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1954 Zfmmm, 4 x Dedication We, of the Senior Class, would like to dedicate the l954 Unonian to David lames Ohl, classmate and friend, who was killed in action lune 26, l95l, in Korea. Recalled to active service in Qctober of l95O, he was flown to Korea in lanuary. l-le died of wounds received lune 25. - Those who knew him during his short stay at Mount remem- ber him for his friendly and helpful attitude. ln describing Dave a classmate recalls, "Dave always had a smile and a good word for everyone. l first met him in East Hall and without ever having seen me before, he shook hands with me, helped me with my luggage, and really made me feel at home. l bought his books from him before he left school. He told me to hang on to them because he was going to return to Mount and finish his schooling." "l found out, even knowing Dave the short time l did, that his trademark or symbol was a smile for everyone." 4 ff College days frequently provide experiences which rank among the best in the lives of individuals. As the passing years bring additional maturity, these experiences increase in significance. This yearbook records graphically some of the outstanding events during the four college years of the class of 1954. It is hoped that as you "thumb" its pages, you will live again the happy and prohtable days at Mount Union College. , M 71144495 U. I ,. N , , 1 N . f I l I N XI! I I X i I l Al 1 :lf-,W-gf' MILLER HALL Miller Hall is the dormitory for freshmen and sophomore women. It also serves as a dining hall for the Women and the men from East Hall and Shunk House. The building is named for the late Hon. Lewis Miller of Akron. LIBRARY The Library was the first step of Mount Union's building expansion program. It is built on a modular plan, and is of red brick trimmed with White limestone. This addition has put a Wealth of material at the finger tips of all the students. Campus CHAPMAN HALL Chapman Hall is named in honor of Pro- fessor O. Chapman, who was associated with Orville Nelson Hartshorn, who was the founder of Mount Union. The dedicatory address Was delivered by the Honorable Salmon P. Chase, LL. D., a trustee of the College, on December 1, 1864. ELLIOTT HALL Elliott Hall serves as the dormitory for junior and senior Women. The hall charac- terized by its familiar white pillars, serves as the dining hall for Bingham House men and Dussel House girls. . . . . . . ,-ALJ, DUSSEL HOUSE Dussel House, which was given to the college by the late Mrs. Frank E. Dussel of Alliance, is being used to house approximately a dozen freshmen women. STUDENT UNION The Student Union is used primarily as a base of operations for commuting students. It is now being used to house some of the freshmen men too. It also provides a place for clubs to hold meet- ings and Student Senate is one of the organizations that holds its meetings there. EAST HALL East Hall houses freshmen men. Aside from being the newest dormitory on the campus, it also furnishes class- room facilities for the Department of Economics and Business Administra- tion. URETTA PLACE Uretta Place, which is called Shunk House in memory of Dr. Joseph Lorain Shunk's Wife, furnishes facilities for 16 freshmen men. 7 LAMBORN SCIENCE HALL Lamborn Hall was given to the college by William C. Lamborn in memory of his wife, and houses the departments of Geology, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. CONSERVATORY The Conservatory was secured in 1888 and in 1922 was converted into a Music Hall. It contains practice rooms, offices, and recital rooms. 8 CLARKE OBSERVATORY Clarke Observatory was erected in memory of Professor George Washington Clarke, Ph. D., who was the first professor of astronomy at the college. The equipment has all been reconditioned and now is ready for use by students upon permission of the science department. BIN GHAM HOUSE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Bingham House, located at south end of vt arlshigebulllthlllnlsgtfgjtlalnqd 1? East Hall, serves as a men's dorm, and is the admmlstratwe Offlces of the capable of housing 16 freshmen boys. 9011503 MEMORIAL HALL Memorial Hall was erected in honor of those of Mount Union and Alliance who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War I. It houses the athletic offices and serves as the home floor for the Raider basketball team. It con- tains a classroom and is the site of the physical education department. MORGAN GYM Morgan Gym was named in honor of Hon. Thomas R. Morgan. This was once the college's home basketball floor, but it has since that time been taken over by the Women's Physical Education De- partment, and the Women's Phys- ical Education classes are now given there. 9 S vi w 3 if 2 2 E 5 S 3 li Q 5 1 5 'S Q 413 S ii am m m g,,,. 1 w Acting President DEAN WESLEY A man who truly typifies the personification of the Mount Union College spirit is Dean William C. Wesley. Never once faltering under the load of his tremendous task of serving as Dean, Vice President, and professor, he han- dled his additional responsibility of serving as Acting President of the college over the past year in a manner which brought tribute to the college and great honor to himself. His attitude of friendliness, kind- ness, and sincerity toward both students and faculty alike-his gentleness which is tempered With purposefulness and a sense of right--will long be remembered by those who have had the good for- tune to know him here at Mount Union. President-Elect DR. BRACY Dr. Carl C. Bracy was named the sixth president of Mount Union College on February 27, 1954. His announcement was made by Dr. George L. King, president of the Board of Trustees, after their approval. Dr. Bracy comes from Nebraska Wesleyan University Where he had served as Chancellor since 1949. Prior to that he served as president of McKendree College, his alma mater, Where he had pre- viously been awarded an honorary D. D. degree. Deans William C. Wesley, A. M., Ph. D. Acting President Vice President Dean of the College Professor the Brown Chair of Education Vice-P residents William C. Wesley, A. M., Ph. D. Acting President Vice President Dean of the College Professor the Brown Chair of Education Ronald G. Weber, A. B. Vice President in Charge of Finance Harriet Ream, A. M. Dean of Women Assistant Professor of Physical Education 13 Administration Standing: Lyle M. Crist, A. M., Director of Publicity, Robert A. Tripp, A. M., Registrar and Director of Ad- mission, Curtis Hartman, Cashier and General Bookkeeper, Edgar E. Wilms, B. S., Educational Counselor, Wilbur Couchie, A. M., Business Manager. Seated: Robert Freeman, A. M., Alumni Secretary, Dorothy Cloran, A. B,. Education Counselor, Depart- ment ot Admissions, Ronald G. Weber, A. B., Vice President. Absent: Warren F. Lee, M. A., Edu- cational Counselor, Department of Ad- missions, Lucile B. Ketcham, A. B., B. Mus. Educational Counselor De art- ! I p ment of Admissions. 14 BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees is the govern- ing body of Mount Union College and it consists of thirty-three members. Nine are selected by the Northeast Confer- ence of the Methodist Church, three by the Pittsburgh Conference, three by the Ohio Conference, and twelve by the Alumni Association. The President of the College and the Resident Bishop of the Cincinnati Area are ex-officio members. President, Dr. George L. King, lst Vice President, Justice William L. Hart: 2nd Vice President, Mrs. C. J. Rodman: Secretary, Ronald G. Weber. OFFICERS Standing: Justice William L. Hart, Mrs. C. J. Rodman, and Ronald G. Weber. Seated: Dr. George L. King and Dr. William C. Wesley. MUSIC Back Row: Norris Broomall, B. Mus., Assistant in Woodwinds, David H. Mc- Intosh, M. M., Instructor in Voiceg Paul Whear, M. Mus., Instructor in Instru- mental Musicg F. Broadus Staley, M. S. Mus., Assistant in Organ, Robert E. Brown, B. Mus., Assistant Professor of Piano. Absent, Nancy VVhear, B .Mus., Assistant in Strings. Front Row: Frederic Williams, M. Mus. FAGO, Assistant Professor of Piano, Dorothy Henschen, B. Mus., Assistant in Harp and Pianog Cecil Tooker Stewart, Mus. B. A., Assistant Professor of Music, Jean R. Staley, ATCM, Assistant in Piano. On leave of absence, Robert B. Shanklin, M. Mus., Assistant Professor of Piano. 15 Fa cult BIOLOGY AND GEOLOGY Carl A. Scheel, M. S. Assistant Professor of Biology Ohmer Harold Engle, A. M. Associate Professor of Biology WVilliam Abbott Rice, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Geology Gail Royal Norris, S. M., Ph. D. Associate Professor, Dr. Milton Jay Lichty Chair of Biology HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Ruth Wfeaver Shreve, A. B. Assistant in History John E. Saffell, A. M. Assistant Professor of History Norman E. Welling, A. B. Instructor in Political Science Robert E. Bader, A. M., Ph. D. Associate Professor, George Reeves Chair of History SOCIOLOGY AND RELIGION Robert VV. Tripp, A. M. Registrar and Director of Admissions Instructor of Sociology John Boyce Bennett, B. D., Ph. D. Associate Professor Cornelius Aultman Chair of Religion James B. Moore, B. D. Director of Religious Activities Instructor in Religion Carleton Hammond Currie, A. M., Ph. D. Associate Professor of Sociology Clyde V. Onyett, M. A. Visiting Professor of Sociology EDUCATION AND PSYCIIOLOGY William C. Wesley, A. M., Ph. D. Acting President Vice President Dean of the College Professor the Brown Chair of Education Cecil R. Meharry, M. of Ed. Assistant Professor of Education Paul VV. Cauffiel, M. S., Ed. D. Assistant Professor of Psychology Walter VV. Webb, A. M. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology PHYSICS. CHEMISTRY AND MATHEM ATICS Louis Abell Pappenhagen, S. M., Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry VVilliam Glenn Clark, A. M., Ph. D. Assistant Professor Richard Brown Chair of Mathematics John Wallace Coutts, M. Sc., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry William McLennan Morgan, S. M., Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry Absent from the picture: Forest Jay Shollenberger, S. M., Ph. D. Professor of Physics James Purcell Rodman, A. M. Assistant in Mathematics and Physics LIBRARY AND GREEK Newell Yost Osborne, Litt. M., L. S. B. Assistant Librarian Associate Professor of Bibliography Norma Isabel Stewart, A. B., L. S. B. Assistant Librarian Martha Grant Engle, A. B., L. S. B. Catalog Librarian Ruth Earseman Scott, A. B. Loan Assistant Robert Elihu Stauffer, A. lVI., L. S. B. Director of Library Professor, Joseph Lorrain Shunk Chair of Greek Language and Literature 16 ENGLISH AND MODERN LANGUAGE Lyle M. Crist, A. M. Publicity Director Assistant in Journalism Neil H. Schrader, A. M. Assistant Professor of English Arthur Engelbert, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Modern Languages and Literature Erick Alexander Eckler, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of English Language and Literature Mary Waggoner Eckler, A. M. Associate Professor of English Language and Literature Missing from picture: Henrietta D. Eynon, A. M. Associate Professor, Melodia Blackman Jones Chair of French Dorothy Ellen Keck, A. M. Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature Clayton E. Briggs, A. M. Instructor of Drama and Speech PHYSICAL EDUCATION Nelson M. Jones, A. M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education George D. Hunter, B. S. Instructor of Physical Education Harriet Ream, A. M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dean of Women Jackson W. Rafeld Associate Professor of Physical Education Missing from picture: Suzan J. Houk, B. S. Assistant in Physical Education ECONOMICS, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, AND SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Bottom Left: Gilbert R. Stonesifer, M. B. A., Assistant Professor, Frank Transue Chair of Economics, Dorothy B. Pittman, B. B. A., M. Ed., Instructor in Secretarial Trainingg Ray W. Diehl, Sr., M. S., Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business Administration. Right: Bessie Kaufman, Housekeeperg Leah Clauser Compton, B. S., Dietitian. Marcella Patter, R. N. Staff Nurse Robert G. King, M. D. . Staff Physician Bottom: Prof. and Mrs. Stonesifer, Prof. and Mrs. Tripp, and Prof. and Mrs. Diehl take time out from their chaperoning duties to chat informally. 18 Campus Highlights ' sf YWRW 1? Q 3 Q 1 ii i Q f T if 5 H k , Dorothy Fairbanks Ailes Sebring, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Soc. Chair., V. Pres. Miller Hall, FTA, Soc. Chair., Dynamo, Exchange Ed., SCA, WAAQ MUPQ May Day Court. Howard R. Baldwin Canton, Ohio Music Educationg Phi Kappa Tau, A Cappella Choir, Band, Orchestra, Men's Glee Club. Joseph A. Andryejski Berlin Heights, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Sigma Alpha E p silo ng Steward, Current Business Forum, Intramural Board. Theodore Richard Bender Westlake, Ohio Political Science, A l p h a Sigma Phi, V. Pres., Mar- shall, East Hall, V. Pres., FTA, Fr. Counselor, Intra- mural Board. Seniors Sunday, June 6, 1954, will mark the end of a four year college career for the members of this graduating class. Now the seniors will take the leadership and knowledge that they have acquired and put them to new tests of responsibility. It will be these seniors, by their constant effort, who will have to mold a more prosperous, peaceful and happy world. 