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.,. ,'... .,,,,,A,..,..,,, -.UQ A . i 4-1- ,V .... m- , 'j cf' 0 1 L 4 w 1. E X u A. V 1 K i f f n. WF 4 1 4 1 1 T X - .13 1 3 5. f f b fs i, , 2. V AP 22 united sfafes ship M 0 U N T QQ? if ik' if -fx' far L wh W 4 ,- r -wr.-n.,.m-vm, VE R N 0 N a navy transport RECQQIHVEXP 'im Ifff 1'Qf:"LQ Afkfgr .V-1 au-.111 PH ma un Wm W ii? ii? 153' if? 'ik' 'ik 'iir Si? wa-mx ,.-aww x M, :V 0 HW f f Z I , ,ff V X , -1 .-4' ., lx --3 ,f R -.vw , k --- Q fun-an , -t A I ,,,.,I',, '-- ,M fi vw ' y -N u ' mam I ...fswy t 1,-1 wh 1 . V g W V 1 ,.,, as . 4 . , , . . . 'Hu . ,.,,,W:.,5'-G, -A V' ' ' " A , V 'wi' W 4---ns . 1-vit' '-ml-4 0 DEDICATED TO THE SHIP AND THEMEN WHO SAILED HER ik if Sf? 'ik' Sf? 'iii' IN 1941, before 'rhe na+ion was a+ war, fhe Navy acquired fire "S.S. Washing+on", cruise ship of fhe Unifed Sfafes Lines, renamed her +59 "U.S.S. Mounf Vernon", and converred her inro fhe fines? fransporf afloat VA mfg . .Mi 1 W - v . , 3 -. . 5 ,VA Q . I r w F Q, , f Z ,-Q ...ff ,W gf 1 li? 5 S 1 s N Wy X M ..Q.,...MN NX -. vi gil v-'11 3 -f-- -V .. ii,,,,f..,,.-w,, Z X 'X 7,2 n ,XX QYIA J x X, rx X f , A Xi, x. 1. , ,, k ivy A X, 1 S g,2..wEP2 .x X y ' X X' ,, i' XX 1 '1,7f5X1 NX if V , 532 N-v .Aix X if -cjrfk 1 E,-i.2lSQSEl K x X 5,5 in ki Q Md ' . fx? I' : j F1-iQ9:.XxJ X X, I X 3 jig-'.2gfXfL'sQe fXXX5fT1 :Q 'S XX , :sw 'XX X' - Xf ii: X' XX .5 l-,gf :X aff, ig, 3 px . T . ,I ,M ,fa 235115 gg , 5 f 7' jgjg vigil 1 ,fxHz.j.f In g QXX 1 , fa,- Xf3Xg7ff1, Lggg: . 1 F23.X:i ,XQ,fXwX X11 V in L F 'Sp 'K 'A wfg -lv V, XX M W, . Xw'fzi1s7fnv'f QT ww- fe ., X , ff ,1 , ' f , +1 WIA' , , iw! -x 1145.-'...'2.3. gf.. -LW ff Mk x ff f ff X4.XZ? gs f -XMLJ: Q., 06 K My ffgxlggq gi Q J! U Q qfglffv yLlAAA ' 4 lv-4 x X 1 - Y xx. x 15,3-f W. Q P.. 4 f f 1 ff? K f,-QSM ,XA Xi .1 Q . f . xy 1 ., V Xe X ., gg 1 J . wgfwgx 4 ,X 1 NAQQSSX sv A 'XR-if Xlrw X XS NA wx 1. v 6 Ax The sfory of fhe "Washingfon" had been a happy, carefree one during fhe days of peace, when she sailed as fhe pride of Amer- ica's expanding merchanf marine. Tired business men, fourisfs, and sfarry-eyed honeymooners had enioyed fhe comforfs and luxury of fhe ship. Many a cocldail parfy and moonlighf romance had flourished as fhe liner plied across fhe sea. The "Washing- fon" had been a greaf ship and a wonderful 'rraveling companion during fhose days when menfion of war was an idle fopic of con- versafion. As world conflicf became more and more apparenf, however, fhe ship fhaf was lafer fo ioin 'rhe Navy as fhe "Mounf Vernon" found herrfaslc a very differenf one. Americans in all parfs of fhe world were anxiously seeking passage home. Loaded beyond capacify, and sobered byifhe oufbrealc of war, she broughf her people safely fo fhe Sfafes. While hosfilifies were raging in Europe, fhe ship, sfill brillianfly whife, was profecfed from affaclc of warring facfions, by fhe Unifed Sfafes flag. By June, l94I, fhe ship had exchanged her glisfening whife for a uniform of grey. Lighf openings were sealed fo insure her dis- guise. Guns were mounfed on her decks. The cabins were sfripped of fheir lushness. Bare sfeel lined her spaces. The days of serenify were pasf. The days of doing a peace 'lime faslc were over. The "Washing1'on" had gone +0 war. 4. 'P , ' hay, ., ,M .i 5,1 4 f"N 'z ,ef fff, Min f , QA iz f fizvcf. I f ff U ' -V f fr, ' P f f f , A , Q uf .4 . . ,4.,g, , , -J ? V 1 M, , Q A-,MQQIWQV I 4 I ,,. aw, . 9 f 5-Q-..,,..,-,,-.-i-,wr Tb.-if" CAPTAIN D. B. BEARY, U. S. NAVY lnow Rear Admiral, 5 4 commanding I6 JUNE l94I TO H JUNE l942 U , X7 Lf P 6 ,P 4 CAPTAIN P. P. POWELL, U. S. NAVY lnow Commodore, commanding II JUNE l942 TO 23 NOVEMBER I943 x ,w , Xlmfw L' .V S 5 3 .Q unsung-an .Lan . CAPTAIN E. P. ELDREDGE, U. S. NAVY commanding 23 NOVEMBER I943 TO I5 NOVEMBER I945 l I s 1 B i I , 1 .Aa gr . M. ,X t I lg fi . gg ii 'P D ' A D - EN . I .xl . V, LA . ' f 1 W 4 if , ' 1 A U . A . ,.... in .. , ' , Li. 1 x Y-.-, A fsfff i Dm x Xb RG ' ff! 4, .,l'f Expecfing fhe worsf, buf excifed by fhe spirif of advenfure, fhe farm- ers, lumberiacks, and office workers of California, Michigan, and Mis- souri became fhe ship's crew. Wifh "chow down" fhaf evening, fhe ship sailed, bound for Panama and fhe Canal. During fhe days 'rhaf followed, fhe men could noi' be- lieve fhey were nof dreaming. They were supposed fo be fighfing men, swab iockeys or engineers: 'rhey were, in realify, passengers on a cruise. The merchanf crew operafed fhe ship: 'rhe Navy men familiarized fhem- selves wifh +he decks. Working parfies were formed fo acquainf 'rhe men wifh "The Navy Me+hod". The long lasfing feud befween fhe Reg- ulars and fhe Feafher Merchanfs sfarfed. The men worked hard af sleep- ing in deck chairs or sun bafhing beside fhe oufdoor pool. Everyone was up early af 'rhe arrival af fhe Canal. All cameras were confiscafed and all work was sfopped af fhe enfrance. A good close up of fhe Tropics was an answer 'ro fhe yen of all would be Tarzans. Befs were made on 'rhe sfrengfh of fhe elecfric mules which pulled fhe ship fhrough 'rhe locks. The 'rremendous engineering feaf of fhe cufs im- pressed fhe men. A consfanf lookouf was kepf for alligafors fhaf were supposed fo inhabif fhe lakes, buf none was seen. The nexf few days provided disfanf views of fhe islands of fhe Carib- ' f bean. The paffern of life began fo change wifh fhe inaugurahon o personnel and bag inspecfions. D The enfrance +o +he Delaware River had everyone hanging over The rail again. The ship +ied up al' +he Philadelphia Navy Yard. On I6 June +he ship was commissioned. Capfain D. B. Beary assumed command. Chaos descended wifh a shifl' in'ro dungarees. Everyihing loose WGS removed from +he ship. The merchanr crew lefi, +he Navy crew moved info lheir vacared living spaces. They 'rurned fo, removing furnilure, packing po+s and pans, rolling carpe+s. The yard workmen descended wiih +heir fools and commenced a mefhodical sfripping of 'rhe ship. Alfhough many inexperienced men had been included in +he drafi of fh ' ' " e engineering personnel, 'rhe Black gang" was buili' around rafings and men who had received ample experience in o+her fle'e+ unifs. SuCl1 fh were e men from fhe cruisers "As'roria", "S+. Louis", and "Minneap0- lis" and +he auxiliaries "AH'air" and "Boreas". Men like Chi T B 'l aker e on erm Duval under+ook 'rhe 'rraining of +he new men Conirasfing sfrongly wifh rhe compaci engineering planls of m0S+ Navy ships, +he abundani space, harmonious arrangemenl' of 'rhe machin- er O Nl 0 O D l y, sump lcily and ease of operahon nmmedialely impressed The machin- isis, firemen, and wa+er fenders as "good du+y". Many of +he older- Navy men m l d " " ' arvee al' fhe push buHon engine room elevafor. By now, fhe black gang had a compleie undersfanding of +he eniire rouline. They relieved lhe merchanf crew. The sfaff of engineering omcers. however, accepfed Navy commissions and remained aboard. ln addihon fo fheir regular dufies, lhe coolcs, balrers, and mess coolcs made up a buclcel' brigade carrying waler aboard. Sfores arrived and fhe declc hands had fhe iob of moving +hem aboard. There were endless lines of declc men padding up and down +he gan gn way. This was fhe end of fhe luxury cruise. There were incessanf calls for fire wafches, wafches which lasfed fwelve hours, and which began again as soon as one was secured. Men who rafed liberl' fo have gone ashore wilh +wen+y-Five cenls in 'rheir poclcels and slep'I' on parlc benches all nighf in order fo avoid slaying aboard and sfanding a fire walch. The men agreed 'rhaf lhey should have been born wilh brooms in fheir hands. From "up all hands" unlil "raps" was forgof, il' was a cons+an+ sweep down, lirsf one side and fhen +he o+her. How 'rhe men could cause so much sweeping could never be underslood. As soon as one area had been swepf, ano'rher was in need of care. Wilh l'he arrival of sfores came fhe expecfafion of a cessalion of +he sweeping. Noi so was fhe case. The lines of men carrying supplies frudged up and down +he gangway, sweeping down befween frips. y were known Toward 'rhe end of lhe ship's s'ray in +he Navy Yard, fhe memorable f"?'S " K ff- 1 , Y W " xxx fix : W f,, Ji-A1 4 I 5 f Q i. - Xa i . x N -x Xi XWYX X Y. . Eff W ati' I i I . Q 1. ' -Fx, . fs Qlsdgfffzws 4 ' 3 . painf iob of fhe Navy Yard painfers 'look place. Armed wifh spray guns, fhey came aboard and painfed. Noi' only fhe ship was grayed. Anyfhing in fheir way, whefher a coaf hanging on fhe bulkhead or a pile of crafes, was painfed. As fhose arficles were removed in fhe fufure, fheir ouflines remained. The ship was finally ready for her firsf big ad. venfure. Ouf fo sea, again, fhe ship leff for New York Cify. The firsf load of froops boarded. The ship ioined a huge armada for invasion maneuvers off fhe coasf of New River, Norfh Carolina. Whaf followed was a monfh of hell. The "Wesf Poinf", "Wakefield", and "Mounf Vernon" were fesfed for fheir effecfiveness as invasion fransporfs. Hours, sfrefch- ing info weeks, were speni' shuffling froops from ship fo shore. Boaf crews worked ceaselessly, coming aboard every 36 or 40 hours fo fall exhausfed in fheir bunks, only 'ro be senf ouf again. Fresh wafer was af a premium. Salf wafer was puf 'rhrough fhe showers: fresh wafer was rafioned for drinking. Tired, sun blisfered, and disgusfed, fhe ship refurned fo New York in lafe Augusf fo debark froops. Affer a lay over in Hampfon Roads, fhe ship proceeded fo Bosfon. While fhe crew invesfigafed fhe cify, gun emplacemenfs .were insfalled aboard fhe "Moun+ Vernon". Scolley Square and Beacon Hill did nof realize fhey were saying "Goodbye" fo fhe crew, nof fo see 'rhem for anofher fwo years. Buf fhe men had puf fwo and fwo fogefher. When fhe ship leff Bosfon during fhe evening fraffic rush, fhe men were nof foo surprised. The exacf nafure of fheir cruise was noi' revealed fo fhem unfil fhey were well underway. Wifhouf a source of barside scufflebuff, the ship's com- pany arrived in Halifax in fhe same condifion as fhe weafher: a com- plefe fog. The ship remained af anchor, ioining fhe chorus of fog horns. Speculafion had been high regarding fhe appearance of fhe land, inferesf having been concenfrafed on brighf lighfs. Wifh long faces, fhe crew saw fhe bleak, weafher-beafen counfryside appear fhrough fhe clearing weafher. The lndians who lived along fhe shore greefed fhe ship in fhe frue fronfier sfyle by leffing go a few war whoops. Thaf having enlivened fhe crew, fhey were disappoinfed again, when, insfead ' d h b d. of a rip-roaring fronfier fown, sleepy Halifax appeared aroun 1' e en On liberf fhe men found fhe fown as quief as fhey had feared. There Yi was no place fo go fo uphold fhe repufafions. Affer a few beers, a few 0 0 d + souvenirs, and a walk on fhe main sfreef, fhey relaxed and lisfene o fhe 1'own's only excifemenf. ln l9l7, a French ammunifion ship had ' ' ' d b ou h fo rammed a Norwegian freighfer. The excifemenf ha een en g lasf fhe cify unfil fhe end of fime. h' erin in fhe cold awaifed fheir Back af fhe ship, Brifish Tommies, s iv g . fime fo come aboard. Some were prepared fo nof walk back, fhey had fheir bicycles wifh fhem. When af fhe end of fhe week, fhe ship pulled ouf, she became pgrf oo of a convoy including fhe "Wesf Poinf", "Wakefield", "Leonard W , WMM Q W fwfmw gy mse 49 I ,M ,M , X 4 WW! ,A S- Q a' o vm- M.. f fs, ,A ,ww ,, W Rn' -fy W 4' ......4Q -LU-..z 'QA A .1 ff ' 'XY?tY""'J'h if f ' 1 ff, law NAM , ww, V . N K Mp, f. I , WWI ., ,ya-,,.. 