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gf?- f .Rail 4 ' + 5' Q- 'fiizifififixlunuxxlb' 'wniinxzaixumuxuuv .1 fl w:..1iiafaiaim1-- I- I '--i1Riifii1iQixaixlux.ll' ' 4 4- ii' -+ +- x. ,X Dedication To the parents of the students of Mount Union College do We, the graduating class of nineteen hundred thirty six dedicate this year book. In the enjoyment of our college life we have kept before us the realization that you, Mothers and Fathers, who have been Willing to sacrifice for us, have made this opportunity possible. In appreciation of your vital interest in our college life, both educational and social, of your loyal support, and of your valuable guidance, We depict a year of college life, and we present this an- nual in gratitude for all this which we owe to you. 5 sg ,A 4 s in ,gil S Q"4lmvmvx9? ' to you wh Dear Sis, l thought 1' d start this l had no idea it would be so hard to de l' d like to NXa3 or in English, but the that l'm tempted to work for a 3.53. U carry a music course, so Tmhopingt The campus is so very lovely no, dents playing tennis or baseball, 1 near the lakes. l believe l've toli where l'm living. Then not far fr! Chemistry and Physics Labs. are , where the social and interpretive a rectangle with Nlorgan and Nlemo! 'Physical Ed. The freshman boys J classmen usually stay in their stadium, the observatory, and f omehow just writing this i p l've found at Nkount. l've encl things more graphic . ,iff Alliance, Ohio Administration le l'm waiting to sign up for my courses. cide what to take. You Know , l first thought. e are so many attractive Science courses hen too , the Conservatory will permit me o work that in. . l can look out of the window and see stu- hile others are lying under the shade trees is you the lakes are in front or the Girl' s Dorm, xg Xw m there is Lamborn hall, where the Biology, o-s ,ocated. From there, up ahill, is Chapman Hall, sciences are taught. These two buildings form 'ial gyms , where the women and men students have 5 Q ive in Miller hall next to their gym, Qlhe upper Fraternity housesj and then nearby are the che Shalcespearian Gardens. LO you doesn't give an adequate idea of the spirit V i osed some snapshots which will perhaps maine lwove ll 'P ll PRESIDE . . . - v V 13-'5'l' um-fi l ' ",e,n9,q,-PRC1 -,If N I I yr. rn. Q . V .W 1 'X -. N. 1. William Henry McMaster, A.M., D.D., LL.D. Mount Union College, Ph.B., '99g Drew Theological Seminary, B.D., '02g New York University, A.M.. '02g United Free Church College, Glasgow, '04g Ohio Wesleyan University, D.D., '11g University of Pittsburgh, LL.D., '26, 8 r l 1 .-5 3 1 1 1 . 5 1 i X2 ,5 xx x X W n J 1 ei? Z iiihwunt lilmnn Olnihz ge ALLIANCE Ol-'HO Dear Friends of Niount Union: May we always cherish the memory of Dean John 'Brady Bowman, the man whose tireless energy, inexhaustable ability, and undying loyalty have placed him foremost in the hearts of Niount Union' s faculty and students. His Kindness, his flaw- less understanding, and his radiating person- ality exemplify his standards and ideals. As teacher, counsellor, guide, and friend, he will live--forever. 'Berhaps as Tennyson would say: "And thou art mortley, full of powerg As gentle, liberal-minded great, Consistentg wearing all the weight Of learning lightly like a flower." " sine erei -y, The oiass of 1936 l iir L, A xwmwiii N W l iKxi iilitxxwww A K .... . KX a W N - -2-wh H aimuexsexsxs s Hxxay.1Naxmv.' - 3 R , V X ,5- Sarah C'o1'Wine Stevenson, A.M., Associate Professor of History and Dean of NVomen Ohio YVes1eyan University, A.B., '103 Northwestern University, A.M., '11, Columbia Universityg Harvard University. William McLennan Morgan, S.M., Ph.D., Acting Dea11 of the College and Professor of Organic Chemistry Miami Universityg University of Illinois, S.B., '21g Ohio State University, S.iV1., '22g Ph.D., '25, 12 THE DEAN OF WOMEN ACTIN G D EAN MORGAN 1 Dear Dad and Mother, Consider yourself introduced to our faculty! Dean "Sally" Stevenson is the lady who slices off' the street corners with a Chevie. Is Dean Morgan absent-minded? Not where fake excuses are concerned. He remembers them all Qin fact, used 'em in his own college daysj . He is well liked by all the students and many call him "Bill". 12 L1-'ummm Ez 2 'l sw ....,- ISAAC TAYLOR HEADLAND, A.M., S.T'.B., Ph.D., D.D., Litt.D., Mount Union College, A.l3,, '84, A.M., '38, l1h.D., '01, D.D., 'llg Bos- ton University, S.T.B., '90, Coe College, Litt.D., '13. NVitl1 Mount Union, September, 1914-. 1696 South Arch Avenue. Dr. J. W. Fawcett Professor of Religious Education. BENJAMIN FITTS STANTON, A.M., Oberlin College, A.B., 'D73 University of Michigan: 1I2ll'V2ll'd Uni- versity, A.M., 'U0. Xvith Mount Union, Septexnber. 11115--. 1015 South Arch Avenue Associate Professor of Education. WILLIAM LINCOLN HART, A.B., LL.B., LL.D., Mount Union College, A.B., '95, LL.D., '29, University of Mlichigun, LL.B., '97. -vvitll Mount Union, Septernber, 1918-. 135 Overlook Drive. Lecturer on International Law and Political Science. GEORGE ARTHUR CRIBBS, A.M., Ph.D., Grove City College, A.B., '11, University of Chicahqo, A.M., '16, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh, l"h,D., '18, XVith Mount Union, Scptenilier, 1916-. East Beech Road. George Reeves Professor of History. 14 FOREST JAY SHOLLENBERGER, S.M., Ph.D., Mount Union, September, 1018-. 415 Vincent Street. Professor of Physics. LOUIS ABELL PAPPENHAGEN, S.M., Ph.D., Allogixoizy Cmlloere, S.B. '1"' Northwestern University, SM., Professor of C1181DlSt1'Y JOSEPH MEHOLIN SCOTT, A.M., Sc.D., Mount Union College, Mount Union, Dr. M. J. June, 1918-. 1415 Inwood Road. Lichty Professor of Biology. OHMER HAROLD ENGLE, A.M., versity of iVisconsin Associate Professor of Biology. Mount Union College, S.B., 'JSQ Ohio State Universityg University of l'ittsburg'h, S.M., '25, Ph. D., '33g Columbia University. NVitl1 I , a, '16, Ohio Slate University, I'h.D., '25. lVotl1 Mount Union, Septelnhor, 1.1125-. 705 XYest State Street. S.B., '133 University of Clliczigog University of M.ioliigan, A.M., '16g Johns Hopkins University, Sc.D.. '23. lVith lViiLenl1erg College, A.B., '1-ig Columbia University, AAI., '25g 'Uni- I Summer Session, '30, '31, '32, '33. XYith Mount Union, September, 1925-. 1409 Robinwood Road. Dr. Headland, our Prof. of Religious Education, rates 51 lines in "Who's Who", and can sing Chinese lullabies. Prof. Stanton, professor of Education, is also Supt. of Alliance schools. Attorney Hart, our Prof. of law, is candidate for Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio. Dr. Cribbs, besides being history prof. turns out some excellent paintings in his spare time. QGood for an A next semester?j "Frosty" -Shollenberger is always teased about something, so here's where we surprise him. Dr. Pappenhagen says that he can throw the driest of Baccalaureate Services as long as he is entertained with a joke or two. Dr. Scott has won the respect and admiration of all the students. His courses in physiology are very popular with us all. Biology is an interesting subject taken from any Engle. all ' l 1-In 1- 1-,lb l i I 1 I in I I - i T ummm- -1 , ,,,. u -1 ' .Mm- GEORGE FRANKLIN LAMB, A.M. Ohio University, Ph.B.. '02: Ohio State University, A.M., '05: Unl- versity of Chicago. Xvith Mount Union, September, 1905-. Professor of Geology. ROBERT ELIHU STAUFFER, A.M., L.S.B., Mount Union College, A.B., 'O6g Harvard University, A.M., 'OS: University of Chicago, University of the State of New Yorlig New York State Library School, L.S.B., '19, Harvard University. '3l. lVith Mount Union, September, 1920-. 