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E rf' . . N .e f . ig: Yi. 5 , ,I 1 h Judi. , . 1 - 2 , H- '. 'Fir' '?- ,lamv--f 1 f' N Af-rv'-ff -A-v - 4- 42 . Q., 1, A , '. - .5 1.9L , , wi il- ' ", , '- Y ' , Y' k.. 'Vug5n'm .--5 ,rl ". 'LI mf, ' .. -i' I' A' V 1 , ' 4 , if . .1 Aw.-A. .- f THE PUHUM QM MUUNT VEHNUN HIGH SEHUIQIL MUUNT VEHNUN, UHIU - - n I , w n I .' , 1 , . 4 FGRUM O O . T 'i lm Fon um Shff FUHEWUHD The Evolution of e year in Mount Vernon High School In this, the 1946 FORUM, we are using the theory of evolu- tion as our biological theme. We even go back to last year and start with the celebration of V.E. Day on May eighth. The theme represents the evolution of a year in Mount Vernon High School, placing events as they occurred throughout the year. Most of the informal pictures were taken by the FORUM stai photographer, Bernard Owen, and all pictures were developed and printed in the school photography department by Gail Pealer. Joan Benoy, staff art editor, made all the decorative drawings. WNW QD CP 'A x ,,, KWSN: X9 Ti s s s 4'vY1V '2 s z. W 'Z A V . , A -1 X. V, Q . xi Q v ,. . A if mr' , ,N r . www' . P, 'N , , , e .swf ,S S x ' :vim HIGH SEHUUL EELEBHATES V E DAY Too late for last year's Forum, the above pictures were taken the day victory over Germany was declared. The students came to the front of the building to honor those who had made the supreme sacrifice. Reverend Norman Flickinger gave thanks for this victory. MR. A. JACK ROBESON THE 1945 FUHUM I5 DEDIEATED TU A. JAKE HUBESUN The 1946 Forum staff takes pleasure in dedicating this book to Mr. A. Jack Robeson in appreciation of his helpful guidance and friendly advice to the members of the Senior Class in their four years of high school life. Not only has he taught them general science and biology, but he has acted as senior class adviser and assistant football coach. His attitude has always been that of helping each individual in his preparation for college or business. O 8 Xia: 0 4? m A 43 'W swag, ra' me Qt 3.5 1 1 'u , Syn' p S.. 'Rx M f X Q 5 , , x vw' I M AUMINISTRATIUN JOHN DAVID GEIGER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Bluffton College, A.B Ohio State, M.A. SUPERIN TEN DEN T .I N PRINCIPAL CF' E O KENNETH WEST 8 Mt. Vernon, Ohio N O Ohio State University ti-Z RA.. B.E.E., B.S.Ed., M.s l1T FACULTY HAROLD L. HIGHMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S.Ed., M.E. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL X PJEZ E SARA CANNON Mt, Vernon, Ohio Bethany, B.A. New York University lfnylisll, .luurnnlism, liirvrfor Pulilimfions BICSSIC O. SARGICNT Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wooster C'olle1,:'e Oh Ohio University and Miami U., Florida Kent State Normal io State University English 8 LAURA IC. KOONS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Western Vollegle for Women, li.A. Volumbizi University, M.A. Ohio State University Engflisll 12 EVELYN li. PATRICK Utica, Ohio ELDA BEHNKE Asbury College, A.B. Ashland College English 8 rlnrl ll A HIl'l'i!'IlII l1ifI'7'llfllI'0 1 lljll 'I'u'f'Irr' GLIEH RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXA Sunhury, Ohio li Ohio Wesleyan Univer sity, B.A. School of Speech, North western University Spvricl: :mal Ilrmmziirs ELEANOR OWENS Mt, Vernon, Ohio Denison University, A.B. English, MARGUERITE MANN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan, B.A. Ohio State University Ohio University English. 9 Ashville, Ohio Miami University Ohio University, B.S. in Ed. English-'itll Grade I COMMERCE H. L. HIGHMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Universit Y, B.S ' ' . in Ld., M.E. I?usi11csw I V , ,md II MARY B. HERRON Dean Of Boys Mt. Vernon, Ohio ..'.'..f I .' ,' Amis ant l Hnciprxl Ohio Wesleyan Ohio State University ILS, in Ed. Capital University 7'ypi11y, Slzortlzrmd, Uffiff' I'1'11ctice MARTHA V. COCHRAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Asbury College, B.A. University of Kentucky Ashland College Assistant LiIn'r1'rirn1 l3l'lllYli HIGHMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, I .S, in Ed. lfzfsincxs fh'fIlIl1f.l'llff07'l, lIuol.'lr'1'piny I unfl 11, Business I, Clerical Prof' ' nor, Record Ifccping FI.OliENCl'J GIVENS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Sf'f'1'vfru'y to SI1llCl'flIfe"II1lt'll1 LETHA F. FERGUSON Mt. Vernon, Ohio Mt, Vernon High School Sl'!?l'l'fl1,7'!l to the Principal DORIS OAKES Mt. Verl ion, Ohio Mt. Vernon High School Ujficc Clcrl: Page Thirteen Kent S P11 ffl' Four!! MATHEMATICS and SUE EE GLADYS SCOTTIE Mt. V ernon, Ohio tate Univt 1' - 'ity Geography 7 GLAIJYS H. BAKER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan, B.A, Ohio State University M.A. .1IIlflll'II1!IH!'8 OLIVE BROOKS Mt. Vernon. Ohio Miami University .11llf,ll'III!lfil'S 8 A. J. ROBESON Mt, Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S. in Ed. Ohio State University SUZANNE s, Fizii-:iam Iffvlvnu Cvnterburg, Ohio Bowling Green Univi-1 sity, B S in . . Ed, Ohio Sta t ' Algebra 9 Jlatli. 8 PEARL CARPENTER Mt, Vernon, Ohio Ohio University Kent f'oilog'0 Ashland Vollege .lluflicnzutics MARY M. CLAYPOOL Mt. Vernon, Ohio Graduate of Teachers' College, Miami Ohio University Kent State Gt'0.f1l'Il1I,Ijl 8 'FH ie Univei .A. 'sity, ROGI-IR I,. WALTON Gambier. Ohio Kenyon Voile-gre Kent State, ILS, in Ed. Cliiwnisfry, l'l111si1's ERNEST HUGO GARZIERI Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, AB. Akron Universit Y liviiwrail Sdvncc Stzlto Un I h ysu ul 3, A.B. Columbii Uniw JSHAW Mt V UE TIU S HE ,. SEVITTS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wooster, Ph.B. Columbia University, M.A. LEN C Western Res erve versity, B.S. in Library Science N FLOYD THOMAS 1,i1,,-,U-ian Mount Vernon, Ohio Ut 1h ' Uni- iversity. Ed. THOMAS T. BERRY Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State, B.S. Vomlimlal Ag, M I ANGE mn Ohio rsity, RUTH GARBER Fredericktown, Ohio Ohio State University B.S. in Home Ec. Home E conomice MARY W. HABERMAN Centerburg, Ohio Ohio State University, B.S. in Nursing, B.S. in Education School Nurse Page Fifteen 1 iff' ,ty ,f ,.. W ,,- HISTUHY LAMOIL L. OWEN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio VVeel L eyzm MARGARET Ohio University, MAHAFFI' B.S. in Ed. Mt. Vernon, Oliio Ohm Stine Umlfelislty' Ohio State University, MA- 'H EduC'1t'0n us. in 11:11, 111111 M.A Amevicrm l"1'UIIlC7ILS. A1 mmlimn Hismw Charge of Visual Azd NORA McKAY Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University GUY VAN NOSTICANIJ Kent State Mt Y OI , . . - ' , Il 1 History 8 1 1 non 1 Ohio State University, B.S. lforlrlll1Nl111'1l1111f1' A thlvtics A. D. ASKINS Sparta, Ohio . REX M. MURPHY Ohio State University, B'S. in Ed. and M-A. Cuyalioga Falls, Ohio Civics mul Geoyruplzy Kent State University, HS, in Ed. Duke University Soviolugly, ClIllIIllPI'l'illI f:l'0f1l'll'IlI!l FLORENCE CASS . V . Oh' MARJORIE Mt emon' 'U B1,AeKwE1.L D ' U " ' 't' eggsgn mlelsl y' Mt. Vernon, Ohio Hismm Asbury College, B.A. i Ashland College Universit ' Page Si.1ftf'c11 y of kentucky English 8 llllll 11 Am " UIICIIII I4lfl'l'flflll'4' IY GENE TAYLOR Mt. Vernon, Ohio Capital University, Bachelor in School Music Ohio State University, M.A. Music Institute, Kenyon College Vocal IIIII1 lnsfru mental Music BERNICE A. BONER lleluwzwe, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University of Wash- ington, B.A. Latin BARBARA TOROW Cleveland, Ohio Ohio State University, B.S. Art HT, M SIE, 8 LA EUAGE MONTGOMERY Mt, Vernon, Ohio Denison University, B.A. McGill University University of Toledo, M.A. Frencli and SIIll7IiSll FERN E. LEWIS Fredericktown, Ohio Muskingum College Asbury College Ohio State University, A.B. Art Page Sfrrcnlccn RETURNED VETEHA S 1 JACK SCHUSTER . Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University, B.A. Influxtrial Arts ALICE C, CASSELL Mt. Vernon, Ohio University of Michigan, B A IJIIHHSII 8 IJITIII of Girls JANET O'BRYAN WESTERMAN Mt, Vernon, Ohio Denison Univvrsity, A B Physical E'rIucution Page Eighteen MARJORIE HARRIS MILLER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Plzysical Education MYRON PRECH Cla-vc-lziliri, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan Uni- vcrsity, A.B. Evononiics, Guirlmlcc Denison University, DANA I., WEAVER Somerset, Ohio Ohio Stuto University B.S. PCl'S!lIIllI Typing Gvneral llusinvsx General Illrrtlwrrmfics Y SEVE TH GH UE ann ackerman lois agnew billy alberts samuel .alberts robert allen charles antill richie bastin robert bateman billy bayliss alice beck charles beeman don bennett vaun berger Ice bevington robert blue virginia boswell la donna bowers arthur nn. brown hobert brown nelson brown ruby bryan mary bumpus joanne burchard martha calkins ruth carpenter arthur carter robert carter paulinc clipse carroll cochran cdward conn marilyn crawford jimmy dancey donald devers gary dennis betty dexter virginia eagle shirley edministen muriel epstein fred erlanger mary ellen ewing ruth fish billy fisher patricia fletchcr ruth france charlene fryc robert fry carl gallehcr jerry galleher bobby gamble harold gates robert gates david gelsanliter Page Niuctccn wg ao- n ' i Wlrlv' SEVE TH GRADE barbara genry charles gillooley ruth gleason anita glover ray graham jeanette graves charles grennell robert grennell bonnie griggs philip grubaugh diana hammonds nancy hare william harrington margaret hart jimmy heagren allen hedrick william hedrick bobby liiggrins gilbert higgins patricia hildebrand william hildelmrand doria hillier leslie hogle james housoulas robert householder bobbie hull barbara hulse charles hunt eva hunter carl irick glenn e. jones paul jones louise kerr gertrude kittleberger don lambillotte nancy lamoy dolores latherson larry lauderbaugh carol laughrey beatrice laymon naonia leasure james legros delmar lewis beverley magill jeanette martin lillian mauler laurel mc donald bobbie mcgough shirley mckenzie barbara mckinley billy mckown dick mcpeek joe metcalf myles miller joan moffitt arlene mossholdcr mary mower clyde newton david ogg! 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Y" X'-L-Q l 4 .yhx .Z 'I ' W, ' 5 f f f 1 . 1. ' V V rss- '4 if - 4 , M ,LA ll' li ' ,L 1: 3 5, ' 'ff . 5 W X "Q, a wwf? " f i' "y Qiwfff f x an nd , -V 1 A47 f V 3, 'IPVV - E if L - Wifi Wg ' GE, , 5 . Q if A . My qs' 3 J . G , M M 5 fd E59 ! b . ,mx 4 . f l X ' A 2 ' MW i ' Q2 if cu l 3 Q av 4, 4. W' .A Q. gi, ,v View i WJ 4 'E .,.. .1 I his? B fr W 4 is 6 Q-4 m Q SI V- ,mt . ,Q If si A fx 4' 5 il - ,, Q .. ,. '- A Q ,mil ff 4 : ' I Y f v :W 'Q' ' H Wifi? A fig iq' 2: .V 4: ft' fi, M E - 'yghgi 'X ' I :ff , nA.p V , li m 1. eg A yt Ek 5 41 fi J! Zi gg .QQ V' Mi n ug r ,1 ,M 1 5 K fi 4 ge M E 'HA 1 v 4' 23 ' 5 - ' , 4 1 . 1 Q Av 3, , ' ' , W A - F ZAIV r Q , E. f bm Q gil ag . 2 1 'Q 4 EHWJHTH GRADE shirley hildebraml katherine hill helen hollifield phillip houbler betty hubbard elmer hughes richard hunt phyllis jacobs ronald jenkins karl johns davida karhl pepggy kearns kenneth keck delhert koch paul kraemer maxine laymon zellma lee gerald lewis jane long ronald mcgough david mckay doris mckee nadine mckenzie robert mcmillan kay mcnara charles mcneil wayne mcneil milton mcquigg' stamatia madias buddy magers alice maggill donald malley curtis mayer charles metcalf joyce mondron norman monroe fxcorgiann morris richard morrison ruth morrison alice mossholder julia mossholder norma newton gene nugrent brenda olson mary ott louis owen 1013 owen esta lee parker mary ruth parker lawrence pembroolz jo ann peugrh norman phillips barbara pierce edward porter jeannine porter ' carroll price loretta quillan patricia rahming louise ralston dean reeder roger rian elizabeth rice fern elaine rinehart betty ringer james romine patricia romine keith schouten dale scott dorothy scott ,lim sellers bessie sharp bill shearer donald shrimplin Page T1l'l'l1flIj-f,Il'l'f EIEHTH EH DE richard shuff george simmons lois simpson norma skeen donald smith goldie smith joann soles richard sorenson pauline spearman charles loren spencer clarabel springer catherine staats larry steagall martha story beverly sullivan patricia sutton jean ann swain ruth swank jack sweet dick taugher patricia taylor russell taylor juanita thompson N beverly tier james todd doris tucker stanley tucker george underwood rodney vernon phyllis vernon marie wagner louise walker carolyn warman betty warner marj orie elaine warner paul warner bill wears carroll welker terry wells leonard whissel eugene williams imogene willis guy wilson eleanor wise marie woods betty young' 5.19" fI..' .. if IQ:-. it ' it '. .Q EHEEHLEAUEHS FRE SHWR CHEER Come Give a Cheer for Old Mount Vernon High The Cheerleaders are Janet Blackford, Oren Freshour, Joan NcNei1, Bill Simpson and Rowena Wilson. Janet is a veteran at the jobpbecause she started when she was in junior high. Oren, the other cheerleader, has had three year's experience. The other three are all new this year. Page Twenty-five f-' 1 ILUER 4 ,mumps IDHNSO F V S. ,ff A, b A ' Q 53 O .f ' V sine? V " gig E W A f M V I5 ' BOUSHE 1: A SAP X? x l'll.'N'l'8S S ,X...,..w.m...,. W.- .., .M -M , . , ..,.,,.J.... fm 1 in , . M..,..A 0 1 ' S an N . gk S i Q ll . . Q BERGEN 'ff-in Q + 'ix 5 XX 1 I mg k ,N 'L :,'2f E Sh if .k in Z Fzwrm ER lam . 58 S'- ONER GUARD BACK END BACK Page Twenty BACK GUARD CENTER TACKLE P1T fy F YELLOW JACKETS OF NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE I"i'rsf ron'-left to right: D, Reasoner, G. Bumpus, F. Ferguson, D. Bowsher, C. Johnson, B. Feldmiller, J. Nugent, R. Hedges, D, Owen. Scronrl ron'-left to right: P, Mentis, J, Snow, Bergin, G. Hedges, D, Buxton, M. Wright, D. Sapp, R. Steuer, A. Sapp, L. Reeder. Thirrl ron'-left to right: B. Deedrick, S. Dec-drick, W. Fish, D, Welker. B. Borden J. Bonnctt, D. Hillier, B. McCracken, J, Sapp, R. Biefnes. Fourth row-left to fright: Managers: Bob Baker, Carroll Berger, Bill Belden. COACH WILLIAM LANGE This was Coach Lange's first year at Mount Vernon. and his team was making progress by the ond of the season. H0 was formerly the coach at North Carolina State College, at Mus- kingum Collegc, and at Kenyon College. From these colleges where he coached successful teams. he Caine to Mount Ver- non High School. Puyr, Thirty X 'vw 9,5 K KR QS K 5 is 2 Q X.. , kgs- -,W Wwgr. V9 . NX A sf' x 0 ' . x 5 NK X A Y! x 2 is 59 El? Tv 'Q ,pw if 4 TWLL .9 QT! W kim JK ? if Y S 5 Nw WN K we Q XA A Y TV ,..- Q ,Q 33? X Sis 3' A xx -Q . x 33' K - Q Q X ,. My LLLLL 2 M S 'X , YQ 1 mv N ia m, 9 if 4 N gg A Don Reasoner S S Dick Bowsherc Charles J ohnson Ben Feldmillera S Jack Nugent eeee Dean Owen, S. Paul Mentis eeeeeee S Murray WrightSSS Dave Sapp eeee S SS Ralph Steurer Art Sapp.SS Lowell Reeder S S Bill DeedrickSSS SS Steve Deedrick e.., William Fish ,S Don Hillieru ,,ee SS Bob Baker S FUUTB!-XLL FACTS Sophomore Senior eooe SeniorSiSS eoooo , SS SS Junior eooo..... ,ee.,,. J un1orSS ,,ee,e ..,,, S S Senior eoe.,eee.veeeeeo... Freshman Sophomore ee..i. ..o, Junior eee,o S ....eeeo. Sophomore Seniora SS Sophomore Senior S Sophomore J unlor ee.e.eeeei..i,..,ee Freshman,,ee Senior e,.,.eee,..., ,,.... End . ee,7 , S S End eeeee,... e,ooooeo Backa ..e.e,e S Guard .,ee,,.. ,eeo.., Guard- ..v.,e, .,..vo S End eee,,.e,. ........ Centera eei,.. .i.. S Tackle i.., ,e,. ,......e Guard .eeee ..,. SS Tackle eeee,... SS .oee M Tackle ........ ........ Center S S Back ..,.... Back S,...,S Tackle SSSS..SS .SS..S Back SSS.S S ....S ...SSSSS Manager SSS,........... One Two Two One One One One One One One Two One varsity letter varsity letters varsity letters varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter varsity letters varsity letter Three varsity letters One One One One varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter varsity letter The 1945 Yellow Jackets after a slow start, began to look like a foot- ball team in the last few games of the season. Hampered by injuries and bad line burns in the first game 'of the year, many of the boys were handi- capped throughout the season. The only game they won was the home- coming game with Newcomerstown. National Athletic Scholarship Dean Owen Bill Deedrick l BEN FELDMILLER Ben received the Mount Vernon News award as the most valuable football player of the 1945 Yellow J ackts. Page Thirty-two PUUTBALL UUEE UULUHES PAWEET T Dolores Fawcett was elected football Queen by the members of varsity team. The attendants were Virginia Fravel, Ann Strodtbeck, Shirley Dun- ham, and Katherine Kerin. In the first picture the queen is shown with her attendantsg Q25 with senior members of the squadg 131 at the home- coming' game, Neweomerstowng C43 The queen herselfg C55 with the cheerleaders. Page Tl zirfy-three mr- V: ' ., il' Q 4 I 1 W X 1',' A Ns - ', Wg 'IN - I K Q' gi, df F.. ,M M, .1 YZ 931' ,M .3 V4 ,Qv , fgf? fi,- gk 3 Q ,7, X .5 Lg. 3 mii x . 1 X .fi ,faiyirwagg , KM V ,i.i,b,, x ., 1:2 fp if K Va, 5 -L W-11. 'V' was AN' 554 Kgs alia? K 'iv lm , Agffefbsw , ., Sgt , . - an Q .w -A 1 K.. 2 .JK L.. . W fy I 2 V rg: 1-if gk , Q? 'S'-2'-f M... 53 E r X F W JUNIUH MISS All High School Play For the all-high school play this year, the students of the upper four grades presented "JUNIOR MISS" with Gabrielle Hayes in the title role. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Truxall, high school dramatics teacher. On the opposite page are pictures from the production: lfllb Sue Rian and Ross Bair as Mr. and Mrs. Graves. C21 Gabrielle Hayes and Dan McMillen as Judy and her date. . 