1 , 4' ' ,W , :1,g.y,g,.mMf ' ' W "U Nw--..., .B .f7"".2' N yy..-fx W V- R, - M .4-H' f NX W 6 ,Z ,. X.f:wf4"' M X mwggpfv w 1 ,W RX ,fffQf'Nf""Y"N is yin ,MW ,mu-0 lb' J , -Q 9' W 6 Xx.... ,J WM 4 N .si W ...Q ,. QQ. A .r f 5 Q f I '4 Q 5 I , . . 9 , hw. f ., ,sr- f ff 31: f 4? ! 2 L 4 wu1l!'7' 1 il f :KQV X X , ' R L-'AS X 1 ffl? wry, . sg" X ,X s W , T, X , V Q s Q Q f NT f ff" ff f f 1 , .f f , 1' my M, , , ,, islw ,, , ' ive., If- X f ff M nf- , 7,5 X 4 Nw- 'if f ' sf ' X x Y 1 M , - ,N ' . quq '- N V I.. I ' 0 .l ,, 1 ' -v wi 1 1 M px Q-Q ' I z ,N 1 T T c Q gg? I. i f ' 1 ' J E ' f T' x ' 5 J 15- I .. 1 x . ,,1 I ' T H rou . 9 Aspfhe weafher became warmer and +he novelry of passengers began fo wear, -rope yarn Sundays were sfarfed-on Wednesday aflernoons. Boxing mafches, arranged by Chaplain Mar'l'in fook parl' of 'l'he fime and amafeur shows finished ihe day. Once fhe English puf on a skii for 'lhe show. The American evalua'I'ion of fhe Brilish brand of humor is well known. 1 The course drew +he ship rhrough fhe passage called fhe Dragon'S Moulh info +he harbor of Porl' au Prince, Trinidad. Ship's company WGS infrigued by iheir firsi close up of a iropical island. They discussed fhe mysieriesbeyond fhe mounlains, +he pifch lake, and +he liquor. Ten percenf of +he crew was allowed ashore. Those lefi aboard iried swim- ming off fhe fan fail. Divers made all manner of aH'emp1's a'l' diving. Pulling +hemselves up ihe boaf falls proved foo sfrenuous -in fhe Tropical hear. Mail came aboard. Top prioriiy of morale boosfers is mail. Whefher affer a six monfhs' 'rrip around fhe world or a week's crossing of ihe Al'- laniic, nolhing gives +he upliff of news or +he sugar repori. Carl Mui'- schler CMaM has been geHing fhe mail ihrough lo +he ship's company '+h fh I wr e eas+ possible s+rain for quife some iime. Helping, have been Hyland, Hoyer, Shields, and half fhe Marine delachmeni. Dire 1'hrea+s of impending happenings were casually dropped aboui' +h h' ' e s up as +he convoy sfeamed sourh. The ship was approaching file Equafor. A small group walked fhe decks wi+h lordly airs All rhe lo Bl - Y shellbacks prepared fo pay homage fo His Maiesfy, King Nepfune The polywogs discovered fhai' fhey were greafer in number and decided fo T .3 do somefhing abouf if. They fried! One morning Lassifar, fhe phar- macisf's mafe wifh fhe salesman's soul snealced around fhe corner wifh a ' ' ' d h f new hair cuf. One half of his hair was cuf scalp hugh. He reporfe f a denfal fechnician Bunfing and himself had spenf fhe nighf in fhe brig. Ofher polywogs looked over fheir shoulders more offen as fhey wandered fhrough fhe darkened passageways. 'The librarian Ravahel had published sfafisfics proving fhaf "Crossing fhe Line" had been fafal fo some. ' ' ' Th F' f Wafch sfanders appeared in uniforms wifh subfle changes. e urs L' f nf Commander Wilcox wore diving shoes, raincoaf, and fire neu ena , helmef and carried fire axes as accessories. Some of fhe ofher officers reporfed fo fhe bridge fo fesf fhe visual qualifies of nozzles in place of binoculars. Af l300 fhe nexf day, King Nepfune came aboard and held courf. Salf wafer flowed freely. Arms, as well as rumps, ached from fhe swing- ' ' ' ' h b lc of a addle Ing of paddles. Lneuf. llgi Wilder caughf f e ac sweep p and s nf several days in siclc bay. Sfifches closed fhe wound in a Pe sailor's scalp. lnifiafes begged fhe immediafe insfallaflon of fhe exfra high mess hall fables lwifhouf benchesl. Th b d a few days lafer when fhe Capfain fold fhem fhey e crew so ere were in dangerous wafers. All hands were ordered fo carry life laclrefs. The fense feeling didn'f lasf long. Even wearing a life iackef can be fun. Ward came from fhe medical sforeroom wearing 'fhe busfle fype. Piasf fied fhe fop and boffom fasfeners of each side, furned if wrong side ouf, and wore if looking a visifor from Mars. Someone discovered fhaf fhe kapok linings made excellenf pillows. The canvas cover was much easier fo carry wifhouf fhe insides, especially since fhe insides felf so comforf- able under fhe maffress. News came from fhe radio shack fhaf fhe Brifish ship "Dorchesfer" had sunk fhe German submarine supply ship, fhe "Pyfhon". The vicfim had been refueling and supplying subs in fhe vicinify of Sf. Helena. Thai' is- land was near! Halfway around fhe world, Hell broke loose fhaf day. 7 December I94I. The kapok refurned fo fhe life iackefs, and fhe life iackefs refurned fo fhe men's backs. The Masfer af arms wenf abouf keeping all hands away from fhe rail. The sighf of land had drawn everyone fopside. The ship's policy was fo keep fhe rails clear of draped men. McKibben never undersfood why he couldn'f sif on fhe "fence". Cape Town reminded many of California. Closer inspecfion, how- ever, revealed fhe lack of rain. The modern cify disappoinfecl fhose who had expecfed naked savages and mud hufs. High above fhe cify sfood v1.- A ly .LL Table Mounlain, elernal guardian of lhe cily climbing al ils feel. Cloud formalions spread clorh-like over +he lop because of 'rhe conslanl wind. Devil's Peak, beside Table Mounlain, was fhe Townspeople's poinl' of vanlage for lhe convoy enlering lhe harbor. The Capelowners look lhe deluge of soldiers and sailors in 'rheir slride, providing +ranspor'ra'rion and lours. The cars followed a roule 'rhrough lhe gardened cily, around Devil's Peak, info lhe Cecil Rhodes es+a're, down lhe valley lhrough Rondebush and Wyndcoup lo lhe Dulch selfle- menl. Whilewashed houses wilh 'rhalched roofs lined lhe road 'ro Ker- sfenbosh, lhe wild flower preserve. More exciling, perhaps, was surf- boarding al lhe beach al' Musenberg wilh i'rs nine miles of while sanded beach. Supplies were received aboard labeled "H.M.S. Mounl Vermin". Wilh regrel, lhe convoy lefl Cape Town, rounded +he Cape of Good Hope and sailed info lhe Indian Ocean. Where nexl? The scu1"rlebu+'f said, "Bombay". And Bombay il' was-for all 'rhe convoy excepl lhe "Moun+ Vernon". Brilish Naval passengers aboard were 'rransferred al' sea +o lhe Bri+ish escorl. The "M.V." lurned about Chrislmas in 'lhe lropics was new 'ro lhe men. Their memories of lhe day had included snow and lighled frees, holly and +he snapping of logs 3-. 'Ewa r . 5 1 i , K I I E I ! E E 1 f V' X, , -,W-mx f , ,,, A v . :W x C375 mga QLXWX A if ,sat -4f5"??,,? , ' ' 'X W' ur' .2 . W, .9 . . NV 3 , fg' Y I xx ,I ri af 1-Q' 1 C S .f ww A , , A Q 'VZ K A A 1 x ' f' KGS' , .QVY Q L K 5 -iv,-gf. iff 31 1"' 'F ..f. ' u 'A! 1 5 5 3 f ' 5 ., K N E 5 x . iz if V xr. 4 'R I S" .bf Wx xx ,W Q f .ff HAR .,, Q, -, I . Y 5 f , 2 .2 , ' ?' xg 2 f 2 .' f 1-f-NF , .Qg4"jf?',4'ggf1A Su Q 6 ? 'Y' Q, tax .ii 1-5 ' ' '53 'f 5 X E" ,. 1, 1 5 5 :lil NM E.. 13 M I -1-45 . Z r Q- Qygrms. ,ij 'vb . A I my , 4 e ,3 Q , 1? 'Q "Ag ,1 'f ' - ,, :gm f 4 '. ,Q :fIm"" f,,, f-W 'V ,f , fx " '-35' M 2 4, . - L - ya s sz Q. , f ,. , Where oranges, apples, fomafoes, and papaya belonged, millions of coclcroaches fhrived. The progeny are sfill ship's company. Eggs fwo dozen counfl were packed in 'rhe same fype of crafe. The bakers dis covered fhaf fhe African counf for fwenfy-four was somefimes eighf Sides of meaf came aboard: wafer buffalo wifh a refreshing wild flavor Some cufs were fender, buf mosf were lilce piano wire or shredded wheaf. Dr. Taber was forced fo issue warnings abouf eafing green fruifg foo many were ioining fhe Head Troffers Club. From Mombassa, fhe ship sailed fo Addu Afoll, Maldive lsland group Seafed on 'rhe equafor, 'rhe finy island was fhe perfecf movie seffing for a Doffie Lamour film. Under way again, fhe capfain fold' all hands fhey were going info combaf area-Singapore. The nexf affernoon, under a clear slay, fhe ship sailed info fhe Jahore Sfraifs. The channel was narrow and fhe ship could nof maneuver. Affer proceeding well info 'rhe channel fhe ship had fo half fo allow a floafing mine fo slip by missing fhe ship by a foof The Brihsh ship following exploded fhe mme wlfh rifle fire The radios picked up an air raid warning There were Jap planes coming When fhe red circled bombers of 'rhe Nupponese flew info slghf rain clouds blew over and a heavy ram screened fhe ship from N if H N X X K , f 01 WMM Am if A . X X, .-N - .- ,, x ,f X. X ,Q , r. Q 4 gg. sr ff X- , . x , ., . x .. f , f, ,R , . W Wssixxxx a-CY 'WX ' A -Q fXw+.-A-.w M 1 4 - Abrm kk - . Q N , -1, - 4 Q xf, , . V0 . X in '- N "' " ' f..,,,,,:n.,,,,,1x ,,4ff'y,f7p?fjim1ifw,,3Q,,,5gfA , em ' 7942 WM at , fy M., A y Q, f 1 ,.. 'f J f ii? f ,Q ,kk x . X f .A ,X-xw,,,k AY, R Q Q . 