Mount Vernon High School - Forum Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH)

 - Class of 1922

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1922 volume:

,nw N 4 "Q . " -f --x . iw"1fd"".xiZ:L'.-v'.xn'f-, : .' . 'J 4 -A 5' -. , , -. -5-39,4 f -1. . ' . .1 , ffm.-mi, iw-af 1-5. - ' '- U. ,-' I--fu 5 . .,- , - ,.- ' .- gl W---.ia f .- -- .N -. - - 1.--,.. . ' V , . -'1-, r- ., yy. -.5 sy .4 . -. . ., , F. 1. V. X.. ' Ii, 37... .f. -'Y '- L, - A :.'.41.' . 4 -' 1 -xg. . ' ' uw- .few .2 Qu' '. .-1-if -. .HZ ,.. -.-J. -'J-,.l.5' f1':'g"-fl'-'Q":? 1.-ez' f -- ',' -pi . , . ., .v :'- 'fl i--'Z' . :- .24 -1529-'j ,, "f"'f.h1g,,T -' ' S -9- -I ',- L vu ,gg -- i. 1 ' n .., , ..,. , x.. -- 5. 3 ' 5 ' .r., I' . 4 ---- 1 f,,.,.' Ang., "- -::,,:'f Y LG: ,i g .- my-..,g1 in--f. -. ' .- ' " ' IJ- 5 I-i v"X'- . f- --.C 1 J - 215'--'-P' -f"..',t-----em L-2.3--g,"'f A' f 1 1 -g'.', ' -- .1-.S-.'.ET---:af . :.-D, 'fu .. g .gi"". J.,- 1..:-' 4 f '3 " ' ' '.+-12.11552 ff-Is"-15' .i",. 1'1'f-S-Tw. ."'54ff I 1 ' - 425'-'::'.i' , f-. . . . , A-. -5- --gxgiw. ug .--.--f:A-'.5- r- ', , ----"n,g.':,:' V-., .-1 vw J 1- s -4 -' - , 5-.-3 .-,-, -.y.x- x pq-f--1'-4-31 Q rf-g,.-'-,:.:----f-:,-A--fm .. 55,-1 -.,.,eu:+- ' .4 q , Q -l'.".5g?i. ,. . A 1 V-f , ,, 4. , Mr, 3. .,.i..... - - . f' ,L gf -- f,,..,.,: --.,. - ' 4-f -,, ."-..,- .r,'..':,.:Hrj-CL , , '-' fl ,L ,,,. . .. . " "-,' ,- x--.3 ".:. 'qu -I '."' 5 ' A ' I 1 I 'Q,.L'..'1 - . ,-'-, , t k - f , . - . . ,.,, g . 51, . A . 1. J , L. .2 . W - . ,I J E' P u r ,. I P v I 4 fx Q 'fs-. 'Q . Q x -,, f A .". fs, K ' .L A, ,.: H 1 - L 0 G 1 9 2 2 H245 1 EE ' 1 EE EE . ' . E 2 E . ai I E1-E , E p IRE!- HHH- gtg . Q., 'gtrghi 13 -3-EEHEEI V I ' lfefg rr-P , . , K 7 . - . A 'j www!! f:i..5:-1 ,. , -, if A - my , ef' ' 1 rf '. 1: gf .ff ' A A f::'. 'Pi -g' - ' Q' - .. ,fg'f5.T- -5 Q3:fy-.QSfffA'.i,,NV' -- V' :,.rfi..J'f- Ng fff,"i'k5.T"?g?rf? Ty ai ' Y- ...xg V A . '- 'f 'N' A' raw W v -Q., sg 1 8 Clk kj-L'rf:1. - K,-qi-K sg! 'N1 ikdfyh 1. Y 'Pa . X53 3-N192 L " 'Q J W - .--.:. J , h Tix, ST M A H+, a.-.. gran' U. 21... , x fFf?,4,j- ' "1-5' -:YS 'Ls 13 ? .,.s4 ,-,'1,.- : X ga. r Yr X N , N f F- ,us L55 1 ,, 1 J 'ii-fx r Y Y N 4. yi!! E . A r 1 lx, s Q k X :FQ '41 iw S,-A ,x J. . Nw, . 1 HZ L: 1,4 xx f Mis.. heb' P+ X f' sx A wi. 5,15 1,4-A L' ' 'QL 5133 IQ r V ,gk gagsgf 1, xTJ?5Q-: 'f ,J-X 9 222 'X f , tx' 1.41 Y 1 if . . '?:QQ2- .mx--g,, 5 ' ws! Nigga: ,-, V . KHQFZ E E1',3Pf5 ,,,,,., 145.34 law 1 ' ,611 flsif' '1f'R SE 5' is? X,-b. iii? .f -ev, -2 -- . Q x ..2'7.',: X,-"ie, , , . '1YAa'Q": 1' pg' " 'V ,A . Wa ky,f-x- xx ,:v! "A . wx x Q 'f... I ' 7 1ff7f:s1 m x Xb I K X I k N' X , , 9 1 E: , J Q' .AJ A .-. 5. Lf, X vp Q -Z .-u . 15 ' N- W 535: vi Ewa- '-'wg if 415' ,A . , . . I x. . N 5' 'giffikffl K - ' 4 if 2, I " A 'f 435'-i'Q?, :-fl N M' F-ii x - xl- ,. .' "Mmm ' N-a ML :gr-xx .., Q-.,gL,,wg, 5. fxk. - ,. aids, fs -pei x ,-Q. Y . . kg-1. e-. . V+ 35 ,. .ggi-fv'-'?'1F - f - ,, 'H-,,4rxNXf.. 5, Y ?'f 1 ' ease":::' :::::'4'::': f:::aa+:Z S'::i::i.::::::::':::::: ':::. ,.,, x if 1755. .v l E . 1 . , 'fr' 1 3 ' li- J .JW sk- I 'N lf - 'L I - 'i 'J :r lf? fi - In :' ig :H -1 W -T Q-qw-1-arp--..,' qu li PF , ' 315 I gig 2- :TZ :ii sl: HF :ii si: si: , E15 313 nu as " -w-.- T vlf . 1 - - ET? nu qi lf! J I T -- -- iii its? S 2 Eli : E si: gi: 1 :ls Ji ..i.. HE 'E .il-G si: P bl hed by th HI LOG STAFF fth Mt Ve 1 Hgh S hool Wt V A, 1922 :is S: .L EE ---V. L 4 4 Yi N 1 1 -fr' J f f 1 -i 1 1 A ,. 4 H . w , 1 V - 1 . p H I - L 0 G 1 9 2 2 3563569515555 ,f Q E5 ' in Bla 'zmilliarxns jillzyarhlt, A gg EE hxlm has giheu in 1112 E E V 3151. 33212111111 Qliigh jrluxnl- A QE sixiew gears nf faithful szrhi-zz, Hi A iii E ' his lniringlg itnhiraie Y EEE ihis hunk. E : : EE 3553515 H355 :: EE 4 Q EE HE?- - .- as 22 is 235+ Hif- Q : : EE Superintendent Elliott E HEHHEH HEE H I - L 0 G 1 i9 2 2 A , - BMT ,i ,. W: Sp, mmwmm mmmwm 1 . . ' - :: , , T T ' TABLE EF CONTENTS gg . DCdiCflti0bfl 1 gig gg , gg 5 Class Pfofwiaecy 5 T ' C1ass"'Wj11?" E ' C1ssTPoem EE ig h Debate T T .Athletics ' ' Ade r 1 ' Q VCI' ISCIIIEII S - QE IE i EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH w . ' .f .' K .sk . G 51: :ti it 212 sis 51: :is 21: its ig ns' 215 :is :ts :is :is 9: 21: :E Ei! Sli Top Row: Kendrick Baldwin, Karl Van Aman, Harold Cunningham, Robert Appleton, Myron Eggleston Middle Row: Mr, Folter. lrcne Thomas. Anna Sanderson, Etlie White, Elizabeth Houck. Marietta Berger Doris Simpson, Mr, Boyle Bottom Row: Leia Darling. Doris Pipes, Colin Montis, john McKinley, Olive Smith. Pauline Taylor 2 Z sg Hz-Log Staff E13 E15 5 5 EE Editor .............. Colin Montis Picture Committee Anna Sanderson Business Manager John McKinley Doris Simpson Assistant--- Harold Cunningham i Pauline Taylor Treasurer --..-. Robert Appleton Class Poem ........ Ethel VVhite Artist --- .-.. Kendrick Baldwin Class VVi1l --.-.- E1izabeth'Hosack Jokes ..... .-... O live Smith Typists -.---.-. Marietta Berger Assistant -... ....-- D oris Pipes Lela Darling, Irene Thomas Athletics - - --.. Karl Van Aman Faculty Advisors ...-.- Mr. Boyle Assistant .--..-- Myron Eggleston Mr. Foster Q E HHHHHHHHHHHHH 1922 LOG HI HHHHHHHHHHHH 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 C H 1 - L 0 Gs 1 9 2 2 51113 . . . EE H C KOCH H Q h Oh U ty QE P p l EE MRS ILA x1 NIABB STE EE H c ll ge EE :: E gl h d H story : : EEE fHE'r E xuss I gugxhlcoolxs ' estem C H g f W 3 IHEHH-EH ,EEF EE!- : : Miss ALILE CAMPBELL : : EE Univ ty f NI h g gg L t :: Q? NIR W. C. SUTER 2 Q Bluffton college 3 Q 2 Physics 2 n U HI - L o G C1 9 2 2 EE E Miss HB1 EN COLVILLE EE ll oster College EE lil- th matics MISS FAXL CLINE - Oh U ity 235333- .3533-EE 52 Eglh ii! E! A 135335333 E MR. CHARLES KIRKVVOOD 5 : : . St 1 U ty : : EE Agriculture EE H 35+ EE Miss FRANCES BENEDICT QE -EE Ohio Wesleyan EE gg Science QE 353353 353353 ? NIISS MARY LEONARD E I I " " 2 F U sity of Michigan EE EE 1 U 'ty of Chicago gi: E 1 Nl thematics E 354- 353353 EE 353353 E 353353 353 H I - L O G 1 9 2 2 235+ I354- 1353 I353 Q MRS. ESTELLA SUTER gg TIS ii ouerbein C ll g 1 Q 5 History a d E gl h S! gl NIISS HAZEL XVORLEY 5 E E Oh St t Universify E I 2 E gl h d History F 5 :E E 537 '11 U5 5 Z O D-4 VJ O21 O v-4 F' Fl EE S and Economics M tt C ll g 2353353353 1353353353- 313 hh 5 ,555, 5.55. 5 ,5 " ? E! if MRS. HAROLD woorsox ' EE Ohio Wesleyan m E Domestic Art , 353553 1353354- E 3-4 U1 TA Z D1 F' F' F1 FJ E U1 '11 'TI Z D1 :U if Michi an a e orma 2 E ' D5 tst gciglce 1 ' ' 2 H 1 - L 0 G 19 2 2 235+ ' r 5131 ii: 1 215 MR. CPORKL LOSPILR ohio st 1 U ty S 1235+ IEE? , I MISS u1.Am's I-IADLEY - I Ohio Wesleyan 5 5 5 Mathematic : : QIISS 1x11?T1is ob I C H g E15 ES ' Zljli Hill Cyl ll gig Miss nom ua gig Office 'rrain g s 1 1 EE 35 EE uslgmisu u n4Ifu' 2 ... .- 151 Pi 3' CI P"4 I P4 F' ID u lu I ui ull n.l1n-lunlyuvl O III:- E9 In ,en- .. 9-CI U 1:- wi FIS ff: 451- I I sis : : SHE!- MR. H-XRRX NEYVWILXN ig if Oh L ty if : : Mal l I' g d 2 1 E Me h l D g :E-itll'-EE - MISS NIH DRILD EW IWC hi? EE Oh U t EE EE F h m - - , E 5 MISS HULAH PHILLIPS EE E Ohio State University E E History .and Latin EE Q , E E E E gig mss FLORENCE PARKS E QE Ohio University EE Q English MISS SHIPLEY E Denison Coll g EE EE Mathemati E E nn. PHILIPPS 2 io Nor ern gg EEE iii 1' C3 Q xx: na EE U 1 ll!l'Il'l 4.9.4. Hfl'iLl' ,nil IL! mi .u l. 'IIII' ..,.. tlhl III ll I 1 I i SE Sta 219 et: fi: J: T iii :S if E442 in fi F Nl HVYD' 4 SPE iff 59: 1 rf! Q us nr ZZ as EHID I2 555 Hazel Edith Agnew: English Course, 17 credits. Athenaeum 121g Girl's Glee Club 143- 'lBetter be small and shine, than be great and cast a shadow." Robert Chase Appleton "Bob": C01- lege Course, 16W credits. Boys' Glee Club 135g Roof Garden Revue 1359 Orchestra 13-41g Senior Play 141. "He fears the wiles of maiden smiles, But they like him none the less." Frank Kendrick Baldwin "Ken": Col- lege Course, 17 credits. X Orchestra 11-2-35g Hi-Log stall' 147. "You can't judge a book by its cover." Thyra Bartlett: College Course, 1895 credits. Glee Club 12-3-43g Roof Garden Revue 133g Dramatic Club 145. "Love is such .a gentle thing, May much of it the future bring." Marietta Berger: Commercial Course, 19 credits. Forum Statl' 145g Hi-Log Staff 141. "She talks but little-that's her greatest charm" it SE I EE its as -.- H I - L O G l 9 2 2 Ethel Phyllis Blaine "Radu: English Course, 1695 credits, Athenaeum 12-39g Roof Garden Revue 131. U "All flowers start with a 'Bud'." James Lester Brining "Bill": Com- mercial. Course, 16 credits. Basket Ball C3-4-5Jg Football C4-55. "He's our English tiger and he's got the grit." Edna Olive Burke 'lEddie": College Course, 17M credits. "Chl fairest of the rural maids! Thy birth was in the forest shades? Carl Hays Clark "Bingy": Commer- cial Course, 16 credits, Football C4-51. "Better late than never." Edith Louise Cleeland: Scientific Course, 17342 credits. Athenaeum C2-355 Glee Club 12-3- 4Dg Roof Garden Revue 131g Junior Quartette 1315 Dramatic Club C4lg Senior Play 145. "Her dimple is her greatest charm, But she has lots of others." il! EIS 2' -- il? Sli iii . v ag eyzxvg ww., :mu will F5 f 'fa japuisxlvlx Ag b I I 1 xi ilfiiiinr la fi il ig 1 1 5 -44 M :iL3'hii'EiEiifE!EE'i3?a iii'FwE'l Joseph Cawley Cleeland "Joe": Eng- lish Course, 1655 credits. Delphi 12-335 Glee Club 1335 Roof Garden Revue 1335 Class Secretary 1335 Orchestra 1335 Class President 143 5 Midsummer's Night's Dream 143 5 Dramatic Club 143. "There's nobody like a preacher's son And .loe's our 'prexy' too." Marguerite May Cochran: English Course, 21 credits, Bose Maiden 1135 Glee Club 13-4- 535 Roof Garden Revue 143. "I have fought a good fight, 1 have finished my coursef' Olive Bell Colwill: Commercial Course, 1616 credits. "She speaks when she is spoken to And that she does with speed." Alice Louise Creeden: C 011 C g e Course, 17 credits. Princess Kiku 1235 Athenaeum 11- 