Mount Vernon Academy - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH)

 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1948 volume:

WX . xk X A .:. ' l"?a2 'Z "'f'53'::?3:.:'.: xwgf is A NK ' sx Y 1' s ' 1 Q5 ,f . wi ,Q an a ,. fi. an fe, Q a...,: . .. WWW 9 1 :sf , Qu '4True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study. It means more than a prepa- ration for the life that now is. It has to do with the Whole being, and with the Whole period of existence possible to man. lt is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this World, and for the higher joy of Wider service in the World to come." Education, page 13 Ihr 1548 Irvzwnrv 0111251 Associates ....... Circulation Mgr Assistant .......... Business Mgr. .. U 2.IvDGX.7Q.IDGX.9lTJC.lDGX.7Q,IvDC-SXJ' A S 2 CONTENTS S 2 Dedication Q2 Faculty Q 3 Classes 6 n Ze All i11 a Day 24' Religious Q EXtI'2lClll'l'll'lll2ll' if Ads and Snaps Y CAX9QfbC'X9QI'5CEbC-QJQI3C'KJQ!3- Editor-in-chief ...... ...... R obert Benge Clyde Ondrizek Art Editor Grace Oldham Grace Beike Assistant ............................ Edwin Wilson . ......... Robert Kinney Senior Photographer A. Walker Studio JerreneiMeier Photographer Walter Parrish Arthur Butterfield Typists ........ ......... J ean Minesinger Advertising Mgr. .................... Norbert Gee Assistant ........................ Printed by The College Press Alan Williamson Sponsor .... ......... JoAnn Hoskins Professor D. Lee Dedication As a token of our appreciation, We dedicate this issue of the Treasure Chest to those who have made a Christian education possible - Our Parents. We shall always be grateful for all that Our Parents have done for us. Often they have nursed us through long nights of sickness. Their interests have always been closely linked with ours and our success will fill their hearts with un- speakable joy. Their prevailing prayers and unceasing sacrifices have enabled us to obtain a Christian education and thus prepare for a place in God's great vineyard. John R. Shull, B. A. Principal and Business Mgr., Sociology 7fze p ' ' fi Madage The masses of the world following the great World War II, lived in great expectancy. They hoped that it was a new world which faced periods charac- terized only by international peace, domestic tranquility and economic securi- ty. This period of expectancy has passed Without realization and we have now entered a period of fear, distrust and insecurity. On every hand We see men and women in all levels of life Whose hearts are failing for fear as they see the things that are coming upon the earth. All the world looks in vain for peace, hope and security. They fail to recognize that all these things are found only in Christ. Upon those of us who do understand the scource of these securities, there falls a tremendous responsibility. Our youth are especially called to meet the challenge of this hour. Through the youth whose vision is bright and whose hope is sure, can the people ofthe World soon have their visions brightened and their hopes revived. It is to this end that the youth of the Advent Message are called and it is to this great task that the youth pictured on the pages of this book are consecrated and for which they are being prepared. Elder Richard T. Minesinger, B. A. Bible Instructor XVashing'ton Miss'onary College, Theological Seminary Raymond C. Kraft, B. A. Coininercial Arts, Registrar Washington Missionary College, Franklin University, Ohio State University Mrs. Leonard J. Smith, B. A. Instructor in Public Speaking, M. V. Leader Atlantic Union College, Vander- built University F. A. Meier, B. A. Dean of Boys, History, Language Southwestern Junior College, Union College, Ohio State Uni- versity Dwight Nliller, B. A. Accountant, Instructor in Hook- keeping Washington Missionary College 7 Mrs. Mabel While Baker, B. A. Head of lflnglish Department Washington Missionary College, Rutgers University of New Jersey Clifton 0. Baker Superintendent of Farm :Sz Dairy Mrs. Martha Jane Jackson, R. N. Dean of Girls Miami-J acobs Business College Hinsdale Sanitarium Arthur .l. Workman Leonard J. Smith .' ' ' , , 1 . Industllal Englntu Superintendent of Press Mrs. M. Wolfe, Conservatory Diploma Instructor in Piano and Organ Emmanuel Missionary College Arthur C. Higlit, B. S. in Education Instructor in Industrial Arts and Mathematics University of Minnesota Northern State Teachers' College, Mrs. Samuel Minesinger Laundry Superintendent Mrs. R. T. Minesinger, B. A. Instructor in Voice Washington Missionary College Ralph Nobrega, B. A. Head of Spanish Department and Instructor in Bible Washington Missionary College 9 Leaks Gibson, B. A. Mutron, Instructor in Home Eco- nomics Union College, Grocly State 'I'eachs:i"s College Donald E. Lee, B. A. Head of Science and Math Ile- partmcnt Emmanuel Missionary College, Illinois Institute of Technology, Armed Forces Institute 10 Mrs. Wilma Levison Tegler Librarian Washington Missionary College Mrs. Warnick Assistant M atron Charles J. Jennings, B. A Band and Music Instructol' Oberlin Senior , 5. 