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-xv -f f , . -.Q YV, E 4 ws , J-1 QQ , -:aff iq, f,.:, ,-1-.Q I 'J N .fig 25,53 j, .5'- , 'n. !"35fJf r vi his .1 fit. Q ,Q . , . -Ji' ,, ff, I f3'f f 59 , Nu -, :xg A JK, I 1, at , er 41, A P - J",-' V.: Y 4' f'iuN.3?Yi I Ei 3' 33.96 . ' A W, . -"Q ia, if 'ik' nk,-:ff saw' W rf -mlm 1.- Nigiif X zu, gif' 3 V aff!! '85, s-HQ' " -Q .L if fr VF' 'iii Yu - -1. I-1' f,. ,VV s,.A1a1jfgrQjf :. -1 I ..,. Q .P 14-ff , 557'--f'fiw'xf' F1-Sy" .'.f,,,g1 F VY- in, Vik. , ,vb lm , ., Q X Pgpm .'..,.,1 J. ' L-11 UF 'E-P 1 5 - gl ,lf , ifiv' ' ,,,-, B . -ew, Ln - fm N ' 7 'N ..n. I ,, I fc?- ,, W. A-Q.,,'f , .gf-W ' ' f"'f? ' 1,156 , as hw , . 4. . .mf f ..,,--L g 'A ,xt 'w.'::,g,k' -,if f' qw-TRY.. JSQ? J' ,. we . -F Y T N45 " '25, if SMX .'Q ' 1 Ng- A ok ww- ,f pf 'F --42? Q-wg . . .f , 1' -H ., LL.. ugh- -xg.-A5 -V-:::w A. " . ,gk 5151: . Ama! 1" .L --'- - . .15" 13 V-4 - .- ff .JH Us-143. -"' uv L 'f':V"fw-' ' 'vfx I le-if , X , WL? :., - ,. ,, Hr 4. .Mm , ,- - ?' ,Q,,2?'3T,fWl ,. fr-sl 3, .N n 1-Wk Q . 3, U 'R ,f - 4 L 2, ,nf-Ji . Wy 1-' 4 9.555 JE .,, 'Q ' Ea. -af -ff :N : -Q A rbrtgi P' Qfwzgi HQ, - -z .9 -lf . Nkinxg , Q r Qfgif '- I - , ' ,, ' 'if ' S -, , 5 .. img., 'ff N. 52" f '7 1..i 1 4, .9241 .Li .MNT 74 1. ., x l fb K N X':i':'L' ' L-fig. V , '-:,, f " gf f N YY' mv ' ,-fc ww H -'::- ',',' X M ,fgifn ,igngmp-z3:i"4?f ww N -Q A Q.w1zf,,Lzf"f-'MW V5 19 , - -' :V 'v 5hP'fffw -. Hawk - w 'XX N- .ufwxn - ,.,'1f' M Vfgpzxxq ,MSW -. .-V fl ff ,-1 . N ' ' 'Wifi L muh. Q 5 ffl ,1 .ivy xyw r qfffwxlbxxxy . f .Y-,Y . . '- ji " -, u , 'ff- V A -' Q 1, wr M Q' ig' X ' :L ,Q L .fy 1, ' - I . - X 5 -.M l it ,X-'Fi' -- vii ' f ff :ff K ' 5 - f :A Al q I-5 ' lu V I-1 . K x' ' X vdmh- ., ,- ,. 5, - 1. - 7.1" ,jf . A 1, N- '1 .mi PZ ff rw. -+- ' if! r HAH 'x'fi,1.t." I . . " .Tf:1 r--i 11135 .. f N N . T M Q , '1Q?yg'9'if7f"" ..,1.. , .- 1 X 1 rt zigfvff , ,L ,Y Ny t uji,-"gf I ' ,.N"ui!g.Zf?, qf J, WZ" K gvg- Vx- " Af ' 1 QgbgfiganjE27?lfLS,.g,.,,:f-gg 33552 15: , Lv if 41:12 ufvi . . J' MJ- - WFJZQ ,- fig: Qylof .. c1liiyu,j : 71 ? 1, mf' .Q :-4 -" f , - 1 V '03 3 f ,W ,. -7 V. ,ff ff:- eg-me-ff' ffffrjbdf ' -TC D ' Z f "V. I 2 f 'if'-ff"fJVf V "'f':fQLLff .1f? ," .3 S , 5, A1A'Q!..?m ' .,' 'V -' ' N, 55, ' Q ", "fy --'A 3 ' ffhf dfi v uyf'G"'41' IN , ' 50 '91-W 'SH - - 1 - ay . , V Y W 'fm 1 'A an V .., The Treasure Chest RNON QVH! 5 Q 'L NO :gay f 1-gave I WW s 0 X 9 4'Noao 5 5 V Published by THE SENIOR CLASS MOUNT VERNON ACADEMY MOUNT VERNON, OHIO Page 2 W gf D The Treasure Chest I NE of the richest treasures that we as a class have found is the friendship and guidance of our beloved professor of music, Harold A. Miller. We esteem it Il privilege to dedicate this number of "The Treasure Chest" to him. We wish him much success in his future career and we hope he will discover many treasures of value along the way. ww, V ,x A u.,,',, . r K ' s, . V l if! I -I 1. 1 'ff' .As-"3 1 " ' " . ' Z7 Qu i ':' ' W! 3 .1 ' A I ' -f , E h IF x 'lv " V: I' "' " --v- - :""'l'l7":-wpunffl' I ' 'Q' V A ,hxp .- -A Y, ,T---T A A. 11. H V 41 gy lf ,U xxx of fx , 15 -N: 5' il 1 , ar. , f fl. ,yr lx - ' I . Q 'o Af? 8 5: 'fri 1 V' .4 i 'X' : v ie ' A' Y, .' ' .-ag' - W A .f 1' hu f ' ,I ff FA ' ,O ' E I 1 A 1' VJ 3 Q' ' If Q ggi p' ." y' 4F 5' -' . 1 I 'fr , 'Q ,5 p p- . rfrr- f' . 7" X i f I T X. '- - iii! ' ,,- ' "I ,Q- I ff-f - '- -...f-- ZW N ,Q if 'nu' fa" ' ,tg QW? 4, 1 A gm f' fmvfl --H ' biz? A -,415 4, V .: ..vL1 X. , if A xl N ... rf? '2?,'ff' M - i f-A 1 ---':- M 2: " . I' 'EFS-EJ" 1 .ff LL' r 1,-. 'mf N , ,0' "J xg Jimi "gf will? 1 5-:I mil "2 2'f'21 ' ,L X ' "-r, ' Nav?" . ' -' fi ' 1 :Ig , f ,V - 'fi' -"gg-. ' D' ' --Q , - Fvma, , ,1 ., , ry-' Q'--520 ,,f'v?:.,,f..., ,4 45' 'H 4 '-"""ff 1 ' I 4- f.'f!f5-3,35 ' Tl' Y I f I fs: ,I. ,JA . ' 'Q ,L , If H : A 'Z 'S 'I 3 7.5. 'X' Q- -f -, N 51- , . ,,T-M51 4. ? H V -Our Cliief, The Treasure Chest Page 3 ? W, Y, , i. ELLSWORTH NI. ANDROSS PRINCIPAL History, Biathematics Page 4 The Treasure Ch-est ' l'1' '7" 'S li,,....l- 1 R i RICHARD F. FARLIQY Bible, History IRENE WAKEHAIVI English, French, Stenography HAROLD F. LEASE PRECEAPTOR Science, Nlathenmtics HARO LD A. INIILLER Nlusic The Treasure Chest Wf if Pfgej O. S. HERSHBERGICR MRS. PHYNA KELLEY BUSINESS MfxN,fxGER ACCOUNTANT, REGISTRAR TREASURER Typewriting MRS. HATTIE MCINTYRE JOHN J- HAFNER PRECEPTRESS, ZVIATRON Printing, Vf0lfl1 Home Economics Page 6 The Treasure Chest e, ee e , 7 ee ee, ee ee 7, ei 4 x , Q I - - , 5 -:M 1 1' 1--11 ,ara I . . -. , .'- .Ya .La L- ".'qu4 ' 4 I , 93 LJ '.?, 'l . .NT r. 51+ .Lf r .3 1 1: v ' "er ...1 .. QilHfi,. sg ' " muh .513 .L lx.. 25 w w r, L, 5 1 -a I+ nnfl' Q- ik" 2732? ms 4, , 'hui . .' if VV: -It ,, 1,591.5 , ., gg n ,.,s F . !,. if 'A ' 1 , w , . . V 1 :K- 1 5 1 w . A J"' fl 1 A f' H K 1, Q. ,A 1' Q' 1. QF" ,A ,. 1 ,. 4 ., ... .- is Z ir. ,Hi rf' , . .I '14, ' ,gf U 'fgigig . I 924' , A It , 571.3 ' ' 1-5 fi -, -. -1 1 Q5 ' .rw f' L, 1 4-1 k, Q2- , , l 1 w .g" , . ,. V-. A 1 J ! 5, ,gl 1:1 A vw -. xi Pug... .rd H --Q ,. 'Y' iw-4 in-If M X -, ,v A w 'll 1- ' fu Qu f- I J .4 ,-QQAL in-sl The Treasure Chest Page 7 GLENDON M. CON N ER President Ohio, ,flcudcmir President of class throughout High School and Academy. Sec.-Treas. of Boy's Glee Club. Orchestra. "Altl1o' he is quiet, l1e's congenial .xml kind: HHS aletcrminczl 10 reach his high mark. He will gain it we know, for he faithfully plorls Through Sllll9l1lllQ' as wCll as lhc clark." Page 8 I The Treasure Chest Pizor. O. S. I-IERSHBERGI-:R Faculty Advisor CLASS OFFICERS EDNA GRACE SMALLWOOD Vice President 01110, College Preparatory Sec. junior Class Sec. Sabbath School Vice-President Senior Class "Grace is quiet, but firm indeed, As all on second Hoor will agree. 'Lights out' means that we should be quiet, ' An she enforces this to a T." Rrrn EVNICE GRIGGS Secretary Ohm, Academfc Sec. Senior Class Sec. Young People's Society Prayer Band Leader "Kindness, gentieness, thoughtful- nessnitoo, These attributes, Ruth, belong to you." VERNON DELANO REES Treasurer Ohm, Academzc Asst. Nl. V. Leader Asst. Sabbath School Supt, Treasure Senior Class "VVith lfinclly thought for others wills He always the golden rule ful- fills' Tnmrs F. H.-WKLEMAN Serqezmt at Arms Ohio, Callrgf Pwlmrafozy Sergeant at Arms Senior Class Boy's Glee Club "A most delightful combination of clevcrness, humor, and jollity, Wiitli 21 wee smattering of just enough spunkf' FRANCES MARIAN PENN Vtalffclictorian Ohio. College Frepa1'a1c1'y junior Class President lender Young People's Society Asst. Ed. Spirit ol Nl. V. A. "An honest girl, what more can we say, Toward the goal she moves in con- sistent way, To work industrious and right her plan, Success will come in her lifc's span." The Treasure Chest Page 9 CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and Gold WATCHWORD FLOWER Morro "Others" 'A-Iohann Hill Rose" "To Do His Will" Glendon Conner Marion Schechter Grace Smallwood Rolland Jackson Vernon Rees Mary Edith Lambert Ruth Griggs Thelma Watt Thomas Hackleman Mae Rawson Frances Penn Clifford Terrill Hazel Punches Virginia Chambers Coradell Crandall Charlene Baker Blanche Tungate Robert Mohn Steve Adams Helen Perkins Opal Haugsted William Walker Josephine Vitale June Wilson Edwin Swan Raymond French Class Nlght Program March ...... .............,......,........,.....,....................................... J une Wilson Invocation .,..... ...... S teve Adams Honorary ................ ........................................................... H azel Punches President's Address ,..,.,....,................ ,. ......................,............... Glendon Conner Music ..............................,. Raymond French, William Walker, Edwin Swan Motto and Watchword ..,,,..,................................................ Grace Smallwood Class Poem ..........................,................................................. Mary E. Lambert Roll Call .....,.............................................. Coradell Crandall, Charlene Baker Music ...... Opal Haugsted, Blanche Tungate, Robert Mohn, Rolland Jackson History ,...,.,..,,,....,.,,..........,. Josephine Vitale, Thelma Watt, Helen Perkins Will ......................,..... Virginia Chambers, Marion Schechter, Ruth Griggs Address to Parents .,........................,....................................,........ Vernon Rees Presentation of Flowers ............ Mae Rawson, June Wilson, Thelma Watt Virginia Chambers, Marion Schechter, Josephine Vitale Presentation of Banner .,..... ............. ....... .,.......... T h o mas Hackleman Valedictory ..,.......,..,..,....., ..,... F rances Marian Penn Song .....,,...... ......................,... C lass Benediction . .. ..., Clifford Terrill Page I0 I l The Treasure Chest f:!1NIlidfIfF.Yf07' Graduation from College Prffwnrafory Course CIIAIQLENE ALBER1'A BAKER Ohio Vice-President junior Class Reporter Spirit StaH: Orchestra and Girls Clee Club "Her even-tempered, modest grace Wil-1 win her always a rightful place. Her friends when hers, are hers for aye, She wins them and they come to stay." XIIRGINIA Luz CHAMBERS Wfsf Virginia Secretary Sabbath School Asst. Leader Seminar Prayer Band Leader UA maiden demure and quiet quite, Taking modesty at it's height, Deeply sincere in every way, lVhether in work or fun or play. 5 . COR.-xinur, CRANDIKLI. Ohio Treasurer 4-Leaf Llover Club Snapshot Editor Annual "jolly, vivzicions, and withal quite gracious, Size has ll snnlu for yon: As a child of spring, her life can sing. The skits for her are blue." RIARY EDITII LAMBERT Dlfest Virginia Sec, 4-Leaf Clover Club Sec. Nl. V, Society Wit and Humor Editor Annual "Much mirth and no madness ,Xll good and no badnessf' Hxziil, hlARlE PUNc:IfIES Ohio Salutatorian Senior Class Sabbath Sc .ool Supt. Treasurer junior Class "A pleasant, twinkling eye of brown, ls always loved the wide world roundg A fragrant flower of girlhood slic, With a mind as bright as bright can be." The Treasure Chest Page II ETHEL MAE RAws0N Ohio Vice President junior Class in High School. "Most people think she's a quiet oneg She's very modest, 'tis true, But she's always ready to have some fun, As she's ready her work to do." Miuziox FRANCES Scnscurmz Ohio Asst. Sec. of Nl. V.'s of Dayton, Ohio Piarist of M. V.'s at Dayton Teacher of S. S. Class "VV-orking and quiet about itg that's Mariong Playing and noisy about ity that's Marion also," Enwm FRANKLIN SWAN Ohio Orchestra, Glen Club "Just a plugging away but always getting there. Thats Edwin." josbiifnixi-' 'NIARII-3 VITALE Ohio Chorus "She never says 'yesf when she means 'no.' And you can believe what she says. Joc's sunny disposition is a valu- able asset to her. T HEI MA LORAINE 'VVATT Ohio Sec. Seminar Stage Manager Glee Club Chorus "Full of fun and ready in heart To do her best, and to do her parts, Page I2 The Treasure Chest Candidates for Graduation from Academic Course STEVE M. ADAMS Ohio Leader of Seminar President 3-l Club "A brainy man's noble work, Hc's not at all inclined to shirk. His wit, his courage both bespeak His place is not among thc- weak." RAYMUND D. FRENCH Oki? Orchestra Stage Manager of Glee Club "Just like a cork in water, You can't keep him down." ' OPAL LAURETTA HAUGSTED Ohio Sec. M. V. A. Sabbath School Treasurer 4-Leaf Clover Club Sec. to the Principal "Zcalous stenogn surely is shc, With sparkling eyes and full of glee. ROLLAND BRUCE JACKSON Ohio Chorister Sabbath School Sargeant at Arms junior Class Boy's Clee Club "Happy in his appearance, Rolland is always light-hearteu and carefree. Roady to give a helping hand when necdefl ROBERT LEE MOHN Ohio Boy's Clee Club "Frolicsomc, active, jovial, at- tractive, These all to him tribute pay. W ith his growing worth, for God in the earth, He's destined to figure some day." The Treasure Chest Page I3 HELEN ETHEL PERKINS Ohio Annual Staff Vlfest Night High School "Want someone on whom you can fully depend? She's the oneg her heart is bent to that end." CLIFFORD A. TERRILL Indiana PresidentfOrchestra "He has a witty houyant dis- position. Always enjoying the present moment." LENORA BLANCHE TUNGATE Ohio Sec, Young People's Society Chorus "In her eyes mischief twinklesg Always in for lots of fun." VVlLI.IAM H. VVALKER Ohio Boy's Glee Club Orchestra "When'cr we hear an explosion In laboratory classes, We know that VVilliam has tried again, To mix some dangerous gasses." I JUNE NORMA WILSON Ohio Sec. Cirl's Glee Club Asst. Young People's Leader Librarian "She is excellent who can suit her Temper to any circumstance." Page I4 The Treagure Chest Presidents Address O OUR beloved fathers and mothers, teachers, friends, and fellow students, the Senior Class of 1935 extends a most cordial and hearty welcome. , For many years we have looked forward to, longed for and yet dreaded the approach of this eventful night. Now that the moment is actually here, our feelings have changed a little. It is a sad, yet happy occasion. Tonight we see our hopes and dreams beginning to materialize. Swiftly the years have passed since we began to set up ideals and standards of our own. till tonight we find ourselves well along on the road of life. Although we have reached for the time being, one of our first goals and resting places, we have already set another goal for ourselves, and in a few days we shall be trudging onward, with the realization of success and victory in past achievements. We are now laboring to reach that goal which God has set for us, Per- fection. We leave Mount Vernon Academy with a se-use of pride both for the school and the students who have seen fit to receive a true Christian education. We are proud to be numbered among the graduates of M. V. A. Fellow students, we shall soon part, never again to meet under similar circumstances. This year is an eventful one in our lives and one not soon to be forgotten. The friendships, the associations we have had together here will be but memories from now on, but we can truthfully say that we have received an inspiration and a blessing from the associations with one another this year. May heaven's richest blessings accompany you in your future life. To our friends we want to express our appreciation for all the little kindnesses and courtesies that you have shown to us. By your examples, your help, and encouragement we have been able to reach our goals more success- fully. Teachers, to you we owe a debt of gratitude that we never can repay. You have labored hard and long to help us reach this eventful night. We admire your loyalty and devotion to your God-given work. Again may we express our thanks to you for your efforts in our behalf to prepare us for the Master's use. There are those here tonight to whom we owe everything. Next to God, it is our parents that have made possible this school. They have labored, The Treasure Chest Page 15 sacrihced wealth, position, and even life in order to give us the privilege of a Christian education. Words fail to express our love and devotion, our grati- tude, and praise for the sacrifices you have made for us. Classmates, we can never repay them except by the life we live. Can We let them struggle on and let shame and disgrace come upon them because of us? No! Heaven forbid. lt is our duty and God's command to honor our parents. Only a few more days remain till we shall take upon ourselves the duties of life. So as we stand ltere tonight in the strength and wisdom of God. we have set ourselves "To Do His Will," and to live for "Others" Then pealed the bells more loud and deep. 