2-335 Roof Garden Revue 1335 Dram- atic Club 1435 Girls' Booster Club 1435 Senior Play 143. ' . "She is pleasant to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think of." Harold B. Cunningham "C00kies": College Course, 18 credits. Forum Staif 1235 Hi-Log Staff 1433 Football 133, Captain 143 5 Basket Ball 12-3-43. "By loud acclaim the tallest hero on record." Fl lm: :rn :ms ra zillcipzaqfizgeigv'-532141 Straus' l ++fT?sTELEl1! gilikiilffxiilllrwviiifiglklii"f'f+i1irf7fl:f::i-' 'xv 'v:-'V' Hi EE ii 1 E i Hi' Eli EE - - P I EE Paul Dixon Cunningham " Big IEE ' ' Cooks": Scientific Course, 16 cred- E EE liS. EE E Basket Ballg Footballg Glee Clubg : : .. - Boys' Boosters Club iPres.J, Mb, gg 2 "Give to the world the best you 2 Q have, EE And the best will come back to EE ' ' you." ,E -- Lela Leontine Darling "Ning: Com- 2 mercial Course, 17 credits. EE Q Roof Garden Revue 639g Forum Q ' ' Stntl' f4l3 Class Secretary C413 Dram- E 5 utic Club 145. E 5 "XVe wonder if he really is such a I 2 i :E 'Scam '." ' 2 I I ie p 1 :: 2 : - -A Charles Lepley Davis "Chas.": Scien- QE tific Course, 17W credits. E 'EEE Orrville High C1-2Jg Delphi f3Jg Forum Staff MJ. :EE : : "Yes, I ani funny, but not quite a E ? ' joke." Q E I i l l ' ' 2 : Frances Louise Dempsey "Jack": is gg Scientific Course, 16M credits. EE Q- Roof Garden Revue C351 35 " ' "She delivered many a knockout- EE : : v' h h , , ss : : E vvlt cr L3 cs. . . E l I Q Mary Eleanor Dorgan "Steven: Latin Q Q Course, 18 credits. EE ji Parochial School C1-25g Roof Gar- E 2 : den Revue 431g Glee Club C3-453 2 S : 2 Dramatic Club 1453 Girls' Booster 5 : : 3 Club C453 Senior Play C4Jg Miss Bob Ei! White 431. Q Q: "An Innocent face-but you never E EEE can tell." I . Harold Floyd Dougherty "Rcd": Commercial Course, 17 credits. "It's the little things that count- freckles." Claren Emmett Duke "Dukie": Col- lege Course, 17 credits. Football C415 Basket Ball 143. "A night owl, and a wise bird, too." Myron Mitchell Eggleston "Scr0oge": College Course, 17 credits. Glee Club C2-3-415 Roof Garden Revue 133g Dramatic Club C453 Mid- summer Night's Dream 145. A "He,s so small, he's hard to find, But there is wit upon his mind." Banning Errett "Reds: Scientific Course, 16 credits. Delphi C1-2-3-419 King of Diamonds C333 Forum Staff C1-25. "All great men are dying, And I don't feel well myself." Kathryn Allen Fairchild "Kate": Col- lege Course, 17 credits. W Princess Kiku C253 Athenaeum C1- 2-3Jg Miss Bob Xvhite i313 Roof Gar- den Revue f3J. "My heart's in the Forest a chasing a Dear." Hazel Fishburn "Hazen: College Course, 18 credits. "Her manners all who saw ad- mired, Courteous and gentle, tho retired." Encil Fletcher "Fletch": Conunercial Course, 16 credits. Basket Ball t5Jg Football C4-53. "Just how could we have won without 'Fletch'." Edith Letts Fory: College Course, - 1724: credits. Athenaeum C1-2-31g Class Pres- ident C213 Princess Kiku f2Jg Miss Bob NVhite 135g Roof Garden Revue 1315 llldSllllllI1Cl' Night's Dream C455 Dramatic Club 145. "Aliho she was raised upon the farm, lt did 11ot take away her charm." Byrdie Forsman: English Course. 1616 credits. "Every Byrdie has its 'Bill'." Mable Pauline Gleason "P0lly": Eng- lish Course, 1756 credits. "Give nie time, I'll not worry, Great things are not done in a hurry." ll 'g'rc's:1'n I ' 6 l E. - El O G lt 9 2 .Z Dana A. Harper: Scientific Course, 17 credits. Roof Garden Revue 137. "A guileless youth with brains is ' he." Eli F. Harris: English Course, 16 credits. Bladensburg C1-2-33. "Although a country lad is he NVe're glad he came to M. T.V." Mary Frances Higgins: English Course, ICSW credits. X Roof Garden Revue CSD. "The fair, the chaste, the unex- pressive she." John Abbot Herron "Abb": College Course, 16M credits. DelphiC2Jg Glee Club C2-353 Roof , Garden Revue t3Jg Dramatic Club t4Jg Foot ball 145g Midsummer Night's Dream 143. "Too much rest is rust." William Glenn Hess: Scientific Course, 16 credits. Bladensburg C1-2-35. "My heart in yonder hamlet lies." s 1 x n My its -N:gfq'nxx's.umr'unlnnuilifginlnulllrll innngzmtsi-innlxnjqifxgixgiuueiiLLisrI:iLnkuL5111yQ5lgm,f1,Qi: hz?tmf'l.aiswl'i.11f+E?E1niexliil'ifl"fii+u'3l1:1s: il sv Irhstl u-n mn n lllllyllhgli an affifxffmlsxlnnnlainma-f'n11'54'5Sff.l11114112 J QHHHHHHHHHHHHEHIgLOClIQZZEHHHHHHHHHHHHQ Q Q Q Elizabeth Hosack "Liz": College 5 F : Course, 18 credi s. . 2 S E Princess Kiku fgbg Athenaeum 12- :. : 315 Dramatic Club f4Dg Hi-Log 145. SE, 2 "She talks so incessantly that the EE EE echo hasn't a fair chance." EE IH IH Q QE Clyde F. Houck "Gus": Connnercial E ii Course, 16 credits. ' Q EE Football C3-41. E E "A straight, upstanding lad am I." : : : : EE I Q Q Q Q QQ Milda Pauline Jacobs "Johnnie": Col QF Qi . lege Course, 18 credits. gt: E Roof Garden Revue i335 Glee Club E I : : : 2 "Life is shorh and so am I" 2 Q V Q Q Q Q Q Ruth Adell Johnson: College Course, 212 QE 18 credits. QE E "She's here-I heard her giggle." Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q iii Elwood Charles Jones "Bashful": iii if Scientific Course, 16M credits. it-E : :-L West Technicial, Cleveland C1-2-35. I I 2 "Hark, I thot I heard a feminine gg QE voice, and it usually says something, EE Q too." QE Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ' Q Q Q HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH W , S Q, vi 1'-MH 5 if -1 i-' "sg,-5 .i yixlyrt .vu -' :. .NA 'S'T7h"'S''77'ZE':,'EI,:-ffffiiAES' George Morrow Kahrl: College Course, 18 credits. Delphi C1-27g Forum Staff C1-2-413 Glec Club C2-31g Miss Bob NVhitc C333 Roof Garden Revue C353 Booster Club C4Jg Dramatic Club C455 Midsummer Night's Dream C4D. ' "George is one of our faithfuls and hc's usually ri-ght when he argues too." Bertram William Kleiner: Scientific Course, IGBQ credits. Rose Maideng Glee Club C3-4Jg Roof Garden Revue C355 Orchestra C3-43. "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." John R, Lamson "Johnnie": English Course, 16 credits. Orchestra. C2J. "He loves to chase alone, but he makes a good pairf' Thelma Edenia Larabee: Commer- cial Course, 17 credits. "Full many a pupil has become more famous than his master. Lorena Latimer: Scientific Course, 1610 credits. Orchestra C3-43. "Laughter makes the world go round." if i l 13 i'lSi'l Ray Lepley "Lep": Scientific Course, IGBQ credits. Blndcnsburg 11-2-33g Debate 143. "What I attempt, I do." Marjorie Elizabeth Level-ing "Marin: College Course, '16 credits. Fredericktown 11-2-33. "True to her word, her work, and her friends." Evelyn Levy: College Course, 19W credits. Princess Kiku 1233 Athenaeum 12-33g Orchestra 1333 Forum Staff 133g Roof Garden Revue 1333 ,Glee Club 12-33g Accompanist 143g Dram- atic Club 1433 Midsummer Night's Dream, Accompanist 143. "With a piano I'll charm you." Eleanor Elizabeth Lorey "Bill": College Course, 17 credits. Princess Kiku 123g Athenaeum 12-33g Basket Ball 11-2-33g Class President 133g Miss Bob White 133g Dramatic Club 143. "My heart leaps up when I behold a man." Joseph McCarthy "Joe": Scientific Course, 16 credits, Parochial School 11-23. "Although he came in late-wetre glad he's in." Q T Q Hi 5 ...- 'iii ..- -- EE QE 1 :ta E I 3 3 ll I I I .- QE ,I 2 John Charles McKinley "Jack": Sci- QE : : entilic Course, 17 credits. - - SIE Delphi I1-2-Big Football Mig Hi- gg ig Log Staff 449. QE E "I like the brunettes, but, Oh, the :IE E blondes!" E : : EE Et? Helen Gould Merrm "Tony,': College 3 : Course, 17 credits. :E Q om Club 12-3-414 Roof Garden QQ Revue 1313 Dramatic Club 147. ' " "There is little of the melancholy Q EE element i11 her." 2 iii 1 : 2 S Q I E Ralph J. Mill "B. J.": College Course, L- EE 1716 credits. 'E - - Delphi C139 Forum Staff 131. ai' EE "It is certainly something rare, E EE When you catch a teddy bear." E : : : 2 Colin B. Montis "Col": College is 2 Course, UM credits. ai gg Delphi K1-2-355 Orchestra C1-2-31g 2: gli King of Diamonds 121g Forum Staff QE E i333 Midsummer Night's Dream 0155 gli! 535 Hi-Log Editor 449. Q : : "Oh, what a pleasure it is to roam, ji gg About the halls of the Old Ladies' ai ' ' Home." " ' : : EE EE Stanley Blair Moore uglilllui College 2 EE Course, 1734 credits, 2 EE Delphi C1-255 Miss Bob VVhiie C325 I : EE Glee Club Accompanist C2-333 King QE : : of Diamonds C233 Athletic Manager ' ' gg Mig Senior Play i4J. EE gg "My dearest books are in her looks." E I l : Loren C. Murray "Murray": English . i CREP Iiiit EE Course, 1655: credits. qi EE Rose Maideng Delphi fl-2-3Dg Glee 2 2 : : Club C2-3-41. l SE EE "My days pass pleasantly away." E QE Gordon Clark Nixon: English Course, Q 5-E 16176 credits. EE E "Leap year's my only hope." E E Robert A. Odell "Bohn: College . E : :, Course, 17 credits, K : : 2 Glee Club 42-3-45g Roof Gm-den 2 E Revue C315 Booster Club 147. m Q "You never can tell .about Robert if EE Odell." E 2 G. Thurston Parker "Pete": Scien- gg n I lriii- FF -. :D 0 G O I -1 rn .9 bl Q M 5 Q- :J ?' ll I .rift E13 Rose Maideng Roof Garden Revue qi EE C3Jg Delphi Cljg Glee Club C2-33. E EE "The biggest folks have most to E E say. 1 EE I I - E Doris Charlene Pipes: College 5 E Course, 17V1 credits. : : Glee Club C2-3-435 Roof Garden Re- : : 2 vue C393 Dramatic Club f4Jg Hi-Log 52 2 Staff 1415 senior Play 149, QE Q "A contented spirit is the sweet- , iii I I ness of existence." l I ' l I I Eldon Earl Porter "Bud": College Course, 18 credits. Delphi C2-353 Orchestra C2-3-45g Roof Garden Revue C35. "Tall, thin and likeable." Hilda Quack: College Course, 18 credits. Dramatic Club C45. "Take nothing on its looks, Take everything on evidence? Dorothea New Richards: English Course, 16 credits. Glee Club C2-35g Roof Garden Re- vue C35, "My heart is true as steel." Winifred Margaret Riley "lViunie": College Course, 17BQ credits. Athenaeum C2-35g Princess Kiku C25g Roof Garden Revue C355 Miss Bob White C353 Forum Staff C35. "For every wherefore, she had a why." Anna Minerva. Sanderson "Amin: Col- lege Course, 18 credits. Princess Kiku C253 Athenaeum C1- 2-355 Roof Garden Revue C353 Miss Bob NVhite C355 Xvhat Happened to Jones C354 Dramatic Club C453 Mid- summer Night's Dream C45g Girls' Booster Club C455 Hi-Log Staff C45. "Laugh when you are tickled and laugh once in a while anyway." ,1w,f,.1A N ggi Lucy May Scottie: College Course, 1716 credits. Roof Garden Revue 135g Dramatic Club 147. "A small lark may lurk unseen." Lulu Scottie: Commercial Course, 1816 credits. Roof Garden Revue 135g Athen- aeum 1353 Dramatic Club 143. "Beware the fury of a patient woman." Mary Alice Shutt "Shutty": Scientific Course, 16 credits. Roof Garden Revue 1333 Miss Bob Nvllltil 13,3 Girls' Booster Club 14,3 Dramatic Club 143. "Oh, girls! There goes a man!" Doris Olma Simpson: College Course, 17W credits. Howard High School 11-2-393 Glee Club 1413 Dramatic Club 14lQ Hi-Log Staff 141. "Our new arrival who studies hard and does not shirkf' Cedric Leland Smith "Ced": College Course, 19 credits. Delphi 11-2-333 Glee Club 12-313 Hoof Garden Gevue 1353 Miss Bob White 13,3 Forum Staff 12-333 lVhat Happened to Jones 1353 Football 1453 Basket Ball 12-333 Captain 1413 Senior Play 141. ' "And he has made himself a hero grand." A 3: y J, 1 42:i.n'Q "E ' ii 5-fi li 5 -F -f -R'22iE1Tfm'1 n L l EE 1 1 EE i Q iii I I E : i 5 QE Olive Amelia Smith uCill'l'0tSnl Sci- E :: entiiic Course, 16 credits. 