Mount Vernon Academy - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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Mount Vernon Academy - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1959 volume:

Q. v -W , T3-J ,xml k ia ,QL - if -rw? 51:75 ESQ? , if 4132 ' 0-Ji, 'lim - sg ,wag- Er, 3 1 W. f4 fm Jim lm Q iii Lajg 915' Se' -Q. K5 hifi , eg u W ig?-5 1 -4. Win lbw -f f Qai- gif n L- A5 inf SF: mm W ' M-ak 55-. uw MJ we E595 W 53? Eli: mu 531 f::w"" , will USM! mv., 1.. .bf -Le E wr -my us, ' 3:-'fi fw -.Wi - 'WF- Asy: ' ' il fgmw IM' .lf if 4 . , .r -'Q in W 1 - Q A Wi 1, M 1 ,L ,, ,, q .V qwHfm.- Y , Q Q, QE fwgg E an W S51 Mews K R iii. .. ,S iff- 'K 6 gs , Q iw ,r,.., .M an-A xii: .f. .fg Q 25 .7 gi? 2253 .1 A M 5. E A, gi 1 Qdzfc' pddzdfl Dean Davidson Pfzecideaz' Helen Duclosh lawlen 747456 i Q' W 1 if 4 Q. A :gm Q. J, .. r 1" M, Q 4--M xx by MW 5, Y, ,M ma 1 . ,-f""'k A X 1 5 2 . lm, X 1 , iff: in , L .Q i x , M5 I I 'Q Sludenls, rhis is your book of memories. ln ir are your pic+ures a+ work, a+ play, al srudy, and a+ worship. I+ will remind you of pleasanr and ex- ciling experiences. as well as pleasanf associalions and desiiny-making decisions. Your Jreachers will remember you for your lhouglncul friendliness, buf mosl of all for your Clwrislian ideals and dedicaled lives. More llwan +l1e power of llie alom. llwe zooming of spulnilcs, and flue whirling ol salelliles, rhe world needs youll: wi+l'n a vision and dedicalion +o unselfish service in behalf of lwumanily. -J. R. Sl-lULL 5 wx S, M W, QA4. V, A 1 tg 2 A f 2? ww 'S ff., , X' Ak a r S R . N W3 ,. W H Fai 533: Q -lf: ..m. K A ww 1 Q5 , . . . 'ii . fi " Q3 ' 1 -'B' U 'ff Q gm W Q' S ,ig , Nm ie, A 1 45. Gs lst V' '13 '-wfj 5 X ,..w"" Q 3 54. ,A,L., , 5 . ... V 1 5 1 if .5534 15: vfwiilj N- qs , . fy. ' i . ' u'w'fiffi . P fffffu 22531211 M 2 awai? M wg X AS. ..--.,, . .. ,:: .- s- H.. f :I X 4? f J r .Lg 3 f 4 'E M? 'Ik 5 is I A K' Q, .:gax,, 4... , A fewmmrf S nys -Tkkfgs 'tw ,',., Keg if Q, 5575? N 52554 K fi g IX ,Q-QT' ' ff -4, 1 :ex if Mg,1fQg 5? - 5 wa-.f :V 2 , 5 ins 'Q afi- Q 2. E . 1. S, Q Y' f Egg - U . .,,, . ,,:. M 3 I 15 551. f3S2:1?5:i: , , . . 42 ..,A A. , . .l:. i5SH:L,vfLr1rEfLkWEi fb, " H K Q iii? Z .3 J. Qi wfbgifis-215-5,1 ,gg M1 32 5 i A p QF' ' 'il lff .1 gm M 2 , iff, 2 . . Z, v,.' . -Q, A,,f4w..,,Q. My ig , V, ' if,siiQEiff.3fQ.L5m1i, fsjgv New gray ,,.. wf?SLk3,QfiV , ,fag f in 1 J ' 4. ,4 'T vi' Z 'I .3 M: W, , .Af 4 1 ks if bf- ,.' L Q V , K f Q . , 'W 535515 X . , 5354 .Q R, Q L Q .- 'Xkxjv K I " xii ,, 157325221 if 1 alia 1: A f .CSB "Lil fa 1 is . S fs 4 Q: ' ? 9 Y A -A.' A, W, , 5 K 3, if aff, x. is ,,L, W . if 5 ' X , -QA f fg:y35,,.5'z,.,..:v f , . A fx 4: A f ' J 'E fix ,MQW rf if: S if Q2 1, 1-g. Ha: .fir KM 'F Sf 9+ y if Ewa if + H+! 'HF' 5 ' 1 1 - ,f --, -, ,. ,, V bf: - ..:4Ei2.:-':Y'f:,-23-Lf" "Nfl ,f HSS 'I LHTQZWV XC f -f , , 4 . -1, S 1 5 MURIEL WESSELY, R.N. Washinglon Hospiial and Sanifarium School Nurse and Heallh lnsl'rucl'or FRANK WESSELY Universiiy of Piilsburgh Assisianf Business Manager ln Charge of School lndusfries Firsi Aid lnslrucior WAVA WHITE, BA. Emmanuel Missionary College Food Direcior, Home Arls l LOWELL YOAKUM Co-Manager of Academy Servicenler if Mu G ww ak! 9 .w::. , - ' - f' 7-'sf1zfiw,s'H-'Q V u-5231.5 533' 2559-' Z 1:35927 w ise Zim. Qi " ?i'fflggffs El ' .'I:-:.sf:52f We Salufe Thee MVA Girls' Corps, Miss Davidson Direcfing I2 MVA Boys' Corps, Lieufenani' Collins Direcfing 1 'P s,! .4 w 4 M 1-, ww, we , w X m, .W 'wld-'fa' in 'W WWW! nv W we ,mm W M 'I ,ff ' 1 :M 1 , X ' ww we 5 xr? "H-MQ" u I V"J J ' f 'M fifw. W W -51 1 eaubfz - 74: MOTTO: "He Conquers Who Endures" AIM: "To Be Vicforious WATCHWORD: "De'rermina+ion" COLORS: Royal Purple and Puresf Whi're FLOWER: Wl'1H'e Ca rnafion Presideni' E Vice Presideni' , Pasior ,, , , , Secre'l'ary . Treasurer E, ,E E E , Sergeanf-a+-Arms Sponsors ,,,,,, ,,,,,, GARY WILSON E E JO ANN Cl-HLSON BOB CONNOR JACKEE SHULL LARRY PETERS STEVE SWEENEY E MISS ASHTON E. G. COWLING BELL, LARRY MAJOR. Bible, English Denhsl BORGESON. KAY MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Commercial Secrela ry BUHLER. DAVID MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hisfory, Language, Science Minisler CANNON. PAUL MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory, Ma+h. Commercial Minisler CHILSON. JO ANN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hislory, Malh, Commercial Nurse