Mount Vernon High School - Forum Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH)

 - Class of 1945

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Mount Vernon High School - Forum Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 186 of the 1945 volume:

, ,A , R. ,yrff .ff gf g5?i,,j.f1., -Q.,-' ', IL: ,V f rg 9 ' I Z., ,:,, ,-'-1 1,1 al ,xv , !1.'-il' ' 741-1-A-' . 1: ,. f-,, ,+ W K 'RU -'L -Q I -lg l-ir .' - - .-1, , . f 'L U. . -- Y , p :.'. . + A,. . QI.,-V...-TVAIV I -nf-.v a Q, . .-., v .-' ,. ,-,Q-fa u " NF", o s , Ll.. - v ! v .s. ,, ,515-, ' 'IA Q . 4 .HJ .ff . .,,- , 1... ,riff- -x .,. 4 . agen . .L . L.. ,, w- ,L 'Q k:"Qjl." K. 4.1, . K 7 17. ..-fm ., , , jg.: , 2, -2 .f. X W f " :. - , wvifff, , -4' .Y ,H 121- ,, Q.,-f f H53 . , ,. .,,.w , I X , , ,.,,V " 3' .U -V-9 , ,. 557, 46 A .V-5 7,4- . 'fjkff - -f' If if Ju 1-4 xv 1 X,,,,, y,-U,. X, K .1 -A.. 1- ,. -,',,4,, +23 -A Ama. '4 fE Salucfa CWELCOMED EZ Www At the Mount Vernon High Sch ool, Mount Vernon, Ohio dvi If ' T M . ,A J A, ,,,wi.v,.gsgirvfriv-Wf . 44 , f! 'v x-' 'U I US G XX ,t x f VX jx ,mln JA QM-.T O O . o ........ Q Z-S Waaewaac! We have taken the humdrum of schooldays and endeavored to translate it into the idiom of festivity, of color, and ex- travagance that exemplifies our neighbors to the south. We hope, thereby, to extend a token of friendship to the Spanish-speaking world. In short, We Want to make "good neighbor" more than just a phrase. So here is Mt. Vernon High in formal pose, in Work, and play. Here is our at- tempt - for your satisfaction or disdain. Here are we - obediiently yours. f' 9 2,- 155 f if ' Photograph by PERRY TRINKNER Miss Michael points to the excellent French and Spanish display prepared by the language classes. adm ' Perhaps we were puzzled by the "cos" and "ahs" that emitted from her classroom - phonetic records that sounded so like the lament of a dying cow-, but shle taught us and taught us thoroughly. Not content with her contributions in French, she introduced the study of Spanish into the school. She was for several years adviser for the Girl Reserves. She sponsored the Student Council and has followed it through until it stands as a symbol of honesty and authority. Who can help remark- ing upon her interest in each individua.l and the thing he is striving for? Throughout our four years We have seen her as a keeper of the flames of order, scholarship, and progress. And even as we dedicate this book, the effort of our senior year to MISS IMOGENE MICHAEL, We know that no mere tribute could do justice to our gratitude. 41 MISS IIVIOGENE MICHAEL I Padma I I Wada I I I Wada Just F un! ,,.,- .l..-,..- 2---'-".1:mi-.4 1...- 1...-f' ,.... Q ll Swv ' M '- ' ht- M 1-ww f'-xv 1 51'--fy:-muy.-'-,-px,-f iff-I' 5 X58 A uf M g 'viii 31 3,9-eg ' 1 ll J "-Q'bdfA Wm fa Admmulmiwn JOHN DAVID GEIGER Mt. Vernon, Ohio Bluffton College, A.B. Ohio State, M.A. B gl Page Ten SUPERINTENDENT ,Ama-i x . ' .- , -' ariivl NIV fe 1? KENNETH WEST Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University B.A., B.E.E., B.S.Ed., M.S. Z! fbmcafm ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL HAROLD L. HIGHMAN Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ohio University B.S.Ed., M.E. E! Imam SGQMHCQG Page Eleven .E xuit State L' I GLADYS SCOTTIE Wt. Ycrnon, Ohio V I . TICS iiivcrsity Geography 7 GLADYS H. BAKER Mt. Vernon. Ohio Ohio XYcslcyaii. ILA. Ohio Stain' Uiiivcrsity, M.A. Mathematics OLIVE BROOKS Xuiioii, Ohio Miami l'11ivL-rsity MllflLC7HatiCS 8 Mt. Vernon. Ohio Ohio Uiiivcrsity, 15.5. iii limi. Ohio State lhiivcrsity Biology SUZANNE S. FRIEDLY Cuiitcrhilrg. Ohio Bowling Giwn-ii l'iiii'n-rsiiy, BS. in liil. Ohio Sluts l'nix'L-rsity, KLA. Algebra 9 Math. 8 ROGER L. WALTON Gmnhicr, Ohio Kvnyon Coilcgc Kent Stziiv, 13.5. in limi. Chemistry, Physics PEARL CARPENTER Mt. Ycriiou, Ohio Ohio l'I1ivcx'si1y Ku-111 Collrgc- Ashlfuul Collvgn' Mathematics ERNEST HUGH GARZIERI Mt. Ycriion. Ohio Ohio University MARY M CLAYPOOL Akron University, All Ml. Ycrnoii. Ohio General Science n':iclu:i1L' of 'l'n-ziuiiviw' Vol- lvgc. Miami liiiivcrsily Ohio Viiivvrsity KL-lit State Geography 8 Page Twelve ,Q .L CD' walt SARA CANNON Mt. Vurnun, Ohio llctlmny, B.A. Nm-w York Uilivursity English, Journalism, Director Publications RUTH DOMIGAN TRUXALL Sunbury, Ohio Ohio XVcsln-yan University B.A. Svlmol nf Spccvh. North western U ' nw Ll sity Speech and Dr arnatics BESSE O. SARGENT . Ycriwn, Ohio VN oustcr College ELEANOR OWENS Ohio Stats' University Ohio University ancl Miami MQ, Vernon, Ohio U., Fla. Kent State Normal Denison University, A.B. English 8 ENUM-5'h LAURA E. KOONS Mt. Vernon, Ohio Wvcstern College for XYmnun, MARGUERITE MANN B.A. . Columbia University. M.A. Mt' X Ohio Q ' ' ,late I niversity English 12 crlmn, Ohin Ohio Ohio State 1' ' NVcslcyan, B.A. nivcrsity Ohio University English 9 EVELYN L. PATRICK Ivfifil. Ohiu Asbury Cnlln-gn-. A.ll. Aslxlzunl Colh-gc - ELDA BEHNKE English, 8 and 11 - American Literature AN""HC' Ohm Xlizuni University Ohio l'1llYC1'Sllj', ll.S. in lirl. English f 7th Grade ENGLISH Page Tl I,l7'lC63H .fa as ' MARY B. HERRON Mt. Xsrnon. Ohio Ohio VVL'sln'yzi1i Ohin Stain' l'iiivv1'sity, 14.5. in Erl. fupital l'i1ix'L-rmily Typinilf Coinrnercial Law, Sales, Advertis- ing, Economics MARTHA V. COCHRAN Ml. Yi-riion. Ohio Ashury l'ullug.5c. KA. l'i1ivvi'sity of Iii-iitiu-ky Ashland Cnllc-gc Shorthand I and II, Typing I and II, OUice Practice DORIS OAKES Ml. Xuriwn. Ohio Mnnnt Yvrnon lliigh Srhooi Ojicc Clerk BERYL HIGHMAN Mt. Yuinniii, Ohio Ohio U1iix'c'1'aity, 15.5. in linl. Bnsiness Organization, Bookkeeping I and II, Business I, Clerical Practice, Record Keep- ing Page Fourteen COMMERCE MARTHA ROBERTSON Mt. Vernon, Ohio Mt. Ver xxfnll Bnsi 111- ss Coih-gc Secretary to Principal FLORENCE GIVENS Mt. Vernon. Ohio Secretary to Superintendent H. L. HIGHMAN Mt. Vcrnuii. Ohio Ohio University TLS. in Ed., NJC. Business I and II Assistant Principal 'Q f W aww, HELEN C. SEVITTS Mi. Yi-riion, Ohio RUTH GARBER Wloosti-i', l'h.B. l'olumhia l'iiivc-1'-ity. NLA. XYL-stwii Ri'su'x'L- Viiiversity RS. in Lihrary Science Librarian JOHN FLOYD THOMAS Yclu-ilofia, Ohio . . . . L l'tah Stan' lmvcrsity, Bb. Physical Ed. WARREN A. COOPER Freclcricktowii, Ohio Ohio State- University. Il 9 in llomv Fm' Home Economics JOHN P. ANDERSON 'oshoC1oi1, Ohio Miami l'iiivci'sity. AJS, Gcorgvlown fllliiflll' Head Coach, History Mt. Vernon, Ohio THOMAS T. BERRY Miami l'nivc1'sity, 13.5. in Ed. Indus trial A rts, Assistant Coach GRACE G. HUFFMAN Unvliiiiiliiis, Ohio Ohio Siam' Viiivvrsily, Certi- ficate in Nursingg H.Sc, in lid. Health Education, H ome N ursing VOCATIONS I 1 1 'F 5? ff' I llillshoro Ohio Ohio State, B.S. Vocational Ag. FAE D. O'BRYAN Mt. Vernon. Ohio Kent State University Substitute Elenieiztary Physical Education JEAN HALL DEAN Mt. YL-rnou, Ohio XVouster College, B.A. Aslilzmd College English 7 and 9 Page Fifteen 4 GUY VAN NOSTRAND FLORENCE CASS NORA IVICKAY LAIIOIL L. OWI N NH, X1-1-mm. Ohio Mt. Vernnn. Ohio Mt. Vernon. Ohio Mt. Ycriumi. Ohio .Ubin Sum- l'niVL'rSify. HS. IDL-nison University, Ilh.B. Ohio University Ohio XVcslc-yan I Kent State Ohio li11ivi-rsilv5',- U.. vi ln I'Vo'rlfl History and History Ohm Sung- lnivgiif i Atllletics History 8 ri l',vhn.nmi Americfm Problems Cliarye of Visual Aid AUDREY WRIGHT A. D. ASKINS MARGARET MAHAFFEY Mt. Ycrlnm, Ohio Sparta. Ohio Muskingum College Ohin Stain Vnivcrrity. ML XWHUH' Ohm Ullin Sinn- l'nivi'rsity ILS, in iid. and M.A. Ohio Stalk, l'HivU.hilV l'niu-riiiyl --l'4 Wiscpnsin . n Big- in I-Qtln m,,1'M.A, lim. in luluuzmuu 0111103 and Geography . . American Histori Social Solences J EMERSON BALL Mt. Vernon, Ohio x A . . ,-03 Ohm Stats Uinvcrsity, BS. in Agriculture Ag1'icultu1'e Puffs' Sixlccn Q' mr U fa qacaliia IMOGENE MICHAEL BERNICE A. BONER JUNE ELIZABETH FERN E. LEWIS TAYLOR T011-rnlo, Ohio llclawarc. Ohio Frcflericktown. Ohio DL-iiisrm lhiivvrsity, B.A. Ohio XVesleyan W estervllle' Ohm Muskingum College McGill University Viiivursity of NVashington, Ohio State University, 8.5. Asbury College University of Toledo. M.A. TLA- Art Ohio State lhiivcrsity All French and Spanish Latin Art GENE TAYLOR Mt. Ycrmm, Ohio Capitzil Viiivcrsity, Bziuliclnr in School Music Ohm State Iiiiivc-i'sity. SLA. Vocal and Instru- mental M nstc MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY IN THE ARMED FORCES LT. PAUL DEAN I SGT. REX MURPHY K ENS. MYRON PRECH LT. EDGAR WASILIEFF ENS. THOMAS LERCH SGT. DANA WEAVER A J 5 vi 'Q S lfc THOMAS BERRY Page Scvwtlccn Pres icfen rf' mfs 2 P!'eSicfe,'rv.'6 Trtasurer Secrcfary .fad rqaliguod ff' Seniafut Wt? 2 1 X .pun -:." f 2 Lu I fa fWith Apologies to Pepysj Did enter into High School, and were very merry all the way. Up be- times, to choose officers of the Sophomores: Claudia McNeil, Marjorie Masteller, Mary Johnson, Frances Stachelhaus, Helen Giffin. To rest and slept about twelve months, but then awaked, and never in so much trouble in all our life of mind, thinking of the task upon us, wherefore elected Junior officers: Helen Giffin, Dale Gardner, Jeanne Cline, Char- lotte Wright, officers, and to the auditorium to show "Streetcar in the At- tic" ourselves in Junior play. Infinite the crowd of dances, parties, and studies. In the senior year come one whom we made Queen of Football: Ruth Wright. Abroad to the senior meeting, and chose Roger Spearman, Joan Culbertson, Evelyn Barcus, and Jean Brown. Come another who was Queen of Fiesta: Claudia McNeil. News is brought to us that 'ff1'he Man Who Came to Dinner" is our Senior play. We think we have, if we can keep it, done ourselves a great deal of repute, and upon the whole bless God for it. So by and by to Commencement. 'L ', L',As' of, X ' A ' ' E5 ,v T 7 v I 'I Page N metecfu ll lC'l"1' Y ALLEN ILA MAE ANDERSON BEVERLY BARBER EVELYN BARCUS ROBERT BECKLEY if In Armed Services Page T wenty IMS' i 3 1 1 AMICON Q 1 I ADELINE ARMSTRONG Q 1 LEE ARQU1LLAy ' 4 BETTY BECKHOLT 1 ROBERT BELT '1 3 1 I 5 1 I I Ei MARIAN MARIAN BENOY BICTTY BEYI EDGAR BOGARDUS THOMAS BROOKS ROBERT BROVVN NGTON GEORGE BERGER JOHN BLAIR VVARRE N BRESLER JEAN BROWVN GORDO N GERRARD Page Twe my-one HAI, GICORGE'k ll0N.XI.U Hl'RGl'1SS .XRlJIiI.l.A lll"l"l'HRBAl'GH AIOCIIC CHASE NORMA COCHRAN ir lu ,Xruwml Survices Page Twent y-two .Eu S en ' amd. NORMA JEAN BURGER JOANNE BURRIS ARTHUR CASSELL JEANNE CLINE IUCIIARIJ COCKERIIAM-Af ROI!I'1R'I' COPE: ROIHCR RAYM ROB JAMES DENVT if lu Armed 'IIX VONNI OND CRAM ERTA DAVIS T Scrvicus iI.l.i' IC Ri' CHARLE S COLE IUQLICN COWEN JOAN CULBERTSON JOYCE IJEEM CHARLES DI C I-I Page Twenty-three HERBERT DIETRICH NORMA EMERY PAULINE FEASEL RETHA FISH IHCVERLY FLETCHER iv In Armed Services Page Twenty-fom' .EM S BEVERLY DORSEY LOXVELI. FARMERif VICTOR FELDNIILIJER IDA FLEMING BERNARD FRYE en' 4044 if I ILXLI-1 G,XRIlXI'1ki- XYILLIABI GIl.BliR'I'i' GIiR,XLD GRAB! EL XYILLIAM. GREGORY GXVYNNE HARTMAN l1Ar11lc4l Sv.-rviu s Page Twenty -five HELEN GIFFIN HARRY GLOVER MARCELLA GRAHAM BONNIE HARDESTY DUNN lIATTONif In .fad Senioad SHIRLEY IIAFGER ELSIE ST1I,l,XVELL IDA MAE HILDEBRAND VVAYNE HILLIER KENNETH HURLOW aye Twenty-six JAMES HAXVKINS JOHN IIILES ROSE MARY IIILIDEBRANIJ I.Ol'ISE IIOAR RUSSELL HULSE MARY EI.I.lCN JACKSON MARY JOHNSON BETTY JANE KECK MARY BELLE LAHMON BERNAR D LANNING ,yu WW J' ELIZ ABETII JEWELL GNVEN JONES CHARLES KNERR f LETHA L Page AKE NEIL LONZO N Twenty-seven DORIS LORIAUX ANDREVV MAVROMATESi GEORGENIA M FITCA LF BETTY MCGIBNEY ALMA MCGUGIN if Tn Armed Survicu Page Twenty-eight .EM MARJORIE MAS'l'l-ZLLER STANLEY MAVROMATICS CHARLES Mll.l.l'lR CAROLYN MciMIl.I.lCX I AYONNIC Mvfl I -IN Sen' 4004 W Cl.Al'lJIA MCXEII ALICE XE'l'IlERS IJIONNE XICXYTOX UORRIXE PARKER XYILLARIJ l'lC'l'lCRSOX iv In Armed S crviccs Page Twenty-nine JAMES MCPEEKQ DUANE NlfGEN'I'-A' CARRIE ,IUANITA IRXRKICR BETTY VVILIQIAMS VAYNIC IiS'l'1-Il-IR PHARIS Page Thirty ANNABE PIIY I.LIS POLAND LLB ROBERTS ,IOIIN GOUDY DVVIGHT RYAN CELINA SIMMONS "5 In .Xrnu-nl Sc rvim-. , 1 gy: ONi .1704 Seniau MARY FRANCES PURDY GLADYS ROBINSON SHIRLEY ROSSI PIIY R LLIS SIIU LTZ OGER SPEARM AN JEAN SPURLING Al ACK TAYLOR'k BETTY STYERS JEAN THAYER MARTHA VERNON -k In Armed Services Page Thirh J-ons FRA NCES STACIIELIIAUS PAULINE STINEMETZ LORRAINE SNVATIK HARRY TURN ER CAROLYN NVARD KATIIRYN VVARN . IAN LAY " Iul'A YOAKVM ROBERT XVILLIAMS A R I, EN E XY I L M OTT Ii HARRY XVRIGII T Page Thirty-two .804 S 844404 RIFHARD NVHE'l'Slil, FRN ' ' f NLES XVIIITI-I DOROTHY XVILLIS CllARI.OTTl'1 VVRIGHT RUTH VVRIGIIT 4 V ICNONA ROB I SON G ICORG IC I4 RYA NS RO Y I I IC RR I NGTON-k IIlCl'I.AIl XYIIITI PATRICIA BUNN ROI! ERT BLAIR i'amcr'a Shy FRANCES ANTILL A' In Arxnn-II Services Page Thirty-three .Em Elma OFFICERS President . .,,, ...., 7 ....,, ,A.....,. ,.,..,... Kay Klein Vice President .eeeee,. e...,...., R oss Bair Secretary .,7eeee.. .r ......,, Kathrine- Kerin Treasurer rrr... .i...... D olores Fawcett ,5Q'l? if 1 , ,I ' ,Q Z'-' 1 If l 1 S. f 11,316 TlVL1'ty-frmr C'!QM, . K ' S ZX? Q-'cull' unfomq, P1TIl17' Carroll Allen Mary Joan Ansel Mary Antonaros Marjorie Arnold Jack Auskings Dow Ayers Ross Bair Kenneth Baker Robert Baker Wayne Balcom Betty Beach Helen Beck Mary Beck William Beckley Joan Benoy Jean Bickel Eugene Black Janet Blackford Ronald Blake Lewis Blue Gregory Boddy Martha Jane Breech Owen Breneman Dorothy Brooks Zella Brooks Richard Bunn Robert Butcher Richard Buxton George Clark Janet Cochran Leota Conkle Roberta Davis William Deedrick Gillis Denoon Eileen Doup Joan Doup Shirley Dunham Ben Dunn lwithdrawnb Dorothea Eberhardt fwithdrawnl Norma Jean Eberhardt Thomas Edgar Joyce Edminster Frances Emery Hannelore Erlanger Dolores Fawcett Page Thirty-six JUNIORS Kathryn Ferguson Oneida Fisher Wanda Flickinger Nova Fogle Bill Furniss Evelyn Gardner Joyce Gates Nathine Goodenough Lydia Gray Kathryn Griggs Betty Grubaugh Jeannine Hagan Don Hall Cherie Hanley Richard Hannan Ellis Hauger Cherie Heighton Joyce Hennell Lawrence Henry Carolyn Hess William Hickerson Robert Hines Cwithdrawnj Robert Hodge Arlene Hottinger Bill Hull Freida Hunter Charles Johnson Janis Johnson Juanita Kenney Katherine Kerin Kay Klein Patty Lawrence Esther Little Rupert Loyd Nicholas Madias Dorothy Meharry Henry Motherall Mary Lou Morris Kathryn Mossholder Leona Mossholder Fred McFarland Virginia McGough William McGough Hazel Mclntire Charles McLarnan -F 5 1 f 5? ffx f Jack McMahon Richard Neighbarger Jo-An Nelson Ada Newton Marilyn Nugent Bernard Owen Dean Owen Kenneth Page Norma Parker Vera Payne Leslie Pierce William Pierce' Bill Pinkley Harold Porter Mary Purdy Vivian Purdy Bill Raymond Robert Reasoner Sue Rian Betty Ridenour Gordon Rine Jo Ann Rippey Arthur Sapp Lois Schnitzer Eugene Scott Beatrice Seavolt Margaret Sharp Eileen Shoults Donna Slayman Marcella Snider Alice Spearman Ann Strodtbeck Sarah Stillwell Jack Taylor I withdrawn? Perry Trinkner Eileen Tucker Bill Umbaugh Mary Jane Vail Eloise Vannatta Margene Vannatta Velma Vannatta Betty Van Riper Norma Weider Evelyn Wolford Betty Wright .Em Glam: 61644 of 1947 OFFICERS President ......,..,.... ...... I na Claire Hull Vice President ..,.... i....ii. K atherine Frye Secretary .......... ...... B arbara Tier Treasurer ...... .,..... V ora Riue . '.: , f. ,. jf, x,J,vi, 4Wf3:' Page Thirty-seven L11 .YN K . .4 MJ Ab- .. Payfr Tlzirty-eight Amanda Alberts Marlys Anderson Stan Antill Richard Balo Harry Barncord Marjorie Barton Anna Bell James Bergen Robert Bickel Tom Black Peter Bogardus Dorothy Booth Blaine Bowers Richard Bowsher Charles Bricker Katherine Briggs Joyce Brown Violet Brown Betty Burke Norma Burson Marvin Buxton Barbara Carson Betty Carter Norma Carter Yvonne Carter Elaine Chambers Ellen Chambers Anne Clark Donna Clippinger Katharine Cochra Margaret Collins Irene Cooper VVinslow Curry Norma Daily Janet Dancey Sue Dietrich Ed Doup Jean Downing Juanita Draper Roger Dunham Herman Dunn Louise Dutt Kenneth Eyster Ben Feldmiller Fred Ferguson Wilma Fish Laura Fox William Frary Il SOPHOMORES Virginia Fravel Oren Freshour Kathleen Frye Donald Gallogly Roberta Gardner Thomas Gardner Nada Gates Joan Gaumer Ruth Gilbert Irvin Goosens Clifford Graham Harriett Graham Edith Gray Claude Green Joseph Grubb Richard Haire James Hanley Zaleen Hanna Richard Hare Helen Hatfield Jimmy Hatfield Gabrielle Hayes Ralph Hedges Carmen Hinger Ed Hoagland Bruce Hoffman Robert Hopkins Reva Hubble Jeannine Hughes Ina Hull June Hulse Marcella Hunter Rodney Hyatt Gus Katris Jerry Kearns Marilyn Kile Jeannine Kistler Mable Lambillotte Norma Laymon Jerry Legros Betty June Lewis Fred Lippman Elwin Lively Jeanne Lonzo John Lynde Erina Madias Maria Madias George Magill Jack Mendenhall X 1 T ' .ia G23 -fa.: 2' 9 v I Mary Miller Ralph Mills William Moore Bob McDevitt Betty McDonald Joan McFeely Betty McKee Lucille McKenzie Jean McLarnan Dan McMillen Jack McNeil Jacqueline Nelson Jack Nugent Gail Pealer Jimmy Poland Ron Poland Vora Rine Hallie Robinson David Sapp Jack Scott Rowena Scott Kate Shellenbarger Mary Ann Shultz Charlotte Silliman James Snow Donna Spearman Esther Spearman Nancy Stillwell George Swatik Gerald Tharp Louise Thomas Forrest Thompson Barbara Tier Phillip Treese David Underhill Irma VanDevelde John Vasbinder Norma Waddell Grace Walton Charles Waddell Richard Welker Louise Williams Rowena Wilson Toni Wilson Jack Wintermute Richard Wonders Emogene Wright Donald Yauger Page Thu ty nme Imogene Adams Ann Adrian Romona Alberts Geraldine Allen Floyd Antill Tommy Badger Mary Baldwin Joan Barncord Gerald Barnett Marguerite Bates Martha Bates Donald Beach Geraldine Beach Harry Beck Margaret Beck Reta Beckholt Bill Belden Lucille Bevington Russell Bishop Roselyn Blackwell Beverly Blake Mary Blanchard Loretta Bohn John Bonnette Bill Borden Joan Bowden Lewis Bower Irma Bowsher Dick Brandt Elaine Bricker Robert Brinning Richard Bumer George Bumpus Peggy Bunn Mable Butler Fred Buxton Charles Byrd Jean Byrd Don Caldwell William Camp Sarah Carter Jocelyn Coe Andrew Collins Larry Conkling Wilbur Connell Eleanor Coon Fred Cornet William Grouthers Marjorie Curry Robert Cushman Gene Davy Stephen Deedrick Polly Deem Hubert DeWitt Janet Dowds Richard Eberhardt Jack Elliott Margot Erlanger Tom Fawcett Richard Ferrell Dick Ferris Junior Fox Mildred Fox Joan Francis Nancy Frank Ruth Frank Page Forty .Baa 614491 Betty Frary Jean Fraser Betty Frye Edward Frye Thelma Frye Dorothy Gnatz Lola Gentry Doris Gilbert Frank Grennell Gordon Griffin Robert Haire Don Halderman Phyllis Hardesty Helen Harding Ben Harris Donald Harris Joanne Hart Norma Jean Hatfield Robert Hatfield George Hedges Bill Hendershot Ruth Hennell Shirley Herndon Fren Hiles Nancy Hissong Ruth Hoffman Eileen Hogle Don Hollifield Bill Holmes Gail Horlacher Harold Houck Howard Houck Don Humphryes Eleanor Inks Doris Jackson Christina Jacobs Carl Jenkins Annabelle Jessup John Johnson Robert Johnson Marjory Kathary Duane Kinnard Junior Kirk Marian Kirtley Paul Kreps Marjorie