2: Q Glee Club C2-3-493 Miss Bob White ? C333 Roof Garden Revue C353 Girls' QE Booster Club mg Hi-Log staff 449, gg gg "A sweet songster, she." EE ' ' I I if Agnes Somers: Comlnercial Course, 2 EE 174 credits. EE EE Roof Garden Revue C313 Glee Club EE ' ' C3-4Jg Dramatic Club 141. EE E "I have more than one use for my E : : eyes." : : E Mary Louise Stonebrook: College :E - - Course, 18 credits. Q E Roof Garden Revue K3Jg Glee Club E : S qfg-3-45. 2 : 2 "By studious means she wins her 2 52 wav." 2 I i . l I gg Wetha Pauline Taylor "Polly": Eng- EE 2 lish Course, 17 credits. 2 : : Forum staff 13:4 Miss Bob VVhite 2 Eli C3Dg Debate C3-4Jg Dramatic Club QE " C414 Hi-Log Staff 141. I ' E "Oh, who will take her place when E I 2 she is gone?" 2 'I E Irene Louise Thomas "Tommy": iii : : Commercial Course. 17 credits. ig E Mforuin Staff C3-47g Hi-Log Staff EEE gt: "Some pep in a small package." 2 ' V MU U7 H U :WU 'lU5"""n 'S 'l 5 Hmmm. i E 3 ig ' 9 95132 f".tfi'lf H wtf! Ri ififffF.iIfiiLT!L2'f'l:".'t FT wif' ' 11i1.'1za?stg.itgloafizstiyififsawzamnizisisatsiisra .i A 5 " 5 1 if Q 2 -f 3 fm-is1:wffhiivftutfwmiifffrwww-wiws 1 Mable Clair Twinem "Mabe": College Course, 18 credits. Home Hygiene Class 1255 Roof Garden Revue 133. "Silence is a good peace maker." Cecil Mae Whetsel: Commercial Course, 18 credits. "Speech is great, but silence is greater." 4 Ethel Vera Whetsel: Commercial Course, 18 credits. Forum Staff 143. "To do good rather than to be C011- spicuousf' Ethel Bliss White: College Course, 17 credits. Princess Kiku 127g Athenaeum 11- 2-35: Forum Staff 1252 Roof Garden Revue 133g Hi-Log Staff 141. "The busy have no time for tears." Ruth Esther Wintermute: College Course, 1795 credits. Athenaeum 11-2-35g Princess Kiku 12jg Roof Garden Revue 131. "Firm and resolute in all that she holds rightft ny us.,-.wa 112235:-aigiiifliiililiffl'E'i'U1fFl'i'i5l+El.!Ug"l1E "J..+.mA" "A'q2F'4.'iUl151fLiF " n+fl+.'i+E':f!lE'liU",FE.'?i'filE1731511:'Kifi.U,Qffiff'ii,l.iL.i.-iE5,f,' Q I I ig',giLi15Qh5fQ3hliihsh:iuji5,a.'nmfsh1f:a'Tll 117511:ull51ixiuf'i14uuiiH'hnaldntnuillrfhiigxluiiiEhfl:sfl11r1ux?:s'.1inil:lrstfgfhxiamalzslixwriwafrlairw l ie- Qi A, ,. Q.. V 1 Y 1 , x f , i William Dean Woodsg Commercial Course, 17 credits. Forum Staff 143g Roof Garden Rev- ue 633. "And there were those who had pink cheeks and ever kindly smiles." Samuel Klinger Workman "Sam": College Course, 17 credits. Delphi C355 Debate MD. "A mouth fitted to speak great things." ' Charles Lewis Wright "-Char1is": College Course, 17 credits. Delphi Gig Basket Ball Q3-413 What Happened to Jones C353 Roof Garden Revue C333 Football 145. "Some men are born great Some achieve greatness- And some can shoot baskets." Frances Elizabeth Jones: Commer- cial Course, 17 credits. -Girls' Basket Ball 133. "From a little spark may burst a mighty flame." Leroy A. Slusser "Roy": Scientific Course, 1816 credits. Howard C1-2-33. "The world knows nothing of this great scholar." Curtis C, Grubb "Curt": English Course, 1.9 -credits. W Football Q4-553 Senior Play. "His hair, it is so slick and black, I'm sure he uses J ap-a-lac." Kenneth Hoffman "Ken": Commer- cial Course, 1616 credits. " "We wish we knew." V M !"' 7'l3-lii:fVli1Ii11l1'1!- .VN 13.3 'lf ' .XP Q 5 Y l .M it 4..,i.5:.f,5J-2.5-7-u.13.,f:Qva..5,.-t. 413, .L To ., Ill!-QLIQQKANY watlifily 5 ' HHHHHHHHHHHHHiHI-LOG IQZZEHHHHHHHHHHHHE ST: :ii 1 Q 112 IIIVI .... 'llll fll'l Zllil Si! n,l1 IFF :is 1-w Tl I-I ...- QW 2. 2 EHR ' A -A 2 at If ll 1 as mx: - 1 1 W , A , , I f Y 1, 1 , 1 , f 1 mg 1 u z a I sum :Lynn HHHHMHHMHQHQMWP, HZ H HHHHEHHHEEEHIHH H.N mv nv.Mmw - Us V w ' C0 V PM 3 A U2 Q ' v I I 1 ,I , ' , 1 1 ,II'lIll'l I1 Kll I ' i' 'I H I I VI l'! ' Lfl- 1 -Uli ' E I ! ' ' ! ' Y!! i' ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 I 1 I E 2 ' ' ! - 4 4 Q HHEHHHMHMTmM.MMHHMMHHMHMHMEH QHHHHHHHHHHHHLHIQLOCIIQZZSHHHHHHHHHHHHE E E 3 ' I SENIOR PROPHECY i QE Altho I am a prophet of no slnall power and ability to look i11to the EE EE future, nevertheless I did not consider myself equal to the enormous if Q task of foretelling the future of the Senior class with its glaring uncer- EE if tainties and dubious personnel. But the class must know its future and E EE it must be found in some manner, so after much hard thinking and gg :E sleepless nights, I finally hit upon exactly the correct method of securing EE E-:EE a carefully considered and absolutely true prophecy. 'W 2 E Accordingly I betook myself to a certain secret part of the world, EE EE tl1e whereabouts of which is known to no other mortal, and, having JE E gone thru the proper rites and assumed the proper posture, I spoke thus: 5 E O come ye magic spirits of the rustling air! ye unseen guardians of the it EE fathomless deep! Tell me the future of the Senior Class, and take care EE E to mlallielit truthful and vivid. h EE Q Q ad no sooner spoken, than, as I expected, I heard a rustling noise Q Q 5 and saw before me one of the immortal spirits of the air, who spoke to EE me saying: "O cousin prophet, know that you have been wise in selecting EE 1 this methol of foretelling the future of the classg know also that as the E futures of thousands of other classes must be told at this time, my E brothers are all occupied with this work and even I must soon leave E EQ thee to go about my business. Therefore, O my son, I will leave thee Qi gtg this crystal wherein may be seen your class's future, but take care that EE you do not gaze therein till the time for the prophecy l1as come. And EE QE also take care to warn your class that if they do not laugh at, and make EE the most of a disagreeable or joking prophecy it will but disclose their E EE inward guilt to their fellowmeng but also remind them that "a man may Ef- Q I smile and smile, and be a villianf' QE EE So saying the spirit placed this crystal in my hand and departed. EE EE But now that the time for the prophecy has arrived, I will but repeat EE SE . to you the spirits warning, and tell you the secrets of the globe. EE The first sight that greets my eyes is that of our esteemed and rev- -E erend class president, Joe Cleeland. I see that he has become the pastor Et: 2 of the only church in'Howling Gulch, Arizona, and has an ad in the EE E monthly paper to secure parishoners. He now fades, and there comes 5-:E : 2 to my sight our present hopeful, blooming George Kahrl. My glass tells : : EE me that he has become one of the greatest scientists of the day, and , E EE ' has already announced to eager humanity his one 22111131 only discoyeliy, 35 ' 2 that if two tons of electrified radium could be poun e into a rat- 0 e, : 5 535' we would have, for the same purpose, no further need of sand. He goes, E E still arguing. And now I see a figure that in some way resembles Myron if QE Eggleston, but he has false whiskers, bushy 'eyebrows and a slouch hat. E I perceive that he is hlling the eminent position of chief detective-and 'EE only one, in fact-of Hogwallow, Kentucky, and even while I look he 2 Q HH HHHHHHHHHHHHH H I - L O G 1 9 2 2 l ll I 1 EE nabs. a kid who was t1'y1ng to steal an all-day-sucker, and celebrates it EE ai as lns first arrest in ten years. I now discern that the ofiicial force of E EE Howling Gulch is greatly strengthened by the presence of Dean VVoods if E as chief of police, who, .having Iilled up his gun with notches, has 200 of E QE A them on his door-post. The thriving metropolis of Howling Gulch diss 5 E, appears, and in its place I see New York City, now famous for its fam- QE E ous school of crooks, of which Charley VVright represents the principal, EE superintendent and faculty. Howl quickly things change. I now see Qi E Ralph.Mills operating a second-hand store in Bangs, Ralph is offering 332 for sale one dozencarpet tacks, three dozen second-hand cigars, one E Q apple core, a dead cat, and two marbles, all for a dime. My sight is now EE E turned to Columbus, Ohio, where Abbott Herron is motorman on a EE EE street car, his reason being that he always did want to run things. There EE EE I now see an enormous city hall where Robert Appleton, working in QE E the interest of the Society for Aiding Blind Mice, is making 2111 eloquent EE QE speech. But his audience is composed of one man-the janitor. There :EE Q IIONV appears to my eager eyes the vision of Loren Murray, who, besides gig b,eing the best tooth driller east of the Mississippi, during his dentist ,fig work has pulled a tooth with roots two feet long hanging to it, thus 2 :QE establishing a world's record. But what do I now see? There is Ced E Smith, who has become coach of the Jug Run basketball team, cele- 2 Q2 brating his great victory over the Zook quintet, thus establishing the gig Q25 championship of Knox County for towns of not over twenty-five in- gig 3 habitants. And now I see that Alice Creedon, after many long and stren- QE :EE uous years, has become the better three-fourths of the Jug Run coach. :QE 2 But this too passes away, and in its place I see "Cookies" Cunningham, 512 QE who has just become a movie actor, taking the giant's part in "Jack the 2 ? Giant Killer," and I also perceive that our Anna Sanderson having like- ? :Z wise entered the movies, has taken the part of .I ack in the above men- 2: EE tioned production, and in killing the giant has done the most effective E 2 : acting thus far seen on the screen. This now is gone. But I wonder what : : EE has become of the rest of our female class mates?