22 OFFICERS Left to right: Ruth Martin, secretary, George Weimer, treasurer, Phil Currie, presi- dent, and Joyce Ewing, vice president. Seniors George M. Binkley Alliance, Ohio Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Grace Bjerregaard Canton, Ohio Elementary Education, Kent State University, Elemen- tary Education Club. Phyllis Adams Brooks Ashtabula, Ohio Music Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge, Pres., Soc. Chair., Lauriger, Mu Phi Epsilon, FTA, A Cappella Choir, Robe Chair., Band, Madrigals, Treas., Student Faculty Com., SCA, Phi Tau Dream Girl, Fr. Coun- selor, Homecoming Court, May Day Court, Music Fac- ulty Award. Robert Lee Buchs Alliance, Ohio Bu s i n e S s Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Ch., V. Pres., Student Senate, Pres., V. Pres., Pi Gamma Mu, V. Pres., Current Busi- ness Forum, V. Pres., Dynamo, Sports Ed., Dynamo Ass'n, Bridge Tour- nament Chair., Unonian, Editor, Ass't. Ed., Sports Ed., "M" Club, Sec'y, Base- ball, Lab, Ass't, Fr. Coun- selor, Prom Committee, Chair., Homecoming Chair., Illumination Night Chair., Cosmian, Board of Athletic Control, Statistician for Athletic Teams, SCA, Mem- bership Chair., Honor Pledge Award. William M. Buzogany Alliance, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu, Record- er, Soc. Chair., Student Sen- ate, Phi Sigma, American Chemical Society, Mu Delta Tau, V. Pres., MUP, Treas., Fr. Counselor, Lab, Ass't., Shumaker Physiology Prize, Kent S t a t e University, Chestnut Burr, Kent Stater, United Christian Fellowship, Freshman Players, WKSU Radio Staff, University The- atre, "Seven Keys to Bald- pute," Alpha Phi Omega, Le Cercle Francais. Gene P. Bissell Vienna, West Virginia Music Education, Kappa Sigma, Univ. of Kentucky, Band, Marshall College, Choral Union, Symphonic Choir, Phi Mu Alpha, A. Cappella Choir, Chorale, Wesley Fellowship, MUP, Theodore Presser Award, song leader of Phi Kappa Tau. Richard J. Brentlinger Sidney, Ohio Psychology, Al p h a Tau Omega, "M" Club, Football, Basketball, Track. David M. Brown East Liverpool, Ohio Political Science, Sigma Nu, Pledge Master, Reporter, V. Pres., Sec'y, IRC, Intra- mural Board, Fr. Counselor, Variety Show Director. Ruth Buehler Sebring, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, FTA, A Cappella Choir, SCA, Wes- ley Fellowship. Fred R. Cain Salem, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu, Alumni Contact, Phi Sigma, FTA. 23 Genevieve Helen Clark Pittsburgh, Pa. Psychology, Alpha Chi Omega, A Cappella Choir, SCA, MUP, "Medea" cast, "John Loves Mary" staff, Homecoming Court, Purdue University, University Choir, University Players. Thomas Cope Salem, Ohio Sociology, Sigma Nu, Cur- rent Business Forum, SCA, Basketball. Dolores M. Creath Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Publicity, FTA, SCA, May Day Court. Senlors Juanita Mae Calhoun Canton, Ohio Music Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Song Leader, Cor. Sec'y, Lauriger, Pres., Mu Phi Epsilon, V. Pres., His- torian, FTA, Madrigals, A Cappella Choir, Librarian, Chorale, Librarian, SCA, Wesley Fellowship, Band, Fr. Counselor, Mary Kay Scholarship. Lois Augusta Chambers Carrollton, Ohio History, Signet, Sec'y, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Dynamo, SCA, Wesley Fel- lowship, WAA, Band, MUP, "Arms and the Man," "John Loves Mary," Rock" staffs. "Thunder James Capley North Canton, Ohio Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega, Football. Robert E. Chapman Ncwcomcrstown, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Rush Chair., Phi Sigma, Amer- ican Chemical Society, Mu Delta Tau, SCA, HM" Club, Football, Track. James R. Connor Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Nu, Helpweek Master, Rush Chairman, Alembroic, Sec'y- Treas., SCA, Cabinet, WUS Chairman, Mu Delta Tau, Fr. Counselor, Co-Chair. Jr.- Sr. Prom, Co-Chair. Senior Banquet. Larry D. Cox Alliance, Ohio Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, House Manager. David W. Craytor Columbus, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Alpha Sigma Phi, Treas., Soc. Chair., Pres., Inter-Frat Council, Student Senate, Auditor, Ass't. Auditor, Current Business Forum, Treas., SCA, Track, Fr. Counselor, Officials Club. 24 Seniors Philip VV. Currie Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Nu, Re- porter, Treas., Inter-Frat Council, Sr. Class Pres., Alembroic, American Chem- ical Society, Mu Delta Tau, SCA, Club, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Fr. Coun- selor. David Lawrence Doughty Alliance, Ohio Political Science, Sigma Nu, Alumni Contact Officer, Fr., Soph. Class Treas., IRC, Current Business Forum, Le Cercle Francais, V. Pres., Dynamo, Editor, Ass't. Ed., Feature Ed.. Social Ed., Dynamo Associa- tion, Unonian, Frat. Ed., SCA, Repertory Theater Group, MUP, Pres., V. Pres., "B 1 i t h e Spirit" Ass't Director, "Night Must Fall," t'Media," "Second Shepard's Play", casts, Freshman Handbook, Ed., MUP Best Actor Award, Hart Extemporaenous Speaker Award. Jane Denton North Canton, Ohio Biology, Student Senate, Treas., Student Union, Soc. Chair., Elliott Hall, A Cap- pella Choir, Band, Madri- gals, Orchestra, Unonian, SCA, Wesley Fellowship, WAA, MUP, "Media" staff, Fr. Counselor. Richard Duerr Canton, Ohio Music, Band, La Forge- Beruman Studios. Copley, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pres., Soc. Chair., Pledge Treas., Pan- Hellenic Council, Student Union, V. Pres., Elliott Hall, Sec'y-Treas., L a u r i g e r, Sec'y-Treas., Pi Gamma Mu. Sec'y, FTA, V. Pres., Orchestra, SCA, Wesley Fellowship, WAA, Fr. Coun- selor. Carole Ruth Engelbert Alliance, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Delta, Treas., Student Senate, Sec'y, Le Cercle Francais, Sec'y-Treas., Chorale, Dynamo, Editor, Ass't. Ed., Dynamo Association, V. Pres., SCA, Publicity Chair- man, WAA, MUP, "Blithe Spirit," cast, "Medea," "Thunder Rock," staffs, Freshman Handbook, Ed., May Day Production Mgr., First-year French Award, Badminton Award. Joyce Allll Ewing Stow, Ohio Spanish, Delta Delta Delt, Pres., Activities Chair., Stu- dent Senate, Jr.-Sr. Class V. Pres., Elliott Hall, V. Pres., Lauriger, FTA, SCA, WAA, V. Pres., Pres., Fr. Counselor, May Day Queen, Dynamo Christmas Queen, Hiram College, Cheerleader. Hazel Eckart Sue A. Elton Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education Heidelberg College, Kent State University. Charles R. Everett North Canton, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eminent Herald, Eminent Treas., Eminent Archon, Inter-Frat Council, American Chem. Soc., V. Pres., Mu Delta Tau, SCA, MUP, "Medea" cast, Fr. Counselor. Betty Miller Fahner Cambridge, Ohio Biology, Signet, V. Pres., Student Senate, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma, A Cappella Choir, Band, Le Cercle Francais, Sec.-Treas., "John Loves Mary" staff, Fr. Counselor, mimeograph operator. Seniors Edward Farnham Alliance, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Co-Rush Chair., Phi Sigma, Unonian, SCA, Com- parative Anatomy Lab. Ass,t., May Day Chairman. Harry M. Fricke West Orange, New Jersey Chemistry, Phi Sigma, SCA, Golf. Phillip Gehm Alliance, Ohio Music, A Cappella Choir, Chorale, Band. Hazel Good Youngstown, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Reporter, Scholarship Chair., Ways- Means Chair., Alpha Lambda Delta, IRC, Sec'y, Soc. Chair., FTA, SCA, MUP, Historian, "Medea," "Blithe Spirit," "Arms and the Man," "John Loves Mary," "Pycamus and Thisbe," staffs. Betty Ruth Gorsuch Mansfield, Ohio Music Education, Elliott Hall, Soc. Chair., A Cap- pella Choir, Band, Madri- gals, Sec'y-Treas., SCA, Wesley Fellowsh'p, Song Leader, MUP, Fr. Coun- selor, Homecoming Court. 26 A. F. Feldbush Dellroy, Ohio Mathematics, Signa Alpha Epsilon, Eminent Warden, House Father, East Hall, SCA, Club, Basketball, Baseball. John A. Gatti Batavia, New York Elementary Education, Alpha Tau Omega, Pres., Worthy Sentinel, Inter-Frat Council, President, East Hall, Dynamo, Business Manager, Dynamo Assoc., "M" Club, Football, Track, Fr. Counselor. Frank H. George Kittannning, Pa. Economics, Indiana Teach- ers' College. Raymond Goodrich Pittsburgh, Pa. Mathematics, Alpha Sigma Phi, Treas., Pres., Inter- Frat Council, Pres., FTA, Band, Orchestra, SCA, Intramural B o a r dz Fr. Counselor, Cosrnian Society. Mary Ann Grau Pittsburgh, Pa. Elem e n t a r y Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Trainer, House Mgr.. Cul- ture Chair, Rec. and Corres. Secy'y, Miller Hall, V. Pres., FTA, SCA, Wesley Fellow- ship, WAA, Fr. Counselor. Seniors Stephen T. Griebling Akron, Ohio Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, House Mgr., Alembroic, American Chem. Soc., Mad- rigals, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, Chorale, Fr. Counselor, L a b. Ass't, Chemical Alumni Scholar- ship. Robert A. Hanson Alliance, Ohio English, Theta Chi, Univer- sity of Cincinnati, Pi Gamma Mu, Dynamo, SCA, MUP, V. Pres., 'klohn Loves Mary" cast, Fr. Counselor. Doris Heggy Louisville, Ohio History, SCA, Aultman Hospital School of Nursing, Ohio State Univ., Western Reserve. David T. Hoopes Chagrin Falls, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu, Pledge Master, Phi Sigma, V. Pres., American Chemical Society, SCA: Intramural Board, Football, Basketball, Track, Varsity Sports Trainer. G. Randall Jacobs Cleveland, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Pres., Ass't. Treas., Pres., Inter-Frat Council, Student Senate, Treas., Pi Gamma Mu, Pres., Cosmian, Sec'y- Treas., Current Business Forum, V. Pres,, Chorale, SCA, Wesley Fellowship, Fr. Counselor, Western Rc- serve University. Howard Haidet Alliance, Ohio Economics and Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, Current Business Forum. Neva. Heestand Alliance, Ohio Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon, Treas., Sec'y, A Cappella Choir, Chorale, Band. Ann Hofstatter Wakeman, Ohio Spanish, Alpha Chi Omega, Activities C h a i r., Ass't. Treas., Treas., A l p h a Lambda Delta, IRC, V. Pres., FTA, Dynamo, Unonian, SCA, WAA, MUP, "Medea" "Blithe Spirit," "John Loves Mary" staffs, Fr. Counselor, Delta Delta Delta Scholarship. Donald C. Hume Jr. Alliance, Ohio Psychology, Golf, Oberlin College, Golf, Swimming. Hugh I. Jae Stow, Ohio French, Alpha Tau Omega, Le Cercle Francais, "M" Club, Football, Cornell Uni- versity. 27 Seniors Marvin Lee Jenkins Malvern, Ohio Music Education, Signet, A Cappella Choir, Band, Pres., Chorale, Pres., V. Pres., Orchestra, Wesley Fellow- ship. Richard Keller Youngstown, Ohio History, Sigma Nu, Band' Intramural Board, Golf. 1 Joe F. Kalial Canton, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Akron University. Bruce S. Ketchum New Hartford, New York Mathematics, Alpha Sigma Phi, Corres. Sec'y, Treas., Inter-Frat Council, SCA, Fr. Counselor. Richard Kinney East Sparta, Ohio English, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Chaplain, Pi Gamma Mu, Dynamo, SCA. Zoe Kranzfelder Alliance, Ohio Speech and Dramatics, Alpha Xi Delta, Pres., Ac- tivities Chair, Lauriger, SCA, WAA, Cheerleader, Repertory Theater Group, MUP, V. Pres., Pres., "Medea" cast, "Night Must Fall," "B l i t h e Spirit," "Thunder Rock" staffs, 'Twenve Pound Look" di- rector, Homecoming Court, Fr. Counselor, May Day Chair. of Dances. Marjory Kuklo Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Float Chair., Rec. Sec'y, Rush Chair., Song Leader, Pledge Sec'y, FTA, Chorale, Dynamo, Dynamo Assoc., Sec., SCA, WAA, Fr. Counselor, Unon- ian staff. 28 Margaret Kinsel Detroit, Michigan Biology, Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Ed., Publicity Chair., IRC, Treas., Mu Delta Tau, A Cappella Choir, Chorale, Dynamo, Wesley Fellowship, MUP, Lab. Ass't. William Eric Kuehn Gwinn, Michigan History, Alpha Sigma Phi, IRC, FTA, SCA, VVesley F e l l o w s h i p, Basketball, T r a c k, Fr. Counselor, "Medea" cast." Robert Lang Alliance, Ohio Economics and Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Gamma Mu, Current Business Forum, Econ. Ass't. Marie Antoinette Loichot Louisville, Ohio Music Education. Ruth Martin Canton, Ohio Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Sec. Chair., Rec. Sec'y., Student Senate, Woman's Govern- ment Board, Senior Class Sec'y., Miller Hall Pres., FTA, Unonian, Sorority Ed., SCA, WAA, "Medea", Fr. Counselor, Homecoming Court. Richard McEntarfer Niobe, New York Sociology, Signet, Treasn IRC, SCA, Headland Club, Intramural Board, "M" Club, Track, MUP, "Thun- der Rock" cast. Seniors Harry J. Lichy Jr. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania English, Signet, Pres., Stu- dent Senate, SCA, Head- land Club, Pres., Student Christian Council, Football, Chapel Com., Student Pas- tor at Highland Christian Church. Robert Eugene Linard Scio, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Sigma Nu, Current Business Forum, V. Pres., Intramural Board, V. Pres. Frederick C. Loomis Jr. Magnolia, Ohio Geology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Recorder, SCA, Intra mural Board. Lois Crawford McDaniels Alliance, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Delta Sec.'y., FTA, SCA, Fr Councelor, Co-Chair. Clellan Zane McFadden Canton, Ohio Sociology. 29 Leon E. Linard Farmdale, Ohio Psychology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Sec'y, V. Pres., Student Senate, Student Christian Assoc., Headland Club, V. Pres., Treas., Wesley Fel- lowship, Fr. Counselor. John Y. F. Liu Taipei, Formosa Political Science: IRC, Treas., Headland Club, Law School of Sochow Univ., Basketball, Boxing, Law School of National Taiwan University, Boxing. Seniors Leonore MoGi1'r Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Kent State University. Richard L. Miller Findlay, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Omega, Rushing Com., Freshman Class Pres., FTA, SCA, "NI" Club, Football, Basket- ball, Track. Pety Moscoso Panama, Panama Biology, Alpha Chi Omega, Warden, Pledge Mistress, Junior Class Sec'y, Phi Sigma, Orchestra, Dynamo, SCA, Fr. Counselor, Home- coming Court. Beverly Jean Neff Youngstown, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Delta, Pan Hellenic Rep., Scholas- tic Chair., V. Pres., WGB, V. Pres., Dussel House President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Lauriger, FTA, Le Cercle Francais, Pres., SCA, WAA, MUP, "Twelve Pound Look" cast, "Medea" staff, Fr. Coun- selor, Alpha Xi Delta Schol- arship, First Year Freshman Award. Joseph J. Palmer Alliance, Ohio History. Jean Middleditch Montevideo, Uruguay Biology, Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Sigma, IRC, SCA, MUP, Ethel Morgan Pittsburgh, Pa. E l e m e n t a ry Education, Alpha Delta Pi, FTA, A Cappella Choir, SCA, Wes- ley Fellowship, Sec'y, WAA. Joseph T. Musteric Malvern, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres., Warden, Rush Chair., Alembroic, V. Pres., Inter-Frat Council, Pres., Football, Basketball, Track, Lab. Ass't., Fr. Counselor, American Chem. Soc., Pres. Jack D. Orsburn Hanoverton, Ohio History. Carol Parker Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Soc Chair., Pres., WGB, Pres., Miller Hall, President, FTA A Cappella Choir, SCA, V Pres., Fr. Counselor. 30 1 Seniors Frank E. Phiuipy Akron, Ohio Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, Student Senate, A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, Fr. Coun- selor. Virginia H. Pratts Hudson, New York Sociology, A l p h a Chi Omega, Pledge Pres., Corr. Sec'y, First V. Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, V. Pres., Senior Advisor, Pi Gamma Mu, Dynamo, SCA, Fr, Counselor, May Day Court. Edward MQ' Robb Denver, Colorado English, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres., V. Pres., Sec'y, Rush Chair., Soc. Chair., Inter- Frat Council, Student Sen- ate, SCA, Religious Life Com., Headland Club, Fr. Counselor. Roger Round Alliance, Ohio English, Sigma Nu, Rush Chair., Song Leader, Sec., S t u d e n t Senate, FTA, Unonian, SCA. Florence S. Schaub Canton, Ohio Bachelor of Arts. 31 Marcheta Porter Warren, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, House Mgr., V. Pres., FTA, A Cappella C h oi r, Treas., Chorale, WSSF Co-Chair., Unonian, Faculty Ed., Senior Ed., SCA, Wesley Fellowship, WAA, Fr. Counselor. Julia Psenka Canton, Ohio Biology, Alpha Delta Pi, Student Senate, Soc. Chair., SCA, WAA, Treas., Lab. Ass't., Fr. Counselor. Nancy Rohrbacher Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Mathematics, Alpha Delta Pi, V. Pres., Ass't. Treas., Treas., Miller Hall Sec'y- Treas., FTA, Unonian, SCA, WAA, Wesley Fellow- ship, Sec'y, Physics Lab. Ass't., Fr. Counselor, Fresh. Ullman Mathematics Prize, Sophomore Ullman Mathe- matics Prize. Roy A. Russi Jr. Zanesville, Ohio History, Alpha Sigma Phi. Margaret Ruth Shutt Strasburg, Ohio English, Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain, Guard, Dynamo, SCA, WAA, Fr, Counselor. Seniors Albert R. Snellgrove Alliance, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Current Business Forum, Southern Methodist Univer- sity. Sheila Marie Sonday Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Rec. Sec'y, FTA, Band, SCA. Yvonne Sudeck Alliance, Ohio Biology, Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Rush Chair., Unonian, SCA, Fr. Coun- selor, May Day Maid of Honor. Lois Lee Tenney Toronto, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Historian- Rec., Ways and Means Chair., House Dec. Chair., FTA, Treas., SCA, WAA, Fr. Counselor. George 0. Thompson Alliance, Ohio Biol0gY: Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, SCA. Wvilliam C. Snyder Canton, Ohio - History, Alpha Tau Omega, SCA, Golf, Heidelberg Col- lege, Football, Basketball, Golf, SCA, H-Association, Spanish Club. Esther J. Stoffer Alliance, Ohio Music, Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec- Treas., Pres., FTA, Madri- gals, A Cappella Choir, Sec'y, Chorale, Sec'y, Band, Fr. Counselor. Jack VV. Swlnnerton Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, A l p h a Tau Omega, Worthy Chaplain, Alembroic, Pres., SCA, Club, Football, Man- ager, Basketball, Manager, Chemistry Lab. Ass't., Fr. Counselor, Cosmian, Pres. Russell L. Thomas Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu. Sen- t'nel, Recorder, Student Senate, Phi Sigma, Pres., Cosmian, V. Pres., Mu Delta Tau, Pres., SCA, Basket- ball, Fr. Counselor. Kenneth F. Toney Alliance, Ohio Spanish. 32 Judy Van Nostran Canton, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Sports Chair., Sec'y, WGB, Miller Hall, V. Pres., Elliott Hall, Pres., FTA, SCA, WAA, Sec'y, Fr. Counselor, Honor Girl, WAA. George Krauss Weimer Jr. North Jackson, Ohio Economics, Sigma Nu, Com- mander, Lt. Commander, Steward, House Mgr., Chap- lain, Inter-Frat Council, Sec'y, Junior and Senior Class Treas., Cosmian, Cur- rent Business Forum, Sec'y, Unonian, Business Mgr., SCA, Fr. Counselor, May Day Co-Chair., Athletic Board of Control. John V. Whitacre Alliance, Ohio Bu s i n e s s Administration, Sigma Nu, Current Busi- ness Forum, SCA. Florence Williams Sebring, Ohio Spanish, Le Cercle Fran- cais, Program Com., IRC, FTA, SCA, Fr. Counselor. Donald Williamson Louisville, Ohio English, Alpha Tau Omega, Variety Show, Director. Seniors Charles Lew Wagoner Canton, Ohio Chemistry, Alembroic, Camera Club, Pres., Amer- ican Chem. Soc., Chorale, D y n a m o, Photographer, SCA, Unonian, Photograph- er, Ass't. Ed., Tennis, Fr. Counselor, Chemistry Lab. Ass't. Jan West Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, A l p h a Tau Omega, Kenyon College, Football, Swimming, and Basketball Manager. Fred Wilch Findlay, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Omega, HM' Club, Football, Basket- ball. J ack C. Williams Lakewood, Ohio Economics, Current Busi- ness Forum, SCA, Kent State University, Western Reserve University, Delta Kappa Epsilon, V. Pres. John L. Wilson Canton, Ohio English, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Chaplain, Pi Gamma Mu, Current Business Forum, Dvnamo, Dynamo Assoc., SCA, Fr. Counselor. 33 Seniors Mildred VVright Detroit, Michigan Sociology, SCA, Headland Club, Sec'y, VVAA, Honor C. Allen Zimmerman Bowling Green, Ohio Sociology, A l p h a Tau Omega, Dynamo, Unonian. Ass't. Business Mgr., SCA, "M" Club, V. Pres., Foot- Girl, Fr. Counselor. Eugene E. Bryant Bedford, Ohio Biology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Football, "M" Club. Arden Davis Tuttle Niles, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Ass't. Song Leader, House Man- ager, Dynamo, Copy Read- er, FTA, Band, Kent State University, E l e m e n t a 1' y ball, Track, Fr. Counselor, Bowling G' ' ' versity. ieen State Uni- Phil Currie, senior class Seniors: Richard Kinney Phillip Gehm Robert Hanson Hazel Good John Wilson Dick Kinney, third blind and deaf student to graduate from college in the United States, gets help in his class work from Ron Smith. His 3.9 summa cum laude graduation brought wide national acclaim to the college. Teachers, Kent Stater. PSI KAPPA OMEGA Edward Farnham Florence Williams Phillip Currie Jan West Ann Hofstatter William Buzogany Juniors: Joyce Smith Mary Jo Hamilton Colleen Fauley president, passes the traditional mantle to his successor, Vince Seniors prepare for graduation by Obmann. measuring for caps and gowns. Officers Left to right: Sam Douglass, treasurerg Betsy Springer, secretaryg Mary Jo Hamilton, vice president, and Vince Obmann, presi- dent. Juniors Row 1: Billie Lower, Allen Colley, Lynn Emrick, and Dick Reigle. Row 2: Bob Zimmerman, Mary Jo Hamilton, Ray Harold, and Carole Evans Row 3: Marjorie Stewart, Corny Vanderbilt, Jo Shrake, and Dick Tickner. 35 Junlors Janis Lympany Joyce Smith, Carol Miller, and Judy King. Joe Check, Spart Galieti, Harry Boals, and Dan Tellis. Carole Linn, Nancy Jones, Carol Merwin, and Carol Bailey. Jim Laughlin, Carolyn Cowie, Sue Kirkhart, and Ray Valentine. R u t h Weaver, Bobbie Ports, Carole Hall, and Jack Shoffner. Juniors Ron Smith, Jim Klein- E 5 man, Monty Miller, and ' Les Taylor. Jean Kirk, Shirley Unger, Shirley Abrams, and Grace Williamson. Gib Rakestraw, J a c k Clements, Dick Stoffer, and Ron Russell. Mary Ann Close, Nancy Stelts, Margaret Wild, and Sis Thorpe. Wes Bowersock, Lee Thomas, Ron Hoyle, and Gene Koontz. Juniors Row Row Row Row Row Bill Long, Don Whitbeck, .lohn Mohr, and Jack Williams. Bob Eddy, Walt Kinsey, Wade Berger, and Hank Siefke. Joe Granchi, Carlos Poland. Bill Ryan, and Tom McDonald. John Hill, Bill Spiker, Les Boyd, and Will Adams. George Balogh, Caesar Churchwell, Ed Smith, and Dick Morgan 38 Juniors Row Row Row Row Row Nancy Wolfe, Elinor Schneider, C. J. Boyce, and Marilynn Morgan Ray Slingerland, Dormie Wells, Chuck Hartman, and Dick Glass. Marcie Miller, Tootie McNiece, Joan Berger, and Jennie Lu Ault. Joe Tucker, Jim Bland, Bob Kunkel, and Vince Obrnann. Colleen Fauley, Janet Whalen, Betsy Springer, and Jan Donaldson. 39 Juniors Bob Holstein, L a r r y Lafferty, Bob Jenkins, and Chuck Winkle. Bob Weals, Paul Mutzig, John Murphy, and Tom Weir. Tom Violand, Fritz Laut- enschlager, Bob Linard, and Jim Mottice. Ted Gray, Ed Durbin, Keene Bridgeman, and Dick Bodo. Dick Harper and Jerald Baker. Christian Life Conference Week There are many things which leave their mark upon a campus. The Christian Life Conference, with its theme "Religion, Major or Minor'?", was one of those things this year at Mount Union. CLC, held November 15-19, brought four outstanding speakers to the campus to meet with students and faculty in classrooms, afternoon seminars, bull sessions, personal conferences, assemblies, and vesper services. The speakers were Dr. Shelton Hale Bishop from New York City, pastor of the largest Episcopal congregation in the United States, The Rev. Leon D. Sanborne, pastor of the Church of Christ of Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, The Rev. Richard R. Gay. director of religious activities at Ohio Wesleyan University, and The Rev. Robert H. Hamill from Joliet, Illinois, a former writer for Motive magazine. Over l0O students and faculty members participated in the eight months preparation for CLC. The committees were headed by a executive committee consisting of Dean Wesley, honor- ary chairman, Dr. Carleton H. Currie, chairmang Judy King and Bob Weals, student vice-chairmeng Martha Hill, secretary, and Dr. Glenn Clark, treasurer. This is the first year that Mount Union has staged a large-scale week of religious emphasis sponsored by the University Christian Mission. Ida Farmer, Bob Dripps, Nora Cavanaugh, Norma Lowman. Marcene Buchs, and Joyce Mack. Sally Boyce, Sally Borden, Shirley Monticue, Shirley Barrick. Back: Tony Bianco, Wayne Amos, Pete Patterson, and Dale Berger. Front: Naomi Bruey, Jayne Bac-htel, and Ted Bowers. 42 Sophomore fficers President Dick Koons, Vice President Carol Gorby, Secretary Shirley Barrick and Treasurer Dick Cannon. ,gan- ophomores Back: Doc Ditch, Eldon Dawson, Vic Domencetti, and Fred Hopkins. Front: Buddy Davis, Delores Smith. and Ruth Eckelberry. Bll Hunter, Jerry Putland, Marie Dorff, Rosine Korosy, Chudy Popoff, and Dave Oslin. Carol Gorby, Connie Taylor, Shirley Neitz, Nellie Leitch, Joy Groot, Sally Ball, and Carole Kenmuir. Back: Jlm Walton and Dean Miller. Front: Winnie Van Wagoner, Amy Chow, and Yoshino Murakami. 4, GQRMM, Buck: Bill Franklin, Walt Webb, and George Hampshire. Front: Mary Ann Branficld, Eva Lynn Pugh, and Janet McLean. Eleanor Lambert, Mary Lou Hukill, Libby Smith, Sandy Svvaney, and Irene Waniga. 44 ophomores Joanne Pigott, Sandra Simmons, Danny Spring, Don Eshler, Dale Block. and Gene Moulin. Buddy Wilson, Dick Untch, and Kermit Thomas. ophomores Jim Ditty, Glenn Black, Mary Wondling, Aaron Needham, and Gene Shelkey. Carol Kaufman, John Morey, Roger Lutz, Mary Carr, and Urith Linard. 45 Joan Moreland, Sharon Kinder, and Marvin Lara Al Mayforth, Carolyn Keller, Grace Good, Diane Hagfadorn, and Jim Heim. Jean Dietrich, Tony Mercurio, Dorothy J Lou Beltrami, Blanche Greaves, and Ed Linton, Linda Gordon, Jane Mackey. and Perkinson. John Valente. , Sophomores J. D. Ray, Jim Bolton, Tom Crawley, Dick Cannon, and Dick Koons. 46 Fresh Officers Treasurer Bruce Pumphrey, Vice President Shirley Bush, Secretary Martha Weir, and President Bill Krahling. Freshmen Back: Chris King, Joe Dalesandro, Dom Parlontieri, and Ken Liebfried. Front: Shirley Buehler, Barbara Garrison, and Bill Zumkehr. Sam Ditch, Bill Fronk, Marian Bailey, Ellen Davis, Mary Dunlap, and Marilyn Anderson. 47 Back: John Buterbaugh, Don Fraraceio. Larry Bryner, and Bob Sudek. Front Phil Miraglota, Kim Hanson, l.uella Blazer, and Janice Raffershell. Freshmen Back: Lavine Odey, Ginny Orru, and Janet Frazer. Front: Jack Leister, Daryl Montague, and Harold Matz. Back: Buddy Clark, Dick Buearion, and Bruce Clough. Front: Marilyn Conrath, Janice Burnett, and Diane Drake. Back: Erwin Reynolds, Milt Shiveley, Bob Rhodes. Front: Chuck Stock and Shirley Ruffner. 48 Ann Morris, Bill Krahling, Nancy Meyer, Leroy Case, John Brown, Jerry Burke, and Donna Lowman, Bruce Pumphrey, and Ron Redman. Bill Irwin. Freshmen Back: Betty Shutt, Nancy Rinehart, and Nancy Jo Sivey, Front: Al Salako, Buddy Russell, and Vern Robinson. Linda Dickey, Gretchen Amstutz, Anita- Jean DeWald, Bob Green, Jim Chang, and Joe Cimillo. 49 i Back: Joe Littell. Carl Evans, and Allan Frantz. Front: Shirley Allan, Sue Ashton, John Kennedy, Jim Weaver, and Jack Detwiler. Ken Parker, Jim Vogelgesang, Bill Beckett, Pat Anderson, Wes Alberts, and Ron Abel. Freshmen Back' Don Barrett, Dick Cartwright. Ray Burrill, and Frank Sapienza. Front: Jim Hanna, Art O'Neil, Gene Feuehk, and Dave Kaercher. Ralph Jones, Jim Kline, Janice Moore, Bert Patterson, Betty Hartley, and Gayle Iden. 50 Freshmen Curt Rehfuss, Joe Recchi, Roger Stitle, Iby Schlesinger, Juditha Schlesinger, and Vivian Smith. Back: Duane Hoover, Ron Novkov, Jo Kinsey, Sally Haines, and Margery Irish. Front: Dave Paugh, Dick Beck, and Timmey McLeod. Charles Trettel, John Rummel, Wayne Zeides, and Dick Vogel. Dolores Runninger, Shirley Bush, Doris Schneider, Eddie Stevens, and Dick Sluss. 51 Freshmen Dave Depue, Art Eick, Warren Brooks, John Bahr, Jim Dawson, and Mike Garcia. Back: Jim Stoffer, Hubert Bryan, and Jerry Garlock. Front: Sally Adams, Grace Crawford, and Marjorie Twanmoh. Bill Wyland, Tom Whippler, Nick Trifelos, Dick Taafc, and Garth Thompson. 52 Freshmen Back: Sue Andrews, Judy Huntsberger, Neil Edmonds, and Doug Carner. Front: Barbara Gerheirn, Phyllis Barber, and Carole Duncan. Back: Jack Jones, Jim Horner, and Carl Johnson. Front: Mary Harshman, Kay Olnhausen. and Fluff Faus. Betty Toker, Susannah White, Nancy Neeley, Shirley Brown, and Martha Weir. Dave Lynn, Joanne Block, Joe Jackson, Back: Bob Smith, John Bnchanan, Duk Joyce McGaffic, John Mandia, Tony Roe, Dick Cordingly, and Vince Tate. Marcovecchio, Jim Lytle, and Ed Baldwin. , , Front: Bill Odetoymbo, Bob Gusteval, Elinor Benshoff, Anne Streaty, and Dwight Dray. Freshmen Gail Pearson, Marty Loychik, Nick Pur- enciu. Nancy Molnar, Bruce Lowman, and Harry Hite. Bill Hill, Al Kornpara, Mary Lou Pilmer, Ron Mason, Evelyn Keck, Dale Helwick. 54 Nurses First Row: Luella Stack, Joycc Askew, Mabel Grim, Doris Hull, Betty Grate, Nora Faye Birkhimer. Second Row: Doris Elendenning, Carol Opre, Janet Critchfield, Glennalce Harris, Lorriane Warren, Beverley Stuckey, Shirley Bricker. Third Row: Barbara Ritchey, Jo-Ann Law. Gita Poldeman, Shirley Clegg. Vanita Horst. Sara Weaver, Ruth Ann Altenhof, Sally Miskimins, Lauretta Vietmeier, Betty Peterson, Ila Mae Mains, Helen Lucas, Barbara Umstcad. First Row. left to right: Linda Fink, Mary Lu Hicks, Jan Fergason, Shirley Meeks. Dolores Lukens, Doris Lukens. Second Row: Barbara Gronou, Joann Leas, Patricia Arnold, Margy Wodbest, Marilyn Sproat. Third Row: Shirley Fryfogle, Marlene Cornell. Fourth Row: Kay Heestand, Iva Jean Mulls, Shirley Geitgy, Jane Wagner, Mary Lou Troyer, Carol Rae Wolfe, Lois Jean Carroll, Hallie Hall, Mary Lou Southwood. First Row: Betty Van Fossan, Pat Walter, Marilyn Rosenberryj Sherry Hauenstein, Pat Scarpuzzi, Nancy Miller. Second Row: Joyce Myton, Pat Jack- son, Gloria Wright, Julia Boice, Alice Wickersham, Betty Shepherd, Barbara Chlovcchok. Third Row: Pat Widder, Nona Herrick. Fourth Row: Lettie Steineck, Shirley Stanford, Joyce Swan, Shyrlie Penick, Nan Uebelhart. Greta Ericksen, Dorotha Stoner, Sally Thompson, Beverly Reeder. 55 ' fl::ixfr2S'Vil55 455 gy' QV 4 ,ig 4 alffzi . 7 fli p ,gg VM S? 5 , gf - y.,qfMWg.g :?, ,wy ,.5g V3E t:iM.Q-',Q5 ' 3 'gk ,Au ig f Qxigi 1,535 ,?,Q,g EgT 935523, fvziygi, A 1is.,k 5 L3 ug ?j2bf5A,5f: ,fi?, ? , Et? 2,35 ,Q X sg! Qgifiggzgissx b b gg ggi fs: Wm ,v w me :E Jw Rh NK 5 Vg? . AA., M fx 22 na 1' N ik ljlfigli g L1 fm, , 'iw N H A A ?fi13,,A5f'?f2A. Q ,Twig 2 265232. , W as 1-F E 11 1 6 e ' fi: '32 MH SQ f mmffwmww Biff is r Q -rl 2 ivy :af 4 wai 1?if,Sfwf A... ,A L fs, pw, J X? K fi ML gil was wfxgwyf YJf 'Y'1.Qi:' l gm 1,4 2 lv 'fs w mlff fx , Wm K, -gm , , ff-,,,,f:f4' Aqffsf- 0' 5 51428 K , ff, ' Yi if9e,4f.-J 1 - Q ,Q iw wk fi MA 'lx H-v m rv--'Q :-' A-, p Ag ,, A rw , ,sz 2' 1 15? --'iw' QQ ga 57, , Q' -2- X ff 'Q :ggi 1 gfgy X ,lip 355 ,WY L1 iii? 5 si if ,442 x ia' ' -'S - -jf - - Q, iw . 1'f2,3ql i A 3? 