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iii We live a very interesting and varied life here at Mount Union, so varied that no one person can possibly know intimately all phases of it. This side of our activities is as worthy of recording as our grades and our scholastic honors, for it too contributes to a rounded life and a rich experi- ence. In this volume We have tried to picture and to describe the outstanding features of our ex- tracurricular program. For those who have participated in the life described in these pages, this book Will serve as a reminder of happy days and interesting experiences. For others, it will serve as a glance behind the academic curtain which so effectively separates our college community from the normal community pattern. It has been faithfully and accurately completed. I am sure you will find it both entertaining and rewarding. I commend it to you with enthusiasm. jiiizm . I .lg K WE! if P f J if 74? 4 Wjf f gf M Dave Doughty Unoman Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ....................., . ,........,..,.., ........ T om Petzinger Assistant Editors -. ....... Lois Heinzerling Bebout Joe Cosentino, Dick Smith, Faye Wyrick Senior Editor Sports .,....,.... Faculty ......... Freshman ..... ...... Layout ....,..... ...... Sophomore J unlor .....,........................ .... Organizations Sororities .......... Fraternities ,.........,..........,.r,.......,..... Pat Stark Jerry Falls . ...... M. J. Frary Joyce English Joe Cosentino Phyllis Spitler Carol Gengler Faye Wyrick, Bob Buchs Marcheta Porter, Phyllis Spitler Features ........,,, , Mary Ann Close, Marilyn Boyer Proof-reading .....................,.............. Faye Wyrick Art ..,..... .. ........... . ....., Lynn Morris, Judy Irish Photographer .,,... ...,.....,..,.... C huck Waggoner BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..............,......... Alex Robertson Assistants ........,......... Jim Magisano, John Wang Al Zimmerman, Rugby St. John TYPISTS Shirley Allan, Jayne Lou Matthew, Carole Hall, Carol Grindle, Shirley Ann Wade, Nancy Severe, Mary Jo Hamilton. The staff would like to acknowledge the con- tributions of Don Moncrief, Elvin Wilson, Chuck Molter, and Dick Ports. 4 Dedication 1 l DR. AND MRS. ERIC A. ECKLER The Ecklers, whose names have become synonymous with Mount Union College, will live in the hearts of their students long after dates and plots are forgotten. Throughout their twenty-nine years of teaching, their zealous cooperation and untiring devotion to dutv have made them loved, honored, and respected by all. In the classroom the Ecklers not only teach the appreciation of literature but also offer a philosophy of life. Together they have formed a team which has influenced and students, we humbly dedicate the 1952of Mount Union students and has resulted in rich satisfaction for both. In order to show our appreciation for their unlimited service both to the college and guided the lives of countless numbers Unonian to them. 5 x-,mf EW, YA7'-m:,, ff ,,""-'Z!""2!- ,,,-,--'- Opposite page: Bingham House Lamborn Hall East Hall Chapman Hall Stadium Uretta Place Elliott Hall Conservatory Memorial Hall, Miller Hall Library Administration Building Clarke Observatory Student Union 7 55, f ,f . ,,, ji! I 1 fl- fif' I ff' V , . f sb P -I .ip I jf fx , I -' r M -1' 1 J i 5 . - f., if 3 , ' ' :u ' ' lf s ge T ' 15 .7 f - 'i' 11 . . I I - 3 L. ik as ' W 11 3 . fi : 5, w 1 4, fwjq, ' ff MW , i . I 1 . X L , . gi .3 A . ! ' X A! fi, f A 'J JS f ff X XI pm, f 7 X xxx AX 7 ,gf f .- ' me " 1 Q3 ' F . ff if 4 If nj' I 3 : : 1. .L E' I 12. 5- 5 iQ ' ' F' rw fi ,fi ' Ji .' 1 ' 5 : Q . , 1 L ' 1 . 1 F I Z' : , 5 if , 1 . -1 14 . . z'.' ,g I - v ff, A ff JIM fW li? ffl f 137 I lr Y 511 I X11 , F' ft: Q F 1 f xx f WW! f " W 9 X X V ff ff f fffw Rm Kai 0 0 ww Q X 'Fab X X X President Charles Burgess Ketcham, A. DI., D. D., LL. D., L. H. D. President of the College Vice-Presidents VVilliam C. Wesley, A. M., Ph. D Dean of the College - Professor of Brown Chair of Ronald G. Weber, A. B. Education VicewPfresidc-nt in Charge of Finance Vice'-President Deans Harriet Ream, A. M. Kent State University, B. S. Columbia University, A. M. Acting Dean of Women Assistant Professor of Physical Education Acting Dean of Women Miss Ream is found by all students to be a true friend in her understanding of their problems and desires to improve their activities. In addition to her duties as Dean of Women, Miss Ream has served as advisor to Women's Government Board, Lauriger, Panhellenic, and Wom- en's Athletic Association, as Well as Head Resident of Dussel House and Professorbf Women's Freshman Health and Physical Education. William C. Wesley, A. M., Ph. D. Eastern State College, B. S. University of Kentucky, A, M., Ph. D. Professor of Brown Chwair of Education The Dean of the College carries on public relations with the students and the community. Dean Wesley is known to all students by his friendly smile and "hello" Serving as advisor, Dean Wesley helps the Cosmian Society and the Interfraternity Counsil. Students find education courses inspiring under this fine educator. His sense of justice, keen understand- ing, and untiring enthusiasm have earned him the friendship and respect of Mount students. ll Board of Trustees The governing body of Mount Union College, the Board of Trustees, consists of thirty-three members - nine elected by the North-East Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church, three by the Pittsburgh Conference, three by the Ohio Conference, twelve by the Board of Trustees itself, and six by the Alumni Association of the College - two ex-officio members, the President of the College, and the Resident Bishop of the Cincinnati Area of the Methodist Church. History has proved the wisdom of this plan of electing the Boardg for the combined thinking of the representa- tives of the Church, the Alumni, the College, and the business World has resulted in a firm tradition of liberal arts study based on Christian prin- ciples. Mount Union College has ,been and continues to be most fortunate in having on its Board of Trustees men and Women of experience and ability who have devoted a great deal of time and effort to the affairs of the school. This year we would like to express our gratitude to those members who are Alumni of the College as they with other members of the Board demonstrate foresight and vision in planning not only for present opera- tion, but for future development as Well. Economics And Business Adm9n. Ray Diehl, Sr., M. S. Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business Administration Gilbert Stonesifer, M. B. A. Assistant Professor, Fraink Transue Chair of Economics Facult Physics And History And Mathematics Political Science Forest Jay Shollc-nberger, S. M. Robert Y, Fluno, A, B, Ph. D. Professor of Physics VVilliam Glenn Clark, A. M., Ph. D. Assistant Professor, Richard Brown Chair of Mathematics John Wallace Coutts, M. Sc., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Absent from picture: James P. Rodman, B. S., M. A. Assistant in Mathematics and Physics 13 Assistant Professor of Political Science Robert E. Bader, A. M. Assistant Professor, George Reeves Chair of History Ruth Weaver Shreve, A. B. Assistant in History John E. Saffell, A. M. Assistant Professor of History Sociology And Religion Carleton Hammon Currie, A. DI., Ph. D. Associate Professor of Sociology Clyde V. Onyett, M. A. Visiting Professor of Sociology John Boyce Bennett, B. D., Ph. D. Associate Professor, Cornelius Aultman Chair of Religion Absent from picture: Robert W. Tripp, A. M. Registrar, Instructor of Sociology x English And Music M odern Language Ryland Hugh Hewitt, A. M. Instructor in Speech Dorothy Ellen Keck, A. M. Assistant Professor of English Language! iatnd Literature Mary Waggener Eckler, A. M. Associate Professor of English Language and Literature A Neil Schrader, A. M. Instructor of English Eric Alexander Eckler, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of English Language and Literature Absent from picture: Jean R. Staley, A. T. C. M. Assistant in Piano Lois Adams Miller, M. M. E. Instructor of Voice Frederic Williams, M. Mus. Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory Dorothy Henschen Robert B. Shanklin, M. Mus. Assistant Professor of Piano F. Broadus Staley, M. S. Mus. Assistant in Organ Cecil Tooker Stewart, Mus. B., A. M. Associate Professor of Music Wolfgang G. A. Edelmann, Henriette D. Eynon, A. DI. M. Mus. Associate Professor, Melodia Assistant Professor of Blackmarr Jones Chair of French Instrumental Music and Theory Arthur Englebert, A. M., Ph. D. William Mihalyi, B. P. S. M., Professor of Modern Languages B. Mus. and Literature 14 Assistant in Violin Biology, Chemlstry And Geology Gail Norris, S. M., Ph. D. Associate Professor, Dr. Milton Jay Lichty Chair of Biology Louis Abell Pappenhagen, S. M., Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry Ohmer Harold Engle, A. M. Associate Professor of Biology William Abbott Rice, Ph. D. Assistan t Professor of Geology William McLennan Morgan, S. M., Ph. D Professor of Organic Chemistry John Wallace Coutts, M. Sc., Ph. D. ' 11 Assistant Professor of Chemis ry Educatlon A Psychology R. Craig Rover, A. M., r of Education and Psychology Ph. D. Assistant Professo Henry Ray, M. A. Art Instructor Albanus Blaine Kitzmiller, A. M., Ph. D. Lewis Miller Chair Professor of of Psychology Luther Gardner Shaw, A. M. Assistant Pro fessor of Education William C. Wesley, A. Dean of the College l Professor of Brown Chair of Education 15 M., Ph. D. nd Library And Greek Norma Isabel Stewart, A. B., L. S. B. U Assistant Libnairian Newell Yost Osborne, Litt.M., L. S. B. Assistant Librarian Associate P1'ofessor of Bibliography L.S.B. Martha Grant Engle, A. B., Catiaflog Librarian Ruth Earseman Scott, A. B. Loan Assistant Robert Elihu Stanffer, A. M., S. B L. . Professor, Joseph Lorain Shunk Chair of Greek Language and Literature Director of the Library Wilbur Couchie, A. M. Business Manager Clarence K. Burkle Education Counselor' Robert W. Tripp, A. M. Registrar Dorothy Cloran, A. B. Education Counselor Department, of Admissions Absent from picture: Robert Freeman, A. M. Alumni Secrctfary Richard Ports Dil'OCi'Ol' of Publiciiy Physical Ed. Men Nelson M. Jones, A. M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Jackson William Rafeld, A. M. Associate Professor of Physical Education George D. Hunter, B. S. Instructor of Physical Education Facult Physical Ed. Women Harriet Ellen Ream, A. M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dean of Women 1 fz 1 Mui x Wx 'W X Ag' FYWW 2?