1 E Aw I 'lin-.., Jw X ,inf W MW , , X ,giqaid ,.,4.g,-49g I Y' 'W , X 1 Q 3 , . mln' il 'YZ fd.. N re A1 i 6, ZZ 1,4 3 A V ai fag 4 1- Q ' f M f S 4 1 3 34, 5 -in 'F' Mid view. The planes could be heard overhead searching for fhe ship. They came over in waves, forfy in all. The "M.V." fied up fo debarlc froops. A Brifish oil fanlcer came along- side fo fuel. The +anlcer's claim was fhaf every ship she had fueled had been losf wifhin fhree weeks. The "M.V." ruined her record by sfaying afloaf. Barfering for souvenirs began befween bofh ships. The crew wanfed Singapore memenfos, fhe Brifish wanfed cigareffes. There was no liberfy, as fhe cify was under enemy siege buf somehow all hands managed fo gef off fhe ship. Dog fighfs befween Jap and Brifish planes became commonplace. ' Thursday morning I5 January is fhe day sfill discussed. Af 0945 an air raid alarm senf fhe ship fo General Quarfers. .All morning, fense wifh excifemenf, fhe ship waifed, fhe gun crews aware fhaf our guns were nof enough. If was sfill cloudy. All fhe cify lay in complefe silence. Af I230, Condifion ll was sef. Half fhe baffle sfafions crews wenf fo chow. The chow line had iusf grown from fhe affer mess hall ouf onfo fhe fan fail, when a Jap plane dropped six bombs. Forfunafely fhey landed in a field abouf a hundred yards from fhe ship. The ominous sighf was fheir paffern: fhe exacf lengfh of fhe ship. The gunner's mafes were fo lceep fhe guns ready for acfion for fhe nexf four years. This was fhe only J 'im' swf' f occasion for fheir use. H' was +ime 'ro leave. The ship pulled our for Aden, Arabia. Life aboard resumed i+s usual rourine. The empfy passageways were bo+h re- lieving and haunring. The ealc of fhe volcano lhal was Aden appeared, and grew larger P un'I'il, moored in +he shadow of 'rhe lowering mounlain, +he ship seni' Irb- erry parries ashore in mo'ror launches. As soon' as lhe sailors reached rhe beach 'rhey were deluged by a swarm of +axi drivers, money changers, -' u iewelry merchanrs, and beggars- Balcseesh Balcseesh.." Morhers offered lheir children for sale. Afrer an hour's haggling over d l- fhe fares and poinls of inreresl, rhe cabs ser our +o show off A en, 'rrave ling from +he por+ ciry, Lawahi, over +he rise roward +he narrow passage o 0 ll I ll h F 'ihrough fhe mounrams. This pass was rhe Needle s Eye , ope u y + d '1'h fhe "Needle's Eye" menrioned in rhe Bible. I+ was foo nar- nec e wr row for more 'rhan one cab a+ a lime, and lhe drivers, horns screaming, raced for rhe pass, each side hoping fo be firsr, and 'rrusfing +o brakes +o srop 'rhe cars in 'rime in evenr of a +ie. ' ' d rh As lhe sailors en+ered Craler Clry, 1'he real Aden, 11' appeare +o em 1'ha+ long ago 'lime had polilely, bui' firmly sfopped. Houses made from ' ' 'll d '+h J sun-dried mud, fraversed by fwrshng, narrow lanes fn e wr ews, 4 2 1 t 1 invaluable To The purchasers. lT was possible, aTTer The usual haggling wiTh The drivers, To make a Tour ouT pasT The modern Allied airfield inTo Arab CiTy, a Town cenTuries old, where The Camel was The moTive power Tor running The machinery ThaT pumped waTer, ground meal, and Turned windlasses. One oT The men meT a BriTish Flyer, and had an air view of The area. He came down shaking aT The knees, having had a Tew poT shoTs come his way while over Vichy French TerriTory. The lasT nighT in porT Aden an incredibly large moon slipped up over The horizon. A ship was in The process of coaling. NaTives carrying baske+s of coal on Their heads chanTed as They worked. SoTTly Their voices TloaTed over The waTer. Through The Red Sea There was only one subiecT Tor scuTTlebuTT: "Through The Suez Canal, and back home?" Mail had noT been received Tor Two monThs, and news Trom The STaTes was scarce. Didn'T The BriTish show surprise when They saw The "MounT Vernon" in Aden? Hadn'T re- porTs been broadcasT The Japs had sunk The MighTy MounT? BuT The ship sTopped iusT aT The souTh Tip oT The Canal and embarked Troops. There was no chance To geT ashore, buT The shore came To The ship. NaTive vendors came wiTh cheap TrinkeTs, mosTly leaTher goods To .5 ,. sr? cr E A WN if ' 1: '-ew, ,V 1- .Q ,qw WST? . li 'W 1 QQ' 4 6 barfer wifh fhe "Yanks". The favorife mefhod of frade was fo see fhe arficle, haggle for fhe price, send a buckef over and gel' fhe arficle, fhen send fhe money over. Woe fo fhe merchanf fhaf cheafed! There was a fwo.and one-half inch hose in readiness wifh pressure fo furn fhe dealer's boaf over. The shi looked wifh greaf respecf when fhe fowering Aussies came P aboard. Affer several years of bearing fhe brunf of fhe fighfing in fhe Mediferranean area, fhe boys were finally enroufe home. The several fhousand "Diggers" were soon faken fo hearf by fhe Yanks. Mosf of A d ff' ers fhem fowered head and shoulders over fhe crew. n soon o IC and men of bofh nafions were barfering for souvenirs from bofh 'rhe Sfafes and fhe Holy Land. The Aussies affached fhemselves fo fhe ' ' ' Sf. sailor or a group of sailors fhey liked and followed fhem abouf like Bernards. y Down fhrough 'rhe Red Sea fhe ship made her way again, only fo be 1' d b lane ouf of Aden Orders were fo furn back. Scufflebuff s oppe y a p . raged again among bofh fhe Aussies andqfhe crew. Upon refurning fo Aden, however, fhe orders were discovered fo be a misfake. The nexf porf was Columbo, Ceylon, one of fhe mosf famous iewel dl h win fheir pur markefs of fhe world. The crew were soon prou y s o g Q 'Kd N Mi wx YM? , Qin 4"3, , v N . -ii..-.,.-...Q 'Y ww . 3 I Q P 2-'a 0 Q if Hi "Eff .2 7 w iw Q "W ff fm ,. ' .. iff 59" fl vi Us ik vi 5: IA X X , 3 'rf 1.391 - f' is Q 1' fm, ,f i 'L , , law 14,3-.,,nJL' WX R... .. ,. M4 sf chases. Each one made a beffer bargain fhan fhe resf. By fhis fime all hands were seasoned in fhe arf of frade and seffled down fo sensible bargaining. Tours were made by riclcshaw along fhe Cinnamon scenfed byways. A sfop was necessary af fhe Buddhisf Temple, where boys were waifing fo remove fhe visifors shoes-for a fip-and fo offer for sale such fhings as Sanslcrif fexfs on palm leaf scrolls, and, of course, fhe giff for fhe priesf. The officers were pleased wifh fhe recepfion af fhe Galle Face Hofel on fhe sea' walk. The enlisfed men fool: over fhe Crienfal Hofel. Af firsf fhe Aussies, foo, had liberfy, buf due fo fheir failure fo reporf baclt fo fhe ship, fhey received orders fo remain aboard. lf was fheir firsf fime off in fwo or fhree years, buf some of 'rhe fown had fo be lcepf infacf. Shorfage of fresh wafer broughf abouf fhe securing of fhe shower wafer, even fhough fhe weafher was insufferably hof. Lafe one nighf a rainsform came, and crew, officers, and passengers alike sfripped and wenf on declc fo wash down in fhe rain. Loaded wifh fea, jewelry. and souvenirs, fhe ship gof under way fOr Ausfralia. A few days ouf of porf fhe ship's radio infercepfed a disfress call from a supply ship pursued by enemy subs, headed for our desfi- nafion, and on our course fo Fremanfle. Baffle condifion Two was sef, and all hands arrived in porf complefely worn ouf. Half fhe crew wenf ashore in Fremanfle, fhe porf of Perfh. The froops debarlced in Adelaide. None of fhe crew were allowed off fhe ship, buf wifh a railroad Kiosk nearby, everyone agreed fhaf Ausfralian ice cream was nearesf fo fhe Sfafeside confecfion. Survivors from fhe Philippines and from American ships sunk in fhe Macassar Sfraifs Baffle came aboard. Such a mixfure of uniforms as fhe survivors and refugees wore had never before been seen! A U. S. Navy Capfain in his blue uniform coaf, army panfs, Aussie shirf and yellow high-fop shoes was a fypical example. A number of civilians were broughf aboard as well as Naval survivors. Among fhem was Mrs. E. E. Sayre, wife of fhe Philippine High Com- missioner. lf was fhe firsf fime in her Navy career fhaf fhe ship car- ried woman passengers. Capfain Cook firsf sef foof on New Zealand in Wellingfon, and while ifs climafe is one of fhe healfhiesf in fhe world, when fhe ship arrived fhere fhe crew was much more excifed in fhe recepfion given by fhe fownspeople. Everyone was welcome! The "Moun'r Vernon" was fhe firsf American vessel in fhe porf since war had been declared, and fhe ' X 'www ,.. .WMM-.a.,fN, i , vM.s,,.,Xw fs , V4:,lh, "'Ww .. ks G Z ,F M... . s 9 v r "'l"lu-.69 1 X 1 1 X .-a:5,1X,1uXq-.-. 1 0 ,.m...X , E .lit Q Y XX ,XXX , X N X X f XM u X .NX ,, V V ' X. -- -N ,,,:.'-X- 5-:F .sl X X X ,. X,x,,,,, XX .X X LL X X . X X 1 X X X, x -7-1CI"i ,-,MWV A f ' lhzilrzvn-nnniq... ,,-4, v,.A- hd 4 O A 4- Q 4 Q an-xl' " 'L ..: Lx 'MQ'-.gin , X. Q X 'H-w..QX X. - 4- 4' ' nag' I S I FQR THE NEXT TWC YEARS' San Francisco was fo represenf America fo fhe crew. Passing under fhe Golden Gafe Bridge meanf sfafeside liberfyl Fourfeen frips fo fhe islands of fhe Pacific climaxed in a refurn fo fhe cify. Always a favorife porf of fhe crew, San Francisco afforded a rollick- ing fime, despife fhe facf fhaf money disappeared in a shorf period. Sfories have been fold of sailors greasing fhe rails of fhe cable cars, making fhe descenf of California Sfreef uninferrupfed, and much fasfer fhan usual. Rafioning of golf balls limifed fhe ioy of playing on 'rhe cify's golf links, parficularly wifh fhe dog leg hole leading info 'rhe ocean. Swim- ming was foo cool for comforf affer fhe men became accusfomed fo fhe Soufh Pacific beaches. An hour before sunsef fhe ship's personnel mingled wifh fhe crowd gafhered af fhe "Top of fhe Mark", selecfing fhe choice window seafs and wafching fhe nighf creep up on fhe cify. Lafer in fhe evenings fhe lnfernafional Sefflemenf felf fhe presence of fhe "Mounf Vernon' gang. "Nellie" Nelson announced his arrival in one bar filled wifh Coasf Guardsmen by shoufing, "Sfandby, shallow wafer, Lef fhe deep blue sea I 2 1 , wyfdw W 'Sw N roll in!" The Coasf Guardsmen became seasiclc when fhey saw his I ' d escorfs: Boden, Bufler, and fhe resf of fhe ships gunners mafes, an fhe sea rolled in. Eafing places and bars were found everywhere. ln facf, a marriage was performed in one of fhe bars, wifh fhe crew of fhe "Mounf Vernon" parficipafing. Those who felf foo crowded in fhe cify proper spread ouf over fhe bay area and in fhe fowns down fhe peninsula. Ships musf sail, however, and accomplish fheir missions. The "Mounf Vernon" was no excepfion. She leff San Francisco on various frips bound for Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne, Ausfraliag Auclcland and Welling- fon, New Zealand, Noumea, New Caledonia: Suva, Fiji, Milne Bay, New Guinea, Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: and Bombay, lndia. Even San Francisco could nof hold a froopship forever. Adelaide, Ausiralia is abou+ -an hour's +rain ride up +he river from lhe por+. The frain, running from +he porl +o 'rhe cify, is pulled by an engine purchased from ihe s+al'esg 'rhe model was popular here in ihe eighleen hundreds, and 'rhe 'rrain ierks, and losses, and s'rops, if seems, every several hundred yards. Cu+ off from ihe resi' of Auslralia by a chain of mouniains, 'lihe ci+y is a quie+, overgrown couniry lown. Like all cilies of English design, ii' appears old and worn. Adelaide is noi' large, buf whaf if lacks in size, if makes up in fhe number of pubs. There were no acfivifies un1'il eve- ning, +hen, in +he blackouf, +he glow of cigareffes marked +he lines of people awai+ing enfrance +o +he +hea+res. ln +he blackoul' +he sound of foofsfeps was amplified. This sound rose in volume as fhe 1'hea'rres loosed 'rheir crowds onfo fhe s+ree'rs. xl CD Several dances were held for fhe en'rer+ainmen+ of fhe Yanks. The lasl nighl' in porl' a dance was scheduled, bu+ liberly was cancelled. There was a mass ship-jumping move, and by I900 The ship was deserfed. Working parfies on +he dock, under +he supervision of Dudley, suddenly had cargo ne+s filled wi+h sailors headed for 1'own. A+ +ha+ fime +he ship was in possession of oversized GJ. cans. One of +he men, in dress blues, secreled himself in rhe can, had a couple of fellows cover him wi+h newspapers, carry him +o +he dock, and ser +he can down behind some packing cases, where he climbed oul' and 'look off. Ofher men were able fo gel' off over fhe s+ern lines. Upon refurning, fhe boys solved +he problem of boarding lhe ship in an equally ingenious manner. Over in cargo neis +hey came. Some, borrowing leggings, +he long coals, and +he hals of +he Aussie soldiers Q. V' working