5 YJ? 1 4 FF' f ' :' Yip. f Ji, A , ' 5:5 J, E' ff Q ' 'wif Egg? -I if-xg iii, 4 - ,ggi ag g. 13'-:M 1 , K wg H + k f Xgfigiii 4 g M , 3' Alu 131- ,Q ff ' il' My SF Q ' ka Q5 . we 592 , 'qyugwfsxgf if g":fQ? A , A 15 gfgjyjgihg' gg A ,f V2 W --AQ W' f wggfw M A Q- -wi Eg V ix 1 . xr A X g AQ A 51, ,334 - y gym iz 538 43 :agp - it W .L lzgiisgki t JJ X E I s. gi if ' i fg. 51315313 f Y gg. gf, MW, ,gt , 55 155 229, , 5 , ' - ' 41, " f Jifgl f x x Wi: ',L5:r:?,,:re55.,E5-.NI . ,X :gg1g1,,,'f?15i 1, ,Q lf iX F35'ii 5 I , I -. -,,,., ,. , W -- N, i 41:1 . , A ,. ..,.., ,.,, Q Q ..,,,: ly ,A ,L Vx., A " .5l- W vi y , w 1 Xxx' 'NN 25 ifffsgig X 'Q xx V K .Q XM 'f2',,5Z.,.- f f ,SQ W A 9 Q -F 'hz 'I 1' ' Q -"Psy, , 'QS f aq? . ., '.Qf-:-:-9.2 f..- ' ' gl i 1' f 2 - Y?" Q Q - ' ' " -lv 'i jgfsg Y f f 52221 31 g il . -,i ggi i ff f . " fit fiaggl X K ' A sig fixd - L -:ff 2 Q SEL Mfr. , X : iff -+w,,., . . ,Egg 2-2:3-,. 535 I .:,.: ' s , if jig K, ' 1 , 552 -f,-,556 A 3 . J K ff 1' is 551' YP :ff fifgg- 'f N3 75 5 ., if u3g.g g m ,Egff, A l. - .. . 'Ayffsx VN, F, ,l,'- , :v...?.,,k-'MH ., fi: V it 4 141, 1. 1-1' :y pk ,f Q: R 5.-5:15, 'QA ' m 1 V S35 'ir i- zf 1' " ik: 251 - ,, -X X , ' 2: a,,ff5. :K .fy Q-53322,-: V , , . - :Ejt gi f t My 553 , iqtyin il Q viii? 2 Q Q 4 V 3 5,3 fag MA ,ity- , f. -, i w gg ai 21 . SEK fsiwii '-' in 2 if if -wi iff if 1 if 1151 gy? 2 , si F3 135 , a Q Q4 f A . ,mil f A ,. Wu. f -2..-:xg I z. - , A .car 1-fA:yg i'Y - P " - fi., :V I wg ' - 5 is 'AG ,i s i.,Q Q ff. A i f 5 E f ,A E mv JJ-1 ,M ,Www Back Row: Tootie McNiece, Billie Lower, Libby Smith, Carole Kenmuir, Sally Ball. and Sherry Kinder. Third Row: Mary Harshman, Nancy Jo Sivey. Margery Irish, Janet Frazer, Shirley Monticue, Joyce McGaffic, and Marilyn Anderson. Front Row: Carol Merwin, .loan Berger, Mary Ann Branfield, Mary Lou Hukill, and Irene Waniga. Yvonne Sudeck, Ruth Martin. Jenne Lu Ault, Ruth Weaver. Mrs. First. Jo Shrake, Joyce Ewing, and Sis Thorpe. Second Row: Betty Shutt, Nancy Rinehart. Joanne Block, Kay Olnhausen. Jo Kinsey, and Sally Haines. Firsl Row: Shirley Bush, Sally Borden. Margaret Wild. and Barbara Gerheim. Delta Delta Delta 58 Delta Delta Delta Officers President 1 tttt Joyce Ewing Vice President . , s Sis Thorpe Secretary is tttt Ruth Martin Treasurer D s Joan Berger "Las-so 'Em How." Tri-Delts practice their Finesse Delta Delta Delta was founded Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. The Delta Nu chapter was in- stalled at Mount Union December 5, 1914. The crescent moon and three stars is the pin. The official colors are silver, gold, and blue, While the pearl, the pansy, and the pine are regarded as emblems by the Tri-Delts. The Lodge, as the sorority house is called, is built on the plan of three deltas. The presentation of scholarships, the Spring Formal, the Pansy Breakfast, and the Pine Banquet are among the memorable Tri-Delt activities. 59 Q13 AP ii Alpha Xi Delta Officers President A . . Zoe Kranzfelder Vice President . . . eeee,ee.e eeeeeee B ev Neff Secretary .. . . Judy Van Nostran Treasurer . . . Carole Engelbert "Lot's Take Denison for a Ride!" Alpha Xis check Dragnet to "get the facts." O a"X o V. -' Ox ff 19. In -:- :-:-:-:-' 1 1 .. 1: .:. , v, -' .5: 3:-:1:g: f ' - '- :-:3:-:-'. :af ' ' A .31 .3f3f3f3: :3 6 ' -3' :-:-:-: -: -:-:-:-'.-: A2 3:3 :3:3:3:.3'.3:3:3:3 13: Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois, April 17, 1893. The first of the Mount Union sororities to be chartered, Alpha Xi has as its symbol the Quill. The flower of the sorority is the pink Killarney rose While the colors are double blue and gold. Highlights of the Alpha Xi social year are the Xibra Club Dance, and the Rose Dance, the Chicken-Mush Scholarship Dinner, and the Father-Daughter Banquet. The Alpha Xis also support a War orphan in an overseas country. 60 Back Row: Jayne Bachtel, Dorothy Linton, Jan Donaldson, Linda Gordon, Joy Groat, Jane Mackey, Joyce Mack, and Marcene Buchs. Front Row: Bobbie Ports, Janet McLean, and Sue Kirkhart. Third Row: Martha Loychik, Elinor Bens- hoff, Vivian Smith, Gail Pearson, Janice Burnett, and Marye Henderson. Second Row: Ann Morris, Diane Drake, Marilyn Conrath, Fluff Faus, and Carole Duncan. First ROW: Nancy Molnar, Virginia Orru, and Shirley Brown. Alpha Xi Delta Third Row: Carole Engelbert, Beverly Neff, Colleen Fauley, Judy King, Zoe Kranzfelder. Nancy Jones, and M a r i l y n Emrick. Second Row: Carole Evans, Dolores Creath, Judy Van Nos- tran, Lynn Boyer, and Joyce Smith. First Row: Juanita Calhoun, Carolyn Cowie, Mary Howell, and Eilie Schneider. 61 Back Row: Ellie Lambert, Jean Dietrich, Third Row: Janice Moore, Shirley Ruffne Sheilia Krause, Carol Mellor, Betty Fullmer, and Shirley Buehler. d J Pi tt. an Oalme lggo Second Row: Grace Crawford, Calol Kaut Front Row: Grace Good, Blanche Greaves, man, Kim Hanson, and Barbara Garrison Charlene Zorlenzan, Urith Linard, and Grace , , , , yvimamsonh First Row: Shirley Allan, Marian Bailey Back Row: Hazel Good, Ruth Buehler, Margaret Shutt, Lois Tenney, Mary Ann Grau, and Marge Kuklo. First Row: Hazcl Eckart, Nancy Rohrbacher, and M a rc h e t a Porter. Nancy Neeley, and Mary Lou Pllmer Alpha Delta Pi 62 Alpha Delta Pi Officers President or ,e e e Hazel Eckart Vice President or e to Marcheta Porter Secretary e or e e Mary Ann Grau Treasurer e Nancy Rohrbacher "Mount Polish Denison!" The Alpha Delts brush up on past history Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for college :,5,5:35:5:513: women, was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, 553555331 Georgia, on May 15, 18:51, but the Gamma Theta chapter did not appear on the Mount Union campus until March 22, QQ 1947. The sorority colors are blue and white, while the 2322222222 violet serves as the sorority flower. The girls' red bungalow O Qfliiiliigir is the newest addition to sorority row. The diamond shaped ' 'yah' 7 3322221 badge, which is the symbol of the sorority, is characterized 0 00193-'O by the clasped hands of friendship and two stars. Among . the cherished traditions of the Alpha Delts are Friendship Omg Q Week, the Black and White Diamond Ball, the Bazaar, and " 3251212133 the Senior Slumber Party. 63 Alpha Chi Omega Officers President so 1 Carol Parker Vice President , is ,eeeee Ginny Pratts Secretary C, so Martha Hill Treasurer 1 Ann Hofstatter uifriverthrm ghs Sti:J1QoftDefeat Alpha Chis all like Eddie Fisher i 0 as e 0 wee IC ory." On June 11, 1920, the thirty-first chapter of Alpha Chi ji: Omega was installed on the Mount Union campus. National- QEQ EQ? ly founded October 15, 1885, at DePauw University, Asbury Esifiifgg' Park, Indiana, the sorority has as its badge the Lyre which O has been voted the most beautiful sorority pin. Having an f 8 autumn origin, the sorority founders chose scarlet and olive : green as the official colors, while the scarlet carnation is ,itll 8 jzgfgigigffigf' the group flower. Highlights of the year are Snowflake 525' Fantasy and Carnation Ball, the Waffle Breakfast, and the . . A g "... making of toys for children stricken with Cerebral Palsy. 64 Back Row: Mary Carr, Carolyn Keller, Sandra Simmons, Diane Hagadorn, Norma Lowman, Shirley Barrick, and Joan Moreland. First Row: Nell Leitch, Nora Cavanaugh, Carol Gorby, Eva Lynn Pugh, and Connie Taylor. Alpha Chi me a G5 Back Row: Doris Schneider, Sue Ashton Winnie Van Wagoner, Donna Lowman, and Phyllis Barber. First Row: Linda Dickey, Sue Andrews Shirley Neitz, and Martha Weir. Back Row: Jean Kirk, Martha Hill, Ann Hofstatter, Shirley Abrams, Carole Hall, Mary Ann Close, and Pety Moscoso. Second Row: Betsy Springer, Nancy Wolfe, Carol Parker, Nancy Stelts, and Janet Whalen. First Row: Carol Bailey, Janice Lymphany, Margie Stewart, Peg Kinsel, Ginny Pratts, Mary Jo Hamilton, Marilynn Weiser, Carole Linn, and Marcia Miller. Back Row: Dale Berger, Gene Shelkey, Gene Moulin, Tony Bianco, Glenn Black, Pete Paterson, Dave Oslin, Al Mayforth, Jerry Putland, and Wayne Amos. Front Row: Art Miller, Danny Spring, Roger Lutz, Don Eshler, and Dick Stone. Third Row: Bob Rhodes, Dick Hoover, Art O'Neil, Jerry Garlock, Dick Sluss, Nick Purenciu, Joe Cimillo, and Chuck Stock. Second Row: Gene Feucht, Warren Brooks, Vince Zavarelli, Jack Jones, Jim Heirn, and Doug Carner. First Row: Dave Kaercher, Bill Berger, Frank Sapienza, Nick Trifelos, and Bob Gustaval. Phi I appa Tau Back Row: Will Adams, John Hill, Professor Ray Diehl, Carlos Poland, and Randy Jacobs. Front Row: George Kellner, Mrs. Morton, and Gene Bissell. Phi Kappa Tau Officers President U s, 1. Randall Jacobs Vice President .eeee U, .s Will Adams Secretary U U Pete Paterson Treasurer s s 1 John Hill "Next !" It's a strike! Originally founded at Miami University in 1906, Phi Tau was installed on the Mount Union campus nine years later on February 8, 1915. Until 1915 the national frater- nity was known as Phrenecon. The official colors are red and gold while the fraternity flower is the red Carnation. Phi Tau activities this year included the Pearl Ball, a Square Dance Party, the Dream Girl Formal, and sponsor- K i ship of the winning Homecoming candidate. 67 Alpha Tau Omega Officers P1-egident ,aaaaaaaaaa , aaaa,a.,.Aaa John Gatti Vice President .1 aaaa Jack Swinnerton Secretary as ,a.,a, aaaaa.aa B ob Kunkel Treasurer rrrrrr rrrr D ormie Wells Elf' n H "Mount 'Seize' Red." Your serve. Alpha Tau Omega was founded nationally at Richmond, Virginia, on Sept. 11, 1855 and at Mount Union on Feb. 14, 1882, to be the first national fraternity on the campus. The White tea rose is the official fraternity flower While the colors are azure blue and gold. The highlights of the Alpha Tau social year were participation in the Blackfoot-White- foot Formal, Big Brother-Little Brother Banquet, the basketball game with Ohio Wesleyan Chapter, and numer- ous house parties. 68 Third Row: Bill Cracknell, Ed Baldwin, Dick Taafc, Joe Dalesandro, Jim Klein, Ron Able, Chris King, Dick Bucarion, Bruce Pumphrey, Bill Krahling, and Jim Vogelgcsang. Second Row: Curt Rehfuss, Bob Green, Tom Whippler, Vern Robinson, Dom Parlontieri, John Stranges, and Joe Recchi. First Row: Porter Ellis, Eddie Stevens, Roger Stittlc, and Bill Wyland. Back Row: Harry Boals, Jim Bolton, John Murphy, Sam Douglass, Wade Berger, Bob Kunkel, and Ray Harold. Front Row: Dormie Wells, Vince Obmann, Dick Stoffer, Don Whitbeck, and Monty Miller. Alpha Tau, mega G9 Bill Snyder, Art Spencer, Dick Cannon, John Gatti, Mrs. Genev- icve Bottomley, Hugh Jae, Buddy Davis, Dean Miller, and John Rummel. Front Row: Dick Koons, John Morey, Ed Gregor, Jack Swinner- ton. Fred Slagle, and Dave Behrendt. Back Row: Fred Hopkins, Stan Wagy, Dick Bodo, Ron Smith, Dale Block, Shorty Feldbush, Jim Walton, Pete Gaulton, Joe Check, and John Miller. Front Row: Walt Webb, Dick Untch, Doc Ditch, Bob Weals, Paul Mutzig, Ray Slingerland, and Barry Vogeli. Back Row: Ray Burrill, Ron Mason, Buddy Clark, Buddy Russell, Bill Seibert, Sam Ditch, Ed Perkinson, Vince Tate, and Dick Cartwright. Front Row: Wcs Bowersock, Red Whitting- ton, Ron Stengel, Dave Paugh, Joe Littell, Daryl Montague, and Jack Leister. 'igma Alpha Epsilon Back Row: George Thompson, Bill Long, Ed Farnham, Joe Musteric, Ted Gray, Jack Shoff- ner, Keene Bridgeman, and Dick Kinney. Front Row: Mike Untch, Bob Buchs, Tom Weir, John Wilson, and Fred Loomis. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ufficers First Semester Joe Musteric e e. President Bob Buchs A eeee Vice President Fred Loomis eeee Secretary Chuck Everett A Treasurer e Second Semester Chuck Everett Bill Long Tom Weir Paul Mutzig It's in the Bag It'S i.n the End Pocket The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Was the site of the founding March 9, 1856, of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAE came to Mount Union on April 4, 1885. The fraternity flower is the violet While royal purple and old gold are the colors. Social activities of the year included the Parisian House Party, the spring and Winter formals and the statewide celebration in Columbus of Founder's Day. 71 'Mi' U Alpha Sigma Phi Officers Fil'St S6IIl6St6I' Second Semester Ray G00d1'iCh iii, c President c c c Tom McDonald is l Vice President so Leon Linard r Secretary c c Bruce Ketcham , ,eee Treasurer is is W Blast Big Red That must hue been a prettv funnv song, Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in 1845. Founded in 1946, Beta Alpha chapter has as its colors cardinal and stone. Alpha Sig activities of the year include the spring and Winter formals, house parties, and the Ohio Alpha Sig Basketball Tournament held at Ohio Northern. The chapter is noted for its enthusiastic support of Mount athletic events. 72 Buck Row: Wayne Zeides, Bill Hill, Ken Back Row: Bob Jenkins, Bob Holstein, Larry Liebfried, John Buterbaugh, Jack Detwiler, Lafferty, Tom McDonald, Chuck Hartman, Harold Matz, and Leroy Case. and John Mohr. Front Row: Jim lfVeaver, Neil Edmonds, Front Row: Bill Hunter, Eddie Durbin, Bill John Brown, and Garth Thompson. Ryan, Buddy Wilson. A pha Sigma Phi 73 Dave Craytor, Ted Bender, Bill Kuehn, Bruce Ketcham, Leon Linard, and Ray Goodrich. Third Row: Jim Horner, Charlie Trettel, Harry Hite, Carl Johnson, Mac Engle, John King, Ralph Jones, Bill Elliott, and John Bahr. Second Row: Bob Sudeck, Art Eick, Jim Hanna, Bill Fronk, Bob Hons, Ron Novkov, Bruce Lowman, and Bill Irwin. First Row: Bill Zumkehr, Dale Helwick, and Walt Stratton. Back Row: Bill Spiker, Gene Koontz, Bob Zimmerman, Les Boyd, Jim Bland, Kermit Thomas, and Fritz Lautenschlager. Front Row: Okie Williams, Ted Bowers, Dick Del Vichio, Bob Eddy, Jim Ditty, and Dick Tickner. Sigma u Back Row: Bob Hanson, Phil Currie, Chuck Wagoner, Tom Cope, Dave Hoops, Dave Brown, Bob Linard, and Russ Thomas. Front Row: Bill Buzogany, Roger Round, Mrs. Anderson, Dick Keller, and George Weimer. Sigma Nu Officers First Semester George Weimer or o 2 soooo President 2 Fritz Lautenschlager . so Vice President so 2 Bill Buzogany or ,. 2 . 2 Secretary ,s Phil Currie W . so Treasurer Second Semester 2 or George Weimer Bin spiker Roger Round .ao Phil Currie "VVe've Got Denison on the Run." W'e lose more actives this u ay' Beta Iota, which Was the first local on the campus was installed July 22, 1892 after being founded at Virginia Military Institute on January 1, 1869. The white star, the White rose, and the colors black and gold are symbols of Sigma Nu. The Blackfoot-Whitefoot Formal, an elaborate Mother's Day program, house parties, and spring formal round out the social year for the Sigma N us. 75 I ft' Q Ze Em c ww...,,km.wm,4Mx M eq PSP' M-M Wg. me Wm y3f,y1, Unonian Staff Left, Bob Buchs, Editor Right, George Weimer Business Manager Editor ..As,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,, Assistant Editors ,.,., ss,., Senior Editor .,,s...,, Juniors .......,, Sophomores ,,,,, Freshmen ,,,,, Faculty ,,,,,,,,..,,, Organizations ss,,. Sports .,,..,,,i,,, Sororities ..,,,, Fraternities , Features ,,,,.., Nurses ,,tt.... Art ....,,ss,,i...,...,.. Photography ....,,,,tt,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, Layout ,,,t....,,,, t,,,, , ...,V,,,,, ,.,, ...,.,t,.,.....,VV,,,V,,,,V,,VVV,.,,. . Copy Readers and Typists ,, Advisor ....,,,,,,..... ,,.,,, .,,,,...,... UNONIAN STAFF Bob Buchs Bob Zimmerman, Joan Berger, and Colleen Fauley Marcheta Porter Ed Farnham Yvonne Sudeck and Tootie McNiece Sis Thorpe , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,.r.