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Text from Pages 1 - 158 of the 1951 volume:

K. .f Faculty Campus Classes Activities Fraternities Sports Features gf, wr ,4 .1' As Seen Thfough the Eyes of The Students 1 of l Q j Mount Union College HI Dedication This book is dedicated to YOU, the students of Mount Union College, Without Whom its publication Would have been impossible. In it we have tried to reproduce the scenes YOU have seen with your own eyes throufh- out the school year. We sincerely hope that this book will always bring back memories of the happiest time of YOUR life. 4 if aa 17 ully Charles Burgess Ketcham, A.M., D.D., LL.D. President of the College President Charles B. Ketcham, President of Mount Union College since 1938, has Won his Way into the hearts of all Mount's students and alumni. Dr. Ketcham's untiring Work for the betterment of the college, the community, and the church has not gone unnoticed by his many friends. As Well as his Work on behalf of the college, Dr. Ketcham is constantly called upon for speaking engagements and convention leadership in many fields of social and religious Work. This year he occupies the important position of secretary of the National Methodist Judicial Council, the high- est Methodist authority in the land, and will travel this summer as the delegate of the North Central Jurisdiction to the Ecumenical Conference of Methodism to be held in Oxford, England. All in all, Mount Union is proud to boast such a capable administrator and such a sincere friend. 6 Vice-Presidents 1 Q VVilliam C. Wesley, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of the College Professor of Brown Chair of Education Vice-President Ronald G. Weber, A.B. Vice-President in Charge of Finance William 0. VVesley, A.M., Ph.D. Dean of the College Professor of Brown Chair of Education Vice-President Frances Freese, A.M. Dean of Women Associate Professor of Mathematics The Dean of Women plays an out- standing part in cooperating and planning with the students for their many and varied activities. She serves as adviser for the Women's Government Board, Lauriger, and Panhellenic. Her oiice is a beehive of activity, for from her desk come many plans affecting the social and scholastic life of the students. Be- sides her many duties as Dean of Women, Miss Freese capably fills the position of Head Resident at Dussel House and Professor of Mathematics. x The Dean of the College carries on public relations With the students and the community. Dean Wesley is known to all the students by his friendly smile and "hello". Serving as adviser, Dean Wesley helped in the organization of the Cosmian Society. Students find education courses in- spiring under this fine educator. His sense of justice, keen understanding, and untiring enthusiasm have earned him the friendship and respect of Mount students. . Deans -. TMA, . 'ha' ,J k we, . e,v,-- A "'A!G-an V l'l1St66S The governing body of Mount Union College, the Board of Trustees, consists of thirty-three members J nine elected by the N orth-East Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church, three by the Pittsburgh Conference, three by the Ohio Conference, twelve by the Board of Trustees itself, and six by the Alumni Association of the College-two ex-officio members, the President of the College, and the Resident Bishop of the Cincinnati Area of the Methodist Church. History has proved the Wisdom of this plan of electing the Board, for the combined thinking of the representatives of the Church, the Alumni, the College, and the business World has resulted in a firm tradition of liberal arts study based on Christian principles. 9 l Facult Education and Psychology Albanus Blaine Kitzmiller, A.M., Ph.D. Professor Lewis Miller Chair of Psychology R. Craig Rover, A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology Luther Gardner Shaw, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education William C. Wesley, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Brown Chair of Education Dean of the College Benjamin Fitts Stanton, A.M., Lh.D. Associate Professor of Education tNot Pictured? Religion and Sociology Clyde Onyett, A.B., s.'r.B., M,A. Visiting Professor of Sociology Carleton Currie, ILS., lVI.S., A.M., S.T.B., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology Robert Tripp, B.A., A.M. Instructor of Sociology John B. Bennett, A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor Cornelius Aultman Chair of Religion Robert Richard Powell, B.D. Assistant Professor of Religion Library and Greek Robert Elihu Stauffer, A.M., L.S.B. Professor Joseph Lorain Shunk Chair of Greek Language and Literature Newell Yost Osborne, Litt.M., L.S.B. Assistant Librarian and Associate Professor of Bibliography Oscar Ferdinand Bale, A.M. Assistant Professor of Classics Martha G. Engle, A.B., L.S.B. Catalogue Librarian Norma L. Stewart, A.B., L.S.B. Assistant Librarian Ruth Earseman Scott, A.B. Loan Assistant iNot Pictured? Facult Physics and Mathematics John VVallaee Coutts, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Forrest Jay Shollenberger, SAI., Ph.D. Professor of Physics Frances Freese, A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics Dean of Women YVilliam Glenn Clark, A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Richard Brown Chair of Mathematics History and Government ' Robert E. Bader, A.M. Assistant Professor George Reeves Chair of History John E. Saffell, A.M. ' Assistant Professor of History Ruth Weaver Shreve, A.B. Assistant in History William Hastings Eells, A.M. Visiting Professor of Political Science Chemistry, Biol- ogy, Geology William Abbott Rice, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Geology John Wallace Coutts, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Arne Verner Hunninen, A.lVI., SC.D. Associate Professor Dr. Milton Jay Lichty Chair of Biology Ohmer E. Engle, A.M. Associate Professor of Biology VVilliam McLennan Morgan, SJVI., Ph. D. Professor of Organic Chemistry Faeult English and Dramatics Ryland H. Hewitt, A.M. Instructor of Speech and Drama Mary Waggoner Eckler, A.M. Associate Professor of English Language and Literature Neil Schrader, A.M. Instructor of English Eric Alexander Eckler, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English Language and Literature Sylvia C. Evans, A.M. Instructor of Speech Dorothy Ellen Keck, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature Modern Languages Margaret Bailey, A.B. Instructor of Modern Language Arthur Engelbert, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Language and Literature Louise Kathleen Bale, A.M. Assistant in German Henriette D. Eynon, A.M. Associate Professor Melodia Blackmarr Jones Chair of French Music Jean R. Staley, A.T.C.M. Assistant in Piano Robert B. Shanklin, M.Mus.' Assistant Professor of Piano Lois Cooper Adams, M.M.E. Assistant Professor of Voice Frederick Williams, M.Mus. Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory WVanda Wendell, Mus.B. Assistant in Violin Vvolfgang G. A. Edelmann, M.Mus. Assistant Professor of Instrument- al Music and Theory Cecil Tooker Stewart, Mus.B., A.M. Associate Professor in Music F. Broadus Staley, M.S. Mus. Assistant in Organ Facult Business Administration Paul E. Schwartz, A. M. Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business Administration Gilbert R. Stonesifer, M.B.A. Assistant Professor Frank Tran- sue Chair of Economics Ann Easton Kerr, A.M. Assistant Professor of Economics Director of Student Personnel Services fNot Pictured? Physical Education Men Jackson WV. Rafeld, A.B., A.M. Director of Health and Physical Education Assistant Football Coach Director of Intramurals Baseball Coach Richard Van Allen, A.B., M.S. Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Nelson M. Jones, A.B., A.M. Director of Athletics Football and Track Coach George Hunter, B.S. Freshman Coach Physical Education Women Harriet Ellen Ream, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education NN ' O O O ,Wir S313 A. Administration Gladys Wilson, R.N. Staff Nurse Patient Francis P. Bennett, M.D. Staff Physician Robert King, M.D. Staff Physician Bessie E. Kaufman House-keeper Leah Clauser, B.S. Dietician Robert VV. Tripp, A.B., A.M. Registrar Robert Freeman, A.B., A.M. Alumni Secretary Dorothy Ann Cloran, A.B. Educational Counseler James G. Johnson, A.M. Director of Publicity Wilbur Couchie, A.B., A.M. Business Manager VVilliam Collins, A.B. Educational Counselor fNot Picturedb Alpha Delta Pi entertains faculty at tea . . . faculty find release from daily rou- tine of teaching at their annual get-together . . . Alpha Chi Omega entertains faculty at tea. 15 Campus 1 N an Throu ph he Key Hole Ground was broken in the spring of 1948 and then the majestic pines fell from their places along the walk from Chapman to Lamborn Science Hall. The walk itself then disappeared as class-going students skirted an ever wider excavation. Through a long summer, summer school classes were driven to the Administration Building to escape the incessant pound- ing of the riveters, and the library kept on growing. Outside brick walls concealed most of the work from the eyes of passers by, and by late last spring students were climbing over barricades on stairways to have a look for themselves. By September it was ready for use, although minus the major portion of the books. This situation was soon remedied ,by an all- college "Moving Day" in which Mount students carried over 65,000 books into the new stack rooms. Awe is still apparent in -the attitudes of most students as they enter the library, and rightly so. In an age when magazine and newspaper edi- tors are crying the obsolescence and approaching collapse of the small col- lege, Mount Union has shown what a century-old small college with limit- ed resources can do toward giving its students the best possible surround- ings in which to strive for an education. 2 Q Q Vs :K Q 5+ sf 5 sr 4 3 Fl S 5 52 is i 2 a S 2 5 an 22 2' 2 2 1 s 3 2 2 E 5 YQ Q 2 5 Q Lf Chapman H all Lamborn H all Clarke Observatory Memorial Hall jk . Y Student Union Miller H all Elliott Hall Administration Buildin g Classes '9 ' .X . , , 1 ,.., Duke Barrett, Beverly Bowden Lee, Barbara Amstutz, Dick Horton. Seniors In contrast to the familiar saying of March's coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, the class of 1951 entered Mount Union College as meek freshmen but Will leave as mighty seniors. The class has been fortun- ate in being able to obtain four years of education under normal conditions, but now it must accept the responsibility of leadership which is so desper- ately needed. A future of prosperity, peace and happiness will be molded by the untiring efforts of these college graduates who will put their knowl- edge into practice. 26 Wanda Ables Struthers, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi. Barbara Jean Amstutz Carrollton, Ohio Business Administration, Delta Delta Delta, Schol- arship Chm., Cor. Sec'y, Treas., Sr. Class, Sec'y, W. A. A., S. C. A., Cur- rent Business Forum, Sec'y. lean Atkin Warren, Ohio English, Alpha Delta Pi, Adelphean Reporter, Cor. Sec'y, "Home of the Brave" staff, "Joan of Lorraine" staff, I. R. C., S. C. A., Publicity Chm., Mount Union Players, F. T. A. Nancy Baker Glendive, Montana Business Administration, Alpha Delta Pi, House Manager, Ways and Means Chm., Unonian, Lay-out staff, Business Staff, Lab. Ass't, Ac- counting, W. A. A., Cur- rent Business Forum, Treas., Band, Majorette, Orchestra, Chorale. Joe G. Barrett East Liverpool, Ohio History, Alpha Sigma Phi, Football, Basket- ball, Track, University of Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh, F. T. A., Vet. Club, "M" Club. 27 eniors Paul Aldenderfer Wendon, Michigan Biology, Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Sigma, William and Mary College. Jane Atkin Warren, Ohio Mathematics, Alpha Del- ta Pi, Pledge Treas., Sec'y, Treas., Student Senate, W. A. A., S. C. A., F. T. A. Frank A. Aultz Jeannette, Pennsylvania English, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, "Home of the Brave" cast, "Joan of Lorraine" cast, "Top Hat" cast, Pi Gamma Mu, S. C. A., F. T. A., Fr. Counselor, Men's Glee Club, Shunk House, Head Resident. Eugene R. Barret Youngstown, Ohio English, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Soph. Class Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Sr. Class Pres., Football, Basket- ball, Who's Who. Harold Bates Akron, Ohio History, Sigma Nu, Foot- ball: S. C. A. eniors Kevert O. Bean Warren, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Homecoming Cam- paign Chm., Phi Sigma, Dunn Bible Award, Lab. Ass't, Biology, S. C. A., Current Business Forum, Mount Union Players, Fr. Counselor, Kenyon Col- lege. Napoleon A. Bell Youngstown, Ohio History, Signet Club, His- torian, Pres. C315 Foot- ball, Track, Basketball, Cosmian, Student Senate, Headland Club, S. C. A., Pres., Wesley Fellowship, Who's Who, Sr. Recogni- tion Day Chm. Marilyn Miller Bergner Wheeling, West Virginia Economics, Alpha Xi Del- ta, Activities Chm., Schol- arship Chm., Pi Gamma Mu, W. A. A., S. C. A., Current Business Forum. James G. Biliuris Warren, Ohio History, Phi Kappa Tau, I. R. C., S. C. A., Current Business Forum. James Robert Boyce Paris, Ohio Biology? Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres. 625, Social Chm., Phi Sigma, Band, Orchestra. Norma Muinaw Beatty Alliance, Ohio Elemen t a r y Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Treas., Cor. Sec'y, V. Pres., S. C. A., F. T. A., A Cappella Choir, Band. John H. Bennett Mount Vernon, New York Sociology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Sec'y, Soc. Chm., Alumni Chm., Rush Chm., May Day Dance Chm., S. C. A., F. T. A., Fr. Coun- selor. Dan George Biliuris Warren, Ohio Biology, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge V. Pres., Record- ing Sec'y, S. C. A. John G. Blethrow Steubenville, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu, S. C. A., Steubenville College. Carl G. Bozeka Canton, Ohio Canton, Ohio Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, S. C. A., Current Business Forum. Robert Gilbert Brennan Mount Vernon, New York Sociology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Honored Marshall, Treas., Interfrat. Council, S. C. A., I. R. C., Head- land Club. Alexander Calcin Warren, Ohio Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tennis, "M" Club, Current Business Forum, Pres. Edward C. Campeau Alliance, Ohio English, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Dynamo, Dynamo Assn., Pres., S. C. A. Robert G. Carter Alderson, West Virginia Biology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Cor. Sec'y, Conven- tion Delegate, Football, Cross Country, Cosmian, V. Pres., Phi Sigma, Trelas., S. C. A., "M" Club. Dolores Chrisman Cleveland, Ohio Elemen t a r y Education, Delta Delta Delta, Activi- ties Chm., May Day Court, W. A. A., F. T. A., S. C. A., Mount Union Players. 29 Seniors Warren Brocklehurst South Euclid, Ohio Biology? Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Ass't. Steward, S. C. A. Margaret Campbell Youngstown, Ohio Elemen t a r y Education, Delta Delta Delta., Pledge Sec'y, Historian, Dyna- mo, S. C. A., F. T. A., W. A. A., Mount Union Play- ers. Donna Jean Carlisle Alliance, Ohio History, Alpha Chi Om- ega, Publicity Chm., Li- brarian, F. T. A., I. R. C., S. C. A. Robert L. Carter Salineville, Ohio Political Science, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres., Ohio State University. Tse-Wei Chu Shanghai, China Biology, French Award, I. R. C., S. C. A., Fr. Counselor, Ginling Col- lege of Nanking, Student Senate, Home Ec. Club, Phi Sigma. eniors Alliance Ohio ta Jr Sr Prom Co Crum Dvnamo Asst Editor Fdltor' Unonian Asst Editor' Co-Editor F. Handbook, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Psi Kappa Om- ega, Tau Kappa Alpha, Dynamo Ass'n., A Cap- pella Choir, May Day Script Co-Author, Who's Who. V Virginia Clark . Englishzy Delta Delta Del- A i ' , r Lois Ann Conser Alliance, Ohio Voice, Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain, "St. Claudia" cast, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Mu Phi Epsilon, Mount Union Players, A Cappella Choir, Cincin- nati Conservatory of Mu- sic, "Medea"' cast, Psi Kappa Omega. Howard C. DeLamatre Huron, Ohio Political Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Gam- ma Mu, I. R. C., S. C. A., Defiance College, Univer- sity of Arizona. Sarah Ann Dimit Sebring, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Delta, Journal Cor.. Ass't Treas., Treas., Fr. Counselor Co- Chm., Dynamo, Alpha Lambda Delta, V. Pres., Sr. Advisor, Student Sen- ate, W. A. A., I. R. C., S. C. A., F. T. A., May Day Co--Chm., Orchestra, Fall Retreat Co-Chm., Psi Kappa Omega. James Ellison Dorman Alliance, Ohio Psychology? Alpha Tau Omega, Football, Track, Baseball, "M" Club. Denny Robert Clunk Massillon, Ohio Biology, Phi Kappa Tau, V. Pres., Pledge Master, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Co-Chm. Decorations, I n t e r frat. Dance Chm., Football Mgr., Phi Sigma, I. R. C., S. C. A. Louis M. Davies Sebring, Ohio Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Scribe, Rush Chm. Edward A. DiGregorio Youngstown, Ohio History, Alpha. Tau Om- ega, Basketball, Base- ball, Golf, F. T. A., "M" Club, Bingham House, Head Resident. Benjamin Dodd East Palestine, Ohio History, Alpha Sigma Phi, I. R. C., S. C. A., Ohio State University. Joe V. Drotovick Canton, Ohio History, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pledge V. Pres., Football, Basketball, Baseball, Stu- dent Senate, F. T. A., Vet. Club, "M" Club, In- diana University, Kappa Delta Rho, Newman Club. Thomas E. Dunning Alliance, Ohio Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, S. C. A. , Don M. Eddins Canton, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Pledge Master, Pres., Rush Chm., Unonian, S. C. A., F. T .A., Interfrat. Council, Pres. Bill Eichenberg Irwin, Pennsylvania History, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, I. R. C., Current Business Forum. Donna Jean Elliott Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Chap- lain, S. C. A., F. T. A., Homecom i n g Committee Chm. John Evans Alliance, Ohfio Psychology, Alpha Sigma Phi. 31 eniors Frederick Eagleton Westville, Ohio Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kent State University, Y. M. C. A. Robert Gaston Edwards Alliance, Ohio Physics, Alpha Sigma Phi, S. C. A., F. T. A., Carnegie Institute of Technology, Student Sen- ate. J im M. Elder Massillon, Ohio Business Administration, Phi Kappa Tau, Record- ing Sec'y, V. Pres., Unoin- ian, Ass't Business Mgr., Tennis, I, R. C., S. C. A., Current Business Forum, Fr. Counselor. Suzanne Cook Ellsworth Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Pres., Rush Chm., Pres., Courtesy Week Chm., Lauriger, W. G. B., V. Pres., Panhellenic Coun- cil, I, R. C., S. C. A., F. T. A., Sec'y, V. Pres., Who's Who, Sr. Invita- tions Co-Chm. Russell John Eymann Canton, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Our Town" cast, "All My Sons" cast, i'Squaring the Circle" cast, A Cappella Choir. eniors Kenneth M. Feiock Minerva, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Nu, S. C. A. John W. Fithian Youngstown, Ohio Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, S. C. A., Current Business For- um, A Cappella Choir. Robert B. Freshley Alliance, Ohio Economics, Phi Kappa Tau, Treas., Cor. Sec'y, Unonian, Ass't Bus. Mgr., I. R. C., S. C. A., Current Business Forum, Inter- frat. Council, Fr. Coun- selor. George E. Furnival Munhall, Pennsylvania English, Alpha Tau Om- ega, V. Pres., Unonian, Ass't Editor, Editor, Headland Club, Sec'y- Treas., S. C. A., Cabinet. Bernice L. Gamber Malvern, Ohio History, Delta Delta Del- ta, W. A. A., S. C. A., F, T. A. George Findley, Jr. Seward, Pennsylvania History, Phi Kappa Tau, Christopher Fones Singapore Biology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Assoc. Editor, Cus- todian, Phi Sigma, I. R. C., Fr. Counselor, Paul Richard Frey Canton, Ohio Psychology, Sigma Nu, Pledge, V. Pres., Histor- ian, Photographer, Golf, I. R. C., S. C. A., Current Business Forum, "M" Club. Otto Ferdinand Galey Massillon, Ohio Music, A Cappella Choir. Aristides G. Gousios Nemea, Greece Chemistry, Alembroic, S. C. A., City College of New York. Harriet Jean Grabiel Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Mistress, V. Pres., "The Lovely Miracle" staff, Dy- namo, May Day Court, W. A. A., S. C. A., F. T. A., Dynamo Ass'n, V. Pres., Orchestra, Black-- burn College. Joyce LaVaughn Green Salem, Ohio Phi Sigma, F. T. A. Duane Sheridan Guiler Salem, Ohio History. LaVerne J. Hahn Paris, Ohio Music, Phi Kappa Tau, A Cappella Choir, Band, Orchestra, St. Louis In- stitute of Music. Lynn Koehler Hawkins Berlin Center, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, Social Chm., Interfrat. Dance Chm., Cosrnian, Alem- broic, Pres., Lab. Ass't, Chemistry, Student Sen- ate, Pres., S. C. A., Who's Who , Psi Kappa Omega. 33 Seniors Charles M. Graney Mount Vernon, New York History, Alpha Sigma Phi, Pledge Treas., Pres., V. Pres., Cor. Sec'y, Mar- shall, Dynamo, Track, Cross Country, Interfrat. Council, S. C. A., F. T. A., Fr. Counselor. John L. Griffith Warren, Ohio Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, House Mgr., Rush Chm., Fr. Class, Pres., East Hall, Pres., Tennis, S. C. A., Current Business Forum, Fr. Counselor, Student Union Com., A Cappella Choir. Robert C. Gumbert East McKeesport, Pa. Sociology, Phi Kappa Tau, Historian, Headland Club, S. C. A., Photog- raphy Club, V. Pres., Pres., Wesley Fellowship, Band, Orchestra. Walter R. Haidet Alliance, Ohio Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Dynamo, Busi- ness Mgr., Pi Gamma Mu, Pres., Cosmian, Sec'y- Treas., Psi Kappa Om- ega, Lab. Ass't, Account- ing, I. R. C., S. C. A., Current Business Forum, Dynamo Ass'n, Who's VVho. Sally, Hawkins Berlin Center, Ohio Sociology, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge V. Pres., Activities Co-Chm., "Our Town" staff, Dynamo, W. A. A., S. C. A., Mount Un- ion Players, Student Sen- ate, Social Chm. Seniors John William Heim Alliance, Ohio Political Science, Sigma Nu, Pledge Sec'y-Treas., Kent State University. Stephen Hiegl Massillon, Ohio History, Pi Gamma Mu, Akron University, Okla- homa A. and M. Cyril H. Holding Canton, Ohio Business' Administration, Sigma Alph-a Epsilon, Pledge Treas., Chronicler, Recorder, S. C. A., Cur- rent Business Forum, Fr. Counselor. Lawrence E. Hollinger Canton, Ohio Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden, Drake University. Peter Homik Cleveland, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Pledge Pres., Phi Sigma, Lab. Ass't, Biol- ogy, Anatomy, S. C. A. James Mountford Hickey East Liverpool, Ohio Economics, Business Ad- ministration, Sigma Nu, Ass't Treas., Current Business Forum, S. C. A. Mary Josephine Hoiles Alliance, Ohio English, Delta Delta Del- ta, Pledge Pres., Service Projects Chm., Social Chm.g "Joan of Lorraine" cast, Dynamo, Stephens Junior College, Senior Breakfast Chm. Harry D. Hollinger Columbiana, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Basketball, "M" Club. Donald C. Holt Canton, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu, Bas- ketball. Thomas Yoshio Honnaka Honolulu, Hawaii Sociology, Alpha Sigma Phi, University of Ha- waii, Dakota Wesleyan University. Richard RLHorton - East Liverpool, Ohio Economics, Sigma Nu, Treas., Alumni Contact Officer, Steward, Senior Class, Treas., Basketball, Baseball, Cosmian, Pi Gamma Mu, Interfrat. Council, S. C. A., F. T. A., Current Business For- um, "M" Club, Vet. Club, East Hall, Head Resident, Indiana State Teachers College, Stevens Institute of Technology, May Day, Treas. Nancy Howell East Liverpool, Ohio History, Delta Delta Del- ta, Pledge Chaplain, His- torian, Marshall, S. C. A., F. T. A. Leatrice Ann Jackson Minerva, Ohio History, Pi Gamma Mu, S. C. A., F. T. A., Band. Jean L. Joachim Annapolis, Maryland Voice, Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chm., V. Pres., Dy- namo, Lauriger, Mu Phi Epsilon, Who's Who, W. G. B., W. A. A., I. R. C., S. C. A., Fr. Counselor, Dynamo Ass'n, A Cappel- la Choir, Madrigal Sing- ers, Elliott, Pres. Evan Miller Jones Alliance, Ohio Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. 35 Seniors Frank E. Howard Honolulu, Hawaii Sociology, Signet, F. T. A., S. C. A., Band, Uni- versity of Hawaii. Joan Immler Barberton, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Cor. Sec'y, Pres., Career Day Ass't Chm., Lauriger, Sec'y-Treas., Homecom- ing Court, Homecoming Queen, Panhellenic, S. C. A., V. Pres., W. A. A., Fr. Counselor, I. R. C., V. Pres., VVesley Fellowship, A Cappella Choir, Band. Fred M. Jamison East Liverpool, Ohio Biology, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Phi Sigma, S. C. A. Mary E. Jolly Cave City, Kentucky Religion, S. C. A., Head- land Club, V. Pres., Wes- ley Fellowship, Treas., Lindsey Wilson Junior College. Marilyn L. Jones Youngstown, Ohio Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Pres., Pres., Who's Who, W. A. A., I. R. C., S. C. A., Wesley Fellowship, Youngstown College, Gamma Sigma, A Cap- pella Choir, Pi Gamma Mu, Psi Kappa Omega. Seniors Paul Jones Johnstown, Pennsylvania English, Phi Kappa Tau, Shunk House, Pres., I. R. C., Headland, S. C. A., Wesley Fellowship, Pres., A Cappella Choir, Chapel Choir, Men's Glee Club, Chorale, University of Pittsburgh, I. R. C., Choir, Sports Editor, Writers' Club, Pi Gam-ma Mu. James C. King Decatur, Indiana History, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Dynamo, Ass't Edi- tor, S. C. A., F. T. A., Dynamo Ass'n, Indiana University. Rodney V. King Alliance, Ohio Economics. Edward Dale Krahling Alliance, Ohio English, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Pledge Pres. Richard James Lantz Salem, Ohio Business Administration, Current Business Forum. Charles W. King North Canton, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu. Richard H. King Warren, Ohio Political Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Unonian, Wittenburg C o 1 l e g e , Band, Wittenburg Torch. Margaret Jane Kinsey Alliance, Ohio English, Delta Delta Delta, Publicity Chm., Pi Gamma Mu, May Day Court, S. C. A., Fr. Coun- selor. Leon Paul Kuniewicz Salem, Ohio Business Administration, Sigma Nu, S. C. A., Ohio State University. Homer R. K. Lash Canton, Ohio History, Phi Kappa Tau, Dynamo, I. R. C., F. T. A., Wabash College, Al- pha Pi Omega. 