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 - Class of 1940

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1940 volume:

57th Edition fm XY- n 1 Donald B. Moncrief .,,......., ..Editor Lee W. Burnett .............v Bus. Mgr. ' ' I uk 'k if TI-IE 1940 'UNONIAN' 'K t ll- PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT UNION COLLEGE 4 4 4 4 4 ' Chapman Hall ' Shakespearean Garden ' College Lake ' Clark Observatory ' Memorial Hall ' Conservatory of Mu. ' Lamborn Hall ' Elliott Hall ' Robert Burns Rock Q : 5' 56::5', J 'f'.',.':I Timing... If someone were to ask you what it is that makes Mount Union dear to your heart, you would probably forget the buildings, the campus, the books, and you would answer that it is the personalities with Whom you have come in contact, the loyal sons and daughters with whom you have Worked and played and learned and of Whom you yourself are one. To you, then, to all of us who are the life-blood of the College, We dedicate this book, hoping it will bring happy thoughts and memories of an ever-growing Mount Union. Melvin W. Hyde, A.M., Ph.D Dean of the College Professor ' ol Education Helen B. R d Dean of W u in, A.M. oxuen Assistant Professor 0 f French William Henry McMaster, scholar, educator, and man of letters, was the president of our College from nineteen hundred and nine to nineteen hundred and thirty-eight. We, the members of this graduating class, continue to honor him, our beloved counselor and friend. ll William Henry McMaster, B.D., A.M., D.D., LL.D. President Emeritus W'ith Mount Union 1909-1938 L 4, FACULTY George Franklin Lamb, A.M. Professor of Geology With Mount Union, September, 1905 Isaac Taylor Headland, A.M., S.T.B., Ph.D., D.D., Litt.D Professor of Religious Education Emeritus With Mount Union, September, 1914 Benjamin Fitts Stanton, A.M., L.H.D. Associate Professor of Education With Mount Union, September, 1915 George Arthur Cribbs, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of History With Mount Union, September, 1916 Joseph Mehollin Scott, A.M., Sc.D. Professor of Biology With Mount Union, June, 1918 Forest Jay Shollenberger, S.M., Ph.D. Professor of Physics With Mount Union, September, 1918 Robert Elihu Stauier, A.M., L.S.B. Professor of Greek Language and Literature With Mount Union, September, 1920 Eric Alexander Eckler, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English Language and Literature With Mount Union, September, 1922 Mary Waggoner Eckler, A.M. Associate Professor of English Langilage and Literature VVith Mount Union, September, 1922 William McLennan Morgan, S.M., Ph. D. Professor of Organic Chemistry With Mount Union, September, 1922 Louis Abell Pappenhagen, S.M., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry With Mount Union, September, 1925 Ohmer Harold Engle, A.M. Associate Professor of Biology VVith Mount Union, September, 1925 Robert Dean Wright, A.M. Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics With Mount Union, September, 1925 Rita Elandi Instructor of Voice With Mount Union, September, 1925 Albanus Blaine Kitzmiller, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology With Mount Union, September, 1927 Luther Enoch Warren, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Education With Mount Union, September, 1928 Arthur Engelbert, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages and Literature With Mount Union, September, 1931 Ralph Burnett Tower, M.B.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economics With Mount Union, June, 1931 Harry Geltz, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education With Mount Union, September, 1932 Carl David Soule, A.M., S.T.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Bible With Mount Union, September, 1934 Richard Charles Hildner, ALM., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics With Mount Union, September, 1934 Ann Easton Kerr, A.M. Instructor of Economics With Mount Union, September, 1935 Harley Herschel Zeigler, A.M., S.T.B. Assistant Professor of Philosophy VVith Mount Union, September, 1936 Walter H. Hodgson, A.lVI., Ph.D. Professor of Music With Mount Union, September, 1937 Elaine Bayard Hodgson, A.B. Instructor of Violin With Mount Union, September, 1937 Lloyd Linder, A.B., Mus.B. Instructor of Voice With Mount Union, September, 1937 Oreen Morris Ruedi, A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology VVith Mount Union, Septeinber. 1937 Katharine A. Millhoff, A.M. lsntructor of English Language and Literature With Mount Union, September, 1938 John Winchester Gunnell, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama With Mount Union, September, 1938 Paul Robert Murphy, A.M. Assistant Professor of Latin NVith Mount Union, September, 1938 Richard Hallowell Hoppin, A.M. Instructor of Theory and Piano With Mount Union, September, 1938 l jf wt 4 .1 H John Miller Pratt, A.M., S.T.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature With Mount Union, September, 1938 Henriette D. Eynon, A.M. Assistant Professor of French lVith Mount Union, September, 1938 Martha Elizabeth Ayers, SB. Graduate Assistant of Biology NVitli Mount Union, September, 1938 William Alexander Mabry, A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History VVith Mount Union, September, 1939 James Osborn Fuller, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Geology VVith Mount Union, September, 1939 William Frederic Miller, B.D., M.S.M. Instructor of Organ With Mount Union, September, 1939 Eleanor Fielding Crigler, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education VVith Mount Union, September, 1939 Verna Elizabeth Lower, A.B. Registrar Oscar Walten Dunn Field Secretary Margaret Church, A.B. Assistant Treasurer Robert Herman Carr, A.B. Business Manager Kenneth Helicer McFall, S.B Alumni Secretary John Leslie Trader, A.B. Purchasing Agent Nettie May Housel House Manager, Elliott Hall Martha Grant Engle, A.B. Catalog Librarian Lilla Madora Patterson First Assistant and Reference Librarian Perry Firestone King, S.B., M.D. Chairman of Student Health Service Winifred Manchester, A.B., R.N. Staff Nurse 4 4 1+ t ,, 4 , 'f ,Q X CLASSES ' Seniors ' Juniors ' Sophomores ' Freshmen 36 '59 21 "We have had ur fu d fr l'cg S E N I 0 R We have Worked and vlveahqave glayedg We hav t ased and h f tt dp H I S T O B' Y But at least our goal vxlje'v2eVfnaIdee.'? Approximately four years ago, our, class of two hundred students entered Mountg of that number, ninety-eight are graduating. The question is: what has happened to the other students 'Z Some have lost step with their fellow stu- dentsg several have gone on aheadg and a few have preferred the outside world. Dr. William M. lVlO1'g2L11, Senior Class Patron 22 ,, , We saw the installation of chapel "cuts" and the at- tempt to have formal rushing for the fraternities. When we were sophomores, one of our outstanding activities was the all-college dance. And just remember our Junior-Senior Prom! - the thousands of balloons, forming a rainbowg and, at the end, the pot of gold enclosing the orchestra. When We were juniors, We realized the swiftness of time, and now, as seniors, we regret more than ever that the time has come to leave Mount Union. With our history drawing to a close, we hope that We have left with our Alma Mater records of achievements that will be an inspiration as Well as a challenge to those who are to follow. Officers Presiclclit, ...,.,....,,,,,,,,,,.,., Ted Ermlich Vice-President ,,Ma1'guerite Hillman Secretary ..,.,,..........,..... NVZllEQ1' Raber Treasurer ...... ....,, B etty Gallaher Gallaher, Hillman Ermlich Raber 24 Myra Monahan Amstutz, AB, A1 ,in n C 6 Ohio, Delta Delta Delta. Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet 4: Llllfjlllilll Staff il. Sara J3l'19 AHdI'eWS, Ala.: ixlliinlee, ohio, Del- ta Delta Ileltzl. D01'0thY Belle After, sis., Alliance, ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Treasurer of D. D. D. 4: Phi Signla 3, 4: Unonian Staff 3. 4. Dorothy Ellen AYQFS, s.H.: Allianz-e, Ohio: Al- pha Xi Delta. President of A. X. D. 4: VVom- en's Student Council 4: Panhellenic Council 4: Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4: Vice President 4. JRUISS Wathal Ball, AB., Alliance, Ohio: sig- net. Joyce Lillian B3-H,A.B.g Alliance, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Vice-President of Junior Class. John Bottomyr S.B.: Massillon, Ohio: Sig- ma Nu. Iiieutenant-Commandcr of S. N. 3: Commander 4: President of Sophomore Class: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Choir 1, 2: Phi Sigma 3, 4: Golf: Secretary of Delta 1'i Alpha 4. Elizabeth Orpha BroWn1ng,A,B,, Steuben- ville, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Panhellenic Council 1: XYomenls Student Council 1, 4: Sec- retary-Treasurer of XVomen's Government As- sociation 4: Cnonian Staff 1, 2, 3. Donald James Brllgger, Allawi, Ohio: l'hi Kappa Tau. Secretary of l'. K. T. 4: Dy- namo 1, 2, 3, 43 Sports Editor 4: Blasketball Manager 4: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3: Unonian Staff 3, 4. Robert Keith Ashelman, A.B.: Wm-911, Qhio: Qlplha T5tuJOn1iega. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Foot- li 1 y lv - Ot1S Gene Austin: S.B.: Marlboro, Ohio: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Treasurer of S. A. E. 3. 4: Choir 1, 2, 3: Madrigals 3, 4: Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 41 Vice-President 4: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4: Vice Presi- dent 3, President 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Student Senate 2: International Affairs Club 3: Unon- ian 2, 3, 4: Junior Editor 3: Associate Editor 4: Biology Laboratory Assistant 3, 4: Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. George Edgar BaXter,s.B., Baltimore, Mary- land: Alpha Tau Omega. Alembroic 3, 4: Chem- istry Laboratory Assistant 3, 4. Leta Margaret B0T1d,A.B., Carrollton, Ohio: Signet. 'VVomen's Student Council 4: Presi- dent of Signet Club 4: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: 4Gospel Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 3, . Lee WIISOH Bl-1'fH0l3l3, A.B.g struthers, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. Vive President of P. K. T. 4. Shakespeare Players 1: Debate 1: kiomiletic Club 3, 4: Gospel Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Business Manager of Unonian 4. Mildred Elizabeth Burton, A-B-3 C.,1umbi,ma, Ohio: Signet. XYomen's Government Associa- tion 3, 4: President 4: XVomen's Student Coun- oil 4: Dynamo Staff 3, 4: Dynamo Association 3, 43 Vice-President 4: Cercle Francais 1, 3, 4: l"i Gamma Mu 4: Unonian Staff 3, 4: Associate Editor 4: XVllos XVho among Students in American Universities and Colleges. ,. '-.vf :v f "':-zlffif'-ff! f. 61 VZ ' " J " 5. 0 A 'ww l 'F tx KE., je. ,Il 4 rf, . f .P-x 4 S-'fr ':. X A f 1 Z V , .' X Ill,- .U 1 ' - "ffl 1 - 1 . -if XJ K " I ry i I v 1 li 1 114 I kr 1 ' V ll ,ff "1 X X 7' 'J Cf fha f l - " ga 1 , ' X -,alll -NW wtf- gg- ... do og, g.g C "WT ,L ,M 37' :j ig :Y"'A'?-g,Q1Q:jLtf':g:LN O- , 1ig9,...1. Y, 5' Z- ,,,..n ftf In fx 'N A , f4.,.'7'-Q-'W' - '4 ,,, .o"lf .1 f ' I - ' ' --- -Q - ,294 47.1 . 25 gli John Cab-as, SB.: New Castle, Pennsyl- vania: Alpha Tau Omega. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Maxine Vlrginia Cabbut, S'B,: Beam City, Ohio: Alpha Chi Omega. Vice-President of A. C. O, 4: Secretary-Treasurer of VVomen's Athletic Association 3: VVomen's Government Association 4: XVomen's Student Council 4. John Howard Daugherty, one XVarren, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega. XVorthy Scribe of A. T. O. 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 3. Robert Ralph Dew D aS.B.g Massillon, Ohio: Kap- a Delta Rho. Louise Douglass: A.B.g Alliance, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Stewart Elder: S.B.: Salem, Ohio: Sigma Nu. Clifford Theodore Ermlich, A.B.1 Youngstown, Ohio: Sigma Nu. Treasurer of S. N. 4: Dy- namo 2, 3: Business Manager 4: 1nte1'-Fra- ternity Council 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: President of Senior Class. Helen R. Ernst Delta. Vice-President of A. X. D. 4: Vice- l'rosident of lVomen's Athletic Association 4: Vanhellenic Council 3, 4: Treasurer 4: VVom- en's Student Council 4. yA.B.: Alliance, Ohio: Alpha Xi John Bernard Cllnin, A.B.: Alliance, Ohio: A1- pha Tau Onffega. Basketball 1: Accounting As- sistant 4. Ralph W- Daniels, S.B.3 Akron, oniog sigma A1- pha Epsilon. Kenneth John Efb, A.B.g Chardon, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. Vice-President of P. K. T. 3: Presi- dent 4: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4: President 4: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3: Treasurer 3: Class Vice-President 1, 2: President of Miller Hall 1: Shakespeare Actors 1: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Vice President 4: Secretary of Inter-Fraternity Council 4: Dynamo Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: News Ed- itor 3, 4: Dynamo Association 3, 4: Secretary 4: Methodist Youth Council 4: Economics As- sistant, 3, 4: XVho's Who among Students in American Universities and' Colleges. Thomas Daniel Farmer, A.B.: Alliance' Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega. Football 1: Track 2, 3, 4. Karl F. Fiogonsohuh, Jr., A.n.,A1n.n.oo,onio. Sigma Nu. Editor of Business Highlights. , . John Elson F1'1'CChleY, s.B'.: Canton, Ohio: sin'- ma Alpha Epsilon. Recorder of S. A. E. 3, 4: Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4: Alembroic 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Psi Kappa Omega: Biology Laboratory Assistant 3: Histology Laboratory Assistant 4. P. I' '-.ffl ff v-'bil 'Jtrhpfy 0. ., , ,I ,Mon ,. gfw :"' 1 1 'aff' J to for , in li 1. 1 jxx 5 1 v7 , , 7 'xiii' IJ: 4 - ' - ' ' NX - ' I A fi ' QR ln? ff, 1 N .1 i ra , ly . , TH 1, 1 'Q-K1 I x :J Q, 7 K X , I +2i xN's R --Q W11,.. ul if "X '.,7'f : - ,Y 'Q f:rez:,..f,a-3255 ,,, g ragga- -..ff --1 of , M ff:-,g, g-.7 ' f 1 14' -4 R 'M -gee a,f E,- -R 5 27 Jack George Cardinal, An., Sebring. ohio: Alpha Tau Omega. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. .' I R ' K ex , 2- X S ..,. SJ, , Q., 3 . 