeon, David Fridline. Howard Irick. President r,,,r, Hanna Maunter Vice-President ,,,,,,,,, ..,.,,.i.... D cc Olson Secretary-Treasurcr ,,,,,,,. Marilyn Dudgcon Publicity .,............. ..,,... I Barbara Scott Page Sixty-two ATHLETICS XXNIHQ fig, 5167 ll! I 3 K x VK M PM J X . XXX 7 4 X 7 K ' 1 f f A 1- ,f I f bf l MI ii x ff? I . YE M J '1 M J K c"5 gtg? Lksum A 1 BALL ,,..,, 2-V N I gi M95 X Tvson A 1 J new QOACH NEXJMAN I X I PAQUE5 swssunv . scmmosn LL X .NHQ Q Bmcnen j Q Q Q BERGER l HQ W UM 2 X . XI, J i g I E Ve , X ' ' 1 l ,Q I E Ie' I ugh E3 Q, 'R 5 .5 Q? if N -1 'MILLER PATTERSON jfg w X, PITKWN Isuuuz K 1 N I Varsity Football Awards NAME CLASS AWARD Paul Colopy CCD Senior Belt Buckle Dick Trowbridge CCD Senior Medal Darwin Shultz Senior Belt Buckle Eugene Phillips Senior Medal Charles Bumpus Senior Medal Charles Roach Senior Medal Art Pacques Senior Medal jeff Salisbury Senior Certificate Bob Patterson Senior Certificate Norm Steagall Junior Medal Gordon Lambillotte junior Letter John Hoyt Junior Nledal Don Curry junior Medal Tommy Phillips Junior Medal Phil Berger junior Letter jim Bricker Junior Letter Ed Miller Sophomore Certificate Bob Pitkin Junior Letter Dave Ketner junior Certificate Monte Rutherford Sophomore Certificate Fred Ball junior Certificate Bill Tyson junior Certificate Harold Swigeart Junior Medal George Doup junior Letter Yauncey Newman Sophomore Medal jim Beckholt Sophomore Medal Charles Schrader Sophomore Letter Dick Erlanger Cmb Junior Letter Letters are received by first year varsity boysg medals by second year boys, and belt buckles by third year boys. , Football Highlights Starting off the season the Yellow jackets. trampled the Coshocton Redskins 20-7. Al- though forced to punt the first time they had the ball, the jackets came back to score four touchdowns, one of which was nullified. Winning their home opener 26-20, the home team kept the fans on the edges of their seats during the complete last quarter. The St. Mary's Ramblers grabbed 20 points in the last half after the Jackets had led 26-20 at the end of the first half. A scoreless tie determined the opening game of the C. B. L. for the jackets as they battled the Urbana Hill Climbers back-and-forth across the field. The Jackets almost scored but the clock stopped as they reached the one yard line. Trampled by an unbeaten team, the jackets bowed to the Delaware Panthers 51-7. In the previous year, the jackets had won 47-0. The 1951 Homecoming game was the third victory of the season for the Yellow jackets as they tripped the Bobcats from Grandview 2l-20. Most of the jackets' gains came through the air. The hardest field that the gridders were to play on was when they met the Bexley team. Things just didn't seem to click, and the jackets were trampled 50-0. Bexley appreciated the win because it was their Homecoming. Making their final appearance on the home field, the jackets were downed 15-6 by the Upper Arlington Golden Bears. The home club was coming back strong in the last quarter, but the clock ran out before they had a chance to score. Mud, snow, and below zero temperatures made the setting for the jackets final appear- ance of the year. A fast, light, and scrappy group of Generals at Wooster closed the season for the jackets by drubbing them 33-0. The l95l Yellow Jackets were coached by Mr. Dwight Bumpus, who was assisted by Mr. Elmer Crabbs. There was a total of 27 boys on the squad, and the manager Dick Erlanger. The gridders played a total of eight games, they won three, lost four, and tied one. They did not play in a pre-season preview but are hoping to have either one of their own or play in another next year. John Hoyt and Jim Beckholt were named to the Central Buckeye League squad. Page Slxfy-six Varsity Football Team ,Q- lst row - Dick Trowbridge, Monty Rutherford, Bill Tyson, Eugene Phillips. Gordon Lambillotte. Yauncey Newman. Harold Swigeart, Charles Schrader. George Doup. 2nd row - Bob Patterson. Bob Pitkin. jim Beckholt. Don Curry. Norman Steagall, Eddie Miller. Art Pacques, Jim Bricker. jrd row - Dwight Bumpus, Paul Cololly. Tom Phillips, jeff Salisbury. john Hoyt, Darwin Shultz. Charles Bumpus. David Ketner. Charles Roach, Elmer Crabbs. RICHIE ERLANGER This year Richie lirlanger was manager and morale builder for both the basketball and football Varsity teams. Richie kept track of the uniforms and kept the fellows' spirits up with jokes and wisecracks. Richie was more or less a jack of all trades. During football season he was waterboy and stretcher bearer, and during basketball season he was floor cleaner and the teams' main rooter. 1- New rv-4.1: Page Sixty-seven Coaches Elmer Crabbs - Track coach. eighth grade basketball coach, assistant varsity football coach. Don Swegan - Varsity basketball coach, reserve baseball coach, junior high football coach. Bob Fuller - Baseball coach. seventh grade basketball coach, junior high football coach. Tommy Thomas - Boys' physical education, athletic director, head golf coach. reserve football coach. ninth grade basketball coach. Dwight Bumpus - Varsity football coach, reserve basketball coach. reserve track coach. A 2 ' .l as-K so ' 1 -by-3, iv x l. . 'W 1 '-J ll' ' l X' 'X X ff l-'llgfwf Page Sixty-eight i junior High Teams RESERVES KTOP PICTUREl lsr row f-r George Carter. Leonard Sally. Gerald Slfceen. jolm Coffing. joe Mazza. Dave Mossholder. Bob Berk. and jolm Lord, lull row f- Bill XVelsh. Bob Dunham. Bill Yoakum. Larry Ohee, Fred Kixtelherger. Bill Marlin. Dale Miller and Bill Peterson. jrd row f jim Hendershot. jim Lord. Buzz Pryor. Rnn Speers, Charles Poles. Dale Larson. Wfilbur Vernon and jim Noonen. uh row - Dan Basrin. jim Trowbridge. Gene Nelson. Leon Rmsorn. Creston Cline. and Wfalter Butler. Last row --- Coaches Don Swegan and Tommy Thomas. Absem Dick Baney and Bud Rohler. manager. SEVENTH K EIGIITH QBOTTOM PICTURIEJ lst row - Mossholder. Graham. Banning, Fogle. Baker. Mazza. Kimble. Lathern. Levenson. XVarehaiu and Wlilson. lml row ig Graves. Shultz. McDonald. McKee. Iloyr. Kimble. Henry. and Hartman. jrd row f-- Angelus. Young. Pillow. Doup. Buckham, Conkle. j. Young. Greer. Appleton. Evans. Rine, Wfooclward. Meluher anal Coach Bob Fuller. Page Sixty-nine NAME Dick Baney Dan Bastin Robert Beck Robert Dunham jim Hendershott Fred Kittelberger Dale Larson james Lord john Lord Bill hlartin joe Mazza Dale Miller Dave Mossholder jim Noonen Larry Obee Harley Pryor Charles Potes Gerald Skeen Wilbur Vernon john Wareham Edward Welsh Walter Butler George Carter Gene Nelson William Peterson jim Trowbridge William Yoakum Reserve Football Awards CLASS Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman junior Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore AWARD Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Reserve Basketball Games This year the Reserves carried a squad of 27 boys, 12 of whom were Freshman. They played a total of six games and won two of them. The boys were coached by Floyd Thomas, who is also the Athletic Director of the school. Bud Rohler acted as the manager. Mount Vernon ,,,t. 6 Loudonville ..,,. 0 Mount Vernon .,,,, 19 Madison ,.,t. 6 Mount Vernon ...v. 12 Delaware ..... ,,,,, , 42 Mount Vernon ...,. 6 Grandview ,,,. ,..,.. 1 3 Mount Vernon .tt., 7 Bexley ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , 20 Mount Vernon .,.,. 14 Upper Arlington 21 Page Seventy 1951 Football Queen M! 2' Mary Jo Tier W i 1 w W f 1 I - - 555 Ti'e1'v' ' If af 'wr - X- ' 1'- 2' P " I' i a..v'N'g5:iHl N ff. V - . Y Q. w"M"'f3+, :maf, 1fAe:i.- ul- af' 9 , x X 1' ,X - I Q 11 ,,.. ' 5 1 . M .v 1- A - , . ,pf L . . A.. , Bw 2 N f - .. A ,W-1 -- ,- - fu " . X - N 5: -Qi ' f- ,gy 1 'P' , Q -3 ' P If 'cb : ' 'i S5 r N vi' -mi Li K- 4 ' 2 3 Q Us ' "'-9' , ' - ' I' liwwiff K V ' -fair 0 4 fx- ' ' X 2 A' - 5' ,T iii' ' ' 7 ' ' 2 L ' 4 '- XL ' , W h ' Q, L n . IL. -A A X f ,, f , ,MQW . Wm , 1 R: , 3 . XA-WJYY'-x 'X .9 , - ' .A ,' ' 5 'K fsf- ,tv ' I E-.xx gh Ag,sl,.,1,, Q . K 1 V X' . , g 5 Q -3, 1, was My " N g- L . ' A -f X l ' a. F ' 'gf - .'zf' ff- ' ffienifkflr 1 M X R, ,M,,'f"-g'qs,4,.7-.s-ejvi- HK I va .... k N , A - 5 ,. A 2 EIN U 1.5. , ,- ' , 1 f ' 3 Q5-QM Q E .Q me fl lp 5. x S?'i'1,f6 Nc ,W P. x t . , " my ' I m V I .. Lx lv Q ' I ' . Ruwnwmmwpzax X, iinmlsammwpQwfx'm'w s' F Q 2' 'J Q4 o . ,M ' c - if , W I - S , 6 -' ff X PT .x 'Qs T41 R gg. 35 -fqmgwg, im- ww 1. Q' wgw as USE...DRINK g"'::"NS 'Q Yew. 4. .QT 2.5 Q , + A .x 5 1 . x ' Q? Q GY! 55. Cheerleaders Luft to right - Joann Emlick. Carol Dunham, Margaret Graves, joan Curtis. Mary jo Swndener. 1 Page Seventy-six ALMA MATER On Mount Vernon, Alma Mater, N Glorious through the years, Brave, triumphant o'er our rivals, Harbor for our fears. We who love thee sing your praises, Shout them to the sky. XVhen we're gone, we'll still remember Our Mount Vernon High. O'er the fields of triumph ever Shall her banners Hy, Black and orange, loyal colors, Of Mount Vernon High. Mzmrlnf Sylvm .my Allx .lulw u-al bv Alrxurh Frimlzzy all xv:-n solos Scholz. V: thc rf-rl. Basketball Du y nu Q u nain changes will bc: iho clarinet section the. trumpet and drum Hoyt, Gene The Down pr: x h xgh onmc Wax d -lnl l' hand day, llwn' xo turf nm' x lv ru 1 m Wlwll. px All :mel Mel' nm lll Llnvl' Il lx 1 .l um prim- ship l'lx:lx'l1 llwu nvulm li t X wus SZ uf All Im: ur I' llfu lull NUMBER 11 15 6 I0 8 5 7 9 5 7 12 ll 14 Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Varsity Basketball Awards NAME CLASS Don Curry Junior John Hoyt Junior Dick Lorey Senior Tom Phillips Junior Gene Phillips Senior Ken Shira junior Dick Trowbridge Senior Paul Colopy Senior Phil Berger Junior john Williams Junior Gordon Lambillotte Junior jerry Knox junior Norman Steagall junior O Varsity Games 52 Zanesville 56 Worthington 72 Delaware 53 Grandview 68 Coshocton 26 Bexley 51 Arlington 79 46 47 71 , ..,. ,. 46 45 ,, ...... 