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'74 if ruff? THE FORUM CONGRATULATIONS and OUR BEST WISHES To The Graduating Class of 1934 SURLAS 8x FRANCIS DRY GOODS READY-TO-WEAR NOTIONS ACCESSORIES THE DOWDS RUDIN CO. Knox County's Greatest Store MOUNT VER-NON, OHIO DRAPERIES FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS STOVES I I I THE FORU I p. I S 1 THE FORUM BEST WISHES To A Splendid Student Body and School System Compliments GELSANLITER'S The Israel Supply Co. Congratulates Mt. Vernon High School Students and Faculty on Splendid Showing of Scholarship orleys X Disiinciive Apparel fa' Men and boys' Clothing Furnishings 120 South Main l THE FORUM Compliments Bros. Q C0- of BUICK The Main Restaurant PONTIAC Sales and Service Fastest, Roomiest Harry A. Blue DE SOTO-PLYMOUTH A. A. A. Garage Low Priced Car DAY and NIGHT SERVICE Vine Motor Sales THE FORUM Compliments of the Midland Mutual Life Insurance Co. Columbus, Ohio CECIL H. MECHEM Special Representative Phone 292-R Mt. Vernon Compliments Miller and O'Bryan A Friend of the High School Frank Tschappat 4 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio I l THE FORUM Phone 1143 1 'We Qjoull want to remember RAD TIM VVl1en 'you walk up the aisle in graduation at- tire to receive your diploma, you will be pass- ing through a memorable moment ...... You 'll want to have at record of how you looked dressed in your gimduation apparel. A photograph by Vlfatgoner Will provide an enduring and faithful record. Complete Photographic Service WE D0 FRAMING WA GO ER STUDIO sr S' 'ty Th THE FORUM 7'- 015 GIFTS of PRIZED POSSESSION Pride of owner- ship will be soon matched by pride o f performance when your child owns his own in- strument, if it's from Wagoner's. We have an in- s t r u m e n t for your boy or girl, at the price you Want to pay. Sheet Music for School, Church or Home Classical-Semi-Classical Popular Good Service on Special Orders Baldwin PIAN OS Kimball WAGONER MUSIC STCRE Phone 1143 THE FORU Compliments PARADISE LUNCH SHOPPE Pure Drugs Prompt Service Right Prices AT LOREY'S Nyal Drug Store 115 S. Main St. "For God and Country" The Legion Needs You! Some Day You'll Need the Legion Compliments of Beeney's Sport Shop Exclusive Dealer in Join Now In Peace as in War Knox County for We Serve C. P. W. and Reliance Paints The Dan C. Stone, Jr. Post No. Bicycles for Rent or Sale American Legion Chi1dren's Vehicles Mt. Vernon, Ohio 110 S. Main St. Phone 453-W btyO TH E FORUM JEWELL Pasteurized Milk Ice Cream Creamery Butter Dairy Products Are Health E Foods JEWELL ICE CREAM 8z MILK CO. Mount Vernon, Ohio F. A. Ahrendt Harvey L. Moore The A. 8c S. Service Station Compliments Sunoco Gas and Oils of Complete Greasing Service Modern Rest Rooms 405 South Main Street fat the viaductj Tel. 104-J. Mt. Vernon, 0. P S THE FORUM Roberts, Harpster 8: Co. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Hardware and Implements "Where Courtesy Dwel1s" HECKLER'S DRUG STORE R The Best in Drug Store Service Buy Your R Shoes From NOBlL'S 209 'S. Hain St. l may-N1 B V Arrow Brand -Shirts R Griffon Suits Harley A. Lemasters Cor. Main and Vine 'Sts. Star Brand Shoes- Emerson Hats F My -lnnnlnni-11:12 T HE FORUM Compliments of PEOPLES SHOE STORE Corner Main and Vine Sts. Phone 907-M. Corner Vine 85 Mulberry Sts R. V. Headington Super Service Station Tire Repairing Lubrication Service LIN C0 BATTERIES Goodrich Tires and Tubes Linco Tires and Tubes We Want Your Trade If good reliable goods, lowest possible prices, and square dealings, polite attention, will get it, we count on you for a customer G. R. Smith and Co. Hardware and Electric Supfplies Phone 83 and 84. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Compliments of S. S. KRESGE CO. Page Fifty-Ei THE FORUM f f A -we W- X wrwgmw mes fs w,.,.t,,y.,r HE Coolrer-Bessenler Type EN-8 Diesel. Twelve of these engines ' cmrh mled 300 l-1. P. liuve just been delivered to the U. S. Coast Guard. They are now being installed ill 125 fl. Patrol Boats. There ure' similar Cooper-Bessemer Diese-ls ill Slailltlilhl sizes covering a range from 75 to 1500 Horse Power. Wfriie for literature. STEPS UPWARD PlTKlN'S A lad walking from Coshocton county to Mt. Vernon, carrying his shoes in his hand in order to save them . . . rnext a young man buying wool throughout Knox county . . . after that a dry goods clerk . . . then partner . . . and, finally, owner of his-own business. These are the steps of thrift, hard work and industry which led. more than three score years agofto the founding of a 'dry goods firm which later became The J. S. Ringwalt Co. The same shrewd business ability and - foresightedness which so carefully laid the We on LOW Prlces foundation of this business, led, half at to Win Trade, on Quality century ago, to the purchase of the pres- . ent business site. Here, by progressive To Retafln It changes from a one floor store to five selling' floors, The J. S. Ringwalt Co. has uniuterruptedly conduct-ed its business. 4"ff"'l"if1'5' -Seven THE FORUM The Forum Staff aplwcciutcs the following for their willing support in lwlping our Allllllill To be ai SUCCCSS. Dr. John C. Drake, M. D. Dr. Julius Shamansky Dr. W. Kenneth Claypool Dr. Cooper Russell Dr. F. F. Dowds Williams Flower Shop Dr. J. L. Koch Dr. Wm. E. Black, D. C. Dr. James F. Lee, M. D. Dr. George B. Imhoff Dr. Harry M. Butler, M. D. Dr. Robert L. Eastman Dr. John R. Claypool, M. D. Dr. Joseph W. Sellers Dr. J. Fred Mlinnich Knox County Savings Bank Dr. Charles Gray go Fifty THE FORUM v' -uf Cheer LCQACFS 'l'lw trxzoutx for clu-1-1'lw11l1-1's this YQEII' rcsulleml in flu 11 lllllll lloyd, William A 2 U' 1 - Y of James llrown, and clll2ll'l0S Wm- as l'CgIlll2l1' LllLCIll llllli mul Dun VVl1ite anal Billy Leveriugg' as Slll3Sfllflll0S. Thesv boys sllccewlvml in l'l't'2lflllQl' ihe be-st school spirit that has lwl-11 lllS1ll2lj'0il for several years Pngf- Fifty-Fivv MT. VERNON HIGH SCHOOL YELLS THE OLD FAVORITE MT. VERNON LOCOMOTIVE Y - E - A MT. VERNON! Y - E - A MT. VERNON! M-T. V-E-R-N-O-N l'.-Y-E-R-N-GLN Bl-'l'.-V-E-lLIX Y - E - A OUR NEW YELL Gul 'l'v:nn, Ho! Ho! 'lll'iilll, Go! Knock 'vml Sock 'vml llusf 'eml 'l'l1at's Our Uusforn GO! TEAM, HO! 'JLN THE FORUM Emile Lorieux Forward Although Emile did not play in enough quarters to earn his letter, he was voted one heeanse of l1is serviee to the teams for the last fonr years as manager and player. Emile's services will he greatly missed next year. This year's haslietball team experienced the most successful season since the championship team of 1922. The team won the eo-ehampionship of the Ventral Ohio League and the f'onsolation Tournament in the Central District at l'olnmbns. The year's record was seventeen vietories and fonr losses. The students and townspeople supported the team well throngrh the entire season. The coaches and the team are to he congratulated for their splendid reeord, and hopes are high for another sneeessfnl season next year. Second Team The seeond team this year enjoyed an even more sueeessfnl season than the first team, winning: fifteen games of sixteen played. The lone defeat came in an overtime jjilllll' hy a margin of one point. Although only one regular from the first team will he bael: for next year. the sehool is expecting! the see- ond team to develop into a formidable first team next year. Page Fifty-Four THE FORUM LETTER MEN Frank Chambers, Captain Forward 'tHank," played the best basketball this year that he played during his high school career. He was an excellent shot, and although he was a marked lnan by the opposition, he led the team in scoring. Frank was placed on the First Central District Tournament Team. Dwight Donaldson Guard "Dutch," was the team's greatest fighter. He never knew the meaning ol' defeat and usually came through with points when they were most need- ed. Dwight led the team in scoring in the Central Ohio League and was placed on the League's First Team. Jack Beck Forward Jack, played the kind of a game that coaches love to see-steady and con- sistent. Jack was second high-point man for the year. His specialty was his corner shots, which he seldom missed. Jack was named on the Second Cen- tral Ohio League Team. Harold Mavis Guard Harold was the best defensive man on the team and perhaps the best in the League. Coach Robeson invariable assigned him the job of guarding the opposition's best man, and Harold always held his opponent to a low score. Harold was named on the Second Central Ohio League Team. Robert Ferrel Center "Bob," is the nucleus around which next year's team must be built as he was the only underclassman who could be considered a regular. "Bob," was an excellent defensive man and was never out-jumped by a man of his own size. Although he did not score a great number of points himself, he was a Valuable man in the pivot position to feed the ball to his teammates. Richard Veatch Forward "Dick," did not start in many games this year, but he played in nearly every quarter. He was a valuable substitute, and his one-hand shot from the circle was almost impossible to guard. Page Fifty-Three THE FORUM 9 Dee Dee Dee Dee Mt Mt Mt Mt Vernon Vernon Vernon Vernon Jan Mt Vernon Jan Mt Vernon .Ian .I an Mt Mt Vernon Vernon Jan Mt Vernon Jan Mt Vernon Jan Mt Vernon Feb Mt Vernon Feb Mt Vernon Feb. Mt Vernon Feb Mt. Vernon Feb. Mt. Vernon Feb Mt Vernon Tournament Mt. Vernon ..., Mt. Vernon .... Mt. Vernon ....,.. Mt. Vernon Total-Mt. Vernon --- Average per game --- BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ------46 ----43 ----15 ----33 ----34 ----30 32 36 ----27 ----26 ----43 ----32 ----25 ----23 ----37 --,-30 ----33 ----32 ----28 --28 31 -----664 ----312Q lmlulonville ee Mt. Gilead --- NVeste1'ville -- Ashlaliml ....... Zanesville .... Cuyaliogfa Falls Cambridge --- XVooster ...... Lancaster -- Newark --- Coshocton -- Zanesville --- Wooster --- Cainbridge -- Lancaster -- Newark -,- Coslioeton -- - Newark --- Marion ...... VVesterville -- Bexley .... Opponents --- Opponents --- ---ji --- 5 ----13 - 8 .jr --..-..n 1 ----22 ----27 ----23 ----2S ----24 ----25 ----34 ----17 ----28 ----32 ----19 ----20 ----38 ----23 ----17 ----10 -----452 ----212Q Page Fifty-Two THE F ORUM VernonUnroe Although this season was his first year as a first stringer, Vernon is to be congratulated for his loyalty to the team and to the coach. He has been on the squad for four years and missed few practices. Vernon is a senior. Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Mt. Vernon Page Fifty-One Schedule and Scores-1933 --- 0 Marion Harfling' --- ----12 ----39 New Comerstown --- --- 0 --- fi Zanesville ........ -- 7 --- 0 Lancaster -- ----19 --- 0 Shelby - ----19 --- 7 Newark --- ----13 --- 7 Canibridge --- ----13 --- 0 Coshocton --- -- 6 THE FORUM Harry Purcell "Harry," was the fastest 1112111 011 the squad. Always handicapped by weak a11kles, he nevertheless, played most of tl1e time this year. His running attack was greatly slowed up because of a lack of speedy interference. Harry is a senior. George Wallott "l'okey,,' played his usual good game at half back this year. A broken collar bone before the season handicapped his play considerably. I-le will be lost by graduation. Hugh Watson "Scottie," was one of the best fighting lineman on this year's team. This was his first year as a regular, illltl his services will be missed next year. Harold Mavis "Mavis,', one of our best all around athletes, played a scrappy game at full back. He NVOII a berth on the all-league team by l1is great tackling and line bucking. Harold is a senior. Dwight Donaldson "Dutch," a hard fighter, acted as captain of the team in almost every game. He was a great e11d, being a good pass receiver and blocker. Dwight is a senior. Tom Mill "Tom," by his good tackling and blocking, made a tackle berth 011 the sec- ond all-league team. He is a big husky lad a11d should be a good tackle next year. Tom is a junior. Charles Parnell "Charley," was Ctflllel' 011 our team this year. Ile was a good kick-off man. This ability proved a great aid to the team at the start of a game. He is a junior. Q Ralph Lipscomb Hltalphf' being handicapped by injuries, did not perform as creditably as l1e did last year. Ile is a good passer, a good blocker, and should be a great help to next year's team. He is a junior. Clement Amicon "Tony," as the boys call him, proved an able quarterback. He is a speedy and shifty back and should perform well next year. lle is a junior. Larry Bartlett "Larry," a husky country lad, played a good game at tackle. This year was Larry's first year 011 the squad. Ile should develop into a great lineman. harry is a junior. Ray Fawcett "Ray,', altho 110lt a big boy, proved to be Mt. Vernon's greatest fighter. He was a good defensive and fast-charging end. Ile will be a great help to next year's team. Ray is a junior. Robert Bennington "Bob," while performing at half and full, became a fast, hard-hitting taekler and line plunger 011 this year's team. He should be outstanding on next year's team. He is a junior. Page Fifty , , THE FORUM 3 Li i p FOOTBALL LETTER MEN Harold Mavis ....... .... F ull Back Dwight Donaldson Ralplh Lipscomb ..... lllement Amicon ----- ----------- End Quarter Rack Quarter Back Ray Fawcett ..... .......... E nd Uharles Parnell .... ...... C enter Toni Mill -- ,...... -,, Tackle Gerald Hall ......... -,, Guard Vernon Unroe Hugh VVatson .... Robert Bennington Harry Pursel ....... ...- John Payne ...... --- James Ferguson - - George NVallott --- ---- Guard Full Back Half Back Half Back - ....E.. Guard Half Back La 1'1'y Bartlett --- ..... Tackle Robert Johnson -- - ....... Guard Guard Gerald Hall "Gus" at center and guard. played a dependable game. lVith his size and this year's experience, Hall should be one of next year's star linemen. James Ferguson "+linnny,,' a guard. was a veritable little stick of dynamite. Jinimy play- ed a good fighting' granie all year. His fight, which he instilled into his team- mates. will be greatly missed next year. 1 Robert Johnson "Rob," a junior, played a good granie at guard and tackle. This was his l'irst'year on the squad. He will be a ,f1'reat aid to next year's line, John Payne 'K-lohnny," although only a freshman, was one of the yeai-'s best ground Qainers. He possessed the ability to pick holes and go places. Great things are expected ol' Johnny in his next three years of plfay. l' Forty-Nine Mmm THE FORUM 1-H-+ enior ay M "Slciml1li11g','l El Tl1l'v0-:wt conlmly, by AXlll'2llll2l ll0llVl'I'0l, wus p1'0svllTc'1l by fln- Senior Class. 'l'l10 play lJl'l'Sl'llll'Il :ln zmvwzlgrv 4xllll'l'lC2lll llilllllly, with tln- wvll-linown conflict bvtwvc-11 ulfl Zllltl nvw vnstmns. 'l'ln1 l'zltln'1', El jnclgfv :xml V , mn' of tho stric-Tm-st on tln- bench, was nnnblo to lll'0Y1'lll mlisc-mul unrl unhap- pinvss in his own fmnily. Ilowcvc-V, tinw, l'XIl0l'l0llUl', zlnml the 02lllllHllg.L'll for lln- -llnlf-'1-'s l'1'lI0lIllll2lll0ll Slll't'l'l'1ll'll in l't'Nl0l'lll4" flu' vnlirv l'2llllllV 'fo its :Lu- P F' . 4-lnsimulvcl ll2lp1llllCSS. The Cast -lllllgll' ,lnnws A. llilI'llj' ...............................A...... .lm-li l'ortm' Alrs. llnrcly ..............................g..... Bl:ll'g':1l'0l Ann Vllllfllllllhlflll Aunt Milly ................M..........,,.................... llofty 'l'r01f Andy .............................,,,.................... --- -lm-lc 1101-li flrmnlpel Uzlrcly ...........................,.......n,,n.... .lnnn-s Milli-1' Esfvllv Harfly ll?lllllTb0ll ........................... ,......,. l iosulio Halo ill'2ll'l0ll Ilzlrcly ........H.............,.ww...,....,.....,..,.. Agnes Hair XVZIYIIO 'l'ronTon lll .....,. , ,...........,.,,,.,.........., XVillimn Iklauk Hr. SllllJlJl1lS ..............Y.fY.............,,,.., -- .... ,. Ilzlrolml 'l'm'r llIf'l'2l Hzlrfly YVilc0x .........,.A................,,.,,,,,,, Ruth Mm'g'an Page Forty-Eight T H E F 0 R U M Sonnet of 1934 Are we to lose those simple joys we know Now that our days of high school toil are through? And all those friends, the old ones and the new, Must we now lose them, as to life we go? Must we now forth into the great world go Without the aid of any faithful few Wlio tried to teach us much of what they knew, And with great patience helped our minds to grow? What e'er befalls us, we shall surely keep In memory locked, each thing we loved to hear, And try to reach those clear defined goals Of those who taught us, and their wisdom reap. Oh, though at parting, life oft makes us fear, Through memo1'y's eye these thoughts will guide our souls. Fralleis D2llI'yIYlpl0 Page Forty-Seven THE FORUM -lthna Gaines, Bookkeeping-Hazel Spittle, Physics and Chemistry-Nile Sherman, English Literature-Dorothy VVest in Miss Koons' place, Public Speaking-Opal Darnoldg Manual Training-Bernard Smith, Freshman Eng- lish-Vivian Davidson, Home Nursing-Emily Deeleyg Girls Gym-Betty Staats, Sewing-lnza Newell, Mechanical Drawing-Hugh Hookway, Agri- enltnre-Frances Dalrymple, Coach-James Ferguson, and Home Economics --Ruth Nelson. ln addition to the corps-Robert Craig is a janitor and Harry l'ursel had succeeded lfawkshaw. VVe left this building in a hurry when Dick wanted us to speak in Chapel. VVe continued our walk, down Main street, where we found Marjorie Moore and Geniveve Nelson-Beauty Doc- tors, written on a window. NVe looked in the door and saw Iiucille Selby and Frances Sharp treating Katherine Olvey who worked in Grace liy11de's Dress Shop. We stopped at the Bank, where we found Joe Rogers, Agnes Bair, and John t'oe working. As we stepped out of the bank Dr. Robert Lathern and his wife llelen Payne drove by. On Main street we saw Burgoon's Barber Shop, so we walked in. As assistants Burgoon had Don Vernon, Don Suther- land and llarold Tarr. The boss took us to his house for supper but first he called up his wife Rosalie Balo to see if he could. We spent a pleasant eve- ning there, reminiscing. Rosalie told us that Dorothy and Marjorie Wright had gone on the air, broadcasting under the name of "Dickens Sisters." Wllell we read the paper, we saw that Robert Alexander was the Editor-in- chief and that Dorothy Butler, Agnes VVatson, and Katherine Hunter were members of the staff. ln the paper, Robert Zink's marriage to Ruby Crunkilton was announced. There was also a notice that Betty Trott and Betty Reeder had established a Kindergarten. We also read that Leo Pilotti and Rosie Perotti had been married. John told ns that Leo was the proprietor of a grocery on South Main street, and that Gayle Parsons worked there. Gale, by the way, married Mary Haas. As we went back to our hotel, we saw Carmen Levering and Gladys lloubler working in the Ohio Fuel Gas office. We were talking to them when VVayne lionzo and Emile Loriaux, employes of the company en- tered. We congratulated Emile on his recent marriage to Kathryn Lepley and ieft. A few days later we were called to the courthouse where we found Thelnia Jennings as secretary in the Auditors office, Eileen Kirkpatrick sec- retary to tl1e Treasurer, and Ruth Stofer secretary to Bob Wissinger the Sur- veyor. Irene Mowery was the court stenographer. Since we were so close to the Third NVard, we went into the building, where we found Ruth Morgan to be the principal, Mary Burger the fifth grade teacher, Agnes Reynolds the third grade teacher, Mary Louise Stephens the second grade teachers, and Nellie Harris the first grade teacher. On our way to Evelyn Porter's res- taurant, we saw Grace Dailey and Mildred Fletcher, Public Health Nurses, who told us that Regna Adams, Virginia Fowler, and Pansy Lober were em- ployed in the office of the Bridge VVorks. After supper, We bought a Colum- bus paper, and in it we read that Beulah Michaux and Margaret Nash were running a dress shop in Columbus H116-l doing good business. We have written this account of all members of the graduating class of 193-L, as foreseen by us. Ben Deeley, Chairman Signed Edgar Terry Lynn Thnma Page Forty-'Six T H E F 0 R U M 6 I-ISS Prophecy As we three graduates of the lil-l class of Mt. Vernon High returned from explorations in Europe, we entered the port of New York where the Customs officers Edward Ferguson, Jack lleck, Jack Jenkins and llob Chileote search- ed our baggage. Tile paid the duty to Dora lleem, then we left for our hotel. There we found Richard Hunter, the desk clerk, and Ray Anderson, the elevator boy. On the way up to our room, Ray told us that Jane Fettig, the outstanding violinist of the age, was in town. When he called -lane on the tele- phone, we found that Letha Farmer was the telephone operator. Later, as we left our rooms for dinner, we saw George Bricker, the hotel detective. George told us to be sure to see Mildred Hubbell's latest play, which featured Becky Coup in the leading role, ably assisted by Alice llowell, Margaret Ann Thomp- son, and Charles Clark. Vile left George and went down to the dining room where Ned Cochran and his Hoodlums entertained us. Among the Hoodlums were John Kaser, YVayne Spohn, Stanley Vail, Kenneth Hanna, Kenneth NVil- liams, and Kenneth tlearhart. The featured crooner was Billy Black. ln the floor show Carol Bricker and Betty Champion gave an exhibition in the art of dancing. As we left the room, Eugene lleeman, a lawyer of good reputation stopped us. ln the conversation, he told us that Judge Flo llanning of the Supreme Court of the llnited States, was ill, and that she had to go to the Hospital. Vile visited Flo, and there we saw Grace Kerst, the head supervisor, who told us that Jennie Pacques, Martha King, Alberta Van lthoden, Maizie Jones, Mae Ferguson, and Yolanda Arquilla were nurses there. NVhile there, Dr. Thomas, Goots to us, called and we talked to him. Then we returned to the hotel and when we checked out, we saw the names of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carpenter on the register. The clerk told us that Mrs. Carpenter was formerly .lsabel Hepler. So we looked them up and congratulated them. At the station, we found Vllelford llrown to be the train caller, and he told us that Jack Fi11k was the engineer cn our train. This troubled us greatly, but we finally reached Erie, Pa., where we stopped for a few hours. There we