on lhe dock, boldly walked aboard, saluled lhe 0.0.D. and said lhal lhey were lo work in lhe hold lhal was being loaded. ll sud- denly occurred lo lhe 0.0.D. lhal a very large number ol Aussies were coming aboard, especially when he saw a cargo nel lilled wilh coals, hals and leggings leaving lhe ship lrom number six hold. The nexl man, he slopped-il was a sailor. Ten men in all came aboard reporling lhal lhey were Ramos, Slc, relieved from gale walch. Ll. Harvey called Midshipmen O'Riley and ordered him lo make a lour ol lhe ship lo slop lhe illegal relurning aboard. A man, in a soldier's coal was parl way up lhe slern line. O'Riley ordered him back and when he conlinued on loward lhe ship, pulled his "45". Wilh lhe remark "You winl", lhe man crawled back and presenled himself lo lhe 0.0.D. Mr. Harvey caughl anolher in a Digger uniform, and, al lhe poinl ol a gun marched him aboard and arresled him. A more successful means ol relurning lo lhe ship was climbing down lhe dock, walking along lhe camel, and enlering lhe luel porl. All in all, lhere were 48 deck courls, and 8 summary courls. The ship never relurned lo Adelaide. SYDNEY claimed lo be a second New York. ln a lew ways, lhey are comparable. Bolh have lheir harbors. New York has her Cenlral Park, Sydney has her Domain. The conlrasl belween lhe brighl lighls ol Cen- lral Park and lhe blacked-oul Domain was obvious: lwo ol lhe chiels carried blankels ashore. The Troc was lhe "Mounl Vernon's" while she was in lown. The Balli- more made larger sandwiches: lhe wailresses never lell lhe plales, bul ierked lhem off lhe lable as soon as lhe cuslomer linished. Replace- menls were impossible lo lind. Sydney did have lood, rare ilems such as Pig Trollers in ielly al lhe Carlelon, Toheroa soup lrom Adam's Fish Cale, a peculiar grey liquid called collee. Milk bars slood al every corner. Trallic was a bolher, lhey were going lhe wrong way on lhe righl side ol lhe slreel. Busses carried lheir gas bags on lheir lops. The people ol King's Cross learned nol lo call all Americans "Yanks". Mosl ol lhe soulhern men ol lhe ship pounded lhe inlormalion inlo lheir heads. Brake had never been seasick aboard lhe ship. The lerry lo Luna Park accomplished whal lhe "M. V." could nol do. Leaning over lhe rail, he losl his balance, and landed in lhe drink. The ferry slopped. He was lished from lhe waler. Luna Park was al lhe lool ol lhe Sydney Bridge, across lhe bay from Woolomdlo. Any nighl ol lhe week, a musler ol lhe sailors included lhe enlire liberly seclion. Dursl was discovered on his hands and knees silling in lhe sands. Allempling 'lo be helplul, Jack Parsons wandered down slarlecl searching, loo. "Whal are we looking lor?" asked Parsons. "My loolh", said Dursl., "l -was slanding on lhe bridge and spil il oul." J s ln Sydney Caplain E. P. Eldredge reporled aboard afler flying from San Francisco and relieved Capfain P. P. Powell. The change of com- mand ceremony followed lhe sfandard order of procedure. Following 'rhe reading of orders, The new commanding officer shoolc hands wirh his officers as 'rhey were infroduced fo him. , , , , I 4 , v" My s ,, f , ,' , , , x Q X We je 'M , , , , ,, ,. , J, if ,,., ff, . :fm , J ' 1 f -'pw , 4, 1 'K 7 sy sb 1 sskwsaf 1 ' -I+f'fY'f:'. ilii -Xfil? Jw' 9 ' M in ' " Q :lite ' ' x .Q 5' of 'f'7', 513415 WF' UW, ,M f,,' ,few 0 P" ' A if- 77795 3 3 'Wi S? -1551 . 2' ' Q f 1 'if Q , X ,ff , ,7,,,-gag, 4,5 fee gi,-15 ,W Ek. s, ,i,,,,.,',.5r ,rpg ,ff -, of f - ,iv gg, I 4 sg N X -v2g,,1.ix11i.i:9s:,j,5si ,pw wi? -. Qs, if f ff' i S N -rw-N-Asif -' is auf.: -aff fi H as f if f ' , f 4 , ' f ss 2 S if ' A' M f is ff "l'fV'f' ,Q f 4' ff ' f??EQls 'li A ,V l , V, 'W ' , f f , , if , ,ff 74 3371 ' E ,, , Zim 'f X W I ' P ieiff 'ZW Y' I The exac+ opposife of Sydney is Melbourne, a quiel' residenfial lown. For some unknown reasons, +he navigalors were nof able 'ro bring 'rhe ship closer 'ro +own lhan +he 45 minu+e lrain ride dislance. I Affer leaving l'he lrain al' +he Cenfral Sl'a'l'ion, following 'lhrough l'he subway, and rising +o lhe slreelf level, lhe American lilerally bumped info fhe mass of humanily. Having iusl come from +he S+a+es, he, of course, forgol +ha+ lhe Aussies walk "on fhe wrong side of The s+ree+". Ship's company checked up on souvenirs: Urban and Honor in ihe jewelers looking a+ opals, DesRosiers considering +he purchase of a hand carved chess se+, only +o find +ha+ +he s+ore had been closed for an hour. Trees grew from +he sidewalks of Elizabelh Sl'ree'r. Arm and arm, 'lhe ship's company and +he Aussie girls giggled al each o+her's accenls. Cline and Rowe had fhe misforlune of ordering doughnufs in a resfauranl' which sold American coffee. gm Wm M jf I I 1. 1 i I AdverTnsemenTs call The Hawaiian lslands The Paradise oT The Pacific, and The.crew waTched wiTh eagerness The dim gray blur on fhe horizon change mTo colorful mounTains oT Oahu. Famed Diamond Head exciTed commenTs. The sweep of Waikiki Beach, The Royal Hawaiian hoTel, The shops and The residences shiTTed inTo view as The ship moved on Toward Pearl Harbor. Already pasT The Punch Bowl, The ship suddenly received The word, "Dock in Honolulu." The usual greeTing of Aloha was missing. There were no bands To play, no leis were oliiered Tor sale. The business secTion of The ciTy was aTTracTive. The buildings were a varied archiTecTural sTyle, buT all were planned To keep inTeriors cool. Leaving The immediaTe business secTion, The change To poverTy was so abrupT ThaT iT was shocking. The orienTal secTion was even more shabby. FarTher ouT Toward Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, The mecca oT wealThy TourisTs, conTained more elaboraTe homes and shops. ln The TransiTion area There were shops caTering To sailors Tilled wiTh cheap souvenirs. They were packed wiTh crowds ThaT did noT purchase. DisgusTed, The owners barked Their wares as The crowds looked bored and walked on inTo The sTreeTs. AT Waikiki Beach, everyone was disappoinTed in whaT was one of The Tamous beaches in The world. To keep Trom cuTTing Their TeeT on The coral washed up on The beach iT was necessary Tor The swimmers To wear sandals. However, The men had Their picTures Taken There in order To have The background oT Diamond Head. ln The shops along The beach road and on The sTreeTs The women wore red or whiTe hibiscus behind Their ears and in Their hair. RaTion- ing was unheard oT in The islands--excep+ for whiskey. The Royal Hawaiian hoTel, having been Turned over To The Navy, was enioyed by The men. The Tropical seTTing of The gardens, badminTon and Tennis courTs made playing more enjoyable. Near The Y.M.C.A. busses were loaded Tor The Pali pass and The oTher side oT The island. Up a winding road pasT palaTial mansions, by The Hawaiian WaTer Reservoir, by The upside down waTer Tall, Through a iungle, The bus suddenly came To an opening aT The Top oT The knife- like ridge ThaT bisecTed The island. The earTh seemed To drop away. Several hundred TeeT below, The Tloor of The valley sTreTched ouT To accommodaTe cane Tields, papaya groves, and banana planTaTions. Hairpin curves Took The bus down Through The valley and To The beach. The Beach USO provided a recreaTion cenTer wiTh dressing room Tacili- Ties. The surf was ideal Tor all Types oT waTer sporTsg shoes were noT necessary. The beach Tloor was smooTh and level. - Pearl Harbor, a large bay wiTh many coves, was Tilled wiTh acTiviTy as ships were repaired, reTueled, TiTTed ouT, and counTless oTher Tasks were compleTed necessary Tor keeping The vessels aT sea. RemnanTs of The Jap aTTack were sTill visible. A Nafure hid fhe sfern mounfains of fhe FIJI ISLANDS under a Iush bIanIce+ of undergrowfh and iungIe. Surrounding 'rhe shore Iine were Iong freach. erous coral reefs requiring experf navigafion of incoming ships. Here, fhe crew of fhe "Mounf Vernon" found an Army bivouac, a Naval Supply Base, and a hospifal-buf no cify. A few nafive hufs were scaf- fered aboufg a few Army fenfs doffed fhe area: several sforehouses in- dicafed some form of acfivify. Taking of phofographs was permiffed. Suddenly, many cameras ap- peared fhaf had nof been seen before. Everyone fried fo gef his picfure sfanding wifh 'Ihe Fuzzy-Wuzzy policemen. Wearing dark shirfs and pure whife scaIIoped Iava Iavas, fhe barefoof police creafed a sensafion. Pafienfs evacuafed from fhe advance baffle areas 'ro fhe Fiji hospifal were fransferred aboard. A ic s 'im Uh Fug...- A e I9 ., , The faciliries for care of +he pa- +ien+s were comparable 'ro any hos- pifal ship's. Under +he direcfion of Dr. Taber, lhe medical deparfmenf had been organized. Under Dr. Jos+es' direc+ion, ii' had been en- df' larged and improved. A new oper- a+ing room had replaced fhe "board- on-ba+h+ub" apparafus formerly in use. From Fiii fo San Francisco, fhese pa1'ien+s had uninferrupfed medical care. 1 gee: .av-ce. ' M' e' 1 be so 1 gg. Vw a 'i rw 7 as W 'ri -' Lg! 4,4 " S' . 1 , K Ning A K y, X X L x . 0 .3-7 25,2 ,, g ,c ..1N.,h,.j?. :aj l - a- mis? ' . ' X i3-n-'l1fW'fgJ' 4 - f I t 4 . Q ' , 2,1 'Q 15 , , by f We J- S . - -xrbgyg-1X 'I Lf v K .- ls rv . X all 9 :D 5 J P covered mounlains rising high in 'rhe disfance gave rhe New Guinea coasl' a forbidding bu'r almosf elhereal appearance. The ship enlered Milne Bay wilh caufion as charls and navigalional aids along 'rhe Guinea coasf were many 'rimes inaccurale. During lhe slay, however, evidence of file alm lrees and jungle along 'rhe beach agains+ lhe backdrop of misf Lx ,,1 Y! 1 i 1 f 4 I i I 5 Q . 1 vi - i 's Sig s -f Y ,fn . UV uri' sf as-ji' V, 1 1' ih ounir became appareni. Beyond +he sand real characferisfics o e c y beaches was mud and fhe boiling humidiiy of fhe air wi+h ihe cons+an+ Ci f I 'a and fungus infecrion in 'rhe jungle. Troops were de- anger o ma ara bariced on +he beach and +he ship sfeamed away from ihe area. For- +una+ely, +he s+ay had nor been a long one. I Following rhe sweeping curve around 'rhe island mounfain guarding rhe enlrance of 'rhe Auckland Bay, lhe oufskirrs of' +he ci'ry could be seen. Woods grew in cluslers befween residenlial areas, and reached down +o 'rhe swimming beaches. The Grecian archi+ec+ure of +he Arr Museum belonged on +he hillside overlooking fhe bay, and 'rhe graceful arches of a bridge ended near Vicroria park. There was +he ci'ry. The brick houses, +igh+ agains+ each o+her, covered +he hills, +heir counfless chimney p0l'S giving Auckland a domesric and homey a+mosphere. Docking by 'rhe ferry building wifh i+s +all clock +ower, +he crew of lhe "Moun+ Vernon" found +hemselves s+ra+egically locafed ai' 'rhe fool of +he ci+y's principal lhroughfare. The shops were crowded fogerher, suggesiing genfeel poverly. Eliza- berh s+ree+ branched +o form a "Y", and lo +he righl 'lhe King's Place +hea+re was nex+ lo 1'he roller skafing rink where +he "Moun+ Vernon" boyS were fo be found. , rw' iig- ffga i m I ww- W, f Wm -uqmuuue-W I wwuuii., new p--...X 1 . Q nk-vgef 1 ..... 