-are they all dead? E IEE Oh, I see. Here is Pauline Taylor, who, having used her great oratorical E gtg power to become famous the world over as a woman suffragist, has E E finally decided that woman's place is in the home, and settled down to E her former quiet, useful life. And there is Elizabeth Hosack, decked in ag E a long' purple gown with a mortar-board cap, receiving the presidency E if of Oxford College. And now I see Lela Darling-but what a place! EE QE Oh, I see. She is secretary of the Y.VV.C.A. in the Fiji Islands, and that E QE accounts for all those chickens and watermelons I see around her. And 5 there I see Evelyn Levy, who by 11111011 hard toil has acquired the posi- E if tion of pianist in Hiram Hayseed's Jazz Orchestra at Hunt Station, and E E Eleanor Dorgan, likewise of Hunt Station, whoahas made a name for iii herself by teaching dancing at that place. But what is this? Well, I'll E E be blowed! If here isn't our present mass of brain and brawn known .j EE 52 H I - L O G 1 9 2 2 5 as.Ray Lepley. And he has become .the world's most famous historian E EE and essayist, and even now he is writing a history of two hundred vol- if umes on '6The Downward Progress of the Skirt since Nineteen Twenty- if 32 1 EE two," and up on the shelf I see his recent production of fifty volumes E on "How to Chew Gum." And now comes another vision. Yes, as I sus- b QE pected, it's Clyde Houck, who, having-become horseshoe pitching chain- EE EE pion of the world, is now working on a plan whereby shoes may be EE pitched between Mars and Earth. Well, look at this! Here I see a grand E-E Q carnival company, most etticiently managed by Roy Shields, and com- QE EE posed of Pete Parker as fat man, VVinifred Riley as slim woman, Hazel EE 2 Agnew as the shortest woman on the globe, and Cecil and Vera Whet- 2 sel, who pose as the Siamese twins. Also connected with this carnival I QE :QE see Claren Duke, who runs the merry-go-round, Kathryn Fairchild, who 2 dresses the cupie dolls, Charles Davis, the great cigarette fiend, Glen gg Hess and Elden Porter both of whom sell tickets, and last of all, Gordon 2 Nixon, who drives the mules and the stakes, does the cooking and wash- EE ing and in return gets to ride free on the merry-go-round. Several now EE gg come in quick succession. I see Doris Pipes, manager of the old ladies' EE home, the corpse of Col. Montis, who has died from over exertion of the gg gig brain, together with Ruth Wiliterxnute, who is drawing S500 a night from EE 2 the Ziegfield Follies, Ken Baldwin, who is in jail for stealing washings, L EE and Eleanor Lorey, who has become chief inspector in an enormous gtg needle factory. But look at this muddle. Here are Francis Dempsey, Eg Mable Twinem, Milda Jacobs, Mary Shutt, Mary Stonebrook, Doris Simp- Eg' son, Hazel F ishburn, Theyra Bartlett, Helen Merrin, and Irene Thomas, gg E all of whom are otlicers in 6'The Most Benovolent and Paternal Society 2 2-5 for the Protection of F ishworms, Spiders, VVaterdogs, Frogs and Toads, 2 and for Restoring Sight to all Ground-moles? And here is another prom- 2 EE inent institution, composed of Marguerite Cochran, Elizabeth Jones, Ruth E Johnson, Hilda Quack, Pauline Gleason, and Lorena Latimer, all of 52 E whom have banded together in a society for the suppression of pipe gg 55 smoking. And now comes another prominent bunch, organized into a E professional football team in Alaska, the personnel of which is John Mc- 5 Kinley, Lester, or rather, "Bill" Brining, Paul Cunningham, Carl Clark, :jg Curtis Grubb, Encil Fletcher, and many other Eskimos, all of whom are is ' managed by Stanley' Moore, and "pepped upv by Carl Van Aman, who EE leads the Eskimos in cheers. And now I see another group, composed of 35 SE Olive Smith, Bob Odell, and Edith Cleeland, who are singers in the Owl EE SE Creek Chatauqua Company. But look at this conglomeration. Here are is SE Marjorie Levering, Lucie and Lula Scottie, Ethel Blaine, Dorothea Rich- ards, Olive Caldwell, Thelma Larabee, Mary Higgins, Edna Burke, and as EE Marietta Berger, who are selling Christmas trees to the Eskimos, with EE Agnes Somers as their very, very high-priced manager. Some smaller EE partnerships now appear. I see Ken Hoffman, Joe McCarthy, and John EE QE Lamson organized into a shoe shining corporation With assets of 25 HHHHHHHHHHHHHEHI-LOClIQZZWHHHHHHHHHHHHH ill I I lI'll l'll'lIl 'I' 'llEl'lI I ll'l'l' I i li' W JMHMMMMHHmMmHHHHMH 3E'55'EET:'2SEEE'E'WS '-:Hr-10-wean :am- 5-Q.. ,:.':cnf-4-gf:':"f,cg....g:,. '-,..,g?g.F'g"G5A,5q'UE.E."3m -UEB'-:mZiiO0SSLD-gm m9o'mQ.r-.gfD,,snCQl5 H' Ora W SD 51 -L '-:beams 5- 2'- Q""l0 5 UQ U"v-1 xr-I ,,,, 5 D' SDm0l'5n-In-u 'mwQ,.7T'---Qommocn'--an mo 'm""1'L'J ,.,mtUCD5. Efvzsrri.-. .-4-':,:,,m'-:De "' UQH-D"Q'5 v-'f-'mfDm:- gr ro-fm-J-H-mv-1... 5-gmnfbmzrn-::f""Om'm f19i2D'-'mifbcw-"3-'U"5'D9m oz: H-"1 14. :::..:. sw-'mio .57 '3ms"F3. Q. Q.,-2.5,-vez:-5','ggQO 2,301-:v:g"p4-262 CDPPNE w5.:.5D.z--'.-roiwrg? ' tdsciwf-mm 059,-sm 3 svowmiwgmvds mompixiim mg'-sg.-+ 'f"S":h5i9Qa-EANFQE-55" mv-grqm..g3 H HUG b-4-5-'Dom """1a752sr?-IMP1'-AP WSZ4 0140527 'WD aoiogifggipi-354 Ph -1 gg: OSFQZE-'goal C. Omigmiflmmb:-hmg-'QD5 f3SmQmZg'3Sw33 Q'E"5E9h"fU"'45'gEm"'i:bhQ9 H-ggaiiwmmeaiaa .... H, Q3QU2Ui5'Sf'Ig9E3's.m Fl' " . 145'm.-.,.g2E.m5gEgDa ::S5mOU9""v-1 0""0 4 n-1 n-HQUQQ Q':1 m"' 9-d.U,,g'pDCD ,.,,SD 550952: 2- n-1 mmm I-'Omg oS'3O:gOf-3e'::.w-'U U :.f:H',cg"tgg2s.Eg-F-'f'?O 3-2"e?sQt,'-FE-Zwfig.-Oi' mg5'j::Ea5'Q3Ioof"5, r Hs 22-2155-E5s'gS3f5"2' ,6""'1 "'v so OSP-z:'E7SfTE"'c'E'vfSE9E:s,' Q-I 3'4InUJC'DCDlr-1-CHQA llllll'Hlll'lllll ll . " ' .MMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHH ll ff? Qt O 5 FD fn if 5' O O O D 5 'U ,... fb U1 f-e- 23" CD Q1 da. T3 ..... T37 CD Q- 'U O m ,... F1 O I5 O Ha O 99 ua 7 ,... Q "1 ,... U 99 'U O lil ,... C5 0 cn FV' 97 P+ ,... O P lr: .M his work being to count the coppers as they come in. And here is Byrdie ig EE F orsmen, but what is she doing! Oh, I see. Her mother certainly named is if her correctl , for she is touring the world with a noted opera company 2 2 X Y .... m E and has become famous as an imltator of birds-especially mocking birds. And now my crystal shows me Mr. Leroy Slusser, who also is if touring the world, but not with an opera company. No, he stops in at if little towns, takes a room in a hotel, and, having filled up two or three gross of ten ounce bottles with nine ounces of water and one ounce of coloring matter, he sells them on the street as the Resurrection Bitters, guaranteed to cure anything from headache to consumption. But, when business is low, he also can qualify as an expert juggler, sword swallow- EE er, knife thrower, or even bootblack, all depending on the size and con- E dition of the town. But right at this point my glass shows me no more such wonder- Q ful and truly prophetic visions as I have just described. But when I stop QE EE to think for a moment, I can realize its reason for such queer behavior E Q -the cause simply is that the future of the whole class has been told, Q which fact surprises me, for I supposed that it was absolutely impos- sible for some of our class to have a future-but I guess I must have 2 Q 1 been wrong. l l l l l:. o 92 - , Jil . 2 im' Q is Q E E E E E' E E E E E HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHiHT-LOG IQZZWHHHHHHHHHHHH E ' SNAP SHOTS EE 35 515 IHH H QE H fqfznmia E CNW M' WM' vm Ei? , XJ-Req Wm X'-nm Se. i Q QQXLX, xq4..XX.Xue.1XX 4 . . :: - HAI - L OIG 1 9 2 2 I I 1 1 gg LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Q Q ELIZABETH HOSACK Q E We, the Class of 222, of the Mt. Vernon High School, being of 3 sound mind and memory, most of the time, being fully appreciative of 52 EE our greatness and of our accomplishments, and of the glorious honors E we have attained, unprecedented by any other class in the history of gig is the Mt. Vernon High School, do make, publish and declare this to be 2 E our last VVill and Testament. However, the girls of the class, due to 2 :li their inherent rights, reserve the privilege of changing their minds at 2 5 : any time. 5 : 32 ITEM 1. VVe hereby direct that all our just and unjust debts be aid 32 :E by "Daddy" Kind before the year 1999 I P EE E ITEM We bequeath to the Board of Education all our net income s fi derived from our real estate holdings, being the northern division of le I EF the United States of America, so conquered by our famous basket ball ' tealn, to be used by the Board of Education for the erection of a better and larger high school building for Mt. Vernon, providing this building as be dedicated as a memorial of our basket ball greatness. , ITEM 3. We give and bequeath all our chattels, to-wit:-Ponies, which have been carefully trained by numerous members of our class, E .to any and all the Juniors who may be unable to progress through the ii depths of Virffil. ' E: 5 ITEINI 4. VVe, Doris Simpson, Evelyn Levy and Mary Stonebrook, gl-,E if as members of the Senior Class, do hereby bequeath all our extra if 5 credits, which are plentiful, to Lawrence Hedges, Sumner Lee, and Ei their associates, to take the place of those lost by 'them in going to the National Tournament at Chicago by the way of "box-car pullmansf, QE .ITEIVI 5. I, Anna Sanderson, do hereby bequeath my recipe for E if "Cookies," which I have tried and found successful, to its rightful own- E if er, Eleanor Reese, from whom it came. E gi ITEIVI 6. VVe, the Senior Class, since we have been referred to by EE EE one instructor as the "dumbest class," will not bequeath our victorious Q E Senior debate team, significant of the intellect and brains inherent, QE Q but perhaps not always noticeable, in our class, that is the elements of EE EE preciseness, cleverness, and deliherateness, as shown by Pauline Tay- Q E lor: 'calmness by Ray Lepley: tiery oratory by Samuel NVorkmant, to Q QE any person, but will always hold that team up before the eyes of the Q QE faculty and the school as one example of what this Senior class can g Q do and has accomplished. 