1131! Ross Bair and Rupert Lloyd as Mr. Graves and his boss. H41 Bernard Owen, Wanda Flickinger, and John Lynde as J udy's older sister and her boy friends. C513 Gabrielle Hayes, Ann Strodtbeck, Bill McGowan, and Dan McMillen as the gang. 1161i Judy and Bob Staley. Bob delivers a Western Union message. C75 Judy's sister with George Swatik and Charles McLar- nan, more of her boy friends. Q85 .Judy and the maid CSally Browny. 1f9Qh Judy and Fuffy fAnn Strodtbeckj her best friend. all HW! f' I . 'Tv Pa 1 Tlbirty-fi MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL presented Junior Miss A Comedy in Three Acts by Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields Alumni Auditorium Wednesday, October 24, 1945 T.-. l. CAST Qln order of appearancej Harry Graves- ...,e,............,...,. Joe eioe ,... Grace Graves i........ Hilda ,, .,..i. . Lois Graves, o.., Judy Graves, ii.. Fuify Adams ie,,,, ..-,..-,rr,--IRoss Bair -----r--roBill Pinkley .Sue Rian ,Sally Brown Wanda Flickinger Gabrielle Hayes --IAnn Strodtbeck J. B. Curtis S. . ...... .... . . e.e... Rupert Loyd Ellen Curtis E e..... ., r Barbara Carson Merrill Feurbach o....,... ..,...., B ernard Owen Barlow Adams E rrrrooo, ...r..iio B ill McGowan Haskell Cummings ..orr. . Dan McMillen Willis Reynolds ..,..,.or rBill Frary Sterling Brown r,,,...r .,..., L ,Charles McLarnen Albert Kunody orr.. .....r,..ri G eorge Swatik Tommy Arbuckle ,....ii John Lynde Western Union Boy ........ .,,.ii,.ro. B ob Staley Charles I ..r.,r , .,rrrr,....,.... ...rr r r.Carroll Allen Henry ,..,,.,.,................ ......rr H enry Motherall PRODUCTION STAFF Director . errr. rrre.....rr. r,..r.rrrr L D Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager rrrrr D A rorr E rrrrr L rrr,rrrrrro Eugene Scott Stage Crew Richard Bunn, Bob McDevitt, Gordon Griffin, Fred Lippman, Bob Haire, Ed Porter, Bill Moore Electricians Eugene Scott, Jack Wintermute Property Committee L Kathryn Griggs, Eleanor Coon, Marjorie Lahmon, J errie Allen, Sue Dietrich, Kathleen Frye Tickets e . eee,..,ee., . .ee. , re.e,re.,rrrre .E Evelyn Patrick Head Usher r............................................,,,.. Mary Anne Shultz GABRIELLE HAYES AS JUNIOR MISS Page Thirty-seven Inn Thlrfurzfhi gif! THE E U Ulf THE SEASU QU FY'a1'V takes the other Side. 123 Bill and Don. 141 Down in l'll'UIll. My lllllllll U nld. 163 Small Fry. 179 The Three Musketeers. Q83 Taking the Squs-ul 27. x STUDENT EUUHT EUNVENE5 EUH WINTER TEHM JUDGE STEPHEN UEETIHIEH PHESITITNE The Student Court is a branch of the Student Council. The Court takes care of minor offenses committed by the students, and pronounces sentences for bad be- havior. The Student Court opened the winter season by sentencing all students of Mount Vernon High to be diligent and get their lessons every day. The winter season was so full of activity that there was little time for mischief. It was filled with class- room activities, basketball games, and or- ganizations working for the school. Xen The Court is composed of one repre- sentative from each class. The Judge is elected by the Court at its first meeting of the year. Members of the Court this year were seventh grade, Robert Alleng eighth grade, David McKay, Freshmen, William McGowan: Sophomore, Irma Bowsherg Junior, Fred Ferguson: Senior, Joan Benoyg pages, Oren Freshour and Ben Feldmillerg Student Council representa- tive, Kay Klein. X CJ o Page TlllI'fy-lllllf' PHESHME Ken Ackerman Wayne Adams Mary Lou Agnew lletty Allspaugh Mary Jane Anderson Floyd Antill William Ballman Gerald Barnett Mary Louise Barton Elaine Bass Marguerite Bates Eugene Baxter Virginia Bebout James Bechtol Arthur Beck llarry Beck Gretchen Bell Carroll Berger Maxine Bickel Russell Bishop Charlotte Blubaugh .Iohn Bobst lidna Bogardus John Bonnette XVilliam Borden Ruth Botkin Chester Bowers David Bricker Bob Brinning lNlarjorie Brooks Norma Brooks Joe Brown Bob Brown Garnett Bumpus William Burris Stanley Burson Bill Ruskirk Lowell Butcher Jean Byrd David Clark Donald Clark Maxine Cline VValter Clippinger William Clippinger Darlene Cochran liois Cochran Corena Collins Irene Columber Orla Conard Wilbur Connell Barbara Cook Fred Cornet Annabelle Cranlner Georg'0 Crawford Ruby Curry Robert Cushman Joan Daubenspock Gene Davy Jack Doup Charles Ilum-kwo1'tl1 Clifton Durbin Ruth Dustin James Faircliild .lack Fawcett Ned Fletcher Puyc' If'orly 2 fp. F ggw S V Q i . 4 M if mn A 50, vs X , Q vu- 1 X ' lr 'Y' M 2 x if we k Sf .. A b, 'Q 'V . ' G 'L 1 v at 4 sd 3 3. . E N g' S: 1 3 v R ' WY' ik N A ' I r Xlfk 4 N 'fx qu I f X. N - ww f .egyd E NNN I E Q if ax ' X 'fi' ff X : A Y a -xg 4 W, LY in ,' .9 : s Ss? -if W X 9- Q y a. ' ,vi 'Xt R. ,ky f 4 ' . ' . 4, M -'TIES 5 4. 1 , if fm "' Q' , ff , As N S " 43 Q U .M sf as " Qi Q Mx F535 S--3--ery, 1 F 5 N xg in Sf X :erik 3' g ? 'fiQ,l, l Mem W , , Y l my Q I, 6 v V xi ss A P 9 . I A 'X' . . fs- K Ma :ij jg, 7' ,i K 4,3 K Sf? f 4 Page Forty-two PHESHME Robert Parker Sylvia Penn Truman Penn George Persons Ellen Peterson Margaret Peterson Robert Porter Allen Ralston Vernon Reddick David Rhoades Donna Ridenbaugh Patty Roberts Reva Robertson Jean Robinson Robert Rockwell Alvin Rose Otto Rotunno Ted Schwartz Tom Schwartz Donald Scott Vivian Shrimplin Marilyn Shipley Benton Silliman ' Clinton Simpkins Wendell Skeen Beverly Smith Joanne Smith Raymond Smith Sharma Smith David Snedden Samuel Snow Eugene Staats Robert Staley Betty Stalter Betty Starmer Geraldine Steurer Robert Stillwell Donna Stiverson Virginia Stoutenburgh Rosalee Stricker Wilbur Stump Charmaine Styers Leisle Swadener Janet Swain Loma Taylor Willis Taylor Dick Thomas Dean Thompson Bill Thompson Miriam Titus Melvin Tschappet Franklin Ulery Gloria Vail Charles Vasbinder Donnie Vasbinder Barbara Vernon Jack Vernon Betty Vilfer Richard Vilfer Darrell Vorhees Barbara Walton Harriett Ward Wilma Ward Patricia Warner Bobby Weaver David Wells Marian Wikle Patricia Wikle Ernest Williams Jack Williams Mary Jo Williams Helen Wilson Roy Wilson Arthur Woods John Workman Murry Wright Fred Zerull Ed Zimmerman Edward Lee Bumpus Jacob Carroll Cline Raymond Lee Cookman John Raymond Grossens J. Robert Haire Virginia Handley Jerry Deem Hatton Paul Eugene Izenburg Alice Joanne Kaser Paul Richard Lepley Margaret Ann Oakes Virginia Ransom Carroll Oren Rinehart Dorothy Taylor Shirley Walpole Ann Adrian Romonabelle Albert Geraldine Allen Tommy Badger Mary F. Baldwin Jo Ann Barncord Marg'uerite Bates Margaret Beck Lewis Bower Martha Bates William Belden Gerry Beach Russell Bishop Roselyn Blackwell Beverly Blake Mary Blanchard Loretta Bohn John Bonnette William Borden SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary C Treasm-eo' S. STEPHEN DEEDRICK NANCY FRANK BETTY TURNER RUTH ANN LEONARD I 3 5 e Q- .O FQ? I El .ll ,1 kv" Joan Bowden Irma Bowsher Richard Brandt Martha Bricker Sally Brown Robert Brining George Bumpus Marjorie Bunn Fred Buxton Jean Byrd Don Caldwell Bill Camp Sarah Carter Andrew Collins Lawrence Conkling Eleanor Coon Marjorie Curry Robert Cushman Gene Davy Page Forty-three SUPHUMUBES Stephen Deemlrirk llilly Deem Janet Dowds Richard l'IherhardL Javk Elliott Margo l'lrlang.fel' Thomas Fawn-ett, Dick Ferrell Dallas Ferris Mildred Fox Nancy Frank Ruth Frank Betty Frary Jean Fraser Joan Francis Betty Frye Edward Frye Thelma Frye Dorothy Gantz Lola Gentry Doris Gilbert Cordon Griffin Frank Grennell John R. Haire Phyllis Hardesty Dwight Harris Joan Hart Norma Hatfield William Hatfield George Hedges Bill Hendershot Ruth Hennell Shirley Herndon Fern Hiles Nanry llissong Ruth Hoffman Eileen Ilogle Don Hollifield Gail Horlacker Harold Houck Howard Houck Donna Humphreys Eleanor Inks Doris Jaekson Christina Jacobs Carl Jenkins Annabelle Jessup John Johnson Robert Johnson Marjorie Kathary Marian Kirtley lllarjoric Lahmon Patsy Leaehe Grace Lee Jettie Lee Ruth Leonard Marilyn Lepley Dale Lunsford Jane Lyhargxer Joan Lybarger Dixie Malley Page FvUl'f4ll-f0llI' mf 1, w' K '35,-13? V ' Y . , . 4: x Eiffg-X99 l , ' f Y, EW ai Vkx' 2.2 - S ff 1 5 Q Y ig: . Q N' f X s. X, A M MP as Q gg Q. in .. A we .is , 'I' X' is C . f 'x in SV V 5? 2... it 1 Xl ding c ,- i2 V sw v 7:5 e Ag A . s i f Q f' 5 -. x 5 f S as 2 f K' S N 3 'f s 2 A F 9 A Y 5, K EL AA-,Q W , A X K nqfm h i k is ' J rm? lx' . . Q iff? . ,. if ' N M . . X . fi F' A , 'Qi ri.. -K K C if J :X Q , Y - , ta , fe iiil6 fa . is sf wks, ' ww Lg? Ji X av X. QS 9 8. 5 I -5 . fi Aw A 4 . 1 N ' W w i' ffi?.,f.: 'Sf ,- 'TF' 4 , nw- "N ,-.W Qs, J -5 s 1 ,f rx ,f xi x '-3 :Quit - ' Q Q 5 G K ,S W -f 3 . it L kv' ' , N xx In ' x X - 5 - . A ' - ' A A I X is LIBRARY STAFF "QM, 'W' -TF N, Xf i l i fly Jim llottingcr, Alvin Rose and Dick Hottinger. 425 Donna D1'z1pc1'uml Marilyn llznll V W b U ' 1251 Nathine Goodenougrh and Louise VVilliams. Q43 IVI11l'.l0l'lC Katliary. Oneida FlSlll'l' ' P""4""S"' and Marilyn Christian 151 .Ioan Bonny. H53 Uluude Green, Oren F1'l'Sll0l1l'. limb linlu-i and Paul Warner. Q7J Annabelle Cranmer. l.lBP1!llElY STAFF 1? .,, ,,., lil Ilvtly Jo Tliomus. Betty Fryo, and Lois McKenzie. Q21 Bety McKee and Kzxtliwiiic lil'l"1'x 1 y Nlikc Wliitv and Gabrielle Hayes. 1-ll Kay Klein and Wamlu Flin-ki1ig'el'. lub lwiirilcv G Pitkin. 'itliiiis. Luis Geiger, Clizirlos BIClJ2ll'Il2ill, Louise Ralston, ami Szuulru Mrs. Sevitts is the librziriun and director of the library sta1T. yn' l"m'I.u-.wi If I1 OFFICERS 1,l'l'Nl.lll'l1f KAY KLEIN I'1'I'l' I,l'l'NI'!,l'lIf BILL FRARY Swm-1-fury BETTY Jo THOMAS TI'1'!lNllI'!'l' EVELYN GARDNER Hemi Mouifor JANIS JOHNSON STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the student gov- project of the Council was the noon movie program. The proceeds from this work bought a Juke Box for the auditorium to the Student Court to keep law and order be used for noon dances and by organiza- among the students. This year the main tions for after-the-game dances. MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL erningr body of the school. It supervises the monitor system and cooperates with Page Forty-eight PROJECTOR OPERATORS Imszflvnt GIQN14: Soon' V111 President Bon BAKER may Tp-cas. Wluxoic CoNNic1,1, GAHJPEALER Gail Pealer, junior photography stu- dent, has worked diligently for two years developing and printing pictures for the Forum. He has spent many hours in the dark room in order that dead lines could be met on time. He will act as head pho- tographer of the Forum next year. The photography work was done under the di- rection of Miss Fern Lewis. PRUJECTUH UPEHATUHS The projector operators are trained by Mr. L. I.. Owens to run the movie ma- chine and sound track for educational movies. These movies are class projects and are used in connection with certain Eugene Marchal Lawreiice Henry Robert Butcher Bernard Owen Hill Pinlcley Rupert Loyd Larry Loyd Bob Hopkins Bruce llolfman Gail Ilorlackcr Don Clark Don llzirris Dick llaire Page If'ol'Iy-Him units of study in various fields. The boys run the projector during their study pe- riods and have given much of their time to this Work. This year they were given a banquet and awarded letters for their faithful performance of duty. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Prvsidenf TOM IZLAVK View I'1-vs, FRED Mc'I+'Am,ANn Svcrvfnry Ron BAKER Treasurer Divx RUXTON I?1'n1ind1'r ARTHUR WOODS Rf-pmtvr GLENN I.EvENGooD Sfwgrfmlt-at-Ar'n1.w WAYNE RALUOM Rrfmwnfiozznl Imndvr ELLIS IIAUGER Advism- THOMAS BERRY The F.F.A. planned 21 very interesting ball games, parent and son banquet, po- Ill'O5!,'l'2llll for the year 1945-46. During tato judging contest. fishing trip, and each month a number of projects were project tour. They also plan a long trip completed. These included their basket- for this summer. MEMBERS OF THE F.F.A. Page Fifty 41 , .- 211 3 s 1 BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS Pfresident WINSLOW CURRY Vice President CHERIE HANLEY Secretary VIRGINIA FRAVEI. Treasurer I C GORDON RINE The Future Homemakers of America with a faculty Valentine tea They alao served a teachers' luncheon, served a d1n- gave an entertainment at the Home for nel' to the Board of Education, and helped the Aged. P'l'l'S'tlfliHf Vice PI'f?S'I:df??7,f S!Y7I'l'fll7'1Ij I T'I'CllS'Il,I'!'7' Y Ilisforian ,O OFFICERS A IJANIJT BLACKFORD I to I to VIRGINIA MCGOUGH , , DOROTHY BROOKS JOAN MCGUGEN IRMA VAN DEVELDE Page Fifty-one The Ili-Y Club reconditioned toys for lllli'0l'tllll2li0 children at Christmas tirne. The lmoys managed the concessions at the foothzlll games, und seventy-live per cent ot' the profits they turned over to the ath- Q A' L 2 1 4 1 1- ?-..' 6 -- ,... in O as-P I Pnyf' Fiflqu-Iu'o I-II-Y CLUB OFFICERS 1111-szklmft IEEIQNAIQD Owl-:N Vim' Prfw. PEmcY TRINKNER Som-cfnry HENRY MOTHERALL Tl'l'flSHl'6V Ross HAIR letic fund. They also paid for having pic- tures of previous athletic teams framed to be hung in the main corridor of the high school building. 'hu OPWTCERS 1'1'1's1'rIr'ni JOAN Dour Vice' I,l'l'-Wlidllllf JOAN BENOY Svcrvfnry LOUISE DUTT Trvmwrf-r JANET COCHRAN GHHJRESERVES The Girl Reserves had an interesting year with their special meetings. They had a style show and several good speak- e1's for their meetings. Mrs. Robert Mont- gomery, wife of the president of Muskin- gum College, was the speaker at the an- nual Mother-Daughter banquet. The cli- max of the social season was the formal dance held April 12 in the new gym. Wx , ., . fx ilk 1 Page I"ifIy-Hlrcre MERRY CHRISTMAS While students were getting ready for l i1l'lSilN2lS, sn-Inmls were closed iJUL'2ll1St' ut un izitliu-lim epiclemic. The life-sized tig- ures on the front lawn were made by the Page Fifty-four z11't rlvymrtlnent. and 1'ep1'vser1twl the Wis Men hringing their gifts. The t1ill'iSilN2lx tree was lwesuntecl to the svlnml hy M1 Kenneth West, the principal. ANNOUNCING BASKETBALL SEASON 14'-3' Bill Pinkley Henry Motherall Winslow Curry The announcers read the announcements over the loud speaker every fourth period and report basketball and football plays. BASKETBALL SCORES Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Vernon Crestline L L 22 Vernon Mansfield Madison 9 Vernon Lancaster L 3 L 25 Vernon Cambridge 33 Vernon Zanesville L 34 Vernon Newcomerstown 48 Vernon Marietta 28 Vernon Newark 41 Vernon Coshocton L34 Vernon Dover , 44 Vernon Lancaster 33 Vernon Marietta 26 Vernon Cambridge 45 Vernon Newark 53 Vernon Coshocton 33 Vernon Dover L L 44 TOURNAMENT Vernon 403 St. Charles 31 Vernon 313 Bexley 42 Page Fifty-jiizc Q sw "-'i' I -9-R Ii . N5 X CURRY WILLIAMS B rnmxnea- fi 1 if 5 0 l'l'NElI. FELDMILLER X Mfg? DEEDRICK UELKER OVINS I'-'RARY VARSITY BASKETBALL HUSTER "'Bill Deedrick-2 Varsity, Guard, Cap- tain, Honorable M e n t i o n, C.O.L., Mount Vernon News Award. Winslow Curry-2 Varsity, Guard. Dick Welker-2 Varsity, Center. 'Dean Owen-1 Varsity, Forward. The Mount Vernon Yellow Jackets of 1945-46 had a good ball team despite the season's record of eight won and ten lost. Coach Lange in his first year here had a well-rounded team. After winning the first three games the boys came up against the highly rated Marietta team and suf- fered the first loss, 28-19. From this point Ernest Williams-1 Varsity, Forward. Bill Frary-1 Varsity, Forward. 'Perry Trinkner-2 Varsity, Center Ben Feldmiller--1 Varsity, Guard. Bob Baker-Manager, 1 Varsity. 'National Athletic Scholarship Society. on the competition was strong all the way through. The Jackets lost two games by bad scores to Newark and Dover, 25-53, and 28-44, respectively. All the rest of the games were very close and four were be- tween one and three points. RESERVE TEAM Back row left to right - Weaver Hedges, Marchal. Middle row - S. Deedrick, Jen- kins, Steurer, D. Reasoner. Bottom row - Bumpus, Wright, Ferrell, Sturgess, Elliott. Page Fifty-nine XVINNFIRS OF BOYS' INTRAMURAL BASETBALL BILL DEEDRICK TOURNAMENT , M i I .lim Snow, Bill Hendershott, Ralph Steurer, Ralph Hedges, Fred Ferguson Winner of Mount Ralph Steurer was the winner of the Mt. Vernon News Axxvardi Vernon News award for the Reserve Team The Scraps beat the Tornadoes with a close bargain. The Scrapers: Joan Francis, Jean Per- kins, Pat Wells, Mary Baldwin, Nancy Hissong, Rosclyn Blackwell, Joan Ryan, Ruth Leonard, and Betty Turner. Winners of the Girls' Intramural Basketball Tournament lllljll' Sim!