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1 I f! " ' f ' M14 A. A., is-.. PX AE """-f-.H www fpwvw. QF 1 El ki ui IQ I , THE CHARIS STAFF INVITES YOU TO ENJOY 1969 AT M.V.B.C. A YEAR OF PROGRESS SEES DREAMS COME TRUE. MOUN MOUNT VERNON BH I -af.. ' ' f"N F C ,f.v-NQNiq" 'K ' ' f Hlihkgwg, 13 Q v ur-71'.."': o ' s fqala ' P L T ininiiiuliillf il, A wwe W F OUND ED 9 1957 THIS WE BELIEVE . . . A 1- Etennal Godhead Holy Scriptures 'Fall of IVIan Planh of Redemption - Salvation through Grace Repentance and Acceptance New Birth Daily Christian Life Water Baptism The Lord's Supper God's Financial Plan, Tithing Baptism with the Holy Spirit Spirit-filled Life y The Gifts and Fruit ofthe Spirit Moderation in all Things Divine Healing Civil Obedience The Literal Return of Christ The Nlillenial Reign of Christ Final Judgment ' The Reality of Heaven A Literal Hell I Dr. Rolt K. lVlcPherson, President ofthe International Church of the Foursquar Gospel and of Mount Vernon Bible College. S . Aimee Semple NlcPherson Founder of the international Church of the Foursquaregfiospel. 0 ENTS 1 car 1 1 A l1"l al J 4 .1 1 65 V , ,ivy X -A lx, . g- 1 1 X 1113923111381 fe- e 1 J 2-1 M A ' p g ' Recreation Graduation - 1 lpages-50-591 Q , Q 1pages74-911 1" .1 v"I.-leg 1, , h 1 . a- 1 a 1 J :ff i iw, fi L V.-Q E ' - A J 1 ws- ' 'M 1 , ' Y! 1 V QIA' L A' Q W ' L 'K' , 7.1M " L Y 1 M Adlninistration-and Faculty 3, L" L A Qpages 6:1911 rj 1 1Activi'ties 1 1 'rpages zu-say 11 Chapel 1pages'36-391 ' 1 ,Q , 'i':ifE,i.:',,.. Av. 1 'Ah 7:-YA ' A 1 1 X X 1 5: ' A J UIAL V" X '4 1 ' 1 , Outreach f Ipages 40-491, I , ! 1 1. Lf , Classes 'Our Friends and Index Ipages 60-731 A Wages 9141201 4 ' ---in "f'luQ THE 1969 CHARIS STAFF IS PROUD TO DEDICATE THIS VOLUME TO THE "SECOND DEAN" OF M.V.B.C. SINCE COMING TO MOUNT VERNON IN 1965, DR. HAROLD HELMS HAS ASSUMED THE POSITION OF DEAN OF STUDENTS-AN UNDERTAKING OF GREAT MAGNITUDE. HE HAS PER- FORMED FAITHFULLY IN LONG HOURS OF SERVICE TO THE STUDENTS. HE'S A MAN FOR ALL OCCASIONS. WHETHER IT BE . . . TEACHING SOPHOMORES I I l s I , UF WE HONOR THIS MAN WITH THE DEDICATION OF THIS CHARIS OF 1969. W. SHARING MOMENTS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE . . . SPEAKING BEFORE THE V.I.P.S. . . I SOCIALIZING AT THE PEPSI MACHINE TAKING PROMOTIONAL PICTURES . . WE FOLLOW THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE-WHO KNOW ALL THE ROPES WELL W if it .2 E ',-' 1 I lVl.V.B.C. BOARD OF REGENTS BESIDES THEIR ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES THE BOARD OF REGENTS ALSO CARRIES A CONCERN FOR THE SPIRITUAL WELFARE OF THE COL- LEGE. IN THE BACCALAURETTE SER- VICE QLEFTJ THEY PRAY EARNESTLY FOR A STUDENT PREPARING FOR THE NIISSION FIELD. DR. Nl.E. NICHOLLS, CHAIRMAN DR. A. B. TEFFETELLER REV. HOWARD CLARK Standing ll. to r.l Dr. Teffeteller, Rev. Howard Clark, Rev. Dennis Elder. Seated ll. to r.l Rev. Harry Hansen, lVlr. Joe Woodson, Dr. Nl.E. Nicholls, Dr. Harold lVlyers, Dr. Harold Helms, Dr. William Mouer. Not pictured llllr. Jack Groves 7 and lVlr. Merritt Campbell. Nlore than good teaching makes a college go. Adequate administration is imperative, and we of IVlount Vernon are thankful for this man of dedication. We owe him honor for his many services to the students for he serves us in numerous ways. We of the 1969 Charis recognize and salute that man, Dr. William Mouer. A as ADMINISTRATIVE DEAN DR. WILLIAM R. IVIUUER l if DOLORES SHEPHERD SECRETARY REGISTRAR IVIRS. OPAL NIUUER Patience is a virtue Virtue is a grace Both put together Make a very pretty face DEAN OF STUDENTS DR. HAROLD E. HELIVIS Dr. Harold Helms is a man who works hard. He listens to our prob- lems. He makes us pay our bills. Does that give you a headache? You should have one of his. IVIRS. WINUNA HELlVlS SECRETARY DIRECTOR OF CHRISTIAN SERVICE MISS FLORENCE GANIBLE "We talk about every other kind of vvomang beautiful women, smart women, sophisticated vvo- men, career vvomen, talented women, divorced women, but so seldom do vve talk of a godly vvornanfl Peter Marshall MISS JO ANN HEIVIPHILL, SECRETARY R2 -1. NETTIE LUPP Only a teacher of men, a philosopher, a dreamer, the stern condition he must fulfill . . . lVl. E. CLARK LIBRARIAN l35rf,5.','-. L---1-5-QE. jr V, ,t - 4 ' l For to ,loveis never to think of one's self, but to give one self for the one loved. T.. : :.,.,' .ze in 212, '13 .1 'A Ft' - :viii VI m,,,,,,H ii 'R ' bg' 2 q -al, I I EJ r s l QPU , Q 5 .13, ' L NF, r :A I r tug. , Q X um fr , 2-'rr -M . 1,9 - gli I , r . . f if r If ,. I all .7 ,rf .at .r-wr' ' I 5.-' E Nl in .' 5 H . f , 05,1 ' rvhgkaty 5, VI' . J M, V -1-me rr 1' r t' tt-,flvffti a . :inf W 1 fP3!'l'1 , r "QE :iff REV. CLARK Turns out another exam. Every talent we had, Good, medium, bad, Was given a chance to show, And who can say That our life today From some such seed didn't grow? IVIRS. M. E. CLARK B ann UliHySQl'i,Ei isHn1m, agmri, Yet part of one great whnifa- I, Myself, am my own best ywrwi U? mhrachas today, My body molded as ali men . , Exnzmmi from, The Miracle U? me nw G' m i L n-Ev. c. F. annssm W R'x ' I 'f4. ' 'ilhuv REV. LARRY TEFFE ,....isiX gf ,gsm , ' i 'my R RRRRR H144 3-as Uv - JL. fx. H 2 5 2 l"9' fii R in 3-V :- ' 1 . Q .M Wifi? 4 . TELLER MRS. LARRY TEFFETELLER ,. s xy 1-41 lrnb Tlweir helpless rvoutine will rneveffr' weary- in ' !-Rnd dui-:S thcir' f:i'fif3i6mCy put them 3 Rl : R tu Bylaws? W R' W Well. lwarcllyl They acyl as tlmugh they were tvm blfamc! ' t 1, 325, But Still, tiusymle zz crertam moe V ' "1 wfeczlimg inside- A feeling of fOC,lVx!GI', im5J0rI'f1mc3e, cow i I fGVlf. As if,AUfll,lQh TIRIUIQS they were meant were going the way i I 2 ' ms , t -S ' . Z if ., H - .. an . M., F- "1 i , ' TQ E E' ' -'--x F.,-f-3 . me i 5-i. xg -i twigs. il . 25f'mQkQg-eywg H Say well and do well End with one letter: Say well is good, Do well is better. MRS.H.D.STARR ii i He means to see with inner sight that leads one to a conclusion. It is perception, reflection, understanding-more than sight. REV.H.D.STARR Interpreters of Gud's great scheme. Are these-the brave who dare to dream. REV. SAMUEL FARINA Help us to grow: in wisdom, in stature, in worth: And, in that growing, let us ever lend a helping hand to those who need a friend. REV. DANIEL BUSER R . ww , -m '- ' it ' - ll , - .,,-V- 'nge . ' 'iirveg Q13 ' +C W. DORMITORY MANAGERS Rev. and Mrs. Charles Slater DORM PROCTORS Martha Pitchford Pam Taylor Ken Steiner MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR - FRED MORRISON Loyd Caudill Walter Carpenter Pat Swope lnot shownl Fred Morrison and his maintenance crew did a commendable service for the college in '69. Pat Swope, part ofthe group, is not pictured. FOOD SERVICE DIETICIAN-NIISS LEOTA JONES 1969 marked the year of retirement for our dieti- cian, Miss Jones. She was present at the grad- uation banquet to receive a gift from the college honoring her years of service. ll. to r.l Ron lVlcGee, Miss Jones, Sally Piper, Gladys Hawhaker, Mary Frieden, Chereen Dobos, Louisa McVey. A great deal of time is spent here about the tables. At IVI.V.B.C. we believe that all of life is shot through with the sacred. We see no distinction between sacred and secular. WWW 5, ,f'i?r'5gf-i 1. Above Dr. Hall speaks at the opening of MVBC. he '69 Deeper Life Services were most signif- cant ones for several reasons. First, the speaker as Dr. Clarence Hall, Dean of LIFE Bible College. is presence here was especially meaningful be- cause he was also guest speaker at the opening of Vl.V.B.C. in 1957. His message then to the new ollege was "There Is No River." This sentiment as born out of his conviction that nothing should e LIFE and lVl.V.B.C., not even the Nlis- issippi. His belief in 1969 had not altered and is visit left us feeling our oneness with the col- he serves. Secondly, this was the first Deeper Series sponsored by the IVl.V.B.C. Alumni. lVluetzeI, President of the Alumni, led at the ings. Thirdly, this was the first series to be ucted in the Erickson Memorial Chapel. Alumni Sponsored DEEPER LIFE SERVICES af- Dr. Hall speaks from the beauti- ful new pulpit presented as a gift to IVI.V.B.C. for the new chapel from the students of LIFE Bible College. MISSIONS The great Commission given by our Lord has been consistently empha- sized this year. Missionaries and lVlis- sionary Representatives have en- larged our vision. ass- Rev. and Mrs. Robinson, Missionary Representatives, talk about Jamaica. Rev. Ron Meyers speaks of Guatemala. F 'Z i gl- r - A if .iff 'Efi Tff i . , i 1, 1 , , - 12- m 1 T-'I 'Z f if . 