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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1940 volume:

7ime me ' 1' L., . I When we left school last June. Q , 9 gli? THE FORUM - 1940 fl: ! THE FORUM - 1940 Gandhaciion Q When we returned to school last September '7he 4 If 9 QE glsflil '-'u . """ THE FORUM - 1940 Nfl' ' ,awmzwaezma MW fu 041575 Safzoal 1939-40 lb SARA M. CANNON, Adviser CORADON LYNDE, Editor STANLEY JOHNSON, Business Manager DAVID UPHAM, Associate Editor :zu he . THE FORUM - 1940 Page Four I ' n The 1940 FORUM is dedicated to art, for it was through the cooperation of the art de- partment and Miss Eagle, the instructor, that this book Was made possible. The fine spirit of cooperation was shown all year by the art students in their Willingness to help in all undertakings of the school. They helped to paint the lines on the new gym floor, made posters for plays and dances, helped make the room signs, and made slides for library illustrations. 1"-E-'T I 4 Q ,lf THE FORUM - 1940 "N ffL.L7on9ancf713fnef44eeZ'i " Artists in their Studio I Oenterj Miss Eagle with di- orama which she constructed of Dan Emmett composing "Dixie" Page Five 14 bg! e 2.2 9 - fza lsbgli K ,l THE FORUM - 1940 Page Six 62 J The clock ticks on, days become months, months become years, classes change, and We who were freshmen such a short time ago are now seniors. In an effort to catch a few glimpses of our fleeting school life, we have chosen "TIME" as the theme for the 1940 FORUM. This theme is carried out on the cover and on the page decorations. We call your attention to the appropriate time pieces in the pictures of the opening sections of the book. Again We are deeply indebted to Gerald Walker, a sophomore, for the many informal pictures that enable us to give you an almost day by day account of our school year. gepfenzlw ff, 1939 76n1eb9elafz1'odfaf1Zlfzeqea4'4wafak ...KN AXA1 in I 5315 N Q l 455, J THE FORUM P18 i 1',":i' fx .il -9-.9 H." N - -si! Q t-- , Bl-3-'?T.:"l , Ig at " ,---1 THE FORUM -V 1940 7ime fm Scfaoof "lfttzzy" tlistrihtttvs u.llJlll'llIllS.H Itmlttttvtt tgztzt- with atttntttzt- litth att sctthtrs. htiss lhtttrr Q t '. utvt- out lttuhur hw. Naututtt- tat-cuts ptvusutl with hvt' scltutltth-. l't't'-+lllt1t'lt Ihtv-' t"t"t'1 th t . ,J IG 't.'Ltt'll what tt's atll :tl Page Eight lt 'me and may X ,,,,,..,-ft: 't' mi t 7ime fm 7eaolmf1 - - 5 ini' A ,-, F Xxx THE FORUM - 1940 Page Nine 17- "':-T? U f' 1 P 'f E is L THE FORUM we 1940 1 l I t I i X l l ' a V ,V " 1 tl l F 2 aw! 'ln Q-I V v ,v - ' ' Q till ,if 1 A 1- Sfyizxvx meostrivfm ' ,, , f . Page Teh Ai' 'IL flainollpal JOHN DAVID GEIGER Prlhlolpoll of High School Mount Vernon, Ohio Bluffton College, A.B. Ohio State University, M.A. 5 Z ALBERT W. ELLIOTT, Shywriittehdoht of Schools Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University. A.B. University of Chicago, M.A. Ohio State University, Ph.D. .1 fill fr iQ-fi u ilu im emo, l I Mount Vernon, Ohio Sunbury, Ohio XVestern College, B.A. Ohio NVesleyanUnivex-sity, B,A. Columbia University, M. A. School of Speech. Northwest- English ern University Speech and English i it gli? fe., M THE FORUM - 1940 GENE TAYLOR Mount Vernon, Ohio Capital University, B.S. in Music Ohio State Unfversity Music ILA W. MCNABB Mount Vernon, Ohio Hiram College, B. A. English H. OGDEN WINTERMUTE Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University, Ph.B. Capital University Columbia University English and Music SARA M. CANNON Mount Vernon, Ohio New York University Bethany College, B.A. English-Journalism High School Publications BERNICE BONER Delaware, Ohio University of XVashington, I Seattle, B.A. Ohio XVesleyan University Latin IMOGENE MICHAEL Toledo, Ohio llenirwon University, B.A. McGill University Toledo University, M.A. Frencli O' PAUL E. DEAN Dresden, Ohio Ohio University, A.B. in Com- merce Salesmanship Page Eleven 31,1 ' X ..... -' fflgliffl-o K . ,, ,:,,1...i shi THE FORUM - 1940 Q, :, Y A. 'JACK' ROBESO Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, B.S. Science, Biology Assistant Football Coach AUDREY WRIGHT Mount Vernon, Ohio Miiskingum College. V Ohio State University, 13.5. Commercial KENNETH WEST Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University, B.A., B.E.E., B.S. Ed.. M.S. Physics and Chemistry GLADYS H. BAKER Mount Vcrnon, Ohio Ohio VVcsleyan University, ILA. Olno State University Mathematics S. E. RICHARDSON Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University, B.S. Influstrial Arts RUTH PIEADINGTON BROWN Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio State University, 13.5. Biology and Science MYRON PRECH MARGARET MAHAFF EY LAMOIL L. OWEN CiCVCl21Hf-ii Ohi0 Mount Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio VVCSIEYHH U11iVf5l'SifY, Ohio Staice University, B.S. Ohio VVesleyan University , A , CommeTCiaz Ohio University, B. S. 01110 brute University Ohio State University Commercial and His- Higfgry tory Basketball Coach Page Twelve III 9- ? 2 ' lim a ' X , -,,,ll ' I ll l W - THE FORUM 1940 I alma, A E W. M. STUART Logansport, Imlizma Pllfllllli University, ILS. of Agriculture Vocational A gricalture RUTH DOWDS Mount Vernon, Ohio Miami University. B.S. Latin and Mathematics ROGER WALTON Gambier, Ohio Kenyon College, ILS. Kent State. B.S. in Ed. Science p6' '?42l ELEANOR C. OWENS Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University, B.A. English MARTHA V. COCHRAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Asbury College. B.A. University of Kentucky Ashland College Commercial HAROLD HIGHMAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio University, B.S., in Ed. Commercial N V .y 1.4 x - . W 1 V J I Q If j 1 . l I if f LOREN MILLER JOHN FLOYD THOMAS VIJOIQA M. DEIBEL illnnuic, Indiana Vencmlocia, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Bull State College, B.S. Utah State, B.S. Ohio Staje Uxiiversiiy, B.S. in Commercial Physical Education Phy5'f"l h'hmt'0" Football and Track Physlcalland Health Coach Education Page Thirteen fEg Lg , THE FORUM - 1940 eww, CLARA EAGLE Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University, B.S Ed. Fine Arts NELLIE HEFFNER Clyde, Ohio Michigan State Normal Home Economics HELEN C. SEVITTS Mount Vernon, Ohio Wooster College, Ph.B, Columbia University, M.A. Western Reserve School Library Science Librarian THEODOSIA WARDELL Mount Vernon, Ohio Grady Hospital Training School, R.N. Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick EDITH BEATRICE CURRAN Mount Vernon, Ohio Class of 1929 Secretary to Superintendent EDITH MINARD Mount Vernon, Ohio Class of 1936 Secretary to Principal Page Fourteen in of '7ime MGZMMA E if , THE FORUM -- 1940 Page Fifteen P-- , 5. f QE THE FORUM - 1940 '7u2u'z B , une, n 0-ua 0 '7 ' 9 4 ' " , Glaaa Gfficena President ...,.,..,. ..,.. W illiam Crumrine Vice President .... ...,,.. C harles Givens Secretary ........ .... T helma Lawrence Treasurer ........................,......, Mary Mahaffey Faculty Advisers .... Miss Michael, Mr. Owen Sentara 01644 Four years ago as freshmen we entered Mount Vernon High. We looked forward to the end of our high school course, but now it seems but yesterday. Four years ago we suffered humiliation and embarrassment indicted upon us by the upperclassmen, but at last we were Seniors and could look down upon the freshmen. From our ranks came the frame from which the football, track and our championship basketball teams were made. We have been prominent in all high school plays and in the band, operetta, and choir. We gave "Spring Tide" as juniors and as seniors, the play, "Stage Door." In our sophomore year We elected Bill Crumrine as our class president. Our junior year Perry Conkle was president. In our last year of school we have again chosen Bill Crumrine to lead us as our president. We have tried to cooperate with the faculty, and we wish to thank them for cooperating and helping us. We acknowledge no class as our superior, because of this We have followed in the footsteps of none. Some of our rank have dropped by the wayside, but there are many of us that have carried on and we hope some day to reach the goal for which each of us is striving. As we look back on our high school days we cherish the memories of the good times we have had and wish that once again we were freshmen with four years ahead of us . . . four long years. ' V -JANE IRVINE and BOB STATLER, Historians Page Szmtecn Seniaad DOROTHY JANE ACKERMAN FILLMORE ALLSPAUGI-I VIRGINIA MAY ANDERSON MABEL CONSTANCE ATHERTON ANITA CAMERON BAGLEY ROBERT BEACH TEH Q gg- KA , A52 A ::.1- s.-w 1 THE FORUM - 1940 A IVA DEAN ALLEN MARIAN AMICON ,IANICE E. ARRINGTON CHARLES AYERS PEGGY BARRY BERNARD H. BELL Page Seventeen X IJ? ! .... f .. K PE ELVQL- uk -if -rl - .? - Emi. THE FORUM - 1940 HELEN LOUISE BORDEN EDITH NAOMI BRICKER JACK STANLEY BROWN MARJORIE ANN BUMPUS ILEEN VIRGINIA BUSKIRK DAVID NELSON CAMILLO Page Eighteen MARY ELLEN BREECH BETTY JO BROWN GEORGE BUDD GUINEVERE BURGESS Af ' Q 'fx 5 J l 1 BARWA MYRTLE BUXTON ELIZABETH JANE CAMPBELL S niafzft ROSETTA LOUISE CARR PERRY D. CONKLE DOLORES CRAM ER XVILLIAM D. CRUMRINE NVILLIAM R. DISELIZY IXIYRA LEE DUBINSKY Q in 9 i . I THE FORUM - 1940 JOHN CLAYPOOL ARTHUR VICTOR CORNELL MARY JUNE CRAMER MARY JANE DANDO ELDON IIOUGH DICKENSON MARJORIE EBERHARDT Page N ineteen- gf---4 81, 1 T It-26 ,lr ,- gig - X 1 .- -3 Ll THE FORUM - 1940 RUSSELL EUGENE .ETZXVILER PHYLLIS JEAN FAIR. w kixuazf 4fSQLZ,A, 1 ROSALIE FLETCHER DOROTHY A. GIANSANTE CHARLES GIVENS DONALD GLOVER Page Twenty I BETTY FRANCE EVERHART EUGENE FAIRCHILD BETTY FRAVEL :Z J' X LAURA JAYNE G1F1f1N ENGEL GLAROS VVAVERLY GLOVER I ALLORA M . GOOS ENS IHECKY GROVE JACK J. HICIGIITON RUTII VIOLIET IIICKIERSON NANETTE HOOVLER EST!! ICR PAUL! N IE H05 K l XSON QA THE FORUM - 1940 lIARRlli'l"l' GRAHAM LICTHA HAM IQR LOIS .XRDlCI.I.lfl IIICNNICLI, CHARLES NV, HILL lll3ll.l'lN FRANCES IIOPKINS CLAUIJIQ D. HOUBLIZR Page Twenty-one : fl L - A is Sli ga., --- - - N1-. - A QL! T 5 ff' 'E fi? -'L . wg :l i -2. THE FORUM - 1940 NVILLIAM HUMBERT WANDA C. JACKSON HAROLD JEWELL CELESTA ANN JORIS MARY JAYNE KLEIN BEN DOUGLAS LEMASTER Page Twenty-two Se' JANE IRVINE BERTHA LYNETTE JENKINS STANLEY JOHNSON ROBERT KIRK THELMA LAXVRENCE CI-IARLENE GENEVIEVI2 LEXVIS O li D I'l'I I XVAN EDA LA H M ON RANDALL LYBARGER MARY G. MAHAFFEY RICHARD LEE MARSH ALICE CAROLINE MINTIICR DORIS MORRISON 1 ly --Q, .:N gig Q- A f THE FORUM - MARGUERITE E. LOBER CORADON G. LYNDE HAROLD MAKOS CAROL ELAINE MCDOXVELL IC LAINE MCLARNAN I'ID1'I'H ROWENA MOSSHOLDER Ipage 1Huenty-three 1 940 E QQ? 1 , ug' THE FORUM - 1940 HELEN IRENE MOSSHOLDER FRANCES EVELYN NEIGHBARGER EUGENE XV. PARGEON GEORGIA PARKER JAMES BURKE LUCAS PAYNE HARRIETT E. PHARIS Page Twenty-fouo' S'4 BOB MOSSHOLDER PALTLINE AMELIA PAQUES MAXINE PARKER ROBERT PARNELL MARTHA JEAN ,PEUGI-I JOHN NV. PHILLIPS U GEORGE II. PROSSER DONALD C. REAGH ELOISE PAULINE REX MARTHA M. ROBERTSON EARL KENNETH SANT JEAN ELIZABETH SIMPSON 3 .7--Q, Qgli Z :iii Q:-'1 THE FORUM - 1940 SARAH RAHN NEIL DAVID REEDER JAMES HENRY ROBERTS MAXINE ELIZABETH RYAN BETTY MAY SIMMONS RUTH SLOAN Page Twenty-jvc ? , 54? l -,7. . X ff? -.1 THE FORUM - 1940 ROBERT CARL SMITH HELEN LOUISE STARN EDNA V. STONEBURNER GEORGE EDXVARD SVVEIET DAVID UPHAM ALETIIA JOSEPHINE WINTERRINGER Page Twenty-sim O BEULAH JEAN SNONV ROBERT STATLER NEVA STO1'1'IER MAXINE TIIEIBERT GERALDINE MARIE NVIITTE LOLA IRENE XVORKMAN Senioad. FRANK YAUGER JACK HIGGINS JAMES HUNTER GEORGE ALLSPAUGH ROBERT BANNING HELEN HAXVKE PAUL JENKINS VTRGIL ROSE ROBERT BAIRD PAUL DOUP CLYDE HANVKINS RALPH PERRTNE RAYMOND STEPHENS iii?-' . sh THE FORUM - 1940 RUTH SHULTZ DNVIGHT HARRIS llARR1E'1"1' IIAGENS Page Twenty-seven Sl I X fig! ff T: - 'Lge I K 1 THE FORUM - 1940 Page Twenty-eight IOLENE HAYES n illhmnrtam In memory of Iolene Hayes who lost her 11fe 1n an automoblle accldent July 1939 None of us can forget the gay lovable de pendable KHHYSIB She was a leader of her class 1n scholarshlp art work and extra curmcular aCt1V1t16S , S . H ,R s e + ,Z - '1 ' ' A ' Q Inu, ,N ,V I ' "' L . - W? ,, 1 J G 1 , . 