426 East State Street. - Alumni Professor of Greek Language and Literature. ERIC ALEXANDER ECKLER, A.M., Xlfnsliington and Jefferson College, AB., '15, A.M., 173 'Pennsylvania State Colle-reg University of Pennsylvania, University of Pitts- burgh, residence work completed for Ph.D. degree. XVitli Mount Union. September, 1922-. 1445 Inwood Road. Professor of English Language and Literature, MARY WAGGONER ECKLER, A.M., University of Alichignn, A.B., 'l53 Pennsylvania State Collegre' University of Pennsylvania: University of Pittsburgh, A.M., '32 XYitl1 Mount Union, September, 1922-. 1445 Inwood Road. Associate Professor of English Language and Literature. l Prof. Lamb has been down in the "sunny south," but has returned looking hale and hearty. The synonym for Staufer is still Greek to most of us. Professor Eckler' s pride and joy are those smart-alec sophomores". Mrs. Eckler has one pet antipathy: gum-chewers. Sad. ex- perience teaches that Professor Anthony permits no puns in his class Qpoor Phi Tausl . "Kitzie" Kitzmiller will long be remembered for those stirring pep talks about the "Royal Purple and White". Professor Stookesberry, our Latin professor hates ponies. How about an inter- linear? Our Professor Ramette has the greates desire to annihilate those who greet him with a "bone joor. " 16 se, EL ., HENRY ANTHONY, A.M., University of Pittsburgh, S.B., '243 A.M., '27: Ohio State Unier- sity. Xvith Mount Union, September, 1926-. 2050 South Linden Ave. Associate Professor of English. ALBANUS BLAINE KITZMILLER, A.M., P11.D. Mount 'Union College, A.B., '14: Ohio State University. A.M., '26, l,'h.D., '28, NVith Mount Union, September, 1927-. 2306 Miller Ave. Lewis Miller Professor of Psychology. CARL LEROY STOOKSBERRY, A.M., Mount Union College, AB., '06g 1'1i11'VZLl'd University, A.M., '08, W'ith Mount Union, September 25, 1933-. 1314 South Miller Ave. Substitute Professor of Latin Language and Literature. EDVVARD CONSTANT RAMETTE, O.A., Protestzmt College, Rheims. Franceg Newton Theological Institute: Ofiicier d' Acadcmie, Paris, O.A., '20g Sorbonne, Universite de Paris, '27: Officier cl' Instruction Publique, Paris, '2'T. YVith Mount Union. September. 1921-. 134 East South Street. Melodia Blackmarr Jones Professor of French Language and Literature. 17 I5 ARTHUR ENGELBERT, A.M., P11.D., Concordia. College, '22-'24, Concordia Seminary, '24-'27, 'Univer- sity of l'ittsburgh, '27-'31, A.M., '20, Ph..D., 35. XVith Mount Union, September, 1.931-. 21127 Sliunk Avenue. Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literature. LUTHER ENOCH XVARREN, A.M., P11.D., XVilrnington College, A.B., '17, I-I:1rvzt1'ti University, '23, Haverford College, A.M., '24, Columbia University, '24, University of Pennsyl- vania, '25, University of Cincinnati, '28, 'Western Reserve Uni- versity, Ph.D., '34. XVith Mount Union September, 1928-. 1486 South Union Avenue. Assistant Prfoessor of Education. THOMAS ELMER TROTT, S.M., Muskingum College, SB., '02, S.M., '08, Harvard University. TViLh Mount Union, Septeinber, 15111.-. 50 East College Street. I Richard Brown Professor of Mathematics. RICHARD CHARLES HILDNER, A.M., Pl1.D., College of Xvooster, S.B., '28, Ohio State University, A.M., '30, IJ11.D., '33. Wfitli Mount Union, September 10, 1934-. 131 Hzirtsliorn Street. Substitute Professor of Mathematics 18 RALPH BURNETT TOWER, fM.B.A., P11.D., Boston University, 13.QB.A,., '24g M.B.A., '2Tg Duke University, '27- '285 Ohio State University. '29g Cornell University, Pl1.D., '31.. XViti1 Mount Union, September, 1931-. 137 East Mill Street. Professor Frank Transue Chair of Economics KARL KETTERING, A.M., Cornell College, A.B., '22g 'University of Cincinnati, '263 University of Iowa, A,.M., '2S. 'XVitl1 Mount Union, September, 1928-. 2145 Miller Avenue. Assistant Professor of Public Speaking and Economics. ANN EASTON KERR, A.M., Dakota Xlfesleyan University, '14-fl7g College of Puget Sound, A.B., '1S: 'Prince School, Simmons College, M.A., '24. XVith Mount Union, September 16, 1935-. 448 31st, N. YV. Canton. Instructor in Economics. CARL DAVID SOULE, A.M., S.T'.B. Atlclliert College, XVestern Reserve University, A.B., '2Sg Boston University, A.M., '32g Boston University School of Theology, S.T.B., 'Silly Fellow in Berlin and Heidelberg Universities, '33-'34g Boston University, S.S., lViT.h Mount Union. September 10. 1934-. 752 Hartshorn Street. Acting Cornelius Aultman Professor of English Bible. ' W 'l 2 1 ' 3 Just mention the word golf' and-isn't that the Ger- man professor steaming over to the Country Club links? Dr. Warren is known for the long tests he is capable of giving. Professor Trott, although on leave of absence, is known to all of us as the "whiz at math". Dr. Hildner, our substitute math. prof. is half' of that celebrated Hildner-Cooper duo. Mrs. Kerr helps our graduates obtain jobs after they've been thrust out upon the "cruel hard world." Qthe graduates, sillyj Professor ' Soule has a rival when it comes to looking like a stu- dent. Page Dr. Cooper. Professor Kettering has directed some wonderful plays He is going west this : summer which means another director for Hollywood I ' Z- rr.-3 '- E61 1 il Eilfr-'r ' RNIIHIY ROBERT DEAN WRIGHT, A.M., Miami University, A.B., '22g Uniersity of Illinois: University of VVisconsing Ohio State University, A.M., '34. IVth Mount Union, September, 1925-. 2106 Shunlt Avenue. Professor of Physical Education and Director of Athletics. HARRY GELTZ, A.M., Mount Union Collcgeg University of Illinoisg Ohio State Univer- sity, B.S., in Ed., '31: A.M., '33. ZXVith Mount Union, September, 193'-. 6115 YVest State Street. Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Football and Track Coach. BLOSSOM MCDADE PERKINS, B.S., Morningside Collete, '28-'29g University of Nebraska, B.S., '31g University of Iowa. XVith Mount nUion, September, 1932-. 1335 18th Street, N. XV., Canton. Assistant Professor of Physical Education. JOHN ROBERTS COPPER, S.B., Ph.D., I-Iziverford College, S.B., '29g Johns Hopkins University, '31-'323 Princeton University. I'h.D., XVith Mount nion, September 16 J f-. Millero Hall. Substitute Professor of Geology. 1 i i . Coach Wright likes his gym classes to be referred to as "fizz ed." QThat's alright, I'm just leavingj. Coach Geltz comes to the rescue of those who believe that. We still don't think it was fair for Blossom to change Coach Geltz' burly foot-ball men into dancing sprites ter sumpinj . Imagine the Dance of the Fairies and a foot-ball game combined! I still don't know what Silver Parking means, do you, Dr. Cooper? Prof. Oppenheim says that the students laughed at his purple shirt and yellow neck-tie. Why? Professor Hollingsworth has a fine tenor voice and a yen for eat- ing apples. QPersonally, I 'd rather do my own eat ingj . Hearing Professors Crowder and Stahler play the piano makes us wish we could play something besides the first two lines of "Chop-Sticks". 'MEIN' S 123 f- I .,l i , . . . 