5 225 5 - ' -- i. . . - Lt X ,m..,. " N : 1 "' xl' fl' ' " 'Q ,"fu we ' "' We , M ,, Wm' J N" ' FH, I -. if . .. Q . ' ' 1 'i " 'Mi -L 7 :hh ' - , "' G " ' -1 Y ....f..-. 1 ni: N t 5 ,x-,gr i . ' . . A ' Q - Va - J . ' - - - V 9 I 1 -. A A-Ye , . ,gxhyl-lL,6MA v s,.t-,Q ,-i, V .. 4 D 'm eff ,523 " 3 ' til. " t S" 'Q " L" "Q, " " "L ' " hx l . H K.. ' ii' '- : Y E V " 7505-'fs ' , rj' , , , , -. . "f I t. 'l 5e:"..1'i.15S.."'P"'.-31.LLt . Q.. ,, .Y ,sg . "A 'E M :Z lil! H 5 - Rev. Donald McGregor, missionary to the Philippines. ' ri nl' I ':' A fiiliiw- Y' -we f Y V - cw, s.. S ii i 315 bv ' Rev. and Mrs. Harold Curtis, Missionary Representatives, presented the need of Africa. GUESTS We'Il have good memories about the visit of Cleveland's lVlr. and lVlrs. Cliff Hoffman. Dur- ing a day totally given to inspirational CFIVI and UFW information, students respon- ded to the challenge left by the Hoffman's. An exciting time in sight and sound . . . Rev. Keith Anderson brought to us a new and different way to present the claims of Christ. Above "Texas Tom" entertains but concludes his presentation with a solid punch to the intellect. ORIENTATION FOR GRADUATES 52?t??t?3LZ33?,l3e5faZASi2Zff to the purposes and progra Vice-President Dr. Howard P. Courtney spoke to the graduates concerning their work as potential ministers. Dr. McPherson explains the total program of the church showing t and abroad. i Dean Nlouer has a word for the visitors and graduates at the dinner arranged for this occasion. 24 1 -e't,f',p 116459-- ders of the church meet - I , q W, e N Amir v e e rpose ot orienting them i , e International Church. ' ' 1: .if-:Tex if sw ,, , l eeee it . Y V ,G S :- - 5' ' '- ' Fiiifii Qi' '59 time . . l. F L , . l l -1 3 H .. 'BW U all 31 'bon uc o 1 E i..,s:aeg t Nw 425'-1-. ni ' X . l Lzivgiiff i l lillllliiffiilllliiili will W V K izilli i ' l 1-i vu-5, T N933 Of Service at home United Foursquare Women President, Mrs. Billie Card, talks U.F.W .... and the ladies listen. :BM - -11 iw, ,MZ lm . ' ' E" f ig 1' -- ' " --:- fe? .- . ,I I ' l 'I 4. "ef by . I V ip . . 3 fsxitd Y Z Q T Rev. Miss Eloise Clarno believes inthe ministry of the Sunday School . . . and some of her zeal is caught by her hearers. ps iv-N Dr. Leland Edwards, Director ol Nlissions, shares his knowledge and burden. Some of his hearers will serve soon on foreign soil. ' nf" r ' -. lx ... ill- ' Rev. James Houpt made a chalk art presentation during the Fall Semester and returned fora concentrated course on Evangelistic Art during the semester break. Rev. Houpt who had served pre- viously on the faculty while pastoring in Lucas, Ohio, now serves the Nluir, Pennsylvania, Foursquare Church. A presentation is made more forceful by a visual aid. THE TAYLUE FAMILY During the Fall Semester the Tayloe family of California, relatives of lVlr. and Nlrs. Frank Vitte, former dorm managers, visited us for a musical program. They had toured extensively at home and abroad. i ' 1 ll, Tiil P V." . ' rr l if " Wx, l The student lounge is now a jail for unruly fresh- men. But who ever heard of a jail with a color T.V.? COLLEGE FOR A DAY Our first "College For A Day" saw about 75 visitors at IVIVBC for a quick look and stay at what may become their alma mater. High School juniors and seniors met the faculty and administration and were tuned in on what life at IVIVBC could he for them. WHY!" FRESHNIAN ORIENTATION Don Bowen, seen as a graduate on page 75, is pictured here as he looked during Freshman Orientation as he entered college. The fresh- men to the left are giving the customary salute to an upperclassman. lllo freshman is allowed to forget that he is "just a lowly freshman" dur- ing this time. FU -TI One of the most valuable commodities at IVIVBC is time. So when there is an opportunity for fun and fellowship, advantage is taken of it and memories are filled with happenings on these occasions. A broom seems to be a useful tool for Jack and Naomi . . . 434 . . . and for Patsy. 8 A s .JW " M Vx rx! . xg ra. , s n e t llil i J. f V ,fx PV -M rm wi lv Fred proves his talent as a firemaker. GRACE GRACI Cl CHACE GRATI mn STUDENT GCVERNIVIENT Jim lVlachen led the stu- dent government in the most extensive transition period for some years. For the first time lVl.V. B.C. found itself with a single president serving both day and night schools. ln retrospect it seems that this devel- opment led to a greater spirit of cooperation in the total student body. Day and night school still maintained their respec- tive student councils pic- tured here. P' if -r 5.1 James llllachen Student Senate President Gay Pepper Fred Morrison Vice President Treasurer Kathy Penniston Secretary Pep Club Officers THE LETTERMEN .1 .1 IHE PEP CLUB NIGHT SCHOOL DAY SCHOOL Lester Schartiger Carolyn Jenkins Naomi Cray Jody Hemphill THE IVIISSIONARY CLUB Day School Night Schoo 32 W O I 'uf m f i 2 i 4 2 ,Q 'P I 'F .X if, i if yi vfz ii , 1 in H' B, 2 ,. 4 'P lr. MQ' ., ,L i 4i..w,l 3 .. L, I 9 J V2 .- J 111 'MQ' W N. , 5. . 1- 33 'Q ' I V J 3 fs .Ji ' -, i . il 1 ' in-Q23 . ti? p ,,jjfij?'f1" i-i",iii3i'f iii? ffi Q gi ig: Fifi? i ,i,' 2 , Ki 1' 'L 'i"u Q 9. 1Z"A si- ii. "5 v 'pc r. .Lg 1 Ia, i., 'U'-ki Ji . . inf. w .'-Q! . it fi: Lg 'iw 'girl iff! i wif 5 N- .4"'5" '+- ta' A " fifi, x , ww 3.2 1395 .353 ' A glib. - rm ' Friendships some casually at IVIVBC .... in any weather . . . inside or outside . , . sledding in the snow, sitting in the stairway, in the dining hal! or standing in the halls. ii, i - - - ,ima an , I f- rv in in ii! Y T .iii U, ii ,i 3, iiii ii i ns' H - 1- is . , if-ii' i 33 Judy Detter gives a demonstration of knuckle cracking for cheerleaders whose teams lose. Arva Akers hits the books '15 34 Mark Benezeand Sharon Solmes. Patsy Herring and Penny Orr talk it over Gerry Steiner shares his wisdom . . Fairchild, Dick Dickerson, Gerry Steiner, and J. D. Akers tune on a speaker. We believe that passing years will make these pictures more meaningful to us. Dave Miers Johanna Mixell deep in coniemplation. f X I . I A ' 5 5 , H K id All of us push cash through this window. E255 ff iv W --af Y' 1 ' 1, I 'ffl QL ZLL Q if W"-f:f,., ,.,,-r ,Z , :f"f in 7' 8. ' 1 ,, . l ,I .L ' 5 --i-. 5 X Jia. by ,law 1. I ' fm Our dream of worshipping in our own college chapel has finally been realized. The idea, conceived in the minds of our administration, progressed to the draw- ing boards . . . to the exciting groundbreaking . . . through months of rain-soaked construction . . . to final completion. - T ' I 1 iii'-iw-1 -1w,,,' i, i, H i ii ' ' , , ,W ll ii ii ii - ll ,, , , , s 5, , FM A ,,i, r,tsdrr an - u w... - X , will 1 2 il i I i rv I i ' p Y f l -1 , we f ,f i fri 5' f '. 