'fllod is not deadg nor doth he sleepl The wrong shall fail. the right prevail, With peace on earth, good will to men." Glendon Conner. Motto and Watchword O DO His Will one must work for others. In working for others we are Doing His Will. We, the Senior Class of 1935, have chosen this for our aim and motto. What higher ambitions could we have than To Do His Will and to follow His footsteps by serving others? "Others" has been the theme all down through the ages. God gave His only Son for others. He left indescribable glory to die a dishonorable death for others. It is Doing His Will that causes us to forget self and magnify others, to love our enemies and do good to them who hate us. In other words it is putting into this world a little love, to repay in a small degree our debt to our fellow men. Dr. Duff spent 25 years in India preaching and establishing schools. He came back with a broken constitution. He addressed the General Assembly making a plea for men to go to the Mission field. While speaking he became exhausted and fainted. He was carried to another hall. Doctors worked over Page 16 The Treasure Chest him for some time and he recovered. When he realized what had happened he asked to be carried back that he might finish his speech, saying, "I Will do it if I die." With trembling voice he pleaded with those present, "Fathers and Mothers of Scotland, is it true that you have no more sons and daughters to send to India to work for the Lord Jesus Christ?" Turning to the As- sembly he said, "Although I have lost my health in tha-t land, if there are none who will go to tell those heathen of Christ, then I will be off tomorrow. I will go back and lay down my life as a witness for the Son of God." To Do His Will means Follow Him - Keep up! give up! If He leads into Africa, or China, go there, if He leads into fires of persecution, follow Him. Give up! Reach up, to get better things God has ready for us. Take up! Look to Him and He will give you strength. Keep up! Wake up, be ready to march Doing His Will. There was a small girl who thought herself ugly. She was told of a fountain of beauty in which she could bathe and become beautiful forever. She went to the fountain and there met a fairy with a silver wand, who held it up and said, "Before you can plunge into that fountain of beauty you must keep your temper, deny yourself of evil, and do what is right for one month." She went home and made an honest effort. When she returned to the fount- ain of beauty, another fairy met her with a golden wand, and lifting it said, "Before you can plunge into that fountain to be beautiful, you must for six months keep your temper, give up all that is evil, and do what is right." She went away disappointed but after six months she came back and the fairy With a wand tipped with diamonds stood before her and said, "Before you can plunge into that fountain to be beautiful you must go back and do what I told you for twelve monthsf' She went back and for twelve months lived a life of self-sacrifice as best she could. When she came back again the Way was open to the fountain, and looking in she saw that she did not need to plunge, for she was already beautiful. Getting Christ into our hearts, letting Himlive and work according to His Will, doing the things that please Him, will make us truly beautiful in character. To Do His Will we are planting the great seed which grows into the flower of success. No great man ever gained success until he learned the simple truth that he who is servant of all is master of all. You may go down through the annals of history, noticing the great men whose influence still lives, though they have passed from scenes of action scores of years ago, and you will see that their success was achieved by serving others and doing God's The Treasure Chest Page 17 will. It is this spirit of service that has caused their names to be engraved upon the pages of history and in the hearts of their fellow men. What was their privilege is our opportunity. Tonight, as a class, we stand at the closing door of our Alma Mater. As we go out, either to take up our life's work or to seek further preparation for that work, we determine to gain true success by serving Others and Doing His Will. "No service in itself is smallg None great, though earth it fillg But that is small that seeks its own, And great that seeks Godls Will. Then lead us on, Almighty God, Guide all our goings stillg And let it be our life's one aim. To know and To Do His Willf' Grace Smallwood. Class POCIT1 As the rose petals unfold their beauty, and fine apparel array, So the Seniors unfold their characters in the light of M. V. A. We, though few in number, leave our mark where e'er we go, And the love We have for others in our hearts just seems to glow. Classmates, to whom life's early days are bright with promise all, And on whose view the glowing rays of hope unclouded fall, To counsel each to choose the right throughout the coming years, And may you always seek the light to do His will as volunteers. To do His will: the worthiest thing that steady youth may wing To do His will your only aim, helping others enter in. No gem that arduous toil may find in learning's field of skill Like those with love and zeal in mind, and aim to do His Will. To do His will in years to come, and to prepare for His great coming, To do His will in the heavenly home, where the fountains of life are running. lllay we help others to lighten the load, and encourage them on and on, Thus guiding them to a higher road through eternity, stretching beyond. Mary Edith Lambert. Page I8 The Treasure Chest ,,,,,,,, , ,, The Treasure Chest Page 19 Salutatorian EAR ALMA MATER, faculty members, parents, classmates, school' mates, and friends: We greet you tonight as we have many time' before, but this evening we have a different feeling in our hearts, yes a feeling of love, respect, and cooperation. Love, because of the many hardships you have helped us to bear. Respect, for the high ideals that you have upheld before us and the patience and en- durance you have shown towards us during our preparatory training. We have a feeling of cooperation because of the way that our classmates and all others in our years at M. V. A. have manifested themselves toward us. We have indeed enjoyed this splendid cooperative spirit, and as we leave our school to obtain higher education may we ever help Mothers" by sharing with them all that you have given us. We're about to leave our moorings To embark upon life's Way, With your help we've gained the passport To sail from M. V. A. With gratitude we welcome you One and all tonight And we trust you'll not forget us As we take our onward flight. But with your prayers will follow The class of '35 Until with "others" We've reached the Harbor For which you've guided us to strive. Hazel Punches. Valeclictorian E stand, tonight, on the threshold of the parting of the ways. We have reached the goal to which We have so eagerly looked forward, the completion of our work at Mount Vernon Academy. lt is with a degree of satisfaction, yet mingled with regret that we appear before you. Satisfied that we have reached another mile-stone on life's journey, but with regret that we must part from those whom we have learned to love. Dear parents, we are pleased to have you with us tonight. You have taught us from childhood the fear of the Lord, and day by day have patiently Page 20 The Treasure Chest striven to guide our feet in paths of truth. We appreciate the supreme effort you have made in our behalf, that We might be better prepared for life's duties. Tonight our hearts over-flow with gratitude to you for your self-sacrificing love and care. The debt we owe to you we feel we can never repay, but eternity alone shall reward your efforts. Beloved teachers, our association with you has been a blessing. You have kept before us the real aim of life-obedience to our Heavenly Father and loving service for others. You have instilled into our hearts the love of purity and truth. Your inspiring influence, your earnest prayers, your wise counsel and helpful instruction we shall always cherish. Now, We must bid you farewell but we will endeavor always to keep in mind the lessons learned. Goodbye Juniors, we have deemed your friendship a privilege. 'You have made this last year so pleasant. Tonight, we place the burden of leader- ship upon you. Our lives have not been perfect, but we hope you will profit by our mistakes. Be 'true to lvl. V. A. and hold her standards high. Remember it lies within your power to determine the atmosphere which pervades your school. Do not disappoint those who are looking to you to answer the call for help. Tonight we wish you success in all your achievements. To the under-graduates, we have appreciated your friendship, although it has been very brief, but when we have thought of our influence upon you it has inspired us to do our best. Continue your work, make God the ideal for your life perfection. Classmates, I am sure it is our fondest wish and desire that as each goes his way he may render some constructive, fundamental, and Worth-while ser- vice to this complex. intricate. and everchanging civilization of ours. We do not feel that we have reached our summit, but must continue our work and prepare to face life's responsibilities. It is with a tint of sadness that we as members' of the Class of '35 now separate. It is the ardent intent and desire of each of us to work out in this busy world the ideal of this class, "To do His will." Kind friends, as a representative of the Senior clas of 1935, I now bid you adieu. And now to ll. V. A. we say farewell, The Gospel Nlessage we must tellg Q And when He comes to claim His own May each one here surround His Throne. Frances Penn The Treasure Chest Page 21 Class Will E, the 1935 Senior Class of lVIount Vernon Academy, realizing the uncertainty of our frail lives, and being in possession of what we consider a sound mind, Well trained memory, and understanding, and being about to part from our M. V. A. schoolmates into the vast un- known do hereby make and publish our last will and testament. ARTICLE ONE Section l. To our Facility who have insructed us in the wisdom of the ages, we will and bequeath the credit for a small part of the knowledge we have gained ,and lost during the past four years. Section 2. To the Juniors we will our position of dignity and the respect and adoration of the under-classman. Section 3. To the Freshmen and Sophomores we leave the honor of hav- ing attended school in our company. Section 4. To Elder Farley We hereby will and bequeath all chewing gum found under tables and chairs in this institution. , Section 5. In departing the Senior girls Wish'to leave Miss Irene Wakehani all rouge and lipstick used during the past year. Section 6. We hereby wil l to Chubby lylyers the esteemed privilege of Swan's boisterousness the said lVIr. Swan possesses. Section 7. We will and bequeath to -lack Lintner the position in musical organizations that is now held by Vernon Rees. Section 8. We hereby will and bequeath to Elbert Draper, Steve Adam's way with the ladies. ARTICLE Two Section 1. The honorable lVIr. Terrill wills the privilege of driving the Academy truck to Mr. Glenn Bean. Section 2. We will and bequeath to Donald Wharton the good be- havior of Miss Blanche Tungate in Spirit of Prophecy class. Section 3. Coradell Crandall does hereby will and bequeath to Mary Harding the honored position of Book Store keeper. Section 4. We will and bequeath to Mr. James Robinson the orange sweater now owned by Mr. Robert Lee Mohn. Secion 5. Our own dear Ma. Perkins leaves upon the frail shoulders of Dorothy Hall the heavy responsibility of preparing the food for the hungry flock in Linden Hall. Section 6. We hereby will to Chubby Myeres the esteemed privilege of all night lights now held by june Wilson providing that these are used to the best advantage. A P 22 age The Treasure Chest Section 7. Josephine Vitale bequeaths her outstanding knowledge of Geometry to Betty Meyer. Section 8. Her position of monitor is given by Grace Smallwood to Beth Barrows on condition that next year she ,maintains the same reserve that she has this year. hew and Charles Hirsch the esteemed Section 9. We leave to James May privilege of firing the stoker, the position now held by Mr. Jackson and Mr. Walker. Section 10. We wish to leave to Jane Diehm a portion h 'll b a reciated beyond a doubt. Dallas Barr the ability of Raymond l friend at least every two weeks. of Glendon Con- ner's talkativeness. T is wi e pp Section 11. We will and bequeath to French to get a new gir Section 12. Opal Haugsted leaves her position as secretary to Professor M K ll is well Andross to George Kelly. We are assured that the said r. e y able to hold the position. ARTICLE THREE Section 1. To Mildred Halstead we will Charlene Baker's curls or Mae Rawson's permanent. She may have her choice. Section 2. To Lucille Dotson we leave the ability of Vernon Rees as monitor to keep order in the typing class. Section 3. We will and bequeath to Marjorie Bothwell Frances Penn's patent on rolling her eyes. Ethel West her extreme Section 4. Hazel Marie Punches leaves to slenderness on condition that Ethel will reduce her avoirdupois. Section 5 Mary Edith Lambert the wit and good-nature that the said Miss Lambert possesses. S t' 6. Thelma Watt believes it would be wise not to will anything ec io-n as she feels that she will need everything that she has at present, and in the future life. wills and bequeaths to Sara June Faber Section 7 We hereby will and bequeath to Le Roy Suesse the honored b h position of head janitor of the "Admin."V This position is now held y t e worthv Mr. Hackleman, and will be transferred to the said Mr. Suesse 'd't' that Prof Lease does not object. V on con 1 ion . We hope that the privileges and articles intrusted to our under-classmen The Treasure Chest Page 23 will inspire and encourage them so that none will become Weary and fall out by the wayside. WE the SENIORS of 1935 declare this to be our last will and testament. Signed the sixteenth day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty five. In