1' 'Q' 'iii Q Y 3 , . S 1 is Z A if X X. S , I --Q, , ,. 1-ii' 1 L p V 1 A w 1 w Q' -fff was Purchasing greenslone rings, and rhe Maori Ticki lfheir good luck charml carved boxes and o+her arlicles made from para shells, fhe crew found lhe shop keepers showing fhe half penny wilh The Maori licki em- bossed on i1'. These cur our, made bracelel' charms. Several of 'l'he many resl'auran'rs were serving 'rhe evening meal. A five course dinner could be purchased for lhirly-five cenls. The wail- resses always asked lhe sailors if lhey wanled lerluce and lomalo. Des- ser'r and beverage always came exlra. The room space in all shops was small. The resfauranls were crowded wi'rh minule +ables, and lhe waifresses had +o do a greal' deal of careful maneuvering. Carrying fheir irays of sleak and eggs or fish and chips, lhey looked in complere bewildermenf al 'rhe food desires of lhe Americans. "The besf place fo gel' coffee is fhe American Bar" was fhe word whispered around, and all hands managed a slop ihere before refurn- ing +o The ship. Movie fheafres "booked" each performance. Each show was sched- uled and shown as if if were a slage produc+ion. The shorl subiecis came firsf, fhen fhe "in+erval" during which lea, coffee, ice cream and biscuifs were sold. Then fhe piciure. The sfreefs were packed for fhe nexl' half hour as fhe down lowners hurried fo caich fhe "las+ ham" home. A+ fhe dance hall in Alber+'s Park could be found +he men of The ship. Tours our 'lo Mounf Eden, an ex+inc+ volcano, were made by lram or bus. The fown across fhe bay a'r+rac+ed many, bul +he ferry 'rrip caused mos+ of rhe men +o remain in fhe Auckland area. , . is I R 5 , 2, .V 0, JM , ll . U5 rf fi 3, . T s s f if is faq ' ,A t my 0 , Alone, fhe lighfhouse sfood guard af fhe edge of fhe reef. Ships came close aboard, made a sharp furn and slid befween coral shelfs. The mounfains were high and blue in fhe disfance, buf fhe hills af fhe harbor's edge were barren. Noumea, looking like a mining camp, was af fhe head of Dumbea Bay. During peace, fhe Clippers halfed here, buf wifh fhe world af war, counfless Allied ships lay af anchor, refueling, faking on supplies, or giving fhe men a chance fo sef foof on solid earfh affer monfhs af sea. Noumea had liffle fo offer for enferfainmenf. Bars were shambles, hasfily fhrown fogefher. Good liquor was served for fhe firsf fwo or fhree drinks, and fhen if was exchanged for inferior brands. The huge Tonganese soldiers wafched fhe long line of "Yanks" againsf fhe wall surrounding fhe Pink Palace. The souvenirs were nof producfs of Noumea, buf fhey were purchased by fhe Americans: wood carving from fhe Tonga Island and frinkefs from fhe Soufh Sea Curio Company. Af fhe Army PX affracfive French girls served coffee, malfed milks, ice cream, or sandwiches. Officers spenf fheir 'rime af fhe Cfficers' Club in fhe Hofel Pacific. The view of fhe cify from Sf. Joseph Cafhedral was excellenf, lying spread under fhe billowing clouds of yellow smoke from fhe nickel smelfers. Javanese women wifh fheir wrap-around skirfs and immense sfraw hafs moved quiefly among fhe cosmopolifan crowds of Chinese, Tonganese, Brifish, American, and French nafives. Wafer snakes and fungus infecfion resulfed in fhe cancellafion of swim- ming. Hunfing parfies were arranged when fhe fime permiffed. Chief Specialisf Jerome Zerbe, Cafe Sociefy phofographer, was as- signed fo fhe ship, reporfing aboard fhe nighf before sailing. Preparing fo refire, Zerbe donned a pair of brighf pink pajamas. Abouf 0200, Johnson, CWT, came aboard from liberfy. Turning on fhe lighf he saw Zerbe blissfully asleep. Johnson was panic sfricken. When he could confrol his laughfer he led fhe Officer of fhe Deck in and poinfed fo Zerbe. Nexf he showed fhe sleeper fo all fhe messengers and fo fhe men refurning from liberfy, unfil fhe OOD had fo sendJohnson 'ro bed. Lafer, when fhe ceremony of crossing fhe line was in progress, Zerbe was re- quired fo parade around fhe ship in fhe pinkies. Wifh fhe arrival in New Caledonia in I943, fhe ship was called upon fo furnish replacemenfs for Admiral Halsey's fleef. Almosf fhree quarfers of fhe deck force was fransferred. Shorfly affer, a new 'draff reporfed aboard in San Francisco. Forfunafely, condifions were nof as bad fhls fime as fhey had been when fhe commissioning crew fook over in Phila- delphia, for fhere remained a nucleus of fhe experienced personnel. Several of fhe men who came aboard as seamen in fhe farsf dlraff of I942 had now become responsible peffy officers. There was Villanelli, who fook over fhe reins of fhe Firsf division in I943 and remained. In charge unfil he was made chief in fhe fall of l945. ln fhe Second divISl0fI "Smiley" Wiffer and "Red" Cliffon were given Charge of ihe d'V's'on' K n - 'X vc 1 .X N 1 The Transporfafion division, working wifh 'rhe permanenf Army sfaff b d a oar , was responsible for 'rhe handling and caring for fhe six 'rhousand passengers. lf insured proper berfhing and messing schedules, and main- fained cleanliness in fhe froop living spaces. One of fhe few larger frans- porfs fo do so, fhe "Mounf Vernon" served fhree meals each day fo all passengers, a fofal of nearly 20,000 meals daily-over eighfeen fons of food! Affer one monfh af sea, inferrupfed by only fwo days in Melbourne, fhe "Mounf Vernon" docked af Ballard Pier in fhe harbor of India's mosf famous cify-Bombay. Then began a fwo week educafion in fhe arf of bargaining which made fhe members of fhe crew experf fradesmen. If had been rumored fhaf diamonds, rubys, and ofher valuable arficles could be had af a cheap price in lndia, buf if soon became apparenf fhaf fhe shopkeepers were selling nofhing cheap. The rupee, worfh abouf fhirfy cenfs, and fhe anna, worfh a liffle less fhan fwo cenfs, became familiar words fo fhe ship's personnel, who soon learned fhaf fhey were nof ex- pecfed fo pay fhe price firsf asked. The Indians were masfers of fhe arf of barfering, and could wear a pained expression 'rhaf would give fhe buyer fhe impression he was sfealing from fhem rafher fhan purchasing an arficle. The firsf liberfy parfy refurned fo fhe ship wifh ornafe fables and baskefs, silver filigree pins, ivory carvings, and brassware wifh colored designs. The favorife souvenir was a mounfed mongoose-snake fighf. Nighf found many af 'rhe Taj Mahal hofel, or fhe Green hofel relaxing wifh a cool drink of Soufh African brandy or gin. The drink was very differenf in fasfe from fhe usual American beer or bourbon, buf if had much fhe same effecf. People in Bombay were sfrange in appearance and cusfoms. On fhe sfreefs women could be seen wearing a small iewel in fhe side of fhe nose iusf as in fhe Sfafes women wore earrings. Women also wore saris which fhey gracefully draped around fhem. Some of fhe saris were embroid- ered in a fine gold fhread and cosf 'hundreds of dollars. ln confrasf fo fhe expensive garmenfs were fhe mulfifudes of penniless beggars. Everyone walked around fhe sacred cows, and fhe killing of fhem was considered a sin. Such men as enjoyed playing fhe horses found fhaf Bombay had a beaufiful racefrack, buf fhe "ponies" were nofin fhe same class wifh fhose on fracks of Sanfa Anifa. , There were many femples, rich in gold, silver, and iewels, for fhe sailors fo admire. Crawford Markef, where one could buy anyfhing from flowers fo monkeys was an unusual sighf. The bazaar consisfed of peddlers on fhe sfreef, shops which were mere sfalls, and elaborafe silver shops. The ship sailed from fhe land of fhe "hobba hobba" and "bum boafs" in company wifh fhe "Mariposa". Less fhan fwelve hours affer depar- fure, an ammunifion ship, near which fhe ship had been moored, blew up, sinking and damaging several ships and sfarfing large fires on fhe shoreline. Had fhe "Mounf Vernon" been fhere she would probably have suffered serious damage. Among fhe passengers embarked af Bombay were a group of lndian Hindus, whose cusfoms and mode of life offered an inferesfing sighf on shipboard. Since if was necessary for fhem fo cook fheir own food, fhey sef abouf if af once. Only prompf acfion prevenfed fheir building an open fire on fhe deck forward on "B" deck. They were fhen faken fo fhe galley where fhey prepared fheir own dishes, while fhe ship's cooks looked on in amazemenf. Few of fhe crew envied fhe passengers fheir meals. Their sfaple dief consisfed of curry and rice cooked wifh fish-heads. Sfeaming away from Bombay was nof wifhouf ifs fense feeling of ex- pecfafion, for af fhaf fime fhere exisfed a serious submarine menace in fhe lndian ocean and fhe Gulf of Aden. Several ships had been recenfly forpedoed. The frip from Bombay fo fhe Sfafes was bound fo be long. Thaf, no one doubfed. When fhe ship, almosf home, made a wide sweeping furn and headed soufheasf, all hope of an early arrival was doomed. "Where was fhe ship going?" "Hadn'f fhe cruise, already a monfh af sea, been long enough?" "Why was fhe ship diverfing?" "Diver+ing, fhaf was if!", fhe scufflebuff sfreamed forfh. Righf if was. On May I4, fhe "Mounf Vernon" enfered fhe Panama Canal, ending her Pacific fravels. as 1 'P' 133, r ,, W 4 , 4 W 1 rf' A ' -fi K 9 17 H 3 'f Y I f -In 4 ii -v,,,,N QM? During fhe long weelcs of fhe Pacific voyage, fhe afhlefic program of fhe ship was ufilized fo ifs maximum exfenf. War had empfied fhe swim- ming pool and broughf fhe space and equipmenf devofed fo recreafion 'ro a minimum, buf due fo ample deck space, ahlefic compefifion proved pracfical and popular. lnferesf of fhe ship's commanding officers had always been reflecfed in shipboard afhlefics. One had been exfremely inferesfed in fhe fradi- fional Navy sporf of boxing. Anofher, whose inferesf followed volleyball, had nofified officers of any such games by sending an orderly wifh fhe message: "Capfain's complimenfs. Volleyball will begin on fhe arena in five minufes." During fhe Pacific cruise, however, baslcefball caughf fhe inferesf of fhe crew and passangers, and, wifh fhe acfive supporf of fhe commanding officer, became fhe cenfer of fhe mosf far-reaching afhlefic program fhe ship had seen. Such afhlefic pursuifs were in addifion fo an exfensive program of calisfhenics each morning which lcepf fhe officers and men in fop physical condifion. The Pacific cruise saw fhe firsf of fhe baslcefball fournamenfs, consisf- ing of compefifion befween divisions. Corpsmen of fhe "H" division and declc hands of fhe Second division rafed as fhe fop feams in fhe inifial round of play. Wifh fhe developmenf of scores of experf players, an All-Ship feam was organized for compefifion wifh passengers as well as feams from ofher ships. Alfhough many sfrong Army feams were de- veloped aboard, only fhree fimes were fhe passengers successful in de- feafing fhe ship's enlisfed squads. ln fhe years fo follow approximafely fhirfy of 'rhese Army-Navy games were played aboard. When fhe vessel sfeamed info fhe Aflanfic, weafher condifions, alfhough offen unfavor- able, seldom caused cancellafion of fhe program, and games were played many fimes in almosf freezing femperafures. L ii 2 c is is .gr Ugg xi is E Y 2 .Ti 1 V M X S Qi? V ' In 1 it i in 6 ? , ,M ,T fp T E yi S i i V K '.,h' V I K? X C 67 is X s , 0 N, ge t Aff .s ,xx . W , 7 Viv., ffl i ' 'ESQ , S will Q I 4 4? ' "" , ff f 5 2 ? 