3 W,-rm 4 , Wi' fx Wg QSM' 11 mn, SZ gf x., 45, 'N O 'RRP' Louis Gaeta1S.B.: Akron, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega. Varsity Tennis 4. Elizabeth Jane Gallaher, S,B.: North Jackson, Ohio: Kappa Delta. Secretary of K. D. 3: President 4: A Cappella Choir 2: NVomen's Athletic: Association Bdoard 2, 3: Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet 3: XVomen's Student Council 4: Pan- hellenio Council 4: Phi Sigma 3, 4. Joan Hart: S.B.3 Youngstown, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta. Margaret Ella Hatton, AB, Alliance, Ohigl Alpha, Chi Omega. Secretary of A. C. O. 4: Treasurer of Y. XV. C. A. 3: President 4: Dy- namo Staff 3, 4: Editor of Dynamo 4: Dy- namo Association 3, 4: .Panhellenic Council 3: XVomen's Student Council 4: Lauriger: VVho's Mfho among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Marguerite Elsie Hillman, A.B.: Alliance, Ohio: Kappa Delta. Vice-President of K. D. 4: Panhellenic Council 2, 3, 4: Vice-President of Senior Class. Josephine Phelps Holles, A-B.gA11iaj1Qe,Ohi0: Delta Delta Delta. President of D. D. D. 4: President of Lauriger 4: Treasurer of Sopho- more Class: NVomen's Student Council 2, 4: Panhellenic Council 2, 3, 4: XVho's VVho among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Edgar R- G1'3ff,s.B.g New Philadelphia, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega. Treasurer of A. T. O. 4: Inter-Fraternity Council 4. Joseph Clifford Greiner, Jr., SH, Alliance, Ohio: Sigma Nu. Choir 2. Helena Vaughan Hankins, A'B-Z Yenngelnwn, Ohio: Kappa Delta. Treasurer of K. D. 3: A Cappella Choir 1: Student Senate 3, 4: Method- ist Youth Council 4. Robert Joseph Havill, AUBIZ Neyv Yenln City, New York: Alpha Kappa Pi. President of Sophomore Class 2: Student Senate 3. Robert Cullen Henshaw, AABIQ We,-l-en, Onle, Phi Kappa Tau. Band 1, 2. Dorothy Elizabeth Higgins, SB., Mnnlleen, Pennsylvania: Signet. Secretary of Signet Club 2: Student Senate 3, 4: XVomen's Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 4: Dynamo Staff 1. 3: Gos- pel Team 2, 3, 4: Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4: Pi Gam- ma Mu 4: Psi Kappa Omega. Roy Davis Ilokes S.B.g Canton, Ohio: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. Secretary of S. A. E. 2: President 4: Inter-Fraternity Council 4: Unonian Staff l, 2. 3, 4. Rosanna Jane Johnston, AYB.: H O nl e W enln, Ohio: Signet. Secretary-Treasurer of Signet Club 4: VVomen's Athletic Association 2, 3. Gomer Jones: Jr-a A.B.: Youngstown, Ohio: Sigma Nu. Treasurer of A Cappella Choir 4: Football 1, 2: International Relations Club 4. f, f 0 . 'aff -:Q I Mxl- f- 6'6" ' 'J '. aff' J to wt' 0 FQ,-X QEP1 ,4 N , f Jxx 3 in 9 'gl X A 2 1 Z ,' A. Ill? .U 1 ' f - "ffl fix it is fl' l' l it fy . dr , M 1 ,-7 '--. ' 7' 'J illi Cr f lw k ",r-- .7 I X "'i,"v :-g ' 4 p , A-ugiigls 7,711 gf sffisff-asf e-. fs- 3 i f""A"" Bb. 34 ,. '-f"':""- -- -? we lf -' vi"- X. 7 .- 1fT7L,,, ,,-lf' ,, ff . -4 .1 V" " -1294 4,1 " 29 9 30 Samuel Katz: SPS.: Canton, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. President of Alemlmroic 4: Psi Kappa Omega. Richard Harry Kelty, S.B.g Alliance. Ohio: Sigma Nu. Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Alembroic 4. H91911 J93-T1 Kidw-211, Ae., Alliance, ohm, Al- pha Chi Onlegra. Vice-President of A. C. O. 4: President of Panhellenic Council 4. J0'hD J3CkIT13H Kifk, A.B.g salinesvllle, ohmg Alpha Tau Omega. Keeper of Annals of A. T. O. 3, 4: Football 3, 4. Robert Edward Kitson, S.B,: Gene-nl, Ohio: Signet. Alelnbrolc 3, 45 Secretary-Treasurer 4: Psi Kappa Omega. R0b9I't Roy Lemon, S.B.g Alliance, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. Secretary of P. K. T. 4: Cheer Leader 2, 3: Glee Club 1: Track 3. Richard James McConnor, SR, Snlm, Ohio, Sigma Nu. A Cappella Choir l: Phi Sigma 4. John Abraham Menscha SW.: Blincrva, Ohio: Tau Kappa Nu. Jean M11lerrA.I3.3 Mogadore, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. A Cappella Choir 1, 2: Shakespeare Players 1: Dramatics 3, 4: VVomen's Govern- ment Association 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 4: May Queen. Mildred May Killgrove, B.I'.S.M.g Hartville, Ejlhiog gSig'net. Band l, 2, 3: A Cappella T oir 5. Olive Amelia Kinney: A.lj'., Lakewood, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Cercle Francais 1, 3, 4: UHOlli?lH 2, 3, 4. Ruth AUU L90T13Y'd, A.B.: Lisbon, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta. Secretary of A. X. D. 4: Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet 3: Gospel Team 3: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Dynamo Staff 3, 4: Dynamo Association 3, 4: President 4: Psi Kappa Omega: NVho's XVho among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Doris Eloise Lisle, B.P.s.M., Alliance, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2: String Ensemble 1, 2, 3. Jack Lemoyne Nhusl A.B.g Youngstown, Ohio: Alpha. Tau Omega. President of A. T. O. 4: President of Junior Class: President of Inter- Fraternity Council 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: XVho's XVho among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Donald Benton MOHCFlSf, A,B,,A11lall0e,clhl0g Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 'Vice-President of S. A. l-I. 43 President 4. Ullonian Staff 1, 2, 3, 4: .Tun- ior .Editor 3: Editor 4. I4 PINAKOF 0. wi" 'f "xi ,wa y ' - -1 J., -4 . 6' 6:9 ,T M ' .Az fe--A , ggi: '4 N X3 . 1 JYN Q TW X Ajit iw f 3 lj. J X '-A AJ ll ,' f I'1' ? f f l f' . aff! TU , . ' X " mir n-1-L-ii. K s -f--. p W lg A., A ,, ,,.,. r::iffe--lsgsffg li . "faire -an ff v -- , ,. wffffef ff +A:-'tif Ea -fzfl? 'lzffg f4r' if I ' 3 1 1 3 2 Harriett Elizabeth Moore, A'B.: pyellg Yang, Korea: Alpha, Xi Delta. Band 1, 2, 3: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4: Vice President 4: Gospel Team l, 2, 3, 4: Geology Club 3, 4: Secretary- Treasurer 3, 4: Lauriger 4. Bafbafa Morey, ia.i".s.M,, Aiiiam-e, Ohio: sig- net. Glee Club, Kent State: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: lvladrigals 3, 4. Collier Newman, 5,121.5 Alliance, Qjhiog Signet. Mary Catharine Pappenhagen, A-B. llllllmce, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice President 4: Student Senate 4: Pi Gam- ma Mu 4: l'hi Sigma 3, 4. Alexander Earl Parks, Jr., All., C,,ll,mbuS, Ohio: Sigma Nu. President of Delta Pi Al- pha 4. Walter Edward Raber, S.B.- Alllance Ohio. Alpha Tau Omega. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Vi Gamma Mu 4: Secretary of Senior Class: Track Manager 3, 4: Business High- lights Staff 4. Charles Herman Redmond, lgllwlslll, C Charles Alfred Neldhart, A.B,3 New-lon Falls, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. Treasurer of P. K. T. 3, 4: Student Senate 3, 4: Vice-President 31 President 4: inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Unonian 1, 2: Methodist Youth Council 4: NVho's XVho among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Edward Wood Neushutz, S.Bl: XQ'hittiey-1 Call- fornia: 1'hi Kappa Tau. Ruth Marian Newell, A.B.: Columbiana, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta. Recording Secretary of A. X. D. 4: Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet 3, 43 Treasurer 4. Richard Glen Paxson, AB., Alliance, Ul1iO1 A1- pha Tau Omeara Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Golf 3, 4. Betty J-3119 P0W9I',A.B.g Akron, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Vice President of D. D. D. 4: XVomen's Student Council 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Unonian Staff 2, 3, 4: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 2: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3. Martha Cora Richeson, SUBJ Flellerlcksbllrg, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta. A Cappella Choir 2: glygiarlriio Staff 2: Unonian Staff 4: Gospel Team Jeanne Elizabeth Roath, S.B.: Alljig-nga, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. President of VVomen's Ath- ton Ohm' gigma Nu , an- letic Association 4. Cornelia Russ: A.R'.g Canton, Ohio: Kappa Delta. Business Highlights Staff 4. 3. .f' of . use xr' 'J5'-Q. ,"fl"'4-ff 2. il J'.'x:,-.v: iff' ' to ' Egg I4 ,ni X3 1 JDK 3 o N 'Y J 1 7 , 5 , lb. PV I' . ' ! i I PX L ' i I X , 4 ' I fl i ll X 7,1 ry 4 -.1 'ffl ll ' l " li, . ' l I UT' I 'l 7,7-4, f 1 'J lil gf 11,1 L' fx, ff If--. ! 1 l . 1- ik.. L f ,I ,.- wwf" :-'r ' "X lf ,-7' .N ' X ',.- -:A::iTiL.nlHt4.-.,Ew,f:f'?.". Q' Y ILE' . Y Ljfg-'sl ,v-rr ff 'whiff 1 is 4? -NM +'-...aimzaf wifrfhf "i 'W ' f of N 't , in ll., , -' ' . ' .1 H-. I 0 " 41? 14" if 33 E , ,, -M Charles Eli Samlvwn, A.B.g Alliance, Ohio: Signet. 1 . Janet Uiafrle Sheehyr A.B.: Akron, Ohio.: Delta Delta Delta. Sucrotary of IJ. D. D. 4: Women's Student Council 3, 4: Treasurer 3: President 4: Unonian Staff 3: Panhellenic Council: Secretary 4: A Cappella Choir 2. May Snearya B.l'.S.M.: Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania: Alpha Chi Omega. President of A. C. O. 4: A Cappella Clloir 1, 2: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet: Student Senate 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Secretary 4: Secretary of llauriger 4: Panhellenic Council 2, 3, 4: NVomen's Student Council 2, 3, 4: XVho's XVho among Students in American Universities and Colleges. MCIVU1 Jacob ST10del A.B.: Alliance, Ohio: sig- net. International Relations Club 3, 4. Augustine Tafialll Ang Alliance, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. J0lhI1 Marion Thomas, S.B.: Canton, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. Cercle Francais 3, 4: Delta l'i Alpha 4: Phi Sigma 4. Dorothea Jean Thompson, AB., ERS, L,,,e,.- pool, Ohio: Alpha Chi Omega. Corresponding Secretary of A. C. O. 4. Jafle xNvhite,A.B.: Allianup' Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Corresponding Secretary of D. D, D. 4: Unonian 1, 2, 4. Marjorie Catherine Wilkins, All-,, Barnes- ville, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: President 4. 01911 Dean Shepherd. s.B.: Cnnneld, ohio: Sigma Nu. Recorder of Sigma Nu 4: Delta Pi Alpha 4. Elinor Louise Shi1'CS,A.B.g Hudson, Ohio: Al- pha Xi Delta. Corresponding Secretary of A. X. D. 4: Unonian Staff 3, 4: XVomen's Government Association 4. John Smutko, A.B.: Conneaut, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega. Football 1: Elasketball 1: Treas- urer of Student Senate 4: Statistics Assistant 3, 4: Business Highlights Staff 4. William Tindall Stebhins,A,l3,, Cnnlnn, Ohigg Signet. Homiletic Club 3, 4. K6HH6th Stone, Bl,P.S.M.: Canton, Ohio: Sig- net. Marjorie Jane Stroup, A.B.: Alliance, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Lewis A- Waldman, s.B.g Alliance, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau. Florence Edmondson Weir, A.B.: Alli n n C e, Ohio: Delta Delta Delta. Treasurer of D. D. D. 3: Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet 1: Unonian Staff 3, 4: l'i Gamma Mu 3, 4: Psi Kappa Omega. Howard Edward WllSOH, 3.13.5 Lguigyville' Ohio, Track 4: Alembrcic 3, 4: Vice President 4: Psi Sigma Nu. Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1: Kappa Omega. The Pictures of the Following Seniors could not be Obtained Floyd Russel Gauglerv A.B.: East Rochester, Ohio: Signet. Homiletic Club 3, 4. Francis Gilmour Havill, A'B.: NW Y,,,l, Cny, New York: Alpha Kappa Pi. 'Vice-President of A. K. I'. 3: President 4: Gospel Team Louis Franklin Morris, A.B,g Allianggy Olllol Alpha Kappa Pi. Joseph Dennis Quinlin, Sn, Alliance, Ohio: Sigma Nu. Gordon Scott, SB.: Norwalk, Ohio: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. Dorothy Jeannette Smart, A.B.: l.lnl,l Ann- ora, New York: Alpha Chi Omega. Treasurer of A. C. O. 4: Panhellenic Council 3: '.Vomen's Student Council 3. 35 IUN I O R HISTORY We, as juniors, are still endeavoring to keep the pro- verbial "chin up" although f'seniorhood" with all its re- sponsibilities is upon us. We still exist under the illusion that We shall win more honors than any class before us! With such spirit, it is easy to see Why our class has been outstanding up to this time. We inaugurated the freshmen and sophomore dances, to which only members of our class were invited. This established a precedent soon to become a tradition. We were the first class to run the gauntlet of l 3 6 Dr. Ohnier H. Engle, Junior Class Patron comprehensive exams. With the J unior-Senior Prom an overwhelming success, for what more could the Class of '41 hope? We are active in every campus organization, and our scholars are of the best - just ask any junior! Taking the feathers out of our caps for a moment to think of the more serious aspects of "seniorhood," We accept e of the Class of '40 to catch the torch and keep the challeng the standard high. Officers Christine Anderson President ....,....... Vice-President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, James Moore Secretary ........ ....... B etty Huffman ' .......Lewis Lash Treasurer .,.. Lash, Anderson, Moore, Huffman u-32519-BQ 41035. """""7 1 1 U N I O S R Alan NVhitla Abegglen, Alliance, Ohio, Sigma Nu Robert Bertman Abrams, Chester, West Virginia, Sigma Nu Alton Allen, Salem, Ohio, Signet Christine Taylor Anderson, Cleveland, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Jeannette Ruth Atwood, Tallmadge, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Jean Louis Balmat, Homeworth, Ohio, Signet Edgar Bates, Massillon, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Donald Frederick Bauman, VVarren, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau .Biofoqy sfudenfs prolqfinq by llze experience of a xuperior anazfomesf Sigrid Gertrude Bergwall, Alliance, Ohio, Signet Arthur Cl'inton Berryman, Canton, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau George Elie Bica, Alliance, Ohio, Signet James Thomas Birch. Sebring, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega Martha Alice Blackwood, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Henry Emil Boehm, Sebring, Ohio, Alpha Kappa Pi VVilliam Thomas Booth, Canton, Ohio, Signet Betty Jane Brown, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Chi Omega Mary Juanita Buchanan, Amsterdam, Ohio, Signet Donald Burgett, Alliance, Ohio, Signet William Austin Burridge Jr., Cleveland, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Sara Eleanor Buxton, Beloit, Ohio, Signet Frank Cailor, Jr., Youngstown, Ohio, Sigma Nu Margaret Henderson Campbell, Detroit, Michigan, Delta Delta Delta Ralph LaVerne Campbell, Alliance, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau 9 an-qv 'HPV 'Th Jean Elizabeth Carpenter, Berkeley, California: Alpha Chi Omega Bess Kathleen Carter, Canton, Ohiog Kappa Delta Forest Woodbury Carter, Alliance, Ohiog Signet Alva Francis Cavin, Cadiz, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Richard Ciccarelli, Chester, West Virginiag Phi Kappa Tau Ben Edward Clarke, Canton, Ohio, Sigma Nu Martin Henry Cohen, Alliance, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Thomas Hallan Coolidge, East Liverpool, Ohiog Phi Kappa Tau gmbryofoqisfs kcusirzq ffzeir microscopes on inferexfinq slides Roger Deville Cope, Salem, Ohio, Signet William Specht Corwin, Ravenna, Ohio: Alpha Kappa Pi Russell Halley Craig, Cambridge, Ohiog Signet Jane Elizabeth Criswell, Newton Falls, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta Anna Vanita Crowl, East Canton, Ohiog Alpha.Chi Omega Glorice Virginia Daryman, Sebring, Ohio, Alpha Chi Omega Jane Ma1'ie Delitsch, Buffalo, New York, Signet Richard Paul Dew, Massillon, Ohio: Sigma Nu Harold Robert Dillow, Detroit, Michigan, Alpha Tau Omega Robert Watson Dunmire, Alliance, Ohiog Alpha Tau Omega Thomas Henry Ebbert, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaniag Alpha Tau Omega Burton Eric Erickson, Youngstown, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Robert Cameron Foreman, Canton, Ohiog Phi Kappa Tau George Henry Freetage, Sebring, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega Alice Imogene Gallaher, North Jackson, Ohiog Kappa Delta IQ' 1. QI Eleanor Mae Garman, Alliance, Ohiog Delta Delta Delta Betty Jane Geltz, Alliance, Ohio, Delta Delta Delta Virginia Eleanore Goddard, Alliance, Ohiog Kappa Delta Ruth Ann Gottshall, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Bette Katherine Graybill, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Tom Ralph Gregory, Alliance, Ohiog Sigma Nu Wilbert Dale Hagan, Northeast Canton, Ohio, Signet LaVerne Joseph Haidet, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega Gfssiqnmenfs frequenffy cuff hr work in the fibrary Dorothy Hazel Haltermann, Morrisburg, Ontario, Alpha Xi Delta Hertha Helene Haltrich, Alliance, Ohiog Alpha Xi Delta Kenneth Frederick Hanes, East Liverpool, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Nelson Wilson Hawk, Louisville, Ohiog Alpha Kappa Pi Marjorie Alice Heaston, East Liverpool, Alpha Chi Omega Dale Delorum Hixon, Canton, Ohiog Signet Robert Herman Hoiermann, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Kappa Pi Joseph Kimball Horne, Struthers, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Betty Marie Huffman, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohiog Alpha Chi Omega Don Owen Hunter, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega Robert Raymond Hunter, Alliance, Ohio: Signet Dlevona Elaine Jackson, Limaville, Ohiog Signet Winona Bell James, Amsterdam, Ohiog Signet Robert Ervin Johnson, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega Mary Howe Jones, Akron, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta 43 l 1 J U N I O R Marian Kay Kayler, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Barbara Kirk, Barnesville, Ohio, Delta Delta Delta John Finefrock Kitzmiller, Alliance, Ohio, Sigma Nu Jack Dean Kressly, Canton, Ohio, Signet Lewis Lash, Massillon, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Martin Lovell, Kent, Ohio, Sigma Nu Ralph Edward Lutz, Louisville, Ohio, Sigma Nu Stanley Lutz, Jr., Alliance, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Qjofenfiaf acfors and actresses Zaborinq over sfaqe props Betty Jane Lynn, Summitsville, Ohio, Alpha Chi Omega George Crawford Lyon, New Castle, Pa., Signet Mary Katherine Maholm, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Lee Pfouts Manbeck, Beach City, Ohio, Signet Charles Robert McNally, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega William Bartlett Megahan, Fiollansbee, West Va., Sigma Nu Joan Marcia Merkel, Cleveland, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Avard Marion Mitchell, Canton, Ohio, Sigma Nu James Benedict Moore, Pyeng Yang, Korea, Phi Kappa Tau Mary Louise Moore, Mingo Junction, Ohio, Delta Delta Delta Arthur Leonard Morgan, Alliance, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Robert Francis Morrison, Wellsville, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega William Hutchinson Muir, Warren, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Everett DieLornia Mumaw, Youngstown, Ohio, Sigma Nu Frederick Floyd Myers, Akron, Ohio, Sigma Nu 45 Marian Elizabeth Myers, Alliance, Ohio, Signet Paul Luther Myers, Alliance, Ohio, Signet F'lorence Mabyn Nelson, Alliance, Ohio, Signet Margaret Noble, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Virginia Nye, Elyria, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Louise Sylvia O'Brovac, Louisville, Ohio, Signet John Edward Owens, Woodhaven, New York, Phi Kappa Tau Robert Harold Pinnick, Sebring, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega hands busy decorating for an amzuuf forma! Harold Eugene Prentice, Warren, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Merrill Stanley Purviance, Steubenville, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau David William Reed, Alliance, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega Rosemary Florence Reichart, Akron, Ohio, S'ignet Margaret Jane Rohrbacher, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Alpha Chi Omega Edward Sabo, Warren, Ohio, Alpha Tau Omega Jack Edward Sauerbrun, Warren, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau James Joseph Sells, Warren, Ohio, Signet Raymond Wilson Sheatsley, Louisville, Ohio, Phi Kappa Tau Alice Ruth Shoemaker, Louisville, Ohio, Delta Delta Delta Charles Joseph Sigler, Canton, Ohio, Signet Mary Merciel Smith, Cleveland, Ohio, Alpha Xi Delta Suzanne Smith, Alliance, Ohio, Kappa Delta Evelyn Ruth Spencer, Alliance, Ohio, Signet Mary Amelia Stephens, Leavittsburg, Ohio, Kappa Delta 47 HON Ruth Stephens, Leavittsburg, Ohio: Kappa Delta Herman Laurence Strawn, Salem, Ohio: Signet William James Tetlow, Tampa, Florida: Sigma Nu Charles Robert Tice, Alliance, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega James Frank Traphagen, Massillon, Ohio: Alpha Tau Omega Clarence Richard Underwood, Waynesburg, Ohio: Signet Mary Valis, Alliance, Ohio: Signet Clyde Vincent Vanaman, Lisbon, Ohio: Sigma Nu geflows fafce Hiime-auf" between clusses for a clzai Elizabeth Lucile Wagenhals, Canton, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta Robert Bruce Wallace, Einon Valley, Pa.: Kappa Delta Rho Hazel Marie Waltz, Mineral City, Ohio: Kappa Delta Evelyn Jane Warther, Dover, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta Eugene Weber, Canton, Ohio: Sigma Nu Ray Karl Williams, Waynesburg, Ohio: Sigma Nu Richard Samuel Wilson, Chester, W. Va.: Sigma Nu Joann Windle, Sebring, Ohio: S'ignet Elsie Jane Woods, Salem, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta Lawrence Webb Yaggi, Cleveland, Ohio: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Donald Leyton Yohe, Canton, Ohio: Sigma Nu Geraldine Ruth Young, Sandusky, Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta Jack Wilburr Young, Canton, Ohio: Sigma Alpha Epsilon John Banes Yount, Alliance, Ohio: Phi Kappa Tau Betty Ann Zeh, Cleveland. Ohio: Alpha Xi Delta SCPHOMORE H I S T 0 R Y F.. E , i Safe over the freshman bumps and Well on its Way, the Class of 1942 has the definite distinction of a palpitating past and a flabbergasting future. Every activity around Mount has its sophomore representatives, who really know what "extra-curricular" means. The Irish in the "sophs" burst out on March 15, when the class turned out for a Saint Patrick's Day dance. Brogues flew thick and fast as sophomore still tried to ex- plain to sophomore how the freshmen happened to win the bag rush - but that is best forgotten. 50 DT. Eric Eckler, Sophomore Class Patron Not long after that outstanding event, the sophs spent a pleasant day in the Chapel taking comprehensive exams - and we do mean comprehensive! But sophomores will . Y h be expected to come to t campus enterprises. he fore as they have in many ot er Hats off to the Class of '42, which is really putting over its program of "It's fun to be a sophomoreul g1',.+.k A " N' Officers Pwsiflvllt .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,... Douglas XV1'ight izlent ,,,, ,Floi-enee Cushing Vive-l'1'vs ..,,,.XVilliun1 MeC1'ea Se01'et:1ry ' ,,,,,,. Lois Ann Ellett Tl'E'ZlSlll'9l Ellett. Wright, Cushing, MOCrea SCPHOMORES Girls enjoying "cokes" and bridge in Dean Hyde and a sophomore discussing EiliotL's newly furnished "rec" room. campus activities. 'lr ir 'k 'lr 'lr if 'k 'k 52 Alexander, Donald Alexander, William Anderson, Betty fAkronJ Anderson, Betty iAllianceJ Andrews, Susan Angelone, Luis Ashelman, Paul Baxter, Stewart Beazel, John Boster, Eugene Bowen, Martha Jane Brangham, William Bratton, Ruth Jane Briggle, VVilliam Brown, Donald Brown, Lyle Brown, Harry Brown, Mary Virginia Bruno, Walter Burch, Robert Cain, George Chamberlain, Miriam Coleman, Cecil Collins, Mary Jane Conklin, George Conway, Margaret Cooke, Ryder Cope, Jane Couchie, Wilbur Coulter, Joseph Crist, Duane Cronin, John Cushing, Florence Darnell, Jack Davis, Jane Davis, Richard Edward Davis, Richard Everett Deshler, Gordon Detwile1', Laurin Dicken, Glen Difford, Lionel Domer, Robert Donahue, Constance Donenwirth, Karl Drake, Joanne Dundon, Arthur Elder, Ellen Ellett, Lois Anne Epps, William Evans, Blanche Evans, Selena Faulk, Niles Ferguson, Claudia Floyd, Jane Fogo, David Foltz, Richard FreshTey, Lowell Fromm, Janet Fry, James Gemnlar- Kenneth Haas, John Haidet, Eugene Halls, Jimmie Hammond, Austin Harold, Joseph Hart, John Hartsough, Warren Hobbs, Alan Howe, Rebecca Hunter, William Inglis, Nancy Jackson, LaVern Joachim, Charles Johnson, Doris Jones, Richard Jones, Robert Lee Jones, Robert William Kalman, Matilda Karl, Paula Keefer, Ralph Kelly, William Kennedy, Virginia Kindle, Barbara Kitzmiller, Howard Knight, Claude Koehnlein, Helen Lappert, Grayson Lewis, Robert Lins, Mary MacKenzie, Carolyn Markel, Jean McConnell, Ruth Ann McCrea, William McGrew, Dorma Miller, Matilda Moreland, Charles Morey, Charlotte Morgan, Jennie Morris, William Mosser, Edward Niederhauser, Katrina Orwick, Karl Palmer, Myron Peet, Florence Peterson, Beverly Poto, Robert Poxon, Russell Ritz, Charles Roderick, Jean Rogers, Wilbur Rose, Anthony Sapp, Edna Schmittle, Louise Schrader, Neil Schwalenberg, Robert Shaft, Harry Shilts, Mary Shutt, Phyllis Smith, Clinton Smith, Robert Snyder, Dorothy Sotcan, Cornelia Sparks, Jodine Spies, Harold Springer, Josephine Steiner, William Stettler, Anna Marie Stevens, William Stoffer, Kenneth Tournay, Thelma Trader, Mary Jean Wagner, Ruth Warren, June Weaver, Harold Wensinger, Helen Werner, Richard Whipple, Eugene Wilderson, Jessie Williams, Alice Wilson, David Wolf, John VVoodard, Russell Wright, Douglas Yothers, Lee 53 FRESHMAN H I S T 0 R Y The Class of '43, according to predictions, was apparent- ly made up of valedictorians and assorted geniuses - but what an understatement! From the night of its first .Jolly- Up Prom, where the "hobo" king and queen ruled in tin-can crowns over their "hobo" subjects, the freshmen crop looks like the biggest and best yet. Sweeping to decisive victory over the men of the sopho- more class in the fall's traditional bag rush, Miller Hallis Mentors proved the superiority of the younger generation, and a glance at Elliott's finest will clinch the decision. N 5 4 Dr. William A. Mabry, Freshinan Class Patron The "frosh" turned out almost en masse for their semi- formal on February 2. We might add that the "frosh" turned out in good shape for Reconstruction Week, but we'll forget what shape they were in after Reconstruction Week! Taken as a group, the freshmen are enthusiastic not only about their Work, but also about all campus organiza- tions and activities! Dr. Mabry was chosen by the class as advisor. May the youngest hopes of Mount Union do him proud! Officers President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...... Eugenia Zima Vice-President .... ....... A llclll McGaw Secretary ,,.....,, ......,, D oris Bauman Treasurer ...... George Ball Bauman, Zima, McGaw, Ball FRESHMEN Room mates in Elliott Hall ponder over Miller Hall is occasionally the scene of the next day's lessons. such views as this. 'A' ir 'lr 'k 'k 'lr 'k 'A' 5 b l Addicott, Lillian Arnold, William Ball, George Barnes, Frederick Barr, Lois Barrick, Richard Baughman, Stanley Bauman, Doris Baumann, Ted Beal, Kathryn Beal, Marjorie Bird, Marjorie Blum, Martha Bower, Ray Boyle, Clarence Braun, James Brooks, Robert Buckley, Kathleen Burnett, Elizabeth Burnheimer, Jack Butler, John Camarda, Grace Carman, Edna Catchpole, Kenneth Cavin, Leonora Clark, Raymond Coffman, Mary Coleman, Curtis Collins, Margaret Ann Conlon, Mary Cooper, Jean Cribbs, Ella Mae Crumrine, Mary Cunin, Robert Dakin, Williain Davis, Bette Denton, Myrtle Derthick, Vera Desautels, Yvonne DeWitt, James Difford, Winthrop Dugan, Edwin Duninire, Virginia Erickson, Arnold Feather, John Fernandez, Lita Ferris, Chalmer Fete, Paul Fink, Harold Firestone, Carville Fleming, Nancy Foster, Margaret France, William Glenwright, Kay Green, Robert Grim, Martha Haidet, Eleanor Gwin, Jack 4 Hall, Louis Hanna, Jean Herbert, Shirley Heskett, Elizabeth Hill, Betty Hirst, Robert ' Hitchcock, Elizabeth Hively, Robert I Holder, Warren Hollinger, Mae Hoover, Eugene Hostetler, Max Hurley, Richard James, Warren Johns, Mary Jones, David Jones, Walter Judy, Frances Kacarab, John Kearney, Dorothy Ketcham, Dorothy Kiel, Helen Kindler, Donald King, Kathryn Kitzmiller, Ruth Knight, James Krauss, Dorothy Lamb, Florence Lane, Robert Lemke, Jane Limbach, Robert Lindesmith, Mary Lobb, Roberta Longsworth, Ruth Mack, William MacPhail, William Mani, Richard Marini, Louis Marquis, Mary Marshall, Doris McClure, Charles McClure, Ray McDonald, Barbara McGaw, Allan McGonigal, Doris McHenry, Winston McVay, David McVay, Marion , Frarrrk Frost, Dorothy Gaither, Joseph Galanot, Isabelle Gibbins, James Gilmore, Harold Miller, Howard Mumaw, John Murphy, Allen Murphy, Mike Myers, George Neff, William Newacheck, Vivian Newton, Lucy Nims, Sidney Orr, VVilliam Pearson, Betty Pickles, John Propst, William Rainsberger, Ira Rastetter, Robert Reash, Wilbur Reifenschneider, Mary Rider, Benjamin Riley, Charles Rockhill, Curtis Roman, John Sanor, Richard Schlott, Rudy Schneider, Eleanor Schoeneweiss, Robert Scott, Marjorie Shaeffer, John Sheatsley, Catherine Shields, Clifford Shreve, Florence Sikula, Marjorie Simpson, Ben Skinner, Doris Smith, Patricia Smith, Walter Snode, Kenneth Sponseller, John Stafford, Jack Stephan, George Sterrett, Arwood Stevens, Phillip Stewart, Charles Stout, Mary Talaba, John Tomer, Charles Traner, George Treter, Tom Trupe, Charles Tucker, Mary Underwood, Gerald Vance, Cathryn Wafler, Jean Wallace, Robert Wark, William Weimer, Barbara Wentzel, Edward West, Jeanne Wichern, Walter Wilfinger, Frank Wilson, James Wise, Earle Zagula, Julian Zima, Eugenia Zinslen, Marjorie 57 l af , Y t 4 -I Q 4 4 1, It ACTIVITIES ' Fraternities ' Sororitie ' Organiz t ' Clubs R. 4 First Row: Farmer, R. Ashelman, J. Cunin, Daugherty, Mills, Kirk, Graff, Baxtel Reed Second Row: Stafford, Yothers, Cardinal, Hunter, Tice, Smutko, Dillow, Traph lgen Lb belt, Gaeta, McNally, Beazel, Smith. Thlid low: Stephan, Moreland, Pinnick, IC. Hziimlct, llirvh, L. Haidet, Dullmllb Lum -Xlewzinder, Shaff, Kitzmiller, Rogers, Fefntlicr, lmxson. Fourth Row: Marini, R. Cunin, Limbach, Gempler, Frosliley, C. McClure, Simpbon P Ashelman, Myers, Bower, Halls, Gwin. 11fLh Low: lluber, Freetage. 