witness of Virginia Chambers, Marion Schechter, Ruth Griggs, and The Treasure Chest Staff. Senior Song From these halls we part From teachers, friends and schoolmates With love in every heart. We leave with golden memories Of happy school days here. To do His will, you've taught us, In love and Godly fear. Ol M. V. A . we love you, But We must say farewell, If these old walls could whisper, How much they'd learn to tell! No matter where we journey, Our love will linger still, For here we've had that training To live to do His will Chorus: To do His will press onward, Keep ever on the trail. Serve "Others" in the pathway, And let His will prevail. By Mertie Spring Page Z4 The Treasure Chest Annual Staff Top Row: lLcft to right? Blanche Tungatc, Stenographerg Robert Moh11, Business NIZIIIZIHCII Vernon Recs, Art Editorg Opal Haugstccl, Stenographer. Front Row: Nliss Irena' Wakelmm, Staff Amlvisorg Nlary Edith Lambert Wit and Htnnorg Hazel Nlarie Punches, Editor-in-chiefg Cm-adell Crandall Cllarlcnc llakcr, Snapshot Editors. The Treasure Chest Page 25 uniors CLASS CIJLORS-OfChld and Ivory CLASS FLOWER-Japanese Iris RIOTTO-'ROWlllg Not Drifitinff WATCHWORD- Progress Elizabeth Barrows Glenn Bean Helen Bihlman Ruth R. Cole Jeanette H. Daniels Park Dickey ,lane NI. Diehm Nlary E. Harding Hale O. Hammond -lean Hill .lack C. Lintner James Nlayhew Ronald A. Nlott Betty L. Meyer Jewell Thompson Ethel West Oliver K. Wilson Hollis Wolcott Paul E. Robinson George H. Kelly Lawrence Wallington Alice llleckstroth Kathaleen Bales Dallas Barr Mas. PHYNA KELLEY - Faculty Advisor Class Song Maybe you're wondering why we're marching in today, We are the Junior class of '35, Now that we've organized our class We'd like to say A few good words for dear old M. V. A. First of all we'd like to thank you seniors. For the courtesy you've paid to us, We've had a grand old year as Juniors And we're hoping that our memories will last. And now we'd like to thank our loyal faculty. And our friends and students who have helped us too, For M. V. A. is loved by all the boys and girls, But most of all by the Juniors true. Kathaleen Bales, ,Hollis Wolcott Beth Barrows e . Page 26 The Treasure Chest Top Row CLeft to rightj Dallas Barr, George Kelly, Paul Robinson, Ronald Mott, Glenn Bean. Third Row: Oliver Wilson, Roscoe Swan, Betty Meyer, Jeanette Daniels, Hale Hammond, Hollis Wolcott, Jack Lintner. Second Row: Helen Bihlman, Jean Hill, Alice Mleckstroth, Ethel West, Ruth Cole, Beth Barrows, Jewell Thompson, Kathaleen Bales. First Row: James Nlayhew, Treasurer, Jane Diehm, Secretary, Lawrence Wallillgton, President, Mary Eliazbeth Harding, Vice President, Park Dickey, Sergeant at Arms. The Jolly Juniors The Junior Class chose Wallirigori to represent them here, As soon as they were organized, and launched on their career. Miss Harding, his assistant spreads cheer about the place By wearing a friendly manner, and a smile all o'er her face. Would you care to meet the others? A peppy crowd, I'd say, They've brought some real school spirit along to M. V. A. Jane Diehm, who plays a clarinet, is known to have the best of lucky She studies hard and gets good grades, and surely has her share of pluck The Treasure Chest P899 27 James Mayhew, the trusty janitor, became the treasurer of our class, Brunettes sometimes would capture him-but he prefers a prim blonde lass. Could Park but ride a motorcycle down the aisle at graduation, He'd feel at ease, and we would see the grandest "Sergeant" in creation, Now Ethel West will make no scene and ask for no big demonstration, Her ways are quiet, gentle, meek, she will not want a celebration. The forceful orator of our class is Beth, as youlve already guessedg Her art of Public Speaking, folks, is something we d0n't all possess. Then Helen Bihlman falls in line for speeches, music and the likeg It really is remarkable-for she is such a little tyke. Our tenor singer, Hollis Wolcott is a fellow that is fine, And Kathaleen Bales, who also sings-we'd vote for them 'most any time. But who's the boy enthusiast who has a patent on his "walk ?" It's Dallas Barr-the studious one, But-are you weary of my talk? There's such a mixture in our class it really takes a long, long time To say a word about them all, when I must do i-t all in rhyme. There's the former bell boy, "Beanie", Ruth Cole who hands out slips so yellowg Jean Hill from Youngstown, thas freckleslg and Oliver Wilson-a lively fellow. Mannerly little Betty Meyer, with pleasant laugh and dispositiong Ronald Mott, the big bad boy-to fill his tummy is his ambition. Have you heard about Miss Daniel's eyes? She's two of them so big and blueg Jack Lintner hails from old P. A.-of boys like him there are very few. Ask Hale just where he keeps his coat. I've heard-up on the chandelier, But Jewell Thompson, proper lass, says-"Don't believe all things you hear." Who said "There's no variety in the Junior Class this year ?" 'Most all types of humanity I've pictured for you here. We all have high ambitions and aims that will surpass All those of previous making-DO YOU LIKE OUR JUNIOR CLASS? Maxine Caldwell Page 28 The Treasure Chest - , Presidents Address EAR Friends, Faculty members, and fellow school-mates. We, the Junior Class of 1935 wish to extend our uttermost appreciation and thanks for your hearty co-operation during this past school year to make it what it has been. We wish to say that it has been a privilege and a joy to have been able to attend this Christain institution during this past year. We extend a sincere, but sad good-bye to our Seniors, who as you know are about to leave us here at dear old M. V. A. while they go on to a higher education. We hope that we and those following us may continue in their footsteps. We wish them all the blessings that only God can be- stow upon them as they journey on life's pathway. Seniors, it is with sorrow in our hearts that we bid you good-bye. Your leaving means the breaking of many friendships which have grown during this past school year. It is our earnest desire that we may be a help to you in your remaining days here at Mt. Vernon Academy. We hope and pray that we may fill your places next year, and make our Senior year as good as yours has been. As you see, it is our aim to keep "Rowing, not Drifting." So We hope that we may "Progress" with great rapidity in the coming year. We hope also that you may progress as rapidly where ever you may be. - We are happy for the attitude of both the Junior and Senior classes in their dealings with one another thus far. The omission of rivalry has been a great help to both of these classes and the school in general. Let us all co-operate, and refrain from any unnecessary competition. No envious spirit has been manifested bythe Junior class as yet, and we trust that there will be none.