4 , . H-? ' ' ,IN t-L gt '. K I in . .N b . 1 t . ii - A . V ds 'NA' X Ik X N 'Y i f.: Y an ' ' QSM M Friday night, lVlay 9, 1969, the Erickson Memorial Chapel was dedicated. Present for the ceremonies were the Board of the International Church of the Foursquare deveee 1 Gospel and President Rolf K. lVlcPherson C who delivered the message. Vice Presi- dent Howard Courtney offered the dedi- catory prayer and led the responsive reading. V il, fOpposite pagej Rev. Kenneth W. Erickson, former pastor of the Decatur, Illinois Foursquare Church, served on the Board of Regents from the origin of lVI.V. B.C. He was a man of great wisdom. He lived what he preached and enjoyed the support of his faithful wife. The Charis staff is proud to display this special sec- tion. w F-I .rh- Us Q 4 21,3 fi f ll Q peg 4.41. s ' 3 '- W 'tis 'EWR .w V, St. Geo Student giving has been very good at M.V.B.C. me We like to do more than just talk about growth. OUTREACH BEGINS AT HOME, Ni.v.B.c. Jack Earley teaches a class on Sunday morning. Oppor- tunity is given for service in preparation for the field. Chuck Lewand here teaches a Junior-High Class. While taking his Bible College work, Chuck teaches in the Mount Vernon Public School System. C I V- . A, l if-wr-rv-wif-f-if-: g-je fqiimvzqveliigvggs-r---1 - . --4 - . - . Y 3 ,.,.,,E . . -:ZW-, -ll -. ..4, :E V, 2 7. FI I 7 'ii i -li" nw . ---. ye. ew E .L . . J. , -Y: ii " i as ve 'An W A few years of training at M.V.B.C. pre- Knowing how to lead a group in worship through singing is important. Sandy Shaffer is capable. pares a student for good communication from the pulpit or person to person. Dennis Campbell teaches A problem constantly faced by the Christian Ser- vice Department is how to meet the numerous calls for groups to minister in the area. Steve Earley John Risiliti Mike Helms kg. it F ii i E - t, ,.,. THE EVANGELS TRIO iiiwiiiliw t A N n ' A i 1'-ig 1,5 ., , , M... E Wally Brandenburg and his horn. ocsnu i fini Ji 7 rQ'g,. ' li .ni , UI, THE JUBILAIRES Ginger Miller Aimee Clark Delores Bailey Sandy Shaw accompanied by guitarist Jeff Isaacs I e 3 i As summer approached, lVl.V.B.C. readied four tour- ing teams to travel repre- senting the college. Their effort will be fruitful for years to come. Gay Pepper and Kathy Penniston Tour-team for Southeast District Il as K2 13 g 'x4:f 'O' QI 1 ' 'en aft Wally and Judy Brandenburg Tour team for the Great Lakes Drstrrct Dave and Joyce Wrng Tour team tor the South Central and Mud West Drstrrcts 11 iaii 11, iii 1 1 an I- ke' in I-4 xi' Jrm and Ruth Freund Tour-team for the Eastern District Contrition, adoration, love, Devotion to his God ahove- All praise, all glory, all thanksgrvrng Are manifest in daily living. Words are as empty as the air Unless we truly live our prayer Excerpt from "Living Prayer qu -. LINDA HAS THAT PERSONAL TOUCH IN HER CHRISTIAN SERVICE WORK . . . AND SHE SEENIS TO ALWAYS BE LOOKING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. In January a team led by Dr. Helms drove to Florida and then sailed to the Bahamas to minister to the people there. Two seniors, Bill Kunzman and Jim Freund, and two sophomores, Jim Berry and Mike Norton were in the team. Rev. Lyle Ander- son, captain of the good ship "Maranatha" and his brother, Rev. Keith Anderson, completed the group of seven. ,Ji EE: I IJ' '55 . '.-F TERRY IVIEDFORD PLAYS THE PIANO AT THE REST HOIVIE. ALL NIEANS OF TRANSPORTATION ARE USED TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL. 131 ,:.:..:.: . 3 P 3 gf l ,ri X ' ii it -5: aa- ' I is ii" lg , , , Q:-2 --, I1 - , Hg ' -aeszrze ll4 I X 'I f i iff- ' "' Qu i ",' l 9 r . l l ,E i .A : if i r Q ee In the lVlay 9th Dedicatory Service for the Erickson Nlem- orial Chapel, the choir lifted our hearts in praise. Acoustics in the chapel are "right" for them. 48 M. , 4 -5. 4 I ' F f 4' V F For the Christmas Season under the direction of Rev. Teffeteller the IVIVBC Choir offered John Peter son's "Love Transcending" in the chapel sanctuary, traveled to two churches to present the cantata and beamed it out over a local radio station. 1.2- I , - Xa , "' rr .1 li 3 , I if gg? it L53 ii we rr r ' Q: ga M ii 5 .1 f All, , ,W Wi if . 1-,-' 4 tj r .' in 3-el' X S,?'N-NA. ,-NEO . 'diss . f, XAQXXF -my K e .5 A iFsi.f1 ' f5g,,, , A 'a scii-im M i Thousands of lives are touched annually by representatives of the Christian Service De- partment. Under Nliss Florence GambIe's leadership this department has experienced in- creasing effectiveness. Work is Play You Don't Like. Play is Work You Do Like. w ik v, ,1 "V I 'L A4 T wr 13 r Qt! 1,7 ! l c 1 AQ I H15 1 'I . f .A , P' -E Edgar Davis, Dave Robinson, Mike Helms, Jack Knight, Coach Slater, Jack Chandler, Steve Manko, Harvey Ruack, Terry Harvey. lVI.V.B.C.'S SWDRDSIVIEN H Playing under the coaching of Rev. Charles Slater, the Svvordsmen had an exciting season. Coach Slater did a commendable job and the prospects forthe next season look good. Character is seen, changed, and built on a basketball floor. The girls inform the refs as to how the game is to be played. I a There is plenty of ability on the bench. T How could they lose when they're so sincere? ? INTRANIURAL At the beginning of the season the freshman girls suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the merciless upperclassmen. Loyd, lVlike, and Steve cheer for the hapless freshmen Before action begins, the court must be clearedllll 53 to bow. And then the freshmen fellas had their turn You can't he neutral at this game. Time out to help a fallen "snake". SUFTBALL ount Vernon is an "All American ity" and advertises that this is "Where he Action ls." The Svvordsmen's soft- ball team, playing in the local league, found plenty of action on the ball iamond. Lee IVlcCIellan cools his head. Jim Newcome is ready. Jack Livingston . , , things must look good l-1-rawfmw '-f3?"?'9'f'f P ' ns P' P' 'A'-I f- . Y. LJ.. ' ,J In -' - , A , 0' ' , 1 ,YQ W : I , ' ,Blu " ' ." g4"'I' '23 v-29. ' 1 we . 'H' A 1 1 -. -' 4 F 'J 5' X',.J.I: p- 1,1 A' .tl 14:5 ' , I -' .v I S' K' A . 'UEi'h'r-Z 1' l',?'.J ' ' 3 . - - ' 'E A ,- .b.'- " 41 Q r rr' I, ef rv " ' K' " 5:5-. , Q. ,Z Hr F lr 4. ,,,e-vsfgx1.- -1 ,P N'N H ff- "' X .--P" 'N ff, , 1. ll. to r.l lJudy Detter, Gayle Walker, Ginger lllliller, Gay Pepper, and Shir- ley Hartle.l Flag Football found a place for the first time in the '68-'69 sports program on an intramural basis. lt looks as if it's here to stay. Freshmen and sophomores grind one out. Big Fred Morrison looks tough. ," '-ha' Vi '.i"'f"-.-if ' -'L-",f.?.' U ,,L71,'f'Qg.Q"- f' 9 iW""a f"". -5l3"I'f 'i fri.: if '?2"TT " '1 7 'rr' ' Pf'5'1f F- n ' viii!-4-fqfittfxfek.. .ffl A Lt, ... im f A in 5v.i.l1fTLifE.I The senior class fields a team. The vast acreage at Nl.V.B.C. offers plenty of running room. The athletic field continues to develop. 1 ,L if f , . 'r e . 3' 1. , .:, .-.,5-1-..V.'3S'- ,f S I NF' . ,,:'4,,,, ig In Q1f1j,'1f1'. E . -' I 7 .QR N SX ::V , . 1 9 l'1 '+L -. , x .53 E, , ,X , 4 sei Alf ,Q ' 1 N w I wi ,J x f , ' fe: S.. J A Q 'L The Homecoming llueen is chosen by popular vote of the student body o if 39347 .,:. - I nv,-y. mn ff . f-aaa. ..4...,. UW f3'555'e ' - 'S 1, '.:. 'us xMu"'Q sz Q Y 5? ' , v ,. !'. ai 5 V v "AW Q ,ama- iff? X 9E PSI Arva Akers Joy Armstrong Sheila Belknap Canton, Ohio Enola, Pa. Warner Robins, Ga. 