4 . , I 1 I , A. i4 fi : A J 1 :W K it 3 , if 231 K , ,,, 5, , or f Vg, , W, ,K K 2 Q . ,, f fs .V f T ,V X 5 X, ,figs f , , ' I .. . 5 ' , 1 4 lv: V fm yi. 4 , if fix! fail 5 I s i T ' Jn A ' A 1 1 T OPERATIONS ATLANTIC were, for fhe mos+ par+, varied. A+ +imes, +he seas mounied and showed power unsuspec+edp +he waves 'rossed +he ship as if she were a piece of wood: +hey sprayed eighfy-five 'Fee+ +o her highesl' deck: fhey slowed her iravel. Such was fhe 'rrip of 'rhe "Big Roll" a+ which +ime +he ship lisfed +hir'ry-+wo degrees before righiing herself. A+ 'rimes, however, 'rhe silence and 'rhe calm were hypno+ic: fhe sea broughf back memories of fhe quiel lake off in The woods ai' home. ..,4.v... wa" Nu '--Q1 ,, 1 ,H x - N x 6 s M i P' 3 I 'ln ,x fwf if it x f f 1 4 Nd. Mx, ,if A f ,f.4,,f .. igfff ,, f" F i ,ww WM, ,. X NX A Rv ii 'hx y a' 5? is .-'L 1. vu .H . A , 1. 'nf KY' ,lv 9 'V' 45' 1-tin I . ,W Xa 4 MQ . W A G , 1 0 qnce in a while, fhe wind blew 'rhe wrong direcfion from fhe Bosfon Fish Pier, or from fhe ferfilizer planf in Norfolk, buf fhe greafer porfion of fhe fume, fhe breezes were from fhe sea, wifhouf fhe benefif or dis- comforf of having crossed land in fhe immediafe vicinify. Mosf of fhe fime spenf on Aflanfic Operafions was spenf ON fhe Aflanfic, shuffling our froops befween Bosfon, New York Cify, and Norfolk on fhe sfafeside and Liverpool, Naples, and Marseilles over fhere. Cccasionally, fhe rou- fine was pleasanfly inferrupfed by deviafion fo anofher porf of call: Glas- gow, Oran, or Gibralfar or by a varied passenger lisf. Red Cross Workers, en roufe fo fhe European Theafre ioined 'rhe ship's company in posf-vicfory dances on fhe sun deck. USO froupes pre- senfed fheir producfions for fhe enferfainmenf of all presenf. Casualfies we carried, supplying fhem wifh complefe medical service uninferrupfed befween foreign and home base. Displaced persons we carried fo fheir homelands: prisoners we carried fo our land. All foreign porfs of call showed physical affecfs of war and bombings. They revealed, foo, fhe hisfory, archifecfure, and culfure of fhe people. The froops which sformed fhe Normandy beachheads "D" Day were reinforced by men en roufe fo England aboard fhe "Mounf Vernon" and fhe ofher ships under fhe command of fhe Naval Transporf Service lAf- lanficl fhaf day. She became one of fhe span of ships across fhe ocean, an imporfanf one. Six fhousand men a frip guaranfeed her imporfance as a froop carrier. These men embarked af Bosfon, buf fhey were fhe men of fhe Easfern cifies and fhe Wesfern plains, fhe Norfhern facfories and fhe Soufhern hills. The rnaiorify of froops and passenger personnel carried expressed fheir approval or disapproval of fhe ship verbally.. One, an officer of fhe lfalian forces, however, leaped overboard wifh suicide or escape fo a passing ship as his infenf. Adroif ship handling by Lieufenanf Kayser and expedifious lowering and operafing of fhe mofor whaleboaf by Cox- swain Hughes resulfed in a successful rescue af sea. Following fhe orders of Radio Washingfon, on 26 January l945, fhe "Mounf Vernon" alfered her course and proceeded fhrough cold fog fo sfand by a fanker afire af sea. Preparafions for boarding wifh fire gear were complefed, buf noi' carried ouf as fhe "Moun+ Vernon" was ordered relieved by a Coasf Guard fire boaf. The relief arrived only affer all hands aboard were benumbed by cold. iv -wa.. Nofhing compares wifh BOSTON. As a home porf, she reflecfed her many facefs upon fhe ship. She was Beacon Hill and Back Bay: Scolley Square and Easf Bosfon. She was damp fog: she was musical moonlighfg she was a sunny affernoon on fhe Commons. Her music was fhe sym- phony on fhe Esplanade or fhe iive af fhe Lighfhouse. The Sfafler, Essex House, and Imperial knew when fhe ship arrived. They missed us when she leff. We missed Bosfon, foo. Arrival in Bosfon 22 May I944 marked fhe beginning of fhe ship's Aflanfic operafions. Summer had nof yef arrived in Bosfon, and fhe day seemed doubly cool affer confinued exposure fo fropical and soufhern Pacific climafe. Commonwealfh Pier was fo become fhe welcome maf and fhe scene of fond farewells. Bosfon is a bank in which much of fhis counfry's hisforical richness has been sfored. One can reflecf fhe pre-Revolufionary Days of fhe Massa- cre, of Paul Revere's ride fo desfiny, of Redcoafs and red blood in fhe snow. The Sfafe House sfill overlooks fhe Commons and fhe anfique sfores around ifs base. Paul Revere's Home, Old Norfh Church, and fhe fields of nearby Lexingfon and Concord lead one info fhe pasf, along roads lined wifh field sfone fences, once gun supporfs buf now quiefly ivy-covered. One of fhe quarfermasfers had nof learned of fhe liffing of fhe black- ouf. He disfinguished himself and saved fhe darkness by climbing fhe hundred foof masf and personally blowing ouf fhe lighf which was burn- ing fhere. Such acfion, of course, followed arrival aboard from liberfy. 4 fy Q M, M7 f I F H v - ,fx V Two all hands evolufions which caused no griping were fhe Ship's Dances af fhe Bradford Hofel ballroom. Confinuous dancing was made possible by fhe alfernafe use of fwo dance orchesfras. Chiefs Jenny and James played hosfs af fhe dance supper. ln addifion, dances held by fhe sfeward's mafes proved exfremely suc- cessful during fhe sfay af Bosfon. Because she was a froopship and des- fined fo carry hundreds of passenger officers and officer sfafus civilians, fhe number of sfewards and sfeward's mafes assigned fo fhe "Mounf Ver- non" was large. Chief Sfeward Wilson refurned from fhe Fleef Reserve fo fake charge of fhe firsf group who joined fhe ship af commissioning, and was on fhe ship af fhe fime of fhe Bosfon parfy. Before he was fo refire somefime afferwards af fhe end of fhiry-fhree years service, he and his sfewards were commended for fheir efficiency in caring for fhe pas- sengers. if r i, 1! o .an p.,f.., A dufy of fhe Marine senfries was fhe inspecrion of boarding pas. sengers for animals and ofher pers could nor be allowed aboard. Che small puppy, however, proved foo much for lhe sympalheric hearf of one Marine senlry, and was allowed aboard--io slay. She grew up ag "Dinah", fhe pride of fhe Commanding officer, and unofficial ship's mas- cor. Her warch on rhe bridge wing amazed and somerimes inrimidared 'rhe Army passengers aboard. Dinah enjoyed rhe disfincrion of being fhe only dog ro be ordered +o +he bridge via fhe ship's public address sysfem. As ordered, she proudly reporred +o rhe bridge bearing a noreg "Cap'rain, I have inspecled The fo'c'sle". For more fhan a year she never srrayed from The ship, buf lhe afrernoon prior ro her scheduled deparrure wilh lhe Commanding officer, Dinah iumped ship, and for fhree days explored 'rhe Norfolk Navy Yard, and Por+smou+h, Virginia. When found she was rerurned 'ro rhe ship for furrher rransfer ro civilian life. To insure rhe maximum order and besr handling of rhe 'rhousands of passengers,Marine seniries and guards parrolled ship. The peculiar con- dirions which arise on a 'rroopship led +0 many incidenfs noi' covered by +he accepred Marine "lns+ruc+ions +o Sen+ries". On one voyage, 'rhe ef- Ficienf "A" Deck sen'rry was seen helping a young female passenger hang up her washing, a service above and beyond rhe call of duly. if? U ff! - - 'U -f-ww ffff iff, 2 -vw. 'QD W' K Q np Q, XM an Q ' 3' wa, 2 f vyurwrl 2 mn, K Wmxw, 5 .- .. 1 , Q ,, . 7- , 1. . , f' ur,-' my-5 , fy, ,N If l, H if - si' I Q 1 x an -'Q-M. as , 8 if Q' 5 ' -419 ,Qs Q iv A 4 A 5 f Jw, ,ro 'IS f X WM x 535 ff , Jw, , wfgf X, Wfffnf 2 , x Nw, f X fff Xf -'W 3, V hui' f QQ x . , , Q ASK. A QSM x Q, , yi, f-f,ff,ff4.L,i2.,xV, , - 'M A , W Z My 7 Z i:55:?Zvr,1!., , :,f,X ,. ,i N V dw. mx. Z -'4-f, E, X ? H, , e ,Z f,.. -ff' af:27 f'7'f'.'f LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND, lhird largesl ol England's porls ol call had as ils main allraclion a giganlic lloaling pier. Il was large enough lo accommodale bolh ourselves -and our sisler ship, lhe "USS Wakefield", al lhe same lime. Like an elevalor, il rose and lell wilh lhe lhirly lool change ol lide, allowing ships moored alongside lo sel lheir lines laul, and nol shill wilh lhe lide changes. There is a slory lhe Brilish lell. ll Liverpool does nol have rain in lhe morning, she'll have il in lhe allernoon. ll lhe cily has rain in lhe morn- ing she'll possibly have il in lhe allernoon, anyway. The conlinual log, rain, or dampness hovers over lhe cily, adding deeper silence lo lhe blackened ruins and lhe gulled churches. This was lhe ship's lirsl close- up ol buildings wilhoul rools, and spaces wilhoul buildings. The air raid shellers and emergency waler lanks were spolled in lhe rubble, oases which proved lheir worlh. Four years ol war were showing in lhe laces and .1 ' ' clolhing ol lhe people. "The lighls came on" during one ol lhe ship's slays in porl. 2 ilxlames such as Princess Slreel, Lime Slreel, and The Taller Thealer helped cloak lhe cnly wilh lhe "All English" leeling. Double-decked lrams emi narrow guage lrains, liny aulos and "funny" money were new exper- ierices, soon lo become as familiar as lheir American counlerparls. Liverpool mighl be well remembered as a depol lor lrips lo Chesler and Soulhporl. CHESTER had been an ancienl camp of lhe Rgmang. Walls builf by lhem slill surround lhe Tudor slyle cily and gheli-er if from fhe modern d5Y.W0VlCl- From a lower alop lhis wall, Charles ll saw lhe deleal ol his arymies on lhe plains of Chesler. In one ol lhe wall's lowers, Turner, one o EngIand's greal arlisls had a sludio, The buildings were +imber-fronied siucco, of ihe Shakespeare era. The caihedral, however, was na'rural red sandsrone, mellowed by 'ihe driving, dampened wind. lnierred wi'rh local arisfocracy is ihe local pub-owner. Chesier fronis on 'fhe River Dee, marker of 'rhe division between Eng- land and Wales. Punis and mo+or crai+ furnished a busman's holiday +o 'ihose so inclined To ride. The +rip gave +he rravelers rhe opporfuniiy oi viewing Eafon Hall, seal' of fhe Earl of Derby, promoier of rhe horse race bearing his name. SOUTHPORT had been modified from her peacefime baihing resori career info a barbed wire barrier againsi' +he invader. Her hoiels had been converied info hospiials and resi' centers. 