MINOR: Hislory, Malh, Science ALEXANDER. BONNIE MAJOR: English MINOR: Hislory, Malh, Commercial Housewife ASHER, EVELYN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Malh, Hislory Surgical Nurse BINNEY, JAMES MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hislory, Malh. Commercial Vocafional Singing Evangelisf DAVIS. ETHYLE MAJOR. Buble, English Secrela ry DODGE. MARSHA MAJOR: English MINOR: I-Iislory. Language, Mafh, Science Surgical Nurse DOERING, BOB MAJOR: English MINOR: Hislory, Malh. Science, Vocaiional Salesman MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Science DINSBIER, FRED MAJOR. Bible. English MINOR: I-Iiffory, Maih, Science Business CHILSON. PRISCILLA MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Commercial Undecided COLLINS. ANITA MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory. Malh, Science Social Wo rlcer COLLINS. DENNIS MAJOR: English MINOR: Hislory, Language, Malh, Vocafional Doclor CONNER, ROBERT MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory. Language, Malh Archileclural Engineer FREEMAN, BEVERLY MAJOR: English, Hisfory MINOR: Social Science, Commercial Elemeniary Teacher GATTEN. EUGENE MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hisfory, Malh Mechanic GIBSON, EVELYN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hislory. Malh. Vocalional Home Economics Demonslraior GILL, MARILYN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Social Science, Language, Nalural Science Nurse DULL. BILL MAJOR. English MINOR: Hisfory, Maih, Vocafional La looralory Technician DOTSON, BEN MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: Hisiory, Ma+h, Science Denlisl DU DOSH, HELEN MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: Commercial. Hislory, Malh Science Physical Therapisl FLANNERY, EVELYN MAJOR: English, Hislory MINOR: Mafh, Science Teacher HALDEMAN, JANICE MAJOR- En Iislw Bible Beaulician HARSANY, LORNA MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hisfory, Language, Malh. Science Medical Work HAUGSTED, CHARLENE MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, His+ory. Science Secrelary GOODMAN, JIM MAJOR: Bible, EngIisI1 MINOR: Hislory. Mallw. Vocalional Salesman GREEN LEY, ROGER MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hislory. MaI'I1 Doclor GROGG. DAVID MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory. Malh, Science Commercial Ari HAGLE, BARBARA MAJOR: Bible, EngIisI1 MINOR: Commercial. I-Iislory. MaII1 Science Obsfelrician . g , MINOR: Hisfory. Science, Commercial HARSANY. ANDY MAJOR. Bible. English MINOR: I-Iisfory. Mafh. Science Docfor JACOBUS, ALTA MAJOR' Bible En Iish Housewife JONES, ELLEN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory, Maih, Science Secrefary KESSMAN, SALLY MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, I-Iisfory, Ma'I'h Secrela ry LANGFORD. JACK MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I'IisIory, Malh, Science Farmer LESTER, DELORES MAJOR: English MINOR: Commercial, Hisiory, Mafh Recepiionisl . . g MLNOR: Commercial, Hisiory, Ma+h HISSONG, JACK MAJOR: English, I-Iisiory Science Engineer HORTON, PAUL MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: His+ory, Malh. Science Medical Missionary JOHNSON, LOIS MAJOR. Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hislory. Malh Social Worker MINOR: Malh, Social Science. Nalural MALEY, EVELYN MAJOR- Bible En ugh Secrela ry MECKSTROTH. DON MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hisiory, Maih, Vocalional Engineer MERRIFIELD, JAMES MAJOR: English, I-lislory MINOR: Mafh, Naiural Science Social Science Minisler . I Q MINOR: Commercial, I-Iislory, Malh LEWIS, JOAN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hisiory, Maih X-Ray Technician LINSLEY, MARILYN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iis+ory, Language, Science Nurse LOUDIN, BOB MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hisfory, Ma+h Mechanical Engineer MAIDEN. JON MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hisfory, Maihf Science Mechanical Engineer McFADDEN, HIRAM MAJOR. Bible, English MINOR: Malh. Hisiory, Science Draflsman MORRIS, CAROLYN MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: Hislory. Mafh. Science Elemenia ry Teacher NEWBANKS. SHIRLEY MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: I-Iisfory. Mafh. Science Commercial Ari NOVY, RALPH MAJOR: Bible, English, Maih MINOR: I-Iislory, Science Engineer PETERS, LARRY