41 Academy ,,.,,. Newark ..... Coshocton ,.,. Delaware .,.r.. Grandview . Bexley ........., Arlington Basketball Briefs AWARD Pin Pin Letter Pin Letter Letter Certificate Certificate Letter Certificate Certificate Certificate Pin 63 58 42 51 56 55 61 44 44 34 41 40 51 45 Making their best performance in the last twelve years, the cagers played a total of 18 games and won 10 of them. During the season, the boys had a string of five straight wins, a feat that hadnit been accomplished since 1942. The squad was coached by Mr. Don Swegan, as he chalked up his best season in the three years that he has been acting as coach. Dick Erlanger acted as manager. In the Central Buckeye League standings.. the jackets ended in third place as they won 6 games of their 10 attempts in the league. Traveling to Columbus for the Central District tournament, the jackets were able to go only as far as the quarter-finals. They defeated Marion Harding 65-49 but returned the next night only to be beaten by Columbus North 66-49. Two players were selected to the All-Star game. These players were john Hoyt and Norman Steagall. Norman led the All-Stars in their game with 19 points. Page Seventy-eight Varsit Basketball quad lsr row - liugene Phillips. Ken Shim. Don Curry. John Hoyt. Norman Srengall. Tom Phillips. Gordon Lulnhillolxe. Ind row - Dick Trowbridge. Paul Colopy. john XVillinmS. Dick Lorey. Dale Miller. Jerry Knox, Phil Berger. 5rd row - Couch Don Swegan and Manager Dick Iirlamger. ,,- ,.. l 1 l .il 'gr if X Kola' X fi L fel . f,1 - 1 J x N Ap .ll 'I J V . QA!! I f '1'1jj,ijga,g Xa? '. il IJ Page Seventy-nine Reserve Basketball Team lst row - David Misicka, Dave Warren. Dale Miller, Don Fleegar, John Augcnst J m H ndershott Yau Cey N wmm Znd row -- Coach Dwight Bumpus, john Williams, Dan Bastin, jim Bt-tkholt, Al Sh elds Lee Munrot Wilbur Vernon Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Page Eighty Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Reserve Basketball Scores Amity .......,.. Worthington Delaware .,.... Grandview . Coshocton Bexley .,.....,., Arlington Academy .,.,.. Newark .,..,... Urbana ,.,..s.. Coshocton Delaware ..,.. Newark ,,,,.,, Grandview D Bexley ........ . Arlington Junior High Basketball Teams SEVENTH GRADE lst row - Dick Baney. Bob Dun- ham. john Hess. Bud Curry, jack Day. 2nd row - Bill Martin. Keith Rine- hart, Joe Mazza, john Lord. Bill Yoakum. 5rd row -- Karl Robertson. jim Lord. Harry Basinger. Fred Kit- telberger. Andy Anderson. 4th row - Coach Floyd Thomas. Harley Pryor. john Nugent. Gene Nelson. EIGHTH GRADE lst row 4 Larry Engle. Bill Baker. Bill Graham. George Hartman. Znd row - Coafh Elmer Crahhs. Jeff Shamansky. Dave Evans. Car- roll Rine, Bill Appleion. Mike Alexander. NINTII GRADE lst row - Tong Carpenter. Dale Carter. Ronnie Vernon. jim Hoyt. Al Poland. Dick Buckham. Tom Pribble. jim Kimble. Bill Graves. 2nd row - Manager Ervin Er- langer, Tom Berry. Charles Pillow. Charles Berger. Glen llouseholder. Bill Doup. jim Bouton. Chuck Pond. Charles Wfarren. Bruce Shouton. Manager Curtis Hissong. jrd row - Bob Midkiff. Roger Allen. Coach Robert Fuller, Boh Moore. Dan Wfagner. Page Eighly-one Grennell, Ron Snow. Richie arsity Track Squad Left to right, lst row - Ed Miller, Ron Anderson. Dave Fridline, Phil Jacobs, Larry Oboe. Bill Marlin. Gail Henthorne. Creston Cline. .End row 4 jerry Carter, Dick Haney. joe Mazza, Ron Iflalterman. John Hoyt. Dan Bastin. Art Pacqucs. Chuuk Schrader. Dick Kimble. Bill Tyson, Chuck Pores, Ron Spearman, Andy Ball. 5rd row -- Coach Dwight Bumpus. Dick Rcynard. Eugene Phillips. jim Beckholl. Carroll Rine. Ron Gaumer. Bill Hodder, Coach lilmer Crabhs. Those not shown --- Tom Phillips. Dick Trowbridge, Jim Francis. and Dick Lorey. "' if WC. 'X n F' - fl im 4 14- f. ,751 if Egg ,,. vw Q, :.. Q ,, , ,, . , X A g ,,, 'l4: V k-M 3 m 1 V W P x - BOYS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS CHAMPS i BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT CHAMPS Left to right. lst row - Harold Gates, Art Pacqucs, jim Hig- gins, jim Bricker. Znd row --- David Brilllmrt, Darwin Shultz, Bill Shulwcrt. BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPS Left to right, lst row - Monte Rutherford, Wfuync Levers, Buddy Rohlcr. 2nd row - Jack Hyatt, Bob Patterson, Ron Gaumcr. VOLLIEY BALL Cl-l A M PS Barry Roeslcr, Phil Berger, Bill Shubcrt, jerry Knox, Brad Koch. Bill Conard. Page Eighty-five GIRLS' INTRAMURAL SPORTS CHAMPS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS lst row - Erva Wilson, Pat Harmon. Barbara Cosner, Ellen Dalrymple. 2nd row - joan XVarman, Nancy Edgar, jean Warnman, Louise Brown, Deeclra Hess. BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS lst row - Nancy Ireland. Elaine Kousoulas, Dorothy Warnman. Znd row - Pat Baltzell, Carol Har- mon, Virginia Kymer, Phyllis Kymer. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS lst row -- Pat Wilson, Roberta Curry. Znd row - Carolyn Williznnis, jenn Hall, Hester London, Betty Adams, Sandra Miller, janet Cline. Nancy Newcomb. BASKETBALL CH AM PIONS lst row - jerry Hull, joan McGugin. Znd row - Beverly Hill, Jean Hall, Pat Wfilson, Pat McElroy. MUSIC E ' x .X l Y c . . x 1 X I i gkrf. . cy-2 " wif. 42.1. J ' ' xi 1" 1 , s 4 1 I I f S -.5 E25 32- W Y, 2 X X X4 gd -"'v?j'X1x '-SE' 6 xxxx is N543 . X: .NM np Xa YL - vz ,X YC., H xg. .QQ 5' - i - ff, -M1 K X? X V . 5 xox 1 - K - -gn ,X gg - 4 , - 1' , , L 'N 5 fx X. .,+ - - X . ps- Qgal. ' 'L A - k m A 'S - .-5' ,. 'fd 2' '-U" gif, sigh' 1 ey 0 I 3' pl' V 'K+ Mt , 2 N , ,LQ if Nia 245' 1 ' XQX 3' f ' '1 fy A '7' sf. w K n ' A .X ik! A. x ' TX' l 2, X 4... QV A , ,fa-mfg 5515.5-fgxffg M 3 1. i Senior Maiorettes Left to right - Mary jo Tier, Jean Warnman, Weston Augenstein, Sally Pryor, Shirley Tier. junior Majorettes Left to right - Joan Wfarman, Shirley McGilmey, Hobart Magill, janet Bouton, Ruth Gillooley. Page Eighty-nine Entire Cast of "Sweethearts 79 THE MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA presented '4SWEETHEARTS', An Operetta in two acts Music by Victor Herbert Book by Harry B. Smith and Fred De Grasac Lyrics by Robert B. Smith April 24 and 25, 1952 Directed by Bill M. Root assisted by Maryalice Shockey and jack E. Stauch CAST OF CHARACTERS Sylvia - - - - - - - Prince Franz - Dame Paula - Mikel Mikelovisky Liane ----- Lieutenant Karl - - - Slingsby - Hon. Percy Algernon Petrus Van Tromp - - Aristide Caniche - - - - - SIX DAUGHTERS Lizette - - - - - Clairette - Babette - Jeanette - Toinette - - Nanette Capt. Laurent - Footman - SYNOPSIS OF SCENES Act I - Laundry of the White Geese in Bruges Act II -- The chateau of Prince Franz in Zilania Time - Present Elaine Scholz Allen Shields Grace Walden - Bill Everett Lou Ann Koch Norman Gaines Williaili Hodder Lawrence Sperry - Dale Larson - Carol Schultz Janet Vannatta Marlene Kline Thelma Pumphrey Loretta Stillson Barbara Main - - Charles Gill - jim Francis Page Ninety-one Sweethearts 9 ,,,,.,.,,,,...,E,,,,N-....,W.., , .W.w.........Mw W V . , M, Page Ninety-two an Q 4 gli: S OPRAN OS Janet Conger Barbara Beroth Winnie Ruska joan Beech Shirley Ackerman Joyce Soles jean George Mary Jo Swadener Marilyn jones joane Emlich Carole George Darlene Cline jean Boyer Carolyn Doup joan Dexter Elsie Potes Donna McQuigg Mary Lou Carswell Marilyn Wells Elaine Scholz Lou Ann Koch Carol Schultz janet Vannatta Marlene Klein Thelma Pumphrey Barbara Main PIANO Norma Jean Fetter VIOLIN Maryalice Shockey- Concert Mistress janet Bouton Carolyn Barton joe Dunlap Donna Hall Juanita Hite Barbara Stoyle Judy Reed Alfred Scholz CLARINETS Elaine Kousoulas Ned Kuivinen SENIOR CHOIR PERSONNEL ALTOS Kay Lay Barbara Kymer Pat Baltzell Marilyn Ramsey Barbara Scott Linda Brillhart - Janet Berger Margaret Graves Mary Ann Ashbrook Dorothy Owen Charlene Smith Marlene Rowley Carolyn Wells Gayle Meyer Grace Walden Loretta Stillson STAGE 8: LIGHT CREIV TENORS Francis Mossholder Leonard Sally Tom Perrine jim Francis Norman Gaines William Hodder Dale Larson BASSES Charles Gill Lawrence Sperry Bill Everett Paul Colopy Edward Welsh Ronnie Gullette john Wareham Larry Davis Darwin Schulz, Electricianjim Kathary Chuck Bonnist Dick Poling Don Reed Cliff Slayman Bill Ward Weston Augenstein Jerry Carter Fred Kimble Richie Erlanger Maurice jones Eddie Ernest Phil Levering Allen Shields ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL VIOLA Rachel Daly Hester London janet Klein CELLO Anne Painter Marjorie Sanner STRING BASS Nancy Ireland David Misicka Nancy Ralston F LUTES Mary Ann Hanes Shelia Mill Carolyn Sperry Carol Sue Tarr BASSOON Dorothy Warman FRENCH HORN jane Geiger Ann Titus 'I RUMPET Bill Conard john Ewalt TROMBON E David Warren PERCUSSION Dick Reynard Mary Jo Tier Nancy Ireland Page Ninety three Senior Choir President .... ,..... G race Walden Vice-President ...., ..... N orman Gaines Secretary ,AAA ,,,,, M ary Jo Swadener Treasurer ,,.,., .,.,. M argaret Graves The seventy voice senior choir under the direction of Mr. Bill Root presented the an- nual Thanksgiving and Christmas programs. On April 24 and 25 they presented Victor Herbert's operetta "Sweethearts" 'hw it Q Q """'r-.., HPHP7? Left ro right lst row - Francis Mossholder. Leonard Sally, Dale Larson, Norman Gaines. William Hodder john XV1rchm1 Jim Kznlmiizry. David Sellers. Fred Kimball, Eddie Ernest, Lawrence Sperry, Dick Erlanger. Maurice jones, Phil Lcvcrmg Al Shnclds Bi oot. 2nd row - Carol Shultz, Barbara Beroth, Janet Conger, Mary Lou Carswell. Lou Anne Koch. janet Vannatm Mxrlcnc Klint Doris Belcher, Janet Millard, Kay Lay. Grace Walden, Elaine Kousoulas, Barbara Kymer. Par Baltzcl. XVinifred Rutln Lorcttu Stillson Marilyn Ramsey. 5rd row - joan Beach, Shirley Ackerman, Jean George, Joyce Soles, Mary jo Swadener. Faith jones, Carolyn Doup Lindt Brxllhirt Barbara Scott, Janet Berger. Margaret Graves, Mary Ann Ashbrook. Mary Hogan. -ith row - Dorothy Owen, Joan Emlich, Carol George, Darlene Cline, Barbara Main, Jean Boyer, Joan Dextcr I'ls1c Potcs Chlrlcnc Smith. Marlene Rowley, Donna McQuil-58, Carolyn Wells, Elaine Scholz. Page Ninety-four 2 iii gf' 1 'z Q93-gl-QM .M.:M..-..., . ..x.. ., Q Wg - -" iwx-K -it 3 tw 1' " '3 '. QW, ' f QVQQ fr - W 7 M x X Q -, ' Y 1 . i . s , ,V-'95 w eq Q X .N ,- Y' VJ!! 