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 - Class of 1948

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.a.,, ,..,lL:, , 4 . . 1 .Vi L as , Vg 'O 32 Y 4 .Q -V - ' V:-L A ' gf , , ' ' , V -,W , 4., ,,...hV, , . .V H,,,V37 Y , 1 . V VV' 4' mi, ,V V agfleiqwr-V.: V - -, 1, 2- " 'Te ra - . -,.a? , f.5:T V ' 2 "xv 4'-'Sis ' ' ' ff?"-Life: V. 1 1- '52-Q ., - VV Y' - 'f '-' ' 'Fw . F - , ., ,, , 'S' -be 35 " V V ig 1:-if , ,-fn V QA 4 . :q, S - 4,--rag. ' ,jg --V gf- V--i . V - rf 1.. - V s 1- V 2- - , V, f 'L ,:'.,s.y- , 'ew 57:5-V?-. , -,IQ "- 2:3 -f a: . Ni .V N 2- .iff-it' 71: ' 4,-VV B V 'AL Y , ,A . 1 'V pg" ,I ,I , - V V k' -17 . .55 1 ,A -, 4 ' V 1 S . -N. . Q V f fs' ,i .f .. A , i.?,Ei.vll n :wif ' .T - , ' - me 'fc f f ',:' F- ,g+. "fi ' V 1 ff , i..a,,5i. , Y, ,- -V , K ' - ,, ff - ,Y :.,, V' 4 . , 4 ' '. . -, 4,-,ea -.- x -,.V Y4., ,, ,. .". -f- - . w-xg :+V - .I .4 ,Q -,-:- I 4 1, , g, , ,V. , j . V Y -, , ,, us V , . , .w-,'- - V , 1 .., -, . V: 4 , F sl Y -V 5, 1 pi. ,rufd-V, .QVIV ' rv fl L!-V - -, .VJ y V V, ' gil ri 'A ' V .., , iw . " , J " V f V 5 " 1 , Vg s V 1,-J ,V jj331?'Q T ' ffl, ' Aff! 1 , :--- 5 ' ,-:- v- ' - ,x , J,-.,3,,J V V V - V V k ,J ,1f-.- V V -- ,V . ,. 2-4L!,,. ,,,V.,A,, , .V .,, , Y Y , X 1 . 5 : Y -. 51 fsgjf'-fj'f1ffV H ,,2 - , "Q: -, -- ,-3 3, ' " 3 fi, Z V TV - ' " ff .f ., ' 1, , V' V ifrfgi- H' ' ij, , Vfiflh. -,' , X ' ,', , f 1 - ...-.1-3. r . .,,,. ,. .. . ,V . ,V .V, , ,-1 . V: J I V V V. 5 V , f , Q i A 1 5 V g V Pi ' . ig-4fj,,.-ggi: ,Vi--Y. V' AV Vs, - f- V. V 'K' ,.Ln,,-f -, 1:-'v V- Q-S1402 f , V,,,,,.,V,.-,s,,Y--1- ,V ,, ,-f .f M V -W 'Vi 2: "".l--if --- ' r 'fV"g'.- '-1 41' -V' . Yay- Vps, .JV -'V-.- -' N Qi- 'ff v-.Vi V V F I I .i . -' , - ,,., TWV fx' 'f.-- , W .,.1 .,-V ' gy- - ' , r , Q , 1 ' ' I-' ' .- 1?-' V 'V ' Y -F 'l 1. A. 4 13 Q ,VV V fggc Y V , ' V -'V 'T Ag- .V 1 A-4 'Q -- , 9 31:2 ff, v-f?g,.,L W' EV -: . . V ,pix Y l T- ' i :V- 4- WV-43. fa.-, , jrfg, 1 , -V , -,lg 4,., , -ifwn ,Y ' ' V I i -:fl f -'fx - L 2 A V WE. . ,J f, , . . , 2 - ,fm Y V , J wi VY in , , . 1 V s. 'f'E?' tif -' V xx A ?-5:3 ' fig . V ' 'EK fk . ., ' ' 3 w,-.'ET- 1 ' : V fe? hm 1,5 , if 35 is M34 , W 5 , , rw-.3 'Q-'f . f-fa if N ' ' x Eff? K . xg? x .W f 2.355355 ' v 155' 1" ' flzgjff' ' .A 2 'ii51'- 15.2.5 -T " V i,,.5.,, 'W :A -. ,:?m'l.r Q4 '. 'tn- ... M' 'rfnf-ff n'1"Qii 'Q ' , . .ff- .E I an 1.5 I . V ', ,, 4- gxfiyiim Y . V, Y.,,v,,,, U ..1-, --J .- Q ., f 'flax I ,5 ,N 4 .ips-5' f , 1 gee A , 41,1 ,, , '42 Q Q. 1 Yr ,.,. , 22' , njji 95-,rf gdb , If... 'nf' ,K , A 14 g V :ex -ZQFQ, '- Q31-Q 'Fifi , 5 ' 1 Lf?- -, :Jin ' ni!YY'1".'. ' ,-r M , , gmrdf 'f A n 57.40, , iff '- qwm -3, I. ,n,,q,.,e , .:1'5?3zr, , A , ' . -wf...w,. f , ,..,,,,-. ., 4 N .nvfry l, .A , 4,1 , -v, -.F . ,f , A, V, M14 MA ,, ,,'., .N -R TW V L 1 W, ,,, W, gf X, . ,, T M L, y Yum. 4.5, xr f ff Q 1 . , -ah , Q, 1'-' as-M ' ' ij, X k Y, ' w 1 ,. A 1 ' L 4 'Tj A '- ff K f,f'fM,ub:f1 , 1 ' U70 M U. ,. V, if" 1 yay? Jfjwy- .V - ' , I ,U A. ,.., .. If . ,af Q Q, A- r-V-wyfi-' - , ' L.. :N - ., K ' 11-uni'-521. -,WV 5 mf, 3 V, H E. gh 14,15 4. ,. . WY, V ' : '11'f'..4,:,f: , M' .. wiv-4 1 v-.1 3 - 1 , . -4,-kg'-fv , .. 4 1.-- , A 9 'L y ag , ., ,H , Y, ' .1 'wfvf , 4 X :- V -. -'J . X-, v W 'W .I ' ,., . V 1 , .Y -.1 jfs. .N ,nn :grief 3, . 1 . 1,1 w- . 0. W 1- , Q- .. . J ' 5 ' ! , f J A 2' , , V - ,W film .wfifrff "lm"-.V -. 1,'2f:',' ' if' -'ai' . ,QW ' " - F, 1 '?5 - I 4 -,W ,- H C 'K J ', Q- 'U 4" .. " , V , , . dk 1. Q E f W , 4 -A ,iw ' 4 Q P ,.,,r,' 1 3 J' .1 Mr .4 .10 . 1..- L . L - , -M., 1 ' c'-vm, . ' FJ. -vi ,- :--- , x - : 1-, ,....- Af. , W 4, s . .,, 1-w?' ,53,lFa Z W if-f5 "' 2GQ .44 '..2.u vhzggv,--. 1 yfU?:7,5'.:"i -v wr- " ' qw,-f, gk .Af .4 ,fgf.1,, -g.,,: 1.1, -' F5 ' ie " wi-if 137, J g3:z11i,5,,, uilfiaigalf 'ff' M. 1 .. ,zf . . .-Q U.-,Q , -.?,.4 .1,-. wwf- la 1-w ' DFW fn, 4177? ,,-4 , i 4 lf- , Z '15 X 1' gxii .k 'fi' ' . F1 Sk 'Qgw we feifiiiir 'Z 5 .2aw!!F,f'fe!P' it -"-2'j-,.. 1 - ,. . ww A B 1 i' aa' f1'aw , .B ' AQ 55 -fx v 1 X 5 .Q -. 1... .---, f ff , , K' i? Af V , -2' f :-' .z 'X e X- , 2 ,, , w -B' 1 s V Q ,-if fe 'L ,zliiirjgrg A-. i'1' A f A-1 B, ff. 1fgg.fgg:eew it 54" A 4 4 if-iillf QA ' 1 'Rf' - I ,V V -Zi 1- Ev 1.11, "Z 'V , YV'-' p " 172' I 2 tx f ,Jw "" "TQ ef., 4 'A 1 X T ,- J .,,, , TN? 45,6 , V 4 1 nj . V :U 517 ji- Q-f L' Um 1-1: 'lf-U N1 '-41' ,-ao.u,1Q,.,..g:f- .mfyff Ref- 1 1 I 4 1 If? -M-9 W-'U '-7'-'U Us-ii 43"-2 fllqig SWA' ii'-5 -HJ 1 lf-F ' 'li NW!! -M1 -fl'-14 9 1 1s 4 J ,.gl..A-1 ,144 11.4.4 .aim if ' v 11 5, 72 sv, , 4 11 ,4 1 an m .fi +G il ifegzitu J-1 z ' : 1- 1 .Ar If ft. a 4 .Q i f-. Es ai ma -1.g'i4.sJ. f N "4 5' 5 if 'fi 1" rf fffi T . 'A '1 , -nf-F-,Y - f 4-. ,W ., M x ,.,,,,- --ss --il :g'3E.YQi2i. i t A - .1 4 1 -ggi tiki if f ., is ' ff , f ' - -V, s, f6ii12.',.1 N " ,-14'-'F - ' .' ' ,, ' 122z2w-2"if: if ' f- 4-V B , M' 'B eg sfiz Jfiff f If f , fZ'fi7'Jfi"' V - V , ,-V Q, '. QQ" 'Q-Zi" ' V , -if y,, I .- ..,..-..,. , . .,:... , .1.V ' .- if? 1, ff K, ylgfqiibmii. js- .N ..., , -"- .e-:-sm-a:,N:,:.-,:,'1, N-b xfg if K , I Nj ,,-, Slow' I' 1' "' ,V u, . --v Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon, Ohio TH FORUM 1948 Editor-in-Chief Betty jo Frary Associate Editor - - joan Francis Business Manager Fred Buxton Director Sara Cannon F OREWORD In this FORUM of the class of 1948, we are using cartoons drawn by Iohn Iohnson and Ruth Hennell to open each monthly section. All the informal pictures were taken by Richard Brandt, assisted by Iames Kousoulas and Fred Zerull. Mr. Guy Lipps of Simmonds Studio took all the portraits and large groups. Since we are dedicating the FORUM to Mr. I. F. Thomas, we have chosen his favorite color, red, for the cover and the color throughout the book. The zinc etchings of the buildings were done by students of the art department. The one which appears on the preceeding page was done by Ned Roessler and took first prize in the etching contest. if Ax, .Eli I QW -REQ: 0 K, ,, y , ,Q Q, ii ' Q Z! .ll 3 g, all fee s .fa v 'f ,f" ' . ll n :.'t' W N w Q Af ji! ff' I f . ff 7711 lyk , 1 l f 1 .. x 1,1 X X1 ,Q I, fi n we-352 - --'iii 1,.aff A gg- A P .,-rf Ff' ' 5 A N"-' f QW X J R -,- -N ' .4 N 'Q -ff-,vga I. FLOYD THOMAS The 1948 FORUM staff takes great pleasure in dedicating the yearbook to Mr. I. Floyd Thomas who has given unlimited service to the athletic and physical education departments of Mount Vernon High School in the eight years he has been here. Mr. Thomas takes a personal interest in every boy he has trained, and the boys who have come under his influence feel that they have better bodies and are better sports than they were before coming in contact with "Tommy." In appreciation of his untiring efforts we are pleased to dedicate this book to a good teacher and a true friend. September Scene Dirk Brandt Old Friends Meet On The First Day Of School I X 5 Page Six In September We Meet the Fezeu by -f - . k f l? Q 5:52, f ew . H E ' 77-7773 eu H 'fe VZ' -,. Nh ' +1435 we . 1.5 'fe ' A , fy ,,,. . W - " PgS S11 pevfiifzteml ent Page Eight john David Geiger Mount Vernon, Ohio Bluffton College, A. B. Ohio State University, M, A Kenneth West Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Staie University B A.. B. E. E., B. S. Ed.. M. S. Principal Page Nine Assistant Principal Page Ten Harold Higlmmn Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B. S. Ed., M. E. RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXALL Sunbury, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University, B. A. School of Speech, North- western University Speech and Dramatics ELEANOR OWENS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Denison University, A. B. English 10 IACK SCHUSTER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B. S. in Ed. Industrial Arts Assistant Track Coach ALICE C. CASSELL Mt. Vernon. Ohio University of Michigan, B. A. Latin 9 and 10 Imzfifuction Begins In September H. L. HIGHMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, B.S. in Ed., M. E. Business I and II Dean of Boys Assistant Principal MARY B. HERRON Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan Ohio State University B. S. in Ed. Capital University Typing, Shorthand, Otiice Practice HELEN C. SEVITTS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wooster, Ph. B. Columbia University, M. A. Western Reserve Uni- versity, B. S. in Library Science Librarian DAVE McDOWELL Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Muskingum College, B. A. Head Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Commercial Geography Page Eleven Z L Faculty GUY VAN NOSTRAND Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University, B. S. World History FERN E. LEWIS Fredericktown, Ohio Muskingum College Asbury College Ohio State University, A. B. Art LOUISE M. ACKERMAN Fredericktown. Ohio Wooster, B. S. Cook Hospital, Chicago Home Nursing RICHARD E. ECKER Cleveland, Ohio Ohio State University. B. S. Instrumental Music Page Twelve VIVIAN DOWDS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan, B. A. University of Pennsylvania U. S. History GEORGE LOOMIS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University, B. F. A. and B. Sci. in Ed. Art RUTH MCELHINNEY Mount Vernon, Ohio Marshall College, A. B. Vocational Home Economics LORAINE EDWARDS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Oberlin College, A. B. New York University, M. A. Ohio State University Christiansen Choral School Vocal Music PEARL CARPENTER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent College Ashland College Mathematics GLADYS SCOTTIE Mt. Vernon, Ohio Kent State University Geography 7- 8 A. D. ASKINS Sparta, Ohio Ohio State University, B. S. in Ed. and M. A. Civics and Geography 7th and 8th Grade BERNADINE BURGESS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Secretary to the Principal fl:- N L-t, f -xiii ,. it All Milf KJ , 1'if,'cgC:JfAA .'x'.x Y 'L' ink! H 3 . , N V 174 ,K HH L if ti ttf - """" 5 ' as , 'N r I B. R Y i. urn tit i N! is ii ' iff-fr-222 Faculty A. I. HOBESON Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, B. S. in Ed Ohio State University Biology General Science MARGUERITE MANN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan U.. B. A. Ohio State University Ohio University English 9 MARIORIE BLACKWELL Mt. Vernon, Ohio Asbury College, B. A. Ashland College University of Kentucky Ohio State University English 8 REX M. MURPHY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Kent State University, B. S. in Ed. Duke University Western Reserve U. American History Athletic Business Manager Page Thirteen Faculty MARTHA V. COCHRAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Asbury College, B. A. University oi Kentucky Ashland College Assistant Librarian Personal Typing Advertising Merchandising and Store Management DWIGHT BUMPUS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Southwest Missouri State Teachers' College B. S. in Ed. Head Football Coach Retail Sales, Economics, Typing, Business 9 SUZANNE S. FRIEDLY Centerburg. Ohio Bowling Green University, B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University, M. A. Senior Math., Algebra 9. Math. 7 WILLIAM M. HILL Mt. Vernon, Ohio Miami University Ohio State University B. A. and B. Sc. General Science "Page Fourteen FLORENCE CASS Mt. Vernon, Ohio University of Minnesota Denison University, Ph. B History E. N. WASILIEFF Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B. A. University oi Kentucky English 7 and 8 CLARICE NEFF Willard, Ohio Muskingum, B. A. Girls' Physical Ed. OLIVE BROOKS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Miami University Mathematics 8 ROGER L. WALTON Gambier, Ohio Kenyon College, B. S. Kent State University, B. S. in Ed. Chemistry, Physics LAURA E. KOONS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Western College for Women B. A. M Columbia University, . A. Ohio State University English 12 SARA CANNON Mt. Vernon, Ohio Bethany, B. A. New York University English, lournalism, Director Publications THOMAS T. BERRY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University, B. S. Vocational Agriculture Lf Faculty GLADYS H. BAKER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University B. A. Ohio State University, M. A Geometry, Trigonometry Advanced Algebra AUDREY' WRIGHT Mt. Vernon, Ohio Muskingum, College, B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University, M. A. Social Sciences Dean of Girls I , Y 1' ' L.. LAMOIL L. OWEN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio University, B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University, M. A. in Ed. American Problems Visual Education IMOGENE MONTGOMERY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Denison University, B. A. McGill University University of Toledo, M. A. French and Spanish Page Fifteen 1 'V Faculty NORA McKAY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent State University History 8 MARY BECK Mt. Vernon, Ohio Production Clerk BERYL HIGHMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, B. S. in Ed. Business Organization, Bookkeeping 1 and Z, Business 1, Clerical Practice, Record Keeping HELEN BURGESS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Secretary to Superintendent LETHA F. FERGUSON Howard, Ohio Secretary to Principal Page Sixteen M , ,.,.,,. X , it g m ' . , i , N ' HH ? .. -1 ,.. is . i, iw 'V "ii ai, 'A LAWRENCE E. YARMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ashland College, B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University, M. S. Eighth Grade Geography Iunior High Football and Basketball Coach ELMER M. CRABBS New London, Ohio Georgetown College, A. B. Miami University Ohio State University General Mathematics, Track Coach lOHN FLOYD THOMAS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Utah State College, B. S. Director of Athletics Physical Ed. Reserve Football Iunior High Basketball LEOTA BAKER Mt. Vernon. Ohio Production Clerk ELDA BEHNKE Ashville, Ohio Miami University Ohio University, B. S. in Ed. Ohio State University English 7 H I! September Song for Seniors F s IAKE and RALPH N DOROTHY 1 SALLY ELAINE SENIOR FOOTBALL BOYS F ERN BOB SHIRLEY ELAINE DON and BRAD RUTH IOAN IIMMY and LARRY ROSEY, CHRIS, IIMMY and DOG Page Seventeen S eventh Grade Roll Shirley Ackerman Barbara Alberts Beverly Armstrong Bonnie Atherton Weston Augenstein Thomas Awwiller Frederick Ball Nancy Barncord George Bascos Nancy Bascos Iohn Beck Dorothy Beesley Ianet Berger Phillip Berger Charles Bonnist Iames Bricker Larry Bryan Darrel Bumpus Bobby Burris Clark Buxton Geoffrey Chalmers Creston Cline William Conard Marvin Connell Monna Coon Robbie Curry Ioan Curtis George Doup Duane Drake Evelyn Dunn Carol Dunham Ruth Dunn Nancy Eberhardt Ruth Edmister Ioann Elwood Richard Erlanger Iames Fawcett Ioanne Feasel Twila Fish Page Twenty "We Came Too Early Too Late' Phyllis Frye Vivian Gallogly Barbara Gantz Ronald Gaumer lane Geiger Ruth Gillooley Iohn Grimm George Grubaugh Frank Hamilton Ioan Hamilton Roberta Hardesty Barbara Hershner Jimmy Hissong Dick Hiles Robert Hoffman Edwin Hofmann Nina Horlacher Iohn Hoyt Nancy Hunter Nancy Ireland Patsy Iohnson Constance Iohnston Kent Iohnston Barbara lones Faith Iones Maurice Iones Ronnie Iones Iames Kathary Fred Kimble Ierry Knox Wilbur KinKade Bradley Koch Elaine Kousoulas Virginia Kyrner Dora Lahmon Gordon Lambillotte Betty Latherns Robert Laymon Beverly Leiter Wayne Levers Dorothy Loney Victor Loney Adam Madias Hobart Magill Gloria Mahon Dick Massa Carol Mayer Iolene Mazza Nancy Metcalf Dale Miller Eddie Miller Barbara Morris Patty McClellan Ronald McCoy Rosalie McKenzie Iohn McKinley Belva Nelson Walter Nukes Lois Oakes Dee Olson Mary Anne Painter Emry Ann Pardee David Park Fred Pargeon Iames Payne Tommy Phillips Robert Pitkin Ioyce Poland Mary Poland Richard Poling Ieannine Porter Norman Price Sally Pryor Iohn Ransom Dick Reynard Duane Rinehart Howard Robbins Barry Roesler I Winiired Rucka Elaine Scholz Patricia Scott Derle Seavolt Mary Severns Roberta Shannon Kenneth Shira William Shubert Mary Sindlinger Billy Small lane Smith Iack Snow Iudy Sowers Gene Spriggs Ronnie Statler Norman Steagall Donald Stout Barbara Sussman Jimmy Sutton Wanda Sutton Ann Tabor Creta Tablett Martha Talbott Brack Taylor Arlene Thomas Carol Thomas Shirley Tier Beverly Trott William Tyson Larry Vail Regina Vernon Nancy Waddell Dorothy Warman Mary Warner Bobby Wears Carolyn Wells Marcus White Leland White Iohn Williams Shirley Wolfe jacket journal I EDITOR - IN - CHIEF LENOR RAPP BUSINESS MANAGER BETTY TURNER In the second week of September the jacket Iournal, the school paper, began its subscription campaign. Page Twenty-one jacket journal SMF Literary Editor Eleanor Inks Reporter 1 Marjorie Kathary , Subscription Manager Betty Io Thomas Iurzior Reporters Paul Mentis Don Iohnson Club Editor Ruth Hoffman Music Editor Loretta Bohn Exchange Editor Marilyn Christy I unior Reporter Otto Rotunno Athletic Editor lack Elliott Page Twenty-th ree September Calendar 2-Vacation is over as we trudge up the steps to greet our classmates and teachers for another year. 3-Seventh grade students aren't the only ones who are bewildered-poor Mr. Ecker -- still trying to find out what he teaches. 4-What do you know-no monitors yet! Oh, the bliss of the first week of school. 5-Tonight we scrimmage Delaware. Gee, we hope we have a good team this year! 8-A rumor is out that we won't have monitors this year. 10-The band members are still going through the halls turning square corners and saying, "Ha1t l-2-kick," in front of their classrooms. ll-We bet it was 100 degrees in every room today. The poor seniors had to take that math test, too. See you in that math class. 12-YEA MT. VERNON, BEAT WOOSTER! First football thuse, and did that band sound good! 13-Yea Mt. Vernon, we won! Iacket Journal subscription campaign is in full swing. 16-lust heard that Canton Timken is bringing their band Friday night. Oh, boy! 17-The advertising staff of the II is still trying to memorize its slogan. The codfish lays 1,000 eggs, The homely hen lays one: The codfish never cackles To tell you what she's done. And so we scorn the codfish, And the homely hen we prize. Which demonstrates to you and me That it pays to advertize. 18-A day that gets even the best of us down. 19-lacket Iournals came out today Cfirst issuej. Booster club meeting and tonight we play Canton Timken. 22-Iust discovered Murray Wright's philosophy of life. A bachelor is a happy guy, He has a lot of fun: He sizes all the cuties up. But never Mrs. one. 23-The petitions have started for senior class officers. 24-The warning has begun: next week is the fifth week of the six weeks. 