-U CLASSES The most important academic work is done during the winter months when the lure of the outdoors, and most of the outside activities are at a minimum. When our photographer discovered that there was some extra film available, he took his camera and visited several classes. The only pictures that were posed for this group of class shots were the ones that had to be focused because of the light. We consider pictures of classes in action as much a part of the evo- lution of a school year as the pictures of groups of classes and outside activities. X-1 Page Sixty-one CHEMISTRY W Nix N, by PHYSIES The chemistry and physics classes are under the direc- tion of Mr. Roger Walton. The pictures On these pages show the classes performing experiments. MR. ROGER XVALTON, I11sfruf'fo1' TOM EDGAR, JOIIN FONDON BILL M. GOUGE, I,AwRENm'E HENRY, ROBERT BUTCHER ROR HOOGE, BERNARD OWEN JOAN IJOUP, JOHN AHEKN GREGORY HODDY, HILL PINKLEY BILL RAYMOND, CARROLL ALLEN Page Sixty-th rec UHAMATIES CLASS With Mrs. Ruth Truxall as the producer, the girls in the clrzunzltics vluss had fun doing several one-act plays. They made enough money to take zz trip to Volumbus to visit a costume house and an scenery house. Fli- nnixing this trip was seeing the production of "Antigone and the Tyrant." The last week of school they also attended a performance of "Hamlet" in Columbus. Sl.I'I.II-flllll' JOAN BENOY ABT JOAN BENOY WINS POSTER CONTEST Joan Benoy won the State Easter Seal poster contest in competition with 105 other contestants from all the leading city high schools of the state. Her poster will be entered in the national contest and the winner of that will have his poster made into the Easter seal for 1948. Previous to last year the seal was designed by com- mercial artists. Michael J. Dowling started the national Easter seal contest in an effort to stimu- late art as a project of national import- ance. The Michael J. Dowling Memorial Award offers a cash prize for the student who designed the seal, and also one for the school in which the student did his Work. Joan's prize was 3100. Edward Hoagland, junior, won first prize of S50 at the National Scholastic Art Exhibit in Pittsburgh, for his photograph of a fisherman. Other awards at this exhibit were weav- ing, second prize, by Nancy Gordong hon- orable mention weaving, Wanda Flickin- gerg honorable mention, weaving, Cherie Hanleyg honorable mention, photography, Gail Pealer and Bob Haire. Page Sixty-five ART Hill lnls 5- rzll pain Illjll' Si.l'llf'Ni,l' ruup simrwvs Dililllillg, poster making, weuvillg, i'Cl'2lINiL'S an tmg. ART Q11 Wanda Flickinger displays bedspread she wove. Q25 Belgian hare modeling for nrt class. Q31 Making Red Cross posters. Q45 The Oils Club. 151 Cherie Hanley mod- eling dress she wove and made. Q63 Bill Moore displaying plastic lamp he made. Q75 Joan Benoy holds her prize winning poster. L81 Photography Club. 495 Donna Slay- lnun wearing dress she wove and made. Page' Siffy-scrlwll The FUHUM STAFF Charles H'larnan BVI. Nga -7 1 Ptrrq Trfn km: r 4"' Cafes' :J The editor and the business manager of the FORUM are shown working on the 1946 book. L. I1St1 :H FUR M STAFF 111 Advertising: staff-Rupert Loyd, Ann Strodtbeck and Henry Motherall. Q21 Ross Bair, advertising' manager. Q31 Joan Benoy, art editor. Q-11 Dean Owen, athletic mliiou, 451 lim-1'iizu'd Owen, phot0g1'aphe1'. Q65 Donna Slayman, photo editor. Page Sf.lf4ll-Hill! FUR M STAFF 417 Kay Klein, subscription manager. Q23 Calendar staff, Wanda Flickingvr, Bill Pinklvy. Nova Foglc. Q35 Margcnc Vannatta, subscriptions. my Joan Iloup, literary editor. ,llxllf Sr'rr'nI.u Sue Run 4"- Caifor J A E li E T J U U ll N A L Bill Deeclrieh Bus. Nqr.-9' The Jacket Journal is the school paper publish d bi-weekly. R l CKET JOURNAL STAFF ill Natliine Goodenough, literary editor. Q21 Shirley Dunham, subscription lll21llZlj.l'Ul'. 4315 Gregory Roddy, athletic editor. 141 Norma Weider and Marilyn Nugent. re- porters. und Jam- Urea-cli. exchangre editor. Q55 Pat Lawrence, uclve1'tisii151 inanzurvr. UH llnlm llndgze. 'l'oin lfldgnr :ind Jezinninc Hzlgaii, advertising' stuff. 171 Surah Still- wull. feature editor, Q85 Betty Ridcnour, reporter. Q93 Dolores Fawcett and Jean l'ilW0l'l12ll'llf, reporters. 111111 Ncil'c11Iy-tu'0 DUSTBI HTS ml! Roh Biefnvss, Bob IQOZISOIIOIK 12h Paul McMillan turning project on wood lathe. 4335 liiglmth Grzulc lmiwl lmuscs. HJ livnny llukel' clamping' ax table znfter gluing: U13 Gem- Scott sanding a wall shelf. 16a Bob Winke gluing a clothes rack. Page Szwvnty-tI11'f:1 ff' Sf'l'!'llf-ll-ff BIULUEY Mr. Robeson gives advice to the lovelorn Bill McGowan and Barbara Vernon testing for grape sugar. Marge-ne Vannatta and Gabrielle Hayes looking for amoeba. W 5 ,Q N QXRNQ S mf 2 , , :W-an-OH" ' k 4 if - Q af Q X Q , ' , X if ' 5 s ei 4 5 f M' Q X I . MS? S Ei '..,. L .. bf". ,gi ' I I E558 ,X 3 1 'K 2 'ol- 'Ei 3 Hui NP' h-all hi If wrtas 1 5 1 iff?- SPRING LOIS SCHNITZER Drum Major and Acrobatic Dancer. We tune our violins, blow our trumpets and dance our way into the Spring season M AJ OR ETTICS ELLEN and ELAINE CHAMBERS TERRY SHIRA Mascot Page Smncnty-seven HIGH SEHUUL BA U The band played for all home football and basketball games during: the year. They made an out-of-town trip to Coshocton for a football game. Jerry Legros, Barbara Carson, Betty Burke, Shirley Dunham, Lawrence Bower and Don Reed participated in the All-Ohio Band at Cleveland. The Band and Orchestra Concert was giyen May 2 and 3. OFFICERS 1JI'l'Sfd6IIt SHIRLEY DUNHAM V irc President Ross HAIR Secmfargf BETTY BURKE 111 If 5!'IY'IlltIl'l'ijlIlf Hiyl HIGH SEHUUL CHUIH The Choir sang for special assemblies such as Thanksgiving, Easter, and Commencement. They collaborated with the rest of the Music Depart- ment to give the "Fortune Teller," by Victor Herbert. Different groups from the Choir sang in small ensembles for various organizations of the city. Twenty members participated in the All-State Chorus at Cleveland. I LLL v lily .ww- FORTUNE TELLER MUSIC DEPARTMENT presented HTHE PUHTUNE TELLEHH COMIC OPERETTA By Victor Herbert March 21-22 CAST OF CHARACTERS Musette, A Gypsy Fortune Teller ,L L , L , Irma, A Pupil in the Ballet School ooooo L Fresco, A Ballet Master o,,....ooooo Count Berezowski, A Polish Composer Sandor, A Gypsy Musician. ooooooo.o c oooooo Captain Ladislas, A Hungarian Hussarow Boris, A Gypsy, Father of Musette .loo Mlle. Pompon, A Prima Donna L L , Vaninka, A Gypsy Girl L ooroooo R Rafael, A Gypsy Girl L , Matosin, Gardener L L Wanda L L Vera L oo,or . Pupils of the Ballet School General Korbay otteooeo ooo..,. L ,, Sgt. Potemkin Cpl. Kopaczy L or Lt. Timar L Jan, A Tailor Boyoe Servant L oooro C L eeor C or or LORETTA BOHN as Irma and Musette L Loretta Bohn Loretta Bohn William Deedrick William Frary L, C LErnest Williams Lawrence Conkling William Furniss . L Sarah Stillwell Wanda Flickinger Louise Dutt Dick Wonders Janet Dancey Barbara Carson Rupert Loyd L Robert Hopkins James Handley or Marion Wikle Oren Freshour Lola Gentry D9t6CtiVeS 2 .ccctctc L at Perry Trinkner, Henry Motherall Roselyn Blackwell-Accompanist Page Ezqhty one Marjorie Barton Barbara Carson Betty Carter Ann Clark Irene Cooper Janet Dancey Dick Thomas Fred Buxton Gordon Griffin Joe Grubb Don Harris James Handley Oren Freshour Wilma Ward Donna Slayman Vora Rine Phyllis Hardesty Joan Doup Betty Frye Lola Gentry Sue Rian Flo Keever Dwight Fawcett "THE FUHTUNE TELLEHH BALLETT CHORUS Juanita Draper Betty Jo Frary Virginia Fravel Joan Francis Ruth Leonard Jean Lonzo HUNGARIAN CHORUS Richard Gantz Marion Wikle Bob Williams Rupert Loyd Bob Hopkins Phil Treece David Rhoades GYPSY CHORUS Eleanor Coon Joan McFeely Jo Ann Rippey Vera Payne Ina Frye PEASANT CHORUS Harry Barncord Ruth Edna Simpson Marilyn Nugent Joan Lybarger Joan Bowden ORCHESTRA VIOLINS-Charles Zedaker, Gertrude Kittleberger, James Meliotis, Harriett Ward. FLUTES-Nathine Goodenough, Lenor Rapp, Eleanor Inks, Patsy Leache. CLARINETS-Betty Burke, Shirley Dunham, James Poland, Betty Turner. ALTO SAXOPHONE-Don Reed, Joyce Swingley. BARITONE SAXOPHONE-Dorothy Gantz. TRUMPETS-Jerry Legros, Marilyn Kile. FRENCH HORN-Nancy Stillwell. TROMBONE-Vivian Rine, Charles McLarnan. PERCUSSION-Bud Dunham. PIANO-Roselyn Blackwell. Page Eighty-two Harriet Lord Norma McConnell Joanne McNeil Mary Jo Temple Elaine Wilkins Ellis Hanger Lowell Reeder John Vian Robert Stattler Lawrence Bower Tommy Badger Norma Weider Anna Bell Mary Ann Shultz Ann Strodtbeck Ruth Hoffman Nancy Frank Jean Miller Charles Duckworth ' mea Q 1 . ., A X twill ini g if xx 'VX K. JJ-I X if 'fs S S' Q 2 i im Q? 1 L lllixifl JUNIUHS Theflam of 1947 OFFICERS PTC-Wdenf ........................... ., JOAN MCFEELY Vzce Preszdent ,, BILL FRARY Secretary DONNA SPEARMAN Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,, ANN CLARK Page Eighty five Cla M UIIQ47 UNIUHS Marlys Anderson Stan Antill Marjorie Arnold Bedford Ault Jack Auskings Wayne Balcom Harry Barncord Marjorie Barton Dorothy Baxter Anna Bell .Iim Bergin Robert Bickel Ron Blake Dorothy Booth Blaine Bowers Charles Bricker Catherine Briggs Betty Burke Romona Busenburg Barbara Carson Betty Carter Norma Carter Ellen Chambers Elaine Chambers Ann Clark George Clark Donna Clinpinger Katherine Cochran Margaret Collins Irene Cooper Winslow Curry Norma Daily Janet Dancey Sue Deitrich Edward Doup Jean Downing Juanita Draper Roger Dunham Louise Dutt Kenneth Eyster Ben Feldmiller Fred Ferguson William Frary Virginia Fravel Oren Freshour Ina Frye Kathleen Frye Don Gallogley Roberta Gardner Tom Gardner Joan Gaumer Maurice Glibert Irwin Goosens Harriett Graham Edith Gray Claude Green Joe Grubb Dick Haire .Iim Handley Richard Hannan Richard Hare Paul Hartzler Helen Hatfield James Hatfield Gabrielle Hayes Ralph Hedges Barbara llampshirm Carmen Hinger Edward Hoagland Bruce Hoffman Jim Hottinger Reva Hubbell Page Eighty-.wi.r JU IUHS Robert llopkins Jeannine Hughes William Hull June Hulse Rodney Hyatt Gus Katris Marilyn Kile Malmel Lamlmillotte Jerry Legros Betty Lewis Fred Lippman Elwin Lively Jeanne Lon zo John Lynde Erina Madias Maria Madias Jack Mendenhall Mary Miller Jean Miller Ralph Mills Bill Morris Hob Mcllevitt Fred McFarland Joan McFeely Betty McKee Lucille McKenzie Jean McLarnan Jack McMahon Dan McMillen Paul McMillan Jack McNeil Jacqueline Nelson Jack Nugent Gail Pealer Jim Poland Ron Poland lion Reed Hill Rerick Vora Rinc Hallie Robinson David Sapp Jack Scott Rowena Scott Beatrice Seavolt Vvxrxry Sharp la 1-r Katherine Shellenm rgc Mary Lee Shultz Mary Ann Shultz Charlotte Silliman James Snow Donna Esther Nancy Geo rge Gerald Louise Spearman Spearman Stillwell Swatik 'l'harp Thomas Forrest Thompson Barbara Tier Eileen Tucker Irma VanDevelde Grace Walton Rowena Wilson Ernest Williams 'l'oni Wilson Jack Wintermute Don Yaugrcr Page Eiglzty-seven THE JUNIOR CLASS presented ST GE UUUR A Play in Three Acts by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman Alumni Auditorium, Friday, April 5, 1946 CAST OF CHARACTERS Olga Brandt Susan Paige Bernice Niemeyer Mattie , , Maiy Harper fBig Maryl Mary McCune fLittle Maryj Y.., , , Madeleine Vauclain Judith Canfield , Ann Braddock 7 7 Kaye Hamilton Mrs. Orcutt Linda Shaw, Jean Maitland Bobby Melrose BILL MOORE as Keith Burgess Louise Thomas 7 ,Hallie Robinson Ramona Busenbei , Donna Spearman Rowena Wilson 7, Y , Joan McFeely Irene Cooper Katharine Cochran ,,,,,,, Gabrielle Hayes ,, e,,,,, Marlys Anderson ..Irma VanDevelde 7, Mary Ann Shullz , ,,Mary Miller Kathleen Frye Louise Mitchell ....... ....... R oberta Gardner Pat Devine , Kendall Adams Frank Terry Randall ,, Sam Hastings Jim Devereaux Fred Powell , Lou Milhauser David Kingsley, , Keith Burgess Mrs. Shaw Dr. Randall , Tony Gillette , . Ellen Fenwick Larry Westcott, Y Billy , Adolph Gretzl ..... Director ,, Stage Manager , Stage Crew Electricians Properties Tickets Head Usher Page Eighty-eight ,, Marilyn Wilson ,,,,,Mary Lee Shultz ,, ,, Ed, Hoagland 7, ,, , Sue Dietrich ,,,,,,Fred Lippman George Swatik ,Bill Morris , John Lynde , ,Fred Ferguson , Bill Moore , ,,,r, Grace Walton Dan McMillen Vora Rine ,, .Virginia Fravel , ,,Yrr Roger Dunham Oren Freshour Jack Scott , , ,.r,, Ruth Domigan Truxall , , ,,,,,,,,., ..,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , Bill Morris Don Gallogly, Bob McDevitt, Jack Wintermute, Joe Grubb John Lively, Bob Hopkins, Ben Feldmiller Nancy Stillwell, Maria Madias, Erina Madias. Anna Bell, Ann Clark ,, ,Sara M. Cannon, Paul Hartzler 7 7 Reva Hubbell xx Ek' A X , xx ,sw 'f N ELASS UF 1945 President Vice President Secretary T0'cas1n'cr Bos BAKER JANET COCHRAN JOAN ANSEL MARGENE VANNATTA SE IURS The final event in the evolution of a school year is commencement. It is fitting then that the Seniors and their activities appear last. xii Page Ninety-one ggeffg 9301+ WN eg 49 WifSn 2'Miaf 1ri WFQ P0110 Nfvvfy-W FORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS KATHERINE KERIN Forum Queen I-of Page Ninety-three FUHUM FULLIES Alumni Auditorium April 26, 1946 Produced by the Forum Staff Captain of the Forum Showboat ...uuuuuu uuuu.u.,.vr BB BB .,rr. B Henry Motherall "Make Believe" Star Dance eeee.eeeeeeee .-BBChorus d'irected by Barbara Carson Chief Boatswain's Mate eee... .... ,.,e B B B BB ,err,eeeee7,e.e.,,..,e Fred Buxton Her Majesty the Forum Queen B... ee,...,,,,.eee,. B B. eeeee B ,eee BB Katherine Kerin Senior Attendants ..eeeeeeeeeeeee BB Kay Klein, Dolores Fawcett, Betty Wright Junior Attendants cc.ece., BB Joan McFeely, Rowena Wilson, Jeanne Lonzo Escorts ecee. Ernest Williams, Henry Motherall, Ronald Sturgess, Murray Wright, Bradford Williams, John Johnson, Don Reasoner Crown Bearers rrr.,..,...r,...e..eeBB.........r,,eeeee.v.rrrrrr, ,Kathie Long, Freddie Emley Personality Song rrr.,,,rrrrrrrr B ..r.r...irrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.rr.rr.,rrrr, ,rrerr,.r B BBMuriel Epstein "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans," "Shine" rrrr,rrr BB rrr, Quartette- Ernest Williams, Larry Conkling, Bill Frary, Bill Furniss Art Demonstration rr.B B. ..DDBbD,rrD,rbbDb..... B .,..i Miss Fern Lewis and art students "Pretty As a Picture" BB rbbb Larry Conkling and Loretta Bohn Drums ,..,v.,r,..,. .B B B r,,.DDDt,,DDb,, B BBBB B BB .BB.B.BB BBBBBBB N ick Madias and Smythe Devoe "Pretty Baby" ..B....i.... Chorus directed by Miss Cannon and Cherie Hanley "Old Man River "BBBB .B B BBBBBBBB . BBBBBBBBBBB. B BB B BBBB BBBBBBBBBob Williams Acrobatic DanceBBB BB Lois Schnitzer "A Pretty Girl "BBBBBBBBBBBB B BBBB.eBBBBB B ..BBBB Quartette and Chorus "Can't Help Lovin' That Man "BBBBB BBBBBBBB B BBBBBB B BB B..Br. B BBBBBBBBBB Joyce Mondron Sailor's Horn Pipe . B BBBBBB Chorus directed by Miss Sara Cannon Boatswain BBB, B .BBB B B..BBBBB BBBBBBBBBBB.B.BBBBABBBBBB B B.BB BBBBB B B BBob Allen Accompanists BBBBBBB "Anchors Aweigh" Director .B..B........... Stage Manager Electricians BBBBB BB Page Ninety-four Roselyn Blackwell and Jane Lybarger B B Ensemble Sara M. Cannon BB B Bernard Owen Bob Hodge, Bill Pinkley THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Presented MY SISTER EILEEN THURSDAY and FRIDAY, MAY 16 and 17, 1946 Alumni Auditorium Suzanne Rian as Ruth CAST Mr. Appopolus ....... .............. ............... R o ss Bair Ruth Sherwood ..... .,,,,,,, S uzanne Rian Eileen Sherwood ..... ..... N orma Weider Jensen ....................... ...........,.....,..,............. C arroll Allen A Street Arab .......,. .......,.,.....,..,l.,,,,.,,,,,,.,, R ichard Bunn A Pair of Drunks ....... ..... L awrence Bower, Arthur Sapp Lonigan ,.......v................... ....v,...............,.. W illiam Raymond The Wreck .................. .,..... W illiam Deedrick Another Street Arab ,.v.. Lawrence Henry Mr. Fletcher .,..................... .......... L awrence Bower Helen Wade Loomis .... Nathine Goodenough Frank Lippincott ..... ..,..,,. P erry Trinkner Chic Clark ...........,. .......,.... R upert Loyd Violet Shelton ....... ...,.. W anda Flickinger Mrs. Wade ............,.... .........V.,............,. f Marcella Snider Robert Baker .,,....................e.........,...................e..,w..i,.,.......V,. Charles McLarnan Six Future Admirals , ........v.v,r.............,r.......... Gregory Boddy, Richard Bunn, Arthur Sapp, William Pinkley, Lawrence Henry, Kenneth Baker Walter Sherwood ..............,....................................................... Lawrence Bower A Prospective Tenant .......,.,........ ...........,,.......,,...........r S arah Stillwell The Consul ......,..,.....,...,,.,,........,,.,.........,,........,...,.........,.,.........,,.,,.... Robert Baker Street Vendors, Passers-By, etc. ,,.....rt..l Richard Bunn, Donna Slayman, Lawrence Henry, Dean Reeder, Roger Rian PRODUCTION STAFF Director ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,..,,,.,,.....,,,..................,..,...,....,. R uth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager ,,,,,,,l,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.....,.,,.,....,,,.,.,...,,.,,.,.......,,,,...,.,.,,., William Beckley Stage Crew .,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Richard Buxton, William Morris, William Moore, Fred Lippman, Donald Gallogly Electricians i,,,,.,,i,i,,,,,,ii,,,,,,,,, John Lively, Lawrence Henry, Wilbur Connell Property Committee ......,.,........,.,.....,.,,,.. Kathryn Griggs, Frances Emery, Dorothy Brooks, Esther Treese Tickets iirr,,,,,,rr ,,..., A . J. Robeson, Jeannine Hagan Head Usher ,,,,, ,, r,i,,,,,,,,r..,,,,,,. . ..., ,,.,,....,, N ova Fogle Page Ninety jim 0 5ljN1UP15 CARROLL ALLEN MARY JOAN A DOW AYERS ROSS BAIR WAYNE BALCOM MARY BECK WILLIAM BECKLEY JOAN BENOY Page Ninety-eight NSEL JANET BLACKFORD LEWIS BLUE GREGORY BODDY LAWRENCE BOWERS JANE BREECH DOROTHY BROOKS ZELLA BROOKS RICHARD BUNN Page Ninety-nine SENIUHS ROBERT BUTCHER JANET COCHRAN LEOTA CONKLE FRANCES DAWSON WILLIAM DEEDRICK GILLIS DENOON EILEEN DOUP JOAN DOUP Page One Hundred SHIRLEY DUNHAM JEAN EBERHARDT THOMAS EDGAR JOYCE EDMINSTER FRANCES EMERY HANNELORE ERLANGER DOLORES FAWCETT KATHERINE FERGUSON Page One H undred-one SENIUHS ONEIDA FISHER WANDA FLICKINGER NOVA FOGLE WILLIAM FURNISS NATHINE GOODENOUGH KATHRYN GRIGGS JEANNINE HAGAN CHERIE HANLEY Page One H1t1lli7'6d-t2l'!I ELLIS HAUGER JOYCE HENNELL LAWRENCE HENRY WILLIAM HICKERSON ROBERT HODGE ARLENE HOTTINGER FREIDA HUNTER CHARLES JOHNSON Page One H undred-three SENIUHS JANIS JOHNSON JUANITA KENNEY KATHERINE KERIN KAY KLEIN PATRICIA LAWRENCE ESTHER LITTLE VIRGINIA MCGOUGH RUPERT LOYD Page One Hundred-four WILLIAM MCGOUGH HAZEL MCINTIRE DONALD MCMANIS CHARLES MCLARNAN DOROTHY MEHARRY JACK MENDENHALL MARY LOU MORRIS KATHRYN MOSSHOLDER Page One Hundred-five SENIUHS LEONA MOSSHOLDER HENRY MOTHERALL RICHARD NEIGHBARGER JO-AN NELSON MARILYN NUGENT BERNARD GWEN DEAN OWEN WILLIAM PINKLEY Page One Hundred-sian WILLIAM RAYMOND ROBERT REASONER SUZANNE RIAN GORDON RINE JO ANN RIPPEY LOIS SCHNITZER ARTHUR SAPP EUGENE SCOTT Page One Hundred-seven SENIUH5 BERTRICE SEAVOLT DONNA SLAYMAN SARAH STILLWELL ANN STRODTBECK PERRY TRINKNER MARY JANE VAIL ELOISE VANNATTA BETTY VAN RIPER Page One H undred-eiuht ROBERT BAKER RICHARD BUXTON FRED MCFARLAND KENNETH BAKER TOM BLACK VELMA VANATTA MARGENE VANNATTA JEAN BICKEL Page One H uudred-nine SENIUHS EILEEN SHOULTS HELEN BECK MARCELLA SNIDER ALICE SPEARMAN EVELYN GARDNER VERA PAYNE PEGGY SHARP Page One Hundred-ten BETTY WRIGHT EMOGENE WRIGHT LYDIA GRAY NORMA WEIDER BETTY RIDENOUR BETTY FRYE NICHOLAS MADIAS DAVID TURNER CHARLES ARMSTRONG Page One Hundred-eleven Page SE IUH CARROLL ALLEN Harvest Harmonies 13 Uslpring Green." 