Lahmon Patsy Leache Grace Lee Jettie Lee Ruth Leonard Jean Lepley Glenn Levengood Larry Loyd Dale Lunsford Jane Lybarger Joan Lybarger Marthella Lybarger Dixie Malley Ruth Maloney Clyde Marvin Twyla Marvin James Meliotes Ruth Merriman Maxine Metcalf Betty Miller Jane Miller Margaret Morey Norma McConnell Mary McCoy Joan McGugin Lois McKenzie Herbert McKinstry Sam McMillen Lois McNamara Joanne McNeil Jack Neipling Ned Neighbarger Helen O'Bryan Mildred Payne Truman Penn Joanne Perkins Ellen Peterson Ellen Ralston Lenor Rapp Donald Reasoner Lowell Reeder David Rhoades Garland Richardson Vivian Rine Betty Robbins Francis Rowe Joan Ryan James Sapp Virginia Sharp Juanita Sheldon Francis Shellenbarger Marilyn Shipley Katherine Shutt Ruth Simpson William Simpson Harry Skeen Wendell Skeen Betty Starmer Norma Starmer Ralph Steurer Ronald Sturgess Charmaine Styers Joyce Swingly Mary Jo Temple Betty Jo Thomas Floyd Thomas William Tier Esther Treese Betty Turner Melvin Underhill Charles Vasbinder 'Carol Vaupel Edith Vernon Richard Vilfer Darrell Voorhees Howard Warner Robert Weaver Mary Welker Patricia Wells Robert Wells Mike White Elaine Wilkins Jeannette Wolf Arthur Woods Murray Wright Barbara Zedaker Ed Zimmerman -- Page Forty,-mm f' '-f 1!l Pr1gfc'Fm'lj1-fu'o Kenneth Ackerman Wayne Adams Mary Lou Agnew Betty Allspaugh Mary Jane Anderson William Ballman Mary L. Barton Elaine Bass Eugene Baxter Virginia Bebout Arthur Beck James Bechtol Gretchen Bell Carroll Berger Joe Berger Florence Ann Berry Maxine Bickel Charlotte Blubaugh John Bobst Edna Bogardus Ruth Botkin Bud Bowers David Bricker Marjorie Brooks Norma Brooks Bob Brown Joe Brown Garnette Bumpus Mary Burchard Bill Burris Stanley Burson Bill Buskirk Lowell Butcher Carolyn Byrd Richard Carter Donald Clark David Clark Maxine Cline Walter Clippinger William Clippinger Darlene Cochran Lois Cochran Corena Collins Irene Columber Orla Conard Jennie Connell Iris Conner Barbara Cook Annabelle Cranmer George Crawford Walter Crey Ruby Curry Joan Daubenspeck Jack Doup Charles Duckworth Clifton Durbin Ruth Dustin James Fairchild Jack Fawcett Rozella Fawcett Gordon Fletcher Ned Fletcher Ralph Fogle Jo Ann Fravel Jean Frazier Lewis Frazier Clarence Fry Harry Fry EIGHTH G Marcene Gates Allen Gaunders Lois Geiger Ethel George Richard Giffin Joanalee Githens Loretta Gilbert Robert Graham Martha Greene Nellie Griggs Norma Hagaman Virginia Hagaman Betty Rose Hanger Annie Hardesty Ralph Hatfield Dick I-Ieighton Gladys Hess Catherine Hill Harold Hill Donald Hillier David Hissong Shirley Hoagland .Wilma Hodge Mary Ann Houbler James Houle Elmer Hughes Virginia Hurps Donas Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Charles Jones Douglas Jones Esther Jones Lydia Jones Barbara Kaiser Beatrice Kaiser Barbara Kirtley Cecil Knerr Paul Kramer Kathleen Kreps Eileen Lahmon Jean Liggett William Loney Harriett Lord Stella Madias Jimmy Magill Maxine Marshall Phyllis Mauler David Mavis Frances Mehl Joan Mendenhall Paul Mentis Martha Jean Miller Oliver Morey Sue Morris Dick Morrison Joan Mowery William McGowan Lucy McPherson Mary N eighbarger Earl Newton Jacqueline Newton Robert Ott Grace Page Donald Parker Marjorie Parker Mary Ruth Parker Robert Parker Raymond Parker RADE Sylvia Penn George Persons Margaret Peterson Ed Porter Robert Porter Vernon Reddick Donna Ridenbaugh Patty Roberts Reva Robertson Jean Robinson Robert Rockwell James Romine Alvin Rose Otto Rotunno Ted Schwartz - Tom Schwartz Donald Scott Kenneth Scott Bill Shearer Vivian Shrimplin W Denton Silliman glinton Simpkins everly Smith Donald Smith Joan Smith Sharma Smith David Snedden Eugene Staats Robert Stanley Betty Statler Geraldine Steurer Robert Stillwell Donna Stiverson Rosalee Stricker Wilbur Stump Leslie Swadener Janet Swain Byrdella Swank iw Loma Taylor Willis Taylor Dick Tharp Dick Thomas Dean Thompson Bill Thompson Miriam Titus Melvin Tschappat Doris Tucker Franklin Ulery Gloria Vail ,Boyd Varner Donna Vasbinder Barbara Vernon Jack Vernon Betty Vilfer Barbara Walton Harriett Ward Wilma Ward Patricia Warner David Wells Patricia Wikle Marion Wikle Ernest Williams Jack Williams Mary Jo Williams Helen Wilson Roy Wilson John Workman Fred Zerull ithdrawny Page Forty-three Allen Ansel Russell Ansel David Appleton Seldon Bair Greta Baker Doris Banner .James Baker Sue Barncord Luella Beckholt Eileen Beeman Dorothy Belt Peggy Bergin Betty Bond Bill Bowden Carolyn Brandt Kenneth Butler Mona Butler Robert Camp Bill Cherryholmes Helen Cline Maxine Clipse Maxine Cochran Jack Coe Barbara Coonrad Sherman Congdon Burton Connell Janice Cook Robby Curry Sylvia Daily Joe Davis Robert Davis Bobby Dawson Jeannine Dew Harley Dexter Jeannette Dotson Jean Doup Donna Draper Janet Durbin Bill Emlick Gene Evans Robert Evans Reed Ewart James Ewers Keith Ewers Robert Fawcett Bill Ferguson Ronald Fogle Joann Frederick Donald Fry Roberta Fry Marguerite Gaumer Richard Gantz Walter George Richard Gillooley Arnette Glover James Goudy Nancy Goudy Ray Graham Charles Grennell Joe Grennell Marlene Giffin Page Forty-four .Baa Glwua Dorothy Hale Marilyn Hall Ralph Hall Juanita Hankins Beverly Hannan Doris Hartzler Fred Hatfield Robert Hauger Bill Hedrick Richard Herndon Junior Hershner Keith Hess Shirley Hildebrand Helen Hollifleld Philip Houbler Betty Hubbard Richard Hunt Milton Hunter Florence Jacobs Phyllis Jacobs Ronald Jenkins Karl Johns Glenn Jones Davida Kahrl Peggy Kearns Kenneth Keck Delbert Koch Maxine Raymond Zelma Lee Gerald Lewis Jane Long Stamatia Madias Buddy Magers Alice Magill Donald Malley Curtis Mayer Charles Metcalf Joyce Mondron Norma Monroe Georgiana Morris Ruth Morrison Alice Mossholder Julia Mossholder Ronald McGowan David McKay Doris McKee Nadine McKenzie Kay McNamara Charles McNeil Wayne McNeil Milton McQuigg Norma Newton Gene Nugent Brenda Olson Mary Ott Lois Owen Louis Owen Esta Parker Lawrence Pembrook Jo Ann Peugh Norman Phillips Barbara Pierce .Jeannine Porter Carroll Price Lauretta Quillen Mary Pat Rahming Louise Ralston Dean Reeder Roger Rian Bill Rice Elizabeth Rice Fern Rinehart Betty Ringer Patricia Romine Keith Schouten Dale Scott Gene Seavolt James Sellers Bessie Sharp Donna Shrimplin Dick Shuff -George Simmons Lois Simpson Norma Skeen Goldie Smith Joan Soles Richard Sorenson Pauline Spearman Loren Spencer Clarabel Springer Catherine Staats Larry Steagall Martha Storey . Patricia Sutton Jean Ann Swain Ruth Swank Jack Sweet Dick Taugher Patty Taylor Russell Taylor Juanita Thompson Beverly Tier James Todd Richard Tucker Phyllis Vernon Rodney Vernon Marie Wagner Louise Walker Carolyn Warman Betty Warner Elaine Warner Paul Warner Bill Wears Carroll Welker Terry Wells Gene Williams Jean Willis Raymond Wills Guy Wilson June Wise Marie Woods Betty Young R Cfzwf W, fo CSv'0ZPf'77'l14!U?f'bQAJ2 P 1 F T111 Star-4 NATHUQI Bev spit, CHARL Es ,ff BETTY ljlljfl' Fm fy-six Oqum r,,FF K i , 'E X 'N ,M If' . ii, M ANDY .Q CKQQLYN PfRR,Y JW , MYLZQMW Q wa-i.m.u4, g2g Z! Qaaa ..6..2'h35....s'f.: The Eye of The School .Ea Jfzuma Across the Years Nineteen Forty-five marks the fortieth year of publication Work in Mt. Vernon High School. A long and eventful road separates Mr. Kinney's 1906 "Forum" and our efforts of today. So, in rememberance of all these years of toil, we are substituting this, an historical calendar for the usual record of the year. Here you Will find the gleanings of poring over old "Forums," "Jacket Journals," and trditional gossip, and, as the 1907 "Forum" so aptly put it - If these pages you scan in vain, And fail to find your distinguished name, You need not boast nor think the editor kind, Because you were really not Worth the grind. fcontinuecl on page 961 Mr. Curtis Kinney, first editor of "The Forum" discusses high school publications with Art Cassell, editor of the "Jacket J ournal", and Ted B0- gardus, editor of the 1945 "Forum." . 5 " if 1 ,lf Page Forty-eight Y K ff I ' Q E ' 1s'f5"!g' Asif' - I W' s.. Page Fifty Z! Gam MOVIES The long black thing in the halls, which you may have thought to be a giant python, was really only an electric cable. It was the symbol of that magic word - movies. They were not, to be sure, the Hedy Lamarr type of movie. They were documentary films of small town life made by the government for showing in Latin America. Mt. Vernon was chosen as the background. Realizing the Worth of the project, the school endeavored in every way to cooperate with the photographers. Mr. Julien Bryan, the head of their organization, gave us a stimulating talk in an early assembly. In response to his of- fer, a number of students volunteered to work in assisting with the lights and cameras. The entire filming was an education in itself, and our illusions as to the idle life of motion picture stars were quite shattered. All in all, We felt an intense pride in being able to contribute so directly to the cause on which we have based this "Forum." 9 I gf - f 1 Q X376 . M321 fw ,Q l -Q Ai 'T fi M2532 -rdf? 25 5 M fy fb 3 1 wb 'fisyifq' Q -nw - , .W ,f ..,. .. ,w s . 2-3, M 'N5P':ffiQff-' UV: .Q MF' ' , fa :. - ez. - ..-:vile 1" -k4:-aN4.R-.1g,-,- g5:,-.g::,-,JFHEEIIZ-::,.2Z v L, ww- mf, K 2 ff iw U -Q ' ,K Q 2 fp 3 1' I 93? :"f:i3::,s qw f , SQ, .4 EQ .' , :M F' ' Q Q ii W' 2 sm F 1 4 A A 2, g S 4 ' K1 'S' W K f Q , Q ,Q JN m , 8 4 5 we xx f W ' X 3 hx 5 sa if 2 s? 2 Q M r , 1 mia 5 L M T32 N' M ng X f S if . F Q gg if :E Aw K'3'?5ll"fQ 3 X, M 1 kg f M .7 K E. D' Y Y ,S 3 J 4 ,gm f N, if f 2 Q s 5 'mx- Qwefzv f SE. . A" as R .Q li 5 , .gf-. . S if .N-I-. - , .-if: UN 1 Ex J' gwi.. K 523326 . I M 2 if wwf! Page Fifty-two .Baa 804601 STUDENT CGUNCIL The Student Council started the year with a strenuous bond and stamp campaign. With the coming of the election, they directed their efforts towards obtaining the four mill levy. In meetings held each Monday, they have discussed the problems of the school and, what is more important, have done something about them. Under their supervision, the monitor system has grown in efficiency and scope. :fi ':,. 'B mf? No Monkey Busines Working Corps OFFICERS President ..... ,..,. ...., . Vic Feldmiller Vice Pres. ... ,..,. N ova Fogle Secretary ,oo... ...,o. B etty Turner Treasurer o.... ..o,o J oan Ansel Head Monitor Kay Kleln STUDENT COUNCIL Adviser - Miss Imogene Michael Page Fifty-HWUC IW WW 2 , X' STUDENT f ,f Pxflff' fad eluded' Councn. As9fnBl.v ST Uhtnrr Count Clfigii The Sch QALAQQL, "JACKET JOURNAL" STAFF Qu! is The Voic Advertising Staff and Reporters .Baa GMM WEN ...- G H655 do Jfxcxzv JOURNAL Sw-.FP 5 my ' Z? A .. fr A 6 W 1 J-H-f"""' Quan, 'WN '1 1 HELS3 1 K, v L H.-.Raw . Dua. ' 'ffwf S" pair R V GGNNJNE I'ngfr' Fiftlu-sr, rmz It ... no GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves put their talents to fine use when they made dolls for children at Christmas and sold lilies at Easter. On the social side, the officers arranged a Christmas party and a suc- cessful joint meeting With the Hi-Y. In addition, The Mother and Daughter Banquet carried on a time-honored custom, the crowning festivity was the brilliant formal in April. .fad Ghfiai rg if if 1 A F. H. A. This year the name of the F. H. A. was changed to Ohio Junior Home Economics Association. The girls had a good program for the year, held the initiation and sold candy at the Fiesta. OFFICERS President .....r.......... Helen Giffin Vice Pres ..,r.,.,. Lavonne McGugin Secretary..Rosemary Hildebrand Treasurer ...,i Janet Blackford Historian ...... Marybelle Lahmon Page Fifty-eirjlzi OFFICERS President ...,. Marjorie Masteller Vice President ...,, Marian Benoy Secretary .,,.......... Carolyn Hess Treasurer Frances Stachelhaus GIRL RESERVES Advisers: Miss Margaret Mahaffey, Mrs. Evelyn Patrick G. R. CABINET Page Fifty-niuc 9" if gf Page Sixty HI-Y A colorful formal started off the Hi-Y list of activities. Christmas toy servicing, a Weiner roast, and an informal lunch soon followed. Dur- the spring months, the officers Worked out a schedule whereby the group might visit the ma- jority of the churches in Mt. Vernon. The Torch Club also had an active year. So- cial events such as a gym night and a theater party have helped to cement the group into a closely-knit unit. .EM Guin Members of Senior Hi-Y . 52-E, if Nw President ,............. Secretary .,........ Treasurer ....,.. HI - Y Adviser, Mr. Adrian Bader Vice President ....,.. ...,. Art Cassell Herb Dietrich Vic Feldrmiller Harry Turner Page Sixty-one FUTURE FARMERS 0F AMERICA Page Sixty-two The selling of hybrid seed corn, the scrap drive, and a great many other important and productive activities have occupied the Future Farmers of America during the past year. They have been especially proud to be able to associate with the new agriculture teacher - Mr. Ball. 1 4 'F 5? ff' f' .8048 Lea OFFICERS President Fred McFarland Vice President Roger Spearman Secretary e.,,,ee. Torn Black Treasurer ,eeeee Ellis Hauger "V ' J v ,nf W F. F. A. Advisers Mr. Thomas Berry iNavyJ, Mr. Ernest Ball Page Sixty-tllrw Top Tow f Weaving and Oils. Second row'-Posters and Ceramics. Third rows-- Water Colors. Instructors - Miss Fern Lewis, Miss June Taylor Pago Sixty-fozn' ZZ Ada if DPC .--fi ART A great many of the projects of the art department were evident and we have appreciated them. Among these are the assembly that the art and music departments joined in, the hilarious variety shows, and the excellent poster and display work. But there is much accomplished by the art department of which we know little or nothing. For ex- ample, students have made excursions to various art mu- seums and collections, going as far as Cincinnati and Pitts- burgh. Members of the department participated in and were winners in regional and national contests. Certain students have performed for civic groups in the city. The entire year has been, as usual, one of ceaseless enterprise. Jing 5 4 z' .i 'flf A .I T D11 A r 'I ! Q I W, , ff jd i 5 I L I 2- Page Sixty-five LIBRARY The Library Club has grown into an organization that stands among the very first in the school. Besides its record of constant service as a staff of Workers that really work-that keep the library in good condition at all times,-they also have a well-rounded cultural and social program. Es- pecially well-received have been the lunches in the library at noon, and the waffle supper at Mrs. Sevitts'. For the first time in the school's library history, Mrs. Sevitts is offer- ing a regular library course. This group meets after school, and trains for Workers in the library. One fifth credit is given, and there are nine in the course this year. Library Officers: President .........,. ......... O neida Fisher Vice-President ..... ..... W anda Flickinger Sect.-Treas. .... ...,...,......... J oan Benoy Adviser .....,,. .,...... M rs. Helen Sevitts l I qv-. "N 4:6 i Page Swcty-six .fad 6114604 LIBRARY CLUB 1 I Helen Sevitts Page C H O I R President - -- Esther Pharis Secretary f Bob Williams Director Y Gene Taylor .fa wiica TREBLE CLEF Ina Hull, Beverly Dorsey, Loretta Bohn, Louise Dutt, Vera Payne, Sarah Stillwell, Jeanne Cline, Esther Pharis, Frances Stachlehaus, Gwen Jones, Bonnie Hardesty, Jo Ann Rippey. Page Sixty-eight JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Director V- Mr. Gene Taylor BOYS' GLEE CLUB ff ini 1 Page Seventy MUSIC One of the first assemblies of the year showed us what the choir could do. The band and orchestra pursued their too often thankless task of playing for the games, assemblies, plays, and the like. In March, the choir and glee clubs com- bined to give us a superlative entertainment in "The Sorcerer." All of these activities were of a high quality traditional in the music department. As a final exhibition, the annual choir concert was given near the end of school. fy scnwz amz R Bair. Sec.-'I'r'eas. Shirley Dunham, President Nick Madias. Vice-Pres. oss :EK 0 " "H .E A014466 -it? 6 Pflyfr' Sf'1'r'lzi,1f-mic, TH E ORCHESTRA 1,-' ....L.-.-- i-l.. 'i--1--'Agn-ii.: .ii- it-.--'-' ,..1 DRUM MAJORETTES Elaine Chambers Ellen Chambers fl Q, ' Lois Schnitzer Accompanists Louise Dutt Roselyn Blackwell Edgar Bogardus Loretta Bohn Page Seventy-three MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC DEPARTMENT Presented " 7fze 50 " LIGI-LT OPERA By Gilbert Sz Sullivan Under Direction of GENE TAYLOR ' Friday, March, 16, 1945 CAST OF CHARACTERS Sir Marmaduke Poindexter, an elderly Baronet A........,..... Alexis, of the Grenadier Guards, his son .,......,i..... Dr. Daly, Vicar of Ploverly A..,..........i...,..............,... Lawyer .............................,................................,........,.,.......,.,.,...,,.,.......,, Notary ..,..i,..........,.,........,...........,.,....,.........,.......Yi..............l.....,................. John Wellington Wells, of the J. Wells 81 Co., Family Sorcerers... Bill Deedrick Robert Belt Bill Furniss Bill Frary Dick Wonders ,.....Bob Williams Ladfy' Sangazure, a lady of ancient lineage ..,.........,............,..........,., ,....,,,,, L ouise Dutt Aline, her daughter, betrothed to Alexis ..........,..........................,, ,... ,,,,,,,, E S ther Phay-is Mrs. Parlet a pew owner ...............,.............. Bonnie Hardesty Cdnstance, her daughter ,.... ........................................... ..... L o retta Bohn Hercules, a page ............,.. ............................,.................,... J ean Ann Swain PEASANT CHORUS Joyce Brown Gwen Jones David Rhoades Katherine Cochran Joan Ryan John Goudy Janet Dancey Jane Lybarger --Lowell Reeder Betty Beach Louise Hoar Larry Conkling Ann Clark Ina Claire Hull Gordon Griffin Jaunita Draper Vora Rine Henry Motherall Irene Cooper Ellen Jackson Tommy Edgar Barbara Carson Rowena Wilson Oren Freshour Bev Adele Dorsey Laveta Yoakum Robert Hopkins Betty Jane Keck Jean Lonzo Richard Bunn Sarah Stillwell Ruth Ann Leonard Kinsey Borden Louise Thomas Virginia Fravel Ellis Hauger Zaleen Hanna Wanda Flickinger Budd Dunham Betty McGibney James Handley Rupert Loyd MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA Violins!Marian Benoy, Jane Netalick, Charlene Zedaker. Flutes - Nathine Goodenough, Lenor Rapp, Eleanor Inks. Clarinets - Venona Robison, Evelyn Barcus, Shirley Dunham, James Poland. Alto Saxophones - Dorothy Ganz, Joy Swingley. Trumpets - Jerry Legros, Harry Barncord, Marilyn Kile. French Horn - Nancy Stillwell. Trombones-Kenneth Hurlow, Annabel Robertson, Vivian Rine. Bass - Thomas Brooks. Percussion - Nick Madias. Piano -- Roselyn Blackwell .fa Mmica Page Seventy-four I .NSW "THE SORCERER' Page Seventy-six INDUSTRIAL ARTS Instructor - Mr. Warren Cooper Bernard Frye Using a circular saw. , U- Fi-Q :LQ 'ii' 1 "w Ron Poland Using the lathe making a lamp Mr. Cooper Sharpening a circular saw for Bernard to use. Z! Hale Medmiaa Unloading Industrial Arts Class Unloading lurnber. Mr. Bennet ..., Hill ..........,..,,.....,. Mrs. Bennet ....... Lady Lucas ..,,.. Charlotte Lucas MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Presented YW ' ' v ll wie am! 4 0 pqucfwe As Their All High School Play Friday Evening, November 17, 1944 CHARACTERS ilu the order of their appearaueep Jane Bennet .,,.....,...... Elizabeth Bennet Lydia Bennet Mr. Darcy .............. Mr. Bingley ..,.,,.. Mr. Collins .,...... Amelia ,...........,,.. Mr. Wickham Belinda ............... Amanda .,...,..,..... A Young Man ......... Captain Denny ....... Miss Bingley ...,.. Agatha .,.........,.,................. A Second Youn Man ....,., g A Maid U: ,.........., . Maggie ...,....,,,,.....,,......,..,....,,.. Mrs. Gardner ..,i. Lady Catherine de Bourgh .,... Col. Guy Fitzwilliam .........,. Ted Bogardus Ted Bogardus Dan McMillen Carolyn Ward As Mr. Bennett Joan Culbertson Letha Lake Beverly Dorsey Annabelle Robertson Ann Strodtbeck Ross Bair Warren Bresler Rupert Loyd Phyllis Shultz John Lynde Joan Francis Roberta Connell Oren Freshour Gordon Griffin Patty Lawrence Gabrielle Hayes George Swatik Nova Fogle Marilyn Nugent Sue Rian Sarah Stillwell Perry Trinkner Mrs. Lake .........,......,........,.. ,.,........ . . ..... Katherine Cochran PRODUCTION STAFF Director .........t........,,,....,.,.......,,,......,........,.....,..,.,,....................,,,....,...... Ruth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager .,.,...,,,...,,,,,,....,,......i........, ..i,,...,,,.,,............,.....,..... ...,.,......,,......... R a y Cramer Stage Crew ...,.,........ Harry Turner, James Hawkins, Herbert Dietrich, Willard Peterson Electricians .......,lt...,...,.....,,.,,......,.,....,..l,,....,,l.,. ..,..l,,.......,,..... K enneth Hurlow, Don Harris Property Committee .....,.,.t Mary Ellen Jackson, Betty Jewell, Nathine Goodenough, Joan Benoy, Betty Turner, Betty Carter, Gabrielle Hayes, Roberta Gardner. Tickets ........................................,........,........,..........,................................,........... Evelyn Patrick Head Usher ...,.i ,,,.... ...... ..,,......i,,,....,.,. . , , Virginia Fravel .Ea fb . l Jawa? U ' ' 'i .- J 9 , . F9 T Xl! . ' " W, .,,., -5 ' EX Page Seventy-seven I A i .ma . M S N fi ,N P, .M fg G, .Z if W f i 1.5 3' was 112' ' d K 1 55:45 1 f' Y -...L-, wg M, z 5 6 f 5 5 4:5 Y ?f , - 3 if 5 5 5' M A- , 1 .psy H' ix , M,-.why-.W za a O 'O l 1 vs K E, W .......,..u Dean Owen and Dick Thomas Bernard Owen Pam' Eijlllf-ll ffm Bradley Upham 1 1 f FP F XS NN UNCERS T .Eu 14121 ' ON THE GRIDIRON Dale Gardner - Senior - Tackle - Two varsity letters Honorable mention N .C.O. Duane Nugent - Senior - Guard - fI'wo varsity letters - Honorable mention N.C.O. Gordon Gerrard - Senior - Guard - Two varsity letters . Dick Whetsel - Senior - Center - Two varsity letters Captain. Honorable mention N.C.O. Bernard Lanning - Senior - Back - Two varsity letters First II'eam N.C.O. Third Team All-Ohio. Harold Porter - Senior - Back - Two varsity letters Honorable mention N .C.O. Bill McGibney - Senior - Tackle - One varsity letter. Ray Cramer - Senior - End - Two varsity letters. George Berger - Senior - Back - One varsity letter. Charles Cole - Senior - Tackle - One varsity letter. Robert Coe - Senior - Center - One varsity letter. Bill Deedrick - Junior - Tackle - Two varsity letters. Art Sapp - Junior - Guard - One varsity letter - Honor able mention N .C.O. Jim Liggett - Junior - End - One varsity letter. Charles Johnson - Junior - Back - One varsity letter - Honorable mention N.C.O. Dick Bowsher - Junior - End - One varsity letter. Brad Upham - Sophomore - Tackle - One varsity letter. Pete Bogardus - Sophomore - Guard - One varsity letter. Paul Kreps - Sophomore - Back - One varsity letter. Bernard Frye - Senior - Manager - One varsity letter. Top to bottom: Hedges, Cole, Reeder, Feldmiller, Liggett, Coe. Page Eiylzty-mari 1204 141fle1fzca4 Gardner FOOTBALL Lanning Fletcher Johnson Coach 4 Anderson Whetsel Porter Dice ' Berger Sapp Deedrick Pilye Eighty-two Assistant Coach - Guy VanNostrand Assistant Coach if Robeson FOOTBALL 4 Assistant Coach Cooper McFarland Henry Bowsher Cramer Kreps Katris Ayers Dietrich Bogardus Upharn Nugent Gerrard White Buxton Jenkins McNeil Page-Eighty-three .Eu Atleticu Tfawlfy Sinai Page Eighty-four f?e4ffwe.S' 2 r 'I f Y X 1 H .P ' 5 jg as ' ATHLETICS Under the tutoring of our new coach, Jack Anderson, both the football and basketball seasons were more successful than those of the previous years. The Yellow Jacket football squad stepped up from a winless season to four wins in nine starts, dropping two games in the last two minutes. The basketball quintet won eight of nineteen. In several of the games they were unable to score in the closing minutes thus losing by just a few points. Mr. Anderson, before coming to Mt. Vernon, coached at Jefferson High School at Dresden, Ohio. He was then inducted into the Army but was lat- er given a medical discharge. The summer before he came to Mt. Vernon, he was swimming instructor in Wheelright, Kentucky. Mr. Anderson was assisted by Guy VanNostrand, Jack Robeson, and Warren Cooper in coach- ing. The Yellow Jacket football team loses eleven by graduation but have some bright prospects coming up from this year's reserve along with some returning lettermen. The basketball team is a little better off by losing only two seniors, Herb Dietrich and Dick Whetsel. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Mount Vernon ............................ 19 Fredericktown .... 0 Mount Vernon ....... 13 Coshocton ........ .....,.. 3 3 Mount Vernon ..,..... 27 Bucyrus ,..... ., 12 Mount Vernon .... 6 Marion ................ .c...., 3 1 Mount Vernon ....... 24 Dennison .................... ...., . .. 22 Mount Vernon ....... 14 Washington C. H. .... ,.,..... 1 3 Mount Vernon .... 6 Galion ............r........ .,,,.,., 3 4 Mount Vernon ....... 13 Shelby ..r........ ,....,,, 2 7 Mount Vernon ......,...........,...,..... 13 Ashland . ......... ,,,,,,,, 1 4 RESERVE FOOTBALL SCORES Mount Vernon ............................ 19 Mansfield Appleseed .,...., ..,, 6 Mount Vernon ........ 12 Danville Varsity ....,,.., ,,,,,,,, 3 1 Mount Vernon .....,.. 18 Sunbury Reserve ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 7 Mount Vernon ..c,.... 34 Mansfield Madison Reserves .... 6 Mount Vernon ..,. 6 Mansfield .,....,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 7 ls. v V LQ.. ,7 Page Eighty-jiue .fad rqlfleiicad. ON THE HARD COURT BASKETBALL LETTERMEN DICK WHETSEL - Senior - Guard - Co-Captain - fI'wo varsity letters - Second Team of all N, C. O. - Winner of Mt. Vernon News trophy. HERB DIETRICI-I - Senior - Guard - Co-Captain - Two varsity let- ters - Second team of all N.C.O. RON POLAND - Junior - Forward - One varsity letter. WINSLOW CURRY - Sophomore - Forward - One varsity letter - Honorable mention N. C. O. DICK WELKER - Junior - Center - One varsity letter. BILL DEEDRICK -- Junior - Guard - One varsity letter. PERRY TRINKNER -- Junior - Center - One varsity letter. MARVIN BUX,TON - Junior - Forward - One varsity letter. ROSS BAIR - Junior - Forward - One varsity letter. Page Eighty-six BASKETBALL Top row - Buxton, Welker, Poland, Bair, Trinkner. Bottom row -- Johnson, Deedrick, Whetsel, Dietrich, Curry. COACH - jack Anderson 'v 4 Q 0 ,, ....,.... -- w r Page Eigh ty-xcrmxll Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Vernon uu,.,uu,...,,u......,uA..... 24 Urichsville ......... Vernon .uu.A. ..... 3 7 Madison ........,. Vernon r...rr ..... 3 3 Cambridge ...,, Vernon .r..,, ..... 2 6 Bexley .,........ Vernon .rr.rr .rr.. 4 1 Bucyrus ...,,. Vernon .,..., ...., 4 0 Crestline ....,. Vernon ...,r, ...,. 3 9 Marioin ..... Vernon uuur.. .uu.. 3 2 Galion ....,..... Vernon .,r... .,,,. 4 7 Mansfield ......,..., Vernon rr..., .rr.. 3 9 Ashland .,......,....... Vernon ,....u .,rr. 4 2 Newcomerstown .,... Vernon uu...r ..uur 4 8 Shelby ........,......... Vernon .u..,. ..... 2 9 Bucyrus .....,..........., Vernon ,uuuuu .,... 2 5 Columbus North ..... Vernon .rr.,. ...., 4 4 Galion .........,,,........ Vernon .uuuuu .,... 4 7 Utica ................... Vernon ,,.... .,,r. 4 0 Ashland ...... Vernon .,uru. rr,.. 4 3 Marion ......,....l.., Vernon u4u,,. rrr.,... 3 8 Shelby ....,,...,.........,.,. Vernon ...,,r rrr,....,rr. 4 3 Columbus North ..... TOgTAL .r... ....,u 7 53 TOTAL Page Eiglzty-eiyfhf Bob Reasoner, Manager 33 20 40 34 27 32 41 .,.....35 '52 57 40 51 47 30 31 35 41 36 35 45 762 ,f N7 I 23' Q r 'N' V A- D ?::-- ', 150 UHQE?L 1944 LL FKET 1945 .L'a4 Nileiicu Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Vernon ............ 11 Urichsville ......... .,.... 3 7 Vernon ...... 42 Madison ...... ,..... 1 9 Vernon ...... 23 Bexley ..,., ...... 3 5 Vernon ....... ..... 3 0 Bucyrus ...... ...... 3 1 Vernon ...... 30 Crestline .... ...... 1 6 Vernon ,..... 26 Marion ,.... ...... 3 2 Vernon ...A.. 26 Galion ..... ...... 2 5 Vernon ...... 25 Mansfield .....,.... ...... 3 0 Vernon .,.r.. 25 Ashland .........,........ ..,... 2 0 Vernon ,,.... 40 Newcomerstown .... ...... 3 7 Vernon ....., 26 Shelby ,................ ..... ,2 7 Vernon ...... 44 Bucyrus ,................. ...... 3 2 Vernon ...... 18 Columbus North ....... ...... 2 2 Vernon ,,.... 15 Galion ..,................ ...... 2 8 Vernon .,.... 27 Ashland ..... ...... 3 1 Vernon .,.,.. 25 Marion .... ......... 1 0 Vernon ......... 23 Shelby ........,........ ............ 1 7 TOTAL ......1.,... 476 TOTAL .,,....... 449 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCORES Vernon ..,... 22 Mansfield Simpson ............ 47 Vernon ,..... 42 St. Vincent Reserves ........ 9 Vernon ....,. 36 Gambier Jr. Hi. ,............... 8 Vernon ,.,,., 45 Centerburg Reserves ...... 43 Vernon ,.,... 34 Mt. Gilead Jr. Hi ......... 25 Vernon ...,.. 38 Centerburg Reserves ........ 26 Vernon .,..., 27 Mansfield Appleseed ..,..... 23 Vernon ..,,.. 27 Mt. Gilead Jr. Hi. ............ 33 Vernon ...... 44 Mansiield Appleseed ........ 41 Vernon ...... 40 Mansfield Simpson .......... 42 FUTURE FARMERS -- INTRAMURAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Buxton, Black, Tharp, McFarland, Ryan, Tharp, Page Ninety Hauger, Spearman RESERVES Top row 4 Bergin, Clark, Feldmiller, Snow Hauger, Coach VanNostrand, Buxton. Bottom row - White, Ferguson, Frary Reeder, Owens. Los Atleticos Qs! if 91. 4 "Termites" Winners of Round Robin GIRLS IN ATHLETICS "Tornadoes" f Winners of League T011 rmr - McFeely, Benoy, Payne, Slay- man. Bottom 7'O1l7---.AxT1tOI1aI'I1S, Rian, Lawrence, Sharp, Flickinger. MODEL GYM CLASS Mrs. O'Bryan praises her Monday seventh period gym class for 1007: cooperation in all phases of gym work. io' 9 x I Stacklehaus. Dorsey, Cochran, Culbertson, Wright. Johnson Cochran. Wright. Pfl-l1f?NIlIf?f1f-fill? .804 Aileiicu JACK NUGENT Football Wmners of Mt. Vernon News Trophies DEAN OWEN Basketball DICK WHETSEL Basketball G O L F Page Ninety-two Grabiel, Deedrick,Cu1bertson, Trinkner, Curry Gregory C not in picturej T E A Los Atleticos ,L Qu Tumblers CHEERLEADERS Janet Blackford Harry Turner, Jean Thayer, Oren Freshour, Claudia. McNeil Page Nincfty-tlzme Perry Trinkner as Newton Todd .faafb iam THE JUNIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Presented "SPRING GREEN" A Comedy in Three Acts by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements Nina Cassell ,... Mrs. Rumble ....... Scootie Cassell .,.... Mr. Putnam ....... Tony Cassell .,..... Pinkie Ames ....... Dunk Doyle ......... Bing Hotchkiss Genevieve Jones Major Todd ......l T. Newton Todd FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 1945 CHARACTERS Qln order of appearancej Eula Hotchkiss ..,.,...,.. Joan Benoy Joan Ansel Jo Ann Rippey Bernard Owen .. Donna Slayman .. Mary Jane Vail Rupert Loyd Henry Motherall . Janet Blackford .. ,,,.... .,., R oss Bair A, Perry Trinkner Wanda Flickinger Dr. Luther Blodgett ,... -.-........A.- T Om Edgar Officer Ryan ,-,,,,,,Y,,,,A,, ....... C arroll Allen Billy ,,,,, .,,,.,,,,, ..,, J a ck Mendenhall PRODUCTION STAFF Director ',,,AA4,,,,,,., l ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,l,,,.,,,.........,............. ....... R uth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager l,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,l,,,,,,,,,l.,.,.,....,........,., .,..,...................................,............. G e orge Clark Stage Crew ,.,,,,,v,,A,,,,,,, Nick Madias, James Hawkins, Warren Bresler, Willard Peterson Electricians ,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,, l,,,,,,,,,,,, D ick Bunn, Eugene Scott, Bill Pinkley, Bob Hodge property Committee ,,,,,,,, ,,,.,... ...,... L y dia Gray, Kathryn Griggs, Marcella Snider Tickets ,lA,,,,-----.,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,..,,.......,,.,..,....... S ara M. Cannon, Sue Rian Head Usher ..... -------'---'-----------4-'----'-- N 0Va Fogle n I ' . I . .. ' 5, V '. ,Wall Vw .V f Pftge Ninety-four 5f5Y2?T:???451w ' LV -E' g 'ASS A, , A ,L,,. xv,-vi, 5.5 ' ' L' if :19Z3Q.ig'- ui? I, if A W ff , .W g 142:19-vs S W ,XXV , f 3 , . ,ff . , 7, ., f ,,.-mn. "rf,,"fz:gff,, aggvfw 'fx' Y s' 5, Q V , , I, 31. asf, ,E ,,'. 2 , .5 ,. ,, , , ,gf ff W S 2 yy if, 95' fa- , -f 7 r itz m xi ,1,. .Ea Jlazbfua Across the Years CContinued from page 485 From the Forum 1906-07 Helen Colville CMrs. Sevittsj edited the "Forum" this year. Miss Laura Koons wrote the very charming short story that appears in this March issue. A summer's night A pretty maid A lovelorn chap A Serenade A window high A father's wrath A shriek, a sob A shower bath. He sent his boy to college, And now he cries "Alack." He spent 10,000 dollars, And got a quarter-back. 1907 - 08 A tablet containing the Gettysburg Address has been placed in the school library as a gift from the senior class. On Saturday, October 17, Mt. Vernon played Coshocton at Hiawatha Park, defeating them 27-0. The Culbertsons and McManis played a fast, clean game. He Cnervouslyj : "Er-er, Margaret-er, there's something been trembling on my lips for the last two months." She linterruptingj : "Yes, So I see. Why don't you shave it off ?" Grace Headington lMrs. Motherallj is editor of the "Forum," Lives of high school girls remind us We can make our lives as sweet, And departing leave behind us Footsteps on Mulberry Street. Footsteps which perhaps another, Should he ever chance to meet, Would exclaim, "Well who in thunder Ever had such monstrous feet ?" fcontinued on page IOZD ii 7 cg-15-E-I' Page Ninety-six THE. SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Presented "The Man Who Came to Dinner" FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1945 CHARACTERS Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley ..,,.. ..........................,..... Miss Preen ......,,.,................, Richard Stanley ,........... . June Stanley .................... ............. John ..................... .- .... -- -- .l,. .. Sarah .................... Mrs. Dexter .......... Mrs. McCutcheon ..... Mr. Stanley ............ Maggie Cutler .......... Dr. Bradley . ..,.....,....... .. Sheridan Whiteside ...., Harry Turner as the butlerg Gwen jones as the maid. Joan Culbertson Lorraine Swatik James Hawkins Esther Pharis Harry Turner Gwen Jones Betty Jewell Mary Ellen Jackson Herbert Dietrich Carolyn Ward Victor Feldmiller Ted Bogardus Harriet Stanley ......, ...................... V enona Robison Bert Jefferson ................. ..............,....................................,............. A rthur Cassell Professor Metz ..........,...... .....,......,......,........,....................................... H arry Wright The Luncheon Guests ....... ...... B ernard Frye, Robert Williams, Warren Bresler Mr. Baker .....,................. .............................,.......,............................. C harles Cole Expressman .................. ....,,....,....,......,................,...... ...... R o bert Williams Lorraine Sheldon ..... ........... L etha Lake Sandy ...................... ........... C harles Cole Beverly Carlton .... ..,.,......... - ............ W arren Bresler Westcott .....,.........,..... .........................,..........................l..............,....................., H arry Wright Radio Technicians .............................................,.............,.... Bernard Frye, Robert Williams Five Young Boys .,....., Roger Rian, Dean Reeder, Robert Dawson, Don Malley, Richard Gantz Banjo .......................... .....,...........................,............................................ S tanley Mavromates Two Deputies ,............... ......, R obert Williams, Bernard Frye A Plainclothes Man ...... ............................. ..........,...,............,,........ C h arles Cole PRODUCTION STAFF Director ................ ...................,.....,Y.....,..,.,...................,.................... R uth Domigan Truxall Stage Manager ........,..................................................................................,...... Willard Peterson Stage Crew ..,............. Donald Burgess, Harry Glover, Roger Spearman, Dwight Ryan, Richard Bunn Electricians ...........l..................,.............,,...................,.......... Kenneth Hurlow, Eugene Scott Property Committee ...,....,........... Georgena Metcalf, Kathryn Griggs, Gabrielle Hayes, Eleanor Coon, Ann Strodtbeck, Marilyn Nugent, Marjorie Laymon Tickets ......,..............,............................,..................... A. J. Robeson, Carrie Juanita Parker Head Usher .... ....,,..,.................................. B etty Beckholt f . I I A - La Dramatzca 6 Page Ninety-seven 66 77 The Man Who Came to Dinn f f T I ff' Nillfffilj-ffijjlll 4- I dl 35. l fr I 111 Om Ilunrlrrrl Specialists Gail Pealer who worked faithfully in the dark room developing and printing pictures for the "Forum" is seen making enlargements. 1 1 1' X? rr I Mr. Robeson describes the human digestive system to his biology stu- dents. The life sized model of a hu- man torso is part of the new equip- ment in the biology laboratory. Specialists ss Ila Mae Anderson lla Mae Anderson Wanda Flickinger is showing the ru h gs s e wove this year. Wanda Flickinger is modeling the dress she wove, designed, and made. Wanda received first prize at the National Art Exhibit in Pittsburgh for her Weaving. Ila Mae received ho norable mention at the same exhibit. Pazle One Hundred-one LA HISTORIA Across the Years fcontinuecl from page 961 From the Forum 1908-09 The basketball team is looking forward eagerly to the opening of the Y. M. C. A. Chapel was held on Tuesday morning, January 19, it being the one hun- dredth anniversary of the birth of Poe. Miss Ruth Pitkin recited "Anna- bel Lee." LOST-Sometime between sunrise and sunset, 3 golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered - for they are lost for- ever. "When they take the girls away from the co-educational college," said the speaker, "what will follow ?" "I will," cried a Wee voice from the audience. Student: "Professor, I owe all I know to you." Professor: "Pray don't mention such a trifle." .l..l..l. ...