7 1 ' 4 ' H v 1 ' . "Wwe will 741 " YH"- N. ri? - ' L sa!! THE FORUM - 1940 61644 Ugicwlfi President .......,,.. .............,.. H arold Lore Vice President ..... ...... J oy Taylor Secretary ....... ..,.,, B etty Welsh Treasurer ....... ...... R obert Stull . Page Twenty-nina 'T- me l - 912.2 42 THE FORUM V- 1940 aniafut Beatrice Ackerman Wilfred Antill Wanda Lucille Baker Mary Louise Barre Ruth Anna Beach Norma June Beaver Robert Frederick Beck Herbert Lawson Belden Donald W. Biefnes Joe Williard Black Harry E. Blake Charles M. Bovard Eva Donna Jean Bowden K. William Braden Jack Branyon A. LaVerne Brodhead Duane Kenneth Brown Jack Stanley Brown Margaret G. Burke Elmer William Carpenter John Edward Clark Page Thirty MEMBERS OF TI-IE. CLASS OF 1941 Lloyd LeRoy Clutter Robert William Coe Maxine F. Cookman Nora Helen Cramer Jane Elizabeth Cranmer Carroll Bernard Crider Donald Wm. Curran Kenneth Manford Dailey Mary Evelyn Darnold Blaine Deem Kathleen DeWitt Grace Irene Dudgeon Frances Dunn John Allen Edmister Eileen Burnet Emery John Lew Fair Doris M. Ferguson John Edward Fisher William Kenneth Fogle Geraldine Marie Frost Eileen Bernice Frye Ruth Marie Garber Glen Terrell Gearhart Edward T. Genre Peggy H. Gill Wanda P. Glover Chester Allen Halderman Marilyn Hall Evelyn C. Hardman Merrill Ewalt Harmon Marguerite Irene Harrison Marjorie Isabell Harrison Phyllis Jeanne Herrick Orval Hill Calvin Edward Hissong Mary Virginia Hissong Norman Edward Hollis Harold Keith Hoovler Norman Wm. Hopwood Leatrice Houbler Esther Jean Hunter Arlene Mary Huntsberry 2.-'il sir ,, E " I x, THE FORUM 1940 anim Elm Ra!! awww Frances Eleanor Hyatt Lyle D. Irvine Robert Maurice Irvine Mary Phyllis Jones Nellie Sylvia Jones George N. Kaparos Anna Katris Mary Katris Robert Edward Kemmer John De Bruyn Kepple Robert Elliot Kilkenny Bettie Jane La Fever Miriam Ruth La Fever Ruth Evelyn Levering Elizabeth Jean Levers Glen A. Lipscomb Harold E. Lore Bc-tty Jane Martin Careta Jean Masteller Ruth Arlene McKenzie Frances E. McPherson Mildred Melton Mary Midos Albert D. Miller Jean Miller Margaret Elaine Mills Barbara Lee Mitchell Bette Grace Montes Robert Eugene Moore John Rex Morris Frank William Norris Jared Andrew Owens Donald Adrian Pargeon Ellen Patterson Arlene Louise Perkins Naomi Jean Perkins Eloise Anna Phillips Harlan Poorbaugh James W. Puffenbarger Margie Alice Pugh Harold Roy Purdy Betty Carolyn Ransom James Lloyd Rhoads Lois Evelyn Roberts M. Ruth Robertson Leora Phyllis Robinson Wayne Bogardus Rogers Clarissa Elizabeth Ralls Rosa Mary Rubino Herbert Kendrick Rudolph Paul Evan Ryan Norma Ellen Sapp William Henry Scarif Fred Schnebly Evelyn Mae Scott Betty Jane Seavolt Earl James Sellers Jean Gladys Servais Anna Grace Sewell Irene Walker Sharp ' Dale Clifton Sheffer Jesse H. Shoemaker Edward S. Shorkey Joseph W. Shoults Grace Mildred Shutt Charles Snedden Mildred Evelyn Snow Dale Warren Spearman Charles Robert Squires Alice Gertrude Stofer Milford Clyde Stofer Joseph Goodman Storey Mary Martha Strauser Robert Carol Stull James L. Sullivan Bob James Swigeart Joy A. Taylor Carl Willard Thompson Cledith E. Totman Edythe Louise Totman David Harrison Turner Harry Blair Van Riper Jean Ann VVag'ner Ruth Ellen Ward Mary Madeline Weaver Bill James Weiss Betty Irene Welsh Annabel Lee White Ralph S. White Don Bragg Williams Katherine Eileen Williams Patricia Ami Williams Mary Wolford James Frederick Wonders Dorothy Jane Woolard Elizabeth Bell Wright Emogene Yarman Eleanor Dare Shellenbarg Jean Phyllis Sellers Eileen Tyson SI' Page Thirty one a-2? i . gil THE FORUM - 1940 "'7ime '7eacfzoi Many .L7 " Presldent .......... V1ce Presldent ...... ..,.,..,, Secretary .....,..... ,,....,, Treasurer ....,,.,..,,., ,,,,,,,, Faculty Advisers ...... ...,.. Page Thirty-two 0244 Effzcm ' ...... Meme Stillwell ' L. D. Curry Jack Schlosser Orel Workman Miss Mahaffey Mr. Richardson I :gd-ffA0-l1't0'264 S 1111 lg!! Q THE FORUM 1940 ELEVEN B CLASS Jack Allen Jeanette Arlene Bockoven Delmar Daniel Breneman William Hovey Bricker Lorin Clyde Calkins Charles William Card Imogene L. Cochran Ned E. Cochran H Robert Micheal Day Jeanne Dorsey Mary Ellen Doup Kathryn Ann Fletcher Linnie Highwarden Edna Hissong Jack Hurlow Betty M. Kinnard Margaret Kleiner George Wayne Laymon MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF l942 Norbert Dale Ling Robert S. Little Jackson LeRoy McMillan Jack C. Parker James Orien Peterson Mary Martina Pipes Paul J. Poland Gene Gordon Rouse Uldine Marcella Schorr George Neil Steinmetz Richard D. Stull Lorene Swadener Mathilde Theibert Ernest Thompson Robert Gene Tulloss Betty Ruth Umbaugh James Bernard Waddell Robert Walton Weaver Helen Anabel Williams TEN A CLASS Albert Eugene Arquilla Edith Eleanor Baldwin Elizabeth Finlay Balo Pauline Ethel Beach Mildred Marcene Beckholt Jane M. Beever Donald Clifford Bell Rutn Bishop Robert Neil Blackford Marjorie Evelyn Blackwell Ned Ashcraft Boddy Thomas Lowe Bogardus Robert Bouton Alice Ann Breech Alice Bricker Jessie Robert Briscoe Betty Rose Brown Doris Eileen Brown Page Thirty three Rig! - gp . D X ga THE FORUM - 1940 Sopfr-amine 016.44 Rall Alan Burgess James Theodore Burgess Sara Jane Carson Harry Daniel Chadwick Marjorie Chambers Marjorie Marie Charlton Harold Eugene Clutter Beverly Evaline Cochran Maxine Helen Cocherham Patricia Jean Coile Evelyn Iona Conkle Kathleen U. Crider Dick Carington Crise Betty L. Crouthers George Thomas Culbertson Nettie Irene Cunningham Lawrence D. Curry Ralph Emmett Daily Dorothy June Davis Roy Derr Justine Devalon Martha Lee DeWitt Edwin Dean Dial Walter Lynn Dickinson Harold Gale Dorsey Janet Eileen Doup Robert Charles Eblin Thelma Irene Elder Jocelyn Louise Fawcett Truxton Florence Marjorie Frye Eugene Gardner James Wm. Gatton Charles George Eleanor Ruth Graham Leah Jean Harmon John Franklin Harris Robert Hill Stanley Hoagland Florence F. Horlocher Marjorie Ann Householder Ula Jean Hull Chase Junior Hunter Juanita Mae Hurps Eugene Jackson Page Thirty-four Naomi Jean Jacobs Julius M. Keck Richard Kerin Marjorie Mae King John Densmore Lahmon Duane R. Lambillotte Betty Jane Lawrence Kenneth L. Laymon Robert H. Lehman Barbara Jean Levering Clinton Courtney Lippman W. LeRoy Little Ralph Benjamin Lloyd Marjorie Anne Lockard Anna Mae Loney Donald Jean Lybarger Amelia Violet Marti Martina Hope Mawer Frederick Marion McKenzie Gene Rosalie McKenzie Russell Edwin McManis Helen Arlene McVey Patricia Eloise Mehl Tom Mintier Beverly Monroe Vivian Louise Morrison Ivan Eugene Mossholder Janet Eileen Mossholder Patty Jean Mossholder Virginia Motherall Charles Blair Neher Ralph S. Neighbarger Doris Elizabeth Oakes Bill Gordon Parnell Betty Eileen Pargeon Marjorie Jean Perrine Marjorie M. Phillips Jean Pinkley Phyllis Jane Porter Paul Richard Pryor Eileen Louise Pugh Virginia Ann Pugh William H. Pumphrey Paul G. Ransom Phyllis Ann Robb Frederick Roy Robinson Paul G. Rowe Martha Lucille Ryan Jack Shaw Schlosser Marion Elizabeth Scott Charles Richard Sharp Maxine Sharp Wilma Jean Sheffer Robert Harry Shellenbarger Loraine Melvin Shira William R. Shuff Barbara Eileen Shultz Roy John Siders Coreta Kathleen Small Maxine Small Charles Wm. Smith Charles H. Smith Doyle Herman Smith William Charles Smith Mary Ellen Soles Darrell S. Steele Mellie G. Stillwell Emma Stoneburner Kenneth Lee Stull Maxine Stull Donald Wayne Taylor Claire Jean Temple Meredith Fern Thomas Ellen Maye Turner Gordon Valentine Herbert Lee Vernon Patty Ann Vernon Annabella Walker Gerald Walker June Cornelia Wheaton Frances L. Williams Harry Richard Wilson Shirley Wilson Clarence Dean Wirick Roy E. Wiseman Edward Martin Wonders Harold Boyd Woodward Orrel Marie Workman Bernice Evelyn Wright Li?- 112- ...1-1 gl! Q ,X L- THE FORUM - 1940 afaedfunen "'7fzefze fd !Va '7ime fifae Me fJ11.ezLen,Z"' f"wf1'i 1.71.1 MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1943 - Dean Eldon Algire Foster Runnal Antill Robert H. Arrington Bertha Rae Bell Edwin H. Bell Richard Belt Paul R. Bickel Harold Bishop Evelyn Mae Bond Mildred Marilyn Bower Richard C. Brown Merwin Lee Calkins Russell L. Charlton Eileen Courson Virginia Cring Charles C. Cunningham Edwin Dotson Gwen Dowds Robert Dowds Paul D. Gamble Neal Park Gates Dorothy Gilbert Betty Graham Margery Ann Harris Daniel James Hill Myrtle Irene Hill Charles Holdbrook Donald D. Houbler Ruby Hubbell Mary Hughes John Wm. Hunter Bobby Jones Jerome Kaler James Mentis VVil1iam Cleveland Ott Jo-Ann Owen Clarence Darrell Parker Eugene Radabaugh Robert S. Ransom Paul Rex Frances Reta Rice Roy Robson Russell Rockwell Emma Rubino TEN B Ruth Sharp Sara Delle Shotts Robert Simmons Juanita Smith June Smith Virginia Rose Stark Frank A. Stout Ralph Stringfellow Maxine L. Taylor Lillian Mae Temple Louise Theibert Garnet Thompson Kathryn Ueltschy VVendel1 Van Houten 'William R. Waddell Doris Elizabeth Weiss Irving J. Weyant Charles E. WVillia1ns Bette Winland Darwin Winland Page Tim ty fwe 'T Rl: l 'l id . THE FORUM - 1940 Qae ff We wzzz vmzz '7fzee ,azz vzmflff MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1943 - NINE A Leroy Niel Albert Forrest Denver Antill Charles Armstrong Charles Lewis Baldwin Wilbur R. Bartlett Duane Barton Lillian May Battrick Edward Franklin Beck Kathryn Ann Bell Eleanor Mae Benson Harriett Jean Bergin Kenneth James Black Lucille Mae Black William Blackford Mary Lavina Blair Dolores Irene Blubaugh Paul Eugene Bobst Page Thirty-six Mary Constance Bogardus Samuel Wayne Bricker Imogene Adel Brodhead Walter G. Brooks Geraldine Patricia Brown Marilyn Brown Miriam Marie Brown Alma Burke Betty Marie Buskirk Betty Isabel Caldwell Dick Crise Donna Bellge Carr James Edward Chester Ethel Rosa-bell Clements Dwight Junior Cochran Norma Jean Cockrell John Thomas Conard Howard C. Coon Ray Crane Mary Cunningham Cecil W. Curran Mildred Delores Darnold Dale C. Davy Justine Devalon Robert Earl Diehl Kathryn Gatton Dorsey John Doup Dorotha Louise Drake Anna Jean Dunn Weda Eubanks Frances Jacqueline Everett John Stilly Ewalt V. Kenneth Ewers Dean Edgar Eyster Marjorie Louise Fair Phillip Clem Falter Harvey Edward Fletcher Dorothy Jean Frye George William Frye Paul Gamble Derwin W. Genre Catheryne Jeanne Gentry Margaret June Goossens Mary Elaine Green Pauline E. Grossnickle Joan Marie Gueulette Elmer Gullett Virginia Frances Haegren Buddy J. Hagans Betty Jane Hall Ruth Louise Harris Jack Walter Hess Jean Heighton June Naomi Hickerson Mabel Pauline Hiles Louis Ray Hoar Mattie May Holmes Kathleen Anna Hoovler Karl Hugh Horlocher Sara Elizabeth Houbler Frederick Duane Houck Mildred Evelyn Houck C. Billie Hunter R. David Hunter Shirley Anne Irvine Emily Jackson William Joseph Jacquet Marguerite Kakalecik Betty Jean Kearns John Kilroy Ruth L. King Glenn Chester Kinnard Mildred Lucille Klein Helen Mae Kleiner Charles Kenneth LaFever Richard LaFever Leonard Leroy Levers Forest Eugene Lewis Marguerite Josephine Lewis fl I,C ad -25' THE FORUM - 1940 Glam Ra!! James Edward Little Jack Leroy Lonzo Warren Longhman Sheridan L. Loyd George William Lybarger Carol Janice Lyle Marjorie Ann Lybarger Robert Mauler Margaret E. McCoy Robert McCullough Eleanor Ruth McDevitt Lloyd Kenneth McDonald Norma Jean McDonald Jayne Claire McFeeley Chester Leroy McGee James C. McLarnan Joe McMahon Mary Kathleen McMillan Emma Jean McPherson Betty Marcelle Miller Edna Mae Mills Margaret Montes Alfreta Mae Morey Lucille Neighbarger Betty Newman Clarence Louis Newton Pauline Overly Barbara Elizabeth Owen Charles Wilson Payne Eunice Frances Payne Sidney Perkins Alice Mae Peugh Marion Francis Pfouts Marlyn Hylene Pipes Laurel Dwight Poland Betty Marie Posey Jeanne Eve Pratt Dorothy Mae Priest Paul E. Puffenbarger Mary Louise Pumphrey William Jerome Ramsey Marcella Myrtle Rardin Charles Frederick Reasoner Raymond Kinney Robb Hazel Robbins Lloyd Leo Russell Walter William Sapp Thomas Frank Scarff Kent Lloyd Scholl Mary Alice Schrack John W. Scottie Arthur Robert Seavolt Virginia Lou Seavolt Phyllis Agnes Sebach Pearl Elizabeth Sellers Robert Morris Shamansky Carroll Victor Shipley I William R. Shoemaker Earl Hager Siders Waneda Stella Singer Ruth Lorena Smith Enid Jane Spake Eose Ada Speaks Dean Lowell Spearman Vincent E. Spencer Ernest Ray Starmer George W. Stull Phyllis Marie Swadener Keith Johnston Tatro Glenna Marguerite Taylor Margaret Estella Taylor Carl Avery Thomas Clifford Earl Thomas Vernon Leroy Todd Martha Topp Joyce Ellen Turner Eileen Anna Vannatta Doris Vasbinder Jack Lloyd Waddell Philip Weider Robert Jack VV'hitehead George Franklin Wilkins William F. Wilson Raymond Williams Betty Eileen Wiseman Edward Lee Wright Evelyn Ruth Wright William Earmine Wright Elizabeth Sarah Hinger Page Thirty-selven igi! Q 5 ma! THE FORUM - 1940 I1 ll . If Summmlune Gym XVhcrc's Cal ? 'jlrnlu-" Must Bc There Time fm' tunnis cCCI!fL'l'J Gone but not forgollcn Carson and Kcycs fLwl'!1fL'I'5 The pause that refreshes 'l'inu-lcccpcr:- Energetic Ilcrv's your cllnuuc Peggy XVHIQ Gill Pals Auotllcr mu: if you misscsl llu: first tumr. Page Tlzirty-e'iy7Lt ima meanluh -...