'E' Darryl Bogatay Tim Boyer Dreama Campbell Walter Carpenter Loyd Caudill Maple Heights, Ohio Pine Grove, Pa. W. Hyattsville, Md. Beaumont, Calif. Winterset, Iowa Steve Chapman Larry Coats Karen Collins Richard Dickerson Agnes Dixson Cherryville, N.C. Pueblo, Colo. De Kalb, Illinois Medellin, Colombia S.A. De Kalb, Illinois David Dugan U Sharon Durbin Steve Earley Saundra Edmiston Ed Ehrlich Columbus, Ohio Mt. Vernon, Ohio Champaign, Illinois Mooresville, N. C. Amherst, Ohio Claudia Fannin Merlyn Frazier Michael R. Graves Belinda Gray New Castle, Indiana Paradise, Calif. Kokomo, Indiana Melhville, Mo. l' lf. l - ' . r L l . l , .,, Tom Grieves Terry Harvey Gladys Hawbaker Linda Heim Mike Helms . Zanesville, Ohio Urbana, Illinois Greencastle, Pa. Oreana, Illinois Mt. Vernon, Ohio James Holman Linda Holman Peggy Hughes Jerry Jackson Beth Jean Bloomington, Illinois Joe Jenkins Thomasville, Georgia Louisa McVey Moline, lllinois Bloomington, Illinois Uttumwa, lowa Pataskala, Ohio Rhinelander, Wis. re lay A?ff"9lf'-,N X' 'AV NC Lynden Kruckenberg Ralph A. Ludlam Pat McGIade Roger NlcGlaughlin Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rock Hill, S. C. St. Joseph, lVlo. Gettysburg, Pa. , bm 1 ,gr ,i , .2 iz 5 i, ,'- Steve Manko III Terry Nledford Johanna Mixell Canton, Ohio lVlt. Holly, N. C. Decatur, Illinois Sandra Moeller Michael Moles Linda Neal ' Moline, Illinois New Castle, Indiana New Castle, Indiana In .-sr' Joe Newberry Ed Orewiler Cheryl Owens Michele Parks Sandy Riggle Arlington, Virginia Hanover, Pa. Urbana, Illinois Euclid, Ohio Westville, Illinois Pervin Sales Columbus, Ohio John Risiliti David Ross Harvey Ruark Sandra Shaffer Canton, Ohio Leclaire, Iowa De Kalb, Mo. Gettysburg, Pa. Solmes Charlotte Smith Richard Snider Diane Snyder Phil Steiner Illinois Moline, Illinois Nlt. Vernon, Dhio Mansfield, Dhio Bellville, Uhio K' Arlen Swinger Pat Swope Gerald Tibbs Jon Vogler Gayle Walker Gerlaw, Illinois Uttumwa, Iowa Decatur, Illinois Decatur, Illinois Raleigh, N. C. if Winterset, Iowa Winterset, Iowa Raleigh, N. C. 5 . te J, Fred Warren Jr. Joyce S. Warren Brenda Williams r e- B L Jack Adwell Paul Akers Ken Beneze IVIUHITIUUUW. lll. Canton, Ohio Colo. Springs, Colo. i Mark Beneze Chaflene Beffv JHIUBS Berry Brenda Bowers Lewis Bowers CUIU- 5lJfiHQS. CUIO- Terre Haute, Ind. Terre Haute. lfld- Martinsburg, W. Va. Martinsburg, W. Va. . A I. Ki, Clyde Brooks Pat Brown Sharon Brown Georgia Bryant Tom Bryant Dallas, N. C. Brownfield, Texas Wyoming, Mich. Rock Falls, Ill. Rock Falls, lll. .gi 5 1 I Sharon Buell JoAnn Burgess Ken Byland UBHINS CHmDb9ll Ed Carie Moline, Illinois Highland Park, Mich. Beech Grove, lnd. Terre Haute, lnd. Vincennes, lnd Fred Conley Mary Ellen Criss Bob Davis Chereen Dobos Helen Erickson Gettysburg, Pa. Oberlin, Ohio Gridley, Calif. Ontario, Canada Barron, Wisc. Gary Fairchild Barbara Fink Lola Alice Fraser Mrs. Lola Fraser Newcastle. lnd- COIlC0rd, N. C. Macon, Georgia Macon, Georgia , sr Sam Freeland Mary Grisham Sandy Gouge Jerry Helms Bob Herren Columbus, Ohio Bradford, Pa. Bowling Green, Ohio Mt. Vernon, Ohio Columbus, Ohio G Patsy Herring Rosalie Hersh Don lngraham Sharon lngraham Jon Jenkins Decatur, lll. Spring Grove, Pa. Newton, lowa Mt. Vernon, Ohio Thomasville, Ga. l . all l Jeff Isaacs Marla Krebs John Kurtz Emily Lashmit . Heath, Ohio Brentwood, Md. Amherst, Ohio Mt. Vernon, Ohio fi- I H l Lllll Y Chuck Lewand ' Ron Luttrell Penny McAfee Ron McGee Kingston, Tenn. Martinsburg, W. Va. Ontario, Canada Mooresville, N. C. Ginger Miller Wanda Mims Kathy Musser Mike Norton Penny Orr Decatur, Ill. Macon, Georgia Rock Falls, Ill. Rhinelander, Wis. Jacksonville, Fla Eva Pruett Ron Pruett Dennis Rusk Sandy Shaw Dave Smith Champaign, III. Champaign, Ill. Columbus, Ohio Anderson, Indiana Alliance, Ohio 5' Y. Vickie Smith I Gary Stacy Nancy St. George Gerald Steiner Mike Stickrod Mt. Gilead, Ohio Phoenix, Ariz. Blaine, Minn. Bellville, Ohio Muscatine, Iowa "r l 5 r 'sa -.-ue r Janice Straw Judy Weidman Bob West Bill Westbrook Patsy Westbrook Amherst, Ohio Martinsburg, W. Va. Vermillion, Ohio Dallas, N. C. Dallas, N. C. N an oo.. . , A A A -MV .Jem .K G ,.. 5 wi' r ge, p U1-.529-5 ,1 -61.5 l at b , - at fe. 5 2 ' -YE l --ig: , E-5 gal. Q J , 7- gi ' 5: .' l I i 3 A" , ' ' safe I E , L1 G W Linda Whitt Arnold, Mo. Seek wisdom and conform to it. of 5Z +++lf+ I Paulette Adams Delores Bailey Jeanette Brown Gardiner, Maine Winterset, Iowa Fremont, Neb. Loren Caudill Bruce Chell Bonnie Cooper Gary Cooper Linda Crawford Winterset, Iowa Minneapolis, Minn. Bernie, Mo. Bernie, Mo. Toledo, Ohio 353 Linda Crumes Edgar Davis Lloyd Decesaro Diane Greene Aaron Isbell Uttumwa, Iowa High Point, N. C. Bloomington, Ill. Dallas, N. C. Hanna City, Ill. Glenda Isbell Carolyn Jenkins Tim Kelton Carolyn Land Ray Land HHHH6 CIIY, Ill. Thomasville, Ga. Charlotte, N. C. Wausau, Wisc. Muscatine, Iowa T 6 Mary Jane Learn Jack Livingston Jim Looker Diane Ludlam Terry Martinie Tallmadge, Ohio Monmouth, Ill. Fredericktown, Ohio Rock Hill, S. C. Urbana, Ill. Gerry Neighbours Kathy Penniston Gay Pepper Connie Persons E. Moline, Ill. Ottumwa, Iowa Flomot, Texas Columbus, Ohio 5- Lester Schartiger Gettysburg, Pa. 'Ki Glenn Stamey Reba Strckrod Ed Wattles Judy Wattles LeRoy Weymouth Mo me III Muscatine Iowa Warrensburg Ill Cape Grrardeau Nlo Dover-Foxcroft, Nle. r'X ' r A Em,-LEE: rr THREE YEAR GRADUATES ACTIVITIES Cheerleader I Class Song Leader 2 3 UFW 2 CONNIE AKERS But seek ye flrst the krngdom of God and hrs nghteousness and all these thrngs shall be added unto you Matthew 6 33 DONALD BOWEN Mrsslonary Club, 1, 2 Chorr, 2, 3 Student Councll, 3 "l can do all things through Chrrst which strengtheneth me" Phrlrpplans 4 I3 J' 'Q'-"r BETTY BOWEN Nlrssronary Club I 2 Cho1r2 3 Student Councrl 3 Trust rn the Lord wrth all thrne heart and lean not unto thrne own understanding In all thy ways acknowledge hrm and he shall direct thy paths Proverbs 3 5 6 ri .-f I ily E I ' I f I I 1 X V Passion Play Committee, 3 LJ' , 1 TY' 1 'V . I 4- Q H I ,. . Y I , 3 I I I ,I L ,QI ! WA it l V f 1 MARY A. FRIEDEN Class Secretary, 2 Class Secretary, 3 "Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass." Psalms 37:5 CHERYL LYNN BRYSUN Class Song Leader, 1 Girls Sports Director, l Student Council, l Choir, 3 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. ln all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6 NAOMI JEAN CRAY Missionary Club, l, 2, 3 Missionary Club Song Leader, 2 Missionary Club Vice-President, 3 Class Vice-President, 3 Class Song Leader, 2 Student Senate, 3 Annual Staff, 2 Homecoming Oueen's Court, 3 "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." ll Timothy 2:15 JAMES HALDDN NEWCDME Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 EvangeIaire's Duartet, 1, 2, 3 Student Council, 1, 2, 3 Class Treasurer, 2 Royalair's Trio, 1 Voyagers Trio, 2, 3 Letterman's Club, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 2, 3 Basketball Captain, 3 Homecoming Escort, 3, 4 Softball, 2 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. ln all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 DAVID W. WINE Vice-President, 1 Dormitory President, 3 Night School Chairman, 3 Junior Class President, 3 'Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. ln all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6 SHIRLEY A. HARTEL Student Council, 1, 3 Cheerleader, 2, 3 Class Secretary, 1 Class Treasurer, 3 Missionary Club, 2, 3 Choir, 3 Pep Club, 2, 3 Homecoming llueen, 3 "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: Wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalms 27:14 FOUR YEAR GRADUATES JOHN DAVID AKERS Class President, 1 Class Treasurer, 4 Choir, 4 Master's Quartet, 