-1 From the Foriun 1909-10 Miss Mary Clark, the high school Latin teacher, has received word that Miss Helen McNabb was given Junior Degree in music at Western College. We no longer have chapel programs but instead the hour is devoted to singing and the study of music. In honor of Miss Katherine Russell who entered the Cincinnati Conser- vatory of Music at Cincinnati, the J .A.M, girls gave a spread on September 10 at the home of Miss Myrtle Gotshall on North Mulberry Street. On Wednesday evening, February 23, the students were highly enter- tained by a mock trial given in chapel by the Physics class. The trial was held in order to find out whether or not George Washington was guilty of cutting down the cherry tree. Mrs. Washington did her best to defend her son, but George Washington was finally convicted of having cut down the cherry tree. The play was well arranged and well given, each member pre- paring his or her own part. The following are the characters: George .................................................................. George Culbertson Mrs. Washington ...................................................... Ann Swetland Prosecuting Attorney .................... ........ C arl Masteller Defending Lawyer ............................ ....... W alter Harris Mrs. John Jacob Lee, plaintiff ....,.... .............. I rene Dowds Judge ................................................ ........... D arrell Banning Court Bailiff ................................. .................... V irgil Dowds Clerk ,................................................................. Cloyce Cunningham Mrs. Sherlock Holmes ............................................ Bessie Bartlett Jeremiah Joshua Jonathon, L.L.D., D.D., C.O.D. ........ Brook Reed Jury - Constance Merrin, Florence Walker, Nola Barnard, Ruth Pitkin, John Gotschall, Donald Harper, Carroll Conard, Earl Bax- ter. fContinuecl on page H65 Page One Hundred-two E KL .3 Wfffff X sz' -f Wx! E SQE aj? N y v I ,A 1 5,1 Qggfgnf' Q dw 1,51 yr- ' H 3, - I -ff?" 'D Qf N D .es ' JL 'f' X ""Q1 4 X217 , X U S FORUM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS 5, 441 X 1 Ne 49 1 xv ,ff ,N is 40-71-lblft .2 M6641 CLAUDIA IVlcNElL A , Prim? Om' IIum11'rfrI-fi1'c 62 450112 Alumni Auditorium April 20, 1945 PROGRAM Lazy Hombre ,..... ........................, 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,, ,,.,.,,,,,A,,,,,,, J e 3 n Swain Pr0CeSSi0n ---.... ..., F orum Queen and Attendants Deep Purple -....--.........................................,...............................i..... .......,.. R oselyn Blackwell Doll DRIICB -.......--...-,.,..--................-..........,.....,.........................,........,..........,... Treble Clef Club Dancers-Janet Swain, Mary Alice Warner, Louise Ralston Illustrated Song ....,........,.......... Wanda Flickinger, Bill Moore, Donna Slayman, Peggy Sharp, Cherie Hanley, Joan Benoy Spanish Dance ......................................................v.. ......... J anet Swain, Mary Alice Warner Skaters ................ ...... .......... J 0 yce Edminister, Joan Ansel Drums .......,....... ........... N ick Madias, Smythe Devoe Tea for Two ...... .... B arbara Carson, Loretta Bohn Imitations ........ ...........,..,..................,,,.......,,,., V ora Rine Dance .....,...,........ ....,.. D onna Slayman, Cherie Hanley Screwy Skaters .... .......................................................................... B ill Furniss, Art Ansel Spanish Lady ..,................,...........................................,............,.....,.............,....... Lois Schnitzer Gay Caballeros ............ Bill Frary, Art Ansel, Bob Williams, Larry Conkling, Dick Won- ders, Bill Furniss Tumblers ................,..............................................,....................,....................... Boys' Gym Class Fiesta Chorus - Senoritas-Janet Dancey, Jean Lonzo, Louise Thomas, Janet Black- ford, Betty Beach, Ina Hull, Ann Strodtbeck, Carolyn Hess Senores - Tom Edgar, John Goudy, Bill Pinkley, Charles Cole, Ellis Hauger, Herb Dietrich, Dean Owen, Perry Trinkner Solo Dancers - Bailadora F- ...............A............................,.............. ........... C arolyn Ward Bailador - ...... ....... .............. H a rry Turner Finale ...,......... ......................,.. ..... S t ar Bangled Banner PRODUCTION STAFF Director ,.,.................. .............................................,. ....., S a ra Cannon Student Chairman ..... .... T ed Bogardus Music ..........,..........,.. ......... ......................... ......... G e n e Taylor Art ,,..,............ .,......,.....,................................................,....,...........................,...,. F ern Lewis Dances .............. ......,.,.......................,......,..,.....,.. M rs. D. N. Rabishaw, Miss Stella Fisher Accompanists .,.,.... Marie Collins, Smythe Devoe, Jr., Jane Lybarger, Roselyn Blackwell Decoration Chairman ......,.........................l....,,................................................. Joan Culbertson Coronation Chairman ..... ................ M arian Benoy Tickets ,,,,,.,,,,,...,,,.,,...,.,,,. .... M ary Ellen Jackson Dance ,,,,..,,,,.,,,., ....,...... C harles Knerr Finance ................ ....... V ic Feldmiller Stage Manager .... ..... . .... , ., ...,.. Bernard Owen Electrician .....,.... .........,.............................-.......... B 0b H0dge Tumblers .,..,,,.,,,....,., ...................... ...... ......... F . J. Thomas, Dr. Richard Grossman Publicity ,.,,,,,.,,,,...,,..i.,..,,,..,,...,..,.,,.,,...,.,,..,....,,,......,,,.........................,........,...,... Perry Trinkner During the intermission the Art Department presented a short puppett show in room 101. All rooms in both buildings were open to show displays of the year's work. Dancing from ten to twelve to Smythe Devoe and his twelve piece band. aj Page One Himdred-six .fig ia vi .fad Waiagfzaficu L, 4,7 I sf l C o Football Queen Ruth Wright. Attendants f Jeanne Cline, Janet Cochran, Dolores Fawcett, Claudia McNeil, Charlotte Wright. I Page One H1uzd1'f2fl-eiylzt ,X ,- 5 5, M me o ara, 4' ms Football Dance After Galion Game 143 D . 2 W Handsome couple? How did that get in here? Underclassmen. Nicky doing Okay! Life's little thrills! What you say, Stud? f I Puyfr'O11f'II1lm!f'1':I-11 .fafj ' fClass Prophecyj "One ticket to Rio, please." After two years of endless toil, I've finally saved up enough pennies in my piggy bank to take this exciting journey. "All ashore that's going ashore." There is the Captain, Dick Whetsel, nervously pacing the deck, waiting for the arrival of his favorite secretary, Alma McGugin. Ah! Here's a nice comfortable deck chair in which I can relax. Who's that I see over there? It's the wealthy socialite, Elizabeth Jewell Tier III, who is going to sell chocolate milk to the statesmen at the Pan-American Conference in Rio, and with her is her chief bottle opener, Carrie Juanita Parker. I guess I'll look through the magazine while I'm waiting for luncheon. Here's the smiling face of Thomas Brooks whose picture is seen on every billboard and magazine cover in the country advertising Deem's Delightful Dentrifice, compounded by Dr. Joyce Deem, Whose picture is this? Why it's Georgenia M etcalf, the famous Pow- ers' model. What's this? She's leaving for Hollywood to play the leading role in the dramatization of Gordon. Gerrarol's famous novel, "Moonlight on the Kokosingf' The picture promises to be one of John Gouoly's greatest musical productions. All original musical scores will be written and di- rected by Venona Robinson the Lfoscanini of 1955. I guess I'll turn the radio on. fclickj "Flash! News from Brazil. 'Pick' Cochrafnfs column in the Rio Times 'notifies you that Patricia Bunn. is now secretary to the newly appointed consul to Brazil, Don Burgess. "Sport's flash! Neil Lonzo pitched nine innings today with the New York Giants for a 1-0 win over the Brooklyn Dodgers. 'Smilin' Chuck Cole, coach of the Giants, nearly went wild as J ean. Burger's home run in the last inning made the Giants champions of the season. "Attention, all you movie fans! Another Mount Vernon I-Iligh graduate has made good. Bob Williams, the famous baritone, has been given the lead in Evelyn Barcus's forth-coming musical comedy, 'Texas Nightmare? Betty McGibney's Mellow Melodians will furnish the 'sweet swing' when the show opens in the fall. La Veta Yoakum and Joan Burris lead the chorus in the new dance the 'Fleming Fling' originated by Iola Fleming. "In signing off, we remind you that if you want to spend an exciting evening, by all means go to the Rio Club managed by Ruth Wright and Beverly Fletcher. The show this evening will star that streamline Blues singer, Miss Sally Newton member of Harry Wright's orchestra which is known the world over as 'Hot Foot Harry and His Six Incinderiesf You will be greeted at the door by three of the club's most charming hostesses Shirley Rossi, Claudia McNeil, and Arlene Wilmottef' CTurns off radio.J Ah! Where's that smooth music coming from? I guess I'll do some ex- ploring. What do you know! A show going on right here on the ship. I guess I'll relax and enjoy myself. Here comes the master of ceremonies, Harry Turner. Let's listen in. Tonight the program will be given by the passengers themselves. Tour- ing the world together we have those noted singers, Esther Pharis and Bob Belt who will sing a new popular ballad. After this number we will be enter- tained by Warren "Presto" Bresler famous magician and his disappearing assistants, Jean Thayer and Lavonne McGugin. Next on the show is the exciting new dance team, Celena Simmons and Harry Glofuer followed by the side-splitting comedian, Gerald Grabiel. To close the show, Eolgar Bo- garolus, greatest pianst of the World, will attempt to play "The Minute Waltz" in one minute. Page One Hundred-ten IN APPRECIATION The advertising staff of the FORUM appreciates the willing support of the following patrons whose donations helped to make the 1945 year book possible. Arthur J. Packard Jay S. McDevitt, Attorney-at-law Barton Blair, Attorney-at-law J. Maurice Wareham, O.D. George B. Imhoff, M.D. Roger A. Tarr, D.D.S. Richard Gomer, M.D. John S. Schnebly, D.D.S. Howard H. Webster, Attorney-at-law W. Thurman Todd, Prosecuting Attorney J. L. Koch, D.O. J. M. Pumphrey, M.D. James F. Lee, M.D. J. W. Sellers, D.D.S. Robert J. Grossman, Attorney-at-law Carroll D. Conard, M.D. Creed Jopling Lester, Attorney-at-law Lamar S. Reynard, D.D.S. John R. Claypool, M.D. Charles M. Zelkowitz, Attorney-at-law " N I 'Nu Q10 Page One Hundred-eleven LA PROPHETICA Here we are in Rio at last!' I ve just got enough time to sneak into the conference. Gee! Look at all the familiar faces. Near the front entrance is Mary Belle Lahmon, the owner of the nation's largest chain of roadside concession stands. The local "Lahmon's Tasty Tantalizing Tamales" stand is managed by Marian Amicon, the head cook. Gwynne Hartman is cash- ier and Frances White has proved very capable in her job as bouncer and door Woman. John Blair and Bob Brown are looking after their interests in "Hit It and It Breaks" Glass Company. Their secretary, Marjorie Masteller, as an advertisement, is wearing a spring outfit made entirely of glass. Lay those stones down, you wolves. Miss Joan Culbertson, renowned journalist, has traveled half way a- round the world to get a feature story from the great agriculturist, Art Cassell, who has discovered that the only way to keep milk from souring is to keep it in the cow. Charles Miller, George Berger, and John Hiles, the famous engineers who completed the Pan-American Highway, are giving reviews on that out- standing book of the month, "How to Dig Ditches and Detour Traffic in Ten Easy Lessons." Frances Antill and Adeline Armstrong, New York milliners, are here to get ideas for next year's hat designs. There's one of America's leading manufacturers, Katherine Warman, who kept the nation warm with "Warman's Winter Wooliesf' With her is her model, Martha Vernon. Mr. Harry Morgenthau sent his able assistants, Betty Jane Keck, Alice N ethers, and Pauline Stinemetz to explain why the economic situation in the United States is not improving. And there's that brilliant surgeon, Carolyn McMillen, who flew to South America to remove the wart from the big toe of the president of the Greek embassy, Stanley M avromates. On the job we see Jim Hawkins, undertaker, who recently invented a de- lux tin-plated casket with hot and cold running embalming fluid installed. Wayne Hillier and Jim McPeek, hotel owners, are having trouble 'with their bell girls during this conference. The bell girls, Elsie Stillwell, Jean Brown, Dorothy Willis, and Ardella Batterbangh, think they should be al- lowed to keep the tips that the guests give them instead of turning the money into the "Hotel Owners' Retirement Fund" established by Robert Coe. lla Mae Anderson, president of the Interior Decoration Association, is here to get some ideas to decorate the home of the newly married wealthy banana plantation owners, Charles Dice and Doris Lorieax. Herb Dietrich, a travelling salesman, is here trying to sell booklets en- titled "How to Keep from Blushing." He was making profits until the celebreties, Beverly Dorsey, Helen Giffin, and Jeanne Cline, glanced his way. He finally decided it was impossible. Betty Beckholt and Beverly Parker, joint owners of the "Casa Beauty" shop in Rio have recently finished their lecture entitled, "How to Stay Blond without Bleaching." Charles Knerr and Victor Feldmiller, who have spent ten years doing research work have announced this amazing fact to the world, that 100076 of the people born are babies. Andrew Mayromates, famous fashion designer, is here getting ideas for new creations, the latest of which is that new and exciting gownless eve- ning strap. A group of his charming models, Letha Lake, Phyllis Poland, and Charlotte Wright are all dressed in fashions created by their boss. Gwen Jones and Bernard Frye, representatives of the American Gas Company, have recently arrived to propose a plan for heating the huts of Page One H andred-twelve uality THE ELEMENT OI" QUALITY HAS BEEN THE MOST POTENT FACTOR ASSOCIATED WITH THE SUCCESS OF THIS BUSINESS. WHILE RINGWALT STYLES HAVE AL- WAYS REPRESENTED S OME THIN G WHICH THOUSANDS OF WOMEN CONSID- ERED INDISPENSABLE, THEY HAVE THE BASIC GOODNESS THAT CONSISTENTLY HELD RESPECT AND CONFIDENCE. Page One Hmzdv cd thirteen LA PROPI-IETICA the natives along the Amazon. With them are their home demonstration agents, Jocie Chase and Jim Denuit and their able interpreters, Willard Peterson and Beulah White. Mary Johnson, who recently became heir to the Johnson Baby Powder fortune, has hired Roger Spearman, lawyer to protect her interest in the Bolivian Babies' Association of which Bonnie Hardesty is chairman. In his ten-gallon hat, we see Robert Beckley, largest plantation owner in South America, and his chief cow-punchers, Shirley Hanger and Frances Stachelhaus. Lorraine Swatik, famous scientist, after conducting an extensive sur- vey, had discovered that stich in time saves 9.00000007 instead of the form- erly-thought nine. Glancing out of the window, we see Betty Befuington selling tickets in the box office of Dwight Ryan's theater which is starring Carolyn Ward and Roy Herrington in the "Adventures of the Skinny Man." Bill Gregory, the president of the "You Maul 'Em, We Haul 'Em" livery service, is at the conference with his chief mauler, George Bryans and chief hauler, Dale Gardner. And there we see Marian Benoy, who has just written a dictionary of one sylable words for morons. The book is dedicated to Kenneth Hurlow and Russell Hulse, who made much use of it in their invention of a right- handed eight ball for left-handed people to hide behind. Betty Allen and Jean Spurling, the famous South American jitterbugs, were quite upset when Richard Cockerham told them that jitterbugs were a spicies of upset insects. Gee! I certainly am glad I carne to this conference. I've seen almost everyone I know. Now if I can only get out through this crowd in one piece. Ah-at last! Why here's the hospital that Annabelle Robertson and Ro- berta Connell, famous health directors, founded, and here comes Don Hat- ton, the new intern, with nurses Gladys Robinson, Pauline Feasel, and Helen Cowen, casting admiring glances his way. Who is that coming up the street? Why-it's Admiral Ray Cramer, and just look at all those ribbons he is wearing! Trailing close behind is that energetic reporter, Mary Ellen Jackson who is trying to get an interview for her paper, "Jackson's .living J ournal." Our South American journey is almost overg and as I walk back to the dock to buy my ticket home, whom should I see at the window but Betty Styers, chief ticket agent. The whistle blows for the last timeg and as I run up the gang-plank, I notice Norma Emery and Retha Fish pulling up the anchor while Captain Duane Nugent gives orders. I find my place in the same comfortable deck chair, and just as I sit down to relax my weary bones, Ida Mae and Rosemary Hildebrand, two charming waitresses, serve me some refreshments prepared by the ship's cook, Louise Hoar. The last people I see as I walk by are Betty Payne and Corrine Parker, the famous novelists, whose "Slaying in the Snow" has just sold the millionth copy. Last of all I go to send a cablegram which is taken by the ship's communi- cation's head, Phyllis Shultz. It read as follows: "Had a wonderful South American trip, but am anxious to return to dear old Mount Vernon." Prophecy Committee: Lorraine Swatik, Carolyn McMillen, Don Burgess, Annabelle Robertson. Betty Allen. I age One Hundred-fourteen :f i O4 ' 1 FOR THE MEXICAN WAR-X846-1848 We made slidefvalve steam en ines, lows , . P and special power machinery, Stiff 71-,E 'Tiers-I.-.I-. . : -E.:i",f " , Ea -Vu V qw, ir JU' 2 5 , 29dE?9'5'3'ii'f'?1 -. 5 FOR THE CIVIL WAR-1861-1865 We built woodfhurning steam locomotives .ind steamfpowered blowing engines for charcoal iron blast furnaces. 5 , fy 72 i s . 1 IU FOR THE SPANISHAMERICAN WAR-1898 We built Corliss steam engines of many types and applications ranging from 25 to 10,000 horsepower. 