5 me CLASS GFFICERS President .............. ........ R ay Simpson Treasurer ...... ........ G eorge Taylor Vice President ........ ......... R oberta Wente Pastor ........ ...... R obert Kinney Secretary .......... ........ M arian Rose Sgt.-at-arms ........ ..... K enneth Taylor Faculty Sponsor ............ Prof. J. R. Shull MOTTOZ AIM: Christ Our Pilot The Eternal Shore FLOWER: COLORS: White Carnation Royal Blue and Silver VVATCHWORU2 Advance 12 Pruidlnt Raymond Simpson Doctor Pres. of Senior Class '48 Pastor Sophomore Class '46 President of Teachers of Tomorrow '48 Leader of M. V. Society '48 Spirit Staff '48 Students Association '48 Vice President Roberta Wente Secretary Pastorette Ivory Melo- dies Club '47 Pastorette junior Class '47 Vice Pres. Senior Class '48 Associate Editor Spirit '48 Sec. of Students Associa- tion '48 Secretary Marion Rose Educator Pres. Alpha Gamma '48 Prayer Band Leader '48 Assist. Editor of Spirit '48 Sec. Senior Class '48 Choir '48 Seminar Pianist Treasurer George Taylor Educator Assist. Editor of Spirit '46 Circulation Mgr. Annual '47 Seminar Leader '48 Treas. Senior Class '48 Parliamentarian Students Association '48 Pastor Robert Kinney Jr. Teacher Vice Pres. Amici Club '48 Circulation Manager An- nual '48 S. S. Teacher '48 Pastor Senior Class '48 Sargeant-at-arms Kenneth Taylor Doctor Sargeant-at-arms Students Association '48 Sargeant-at-arms of Senior Class '48 Treas. Amici Club '48 Faculty Sponsor John R. shun Jeraldine Apsey Missionary Nurse Vice Pres. of Teachers of Tomorrow '48 Cantata '48 Choir '48 Marion Louise Baus Nurse Arthur Belcher Director of Instrumental Music Prayer Band Leader '46 Pastor Freshman Class '45 Treas. Sabbath School '45 Treas. Aniici Club '46 Pres. Amici Club '47 Presdent Student Associ- ation '48 Robert Benge Dentist Editor-in-Chief Annual '43 Captain of Sports '46 to '48 Sergeant-at-arms of Amici Club '46 Vice Pres. Amici Club '47 Student Board of Mange- ment '48 Sabbath School Teacher '48 Janet Brown Secretary Ivory Melodies Sec. '48 Marie Lyda Butler Secretary Vice President of Student Association '48 Mary Byrd Nurse Sabbath School Teacher '47 Assistant prayer band leader '47 Carl R. Carnes Medicine Letter Man of Sports '46 Mary Virginia Click Surgical Nurse S. S. Teacher '47 Sec. Treasurer of Alpha Gamma '48 Sec. lvory Melodivs '48 Secretary Teachers of Tomorrow '48 Sec. Sabbath School '48 Prayer Band Leader '48 Orchestra '47 and '48 Choir '46 to '48 Cantata '48 Glenn Coon Minister junior Reporter Spirit '47 Secretary M. V. Society '47 Treas. of Amici Club '48 S, S. Teacher '48 Publicity Sec. of Foreign Missions Band '48 Pianist Boys' Worship '-l8 Juanita Coon Nurse and Secretary Sec. of junior Class '47 S. S. Teacher '47 and '48 Prayer Band Leader '48 Choir '47 Orchestra '47 and '48 Assist. Editor of Spirit '48 William Davidson Construction Architect Treas. junior Class '47 Choir '47 Basketball Captain '48 Sabbath School Supt. '48 Spirit Campaign Leader '48 Student Association '48 Amici Club Pres. '48 June Dunbebin NiUfSS Douglas Felton Attorney at Law . Sideline Music Treas. lvory Melodies '48 Choir '48 Orchestra '48 Chorister Sabbath Scool ' 8 Harvey Flory Mechanical Engineer Sec. of Amici Club '48 Marilyn Winona Frost Nurse Choir '48 Cantata '48 Betty Lou Case Surgical Nurse Jayne Darlene Gnodall Dean of Girls Canlala '48 Barbara Gray Nurse Pianist Seminar '47 Se-crelary M. V. Sociely '48 Dona Guslin 'l'eacln-r of Music Social Sec. of 'l'Q-achers mf Tomorrow '45 Margaret L. Halterman l-'oreign Missionary Nurse Assist. Supl. S. S. '48 Spirit Reporter '46 Vice Pres. of Sophomore Class '46 Svcrvlary Foreign Missions liunfl '48 Betty Carole Hausted Dean of Girls Sec. Sophomore Class '46 Spirit Campaign Leader '46 Campaign Leader of An- nual '46 Treasurer of Alpha Gamma Club '46 Vice Pres. Alpha Gamma Club '47 S. S. Superintendent '47 Vice Pres. lvory Melodies Club '47 lfditor-in-Chief Spirit '48 Prayer Band Leader '47 Choir '47 and 48 Dolores High Foreign Missionary Choir '46 to '48 Library Monitor '47 Jeanne Hoffman Nurse Choir '46 lo '48 Betty Hostetler Secretary Spirit Staff '45 and '46 Orchestra '46 to '48 Choir '46 Se-c. of Students Associ- alion '48 Rosalyn James Dean of Girls Leader of M. V. Society '48 Loretta .lean Kriner Teacher Lowell Landis Musical Evangelist Orchestra '46 to '48 Prayer Band Leader'4B Erna McKenzie Bible Worker or Teacher Vice Pres. junior Class '47 Pasborette Alpha Gamma Club '47 Prayer Band Leader '45-'47 Sec. of Seminar '47 Pres. of Alpha Gamma '48 Vice Pres. Alpha Gamma Club '48 S. S. Teacher '47 and '48 Assistant Leader of Sem- inar '48 Reporter for Spirit '48 Kathryn McWilliams Stenographer Senior Representive to Board of Management '43 Choir Member '46 Cantata '48 Orchestra '48 Jean Minesinger Surgical Nurse