-fuffftl 5 Im ggf ,W Wi f X . . , X NW? Q M XWfi'S x I 1 X , M , MW nuuylxsg-Ij'! SWA, n I ,Max ' Rf x Z- S ,ZWQXJL ZZ- f W' 52' : SSWHUDQQ 7 M ! RX! uw ,fd i X5 111 W X QL g Mx ff I ff? W QW M ll . f 4 T7 ' W W -MX "ff" nl11mmf7NWWQ -' ff' Wy Wxxxxffkmk r' , fx?-if l N JN' 6 4 X NNI? X i if 2:1-QWE' ?, HQ F Y umvf-.2 J mm H Eilknlfff'-Eiwmuw M WI! W5 7 X W , xg lfll VJ WM WW -.'. 11 42 W 1 W, l , :.': : y - - LW-rgwlfi 1- Wmx?y,?f'? x LH J LASSES N W MNLW QW2 :,FL9 A :XZ Seniors Three p. m., Sunday, June 8, 1952, will be remembered as the climax to a four year college career for members of this graduating class. Their talents have stamped impressions upon campus lifeg to this leadership the underclasses look to follow. Now, the seniors are entering a much Wider scope of activities and realities Where their leadership will be put to new tests of responsibility. A future of prosperity, peace, and happiness will be molded by the untiring efforts of these college graduates who will put their knowledge to practice. Russell F. Allen, Jr. Clifford W. Allison Rudie D. Ashman Chester G. Ball, Jr. Ferndale, Michigan Economicsg Sigma Nu Pledge Master, Treas. V. Pres.y Interfrat Councilg Current Busi- ness Forum, Treas.g S. C. A.g Fr. Counselor. Alliance, Ohio Salem, Ohio Dallas, Texas Mathematicsg Lab. As- Economicsg White Hol- Englishg Alpha Tau sistant, Physics, S. C. 10W MHYOIW Current Omega, Dynlamo, Re- A.g F.T.A. Business Forum. porter, S.C.A.g South- ern Methodist Univ. 20 C. Michael Barnhouse Alliance, Ohio History-Social Science FreedeHardeman Co legeg David Lipsconj College. Officers D. Masters, treasurer, M, Guerra, secretary, A. Elliott, vice- president, D. Foreman, president. Jelfo Virgil Baroni Herbert A. Barry tlliance, Ohio Salem, Ohio 'Iusic, Composer, Economics - Business Medea" score, Band, Administration, Sigma Jrchestra. N11 . Barbara Ann Bauer Mansfield, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Re- cording Sec'y, W.A.A., V. Pres., Pres., S.C.A., F.T,A. Don Gray Bebout East McKeesport, Pa. Geology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Honored Exactor, Honored Scribe, Hon- ored Junior Pater, Student Senate, Inter- frat. Council, Fr. Counselor. Howard L. Biggard Newton Falls, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Sigma Nu, Mar- shall, Football, Cur- rent Business Forum, S.C.A. l ,ohn R. Blackmon anton, Ohio 'iologyz Sigma Nu iornmander, Basket Lhi Sigma, Lab. Ass't. rganic Chem, Stu- ent Senate, Interfrat Council, Pres., Fr Zounselor. Matthew A. Blango Richard J. Brown Kenneth A. Burbick Philadelphia, Pa. Massillon, Ohio N. Georgetown, Ohio Biology, Phi Kappa Biology, Phi Kappa Business Administra- - Tau, Ass't. H o u s e Tau. Sec'y., I. R. C., tion: A lp h a Tau all, Tennis, Cosmian, Mgr., Phi Sigma, Lab. S.C.A., Phi Sigma, Fr. Omega, S.C.A. , Ass't., Anatomy, Penn- Counselor, Band. sylvania State. 21 Robert E. Burky Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chap- lain, Career Day, Pre Med Chm., Lab. Ass't., Biology, Comp. Anat- omy, S.C.A., Fr. Coun- selor, Band. A. Patrick Byrnes Tarrytown, New York Political S ci e n c e, Alphva- Tau Omega, Fr. Football, Fr. Basket- ball, Varsity Football, Northwestern Univ. Richard C. Byron East McKeesport, Pa. Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lab. Ass't., Organic Chem., B i o lo g y, Anatomy, Alembroic. Myles A. Cambridge Portland, Maine Economics, S i g m a Alpha Epsilon, Shunk House, Sec'y.-Treas.. S.C.A., I.R.C., Cur- rent Business Forum, Pi Gamma Mu, Sec'y., Portland Junior Col- lege, Ski Club. Richard K. Cash Akron, Ohio Geology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec'y., Pledge Class Social Chm., S. C. A., Photography Club. Patricia A. Clarke Mineral Ridge, Ohio Biology, Alpha Xi Delta, Sports Chm., Pres. Pledge Class, Treas., Dynamo, Typ- ist, Elliott Hall, V. Pres., W.A.A., Sec'y., V. Pres., Honor Girl, I.R.C., Sec'y., S.C.A., F.T.A., Fr. Counselor, Phi Sigma. Howard B. Cobbs Alliance, Ohio Business Administra- tion-Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity and Ass't. Coach, Cur- rent Business Forum: Fr. Counselor, "M" Clu'b. Anna Mae Kuklo Cochrane Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Class Pres., Song Leader, Social Chm., S.C.A., F.T.A., A Cap- pella Choir. Joanne E. Cole Willoughby, Ohio Psychology, Unonian, Ass't. Business Mgr., Monticello C 0 l l e g e, S.C.A. Robert B. Colwell Euclid, Ohio Psychology, A 1 p h la Sigma Phi, Social Chm., Sec'y., Pruden- tial Comm., Interfrat Dance, Program Chm., Dynamo, Reporter, Fr. Counselor. Wilbur D. Cook Lisbon, Ohio History, Headland Club, V. Pres., Pres.. Photography Club. 22 William Cromwell Hubbard, Ohio Geology: Sigma Nu Historian, Photograph- er Pres Pled e Train 1 'r lg ' er, House Mgr., Intra- mural Mgr., S.C.A., Youngstown College, A.I.M.E. Wilbur H. Davidson Alli-ance, Ohio Geology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, S.C.A., I.R.C. Mildred E. Davis Mineral Ridge, Ohio History, William Jen- nings Bryant Univ., Foreign Missions Fel- lowships, Band, Ath- letic Comm. James H. Davis Canton, Ohio History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ass't. Stew- ard, "Home of the Brave" cast, "St. Claudia" cast, "Hell-o Out There" cast, "Joan of Lorraine" cast, "Pyramus and Thisbe" cast, "Night 'Must Fall" staff, "Medea" staff, I.R.C., Treas., Headland Club, S.C.A., Current Business Fortun, M.U.P., Pres., Bingham House Fa- ther. Ronald C. Dawson Alliance, Ohio Elementary Educa- tion, George Williams College, Chicago, Ill., Sigma Delta Alpha. 23 Richard D. DeLamatre Huron, Ohio Political S ci e n c e, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1 Treas., Student Sen- ate, Treas., Interfrat. Council, I.R.C., Cur- rent Business Forum. Donna J. Donaldson Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Custodian - Librarian, Sec'y., May Day Court, S.C.A., Student Senate, W.A.A., Band Mlajorette. Wilton E. Eckley English, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Pres., Band, Ohio U n i v. Band, Fr. Track, Fr. Basketball Mgr. Carl F. Eisenburger Canton, Ohio Music, Alph a Tau Omega, Dynamo, Re- porter, Presser Music Club, Writer's Work S h o p, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Sing- ers, Bafnd, Chorale, Men's Glee Club. Anne Louise Elliott Wilkinsburg, Pa. Sociology, Alpha Delta Pi, Sec'y., V. Pres., "Night Must Fall" cast, Unonian, Ass't. Editor, Class Editor, Sr. V. Pres., Student Union Pres., Elliott Hall Pres., Student Senate, V. Pres., Pres., W.G.B., S.C.A. Coun- cil, Fr. Counselor, Delta Delta Delta o'Scho1arship, Wlesley! Fellowship, Lauriger. William P. Erlitz Chester, West Virginia History, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Basket- ball. Jeanne Everson Follansbee, W. Virginia Voice, Alpha Delta Pi, Songleader, See'y., Jr.- Sr. Prom Invitations Co-Chm., S. C. A., M.U.P., Fr. Counselor: A Cappella Choir, Chorale, Band. Dennis W. Foreman Canton, Ohio Chemistry, S i g m a' Alpha Epsilon, Song- leader, Stewialrd, Chap- lain, Scholarship Chm., Recorder, Pres. Fr. Class, Sr. Class, Treas. Jr, Class, Lab. Ass't., Inorganic Chem., S.C.A., Pres., M.U.P., lVIen's Glee Club, May Day Comm., Chapel Comm., Psi Kappa Omega. Martha Jane Frary Creston, Ohio Religion, Signet: D y n a m o. Reporter, Unonian, Flaiculty Edi- tor, Delta Delta Delta Scholarship, I. R, C. ,Q Fr. Counselor, Head- land, See'y., Dynamo Assoc., S.'C,A., Wes-1' lley Fellowship, Sec'y., V. Pres., Worship Chm. Robert W. Freeman Bafberton, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega, Elliott House Father, Varsity Foot- ball, Fr. Counselor, Current Business Forum, Sec'y. Dorothy A. Gergel Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Historian, Lyre Editor, F.T.A., S.C.A. Margaret Gilmore Alliance, Ohio Biology, Mercy Hos- pital School of Nurs- ing, Ohio State Nurses Ass'n. Donald J. Goodall Youngstown, Ohio Economies, Alpha Tau Omega. Mary Guerra Canton, Ohio Spanish, Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chm.. V. Pres., Pledge Mis- tress, Dynamo Staff: Dynamo Ass'n., Sec'y. Sr. Cllass, Pres. Elliott Hall, VV.A.A., S.C.A.: F.T.A., Fr. Counselor, Andrew B. Hadley Canton, Ohio Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Mas- ter, Current Business Forum, S.C.A. 24 Robert Hawkins, Jr Alliance, Ohio Elementary Educationg Kent State Univ Lois H. Beloout Lorain, Ohio English, Unonian, Ass't. Editor, Student Senlateg S.C.A., Cabi- net, F.T.A.g Fr. Coun- selor, Fr. French Prize, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres., Psi Kappa Omega, Cope Fresh- man Prize, Ramsayer Sophomore Prize, Mc- Master Junior Prize: Delta Delta Delta Scholarship, Robert W. Higgins Akron, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Herald, Vice Pres., S. C. A., Phi Sigma, Vice Pres. Jack R. Hildebrand East McKeesport, Pa. Economics, S i g m a Alpha Epsilon, Cur- rent Business Forum, -S.C.A.g Pennsylvania State College. H1 Elsie M. Hollabaugh Richard Holtsinger Richard W. no Canton, Ohio Alliance, Ohio Howenstine Phi Kappa Public School Musicg Economics, Pi Gamma Alliance, Ohio Vaisitx Tenris Signet, Song Leader, Mu, Treas. Public School Music: S9C'y.3 A CHPPGHH A Cappella Choirg Or- Ch011'3Ch0I'a1e- chestra, Band, Bluff- 25 ton College. Elizabeth Huffman Tallmadge, Ohio Musicg Signet, S.C.A.C Bandg Orchestra: Chorale. Nancy E. Hunsicker Fairmont, W. Virginia French, Delta Delta Delta, V. Pres., W. A. A., Panhellenic Council, V. P r e s., Pres., F.T.A, Fr. Counselor, Psi Kappa Omega, Miami Univ. Jack Huntsberger Massillon, Ohio History, Phi Kappa Tau. Ass't. Treas., Rush Chm., Pres., Var- sity Track, Cosmian. Pres., Interfrat. Coun-- cil. Pre s., I. R. C., S.C.A., F.T.A., Fr. Counselor, Band. Phoebe J. Hyde Massillon, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Mai'- shall, I.R.C., S.C.A., F.T.A., W.A.A., Lake Erie College, Choir, VV.A.A. Robert H. Irwin Scranton, Pa. Psychology. Clyde Leonard Jack Detroit, Michigan Psychology, S i g m a Alpha Epsilon, Ass't. Steward, Pledge Social Chm., "Joan of Lor- raine" cast, M.U.P. Arthur J. Jackson North Canton, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Sigma Nu, Chap- lain, Varsity Track, S.C.A., Current Busi- ness Forum. Norman J. Johnston East Canton, Ohio Voice, A Cappella Choir, Band. Robert S. Jones Warren, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, House Mgr., Jr.