454' The pier of NAPLES, ITALY, Molo Luigi Razza, more lhan any ofher single i+em, lies a dying memorial lo The deposed Fascisfi. The false facade of marble and gilf fell wifh ihe crumbled rubble of The sfafe. Bronze sfal. ues, 'rypifying 'rhe spirif of 'rhe undying ancienfs, however, remained erecl, haughfily surveying 'rhe remnanfs of fhe lale regime. Dead, bloafed which once profecled fhe Halian lifeline clog fhe bay. All Naples, however, is noi in ruins. The Casfle of Sf. Elmo, sfill inlacf, dominales 'rhe ci+y's highesf hill. To 'rhis vanfage poinf, Naples rises from fhe shore fo display herself, garbed wilh one of The world's mosf beauliful localions. Buildings, some ancienl, some modern, ferrace 'rhe hill's side, falling away info fhe blue wafers a+ +he cify's shore. Mounf Vesuvius, wi+h delica+e pink clouds afloal overhead forms a disfanl baclc- drop. Virgil, who was believed +o be a sorcerer, once puf fhe newly laid egg of a sea serpenf in+o an iron cage. By magic, +he egg was fransformed info 'rhe Caslel dell'Ovo lCas+le of 'rhe Eggl. The casfle slill sfandsg Virgil's lomb, also, is in Naples. The San Carlo Opera house, foo, survived fhe onslaughl fo remain a gem in 'rhe dusf of +he ci+y. Wi'rh i+s area of 5l57 square yards and sfalls capable of seafing IOOO specfarors, ir is one of Europe's larges'r, wi+h i1's plush, and gill, and emblazoned ceiling, if is one of +he world's mosl' elaborafe. All Haly sings: lhe opera is The spirif of her singing. ships , i 'UI g , f . 1. I1 4 X 56 , , s flllvfi ' .J 4.. s X gggg ff . Q 1' -5 . J 7 f MZ, X iff, Z f f X Q fi ff X ,,. f 2,91 Q 71 A 1: if X ig ' . ,A XX I, Sw. WX X ,Z U1 " fx' ,,"' 1 1 li 9 " 5? 1 'S , -, Q' Q f MQ 5- 47 , 5 ,Q .1250 X ,ff ,N ff . , 7 f if QXXTS ', A-nj X L 5 2 M 'Q 1 f i ' A g gg ,, XXJJ x .XXX ' Xi. Gm 'i s fx , Xi 'RX 5 'ff 4: Z X ff ,rt X211 ,tg 1 1 f f " 1' f Ai? 1 . f, X , X7 Q 7 f XXQW .gf s ,f f X ., U , X z , X ,X X " Xv ii ,A W, , . X f . 1, , , 1 ' 2 fg, ' G ff , ,W f "Xi QQ i Q ' ff . f 5 ,PQ f 2, fff . af f? 55: ff ,yx ,J , X X ffifi' 'WX W Xi ,Q 2,5 - ik' f J ,P 'l zwc ,Xaf pompegi and her conqueror, Mounf Vesuvius were buf a fruck-ride disfanf from Naples. Excavafed from her bed of lava affer I80lJ years of silence, fhe ancienf cify's glories and perversions were .bared in fheir arfisfry and baseness. Slowly emerging from fhe cenfuries dusf were 1-he House gf fhe Veffii, fhe fheafre, fhe forum, and fhe Temple of Juililijrerupfion of March, I943, assisfed fhe Allied bombers fo find fheir fargefs in Naples. By one erupfion, fhe volcano enslaved and silenced a people, by a second erupfion, she freed anofher. I A landing craff, loaded fo fhe gunwales wifh gold braid, leff Naples for fhe Isle of Capri. The group, familiar wifh Radar, Loran, and radio direcfion finders, ignored fhe fog and proceeded on fheir course. Such basic navigafional observafion as fhe sun's irregular appearance in alfer- nafe quarfers of 'rhe sky worried some, buf fhe coxswain held fheir con- fidence. He was following anofher craff across fhe mine field so he, didn"r need a compass. If fhe ofher craff had a compass he did nof know. He did know, however, fhaf fhe ofher coxswain had faken fhe roufe before and knew fhe way. Neifher boaf had a compass! All faces were red. Buf fhey blossomed a deeper scarlef when an Army fug rescued fhem from fhe mine field and led fhem fo Ca ri. The lushness P of fhe Blue Groffo and fhe relaxafion of swimming in fhe Mediferranean relieved fhe nervous fension of fhe frip. A+ Mondragona Beach fhe ship's parfy was greefed wifh a shaded welcome. "lf you sef off a mine when in swimming, please realize fhaf if was nof leff fhere in+enfionally". The German command had expecfed +hO b h l l I I t is eac fo be a ponnf of invasion. Anzno, msfead had been used. This beach became a resf cenfer for 'rhose who invaded elsewhere. ' x f i'ffh -as . . ,Av W 4 X m ,S - 2,1 Q XY my N-an I ak- K .' 5 ,N , ' ,Lv .... N. lx 'ip 7 ' N v . 5 K 4, K A i - '3f' . .N - x 1 ,.. -.., , , X X " t , g ' "A ' ' X v-af L., vf 5 .' 4 7 - X R- 5 . C x . ik: S, .1 , ' ,fi " 'J 2 1 -u A , W 3 q. NJ -W -A Q .- -. , X . .,.,, , "1" Q- -, f x - ' , , "',,.,,4,,,f , -n ,....g.......:.v-,, X k 'K ' K Y 'i '- ,V--Q ' ' -' -'-2? Y-EQ 'H-M f- Q --.W ,-...K V -.. - .,-......, ,., Y -- to Nl V- ,-.,x..q5---1., fun , X- W' , .x ,W A A Ma- 'f M WA . x AK V I ,xiiffv WW ' 'f' ' Nia" , M, ,gh , ,R -vim M N . . ff "if K , ,. , -x , .,, 9,1 t Q ix 'W Q S ra , 'XI x main w. sb -4- ,Lw ,lsq"ag:, . as 4, . A '-5: , :Lx .Lv .f. Q I X Ay Q mix , f' 4 f , w 4 " i 3 a A 406 ,....... Q56- .gk ff., ' I ' .5 Qu X- ,f . 1.4, , :nr . 5, 2 ' 1' H, -',, ' N' " K V-w'Jw,. W'-'QW gf'4,J'r ff, 1,1441 Q 4, " .f , AM:-4 1 -Q , H U 3 -V .. . , 'ff' Jr Q! 31, ' "Y ".'fg.,,.::f3'T'5a 53' If' mf .w,,g3,,g,-alt W . W, ,I ' . '- ..L.,,- . . 7,53 1" ,1 If if , fa 1 F, 'A - in E mi 515 M f 3 . pf 'sp -2.5, It C' 'Br f f' 1 X f f ' EAQS2 " -M551 M W, ei X 1' ,V 2' fffffb 4 mm: , , ,mb- um P z il i 5 a 2 5 li .. ' hQ,"" ,I-Ili, 1 iii' , in"- 6 'mv H x if 2:33 u. .Z . ,Q 1 ,,,. g rv 1 4 L , nw- pm' I'-'Y NU' i IW" RQ' Q11 zffrw MARSEILLES was France reborn. The founlains of 'rhe Palais Long- champs played again. The Pink Ele- phan'r and Madame Clarey's did a fhriving business. The women were sfylish in whafever They wore, re- modeled drapes, or cas+-off sui+s. The "French Look" had survived 1'he war. Less lhan a monlh before +he arrival of fhe "Mounl Vernon", +he Rue de Canebiere had fell' rhe marching of German bools. Now fhe s'rree+ was a cosmopolilan pa- rade. The foe leff +heir submarine pens and scuH'led ships as 'rolcens of +heir deparlure. Also The rubble. Fear of +he "Mis+ral" prevenled pas- sage fo fhe Chafeau d'lf, scene of Dumas' "Counl of Monle Cris+o". The besf subs'ri+u'l'e, a view of +he island casfle and +he harbor was ob- 'rained from fhe Cafhedral of Nolre Dame de la Garde. ag..!Maseau.e -Notre-Dame deb Gerd n The very name ORAN whispered rhe mysferies which hovered behind +he closed doors of 'rhe Casbah, of dancing girls and finlcling cymbals. Above +he ageless na'rive clay buildings rises a modern cify whose slcy- scrapers silhoue'r're 'rhemselves againsf rhe deserf sunsefs. Oran, originally 'rhe largesf French Naval Base had become +he Allied Base for operarions agains+ Sicily. On none of +he ship's +hree visi+s fo +he porl, however, was any of +he "Moun'r Vernon's" fravelers allowed ashore. The ci+y remained a mys'rery +o rhem all. i l 1 an s-., v" l' w i .gQH, in ii: 4 lin- rfk xh- f f, ,, 'ff 'X 5 '. f ,V ,e'f4'-.F "Tye i .2 A Q- fit? ...A ,. .. -, , . , . . vf . . . . ., -Y'-5 aa .r1.., 1.0- to-f. 1? ,s v4A,,g:,,m , . .ual May' ,fi-,,, Af some fime or ofher in fhe career of a Navy ship, she musf visif each of fwo places: Pearl Harbor and Norfolk. The "Mounf Vernon" had been in fhe pasf fo "Pearl", Earlier in her life, foo, she had been in Norfolk. Cruises of lafe i945 led fhe ship fhere more offen. As fhe cify was All- Navy, any recreafion was Navy- sponsored: golfing, swimming, movie going. Visifs were also made fo nearby Williamsburg, scene of colonial resforafion. A farewell fo Norfollc was fhe ship's dance af fhe Palomar Ballroom. , US 2-,,, X Iwi 5-'Hit' r"'W Fa A 1 .5 , .. fer ,L 3 14 w f., mf .. ujnfu V 'A I T' '35, 2 2 my S. ,Q f qhw Up on +he signal bridge 1'he signal men of fhe ship lcepf visual communicaiions going in all lcinds of weaiher, and under all condifions. Lilce 'rhe res? of +he divi- sions, fhe gang had been a green bunch af commissioning, buf under The ins+ruc- +ion of Jack "Red" Alden, approximafely fifieen men advanced in rafes during llie years aboard. ln addiiion fo fhe CON' s+an+ blinking wifh escorfing vessels and wi'rh shore sfafions of poris fhroughoui The world, fhe coffee and ho'f plafes of fhe signal bridge furnished ample excUS9 for fhe exchange of sea sl'orieS-'im' fhe signal men became famous. QM was fhe sfory of fhe famous mes- S596 of fhe "Mounf Vernon" fo fhe shore sfafion af Gibralfar. "Whaf ship?", asked fhe shore sfafion. "Queen Mary--Whaf rock is fhaf?", was 'rhe reply. The ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, domi- neering and seemingly unapproachable had fowered above fhe ship as she had passed fhrough fhe Sfraifs on previous occasions. How hard and how domineer- ing would fhe Rock be fo visifors?--To Americans? Gibralfar welcomed fhe ship and her men as fhey had never expecfed fo be greefed, warmly. They opened re- sfricfed and secref areas of fhe Rock for explorafion. The galleries, fhe honey- comb of funnels, fhe Moorish casfle, fhe monkeys were shown in defail. Brifish froops biIIe'red on fhe Rock dis- played fheir good humor, foo. Their Army personnel presenfed a variefy show and concerf for fhe "M.V.'s" crew on fhe Arena. The ship's company arranged an evening's supper in refurn. The River Clyde and fhe shipping in- dusfry combine fo make GLASGOW. SCOTLAND fhe mosf imporfanf seaporf 4: .M I of fhaf counfry. Her proximify +0 Lggh Lomond and Edinburgh made her more lmporfanf in 'rhe eyes of fhe "Mounf Ver. non's" globe fravelling crew. Forfunafe were fhose who fraveled "by yon bonnie banks . . . of Loch Lomond". Liquid green of fhe hillsides flowed info fhe frue blue of fhe wafer. The music of Bobby Burns' Iyrics and fhe advenfure of Sir Walfer Scoff and Roberf Louis Sfevenson rose from 'rhe land round abouf. EDINBURGH was hisforical seaf of fhe Kings of Scofland and 'rradifional summer home of fhe Kings of England. High above 'rhe cify broods 'rhe casfle of Roberf Bruce, scene of fragedy and friumph. Among 'rhe cas'rIe's famous prisoners was Mary, Queen of Scofs, prefender fo fhe crown of England. Alfhough she died, Iafer, in fhe Tower of London, her son, James VI lived fo reign as James I of England. Each year, 'rhe reigning King of Eng- land walks fhe Royal mile from fhe casfle 'ro I-Iolyrood Palace as a proof of his rule over Scofland. The sfreef passes Sf. Jiles church, scene of infrigues, and John Knox's house, birfhplace of fhe Presbyfer- ian church. isiiillfif l:!li ii ull!! 5953? iiiii Eggs fini I a':ii Glazed wi+h ice and cuHing +hrough fhe freezing winds of fhe Norl'l1 Allaniic, fh "M " e ounf Vernon a+ lasl found her course plorfed for New York and home. Bur 'rhe frip was 'ro be inierrupfed. Through lhe fog came ihe d' + ' ' is ress signals of a burning Norwegian ianker. The homewarel course was alfered as preparaiions for rescue began. Blow iorches were needed +o mel+ +h ' ' e ice holding +he lifeboais 'ro 'rhe davirs. Fire and Rescue crews assembled 'rheir equipment Fog was hugging fhe surface of ihe wafer and slee+ was driving againsi lhe declcs as fhe burning vessel came info view. For +wo hours +he "Moun+ Vernon" s+ood by, leaving only affer assisfance was on +h ' ships. Enfry info New Yorlc harbor was made in lhe early morning: spefllal sea de+ails wer 'r e se a+ 0200 and for four hours fhe crew shivered while ice-covered lugs maneuvered fhe ship up fhe ice-jammed harbor and alongside Pier 5l. e way in fhe form of Coasf Guard rescue New York became a cily of individual memories for +he men of llle "Moun+ Vernon". I+ ' ' s size swallowed lhem up m 'rhe affernoon and sep- arafed ihem uniil morning. Here a+ las'r ihey found liberfies suifable +0 every +as+e. Of cour fh ' ' se ey saw The slghis of fhe criy-+he Empire Sfdfe ll .