2 5 Eli ITEM .7. 'We hereby appoint Mrs. George McNabb, our one instruc4 Q E tor who is forever voluntarily offering motherly advice, as guardian 2 2 for the smallest and youngest member of our class, Samuel Workman. QE Item 8. VVe hereby bequeath the present basket ball team, com- EE El! ' posed wholly of members of the Senior Class, the team that has at- Q - :: m H I - L O G 1 9 2 2 5 tained honors never before accomplished in the history of the Mt. QE Vernon High School, and honors that it has taken this high school over EE fourteen years to attain, the team that has so successfully exemplified E the various qualities and merits of its class in a basket ball way, to wit: E SE -Our gracefulness as displayed by NVrightg our coolness and deliber- EE E ateness by F letcherg our endurance by Briningg the fact that we are E EE always on guard by Cunningham, that we are able to deliver the goods QE EE by Captain Smithg that we hold a part in reserve by Duke, our execu- E Q tive ability by Manager Moore: no, not to any person, or group of per- E EE sons, but to be held in trust and reverence, and respected by all until E some other team comes forward and shows itself worthy of this na- E Qi tion-wide famous team. ' Q EE Item 9. VVe nominate and appoint Miss Hadley to be the execu- E QE trix of this, our last VVill and Testament. We request that 110 bond be EE Q required of her because we have abiding faith in her integrity, and we Q fi do not appoint for her a successor for she will always be with you, as E EE she is not capable of being "McNabbed." EE Dated at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, this lst day of April, A.D. 1922. gli? I Senior Class of '22. Z! Codicil , QE We, the Senior Class of the Mt. Vernon High School, do make, publish and declare this Codicil to our last Will and Testament dated the ist day of April, A.D. 1922. VVe hereby revoke and annul Item 3, concerning the said "Ponies,5' QE gl? of said will, and in lieu thereof we hereby substitute the following, to if: 2 he deemed a11d taken as if originally inserted in said will as Item 3. EE gig Item 3. After the writing of this will, Miss Campbell appointed if 2 herself caretaker of our Pony Farm, and as all our ponies have been Q 2 confiscated by her, we are unable to assist you, poor Juniors, as we QE gg have desired. QE In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 7th day of Q EE Ma , A.D. 1922. t Z! y Senior Class of 1922. EE Signed and 'acknowledged by the said Senior Class as our last 'Will' gig 2 and Testament, in our presence, and by us subscribed as attesting wit- 2 EE nesses in their presence and at their request, and in the presence of each gig E: other, this 7th day of May, A.D. 1922. . QQ lf ' R. Good Spirit. A ig R. Good Sportsmanship. 5 x "'7"" " ' llill ll5l- ll-I lllll IH-Pr 1 - :E 2 E EE SNAPSHOTS gg E E 5 3 E 3 5 5 Q 5 3 3 5 E Q E FUJI :H I ll l llll I WK xa 'fx 35 E E sl: SE 2 2 3 Q I IFE!- Q ' Ei 2 Q 2 2 212 2 Q 2 E 2 5 2 E 52 Q E0 . gg . I QELR Ls - ' Q L L I 5 71 gvwfvf 2 :E , V H . , , ,.. , 2 2 1, ' 5 s IHHHHHHHHHHHHHHQ I '-' t"' 5 o M GD I-4 CD ' IND lx? HHHHHHHHHmmHHHi H H H3 HH EE By Ethel White E 2 N ot a one of us is slow, we've got tl1e necessary pep, E I n athletics or ln studies, we've made the H. S. step, if N ow since We have honors won, in all we've tried to do, F 3 i T QE A E verbody cheers us and says goodbye to '22. . ? T omorrow is before us and there too we're oin ' to win 5: - - g g 2 : SQ E ven though we do not know, just where we will begin gtg 32 E xert ourselves and win we will, so 1922 can say, EE , I l if "N ow they surely had some Seniors in the bob-haired tlapperis da ." L l l - : " 5 T akes lots of work to have your fun, and get your lessons well, QE EE VV e labored and we did it and live the tale to tell. QE WE E xamine all the records, you'1l find these four years past, EE 52 ,N ot every time we were on top, but we always won at last. QE E, T ell the world we'll keep right on, that same good work to do Q I l l E Y ouill know us by our victories, the classmof ,22. EE E T oo short these last four years have seemed. As we go on our ways EE Et VV e always will remember our happy high school days, EE QQ e 0 ur teachers, too, who all deserve, the Seniors' earnest praise. ' Q l A ' ' -: E 1 E ii I i 3 E E HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH m O cn QD IND LO SNAP SHOTS si: IEE? Q Q EE h 1 h A QV NA' X S h m :E E S ' ? SiS fi E A fSS SS SiSS 'S E S SS HHHHHHHHHHHHHEHI-LOC?IQZZIHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHH IHHH Q Q Q Q HHH HHH Q Q Q Q IH IH IH IH HH IHH IH IH ll H U Q. U' sw PF re O o so O :r 'U an E. E eu M H Ill IH IH IHIHH IHIHH Q I I Q HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH il? its its iii Qgi it-Q it as -K- -.0 -- EI: tl? af E E I 2 if EF si: ii ,. I 2 5 :if gg si: its 3 3 l I SIE ii l I li : 3 Wanda Thomas Kenneth Martin : Canon Young Harrison Greer as Elf 11 THE DEBATE AT NEWARK gig G- xl I I EE The aftirmative team was sent happily on its way to Newark with EE many an encouraging, jolly and clever train letter from Miss Koons' E and Miss Leonard's classes. The reading of these made the time on QE the train pass most pleasantly. Members of Newark High courteously met our party, conducted them to the hotel, and offered every assist- 55 If ance possible. - When the hour for the debate arrived, the school auditorium was packed with students and friends. The balcony was a solid lnass of girl students conspicuous in the high school colors: white middies, red tiesg white shoes, red stockingsg white hats, red ribbons. Many of the boys were also gayly attired in white and red. 'Waiters, barbers, porters, and such must have worked without their customary garb Q that night. E The serious part of the program was preceded by some lusty cheering. VVith Beatrice VV ard as leader, the small group of Mt. Ver- non fans managed to emit considerable-noise in support of the af- : 1 firmativc team. Former Mt. Vernon students now at Dennison helped to swell the volume of noise in our favor. 4 Kenneth Martin was the first speaker and prefaced his speech 1: with a few happily chosen words expressing the pleasure of the vis- as iting team and gratitude for kindnesses received. Then he launched : 4 'F I HHHHHHHHHHHHHVHI-LOCl1922EHHHHHHHHHHHHH E bravely and impressively. into the debate of the evening. His IHZID- E QE ner was altogether dignified, easy, masterful. EE Q The negative side of the question was first upheld by Ethel SE E Barnes. The other negative speakers were Paul Pine and Helen Ran- E EE ney with Harold Johnson as alternate. All spoke 'forcefully and well E EE but it was easy to see that the favorite with the audience was Helen E Q Ranney. She was one of the three who met our team last year in de- iii EE hate and while her arguments were no better than, and her rebuttal EE EE not as good as, those of her colleagues, her previous texperience in if QE debate gave her greater freedom and ease upon the platform. Q SE VVhat has been- said of Kennetb's ability as a debater can as truth- Q gg fully be said of his colleagues, Harrison Greer and Carson Young. The E gg good work of the alternate, VVanda Thomas, came to light when our EE EE boys gave their rebuttals. .Upon the favorable ears of Mt. Vernonitcs, EE EE these fell with remarkable ilnpressiveness. They were new, fresl1,- EE 2 not the speeches heard in practice debate, but devised by the debaters EE ? while listening to their opponents' arguments and delivered in a whol- f 5 5 ly convincing 1na11ner. p EE But when the decision of the judges came in, it fell to the affirm- E 2 ative to congratulate the negative. Nevertheless, Mt. Vernon High has 2 ' no reason to be ashamed, but rather, indeed, every reason to be QE :QE proud of her affirmative team. The trouble was only that the judges 52 Q and the Mt. Vernon fans did not agree on the decision. Q : : gr: I I I I 5 5 55 I l I n 2 2 1 HHHHHHHH HHHHHHHW .a........ m in W, A IH IH :mmmm m m 2 m 2 m m m m m m iii m O 71 QD N N m m m m m m m 2 m m m 2 zmmmmi 1 m 2 T 2 Iwfm IHIH ZHHHHH IHHHHH H 1 wmmmm :mmmm it m 2 2 2 E 2 2 E E E 2 E 2 2 2 2 92 SE SE 2 92 .2 52 .2 52 92 52 92 SE E EE Ray Lepley Pauline Taylor I S Vera Pefrine Samuel Wcrkmall : : m v 2 Q THE DEBATE AT MT. VERNON QE Mt. Vernon's negative team met the affirmative arguments of. the EE Zanesville team al every angle and gained 'the judges' decision 111 a EE two to one vote. . . ' I E gig Ray Lepley made it clear that our debtors can pay m due .t1lIlC. E as His arguments that cancellation will destroy confidence XV61gl1Gd E ig heavily in drawing the decision. I I if 2 Pauline Taylor argued that Europe should be alded by planning 5 E a revolving fund of credit and thus stabilize business. Her plan shat- E 3 tered much of the Zanesville argument. . i ' E Samuel l'l'01'1i'I'I'll1I1 closed with a volley of logic and conviction that EE E rounded out the contention and brought victorylto Mtg Vernon. t. f Li if Vera Perrine as alternate did splendid wort 1n t e prepara lon o 2: E arguments and stood ready to help at all times. 