'I 1 1 z . Concert Page Ni PROGRAM The World Is Wfaiting For The Sunrise Concert March Militaire - - Paraphrased by Harry Alford Lohengrin ---- Introduction To Third Act My Old Kentucky Home, Air Varie 'Trombone Soloist - - - Conccrtino, Op. 26 - Clarinet Soloist - - Drums Along The Front - Snare Drum Soloist - Revolutionary Overture - Them Basses March - - - Featuring the Brass Section nefy-six INTER MISSION Richard Wzlgner - Clay Smith David Wzirren - - XVeber Elaine Kousoulas - - Lake - Joe Dunlap Donald Moore - Hutiine Band George Gershwin Selection Transcribed for Band hy - The Hot Canary - - - Violin with Band - Three Modernaires -------- Trumpet Trio -- Bill Conard, john Ilwalt, Kenneth Heaps Assisted by Trumpet Section The Flight of the Bumhle Bee - - Saxophone Soloist -- Wfillow Echoes - - Baritone Horn Solist - Clarinet Polka ------ - jack Stauch Elaine Kousoulas Ned Kuivinen Loretta Davis Holiday For Strings - - - - "Git On Board" - - - - Rhythmic Novelty For Band David Bennett - - - Paul Nero Maryalice Shockey, Soloist Lowell Little - Korsakoff - Norman Gaines - Frank Simon - - - Carolyn Barton Arranged by David Bennett '1'wila Fish Mary Schmidt Ann Roheson Georgene McKee - - David Rose - Paul Yoder Page Ninety-seven Root's Tooters 'Y Senior Urchestra P 'X R- gsm!!! A x W 2 K ,x2ff?' WS in N1 Wg, , xx 1 h XX Jx Q, y, nf TI-IE J' I I Q f f X I v- 1 li Nw? 'f xx Qs U ,' -iw if fl L 5 T A I f, ' A 2 M g ll Al! All High School Play Men Are Like Street Cars A Comedy in Three Acts, dra.matized by Christopher Sergel from the Book by Graeme and Sarah Lorimer. Alumni Auditorium, Friday Evening, November 16, 1951 CHARACTERS Mrs. Mason - - -- - - Betty Drake Mr. Mason - - Bradley Koch Maudie - - Ann Tabor Sylvia - Belinda Wyant Joy - Debbie Pond Alix - Barbara Davis Julie - Nancy Rice Lysbeth - Carol Dunham Mrs. White - Jean Boyer Mrs. Allen Sonia Fridline Mrs. Day Marjorie Kerr Davy - Russell Hall Chi - Dale Miller Jerry - Ron Haltermon Ted - james Francis Margaret Carolyn Wells The action of the play takes place in the Mason living room- at the present time. ACT ONE: Afternoon. ACT TWO: Eight in the evening. Ten days later. ACT THREE: Late the next morning. PRODUCTION STAFF Director - - ------ Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager - - - - Bill Everett Stage Crew - - - - Fred Kimble, Dick Hiles, jim Rice, jim Hoovler, Creston Cline, Dave Brillhart, John Wareham Property Committee - - - - Ruth Evans, Dee Olson, Doris Bumpus, Barbara Beroth, Lou Anne Koch, Janet Conger Tickets - ----- Beryl Highman Mary Lou Babson, Imogene Middleton Head Usher - ----- Lou Anne Koch Page One Hundred ' J, 3' 1- , ef,-ff? ,,-4. - J, lr nf'- w ,Q . ' f Q 1 , D -5+-iii? -WW' ,gNl Q1 ws. ' f -wnwg, f mg A ,fn 'G ' f Q 1.5551 lp, ,M ,.., .g 'XS Q . A X x sf ' , ' "W A4 x Y K if Qstxveg v 1: lp -, g .Qa'f ff ., Q wx .f".'JT ' ' V.. " A rffifffff L if 1-. ., wg '13, I " spa, , 5 may V ,:, , 5 ' S S f Jw X- kg M., M: fy ff ,f .Y - w L - . A X 59" P-I , 2 . Kgs 5 fgfxi Q 1' K in ,vm x Q 1 lx THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented The Little Dog Laughedl: A Comedy in Three Acts by Vera and Ken Tarpley FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 9, 1952 Gus CMiss Gustaveskyb ------- Martha Huntington Wally Huntington Sidney Huntington Laurie Huntington Horatio P. Honeywell - joan Wood - Mark Bradford - Dennis Q Amelia J - Mrs. Mrs. Blakesly CCarolineJ - Mrs. Schoenbeck CGraceJ - Mrs. Breckenridge CWalolaJ - Theresa Brown - Ted Wood - - Lillian Wood - Belinda Wyant - Marcia Beach Russell Hall - Bill Everett Betty Drake - Harold Gates - Barbara Cosner - Bill Holland Barbara Gimmeson - Pat Harmon jean Warman - Deedra Hess Ellen Dalrymple Albert Levenson - Nancy Edgar Passers-by - Charles Bumpus, joe Belcher, Mary Lou Thomas, Stephen Gill ACT I-Scene 1: About nine o'c1ock in the morning. Scene 2: That night, just before dinner. ACT II-Scene l: Friday, the afternoon of the tea. Scene 2: A few hours later. ACT III-Evening of the next day. :l:"The little dog laughed to see such sport . . . " --Mother Goose Director - - Stage Manager - Stage Crew - Electrician - Property Committee Ticket Committee Head Usher - Page One Hundred Two PRODUCTION STAFF - - - - - - Ruth Domigan Truxall - Paul Colopy - Dave Brillhart, Jerry Carter - Darwin Shultz - - Louella Porter, Joyce Butcher, joan Burchard, Bessie Ridenbaugh, jean Lee, janet Conger - - - Carol Ward, Joan Thornberry, Shelia Mill, Imogene Middleton, joan Burchard, Jeanne George - Lou Anne Koch . Q T H WJ . ' X . 'WRC x sum., - l l' QXQSNQ ,QQ. D s . S .g .... ,MX Q z: a + -an iw' E x Y w x W Q, X 'iii'-if K x 1' 1 fs ,,. , at YS ft is ra, 3 sw ' 3 KX .I f x.. ix ,X A 5? 'ini X Q I x 5 , A 1 . Q rx L...- ' 1 HM an Q X , NSS, Q M:-Qfwi I Q vi fs,fkS,f5'f":fEHf -x 5 X x X 5q.1f'.QfSiffi?iE X A i -31 Ns X -,mf-. u-'Q W? nu-nu-qu Q , A ' If 6' 12 9' ..'-'ff' V, ii" - 3 fa iii 'E g, if :fig in T ,, X. 'S' 3 L.. I ..r" . av N if Junior Class Play Mother Is A Freshman A Comedy in Three Acts Dramatized by Perry Clark from the story by Raphael David Blau Friday Evening, March 28, 1952 ALUMNI AUDITORIUM CHARACTERS Abigail Abbott - - - - - Susan Abbott - - - - Mrs. Miller - Sylvia - Bunny Helen - Carrie - Clara - Marge - Bobo jack Howie - - Bill Dean Gillingham - Professor Michaels - - ACT ONE - Debbie Pond - Ann Tabor Roberta Shannon - Carolyn Wells - Belva Nelson - Carol Dunham - Beverly Leiter - Sally Pryor - janet Berger Gordon Lambillotte - Dick Reynard - Tommy Phillips - Charles Bonnist - William Hodder - Dale Miller Scene One: A corner of the living-room in Abigail Abbott's home. Scene Two: The Reception Hall of Green Hall Girl's Dormitory. The next day. ACT TWO The same. Early evening, several weeks: later. ACT THREE The same. Two hours later. Time: The present. Early fall. PRODUCTllON STAFF Director - - ------ Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager - -------- Fred Kimble Stage Crew - - ---- Maurice jones, Don Fleeger, Weston Augenstein, Bradley Koch, Bill Ward, Bill Conard, Don Wagstaff Property Committee - - - Nancy Ireland, Jo Anne Ferenbaugh, Dick Erlanger, Phyllis Frye, jo Ann Cornell, Twila Fish, Dorothy Warman, Barbara Gantz Tickets and Advertising ------- - Pearl Askins, Anne Painter, Fred Pargeon Head Usher - - - - Page One Hundred Four - Marilyn Jones -----.... ,V-:A 5 X X S 4 if 1 ,. 2 -A w-,ix 1 , Ki-'SQ , f A-sw 1 X svnm, I -' 1 E55 X 3.':!i:Q51E I , ' 2 X x lg SB Sw 2 if 5FwQ i v j . ,M gf eeiw-:,ffdL7,.1 , 5 "Forum" Follies 1952 Teens In Toyland Story Book Characters Snow White ------ Maxine Bumpus Seven Dwarfs - ----- Charles Roach fDopeyD, Charles Bumpus, Gordon Fawcett, Dan Bastin, Jerry Carter, Ron Haltermon, Bob Lockhart Three Bears - ----- Mama--Nancy Barncord Papa-Wayne Levers Baby-Chuck Bonnist Jack Horner - - - John Grimm Little Miss Muffet - - - Barbara Cosner Spider - - - - Dale Miller Bo Peep - - Barbara Schmidt Sheep - - - - John Wareham Mary and Her Lamb - - Joan Curtis Red Riding Hood - - Jane Geiger Wolf ---- - Bob Pitkin Old Mother Hubbard - - Judy Ackerman Mary Mary Quite Contrary - - Helen Morey Bugs Bunny - - - - Dan Boucher Woman in the Shoe - - Geraldine Bryan Baker - - - - - Carolyn Reed Black Bird - - - - - Carol Brown Jack and Jill - - Joyce and Jean Wagner Painted Doll - ------ Pat Gerber Fairy Prince - ------ Nancy Fritz Gingerbread Men - - Judy Phelps, Nancy Blue, Sally Mahalfey Cook -- - - ---- Wilma Jean Gullett Butcher - - ----- Carolyn Brooks Butler - - - - ------ Rosa Helsel YELLOW JACKET CHORUS Don Curry, John Hoyt, Norman Steagall, Tom Phillips, Dick Trowbridge, Jerry Knox, Paul Colopy, Phil Berger, Dick Lorey, Ken Shira, Dick Erlanger, Gordon Lambillotte, John Williams. SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS Marilyn Ramsey, Mary Jo Swadener, Joyce Butcher, Jean Warman, Janice Dearman, Joyce Soles, Jeanne George, Joan Burchard. PROLOGUE Master of Ceremonies - - - - - James Francis Invitation to Toyland - - Lawrence Sperry Mad Hatter - - - - - - Bill Ward Teens in Toyland -------- Story Book Characters "Steppin' Out With My Baby" ------- Queen's Court Presentation of QUEEN OF HEARTS AND HER MAIDS OF HONOR. PROGRAM "The Woman in the Shoe" ------ Junior High Choir "On the Good Ship Lollipop" - - Faith Jones, Shirley Coles, Nancy Taylor Baton Specialty - - - ------ Linda Ketner Page One Hundred Six 1952 "Forum" Queen ff 'VK . .ef . x Wei xii" Sun' Z , 3 'Wu Libby Kittelberger 1 P, if x QF! . "' .2 , ,gr I , W f .537 ' ' Q' ., f !l,. fy!! V, ,M ,N I !f xr 4 ' z ' ,-.,'...., , --Q..-.... . .7 an-11 Page One Hundred Seven "FORUM" FOLLIES 1952 "Baby Face" ---------- Loduska Eis Dance of the Paper Dolls - - - - Accordianist, james Hoovler Linda Lannoy, Barbara Leiter Trio ------ Jim Engle, Maurice Jones, Francis Mossholder Travelogue - - Norman Gaines, Al Levenson, Alan Shields, Lou Ann Koch "Nolan ----------- Phil Levering "Lullabye of Broadway" -------- Senior Girls "You Made Me Love You" ------ Mary Ann Ashbrook "Wedding of the Painted Doll" ---- Rachel Daly, Nancy Stillson Wooden Soldiers - Weston and John Augenstein, Fred Carritte, Melony Cofling "Please, Mr. Sun" ----- - - Organ Medley Clarinet Polka "Tea for Two" "Tenderly" - Skit - - uldan - - - "Easter Bonnet" - Betty Latherns Judy Mild - Camille Mazza, Elaine Kousoulas, Ned Kuivinen, Mr. Stauch - - - - - - Anne Painter, Mary Anne Hanes - - - - FORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Soloist, Lou Ann Koch - - Linda Brillhart, Kay Dennis Gary Boucher Jeraldine Hull Impersonations - - Dan Bastin, Jim Hendershott U Rag Dolls - - - - - Loretta and Larry Davis "Stardust" - - - ----- Bill Conard "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby" - Nancy Humbert, Mary Jewell Sapp Goldilocks ---- ----- N ancy Ralston Guest Pianist - - ---- Charlemagne Williamiski "Shadow Dancei' - Ronnie Cline, Lou Anne Koch, Don Curry "I Love Girls" - - - Art Pacques, Queen's Court, janet Conger "Doll Dance" - - - ---- Phil Levering, Joe Dunlap "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" - - Charles Gill, Mary Jane Dancey "Dark Town Swingn - - - Janet Bouton, Janet Vannatta Dance of the Yellow Jackets - , 1952 Varsity Basketball Team Whistler, John Williams "The Right Somebody to Lovev - - - Hester London Finale - "Nighty Night" - - - - Entire Company Soloist, Paul Colopy Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod ---- Edith Springer, Springer Twins PRODUCTllON STAFF Director - - -------- Sara M. Cannon Group Dances - - Beverly Meier, Janet Bouton, Mary jane Dancey Tickets - - ----- Mary Warner Head Usher Electricians - - Darwin Shultz, Bill Everett Stage Manager - - - - - Decoration - Coronation - W