MAJOR: English, Malh MINOR: I"IisIory, Science Minisfer REYNOLDS, EVELYN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial. Hisfory. Science Nurse MOODY, TOM MAJOR: English MINOR: Hislory. Mafh, Vocaiional Pilol MOORE. PAT MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial. Hisfory. Ma+h Cancer Resea rch MYERS, GARY MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hisfory, Mafh. Science SCOTT, BOB MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: Commercial, Hisfory, Malh Denlisl SHOCK, BETTY MAJOR: English MINOR: Hislory. Vocalional Secreia ry SADDLER, JANET MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hislory, Mafh, Elemenlary Teacher RILEY, DEAN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: His+ory, Mafh Civil Engineer ROY, JUANITA MAJOR: English. I-Iislory MINOR: Malh, Social Science, Music Secrefa ry RUECK, JANET MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hislory Receplionisl RUSNAK, CAROL MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hisfory Secrela ry SCHULTZ, DAVID MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iisfory, Mafh, Science Orlhodonhsl Ma+h SHULL, JACKEE MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: Commercial, Hislory, Malh Social Worker SILVIO, DON MAJOR: Bible, English, Malh MINOR: Hislory, Language, Science Physicisf SIMMONS, BEVERLY MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, I-Iislory, Malh Secrela ry STOLTZ, IVAN MAJOR: English, Malh MINOR: Commercial, I-lisfory, Science Mechanical Engineer STRAW, DAVID MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Science X-Ray Technician SWARTZ, THELMA MAJOR: English MINOR: Commercial, I-Iislory, Science Secrela ry SWEENEY, STEVE MAJOR: English, Malin MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Science Pharmacisl SKIPPER, PAT MAJOR. Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, I-Iislory. Malh Surgical Nurse WALTER, PAUL MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iisfory, Malh, Science Morlician WILLIAMS, BEVERLY MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Science Elemenlary Teacher WILSON, GARY MAJOR: Bible, English, Mafh MINOR: Hislory, Science Medical Profession TAYLOR, LINDA MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, Hislory, Malh Physical Therapisf THOMAS, ERNESTINE MAJOR: English MINOR: I-Iislory, Language, Science Nuclear Physicisl VEROVICH, JACK MAJOR: English MINOR: I-Iislory, Malh, Science Doclor WALDRON, JEAN MAJOR: Bible. English MINOR: I-Iisfory, Malh, Science Missionary Nurse WESTFALL, WAYNE MAJOR: English. Bible MINOR: Hislory, Malh Engineer ZICKERFOOSE. LU RA ANN MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Hislory, Mallm, Science Medical Secrela ry WONYCOTT, CAROLE MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, I-lislory, Mallw Secrelary YOAKAM, SHIRLEY MAJOR: Bible, Englislw MINOR: Commercial, I-Iislory, Science Nurse OLEN. PATRICIA SHUMAKER, MARY MAJOR: Bible, English MINOR: Commercial, I-lislory, Science Nurse MAJOR' En Iish Mall: . g , MINOR: I-Iislory, Sciehce Missionary q f'3Q,-Y U . . f Q.. ' Q ' i, '41 'Q ,W-'.,"' 'fs' rf- , L, Q .iw LA My Q.. sw i Yufgf Qi M4--0 21" z-4 3 'U 3,12 - F! , , IS- I Q ,au sn, ,- , K V' ?w-1. y' .s 11 fw f "Q ,I-if Mal? if hw pay! 4,-gig . Q X , QfA ,. A A 1 1,5 : , 3. X if w Q5 . N ,QW 'QQ QF 4 Vik f Lu, via M . 1,5 - 3 K, M V . .r qw V fn J L' 'Y L,.,,,,n , '- rpm A 1 5 'Sw ,,, aff 7, Q Q S Q. iff? 'YQ +2 ' V, ,gfl1Q.f,' : ifg ' 1' A3393 i -4 M Wi, 4fi.ffM..,.1Qsn'i'q if gif"-1 .5 E S X 5 Presideni' , Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Pasfor , Sergeanf-a+-Arms GARY DEEM SUE VANEMAN JOYCE HINES GLENN MANNER ROLAND LEI-INHOEF JERRY CASE O MOTTO: .... AIM: .... WATCHWORD: . . . ourrweying U-nfal+eringIy N-earer I-mmor+ali+y -ur R-eward S-feadfasf Y a V i 'k QwE5 Wwi 1 W Qi is 4 , i 5 V5 W ' -- , ,... Q., 'Y Q ww as-125, JY 3 . 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Siloyl Yoder, Harold lc e 'ia ce ,arol abon lei. Fred Sfepanske. Mickey SuHon, John Sweeney, Marion Terrlll, Tommy U'r+ley, Beverly Wallace. Mary Lou Ward. Margarel' Weslfall, Judy Williams, Ben Wolcol+, Linda Wood, Barbara Wyand, Alberf Young, Kenny ROBERT BALDWIN Co-Sponsor Presideni , ,, KENNY ASHER Vice Presidenf ,, ,., . BONNIE MILES Secrefary , , I ,L JANICE YODER Treasurer , ,, , , DARYL WALTER Pas'I'or L, I , , ,L JOHN MUTCI-ILER Sergeanis-af-Armse L. , , L SALLI OLSON JERRY CONNER CLAYTON SOWLER Co-Sponsor V fwwxfl 1 ? V A 92+ , ' fy w g? V gf E ,. ,V f X 1 . V , , ,,3,'igVgs3g,fg ,L 5 5V 3 e 'I k .' ':.: , . f .MS A V fm it ' ' V . j V ' i ' A--,' V .. A iv M.. 