36 John W. Latham Freedom, Pennsylvania History, Signet, V. Pres., Unonian, Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Lab. Ass't, Geology, "M" Club. Frank J. Lee, Jr. Belleville, New Jersey Economics, Business Ad- ministration, Unonian, Pi Gamma Mu, Sec'y, S. C. A., Current Business For- um, Psi Kappa Omega. Harold J. Logan Rochester, New York Political Science, Phi Kappa Tau, Track, Cross Country, Vet. Club, S. C. A., I. R. C., Witten- berg College. Donald R. Luginbuhl Alliance, Ohio Psychology. Kay Martin East Liverpool, Ohio Speech, Delta Delta Del- ta, House Mgr., Pres., Ass't Director of May Day, "St. Claudia", "Hel- lo Out There", t'Joan of Lorraine" cast, Soph. Class Sec'y, Lauriger, Al- pha Lambda Delta, V. Pres., Mu Phwi Epsilon, Treas., Panhellenic, Treas., W. G. B., S. C. A., F. T. A., Mount Union Players, Fr. Counselor, W. A. A., "Medea" staff, Miller, Pres., Psi Kappa Omega. 1 37 Seniors Beverly Bowden Lee Alliance, Ohio Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Pres., Rush Chm., V. ires., Cheerleader, S. C. William S. Leedy Youngstown, Ohio Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Pres., Alem- broic, Lab. Ass't, Inor- ganic Chemistry, Lab. Ass't, Organic Chemistry. John L. Love Turtle Creek, Pa. Religion, Signet, S. C. A., Y. M. C. A. Co-ordinator, Headland Club, Pennsyl- vania State College, Wes- ley Fellowship, Pi Gam- ma Mu. Elizabeth Jones Malicord Alliance, Ohio Sociology: Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chm, I. R. C., S. C. A. David Mainwaring Alliance, Ohio Psychology, Kent State University. eniors David L. McCoWn Wellsville, Ohio History, Phi Kappa Tau, S. C. A., F. T. A., Wes- ley Fellowship. Earl Robert McLoney Mechanicstown, Ohio Biology, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Master, Ass't Treas., Phi Sigma, Lab. Ass't, Biology, I. R. C., S. C. A., Fr. Counselor. George R. Miller Chicago, Illinois Geology? Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lab. Ass't, Bot- any, Geology, S. C. A., Vet. Club, Photography Club. Charles Otis Morgan Massillon, Ohio Psychology, Alpha Tau Omega, Sentinel, S. C. A., Current Business Forum. Martin-Ann Myers Atlanta, Georgia English, Delta Delta Del- ta, "The Twelve Pound Look" cast, "Squaring the Circle" staff, Dyna- mo, Elliott Hall, Pres., Dynamo Ass'n, Mount Union Players, Cheer- leader, W. A. A., Gov't Board, S. C. A. Richard Charles McFall Alliance, Ohio Biology, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Football, Baseball' "M" Club, S. C. A. William M. Mihalyi Coraopolis, Pennsylvania Music, Signet, Treas, Song Leader, Career Day Chm., Jr.-Sr. Prom Chm., Unonian, Student Senate, S. C. A., Presser Club, Pres., Band, V. Pres., Or- chestra, Psi, Kappa Om- ega. James N. Moore Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Sociology, University of Akron. Marilyn Bonner Morgan Alliance, Ohio English, Delta Delta Del- ta, Pledge Pres., Social Chm., Sec'y, "All My Sons" staff, "Night Must Fall" staff, Dynamo, Un- onian, Feature Editor, Ass't Editor, Sr. Editor, "Icebreaker", Co-editor, Lauriger, Pres., May Day Court, Student Senate, Sec'y, S. C. A., Treas., Cabinet, Mount Union Players, Fr. Counselor, Co-chm., Dynamo Ass'n, May Day, Sec'y, Pi Gam- ma Mu, Who's Who, Sr. Banquet Chm., "Medea" staff, Psi Kappa Omega. Bernard A. Nelson Norwalk, Ohio Business Administration, Sigma Nu, Treas., Pres., Unonian, Business Mgr., Interfrat. Council, Cur- rent Business Forum, S. C. A. 38 Carl W. Noretto Canton, Ohio Biology, F. T. A. Paul C. Olson Berlin Center, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Herald, S. C. A., Miami University. Harold B. Paxson Salem, Ohio Social Studies. Philip M. Pittenger Manslield, Ohio Psychology! Sigma Nu, Marshall, Steward, Bas- ketball, Baseball, S. C. A. Maxine Logan Portman Alliance, Ohio Spanish, Alpha Xi Del- ta, Culture Chm., "The Valiant" cast, May Day Court, S. C. A., Mount Union Players, Geneva College, Frill and Dagger, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Women's Student Ass'n. 39 eniors Arthur Eugene Oberster East Canton, Ohio Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, House Mgr., Pres., Alembroic, V. Pres., Jr. Chemistry Award, Lab. Ass't, Chemistry, Inter- frat. Council, Sec'y, I. R. C., S. C. R., Psi Kappa Omega. George Theofilos Pappas Canton, Ohio Education, Football, F. T. A., Club, Ohio University, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Burnel Pinkerton Akron, Ohio Chemistry, Phi Kappa Tau, House Mgr., Cor. Sec'y, Alembroic, I. R. C., S. C. A., Psi Kappa Omega.. Walter Randolph Pope Ashtabula, Ohio History, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Football, Baseball, Track. Margaret Ruth Powers Negley, Ohio Biology, Alpha Delta Pi, Dynamo, W. A. A., Head- land Club, Sec'y, Service Team Director, Wesley Fellowship. eniors Richard Lewis Ralston Alliance, Ohio Music, A Cappella Choir, Band, Orchestra. Jesse A. Reese Homeworth, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Dynamo, Basketball, Mgr., Track, Mgr., Foot- ball Equipment Mgr., F. T. A., Y. M. C. A., "M" Club. Wendell Lee Reynolds Ashtabula, Ohio History, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Football, Track, S. C. A., "M" Club. James Arthur Rindin Youngstown, Ohio Psychology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, White Hollow, Mayor, I. R. C., S. C. A., F. T. A., Current Business Forum, Youngstown College. Jolan Thelma Salyer Corey, Illinois Sociology, Signet, Stu- dent Senate, Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Pi Gamma Mu, Headland Club, Sec'y, F. T. A., Wesley Fellowship, V. Pres., Fr. Scholarship Award, Psi Kappa Om- ega. Pauline A. Rankin Leetonia, Ohio Biology, Alpha Xi Delta, Culture Chm., Cor. Sec'y, Elliott Hall, V. Pres., Phi Sigma, Sec'y, Lab. Ass't, Anatomy, Fr. Counselor, Photography Club, Or- chestra. Richard Alan Reynolds Canton, Ohio Economics, Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Treas., Ass't Treas., S. C. A., Current Business Forum. Donald G. Rhue Alliance, Ohio Mathematics. Raymond R. Russell Malvern, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Football, Track, Miami University. Katherine Schafer Alliance, Ohio Elemen t a r y Education, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Treas., Dynamo, S. C. A. Betty Jane Schaffer Alliance, Ohio Education. Thomas E. Scott Canton, Ohio Englishi, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Pledge M a s t e r , "Joan of Lorraine" cast, Dynamo, Current Busi- ness Forum, S. C. A. James H. Shaeffer New Kensington, Pa. Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treas., Pi Gamma Mu, Interfrat, Council, S, C. A., Current Business For- um. Richard D. Sheehan Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, Sigma Nu, House Mgr., Homecoming Finance Chm., "The Ris- ing of the Moon" cast, Dynamo, Sports Editor, News Editor, Shumaker Physiology Prize, S. C. A., Mount Union Players, Dynamo Ass'n. James D. Short Clairton, Pennsylvania Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Pi Gamma Mu, Current Bus- iness Forum, Psi Kappa Omega. 41 t eniors Ruth E. Schuh Alliance, Ohio: Biology, Phi Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, S. C. A., City Hospital School of Nursing, Cleveland, Jr. Class, Pres, Sr. Class, Pres., Cornell Medical Center, New York. Thomas E. Servey H. Paris, Ohio Physics, Phi Kappa Tau, Lab, Ass't, Physics. Gene Shafer Salem, Ohio Biology, Sigma Nu, His- torian, Social Chm., Song Leader, Pledge Master, Pres., Variety Show, Di- rector, Jr. Class, Treas., Cosmian, Phi Sigma, V. Pres., Lab Ass't, Com- parative Anatomy, Or- ganic Chemistry, Student Senate, Interfrat. Coun- cil, Pres., S. C. A., Pub- licity Director, Fr. Coun- selor, Band, "Medea" cast, Sr. Invitations Co- chm. Ernest A. Sheetz East McKeesport, Pa. Geology, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Chaplain, House Mgr., Ass't Steward, Lab. Ass't, Geology, S. C. A., Sec'y, Program Chm., Pres. Domingoes R. Silva Honolulu, Hawaii Biology, Alpha Sigma Phi, Cross Country, Track, I. R. C. eniors Evelyn Smedley Alliance, Ohio Latin, Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain, Scholarship Chm., Historian, Record- er, W. A. A., F. T. A., S. C. A. Betty Jane Sparr R. Steubenville, Ohio Ch-emistry, Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Sec'y, Chap- lain, Scholarship Chm., Dynamo, Unonian, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec'y, Alembroic, Sec'y-Treas., W. A. A., S. C. A., F. T. A., I. R. C., Fr. Coun- selor. Jackson Staley, Jr. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Organ, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Men's Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Organist, Sr. Chapel. Anthony Testa Warren, Ohio Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, House Mgr., Tennis, Current Business Forum, S. C. A. Ward Milton Tuttle Alliance, Ohio Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Baseball, Ping Pong Champion. Shirley Ann Smith Hartville, Ohio Elemen tary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Ass't Rush' Chm., Sec'y, W. G. B., Sec'y, Pres., Cheer- leader, S. C. A., W. A. A. Fr. Class Treas., Student Senate. Lillian Marie Specht Scio, Ohio Latin, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Chaplain, Cor. Sec'y, S. C. A., F. T. A. Donald L. Steffy Alliance, Ohio Psychology, Sigma Nu, Fr. Counselor. Marilyn Joan Trautwein Alliance, Ohio Elemen t a r y Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Pres., House Mgr., Pledge Mistress, Dynamo, I. R. C., S. C. A., F. T. A., Fr. Counselor, Bowling Green University, A. C. E., F. T. A. Bruce Raymond Vogeli Alliance, Ohio Chemistry, Mathematics, German, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alembroic. 42 X John D. Voorhees Scio, Ohio Hiology, Education, Al- pha Sigma Phi, House Mgr., Writers' Workshop, S. C. A., F. T. A., "Me- dea" cast, Class Gift Chm. Edward R. Wall Youngstown, Ohio Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, C o r respondent, "Our Town" cast, Cur- rent Business Forum, V. Pres. James E. Weaver Canton, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Correspondent, Dep- uty Archon, Public Rela- tions Officer, East Hall, Pres., Phi Sigma, Pres., Lab. Ass't, Comparative Anatomy, S. C. A., Cur- rent Business Forum. Mary Aleta Weaver Atwater, Ohio English, Psi Kappa Om- ega. Carl R. Weis Canton, Ohio Music, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. 43 t eniors Harold H. Walker Alliance, Ohio Mathematics. Jack L. Watkins North Canton, Ohio Psychology, Pi Gamma Mu, French Award. John P. Weaver Canton, Ohio Biology, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Rush Chm., Intra- mural Chrn., Pres., Jr.