Publicity - Posters - Program - Dance - Properties ----- F ACULTY ASSISTANTS Nancy Edgar Charles Roach - Marilyn Woods, Vivian Gallogly Deedra Hess Dick Lorey Mary Carter Lou Ann Koch Grace Walden Nancy Ireland Pearl Carpenter, Fern Lewis Dudgeon, Ruth Truxall, Bill Root, Jack Stauch, Don Morrison. ACCOMPANISTS Phil Levering, Mary Schmidt, Nancy Stillson, Gussie Pacques, Ann Painter, Elaine Scholz, Nancy Ireland. Page One Hundred Eight f Xxx . .Q S 2123? f r S. mm Jo 'l'l!di ? f N KSLQQQ af-1 x Nap Q gGA 5 f . g IL S .KF 'Al t Mfagpbli X f 7125, :LN Q X X Q0 X X Oo X 0 4 X A 6 OR bo X QUEENS Mm m SALLY Pnvbn PC 9 ,il J Y H fifv' Kr I in ,T we , .1-3 ,......f r gk N "vm lwjfi. .7 V it-he ... Y .44 ibn... 4 FORUM" QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS Svllffll' Margaret Graves Marilyn Hofman Mary jo Tier junior Sally Pryor Mary Poland Ruth Gillooley Nora Mae Snow Carol George Dorothy Meek Mary Carter Deed ra Hess Shirley Tier janet Berger Jo Ann Cornell Carol Dunham Debbie Pond Shirley Wcmlf Anne Painter Senior Betty jean Drake hlllllffll' KH . .l 1'l1fL'lIIl1lIIfJ' Bob George n jeff Salisbury Paul Colopy Queen Libby Kittelberger jim Francis fl1lL'll!lillIf.Y Norman Sieagall Tom Phillips Gordon Lambillotte Conf! Dale Wfilson Harold Swigeart Wzxlt Clippinger Eugene Phillips Russell Curtis Dick Trowbridge Collrl Marvin Vannatta Bill Turley Phil Berger Don Curry john Hoyt Don Mill Dale Miller U H Teens In Toyland NNN W... I "Teens In Toyland" X x N ! f ,1-' if f ff 5 PATRONS OF THE 1952 Charles W. Ayers, Attorney at Fred Barry, Jr., Attorney at La John L. Baube, M. D. George Deeley, D. D. S. John Drake, M. D. Robert L. Eastman, M.. D. Grubb and Walker, Realtors a Robert H. Hoecker, M. D. George B. Imhoff, M. D. H. Clifford Johnson, M. D. Howard-E. Kiracofe, O. D. J. L. Koch, D. O. Henry T. Lapp, M. D. Creed Jopling Lester, .Attorney Pat Long, Tailor J. Fred Minnich, D. D. S. Gordon H. Pumphrey, M. D. Lamar S. Reynard, D. D. S. Delbert S. Schmidt, M. D. john S. Schnebly, D. D. S. William E. Steffan, O. D. joseph W. Sellers, D. D. S. FORUM Law W nd Insurance Brokers at Law Bertram B. Sturtevant, D. D. S. Roger A. Tarr, D. D. S. W. Thurman Todd, Attorney at Law Charles D. Tramont, M. D. j. Maurice Wareham, O. D. Charles Zelkowitz, Attorney at Page One Hundred Fourteen Law Congratulations to the Class of 1952 L. A. MILL FUNERAL HOME 619 East High St. The Ridgeway Duck Hatchery PRODUCE White Pekin Ducklings B. B. Bronze Turkey Poults and Baby Chicks No. 6 N. Main Street Dial 52696 V I C T 0 R Y Food Market Inc. GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS MEAT LOCKERS -- DRUGS Phone 62251 11 -118W.H'hS ,M.V , Phone 41096 Mr. Vernon, o. 7 'g 'feet t mon COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE uslwe Today for SERVICE College Tomorrow" Knox Motors, Inc. LINCOLN - MERCURY 410 W. High St. Phone 51511 The Knox County Savings Bank Member F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS OF BAIR'S DRY CLEANING 3 W. HIGH ST. DIAL 41836 MT. VERNON, OHIO O J J J J' .:"J'J J J J Page One Hundred Fifteen Tbix page is sponsored by the KNOX AUTO THEATER AUTOGRAPHS Page One Hundred Seventeen 'Y Y M2 I1 QE' Q -W. I E Q' 3 if M 'g Congratulations to the Class of '52 The three local photographers discuss group pictures with "Forum" editor jim Francis. fl' LW Db. 5-5'7c1,'zf.1.ETf5lgCg1ki f Y' Page One Hundred Nineteen In the Good Qld Summer Time iiiixall ISIC Smile! Trio plus two Studying overtime Straightcn up -- you birds Blow-hard Well, Hob? Senior big-wigs Band campers An easy life Page One Hundred Twenty J Compliments of Wayne Cash Feed Store Asa Wforkman, Proprietor Coal, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Grinding Phone 42571 512 W. High St. ff if-,f Aute11 81 Son SINCLAIR GAS 8: OILS Shelf Groceries Confections 155 Columbus Rd. Phone 62676 Y' U' f f The Glasshowl Speciality-Chicken Dinners on Sunday Short Orders 5 Pittsburg Ave. Phone 71241 Manager - Peg Hushour 1 J .0 Mild Refrigeratioll "YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER" 11 W. Ohio Ave. Dial 42421 Gbfkfx I T T 7 Y I' U' Y Y Y ' ' FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THY LIFE DO A THI G HE THAT HAS done nothing has known nothing. Vain is it to sit scheming and plausibly discussingg up and be doing! If thy knowledge be real, put it forth from theeg grapple with real natureg try thy theories there and see how they hold out. Do one thingg for the first time in thy life clo a thingy a new light will rise on thee on the doing of all things whatsoever. Truly, a boundless significance lies in work, whereby the humblest crafts- man comes to attain much which is of indispensible use, but which he who is of no craft, were he never so high, runs the risk of missing. THE MANUFACTURING PRINTERS 00. PHONE 31070 - 31000 MOUNT VERNON 0HIO J , 4 J ,'yR74Q4 Page One Hundred Twenty-two J J Compliments of 2 For All Good Food STOP QN' SHOP GROCERIES - MEATS DEL1CAC1Es . 115 S. Main Street Coca-Cola Bottllng 52731 of 52721 Free Delivery Company :QA 9 1,5 Vannatta s Gas House 506 W. Vine St. Phone 62381 2 Columbus Road 233:14 J 1 r r r r f fbr r r r r r r fbxgygb-oi, Brining News Co. DAILY 81 SUNDAY PAPERS Cochran 81 Dalrymple CANDY - MAGAZINES Electricians West Vine Street -C I J I .I I .D .I I A 'QQXUQ-far r r r r r r ' LEMASTERS' FINE CLOTHES GENERAL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING FOR MEN Phone 42221 Mount Vernon J I 4 .4 J .I JQ:65QrC5?:-6 Page One Hundred Twenty-three wx. W fr .. O '2i!C L vit' X!69Q-32455 s 5 by s s s s s s s s s s s IE W E L L ICE CREAM 81 MILK COMPANY . cr QKVJX Congratulations from West High 713 W. High sf. Self-Serve Market E Congratulations Class of '52 Service With A Smile HADLEY'S Furniture and Appliances Cash or Terms 23 East Gambier Street May this forward step in life bring you wealth of happiness andl success. The Rudin Co . Mount Vernon Implement Store Pond Motor Sales, Inc ALLISCHALMERS CAD1 LLAC-oLDsMoB1LE FARM IMPLEMENTS 4 1 ' Phone 41466 Mt. Vernon, Ohio 7K6Sf Qa1, , 1 ,xox Page One Hundred Twenty-six Expert Service On All Makes of Cars Y' Nash - Mt. Vernon Sales 207 W. Gambier St. Mt. Vernon, O. Phone 31254 Rambler Statesman Ambassador You'll Be Ahead with Nash iii T Y .Y .T MOUNT VERNON SPORTING GOODS 13 West High St. The Best in Athletic Goods for High School 8: College Students WILSON RAWLINGS EQUIPMENT I PITKINIS FAMOUS CORNER COMPLETE FOOD MARKET For 39 Years O Phones 62211 and 62221 y J r r Bring your Ford "Back Home!" FORD AUTHORIZED SERVICE You'll Get Better Service For It K. D. BEBOUT, Inc. 0 CONTINUOUS SERVICE SINCE 1936 FORD SALES 8: SERVICE 14- 16 East Ohio Ave. Phone 41306 Mt. Vernon, Ohio 'af .f"k9 4 Compliments of Heap's Market 103 Jackson St. Groceries - Fruit - Vegetables Q Compliments of Virgil F. Parker ELECTRIC AND BATTERY SERVICE S. Center St. Phone 32556 A' Page One Hundred Twenty-seven .gwmm 15 9 t i' , E, 4 Q. i rf' I t , N , f ' l Ci i E g- vil l SIX! 'l 1 j nun ll ' X , , 'fi fbgntu e ' I 5-WF Q -filgfl bintrvf l : dx 4 N 0 ,-., ..., ' ,,,,,.- yo' :, f J vi, E: lfof 0 J X 0111513 smG Nf' Gilt if "J HNSOLLIER GAI " A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. Page One Hundred Twenty-eight .J Cainis Grocery School Supplies and Candy 401 N. Mulberry St. Compliments of People's Sl1oe Store Corner of Main and Vine Streets Helen Boyclis HOMEMADE CANDIES at SUGAR N' SPICE 215 W. High st. See Us For A Full Line of Masonry Supplies 617 W Gambier St Rear Dial 62461 West Builder's Supply E 5 ?"iXfx ir-s WORLEY'S FOR MEN'S WEAR IN MOUNT VERNON 14390 4 DeWi11ter Gulf Station 403 S. Main St. Phone 71796 Mount Vernon, Ohio Y' Compliments of Citizens Building Loan and Savings Association 6 East Vine St. I' I Whatever the Occasion F L O W E R S Add Beauty, Joy, and Meaning Williams Flower Shop 14 South Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio J .J J J :QA Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Cut In the Sunshine Again 'NX .M ,,.x,Jz "sf, M is C!K:6Q!j?x, Hayes Service Station 500 Coschocton Ave. Phone 32721 Mount Vernon, Ohio ' 1' 7 T f The Mt. Vernon Hatchery BIG VALUE BABY CHICKS and TURKEY POULTS 322 S. Main Street Phone 32841 Woods' Hardware Co. WHOLESALE and RETAIL FREDERICKTOXVN, O. MT. GILEAD, O. Phone 2081 Phone 69 8-12 W. High Street Phone 51321 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Y I' 1' Y Y T 6 Compliments of HllllllJ6l't,S Grocery 405 Coshocton Ave. .J .J J .I J J .I J J J' 4 C HAMILTON ART CARVED ELGIN DIAMONDS Richard Day .I E W E L E R 9 W. VINE MT. VERNON, oH1o Philco - Sylvania Radios 8: Televisions FAWCETT Radio Sales 81 Service 405 Newark Rd. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 61841 ll ll 13236 When You See Us Don't Think of Insurance But When You Think of Insurance, See Us C. K. SALISBURY 81 SON 5 WEST VINE STREET Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of LESTER'S SMART APPAREL FOR MEN and BOYS .4 J 4 41: J J J J J J Page One Hundred Thirty-one Christmas Parade Page One Hundred Thirty-two Congratulations Class of 1952 C.!fi HARRIS MOTOR SALES, INC. PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE Goodwill Used Cars 1 P PHONE 21266 122 W. HIGH STREET X! f j PgO Hdd Th' -h Want An Interview? Charlie and the Coaches One at a time, boys Don't be scared Charlie again? Speak up, John Say something, coach You name it! Hello, Mr. West Page One Hundred Thirty-four fb I HONE 41476 CUCHRAN MOTOR SALES, Inc DODGE - PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS - TRUCKS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS 141 WEST OHIO AW ENUE MOUNT VERNON OHIO R QaXQ6QaQGQaQ6QGw,QoQf,QaXws6 P g O H d d Th' F RQXXYJD ' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CILASS OF '52 from GELSANFLITERS G I F T S R E C O R D S F O R R A D I O S GRADUATION TELEVISION Phone 22360 555 S. Main St. 1' 4 ' rye' 7 B E C K S Elmwood Grocery Ice Cream, Old Fashion Freeze Sundaes, Milk Shakes C. B. Simmons, Owner Root Beer, Coney Island Hamburgers, French Fries And Lots of Other Delicious Sandwiches GROCERIE5 and MEATS Rt. 13 South Dial 62256 100 Newark Road E ' CO. C0fl'1PlifnefltS of Cities Service Petroleum Products CO. Wholesale - Retail 1 General Ofiiceb Dial 42906 Mount Vernon, Ohio Mt. Vernon Ohio J I .I