'L K um! . K M Wil V E af 215- I NM. , J . V1 Q.-gg in V5 5 V, K ' W V V 7 V 4 gr 1 ' V ' 2,4 ', I 43? UV K W k K. .M W ,V 5 2, ' 1'6 Q f 'df' L X J ,V X ,LQ QV. 1 f i , ig, K ., . 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Vernon aures x X x - H155 J ., 1 .ik E xx - Q irmkggs 5 4 K .am X 5. ...N X FX E N X 1. .. L W.. gk, . Vs l.s,..M '-- Q "."N.QiE'-bib' Will a ,LS - -LSE.: '55 z B .8 13129 K Zz ' null' ,1 4. . 1 F 'I , ' J . xli,5f.f. 1,Ug.2,f at ?:K,xf,gQa2 . QM fflif M sf, X "fiw29ifa Y- ' FHWA 32 s-.MM ,M A '!'hn-wg is 'YWQKF K w nv- 3 21 5 , 4 QM 1 N QI! ' af vi 4 miiw fiifv -wi: A w Mi . , ffi an Q K an egg , Q ff, S ,Amy J ,fbi ww "'lMI!Q' r i ,, . . LA X - Mw if-4' 'HF KU!" W9 E., ,em ,, W, J L9 9 . if k , . in .1, f -,Q Jgwil. A , ,V Q iw' I' .Quai tr in 5 fy .:,,, S Q ' , if 1 my EQTSQ lmf, if W . . In P2 ,M ,, 5 x fx, 6 1. ..,, Sabbafh School Officers A. T. S. Officers M. V. Officers Masfer Guide Officers Sfudenf Associafion Officers Seminar Officers za 1 X November Daze Needle Tlwreacler swf NWS , 5 , .i f' ff in ,ii ' 2 rl' , X Laundry Pals Smiles Sophisficafed One Riverside Bound iib' - li 'fill Curious Trumpel Trio L M L ove e. ove MyDog l Q lg' X vie , A+ Xmas Pariy if 7 K , Twins"l 71 2 lo Go Bev. Wifh Cuddles :fardy Again , Y 5 S 1 hi A ,ani A .is 4- Ml 1 2 ,. S Goin' 1 A ,I Home 'vi av N W4 L- x W? Hooping H U p ' 2 sf f' + 3 t A "Pair" 2, ff Yes Sir!! , Jr. Props , ..g,, g .,-- . 5, ,f L 3 f 1 W Andys Handy On Time , E La-de-da HHH Sub Zero i 2 gl ,KL Xi, 5? l l fi ,w Pa+sy Good-bye M.V.A. 'A , ,gy-5 H-.23 fad' N 11,25 . . . ,fp ,- - f A 'WM I Y Picnic Specfaiors 'ig :vw 1 A Sfifch in Time I Wen+ A Car Craze R f' , ff'ffjT"Al xfff, , x. N Lx yy .8 W ,, A XX ef 1 NX' Rou+e Men , , , . 7 , .A-" L' gf -' 5 J if gm iff x A 53 V X ' , Q 1 37 1 Nighfie-N Applied Educadion 58 af' -'Us ft' A552 Q' 'I v. MY. '35, fi M I2 'lkggw - ' il?" 'Z L1 r ' 1 X V I .K 1 Comphmenh of the OHIO CONFERENCE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS D. W. HUNTER J. O. McLEOD Pres. Sec.-Treas. New Ohio Conference Office Under Consfrucfion, February 23, l959 Yea EA y PorI'raiI's of Dis+inc+ion PHONE: Ex. 3-I038 I02 Wes+ Gambier SI'reeI' MT. VERNON, OHIO "DOC" FIXIT'S MOUNT VERNON. OHIO 52I Soufh Main SI'reeI' TELEPHONE 3-2086 Any Kind - Anywhere Also Soldering -- Brazing We Are "EQUIPPED TO REPAIR MOST ANYTHING" CompIimen'I's of WISE MOTEL 9 UGLCME L , SICK--5 my ROUTE 3, NORTH - MOUNT VERNON. OHIO TV and Radio Au+oma+ic Hoi' Wafer Heai' Priva+e Bafhs and Showers BeauI'y Resi' MaH'resses LEROY'S For Perfeci' Diamonds II7 Soufh Main S+reeI' MT. VERNON OHIO TeIephone 3-4946 KODAK - KEYSTONE - BELL 81 HOWELL CAMERAS ZENITH - G.E. RADIOS WISE JEWELRY Qualify and Honesfy Since I826 Phone EX 2-6048 I02 Souih Main MT. VERNON, OHIO BULOVA, HAMILTON, ELGIN, AND LONGINES, WITTNAUER WATCHES One Week Service on WaI'ch Repair FOSTER'S PHARMACY Prescripfions MT. VERNON. OHIO Public Square Phone: Ex. 2-09lI WOODS HARDWARE COMPANY Mosi' Dependable Source of Supply Glass EIec+ricaI Supplies Housewares BuiIder's Hardwares 8-I2 WEST HIGH ST. PHONE: MT. VERNON. OHIO Ex. 2-586I Jusf a Year Makes a Difference" Nof long ago we were in your place. College was sfill ahead of us. Yef, no sooner had academy graduafion pasf and we found ourselves signing cards, moving furnifure, making new friends on fhe campus of "The Gafeway fo Service." Since fhen, we've been sfudying, praying, working . . . in a new afmosphere. Seems as fhough we're closer fo life now and fufures, once dim, are rapidly com- ing info view. All fhis and more you will discover in your college life and you'll be surprised fo see fhaf iusf a year makes a difference af . . . washlngfon missionary college fakoma Park l2. mawland Complimenis of OHIO BOOK 81 I BIBLE HOUSE Cor. WoosI'er and Fairground Rd. MT. VERNON, OHIO 'sire' L: - H H -,s K G. R. SMITH 8. co. 5 ,Q ,X Hardware, Plumbing T and I EIec'IricaI Supplies h h F B k Hof Poin+ Appliances "WH OU' fe Love 0' 005 G.E. Radio and Television +he Riches+ Man IS Poor" Good Service Io You-a Pleasure Io Us MT. VERNON, OHIO ANIBULANCE , , I Q W fg SHAW-NORTH -L , E FUNERAL HOME RILEY L 'MTE BUILDER'S SUPPLY Ambulance Service Hospi+aI Beds for Renf NORTH MAIN ST. PHONE 3-2866 6" G""0 ' wire, " .wmnn '- xx, -' . I I , S ,....w "' ,,:--ifj,f,3I',9 Phone: 2-60 I 8 WoosI'er Rd. YODER'S MARKET ACADEMIA, ol-no 11 9 Iwi I I 0 7 Z mi I If of J SEE US IRQ!! ,IQ ff? M I A R ' O O X Wav xQ9 xfffgv of I 0959 V ' YOUR BUILDINGS OF DISTINCTION ,. an w .,-I S4 1, ,Wx ' 'xv g', . Wg O , s X A D ', KX ,I nixgpg ar 'lllbodall Consiruciion Co. I38I Norfh Barberron, Ohio it W F Complimenfs of I- - 41 -SERVICE DALRYMPLE ELECTRIC fund" 'if Commercial and Industrial Wiring 5 - -. Coiumbus Road CALL O MT. VERNON, OHIO Ex. 2-483I BEST POUCIT ALL SHANGRI-ILA+ REST HOME TIMES Mediarila? Ohio .nf Ii C - ,JM -' is MT. VERNON ELECTRIC I "One Ten+h Io Two Thousand Horsepower." MFG. co. 509 Braddock SI. Phone: Owned and Opera'Ied by MI. Vernon, Ohio EX. 3-4865 MR. AND MRS. PAUL WALTER Complimenls of MILLSTONE LUMBERYARD f .f Newark Road Q MOUNT VERNON, ol-no FRANK Your Lumber Number Ex. 3-2056 Congralularions fo 'rhe M.V.A. Class l959 of rl 1 . O .,..,-1-rv-vvrfvrvvnfrvrvu in A Zeggsef H H H E E W W E E H gg .+3gTigNGWAL1'S I 7 From RI NGWALT'S Young in Spirii' Old in Tradifions JOHN Mall Loads of Luclc and Good For1'une fo +l1e Class of '59 GENE'S STORE :za sour:-1 MAIN MT. VERNON Complimenfs of MT. VERNON ACADEMY SERVICENTER Your Friendly Sohio Dealer "On +l1e Corner of +l1e Campus" Compliments of CLINTON W. TRO'I'I', M.D. GI1 LEE F. KRAMER, M.D. Complimenis of THE FIRST KNOX NATIONAL BANK MT. VERNON, OHIO Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CO. Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM I847-I I2 Year of Service-I959 BoI'I'IecI Gas MT. VERNON BOTTLED GAS CO 'i' e I' 1,1 For Cooking 5' I H a ing Nw Refrigerafi ,' A I IncIusI'ry f A I I Serve Gas and EIecI'ric REFRIGERATIONS - ELECTRIC FREEZERS Phone: 2-6986 NEWARK ROAD MT. VERNON. OHIO DAIRY PRODUCTS fg I ' S 'vw , L , . ...., L., J qw. XXX . X " a. .V WoosI'er Ave. a+ Ci+y Limi+s MT. VERNON, OHIO EX. 2-780I ROUND HILL Nuiricious Dairy Producfs "'S A ELEPHANT PLEASURE! C I- + E I QQnQffQQS' LUMBER STORE I Lumber Millwork EJEZEH N:liAST Hardware Pain? MT' VERNON' OH'O 30I WEST HIGH ST., MT. VERNON, OHIO Ex. 2-Ioas YOUR SEARCH ENDS f"I'AI92f an . I fe Tufs'-I . ELLIOTT S SHOE IRA w. GANTZ W 5 Old Delaware Road MT. VERNON, OHIO Landscaping and BuIIdozer Service PHONE: EX. 3-2926 4 SouI'II Main SI'reeI' MT. VERNON. OHIO MT. VERNON MACHINE AND TOOL CO. FRUIT a. PRODUCE G ,M h. , L V Y enera ac Ine and Repair WorIc IA WHY-ZPW Elecfrical and AceI'yIene Welding ow 6 7 .VICEIT3 'M' I T' I i IS OuR -1 I- FIRST -"- THO 22 Easi' Ohio Ave. Phone: In N3 UGHT I MOUNT VERNON. OHIO EX. 34926 '05 NEWARK RD- PHONE MT. VERMONT. OHIO EX. 2-4026 Headquariers' Building of Ihe "MOUNTAIN STATE" CompIimen+s of WEST VIRGINIA CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS I40O Liber+y SI'ree+ Parkersburg, Wesi' Virginia A. J. PATZER, Presiden+ E. M. HAGELIE, Secreiary-Treasurer AS 33:lBI:M, Complimenis of X9 'AWA CITY LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS sffg T MAX WILLIAMS 0 0 90 Heating and Plumbing Dedicaied Io Ihe Task of 228 Delano i Providing More Work Opporiuniiies MT- VERNON. OHIO 'For SI'udenI's AI'I'ending M.V.A. Cali EX 3-5966 Cor. Woos'I'er Rd. and Fairground MI. Vernon, Ohio Congra+ula+ions +o THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT VERNON ACADEMY Headquariers Building of Columbia Union Conference COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST L- E- LENHEIM. PFGSFCISM' E. A. ROBERTSON, Secrefary of Educaiion T. R. GARDNER, Secrefary-Treasurer E, M, PETERSON' Youfh Sec,-eq-ary Ackerman. Wayne, 7I8 Woodlawn Ave., Sandusky, Ohio Adams. Carol. I400 Ashland Rd.. Mans+ield. Ohio Alexander. Bonnie. 4I0 Ma+eer Rd., Leavi++sburg. Ohio An+or. Vyrlene, 8 Willos S+.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Asher, Evelyn, 228 N. Lincoln, Wilming+on, Ohio Asher. Kenny, 228 N. Lincoln. Wilming+on, Ohio Baker. David, Box 302, R+. 6. Morgan+own. Wes+ Virginia Baker. Glenn. 734 Sandridge Rd., Bowling Green. Ohio Ballard. Frank, 787 Cheery S+., Liber+y Cen+er, Ohio Barne++, Sue, 45I7 Young Dr.. Woos+er, Ohio Barre++. Dennis. 442 U+ah S+.. Toledo, Ohio Baun. Rebecca, Box 43, R+. I, Rossi+er, Pennsylvania Beaver, Joyce. 435 Gordon S+.. Piqua. Ohio Behner. Carol, R+. 2, Gra++on, Ohio Bell. Larry. Charles S+., Spencerville. Ohio Bender. David. Coshoc+on Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Beres. Ginger, 2764 E. I22 S+., Cleveland 20. Ohio Binny. James, R+. I, Gallipolis. Ohio Bodine, Earl. 5I6 PIan+sway, Bucyrus. Ohio Bolyard, Carma Lee. 467 Ohio Ave., Morgan+own. Wes+ Virginia Borgeson. Kay, 202I W. 38 S+., Erie. Pennsylvania Bowers. Karen, 2245 S+. Clair Ave.. Eas+ Liverpool. Ohio Buhler. David. R+. 