- a It is a well known fact that this school was established for the training :uf young men and women for the great work of sincere Christian service. This plan has been carried out to its utmost extent in past years, and without a doubt, it will be carried out more extensively by the Junior and Senior Classes of 1935. The Class as a whole wish to extend their whole hearted appreciation for the splendid effort put forth by our worthy faculty advisor, Nlrs. Kelley. The Treasure Chest Page 29 We have learned through her activities in the class that her co-operation is not to be excelled. The delicate shades of orchid and ivory were considered by the class to be excellent Junior Colors. It would have been impossible for our Junior Class to march into chapel this morning had it not been for the fact that they have shown such re- markable co-operation. This spirit has been manifested during the complete period of its organization, which had its beginning April 23, 1935. At this time we wish to thank those friends whose kindness has helped to make this program possible. May I say in conclusion that the junior Class of 1935 wish the Senior class of 1935 the height of success in their endeavor to become the men and women to do His will. Lawrence Wallington Junior Pep Song We are Juniors -marching on to victory, And to our dear class, we'll ever loyal be, We will stand unto the end, By our school so dear - M. V. A. As we're marching upward every day, We will do our best To encourage others along life's way, Till we succeed we'll have no rest. We are marching upward every day, We'll always keep ahead, We are standing ever for the right, Determined-it is said. To IW. V. A. we'll always loyal be, Till our school some day, will say, That the JUNIOR class of '35 Has cheerfully helped us on our way. Beth Barrows Page 30 The Treasure Chest JOKES As Clifford Terrill was unloading coal, Mae Rawson, hearing his voice but not being able to see anything'-but -black objects,-tfyelled, "Terrill, which is you and which is the coal?" Here's one Vernon Rees "bit" on: A number of the "dorm" students were conversing with Vernon Rees about Indian Corn. He being curious and wondering what funny corn it Was, took a taste of it. With it's peculiar smell and taste, it proved to be only a piece of garlic. Moral-It doesn't pay to be too curious. While Professor Hamilton from W. M. C. was giving a talk he said "I don't think a one of you can remember what you had to eat for dinner last Sunday." Blanche Tungate remembering our usual course piped up and said, "I remember what we had for dinner last Sunday." Prof. Hamilton replied, "No, you don't." But Blanche, positive of the menu said, "We had beans and potatoes." CAN YOU IMAGINE Hazel Punches blowing too hard on the cornet in the orchestra? Thelma Watt going away to school without Hollis? Marion Schechter keeping quiet for five minutes? Mae Rawson studying in the library? The milk boys getting the milk in time for breakfast? Frances Penn with but one friend? Ruth Griggs with white hair? If you can, you are the eighth wonder of the world. The Treasure Chest M. V. A Qrchestra JOHN HAFNER, Director Concert fllaster Elder Farley First I"'ioIins Donald Christman illildred Watt Raymond French Florence Prosser Florence Scott Lucille Dotson Clayton Kelly Second Violins Frank Corder Anna Farley Helen lIcWillia11is Vernon Rees Edwin Swan Roscoe Swan Clinton Dotson Clarinels jane Diehm Glendon Conner Saxophone Kathleen Morari Trombone.: Clifford Terrill James Robinson Corners Oliver Wilson Hazel Punches Williani Farley B ass Helen Lytle Glenn Bean James Conner Perz'ussioni.t Gail Doll lVIarvin Nlidkiff Bells Charlene Baker Piano Helen Bihlman Harrnonium lVIary Harding Page 32 The Treasure Chest Four Leaf Clover Club Yup Row: Qlxft tu Vigntl Helen lJCI'lilllS, Clrzxee Smzlllwootl, -lane llltflllll, llnrotln' Hall, Kate liales, NI,'lI'Q21I'CT Roth. Klilalred Halsteurl, Namni King. Second Row: Blanche Tungate, Klnwmn Myers. Kathleen Kloran, Alina rX4l:nns, lieth lg1ll'TOXVS. AIZITB' Hzmling, hlennette Daniels, Alune Wilsczll. First Row: Thelma Howells, Mary lftlith Lzunbert, Betty Meyer, Mrs. Klclntyre, Cnrzulell Cmntlnll, Opal Haugjstetl, Virginia Chambers. Prayer Band Leaders Left tn right: fll'2lCC Slnzxllwnml. Virginia Chznnhers. Helen Perkins, Rlancllf' lillllglfifdi. The Treasure Chest Page 33 The Three "ln Club Top Row: fLeft to rightj Park Dickey, -lames lwayhew, Williatli Wzllker, Vernon Rees, Lawrence Wzillirigtoii, Ronald Nlott, Glendon Conner. lliddle Row: Homer Rose, LeRoy Suesse, Charles Hirsh, james Robinson. Alva Burske, James Conner, -lack Lintner, Steve Adams. Front Row: George Kelly, Glenn Bean, Rolland Jackson, Professor Lease. Oliver VVilson, Rymond French, Clifford 'Iierrill CAN YOU INIAGINE The town Academia Incorporated? Glendon Conner being scolded for talking too much? Grace Smallwood not checking worship cards? Vernon Rees driving an open-air ford? Charlene Baker with straight hair? Ju-ne Wilsoti as an opera singer ? Rolland jackson saying to the boys at the ball ground, Hfiood-bye, fellows, it's French for me?" Cilfiford Terrill with a once-white face while in the coal business? i i A Page 34 The Treasure Chest The College Press Top Row: Cleft to rightj Ronald Nlott, Donald Christman, Charles Hirsch, Paul Leach, Elbert Draper. Seventh Row: -lames Robinson, tloseph Durichek, Raymond French, Glendon Conner, Alva Burske. Fifth RoW:Roy Suesse, Ralph Nliller, Nlarvin lllidkiff, Ruth Cole, Ethel West, Lawrence Walliiigtoli. Fourth Row: Glenn Bean, Hollis Wolcott, Nlildred Halstead, hlary Lambert Third Row: Dorothy Woods, Florence Prosser, Florence Robinson, Thelma Watt, Kdildred Watt. Second Row: -lames Conner, Donald Wharton, .lack Lintner, Oliver Wilson, Paul Robinson. Fifth Row: Roy Sur-sse, Ralph Miller, Marvin Midkiff, Ruth Cole, Ethel Ruth Griggs, Ronald Jackson, Robert lllohn, Park Dickey, George Kelly, Homer Rose. JOKES Helen Perkins after working hard as usual was burdened with practicing her piano lesson: Prof. Miller fmusic directorj said, "Restl'l Soon he saw her with her hat and coat on and asked. f'Where are you going? You haven't finished this piece yetf' "Perky" replied, "Pm going to rest." A junior girl while in General History received a test paper with a very low mark. With much disappointment she said in an audible voice, "Shootl" Prof. Andross replied: 'fOhl don't shoot, the war is over." The Treasure Chest Page 35 Boy's Glee Club Top Row: fLeft to rightl Williziiii Walkei', Edwin Swan, Paul Robinson, Vernon Rees, Rolland Klackson, Gail Doll. Third Row: Dallas Barr, Robert Klohn, Alva Burske. Oliver VVilson, Glenn Bean. Ronald Mott, Ralph Miller. Second Row: joseph Durichek, -Iames Conner, Thomas H2lCRlCllX2ll1, Frank Corder, Charles Hirsh, -lack Lintner. First Row: llarvin Xlidkiff, Glendon Conner, Raymond French, Professor llliller, Lawrence VVallington, Hollis Wvolcott, Le Roy Snesse. AGONIIQS OF LIFE Hearing the six o'clock rising bell. VVashing dishes. Senior meeting delaying dinner. Studying Geometry and French. Lights out at nine forty-five. Putting chewing gum on the back of your ear in Elder Farley's class Four hours work-l wonder why! Clothes starched so stiff it makes you want to scratch. Having to work on pretty days. Unr spot light in front of the dormitory. Going to hed. Page 36 ' The Treasure Chest Girlis C lee Club Top Row: CLeft to rightl Lucille Dotson, Nlildred Halstead, Betty lVIeyer, Florence Robinson, lVIargaret Roth, Ludivine Paden, Jean Burdette. Second Row: Dorothy VVoods, Kathaleen Nloran, Freda Washbilrii, Irene Wakehaiii, Esther Cole, Nlildred Watt, Naomi King, Nlary Hershberger. Front Row: Thelma VVatt, Charlene Baker, Ruth Cole, Professor lVliller, June Wilsoxi, Frances Penn, Helen Bihlman. CAN YOU IMAGINE Josephine Vitale without Klarion Schechter? Opal Hangsted high-hatting anyone? Helen Perkins putting a clothes pin on her nose in order to get the French nasal twang? Raymond French not talking to a girl? Statements Without 'lBalance due us?" Coradell Crandall with straight Aus in geometry? Robert llflohn using hair curlers? Elder Farley chewing gum? Thomas Haclclenian with extensions on his legs? Williani Walker as a short fat man on a flying trapeze? Virginia Chambers shrinking in height? Varieties - 'IH , Y' qs' -f s MV'-g.. UV . vr kwa , " K ' 1 ' 3 . 