-L-1 I, D 'af S 1 M A - -I A X - ,ig . , X-X A, . ,Q 1 - 1:1 ,mf THE FORUM - 1940 Page Thirty-nine M21 ' 9.9 Q 5 ...... 4 .. 1 ,-L - 4.235- THE FORUM - 1940 Glwckfaaa.-S'!Lof1,z'G!aem Bob CEe Yawj Smith Annofmcer Page Forty Dave Turner, Evelyn Scott. Bob Kilkenny Mildred Snow, Arlene Perkins, Betty LaFever J. Floyd Thomas fTommyJ Football Mr. Prech was graduated from West Tech MYRON PRECH V lvl' 5 1'--1.-F ig!! Q !! , 'K . s, JS" .- " QTX ii- xx' THE FORUM - 1940 JOHN FLOYD THOMAS Mr. Thomas was graduated from Ogden High School in Utah and from Utah State College. Before coming to Mount Vernon, he coached football at Metamora, Ohio, for one year, Barnesville, Ohio, for seven years, and at Newton Falls, Ohio, for four years. Gacachel High School in Cleveland, Ohio, and from Ohio Wesleyan University. He has coached at Mount Vernon for five years, first as junior high coach. He then spent a year coaching the reserves before becoming head basketball coach three years ago. Myron Prech CMikeJ Basketball Page Forty-one -if Jo Bla. X THE FORUM - 1940 Welfaw facfaeii 193 9 KTM: Row, left to l'IAg,1fZDCO3.Cl1 Tllonlzls. IT, Bicfues. XY. Scarff, H. Rouse, NY. Carpenter, B. Diehl, R. Beck, XV. Braden, G. Ge-arllart, R. Blackford, j. Suhlosser, IJ. Shelfler, Assist. Coach Robeson. QSccond Rowtl D. Harris, B. Vlfeis-z, N. Reeder, R. Musslwldcr, E. 'l'lmm1wson, R, litzwiler, Johnson, W. Crumrinc. G. P1'0S5El'. P. Couklc, G. Budd. l17i1'.QiyR11L':j P. Fnlter, I.. McDonald, D. Kcrin, ,l. 1'Iarris, J. Branyan, G. Culbertson, XV. Vlfright, E. rlglt. ' ,aww QTDP Rgqgrv Irft lo rigllizj G. Lyluargrcr, A. 13U1'fIL'S5, Gallon, D. Kcriu, ,I. Brrulyan, D. Slleffer. XV. XVright J. Clark, L. D. Curry, Coach Myron Prech. CSecona' Rozuzl D. Elder, M. Harmun. J. Rex, B. McCullough. B. l.yIr:u-gcr, J. Kilroy. Thomas, K, Stull R. Stull, D, Steele. Klfirst Rvwtl E. XVrigl1t, J. Little, Thomas, 1'. Ryan, l'. Bobst, G. Culbertson. Page Forty-two Qaalliaff Seemed Waadiiq Mt. Vernon .,..... Mt. Vernon ....... Mt. Vernon ....,...,, ,....,. Mt. Vernon ...... Mt. Vernon ...... Mt. Vernon ....... Mt. Vernon ...... Mt. Vernon ....... 0-20 0-14 0-13 ........ 24-0 7-13 6-6.. 25-0 0-21 Dayton Fairmont Newark Coshocton Galion Shelby Ashland Bucyrus Marion ii-1 'r an - 6 eg KN THE FORUM - 1940 Page Forty-Uw'cc 31? Q L ,f , , ,-fy .'i THE FORUM - 1940 ima-rqnq Nfl' I ' Qaolicaflg Page Forty- four The pictures on pages forty-four and forty-iive were taken during practice All games were played at night. 'mae vm ef, amazfaff The pictures on pages forty-four and forty-five were taken during practice. A11 games were played at night. Q QQ THE FORUM - 1940 'c Page Forty-Jive I THE FORUM - 1940 Qaazfdall 'IIBOB MOSSHOLDER-Senior-End-one varsity letter-one reserve let- ter. - KGEORGE PROSSER-Senior-Tackle-two varsity letters-one reserve letter. RUSSELL ETZWILER-Senior-Guard-three varsity letters-one re- serve letter. WSTANLEY J OHNSON-Senior-Guard+tWo varsity letters-one re- serve letter. NEIL REEDER-Senio1'-Center-three varsity letters-one reserve let- ter. PERRY CONKLE-Senior-Back-two varsity letters-two reserve let- - ters. DVVIGHT HARRIS-Senior-Back-two varsity letters-two reserve letters. All-NCO. WBILL CRUMRINE-Senior-Back-two varsity letters. BILL WEISS-Junior-End-one varsity letter-one reserve letter. ERNIE THOMPSON-Junior-End-three varsity letters -Honorable Mention on All-Ohio. BILL BRADEN-Junior-Tackle-two varsity letters-one reserve letter. BILL SCARFF-Junior-Back-one varsity letter-one reserve letter. DONALD BIEFNES-Jimior-one varsity letter-one reserve letter. BOB BECK-Junior-one varsity letter-one reserve letter. BOB BLACKFORD-Sophomore-End-one varsity letter-one reserve letter. JACK SCHLOSSER-Sophomore-Guard-one varsity letter-one re- serve letter. GENE ROUSE-Sophomore-Back-one varsity letter-one reserve let- ter. PHIL FALTER-Freshman-Back-one varsity letter-second team, NCO. itMernber of National Athletic Scholarship Society. Page Forty-six Wellaw fackell 'W' Men A '-7-":?' I -,li 5 gl? THE FORUM - 1940 Prossnr McDonald nNiCku ucappyu Ctfcqlcrj Managers Glvcns, Stcimnctz, Brown. " Iinubn "Russ" "Buck" "Buck" " I 'cmlruu Page Forty-seven bl? ! .W f -L-"- "X-'L xx., . -Q N-1 THE FORUM - 1940 Qeffaw fackell 'W' Mm l 7 I Fuller Biefnes "Kaye" Blackford Bill and Stan Scarff "Stun" Page Forty-eight Welfaw fackel' 'W' Men qgdl :fha T i ii Z 'ii , -is A ' L -. ' .... .- THE FORUM - 1940 Mossholdcr and VVciss 1 J f D. Harris CC-'cntcrj Prosser Weiss and Mosshuhlcr J. Harris Scarf? Page Forty-'nine L' -I . THE FORUM - 1940 V"lVaw id. llfne 760149 fm 1411 Geac! M Practice "CIzu1ccy "KiHcr" "Bern" CHEERLEADERS HBCN-, They look happy those hooks. "Scotty" "Marg" uuml hex Page Fifty XV. 6. 0. GA I f jx. ,l"'l 5525 - "'1X' -- , f ? "-:I - THE FORUM - 1940 G. Prosser. Mgr., V, Ransmn, Ii. Braden, Couch Myron Vtech, D. Brown, B. XVrighl, J. Rlloads, Mgr. 1'l . Lure, LI. Givens, B. Crumriue, C. Ayers, H. Blake, li. Thompson, f'l'np Huw, Ivff lu riylxfjz H. Blackford. U. Smith, B. 1':u'ncll, J. Keck, Coach Thfmms, llugxmllls, J. Suhlusscr, IJ, KL'1'iIl, C. XVviriuk. 1l"f1',r! Row, Ivff in r1'g'l1l5: G. W'ilkins, ll. Hriscu, li. I,ylr:u'gv1', N. Stcinmufz. Nlgr.. K, S J. AICNIZUIII, E. XVright. Page Fifty-one Bl.. 1 X THE FORUM - l94O B Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Mt. Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. fVernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Page Fifty-two scorned 1939-40 Seann TOURNAMENT RESERVE Norwalk Aquinas Ashland Delaware Shelby Bucyrus Bexley Marion Galion Ashland Newark Shelby Willard Bucyrus Marion Columbus North Gallon Circleville Aquinas Aquinas Ashland Delaware Shelby Bucyrus Bexley Marion Galion Ashland Newark Shelby Howard Bucyrus Marion Columbus North Galion 27 40 41 29 30 28 27 34 43 32 36 28 29 16 48 32 32 37 34 15 33 21 22 31 20 33 8 45 33 13 26 17 32 30 25 540111 Shah x . 5 iglg Q Q, ,QQ flu? ..5" "' "' ' ff- ' THE FORUM - 1940 Page Fifty-three ff' B1 1 32731 SE Sli 1 .-4 -L X THE FORUM - 1940 Page Fifty-four .Z?anq Shia ' I,-e It KT THE FORUM - 'Wfmdm 1712 Bake!" must be winning. "Baldy" fixes the score. Practice makes perfect. Manager Prosscr Marian Game Manager Rhoxuls Page Fifty-five They don,t seem excited, we 1 940 r Rig! Q THE FORUM - 1940 "'7fneq Wade lfae of '7fzeifL Wmed " PWBILL CRUMRINE-Captain-Samor-Forward-Honorable Mention on All-Ohio-All-NCO-Great leader. EZCHARLES GIVENS-Senior-Center-Honorable Mention on All-O11io- NCO-Honorable Mention, All-Districtunder-basket Work. :HZCHARLES AYERS-Senior-Guard-Hard-working defense man. HAROLD LORE-Junior-Forward - Honorable Mention. All-NCO- Good set shot. ERNIE THOMPSON-.Junior-Forward-Second team, District tourna- ment-Dribbler. , HQHARRY BLAKE-Junior-Forward-Dead .shot-Coming. i'iDUANE BROWN-Junior-Center-Another Year Coming Up-Promis- ing. BILL BRADEN-Junior-Guard - Honorable Mention on All-NCO - Dangerous long shot. PETE RANSOM-Sophomore-Guard-First District Tournament team -two years ahead. BILL WRIGHT-Freshman-Forward - Promising - Good left-handed shot. iiMember of National Athletic Scholarship Society. Page Fifty-sin: 'II 0 L, f Ez il I Af- , THE FORUM - 1940 daaidall .Queen Quccn Nlnrilyn llall. At- tcmlzmls - lillcn Turmzr. Betty I'lvcrlxart, Cc-lcstzl juris. Tlu- foollmall queen zuul lmr utlcliclzmls Ill'l3 Qlccicnl lay ilu: foullyull team. Qucvn 1u'uscuts'Fo0llmll in Captain Cl'LllIll'lllLZ. Queen and Senior lcltcrmcn Stanley ,lOllllSllll Boll Mossholllcr Bill Crumriuc Gem-ge l'rossc1' Perry Conklc Page Fifty-eight 2524, Q QQ l -3 git! 1, THE FORUM - 1940 " ima Ralh I 4 Geueieu Gawue Him?" Pitch it to mc, Honey. Cubby, Alfhhh! 1 , Our Heroes Mrs. Brown while still "Bo0ts." Little Dailey Big Dailey "Horny" mul Ivan Moss' holder. Page Fifty-mine g.!?! ff X L faik-Agia . THE FORUM - 1940 CHARLES AYERS Captain of Golf Team Page Sixty HOLDS HIGH SCHOOL GOLF RECORD HOLDS HIGH SCHOOL SVVIMMING RECORD I ee 70016 CHARLES NEHER '7ime 404 14cZ'iuiiie4 IJICSTRUCTION 1 EL 'ff fa, . - , , I -..A-ff" -.-Q ' 1 -11' 5 ' ' f n yngmrrrrrl F laffffffff - 1 R., ' , ,, " X 'ng,- - .I ,I E, , , 'J ' I I a ', -V 1 911 : l l' ' "fi- Wg' .j 4 .H nr? ' .'. ' gg ' 1 1. M H V Q 4ky" Q, v Q, . ".1 , 'j 'Na'.f'Lf-if ff if 7.3 k : nf Z ,QHYL35 'L 'fx lv Al -1 1 . 5 'gag :1 aff " ' I --i THE FORUM - 1940 CONSTRUCTION X l 1 1 5 1 E THE CORNER STONE IS LAID 1 Page Sixty-one in I ge? , gm: gwmz .szaff Staff meeting Ayers zunl l-Iumbert- athletics Iiililor Bill Dceley lluuler, Jewell, Anderson, Ward, reporters. Mary ,lane Danilo, Mary Jayne Klein, Thelma I.aw4 renee. reporters. Fred Schnebly asst. editor. CCcntcrJ ' . Dcclcy tries the lmotypc man ehine. Harriett Graham, subscrip- tion manager. Lois Hennell, advertising Mary Virginia Hissoug, typ- ist Leckliter aml lleighton, arl- vertising. 15175- Page Sixty-two - ,, . g. -:i.. x.. ....,.,- ig!! Q :Q I THE FORUM - 1940 "Jimi '7zme4 14-Ga ' " l ,. r if s 5.5, - ff , .-E35 J' x Tap: Dznnln and .NVard in- Tap: Schnelrly 511111 Dcclcy Misi Cannon, Director. Gianszmtc helps Forum Staff. speck new lllllldlllg, cat up hc proflts. Bqtluulz Frank Yuugcr, hug- Butlmn:i "Fuzzy,-" Gralunn, Barium: Ransom-1' and ,luck- muss mzumgur. and -bqhnclnly IIISPCCL new son, frushmcn rupnrlcrs. buxidmg. Page Sixty-three v--+ B1: i . Qfzzi f gli. -- fc' -11 L ,ka 4 Q af THE FORUM - 1940 Signs lm' Armistice Day clmpcl. II. Crzmicr and P. A. Robb. B. Mitchell. M. LaFever. " "1'aiul. Iuuuy, McGee". Thomas Publicity for Junior Play: R. Rubino, LI. Cramer. M, Tlicibcrt, M. Parker. L. Brodhead, B. Mantis. Page Sixty-four ll - v ll 014610 Shwe LQ f Us LUXT1 Q49 v W 419 ff-1 ii ENB 3 40,62 SHPSCLGQ ' BE LIEVE ? J I it Q , 5- J C9 -if ay ii-ss N A THE FORUM - 1940 "Alf fn Qaacf '7ime" - fl KEEEEHY' -: ' President ...,.,........,. Robert Statler Secretary ,.,......,...... Virginia Stark Vice President .... Evelyn Hardman Treasurer ..,.. ..... P atty Vernon Mr. Gene Taylor, Director The Mount Vernon High School orchestra has continued its practice of using the string section for every day rehearsal and has added brass and Woodwind on occasions. The orchestra accompanied the entire oper- etta, and appeared at several P.T.A. meetings and, besides the usual com- mencement activities, participated in the annual concert with the band. Uwhedim llclcu McVcy, 1 L Page Sixty-five BL l '- l THE FORUM - 1940 Z "Keep 7ime, 713me, '7ime, in a 8001 of Rfzymen Emu! President .......... Randall Lybarger Secretary ..,... ,.... C harlene Lewis Vice President -, Elaine McLarnan Treasurer ........ Guinevere Burgess Mr. Gene Taylor, Director The Mount Vernon High School band has taken part in many activi- ties this year. In addition to playing for all the football and basketball games, it has been a member of the Central Ohio Band Association and was host to Upper Arlington, Lancaster, and Circleville bands at the an- nual festival. The band has traveled to Marion, Galion, and Lancaster for parades and concerts, besides appearing in many local parades and con- certs. Small groups from the band have played at many community func- tions. The high point of the year was the joint concert with the orchestra. Page Siavty-six H ' ' ll 7ame 7a 70ml 2.13:-1 3339.-Q?-5 : Well: .fig : S--' -" ' 'e::- - ' THE FORUM - 1940 Assistant Drum Majors M. Burke, M. Ilarrison, G. Totmzm. M. llurrisun, B. Ackerman. Practice One nmrc step, please. fffculcrl Drum-major Earl San t, .l,ClC1'S0ll takes time out. Blow for viulury. Practice Page Sixty-seven g.!?! :L 1:3 2 -Elilsilg x - td THE FORUM - 1940 Trio lilaim: lVlvl.:u'1izm, Ulu Jenn llull, Clizxrlcnc Lewis. Trio Divk Stull, Roy Rulismx, Paul Pryur. Blow! Sisters, Blow! Pzitriotic Clizlpul. String Quartcttc: Alice Ami Brecch, limogene Yarman, Evelyn .lla1'1lman, llulcu Cramer. String Quarlcttc: Bob Stat- lcr, limngcno Yarmnu, Boll Stull, Alice Allll Brecch. Swing it, Cornell. Page Sixty-eight "Wwe an My Jfancbf' "Sym of fha '7zme4" Signs illustrating war propagamla nmdu by Art Students for Armistice Day chapel 1Jl'UfIl'fHl'l. -1 QW C QI Q4 1 ,, YJ THE FORUM A 1940 Cllurlcs Ilill. Rnsu Ruhimy Frmd Sclluclrly Lctlm Ilanwr, juan Pinkluy Kalllryn Ann Fletcher Gurcluu Yuluutinc l'I1:u'lv::s llill, Bn-rnzlrml Boll. Page Siwty-nine 1 L, A ' J-' Mg! e ., .... Z- .1 1 - - r--1 THE FORUM - 1940 "Wwe eannol' auwifz fue" . Wyman Sckaal Ghaffwl Ghm THE ENTIRE CHOIR Director ....,......... President ....,.......... Vice President ...... Treasurer .,............. Secreta H. O. Wintermute Coradon Lynde Mary Jayne Klien Robert Stull Betty Fravel OFFICERS OF CHOIR 0 ry ...,........... This year the Choir to Village, Dearborn, Detroit, Norwalk, and Toledo, Ohio. k a trip which lasted three days and included Greenfield also Hayes' and Edison's Birthplaces. We sang in Milan, THE CHOIR THAT TOOK THE TRIP A I Y f" Z- fix V'i' 2 , iel, , lib' , 'f' liziqfijr 1 ' if W. tue, 4 .' ' 5 L. W-- I A I like 1-is sl. H I li f e 4 ' Z ,'. ,fs Q- 0 Page Seventy '7imeg7U1lll Game 'hffnen au 7011! Jfeaa Me THE FORUM - 1940 1 vane exe! salem Betty Fravel, Accompanist. The Treble Clef Singers is an organization composed of twelve girls from the choir with the accompanist, Betty Fravel. This is the first year for this organization and during the season, they gave more than thirty programs including one at Gambier and one at Columbus. ' Page Seventy-one k' i' J Bunn A f--.