'INIIIIIIY' ......,....f -..V Nwm RICHARD WALTER OPPENHEIM, MuS.Grad. Director of the Conservatoryg Violin, Theory Graduate of Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium, pupil of Oscar Buck und Cesar Thomson, Brussels, first violinist, Concerts, Durant Symphony Orchestra, Brusselsg instructor in Miss Cowles' School for Girls, 1-Iollidaysburg, Peniisylvania, 1912-1914: instruc- tor NVilliumsport Dickinson Seminary, NVilliamsport, Pennsylvania, 1,014-19183 instructor Mount Union Conservatory, 192-g Director of Music, Mount Union, 1028-. HAROLD LOUIS HOLLINGSWORTH, A.B., B.F.A., Voice and Public School Music University of Nebraska. A.B., 151283 B.F.A., 1030. Teacher Public School Music and French, York, Nebraska High School, 10305 tenor soloist and director of vocal music on radio staff of KFAB, Lin- coln, Nebraska, 1931-19335 student of public school niusic, No1'th- western University, 19333 student public school music, Columbia University, 11133-10343 nuuil of voice with Mary I-Tall Thomas, 19:25-1930, and Robert Elwyn at the Institute of Music Art, New York City, 11133-10343 Director of Glee Club, University of Nebras- ka, 1032-19333 'Mount Union College, teacher of voice and public school music and director of glee clubs, 1934-. LOUIS CROXVDER, A.B., Piano Carnegie Institute of Technology, A.B., 19305 Pupil of Selma Jan- son in Piano: studied Piano with Eugen D'A1bert at Deutsches Musikinstitut fur Auslander in Berlin, summer 19293 studied with Ilobt-rl. Cusuclesns, Paris, 15431-1033. Mount Union College, teacher of piano, 1935-. EVELYN DORIS STAHLER, MuS.B., Piano Gi'z.lrll, Chicago Musical College, Mus.B., 1922 tpiano and com- positionjg pupil of Beryl liubinstein, Cleveland Institute of Music: of Ernest Hutcheson, Chautauqua Lake, New York, 1927. Studied with Hans Barth, New York, 1929-30. Teacher of piano, Mount Union College Conservatory, 1924-1929, 1930-. Z1 ' '- Lg. '- , CELIA VVARNE TOWER, A.lVI., Organ Cornell University, A.B., 1920, A.M., 19233 Ithaca Piano School: Ithaca Conservatory of Music, student of James T. Quarles, Itha- ca, New York, Member American G-uild of Organistsg lnstructor in Lyman Hall I-lifrh School, VValling'ford, Conn., 1923-24, Hamp- ton lnstitute, 192-i-253 Organist lst Presbyterian Church, Canton, 1935-g Instructor of Organ, Mount Union College, 1934-. RITA ELANDI Voice Graduate of the Cincinnati Collette of Music: pupil of Matilda Mar- chesi, Parisg drama under Messrs. Petipa and Pluque of the Paris Grand Operag member of the Carl Rosa and Sir Au,f:.'ustus Opera Comnanies in England and on the Continentp appeared in XVag- nerian opera. under personal direction of Frau Cosima Xvagner, Mount Union Colleze teacher of voice. 15125-. MARTHA GRANT ENGLE, A.B., Universitylof Iowa, A.B., '23, Pratt Institute Library School, '24g Iowa City Public Library, 1921-235 New York Public Library, '24, Bay Ridge High School Library, Brooklyn, New York, 1924-25. XVith Mount Union, September, 1925-. Catalog Librarian LILLA MADORA PATTERSON, School of Library Science, XVestern Reserve University, '10g Cleve- land Public Library, 1908-21.992Vltl1 Mount Union, September, 1 . -. First Assistant and Reference Librarian. 22 Q T 1'-'rail p W - GRADUATE ASSISTANTS MILDRED BECK EALES, A.B. Sociology ELEANOR ELIZABETH MUMAVV, A.B. English HELEN MARIE STEXVART, A.B. Biology ELSA SVEHLA, A.B. German A -if Mrs. Tower is our professor of pipe-organ. We wish she'd play more often for chapel programs. Mrs. Stauffer has the position of part-time college librar- ian. The cheery voice which generally answers the Cahpman Hall telephone is that of Mrs. Engle, our cata- log librarian. Miss Patterson, the first assistant and reference librarian, comes to the rescue of those unfamiliar with the college library. We have three graduate students assisting in the English, biology, A and German departments. Miss Mumaw is the English W assistant, Miss Stewart has several classes in the biology department and Miss Svehla assists Dr. Englebert in the German department. Mrs. Eales has played a very prominent part in the economics depart- E ment and is quite well known in social circles. WILLIS HINKSMAN RAMSEY X Treasurer ROBERT HERMAN CARR, A. B. Secretary of the Corporation and Business Manager VERNA ELIZABETH LOWER, A.B. Registrar LILLIAN AGNEW Assistant Treasurer Mr. Ramsey, our treasurer, is the possessor of a keen sense of humor which keeps everyone stepping to keep up with him. Mr. Carr is our business manager and bears a striking resemblance to the late Calvin Coolidge. Miss Lower, our registrar, says that there is just one thing that really "gets her going", and that is to have a student come in "to change my schedule". Mrs. Agnew has the two-fold duty of being our assistant treasurer and the Alpha Xi Delta house mother. The Reverend Mr. Dunn is officially known as the Mount Union field secretary. Mrs. McCready is the matron at Elliott Hall. These interesting people are known to college students as the faculty, which is just another reason why Mount is such a desirable school. Affectionately, Evelyn 24 si K? in . 12 . 1:-i.mum OSCAR WALTER DUNN KENNETH H. MCFALL PERRY FIRESTONE KING Field Sec1'eta1'y Alumni Secretary Cliairnian Health Service and Board Director of Admissions MAUDE YATES MCCREADY LOIS MANCHESTER Matron of Elliott Hall College Nurse 25 THE CLASS OF 1936 We have been preparing for graduation during the past four years. Now that the eve of our departure is at hand, we are almost overwhelmed by a feeling of surprise and unpreparedness not unmingled with regret. How short these years have been, so engrossed have we been, so occupied that we paid scant notice to the passing years, and scarce believe that our de- parture is so close. Quietly the poignant memories of friendships formed, learning sought and found, principles discovered, and character developed have reached out and possessed themselves of our heart strings, and we have not known it until we turned to go. However, abundant may be the success which the future holds for us, we shall probably never experience four years more filled with opportunity and accomplishment than this period of our training and development. OFFICERS President: Robert Pierce Vice President: Selma Liebschner Secretary: Ada Hanna Treasurer: Ernest Joslin 26 27 E nl Sigma Nu House Monday Night Hi, Tom, you old sock: Guess it was time I answered your last letter and gave you the "dope" you wanted. We've had a big year. No doubt you have heard about our football and basketball teams. In football we were really the conference champs and in basketball we came so close to being the conference champs that it wasn't even funny. The great class of '36 is about to become has- beens but what has-beens we'll be--the best, and don't forget it. ' ' This class of' '36 has produced many leaders of' the different activities of the school but as my last chance before they go I'll try to introduce some of them to you SoooooooooooH ..'E itil l S224 mmm l--llm The Class of I 9 3 6 John Adams Alpha Tau Omega Bellevue, Pa. Ilitramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Cecil Armitage Canton, Ohio Band Lender 3, 43 Symphony Orchestra 3, 45 Glee Club Accompanist 3, A Capella Choir 4. Harlow Frederick Banfield Alpha 'Ilan Omega Riverside, Wellsville, Ohio Phi Sigma, Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4. Vanessa Mae Bashline Delta Delta Delta Alliance, Ohio Sec1'etary, TI'GU.Slll'Cl' W. A. A., Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Y. W. C. A.: Woman's Student Council '35-'36, Panhellenic Council '35-'36, May Day Committee Carson Bergert Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio A191lllJ1'OlC 43 l1ltl'Ellllll1'2lS 1, 2, 3, 4. Harold Lawrence Bigler Sigma Nu Massillon, Ohio Dynamo 1, 2, 45 'Unoniau 1, 2, 3, 4. William George Blumenauer