5 L: 157 - Ji rgklhi ,1 . , ll r ' Y rlbh ffs Q wi I 'd il' E- S V :-I : I' E A1 . - V' Vg. P A 1 iv - , S-A, . fail-,,!R. F, ' " .1 . 'I , "'g."'91 I ' ' ,-Ls.'L'V"' Ni" ' ,H LL ,QAM ez. ."L '?' 1 s L " 925 -ar-fi-.. . . Q 4 afjgf'x"-Art' P fl 1, ,.. ' ., ".,"'Q ' K, ' 'a g,Mg5gC?g, t . Ss, , . ,.,. A' Hi 'A .U I , -- Q .Aj 6 .-1-r' xg m-,T 5, : ,, Y - .-A au: ' .l U , 1 E.. 1 K . 1 ,. I .. . 2. 51 ,,, T535 ? 14 12, , , L? , .pd f- N- :VU wg, I-'hglku ' ix -K 1 ' I 14 . -A s , . ' 1715 ' 'F' 'V , -,kh A ' Ah ll fg'i'1fff5. l R f - 'V :yr , 'A -, -, im- 1 A , . x na , ' I., 1 .I . , W- . : gvlfxl W9 2- i '3'1 34-Hg r - "3 1 1 Q L4E,x11.,..,-,, . ' 7i:',,L. 1 'l , . l ff f L . ' L29 rg -j 11,1 I ' 'f r 'Y A ' f EY -J , :Jiri-.51 - iff. u.. L-, 1: : f 1 The Treasure Chest Page 37 1 ACADENHA UNlNCC?F?'PK3??Aq?5ff' Page 38 The Treasure Chest M Alumni O you ever look over your Annual and wonder what the members of the class of 1934 are doing? From what I hear Edward Lilly, the class- president, has become very business like and is running a novelty shop in Parkersburg, W. Va, his home. Bert Hodde, class secretary of 1934, has decided to become ,a blessing to mankind and is taking her pre-nursing course at W. M. C. As for the class treasurer, Bruce Rawson, he too has gone Florence Nightingale, and is taking the nurses' course at the Mt. Vernon Hospital-Sanitarium. Helen Hamberger, the vice-president is at home. Richard Mohn, the Sergeant-at-arms, decided he liked the smell of white lead paint, linseed oil, varnish, etc. He is working in VVashington and going to school at W. M. C. Grace Holtom still likes to make fine neat stitches at her dressmaking establishment in her living room at home in Academia. lrva Baker decided that she needed to change her name for life, so she changed it to lhlrs. Wylie Fowler. Congratulations! They are living just a few miles from WV. M. C. Now for the Annual editor, Doris Meckstroth: W. M. C. has claimed her also. She is an outside student there. Julia Klasen is in Madison Tenn., secretary to Dr. Sutherland so I hear. Emmalou Butler is at home. She is taking commercial work in high school and plans to attend W. M. C. next year. Carl Barr is also in W. M. C. He is working in the Sanitarium. Dortha Perkins is working in a private home in Cincinnati but I hear is plan- ning to attend W. M. C. next year. Richard Brown is working at home in Gambier, Ohio, and Beatrice Punches is attending school at E. M. C. W. hi. C. also claims Grace Williams, Magdalena Knierim and Vada Gentry. Grace is working outside, hiagdalena is in the Washington Sani- tarium going on with her nurses' courseg and Vada has the job of steno- grapher in the College Press at W. M. C. June Robinson is at home in lYoungstown, Ohiog Grace Ashton is at home in Pittsburgh, Pa. Last but not least in size-Russell Man-n. He is staying at home in Worthington but he has become commercially minded and is repairing typewriters, etc. It is rumored that he intends to change the name of a certain little nurse some tinfe next fall. Don't forget to come to the alumni Banquetg there's where vou'll meet all your old friends from prfvious years. Freda Washburli, An Alumna mm. mu-mm See our Line of Lawn Mowers G. R. Smith 8z Co. Lowest In Price For Years Mt. Vernon, Ohio w..gll.,-.ml1l.,1m1unn1un-.pgilp1m ..uu-.I . .With Good Will and wishes . . . . , . Compliments of Scribner Pharmacy Pure Drugs and Medicines Cigars and Tobacco Phone 248 20 N. Main St. Ml.. Vernon, Ohio 1 114111415-.np1gp1'l1.l-.gg11n,1 11. q..1...1n.1m1n1n1lq1g1u-m1n1p-.nip 'll' T -mi1.qlqLM.1m1m-- E E E i Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Quality Coal. and Coke Manufacturers of Pure lce "Home Owned and Operatedf Mt. Vernon Ice Delivery Company Phone 445 Mt. Vernon, O When You Want to Have Your Feet Fitted Come to Us. The Peoples Shoe Store Corner Main and Vine 1 ..,m..m1,lim1uun1nnn11nn1u,1..un1 Beaver Auto Supply TIRES - TUBES -- BATTERIES MOTOR OIL - BRAKE LINING 2l2 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio I3 C' """' """""""""""""" """"""""' """"-'- x , 9l Taylor s Wheat Grits Taylor s Best Flour Northwestern Elevator and Mlll Co Nutrltlous Food Products Since 1864 Harpster 81 Poulson DEALERS Hardware and Farm Sup plles of all kmds Best the Market affords at lowest possible prices Complzments of MT VERNON HOSPITAL-SANITARIUM C. E. WELCH Supt. Phore 448 Mt. Vernon Ohio 7 Q .,--, -1111-11 .lll 1 .l.. 1 .... 1 .,.. 1 ...l 1 llll - lnln - nnun 1 u 1 11--111 1 I . H01 J E W E L L Pasteurlzecl' Dalry Products ICE CREAM MILK BUTTER 9 N. Sandusky Mt. Vernon, Ohio E411 nu mn-num-mm-nunmuuuu-unmumummummmummmmmu-umumInnmInummmumummmummmuum.-nun -mu The Mt. Vernon Electric Motor and Repair Co. Headquarters for Electrical Construction and General Machine Work We rewind all types and makes of motors. We rebuild and repair all kinds of electrical equipment. Agents For .Al X LX J. M. Radaballgh , gc, General Electric xl! ' 3' Phone 1207 Equipment -,R ' 510 N. 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Inunmmmmmm--n J E453 Copco School Supplies Ring Book Fillers Tablets Boxed Statlonery For S le At The Mt Ve non College Book Store i461 The Treasure Chest Page 47 Welcome and Appreciate Your Patronage Statnons - Locations Smith-Wolf Oil Company, Inc. Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Corner Coshocton Ave., and Brown St XVest High Street Beech Hull Utica Homer H81 HARRIS MOTOR SALES CHEVROLET Sales and Servlce 122 West Hugh Street Mt Vernon Ohlo Complimentary West Vlrglhla Conference 1455 7th Street Parkersburg W "THE STORE THAT VALUES BUILT Rl GWALTS 1nnmuunuumm-ummuuunmmmummnnumu-ummuumumnmum nm- . . . . ' 5 TlllITIlIlilIIlTIIlIlIlllvllllilIltlllllTlIIIillIl1 in 1 i 1 Tlllllllllilllllllllil llltlillllllllll . C I I , . Va. 1 1 T 1 llllllIlllillillllilllliliIIIIITIIIITIHITIlllill!!llllliillllllllTlllilllflilllllllllilllhi H91 1l,,.1,.1 1,,,,1nu-.m..1 11m.-N,1,,,,1mn-.......m.1-my-I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 City Dry Cleaners C. E. BRONSON. Prop. Super:Cleaning That Restores Beauty to Clothes KNOWN FOR QUALITY 203 W. High St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio Phone lOl7:J F. W. Woolworth Co. Five and Ten Cent Goods, Specialties, Etc. 121 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio -fx fam "The Gateway to Service" Washington lVl1ss1onary College Prepares You for the Business of Llvlng HARVEY A MORRISON President Takoma Park Washington D C J Pa ge 52 The Treasure Chest l E ,-..,, , ,, -. ------------ fe Lwe Better For Less X., 0- rhe CO PLETE foon MARKE 'V THIRTEENTH YEAR IN MT. XERNON 707 S. Main Street 715 W High Street sf ' 97 ni-ix i ., I 1- 1 . I I U 0 ru Ki '. L ,-. I x "E5i,,.