-f l-L L , THE FORUM - 1940 Bob Stull as Ralph Rackstraw Mary Jane Dando as Josephine Bob Reeder as Captain Corcoran Page Seventy-two ' ofze Coradon Lynde as Ralph Rackstraw Ruth Sloan as Josephine T'-if iglg ,gf- -1' A THE FORUM - 1940 llpm ell H. M. S. PINAFORE As the major production this year, the Music Masquers presented Gilbert and Sullivan's well-known operetta "Pinafore," in two performances, March 28 and 29, under the direction of H. Ogden Wintermute and Gene Taylor. Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter ...........,..................................................,............. Harry Staats Captain Cocoran .............,........... ..... G ordon Harrod, Robert Reeder Ralph Rackstraw ..................... ...... C oradon Lynde, Robert Stull Don Bowers Dick Deadeye ....... Robert Statler Bill Bobstay ...... Bob Becket .......,,,...,,., ...,...... H arold Jewell Tom Tucker ....,............... ........,,..,....... ......... T o II1 Bogardus Sergeant of Marines ...... ........................A....... F illmore Allspaugh Ruth Sloan, Mary Jane Dando Harriet Graham, Jean Ann Wagner Norma Sapp, Mary Jayne Klein Betty Fravel Josephine ......................... Hebe .......................... Little Buttercup ...., Accompanist .,....,..... Sailors: Don Biefnes, Perry Conkle, Gayle Dorsey, Truxton Florence, Clyde Hawkins, Lyle Irvine, Robert Kilkenney, Clinton Lippman, Bill Norris, Neil Reeder, Earl Sant, Jack Schlosser, Roy Siders, Charles Smith, Darrel Steele, Robert Swigert, Carl Thompson, Ralph White. Chorus: Virginia Anderson, Peggy Barry, Marilyn Bowers, Barbara Buxton, Sara Carson, Patsy Coile, Evelyn Conkle, Grace Dudgeon, Marjorie Eberhardt, Dot Giansante, Mary Hissong, Marjorie Householder, Phyllis Herrick, Ula Hull, Jane Irvine, Frances Hyatt, Marjory King, Betty LaFever, Ruth Levering, Marjory Lockard, Jean Masteller, Virginia Pugh, Rita Rice, Lois Roberts, Leora Robinson, Lucille Ryan, Irene Sharp, Mildred Snow, Meredith Thomas, Eileen Tyson, Ruth Ellen Ward, Beatrice Ackerman, Jane Beaver, Kathryn Bell, Rae Bell, Margaret Burke, Norma Cochran, Mary' Cun- ningham, Justine Devalon, Jeanne Dorsey, Kay Dorsey, Kathryn Fletcher, Dorothy Frye, Betty Jane Hall, Margery Harris, Mary Hughes, Juanita Hurps, Joan Owen Shirley Irvine, Rosa Rubino, Virginia Seavolt, Phyllis Sebach, Jean Sheffer, Mary Ellen Soles, Virginia Stark, Maxine Taylor, Shirley Wilson. Page Seventy-three fu? Q THE FORUM - 1940 Gordon Ilarrud, Norma Sapp, C01'lll1U11 Lymle. CCm1tw'J Harry Stunts, Harriett Gra- ham. Jean Ann VVagner Entire cast Harold Jewell, Bob Statlcr, Bob Stull. Bob Reeder, Mary Jayne Klein. fCcntvr3 Rita Rice Getting made up. Page Seventy-fqur ll - XX U46 046 If z ,fied THE FORUM -v 1940 Raye 1449 Waunq, 744164 We zqae 7ime " qw' 141fAle2fic'6Zu6 President ..........,... ..... A rlene Perkins Vice President ..... ..,.., V irginia Stark Secretary ...,....... .,.,,.,. J oy Taylor Treasurer ....... ,...,., R eta Rice Adviser ........ ........ M iss Deibel The Sub Deb Club is a so- cial club for girls. Member- ship is by election. President .... Betsy Campbell Corr. Secy. .....,.. Marilyn Hall Secretary ..., Barbara Buxton Treasurer ..,..... Jean Simpson Adviser .............. Miss Curran , SMA fbed Glad Page Seventy-fwe ,gg 4 Mai THE FORUM - 1940 "7fz04e Qalcfen ll r Qu! R The Girl Reserves, a national organization, attracts from 150 to 200 girls from all classes each year. It is affiliated with Y.W.C.A. and tries to uphold the qualities necessary to Christian womanhood. This year's pro- gram has been centered around International Relationships. During the course of the year, in addition to the regular meetings, there have- been guest speakers, seasonal parties, teas, joint meetings with the Hi-Y, and the traditional Mother-Daughter Banquet and Spring Formal. . The officers of the club this year Were: President .......... Mary Jayne Klein Chairmen of committees Vice President .... Betsy Campbell Finance ..i..........,...... Jean Simpson Secretary ............ Barbara Mitchell Publicity .............,.,..,... Jane Irvine Treasurer .,,,.......... Mary Mahaffey Membership ....,..... Maxine Parker Social ......,......... Harriett Graham Program ....... ,.,.. B etsy Campbell X Music ..,....r. ,.,,,, P eggy Barry ' Service .......... ..... M yra Dubinsky Advisers ......... ,.... M iss Michael Miss Dowds Page Seventy-six 'T-?"'7' ig!! Q b I X :ie :S THE FORUM - 1940 N ll -740.64 new -me an eww, anim f- Q President, George Culbertson Vice-President, Kenneth Stull. Secretary, Charles Neher Treasurer, L. D. Curry. Adviser, Mr. Mitchell. J UNIORS I 4- SENIORS SENIOR OFFICERS President, Perry Conkle. Vice-President, William Deeley Secretary, George Budd. Treasurer, Neil Reeder. Adviser, Mr. West. Page Seventy-seven THE FORUM - 1 940 "WLM 5522111 Shine" . Page Seventy anim - lvauemiezl. 17, 7939 THE PLAYERS From Gordon City: I Barbara Merrill, "Bah" ...o........ Eugene Robbins, "Gene" ........... James Thomas Barnes, "Jotty" .... Peggy White .............................,.,.. Pearl ............,..,.. ...... .,.....,. Martha ........... Alice ...... Jim .............. Walt ................... Mrs, Barnes ......... Mrs. Robbins .,..... Lucy ................,, Mrs. Larson ........ Mrs. Campbell ...... George ...........,........... ..,,.,.. From Monroe College: Carter Lawrence .......,.. Harty Williams .,.... Alberta .................. Ruth .......,........... Helen ,.,.......... ...............,.............. Maid ....................................................v..v..v.... Coach of the Football Team .................... Floyd King, representing the "Press" ..., Another Reporter ..........,............................................ ................,............... Trainer .,................,................,,....,...,..,..,,..........................................,... Evelyn Scott Harold Lore Frederic Schnebly Mary Weaver Arlene Huntsberry Marilyn Hall Helen Cramer Edward Genre Billy Curran Mary Hissong . Emogene Yarman Margie Pugh Arlene Perkins Mary Midos Robert Coe George Kaparos Norman Hopwood Doris Ferguson Mildred Snow Berniece Wright Rosa Rubino Cledith Totman Charles Bovard Billy Curran . Edward Shorkey College Students-Ruth McKenzie, Peggy Gill, June Beever, Marguerite Harrison, Marjorie Harrison, Barbara Mitchell, Miriam LaFever, Betty Montes, Dorothy Woolard, Betty LaFever, Betty Seavolt, Jane Cranmer, Edward Genre, Robert Coe, Billy Curran, Edward Shorkey, Donald Williams, Jerry Owens, William Braden, John Clark, Duane Brown, William Weiss, Dale Sheffer. Directgr ,,,,,,,.,,-,,,..,.,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.,...,,,.. .,,,.,..,,.....,.............,..........,..............,......... R uth Dornigan -eight ...inu- i ig J mm Rehewd fm ffwzm sam PJS ty mg! ,549 THE FORUM - 1940 I Saad, Refzeauwf fad "ZUfzen Slam Sfukzen Page Ezghty ii ESE:-aa C, 3 u-I E 2 I 9 I THE FORUM 1940 'Qne Man fn Jllkt 70143 Many PMB" "Siege 2004" - Senjoa Olga Brandt ............. ................................................................. ........ B e tty Fravel Bernice Niemeyer ...... ..................................,........................ .... B e rtha Jenkins Susan Paige ..v......,v............... ....... L ola Workman Mattie .,...v....................................... . ...... Elaine McLarnan Mary Harper C Big Maryj r........... .... D orothy Giansante Mary McCune CiLitt1e Maryl ..... .............. S arah Rahn Madeleine Vauclain ........... Beulah Snow Judith Canfield ........................... ...... D olores Cramer Ann Braddock .......... .,,,.,..,. J ean Simpson Mrs. Orcutt ............ ....,.... M ary Jayne Klein Kaye Hamilton ....., Marjorie Eberhardt Pat Devine ..v.v,... .............. C elesta Joris Linda Shaw .,.... Jean Maitland .... Bobby Melrose ...,. Louise Mitchell ..... Kendell Adams ...... Frank ................... Terry Randall ,...... Sam Hastings ........... Jimmy Devereaux ...,.. Fred Powell ............. Lou Milhauser ........ David Kingsley ...... Keith Burgess ...... Mrs. Shaw ...,....... Dr. Randall ...,....,.... Ellen Fenwick ....... Tony Gillette .,....,.,. Larry Wescott .....,. Billy ....,...........,.,... Adolf Gretzell .... Guinevere Burgess Betty Everhart Helen Starn Barbara Buxton Mary Jane Dando James Hunter Betsy Campbell Robert Statler Charles Ayers David Upham Frank Yauger George Prosser Bernard Bell Rosalie Fletcher Edward Sweet Harriett Pharis Myra Lee Dubinsky William Hurnbert Virgil Rose William Deeley Page Ezghty one Q! ' A K rf ' 52 SEL THE FORUM - l94O llzirulml Jewell, Betty liver hart, Advertising, Betty Fravcl, Subscription. Stan Johnson, Business Man agcr. Bertha Jenkins, Advertising, Nlanagcr. Perry Conkle, Snap-slwt cali tor. fffcntcrl ' b Curaclou Lynile, Ed1tor-111- Chief. Gerald XValker. Staff Pho tugrapher. Charles Ayers. Bill Hum- lrert, Athletics. fCm1terJ H Dave Upliam, Associate Ecli- tor. Lucile Hawke, Subscrip- tions. Peggy Barry, Literary Ecli- tor. Ruth Sloan, Jane Irvine, Calendar Ruth Robertson, Typist. Page Eighty-two gallaae 4621114914 of 1qmeaica -.ilv ly -ig 'X -1-s.. 'sf' : 1-I: NN is if THE FORUM - 1940 Fred Cue, former F.F.A. member, speaks at han' quct. An apple an day 1".1".A. members lmrvust their own crop of apples. Clzuzk tries to impress his Lxt. teacher. Quote bookj. lf. F. A. banquet "An Apple for the Tcacl1c1"' Gnu. are we hungry! Page Eighty-three Quia- i THE FORUM - 1940 P J Ejltyf la Afaz' S '7ime 4. 4. 4. www llaaifeft of 0144 '7ime " if I' I-X 'X , N x , is G, THE FORUM - 1940 Perry .Qunklci beside his scicmlhc project. Ken Stull, sccnucl from left, won Chef Club cake bak- ing concst. Cllcen'-leader Scott. Travcl Club travels. Frcslm1eu science class. Male mcn1bcrs uf Travel Club. Scout Flclcbcr. Victory Bell. Page Eighty-jive C 'f' Zigi THE' FORUM - 1940 ll une Zia fzeacf Grace Dumlgcun, Luis Rob- erts. Frerl Schncbly, Ecl- warml Shorkcy, ,lean Mas- teller. Mrs. Sevitts, librarian, Lola XVorkman, Myriam Cur- win. Naomi Perkins, jean Mast- eller, Eileen Simpkins. Sidney Perkins, Mark Kin- ney, john Gordon Bone. lames Ilunlcr, Eilccn Simp- kins,- ll c l Q n McVcy, Myriznn Corwin, Nlarilia Robertson. Ruth Robertson, Paul Ryan, president of staff, llarulml Clutter, Bzwbara Owen. Norman llopwoofl, Ula ,lean Hull, Sara. Carson, Her- bert Belden. Library Stall. Freml Sclinclily and Mrs. Sevitts shelve books in new library. Page Eighty-six afllianwf rqncf focal eeledaelliedl i f W ff , . x .'! ,ie 'YL fri: 31 Y' -fl - fn? . 'N . it fa-., if-35 5 i -57-lg , THE FORUM - 1940 Faculty meeting Miss llcmlington to wed Dr. llcury Brown. Mr. Dean. fflsrztcrj Marian Anderson aiilograplxs progranls after llcl' C011- cert. Arc we thrilled about this building! Dr, and Mrs. llcnry Brown leaving church after their weclrling. lille. still ClLll.Clllllg hcl' grade hook. Dr. Elliott's smile is llizlclcn hy his hat, but it is still there. usam-s Donald Dickson "fills" ,four- nal repurters instezul of Charlie McCarthy. Page Eighty-seven if , in I N hz? S THE FOR O efvuiillmad 7ime Ilnlml it! Bill :mil Ruth Ellen at Sub- Dch Christmas party. Santa Claus is coming to town CChristm:is chapelb. Let go! Home fur Christmas. Joe Black gets first book l from new library. l l l Line up to get books from new lilrrary. Bill :unl Marilyn also enjoy Sub-Deli Christmas party. Page Eighty-eight 14211 Slucfenld rqicf in fbecaaaiian 3 if,g3v,v. . Q., -gi ., l i' .5 fl ffff M 3 l , , , ,QV ,ff in 7fze Siucfia 1.i1 ' -is 5. " A ifx THE FORUM - 1940 Lulu xVUl'li1llilll Works mi mural for Armistice Day chapel. Marg El!Cl'll5.ll'llf, Jane Crun- mcr, Doris Ferguson, Nam- cttc Hnovlcr give "The Appeal to the Great Spirit" zi new coat of paint before he takes his place in the new library. Freslimeu make plans for next. year-li. jzickson, Bl. Charleton, D. Parker. C. BlJ!.fZ1l'llUS, li. llicljcvitt, C. Lyle, freshmen, help with posters. D. Crise, F. Rcasuucr, L. Klein. L. lX'leDonal4l, .l.'