-Sr. Prom Co-chm., Dynamo, Unonian, Sports Editor, Track, Tumbling, Sigma Delta Psi, Cosmian, Pres., Phi Sigma, Interfrat. Council, Sec'y, Intramur- al Board, Pres., S. C. A., Current Business Forum, Cheerleader, "M" Club, May Day Co-Chm., Who's Who, Phi Sigma. William A. Weaver Chester, West Virginia Biology, Alpha Tau Om- ega, Intramural Mgr., Track, "M" Club: S. C. A. William E. Wendell Uniontown, Ohio Business Administration, Alpha Sigma Phi, Treas., Social Chm., Interfrat. Council, F. T. A., Cur- rent Business Forum, Band. Seniors Alice Ruth White Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Cor. Sec'y, Alpha Lambda Delta, Panhellenic Coun- cil, V. Pres., Pres., W. A. A., I. R. C., S. C. A., F. T. A., Social Chm., Fr. Counselor, University of Pittsburgh, Pi Gamma Mu, Dynamo, Psi Kappa Omega. James A. Williams Canton, Ohio History, Phi Kappa Tau, Social Chm., May Dance Chm., Homecoming Dance Chm., Student Sen- ate, Social Chm., I. R. C., S. C. A. William A. Wolford Slippery Rock, Pa. Political Science, Pi Gamma Mu. James A. Wright Salem, Ohio Sociology, Sigma Nu, S. C. A., Kent State Uni- versity. Luloomer Yanculeff Cleveland, Ohio Public School Music, Al- pha Tau Omega, Song Leader, S. C. A., F. T. A., Band, Orchestra, Ohio W e s l e y a n University, Track. Georgia Louise Wilcoxon Alliance. Ohio Music, Alpha Xi Delta, Rush Chun., Scholarship Chm., Song Leader, Mu Phi Epsilon, Pres., S. C. A., F. T. A., A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, University of Chicago. Elaine N. Wolfe East Liverpool, Ohio Psychology, Delta Delta Delta, House Mgr., "The Lovely Miracle" cast, "Filmed Oak" cast. Richard L. Workman Sebring, Ohio Political Science, I. R. C., Pres., Baylor University, I. R. C., Pres., Pre-Law Club, Pi Gamma Mu. Katherine Wright Alliance, Ohio English, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Sec'y, Publicity Chm., Recording Sec'y, Serenade Chm., Dynamo, Fall Retreat Co-Chm., S. C. A. Cabinet, W. A. A., F. T. A., Mount Union Players, Elliott Hall, V. Pres. Vincent V. Zettler, Jr. Canton, Ohio Business Administration, Current Business Forum, Vet. Club, S. C. A., Ok- lahoma Baptist Univer- sity. Richard H. Alliance, Ohio Chemistry. Zuch Seniors Harold Haverstock Canton. Ohio Business Administrationg Alpha Tau Omega, House Mgrg Vet. Club. W. S. S. F. Carnival . . . Lauriger's Christmas Party for Facility children . . . Book moving day for the Library . . . Mount's Jug band Juniors TOP: R. Masters, president, P. Wood, vice-presi- dent, J. Douglass, secretary: D. Foreman, treasurer. CENTER LEFT: L. Welch, F. Lauer, B. Frustos. CENTER. RIUGHT: Standing: D. Cook P. Clarke, C. Dietrich, D. Donaldson, Seated! R. Brown M. Cambridge, W. Eckley. BOTTOM LEFT: J. Douglass, A. Elliott D Be- bour, R. cash, R, Byron, R. DeLainatre, J Davis, R. Colwell. BOTTOM RIGHT: M. Kutchever, D. Garlock, J Cole, T. Campeau. Juniors TOP: Standing: H. Westin, T, Pethel, D. Rigby, Mackey, T. Williams, Seated: J. Blackmon, Petzinger, R. Allen, D. McCarty. CENTER RIGHT: Standing: D. Ott, R. Wilson, Hunsicker, C. Wade, M. Lougheadg Seated: Gergel, J. Mondi, S. Wagner, A. Hadley, Burky. Hu P102 CENTER LEFT: M. Jackson, D. Neel, W. Ingold M. Gilmore, J. Williams. BOTTOM: E. Hetson, R. Freeman, R. King, R Jones, D. Ramsayer, B. Cobbs, W. Krochta, K Burbick. 47 uniors TOP: Standing: J. Everson, C. Mellott, B. Bauer, M. Fraryg Seated: G. Reed, M. Lower, M Kuntzleman. CENTER LEFT: Standing: D. Peters, R, Masters D. Patton, T. Missali, R. Higgins, P. Rosia, D Lyon: Seated: F. McClain, J. Klingensmith M. Meacham. CENTER RIGHT: Standing: E. Bihary, R. Kipfer J. Vadinig Seated: D. Tolson, N. Wilhelm. BOTTOM: L, Heinzerling, R. Johns, J. Kirk, J Huntsberger, M. Guerra, P. Hyde, R. Krabill I Junwrs TOP: D, Roys, D. VVI'igl'1t, B. W6Cht, R. Smith, P. CENTER RIGIITZ P. Stark, P. Wo-od, R. Turner, Maxwell, R. Sheehan. J. Weiser, B. Vahl, J. Wolfe. CENTER LEFT: Standing: G. Bailey, E. Holla- BOTTOM: M. Pucci, R. Raebel, A, Robertson, E. baugh, L. Plappert, F. Shollenberger, M. Pohjala, A. Morris, R. Pucci. Schmufzlcr, C. Sperow, J. Steereg Seated: VV. VVetzcl. 49 ophomores TOP: J. Casper, president: P. Engle, Vicewpresi- dent: M. Brunn, secretary, C. George, treasur- GY. CENTER LEFT: Back: R. Birkh-oltz, T. Baker, J. Andryejskig Front: J. Carter, M. Baily, J. Barwick, S. Cartwright. CENTER RIGHT: Standing: N. Gettle, C. Gengw ler, J. Firestone, W. Gordon: Seated: C. George J. Friend. BOTTOM LEFT: M. Brunn, E. Allison, R. Cathon BOTTOM RIGHT: J. Colwoll, J. Cooper, J. Cosen tino, E. Blattler, L. Crawford, VV. Cook. 50 TOP: M. Lemmon, M. Kiefer, B. Markham, A. Kuk- lo, L. Helfrich, J. March. CENTER LEFT: Back: P. Rohaley, A, McEldoWn- ey, S. Overholtg Middle: C. Coyne, P. Dame- row, M. Morris, L. Merriman: Front: G, Clark, J. English, D. Rowbotham. ophomores CENTER RIGHT: Back: C. Winkle, E. Thomas R. Mallory, R. Miller: Front: R. Kelley, E Schultz, E. Mougey, D. Owens. BOTTOM: E. Porch, K. Gintert, I. Stock, J. Wil- ker, E. Meeker, M. Williams, O. Sagedahl, R 'Williams 51 X Sophomores TOP: R, Graham, L. Giovanelli, B. Gorsuch, M Gartrell, D. Cox. CENTER LEFT: D. Marsh, J. Magisano, M. Laut- zenheiser, R. I-light, D. Mader. CENTER RIGHT: M. Hart, E. Heindel, R. Lofland, C, Krabill, G. Lewis. BOTTOM LEFT: Back: W. Cracknell, J. Durham, P. Engle, L. Dunkerton, D. Dlcken: Front: B Ensrninger, M. Damerow, R, Edwards, J Dougherty. BOTTOM RIGHT: Standing: L. Schafer, E. Stahl W. Halford, J. Jacobs: Seated: M. Burky, M Hurnbert, K. Eggleston, K. French, D. Greet, J Orsburn. TOPI Sfandiflgf R- Smith, J- MHSOU, J. Wreford, CENTER LEFT: D. Smith, R. Morgan, R. Brooks J. Stauffer, H. Wrightg Seated: B. Weaver, M. M. Miracle, J. Ehret, V. Brown. S' . mms BOTTOM: W. Wilson, B, Trott, D. smder, S CENTER RIGHT! R- J3CkSO1'1- J- CHSPGIZ R- Valeli- Bloor, K. Pelton, L. Thomas, J. Sponseller, F tine, F. Mclntire, T. Lookabaugh. Wyrick, 53 I V ophomores TOP: A. Weals, R. Ports, C. Romeo, G. Schreiner, L. Zimmerman, J. Wise. CENTER LEFT: M. Carter, J. Gruber, R. Roy, G. Rigby, C. McFadden, G. Mitchell, F. Mitchell. CENTER RIGHT: D. Mathie, L. Johnson, R. Lin- ard, J. Hildebrand, A. Stockurn, J. Malicord, D Linn. BOTTOM: Back: P, Tho-mas, B. Swan, V. Wag- genspaackg Front: L, Tompson, C. Weick, D Krabill, B. Zuber, H. McElroy. TOP: R. Miller, president, J. Thorley, vice-presi- dent, B, Stauffer, secretary, D. Doughty, treas- UTGF, MIDDLE: Back: R. Buchs, H. Bellg Front: M. Coy, O. Carson, R. Adams, P. Adams, D. Bal- Freshmen lantyne, B. Baker, C. Currie, M. Bailey. BOTTOM: T. Barth, R. Buehler, M. Bradley, J. Capley, R. Chapman, T. Bender, J. Calhoun, M. Buffo. 55 Freshmen TOP: Back: J. Denton, N. Douda, H. Eckart, D. BOTTOM: Back: R. Davison, W. Fowler, R. Mil gaggilgkf? Front? J- Daniel, D- Cfeathv C- 1e1',G.NiCho1Son,J, Gattig Front: R. Druken n .r . . MIDDLE: J. Bland, R. Russi, M. Conrad, R. Don- bfod' R' Faudrcc' D' Doughfyf W' Smlth' aldson. 56 Freshmen TOP: Back: D. Brown, R. Keller, J. Dempsterg Kranzfelder, B. Hammond, M. Knisel, H. Kel- Fronf: A. Feldbush, E. Leyman, N. Leybourne, ley. M. Grau. BOTTOM: E. Lichy, E. Morgan, R. Thomas, J MIDDLE: Back: R. Jacobs, T. Cope, J. Jeffries, Burkhead. N, Boalsg Front: R. Holmes, R. Goodrich, Z. Freshmen TOP: Back: B. Keicham, C. Burnettg Front: L. BOTTOM: Back: R. Turney, R. McEntarfer, R. LiH3l'd, H. Jae, Cm HGYHC, H- G00d, W- Kllehfl- Saunierg Front: E. Stoffer, M. Fitzpatrick, L MIDDLE: Back: E. Farnham, R. Gesamon, C. EV- Tenney' erett, W. Plummer, D. Craytor, J. Fallsg Front: S. Austin, D. Gray. 58 Freshmen TOP1 A. Hofstatter, B. Lees, G. Linard, M. Hill, E. Otto, F. Loomis, J. Middleditch, J Musteric, R. Liechty, S. Griebling. F. Phillipy. MIDDLE: A Mowder, P. Moscoso, S, Logothelides, BOTTOM: J. Orth, R. Martin, J. Yash, M. Myers, J. Meek. 59 Freshmen TOP LEFT: Back: B. Stauffer, N. Heestand, M. Porter, Front: J. Pscnka, V. Pratts, P. Spitler, M. Rosbong. TOP RIGHT: Sfanding: N. Rohrbacker, M. Shutt N, Simson, G. sfevenson, B. Miner, R. Round, E. Robb: Soafedz S. Sonday, J. Portman, V. Schmucker, J. Reddy. BOTTOM: Back: B. Neff, C. Parker, D. Metzger R. Olsen, R. Ashburn, P. McConnell: Front: L Lower, J, Bryant, M. Jenkins, P. Gehm, R Duerr. Freshmen TOP: E. Sollies, F. Williams, R. Taylor, G. Thornp- Weimar, J. Thorley, J. NVeir. son, R. Young, D. Whippler. I , BOTTOM: Back: J. VanNostran, E. Wmgand, C. MIDDLE: Back: J. Wajda, P. Naylor, W. Humel, Tribleyg Front: R. Hanson, W. Trask, G. Kauf- D. Brown, J. Paul: Front: W. Zurcher, G. mann. 61 Activities Back: J. Williams, J. Short, R. DeLamatre, L. Hawkins, J. Blackmon, B. Linard, N. Bell, Professor Bader. Center: D. Cook, S. Dimit, M. Brunn, C, Krabill, M. Hart, J. Atkin, A. Elliott, M. Morgan, D. Donaldson. Front: D. Bebout, A. Robertson, P. Rosia, J. Williams. tudent enate Student Senate is the supreme governing body of the students of Mount Union College. It is composed of representatives chosen by the several fraternities and sororities and non-fratrnity men and Women. This repre- sentative group serves as a mediator between the students and the faculty. All major extracurricular activities and political functions outside of those related directly to the fraternities, sororities. Signet Club and independents are directed and controlled ,by the Student Senate. The senate is responsible for campus publications and elections and also sponsors all-college events such as the Homecoming Celebration, the Mardi Gras, lVlay Day, and Il- lumination Night. President is Lynn Hawkinsg vice-president, Anne El- liottg secretary, Marilyn Morgang treasurer, Richard DeLamatreg social chairman, Jim Williamsg auditors, Jim Short and Paul Rosia. 64 D. Neel, B. Hart, V. Clark. Dynamo Each Monday evening the staff members of the DYNAMO scurry toward their office in the basement of Elliott Hall. If one would visit the office he would find it a hub-,bub of typing, writing, phone calls and general confusion. This year the DYNAMO has been published under the capable editorship of Virginia Clark and her most able assistants, Walter Haidet as business rnanagerg Bruce Hart, Donna Neel, and Charlotte Wade as assistant editors. Several members of the staff also are members of the DYNAMO ASSOCIATION, Whose membership is based on previous service to the DYNAMO. Ed Campeau is presi- dent, and Harriet Grabiel is vice-president. Standing: R. Smith, S, Dimit, H. Grabiel.Se-ated: Pi Clarke, J. Joachim, A. Morris, F. VVyrick, M. Guerra, R. Vv'l1iiG. 65 "M 1, nfv... . nonian Editor, George Furnivalg Assistant Editors, Anne Elliott, Tom Petzinger, Jackie Weiser, Senior Editor, Marilyn Morgang Faculty Editor, Martha Jane Fraryg Class Editor, Lois Heinzerlingg Fraternities, Blazer Swan, Donna Ballantyneg Sports, Dick Smithi, Lynn Morris, Organizations, Kenny Pclton, Anne Hofstatterg Layouts, Tom Petzingerg Proofreading, Lois Heinzerlingg Art, Tse Wei Chu, Pat Stark, Business Manager, Bernie Nelson, Typists, Cathy Dietrich, Ruth White. 66 Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council seeks to promote closer Contact and deeper friendship among the sororiu ties on campus. Panhellenic: is responsible for inter-sorority activities such as sorority rushing, pledging, and initiation. Throughout the year it sponsors several social functions such as a Halloween Dance and an annual pledge dinner. The membership of Panhellenic is composed of two representa- tives from each sorority on campus with the sorority presidents as non-voting members, President is Ruth VVhiteg vice--president, Nancy Hunsickerg secretary, Marjorie Keiferg treasurer, Sarah Jane Wag- ner. Standing: M. Keifer, M. Jones, N. Hunsicker, J. Immler, G. Wilcoxon, P. Dame- row. Seated: Miss Freese, S. Ellsworth, R. White, K. Martin, M. Kuntzleman, J. Wolfe, S. Wagner, D. Neel. I nter-F raternit Council The Inter-Fraternity Council was created for the purpose of maintaining harmony and a coopera tive spirit among the fraternities on campus. This organization deals with problems such as rushing rules, which are common to all the fraternities represented. The Inter-Fraternity Dance and an annual Open House are sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Council. The membership of the Council 1S com posed of the president and treasurer of each fraternity. President is Bernard Nelsong secretary John Weaver. Standing: B. VVendell, R. Carter, A. Oberster, B. Freshley ,D. Eddins, T. Petzing- er, J. Mackey. Seated: J. Weaver, B. Nelson, Dean Wesley, R. DeLamatre. 3 Wh0's Who Selection of the versatile students who have been chosen to represent Mount Union in Whos Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges is based on scholarshlpa leadership, activities, and promise of future success. A secret faculty committee chooses representatwes to this organiza- tion. Standing: J. Weaver, W. Haidet, L. Hawkins, D. Barrett. Seated: M. Jones, S. Ellsworth, M. Morgan, J. Joachim. Back: D. Neel, J. Wajda, R. White, K. Martin, J. Weiser, L. Heinzerling, C. Heyne, D. Dicken, J. Bernard, D. Ballantyne. Center: M. Horton. S. Dimit, B. Sparr, D. Shrader, Miss Freese, C. Krabill, C. Gengler, B. Neff, C. Currie. Front: F. Wyrick, A. I-Iofstatter, P. Engle, A. Weals, V. Pratts, H. Good, B. Miller. Alpha Lamba Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is the national honorary scholastic society for freshman women. Member- ship requirements necessitate a B plus or better average during the first semester or during both semesters of the school year. Character and leadership are also considered. Alpha Lambda Delta sponsors a tea at the beginning of each year to introduce this organization to freshman Women. President is Pat Engle, vice-president, Ann Wealsg secretary, Faye Wyrickg treasurer, Marjorie Hor- ton, historian, Carolyn Krabill. 