1 E EE Supt. A. YV. Elliott was the presiding officer. The J udges were Prof. E EE Delbert G. Lean of Vtlooster College, Prof.ABeverly.Sm1th of Otterbem E ff' College and Prof. C. C. McCracken of Ohio State UIl1V6I'S1ty. EE , Question-Resolved that the United States should cancel the debts E QE incurred through loans to the allies during the world war. . E - E E Q : : m m m tm E Q E R 2 S 1 Q19 EF SNAP SHO TS ' EE 513 313 EE 3: :TS 9: EE ETS S :Ts si: 512 , S,SiSS ,SES 2 f Ep SSSS1 Si SS 512 2 S l QSSS 1.:' SWiQpj Q :E L f gg 4 H I - L O G 1 9 2 2 EE EE Q HARRY s. NEWMAN 2 gg Coach 2 :Q C ' h N Wlll-Zlll, C g t f EE i Oh U "ersity, d pl d li ku 2 E a d b ains at coachm f tb ll d gtg QE b k i bnu. His inn 11 1 ll tl E ? st few wo d H 1 p ? 2 E i h with u 1 t y 2 ll I ll l I .ihhifih U2 H BP 2 F' E11 P4 3 O O 'PU P1 ll l iiiif' 351- ih Bus' ss Manager EE 2 D ty" t rting from the fir t to E EE the b t t m in the t t for EE 2 petition, h -1 5 1 f Mi. gig EE . Vernon High sch 1 ng 2 ? tl leaders of th t t EE Q? Eli ?HHHHHHHHHHHHfHI?LOGl1922fHHHHHHHHHHHH? l it ' I 3 35 HAROLD CUNNINGHAM : : E I End, Captain 2 2 "Cookies" retained his ability to 2 Q throw a pass farther than any body EE Q else we know. Cookies is considered EE " " one of the best players ever turned : : gtg out by the H. S. We are anxious to E know what his record will be in : : college. 'Q Q EE - CREDRIC SMITH Q QE E Fullback Q i i : " if 1 "Cert" This was Ced's first year 1 for foot-ball and he proved himself if E : 1 a star on the Gridiron as well as on QE the basket ball floor. Q - , ii i Z5 I I I - aj CURTIS GRUBB 5 li Center E :: "Curt" proved himself as one of 2 gl-E the best defensive nien ever turned 2 2 out by the H. S. Curt was only able QE EE to play part of the season, on account QE of receiving a fractured arm in the EE Toledo-Scott game. 2 CARL CLARK Q 212 Guard gig E "Bingyr like Houck, quiet but tt Q very consistent player. It will be E Ei t hard to find? H1211 of his caliber. s iii Q iii qi EE RUSSELL WILLETT 6 Q Halfback ai 5 "Russ" is a good man to buck the gtg 33 'line of an opposing tea1n and you can : : 2: count on him to find a hole and go 1. through it. He will be back next year Q Q and will help greatly in the con- Q E struction of next year's tea111. : Q QE LESTER BRINING ' Ei? 3 Halfback 31 2 2 "Bill" small but mighty, was fear- Q ed by all teams. No man was too qi EE big for him. 2 I q EE U, - HARRY DANCEY Q 2 Quarter Back ' ' E 2 I :EE "Hank" taking the place of Claude 2 E-E BICBFOOIH as pilot of the team, proved 2- -I EE to us that he knew something about 52 piloting an eleven. Harry was elected QE Captain of next year's team and we QQ E feel confident that he will H11 this gi position to the best of his ability. it?- CLYDE HOUCK :ii .. I I Tackle 51: - I! I EE As a reward for previous year's QE hard effort as well as his ability to 515 jf fill the position Clyde was chosen as :E E a member of this year's team a11d his if work showed that the selection was : : : : well made. The position requires : E Q nerve, and he had il. gg E F 5? I I H56 El! :li :is QT: Eli: 31: 5: ai: sl: its 212 si: sl: Sli! :iii 51: 21: :Ts iii! ala Sl? :iz :ia Ei! :E 212 SE l . ENCIL FLETCHER Halfback "Fletch" is perhaps the braincst and fastest man on the eleven. We don't think a 111ore consistent man can be found. SUMNER LEE Tackle Sumner came to us this year for the first year and he immediately proved his ability. He has a way of hanging on until the last. r- D l EDWARD ARNOLD End "Ed" far surpassed his former rec- ord: and if he continues to improve in his next years of play as he has this, we will have more reason than ever to he proud of him. . 1 ABOTT HERRON End "Ah" made the varsity in his last year with us, and received much praise in the accounts of the game during the season. His place won't be the easiest to fill next year. EL if als :ii H I - L 0 G 1 9 2 2 I l W : ' it CLAREN DUKE CLARENCE MCLARNEN QE its Halfback Guard if ig While "Slippery" did not make the "Dick.,' This is Diek's first year on Q if lirst team his letter was well earned. the varsity also, he proved to us 2 I if it is too bad they don't play foot-ball that he can hold down the position 2 E at sea. another year. E I QE JOHN McKinley MARCEL 'CORNELL Q EE Tackle Stub-Center 1 K QE EE .1 . g , X. 'ff EE EE "Jack" thru misfortune was un- This was "Massy's" firstgyeaijiwith E EE able to play last year. He showed us us, and he sure will he a igooatpaian to Qi Q this year that he knew something a- build a team around next Vyear, ac- EE EE bout football. cording' to the games he played in. EE I f L ' I : - R I : EE il if we E Q ' SUMMARY OF FOOTBALL E EE The past season of football was not so successful as those of pre- EE QE vious years. Our numerous defeats were not the fault of the team or 2 the coaching of Mr. Newman, hut of the extremely hard schedule which E gg we had., VVeather conditions were also had at times. The team fought QE gig hard and gamely and it was especially hard to face one defeat after an- Q 2 other. .It has been said "It isn't whether you win or lose, but how you Q QQ play the game," this is very true. Looking over the season with this in QE QE mind we find that we have been highly successful as our boys play the EE 2 game in the right way and the right spirit. QE QE We have great hope for a better team next year. The second team gig EE has showed up better this year than anyteam we can remember of in :EE QE past years. QE E 2 2 5 5 I i !+!+!!r-P?-u!+!F:+!F!+!P!+?q!-F!+.!F4!FL+:P4!F!+!F4!PlIIg!-FIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWI I I IlnI ll Ilil I ll I ll I ll I Il I Il I Il I II I ll I ll I ll I liiiil I I gtg . m F' O GJ QD IND IQ Ill 2 TWH :HH E . s 3 3 . 2 3 SUMMARY OF BASKETBALL SEASON Q I I I I EE 5 After Winning the State Championship at Delaware and receiving gg the title as Second Best Team in the U. S., Mt. Vernon High School 2 E ends the Most Successful Season in Basket-Ball in the History of the I-EE K High School. :ji I I I I Q At the start of tl1e season when we played our opening game with Q 'Q Commerce High of Columbus, we did not know what the outcome' would Q E be. After playing our regular schedule of 12 games, We won all but E three. These three were lost to three of the strongest teams in the State, EE Q Canton McKinley, Cambridge, Toledo NVoodward respectively, on their EE own floors. QE VVe were now ready for the state tournament at Delaware. We went 2 straight thru the tournament with ease. Only once did the team exert 2 themselves to a strenuous effort. That game was with Canton McKinley gig in the preliminaries. At the end of the first half the score stood 15 to 6 EE 2 in Canton's favor but in the second half Mt. V. showed her comeback gig and won from the Cantonites by a score of 22 to 19. Vilinning from 2 EE Fostoria in the semifinals by a score of 34 to 19, we went into the finals 55 to play.Delaware and the outcome of that game will never be forgotten. 2 Q Not because it wasrsuch a hard fought and exciting game because it E Z! wasn't, but onl because of the fact that we had become champions of 2: gig Ohio, of whichlive had dreamed so many years. The final game ended gg. with Delaware on the little end of the score, 33 to 17. Q EE The team returned home and received one of the greatest ovations E ever given to a basketball team. The team after a week's rest and a QE QE week of hard practice left for Chicago to take part in the national tour- E E nament, during the week of April 4. They started to play on NVednesday E. of that week. Their first game was with Yankton S. D., winning this game E 'lili- llxll CJ-3 r-A FP O l-l 59 Pi 13" t'D H FD un 04' O r-11 L' H CD UO. 5 CD ua Cf' 5 F? H. lil P+ D' CD cn F3 5 O-in 57 5 93 li cn 2 CD '1 FD 93 m CU 99 3 v-we O "5 C.-" I-J 53 5 ll I .H as the game at the state tournament. The Orange and Black Quintet 33 QE from Ohio had to play the strong Rockford, lll. team in the semi-finals. EE QE This game, somewhat like the Canton McKinley, put us on the market QE EE for the next game with Lexington, Ky. We calne out of the Rockford on E E the' large end of a score 24 to 20 but it took all the pep out of our fellows E E and they could not go the gait with Lexington, Ky., who had an easy E 'E game with Fogg Hi. of Tenn. This game was a snap for the Kentuckians. E Our boys were completely exhausted from the game with Rockford, Q if were not able to put up any opposition. The results of the last game Q E was 48 to 26, Lexington's favor. E 1 HHHHHHHHHHHHHH I .S H 1 - L o G 1 9 2 2 if E i EE The Mt. Vernon High School basket ball team, Champions of Ohio, 5 2 2nd best in U. S., highest scoring team in State and National tournament. E :Q Three men placed on all Ohio team, two men placed 011 all American EE Q team and one man on 2nd all American team. VVhat more could you SE gig ask from any one team. E EE VVe also wish to thank tl1e basket hall fans of Mt. Vernon for the is E support that they have given us this year. EE : r. E E Mt. Vernon 72 VVest Commerce 13 QE ? Mt. Vernon 35 Akron Central 26 QE QQ Mt. Vernon 44 Massillon 17 EE EE 'Mt. Vernon 24 Cambridge 27 EE Q Mt. Vernon Q 30 Dayton Stivers ' 10 EE Z! 'Mt. Vernon 23 "Canton McKinley 25 EE EF Mt Vernon 39 FOSt01 ia t : : : .1 . 4 f 16 QE E Mt. Vernon 46 Gambier A 11 QE E A 'Mt. Vernon 20 foledo VVoodWard 22 QE E 1 Mt. Vernon 60 Morwalk - 12 E Mt. Y ernon 38 Columbus East 24 ? 