found Katherine Peterson, who told us that she was practicing Usteopathy. She told us that James Miller, 11ow a minister in Erie, had become widely known for his attacks on banking and XVall Street, he was eve11 called the second Charles E. Coughlin. Katherine also told us that Ruth Dowds was the Dean at Bryn Mawr. Vile left Erie and went to Cleveland, where wc saw by the paper, that Vernon Unroe, the famous sprint champion, and his manager Robert Mintier were visiting. Mintier told us that in the last. race, Unroe defeated John Kil- kenney, the Mt. Vernon meteor. XVe boarded the Mt. Vernon bus, and found that it was driven by Emmet Riley. VVhen we went through XVooster, Mutt told us that Frank Chambers had become coach at XVooster High. ln Vlfoostcr, we saw Harry Litzenberg standing on a corner, dressed in the garb of a police- man. VVhen we reached Mt. Vernon flllll were going down Main Street, we saw Lyle Peterson's Funeral Home, Kenneth Gerardls Drug Store and, on the square, Lelioy lfiellls Billiard Hall. NVe got off the bus and registered at John Parker's Hotelg then we took a, walk. First we went to the Y. M. C. A. where we found Don Vlloolson as the Physical Director and Hugh NVats0n, Secretary. We stepped into the Library to get a book to read and there we found Peggy Grubb and Betty Maxwell as librarians. From the library, we went to the High School where we found Rowena Balo in Sarah Lewis' old chair, and Jack VVorkman in Principal Geiger's place. Then we we11t to the other office where we found Almeda Bell as the secretary and Dick Veatch the superintendent. Dick gave us a list of the teachers and it read as follows: Latin--Evelyn Lockardg French-Bernadette Gerard, English Literature- Raymond Lahmong History-Jack Porter, Algebra-Phyllis Tuckerg Typing Page Forty-Five Je., . THE FORUM lass Will 1 Jack tSt00gej Fink bequeaths his passion for closely cropped lot-ks to Jack Fribley. 2 Dorothy VVest regretfully leaves her poise and equilibrium to the de- siring Isabel Dubinsky. 3 Ned Cochran is unable to leave anything: because ot' Miriam. 4 Rosalie llalo wills her extreme interest in religious plays to Nancy Blue. :i -lack ttioonj Jenkins tenders his dominance to Alice Dickenson. ti Ruth Nelson reluctantly entrusts Charlie to the eare ot' the Junior girls. 7 Hllank" Chambers and Jack lleck leave their basketball garb to the up-and-coming star, Lowell Perkins. 8 The trusty dandruff-proof steel eomb which has been a eonstaut eom- panion to Edgar Terry, we entrust to llud Deeley, hopefully. 9 Raymond Lahn1on's magnetic personality and appeal is willed to Joe Beaver. 1.0 Jim Miller's Herculean stature we bestow upon Ralph Lipscomb. 11, Sara .lane Eckert bequeaths her menu secrets for reducing' bigger and better Girl Reserves to her successor. 12 Our interpreter of the English lang'uag'c, Flo llanningr, tenders her colossal, stupendous vaeabulary to the promising' lexieographer, Mar- garet Simpkins. 13 Paul Mclllanis and "Andy", Anderson will their intense interest in 1Vooster millinery shop and brush factory to lllurray Loekard and Billy Levering. 14 Don 1Voolson leaves his other half in the tender care ot Miss Koons. 15 The angelic behavoir of Jack Workman is willed to Elizabeth Smith. 16 Bob Chilcotels frequent attendance at evangelist prayer meetings is left to Jim Boyd. 17 Eileen Kirkpatrick bequeaths her unruffled disposition to Ilelen Lynde. 18 Bill Black and Lynn Thuma will their philosophical research to Gor- don Sperry and Mary Stauffer. 19 VVe, the Senior Class, present a bushel of uninhabited red apples to the faculty, in care of the daring' sleuth, 'tIlawky" Corwin. Witli this our last Will and Testament, we, the Seniors, in witness here- of subscribe our name 011 this, the seventh day of June, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred thirty-four. The Class of 1934 VVitnesses: Jane Fettig Katherine Olvey Emily Deeley. Page Forty-Four '1' H E F o R U M enior Class Organization This Senior Class experienced early in the school year a typical election procedure similar to regular elections of a national or state character. This pla11 for the Seniors to select and elect their class officers provided a two-fold opportunity for them, namely, a proper and fair method of choosing their class officials and a very appropriate means of comprehending the significance of one of the most responsible duties of citizenship. The preliminary development of this election began with the student who desired an office or who desired to throw his "hat in the ring" politically speaking, by circulating or by permitting the circulation of his nominating petition. This petition had to be properly signed by a required minimum of eligible voters and filed with a general board of elections at a fixed date pre- ceding the primary election. This procedure naturally divided the class 1nai11- ly into two groups, College and Commercial, and thus provided for the need- ed political factions and fervor to permit a typical party election. Individual campaigning 9l1l13,l1C6Ll the inclination of students to align themselves into definite party affiliation. The primary was held strictly in accord with state primary elections, with regular precinct officials performing the general duties and eligible voters voting according to party preferences. Wlieli the results of this primary were announced the strength or weakness of the party was plainly evidenced and a political scramble began now to win votes for the respective parties in the final regular election. A general mass meeting of all Senior voters was called in which the candidates were introduced and their platforms and policies made known. This afforded the voters a fair chance to acclaim their favorite can- didates in as much political enthusiasm as they desired to show. The regular election followed in due time. Again the opportunity was presented for the civic participation of all eligible members in the class in a vitally interesting, important, a11d privileged duty. ln this last step, the civic lesson of responsible voting was clinched. The Seniors now practiced their real experience of secret voting, marking of ballots, and rules concerning elec- tions. This class, therefore, may justly feel proud and grateful that they have all shared in an impartial method in selecting their class officials. By such procedure also, it is hoped, that each may have gained a worthy respect for the proper use of that civic duty which is his in whatever endeavor his fu- ture course may lead. LL. O. Page Forty-Three THE FORUM sooiated with it. Many a man there is who still recounts his climbing' the creaking stairs to the dusty bell tower and lending a hand to the ringing of a victory bell or to the floating of class colors to the breeze. In reminiscing we are reminded of tales of other days: of warm radiators convenient for pungent cheeses, of an awesome skeleton, brought to light on special oecasionsg of triangular platforms in each rear corner of "17," where supervisor sat behind a tall desk, of daily chapel service with every teacher seated on the platform, the ladies in stiffly starelied and uncomfortable "shirt- waists" and heavy woolen skirts neatly touching the much-greased floor, of class newspapers really printed by upper classes, of annual spring displays of elass colors, the girls with yards of ribbon streamersg the boys, with variegated l ose- of all dav micnics bv llav-rig-fin' and night oyster suppers by bob-sled. l 1 f. l. . . hh :- The history f1'om 1925 to 15150 in this really new building will be much the same but very different, a not impossible paradox. I-ly that time we shall have built to the west and to the east, there will be a Junior High School to take care of seventh, eighth and ninth and our sophomores, .juniors and seniors will have room to spread. The history of the present besides high scholarship attainmeuts and n1uel1 hard work must record Music of many kinds, athletics of various types, Girl Reserves, Student Council, National Honor Society, Hi-Y's, and clubs galore, all functioning in well-lighted and ventilated class-rooms and in an auditor- ium of unassuming dignity and beauty, of which we may well be proud. il -Ji Z S ff b L4 Y' Page Forty-Two T H E F o R U M History of the Mt. Vernon School Mt. Vernon High School has been graduating classes of various sizes since 1861 when five boys received certificates. ln the second class there were two boys, E. C. Curtis and 1Vilmont Sperry. Mr. Sperry for many years was the oldest living alumnus, his death occurring only recently, in March 193-1. ln contrast to the first two classes, the class of 1863 was composed en- tirely of girls, eleven girls. .lt was Civil VVar time 211111 the principal l1ad tak- en all tl1e boys and gone to war. The classes also of '65, '66, and '67 were made up of girls. ln 1869 the number of graduates had increased to twenty, seven of whom were boys. During the two decades 1869 through 1889 that enroll- ment was 11ot exceeded. ln 1890, however, there were twenty-eight graduates, making the total 275 in thirty years. Through the nineties there was a steady increase to 35 with the exception of 1892 when Jennie Bell Roberts was the only graduate owing to tl1e fact that the course that year was lengthened to four years instead of three. Normal increase continued through the de- cades 1910 and 1920, but not 1111111 1921 did the list reach the hundred mark, with one hundred and six graduates. There were one hundred twenty in 1930 and in 1933, one hundred and twenty-six, the class of last June having been the largest by six of any of the seventy-three classes, making total alumni twenty-eight hundred a11d thirty-three, a number unwieldly for social good rimes such as were enjoyed by a very active association during the nineties, efforts, however, were made to reestablish an alumni association a few years ago which met with more or less success before "depression" days. Three times the High School has been affected by war, in the sixties, hoys were enlisting for the Civil War, in 1898, for the Spanish-American con- flict, and in 1914, for the WOI'lf1 Vtfarg in commemoration of our NVorld War heroes. a tablet in the corridor mentions those who left the senior class to train for service in France and died in service. ln the fall of 1918 to the gloom of war, were fourteen weeks of enforced vacation on account of the very seri- ous epidemic, influenza, supposedly brought from Europe. The splendid message that the armistice was signed helped, however, dispel a part of that autumn's gloom. The "old building" erected in the fifties and razed in 1925 performed some seventy-five years of good service to this community, for many years for both grammar grades and high school in its ten or twelve widely scattered recita- tion rooms. Commencement crowds soon outgrew the auditorium and exer- cises were held in old VVoodward opera house on the third floor of the build- ing on the southwest corner of Vine and Main streets. There were years be- tween 1870 and 1900 when every graduate had to forfeit much of the joy of Commencement Day by the delivery of an original essay committed to mem- ory. The last class to be so tortured was the class of 1899 when thirty-nine essays were somehow endured by long-suffering relatives on a hot June morn- ing. The long-condemned opera house was used no more and real Commence- ment speakers featured the exercises in the auditorium of 'tthe new High School." For twenty-five years pupils rushed from science rooms in basement of "new" building through annex and halls to the top floor of the slowly crumb- ling "old" building through "seventeen" to rear recitation rooms, and after forty minutes proceeded to reverse the process, down creaking, much-worn treacherous steps. Many teachers and maybe many pupils also were terrified when the spring winds blew and the very walls were declared tc- rock. It was with relief we watched that structure razed in spite of pleasant memories as- Page Forty-One QU!!! 1 f? JA., :xii ,Q if , 529:- LF 1 .., ...ii , X 44.1 .X xg " A gg- ., ,ii 'N far Q Eliifj W f' i Li-x ' fn .L , ,Q , X xi Sw Yi' l 6 ,, 1,1 V pf ' sf. , FN 15 wa 4' 5 5 X iff: 1 .di P, ,. g .I ,M A . h 44 :3.l'v,,':Gf Vi 'Cal Y jffl 4455? xv .1 x 4 .6 M Q , 1' ' .P - 'a.