. Fzxltcr. Page Eighty-nine P Mil THE FORUM - 1940 Page Ninety .fe emzea ' Le Cercle Frangais est compose des etudiants de frangais qui s in teressent a causer et 5. parler en frangais, a chanter les chansons frang aises, a jouer aux jeux frangais, et 51 donner les pieces frangaises. Les seances ont lieu le premier lundi du mois dans la salle de frangais. Les officers du Cercle Frangais suivent: le la la le la la President ,..,.....................................,., Monsieur Coradon Lynde Vice-president ...... ..,.........., M onsieur Fred Schnebley Secretaire ,,,,,, .-..,,. M ademoiselle Mary Jayne Klein Tresorier ,-,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,, ..,,,.,..... lv Ionsieur Bill Curran chef du comite de programme ..,. Mademoiselle Betty Everhart chef du comite sociale ..........., Mademoiselle Barbara Buxton 3. A... DOROTHY JANE ACKERMAN Commerce Club C 13 C235 Student Council C13 5 Bansl C33 C43 5 Drarnatic Club C23 5 Home Economic Club C13 C13 5 Travel C13. IVA DEAN 'ALLEN Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C435 G.A.C. C13 C235 French Club C33 C43. GEORGE E. ALLSPAUGH Bantl C23 mgr. C335 Science Club C13. FILLMORE ALLSPAUGH Stage Manager C23 C33 C432 Cllfllfcl Choir C33 C435 "Naughty Marietta" C335 "Pinafore" C435 Hobby Club C335 Dra- matic Club C33. MARIAN AMICON Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C45 French Club C33 C435 Dramatic Club C135 llobby Club C13. VIRGINIA MAY ANDERSON Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C435 G.A.C. C13 C23 C33 C435 Basketball C13 C23 C33 C435 Volleyball C13 C23 C33 C435 Speetlball C13 C235 Dramatic Club C13 C23 C335 "Merchant of Venice" C235 "Pride and l'rejutlicc" C335 Choir C23 C33 C1135 "Pirates of Penzance" C235 "Naughty Marietta" C335 "Pinafore" C435 Rountl Table Club C335 French Club C335 College Club C335 Treble Clef Singers C43. .IANICE E. ARRINGTON Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C435 G.A.C. C13 C23 C535 Dramatic Club C13 C235 French Club C33 C43. MABEL C. ATHERTON Commerce Club C23 C335 Dramatic Club C33. CHARLES AYERS lli-Y C13 C23 C33 C435 Sports Editor of paper C435 Choir C135 Basketball C13 C33 C435 Golf C33 C435 "Stage Door" C435 National Athletic Scholar- ship Society C43. ANITA CAMERON BAGLEY French Club C335 Girl Reserves C13 C33 C33 C43- ROBERT S. BAIRD Track Team C335 Ag. Basketball Team C33 C43. BOB BANNING PEGGY BARRY Girl Reserves C13 C23 C.t3 C435 Music C'h, C435 French Club C33 C43 Pres. C335 Choir C13 C23 C33 C435 "Sweet- hearts" C13: "Spring Fever" C135 "Naugl1ty Marietta" C335 "l'inafore" C435 llonor Club C13 C23 Vice Pres. C335 Scholarship team C135 Senior gift committee. Ch. C435 Annual Staff C435 Library Club -C23 C33 Pres. C335 Col- letze Club C335 Dramatic Club C23 C335 Library Stall' C13 C23 C335 Treble Clef Singers C33 C435 National Honor Society. ROBERT BEACH Football C13 C23 C33 C435 'Track C33 C435 Varsity Club C23 C33 C435 Var- sity Follies C23 C33. BERNARD H. BELL Science Club Pres. C235 Math. Club C235 Hi-Y C33 C435 Choir C135 Track team C235 Stage Crew C23 C33 C435 "V" Club C235 "Varsity Follies" C23 "Stage Door" C43. HELEN LOUISE BORDEN Commerce Club C23 C33 5 Girl Re- serves C23 C33 5 Dramatic Club C23 . MARY ELLEN BREECH Girl Reserves C335 Band C33 C435 Orchestra C23' C435 Class Secretary C235 Choir C13 C235 Girls' Glee Club C235 French Club C435 Seminar C23. EDITH NAOMI BRICKER llonor Club C23 C331 Commerce Club C23 C33 Secretary C335 Dramatic Club C23 C335 llobby Club C13 C235 Travel Club C13. BETTY JO BROWN Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C435 French Club C435 Ilobby Club C235 Dramatic Club C23. J ACK STANLEY BROWN Arts and Crafts Club C23 C33 Pres. C335 Nature Club C235 Photo Club C23 Science Club C23. GEORGE BUDD Photo Club Secretary C23 5 Football C13 C23 C33 C43 5 Track team C13 C23 C33 5 "Springtime" C33 5 Hi-Y C33 C43 Secretary C43. MARJORIE ANN BUMPUS G.A.C. C23 C335 Commerce C335 Hon- or Club C13. GUINEVERE BURGESS Band C13 C23 C33 C435 Orchestra C13 C23 C33 C435 Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C435 G.A.C. C235 1-lonor Club C13 C235 Dramatic C135 Commerce C23 C335 National llonor Society5 "Stage Door." ILEEN VIRGINIA BUSKIRK Commerce C13 C23 C335 Hobby C235 Travel C135 Dramatic Club C335 Home lieonomic Club C23 C33 Pres. C33. BARBARA MYRTLE BUXTUN Choir C13 C23 C33 C435 "Sweethearts" C13: "Pirates of Penzance" C235 "Naughty Marietta C335 "Pinaforc" C435 Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C435 G.A.C. C13 C23: Honor Club C13 C235 French Club C33 C435 Dramatic Club C13 C23 Secretary C235 Treasurer of Sophomore class C23: Library Stall' C13 C23 C335 College Club C335 "Spring Fever" C135 Treble Clef Singers C435 "Stage Door" C43. DAVID NELSON CAMILLO Math. Club C23 C335 Jr. Hi-Y C235 Stage Crew C33. A-if THE FORUM - 1940 ELIZABETH JANE CAMPBELL Girl Reserves C13 C23 C33 C43 Vice Pres. C335 Honor Club C13 C235 G.A.C. C13 C235 Student Council C23 C335 Dramatic Club C13 C23 C335 French Club C33 C435 Paper Staff C435 'Springticle' C335 Ring Committcc C335 National Honor Society5 "Stage Door" C43. ROSETTA LOUISE CARR Travel Club C135 Nature Club C235 Dramatic Club C33. JOHN CLAYPOOL Dramatic Club C13 C23 C33 5 French Club C335 Nature C13 C23 C335 Arts and Crafts C13 C23 C33 Pres. C335 Photo C13 C235 Math. Club C23 C33. PERRY D. CONKLE Junior Class Pres. C335 Hi-Y C13 C23 C33 C43 Pres. C435 V Club C335 An- nual Staff C435 "Springtidc" C335 Foot- ball CI3 C23 C33 C435 Track team C13 C23 C33 C435 Choir C435 Pinafore C435 "Varsity Follies" C23 C33. ARTHUR VICTOR CORNELL Band C13 C23 C33 C435 Orchestra C13 C23 C33 C435 Arts and Crafts Club C135 lfli-Y C33 C43. DOLORES CRAMER Girl Reserves C23 C33 C435 Dramatic Club C23 C335 Commerce Club C13 C23 C33 5 "Stage Door" C43. MARY JUNE CRAMER Commerce Club C13 C23 C335 Home Economics Club C13 C235 Travel Club C135 Dramatic Club C335 Rountl Table Club C33. WILLIAM D. CRUMRINE Hi-Y C13 C23 C33 C43 Pres. C235 Sophomore class Pres. C235 Vice Pres. ,lunior class C335 Senior class Pres. C435 Basketball C13 C23 C33 C435 Foot- ball C33 C435 "V" Club C33 C43. Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society. MARY JANE DANDO "Naughty Marietta" C335 "SpringtiClc" C335 Paper Staff C435 Choir C23 C33 C435 French Club C33 C43 Vice Pres. C335 Girl Reserves C23 C33 C435 Stu- ilcnt Council C335 Dramatic Club C23 C33 Secretary C335 Treble Clef Singers C33 C435 "l'inafore" C435 Play Com- mittee ch. C335 Play Committee ch. C435 National Ilonor Society 5 "Stage Door" C43. WILLIAM R. DEELEY Scholarship team C135 "Prnnclla" C135 "Merchant of Venice" C235 Ili-Y C23 C33 C43 Vice Pres. C435 Play Com- mittee C335 Paper stalf C33 C43 Editor C435 French Club C33 C435 Dramatic Club C13 C23 C335 Library staff C435 Hobby Club C23 C335 College Club C23 C335 Honor Club C135 "Stage Door" 4. ELDON HOUGH DICKENSON PAUL DOUP Arts and Crafts C23 C33. Page N inety-one mst . Qnsgk C, A sale, l' - 4, -' .:- X ,J THE FORUM - 1940 MYRA LEE DUBINSKY Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C41 Serv- ice Committee C31 ch. C413 G.A.C. C11 C213 Dramatic Club C11 C21 C313 French Club C413 Honor Club C11 C213 National Honor Society3 "Stage Dorn", C41. MARJORIE EBERHARDT Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C413 G.A.C. C11 C21 C313 French Club C313 "Naughty Marietta" C313 "Pinaforc" C413 Choir C31 C413 Nature Club C113 Stumlent Council C113 Dramatic Club C11 C213 "Stage Door" C41. RUSSEL EUGENE ETZWILER l-li-Y Cl1 C21 C31 C413 Football C11 C21 C31 C413 "V" Club C21 C313 "Varsity Follies" C31 C41. BETTY FRANCE EVERHART Dramatic Club C31 C413 French Club C31 C413 G.A.C. C11 C21 C31 Pres. C213 Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C413 Arts anrl Crafts C313 "Springti4lc" C313 Annual staff C413 Booster Club C21 C31 Secretary C313 College Club C313 Ring Committee C313 Football Queen attendant C413 Forum Queen attend- ant C313 Forum Queen C413 "Stage Door" C41. PHYLLIS JEAN FAIR Girl Reserves C11 C21 C51 C413 G,A.C. C21 C31 C413 Volleyball C21: Basket- ball C21 C313 Commerce Club C11 C21 C313 Dramatic Club C113 Forum Queen attendant C41. EUGENE FAIRCHILD Science Club Cl13 Commerce Club C11 C Z1 C31 . RO SALIE FLETCHER Girl Reserves C11 C21 C313 French Club C31: College Club C31 3 "Stage Door" C41. BETTY FRAVEL Dramatic Club C11 C21 C313 Girl Rc- serves Cl1 C21 C51 C413 French Club C31 C413 Bflllfl C11 C21 C31 C412 Ll- brarian C313 Choir C31 C413 Secretary C413 Animal staff C413 Orchestra C213 Library stab' C11 "Spring Fcver" C113 Naughty Marietta C313 Pinafore C411 Treble Clcf Singers C31 C413 National Honor Society3 "Stage Door" C41. DOROTHY A. GIANSANTE Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C413 G.A.C. C11 C21 C313 Dramatic Club C11 C21 C313 Treas. C213 Choir C21 C31 C413 Basketball C11 C21 C313 College Club C313 Nature Club C113 Paper staff C413 "Pirates of Penzance" C21: "Naughty Marietta" C313 French Club C51 C413 "Pinafore" C413 Treble Clef Singers C31 C413 "Stage Door" C41. LAURA JAYNE GIFFIN Student Council C31 Trcas. C313 Com- merce Club C11 C21 C313 Cl,A.C. C11 C213 Girl Reserves C413 Travel Club C113 Dramatic Club C31. Page Ninety-two Seniaa Aczfzazzfzea CHARLES GIVENS Travel Club C113 Hi-Y C21 C31 C413 Basketball C11 C21 C31 C412 Senior class Vice Pres. C413 National Athletic Scholarship Society C41. ENGEL GLAROS Football C113 Travel Club C11. WAVERLY GLOVER Commerce Club C113 Nature C313 Band C11 C21 C31 C413 Orchestra C31 C413 Track mgr. C21 C313 Football mgr. C313 Varsity Follies C31. ALLORA M. GOOSSENS Home Economic Club C11. HARRIETT MARILYN GRAHAM Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C413 Social ch. C413 Choir C11 C21 C31 C413 "Sweethearts" C113 "Pirates of Pen- zance" C213 "Naughty Marietta" C313 "Pinafore" C411 French Club C31 C413 Paper staff C413 "Spring Fever C113 Jr-Sr. Prom committee C313 College Club C313 Dramatic C313 Honor Club C113 Library staff C213 Treble Clef Singers C21 C31 C41. BECKY GROVE Girl Rcscrves C11 C21 C31 C413 French Club C313 College Club C31. LETHA HAMER Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C419 Com- merce Club C11: Dramatic Club C21 C313 Arts and Crafts Club C113 G,A.C. C11. DWIGHT HARRIS Football C31 C413 Track C31 C41. HELEN LUCILLE HAWKE G.A.C. C11 C21 C31 C413 Girl Rc- scrves C31 C413 Hobby Club C21 C313 Commerce Club C113 Dramatic Club C11 C213 Animal staff C413 Paper staff C31 C413 Library C21 C31 C413 Latin Club C21. CLYDE HAWKINS JACK J. HEIGHTON Commerce Club C11 C21 C313 Drama- tic Club C21 C313 Stage Crew C21 C313 Paper stalf C31 C413 Band C11 C21 C513 Varsity Follies C31. LOIS ARDELLE HENNELL Dramatic Club C11 C213 Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C413 Paper staff C41Q G.A.C. C11 C213 French Club C31 C413 Nature Club C11. RUTH VIOLET HICKERSON Orchestra C11 C21 C31 C41: COIN' merce Club C21 C31. CHARLES W. HILL Orcln-stra C11 C21 C51 C411 Hobby Club C21: Arts anwl Crafts Club C113 French Club C313 Hi-Y C21, NANETTE HOOVLER Camera Club C 11 C213 Booster Club C11 C213 Commerce Club C31: Dra- matic Club C313 Chorus C11 C213 Forensic Society C213 Girl Reserves C31 C413 Gotley Club C21. HELEN FRANCES HOPKINS Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C41. ESTHER PAULINE HOSKINSON Travel Club, Treas. C113 G,A.C. C11 C21 C31 C413 Commerce Club C11 C21 C313 Dramatic Club C313 Girl Re- serves C412 Home Economics Club C 1 1 - CLAUDE D. HOUBLER Arts and Crafts Club C113 Booster Club C21. WILLIAM WAYNE HUMBERT Hi-Y C11 C21 C31 C41 Treas. C213 "Springtitle" C313 Stage Crew C313 Paper staff C413 Animal staff C413 French Club C31 C413 Basketball C21 C313 Honor Club C113 Student Coun- cil C21 C313 Library staff C313 Rouncl Table Club C313 Nature Club C313 College Club C31Q "Stage Door" C41. JAMES S. HUNTER Freshmen play C113 Oratorieal contest C113 "Springdale" C313 Dramatic Club C313 Paper staff C413 "Stage Door" 4 . JANE IRVINE Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C41 Pub- licity ch. C413 French Club C31 C413 Choir C21 C31 C413 "Naughty Marriot' ta" C313 Paper staff C412 Annual stalf C41: "Pirates of Penzanceu C21. WANDA C. JACKSON BERTHA LYNETTE JENKINS Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C413 French Club C31 C411 Annual staff C413 Home Nursing Club C413 "Stage