57 , Ji 'SE 5 fl ,jf-5 1,-2 FOR WORLD WAR I-1917-1918 We built gas engines, compressors, triple' expansion marine engines, hydraulic presses, and other special machinery. amd '3-J? F5 'na g 5 -' , E 5 f ' 5 aqff iffi FOR WORLD WAR II-1941-I945 NVe manufacture diesel and gas engines, compressors, Liberty ship steam cylinders, fluid pumps, machine tool castings and other foundry products for war industries. f N IN 0NE HUNDRED I-IND TWELVE YEIIRS M ELPING America to win a war is not new to Cooper-Bessemer. Five times in its 112 years, this company's manufacturing facilities, manpower and financial resources have been devoted to the nation's war needs. Four times before - in 1848, 1865, 1899, and 1918 - Cooper-Bessemer has seen this country emerge from war to become stronger and more prosperous. Facing 1946 and beyond, we see another post-war opportunity - greater than any other in our 112 years - to serve America. Cooper-Bessemer plants will have no serious conversion problems. Our Diesels, gas engines, compressors and foundry products which are playing such a vital wartime role on land and sea, in govern- ment and industrial service, are just as applicable to peacetime needs and progress. Thus our great opportunity lies in the constant improvement of our chosen products and in the manufacture of new equipment to meet the pressing demand for lower costs and greater efficiency in the production of power. THE COOPER-BESSEMER CORPORATION K A a J Page One H uudred fifteen Q LA HISTORIA Across the Years fcontinued from page IOZD From the Forum 1910-11 Manager Jenkins, after hard work, due to the failure of other managers to answer his letters, arranged the following football schedule: Oct. 8-Otterbein at Westerville Oct. 15-Newark at home. Oct. 22-Mansfield at Mansfield. Oct. 29-Open. Nov. 5-Open. Nov. 12-Open. Nov. 19-Shelby at home. Nov. 14-Doane Academy at home. Miss Winifred J ones has been appointed high school librarian. George Culbertson would take a girl riding in his automobile? On January 17, the Misses Louise Sperry and Evelyn Lyman entertain- ed at the home of the former on North Main Street with a five hundred party. A series of games between the high school and Y.M.C.A. teams has been arranged to make up the deficiency incurred during the season. 1911-12 Captain Altenberg is playing right half. His sensational end runs and brilliant all-around playing will be remembered from last year. He is ex- ceedingly fast, cool, and has a knack of picking out the holes when making buck. Always laugh at teachers' jokes - No matter how bad they be, Not because they're funny jokes, But because it's policy. A debate of an interesting nature was held by the Literary Society on March 26: "Resolved: that Roosevelt is wrong in seeking a third term as president." The negative won by a unanimous decision of the judges who were Nina Levering, Ray Hall, and Harry Russell. Those on the affirma- tive team were Fletcher Devin, Alice Clard, and Robert Baxter, while the negative team consisted of Ralph Ward, Lucille Smith, and Dale Davis. One of the drawbacks of the Mt. Vernon game was the partiality shown Newark by the referee. Little Willie from the window Droppedr his brother with great joy, Told his mother as she fainted: "Watch our bouncing baby boy." Senior colors - Red and! Black. Senior motto - "Know thyself." ffeacherz "What right have you to swear before me?" Holy Terror: "How in the world did I know that you wanted to swear first." fContinuecl on page 1321 Paqe One H zmdred-sixteen .god M Cstudentsl X f Las Fotografias WW f X W I ,nur .-14 -L'a-' Q 2 POH1lt """"""" "fn 0 4I 0 EE COMPLIMENTS OF " SE :E B 8c W FURNITURE CO 1' l I I EE 19 East Gambier St. 3 II fi It 0 0 0 Phone 135 I 4 -::-- :Q ::::::-A :::- A--::: :::A ----::::::::1v r 22:-'exec-ect:-,, II U 0 It 'I If ii if if CONGRATULATIONS TO il Compliments 0 ll CLASS or '45 gg II of 'I . I VIRGIL PARKER if EE gg gg RESTEMEIER POTATO if II II I LIGHTING - STARTING QI if CHIP CO, o ll ,, IGNITION II I! 'I EE ii is o 0 ,, II Il 4' Cor. 407 Oak and Center Sis. o 0 1, 0 0 Phone vas 1: ii if -:::::-:e::::::: -::::,,::,::4 A.-,,, , , , , R.. .......... ...-J Page One Hundred-nineteea l Las Fotografias Page 011E?HIL7ldl'6d-f1U67lty Isn't this confusing? Are they coming or going? r ----- ---------------- - -------.- - --- ...A.. - ........ ----- II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II I I II II II II II II II L::::::::::::: sa1y's Dairy Store Open Daily Except Monday from 8:00IA. M. to 11:00 P. M. LOUIS PASHOS. Proprietor 109 S. Main St. Phone 257-I Page One Hundred- twenty-oo II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I I I II II II II II II II II I I I I I I I I II II II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II Il II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I I I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II : Q: Q : : - A - coco - - v0000-90-Q0QQQQQQQ.-Q..0Q.----oQ,----..,,,,, , - - 5 16 01644 Wd! We, the Class of 1945, being of unsound and insane mind, do pro- nounce illegal this, our last will and testament, in the manner following: Charles Miller leaves his hidden knowledge to anyone who can find it. Elizabeth Jewell bequeaths her becoming blushes to Nathene Goode- nough. Bernard Lanning has nothing to leave but a string of broken hearts. Corrine Parker wills her extreme fidelity to Shorty Wilson. Marjorie Masteller leaves Miss Mann with a very lost feeling. Carrie Juanita Parker can't leave anything beca.use of Vic and vice versa. Vic Feldmiller can't leave anything because of Carrie Juanita Parker and vice versa. Andrew Mavromates wills his carefully cultured black locks to Gus Katris. To Esther Little, Betty McGibney bequeaths her hair rinse. Marian Benoy leaves her footprints on the sands of time. CBig foot- prints.J Georgenia Metcalf leaves to become a Powers model. Claudia McNeil leaves J o Ann, Chuck, and Jack to try and to follow in her celebrated footsteps. Stanley Mavromates bequeathes his fondness for a colorful Sunset to Cecil Knerr. Joanne Burris just leaves. CWhat would a class will be without this?J Arthur Cassell leaves the cloak of editorship to Sue. Kenneth Hurlow wills an old test tube cleaner to Mr. Walton. Harry Glover leaves his invaluable work on the stage crews to Eugene Scott. Charles Dice leaves a maze of fingerprints on Guess Who's locker. Doris' Loriaux leaves a maze of fingerprints on Guess Who's locker. La Veta Yokum leaves to bring joy to her boy, Roy. Esther Pharis wills her lovely voice to Mrs. O'Bryan. Mary Belle Lehmon bequeaths Sharp's most fragrant dandelion to Mrs. Herron. Neil Lonzo leaves a great many things undone. Dionne Newton leaves her sweet ways to Mr. Garzieri. Edward Williams bequeaths Mr. Highman's stamp to Dick Farrell. Venona Robison bequeaths her violent temper to Mrs. Truxall. Richard Whetsel leaves green and fragrant memories in the minds of all his classmates! !! Robert Williams, Ray Cramer, Jean Spurling, and James Denuit leave their good behavior to Bill Urnbaugh. Beverly Barber leaves her love letters to Joan Francis. Patricia Bunn leaves her pep and enthusiasm to Louise Thomas. Gwen Jones bequeaths her dislike for studying to Betty Ridenour. Mary Johnson leaves her over-developed vocal chords to the public address system in case it goes bad. John Hiles bequeaths his ability to primp to Kay Klein. Jim Hawkins wills his ability to make it in four years to Bill Moore. Mary Ellen Jackson leaves her English "precis cards" to the Junior class-with a vengeance. Beverly Fletcher wills her trials and tribulations to Miss Cannon. Betty Jane Keck leaves her glasses to Marjprie Barton-so she can see more. Charles Knerr wills his ability to argue and get confused to Mrs. Baker. Page One Hundred Twenty-two F 4 3:3 'A32 33t33333:iiililllllliiiiim l if IE Bring Your Ford "Back Home!" 11 LI 0 0 1: DRY GOODS - ACCESSORIES ll 0 0 U 0 READY-TO-WEAR H 0 ll 0 ll 0 II FORD AUTHORIZED SERVICE li 0 Yo'u'll Get Better Service For It! R U D I N C O ' More Service From It! tl ' 9 Years Continuous Service at Knox County S Greatest Store 1: Mr. vsrmon, or-no 3 0 0 K. D. BEBOUT EE EE li ll Form SALES 4 SERVICE FURNITURE IC DRAPERIES - srovlas Il 14-16 East ohio Ave. Ii 11 1: FLOOR COVERINGS 11 Phone 930 Mt. Vernon, Ohio EE EE ::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::i "'t':::::::::::::::::::::: 9939 T331 I22233333333333 233332311111 11222 H liili' S33332233333333322233111, 0 ll ll U U 0 , II Your Neighborhood If Compliments 1- 4+ II Grocer Il IP ll of 1: :: GEM LAUNDRY 55 BGB FOX 55 ll 0 :E Division St. at Coshocton Ave. I ll It ll 11 Phone 77 II fi II EE ii om imen s P it CARL V. GIBBENS II f 1: :: 0 0 4+ 1: Realty and Insurance Agency 3 U ll c 0 c H R A N 101112 s. Main si. if 0 P Mt. Vernon. Ohio U 0 0 11 Phone 172 0:::::::rooo4:::::::poc:::::::::::p4:::E :::::::::::::QQ::::::::::::: --:: -J Page One Hundred Twenty-thr 66 CLASS WILL To Dorothy Meharry, Alma and Lavonne McGugin leave their cheerful smiles. Evelyn Barcus bequeaths Okey to the numerous wolfesses of grade number eleven. Phyllis Poland leaves her reputation as a man-hater to Nova Fogle. Dwight Ryan wills his sewing ability to Wanda Flickinger. Jim McPeek and Joyce Deem leave the long distance separating them to Miss Boner and Miss Michael. Betty Lee Allen leaves her confused mind for someone else to make up. Warren Bresler bequeaths his magic outfit to J ack Auskings who will probably need it next year. Marian Amicon leaves her quiet ways to all of the Freshman girls. Gordon Gerrard wills tenacity to Gregory Boddy. Adeline Armstrong leaves to dye her hair the color of her eyebrows. Betty Bevington leaves her pretty blond ringlets to Betty Wright. Ila Mae Anderson bequeaths her make-up kit to someone who really needs it. Lee Arquilla left to see the world with the Coast Guard. Betty Beckholt kindly wills her diamonds to Irma Vandevelde. To Johnny Johnson, Frances Antill bequeaths her curly hair. Robert Beckley is happy to leave so that he can spend all his time- farming? Roy Herrington, Bill Gregory, and Lowell Farmer will their ambition to Mr. Geiger. Robert Brown hands down his football suit to Bill Deedrick. To Charley Johnson, George Berger leaves his speed so that he can more easily avoid the faculty. John Blair leaves his angelic manner to Gordon Fletcher. Richard Cockerham reluctantly leaves Ina Claire in the watchful hands of Ellis Hauger. Ardella Butterbaugh hopefully wills her perfume, "Follow Not," to next year's seniors. To Ross Bair, Donald Burgess bequeaths his well-worn date book. J ocie Chase leaves her ability to handle unruly boys to Miss Cochran. Jeanne Cline wills her art with make-up to Donna Slayman. Charles Cole offers his "schoolgirl complexion" to Sarah Stillwell. Helen Cowen wills her trumpet to anyone who has wind enough to blow it. Robert Belt's frequent attendance at evangelistic prayer meetings is left to Rupert Loyd. Joan Culbertson leaves' her science drawings to next year's extra credit fiend. The angelic behavior of Gerald Grabiel is willed to Dan McMillen. Bonnie Hardesty leaves without regret. CVVhat would a class will be without this?J Ila Mae and Rose Mary Hildebrand bequeath their sisterly love to the Kirley sisters who, we might add, need it. John Goudy wills everything he doesn't want to Ellis Hauger. Herb Dietrich leaves Ann in the tender care of Miss Michael. Ted Bogardus wills his unhumorous humor to Mr. Owen. Letha Lake graciously bequeaths her ability to keep her man to Pat Lawrence. Bev Dorsey leaves all of her detention to Bessie Sargent. Carolyn McMillen bequeaths her scholastic standing to Albert Fin- stein. Pauline Feasel leaves to take up housekeeping. Annabelle Robertson and Roberta Connell left to comfort our War cas- ualties. Shirley Rossi charmingly leaves her scholastic difficulties to Winslow Curry. Page One Hundred Twenty-four :::::ooo::o::o:::::::-----::::Qoo Congratulations to the Class oi '45 TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY 25 BELMONT AVE. MT. VERNON, OHIO ':::::::oo::::::::::::::::::::: :::1 Compliments of Citizen's Building :S Loan 6-8-10 East Vine Street .. II .. .. LANCE, INC. 1: R. E. ROSE, Representative 4: l ll Peanut Butter Sandwiches I. ll II 0 vi Lynde's East Side Meat Market Where Quality Reigns ::::::::a:::::::1::::--::::::o:::o f:::::-::::: ,..,..,,.,,.,,.,,,,,, ,- o::::::::::::::QoQo: :o::QQ-Q-o-Qo 24-HOUR SERVICE Compliments of ZONE CAB CALL EE n 9 0 0 0 0 mu It 0 0 0 O 9 -A Page One Hundred Twenty-mfs CLASS WILL Roger Spearman obediently leaves his ability to get what the senior class Wants to next year's president. Lorraine Swatik joyfully wills her unopened books to Jack McNeil. Jean Thayer regretfully leaves her gum on the Art Room seats. Harry Turner leaves a cloud of dust as he speeds toward 'Waterford Carolyn Ward wills her undying friendship with Mr. Walton to Bar- bara Carson and John Lynde. Charlotte Wright leaves to fill her "hope chest." Beulah White, Martha Vernon, Kathryn Warman, and Retha Fish leave their books to the salvage drive. To Bill Beckley, Louise Hoar leaves her big, round eyes. Helen Giffin bequeaths her claws to Joan Doup. Dorothy Willis leaves her "spic and spanness" to Ronnie Poland. Shirley Hauger wills her sweetness to Nancy Stillwell. fl'o Jo Ann Rippey, Betty Williams Payne leaves her iickleness. Gladys Robinson leaves her gorgeous red hair to some poor Mexican hairless. Frances White leaves her tale-telling abilities to Edgar Allen Poe. To Joan Benoy, Ida Fleming bequeaths her talents for flirting. Norma Cochran wills her modesty to Joan McFeely. Willard Peterson leaves his dependability to Bill Furniss. Gwynne Hartman and Marcella Graham will all their old Economics tests to Jean McLarnan. Alice Nethers leaves a bottle of nail polish to Katherine Kerin. Bernard Fry leaves a Fredericktown telephone directory to Oren Freshour. To Miss Boner, Wayne Hillier bequeaths his job in the Alcove. Dale Gardner leaves his distinguished manner to Mr. West. Thomas Brooks wills his loud ties to Bruce Hoffman. Jean Brown leaves the money in the Senior Treasury to the looters of 127. George Bryans, Russell Hulse, and Duane Nugent leave their large vocabularies to Miss Koons. Robert Coe leaves the Navy to Hannelore Erlanger. Norma Emery wills her love of bright colors to Janet Blackford. We all know what Norma Jean Burger leaves. Oh cru-el, cru-el fate! Arlene Wilmotte leaves a bowl of cream for next year's pussy. Ruth Wright leaves her crown to Gabrielle Hayes. And, since we are getting desperate for both time and ideas, Phyllis Shultz, Celina Simmons, Frances Stachelhaus, Elsie Stillwell, Pauline Stmemetz, and Betty Styers bequeath the first letter of their last name to the alphabet. Signed: THE CLASS OF 1945. Witnesses: BEVERLY DORSEY TED BOGARDUS C 1 1' 5? P P C Page One Hundred Twenty-six -----A--ooo-----AAA--o0----"'AA- 11 - Ice Cream Pasteurizecl Mille Creamery Butter Cottage Cheese Cream Selected Eggs Buttermilk Chocolate Milk I Salad Dressings Tl ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ' ll ll ll ll ll ll lr ll tl ll tl ll lr li 0 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 li 0 ll 0 0 ll 0 ll 0 0 tu ll ll tl tl ll 0 ll ll 0 ll ll ll ll 0 0 ll ll 0 0 tr ti O 0 l 0 Jewell lce Cream 8a Millc Co. Plrone 24 3 ,,, 00-QQQoooooooocqoooeoeoeoec- ------------------------------.4 Page One Hundred Twenty-seivcn .f A. J' U Business Vs. Pleasure I Fl-l.A. girls Daily Twins Physics experiment Chambers Twins Counting popularity poll Fire Drill Page One Huurlreerl Twmlfy-c'if1l:f ::::::::::::::::::p4:::::::::: KAHRL 6. WARD GENERAL INSURANCE REAL ESTA'I'E 7 W. VINE ST. Compliments oi RON GAIN ES GAINES PRODUCE CO. 508 W. High St. :::::::::::: ::::::::po94:----c: FRARY'S MARKET High Quality Groceries - Meats C. N. WILLIAMS INSURANCE 25 S. Main St. Phone 255 r::::f:-Qecsf:---2:2222--:cf -::::-n It ll EE EE it So refreshing gg il II if with lunch QE 0 It 0 0 II II II II :: gg 1: E tl tl 0 0 IE 3 U 0 0 tl li il II IC gg MT. VERNON g ll ll ll ll gg COCA-COLA g tl ll 4, II gg BOTTLING CO. g II gl ll ll 5: Mt. Vernon. Ohio 1: 5: H':::::::::::::::::::::::: QQQQ ::::-.4 V""""""""""""""""'TY II " :: 1' 0 ff Complete Banking Service gg g if SE g THE FIRST-KNQX gg It gg 0 It U gg g NATIONAL BANK g gg II II II gf of Mt. Vernon II gl gr gg gr EE gg Cor. Public Square and S. Main EE EE 0 gg II MEMBER or' P. D. 1. C. gg " 0 gf AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM II li EE if 1: gg B00 oooo ooooeooaqg QQQQ 0 ,...,...... ,J Page One Hundred Twenty-nil L6 SPRING IS HERE ew A .HQ Page One Hundred Thirty eff 3 J 1711.4 S Victory isn't ours until the last shot is fired. All of us still have a big job to do. Let's not relax our efforts here at home. Let's . . . BUY MORE WAR BONDS HAVE MID K EEP THOSE WE 00 BER 1:1 RSERVE RUB iffy .NA Q . ri l 2 1, iff" Q33 I ' ff K f f' 'E 1 1 . J Y ' 5 ,fp-, x. .Ai K , Us 1 ii K V N- ,xtj ,gy no no uuuecessnnv Tnnveuua All, 6 lj 13 use me Tuzvuoue nun wneu mvommn jd lj' I me sl, f 1, V',,,11l R--1 f,.., ,, 'O , leeeee eg fs .LL LXQ, Sm' 'GE 'LL Wm W 'WE "'m""L O f'2:j5e 1' 5 F0 R VI CTO RY This is Olll' ' . Let's do it ftake In VICEOIV and fmish the Fight' EN nom, comnnv. cAuToE: gEA0n,,,G l IAPIHU Wallin HAHIIIES IMKEN ,V .,,.,. , ' a-elsif? X' 1, :. Ali! Page 0 ne Hundred Thirty-0,,,e LA HISTORIA Across the Years fContinuecl from page llol From the Forum 1912-13 Senior flower - Red rose. Miss Koons fin German class! : "Those who have no books must double ups! "How an Owl Helped Win a Prize," the short story in this issue, was the work of Stanley Johnson, '14, Charles Cassell recently gave his senior oration: "The Life of McKin- ley," in chapel. We noticed that in the Mt. Vernon - Zanesville game, "Ikey" Sapp and Sireman showed great form when it came to guarding their men. A senior is like a kerosene lamp, because he is not especially bright, is often turned down, smokes occasionally, and goes out at night. From the Forum 1913-14 Senior Officers: Allen Sapp ...... ,,......................................................... P resident Ruth Colville ...... ....... V ice-president Dale Davis ......... .,.,....... . ............... .........,.. S e cretary Jay McDevitt .,...............,........................... .,....... T reasurer Cheer: Kero, Kero, Kero, Yi, We are, We are Mt. Vernon Hi. Harry Crumley Nickname ....,.... ..,..,..............,.... . ..... fl' ate Excels in ............. ...,.. D ancing the tango Chief ambition ,......... ........ P ass in geometry Amusement .......,.......... .................... ................ G e t a date Favorite expression ..............,..,...,........... "You're the stuff" A number of senior orations were given this week in chapel. Marjorie Dowds spoke on "The Spirit of Christmas," Gordon Bone on "American Citizenship," Stanley J. Johnson on "The Gas Engine on the Farm," and Melvin Black on "Boy Scouts." From the Forum 1914-15 Many, many thanks to the Board of Education for the beautiful grand piano which they have purchased for the high school. Waldo McDonald would be the vanity case carrier on the proposed Girls' Football Team. Agnes Ahrndft assisted the clgpel of January 14 by playing a delight- ful piano solo. "Where was the Magna Charta signed?" "At the bottom." fcontinuecl on page I37J Page One Hundred Thirty-two : :o::::o::oq : :oooo:: coo: ::: ::e0ooe::oo::: coo: zoo: zoaeo: : :oeooeoooo .--------------------------------------------------------,Q-0QQooo.,--. C ON GRA TULA TI ONS-S U C CESS TO ALL THE GRAD UA TIN G STUDENTS .'I7!5'fI-i. .x -:-1 :-1-:-:et-1-:-rl. I-i7:1:3:1:27:i:5:5'?:?:5:c The All Purpose Jacket Wear It For lfl. 1f:'x --.1 1 Sport-Dress With Any Pair Of Slacks I...5:3:g:g:5:3:1:::g:-:bz-ze-. . ., ...... we-.