J I J I Page One Hundred Thirty-six X 9469? f E E. A. SCHLAIRET Compliments of Congratulations f EDDY BROTHERS rom Marathon Service Station k-B 501 Coschocton Ave. Phone 71051 D O W D S' f f Funeral Home Compliments of Q-x GEO. F. OWEN S PHONE 61421 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO jeweler and Optometrist 117 S. Main Street ,Qamaq Diwvsvffiqf Distributors for "Wo1fs-Head" Oils 8: Lubes "Atlas" Lathes and Parts The Best In And Many Other Standard Automotive , . Drugstore Service Parts and Supplies Bowman Auto Parts H E C K L E R7 S 208 West High Dial 21006 T ELLIOTiS SHOES 4 South Main REXALL DRUG STORE On the Square "HIKE-TO HECK'S" Mount Vernon, Ohio f f f Page One Hundred Thirty-seven 1952 Scholarship Team Fred Ball, Biology Dan Bastine, Biology Clifford Slayman, Biology 9th place in state Brad Koch, Chemistry Robert Rooch, Chemistry Tim Kahrl, General Science Dick Morain, General Science Brent Scudder, General Science james Francis, Physics Bob Dunham, Algebra I Fred Kittelberger, Algebra I john Hoyt, Algebra II Fred Pargeon, Algebra ll Mary Alice Warner, Algebra II joe Dunlap, Plane Geometry Ned Kuivinen, Plane Geometry Phil Levering, Plane Geometry William Hodder, American History Dick Reynard, American History Ann Tabor, American History jean Boyer, World History Larry Epstein, World History Ellen Dalrymple, Social Studies Dick Lorey, Social Studies Carolyn Frederick, English IX David Fridline, English IX Dinsmore Warner, English IX Page One Hundred Thirty-eight Hannah Mautner, English X Barbara Scott, English X Dasid Warren, English X joan Curtis, English XI jim Kathary, English XI Debbie Pond, English XI Barbara Gimmeson, English XII Grace Walden, English XII Mary Ellen Fox, Latin I Catherine Hodder, Latin I Iris Marks, Latin I Charles Hulse, Latin II Marlene Klein, Latin II Keitha Porter, Latin II Jane Geiger, French I Dick Poling, French I Marilyn Reiss. French I Marilyn Hofmann, French II Barbara Davis, Spanish I 10th place in State jo Ann Cornell, Spanish I John Rahming, Spanish I Marcia Beach, Spanish II Barbara Cosner, Spanish II Nancy Edgar, Spanish I1 Maxine Bumpus, Bookkeeping I Barbara Morris, Bookkeeping I Betty Pritchett, Bookkeeping I G7 w SPORTING GOODS r lr f SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of Bartlett Appliance compliments Store of Phone 21366 Kelvinator Appliances AI't,S Garage Sales and Service Ly11de's Market compiimeiiis QUALITY MEATS AND OVENDRESSED POULTRY of 104 N. Division si. Dial 21416 Shaw Funeral Honle .I 4 J 4 We Deliver r r r r r r Y Y 1 1- 3 'Zdalise Sr- 3 9 ix' 5:42 P2 Q lb , i , Established In 1898 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO J J J J J J J J J J P J J '16 v6XQ6XQ76xQ:4i9 fJfJ Page One Hundred Thirty-nine ' ENNEY' JQLOX More than ever in '52 Penney's Fashions Keyed to your budget r L. K. Diner G I gba Cl South Main St. Cllera ry CHIICFS Ludwig 8: Kibbey Enterprise QUALITY EILEANING an Always Striving to Merit Your TAILORING Patronage 9 E. Gambier P. Kousoulas f Z3 wi Toln N. Compliments Lawn Mower-Fishing Tackle Shop of johnson Sea Horse - Toro Mowers Shot Gun Shells Hunting and Fishing Licenses SCHPS Roebuck K CO. 502 Coshocton Ave. Phone 61951 Page One Hundred Forty Geniuses at Work x"x'1 y'Sv 'r Commercial Fishing Refinery and Natural Gasoline A GOOD PLACE TO WORK! The Cooper-Bessemer Corporation now employs more people in its Mount Vernon plant than ever before in its entire history. In a business that is constantly ex- panding there is always room for new, young, ambitious workers. T h e COOPER-BESSEMER CORPORATION Engine Builders in Mount Vernon For H9 Years. Oll Llne Pumping Municipal l R E A Pla ,f ,xl gf ff lj Excavating and Earth Moving General lnduslriol Power Cooper-Bessemer's on the job. These photographs show some of the applications of the Company's products Page One Hundred Forty-two 1 City, Urban Delivery Courteous-EHicient-Service Phone 52976 ALL CARGO INSURED Owned and Operated by THOMAS W. SPEER H 7 Congratulations To the Graduating Class of 1952 Harpster Sr Poulson HARDWARE 81 IMPLEMENTS Phone 22346 441 W. High Congratzllatiom to Class of '52 THE ALCOVE GUMPS Corner of Gambier and Gay RECORDS PLAYERS SHEET MUSIC REPAIR Phone 21911 - Mount Vernon J Y' The Licking Laundry Co. 7 N. Main St. Phone 21956 DRY CLEANING RUG CLEANING L J ' J J A Page One Hundred Forty-three K ? N 7 V r w mfs ELEPHKNT 3532 was ,,,,, .--A - 'A Q "",Q ' ' .1,.. .,- -" U-'MBER O .,., A 'gf' For The Best In O BUILDERS I WINDOWS HARDWARE Q DOORS O WALLBOARDS O ROOFING I PLYWOOD O INSULATION JQAQQE4 ' P A 1 N T s suop THE Elephant Lumber Store 301 W. High sf. Dial 22555 f f Kahrl and Ward REALTORS AND GENERAL INSURANCE If It's Insurance We Write It Phone 42396 7 W. Vine Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio cpxfjxv if ' r Congratulations to The Class of '52 Isalyis Dairy Store One Stop Place Is HARTSOOICS GROCERY 8: SODA FOUNTAIN Nice Place To Park 104 Ringold St. T f 7 Cochran S1 Merrin Sohio Service Phone 71786 631 North Sandusky Near Shellmar i56 T' f ' f SUCCESSFULLY SERVING THIS COMMUNITY 105 YEARS The First-Knox National Bank or MoUNT VERNON Cor. Public Square 8: S. Main Established 1847 Member lf. D. I. C. and Federal Reserve System Jggkf Page One Hundred Forty-five il if ' To the Graduating Class of 1952, con- gratulations and best wishes for success. We are happy that -among our worker groups are many M. V. H. S. graduates of previous years. 'f. . z , L- ..-I ? PRODUCTS CORPORATION ,,' MOUNT veRNoN,oHlo P g One Hundred Forty QQQQEEQQ jQg? ..,., 12.32321 t., :-'55,- -' 1:111:rs': . ...,.4 V, MmmMMHwmYHEE+' We f" 'gag ge 'M FX ' x '41 935 W ,ck 1 + " Q iii iv-mb 65 3 5 I I I I S 2 Ea Q .5 1 5434:-.-:-f -z-:-925' MOUNT VERNON it's the I. S. Ringwalt Co. For Fashion Value 15 '-,.,1 3 ggm :gg A za.. 'E if 23,2113 , Y " ' ',.4 ,.,. gf '-:-:gr W 'Sf .h 4 wg wg, fa 5? we X-,. .N 5115716 pvgu Beauty Mount Vernon's : ilg Most Exciting Store , N : : 1 1869 Page One Hundr d Forty-s School Activities The Great Orutors Guest Artists Cooks to he? Training Choir Come and get it ls that so? 'I"wus the day before Christmas Vacation Fashions on Parade Ileuvc-I Io! i ,fy - S 4". .f . ,, '. ' lid! ' ' L33 L .- a 'n'I.. " QQQ' ' eh-, If ,v: V. FJ" 31 'W , -U' ll. - . ,vu -- -,:. ,Q , , .1-et-..f -. .. Q U 'hrfpqsx A. .'v'-.',., u' 'Q gf-f,e.'.', ,Q '. 4, l""'i-F"-' -'4' k"fY1' -if-'ei-k'-1' ' Ak' 'rl -12:1-1. V P- 112.-.Silks ' "'.Qv " , , 'x, -.JMUF 'ev' 1- ' ... '- "Li I . - 'x I-', "ff, "Sap - . - wait' - L,-Q, , 9 , Qt E, glflll Z . :e1,l1'l.!.1:.-gif "ii V ' Vi-. '-L1 ' .' 1 JZ" ' 'kjifpz UL 4' .' .. "v"-.,r-.".1'..'.. 147. 1.- , . ,. D. --112:-. .fi " .-'lg' 3"-7...'--'-. Q. , xtgiiini K, D-,ggpyv gferg. :L 'f-..' 1"-'IP' .ii ,3 -.. ' fu." '. e' "' "-, Wg, '-,-Q -:.jI.zf'r ' ', '1i5.'. HQ . .-.',1.,s.r,-,. , - v.- - Mx' ' f-111-3 'QA-. , -ff-5'5" - ll- 3Y' . . iii 3" J' ' 5. his is America's top secret' hen an American marks his X on a ballot, he can be certain of one thing. Nobody knows for whom or what he has voted. It's his secret. No one can influence or coerce him when he votes-and no one can penalize him for how he voted. The secret ballot is one of the big secrets of a strong America. People who can vote Without fear or reprisal offer little opportunity for would- be Hitlers and Stalins to take over. And while dishonesty can creep into government, the secret ballot is the one sure way honest citizens can stamp it out. Communists would be delighted to see the secret ballot eliminated. Their kind of government doesn't succeed unless they can tell you how to vote. And after all, communism offers only one party to vote for! We in America must make many sacrifices to combat Communist ambition. But one thing We must never sacrifice is the priceless right to think and vote according to our consciences. Nor must we ever give up any of the rights that keep this country free and independent. TRADE-MARK REG. U. S. PAT. OFF- THE TIMKEN ROLLER BEARING COMPANY "The right to 'work shall not be abridged or made impotent" 7k7b' ' 7 i R. F W Q .0 76" Q' Compliments Of METCALF MOTORS T Meliinleyis Market Groceries - Provisions Dairy Products Phone 21771 102 N. Division St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1' L .7 Morris 81 Drake Shell Service 100 Coshocton Ave. Mount Vernon, Ohio , G. R. Smith 81 Co. HARDWARE PEUMBING AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mt. Vernon, Ohio 21835 - Phones - 31845 "Good Service to You a Pleasure to Us" JQYJREC R ' r BELUS SODA GRILL 8 South Main Street FAIRMONT ICE CREAM Sara M. Cannon Agent for ALL Magazines 126 E. Vine Street Phone 42983 b weak' MOUNT VERNON, OHIO .3123-'J 6575! 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Vernon, Ohio J A ' ' f f fbx7b Page One Hundred Fifty-three W L N l w Y Senior Activities MARY ANN ASH BROOK "Modern Melodies" 23 "Mikado" 23 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 "Forum" Show 2, 3, 43 Music Festival at Ohio Wesleyan 23 "Gay Fiesta" 23 Band and Choir Concert 33 Girls' Ensemble 23 County Festival 23 Bach Oratorio 3. MARY LOU BABSON Library Staff 13 Y-Teens 3, 43 Usher of "Growing Pains" 33 Property Committee of "Ever Since Eve" 33 Y-Teen Finance Com- mittee 3, 43 Junior Class Finance Committee 33 Senior Class Treasurer 43 Senior Manager Magazine Subscription 43 Bookkeeping Schol- arship 33 Ticket Committee "Men Are Like Streetcars" 4. MARCIA LEE BEACH Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Chairman of Finance Com- mittee 2, 3: Sigma Y-Teen President 43 Science Club l3 Library Staff l, 2, 33 Library Staff President l3 Y-Teen Style Show 3, 43 Senior Concert and Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Spring Music Festival 2, 33 Knox County Music Festival 23 Senior Scholarship Tests 43 Student Council 13 Jacket Journal Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Head Usher Junior Class Play 33 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. RICHARD CARROLL BECK CHARLES L. BENNETT Library Staff 1, 23 Variety Show 13 "Forum" Zhow 33 "Forum" Stat? 43 Industrial Arts 3, DON H. BERGER Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Intramural Volley- ball 3. LADONNA M. BOWERS Glee Club 1. DAVID BRILLHART Science Club 13 Junior Play 2, 33 Senior