25-Only one more day of school-this week. 26-Tonight we play Coshocton. We haven't beaten them on their own field for twenty years, either. Csobj lt's been ten years on our own field. Good luck! 29-Monday blues are shattered and so are the records. We beat the Redskins 13-6 on their own field. Holiday declared! CHa, Halj 30-The boys are getting ready to beat Akron Hower Friday night. Page Twenty-four ff X ff! X q f f If , ff A'-3 I ff ix ff Yfffgffgg- v ' f ' f fn " K - , gf,-,MZ fy' f , 9 , X yf' W! WQfXX,x x ' 1' XX If W! . , W, 17, IX, X K , f ' f'.g K17' V ff ' 'Laffy i , ff! f fl X! 'ff ,ff f 'f A X , , X j I, , X . X, , -K X 5 X k,x!,f' ., f-f,'3P 'WL' fgx If as X? aux: qx , QWQYQZW X Eighth Grade Girls PgT y Eighth Grade Boys Page Ezglatb Grade Samuel Alberts Eldon Antill Bill Banner Billy Bayliss Bobbie Bebout Dick Beck Charles Bennett Don Berger Norman Blake Frederick Borst Fred Boyd Iohn Boyd Bobby Briggs Charles Bumpus lack Caldwell Edward Cann Ierry Carter Wesley Cline Frank Coe Paul Colopy Arnold Coonrad Leonard Coon Arthur Crim Don Curry Gene Davis Gary Dennis Eddie Ernest Billy Everett Mary A. Ashbrook Mary Lou Babson Marcia Beech Zondra Bevington Ioretta Boucher Ieannine Bowden Louise Brown Doris Bumpus Ioan Burchard Mystel Burris Ioyce Butcher Betty Butler Lola Carpenter Mary Ellen Carter Ianet Conger Cynthia Coolidge Marilyn Coonrad Barbara Cosner Ellen Dalrymple Ianice Dearman Carolyn Doup Betty Iean Drake Nancy Edgar Ioan Emlich Lois Ann Gardner Carole George lean George Margaret Graves Barbara lean Grubaugh Page Twenty-eight Roll EIGHTH GRADE BOYS Robert Ferris Richard Fleming Iim Francis Arthur Frost Norman Gaines Ray Graham Iames Grennell Russell Hall Ronnie Halterman Wayne Hubbell Iack Hamilton Iimmy Higgins William Holland Robert Householder George Hough Gary Iohnson Neil Iohnson Iack Iones Phillip Iones Kenneth Keck Harold Knox Albert Levenson Robert Lockhart Dick Lorey William Maffett Ioe Metcalf Don Mill Merill Monk EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS Alice Hagaman Margaret Hale Patty Harman Carleen Hartman Mary Helen Hartzler Geldra Hess Marilyn Hofmann Patsy Hottinger Kathryn Iennings Mary Kittleberger Lou Ann Koch Barbara Kymer Kay Lay Barbara Lewis Rita Lipps Roberta Lybarger Barbara Mink lane Martin Betty Marvin Mary Mower Ioyce McMahon Iris McMillen Dorothy Meek Imogene Middleton Mary Newton Iean Oldaker Dorothy Owen Donna Payne Louella Porter Marvin McQuigg Bobby Patterson Eugene Phillips Eugene Porter Charles Roach Mona Rutherford Ieff Salisbury Iohn Schorr Kenneth Skeen Darwin Shultz Ronald Sorenson Frederick Spangler Lawrence Sperry Owen Steurer Billy Stout Raymond Stout lack Stream Iirnmy Theibert Larry Thomas Iames Umbaugh Bobby Eugene Vernon Robert Vernon Don Wagstaff Kenneth White Iohn Wolford Lester Workman Earl Zimmerman Thelma Pumphrey Marilyn Ramsey Lois Rex Bessie Ridenbaugh Odelva Ridenbaugh Alice Robinson Mary Elizabeth Schmidt Kathleen Shira Carol Shultz Patty Smith Mary Io Swadener Ioyce Terjung Mary Lou Thomas Ioan Thornberry Mary Io Tier Berdina Underhill Lena Vernon Carol Ward lean Warman Ioan Warman Margaret Wells Lolita Williams Erva Wilson Marilyn Woods Belinda Wyant Dora Dell Wyant Ioyce Zwissler Connie McPeek Coaching Staff Yarman, Crabbs. Bumpus, McDowell. Thomas 0L'l0b61"ff Bzggcft I ntcrcft If Football Practice P ge Twenty-nine Names In The News , . . Q Q Demo Sas 0176 CBM: mud 1 , and Dick Qaptainsb , mined clash TNS 15 Of this Murray Wright and R' 'Qteurer between Jackets and early school was elect- at the tacklesg Gef the Dover last Fiiday. earlier Center' High? and at thef the e Bu . - , 1 tfies mpub Deeiilldx Sfeurer the the end 2009 fm' 9 ' I mud with practice started Aug, f"1I'St SlZ!'iI1I-ff' 2 first thiq In Bunqp- :year xel-lies yeax, D Xliiefcn' the 'md if vou mer football and fmm fullbaglrl ' L l Q . weaver, one of the want to know the rut of tha boys wr gf Wag v at k who played look has ,taken 0114 the . J umm' also educa' who 'amd Sz High lung ast, Steve nw J' f I Yea! Mt. V Mt. V91 'STL Bal, qw, qi rms been ix is Sup' mm. Befzxt, Iezxrucfawtm. Boat Lance: 'Immun' k ' H C W5'5Ud W be the fiistwt Sink? tm- gmt LJa,,m,,g,,,1l' Ml. Vernon High 130 fl Pimiwlns' Coach Bumpus played in '38 and , Jackets Yel- 'f low J at will 1 to down the ware Wxllis grjdff dares by a 40 to 0 score. Afief' mst by f, Names In The News Scalp Jackets Bump rick Sf of 27 and W score A 4 nmg. and LG a hard fpughvvictory over pre- viously urw' ' 1- 9 Nfdocton, ven:f61'e. half fc Marietta ,he um Lwice to tie the ftta- November 1. After Steve Deedriik opened 1 32-yard 5' Txade hi znlacen' at'Mar1- 'M 'Hoping with e M e31ent1s 7-4 age. The ea, :ning but b - Scot ma Cfmtr e hom Yee? zes and t :ause of the, gruelling 140-mile 8 can Q ili'Z'TiN,,I'if1f?, :md'mostIv,-beCauS6 the 4CK?x?.q'V9 Xfeni me Dovez ' 19 and never 5 swag E037 the was held geixw ga 101 Dehmv'Hk" q n A In fffigii Vrhkh H V t e f , 'QQ 6 gl ' ' y Y e e.. e e e efe 1' thru Qmges, Seniowef OQQ , 1 of 27 and, 34 , ,muff and Were Dick Thomas :Lcurcd the other ' touchdowns, fhfill' WHY Don in junior 5116 ability as a m Q9 A Jackets Dover 25 Coach Q tea 1. while Dick SCO Car QV. e kit und best lack G may U set B 91568 G0 ,JQQY N253 49? 186 092 Q5 an 019 x C ' ets Beaten by 2 kins to 6to 0, UC . ,Ware ., ,,u,Hn,n , ,, key, Max 'no eaarms 40-up te 120 Entert C' QQ '96 of if Q by Jake H 4 oS.cy2ix.zf,5' ti Q time 1 K Q0 TY the fits sactgew '1e11ow U-Om .0 Q xo QSQQQ five, ' 3 11119 .1 an e 'SV' A1'1dn,f get nd pvpsaomd then Ml O0 line Fi. After P Hyg C We 1-71181:-agr bewyaln 32 fcmzyhipsb 261 'A' 2 'Fast 6F1'fc?a3eiC?3ik '2i?iioi5urr3?11 Wm: held Loudenville. taitgefflir riff fihfagejgzife MCCRACKEN THE RECORD Mount Vernon .n.,.,nn nnnnn 1 12 Wooster oooo.ooooooo 0 Mount Vernon .,7,oooA ,.,7ooo 1 2 Canton Timken ,,oo.,oo ooo. A 1 38 Mount Vernon ,ooo.... ,ooo... 1 3 Coshocton 11111,111 1,.. 6 Mount Vernon .rrrr,.. rrrr 1 .. 61 Akron Hower 0 Mount Vernon ,... ,... 6 Zanesville rrrrr 6 Mount Vernon ....,rrr rrrrrrr 3 O Lancaster 0 Mount Vernon ,rrr.... rrrr,,. 4 4 Newark 1 ,...., . 12 Mount Vernon r...vr rr,. 1 4 Marietta 1, 14 Mount Vernon ,rr,,r.. .,rr 1 2 Dover 1 25 Page Thirty-two 'xg' O69 , - . I Berger, Mavis, Wright, Ferrell, Reasoner. Ienkins, Sharif, Hedges, Deedrick. McCracken. Weaver, Bumpus, Steurer, Mentis, Iohns. Varsity Awawls Three-year Varsity awards were gold belt buckles: Name Position Year Steve Deedrick Back Senior Ralph Steurer Tackle Senior Murray Wright Tackle Senior Paul Mentis Guard Iunior Don Hillier Guard Iunior Two-year Varsity awards wer gold medals: Name Position Year Dick Ferrell End Senior Bob Weaver End Senior Don Reasoner End Senior George Bumpus Center Senior CHonorable Mention, All-Ohioij Dick Shuff Back Sophomore CHonorable Mention, All-Ohioj Carl Ienkins Back Senior Dick Thomas Back Iunior Dave Mavis Back Iunior George Hedges Back Senior Bob McCracken Center Senior One-year Letter awards: Name Position Year Bill Clippinger End Iunior Chuck Smith Tackle Sophomore Don Scott Tackle Iunior Willis Taylor Guard Iunior George Simmons Guard Sophomore Bill Hendershot Guard Senior Walt Clippinger Guard Iunior Don Iohnson Center Iunior Carl Iohns Back Freshman Page Thirty-three Varsity Front Row- CLeit to Riqhtj W. Clippinger, I. Spicer, Bill Hendershott, G. Bumpus, K. Iohns, G. Hedges. G Simmons D Mavis. Wm. Clippinger. Midlne Rowicaach McDowell, R. steam, D. Imax, M. wright, P. Menus, D. Heasoner, W. Taylor, D Thomas D Hillier D. Iohnson, Head Coach Bumpus. Baci: Row-'D.AFerre11.' B, Weaver, B. Emlich, D. Scott, S. Deedrick, E. Hughes, C. Smith, C. Ienkins, D. Shufi, B. McCracken. On the opposite page are pictures of the team and the crowd leaving for the Marietta-Mount Vernon game at Marietta. A special train was chartered to make the trip, and Mr. Louis Copits took the pictures of the departure. ' ,.,, i . ., an ld zhz Z' r ...,.,... x Page Thirty-four DWIGHT BUMPUS, Head Coach 4 , 35 I 'I 1 i f I is Q T7 Q ing, E i F 3. W. wyggit, wg. 'y fxgyi ' . 9 +51 M , 5 3 ,. A fl' f A . ' L . J ,E if .L 2 ,Hagar 1: if . U 1 Qi, iw- A L W X f. 135, 55? mg sm . 'Walk vw 'H qw fi"-A K- '-- . 'iff '41, K' , 1A9"'fT Er 4 .. ,fm , i w g " if. x s : ? fa' P K - . , A .X f k f k ' W , . ' ., f H ' W i 12122 Ein V aw fix lf. 1 wnew f iWa in gi 4 na Sfklk, 5 W f 2 . . 2 Teams . F. THOMAS, R RESERVES I eserve Coach ELMER CRABBS HONEY BEE5 am and 9111 Grade coach nm,..f,uahaff oi BANTAMS LAWRENCE CBusj YARMAN 7th and 8th Grade Coach Page Thirty-six ootball ueen The football queen and her attendants were elected by the members of the Varsity squad. She reigned over the Home- coming celebration, October 17. FE? E532 'fli- "fg..lL gli if-T, ,,, - tfE93iw-1 A 'nisrwi Wigs ,EIT PTE N155 f -purity i 5 ELAINE BRICKER Page Thirty-seven Winners Winners of ' MOUNT VERNON NEWS ' AWARDS , , 5 GEORGE BUMPUS WILLIAM CLIPPINGER Most Valuable Varsity Player Most Valuable Reserve Player WE'RE OFF TO MARIETTA Page Forty On One Fine October Day During a week in October. fire drills were held once a day in observance of FIRE PREVENTION WEEK Page F ozty-one Driving Demonstration Sponsored by Knox County Farm Bureau Don Harris and Marilyn Christy, seniors and Mr. Thomas Berry. iaculiy member, participated in this demonstration. Page Forty-two Career Day Oct. 15' SPONSORED BY KIWANIS CLUB Gene Blair, Carl Ienkins, Ioan Francis, Brad Upham, Betty Turner, and Iohn Iohnson look over materials for jobs. Mr. Richard W. Hamilton. District Manager of Trans World Airlines, and Mr. Cecil Knerr lead the discussion on aviation. Mr. Iames Beam advises Don Hillier about the career of a contractor. Mr. Edward Newell, Cooper-Bessemer repre- sentative, discusses engineering. Mr. Iohn G. Odgers. Head ol Vocational Guidance, State Dept. of Education. speaks to the Senior Assembly. Page Forty-three President Secretary Librarian Director Manager Page Forty-four ONE-HUNDRED-PIECE MARCHING BAND - Treasurer D David Bhoads Wilma Ward Dorothy Gantz Richard Ecker Marion Wikle l THE YELLOW IACKETS Sandra Pitkin and Louise Kerr, dressed as Yellow Iackets provided extra enter- tainment at the band shows during the football season. The Marching Bam! Puts Its Best Shows In October Director Richard Ecker UF DRUM MAIORETTES , Nancy Hissong. Garnette Bumpus, Darlene Cochran, Ioanalee Githens Molly Fletcher Molly Fletcher Mascot Page F orty-five F. H. A. Rally-October 31 The local Future Homemakers of America entertained the F H. A. Clubs of Knox and Morrow Counties at an afternoon rally, October 3l. Refreshments were served by the club. The center picture shows the Home Economics teach- ers of the three counties. Page Forty-seven October Calendar -That magazine man was here again! And do you know what-he told a new joke! -Still haven't gotten over that joke yet. Maybe we'll tell it sometime if you have forgotten. -Thuse today. Boy. do we love that band! -Beat Akron Hower Friday night. Hope we can keep it up. Hey boys, it is kind of fun to be on the long end of the score for a change, isn't it? Q61-OD -Here come those petitions again. This time it's for junior class officers. -Elaine Bricker has been elected 1947 Football Queen. CShe's my gal! Eh, shun? 3 -Only one more day to get that back work in. -The band, team. and fans are all getting ready to leave for Zanesville. Happy landings! -Well, we tied 'em, 6-6. Career Day today and a concert-more fun! No classes. -Grade cards tomorrow! -Why those blankety, blank. blank, blank! -Dick Wonders met a new girl today. CThis is worthy of headlines some- where. D -Yea, Mt. Vernon! Beat Lancaster! C30 - OD -Future Teachers of America Club organized today. -That girl Dick Wonders is interested in is r-e-a-1-1-y real. -Sell-out for Newark game. It is predicted that we will beat 'em. -Thuse and football quiz. They gave away tickets for tonight's game for prizes. -Surprize, no school. Teachers meetin', yuh know. -Murray Wright's exhibiting the remains of that Newark game. Boy, what a team! -Safe driving demonstration today. We now swear never to drive over 20 M. P. H. again. CHa!D -Everybody is excited over the chartered train that will go to the Marietta game Saturday. Page Forty e ghl f fy!! 14 'u my X 0 Q V 2, Lia VW f ' U 1 If ' fU 1 'qv N, X ,f .4 if ni N"?,7 by VJ ff ' if L, f 1 VX X , HK MM l X h lf. 1, Y 4, Q3 P' X U ' , x x X M FTS- my lff,-:ff-" I Forum Staff Editor -in - Chief BETTY IO FBARY Business Manager FRED BUXTON xv? it k WHW1 g me ,733 af B t ' iis T ' 3231 ii, l.. ,. , ' .W T' . . 9' Page Fifty In October the subscription campaign for the Forum, the high school yearbook, Was started. The students were permitted to pay on the installment plan until February 1 when the Forum was to be paid for in full. F orzmz Staff Top Row 'Calendar Editor, Roselyn Blackwell: Subscriptions Steve Deedrick: Literary Editor Ianice La . . Y. Middle Row Subscription Manager, Mary Io Temple: Assistant Photographer, Iim Kousoulas: Photo Editor, Ioyce Mossholder. Bottom Row Art Editor, Iohn Iohnsong Advertising Manager, Ruth Anne Leonard, and Assistant Tom Badger. Page Fifty-one Forum Staff 1 41 4' N t , , My life 'vm- ortlmbes '5 C 3,09 00 sub Top Row Associate Editor, Ioan Francis: Advertising Staff, Gene Davy and Bill Simpson. Middle Row Ioyce Mossholder, Photo Editor discusses appointments with Guy Lipps, Photographer: lane Lybarger, member oi the Advertising Staff. Bottom Row Dick Brandt, Staff Photographer: Forum Staff counted seventy-five dollars worth of tax stamps. Page Fifty-two MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented DEAR RUTH A Comedy in Two Acts by Norman Krasna Friday Evening, November 14, 1947 Dora ,,r,r...........,r......,.r,r.......,r,,,e..,r..,,,.,..r,,r.. Mrs. Edith Wilkins .,,,-., Miriam Wilkins ,.rr,....r Iudge Harry Wilkins THE CAST Lois Cochran Lenor Rapp Brenda Olson Bob Staley Ruth Wilkins ,,.,..,,................ ......... M iriam Titus Lt. William Seawright .. ,.rrr, ...,,,rr . Tom Fawcett Albert Kummer ...,......,,... ........ B ob Sattler Martha Seawright ...,lc,. 1 ,.,.,.,c, Pat Rahming Sgt. Chuck Vincent ...,...,c.rc,,....,..ccr.. ,,c.....rc... L arry Loyd Harold Klobbermeyer Dean Thompson ACT I Scene 1. Saturday morning. Scene 2. Same Day. Five-fifteen P. M. Scene 3. Sunday morning. One-thirty A. M. ACT II Scene 1. Sunday morning. Ten A. M. Scene 2. Same day. Noon. Scene 3. Same day. Four P. M. The setting is the living room of the Wilkins' home, Kew Gardens, Long Island. PRODUCTION STAFF Director .......................................................... Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager .......................................................... Gordon Griffin Stage Crew ........r,r. Dean Reeder, Orla Conard, Iohn Workman Electricians .r,rr.r..........r.. Bob Hatfield, Larry Loyd, Fred Cornet, Iimmy Kousoulas Property Committee .............. Eleanor Inks, Sandra Pitkin, Janet Dowds, Margo Erlanger, Patty Taylor, Sue Lewis. Trckets ........................................................ Mary Beck, Mildred Fox Head Usher ............................................................ Donna Stiverson Page Fifty-three "Dear Ruth" Albert and Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins wait for Ruth - Albert The Sailor --- Miriam in serious trouble A qiit for Ruth --- Miriam's confession -A quiet wedding, Page Fifty-four fl' Dem' Ruth" The Lieutenant is a fast worker-Breakfast with the Wilkins Ruth and the LieutenantMStage crew x Page Fifty-five Football Banquet November 20 Page Fifty-six The football banquet was held in the new gym. Later in the evening the whole group attended a movie. Two nights before each game, the mothers of the boys on the team served them a turkey or chicken dinner. These dinners served as an inspiration to win. w w W . l Top How-Marchal, Knerr, Wikle. Bottom Row - McNeil, Williams, Goudy. Volleyball During November an intramural volleyball tournament was held in the upper three grades. Marion Wik1e's team won the championship by defeating "Iake"' E11iott's team two out of three games. ., 'Wx ' ' as .., 541Y'X+XV 'aus' Af ' ,Cb 2 .1. xnxx Y Q a W i t ' j in ig t n I Page Fifty-seven Freshman Boys Page Fifty-eight 65,113 A q , ' '1 V. E ' .ef ' Q A 7 ' "'i . 5',' Ai-J: HZ Freshman Girls Page Fifty Arm Ackerman Lois Agnew Ned Allen Russel Ansel Charles Antill Richie Bastin Bob Bateman Virginia Bebout Alice Beck Darrell Beckholt Don Bennett Lee Bevington Robert Blue Virginia Boswell Billy Bowden La Donna Bowers Harold Brenneman Billy Brown Hobart Brown Nelson Brown Ruby Bryan Mary Bumpus Ioan Burchard Monna Butler Evelyn Carpenter Arthur Carter Bob Cline Carroll Cochran Marilyn Crawiord Donald Deavers Robert Dawson Betty Dexter Billy Dougherty Hazel Dunn Virginia Eagle Shirley Edminster Muriel Epstein Fred Erlanger Mary Ellen Ewing Billy Fish Patty Fletcher Ruth Franz Bob Fry Charlene Frye Carl Galleher Ierry Galleher Bob Gamble Bob Gates Harold Gates David Gelsanliter Barbara Genre Charles Gillooley Page Sixty Freshman Ruth Gleason Anita Glover Ray Graham Ieanette Graves Charles Grennell Spencer Hall Diana Hammond Nancy Hare Ruth Harrington Margaret Hart Richard Herndon Bobby Higgins Patsy Hildebrand Doris Hillier Iane Hoovler Bob Hull Barbara Hulse Iames lmel Carl Irick Monica Iackson Ronald Ienkins Glenn Iones Paul Iones Kenneth Keck Louis Keck Virginia Kinney Class Roll Gertrude Kittleberger James Kousoulas Don Lambillotte Dolores Latherns Beatrice Laymon Delmar Lewis Sue Lewis Nick Madias Beverly Magill Ieannette Martin Lillian Mauler Mary Mawer Ioe Metcalf Ioan Motiitt Arlene Mossholder Leona McFarland Bob McGough Shirley McKenzie Barbara McKinley Billy McKnown Dick McPeek Milton McQuigg Clyde Newton David Ogg Vaughn Paddock Arthur Paques Mary Ruth Parker Richard Payne Dwain Petty Beverly Peugh Phyllis Pier Rollo Poland Kathleen Porter Lanning Porteriield Ted Price lean Reed Barbara Riley Susan Robeson Carol Robinson Virginia Rouse Marilyn Rowley Eddie Rucka Patty Ryan Carol Sattler Ioe Sellers Sandra Servais David Shields Norma Shrimplin Mary Siegworth Dolores Simmons Don Smith Ioyce Stafford Richard Starmer Owen Steurer Flora Talbot Sally Tabor Helen Temple Ioann Thomas Denny Thomas Bill Tier Charles Titus Iohn Treese Bill Turley Flora Tuttle Marvin Vannatta Ethel Vernon Kathleen Vernon Bobby Walton Ioan Walton Edna Warman Iames Watson Mary Lou Waters Gene Williams Marilou Wintermute Dixie Wolfe Earl Zimmerman Dick Zinsmeister , sh ' , f ,i sh ag: , 5, ,xi 21:5 ' A if . Q' 'f LLL if gb' tilt: 5.722 ' 5? 