33 "Junior Miss" 43 " y Sister E1- leen" 43 Student Council 1, 4. MARY JOAN ANSEL G.A.C. Pres, 13 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 "Turkey Red" 23 Girls of U.S.A. 23 "College Widow" 23 Treas. of Student Council 33 "Spring Green" 33 Honor Roll of Student Council 83 Play Comm, 33 Play Comm. 43 Secretary of Senior CIBBSQ Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 4. DOW B. AYERS "Harvest Harmonies" 23 Football 3g Junior Choir 2. ROSS A. BAIR Junior Hi-Y 1, 2g Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 "Mr. and Mrs. North 13 "College Widow" 23 "Pride and Prejudice" 33 "Spring Green" 3g "Junior Miss' 43 President of Sophomore Classg Vice President of Junior Class3 Student Council 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Reserve Basketball 2g Varsity Basketball 33 Advertising Manager of Annual 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 "Harvest Har- monies' 23 Treasurer of Hi-Y 43 Pres- ident of Junior Hi-Y 13 Forum Frolic 23 "My Sister Eileen" 43 Quill and Scroll 4. KENNETH NEIL BAKER Hi-Y 3, 43 Chr. of Social Comm. Sr. Class3 Student Council 3, 4. ROBERT A. BAKER President of Senior Class3 District A.G.R. President 4g Secretary of F.F.A. 43 Student Council 1, 2, 43 Football Manager 43 Basketball Man- ager 43 Manager 43 Projection Operator 1, 2, 3, 4g Vice President of Projection Club 4g F.F.A. Basketball Manager 43 Head Monitor 43 Junior Hi-Y 13 Senior Hi-Y 43 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Parli.amentary Procedure 43 "My Sister Eileen" 4. MARY LOUISE BECK Secretary of Student Court 4. HELEN BECK Girl Reserves 3, 43 Intramural Bas- ketball 23 Choir 13 Head Monitor 43 Eosster Club 43 Intramural Volley- a 1. WILLIAM C. BECKLEY F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. Reporter 43 Junior Hi-Y 1. One Hundred-twelve CTI ITIES JOAN ELIZABETH BENOY Tornadoes 2, 3, 43 Forum Staff 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice Presi- dent of Girl Reserves 43 Librar Staff Club 2, 3, 43 Wood Bee's Oil Club 3, 43 Student Council 43 Student Court 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 "Spring Green" 3a Property Comm. of "Pride and Prejudice" 33 Booster Club 43 "Jacket Journal" 43 Junior Class So- cial C0mm.Q Senior Class Finance Comm.3 Social Comm. of Girl Re- serves 23 Pub, Comm. of Girl Re- serves 33 Treas. of Library Stah' 33 President of Library Staff 4. ETTA JEAN BICKEL Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Choir 2, 33 Girl Re- serves 1, 43 Baseball Team 23 Ba ket- ball Team 23 Volleyball 1, 23 Student Council 43 Booster Club 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 2. THOMAS E. BLACK F.F.A. 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. Secy. 33 F.F.A. President 43 Livestock Judging Contest 33 F.F.A. Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intramu- ral Basketball 3, 43 Student Council 33 F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure 4. JANET BLACKFORD "Spring Green" 33 Treasurer of F.H.A. 33 President of F.H.A. 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 Manager of Termites 43 Girl Reserves 1 2, 3, 43 Forum Fiesta 33 Paper Doll Dance 23 G.A.C. 13 In- tramural Gamesg Jacket Journal Re- porter 23 Social Comm. of Girl Re- serves 33 Working Corps 33 Social Comm. of Senior Class 43 Booster Club 4. CHARLES LEWIS BLUE GREGORY LEE BODDY Junior Hi-Y3 Torch Club: Senior Hi-Y: Sports Editor of Jacket Journal 43 Forum Follies 4g "My Sister Eileen" 4. LAWRENCE EARL BOWERS Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 4g "The Fortune Teller" 43 Orchestra 2, 33 Military Science 33 Intramural Basketball 43 Assistant Photographer on Pargiscian Staif, W. Va.3 "My Sister Eileen" 4. MARTHA JANE BREECH Band 1, 23 Class Finance Comm. 33 Choir 33 "Jacket Journal" Exchange Editor 43 Library Staff 1, 23 Moni- tor 3. DOROTHY GERTRUDE BROOKS F.H.A. Secretary3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ZELLA MAE BROOKS F.H.A. 3, 43 Variety Show 4. SE IDR RICHARD BUNN Glee Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 33 "My Sister Eileen" 4. ROBERT BUTCHER Projection Club 4. RICHARD J. BUXTON Football Manager 23 Reserve Basket- ball 23 Varsit Football 33 F.F.A. Re- minder 33 Basketball Coach 33 Varsity Football 43 F.F.A. Treasurer 4g F.F.A. Basketball Coach 43 F.F.A. Basketball 13 F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure Contest 43 F.F.A. Livestoc Judging 33 F.F.A. Member 1, 2, 3, 4. JANET COCHRAN Band 1, 23 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g G.A.C. 13 Student Council 1, 2g Attend- ant to Football Queen 33 Girl Reserves Treasurer 43 Vice President of Senior Class3 Glee Club 33 Junior Senior Prom Comm. 33 Booster Club 43 Social Comm. of Girl Reserves 43 Intramural Basketball 3, 4g Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. I. LEOTA CONKLE FRANCES ANN DAWSON Choir Accompanist 33 Glee Club 33 Booster Club 43 Monitor 4. WILLIAM D. DEEDRICK Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Golf 2, 3, 43 Quil and Scrollg Bus. Mgr. of "Jacket J ournal" 4g "Harvest Harmo- nies" 23 President of Choir 4g Variety Show 3, 43 Carnival 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Court 23 Student Council 23 Paper Staff 33 National Athletic Society 3-43 Library Staff3 Spanish Club3 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Tell- er" 43 "College Widow" Torch Club 23 "My Sister Eileen" 4. JOAN DOUP Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.C. 13 Girl Reserve President 43 Variety Show 43 Choir 1, 2, 43 Treble Clef 13 Student Council 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Play Comm. of Class 33 Literary Ed. of Annual 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 23 "Fortune Teller" 43 Booster Club 43 Service Comm. of G.R. 33 Working Corps 2. SHIRLEY LEE DUNHAM Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band President 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Subscrigtion Man- ager of Jacket Journal 43 C airman of Finance Committee for Senior Class3 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 3, 43 Intramural Games 1, 2, 3, 4g "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Teller" 43 Dance Committee of Junior Class. CTI ITIES JEAN EBERHARDT Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4g G.A.C. 13 In- tramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 33 Paper Staff 43 Working Corps 33 Finance Committee of Class 33 Finance Com- mittee of Girl Reserves 43 Social Com- iaitgei of Girl Reserves 33 Booster u . THOMAS EDGAR Torch Club 23 Hi-Y 3, 43 "Spring Green" 33 "Jacket Journal" Staff 43 Forum Follies 4g Forum Fiesta 3. MARY JOYCE EDMISTER Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Majorette 13 Booster Club 43 Gift Comm. 43 G.A.C. 13 "Har- vest Harmonies" 2. FRANCES JANE EMERY Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 4. HANNELORE ERLANGER Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 1, 23 Chairman of Program Comm. of Library Club 13 Secretary of Library Club 23 Service Comm. of Girl Re- serves 2, 33 Service Comm. of Junior Class 3g Dance Comm. of Senior Class3 On Property Comm. of "College Widow." DOLORES FAWCETT Vice President of Sophomore Class3 Treasurer of Junior Classg Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.C. 13 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. of Girl Reserves 33 Membership Comm. of Girl Re- serves 23 Attendant to Football Queen 23 Attendant to Forum Queen 33 Foot- ball Queen 43 Chairman of Service Committee of Girl Reserves 43 "Jacket Journal" 43 Working Corps 1, 23 Booster Club 4g Senior Att. to Forum Queen 4. KATHRYN FERGUSON F.H.A. 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Intra- mural Basketball. ONEIDA FISHER Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 President of Library Staff 33 Girl Reserves 13 Head Monitor 4g Library Science 33 Head of Honorary Study Hall 43 Makeup Comm. of "Spring Green" 33 Intramural Basketball 2.3 Intramural Volleyball 23 Working Corps 1, 23 "Harvest Harmonies" 23 Booster Club 43 Paper Staff 43 F.H.A. 4. Page One Hundred-thu-teen SE IDB WANDA FLICKINGER Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserve Social Chairman 43 Wood Bee's Oil Club 2, 3, 43 "College Widow" 2g "Har- vest Harmonies" 23 "Spring Green" 33 "Junior Miss" 43 "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Teller" 43 Calendar Staff of Forum 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 Art Prize in National Contest 43 Librarg Staff 3' Vice President of Li- brary taff 33 Variety Show 3, 43 Dec- oration Comm. of Class 33 Carnival 3, 43 Will Comm. 43 Student Council 43 Canton High School-National Focen- sio League 13 Booster Club 1, 43 Latin Club 13 Life Saving Class 13 "My Sis- ter Eileen" 4. NOVA JEAN FOGLE Vice President of Student Council 33 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserve Social Comm. 33 Chairman of Membership Comm. of G. R. 43 "Pride and Preju- dice" 33 Calendar Staff of Forum 43 Booster Club 43 Variety Show 33 Senior Class Social Comm. 43 Student Council Social Comm. 43 Prophecy Comm. 4g Intramural Basketball 43 Attendant to Forum Queen 33 Wood Bee's Oil Club 4. BETTY FRYE Utica-Sextette 33 Choir 4g Girls Glee Club 33 High School Secretary 13 Paper Staff 33 Cheerleader 23 Junior Play3 Girl Reserves 1. WILLIAM W. FURNISS Choir 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Teller" 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Variety Show 33 Minstrel Show 4g Boys' Quartet3 Forum Fol- ies 4. EVELYN GENEVIEVE GARDNER Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Treasurer of Student Council 43 Booster Club 4. N ATHINE GOODENOUGH Girl Reserves 3 43 Senior At Large of G.R. 43 Forum Staff 33 Literary Editor of J. J. 43 Choir 43 "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Teller" 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Junior-Senior Prom Comm. 33 Pro hecy Comm. 43 Library Staff 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Ann Ar- bor High Choir lg Student Council 23 President's Student Council 13 Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1, 23 "Pirates of Penz- ance" 23 President of Latin Club 23 Prophecy Comm. 13 Prom Comm. 13 Lima Central-Paper Staff 33 Band 33 Orchestra 33 "My Sister Eileen" 4. LYDIA GRAY Prop. Comm. of "Spring Green." Page One Hundred- fourteen CTI ITIES KATHRYN GRIGGS Chairman of Property Comm. of "Spring Green" 33 Chairman of Prop- erty for "Junior Miss" 43 Member of F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Play Comm. 4. JEANNINE HAGAN Working Corp 13 Paper Staff 1, 3, 43 Society Editor of "Jacket Journal" 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves Sophomore at Large: Chairman of Fi- nancial Comm. Girl Reserves 43 Intra- mural Basketball 4. ELLIS M. HAUGER F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. Basketball 1, 2, 33 Reserve Basketball 1, 33 Var- sity Basketball 13 Choir 3, 43 Chairman of Senior Assembly Comm. 43 F.F.A. Public Speaker 43 F.F.A. Livestock Judging 33 F.F.A. Treasurer 33 Stu- dent Council 1, 23 F.F.A. Parliamen- tary Procedure 4. JOYCE HENNELL Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Library Work 4g Booster Club 43 So- cial Comm. of Girl Reserves 33 Senior Prom Comm. 43 Student Court 3. LAURENCE HENRY Football 33 Stage Crew of "Junior Miss" 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 Projection Club 4. WILLIAM HICKERSON ROBERT D. HODGE ' Torch Club3 Junior Hi-Y3 Senior Hi- Y3 Forum Fiesta Stage Manager, "Col- lege Widow"3 Stage rew 23 Projector Operator 43 "Forum Follies" 43 Jacket Journal staff 4. ARLENE RUTH HOTTIN GER Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 F.H.A. 23 Intra- mural Basketball 2, 4g Gift Comm. of Class 43 Intramural Baseball 13 Intra- gural Volleyball 13 Service Comm. of ass 3. FREIDA HUNTER Glee Club 33 Choir 33 Intramural Bas- ketball 43 Booster Club 4. CHARLES JOHNSON Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball lg Honorable Mention N.C.O. 33 Honorable Mention All-Ohio 43 Variety Show 23 Captain of Football Team 43 Track 3. JANIS JANE JOHNSON Head Monitor 43 Girl Reserves 43 Stu- dent Court 33 Intramural Basketball 23 Boosters Club. CC'ontinued on page 1663 PAEULTY Supl. John GL-igci' and claiuglitcx' Lois Physical Education Dirovlm' J. F. Tlmmus wiili daughter Bctty Jo and son Dick Ilistury 'I'czlc'hui' L. L. Owen and sons Dvzin and Louis Biology Teacher A. J. Rubvson and duughtei' Suv Puyfc' Om 11ruu1r1'1I-fif!f'f'n MYRON PRECH, Coach W. Curry, W. Deedrick, P. Trinkner, L. Bowers The golf team composed of three seniors and one junior were very successful, losing just two matches during the entire season. Page One HUIld'I'Cd-S6'l'CHfC6'H, SPRING CLASSES CID Cafeteria. 625 and C43 Dramatics Class Play C37 Designing. C55 Typing Class. 11111 Om Ilunrlnd 61111116171 IN APPHEEIATIUN The advertising staff of the FORUM appreciates the willing support of the following patrons whose donations helped to make the 1946 year book possible. Robert Eastman, M.D. Jay S. McDevitt, Attorney-at-Law J. Maurice Wareham, O.D. George B. Imhoff, M.D. Roger A. Tarr, D.D.S. Richard Gomer, M.D. M. H. Vinkle, M.D. John S. Schnebly, D.D.S. Howard H. Webster, Atty.-at-Law W. Thurman Todd Prosecuting Attorney J. L. Koch, D.O. J. M. Pumphrey, M.D. James F. Lee, M.D. J. W. Sellers, D.D.S. Robert J. Grossman, Atty.-at-Law Creed Jopling Lester, Atty.-at-Law Lamar S. Reynard, D.D.S. John R. Claypool, M.D. Charles M. Zelkowitz, Atty.-at-Law John C. Drake, M.D. Harold Bettinger, Photographer John Baube, M.D. J. Fred Minnich, D.D.S. Arthur J. Packard it 5 '. .3 Page One Himdred-nineteen IT I-IAPPENS IN THE SPRING A QYN . 1-,if ggwiif Mr. Berry in Navy uniform. Nick. Pole sitting is buck again. Whcn thc 1l'llClN'l'.S at thc printers. Bon and Ed. Band Practice. On the way to school. Dre-ss Rcllcursul. luyfr' Our Ilznulwd-Ilrffnfy Q i104.0:0qwqg' o ,' vzofzf fc mini ui ni nz 0:01011 WHILE YOU'RE LEARNING Learn THIS Fact There is nothing you hope to do in the future that mon- ey in the bank won't help you to do, or that lack of money won't hinder or pre- vent you from doing. Learn this one fact, through saving during your school days, and it will give you an advantage through all the rest of your days. THE KNOX COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Mt. Vernon, Ohio MEMBER F. D. I. C. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Compliments of GUCHRANS MARKET Compliments of MOORE Sz FRIBLEY SUNOCO GAS AND OILS Complete Lubrication and Washing 405 S. Main St. Phone 104-I -ininxiuioioifvioioioia 3010101011 o:u1u1o1u:nx1o1 101, fiwzo , .,. 7 -1,-Ja? 4: U: ui uisi ioiozuioi rioiuiojojoioioin: 1 101011 6014 xc 1111701414 niujojnrixrioxoioioiogfngwrjojojlrjfrjc Compliments to Class of '46 WILLIAMS Shell Service Station Granville and Newark Roads Compliments of Mount Vernon News Lvnmrs Ensr sms MEAT MARKET Its the Meat that Makes ga- ! ! u l ! ! I .. u S' ! 3 ! 3 U ISI Q ! ! 3 0101011 Q. ,334 -L 'U 2 I CU O 3 C5 2 2 Q- Y C5 Q- QL .S C Q 5 I2 I 5 ! Q 0:01 EALENDAH SEPTEMBER 4-School starts: after five years of school Dow Ayers can't find Room 29. Welcome to our slap-happy home, seventh graders. 11-It is a bright forecast-Mount Ver- non beats Kenyon 13 - 0 in a scrimmage. 12-Blackford, McNeil, Wilson, Freshour and Simpson are elected cheerleaders. 14-Mount Vernon drops first game to Dennison 18-0. 15-Junior High gets poor start: loses to Centerburg 6-0. 18-"Rupe" Loyd learns all about magic when he interviews Birch, the ma- gician. 20-Something new has been added- High School Boosters' Club. Winslow Curry is the new president. 21-Despite Miss Cannon's injuries, Sue and the staff finally got the first issue of The Jacket Journal out. 25-Pity the new Girl Reserves . . . Initi- ation is tonight. 26-Congratulations all you lucky people who got parts in the all-high school play, "Junior Miss." 27-We see the familiar face of our old friend, Mr. Hunsinger, with maga- zines for us to sell. 28-Our first holiday-Oh, boy. Three cheers for the F.F.A. boys and all the prizes they won at the county fair. We try to console each other as Cambridge wins 20-0. OCTOBER 1-Swoon-aah-have one. What's that for? Why, Mr. Murphy is our new American History teacher. 3-Bernard Owen tries desperately to make the camera work when he tries to take a picture of Gregory Boddy. 