S. S. Teacher '47 Sec. of Seminar '47 Typist Annual '48 Choir '45 to '47 Roger Nelson Medicine Walter Parrish Doctor Photographer Annual '48 Photographer Spirit '48 17 John Penrod Agricultural Instructor Young Peoples Lender '-Hi Treasurer nf Snphomore Class '46 Gordon W. Rhodes Criminoloyzist Amici Club President '48 Prayer Band Leader '48 Ruby Anne Rice Dean of Girls Librarian '48 Jack Ries Physician - Surgeon President Amici Club '48 Pres, Photography Club '48 Norma .Ieane Ripley Nurse lDental Assistant! Seminar Assistant Pianist Choir '46 to '48 Ivory Melodies Club '48 Cantata '48 Phyllis Robbins Nurse Prayer Band Leader '48 Choir '48 Jacqualyn Shay Secretary Choir '48 Cantata '48 Betty Snyder Nurse Bruce Staufler Psychiatrist Master Comrade Class '48 Luella Straw Bible Worker S. S, Teacher '46 to '48 Young Peoples Missionary Volunteer Leader '48 Fern D. Timming School Teacher Prayer Band Leader '48 Ass't. M. V. Leader '48 Frank Tisler Attorney M. V. Leader '48 Spirit Campaign Leader '48 James Walker Farmer Sec. of M. V. '47 Ass't Superintendent ol Missionary Volunteer '48 Theodore Walker Criminologist - Undertaker Orchestra '47 and '48 Young Peoples Missionary Volunteer Leader '48 Sargeant.-at-arms of Amici Club '46 Donald Walterhouse Singing Evangelist Ass't S. S. Teacher '46 Choir '47 and '48 Barbara Jeanne Williams Secretary 19 UNIUB CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Edwin Wilson Lenore Neil Marion Kopfman Jack Mill Pastorette Sgt.-at-arms Faculty Sponsor Anna Rowlands Ferdinand Wuttke F. A. Meier I COLORS - Maroon and White I I Aim - Full Speed to Success I I MOTTO - He conquers who endures I I WATCHWORD - Determination I I EMBLEM - Arrow I I I 'Ui yas., 'UW- Marion Allenbaugh Beverly Brown Max Byrkit Shirley Crago Lois Cring Robert Diener Robert Dornburg Jane Dunnihoo Jane Dunwoody Marion Eakley Eva Elie Mary Elie Norbert Gee Howard Gold Margaret Goronzy JoAnn Hoskins Joanna House Polly Jack R. J. Jack James Jackson Alice James Robert Klessa Elizabeth Koester James Kriner Ellen Langlois Alyce Leemaster Lois Litten Marion Loucks Mary Lucas Carolyn McClintock Wilma McCoy Paul McKenzie Evelyn Martin Grace Oldham Clyde Ondrizek Pat 0'Neil Edward Pohlman Dorothy Richardson Kenneth Snyder Duane Stier Joanne Stout Virginia Straw Dolores Terrill Marie Walterhouse Marilyn Wheeler llettie Wilkin Alan Williamson Charlotte Wineland Merita Wolcott . 0Pll0 URES Ruth Bair Ronald Bauer Donna Behner Grace Beike Helen Braat Edward Brown Ggrdon Burton Arthur Butterfield Edward Cerovski jack Clifford Betty Cring Richard Faber Elizabeth Fuller Mary Cessner james Gibson Nancy Hardman Glenn Hill Bonnie Hausted Harold Iles Russell Kaser Harold Kees Ernest Laabs jack Lamb Mary Lambdon Edith Lundgren Vernelle Lytle Donna McHenry Robert McKenzie William Mcwillianis Jeannette Masters Mabel Michaelis Helen Millam jean O'Connell Florienda Page Duane Peterson Barbara Philips Elaine Pleso Anne Poole Dwain Rogers Walter Sauder Barbara Segreto joan Shepler Dorothy Simmons Sandra Smith janet Tanner Nancy Tanner Pat Thomas Betty Lou Werxitz Imogene Wood FRES M r - -Q 'wr lm. we Belly Allen Belly Anderson Dolores Beatty Vilda Beckwith Thomas Belcher Richard Dales Holland Franks Roger l'lall Marilyn Harker Homer Hawthorne Coy Hughes Betty Humphries Paul johns Ruby Kegley David Kissinger Norma Kriner Ruth Lentz Barbara Leonard Marvin Loveridge jerrene Meier Paul Miller Marlha Minesingcr Darlene Myers Ronald Niswander Laura Penrnd Robert Pinnick Daniel Richardson Barbara Ross Nornialou Sanborn Harry Sands Beverly Sauder llnogene Shoulls Gladys Smilh Lee Stilwell Rosalie Taylor George Vlfelwli liloise W1'l1lQ- Bobby Wolcrill Nellwyn Wrvlcoll Ruth Wolcott Ea fly in I1 t 6 M ,9- ,lyfyf .Q-S. QNX-as GANG syx Qin Q53 38-3- xkzgwi Offf Vhagwl 311.-..,,,. 1' 35" ,MW kb, . V9 A 0 I1 j Pi :um lie-wma! in lirl f.....,,MwN. ., M M, R , 4,..W.,., ww H :MW 1,mm,.,x.:1...m.. . . wmv 0 W WG! War Bob and Ifizsrvf-V'-If'arsxne'rs M-W S 5 5 Milk than Vlllltfl ..... ,,MW..,,v, U , , :ted Vous 4 F 5 Dimmer in thi' Making .,.,w.,...,,,,...,,. .., .., ., .Nw u em and R. J. - the Bakers " ,, XMW,x.,.w- X . . W.,.,,.W, ,,,,. NW .Wg .. I hr lr culling Crvvs x .wwwww 3 -lanihzrs in Buyki harm S 0 vig? .XXX qw g....Wm,,q MM . W Mx .X W. A X X Art Fvefxlilxgr Fs1r':s1u'es Ilarry amd Bi!! Wurlsixxg' we Ysual lkzuslwt ha ,Q Girls' Gym ima To Pla q Miiig-u XI,L...Q ww . .. ., Q,..A,,E ' h Xiarvhing 5 Waiting for Ilimwr 1 1 im Q is Smciy U1 !,lhl'ZIl'X ling s' Rmmi fy O calc of Prayer Elder George M. Mathews "To stretch my hnnd and touch him, "To feel a hand extended Though he he for nwnyg By One who standeth near To raise my eyes and see him To view the love that shineth Through darkness ns through dnyg ln eyes serene and clear: To lift my voice and call him - V To know that he is calling - This is to pray! T This is to hear!" eminar Froni : Back: .,, ,, A, ,, W.. MW Offivvrs kiazimx