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Bobbie Ports Jane Denton, Linda Young, and Dean Miller ,.,...... Bill Long, Dick Bodo, and Jo Shrake Janet McLean . ,,,.. tttttt,,,,.,..,..,,, , . ,tt,,,,,, Tom Weir Joyce Mack H Carol Gorby Jan Donaldson and Walt Webb Dick Stone, Carl Johnson, and Keene Bridgeman Bob Sudeck and Bill Fronk Marge Kuklo, Ida Farmer, Sally Borden Mary Lou Pilmer, and Sue Andrews Lyle Crist Business Staff Business Manager ,t,, ,,ttt,,l.,, G eorge Weimer Assistant Business Managers Fritz Lautenschlager, Ted Bowers, and Dick Untch Back: Ted Bowers and Dick Untch. Front: Fritz Lautenschlager and George Weimer. The staff would like to acknowledge the contri- butions of Don Moncrief, Chuck Molter, Elvin Wilson, Bob Plejer, and Ed Cross. 78 Back: Jane Denton, Tom Weir, Bill Fronk, Back: Walt Webb, Dick Stone, Carl Johnson and Dick Bodo. Bob Sudeck, and Sally Borden. Front: Colleen Fauley, Joyce Mack, Janet Front: Mary Lou Pilmer, Sue Andrews McLean, and Jan Donaldson. Linda Young, Ida Farmer, and Marge Kuklo Back: Ed Farnham, Tootie Mc- Niece, Jo Shrake, Bill Long, and Sis Thorpe. Front: Joan Berger, Bob Buchs, and Marcheta Porter. 79 STUDENT SENATE Back Row: Jane Denton, Vince Obmann, Dr. Bader, advisor, Dave Craytor, Buddy Wilson, Bill Long, Dick Tickner, Randy Jacobs, Larry Lafferty, Art Spencer, George Hamp- shire, Al Mayforth, Bill Buzogany, and Harry Lichy. Front Row: Dorothy Linton, Carole Engelbert, Carol Mellor, Julia Psenka, Bob Buchs, Norma Lowman, Janis Lympany, Ruth Martin, and Joan Berger. CURRENT BUSINESS FORUM Third Row: Nick Purenciu, Bob Zimmerman. Paul Mutzig, Gene Koontz, Randy Jacobs, Bob Linard, Larry Cox, Dormie Wells, Al Snell- grove, John Mohr, Chuck Winkle, and Dick Reigle. Second Row: Vince Obmann, How- ard Gorsuch, Bob Buchs, Dave Craytor, Martha Hill, Bill Humel, Regis Valentine, John Wilson, and Dick Bodo. First Row: Prof. Stonesifer, Prof. Diehl, Les Boyd, Dean Miller, Art Spencer, Ed Gregor, Dick Koons, and Jim Bolton. Student Senate The Student Senate is the supreme governing body through which student opinion is carefully studied and molded into actual college policies. It is "to provide an effec- tive means of communication between the students and the college authorities, to interpret and maintain Mount Union traditions and customs, and to exercise general supervision over student activities and organizations." Among the activities sponsored by the Senate are Homecoming, class elections, officers' clinics, Illumination Night, and several all-college dances. President, Bob Buchsg Vice President. Dick Ticknerg Secretary, Janis Lympany, Treasurer, Randy Jacobsg Faculty Advisor, Dr. Robert Bader. Current Business Forum Broadening the student's knowledge in the contemporary economic and business conditions is the principle aim of the Current Business Forum. Many interesting and vital issues are discussed at the meeting of this organization by men who are leaders in their particular field of business. President, Les Boydg Vice President, Randy Jacobsg Vice President, Dormie Wcllsg Secretary, Vince Obmann, Treasurer, Dave Craytorg Advisors, Prof. Stonesifer and Prof. Diehl. 80 Back Row: Tom McDonald, Connie Taylor, Judy King, John Buterbaugh, Chuck Hartman, Buddy Wilson, Bob Holstein, John Mohr, Al Salako, Bill Kuehn, and Leon Linard. Front Row: Yoshi Murakami, Marjorie Twanmoh, Dolores Run- ninger, Betty Hartley, Mrs. Shreve, advisory Luella Blazer, Sally Adams, Marilyn Anderson, Ann Morris, and Mrs. Flagg. President, Tom McDonald, Vice President, Grace Goodg Secretary, Amy Chowg Treasurer, Peg Kinselg Advisor, Mrs. Ruth Shreve. International Relations Club The International Relations Club offers the internationally-minded student an opportunity not only to express and discuss her own views on current world events, but also to obtain the opinions of established authorities who speak at the club meet- ings. This organization is noted for its encouragement of free speech and thought. The club which is affiliated with the national, state. and regional organizations takes part in its annual conventions, and maintains its own library shelf of books of inter- national interest in the college. Lauriger Lauriger, the senior womens honorary, has a limited membership of seven. Elec- tion is by faculty recommendation and by vote of the active chapter. The candidates character, scholarship, and leadership are the requirements considered. The Lauriger members aid the Dean of Women, assist at college functions, and help conduct fresh- man orientation. if Back Row: Zoe Kranzfelder, Bev Neff, and Miss Ream. Front Row: Hazel Eckart, Joyce Ewing, and Juanita Calhoun. President, Juanita Calhoun, S e c r e t a r y - Treasurer, Hazel Eckartg Advisor, Dean Ream. Dynamo Association The Dynamo Association is an honorary society composed of sixteen upperclass- men who have two or more years service on the college newspaper. The members are selected by recommendation of the editors and active members of the association and by approvement of the faculty. The Dynamo Association decides the policies of the school paper. President ,,,,,, Bill Long Vice President . Sam Douglass Secretary , ,,t,l,,, .. Marge Kuklo Treasurer , ,,,, Joanne Shrake Advisor . . Lyle Crist Mu Delta Tau Mu Delta Tau is a new organization just recently founded on this campus. Its purpose is the promotion of interest in medicine, dentistry, and medical technology. This organization is attempting to establish an exchange of ideas between its members and local men of these professions. The only requirement for membership is an inter- est in one of these fields as a life work. Mu Delta Tau is open to all classes. President .,..... .. Russ Thomas Vice President ....... Bill Buzogany Secretary-Treasurer Pety Moscoso Advisor ................... Dr. Norris DYNAMO ASSOCIATION Back, left to right: Sam Doug- lass, Bobbie Ports, Bob Buchs, Joanne Shrake, Marjory Kuklo, and Bill Long. Front, left to right: Judy King, Carole Engelbert, Margaret Shutt, and Dave Doughty. lVIU DELTA TAU Fourth Row: Dave Hoopes, Dr. Norris, Ken Liebfried, and John Buterbaugh. Third Row: Ted Gray, Jim Mottice, Bill Buzogany, Joe Littell, and Ed Farnham. Second Row: Phil Currie, Jim Connor, Peg Kinsel, Russ Thomas, and Bob Chapman. First Row: Nancy Jones, Yvonne Sudeck, Nancy Stelts, Janet Whalen, and Mary Ann Close. 82 l Back Row: Prof. Diehl, Bob Lang, Mildred Wright, Ginny Pratts, Hazel Eckart, Billy Lower, Norman McLeod, Lynn Boyer, and Sue Kirkhart. Middle Row: Dr. Bader, Mrs. Shreve, Dr. Cauffiel, Prof. Saffel, Prof, Webb, Prof. Osborne, and Prof. Onyett. i Front Row: Wade Berger, Randy Jacobs, Sam Douglass, Bob Buchs, and Bob Hanson. i President, Randy Jacobs, Vice President, Bob Buchs, Secretary, Hazel Eckart, Treasurer, Robert Tripp, Advisor, Dr. Currie. Back: Prof. Engle, Dr. Norris, Dave Hoopes, Russ Thomas, Bob Chapman, Ed Farnham, Prof. Scheel, and Bill Buzogany. Front: Janet Whalen, Mary Ann Close, Nancy Stelts, Joyce Smith, and Pety Moscoso. President, Russ Thomas, Vice President, Dave Hoopes, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Mary Ann Close, Advisor, Dr. Norris. Back: Florence Williams, Diane Drake, Janice Burnett, Gail Pear- son, and Iby Schlesinger. Front: Ann Hofstatter, Bev Neff, and Carole Engelbert. President, Bev Neff, Vice Presi- dent, Dave Doughty, Secretary- Treasurer, C a role Engelbert, Advisor, Mrs. Eynon. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu is the national honor society in the field of social sciences. For membership, a student must have completed at least 20 hours of social science courses with a high scholastic average. Membership is limited to 1092- of any class. PHI SIGMA Phi Sigma, the national biological honorary society, was founded at Ohio State University. The object of Phi Sigma, now in the American Association of Honor Societies, is to promote interest in biological research. To gain membership one must be a biology major with 14 hours 'of "B" or 12 hours of "A" in the major subject. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The French Club is open to second-year French students and to second semester first-year students who show excellent ability and interest in the subject. The pur- pose of the club is to learn more about the customs, culture, and language of the French plus the sponsoring of French movies. Back Row: Dean Wesley, Dormie Wells, Bruce Ketcham, Phil Currie, Randy Jacobs, and John Hill. Front Row: John Gatti, Ray Goodrich, and George Weimer. President ,, ,,,,, Ray Goodrich Secretary ,, George Weimer Advisor ,, ,,,,, Dean Wesley Interfratcrnity Council The IFC was created for the purpose of maintaining harmony and a co-operative spirit among the fraternities on campus. The Council deals with such problems as rushing rules and any other business which helps to further the betterment of the fraternities and the college. This organization sponsors the annual Open House and Inter-Fraternity Dance. The presidents and the treasurers of all the fraternities serve on the IFC and each year a different fraternity presides over the group and this is predetermined by a rotation system. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, the national honorary scholastic society for freshman girls, was installed on the Mount Union campus in the spring of 1947. Membership require- ments are that a freshman girl maintain a "B" plus or better average during her first semester. If she fails to attain the necessary average during her first semester she may still be eligible if her second semester grades raise her average for the entire year to "B" plus or above. ' 'f 84 Third Row: Bobbie Ports, Marie Dorff, Hazel Good, Nora Cav- anaugh, Judy King, Shirley Bar- rick, Naomi Bruey, Mary Carr, and Colleen Fauley. Second Row: Ginny Pratts, Dean Ream, Joan Moreland, Carolyn Keller, Ann Hofstatter, Mary Jo Hamilton, and Mary Ann Close. First Row: Kim Hanson, Barbara Garrison, Ellen Davis, Evelyn Keck, and Margery Irish. President, Shirley Barrick, Vice President, Naomi Brueyg Secre- tary, Nora Cavanaughg Treasurer, Carolyn Keller, Advisor, Mrs. Eckler, and Dean Ream. Left to right: D a v e Doughty, Carole Engelbert, and John Gatti. Dynamo Staff The Dynamo is the weekly student publication, Purpose of the paper is to keep students informed on current campus news and also to serve as the voice of the student body. Co-Editors ,,,,,,,,,,, Assistant Editors Business Manager Advisor ,,,,,,YY,.,...,., Carole Engelbert and Dave Doughty . Bobbie Ports, Judy King, and Jo Shrake John Gatti Lyle Crist Back Row: Sam Douglass, Bobbie Ports, Bill Long, Judy King, and Tom Weir. Front Row: Carol Mellor, David Doughty, Carole Engelbert, and Jo Shrake. Back Row: Pety Moscoso, Martha Hill, Peg Kinsel, Margaret Shutt, Marge Kuklo, Bob Buchs, and Ted Gray. Front Row: Ginny Pratts, Sandra Simmons, Mike Senate, Lois Chambers, Carol Kaufmann, Ann Hofstatter, and Marcene Buchs. 85 Alembroic Alembroic is an honorary chemistry society with the purpose of stimulating inter- est in chemistry as a life profession. Membership requires that a student be a chem- istry major who has completed twelve hours with an HA" average or eighteen hours with a minimum of "B" average. The meetings consist of reports, demonstrations, outside speakers, and discussions of problems of current and historical interest. F.T.A. The Mount Union Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was installed in 1944. Among the projects of the group are the sponsoring of a Future Teachers Club in the Alliance High School and an annual tea honoring the practice teachers of the year. Membership in this organization is open to all prospective teachers and gives one a junior membership in the National Education Association and the Ohio Educa- tion Association. ALEMBROIC Back Row: Dr. Pappenhagen, Joe Musteric, Dr. Coutts, and Dr. Morgan. Front Row: Chuck VVagoner, Joe Tucker, Jack Swinnerton, and Jan West. President, Jack Swinnertong Vice President, Joe Mustericg Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Connorg Advisor, Dr. Pappenhagen. FTA Fourth Row: Colleen Fauley, Ethel Morgan, Shirley Neitz, Betty Toker, Ray Goodrich, Janis Lympany, Carol Parker, Jim Sponseller, Ruth Martin, Ann Hofstatter, and Lois McDaniel. Third ROW: Shirley Brown, Linda Dickey, Mary Ann Grau, Marcheta Porter, Joanne Pigott, Hazel Good, Doris Schneider, Carol Gorby, Nell Leitch, and Marcia Miller. Second Row: Marilyn Conrath, Juanita Calhoun, Lois Tenney, Hazel Eckart, Betsy Springer, Jo Shrake, Tootie McNiece, Phyllis Barber, and Donna Lowman, First Row: Shirley Unger, Dor- othy Linton, Jayne Bachtel, Shir- ley Barrick, Norma Lowman, Prof. Webb, Ted Bender, Norman McLeod, and Bill Kuehn. President, Betsy Springerg Vice President, Hazel Eckartg Secre- tary, Tootie McNieceg Treasurer, Lois Tenneyg Advisors, Mr. Webb and Mr. Meharry. 86 ACS Third Row: Dr. Pappenhagen, Joe Musteric, Les Taylor, Dr. Morgan, Bill Fronk, John Hill, Nick Trifelos, Buddy Russell, Jan West, Glenn Black, Ted Gray, Tom Weir, and Dr. Coutts. Second Row: Charlie Everett, Chuck Wagoner, Wes Bowersock, Al Salako, and Dick Untch. First ROW: Ray Slingerland, Jack Swinnerton, Chudy Popoff, and Joe Check. President, Joe Mustericg Vice President, Charles Everett, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Ray Slinger- land, Advisors, Dr. Pappenhagen, Dr. Morgan, and Dr. Coutts. HEADLAND Third Row: Bill Franklin, Neil Edmonds, Doug Carner, Kim Hanson, Janice Moore, Garth Thompson, Mildred Wright, Nancy Wolfe, Gretchen Amstutz, Harry Lichy, George Hampshire, Ed Perkinson, and John Buchanan. Second Row: Diane Hagadorn, Ellen Davis, Dora Chappell, Yoshi Murakami, Naomi Bruey, Bill Hunter, Prof. Moore, Urith Linard, and Marian Bailey. First Row: Jim Weaver, Dick Walborn, Joe Littell, Dick Glass, Harold Matz, John Buterbaugh, and Richard Harper. President, Harry Lichyg Vice President, Bill Franklin, Secre- tary, Mildred Wright, Treasurer, N George Hampshire, Advisors, i Prof. Moore and Prof. onyett. l American Chemical Society This organization is open to students who have had chemistry and are interested in the subject. The members are entitled to subscribe to the publications of the society and to take part in the benefits of the society. The local group takes tours, sees chemistry movies, and hear outside speakers. The group is a student affiliate of the national organization. Headland Club This organization is composed of students who are preparing for Christian Work in the pastorate or in other fields of religious activity. The club was named in honor of Dr. Isaac T. Headland, former professor of religion and a missionary. One of the activities of the group is the sending out of service teams to conduct programs in nearby churches. 