-. gEf3:5g,:::-:Q:-:-r-Q:-:-1-:-rl:-:f:2:-, ,.,.,:,g1q:,.::--1:-,rg:5:r:,15:rs:r:1241-2.2 -.-:rf - .f :v:-:-:+: .Q of -.NA . '.:.:.: -- 3:5:3:"3'Z- - ' - zs- Q ,q:,.,:3:5: -' Q 5:E5E5E5EgE5EgE, -:':-:-1-: 'Z' Qi:'4:1SE5:-:2:hl:1'5:5:i!5?1.33f5N- Ef:f:T:Q:2:Ql'S 2y,EQ:g:5:g'3:::g:j:g:gg:-1::bL'I:4:-:" " ' :4 ' .- -' '-:-: -'-.-:-x-:':-:4:-:-:-:'-r5:-:5:7:f:?:"2:- . S - s:sEzEsiiS5f:e152za:Q:z:s:s:s:3:s:sss:aa2SRI S ggrgrgzfi' .,.v.,:g:::-:-:f:6:-:5:3:2:k1:3:k5:3:I:Q153:i:-:i:i:5S:52:7:-. . -. -::4:-:-:-:-:-'-:-:':-:-:-:-:-.,:-z-:-r:-'-'f'-:-:-N 5:::53:t: x3.':Eg:5:-3:':-'-:-:I-:Sit-:Az-:-. :-r:-:':4:-:-:4:-:-:S5:-'- 23:53. ' + -.3235:425:22S:7:1575:lizT:54:2:5:5.':5:2:1:Ig:g:3:::53:::3:-:, 3535 TRSYQESIFEI51525121E1EI5I:IE1E:fS2f?5IfIEIfifffiiiiiiflirw' .'EZgi:55:5:5:a:sa5:2:1:5:515:5:s:sEEsf5isS2eE3E?555:2EIS:' ,:::Z:g-z.. -. ' , -.Eg.55355-:::gQ:::i:::::::-- -:::-::5g.7:f-' ' . 'INSE-I-Z3-:3:3T3S:3'7'7:' ,,,.3.g - -:-:f 'dmt-:f:-:4:5:5:?:22:1:?:1:3 gg:-tg.1:g:5:-:g:3:::::::::3:- 313: , .5.:. -+I "Q .,, 5 5.4.5-.4-. s.-:cc 53:-: Sfgasfqzg. ,'.::::g. .oz-gm. :-:-:-'X 't-S:-:-i:I:-SS' N , - -. H x X t X s. X '-zz is x -.xl 3 Qt Q N xx x N 5 st K :XM , Q1 Hundreds Of These Fine Slacks To ..-ff' 'YZ ,M Choose From Jackets 1 0.95 Others To 18.50 MEN'S BOY'S WEAR Qffliiiv LESTER'S Page One Hundred Thirty-th1 1 li 0 .0 0 0 0 lb ll 0 tl ll II li lb 0 0 0 0 lb 4l ll 0 0 ll 0 0 lb ll 0 0 0 U 0 lb ll 0 0 0 ll 0 0 ll 0 0 0 ll 0 ll ll 0 0 0 lb ll 0 tl ll 0 I P IN H 4m tx 4s O ni 0 ll ll 4I 0 0 0 II lr lb lb ll 0 0 tr nr nm ll ll 0 0 li ll ll ll 0 lb 0 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 0 .....4 'ee Las Fotogrfias vm . A ee Q The Hard Winter didn't freeze our spirits. Page One Hundred Thirty-four Jlaala la To "Old Photograph by Donna Slayman Wada Man Winter" Page One Hundred Thirty-Jive F AAAA,,..,.... ..AAA......... - --,-- :::::::::-::::::::::::rooo4::::: II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II B Compliments of FLETCHER'S SERVICE 6. CO. 321 South Main Phone 145 Congratulations PAGE DAIRY STORE TI II II II II II II I I II i HARPSTER and POULSON Congratulations to Class ot '45 Compliments of EDGELL'S FLOOR COVERING 15 West Vine Street Phone 3 1 0 y. II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II b P DOOMY'S MARKET COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE Phone 113 401 South Sandusky St. Mt. Vernon. Ohi Compliments of A. D. AUTEN 101 Newark Road "'-VI II II II I I I I I - --AA--------- ------------- 01 I I -I I I I :I "DOC" FIXIT'S ELECTRIC - ACETYLENE WELDING AUTO RADIATOR REPAIRING 207 West High Phone 179-W Compliments of B. F. GOIODRICH STORE 222 So. Main Street TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES age One H1md1'ecl Thirty-six LA HISTORIA Across the Years fContinued from page 1321 From the Forum 1915-16 From the Class Prophecy: Gloria Wysner has manufactured a wonderful hair dye which has made her rich. Harry Upham is pulling weeds at the Sanatorium. The high school has the largest enrollment in its history-four hund- red and seventy two. The Freshman class is exceptionally large and a senior class of seventy nine is a number heretofore unheard of. Miss Margaret Beam gave her senior essay, "Russian Music," in chapel, illustrating it with several selections on the piano and victrola. On Monday, November 1, a Henry Ford program was given in which Harlan Davis and Clifford Parsons gave speeches. A violin solo was ren- dered by Carrol Benoy. From the Forum 1916-17 From the Class Prophecy: Paul Lord has become a great revivalist. Question: When is a circle not a circle? Answer: When Misses Hadley iMrs. Bakerl and Colville fMrs. Se- vittsl draw one on the board without a string. From the Forum 1917-18 James Shields, Mary Dowds, Margaret Ayers, and Virginia Alsdorf were on the September honor roll. Hereafter, all jokes in the Forum will be printed on tissue paper so that the Freshmen can see through them. The Sweetest Freshie ................ ..,...... M ary Dowds The Bravest Freshie ...,..............,.,.............,......r,. Ruth Yauger The Cutest Freshie .......,......,...............,.......,...........,. Don Miller In the Mt. Vernon-Columbus' North game, Clements, Waite, Shipley, and Blair played the most effective football for Mt. Vernon. The April chapel on October 22 wagn the general subject of "Activi- ties of Modern Women." Margaret Tulloss spoke on "Women in War." On November 26, Pearl Carpenter delivered an oration, "The Little Grandmother of the Russians," in assembly. New Years Resolutions We Made: "That I'll practice on the rabbits till I get old enough to shoot the Germans." Kenneth Ransom. "That I won't give such hard tests again." Miss Hadley fMrs. Baker! I lj What Certain People Want for Christmas: Careta Mann ................. .. ...................... Some new hair curlers Jeanette Miller .... A memorandum in which to keep her dates Elizabeth Ashcraft ............................ A wig to match her eyes fcontinued on page 1435 Page One Hundred Thirty-seven A Rose Among the Thorns 0-thug? Las Fotografias P O H lrIT1f1 111' Best Wishes to the Class of 1945 Hubert M. Walker Lumber Co. - -----A---- - ------- -----, ::::::::::o::::::ooo::ooo Compliments of M I L L E R ' S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE oooooq U 0 ll S. BETTY GAY Smart Apparel MAIN sr. PHONE Qooeooeeeoooooooeqooeooooe U r--M --------.--.- -Q---Q.-Q.-Q--.Q 0 U 0 0 ll ll 2 II 3 The Best In ll 1 1 4 nu gf Drug Store Service II IC II 0 1' " 1 II 55 HECKLEE s 3 U 0 ll fi jg REXALL DRUG STORE II II If nu 0 1 3 if 'F 1: 0 II II fl mr 4' 0 1 1: If On The Square II It it ll :I On South Main St. Il Il 1 0 0 'V U 0 U OOOOOOO ::::f:ff:::::: A-:::::: :::::i r-"" "-"" ::::::::f::'--T:---0---w it 53 II FRED PHARIS 55 5 :I 1: Dependable Service 2 REAL ESTATE a. INSURANCE o 2 110 DOWDS-RUDIN BLDG. 0 3 fOver Kresge'sJ U Q PHONE 741 if EE ll " 0 U 3 EE ll ff WAYNE CASH EE II 0 TI if 1 FEED STORE 3 E H E 512 W. HIGH sr. Q ll . 0 g PHONE 1057 fl I 1 3 00000O0OOOoQooooooooooooooooagaqog Page One Hundred Thirty-ml M 1 A Thorn Among the Roses I qc' Om' Ilundrerl Foriy Um lay Las F otografias , . 1.........W- --1 .1 Page Ono Hundred Forty 4 I r I I r P 0 4, Ii 2 EE 3 0 EE Best W1shes QQ 0 0 II I ll Il To A Splend1d jg U ll Il Student Body 2 nu n EE and IK ll II School System 11 fl li se 11 11 Compliments ot nr ll fi 1 J " GELSANLITER S Il H 0 II 2 0 0 tl 0 nu 0 ll It 0 U 1+ ll o o H 0 lv 0 0 u 0 ,, 0 tl 0 0 4+ 0 0 ,, Il II II " . ,, II Compliments oi 1: It Congrcxtulatlons to 1: ll 0 U 0 lb 0 U I The CICISS of 1945 gg u ll nu , THE ELITE CAFE EE 5, , tl ll WI nr 0 an Ii II 12 FIRESTONE I' I1 II 11 1 11 II YI 1 No Beers or Liquors ll U K , I it 11 STORE ,Q IC II if 1: 0 0 0 U ll n 4+ ,, ll II 0 4, :I Open till 12 3 0 lr 0 V ,, ll II ll 0 U 0 0 U ll 0 O Q 0 0 O Q 0 0 0 4 0 O 0 ll lb 0 0 ,, if 224 s. MAIN s'r. II Q 3 0 2 O 2 " ' 1: ' H-------:::::::::::::: ...O ::::,::,,,: u- .... ..-- ---- -'-' "" ""' ""' ' ' "4 Page One Ilmzdrcrl Forty-two LA HISTORIA Across the Years fContinued from page l37J From the Forum 1918-19 The other day a worthy senior, with innocence becoming a Freshman, asked Miss Campbell CMrs. Charles Cassellb in class if anyone had yet heard from a former teacher in whom we are all much interested,and no one could determine the occasion of all Miss Campbell's blushes and em- barrassment. From the Class Prophecy: George Kahrl and Frances Bettinger are in moving pictures. George is almost very successful in Western roles. Gladys Scottie, teacher at South Side School, Cleveland, is visiting friends in the city. Isabelle Forry CMrs. Ogden Wintermutel returned yesterday from Paris. She brought with her the latest fashions which will be displayed in her fashion shop on North Main Street. Sara Cannon returned yesterday from Berlin. She will give a lecture tonight on "Knockneed Germany." From the Fforum 1919-20 The score of the Mt. Vernon-Zanesville game was 43-0. We are proud of our team this year. Forty-three is the largest score ever scored against Zanesville. It is also the largest score against a team in six years. 1The girls of the Athanaeum Literary Society in order to show others what they could accomplish gave a Japanese play Thursday evening. Es- pecially notable were the characterizations of Princess Kiku by Grace Ogg and of Ito by Mary Ransom. Russell Eastman is a cadet at U.S.M.A., West Point, New York. "Short But Sweet" ................................................ Virginia Pyle Miss Campbell: "I smell coffee." H- "That's just my old pipe you smell." Mr. Fast: "What is bolshevism ?" Frances Clark: "It is what Sherman said it was." "If you were in my shoes what would you do?" "I'd get a shine." From the Forum 1920-21 Ruth Ayers, Edith Babbs, Harold Bettinger, Dorothy Bowden, Annis Conley, Bill Kahrl, were on the honor roll for October. Prof. Charles West '13 has been appointed professor of political science at Wooster. Donald Harper '10 has gonewCleEland where he has accepted the position of manager of publicity for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The Delphi Society gave a vexginteigting skit last week entitled "The Origin of Thanksgiving." Marion Woolson, Ruth Wilson, Theresa Shafer, and many supporting characters combined to give a fine performance. fContinued on page 1451 Page One Hundred Foo ty three P 1 Onf'H1LnrI1' Congratulations to the Class of 1945 THE ALCOVE RESTAURANT F. A. SURLAS SODA GRILL CANDY SHOP 44 ll 4 44 4 " 44 " 44 R. v. HEADINGTON 44 il Complimenfsof 4 SUPER SERVICE s'rA'r1oN f Allen's Iewelry P 4 4 4 Store DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS ,, 44 4 RELIABLE SERVICE 4 4 7 EAST GAMRLER sr. 4 SHOCK ABSORBER SERVICE " :E ll 4- 4 U ' Compliments oi Mt. Vernon. Ohio 4, 4, 4 4 ., T O P P ' S COR. VINE :S MULBERRY li 3 4, HARDWARE PHONE 907-M 3 44 44 4 4 .......... ed Forty-four LA HISTORIA Across the Years fcontinued from page 1431 From the Florum 1921-22 Harold Cunningham retained his ability to throw a pass farther than anybody else we know. "Cookie" is considered one of the best players ever turned out by the H.S. We are anxious to know what his record will be in college. Senior: "Oh I could never love a small man." Freshman: " 'Tis better to have loved a short man than never to have loved a tall." After winning the state championship at Delaware and receiving the title as second best team in the U.S., Mt. Vernon High School ends the most successful season in basketball in the history of the high school. From the Forum 1922-23 A school paper is a great invention, The school gets all the fame, The printer gets all the money, And the staff gets all the blame. We've been wondering where our Mr. Geiger got his "new j,oke book." He doesn't crack the oldl ones any more. Prof: That was a rare theme you handed in yesterday. Student: Rare? How come? Prof: Not well done. We Wonder why Billy Kahrl was carrying a big bunch of red carnations down Hamtramck Street one day. At the concert given by the high school, Miss Marcella Cooksey gave an instrumental number, G Minor Prelude, by Rachmaninoff. It was re- ceived with a strong expression of approval by her audience. The English classes have united for the purpose of buying a moving picture machine. They have been selling ice cream andl chocolate bars to raise the needed money, and about April 20, they intend to give a carnival in the building. Census taker Ito middle-aged spinsterl : And what is your age madam ? Spinster Ccoylyl : I've seen twenty-five summers. C. T.: How long have you been blind? William Ackerman, Robert Baltzwell, Joseph McCormick, Imogene Michael, Marianne Pyle, and Virginia Workman were on the January honor roll. Mr. Geiger: Does anyone know how iron was found? Bob: Yes sir. Mr. Geiger: Well, tell the class. Bob: They smelt it. fContinuecl on page l49J Page One Hundred Forty five -:vc-:l:---- A------A----- Compliments oi THE GAS CC. Compliments of Scott Furniture Co. my ii "Everything for the Home" 128 S. MAIN ST. MT. VERNON. OHIO -A-A--A-A-o--Q--o--A-o0o---A---- F- - --v- - -v-- .v-. v v-- I4 I4 ll ll nu 0 4I 44 I4 na na 0 ll ll O I ll I4 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O li 0 O 0 ll O 0 0 II 44 0 O ll 0 0 ll 0 0 ll ll 0 4I 44 u.--------::-:,:: : : rtttttttcctt: AA'-AA--A : :rttf 5 la z lx , 44 44 44 ll 1, II ,, ll , 1 1. MCMILLEN S gg 0 I I nr 44 4 0 12 U U 4 - - na :Q Complete Line ot Sporting Goods ., nn 44 0 44 I. LOWE Bnos. PAINTS 4 0 tr 4 3 4 4 ll ll U ll 4: nu 4 ,, WALLPAPER 2 nu 44 5 44 4, IP ll 44 1 I 4 I4 44 0 4 Il 3 0 4: 107 S. Main St. Phone 539 t l Page One Hundred Forty-six Las Fotografias A11 this and "lessons" too?? Page Ono Hzmdrerl Forty-smzcu p::--- --------A - ---A------- A---1 QE Compliments of 0 U 0 I ' ' 0 EE Eddy s Service Station EE S- S. KRESGE CO- 0 H :E Congmiuiaiions tothe 5C to 25C Store U I if Class of '45 Your Pcxtronage Always QE Appreciated II IZ tr an - - - II II 0 tl QQ QE It Pays Big Dividends 1: Compliments of To shop at U . . . gg ll gg ECKER'r's MEAT 55 Q 'I .0 ffnflf Cl.. lN.l gi 110 s. MAIN s'r. gg II II L3:::- 'A"' ::::f"::::::::::::::::i 53333: iffci: ::::v::::::::::::::::: r::::f:::2:22f::::::::ff:::::::::1-X :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: U 0 if 6: ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN sox Q: HARDWARE AND ELECTRICAL 11 SUPPLIES It "' II U I 4' Mt. Vernon, Ohio I L E M A S T E R S U 11 Main at Vine 1: 83 Phones 84 ii "Ggg1EEi?3ggE,gOUg9U Donns HATS RUGBY SWEATERS P U 5: EE l U E: Compliments of 1 U ii C-mgwfulafions ig SCHNITZER'S SERVICE ll ll il 0 55 WADDELL'S GROCERYQQ STATICN ll ll QQ Corner of Coshocton 11 Ii and Division U U ....................... ..---...--.i Page One Hundred Forty-eflght -4 LA HISTORIA Across the Years fContinued from page I45J From the Forum 1923-24 When he first went to see her, He showed a timid heart. And when the lights were loweredf, They sat this .....,............,................................. far apart But when their love grew fonder, And time was full of bliss, They knocked out all the spaces Andsatupcloselikethis. Mr. Geiger fin chemistryl : Frances, how many grams in a telegram? Frances Gorsuch: CBlank lookl . Charles Jackson expressing his opinion on a theme: "Ah-charming- perfectly charming-what delicacy-what style." Boyabus kissabus sweet girlorum Girlabus likabus wanto somorum Pater pueribus enter parlorum Kickabus boyabus exit de dorum Nightabus darkabus no lamporum Climivus fencibus breechibus torum. Dear Madame Felicia: I am in great trouble. I am in love with three very wonderful girls, and I don't know which one I love best. When I'm with one I love the other, and when I'm with her I love one of the others. What would you do in a case like that? Yours Gene Stamm Imogene Michael I Looking at Coach Kingj-"Oh-h dear, isn't he hand- some '?" 1924 - 25 Sunday School Teacher: "What kind of boys go to heaven ?" Al Kahrl: "Dead Ones." Miss Solt: "Of what does the western part of the Mediterranean con- sist ?" Jim Alsdorf finnocentlyl : "Water." Don Van Voorhis informs us that he has a Roman nose, yes-roamin' all over his face. A new fad has established itself in our high school. With the boys wearing garterless socks, the girls shortened their dresses, now it's the boys turn to do something desperate again. They have started to wear red necktiesg some are long and other short, narrow, or wide, and we see also, on some those inevitable jazz-bow ties which dazzle the eyes to gaze on too long. fContinued on page IBIJ Page Ono Hundred Forty-nine oQ--o- --- jg-Q oH1o POWERZT- RJ' Mt. Vernon, Ohio -----94:-- KNERR TIRE CO. VULCANIZING - RE-TREADING Distributors of NEW TIRES, TUBES and BATTERIES 00QQ0QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoooooooooooeaoeaoooooooooooa qc One Hundred Fifty LA HISTORIA Across the Years fContinued from page I4-9, From the Forum 1925-26 Robert Greer is the treasurer of the senior class. Bob Baltzell rapidly developed into an efficient guard. His passing ability was an important factor in the Kingmen's offense. A steady ag- gressive player of the first water, Bob was also the possessor of a lighting spirit. We were fortunate in having his services this year and we regret that this is his senior year. Friday April 30-The Junior Class presented the play "The Arrival of Kitty" at the Memorial Hall. March 27-Jim Beam loses seat in chemistry. From the Forum 1926-27 Miss Domigan attended a sorority convention in Madison, Wisconsin. She took a boat trip up the Wisconsin River, afterwards spending a week in Indiana. December 22-Miss Koons' haiggbobbed. This week we tip the "High Hat" to a most worthy and well known member of the junior class, Marguerite Mann. Her pleasing personality and ready smile together with her high scholarship makes her a favorite to many of her class. She is an active member of the Girl's Glee Club, and the Booster's Club has claimed her services for the past two years. Carlton Babbs, the sophomore class president, who has been seriously ill since Christmas is recovering slowly. The sincere wish of the school is that "Carty" will be with us soon. We wonder how many boys havfined the Girl's Glee Club. Several have evidently-the pins are cleaver looking, we'll have to admit. "The Full House," the Junior Class play was presented with great suc- cess at the Memorial Theater April twenty-second. From the Forum 1927-28 Never before in the history of Mt. Vernon has there been a band. Last year the organization of a band was discussed, but the dream did not materialize. Now, through the efforts of Mr. Shade, our band is a reality. It made its first public appearance at the big thuse preceeding the Coshoc- ton game. This is leap year girls. You have A366 days to do your mischief. Mr. Geiger has lost several secretaries so far, and he is keeping an eye on his present one. Several boys have thus far been bothered to the point of madness. Stop! Did you see that charmiQTQH? Yes, she is Martha Beam of the seven A class. She has a pleasing personality and a high scholarship. She is a friend of all who know her. Although Jack Rudin is only a sophomore, he has taken part in all the principal activities it is possible for him to, being a member of the HI-Y, orchestra, Boys' Glee Club, and was elected a member of the Student Coun- cil by the sophomore class. fContinuecl on page 1531 Page One Hundred Fifty one -:roc---A----A---A----t--- Compliments of GEO. F. OWENS IEWELER 6. OPTOMETRIST 117 s. MAIN srmam :bc-vvzbq Compliments of SMITH'S DINER MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS Subscriptions taken for all publications BRINING NEWS VINE ST. MT. VERNON. O. TAUGHERS so Yi-:Aus ON THE SQUARE The Finest Drugs at the Best Prices Compliments of GENERAL DRY CLEANERS East Gambier St. Compliments of COCHRAN'S MARKET You'll like to trade at WORLEY'S MEN'S WEAR THAT MEN WEAR 120 S. Main Street HARRY A. BLUE Desoto 81 Plymouth 24 Hour Service PHONE 794 ll S. MULBERRY STREET Mt. Vernon, Ohio ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Pa ll One Ilundred Fifty-111-0 La Historia Across the Years fcontinuecl from page l5lJ From the Fbrum 1928-29 The delegates to the J .A.O.S. convention in Columbus were swayed! by the music of Ozzie Nelson and company during one of the sessions of his engagement at the Palace ffheater. We wish to extend a hearty welcome to Mr. Owen, a new teacher here this year. The terror of the Central Ohio League is Bob Cranmer, captain of the 1928 Yellow Jacket grid squad. Bob, who is a senior this year, is an all around athlete and has been a mainstay in all Mount Vernon's athletic enterprises. The Music Department has done a truly superb job in its presentation of "The Pirates of Penzance." From the Forum 1929-30 The honors for the player with the most fight must go to Guy Van Ostrand, who showed that there weren't any too big for him. This is his Junior year. The erection of a bronze tablet on the new athletic field acknowledging Mr. Frank Beam's gift gives the students their first chance to show their appreciation of this generous donation. If Miss Cannon expects those girls in her gym class to look like wood nymphs, she'll have to dress them in something other than black bloomers. "Snake, snake!" The cry reached us at the entrance to the school build- ing the other day. Some enterprising jester had placed a dead garter snake in Miss Cannon's car. Fear reigned supreme among us for a few minutes. Miss Laura Koons, English and American literature instructor, re- ceived her Master of Arts degree from Columbia University, Dec. 18. Name ........................................ William Withgott Appearance ......,.. ............................ B aby Face Reputation ....... ..................,....... U ninteresting .l.- From the Forum 1930-31 Listen everyone and we shall put you wise to the latest. Upon passing the auditorium after the school the other night, a Hood of sweet and low down music burst upon our ears and when we rushed into the auditorium, guess what? There sat Mr. Montgomery previously tagged "Stan Laurel," with Professor Wintermute rendering such hot notes from a sax that they almost melted the silver. My dears, that music was so warm that even H. Ogden Wintermute tapped out the drum accompaniment with his foot. From the Forum 1933-34 This is the first time the Seniors have organized and published The Annual. Due to financial difficulties the Forum has been discontinued for two years. Members of the class of 1934 are proud to be able to sponsor the year book so that activities may be recorded. fContinuecl on page ISD Page One Hundred Fifty th1ee f-0- v v v v v - - ooo v - ooo- v - ooo v - - oooooooooooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 0 0 0 ll It ll 0 O In n u mu 0 0 O n ll nu nu 0 0 ll tu 0 0 0 tl in 0 tl IP II ll It tl tl It It 11 tl It It 0 il 0 ll lt It tl tl It It U tl It lr It il It 0 ll ll 0 0 0 0 It 0 U 0 It ll tl It ll tl It 0 tl It li U 0 It li ll 0 It 0 il tt It ll ll 0 It 0 lb P DRAKEFS STUDIO 'A MEMORY FOR A SOLDIER' More so than ever before, a photograph ot YOU is wanted, needed, and hoped tor. Now is the time to combine your Gradua tion Photo-Portrait, Which through the trying months to come, will envision you as you are-today! A soldier boy-friend, husband, brother or father is Waiting for you. Don't fail him! CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS ABOVE BETTY GAY PHONE 1437 -ooaooqoqqopoq poooo00900---0QQ-oo00Q00QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ99-0040 11110 Om: Hundred Fifty-fum' pooooooooo The Faculty in Informal Pose Zgcx Las Fotografias A55 SKS! K . Q- 'L-n-1 :gil gc One Hundred Fift Ie::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.n tl 0 0 ll n " u O . 1: Compllments of IZ 0 't U lt 0 ll EE 52 0 2 3 M C DAVY 3 II I I 1: IL 0 o II 1+ U :I ll :: ' 3 -- 1: tl 11 II 2 HIGH AND MECHANIC STS. 0 n " u " it "Fr1end1y Servlce Always" EE EE 0 Il 35 0 " 0 " t.22222 22222222 2222 2222 22222 2 2 22222222222 2222222222222222222 2 222222 2 2222221 A ""' 33332123iilliliiiilillilililE II 4+ 1- :: Il . WHILE YOU'RE LEARNING 11 1: Comphments of U 1: Learn THIS Fact " 1 na I: P E P L E S There is nothing you hope L: to do inhthebtutire that rich- 0 ey in t e an Won't e p U U t d , th t 1 k f gg S H 0 E S T 0 R E 55.5125 wgn'tOhindCer sf 1: :P Vent you from doing. I 'V Learn this one fact, through :L saving during your school 4+ 0 days, and it will give you an 1: advantage through all the rest 4, 0 ot your days. ll 0 It QQ THE 1: ll QQ KNOX COUNTY SAVINGS BANK 11 1: Comer of H Mt. Vernon, Ohio :I 0 if MAIN 5. VINE STREIETS It 0 MEMBER F. D. I. C. 3 0 II MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK t2222222222222-22 .... 22222 ..2..22. 2. -222222222222222222222222222222222l P uyfc Ono Hundred Fifty-sim La Historia Across the Years fcontinuecl from page 1531 From the Forum 1934-35 Feb. 15: Kenyon representative arrives. We note with a surprise that all boys in 3rd period French class are going to Kenyon. Miss Michael Cdisgustedly to Dan Grubb when he erased the only cor- rect part in his sentencel : "Oh Dan!" Charles White: "Did she say Dan?" - We wonder. Joe Stauffer: F-new i - Personality ....,. .,,.................,....... S hieklsh Hobby ........... ...,.....................,.,.........,.......,............. ' 'Dil1y" Ambition ....... ........,....................,s.. S econd for George Raft From the Forum 1935-36 Our likeable new commerce and industry teacher, Miss Mahaffey, is a native of Mount Vernon and a graduate of Mount Vernon High School and Ohio State University. Pet Peeves: Mlle Michael .,...s........ ........ L ate Papers Joe Hantman ....., ......... D on Dowds Don Dowds ,..... .............,.............,........,.l ..... J o e Hantman Miss Koons ...l.............................,......................,..... Grade Cards From the Forum 1936-37 and Jacket Journal Familiar Quotations: "The soldiers lost much bloodshed."-Muzzy. "Now people."-Miss Biggs fMrs. Herronl. 'ff1'his paper goes to press Friday. Get busy."-Miss Cannon. "Are you seniors or not ?"-Mlle. "See me separately."-Mr. West. "Sit up."-Miss Boner. Mr. Kinney, one of the first ecmdigf the Forum has had the first vol- ume of the paper bound and has presented this book to the library. From the Forum 1937-38 December 1: Report cards. "Ah, Sweet Misery of Life at Last I've Found You." December 14: Teachers try to keep from falling down. Poor Bernice. Famous Last Words: Bob Shutt ............... ...,.....,................. ' 'It wasn't my fault." Tom Trott .,.......................,...... "No, I don't have my Chaucer." The ideal Mt. Vernon High girl would have: Mary Todhunter's complexion, Jane Jones' dimples, Ruth Sloan's teeth, Faith Poat's scholastic standing, Genevieve Butcher's neatness in dress, Janet O'Bryan's athletic ability. fcontinueci on page 159D Page One Hundred Fifty-se-von Congratulations to the Class oi 1 945 BA IR'S DRY CLEANING COMPANY Compliments of TAYLOR'S MARKET P: -A--- -- o COMPLIMENTS OF Mount Vernon News Compliments of C. A. BALO, Agent Sinclair Refining Co. PHONE 1279 AA- -0-------00002---AQAAQQQQQ J One Hundred Fifty-eiylf American Beauty Shop 9112 W. VINE ST. O SHOE REPAIRING O HATS CLEANED 0 SUITS CLEANED 6 PRESSED La Historia Across the Years fContinued from page I57D From the Fbrum 1938-39 Dave Turner, Marjorie Harris, Mary Jane Klein, and Joe Hantman have captured the leads in the all high school play, "Pride and Prejudice." Don't you believe it: That Muzzy doesn't give hard tests. That Bill Deely ever brings in many ads for the paper. That Bill Scarf doesn't go with the girls. . From the Forum 1939-40 Mr. ,Thomas comes to us from Newton Falls, Ohio. He is replacing Mr. Snyder, our coach and athletic director for the past 6 years. The members of the Senior Hi-Y held a most delightful weiner roast in the yard at George Budd's home on North Gay Street. Each boy took his own vittles. Marilyn Hall, a junior, was elected-ciileen of football by the varsity and reserve football teams of the school. From the Forum 1940-41 and Jacket Journal Harry Turner, junior-high cheerleader, won first prize in the pet par- ade for his poney. The parade was held November 22. Freshman: "Mother, may I go out? What time should I be in?" Sophomore: "Mother, may I go out ?" Junior: "I'm going out, mom. I'll be in early." Senior: "Goodbye, maw. I'll bring the milk in." From the Fzorum 1941-42 We'd like to: Have a car as nice as Jerry Kaler's. Play golf like Art Packard. Laugh like Walter Sapp. Make touchdowns like the Wright brothers. Betty Jewell furnished her friends with dancing, games, and refresh- ments, January 1. The guests at the party were: Martha Barker, Joan Culbertson, Carrie Parker, Arthur Cassell, Herb Dietrich, and Charles Cole. The junior play, "June Mad" Eisfliared a dramatic as well as a finan- cial success. In fact, it is probably one of the very best plays yet done by the dramatic department. From the Forum 1942-43 The Man on the Corner simply melts when Ruth Harris tosses that cold winter smile at him. Fred Reasoner isn't any help either. Perry Trinkner and Herb DieE'ich appeared last Monday bruised and scratched-tishing they said. From the Forum 1943-44 This is getting ridiculous. You can remember! Page One Hundred Fifty maze vo vvvvvv O II II II 0 0 II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II I II II II II II II I II II II II II II II II II II I II I I I I II II II II II I II II II II II II II II I I I II II II II II I II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II K P Each is given a bag of tools. A shapeless mass. And a book of rules: And each must make, Ere life is flown, A stumbling block 0r a stepping stone. "I X " lil THEMANUFACTURINGHHCU. age One Hundred Sixty Qooeooooooqoeqqeoooooqegooo MOUNT VERNON, 0NIO ::oooo::oooo::oQoo::::o Projects for Hospitals Page One Hundred Sixty T U gli A Page One H1Lll'd'1'6d Sixty-tuvo A Few of Our Service Men Lipscomb Elliott Blackford Murphy Zidek LM-ff""" Hurlow Sullivan Little Johnson Taylor Doup 1 y 'F 5? ff' C Page One Hundred Sixty-th,1'ec Thumbnail Biography of 1944-45 The pictures on the opposite pages show a cross- section of the years 1944-45. In it you will see the heavy snow that blanketed Mount Vernon nearly all winter. Here we see Coach Anderson on his first day in the city talking to some of our parents. Our camera has caught the faculty in informal poses. Miss Wenger preparing food in the Cafeteria, couples as they dance or stroll about the building. This is a bit of fun and of Work in all seasons of the school year. I 0 1 I. Q l uv 4 Q ,Z-n --' . ...4-' ...i....- iii... 'Li--ffqzsn-ii.-g ii.-1 .i11.,.f-- ,.,.-. P11 IB One Hundred Smcty four jigs. . rf" Mauna if ?i 15 I I I I U I I I I I I I r::::::::: :::::::::f:::f::::: cccz: -2223: ::::::f::-II Il II I . I II Comphments of I, II Compliments I, II II I M IL L E R I II of I AND I II II IE I. B. KEPPLE O'BRYAN I II I I I: II II II I II I I 5.5 I: I Wi II I I I I II II 1: I m3322225 :C "-: :::::::::: ::::::- 333333333 v3333 333333 12 f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-v-- :ff::::"::::::::'::::'::4I II I If CAIN'S GRQCERY I I FENToN's I II SCHOOL SUPPLIES II I 'md QUALITY I II CANDY I II DRY CLEANING I I 'MN-Mu1be"Y St' EXPERT TAILORING II I I II I II II I CONGRATULATIONS II II I 1: TO CLASS OF 1945 I' II I II II If WEST HIGH I II 10 E. Gambier St. I I MARKET I If MI. Vernon, Ohio I II II I II IL O0'00-'.OQ."'...0..O'.OOOOOOOQQQ .4 :::::::::::::::::::o::: ooooooooo .J P age One Hundred Sixty-six Samoa' 14 ' ' BETTY LEE ALLEN Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Queen Attendant 33 Glee Club 2, 33 Junior Choir 13 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 Program Com. Choir Formal 43 Sen- ior NVill Com.3 Senior Choir 2, 33 G. R. Service Com. 43 Girls' Basketball Team 23 Queen's Court 33 Decorating Com. G. R. Formal 4. MIRIAM AMICON Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. ILA MAE ANDERSON Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Choir 13 ,Exchange Editor of Sherman High School paper 23 Senior Girl Scout Z3 Home Economics Club 23 Oils Club 4. ADELINE N. ARMSTRONG Girls' Basketball Team 1, 3, 43 Baseball Team 1. BEVERLY E. BARBER F. H. A. 1, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 33 Intramural Games 23 Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4. EVELYN BARCUS Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary Orchestra 33 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 13 Senior Class S-ecretaryg Play Com. 33 Commerce Club 1. BETTY BECKHOLT Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 XVorking Corps 43 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 Noon Hour Com. 43 F. H. A. 1, 23 Dramat- ics 3. ROBERT BECKLEY F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 F. F. A. Basketball 1, 2, 33 Jr. Hi-Y 13 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 F. F. A. Public Speaking 33 Parlimentary Proceedure Te,am 3. ROBERT WILLIAM BELT Hi-Y Devotional Ch. 43 "The Sorcerer" 43 Senior Choir 43 Boys' Glee Club 43 P-38 Intramural Basketball Team 43 High School Quartett 4. MARIAN ALICE BENOY Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore at large 2, Devotional ch. 3, Vice-Pres. 43 Orchestra 1. 43 VVorking Corps 33 As- sembly Planning Com. 33 Quill and Scroll 43 Subscription Mgr. "Forum" 43 "Jacket Journal" 43 Ch. Keynote 43 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 Social ch. Senior Class 43 Sub Deb Club 33 Coro- nation Ch. Forum Fiesta 4. GEORGE BERGER, JR. Football 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 4. EDGAR BOGARDUS Editor of "Forum" 43 "Jacket Journal" 1, 2, 33 "NVe Hold These Truths" 13 "Mr. and Mrs. North" 23 "The College Widow" 33 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 "Pride and Prejudice" 43 "The Man VVho Came to Dinner" 43 Senior Play Com. 43 French Club 23 Library Staff 1, 23 Student Council 43 XVorking Corps 43 Civilian Air Patrol 33 Quill and Scroll 43 Senior Hi-Y Program ch. 3, 43 Jr.--Sr. Prom Com. 33 Accompanist for Choir 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 President of Music Club 23 Coronation Program 33 "Forum" Fiesta ch. 43 Band 13 First Place in Knox County School Scholarship Test 4. WARREN BRESLER Stage crew for "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 "Forum" Stal? 43 "Pride and Preju- dice" 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 Senior Band 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 3, 4. ALMA JEAN BROWN Senior Class Treasurer 43 Junior Band 13 Senior Band 2, 3. 43 Girl Reserves 43 Commerce Club 13 Basketball 3. PATRICIA BUNN Girl Reserves 13 Choir 23 Girls' Glee Club 23 Girls' Basketball 3, 4. DONALD BURGESS Band 1, 2, 33 Jr. Hi-Y Pres. 13 Orches- tra 2, 33 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 Projector Op- erator 3, 43 Student Council 43 Judge of Student Court 43 Prophecy Com. 4. ARDELLA BUTTERBAUGH G. A. A. cM3HSflCldJ 2, 33 Glee Club 13 Basketball team 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball team 1, 2, 33 Softball team 1, 2, 33 Swimming Club fMansiieldJ 33 Girl Reserves 4. F. JOANNE BURRIS Home Ee. Club 1, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 1, 23 Volleyball 1, 23 Choir 1, 33 Girl Reserves 1. ART CASSELL Hi-Y, 3, 4, Pres. 43 Junior Hi-Y Vice- Pres. 13 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 "Street- car in the Attic" 33 "Jacket Journal" editor 43 Senior Prom Com. 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 33 Student Council 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom. Com. 33 "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 4. JOCIE CHASE F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. WILMA JEAN CLINE Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Treas- urer 33 Girls' Glee Club 1, 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 33 Treble Clef 43 Working Corps 33 Football Queen Attendant 43 Junior Prom Com. 33 Band 13 Choir 13 Volleyball 13 Home Ec. Club 13 "Forum Queen Court 33 Forum Queen Attendant 4. NORMA COCHRAN Basketball "Termites" 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 G. A. C. 13 G. R. Decorating Com. 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3. CHARLES COLE Jr. Hi-Y 13 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 Reserve Football 33 Hi-Y 43 Working Corps 43 Intramural League 3, 43 Var- sity Football 43 Coronation program 33 "The Man NVho Came to Dinner" 43 Forum Fiesta 4. ROBERTA CONNELL "Jacket Journal" Staff 43 "Pride and Prejudice" 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 2, 33 G. R. Devotional Com. 43 Program Ch. Choir Formal! 23 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 "Streetcar in tl1e Attic" 33 Cadet Nurse. JOAN ELIZABETH CULBERTSON Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Com. G. R. 23 Publicity Com. G. R. 33 Ch. Social Com. G. R. 43 G. A. C. 13 "College Widow" 33 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 "Pride and Prejudice" 43 Jr Play Com. 33 "Jacket Journal' Adv. Stat? 23 Sub- scription Mgr. "Jacket Journal" 43 An- nual Statf 43 Quill and Scroll 43 "Ter- mites" 1, 2, 3, 43 Ch. Homecoming Dance 43 Vice-Pres. Senior Class3 "Forum" Queen's Court 33 "The Man VVho Came to Dinner" 43 Golf Team 43 Decoration Ch. Forum Fiesta 4. JOYCE DEEM Girl Reserves 43 Intramural Basketball 4. CHARLES DICE Reserve Football 13 Reserve Basket- ball 1, 23 Intramural Basketball 2, 43 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Decorating Com. 33 Varsity Football 4. HERBERT DIETRICH Jr. Hi-Y 13 Student Court 23 Sr. Hi--Y 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 43 Football 33 Basket- ball Varsity 3, 43 Advertising Mgr. "Jacket Journal" 43 Stage Crew "Mr, Mrs. North" 23 Stage Crew "Pride Prejuilice" 43 Intramural Basket- 23 "The Man Who Came to Din- and and ball ner" 43 Forum Fiesta 4. BEV ADELE DORSE-Y Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 G. R. Variety Show 23 G. R. Social Com. 33 G. R. Publicity Ch. 43 Working Corps 23 "College Widow" 33 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 "Sorcerer" 43 "Pride and Prejudice 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 "Dusky Clouds" 13 "Forum" Queen At- tendant, 3, 43 Band 1, 23 Coronation Program 1, 2, 3, 43 Fiesta entertain- ment ch. 43 G. R. Formal Com. 43 Jr.