68 Lauriger Lauriger is the honor society for senior Women. Election of members is done by faculty recom- mendation and by vote of the active chapter. Membership is limited to not more than seven or less than tive senior women. Requirements for membership include the candidate's character, scholarship, and leadership. The Lauriger women serve as assistants to the Dean of Women. Lauriger helps dur- ing freshman orientation and sponsors a Christmas party for faculty children. President is Marilyn Morgang vice-president, Sue Ellsworth, secretary-treasurer, Jo Immler. Miss Freese advises the group. M. Morgan, S. Ellsworth, J. Immler, J. Joachim, Miss Freese, K. Martin. Standing: J. Wajda, R. Turner. Seated: A. Weals, J. Joachim, M. Meacham, S. Smith, Miss Freese, N. Douda. Women's Government Board The Women's Government Board is the supreme court of Mount's woman students and is repre-- sentative of all co-eds on campus, This Board is responsible for dormitory rules and their interpreta- tion, improvement, and enforcement. It passes judgment on cases of infraction of the rules, The Board is composed of every dormitory president and the officers of the Women's Government Associa- tion. President is Ruth Turner, vice-president, inn Wealsg secretary-treasurer, Lois Zimmerman. 9 Alembroic Standing: R. Wilson, B. Leedy, B. Vogeli, Professor Coutts, Professor Morgan, Professor Pappenhagen. Seated: A. Oberster, L. Hawkins, B. Sparr, B. Krochta, B. Pinkerton. Alembroic is an honorary chemistry society. Its purpose is the challenge of stimulating interest in chemistry as a life profession. Meetings consist of reports, demonstrations, outside speakers, and discussion of problems of current and historical interest. Membership requires that a student be a chemistry major who has a good scholastic average. President of this society is Lynn Hawkinsg vice- president, Arthur Oberster, secretary-treasurer, Betty Jane Sparr. Dr. Louis A. Pappenhagen and Dr. William M. Morgan are faculty advisors. O I Phu tgma Back: D. Ott, R. Higgins, J. Weaver, E. McLoney, D. Brown, J. Green, R. Schuh, R. Masters, Professor Hunninen. Center: M. Kuntzleman, M. VVilliams, I. Stock, P. Rankin, W. Weaver, D. Clunk, J. Douglass, J. Weiser. Front: Professor Engle, P. Clarke, C. Dietrich, M. Jackson, S. Cartwright. High standards of scholarship and special ability for research work are among the requirements for membership into Phi Sigma, a. national biological honorary. This group brings distinguished speakers to the campus for several of its meetings during the year, and the members make reports on current topics of scientific interest. President is James Weaver: vice--president, Eugene Shafer: secretary, Polly Rankin: treasurer, Denny Clunk. Professor O. H. Engle and Dr. A. V. Hunninen are faculty advisors to this group. 70 Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a national honorary music fraternity open to sophomore, junior, and senior Women who are outstanding in the field of music. Membership selections are based upon scholarship, musicianship, character, and personality with faculty recommendation in the major subject. Mu Phi Epsilon sponsors two public recitals a year and a tea for freshman music students and alumni. Presi- dent is Georgia Wilcoxong vice-president, Jean Joachimg secretary, Jane Wagner. uture Teachers of America All education students and prospective teachers are eligible for membership in the Future Teach- ers of America. The Stanton Chapter on Mount's campus was named in honor of Dr. B. F. Stanton of the education department. Membership in the Future Teachers of America gives the member ia junior membership in the National Education Association and in the Ohio Education Association, Each year the F. T. A. gives a tea for all practice and critic teachers. President is Bob Kiblerg vice-president, Sue Ellsworthg secretary, Jo Mondig treasurer, Don Howenstineg social chairman, Ruth W'hite. nternational Relations Club The International Relations Club offers internationally minded students on campus an opportunity to express opinions on current, national, and international events. The meetings provide the student with authoritative sources of information through speakers, movies, and open forums. This organiza- tion is affiliated with national, egional, and state organizations. President of this group is Richard Workmang vices-president, Jo lmmlerg secretary-treasurer, Pat C'arke. Standing: J. Rindin, A. Gousious, W. Haidet, D. Silva, C, Fones, P. Moscoso, J. Middleditch, E. Wiegand, O. Sagedahl, P. Kinsel, Professor Shreve. Seated: J. Wre-- ford, S. Dimit, R. Workman, J. Immler, P. Clarke, T. Chu, P. Taraldson. Standing: Miss Ream, V. Brown, C. Gengler, M. Miracle, B. Bauer, J. Wilker. Seated: B. Gamber, N. Douda, P. Clarke, B. Sparr, R. Turner. W0men's Athletic Association The purpose of the Women's Athletic Association is to encourage women students to participate and cooperate in sports. Every woman becomes a non-active member upon registration in college, but may become an active initiated member by participating in the seasonal sports and the social pro- gram. Awards are given to the active members on the basis of points earned. The governing body of W. A. A. is a board composed of two representatives from each sorority and Signet. This group spon- sors an annual play day, which features intercollegiate competition. President is Beverly Bowden Leeg vice-president, Barbara Bauerg secretary, Pat Clarkeg treasurer, Ruth Turnerg point recorder, Bernie Gamber. 72 Madrigal ingers The Madrigal Singers is an a cappella group composed of eight members directed by Miss Lois Adams. Each member must have a keen sense of musicianship and the ability to sight-read music, he is usually a performer in his own right. The Madrigals, according to tradition, sit around a table and sing by candlelight. The group presents programs in surrounding towns and appears with the A Cappella Choir on their Eastern tour. C. Miller, R. Gesaman, J. Joachim, J. Calhoun, Miss Adams, B. Gorsuch, G. Wil- Coxon, K. French. F. Phillipy. A appella hair Members of the A Cappella Choir are chosen from the student body through tryouts by the direc- tor, Cecil Stewart. During the year, this group participates in the Messiah, May Day pageant, Com- mencement, Baccalaureate, chapel programs, and formal concerts. Each year the A Cappella Choir tours the East presenting concerts in various cities, Clarence Miller is president of the choir, and Arm Weals is the secretary-treasurer. 73 Headland Club J S J Standing: L. Linard, W. Cook, E. Robb. Seated: M. Jolly, R. Powers, H. Lichy, M. Frary. The Headland Club, named for Dr. Isaac T. Headland, former professor of religion, is composed of students who are preparing for Christian Work in the pastorate or in other fields of religious en- deavor. The meetings give the members opportunity to discuss problems of interest to all Christian workers. One of the activities of the organization is the sending out of service teams to conduct pro- grams in nearby churches. President is Wilbur Cook, vice-president, Mary Elizabeth Jolly, secretary, Ruth Powers, treasurer, Raymond Graham. Cosmian Standing: R. Horton, J, Hawkins, G. Shafer. Seated: R. Carter, J. Weaver, W. Haidet, Dean Wesley. Cosmian, an honorary fraternity for senior men, was established on Mount's campus in September, 1949. Its purpose is to create a more harmonious feeling between the students and the administra- tion. Membership is restricted to no less than seven noir more than ten male members of the senior class and is determined by scholarship, leadership, character, and service on the campus. President is John Weaverg vice-president, Robert Carter, secretary-treasurer, VValt Haidet. 74 tudent hristian Association The Student Christian Association was formed in 1947 by the merger of the Y. W, C. A. and the Y. M. C. A., which were formerly active on campus. During the year, S. C. A. sponsors college night programs which feature well-known speakers. A carnival is the climax of the annual drive for the World Student Service Fund. The semi-annual meetings of campus leaders at Brown Haven and the faculty stunt night are also sponsored by this organization. President is Ernest Sheetzg vice-president, Jo Immlerg secretary, Jane Douglassg treasurer, Marilyn Morgan: W. S. S. F. Chairman, Kay Martin. Band Mount's football half-times are highlighted by the performance of the marching band. A clever novelty band, recently organized by the director, proved to be the attracting feature of all of the out-of-town games. In cooperation with the college orchesra, the band presented several concerts this year. The band, under the competent leadership of Wolfgang Edelman, is to be commended for its ex- cellent work. G. Furnival, G. Rigby, M, Loughead, A. VVeals, E. Sheetz. X 'MI Y Current Business Forum The Current Business Forum consists of a group of students who are interested in business prob- lems of the day. The meetings feature discussions, and the programs are centered around various eco- nomic issues. Guest speakers are men who are real leaders in their particular phase of thc business World. This organization is sponsored by the Department of Economics and Business Administration. President is Alexander Calcing Vice--president, Edward Wallg secretary, Barbara Amstutzg treasurer, Nancv Baker. Mount Union Pla ers The Mount Union Players is a group of the iirst of its kind on campus. Founded by Jim Davis, this group acts as a nucleus through which practically all Dramatic Department activity is promoted. Members are selected by a point systemg points may be obtained through' participation in college play presentations, either by being on ia technical staff or by being a member of the cast. This group is open to all students interested in dramatics. President is Jim Davisg vice-president, David Doughtyg secre- tary, Mel Lougheadg treasurer, Marilyn Brunn. Professor R. H. Hewitt is the advisor. T6 Standing: Barbara Vahl and Kathy Long. Seated: Betty Millerg the queen, Lois Crawfordg and Barbara VVOcht. student enate Mardi Gras Sponsored by the Student Senate, Mounts annual Mardi Gras attracted over 300 couples, who danced to the music of Johnny Long's orchestra. This Hrst all-college formal of the second semester proved to be a complete success. The lovely Mardi Gras queen, Lois Crawford, was crowned during the intermission by the Veiled Prophet of Mardi Gras, Lois was attended by Cathy Long, Betty Miller, Barbara Vahl, and Barbara Wecht. The Veiled Prophet of Mardi Gras, Jerry McDaniels, crowns the queen, Lois Craw- ford. Q3 6?-if Fraternities 78 E 0 5 Q27 2 I L s T' '. l Q E' J' ' F I Q I 5 i ww ' . Q . 5 I Q . I Q Alpha hi Illfigil SOPHOMORES Back: Lois Zimmerman, Jane Stauffer, Kate Gintert, Mary Jeanne Burky, Pam Wright, Sara Jane Cartwright: Center: Kay Eggleston, Lorna Crawford, Irene Stock, Eleanor Meeker, Lois Ann Helfrich, Laura Merriman: Front: Carolyn Krabill, Ann Weals, Jo Wilker. PLEDGES Back: Marilyn Gartrell, Esther Heindel, Norma Leybourne, Carol Parker, Jean Thorley, Ann Hofstatter, Dawn Whipplerg Center: Loretta Thomas, Marilyn Buffo, Mary Jane Roshong, Barbara Lees, Martha Hill, Phyllis Spitler, Front: Mary Jane Noble, Dede Clark. The thirty-first chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was installed June 11, 1920, at Mount Union College by the international fraternity which was founded at De Pauw University, Asbury Park, Indiana on October 15, 1885. Having an autumn origin, the group chose the fall colors of scarlet and olive green. The Lyre, the badge by which Alpha Chi's are known, has been voted the most beautiful sorority pin. Alpha Chi is rich in traditional yearly events, both in her social and altruistic life. The first of these activities is the animal visit to Brady's Ranch - a time filled with pleasant sorority friendship. The in- ter-sorority style show and card party, the Carnation Ball, and the presentation of nose- gays to patronesses, housemothers, and advisors are all pleasant traditions of Alpha Chi Omega. 