'iii 'inset' 5 ,1 A, . , 5 4'- Epi!! 1 .5 'glass' rat f " L .5 -- ' sf- il ra ss: fgdgt .. -ff . nm . mt ' H rjf j ' fa " - ' if-f- a ., -, msg V V Y1?rf Thanksgiving Play "Grapes for Dinner," a one-act play, was presented for the Thanksgiving assembly. Mr. George Loomis directed the play, and the cast included David Rhoads, Donna Stiverson, Otto Rotunno, Harriet Lord, Dean Reeder, Barbara Morris, and lean Miller. Mary Pat Rahming read the Thanksgiving Proclamaiion. Page Sixty-one Y - Teens The one hundred and eighty-seven members of the Y-Teens were very active in their business and social functions. During the football and basketball seasons, members sold refreshments at the games. At Christmas, groups of Y-Teen members sang carols at the Children's Home and the community hospitals. The social functions of the year were the annual formal held in November, a "Sadie Hawkins" dance in March, and a mother-daughter banquet held in May. The Y-Teens met twice every month in the auditorium for their meetings. The programs consisted of speakers. pantomimes, and a style show. Page Sixty-two Miss Clarice Neff Y-Teens C abinef Front Row- CLeit to Rightj Miss Clarice Neff. adviser: Stella Madias, junior at large: Vivian Rian, treasurer: Ie-an Miller, finance chairman: Carolyn Brandt, secreiary: Ioan Barncord, senior at large: Betty Turner, vice-president: Sally Brown, president: Betty Io Frary, program chairman: Ioan Francis, social chairman. Back Row-Bobby Iean Frye, service chairman: Phyllis Iacobs, sophomore at large: Ioan Peugh, worship chairman: Eleanor Coon, music chairman: Miss Marjorie Blackwell, adviser. President ...... Vice-President OFFICERS Secretary ...... Treasurer ........... . ............... Advisers ......... .... ....... Sally Brown Betty Turner Carolyn Brandt Vivian Rine Miss Marjorie Blackwell B' '- ,A ,':. Aff H7 I il if 45 wa N fr, Pl fx Fil' tl! v ' A-X f an H ,I , f awk- V H lin ' 'il 'Km 449: 0 P Q , 1 V h j ,,,!! . I .. 'elf J' .ra-fslrf 'liv N l?" ' N 5 maj . EZ", f r -lg it 1 ' .i iws fz 'rf 5 ' 5 . 2, I LS: at J M .1 J, Q 1,543 451 , yo ,LW 1. " L15 1 ' Vi ew . ,ig'..'1,Y",,g' ' . " y ft' l fl 3. uw- 't-9 ' y V, itjfgngruiv ll .Q YU, I -ug, V I, ,rgfifjzy f Y ag , 13,1 1 "f'i:flffffL ""r',z.l t,- 9 ' I f"',j, ,N 93 n Page Sixty-three Social Event The biggest social event for the Y-Teens was their fall for- mal. During the intermission, Mr. George Loomis gave sev- eral pantomimes, and Harriet Lord sang two solos. .,-.wmv 'H-1 ' g '- , . ., .lgfflit L, rr F' W 1 f o . r " fr ,E .SLM 9" 'V Jaailfl- jj ' Y. ' f n z-W W t . T -1, f ' -fn, .a i x. 'QA Q rf f " fwr A mw11w.m,,r- !-fvng ' 1 N " 1 , H V:- , Y f ff' Y Q. Page Sixty-four Future Teachers of America oBe Cassel 1 The Alice Cassell Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was organized October 13, 1947 with seventeen charter members. The adviser, Miss Fern Lewis, received a charter from national headquarters which affiliates the local chapter nationally with the National Education Association. The F. T. A. members have earned twenty-five dollars to sponsor a scholar- ship for a prospective teacher to take training next year in some approved college. The entire group maintained an average scholastically of 85 per cent or better and have actively contrib- uted to the betterment of Mount Vernon High School in many ways during the year. OFFICERS President .......... ........ B etty Turner Vice-President ...... ...... P aul Mentis Secretary .......... ........ A nn Adrien Treasurer .. ...... Marjory Kathary Page Sixty-five November Calendar 3-The usual Monday morning blues as a result of the Marietta-Mt.Vernon football game Saturday night. Tie 14-14. 4-There seems to be a crowd outside of Muzzy's room. Must be a test. 5-Wanted - a book of unknown poems for English class. 6-Found -the poems. All we need now is someone to type them. 7 - Yellow Iackets give to Dover 12-25. 10-Iust a dull rainy day. ll-Annual football banquet in the new gym. It was a gala event, but if the girls went they had to pay Sl.25 for a meal.Q?D 12-Nothing new has been added to - 13-Mrs. Truxall is tearing her hair, as usual, before the all-high school play. 14-Miriam Titus scored a big success in the all-high school play, "Dear Ruth." Speaking of "Dear Ruth's," Ruthie Leonard had a "surprise party" for Dick Ferrell. He was surprised by a "Carton of Luckies." 17-Murray Wright decided to go without lunch today because no one had a car to take him downtown. 18-Ioanna Christy held a beauty clinic at her home. 19-Norma and Ruthie showed their muscles today at noon during a volley- ball game. 20-Noon dance today. Johnson showed his stuff. 21-Big jam session at the Keynote. All five of us and Mr. Bader. 24-Student Council executive meeting. 25-We started decorating for the Y-Teen formal. 26-Grade cards today, but we drowned our sorrows at the Y-Teen Formal. v W2"'eQ4f 4' JI "lj 'N ,Q -Q55 ft 21.3" w A .1 ,,,.,M, , 5'-' -' lj u 1 'W-:'f."' -f A mf f, f ,gf ' ff W, f.AT24.'f,4f lr 1 '-., -M: ' P. Q 3? if-ia: a X1 ,- 1 f4n, .a'm4p?i',m N W' E ' 7- -1 , . -il E aiu! flv- X I' lf?-i ff-3 - 2, ' I'f"f0g 3x4f 'it,' Af' 'awwwtw 5' "-f'f'f?'m.', Qg- , 5 it . 1 ' . k Q- ff' "Ml '5 ,xt vwqfylf.. .ah ,wjp'Qis":5ga,b'.i:i ff1 7 N ' f' ,.'1,,r1t,1vzr'W-'.4j,ww,.,.g-mn.: gf I .mf I M 45 1' W lwk I ,, W .154 1f:',gw y... X1 V,. W ,ffffff eff 'fr .1 Pplweh if Xyyllfes, Page Sixty-six A fffj,3i 5N- v . n Fw " f X lx - if xxx X xx . ib bwmv s 'vmagvf M 1 ,X 2 fl im Ira . ,. wx A xx, X ff if 9 X5' WU .I X i K I 'xi fir, - W- 15f5"f6???f7 w" .I ' ' f"u5!iFf'g'lM " L X k X XSSWEW Z J r X j i1,,' ,7 M uf ,Z I fw ' W Q 1 f Q5 P ig? f I X X XXX, ff f X I WQGMI YJ 75hl1,L'?f .- T"7' 1 my '.,, ff I ' ff? f Q51 7 xx X X ' ' 6 4Q,ZfQ'F 2? Science Club OFFICERS President .... ................ D avid Gelsanliter V1ceePrcs1dent ...,............ Virginia Eagle Secretary ......... ....... K athleen Vernon Treasurer . ,....... David Shields Adviser ........ Mr. William Hill The purpose of this organ- ization is to develop an interest in science. Its twenty-five mem- bers are selected from the entire freshman class. The club is operated under democratic rules and regulations, all issues being decided by the members them- selves. The activities this year in- cluded field trips, speakers who were local men and teachers, and individual projects. This club Was organized in the fall of 1947 by the freshman science teacher, Mr. William Hill. Page Sixty-nine Art Classes Make Gifts cmd Decomliovzs The Ivzflzzstwifzl Arts Boys C 01zst1'uct Santa' s Throne Page S fy 3 Fillllfe Homemakers 0 14772671061 Presldent .......... Vice-President Treasurer ....... Historian ....,.. Reporter ..... Gerry Beach Ioan Bowden Iuanita Sheldon Christiana Iacobs lane Miller Adviser .............. Mrs. Ruth McElhinney Page Seventy-two Future Homemakers of America This picture shows the Home Ec girls wearing the blouses that they made in class. The F. H. A. girls held a rally for other F. H. A. groups in the fall. They also helped with the food in the cafeteria at the Mardi Gras, and during the pre- Christmas season they gathered food and money for the unfortunate people of Mount Vernon. In the spring they joined the F. F. A. boys when they all honored their parents with a dinner at the Memorial Building. The girls also sponsored a style show in April. all :ii .H'a'E3 P. 1 il if ' ' .f t -a: s o f Wfw .34 W . .ff .M .JJ lff.,.,,.,v , 9 : !f:---sw VY, r,.g AA- ! . 4, W.,,,y. x I . ' ' pg - "f a, i "' ' , f All l V' if 'W t l L II! 'tt' X Page Seventy-three December Calendar l-Back to school. 2-Found in 127: Brad Upham walking on his hands and knees - he dropped a penny. 3-Wanted: a new joke: look for Mr. Owen. 4-Ioyce Mossholder decides to study. 5-Lost to Zanesville, 51-59. 8-The senior class stayed home tonight-basketball game tomorrow night. 9-And those tears flowed like wine -Columbus South won over Iackets. 10-Birdie wondered where eleven seniors disappeared to this afternoon. Oh, well, Gambier is a nice innocent town - NO? ll-Noon dance! 12-Hear ye - here ye - Grandview beat Mount Vernon 59 - 50. 15-To the teachers-"you are so thoughtless of me" . . . sighed a certain student named lane, who never has her lesson on Monday. 16-Coshocton nipped Mount Vernon 52-50. 17-B. Roach takes a walk third period and meets - you know who. 18-Could it be true B. Turner didn't have her French lesson? -Could be. 19-Annual Christmas Assembly. 20- 31-Long awaited Christmas vacation. Q Ni Ax, Y an RK 'Abs' 5151 H 'Y El ' A232 lvl, 'ally fill.- ...1 l Qw e- fi ,"M -. Page Seventy-foul 1 ' 4 in A f ffk fr, L x 0 a ' ff' X i X N ms Z 1 Zf ' x XXX X wi! .f ' .. .... V I 'fl' V, ff ,fa i 5 ' 51506 Zff fel' ' 9' 'A f' M" ff g o fab 4 J' Z 'S' I f 86, .,,,..-1--l-ng, I1at1'0daci1zg The Basketball Squad, '48 Page Seventy-six GEORGE BUMPUS Two-year medal winner lst team -- All CBL-Honorable mention Al1-Ohio- Scored 268 points- Senior Forward DICK SHUFF One varsity letter - 2nd team - All CBL - Honorable mention All-Ohio - Scored 177 points - Sophomore Guard. "IAKE" ELLIOTT Two-year medal winner - Scored 133 points - Senior Center. DICK THOMAS One varsity letter - Scored 99 points - Iunior Guard. CECIL KNERR One varsity letter-Scored 36 points Iunior Guard. STEVE DEEDRICK Two-year medal winner - Scored 88 points - Senior Forward. DON HILLIER One varsity letter-Scored 36 points -Iunior Forward PAUL MENTIS QPlayed only 7 gamesj Scored 14 points - Iunior Guard. CHARLES IONES CPlayed only 7 gamesj - Scored ll points - Iunior Forward. DON SCOTT One varsity letter-Scored 104 points - Iunior Center. IOE BROWN Manager -- One letter 1948 Basketball Varsity Squad Front Row- CLett to Rightj George Bumpus, Dick Shuft, Dick Thomas Middle Row- lack Elliott, Dick Ferrell, Cecil Knerr Top Row-Ioe Brown, Mgr.. Don Scott. Steve Deedrick, Coach David McDowell Mt Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt Vernon 'ML Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'ML Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon "Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'ML Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon ' C B L 1948 RECORD Cols. Central Mans. Madison Zanesville Cols. South Grandview Coshocton Delaware Upper Arlington Alumni Cols. North Bexley Newark Grandview Zanesville Wooster Upper Arlington Coshocton Bexley St. Vincent Newark Cols. Academy Cols. Academy Delaware Tournament 45 -- Cols. Aquinas Page Seventy-seven Reserve Basketball Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'ML Vernon Mt. Vernon 'ML Vernon 'Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'ML Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon 'Mt. Vernon " CBL First row-Evans, Williams, McNeil, D. lmel Second Row-Appleton, I. Imel. Fletcher, Bair Third Row-Brinning. Manager: Hillier, Smith. Giiiin. Coach Bumpus. MANAGERS N Page Seventy-eight Ioe Browne - Bob Brinning Cols. Central Mans. Madison Zanesville Cols. South Grandview Coshocton Delaware Upper Arlington Weaver's All-Stars Cols. North Bexley Newark Grandview Zanesville Wooster Upper Arlington Coshocton Bexley Newark Cols. Academy Cols. Academy - Delaware 3rd Place in Central Buckeye League B egimz ers FRESHMEN Coach Thomas 4 Won - 8 lost EIGHTH GRADE Coach Crabbs Asst. Coach Steurer 15 Won - 2 lost SEVENTH GRADE COACH YARMAN 16 Won - 5 lost Page Seventy Exciting Evenings DON HARRIS announced the basketball games. ff' fa, ,Q f Q W MF- v mpawg-Lf' Q A ' 4 ,A rm , ai' W .fm M' ...q m ee, ,Q ,' -a 5 ,V 11' K ua if -V Y V1 N Ltlavt 1 A L .FQ ,ia ..., ' ' X Page Eighty january I4 -15 Art Follies P t d a a B efit for the Art Department Page Eighty-one january Calendar 5-Ooh! This hurts- coming back to school so early in the morning. We're just ready to recover now from vacation. 6-Look at all of those bright new sweaters Santa left this year. And from the looks of those bright spots flashing around on the senior girls' hands, one would think that Santa was really on the ball this year. 7-At this point our attention again turns to basketball. lust to bring you readers up to date, we beat Upper Arlington and the Alumni team during vacation. 8-We hear the threat of exams around the corner. 9-Friday at last! There is nothing like such a day. See you at the game tonight, and if you get there before I do be sure to save me a seat. 12- -and we settle down to those review sheets for another week. 13--After that beating Columbus North gave us Friday night, we will have to go some tonight to beat Newark. 14-Be sure to see the "Art Follies." 15-The tumblers, that old broken down Ford running around the stage, and Maestro Larry Conkling really make the "Art Fol1ies" for this year a success. QOur praise to Miss Lewisj 16-Do you know why the old maids go to church early every Sunday? They like to look for all the new hymns. Catch me, l'm laughing. 19-Review! ! ! ! 20-Do you think you'll make it? And this is no joke, son. 21-Oh, those lucky people who studied this semester. 22-Get the aspirin bottle, quick. 23-Finished! 26-We plow our way through a foot of snow and hope desperately that they'1l close up shop for a few days and enjoy the beautiful cold weather. 27-We breathe a sigh of relief as Brad Upham passes that English author test for another year. 28- - and the school's most unpredictable couple, Dick Ferrell and Ruth Ann Leonard, are off on one of their monthly feuds again. 29-The biology class has been wondering how to keep a dead fish from smelling. Our star biology student, Bob Brillhart, says, "Cut off his nose." 30--Only eighteen more weeks of school. if AX. QW. Ki '9 . ,..,, .. .. t at g - gf 6, -1 r isk If 5.14, nf? Page Eighty-two ,s at URL ' " f f T9 K LUQS X :S 5 M Q fl X W ffl' , if Q ,Y-in-If f A471 fi f , .. ""'5,.if-if, 0 ' - ,,- Sophomore Girls Page E iqhty-I1 Tenth Grade Greta Baker Doris Banner Sue Barncord Betty Belcher Dorothy Belt Lois Benton Peggy Bergin Betty Bond Carolyn Brandi Helen Cline Pauline Cline Ella Maxine Cochran Barbara Coonrad Robby Curry Sylvia Dailey Lois Jeannine Dew Jeannette Dotson Elizabeth Jean Doup Donna Drapper Ianet Durbin Martha Fawcett Rosella Fawcett Joann Frederick Margreta Gaumer Marlene Griffin Dorothy Hale Marilyn Hall Juanita Hankins Doris Hartzler Shirley Hildebrand Catherine Hill Betty Hottinger Betty Hubbard Phyllis Jacobs Davida Kahrl Maxine Laymon Mary Lee Zelma Lee Jane Long Stamatia Madias Alice Magill Doris McKee Nadine McKenzie Kay McNamara Joyce Mondron Georgiann Morris Ruth Morrison Alice Mossholder Julia Mossholder Page Eighty-six Clara Newton Norma Newton Brenda Olson Lois Owen Esta Lee Parker Jo Ann Peugh Sandra Pitkin Jeannine Porter Mary Pat Rahming Louise Ralston Marjorie Ransom Elaine Rinehart Betty Ringer Donna Shrimplin Lois Simpson Norma Skeen Pauline Spearman Clarabel Springer Catherine Staats Martha Storey Patricia Sutton Jean Ann Swain Ruth Swank Patricia Taylor Juanita Thompson Beverly Tier Phyllis Vernon Marie Wagner Carolyn Warman Betty Warner Betty Young David Appleton Harold Athey Sonny Bair William Ballman David Black John Bobst Ronald Boner Willis Butler Robert Camp Richard Carter William Cherryholmes Forrest Clutter John Coe Carroll Conger George Crawford James Daughery John Davis Edward Deem Harley Dexter E 'ae-:H ., . , ..., , .-,.- L L DLL L sl E mm 'YM , E V Jimmie Dougherty Bill Emlich Gene Evans Robert Evans John Ewart James Ewers Keith Ewers Robert Fawcett Stanley Fawcett William Ferguson Gordon Fletcher Ronald Fogle Donald Fry Richard Gantz Pat George Richard Giflin Dick Gillooley James Gray Frank Grennell Pruitt Harding Fred Hatfield Robert Hauger Forbes Hays Keith Hess Lee Hershner Phil Houbler Elmer Hughes David Imel Delbert Koch Gerald Lewis Buddy Magers Don Malley Curtis Mayer Ronald McGowan David McKay Robert McMi1len Charles McNeil Charles Metcali Dick Morrison Gene Nugent Louis Owen Robert Parker Lawrence Pembrook Norman Phillips Edward Porter Dean Reeder Oakley Retitt Roger Rean Herbert Rock 1 -, " .hh '-BIN vb " ' wif:-ra n: fa: ln: it 5 idea' , f, """ , 3:-3 N .1 gli: ' f l i ' Evil! ,,,i' 5 if f -W - in A ii HH- 'l -1" - . . '- ' ' . tj ' . J . 'gt -A , ' t 4 -li 4 r " l 1 7 OFFICERS President .......... ..... S teve Deedrick Vice-President ..... ......... I ack Elliott Secretary ........ ...,. D on Harris Treasurer ,..... ..... B rad Upham Adviser ..,.... Rex Murphy Hi-Y The outstanding contribution that the Hi-Y Club made to the school this year was a gift oi S75 to the stadium fund. This money was raised by selling food at the home games. Page Eighty-seven Weavefs Intramural Champions Q 'D '-- fi Llzzif' . am.. K if if ' It if J --ef- ,'.1,a,'. ,.. , W ,f 1 ' - 06 ' Q..-I-.W Z -as awe 'F-' .- Q1-mr' iii' ,fs-'V fl Y Y ll , .114 I f ' Y , 1. 2 f E ff ! , Y ull' .F .2'F- mix -- 3 T Q- M55 V .C 'F-, ,Kd ' ggi e e Page Eighty-eight Top Row-Murray Wright. Chuck Iones, Ralph Steurer, D. Tones. Bottom Row- Captain Bob Weaver and Bill Hendershott SECOND PLACE . Top Row-Karl Iohns. Bob Iohnson. Dave Mavis. Bottom Row-Captain George Hedges and Lowell Reeder. Mid-Winter Between Semesters Page Ninety DR HAR TO BE FIRST 4' AKER R sig' Assembly Prosralfli Be More lnterestlflk Assembly Programs The assembly programs were planned by the stu- dents this year, and in- cluded special speakers from different local organ- izations, former students, and unusual demonstra- tions. In the pictures Betty Tur- ner is shown interviewing Dr. Hartman, who spoke on Nazi Germany. Delno Ty- ree, former student, told of her trip to Mexico. A singer and pianist are interviewed by members of the Iacket Iournal staff. Page Ninety one Cheerleaders Page Ninety-two Io-Ann McNeil and Bill Simpson Marilyn Hall, Iulia Mossholder, Ioyce Mondron, Pany Taylor, Ioan Menden- hall, Stella Madias. Ioan McNeil. Donna Draper, Ioan Men- denhall, Iulia Mossholcler. Ioyce Mon- dron, Marilyn Hall, Stella Madias. Robby Curry and Iohn Iohnson Scientific Experiments Page Ninety-three February Calendar -When the ice is on the river And the snow is on the ground, When the ground hog bestirs himself And comes up to look around- Then my thoughts wing out to you. At Christmas, Easter, and New Year I send Greetings far and near. But when the woodchuck sticks his neck out On February Two, Then on this glad day my heart goes out With warmest thoughts to you. When the woodchuck arises From his subterranean hay I wish for you because you're you. A Happy Ground Hog's Day! CThe sun shone all day, too.j -The Y-Teens enjoyed Mrs. Ernst's report of her trip through Germany. The team prepares to go to Upper Arlington tonight, and the rest of us prepare our lessons. QHa! Halj -Those Intelligent Seniors are industriously thinking of that scholarship test coming on Saturday. -OVEBHEARD-one drop of ink saying to another drop of ink, "Where is your big brother. old boy?" The other drop replied, "Where do you think: he's in the pen finishing a long sentence." -And we travel to Coshocton to beat the Redskins. Well, we can dream, can't we? -Brrrrrrrrrr -only fifteen below. There should be a law against school on days like this. -Those darn locker inspections. Lose more beautiful pin-ups that way. -Our teachers remind us at this point that Little dots of blunder. Little slips of pen, Make us flunk a subject. And take it up again. -We pause to pay respect to one of the great men of our country, Abraham Lincoln. -And our girls gain another five pounds from the Valentine candy they received. -We keep our fingers crossed for the Newark game tonight. -They are forced to take down the Christmas decorations today to make room for the pictures of Lincoln and Washington. -The biology classes have been making an important experiment and have discovered an important fact. If a bee marries a doorbell, the children will be hum-dingers. -We struggle through the day anticipating our one day vacation. CGood old George. -Only four more weeks until spring vacation. -The school's musicians are making last minute preparations for the annual choir formal on Saturday night. -Got your dances all traded yet? Page Ninety four Z? K' I, L ,K , QQ W. NK? 