-df-14. X K Q' N, , 1 Q JP I Q 1 l'Y 111 Compliments of The J. C. Penney Company Where lower prices always Include good Value 1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1nn1m.11m1un1,, HECKLERS Drugs The Rexall Store Public Square Mt. Verno n,O 1m,1un-nninuinu--nn:1lm1mr--un1nu1nu1u For HEALTH Eat The Delicious Healthful MADISON FOODS "Devoted to the welfare of .. your health." L. A. SPRING 701 NN. Sugar St., Mt. Vernon, O. Free delivery within 150 miles. r I 531 TWO BOGKS TRIUMPHS OF FAITH By Mrs John 0ss Triumphs oc Faltn by Mrs ohn Oss IS a faxth msplrxng book lt IS filled wlth thrrllmg stones of wonderful experlences of the author while pr sentm the progress of our work ascl ltS needs ln medical Imes to the wealthiest and most xnfluentlal petople n China and the Far East Quch marvelou results as are portrayed! could come only to the one who w Iked by a Ilvmg fanth m they path of clutv Pap r covers l60 pages I REMEMBER By D W Reavls Do you remember readm m the Youths Instructor sometlme ago the mtensely mterestmg stones of the author when just a lad on a M1 sourl farm clurmg Clvxl War Clays and later as a young man ln the plox eer clays of our lVlessage5 And clxd not hese storxes grip your heart and make you long for just such character building ex pen rces? Read thes over agam much more fully toIcI lh t be new book of twenty seven chapters bum full of true ll'lCldel'ltS ln the hte of one who m early mwnhood gave himself to the seruce of God and now at the 'A of clghty one IS still spreadmg the thlrd angel s message w1th the vx or of youth Paper cover I38 pages Revlew 8: Herald Publlshmg Assn Takoma Park Washlgton, D C A57 . ' I , .j , - '. er 'O' - ' ' D ' .. - , , QS . a , ' , , y. ' e , g . . . . 1' - Y 'S 1 . A . . . , . , , .S . . .. , '- ' '-. . - . ' 1 ' ' 'e.. sr gf, ' . . y ' I , . N K . 1 Y. . A .U e, - . - o o o I . ' I I j ef 5 I5-H The Treasure Chest Page 55 1 4 E , MV CARL N LOREY NYAL MT VERNON OHIO Quality Drug Store II S M S Ph H3 5 . ain t, Cook Electrically Electnczty - toserfve you The OHIO POWER C4 Mt Vernon Ohio .. .... - .... - .... - .... -.n..-.....---..---..-..--- 0 0 ,, 25322 J 5233 'O D - - .V - . ' D , nulnunlnnunlunnuuulu-'I "A" f"Y'A -NT II.. n In nf E561 nmnun-muunmmnm-mm mu mnmnnnn un lla.-m1,g..m.-mi... Compliments of Gambier St Super H S Barcus Service COMPLETE SERVICE Tires : Batteries : Gas Oil Accessories Phone 749 103 W. Gambier St. oo Ill ill C5 nv 3 E' o 'I CD FF U1 rn 'I E G rn 0:9 Em -'Ch "'o So :ah P M -I :- rn Be Up to Date I 0lIlf7!ilIlETlfS 0 Drive a Ford V-8 Walker Lumber Co M t. Vernon Ohio THE MT. VERNON COLLEGE Ranks high among the civic assets of this community. services along educational 'md cultural lines have been con- sistently valuable, and are corresponding '1ppreciated. The lxnox Nlational Bank welcomes this opportunity to ex- press respect for the institution md admimtion for its splendid work. . . l Q 5 r 5 ..,. V. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... u I f 5 ' n . 5 ' Mt. Vernon, 0. Phone 930 ull lmilll llll llll llll llll llll llil llll llll llll ill I llll llll llll I Its 1 7 I C f X C K Knox National Bank Mt Vernon Ohio -,- 1847 , 1935 IT1I1D1 'm4H1ULLIl E571 - Q li Compliments f The Ohio Conference ' o and The Ohio Book 8: Bible House 581 J v I v Extra Quallty Rlchardson s Extra Quantlty Dalry Products CORNER GROCERY Academla S Good Eats for Real Fetes Lunch Supplles and Candy Luncheon 6: Fountam Servlce Slnclalr Gasoline and Oll Phone 957 -I 100 South Maln Street Phone 34 J Mt Vernon, Ohio Summer Mornlngs Wlth Your Books Mornln hours devoted to study wlll not only pleasantly occupy the mlnd and keep up ts tone but Wlll yleld school Cfedlt very use ful later on No studerrlt who 18 ln health and lntellectually wlde awake wlshes to spend has entlre summer vacatlon without some stady By u mg one s spare tlme one can earn thlee SIX or e'ven twelve college hours or an equlvalent amount of academic credit durlng the summer and have a very good tlme lntu the bargalrl The Home Study lnstltute 18 open all the year and It ozfers a full llne of collegc and acalemlr. StUdlC8 Its work 19 accredlted ln all our own educatlonal ln tltutlons and ln many others where lts hlgh character IS known Tell us of your needs at ollce and let us help you get started Our new catalrogue IS yours for the ask mg Tultlon costs may he met ln ea y lnstallments The enrollment sent ln to u before you leave school Wlll lnsur your recelvln the les ons lnd textbook ln tlme to start your vacation rlght DUTII IDHUIILIII HOME STUDY INSTITUTE Takoma Park Washlngton, D C gs:1................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. .......................................... 1 , h ' . l , ,,, f ' I ' ' s A . o U I . 1. h as . HQ I ' ro I . - . . e I - . . ' ' ll V' . l v' ' ... I ' A fa . A X . ' I vo : me o I I ' . 0 5 . - ' i E A ' it i nu nn lu ml nm lm m, E . ' A ' I 0 I ' . I 1 , ,, - I . . - I . 'A I 5 , . - 4 ' . ' ' I ' we on . , Q l I I A ' n I 5. I J" -1 . ' li , llnlumlmmlmmlmmmln-lmllummlIIulullullnllnIllInlnl4mlmu-lmnmnnnlnlIllmunmulnmumnmn-llnnlnn-lung ' A N i591 Page 60 The Treasure Chest 2 COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS The Columbla Unlon with a total populatlon of more than twenty szx mlllmon people compnsed of seven states and the Dxstnct of Columbra and havmg a memberslup of fifteen thousand sux hundred seventy slx wxth two hundred exghty three churches offers the greatest opportumtxes for aclvanced moves m exangelnstxc soul wlnmng effort for I935 The young men anrl young women now trammg m our schools Waehmgton Mrseronary College Columbza umor College Takoma Academy Mr Vernon Academy Shenandoah Valley Aead my we regarcl as one of the clenommatlon s greatest assets for the glvlng of the gospel to all the world n thus generatlon Ofhce Locatlon 507 Flower Avenue Takoma Park Washington, D C , v of . . , . X , . . 2 .X . . V . - - E ' J ' . e. E611 vw Your Patronage ls Always Appreciated S. Kresge Co. Sc : 10c : Z5c 201 S. Main Street Mt. Vernon, Ohio SHOES Select a Palr from NOBIL S to Please 209 S Main St Mt Vernon Ohio l-,1-..-,.-,. l L L L i 1 L l l L 1 1:11 - 11111111 ,.g11m We Rely 011 Low Prices to Win Trade, on Quality to Retain It Pitkin's Provision Store Phone 114 - 115 135 - 137 S. Main St. Mt. Vernon, Ohio Ice Cream Groceries Morgan s SERVICE STATION Academia Frxendly Servlce Sohlo Gas and 0 I Atlas Tlres 1111mn111ummmmu U2 N 'Q ' 5 Q UD ' N 3 Q- 1 . . ,U . H Y il . . fi fb M '71 Ill ' wo E Quality Printing THE COLLEGE PRESS Reasonnble Prices Phone 328 J. J. Hafner, Supt 5-IHH'HmmHmmm-1IHHIHImmmHmm'HH'HmmmIHHHHH'viii'IHIIIHHHHH-'Hua-JH. E631 'AUTOGRAPHS nInunnnnuuumnnnuuummum nuununu1nnnuunnmnunnmmmmnummmnmmumu DRY GOODS READY TO WEAR NOTIONS ACCESSORIES THE DOWDS RUDIN CO DRAPERIES C ty s Greaie t Store FURNITURE Q Knox oun ' s .........M....m...-.-...U..M-.-1.......................- -m-.................. ...... ..-.. .............. . ... ...U n aznima. is X641 if Q is., .59 . 'fl , .R-,-A X , . 1 - .,,A...f .. , .rw-,-5, ,-. ,- 13 ,Q , 1 m .W . . 1 ' . ,Q .fl W ff-af' 1 ,A .pp , 1 -1. Af -Q ai, x A' Ax FK-. .15'UT?9?', L u. X' ,rvf" .n . -A ,.,'N ...,.. . , 7 Y, , --,x..n. . , . Wt-x I fe L4- I , f ' pf 4..- ' ' .. f , -fy ...N-gf " .1 -:V in Y 1-,..,,w ,,,,.:4- 4- L 92 41 HL .If m.. i.,f ' i .. vw- , , -,,,,-rg..-9 , J' .,.- "Ba ,w-7, , ..- Y' 'kfab -I -s. ' - J "1 fi' f- :,. .'N .H P 'N Y . 'L , ...,. ,.z "N - F -aa - .- la 'H - 4 , .1 . . - ,,,. -L. ffl .,- I -.' F. ff! '7 N .YA iv , . '-' ,1 J, , fn. ' 35 if v , ' ,A -U'j V 1, , A., , uae , 1 4 Ag, A K gf. 3' 'I . . . ., ',,', is ., r QLqS'.'v'.'-L Q, J h - 4' - -1, N u,. Ugg-f 1 ...x , - bf Y. - V - , . ., , . 1 - Ir Hr.. 5.1 in WN 1 ' - xx ' elk 1 :Z ' - if 'A .ff . ,' T e . 0' 4 if s .' 'Q - .. .-1-'-di" . ,- 5

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