Rose, Nur- ma J. Ripley, Jean Q O,COXlYi8H, Erma L.. 3i1CKBi1ZiE, and Bar- Q bam Segreto R. J. Jack, George Taylor, Ed Wiison, 3 and Elder' kIi1'lQSiI'1gQl' 5 Z .QNNQ ,,,.,xwA.M, A , X WN xr,......, M... L gvsxxxxn Q 5 K xgn if 5,0 Y 'gxv . Banding: nut Bulletins, issionary olunteers Nl. Y. 0l'fi1'4'l's Framt: I.m-lin Straw. I"v1'n Timmingr, Marizm llusv, Libby Fulk-r', :uni I!zu'hzu':x S1-gwtu Hawk: Mrs. Smith, llvurgn' 'l'uylm', Ray Simpsmx. and l'Zivhar'd Fzxiwr i Mash-r Vmnrzulvs- 2 . glfllwif ,Kiel :mal linntw Qs' :: an JS Furvigun Missions Band Lvauls-rs Seated: Glenn Cuon, Jack Mill, Art Rutter- field, and Margaret Halterman Standing: Mr. Lee. Pvrsnnal Wurkors' Bam! Sumahim- Band 00 I,v:ulm'r4 in mu' Nilhhilul Hvkmnl Bark: Clycic Uxzdrizvk, Rohm! U0l'IlfXUI'Q. I-lc! Wilson, William Iiuvielsnn, Doug Fulton, .Iurxxes .I:1uksm1, amd Tec! IMhXm:1u. FI'!lIH1Gi'QlL'R' Ulcihzmx, UQIICIETS 'l'm'rill. lim-tty Hausted, .fmhxrz Hoskins, and Mzwy Virginia Clirk. Sponsor: Mrs. Iisxkmz 4 Nl0llljL l'hln'vh 1' 4 2 Faniaxtsl - iistlwr Student Iimlrd of Bf!lllilj.YOIlli"lll Front: Grace Oldham, Riclmrfl Faber, Betty Hostlctler, Marie Rutler, Amt Belelier, Art Butterfield, Roheiital Wente, lwtliv Wilkin, and George Taylor. Back: Harry Sands, Hula llierier, Ronald Bauer, Betty Hausted, Alun Williamson, Kathryn McWilliams, and Holland Frzuiks. m'fim-rx nl' the 'l'rvaslxr0 Ulu-st Front : Back : JuAnn Hoskins, Arthur l'luttm'field. Clyde Un- rlrizvk, Bob Benge, Grace Heike, Alan Williamson, Hd Wilson, and Gmc? Olclham. , .ln-an Mines-inger, Jerry Ml-img Robert Kinney, Walter l'arz'ish, Norlxert. Gee, and Mr. Lee. Spirit Stuff Front : Back : Edith l4llllllgII't'll, licrliw erta Went.:-, Betty llam- tecl, lvlaricm Rose, JoAnn Hoskins, and l'Julm'es Terrill. Ed Brown, Teal lwlilixmii. Walter l':11'1'isli, William Davidsmi, Ray Sixiipsori Art BuLt.m'l'ivlfl, and lid Wilson. Sponaor: Mrs. Baker. wi'-6' wfffrw ff' evqrafi , f AW Mi Photangmphy QMWM wi aKf3Lg5BM,,,y "5 P It Ei il Ill FH vi! 1 Club 3 2 K L . A X . x x K xx ff-1' ,XX 3 l.imh-uliall Q S 1 3 S lN'flC'i'l'ri I'I'smIZ lfvrm Nlrlig-1s,aiv :uni H4-NX Hraflxtwi, liswla: XifKi'3S1H Kuinmzux. .ilfxry Fiivk, .hum U'l'cm1wH. Isihhx 5:53113 Xianriun lin-Qu, Ln M-al, mul hxuvv Hlslisznm, ilu fr mimi Club r !?ffii'f'!'eQ I":'mxI: Elmww iiizszw-5. 52:2 'E4Ewm:m .!,smew Wgriviizx. :Hs-E Umfaxzsrl ?fe'fi'iyvi', lkivk: limi Ihf+mFwsr'gg. if xx Q X flung, SML EQMEWQ Ni Rgwwlztv 4 lf x 3 fm, Xreame' llsafisfrtsffhi SMX Hw!x1,5f'KfH?s. :xml Hwiizsfr! ,A 2 i WWW5 llznllvy Hall 3 S S 2 2 '!:'1XXXX1'Kxil.Q Sw. fhk Mm cf hxkxmwxxk ,552 p K .-f 'gif' 3 Xx nw , U uv 131-nhest . ra K ML 11 K V 1111111 W 1 6 1 A1' 1 X 11 I 1 ix" Z 11 , 1 111 ,cn 1 1 1 I1 11 2 11 M M JN Q W 1 I1 1 1 1 1 '111311111 511111 11 11 ! 1 Q11 M I I 1 1 1 l Q 1 , K K Q an 1'111'l11 V111 1111! W M X13 JEW ELL' PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS 'A' ir 'ir ir if ICE CREAM BUTTER MILK SALAD DRESSING SELECTED EGGS JEWELL ICE CREAM 8 MILK CO. uourr vsnuou, onlo We wish success to each and every member of the Graduating Class The Manufacfuring Printers Co. 18 N. Main Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 720 Compliments of G. 81 G. Electric Co. Power and Light Wiring, Fixtures, Repairing, and Motor Work Phones Melrose 8707 and Dunbar 4247 I40 W. Court St. -- Cincinnati 2, 0. I ARIEL W LKER STUDIO A COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE PORTRAITS GRADUATION YVEDDING BABY and CHILDREN COMMERCIAL ILLUSTRATIVE CAN DID FLASH PHOTOSTATS COPYING Photographs talcdn anywhere or TWENTY FIVE YEARS EXPERIENCE INSURES THE BEST QUALITY 8x WORKMANSHIP 31 EAST UAMBIER MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Leather Goods Billfolds - Saddles - Purses Quality Shoe Repairs 104 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio R. G. ELMER Builders Supply Co. formerly Bartletts P h o n a 2 I 3 113 West Gambier Everything in Mason Building Supply Building Hardware and Steel Products Compliments of Bair's Dry Cleaners 3 West High Street Mount Vernon, Ohio Wal'l's Open Kitchen A Good Place to Eat 9 East Vine St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio A Real home for convalescents, aged, and invalids Registered Nurses in Attendance Day and Night MT., VERNON REST HOME Wooster Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio Special Attention Given Diet N. Y. Tabor - Proprietor 6: Supervisor Phone 1086 : l086M Doctors' orders followed implicately Q Elephant Lumber Stores 301 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 234 l. Tinie. 2. llellu Girls. 3. Bible Class Outside. 4. Beanie Meier. 5, Going somewhere Girls? fr. The Little Shudls. 7, Luella. 8. Charlotte. 9. Mr. Lee. IU. Larry and Mr. Miller. ll. Elder Nlinesiuger. 12 lNlr, Miller. I3. Mr. Higlit. I-l, A Banquet. I5. Speed! I6. Grace and Dolores. I7. Walter and Bobby IB. Mr. Miller and Mr. Nobregra. I9. lVlr. Smith. 20. Mr. Wcxrknman. 