Alpha Tau Omega Massillon, Ohio Intraniurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Charles James Brenneman Alpha Tun Omega Pittsburgh, Pa. Football 1, 2, 3, -'lg llll.l'Ellllll1'2l.lS 1, 2, 3, 4: Health Education Committee' 43 Health lVeek Committee 4. Cec 's our leading bandsman . . . Van was head of the Delta Cubed girls . . . Big catches the girls with his camera . . . The A. T. O. socialite is Buxom Bill. KIM? Q. ,- H . I I I . I g.. mm-:nr I rrnn-www' I: rkmnnxrr The Class of I 9 3 6 Homer Vincent Briggle Sigma Alpha Epsilon Canton, Ohio Phi Sigma 3, 43 Alenibroic 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Commencement Committee3 Basketball Manager 1, 2, 33 Unonian 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2. Frank Bryant Alpha Tau Omega St. Clairsville, Ohio Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Tennis 1, 2, 43 Vice-President of Junior Class. Jean Shirley Buck Delta Delta Delta Alliance, Ohio Y. W.,C. A, 43 Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 A Capella Choir 43 Psi Kappa Omega 43 May Day Orchestra 33 Assistant in English 43 Mu Phi Epsilon '29-'303 Glee Club 1,2. Nell Isabelle Burnworth Signet Confluence, Pa. Signet Club Social Committee Chairman 3, 43 Gospel Team 33 Women's Student Coun- cil 43 Student Senate 43 Chairman of Committee for redecorating the girl's lounging room. Dohrman Harold Byers Alpha Kappa Pi Alliance, Ohio Alemhroic Society 3, 43 treasurer 43 Gospel Team 43 Cross Country, 23 Tennis 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry 3, 4. Goldie Opal Byers Signet Alliance, Ohio Psi Kappa Omega 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 43 W. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Student Library Assistant 2. 3, 4. Doris Ethel Cline Signet Alliance, Ohio Glee Club 1, 2, 33 A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Oratorio 1, 2, 3, 43 Gospel Team 33 Phi Sigma 3, 43 Alembroic 3, 4, Secretary 43 Vice President Signet Club 43 Psi Kappa Omega 4, Secretary 43 Woman's Student Council 43 May Day, '343 Organic Laboratory Assistant 43 Lauriger. Arthur Merton Cole Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio Phi Sigma 43 Dynamo Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Business Manager for Dynamo 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Varsity 2, 3, 43 Chairman of Commencement Committee. Brummel Briggle, the blonde-chaser . . . Bus Bryant, has helped on the coaching staff . . . Straight "A" Shirley . . . May Day pageant by Cline . . . No pun, but Cole makes the Dynamo steam up. -I II "!!!!!!!!.ll ll' 7 .2 KWH RNIIIIIY 'vw-nn. The Class of I 9 3 6 33 IIIIIIII A llll ..,.... Ralph Van Olinda Curtis Alpha Kappa Pi Brogklyn, N, Y, Beta Pi Theta, Glee Club, Oratorio 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43. Student Senate 23 Inter-Fraternity Council 43 A Capella 3, 4. Arthur Warren Curtis Phi Killlliil Tau Youngstown, Ohio Phi Sigma 'l'reasurer, Student Senate Tl'EElSllI'Gl', Social Committee 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Inter-Fraternity Councilg Unonian Business Managerg Home Coming Dance Chairman: Honorary Dance Committee. Catherine Boyanne Cuthbertson Delta Delta Delta Steubenville, Ohio Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Purple Masque 1, 2, 3, 43 May Day Court 33 Unonian Staff 3, 43 Dynamo 1, 23 VVo1nen's Student Council 2. Glenn Ferdinand DeHoff Sigma Alpha .Epsilon East Canton, Ohio Unonian Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor 43 Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 43 Assistantship in Accounting 43 Football 1, 23 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Dayton Cloyd Doerler Sigma Nu Akron, Ohio Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2. Robert Milton Dunlap Sigma Alpha Epsilon East Liverpool, Ohio Football 13 Basketball 13 Intramurals 2, 3, 43 Inter-Fraternity Council 4. Beatrice Eileen Dye Alpha Chi Omega Alliance, Ohio Glee Club 23 A Capella Choir 23 Unonian Staff 23 May Day Court 33 Panhellenic Council 43 Women's Student Council 43 Student Senate 43 Chairman of the Senior Class Day 43 May Day Committee 43 Phi Sigma. James Kenneth Elliott Sigma Nu Sebring, Ohio Class President 13 Alembroic 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1. 2, 3, 4.3 Cashier Curtis, coin keeper . . . That ain't DeHoff of it . . . We'll miss Dayt in the line . . . Bob'1.l be a Yale bird . . . Bea Dye, Alpha Chi "Prexy" . . . . . . . Ill ""!!F!!!.!! me F ii l HEI? ' NIIIIHIY' Ninn The Class of I 9 3 6 Edwin Clark Fishel Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio Dynamo Editor: Track 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 3, 43 Prom Committee. Roger Fitzsimmons Phi Kappa Tau Rogers, Ohio llll.l'itlllLll'2l.lS 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Mary Wagoner Fowles Alplma Xi Delta East Liberty, Pa. Gospel Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Queen 4, May Day Court 33 Panhellenic Council 33 Oratorio 4g Prom Committee 3. J ack Bruce French Hartville, Ohio Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Thomas Scott George Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio Basketball 3, 43 Track 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. William Lambert Gilmore Beta. Tlieta Pi East Liverpool, Ohio Junior Prom Chairman 33 Student Senate 33 Track 4. Ada Mae Hanna Kappa 'Delta Salem, Ohio Beta. Pi Theta 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Women's Student Council 3, 43 Panhellenic Coun- cil 3, fl: W. A. A. 1, 2, 4, President 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary of the Senior Class: May Day Court 3, Prom Committee 33 May Day Dance Committee 4. Betty Barbara Harry Delta Delta Delta Alliance, Ohio Student Senate 23 Y. W. C. A., May Day Court, Prom Committee 3. Fishel, Dynamo Ed . . . Mary Fowles, aaah, homecoming All-Ohio queen . . . Tom the basketeer . . . We hail Ada, Kappa Delta . . . Betty Harry, Tri Delta social chairman . . . Ill' ri 'MEM ' IRIIHIY' if :"l Mfr. 'Inn-an The Class of I 9 3 6 37 i Doris Elizabeth Head Delta Delta Delta Pittsburgh, Pa. Y. W. O. A. Pl'0f-Tl'illll Chairman 3, Vice-Pres. 45 W'omen's Student Council, Vice-Pres. 4, Dynamo 1, 2, Zig Unonian 1, 2, 3, 43 Associate Editor 43 Eliott Hall Student Gov- ernment B021-l'f1 1, 3, 4, Vice President: Panhellenic 4, Treasurer, A Capella Choir 1, 2, Il, 4: Glee Cluh 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 45 W. A, A.: May Day Committee 4. Frank Hendricks Alpha 'Pau Omega Alliance, Ohio Footxlnall 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Purple Mask. Kathryn Marie Henry Alpha Xi Delta New York, N. Y. Student Senziteg Purple lvlzisqueg Beta Pi Theta, Treasurer. Howard Allen Hughmanic Phi Kappa 'l'uu Canton, Ohio Phi Sigma, Presidenig Psi Kappa Omega, Alembroic Mary Elizabeth Hunter Signet Alliance, Ohio Phi Sigma Alma Allen Huth Delta Delta Delta. Alliance, Ohio May Queen Ernest Elbert Johnson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Glenshaw, Pa. Purple Masque 1, 2, 33 President 43 Unonian 3, 4g Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Ernest James Joslin Phi Kappa 'Pau Lundys Lane, Pa. Phi Sigma 4: Cheerleader 1, 23 Prom Committee 33 Vice-President of the Sophomore Classg 'Freasurer ol' the Senior Class, Intralnnrals. Personality plus . . . Hugh ought to see the lab . . . Not Alma Mater'-Queen Alma . . . A pair of prexies, Ernie sans Purple Mask and Ernie, unDyed . . . Illl llllill Ill! ll Ii . II ,lllll i 'HER IHIIHIY' The Class of I 9 3 6 CJD CD IIIIII !lllII....... James J ubour Karam Phi Kappa Tau Canton, Ohio Football 13 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. James Thomas Lape Sigma Nu Canton, Ohio Football Manager 1, 23 Alembroio Vice President 43 Dynamo 3. Selma May Liebschner Alpha. Xi Delta Salem, Ohio Vice-President of the Senior Class3 Elliott Hall Government Boa1'd3 Phi Sigma 3, 4, Secretary 43 Beta Pi Theta 33 Womens Student Council 3, 43 Panhellenic Council 3, 43 May Queen's Court., Purple Masque 2, 3, 43 Unonian 3, 43 Dynamo 23 Y. VV. C. A. 2, 3. 