4. Marion, Ohio Burgoyne. Mary Jo. I IOI 26+h S+., Hun+ing+on, Wes+ Virginia Cain. Larry, R+. I. Walker, Wes+ Virginia Cannon, Paul, I0 S. Fron+ S+.. Greenville. Pennsylvania Case. Jerry. 808 E. Clearview Ave., Wor+hing+on, Ohio Chadwick. John. 20 Fairground Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Chadwick, Mary. 20 Fairgrouncl Rd., M+. Vernon. Ohio Chamberlain, Pa+, 3534 Maize Rd., Columbus. Ohio Chilson, Jo Ann, 4 Avalon Rd., M+. Vernon. Ohio Chilson, Priscilla, Box l5, Newbury, Ohio Clarke, Dave, 3774 WaI+er Rd., N. Olms+ed. Ohio Collins. Ani+a, Los+ Pavemen+. Parkersburg. Wes+ Virginia Collins, Dennis. Los+ Pavemen+. Parkersburg, Wes+ Virginia Conner. Bob, 799 W. Locus+ S+., Wilming+on, Ohio Conner. Dennis. 799 W. Locus+ S+.. Wilming+on, Ohio Conner, Jerry, 799 W. Locus+ S+.. Wilming+on, Ohio Craig. Ron. 435 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon. Ohio Crandall, Larrie. Box 444, A+hens.'Ohio DaI+on, Jack, I6 Brown, Glous+er. Ohio Danes, Ecl, R+. 6, Elam Rd., Zenia. Ohio Davis, E+hyle. Box 642. Warren. Ohio Davisson. Wanda, I08I Wayne S+., Barber+on. Ohio Deem. Gary. 804 Juliana S+., Parkersburg. W. Va. Denehy, Jerry. R+. I. M+. Vernon. Ohio Dillow. Brenda. R+. I, Box 460, Por+smou+h. Ohio 70 actos Dinsbier. Fred, R+. I, M+. Vernon, Ohio Dodge. Marsha, Box 235, Oakwood. Ohio Doering. Bob, I872 W. Main S+.. Newark. Ohio Do+son. Ben. Box 505. Lexing+on. Ohio Dudosh. Helen. 273 Douglas. Warren. Ohio Dull, Bill. Box I89. Brockway. Pennsylvania Emrich, Bob. R+. I. Glous+er. Ohio Emmerson. Bob, 230 Sychar Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Esham, Dick. 60I I-lalber+ S+.. Vanceburg. Ky. Evans, Dick, 6480 Plesen+on Dr.. Wor+hing+on, Ohio Fairchild, Pa+. l756 I-Ieisley Rd.. Men+or. Ohio Ferguson. Dee. R+. 2, Green+ree Rd.. Lebanon, Ohio Flanery, Evelyn, Firebrick. Ken+ucky Freeman, Beverly, 34I7 Peach S+., Erie. Pennsylvania Froelick. Carol. Box 66. Li++le Genesse. New York Fry, Barbara. R+. 2. Wakeman. Ohio Garner, Jim. 228 Linden Ave.. Wilming+on, Ohio Ga++en, Eugene, R+. I, M+. Vernon, Ohio Ga++en, Mary Louise, R+. I. M+. Vernon, Ohio Geer, Sandra. R+. 2. Newark. Ohio Gerber. Linda, R+. I, Box 236. Doyles+own. Ohio Gerber. Vic+or, R+. I, Box 236, Doyles+own. Ohio Gibson. Evelyn, R+. 2. Wakeman. Ohio Giebell, Peggy. 3420 Waggoner Rd.. Blacklick. Ohio Gill. Marolyn, 650 Orchard I-liII Rd., Zanesville. Ohio Goodman. Jim. R+. I. Fairborn, Ohio Go+++ried, Eleanor, I35 Bland Ave., Bucyrus. Ohio Go+++ried. Bill, I35 Bland Ave.. Bucyrus. Ohio Graham. Karen. Summi+ 5023, Toledo I I, Ohio Greenley. Don, R+. 2, Sharpsville, Pennsylvania Greenley. Roger, R+. 2, Sharpsville. Pennsylvania Gri++i+hs. Ru+h. 496 Lexing+on Ave.. Columbus, Ohio Grogg. Dave. 4505 New Carlisle Pk.. Spring+ield, Ohio Grugel. Georgia. R+. 7. Box 680. Terre Hau+e. Indiana Grugel. Susie. R+. 7. Box 680, Terre Hau+e. Indiana Hagle. Barbara, 3530 Olen+angy R.R., Wor+hing+on, Ohic I-laldeman, Ed, Newark Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio +-Ialdeman, Janice, Newark Rd.. M+. Vernon, Ohio Hall. Joyce, 449 Woos+er Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Hall, Dick. 3200 Spencerville Rd.. Lima. Ohio I-IamiI+on. Ron, 43I Woos+er Rd.. M+. Vernon, Ohio I-Iammond. Bill, R+. 5. Kinney Rd.. M+. Vernon, Ohio I-Iammond, Sally, R+. 5. Kinney Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Harsany. Lorna. 4OI Sychar Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio I-Iarsany. Andy. I I4 Avalon Rd.. M+. Vernon, Ohio I-Iaugs+ed. Charlene, 426 Bax+er S+.. Medina Ohio I-lawkins, Barbara. R+. 2. Edon. Ohio I'Ien+horne, Susan. 2603 Rober+s Ave.. Springfield, Ohio Hines. Joyce. 2 S+u+z Rd.. M+. Vernon, Ohio Hissong. Jack. 2Ol Win+er Park, Orlando. Florida Holbrook. Carl, R+. I. Cen+erburg. Ohio Holman. Gary, R+. I, Galion, Ohio Hook, Doug, I47 Columbus S+.. Grove Ci+y, Ohio Hor+on, Paul, 3046 W. IlI+h S+., Cleveland. Ohio Hous+on. Sam, 2034 W. 50+h S+.. Cleveland, Ohio Hupp. Ka+hy. R+. 4, ChilIico+he. Ohio Ingles. Larry, R+. l, Roseville, Ohio lssler. Dave. Hawley S+., Wesfield. New York Jackson, Nanci, 4l3 Munsee Rd.. Huron, Ohio Jacobus, AI+a. R+. I, M+. Vernon. Ohio Jacobus, LeRoy, R+. I, M+. Vernon. Ohio James, Alice. R+. 2, Wakeman, Ohio James. Carol, R+. 