2I. Mrs. jackson, 22. Mrs Miller and Larry. 23. juz-xnitzx. 24. llomer. 25. Bruce and -lack. 26. Wlxnt's up? 27. Boy is it llut, FRED ZERULLS Cochran 81 Dalrymple . EI t ' S I' i Western Auto ASSOC1Ht9 Store ec nga' upp 'es Sporting Goods, Car 81 Home Supplies Commercial Sz Industrial Wiring Your Frigidaire Dealer Zl Public Square Mt. Vernon, Ohio Next to Vernon Theater Phone 1048 Mt. Vernon, Ohio EVERETT E. BAER . Plumblng IO4 EAST HAMTRAMCK MOUNT VERNON, OHIO "DOC Compliments of General Repair work of all kinds 0ufSPec1a1W The Norfhwesfern ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE Elevator and Mill C0- WELDING 521 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Mount Vernon, Ohio Compliments of IJIARPSTER Zlllfl POIILSUN "Where courtesy dwellsv Hardware and Plumbing Phone 25 Mount Vernon, Ohio Singer Sewing Machines Sales and Services Call Only Singer Sewing Machine Go. 225 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 616 CITY DRY CLEANERS Berlon Mothproofing, waterproofing and alterations 203 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 1017-J Compliments of ELAINE DRESS SHOP G. R. Smith 8: Co. Hardware, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Mount Vernon, Ohio 83 5 PHONES 2 84 Good Service to you' - A pleasure to us HOME LOAN 6 East Vine St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 348 Home Electric Co. "Your Philco Dealer" Telephone 814 85 Mulberry St. Mount Vernon, Ohio Citizen Building and Loan 81 Saving A.ssociu1'ion Ryan Electric All kinds of Electrical wiring Appliance Repair 7 Public Square Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 1650 Compliments of The Ohio Fuel Gas Co. Compliments of The Firsl' Knox National Bank Mount Vernon, Ohio Member Federal Deposit Insurence Co. Member Federal Reserve System 1847 - 100 Year's of Service - 1947 Compliments of EARL BEAUTY SHOP 48 Public Square Mt. Vernon, Ohio For All Good Foods STOP 'N' SHOP Groceries - Meats - Delicacies ll5 S. Main St. Phone 1472-1473 Mount Vernon, Ohio Fru Delivery McMILLEN'S OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS WALLPAPER PAINTS TOYS 107 S. Main St. M t. Vernon, Ohio Williams Flower Shop "Say it with Flowersi' and say it with ours 14 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone 235 L. C. PENN 4 South Gay Street Everything in music, sewing machines, radios, and phonographs Phone 548 M t. Vernon, Ohio I. Wfxrkixxg Imrcl fellows? 2. Lets go for an ride. 3. Donn and her balloon. -I, lilder Nllnesinger the fnrpc-nker. 5, Grace, Lenore and Llxelr Dolls. 0. Taking in the Wzxslm. 7. llello Llxere. 8. Guess who? 9. Art working. IO. The Ad Building. II. Bob Diener. IZ. Mr. Nobrega. I3. Ed the Barber. I-I. Lum-llzx und Dona. I5. Bruce and Bill. I6. Bllly Shull. I7. Letlie and Grace. IB. An entrance to our Campus. VICTORY FOODS, INC. Compliments of Gro. - Meats - Drugs - Food Lockers - fx- S C IJ ix I R E VF TRANSI"liR CO. H7119 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio P11006 118 Mount Vernon, Ohio Congradulafions To a Fine School GELSA LITER' Huberi' M. Walker Lumber Company "There's a Material Difference" Phone 405 M t. Vernon, Ohio HECKLER'S For DRUGS and PHOTOGRAPHY SUPPLIES ON THE SQUARE Phone 263 M t. Vernon, Ohio CQ. Compliments of w. Suburban Dry Cleaners inc. Phone 900 Always at your service . 0 Laundry Service The Best ln Transportatlon Phone 1670 17 E. Vine St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio M. W. Hayes G. W. Wagner Besi' Wishes +o The Senior Class VETS CA Phone 1571 2 EAST VINE STREET MOUNT VERNON, OHIO if "A ine territory to earn a scholarshipv Ohio Book 8: Bible House F D p ndable Merchand'se Compliments of RUDIN'S M ounf Vernon Department Store FARMER'S EXCHANGE Mount Vernon, Ohio l. Mrs. Sliull and jerry. 2. Lenore and Bob. 3. Marilyn at Lhe Spring. 4. The three Nluskelecrs. den Hall. 6. Clyde, Ferdi and Dewey. 7. Who is that Strong Girl? 8, 'lhe Bookee-ping Class. 47, XVull up a tree. 10. The Library and West Hall. ll. Wiliiia. IZ. Lenore, Bert and Maggy. I3. Charlolte. l4. Lois and Dona emptying trash. I5, Ray, I6. The water lower. I7. A Lower IS. Cough il up I9. Off to bed. 20. Prof. Meier. Zl. Bert and Lenore. WQRLEVS sl-:Aw FUNERAL Home 25 Years of Leadership in I Ambulance Service MENS WE AR Hospital Beds for Rent 120 South Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio North Main St. Phone 748 DIESEL and GAS ENGINES 150 to 2400 Horsepower Vertical and Horizontal units in two and four-cycle types for every marine, stationary, and locomotive power purpose. THE COOPER - BESSEMER CORPORATION MOUNT VERNON, omo - oRovE CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Dr. B. B. S1-urfeyanf Veteran Owned and Operated Dentist PHONE 1700 'ILL East Gambier St. Mt. Vernon, O. 3 West Vine St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio OPPORTU IT KNOCKS To every young man and young woman the call comes again to enter the