1, 2 Class Vice President, 3 Letterman's Club, 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Vice-President, Charis Staff, 1 Basketball, 1, 2 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature,: old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new." Il Corinthians 5:17 H. JACK CHANDLER Class Treasurer, 1 Class President, 2 Student Body Song Leader, 2, 3 Evangelair's fluartet, 2, 3 Lettermen's Club, 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Escort, 2, 3, 4 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramural Football, 4 Choir, 2, 3, 4 "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3 5 PM T 2 i .Mali 1, ' A ,UE E-r -r .f-rg' laey V l,-r, JUDY G. DETTER I 1 Student Council, 1, 3, 4 Class Secretary, 1, 4 :ai ,ig U i Missionary Club Vice President, 3 Student Senate, 4 -- Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4 , r Cheerleader Captain, 3, 4 . r 4 ggi, il Choir, 2, 3, 4 Homecoming 0ueen's Court, 3, 4 UFW, 1 Bowling League, 4 Chapel Choir, 4 College Sunday School Teacher, 4 "Therefore, my beloved brethren be ye steadfast, unmov- able, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." l Corinthians 15:58 VALEDICTORIAN E. RUTH FREUND Student Council, 2, 3 Missionary Club Vice-President, 2 Missionary Club, 2, 3, 4 I W Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4 VEON H. HENRICKSDN y I Class Treasurer, 1 , Class Vice-President, 2 Class President, 3 Student Council Usher, 4 I Student Council, 1, 2, 3, 4 hrough Thy precepts I get understanding therefore I hate ery false way." Psalms 1192104 JD ANN HEMPHILL Student Council, 1, 2, 4 Library Club, 2 Class Secretary, 2 Missionary Club, 3, 4 Missionary Club President, 4 Associated Women Student's President, 4 Choir, 4 UFW, 1 Homecoming l1ueen's Court, 3 "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God, in him will l trust." Psalms 91:2 Class Secretary, 3 Class Pianist, 2, 3 King's Four Uuartet ' "Peace I leave with you, my peace l give unto you not as the o - L - ...I world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled P neither let it be afraid." John 14:27 lll me , :mp an Km W u SANDRA NIAE POINTER Class Treasurer, 3 Student Council, 3 Choir, 4 "Ye Nibble lnn" Co-Nlanager, 3 when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him." lssiah 59:19h ee -- ' ' " f -4,1124 5592? l aw 1 vm X an Tai 'T I ' 'i -' L 1- . 1 : ,, 1 . I V, ' C 54 1 1. 9 5 .get ter if we -l,, gr .1 at 1 ,Q :F e hx E, pstzkwl sms' J , tfwzew ,Qantas vibes, 1 - 1 1 Y memvfffif Mlfzffia. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 mgqggzrb' '1"iW9', . l "H '52 l 1- Em ,af , . , .ee ' ,egg A ,ll Ii- : 1 f Z: 'st gem were In J Es If zz" 1 Xi P- I FREDERICK P. MORRISON Class Treasurer, 3 Student Senate Treasurer, 4 Choir, 4 Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4 Letterman's Club President, 2 Basketball, 1, 2 Basketball Captain, 2 Softball, 3 Intramural Football, 4 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heartg and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6 Q . ih I I I I :Y 'Vi GARRY DEAN SHEPHERD Choir, 2, 3, 4 Softball, 2 Intramural Football, 3 Student Pastor, 4 Missionary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish fool- ishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." I Corinthians 1:18 I ULAN P. STEINER Class Vice-President, 4 "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your -o'l fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you." John 15:16 ,,,, ,gay Q1 I Y KENNETH 0. STEINER Dorm Proctor "There is therefore, now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. Who walk not, after the flesh, but after the Spirit." Romans 8:1 CHARLENE VERNETTE TAYLOR Annual Staff, 1 Library Club, 2 Cheerleader, 1 Homecoming Queen, 3 "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. But if I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labourp yet what I shall choose l wot not. For I am in a strait betwist two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ, whichris far better: Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you. And having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith." Philippians 1:21-25 PAMELA TAYLOR Missionary Club, 1 Library Club, 2, 3 Student Council, 3 Charis Staff 2, 3 Concession Stand, 3 Dorm Proctor, 3, 4 Dorm Council, 4 "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, he leadeth me beside the still waters: he restoreth my soul, he leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name's sake." Psalms 23 1 3 DEGREE GRADUATES Col. 3:3 l JACK STEWART Royalairs Trio, 1 Swordsmen Uuartet, 2, Charis Staff, 3 Courrier Staff, 1 Dorm Proctor, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3 Class Song Leader 2, 4 Passion Play, 3 Song for Mt. Vernon, 1 Intramural Football, 4 EARLEY 3 "For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God JAMES PHILLIP FREUND Missionary Club President, 3 Student Council, 3 Student Body Song Leader, 4 Class Song Leader, 2 Basketball, I, 2, 3 Softball, 2, 3, 4 Bowling League, 4 Intramural Football, 4 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 Homecoming Escort, 2 King's Four Ouartet, 3 "For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth." Job 19:25 ' ' tiy W lil WILLIAM JAMES KUNZMAN Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4 Chapel Choir 3, 4 Homecoming Escort, 2 Basketball I, 2, 3 Softball 2, 3, 4 Bowling League 3, 4 Intramural Football 4 Class Song Leader I Class Vice-President 2 Choir, I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council, 2 Charis Staff, 2 EvangeIair's lluartet, 3 King's Four Ouartet "l beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Romans12:1 S gli DAVID LEAVITT Class Song Leader, 3 Class President, 4 Student Council, 4 Charis Staff, 3 Library Club, 3 Day School Chairman, 4 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. ln all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverb 3:5,6 JAMES MACHEN Class President, 3 Student Senate President, 4 Student Council Treasurer, 3 Choir, 4 Student Pastor, 4 "lf ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you." John 15:7 SHARON MACHEN Choir, 4 Concession Stand Manager, 3 "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live: yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20 MICHAEL WILLIAM PARKS Class President, 3 Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4, Softball, 2 Bowling League 3, 4 Basketball, 2 Intramural Football, 4 "Let no man despise thy youth: but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." I Timothy 4:12 CLASSNIGHT FOR THE 69ers 1 Before the serious business of haccalaurette and graduation the class of '69 "The Voyagers" have a little levity. Above "Benny Fenderman" fic- titious friend of four years, interviews class members and discovers some interesting facts. Mike Parks models future wear for ministers. FFS ii L, REGENT MENIBERS, NICHULLS AND TEFFETELLER v I T SPEAKER, REV. HARQLD MUETZEL, URGES THE GRADUATES TU TAKE WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT AND GRADUATION BANQUET "MAKE If WORK." Pictured below: ' AI. Evangels Trio 3. Dean Nlouer 2. Revs. Hansen and Clark 4. Students enjoy banquet. T., -., ' if 5 X, 4 ' 4 l,,11gf3?gI ,I I. BACCALAURETTE - 1969 SPEAKER, REV. EUGENE KURTZ EXHORTS THE CLASS OF '69 TO "REDEEM THE TIME". THE FIRST IN THE ERICKSON MEMORIAL CHAPEL JIM FREUND, BILL KUNZMAN, JACK EARLY, JIM NEWCOME, JACK CHANDLER, AND WALTER BRANDENBURG SING "AS A VOLUNTEER". REV. LARRY TEFFETELLER LEADS IN A HYMN OF WORSHIP. A TRADITIONAL SONG FOR THIS OCCASION EACH YEAR IS "LET THY MANTLE FALL ON ME". 