-Sr. Prom Co-Chm., East Hialll V. Pres. Robert Kibler, Jr. East Palestine, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Omega. Roderick L. King Alliance, Ohio Biology - Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Sentinal, Usher, Rush Chm., Pledge Trainer, Pres., "Home of the Brave" cast, "St. Claudia" cast, "Rising of the Moon" cast, "Joan of Lorraine" staff, "Medea" staff, V a r s i t y Basketball, Varsity Track, Cos- mian, V. Pres., Phi Sigma, Interfrat. Council, S. C. A., M.U.P., "M" Club. 26 Richard C. Kipfer Massillon, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Sigma Nu, Pi Gamma Mu. John R. Kirk Detroit, Michigan Geology, Phi Kappa Tau, Varsity Track. Jean K. Bates Columbiana, Ohio Elementary Education, Alphaw Xi Delta, His'- torian, V. Pres. Stu-- dent Union, W. A. A., S.C.A., F.T.A. Richard C. Krabill East Canton, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Phi Kappa Tau. Social Chm., Hist., Editor, Mardi Gras Decoration Chm., S.C.A., Fr. Counselor, Band, Treas. William G. Krochta Piney Fork, Ohio Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega-, Treas., Pres. Soph. Class, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Lab. Ass't., Fr. Chem., Q u a l., Quan., S.C.A., "M" Club, Interfnat. Coun- cil, Fr. Counselor, House Father, Miller Hall, Chem. Award, Alembroic, V. Pres., Cosmian, Sec'y., Psi Kappa Omega. 27 Martha J une Kuntzleman Barberton, Ohio Biology, Alpha Delta Pi, V. Pres., Sec'y., Rush Chm., Panhel- lenic Rep., May Day C 0 u r t, Panhellenic, Treas., W. A. A., S.C.A., F.T.A., Fr. Counselor, A Cappella Choir, Chorwalleg Shu- m a k e r Physiology Prize, Phi S i g m a. Sec'y., Psi K a p p a Omega. Harold Leaman Ashtabula, Ohio Music, Psi K a pp a Omega. Daniel A. Lepore Roselle Park, N. J. Political Science, His- tory, Debate Club, Findlay College. Blanchard R. Lewis Wellsville, Ohio Biology. Margaret Loughead Cleveland, Ohio Biology, Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chm., Social Chm., "Night Must Fall" cast, "Fumed Oak" cast, "All My Sons" staff, "Joan of Lor- raine" staff, Unonian Business s t a f f, V. Pres. Elliott H a l l, Social Chm. Elliott Hall, W.A.A., I.R.C., S.C.A., V. Pres., Con- ference Rep., F.T.A., Wesley Fellowship, Fr. Counselor, Chorale. Melba June Lower Sebring, Ohio English, Delta Delta D el I a, Scholarship Chm., Chaplain, S.C.A., F.T.A,, M,U.P,, Fr. Counselor, Psi Kappa Omega. Donald H. Lyon Stow, Ohio Physics, Alpha Tau Omega, Sec'y., Varsity Football, Varsity Bas- ketball, Baseball, Lab, Ass't., UM" Club, Fr. Coun:-ielor, House Fa- ther, East Hall. James E. Mackey Stow, Ohio Mathematics, A l p h a Tau Omega, See'y, T r e lat Basketball, Varsity Baseball, In- ierfrat. Council, S.C.A., Fr. Counselor. Phillip R. Maher Salineville, Ohio Geology, Kent State University. Pat A. Mancuso Leetonia, Ohio Psychology, Alpha Tal Omega, Varsity Foot ball, Varsity Baseball Richard C. Masters Youngstown, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Train- er, Pres., Chm. Home- coming, Soph. Treas Jr. Pres., Sr, Treas., Lab. Ass't., Biology, Comp. Anat, Physi- ology, Student Senate, Interfrat. Council, V. Pres., S.C.A, Current Business Forum. Paul W. Maxwell Massillon, Ohio Geology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, S.C.A., Fr. Counselor. W. Duane McCarty Alliance, Ohio Biology? Sigma Nu, Rush Chm., Pledge Sec'y.-Treas,, Alumni Contact Officer, Song Leader, S.C.A., Var- sity Debate Team, Phi Sigma, Treas., Tau Kappa Alpha. Florence McClain Chicago, Illinois Sociology, Alpha Xi Deltxal, Journal Corre- spondent, W. A. A,, S.C.A. Marian C. Meacham Randolph, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Ac- tivities Chm., Warden, V. Pres , Pres. Student Union, W. A. A., W. G. B., V. Pres., F.T.A., Cot-Chm. Fr. Counselors, A Cappella Choir, Lauriger, Pres, Constance Mellott Washington, D. C. Physics, Alpha Delta Pi, Scholarship Chm., Unonian, Proof Read-- er, Wesley Fellowship, Chorale, Pfeiffer Junior College, Scho- llarstic Honorary, Phi Theta Kappa, Dra- matics Honorary, Delta Psi Omega, Psi Kappa Omega. Clarence W. Miller Youngstown, Ohio Music, Alpha Tau Omega, Song Leader, Fr. Football, F.T.A., S. C. A., A Cappella Choir, Pres., Madrigal Singers, Band, Or- chestra, Chorale, House Father, Bing- ham, Cosmian. Marian E. Miracle Canton, Ohio Mathematics, Signet, Lab. Ass't., Physics, VV.A.A., S.C.A., Wes-- ley Fellowship. Robert T. Missall Akron, Ohio- Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsity Track, Fr. Football, S.C.A. Lyn G. Moncrief Alliance, Ohio English, "Medea" cast, "Night Must Fall" cast and staff, "Shep- herd's Play" staff, M.U.P. Award, M.U.P. 29 Josephine L. Mondi Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, House Mgr., Publicity Chm., Summer Rush Chm., Sec'y., "Medea" stalff, McMaster Prize, F.T.A., Sec'y.-Treas., Pres, State V. Pres.: M.U.P., S.C.A., Co- Chm. Fr. Counselors, Psi Kappa Omega. John Andrew Monea Alliance, Ohio History, Orchestra. H. Ann Montgomery Youngstown, Ohio Psychology, D e l t a Delta, Delta, Pledge P r e s., Corresponding Sec'y., S.C.A. Orches- tra, Margaret Mor- rison. Kathleen A. Montgomery Youngstown, Ohio Psychology - English, Delta Delta Delta, Song Leader, Elliott Hall, V. Pres., S.C.A., Orchestra, Margaret Morrison. Arthur L. Morris Stow, Ohio English, Alpha Tau Omega, Treas.g Dynamo, Copy Editor, Business Mgr., Varsity B a s e b all, Interfrat. Council, S.C.A., Fr. Counselor, D y n a m o Assoc., Athletic Coun- cil Walter D. Mueller Cleveland, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega, Pledge Treas., Treas., Current Busi- ness Forum, S.C.A. Donna Lee Neel Canton, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Delta, House Mgr., Marshal, Panhellenic Rep., Social Chm., Rush Chm., Scholar-- ship Comm., "Hello Out There" cast, "Joan of Lorraine" cast, 'tAll My Sons" cast, "Night Must Fall" staff, Dynamo, Ass't. Editor, C0-Editor, Unonian, Feature Editor, Fr. Handbook, Co-Editor, W.A.A., S.C.A., F.T.A., M.U.P., Fr. Counselor, Dynamo Assoc., Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas., Lauriger, V. Pres. Harry O. Neilly Oakmont, Pa. History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, R u s h Co- Chm., Herald, Pres., Fr. Basketball, S.C.A., C u r r e n t Business Forum, Fr. Counselor, Intramural B o a r d, Pres., Varsity Golf. David Gordon Ott Martinsburg, W. Va. English, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Social Chm., Editor, "Joan of Lor- raine" cast, "Lost Silk Hat" cast, Lab. Ass't., Biology, Chem., M.U.P., S.C.A., Phi Sigma. David H. Patton Warren, Ohio Psychology, S i g m a Alpha Epsilon, "All My Sons" staff, Hart Speech Award, M.U.P., Hist. Donald W. Peters Clark, South Dakota Mathematics, Phi Kappa Tau. Thomas Petzinger Canton, Ohio Economics, Sigma Nu, Recorder, Treas., Unonian, Ass't. Editor. Editor, Interfrat. Council, S.C.A., Cur- rent Business Forum, Pres., M.U.P., Business Mgr., Cosmian, Fr. Counselor, Interfrat Dance, Chm., Program Chm., Treas., Varsity Track. John Plegge Salem, Ohio Biology, Varsity Foot- ball, Phi Sigma. John E. Pohjala Ashtabula, Ohio Biology, Alpha Tau Omega, Sentinel, Var- si-ty Football, Basket- ball, Track, S.C.A., "M" Club, Phi Sigma. Ray E. Pucci Alliance, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Foot- ball, "M" Club. 30 Melvin Paul Pucci Alliance, Ohio Psychol0gy, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. Richard F. Raebel Canton, Ohio Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Track, Football, S.C.A. Lou M. Rearick Alliance, Ohio Music, A l p h a Xi Delta, Chorale, M11 P h i Epsilon, Pres., Bethany College. Gloria Jean Reed Minerva, Ohio English, Student Ass't., Physical Educ., Student Senate, W.A.A., Honor Girl: Headland Club, F.T.A., Fr. Counselor, Wesley Fellowship, Recreation Chm., Orchestra. Dorothy C. Reese Bogar, Java English, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Treas., Student Senate Rep., Pres. W.A.A., S.C.A.: F. T. A., Panhellenic, "Constant Wife" cast, "Hands Across the Sea" cast, May Day Court, Ohio State Univ. 31 Patricia A. Riddle Canton, Ohio English, Delta Delta Delta, House Mgr., Dynamo, F.T.A., S.C.A., M.U.P., Co- a u t h or, May Day Script, Wells College, Ariel Club, Debate Club, Representative Council. Charles Roberts, Jr. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Mathematics, Al p h a Sigma Phi, Pledge Pres., Marshal, Intra- mural Comm., Foot- ball, S.C.A., F.T.A.: Fr. Counselor. Alexander John Robertson Alliance, Ohio History-Political Sci- ence, Alphia- Tau Omega, Rush Chm., Social Chm., "Lost Silk Hat" cast, "Joan of Lorraine" cast, Unonian, Ass't. Busi- ness Mgr., Business Mgr., Director Variety Show, Student Sen- ate, M.U.P., S.C.A., Fr. Counselor. Paul LaVern Rosia Maximo, Ohio Economics - Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Fr. Basketball, Student Senate, Audi- tor, Pi Gamma Mu, Pres. Donald D. Roys Ellwood City, Pa. Sociology, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge V. Pres., Corresponding Sec'y., Chaplain, Steward, I.R.C., Headland Club, V. Pres., Deputation Officer, F.T.A., Fr. Counselor, Wesley Fellowship, Publicity Director, V. Pres., OMSM Representative. Joseph P. Safko Chardon, Ohio Mathematics, Sig m a Alpha Epsilon. Oystein Sagedahl Skien, Norway Business, Alpha Tau Omega, I.R.C.: Cur- rent Business Forum. Bruce L. Schmidt Malvern, Ohio History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Mayor White Hollow, Varsity Football, Base- ball, Miami Univ. Mary L. Schmutzler Barberton, Ohio Elementary Educa- tion, Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor, Scholarship C h rn . : "Night Must Fall" staff, "Medea" staff, Dynamo, Typist, Edi- torial staff, May Day Queen, Student Sen- ate, Social Chm., F.T.A., M.U.P., Pub- licity Chm., Fr. Coun- selor, S.C.A., W.A.A. Dorothy G. Shively Sebring, Ohio Psychology, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Sec'y., Historian, Correspond- ing Sec'y., S.C.A. 32 Forest J. Shollenberger Alliance, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, House Mgr., Co-Rush Chm., Foot- ball, Boxing, S.C.A. Herbert R. Shollenberger Middlebranch, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, S.C.A., Band. Albert K. Smith Salineville, Ohio Economics, Ohio State University. Roger T. Smith Beloit, Ohio Mathematics, Phi Kappa Tau, S.C.A., F.T.A. Harold P. Sponseller Alliance, Ohio Business Administra- tion, S i g rn a Alpha Epsilon. iugby St. John, Jr. 'anton, Ohio conomicsg Alpha Tau Dmegag Unonian, xss't. Business Mgr.g Lfarsity Baseball, fl,U.P.g F.T.A.g Leices- er Junior College, Student Council, School Paper, Year- nook. Daniel N. Stafford New Phialdelphia, O. History, Lambda Chi Alpha: Varsity Foot- ball, Trainer, Gettys- George Stan, Jr. Canton, Ohio Ernest Anton Stahl Chemistry, V a r s i t y Baseball, Basketballg NQWHTR, New Jersey Ohio University, Var- College. Elementary Education, sity Basketball. burg Collegeg Wooster Patricia Jane Stark Cleveland Heights, O. Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Pres., V. Pres.g Co- Chm. Promg Chm. Sr. Comm. Announce- ments, Unonian, Sr. Editorq Soph. Claiss Sec'y.g W.A.A., Hist., Honor Girl, S.C.A.g F.T.A. oseph B. Steere Calvin G. Streza Harry W. Strobel Joseph A. Swetye Ohio Alliance, Ohio LeRoy, New York Salem, Ohio Findlay Sociology. Business, Sigma Nug Business Administra- Fr. Football, Varsity tion, Ohio University. Trackg Alfred Univ. 33 Paul B. Swinderman Canton, Ohio Chemistryg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lab. Ass't., Biology, I.R.C., Pres., Fr. Counselor, Kent State Universityg Psi Kappa Omega. Paul L. Taraldsen Oslo, Norway Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega, Cross-Coun- try, Varsity Tennis, I.R.C., Current Busi- ness Forum. Dawn H. Tolson Carrollton, Ohio French-English, Alpha Delta Pi, Guard, Treas., Dynamo, Re- porter, I.R.C., S.C.A., F.T.A., Treas., Fr. Counselor, Dynamo Assoc. Ruth E. Turner VVilloughby, Ohio Elementary E d u c a- tion, Alpha Chi Omega, Treas., Co- Chm. VVSSF Carnival, Homecoming C o u r t, 1 9 5 0, Homecoming Queen, 1951, May Day Maid of Honor, 1951, W. A. A., Treas., W.G.B,, Sec'y.-Treas., Pres., F.T.A., S.C.A., Fr. Counselor. Arden Davis Tuttle Niles, Ohio Elementary E d u c a- tion, Alpha' Chi Omega, Ass't. Song Leader, House Mgr., Dynamo, Copy Reader, F.T.A., Band, Kent State University, Ele- m e n t a r y Teachers, Kent Stater. Joseph S. Vadini Cleveland, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Omega, Varsity Foot- ball, Baseball, Morn- ingside College. Barbara L. Vahl Clevelialnd, Ohio Biology 4- Education, A l p h a Chi Omega, Chaplain, Rush Chm., Dynamo, F e a t u r e VVriter, Sec'y., Miller Hall, May Day Court, Mardi G r a s Court: S.C.A., Band, lVFajor- ette, F.T.A. Charlotte R. Wade Canton, Ohio Chemistry, Delta Delta Deltlai, Marshal, "Night Must Falln staff, Dynamo, Ass't. Editor, C 0-E d i t o r, Sec'y. - Treas. Elliott H all, Lab. Ass't., Comp. Anatomy, Stu- dent Senate, M.U.P., Dynamo Assoc., Duke University, Fr. Scho- lastic Honorary, Ivy, Cabinet of Y.W.C.A., School Paper, Wom- en's Glee Club. Sarah Jane Wagner North Braddock, Pa. Music, Alpha Xi Delta, Song Leader, Dussel Social Chm., May Day Court, S.C.A., Panhel- lenic Council, Treas., Fr. Counselor, A Cap- pella Choir, Band, Chorale, Mu Phi Epsi- lon, Sec'y., Pres., Juniata College, Car- negie Institute of Technology. Norman O. Wagy Warren, Ohio English, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Socilall Chm, "Hands Across the Sea" cast, "The Lost Silk Hat" cast, "Joan of Lorraine" cast, "All My Sons" cast, "Night Must Fall" s taff, Dynamo, Reporter, S. C. A., Dynamo Assoc., M.U.P. Edwin Q. Weimer Berwyn, Maryland Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau. 34 Jackie Weiser Jewett, Ohio Biology Z Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chm., Pres., Co-Chm. Dec- orations Jr.-Sr. Promg D y n a m o, Reporter, Unonian, Feature Editor, Ass't. Editor, Pres. Dussel: V. Pres., Elliott Hall, Lab. Ass't., Bacteriology, Panhellenic Council, W. G. B., W. A. A., S.C.A., Fr. Counselor, A Cappella Choir, Lauriger. Sec'y.- Tr:-as., Alpha Lambda Delta, Sr. Advisor: Co-Chm. May Day, Psi Kappa Omega. Leonard Welch Hanoverton, Ohio Music, Chorale, Band. Robert B. Werren Canton, Ohio Business Administra- tion, S i g m a Alpha E p silo n, Chroniclerg Reserve Footballg Cur- rent Business Forum, S.C.A., Band. Howard I. Westin Youngstown, Ohio English, Sigma Nu, Ass't. Steward, D y n a m 0, Reporter, Orchestra. Norma L. Wilhelm Massillon, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Deltag W.A.A.g S.C.A. 35 Jack L. Williams Jewett, Ohio Mathematics, A l p h a Sigma Phi, Sec'y., V. Pres., Pres., S.C.A.g Student Senate, F.T.A., V. Pres., Band, Psi Kappa Omega. Richard Mac Wilson Carrollton, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track, Basketball, Cross- Countryg Howard Wil- son Aw a r dg Lab. Ass't., Chemistry, S.C.A., UM" C l u bg Alembroic, Pres. Patricia Bea Wood Sebring, Ohio Elementary Educa- tion, Alpha Xi Delta, Chaplain, Pres., "Con- stant Wife" cast, "Lovely Miracle" cast, "All My Sons" cast, Fr. Class Sec'y., Jr. Class V. Pres., Dussel Social Chm., Miller Social Chm., Elliott Sec'y.-Treas.g Home- coming Queen, 19493 May Day Court, Panhellenic Council, W.A.A.g S.C.A.g F.T.A.g M.U.P.g Fr. Counselor, Co-Chm. W.S.S.F. Car- nival. Donald Louis Wolfe East Liverpool, Ohio Business Administra- tion-Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Fr. Foot- ball, Current Business Forum, Publicity Mgr. drab W 1 Af JM, ,U - fag, fi- fr sux 2+ nl :Wx k,, . Ewsg , , SLE: 7' L 252,553 - f'ov1z-QQJZMQ. V,. mm wa W I' W..,,,,,,hN E M ,.....-ffx AM-f -mm WM . -WA' u Maribess Brydebell Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Alpha Delta Pi Margaret Burnett Sebring, Ohio Barbara Clark Beaver Fails, Pennsylvania Alpha Delta Pi Mary Margaret Crites Breeding Uhrichsville, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega Arts - Nursing Graduates E i Ruth Ann Noble Minerva, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega Joyce Papworth Dalton Uhrichsville, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega Barbara Simpson Wadsworth, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega Donna Terrell Stow, Ohio i 5 37 C L A S S S N A P , S w 1 A fn., 1-Q. Q-. 3 or M 'M ff' vw Officers ,Il1l1i0I'S D. Owens, treasurer: J, Casper, presidentg C. Krabill, secretary, A. XVCZXIS, vice-president. E. Damerow, C. George, D. Kopp. R. Markham, D. Mathie, P. Rigby, J. March, S. Over- holt, A. Mclildowncy. D. Dicken, W. Gordon, M. Keifer, K. Meeker, M Lemmon, K. French. 41 T. Campeau, J. Carter, R. Cathon. Juniors M, Morris, J. Consentino, L. Merriman, C. Krabill, J. Magisano, R. Mallory, R. Morgan. L. Crawford, W. Cracknell. Front: M. Brunn, L. Dunkerton, C. Gengler. , M. Lautzenheiscr, A. Schmucker, R. Roy, P. Rohaley R. Holmes, G. Shollenberger. 43 R. Miller, N. Perri, F. Bates, J. Eoff, M. Horton. S. Cartwright, M. Burky, J. Bennett, J. Barwick, R. Brooks, S. Bloor, E, Allison, E. Blattler. Juniors R. Graham, E. Heindle. Front: C. Coyne, L. Giove nelli, N. Gettle. J. Durham, A. Evans, H. Wright. 45 Juniors L. Thomas, E. Meeker, J. Trim-bur, A. Weals, B. Trott, M. Leedy. R. Smith, J. Wreford, R. Lofliand, M. Lewis, M. Gart- rell, O. Miller, M. VVilliams. C. Smith, E. Shultz, J. Wang, U. Wlavggenspack Front: G. Lewis, W. Wilson. I. Stock, L. Zimmerman, F. Wyrick, P. Thomas, C. Weick, R. Trask. 47 Juniors J. Friend, J. Sponsellcr, B. Ensmingcr, R. Valentine, R. Suthcrin, D. Richards, J. Eng!ish, J. Wise J. VVi1ker, M. Noble. H. Fricke, G. Miavitz, J. Swinncrton, R. Edwards. W 48 Sophomores Officers President, R. Saunierg Vice President, P. Naylor, Secretary C. Heyne: Treasurer, D. Doughty J. Ewing, N. Douda, J. Van Nos- tran, B. Cummings, D. Whippler. H. Good, M. Porter, M. Shutt N. Rohrbacher. E. Bryant, T. Bender, J. Cal- houn, D. Ballantyne. 49 ophomores E. Branfield, R. Buchs, T. Barth C. Everett, M. Jenkins, M. Grau, L. Linard. E. Leyman, L. Chambers, R Adams, M. Coy. R. Goodrich, E. Robb, R. McEn- farfer, C. Currie, D. Craytor, R Russi, H. Lichty. 50 ophomores J. Musteric, G. Stevenson, R Druckenbrod. R. Keller, J. Reddy, J. Capley R. Turney, J. Cope, H. Schuster J. Weir. P. Moscoso, D. Doughty, R Martin, P. Naylor. L. COX, J. Middleditch, C. Engel- bert, B. Miller, R. Miller. 51 Sophomores C, Parker, N. Leybourne, L Thompson, S. Griebling, L. Tenney. P. McConnell, F. Ph-illipy, R Jacobs, R. Buehler, E. Morgan, M. Kuklo. E. Farnham, Y. Sudeck, R. Round, D. Scott. V. Schmucker, J. Daniel, A. Hofstatter, J. Psenka, M. Hill. 52 ophomores J. Denton, H. Eckert, D. Fair banks, P. Adams. J. G-afti, R. Chapman, M. Kin- sel, V. Pratts, P. Currie. R. Duerr, M. Fitzpatrick, F Williams, N, Heestand, E. Stoffer P. Gehm. Z. Kranzfelder, P. Sonday, P. Spitler, J. Dempster. 53 Q Sophomores C. Linraberger, G. Weimer, P Wenner, R. Woodson, J. Otto. T. Nelson, R. Ashburn, B. Neff J. Connor. J. Wilson, R. Marrell, R Thomas, J. Anderson. Freshmen Officers V. Obmann, President, C. Grin- dle, Vice-President, S. Kirkhart Secretaryg R. Morgan, treasurer. N. McLeod, B. Lower, C. Grin- dle, C. Evans, L. Matia, S. Kirk- hart, C. Bailey, J. Hildreth, C Hall, N. Severe. M. Knoll, R. Morgan, J. Smith J. Mohr, M. Hamilton, C. Mellor J. Miller, M. Miller, B. Michalk S. Abrams. R. Glass, H. Siefke, W. Adams G. Schilpp, C. Fauley, M. Howell. 55 J Freshmen H. Boals, S. Audrain, R. Bodo D. Brunner, D. Couture, M Garcia, R. Stoffer. T. McDonald, L. Worthington, C. Waggener, L. Miller. G. Binkley, R. Russell, T. Gray. T. Zuppe, J. Muldowney, J. Whit- aere, L. Taylor, J. Phillippi. G. Kellner, D. Tarbet, R. Harper, J. Palmer. Front: W. Ryan, K. Turey, W. Plummer. 56 Freshmen B. Cassidy, D. Wells, J. Mathew J. Laukhlin, D. Tickner, R. Tru- bensee, R. Green, B, Holstein, J. Hill R. Kiter, A. Wildersehmidt, C Hartman, D. Roglcix R. Hawkins, C, Spiker, S Payne, L. Boyd, R. Slingerlunrl T. Richardson, F. Byrnes, C, Hahn, B. Weals, B. Zimmer- man, J. Maurizi, R. Diehl, R Zeuber, R. Jenkins. 57 Freshmen R. Marr, F, Hood, J. Woolf, W Cassidy, M. Wright, A. Wade, M Weiser, G. Rothfuss. N. Hum, K. Lindsley, N. Sieg- enthaler, C. Wright, H. Walton. J. Obney, C. Chernik, C. Church- well, L, Rakestraw, C, Allsopp. R. Colucy, G. Swartz. W. Berger. R. Rohr, C. Bruno, S, Allan, L. Brockway, J. Berger, B. Brunn, S. Anderson, J. Ault, C. Boyce. 53 Freshmen N. Stelts, S. Massucci, M. Em- rick, M. Sisley, J, Wahlen, B. Springer, J, Shrake, M. Stewart. R. Cocklin, J. Cargill, S, Doug- lass. L. Durbin, E. Calcin, C. Cowie, M. Close, J. Donaldson, J. Cunningham, J, Check, R. Cope, D. Dailey, W. Damerow. C. Thorpe, B. Ports, J. Hawkins, T. Weir, R. Smith, A. Bigger. R. Allen, J. Morris, G. Lafferty D. Koontz, R. Kunkel, R. Cocklin R. Hagadorn, R. Hawkins, R Eddy. 59 Freshmen R, Shaheen, W, Spiker, W. Shis ler, J. Smith, J. Hawkins, G Schweikart, J. King, J. Smith M.Boyer. C. Linn, W. Long, P. Jelinek, J Lymphanv, W. Kinsey, J, Kell V. Obmann, D. Linton, K. Kibler T. Lautensehlager, K. Green- walt, J. Slates, L. Boyd, S. Grimm, N. Wolfe. B Diefenbach, D. Hunter, WL Ridgway, R, Valentine, S. Stine, lil! 1 Aultman tuolent Nurses First row: Right fo left: G. Genaldine, A. VVallace, J. Smeltu zer, H. Varavas, R. Yoho. Second row: Right to left: N. Nickels, D. Miller, L. Slagle, M. Tschudy, U. Kirsiaha. Third row: Right to left: B. Wilson, M. Wilson, B. Taylor, K. Smyth, L. Hunter. First row: Right to left: V. First row: Right to left: R Booth, D Uebei, B. Bailey, L. Doerschuk, V. Agnes, J. Flagg, S King, B. L. Strausser. Greer, B. Chenevey. Second TOWZ Right to leftl S. Second 1-OW: Right to left: R Matz, J. Edwards, G. Baker, L. D1'G-her, B. Lindeman, F. Graham Chuma, J. Mitchell, E. Mueuer, D- THOIHPSOHY J- Hosfetlery B Jowell, C. Rubel. C. Noggle. . x , . , Third row: Right to left: G n Thlfd mwj Rlght to left' J' Zelinskas, C. Scherer, M. Gruenke Dootz, M. Criswell, C. Geitgey, P. AA Hager' K' Lehman, M. path' H. Stuber, M. Montgomery. Rumbaugh. 