'f msn 1 f 'fd K 7 x fm W f 3 "ww, f 'YQ C22 M? " X 8 ,Q M, W .Af 4. 4.- I , . . ,ff A - -F-Xt. wc? X""?4INo S9 Z P Ewan: of-:THE 'P JI 5-rfaml ff? 'W fJfff,f2 ,""'fN My fi" W' D-me sl' f ' 'THE N1 ! v' 409 f 90""f'! 691' ov 5 wa' f fa, 'Q Z uzslq N? 0:0 OPN HFE 'px 1,7 w . .X R kN Boxer pg C , fx M ul'-1' X 3 5' an X 636 5 om? . sd ,SCL , 5 . I i 24 g NIGHT fb owe I - ?iV 4' NXXM Ed - Y wang If " 'bi V' H' ' wf 'ggigi3-- Qc View-my WM Student C ozmcil ,r OFFICERS President .........,..... ......... I ohn Iohnson Secretary ...,.....,........................ Ioan Ryan Vice-President ........... ....... E laine Bricker Treasurer .......... ........ M artha lean Miller Page Ninety-six Adviser ....................,....... Audrey Wright The Student Council is the governmental body of the school. It was created so that students would, through representatives, participate in the management of their school. The duty of this organization is to set ideals and standards of conduct, and see that students abide by them. If any rules are violated, the offender is turned over to the Student Court. Membership consists of the elected officers, the appointed members of the executive committee, and a representative from each home room. The Student Council was very active this year. It sponsored two dances: the proceeds from the first furnished the final payments on the juke box: the proceeds of the other paid for a seat in the stadium. The Council also spon- sored several assemblies, including "College Day" and "Career Day," and its various committees, especially the safety committee and the courtesy commit- tee, conducted several worthwhile campaigns. Iudge Bob McCracken, Presiding Student C oztrt Clockwisez Ioyce Terjung, Betty Turner, Paul Warner, Charles Titus, Iudge McCracken, Ioanne Ryan, Iohn Iohnson. Dick Brandt, Io-Ann Fravel. Ann Tabor. The Student Court is the body of students that enforces the laws that the Student Council makes. The members are nominated by the election committee of the Student Council and are elected by the students. During the year the Student Court met every Friday and judged and sentenced minor offenders. ef L, . C W , H ,. 1 , ,gnu H y s .w:m,'-ru :T 4 '11 P ,tv A ,Milf A itil 'gl no A :yen Zfid Wbr ml' :anal ix' f V 'Mft tw r 'si ff 1 f' .f ti . lu, ,J , it V A ' fmr f Fmt,- t- ff. iT! 1 SC ,- -,fy T '1 " Qlt, rw . glgiy U fd, 'W I.- Q- , " Eifttf-, L ' , if it S .X fitigi? ' +' . 4 ., 635.51 ' 'I 5 A, ' rt if-iffm ' ,, -v f f ' f,5:f:gf,. we ,fQ ,t N " , ' 'Wifi' W""5'ft 'ff' '. A' , I I ,Q I ffzfimlgtlft , V - 'ffx M . J ,' ff ,A , Page N inety-seven Future Farmers of America ! Page Ninety-eight The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is to provide opportunity for leadership and cooperative training for boys who love and work on farms. Mount Vernon F. F. A. believes that the keynote of a successful organiza- tion is "activity." Therefore, they have frequent meetings, handle a five hundred dollar budget each year and graduate their members with an "all- round" education. F. F. A. Officers Top Row - Dave Black, reminder for freshmen and sophomores: Iohn Goosens, reminder for juniors and seniors: Iohn Reed Ewart, assistant secretary: lack Howard. sentinel: Kenneth Ackerman, assistant reporter: Bob McCracken. president. Bottom Row-Hubert Snow, treasurer: Bill Clippinger, vice-president: Bob Brown, reporter: Mr. Thomas Berry, adviser: Harry Fry, student adviser: Walter Clippinger, secretar 1' JA A SA-l A 9 2 s : 1: 91 if ' 5,3 r aff t 1 t ,, f is ' .J 'i" 1 ' ff, . am V V Y 991.5 0512 Lf at if' .I i f 4' ,, -n :elf L57-WWW : i "'t": X rg.:,wr,."-fgl'E,A,,., ' t .,., ': - -'--l:d',,551-fu " Q ' s ff ' ' Q ,115 X' n V' Eff' f"-2,4 Tri' 'T ' 4 luv 'U' 'W 55 2... ,. ..q,,,L, .75 f,' Y. Page N inety-nine Library Staff OFFICERS President, Bob Sattler 4 Vice-president, Margaret Beck Treasurer, Donna Draper From the time that Doris Banner begins work at the charging desk at 8:10 on Monday morning 'till Bob Sattler closes the door at 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon 56 students assist each week ' b k ome ,in the operation of the library. What do they do? Some ol them charge out oo s, s deliver slips, all oi them put books back on the shelves in their proper places. some of them take charge ot periodicals, some paste in pockets and dating shps, some take charge oi the door during the noon hour. A new leature this year has been t e coun p, ' ntl it ready to help you get your magazine. Another new feature is the full noon-hour service rece y started. Cynthia Coolidge and Phyllis Iacobs take turns at the charging desk during the noon hour. Alter-school service till 4 o'clock is provided by Alvin Rose and Bob Sattler who alternate at d k Doris McKee works behind the scenes helping to get new books ready lor cir- h ter at the eriodical room with a student behind the charging es . fculation. She has her own desk at which she letters and numbers books so that they can be lound on the shelves in their proper place, Doris Banner and a number ol others have cooperated in the making oi displays. The job ol counting and tiling the book cards every day is done by Arnold Coonrad, Bob Rockwell, and lefl Salisbury alternately. Nineteen students took the Library Science Course last tall to quality themselves lor work as Library Staft assistants. Yes! The Library is a busy place! You never know till you work on the ' ' h Library Staff how much work it takes to make a library go! Oh dear! We almost forgot t e parties,--but we had fun, too! Page One Hundred Accompruzists - Muszc LOBETTA BOHN Was twice holder of a superior rating in the district music contest held at Denison University. Loretta has been soloist for the choir for four years, hav- ing had leading parts in The Chocolate Soldier and The Fortune Teller. She also teaches music. ROSELYN BLACKVVELL Accornpanist for orchestra and choir for four years. She also sang with the choir four years, was solo dancer for the Forum Circus and gave music lessons in her spare time. Page One Hundred-one G 1 E semble Vocal Music Girls' Glee Club Senior Choir The Choir presented C1okey's Childe Iesus for the Christmas assembly, Dubois's Seven Last Words of Christ at the Easter assembly, besides singing at the Thanksgiving assembly. "Operetta High1ights," in which hit tunes from The Fortune Teller, Pinatore, Naughty Marietta, Mikado, and The Chocolate Soldier was given in April. Ensembles formed by members from the Choir were popular as entertainers for service clubs and other organizations during the year. The Choir sang also on broadcasts, for the Annual Concert, and for the Seniors at Commencement time. OFFICERS President ............. .....,.................. ....... S t eve Deedrick Vice-president ......... ........... D ave Rhoads Secretary ......,.. ......... I o Ann McNeil Librarian ....... ......... B etty Io Frary Page One Hundred-three junior C hair The Iunior Choir has had an interesting year. Their repertoire has con- Ch ' '11 be seen in next tained a wide variety of music. Many from this o1r W1 ot li hted by two social events. a year's Senior Choir. Their year was sp - g .sleigh-ride in Ianuary, and a picnic in the spring. Page One Hundred-four President Secretary Librarian OFFICERS Carolyn Brandt Car Galleher Fred Erlanger fi- Qe xv ' yu Fi .,t 2i1fgZ?g'fg1::" 1, V ' 1' A I vzstrumental Music The above picture shows different sections of the Senior High School Orchestra. - Page One Hundred-five jmzimf Band Page One Hundred-six Mr. Richard Ecker, Director "Black Magic" March 11 d d' ted b Mr, George Loomis. The puppets "Black Magic," a puppet show, was written an rrec y and stage were made and worked by the junior high art students. Page One Hundred-eight "Sadie Hawkins" Dance Informal Dance Given by Y-Teens. Page One Hundred-nine March C alemlar l-March roars in like the usual lion. 2-District tournament begins and ends. Teachers have district meeting. President of National Education Association here. 3-Sadness reigns over last night's defeat. 4-Art students prepare "Black Magic." 5-Dick Brandt had a Gayety time in Columbus. 8-"Black Magic" to rival New York production. 9-Y-Teens strut their stuff at style show. 10-We get a taste of Alaska from Mr. Harry Reed who presented pictures of "Alaskan Adventure." ll-Snow doesn't keep cast of "Black Magic" from giving a fine performance. 12-Y-Teens and their best beaux shiver through the Sadie Hawkins dance. 15-Income tax. Our parents, how they love their little exemptions. 16-Lot of cake eaters in 127 as Big Gun CCannonj celebrates her birthday. FORUM Queen elections. 17-The day of the Irish. Elaine Bricker elected FORUM QUEEN. 18-Miss Cannon tries in vain to discover the financial status of FORUM. Miss C., how could you expect Fred Buxton to know, he is just the business manager? 22-College Day. Former students tell of their experiences. Oberlin, Ohio State. Northwestern, and Capital represented. 23-Ioan Francis and Chuck Smith have their final spat. 24-Senior Choir presents Seven Last Words of Christ in Easter Assembly. 25-Easter vacation. We rest by helping our mothers clean house. Oh well, this is better than going to school. Page One Hundred-ten I ,f f X f f X X ff f If - ,X , 1 X, 'X "n'Z !- X 1 'A Q X ff g ' ,rl . lint.: ,W-: ' f , x '-'-.iw fl Zh ' l 22 X f f X 7 f 'MY X ' ff f f ff! X 4 2 M f qw If X X f L fg4,,fyR 7l 7 f ,f X' f I 5-Vi N .-'Q " ff 3 1 1' f A X ff 5 my 1, X , fl X YVN, X, 1 '0 1 - f X7 Jim 'fl X! J I ff ' X 'V 1 f 480331 Iff X -,VW S717-'f-I W 1 X ff j "U M X 'VF f , . K, ' ff ff j I ff X, ,QQ QMS 'l"T1'- -, i X X O-4-T . " -..:1.,:. T" - ' " --v:nz" as--: a-N rl ' V ' hltqli' X - ,ns L 'nv-,W-,-fi. QL ,...l'L11'+QN 3 fl "june Mad" April 2 Top Row -f Penny insists on wearing red dress: Penny and Chuck practice fencing. Middle Row--Penny falls for the glamour boy: Chuck tells Penny about the glider: guests at the dance. Bottom Row-V-'The rivals: Mervyn jilts Milly Lou. Page One Hundred-twelve "june Mad" April 2 Top Row-A hero at last: Effie and Elmer. Bottom Row-Chuck forbidden to use glider: Merv n tries to t 1 +-.- y ge away rom Milly Lou. if ,Qffl is ,W fir" KK, X15 If 'Y' il N ,ff d A df. ' ' 'ffm e e if if 3 ' f Page One Hundred-thirteen THE IUNIOR CLASS of Mount Vernon High School presented "june Mad" A Comedy in Three Acts by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements in the Alumni Auditorium, Friday Evening, April 2, 1948 CAST Penny Wood .,cc..... .cccc,.,ccr.c,cc.,.,.cc.. .cc.vccc. I o -Ann Fravel Chuck Harris, ., A. , c.., Bob Staley Mrs. Wood ,.,.,cc. .ccc.,.,cc M iriam Titus Elmer Tuttle .cc,.. S ct,cc Iohn Workman Dr. Wood .,ot.., ,oo, B ob Sattler Effie ...,.....o.....v,.....,.... ....,.,to,, G erry Steurer Milly Lou ,,....,,... ..,.o S hirley Hoagland G. Mervyn Roberts ...,.... , D ick Thomas Roger Van Vleck ....,or. oo.,oooo W ilbur Stump Mr. Harris i....,o...oo....,oo....o ,r,,,,.co, D ick Wells Shirley Wentworth ,vo..o.. .oo,oot.. H elen Wilson Ralph Wentworth ..,,..o -C o...oooo...o Fred Zerull Iulie Harris o...oot...o....,.,...o.,.ooo..Voo....o.o..,t.,..,.oo..ooooo. Harriet Ann Lord PRODUCTION STAFF Director ,,,....t.....rr.,..r....,r....,,,,o....,.ror,.,or Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager ,,,. roo...,t.o.,...o,,..,o,vo. o,oo...oooor..oo.,..aoor. . D on Scott Stage Crew ..,,.,oo,,..,oo,, Orla Conard, Lowell Butcher Don Hillier, Iim Bechtol, Dave Mavis Property Committee ,,,.oorrooo.r.a,oa.oooo.,aooa L. aooo..ooooa., Donna Stiverson Ioanalee Githens, Ieanne Robinson Tickets .ro..,ro..,or...oor.ooooao ooo,..ooooo.oo L oo..oooo S ara Cannon, Lois Geiger Head Usher ..,...o .,o,o,...o...,eofeeoo..,eeooo.....t G arnette Bumpus n,,5n nnhn,, , E11 iifiigi imma S igzsgez tesea 5 ii i r lllll Page One Hundrediourteen Senior Orchestra OFFICERS President ................. . .,.............,...... . Vice-President .......... Secretary-Treasurer Librarian ................. Director .....,...................... ............ ............. . ........ ........... . ...................................... . . On April sixth the orchestra participated in Festival. As is customary the Senior Orchestra assisted and Commencement ceremonies. , ....... Vivian Rine David Rhoads Louise Ralston Vivian Rine Mr. Richard Ecker the Knox County Music in the 1948 Baccalaureate Ill QSQ1 ng inn mu, 5' 1 wing LLL M Sl E E If L El BMG LLL I ' A ,L f,--H im., ff5fa'i5f -:gg ' A2 F' t.. E I E3"1g2xx.e- ' If, K 1'2" M '1 si , ' 'E' . I S y V ,. .,.. . L1 , In-A Q W-N ., ,F M in ...,. ,. or tm r i was , -f mg , , R 2 'Q ff? c Page One Hundred-fifteen 4? 'S' Mgr 'Vo ELM NE N ,gs The "Forum" Queen ELAINE BRICKER Page One Hundred-seventeen Mardi Gms April 9 I. The Fortune Teller ll. Pinaiore III. Naughty Marietta IV. Mikado V. The Chocolate Soldier CHARACTERS Musette ...... Sandor ........ Mrs. Cripps ............ Captain Corcoran ..... Sir Ioseph Porter ...... Marietta .... , .......... . Rudollo ...... Lizette ..... Peep-Bo ...... Yum-Yum ....... Petti Sing ....... Mikado ....... Nadina ........ Accompanist .................... ................... ......... Interlocutor ....... "Ope1'etta Highlights" Loretta Bohn Lowell Reeder Eleanor Coon Marion Wikle Bob Cushman Harriet Lord Marion Wikle Alice Magill Charlene Zedaker Alice Magill Eleanor Coon Lowell Reeder Loretta Bohn Roselyn Blackwell Betty Io Frary PERSONNEL OF CHORUSES Elaine Bass Gretchen Bell Gene Blair Peggy Bunn Darlene Cochran Lois Cochran Carroll Conger Larry Conkling Barbara Coonrad Janice Cotton Annabelle Cranmer Bob Cushman Stephen Deedrick loan Francis Betty Io Frary Ioan Frederick Bobbie leanne Fry Clara Gossett Lois Gullett Barbara Genre Marilyn Hall Bob Hatfield Bernida Henthorn Nancy Hissong Ruth Hoffman Betty Hottinger Virginia Hurps Marjorie Kathary Marlene Kessler Barbara Klein lanice Lay Ilean Laymon Leva Ann Levering lane Long Ioan Lybarqer Stella Madias Dixie Malley Donnie Malley Norma lean McConnell Io-Ann McNeil Kay McNamara Betty Miller lean Miller loyce Mondron Norma Iean Newton Ioann Peugh V-'."f.,.rfT 32 , ff- - 'X ff in 355-,,!fi if-6? ff?-D 2 ,K -,Ml,WWMM,,, ,,.M,.-,,.f,,,.m..-,.,ff,W,,f,,, ll.,,,j:gas 5 Q is 4 4-1 Aff' gfgjfw, 1 f .- I, , B as tl " Q? J ' -1 ... QAM? Sega-2 . ' .f 14 --M '3 'uli' 'll -fs e 1. ll li A 1 yi- f . ma amid Wt: it A V. , Nj!-I 4 ' taxi 'la - f e t fs, i'- 5- Way f e- Ed Porter Ieannine Porter Dean Reeder David Rhoads Fern Rinehart Reva Robertson Otto Rotunno Bill Simpson Clarabelle Springer loyce Swingley Willis Taylor Mary Io Temple Beverly Tier Miriam Titus Harlow Walker Barbara Walton Edna Warman Harriet Ward Patty Wells Elaine Wilkins Helen Wilson Dick Wonders Charlene Zedaker Page One Hundred-twenty one Art April 18, 19. 20 the Art Department displayed their year's Work at a colorful and attractive art show in the new gym. Projects were also displayed by the Industrial Arts Department. At the same time, the art Work of the elementary schools was displayed in the old gym. Over one hundred projects were sent to Pittsburgh for the National Scholastic Art Exhibit. These were not displayed at the local art show. ' , ,A X f Q4 4 t 1w,W,,.w,4,,, H' -.-- . t..,,.. ,Q , .. . . - gt "i.'ig- , ". Q. ' 1' 9, - ff 3.4 , Wi- I,lg.v""n 3 -- tl 1 111 ft? if is ' 1 V' V e , lt .1 "5 4 A' H El 1 Th V f " F' E ., YF gi, ' . '- Z- ' ,, T' T a '- rfb, -if VP - S as Page One Hundred-twenty-two Pvfepmfing for Pittsburgh Page One Hundred-twen fy-th ART uf? H ' Iliff,- mm fi , li 59 095 ggi P g O e Hundred-twenty-four Pen and Bmslo Club OFFICERS President ...,........................ Carol George Vice-President ....... ...... S hirley Wolf Secretary .................... Marilyn Hofmann Program Chairman ...... Vivian Gallogly Back Row: Ann Tabor, Emry Pardee, Constance Iohnston, , . Barbara Morris, Carlene Hartman, Barbara Hershner, Carol Dlrecior """""""""" Mr' George Loomis Mayer. Middle Row: Carol George, Lola Carpenter, Carolyn Doup, Shirley Wolf, Mary Ellen Carter, Marilyn Hofmann, Libby Kittleberger, Mr. Loomis. Front Row: Marilyn Woods, Zondra Bevington, Dick Hiles, Weston Augenstein, Kent Iohnston, Vivian Gallogly, Rita Lipps. The Pen and Brush Club of the junior high art department began their year with a hayride party in the autumn. The events which followed Were: a chalk talk by a local artist, a Christmas party, puppet scenery painting, managing the art exhibit, skating party, and outside projects. Page One Hundred-twenty-iive Oils Club The Oils Club consists of 26 members. Outdoor painting trips have been taken and studies of animals and still life have proved interesting. The group has Worked many hours after school in completing two to four oils each. The adviser, Miss Fern Lewis. feels that real achievement has marked the efforts of the group during this school year. Each club member wears a palette and brush insignia. E IL, . x,,, N , ' I X 1 :Y-I i ,, . ,. .. ' iw! wr' .1 . ' 7 1 ii 'S if 1 .11 .,,. 1' If-u 5' 4' ,TIF ww, lil lil Qc fu'-1 4 as 3 pig! fl "5 A fs-lull' 1fi'V 5 ll 'r r ' tri' 5 'f ' -' ENV '-' "3 .vi 'J -' ,I U-. is t A be fvff . K , 519515 5 N xii! " Sixty N atl: ' -'21,-' ' lririr wlnm f f 1 pm ' if 'V " ,gn ,K 4"' f 1,3 ,Q ,"' 1 " ff l f X XA Page One Hundred-twenty-six Projection Club OFFICERS President ........................ Wilbur Connell Vice-President ............ Eugene Marchal Secretary-Treasurer ............ Frank Ulery Members: Lettermen- Bob Brinning, Lewis Bowers, Donald Frye, Frank Ulery, Paul Warner, Robert Dawson, Iimmy Meliotes, Allen Ralston, Bob Haire, Larry Loyd, Eugene Marchal, Wilbur Connell. Other members: Bob Bateman, lim Kousoulas, Charles Roach, Bob Evans, Dave Shields, Spencer Hall, Iohn Bobst, Marvin Vannatta, Alvin Rose. The members of the Projection Club, under the leadership of Mr. Lamoil L. Owen, have rendered an unusual service to the school and the community, projecting educational films for class instruction and for various civic organiza- tions. They have participated wholeheartedly in the noon hour program, show- ing a series of popular films for the entertainment of those who have to remain in the school building at noon. In addition to this valuable service, the boys received training in the skills of operating intricate equipment. Besides their Christmas party, the boys were given a banquet in May at which time those who had had two years of service were awarded letters. lt tw XXN I 5,1 lil , , ,7 X, 15. ,Z sT,,-.lNw, , K img 113 be .rr ttf 7age One Hundred-twenty-seven April Calendar 1-Loof Lirpa 2-Iunior Class play, "Iune Mad." 5--Iohnny Iohnson lost "Percy." We are all in mourning. 6-Knox County Music Festival. Band and choir vie with each other. 7-School in an uproar getting ready for Mardi Gras. Do the American Lit students love this time of year! 8-Everybody busy with Mardi Gras. All teachers tearing their hair, because lessons are entirely forgotten. 9-The big night! Cellophane, crepe paper, beautiful girls, "Saturday Night in Central Park. Otherwise-the Mardi Gras. 12-Hard to get into routine again. Mardi Gras was big success. Iournalism classes undrape auditorium. l3--Dave Imel and Ruth Hennell think "Love ls So Terrific." 14-To whom it may concern, "Percy" was found at Tans. 15-Choir sings bits from "Mikado," "Fortune Tel1er," "Naughty Marietta." Brings back memories. 16-End of fifth six weeks. We can't be that bad! 19-Spring is definitely here with the "New Look." 21-French movie is interesting, but we are not so good as we thought we were at translation. 22-Track team taking all honors in C. B. L. 23-Hi-Y Formal-all girls resplendent in gardenias. 26-Did you know that George Washington's false teeth weighed a pound. That's what the man said. 27-Between the terrible storm and the brass ensemble, things are really exciting and noisy today. 28-Band and choir concert tonight. ' ' lib' ee ' JE? ' lg' iff- W Z" 5 -K Via? "HW TQ QL L, 4 gl ,Ji . ,QQ QE' JH If E. 'l '. .451 Page One Hundred-twenty-eight sa .ngzux jzfmors Kenneth Ackerman Floyd Antill Eugene Baxter Iames Becktol Arthur Beck Carroll Berger Ioe Berger Iack Boucher Robert Brinning Ioe Brown Robert Brown Robert Bronwne Edward Bumpus Stanley Burson Lowell Butcher Donald Clark David Clark Iacob Cline Walter Clippinger William Clippinger Orla Conard Wilbur Connell Charles Duckworth Clilton Durbin Betty Allspaugh Mary Louise Barton Elaine Bass Gretchen Bell Maxine Bickel Charlotte Blubaugh Marjorie Ruth Botkin Marjorie Brooks Garnette Bumpus Maxine Cline Darlene Cochran Lois Cochran Corena Collins Irene Columber Iennie Connell Annabelle Cranmer Ruby Curry Ioan Daubenspeck Ruth Dustin lo-Ann Fravel Lois Geiger Ioanalee Githens Loretta Glibert Martha Green Ann Hardesty Elaine Harris Shirley Hoagland Page One Hundred-thirty IUNIOR CLASS BOYS Iames Fairchild lack Fawcett Ned Fletcher Harry Fry Clarence Frye Iohn Goosens Robert Graham Ralph Hatfield Ierry Hatton Donald Hillier lack Howard Don Iohnson Iames Johnson Charles Jones Douglas Iones Cecil Knerr Paul Lepley William Loney Dale Lunsford David Mavis Paul Mentis Earl Newton Fred O'Dell Raymond Parker Robert Porter IUNIOR CLASS GIRLS Wilma Hodge Betty Hottinger Virginia Hurps Mary Ann Houbler Iacqueline Johnson Marie Iones Esther Iones Barbara Kaiser Beatrice Kaiser Kathleen Kreps Ilean Lahmon Iean Liggett Harriet Ann Lord Donna McNutt Marian MacPhee Stella Madias Phyllis Mauler Frances Mehl Ioan Mendenhall Martha lean Miller Sue Morris loan Mowery Mary Neighbarger Grace Page Marjorie Parker Sylvia Penn Vernon Reddick Leon Riley Robert Rockwell Otto Rotunno Alvin Rose Robert Sattler Donald Scott Benton Silliman David Snedden Eugene Staats Robert Staley Wilbur Stump Willis Taylor Dick Thomas William Tier Iames Tuttle Frank Ulery Charles Vasbinder David Wells Marion Wikle Ernest Williams Arthur Woods Iohn Workman Fred Zerull Margaret Peterson Carolyn Pier Virginia Ransom Donna Ridenbaugh Patricia Roberts Reva Robertson Ieanne Robinson Beverly Smith Io-Anne Smith Betty Stalter Gerry Steurer Donna Stiverson Rosa Lee Stricker Leisle Swadner Ianet Swain Miriam Titus Barbara Vernon Betty Viller Barbara Walton Harriett Ward Wilma Ward Patricia Warner Patricia Wikle Mary Io Williams Helen Wilson Shirley Wilson Pat Young OFFICERS President ............................ Dick Thomas Vice-President ...... ...... I o Ann Fravel Secretary ............ ......... H arriett Ward Treasurer ........ ........ H elen Wilson union is f D' f iff: ff it 'Yi ' i?E- 'Q' 759, ' Es' lr? ' W V, V VVVL f 151 '+P 4 A F"'1 wi'- Fgf 175 F55 51 if, Wrmrw ef MSW fri ' nf, f'l'Q,f 'Q AL. I .s f , I ,.. , X , Page One Hundred-thirty-one jzmior Boys I Page One Hundred-thirty-two XJ, F - 1 QI 'my 1' N , -' rw ' ,, '7-fl' 'W , 1 , K9 Ex Pbliiixf ffm- K If --V. xxx X8 X fig ' iffy iff gg , ' f ' 4, W, F ,., MTE 'Eg giirg. junior Girls One Hundred-th tyth ee Girls' Athletic Association Page One Hundred-thirty-foul The Mount Vernon G. A. A. entertained the Mansfield G. A. A. for a volleyball game and informal luncheon one Satur- day during the winter. The Mansfield girls walked off with all the honors. OFFICERS President Ioan Mendenhall Secretary-Treasurer Carolyn Brandt Soclal Chaxrman ......... Mmam Tltus Track f milers. l Left-Steve D. in the broad jump. Right - High jump- ing. Hedges, Shuff and Thomas in the one- hundred-yard dash. Left - Reserve one- hundred-yard dash. Right - Thomas broad jumping. Left - Shuff, broad jumping. The track team won the C. B. L. championship at Upper Arlington on May 6, and took fourth place in the Ashland relays May 8. Mt. Vernon also beat Delaware, Columbus Academy, Grandvieyv, and Wooster, while losing to a powerful Ashland team. Mr. Elmer Crabbs 1S the coach. Page One Hundred-thirty-five Q Left-Reserve hali- Right - Willis Tay- lor. high jumping. May cmd jzme Calendars 3-Tickets go on sale for George Washington Slept Here. 4-Students register for next year and seniors are having a gay old time. 5-The seniors are still overflooding the library. Oh those term papers. 6-Iuniors await the Iunior issue of the jacket Iournal. 7-Iunior issue of the Iacket Iournal comes out today. I. I. Dance tonight. ll-Our track team is really doing fine. We won the Upper Arlington trophy. 12-The seventh and eighth grade classes had their annual honors assembly today. 13-Got those lines learned for the play yet? 14-Senior Class play tonight, George Washington Slept Here. 17-The seniors finally won out: the prom will be at the Country Club. 18-. . . and we find Dick Wonders still wondering if he'll graduate. 19-Who-o-o-o is get-t-ting jit-t-t-tery? 20-We smell the print from those review sheets. 21-Wheel Look at those seniors! All dressed up for senior assembly. 24-Bags make paper. Paper makes money. Money makes banks. Banks make loans. Loans make poverty. Poverty makes rags .... How'd that get in here? 25-Honors Assembly? ! 2 ' z Don't you wish you'd studied? 26-Ah! Only exams yet. Now let's not run up the electric bill tonight. E X A M S 30-Baccalaureate IUNE 3-Commencement. "Nothing so rare as a day in Iune." 4-Parting is such sweet sorrow. V f N 1' 'V " M77 . V flltll s 1-it . M. f- L ly V llrlr A 11. if Page One Hundred-thirty-six 1 ' . iff WW W QSQX f Q H j, V fa-R A Amy X b xu I --f -QW W 'fri :S "6------ S emor Class History Our class, the senior class of 1948, entered Mount Vernon High School in the seventh grade. At the beginning oi our sophomore year we elected Steve Deedrick as president of our class: Nancy Frank, vice-president: Betty Turner. secretary: and Ruth Ann Leonard, treasurer. During our sophomore year we ordered and received our class rings. Our junior year was a busy one for all of us. Our president was Iack Elliott: vice-president, Elaine Bricker: secretary, Betty Turner: and treasurer, Iohn Iohnson. We gave "What A Lite" for our junior class play. In May of that year We entertained the seniors with a colorful Iunior-Senior Prom. We had a most eventful senior year. "George Washington Slept Here" was chosen for our senior play. To climax our high school career we held our senior prom at the Mount Vernon Country Club. C...f X-,X -fy A -- -- -V ij 12 l malt: if lin at 0. 4 film 'fl d in as H 'ffl I 3 if 7 1 ,' -iw' s ,Q-,tl ' - 'JV 'H 1: Q,-.v wf yf ,1 ' . -' fs? wilt. tum ' t 'i'1 7f,, 1 ly V, - S ff.,s vgf,+: "L, F4 gfr.Qf ,A3'bjn. .1 " Y-if 'k't"f' ,0FtxfG" f 4,3 ' . g ff, wir ,dw my 1 W i n ,V fr! K, If .W I all X JW, 1' a- 'ffl ff: 7 ff ,MQ Lumix F , , , wt Page One Hundred-thirty-eight f PRESIDENT - GEORGE BUMPUS VICE-PRESIDENT - DICK BRANDT SECRETARY - BETTY MILLER TREASURER -- BOB WELLS S enior Class Officers Page One Hundred-thirty-nine Seniors Page One Hundred-forty ANN ADRION TOM BADGER MARY FRANCES BALDWIN IOANN BARNCORD MARGUERITE BATES GEHALDINE BEACH MARGARET ANN MARGARET ANN BETTINGER MARTHA BATES BECK WILLIAM BELDEN ROSELYN PAYE BLACKWELL BEVERLY ANN BLAKE EUGENE BLAIR A Z3 LORETTA MAE BOHN I OAN LEWIS BOWERS ELAINE BOWDEN 194049 Z RICHARD ELLIS BRANDT ELAINE BRICKER SARAH COOPER BROWN GEORGE BUMPUS . PEGGY BUNN J 0 Lkwm FRED BUXTON IEANNE BYRD DON CALDWELL LEONA GRACE CALKINS SARAH CARTER MARILYN CHRISTY EARL DEAN CONGER LARRY CONKLING WILBUR D. CONNELL , , ' JV if BLR-UUE!! cooN J FRED CORNET MAIORIE CURRY BOB CUSHMAN GENE DAVY STEPHEN STANTON DEEDRICK Seniors Page One Hundred-forty-one Seniors 1 Page One Hundred-forty-two POLLY DEEM I ,cfm M' f ' ANET DOWDS 14 'dkxl RICHARD EBERHARDT IACK R. ELLIOTT MARGO ERLANGER THOMAS FAWCETT RICHARD FERRELL MILDRED W. FOX IOAN P. FRANCIS BETTY IO FRARY IEAN FRASER THELMA FRYE BETTY FRYE ROTHY GANTZL' ' A' if - E5-xxfg N M Tx LO A IOAN GENTRY I' f EDITH GILMORE GORDON GRIFFIN ROBERT HAIRE IOHANNA HALAZON PHYLLIS HARDESTY DON HARRIS IOANNE HART W MAA GEORGE E. HEDGES BILL HENDERSHOTT SHIRLEY HERNDON RUTH N. HENNELL NANCY IEAN HISSONG ERNE HI E RUT?I'IOFF N QT, .f ,V ELEANOR AVIS INKS M31 A 1. DONNA HUMPHREYS CHRISTINA IACOBS CARL R. IENK S I OHN I ACQUET MIMLMIQ ROBERT I OHNSON Seniors I I Page One Hundred-forty-three X. 1 fl, Nm F' fri 'Q Seniors Page One Hundred-forty-four MARIORY KATHARY GRACE LEE IEAN LEPLEY DIXIE MALLEY IANICE LAY PATSY LEACH IETTIE LEE RUTH ANNE LEONARD IANE LYBARGER IOAN LYBARGER RUTH MALONEY EUGENE MARCHAL IAMES MELIOTES MAXINE METCALF IANE MILLER BETTY MILLER IEAN MILLER MARGARET MOREY IOYCE MOSSHOLDER NORMA IOAN MCGUGIN MCCONNELL ROBERT MCCRACKEN LOIS MCNAMARA LOIS MCKENZIE H M -AE , If-v"4.,,L-I Lf' f IOAN MCNEIL IOHN PAYNE JOAN PERKINS ELLEN PETERSON ALLAN RALSTON LENOR RAPP DON REASONER LOWELL BEEDER VIVIAN RINE VE RHOASS f 4 j JMVL ,M XZ BETH ROACH BETTY LOU ROBBINS S eniors Page One Hundred-forty-five Seniors Page One Hundred-forty-six NED ROESLER IOAN RYAN VIRGINIA SHARP IUANITA SHELDON RUTH EDNA SIMPSON SAMMY SNOW WILLI IMPSON NORMA IEAN STARMER RALPH STEURER IOYCE SWINGLEY MARY I OAN TEMPLE BETTY IO THOMAS ESTHER TREESE BETTY TURNER BRADLEY T. UPHAM awww EDITH B. VERNON ROBERT WEAVER MARY I. WELKER Seniors PATRICIA WELLS ROBERT T. WELLS, IR. EUDORA ELAINE WILKINS HELEN I. WOLFORD RICHARD D. WONDERS MURRAY WRIGHT CHARLENE ZEDAKER DUANE NUGENT IRMA BOWSHER E I f VMI! 4 M ,M E E11 V1 7' ' ir-J gf QU f i A , LQ X - Page One Hundred-forty-seven THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented George Washington Slept Here A Comedy in Three Acts by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman Friday Evening, May 14, 1948 C A S T Mr. Kimber .ii,..... a,iai..iaa,,.,aiia,...ii,. .,iaii D i ck Brandt Newton Fuller ....i.i ......,.....,ii... i,i. . , Don Harris Annabelle Fuller ...irr ..,io . Sally Brown Madge Fuller .....i., .,,.,, I Ruth Hennell Steve Eldridge ..,vi,. a,iii., L I Bob Wells Katie ,...,....i,ii....,.,..... .o,r...,iooii M ildred Fox Mrs. Douglas ...,..,.. ...a.,oio.ioiooo,. I ean Miller Clayton Evans .....,. ....,,r.,,.,iir..o . , Fred Buxton Rena Leslie r...i,,. iir,si R uth Anne Leonard Hester ,,.,..r,....,r o...ooiooor, D orothy Gantz Raymond ....l....,i. ,ioriir.,. I ohn Iohnson Uncle Stanley .ii..... ..,. . viiior George Bumpus Leggett Frazer ......vl..., - ........... .,oo. I Eugene Marchal Tommy Hughes .....r.. .ooorraioi T om Badger Sue Barrington v,,rirr .aar,,,ro., I oan Francis Miss Wilcox ......c .acccrr,.,c,c B etty Turner Mr. Prescott ....rr.. .Lr,A....rrr....,..r.,...rr..rrrrrr,r.,rr,r,,rrrrrrrr L owell Reeder Director ....,r,.....rr. .,.,,....rrrrrr.rr,,,r..,.v...,rrrrr,rr Stage Manager Stage Crew .,r,,. Sound Effects rrr.,..,rrrrr.r,.rrr. . rr,rrr.,..rvrrrr....rrr,..rrrrrrr, Electricians rrr,.,r,..,rr.,..rr,,,r vrrv Property Commi Tickets ,.,,.,.r..,.r,.,,r..,,,r rrrr Head Usher .,r..rr. ...,rrrrr....r,rrrr...,.,.rrr iff- - f - f-- I PRODUCTION STAFF Ruth Domigan Truxall Gordon Griffin Dick Ferrell, Iack Elliott Bill Hendershott, Bob Weaver, Bob Cushman Ioanne McGugin Peggy Bunn, Dixie Malley Eugene Blair, Murray Wright Ianet Dowds. Margo Erlanger, Ioan Barncord A. I. Robeson, Ruth Maloney Nancy Hissong flee ,,,,,,, ,,,I.,.,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, rw tgflfvgtff W 1 as if I ,sr i O1 1 . V P .Q 1-"1 .igtg k M Kg ' 'ffispf-isf i " a rlwrwl I Page One Hundred-forty-eight "George Wrzsbington Slept SENIOR PLAY, MAY 14 Seniors Strike In owmzl Poses ev 1' H1 Top Row' Ruth Edna Simpson, Ioan Hart- - Betty Io Frary, Tom Badger 'Juanita Sheldon. Second Plow - George Bumpus, Betty Miller, Bob Wells, Dick Brandt -- Lenor Rapp, Ruth Maloney. Third Row Norma McConnell, Mary Io Temple- - Loretta Bohn Betty Turner, Ruth Hennell. Bottom Row -Larry Conklinq. Bill Belden, Gene Davy Betty Io Thomas, Murray Wright, Ioanne Ryan Donna Humphreys. .fenzbr Activitzkef ANN ADRION ' Y-Teens l, 2. 3. 4: Secretary ot F. T. A. 4: Intramural golleyball 3. 4: Booster Club Z. 3, 4: Forum "Mardi ras" 4. TOM BADGER Hi-Y 3, 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2. 3: 1.1. 3: Forum Staff 4: Res. Basketball Manager 2: Varsity Basketball Man- ager 3: "What a Lite" 3: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Fortune Teller" 2: Intramural Basketball 3, 47 Public Address Announcer 4: Forum Show 2, 3: Stage crew ot "The Sorcerer" 1: Forum "Mardi Gras." MARY FRANCES BALDWIN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Social Comm. Y-Teens 4: Intra- mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4: Monitor l, 2: Service Committee Y-Teens 3: Booster Club 2, 3: Representative to Booster Club 2. IO ANN BARNCORD Y4Teens l, 2, 4: Senior Girl at Large in Y-Teens 4: Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA BATES GERALDINE BEACH F. H. A. l, 2: Secretary F. H. A. 3: President F. H. A. 4: Y-Teens l, 2: G. A. A. 3, 4: Monitor li Student Council 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3. 4: Booster Club 3: Make-up Committee tor Art Festival 3. MARGARET ANN BECK Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Booster Club 2. 3: Monitor 1, 2: Intramural Volleyball 3: Property Committee "What a Lite" 3: Vice-President of Library Start 4: Glee Club 1: Social Committee ot Y-Teens 4: Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM BURK BELDEN Football Manager 1. 2: Track Manager 2: Stage Crew "What a Lite" 3. MARGARET ANN BETTINGER Grove City High School l, 2. 3: Y-Teens 4: Intra- mural Volleyball 4: Intramural Basketball 4. ROSELYN FAYE BLACKWELL Senior Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Senior Choir l, 2, 3, 4: "The Sorcerer" Cacc.j l: "The Fortune Teller" Cacc.D 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" Cacc.j 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4: Senior Orchestra l. Z, 3. 4: Scholarship Teams 2. 3: "What a Lite" 3: Treble Clei Caccj 2. 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Forum Statt 4: I. 1. Stati 4: The Trio Caccj 3: Chairman ot Announcement and Name Card Committee 4: Forum Show l, 2, 3, 4: Forum Queen's Court 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 4: "Operetta Highlights" 4. EUGENE BLAIR Senior Band 4: Senior Choir 3. 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Scholarship Team 2: "Operetta Hiqhlights" 4: Glee Club 3, 4. BEVERLY ANN BLAKE Y-Teens 2. 3, 4. LORETTA MAE BOHN Senior Choir l, Z, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: 1.1. Music Editor 4: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "The Sorcerer" 1: Piano Contest 3. 4: Y-Teens 1. 2. 3. 4: Music Chairman ot Y-Teens 3: Forum Queen's Court 3: Forum Follies l, Z: Treble Clei l, 2, 3: Musical Program with Taylor's 3: Girls' Trio l, 2: Forum Queen Attendant 4: "Operetta Highlights" 4. IOAN ELAINE BOWDEN F. H. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: F. H. A. V' -P 'd t4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Choir 2: "The Fortfse IT2llc-Tig' 2: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 4. LEWIS BOWERS F.F.A. Basketball Team 3, 4: F. F. A. Reporter 3: Dairy Cattle Iudging at Columbus 3: Parliamen. tary Procedure Contest 4. RICHARD ELLIS BRANDT Senior Band l. 2, 3, 4: "What a Lite" 3: School Photographer 4: Student Court 4: Hi-Y 4: Vice-Presi- dent oi Senior Class 4: Booster Club 2, 3. 4: Glee Club Z: Forum Circus 3: Boys' State 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: "George Washing- ton Slept Here" 4. MARTHA ELAINE BRICKER Student Council Representative 1: Iunior Class Vice- President 3: Vice-President of Booster Club 4: Treas- urer Student Council 4: Glee Club 3: Booster Club 2. 3. 4: Program Committee oi Y-Teens 4: Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee 3: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 4: Intramural Baseball l. Z: Intramural Volleyball l, 2. 4: Bookkeeping Scholarship Contest 3: Y-Teens 1. 2. 3. 4: Football Queen 4: Forum Queen 4: Forum Queen Attendant 3. SARAH COOPER BROWN Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Secretary Y-Teens 3: President Y- Teens 4: President G. A. A. 3: "Prunella" 3: "What a Life" 3: "Iunior Miss" 2: 1.1. Staff 4: Intramural Volleyball 3. 4: Intramural Basketball 3: Quill and Scroll 4: F. T. A. 4: Program Chairman ot Booster Club 3, 4: Forum Follies 2. 3, 4: Art Follies 4: Chairman ot Ticket Committee of "Mardi Gras": Columbus School tor Girls: Chairman ot Prophecy Committee 1: Iunior Athletic Association: Chairman ot Play Committee Iunior Year: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. GEORGE BUMPUS Senior Class President: I-Ii-Y 4: Varsity Football 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3. 