- If . fr . 4.5!- " n 5.43115 f x ,dl f 14.15 , . :,4 "LT, xr-R 1.. .ru . 'A 2' , fi fL1'1"' -scan'-'FF . 2 ., N H ,EQ '-fi, ' xr, ',.-E As if . L--,V 1., K- ,M , ,- gf'-.j5i':!' , . A , ..A ,n 4 - , 1 1.-af 'Y' 1' JLJ' 1 THE FORUM oi? S 1 B T e Commerce Club The Commerce Club was organized three years ago under thc direction of Mr. Muse. It was organized for the benefit of commercial students, and has for its purpose tl1e following objectives: to promote interest in the business worldq to encourage a social spirit among commercial students by offering opportunities for social contact with the eommunityg to become conversant with modern, progressive business methods and systems, endeavoring by such means to raise and maintain a higher standard of efficiencyg and to dis- cover and serve the needs of the community. The club in the past three years has sponsored various high school ac- tivities, and has financed thc commercial contestants who participated in the state contests at Bowling Green. The following are the officers of the club: President, Hazel Spittle, Vice President, Ruth Nelson, Secretary, Ruth Payne, Treasurer, Katherine Olvey, and Sergeant-at-arms, Jack Beck. Page Forty Elma Bell Ruth Breece Margaret Bricker Nancy Jean Budd Mary Buzzard Helen Gamble Dorothy Gattonf Wendlell Hart Charlotte Hayes Nevin Hiester Helen Hoovler Audrey Horn Donald Jackson Almina Knepper Betty McKenzie Helen Moore Mildred Pickering Jean Robison Charles Seibold Page ThxrtyN1ne TH Freshmen Charles Tarr Dunbar Terry Daniel White Mary Elizabeth White Marjorie Wilkins Kathleen Williams Evelyn Woolard Mildred Kile Owen Leonard Richard Seymour Elsia Stull William West Betty Chilcote Leland Fair Robert Hayes Dorothy Mae Jennings Geraldine Swain Thomas Trott E FORUM THE FORUM 1 1 1 The Honor Club '1'1111 1111111 was o1'g':111ize1'1 this year with 1111- lJl'1lIl1ll'y 11111-1111s11 oi' 1e1'1.1 1111 11-1'1-st i11 s1-11o1z11's11i11 s1i111111z11i11gr 1111sir11 for 1'1-11111'1'i11gr s1'1'vi1'11, I1l'0lI10fll1Ql' 1 1-1's11111,a111111ev111op111g'1'11:1rz11ft111'i11 11111 s1111l1'111s '1'o 1111 El 1111-11111111' 111 11115 o1'g::1111xz111o11 11111 1 1111151 1111 1111 11111 honor 1o11 0 ti1111's l1lll'1llQ' 11111 school, year. '1'1111 1111-11ti11ggs 1111 1111111 1111011 1'V0l'y six 1v1-1-ks. For 1111-sv 1111111ti11grs 111 11111 112111 very i11t111'es1i11g' 111111 i11st1'111'1iv1' talks g:iv1-11 by ll19lllb0l'S of H111 1,2111 1 Assisting: o11r zulvisor, Miss 11o1'1111tz, 111111 11111 officers 111 ll1'l'1.0I'lll 11' v111'i1111s 1111111-s 11'111'11 1'o111111itt111-s 111111111-11 by t1111 1'o11o1vi11gr 01l2l1I'lll0llZ 1111111 ship, A11111'11y1Iig'gri11sg so1fiz11, lletiy '1'1'o11g 211111 lll'0L1'l'illll, 14117111008 Uh-ith Flo Banning John Burgoon Rebecca Coup Ben Deeley Carol Bricker Emily Deeley Ruth Dowds Jane Fettig Sara Boltinghouse Dorothy Bown Frederick Coe Pauline Dudgeon Janet Gra.ham James Grossman Betty Grace Barnard Joseph Beever Joseph Boltinghouse Ruth Gatton Craoe Hepler Seniors Bernadette Gerard Mildred Hubbell Evelyn Lockard James Miiller Katherine Olvey Joe Rogers Nile Sherman Betty Staats Juniors Audrey Higgins Dorothy Jennings Dorothy Kempton Susan McCoy Virginia Masteller Lowell Perkins Sophomores Lawrence Kempton Mary Marjorie Lamb Doris Lepley Margaret Lloyd Ellen Simmons Edgar Terry Betty Trott Richard Veatch Dorothy West Kenneth Gearhart Inza Newell John Porter Bill Black Helen Spittle Frances Ulrich Carles Allen White Pauline Bell Ray Fawcett Warden Stillwell Ralph Yauger Henry Zulandt Bernadine Koppert Page Thirty Eight THE FORUM C 0 xnmercial SCl'1013,1'Sl'1iP Team The Sectio11al and State Contests in Commercial Subjects are sponsored b the State Normal School at Bowlinff Green Ohio and are conducted sonic- . , , l? ' . . . what ditterentl ' than the COl'I'QSJO11d1l1f" contests in the academic sub ects. . .1 D .-l . Sectional contests are held at various places throughout the State, a qualitying score is then ll0iQI'l11lllt'tl and those above this score are merniitted to Jartici- U l l pate in the State Contest. A Sectional Contest has been held at Mt. Vernon for the past three years. This year the Mt. Vernon contestants in the Sectional Contest won twenty-five of a possible thirty places. The bookkeeping teani won first place in the State in class two-schools who had less than fifty-one students enrolled in either subject, novice or amateur. Individual winners : Donald Butcher, first ill State, novice Katherine Olvey, first in State, amateur. Jack Beck, second in State, amateur. Frances Sharp, third in State, ainateur. Mount Vernon made seventeen out of a possible thirty points. Page Thirty-Seven THE FORUM 1' "N ,- - . s .......,,,.-- . ., , ...M , s SC1101a1'S1'liP Team First in State First in District Front Row, left to right: Grace Hepler, Nam-cy J. Budid, Helen Gamble, Flora Banning, Dorothy West, Parma Grubb, Rowena Balo, Barnadette Gerard, Sara Boltinghouse. Second Row, Doris Lepley, Marjorie Wilkins, Charlotte Lepley, Frances Ulrich, Audrey Higgins, Margaret Lloyd, Dorothy Gatton. Third Row: Robert Chilcote, Richard Seymour, Henry Zulandt, Joseph Boltinghouse, Nev- in Hiester, Donald Jackson. Back Row: Edgar Terry, Joseph Beever, James Grossman, Lowell Perkins, Lawrence Kempton, Rodney Morrison, Nile Sherman. "Not to win a prize or defeat an opponent, but to pace each other on the road to ex- cellence."-Sir Walford Davies, General knowledge should be the chief interest of all schools. The rec- ords indicate that Mount Vernon High is meeting its duty with more than or- dinary success. Vile have participated in the Scholarship Contests sponsored by the State Department of Education during the last five years. Of a total of 130 students taking the tests 119 have won individual honors in either the district or the State. By teams, the school has the following unique record having won first place once in the State, first place four times in the District, second place once in the District, fourth place twice in the State, and one hon- orable mention: 1930 First place in Ohio State University District. 1931 First place in District, fourth in State. 1932 First place in District, fourth in State. 1933 Second place in District, H. M. in State. 1934 First place in District, first in State. Page Thirty-Six THE FORUM High School rcliestra The High School Orchestra has 2lC00llll7llSll9tl llllll'll i11 the past threc years iowarcl ilevelopiiig' illl 2llllll'9Clilll0ll for syinpliony lllllSlk'. 'Fhese student llll1Sll'l?lIlS have worked with interest on some of the best classic arraligreineiits and have iilcluiled on their 1ll'0Q,'l'2l1llS such llllllllll'l'S as the "Huy lllas Over- iuref' Meiulelssohiig K'Valse cle Fleur," 'Fslicaikowslcyg "1iosa11111111le Overture," Schubertg "The Prophet," Meyerbeer. Aside from playiiig' for chapel pro- grams, the orchestra has had the experience of ?lCl'0lllIJ2lllylllg.l' the light operas and musical reviews given by "The Music Masquersf' We are looking forward to the time when we may have the i11st1'l1111e11tatio11 for a coinplete syinphany 0l'Cl1PSl7l'?l so we may compete inusically with some of the other high selrools ot' our state. The Orchestra Membership Concertmeister ....., V,...,.............,..............,..,....,.4,..............,,......................... ....... J a ne Fettig First Violins Cello Alto! Horns James Boyd Evaline Lockard James Grossman Alice Dowdell Grace Hepler Margaret Hopwood Paul Jewell Second Violins Jean Bebout Glenn Britton Mae Ferguson Ann Harris Bernadine Parsons Mildred Simons Page Thirty--Five Alice Miller Clarinets John Burgoon Kenneth Gearhart Edgar Terry Robert Shutt Warden Stillwell Saxophones Jocylen Baxter Carl Calkins Ned Cochran Jack Fribley Gail Parsons Trumpets Robert Custis Carl Jennings William Kost George Wallott Trombones Barbara Brown Wayne Spohn Drums Kenneth Gerard Piano Dorothy Jennings THE FORUM The Band The band, within the past two years, has proved to be one of the most popular musical orgmnizations in our city. The boys are constantly being called upon to play for civic enterprises, such as: The Dedication of thc Post Office, The Armistice Day Celebration. The Decoration Day Parade, The Merehant's Fall Festival, and for programs sponsoreil by lodges aml other or- ganizations. The band also has come to be a part of the athletic program for the boys are called upon to play for football and basketball games. Membership in the band assures any boy a real opportunity for service and personal development. Band Membership First Tnunipets First Clarinets Alto Hom Kenneth Williams Charles White James Grossman George Wallott John Burgoon Robert Custis Edgar Terry Bafiwne Emile Loriaux Warden Stillwell Joe ROSBTS William Kost Second Clarinet Charles Drummond Sejonlg mpets Kenneth Gearhart Tl'0mb0UCS 'ac 0 r Joe Boltinghouse WHYU9 Spohn Carl Jennings Frederick Taylor James Jenkins Robert Shutt Charles Tarr Wendell Hart Bass Horns Lawrence Kempton Saxaphones 301111 KHSCT Ned Cochran Drums C b I Jack Fi-lbiey Kenneth Gerard To af . Gail Parsons Kenneth Hanna. wel Perkins Carl Calkins Arthur McCullough Page Thirty Four THE FORUM tices of farming. There are fifty-three members in this class, which is the largest in the state. The F. F. A. and the night class sponsor a county corn husking contest and a county wool show in the spring. Officers of F. F. A. Robent Carpenter-President Larry Bartlett-Vice President Robert Johnson-Secretary John Coe-Treasurer Francis Dalrymple-Reporter F. F. A.-Club Members Seniors Sophomore Welforld Brown Robert Carpenter J-ohn Coe Francis Dalrymple Kenneth Gearhart Harry Litzen-berg Harold Snow Juniors Larry Bartlett Frederick Coe Lawrence Hunter Richard Johnson Wayne Mills Andrew Walton Page Thirty Three Damon Adams Richard Bartlett George Butler Hugh Brown Charles Crouch Stanton Deeley Robert Gardner Carl Jennings Charles Moreland CLu'tis Ogg' John Steinmetz Ralph Yauger Curtis Yearan Freshman Gerald Blue Dale Brown Dana. Cline Donald Ewalt Dwaine Kirkpatrick Emmett Lybarger Warren Ward THE FORUM n I A WWW -YH - N V-L ,7, Y W Y, - Y , b . l ,v W, , ,Y , ' -. 