61 E N 19 M2522 CQ A x, ' -Nfl ' 02 20 5 W6 4g9iQQ .' f?f"'xanm, . AO ?k2 1659 M' Gi. W wi y FH TER ITIE - f SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS TOP: FIRST ROW: N. Leybourne, E. Heindel, M. Noble, L. Thomas, C. Krabill, P Moscoso. SECOND ROW: C. Cartwright, M. Burkey, J. VVilker, L. Zimmerman, I. Stock THIRD ROW: E. Meeker, M. Hill, A. Hofstatter, L. Crawford, C. Parker, A Weals, L. Merriman, P. Spitler, D. Whip-pler. MIDDLE: SENIORS M. Schmutzler, B. Vahl, M. Meacham, R. Turner, J. Weiser, D. Gergel, M. Guerra A. Tuttle, M. Loughead. J. Mondi. BOTTOM: PLEDGES FIRST ROW: N. Stelts, C. Bailey, V. Praits, M. VVeiser. SECOND ROW: M. Stewart, S. Grimm, S. Abrams, M. Miller. THIRD ROW: B. Springer, H. Walton, J. XfVahlen, J. Lympany, G. Rothfuss C. Hall. 64 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Eta of Alpha Chi Omega was installed at Mount Union College on June 11, 1920, by the international fraternity which was founded at De Pauw University, Asbury Park, Indiana, on October 15, 1885. Seventy- seven active chapters and one hundred seventy-nine alumnae chapters are scattered through the United States. Alpha Eta has come to look forward each year to its Brady's Ranch outing, its inter-sorority style show, and its carnation ball. Symbolic of Alpha Chi is the Lyre, voted the most beauti- ful sorority pin. The group treasures the colors of scarlet and olive green and the red carnation as their flower. President ..,..,.,..,. ,.....,, J ackie Weiser Vice-President ,.,........., ..... g Marian Meacham Recording Secretary .,..., ....... J osephine Mondi Treasurer ...,.............. ....... R uth Turner Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Theta of Alpha Delta Pi, the oldest secret society for college women, was chartered at Mount Union on March 22, 1947. The sorority was founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, and has increased to eighty active chapters and one hundred eighty-nine alumnae chapters. The A. D. Pi's house is the newest along sorority row. Traditional with Gamma Theta is the Black and White Diamond Ball and Friendship Week. The diamond-shaped pin shows the hands clasped in friendshipg their cherished colors are blue and whiteg their flower, the Violet. President .,.,,,.. ,. ....... Marilyn Morris Vice-President .,..,...... ,...,, Marjorie Keifer Recording Secretary .....,. ..... B arbara Bauer Treasurer ..,..,.,...,.....,.. ..... D awn Tolson f,.Q'0'c"""'f"x fr wmpkgfi 4.190 fees. A' I Aj, PQ, I 1-me A fg4'4ggxps9JQ, , VY. I .vi if 66 TOP. Front: H. Good, L. Tenney, M. Morris, N. Rohrbachor, M. Porter. Back: M. Keifcr, B. Trott, J. Barwick, F. J. Blattler. LEFT. Seated: M. A. Grau, P. Naylor, C. Heyne, J. Daneils, H. Eckert, M Kuklo. Standing: J. Psenka, R. Buehler, S. Allan, A. Bigger. RIGHT. Front: M. Kuntzleman, B. Bauer, B. Wecht, J. Everson. Back: C. Mellott, A. Elliott, D. Tolson. 67 TOP: JUNIORS AND SENIORS FIRST ROW: D. Shively, J. Klingensmith, P. Hyde, S. NVagner, M, Williams P. Stark i SECOND ROW: M. Leedy, C. Gengler, P. Rohaley, A. McEld'owney, M. Brunn M. Horton. THIRD ROW: S. Overholt, J. English, N. Wilhelm, J. Trimbur, D. Neel, H Wright, J. Eoff, P. Wood, P. Clarke. BOTTOM LEFT: SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: J. Calhoun, J. Middlefditch, J. Van Nostran, C. Englebert. SECOND ROW: J. Dempsiter, S. Sondlay, D. Fairbanks, C. Currie, B. Neff, Z Kranzfelder, P. Adams. BOTTOM RIGHT: PLEDGES FIRST ROW: C. Grindle, C. Cowie, T. Nelson. SECOND ROW: M, Howell, J. Smith, R. Ports, G. Schweikart, S. Massu-chi. THIRD ROW: L. Matia, M. Emerick, M. Boyer, J. King, C. Fauley, C. Evans L. Brockway, C. Wright. 68 v Alpha Xi Delta Gamma of Alpha Xi Delta, the first sorority at Mount Union, was in- stalled on April 20, 1903. The sorority originated at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893. It now consists of sixty-five active chapters and one hundred and twenty-five alumnae chapters. The rose formal is the highlight of the year for Alpha Xis. Their fraternity badge is the quill with Greek letters on the feathers. Their colors are double blue and gold and their flower, the pink rose. President ,........ ...... P atricia Wood Vice-President ............... ...,.. P atricia Stark Recording Secretary ,...... .. .... Shirley Overholt Treasurer .........,......... .... P atricia Clarke 69 Delta Delta Delta Delta Nu of Delta Delta Delta was installed at Mount Union on De- cember 5, 1914. The international sorority was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University, and is the third largest sorority in the nation. The sorority has grown to ninety-five active chapters and two hundred eighteen alumnae chapters. The annual All-College Dance, spring formal, presentation of scholarships, and Pine Banquet are among the highlights of Tri Delta activities. Symbolic of Tri Delta is the crescent moon and three stars. The official colors are silver, gold, and blue, and the emblems are the pearl, the pine, and the pansy. President .......... ...... D orothy Reese Vice-President ...., ...... N ancy Hunsicker Secretary ....,..... ..,i.. D onna Donaldson Treasurer ....... ......... J ean March if TOP: PLEDGES FIRST ROW: J. Shrake, J. Ault, S. Stine, J. Irish, B. Lower, J. Keil, C. Boyce SECOND ROW: J. Berger, C. Thorpe, B, Cummings, B. Brunn, J. Ewing, J McGrath, Y. Sudeck, N. Siegenthaler. MIDDLE: SENIORS FIRST ROW: D. Reese, N. Hunsicker. SECOND ROW: P, Riddle, K. Montgomery, A. Montgomery, M. Lower, D. Don- aldson, C. Wade. BOTTOM: SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS FIRST ROW: K. Meeker, F. Wyrick, J. March, R. Holmes, N. Gettle, M. Lemmon SECOND ROW: D, Scott, E. Calcin, V. Schmucker, N. Douda, G. Shollenberger D. Ballantyne, R. Martin, M. Fitzpatrick, M. Knoll. 71 FRONT ROW: B. Diefenbach, B. Keuhn, T. MacDon1ald, E. Durbin. SECOND ROW: L. Lafferty, J. Mohr, B. Jenkins, C. Hartman, B, Holstein LEFT: FRONT ROW: D. Bebout, J. Williams. STANDING: R. Goodrich, B. Colvvell, B. Roberts. RIGHT: FRONT SEATED: B. Ketcham, Ted Bender. SECOND ROW: E. Robb, J. Otto, J. Bryant, D. Craytor. 72 Alpha Sigma Phi Founded at Yale University in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi represents the tenth largest national fraternity. The Beta Alpha chapter which was in- stalled at Mount Union in September, 1946, is the newest member of the Greeks on campus. The fraternity colors are cardinal and stone. Early this year, the Alpha Sigma Phis proudly paid off their mortgage. First Semester Second Semester Jack Williams ..... ...,.,. P resident ......., ....,e. J ack Williams Don Bebout ...... ,..... V ice-President ....... ...,,,,. G ed Bryant Bob Colwell ...... ......e S ecretary ......... ,,,,,, B ob Colwell Ray Goodrich . ..... ....... T reasurer .. ..... ...,,. D ave Craytor Alpha Tau Omega The Alpha Nu chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, which was installed at Mount Union College on February 14, 1882, was the first national frater- nity on campus and the first Alpha Tau Omega chapter in Ohio. Founded at Richmond, Virginia, on September 11, 1865, Alpha Tau Omega is sym- bolized by its Maltese Cross pins, white tea roses, and the colors of sky blue and old gold. President , ..., ...... ...... . . .. Rod King Vice-President ...., Craig George Secretary ,... ....... Dave Owens Treasurer ..... .. , ...., Art Morris 'Y TOP: FRONT ROW: D. Sutherin, B. Hummel, J. Durham, S. Friend, J. Spon- seller, MIDDLE ROW: B. Ensminger, J. Wang, M. Dvamerow, E. Shultz, D. Mathie, D Edwards, B, Craeknell, D. Clivi, P. Thomas. LAST ROW: J. Casper, C. George, B. Valentine, J. Carter, D. Smith, D. Owens B, Markham.. MIDDLE: FIRST RONV: H. Jae, C, Ball, R. St. John, B. Kroehba, R. Pucci, F Freeman, A, Robertson. MIDDLE ROW: E. Pohjala, J. Gfaitti, P. Rosia, B. Erlitz, Mrs. Pittenger, J Mackey, D. Lyon, A. Morris, R. King, B. Hart. LAST ROW: J. Vadini, D. Miller, F. VVileh, M. Pueei, J. Swinnerton, D. Raebel O. Sagedahl, T. Campeau. PLEDGES FRONT ROVV: H. Sefki, T. Kuniae, D. Marr, I.. Rakestraw, K. Kibler, S. Doug- lass, L. Swartz, R. Morgan. MIDDLE ROW: W. Damerow, J. Muldowney, V. Obmann, B. Savou, R. Greene B. Kunkle, J. Cargill, K. Laughlin, F. Hood, J. Naee. LAST ROW: F. Burns, B. Gordon, C. Sapanaro, B. Rohr, A. Zimmerman, D Wells, J. Laughlin, B. Cassidy. 75 1 PLEDGES FIRST ROW: J. Morris, C. Poland, J. Hill, M. Coy. SECOND ROW: W. Adams, K. Fench, C. Linaberger, J. Spioniseller. LEFT: FRONT ROW: C. Weick, S. Bloor, B. Brooks, B. Morgan, G. Allison, O. Evans. MIDDLE ROW: O. Miller, P. Graham, Lou Gfiovanelli, D. Cox, D. Krabill, B. Wilson, K. Pelton. RIGHT: FRONT ROVV: B. Eckley, D. Brown, Mrs. Morton, P. McConnell, R. Jacobs. SECOND ROW: F. Phillipy, S. Griebling, J. Huntsberger, D. Krabill, R. Smith, J. Anson, D. Wanger, Mr. Diehl. 76 Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau was founded in 1903 at Miami University, "the home of fraternities." The red Carnation is the Phi Kappa Tau flower, and Har- vard red and old gold are the colors. The Epsilon chapter, which was char- tered at Mount Union College on February 8, 1915, was the host this year to the second annual Pledge dance. President ,...,,,...ri ...... J ack Huntsberger Vice-President .....r ......,.. , , Bill Wilson Secretary , .,..... ..1,,,. D ick Brown Treasurer .1,r. ,....r. B ob Brooks Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on the campus of the University of Alabama, March 9, 1856. The Ohio Sigma chapter, installed at Mount Union April 4, 1885, was the first chapter north of the Mason-Dixon Line. The fraternity is symbolized by its diamond shaped pin, violets, and the colors royal purple and old gold. First Semester ' Second Semester Dick Masters .r.,... ....,,,, P resident ....., .......,.. H arry N eilly Bob Higgins . .,..... ..,, , i. Vice-President ...., s..... C huck Akins Dennis Foreman .,...... ...... S ecretary ,..,. . ....... Dick Wilson Dick Dellamatre .,,..... ...,,, T reasurer ,...... ...... D on Nixon LEFT: FIRST ROW: A. Hadley, B. Jones, J. Hildebrand, J. Davis, B. Werren C. Akins. SECOND ROW: D. Masters, D. Wilson, D. DeLame:tre, M. Cambridge, H. Shol- lenfberger, P. Maxwell, H. Sponseller, B. Davidson. RIGHT: FIRST ROW: R. Missall, J. Dill, T. Barth, B. Buchs, E. Branfield. SECOND ROW: H. Neilly, B. Adams, M. Untch, B. Roys, Mrs. Morris, D. Nixon G. Thompson, F. Loomis. THIRD ROW: L. Johnson, F. Mitchell, R. Miller, E. Farnham, F. Shollc-nberger A. Feldbush, B. Chapman, L. Cox, G. Rigby, C. Perry. PLEDGES FIRST ROVV: J. Hawkins, J. Maurizi, J, Wilson, B. Hagadorn, T. Richlardson. SECOND ROW: T. NVi0r, R. Hawkins, R. Cope, L. Taylor, B. Ridgeway, R Slingerland. THIRD ROW: B. Weals, B. Long, R. Smith, D. Dailey, T. Gray, B. Shisler, J Check, F. McKenna, J. Obney. 