Door" C41. PAUL JENKINS Photo Club C11: Commerce Club C11. IIAROLD JEWELL Photo Club C21 C313 Science Club C313 1'l'i-Y C31 C413 Annual staff C51 C413 Paper staff C413 Choir C413 Na- ture Club C213 Arts anrl Crafts Club C213 French Club C313 "Springlirlc" C313 Math. Club C21. STANLEY JOHNSON Photo Club C11 C213 Vice Pres. C213 Hi-Y C11 C21 C31 C41 Vice Pres. C212 Football C21 C31 C413 Paper staff C11 C21 C313 Annual Business Mgr. C413 Varsity Follies C21 C313 Varsity Club C31 C413 National Athletic Scholarship Society. CELESTA ANN JORIS Travel Club, Pres. C115 Commerce C315 G.A.C. C11 C21 C31 C41 Social ch. C415 Girl Reserves C21 C31 C415 Dramatic C21 C315 "Springtide" C315 Football Queen attendant C415 "Stage Door" C41. ROBERT KIRK Dramatic Club C21 C315 Stage Crew C21 C315 Nature Club C115 Travel Club C31. MARY JAYNE KLEIN Choir C11 C21 C31 C415 French Club C31 C41 Secretary C415 Dramatic Club V' I' C21 G'rl Re- C21 C315 ice res. 5 1 serves C11 C21 C31 C41 Secretary C31 Pres. C415 "Pride and Prejudice" C315 "Springtide" C315 "Pinafore" C415 "Naughty Marietta" C315 "Pirates of Penzance" C215 "Sweethearts" C115 Paper staff C415 G.A.C. C11 C215 Treble Clef Singers C21 C31 C415 Ring Committee C315 Play Committee C415 Forum Queen attendant C415 National Honor Society C415 "Stage Door" C41. EDITH WANEDA LAHMON Home Economic Club C115 Commerce Club C11. THELMA LAWRENCE 'Prunella" C115 Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 G.A.C. C11 C21 Sec. C215 Dramatic Club C11 C21 C31 Pres. C215 Round Table Club C215 Sec. of Sopho- l C21' S . of S ' class z more c ass , . ec enior C415 "Pride and Prejudice" C315 Paper staff C415 College Club C31. BEN DOUGLAS LEMASTER Photo Club C315 Choir C415 Nature Club C31. CHARLEN E GENEVIEVE LEWIS Commerce Club C21 C315 Nature Club C115 Dramatic Club C115 Band C21 C415 Orchestra C115 Travel Club REX LITTLE MARGUERITE E. LOBER Travel Club, Vice Pres. C315 Com- merce Club C21 C315 Home Economic Club C31 5 Girl Reserves C41. RANDALL LYBARGER Band C11 C21 C31 C415 Orchestra C11 C21 C31 C413 Hi-Y C11 C21 C31 C413 French Club C315 College Club C315 Arts and Crafts Club C215 Science Club C31. CORADON G. LYNDE Editor of Annual C415 French Club C31 C41 Vice Pres. C31 Pres. C415 Choir, Pres. C31 C415 Scholarship Team C115 "Springtide" C315 Hi-Y C415 Dramatic Club C11 C21 C315 "Naughty Marietta" C31: "Pinafore" C415 Mgr. of Carnival C31. 3, . 4 Z. .t. I MARY G. MAHAFFEY I-Ionor Club C115 Student Council C115 Commerce Club C11 C21 Vice Pres. C315 Girl Reserves C21 C31 C41 Treas. C415 Home Economics Club C215 G.A.C. C315 Treas. of Senior class C415 National 1-Ionor Society. HAROLD MAKOS Varsity Follies C415 Nature Club C115 Arts and Crafts Club C11 RICHARD LEE MARSH CAROL ELAINE MCDOWELL Nature Club C11 C215 Travel Club C115 Commerce Club C21 C315 Girl Reserves C21 C31 C415 G.A.C. C11 C21 C315 Basketball C21 C415 Band C41. ELAINE MCLARNAN Band C21 C31 C415 G.A.C. C11 C21 C315 Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 Nature Club C11 C21 C315 Orchestra C215 "Stage Door" C41. ALICE CAROLINE IVIINTIER G.A.C. C11 C215 Girl Reserves C31 C415 Dramatic Club C315 Nature Club C11 C215 Travel Club C115 Commerce Club C21 C31. DORIS MORRISON Girl Reserves C11 C21. BOB MOSSHOLDER Hi-Y C215 Football C21 C31 C415 Var- sity Follies C315 National Athletic Scholarship Society. EDITH ROWENA MOSSHOLDER Choir C21 C315 G.A.C. C11 C21 C31 C415 Nature C11 C215 Commerce Club C315 "Naughty Marietta" C315 Drama- tic Club C315 "Pirates of Penzance" CC215 Travel Club C11. HELEN IRENE MOS SHOLDER FRANCES EVELYN NEIGHBARGER Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 Na- ture Club C115 Travel Club C115 Com- merce Club C21 C315 Dramatic C31, PAULINE AMELIA PAQUES Commerce Club C11 C21 C315 Nature Club C11 C215 Travel Club C11. EUGENE W. PARGEON Band C11 C21 C31 C415 Orchestra C415 Arts and Crafts Club C115 French Club C315 Science Club C315 Hi-Y C21 C31 C415 Library stall: C415 Math. Club C115 Dramatic Club C21. GEORGIA LOUISE PARKER Glee Club C115 Nature Club C215 Dramatic Club C31. MAXINE PARKER Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C41 Mem- bership Committee ch. C415 Dramatic Club C319 G.A.C. C11. ill .y. .9 N' S THE FORUM - 1940 ROBERT PARNELL Commerce Club C21 C31. JAMES BURKE LUCAS PAYNE Band C11 C21 C31 C41. RALPH D. PERRINE Cginmerce Club C11 C215 Nature Club MARTHA JEAN PEUGH Commerce Club C11 C21 C315 Nature Club C115 Travel Club C11. HARRIETT E. PI-IARIS Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 Or- chestra C11 C21 C31 C415 French Club C31 C415 Dramatic Club C315 Senior gift Committee C415 "Stage Door" C41. JOHN W. PHILLIPS Nature Club C21 C315 Commerce Club C115 Arts and Crafts Club C31. GEORGE H. PROSSER Band C115 Orchestra C11 5 Football C11 C31 C415 Track C31 C415 V Club C21 C31 C415 Springtizle C315 Varsity Follies C31 C415 "Stage Door" C415 National Athletic Scholarship Society. SARAH RAHN Latin Club C11 C215 Dramatic Club C215 Scholarship team C11 C215 Ora- iotigieal contests C11 C215 "Stage Door" DONALD C. REAGH Student Council C115 Arts and Crafts Club C11 C21 C31. NEIL DAVID REEDER Football C11 C21 C31 C415 Basketball C21 C315 Hi-Y C11 C21 431 C41 Sec. C21, Treas. C41 Choir C31 C415 Var- sity Follies CZ1 C315 "Naughty Mariet- ta" C315 "V" Club C21 C31 C41. ELOISE PAULINE REX Girl Reserves C31 C415 Orchestra C215 Home Economics Club C11 C21 C31 Glee Club C11 C21. JAMES HENRY ROBERTS I-Iy-Y C315 Booster Club, Pres. C215 gpasketball C315 Arts and crafts Club MARTHA M. ROBERTSON Commerce Club C11 C21 C31. MAXINE ELIZABETH RYAN Basketball team C315 Scholarship team C115 Volleyball C215 French Club C31 C415 G.A.C. C115 Home Economics Club C21. VIRGIL ROSE ' "Stage Door" C41. Page Ninety-three C, f I S2 we - - nslzl "' 'I ffl- ,-, - .5 C THE FORUM - 1940 EARL KENNETH SANT Scholarship team C115 Choir C21 C31 C415 Band C11 C215 Drum Major C31 C415 French Club C315 Science Club C11 C315 Math. Club C11 C215 Library Club C11 Dramatic Club C11 C215 Mer- chant of Venice C215 Varsity Follies C31. BETTY MAY SIMMONS JEAN ELIZABETH SIMPSON Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C411 Fi- nance Ch. C415 G.A.C. C115 Honor Club C11 C215 Dramatic Club C21 C315 French Club C31 C415 National Honor Society C415 "Stage Door" C41. RUTH SLOAN Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 French Club C31 C41, Sec. C315 Choir C11 C21 C31 C415 "Sweethearts" C115 "Pi- rates of Penzance" C215 "Naughty Marietta" C315 "Pinafore" C415 Treas. of Junior class C315 Animal stafT C415 Spring Fever C115 Dramatic Club C315 College Club C315 Treble Clef Singers C21 C31 C41- ROBERT CARL SMITH Varsity Follies C21 C315 Cheerleader C11 C21 C31 C415 Sports announcer C21 C31 C415 V Club C11 C21 C315 f Venice C7 Home Tco- "Merchant o " " 212 2 nomics Club C315 Chef Club C31. Page Ninety-four S. 4... BEULAH JEAN SNOW HE RO Commerce Club C11 C21 C31 C415 Travel Club C115 G.A.C. C21 C31 C415 Round Table Club C31 C415 Home Economics Club C11 C215 "Stage Door" C41. LEN LOUISE STARN Home Economics Club C11 C215 Pres. C215 Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 Glee Club C315 Paper staff C11 C21 C315 Basketball C11 C21 C315 ,lr-Sr. Flay Committee C315 "Stage Door" 4 . BERT STATLER French Club C315 Orchestra C11 C21 C31 C415 Choir C415 l'li'Y C31 C415 Track team C11 C21 C315 Football C11 C215 "Springtide" C315 "Stage Door" 4 . RAYMOND STEPHENS EDNA V. STONEBURNER llome Economics Club C215 Student Council C215 Scholarships team C11: Frfnch Club C315 Volleyball team 2 . N EVA STOPHER Commerce Club C115 Stuclent Council C315 Travel Club C115 Girl Reserves Cl 1 C31 C31- GEORGE EDWARD SWEET Orchestra C115 Hi-Y C21 C31 C415 French Club C31 C415 Science Club C315 National Honor Society5 "Stage Door" 4. Q, lest C ,I .?.2 . 1 ll CM RUTH SHULTZ MAXINE THEIBERT Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 G.A.C. C11.CZ1 C315 French Club C315 Dra- matic Club C21 C315 Commerce Club C11 C215 Nature Club C21 C315 Foot- ball Qucen attendant C315 Forum Queen attendant C31 C41. DAVID L. UPHAM Hi-Y C11 C21 C31 C415 Basketball C21 C315 French Club, Treas. C315 jr.-Sr. Prom- ch. C315 Photo Club C115 Associate Editor of Annual C415 "Stage Door" C41. GERALDINE MARIE WHITE Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 G.A.C. C115 Commerce C315 Honor Club C115 Dramatic Club C21. ALETHA JOSEPHINE WINTERRINGER Commerce Club C215 Travel Club C115 Dramatic Club C31. LOLA IRENE WORKMAN Girl Reserves C11 C21 C31 C415 G.A.C, C11 C215 National Honor Soeiety5 "Stage Door" C41. FRANK A. YAUGER Band C11 C21 C31 C412 Orchestra C11 C21 C31 C415 Paper staff. Business Mgr. C415 Library stall' C31 C415 French .Club C21 C31 C415 Math. Club C215 Science Club C315 National Hon- or Society5 "Stage Door" C41. no-:R QM THE FORUM - 1940 Page Ninety-five A ' fX -I-gli? X X val X, A ' 5 vi- , J "i 6- THE FORUM - 1940 Qcvuun .Queen rqllencfanii A A X 1 3 4. E .f. ,vc ff H 4' ' xx 2 Q .eqg , i, .riy , f f '79 w +, ' .Y ' 3 if ww wsv,5'x, W , Ml-ge ff., f '1,?,u,,,,, 1 Q ., D L- - ,, 3' hi 1 Page N mety-six 4mm .Queen eiife 3 Fl H" H 'W 5- Mg 3 3 mag, 33 'llill,,33.,' EE , Fifi '333l 1 ': e are eww l 1 ! if .V , wizza 1' iz.. 3,f35,f35333 ,- ,f5, w ,Y , .......,....., ' - W 33 4 : - - Stix, Ql,'5555, few., " ii in I 5 1 T k .. A 5 el BETTY EVERHART ?' 3 1 ,LQ ,X iyiiq A' X , Q, L 3 - .... t:" fleiilf- 1, ---3 1 THE FORUM - 1940 The Forum Queen and her attendants were elected by popular vote of the student body. Senior Attendants Maxine Theibert Jean Fair Mary Jayne Klein Junior Attendants Betty Welsh Marilyn Hall Evelyn Scott Page N 'inety 's even in I 3.-- xi l -IA - :fix-'a"L THE FORUM - 1940 H7034 '7fzee Uanueadjng., .9 40-aqel' All '7ime " Ann Strudtbcck, C r 0 w ll Bearer. Ni? A Editor Lynde and the quccu The Queen Betty Everllart. Ray Jacquet's Orcllesira. 'Iii Page N inety-eight fqppaeaicalian 1 li i .I V ., , - J THE FORUM - 1940 The advertising committee of the Forum Staff appreciates the Willing support of the following patrons whose donations helped make the Forum possible : J. L. Koch, ,D. O. Kenneth Claypool, D. S. C. John C. Drake, M. D. Fred Minnioh, D. D. S. James F. Lee, M. D. Robert L. Eastman, M. D. John Claypool, M. D. J. M. Pumphrey, M. D. Gordon H. Pumphrey, M. D. John S. Schnebley, D. D. S. Robert H. Hoecker, M. D. Page N11vz.ety-wine ahaaarawewaaaezea Le weCerewefafaccafefefffweQawfefqfewwffvfiewraefizehezewawe weave fee-ewlewae wawafewaaraeqaefpwaesaf-eeCeeefewfwlaefeefefecfig E' eeibievaeaifwegraebla' ' ' ' ' ' 'ble 'QueenegwafaeeaevanraweekahhhweweQahahaweahahaQ:AaefewaCeecaeceeeeeeezfaecafeceeecqecefe iii BRINING NEWS CO. Q Cvmpllments ll of Now in our old Location 12 W. Vine I Magazines and all Daily 2 or Sunday Papers 3 COCHRAN and H DALRYMPLE 2 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS H Phone 104B 7 E. High si. We Also take Subscriptions to all Publications II BUICK 8z PONTIAC H Compliments H of SAPP BROS. SL CO. I BAlR'S DRY CLEANING CO. I W. Ohio Ave. Phone 836 3 W. High St. H igllAl'L'Illlllllililll1010215lltlllltlltllnlgtl'HltliSill?-iilliillllllill-fvllll'lI5l4Il"'l' U PHONE 195 7 N. MAIN sT. j Compliments H of CEM LAUNDRY H H THE BUCKEYE Since 1902 H CANDY CO. ALBERT E. AUSKINGS H Mt. Vernon, Ohio Mt. Vernon, Ohio I U i Compliments Compliments of I MOUNT VERNON NEWS 5 Page One Hundred QQVQQQWD Q SCOTT FURNITURE CO. I 'fverything for the Home" i 128 S. Main St. i Mt. Vernon, Ohio haevhieraheaieeearahhfaceaaaQheaawaahhaaeiaaiqenebrebiaaaenem Qaiahbkfkfkbbshlzkbah 4 Pa 3939: R 203959115-f:Tet:f?Jf0Jh2.a2:b:'hh 2:91:ahQabscaiabsktffnkbifeiwhhiefehvfkaiaiwleslaiaka 521215575212:34435251:9429320329:34:QQQAQTQQC'f:'5'2+f7:'2:ff:f4:f2:CQb:2:fv.a5e1a9:bJ12MQoC7:C1: Q gave .4 f-.x fa, Q di .1 2-A :Lg THE FORUM - I "'7ime glaiaaaltefy 7fmawn rqway " - - - After The Home-Coming Game Page One Hundred-one 940 N 'L T i XV 5 -7 ga' , THE FORUM - 1940 Two of these queens up Jacks. Happy Geronimo and Art Six of a Class Next Yc:u"s Reporters Dcj ectcml CCcntgrJ Q They'll be Scmors 111 four years. Disappointed Victory at Last Page One Hundred-two Hiqncf 741 of 7ime " ferefeieaaleweiefewelefafecewewag O .Y 5 'i :if lie ls- Lv Li fx 'Tl .Sf .V ,sv 5 2? .W '27 K 5' S' .S .Y .V .V .5' X J' Lv 5' fi 's iv Tj 12 .V ts' .T 5' .9 S S .V S 'Q J L?- .V '92 it J' ,S Qqe-:Q-:ace CQYQCQCQQQQQ Qkklikffffkfftkckfeh 2922:fefeiefeffQi?Q9:52122iekbkiaieiefeiafqfqcqfqcqqcfcqczqqzacqcqqcqce9:92-Q :f lo weed The Best in Drug Store Service H E C K L E R ' S Rexall Drug Store .g.e,e,ee.g. On the Square On South Main Street COOK and HEAT WATER ELECTRICALLY THE 0:0 we-we ozo OHIO POWER CO. gg? --------- -1-I--2 2 2--:H r-u--1777-1 - -A--f-- f -..