4-Bob Baker comes into the limelight as senior class president. 5-Hurray for Steve when he makes the first touchdown of the season, but Co- lumbus North wins 34-12. Page One Hundred-twenty-two 6-The future football team looks good. The Junior High beats Coshocton, 25-0. 7-Bernard Owen can't make up his mind whether it's the camera or Greg- gory Boddy. 9-After recovering from the initiation, the girls are officially recognized as Girl Reserves at the recognition service. 10-Success at last!! Bernard Owen got Greg Boddy's picture. Junior High beats Mansfield 47-6. -Well, one more game gone. This one to Lancaster 26-13. But really the fellows are doing a pretty good job. -Football team chooses Dolores Faw- cett for football queen with Ann Strodtbeck, Katie Kerin, Virginia Fravel, and Shirley Dunham as at- tendants. -Dolores Fawcett reigns as queen. Team loses to Grandview 27-6. -Junior Jackets lose to Coshocton 25-0. Who could do better against the sec- ond string varsity. , -Swell! Another day off because of the teacher's convention. -We wonder if young Muzzy will ever talk correct English. -Some of the kids have already started to Hallowe'en. -We wonder why the mothers of Mur- ray, Jake and all those fellows don't keep them at home. There's more damage done around here! 31-The teachers are pleading with the students to do their homework to- night. One exception-Sue Rian went Hallowe'ening for the first time in her life. We bet she'll never do it again. NOVEMBER 1-Man on the Corner would like to know if Muzzy's dog will behave. 2-The team has at long last received the glory they deserve-they beat Newcomerstown 14-7. 6-Kryl concert comes to town-we would still like to know how Mr. Tay- 10:20 1o:1x1o51vicv2o1o:1r11r11r24ri1ri4v1oio14 P0 ' nina , 0.0 P1011 10101011 0:0 in2niurio21ri1v2o24rioZ4nZ4nZ4b1011ri4ri4 Woods Hardware Co. WHOLESALE AND RETAII. FREDERICKTOWN. O. MT. GILEAD. O. Phone 2081 Phone 69 3 W. High St: Phone 1232 MT. VERNON. O. Compliments of Buckeye Candy Co. 13 West High St. Telephone 530 oi vi4ni1n11n1o101o:o1oi1r11rio14r1nr14 ...,....q. .gm 2 I 5 5 Q Q I Q I 55 I U I 5 I ,, I H I B F I f: I 2 Q .. 5 Q ' I I A1010 But When You Think of Insurance, See Us. C. K. SALISBURY 6. SON 5 WEST VINE ST. MT. VERNON, OHIO be ini rioinrioiozoioiauiarioicricnixvinviuvc Compliments of GEM LAUNDRY mic r1o1o:o11xjo14vi4xi1v1cr1cr14n:o14s11njojasj4v1cvj4vj4 ,g....... 1:xc111vieri:Q14rioioioioifxjcrjcrierilrioifriuxioimxisrimric10620 0:014nitnicxioioioioiojojoioierjcrjoixrz-uxjoioioiojoioioindz' r1o1o1o:1nioio:0i0i4ricni1vi1r14v11rZ1nZ1 v 149.0 I Compliments I of mmmpmmmmmumhmwwumn I HARRY A. BLUE I DESOTO 6. PLYMOUTH 24 Hour Service 2 PHONE 794 I 11 s. Mulberry sneer I Most Dependable Source of Supply g I. Q01 Iii I 1 iililbltbltbllbllbjlbjillblgi You'll like to trade at I I WORLEY'S I MEN'S WEAR THAT MEN WEAR 120 S. Main Street l I I BETTY GAY Q I SMART APPAREL I 2 s. MAIN sr. PHONE 594 I I 20:1 Page One Hundred-twenty-three 10101011 vioiuicriuioioiunioifniavin A1450 vf i 61.14.52 r W, X -Eiga "j J nit X Q ix ' i T T .f'QV "ax i s .vu luvx . Q lt .. w x 'li W., in f ' -v . N 9 I wwf' F in V As Always- They'lI be Timken Bearing Equipped When the new cars roll off the production lines, you will find many leading makes equipped, at all hard product gives the utmost in perform- ance. Timken Bearings mean longer motor car life -- greater dependabil- service points, with Timken Tapered Roller Bearings. Millions of automo- biles are Timken Bearing Equipped in the differential - front wheels - rear wheels - pinions and steering gear. Down through the years, motor car engineers have found that this advanced COPYFI 'Y ISI5 BV THE TIN N TIMKE rAnf1ii2i"7iiii2?i1' 2250111165 ity in operation. They assure thou- sands upon thousands of extra miles of trouble-free motoring. Thus the trade-mark "TIMKEN" on a bearing tells, in one word, a story of matchless per- formance. The Timken Roller Bearing Com- pany, Canton 6, Ohio. HP NY 111 fr' Om' I1lllI4lI'l'll-fll'l'Ill.1l-ftilll' 1 -rg' 2 Bring Your Ford "Bock Horne!" 3 U FORD AUTHORIZED SERVICE You'll Get Better Service For It! More Service From It! 10 Years' Continuous Service ot K. n. nl-:nou'r l l E FORD SALES 5. SERVICE 3 14-16 East Ohio Ave. 3 Phone 930 Mt. Vemon. r10:010q0:0 Compliments of r1010i0j01ojoj4nj4xj4 PEOPLE'S SHOE STURE 'U 020,14 .Q i C 75 - Q ! 3 55 5 Q4 'I 'N 9' ea- 3 C5 3 cs Q? fd Q. S Comer of , MAIN 6. VINE STREETS ll ll ll ll ll ll ll l l l l l l l l l Ohio r:0j01010j014go 01014 v10:01014n1014 0101010101014 9:4 :01 102 1 1 11-11 ri nz 1 14101111410 1010101114101 14 1 10101 2 1 20301 Congrotulotions To The Closs of l 9 4 6 ALMA'S ELITE CAFE .Best Food ln Town 1140? o?n30i4 in 101014 201 101 in 10101 1010: 101010301014 101 1 11 1010101014 10:4n:0:01014rj0:4n:4s10101014:14xj4n:4x14x10:4r14 10101014 So retreshing with lunch 24 MT. VERNON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Mt. Vemon. Ohio 03110101 1 101ni03010101014 3101 201 CALENDAR lor got to play in the all-girl orchestra. The current question is - what's wrong with Kay K. and Steve D. Everybody give a big cheer for the team. It deserves a lot of credit for good sportsmanship and hard playing. It played its game with Shelby 20-19. -What has happened to Fifi and Hank? -Doctor Chalmers speaks on National Education in assembly. We wonder how many "kids" skipped this time. -We guess everything's okay with Fifi and Hank because Fi has a Hi-Y pin again. -Jane Breech started a good column in the paper about different rooms-Mr. Walton's should prove to be interest- mg. -Did Ann and Ross have a date last night. Well, where did Sue R. come from? -Thanks to Miss Cannon, half of 127 got detention for skipping. -Rupert Loyd decides to eat in the cafeteria because no one has a car to take him downtown. -We had a nice Thanksgiving assem- bly. Rev. Jerry Trexler spoke. -Ah life - no school today - Thanks- giving vacation. -Well, here we are back again at school-we knew that paradise couldn't last. -Twenty-nine more days 'till Christ- mas-we see Johnny busy buying Sally Brown's Christmas present al- ready. -Twenty-seven more days 'till Christ- mas and Jane Breech is eagerly look- ing forward to Santa's visit. -It's a rosy future all you athletic fans -Mount Vernon basketball team beat Crestline 46-22. DECEMBER - Mark up another one for the team! We beat Mansfield Madison 31-9. We wonder how Marge Barton and Dick Buxton are getting along. Twenty-one days till Christmas and 21- 24- 31- Ruth Maloney is asking Santa to bring Paul home to her. -Another victory for the team. We just must be good. We beat Lancas- ter 25-27. -Eighteen more days till Christmas and Shirley Dunham and Dick W. are still going strong. -Just ask anyone where the population of the school is .... Everyone is home in bed with the flu. -Well there is one advantage-schools closed because of the fiu but every- one's sick and can't enjoy the vaca- tion. -Here's a disadvantage-the game was called off because everyone is sick. 17-We tried school today-but no luck -everyone is still sick so we closed again. This means no games, no Choir Formal, no paper, but not-no flu. 18-Did Paul come home to Ruth? -Seven days till Christmas-wonder if Dan McMillen has Sue Dietrich's present yet. Did Jeannine Hagan and Jack Mc- Neil have a good time at Pat Law- rence's? Steve Deedrick just showed us the good looking bracelet he bought for Betty Jo F. 25-Merry Christmas, everybody I l ! -The day after Christmas and we won- der if everyone has recovered. -Mount Vernon took first defeat of the season when it traveled clear to Ma- rietta to lose 28-19. Charity Ball is tonight and we see many of our little pupils rushing around trying to get ready to go- especially Betty Ridenour. Tonight is New Year's eve-every- onebegoodlllhalhal 9 JANUARY, 1946 -Happy New Year everybody! -We all drag our weary broken bodies back to school and try to make our dull minds concentrate on our studies. Page One H undred-twenty-seven wiv 101011 I I 3 Congratulations to I I The Class of 1946 I FIRESTONE , STORE I E S5-553 I I .!...,--,--,----.-,..,..-.,-.,---. I 2 TAUGHEHS I 2 50 YEARS ON THE SQUARE E The Finest Drugs S at the Best Prices I I- ----- --'-'-'-'--'---'-' I Compliments of I Citizen's 5 Building 6 Loan I l 6-8-10 East Vine Street 2 Page One Hundred-twenty-eight o go 01014111 11 x1o1ojo:cx:1x14rio11njo1cv1cr1cr:cr1cvj4rj4r11vioj1 .3 N.. 19:0 11 sjoicnjoioicxiojcmjozuicnjarjoifnzoia 101014 10101011 ,3 wg- sfo I ! 1 i I i I I 1 I I I I I I ! - .!. Q , Q 3 I 1 ! Compliments of I 1 I 1 2 1 5 Scott Furniture Co. 2 I I I Q I Q I Bl Q di I I I I 1 2 . ., 1 very 1ng or e ome I "E th 1 th H 1 g 2 I 128 s. MAIN sr. Mr. VERNON, omo I 2 1 I I . oios21v11v1o101o101u:0i0i 1010102 1 'iltiszg Q I Q I S Compliments of 2 Q I E 'roPP's g I 2 HARDWARE S I Q I l ,,,1,,1,,g4,g0g01 yg0gogo1o1o14ri4r1axgo10q T Q I 3 ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOX I l at Q , 2 5 L E M A S T E R S Q I E Main at Vine Q I 2 DOBBS HATS RUGBY SWEATERS S I f n 1 XDX V ,. W N My ,-1-,:.a- RQ: 1, v I ' . A v 'ffl fs ,ge .L ...-4 frir' 1 1 I ' V H N . 9 . -. ' av """' ' 3 'L - M 41 n l .J ,inf 5 S' Pl I,,. .K CALENDAR -We had our second loss of the season by losing to Newark 41-30 at Newark, but the Reserves gave us consolation when they won 21-13. -Well, our ego is back up to 100 per cent. We beat Zanesville 35-34 here. Muzz Owen is ninth place in C. O. L. scoring. -Gus Katris is still sitting around doing as little as he has to. -Bill McGough made the highest score of the senior math test. -Mr. Harris tells all about the food of different countries in assembly and explains the complicated method of frying mice for eating. -In a discussion about the beautiful snow Bill Deedrick said he was a snowflake. We still can't figure out what he meant by that or what his dainty little brain was thinking. -We got our third loss of the season by losing to Coshocton 32-34. -We traveled all the way to Dover just to lose 42-33. -It looks as if Fi and Hank are not going steady again. It must be Fi is really through-can you blame her? -The old competition for grades is still going on with Jeannine Hughes, Gabrielle Hayes, and Bill Moore. -Mr. Walton gets the last laugh today. Yesterday Murray Wright laughed at Mr. Walton because he looked funny on crutches. Today Murray broke his ankle and is hobbling around on them. Sfloralz He who laughs last, laughs est. -We got large jar when we lost to Lan- caster 30-33. -The population of Mount Vernon High School isn't seen on the down- town streets tonight-exams are to- morrow. -We wish we had studied at the be- ginning of the year now. -Well, tonight the worm has turned and we won over Zanesville 39-38. -Ah-a new semester and with it come new people. All the girls are swoon- ing over Bill Rerick and the boys are Page One H undred-thirty casting their glances toward Betty and Ina Fry. 29-Today-all children take notice! Jim Goudy ran into Room 36 and slipped on his pants. This friction set his pants on fire. Moral: Carry your matches in your shirt pocket. -Report cards come out today and Win Curry and Jack McNeil are trying to figure out how they are going to get their report cards signed without their parents' seeing their grades. 31-All the girls notice the beautiful con- vertible Mr. Schuster, the shop teacher, has. FEBRUARY 1-This is a good way to start the month -Mount Vernon won over Marietta 30-265 swell game, kids. 2-Well, it looks as if there's going to be more winter so don't take off your long underwear yet. The groundhog saw his shadow today. 4-Junior High lost its third straight game 24-25 to Mansfield Simpson. 5-Bad news today, children, bad news -40 minutes detention was given to everybody who didn't turn in report cards. Greg Boddy got the first detention he's had all through high school. 6-Miracles will never cease-Nathine Goodenough got 40 minutes detention from Student Court for disorderly conduct. Ah-Tch. 8-We traveled all the way to Cambridge and the trip must have been too much for them, because we lost 45-39. 9-All the girls have on their pretty party dresses. Tonight is the Choir Formal. Everybody having fun? 13-Muzz Owen says "Nice day, let's make a better evening of it." Oh, yes! 14-Today is Valentine's Day and all hearts are all fluttering because of the pretty valentines being sent around. 15-Ba-a-a-d news tonight. Ba-a-a-d news. We lost to Newark. Must have been 2 'E''""""""""'2' f s 2 1 I l g McMlLLEN S 3 l l g Complete Line oi Sporting Goods I g E 3 LOWE Bnos. PAINTS 2 3 2 2 WALLPAPER 2 F 1 1 Q 2 107 s. Main sf. Phone 539 2 1 1 f Q Ogviuiffi C' C' 'I01' 1111 'I"1"1"""1"""2' Oirillllli li Fifi Plifillll V14 1 1 'ininior l i f 1 5 Q 9 1 ' Q 2 1 I f 1 9 i Q ' Q 4 f if Q l 1 um '-,H ,.... Q 2 1 ,P I 5 1 5 1 2 1 i 2 Q , 1 , Q l 1 1 og'if'i0i Fi 'iii '1 3010303014 3 'i 'IOIUIQ' o:o1o1o1:xjojoj4r11njcr11r1ex14xj1r1crjcr1cr:4r1o1cr:1 sioioioioiodf rioiuzoioioiuioi vi vioioioioifnicrioif Knerr Tire Store Vulccmizing - Ptetrecrding Distributors for U. S. Tires, Tubes. and Auto Accessories pdf' v rico, 2 Phone 1470-R 3 5 Steven's Appliance 2 i LOCK AND KEY SERVICE l Q 3 N. Main Street I E Mt. Vernon, Ohio l V" """ g Compliments S of l l E STAUFFEFS E CLUTHING .i---0----- ---- 1- ---- ------L Page one Hundred-um-ny-one BAlR'S DRY CLEANING CU. AND EMPLUYEES WISH TO CON GRATULATE THE CLASS 1946 I I I I I 5 I I I I I 5 I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PHONE 836-836-M .f- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I I E I ! I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CALENDAR because Bill Deedrick had blood pois- oning and couldn't play. Well, the worm hasn't turned. We lost to Cambridge on our own fioor, 33-28. Today Coach Lange asked the team why they wanted to go to the tourna- ments, Stud Curry said he thought it must be habit or tradition. First night of the county tourna- ments. Everyone keeps one eye on the game and one eye on the Bladens- burg cheerleaders. Didn't you, Ber- nard? -Everyone goes to the tournaments again and the teachers are express- ing their disapproval-to put it mildly. -Gambier beat Danville to win the county tournaments. The place is crowded or rather over-crowded and you can easily see that we need a new gymnasium. -We lost again tonight. This time it was to Coshocton 28-33. We did it again tonight-lost our fourth straight game at Dover 44-28. -If you want to enjoy life just sit in 127 some fourth period. Bill Pinkley is trying to bribe someone into typing his physics paper for him, while at the same time Sarah Stillwell is try- ing to talk Jane Breech into writing her economics, she says she'll pay well and while all this is going on people are running in and out of the room. It's a wonder that Miss Cannon isn't crazy. -Well! The worm has finally turned. We beat Newcomerstown 50-48. Bill Deedrick scored 21 points and Dick Welker made 11. -Sarah Stillwell flunked a French test because she received a, slightly de- layed Valentine present from Dave. MARCH Get those happy smiles on, kids, we won over Columbus St. Charles in the tournament. -Well, that's the end of that-we lost to Bexley 42-31 to end our season of 11 losses and 8 wins. 4-. Mr. Robeson: "Is this a balanced ac- quarium, Dean ?" Muzz Owen: "It looks pretty level to me." 5-Cherie Hanley goes to the hospital from a nervous breakdown-guess we'll have to keep Muzz away. -Senior Scholarship test is today. Well, who wanted a scholarship to college anyway? -Three cheers for Bill Deedrick-he made second team in district and hon- orable mention in C.O.L. -Today they had first ballot for Forum Queen-wonder who it is. -Mary Beck was awarded an honor pin in shorthand for writing 80 words per minute. 13-Well, all you unhappy children, don't look so sad just because report cards come out todayg you still have two more six weeks' terms. -Mr. Walton went to Columbus to have his cast taken off so that he can run faster-we didn't say which Way. -The paper came out today and we see that Stud Curry is high point man with 119 points to his credit. Bill Deedrick came next with 114 and Muzz Owen third place with 100 points. -Well, kids, the second election for the Forum Queen is today. Who will be the lucky girl? 19-Three cheers for Kate Kerin, she's queen for the Forum Follies. Jean Lonzo, Rowena Wilson, and Joan Mc- Feely are the Junior attendantsg and Dolores Fawcett, Kay Klein, and Betty Wright are Senior attendants. 20-Some of our future photographers went to Kent to study photography. 21-Tonight was the first performance of "The Fortune Teller" and everyone liked it. Mrs. Taylor received an or- chid and Mr. Taylor a sterling silver key chain from the choir as a token of appreciation. 22-The second performance of "The For- tune Teller" was given tonight and everyone seemed to appreciate it. Con- gratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor fContinued on page One Hundred-sixty-twob Page One Hrmdred-thirty-three 111030 rife Oi 1010314 U fifiiiii D14 Dilijilillillilliliiiiiliiliiliiiiiiliiliililiii. Oiniogrillil 10101011 I w I Q M W I I W 1 1 I 9 S ' 1 1 5? n - U . 