80 Q 0 Q f-iii! Q QQQ 0 fig Q 23, ii 93 JUNIOR AND SENIOR Back: Joann Wolfe, Norma Beatty, Donna Carlisle, Jackie Weiser, Mel Loughead Mary Guerra, Dorris Cook, Jean Joachimg Center: Jo Immler, Lois Arm Conser Ruth Turner, Mary Schmutzler, Barb Vahl, Shirley Smithg Front: Marian Meacham Jo Mondi, Ruth White, Dorothy Gergel. President ......,...... ...........,..,..,....,..,,.... J oan Immler Vice-Presidents ...,.... Joan Joachim, Norma Beatty Secretary .......... ,.....................,... S hirley Smith Treasurer ..... .,.. R uth Turner 81 lpha elta Pi SOPHOMORES Marilyn Morris, Marjorie Keifer, Emma Jean Blattler, Joan Barwick, Barbara Trott, Elaine Porch. PLEDGES , Back: Sally Curry, Lois Tenney, Ruth Buehler, Margaret Shutt, Joyce Daniels,, Julia Psenkag Center: Belinda Stauffer, Marcheta Porter, Betty Gorsuch, Barbara Wecht, Marjorie Kuklo, Ethel Morgang Front: Connie Mellott, Carol Heyne, Phyllis Naylor, Hazel Good, Mary Ann Grau. , Gamma Theta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, founded on March 22, 1947, was proud to t share in the 1951 centennial celebration of the oldest secret society of college Women. Representatives of this chapter were present in Macon, Georgia, when the 80 chapters of 1 Alpha Delti Pi commemorated her founding, which was on May 15, 1851. Among the A memories of this year are the overnight at Owl's Nest, Friendship Week, and the tradi- 1 tional Black and White Diamond Ball. The girls of Alpha Delta Pi honor their flower, i the violet, their colors, blue and Whitey and the clasped hands of friendship on their diamond-shaped pin. 82 4.1-1 69 5?gQgDg9Ig Q45 14' JJQK 4 Ar' 9 r4 r JI s "'- 7 Q 8 3 I Qs Q! X 40 Q, JUNIOR AND SENIOR Back: Jane Atkin, Barbara Bauer, Marilyn Jones, Jean Atkin, Nancy Bakerg Front: Jane Douglass, Evelyn Smedly, Betty Sparr, Jean Everson, Martha Kuntzle- man, Ruth Powers, Dawn Tolson. President ,.,.......... ..,,...............,,....... M arilyn Jones Vice-Presidents ......,. Jean Joachim, Norma Beatty Secretary ..o....... . .,..,....,.,. Martha Kuntzleman Treasurer ...., .,.............. J ane Atkin 83 far lpha Xi Delta SOPHOMORES Back: Jo Bernard, Shirley Overholt, Ann McEldoWney, Barbara Zuberg Center Mudge Horton, Helen Wright, Gretchen Schreiner, Carol Gengler, Martha Humbert Front: Cathy Romeo, Joyce English, Mary Jane Williams, Bunny Rohialey, Pat Engle Dottie Rowbotham. PLEDGES Back: Jill Dempster, Phoebe Hyde, Bert Baker, Joan Portman, Dorothy Fairbanks Peggy Sondayg Center: Judy Van Nostran, Barbara Hammond, Juanita Calhoun Carol Engelbert, Ruth Elaine Liechty, Zoe Kranzfelderg Front: Phyllis Adams, Do- lores Creath, Beverly Neff, Carole Currie. Alpha Xi Delta Was organized and established at Lombard College, Galesburg, ll- linois, on April 17, 1893, the day that is observed as national Founders' Day Wherever Alpha Xi Delta's are found. Gamma chapter, installed at Mount Union College on Aug- ust 20, 1903, was the first of the Greek women's groups on campus and established the first alumnae chapter of the fraternity. The "Rose Dance" given each spring crowns the year's activities for the Alpha Xi's. The girls sing of their "Castle Painted Blue and Gold" and of their flower, the pink rose. The fraternity badge has been standardized as a gold quill with their Greek letters in raised and burnished gold on the barbs of the feath- EFS. 84 Q. Ofdkxx .iztigi XX QQ B gmivmfv . . G jf fs V' JUNIOR AND SENIOR Back: Polly Rankin, Kathy VVright, Jean Klingrensmith, Georgia VVilcoxon, Lynn Bergner, Marilyn Trautwein, Pat Stark, Sarah Ann Dimit, Sue Ellsworth, Maxine Portman: Center: Lois Crawford, Dorothy Garlock, Norma Wilhelm, Jane Wagner, Lou Maskrey, Marian Jacksong Front: Donna Neel, Harriet Grabiel, Effie McClain, Pat Wood, Pat Clarke. President ......,,,., ..,. S uzanne Ellsworth Vice-President ..... ,..... H arriet Grabiel Secretary ....,,.. ,,.. K atherine Wright Treasurer ..l.. ..... S arah Ann Dimit 85 Delta Delta Delta SOPHOMORES Back: Georgia Shollenberger, Paula Damerow, Nancy Gettle, Jody Malicord, Bob- by Donaldson: Center: Faye Wyrick, Mary Ellen Lemmong Front: Jean March, Ruth Holmes. Back: Nan Douda, Donna Scott, Marilyn Myers, Donna Ballantyneg Front: Kathy Long, Vera Schmucker, Ruth Martin. Thanksgiving Eve of 1888 at Boston University saw the founding of Delta Delta Delta. Delta Nu chapter was established at Mount Union on December 5, 1914. It was the second national sorority to be established on this campus. Delta Delta Delta has the second largest nation-wide membership of all national sororities and is an international group. Symbolic of Tri-Delta is the crescent moon and three stars: oiicial colors are silver, gold and blue. The pansy reigns as the sorority flower. Sponsoring the first all- college dance of the school year is becoming a tradition for Delta Delta Delta. The Tri Delts honor all engaged senior girls at a Pansy Ring Tea in the spring. 86 x l f JUNIOR AND SENIOR Back: Mary Jo Hoiles, Melba Lower, Martha Fitzpatrick, Nancy Hunsicker, Bar- bara Amstutz, Charlotte Wade, Virginia Clark, Dee Chrisman, Marilyn Morgan, Lillian Spechtg Center: Margaret Campbell, Kay Martin, Donna Jean Elliott, Elaine Wolfe, Sally Hawkins, Bev Lee, Bernice Gamberg Front: Donna Donaldson, Nancy Howell, Boo Malicord. President .,,....,..l ..........,........ K ay Martin Vice-president ...,e ...... B everly Bowden Lee Secretary ...,,,.. e,,,.,.. M arilyn Morgan Treasurer ...., ..... B arbara Amstutz 87 Alpha Sigma P i Back: Tom Honnaka, Bob Carter, Jack Clements, Chuck Graney, Bob Brennan. Front: Don Bebout, Chris Fones, Jack Williams. Back: Olan Carson, Ed Robb, Jed Bryant, Russ Olsen, Ray Goodrich, Dave Cray- torg Center: Jim Otto, Duane Guiler, George Stevenson, Dave Fenstermaker, Dick Conkleg Front: Ted Bender, Leon Linard, Jack Jenkins, Bruce Ketcham, Dick McEn- tarfer. Beta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi was installed at Mount Union College in September, 1946. Alpha Sigma Phi, which was founded at Yale University in 1845, re- presents the tenth oldest national fraternity. The highlight of the year for the Alpha Sig's was their Winter formal. Although they are the youngest fraternity on Mount Un- ion's campus, they have already shown their potentialities in that they have received the sgholarship cup three times in succession, and they are now in permanent possession of t is cup. 88 xxv?"-UQ' pix x.,.s"m., V-'Q 6' fe, J 'Q ,.- 1 ls, 'rf' I , , 9 .f A if 4 '- I " I u If . I 7' ,f 1 I I 'fx fl: XX ,I - ,g "",g xxxxx xx x Back: Blanchard Lewis, John Bennett, Bob Roberts, Bob Edwards, Center: Dom Silva, Bob Colwellg Front: Bill Wendell. First Semester Second Semester Charles Graney ..,. President Bob L. Carter Thomas Honnaka V.-President Jack Williams Jack Williams .,..., Secretary ...... Donald Bebout Donald Bebout ...... Treasurer .....,. Bill Wendell 89 l p a . au mega SOPHOMORES Back: Dave Owens, Joe Dougherty, Bruce Markham, Paul Thomas, Dave Mathie, Bruce Ensminger, Fred Bates, Craig George, Jim Casper, Front: John Wang, Jack Durham, Sonny Friend, John Firestone, Dick Smith, Morgan Damerow, Jack Sponsel- ler. PLEDGES Back: Jack Swinnerton, Bill Capley, Stan Sagedahl, Dick Davidson, Bill Bernhat, Bill Hummel, Front: Don Hume, Joe Vadini, Dom Clivi, Jim Carter, Ed Schultz. Alpha Nu chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was founded on February 14, 1882. The "house on the hill" was the first national fraternity on this campus and the first Alpha Tau chapter in Ohio. On September 11, 1865, Virginia Military Institute was probably decorated with white tea roses backed by sky blue and old gold, for this was the founding day of Alpha Tau Omega. The Alpha Tau's and their dates enjoyed the Christmas Co- tillion and several house parties. Last summer, Cincinnati played host to all the Alpha Tau Omega chapters at their national convention. 90 N V egg? f sz Back: Ken Burbick, Dick McFall, Chet Ball, Tom Dunning, Ernie Sheetz, Cy Yanculeff, Jim Dorman, Itch Weaver, Bob Kibler, George Furnival. Third: Pat Burns, Mel Pucci, Bob Freeman, Bruce Cobbs, Tom Campeau, Bill Er- litz, Ed Campeau, Ray Pucci, Ed Krahling, John Fithian, Dick Raebel, Ed Pohjala, Bill Krochta, VVendy Reynolds, Bruce Hart. Second: Fred Jamison, Don Ecldins, Paul Taraldsen, Lou Davies, Don Howenstine, Rod King, Don Lyon, Art Morris, Jim Mackey, Al Robertson. Front: Dick Sutherin, Rich Edwards, Evan Jones, Jim King, Gus Goodall, Walt Mueller. President ...,,.,,.,. Don M. Eddins Vice-President ...., ..... E rnest Sheetz Secretary ..,,.. ,,,,, D on Lyon Treasurer ..... .,.. J im Mackey 91 Phi Kappa Tau Back: Chuck Weick, Jack Paul, Pete Graham, Joe Enert, Bill Wilson, Art Evans, Ken Pelton, Paul Evans, Gene Allison, Don Coxg Center: Lloyd Swan, Bob Brooks, Don Studer, Sid Bloor, Front: Bob Morgan, Louis Giovanelli, Orloff Miller, Don Kra- bill, Jim Jacobs. PLEDGES Back: Dean Kop, Frank Phillipy, Joe Sweeti, Dick Young, Steve Griebling, Randy Jacobs, Lou Thompson, Chuck Linaberger, James Hill, Pledgemasterg Front: Tony Coco, Harry Lichy, Phil McConnell, Gene Sollie, Preston Cabell. Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1916. Its colors are red and gold, and its flower is the red carnation. The Epsilon chapter at Mount Un- ion College had its annual formal in December preceded by a semi-formal in November. The Phi Kappa Tau house was the location for the Domain conference of ten other chay' ters of Phi Tau and for the initiation of the new Westminster chapter. 92 Back, Ray Johns, Carl Bozeka, John Kirk, Bill Leedy, Dick Brown, Dick Krabill Denny Clunk, Bob Freshly, Mr. Vaughn, Dan Biliuris, Jim Hill, Don Roysg Center Homer Lash, Jim Biliuris, Dave MCCoWn, Earl McL0ney, Jack Spencer, Burnel Pink- erton, Jim Elder, Jack Huntsberger, Roger Smith, Front: Art Oberster, Bob Gum- bert, Dick Reynolds, Jim Williams, Ed Weimer. President .,.,.,,,, ,,,,, A rthur Oberster Vice-President ..... i......... J im Elder Secretary ,,,,.,... ....,,,, D an Biliuris Treasurer ..,,. ,... R obert. Freshley 93 Sigma lpha Epsilon Back: Nick Perri, Bob Chapman, Grant Bailey, Myles Cambridge, Bill Zurcher Arden Feldbush, Paul Antram, Joe Musteric, Bill Kuehn, Pal Ruth, Dick Walton Center: Lou Rick, Clemmer Perry, Paul Swinderman, Tom Barth, Dick Ashburn Chuck Everett, Larry Cox, Paul I-Iofsteterg Front: Ed Branfield, George Thompson Mike Untch, Bob Cathon, Jack Hildebrand, Bob Buchs, Fred Loomis. Back: Bob Roys, Don Nixon, Al Stockum, Joe Andryejski, Paul Maxwell, Mrs Center: Andy Hadley, Harry Neilly, Bob Jones, Ray Jones, Dave Rigby, Gardy Rigby Jim Davis: Front: Dick Cash, Bob Werren, John Dill, Dick King, Dick DeLamatre Denny Foreman. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in Alabama, March 9, 1856. The Ohio Sigma chap- ter was installed at Mount Union College on April 4, 1885. The fraternity flower is the violet, and their chosen colors are royal purple and old gold. The Sig Alnh's wear with pride their diamond-shaped pins. The Mount Union "Communism Cell" was the theme at one of the Sig Alph's house parties. The annual Sigma Alpha Epsilon winter formal was snowed out and had to be postponed until warmer weather. 94 Morris, Chuck Winkle, Harold Sponseller, Ed Thomas, Torn Deckman, Charles Akins- 1 1 1 Back: Earl Burky, Ed Wall, Jack Staley, Fo Shollenloerger, Gray Ellis, Tom Scott, Jim Shaffer, Sandy Calcin, Bruce Schmidt, Tony Testag Center: Robert Missall, Kev- ert Bean, Don Ramsayer, Jim Short, Ray Russell, Robert Higgins, Clyde Jack, Dave Ott, Front: Pete DeLamatre, Paul Olsen, John Weaver, Gus Weaver, Lynn Hawkins, John Griffith, Cyril Holding. First Semester Second Semester John Weaver . ,...,..,..,. President ....... John Weaver James Weaver .,.. .... V ice-President ,,,,. James Weaver Cyril Holding ..... Secretary .... ..l..,..... J ames Shaeffer James Shaeffer ..., ,..,. T reasurer ..,... .,.,.. R ichard DeLamatre 95 igma u Back: Duane McCarty, Bob Stone, Ben Frustos, Bob Smith, Chuck Sperow, John Blackmon, Dick Mallory, Howard Vllesting Front: Tom Williams, Jim Cooper, Bruce Kerr, Dave Mader, Jim Jackson, Russ Allen. Back: Tom Cope, Bob Kipfer, Jim Conners, Bob Turney, Phil Currie, Mrs. Ander- son, Jerry Falls, Dave Brown, Denny Donaldson, Jim Bland: Center: Russ Thomas, Herb Kelly, Bob Faudree, George Weimer, Bob Saunier, Riley Merrill. Lloyd Lower, Dick Drukenbrodg Front: Jim Orth, Ed Leyman, Bill Trask, Barry Hawkins, Dave Doughty, George Linard. The white star, the white rose, the colors black and gold, all hold symbolic meaning for Sigma Nu, which was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. This summer the Beta Iota chapter at Mount Union joined with its brother chapters for their national convention at Old Point Comfort, Virginia. On this year's fall issue of the Sigma Nu magazine, Delta, was the picture of Mount Union's Chapman Hall. The "Snakes" have en- tertained with a Winter formal and several house parties. 96 l .Ax gf Q, f ,lg,,3,,ff,,,. f F i !.e.