-.QQ DRY GOODS ACCESSORIES READY - TO - WEAR The Dowcls - Rudin Co. KNOX COUNTYS GREATEST STORE Mt. Vernon, Ohio fesikhbnksk: DRAPERIES STOVES FLOOR COVERINGS FURNITURE 6:39:52buh9054334522-23294Zbhhkkshhhhbgiafakskmknlvkbien-b:5Q'72:-?o?fs32fQ9:2:ffobbffbkobbbalbbefahfqbehanfakihiafaPeffrkahkz-23' in Page One ,Hundred-tIm'ee Q New -P: 0: V: fzfqksffnbrfafea 952177: hh Q569:ie:hh91323223QQQQZQQTQ-b:i2Q9::h2'QQ?uhfQ'h9:Q2: Qk2:fe:3e:h2:?2Q Cafe Iabnlshhffsia hhhffhkkhkkkhhiahia 0343 -n 9 .--,.,.g,.2.b2.g,,Z,-,s.b,q4.f2-,.aqaceeeesqgzpzee-9:92,be-ce-:Q:QQ-2,2943ave-zfcecycacece-QQ:seggwbe-Q-ecpzpbcocatbecjcyce-:9:?c0cQ:Q-ceasecaeyckzyrzpQeeebra-aeebwbebbcebaaaeb .'f.1f,......V4..,-'.'f.. ......,.....,..,....s......-...,..............,.......s.,.. ........,...,....,......t... Z Q aa Me lce Cream Pasteurized Milk Creamery Butter Cottage Cheese Cream Selected Eggs Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Salad Dressing French Dressing Sandwich Spread Mayonnaise 1000 lsland Dressing Jewell ice Cream 8: Milk Co. Phone 24 B 3. 52 J tl' 3. S' Sq: .91 .li -55 3' 3. Ll' .V S. rl' 5' 3. Sf .51 3, J, .S .Sl .Sf .SQ S1 8 63' 63' SL. 3' A' S, ell tl' 3 A' .V Ss' .KY -Q .Xl S' .V .F .Q AS' '57 .xv .Y A' .lf .l' S. S' .Q 15' ,W 16' .W .S '91 ,- ,sb-77.35-.Qs:,.a2,b,,bg,,Q,QQ.Qk3L32i,LQ:f25C,5l'qG4IqwL3Iq 25-Qh2:'-Zgkthiqg kgiqkslq-rPfgzbkg-ZqQ25bCqTq.'-?gQr'G:g?f3Q-ff:25QkL5k3k,Q,k,23-Q12fCgbQ3Iq'k3C73l4:k: Q35 ,z7e,:,3,:e,q,egqe-2 e:e,qe:qk:qe,e,Q,egQ:Qe,e g. ,Si tl li' 5, o, if 31 13, .DN 31 ugh E. S' J. JZ' gl' 5' 3. -52 19. wh K, 163 Lil g. 3. 55: Sb gg .Y X. Lge. .ij S 3. S. Q 5 , sg LS. on S, 3' 4. U 32 22. 2, V 3. 5 3. ig: .F K. t, kb Page One Huud1'ed'four 22.3 ZQW Eg!! .4 Y ,i Q, 353 -5 - f ,., ga, :F L "'s.-Q. THE FORUM - 1940 "7ime Z 7a Qincf 14 WaalJ" Field 1"ractiue Jolly Juniors Ag. Shop Smitty and Mako Fcmimnc Artists XVhat's in vour hand, johnson? Page One H1mdred-Jive xfd , Q QA? l , 5-1 lei THE FORUM - 1940 "pac-dz ' ' fd, lfae 7562! af 7ime" The visiting firumzm Future I'l'l!SiliCIllS Is :llc out uf hrcalli? Thcsc freshmen do creep in. Cheer up, Put. Escape Three smart girls XVhcrc's Bob? Page One Himdred-six f-eewlefew-affwlef-ef-aw-afeam LF S .LSL .F L23 3? .V 5' .Q 5' fs .9 5' .5' 5' J' S E5 .9 5 .V J' A' 5' J' 5 S 5 .V .9 .Y 8' J' 5' .E 5' .v .Y .Y 5' 5' S .Y .51 S 5' 5' 15' if .5 5' 5' ,Y 5' .ff 56 5' 5' 5' 5 S 9256 E744"2:Q'ZQCfo"ff:fd:'f:4GWC1'2':if:'1-a'hh'42MC1"b:hk'2:Q'h"1f:hfehkWe'91-:'iwQQ9592:ioaeiahhfefegcfelhhhikfhfefeceufxfhfekhciieCofofqhhhfeochhhlhhezcekvncaeahith fi? . II Compllments Compliments of i : of H U W PLE' TI MKEN 3 P E O S H , ROLLER BEARING SHQE STORE U CO. Q ozohhhfaozo ozohbvhceofo 3 Corner Main and Vine Streets MT. VERNON, OHIO H ey:-E: In xl I I T: 1: 2: :E I L: -1-E.-V-My-1,-N ---'- ---H-M ----E-re Q Compliments H of R. V. HEADINCTON H PIT K I N ' S SUPER SERVICE Q U STATION Provision Store Dependable Products II Reliable Service A 2 ozocawiehozo Mt. Vernon, Ohio Q We rely on low prices Cor. Vine 8: Mulberry Phone 907-M U to win trade 2 on quality to retain it. A Q-meQwe-.52-MhahahahaeelsraaaahebcsbsaeaeaaeuaeaeeeR.,asahahaebaepbgebeweezseeevsefehssemf Page One Hzmdred-seven wcaaaaegaehefe X 2:kaQTaTo9:3541faCQks?f:f2:Cf:Tf:l''h:ahh5252:hhbaiafahkhhhhhhkhhkhkhhhhhhhhkokahfkhhiwffh bhhkhhkhbhhhkaFJQAQQQ-hhfeiahhhffshifsfi 5 X42 K bskhhhrbifsbshhkobgbhhhhbhhfe?if:QiikbkcfkakkMink:W4-254:f2k:'44'32C2Q"4C4fHb:T4f152f4:f2'452ie:CeC2?'.:Q: QQQWQQQQQQWQQQQQQQQQQQJQQQQCZQQQQQQQQQQ9:93233 93-kv''1'f:CfJ52wb:sf34:hhhhhhfhfa2:fa36iekfaf-9:545564252hCe'i'aCQf2f'2fQQ2'Q2J'hQ'5f:C2'4'fQC2kC2Fa' COMPLIMENTS OF SI-IELLMAR PRODUCTS COMPANY g52,-,,- -,- - - - : -. : : : - :U-.i:..: -..-..-.,-.1-U-U-U-..-.y-.....,-..-.if ll You'll Like to Trade at HARPSTER sl WORLEY'S POULSON H RELIABLE MEN'S WEAR ll Mt. Vernon Ohio 120 South Main H 5 Compliments go fecacafb Q20 of E THE Knox C'ounty's Leading Hardware and H Implement Store Your PHH-'CO Dealer Q 17 W. High st. Phone 94 4152 faiahiehaiaahhhhhhhhlaaahhahfeIawhhmknefahknhabwafareaareQ:ahhhIarfrrfmbmiahrfaegh-reiearekbeperkkbria Page One Hundred-eight E hbJfab3o2vQh5f:f2Qv2:hhk2o9:?o 3252939:Qffaieknhlvhhiaieifn2:9163faeakah5?.v?s2:b:fJQ:'b5219f:f'f:ffc'9:92:Q:ff:kka9f:h2: 2:25hhhhhhhhhhhkalzffohh9f:2sfe:?:1'4kvhfQ3e:a7a3e:hbsffniacwiwhlofakskhka X "7wa Jleafzii 'Wzal' Beal' fn 7f12Lee-404421. 7ime" 5 .K NA 'f- D "I 4" ? I C - . ' ' 1 I f in Q ,JI x x , . .,- .I -V A 'Q'-n ' ' f ' :Vg 3 1 x .WJ , '45 : v ' Y" , , v 19 Y W1 .,f,-.fnf. , -'ZA nf' L' 1' ,F LJ - -.-.IL JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1939 . . . ,ff A l Mt. Vernon Country Club :D 5 ag f'KX is!! N ,ix , ' :lit-Legg, f i' THE FORUM - 1940 Page One H1mcl1'ecl-nine g,! , ! , V- X. , A effi- .L 54 - - wa qi X, X4 'Z THE FORUM - 1940 Richzxrxl Mzlrsll. senior, wmx thc "1'm'um' anal:-slml con- lust. The pictures on this page are some of the ones he cuntrlhulcd. Page One Hundred-tevz giakhlebn QQCQQQQQQMQQQQZQ 2: CQCQQCQQQCQQQQQkick:ifMCQMQQQQQQQQCQCQEVSQQQQQQCQVQQCQWQQ 'f0:QhQw'QQC2M-if:h2Ce'Q'QWhVscikfehkkkiehkhkkshbsfekhiekahbrk R f2F2?Q'1'32C2Cf:5-efakvcaf-2?Cece?2:52feCf:Qhhkhkhk42?hath:Cf:QQQQGQCQ4kC':'726h4'4CaC2CQ'32F0:'?:'e'4:'k'4'Qc2'QC6'51:'k-C24h'0:9:'b:'-aQ-4": B ILDERS' SUPPLIES W. H. WEST 612 W. Gambier St. Cement, Mortar Color, Brick, Lime, Cement Blocks, Gravel, Sand, Flue Lining, Sewer Pipe, Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Re-Inforcingg Also Manufacturer of West's Air Sealed Cement Burial Vaults Sold by Funeral Directors Everywhere PHONE 314 Largest Stock In Knox County 1907 1940 .IQ2.:..:::::::::::--:U -.E - - - - ---. A A -,-..-.4,.-5,5 BUILDING GOOD WILL STAUFFERS point to its record of performance as evidence of its unfailing adherence to the fundamental principle of quality value merchandise GOOD CLOTHES and FURNISHINGS STAUFFERS Compliments of J. B. KEPPLE SHEET METAL WORKS Sanitorium Road 95bf-Q2542:bs50:1kaka:ahh2:15-fnfaffefefahfahfesifffnhhfeffo7252+feincahfesfefafqkvcafawifa-2-Qvzeiahieahhhhhhkhkhhhhhhhhhfeh Page One H zmclred-eleven ECaffabbahkrbaifaffahffskvkaif:-9:-hashk-ffzbnhhQhiizffsk'549:212:bb?Za92:92-90:Q:kzhhceiibe-91Q-,25:22:54:'bsQ52:bgha:Z2imhkabihie2599:9:9:9595ffshhhieffsfhhhkshesfqbhhffohfahhhhhhbabahh X .f,::,::,,:2:Qaf::quaqeqqqsq:qzgqcqercq:Taft:gig-QQ:3e::Q:,:cQ:Q:,3qQqqQ:qrqe,3 :qe3:4:2s:qcQc4c4:Q:.4cqcffq:,:c,::Qq:a:Q:qzfcgztgqzecqqqcqvqqqsiq aacqsytcqcqg 2:f'f:5f:2n2:ff: . 1 ry 52-ff: 'fa 74521 2:152Qhbnhkbbsknbiqwfe-25522:321Qahh?-C236525225-2:Pfa?3-?1bJ?f?2?ab2:hhQf2f4JKkf2C2'2tQ'Pf'Pa'3f:f2fQ'52f2C2'2:'2:'2:S?:QC44ff2b'52 L i EQ .sg A, 3. 3. S1 S1 .sl .si S . 5' S . .Sw S. .51 J, ul J, -9, A 52 ls S Q 'yr ,sw sv Ky '31 '51 5, A msg 31 S. Sv an .5 5. Aj sw ,sv J. .91 3. S. 5, .s, .sl A, S, 5. A, A , '91 'S- .9 sg A, 13, .D SI 5, 5 5 3' ,Y Page One Hundred-twelve Q:2:2:-QQff:kshaohh'bahhh34:99:19:25Czbahfaffvbnhhishvifzlafaffskakviaffshknffxkoh X Qshkcfmhhklahknh ?zu2n2:,Q432:m?s9b 2:2:a2::ffn92:2:9: 5432354ffniahkshhhbrhbn21219-:32:94f2:52f2nf2-kwbokokffw E lg IQ? ! THE FORUM - 1940 " an Gan? foal all of Une fjeapfe all of Me '7ime" l Brass Scxtet P Ilc's a Card They lonk like seniors, but ihey'rc teachers . CC'v:zlif1'J Riclizu-sl lh'lZll'Sll, winner ol' snap-shot contest. XVhat :ictivily is this? Sl1c's happy ulmnl the whole thing. Fair Ellen Frivuluus Frcslinmn Page One HmLd1'ed-thirteen 15,1 - :p h ' fri-gy h X 7 . Cb -J hbahh7Qffoh?ea3eu2:6'e:9:fe:Pohb.a2:kk1 22294 C2QQe:ff:4'f:CeWie?-4'7e:Sb:'7e:'fQWC6'?2QfQkhbbezkfehbshkhkkcekhkkbfe ?'2f2vf2-'bscehfekhkfefhlkkhfenieiegr C2252 Q Q: Q Cf:Q'3e'kC2f2feCe'4: QQQQQ X ge :aah'ahhhfes3fakshf2shb.:hf2v'79n2:hhfah7ah?vfe:FQiakaieknfaknhhiehkahku1f,u?e:hff:'?c'2:C1?4522:'?2522:Qk'k'?Cefeiekkkkiegkfkffcf: RHOADS 8x DOWDS Funeral Home Phone 242 Compliments of KAHRL at WARD General Insurance - Real Estate 7 W. Vine St. FRANK E. KIRBY CO. Sherwin - Williams Paint Wallpaper Window Shades and Complete Gift Line ' Success to all Students you will succeed in Buying n your Graduation Togs - at -LESTER'S MEN' S WEAR Main and Vine 3552.2 Z.,:..:..:.,....:.,:.,....: .2 3 McMILLEN 8: CO. Complete Line of Sporting Goods Lowe Bros. Paints Wallpaper 10 South Main St. PHONE 453 - W -3: :.,:.,:.,:..:,:. I : Z:.:.g55. 'fS'ay It With Flowers and Say It With Ours" WILLIAMS FLOWER SHOP ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN sox at LEMASTERS Main at Vine DOBBS HATS RUGBY SWEATERS The ISRAEL SUPPLY Co. 509 W. Vine St. PHONE 108 Coal and Coke Wise Furnaces Iron Fireman Stokers fakmhkwhiz-1ahf2mh9:h9:321?a9:'32FfsQ32aie'-kabafeakafksbahieiahhkkafakafeieiefe hhhhZbiekafehhfewiekvkoieaiafeohakaieiewfehfavbbfeta: 3 One Humlred-foawteeu waepcaencelafaveecsaalse-ae:isSafawsewaeeleehupRmwewracaeeaeeeahenaaveefqfqeelfeearse: Q C2',2':2:w?a'2:2:f21Q52lh9:1Q:hfanff:h 2:ka2354:Ffafe:ff:9:'3f:feafQ9e:5faff:2:9:'faff:0f:Ce:2:Cen5e:f34oks 16' G 9:C4'329:ff:9:'kQQQ'Nb:Qh'?fQfQfQk'Q?'kCe529eQCf:4?QQ'Qfe?Qif:bcaVQQVQQCQQQQQCQQQCQCQQQQQCQQQVQQYQ Qakfqhcfscfsqakkk32QQQQQQLMQQQQCQQQMQQQQQQQQMQQQQQQ W QC2?:C2C29.c'21?,W?C2f2'4Q?,'1'0CQ'3'i,:2:QQC4tfQfQf0:QC2?QQCfW5?.'QC2'52?F2'?'2.C2:2QJQWQWWQWQWWQQQQWWWQCQQCQWWWCQ i . Portralts - Groups by Photography Q 5 ' , I 209 South Main Street 25 Years of Continuous Service hhhbahhbbhhhh369:9:56k152K"?137:'Z'5?J9Jhf-'Z'?v5o?1"kv39:93:65-Q:-21if:'52v:2:5:521f2s9:QkbhcakwcwhbbbbZi3?ah:2'7Q5'f::6:f6:'.5?1?1:f.Sh42:?9f?ahNh may Page One Hundved-fifteen Q ffskaeahfifakiek-QQCQZQQ hhbzhbifs 312: hhkahifsffabnka brknlfnhMinh:Q121952Cf:212:959:ffacahb:fab:2:ie9:5212hiaiafaff-,Qhiacahhhfhzvaoiokahkfffahbscaeafahhhhhhhhbaffabalzhhhksfvb W hhfahknhbgfahkhfbghhkqbgbplahifsceociiahkffhhhcnGeWhbk:bkhfamezhhkhkhkhhhbskhhkahhhkk Un'-e'k'7fcff:'fQ'fnQFQ5292CaffzhfahibshkceQQWQQQQQQCQCQQQMCQQQMQQ:R we 92-Fa2565522232:hhhfebfafafavfeahhiencanhahhkoishfifslfahfaieafeafeahfeafakah92a4enfafaf2C2:hC2Ce:'hh'k'?a'Q4kQW?42'2:"kC2Q'f1:C2:'12C2fefQ'3a'k' Radios SERVICE Appliances MT' RADIO VERNON 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ---,---4,-I,-4,--4,-0 U-Ugg,-U4 1 - 1 -l,-, gig,-..- - -,- -..-..-..-.,-.,-..-..-..,..-.- a - - - - - - - - - Q. Compliments of S. S. KRESGE CO. 5c to 25c store Your Patronage Always Appreciated If TAUGHERS' Cut Rate Drug Store Always The Best For Less " .355,-..: I. : .:.,:.,:.,:..:..:..:.,:.,:..:..: - especially good for young folks - a reflection - of present day - opportunities . . . A growing account at this bank will provide that most essen- tial background of established credit and financial stability as you go forth to take your place . . . in the rapidly advancing busi- ness conditions of today . . . reflected from V THE KNOX COUNTY SAVINGS BANK West Side of Public Square "Financial Friends " of its depositors 1.-. ---- ....- .1 - .- ,- - .-..-.g:g2. Best Wishes To A Splendid Student Body and School System ozo 'ahhh 0:0 Compliments of GELSANLlTER'S 521canCaCe:92:Ebb:heb?feQ9.595979hhhhhhhhhfahkbacahhhhhiahhhbo Cabshhb:hfqhhkhhkaiahiafekcahiabahebkvwhh One H1L71,d7'6Cl-Sll't667L Eafafaeaaeesfaesa-faaeswacaaacaepesafaaaaaaemeeaaaaevaaaaesaaaasearaeseeaassaaaaaeem-esasQ-Q2.Q-JisQs:aweQ,weaaassfeabmc-sesame-CahfefaawaabmseMae. X QQQDCQQCQQ 222: if:C4-f:9c92hCQ:'32'52fQC2'f232C2CQQQQQCQ32522'kxkffkhkQQQVQQQQQQQQQCQQQQQQQQIQQQC252 2:h4afa2:'2oQ3f:fa:ff:P:'3Q:i2'?:'12C'ekQQEQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQCQ K C49-afecfsf-252CQCQQQQQQCQCQQQQQMQQSQQQQQ QQ?Wkfb.:Yak4525252Q545444fkfkkakfQf4:C2'Qh'3a'12IC2'Qk:'3QC4:'4Cf:C2'kCQf2QC2QQ if? l 1st IN VALUE lst IN SALES , Compliments f - Q 7' ' 'A' ' ":"'E!LE of D! gm-- I - CHEVROLET I "OK" USED CARS gc Expert Paint and Body Work Alemite and Quaker State Oils O' B R Y A N POND CHEVROLET co. 2 122 W. HIGH ST. PHONE 222 9 E MILLER earn: I : :::::: Z,-mtzzt: Lxixz. :,.:,,-,,- - -,,.., .-.. .. .-. - .-..-.,-,QS U RANSOM LUMBER I U ll ' and Q E BUILDING CO. The drink Q If 2 ji that 2 everybody Builders of Fine Homes X kK10WS I I ff IN MT. VERNON ' QI: ! 'IK For Four Generations COCA-COLA BOT. CO. Q ADDRESS TELEPHONE PHONE 1240 Q l 211 North Clinton Q l 45? Page One Hundred-se1:eIIteen SI .I .I 'S- 'SI 4. 'S- 8. .I 'SI S. .I 'sw 'S- 'SI 'S . S. 5. 3. .I A, I: .I .I SI 'S- 'si .I .I .I 5. .I S I 'Su 'li .I I 51 .I Ill 3. 'S .I .I Ju J. .I L9- 5. 'SI .I -Y I. 52 5. 