Play 33 Intramural Volleyball 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 All High School Play 43 Football 43 Intramural Basketball 3, 4. N ICKEY BRONSON Glee Club 13 Intramural Basketball 33 Intra- mural Softball 33 Y-Teens 4. LOUISE D. BROWN General Science Club 13 Junior Choir President 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Finance Committee 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Y-Teens President 4g "Forum" Show 33 Y-Teen Style Show 33 Chair- man of Property Committee "Forum Follies" 43 intramural Volleyball and Basketball 1, 2, 3, - CHARLES FREDERICK BUMPUS Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 "Forum" Show 33 Hi-Y 3, 4g "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. DORIS MADELINE BUMPUS Intramural Baseball 23 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 33 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 43 Scholarship Team 23 Marching and Concert Band 1, Z, 3, 43 Spring Music Festival 1, 2, 33 Knox County Music Festival 23 Senior Scholar- ship 43 "Growing Pains" 33 Usher "Men Are Like Streetcars" 43 Future Teachers of Amer- ica 33 Property Committee "Men Are Like Streetcars" 4g "Forum" Show 4. E. JOAN BURCHARD Y-Teens 1, 2, 43 Junior Class Play 33 "Forum" Show 3, 43 Jacket Journal Staff 4. JOYCE BUTCHER Senior Band 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball 23 Intramural Volleyball 23 Student Council 23 Worship Committee Y-Teens 33 Knox County Music Festival 2. FRANKLIN D. BUTLER Key Club 3. JACK EUGENE CALDWELL Art Show 33 Oils Club 2, 3. JERRY ALAN CARTER Senior Concert and Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew Junior Class Play 33 Intramural Basketball 3, 43 Intramural Volleyball 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Decoration Committee 33 Track 43 "Forum" Show 4. MARY ELLEN CARTER Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Intramural Volley- ball 2, 33 Art Show 33 President Oils Club 3, 4g Oils Club 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 43 Art Editor "Forum" 43 Chairman Publicity Committee Y-Teens 43 Publicity Committee Student Council 43 Announcement Committee 43 Jun- ior Class Ring Committee 33 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 33 Senior Court of "Forum Follies." PAUL COLOPY Reserve Football 13 Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Reserve Basketball 13 Varsity Basketball 43 Reserve Track 1, 23 Varsity Track 1, 23 All C. B. L. Football3 Honorable Mention 19523 "Forum" Show 3, 43 Chaplain Senior Hi-Y 4g Property Committee Senior Class Play 3g Championship Track Team. JANET DELORES CONGER Senior Choir 2, 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 23 "Forum" Show 3, 43 Subscription Manager "Jacket Journal" 43 Ensemble 2, 33 Library Staff 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic Association 33 Vice-President Library Staff 33 Bach Ora- torio 33 "Gay Fiesta" 33 "Sweethearts" 43 "Mikado', 23 Booster Club 2, 33 Chairman Senior Assembly 43 Y-Teens Service Committee 23 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 33 County Music Festival 33 Variety Show 2, 3. BARBARA ANN COSNER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Play 33 "Jacket Journal" Staff 43 "Forum" Court 33 Prophecy Committee 43 Musical Festival 33 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 43 Spring Musical Festival 2, 33 Orchestra I3 Treasurer of Band 43 Scholarship Team 3g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. "Forum" Show 4. Page One Hundred Fifty five ELLEN LOUISE DALRYMPLE Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 General Science Club 13 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 23 Ticket Committee Junior Class Play3 "Forum" Court 33 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 At- tendant to Football Queen 43 Treasurer of Kappa Y-Teens 43 Scholarship Team l, 2, 33 Orchestra 13 Secretary of Band 43 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 43 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. DOROTHY JOAN DAVIS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 23 Basketball 2. JANICE A. DEARMAN "The Piper" I3 "Growing Pains" 33 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class President 33 Junior Class Play Committee 33 Girls' Volleyball I, 2, 33 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 43 "Jacket Journal" Staff 43 Junior Choir l3 "Forum" Usher 43 Winner American Legion Essay Contest 2. CAROLYN ANN DOUP Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 "Jacket Journal" Choir Editor 43 "Mika- do" 23 Sigma Y-Teen Style Show 43 Senior Choir Variety Show 43 Band-Choir Spring Con- cert 33 Country Music Festival 23 Booster Club 43 Senior Choir Librarian 33 "Modern Mel- odies" Usher I3 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club District and State Auditions 23 "Sweethearts" 43 "Forum" Show 43 Bach Oratorio 33 "Forum" Show Usher 3g Junior Class Play Usher 33 Ensemble 2. BETTY JEAN DRAKE Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4g Vice-President Y-Teens 43 Social Chairman Y-Teens 1, 23 Assistant Finance Chairman Y-Teens 33 Girls' Athletic Association I, 23 Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Library Staff I, 2, 33 Program Chairman Library Staff 23 Junior High Editor of "Jacket Journal" 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 "Gold Diggers" 13 "Americana" 33 Ticket Chairman "Americana" 33 Costume Chairman "Americana" 33 "Growing Pains" 33 "Men Are Like Street Cars" 43 Boosters Club 3, 43 Science Club I3 Chairman Prophecy Committee 43 Property Committee "Growing Pains" 33 Chair- man Refreshment Committee Junior-Senior Prom 33 Senior Court of "Forum Follies3" "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. NANCY NADINE EDGAR Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletic Association 3, 43 Head Usher, "Forum" Show 43 Junior Class Play "Growing Pains"3 Spanish Scholar- ship Team 33 Advertising Manager "Forum" Assembly Committee3 Quill and Scroll3 Sigma Y-Teen Style Show3 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. JOANN LOUISE. EMLICH Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 "Forum" Queen Court 33 "Sweethearts" 43 Chairman Ring Committee 35 Chairman Junior-Senior Prom 33 Girls' Sports Editor "Jacket Journal"3 Choir 43 Girls' Intra- mural Sports 2, 33 Style Show 3, 43 Library Staff I3 Future Teachers of America 1, 2, 33 "Gay Fiesta" 23 Booster Club 3, 43 Glee Club Librarian I3 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 43 Student Coun- cil 33 Glee Club I, 23 Ensemble I, 23 Girl at Large Y-Teens l. Page One Hundred Fifty-six EDDIE C. ERNEST Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 43 Boys' Glee Club 33 Parlia- mentary Procedure Team 1, 2, 3, 43 F. F. A. Public Speaking 2, 33 Orchestra 33 Key Club 3, 43 All School Play 33 Reporter of F. F. A. 33 Vice-President of F. F. A. 43 President of Key Club 3, 43 Vice-President of Class 33 President of Class of '52 43 State Scholarship Team 33 "Americana" 3: "Sweethearts" 43 Boys' Ensemble 43 State Farmer 33 Prince of Peace 4. RUTH EVANS Glee Club I3 Property Committee 43 Prompter for Play 43 Play Usher 2, 33 Chairman Publicity Committee Y-Teens 13 Assistant in English Classes I3 Office Help 43 Y-Teens l, 3, 43 Senior Assembly Committee 43 Keynote 2, 35 Social Committee Y-Teens 43 "Forum" Show Property Committee 43 "Forum" Show Usher 43 Chairman of Costume Committee for Plays I. WILLIAM EVERETT Junior Class Treasurer 33 Senior Choir 43 "Men Are Like Street Cars" Electrician 43 "Ever Since Eve" 33 "Growing Pains" Electrician 33 Basketball Manager 13 Varsity Basketball Manager 2, 33 Varsity Scorekeeper 43 Future Teachers of America 43 Scholarship Team 2, 33 Football 23 Y-Teen Formal Electrician 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 43 Boys' Glee Club 43 Stage Crew "Years Ago" 23 Stage Crew "Off a Pewter Platter" 23 Mikel in "Sweet- Zxeartsn 43 Tennis 43 "The Little Dog Laughed" JAMES L. FRANCIS "Forum" Editor 43 Science Club 13 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 President Hi-Y 33 Vice-President Hi-Y 23 Secretary Hi-Y Council 33 Varsity Track 3, 43 "Growing Pains" 33 "Men Are Like Street- cars" 43 Buckeye Boys' State 33 "Sweethearts" 43 American Legion Essay Winner 33 Chair- man of Athletic Concessions 43 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 43 Booster Club 3. 43 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 33 "Forum" Show 3, 43 Head Monitor Student Council 3g Class Will Committee 43 "Ever Since Eve" 33 Keynote Board 3, 43 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Choir 43 Boys' Glee Club 33 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Art Variety Show 33 Shamrock Shindig Emcce 3. HAROLD E. FRYE JEANNETTE ANN FRYE NORMAN J. GAINES Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 43 Choir 43 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Master-Sergeant 43 Prophecy Committee 43 Future Teachers of America 2, 33 Key Club 2, 33 District Music Festival 3, 43 Vice-President Band 43 Vice-President of Choir 43 "Forum" Show 33 "Sweethearts" 43 Library Staff. HAROLD GATES "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. JEANNE CAROLE GEORGE Secretary of Senior Class 45 Treasurer of Y-Teens 45 Chairman of Social Committee of Student Council 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Future Teachers of America 1, 25 Student Council 1, 3, 45 Secre- tary Science Club 15 Booster Club 1, 25 Usher of "Forum" Show 25 Chairman "Shamrock Shindig" 45 Library Staff 45 General Science Club 15 County Music Festival 25 Senior Court of "Forum Follies" 45 "Gay Fiesta" 25 "Sweet- hearts" 45 "Ever Since Eve" 35 Y-Teens Style Show 45 Senior Choir 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2. JEANNE C. GEORGE Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball I, 2, 55 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Chairman of Junior Senior Prom Committee 35 Senior Announce- ments Committee Chairman 45 "Mikado" 25 Spring Concert 35 Intramural Baseball 15 En- semble 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 "Gay Fiesta" 35 "The Piper" 15 Knox County Music Festival 25 Y-Teen Social and Music Com- mittee. BARBARA FAY GIMMESON Secretary of Freshman Class 15 