1 W Y 1 ocat1onalAgr1culture epartment 'l'lu1 lilllll'--Vl'ill' L-Onrsu in Voonfionzil AQl'l1'lllllll'f' lll1'llllll'Sfll4'Nlllfl.Y ol' l'u-lnl vrops, zlninnil llllSlJillllli1l'Y, soil and i.2ll'1l1 1Il2lllElg'l'll1l'lll, liill'lll lll2li'llllli'l'j' znul on- m'l'olrs,zill11m1l lnixlmmulry, soil mul farm 1nnl1:1g1's-ilu-lil, lnrm lll2ll'llllll'l'j' :nul our ol' fzirni slump in fhc sophomore year. All Slllflt'lllN uri- l'0fjllll'Oll fo carry il lll'0,l0f'l rvlafcul fo flu- slilxjvcf being' :efiuliml Zlllll are t'llC0ll1'ilgl'Ull fo confinno flu' piojvm-1 nnfil grzuluznlion. ln zul4 flifion l'2lf'll sfluli-111' is required fo kcc-p mul snnnnzlrizo ai complete fzlrnl zuc- m-onnf rvcorml. 'l'l1is .vi-nr flu- fhirfy-five lllCllllJ0l'S are C?ll'I'j'lllQ' El fofnl of ninvfy-six pro- jvcffs. Tho boys are all members of the national organizafion of flu' l+'nfnro Farniers of America. Francis Dalryniplo was awzirmlml 21 25240 Sl'll0lill'Hlllll fo Uliio Slain. as 21 rosnlf of' placing high in nniversify OXil1l1ll1Ell'lO11N grivvn fo zlll seniors of flu- Sfate faking' vocational agriculture. Iqilllllllfll Goarlmrf. Ricliarml Johnson, 1"wl'l'fl0l'llfli For, linlpll Yznigrqr, Carl -lvliiliivrs. mul XV2Il'1'0l'l lVarrl are ll1f'1l1lJ0l'S of flui liifrli svliool lionor vlnlv. I' P ln Fulflifion fo class room work. flic lnoys liolrl l,il1'l'lll-S011 llnilqlwfs, grain wllows. parficipafc in sfafc scliolarship confvsfs, sfnfv jllfljllllgf volifvsfs, vnfoi' Iivc-stock and grain in sfafe and counfy fairs, pamicipafc in z1fl1lc-fics, bznul, chorus, and clramafics. Tho fleparfnu-nf won flu- F. F. A. connfy bziskclbzlll C'll?lllllJl0llSllll7. In aclclifion fo the :lay C-lassos. a nigrhf class of farnu-rs invvfs one-v il, week for thirty weeks during the winfer mouths fo study new incfluuls anul prac- P21110 Thirty-Two Q 61.1-W, 1- .. 1,2 74. N k.,,, , THE FORUM ,4.., . ,. 7 V. Y-, Mvgr 31 4 1 4 unior Play Pl111i11 112ll'l'j'7N 1111-1-1--211-1 1-111111-115' "'1'111- Y111111g1'1-stf' w1111-11 w21s 111-1-s1-111e11 by 1111- 11ll1l10I' 1112188 1111 11215' 1111- 1-11111111. 1s El 1l121'Y 111 g1'e11111111- 11111112111 11111-1-1-s1. T111- , . 1'111-1111- IS W1-11-111111w11-1111 111111111-1 111-1w1-1-11 1111- X'f111l1g11Nt 1111-111111-1' 111 21 1.21111- 115' 211111 111s 1-1111-rs 11v1-1' 1111- 1'111111-1- 111' 111s 1'211'1-1-1', 1'11ss1-ssi-11 W1111 21 111-s11'1- 111 XYl'11l' H11-11211'11 is 11211'1':1ss1-11 1111' 111s111'111111-1-s, W1111 W21111 111111 111 1-1111-1' 1111- 11111 1.210- 1111'.1' 11-1111 11ll11ll. 211111 115' 1118 111111111-1'. 11'1111 w21111s 111 s1-1111 111111 111 12111' s1e1111111. D111- 111 1111- 11l1'1ll1'l1l'l' 111' N21111-5' 13121111-. El 11-111-s1 111 1111- 11111111-. 1111-11211'11 f1l12l11j' 21ss1-1'1s 111111s1-11', 211111 2111 1-1111s 1lil1J11l1j. l'11211-111111- xVII1S10XV .......... . Y. The Cast 11lH.l'1i V1 111s111w ..............,.......... M211'11121 Hl11llf11H XY111s11111' A11g111s121 XV111s111w 11IE1l'11ll 1112111 M211'1111 ........................... Oliver XV11lS10XY ,....... R11ch21.1'11 1V111s1011' ....................... 1J111'11111.v lil'lll1110ll - - - - F - - - - - - -.-.wi.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.1-.-. - R211 1111 L111sc11m11 -,-,-- 111-115' C11111- Do1'111l1y .1111111s1111 ---- 1V21y111- Mills - -1211111-s G1-11ss1112111 Eric Hawke- M1-1'c1-111-s Ross Nancy 131211111 .............. - .....,....................... Katu- ...................,.. P:15:1- Tl111'1y-O11 e 0112111111112 -I111111s1111 THE FORUM Theseus Egeus ,...,.. . Lysander . , , , Demetrius . ,,,. . Philostrate ..,.. Quince ..... ..,, Snug ,,,.. ,... Bottom ...A.A Fflute ..,,,,.,,, Sno-ut ...,...,.,,, Straveling ...,. . Hippolyta ..,AA Hermia .,,, , Helena .,Ae. , Oberon ,,..,. Titania ,..i.. Puck ...i, ,, ..,,,,,,,, ,. "A MID-SUMMER NIGHTS DREAM" Directed by Miss Ruth Domigan CAST OF CHARACTERS Kenneth Williams James Grossman Joseph Rogers Jack Fribley . ..,,, Walter Giffen Harry Swoger Jack Porter . ....,. Dick Veatch Eric Hawke Carrol McMillen Jack Van Voorhis Ellen Hayes Ruth Dowds Mildred Kilroy James Miller Carole Williams Betty Trout "The Playfs the Thing!" A Fairy ...,i , . Pease Blossom Mary Cobweb . . Moth . ,,,. .. . Mustard Seed Other fairies and Titania: , D-ai-is Lepley Marjorie Lamb Sarah Cochran Jean Bebout Barbara Brown in attendance on Oberon Betty Cline, Alice Mills, Willa. June Coz- ad, Dorothy Grubb, Helen Moore, Rose Morris, Mary Louise Fletcher, Dorothy Gatton. Gncmes: Harold Hiles, Dan White, Robert Miller, James Jenkins, Charles Weaver, Carroll Stephens. Attendants on Theseus and Hippolytaz Bob Wissinger, William Brown, Bob Ferrell, Tom Mill. t"l'he Shakespearean Revival" inight well he the nanie given to the pres- entation of "A Mitlsuininer Nig'l1t's llrc-ani" on November 212 and 23 for not :-int-e 1922-had a Shakespearean play been protlueetl in Mount Vernon lligh School. The triple plot of the play anal the three types ol' characters. the l'airies, the mortals, and the artisans, niatle it a vehicle partieularly suitahle and in- teresting for our high school project this year. Playing to a paekecl house. Dick Veateh as llottoni, lletty 'l'rott as Puck, Ruth llowtls as llerniia, lllihlrerl Kilroy as llelena, Joseph Rogers as llvsanrler, ,lack Frlbley as llenietrius, flames Miller as Oberon, lxenneth xVllllillllS as 'l'h4-seas, Janies flrossnian as Egreus, Harry Swogrer as Qninee, and Erie llawke as Flute were the outstanclingr perforniers The set pieces of scenery were niatle by tiny Kearns, Aretas l'eng'h, ancl xvllllillll Botkin who has since died. NVith Puck 7 we say, Ulf we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is nienrlecl That you have but Sll1Illb0l'7ll here While these visions did appear." Page Thirty '1' H E F 0 R U M he Music asquers Officers P1esident-William Black Vice President-Ellen Gost Secretary-Jack Fink Treasurer-Joe Rogers Social Chairman-Jean Gower t"1'11e Musie 11121sq11e1-sf' w11o have for the past few years given such light ope1'21s 21s H1,111211U0l'l1,1' "l'i1'21tes ol' 1J911Z2ll1C0.,1 "'1'11e B1i1i21c1o," U1012l1l11ll'.,1 uE1'11l1111i'.11 211111 "l1211't1121." have 1111Nj'02ll'1117111011011 out into kl new o1'g12111iz21tio11 lcnowu 21s "'1'11e U112111111 f'11oi1-." This new siugiiigx o1'gr2111iz21tio11 nieets every niilj' the tit't11 lll'l'10l1 for vo1'211 study 211111 111'21ctice 011 il 0211101121 01101711 1111lllb01'S. B1e11111e1'sl1il1 to tl1is 0l'gI2lll1Z?l11011 is 51211111111 tlirough tryouts 211111 those chosen tor this group becouie plemlgres to the "Music 1112lSIl1lP1'S.,1 111.l"l1lbl'l'S1l111 to t11e "Music A121Sl1l1O1'S7, is 0V0111ll2111j' ettectefl by 11211-ticipatioii i11 two musical stage 1ll'0l1l1C1101lS. Two years ago tl1e Music Mzisquers joined the Junior Fecleratioii of Music Vlubs, 211111 t11is last Noveinber sponsore11 21 coiivention of the Music Clubs of 00l11'l'8l Ohio. The C'l12111e1 Choir l1i1S given eveniiig' choral services i11 n12111y of the 1-hurclies ot our city, 211111 11218 also provirlecl s21crec1 11ll111b6'1'S for our own high school chapel lJ1'Og'II'21lHS. 011 May 10, at l1I2ll'1011, these coinbinecl 11111810211 org'a11iz21tio11s entered 2111 Eistedclfod to conipete for si11g'i11g ll0I101'S with liinia, Findlay, 211111 Marion High School groups. Page Twenty-Nine THE FORUM me Chape1Ch0ir Soprano Norma Ankney Betty Grace Barnard Bernice Ferris Audrey Foster Ellen Gost Jean Gower Edith Minard Hazel Spittle Mildred Tobin Marjory Wilkins Carol Williams Dorothy Wright Tenor Eddie Ayes Jack Brining Leroy Durieux John Kaser Robert McKay Carroll McMillen Wayne Mills Jack Porter Hugh Watson Charley Wise Alto Eleanor Caldwell Pauline Dudgeon Martha. King Virginia Mastellar Helen Mills Marjory Moore Inza Newell Helen Rawlinson Dorothy West Bass William Black James Boyd William Brown Talmadge Derr Jack Fink Jack Jenkins Joe Rogers Gordon Sperry Bernard Smith Harold Tarr Lynn Thuma Kenneth Williams Page Twenty-lfli THE FORUM - -: :J 1-sans, ' -- r pk tvn GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB 'l'l1v club was o1'g'z1i1iz01l at tho lwgriiiiiiiigg' of the your with the following of- l'ic1-rsz l,l'l'Slll0lll, liouisv F1'OllL'PJ Vive pre-siclvlit, Sara Stauffer, secrotary mul twasiii-vi-, Mary Sl2lll1el0i"l'QS0Cl?ll CllEllI'lll?lll, Dorothy Johnson. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Club is to promote interest in all sports, pliysical efficioucy and grootl fc-llowsliip. All girls in High School aro eligible to ll1QllllJG'1'Sl1ip. Aftm' school. ganios arrangrvcl by the club are: tennis, volley ball, baseball mul golf. 'l'hest- gaines are inte1'n1m'al and not interscllolastic. Page Twen ty-Seven THE FORUM i 1 at l .- K . i ' l .l .' .1 , V , A-v, . ' ' .....4.-'f - ,..,.,r t...,. ,,.,,.-,. , .. h-.. . ...h.. ...... .. ,.., A ,.,..... ,,. . . ,' . THE GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves, a national organization affiliated with tho Y. NV. U. A., is a club of 166 nionibers from all high-ehool classes. lts purpose is to uphold the ideals and standards of Christian wonianhoodg to create a spirit of st-rviee. ' and to promote high standards to honor in school life and personal living. This year the club's innnediate aini in working towardthis purpose has been friendship. lt has striven toward this end by inaugnrating a "big sister" system for freshman girls and by several parties, including a hayride, a taffy- pnll. and an 1890 party. 'l'he regular program was followed: a meeting every two weeks, a, Christ- nias tea., a banquet with Hi-Y, three lunuheons, three service projects. mother- daughter banquet, and the annual dance. 'l"he activities were carried out under the leadership of the following coni- niittees and their chairmen: service, Margaret Ann Thoinpsonq social. Sara .lane Eckert, program, C'harlotte Johnson, publicity, Betty 'Frottg Il1C1I1bS1'- ship, Ruth Dowdsg finance, Rosalie Halo, athletics, Emily Deeley. Club officers were: president, Flo Banning, vitae-presitlont, Charlotte Johnson, secretary, Virginia Mastellerg treasurer. llazel Spittleg adviser, Laura. Koons. Page Twenty-Six THE FORUM President ...... Vice President --- Secretary ...... Treasurer ........ Service Chairman .... Finance Chairman --- Social Chairman ..... Membership Chairman Athletic Chairman .... Program Chairman --- Advisors ,......... - ,.,s..... ,. , . f W..-4M,a.M..,.....