1 Q E 1 1 5 5 E 5 Q F 1 1 3 1 3 Eg 2:1 1 1 .,, - S E 2 U, 1 1 2 III 1 3 E- 4 1 1 A 4 4 E A R H I 1 119 H - 9 j -1 :r ' Q Q 0 5 Q cn U' m tri l"'Il Q Q ' 5 - pn m v ' 2 CD r' U ,U 5 O 111 i 'D Io 4 4 E1 Q. 0 E H S IP' I 1 1- Q. L1 A rf' gg - an :J uv V1 O U ' - L-1 L11 B I Z I I Q Z ' rd F1 " 111 I I 0 - Q , N1 B3 Z so :rl I-I U1 I-1 :J I E2 m 1 1 - 2 0 4 o 1 1 m A 1 'si '2' pu 1 1 3 5 R E E -'fi 5 1 1 E I U' PQ I I 'Z E m Q E ..j I I g G 2 H 2 5 2 E 0 2 5 Q I 1 H Q 1 2 i 1 Q !0I0I0I0I0I0i0I0I0i011P1'0!0 ljifiifiiiiififliffiiliiilliiiiiiflii Piiiiiiiiiiffillilfiifiiiiiliigl ! Y10i"l'Vl010l0i01010if Page One! Hzmdred-thirty-four I""""""""'i 2 G'Gum6I'S Bakery I I Q WHOLESALE and RETAIL Q I I I 1 5 16 N. Main sf. Phone 494 E I------- ..... ---- L Oiliilifil 'li i0l4PllYl010i0i0l0l P1 Pl0i0i'l?0 I I I I g Complete Banking Service 3 I I I g THE FIRST-KNOX Q I I Q NATIONAL BANK I I I I I of Mt. Vernon S I 1 2 I - E Cor. Public Square and S. Main 1 I Q MEMBER or E. 11.1. c. i 3 AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM E I Q I I I 1 I""""mmm"""? I I E COMPLIMENTS OF Q I 2 THE AMERICAN 2 I I 2 ANTIQUES JOURNAL 2 I I 'gill 'i' 3' 1010101014 if if 301 vi 2 ivxlgo HI LIFE The scenes in this picture show life around Mount Vernon High. Top row pictures tlirvu "Follies" girls in roposeg Joan McFeely, the tallest girl, and Bob Allen, the shortest boy: und four boys from the American Lit class. Middle row shows Sue Dietrich hunt- ing' nr-ws: 21 couple- of informal shots on the front steps: and Hubert DeWitt 4LflVllI4L1'tllC ilrznnntics class Ll thrill. Bottom row: Two on a wallg Senior ofiicersg Hob llodgc. out for ads: and Junior oflicers. Page One Ilundru I-thirty-ji: o ,,v.o n:oi1v1414v:o:oi4icni1:4r1en11rjcnjcnj4n14r14x3o:4:1ri1:o:4 1101011s:oin:o1u11v:014si4vjo1av:4vi4njo1ax14wiev14n141010324 02014 Pond's Molor Sales OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE General Tires and Tubes ,iasisuicvi-1n14u21n:4r14vi4vi4uiux1 1 14 1 1011 rxrozo rioioioioioioifxzoioja .5 ..,-.,-.,-.,.. o nioioioiojoioioioq 50 ozovjojuicxioixxjexjaniasicxiojojoioia Ml. Vernon Flying Taxi-Plcme Service Sales-Instructions-Rentals For Information call Randy Pribble Phone 731-R 10: 1 1-11 1- 1:11 1-1:1 1-nz ri 111-1,1411 0 N II 24-HOUR C LL 900 CABS SERVICE RANDY PRIBBLE 1 1 1 1 1 1.101031 14,1 1 1 1 1 1,101.1 'U 9:0-1 9 . S : s ! jr Q G - 5' A 3 I -n x I ini CLASS WILL Carroll Allen wills his defective alarm clock to Gabrielle Hayes. Joan Ansel leaves with Richard Neigh- barger. Dow Ayers leave his arsenal with John Lynde. Ross Bair leaves at last. Kenny Baker wills his American Problems notes to Dan McMillan. Bob Baker bequeaths his presidencies to some other energetic soul. Helen Beck wills her skates to some un- derclassman to haul to school. Mary Beck leaves her shorthand knowl- edge in the tender care of Miss Cochran. Bill Beckley leaves school for the farm. What! No draft. Joan Benoy wills her artistic ability to John Bonnet. J can Bickel leaves her study hall duties to next year's apple polisher. Janet Blackford wills her vocal ability to Lorretta Bohn. Lewis Blue wills his blond curls to Johnny Johnson. Gregory Boddy bequeaths his sports writ- ing ability to Fred Lippman. Marge Barton, Jane Breech wills her moth- er to do Marge's homework. Dorothy Brooks leaves her Nylon hose to Jo Pocomo. Z ella Brooks leaves for Olivet. Bick Bunn leaves for the ministry. Dick Buxton wills his car to anyone who is able to find it. Janet Cochran leaves Mt. Vernon High to join one of the Daily twins in Gambier. Leota Conkle leaves the school in the care of Mr. Geiger. Frances Ann Dawson bequeaths Ralph Fo- gle to next year's senior girls. Bill Deedrick turns the music department over to Mr. Taylor. Gillis Denoon just leaves. Joan Doup wills the G. R. and its trials to Louise Dutt. Shirley Dunham wills her long hair to Tommy Badger to comb and curl. Jean Ebcrhart leaves her promptness to Barb Carson. Tom Edgar sadly departs leaving Janet. Joyce Edminster leaves to get married. Frances Emery leaves to be a census taker, wearing an armored suit. H annelore Erlanger leaves to go to Kenyon. Delores Fawcett leaves. Kathryn Ferguson leaves her senior trou- bles to brother Fred. Oneida Fisher leaves the library to the Freshmen. Wanda Flickinger leaves her chattering ability to Mary Miller. Nona Fogle leaves with another man. Betty Frye leaves to meet Jack. Rupert Loyd leaves school to become an- other Doctor Gilespie. Dorothy Meharry leaves her kindness to Mr. Weaver. Kathryn Mossholder wills her long black hair to the "All Purpose Rit Company." Leona Mossholder-we couldn't think of anything to say for her so we just say she leaves. Hank Motherall leaves to put in his time for the county. William McGough is glad to resign from Latin at last. Virginia M cGough leaves James Hottinger. Hazel Mclntire bequeaths her bees to Miss Koons. Charles M cLarnan has left his Wall Street Banking account to anyone who won't spend it. Richard Neighbarger wills his ability to argue to Paul Hartzler. Jo'Ann Nelson grieves as she leaves Mrs. Herron's class for the last time. Marilyn Nugent wills her sparkly diamond in the care of Charmain Styers. Bernard Owen leaves for Newark with Wanda in the trunk of his new Dodge. Dean Owen wills this year's sophomore girls to brother "Louie." Kenneth Page quit, Clever Boy! Vera Payne bequeaths her cousin Bob Wil- liams to the Senior Choir for life. Bill Furniss leaves Marjorie Kathary to the stag line. Evelyn Gardner leaves to have more time to watch Betty Ridenour. Page One Hundred-thirty-scneu GODPER- BESSEMERS . jr , fn Serve the power needs of the nation . . Y ,,. 1' Rugged Diesels push record tows up the inland water-ways. Paul Bunyc:n's shovel, with o Cooper- Bessemer Diesel to swing it. In modern processing plonts com- pressors work on tomorrow's prod- ucts. Power for driving pumps on vitol crude oil lines. Hard-working switchers depend on sturdy Diesels for untiring energy. From stations like this Q power net- work spreods to cities and forms. THE GO0PER-BESSEMER 00RPORATION Mount Vernon, 0hio-Grove City, Penna. Puyu' Om' IIiindrvd-thiffy-eight CLASS WILL Nathine Goodcnongh leaves to meet Hank again at Miami. Lydia Gray leaves to become another Flo. Nightingale. Kathryn Griggs bequeaths her red hair to Marilyn Wilson. Jeannine Hagan leaves her two-piece bath- ing suit to Dick Wonders to worry about. Cherie Hanley leaves with "Muzzy." Ellis Hanger leaves to take up his position as head of the house. Joyce Hennel wills her easy smile to Mr. Owen. Lawrence Henry leaves to take up duties with Uncle Sam. William Hiekerson wills his quiet ways to Miss Boner. Bob Hodge bequeaths his lithe body to Gus Katris. Arlene H ottinger wills her scholarly ability to Larry Loyd. Freida Hunter leaves to enter college at Bangs. Charley Johnson leaves - we hope - and bequeaths his victories in boxing to Nancy Stillwell. Juanita Kenny wills her smooth complex- ion to Guy Van Nostrand. Kate Kerin leaves her queenly grace to Mike Prech. Kay Klein wills her ability as a deep feezer to the Mt. Vernon ice plant. Pat Lawrence retires to private life to con- tinue her pursuit of "Dick the Lion- Hearted." William Pinkley leaves to study physics in order to return to teach Mr. Walton. Bob Reasoner leaves his little brother in the tender care of Mt. Vernon High. Sue Rian bequeaths her ethics of playing pool to Betty Jo Frary. Gordon Rine leaves his sister to watch on the Rhine. Joan Rippey leaves with Tom Black to take up duties on the farm. Art Sapp leaves to take his "Last Week- End" after winning the county non- alcoholic contest. Lois Schnitzer leaves all her lovers to any girl who can handle them. Eugene Scott leaves to take up his duties at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as stage man- ager. Eileen Shoults leaves Paul McMillan in the loving care of Miss Tonner. Donna Slaymon leaves her sultry look to George Swatik. Marcella Snider leaves her ability to write poetry to Bruzz Freshour. Alice Spearman leaves. Sara Stillwell wills her singing ability to Ruth Hoffman to use next year. Ann Strodtbeck bequeaths her car to any- one who can hold it under 85. Perry Trinkner leaves Louise Thomas- "Sucker." Mary Jane Vail wills her reserved table at the Sunset to Jack McNiel. Eloise Vanatta leaves her daily trips to the poolroom to Rex Murphy. Velma Vanatta leaves to see Dale. Betty Van Riper leaves her blue middy to the Navy. Norma Wieder wills her acting ability to Ruth Truxall. Betty Wright leaves her muscles to Bruce Hoffman. Stubby Bowers leaves his bedroom eyes to Harriet Lord. Nick Madias leaves his drums along the Mohawk. Peggy Sharp leaves. M argene Vanatta leaves to meet Bill. Page One H undred-thirty-nine ABT DEPARTMENT el STEEL The Minstrel Show. one of the noon entertainment successes, was given by tho Art llopartmont. Win Curry acted as ll1t9l'l0CLlt0l' while Bill Dowl- rick. Bill Frary, Bob Biefnes, and Jack McNeil were end men. Roselyn Blackwell was accompanist. Puyr' Our Ilumlred-forty nioiojojojoioioioix vQ1 rzojoioinja via '14 i I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 xi: ioiniuiuioioi aio: xi ini xi vi ri 1 1 1 3 1 in 1 11111 in 1 xc! 1 1 :in 201011 EDDIE'S GRILL EDD IE WALKER, Proprietor 8 S0. MAIN ST. PHONE 131 VVhere the High School Crowd Cathers OPEN DAILY EXCEPT THURSDAYS Lunches and Dinners Fairmonts Ice Cream 1 1 1 1 1. 1. 1. 1. 1 1. 1 3 211014114 2o1o1ninio1ui4 Page :if11x11sic11010101011vixvieQ14ninjax11ni:pixviavqboiojojoioioifpixvin::ninjarjo1o1crjnj4rj1rjo11n1cnicr:4s14rjo:4:1o14w1co:o O 3 Q I 2 3 Q- Y 3- 'S O i F41 ? O Q 3 Quai: CELEBRITIES SARAH AND THE GOVERNOR EAST MEETS WEST The pictures above show Sarah Stillwell interviewing Governor Frank Lausche when he spoke in Assembly. Jean Miller, a junior from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is shown talking to Miss Gracie Houlder, from Australia. Payr' O no H u n fired-forty-two xzoiojuzodzv 1101011 0:0 1101 1 111 Congratulations To Class of '46 Eddy Service Station 501 COSHOCTON AVE. G. R. SMITH :S CO. HARDWARE AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Mt. Vemon. Ohio 83 Phones 84 "GOOD SERVICE TO YOU A PLEASURE TO US" riuioioi x14 1010101 rim ic: 10201 0:0101 1 iriniuioioiarioioimxxoimi :oi I I I ! I I I I I I I I 1014020 rjcnicrjlifricxiicnicricrzicricificrixjfrifrian Livio: 0:0011 riavifvicvicxiclcvicriaxixricriwxinxiarinmini in 0 9.0 ! S T O P ' N ' S H O P Fine Foods I Delicacies I Delicatessen 2 0 115 soU'rH MAIN STREET I O MOUNT VERNON, OHIO For All Good Foods 0 Phone 1472 or 1473 1 FREE DELIVERY 2 lDi0I0i01010l0i0i0l4 liiiiil 'J Compliments I ol E The Northwestern I , I Elevator and Mill Co. 2 I .-----------------I Compliments of M. C. DAVY TIRE CU. HIGH AND MECHANIC STS. "Friendly Service Always" I :info rzuioiojoiarjojujanioiojarjfviojxvjc y1u1u1o1n14 nina: ofa 0391 ri Page One Hundred-forty-th ree SENIUH CLASS PHUPHEEY UF 1945 A Chairman: Picture yourself in the year 1966 hiking leisurely along the rocky craigs of Bishop's Backbone overlooking the beautiful Ko- kosing River. As we cross "Pine Bridge" we see none other than "Muzz Owen," still fishing for old "Bloated Bill" the carp. Nearby is "Hank" Motherall iioating down the Kokosing in his little canoe, "Little Hiawatha." Next we come across the old delapidated laboratory of Professor Dow Ayers, who has received the following degrees from Stephen's College: U.N.O., O.P.U., B.I.S., O.P.A., and D.D.T. Cherie: "Oh! What a musty dark old place !" Hank: "Yes, the professor and his assistant, Greg Boddy, haven't been here since six years ago when they left for Pluto in the good Rocket Ship, S. S. Allen, named for Caroll Allen, the speed demon, who won the world's Olympic mile race at the sur- prising speed of one minute and forty-five seconds." Bill: "Here are some of Professor Ayers' old Log Books of his early trips to some of the planets." Hank: "Here is the one where he went to the moon. On his way he met "Moon" Deed- rick running a bus line from the earth to the moon, every hour on the hour. "While on an expedition with Bill Mc- Gough as guide, the professor ran into some of the alumni of the class of '46. Ross Bair was running the "Wolf" Dry Cleaning Plant, and Perry Mardis Trink- ner, Jr., had been doing research on worms ever since his arrival from the earth. His progress had been slow, but he had just found the "moonworm" the opposite of the "earthworm." Joan Benoy had just com- pleted her greatest masterpiece, painting a Hiustache on the man in the moon." Bi : "This one is his trip to Mars. Jane Breech is still there manufacturing plas- tic straight-jackets. These are definitely not for her own use. "Bernard Owen was driving around in his 1946 Dodge. At last he had gotten it, Page One Hundred-forty-four complete with all accessories. "There, conducting the Emery Poll, was Francis Emery, to see how many eyes the average potato has. "Louis Blue had just perfected a won- derful new banana split-well, well, no banana!" Cherie: "Here is a copy of a diary Dow kept on interesting things he saw. While reading a magazine, he saw many familiar names, especially in the scientists' magazine. Dick Neighbarger was one, he had finally dis- covered what the black spots in chicken soup were, after much research. Mary Beck, too, had found something of great importance, she had proved beyond a doubt that Ivory Soap is only 99 and 43.99721 pure. Her colleague, Helen Beck, had discovered a method of removing fly specks from glasses-just wipe them off. "In a society column the professor had seen a list of names including the follow- ing people who were either engaged or married: Jean Bickel, Joyce Edmister, Freida Hunter, Janis Johnson, Joan Ansel, and Kathryn Mossholder. "A new colony had been established at Daytona Beach, Florida, with Marilyn Nu- gent as the founder. Her followers were Lydia Grey, Jean Eberhardt, Kathryn Griggs, Dorothy Meharry, Alice Spearman and Joyce Hennell. Their main purpose in going there was to keep up the morale of the inhabitants nearby." Stubby: "This Log Book is on his trip to the South Pole, while flying over one of the South Sea islands he saw Zella Brooks teaching a group of Hawaiians how to play a guitar. "Lawrence Henry, after completing a half year in physics at Mt. Vernon High was so brilliant he had taken a position to teach it to some of the native tribes. "As he crossed the Equator he saw Donna Slayman's typewriter below, just going down for the third time. She had thrown it away because Miss Koons could never read her writing anyway. "Kay Klein, a prominent teacher of for- eign languages, is teaching a most difficult language, Pig Latin, to the natives." Nathine: Q nv rjoioiojcvjojoixvxoiabiozoicrif ciojnja u ring 0:4 110101010101 vu rj0:o:oio1oio14 vioioiojojoioioic Q..- 20241 1 gvininioiotoiozrifiuiri 111 1:22 2:2 2131131111 1 1 3 ini Body and Fender Work- Refinishing AR'l"S GARAGE 8: BUDY SHUP TOWING AND WRECK REBUILDING 615 N. Sandusky Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio Eddy Lyor1sfBody QS Fender Rebuilder 21430 1:1 11014 :erica xio:o1o:oio1oju::4 rjo1o1o1o1ni4 10:1 :xoxo uiujoiuiw ,L 'U Q C U3 O 2 Q 5. Y Q ?" 'Wh C Q --A M-4' I 'Zh ,- E 0:94 51 3"-0111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CD41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 341101 1.n1n1u1o1n1n1110101031 PROPHECY "This book is written only about the professor's travels around the world. While visiting the Goodrich Tire Company in Akron, he saw Lois Snitzer, an inspector for the new eternal inner tube. "In a copy of the New York Times he saw where Gordon Rine was still in Europe plastering Paris, and that Dorothy Brooks was a very famous manicurist. "Rupert Loyd had just graduated from college and was the chief vet on Ellis Hau- ger's Horse Ranch. "The circus had just come to town, and as it passed by the lab the professor saw two interesting bills which read: 'Don't miss seeing Wanda Flickinger, the mile-a- minute weaver, in person, and the "Strong Man," William Hickersonf "On July 4th Bill Beckley, Fred McFar- land, Tom Black, and Dick Buxton left in their Strato-Cruiser to search for the cows in the Milky Way." Cherie: "Captain Earl Bowers was up before the Supreme Court for swinging two golf clubs at the same time, knocking out Charlie Johnson, Janet Blackford, Pat Lawrence, Ann Strodtbeck, Jeannine Hagan, and Tom Edgar. "Bob Baker, the president of the Max- well Coffee Company had decided to change the name to Blackwell-it sounded better." Bi l: "It seemed Dow also had an interest in the inter-planetarian relations, because this is an account of some of the persons in charge. Under the Judicial Department, with Sue Rian as the lawyer, was the case of Kate Kerin vs. 