4. Helen Louise Lussen Alpha Xi Delta Kent, Ohio Beta Pi Theta 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Elliott Hall Government Board 3, 43 Psi Kappa Omega. 43 XVOHIGHYS Student Council 3, 43 Pauhellenic 33 Y. W. C. A.3 Student Senate 4. Kathleen Manf ull Signet Club Mechanicstown Myra Martin Signet Akron, O. Elizabeth Jane McLaughlin Delta Delta. Delta Pittsburgh, Pa. Lauriger 43 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 I11tl'kl.llll1l'i11S 3, 43 Purple Masque 3, 43 May Day Committeeg May Day Court 43 Secretary ot the Elliott Hall Government Board3 President of the Elliott Hall Government Board 4. Robert Thomas McNichol Alpha. Tau Omega Salinesville, Ohio Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Booker Jim, the date maker . . . Alpha Xi Prexy, Selm . . . All activity Helen . . . Busy, Brainy, Beautiful Betty . . . Bob bossed the A. T. O. bruisers Ill II Ill ull lu ul i...i.. fi 3 ' YRNITRY' The Class of I 9 3 6 P 1-A ll. IIIIII IIIlIlIllI....... Arthur William Morris Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio Purple Masque 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presidentg lntrainurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Ernest Ashley Naragon Sigma Nu Salem, Ohio Alemhroic 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Psi Kappa Omega 43 President of the Junior Classy Chairman ot the Senior Gift Committee, Cross Country 23 Track 23 Tennis 27 Chem- istry Laboratory Assistant 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Martin John Neff Beta, 'l'heta. Pi Canfield, Ohio Thomas Nichols Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio Quartet 1, 2, 3, 43 Oratorio 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4. Harriett Norton Bedford, Ohio Phi Sigma. 3, 43 Y. W. C. A. 1, 25 W. A. A. 2, 33 Prom Committee 3g May Day Committee 4. James Arthur Norum Phi Kappa. Tau New York, N. Y. Dynamo 2, 31 Oratorio 23 Giee Club, Treasurer 4. Newell Yost Osborne Alpha 'Pau Omega Jewett, 01li0 Tau Kappa Alphag Pi Gamma Mug Debate 2, 3, 45 Mount Players 2, 3, 43 Gospel 'Feain 2, 3, 43 Pres. of Y. M. C. A. 3, 43 Pres. of Student Senate 43 I11lLl'El.Illlll'3.lS 1, 2, 33 Inter-Fraternity Council, Junior Prom Committee: Dorothy Jane Patterson Alpha. Xi Delta, CZIVIHOH, Ohio Pi Gamma Mu. Barking Bill never bites . . . Ernie fell in love . Tommy, the intense tenor . . . Senate chief' Yost cleared his last hurdle--Love . . . "Pat" will be a lawyer '.!!.l!ll iii J I 5: 'mmmr E gm.. . The Class of I 9 3 6 43 E : 2 1- 1 l i l Marjorie Beatrice Pattison Alpha Xi Delta Cleveland, Ohio Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 33 Oratorio 43 Biology Laboratory Assistant 2, 33 W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Social Cllillflllktlli Purple Masque 1, 23 Dynamo XVoman's Editor, Society Editor, Secretary33 Phi Sigma 3, 43 Unonian 4. Robert Russell Pierce Sigma Nu Aliance, Ohio Golf 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Cross Country 23 Treasurer of the Sophomore Classg Senior Class President: Prom Committee 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Phi Sigma 43 Alembroic 3, 4. Dale Scott Porter Phi Kappa. Tau Scio, Ohio Intramural Manager 2, 3, 4. Evelyn Mildred Rankin Alpha Chi Omega Alliance, Ohio Oratorio 1, 2, 43 Glee Club 13 Co-ed Prom Committee 2, Chairman 33 Student Senate 33 College Social Committee 33 May Day Committee 4. Mary Alma Robertson - Kappa Delta Steubenville, Ohio Dynamo 1, 2, 33 Purple MZISQIIG 1, 23 Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary 3g VVomen's Student Council 1, 3, 43 Lauriger President 43 Pi Gamma Mu, Vice Pres. 43 Elliott Hall Government Board, Pres.3 Treasurer of Junior Class3 Treasurer of Panhellenic 33 May Day Committee 33 Prom Committee 33 May Queen Selection Committee Cliairman 4. Elden Moore Rowland Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio Football 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 33 Phi Sigma 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Evan Bitzer Schiltz Sigma Nu North Canton, Ohio Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 33 Golf 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Margaret Elizabeth Senn Alpha Xi Delta Alliance, Ohio Lauriger 3, 43 Phi Sigma 43 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 Prom Committee 3g May Day Com- mittee 3, 43 Dynamo 2, 3, 43 Unonian 3, 43 Panhellenic 4. Yours truly myself, . . . Dale Porter, intramural supporter . . . Mary keeps ahead at Mountg her thoughts at Wesleyan . . . One Shot Aggie . . . Sure Shot Schiltz . . . Senn . . . F 3 ' INRIYHY' .Munn The Class of I 9 3 6 45 .E I-larry Shipman Shadle Silllllll. Nu Norwalk, Ohio Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. Lindsey West Shea Alpha Tau Omega Warren, Ohio Phi Sigma-15 Quz1.ri.eI. 2, 3, 4, Manager, Glee Club Manager, Oratorio 1, 2, 3, 45 A Capella Choir 1, 23 Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 35 Intramurals 2, 3. Gertrude Lucile Sheldon Alpha Xi Delta VV3.1'1'611, Ohio Y, W. C. A. 1, 2, 4, Pres. fig Beta Pi Theta 2, 3, 45 Pres. 4, Lauriger 3, 43 May Day Court 35 May Day Chairman 43 Dynamo 1, 23 Elliott Hall Government Board 2, 33 Secretury-'l'reasurer5 Wornen's Student Council 3, 43 Intrainurals 1, 2, 3, 43 President of Sophomore Class 23 Vice President of the Junior Classg XV. A. A. 2. Frederick Ray Shively Signet Bayard, Ohio Vincent Simon Alpha 'Pau Omega Millvale, Pa. Quartet Accoinpanist 3, 4g Il1i,1'Etl11U1'Zt1S 1, 2, 3, 4. Sara Kathryne Sutherin Delta, Delta Delta East Palestine, Ohio Purple Nlasque 2, 35 Girls Glee Club 33 Beta Pi Theta 3, 4g Phi Sigma 3, 43 Psi Kappa Omega 4. Howard Milton Stier Sigma Nu Paris, Ohio Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Gordon Rutledge Swope Signm Nu North Canton, Ohio 3, 45 Pi Ganinia Mu 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Interr- Fraternity Council 4. Football lg Basketball 1, 2. Letter-collector . . . Baritone, I'll Shea . . . Shelly has achieved success . . . Honor-student Sutherin . . . Stier and Swope have given four years to football and basketball respectively . . . Ill! I ' llllmi I 7 3 1 :Lmmm : umm:-r 3 The Class of I 9 3 6 Thomas Elmer Trott Siixnut Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio Football 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Assistant Track Coach 4. Thomas Oliver Weir Sigma Alpha. Epsilon Minerva, Ohio lflcouomics Assistantship Cl, 43 Tennis 3, 45 Pi Gamma Mu, Pres. 43 Dynamo 35 Glee Club 33 Illt1'21ll1lll'?J.1S 1, 2, 3, 4. Jack Le Roy West Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. William Alvin White, Jr. Sigma Nu Canton, Ohio Psi Kappa Oinegag Alembroifeg Phi Sigma., Vice-Pres.g Committee for Commencement Speaker, Cliuirinziii Commencement Announcement Comniittteeg Intramurals 2, 3. Edgar Edwin Wilms Sigrnia Nu Salem, Ohio ary Captain 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, -ig llumination Night Chairman 33 Phi Sigma 4. Football lg Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Honor William Jackson Wilson Alpha Tau Omega Alliance, Ohio Intraniurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Melvin Raymond Windland Alpha 'Pau Oniegn. Alliance, Ohio Illl.l'llIlll.l1'illS 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Oratorio 2. Mary Constance Wursthorn Alpha Chi Omega Alliance, Ohio Pahhellenic, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Senior Commencement Speaker Committee, Junior Prom Committee 33 Oratorio 1, 23 XV. A. A. 1, 2, 33 Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3: Women's Student Council 2, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Unonian 45 May Day Court 3. 