87 Cosmian Scholarship, leadership and service are the requirements of Cosmian, honorary fraternity for senior men. The purpose of this organization is to grant recognition to outstanding senior men. It is the duty of these men to assist the administration, faculty, and students in all constructive projects and to uphold the ideals and tradi- tions of Mount Union College. The active membership of this organization shall be restricted to no less than seven nor more than ten male members of the senior class. M. Club The "M" Club is a newly formed organization on campus. The membership is limited to men who have earned one varsity letter in any sport at Mount Union. Pur- poses of the club are to strengthen the bond of friendship, unity, and standards of athletics at Mount Union, to strengthen the athletic program, and to improve school spirit. During the year the group work actively on the campus by sponsoring dances, chapels, and mixers, it also is responsible for much of the success of the freshman orientation program in the fall. COSMIAN Back Row: Dean Wesley, George Weimer, Randy Jacobs, and Ray Goodrich. Front Row: Russ Thomas, Jack Svvinnerton, and Bob Buchs. President, Jack Swinnertong Vice President, Russ Thomas, S e c r e t a r y - Treasurer, Randy Jacobs, Advisor, Dean Wesley. "DI" CLUB Third Row: Bob Buchs, Bert Patterson, Hugh Jae, Coach George Hunter, and Dean Miller. Second Row: Al Zimmerman, Bill Humel, Vince Obmann, Jim Bolton, Jim Laughlin, Dick Koons, and John Hill. First Row: Lee Swartz, Dormie Wells, Shorty Feldbush, Joe Zelasko, Fred Wilch, and John Gatti. President, Joe Zelaskog Vice President, Al Zimmerman, Secre- tary, Bob Buchsg Treasurer, Dormie Wellsg Advisor, George Hunter. 88 S.C.A. The functions of the SCA fall under one of thc two distinct types: Functions as an agency of thc combined national Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A. and functions as an agency of the campus to provide interdenominational religious life. SCA sponsors delegates to the best leadership conferences in the country, it supports foreign needy universi- ties and also Negro universities in America, it provides all-college social functions and all-college Worship servicesg it provides underclassmen with an outlook for service through the freshmen projects, it contributes strongly to the World Student Service Fund: and it acts as a service organization to the campus and community. W'omen's Government Board The Women's Government Association is the governing body of all Mount Union coeds. All dormitory girls and all girls in private homes are members of this organi- zation and may attend the Weekly meeting. The WGB is composed of the officers of the Women's Government Association and the presidents of the dormitories. The function of the WGB is to interpret, enforce, and improve the regulations which govern the dormitory girls. SCA Mary Jo Hamilton. Prof. Moore. VVGB Mary Lou Pilmer. Ream. Advisor, Dean Ream 89 Back Row: Joanne Pigott D1ck Cannon, Prof. Moore Sam Doug lass, and Dick Tickner Front Row: Betsy Sprmgci Carol Gorby, Pety Moscoso Jan Donaldson, Carole Evans and President, Carole Evans Vice President, Dick Tickner Secie tary, Mary Jo Hamilton Treas urer, Sam Douglass Advisor Back Row: Judy Van Nosti in Marty Loychik, Joyce Mack and Front Row: Collccn Fauley Jo Shrake, Carol Parker and Miss President, Carol Pai kci V ICC President, Colleen Pauley Sec retary-Treasurer, J Shrake EIU PHI EPSILON Back: Martha Fitzpatrick, Mary Carr, Neva Hccstand, and Jane Ann Miller. Front: Esther Stoffer, Juanita Calhoun, Marie Dorff, and Carole Linn. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national honorary music fraternity open to sophomore, junior, and senior Women who are outstanding in the field of music. Membership selections are based upon scholar- ship, musicianship, character, and personality with faculty recom- mendation in the major subject. President, Esther Stofferg Vice President, Juanita Calhoung Sec- retary, Neva Heestandg Treas- urer, Jane Ann Millerg Advisor, Mrs. Paul Whear. MADRIGALS The Madrigals is an honorary group of singers chosen through tryouts. To be eligible for this select group one must have a "B" average in academic work, a kcen sense of musicianship, and the ability to sight-read music. This group has given many programs in the community and in sur- rounding cities. Back: Richard Ralston, Bob Rhodes, Prof. McIntosh, and Ralph Jones. Front: Ann Streaty, Esther Stoffer, Eva Lynn Pugh, Juanita Calhoun, Jane Denton, and Blanche Greaves. VVAA Back: Nancy Dailey, J a n c Mackey, Sandra Simmons, Joyce Ewing, and Carol Mellor. Front: Jo Shrake, Carolyn Cowie, Tootie McNiece, and Mrs. Joy Houk. The purpose of WAA is to inter- est all women students in ath- letics and to encourage them to participate and co-operate in sports. Every woman becomes a non-active member upon regis- tration in college, but may be- come an active member by par- ticipating in the seasonal sports and the social program. Awards are given to active members on the basis of points earned. The governing body of the organiza- tion is composed of a board of two members of each sorority and Signet. President, Joyce Ewing, Vice President, Jo Shrake, Secretary, Tootie McNieceg Treasurer, Caro- lyn Cowie, Advisor, Mrs. Houk. i Mount Union Players MUP has been formed to act as a nucleus through which plays and other dra- matic endeavors are promoted. Anyone interested in dramatics and play production may join. Membership selection is based on a point system and points are awarded for Working on a staff as well as for acting. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council is composed of these members of each sorority on campus: The president of the sorority, a girl who serves as an officer of Panhellenic, and a girl who serves as a voting member. The Council seeks to promote closer con- tact and deeper friendship among the four sororities. It is also responsible for all inter-sorority activities such as sorority, rushing, pledging and initiation. MUP Third Row: Sam Ditch, Bill Buzogany, Linda Young, Zoe Kranzfelder, Bobbie Ports, Bob Hanson, and Grace Good. Second Row: Prof. Briggs, Sus- annah White, Judy King, Carole Evans, Ann Morris, Carole Engel- bert, Hazel Good, Lois Chambers, and Carole Duncan. First Row: Tony Bianco, Tom McDonald. Dave Doughty, Chris King, Mary Lou Pilmer, Gretchen Amstutz, and Nancy Neeley. President, Zoe Kranzfelder, Vice President, Bob Hanson, Sec- retary, Judy King, Treasurer, Ann Morris, Advisor, Mr. Briggs. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Back Row: Carol Parker, Sharon Kinder, Joyce Ewing, Judy King, Zoe Kranzfelder, and Carol Hall. Front Row: Charlene Zorlenzan, Miss Ream, Bev Neff, Sis Thorpe, and Hazel Eckart. President, Bev Neff, Vice Presi- dent, Betsy Springer, Secretary, Sis Thorpe, Treasurer, Nancy Rohrbacher, Advisors, Miss Keck and Miss Ream. 91 .xi.lE! :Yz . ,. ' ' Gi i'h1f5YUHW Marching Band Hy, Fifth Row: Carl Evans, Sue Kirkhart, Linda Dickey, Shirley Abrams, Richard Ralston, Neva Heestand, George Tuel, Bob Smith, Ed Smith, Karl Poland, Nick Trifelos, Leroy Case. Fourth Row: Buddy Clark, Wes Hisey, Marv Jenkins, Marty Jo Tracey. Jane Denton, Juanita Calhoun, Jane Miller. Esther Stoffer, Mary Carr, Buddy Wilson, and J. M. Weaver. Third Row: Ray Orlando, Jack Leister, Delores Smith, Barbara Garrison, Janice Moore, Nancy Jo Sivey, Marie Dorff, Diane Hagadorn, Betty Fahner, Nancy Jones, Tcd Bowers, and Paul Whear. Second Row: Harry Boals, Vivian Smith, Betty Fullmer, Larry Lafferty, David McIntosh, Betty Shutt. Carole Linn, Dick Cordingly, Stan Wagy, Sue Andrews, Bill Hill, and Howard Baldwin. First Row: Nell Leitch, Janet Frazer, Ray Slingerland, Jean Kirk, Ann Wade, and Shirley Bush. Concert Band 92 Choir Professor Cecil Stewart joined the Mount Union staff in Septem- ber of 1946 and has been here as Associate Professor of Music ever since. A graduate of the Westminster Choir School in Dayton, he has studied at Ithaca College, Northwestern University, and Western Reserve University. Listed in 'tWho's Who in the Midwest" and "Who's Who in Methodism," he is easily recognized when on tours with the choir by his bright yellow leather cap. During the summer, Mr. Stewart directed the huge choir at the Chautauqua Summer Session, an honor given annually to one of the nation's leading choir directors. Fourth Row: Bob Rhodes, Wes Hisey, Vinson Tate, Monty Miller, Doug Carner, Ralph Jones, Sam Douglass, David McIntosh, John Buchanan, Steve Griebling, Tom McDonald, and Buddy 'Wilson. Third Row: Jerry Putland, Bill Ryan, Marv Jenkins, Bob Holstein, Eddie Durbin, Bob Jenkins, Phil Miraglata, Phillip Gehm, Dave Lynn, Chris King, and Bill Hill. Second Row: Betty Fullmer, Betty Miller Fahner, Shirley Unger, Ruth Guildoo, Neva Heestand, Esther Stoffer, Colleen Fauley, Juanita Calhoun, Nancy Jones, Eva Lynn Pugh, Blanche Greaves, and Jan Donaldson. First Row: Joanne Pigott, Jean Dietrich, Ann Streaty, Mary Lou Mane, Marcheta Porter, Sandra Simmons, Mary Lou Hukill, Marie Dorff, Elinor Schneider, Jane Denton, Lois Chambers, Jane Miller, and Prof. Cecil Stewart. A fi 'S 3 5 ,Q if Q Q -R 2 .a aw hx Q 5? .Q E E 5 2 3 2 E S W 5 E 2 fs Rf 2: Z EI E ? 2 ae sf 3 E E 9 ia Y 52 ix E S S v f ei :K 51 if :Q Z5 51 59 3 5 ifmliffw -' WSIB 'S:ff-S82Y?i'33f!'1vRi2mN'!Uw?fZ2iKaG"Z4Q'5nM'5:?23iQ s'i'iG - V' 'iffli LAST? Nffmwzl Y, swim wi-a1f?fx'3Z2h35?".1L'XTfVVi2:Qs.Q?:"'R'S2"W""m"'4 1wl51f"3xi:k:1ii?Q E Q E 3 3 S 6 5 2 3 5 4 a ,,'Tf-'fWW9P'?fmw+'N ? W3W.l1 ' ' L , Football Coaches Bert Federici, George Hunter, Head Coach Bully Jones, Dick Drake, Jack Rafeld, and John Gatti. Third Row: Assistant Coach Jack Rafeld, Dick Cartwright, Vince Zavarelli, Ed Baldwin, Bill Beckett, Curt Rehfuss, Dean Miller, Ron Abel, Jim Dawson, Pat Anderson, Jim Hanna, Mike Garcia, Dale Beltz, Bill Fronk, Art Eick, Mgr. Tom Crawley, Statistician Bob Buchs, and Eddie Stevens. Second Row: Assistant Coach John Gatti, Mgr. John Valente, Dave Kaercher, Harry Fuhrman, Lee Swartz, Caesar Churchwell, Art Spencer, Ged Bryant, Corny Vanderbilt, Al Kornpara, Harry De Lapp, Fred Wilch, Jack Clements, Jim Bolton, Joe Zelasko, Hugh Jae, Trainer Dave Hoopes, and Head Mgr. Bill Humel. First Row: Assistant Coach George Hunter, Head Coach Bully Jones, John Stranges, Ron Novkov, Bill Wyland, Roger Stitle, Ken Parker, Dormie Wells, Dave Behrendt, J, D. Ray, Bill Berger, Gene Shelkey, Jim Laughlin, Dick Koons, Asisstant Coach Dick Drake, and Assistant Coach Bert Federici. 96 The Raiders burst their opener high and wide with spectacular long runs to throw over the Tigers from Salem, West Virginia, 39-6. Down went the Rough Riders from Case Tech in the second encounter, 25-13. The victory was as- surcd in the last quarter when Case, attempting to punt, had their kick blocked by Jed Bryant. The pigskin bounced into the end zone and Fred Wilch seized it for the final Purple tally. Still flaming, Mount overcame a strong Denison team, 28-27. The story here is that Mount's 28 points were scored before Denison broke zero. Next game, 35-13, as the Findlay Oilers fell to the Purple. Mount Union was undefeated! A Rubber Bowl crowd of 8,300 saw undefeated Akron University meet the Raiders, hold a half- time edge, 16-0, and hand the Hilltoppers their initial loss by squeezing out a 16-15 victory. Next, Ohio Wesleyan, the Ohio Conference champions, played host to the Raiders and managed a win by the margin 17-6. The Battling Bishops went on to finish the season undefeated. 97 When a short number of "green" Raiders put on purple uniforms, play red-hot ball until their foes turn white in the faces, they deserve the old glory and some of the new also. That's the story of the 1953 Mount Union football season. A 39-man squad, composed of 24 freshmen, seven sophomores, five juniors, and held together by three weathered seniors, did just that. A non-expressive record of five wins and four losses tells only part of the story. Their rugged schedule of opponents tells more. 2 5 5 9 Q 5 5 5 5 Z as S E E is 1: 14 2 5 3 KL 2 E Q E 3 S ii R Q 5 Q fi ,Q Q s E Q S Es E E E S 2 2 2 R X. Q 2 v i S Q S .1 if 5 5 if L F p 5 F0 NU WAN--GY Xvwvwmwaivmxwifmvw " EHS. ES' WWNNH5 E5E'fi:SESN 39XsifN'SR53 EfSNQmK52S42XiQBSi2J if5iK5eX'?GXKkM'NEl55i,S-2Q1ZZ?wbiZi..,?f ii ' S xl. - fax in Us Si - fi 153555 ini i I - -S1 - We S QS SSG ?i45!QiX??sM5.ElSL1FiXi2?ps f,'RlQ1N1'5?3???W"?lKWif?5.'i'K?aisTwf ,, ,NYSE .... ,. .......... 1 .mf , 1 Nw muwmw.. W..- Www. -,K ,I um., Mount's lowest point of the season showed next against high-flying Baldwin- Wallace, 33-0. It was Dad's Day, High School Day, the last game of the season, the Raiders had lost their last four games, and were trailing Muskingum in the last period. 23-21. Then it happened. Hugh Jae, knocked unconscious a few minutes pre- viously, came back into the fray and broke it up, sending the fans home with something to talk about, with a spectacular aerial to freshman Dave Kaercher in the end zone. At the gun, it was Mount 28, the Fighting Muskies 23, a fitting climax to the three sparkling collegiate careers of Fred Wilch, Hugh Jae, and Jed Bryant. All-Ohio Conference mentions were bestowed for the season on Hugh Jae, Ged Bryant, Caesar Churchwell, Dormie Wells, and Fred Wilch. Statistically, the year summed up like this. Mount scheduled nine teams for the 1953 season, five of whom had compiled the edge in wins during previous seasons. They were Denison, Baldwin-Wallace, Muskingum, Ohio Wesleyan, and Case Tech. The Raiders defeated three of these. Total points scored by the Hilltoppers, 176, matched identically the 176 scored against them. Offensively leaders for the Purple were Hugh Jae, Ed Baldwin, and J. D. Ray with 807, 318, and 281 net yards gained respectively. Jae was the scoring leader with 54 points. Jim Bolton led the receivers with 15 passes caught for a total gain of 279 yards. i Q Lettermen-Left to right: Phil Currie, Fred VVilch, Lee Thomas, and Shorty Feldbush. Basketball Roaring down the win trail, the '53-54 edition of the Purple Raiders racked up their best season in the current memory of present Mount students, with 14 wins and eight losses. The Purple opened with a win over Steubenville before being dropped by Otte1'- bein and Wittenberg. The .500 mark seemed to be just a jumping off place as they downed Kenyon. Then came Muskingum in the Youngstown Tourney and Wooster afterwards to put a dark outlook to a young season. Undaunted. the Purple and White then put on their scoring jerseys and swept over Heidelberg. Ashland, Youngs- town, and Case before dropping one to John Carroll. The Huntermen again turned on the heat to walk over Capital, Muskingum, Ohio Wesleyan, Fenn, and Denison before losing to the Ohio Conference champs, Marietta. Akron and Oberlin were then annexed to the Hilltoppers victory string before Kent State and Western Reserve blunted the Raider eutlasses. Saving the best till last the Mounters ended this season with a smashing 107-71 lark over Hiram. Two school records were smashed that fateful night. Lee Thomas, the consistent Raider high point man. broke two of the great Bill Herman's all-time records. Lee's total points against Hiram was 37 despite Seniors-Left to right: Phil Cllrrie, Shorty Feldbush, and Fred Wilch. 