Vice-President of Sophomore Class 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 35 Science Club 1, 25 Library Club I, .25 Choir l, 25 Choir Concerts 1, 25 Minstrel Show 25 Cheerleader 25 "Forum" Photographer Editor 45 Junior Class Play 35 Girls' Council 2, 35 Scholarship Team 1, 35 Senior Class ITSCZIDIY Committee5 "The Little Dog Laugh- e . PAUL D. GOOSSENS Stage Manager 3. ANNA MARGARET GRAVES Secretary of Senior Choir 25 Treasurer of Senior Choir 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 "Gay Fiesta" 25 "Sweethearts" 45 Girls' Ensemble 1, 25 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 35 "Forum" Show 25 Track Queen 35 Junior High, Reserve, and Varsity Cheerleader5 Junior At- tendant to "Forum" Queen 35 "Modern Mel- odies" 15 County Music Festival 25 "Mikado" 25 Booster Club 2, 45 Band and Choir Concert 35 Bach Oratorio 35 Senior Attendant of "Forum" Queen 45 Social Committee of Y-Teens 2, 3. ALICE LOUISE HAGAMAN Y-Teens 1. RUSSELL A. HALL Science Club 15 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Oils Club 1, 25 Boys' Quartet 1, 25 "Gay Fiesta" 25 Library Staff l, 25 President of Library Staff 25 Student Council 2, 3, 45 Secretary Student Council 35 President Student Council 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Chaplain of Hi-Y 25 Secretary-Treasurer of Hi-Y 35 "Growing Pains" 35 "Forum" Show 25 Bach Oratorio 35 Junior Class Ring Committee5 "Men Are Like Streetcars" 45 Art Follies 25 Senior XVill Committee5 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. RONALD L. HALTERMON General Science Club 15 Hi-Y 3, 45 First Place Biology Scholarship 35 Stage Crew All High School Play 35 Junior Class Play 35 All High School Play 45 "jacket Journal" Staff 45 "Sham- rock Shindig" 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Library Staff 2, 35 "Forum" Show 3, 45 Will Committee of Senior Class 45 Student Council 45 Varsity Track 45 Senior Scholarship Team. PATRICIA ANN HARMON Student Council 1, 2, 35 Chairman of Scrap- book Committee Student Council 35 Choir 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 45 Intramural Basketball l, 2, 35 Ensemble 35 Library Staff l, 2, 35 Bach Oratorio 35 Jun- ior Class Play 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 35 Librarian Senior Choir 35 Finance and program committee Z'-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 "The Little Dog Laughed" DEEDRA HESS "Forum" Show l, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Girl at Large Y-Teens 35 Science Club 15 Library Staff 15 Scholarship Team 1, 25 Foot- ball Queen Attendant 45 Usher Junior Class Play 35 Quill and Scroll5 Senior Marching Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 2, 35 Senior Scholarship Test 45 Knox County Music Festival 25 Spring Music Festival 2, 35 Ringwalt Style Show 45 Senior Court of "Forum Follies" 45 Chairman of Coronation for "Forum" Show 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Business Manager "Forum" 45 Chairman Senior Prom Committee 45 Hand- book Committee 35 Y-Teen Style Show 35 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. JAMES DAVID HIGGINS Reserve Football5 Intramural Basketball5 In- dustrial Arts Display5 Participation in the Decorating of the Square for Christmas. MARILYN JANE HOFMANN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Staff 45 Oils Club 45 Scholarship Team 35 Intramural Volleyball and Basketball 35 Girls' Athletic Association 15 Junior Attendant to Football Queen 35 Jun- ior Court of "Forum" Show 35 Senior Attend- ant to Queen of "Forum Follies." WILLIAM J. HOLLAND School Play 25 Junior Class Play 35 Buck Hi-Y 3, 45 Freshman Basketball5 Junior Class Finance Committee5 Intramural Basketball 3, 45 Senior Class Gift Committee5 Secretary-Treasurer of Buck Hi-Y 45 Announcer of Daily Announce- ments5 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. WAYNE N. HUBBELL Intramural Basketball 5, 45 Industrial Arts Display 2. KATHRYN ELAINE JENNINGS Y-Teens 1, 2, 45 Oils Club l, 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 25 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 35 Art Variety Show 25 Junior- Senior Prom Com- mittee 35 Usher "Growing Pains" 35 Usher "Forum" Show 35 Usher All High School Play 2. MARY ELIZABETH KITTELBERGER President of Science Club 15 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' State 35 Secretary Y-Teens 25 Junior Attendant to "Forum" Queen 35 "Growing Pains" 35 "Forum" Co-editor 45 Ringwalt Style Show 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Library Staff 1, 25 Student Council5 Junior-Senior Prom Committee5 Senior Will Committee 45 Assist- ant Chairman Program Committee Y-Teens5 "Forum" Queen 1952. Page One Hundred Fifty-seven LOU ANNE KOCH Y-Teens 1, Z, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 Secretary Senior Choir 35 Ensemble 1, 2, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 3, 45 "Mikado" 25 "Gay Fiesta" 25 Senior Will Committee 45 Variety Shows 1, 2, 3, 45 Chairman of Homecoming 45 "jacket Journal" Staff 45 General Science Club 15 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 2, 45 Glee Club 25 Junior Choir 15 District and State Glee Club Auditions 25 Knox County Music Festival 25 District Solo Auditions 45 "Sweethearts" 45 Chairman of Program "Forum Follies" 45 Chairman of Radio Broadcasts 45 "Forum" Show 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play "Growing Pains" 35 Music Chairman of Y-Teens 35 Chairman of Booster Club 35 Bach Oratorio. BARBARA KYMER Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 45 President of G. A. A. 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 "Gay Fiesta" 25 "Mikado" 25 Activity Chairman G.A.A. 35 "Sweethearts" 4. KATHARINE EDELLA LAY Treasurer Junior Choir 15 Girls' Ensemble 3, 45 Choir l, 3, 45 "Forum" Show 3, 45 Chair- man Choir Formal 35 Science Club 15 Y-Teen Style Show 35 Decorating Committee Y-Teen Formal 35 Finance Committee 1, 2, 35 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival5 Glee Club 35 Bach Oratorio 35 Senior Choir Variety Show 35 "Sweethearts" 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Chairman Scrapbook Committee 45 "jacket Journal" Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 junior Class Play 3. THELMA JEAN LEE Choir 1, 2, 35 Junior Class Play 35 Assistant Secretary Y-Teens 45 Volleyball 2, 35 Basket- ball 2, 3. ALBERT A. LEVENSON, JR. Buck Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Volleyball 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Prophecy Com- mittee 45 Student Council 45 Oils Club 15 Tennis Team 45 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. RITA RHAE LIPPS Band 1, 25 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Photo- grapher 3, 4. ROBERT EDWARD LOCKHART junior Band and Orchestra 1, 25 Junior Choir 25 Junior Play 35 Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Show 4. RICHARD W. LOREY Science Club 15 Hi-Y Z, 3, 45 President Hi-Y 25 Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 Reserve Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 45 Intramural Volley- ball 3, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 35 Poem in Anthology 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Vice-President Student Council 35 "Forum" Show 35 Prophecy Committee 45 "Growing Pains" 35 Editor "Jacket journal" 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Chairman Homecoming Committee 3. ROBERTA LEE LYBARGER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Advertising Staff "Jacket Journal" 45 Junior-Senior Prom Committee 35 Booster Club 35 "Forum" Show Decorations 15 Senior Scholarship Test 45 Usher "Forum" Show 1. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight BARBARA JEAN MAIN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 35 Intramural Volleyball 25 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 "Gay Fiesta" 25 Bach Oratorio 35 Chairman Courtesy Committee Student Council5 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 45 Spring Concert 35 "Sweet- hearts" 45 District and State Glee Club Audi- tions 25 Glee Club 2, 35 Class Play 35 Knox County Music Festival 25 "Mikado" 25 En- semble 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Y-Teen Music Committee 35 Decorating Committee Choir Formal 3. DOROTHY JEANNE MEEK Choir 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 "Divine Flora" 25 Booster Club 1, 2, 35 "Forum Fantasy" Z5 "Forum" Queen's Court 35 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 25 "Forum" Subscription Mana- ger 45 Social Chairman Delta Y-Teens 45 In- tramural Baseball 25 "Mikado" 25 Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 25 "Gay Fiesta" 35 Future Teachers of America 15 Senior Band 35 Student Council 15 "Class- rooms on Stage" 25 "jacket Journal" Staff 45 Pen and Brush Club 15 County Music Festival 25 Senior Court of "Forum Follies." IMOGENE MIDDLETON Y-Teens 3, 45 Property Committee "Ever Since Eve" 35 Finance Committee Junior Class 3. SH ELIA NAN MILL Girls' Athletic Association 15 Chip Teens 15 Wayne County Music Festival and Contest 15 Spring Concert 15 Senior Band and Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 15 Prince of Peace Contest 15 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 15 "Mikado" 25 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Prompter Junior Class Play 35 Decorating Chairman "Peppermint Ball" 35 Flute Quartet and Ensemble 45 Chairman Gift Committee 45 Band, Orchestra, Choir Concerts 2, 3, 45 Usher "Forum" Show5 "Sweethearts" 4. ROBERT WILLIAM McKOWN IRIS JUNE MCMILLAN Girls' Glee Club 15 Junior Play 3. MARVIN D. MCQUIGG NED CHARLTON NEIBARGER Oils Clubg Art Tableau, Photography Dark- room5 Participant in the National Photography School5 Technician "Forum" Show. DONA NELL Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Football Queen Attendant 35 "Forum" Queen Court 3. DOROTHY PAULINE OWEN Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 1, 25 Property Committee Junior Class Play 35 "Mikado" 25 "Forum" Show 25 "Jacket Journal" Staff 45 "Modern Melodies" 15 Science Club 15 Refreshment Committee Chairman Choir Dance 35 Student Council 35 "Sweethearts" 45 Future Teachers of America 2, 3. ROBERT RUSSELL PATTERSON Basketball 15 Baseball5 Reserve Football5 