47 A A A Weir . . . Bill White held down an assistantship in E the chemistry department . . . Wilms was a track star 5 . . . Windland combined pleasure with sports . . . iii, Wursthorn was Pan-Hellenic Pres. . . . 'F The Class of I 9 3 6 Beulah Virginia Zellers Kappa Delta Columbiana, Ohio Orutorio 1, 2. 3, 43 Y. NV. C. A. 23 Secretary of the Sophomore Class3 Women's Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Pres. 43 W. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Pres. 33 College Social Committee 43 Student Senate 43 Announcement Committee of Senior Classg Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. John Sylvester Yaggi Alpha Kappa Pi Alliance, Ohio Orntorlo 2, 3, 43 Band 1, Z-2, 43 Y. M. C. A. 3, 43 Gospel Team 33 Intramurals 3, 4. Martha Kloos Yaggi Delta, Delta Delta Columbus, Ohio May Day Committee 33 Junior Prom Committee Inter-Fraternity Councilg Purple Mosque 1, 2, 3, 43 Int1'z1n1u1'als 1, 2, 3, 4. Joseph Carretta Alliance, Ohio 1llil'ZiIlll.ll'1liS 1. 2, 3, 43 A Capella, 2, 3: Purple Mask 1, 2, 3. Paul Haiss Alliance, Ohio Football 1, 2, 33 Il1ll'ill11l11"diS 1, 2, 3, 4. Martha Hammond Delta, Delta Delta Alliance, Ohio Junior Senior Prom Committeeg XVO1TlB11'S Student Council 1, 2, 33 A Capella 1, 2, 3, 43 VV0lllG1l,S Glee Club 2, 3. Martha Yaggi was an all activity girl, one who did things in the right way . . . And now I must close and although I have not mentioned all I hope you realize that this was an outstanding class. Yours truly, Bob Ilil 'IKE ' IIWIMIY' it rrfrho F :El Q " mr: fhu-num ll Class of 1937 OFFICERS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS President: May Wildman Vice President: Berniece Henderson Secretary: Harry Schmuck Treasurer: Nancy Freshwater Besides her responsibilities as President of the class, May has taken a very active part in many of the different organizations. Berniece and Nancy also are Very active. Schmuck is one of the busiest fellows on the campusg he is a leader in practically every organization in Mount Union. These officers have proven an exceptional ability of leadership and deserve congratulations for their achievements. Mount Union Dear Sally, A. D. News! News! I am overflowing with news of this Junior Class. They've been very active all year and really topped things off on the 18th of April with one 50 - E324 ':,:,,m,,,,, Eels-'sr-, l Class History The class of '37 launched into the third year of its important history. We had back of us two years-one of humiliation Cbut not defeatb and one fulfilled with the sweet and satisfying spirit of revenge. We had been tried and had tried, but were now ready for bigger things-we were Juniors. Our strength was in quantity as well as quality, for, in the fall of '35, we had one of the biggest Junior classes ever enrolled within the portals of dear old Mount. And, carrying out a successful year under the able direction of May Wildman, the climax came at the memorable Junior-Senior Prom, Where, to the smooth strains of Gene Beecher's band, the Junior Class Hstrutted their stuff." With such a background we have much to look forward to-we, the class of '37. 51 -.f 'Q' 'S of the best Junior-Senior Proms in years. I will introduce you to some of the outstanding people and events. Howard Ake was president of our Gospel team and under his loyal guidance we had a very successful :, year. Novello Allen was selected as May Queen, per- 52 sonality, beauty, and ability warranted her the honor. 1-n, 225 . g -hi! 'EDDIE Louis Ailes Phi Killilia Tau Alliance, Ohio In order to discern what "Ailes" the world, "Louie" came to school at Mou11t with aspirations for the medical profession, and there is no doubt of him reaching his goal. Howard Ake Phi KIIDDHN Tau East Canton, Ohio The ".ludges', ambition is to preside over a divorce court. However at the present time he seems to be content being the mainstay of the Mount Union's Gospel Team, Howard has ability and determination which makes for success. N ovello Allen K21111111 Delta Deer-Held, Ohio This girl deserves congratulations as being the one chosen May Queen of our campus. Although rather shy and modest she always has her share of fun. O Curtis Allison Sigma- Nu Niles, Ohio Gentlemen, hail the champ of champs, the ace of aces, the best and only first-class "Burper" of our fair school. Oscar Andreani Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio "Andy" has certainly proved his ability in football and basketball. There is no doubt of him being the first "All American" from Mount Union. Mabel Andrews New Cumberland, YVest Virginia. Mabel is one ol' those quiet girls but very competent. She has proven to be one of Professor Warren's best practice teachers. O Martha Ayers Alpha, Xi Delta Alliance, Ohio Martha is a very good student. Her interests seem to be towards the Biology De- partment. She has a smile for everyone. Agnes Beck Alliance, Ohio Agness talents know no end. She has an especial art ability, her grades show her meritg and she has hopes of being a Psycho-Analyst. Robert Bennett Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio Hob is known for his ability to smile, and one of Mount Union's promising athletes. 0 Frances Bergert Delta Delta Delta Alliance, Ohic "Fran" is clever, competent, and at the same time knows how to get the most fun out of lite-"and then some." Mae Bieri Alliance, Ohio . This petite and charming Miss plays a very prominent part upon the campus of Mount Union. She is assisted by that certain versatile A. T. O, Paul Biggins Sigma Nu Minerva, Ohio The little boy who does big things in football. He is not exactly a straight A student but the grades which he receives arc merited by hard work. 53 41 i - l 7. l .-1 1 , --il n 1 - w an -5 1 1 I l .f. 1 '11 rl - ' - - , w 1 "Love in Blum" is Schmuck's theme song. Florence Bremer carried a few honors this year, besides being "Prexy" of' the Alpha Xi Delta sorority she has also been chairman of many dances. Bucher certainly helped to :: make the fine record achieved by our football team. Carlson is a star at tennis. WIKI? "' E I ..fsll.:"'..!.'