- Sr. Prom Com. 33 Choir Formal Re- freshment Com. 33 G. A. C. 13 Liter- ary editor of "Forum" 43 Senior Play Com. 43 Vice--Pres. Choir 43 Girls' Glee Club 3, 43 Choir 2, 3, 43 Treble Clef 3, 43 "Termites" 3, 4. N ORMA JUNE EMERY F. H. A. l, 2, 3. VICTOR FELDIMIILLER Jr. Hi-Y 13 "Mr. and Mrs. North" 23 "College Widow" 33 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 Working Corps 33 Buckeye Boys State 33 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, Sec'y 43 Projection Op- erator 3, 43 "Harvest Harmonies" 33 Student Council Pres. 43 Stud-ent Court 43 Bus. Mgr. "Forum" 43 Senior As- sembly ch. 43 "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 43 Finance Ch. Forum Fiesta 4. RETHA FISH F. H. A. 1, 3, 43 Sec'y F. H. A. 43 Girl Reserves 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4' Volleyball 1, 2. IDA ELLA FLEMING Commerce Club 13 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Choir 13 G. A. C. 13 Home Room Pres. 13 Monitor 2. BEVERLY FLETCHER Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. BERNARD FRYE Ag. 1, 23 Football 3, 4, Mgr. 4. HELEN FAYE GIFFIN F. H. A. Pres. 43 Junior Class Pres. 33 Society Editor of "Jacket Journal" 43 Basketball Team 33 Finance Com. 4' Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. MARCELLA GRAHAM Girl Reserves 4: Library Staff 2 "Streetcar in the Attic" 3. WILLIAM THOMOS GREGORY Reserve Basketball 1, 23 Varsity Basket- ball 33 Golf Team 4. BONNIE JANE HARDESTY Treble Clef 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "Harvest Har- monies" 33 "The Sorcerer" 43 Victory Concert 23 Finance Ch. Choir Formal 43 "Streetcar in the Attic" 3. GWYNNE HARTMAN Girl Reserves 1. SHIRLEY ANN HAUGER Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 43 "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 Working Corps 43 VVork- ing Corps Assembly Com. 43 Social Com.3'GR.ScilC 3'G R. , . o a om. , . Finance Com. 43 Senior Class Finance Com. 43 Dramatic Class plays 23 Make- up Com. "Mr. and Mrs. North" 23 Make-up Com. "College Widow" 3. JAMES RICHARD HAWKINS Stage Crew "Streetcar in the Attic" 33 Stage Cr-ew "Pride and Prejudice" 43 Quill and Scroll 43 "Jacket Journal" Stat? 23 "The Man XVho Came to Din- ner" . IDA MAE CHRISTINE HILDEBRAND Majorettc 1, L23 Choir 1, Z3 F. .ll. A. 1, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Glee Club 1, 2. Page One Hundred Sixty-seven SENIOR ACTIVITIES ROSEMARY CHRISTINE HILDEBRAND F. H. A. 1, Z, 3, 4, Treas. 45 Historian F. H. A. Z5 Secretary F. H. A. 45 Ch. Red Cross Com. 25 Class Secretary 25 Choir 1, 35 Girls' Sextett, 25 Intramur- al Basketball 3, 4. JOHN HILES, JR. Reserves Basketball 1. WAYNE HILLIER "Streetcar in the Attic" 3. M LOUISE HOAR Glee Club 3, 45 Choir 3, 45 F. H. A. 1, Z, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL H. HULSE Intramural Basketball 3, 4. KENNETH RICHARD HURLOW Laboratory asst. 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 45 Orchestra Z, 4. MARY ELLEN JACKSON Literary Editor "Jacket Journal" 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Publicity Com. 35 Devotional Com. 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Senior Choir 3, -15 "The Sorcerer" 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Pro- perty Com. "Pride and Prejudice" 45 Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Ch. Program Com. Choir Formal 45 Intra- mural Softball 1, 25 "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 45 Forum Fiesta 4. ELIZABETH ANN JEWELL Monitor Z, 45 Ch. Membership Com. G. R. 45 Service Com. G. R. Z5 Sub Deb Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Property Com. "Pride and Prejudice" 45 Social Com. Junior Class 35 Publicity Staff "Forum" 45 Library Staff 25 "The Man VVho Came to Dinner" 4. MARY JOHNSON G A . . C. 1, 2, 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary Soph. Class 25 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45Volleyball 1, 25 Working Corps 45 Decorating Com. G. R.5 Archery Z: G. R. Variety Show 4. GWEN JONES Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 45 Jr. At Large G. R. 35 Music Director Girl Reserves 45 Social Ch. Sophomore Class 25 Li- brary Staff 1, 25 G. A. C. 15 Intramural 1, 2, 35 Finance Ch. Jr. Class 35 "Har- vest Harmonies" 35 "The Sorcerer" 45 Jr. Choir 15 Senior Choir 2, 3, 45 Treble Clef 1, 2, 3, 45 Feature Editor "Jacket Journal" 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Ch. Class Will 45 Student Council 1, 25 VVorking Corps 35 Ch. Choir Formal 35 Program Ch. Choir Formal 25 Decorat- ing Ch. Choir Formal 4. BETTY JANE KECK Girl Reserves 45 Choir 1, 45 Commer- cial Club 25 1Vorking Corps 45 'lThe Sorcerer" 4. CHARLES GLEASON KNERR Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 Advertising Staff of "Forum" 45 Feature Editor "Jacket Journal" 45 Ch. Announcement Com. 45 Jr. Ili-Y 15 Dance Ch. Forum Fiesta 4. INIARY BELLE LAHMON Intramural Basketball 3, 45 F. H. A. 1, 3, 45 G. A. C. 15 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 45 Historian of F. H. A. 45 D. A. R. Citizenship Test 45 Ohio State Ag. Exam. 45 VVorking: Corps 4. LETHA LAKE Girl Reserves Z, 3, 45 "Streetcar in the Attic" 35 "Pride and Prejudice" 45 Senior l'lay Com. 45 Vllorkiug Corps 45 "Forum" Queen Attendant 45 G. R. Social Com. 35 G. R. Membership Com. 45"The Man W'ho Came to Dinner" 4. DORIS MAE LORIAUX Baud 1. 2. 35 Orchestra 35 Baseball 35 Basketball 35 XYorking Corps 45 Girl Reserves l, 2. 3. 45 Play Com. 35 Vic- tory Concert .15 "Harvest Harmonicsu 3. Page One Himdred Sixty-eight MARJORIE MASTELLER Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Choir 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club Z, 35 Treble Clef 1, Z5 Vice- Pres. Treble Clef 25 Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 45 Pres. Girl Reserves 45 Ch. Class Gift Com. 45 Student Court 45 Student Council 35 G. A. C. 15 Intramural Basketball 1, Z, 3. ANDREW P. MAVROMATES Student Council 15 Sr. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Senior Assembly Com. 45 Asst. Adv. Mgr. "Forum" 45 Forum Photographer 3, 45 Asst. Subscription Mgr. "Jacket Journal" 45 "College NVidow" 35 "Best Foot Forward"' 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Civilian Air Patrol 45 "The Man NVho Came to Dinner" 45 Coronation 1'ro- gram 3, 4. STANLEY P. MAVROMATES "Streetcar in the Attic" 35 "College NVidow'y 35 "Forum" Frolic 35 Choir 25 Boys Glee Club 35 Adv. Mgr. "Forum" 45 "Harvest Harmonies" 35 Hi-Y 2, 3. 45 Secretary Jr. Hi-Y 15 Prophecy Com. 45 "Forum" Fiesta 45 "The Man XVho Came to Dinner" 45 "Forum" Frolic 35 Football Reserve 2. GEORGENA METCALF F. H. A. 35 Working Corps 45 Intra- mural Basketball 4. ALMA MCGUGIN Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 35 Class Play Com. 35 Commerce Club 15 NVork- ing Corps 35 Intramural Basketball 25 Girl Reserves. LAVONNE JEAN MCGUGIN F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. Treas. 25 Vice-Pres. F. H. A. 45 Mixed Volley- ball 25 Intramural Baseball 2, 3, 45 In- tramural Basketball 4. CAROLYN J. MCMILLE-N Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Service Com. G. R. 35 Ch. Finance Com. G. R. 45 Library Staff 25 Sub Deb Club 2, 35 "College Widow' 35 Photo Editor "Forum" 45 Quill and Scroll 45 An- nouncement Com. 45 S-ec'y Student Court 45 D. A. R. Contest Team 45 Senior Schorlarship Test 4. CLAUDIA A. MCNEIL President of Sophomore Class Z5 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Choir 35 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Student Council 25 G. A. C. 15 "Harvest Harmonies" 35 Attendant to "Forum'l Queen 35 Attendant to Foot- ball Queen 45 "Forum" Queen 45 Sen- ior Finance Com. ALICE NETHERS Drum Majorette 15 Class Treasurer 15 Glee Club 1, Z5 Secretary Glee Club 25 Cheer Leader 35 Ctlie above were ac- tivities in Danville High SchoolJ5 Girl Reserves 4. DIONNE ELAIN NEWTON "The Sorcerer" 45 Girl Reseives 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 "Harvest Harmonies" 35 Victory Concert 25 NVorking Corps 15 "Streetcar in the Attic" 35 "Pride and Prejudice" Com. 4. CARRIE JUANITA PARKER Junior Band 15 Senior Band 2. 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 45 "College W'idow', 35 Monitor 35 Music Com. for G. R. 35 Sub Deb Club 3, 45 "Jacket Journal" reporter 45 Exchange Editor "Jacket Journal" 45 Quill and Scroll 4. CORRINNE YVONNE PARKER girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. 2, WILLARD PETERSON Stage Crew "Pride and Prejudice" 45 Stage Crew "The Man VVho Came to Dinner" 45 "Forum" Staff 4. ESTHER P. PHARIS Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 45 G. R. Music Ch. 2, 3, 45 Jr. Choir 15 Senior Choir 1, Z, 3, 45 Pres. Senior Choir 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Treble Clef 2, 3. 45 Sub Deb Club 3, 45 "The Sorcerer" 45 Senior Scholarship test 45 "Harvest Harmonies" 35 Choir Concert 35 "The Man W'ho Came to Dinner" 45 Senior Assembly Com. 4. HAROLD PORTER Football 1, 3, 4. AN NABELLE CLAICE ROBERTSON Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Working Corps 3, 45 Senior Band Z, 3, 45 Senior Or- chestra Z, 3, 45 "Streetcar in the Attic" 35 "Pride and Prejudice" 45 Glee Club 45 Basketball Intramurals 15 Class Prophecy Com. 45 Cadet Nurse 4. VENONA ROBISON Junior Band 15 Junior Orchestra 15 Senior Band 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Announcement Com. 45 Junior Play Com. 35 Student Court 25 Working Corps 3, 45 "Streetcar in the Attic" 35 "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 4. GLADYS ROBINSON Glee Club 15 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Base- ball Captain 35 Basketball 1, Z, 3. SHIRLEY ROSSI Student Council 15 "Streetcar in the Attic" 35 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Sen- ior Assembly Com. 4. CELENA MAE SIMMONS F. H. A. 1, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 "The Land Is Brightl' 25 Working Corps 45 G. A. C. 15 Ohio State Ag. Exam. 45D. A. R. Exam. 4. ROGER CURTIS SPEARMAN F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. Basket- ball 1, 2, 45 Vice-Pres. F. F. A. 45 In- tramural Basketball 45 F. F. A. Parli- mentary Proceedure Team 35 F. F. A. Softball Team 35 "Jacket Journal" Re- porter 45 Class President 45 Sec. F. F. A. 3. MILDRED JEAN SPURLING Band 1, 25 Glee Club 1, Z5 Choir 25 Girl Reserves 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Z, 3, 45 President 4-H 25 Basketball Capt. 25 F. H. A. 1, 2. FRANCES STACHELHAUS Sophomore Class Treas. 25 Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 45 G. R. Treas. 45 Choir 1, 2, 35 Treble Clef 1, 2, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, Z, 35 Choir Vice-Pres. 3. Q l,. I O X Q X S I Cl K SENIOR ACTIVITIES ELSIE MAE STILLWELL MARTHA LOUISE VERNON Egmglulgc-Sgcgllfl keggrxs Tfeas' Home glial Eeserves 1, 4, Intramural Basket- PAULINE JUNE STINEMETZ Girl Reserves 1, 4, Volleyball Team 1, CATHERINE WARMAN 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves 1, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, BETTY RUTH STYERS Intramural Basketball Z, 3, 4. Girl Reserves 1, Orchestra 2, 3, F. H. CAROLYN WARD A. 1, 2, 3. LORRAINE J. SWATIK Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4, Sec'y G. R. 3, Social Com. G. R. 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, "Streetcar in the Attic" 3, Bus. Mgr. "Jacket Journal" 4, Senior at Large G. R. 4, Senior Prophecy Ch. 4, Library Staff 3, Sub Deb Club 3, 4, Coronation Program 4, Intramur'-I Basketball 3, "The Man NVho Came In Dinner" 4. JEAN THAYER Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, VVorking Corps 4, Head Usher Junior Play 3, Social Com. G. R. 4, Junior Senior Prom Com, 3. HARRY EDWARD TURNER Junior Hi-Y 1, Treas Jr. Hi-Y 1, Sen- ior Hi--Y 3. 4, Treas. Senior Hi-Y 4, VVorking Corps 2, Stage Crew "Mr. and Mrs. North" 2, "Streetcar in the Attic" 3, "Pride and Prejudice" Stage Crew 4, Cheerleader 1, Z, 3, 4, Adv. Staff of "Jacket Journal" 4, Sports Editor "Jacket Journal 4, Sports Editor of "Forum" 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Student Council Treas. 3, Intramural Basket- ball 2, Program Ch. Hi-Y 4, Senior lYill Com. 4, "The Man VVho Came to Dinner" 4, Projector Operator 3, 4, Forum Fiesta 4. I Library Staff 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, G. R. Variety Show 2, G. R. Service Com. 1, G. R. Social Com. 3, G. R. Program Com. 4, G. A. C. 1, White Zephers 1, Z, 3, Dramatic Club 2, "Pride and Prejudice" 4, "'Street- car in the Attic" 3, "College XVidow" 3, "Partcrl on Her XVedding Morin" 2, Make-up Com. for: "June Mad" 1, "Mr. and Mrs. North" 2, "You Can't Take It With You" 3, "Best Foot Forward" 2, Sub Deb Club 2. 3, 4, Senior Prom Com. 4, "Jacket Journal" Staff 1, 2, "Forum" Staff 4, "The Man lVho Came to Dinner" 4, Forum Fiesta 4. CHARD WHETSEL Varsity Football 3. 4, Reserve Football 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, Stage Crew for "Man NVho Came to Dinner" 4. FRANCES WHITE Girl Reserves 3, Commerce Club 1, Band 2, Orchestra 3, NVorking Corps 1. ROBERT LEWIS WILLIAMS Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2. 3, 4, Sec'y Choir 4, Reserve Football 2, XYood Bees 4, Double Quartet 3, Boys' Quartett 3, 4, "Harvest Harmonies" 3, "The Sorcerer" 4, "The Man NYlio Cami- to Dinner" 4, Forum Fiesta 4. DOROTHY MARIE WILLIS Commerce Club 1, Girl Reserves 1. J, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3, 4: Ilome Room President 1, Library Staff 2, 3, Monitor 2. ARLENE ANN WILMOTTE Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, Girl Reserves 1, Z, 3, 4, CHARLOTTE WRIGHT Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. 4, Basketball 2. 3, 4, Student Council Z. 3, G. A. C. 1, F. H. A. 1, Historian of F. H. A. 1, "Streetcar in thc Attic" 3, Sec'y of Junior Class 3, Queen's Court 3, Foot- ball Queen Attendant 4, Class XYill Com. 4. RUTH BLAINE WRIGHT Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4, Football Queen 4, Attendant to Forum Queen 3, Class Will Com. 4. 'L '. t.",,As' o.', X ' A ' ' :J 'C 4 ' l 0 1 MEMBER OF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Edgar Bogardus Carolyn McMiI1en Lorraine Swatik Marian Benoy Mary Ellen Jackson Victor Feldmiller Arthur Cassell Ila Mae Anderson Gwendolyn Jones Donald Burgess Marybelle Lahrnon Claudia McNeil Venona Robison Joan Culbertson Herbert Dietrich Harry Turner Stanley Mavromates Annabelle Robertson Carrie Juanita Parker MEMBERS OF NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Herbert Dietrich Gordon Gerrard . Page One Hundred Sixty nine Y:::::::: """ "":::::::::::' AAAAA 0 ------- v ..-- v.......... v ...., , -, 0 0 0 0 0 0 tl wl fl 1: gf Compllments gf II il lt 0 ll 0 ll 0 ll 0 ll It ll ll ll ll ll U 0 1: C. H. DIETRICH li tl ll ll U U ll ll ll li ll IP ll 1+ IEWELER 1+ 0 U 0 IP 0 ll 0 tl It U 0 0 0 U 0 0 0 U 0 0 II Il gg 29 E. Gambier SL Phone 340 :I 0 ll Il II ll ll ll 0 ll U u':::::::::::f-P52::::C:0:::::::::::::::::::::::::::,:::::::::::::: ::::Q gg If Congratulations to the 11 It ll ll gg THE MT. VERNON Qi C1f1SS0f'45 ii II It U 0 0 gi HATCHERY g TILLE'S FOOD E STORE 1: tl tl 0 P ll 0 gg 1: sue w. High st. 1: 0 , , U 0 gg B1g Value Baby Ch1CkS Phone 137 4 0 as gf- ---is gf Turkey 130111115 When You See Us. Don't Think of Insurance.iE Il But when You Think of Insurance, see Us.gE EE :: 1' C. K. SALISBURY " II Mt. Vernon, Ohio 0 3 1: 51 SON It ll 0 gg 322 S. Main St. Phone 684 ,, 5 WEST VINE ST. gg ll ll gg MT. VERNON. or-no gg 3 CQCQQ 333333333333333 333333333 3333333333333 3333333 333333333333 Page One Hundred Seventy X S H E L L M A R PRODUCTS CO. and EM P L 0 Y E E S Congratulate and Extend Good Wishes to the Class of 1945 SHELLMAQ Lg I L -E: X SLSS f ,,,,::: ff-Kyra., f -2 ,fx X ' ":2 X51 S' ff , W, Y, fu X A coargzrz VM 'ig E95 sq? rj X , tv-vgzasff , P n o o u c 'r s c o M r A N 1 fm-wsu-1 ,KX P ' O Cl frczccc :Q 0 II II II U I I Compliments of .I Harry C. Bennington U U I I: Mayor of Mount Vernon I II 0 0 0 0 0 U I I 0 0 0 0 0 II Devoe Motor Sales if Hudson-Teneplene cm If Reo Trucks I vo Columbus Rd. ii Telephone 1236 II L Best wishes to the class of 1945 V - V Victory Food Markets Inc. Food will win the war w. A. Meier 104 w. High sr -ooo:::::A:::::::::::::::: ::::: ::::::::::::::: ::::::::::ooooooo ----- --------A---------oo vt' ...v II II 0 I II , I: Congratulations U 0 L from I I I 0 U U DOIWD'S FUNERAL 0 II 0 II I HOME I II II I It L Phone 242 II II II U I II II I Mt. Vernon, Ohio Il II II II II b:::::-::::::::A-:::::: --AA :::::d F- ---- vvvv -- --v------ v Compliments of Buckeye Candy Co. 13 West High St. Telephone 530 Compliments of Mossholder Motor Freight Telephone 596 ---A--A-Q-A---oooooeooooooco Page One Hundred Seventgftwo YA-AAAAAAAAAA--:::::::::::::::::,:::::::OOO o 0 3 3 3 o 3 3 0 o 'r . 1 2 S h 3 I' p Ii 0 IP 0 IP O IP O IP O IP 0 ll 0 0 ll II II 0 ll o Il 0 ll II 3 0 IP 2 2 2 5 0 Z ' 0 3 3 ' e 2 o 2 3 ' o ' o ' o ' e Q o 2 2 2 I Q E o 2 0 2 ' o II 0 f 3 : RDS GIFTS , 3 o EE 0 2 ' o ' o 2 o f' O W C I' ' 0 o o o 2 0 2 2 o , o o o o o o o ----A-A:::o::::o::::::::- Page One Hundred SeveHi1l'th7'e9 This poqe is oleolicorled io the boys from Mount Vernon High School who have mode the supreme sacrifice Stephen McFarland Amos B. Clark Robert Everhart Lamont Snow NVilliam West Charles Ilger Harlan Poorbaugh Charles Tarr Julius Keck Paul Pullenbarger Curtis Ogg Nvilliam Lybarger Edward Totinan Louis Patou Norbert Ling Frederick Deem Frank Butler Daniel Walton Dwight Belt Howard Pipes Carrol Ellis Russell Rockwell Robert Johnson Albert Weaver David Hunter MM On April twelfth, 1945, the whole nation was shocked by the sudden death of the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt The following boys have been killed in action since the opposite page was printed: CORADON LYNDE RICHARD BELT JAMES GATTON EUGENE JACKSON HAROLD LAWRENCE "So nigh is grandeur So near is God to When Duty whispers The youth replies, to our dust, mang low, thou must, I can." -Emerson. Page One Hundred Seventy-five Senicvz. P pall In a popularity poll conducted by the seniors last February the fol- lowing seniors won the highest number of votes: Best Personality fGirlJ ..ii,i.........,iiiv.iii,..... ,C iiiiiiiii,.,. ..iie, C laudia McNeil Best Personality fBoyJ ..... ,,,,,rr H arry Wright Most Versatile Senior ..,r,..,..., r..... J oan Culbertson Most Beautiful Senior fGirlJ ,rr., ,rr.,.ri, J eanne Cline Best Looking Senior CBoyJ ..... ...r,.. H erb Dietrich Best Scholar CGirlJ ..,..rr.... r...... M arian Benoy Best Scholar CBoyl .r... .,.... Best Actress . Best Actor ....c,,. Best Musician ,Ted Bogardus Carolyn Ward i,c.,,.Ted Bogardus .Ted Bogardus Best Athlete ,,...,,,,......... ....,,,r D ick Whetsel Contributing t Cutest Couple, he Most .......c,,...ccccrc.c......,ccc,r,.. A rt Cassell Doris Loriaux and Charles Dice Favorite Teacher ......,cc..,,c...,cci,c,,.,.,...,, Miss Laura Koons, English Literature Honorable mention in various divisions were given to Don Burgess, Annabelle Robertson, Vic Feldmiller, Beverly Dorsey, Dale Gardner, Harry Turner, Esther Pharis, Neil Lonzo, Bob Williams, and Ruth Wright. Pa fe One Hundred Seventy-six 1 Adm Page One Hundred Seventy-seven Page 0110 Hundred Sr.'1'rf1zfy-ciyflzf fqalaqaapha ,- W., Mak."-V ff-xi l ' mn ','. 1,5 . Bu' V AVE - ,M ' 1, 1 i L., V 7.-.Mn "' f' -1 ,':f.' ,.1 11,2 .L Avw' ,, "1-1,

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