2222222 OOOCOOO "1"S"S"1"'3"1'1 1-re-re-ve-+e-ferr' 5555555 '4'4'4'4'4'4'4 ll' ll- ll' ,.........Jack Mills ,Robert Johnson Keeper of Annals ,...,..... ............. J ohn Kirk .......Edgar Graff .John Daugherty .....Walter Raber ......David Reed 'lr 'k 'lr ALPHA TAU OMEGA Ohio Alpha Nu of Alpha Tau Omega, the oldest nation- al fraternity on Mount Union Campus, was installed here in 1882, It thus has the distinction of being the iirst chapter in Ohio. The favorite song of the Chapter is "Sweetheart of A. T. O."g their flower is the white tea rose: and their colors are sky blue and old gold. The Alpha Tau Omegas are particularly noted for their participation in athletic activities. This year they have held the presidency of Interfraternity Council and were volley- ball champions. Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond, Virginia, September 11, 1865, and its first chapter was established at the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. The offices are at Champaign, Illinois. SENIORS Ashelman, Robert Baxter, George Cabas, John Cardinal, Jack Cunin, John Birch, James Dillow, Harold Dunmire, Robert Ebbert, Thomas Alexander, Donald Beazel, John Brown, Harold Dicken, Glen Daugherty, John Farmer, Thomas Gaeta, Louis Graff, Edgar Kirk, John J UNIORNS Haidet, LaVerne Hunter, Donald Johnson, Robert McNally, Robert SOPHOMORES Freetage, George Haidet, Eugene Halls, James Kitzmiller, Howard Mills, Jack Paxson, Richard Raber, Walter S'mutko, John Pinnick, Robert Reed, David Tice, Charles Traphagen, James Orwick, Karl Rogers, Wilbur Shaff, Harry Yothers, Lee Epps, Wmiam Cunin, Robert Feather, Jack Gaither, Joseph Gwin, Jack Limbach, Robert Moreland, Eloyd FRESHMEN Marini, Louis Myers, George Pickles, John Rastetter, Robert Schlott, Rudy Simpson, Ben Smith, Scott Stafford, Jack Stephan, George First How: Calvin, Bates, Austin, Hoke, Moncrief, Fritchley, Scott. Second How: XVurli, Lune, Yuggi, Fuulk, Lush, Briggle. Third llow: lViltlng2,'er, Hose, Murphy, Shaeffer, Young, Miller, Catchpole. Fourth Row: Mcllreu, Jones, Knight, Muni, NVoodurd, XYise. Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent Eminent OFFICERS - First Semester Archon .,,........,........ Deputy Archon ,.... Recorder .,........... Correspondent ..... Treasurer .......... Warden .,... Chaplain Chronicler .... Herald ......,.,...,.,.... OFFICERS Archon ................... Deputy Archon Recorder .,.,...,.. Correspondent Treasurer ,.,...... Warden ......,... Chaplain ,,.... Chronicler .,., Herald ....... Hoke .,....Donald Moncrief ....John Fritchley ..........Alva Cavin .......,Gene Austin ........Edgar Bates Russell Woodard ..William Briggle ...........Jack Young Second Semester ........................,.....Donald Moncrief ..............Roy Hoke ........Jack Young .,....John Fritchley ..........Gene Austin .......William Briggle ......Lawrence Yaggi ..........Alva Cavin ........Edgar Bates A IA nn: ,QI 'k 'k ir ff 'k 'k 'k X V S7 .X ft SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Ohio Sigma of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the oldest con- tinuous chapter of S. A. E. north of the Mason-Dixon Line, was established on the Mount Union Campus in 1885. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the largest national fraternity in existence, having at the present time one hundred and ten chapters. The favorite song of the chapter is "Violets", the flower is the violet, and the colors are royal purple and old gold. The S. A. Es. are a versatile group, having in their or- ganization the presidents of Phi Sigma, Dip and Strike, and Delta Pi Alpha, for the second semester, as well as repre- sentatives in many other campus organizations and activi- ties. This year they have the editorship of the Unonian. Stunt night was also Won by the Sig Alphs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The na- tional oifices are in Evanston, Illinois. SENIORS Austin, Gene Hoke, Roy Scott, Gordon Fritchley, John Moncrief, Donald JUNIORS Bates, Edgar Lash, Lewis Cavin, Alva Young, Jack SOPHOMORES Briggle, William Faulk, Niles Boyle, Clarence Catchpole, Kenneth Gilmore, Harold Jones, Walter Lewis, Robert Rose, Anthony FRESHDIEN Knight, James Lane, Robert lVIacPhail, William Mani, Richard Miller, Howard Woodard, Russell Yaggi, Lawrence Murphy, Michael Shaeffer, John Wark, VVilliam Wiliinger, Frank First Row: Foltz, Hostetler, Ferris, Dakin, Traner, Ilockhill, llainsberger, Reush. Second Row: Fiegenschuh, Greiner, Sheperd, VVilliams, Parks, L. Darnell, Bottomy, G Jones, H. XVilson, Carter, Hrmlich. Third Row: Hoover, Burch, Yohe, Tetlow, Mitchell, Schoeneweiss, B'oste1', B. Jones Megahan, D. Jones. Fourth Row: D. XVilson, Lappert, Royan, Gregory, Detwiler, Fry, Gibbons, Balmat, Rider Lutz. Fifith Row: Stevens, Davis, Schrader, J. Darnell, Ninis, Cailor, Lovell, Abrams, Brown, Sixth Row: James, Palmer, DeXVitt, Baughman, XVeber, Green, Domer, Schwalenberg Hurley. OFFICERS Commander .......,............ ....... ............. ..... L e o nard Darnell Lieutenant Commander ....... John Bottomy Treasurer .........,..,......... ...... C lifford Ermlich Marshal ..............,..... .....,. H oward Wilson Chaplain ..............,.......... ..... K arl Fiegenschuh Recording Secretary ......... ........... O len Shepard Corresponding Secretary .... ...... X Villiam Megahan Sentinel ............................ ...... G rayson Lappert gl ug: vm I "'.I fly, 5 ,FN Lis, af ' 'rt' -nf if i t 'ig' t ' Q , SIGMA NU Beta Iota of Sigma Nu was installed on the Mount Union campus in 1892, the third fraternity on the campus. Beta Iota has the largest membership of any group on the campus and also the largest pledge group. The favorite song is "White Star of Sigma Nu", the flower is the white roseg and the colors are gold, black, and white. The members have excelled in basketball, football, and other sports, this year they were intramural basketball champions. Representatives of this group have served as president of Delta Pi Alpha for the first semester, president of the senior class, and business manager of the Dynamo for the year 1939-40. Sigma Nu was founded January 1, 1869, at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, often called the West Point of the South. National headquarters are at Indianapolis, Indiana. SENIORS Bottomy, John Carter, Glenn Darnell, Leonard Elder, Stewart Ermlich, Ted Abegglen, Alan Abrams, Robert Balmat, Jean Cailor, Frank Clarke, Ben Coulter, Joseph Dew, Richard Boster, Eugene Brown, Harry Burch, Robert Cain, George Darnell, Jack Fiegenschuh, Karl Greiner, Joseph Jones, Gomer Kelty, Richard McConnor, Richard J UNIORS Gregory, Tom Kitzmiller, John Lovell, Martin Lutz, Ralph Megahan, William Mitchell, Avard Mumaw, Everett SOPHOMORES Domer, Robert Foltz, Richard Fry, James Jones, Richard Jones, Robert L. Davis, Richard Everett Jones, Robert W. Deshler, Gordon Baughman, Stanley Brooks, Robert Dakin, William Dietwiler, Laurin DeWitt, James Lappert, Grayson FRESHMEIN Ferris, Chalmer Gibbons, James Green, Robert Hoover, Eugene Hostetler, Max Hurley, Richard Parks, Alexander Redmond, Charles Sheperd, Olen Wilson, Howard Tetlow, William Vanaman, Clyde Weber, Eugene Williams, Ray Wilson, Richard Yohe, Donald Myers, Fred Palmer, Myron Ritz, Charles Schrader, Neil Schwalenberg, Robert Stevens, William James. Warren Mack, William Neff, William Rainsberger, Ira Traner, George First Row: Henshaw, Burridge, Neushutz, XVu1dman, Tarian, Lemon, Erh, Drugger Neidhart, Katz, Burnett, Sauerbrun, Second Row: Haas, XVise, Roman, Hall, NVentzel, Jones, Moore, ljlauman, Lutz, Purviance Ciccarelli, Horne, Orr, Ball, XViclwrn, Braun. Third Row: Prentice, Steiner, Shoatslvy, Berryman, Braxnpgliam, Dundon, Cronin, Bruno XVright, Campbell, Spies. Fourth Row: McHenry, Holder, Zagula, Hirst, Murphy, Stewart, li. Smith, C. Smith Brown, Sterrett, XVerner, Mosser, Burnheimer, Hanes. Fifth Row: Shields, Kelly, XVallzu-e, llartsougxh, Coolidge, Erickson, Treter, Foreman Owens, Clark. OFFICERS President ........,. Vice-President ,....,.. Treasurer .,.,...,,...,. . Recording Secretary Social Chairman ,..,... Pledge Master ...,.,,.. 'k 'k ir -v'f "'a 5,2 Q VP", gl?K'1'flQ -ga , , l ....,..KB1111Bth Erb ............Lee Burnett .Charles Neidhart ......Robert Lemon William Burridge .,Robert Henshaw 'A' if 'lr PHI KAPPA TAU The Epsilon chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was installed at Mount Union in 1915. The favorite song is "Brothers", the flower is the red carnationg and the fraternity colors are Harvard red and old gold. The past year, Epsilon has held the presidencies of the Student Senate, of the A Cappella Choir, of the Y. M. C. A., the editorship of the Dynamo, and the business manager- ship of the Unonian. The members have been active par- ticipants in organizations such as the International Rela- tions Club, the A Cappella Choir, the Dynamo, and the "Y", Two annual functions of the chapter are the Christmas party for needy children and the spring party at Turkey- foot Lake. Phi Kappa Tau was founded March 17, 1906, at Miami University Oxford, Ohio, where the national headquarters are located. SENIORS Burnett, Lee Burridge, William Brugger, Donald Erb, Kenneth Bauman, Donald Berryman, Arthur Campbell, Ralph Ciccarelli, John Cohen, Martin Brown, Donald Cronin, John Davis, Richard Edwar Dundon, Arthur Fogo, Wallace Ball, George Brangham, William Braun, James Burnheimer, Jack Clark, Raymond Hall, Louis Hirst, Robert Henshaw, Robert Katz, Samuel Lemon, Robert Neidhart, Charles J UNIORS Coolidge, Thomas Erickson, Burton Foreman, Robert Horne, Joseph Lutz, Stanley Moore, James SOPI-IOMORES Haas, John Hanes, Kenneth d Hartsough, Warren Kelly, William Mosser, Edward FRESHMEN Holder, Warren Jones, David McHenry, Winston Murphy, Allen Orr, William Shields, Clifford Sterrett, Arwood Neushutz, Edward Tarian. Augustine Thomas, John Waldman, Lewis Owens, John Prentice, Harold Purviance, Merrill Sauerbrun, Jack Sheatsley, Raymond Smith, Clinton Smith, Robert Spies, Harold Steiner, William Wright, Douglas Stewart, Charles Treter, Tom Wallace, Robert Wentzel, Edward Wichern, Walter Wise, Earle Zagula, Julian First Row: B'oehm, Stoffer, Corwin, F, Havill, Hoiermunn, Cooke, Hawk. Second Row: Tumor, Il. Hzrvill, Curtis Coleman, Cecil Coleman, Trupe, XVilS0n, Whipple President ...,.. Vice-President Secretary Treasurer .. Chaplain OFFICERS .........Francis Havill Robert Hoiermann ....Wi11ia1n Corwin ....Kenneth Stoffer .....Robert Havill ,. 'A' 'Ir 'A' 'li !i??,o.i"1 wx 4 -k if Q .yAKH7fr. V' L ALPHA KAPPA PI Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi, the youngest fratern- ity on Mount Union's campus, was installed here in 1929. The favorite song of the chapter is "The Yellow Rose", its flower is the yellow tea rose, in honor of Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, and the fraternity colors are Dartmouth green and white. The Alpha Kappa Pis have participated in Y. M. C. A., gospel team, journalism, debate, and athletics. Alpha Kappa Pi was founded at New York City, New York, March 3, 1926. The Alpha Chapter was founded at Newark College, the Beta Chapter at Wagner College, Staten lsland, New York. The national offices are in New York City. . Hi SENIORS Havill, Robert Havill, Francis JUNIORS Boehm, Henry Corwin, Williain Hoiermann, Robert Hawk, Nelson SOPHOMORES Coleman, Cecil Cooke, Ryder Whipple, Eugene Stoffer, Kenneth FRESHMEN Coleman, Curtis Tomer, Charles Wilson, David wk f Trupe, Charles 69 1 First llrrw: Mrs. Cole, Murkvl, Moore, Guttshznll, xVElL1'Llllh2llS, Slwrlv, Ernst, Ayers, li Shilts, I'zm1wv11l1z1g'ci1, Hurt, N1-well, 1.1-nnzlrd, llivliesuu, l'. Amlersun. Second llow: Slim-utsley, llzilll-i'mzml1, Hzxltrivll, Merkel, Huff, Mzxholm, XYouds, Noble Blur-kwnml, Nye, .Io1ivs, Zeh, Kzzylur, llruylxill, Smith, Alwoocl, Yflllllf-I, ditclicuck Davis. Third llow: llozxl, Herbert, Blum, IZ. Amln-rsfm, fllenwrig:lit, M, Shilts, lflvziiis, Xxvklfillljl' Bretton, Ketelmni, Dertl1ic'li, NVe:-nt, l'I'isw1-ll. Fourth llow: MvI'm1ncll, Arldivutt, liuumzln, Sikulu, Wufleig l'1'lliTll'illt', XVcimer, Peet Drvnaliue, Bird, Shutt, Floyd, iXilll'iilJllZlC, 3i4ll'H'llll. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,..,..... .... D orothy Ayers Vice-President ,.i,,,,,,. ...... H elen Ernst Recording Secretary ..,,..... ............ R uth Newell Corresponding Secretary ....,........ Elinor Shilts Treasurer ,,....,..,.,.....,........ .,.,..7...,,...,7,... I Luth Ann Leonard Historian ......., .... ..... ll l ary Catharine Pappenhagen Marshall ...............,.,,,.... .,.,,.,..,,....,......... IN lartha Richeson Journal Correspondent ...,,,..,, Virginia Nye Chaplain ....................... ..... H arriett Moore if if if af ALPHA XI DELTA Gamma of Alpha Xi Delta, Mount Union's oldest soror- ity, was installed here on August 20, 1902. The favorite song is "We're All Good Sisters", the sorority colors are double blue and gold, and the flower is the pink Killarney rose. The members of the sorority have been active partici- pants in the Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., the honorory societies, Dynamo, choir, and Unonian. The past year this chapter has held the presidency of the junior class, the presidency of the Dynamo Association, and the May Day general chair- manship. Two of the five members of Lauriger are Alpha Xis. The most beautiful girl in school, the Junior-Senior Prom Queen, and the freshman, sophomore and junior class beauties are Alpha Xis. Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College, Gales- burg, Illinois, April 17, 1893. National offices are at Chica- go, Illinois. SENIORS Ayers, Dorothy Hart, Joan Pappenhagen, Mary Derflinger, Lillian Leonard, Ruth Ann Richeson, Martha Ernst, Helen Moore, Harriett Shilts, Elinor Gottshall, Ruth Ann Newell, Ruth JUNIORS Anderson, Christine Atwood, Jeannette Blackwood, Martha Criswell, Jane Haltermann, Dorothy Haltrich, Hertha Anderson, Betty Bratton, Ruth Jane Donahue, Constance Evans, Selena Floyd, Jane Addicott, Lillian Bauman, Doris Beal, Marjorie Bird, Margaret Blum, Martha Crumrine, Mary Huff, Margaret Jones, Mary Howe Kayler, Marian Maholm, Mary Kay Merkel, Joan Nye, Virginia Noble, Margaret SOPHOMOR-ES Graybill, Betty Markel, Jean McGreW, Dorma MacKenzie, Carolyn Morgan, Jennie Shorb, Eva Smith, Merciel Wa1'ther, Evelyn Wagenhals, Betty Woods, Jane Zeh, Betty Ann Peet, Florence Shilts, Mary Shutt. Phyllis Young, Geraldine Catharine FRESHMEN Davis, Betty McConnell, Ruth Ann Derthick, Vera Sheatsley, Catherine Glenwright, Kay Sikula, Marjorie Herbert, Shirley Wafler, Jean Hitchcock, Elizabeth Weime1', Barbara Ketcham, Dorothy West, Jeanne 71 ...........Betty Power First Row: Roath, XVeir, XVhite, Stroup, Power, Hoiles, Mrs. Shaeffer, Arter, Browning Sheehy, Sara Andrews. Second Row: German, Geltz, Evans, Kinney, B'rown, Campbell, XYi1kins, Arnstutz, Miller Third llow: Niederhuuser, J. Davis, Sparks, Shoeniaker, XVens1ng'er, Kirk, Susan Andrews Drake, Bowen, Peterson, Fourth Row: Karl, King, Judy, Johns, Vance, Anderson, Inglis, Fleming, Moore, Snyder Fifth llow: Fronim, Roderick, Lobb, McVay, Gulunot, McDonald, Collins, Coffman, Cooper OFFICERS President ..,,..,...Y,,,... ,,..,. J osephine Hoiles Vice-President .....,...... Recording Secretary ....,.... Corresponding Secretary TI'eaSl1l'6I' ...............,....,.. ......Janet S'heehy .........Jane White ......Do1'othy Arter Marshall .. ....,. Florence Weir Chaplain ..... .,...... M arjorie Stroup Historian ..., ..,..........,,... O live Kinney Librarian .... Elizabeth Browning V11-an , ' , , ,, ir i' 'A' DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Nu of Delta Delta Delta was installed on the Mount Union campus in 1914. The favorite song of the group is "Gleaming White Pear1"g the colors are silver, gold, and blue, and the flower is the pansy. The Tri Deltas have received many honors and are ac- tive in athletics, dramatics, journalism, and the Y. W. C. A. This year they Won the Nebraska Ball championship, "B" Team Basketball Championship, and had five members in the Yale-Harvard teams. The Homecoming Queen and four of the May Day Court were Tri Deltas. They held the presi- dencies of the Women's Student Council, Women's Athletic Association, Lauriger, and Pi Gamma Mu. Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888. Nationally it is the third larg- est sorority. National offices are at Evanston, Illinois. SENIORS Amstutz, Myra Andrews, Sara Jane Arter, Dorothy Ball, Joyce Browning, Elizabeth Douglass, Louise Campbell, Margaret Garman, Eleanor Anderson, Betty Andrews, Susan Brown, Mary Virginia Chamberlain, Miriam Cope, Jane Davis, Jane Coffman, Mary .lane Collins, Margaret Ann Cooper, Jean Fernandez, Lita Fleming, Nancy Galanot, Isabelle Hoiles, Josephine Kinney, Olive Lisle, Eloise Miller, Jean Power, Betty Roath, Jeanne JUNIORS Geltz, Betty Kirk, Barbara SOPHOMORES Drake, Joanne Evans, Blanche Fromin, Janet Inglis, Nancy Karl, Paula Sheehy, Janet Stroup, Marjorie Weir, Florence White, Jane Wilkins, Marjorie Moore, Mary Louise Weast, Marie Peterson, Beverly Snyder, Dorothy Sparks, Jodine Wagner, Ruth Wensinger, Helen Niederhauser, Katrina FRESHMEN Johns, Mary Ellen Judy, Frances King, Kathryn Ann Kitzmiller, Ruth Lindesmith, Mary Lobb, Roberta Longsworth, Ruth McDonald, Barbara McVay, Marion Roderick, Jean Vance, Cathryn 73 First Row: Calvin, Cubbut, Thompson, Sneary, Kidwell, Smart, Heuston, Kindle Second Row: Stettlcr Hanna, Crowl, Firestone, Frost Ferguson, Skinner, l.a1pc,nLL1 1 , Kennedy. Third Row: Schmittie, XVi1dcrson, Rohrbucher, Howe, 'XVilliams, Iiollinger, Lamb, Beal Fourth Row: Knepper, Huffman, McGoniga1, Cribbs, Cushing, Lynn. President ......,.... Vice-President ........,....., Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary ..... Treasurer ................. Historian .... Warden ....... Lyre Editor ,.... OFFICERS 'A' 'A' 'lr . Q il ur U C, 5' 1 9 ZAXQ . W V , ,......May Sneary ...........Jean Kidwell Dorothea Thompson ,.....Margaret Hatton ......Marjo1'ie Heaston ,...Virginia. Kennedy ........Alice Williams i....Barbara. Kindle 'A' 'A' 'lr ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Eta of Alpha Chi Omega was installed on Mount Union campus June 11, 1920. The favorite song of the chap- ter is "Alpha Chi, How We Love Thy Name"g the colors are scarlet and olive green, and the flowers are scarlet carna- tion and smilax. The members of the sorority have .been active in ath- letics, Y. W. C. A., A Cappella Choir, Dynamo, and other campus activities. This chapter held for the past year the editorship of the Dynamo and the presidency of the fresh- man class. They Won the prize for Homecoming decorations. Alpha Chi Omega, an international organization, was founded at De Pauw University, October 15, 1885. Origin- ally only music students Were admitted. The national offices are at Indianapolis, Indiana. Cabbut, Maxine Hatton, Margaret Brown, Betty Carpenter, Jean Crowl, Anna Cushing, Florence Collins, Mary Jane Ferguson, Claudia Beal, Kathryn Cavin, Leonora Cribbs, Ella Mae Firestone, Carville Frost, Dorothy SENIORS Kidwell, Jean Thompson, Dorothea J UNIORS Daryman, Glorice Heaston, Marjorie Huffman, Betty SOPHOMORES Howe, Rebecca Kennedy. Virginia Kindle, Barbara Schmittle, Louise FRIESHMEN Hanna, Jean Ann Hollinger, Mae Frances Knepper, June Lamb, Florence McGonigal, Doris Smart, Dorothy Sneary, May Lynn, Betty Rohrbacher, Jane Stettler, Anna Marie Wilderson, Jessie Williams, Alice Pearson, Betty Schneider, Eleanor Skinner, Doris Stout, Mary Lee Zima, Eugenia 75 First Huw: Russ, liuukius, Kfmhiiicin, Camzirda, Lemkc, A. Smith. SL-cond How: Colilon, Carter, B. Gallziixl-1', Ilillmuii, 'l'ou1'iu1y. Third How: S. Smith, I. Guiiahcr, XVMLZ, Dcsziutuls, Iiilllllllll, Nuwucliuck, lluddud Low er, Stcvuus. President ,..,,, Vice-President Secretary ,.., Tl'9ZlSUI'91' if 'k 'A' OFFICERS A N it as A50 R' o, 1.x x N2- .,......Betty Gallaher Marguerite Hillman ...,.,,,...Agues Smith ...ulmogene Gallaher ir 'A' ir KAPPA DELTA Alpha Beta of Kappa Delta, the youngest sorority chapter on the Mount Union campus, was installed in 1924. The favorite song of the chapter is "The White Rose" g the sorority colors are olive green and pearl white, and the flower is the White rose. The Kappa Deltas are very active in athletics, this year they won the basketball championship and placed sev- eral members on the Yale and Harvard teams. The mem- bers are active in journalism, dramatics, science, athletics, and the various campus organizations. Kappa Delta was founded at Virginia State Normal School at Farmington, Virginia, on October 23, 1897. Na- tional oiices are at St. Louis, Missouri. Gallaher. Betty Hankins, Helena Carter, Kathleen Gallaher, Imogene Kalman, Matilda Caniarda, Grace SENIORS Hillman, Marguerite Russ, Cornelia JUNIORS Goddard, Virginia Smith, Suzanne Stephens, Mary SOPHOMORES Koehnlein, Helen FRESHMEN Desautels, Yvonne Smith, Agnes Stephens, Ruth Waltz, Hazel Tournay, Thelma Lower, Helen Conlon, Mary Elizabeth Lemke, Jane Newacheck, Vivian First Row: Booth, Higgins, Bond, Johnson, Johnston, K. Snudv. Soc-und How: Denton, Barr, Newton, Svott, lillett, Trzxder. Third Row: Nelson, O'PJrovuc, Buchanan, Lins, Sapp, Shrovo. Fourth How: Freehurgr, McGaw, Hunter, M. Snode, Burgott. OFFICERS President 7,77,7.. .,,,,,.,,. I ,eta Bond Vice-President ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, D oris Johnson Secretary-T1'easu1'er .... ..... R osanna Johnston ir 'A' if i' 'lr i' SIGNET CLUB The Signet Club is an organization for students on Mount Union's campus who are not affiliated with fraterni- ties or sororities. This group was organized in 1934 to give unaffiliated men and women the social advantages of fraternity life. The club aims to develop leadership and executive ability without the backing of a national organiza- tion. This organization has equal voting power with fra- ternities and sororities in the Student Senate. The mem- bers of this group are active in men's and women's intra- mural programs and are also active in the various campus student organizations. The group maintains a club room for women in Morgan Gymnasium and one for men in Miller Hall. SENIORS Bond, Leta Higgins, Dorothy Booth, William Buchanan, Mary Baxter, Stewart Crist, Duane Difford, Lionel Denton, Myrtle Difford, VVinthrop Freeburn, Dwight i' 'k Johnston, Rosanna Nelson, Florence JUNIORS Burgett, Donald Delitsch, Jane Hunter, Robert SOPHOMOR-ES Ellett, Lois Ann Hunter, William Johnson, Doris FRESHMEN Marshall, Doris Snode, Melvin Myers, Marian O'Brovac, Louise Lins, Mary Sapp, Edna Trader, Mary Jane Scott, Marjorie Marquis, Mary Louise Shreve, Florence McGaw, Allan Newton, Jean Snode, Kenneth 79 'lr ir 'A' First Row: Burricrge, Austin, Smith, Moncric-f, Burnett, Burton, Owens, Bates. Second Row: King, NVultz, Mziholm, Lindesniith, Gorman, Arter, XVhite, Leonard, Shoe- mak er, Criswell. Third Row: Lobb, Campbell, Blackwood, Noble, Moore, Kinney, Kirk, Sparks, M. Shilts, XYensing:ger. Fourth Row: Buchanan, E. Shilts, Young, Lash, Hoke, Brugger, Pnrvizince, Atwood, Nye First Row: Moore, Vkfaltz, Purvianee, Hutton, Ernilich, Leonard, Burton, Erb. Second Row: Lobb, Maholm, Noble, Peterson, Evans, Morey, Valis, Bowen, Glenwright. Third Row: Schrnittle, Blackwood, Rohrbacher, Hnltrich, XVensinger, Bird, Ferguson, Sparks, VVarther, Smith. Fourth How: Longsworth, Buchanan, Stephan, Buster, Couchie, BI'L1Qjg'ET, Haines, Cohen, Cushing, Nye. DYNAMO ir 'A' ir ir The Unonian depicts life on the Mount Union Campus in all its diver- sity and beauty. It includes almost every aspect of college life in an inter- esting pictorial Way. It appeals to alumni, students, and prospective stu- dents. Dr. Richard Hildner and Miss Katharine Millhoif have been very helpful as advisors for the publication. We are very grateful to them for their cooperation with the staff. EDITORIAL STAFF .Donald Moncrief Editor-in-chief ....................................................... Associate Editors ................................ Junior Editors ................ Business Manager Associate Business Dorothy Arter Jeanette Atwood Martha Blackwood William Briggle Donald Brugger Mary Buchanan Margaret Campbell Margaret Collins Jane Criswell Janet Fromm Eleanor Garman Josephine Hoiles BUSINESS STAFF Mildred Burton, Gene Austin Edgar Bates, Jack Young, Merciel Smith Burnett Managers .......... William Burridge, Jack Owens GENERAL STAFF Roy Hoke Kathryn Ann King Olive Kinney Barbara Kirk Lewis Lash Ruth Ann Leonard Mary Lindesmith Roberta Lobb Mary K. Maholm Mary Lou Moore Mike Murphy Margaret Noble Virginia Nye Betty Power Elinor Shilts Mary S'hilts Alice Shoemaker Jodine Sparks William Tetlow Robert Wallace Hazel Waltz Florence Weir Helen Wensinger Jane White The Dynamo is the school paper, issued in the interest of the student body. The paper reports campus news of general student interest. In addition, there are a number of feature articles, departmental stories, and regular columns. The Dynamo Association, governing body of the paper, is composed of fifteen upperclassmen. OFFICERS President .............. ...,.......................... ...,.. R u th Ann Leonard Vice-President ...... ....,,.,,.......,..,......,...................... M ildred Burton Secretary ,,,......... ...,...,,.,...........,...............,.................. K enneth Erb EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ...... ..........................,.................... M argaret Hatton Assistant Editor .... .....,.......................................... J ane Rohrbacher Business Manager Assistant Business Arthur Berryman Margaret Bird Martha Blackwood Eugene Boster Martha Jane Bowen Donald Brugger Mary Buchanan Mildred Burton Margaret Campbell Martin Cohen VVilbur Couchie Mary C. Crumrine Florence Cushing i' 'k Junior Editors .........,.........,........... BUSINESS STAFF .James Moore, Merrill Purviance Ermlich Managers .... John Kitzmiller, Grayson Lappert Richard Dew Kenneth Erb Blanche Evans Claudia Ferguson Jane Floyd Kay Glenwright Kenneth Haines Hertha Haltrich Gene Hoover Rebecca Howe Winona James Ruth Ann Leonard Roberta Lobb Ruth Longsworth Mary Kay Maholm Margaret Noble Virginia Nye Beverly Peterson Louise Schmittle Merciel Sm.ith Jodine Sparks George Stephan Mary Valis Hazel Waltz Evelyn Warther Helen Wensinger i' 'k ir PI-II SIGMA ALEMBROIC ir ir 'Ir if 'A' 'A' ir First Row: Dr. Engle, Pap- penhagen, Bauman, Austin, D. Ayers, Arter, Bt Ayers. Second Row: Brown, XVeber, Bottomy, McConnor, Fritch- ley, Kelty, Dew, Higgins. Third Row: Shoemaker, Bal- mat, Foltz, Sells, Hammond, Stoffer, Cain, XVilson, Smith. First Row: Dr. Morgan, Bax- ter, Kitson, Katz, Vvilson Fritchley, Dr. Pappenhagen Second Row: Booth, XV:-zber, Kelty, Kressly, Corwin Mitchell. Phi Sigma is a national honorary biological society and is one of the most active and successful on Mount Union's campus. Alpha Beta of Phi Sigma was installed at the col- lege in 1928. The purpose of the organization is "to pro- mote and foster interest in the biological sciences and to encourage original research on the part of its members." Phi Sigma presents annually the Lichty medal, an award to the most outstanding pre-medical student of the year. Dr. Joseph M. Scott is advisor to this organization. OFFICERS President ............,.................................... ....... G ene Austin Vice-President ...................... ,,..., D orothy Ayers Corresponding Secretary ...,.. ......... M ary Stephens Recording Secretary .......... ...... D onald Bauman Treasurer ................,.........,....,. ............. ,..... Ev e lyn Warther MEMBERS Dorothy Arter John Fritchley Alice Shoemaker Gene Austin P Betty Gallaher Merciel Smith Dorothy Ayers D01'0thy Higgins Mary Stephens Donald Bauman Richard Kelty John Thomas Betty Brown Richard McConnor Evelyn Warther John Bottomy Mary C. Pappenhagen Eugene Weber Richard Dew James Sells Richard Wilson The Alembroic Society is an honorary chemical fra- ternity organized in the year 1932. The purpose of the or- ganization is the promotion of interest in chemistry and chemical research. Outstanding speakers and chemists have been brought to our campus this year. Membership is limited to students with sixteen hours of chemistry with an average of B or higher. Faculty advisors are Dr. Louis A. Pappenhagen and Dr. William H. Morgan. OFFICERS President ............... Vice-President ...... Secretary-Treasurer George Baxter William Booth William Corwin John F'ritchley MEMBERS Samuel Katz Richard Kelty Robert Kitson Jack Kressly ............Samuel Katz .......Howard Wilson .......R0bert Kitson Avard Mitchell Eugene Weber Howard Wilson 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 83 PICLNMMA MU PSIKAPPA OMEGA 'A' 'k 'A' 'k uk 'lr 'k First Row: Dr. Zeigler, Dean Hyde, Dr. Ketcham, lVilk- ins, Erb, Miss Lower, Dr. Tower, Dr. Headlandh Second Row: Dr. Mabry, Smith, Gottshall, Burton, Leonard, Jackson, Higgins, Dr. Kitziniller. Third Row: Pappenhagen, Neidhart, Kelty, Reber, gfritchley, Halternian, Aus- 1n. First Row: Dr. Pappenhagen Dr. Eckler, Miss Lower, Dr. Shollenberger, Dr. Scott, Dr. Ketcham, Dean Hyde. Second Row: Higgins, Pro- fessor Hoppin, Professor Murphy, Miss Millhoff, Dr. Mabry, Dr. Pratt, Leonard. Third Row: VVi1son, Katz, fiitson, Fritchley, Dr. Ful- er. The Mount Union Chapter, Ohio Zeta, of Pi Gamma Mu, national social science honorary fraternity, was in- stalled in 1934. Dr. Tower, head of the Economics Depart- ment, was prominent in organizing the chapter. It aims to study society and social questions in the light of scientific truth. Membership is limited to selected juniors and seniors. OFFICERS President ................ ........................ Vice-President ........... Secretary-Treasurer .... ........................... MEMBERS Hertha Haltrich Dorothy Higgins Devona Jackson Richard Kelty Ruth Ann Leonard Charles Neidhart Dorothy Halterniann Mary C. Pappenhagen Gene Austin Mildred Burton Kenneth Erb Robert Foreman John Fritcliley Ruth Ann Gottshall .......Marjorie Wilkins ...........Kenneth Erb ......Verna Lower Walter Raber Merciel Smith Ruth Stephens Florence Weir Marjorie Wilkins Joann Windle Psi Kappa Omega is the local honorary scholarship fra- ternity. In addition to scholarship, consideration is given to character, personality, and promise of leadership. In or- der to be eligible for membership, seniors must have an average of ninety percent and juniors one of ninety-six per cent. Dr. Forest Shollenberger is chairman of the commit- tee. MEMBERS John Fritchley Samuel Katz Florence Weir Dorothy Higgins Robert Kitson Howard Wilson Ruth Ann Leonard ir 'k 'k 'lr ir 'A' ir 85 STUDENTSENATE DEBATE 'k 'A' 'k 'k 'k 'Ir ir Hankins, Cooke, Sneary, Booth, Higgins, Neidhart, Inglis, Hates, Pappehhagen, Smutko. NVeaver, Balmat, Domer, Pro- fessor Gunnell, Detwiler, Manbeck. The Student Senate, the legislative group of the stu- dent body, is composed of a representative from each fra- ternity, sorority, and non-fraternity group. This group ex- ercises general supervision over student activities, organiza- tions, and conduct. It provides a means of communication between the student body and the faculty to interpret and maintain traditions and customs of Mount Union College. Activities sponsored by the group include all-college dances, sponsorship of lectures, supervision of freshman activi- ties, and publication of the Mount Union Handbook. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,.,. ,,,........................ .,.... C h arles Neidhart Vice-President .,,, .....,....,,.......... .....,., A 1 an Abegglen Secretary ....., ,..................... ,........ M a y Sneary Treasurer ........................... ....... J ohn Smutko MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delta ........,.. ,.......o.......... M ary Catherine Pappenhagen Alpha Tau Omega .........,.............,....,... John Smutko Kappa Delta i........... ............,........... H elena Hankins Signet .............,.... Phi Kappa Tau ..... Alpha Kappa Pi .... Sigma Nu ....,...,......... Delta Delta Delta Alpha Chi Omega sigma Alpha Epsii51H".'.'.'... Signet ............................ ,..,.,,Dorothy Higgins Charles Neidhart .......Ryder Cooke ....Alan Abegglen ,,.,....Nancy Inglis .......May Sneary .........Edgar Bates ...William Booth On a spring vacation tour of the Big Ten Conference, the Mount Union College Varsity Debate Team met the af- firmative and negative teams of Loyola University, the Uni- versity of Chicago, Purdue University, and the University of Illinois. The traveling debaters covered about fourteen hundred miles in meeting these teams in non-decision de- bates. Last year Mount Union teams gained decision victories over Pitt, Carnegie Tech, Washington and Jefferson, Penn State, VVestern Reserve, the University of West Virginia, and others. The national intercollegiate question for the 1939-40 season was "Resolved: That the United States should follow a policy of strict Ceconomic and militaryl isolation toward all nations outside the Western Hemisphere engaged in armed international or civil conflict." The director of de- bate activities is Professor Gunnell. Affirmative Team Negative Team Gene Balmat Robert Domer Lee Manbeck Alternate Harold Weaver Laurin Detwiler 'A' i' ir ir 'A' ir 'lr 87 J INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 'Ir 'lr ni' ir 'k 'k 'A' s First Row: Bottomy, Austin, Mills, Hoiermann, Dean Hyde. Second Row: Ermlich, Neid- hart, Hoke, Moore, Stoffer, Graff. First Row: Ernst, Kidwell, Smith, Sheehy. Second Row: Kindle, Hoff- man, Ayers, Campbell, Sneary, Maholm, Hoiles. ir 'k The Inter-Fraternity Council is composed of the presi- dents and treasurers of the five fraternities on our campus. These representatives meet throughout the year to discuss rushing, reconstruction Week, and fraternity problems. The main purposes of the organization are the maintenance of inter-fraternity standards and the promotion of friendly feeling among all men on the campus. Dean Melvin W. Hyde is advisor to this group. OFFICERS President ....,...... ..,.................,... ........ J a ck Mills Vice-President ...., ........ G ene Austin Secretary ........... ...............,............................... ....... T e d Ermlich REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Tau Omega .................... , ........................ Jack Mills, Edgar Graff Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..... ................ R oy Hoke, Gene Austin Sigma Nu ...................... ........ L eonard Darnell, Ted Ermlich Phi Kappa Tau ...... ........... K enneth Erb, Charles Neidhart Alpha Kappa Pi ...... ........ R obert Havill, Robert Hoiermann The Panhellenic Council is composed of the president and two other representatives of each sorority on campus. This council studies the problems of establishing and main- taining inter-sorority standards and promoting goodwill and friendly feeling among the sororities on the campus. Advis- ors for the council are Mrs. Engle, Mrs. Morgan, and Mrs. Pratt. OFFICERS ' President ,,,,,,,,,.,., ,.,......,,.,............ ....,... J e an Kidwell Vice-President ...... ...... S uzanne Smith Secretary ........... ...... J anet Sheehy Treasurer ........ .................... ........ H e len Ernst REPRESENTATIVES Delta Delta Delta: Josephine Hoiles, Margaret Campbell, Jane Davis Alpha Xi Delta ...... Dorothy Ayers, Betty Anderson, Mary K. Maholm Alpha Chi Omega .......... May Sneary, Betty Huffman, Barbara Kindle Kappa Delta ...... Betty Gallaher, Ruth Stephens, Marguerite Hillman i' 'k 'k 'k 'A' 89 M.C W.C 'A' 'Ir 'k 'k if ak i' First Row: Dr. Soule, Ash- elman, Erb, Erickson, Aus- tin. Second Row: Purviance, Hun- ter, Cavin, Johnson. First Row: Jones, Newell, Hatton, Moore, NVind'le, Bond. Second Row: Ferguson, XVen- slnger, Kirk, Lins, Hankins, Smith. The Y. M. C. A., led this year by Kenneth Erb, has gone far in helping the students to live a Well-rounded life - socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. This organization has cooperated with the Student Senate in producing the College Handbook, With the Y W. C. A. in sponsoring Weekly vesper services, the Easter Sunrise Serv- ice, and Religious Emphasis Week. The Y. M. C. A. spon- sored Stunt Night and also brought several outstanding speakers to our campus. Dr. Carl Soule and Professor Har- ley Zeigler act as counselors for this group. OFFICERS President ........... ......................... ............. K e nneth Erb Vice-President ....,. ....... B urton Erickson Secretary ............ .......... A vard Mitchell Treasurer .. ..,..... Merrill Purviance The Y. W. C. A. plans the year's program for all campus girls. This young Wo'men's group cooperates with the Y. M. C. A. in sponsoring various activities throughout the year. Outstanding activities this year included joint sponsorship of the annual Stunt Night, of a Valentine's Day Tea, and of a starvation dinner to raise funds for Far-Eastern Students. Dean Helen B. Rudin is advisor for this organization. OFFICERS President ........... ......................... ....... M a rgaret Hatton Vice-President ...... ......... H arriett Moore .Joann XfVindle ........Ruth Newell Secretary ............ ........ Treasurer ........ uk 'A' 'k ir ir if 'lr 91 WOMEN'S STUDENT COUNCIL WOMEN'S GOVERNMENT BOARD if 'k 'k 'k if ir 'lr 92 First Row: Hoiles, Bowen, Power, Sheehy, Daryman, Heaston. Second Row: Kidwell, Shilts Ayers, Burton, Sneary, Mil: ler, Ernst, VVens1nger. First Row: Moore, Shilts, Burton, Miller, Kirk, Bau- man. Second Row: Ketcharn, Pet- erson, Wagner Markel Campbell, Davisf Chamber- lain, Kindle, Collins. The Women's Student Council is the executive council for all women on the campus. It acts as a coordinating agency for all women's organizations. Under the guidance of Dean Helen B. Rudin, the organization aims to promote the highest standards of honor and integrity .in personal conduct. This council helps to promote the May Day Pageant, the Coed Prom, a party for freshmen women, a trip to the opera in Cleveland, and a Mother's Day Tea. It is also the donor of a scholarship prize for women. OFFICERS President .,,,,.,,,,, .....................,....... ......., J a not Sheehy Vice-President ..... ,......,..,.... B etty POWGI' Secretary ,,..,,,,,,. ........................ ......... G 1 orice Daryman 'Treasurer ,,,,,... ....................,.,..,... ..,... C h ristine Anderson MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega ..... .............................. M ay Sneary, Ann Stettler Alpha Xi Delta ,....., ............................ B etty Ayers, Mary Shilts Delta Delta Delta ...,.. ..,... J osephine Hoiles, Martha Jane Bowen Kappa Delta ........... ........... B etty Gallaher, Virginia Goddard Signet .............. .............. L eta Bond, Rosanna Johnston Y. W. C. A. ..... ..... M argaret Hatton, Helen Vifensinger W. A. A. ...... ............ J eanne Roath, Imogene Gallaher W. G. A. ....... ....... M ildred Burton, Elizabeth Browning Panhellenic ..... ................... J ean Kidwell, Helen Ernst The Women's Government Association is the student organization responsible for interpreting, directing, and im- proving the student government regluation for women liv- ing in the dormitories or working in private homes. The duties of the board include enforcing rules and regulations of the houses and planning for the welfare and comfort of all girls. During the year, the organization plans various house parties and entertainments, in addition to Thanksgiv- ing and Christmas dinners, birthday dinners, a Mother's Day Tea, and the annual Christmas party for faculty chil- dren. Under the guidance of Dean Rudin, a new constitu- tion, according to which new officers are elected each year, was adopted. The organization is under the guidance of Dean Rudin and Miss Housel. OFFICERS President ................ ............................. Vice-President ............. ........................ Secretary-Treasurer ,,..... Senior Representative ........ Junior Representative .............. ............Mildred Burton ......................Jean Miller ........Elizabeth Browning .................Elinor Shilts ...........Barbara Kirk Sophomore Representative ....................... ......... B arbara Kindle Freshman Representative ............................. ...... D orothy Ketcham MEMBERS Doris Bauman Mary Jane Collins Jean Merkel Margaret Campbell Bette Davis Miriam Chamberlain Harriett Moore ir ir 'A' if 'lr Beverly Peterson Ruth Wagner i' i' 93 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LAURIG-ER af af ak if if af if 94 First Row: Sparks, Ernst, Roath, Gallaher. Second Row: XV:-irther, Geltz, O'Brovac, Lins, Kindle, Rohrbacher. Hatton, Moore, Hoiles, Sneary, The Women's Athletic Association is an organization governed by an official board made up of two representatives from each sorority and two from the non-sorority group. This organization encourages all girls to take an active part in athletics. It sponsors interesting and exciting intra- mural games at Morgan Gymnasium. The board aims to develop sportsmanship, a high standard of conduct, effi- ciency in play, and leadership. This year the association organized a weekly dance class of approximately twenty- iive couples. Mass meetings, with programs of singing and dancing, have been held throughout the year. The final meeting is the annual banquet, at which special recognition is given to those junior and senior girls who, throughout their college careers, have been most outstanding. OFFICERS President ....,,.......... ........................ .......... J e anne Roath Vice-President .......... ............... H elen Ernst Secretary-Treasurer .................................................. Imogene Gallaher REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Chi Omega .......................... Jane Rohrbacher, Barbara Kindle Alpha Xi Delta ....... ....,.,.,..... H elen Ernst, Evelyn Warther Delta Delta Delta ...... ........................ B etty Geltz, .Iodine Sparks ........Imogene Gallaher, Helen Koehnlein Kappa Delta ........... Signet .................. ................. M ary Lins, Louise O'Brovac Lauriger, the senior honorary society for women, has a membership limited to not less than five or more than seven senior girls. Voting of the active members on a list recom- mended by the faculty determines the membership of the so- Leonard. ciety. The members assist the Dean of Women and aid in the guidance of freshmen girls. Girls are chosen for char- acter, scholarship, leadership, service, and general all-around ability The motto is "Merit through service, and service through merit." OFFICERS President ..... ....................... ........ J o sephine Hoiles Secretary ..... ........................ .............. ll I ay Sneary MEMBERS l Margaret Hatton Ruth Ann Leonard May Sneary Josephine Hoiles Harriett Moore 'k 'A' 'k 'k it ik ir 95 GEOLOGY CLUB BUSINESS HIGH LIGHTS i' if ir ir if 'A' First Row: Young, Cavin, Holi e, Moore, Rose. Second Row: Faulk, Domer, Hixon, Brown. First Row: Cunin, Russ Haltermann, Fiegenschuh, Kayler, Leonard, Dr. Tower. Second Row: Smutko, XVrigfht Bica, L. Haidet, E. HaTGet XVeaver. Third Row: Coucliie, Crist Raber, Clarke. Dip and Strike Was formed in October, 1938, to arouse interest in geological research. The members must have an average of eighty-five per cent in eight hours of general geology. Monthly meetings are held, at which reports are given by diferent members of the organization. Dr. J. Os- born Fuller is advisor for this group. OFFICERS President ....,..........,..... .............,.......... ...,.,..,,,.,,. R o y Hoke SeC1'eta1'y-T1'eaSu1'er .... .....,................... ,,.... H a. rriett Moore MEMBERS Donald Brown Robert Domer Harriett Moore Alva Cavin Niles Faulk Anthony Rose Harold Dillow Dale Hixon Jack Young Roy Hoke This publication is a novel undertaking which the Mount Union Department of Economics started in October, 1939. This paper, as far as is known, is the only student publica- tion of its kindg and our Economics Department should be congratulated upon its work. The staff is composed of stu- dents majoring in economics who are selected on the basis of ability. "Business Highlights" gives a summary of eco- nomics material secured by careful examination of over sixty business periodicals every month. This publication makes it possible for a digest to be made of current events in the field of business. The items of particular interest to the students are selected by the staff for publication. Five hundred copies a month are distributed free of charge to students in economics and history departments, to the trustees of Mount Union, to alumni desiring copies, to li- braries, and to colleges and universities in Ohio. Editor .... ....... . ........................... K arl Fiegenschuh, Jr. STAFF George Bica LaVerne Haidet Walter Raber Ben Clarke Dorothy Haltermann Cornelia Russ John Cunin John Kirk John Smutko Betty Power ir 'A' i' ir -k ir -A' 97 WHO'S WHC IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES A CAPPELLA CHOIR ir 'Ir ir if 'k ir if bell, Cronin, Purviancc First Row: Austin, Sneary, Leonard, Hoiles. Second Row: Hatton, Neid- hart, Mills, Erb, Burton. First Row: Smith, Pappen- hagen, Buxton, Yv'ensinger Heskett, Stettler, Criswell. Second Row: Krauss, Fromm Moore, Beal, Cushing, John: son, Glenwright, Roderick Third Row: Shoemaker, Mor- ey, Jones, Bond, Peet, Con- way, Bowen, XVa1'ren, Mor- ey. Fourth Row: XVilfinger, Fer- ris, XVilson, Jones, Camp- Haas. Fifth Row: Horne, Ncidhart Lutz, Baxter, Deshler, Kell ly, Alexander. Sixth Row: Jones, Kressly, Ritz, wolf. "Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges" was created on a national basis five years ago. It is meant to serve as an incentive for students to get the most out of their college careers, a compensation to students for what they have already done. The members, whose biographies are contained in an annual publication, are chos- en by a faculty committee. Qualities considered are char- acter, leadership in extra-curricular activities, scholarship, and potentialities for future usefulness to society. MEMBERS Gene Austin Kenneth Erb Jack Mills Mildred Burton Margaret Hatton Charles Neidhart Leonard Darnell Josephine Hoiles May Sneary Ruth Ann Leonard This chorus of approximately forty-five members is chosen and directed by Dr. Walter H. Hodgson. The choir is present as a group at every chapel throughout the year. They arrange special services for Christmas, Easter, and Commencement. This year the choir made several trips to various cities in north-eastern Ohio and near-by states. They also presented several radio broadcasts. OFFICERS President ..,,,,,,,, ,......,......................,...,.,.....,.. J oseph Horne Vice-President ,,,,, ...,.. M ary Catharine Pappenhagen Secretary ....,..... .................,....... B arbara Morey Treasurer ...... ............................. ...... G 0 mer Jones MEMBERS S. Baxter J. Fromm C. Neidhart M. Beal K. Glenwright M. C. Pappenhagen M. Blum J. Haas F. Peet L. Bond G. Hoover M Purviance M. J. Bowen J. Horne C. Ritz S. Buxton D. Johnson J. Roderick R. Campbell D. Jones A. Shoemaker K. Carter G. Jones M Smith M. Conway M. H. Jones M. J. Trader J. Criswell W. Kelly J. Warren F. Cushing D. Krauss H. Wensinger G. Deshler S. Lutz F. Wilfinger J. DeWitt M. L. Moore R. Wilson C. Ferris B. Morey J. Wolf C. Morey 'k 'k 'A' ir 'Ir 'lr ir 99 DELTA PI ALPHA First Row: Berryman, Taylor, Rottomy, Diinrlon, Parks, Helio, Lewis, Lash, Knight, Fry, lllauibevk, Gregory. Second Row: Pickles, Yoho, .Bl'2llll1, Dr. Shullenlmerg'e1', l'ic-czimxlli, Kucxirzxb, Slieperd, Don- enwirt h, Horne. Some of the 'tail'-minded" students re- The final check-up grade before each ceiving instructions at Martin Field flight -ir if -k -k ir -k ir 100 a , The Civil Aeronautics Authority flying program was inaugurated on Mount's campus last fall with an enrollment of twenty men. The flying was done at Martin Airfield under the instruction of Mr. Harry Renkert and Mr. Benjamin Swineford. Early in the year the members of this course organized a club which, it is hoped, will be installed at other schools and be chartered as a fraternity. Several associate chapters have already been formed at other schools. The organization is affiliated with the Na- tional Aeronautics Authority and the National Intercollegiate Flying Club. Dr. Forest J. Shollenberger is advisor for the organization. President ............ Vce-President .... Secretary ...,.,. Treasurer ..... President ........... Vice-President .A ..... Secretary .....,,.... Treasurer ..... Arthur Berryman John Bottomy James Braun John Ciccarelli Karl Donenwirth Arthur Dundon James Fry M OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester MEMBERS Thomas Gregory Roy Hoke Joseph Horne John Kacarab Claude Knight Lewis Lash Robert Lewis Alexander Parks ...Joseph Horne ....John Bottomy .........Roy Hoke .. .... Robert Lewis ......Donald Yohe ...Claude Knight ............Roy Hoke Lee Manbeck Alexander Parks John Pickles Olen Sheperd John Taylor John Thomas Donald Yohe 'A' 'lr ir 'k 'k 'A' if 10 102 FEATURES ' Class Beauties ' Homecoming ' May Day 'lr 03 'Q Betty Wagenhals Prom Queen Junior Beauty 104 Jean Miller Senior Beauty Betty Anderson Dynamo Beauty Queen Most Beautiful Girl Sophomore Beauty I Bette Davis X Freshman Beauty Ln QHNF' omecominq QUEEN Betty Geltz COURT Betty Wagenhals Betty Anderson May Sneary Betty Gallaher Jeanne Roath 0 JEAN MILLER May Queen 1939 Court Dorothy Ayers Marjorie Stroup Betty Power Leta Bond Jean Kidwell Helen Ernst May Sneary Helena Hankins 1939 619' 61 9 1940 THE COURT Betty Geltz Eleanor Garman Virginia Nye Joan Merkel Margaret Campbell Jeannette Atwood Betty Brown Suzanne Smith Barbara Kirk Jane Delitsch 'E' ff? A A gi -N If 5, S' , 4 .-5 A e 1' QP 107 i 1: ,Q 4 " x " 4 X ZW, 4 x ATHLETICS ' Football ' Basketball ' Minor Sports ' Intramurals AF if Y Xxx W. Mi ' w X F 'fy ww 109 HEALTH and P HY S I C IA I. EDUCATION The Health and Physical Education Department of Mount Union College has continued its efficient and diversi- fied program. The department, in its effort to aiord all the students some means of relaxation and enjoyment through participation in some sport, presents a Well-rounded pro- gram throughout the academic year. The program presented by the Health and Physical Education Department is built on a five-fold plan which is made up of the following major divisions: First: An examination for health and physical fitness, administered to determine each student's ability and capa- city for participation. 110 Robert D. Wright Director of Physical Education Head Basketball Coach Second: A required program of physical education for all freshmen and sophomores, in which instruction as well as participation is stressed. Third: A Well-rounded intramural program which makes it possible for all of the students not participating in inter-collegiate athletics to engage in sports. Fourth: Inter-collegiate teams in football, basketball, tennis, golf, track, and cross-country. Fifth: Professional preparation of teachers in health and physical education through the study of teaching and coaching activities. Mount Union College is particularly Well Htted by tradi- tion, by present facilities, and by a Well-qualified staff of teachers and coaches of physical education to offer a well- rounded program to the student body. Harry Geltz Head Football Coach 111 FOOTBALL TRADITION 112 Competing in football since 1893 and outstanding in Ohio college football since 1907, Mount Union teams have consistently been called upon to meet teams from larger colleges. Early faculty opposition limited competition until 1902, when the first regular football coach was employed. Before 1932, control of Mount Union football rested in the hands of an independent organization known as the Mount Union Athletic Association, administered by a grad- uate manager. In that year the entire control of athletics was brought under faculty supervision, and this control is now centralized under the administrative officers of the col- lege. Loose eligibility requirements came to an end when Mount Union became a member of the Ohio Athletic Con- ference in 1914. Since then, increasing restrictions limit competition to those students who are able to maintain a high level of academic work. Football is recognized at Mount Union today as possess- ing great educational possibilities and is organized and ad- ministered as a part of our broad program of health and physical education. Fitting football into the educational objectives of the college and decreasing the commercial emphasis of the football program have been the aims of Mount Union faculty control. Oscar G rimes, a former studen Action as we see it A part of the cro wd seen leaving the sta t, comes back to Watch the game dium John Cabas John was a capable field general for three seasons and will be greatly missed next fall. Richard Paxson "Dick" is a veteran with three years of good football behind him. David Reed "Dave" is a senior who played consistently good football at an end position. Howard Wilson "Peg" played a good game at the center post. He inspired the teani with confidence by his consistency. Walter Raber A rangy linesnian, he could always be counted on to put up a ganie iight. Ted Ermlich A veteran on the line, Ted could always be found in there scrapping. John Bottomy John is a hard-hitting end who contributed greatly to the tea1n's defensive success. Glenn Carter He won his letter at a guard position, where he displayed lighting spirit. John Kirk John is a senior who has given three years of good football to lVlount Union. Martin Lovell He is a dependable running back who can kick with the best of them. 114 LETTERMEN LETTERMEN Robert Ashelman "Bob" showed himself to be a determined and steady performer in the backtield. Ralph Lutz "Lutzy" is a hard man to stop and an excellent blocking back. Edward Sabo "Big Ed" made things unpleasant for opponents who rfm off- tackle smashes. Clyde Vanaman "Red" is a back with much drive and plenty of vitality and fight. Alan Hobbs He is a powerful defensive end and an excellent pass receiver. William McCrea "Mac" is a guard with unusual ability. We expect great things of him in the future. George Freetage "Spanky" is a sophomore linesman who bolstered the defensive strength of the team considerably. Myron Palmer A tackle, he added strength to the forward wallg he has two more seasons in which to participate. Jack Darnell An elusive runner and hard hitting back, he provided much of Mount's offense. Lee Yothers Lee is a hard-hitting back who can be counted on for two more seasons. OTHER MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD Robert Dew A senior halfback Robert Burch A sophomore halfback Richard Davis A sophomore end G-len Dicken A junior halfback Robert Domer A sophomore tackle Jimmie Halls A sophomore guard Paul Ashelman A sophomore tackle Robert Schwalenberg A sophomore end Harry Brown A junior halfback Robert Wallace A senior guard W... X 'Liar' l Basketball boasts of a long and proud history at Mount Union College, where it was iirst introduced by Herbert Johns, then a student director of physical training here. The first intercollegiate basketball game ever to be played took place in Morgan Gymnasium in 1892. The succeeding years have brought the sport to ever-increasing popularity. The early varsity basketball teams used Morgan Gym- nasium for their games until 1914. From 1914 to 1918. a large skating rink in downtown Alliance was the site of the contests. After 1918, the college games again returned to Morgan Gymnasium until Soldiers' Memorial Hall was com- pleted in 1921, after which it became the gathering-place for the fans. Mount Union widened the scope of its basketball games by joining the Ohio Conference on June 6, 1914. Two years later it won the conference championship, the first of a se- ries of victories which followed in 1924, 1925, 1926, 1929, 1931, and 1932. The 1938 team completed a season of sev- enteen victories and two defeats to win the mythical title of State Champions of Ohio and to compile the greatest number of victories ever credited to a single Mount Union season. In 1928, 1933, 1934, and 1936, the teams fell just short of a championship, finishing in the runner-up posi- tion. Basketball and its traditions have contributed greatly to the personality of Mount Union College and have provid- ed a strong unifying agency among students, alumni, fac- ulty, and townspeople. While many educational policies have changed since basketball began at Mount Union in 1891, the desire to excel in that sport still persists in the hearts of many loyal supporters. BASKETBALL T RA D I T I O N 117 Jack Mills Richard Paxson John Cabas Walter Raber Charles Joachim BASKETBALL Jack Mills Jack has been the consistent main-stay of the team for the past three seasons. He will be greatly missed by next year's squad. Richard Paxson "Dick", a senior, is noted for his ball-handling and his excellent floor work. John Cabas "Aggressive" is the word for John. He could always he counted on to speed up a slow game. Walter Raber "Binx" is a veteran whose experience has proved valuable to the team. Charles Joachim "Pappy,' won a varsity berth his first year. He has developed into one of the best long shots of the Conference. Alan Hobbs Martin Lovell LaVerne Haidet William McCrea Robert Abrams Alan Hobbs His consistently high scoring won him a regular place on the varsity. He is a sophomore who should go places next year. Martin Lovell 'tJake" is a junior who is upholding the name which is a tradi-' tion in Mount Union athletics. LaVerne Haidet He is a good floor man who has another year of varsity compe- tition. William McCrea 'fBill" is a sophomore who shows promise of developing into one of Mount's best defensive players. Robert Abrams "Abe" is a versatile player who is known especially for his fight- ing spirit and consistency. 