79 E l 1 TOP: FIRST ROW: H. Barry, J. Magisano, N. Sohrader, J. Blackmon, J. Jack- son. SECOND ROW: VV. Cromwell, R. Mallory, T. Petzinger, J. Colwell, R. Kipfer, H. Biggard, D. McCarty, B. Smith, J. Cosentino. LEFT: FIRST ROW: D. Doughty, R. Round, J. Whitlacre, G. Wcimer, D. Brown, R. Marrell. ' SECOND ROW: E. Leyman, R. Faudree, R. Slafunior, P. Currie, T. Cope, R. Turney, J. Connor, R. Thomas. PLEDGES FIRST ROW: J. Hawkins, S. Payne, D. Linton, F. Lautenschlager, B. Allen, W. Smith, R. Cocklen, R. Tickner. SECOND ROW: D. Rogler, N. Bowersox, R. Keller, R. Eddy, W. Speicher, C. Waggoner, B. Zuber. THIRD ROW: J. Smith, P. Wenner, R. Kelly, C. Alsop, K. Grenwalt, R. Zim- merman, F. Cain, D. Kerr, G. Koontz, L. Boyd. 80 Sigma Nu Sigma Nu was founded at the Virginia Military Institute on January 1, 1869. Beta Iota chapter was the first local organization on campus and was installed on July 22, 1892. Sigma Nu is symbolized by their black and gold colors, the White rose, and the "White star" pin. First Semester Second Semester John Blackmon ..e.... ........ P resident ....... ..... B ill Cromwell Jim Magisano ...,.. .....,. V ice-President ....... .,,.., D ick Mallory Dick Mallory ,.... Secretary ,,., .,... . M Dave Brown Russ Allen ..... ........ T reasurer , .,.... ,,,,,,, R uss Allen 81 www.NMifizaxxszzisfNg5:gggf.,9MMg4MvlJ s,,ia21,1eaviixsp www: W M-' vii: -L-... bb' - vow If 4. Q rv' so ,9- 4-ff v5 Q, R ,e ,Q Tl ITIE L Dynamo au. I mm tilhifltig emma! NOVEMBER ' 3951 Seated: A. Morris, C. Wade, J. March, standing: M. Guerra, D. Doughty, F. Wyrick, J. Falls, D. Neel. Co-Editors ....,,,.,..... Donna Neel, Charlotte Wade Assistant Editors .... Faye Wyrick, Richard Smith Business Manager ..,....,.,,,...,...,,,.......,,, Art Morris Seated: B. Ports, P. Riddle, R. Holmes, J. King, standing: B. Long, B. Ryan, S. Douglass, C. Englebert, D. Doughty. , 3m..wg,g......a.,,.,.d,u.-Q-K-,...-v..m Seated: J. Barwick, M. Guerra, D. Fail banks, standing, J. Donaldson, M. Schmutzlet M. Emerick, J. Berger. Orchestra The Mount Union College Orchestra is an organization composed of interested college students and townspecple. Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu is the social sicence honorary. President .,..,..s....,. Paul Rosia Vice-President ..,,.s Jim Davis Secretary ,, Myles Cambridge Treasurer Richard Holtsinger Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a na- tional honorary music fra- ternity open to women. President ....s,,.,. Lou Rearick Secretary-Treasurer ..,..,..,. Emma Jean Blattler 85 Band The Mount Union College Band is composed of all inter- ested college students. President ,, Norman Johnston Vice President .. Bob Morgan Secretary-Treasurer .....l.... Emma Jean Blattler A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir is a musical organization open to all students by tryout. President.. Norman Johnston Vice-President ,.,.....,.....,.c,,. Kenyon French Secretary-Treasurer .,,,...... Elsie Hollabaugh Madrigal Singers The Madrigal Singers is an a cappella group composed of eight members directed by Mrs. Clancy Miller. ' 86 International Relations Club Current Business Forum The International Relations Club gives internationally minded stu- dents an opportunity to express opinions on current, national, and inter- national events. President , ,...,,.... ....,,. P aul Swinderman Vice-President ..., .. ,,............ Bill Trask Secretary ....,.,,.,,, ,...,, P at Clarke Treasurer i.......... ,..s... J im Davis The Current Business Forum is a group of students who are inter- ested in .broadening their knowledge in contemporary economic and busi- ness conditions. President ....s,.....,..... . ..........., Thomas Petzinger Vice-Presidents ,,.... Charles Akins, Bill Wilson Secretary .... ......,............ R obert Freeman Treasurer .l... ......... R ussell Allen 87 Cosmian Student Christian Association Cosmian is the honorary fraternity for senior men. President .....,.......... .......A. ,... J ack Huntsberger Vice-President .... . ..... ,.....,...,.. . .. Rod King Secretary-Treasurer ..... . ,...... . William Krochta The Student Christian Association serves as an agency of the com- bined YMCA-YWCA and as an agency of the campus to provide interde- nominational religious life. President .,... ,...... ..... D e nnis Foreman Vice-President ..,,.,. .....,, M el Loughead Secretary ,...,...r .........,. J ohn Morgan Treasurer ...... .......,. ...... lt I organ Damerow 88 Student Senate Student Senate is the gov- erning body composed of rep- resentatives from all the fra- t e r n a 1 and independent groups. President ,,.,,.,.., Anne Elliott Vice-President Marilyn Brunn Secretary .... Carolyn Krabill Treasurer .,.,.......................... Richard DeLamatre Future Teachers Of America The membership of the Future Teachers of America is composed of education stu- dents and prospective teach- ers. President ..,. Josephine Mondi Vice-President Jack Williams Secretary ,,,, Loretta Thomas Treasurer ........ Dawn Tolson Headland Club The Headland Club is com-- posed of students who are preparing for Christian Work as a minister or in other fields of service. President ..,,.... John Wreford Vice-President .. Wilbur Cook Secretary Martha Jane F rary Treasurer ..,.....,, Leon Linard 89 ew WOHl6H,S Gov't Board The Women's Government Association is the governing body of all Mount Union co-eds. President ........r. Ruth Turner Vice-President ..,. Ann Weals Secretary ,, Lois Zimmerman Womenis Athletic Association The Women's Athletic As- sociation is an organization to interest all Women in sports. President ...... Barbara Bauer Vice-President ,... Pat Clarke Secretary ...,........ Nan Douda Treasurer .... Johanne Walker Lauriger Lauriger is the senior women's honorary society. President ,. Marian Meacham Vice-President .. Donna Neel Sec.-Treas. ,.,. Jackie Weiser 90 Panhellenic Council Inter-Fraternity Council Panhellenic Council is the governing body of all Mount Union sorori- ties. President e......... .e.... N ancy Hunsicker Vice-President .... . i.,. Marjorie Keifer Secretary ....... ....... B everly Neff Treasurer .,r,,, ,. ,........i.......,....i, .,,,, Irene Stock I The Inter-Fraternity Council was created for the purpose of main- taining harmony and a cooperative spirit among the fraternities on campus. President e.,,... ,....i . Jack Huntsberger Secretary ...., .,.... .,... J a ck Williams 91 The Mount Union affiliate of the American Chemical Society is an organization for all those interested in chemistry. President ..........,.,ss . ,....s,..,,.,,,,, William Krochta Vice-President ,. ....... ,.,,. J ack Colwell Secretary-Treasurer ....,. .. .. Gardy Rigby Alemhroic is on honorary chemistry society with certain scholastic requirements. President ,.... Richard Wilson Vice-President .... .l..,. ,,..,, W i lliam Krochta Secretary-Treasurer ..,i, Gardy Rigby American Chemical Society Alembroic Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Sigma Phi Sigma is the national biology society with certain scholastic re- quirements. President ....t,.,... . ,...o Richard Masters Vice-President . .... ..cca...a.. R obert Higgins Secretary ...... , , .... Martha Kuntzleman Treasurer .... , ..,..,c... .....,,......... .... . . . .. Duane McCarty Alpha Lambda Delta is the national honorary scholastic society for freshman girls who maintain a 3.5 or better average for the first year. President .,,,....e... ......., C arol Heyne V ice-President ,..,,.. ....,c T Jirginia Pratts Secretary ..,, , c..., .c... D onna Ballantyne Treasurer ...,. ............. ...... C a role Currie 93 x--'QN ks--' rmnnmuf i Pf ff If 'lu 1 9, ff' gn aj: .f 'fd 3 if mi X U Q QQ Q gf wk Q U D 1Wxwi.Q Q f' li QS Q X A V X. X M '77 svoms ,4 A 4 4 Zz x Raider Senior Letterman A Left: Guard Bob Freeman, End Ed Pohjala, Fullback Joe Vadini, Halfback Bill Erlitz. Center: Quarterback Bill Krochta, End Pat Mancuw, Guard Ray Pucci, Guard Bruce Cobbs, Quarterback Pat Byrnes. Right: Halfback Dick Rabel, End Don Lyons, Tackle Paul Rosia. A Coaching Staff Left to right: Nick Perry, Jack Rafeld, Rev. Richard Duke, Coach Nelson "Bully" Jones, and George Hunter. Football Team 2 Front Row---Humel, Natoli, Churchvvell, Hood, Hollenbeck, Zimmerman, Raebol Swartz, Zalasko, Cobbs, Sapanero, Zupp, Greenfield, Sponseller, Friend, Wells, K Laughlin, J. Laughlin, Valentine. ' ' 'Second Row-A-Miller, Check, Rosia, Richardson, Gatti, Jac, Miller, Muldiowvney Vanderbilt, Kuniak, Chapman, Merrill, Saunier, Bryant, Ensminger, Turney, Owens Coach Nelson Jones. Third R0wiPerry, Drake, Erlitz, Vadini, F. Byrnes, Freeman, Pucci, Krochita Mancuso, P. Byrnes, Pohjala, Lyon, Durham, Wilch, Suvoy, Stafford, Swinnerton Campeau, Rafeld, Hunter. Scores Mount Union .. ...... Kent State 28 Mount Union . ,.... ..... B owling Green 13 Mount Union .... Baldwin-Wallace 26 Mount Union .................. Akron 7 Mount Union .... . Slippery Rock 21 Mount Union ..,... ..... O hio Wesleyan 13 Mount Union ......,,,, Wooster 21 Mount Union ...... .... Y oungstown 13 98 Wm. ig," if 4 Q :-.,,,1f Ei R :Y it , M fy W X 1 '-.4 Q ,4 Whimsy if Q ik . A , " ,liffgus 4 ' 1 f W fr.: ' .. H N Q 31 A J ' 5595? W ' . ' 52", ' I .:M Ma an A MR uw, .fm-ul .2 x . p Football Mount Union Purple Raiders uncorked a powerful attack in the season grid open- er, but the Kent State Golden Flashes edged into the victory slot by one point, 28-27. This first of the Raiders' luckless "near-victoriesn seems to have been a preview of the season, for the four Mount defeats were inflicted by a grand total of nine points. In their second encounter, Mount downed a powerful Bowling Green team, 26-13. The Homecoming was the second heart-breaker, when 4,500 fans saw Baldwin-Wallace score its winning touchdown in the last minute of play. The Hilltoppers soundly crushed the Akron Zippers, only to be edged by Slippery Rock in a real grid thriller, 21-19. The Ohio Wesleyan Bishops, Ohio Conference champions, got into the "tough luck" act by racking up the second one-point victory over Mount. 