2 2 I I E Games at Delaware Tournament i i EE 1? Mt. Vernon 48 Akron North 9 I :Q Mt. Vernon 32 Massillon 6 E gig Mt. Vernon 34 Archbold 10 EE :E Mt. Vernon 22 Canton McKinley 10 if 2: ' ' - 4 qi Mt Vernon 25 VVoodwa1d Tech 1U : : 5 Mt. Vernon 34 Fostoria 19 E EE Mt. N ernon 33 Delaware 17 Q : E EE E Games at Chicago National Tournament EE gig Mt. Vernon 31 Yankton, S. D. 19 QE E Mt. Vernon 50 Sutton, Neb. 14 2 M1. Vernon 35 Watooko, 111. 19 QE M1. Vernon 24 Rockford, 111. Q 20 E Mt. Vernon 28 Lexington, Ky. 46 gill? ' I .Ttti I I - Total 874 Total 435 gg EE 'Games Abroad ' 'Overtime Game ? : : I : : EE Average per cent per game Mt, Vernon 40,9 E EE Average per cent per game Opponents 19.6 EE 5 Games Won 195 Games Lost 4. E as lllll t QMHHHHHHHHHHHIUHLOGAIQZZHMWWMHHHHHHHH I I " ' : : ' E E CEDRIC SMITH - Y : :- : : T Center-Captain E E .H . . 3 -EE 1 "Led holding his record as the 2: : :- most consistent scorer for the past if gt: three years and has also made a 2 name for himself on the basket ball E Q Floor this year. His work at the Del- EE EE aware state tournament and the EE' E national tournament at Chicago was EE E phenomenal. He has been placed on : g : : the all Ohio and all American teams 'EE 2 as center. His place will be hard to E Q fill next year. if 1 CHARLES WRIGHT E it-i Forward 5 1 "Chas." This little tow-head made E E ' all Chicago stand and gawk by his if ai wonderful playing in the Sutton, 35 3 Neb. and Mt. Vernon game at : : E Chicago. He also made the all Ohio gt: : : team as forward. Another hard job Q2 gtg h for the coach is to fill his place next EE gtg year. ' - E 7 ' V ENCIL FLETCHER , T E Forward Z Q 3 "Fletch.5' This is "Fletches" first 2 gig year on the High School quintet. He gr: : : is beyond doubt the fastest and EE 2 hrainiest man on the team. His floor E 2 work throughout the season was the EE Q talk of the town. It is too bad that E ii he cannot will his basket ball ability gt: E to some other student for it will be : : E greatly missed next year. EE -. - I I Q HAROLD CUNNINGHAM 5 E Guard. E QE "Cookies" has been declared, by if EE basket ball ofiicials at Chicago as the : : E greatest guard that ever stepped on 2 if the basket ball iloor. It did not take E gg . the judges long to decide who the QE gg best guard was in Ohio or the U. S. E Q T . Cookies stood out as a star from all E the rest, This will be one of the E i hardest positions for the coach to 5: E Iill next year. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . Q HHHHHHHHHHHHHEHI-LOClIQZZEHHHHHHHHHHHHH EE ' - - :: QE LESTER BRINING EE ii Guard E EE "Bill" is the greatest guard for :.-: :: his inches ever turned out by our E, E school. Fast and ready, dn their QE 2-E fighting all the time, sure was the Q Q pride of the fans. EE gi I : gig CHARLES HOOKWAY Q Q Sub-Forward -E ' 215 ag "Hooky" in the games in which ii its he participated, convinced us that : E we are to have a championship team, 2 next year, with him to captain it. 4-E EE 'l iii il! EE ' ' CLAREN DUKE - - ? Sub-Forward I Q : : E 2. "Slippery" showed us, in the games 2 in which he played, that we need 52 2 not fear if one of the regulars were QE QE out of the game. i ' EDWARD ARNOLD Q E Sub-Guard gig . I l SE "Ed" is a hard lighter and has de- EE QQ servedly won a basket ball letter. Q The High School is very fortunate E in having him back next year. I : l I :Hr I 1 Q 12354- IEE? efs if 255+ 91-3 1- ii! 2: 2: , ' Ep QQ X 51 l 4 ZZ .12 EE ASM!! buf-7 Mfg? E lil-I - -- ' an J H 1 - L 0 G 1 9 22 - -. l I ' ii SE The 'fKomic Editors" may work - EE E Till brains and hands are sore QQ : : But some wise duifer is sure to sa EE E!! Y - - E "Gee, I've heard that one before." . g 515 XJ li! li! 2 NAME KN OWN AS FUTURE Favorite Expression Q 2 Loren Murray Peggy Dentist 011, Gee Whiz E 3 Karl Van Aman Curley Undertaker P How ,bout cha' kid 5 2 : : Mildn Jacobs Johnny Latin Teacher Oh, Heck m Q Eleanor Lorey Bill Actress D-- ai 1 John McKinley Jack Evangelist Now, how 'bout that? E S 2 Stanley Moore Dinty Dancing Master Gosh : : gg Pauline Taylor Polly Pres. Vassar College Heavens iii EE Joseph McCarthy Joe Hen-peeked Husband Tough 5 : I 3 Mary Shutt Shuttie Kindergarten Teacher Hi Bean Q gg Banning Errett Red Author of XVhiz Bang NVe wonder EE 1 Josephine Lee Joe Teacher of Physics Aw-w is 3 2 Winlfred Riley Winnie Singer Listen, kid g : QE Charles Davis Chass Pres. Beta Phi Sigma Oh iii qi Encil Fletcher Fletch Prof. ol' Shorthand ??? !! 'H E 3 : It Le le ' L Ora o : : ? Jmiliifplx lfllelland JE: Sinlgei: for Edison glliitexlgear QE 2 Allan Dowds Dick tlllankj Left unsaid : : Qu if eu - - 'ii QE FAVORITE SONGS 5 E I aint Nohody's Darling G - Dana Harper E I've got the fPulln1a11J Porter Blues Ethel Blaine EE Q Lonesome' Evelyn Levy E EE ' Do You Ever Think of Me? A Curtis Grubb Q I've got the' Alcoholic Blues Joseph McCarthy E E B My Man , Anna Sanderson E 5 -T Wimmin Sumner Lee f 5 2 : L 2 Waiting PaulCunningham if gg Sweet and Low Ruth Johnson ii gg Angel Child "Cookies"- Cunningham EE All By Myself Ralph Mill 2 QE Bright Eyes Elizabeth Jones Q 2 A Good Man is Hard to Find g Milda Jacobs EE Q Meow Mary Shutt EE 2 Kiss Me, live Never Been Kissed Before Edna Burke Q 2 Dardanella Clarence McKnown EE EE Oh, Helen ' Mr. Foster gg EE Old Folks Catj Home Colin Montis EE gtg I was Seeing Nellie Home John McKinley 2 Z! You'd Be Surprised . LGYOY SIUSSCI' QE QE Along Came Ruth ' A Karl Van Aman 2 I l . . . . . ' I I EE I wonder Who's kissing him Now Miss Ewing 5 Eif if :ls af: 155+- BE-'PHOTOGRAPHED THlS,YEAQ ON YO lRffHDAY Q f 4-'22 ATE s srwffwsl ffffif'-fflqli F I! - f+ -J-1 i - A , , m I I f 1 lf. .- a its --,4- x we x A E s its WV W X- 5 i i igilaf N W1 f 5 ' 7X va ' M : 2 is if -4 if'-1 fl' fl' E 1- 5 3- A --ff-gm? -4 I .-, - 3 xg F I. , J -. - A "fi EI? E School Days THEY cement many lasting friendshilis. Soon a 3 you and your classmates will take diiferent 2 : roads and it may he years before some of you gg 5 E meet again. 2 ll I n n iris'- H W o D' O r-v-. K4 3 H 'Fl' ,... O I5 Da W m B' O 5 I-U Q-1 ET 8 'S 255+ E photograph and you should have a remembrance Li of them in return. In a year or so, you'1l be mighty glad you gtg took this means of keeping alive the memories 2 of your school days. EE Why not arrange to come to the studio now ' and have that photograph taken? IH? 255 :Tl :s z- fb YY Z 1 X : E-: Q IHEP -EEZ. I SE EE! 4- Q T "7r?q' i 9,1 Q4 N45 i Q its x llllllllllllllllllllll llli A ' I '- MMMMM HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? ll II E Q me-I2 :Qt Z: 5 '1""m D EE ppsmmp 5,83 gg:s':.w na :Haig EE oo ca..--, 5"""5"" : 02-2.-s ll 355333 Fm' WCB "" HQ"" CJ"11F"l'1'1ED'11"DU7UU :: E H- F' Ulmr-fo :H N O p-L n-4 Lf n-- !l -vibfbfbou ::1:m"11 f-"ofa L, 5625 wig'-'SSNS-: EE 'WFPUZU' : O NH' 'U o m"""o 5""fDm5':1'1 UQ ' " D'-1. f-Tm UOOL -- 5 B75 .om '4 :: -fad-Em :MPH mms 5 QSM Q :mei L4 C3 0 ma'-"5 "4"'f'Dm un '-'mf-P :UP-'gb-gCfO.m 'UG '- n'Og 35A vga' O iwfc e2:5mUEE5 Q - 'gg ,Halas fares 2' lgmw 3,5-C5 www-Q -'ii 2 cu 'Saw Q'-:rm I :omg :.m"C1f-:gcuS". :: w WU H02 waef 2 eviz' wmiiiewim 1 rn... Ham FD 'fi' "' Q--+.:. O ww -hm ff' 2-: 'G' F""' 'gm 4 gi r- .'3"J5Wm'rD0grC,ig ' n-4 2',.1. mind .. 519203 v-If-D pg 140 ,..-. O was HH- 5' -DQ, ':eSb-:M-53" :U 5 5 39.011 mmm. f- rings' W-umm -'Q is N new 2:2 L 5,Q5 QQQQQQEE Q H ,-4 Qi 5:.:S'Df-o- I 145.29m :..v--mcofgi-4, nj I . .AK n-FSA 4 'ml4"" K- H:-5-oQwv-7-5' ri Q r-:Q N :lf-0-n-I.: 'ibn-4' 'Q20 F1 as W alms 52 Q Q Ek?-ffii E35 5 K 5 'Q Q Q O 5-DCD 'i fp :pf 2 . 516522 2203 5 EEG KE Q Sn-1 D-'ui-' ,Q g age g mag Q Q Z H 5 Zan 5 E95 2 m O fr mmE'5 of-as iw m B3 . , HD, N 'i 525 JZ T H w 2. HOP E RHS H :fm fb un gg - .,g::r','2 :: :"' O 3 :KD I gl: Q3 S EL E35 A mg ,DE 65.5 4 I gf?-as gp EQ, f.: CD UQ P-4 e-v-On- 4 CD0 " Eggggim 1 oss: ff-:U gg 2'C'5s"'f S gsm UQ .15 QE :gi-Log gg mg SD m"" E awqiz " Q-no Q3 HH :: CDD" r-n : EE tg :ggi 5 5:0 :: : 4511: if -1? ? ll 3 Wi lllnl 1 ' n' - 3: IMHMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH E :Q Q ia WISE SAYINGS gg "To be fresh is human-to be a Senior is divinef' 1 EE ff: "It's better to have loved and lost, than to be married and be Q if bossed." Q E '6When a girl is a belle she wants to be toiled." 'E Q E HHHHH HHHHHHHHHHW :ii I o Q: QD IO ILO -vvw:?:eELEcTR1c1TYe:?-4w- '-l I L-11 E'- C5 '-1' '4 Q -1-1 'H I rn 2 9 Z r- T 1 E Q AND THE Power of a Mllllon Uses OHIO POWER COMPANY We Welcome You 'ro EE? EE ' 0 E 1511191 Qlnrtm E mt. livrnnn, Obhin E and E HOTEL COLUMBUS e E Long and Fifth Streets COLUMBUS, o. P lar Prices 31.50 S3 00 Z ! N d L h S l E Dinners EEE R. R. Warner, P p. EEE 5EEif5EHH5E5l5EH-EEH?EtEH5E5t5Ii5t-EE2EE5t5E5 H I - L 0 G 1 9 2 2 - I E E E E Colin M ontis E EE D 0 ris Simpson if E-E Edna B U rke : : : : Pauli N e Taylor 2 gig Mary S T onebrook ?' f : 2 : l I I 1 - - I E V elyn Lexy EE Haz E l Agnew V 3 SE u Ma R y Higgins 5 -'I Paul Gun N ingham : : E : : Elizabeth H 0 sack 2-E ? Ruth VVi N tcrmute ?E I I I I EE Abbott H erron EE E I Olive Colw I ll E : E Marietta Ber G er I 2 1 , Et H el White SE 2 Cedric S mith QE QE Lucy S C ottie Qi E Edit H Forry 5 I I Dean W 0 ods . 2 : 5 Eldon P 0 rter E : : Haze L Fishburn 32 2 : I I Q an it 2 High School Circus EE I I n I ian - or 011 ixon. . . ? 'G' t G d N' EE E E Midget-Harold Cunningham. E E E Fat Man-Eldon Porter. Q E Human Skeleton--Harold Berry. E gg Dwarf--Royal Beum. E 2 Strong Man-John Lamson. E Q - Elephant-Bill B1-ming. QE :QE The Kewpie-Frances McKinley. E Q The Man Eater-Eleanor Dorgan. E I I : : ' E15 i 34 is xg 2 Just Imagine EE E E Q Claren Duke being sweet. E QE Chester without Mildred. L 35 QE Byrdie Forsmen with bobbed hair and acting foolish. is EE Carson Young as a soap box orator. E Edwin Montgomery with his hair mussed. :Q Elizabeth Hosack unable to talk. :Q Vera and Cecil 'Whetsel not reciting in Civics. E E ' E E E E F MAY FTQNSSZEN S DUNLAFZR MEN ' fill-gqilef Syiocf bloftef A 2515+ 1355 gg - : - 230 South Main Street - : . T 'gi "THE HOME. OF BETTER SHOES FOR LESS" E fY -ew e,ee.e,e-,e,,,e-,d... The Fit. Vernon JEWELL Farmers' Exchange Company E Pasteurized Milk gig 2 Brick lce Cream A E : Q QE Wire Fence - Drain Tile """" ig Q 'Bulk Ice Cream and E Fertilizer - Hay - Implements ' Iiiliilili Seeds, Feed and Coal Creamery Butter I5-Et IEE? Q Phone 372 509 W. Vine St. 9 Sandusky St. Phone 24 E EE THE NEW KNOX NATIONAL BANK EE ? 