- L I I . I i . I :ilu H' ': a . ll' ll is: building, Radio cify, and Times Square, buf fhey saw fhem alone or in groups of fwo or fhree, nof in fhe large parfies which grew in smaller and sfranger porfs. Legifimafe fheafres augmenfed fhe movie programs, music and mu- seum fours were available. To fhe sea-weary men of fhe ship, however, if was counfless small bars, fhe dinner in scaffered resfauranfs, fhe bawdy floor shows of fhe nighf clubs, fhe horse-drawn buggys in Cenfral Parlc fhaf af lasf formed fheir memories of New York. One sfeward's mafe shiffed his weighf uneasily from one foof fo fhe ofher as he sfood before fhe capfain af masf. The capfain briefly scanned fhe charge sheef, rubbed his chin, and loolced fhreafeningly af fhe man. "You're charged wifh being absenf over leave. Whaf have you fo say for yourself?" "l missed fhe subway, suh." When fhe man furfher explained fhaf his home was in Harlem fhe cap- fain gasped, and re-examined fhe charge sheef. He musf have misread if, buf no, fhere if was in clear, black prinf .... "Absenf over leave for a period of 'fhree days, I7 hours, and 45 minufes'." More +han four years had passed since ihai day in San Francisco when Navy crews firsl came aboard lhe "Moun+ Vernon"--years speni in con- slanl' sailing, as a conneciing linl: beiween porfs ihroughoui ihe world. Through +he sub-infesied warers oi a world ai war she logged lhe amaz- ing +o'ral of 363,000 miles of iravel. On her declcs and rhrough her pas- sageways have feemed more ihan 3I5,000 iroops, casualiies, prisoners, and refugees-bound for ihe fighiing fronls or re+urning home from fhe realiries of war. The end of hosiilifies did no? compleie ihe faslc of The "Moun+ Vernon". Her du+y as one of +he Navy's largesi iransporls became The reiurning of millions of vicforious lroops home-a fiiiing raslc fo close her Naval career. Coming years will change her appearance and de-commissioning will b 1 o 0 egm fhe mefamorphosis fhal will cover fhe dull Navy gray wifh while and black brilliance. New rhousands of passengers in 'lhe furure will en- ioy +he pleasures of peace lime voyages. Bui lhey will nof lcnow 'rhe real "Moun+ Vernon". H will be ille Sweallflq. milling soldiers whom she carried +0 The eX- + . . , remihes of 1'he earfh, 'rhe grim veferans whom she refurned home, 'I'he men who iended her boilers in fhe heaf of 'rhe Pacific 'rhe men who manned he' QUUS in fhe Qfdy chill of +he A+Ian+ic dawn, men whose com- radeship and indomilable ' '+ f shaped fheir exisfence- spurs ound in her in+angible personalify wl'IiCl'l l'."'N 'R wi fl xy 4 is 7 N, 4' 159917 ,.,r, A ,.- H -,3,.w , - -4' I - - ,-A 9 - QW 1-14 Xu- I - - " Ar"- ' , 1 v . ,f -Q rs, A 4 ' a e '. - ' .W s 1l"" -'?'A7,i7T? ,, . A f" ' - -f 111 "" -J' s- . N- - -N -C- .4 f, , y- , ' X if x JV W.m '4 W ' 'f :,' 4, . s .1 A ' ' 4' "wr A s . -' UF' JW' if will be fhese w will call her memory blesf. . . .4--'tai' -. V U wg I. ' l h ,. ' 'Usa J l Q"'v 1' ' 'r -Y 'QV r , - Z 5 Q, - fl? It ug' u 731 ":'5 'MW' ,NP .K-4, -,'LH 4 ho will have lcnown flue "USS Moun+ Vernon", and who + I RGUND THE WORLD TRIP 2 June l94I fo 3I March I942 San Francisco, California, USA Addu Afoll, Maldive Islands Balboa, Canal Zone Sln9aPo'e ' Colon, Panama Aden, Arabia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Sueli E9YPi New York Cify, New York, USA Norfolk, Virginia, USA Halifax, Nova Scofia Trinidad, BWI Cape Town, Union of Soufh Africa Mombassa, Kenya Colony. Africa 22 April fo 8 .lune I942 San Francisco, Ca ifornia, USA Adelaide, Ausfralia San Francisco, Ca ifornia,,USA I6 .lune fo 30 . une l942 San Francisco, Ca ifornia, USA Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands San Francisco, Ca ifornia, USA 24 .luly fo I Sepfember I942 San Francisco, Ca ifornia, USA Wellingfon, New Zealand Auckland, New Zea Sydney, Ausfralia land Aden, Arabia Colombo, Ceylon Freemanfle, Ausfralia Adelaide, Ausfralia Wellingfon, New Zealand San Francisco, California, USA PACIFIC CRUISES 20 January fo 20 February I943 San Francisco, California, USA San Diego, California, USA Auckland, New Zealand San Francisco, California, USA IO March lo 2 I April I943 San Francisco, California, USA San Diego, California, USA Noumea, New Caledonia Melbourne, Ausfralia Wellingfon, New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand San Francisco, California, USA 6 Sepfember fo I8 Sepfember I942 San Francisco, California, USA Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands San Francisco, California, USA 24 Sepfember fo 2 November I942 San Francisco, California, USA Auckland, New Zealand Sydney, Ausfralia Wellingfon, New Zealand San Francisco, California, USA 5 November fo I7 November I942 San Francisco, California, USA San Diego, California, USA San Francisco, California, USA 9 May fo I I June I943 San Francisco, California, USA Sydney, Ausfralia Auckland, New Zealand San Francisco, California, USA 2 I June fo 26 Augusf I943 San Francisco, California, USA Sydney, Ausfralia Auckland, New Zealand Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands Sydney, Ausfralia Hgnglulu' Hawaiian Islands San Francisco, California, USA San Francisco, California, USA I9 Sepfember fo OC'I'Obel' 25 November fo 27 December l942 , 56" Ffancisco- California- USA San Francisco, California, USA San DIGQO. Cdllfvrhid. USA San Pedro, California, USA Noumea, New Caledonia Suva, Fiji San Francisco, California, USA I Noumea, New Caledonia San Francisco, California, USA 6 November fo I0 December I943 San Francisco, California, USA Sidney' Aushlalia San Francisco, California, USA San Francisco, California, USA San Pedro California USA I3 January +o I7 January I944 Melbourne, Aus+,an,, San Francisco, California, USA Bombay. India Milne Bav. New Guinea San Francisco, California, USA 2I February Io 22 March I944 Melbourne, Ausiralia Balboa, Canal Zone Colon, Panama Bosfon. Massachusells, USA ' ATLANTIC TRIPS 4 June io 20 June I944 Boslon, Mass., USA Liverpool, England Boslon, Mass, USA A 2 July Io I7 July I944 Boslon, Mass, USA Liverpool, England Boslon, Mass., USA 25 July l'o I0 Augusl' I944 Bosion, Mass., USA Glasgow, Scolland Bosion, Mass., USA I8 Augusl' Io I Seplember I944 Boslon, Mass., USA Liverpool, England Boslon, Mass., USA I I Seplemberfo 28 Seplember I944 Bosion, Mass., USA Liverpool, England Bosion, Mass., USA 7 Oclober 'Io 24 Ociober I944 Boslon, Mass., USA Liverpool, England New York Cily, New York, USA 4 November +o 28 November I944 New York Cily, New York, USA Marseille, France Naples, Ilaly Oran, Algeria, Africa Bosion, Mass., USA I0 December 'ro 27 December I944 Bosion, Mass., USA Liverpool, England New York Cify, New York, USA 6 January Io 27 January l945 New York Cily, New York, USA Marseille, France Oran, Algeria, Africa New York Cily, New York, USA 8 February +o 27 February l945 New York Cily, New York, USA Liverpool, England Boslon, Mass., USA 6 March 'ro 25 March l945 Bosion, Mass., USA Liverpool, England Boslon, Mass., USA 4 April +o 24 April I945 Bosion, Mass., USA Liverpool, England Norfolk, Virginia, USA 29 April +o I2 May I945 Norfol , Virginia, USA Oran, Algeria, Africa Naples, Ilaly New York Cify, New York, USA 28 June 'ro I7 July I945 New York Cily, New York, USA Naples, II'aly Norfo k, Virginia, USA 22 July 'Io I I Augusl' I945 Norfo k, Virginia, USA Naples, lI'aly Norfo k, Virginia, USA 2I Augus'r +o I0 Sepiember I945 Norfo k, Virginia, USA Naples, Ilaly Norfo k, Virginia, USA I6 Sepiember Io I2 Oc'I'ober I945 Norfo k, Virginia, USA Marseille, France Gibra lar Marseille, France Norio k, Virginia, USA I7 December I945 lo 3 January I946 Norfo k, Virginia, USA Le Havre, France New York Ci+y, New York, USA il compiled by ROBERT B. LYTLE, JR., Edifor ALFRED C. WOODWARD PAUL F. X. HEARNS JOHN W. WILLS DAVID F. JOHNSON RALPH GORDON GUSTAV A. ABROLAT, Phofogropher HARVEY C. MITCHELL, JR., Business Manager .1 , .'. -ff f I 5? -:-:-:-:-:-1-gf.+5-zo -:5:5:::::5pg.g.g.3,5:5:, .g,g.'.g.:.5,:,:,:g. g15ff1:f:?:3:25:if f:-:-:-:-:-1355525 '44-:I 49:-: :45:2: 44.5. 1 -.- - 2235: 'Z-Z-C-. X. Qfsy , i f: l 2 ' .z.:.:.:.:.:.:.: 1:::::::::L1.:AI,. ' .f 7 f - "N " ,- .f' .. I ':'Z':':::::l':': :'Z':': 'ffff ,- - f' ,:,: 1m:mi : ffffffff -.-.-.'. EEEZSESEEEEESEEEE55?f55S5E5i5?' 455555555ifEEEii555i5E5i5i5555555i525555555555525555555534:E55555555555555555555555555555555555i5?5E5E5??i5i5i5i5E5E?E555355555555555iiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiii 3515153 , ':""":' ATLANWC l gg 0 PERAUON 5 . : i ,,: . l ,,. X - '1211l111 ' Vx. . --- --- --- "A "':'1121211f:' Ezsfffif' -f 'x f 322:5:5:22555Ssszszzzzgsfsrf 'ulll .f . JF ......:::: "f: f .X ' 'S -- . ' z "" 'A' GWRA'-TAR .. ., ..,.,: 2 .:., .,:1 E , :?21":5 .3:-':S'.f15'1'1:?:5. . . . . . .-'-.-z-.'i:413-:-:-:-:-:-:':- M,g,'.'.r.-4. ."' fj2":5'QEF'1:5'?5f:1'f:2:Q:1'2:1:1 , .f .435 x-:-:I:-027:755:11111:?:f:5:1:1:?:1'7:7:1: .-I-1+ X. Y ,E E 5 V 1 W. C i I I 1 s i Q ff L If ,ff If C K w 5 5 f 44 ff fff-7 X . lf" nf' uf X 14 A! ff f f 1 f Til 9 4 I . , , 1 1 , . 5 3 f S 1 Q QXNWN s Qu. .,.,,. , N- I 1 f' T- -X' . . ..... N ff? .ff .f f N f f2 -A X X 34-16' vawnoN X' 2 40, 5 4 .X f . We 3N1lW .. ,..-...,..., . .. -r E .-'.,1 Q., -:-:-:-at-:fi :-:-: -Q. ff! ,fm f , "'-: X lf ff .f 1 . . f f gfffff ..,, if Q 'I f A 1fW'.7'i' , ,X ,X X, 'E Q.-3:3-:-: :f:5:2g:IS ' Q5:::2f52:3:?'Q, FE2E2E1?f:r?i'e-,: fi:3:I:-1375: 555553541 I P I I 555555525 ,X 1 Z. , SNOl.l.V2l3dO 'M '5:5:f:"'- 1 w-.-.-.-III-' N :'c5:?:I:i:-"' ' , -Zi-I , , Ol:llDVd R 'Zig -:+' . 1 "fi :f:5 -: .gl-.1 -qi- ! X X f .,.,, X f X X X X X f X f X ff X X I! X f , f .X f 5' , -I WELLINGTCN AN FRANCISCO 463, 'WMD APQ4:?z, W,,, HAUFAX 'GSB f A W4 1 1 I tl f 0+ BALBOA I gd' TRINIDAD X 'R ,J .ui ,. fi. NMO.L 3dVO ."':n's 's N 'Q .ff....1.. . -.-.'.::-.:.',- .' , -, wx Y '- fi- qvamnui XV:lI'lVH .,, 1...:w,.. ma... M f- -me .Mia ' ..ks4.2.- fum, +1 -hw R fm-meffpue 1-4, . +R ,f,. 1 ' yy' A 'W' .p EQ, , " -' S 1 1 I Q 1 1 ! 3 i 1 2 1 Q Z s 1 I . , . 2 1 I i 2 1 l . 5 I 1 1 . 5 S s A 1 5 4 5 ! Q i 1 3 3 i 5 Q ! L F3 21 N , ,Q Q1 ii I fi 1 l 4 f i I. 4 uf Y i 1 Q '1 fi In Q Y Y 15 , 3.1, Gi' .yt rg l A

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1946, pg 21

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