.," Alice Bliss Alhha Xi Delta Youngstown, Ohio Alice is quite a capable girl. She is kept busy being Treasurer oi the Alpha Xi's, and answering letters from that boy at NV. SL J. Ruth Blum Alpha Chi Omega Cantgn, Ohio In truth, Sir, she is lovely, brilliant and clever. Her interest of the campus is centered within the Phi Tau House. Marie Boring Alhha. Xi Delta Steubenville, Ohio Marie is well known for her abonnding generosity and her genial personality. She claims that her heart is still her own--at least physically- Virginia Bowman Delta Delta Delta Canton, Ohio "Ginnie" is known for her charming personality. Her interests a1'e varied i11 Mount Union Activities, but she has a special interest in a certain Mount "grad" which is easily understood. Martha Brady Alpha Chi Omega Petersburg, Ohio An excellent student with many friends illld many interests. She is characterized by her smile. Florence Bremer Alpha Xi Delta Sandusky, Ohio "Flossie" is one of the most popular girls on Mount Union's Campus. She is presi- dent of the .Alpha Xi's and associate editor of the Dynamo, besides being affiliated with many other organizations. I , Betty Brigel Kappa Delta. Betty's excellent grades won for her the honor of Psi Kappa Omega.. The young gentle- man's name we hear is Owen. Sebring, Ohio George Brown Alpha Tau Omega Alliance, Ol1i0 George is a local boy who believes in gettin' ahead by combining practical knowledge with Mount Union's "theory." Edwin Bucher Alpha Tau Omega Mil161'VH, 01110 The brains of Coach Geltz's grid team. Beware all ye candidates for the 1936 "All Ohio" I Helen Byers Alliance, Ohio This lass is tall, blond and quiet. Although being very conscientious she possesses a. radiant personality. Robert Carey Salem, Ohio He handles the equipment with a slogan "Cash and 'Car- He is also known to be a "lover." Sigma Nu Wrightfs right hand man. ey' ". Randall Carlson Youngstown, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega U H "Swede" is a sportsman at heart, and is a match for any one on the court. 55 OJ . r" l 1 "- ,- ix' t . r ,1 , .,, -, .JJ- The Walter Wlnchell of the Campus Blll Casselman sees all hears all, and tells nothlng Cookle and Duncan fllt here and there as much as ever Oh those klds We have a new beauty ln our midst thls year 56 heads Ph1 Slgma E Cl - MMI? JE Rosalee Davis, a transfer from Oberlin. Donaldson ": HIE EElF '3'Q:"'f Martha Carr Alliance, Ohio Martha works diligently at the Alumni office. Besides being interested in Biology and athletics, she, too, has an interest in an Akron University student, we are told. William Casselman Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio "Casey" is the tall boy with the deep voice who is destined to become tl1e World's leading radio announcer. His ability as an actor cannot be warranted too high. Mary Evelyn Cook Alpha Xi Delta Niles, Ohio "Cookey" has a charming personality, excellent manners, and an urge for cooking. She can usually be found with a certain blond haired boy known for his whistling sounds. Billy Lee Corbin Canton, Ohio llilly Lee can he spotted a mile by his flowing tresses. For further information about this lad just ask the ladies. Ralph Cross Sigma Nu Minerva, Ohio Ralph, although a transfer student of this year, has certainly made worthy accomp- lishments, working at home as well as commuting to school. Joseph Crumrine Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio "Joe" is an Alliance lad with rn, gift for music. Seldom seen around school because of local interests. Frank Cunningham Canton, Ohio Frank, who has worked and strived to reach the calling which he so desires - the Ministry, will certainly be a benefit to that profession. Jack Damon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio "Duke Damon" is known for his puns without laughs. He believes that the best way to keep well is to visit a certain doctor's home quite frequently. Rosalie Davis Alpha Xi Delta East Canton, Ohio "Rose," a trans-:fer from Oberlin, has certainly taken the place by storm, not only with her personality but with her cliarming beauty as well. George Dawson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hookstown, Pa. George has a philosophy all his own. He believes that when better men are made Hookstown will make them. Allen Donaldson Alpha Tau Omega Alliance, Ohio 'I-le has given much of his time and interest to Biology, being an assistant in that de- partinent. His main interest though is centered on a certain "Street." Charles Duncan Youngstown, Ohio "Pretty Boy" whistles away his time while trying to keep from "Cookey"-"Ze Beautiful Suzettef' 57 ni, N N il J 5 f'A 1 Y . Y' ff , n . 1 l., AT' ' fr ' A ,I ' I a . 14 x' V 3 lit "Pat" Engleberg is the College wit. Evans and Evans devote their joint time in crooning and intra murals. Roy Finefrook--handsomest man in the Junior Class and also commander of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. Arlene Frederick has the most beautiful red hair. Furcolow is a pre-med student. !'. w rw 58 Ea "' 2 lim li' . iI,- WRU' Kenneth Eckert Alpha Kappa Pi New Philadelphia, Ohio "Kenny" got rid of the habit of speaking French and acquired that of going to sleep with the radio ong when in Sebring he is a real "latin lover." Arthur Engelberg Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio "Pat's" humor t?J is the hardest thing to understand about him. YVe have been looking for his pin for nearly a year. lt seems to be lost in the vicinity of the Alpha Chi House. Arthur Evans Sebring, Ohio Our hats are off to one who can take a history major with such an air of iudiiference and get away with it. 0 . Ellen Evans Alpha Xi Delta Alliance, Ohio lilllen receives great acclaim for her lovely voice. She is a good student, and she spends quite a bil, of her time studying a certain Phi Tau. Stanley Evans Phi Kappa Tau Canton, Ohio "Tuffy" is one of Phi 'l'au's mainstays i11 the intramural sports. He is known to support the name, Evans. Frances Farwick Alpha Chi Omega Canton, Ohio Besides possessing the qualities of vim, vigor, and vitality, she is very charming. She is known to be F1 student as well. O Donald Fein Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio Don has chosen the ministerial profession as his lite's work, He is thought well of by all his fellow students. Much of his time is spent with a. certain local judge. Roy Finefrock Sigma Nu Waynesburg, Ohio Roy was voted the best looking boy in the Junior Class - it must be that grin.. Arlene Frederick A Alpha Xi Delta Alliance, Ohio Arlene has loads of pep, and it is certain that her radiant personality and broad smile will aid in her success. Nancy Freshwater Alpha Chi Omega Chester, W. Va. Whatever she ,did was done with so much ease, In her alone it was natural to please. Robert Furcolow Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio "Bob" has certainly proved that he wants an education. Working nights and going to school days gets the best of men, but not so with this energetic gentleman. Doris Geiger Signet Club Alliance, Ohio Doris divides her time outside of her school work in the glee club, choir, gospel team, intramurals. 59 A -1 nM "pf 1 Eleanor Gilchrist is the Brilliant gal who yens for golf season and a Plymouth. However, she does find time for Purple Masque as well as being the new nPrexyN of the Tri-Delt Sorority. Wilma Griffith has been dating a certain fellow from Carrollton wherever such a place exists. 