Master's service. The opportunity to work for others, while spreading gospel literature and at the same time assuring yourself an education in the coming school year, is unique. It will mean a deeper Christian experience, a better prepartion for your life work, and your full scholarship earned. "Let those who have been in school go out into the field, and put to practical use the knowledge they have gained. If canvassers will do this, using the ability which God has given them, seeking counsel from Him, and combining the work of selling books with personal labor for the people, their talents will increase by exer- cise, and they will learn many practical lessons which they could not possibly learn in school. The education obtained in this prac- tical way may properly be termed higher education? - Mrs. E. G. White Consider it seriously, then get in touch with your local Publish- ing Secretary. PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT of the col.uMalA uNloN EARN WHILE ,YOU LEARN 61 Best Wishes Class of '48 MRS. FRANKS PICKLE PANTRY' Mfgrs. of Mrs. Franks Crispy Sweet Pickle Strips - Sweet, Dill and Lemon Pickles Compliments any Meal, Luncheon or Picnic P. 0. BOX 306 MOUNT VERNON, OHIO The Kincaid Buick Co. Better Service Better Used Cars Tires Batteries Starters Generators New Engines More than 10,000 Buick parts in stock For that EXTRA SOMETHlNG IN FLAVOR It's WORTHINGTON FOODS Choplets Proast Choplet Burger Numete Savree Gravy Tastex Soy Sauce Beta Broth Tasted Food Yeast Soy Beans in Tomato Sauce Honey Bear Peanut Butter There's a WORTHlNGTON FAMOUS ILAVOR FO0D for every occasion Worhington Foods, Inc., Worthington, Ohio I. Another lower, Z. Girls' Reception. 3. Echo llall. 4. Beverly. 5. Tiny Anchor Man. 6. Elder Minesinger the Builder. 7. Lenure and Maggie. 8. Ernest und Dick. 9. A Birthday Party. I0. Hello Students. II. Grace eating snow. IZ. The Office Crew. I3. Bob Kinney. I4, lVlax "Bucket," Beth and the Eagle. I5. Bob and Betty. Ib. Benge and Davidson. I7. Boys' Reception. IB. Jeanne. I9, Off tu, Class. R. P. Compliments of Servais Transit G. M. C. Trucks Davy Implemeni' Co. Phone 852 104 S. Mechanic Mt. Vernon, Ohio 200 W. High St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF U55 EOZTE 8 91555 9 George E Yahmus Cochran Moior Sales Dodge - Plymouth FLOOR LINOLEUM and TILE Ilmlgv Joh - Rated 'l'1'lu'kS Used Cars and Trucks 46 Public sqlgilje Han' Vernon' O' 14 W. Ohio Ave. Mt. Vernon, Ohio 0116 Phone 948 COMPLIMENTS of the OHIO CONFERENCE of Seventh - day Aclventists Qffiice Address, Ill So. Mulberry St., Mt. Vernon, Q. STUDE TS DIRECTORY Allen, Betty Allenbaugh, Marion Anderson, Betty Apsey, Jeraldine Bair, Ruth Bauer, Ronald Baus, Marion Beatty, Delores Beckwith, Vilda Behner, Donna Beike, Faith Beike, Grace Belcher, Arthur Belcher, Henry Benge, Robert Borgeson, Richard Braat, Helen Brown, Beverly Brown, Edward Brown, Janet Burton, Gordon Butler, Marie Butterfield, Arthur Byrd, Mary Byrkit, Max Carnes, Carl Carrier, Robert Cerovski, Edward Click, Mary Virginia Clifford, Jack Coon, Glenn Coon, Juanita Crago Shirley Cring, Betty Cring, Lois Dales, Richard Darnell, Donald Davidson, William Deiner, Robert Dornburg, Robert Dunbebin, June Dunnihoo, Jane Dunwoody, Jane Eakley, Marion Elie, Eva Elie, Mary Faber, Richard Facemyre, Ann Facemyre, Mildred FeIton,, Douglas Flory, Harvey Franks, Holland Frost, Marilyn Fuller, Elizabeth Gase, Betty Gee, Norbert Gessner, Mary Louise Gibson, James Goff, Daniel Gold, Howard Goodall, Jayne Goronzy, Margaret Gray, Barbara Gray, Marianne Gustin, Dona Hall, Roger 66 3915 Spenser, Norwood, Ohio P. O. Box 237, Wadsworth, Ohio Route 1, Berrien Springs, Michigan Clarion Ave., Petoskey, Michigan 524 Alexander St., Greensburg, Pa. Route 1, Spencer, Ohio 349 S. Ninth St., Lebanon, Pa. 127 Greenfield St., Canton, Ohio Route 2, Willard, Ohio Route 2, Grafton, Ohio 420-8th St., Struthers, Ohio 420-8th St., Struthers, Ohio 133-12th St., Altizer Add., Hunt., W. Va. 133-12th St., Altizer Add., Hunt., W. Va. 308 West 7th St., Wilmington, Delaware 17 Hilton Ave., Smethport, Pa. 18018 Parkmount, Cleveland, Ohio Harding San., Worthington, Ohio Route 1, Nlount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Spencer, Ohio 519 Woodlawn Ave., Louisville, Ky. 811 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Pleasant Grove Hosp., Anchorage, Ky. 27 Canal St., Canal Fulton, Ohio Route 4, Lancaster, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 3711 Milford Ave., Parma 9, Ohio 10204 Folk Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Route 3, Home Road, Springfield, Ohio 1502 Newman Ave., Lakewood 7, Ohio 740 Oakdale Dr., Madison, Tenn. 740 Oakdale Dr., Nladison, Tenn. Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 2, Marengo, Ohio Route 2, Marengo, Ohio Route 1, Cortland, Ohio 3448 W. 90th St., Cleveland, Ohio Route 2, Athens, Ohio 446 S. Vine St., Marion, Ohio Route 1, Gettysburg, Pa. 54 Brown St., Barberton, Ohio Box 126 733 Mount Vernon, Ohio Chartiers Ave., McKees Rock, Pa. Route 1, Oak Harbor, Ohio P.O P.O . Box 184, Newton Falls, Ohio . Box 184, Newton Falls, Ohio 1 Route , Cortland, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route Mount Vernon, Ohio 1, 2344 W. Main St., Lansing 15, Michigan 1029 N. Box Meridian Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 306, Mount Vernon, Ohio 209 Orchard Ave., Takoma Park, Md. 1455 7th St., Parkersburg, West Va. 5529 Grey Dr., Sylvania, Ohio 3709 Zinsle Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 309 Smith St., Youngstown, Ohio Route 2, Wakeman, Ohio Route 2, Lexington, Ohio Box 141, Eldred, Pa. 3629 Chase St., Huntington, W. Va. Route 6, Medina, Ohio 325 Oliver St., N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 325 Oliver St., N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 101 Michigan Ave., Wilmington, Ohio 10104 McCraken, Cleveland, Ohio Halterman, Margaret Hardman, Nancy Harker, Marilyn Hausted, Betty Hausted, Bonnie Hawthorne, Homer High, Dolores Hill, Glenn Hoffman, Jean Hoskins, JoAnn Hostetler, Betty House, Joanna Hughes, Coy Humphries, Betty Iles, Harold Jack, Polly Jack, R. J. Jackson, James James, Alice James, Rosalyn Johns, Paul Kaser, Russell Kees, Harold Kegley, Ruby Kiehl, Mary Kinney, Robert Kissinger, David Klesa, Robert Koester, Elizabeth Kopfman, Marion Kriner, James Kriner, Loretta Kriner, Norma Laabs, Ernest Lamb, John Lamdon, Mary Dora Landis, Lowell Langlois, Ellen Leemaster, Alyce Lentz, Ruth Leonard, Barbara Litten, Lois Loucks, Marion Loveridge, Marvin Loveridge, Olive Lucas, Mary Lundgren, Edith Lytle, Joyce MacKenzie, Merlene Magill, Robert Martin, Evelyn Masters, Jeanette Masters, Lulu Masters, Glenn Mayhew, Paul McCoy, Wilma McClintock, Carolyn McCullough, Elizabeth McHenry, Donna McKenzie, Erna McKenzie, Paul McKenzie, Robert McWilliams, Kathryn McWilliams, William Meier, Jerrene Messenger, Lois Berlington St., Jackson, Ohio 1809-20th St., Parkersburg, W. Va. Route 1, Ravenna, Ohio Weymouth Road, Medina, Ohio Weymouth Road, Medina, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 114 Willow Ave., Altoona, Pa. 421 Idora Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 1815 King Ave., Charleston, W. Va. 201 W. Chestnut St., Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 596 School St., Indiana, Pa. Kayford, West Virginia 144 S. Sixth St., Columbus, Ohio Route 2, Wakeman, Ohio Route 6, Covington, Virginia Route 6, Covington, Virginia Route 2, Galion, Ohio 1606 Selmard, Springfield, Ohio 134 W. Chalmers, Youngstown, Ohio Methodist Children's Home, Worthington, Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio P. G. Hosp., Anchorage, Ky. 1712 Valley St., Portsmouth, Ohio 1211 East Granville Rd., Worthington, 182 Brooker Pl., Mansfield, Ohio Friednsburg Rd., Stoney Creek Mills, Pa. 363 East 2nd St., Coudersport, Pa. 4809-287th St., Toledo, Ohio 2436 Rosedale St., Toledo, Ohio Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio 3615 Denison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Route 1, Port Deposit, Md. 1604 Jefferson St., Bluefield, West Va. 1028 Maryland Ave., Canton, Ohio Route 2 Box 320 Zone Ave., Toledo, O Box 4325 Route 4, Bowling Green, Ohio 998 Noyes, Hamilton, Ohio Box 32, Williamsfield, Ohio 57 E. Orchard St., Newark, Ohio Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 209 Pard St.,, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Box 111, Elizabeth, Pa. O. O. hio 825 Proprietors Rd., Worthington, Ohio Route 1, Chillicothe, Ohio 2571 W. 5th St., Cleveland, Ohio 075 Voice of Prophecy, Glendale, Calf Webb Rd., Mineral Ridge, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Campion Academy, Loveland, Colo. Campion Academy, Loveland, Colo. R. D. 1, Moscow, Ohio S. Douglas, Springfield, Ohio Route 6, Springfied, Ohio Route 1, Xenia, Ohio Route 2, Parkersburg, W. Va. 2 Park St., Frostburg, Md. Box 220 Route 2, Frostburg, Md. 2 Park St., Frostburg, Md. Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Box 452, O'Keene, Oka. 210 Wooster Ave., Mount Vernon, Ohio Michaelis, Mabel Mick, Arlie Mill, Jack Millam, Helen Miller, Paul Minesinger, Jean Minesinger, Martha Moon, Lois Mary Myers, Darlene Neil, Lenore Nelson, Roger Niswander, Ronald O'Connell, Jean Oldham, Grace Ondrizek, Clyde O'Neil, Patricia Opicka, James Page, Florienda Parrish, Walter Pember, Dallas 2870 Kunz Rd. Route 1, Galloway, Ohio "ShouIts, Imogene Sabraton, West Virginia 31 N. Miller St., Shillington, Pa. Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 6, Lima, Ohio Route 1, Georgetown, Pa. Route 1, Georgetown, Pa. Route 1, Springfield, Ohio 2208 E. Off St., Wheeling, West Virginia 624 West Market, Lima, Ohio Route 6, Wooster, Ohio 300 North St., Bluefield, W. Va. 244 N. Vine St., Westerville, Route 1, Williamstown, Ohio 1324 Philadephia St., Indiana, Pa. 923V. Forrest Ave., Toledo, 1117 Eton Rd., Toledo, Ohio 528 Linton, Cincinnati, Ohio 215 Somerset St., Toledo, 9, Ohio 1438 W. 55th St., Cleveland, Ohio Ohio Ohio Penrod, Mr. 8: Mrs. J.Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Penrod, Laura Peterson, Duane Phillips, Barbara Pinnick, Robert Pleso, Elaine Pohlman, Edward Poole, Ann Prutzman, Harold Raver, Myrna Rhodes, Gordon Richardson, Daniel Richardson, Dorothy Rice, Ruby Ries, Jack Ripley, Norma Robbins, Phyllis Rogers, Dwain Rose, Marian Ross, Barbara Rowlands, Anna Ryan, Mary Sands, Harry Sanborn, Norma Lou Sauder, Beverly Sauder, Walter Scallish, Margaret Segreto, Barbara Shay, Jacqualyn Shepler, Joan 270 River St., Madison, Ohio Route 1 Box 179, Kone, Pa. Box 392A Woodville Rd., Toledo, Ohio 55 Mansfield Ave., Mount Vernon, Ohio 229-7th St., Sharpsville, Pa. 1437 Bryden Rd., Columbus, Ohio 293 Marion Rd.. Cincinnati, Ohio Route 1, Washington, Pa. Route 3, Wakeman, Ohio 1850 Superior,,Cleveland, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 2 Whitney Rd., Berea, Ohio 681 Wooster Rd. W,, Barberton, Ohio 301 Pickens, Charleston, W. Va. Box 124, New Bedford, Pa. 58 Pairrie Ave., Morgantown, W. Va. Route 1, Conemaugh, Pa. Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio Station B, Box 67, Charleston, W. Va. Route 2, Wakeman, Ohio 10752 W. Wash. St., Charleston, W. Va. Box 56, Rock Creek, Ohio 253 Hemlock Ave., Mansfield, Ohio Route 5, Mansfield, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 804 N. Meridian Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 1986 Airline, Toledo, Ohio 2052 South St., Toledo, Ohio Simmons, Dorothy Simpson, Ray Smith, Gladys Smith, Sandra Snyder, Betty Snyder, Kenneth Spicer, Ruth Stauffer, Bruce Stier, Duane Stilwell, Lee Stout, Joanne Luella Virginia Straw, Straw, Tanner, Janet Tanner, Nancy Taylor, George Taylor, Kenneth Taylor, Rosalie Terrill, Dolores Thomas, Pat Timming, Fern Tisler, Frank Vorus, Theresa Walker, James Walker, Theodore Walterhouse, Donald Walterhouse, Marie Warnick, Carol Weaver, Russell Webb, George Weber, Darrol Wente, Roberta Wente, Sylvia Werntz, Betty Lou Wheeler, Marilyn Whiteis, Mary Wilkin, Lettie Williams, Barbara Williamson, Alan Wilson, Edwin Wineland, Charlotte Witte, Betty Wolcott, Bobby Wolcott, Merita Wolcott, Nellwyn Wolcott, Ruth Wood, Imogene Wuttke, Ferdinand 902 Lakeview Ave., Washington C. H., Ohio Route 2, Mount Vernon, Ohio Harding San., Worthington, Ohio Route 1, Sylvania, Ohio 3135 Westmount, Philadelphia, Pa. Box 167, Biglerville, Pa. Box 167, Biglerville, Pa. 1, Columbia Station, Ohio Route 545 N. 14th St., Reading, Pa. 1533 Box 3, Pool St., Toledo, Ohio Rock Creek Station, Ohio Route 1, Wakeman, Ohio 3, Brookville, Ohio 3, Brookville, Ohio Route Route 313 Center, Van Wert, Ohio 313 Center, Van Wert, Ohio 1224 Windsor St., Reading, Pa. Ceredo, West Virginia 1233 Main St., Wheeling, W. Va. Route 1, Clinton, Ohio 800 F. St., S. Charleston, West Virginia Box 284, Route 2, Wilford Rd., Toledo, Ohio Fowler St., Cortland, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 315-16th St., Dunbar, W. Va. 636 E. Oakwood Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio 636 E. Oakwood Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 812 Caldwell, Zanesville, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 1025 E. Rich, Columbus, Ohio 5324 Kiff St. Route 2, Portsmouth, Ohio 5324 Kiff St. Route 2, Portsmouth, Ohio P. O. Box 154, Marshallville, Ohio 412 Church St., Clyde, Ohio 512 Linwood, Columbus, Ohio Route 2, Gambier, Ohio Route 2, Box 262, Wilford Rd., Toledo, Ohio 4902 Russell, Parma, Ohio 611 N. Main St., Berrien Springs, Mich. Route 1, Galion, Ohio Route 1, New London, Ohio 657 High, Worthington, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio Route 1, Mount Vernon, Ohio 412 Potomac Ave., Fairmont, West Va. 1535 Remington St., Toledo, Ohio DONATIONS TO OUR ANNUAL S. S. KRESGE CO. LESTER'S South Main Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio Main and Vine Mt, Vernon, 0hi0 PITKIN'S PROVISON STORE KNOX COUNTY 135 - 137 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, O. SAVINGS BANK Mount Vernon, Ohio 67 With Compliments of MT. VERNON HOSPITAL - SANITARIUM MOUNT VERNON, OHIO r V 4 xx , . , 1. . MQ' i 'm A ' 's 4? M, W - . vi- n . J' ' r 'Z .A 14 5 . 1 . 'u 42 .N A. ev 'l., 1 ,Q- '-, - ' .Lux 'K 1 ,W , .,.-.J -43-. I V, , 5 1-gf: - -rx .. 1 J' ,, ' 1,3 -'fijxg . -1, ,mx ,. ' Q xg ' uf. 4 :K , ,A w,,Q.. ' Li'.."f, ,g ,X ,-,V , M -nn. -, .X ,,e, f . .LKQWMY , gjwfv iw ,. P, .IM ' . 4 A ' 1. w . 4 ,X .,g,ggif .L -ei , ,gy - , n. if--1. s f , . My, .H-" ., Q , ,x A Y, . ., 5-fm ,.v- , .' , i . F , , R 5 . . .9 Y I 4 2 5 3 F Q E v W, 2 fx E 5 1 E .1 M ' 'a A g 5 g .-3 . -1 vt 1 A . 1 Y 4 4 P v 5 i f I 4 i.-ut, , z. V ., .W A .t .Q-.,.:,z.,. , -r. . -if E21 ' W ,

Suggestions in the Mount Vernon Academy - Treasure Chest Yearbook (Mount Vernon, OH) collection:

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