100 The last two games were a brighter story, however, and the Hilltoppers retained the coveted "Little Brown Jug," this time for keeps, in the fray against Wooster College. Precision passing and a rock-steady ground attack gave Mounta33-21 victory. In the last encounter of the season, a freakish pass interference infraction gave Youngstown College a tieing score of 13-13 before 5,000 fans in the Steel City. The game marked the end of collegiate football for 12 Mount gridders who have played a terrific brand of ball. They are: Captain Ed Pohjala, Pat Mancuso, Pat Byrnes, Ray Pucci, Bob Freeman, Bruce Cobbs, Dick Raebel, Don Lyon, Joe Vadini, Bill Krochta, Bill Erlitz, and Paul Rosia. Football Lending enthusiasm and spirit to the Raider athletic contests were pert and peppy Mount Union Union cheerleaders, Betsy Springer, Carole Currie, "Sis" Thorpe, Barbara Brunn, Shirley Stine, Zoe Kranzfelder and Marilyn Weiser. Cheerleaders Reading from left to right: Zoe Kranzfelder, "Sis" Thorpe, Carole Currie, Shirley Stine, Marilyn Weiser, Barbara Brunn, and Betsy Springer. 102 Basketball Team Front row, left to right: E. Bihary, R. King, B. Erlitz, B. Ensminger, R. Green, F. Wilch. Second row: B. Faudree, J. Check, P. Currie, D. Marr, J. Laughlin, B. Kuehn. Third row: Assistant Coach N. Jones, Manager T. Campeau. P. Thomas, B. Val- entine, J. Nace, W. Damerow, Assistant Manager J. Swinnerton, Head Coach George Hunter. The cage fortunes of Mount Union for the 1951-52 campaign reached the red side of the ledger for the first time since the 1940 season. The Purple Raiders, under the tute- lage of Coach George Hunter C495 graduatel in his initial year at the helm, recorded a 6-16 mark. Opening the season with two successive wins against Steubenville and Denison, the Mounties looked like the black-horse of the Ohio Conference race. However, the Purple and White soon found themselves at the .500 mark and took off for the sunny South, where they chalked up a 1-1 record, dropping one to Richmond University's powerhouse before taking the measure of Randolph-Macon. Returning to Ohio ,basketball wars, the Raiders treked to the Cleveland Arena where they engaged John Carroll University and dropped below the even-steven mark. Three successive setbacks in the form of Musk- 103 Starting Five Left to right: J. Nace, B. Ensminger, R. King, P. Thomas, and B. Valentine, with Coach George Hunter in the basket. ingum, Heidelberg and Youngstown added to the Raiders' victory famine. Recording a Victory over Hiram, Mount slipped back to their losing Ways and dropped another three in succession before springing a surprise defeat upon Ohio Wesleyan who had forged one of the most impressive records in the Ohio Conference. The remainder of the season looked dismal as the Purples failed to' Win but one in their last seven encounters. Only bright spots in the seasons home stretch was a "moral victory," 62-59 "win" over Kent State of the Mid-America Conference Who carried an impressive record into the fray. Winding up the year as the quintet which could have shown great promise with a few breaks along the Way, the Raiders downed Oberlin and thus concluded Ohio Confer- ence play with a 4-7 record. 104 Q Z 5 x I , S1 ,J ER as . Q3 Q gg q R355 A A,31 1 , A :.: :: . M ,k,., A ".' ' f " Q Left to right: J. Durham, F. McIntyre, B. Buchs, D. McFall, P. Mancuso, T. Campelau, D. Edwards, J. Vadini, VV. Krochta, J. Sponseller, R. Valentine, P. Currie, R. Pope, E. Schultz, R. Edwards, A. Evans, and Coach Jack Rafeld. Right inset: Pitcher Art Evans. Left inset: Pitcher Jack Sponseller. Baseball Team A highly successful season was compiled by baseball coach Jack Rafeld's team, with eight Wins and three losses. Mount took both games of the opening doubleheader with Steuben- ville, chiefly on the pitching prowess of Southpaw Art Evans. The 10-6 victory over Kent avenged the Raiders' 3-2 loss to the Flashes a year ago. Mount collected 16 hits and made three errors, while Kent hit seven times and committed two miscues. With an 11-3 win, Wooster snapped the Mount winning streak at three straight. Baseball was absent from Mount's sports scene for 14 years, and this season, the third since the return of the game, to the campus, was one of which to be proud. 106 Mount Union netmen con- cluded the 1951 season with a 4-2 mark. Bruce Hart was the number one man in singles competition, While Hart and "Sandy" Calcin combined to lead the way in doubles play. The squad showed great promise in its initial year under Coach Neil Schrader and the Raiders outlook for the 1952 campaign is bright considering the Vast wealth of returning Veterans. Tennis Front row, left to right: Coach Neil Schrader, "Sandy" Calcin, Jim Wfright, Jim Hill, and John Blackmon. Second row, left to right: Jim Elder, Paul Taraldsen, Bruce Hart, Bruce Ens- minger and Don Greet. Jack Colwell, Paul Frey, Coach Arthur Englebert, Cyril Holding amd Harry Neilly. ,Q i,iA i v X iq, ,arm , if ':'- Golf The Raider linkmen closed the golfing campaign on a happy note, with a 12-4 win over Baldwin-Wallace. Harry Neilly Won Match Medalist Honors with his tally of 74. Other cards read: Cyril Holding, 755 Jack Col- well, '79, and Paul Frey, 80. Mount placed fifth in the Ohio Conference at Mogadore, one notch higher in their standing than a year ago. The final tally gave Coach A. F. Englebert's men three Wins, six losses, and one tie. 107 Track Team Front row, left to right: D. Smith, Petzinger, Wise, Firestone, Raebel, Bell, Jackson, Cosentino, Missal, and Silva. Second row: Van Allan, Graney, Pohjala, Maclntofer, Roesler, Damerow, Mer- rill, Huntsberger, Reynolds, Wilson, Jacobs and Ccsalch Nelson Jones. Third row: Brooks Gatti, B. Smith, King, Baker, Musteric, Turney, Crater and Stroebel. In the first Ohio Conference indoor track meet of the season, Dick Raebel took the 55-yard dash, and Rod King tied for first in the high jump. At Kenyon, the J onesmen outpointed the Lords, 71-42. Raebel and Red Missall were both double winners. Morgan Damerow set-a new fieldhouse record in the 600-yard run with a time of 1 :20.7. Missall and Jim Wise jointly reset the 3000-yard record at 9:17.6. Other winners were Harry Stroebel and Jim Jackson. Mount had three double winners in its victorious meet with Slippery Rock. Tom Petzinger copped the 100 and 220-yard dashes. Jack Huntsberger swept both hurdle events and Rod King annexed the high jump and tied Dick Greenfeild in the broad jump. Mount Union ran up a dozen first places, winning all events except the two-mile run and the discus throw. A triangular meet with Fenn and Bethany colleges saw the Hilltoppers again vic- torious. A new Hartshorn record was set by the mile relay team. The team's second triangular meet, with Geneva and Youngstown, was another de- cisive victory. Outstanding feature of the meet was the record-shattering time of 14.8 seconds in the high hurdles, set by Jack Huntsberger. Mount closed a highly successful track season with the Ohio Outdoor Conference at Wooster, placing fourth. The Raiders placed first in the mile relay, and Tom Petzinger won the 100 yard dash with a' time of 10'seconds. 108 Co:-captain Nap Bell prepares to let fly ir: his specialty, the shoitput. Three Mount pole vaulters seem to be wondering about the long fall down. Co-captain Dick Raebel gets set in his block for the 220-yard dash event. The spectacular 880-yard relay squad composed of Petzinger, King, Grancy, and Smith, left to right' Stroebel, Pohjala, Smith, and Damerovv prance before the camera after Winding up the sea- son undefeated in dual and con- ference competition in the mile relay. 109 Women's Intramurals The "Powder Bowl" football game staged by the sororities consisted of a Notre Dame team and an Ohio State team. Twenty-two girl-grid stars fought to a 6-0 decision for the Notre Dame team to raise money for the WSSF campaign. Field hockey and soccer, which are played on the grounds between Lamborn and White Hollow, start the physical education program for Mount girls. When snow begins to fly, volleyball and basketball share the spotlight inside Morgan Gym. Elimination tournament games are played in both sports, and trophies are awarded. Badminton, which starts in the winter, holds its tournament in the spring. Softball, tennis, and archery are also in the spring curriculum. And last, but not least, Mount folk dancing provides the finishing touches of a well-rounded sports curriculum. ,W H- ' Y' , 1 Y 2 yr 4 IS :S H, ,gg ,E 3' gf? Q N 5 A if Q, 5 H A 'Di Q f " Us- 5 cs. W lf W S? I. ii QM 3 G s 5 X L if 5 1' A .iff f W in lhiqw, ,n,-,,,.,,, ,,,.,,-. Q 4, .,.., y I,ilZ ---. YV j IZ xii, J I r .,,..,...,, ,M-. l 1 fNN,,....,.. "'N1f""' s f-1 F- J's--- L f MAE' ff!-flffjfgl ffffifgfffkfiffffffffiffffffy 1 if ,I f ,- TW5f Wr' L WV Y wr ' I. AAI A, an I HMP' UAA? A 'HIIAIIAIQQIAAA ,A . 'l:'lAI:"ll T' lg ll" IA Agn! I. ul ..l-'Vu .,,VlA,.:- 'IAAAAUI 5 ' l IA' lAI,'l'IA.'l I ,' . 1' n,"IA,,'lIAAA"lvAIA 'I I , IAA,"uAA' "A5'-1:.:'iAir.:5,AAA..A7A ' :'i'4':A'22 . .T " 1'H2594::f5E-f-v5":i-AA-'- A AI I III IAQ? lining A A 3,1 A A717 "'i'2'g"' : A A' -Tm .du , IVAAAA gl I ' VI I ll mg' IuT"'l ng, VVVAIAM' 11A A I A V' III.. I lVq.'V' AI, uuHIAA.,.V. A A -:':A'mA.rAu'A-.-A"AAA'-AA-A:- YAIIIA A mg All IA Ill A I IAAA ' VAIWAWAI "mi: ' ':5vAA"4"':'75' 'WAAAAAAEELQAI AZWAAAAAESHA ' llu AIAVIAIA Vg., AvA I Aim, Ulm., lAIIv.An AMA , Vu 'AAvAAAYiAfA,"AIAw. ,',- NIHAHQ Mun num: :'lAIAIAIi Q Q IAA., ,V Q AAISQMAAAAAAL .AiA9A15"'nn.'AA..--- IAWAILHAAIIV. I I ,ju AYIVI ll. IAIAIAA A I IAIAAII U IAIIAIAAAAA IAICIAIIM' An I I 'll VIYI mvIAIAIflAIA IAAIAII I II ui' A.nIAAAAAA. A -"mul 'AP 'l'l'l nAIAvAA.,.Q2'l Inu IA 7UllVll'lYlll:. 'UAIAAAAAAAAIHB ' ' AAAm,,,, ' UVVVVVVMAAAAIAIAAAAAI I AAAAI IHA? ly,'muu,lmuun''naman IAIAAIAAIAIAAAA AlA..m"nmu,m."VuHIl IAIAIIAIVAI AImIAAvIvAAmAIlIIAvAAvAAIA1Afi""""' AAIAAAAIAI IIIWAVNAIIIIIIA Ill mm' " AAIAIrAlAvAvAIAvAAuAAn1AAIII IAAQHHIAIU mAAI'lAIIAIAIAAvAAAAIIAIAAI ll li I2 " 'I IIAIA IAMAANI IAIAAAA'IAIAvAA'AAAIAIAIf: AIAIAVIAI ll I IAIA VI I A1AlA'AllrAlmAA'AIAIAI I IAI'IAIAIAAVAIAvAAIAIAvI'IAm'A'I I Iam vAAvA AAIAWAIAIIIIAIAIAWIAMAAIIIIAIIIIAA AIAIIAAIAIIAWAIAVI IAIAIA IIAVA vAA'AI llnll muvlvllll I IAII I IAVAAAIIIVAAIAIAAAA I lllf- IAIIII VIYIVI Ilflfllhllllll I IYAIIAU AAIAIAIAvAA'IAIAlAIAIAVAAAIAVAI I I llAll'I I llllll'lIAl'l'lll'l'AlllA ll IIAIIII UIVAI - ll! All YAWA WWI I IIIAVIIIYIAIII IPIHHH Al A IIAIIIAIAIAvArInI.vAAIvAIAIAIA'II I .AI AAAAAAAAAAIAIAAAAAAAAAAAAI I mAnvAAvIAI I in IAAIAAAAAAIAIAIAAAAAAAA IAmi'I I lhlllll IA AIIIIIAIAIAAIIIIAAAAIAIAIAIAAAAAI ll Yl'A'l' IIIIVI I 'A'l'I'I 'LII' fill' I' 'AIU AIUIIIVHVIII flflulill 'HI IIIAWA VIII 'IU I I mmAAAAAIAIAAIAAAAAAAAAAIAIAIAAAAIIAAAAAAII AmIII'IAIAAA IIIAAAAAAA ll IAIAAA AAAA I IIAIAIIAIIYIIIII 'I ll IAIAYAHI I llll' 7lWWlll'I'l"AA'Ill A' YAYIWIIIVAUHIU Y All ArAArAvAvAIAIAvAAAA1AVIAAAAAIAAAAAAAIIIAAAAAAA A'IIImIAm1AAA'I rAvA'rArAmI I nm A ll hlllw 'l'l"ll'AYl lfl"AYI'H!l IIH I AAvAAAAAAI umm IAvAAvAvAAvAA'AAmArAvAI AAA IrI'A1rAlAIAIA VIIIIIIVAIIIIIIIIIIAIIVIl IAIAAI llll'l lAIArIrAIA'Anm1AAAWAAI'l I IAIAIIAA A YI lflflllllll 'VI lllll IHIYIIVIYLVI ' """""?'7'HHH5WW5'f5A1Hi5A MagnamglnIAAIAAAANAAAVAAIAIl AAvAAvA u'Y53555'9'?IW5'?ZMHHHHH A WI IAvAA'iAiIIAvAvA.'AAAmAIIIAAQHH VZf,22L!T5Y5'f'AfLu5929.9Ml. 