'Spick' Fawcett, both claiming to be 'Queen of the Universe.' "Charles McLarnen had tried to join the police force, but they stated that they wanted 'MEN.' "Under the sports' department was the announcement of the football game be- tween Art Sapp's team and Eugene Scott's team, to be played on September 9th. "Of the greatest writers were Eloise Vannata, who had just completed words for a new song, and Marcella Snider, who wrote a book called 'Snider's Sonnets'." Hank: "Mary Jane Vail was known on the moon as a prominent bull culturist, and Page One H undred-forty-six Bill Raymond as a prominent scientist, he had just made the amazing discovery that 5092 of all married people were men." Stubby: "The professor took his radlo receiving set with him on the way to the South Pole, and he contacted Francis Ann Dawson, who had followed in her father's footsteps, but she still couldn't decide which gave her the largest charge, AC or DC current. "Coming in over the radio were some very interesting programs. One was the 'Rinso White' program with Hazel McIn- tire as the commercialist, and featuring Shirley Dunham and her Orchestra. Fol- lowing this program was an interesting de- bate between Velma Vannata and Dick Bunn, they were debating whether or not we should give Ohio back to the Indians. "For the next half hour, in place of Miss BroWn's talk on gardening, was a talk given by Virginia McGough, the head of the W. C. T. U. in Sychar Addition. "Arlene Hottinger, after hearing the well-known commercial, has decided to try some of 'Pinkley's Pink Pills for Pale People'." Nathine: "On a visit to Ohio State the professor learned that Bob Reasoner had been pro- moted to 'water boy' for the football team. "Enrolled in Miami University were Sar- ah Stillwell and Nathine Goodenough. Sarah was trying to show her chemistry professor how to dehydrate H,O, and Nathine wanted her biology professor to tell her how many legs a centipede has. Ken Baker was there too, he had taken the doors off his Ford though, because he thought'he could get more kids in it. "Bill Furniss just signed a contract with the Kathary Motor Company in Detroit to advertise the Kathary Speed-Mobile. " 'Experience is the best teacher,' so says Bob Hodge and Betty Frye. Betty has de- cided to wear her skates where they will do the most good, and Bob Hodge, well, after all these years, he still can't inhale. "Don McManis has discovered the quick- est way to walk a mile is to ride. "As the professor passed the Public Square, he saw Joan Rippey orating from the top of the monument." iContinued on page 1701 rczo gui: v1o1oio1o14v:cx:o1cv:cv:cv:1v:o:n:o:n1'v1- vioif rjojoioioinjojoinif viuioiojoioioja gm. 3 1 11101101 111113 1 31101 2 2 3 1 2 1 2 21010112 49010101 sin lSALY'S DAIRY STURE Open Daily Except Monday from 8:00 A. M. to ll P. M. WALTER AND YAGER 109 S. Main St. Phone 257-I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 :ci givin: 1 1 1 3 2 ini 1 :ni inmiuiuiuiuininvzngn 0 i010 4 110 viojojo:o1o:n11x11r14vj4x1o14r14r14 njoifrioivicrjoioicxjocsic ricrjoioioioioiojojcnjcriaxjcvjcriarjcrjoicx 'U 2 Q W O 3 Q 2 3 5 3 5- C Y 'T' hi Hn -1: Q S 42 be fpieriozozozariocsozaviavxoxanzoxf zozoxogogozuiozozogff101010:01u:n:o:o:0:01u 0 E sioioioioioioje rjoioioioiojoic EDUCATIUN Q Beit in milk processing, farming or any other scientific industry edu- cation has been recognized since time immemorial as rnan's basic security. The trained and co-ordinated mind and body are qualified to manage and administrate and to improve and invent. We Iewell folks wish all of you Mount Vernon High School gradu- ates a very successful career. E I- L ECEIEEECAOM Page One Hundred-forty-eight rioioixrioqpoiarioioimrioia nil 1:0 19014 0:94 INSIDE SHOTS 1. Saul Sn-niurs. 2. Girls in modem Lit-AWhy M11 Trillknerl 3. Noon fun, -1, Sarznh Still- wvll inturvil-ws l.l0L1llL'll2l.Ilt-GOV8l'll0l' Herbert. 5. PUOI' chaps. 45. Attention, plm-asv, T. 'Fumble rs. Page One Huzzrlrcd-fowlA11-ninf o v1ojo1o1o1o1oioc50 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I I I I I I I I I I Page One H undred- ji fty Best Wishes To A Splendid Student Body and School System COMPLIMENTS OF GELSANLITEIYS rind? Q n Q ! Q I Q o 3 'U ::: 5 co U 53' of B. 6. W. FURNITURE CO. 19 East Gambier St. Phone 135 -5 n1o1o:4u:o1oi4x14x:4x1oi1n1o:cn11x14xj4r14n14n1014pj1 I . 0.4 iz: 91101011111 ATHLETICS and AETIVITIE5 All high sclwol life centors around the School Building. Page Om, Hundred-fifly-one o wiojoioz ,if10101411014f:o1o1oioi4v:0j1r:o1o:av1o:av14v1oi411014xgoioioioiojoiuifr:1r:1v1cw1ax14v11r:1r14v1s:g4s11vioioxoxorg 'U sfo ri 2 C "2 -11131141 vt 1 1 2 1 1n11vi01oZ4viu1014n1o14ni4ri0i nic 14 3 1113014 103 Sharp's CARDS GIFTS lo w e r s Mt. Vernon's Finest Store D4viugninauioienissi in 1 21:11 1 1 in im in 14 1030101 ni 14 1 14 is 3 vi Ona' Hundred-fifty-t1vo UP FRU T u .- A ,RM , l. Band prvparos for parade, 2, Hank busy doing nothing. 3. Coming and going. 4, Bor- nzuwl explains czunora to Ross. 5, The editor and Ilh0t0,fIl'l1Ilh6l' pose for picture. 6. VVuit4 ing' for the bus. 7. They'1l be big boys some day. 8. A trio on u trip, Page One HI!IldTCli-fifty-fllI't"1 1020 Q 104 02.1491111111114111114911141711101-1049.1141411-111411111111-an 1:f1o1f111111o1411111c111:41jf1:11:11j11111111:c11c11c:oio:1 'U 0:0114 2 Q TU 0 3 Q 5. 'C Q 9' 'Dr "Wu N- Q -lv. O 2 Y -11111111 11 11114 in 1411010101 10101010414 141105 CAIN 'S GROCERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES and CANDY 401 N. Mulberry St. 10101 1102o241211iuiu1o1m 101 11 111 Compliments of Mossholder Motor Freight Telephone 596 1 1:11 1 1:1 1111114111 1 111111 Congratulations from DOWDS' FUNERAL HOME o Phone 242 Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1111111141101 1 111 1 111114 14.0104901920 114114 1110111101014 11011 o init Q 1920 1j11141111111141111ja11111a11111411111111141111411111 011114 1011 11 14 1111010101014 141102 11 1 111 1111 1 1 11411111111111111111111411411 11 1-1 02011 Compliments of Riverside Service Station Iohn Ueltschy End of West High Street 11411411111411111411o1o1o11r21viu1111u1u1c OPEN EVENINGS PROMPT SERVICE Fawcett Radio Sales and Service 405 Newark Rd.-Phone 1323-I MT. VERNON. OHIO ANY MAKE NEW RADIOS "DOC" FIXIT'S ELECTRIC - ACETYLENE WELDING AUTO RADIATOR REPAIRING 207 West High Phone 179-W Du1o1111111o1o1n1411111o1o1o1o1411e1111111q Stop in at the POINT DRIVE-IN SANDWICI-IES, ICE CREAM STEAKS, ROOT BEER HOME MADE PIES AND CAKES. FRENCH FRIES POTATO SALAD Newark and Martinsburg Road 11 1111111111111111111111111o1u1o1u1111m11u11 11411411411o1o1o:111c11o1o14114114o:o 114111 gy 1141411111141 o 1.0 111 11oj111411o:c1:41io:u111141141:41141141jc1j411u14114 Q vm PHUM ALL A GLES I. Qllurtottc. LZ, Trio. 23, Smile Please. -1, Handsome Couple. 3. Contrast. 6. Another lmndsmne couple, T. Posing. 8. Center of interest. Page 0110 Iluuzlrcd-fifly-ji rc ,-.,.....-.g. vi4bj4r14nj4xjojo:oj4rjoj4rjoi1vjax14x1cv1o1:n11n1o14 o 041: -af' njoiojxrioioiozojaricxjojoif 0:41011 'P 10101 hisriuininiuinizriui 1 1 rim Congratulations to the Class of 1946 he GAS Company I :ri rn 'U U2 I-I m rn Q I3 Q' Q ...!. KAHRL 6. WARD GENERAL INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 7 W. Vine St. :yr One Hu ndred-fifty-six vis 10301: I s Q s 2511 E030 eggs ,ff15'I." l-Sm 2350 3 512 1 1 I 0101: 3 04 D x101o101o1o1o11njo11r1ar:o1od:0 i Compliments of SCHNITZER'S SHELL STATION Cor. Coshocton and Division St. Qoiarioiaviavioioicricxioiesieviariarioinif Compliments of R. O. Kirk Electric Co APPLIANCE SALES 6 SERVICE 2 46 Public square Phone 1460-R o'o A iniuimninioioioimvioioiuicsioiuioz 01010103 1010: STUDENT LIFE rc? :juli g Congratulations to Q 2 Class of '46 E g VIRGIL PARKER E 2 LIGHTING - STARTING I I IGNITION 2 g Phone 735 E g W A Y N E C A S H g E FEED STORE 2 512 w. HIGH sT. E 2 PHONE 1057 g i 5. E111 zzlzzzzranrzxz upon-NE. 3 THE MT. VERNON 2 Q l 3 HATCHERY ' I 2 2 Big Value Baby chicks 2 i 2 and E 1 I 5 Turkey Poults g 2 2 2 Mt. Vemon. Ohio 2 322 S. Main St. Phone 684 l 1 2 P .tw Ono Hlmdred-fifty-efight 1101010160 o 9:01014 'is 'S .g.... ri4si010:0i011viani0i01010:0i :ini Compliments of GEO. F. OWENS Ieweler and Optometrist 117 S. Main Street Your Neighborhood Grocer BOB FOX Division St. at Coshocton Ave. Phone 77 Best Wishes to the Class of 1 9 4 6 Hubert M. Walker Lumber Co. '33 vi0:010i0Z0:0:4 0:0 10:0 atom o 0.4 D1 si Jar- 9 as , ' uns'-v'Rf.u u " r V, - TY' M -7- Y -Y r in , P I . i X NWN, K I all if 3 af ? it www" ii M ain 3, 1' 1 43 ,. ...,, ,A,., , ,,,,, ' ,. ,,, E 'NH' X SERVICE 15. Q -V .,.. .." ,,,,,.,, -'-- , " ,L 2 , 'C ' allay C X , X sc-99 ' Xi xlii EHG W' "J HN 8 OLLIER AGAI " The slogan that'S imacleeci imy genuine gooclness in quality anti service, the result of 43 years successful experience in the yeariaooiz field. We find real satisfaction in pleasing you, time year- Looiz pulalislmer, as well as your photographer and your printer. A JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. P 16 One Hundred-fifty-nin v14vjer14vjcri4xioj1:cr:o11r11n14n1n:01o:o14ri4vio11:14v:4 vdzo 3.-- Q Q Q Q ! Q ! Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q E Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q i l Q Q Q scvzo rjoioioiojuioiojc rjerioiuioioiojcnjoiojojcrioixrif 011 -10103010101 xi riozoini 1010101 ri vioznioioiwrioioiuriari 101011 101 1101 vga moH1oO POWER 0- A xf Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1030301 1010101 vi: 101 nioiui 14 inioioq' 1' Congratulations to the Class of 1946 THE ALCUVE RESTAURANT F. A. SURLAS SODA GRILL CANDY SHOP oi. .1 I Payr One Hundred- 'tl Q11 9:0 Qi1:o:o:1:o:1::o14v:4r:1rio14r1a:4v1o14:4n:4sja:4x:1r14r:1 ,gm E ljoioioiojoicbzo 101014 ,zpuia liilliiilililiiliihiIiVIAiilliiliiiiililliiliiilliilli N 6 K O M M nm ti BDBCA H1 MNLRP gc Ch R MC T T S CO i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! CALENDAR lContinued from page One Hundred-thirty-threel for all their hard work, and to Rose- lyn Blackwell, accompanist. ' 25-Sue Dietrich went to church - she says. 27-"Muzz" Owen, Sr., gave us a big test today-who said they weren't hard. 31-It is rumored that a couple girls whose initials are Betty R. and Pat L. want a more private place to park APRIL 1. There was a meeting of the Prophecy Committee for the senior class at Nova Fogle's house tonight and it was no joke, although some of the things were pretty amusing. It proves to be quite interesting. 2. We see by the papers that Joan Be- noy and Charles McLarnen came in highest on the Scholarship test. 3. The latest thing in records is "Jelly Bean" sung by Bill Pinkley, Muzz Owen, Bob Hodge, and Bernard Owen with Muzz reporting the Ohio State football game. 4. Henry Motherall made the clever statement: "You can't swallow a pin because you'll be on pins and needles" -Pitiful, isn't it? 6. The junior play "Stagedoor" was to- nightg Sue Dietrich surprised us all. 7. There were qualifications for the golf team today and our new golf team turned out to be made up of: Perry Trinkner, Bill Deedrick, Stud Curry, and Stub Bowers. Go to it, fellows- let's see some good golf this season. 10. Tonight is the Oils Club meeting. Stub Bowers has begged a brush from Barb Carson and some oils to paint a gorgeous painting. We still can't fig- ure out what it is supposed to be. 11. Our golf team lost our first game to Zanesville 8-4. 12. Tonight is the G. R. Formal 5 we won- der if all the kids at Carol Vaupel's had fun. 15. The banquet was tonight and Bill Deedrick and Ralph Steurer won The News awards for the most valuable Page One Hundred-sixty-two players. Congratulations, kids. They finally chose the senior playg it's going to be "My Sister Eileen." Joan Benoy has taken the limelight- she received 55100 for the first prize in the state contest for the Easter seals of 1948. Mt. Vernon lost its first track meet to Wooster 104-443 but Marshal won first place in pole vault, Steve Deed- rick came first in broad jump, and Mentis first place in discus throwing. Today is Good Friday and there isn't any school. It is beautiful weather today for Easter. Mr. Taylor's choir Cwhat there was of itl did a very good job at the Sunrise Service this morning. The golf team made a quick come- back today when they won their match at Zanesville 7Mg-4W. The cast for the senior play was cast today and Sue Rian, Norma Weider, Ross Bair, and Charles McLarnen cap- tured the leads. The "Forum Follies" was tonight and the decorations were really beautiful! Kate Kerin was queen and a beauti- ful one she made. The golf team triumphed today when they won over Coshocton 7-5. Art Sapp won first prize in the Knox County Temperance Test. Send him on his "Lost Week End" now. The Projection Club dinner was to- night and there are plenty of girls who envy Cherie Hanley and Juanita Kenny, some of the girls who took tickets at the noon movies, because they got to eat dinner with all those fellows. Forty miles of film have been run this year. MAY Today is May Day and the kids who helped decorate for the "Forum Fol- lies" are busy making up the deten- tion the ofiice gave to them. It's too bad things couldn't have been under- stood before Friday instead of after the damage was done. ln Knox County Nearly Everybody Goes lo Rl l I lngwa I s 77th Year in Mount Vernon P1OHdd I DALE UAH Mrs. Truxall has just announced that there will be two performances of "My Sister Eileen." Is that good or bad? Band Concert is tomorrow night. Con- gratulations once again to Mr. Taylor and his success. Nick Madias re- turned to school and has favored us with a solo on his drums. Scholarship tests were today. Bill Pinkley says he won them. Ha! Ha! Ann Strodtbeck has been requested to turn in her senior activity sheet. Will she do so or shall we have to wait an- other month? Teachers' Association had their din- ner tonight. Was it good? All the teachers have indigestion from the banquet. Too bad. Joan Doup has requested Ann Strodt- beck to hand in her senior activity sheet. This time she is on bended knee. Have mercy, Ann. Why don't you settle down and get to work? Today the Juniors shine. Their Junior issue of the paper was "creditable" and they had a very nice formal to- night. The boys' choir from Columbus was here tonight. Was everyone satisfied with it? Prms One Hundred-siacty-four 14. Joan Doup is now on both bended knees begging Ann to turn in her ac- tivity sheetg will you? 15. Only two more days of actual school. Hot dog! 16. Will the building hold together? We wonder-Ann Strodtbeck turned in her activity sheet. How did it hap- pen? Tonight was the judgment-the Senior Play was tonight, we'll hear about it tomorrow. 17. Tonight was the second performance of the Senior Playg we guess every- one appreciated it. 21-22. All the busy seniors are skipping school to go to Columbus--to see "Hamlet"-ah life! 23-24. Well, kids, this is it! The final ex- ams are here and everyone is leaving. 26. Baccalaureate was todayg makes you feel sort of sentimental, doesn't it? 29. The last days, you lucky seniorsg you're really out of school, can you be- lieve it? 30. We see the calendar staff leaving town before the Forum comes out in print. Good-bye, all you kids, lots of luck to you, and don't work too hard. Nick Madias returns from the Navy in time to graduate. o rioioiojojoiojoiodf szoioinsioicrioioioioiznicoicsianzasi 03011 ug' Compliments of RESTEMEIER POTATO CHIP 00. Learn to fly 65 H.P. to 450 H.P. Airplanes - All Courses Offered HiII's Flying Sesvice CROSS COUNTRY FLIGHTS SALES AND SERVICE Dealer for Stinson and Aeronca 031 1011 AT THE WYNKOOP AIRPORT Granville Rd. Phone 2071-T 10:4 ,fpoqm 114010 rioioioioinjojoie o .dbx .021 I I 1 I 1 2 Compliments I I I I of E I 1 1 I I I I Q I Cnty Cab I I 1 I 1 I I 1 I Q - 1 1 3 I I 1 , 1 I I I 1 ng QQQQQQQQQ I: I:--10:-I:-mn 110:-P20 I 2 QQ Q PHONE 948 2 u ll 2 cocnnnn moron SALES 2 I li II I DODGE-PLYMOUTH jg Q !! Moron CARS - Trucks I I Q I 1 2 14 w. ohio Ave. E I I MT. VERNON, oH1o 1 I i 2 i 5 I .g.---.. .... .-...,-,..,-,-,-..-.,-.I. Page One H1mdm'ed-sixty-five :info Page SE IUH AETI ITIE5 lC'ontinued from page 1143 JUANITA KENNEY Girl Reserves 2, 43 Financial Comm. of Junior Class3 Noon Movie Comm. 4g "Forum Follies" 4. KATHERINE KERIN Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4s Treasurer of Class 23 Intramural Basketball 23 Sec- retary of Class 3g Working Corp 33 Honor Roll Comm. 33 Social Comm. 33 Attendant to Forum Queen 33 Booster Club 43 Senior Prom Comm. 43 Attend- ant to Football Queen 43 Forum Queen 4. KAY KLEIN Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserve Service Comm. 23 Girl Reserve Devo- tional Chairman 33 Girl Reserve So- cial Comm. 43 Vice President Student Council 2- Head Monitor 2, 33 Secre- tary of Class 23 G.A.C. 13 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Executive Comm. Stu- dent Council 2, 33 Student Court 3, 43 President of Class 33 "Jacket Journal" Advertising Stall' 33 Forum Fiesta 33 Chairman of Junior and Senior Prom 33 "Jacket Journal" Subs. Staff 33 Fo- rum Subs. Manager 43 President of Student Council 43 Chairman of Org. Comm. for Booster Club3 Senior Prom Comm. 4g Librar Staff 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Court Nom. Comm. 23 Rina Comm. 23 Student Council Dance omm. 23 Noon Hour Comm. Student Council 23 Junior Re- porter for "Jacket Journal" 33 Chair- man Social Committee Student Coun- cil3 Senior Att. to Forum Queen 43 Quill and Scroll 4. PATRICIA LAWRENCE Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Service Comm. of Girl Reserves 13 Membership Comm. of G.R. 2g Devotional Comm. 33 Publicity Chairman of G.R. 43 G.A.C. 13 Forum Fiesta 23 "Jacket Journal" 1, 23 Advertising Manager of J. J. 