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Reserve Football 2: "What a Lite" 3: Iunior Hi-Y 3: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. PEGGY BUNN Senior Choir 4: Iunior Choir 3: Operetta Highlights 4. FRED M. BUXTON Hi-Y 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4: "What a Lite" 3: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Sorcerer" 1: Will Committee 4: Boys' Glee 'Club 2. 3: Business Mana- ger oi Forum 4: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Advertising Staff 1. 1. 4: Varsity Basketball Manager 2: Public Address System 4: Forum Follies 2: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. IEANNE R. BYRD F. H. A. l. 2, 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 4: gitigrmiirgl Basketball l, 4: Intramural Baseball l, 4: DON CALDWELL LEONA GRACE CALKINS F. H. A. l, 4. SARAH L. CARTER ' Y-Tfens 1, 2, 3: F. H. A. 3, 4: Glee Club 1: G. A. A. 3, . MARILYN CHRISTY Chairman Will Committee 4: Senior Band 4: Senior Orchestra 3: Library Staff 1, 2: Chairman Courtesy Committee 3: Quill and Scroll 3. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Exchange Editor of I. 1. 4: Chairman ot Y-Teen Senior Service Committee 4: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Y-Teen Style Show 4: Driving Demonstration 4: Librarian Club l: Student Council 3: G. A. A. 3. EARL DEAN CONGER Photography Club 3: Advanced Photography Club 4: Ring Committee 2: Monitor 1, 2: Industrial Arts Party Chairman 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball 4: Art Follies 3, 4: Working Corps 1. LARRY CONKLING Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Glee Club l. 2. 3. 4: Quartet l, 2. 3: Sextet 3: "The Sorcerer" 1: "The Fortune Teller" Z: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Operetta Highlights" 4: Oils Club 4: Minstrel Show 2: Reserve Football 3: Forum Show 1, 2, 3. 4: Art Festival 3, 4. WILBUR D. CONNELL Projection Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Secretary oi Projection Club 1: Vice-President Projection Club 3: President oi Projection Club 4: Intramural Volleyball 4: Monitor 2: Library Stair 1. Page One Hundred-fifty-one ELEANOR COON Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Orchestra l, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: "Fortune Teller" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Treble Clef 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Mixed Quartette 4: Y-Teens 4: F. T. A. 4: Art Follies 4: Harmonettes 3: French Scholarship Team 3: "Operetta Highlights" 4. MARIORIE CURRY Working Corps l, 2: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Service Committee 3: Intramural Basketball 3: Intra- mural Volleyball 3: Secretary and Treasurer ol 3 A. A. 3: Monitor l, 2, 3: Forum Queen Attendant GENE DAVY Forum Staff, 4. STEPHEN STANTON DEEDRICK President of Hi-Y 4: Hi-Y: 3, 4: "Fortune Teller" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "The Sorcerer" 1: President of Student Court 2: Vice-President oi Student Council 3: Senior Choir 3, 4: President of Choir 4: Will Com- mittee 4: Sophomore Class President 2: Stage Crew "What a Lite" 3: Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Reserve Football l: Reserve Basketball l, 2 Forum "Mardi Gras" 4. POLLY DEEM IANET ELAINE DOWDS Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Property Committee for "Dear Ruth" 4: Monitor 1, 2, 3: Social Committee of Y-Teens 2, 3: Intramural Baseball l: Intramural Basketball Z: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD L. EBERHART Iunior High Football l: Intramural Volleyball 3: Reserve Football 2: Art Play 1. IACK R. ELLIOTT Iunior Class President 3: Vice-President Hi-Y 4: Foot- ball 3: Basketball 3, 4: "Prunella" 3: "What a Lite" 3: I. I. Sports Editor 4: Iunior Hi-Y 2: Choir 3: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: Prophecy Committee 4. MARGO ERLANGER Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Working Corps l, 2: Monitor l, 2: Glee Club l. 2: Property Committee "What a Lite", Intramural Volleyball 3: Property Committee "Dear Ruth": Social Committee oi Y-Teens 4. THOMAS A. FAWCETT, lr. "Dear Ruth" 4: "What a Lite" 3: Hi-Y 4: Library Staii 4. RICHARD FERRELL Reserve Football l, 2: Reserve Basketball l, 2: Xarisity Football 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Hi-Y MILDRED W. FOX Y-Teens l, 3: F. I-I. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. IOAN P. FRANCIS Associate Editor oi Forum 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Social Chairman of Y-Teens 4: "Pride and Preiudice" l: "What a Life" 3: Queen's Court 3, 4: Forum Follies 2: "The Fortune Teller" 2: Senior Choir Z, 4: Girls' Glee Club l, 2: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Girls' Ensemble 4: F. T. A. 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Will Committee 4: "Operetta Highlights" gf Plug Committee 3: "George Washington Slept ere' . BETTY IO FRARY Freshman Girl at Large in Y-Teens l: Ring Commit- tee 2: Property Committee "What a Life" 3: Will Committee 4: Program Chairman of Y-Teens 4: Editor oi Forum 4: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "The Fortune Teller" Z: Y-Teens l, Z, 3, 4: Librarian ot Choir 4: Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club l, 2: Football Queen Attendant 3, 4: Queen's Court 4: Forum Follies 2: "Operetta Highlights" 4: Mardi Gras 4. IEAN ADELINE FRASER Oils Club 2, 3, 4: Oils Club President 4: Y-Teens 3: Library Club l: Chairman ot Student Council Hand- book Committee 4, BETTY FRY Page One Hundred-fifty-two O DOROTHY LOUISE GANTZ Senior Band l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Librarian 4: Y-Teens l, 4: Student Council 3: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Sorcerer" l: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. LOLA I OAN GENTRY Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: Monitor l: Forum Show 3, 4. EDITH GILMORE Walds High l, 2, 3. GORDON L. GRIFFIN Band l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club l, 2: Projection Club 2: "The Sorcerer": "Pride and Preiudice": "What a Liie": "320 College Avenue": "Iunior Miss" "Dear Ruth": Hi-Y Club 4. lOl-IN R. HAIRE Senior Band I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 4: Photog- raphy Club 2, 3, 4: Art Follies 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: "Iunior Miss:" "The Sorcerer:" Projection Club l, 2, 3, 4. IOHANNA HALAZON PHYLLIS HARDESTY Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Glee Club 2, 3. DON HARRIS Driving Demonstration, 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4: Secretary ot Hi-Y 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Senior Band l, 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: "The Fortune Teller" 2: Varsity Football Manager 3: Advertising Manager I. I. 4: "What a Life" 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Advertising Statt Forum 4: Public Address System 4. IOANNE HART GEORGE E. HEDGES Basketball 1, 2: Track 2, 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. BILL LANNING I-IENDERSHOTT Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2: Hi-Y 4: Intra- mural Sports 3, 4. RUTH NAIN HENNELL Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Oils Club 3, 4: Secretary of Oils Club 4: Art Editor of 1.1. 4: Forum Staff 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Student Council l, 4: Publicity Chairman oi the Student Council 4: Monitor l, 2: Social Com- mittee of Y-Teens 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Prophecy Committee 4: Program Chairman of Art Festival 3, 4: "What a Lite" 3: Intramural Basketball 2, 3: Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3: Scholarship Team 3: Subscrip- tion Staff of I. I. 4: "George Washington Slept Here." SHIRLEY HERNDON FERN ELIZABETH HILES Senior Choir 3: F. H. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Monitor 1, 2: Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Volleyball 4. NANCY IEAN HISSONG Student Council 1, 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Maiorette 1, 2: Head Maiorette 3, 4: Service Committee ot Y-Teens 4: Senior Choir 4: l. I. Staff 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Art 1, 2: Forum Show 3, 4. RUTH HOFFMAN Senior Choir 2, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Library Staff l: Iunior Choir 3: Glee Club 1, Z: "The Fortune Teller" 2: Forum Follies 3: Art 1: Parliamentarian tor F. T. A. 4: Societg Editor of I. J. 4: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: Booster lub 3. DONNA I-IUMPHREYS - Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Forum Fiesta 2: Football Queen Attendant 4: Forum Queen's Court 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Intramural volleyball 3. ELEANOR AVIS INKS Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Glee Club l: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: "What a Life" 3: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Sorcerer" 1: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3: Property Committee of "Dear Ruth" 4: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l: Scholarship Team 3: Literary Editor of the I. I. 4: Publicity Chairman ot the Forum "Mardi Gras": Library Staff 1: Program Committee oi Y-Teens 3, 4: Booster Club 2. 3, 4. JOHN IACQUET CARL R. JENKINS Junior High Football l: Reserve Basketball 2: Varsity gootballi 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Forum "Mardi ras' . CHRISTINA BRIGITTA JACOBS Student Council 1. 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 2: F. H. A. 1. 2: 3. 4: F. H. A. Historian 4: Junior Choir 3: Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Volleyball 4: G. A. A. 3. JOHNNY JOHNSON President of Student Council 4: President of Booster Club 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Treasurer ot Junior Class 3: "What a Life" 3: "Streetcar in the Attic" 1: Phrophecy Committee 4: Variety Show 1: Hi-Y 3, 4: Chairman of Forum Show 3, 4: Decorating Com- mittee of Ir.-Sr. Prom 3: Art l, 2. 3: Art Festival 3: Art Editor of Forum 4: Social Committee ot Hi-Y 3, 4: Scholarship Team 2: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: Intramural Basketball 3: Intramural Volleyball 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. ROBERT IOHNSON Hi-Y 4: Track 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Football 2. MAHGERY KATHARY I.I. Sub. 4: Treasurer oi F. T. A. 4: "Prunella" 3: Choir 3. 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: Operetta High- lights 4: Harmonettes 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4. MARY IANICE LAY Social Committee ot Y-Teens 3, 4: Librarian ot Junior Choir 3: Senior Choir 4: Harmonettes 3: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Co-Chairman of Decorations tor Forum Show 4: Scholarship Team 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Literary Editor of Forum 4: Senior Girls' Trio 4: Girls' Ensemble 4: Chairman ot Ir.-Sr. Prom 3: Art Festival 3: Booster Club 3. 4: Chairman oi Decorating Committee for Sadie Hawkin's Dance 4: Greensburg High School, Pa., l, 2: Senior Choir 2: "Operetta Highlights" 4: Forum Show 3. 4: Queen's Court 4: "Norwegian Nights" Z. PATRICIA ANN LEACHE Senior Band 1. 2: Senior Orchestra l, 2: "The For- tune Teller" 2. GRACE PRISCILLA LEE Y-Teens I, 2. 3, 4. IETTIE BLANCHE LEE Intramural Basketball: Y-Teens: Bowling. MARILYN JEAN LEPLEY Y-Teens 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 2, 3. 4: Intra- mural Volleyball 4. RUTH ANNE LEONARD Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4: Freshman at Large Y-Teens 1: Treasurer of Sophomore Class 2: Senior Choir l. 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2: "The Sorcerer" 1: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Booster Club 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Advertising Manager Forum 4: Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3: Intramural Volley- ball 2. 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 2. 3, 4: "What a Lite" 3: Queen's Court 3: Forum Follies 2: Student Council Social Chairman 4: Treble Clei 2, 3: G. A. A. Social Chairman 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4: "Geroge Washington Slept Here." JANE LYBARGEH IOAN LYBARGER Senior Choir l, 2. 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2. 3, 4: Y-Teen Service Committee 1. DIXIE MALLEY RUTH MARIE MALONEY Senior Band l, 2: Senior Choir 3. 4: Glee Club 2: Monitor l, 2: "The Chocolate So1dier" 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: "What a Life" 3: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Treasurer of Senior Choir 4: Finance Committee of Y-Tefns 4: Senior Card and Announcement Commit- tee . EUGENE MARCHAL, IR. Proiection Club 2, 3. 4: President of Projection Club 3: Vice-President of Projection Club 4: Reserve Basket- ball 2: Track 2, 3. 4: Student Council l, 4: Monitor 2: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4. I AMES MELIOTES Senior Orchestra l, 2: Feature Writer l.I. 4: Hi-Y: Projection Club: Student Council: Prophecy Commit- ee. MAXIN E METCALF Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Intramural Baseball 3. BETTY I ANE MILLER Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l: Secretary of Senior Class: Senior Choir 3, 4: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Operetta High1ights" 4: Forum Staff 4: I. I. Staft 4: Monitor 2, 3: Booster Club 2, 3. JANE ELIZABETH MILLER F. H. A. 1. 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. News Reporter 4: Y-Teens l. 2. IEAN STUART MILLER Girls' Glee Club 2: Junior Choir 3: Senior Choir 4: "Prunella" 3: "What a Lite" 3: Y-Teens 3. 4: Finance Committee Chairman in Y-Teens 4: Student Council 3: Election Committee Chairman in Student Council 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Forum Staff 3: "Operetta Highlights" 4: "George Washington Slept Here" 4. MARGARET LOUISE MOREY F. H. A. 1. 2, 3. 4: Y-Teens 1: Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Volleyball 4. JOYCE ELAINE MOSSHOLDER Y-Teens 1, Z, 3: Senior Choir 4: Intramural Basket- ball 3. 4: Forum Staff 4: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4: Intramural Badminton Team 3. 4: Photo Editor of Forum 4: Forum Show 3. 4. NORMA JEAN McCONNELL Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Cabinet 3: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: "What a Lite" 3: Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Vollegball 4: Booster Club Z, 3. 4: Monitor 3: Queen's ourt 3: Attendant to Forum Queen 4: "Operetta Highlights." ROBERT E. MCCRACKEN, IR. Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Secretary of F. F. A. 2: President F. F. A. 4: Student Court 3: F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. Judging Team 1: F. F. A. Public Speaker 4. IOANNE L. MCGUGIN Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4: F. H. A. l. 2, 3: Treasurer oi F. H. A. Z: Intramural Basketball l, 2: Student Council l, 3, 4: Executive Committee ot Student Council 4. LOIS EVELYN MCKENZIE Y-Teens 3: Student Council 3. 4: Noon Hour Commit- tee of Student Council 3, 4: Senior Announcement Committee 4: Glee Club 1. LOIS IEAN McNAMARA Student Council 2, 3: Monitor 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Social Committee of Y-Teens l. 2. 3: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Intramural Bad- minton 2. IO-ANN MCNEIL Senior Choir 2. 3, 4: Secretary of Choir 4: Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Forum Fiesta 2: Forum Queen Attendant 3. 4: Treasurer of Booster Club 3. 4: Social Committee of Y-Teens 3, 4: Student Council 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Intramural Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Art Show 4: "Operetta Highlights" 4. IOHN PAYNE IOANN PERKINS Intramural Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 354: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens: Art l. , 3. 4. ELLEN PETERSON F. H. A. 3, 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Intramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Baseball 1, Z. 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3. ELIZABETH LENOR RAPP Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 2. 3: Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: "What a Life" 3: "Dear Ruth" 4: Senior Band 1. 2. 3, 4: Student Council Social Committee Chairman 3: Will Committee 4: Editor ot 1.1. 4: "The Sorcerer" 1: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Junior Health Board 3: Girls' Glee Club l, 2: Booster Club 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Page One H undred-fifty-three DONALD R. REASONER Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 1, 2: Track Z: Student Council 1. LOWELL REEDER DAVID WILLIAM RHOADS Hi-Y 3, 4: Senior Band l. 2, 3. 4: Senior Orchestra l. 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir l. 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3, 4: Scholarship Team 2: "The Sorcerer" l: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Prune1la" 3: President oi Senior Band 4: Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Orchestra 4: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4. VIVIAN MARIE RINE Senior Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens l, Z, 3, 4: Treasurer ot Y-Teens 4: President ot Senior Orchestra 4: Librarian of Senior Band and Orchestra 1, Z: Girls' Glee Club 2: Forum Follies 3: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4. BETH ROACH Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Scholarship Teams 2. 3. BETTY LOU ROBBINS NED LOUIS ROESLER I OANNE RYAN Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Social Committee oi Iunior Class 3: Program Com- mittee oi Y-Teens 3: Senior Choir I, Z, 3: "The Sor- cerer" l: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "What a Lite" 3: Glee Club l, Z, 3: Secretary of Student Council 4: Chairman of Social Committee 4: Booster Club 2. 3. 4: Scholarship Team 3: Intramural Volleyball l. 2, 3: Intramural Baseball 1, Z, 3. VIRGINIA ANNE SHARPE Band l: Senior Band 2: Glee Club l, 2: Iunior Choir 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1: Usher at the operettas 2, 3. IUANITA FERNE SHELDEN Y-Teens 1, Z, 3, 4: F. H. A. l, 2, 3. 4: Treasurer of F. H. A. 4: Intramural Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. RUTH EDNA SIMPSON Senior Choir 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2. 3, 4: Monitor 2, 3: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Social Committee oi Y-Teens 3, 4: Intramural Basket- ba . WILLIAM SIMPSON Student Council 3: Cheerleader 2. 3, 4: Choir 3, 4: Intramural Basketball I, 3, 4: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Advertising Staff of Forum 4: Operetta Highlights 4. SAMMY L. SNOW F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4. NORMA IEAN STARMER RALPH STEURER Reserve Football l: Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: Reserve Basketball 2: Varsity Basketball 3: Varsity Track Z, 3. 