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WN""'1AiAAAAArA1nnuAvAAAI I e AIIIAAIAIAWIAI M,..A.qAArAI I H' U umldvl I lug' I ' "' I QUIAINI mAAA'lAmAvAl A vAm1AlAAA'UA "MW H553FIAHAW?.A?.AMA'gggg ' I Ill I' 1 A IAvA'AA'AwA1A'Al I , 1 I I Immi- A HAMA A A l ll I YA YAVLI 'ffl ' ' 'MHA' gAv,AlA1Hl mu lll""" H i'AAA'AvAvAAAmIInP ll IAvAvAAvAAAwAvl V m , g IAI uw IAY IIAAIAAAAAAAAAI p ' l mmArAIIAmAv0 """"""" ' "1 A 1'IAII AAAA AAII 1AlIVWYAA'l'l'lu ' ' ' V1 Aru A 'AAAAAAAA'eAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA if 1' ' IIAIAIIII " A AWA IUAYAAIAI VNV. lvl! ,YA U 'All I I .I AlHA'I"""""'A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIW ljlll H UA 'vp' "Weir vAAA'huI Iu.I'AfA VHA. ll5:'fJ'1AlAVA'1"u"!'Weg" 1 1 fnffff! ' Lf -5 ,-5 A V' 5 X TI' 'X .M-'An' I 'F 5 A' Al A ' ' A ll . , .- A , I. -A, A ' A . V A,"'-. V.: V Vi A. V VV-, VHLV AV7: VV II, IVVIAN: IAA. ' V AV A' I A ' A -.A 'I' Vi. ' A ' V ' ,IA ' V ' . IA' lvl. V, Al, :Ang-.l'l IV .A'V A VV ,' V., .- AA II.AA" he V IAA.-kg .1-'.' ' 'V A' , I. V ' A' I- A Au' '- .A ff N,.A.Y2 Ik ' , . 'lllI.l '-A , , A , In ' l'. "I I Au II H A IIA ' '- ' ' ' ' I ' A' h 'RI V V n V , AVI- ,A A , L' nu . V .I V ' .HIII V ,A :AA A . 'A ' V " A . ' A V 'Pl ' V - - Au. V A A A. -A" . . A A V. - V . Ani A Al - ,' . ' lllll ' - ' . - UAA ' ' A V V , ' . V '- A .A ' ' ' .' ' A V' . ' A A A V V . A- ' A A.. , . AV ' V V A' V V, ,V , , V A A V V A V. . V V A V. . 'A , ' ' W A 'A A , , V V . V V . V V .V A V , V V . . V . ' . V . . A A ' ' A I' A. A . A ' A A A V A VA A A VA V . A A A A ' . A . . . " - -A ' A A 'A '- W A V- 'Vw IAIAIAlAIAAII.vIA'I'.l IA IAAVAA A 'AI IvI'Al'Al I IAI I AA V V V VAV V V . . A , , ,, . , , ' . ,' A I V A ' A V A A AV ' VA VV VV VA -VV A - -V V VA ' A A -A V AA' V ' A V A A 'V ' ' A I A A Y ' A' ' -' I . . . AV VAVA V A V V AV' VA ' VA V . A A A A V V. - - . ' . . . A . . ' A ' A ,- , V ' . A ' A A l 'A A I' ' . ' V A ' , A .VA A . V ' V V' , , ' A A AVAA A - ', . .' f A A . . A . A' V ,, VV V A A A AV A . A V V , 1 . 'A A A ' ' " A.. A A V V A I . V V A ' 'VA , A'A A V ' ' ' V A A ' V 'V VV V .' A A A A .V A V V .V -VA A . , . A VA A .V.V.VV VV V V AA '. ' V A A. A A ' A - A ..'- V V V A VV- A ', 'A V ' A A A I ' V '.' 'A AV ' A A 'AV V ,'.V ' A V V VV. V V" A V ' . V V VV . , . A V V - A ' A AA A ' '.' C AA A A 'AA ' ' ' '. A 'A A A ,' A ' 1 ' " A ' ' , A F V ' ' 1 A 1 V I ,A V ' ,V AV ' 5 V V .' V- A " AV A ,'A A 5 V, , A' A V Y ' ' ' A I I ' I .,A A . . . A A VV .AVVVV VVAVV V. VV, A A A ' . V A 5 I V ' Af ' ' A A ' Z A' A 'V V ' A A V I, ' V A' A' - A ' V' " .A H". l:A' ' I V I k K ' .V VV V: V VV-IVV.. A .:. e ,. V lL,- ' . V ffflf, fffffffllfgf ' A Af' NI 'itz 1112123 .:z.,:,-Af ? ,- el 2 C ,,,,-, - -: - FEAT RE At the Baldwin-Wallace football game, Ruth Turner, Alpha Chi Omega candidate, was named Homecoming Queen for 1951. Jo Immler, the queen last year, presented her With the royal robe and gown during the half-time ceremonies. A member of the Homecoming Court last year, president of Women's Government Board, and treasurer of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Ruth is an Elementary Education senior from Willoughby, Ohio. 114 l We ,QBVWQ with -'is' :qi Xfif 9 E iiffli, Ea ,N 1 ' f X 2 j ' - I l fn- X The winning Delta Delta Delta float carried the slogan "Lick B-W." A large Raider football player held a lollipop striped with the Baldwin- Wallace colors. His movable red tongue licked thesucker. Floats "Mount Steams Ahead" was the slogan of the winning Sigma Nu float. The large red, white, and blue steamboat had smoke coming from the smokestacks and a large pad- dle wheel which revolved with the words t'lVlount Paddles Over B-W." 115 Court Stianding left to right are tho queen's attendants: Ruth Martin, Delta Delta Delta: Phyllis Adams, Alpha Xi Delta, Jo Immlor, the queen last year, Ruth Turner, queen, Mary Jo Hamilton, Signet Club, and Carol Heyne, Alpha Delta Pi. Vivacious Katherine Meeker of Alliance, Ohio, reigned this year as Queen of the May. Four out-of-town judges chose Katherine and her court of seven for poise and beauty from all the junior class. Katherine attend- ed Denison for two years Where she was a member of Delta Delta Delta, a varsity cheerleader, and the sophomore class secretary. An elementary education major, she is the Tri Delta vice-president and songleader, and a member of Student Senate and Future Teachers of America. 116 Court Nancy Gettle, Maid of Honor, is a member of Delta Delta Delta from Canton, Ohio, who is majoring in elementary education. The chosen attendants were Carlo Coyne, Joyce Eng- lish, Margery Horton, Lynn Morris, Priscilla Rohaley, and Ann Weals. Carlo is an ele- mentary education major from Massillon, Ohio. Joyce, from East Liverpool, Ohio, is an Alpha Xi Delta majoring in elementary education. Margery is an Alpha Xi Delta history major from Alliance. Lynn, an Alpha Delta Pi from Sharon Center, Ohio, is also an elementary education major. Priscilla is an Alpha Xi Delta elementary education major from Beloit, Ohio. Ann, an Alpha Chi Omega, is a sociology major from Wil- kinsburg, Pennsylvania. Standing: Ann Weals, May Queen Katherine Meeker, Maid of Honor Nancy Gettle, and Margery Horton. Seated: Carlo Coyne, Joyce English, Lynn Morris, and Priscilla Rohaley. Nominated by the male staff members and elected by the student body, Patricia Stark, a Cleveland, Ohio, senior is the 1952 Unonian Queen. An elementary education major, Pat has been vice-president and pledge trainer of Alpha Xi Delta, senior editor of the Unonian, and has served as co-chairman of the junior-senior prom. Pat is active in sportsg she has played on the varstiy girls' teams and is a qualified referee. 118 Mount Union Players The Mount Union Players serves as a nucleus through which plays and other dramatic endeavors are promoted. President ............. ..,.... D avid Doughty Vice-President ..... .. ,,.. Zoe Kranzfelder Secretary ...o.o.... .,,. , Phyllis Naylor Treasurer ,,,.....,,..... Loretta Thomas I 1 J av' ff' M M A, ff .muqwdvv -'X P Ku' Ln., -xl f W W x In sf ,- vw '. fl ff! Q1 t 1 OUR BACKERS I We are deeply indebted to the Various concerns listed on the follow- ing pages, for without their aid our fine book would not be available. It is our hope that we can return some of our gratitude by patronizing our .backers when possible. THE REVIEW PUBLISHING COMPANY PLAJER and CROSS, Photographers 122 ... ge s' i . N'. Farrell ,fl THE 01110 BELL ,andfdhe ,kkfenf ,eww ,fweefzf Wlill you? A lot depends on yourlioh. Hcrds good news for you non-specialists...thc girls with at LIBERAI, ARTS lmekgrouiul. The Telephone Coinpuny has ll goodjoh for'you like people ...if you want ll job with at lillllll'C...if you want to use your education. 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Next to Post Office CDoWn Townj ELLIS 6: MCDONALD, INC Plumber for the People Established 1895 Corner of Arch at Prospect Alliance, Ohio Compliments of THE MALONEY COMPANY 125 Simple as A. B. C.'s A man is known by the company he keeps . . . Here at Stark's Boston Store you'll find nationally known products that give you quality and utmost satisfaction. Q STARK'S Boston Store Alliance's Modern Dept. Store Compliments of Compliments of THE FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE STERN at MANN co. Alliance's Largest Home Furnishers Canton' Ohio 216-220 East Main Street N. O. Heitsman Phone 1-5397 Compliments of 24 Hour Service STEWART BROS. PAINT co. HEITSMAN MOTOR C0- Desoto - Plymouth Alliance, Ohio 1222 North Union Avenue Alliance, Ohio l 126 v many of the world's largest cranes has dc- and Mechanical features now incorporated as standard practice in steel mill cranes. 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UNION SUNOCO SERVICE 1804 South Union Phone 1-0173 Serving Mount Union College Gasoline - Lubrication Auto Accessories CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '52 Q I Q . -Fz.-"" ffllfi-I:-.L- PORTRAITS BY DESTEVEN Q Accent on Beauty-Glamour Portraits Q Weddings-Formal and Candid Q Group Sittings 1107 Wick Avenue Youngstown, Ohio Unonian Photographers 145 KLEIN 6: RODERICK Men's Wear Clothing - Furnishings Hats and Shoes 344 East Main Street Compliments of RAVEN RESTAURANT E. I... BATTERSHELL Office and School Supplies 1928 South Union Avenue Mount Union Square SUPERIOR WALLPAPER Co. Eastern Ohio's Handlers of Leading DuPont Paints Athletic Goods Phone 1-0294 530 E. Main Merchants DUMONT'S Compliments of DYE PHARMACY 1911 South Union Avenue 143 Second Street S. E. Canton, Ohio T. A. "Caddie" Studer, Mgr. """"""A- QW '-rfb:1:f:i..1..:.:..,..:.,.-. F .W-.. ..,......,1.f..+....:.:.:.:.,.-,.: ..... y I . gif ,:.,,.4.,4- ,-, ::. ::-t r' :':::Z.5,:.,,... 1. . 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Bonfert "COMPLETE GLASS SERVICE" 147 THE CORNER "Home of the DagWood" Finest in Dinners Arch at Broadway, Alliance Lincoln at Third, Salem For Famous Names ln Shoes It Is SHRIGLEY 6: MEI-ll.. Smart Shoes At Comfortable Prices Lexington Hotel Bldg. SUNNYSIDE DAIRY Quality Serves You Best 56 East State St. Telephone 5281 We Cater to Special Orders NICI-IOL'S 5c to 351.00 STORE Mount Union Square Save Nickels at Nichols M. O'NEIL COMPANY 1853 South Union Avenue Mrs. Doris Tribley Personal Shopper Meet Your Friends For Lunches, Dinners, Sandwiches At The SUNLITE DINER Miller and State on campus Compliments of THE MOUNT UNION LUMBER COMPANY Where the Home Begins 2207 S. Union Ave. Phone 6101 148 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1952 THE UNONIAN 149 Compliments of HOMELWORTH SALES 6a SERVICE SSSS L "'1HEx'2e1:t, ESZW I I nl! I I I ll ll ll Homeworth, Ohio ALLIANCE TYPEWRITER llc OFFICE SUPPLY Phone 3193 41 S. Arch Ave. Compliments of LOUlE'S Home of Fine Rogues and Rare Birds Phone 17751 Main St. Compliments of THE McCONNELL AGENCY C. N. THOMAS PET SHOP "We Cater to Cats" Main St. Alliance, Ohio Compliments of BLUIVIENSTIEL - MCNALLY JEWELERS 419 East Main Street Alliance, Ohio THE .L Qyilaugiauf Xie wwf .... C755 MARKS OF QU?-YLITY gr Ny if 153 Af 4 W A ,EE024:'-.. 5 '. 4 dmllll lulmff CANTON ENGRAVING a. ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 4oo o hirdsf.,s.E. gg cqnfomo V ,

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