119 Z Eugene Boster John Beazel Lee Yothers Eugene Boster "Gene" is a fast floor man and a constant offensive threat who should see much action next year. John Beazel He is another sophomore who has gained experience and will see action in the future. Lee Yothers Lee is a. hard-working player whose consistency should be noted. Euge Ho iw? , Cheerleaders Harold Dillow, Myrtle Denton, Jack Gwin Basketball Managers ne Haidet, Donald Hunter, Jack Feather Football Managers ' ' nes r. Robert Johl lson, RlClla1d Jo ward Kitzmille 2 FOOTBALL SUMMARY Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Albion Miami Muskingum Kent State Wooster Heidelberg Hiram Ohio Northern Wittenberg FRESHMEN Fir t Row: Green, Gaither, Stafford, Ferris, NVise, Stephan, Meehan, Bowers. Second Row: Couch Marquis, Simpson, McVuy, Braun, Smith, Feather, NVichern, Mack Dukin, Traner. 12 Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union Union SUMMARY Washington KL Jefferson Miami Dayton Bethany Slippery Rock Penn State Case Kent State Heidelberg Wittenberg Denison Ohio Northern Fenn Bowling Green Hiram Otterbein Muskingum Kent State Baldwin-Wallac Wooster Oberlin Baldwin-Wallac 8 9 39 29 29 32 50 31 33 44 27 28 41 28 29 34 42 41 46 38 40 52 37 42 FRESHMEN I' t Row. Couch Scott, Irlricksoii, Baughmau, IJeXVitt, Gaither, Sohlott. Se lld Row: Rockhill, Schoeneweiss, Hoover, Neff, Hurley, Stephan, Roush, Feather. 4l1'S co 3 24 April 27 May 4 May 8 May 11 May 15 May 18 Fil'SI Row: Second Row April 29 April 30 May 2 May 7 May 9 May 13 May 16 May 21 May 23 May 28 May 29 First Row: Second Row. April 29 May 1 May 3 May 7 May 17 May 21 May 28 "' May 25 Muskingum, Bowling Green at New Concord ftriangular meetl Kent State at Mount Union Wooster at Mount Union Washingtonuand Jefferson at Mount Union T R A C K Hiram at Hiram Ohio Northern, Case, Ohio Wesleyan at Dela- ware Cquadrangular meetl Cain, Jones, Steiner, E. Haidet. . Kitzmiller, L, Haidet, Coolidge, Boster, Dew. Kent State at Mount Union Youngstown at Mount Union Fenn at Mount Union Hiram at Mount Union Youngstown at Youngstown Wooster at Wooster T E N N I S Allegheny at Meadville, Pennsylvania Kent State at Kent State Fenn at Cleveland Hiram at Hiram Wooster at Mount Union Gaeta, Schrader, Yohe, Dunmire. Abrams, Crist, Ritz, Halls, Coach Pratt. Kent State at Mount Union Wooster at Mount Union Oberlin at Mount Union Hiram at Mount Union Wooster at Wooster Kent State at Kent State Hiram at Hiram BIG SIX CONFERENCE MEET AT BOWLING GREEN YVa1lace, Neushutz, Beazel, Hunter. GQLF 125 migh- 35 ff., , M J --qw, Af fahfmfxf 'VO 1 Y, 7 ' A cm X yt 5 'Y , ,-Q 35? 'L qgxg M HT X., uk fp , T EC gf.. H W W . f -1 if fl as 1 x fx J, J .' 2: 'zLi ngwf f ',.,.l . Y iz, . .xgvmm ,, N BOYS' INTBAMURALS BASKETBALL SN First Row: Cailor, B'otton1y, Wilson. Second Row: Yohe, G. Jones. R. Jones. PING PONG PKT Burridge, Erb, Henshaw, Bauman. TOUCH FOOTBALL PKT First How: Lutz, Erb, Erickson, Bauman. Second Row: Steiner, Mosser, Treter, Neushutz, Burridge. 2 12 GIRLS' INTRAMURALS NEBRASKA BALL VOLLEY BALL DDD DDD First Row: Sparks, King, Snyder, Judy, Lindosmith, First Row: Snyder, King, Lindesmith, Fernandez Fernandez. Judy. Second Row: Roaih, Clnunbcrlaxin, Garmzin, Camp- Second Row: Roath, Garman, Kirk, Campbell, Sparks bell, Kirk, Geltz. Chamberlain, Gellz. YALE-HARVARD BASKETBALL TEAMS K D First Liojv: Lins, Heaston, T. Gulluher, Chamberlain, First Row: I. Galluher, B. Gallaher, M. Stephens. 1 bhllts' Lfmfllf CNSWQH' Second Huw: R. Stephens. Goddard, Koehnlein, Second Row: Gcltz, B. G:1ll:1her, Kirk, Cusliinpsp, At- Lemke. Wood, Stephens, Spark s. 129 CALENDAR September' October- November- December- J anuary- February- 1 3 0 What is so rare as a day in September, with the bees beeing and the flowers flowering, to say nothing of the "Back to School Movement" evidenced along about the eleventh of this month. At the annual freshman mix- er, Johnny Pickles, king of the "Hoboes", and Kay Vance, queen of the same, held court. W. A. A. came through with its annual supper hike later on in the month. Fun!! The football team started the season 06 with a bang and a win from Albion. Maybe it's just my kittenish urges, but wasn't the weath- er a wee bit on this side of' colossal? But, to quote Coleridge in his Dissertation on Roast Lamb, "If spring is here, it won't be long till winter." Homecoming was really a thing to write home about this year. The rally and the Sing showed some of these Ugripin' fresh- men" that Mount has school spirit in more ways than one. The Alpha Xis and Sigma Nus came through at the Sing, and the Alpha Chis and Phi Taus won the awards for most appropriate decorations. Betty Geltz, Tri Delta, shone as queen of the Homecoming Dance. tMinor detail-Kent won the game -- but only by one point.J Then, let's see, around Hallowe'en it seems to me that I remember .a bit of a mix-up involving several fellows, a few broken lights on campus, and a. few hours in the local "hoose-jug." I guess we won't forget very soon the super Stunt Night of last November. Tri Delta took top honors among the sororities with a take-off on "The Wizard of Oz", and the Sig Alphs pla.ced first among the fraternities with an original interpretation of Snow White. And, of course, everyone remembers the nine Weeks' tests. Need more be said? The Alpha Kappa Pi fall formal and the Phi Tau and Sigma Nu Thanksgiving dinners were high spots of the month, along with the sorority sing, when all the "gals" took courage and serenaded the fellows. November also saw the establishment of a new tradition - an annual Dad's Day sponsored by the Student Senate. Toward the end of the month ev- eryone started asking for membership in the T. G. F. T. Club itranslation: Thank God For Thanksgiving Clubl. Only two weeks between Thanksgiving vacation and the beginning of the Christmas "time-out," but in that time a lot happened. There was "that gorgeous Jean Miller, the Mogadore Killer", seen as the current lead in "Kind Lady", with Barb Kirk and Dotty Ketcham featured as morons. The Tri Deltas, A. T. Os. and Sigma Nu's enjoyed their respective fall formals, and the Kappa Deltas held their annual white rose dinner. The basketball sea.son started with the W. and J. game here. Then, of a certainty, came the Christmas dinner fserved with all the trimmingsj, followed by the annual dance. The next day was school, and even more than the usual amount of sleeping in classes ensued. And so home for the holidays. Back to school again in time for a month of basketball games, semester exams, Alpha Xi, Alpha Chi, and Sig Alph formals, semester exams, snow, and more semes- ter exams. Slogan appropriate for this month: 'AGO Slow. Harvard Curve Ahead." With this sad note the new year began, as usual, with resolutions to do a lot of things and not to do a lot of things. By the by, any one who still retains a New Year's resolution com- pletely unsoiled and unbroken may order a coke on me anytime. The freshmen threw a "shindig". Religious Emphas- is Week was really inspiring with discussions of love, courtship, and marriage. Valentine's Day came along soon after and brought at least the iirst two of that little threesome to the fore. It's funny how much a little box of candy or a frilly piece of paper can mean. Remember the Co-ed Prom, when all the girls went as characters from the "funnies', and proved the old axiom that "girls without boys are twice as much fun!" -- or something. Bhicco Batlivala spoke in chapel and March- Apri l- May- June- charmed everyone with her accent, picturesque cos- tume, and logical review of lndia's system of educa- tion. The formal Washington's Birthday Ball was fun. too, with its red, white, and blue decorations. Basket- ball games and informal parties at the frat houses took up any extra time in this month. March came in like a roaring lion, as did most of the fellows when they serenaded the sororities at the Fra- ternity Sing on March 1. Then the very next night the W. A. A. Leap Year Dance turned the poor males right upside down, with the girls performing the man- ly feats of opening doors, putting coats on backs, send- ing corsages, carrying cosmetic bits, etc., etc. The "Panhells" raised the roof at the Country Club with their semi-formal dance. "Its only one buck for twog doesn't that interest you?" The choir gallivanted to Cleveland, Youngstown, Canton, and all points north and south. When they hit the airwaves, everyone at M. U. C. had his ears glued to the "tuning-in" sets. The choir returned just in time for the All-College Athletic Banquet. Paul Reed and Dr. Oberteuffer kept the ball of wit rolling all evening-wonderful food, too. One of the red-letter days of this month brought Vera Brittain's chapel speech on what the present crises will mean to the youth of today. 'The Yales beat the Harvards in the girls' all-star basketball game. The sophomores threw a Saint Patrick's Day Dance. S'hunk House gave quite a swanky tea for the faculty and guests: gum drop favors 'n everything. The Reverend McQueen, of last year's Religious Emphasis Week, spoke at the "College Night" service, and he really gave us some thoughts to ponder over. Then, of course, came Easter, with its beautiful sunrise, its half-frozen corsages, and its silly hats. And after a week of being tired, of having knowledge crammed down our throats along with nine weeks' tests, we went home for a much-needed spring vacation. In the Bulletin it says, "April 8-Classroom meetings resume", but those are just high-sounding terms for saying the last nine weeks at Mount for the seniors. Sort of makes a funny-feeling lump start in the throat and end up toward the middle of the backbone. We went to the opera and saw "Carmen" with the French students and tried to forget that "funny-feeling lump" in the throat. We went to the A. X. D., P. K. T., A. C. O., A. K. P., Signet, and S'. N. formals this month, and elected Betty Anderson, Alpha Xi, the Beauty Queen to be entered in a national contest The starvation lunch- eon was fun, with soup and crackers at Memorial in- stead of the regular lunch at Elliott. And then came the Junior Prom! Will anyone ever forget that super sunken garden? These juniors are some clever, yea, man! The "day after" the prom fcalled by Kenny McF'a11 and others "High School Day"J was a great suc- cess as usual, and, also as usual, everyone felt more like sleeping. CGuess that last bit doesn't narrow it down to one particular day, but-J Then along came May. Health was the keynote for the first week, and Health NVeek ended with a bang-up Health Hop. The Kappa Delta and Tri Delt formals came next. And then May Day, The surprise queen and the May Day Ball were wonderful. The schedule of future events includes the annual formal W. A. A. banquet, giving the old board their laurels and wishing the new one good luck for next yearg the S. A. E. spring formal, the Phi Tau and Sig Alph picnics, the Senior S'upper at the Ketchams', Memorial Day, and the be- ginning of semester exams. f0uch.J By the time these exams are finished, we'll be finished, too, but after that we might as well enjoy ourselves at baccalaureate on the ninth, the senior girls' breakfast on the tenth, along with recognition chapel service and senior class day program. The same night, the campus illumination, and then the night of nights - the Com- mencement Dance. After that, well - here's to ya, seniors. 1939 - 1940 3111 illivmnriam Barbara Kindle Class of '42 To your enjoyment, students of Mount Union College, the 1940 UN ON IAN STAFF has dedicated this book. In it you have found remnants of your activities, and we hope that you will be reminded of the friendships and pleasant memories that mark this school year in your life. If this end be but achieved, our efforts will have been well spent. THE UN ONIAN STAFF 3 O U R S P O N S O R S We wish to express our appreciation to the individuals and the or ganizations which, through their sponsorships, have made the 1940 Unon- ian possible. The sponsorships are grouped according to page equivalents as fol- lows: full page, half page, quarter page, eighth page, and sixteenth page FULL PAGE AD Morgan Engineering Company HALF PAGE AD Boston Store Stark Transit, Inc. QUARTER PAGE AD Alliance Clay Product Company Alliance Machine Company Alliance Porcelain Products Company Amerman, James L. Canton Hardware Company College Inn Consumer's Market Cope Electric Company Cope Furniture Company Lembright Grocery and Baking Company Ohio Public Service Company Palm Garden, Inc. Spring-Holzwarth, Inc. Stern and Mann Company Transue and Williams Forging Corporation Tri-Theatres, Inc. EIGHTH PAGE AD Alliance Builders' Supply Company Allott Hardware Ault, Robert Jr., Insurance Agency Bay, John E., Insurance Agency Cassaday and Turkle Cunninghamis Furniture Damascus Nurseries Dumont Athletic Goods Dye Pharmacy England Drug Company 134 EIGI-ITI-I PAGE AD Eynon-Guthrie Company Cracknell's Super Service Station Farm Bureau Fertilizer Plant Fiegenschuh, Karl F., Jeweler Hart, Blumenstiel, and Strong Hillgreen, Lane and Company Isaly's, Mount Union Johnson's Ice Cream Bar Klein and Roderick S. S. Kresge Co. Mahan Music Store Maple's Grocery Miller, H. T., Florist Mount Union 5, 10, and 25c Store Mount Union Theatre J. C. Penney Co. Perskey's Mt. Union Market Sears Roebuck and Company Seidner's Flowers Spencer Service Station Stahler's Barber Shop Stewart Brothers Paint Company Supreme Dairy Company Taylorcraft Aviation Corp. Zone Cabs, Inc. SIXTEENTH PAGE AD Alliance Hardware Company A. and M. Transit Co. Art's, Jeweler and Clothier Dannemiller Grocery Company Haffner, Carl J., Jeweler Johnson Furniture Co. Kline, Paul, Men's Furnishings Miller, Nevin, Dry Cleaning Mount Union Diner Robertson Coal Company Saifell-Hively Printing Company Smith's Shell Station Superior Wallpaper Company Union Avenue Glass and Paint Co. White, Myron, Wall Paper and Decorating I 1 Originality is a quality of the imagination. lt is the abil- ity to take the usual elements of picture and story and present them to your student body in a new, different and interesting fashion. Our School Service organization has long been noted for its true originality in Year Book planning. at- ,F , ff? 136 THE Rnvlsw Pum.lsHlNG co Q E 1 i s K QV ii r

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