4: Intramural Basketball Championship Z, 4: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4. IOYCE L. SWINGLEY Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 3, 4: Y-Teens I, 3: Glee Club 1, 3: Ensemble 4: "The Sorcerer" l: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Variety Show 4. MARY IO TEMPLE Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: "Fortune Teller" 2: "Chocolate Soldier" 3: "Forum Fol1ies" 2: Forum Queen's Court 3: Football Queen Attendant 3: Glee Club 1, 2: Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Volley- ball 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Girls' Ensemble 4: BETTY IO THOMAS Library Staff 1, 2. 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Council 1, 2, 3: Secretary of Student Council 2: Glee Club l, 2: Intramural Bowling 3: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4: Subscription Manager ot 1.1. 4: gorum Eollies 3: Booster Club 2, 3. 4: Forum "Mardi ras" . 4: Student ESTHER TREESE BETTY MARILYN TURNER Senior Band l, 2, 3. 4: Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary of Student Council l: Student Court 3. 4: Secretary of Iunior Class 3: Iunior at Large of Y- Teens 3: Vice-President oi Y-Teens 4: "What a Life" 3: Intramural Basketball Z: Secretary ot Band 3: Secretary ot Sophomore Class 2: President of F. T. A. 4: Business Manager ot 1.1. 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Senior Play Committee 4: Forum Queen's Court 3, 4: S-9Iirls"El1semble Cacc.j 4: "George Washington Slept GIG . BRADLEY T. UPHAM Advertising Staff of J. l. 4: Forum Show 3, 4: Treasurer of Hi-Y 4: Torch Club 2: Varsity Football 1, 2: Intramural Basketball 3, 4: Senior Band l, 2: Student Court l. EDITH B. VERNON BOB WEAVER Hi-Y 3, 4: Football l. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Track 3: Intramural Basketball 3, 4. MARY I. WELKER Y-Teens 3: Library Staff 3, 4. PATRICIA WELLS Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Intramural Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Choir 3, 4: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3. ROBERT I. WELLS, IR. Treasurer of Senior Class 4: Hi-Y 4: Chairman Safety Committee of Student Council 4: "What a Life" 3: "Prunella" 3: Scholarship Team 3: "George Washing- ton Slept Here" 4. EUDORA ELAINE WILKINS Choir 2, 3. 4: "The Fortune Teller" 2: Harmonettes 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Scholarship Teams 2, 3: HELEN I. WOLFORD F. H. A. 3, 4. RICHARD DEAN WONDERS Senior Band l, 3, 4: Senior Choir 1, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3. 4: Male Quartette 1: "Harvest Harmonies" 1: "The Sorcerer" l: "The Fortune Teller" 2: "The Chocolate Soldier" 3: Iunior Band l: Art 1: Brass Ensemble 2: Forum Show 2: Gettysburg Address 1, 2: Male Quartette 4: Mardi Gras 4. MURRAY WRIGHT Track 3: Varsity Football Z. 3, 4: Iunior High Basket- ball l: Reserve Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Basketball 3: Weaver's Championship Intramural Basketball Team 4: Iunior Play Committee 3: Senior Social Committee 4: Forum Follies 2: Booster Club: Hi-Y 3, 4: Decorat- ing Committee Forum Follies 3, 4: Stage Crew "Fortune Teller" 3: I. I. Staff 4: Monitor Z. 3: Forum "Mardi Gras" 4. CHARLENE ZEDAKER Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4: Senior Choir 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club l. Z, 3, 4: Oils Club 4: Treble Clef 1, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: F. T. A. 4: Double Quartette 4: Girls' Trio 4: Y-Teens 4: Scholarship Team 3. QUILL AND SCROLL Sulbsiription Manager oi Forum 4: Advertising Stafi Roselyn Blackwell Fred Buxton Betty Io Frary Eleanor Inks Richard Brandt Marilyn Christy Donald Harris Ianice Lay Sarah Brown Ioan Francis Ruth Hennell Ruth Anne Leonard Lenor Rapp Betty Turner Faculty Members Mrs. Gladys Baker Miss Sara Cannon Miss Laura Koons Mrs. Helen Sevitts Page One Hundred-fifty-four M. Buxton and Bowers in Their Element Top Rowfloyce Mossholder, Marjorie Curry, Mary Io Temple, Norma McConnell, Ruth Malon SY - Peggy Bettlnger, Don Bowers, Ioan Bowden, Gerry Beach - Mary Frances Baldwin Second H 3 ' L ' ' ow Iettxe ee, Ioan Perkins, Patty Wills-Ruth Hennell, Lenor Rapp-Helen Wolford. Third How --- Martha Iean Miller, Ioyce Mossholder, Fred Buxton, Mary Temple, Marjorie Curry - Patsy Leach, Iean Fraser, Lois McKenzie. Bottom Row- -Mildred Fox -- Iene Miller, Marjorie Katharyilanice Lay, Iean Miller, M. Kaihary. dd Autographs CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Robert Eastman, M. D. Roger A. Tarr, D. D. S. Howard H. Webster, Attomey-at-Law W. L. Koch, D. O. Iames F. Lee, M. D. I. W. Sellers, D. D. S. Charles M. Zelkowitz, Attorney-at-Law Iohn C. Drake, M.D. Iohn Baube, M. D. I. Fred Minnich, D. D. S. Arthur I. Packard B. B. Sturtevant, D.D. S. George Deeley, D. D. S. George Imhoff, M. D. Richard Gomer, M. D. W. Buker, D.D. S. W. E. Steffan, Optometrist Gordon Pumphrey, M. D. I. M. Pumphrey, M.D. W. Thurman Todd, Prosecuting Attorney Charles B. Tramont, M. D. Robert I. Grossman, Attorney-at-Law Howard E. Kiracofe, Optometrist Page One H undred-fifty-seven 0:011411411010141111:o1o1oj11111:111o1111o:ojo1111411o:o:o1u111qP? 11010141111j0i0111j11111i11i111oj11141111jc 01010101011 94111121111 11114 H A R R Y A. B L U E DESOTO st PLYMOUTH PHONE 794 ll s. Mulberry Street Most Dependable Source of Supply Compliments of THE AMERICAN ANTIQUES JUURNAL 49 Public Square Mount Vernon, Ohio H. OGDEN WINTERMUTE, Managing Editor o rdf 'G 5: z rn :U :u 1' :u rn m -1 o :u rn Vulcanizing - Retreading A Distributors for U. S. TIRES, TUBES, and BATTERIES cfm: Pa ge One Hundred-fifty-eight 2011 110101411111 1411 311113 1 110 111 1111 11 11111 11 120101 1113111111113 McMlLLEN'S Complete Line of Sporting Goods McGregor, Goldsmith, Wilson, Dunlop LOWE BROTHERS - HANNA PAINTS WALLPAPER TOYS 2 107 s. Mein Street Phone Neal W. Olson 5 9241111101101 1 1o1111o1o1m1i11i:1111131111111 4 0501101 1i41ioioi1110i411o1t1it1ioi01 11 11034 Compliments of W. B. BRUWN 102 S. Main Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 941101 141111111111i11111141i11i0ioi41iui0i0C You'll Like To Trade at WORLEY'S Men's Wear That Men Wear 120 South Main Street 14 2 112 1 1 141111211111 1111111 ini: v 'Q 11411o1111o:ojo1411t1j4 114010 gzqboioioioio 025011 For We Are jolly Good Fellows Page One Hundr ,QQ P0 0 V01 rioioioioioioioim ini: 1 1101010 "Best Wishes to The Class of '48" PAGE DAIRY STDRE 204 West High Street '23 Milkshakes - Sandwiches French Fries u- 1 1 1 1 1o1n1u-:mini -vi '11 in 1 l Q w E L n I n e 5 5 Electric - Acetylene Q Since 1920 3 2 Equipped to repair almost anything i - i I "DDC" FIXlT'S 1 i Q 179-W 521 South Mein 2 i i i--A-0-he----E-1T-T--T--I-ft-----e--e-H-U--e-e-5 i Q Q - E The Mt. Vernon Hatchery i g BIG VALUE BABY CHICKS I I and E 3 TURKEY POULTS A 322 s. Mein Street Phone 684 i 2 Q - 0-nz,--i--T ,igegqgfpzepzmimxicxic11010101011 1 xioinicif g COMPLIMENTS OF 2 1 1 E 1 2 Q Elephant Lumber Store Q I 02523020 S I l I Q 301 WEST HIGH STREET 2 I 1 2 Phone 234 2 2 Q i MOUNT VERNON, OHIO i Q Page One Hundred-sixty 5.4 10 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r2u1o1n1o1n1o1o1rxioioioioioiniuim CITY DRY CLEANERS Fur Storage Moth Proofing Water Repellent Phone 1017-J 203-205 W. High Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO ruin: inni1ri:T1O20-io3o1o1uioimxi1 103 COMPLIMENTS GALLAHER DRUG STORE 122 S. Main Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO ezvzni 101nio1111111111xiuiuiniuiui in Our Interests Are Many Page One Hundred-sixty-one I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I x101011xi1rj1s11xioi1x11x11xi1xj1xj1xj1xj1xi1ri1ri1xj1rj011 011 Congratulations CLASS of '48 Page One Hundred-sixty-two o:4p0i0i1110i01o11:D1 201011 10103011 2 1 110 1 1 111 111 111 1 111x111pqn1r1ri01030ioq May this forward step in life bring you Wealth of happiness and success. 1110.0 The Rudin Go. 0201 11 11 11 2010111101011 103031 rio: n10j1r10j1n11ri1xj1xioi1r11nj1x11n:1ni011rio:1o:o I H, i I I a I Q 3 2 Q 1 ! 9 2 is Q Q va I I T Z 9' 3' ' 5 'D 'I v-11 I ' E O ,H 2 -:D ! 'gun E. Q Q ' 1-. us ' fb I-1 Q 'U FU, G H x O Us V1 l Q '11 -5 saswr- ,seen D-1 i D I-450 4 5 W fb P-In I: i C en C1 0 O i A:-' 3 .. Q ! I 517 .-, ae 5 U xl 0 2 I , fn :S 20 W N3 51 0 - 1 o HE 0 ,Z ! 'S O E. "' ' 3 Q i ga lb Q P 3. Q 13 -1 :: I pn - 8 gm O 5 E 53 ! Ke n-'za U m O Q I X. D- 1 :: as SH a 5' 3 I i 2 51? - D' I W5 Q "' I i 5? F'-1 g 2 2- " Q I 2 1 U' I 1 , Q 1 I lUOG0-0.l-llnlmnlcffiflmmlcfl-In Unmmmnmfzf I I 0:0101111111101111y:o1o:1x:0101011x1011v1o:010101011x:1x1ocIo ! I I I P I I Q .. 5 E Q 2 "' sv ! ' ll 5 Z 5 5' if 5 i an I 4 if G UQ H i . U' rn D PU sw Q gp Z H., - 5 Us 'PU Q. U1 D "" i ll 'U EL Z C UU 0- "' go "' 3 ' 2 E' sf: Q Q E- gt 5 E 3- I S Z U, m-' Q Z H I ! O 3 n-1 2 Q : E E 2 2 'f 9. I I g O 9 en W I 2 v-1 3 I Q -5 . I I I I 11020 02.1 Autos and Fashions T00! 61 6 Are We Seeing Doulvlef , OW , 0wBSxg?gWgas QU how S'PCCLi P 9 O H ded- tythree 'i"""' ""5' ""' "' " " "' ' " " " " " " " """""" " "" """""" 'mi' l O I g Q STORE OF NEW EASHIONS AND LOW PRICES I O l l O 1 Q ii 1 2 O 3 Q 2 T196 S O 3 l 2 3 1. S. RINGWALT 1 1 O Q 5 3 C g l 0171 an 2 2 ' l O l O I g 2 QUALITY is never attained by 2 l O accident, but is the result of high I Q O . . . . Q ! O intentions, sincere efforts and intel- E 3 ligent directions, skillfully executed. 2 1 O 1 1 O F I O 3 i O 1 1 o i Q o 5 Q O I ! 43 Q E Q YOUR STORE EOR 79 YEARS E Q O goooocg 0004 P00000000000000000 OOOOOOOOO2 I O 5 Q O . . . 2 2 E Qualzly T be Rmgwalt Polzcy 2 Og1D'l3Ui0i0i02i4.010iU34 ifiifl 1 1030 iiiiii ifili T4 if iii! i01010l0i0 go Pag O H dre d-S1 ty-f 179 1 4 lllll WY SQJ KQ it V nwi x -, p f i if gy ,Cf Y e ff ' Iavmqf, i X Q gif" ..... -bu" f", SERVICE ,A p QA 4... ..., - ,v,....,....., . A----' V 6. 'Dil ' Q V vxscvp I to wn :w tf 'XIAHN 8 CLLIER AGAI " The slogan tl1at's Laclzecl lay genuine goodness in quality and service, time result of 416 years successful experience in time yearlaoolz field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- laoole publisher, as well as your photographer anti your printer. JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. PgOI-Iddyf E Noon Hour Activity in school Two 0 TW ' aff f A'i THE HW Page One Hundred-sixty-six Why Women Like Men W ou Have It Easy' Congratulations to the Class of 1948 THE ALCOVE SODA CANDY SHOP 111 1 11911 1 1 1 11i1111110i1111111i1111 11i111o111i11i1i1111 3 2 11111111113 o 11 112 1111 1 111111 1 1i11i1i11io111111111 1111311111111 1 11 1 q 111211 1111111150 BAm's nnv CLEANING co. E and EMPLDYEES Wish to Congratulate THE CLASS of 1948 Phone 836 - 836-M ,-.1,...,.. :.,:..:.,:.,:.,:.,g Page One Hundred-sixty-seven 1: 1 11 1 11 111111 1111 101 1111111 11111111111 11 1 11112 2 2 :1q1111z1211 1 1111120 The Erlitofs Nightmare After a hard day of mounting pictures the final result looked like this Page One Hundredesixty-eight pi 11: 1 30:01 9:0 ocrioioioioioimrioioi ri ic O11 101014 0 0101 ,Q fi When You See Us Don't Think of Insurance E Compliments of 3 Bur When You Think Of Insurance, See Us i I I I I 2 T 0 P P' S I E 0. K. SALISBURY 2 I l'l A R U W A R E I 81 SUN I 1 5 1 2 I E I 5 WEST VINE STREET Q 5 'z'n3'z' 2 2 Mount Vernon, Ohio g Q------A-AA--I-1A-A----A---A-A--A--Ai i.T---A-.--A--A-A-W-0- - ---. -1,--A-A 5 For That NEW LOOK IN g E Phone 1236 i I FINE PHOTOGRAPHS Q I Q 2 g I UBVUE MUTUH SALES I l HUDSON CARS-CROSLEY CARS 2 A Accessories and Parts i I Official AAA Service . I Q 31 E' Gambler street I 3 Complete Garage and Wrecker Service Q E Phone 177M g 2 70 Columbus Road Mft. Vernon, Ohio g .S------- ---U--,-0-f--1-- - -----2. .S----.----I,--f------4-1'--'---1------A----I-li. osuxozoz rzoxoxozoxoxox 111 10101 iq. 1 1411 1n1i1l101u1 1szlznxixfqnznxnxnzozoxnqrgo S I l i I ! - ' I E CONGRATULATIONS 2 TO THE I - Q CLASS OF '48 2 i Q I 5 I A Q 2 THE oulo FUEL g Q I 3 I i GAS C UM PANY l i I i Q i I S I 9 i -------------------- ----- , ---- --r- -.-.- -1,-K-,-.,-.i. Page One Hundred-sixty-ni 119 :Lui xi 1014 ioiuioioiuiuic 3 ri rin: Q0 Q24 0 li0i011rioioi1b10ioi1ri01450 l Service With a Smile l I Q I l Compliments of I uAuLEv's g 2 g Q I FAAIPRPNRRUNIEEEEK l S U F F E R S l 5 2 GLOTHING g 23 East Gambier Street Q Q y-mum-0-m-1-0-U-U-1-M-mtl H I-4-ml I i"""""""""""' "' l Congratulations to g I 0 A I N , S G R 0 c E R Y I THE CLASS OF 1948 i E j SCHOOL sUPP1.1Es E nAnTl.ETT's E 1 and , 2 1 I I CANDY I 11 W. High Street Phone 144 I l MOUNT VERNON, OHIO S S 401 N. Mulberry street ,-1,-.,-.,....-,-...--.,-.,..,-.-.,-.,-..5. .,.-,- ...... ,....-,..,.,-,-,-,-..Q. ui 1 rtxilioiuioioioiuini 101:11 103 10301,3n301010101434p1qpqp1qp14p10101014,qpio 2 PHONE 948 Q l l l GDCHRAN MUTUR SALES 1 l 2 DODGE - PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS - TRUCKS 2 DODGE - JOB-RATED TRUCKS l 14 W. OHIO AVENUE g MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 2 l Q if-111-1 W iii W iii 1 WNW li M iii iii iii 1 M1fitlillilllYllbillilll0i0i0i0iIO!O Page One Hundred-seventy-o ne O H d ggwmlisl To the Graduating Class ot 1948, con- gratulations and best wishes tor success. We are happy that among our worker groups are many M. V. H. S. graduates of previous years. lyqggi SHELLMA 1 PRODUCTS CORPORATION mount vsRNoN,or-no f yi d yi ,101xii11110101011ljoioiojojoiojojoioitxjoioicrjcxic bioiojojoioioioioioioiojojoixl 011rjoinioioiniuioioi fox? I ' 103010101 1014 102 1301: The Oldest Transportation System in Mount Vernon Safe, Reliable Transportation Anywhere, Anytime ZUNE GAB 00. Phone 900 PgOHddt 10101011113 11112 2 2 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 qi 1 2:31101 11010020 uxojoioininxnxx:111sic1:01014110141101010141191014vioioiojojoifxioqxioioioizvjojojoilxjiriojojfxicxjfrioiojc 11010111 1111 1:11 ioiriuiyi 1131113111111 1 1:11111 1 1 Congratulations Class of 194 8 HARRIS MOTOR SALES INC. PONTIAC SALES and SERVICE PHONE 126 122 XV. HIGH STREET .g.,- ! I Page One Hundred-seventy-six The Tired Sex Page One Hundred-seventy seve ui in ioininioinii 1110102 11 ini oiuioi 14ri:xifmimpiirzinixxiixixpiirizrixrii io11n10101010g01 11010101 1: 110101111011 I COURTEOUS PHONES I EFFICIENT 1190 I SERVICE 69-R I I I CITY - URBI-IN DELIVERY I I Owned and Operated by E D. H. MEEK I 503014 i0i0149i0ifYi0l0i9i4Ii0i0i0i0i03 I I I Compliments of I I P I T KI N ' S 2 Provlslon Store I 2 BETTER FOOD FOR 36 YEARS I Telephone 114 - 115 I 031101014 101 rzozuzucnoz 11011 If 1 crocbor 2 Compliments of 2 VERNON BAKERY 2 16 N. Mein Street I French and Danish Pastry I Birthday and Wedding Cakes g OUR SPECIALTY I Congratulations E To S THE CLASS OF 1948 I I rn b :U 'T cn w rn P 1: -I -4 cn :: o -u 'U 0:4111 m . -2 ! 9 ! "' ! I g ! 9 I ! 5 ! Q ! 0 5 I H ! ! ! 2 I I 'I Q 50 02011031 10141:o1o1o3nin1u1o2 1 141021 ' I TAUGHERS' THE BEST IN DRUGS Deal Where Your Doctor Deals TAUGHERS' 51111101010141101020101014xiimrirxiixicrd G. R. SMITH 81 00. Hardware and Electrical Supplies MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 85 PHONES 84 "Good Service To You A Pleasure to Us" PUND TIRE SHUP GENERAL TIRES AND TUBES 103 W. Gambier Phone 749 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO mini ioiuiuioioim1101020101111 11011111 Compliments of Mount Vernon News 1102111111 ini 111 Z ir: 1411111111014 0:4 rioif110101011sicxicriojrxicrjoioioiojfxixriirifxiojcriixicuzo o1o1oj01o:4x14rjo1ojo1oi1rj1r14o ogniojfnjoiojoiojir 0:0411 4 69014 'G ,Q 5101 110101 2 1010101 11014 201 bioiuioii 1011 1 11112 1 1 11112 3 1 2 112 3121030201: You are now faced with the most important decision of your life- choosing a career. Before you make your final choice, it would pay you to look into the wonderful opportunities that are before you in the United States Army and United States Air Force. LOCAL RECRUITING STATION Room 8 Post Office Building Mount Vernon, Ohio P 9 bi 2101010102 ie 102 One 51014020 3 'oil11411010111:01014xioioioioiojoicxicxjojojojcxiqnifbtbiilitrjq 0 bgrtl iiiziiz rxoxfriotoxoxnnnxurifo 051101014 xozuzoxozozorozozoz iziz in S SINGER 2 ! Compliments Q SEWING MACHINES 1 2 Q N R53IgEI?Sa:r?ds1EIIig!1'CfLS E N F R E n Z E R u L L! S S 2 Phone 1616 I 2 I I CALL ONLY I - Western Auto Associate Store l l I 5 Q smnsn sewlua I 1 5 M A G H I N E 0 0. ! 5 ! 225 S. Main Street g E 21 Public Square 2 I-------------f-I---I----I--- I-----1----f---'-,-0-I-I--1---- l E Congratulations to the E WAYNE CASH 3 g Classofws I 1 I: E E n 5 1' 0 R E l 2 TURNER INSURANCE 2 I AG EN cv 512 W' High Street I 25 Belmont Avenue E PHONE 1057 1 I MOUNT VERNON, OHIO I I Q Phone 390 M I Avcw-'OOM' 1' 11211 1101 'IHC' '11 303450 olvtfv-D01 I1011ICDUCDUIU-'UC'0I"1" 2' ogoxznqpoqnm zagggggg ,101 ,-wg.. 1 10, 101.1 ,.,.1.,g,,1.,g,,g.,g0g.,.,q.0p0:o:o:o:0a80 1 l l 2 I 3 CONGRATULATIONS 2 2 TO ALL GRADUATES Q - I 5 DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED 2 E E 1 2 L E S T E R S 2 A i 2 I I SMART APPAREL 9 2 F 0 R M E N 81 B 0 Y S A I I Q I ogiibi 130101414149 3 3 3333 P? 3 3 li 3' iiii L? 14? 3430301131 vi Page One H d d-e'ghty oi 1 o 1 0101 0:4 nioioioioi 111 1 11111014 EDUCATIUN ' ' - 1 'i 'ii 'la Be it in milk processing, farming, or any other scientihc industry, education has been recognized since time immemorial as man's basic security. The trained and co-ordinated mind and body are qualified to manage and admin- istrate and to improve and invent. We Jewell folks wish all of you Mt. Vernon High School graduates a very successful career. JEWEU- L.?.FM?lE5'65l :ui 1 1 1 iz qs 1 2 1 3 102011110311 2 31:1 1 11:1 3 1 1 3 1 1 2 1 1:2 1111034 i - ...,.... -.l. T rioiojojoiojoioiqrjoioiojoiojcvirriojilioicxjcricgo 'U DI 'Q fb O Z1 fb E 5 fb 9- 2. ff: 'F O 3 gzqxoxi1:111411011111xiojoxozaxzozrsiasicxicsicxicricrzfrzaxjcriaxiaxicricriojax 11011Q11111yioiojoitvicnioitxifxicxicviexjixioixritnjoicsiardzt 0:01011 xidxiojoiojojoinioic 11011 51011 96114 Pag DQOQIlQUQODOQOQl QI l0Q1 QOQOQUQOQUQODUQJQK Compliments of Scott Furniture Co. "Everything for the Home" 128 S. Main Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Dcrinimxiixioioioioioioioixxia it10101011rimmirxirxioioioioioirpitrioqDnioioioioioioq N3 Qweygf M llWll0llm hath, not Q9 WW: V5 9 Quan C99 Cook and Heat Water ELECTRICALLY l'H"l . m oH1o POWER Cot Ley Mount Vernon, Uhio uiuininisxiqbciri 11114341 141 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 11111110111 11113011111 O H d d- 'gh y-t rage E 3 ,qwp riojojoiojuit Do14r:4xi0:0i0:1n1oj4xitni1rj1x:010i0j1 5 10:0 04 xjojoioioioiojoit 11014 vjojoic 1014 1101010 xioit 033011 1 1 2:1 111411 111 1:1 211020 3 , - 3 I ! E 5 I E cn: 'U I ! an Q m Q Y I 3 E. n g B " l l 4 2 l"'l 11 I I i 3- 2 'U 5' 2 Q 5 Q i 5 Q, 2, I- D ! I 'D "' n 0,3 : 3 3 E 3 nf.. 9- ' I IIII :AJ Q i I rn m Z H AQ. f M Q H L i i Q i .m iigvg 'o ov O E- ' S' ua, .-.