2. Wakeman. Ohio John. Liz, 839 Griswold S+., Wor+hing+on. Ohio Johnson. Judy, 3I I Sychar Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Johnson. Lois. l45 W. Orchard S+., Newark, Ohio Jones, Ellen. R+. 4, Blue Jay Rd., Newark, Ohio Jones. Ru+h. I5I9 Kanawha Tpk.. So. Charles+on 3. Wes+ Virginia Jungens. JoAnn. 29 Youngs+own-Poland Rd.. Poland I4. Ohio Kallio, Ann. 3622 Schenley Ave., Ash+abuIa. Ohio Kane, Rachael, 44 Washburn S+., New London, Ohio Kennedy, Barbara. R+. 3. Box 390, Bellaire. Ohio Kennedy. Bob, 222 Sychar Rd., M+. Vernon. Ohio Kerns, Donna Jo, 2 Graham S+.. Elkins. Wes+ Virginia Kessman. Sally Ann, 63I6 Ridgewood Ave.. Cleveland. Ohio Kinkead. Sandra, 65 Maple Ave.. Perry. Ohio Kloman. David. I006 Wilkie Dr.. Charles+on. Wes+ Virginia Knoechel, Jack, R+. 2. Box I23. New Richmond. Ohio Kra++. Es+her. I I7 Morris S+.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Lach. Trudy. 440 E. New England, Wor+hing+on. Ohio Lachmeier. Judie, 2283 BaI+imore. Cincinna+i. Ohio Langford. Jack, 245 E. Parson S+.. Galion, Ohio Langford. Lois. 245 E. Parson S+.. Galion. Ohio La Rosa. Carol. 2330 E. 2nd S+., Defiance. Ohio Lawrence, Pa+. 29l2 Mahoning Rd.. N. E., Can+on. Ohio Lee, Pa+. 64l Cuyahoga S+.. Akron I0. Ohio Lehnho++. Roland. 20I Pembroke Rd.. Akron. Ohio Les+er, Delores, Box 2. Owens, Wes+ Virginia Linsley. Marilyn, R+. 2, M+. Vernon. Ohio Linsley, Sharon. R+. 2, M+. Vernon. Ohio Lloyd. Pamela, 2213 Jackson Ave., P+. PIeasan+. Wes+ Virginia Loudin. Bob, 2863 Hoover Ave.. Day+on, Ohio Loveridge. Dick, 402 HilIcres+ Dr.. M+. Vernon, Ohio Loveridge. Nancy. 402 HiIIcres+ Dr., M+. Vernon, Ohio Loveridge. Phil, 402 HiIlcres+ Dr., M+. Vernon. Ohio Luzadder, Bruce, R+. I, Har++ord Ci+y. Indiana McFadden. Charlo++e, R+. I, M+. Vernon. Ohio McFadden. Hiram. R+. I. M+. Vernon, Ohio McIn+osh. Karen. 5 Grand View Rd.. M+. Vernon, O. McLeod. Eddie, R+. I. Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon. Ohio Maiden, Jon. I757 Wayside Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Maley, Evelyn, R+. 2, Lexing+on. Ohio Manner. Carol, R+. 5, Greensburg. Pa. Manner. Glenn, R+. 5. Greenburg. Pa. Marsh, Ellen. S+ar Rou+e. Sanford. Michigan Mar+in. Terry. 2l44 Warren, Toledo, Ohio Mecks+ro+h. Don, 3 Arden Lane, M+. Vernon, Ohio Megale. Carole, 35I9 Eo++ S+., Wheeling. Wes+ Virginia Merri+ield, Jim. 306 Murray Ave.. Fairmon+. Wes+ Virginia Miles, Bonnie, Box 388, M+. Vernon, Ohio Mohn, Karen, Rd. I, Rome. Ohio . Moody. Tom. 8 Fairground Rd., M+. Vernon. Ohio Moore. Pa+. 204I7 Chickasaw Ave.. Cleveland I9, Ohio Morris. Carolyn. 306 Pa++erson C+., Takoma Park l2, Maryland Mu+chIer. John, 20 W. Main S+., Leipsic. Ohio Myers, Gary, 263 N. 2Is+, Newark, Ohio Nash. Davi+a, P.O. Box I86, Hannibal. Ohio Ne+zley, Glen. R+. I. FIe+cher. Ohio Newbanks, Shirley, R+. I, Box 402-B. Parkersburg. Wes+ Virginia Novy. Don. 889 Sou+h Island Rd.. R+. 3, Gra++on. Ohio Novy. Ralph, 889 Sou+h Island Rd.. R+. 3. Gra++on, Ohio Oler. Pa+. I789 Warder. Spring+ield. Ohio Olson. Salli. 400 E. Granville Rd.. Wor+hing+on. Ohio Ohnewehr. Larry, 202 E. Burgess S+.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Parsee. Daryoush, Tehran. Iran Pearman, Tim, I I6 Old Fores+ Rd.. Pewee Valley, Ken+ucky Pederson, David, l222 Marmion Ave.. Toledo 7, Ohio Pe+ers. Larry. 2469 Burger Ave.. Springfield, Ohio Pierce. John. R+. I, New London. Ohio Pogulisky. Vera, 3205 De+roi+ Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Polacek, Paula. Box 3I I. R+. I. Apollo, Pennsylvania Pu+erbaugh. Neal, 2l09 Sherer Ave.. Day+on I4. Ohio Pra+her, Delores, 25l0 Nebraska Ave., Toledo. Ohio Randolph. Louis. R+. I, Harps+er. Ohio Reeder. Ted. 8If2 S+u+z Rd.. M+. Vernon. Ohio Reinke. Carol, 2380I Chadsey, Euclid, Ohio Reynolds. Evelyn, Club Dr., M+. Vernon, Ohio Riley, Dean, 63 W. Granville, Wor+hing+on. Ohio Riley, Mary Ann, I402If2 3rd Ave., Hun+ing+on, Wes+ Virginia Robinson, Frank, Ha+cher Lane. Purcellville, Virginia Roches+er, Peggy, R+. 3, Oak Harbor, Ohio Ronay, Carol, I365 Bonnie View Ave., Lakewood, Ohio Ross. Robin, I02 Fairground Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Roy, Juani+a, 2472 Greenvale Rd., Cleveland. Ohio Rueck, Ed, 5I4 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Rueck, Jane+. 