0. .I '31 '5- '91 5. .I .I II, I E 45Q32aQIQ-?:2:kb:'77:'2:b:2:bshbJ72:f2:h52ahbzbbh2:2:2:bn9:ff:?:Q92:79:76:2:hhbhhhQ2:Qu2:QQQ542:2:9562555621QhfahhaafafahfahhCf:32Q2:594:-62219:Qhhhfkhhhhhkskhhfahkhkhh E h2a9:2:Qh9:hh9.:Q-QIQQQQQMQQQQQWQQQQQQQMQIQMQQCQQQQQQQQQQQQ'QQ4f2Icf:Q1"4fQC2'Q1"hfQ'-Q52 QkhkiekhiefehfeklekhhhiehffQQQQQQMQQCQCQQQQQWQQIQQIE we hh'ahbahbhhfaahiakrfafawfeiahauiasfahiabah:lfaffiiehiahbshhhhhhhhhhkkhkQkkiicecefehkkkkhhhkkkkkkhh Congratulations to the Class of l940 THE ALCOVE Restaurant Soda Grill Candy Shop ,3Q5,-.,-..-.,- - - - -.- - - - -. -.-...-.- - - --e--.- - -A..-..-I-A.,-.5235 - COMPLETE Q - BANKING I - SERVICE I 3 FIVE and TEN F. W. WOOLWORTH Cent Goods KNOX NATIONAL BANK of MT. VERNON 5 H Specialties, etc. Cor. Public Square and So. Main E H MT. VERNON, OHIO Member of F. D. I. C. i and Federal Reserve System i 35? 0:4 when oz. 121 South Main St. bnhkahhbahhcehhhhbhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMinh:asia-52:hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfqk Page One Humlred-eighteen EeeeeaahheheeawheaeQQawececacsafqb.wee:Q-asf,eeeaaeeeheweaheeaweraehahaheacaeeefaisvahewewewas-weaeghishvrevgisehhaeeecaebrfaefeso X E in 2:32:91 ifaknfakaie-2:94-kvkaiaska 1' ifshfebkfafafe'-2 kb?C2if3f:C4:4C2f2Q'32'?:Qfnkiecaikfwfaceffcekke.f:2C2Qf:Cf:f4bfQ'Q'Zfab:C4:9:'?:C2'b:C1f1f4:'-kfe:'k54242515 NEIGHBORHOAOD SHOPPING CENTER Corner of Coshocton and Division Streets .55.:..: 2 2.2.,:..I..2.2.:.,:..:.,:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.:.i.,:..:,.:.2 Z :,:., C. R. LAWRENCE Gulf Service Corner of Coshocton and Division Sts. - Phone 379 Distributor for The General Tire .I.55,:.,: I : .. :..:..:.,:..:..:,.:..:.,:..:.,:.,:..:.,:.,:.:.,:..:..:.,: Z E :.:.,,1. FOX'S GROCE RY 102 N. Division St. Phone 77 - FREE DELIVERY -- Featuring Exclusively in Mt. Vernon "FERNDELL" Canned Foods Also Carrying Gold Medal - Crosse Blackwell - Heinz FANCY FOODS The Finest in Frozen Foods A as-2"2 2 2-2 2 2 2 2-2----2'--21'221.-1'---24-2.22--2 2 2 2 2 2 232452 HOY C. LYNDE - MEAT MARKET 104 N. Division St. Phone 141 FREE DELIVERY Swift Premium Meats Selected Fresh Eggs Oven Dressed Poultry Page Ono Hvmdrecl-1nineteen 31: cas,-esqqcqcqep, - .1 Po-2:25fe:50a?n32v'4Q2:hk:5a9:9J'5fa1?:1'?w2:2:'kvf2w9:'2: hhhhhhhwhhkbhfqhfa2o"32z'h70nC12:fQ-bshfaksfzxifp E ifsfakkk32222:Zzlniuhhhhksffzkbiahhz-QfaZQQQQVQUTQU4feabaknfahakvbzkhkikbfkakfkxkkkrafaiehkbkkkshkfehkfe 932'hhhhiahhhkaksbf?ofQff:2-hfaifaieifehkohkz if: Q 9: 1 gb- .9 Cf ,Q ,Q La ff fs? K e f .F?l?:???C?:2C?9IC?3:fQ:?:25ZC:2k2:2'?i?Cf?Q:9t:"icfi 91 - S' 121 IP Qi , ii? ii: 11: DOROTHY S U , 355 1 COOPER s MARKET 111 11 BEAUTY SHOP 1 fn 'EI Groceries - Meats 33 ll fs- igl Dorothy Murphy' Prop' Fresh Vegetables 3: ij 513 N. Sandusky sf. A 5 E. Chestnut Street ,Q ll PHONE 264 ,Sf :gf PHONE 1054 tif '21 I Kg H QQ? 52. REED'S SERVICE STATION ii "DOC" F IXIT'S ty n Q 19' Il . . Ig' if Tires, Batteries and Accessories I Lawn. lfllowe' Cl""d"'g Ly E Lubrication D BIIE Repaling T Bilxls IT Rent Sl 1 ectric ceti ene e ing 3: and Q Auto - Radiator Repairing LSA We thank you for the g Cleaning ' .11 . . . 32: ROBERT Pnvllege of Serving your car i 14 YEARS IN BUSINESS Ly J. REED c. E. CLINE e 3. gg. N. MAIN ae woOsTER AVE., PHONE 491-J "DCC" FlXIT'S fi Af A ,QI gi iii,I4':uouzu:U:H:U:"""":":""":":i': :UZH:":'A:":'::h:":":":":":u:4gg' :gf Is' I Iij .ig WAGNER MOTOR SALES U CITY DRY CLEANER lag A If 353 COMPLETE SERVICE g c. E. Bnonsow, Prep. GRAHAM CARS H A11 Woolens Meth Preefed High and Sandusky Sts. At No Extra Cost l A lux 32- Telephone 1303 Phone 1011-J w. High sf. 52. .sg .sg Q: MOUNT VERNON, OHIO MOUNT VERNON, OHIO if I A' II .P n 11 TT ' I1- Zgi AMERICAN BEAUTY SHOP CAINYS GROCERY U 1' .. . 914 w. V' st. ' . fi Eg ' me Groceries and School SHOE REPAIRING Supplies 'IQ HATS CLEANED 401 N M lb S fs' fl ' . ll. ki SUITS CLEANED u erry :E end PRESSED PHONE 143-M ii e 12 Zig 511 fit 6'6'?l 463 T"'O'?' 2.Q6D6J63"'3626lWJ0J'9l'6UpJ'63LIx?"4J 'Q Page One Hamdrecl-twenty ' 9 " ' ' ' 21' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' ' ' ' " 57.7912-kN2o'23h'3a2551sh5ffnk:2Jbg-knklnfezkaff:h'h5f:3f:?,72t1?1fQb7fo32Sl4:h70::52'7f5?J321b9f'?J E EgQQQQWQMQQQQQQQMQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQMQhkhkhkkkkkkQQQQQQQMQQQQQMQMQWQQMQQMMQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ?Eg A. 45. 5' 5. 5 3. .Y 19. A ,. .Y 3. .G 3. 3. QQMQQQhhkhhkkkhhhkhkMQ?QQHM?QHMQQQWQMQMQQMMQQWQMEWWWMQQQWQZQuk SUMMER UN BEGINS AT RINGWALT'S 'WEMZZQYNX , Eg2EZPA -1.-. BIB AND TUCKER SPORTS SHOP! Here's to you, young things with high spirits, low finances! This is your shop! we've fashions you'11 adore! Blithe Cool Cottons, charming young suits and dresses that pack and travel wonderfully . . . Beach Fashions to make you a sought after Mermaid . . . Evening Skirts and Blouses cut- out for cut-ins! Everything is spanking new, crisp, young . . . Much of it tubbable . . . All of it priced to meet your budget! So before you're off to the Lake, to the Fair, to your very next date+-dash in here! We'l1 Be Seeing You! Egg Ringwalt's I M BIB AND TUCKER SHOP is-if "WHERE SPORTSWEAR IS SMARTER" Ji 122g XJ ..Xf,-'T' Q::::mEEiiS::::::::zzizzzzihhh'Q B. P. S. SEg?DP?AliI?l'RS-gli COMP"'MENTS i .II. SMITH II cu. 3 OF HARDWARE IvIERIT SI-IoE co. ELECTRIC SUPPLIES 452 QMQQQQQQEQQQQQQHQQMHEQMMM2kkQhhHEEE Page One Hzmdved-twenty-one hh T QQhhhMQZhhhhhMMhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhEg EghhhhhhhhhhhhkhhhhhhhZQQQQHQQMHMMQMQQMQQZQQQQhhhhhhhkkhhhkhhkhh gg. Bl? l 575 -J - THE FORUM - 1940 ll I - . ff fame! a Qoocf '7une ecmung, Fun? No! Decorating for Forum Dance. Surprised? The calm before thc storm. Relax, l1c's in anotlmr Mmmt Vermm. Fxervlmcl looks lmppy, A .. u y lhcy ure, Buy, that was fun. They relaxed. This was swell. XVu'vc danced the wlxulc night tll1'Ul.lgll. Dunmlu 1t's only Mabel and ELI Sweet, really. Page One H undred-twenty'two K TQQTZCQQ 12'kfah'kfQ:n'2niaf4h42:QQ'Q'?'f2 QQ? QQQMQQ: 34ififff:'7f:Qbask?CQQQQQQQZQQQQQQQQQQQQQCQQ fehknkacfscabsiefehiafkiekkhhcefekkhfhkCQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQCQ W hc-'af-acaceC42949:4492.0242bca?239215492WQCQQCQHQQQu'-TQfQYkC':'b:Q2VQCQCQQfeC2Q5206422QMEWQMQHMWMMWWMQQCQQQQWW Compliments THE GAS CO. Gas Doesn't Cost - It Pays ozofehhhoze THE ISALY STORE 109 S. Main St. Sodas - Sundaes Ice Cream Cones Brick Ice Cream Creamery Butter LUN Cl-IEON and FOUNTAIN SERVICE -..-..-..-.---...- .- - -.-.- -C -.,-.4,g. .IE2.-.. -,.. .E E.-...., , -.-,F., SAY IT WITH FLOWERS S I-I A R P ' S FLOWER STORE ojwufewaojo PHONE 895 200 S. MAIN ST. Can You Solve LIFE'S PROBLEMS ? Be Thrifty - Shop J. C. PENNEY CO. INC. kukakabahlakka-hfQ'h?:Q:f2wCekk:hhhhhhbkahhhhkhhheshhhkhhkvhfehcahkhhfeabahhkzvkfseifohiafaacfbkbfahhhk-Q Page One H'1wzd1'erl-twevzty-three E?zffJhQ?:5f:2:h2:2:Q2:2ff:Tf:344:9.v 29b:2':h2:2:h5f:2:h2:1'cink:TahkshkhhhkshfahhiaTak-kk:5?e'9f:1wffa2:k1hif:59274:fahksffakcekhishhhhhhhhhhfahkhhhhhhhhhffscahfaffshiahhhh X hwweawawaeawhwhhwaahawkQQQQQMQQQQQQQQQQEQ MQQQQQWQVQQCQQQQQMWQMVQQhhcoflenkr M EQhehehahaaahwawhahaaaehhwwhaQaeaahwww QP:'21:ahhkakshfahhhkncafahhhiahfakoknimh52.2:hifakkwfvhkmbah?-63952:hh?MQW?f2C2C2Q"3a'12fQfef-aff:'2C2CQ'12C2C2fQC4'5Qh'f2.Co COMPLIMENTS OF BEBQUT sz LEEDY FORD - MERCURY - LINCOLN ZEPHER Authorized Sales and Service . . ,,,ygAgm . ll Mg" W - A ll 1 T If 12,081 xggfriff NNW un -Q? xNT,,4 esmiwxewv swff-gem? 206 S. Mulberry Street Phone 930 Mt. Vernon, O. "A Satisfied Customer Is Our Best Asset" 'awwSalah:Q1faQ,bobhhwafakviavahbmvawhffsbzyfahh-CahbhhahahaCQbsfaiaraiafalfseslakclaiabmhwasahiahhiarafqhca Page One Hundred-twenty-fo1m' E Cahhhhhhhhbshiahhhfwakco 2uCa2'aQ19'a'4?.a5f,w'Qs'ifahh2:QhhhhhhhhbhhhhhQbhhhkocakhhhiahhh CafaffohhhM999:5095Celair:Ca95hhhhhhhhhhhhwhhhhhhhhhhk52:93 X L -4 ,fxn 2 ' fivb. x " THE FORUM - 1940 an Gm amz ,azz of 7fze People Same ef 7fze '743me" Two too many. The lung and the short of the senior class. Look at the Birdie Strike one. Posing Day is clone. A perfect "1'cach." Page One H1md1'ed-twenty-five Two more super-frcuwlers for General Seofoods Corp.- all five powered with Cooper- Bessemer Diesels for both main and ouxiliory power. l. The motor-sailer "Seer" . . . with'a Cooper- Bessemer Type EN Diesel engine tor ample, dependable power. 2. Cooper-Bessemer Horizontals . . . 720 horse- power each . . . pumping natural gas in Texas. 3. In Canada, too . . . three ot the powerful, new G - M V units transmit natural gas through pipelines. 4. The world's largest automobile plant will soon have tive of these Cooper- Bessemer powered locomotives at work. 5. "Pennsylvania Sun" . . . six- million-gallon tanker . . . with 'Cooper-Bessemer Diesel generating units. 6. Modern Diesels for a modern city! Three Type GN Diesels in the - municipal light plant at Ogden, Iowa. Page One Hundred-twe'nty-se'ueu ca E70JfQ'2'kf29:9:f-2fQQiaQ'7QQ'b:Q?a'?:C2Q"2Q5652?'Qcf:2252?ifREQCQ:iehfeffafeieCQQQVQQQQQQQQQGQQQHQVQVQCQQQ'HQCQQQQQQQQCZQQ'QQQCZQQQQQQQQCQCZCQQQQQQWQQQQQQR 5' 5 5' 5' S' 'U 'U 'U Q 'P 2 Q 5 sg 3, L- '- C - .9 2- E P Zi - ZS 5 u -2 gr -1 52 gg S c: gg n Ig: 33 M C L- E U UU ' 'E 5' FU '-' E ' "' 'S- ly Q 2 F7 U S, O m Iv fx 3 : I : F' E U 'U "3 if Q Lg 353 re -U rn 5 5 '-I 3 is . . U, ,,, -. . A' C g so E Q E .. ,Q o P.. Ig 3' C g S - ET Z 5 " 5 L3 S: W - " 5 0 C5 5 Q -9 il 2 F1-1 2 H A aw ' Q a: :Z ggi 0 n a 0 g-. 12 A' W W ' Q If ,- H - ' 'S' fi rn .1 " ' -F' f LE pq n 2 2 ls G U Iv S Q ' ,Sm .9 U .Q 5' ' 00 9 .y Q H IJ: 3 gg: H 3 o no la' E 1' in M U 'I P A 5 .Q eg . 2 '-U Jr u 5 2 I-5 3 m -1 2 5 if ' 5' 'R 2 E Q rs 57 m QT -vi P I n ET R0 .-1 Q .S "1 Iv 3' pq f 2 'a 55 ff: -1 5 aj Z H W W FU S -1 .sf 35' W 'N P' 2 o I 'S S' F4 lm 3 '11 tv 3, lv -if 4- ,.4 E 'U ...I FU .S' is I :- sg 3 ll Q ,U O 5- O E ,U lg 3, H n gm 3, rr! FU ,D U Ls' . cu -1: 2 J ew ga F Q 2' S E 0 E- he gg O 5 Q 3 U 5 3 -1 -1 E2 Q lb .33 S' -I O o E c: I G U' O " 75 16' 533 E2 71 '11 U r- ' 2' 7' F1 Q23 A' W U9 U1 Fl if Oc m ,Q 2 39 E Qkaffshbsbkshkaffsk-h'?':9:k 5237: 239:93 ZQJQQQQHQJQJ-9592? hbnifs 3:91-bffshhcak ?-QQ:9:2:hf4'43f:Q2:2.v5f:54:-9.:72:9J9:f':h7-?: Mhkhhhkkshhh'5fJ'k+:':Q1hQ70oQC?:f2:'?.79.:Z2:'36'36Qsh:4Q3Q 352512: 3 Q kb: esesffmrawawaefaafaiaacaarewereRweQiafefafaeefafafafaefeaezf-feiawasaezfefeQfafaaewakaialeweiea afefaaaaesaseeiafasawaafaaaaafaeafaaaQafaaafa wawrafafasaa X were faq ofziehiefahkakak-babsknkakfkibnkakvfaEQQJQJWQhhkifabnhkmkafaffskaffsiafahkfahkk2fQC2'2:fa'2i2CQQC2C2hQQh'Qf0:I?Qfe:f2 METROPOLITAN LIFE iif INSURANCE COMPANY Biggest in the World-More Assets More Insurance in Force-More Polioyholders ISSUES CONTRACTS PROVIDING H Ordinary Life Insurance Mortgage Redemption Insurance Q Educational Fund Insurance H Endowment Insurance E Life Income Insurance ll Industrial Life Insurance Accident and Health Insurance ' Inheritance Tax Coverage Annuities II Business Insurance Group and Wholesale Insurance 1 And Other Kinds of Personal Protection For further information, see H lAgent's Name and Business Addressj f'PhoneJ Representing C. W. Hyatt V. F. Reiter : Tel. 686-M Tel. 69-R U METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE U COMPANY i H -More New Business Each Year- U Congratulations to the Graduating Class from JIM BEAM CONTRACTOR as BUILDER MT. VERNON, OHIO After you have left your school home and go into a home of your own, SEE THE CITIZENS BUILDING LUIIN 81 SIIIlING'S IISSUGIATIDN 6-8-10 EAST VINE STREET MT. VERNON, OHIO 1 1 1 1.11: .353,-..-.,-..-.,--,--,-..-I.-.-.4----I -..-I - Knox County's Most Complete One - Stop Service Station .- .-..-W-.,-..-..-.,-..-,,-..-..- 11.355 Firestone Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Home and Auto Supplys Complete Lubrication and Brake Service Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores Inc. NEXT TO POST OFFICE PHONE 1280 BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE 40303 hhhh?-2-521523baba'-ah2:iaofe:7QQoh9Z'421fQaIba"7e:CQ9:7Q:-hb.a9oh?ub:9:-?:f9:v292siff:525212:5212:3292:fab:QHG2:If-asfalnffnbnhk-,b:feafa2:2:?-fe:?I?oQ4fa Page One Hnnclrcd-twenty-eight Qewvaesfaesfeabsassfaesaaaiesfaaaaescaa M heb hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhksh2viwCea9:,9a2:fen0f:v9:'b.vCe3eah9ahfe:feb2:2:h balehlnhhioh 749: hhfahhkahhhezhkioh ksbababnknkzknfqfah hh wah KQCQQQJQQQQMQQQQQQQQQQQQQ30:9:feQQ'2:'k'kC2'-42QQQQQQQQQQWQQMQQQQQQ'4'?:'e'-af-'eC2:'f2Qe'3eQQWQQMQQHQQQQQQQEQQQQQQMQQQQQQQQQQQM2544? H TQQWWCQQfe:hf4Qf:'k'524f:C4f4'kQQQQCQQJQQCECQQQQQQQEQQMMQQCQQ'ftQfecabotkhhfefqcafekcafafecahkkkkaczkhkkca THQ i WG 515. 9' MOUNT VERNON. 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Suggestions in the Mount Vernon High School - Forum Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) collection:

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