- ,D "' ! ! II M WX QPR, U' Q O O f-+ Q I I ' V-SX ,P fn 3 vo., r-3-, '-' i f Xl I "" 0 21 O Q 2 II W Nt XL l P 1 0 Pi D U gzqpoinioininioioif 11014vioiuinioioiaricrixrioioiaxilni s f ff on 2- X9 fn 3 " ' A . V J gh - 0?310101011rioif1101411011310:01o1o113:o1011x11b1cmi1xi0101oq nga " ' A '55 V3 l ! H, i ! H E, .5554 ,fl X . oo III' 2 I 5 P I ' "I Z 2 5 U E : 3 ' D' ! ! :E 2 Q 2 F i I rv 2. 3 3 5 g n m 0 . Us' 5 ' 1. D i C: no 5 Q 2 ! 'J' Q - n . W I" cn an Q I I r-- I ' Z 'S O lf! :a '- o ' l us I I 4 3' Z D' Q D Po 3 - U3 W 2 2 L-11 :a F S, l 3 2 LT: I I 3 vs 0 as Q 'I 1 Q 2 5 3 ' : Z 3-3 U' Q Q ! D- m 0 - ' I I o N D va : A Q4 Cl! E m E, 3 3 i Z N :z . D- ! E. Q : i C 5' 2 3 9 i 0 H I - I O "' '71 E q - cn ll- 'gh c A E Q ' H I '11 3-1 I -. :u ! C I 5 5' 9 af : fb I l i 3 5 p cu ! 3 "1 C I : :- o I ! ' S U I ' 6 s i E: ! F' 'gif 0-0l0-0l0-010- lll-llCflC1lQKDQOC0l0QOC1l11i.0I1ll010- O30 Q DU-0COC011lCOQl Q1 2 Page One Hundred-eighty-three 111103021 1 ic 103020 Seniors In The Spring One Hundred-eighty-fo ur 0101112 x11 1 li 111 2 11 111:21 11 11131111111 11 1 D103 To benefit society, Man must have patience, persistency and blindness to the petty errors and inconsistencies of his fellow workers. All this should be tinctured with a dash of discontent with past achievements, so that he will constantly put forth efforts to do more and better work. litill lu mourn muon num Page One Hu d ede ghty! 510101010101v10j4xi0j0j011rjcs11vj1r1en1o11sj4x14rj4rj1x11rj1xjfxi1xj4w xjcxievifrisrjojojojcxjojfrjt oforioicbjoicrioifxioioicrjcricricxjl Compliments of FRARY'S FRESH F000 MARKET Where QUALITY and SERVICE give you Fresher Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats Phone 380 11 West Vine boininininioic 50101111111 114ui:mirri:11113:linioiuriuioininin Page One Hund - - ii I I I I I I I I ! ! I I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I ! I I I I I I I I I I I -.!,. 110101011 gtg:xjojojnjoioiojfx101011njojcxj1ri11014r11xjc1j4x1myj1D0i1b11v1111xifr11rj0i1 Sharp's S CARDS GIFTS FLOWERS Mount Vernon's Finest Store i ...2. 1014 xi0i010:o14110io:o:4v14r14zi014n11xi4 rioioicrjoiozxriojoioimbilifxixxic 1101011 lonioilmioioiognic U li 'f Page One Hundred-eighty-seven "A Day In june" 5 l ee W 3 e Y Q, E eee Page One Hundred ghty CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Remember to Shop at the K. 61 P. IEWELRY COMPANY 204 SOUTH MAIN STREET MOUNT VERNON, OHIO FOR THE BEST IN JEWELRY ri 301024mio1o2o1o1nioi412030101014 STROTHERS Electric Appliance Store Radios Radio Combinations Record Players Ranges Refrigerators Washers - Sweepers A Complete Line of Table Appliances R E C 0 R D S 1111010-2011111rioiuiuioioi 1 1141 10103010111 11 ini: :mini si: 10:1 gipoioioinioioioiojo iojoioioioitricxitsioimxicriabioicrirxirozo 4110101111111:ricxiojoioioioiojcbilricbiuxjaxixricbifrioioqzo o 1 203 05:1 l I ! l E -2 2 5 EE 3 Ex E E cn " s 2 E " oi - -0-....N,...,-.,-.,-.,-.,-4,-U-I Page One Hundred-eiqhty- oi:xiixiuioioioioioiuxii bioioiojoioiojojoxcso rioic rioioio14r1oio1o1o14 9010101011 11020 riojoioioioiojxxioiux 11011 nil: iixioioioioioioioir B ... . 5 . 0.01 nicrioiojoitxjojtp:0j010i0i0j1x101mrj010j4x10j1x11x10j0QV:0 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I v 7450 xjoxoif rjoioioioza x1010j0i010j0j0i010j010i1 011 bioioioioioioioilrioioioioioioiu NOPPY'S SERVICE 305 N. Sandusky Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Towing Phone 1329 501010105 1110111110111 1114 14 1010: THE KIDDIE KDRNER Infants' and Children,s Wear 35 E. Gambier Street 2031 ioitxioitxioitxioioioioioioit ISALY'S DAIRY DELIGATESSEN STURE OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY LOUIS M. PASHOS, Prop. 109 S. Main Street Phone 1537 02011 Page One Hundred-n' ety nicole 010101014 1010101 x10j01010i010i010:c 0:0 oi Dojoioit o Q xitxjtxicxitxjtrjfxicxjcxiaxicrjtritnjt 111 9:49014 xjoiojoiexjoinrjcximrjtxioiaxifxioicxjcritrioqbg I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 P820 1ritxitxitrjcxioiojoitrifniavioiaxitxitrjuioiojoinjuinjt 13014 2011 1010101030101 ri rioioioit Compliments of The Knox County Savings Bank Mount Vernon, Ohio MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. Member of the Federal Reserve System HARPSTER and P0lILSON Congratulations To Class of '48 mxixrifniarzrixritriripirixiaxixiaxixiticmd SARA M. CANNON Agent For ALL Magazines 126 E. Vine Street Phone 1098R ' 6 0,01 'QCD' I I I z I E I z ! I-1 I S I Q 2 I Z I o I E g O I I 01 sitrityifyilxitxjtxiiritxitxicriaxitritricxicozo 10101014 xifyitxjcricnjarifxitxicxitrjtrityicvitxitxicozo 510101010 oynuioxuja 1 11101 101 111101111111 1111 1111 1101010101111 110101010111 111111111111111 L. O. P E N N 4 South Gay Street EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Telephone 548 1010111101 01111:11o1111111011111111111 POND MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile Sales and Service 203 South Gay Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 1010111101111011111111114111111 101011 Compliments of THE NORTHWESTERN ELEVATOR 81 MILL OO A MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 1011 1011 1101011010 ui' 110101010 0101011 1101010 4:91 0:0 1 111010 1 1110111101011110101111011 110101111 1111 110101010101 1 1 1 11111 1 11 4:01 Q411111111111111 1 1 1 1111111111 111101 11111111111 Complete Banking Service THE FIRST-KNOX NATIONAL BANK of Mount Vernon Cor. Public Square and S. Main Member of F. D. I. C. And Federal Reserve System -11111111111111111111 1 11111 1 1 WA LT'S OPEN KITOHEN Walter H. Carter 9 E. Vine Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Arrow Shirts Interwoven Sox AT LEMASTER'S MainandVine Dobbs Hats Rugby Sweaters Page One Hundred-nmety one 1o1111111111o1010111101 11 1 1 1 011 1111 1 101010111101111111 0 D630 ' I I 4 ' 2 The Best In 3 E Compliments of - 1 5 E Drugstore Service g NARRY'S SUDA GRILL g HEGKLER'S 5 g Q g Fairmonfs Dairy Products ! A ! g REXALL DRUG STGRE !!"'-"'N""'""""""""'l'.0""'U' E I Compliments of 2 3 2 2 A g Q GENERAL A I 2 Dry Cleaners Q - E On The Square East Gambier Street b!0i0iUilli0i0i010l0ill1f7i Pl bi01lli0i0i4gC Q! 103014 103010347311301030101 3 li' 3' ini 1111 111 iiii gqgoglg, g1gg 111.34341 313114301 pgnqxiozc zip: I I 2 COMPLIMENTS OF I Q MEECHEM 81 BROWN E l INSURANCE 2 I 115 DOWDS - RUDIN BUILDING I Q MOUNT VERNON, OHIO I I 2 IF IT IS ANYTHING IN THE 2 INSURANCE LINE - WE HAVE IT Q ! -U .g.,- -3 2 Q ! 3 ! 5 ! 5: I fb l 9- '. l 5 U Q- ! O ! I ioioiuitvioioioioif it 10101020 0:0114xioioioinrioioidvioicxioimlirni 1101 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1:21112 1 1:1 1 1111111211114 The world of the future will be a world of wheels to a greater extent than ever before. The development of new kinds of production and transportation equip- ment, and the redesign of existing ma- chines will greatly increase the necessity for and importance of bearings capable of meeting new conditions of speed, pre- cision, load capacity and endurance. Then the same bearings that have con- sistently and successfully anticipated so many revolutionary developments for more than 49 years, again will rise to the occasion with the same versa- tility and efficiency - Timken Tapered Roller Bearings. Scores of other developments will be noted in all industry through an ever in- creasing demand for Timken Fine Alloy Steels, Timken Seamless Tubing and Timken Rock Bits. Whatever your niche in the world may be, you will always find Timken products helping industry pave the way toward a better world. THE TIMKEN ROLLER BEARING COMPANY, CANTON 6, OHIO CABLE ADDRESS "TIMROSCO" 573. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1 9 4 8 Q13 SIMMUNDS STUDIU Ofdcial Photographer for the 1 9 4 8 Forum oiinixnibiiiiizziiiniiziimixiiuiii One Hundred-ninety-fo r ozbojojojoioioioiojoioioiojoic510101010141011ri4Doi0j0101o1oj0101010101011xioicxicrjojcsiojoifrjojaxioicxievifxiivioiauzo 1 1 141 1 1 1 1 14114110 Come over for Coke IOYTLED UND Coca - Cola Bottling Co of Mount Vernon, Ohio, Inc 4:1 114 Compliments of BRINING NEWS G0 1 1o14n1o14r1o1o1u14m1 1 1 VICTORY F000 MARKET ING Groceries - Frozen Foods MEAT LOCKERS DRUGS Phone 118 117- 118 W. Vine Street MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 1914101n14v1n14r19141101411 THE DINER A Little More and a Little Better Open 24 Hours a Day 141141411:m1o1o1o1u14s14r1o1 fn Choir Ensembles Singers and Steppers Y-TEENS STYLE SHOW Page One Hundred-ninety-six Miriam Titus Norma McConnell Betty Turner Io-Ann Fravel Marilyn Christy i i il liii Ui iii liflllillflf iv? 'i0i0i0i0i1i1iiiiilllllliiill ll0QUilll0Qli' omp Iments O - C I- I 2 5 2 , I cEo. E. OWENS , THE ELAINE snor 2 I 2 I 2 Jeweler and Optometrist I Specializing In E I S "GAY GIBSON" Juniors E 5 117 S. Main Street 2 I I ' I U101010I01010?f'I010i0i0?0?01" 2 gb0ZuZo1oioiu14 it 10101 I1 11: 1010101012 The Ridgeway Duck Hatchery l S Q PRODUCING 2 White. Pekin and Indian Runner I E Ouckllngjfdfilgfixffgeczflglfjlljjy POUIO I Q Electrical Contractors I No. 6 N. Main Street I 2 MOUNT VERNON' OHIO 2 I FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Phone 909 - I I , I in lili 51011 llllill il P1 iliUiW!0 Oilfiffi P14111 il ioilli ll iii i i0lUlUT0i4EO 10.5 gp .pr 1111 In 1114: zwzfxoxxgf Oglillillii1011lil11030101014lillillillltlioilei 5 S ON 3 , n. v. HEADINGTUN 3 I FURNITURE S 1 SUPER SERVICE STATION 2 OF DISTINCTION 2 2 3 I - I I ' Mt. Vemods Largest I DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS I Furniture Store i I o Out of the High Rent I Q RELIABLE SERVICE I District 2 I I ' Easy Terms I E SHOCK ABSOREER SERVICE Q 0 Ample Parking Space I l I I I I E 0 K E N R 0 A U' S Q MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Q Cor. W. Gambier 81 S. Sandusky Sts. Cor. Vine and Mulberry 5 Open Evenings by Appointment g 2 PHONE 907-M 3 iUQUl llllllll iii l lil l I 'gb .glllltli init:lrylqlqyiqlUluiogni loin'-143, Page One Hundred-ninety-seven Assembly Programs The assembly programs this year included religious services, lectures, scientific demonstrations, and color movies. Page One Hundred-ninety-eight 1 2 i 5 Bring Your Ford "Back Home!' 2 GOOD FOOD SWELL SERVICE E I 2 I FORD AUTHORIZED SERVICE 5 Q FUREST HILL LDDGE 2 I ! EOR THE BEST Q l You'l1 Get Better Service For It 2 IN More Service From It! g g FISHING E I l SWIMMING Q K. n. Brnour, mc. g 2 g Q S AND AN ALL AROUND Q CONTINUOUS SERVICE SINCE 1936 3 Q GOOD TIME FOR THE 2 1 E WHOLE FAMILY Q FORD SALES sf SERVICE i CALL E 14' 16 East Ohio Ave' i 2 Ruth and Larry Rerick Q Phone 930 Mt. Vernon, Ohio S E Coshocton Ave. Mt. Vernon, Ohio S a i I 0-0.0,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,,,,,,, ,.1,,.,, ,,,.,,.,,.,,.,...,,.,,.,,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,...,p.,.-Adi' E EOR SUPREME QUALITY Q TWO DAY DRY CLEANING I l i I SERVICE I l EOUR DAY LAUNDRY SERVICE I INSURANCE Q TSUYEEIE SEER S ' I 2 DRY CLEANERS, INC. g 125 5. Main St. phone 225 Q 17 E. Vine St. Mount Vernon, Ohio i Ph 1670 lui il 1 it1011pit2014331114ygggqjggqgiojqgiqinioioloillcgilliliiliii li lil Tllitl-i CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 Q E 6 1 i -'-5 i ? ? ' E7 ' 2 N Q 35 I .S i E Established In 1898 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO-TELEPHONE 405 I in: 1 in 1 I1 br110111:x1n1u2nioiIn1In1o14xi:Iiuiniuiuzmnioiuifniozoinizriuiuinioiwg Page One Hundred-ninety-nine The Dramatic M oment The dramatics class, under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Truxall, entertained dif- ferent groups during the year with good comedies. They earned enough money to take a trip to Columbus to see "Lady Windemere's Fan." Page Two Hundred 52411024 24 2 2 xiuioinioiuinii 101 112014 1 u 1 914 n U-. 14:10 1 ua-an n 101 rim: 1 o 1 011: ,S qui:131niozoiuiozfxienioimriarioznrizx Compliments of MO0RE 81 GRAY SUNOCO GAS AND OILS Complete Lubrication and Washing 405 S. Main St. Phone 104-J 501411412014r1oi4n3o11liuioi014r14w20io1crC PHONE 1019 G. K. HEIGHTUN Plumbing 81 Heating Co. Prompt and Eflicient Service 222 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio :oil 02011020101 xioioioioioioiuioi 1 ni 11 1 U Q 3 'J 13014 Telephones 1499 and 1499-M Compliments of ROBERT W. LEVERING Attorney and Counsellor at Law Struble Building Cor. Main 8: Vine Streets MOUNT VERNON, OHIO of1111201:111fini:sirmioioinxioioioioioioc HIGH RESTAURANT QUALITY FOOD Fountain Service No Liquor or Beer ON THE SQUARE PH. 1092 11 11 14 2011 30101 111 3014 in 1 1021020 02011 1 1 ini 10241101014 1011 1 1 10201020 Compliments of l WALT'S REGREATIUN i l l Phone 438-M 5 1216 South Main Street D11101014xii111xioioioiimiixioioioioioinc i KAHRL 81 WARD 5 ! REALTORS 5 GENERAL INSURANCE i Telephone 1139 7 West Vine St. l A 92.111rioioiuinioioi xiiri:rioioiniuioioiwozo vi: ini ri 12011101 1111211 1 1: 1 101020 I CONGRATULATIONS 2 To The Class of i '48 i E YE? S REASOHER'S 5 E 401 N. Sandusky St. I Free Delivery "i?'23 Q I Groceries - Meats Sandwiches - Milkshakes Phone 113 ! n o 0.020111 241 1 2 1 1 iniuiuioiuioinimozo Page Two Hundred-one o 3610301 if if 11 14 2:1014 10202014 ogiioiuii 11 in 1 in 11 if if 14 201010: I I I Q Compliments ! ! ! g of I ! ! I J.e.KEPPLE I I I I I we I o?ri1xi4xioiol4xioi4xi0i0i0i0Z1xi ri yini ii I Q Compliments of I THE , E.A.smuAmEr Q TRANSFER eo. Doioi 114110in11010141111311103031114 111101 I I 2 Compliments of I I A.n.Au1EN I 5 101 Newark Road givinirvioioioixri 1 3 1 1 2 1 1 in Page Two Hundreddwo xioilxiuioioioioioiiozo 110101011 101014 3 of D0 rjoiojojoiojnioioioioiwuzo 101010 11010101011 01011 ' D01 'J xxnjoiozninioc 9:0 xjoioiojoioioioiojcx :init 110101011 Q serie o xi! oimxiixivixiixicsioioioioioioioji yjoiojoioi ojo1u1u1o:1 02011 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1 9 4 8 MILLER 81 0'BRYAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS BROWNE 0lL GUMPANY Fuel Oils - Naphtha - Clear Gas Gasoline - Kerosene Tank Wagon Service PHONE 1190 5014111 11:11:11 imrimrizximriuxicxi if in 10101 Compliments of Riverside Service Station JOHN UELTSCHY End of West High Street 1:1 ir: :ini 3:1 3 1:1 ini 49:0 nioioioioioioi vjojojoioioxm ninja 101011 xzaozo gzpc ijoiojoiojoiojoii sioioioiojo 01011 pnzoioiognzc 3 'Q 0.0 rioixrinioioinioiixioiarioioioiozoie 9 congfafumms , HESS' woosrrn Ave. ssnvlcs g To The Class of '48 I SINCLAIR PRODUCTS I Q EDDY SERVIQE STATIUN E TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Q Q 501 Coshocton Ave. g Earl Hess, Prop. Phone 342 i 5 " 'P'""""'""""""''MS 'M' ' 'W"""' 'W' 'ME Barreled Sunlight Paint C0mP1imeUf5 of Glidden Paint Wallpaper to Suit Everyone's Purse I I N K H A ' s 5 ' M Q 7 East High Street Q l l 3 South Clinton Street Q Phone 1433 I E if iffiflifiifliflillilliillllilllilll i iliili Oylillli 14 itll if iqyiqljqjihii it if il if iiyiwg fini 201 vt4niI11rtI11xiI:x1n:i1p1II1I1IIg 1,1 I1 1 31,1 3 1 4,1 3,313,330 ! Q THE LANIB GLASS C0 5 ' I Q Manufacturers of ! HIGH GRADE M I L K B 0 T T L E S Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes i to THE CLASS OF 1948 i 3 ! - - - I 20101014 20149011 1010301 3 I' 3 1 1 in: 3 1 1 1uinz:rioin1o:oiu1n1o141201011000 Page Two Hundred-three fo "Tommy" Is A Versatile Fellow On the opposite page we see "Tommy" in his many roles. Left to right, "Tommy" takes gym roll- many times he is seen sweeping the gym floor: "Tommy" the father, confers with his daughter, Betty Io and son, Dick. Here he referees an intramural basketball game: seventh periods he supervises bowling classes: he takes time out of his busy day to play a few of his favorite pieces. ln the fall his interests of course turn to football: and in the spring its track: "Tommy" always enjoys a good book about sports. To complete an already busy day he referees many basketball games. 'C mme - t ' , X., I N , t s i - :a , , 4 31 g if? Ai: 1,5 4 -gil ' buf Page Two Hundred-four we. we-my WM!! L2 1 "'i'k5V5 I .r M' 4 :1z111111i1:o1oa vzo 11 1I4110:ojo141j11jt1jc11c11o1o141i111111o:c1jf 0:0111 0 ,q 9.4 11141101111oj4110jc11o1111x11oic1:c1j41111111:11jo1111o:1v 14 it it :nic 1 ioinioioiuic 1 1 To the Class of "48" we wish every success in the years to come and encourage each of you to participate actively in your community and its affairs. YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCER Division St. at Coshocton Ave. PHONE 77 Doioixil 1 3150111101411 11: 1 1 Z WALTER W. ROHLER, Mayor 1i01oj01a1io1f1ioio1o1L G 9011 Stop in at the POINT DRIVE-IN Sandwiches - French Fries - Steaks Milkshukes - Sundaes Home-Made Ice Cream and Frozen Custard. Rt. 13. South Newark. Martinsburg Rds 1411 111111111::ini1110141141341111141111141101412 The Forum Staff wishes to thank all the advertisers who contributed so generously to make the 1948 Forum possible 1 1141 ioioinicb 1 1 1 3:1 111 1 1 1:11 11111 1 1 ici 1 2 1 1 1111: 2 'U fox m . -Q 2 'D u 'S : 0 ! :II C I Q.. P1 fb 9- ffl. N 11111211 1 111 1111111111 1 1 1o1x11i11411i11o1o1n: 11411 1: 1 1014111111111 311 1 1 .iiilliliiiiii-ininllliii-iii!!!iii-Iihilii-ininiliii-iiki-i!iAiiiAV. W S D , VJ M R Tm Q E S S M I PM C m U N OD .1 Y a S . A m F C W S C A nm W L P . E A N!iliiQQii!!H!!'!i'!i'!!iAiii!iii-vllivlivlIvlull!!'!iv!l-!i!iiiiAiAi'!iA Page Two Hundred-eight Fred Buxton announces the end of school. As the seniors leave to take up new duties. 1 1 . 54. .,uv-'sfx !'.,- V. . .677 .:G.,'- 4 L, - fr:-Q, fs -L. any 2.534 iirc. QE-,L rpg 21- H. dime-rf:-:ef ff 'Q ' ,, 2 -,.J,.., -r L f' . 53f:5fa1 f f 1 '1'i".LJfn'1-lS- ff' ' 'J - , - f 'f V A i H l ', ' 1 ' 1.1 -if 'fy S'.l'f, W1 L ., -1,54 'P 4' '- 'i '. ,L I, , ,, -- Y 35-K-.v-,V ,,l:,'nf . A . ' 'gif-'.-X 5 '. 5' 'Tk' , ji? 1555!-Ev, -16.7 - , fir' fi , - - N J, .nf 'E1f.f1,, V, , "5 ,5,j35'-.,4 Q j Q A "z ..:,-- ,:'.-iff-1 , ' I' g,'1"i", 'r- . I f. -1-r ,3 Q.. 1 J Y . - 1 l 'I- ' , ..Q . . , ' -' , V , , Q,-Q I - 'Q J Si- ,. 1 - fl '11 . X ' H.: , ff-if-E" ' TY Q-,r - l ,:.5..-- vi ,i -5 Eli.: Q i X gljrlizf. 1:-'xi-j, V . .. Nil'-'r E.-iff' K , , 3 1,7 , -, -- ' JH' 5 .. .f u rf . '.' H -:i,1:,,fy..f.'f,f f :f..1-'.f':ni ' ' -1-fe . f - A --: U: ff " ' K V , f-"1" ' . 'f , H- -lr,-A, 1 V ,-1 'fl:"T",Ef3 "' fi- Ni' '- , 1- 1 f-1, 1,34 V. , ,L ., - ,.g,- , ,. ' f rf 1,-Jw X ,- gg -'ET AY 13: 'fi if 2: ' ' 11 . -- 1: W- 3, T .- 1 Q ' V. -. "Q ' 1' "1?"v' LA- 1-'-.'lf.':- i'., 1 H zfbfilgiif T ""' 'lf -fgkif iii 'LT ' ,,-A.r- IT , T.. f Q-':Tf.,'f'13'-5 ' 1 - ' :M Q V -.--,- -.,,,. , ,zpv-.L , ' x' 'raft 443- ' ' QI,--. " ' In --'ph-95:-QULZF: ,' ... if "' ,."1:,:-.-'L+-r I ' ! , 4? -P - 5 - .. . ,- gi.. .V U vi . if T . ,,, ,- 4 P -- eg A. 11 i2'Fa-1'-if, ?i. 6 "affix "' .7 2.fE-1-.,jg,,3a4'- ' Sy. utr' 4 -as M, Q 4 1, ' ,',9' .. '- .A J. ' in, QE" Y. 5 V nw: - ' -V-NH 'f , -- W, .,-Q.. L, .71-,.f ,Inna -w - , ..f-lf. if " . ' ' ri' 'H , 1 L23 ' v f, , Y Q f fy -,., . ' 2 mf' H ,,. ' CHL: '5- Ns: , x

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