-7R N1 We ...IQ W... M x 'fm' Lei Back: Paul Frey, Phil Pittenger, Jack Colwell, Frank Lower, Jack Blethrow, Leon Kuniewicz, Harry Strobelg Center: Bill Cromwell, Howard Biggard, Don Wright, Joe Cosentino, Ken Feiock, Gene Shafer, Front: Herb Barry, Bernie Nelson, Tom Petz- inger, Bob Linard, Dick Sheehan, Don Marsh. First Semester Second Semester Gene Shafer ,,,,. President ....r ..... B ernard Nelson Bruce Kerr .,..,.r , Vice-President .,.. ,.,.,. R uss Allen Tom Petzinger Secretary ...., ...,.,.. B ob Linard Bernard Nelson .,r. ....,. T reasurer ..... .... T om Petzinger 97 Signet lub Back: George Lewis, Marjorie Hartg Front: Virginia Brown, Dolores Smith. N Back: Merle Bailey, Roland Taylorg Front: Marvin Jenkins, Betty Miller, Dollie X Gray. l The Signet Club, a member of the National Independent Students Association, is Mount's organization for non-fraternity men and Women. The well-known Signet seal, the red Carnation, and the colors of red and White are the symbols of this organization. Social activities such as hayrides, barn dances, and the annual Christmas dinner and dance are the highlights of the year. This organization is founded upon the principles of equality, and it furnishes social advantages and cultural development to its members. 98 c ,ff RQ fy Back: Martha Jane Frary, Nap Bell, Russ Williamsg Front: Catherine Dietrich Elsie Hollabaugh. President ......... ...,... N apoleon Bell Vice-President ,..,.. ..,..... R uss Williams Secretary ....,..,. ....., E lsie Hollabaugh Treasurer .e... .... C athy Dietrich 99 W7 T X X S Football Squad Back: B. Erlitz, R. McFall, R. Pope, N. Bellg Front: D. Barrett, W. Reynolds, R. Pucci, E. Pohjala, B. Schmidt, P. Rosia, P. Mancuso. Mount Union's Purple Raiders enjoyed one of their most successful seasons in years when they chalked up a 6-2 record during the 1950 cam- paign. Playing constantly against opponents with much larger enroll- ments, the Hilltoppers upset the dope numerous times during the seasonal process. With Nelson M. Jones at the helm in his initial year as head coach at the Mount the Raiders swept to victory in their first five contests. High points in the victory string were Wins over Kent State and BaldWin-Wal- lace. The Purple and White, in rolling to their victories, displayed a devas- tating ground and aerial attack which resulted n one of the best offensive marks in the state. Outstanding in this department were halfbacks Bill Erlitz Who gained a position on one of the All-Ohio squads and Napoleon Bell who inked a professional contract at the season's end. Next year promises to be another big season with a schedule of Well- knovvn opponents and a host of returning lettermen and promising fresh- men. 102 Coaches Nelson "Bully" Jones, former head coach and Athletic Director at Findlay College joined the Mount Union coaching staff two years ago and moved into the position of Athletic Director and head coach last year after Ped- erson's Marshall College appointment. His "New Era" has marked up one of Mount Union's most profitable foot- ball and track seasons. Coach Rafeld is a "Jack of all trades" and can be de- pended on for any task. Besides assisting in football, he is noted for being head mentor of baseball and for set- ting up the schoo1's entire intramural program. Dick Van Allen is a newcomer to the Hilltop. He was appointed as head basketball coach last spring and has set up a much faster type offense than Mount has wit- nessed in the last few years He came to Mount after four years of coaching at Bowling Green High School. George Hunter, past Mount athlete, was appointed head freshman coach of football, basketball, and baseball after his graduation last June. 103 N. Jones, R. Van Allen, J. Raiield, B. Cobbs G. Hunter, H. Hollinger, T. Campeau. arsity Jed Latham Bruce Ensminger Dick Greenfield Howdy Biggard Pat Byrnes 104 Lettermen Joe Vadini Bob Freeman Dick Edwards Al Schaaf Bill Krochta Jim Casper 105 , M. lr ...,. 'wmwi' John Merrill Bill Gordon Jack Clements Harry Strobel V 't Tom Lookabaugh Dick Sutherin Ray Russell Fo Shollenberger W 5 -1K ii,.s- z Dave Owens george Balogh Dan Stafford Bob Birkholtz Lettermen Sonny Friend Jack Sponseller Jim Carter Don Lyons Football Round- p KENT-Roaring off in their initial encounter of the year, Mount Union's Purple Raiders displayed courageous team play coupled with condi- tioning to blast out a 19-14 verdict over Kent State's Golden Flashes. CLARION-Clarion State of Pennsylvania proved to be no match for the high-powered Raiders as Coach Nelson M. Jones cleared the bench in a 53-0 rout over the completely outclassd State Teachers. BALDWIN-WALLACE-Treking to Berea for their first away tilt, Mount Union's rampaging Raiders made it three in a row when they sub- dued the B-W Yellow J ackets. Coming from behind twice to deadlock the hosts, the Purples then overcame a deficit for a third time to snatch a 20-17 triumph. AKRON-Homecoming Day, and with a near record crowd on hand, Mount Union trampled the Akron University Zipper eleven to the tune of 32-19. SLIPPERY ROCK-Running their unbeaten skein to five games the Purple Raiders walked off with a 63-12 decision over a bewildered Slippery Rock State Teachers' squad. OHIO WESLEYAN-Sleet, snow and rain combined to drown the hzpes of an undefeated campaign for Mount Union as the Purples suc- cumbed for the iirst time of the '50 season, 27-9. WOOSTER-In the traditional battle for the Brown Jug between Wooster College and Mount Union the Raiders regained the victory trail as they literally staged a track meet in swamping the Scots 83-13. YOUNGSTOWN-Concluding the season as lambs, the Mounties failed to score for the only time this season as they dropped a 21-0 encounter to Youngstown College on the Yoco field. lll8 Freshman Team 5 Deception, speed, and aggressiveness marked the play of the 1950 Raider freshman football edition which recorded a 2-2 record. Wins were placed over Ohio Wesleyan, 24-12, and Kent State, 13-7, While defeats came at the hands of Kiski Prep, 12-0, and Muskingum, 19-7. A Wealth of mate- rial Was uncovered by Coach George Hunter, and Mount's' 51 squad should be considerably strengthened by such stalwarts as Hugh Jae, John Gatti, Dick Miller, Joe Musteric, and Fred Wilch. Cheerleaders Sparking the enthusiastic spirit of the Raiders at ath- letic contests were Mount's five pep-rallying cheerleaders, Whom we thank for their ex- cellent Work during the 1950- 51 season. 109 Mount Union's forward Wall displays the type of play Which made Them one of the outstanding lines in the state this past campaign. Casper kicks another extra-point to insure his position as one of the top scoring place-kickers in the Ohio Conference. Here's pro-bound Nap Bell skirting right end for one of his usual hard-driving runs. Raider Action Fleet-footed Pat Mancuso shows his heels to Kent's Flashes as he sets up a valuable touchdown late in the game. If memory serves us right, Erlitz got away from this mass of Wooster Scots to roll up one of the longest runs of the day. The raised hands of the referee were a familiar sight to Purple Raider fans who witnessed what team-play and Conditioning can do for a squad, 111 Basketball Back: Coach Hunter, J. Bennett, B. Valentine, B. Erlitz, B. Ensminger, Coach Van Alle Center: B. Wetzel, J. Firestone, D. Edwards, E. Pohjala, P. Thomas, R. King, Front J. Clements, D. Barrett, D. Horton, H. Hollinger, E. DiGregorio, J. Casper. E DiGreg'orio, B. Erlitz, D. Hortor., Coach' Van Allen, H. Hollinger, D. Barrett. Employing the partial fast-break brand of ball in their initial year under the tutelage of Coach Richard Van Allen, the Purple Raiders hung up a 12-11 record fOr the 1950-51 campaign. Despite the relatively poor mark as compared with last year's combine it should be noted that this season's quintet managed to accomplish something Raider tives haven't done for several years, that of climbing out of the oiensive cellar. This year's Raider edition managed to place second in total points scored among Ohio Conference schools. In defense Mount once again showed its skill by limiting the opposition to a 57.4 mark to nail second place in the Conference, just a shade behind Kent State who man- aged to forge a 56.5 defensive mark. However, in total points scored against the tvvo aforementioned squads, MUC opponents garnered but 13,22 markers as against 1414 for those of KSU. Pertaining exclusively to Ohio Conference play the Mounters placed tenth in Wins and losses with a 3-8 record and a .272 percentage. ln over-all games the Purples were ninth in the conference with a 12-11 mark and a .521 average. 112 Starting Five Contributing to the Hilltop box score were Harry Hollinger-308 pointsg Dick Hor- ton--226g Rod King-2115 Ed Di Gregoria-1945 Duke Barret-163g Bill Erlitz-135g Bruce Ensminger-106g Paul Thomas-495 John Firestone-20g and the other varsity members, Bob Valentine, Dick Edwards, Elmer Bihary, and Ed Pohjala netted a com- bined total of 31 counters. Taking a glance at the season's play and highlights wc see where the Raiders looked like a squad to contend with as they swamped Baldwin-Wallace in one of the early en- counters. Mount fans were somewhat disappointed by the Raiders' failure to retain the Youngstown tournament honor. Meeting the Ohio School of Chiropody the Purple Raid- ers poured 99 points through the hoops to score the second highest total points Mount quintets have thrown in. The high mark stands at 120 points. Two overtime contests marked play as the Raiders split even, dropping a 81-7 6 encounter to' highly-rated Ohio Wesleyan and then taking the measure of Fenn 73-69. Thus, looking back over the season we see that although Mount Union's hoopsters had their ups and downs, they were still a squad to be contended with and a quintet which well represented Mount Union on the basketball floor. The end of this season marks the exit of seniors Hollinger, Horton, Di Gregorio and Barret from collegiate basketball. ction ---- n Heros one "Hoops" didn't get his hands on. - "Rouge" King pushes one from the foul circle. A fighting trio of DiGregorio, King and Barret Bill Erlitz does a jig to avoid a foul as Paul Thom seems to have the backboard situation in hand. as Watches. 114 The Hardwood Duke Barret and Rich Edwards seem to have an Thomas's opponent tries for a head-lock while the appreciative audience as they prepare to battle for other Raiders Wait for developments. the ball. Just a moment before the frantic scramble for "Hoops" Hollinger lives up to his nickname as he that elusive ball. rings up two. 115 Back: John Gatti, Bill Kuehn, Joe Musteric, Don Brown, Arden Feldbush, Dick Miller, George Linard, George Hunterg Front: Phil Currie, Russ Thomas, Roger Ed- wards, Ernie Brucchieri, Fred Wilch, Bob Faudree, Jack Swinnerton. Freshman Basketball Seven games constituted the schedule of George Hunter's freshman basketball squad which ended the season with a 3-4 record. Although the campaign did not prove to be as impressive as hoped for, the junior Raiders gave good accounts of themselves in all contests. Wins came over Canton's Knights of Columbus, Hiram, and Muskingum. Outstanding player recog- nition should go to Fred Wilch, Bob Faudree, Ernie Brucchieri, Phil Currie, Roger Edwards, and Don Brown, who show considerable promise. 116 Tenms, Baseball? Golf Inexperience on the courts once again proved a hard barrier for the Mount men, under the helm of Al- banus B. Kitzmiller, to ov- ercome. However, their de- termination and fight en- abled them to better the previous season's record with better prospects in sight. Although Jack W. Ra- feld's diamond men's re- cord for the 1950 campaign was not too impressive, the season was a success in many ways. For one, it marked the entrance of the Raiders into a circle of well-known baseball oppon- ents. Close ball games were the rule rather than the ex- ception with the Purple Raiders dropping several tight ones. With a number of lettermen returning prospects appear bright for next season. Mount Union's linksmen under the tutelage of Dr. Arthur Engelbert complet- ed a relatively successful season, besides showing well in the Ohio Conference playoffs. 117 Back: J. Huntsberger, H. Strobel, E. Pohjala, J. Latham, R. Wil- son, W. Reynoldsg Center: Professor DuWors, D. Howenstine, R. King, N. Bell, P. Rosia, T. Petzingerg Front: C. Zellers, C. Graney, B. Balch, D. Baughman, R. Missall, B. Weaver, R. Russell, Coach Jones. Track Mount Union trackmen under the tutelage of Nelson M. Jones completed one of the most suc- cessful seasons they have ever experienced. Sev- eral records fell by the Way and the numerousness of thin clad participants marked a definite climb towards top-notch track squads in the future. The Raiders ran to triumphs in four triangular meets and dropped but one of three duel encount- ered. The following is the season schedule with available scores. Mount Union-71 . . . Fenn 56 . . . Geneva 32 Mount Union . . . Akron . . . Western Reserve Mount Union 701Q . . . Slippery Rock 5115 . . VVestminster 29 Mount Union . . . Washington 8: Jefferson . Bethany Mount Union . . . Kent Mount Union 7615 . . . Wooster 5015 Mount Union . . . Hiram Mount Union 73 . . . Kenyon 54 118 Huntsberger straddles the hurdle T Petzinger C. Graney, D. Howenstine, L, Wright. The 880 yard relay team composed of Tom Petzinger, Jack Huntsberger, Chuck Graney, and Lew Wright, broke the record for that event several times. The high and low hurdles also fell in the way of broken marks as Jack Huntsberger topped the 220 yard low hurdle record, ,both track and school, and the school record for the 120 yard high hurdles. Journeying to Oberlin to participate in the Ohio Confer- ence Meet, the Purples took third place to enhance their state standings. Individual honors in the tourney went to Mount's Lew Wright, 1950 grad, who snared both the 100 and 220 yard dashes against some of the best competition in the state. 