5I4 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Ruddock. Darlene, I2I Wool+ Ave., Akron, Ohio Rusnak, Carol, 28I I CIin+on Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Roby, CharIo++e, R+. I, U+ica, Ohio -Saddler, Jane+, R+. I, I'Ious+on Pike, So. Vienna, Ohio Saddler, Phyllis, 606 Rubsans S+., Springfield, Ohio Salsinger, Linda, 674I Eas+ern Ave., Takoma Park I2, Maryland Sanford, Joan, 8655 Arnold Place, Wor+hing+on. Ohio Sanford, Joyce, 8655 Arnold Place, Wor+hing+on. Ohio Sauder, Elaine, I960 Park Ave., W. Mansfield, Ohio Sauder. Ka+hy, I960 Park Ave., W. Mansfield. Ohio Savage, Bonnie, R+. I, Springvalley, Ohio Schmid+, Wilma, 22 E. Millian S+.. Cincinna+i I9, Ohio SchuI+z, David, Newark Rd., R+. 3, M+. Vernon, Ohio Sco++, Bob, 247 River S+., Madison, Ohio Serle, Carol, 349 Oxford Ave., Akron IO, Ohio Shock, Be++y, R+. I, Camden, Michigan Shock, Carl, R+. I, Camden. Michigan Shor+house, Sandy, 34I I Amber+, Youngs+own, Ohio Shull, Jackee, R+. I. M+. Vernon, Ohio Silvio, Don, 6749 Lo. 78+h Ave., Bridgeview, Illinois Shumaker, Mary, R+. I, Box 208. Gra++on, Wes+ Virginia Simmons, Beverly, Middle Ridge, Perry, Ohio Skeen, Carol, 523 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Skerri++, Sheila, I I4 May Cour+, Chagrin Falls, Ohio Skipper, Pa+, 3653 Shaw Ave., Cincinna+i, Ohio Slabach, John, Box 83, R+. 4, Marion, Ohio Sloan. Delores, R+. I, Philo, Ohio Slonaker, Larry. 940I E. Broad, Pa+askaIa, Ohio Smi+h, Dan, R+. 4, Meadowlawn Ave., Massillon, Ohio Smi+h, Marcia, R+. 2, Wakeman. Ohio Smi+h, Ron, 93I W. Church, Newark, Ohio Snider, Grace, R+. 2, So. Zanesville, Ohio Snider, Leroy, R+. 2, So. Zanesville. Ohio Snider, Bill, 58I4 Greenlawn Dr.. Be+hesda, Maryland Spangler, Carol, R+. I, Malin+a. Ohio Speigh+, Rabon, 3l4 Sychar Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Spurgeon, I-Iarold, I I6 N. Ca+hryn S+., M+. Vernon. Ohio S+awischinski, Fred, R+. 2, Wakeman, Ohio S+een, Eunice, I-Iawkwood Farm, Gordonsville, Virginia S+ewar+, Gary, R+. 4, ChilIico+he, Ohio S+epanske, Mick, 560 Park Overlook, Wor+hing+on. Ohio S+olz, Ivan, R+. 2, Mechanicsburg, Ohio 72' any S+raw, David. 49OI WiIming+on, Day+on, Ohio Su++on, John, Box 34, Ney, Ohio Swar+z, Thelma. 273 Wildwood Dr., Youngs+own, Ohio Sweeney, Marion, Box 372. Chesapeake. Ohio Sweeney, S+eve. Box 372, Chesapeake, Ohio Taylor, Charles, R+. 2. Loudenville, Ohio Taylor, Linda, 2809 Sunse+ Blvd., S+uebenvilIe, Ohio Tee+ers, Dick, 362 Six+h Ave., Mans+ieId, Ohio Terrill, Tom, 6I38 Kungle Rd., Clin+on, Ohio Thomas, Ernes+ine, 528 S. Champion, Columbus 5. Ohio Trepper, Fred, 3562 Chippendole, Phila.. Pennsylvania Teh, Glenda, 9 Wolf S+., M+. Vernon, Ohio U++ley, Beverly, R+. I, S+a+e Rou+e IOI, Clyde, Ohio Vanliman, Sue, I830 I'Iun+ing+on Dr., Lima, Ohio VanNos+rand, Pa+, I3 Avalon Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Verovich, John, 34I6 Marvin, Cleveland, Ohio Wagner, Linda, l08 Fairground Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Waldron, Jean, 35IO Bosar+ Rd., Springfield, Ohio Wallace, Jon, 3388 Nor+hamp+on R:'., Cuyhoga Falls. Ohio Wallace, Mary Lou, R+. 2, Irwin, Pennsylvania Wal+er, Darryl, R+. 6, Medina, Ohio WaI+er. Paul, R+. 6, Medina, Ohio Ward, Margare+, I609 Haskins Lane, MiddIe+own, Ohio Wein+ur+ner, Sherry, R+. I, Pedro, Ohio Wes+faII. Judy, R+. 2, WeIling+on, Ohio Wes'IrFaIl, Wayne, R+. 2. WelIing+on, Ohio Whi+e, Joan. 38637 Ninadell Ave., Willoughby, Ohio Williams, Ben. R+. I, M+. Vernon, Ohio Williams, Beverly, R+. 2, Galion, Ohio Wilson, Gary, 36I CIin+on S+., Marion, Ohio . Wing, Gary, 623 High S+., Wor+hing+on. Ohio WoIco++, Linda, 4IO Third S+.. Defiance, Ohio Wonyco++, Carole, Box 349-B, R+. I, Parkersburg, Wes+ Virginia Wood, Barbara, Woods, Donald, Woods, Ronald, Woosley, Linda Wyand, AIber+, R+. I30, BurIing+on, New Jersey 530 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio 530 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio 265 8 Powha++en Place, Day+on 20, Ohio 3I74 Valla Camp. Warren, Ohio Ya+es, Bill, 3359 Wes+ I3O S+., Cleveland, Ohio Ya+es, Sibyl, I24 Kenna Dr.. So. Charles+on, Wes+ Virginia Yoakam, Shirley, 3I9 Woos+er Ave., M+. Vernon, Ohio Yoder, Hank, 440 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Yoder, Janice, 440 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Young, Kenny, 329 Woos+er Rd., M+. Vernon, Ohio Zickefoose, Lura, Box I3, I'Ielve+ia, Wes+ Virginia TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Nw World! lol? Yelrbookn Are Tlylol-muck"

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon Academy - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) collection:

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