1847 DIOUNT VERNON. OHIO 1922 i 1 5 ' ' 3 is celebrating the 'completion of seventy-tive years of 2 E continuous service to this community. This bank is not :. : only the oldest Banking Institution but has the largest 2 capital and surplus of any Banking Institution in Knox gl: V County. The public is cordially invited to call and inspect QE the new banking quarters of this old institution. SOUQPPI-WVEST CORNER NIAIN STREET Arm PUBLIC SQUARE l in 2 I H I - L 0 G 1 9 2 2 ,neil O llllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIII lllllllillllhlllllllll 1 ' '5- . gl 35 iii U 2 'P ' A 3: . . C. . ' -- Om:-5-gag'-1'-15g fog: DQEES EE 3 5-'iolo H' so Q-'S mam f- 'EE U on .cz E170 "' Fm Q ""-'7"' -- CCW :-'::r,,g:- lm Wg W5 o5"'5"2 EE 225'-lima gl. 5: .125 552:-Q 'fic 'mt' ' ul '-' 0 ':r'n.: - 1 QU' I "eg Dm D .-t-Q-m,,,,9-1 :: :e.,g?',, ag 15 :ge 39:53 if-' mg 3-" 'fi :Qi Hg fgmrg EE - fn 4- O 'Q ?""'44 4.r" Ogg --- m2':-E'-var O: '11 NES' EEF EW M .ww :D ff: mania I ow w O 1'-T4 F'-1 'io Case:- :: 5:1 E EG' mm "cr Fmt- 0 ts "" EL cn".:.' 3 rr: ga- 53' a-49.5735 .3 I :rf Q '-' .-. P-1 Q: mc-+2 31825 132 :eg 51.-,fmE.a.zFte f" in - Bm 3 EO W 72 ECU-1oUJ'g G :D gb' U Dm mt? 'UQ-,CDHQ4-1 :- at-5 ff.: :H ewes-Q Q E13 Q5 ,.,, gf: E102 5-ig Kgdggg-1 5. S.. :fa as wama H FE 29 gg off ig-Q' Facia 5 Q9 351 E. av 52 nv? 31'Z'4'9 Q3 N om 4 -.w 'D 5- cn ...fs t-,mm 'D Q H. 52. ZLO ': mv- IND 299 v-s .-.- cn ' 50, Kim 5 .. Q: :1: ,...Q' Q 1 '-1'-1 oL12f-- '- C -4. 4. U no cam' EI-E SDF? :L Q' -'LT' mg,-' '- Bm C5 'T 5 E"'n:O EE 2 5- 5 e MSM 5:3-'-3 Q- 5? Q. Q MFE: :' :1-'I Q, -e 52- :c H-Q EE :N ,- 3 5' mill- ":R5'5-f- 3 CPE "" D"" ' 5'54 :: 3 4 23 ,.,. 1-u UQO EE pa fb '-5 55 Hztdmn :: 5 r 3. 22 -'gel' 1 EL 2 5 22 EDEC - 0 fb ' Q: P' I: 5 7 5' ,af'2'2.E ll 3 5 lllllllliIl'IfUlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ' ' v 2: if Chas. Davis--"Let's drop into a restaurant." EE QE Russ. Willet-"But we haven't any money? 'E EE Chas. Davis-"Yes, I know, but I need a new overcoat." EE QQ Lela Darling-"Last night Scamp tried to put his arm around me EE EE three times." , p E E Marietta Berger-"Some armf' QE Loren Murray Qln a Chicago restaurant pointing to lineon the E gig menuj-"I'll take some of that please." if 1 VVaiter-"Sorry, sir, but the band is pla ing that? QE fri y ' ? Kendrick Baldwin -and Colin Montis discussing their ability as art- Q Q ists. Q fig K. B.-"I drew a picture of Abraham ,Lincoln the other day and it :Q Q was so real I had to shave it every day." 2 EE C. M.-"That's nothing. I drew a picture of a hen and thinking it 2 gig no good, threw it in the waste basket and it laid there." 2 lllllll I Illlllllllllilllllllw+!E!i-+++++-i-+-++++++1+++++ . .I . .III I II I II I II I ll I III IL: II Ilifl .E , m G Q LD lx? lk? u .- i Knox County's Biggest Bank wants to be Ycur Biggest Fnend ? V Deposits Exceed A Minien Ana A Half gg C 0 U l The bunk -with Ihe ch 1i7ll9 clock . SAVI-NGSQ ' A e e ' A BAN K 6 2 Q ,, . ' James lefeel, Pee.. B. n H v P . H, s. weekmen, ceeh. , E E I I A I r I West Side Public Square - - Organized Fifty Years E E "Let us help make this publication possible" -mud Lepley 8z Taylor "The 'Tire Men" ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE 5 E 'i will EE Barncord Shoe Shop EE 2 New Shoes K Shoe repairing 2 9. W. High sf. E Red Cfross Shoes for Young Ladies V E if Florsheim Shoes for Young Men Please Those Who Seek Style cmd Quality THE GUARANTEE SHOE STORE JOHN J. PFOUTS OPTOMETRIST EE 4 South Main Street - - - Mount Vernon, Ohio E : : r 1599111415 'J 2 Q IEIIII F Q 0 ANDREW E. PROPER ill! W, - - grew" f 'Y ' ' --l-- -- - - L':.eni:l1l rn ' " " lelffiiif "aiu A i eil! 3, ,, .Hgln W M new ..,,, X fill, cues SILVERWARE ENGRAVI - T 52 eesee 'ball lp. il? EAf'i'3is9!l'f'1! -ii 45 js : M gh K f"'ggSf1:g5iFfQagXY Se I I if 9 Inch Fan 310.50 A World Banter -.-N1 gtg E KNBCHTI'-FEENY ELECTRIC CO. 13 S. MAIN ST. MT' VERNON. O. : : 6 S, Maul St, Phone U5-Blue : : an ee eeee H ee-we --R gg . E, I Ft Q 971, Q9 no to IHEEHEEE :Hil- Hit EE Conundrums ji What famous book did Charles Wright? E : : , Where did Marjorie Lev-er-rin iv 2 as g Is Kate a Fair-child? gg if Is Claren a Duke? ' EE 5 ls Lela a Darling? gg is Ethel white? if Where will Thurston Parker? gg 55 ' QQ il if 5 Club of "Jake" Hounds E E President-Pete Parker. EE 2 Vice President-Charles Hookway. E EE Secretary--Curtis Grubb. 2 E Treasurer-Claren Duke. il Q eu E Bandoline Society EE President-Banning Errett. E Vice President--Elwood Jones. fi - - i Q Secretary-Myron Eggleston. EE gg Treasurer-Dean VVoods. E : 2 sr Q il H54- ili- IH 'JU 2 'ii' Q 4: e- H515 5 ' Presdent-Eleanor Lorey. V Et? EE' Vice President-Theresa Shafer. : :' Secreta -Thvra Bartlett. ' : : if Treasurer--Eleanor Reese. Q : : I I -' ' E SJ is X4 Q 5 EE "W'e wonder if there is anything seriously wrong with 'Cookies' EE E heart to cause it to measure forty-two inches." E EE is Q Johnny Jacobs-"How much are these plums?" E Q Clerk-"Ten cents a peckf' ' E EE Johnny-"VVl1at do you think I am, a bird?" gtii D 5: Q Freshie-"Say, what does Aerial Mail Service mean." ig E John Lamson-"'Why, that means we write on fly paper." E 1 - - - X U ns ii Harold Douvhert --"I wish I had a brick." i 2 , , 0 Y c l .315 Q Clyde Houck-"You have and a red one, too." E 1 m LD IQ IN? EPI F Q :Ht l'l Hill rtshnir T BEACON SHOES There Are None Better Fit - Wear - Style C. G. WEAVER, 212 5. Main St. THE BOOK at ART SHOP Golf Goods - - - Fzunous H:iuCLil'6gOl',, Clubs Tennis Goods - - - Bancroft and VV1-ight th Ditson First Quality Goods Lowest Prices Shun S A You WANT THE BEST Gifts That ESE EE THEN USE : Last : NYSIS FACE POWDER NYsIs FACE OREAM NYSIS TOILET WATER Geo- F- Owens T E NYSIS PERFUME In E V i T JEWELER 8z OPTICIAN CARL N. LOREY, Dmggist il! .ia iii 117 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Sole Agent for Mt. Vernon F11qSt N a,t1o11e1,1 Bank Mount Vernon, Ohio 2 2 56 YEARS IN BUSINESS 'JI When you start in life you cannot do better than to begin an account :ls if with this reliable and conservative Bank. EE T 35 - r -- we :L 'I+ J' "L, iii fli :lg F45 M I - L 0 G 1 9 2 2. A , iii Eat at the B E , Log Cabin Restaurant R I A IE Private Tables ' ' ' ' We Never Close E White Footwear for Graduation and Memorial Day A ln our displays you will find while footwear of every description---Strap Pumps and Oxfords, all leather, and cloth. Every moclelsnowy white. :lg EVERLY'S A 3 South Main Street EE" EEE"i"d in in A C000-COLA BOWLING 00. Kelly-Mitchell 81 Goodell Wholesale and Retail Dealer V 19 SOUTH MAIN ST- , ,.H0NE-25., - GENERAL HARDWARE - - C A B0 e SC'r'2bne'I' on the Comer ' ' p :VF A Hardware and Iron i 20 N. Main Bicycles and Sporting Goods . ll4 S. Main Street , ' nl: Bread Is Your Best Food lf It ls :vi Blue Ribbon Bread ffl Aik Your Grocer ' JONES BLUE RIBBON BAKERY 512 Say It With Flowers :ti E SE Sljarp's Flower Store q Q,- Phone 895 201 s. Main st L A iii sf: QL Q iii HHHWWWWHHHHHHfHIJ1DC 199 HHHHWHHWHMhi+ it F " 3111321274 5 'I ,I XXX! s ,V I f I I r D Q4 ff Yf i' x ,I f m . Copyright A. B. Kirschbzhm, Uumpany Phone: 725 Sefrvzce Dav or Nzght Bennington Bros Office at Log Cabin Restaurant I- Comvllmenfs of 'Q-I ' R . F ,jay 133 : 2 1 F R mber the Graduate with a Gruen W tl R A g the dainty. beautiful Gruen Wristlets, y II fi cl at moderate :ost ln our stock. one which ll y reflect the spirit of -your giving. Des d 1 shioned by the craftsmen of the CRUEN G cl B ITIS A TIMEPIECE YOU CAN GIVE WITH PRIDE FRANK L. YOUNG, Jeweler dz 01160111 E ll Main St. -:- Mt. V HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWHHHHHHHHvmmHHHH I if . 'aff Q 14 4 'iss' fit. QL, '55 1' Cggg The Clcgopqi' QOGPEK CG. 6:11111 Y CHAPMAN I A ENGINEERING CQ GAS and CORLISS I GAS ENGINES PRODUCERS I STEISQJIB NEE N NNGNNENN E I FLOXZHNG CGMPANY AGUAT0' PGAS- RECg1rgP1.?:1?:TIVB POWER New HEAT Z o,.-1QQfIZITF.'jj:- ,.--"W, In-m......., ,I 4 Q S. 51.2 sy ,,,....-mnmmmm..,,,' 5 : '2 I ,IW ""'1., ,f . ,EA -.xv E- .- - +A 11, ., v P- - x- . 0 0 :I , J QA 2 ---1 :- f GN 1- r 90 . .-, L E-'. :-2 I e 9 ,- - , ,. I, .. :- I E2 ..... 4 - A I , . 1 ' 5 2- if EI 5 :L g 3 5 Z 5 -, : 11 E- 2 E- 1 S E ' 4 Z, 2 2. Q 1. E12 S s .+' 2 .- 2 Q. , e, 5-5 Q 'I 1 E '- "--I----"' w.n....1 0'4,,.,,jj:::::::r---me. S 1 ,.- ....,'f'd G' .-4----...Pak QQ-'1.!...,"u. E. -.- .1 E- Q E" Sf 9' 6' "'. W :g : "4 - 'A E: : "4-1 -:Z 2 Cz' 'G Sir' 'ES'S H' Z E' 5 3' 3 2-E 4 E: 231 2.5 'g-I 3- Q-: 1-g :ga :j z :gl :.: :-L :.f E-2 :-sr-s :1-..g :.z:.: I :-- 5-5 ' -. --- -...--. I--. .,.-.. ,- -Ii --. -- : : 1 1--ag : I -: 2. : :. : E- E- : E- f A Eze :Zz 2 .55-s zz: E- 5 ,sl .f E- :: 5 . '-5: a ':- : f :S E- I :e E- 5- 5 2 5: :N I E1 H : .E st 1 : -Q E- r"" :I : - :- : -ax '--. 1 '- A4-1 ..S 4- 1. 5 -9 :S 1 E-: : :C 2 -1- ' 4 4 Q 4- Q, ffb E- 5 :- I E- 5 1-I 2, 4, .N W '-., 0 :- I -1: E: Z 1, . ,,. "--.........--- m,,,,g2,'gp1,..oK z.I....1x Ein...Z..i...Il.....,..,.: 'ohh '32,- MT.VERNON, 01-110 'EE' unc:-I s'r.. 4NEW YORK OLIVER BLDG., PITTSBURGH GREAT SOUTHERN LIFE BLDG., DALLAS, TEXAS ..,. .,.......... A I SinceI18jjEngineers. and 1 Q- A x J 1 I ,V , A , YYWYMA ,,1,,,..?,,A,,4, , ILLHL, .L ,HL L . L , ,. 1 99 - 4 a x ', lv . v-' ' JD. -a 4 1 A.. 1' f dr., . .. lb. , . -x' 1 ., ,. ' 41 f . " "-1 E , . 'i F ":711U'If . , ,.,,1,.. A l.2'..,5,...'..,, ,l H, - " gl 4 Y' V-mf 3 A ,' 'Q',-M,-:+j ,Q .fl-'-V M . 1,-:au -,za-151: -4,74 :. .35 , 911--E4raefg'h'1'..:'f' X f' :.-wee.-:,1q'g, V . " 1 l li F 5 w , I ,. J", :jx .3810

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