119 lVlen's ntramurals Mount Union College has a well-diversified intramural program under the leadership of Intramural Director Jack W. Rafeld, who acts in an advisory capacity. Touch football holds sway in the fall with nine men composing a squad. The for- ward pass and tricky deceptive plays constitute the main offensive weapons. 120 The main purpose of intramural athletics is to provide a recreational and competi- tive outlet for men who do not participate in varsity sports. Winter finds volleyball and basketball sharing the spotlight. In the former sport three leagues are organized: American, National, and International. Each section participates in round-robin play with the winners of each bracket engaging in a playoii. Basketball gets its start immed- iately after mid-year exams. Track, golf, softball, and tennis in the spring complete a full year-round program ot intramural athletics. omenis ntramurals Women's athletics at the Hilltop are varied and numerous with several intramural tournaments between classes and sororities. The grounds between Lamborn Science Hall and White Hollow are the scenes of some spirited fall contests which involve field hockey and soccer. 122 With the coming of winter weather athletics move into Morgan Gym where volleyball takes over. Elimination tournament games are played and the champion is awarded a trophy at the end of the year. Basketball follows with enthusiasm running high for the coveted class title. Badmin- ton also swings into view as the students practice in the Winter and then enter the singles or doubles tournament in the spring. Variety is the spice of life, and this phrase is well shown in that Mount's women's intramural program even involves folk dancing, which often comes in handy for the va- rious activities around the campus. And last, but not least, are tennis, softball, and archery in the spring sports curriculum. Features wif? WW .Q if Q Aki M 5, s- at ., ,. i 5 dai' NBER E? 5 i 'V ,f Li X :fag X 'Q 4 Lei? Q 1 , lf 9' kiwi- ' J' - , A 'iw y l .N iv 'V .. Homecoming 1950 After a week of enthusiastic fraternity campaigning, campus voters named Jo Imm- ler as their choice for 1950 Homecoming Queen. Her selection was revealed during half- time ceremonies when she was presented with her royal robe and crown by last year's queen, Patricia Wood. A senior from Barberton, Ohio, Jo was sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Well-known on campus for her friendly smile and Willing spirit, she serves as president of Alpha Chi Omega, vice-president of International Relations Club, and is a member of Lauriger. 127 May Queen Mary Lou Schmutzler, a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, graciously Wears the crown of May Day Queen of 1951. She and her court were selected by four visiting judges during tryouts in which all the girls of the junior class participated. Mary Lou, who lives in Barberton, Ohio, has served as a Student Senate representative and Alpha Chi Omega scholarship chairman. She is active in women's sports on campus and is a member of the Womcn's Athletic Associa- tion. Chosen for her poise and beauty, Mary Lou has rightfully won her place among the growing number of Mount Union queens. 128 N The graceful members of the queen's court are the sev- en remaining choices. Stand- ing, left to right: Dorothy Reese, Pat Wood, and Barbara Vahl. Seated, left to right: Donna Donaldsong Ruth Tur- ner, the maid of honorg Mary Lou Schmutzler, the queeng Martha Kuntzlemang and Sar- ah Jane Wagner. Memorial Hall was the scene for the choosing of the 1951 May Day Queen. Junior girls waited patiently in line for their turn to appear be- fore the judges. The climax of the long judg- ing session Was the announce- ment of the queen and her court. Screams of excitement and congratulation were all a part of the afternoon's sus- pense and final relief. 129 nonian Queen Lovely Sue Ellsworth was named the 1951 UNONIAN queen as the result of a student election held during chapel. Sue's pleasing personality and her ability to get things done make her worthy of this honor. She was a member of this yearls Homecoming Court, has served as president of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and is also a member of Lauriger, International Relations Club, Who's Who, and Future Teachers of America. The members of the court are Kay Martin and Shirley Smith, who were hlonored by receiving the next highest number of votes. Both girls have been active on campus. Kay has served as president of Delta Delta Delta sorority and is a member of Lauriger. Shirley, a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, has served as president of Wom- en's Government Board. 130 Dramatics Mel Loughead as Dora introduces a moment of comic release when she drops her tray in "Night Must Fall". .Kenyon French as Danny tries to carry on a so- The tragic heroine, Medea, smiles upon her de- ciable conversation with very indifferent listeners. ceitful revenge as Jason -and Creon gaze on in hor- ror. The Mount Union College Department of Dramatics, under the direc- tion of Ryland Hewitt, Jr., presented a varied group of plays for the 1950-51 season. The first production was "Night Must Fall", a psychological mur- der mystery by Emlyn Williams. It was presented on an improvised stage in Morgan gymnasium and ran for four nights. The second, which was pre- sented in chapel, was "The Second Shepherds Play", a fourteenth century miracle play. The program for the spring included a Greek tragedy, "Meade" as well as the annual group of student, directed one-act plays. 131 Mothers have homework too. Baby sitting and homework go hand in hand The Carters present their 1970 Mount graduate. hite Hollow White Hollow, occupying the remote northwest corner of the campus, houses thirty- two married Veterans and their families. It is a village in its own right and has been or- ganized upon that plan. Village officials are elected to hold orifice for a one semester term. Bruce Schmidt headed these officers as mayor for the first semester of the 1950- 1951 school year. The village council consists of five members. The ire and police de- partments are under the jurisdiction of this council. I White Hollow serves not only as a temporary housing unit but also as a proving ground for good citizens. 132 -Wu UNONIAN BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Bernard A. Nelsong Assistant Business Managers: Alex Robertson, Robtr Stone, and James Magisano. The untiring efforts of the business staff in obtaining advertisements made it possible for this book to be presented to you. Their work, time and stamina can be easily seen in the pages following. Also, the business stai would like to extend its sincere appreciation to those Whose advertisement made this book possible. S 133 Q l 1 l l l THE CANTON ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY THE REVIEW PUBLISHING COMPANY PLAJER AND CROSS, PHOTOGRAPHERS CONGRATULATIONS to the Students and Fac- ulty of Mount Union College on the very ac- tive part you contribute to the progress of our community. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1951 as you step forward with diploma in hand. This symbol of your newly acquired knowledge gives you the confidence to face life's everyday problems and create a successful career. Spring-Holzwarth Alliance ls favorite store for 50 years and more 135 THE PAUL A. KINTZ CONSTRUCTION CO. who points with pride to East Hall and the Library Building as examples of our workmanship and WILSON FUEL AND SUPPLY, DIVISION who has pioneered quality controlled READY MIXED CONCRETE in this area Congratulations to the ENERGINE DRY CLEANING cms of 1951 COMPANY Cleaners - Dyers - Repairs THE COPE ELECTRIC Co. Fur Storage Next to Post Office Plant and Office at Park and Hester Streets fDown Town? Phone 7180 136 Compliments of BOB and JOE ARMY-NAVY SURPLUS "Headquarters for Complete Campus Wear" 131 East Main Street Alliance, Ohio Compliments of THE CRESCENT ICE AND COAL COMPANY Mahoning and Auld Streets Quality Coal PHONE 9140 Compliments of THE J. T. WEYBRECHT'S SON'S COMPANY 1010 East Broadway Phone 6215 Alliance's Oldest Lumber and Supply Dealer Compliments of DYE PHARMACY 1911 South Union Avenue Plumbing - Heating - Ventilating - Air Conditioning Systems I Industrial and Power Piping I Water Softening and Treatment Equipment THE A. C. EYNON PLUMBING CO. Contractors Engineers 236 Walnut Ave. N. E. Dial 4-5153 Canton 2, Ohio cf:3:3:1:iiiifififkiffifiiifkff :'-1:lf:rs:'42E151515121ErE:E:E:E:E:1:f:1:-.'.-,-.-.A " ---g-1-1-. Vgg5:55535535E5ErErE1ErE5E5E5E525225:5:5525555533E5:5::-'f-'1"'- .-f:5:,-:?3.g- .jj rss:-. 5 ..,II.T2Egg:Q2321255:FsisHf252I5255E555ff?'F?'i""25g:----f-.9?2:15151f551ffi:"5i'i2:fi1f?fg1-gags? Z ' V. ,,,, , -44 4 .. ..I'E'j'Er22i".'"'?f'I' ""' xx ff- 5' V " . 'kv 2519 . .F 351. '5'55??1E": """ 1 - , 5 22 ' 4:5-fi" "" -.-"W ':- '5 11'3'l7'5I525I5I3:1:7:5:3'5'3'f"Z':" T' '5'.f"f7::-:1--J: -'''1':!Qt3:?.i:2:Q:f:7:5:5:i33:l:f: 4:79 " .- '-figigz-'fzqqz' vg:g:4 '3'3:' M :'5 1:Qi1:ff2fQfQffEfff531:7' 5 ,141-:r i I:'::E:::5:Eg5:2: - n z . A " '1'1 ,E55g5g: ,Z-Z4-g5555:5:5:555:5:,: 3, 2 N 7 I ..A..,. . .,,.:.::,:g:g:,p-, 1515 Vw.-:rf5:gE5EgE' ':::'1 Q:1:2:5:5.-., :5:5:3: ggi-'1-'-'rf-'fririf 1 5:5-"'1'f"-'f'1flri-4- E255 ge P:1.g.-.:::Q2-:?--vfV1fif23II:1:E:E.igfiiffiz ' " 1 :2121-2 -- - H ' ',,jf:.1.3:, , . -""' , f- .i if5:":'- -- 1 eff 1- .. -- -ew? ..., Furniture - Floor Covering - Complete Interior Decorating THE COPE FURNITURE CO. West State Street Alliange, Ohig C 1' t f fag' Ofnp lnlen S O l 5 3 ' FURSQ7 ISALY DAIRY 2 fffffowm 670 West State, Route 62 Compliments of ALLIANCE COUNTRY CLUCB BLUMENSTIEL - MCNALLY Jewelers Dances - Banquets - Parties ANN NEIDENTHAL, Manager 419 East Main Street Alliance, Ohio 138 standard steel the world's largest cranes has de- and Mechanical features now incorporated as In steel mill cranes. Replaceable bronze bearings . . . all- l cranes including cast steel drums ...a new system of reev- ing ropes for ladle cranes...these and many other features accepted as con- ventional today, were original with Alliance. lt will pay you to check with Alliance-for the development of new cranes or reconversion of old cranes to give your plants more lifting power. Rely on Alliance-for fifty-odd years the world's largest builder of the world's largest cranes. THE ALLIANCE MACHINE COMPANY ALLIANCE, HIO - 1622 OLIVER BUILDING, PITTSBURGH, PA. 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Plumbers for the People Established 1895 Corner of Arch at Prospect Alliance, Ohio Phone 3216 144 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 THE MORGAN ENGINEERING COMPANY 145 NICI-IOL'S Sc to 51.00 STORE Compliments of Mount Union Square BARNES PROVISION, Inc. Save Nickels at Nichols Compliments of Compliments of THE COLLEGE INN SEARS ROEBUCK CO. "Located at the Mt. Union Square" Fine Meals Complete One-Stop Shopping Air Conditioning 436 East Main Phone 1-5391 I A Complete Line of Athletic Equipment 134 2nd St. S. E. Canton, Ohio Tu A. "CADDIE" STUDER, Manager Athletic Sweaters Fraternity Jackets 146 ORWIG MOTOR CO. 76 West Glamorgan Sales Service Compliments of MT. 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Lembright's Butter-Nut Bread Tasty, Tender, Tempting It's the Tastiest Bread in Town Serving Mount Union College Students For 20 Years l TRANSUE 6: WILLIAMS STEEL F ORGING CORP. Designers and Makers of Drop Forgings and Deep Drawn Stampings 150 Compliments of STATE STREET BARBER SHOP Bill Suto - C. L. Haines Opposite State Street School Compliments of CEM CLAY FORMING CO. Compliments of CLARK AND COLLINS Certified Public Accountants Mahoning Bank Building Youngstown, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ,51 - iff!!! 1 PORTRAITS BY DESTEVEN Q Accent on Beauty-Glamour Portraits Q Weddings-Formal and Candid Q Group Sittings 1107 Wick Avenue Youngstown, Ohio Unonian Photographers 152

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