'G n ,- F jail Q. .Q , Eu, lr - fx' '.'- . 247f'?-YA -' 31535: ,Z ..i:,Fj,:'g ,. 'i.L'f'16' gl, '. ,w 5' 4' igidm , -U ,Q-, ' 'IJ .,- vw,1MxQ Rf' .. jg?" 4 VII 31.1, 'fm I f pk 'Z' THE VOYAGERS CLASS . . . OF '69 GRADUATING NIGHT JIM AND SHARON IVIACHEN, DON AND BETTY BOWEN, AND JUDY OETTER . . . HAPPINESS IS HOLDING YOUR OWN DIPLOMA. e Probably one ofthe most distinguishing characteristics of this graduating class is its sense of humor. One is reminded of the wise man's proverb "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." My w -- i f J P ' . s is - 5 I Q 9 f 4 gn , , 0 - D I 1 f. ' A I ' f 9 4 7 1 . ' 0 ' l 'l TO THOSE WHO HAVE RELIVED 1969 A WORD FROM THE EDITOR, I would like to be the first to admit that there is room for improvement in this book, however, with a rookie staff and a second-year man for an editor, this volume has been completed remarkably well. The simple fact is that we did what we had to do, and did it for the glory of Christ. Dedicating this book was one of the more enjoyable tasks of our working hours. It was especially enjoyable to me. Needless to say, I was greatly pleased by the unani- mous voice of approval given by the staff concerning this issue. For though many were worthy, Dr. Helms seemed more so. Prejudiced? Not entirely, for I know the work of being a teacher of preachers and of future preachers drains a man. Long hours are involved. There is no 8-5 schedule. In fact, all teachers at MVBC are "ultra- active" ministers of the Word. To us Or. Harold Helms is a symbol of the hardwork- ing men of God. lf you are this type of individual, consider yourself honored by this dedication. lt has been the aim of the Charis Staff to make this book not just another annual, but a truly meaningful piece of literature. lVly hope is that you will take pride in this work, for, as the Chapel is, this work is too a necessary part of the building process of IVIVBC. Sincerely, QM? CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE PARENTS OF M.V.B.C. STUDENTS Our sincere thanks to the parents who have helped to support the "CHARlS" in honor of your son or daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Adwell Mr. and Mrs. Roy Akers Mr. Apfel, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Willis D. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Grover Brandenburg Rev. and Mrs. Leland Brown Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Buell Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Byland Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Caudill Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chandler Mrs. Charles W. Chapman Mrs. Ruth Chell Mrs. Annabelle Cline Mr. and Mrs. William Kunzman Rev. and Mrs. Eugene Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Livingston Mrs. Lillian Machen Rev. and Mrs. Steve Manko Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martinie McGlaughlin Gilbert M. Miller Robert Mixell George W. Morrison Rudolph Muetzel George C. Musser U.G. Neal Robert Neighbours Miss Carol Neighbours Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Collins Mrs. E.G. Davis Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Parker A. Dean . Jesse Decessaro Lorne L. Detter Charles Dobos Donald Dugan Norman S. Earley T.E. Edmiston Mr. J. Lyman Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Fairchild Mr. and Mrs. Henry Freund Mrs. Sally Gold Mr. and Mrs. Graves Mr. and Mrs. George Grisham Mr. and Mrs. Galen H. Hawbaker Dr. and Mrs. Harold Helms Mr. and Mrs. George Norton Rev. and Mrs. Orrin 0. Orewiler Mr. and Mrs. Ermal Owens Mr. and Mrs. William F. Parks Mr. and Mrs. Fullum Peaslee. Sr. Mrs. Doris Pitchford Mr. and Mrs. James Pointer Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reiner Rev. and Mrs. Orlen Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ross Mr. and Mrs. Lester G. Schartiger Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Mrs. Gladys Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Smith Mrs. Dorothy Snider Mrs. Lillie Hemphill Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Henrickson Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Herring Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Stobert Isbell Mrs. Myrda N. Kelton Rev. and Mrs. C.L. Ketchum Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kingston Rev. and Mrs. Paul W. Krebs Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kruckenberg Mr. and Mrs. H. Solmes Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Stamey Mr. and Mrs. Straw Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M1'. and Mrs. Anthony Swope Raymond C. Taylor Robert J. Taylor David J. Vogler Mrs. Freida Mae Wattles Mr. and Mrs. J. Westbrook Mr. and Mrs. Williams -j--, .Na ,':, Y f , - . ,. ' W - , Y H , - 5 , . , 5525 ' wi T 'N w ,3gv13ss,,1f '4 V H H w, ' 3f5s::s'i.Q,- , w V E 111 4' ' LV. , , Y Wmiqwg ,, H K 1 SSM, f zffx ww, W ,. 1 5' A N " ,. M wi ff. f fE?h2s..W.V 1 ' .sussflettwzf V . rw.- - ,H - X ' ' ' W" ,Q z ',, -1 qi 1'E,'fW MU' 1 Y 1 ,,55eigwff 23253127 . my H Mijwgw- " f2fwew-gg: . 1. ,..,,. ?s5-fl-ffm FGM, f, , ..A,. ,,, .ex--M Qmfwy ,, ,. ,. M X1 ww FQ, Les, b ww Q: -, Q me' 1 , ,zzz -'Lf.w, 2 .M--K , K , W , fy' P XL 2- A w w ' N '- 1 1 1 xg , E . 3 wi, ,, X EW A 50 we ' - SK ' , , ' 1 Y wr 'A . n ,1 " ' il ' X lj if 'V Y Y .-f fi J L lxxx I. A v vlflsfwsks-1 1 H ' W ,amy-1:1 1 . H 555 :gym , asf , w W f 5. , X 2 mf' H .W S . I rm I I., kv ,, x'ft1-'73 I. , wild , Lg-V 12-f F352 :g'I.'.-T' v , - - . W K ,-L:-.du Q1 .il . 1: ' .' , H 511 ' 31 -1 .5 W ig Yay' .nw 'M ' 1 ij, L1 M, 121 151 ,- -zu-" T .,,. w'2fli,v5-L:.f' 'r+F':71 , 'J5:f3?.,.f lf1'g "H z . 11.53 M-5-3, I in :H-1.1 42 RMA "F TY " . x w img -,tulrx 1 i',1',g .1 ,. ,. My MMU, ,i.,:. y , xp LL- -f ,YE "QS: -' W ' 3 15: if 3 Qw.w'w 1 ' " A ., ' ' iLY1J7',W . Qi?" . , V , 3 .x,, ., tl V, b ',mLgg:E,w'1fX.1, EASTER DISTRICT - D 9 5 K some KEY 9' TOAN N3 rl M M 1 . AD mf N ' EXCITINGG dx FRUITFUL 6 MW Reverend Mrs. Howard W. Clark District Supervisors Reverend and Mrs. Daland Ohler Youth Directors Reverend Miss Margaret Gomez Director of Christian Education Divisional Superintendents, Youth Directors, Sunday School Coordinators and Pastors Welcome the 1969 Graduates to labor with us in this great harvest field. Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Nicholls District Supervisors P.D. Box 99 LABORERS TOGETHER Kenosha, Wisconsin I C01'i11thia11S 329 53141 Rev. L. T. Chart Michigan Supt. GREAT LAKES DISTRICT Welcomes You l I Z Rev. Norman Eddy Iowa Cedar River Supt. Rev. Harry J. Hansen Central Illinois Supt. Rev. L. D. Hepworth Iowa Capital Supt. Mississippi Valley Supt. ' as Rev, B. L. Howse Indiana Supt. 4 r .-m. Rev. H. D. Rose berg Chicago Div. Supt. Rev. and Mrs. M. R. Evans Field Youth-S. S. R Rev. Rock River Rev. Noble Scroggins Minnesota Supt. Rev. E, L. Shipp No. Wisconsin Supt. B CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Welcome to the Midwest District North Dakota South Dakota Iwebraska Kansas Colorado Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Beard District Supervisor Midwest District Office 5393 West Jewell Denver, Colorado 80226 SOUTH CENTRAL DISTRICT Supervisor and Mrs. J. Craig Bigg rd in our District, where there are at opportunities for enthusiastic Workers. Congratulates the 1969 Graduates ISIUNAL SUPERINTENDENTS nsas siana Mexico homa s Central Panhandle Permiam Basin Rio Grande South Plains Southwest Wichita Valley Rev. J. T. Gortney Rev. Nola Amos Rev. Phillip W. Hyde ' Rev. Ray Shiflett Rev. Sidney 0. Westbrook Rev. Pete Adcock Rev. Phil Demtro Rev. Elwood Jensen Rev. Paul Risser Rev. Paul lVlcEachern Rev. Floyd Bailey, Sr. ENJOY OUR SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY l SOUTHEAST DISTRICT EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS M.V.B.C. GRADUATES 1969 DISTRICT OFFICERS YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE: Rev. George Cline SUNDAY SCHOOL CO-ORDINATOR: Rev. Christine Schneidau UNITED FOURSOUARE WOMEN: Mrs. Curtis Cauble-Elected Advisor Mrs. George Lee-Chapter's Chairman COUNCIL FOURSOUARE MEN: Rev. Glenn Burris-President DIVISIONAL ALABAMA ..... FLORIDA ..... GEORGIA ................ MISSISSIPPI .............. EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA .... WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA .... EASTERN TENNESSEE .............. WESTERN TENNESSEE ............... VIRGINIA, WEST VA. AND KENTUCKY ..... Miss Vickie Collins District Secretary ' M.V.B.C.-'64 131 Dr. A. B. Teffeteller Southeast District Supervisor P.O. Box l+23067 Charlotte, N.C. 28213 SUPERINTENDENTS . . . .Rev. Charles Middlebrook .... .Rev. Lloyd Post . . . .Rev. Robert Stickrod . . . . .Rev. Andrew Rodgers . . .Rev. Guy Brafford . . . . .Rev. Charles Aldridge . .Rev. Marie Broady . . . . .Rev. Herbert Haggard . . . .Rev. Robert Harrison Mrs. A. B. Teffeteller District Secretary REV. fr CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA AND MINISTERING STAFF SEND BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REV. FREDA KRUMP Middle Adult Teacher Song Leader AND MRS. LAWSON WHITE Teafher Head Usher Nursery Depcl rfment RICHARD LOCKBAUM General Superintendent ERMA LOCKBAUM Secretary VOYAGERS CLASS DR. AND MRS. H. L. MYERS Pastors CHURCH OF THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL Congratulations Graduates and Students York, Pennsylvania The Church With A Singing Heart "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Rev. and Mrs. Jacob Warrenfeltz gospel to every creature." MARK 16:15 Pastors Decatur, Illinois 95155651332 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES .. rw :TTI 'T'T, I Training CHRISTIAN Youth ..-WWI j,.1ffF3IM for CHRISTIAN Service... M ' V 'W ff...-R .I E V3 FLY 'I H3345 M . rug 32 ,IQ I-5?-r4.f'1 '43-l. W . 'NW H n isoform . . A A IW' I If W I w'w..W V1 W-I FW If .ML IMI if I 'Jw 1 . H, H .1 ,WM,,W,.wy.If1:' A '11 I! ,lr I , Q' M X A If ' I -gE,IIIL'13.vY.Ig:!,w1.jff1L5iI'l!q','4'4y'Ig1!A III- Im N. .J '112I1UI. 'E'Lm11TIHnW I wi: qw' ,N WIN.: III?" 'TT 'Rl' 'F 11 ,I""v'FH.,1 'IAM'Imaf'H'WF'M'.IW WM! I - I MIM I 'E Jun' . II- ,ru III MM. I A ati . Ir "'wf'51M-IW' "" "I-11:'Iv'11-'fm' 'N' . 'K A :Q 1 '-H 2 . I 1"""'.'W:m+f-I ' IFF q I I VN, -I I we TITAN r. I-fm, .xl-IM 'I ". VL famye ' - I I -"T T N cg jf . if TITS, I n avor un fl fx o F ' - 5 . . - f A CWM 'Cm' 0 REV. MRS. K. W, ERICKSON ' C. E. DIRECTOR: REV. J. T. HOWELL LUKE 2,52 O STAFF EVANGELIST: REV. J. L. BABCOCK . YOUTH : REV. PHIL STARR DECATUR REPRESENTATIVES AT N. V.B C Jim Newoome Senior Ed Wattles Junior Ginger Miller Sophomore Patsy Herring Sophomore Johanna Mixeli Freshman Jon Vogler Freshman Gerald Tibbs Freshman URBANA. ILLINOIS FOURSQUARE CHURCH ongrafulaiions fo Our Graduates of 1969 ev. Jack Chandler ev. Jack Earley B. Th. Greetings to the Graduates, Faculty and Students of M. VB. C. Our M.V.B.C. Sfudenfs Sieve Earley Terry Harvey Terry Mariinie Cheryl Owens Ronald Prueii' "Preach the Word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, rebuke, exhort with all Zongsuffering and doc- trine. " II flhbnothy 4:2 Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Hansen Pastors Other Students: Sharon Buell CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Rev. Charles L. Hollis, Pastor - Ruth V. Hollis, Associate Dr. A. W. Kortkamp, Founder Congratulations - Charlene Taylor, Graduate Sandra Moeller Louisa McVey EE. 1 ,gl-V -rt 'JI G en Stamey . ,QQR E 5 'it- 22151 I' lg ' : iz 42 - E ' 5 :E 3:5 'Li' L it 33.4-1'-T.: 5 'xt I E,-5, 3 .- .. I I if ' lm 2. "'."' E i t., . .- - f '- rt A :E 2 sis gg: 3 - '55-.i: : i ii- - -- - ' " " ',' :: E 2 2 -' . if MOLINE GOSPEL TEMPLE "The Quint-Cities' Great Evangelistic Center" Seventh Avenue ond Twenty-third Street MOLINE, ILLINOIS CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Foursquare Gospel Church - RHINELANDER, WISCONSIN Rev. and Mrs. Robert J. Anderson Our Present Graduates Rev. James Fruend Rev. Chreyl Bryson Our Future Graduates Wayne Pugh Mike Norton Beth Jean Our Past Graduates Rev. Charles Belling Rev. Judy Martinie MOUNT VERNON BIBLE COLLEGE CONGRATULATIONS You Have Now Entered An Elite Group In This Organization- The Alumni Of Mount Vernon Bible College! ALUMNI ASSOCIATION AQ' if W W , X x K2 xiX.x X! Q54 9s4A', Q 5 sf' 0 Style' Q, X 9 9 Ifo fail Q css . 4 8.1 ' Q Q f V 1 f 0 fix I 0 N 50 V s e 0 Q Q 9 s ' 9 Q,':'f'?r'9 fat" Q 9 Q .pe'O yf0's' I Q O s'g ,' N9 zz S - QQ o'Q .1 S' -Ph.-. - N Y A A An , ' K ' j K f re: , ' Y - 6 'X " -fl t ' I 4 4 -s v gf 4 , gf .ii flf' ' " T ly f ., If 4' 'Sf ws qifi 6:3 K fa ,iz-13 ,.ib,, :++'l"f'-2 yi it-1+f"ri3Sg.g Q' J A 4 X' U O I ' 'sffs '1 f 'tk' of D s , ff Q , r y 6' f , 4 3, 4. , ' I H7 5 Q sg: gig 1. Q' Rev. Harold Muetzel President x,,' 901 S. 23rd Street Springfield, Illinois 62708 Congratulations 1969 Graduates "Preaclz the W0rcZ,"II Tzm. 4:2 Rev. and Mrs. H. D. Rosenberger, Pastors H S Q FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH South Chicago Heights, Illinois Congratulations Congratulations Class of '69 Amhurst Foursquare Church Amhurst, Ohio fr' 4 A in 1 ii ": ' ui Class gi, 196.9 First Foursquare Church Ottumwa, Iowa P R E A T C H H E W O R D II Tim. 4:2 Rev' Blu Kunzman Rev. and Mrs. Gera.1diLogsdon Congratulations Students Petal Foursquare Church Petal, Mississippi Congratulations Graduates Gaffney Foursquare Church CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES from Your Friends At Christian Assembly 2116 Agler Road Columbus, Ohio 43224 "Only that man is great who serves a greatness R . ,, ev not his own. Pastor 106 Raleigh Foursquare Church 809 Glascock St. Raleigh, North Carolina Our MVBC Students Gayle Walker Brenda Williams Sponsored by C.F.M. , CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES EDMONT-WILSON Division of Becton, Dickenson 8. Co. Cooper-Bessemer Company, a partner in the union between 'Education and Industry, salutes the graduates and students at the Mount Vernon Bible College. COOPER-BESSEMER A DIVISION OFACODPER INDUSTRIES. INC. Weyerhaeuser Company MT. VERNON BRANCH GRANVILLE ROAD MT. VERNON, OHIO Congratulations to Graduates of '69 'laanabzqfgfeaneza TELEPHONES1 Moum VERNON 392-4841 - WORTHINGTON ru 5-7864 505 WOOSTER ROAD - MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 43050 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES GELSANLITERS Mount Vernon Ohlo con.uMBus Bud S Bm' Shop JAN :Tok SUPPLY co :Nc 5 E Chestnut St 392 8851 Janitor Supply Co , lnc Closed Mondays Bud McCaIIa 575 East llth Avenue COLUMBUS OHIO 43211 Telephone 299 ll87 TOM KUHN Soles Consultant 'IIC Residence Telephone 866 0932 Coshocton Road lllcross from Shopping Plazal Phone 397tf'33 Tuee Thu t Sat 1l3 Cong1atulat10ns to my fuends THE VOYAGERS ol M V B C D GARVERICK C P P Cel tlllecl P1 ofesslonal Photogl fmphel Telephone 392 0896 120 East High Street Mount Vernon Ohio I 1 'I I 1 I ' I , : . -ii. wi Open Mon., Wed., Fri., 'til 9 r.,'1l6- .'t ' 0 7 o 0 0 i I 1 . 16 1 3 I 217 South Main Street Mount Vernon, Ohio "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK." TGA SAVEWAY Coshocton Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio HECKLER PHARMACY 122 S. Main Mount Vernon, Ohio ff 4 , ' Q 5 THE SHERWIN- WILUA Ms C 0. IAINTU. VARNISHIB' LACUUERBQ LEADS, OILS' ENAMEL!