-.,,,, ., ., .. t . W . . . HI-Y OFFICERS --- James Miller --- Joe Rogers -- Hugh VVatson -- Edgar Terry --- John Burgoon -- Edgar Terry ---- Ned Cochran --- --H-- Joe Rogers ---------------- Richard Veateh ----------------- Kenneth NVilliams ---- M. A. Mitchell and Paul Wenger Members Robert Alexander, XVilliam Brown, John Rurgoon, Williani Black, Ned Cochran, Ren Deeleyi, Kenneth Gearhart, Charles Gray, James Grossman, Ken- neth Hanna, Erie Hawke, Paul Jewellf John Kilkenney, Ralph Lipscomb, Rich- ard Magers, James Miller, Tom Mills, Carroll McMillan. Rodney Morrison, -Tack Porter, Joe Rogers, XVilliam Shutt, Joe Stauffer, Fred Taylor, Lynn Thuma, Edgar Terry, Richard Veatch, Charles XVhite. Kenneth NVissinger, Kenneth Rlilliams, Hugh VVatson, Donald VVOolson, Robert VVythe. Page Twenty-Five THE FORUM F il i... llnllulll l'uXX'Z lwfl L11 l'ig'lll, Tlylllngly IH-llig",Ii'1llqi1y5y In-1-lily, I oi Iii Miilillm- row: Voup, XVilli:ims, Ne-lsou, XYissiugz-r, l,ouh:11'1I. lim-lc row: X'i-zllvh, lllznvk, Fink. THE FORUM STAFF This is the first limo lhi- Svniors llzivv 0l'QJ,'2llllZ0ll :mil puhlisliml thc High School Annual. Due to financial difficulties the F01'lllll has boon mliscoutinuucl for two yours. Mcmhors of tho class of 193-L are prolul To be uhh- to siicress- fully sponsor tho yoar book so that thc zicfivitivs ol' tho various 1-lnssvs ziml the school, may be perniaineiitly recorded. Page Twenty-Four THE FORUM .1-W V , . l l '. l i i . l . V. t i l l i ., , g...x...,..-,-..............,a,.,...... . .AMN A ..... t. .., . . .. ... , . ... . ,s ..-,..........-.,.... .-.. ,..-......,... ,........... HJ.. .. Wze STUDENT COUNCIL "NVQ, the students of the Mount Vernon High School, in order to promote the welfare of our school, to establish a better understanding between the students and teachers, and to correct any conditions detrimental to the best in- terests of our school. do ordain and establish this constitution of the Student Council." Thus reads the introductory paragraph to the constitution and very definitely expresses the purposes of the organization. The group consists of eighteen nieinbers as follows: Six seniors, five juniors, four sophomores, and three freshmen. Members are elected by popu- lar vote at the beginning of the school year and only students who do satisfac- tory work are eligible. The first Council was organized in the fall of 1925 with Gordon Pumph- rey as the first president and Houston Shields as secretary. Since then many recommendations have been made for thc betterment of the school. A few of the most outstanding accomplishments are regular locker and hall inspection, the 01',Q'2l1lZHll0H of various new clubs, the use of more pins among club mem- bers, the adoption of a high school seal and the writing and adoption of a school code of action. The students of Mount Vernon High School hold as their ideals the fol- lowing: Honesty, being fair in dealing with others. Scholarship, preparing' lessons faithfully. Sportsmanship, being ,frame losers and good winners. flourtesy, being polite and ohliging. Loyalty, being' faithful and true at all times. Pagre Twenty-'I'l1rev E r fy, ' 7. ' Y -yy . X ,F - Yam N -N ' w L, 1 , M ,,,., . ,xl . N .' .'. .-. -, " - 'vlfwhv , , .AAQQ .. M, , .,. .. . - . 7... -' . V' -QQ!! . Mr' rg - v 1 A , f?a-L-Iljfipii .. . 1 , , - -- .','T'11i!' 'mei--,fh'vf:-g'A m N-'f --,J :1 L.:-.iv-v' 11- 7 lg '- , ' V5 v H-1 'P . ' 1 . fy I if 6, 43 , I, ,l',:f::.. . Y: ' 5, ,J X . . ,E yi- 5,-,AL ,w ,:MgEkg4J,1f..I M ,ggi Q, .I 5, . - ' 'gn ,rg -'41-3, 5-"fix ' v: ., '4 -Y 'gn - im .nuff f ' A ,L .. fag,-5 L I . x i ' , I ,figi ,- ' -,n3g',L-gf-,555-,U I1 .- ,Q , , . 1 'ie ' '1 .tsl . ' JIT- 'wwf-Q I-"4 '75 1 ,my '.1 -- V 'vr:.'3ff7'5x?' , w ' ' ' 4. ,.1. ' ' 'Uv-'-.1 .,.- x,, , , ' ,'2,,'f-5i,q1.:n , ,N ,p , -1 -gg wg, u,. k . 5 1 A - ' f f . -V- , I,,.,:.,,, .gf . 4, .r .N X 3. , k , . v ' ., K K . A v 4. 1 I! " xi V 5. .9 w iff 1 4 i Mg, f f 6 np' 3 r Liu .1 , . , , . !',,.'.'- . '1 55.2 .. -J. if? ,- ., 15 ' ,-,'- Hui, 's w 'lf 5 f,y'f,5'.Z' ..,,Jvj.' 'fgm -msifu I 1' IU' ,..,2.. ,L-f'.,',-2 A45 15, 1-. ' r xg. . , .-,K X4 ,'..1 Mr .4a,::. 1 Ju H' Y,. .5 1 L I! iyozllmfzes THE FORUM CLASS Ayers, Richard Brock, Marjorie Britton, Glenn Calkins, Carl Emley, Robert Fair, Leland Hayes, Robert Hookway, Jack Hull, Leona Jennings, Dorothy Mae Korns, Clifford Lemasters, Mary Dell Lewis, Katherine Llewellyn, Hazel Lore, Eddie of 1938 Mossholder, Louise Mumaw, Doris O'Bryan, Janet Payne, Grant Rouse, Horace Shutt, Robert Simpkins, Margaret Sparks, Betty Stewart, Herbert Topp, Keith Trott, Thomas Underhill, Geraldine VanDevelde, Paul Workman, Elden Page Twenty-Two THE FORUM CLASS of 1937 Qcontinuedj 8' 115: plz 1 f ' , Metcalf, Bernard Midkiff, Celestia Mild, Richard Miller, Frances Miller, Robert W. Mills, Alice Moore, Helen Morey, Edna Mary Mlorris, Clara Morrison, Helen Morton, Constance Nolin, Margaret Ogg, Curtis Parker, Beatrice Bar-sons, Bernadine Payne, John Phillips, Betty Phillips, Frances Pickering, Mildred Price, Wilhelmina Purdy, Letha Mae Riley, Betty Rinse, James Rist, Paul Robison, Jeanne Rossi, Antoinette Robison, Philip Robison, Lena Page Twenty-One Rowley, Raymond Russell, Mabel Scott, Elizabeth Seibold, Charles Seyrnlour, Richard Sharp, Margaret Eleanor Sheffer, Betty C. Sherman, Vesta Shira, Jean Smith, Olive Elizabeth South, Vincent . Spohn, lvlliriam Stephey, Frances Strouse, Harold Stull, Elsie Sutton, Audrey Swain, Geraldine Swain, Paul Tarr, Charles Taylor, Donald Terry, Dunbar Tier, Fred. Tims, Dwight Totman, Ruth Tucker, Mary Earlene Turner, Martha Tyson, Gerald Ulrey, Beulah Underhill, Robert Upham, Margaret Vance, Keith Van Develde, Amelia VanNostrand, Clarie VanR,iper, Jennie ,. VanlRiper, Arlene, ' Walton, Geneva Wagstaff, Ada Ward, Warren Walton, Dorothy Watson, Donald - West, William Weyant, Ruth Florence White, Daniel White, Mary Elizabeth White, Nellie Wilkins, Marjorie Williams, George Williams, Kathleen Williams Monica Winterringer, Vernetta Woods, Gladys Woodward, Louise Woodward, Thomas Woolard Evelyn THE FORUM CLASS of 1937 I ,7,,,7,,, ,, , Adams, Anne Agner, Beulah Alexander, Billy Allison, Dorothy Anderson, Ruth Amicon, Adelaide Bair, Frederick Ba.ldwin, Doris Baldwin, Ralph Banning, Karl Barline, Leon Barnes, Clara Ruth Barre, Charles Bastine, Martha Baxter, Jocelyn Beck, Edman Beck, Edna Beckholt, Charlene Beeman, Gerald Beeman, Betty Beeman, Virgil Bell, Elma M. Bevington, Delbert Black, Grace Blair, Emma Blair, Paul Blake, Robert Blanchard, Margaret Blue, Gerald Bond, Richard Breece, Ruth Bricker, Helen C. Bricker, Helen L. Bricker, Hilda. M, Bricker, Margaret Brown, Dale Brown, Esther Brunner, Ernest Bryan, Gladys Budd, Nancy J. Buzzard, Mary Byers, Helen Calkins, Roger Carter, Frances Charlton, Florence Clarke, Sally Cline, Dana Cochrarnl, Anita Crider, Verna Crider, Willia Dailey, Kenita, Darnold, Frances Deeley, Stanton Deem, Frederick Delporte, Julia Dubinsky, Isabel Duclgeon, Francis Ferris, Berneice Foster, Audrey Fowler, John Fox, Marjorie June Frye, Nellie Gamble, Helen Gatton, Dorothy George, Albert Giansamte, Marguerite Glaros, John Graham, Dick Grant, Louis W. Gray, Ruth Grossman, Richard Hamer, Dale Hamer, Glenn . Harmon, Donald Harrington, Vivian Harris, Anne Hart, Wendell Hayes, Charlotte Hayes, Ellen Hickman, Lillian Hiester, Nevin K. Higgins, Marjorie Hiles, Mary Hiles, Harold Hill, Edna Hoovler, Helen Huggins, Howard Humbert, Betty Hunter, Iona Hunter, Miriam Hutchison, Harry Jackson, Donald Jadwin, Ben Keigley, Glenn Keiser, Richard Kile, Mildred Kirkpatrick, Robert Knepper, Almina Lawrence, Charles Leonard, Owen Lewis, Robert Little, Ruth Lockard, Murray Lohr, Marjorie Lohrer, Doris May Lybarger, Emmett Lybarger, Kathleen Lyndle, Richard McAllister, Fbrrest McCoy, Lowell McKenzie, Betty MlcPeek, Doris lVLcVey, Emerson Magill, Doris Martin, Carl Mason, Anna Metcalf, James Page Twenty THE FORU M SOPHOMORE GIRLS -we, SOPHOMORE BOYS I PgNt THE FORUM CLASS SUPHONIUR l'l 0lf'l"ll'I'lll S V. A ., ,,, l N , I I 1 J - . 1 .ii i 1 Y ,,,., ,r r,,,,,,, llnln-rt Ferrell Joe- Ileever l'rc-sich-nt Vivo Preazielent Gordon Sperry llc-tty Ihllillllfll 'Prensurer S9l'l'C'fIlI',' Ackerman, Charles Cochran, Sarah Adams, Damon Coe, Anna Agnew, Helen Ankney, Norma Arquilla, Victoria Ayers, Edwin Bair, Phyllis Bair, Virginia Colwill, William Conn, Margaret Cookman, Carmen Coon, Marguerite Cornell, Marjorie Cotrell, Ilo Barnard, Betty Grace Cowen, Daniel Barnes, Irwin Bartlett, Neal Bartlett, Richard Barton, Dorotha Crouch, Charles Cunningham, Clara Cureton, Sam Dalrymple, Mary Bates, Frances Davidson, Betty Bates, Wm. Gail Ba.udine, Irene Beal, Margaret Bebout, Je-an Beck, Kathryn Beever, Joseph Bell, Harry Berry, Julia Blake, Carl Blue, Nancy Boltinghouse, Bowman, Jane Brown, Eleanor Derr, Talmage Dohmen, Nelle Donaldson, Fern Dowds, Howard Drummond, Cha.r1es Eagle, Donald Ewalt, Donald Ewalt, Dorothy Ferrell, Robert Fishburn, Flaudine JOSeph Fleming, Mildred Fletcher, Cleo Fletcher, Mary L. Brown, Hugh Fribley, William Buell, Thais Gardner, Robert Bumpus, Irene Gatton, Ruth Burgess, Raymond Gearhart, Dorothy Butler, George George, Jack Carter, Margaret Gibson, Roberta Chester Marguerite Giffin, Walter Clarke, Anna Mae Coad, Dallas Graham, Janet Graham, Richard of 1936 Gregory, Betty Jane Gregory, Dioztiald Grosjean, Eugenia Grubb, Dorothy Guculette. Jeanne Hall, Eugene Hall, Gerald Hall, Jean Harney, Lester Hatton, Virginia. Hayes, Chauncey Hepler, Grace Herron, Miriam Higgins, Melvin Highwiarden, Jaunita Hines, Walter Huntsberry, Margaret Isner, Willard Jackson, Edna Jenkins, James Jennings, Albert Jennings, Carl Jessup, Miles Johnson, Eileen Kemipton, Lawrence- Kilroy. Mildred Kinnard, Marjorie Kinney, Mary Kirby, Virginia Koontz, Helen Koppert, Bernadine Lamb, Mary Marjorie Latham, Ronald Lepley, Doris L-evering, William Lewis, Alice Lloyd, Margaret Lober, Alberta Loney, Genevieve Lybarger, Ruth Lybarger, Eva Lynde, Helen McAllister, Willena McCluskey, Marjorie McCullough, Marcella McFarland, Steve. McGibney, James McKay, Robert McKee, James McLain, Helen lVl2cMillen, Betty McPeek, Ralph Mahaffey, John Martin, Helen Mauger, Ruth Mavis, Helen Midos, Helen Alice Betty Miller, Miller, Miller, Glenn Miller, Robert K. Mills, Helen Minard, Edith Mintier, Marietta Mondron, Lucille Moreland, Charles Mosholder, Paul Neibarger, James Newman, Virginia Ann Nugent, John Owen. Betty R. Parnell, Charles Patterson, Walter Pattison, Doris Jean Payne, Ruth Ella Perry. Loma Purdy, Robert Queen. Dorothy Rawlinson, Helen Rist, Pauline Roberts, Betty Roberts. Miriam Robertson, Grace Rouse, Cecil Rummell, Willis Scott, Harry Scott, John Shotts, George Shuff, Walter Simmons, Constance Simmons, Ella Simmons, Ellen Singery, Leah J. Small, George- Smith, Inez Snow,, Lamont Soles, Donald South, Beatrice Sperry, Gordon Spindler, Ruth Stacey, Pauline Stauffer, Mary Stauffer, Sara Steele, Irma Steinmetz, John Stephens, Carroll Stephens, Marion Still, William Stillwell, Warden Stofer, Margene Stoneburner, Bertha Storey, Betty Straley, Moody Stull, Robert Swoger, Harry Taylor, Everett Tobin, Mildred Trenwith, Donald Underhill, Lawrence Underhill, Marguerit Vail, John VanHouten, Harold! VanNostrand, Burr Vanvoorhis, Jack Weaver, Charles Welker, James Wharton, Floyd Williamls, Delos Wilmonte, Loretta Wilson, Jaunita, Wise, Charles Wooley, Elza Yauger, Ralph Yerian, Curtis Yoakum, Richard Zimmerman, Roy Zulandt, Henry 9 Page Eighteen THE FORUM of 1935 fcontinuecn Mlayer, Edna Midkiff, Olive Virginia Mill, Thomas Mills, Wayne Miohn, Robert Morrison, Rodney Mumaw, Irene Mumaw, Marie Neibarger, John Oakes, Wayne Parnell, Jack