102 BASKETBALL SCORES :Woungstown Tournament MUC OPP. 71 64 sfeubcnviiie 58 S3 58 Otterbein 59 73 60 VVittenberg 79 61 70 Kenyon 53 62 71 Muskingum 672 62 74 Wooster 79 ESO 63 Heidelberg 57 0? 77 Ashland sz lg? 64 Youngstown 62 ' 63 Case 52 72 John Carroll 81 75 Capital 67 ' ' T560 -V ver R9 if Q Q . Wfzliky-- . .,., NN. mx Lee TIIOIIIHS 4th in Ohio Conference Muskingum 50 Ohio Wesleyan 71 Fenn 41 Denison 58 Marietta 90 Akron 58 Oberlin 45 Kent State 66 Western Reserve 74 Hiram 71 Won 14 Lost 8 Jim Nace and Coach George Hunter. his many assists, to 'top by one, Herman's 36. In doing this the Columbiana flash chalked up 404 markers for the season, shattering Herman's all-time record of 387. Team averages were very pleasing, showing the Purple Raiders both proficient and accurate. The Mounters took 1499 action shots, making 542 for a .361 percentage as compared with the combined opponent totals of 1625 shots for 512 completions and a .315 average. The foul shooting record is not quite so commendable, as the Raiders came up with 437 points in 736 shots for a .593 average, as compared to 381 out of 622 for a .612 average, to nose out the Purple percent- age wise. Combining these, the Raider cagers piled up 1521 points to their opponents 1408, averaging in 22 games 69.1 to 64.0, a fine job over some tough opponents. His records: Single game-37 points against Hiram, 1954. Single season+404 points, 1953- 54. First Team, All-Ohio Conference. Honor- able Mention, All-Ohio. Third Row: Head Mgr. Fritz Lautenschlagcr, Tom Whippler, John Morey, Jlm Vogelgesang, Bob Covert, Joe Jackson, John VVilliams, and Coach George Hunter. Second Row: Steve Tucker, Jim Bolton, Corny Vander- bilt, Jim Walton, Bob Green, Dick Cannon, Phil Currie, and Bruce Pumphrey. First Row: Lee Thomas, Fred Wilch, Shorty Feldbush. Mgr. John Valente, Bert Patterson, Ed Jordan, and Dick Koons. 1013 25 m lf, :L 35 " ' if la i - qv N X185 X R! gifs? Q? QA QJM W x isis. .N , N-A 5 ww, ' sz, A X6 5 Mig QT. gui! W J Q x Alternate Carol Gnrhy, Wlari- lynn Morgan, Linda Gordon, Betsy Springer, Sis Thorpe, Mary Lon Hukill, Nancy Molnar, and alter- nate Marilyn Anderson. 105 Cheerleaders ,NUM Baseball Opening the season with a victorious "March through Dixie," the Purple Raider diamond squad continued to roll dur- ing their regular schedule, posting an over-all record of 13-5. The spring trip saw wins over Catholic University, Bridge- water, Maryland State, and two over Potomac State, while losing to the non-collegiate Bolling Air Force Base. The Raiders lost only one tilt to Hiram while downing Oberlin, Akron, Fenn, VVooster, and Westminster, on the new diamond behind Hartshorn Stadium. On the road the Mounters dropped Bethany, Hiram, and Ohio Wesleyan, while losing to Wooster, Allegheny, Kent State, and Westminster. Woos- ter's fighting Scots were the only squad to shut out the hustling Mounters. Pitching was the keynote of the year with the Raiders pulling more than one ball game out of the fire by excellent hurling. Headers in the attack were Jack Sponseller, Ed Shultz, Jimmy Laughlin, Bill Gay, and Bob Buchs. Things point to another fine season for Jack Rafeld's boys and perhaps the mythical Ohio Conference championship, even though such stalwarts as Jack Sponseller, Art Evans, Ed Shultz, Jack Durham, and Bill Gay are lost to the new squad. Scores MUC Spring Trip OPP. 6 9 Catholic University 5 2 1 Bolling Air Force Base 8 2 15 Bridgewater 4 10 14 Potomac State 7 4 9 Potomac State 5 1 14 Maryland State 6 9 9 Regular Season 4 5 Bethany College 3 14 0 Wooster College 4 8 VVon 13 Lost 5. Oberlin College Allegheny College Kent State Ohio Wesleyan Hiram Westminster College Akron Fenn College Wooster College Hiram College Westminster College Second in Ohio Conference. Third Row: Bill Gay. Lefty Rowles, John Moiq Hank Siefke Jim Laughlin and Coach Jack Rafcld. Second Row: Vince Obmann, Joe Zelasko Lou Beltiami Fied Slaele Joe Tucker, and Dick Koons. First Row: Art Evans, Jack Spcnsellei Jack Duiham Bob Buchs and Po Shultz. 1953 Ohio Conference Golf Lady Luck beamed upon the Mount linksmen as they eopped the Ohio Conference championship late in a highly successful season which showed Coach Pat Engelbert's squad coming up with six wins to three losses. This marked the first time that a Raider squad has come home with an O. C. championship trophy. The Raiders posted a team score of 324 despite wet links. There was a two-way tie for the runnerup spot, with Wooster and Denison sharing it, after each had carded a team score of 325. Ohio Wesleyan University's Battling Bishops, the defend- ing champions, finished three strokes behind Mount Union with a card of 327, good for fifth position. The scrap for individual medal honors wound up in a tri- angular finish with Jack Colwell of Mount Union, Mel Riebe of the Wooster Scots and Bob Stewart of the Marietta Pioneers each clicking off a score of 76. Mount Union compiled the following team score: Colwell, 39-37-76, Don Hume, 38-39--775 Dick Keller, 38-47+85, and Vie Domeneetti, 43-43-86. Although Colwell, via graduation, will be lost to the 1954 squad, everything points to another victorious season. MUC 15 52 'IW 14 lk 13 7 BS 11 ll 9 1 Champions Jack Colwell Scores Fenn College Denison University Hiram College Vxfooster College Ohio Wesleyan University Akron University Ohio Conference Golf Meet-Champions Oberlin College Oberlin College Westminster College Won 6 Lost 3 First in Ohio Conference Back Row: Don Hume, Jack Colwell, Coach Pat Engelbert, and Vie Domencetti. Front ROW: Jim Connor, Barry Vogeli, Dick Keller, and Dick Mallory. 107 OPP 14, 895 ll! ,I 2 fu O 8 BQ 9 5 7 3 Third Row: John Gatti, Bert Patterson, Art Spencer, Harry DeLapp, Bruce Wilhelm, Don Eshler, and Coach Bully Jones. Second Row: Jim Bolton, Morgan Damerow, Bob Smith, Jerry Putland, Dick McEntarfer, John Hill, and Dale Block. First Row: Dean Miller, Joe Cosentino, Dick Tickner, Caesar Churchwell, Jim Wise, and Ken Pelton. Track Although the 1953 track team only posted a 5-4 record whilc placing fifth in the Ohio Confer- ence meet, Coach Bully Jones can well be proud of what is and will be a top-flight team. Though badly riddled by graduation, the team created its own stars, especially in the outstanding freshman flash Dale Block. The lanky speedster is undefeated in the sprints, having won nine times in the 100 and ten times in the 220. Included in these victories are the two Ohio Conference championships he won doing the 100 in 10 flat and the 220 in 2l:9. He also ran on three-mile relay winners including the Ohio Conference winner, and once ran the 440 dash, winning it. Doing most of the performing for the Raiders in the sprints were the following: 220-yard dash, Block and Caesar Churchwellg high and low hurdles. Bert Patterson and Dick Ticknerg 440-yard dash, Jim Bolton and Morgan Damerowg and 880-yard relay, Churchwell, Patterson, Block and Bolton. In the distance events, those carrying the mail were: mile and two-mile run, Jim Wise and Dick McEntarfer, 880-yard run, John Hill, and mile relay, Hill, Damerow, Bob Smith, Jerry Putland, and Ken Pelton. Toeing the mark in field events were: shot-put, John Gattig discuss, Corny Van- derbilt, and Patterson, high jump, Bolton, Tickner, and Patterson, broad jump, Patterson, Bolton, and Peltong and pole vault, Joe Cosentino and Patterson. VVisc. Damerow, and Smith will be the only men lost to the 1954 squad. The season showed wins over Fenn, Heidelberg, John Carroll, Wooster, and Hiram, while dropping decisions to Slippery Rock, Denison, Geneva, and Akron. The Raiders' star studded squad will bc a powerful threat to all opposi- tion this spring. Morgan Damerow Jim Bolton 108 Tennis Victories over Hiram and Muskingum were the bright spots in the tennis slate this vear. On the minus side of the ledger were reverses by Fenn, Wooster, John Carroll, Allegheny, Ohio Wesleyan, Akron, and Case. The picture would have been a little brighter if the squad of Bill Spiker, Phil Currie, Chudy Popoff, Orloff Miller, and Don Nixon, hard hit by graduation, had had a little bit more luck. Breaks win games and bad ones lose them. The Purple team just came out on the short end of the toss. The 1954 squad of Coach George Hunter, while losing Nixon, Jim Carter, and Miller promises to be of high caliber. Back Row: Chuck Wagoner, Jim Carter, Phil Currie, Orloff Miller, and Coach George Hunter. Front Row: Don Nixon, Bill Spiker, and Chudy Popoff. TENNIS SCORES MUC 1 Fenn College 1 Wooster College 4 Hiram College 2 John Carroll University 1 Allegheny College 5 Muskingum 0 Ohio Wesleyan l Akron University 0 Case Won 2 Lost 7 MUC 6916 42 69 we 31 53 90 52 We 6416 75 109 Fifth Place OPP. 6 6 3 5 6 2 7 6 7 TRACK SCORES Fenn College Slippery Rock Heidelberg College Denison University Geneva John Carroll University Akron-Muskingum 63 Wooster College Hiram Won 5 Lost 3 Bert Patterson Dale Block OPP. 58 14 SO 5612 96 69 37 -45 164 6219 52 in Ohio Conference Womenes Intramurals Playdays, field trips, and All-Star games highlighted the women's athletics this school year. The annual "Powder Bowl" football game played by the sorority All- Stars consisted of Purdue and Michigan State teams. Under the lights in Hartshorn Stadium the teams battled to a 12-0 decision with the Purdue team emerging the victor. Volleyball and basketball also shared in the spotlight in the past season. The senior girls took first place in volleyball only to be defeated by the juniors in basket- hall. All season the Mount Union station-wagon was seen heading for the four corners of the state. The hockey team journeyed to Kent and Wooster, the Volleyball squad visited Notre Dame, and cagers trouped to Akron to participate in activities with the other schools. When the birds flew back to their summer homes, the softball teams took to the open fields to round out a successful sports season topped by the annual WAA ban- quet. At this time numerals, letters, jackets, and special trophies were given to the girls who had earned their required points. With the beginning of exams the equipment was once again put hack on the shelves to be lifted down for another season next September. ll0 Men's Intramurals Football, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong, track, and softball are the sports which make up the men's intramural program, which is under the direction of Jack Rafeld. This program thus presents something that appeals to everyone. Leagues are set up for each of these sports except ping-pong and track, and the competition is furnished by the five fraternities and usually an independent team, While tournaments are run off to determine the champion in ping-pong and track. Trophies, of course, are given to the champion in all of these sports. The SAES Won their fourth straight football title last fall, and did it by going undefeated and unseored upon. The ASPs, PKTs and SAES Won the three volleyball league togas and in the interleague playoffs, the men of Phi Kappa Tau emerged as 1954 volleyball champions. At the writing of this the other champions have not yet been determined. lll x x E 2 E x s E Q , BRA ? ?Gm."mX'S'17'F?G5.5S' 3 Lii2'Xii iQiiQ,HfBR?hiA: A I Court The queen has been crowned and all the court is radiant after the long-awaited half-time cere- monies that highlight thc Home- coming Game. This year's court, standing left to right: Celia "Sis" Thorpe, Alpha Tau Omegag Zoe Kranz- felder, Sigma Alpha Epsilong Queen Marilynn Weiser, Phi Kappa Taug last year's queen, Priscilla Rohaley Sponsellorg Mary Jo Hamilton, Alpha Sigma Phi, and Carol Kenmuir, Sigma Nu. Homecoming Sigma Nu The Sigma Nus literally "ran away" with the prize this year. Their motivated giant was 13 feet high, while his "destination" tow- cred a mere 18 feet. This spectacle enacted the slogan "VVE'VE GOT DENISON ON THE RUN," Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega took the honors in soror- ity competition with their huge honey bear and the commanding slogan, "GIVE THEM THE STING OF DEFEAT-NO SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY." The colorful bear, surrounded by swarming bees, was dipping his paw into the coveted jar of honey. H omecomin UBB!! K , 1 1 l Blonde, blue-eyed Marilynn Weiser Morgan, candidate of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, wears with grace the coveted crown of the 412g,,7, 1953 Homecoming Queen. Chosen bv an all-college ballot, Marilynn " 'fffvnv was crowned by the 1952 Queen "Bunny" Rohaley Sponsellorg and she wore the traditional royal purple robe as she presided over the halftime ceremonies of the Homecoming game with Denison. .QL A member of Alpha Chi Omega, Marilynn served her sorority as rush chairman. Along with being a varsity 1 cheerleader, she also belongs to WAA 14704 and SCA. She received special honor lg when she was chosen as the 1953 Sweet- 5 Q heart of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity and fin " as Maid of Honor on the May Day 'flu' , A 5 Q ' Court. Marilynn resides in Jewett, 'Ui "Vi .,r Ohio, and is majoring in Secretarial ti-1 Arts. 115 The Queen and her court smile for photographers follow- Dance chairmen take time out ing the intermission announcement of the winning candidate. prior to intermission to count the Left to right are: Blanche Greaves, Alpha Delta Pig Marcia ballots which decided the choice Miller, last year's Queen, Alpha Chi Omegag Juanita Calhoun, of Queen. Queen, Alpha Xi Deltag Mary Lou Hukill, Delta Delta Delta, and Shirley Barrick, Alpha Chi Omega. Mardi Gras ueen Versatility is the keynote of this year's Mardi Gras Queen, Miss Juanita Calhoun of Canton, who was chosen by an all-student ballot taken prior to the dance. Announcement of the Queen and her court came during the intermission at the dance which has come to be one of the favorite social events of the school year. Active in the campus affairs, Juanita is a music education major, and serves as corresponding secre- tary of her sorority. She serves as president of Lauriger and vice presi- dent of Mu Phi Epsilon and takes part in the activities of the Mount Union Choir, the Madrigal Singers, Chorale, Student Christian Associa- tion, and Future Teachers of America. Alpha Sigs sing for Brother Ed Robb as he Ed Farnham escorts Helen Wright from serenades Alpha Delt Emma Blattler. Elliott Hall following her Serenade as the Bobbie Ports watches from a eandle-lit window as the Sig Alphs serenade her. ' 117 Alpha Xis look on. erenaders One of the loveliest of campus traditions is the annual fraternity Sweet- heart Serenade. Originated by the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, the custom of the Serenade is that senior girls or girls pinned to senior men may be serenaded. Tradition sets the serenade at Elliott Hall where the girls sit in the dormitory in a candle lighted window. As each fraternity serenades, the coed is presented with a bouquet of flowers from her escort. kk s A bright-eyed junior coed from Cuyahoga Falls Wears the coveted crown of the Queen of the May, Miss Colleen Fauley, an Alpha Xi Delta, was chosen over all other junior coeds by judges from Akron and Hiram. She presided over the traditional May Day ceremonies on the campus May 8. Colleen has served her sorority as historian, scholarship chairman, and treasurer. A member of the Women's Government Board, she has held the position of vice president of the group. She also takes part in the activities of the Mount Union Choir, the SCA, WAA, Chorale, and Unonian. During her freshman year she was elected presi- dent of Miller Hall and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta scholastic honorary. 