Var- sity Football. ARTHUR JOSEPH PACQUES Buck Hi-Y 45 Reserve Football 25 Varsity Football 5, 45 Reserve Track 25 Varsity Track 5, 45 "Forum" Show 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 5, 45 Intramural Volleyball 5, 4. C. EUGENE PHILLIPS Reserve Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 5, 45 Football 2, 5, 45 Varsity Track 5, 45 Basket- ball Captain 45 Secretary of Junior Class 55 Future Farmers of America 2, 5, 45 Hi-Y 2, 5, 45 Band l, 2, 55 "Growing Pains" 55 F. F. A. President 4, Vice-President 55 District 12 F. F. A. Secretary Treasurer5 Hi-Y Council President 45 Buck Hi-Y Vice-President 5, 45 Buckeye Boys' State 55 Keynote President 45 Intramural Referee 2, 5, 4. LOUELLA MAY PORTER Choir 1, 25-Y-Teens l, 2, 55 Volleyball Team 2. ELSIE EILEEN POTES Gambier Class President 15 Junior Play and Senior Play at Gambierg Choir 5, 45 "Sweet- hearts" 45 "Forum" Subscription Statf. THELMA BEATRICE PUMPHREY Y-Teens 15 Choir 1, 2, 5, 45 Girls' Glee Club 25 Ensemble 1, 2, 5, 45 "Sweethearts" 4. MARILYN JEAN RAMSEY Assistant Treasurer Y-Teens 45 Senior Choir 2, 5, 45 Glee Club l, 25 Exchange Editor "Jacket Journal" 45 "Gay Fiesta" 25 "Mikado" 25 Bach Oratorio 55 "Sweethearts" 45 "Forum" Show 5, 45 Usher "Forum" Show 25 Chairman Ticket Committee "Forum" Show 45 Chairman Band and Publicity Committee Choir Formal 45 Senior Choir Variety Show 55 Y-Teens I, 2, 5, 45 Bowling League 55 Intramural Sports 2, 55 Keynote Board 2, 5, 45 Secretary-Treasurer Keynote 45 Chairman Ticket and Publicity Committee Choir Formal 55 Chairman Y-Teen Style Show 45 Senior Prom Committee 45 Y. M. C. A. Staff l, 2, 5, 45 Booster Club 1, 5, 4. LOIS MAXINE REX Y-Teens l, 2, 5, 45 Junior Choir 15 Glee Club 25 Service Committee Y-Teens 25 Social Com- mittee Y-Teens 55 "Jacket Journali' Staff 45 "Gay Fiesta" 25 Junior Class Play 55 Committee Junior-Senior Prom 55 County Music Festival 25 Usher "Forum" Show 5. BESSIE JENNIE RIDENBAUGH Y-Teens l, 2, 55 Intramural Volleyball and Basketball 1, 25 Junior Class Play 55 Art Variety Show 25 Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee 5. CHARLES RAY ROACH I-Ii-Y 2, 5, 45 "Forum'i Show 5, 45 Football l, 2, 5, 45 Track 25 Projection Club 1, 2, 5, 45 Intramural Basketball 5. ARTHUR E. ROBSON JEFF SALISBURY Varsity Football 45 Hi-Y 2, 5, 45 Library Staff l5 Science Club 15 Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee 55 Plays l, 25 Oils Club 15 Senior Dedication Committee 45 "Forum" Show 45 Schzlarship Team 25 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, . MARY ELIZABETH SCHMIDT Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 45 Scholarship Team 1, 25 Senior Scholarship 45 Senior Orchestra 2, 55 Girls' Athletic Association 2, 5, 45 Junior Choir l5 Knox County Music Festival 25 Con- cert Band l, 2, 5, 45 Spring Festival5 Woodwind Ensemble 45 Combined Concert 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 5, 45 Booster Club 5, 45 Quill and Scroll 5, 45 Advertising Manager "jacket Journal" 45 Senior Marching Band l, 2, 5, 45 Decorating Committee of Junior-Senior Prom and Y-Teen Formal 55 "Americana" Ticket Committee5 Y-Teen Finance and Social Com- mittee. Accompanist "Forum" Show 45 County Quiz Book Test. CAROL JOY SHULTZ Senior Orchestra l, 2, 5, 45 Senior Choir 2, 5, 45 Girls' Glee Club l, 25 Voice Ensemble 1, 2, 55 String Ensemble 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 45 "Mikado" 25 "Gay Fiesta" 25 Bach Oratorio 55 "Sweethearts" 45 Wilmington Chorus 25 Ohio Wesleyan Orchestra l, 55 Choir and Orchestra Concert 55 Knox County Festival 25 Future Teachers of America 55 "Forum" Show 25 District Contest 2, 4. DARWIN EUGENE SHULTZ Basketball l, 25 Hi-Y 45 Football Manager I5 Intramural Volleyball 5, 45 Intramural Basket- ball 5, 45 Track 25 Varsity Football 2, 5, 4. BARBARA ANN SLACK Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 45 Finance Committee Y-Teens 2, 5, 45 Finance Committee Junior Class 55 Junior Class Play 55 Usher "Forum" Show 2, 55 "Forum" Staff 45 Class in Dramatics 2. NORA MAE SNOW Senior Court "Forum Follies" 4. JOYCE ANN SOLES Y-Teens 1, 2, 5, 45 Choir I, 2, 5, 45 "Gay Fiesta" 25 "Mikado" 25 Bach Oratorio 55 Knox County Music Festival 25 "Sweethearts" 45 Junior Class Play 55 Intramural Volleyball and Basketball 55 "Forum" Show 55 Subscription Staff "Forum" 45 Choir and Band Concert 5. LAWRENCE E. SPERRY, JR. Vice-President Class '52 45 President Concert Band 45 Vice-President of Hi-Y Council 45 Scholarship Team l, 2, 5, 45 Concert Band I, 2, 5, 45 Senior Choir 45 Buck Hi-Y 2, 5, 45 Marching Band l, 2, 5, 45 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival5 District Music Contest5 Chair- man Junior Class Play Committee5 Root's Tooters 1, 2, 5, 45 "Growing Pains" 55 "Sweet- hearts" 45 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 5, 45 Boys' State 55 Library Staff 15 Boys' Glee Club 55 Double Quartet 2, 4. LORRETTA A. STILLSON Y-Teets l, 2, 45 F. H. A. l, 2, 55 F. B. L. A. 2, 55 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 55 Girls' Basketball and Volleyball Teams5 Senior Choir 2, 5, 45 Girls' Ensemble 45 "Sweethearts" 45 "Sunbonnet Sue" Operetta. RAYMOND PAUL sToUT ous Club 1, 2. Page One Hundred Fifty nine MARY JO SWADENER Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Ensemble 1, 2, 35 Band and Choir Concertg Scholarship Team 35 County Music Festival5 "Gay Fiesta"5 "Mikado"5 Usher "Modern Melodies"5 "Sweet- hearts" 45 American Legion Essay Contest Winner 15 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 45 Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 45 "Forum" Show 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 1, 2, 3. MARY LOU THOMAS Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 3, 45 Libra- rian Concert Band 3, 45 Choir 25 Glee Club 1, 25 Ensemble 1, 25 All Ohio State Chorus 25 Girls' Athletic Association 25 Referee Intra- mural Basketball 25 Intramural Sports 1, 25 "Forum Fantasy" 25 "Gay Fiesta" 25 "Mikado" 25 Senior Prom Committee5 "The Little Dog Laughed" 4. JOAN MAUREEN THORNBERRY Junior Band 15 Senior Band 2, 35 Junior Class Play 35 Concert Band 35 Senior Class Play Committee. MARY Jo TIER Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Secretary of Kappa Y-Teens 45 Junior Choir 1, 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 45 Head Majorette 35 Senior Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 3, 45 "Forum" Show 25 Attendant to Track Queen 35 lForum" Queen Attendant 3, 45 Football Queen RICHARD L. TROWBRIDGE Science Club 15 Basketball 1, 2, 45 Track 1, 3, 45 Student Council Senior Judge 15 Hi-Y 3, 45 President Hi-Y 45 Glee Club 35 Junior Class Play "Growing Pains" 35 Sports Editor "Jacket Journal" and "Forum"5 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 35 "Forum" Show 3, 45 Senior Prophecy Committee 4. JAMES F. UMBAUGH LENA ELLEN VERNON Y-Teens 1. MARTHA GRACE WALDEN Senior Choir 2, 3, 45 President Senior Choir 45 "Mikado" 25 "Gay Fiesta" 25 Bach Oratorio 35 Concert 35 "Sweethearts" 45 "Jacket Journal" Business Manager 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Girls' Ensemble 1, 3, 45 Ohio Wesleyan Music Festival 2, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 1, 2, 35 Handbook Committee Page One Hundred Sixty Chairman Student Council 45 Scholarship Team 35 Beta Glee Club 15 Patron's Concert 1. CAROL LOU WARD Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Art 1, 25 Student Council Finance Committee Chairman 35 Student Council Treasurer 45 Junior Class Finance Committee 35 Chairman Senior Play Committee 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN WEST WARMAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Senior Major- ette 2, 3, 45 Advertising Staff "Forum" 45 Secretary-Treasurer G. A. A. 35 Vice-President G. A. A. 45 "Forum" Show 2, 3, 45 Art Variety Show 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 Y-Teen Style Show 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. JOAN ELLEN WARMAN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Majorette 35 Junior Majorette 45 Junior Court "Forum" Show 35 Secretary- Treasurer G. A. A. 45 Treasurer Delta Y-Teens 45 "Forum" Show 45 Art Variety Show 35 Junior Class Play 35 Advertising Staff "Forum" 45 Usher Band Concert 2, 35 Y-Teen Style Show 3, 45 Pzom Committee 35 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, . ERVA M. WILSON Science Club 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Program Chairman Kappa Y-Teens 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 "Jacket Jottings" Co-editor 45 Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Gift Committee. MARILYN RAE WOODS Oils Club 3, 45 Intramural Sports 25 "Growing Pains" 35 Student Council 35 Executive Com- mittee Student Council 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Kiwanis Club Essay Winner 35 Stage Manager Art Department "Hep and Pep" Show 35 Senior Choir 45 Anthology of Poetry 45 "Sweethearts" 45 "Americana" Usher 35 Co-editor "Jacket Journal" 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Y-Teen Style show5 Library Staff 15 Y-Teen Publicity Com- mittee 35 United Nation's Test 25 "Forum Fol- lies" Decoration Chairman 45 Second Prize Winner of "Employ the Handicapped for National Security" Contest 4. BELINDA LUCILLE WYANT All High School Play 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Band l, 2, 35 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Class Play 35 "The Little Dog Laugh- ed" 4. High School Announcer Bill Holland First jacket journal newscast -- XVMVO - left to right: Lou Anne Koch, Marilyn Wfoods. Bradley Koch, and Dale Miller. Page Lou Anne Koch continued as chairman of this pro- gram throughout the year. News about the school was broadcast once a month. One Hundred Sixty-one AUTOGRAPHS AUTCGRAPHS HX, 1, H nf ' 'Y'-9' -F31 f -.wt N1 E i, i i I b i E L L 5 t, E 1 I Q Y " K " .- , . ff , in , .,-4-- m u "' - , 'Q " - - F , 1 4:14 ' - . .afnff , , -S, ,T-, . K. Y. 55 5 ,,, A , Y - . ,?.3.,-1. .L H, -- 5, , 117,03 - t ' -' .Jai 'Ezr- . ,lv-f , ' P1 2 f Q ' 'L 5 li f - , ff' Z ,- 1 5 1 2 E. ' ' ' 1 ' ?7iM'I4fE,'3'.li54fZ5SViTifli2" 2'ff' ILL ,VY 'LFE' ""-'f-':'3f5ff'43IF5UI ""' L ' ' "Ab" ' ' ' ,W 1'-' -'-nl-21 n w- ff ""'?

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