Payne, Gene Payne, Ruth Julia Perkins, Lowell Phillips, George Radlabaugh, Samuel Reagh, Pauline Remlinger, Miriam Ross, Mercedes Page Seventeen Rossi, Charlotte Rouse, Jennie Schlessinger, Craig Selby, Beulah Shutt, William Simmons, Gertrude Simmons, Mildred Simlmons, Lawrence Simmons, Rowena Smith, Elizabeth Snow, Harold Spittle, Helen Squires, Dorothy Stauffer, Joseph Swigeart, Helen Taylor, Frederick Teeter, Grace Tier, Clatherine Tucker, Eulalah Ulery, Stephen Ulrich, Frances Underwood, Earl Van Riper, Earl Walker, Gorintha Walker, Emily Walton, Andrew Watson, Helen Weiss, Bernard White, Charles White, Robert D. Wilkins, Rlollin Williams, Carole Wissinger, Kenneth Woolison, Jane Woolson, Dfuldley Wythe, Robert THE FORUM CLASS of 1935 5- , 4 l l l Adams, Marshall Agnew, Hazel Allen, Walter Amicon, Clement Anderson, Betty Bailey, Ethel Bair, Isafbel Bair, Roger Baldwin, Anna Bartlett, Larry Bartlett, Martine Beach, George Beck, Hubert Beeman, Milton Bell, Pauline Bennington, Robert Biefness, Marguerite Blampain, Louis Blanchard, William Boltinghouse, Sara, Bown, Dorothy Boyd, James . Bricker, Betty, Brining, Jack Brown, Barbara Brown, Erma Brown, Ralph Brown, William Bryans, John Bumpus, Floyd Bunn, Annie Burris, Pauline Butcher, Donald Byers, William Caldwell, Eleanor Carter, Raymond Clhilcote, Donald Clark, Samuel C. Cline. Betty Cochran, Gene Coe, Frederick Conn, Betty Cornell, Dwight Cowen, Eugene Cozad, Willa June Custis, Robert Delgouffre, George Delporte, Albert Dickenson, Alice Donaldson, Dwight Dudgeon, Pauline Dunmire, Floyd Durieux, Leroy Everhart, Clharles Fawcett, Ray Foster, Mary Eleanor Fox, Robert Fribley, Jack Fronoe, Louise Frye, Edith Glaros, George Gost, Ellen. Gower, Jean Graham, Eileen Gray, Charles Gregory, Martha Grossman, J-ames Grubb, Dan Hantman, Ruth Harmon, Jack Hawke, Eric Higgins, Audrey Hoffman, Frank Hoovler. Ruth Hopwood, Margaret Horn, Wilfred Horner, Gwynne Hull, Malcolm Hunter, Lawrence Hunter, Maxi-ne Jennings, Dorothy Jewell. Paul Johnson Charlotte Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Lydia Jane Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Kaser, Lewis Keans, John Kemptonl, Dorothy Klein, Mary Kost, William Launoy, Raymond Lepley, Charlotte Lipscomb, Ralph Lloyd, Adaline McClellan, Robert McCoy, Susan McCullough, Arthur McElroy, Nina MlcMillen, Carrol McMillen, Nellie Magers, Richard Mahaffey, Betty Mahard, Floyd Martin Dorothy Masteller, Virginia Mavis, Harold Page Sixteen THE FORUM unior Class istory -" VW' """"""'7"N Soptonilwr, lflill, its zu mlato of real ini- -.g """""' 'X' portznwv in our class history. lt was then llllllfll Senior prom that wo llllgfilll our journey up the roznl ol lt'2ll'lllllgl' in Blount Vernon High School. l .Xlthougrh we llzlvt-nlt played il brilliant part in tho social affairs of the Iligh School 1 thus ln r. wo are lll'Ullll ol' the high stamlarmls zlullii-wel hy our class lllQ'lllll0l'S on the S4-holarsliip 'l'1-suns. :incl the important parts tznlwn hiv Juniors in operettas and zltlllm-tics. I hi- Junior play, "'l'he Youiigi-st," voaclnwl hy Bliss llomigun was an grrveit success, thi at the Fountry Uluh with whivh we paid our last tribute to oui upper vlzissnwn was eniovml bv vvorvono, - :xml all ot' us arm- working toward an honor- Jzunvs Dorothy c. uhh- place on the l!l3-l-19311 senior roll. Hrossnum .lnhnsqnl Prusiclc-nt Vive I'rs-side-nl , . Audrey Higgins in-ny cum- Betty Lline 'frexlsllrer Secretary THE VISION BEAUTIFUL The vision beautiful have I seen, Half-hidden midst the tremulous green Of new leaves washed with April rain And dewy flowers along a, country lane. This vision? It was spring, new bright- The Chastity of lilies white. Elizabeth Smith Class 1935 This poem was published in the May issue of Current Science. Page Fifteen THE FORUM AIIIIUCIII Jnvobs Bell l'Ilz-Clive llUlll'S0 lti rrn-dits Girl lim-serves Q19 139 HJ liuskq-tlnull Q19 ti eorge XY. ll rlcker lflln-clivc Course Iii credits Dorothy Rlny Butler English Course lti credits Volley Bull L19 L29 Huslu-tballl 119 C29 Ih-tty lllllllllllllill Elective Course in credits tiirl lies--rvi-s fll 1151 UU Fhnrles llenn Ulnrk Elcctivt- Coursc 16 crcdits Music Musqut-rs Club Q39 tml-11-ttzi 439 .lobn XY. Coe :xg'l'll'lllllll't' Cours:- lti credits Agriculture Club Q19 Q29 Q39 141 'Frcusurt-r 4329 Q49 lleln-een Kenyon l'onp College Coursc 16 credits Girl lieservrs Q19 Q39 Q-U U1't:lu-st1'z1 Q29 l1ouurClub Q19 129 C39 L49 Forum Stuff 149 lin by I rene Crunkllton Elective Coursc 16 credits Kittenbull Vrttillll Q39 Commercial Club Q39 Girl Km-serves Q39 I Glee Club 419 12.9 439 JIIIIIPN Ealwnrll lt'C'l1IllH0ll ,, Elective Course 1655 credits llomcr High St-lmol 119 Q29 1251 Jnnles Francis Ferguson Elective Course 16 credits Footlmll Q19 Q29 C39 H9 Robert Humber! Elective Course 16 credits Kntberlne Mnrgrnrel llnnter English Cours.- ltl credits 'I'lnehnn Mne Jennings lf0l'l'llllQl'Cl2ll Uoursl- Ili credits llirl Rest-rvus C29 Dlnlzle Jones Elective Courst- 16 credits Horne l4:K'Ull0lllll'H Club 12 John Robert Knser Elective Course 16 credits -Band C23 C37 141 lfnutbnll 129 Mnrtlm F. Klng lfununcrciul lfuurst- lli credits Commerce Club 129 Q39 K-U Clmpvl Choir Q49 Jnek M. Korn! Elective Courso lti credits Robert J. Lnthernn Elective Coursi- lli credits Emile I.. Lorlunx Elective- Course lli credits .l42lSkPl.lD2lll and Football Manager Q19 Q29 Q39 .U1lSkEt'lJ2lll L49 Band 119 Q29 4319 019 Urclu-stru 129 llenlnh Micbnux Commercial Course 16'A credits Columbus Ce-ntrul Q29 llibrztriuu Q39 149 F11-llcli Club 139 L-lj llouor Roll 4159 Irene Mne Mowery Commercial Course lfiyig credits Commerce Club C29 Q49 Sll0l'lll1lTHl Team 139 H9 Jennie J. Pnquen Commercial Course 16 credits Commercial Club 129139149 Rosle Nlnrle l'erottl Coliiim-i'ci:ll Course 16 credits Comumcrct- Club 139 Ly le Peterson Elective Coursv lti credits Leo Ellwnrll Pllottl 1'omluei'c-i:1l 4'oursv 16 credits Jnllu Evelyn Porter timnmvrcinl Course 1695 credits l'4illll'I'l8l'l'Q' Uluib H9 Hurry Purse! College Course 16 credits Fnolbull ill 429 Q39 H9 linvllle llerdettn Selby l'll0l'llVv l'ulll'Sn' ll? credits Ca-lull-1'l9l11'f.r U9 Frances lflllznbt-ill Slulrp l'o1u1uvl'rizll l,l0lll'S0 18174, credits KlUlllIIlt'l'l'l' l,lllLll C39 Mnrgn ret Helen Stephens Elm-ctivv Course llj credits Nlnry Lonlse Stephens 1'oiuxm-rviul Course 16 credits Coixizllciwl- Club 129 Cluss Uztslu-tbatll Q29 t3 Girls' Athletic Club L29 Donald VY. Sntherlnnnl Elective Cou rsv 1ti credits llnrolal L. 'l'nrr Euglish Course ITV-g credits tflutpel Choir C49 Music Masqucrs H9 St-uior Play 149 VYlleIu Jnne 'I'nllonn Commercial Course 16 credits llirl Resvrve Robert Wvllllnm Zlnk Elective Course 16 credits Page Fourt I 9011 Eleine Vernal NVhite Elective Course 16 credits Girl Reserves THE FORUM 4 .J XVhite xvvilliilllls VYissinp.:er Mintier VV00ls0n Neldoll XVorkn1:ln Wright VVrip.-:ll t 115 145 Kenneth xWvPll2IC'l' xxyillillllli College Course 19 1A credits Jr. Hi-Y 125 Sr. Hi-Y 135 145 Orchestra 125 Band 125 135 145 Chapel Choir 145 High School Play 145 Scholarship Team 135 Robert Wissinger English Course 16 credits Scholarship Te-nm 115 125 Forum Staff 145 High School Play 145 Page Thirteen Rolu-rt Lewis Minfier Elevtive Course 16 credits Utica 115 Literary 1"nntest 115 .lnvk A. VVorknmn 1'omme1'c-inl Course 113 credits Marjorie Eileen NVright Xvilliam Donnlcl WVoolson English Course 16 credits Jr, Hi-Y 115 125 Sr, Hi-Y 135 145 Music Masquers 125 1225 1,7heerleader 115 125 135' Ifootball 115 Genevieve Neldnn 1w0ll1lll9l'ClIl1 Course 16 credits Girl Reserves 115125135145 Girlz? Athletic Club 115 125 1'ommerce Club 125 145 Raskethfill 115 125 135 Volley Bull 115 125 135 Ease Ball 115 125 Girl Reserves 135 College Course 16314 credits 1 5 Volley Ball 115 Soccer 135 Art 1'luih 125 Dorothy Eleanor College Course 16454 credits Girl Reserves 145 Chapel Choir 145 Music Masquers 145 Volley Ball 115 125 35 Hnskethall 115 125 125 Soccer 135 45 Library Staff 145 High School Play 125 KVright THE FORUM ,EE ECE ECE tee,-H- .. i i 3 ' 1 1 ,, ,Y , ., ,.,,, -4,-.?, .wg . ,' . .. 1 Terry Tllonuls 'Phompson 'rlllllllll 'l'l'ott 'Pucker linroo Yuil You llllolln-n Ye-allvll Vernon KYnlIott Whtson xxvlltllllll WYQ-nt 'l'. Eclgrur 'Perry .lr. 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Hi-Y 113 123 Sr, Hi-Y 133 143 Vice-president of Senior Class Basketball 143 High School Play 143 Donald S. Vernon Commercial Course 16 credits Commerce Cluib 133 143 George A. Wallott English Course 16 credits Band 113 123 143 Orchestra 143 Football 113 123 143 Agnes Watson Commercial Course 16 credits Junior Play 133 Hugh Watson College Course 16521 credits Jr. Hi-Y 113 123 Sr. Hi-Y 133 143 Chapel Choir 143 Football 123 133 143 Dorothy Elaine KVcst College Course 17M credits Girls' Athletic Club 113 123 Girl Reserves 133 143 Operetta 123 133 143 Chapel Choir 143 Basketball 113 Soccer 123 Honor Club 143 Page Twelve I l 1 I 1 L THE FORUM li 'l 3 L l 1 i 1 f i 1 , v . - i i i Puyne Peueoek Peterson Porter Reeder Reyuol ds R iley Roberts Rogers S hermaul Smlth Spittle Spohn Stunts Stofer llelen E. Payne College Course 17 credits lfllroy Clifford Peueoek English Course 16 credits Haislcetbzill 123 133 Geyserville, Calif. 127 lllzulisouville, Ky. 133 Nl. 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Rogers College Course 1715 cr-edits Music Mzisquers 117 127 137 C49 'Treasurer 133 143 Clulpel Choir 147 Band 143 Junior Play 133 High 'School Play 143 Hi-Y 137 143 Vice Presi- dent 147 Cheer Leader 137 Jr. Hi-Y 117 127 Secretary :ind Treasurer 123 Nlle Leslie Sherman College Course 16 credits Scholarship Team 113 Honor Club 143 llernn rd Plugreue Smith College Course 16 credits lluzel Spittle Commercial Course 18175 credits Girl Reserves 127 137 143 Treasurer 147 Commerce Club 127 133 143 Secretnry137 President143 Music Masque-rs 137 143 Chapel Choir 143 4-H Club 113 127 137 147 XVayne M :lrtin Spohn English Course 1615 credits Band 113 123 133 147 Betty Stunts College Course 17 credits Amity High School 117 127 C33 School Plays 117 123 137 Ruth Isabel Stofer Commercial Course 16 credits Girl Reserves 117123137143 THE FORUM - WWW T W l I 1 QQ 2 Q 4 L01-kard LUIIZII Lynda- NIcManis Maxwell Mild NI ills-r Moon- Morgan Nash Nelson Newell Olvoy Parker Parsons Rolla-rt Mild Virginia Ruth Nelson Evelyn C. 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Litzenhorgz: Agriculture Course 16 credits Agrirulture Club C13 C23 C33 C43 Pansy Mae Lulu-r Commercial Course 16 credits Soccer C13 C23 'RFl,Sk6tl,32lll C13 C23 C33 C43 Volleyball C13 C23 C33 THE FORUM -., ., 1 I 1 1 i , V1 1 1 1 1 1 I , I In-I hu Vue I"u rm vr 1"mnmc1'1-izil 1'11urs-- 161' Li lits X: "N -' Falrnu-r F4-ryrllsmn Fm-ltig Fink Fleti-Iwi' Ifowle-r Frye Galina-s G1-xwlmrt Gel-nr1l lim-rznrcl Kirnlnla Ilnus llnunn Harris Milelrc-el llusulc-su IPI1-tel: K1-Inn-tl: Clmrh-s G1-turd Commcrcitl Course Unllugu Cniii-so 1695 l'1'1'llilN 1715 crvdits Coiuniurco Clulm 121 1 J 1-I1 llilllfl 111 121 131 141 ll1llllllll'l'1'l' 1'lul1 1-11 Mu 1- l"l'l'l.1'llNUll Poll--gli Vmirsf- lits 3 111 1'l'1'!' .f Ulflissiil 1I1 11 111 Girls' Allllvtic Club 111 101 June- lmlunw- I"n-Mig 1' 1'uu1'su 17 1:11-clits . -. 