118 Court The Queen and her court pose for photographs following the announcement of their selection. Left to right are: fBack rowl Janet Donaldsong Maid of Honor, Marilynn Morgang Queen, Colleen Fauleyg and Nance Siegenthaler. tFr0nt row! Marcia Miller, Mar- garet Wild, Celia Thorpe, and Carol Bailey. Marilynn and Colleen point out the "Big Day." Junior girls congratulate the Queen and her court just after the judges announce their de- Cision. 119 l Unonian ueen Chosen to the honored position of 1953 Unonian Queen is Zoe Kranzfelder, senior coed from Alliance. Zoe was elected by all-college ballot from a field of nine senior candidates. Talented in dancing, both tap and ballet, Zoe teaches dancing classes of her own each week. She has served for three consecutive years as choreographer for several of the May Day dances. During her senior year Zoe served her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta as president. Previously she acted as activities chairman. A member of Lauriger, she is president of the Mount Union Players. She also belongs to the Panhellenic Council and SCA. She served as a varsity cheerleader during her freshman and sophomore years. ! I I5 s S 4 2 5 If ' f l ,aw A large crowd of parents and friends gather at Scott Plaza to see the annual Illumination Night performance. Alpha Delta Pi sorority girls pay close ' attention to their song leader as they sing. The Phi Taus file onto the Plaza steps as they prepare to sing their two selec- tions. Illumination Night An annual tradition eagerly awaited each year by the fraternity and sorority members on campus is Illumination Night, Sponsored by the Student Senate the college songfest was held late in the spring on Scott Plaza before the library. Vince Obmann, chairman, announced the 1953 winners, Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Kappa Tau. Illumination Night received its name from the custom of placing lighted candles around the college lakes on the night of the sing. A trophy is awarded to the win- ning sorority and fraternity and Winners are decided each year by judges especially invited for the occasion. 121 Social Snaps Social Snaps Your Future loohs Good in a Lag f'-5 IOHN SEXTON 6. CO. Telephone S Career F Q College Girls will find- a good place to work. . .good friends to work with . . . good salaries with regular raises and good chances for advancement at Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers P. O. BOX 1677 PITTSBURGH 30, PA. THE OHIO BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY O Compliments of THE CRESCENT ICE AND FOR JEWELRY OF QUALITY COAL COMPANY Mahoning and Auld Streets QUALITY COAL PHONE 6253 Compliments of STEWART BROS. PAINT CO. ALLIANCE, OHIO KARL F. FIEGENSCHUH Sterling Silver By World Famous Silversmiths DIAMONDS - WATCHES Phone 4195 207 E. Main Zum 641414044 774o1fa7m,e4e'z4 Specdahgueg on Pmtzadazec, Eompaedea and Dance P44804 Il Y iirfqf-.ZH if-1 - ' - '.-fl. - -wr: -- -Hn s-, . ,. . , ., ,Lf 1'157X1": ' '. 3-, -L -N..1 13341 Flaja and S Dairy Foods of Supreme Quality MILK AND ICE CREAM Laboratory Controlled GRADE "A" MILK In the New Plastic Coated Leakproof Carton THE SUPREME DAIRY CO. Dial 6148 125 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 THE ALLIANCE CLAY PRODUCT COMPANY One of Ohio's Oldest and Largest Manufacturers of Face Brick Compliments of Compliments of , K . LEED S IEWELRY SEARS ROEBUC CO Complete One-Stop Shopping Phone 1-2316 550 E' Main 436 East Main Phone 1-5391 IAY'S C l' t f Most UNUSUAL STORE Omp men S 0 Now Ilafldliflg UfliOl'1 College Stationery Phone 9202 546 E. Main Phone 1-0868 805 S. Arch Micro Filming General Photography QRWIG MOTOR CO- MILLER-Ho1LEs STUDIOS 75 West Glamorgan lluur Dogg 437 E. Market St. Alliance UA Fine Studio, in a Fine City" Pontiac LEROY IRISH EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR Sales Service Cellars-Sewers-Grading PHONE 6261 2097 Center Ave. !HillcrestJ Phone 2275 Depend On Stark's For Favorite National Brands . . . That You Know Give You Utmost In Quality, Styling and Value Go Stark's For Friendly Shopping 32 Complete Depts. - 2 Large Floors Compliments of ENGL!-XND'S THE REXALL DRUG STORE STERN 5: MANN CO. Canton, Ohio Phone 2266 Park at Main Compliments of O. Heitsman Phone 1-5397 24 Hour Service UNION AVENUE GL I-IEITSMAN MOTOR CO. ASS CO' DESOTO - PLYMOUTH V. Bonfert 1222 North Union Avenue HCOMPLETE GLASS SERVICE" Alliance, Ohio GRAY'S SPORTING GOODS Compliments Jackets, Sweaters and Athletic Goods of 13 West State St. Phone 1-2404 Alliance, Ohio MOUNT UNION NEWS Cliff Gray Guy Rastetter Phone 1-5635 2024 S. Union WE OWN Compliments of OUR OWN PLANT SINGER CLEANERS ANN BABY SHOPPE 4 Hour Odorless Cleaning 349 E. Main Street Alterations and Repairs Reweaving Service Phone 1-8833 Alliance, Ohio ALLIANCE, OHIO INSURANCE SERVICE As You Like It IOHN E. BAY AGENCY 29 S. Arch Ave. Phone 4284 Compliments of ALLIANCE BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. 0 Coal O Builders' Supplies 0 Transit Mixed Concrete Compliments of DIME SAVINGS BANK Canton, Ohio Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation NICHOL'S 5c TO 51.00 STORE Mount Union Square SAVE NICKELS AT NICHOLS MT. UNION BARBER SHOP SPECIALISTS IN HAIRCUTS FOR MEN AND WOMEN N. F. Barth - E. W. Young "Pete" Milner Compliments of THE I. T. WEYBRECHT'S SON'S COMPANY l0l,0 East Broadway Phone 6215 Alliance's Oldest Lumber and Supply Dealer Meet Your Friends For Lunches, Dinners, Sandwiches At The SUNLITE DINER Miller and State on Campus 129 Plumbing - Heating - Ventilating - Air Conditioning Systems Industrial and Power Piping Incinerators - Garbage Grinder - Dishwashers - Automatic Clothes Washers A and Dryers THE A. C. EYNON CO. Contractors - Engineers 236 Walnut Ave. N. E. Dial 4-5153 Canton, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '54 EMILIO MOSCOSO - Y Srs E. L. BATTERSHELL OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 22 E. State Street Mount Union Square MOUNT UNION LUMBER INC. For the Finest in Quality - Service - Courtesy Call the Lumber 6101 2207 S. Union Ave. Alliance, Ohio For Famous Names In Shoes It Is SHRIGLEY 6. MEHL SMART SHOES AT COMFORTABLE PRICES Lexington Hotel Bldg. Compliments of BOWMAN HARDWARE CO. Mount Union Square "BAND - ORCH" The Complete Music Store Conn and Olds Band Instruments Phone 1-7132 38 S. Freedom LEMBRIGI-IT'S BAKERY Compliments of Lembright's Donald Duck Bread TURNER DRUG STORES Serving Mount Union College For Years Compliments of BLUMENSTIEL- MCNALLY J EWELERS 419 E. Main Street Alliance, Ohio Compliments of 'THE MCCONNELL AGENCY Compliments of GEM CLAY FORMING CO. I M GRADS OF ' 4 W May you all find this proud occasion a gateway to success in your chosen field Good luck, one and all. I f 1 SPRING - HOLZWARTH 132 Congratulations to the Class of 1954 We Also Welcome Dr. Carl Bracy We Know You Will Like Mount Union College and the City of Alliance THE COPE ELECTRIC CO. Next to the Postofficc I Downtown J CUNNINGHAM'S Distinctive Furniture A. Murray Cunningham Phone 7250 Res. Phone 8-2659 314 E. Main St. Alliance, Ohio Imports China Crystal SIVEY'S GIFT SHOP 24 West State Alliance Joseph Sivey, Owner Ruth Sivey, Manager 670 West State, Route 62 7 Ohio 'BEAM we1.Mfulf'A15'v1'uA,,! MUIIINEY ALUMINUM COMBINATION A storm door in winter Ascreen doorin summer! The finest combination door you can buy! P ALLIANCEWARE INC. ' ALLIANCE, CHIIO ..... , l -1. W Y Hay. W2 fa-W.. 7 8RE"DY T0 wen 4LLI4,.'c.' OHIO Compliments of ALLIANCE TOOL CO. l Compliments of Compliments of A. 6. M. TRANSIT CO. THE FRIENDLY up , I H lil --I-'X 'ix FURNITURE STORE if ' 1 I x - Al1iance's Largest Home Furnishers 1, fl I Q I -A . - je HARVARD CLQTHING CQ, ELLIS 6. McDONALD. INC. Featuring the latest nationally advertised clothing for men and young men ..2155225252222a:a::.1-22:1-.-...... . . , . Alliance, Ohio PLUMBER FOR THE PEOPLE Established 1895 Corner of Arch at Prospect Alliance, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 THE TRANSUE and WILLIAMS STEEL FORGING COMPANY 136 KLEIN 6 RODERICK MEN'S WEAR CLOTHING - FURNISHINGS HATS AND SHOES 344 East Main Street Compliments of BARNES PROVISION INC Compliments of SAFFELL - HIVELY Printing Company Mount Union Square Alliance, Ohio Phone 1-2345 POLKA DOT DRIVE-IN Alliancc's Only Specialized PH Curb Service Phone 1-0209 State and Parkway Compliments of DYE PHARMACY 1917 South Union Avenue Eastern Ohio's Leading Athletic Goods Merchants DUMONT'S 143 Second Street S. E. Canton, Ohio T. A. "Caddie" Studer, Mgr. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 THE ALLIANCE MANUFACTURING COMPANY 138 Congratulations to HEGGY's the Class of If You're Downtown H54H D I mp H ALLIANCE DROP , 1-'CRCING Co. Phone 1-7719 319 E. Main Compliments of ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUB PERSKEY'S SUPER MARKET Dances - Banquets - Parties ANN NEIDENTHAL, Manager Compliments of THE EYN ON - GUTHRIE CO. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE C. C. Eynon, '21, President 45 East Main St. Alliance, Ohio Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 BUFFALO WEAVING 6. BELTING CO. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 THE MORGAN ENGINEERING COMPANY 140 Compliments of Compliments of AKINS APPLIANCE TSCHABOLD MOTOR CO. Television Gas and Electric Appliances Cadillac - Oldsmobile Phone 1-7144 2320 s. Union Sales and Service BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of THE C. W. PETTIS STATIONERY CO. 429 East Main Street MIKE BILYEU Phone 4257 Owned and Operated by N ella and Kay Meeks OFFICE SUPPLIES GIFT ITEMS Compliments of OHIO PROVISION QUALITY MEATS Serving Mount Union College Phone 2110 Arcade Market Studebaker PURITY DAIRY Grade A Products PHONE 1-7128 8-6786 Alliance Sebring BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1954 THE ALLIANCE MACHINE CO 142 ,,,:::g,:,:5.:4-:-1-1.-'f:a"1r::::,.ff+.-. . ,. . 2'1'1'f-f-f'f-'-'-' . H - p5.g.g.: af- . ' .f-5.335:1:f:2:1::::-:.1-. ' 231511-:'g:,,.g,:f,: . ,. V-: . --.'-f:2"':x-, . ,.,gf53ig?13.::3:i-s:s:z:,. .2 ,,g5:33:g.:.:. , I.: 4'-'P-:'fT' -512+15:-:gn-:::,x'-:-'g:':::-rg-:S-. M , - , , , .. f:::-- "'A"" ' 'A - A v " 9 4' EVE 'P Z., ui? . ...::::f:eas:s::s:r-"- - 2 5 4. Ii .-1:-.1 . -1 .':+:1If:K5:5K5g.,.M-'S5'-"""' ""'---1. -' :rn-:.-, :r- - + uf V- -fig. .. 4- .:f::f:::1:1:::1:::s:z:2:f ..,4-ears: -::j:f:2:':r:1:E:" 1f 1""r'r'1"1f1ff'E1E352515 V A ..:s.5:ff ..: refs. - N "-" -' --AA an Eff?" 11:51 5'f3',5f1'ff:'-'-""'2"',.- ,.-.-351:'-I f-1351' . - " if .gf.:Ezgf1E,:g::55Ef5E2-iff-A ai:-3:f"E5 2 5Es.1:1":fE2 :?5t2f1f 1 . a ,X .g 1:--:1g---:.Q5r---es'-:-:-5. .,,,,.-,535 25:gfg15, , -'-4 Aj-2-1.1 3,3:gf+35-trams..,....g:5:2:e::5ggg5:5!fi - .'fE'1 If f9E5?1I",Iff-'i"1'5f555rif' 5i :' Sf.-J, - if5' Q55S15'1f'f ' 7 .-,-. ' ' - "" 'Q' -' 'i:f:i2.e5fi1VL. ..,V....:.1.f:4:g-::::-1211112 ff:? 3i .l.i - .:f: 5:5 9222E5225sif?s5sEEfe25?5??i5?PsE?255S?f?2f222?sEf2f ffm" THE COPE FURNITURE CO. Furniture - Floor Covering - Complete Interior Decorating Open Nights - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday West State Street Alliance, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of Since 1914 Guaranteed Satisfaction STARK TRANSIT INC. Plant 34 W. Selby Office 47 S. Liberty Phone Alliance 4225 Sebring 8-2053 Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of 1954 THE COLLEGE INN 'Located at the Mt. Union Square THE PALM GARDEN FINE MEALS Air Conditioning INN 143 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1954 THE AMERICAN STEEL FOUNDRIES Best Wishes To The 1954 Graduating Class PAUL A. KINTZ CONSTRUCTION CO. Industrial and Commercial Construction East Hall College Library Now Under Construction Rodman Playhouse and Crandall Fine Arts Studios 62 E. Summit Street Phone 6195 Alliance, Ohio Congratulations Class of 1954 WILSON FUEL AND SUPPLY, INC. I I f' 'T " mu ,, A,,.,. Top ,IIA Laboratory Quality ' Q if Tested an ,,. in-a..Qj Ready Mixed Concrete First in Alliance With Transit Mixed Concrete 62 E. Summit Street Phone 6195 Alliance, Ohio 144 Best Wishes Class of '54 Pic- Wick STUDIOS PORTRAITS BY De STEVEN Unonian Photographer GLAMOUR WEDDINGS GROUPS CHILDREN 1696 Mahoning Ave. Youngstown, Ohio 145 H 1 I ll 5 Til X liz, , 21 gzip-A-ig 3 - . ,j1:j'gg v:1,,:j f - 5 f Lf -2 .T ,. i q Ei'mi1-iw ' :ss if '2'1,L'f.41fH-1 7 ,-:,Z5:': 'I- 'iI'?: 1- :'S:f1'-,- 1-. 5 'Y' giftil' -' " -1-:ZI:I"E'1:' ',-- :Fi f 1: :5 .' 31lfliI ,1:'3f:,53 "53. f' ." Y3 L. lj 5 5, ,,.: g:,g:, ,553 ty I. , Z1-5,:.,::'v:'g 5: V:-:,' 3g.: X ' f L V , . 1, 1.2, " , '- V . '-" , Q' - -. '- '- 4 f X , . ,, .- Q. ft. :JS iii. : , 1 - 1:-.,:.:.. 4 ! X ff f In -"fx-Q 5' if ' f ' ' , - ' f f ff W T '94 " ' f " "W 'H 22f5!!1",,Q '7 I J? ,fi :Z - J ,A L, ' ' , - .. agqili if' sl T Q W 4 W ff fa 4 f W V ,fl Z, .vi -A I it H1 , Aw, .Q , V.: I-..,..5!:.g,i5::.,:,,g P' ull: A ,L lv,-I ,tl-:M I fo 'z 'ikvlfx' , 0' ,J T N 1 f T' ' ,,,. ,f 745, 2' , 'ff - '14 iff J f X Wig! ff Wy! X ff!!! fl X 7 ,1 '3i'fatLp, I2 la N114 ll fikligi, , 1 I ,ff ff N , ff Qwwiw B ouk , X COMPLETE ssnvlce WILL SOLVE iw YOUR YEARBQQK PROBLEMS. an X x x Vfwoiuflhm E 3 5TQcJZiwIIMw,4J THE CANTON ENGRAVING 8 ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, OHIO 146 gui' flze fqIZ65f in PRINTING School Annuals Publications Commercial and Society Printing REVIEW PUBLISHING CQ. coMMERc1AL PRINTING DEPT. 28-32 South Linden Ave. D 147 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 FROM THE UNONIAN Autographs

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