- IIUBHES AND PAINTERS' SPECIALTIEI MT. VERNON. GHIO 43050 ARTIST SUPPLIES ANTIQUING KITS 110 I JACK SPEARMAN DBA PEPSI-COLA Fi. R. iill Mt. Vernon, Ohio Telephone: 397-2931 srsl' ou' I Our Symbol of Quality and Service LIAN D I- l ,g CORN ER y , i' I I BRUNSWICK CHARGER f Service R I .iii ,iiiiii LAN E5 Laundry in iiaai. 153533 lilll The Rudin Clock I Coshocton Road AKE WORK A PLEASURE Mi. Vernon, Ohio People who shop af Rudin's have come to I look upon the Rudin Clock as more . then Q Useful decwfion- Home of MVBC Intramural Bowling They recognize the clock as Q symbol of Rudin's quality and service. ' Why is the Rudin Clock so appropriate o Mansfleld Ave' symbol? You'll find the answers in Rudin's time-honored reputation, Rudin's time-tested Ount Vernon brands of merchandise, Rudin's up-ta-the- 7 minute fashions, and Rudin's timely values. Ohio ANYTIME is TIME TO SHOP AT . . . - ' ' ' THE STORE OF QUALITY AND SERVlCE ' TIDNAL AUTHORIZED SIGNATURES CONGRATULATIONS FROM C 1 BAIR'S DRY CLEANING I West High Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio I UI The FIRST-KNOX -" - - - l NATIONAL BANK Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of CENTERBURG DANVILLE THE ALCOVE ' EREDERICKTOWN The Gre at NORTHWEST DISTRICT Sends Congratulations 1969 Graduates Roy H. Mourer, D.D. Supervisor P.O. Box 19266 Portland, Oregon Congratulations Graduates and Students of Mt. Vernon Bible College Foursquare Church Ninth and Division Ave. Barron, Wisconsin Rev. I. F. Poling, Pastor Congratulations M.V.B.C. Chicago Foursquare Gospel Church Rev. J. E. Dalrymple, Pastor i ve? 1 '.. .s:-., ay g X. li:-' ii Dixon Foursquare Church Dixon, Illinois FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH Dothan, Alabama ,M F- f ,I Q 22 x :,.,,,: .:5 s:fsz. egg T? - . ' ff -ff M s fi' X Q X .v , . . .... .e - .' fa w:..,.-.Ab .' 2. eh:-.f.,x...,., -3,-3:29 "'-m3M::Wlk " ' 2 -'-' im ' oH1o BooK AND 9X i XXVQV 93.551 BIBLE HOUSE f Mount Vernon, O TY! 1.5-,wp 36355, WW-afaie nge. - f I it 2 Y n , ' - -' i ' f" .'f:f:..',:""ffQ5I ONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES WESTERN ,DISTRICT .lb-S Dr. and Mrs. O. E. Duncan Supervisor P.O. Box 3008, Modesto, Calif. OURSQUARE CHURCH of Mehville, Missouri 627 Forder-Mehville Rev. and Mrs. Sanford Orrick "TO KNOW IS WELL: TO DO IS BETTER." Welland Foursquare Church 65 W. Main St. Welland, Ontario Canada Rev. Larry Bringman, Pastor f fi. LA A QW-v-11 N--V.,....." ' ' Asri-Me'1:'-l--...-.--H! Congratulations to the Graduates from Calvary Chapel Foursquare Church le Claire, Iowa REV. AND MRS. OTIS EWBANK, Pastors I NGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 Your Welcome to the Southern California District of Foursquare Churches Dr. N. M. VanC1eaVe, Supervisor Foursquare Church Oxford, Pennsylvania Foursquare Church St. Petersburg, Florida From The Southwest District CONGRATULATIONS 1969 GRADUATES MOUNT VERNON BIBLE COLLEGE DR. HAROLD W. JEFFERIES Supervisor GENERAL CONTRACTOR KOKOS I NG coNs'rRuc'rioN ' D ' COMPANY INC. Total Service COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL EXCAVATING FRANCHISED BUILDER STEEL ERECTORS CRANE SERVICE Sh n WATER LINES Q SEWER LINES o More-than 2500 basic building designs. MASONRY WORK f-N iiiiiia,iinMM1T11h- CARPENTRY 1- -,...,..k , P.O. BOX 226 FREDERICKTOWN, OHIO PHONE: 614-694-4085 Best Wishes From Mount Vernon IGA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 'I969 nn up ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Mount Vernon, Ohio II4 ins., gsm 110 S. MAIN STREFI' MOUNT VERNON, OHIO 45050 MEMBER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY See Your Diamond in our Diamondscope Swanson's Highlander Center Maytag Self-Service Laundry and Drycleaning WISE MOTEL BEAUTY REST NIATTRESSES PRIVATE BATHS AND SHOWERS ADIO - AUTOMATIC HOT WATER H Air Conditioned - NORTH NIOUNT' VER BEST WISHES from FOSTER'S PHARMACY Public Square Medical Arts Pharmacy Coshocton Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio CLlPPY'S Good Luck Class of 1969 L SL K Royal Buffet 846 Coshocton Rd. DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT Mtn Ohio HARCOURT ROAD We Would Appreciate Home of 'he famous YOUR Banking Business Clippy Burger The Knox County Savings Bank Mount Vernon, Ohio Complete Stock of Formal Wear to Rent Wilfred E, Everett Mt- Vernon Ohio Nationwide Insurance A11 types of insurance WORLEY S Inc Mount Vernon Ohio 19 N. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio 392-4126 SUCHY's TAILORING J ii eww - 4 Ill!! llll lll3VlliS ISSICIITIII iii V Mount Vernon, Ohio I G. R. SMITH and Co. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Hardware, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Richard Day Jeweler Mount Vernon, Ohio J n -..-.T-i. glillnurrt Qgzrnnn gllflntel Mavis Sporting Goods Inc. 1 SL 2 I I 6253121321 q 670 NORTH SANDUSKY STREET 212 South Main Mt' Ve"""" Ohm MOUNT VERNON, OHI ELOISEIS DRIVE-IN Home of Good Food and Ice Cream I OONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1969 We Appreciate Your Efforts In Our Behalf KIT MOBILE HOMES Mt. Vernon, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES I WENCO, INC. I Newark Road Mount Vernon, Ohio I I Contemporary Accessories for the Horne and You The Accent House 405 N. Main Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1 I I I I 1 1 100 years you ng-at-iz cart . . . . classic fashions tastefully interpreted for every age group your personal shopper for 100 years .... visit us often . S'1'IZCC7'C Co1zg1'afz11atz'o1zs fo the Class Qf1969 WILLIAMS FLOWER SHOP 114 South Main Street Flowers for all Occasions 392-2076 392-2086 Key Colony Mobile Estates and Sales Mt. Vernon, Ohio Mobile Homes-Wides and Double-wides Coachmen Travel Trailers Apache Campers KAHRL 8: STAUFFER INSURANCE AGENCY South Mulberry Street Mount Vernon, Ohio EXQUISITE CLEANERS Mount Vernon, Ohio nlnxrietl main, Elan Your Headquarters for Everything Musical 25 West Vine Street Telephone: 392-7956 MT. VERNON, OHIO Niggles Pontiac-Buick, Inc. Mt. Vernon, Ohio TANAO'S Christian Book Store 31 Public Square Mount Vernon, Ohio PAULS FLOWERS 49 Public Square Mt. Vernon, Ohio Flowers for all Occasions BROOKSIDE MOTEL For your out-of town guests. Columbus Road TV's Pool Telephones HUBERT M. WALKER 8: SONS LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Established 1898 West Gambier Mount Vernon, Ohio Virginia Fried Chicken 401 N. Sandusky Mount Vernon, Ohio DeLong's Pure Oil Columbus Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio The Brides Shoppe 605 McKenzie Ext. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Fashion Page Shopping Plaza Mt. Vernon, Ohio Woolson Company 113 S. Main Mt. Vernon, Ohio 1 C"-'TZ :GEQFQF 'P-iv."-.J :Tai . 1' if 'ff fp 'rf' .ff IL., pg -- PM -, w l 'v I is TCSS' 1- -Q I , - -xi, 1:-,-:5, ,Ji , i - -1.45 2 11131-2 f. ti . 's

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) collection:

Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 56

1969, pg 56

Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 40

1969, pg 40

Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 58

1969, pg 58

Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 53

1969, pg 53

Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 46

1969, pg 46

Mount Vernon Bible College - Charis Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 8

1969, pg 8

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