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In-:urllar1 1'ulln-pfv 1'f1urs1- HUA c-iw-rlils Hi-Y 141 11111111111 121 1311 141 Orc-in-Sti':i 141 Hrilmi' 1'luli 141 Agi'icultui-1- 1A'luI1 141 In-rmul4-ttv lic-rnrul Pollelfgc- 1'uii1'sv 16 crvdits SC'll0lill'SlllD 'll-:nm 131 Orchestral 131 Purmn IGI:-nnor G ru hh -:D 141 1"0ll1-prv Foursc 17 l'l'l'dllS llirl lll'S1'l'V1'N 121 1511 1-11 Musiv l1lZlS1llI1'l'S 121 S1'l'l0lill'Slllll Tvum 121 Honor Fluh 141 Mary Louise Hman li C11l'I'llllt'l'1'lill 1'011l'S1- 165iQ !'l'PllllS Comma-rev Cluh 1-11 Girls' Aililc-fic' 1'luli 1111 1-H Rusk:-Ll1:lll rllixlllll 131 Sockvr Te-:lm 13l Girl H1-I-2s'rVv 1-I1 mine! h 1'lml'I4-s llnnnu Follvgn- Cl0lll'S1' 17 credits Al'2lll1lfIl'l' Atiilvlivs 111 121 131 141 Hi-Y 131 141 Junior Hi-Y 111 121 B:lnd1111211t11111 N 1-llle lioulru- llurrls Unllogo 1"m1i'sv 16 credits Girl Rvsvrve 111 131 141 Page Eight THE FORUM Q 1 l1Ill'llC'llll'l' Clnnnlvers 1'llil1-ole l'o1-llran 1'r:uif: llnile-y l,3lII'ylllIlll' Ilzirnolll llzlvidson Ik-ell-'y IDM-Ivy lh-1-ln llowelq-Il Dowds E1-ki-rt lloln-rl Il. f'Ill'lN'll'l'l' Ap:ri1'ultur1- 1'15urs1- 1711 L'l'1'1iliS BI1'lllll1'l' 151' F. l1'. 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Ile-1-k Vmiiim-i1'i:xl Unursv H515 c'I'1'fliIs Newark High Svlinnl 113123 Di llll llll llula 113 D 1'11ISQ1::m-:mil xii up Mount Ym-rnmi lligli H4-hmil 123 143 linsketlmll Tvzmi 1:13 143 f'0l1lIlll'l'1't-' Nluh 133 14 Wi' t'llll l-ll Nl .liiliinr Plzuy 1223 Sturlvnt 1'UllllL'll 143 J . - g-. :it 2ll'IllS 143 .'-nim' Iwlfly 143 Si-nior Play 143 , Finauivizil 1'l1:1irm:i1i of Girl ""lW""" ":"75""" n"""m" lie-sq-rves 143 ldlvctive Fourn- liimx 1'ommitl1-0 133 Play Cnmmittm- 123 IG credits Football 113 LeRoy XY. llvll f'Ullf'Lfl' Unursv losvz 4-1---nits lZ:iml1lr1!J svillllllll 'I'll0llllDH0ll 1'mill1'-gl' 1'ulll'si- Ili 4-ra-mlils .l1'.lli-Y1l3 121 Prvsirlvnt, 123 Su, lli-Y 1213 143 1'l't'Hllll'Ill ul' Supl Class Illuvk, .lr mmnre Slmlm-iii Ummm-il 123 143 Yii-1--lwwirln-ut ul' lllll.UI' V Vlzzss .lunior Pluy 1'l1i-1-rlvzirlvr 113 123 1213 lwnuni Nl ill' 1U lllrllul' 1'llll3 141 Musin- BlRlSilllQ'l'N l"l'l'Sllll'lll 143 Si-ninr Play 143 XY:-lforel ld. llrnwn Ag'l'l1'lllllll't' Pours 17 c'l'Mli1S Aprrif-ultllrv 1'luli 133 145 Wlury l-I. llurgrc-r College Course IG 1-V4-rlils Girl lin-se-rvvs 123 John L. IIIIYIIUUII 1Tullvf.:z- Uniirsm- lTlA vrvclils Rzmfl 1l3 123 1323 O1'0hvsti'i1, 133 143 .Iuninr Play Jr. Hi-Y 113 123 Sr. Hi-Y 133 143 Scholarship lvlllll Honor Clulr 143 1Ill1-ll ti 113123 1::i 1-13 113123133 Page Six THE FORUM Then, to make up for it by entertaining ourselves with an exceptionally digni- fied junior affair the next year. ln addition to that party, we carried out the usual junior activities. NVe held a ballot election and bought class jewelry. On April 7, 1933, we presented our first class play "Are You a Mason ?" with Miss Cannon and Miss Fanipbell directing. Later, we honored the seniors with a dinner dance at the Country Club. ln our senior year we organized by means of an Australian-ballot election. directed by Mr. Owen. Vile sponsored the first High school annual in three years. anibitiously staffed by our class officers with Mr. Geiger and the Senior Ulass advisers as sponsors. On May 29 we presented our senior play, "Skidding." Later, we were en- tertained by the junior class, and last, but never to be forgotten, held our own last party. the senior formal. ln the career we have ended. we have been active. happy, and successful. lf. in thirty years, we can say as niueh for the career we are starting, we shall have done well. The Class History Committee--Flo llanningr, Fhairmang Rosalie Halo, liazel Spittle. Page Five T H E F o R U M An Autobiography of the ass of 1934 SENIOR OFFICERS June has come again, another class is about to step out into the dusk that students see beyond school. This time, we are that class. lt is you and l who, four years ago, begin timourously to find our place in tl1is miniature world, who have found it at'ter four years, it is we who are about to leave that place to begin a search for our place in the real world. llut before we leave, let us stop to re- view what we have done. liet us bring to- f gether a record of our permanent achieve-- ment and of our contribution to the school while we have been a part of it. Among those things which we leave, out- standing are the clubs we have helped or- i ganize. The Student Council, the Music I 'I , Masquers. and the Junior Hi-Y formed when .-f A we were freshmen, the Commerce Club of ,,,,,.k ,,,,,,k,,,,. m,.,,,,,.,1 v,.,,tc,, our Sophomore year, and the Honor Club E,,ef:fK"Tf,'Q,f,,,.,, of our senior year are partly or entirely our 'l'reuslln-r Secretary xvork' The basketball trophy of the Central Ohio League and the district con- solation trophy we may consider largely our work, for that team was led by a senior, and three other men ofthe team were our classmates. For the basket- ball championship of 1932 and the football trophy of 1930, some credit should he given to the "scrubs" we provided. ln addition, during the four years, nine of our class have won at least one varsity letter in football, and six have earn- ed their big "VU in basketball. Our class has p1'ovided two managers, Hanna and Loriaux, to these teams. Five of the class of 1934 have at some time wielded tl1e megaphone before our thuse meetings and cheering sections. There have always been representatives of this class on the golf and ten- nis teams. ln other high school activities, the band, the orchestra, the debate team, the Girl Reserves, the Future Farmers of America, and the Hi-Y, our class has had members every year. In the last three clubs, some of us have held of- fices during our junior or senior year. Many of us have participated in the chapel choir. To the four scholarship teams, of which three, won first place in our dis- trict, we contributed members who helped them win those places. Many of our good times have come from within the class. From the time we first organized, in 1931, we have been unusually active. Shall we ever for- get our first party, held on tl1e gym floor? We were sophomores but acted younger, football, played with the decorating balloons, was enjoyed by a few. Page Four THE FORUM . l 1 I 1 Q I 1 5 P i 5 I . i i Lewis Lorentz M ielmel Montgomery Muse Owun Robeson Sc-vitts Solt Stllflft SlHll'l'01Y xY7lKl'Il!'ll Xvengwlr WVintermllie Sllfllll L. Lewis llluuni Vernon, Ohio Mount Yk'l'lllPll High Sm-howl ip Class of 1.1.7 Sm-rw-t:ii'v in l'1'invi1r:1l llc-rthn Lnrenlz Mount Vernon, Uhio Ohio N0l'lill'l'll B. S. in lfldils-utioii llistm-y :ind lflnglish I mngeu 1- M ivluu-I 'l'o1n-do, Oilily Denison University A. ll. 1"l'n-nvh .la-wet! A. NIOnig'nlnl'l'y New i'om-urml, Ohio Muskinguni Unnllege A, B. f'mnmei'i'i:il plllll F. Muse Mount Vernon, Ohio Uffic-e Tl'2llllill1.f Si-lwnl Ohio l'nive1'sit3' H. P. :intl ll. S. in Illiliimltir 4'oilx1i1e1'm- Lumuil I.. Owen Sunbury, Ohio Ohio llnivursity H. S. in ldrllluaitimi Ami-x'i4'zln Ilistnry A. Jnek lloln-son Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio llnivm-Vsity R. S, Seielm-e :ind I'o:u-liing' Ile-len C. Se-vitts Mount Vernon, Ohio NVo0ste1' College l'01Ul'lllJlil Universiiy Ph. B. :ind M. A. ,x1illill'INilllf'S Ylilelred J. Solt l':innl NYi1ls-lie-stem' Ohio State University B. S. in lCdlll'1lll0Y'1 'History Pauline Sparrow Cfoluinlxus, Ohio Ohio State llnivlfrsily B. A. Mattlienmtios Mrs. 'Pheodnsln Wvxuwlell Mount Vernon, Ohio- V Grady Hospital rl'l'1llllllH.2' School R. N. Home 'Hygiene K k':i1'l- oi the Sick Paul 1v?llg'Pf Mount Vernon, Ohio Bluffton -College Ohio State Univf-rsily B. A. and M. A. Science H. Ogden Wvintermute Mount Vernon, Ohio Denison University Ph, B. English :xml Music. XV. M. Stuart Tiogzinsport, lndiannzn Purdue University H. S. of Agx'ic'ultu!'e Yom-:niionnl .AH'l'lf'llillll'P lln XYillinms T1lm'NuhIv Harriett Buclmnun Mount Vernon, Ohio llirzlni College A. B. English Page Three Zanesville, Ohio Muskingum College B. S. in Science Commercial THE FORUM V .-..................-M. Y..--...........W,.. --..-WWA.. -. . i lyx - if SW 5 . il. N l i i f .1......,,... .55 1 Nlnry lllggs Mount W4-rnon, Ohio X 1-rnon Uliio W -'R . l 3' . ..ip T. U Vg 5 is 4 . '? 1 fin lihnrs lion num t'umpIu-Il l'nnnon l'urrnn Deuner Ill-ibel lJomi,ug:nn l"Illlkll1lllNl'I' I. I.. Furry IG. Forty llt-fflu-r lliglllllilll Koons lil'0IlIIl'll ll. lqlilllllvtll Ih-num-r I'ItIilIl I4'orry Znncsvillt-, Ohio Mount Ohio VVvslcy:in lliiivt,-rsitb' Ohio State B. S. in lfldus-:ition English I-L R. Bowman Mount Vt-rnon, Ohm Ohio Ilnivvrsity B. S. in Educ-ation Industrial Arts Edith L. Cnmphell Mount Vt-rnon, Ohio Denison Univt-rsity A.B. Classical Snrn Nl. Cannon E4 Mount Vernon, Ohio Ilethnny Colin-go A. B. English lltlu Ilmltrlvr Currnn Mount Vt-rnmi, Ohio Mount Ya-rnon High Class of 1929 St-cre-tairy to Siiiwrintt-mln-iit Ohio l'nivt-rsity li. S. in Illcliivzilioli Clzissiuul Viola Min- Ilvilu-I tfoluinhus, uhio Ohio Stxltt- I'nix't-rsity H. S, in Itlwliu-zalioli Pliysit,-:il l'.d11t':it1on ll nth Donlhrnn Sunlnury. Ohio A Ohio NVESIUYKIII Vllll' H. A. Pnhlit' Sinfziliilig' :intl Nuglisli llorntll y l4'IlllkllIlllHl'l5 llailton, Ohio Ohio Stott- l'nix't-rsily li S ... Sviviitw- lsnlwlle L. Furry Mount Yi-rnoii, Ohio Ohio NV:-sit-yzln Univ R. A. Social St-icnov Svllonl sily sity tiliio ht ilt lnixw-i li. A. l'tlIllllll'l't'l'll N1-IIIO IG. lll'fflll'l' t'lx'1ln- tllllu M Mit'lii1.2':l n Stull- Novniul l'ullt'' l,it't- f't'l'llll4 tit llonit- I'Ic'ot1oiniirs ll. li. llhljlllllllll 4I1':iysx'illt- Hliio v . . .Sf . nhio l'nix'l-i :tx I N in ltclnt ation t4lllllll0l'LJl'll linurn li. Koons Mount X't-rinm, U xx'l'Sll'l'll l'Ulln'g'Q' Ufllllllllllll llnivvrs Il. A. :intl Nl. A. lil npgl i sh .li -l"l't'fl4'l'l1l Mznnvh -4 l A. li. f0lllllll'l't'lJll liio ity N nl Il I4l'llll1ll'll toxin, Uliio txtti t'ull1-gt' 1"ti.:t- 'l'w 'if ft. Q ALBERT W. ELLIOTT Mount Vernon, Ohio Ohio Wesleyan University, A. University of Chicago, A. M. Ohio State University, Ph. D. Superintendent of Schools B. .ff if .1 JOHN DAVID GEIGER Pandora. Ohio Bluffton College, A. B. Ohio State University, M. Principal, High School A. CQJWX QWY Y m V4 3374 S C H O O L ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISING t J JT"- C4 aSk1 Qfffflff Editorfinfchief .... JACK JENKINS Associate Editor .... EMILY DEELEY ' Business Manager . EVELYN LOCKARD Photo Editor ...... JACK FINK Assistant .... ROBERT WISSINGER Art Editor . . . JACK PORTER Assistant . . . . . LYNN THUMA H Athletic Editor . . . DICK VEATCH Advertising Manager . . . BILLY BLACK Circulation Manager . RUTH NELSON wJd,4 -- FOR TOMORROW Y A 'r V we-A TO H. GGDEN WINTERMUTE In appreciation of his untiring efforts toward the advancement of music in Mount Ver' H h S h 1 d d h h 1934 FORUM fibfni' sf' J ny! V 'Q 5374 gag 2fnW"' CTQQHW s if W'-Xu? I 4 THE FORUM 1934' ' f Q56 Issue THE SENIO htm. 1 E JACK FENTQN JENKINS THE FORUM 1934 i E i 5

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