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Decoration Comm. of Class 33 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Makeup Comm. for "The Man Who Come to Dinner"3 J. J. Advertising Staff 33 gooster Club 43 "Pride and Preju- ice." RUPERT LOYD Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Devotional Leader3 Hi-Y 43 Projection Club 2, 3, 4g Vice President of Torch Club 23 Advertis- ing Stall' of Forum 43 Glee Club 33 Choir 43 "Mr. and Mrs. North" 13 "College Widow" 23 "Pride and Preju- dice" 33 "Spring Green" 33 "Junior Miss" 43 "My Sister Eileen" 43 "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Teller" 43 Honorable Mention in Scholarship Test3 "Forum Follies" 4. One Hundred-sixty-sim DOROTHY E. MEHARRY DON R. McMANIS FRED McFARLAND F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. President 33 F.F.A. Vice President 43 Livestock Judging Contest 3g F.F.A. Basketball 2, 3, 4g Intramural Basketball 3, 43 Student Council 3. VIRGINIA MAE McGOUGH Working Corgs 33 F.H.A. 1, 3, 43 Vice President of .H.A. 4. WILLIAM ALBERT MCGOUGH Student Council 3. HAZEL MARIE McINTIRE Band 1. CHARLES WALTER McLARNAN Band 1, 2, 3, 4g "Junior Miss" 43 Junior Hi-Y lg Torch Club 23 Senior Hi-Y 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Business Man- ager of Forum 4g "My Sister Ei- leen" 4. KATHRYN ANN MOSSHOLDER Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 23 "Harvest Harmonies" 2g Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Class Social Comm. 43 Booster Club 4. LEONA MOSSHOLDER Girl Reserves 2, 4g Finance Comm. of Girl Reserves 43 Noon Hour Comm. 43 Finance Comm. of Junior Class 33 Monitor 3, 4. HENRY G. MOTHERALL Senior Hi-Y 3, 4g Secretary of Hi-Y 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 23 "The Sor- cerer" 33 Intramural Basketball 43 Choir 3g Glee Club 2, 33 Manager of Basketball 23 "Spring Green" 33 "Jacket Journal" 2g Junior Hi-Y 23 Torch Club 2g Carnival 1, 2s Proph- ecy Comm. 43 Booster Club3 "Forum Follies" 4. RICHARD NEIGHBARGER Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 1, 2. NAITA JO-ANN NELSON Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 43 Senior Class Social Comm. 43 Chairman of Noon Hour Comm. 43 Chairman of Financial Comm. of Stu- dent Council 33 "Forum Follies" 4. MARILYN NUGENT Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Chairman of Social Comm. 33 Subscription Staff 43 "Pride and Prejudice" 33 Choir 43 "Fortune Teller" 43 Booster Club 4. CONGRATULATIONS-SUCCESS TO ALL THE GRADUATING STUDENTS fur' Jack-et Up Your Spirits sms mm L:s'r::n's . 0 H undred-sixt The All Purpose Iacket Wear It For Sport-Dress With Any Pair OfS1acks Hundreds Of 'I'hese Fine Slcrcks To Choose From Icrckets 10.95. Others To 18.50 MEN'S BOY'S WEAR 102010201011 5.11 y-seve SENIOR ACTIVITIES BERNARD OWEN "Spring Green" 35 "Junior Miss" 45 Projection 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Torch Club 25 Stage Manager of "Forum Follies" 45 Hig School Photographer 45 Junior Hi-Y 15 Stage Crew for "College Widow" 15 Paper Staff 45 President of Hi-Y 45 Public Address Announcer 45 Forum Staff 4. DEAN OWEN Junior Hi-Y 15 Torch Club 25 Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 Varsity Football 45 Re- serves Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Bas- ketball 45 Forum Staff 45 "Forum Frolics" 25 "My Sister Eileen" 45 "Fo- rum Follies" 4. VERA MOSELLE PAYNE Choir 2, 45 Band 1, 25 Treble Clef 2, 3, 45 "Harvest Harmonies" 25 "The Frolics" 25 "Forum Follies" 4. Intramural Basketball 3. CLYDE WILLIAM PIN KLEY Junior Hi-Y Treasurer of Torch Club5 Senior Hi-Y5 "Forum Fiesta" 35 Pro- jection Club 2, 3, 45 Forum Staff 45 "Junior Miss" 35 "Forum Follies" 45 Quill and Scroll. BILL RAYMOND "My Sister Eileen" 4. BOB REASONER Junior Hi-Y 25 Torch Club 35 Varsity Basketball Manager 4. SUZANNE RIAN Girl Reserves 1 ,2, 3, 45 Social Comm. of Girl Reserves 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Choir 2, 45 "Harvest Harmonies" 25 "Pride and Prejudice" 35 "Junior Miss" 45 Working Corps 35 Student Council 45 Prom Comm. 35 Social Comm. of Class 35 Chairman of Senior Announcements 45 Quill and Scroll 45 "Jacket Journal" Staff 35 Editor of "Jacket Journal" 45 Chairman of Class Ring Comm. 25 Booster Club 45 "The Fouune Teller" 45 Intramural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baseball 25 "My Sister Eileen" 4. BETTY JEAN RIDENOUR Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 "Jacket Journal" 45 Working Corps 3. GORDON A. RINE Band 1, 2, 35 Working Corps 15 Stu- dent Council 15 Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Harvest Harmonies 25 Student Court 35 Secretary of Booster Club 45 Decoration Comm. for Junior and Senior Prom 3. Page One Hundred-sixty-eight JO ANN RIPPEY Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Treble Clef 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Choir 45 "Spring Green" 35 Girl Reserves Social Comm. 45 Senior Social Comm. 45 "The For- tune Teller" 4. ARTHUR CHARLES SAPP Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Track 45 Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3,5 Honorable Men- tion C.N.0. in Football 35 Winner in Knox County for Quiz Book Contest 45 Intramural Basketball 45 Social Studies Scholarship Team 45 "My Sister Eileen" 45 E ementary Basket- ball Coach 3, 45 Torch Club 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 F.T.A. 4. LOIS MAGDALENE SCHNITZER Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 35 Working Corps 35 Variety Shows 2, 35 Forum Fiesta 35 Forum Follies 45 Drum Majorette 3, 4. EUGENE SCOTT President of Projection Club 45 Pro- jection Club 2, 3, 45 Stage Manager of "Junior Miss" 45 Head Monitor 4. MARGARET CATHERINE SHARP Glee Club 35 Oil Painting Club 2, 3, 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 45 Girl Reserves 35 Vol- leyball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3. EILEEN SHOULTS Choir 15 Glee Club 15 Booster Club 4. DONNA JE AN SLAYMAN Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.C. 15 Choir 1, 2, 45 Girls Glee Club 1, 25 Treble Clef 1, 45 Oils Club 3, 45 Pho- tography Club 45 Social Comm. Girl Reserves 45 Service Comm. Girl Re- serves 1, 25 Chairman of Refreshment Comm. for Choir Formal 25 Forum Coronation 2, 35 Program Comm. Choir Formal 45 Variety Show 45 "Pride and Prejudice" 35 "The For- tune Teller" 45 Social Comm. Senior Class 45 Monitor 25 Student Council 45 Harvest Harmonies 25 "Spring Green" 35 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Baseball 1, 35 Pho- tography Ed. Forum 45 Booster Club 4. MARCELLA JEAN SNIDER Bladensburg5 Editor of the School Paper5 Property Comm. "Spring Green" 35 Cafeteria Cashier 35 Boost- er Club 45 Home Ee. Club5 "My Sister Eileen" 4. ALICE FERN SPEARMAN Monitor 35 Volleyball 25 Program Comm. 35 Head Monitor 45 Girl Re- serves 25 3, 45 Booster Club 4. ,o 1101010100 9' 1101010701011 0314 iq 44 02011 Compliments of J. B. KEPPLE my na 01010101011 ioioicnioioicvioioioioiu I Compliments of G E N E R A L DRY CLEANERS East Gambier St. 02901011nicrjo1o11v1o11r14nj1vjoj4r14ni4n11r1o11r:n14n:1x1o:n1oi4o:o rifvixsjenisnixnjariwnjcnjcniaezo pu 11 34v11v1o:oz1r1o1ar2o14v1oio14n24v14r1oq M A G A Z I N E S N E W S P A P E R S Subscriptions taken for all publications B R I N I N G N E WS W. Vine St. Mt. Vernon, Uhio rioioioioioioioin ,:40o1o1o:ojoio1oj4 vioxx evil iixizz rx riugoiogogqgoiqgqgfpzo 2 I i The Best In Q I 2 Drug Store Service Q I I I 2 HECKLER'S 3 I I 2 REXALL DRUG STORE 2 I Q I Q I 2 I Q I E On the Square S Q I 2 I I 2 1 -:I ----- '-- -------- ---I. 'Q ------ -------- - ---be E Compliments S Q I I of 2 I I 2 Taylor's Market i I HOME KILLED MEATS 3 3 I Q zoo s. Main st. I I"'I"1f'1"CN'I"1'f1"I0I0Cr010:v1v10en1vcboc Q I I 2 F L E T c H E R 's 2 I I Sinclair Service Station E 2 321 South Main 2 Q I E Phone 145 2 I 'g'1"I0CN GNSIICUIIHZ1 13301451 vzuznznzoxfg. Page One H1mdred-siacty-'nine SENIOR ACTIVITIES SARAH CATHERINE STILLWELL Girl Reserves 1, 2 ,3, 4g Freshman at Large of G.R. 13 Choir 2, 3, 43 Treble Clef 3, 4g "Harvest Harmonies" 23 "The Sorcerer" 33 "The Fortune Teller" 43 Variety Show 3, 43 Forum Fiesta 3g Booster Club 43 "Pride and Prejudice" 33 Membership Comm. of Girl Reserves 33 Chairman of Music Comm. of G.R. 43 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Chairman of Publicity Comm. of Student Council 43 Feature Editor of "Jacket Journal" 43 Senior Will Comm.3 Secretary of G.A.C. 13 Social Chairman of Class 33 Social Chairman of Choir 43 "My Sister Eileen" 4. ANN STRODTBECK Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Queen Attendant 43 Glee Club 2, 33 Choir 2, 3, 43 Advertising Staff Fo- rum: "Pride and Prejudice"3 "Junior MlSS,'3 Forum Fiesta3 Class Will Committee Forum 43 Program Com- mittee of G.R. 4g Membership Com- mittee G.R. 3g Decorating Committee of G.R. 2. PERRY M. TRINKNER Reserve Basketball 23 Torch Club 23 "Jacket Journal" 13 Forum Staff 2 3g Editor of Forum 4, Hi-Y 3, 43 Var- sity Basketball 3, 43 National Ath- letic Honor Society 43 Student Coun- cil 43 Varsity Golf 2, 3, 43 Chr. of Publicity Comm. 33 Chairman of Prom Comm. 43 "Pride and Preju- dice" 33 "Spring Green" 33 Quill and Scroll 4 3"Forum Fiesta" 2, 33 "My Sister Eileen" 4. MARY JANE VAIL h Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Coun- cil 13 Working Corps 2g "Spring Green" 33 Booster Club 4. BETTY JANE VAN RIPER Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Intramural Bas- ketball 23 Play Comm. of Class 3. VELMA JEAN VANNATTA Choir 23 "Harvest Harmonies" 23 Glee glub 1, 2g Girl Reserves 3, 43 Booster ub 4. MARY ELOISE VANNATA Girl Reserves 1, 2g Library Staff 1, 43 Civic Club President 13 Student Coun- cil 43 Head Monitor 2, 3. DONNA MARGENE VANNATA Treasurer of Senior Class: Girl Re- serves 3, 43 Band and Orchestra 13 Band 23 Forum Staff 43 Working Corps 33 Monitor 4. NORMA WEIDER Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior at Large of Girl Reserves 33 Social Comm. of Girl Reserves 33 "The For- tune Teller" 43 Program Comm. of G.R. 43 Working Corps 2g "My Sister Eileen" 43 Society Ed. of J. J. 43 Subs. Staff of J. J. 43 Dramatics 43 Choir 4. BETTY L. WRIGHT Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Finance Comm. Senior Class 43 Student Wel- fare Comm.3 Intramural Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Rep. for Booster Club 43 Working Corps 13 Senior Att. to "Fo- rum Follies" 4. CHERIE CELENE HANLEY Vice-Pres. Booster Club 43 Sec-Treas. of Wood Be's Oil Club 43 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 43 G. A. C. 1, 33 Art Variety Show 2, 33 "Forum" Fiesta 33 "Forum" Follies 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Intramural Basketball 2, 33 Pub- licity Com. G. R. 33 Art Prize in National Contest 43 Decorating Com. G. R. 23 Senior Prom Com. 43 Pub- licity Com. Jr. Class 33 Noon Hour Com. 43 Working Corp 33 Projection Club 43 Art Editor of "J. J." 43 Oil Clu 2, 3, 43 Prophecy Com. 43 Li- brary Staff 33 "Forum" Carnival 2. PROPHECY fC'ontinued from page 1461 Bill: "Katy Ferguson had pitched her tent out in the wilderness of the Kokosing reg'ion3 Shi? is still trying to find out what Katy 1 . "Evelyn Gardner is now the secretary of the interplanetarian police forces. Page One Hundred-seventy "Betty Wright and her team will meet the Amazon basketball team next season. The Amazon team is composed of Vera Payne, Betty Van Riper, Jo Ann Nelson, Juanita Kenny, Norma Weider, Oneida Eisiger, Janet Cochran, and Leona Moss- o er." 02014 CANADIAN FISHING NATURE'S PLAYGROUND Forest Hill Lodge Larry, Ruth, and Bill Rerick Burleigh Falls, Ontario Forest Hill Lodge is the vacation spot of the Kawarthas. Located on beautiful Lovesick Lake, with its shores tree- lined with pine, spruce, maple, oak, and birch, it is the ideal spot to spend a restful, delightful vacation. This chain of lakes has everything to offer the sportsman, with no undue loss of time and expense to reach them. A natural habitat of bass and musky, these lakes are im- proving yearly because of the Department of Game and Fisheries of Ontario and its wise laws governing the bass and musky season and the restocking each year. Experienced guides, shore dinners, good swimming, excel- lent food, maid service. Write for booklet. s 5' I - . N ,ag 4 its J, nioioiojcozo nic 'U Q Q cm O 3 as 5 G 3 9- -2 cn 9' an cn C cu 3 F5 '? O 3 cu .p141:4111-14riuwif:14n101cv:0j0:0i01014v:1rj4x14x1014v14rj0:010:0qp010:01014r1ar:4r:0:0101011v:0j4n:014v10:4 viozninivjoic vi 1 ic 202 12020101 vi: wif 2 20:1 E fl 2 9 1 5 D in 9 -1 2 N Q F.. 2 N - i 1 I o 5 VI May each member of the Class of '46 be blessed with a successful. happy and useful life . . . Is Our Wish to each of you . . The RUDIN Co 1030101111 14 14 3: 1020101 if 1011 11 14 301011 ie 11 1111 21 34 10101010101 if "U ofa-1 O ?- ,zqioioioioiojojoioifnil1101010101014nic11011:jenjo1oj0j0jojo1o10:o14x:o:1nj0jcvjarier11r1011vj4x:1n:0i41:0:1ri11enio1av1oiaeQ rioinrioiuioioioiirioi si xioioiuioio rzaozo npoqzo oirxasiirioicxioioioioioifxioizxicri sz 14 I 1 Phone 1236 Q Q DeVoe Motor Sales 2 HUDSON CARS-REO TRUCKS Q Accessories and Parts Q I Q Official AAA Service I Q Complete Garage and Wrecker Service 2 70 Columbus Rd. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Q Q I 1""""""""""""' 9 I 5 2 E Compliments of Q Q I Q A. D. AUTEN Q I I 2 101 Newark need Q Q I I Ogfrvfbvi Z0i010Z4b10i0Z1si0i4si1si1r11b11r14Eo 0?li1r1oi1rioi1ri1r1o11vi1vZ0ioi1vi01 510101149 Q I Q Compliments of 2 I I S C. A. BALO, Agent Q 3 l Q S1ncla1r Refimng Co. Q I I PHONE 1279 I 'QIVQIUQKIQIDQPQI ll yQ1yQOQ0i0QOQ0lll I I You'll Find We're Tops. Too. When Really Fine 3 2 DEPENDABLE Service Is Needed Strothers Q Electric Appliance Q - Store I 'I' l ho 91-I I0 Sjuig Street I Q MOUNT VERNON. OHIO oyxxriioxcvicvzcxzinzoieszozcvmozarioifuririozrso 10:0 v - v Victory Food Markets Inc. 2 2 2 Q w. A. Meier 104 w. High si. Q r 1li1lilD11 illDl1Jl1ll11l 2 1 f I Q C. N. WILLIAMS Q 2 INSURANCE I 2 Q 125 s. Mrriri si. Phone 255 Q .i-.-.------..- ...... -I fififlfi zzzzz an zzzqgi rqrrgrrgrge Q I I Amerlcan Beauty Shop Q 9112 w. vmE sr. Q o SHOE REPAIRING o HATS CLEANED Q o SUITS CLEANED Q 5 PREssED Compliments of I 11 o N G A IN E s 2 I Q GAmEs PRODUCE co. I Q 50a w. High si. 3 0g'?0?"?030i0i1 1011 Ivivlbuifvcboxoxocbirxsgo Page One Hundred-seventy-three AR LLM SHE If I I N O T A0 Rm OO Pl RN S O O t CR ll ST TN CU UM D O R P EMPLOYEES and te tula ra Cong Wishes Good xtencl E I I I I I 46 19 of Class I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I COMPLIMENTS TO CLASSOF'46 ELMWOOD G R O C E R Y QUALITY Gnocznms 6. MEATS 100 Newark Road - Phone 150 Congratulations to the Class of 1946 T U R N E R INSURANCE AGENCY 25 Belmont Ave. MT. VERNON, OHIO CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1946 WEST HIGH MARKET L. C. PENN 4 South Gay Street EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Telephone 548 info 0:01 2:4010 0:01 riojoqvzo njoioioiodzi 0:0111 ozpe rio11ri4xioi1x1oio14r1oi1x1o1oi1n24ri4xi4n1a D010i01011ri1ricr11r:1rio14n2cxialicri4r1n21xq 03:4 QP' 2110.0 ni4:oj11oio111c:crju1fn1cr:cr14v1cr1o:n14n:cx:o14r11r1cv11 as U, i Z S ru 2 5 z gg E Z ZZ i E E E Ca: .4 "" 2 m E '4 0 3. I F' r' ' O '11 F Z I I 9 S w U' ... I 'U 0 "3 '31 Q Q I sr 21: C5 Iv- III Q 3 "' 5' 2 0 0 ru Q O N I 3 ru O 1 5 U' ,.. I 6' 2 SARA M. CANNON Agent for All Magazines 126 E. Vine St. Phone 1098-R MOUNT VERNON. OHIO Congratulations WADDELL'S GROCERY Pa ge One H undredwseventy- five 10:0 i :wif11011v:4v14:14n:wv11v:+,11v14,:':1an14701010141014xqpuiojoiavieniojavzvrzcriojojoioifwjo:o1o1cn:o11v1o:4n1oz4n1o14vjo14nic .g... i 2 FRED D. PHARIS RALPH W. WHITE PH RIS 8: WHITE 110 DOWS-RUDIN BLDG. iOver Kresgesl Mount Vernon, Ohio I N S U R A N C E AUTOMOBILE - FIRE - WINDSTORM SURETY BONDS REAL ESTATE CITYANDFARM ROCK WOOL INSULATION BLOWN IN METHOD Makes Your Home Cooler in Summer - Warmer in Winter Free Estimates Telephones Office 741 - Residence 1096 or 227-J' Page One H1u1dred-seventy-six 101034 riojojoioioinzo ,zpoai I. Bill .mil Rupirt, Q13 lwwiii' Stuugw. QU 'lilu-Cil1uSt. QU Di'.1111.itii' Dm-irifi. Q51 Hitluik L'.ll'. by Yuiing Muay". CJ The futuic band. Q85 Miss Lewis. f9j Gail. Page One Hllillf'I'C!I-S6'l'C,I1flll-SCl'L'il 1 011 v:01o:oi01o1o10j1 iuiexioioioioif "Every INDIVIDUAL has a place to flll in the world, and is important in some respect, whether he chooses to be or not." - Selected. WQf'W3'NWf' 53 :V E ga 'lie' ?-n?,f,f:- 'wT.tgv,:u-9 Is:- tawgff-N: 'Ziff THE MANUFACTURING -'FIIIIEEE 00. MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Pg 921,14 Q C5 O 3 Cb E1 Q 3 S' Q6 5' 5 C5 3 H- Q A S. 3' H- ucpoioi 71131121111-rZ1xiclicxicvi0io20icxi4xi4 ioioicnioievioioioifxioic I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ...I n1o1o11vioj0q0o1oj4n1o14rjcrZ4:i4n11 o 'Jie NATIU AL HU UHSUEIETY JOAN BENOY ELOISE' VANNATTA SUZANNE RIAN NATHINE GOODENOUGH JANIS JOHNSON KENNETH BAKER JOAN DOUP PERRY TRINKNER KATHRYN KLEIN WILLIAM PINKLEY MARCELLA SNIDER WANDA FLICKINGER JANET COCHRAN A BILL DEEDRICK DEAN OWEN NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY BILL DEEDRICK, PERRY TRINKNER, ROSS BAIR, DEAN OWEN QUILL AND SCROLL NATIONAL JOURNALISM SOCIETY SENIORS Suzannne Rian Perry Trlnkner William Deedrick Charles McLarnan Patricia Lawrence Joan Benoy Nathlne Goodenough Shirley Dunham Gregory Boddy William Plnkley Cherie Hanley Ross Bair Jane Breech Donna Slayman Kay Klein Bernard Owen J UN IORS William Moore Louise Thomas Joan McFeely Paul Hartzler Gail Pealer HON ORARY MEMBERS Sara Cannon Helen Sevitts Gladys Baker Page One H undred-seventy-nine folio? isivivirioi 1011142 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 5 Spin: 1010201013 101 14111 i Compliments of l Q HARRY C. BENNINGTON E MAYOR OF MOUNT VERNON Q Q BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1946 ! 9 Q -o--. --- -----.- ,:,v-A ---mp. -- pug. -A -- Pays' Om' Huurlred-eighty VWNQ , 1 '15 . YF' BERNARD OWEN announces the End of High School for the Class of 1946 xzwzc v1o:o:o:0:o:014v1n1n1. ,914 XEHKZLFW . '51?'iLE2i.'l'iTiIi3'P'iwW16"lL.i,E'.'i'i ?2sfrz?ff"" . QQQQ, 4fin.'3'hv:1J.il27IvL fiflill.-U,""3'i-1'-' 5 ' ? 1 t4'f5k.':T1"-We an .

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