60 Ea " -I . -C Eleanor Gilchrist Delta Delta Delta Brilliant, Ohio Eleanor was voted the best all around girl of which there is little doubt. She has also heen elected president of the Tri Delts, She has many friends and especially a very close one who wears the pin of Sigma. Nu. Robert Gilcrest Alpha Kappa. Pi Alliance, Ohio Here is a. boy who is always willing to go more than half way to help a friend. He also claims to be a wrestler. Enio J usti Alpha Kappa Pi Alliance, Ohio He is known for his varied study of languages as well as coining words in his Don Juan adventures. U Wendell Graening ' Alpha Kappa Pi Canton, Ohio A coinbinationz musician the blows a mean saxl, student, and baseball pitcher. Donald Greenamyer Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio According to the S. A, E. pledges he swings a mighty paddle. "T'rotsky" has received great recognition as a soft ball artist. Robert Griffin Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ohio The local boy who believes in cheering his way to success. His s-pare moments are taken up by dipping the tall ones at Isaly's. 0 Wilma Griffiths Alpha Xi Delta Niles, Ohio "Willie" is another girl known for her lovely personality and good humor. She seems to be loyal to A. T. O.'s. Lowell Hammond Alliance, Ohio Lowell is often seen around the campus in his little green Ford. He is one fellow whom you can't get by without saying "Hello" Charles Hart Alpha Kappa Pi Alliance, Ohio This handsome yonng man, the acnie of all that is desirable in masculineness, is a combination: Greek God, Einstein, and XVni. Shakespeare-what a man. O Hamill Hartman Alpha, Kappa Pi Moultrie, Ohio Although very quiet he never holds back for a good time. He is a gentleman and a student. Kenneth Haueter Phi Kappa. Tau Bolivar, Ohio A man does not know his own strength and takes advantage of the fact in the intra- niural sports, He is a connoisseur of the athletic world. Tod Heckaman ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Canton, Ohio The S. A. E. maestro of all co-ed affairs. He never leaves his manners at home. 61 MOI 4 Q - 'N 1.1- , Y l ,, , . ..,, ,L at A Y. Hildebrand is one of our handsome fellows of the school Don Howe sings base on the Mount Union famous quartet Olive Ann James is still our star :I girl athlete on the campus. Betty Sue is "Keeperyoi' the Keys" but she herself checks in and out with a Sigma Nu. Koontz is the eminent treasurer of' S. A. E. ----4 62 is r 12' . 1: --'mnmr all -. Berniece Henderson New Philadelphia Beruiece is interested i11 social service work as well as a young theological student at Boston. Gordon Hildebrand Sigma Alpha Epsilon Canton, Ohio "Speed" is a handsome chap who is silent and efficient in everything he undertakes. He has a way about the girls - it must be the way he parts his hair. 'Donald Howe Phi Kappa Tau Mansfield, Ohio Don is a real versatile musician, and the idol of every "fem," He has a bass voice that every one admires. Edmund Hunter Alliance, Ohio This young fellow has given much of his time and tallent to the play production of Professor Kettering's class. He is known to be a hard worker. Olive Ann James Delta Delta Delta Magnolia, Ohio "Jim" is an outstanding athlete and a capable and popular Tri Delt. She juggles hearts as completely as basket balls - "lVIoon1ight 85 Magnolia." Ernest Johnson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Glenshaw, Pa. The "blond-l1ead" has been giving much ot his time to the promotion of a life in- surance policy to a certain Tri-Delt. His Purple Masque productions are to be commended. O Betty Sue Jacob Delta Delta Delta Vlfellsburg, W. Va. "Jake" is quiet and resourceful. f She has been given the honor of treasurer of her sorority. A Pre-Med. student seems quite capable of holding her heart interests. Bessie Kilgore DeltaADelta Delta Canton, Ohio Bessie is petite, quiet, and exceedingly modest. She just loves to do things for people, and you can always lincl her somewhere close at hand. Kenneth Koontz Sigma. Alpha. Epsilon Salem, Ohio "Kenny" is the financial nianager for the S. A. E's. He is a willing worker in any enterprise. He claims to divide his heart interests and "love 'ein all." Joseph Margolies Canton, Ohio Calm, collectnal, and intelligentg yet a man who will never say die. Thomas Marsh Sigma Alpha Epsilon Painesville, Ohio Tom is a good looking, well dressed chap with good manners. He has M. U. C. an- cestry, tennis on his mind, and A. X. D. on his heart. Jean McCallum Alpha Xi Delta Alliance, Ohio "Jeanie" is quite a French student, but still she iinds time to share her good humor with othersg and also time to tease. 63 ps!! 13' 2 A -if , x . W V I 1 w .W '5- N K , McCracken is still booking bands. Murphy, is one of' Mount's varslty tennls players In our Yale Harvard serles Jean Murphy played a bang up game She has lnterests beslde just lntramural sport John Neff' played a knockout game 111 football, O'Br1en and Pardee ln track Parker la a star at track and football 64 ! -'MEUR . . I . .- - 0 I- . - . . - 'E 0 5- i ' ' .: fl 73 ,1- l . l "' 'TT 1, . 1:11 , 75. l - . ini i 3--V - I i if Afvwmnnv: Helen McCauslin Alliance, Ohio 1'-Ielen is anoher girl who has had to work t.o receive her educationl She is a good student and well liked. Austin McCracken Alpha Tau Omega. Kent, Ohio A conscientious student who has been studying to be a teacher. It has been said that he has applied at Wellsville for more reasons than one. Dorothy Miller Alpha Chi Omega. New Cumberland, W. Va. She is known for her quiet ways: one of the most dependable girls of M. U. C. 0 Frederick Murphy Sigma Alpha. Epsilon Barnesville, Ohio "Ted" is one of the most industrious fellows in school. He is a supporter of the Irish traditions. His spare time is taken up by varsity tennis. Jean Murphy Alpha Chi Omega Bethesda, Ohio If there are any more from Bethesda such as she, bring them around for us to see. Suzanne Mussleman Alpha Xi Delta ' Alliance, Ohio "Sue" spends quite a lot of her time driving: her little tan car around town. She thinks a certain Sig Alph is swell. 0 John Nei Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio One of the local boys who knows his way around. He is a good athlete, and is quite a popular fellow. Charles O'Brien Alpha Tau Omega. Alliance, Ohio "Chick" is a versatile A. T. O. with a "Crosby" voice. He thinks a certain girl-is the "Bieries". Ferol Orwick Alpha. Chi Omega Massillon, Ohio Happy, charming, and appealing, In her you will always find a friendly feeling. O Robert Palmer Alpha Iizunm P1 Alliance, Ohio "Bob" is a very good history and English student. I-Ie is often seen pushing his Ford over the campus. Myron Pardee Erie, Pa. A11 industrious student whose time is spent ill preparation for medical school or as an athlete on the track team. Howard Parker Sismuv Alpha EvSil011 East Palestine, Ohio "Junk" is a good natured fellow as well as a hard worker. He has proven his strength and iight on the football team as a linesman. He is also a "longshot" on the track team. 65 i 'Fl 69.6 1' N..-J ' 1 ' -If 1 -f l l l f - -S1 , , . .V. I ,C 1 or i to .' A ' "5 4 lil , , Esther Parsons can usually be found thls year wlth the blonde headed S A E "Matt" Rennels lS a member of the Student Senate Dlck Roberts played the same great game that he played last year and he has certaln E lv proven his title of "All Ohio" in football. F E ME Elilism. 66 Q -'HENRY INIIHIY' www n- . Esther Parsons Delta Delta Delta Chardon, Ohio Confidently Esther accepts responsibilities and never violates a trust. She is Well known on the campus for her ready enthusiasm and sparkling wit. "One in a Million." Merrill Parvis Alliance, Ohio Parvis is a very good student, ranking as one of the highest in the English depart- ment. He believes in the philosophy that two can live cheaper than one. Virginia Quinn A111110 Xi DGH121 Steubenville, Ohio "Ginnie" is a transfer from Bethany, and claims she likes Mount Uniong but her quill is linked with 21llOtl161"S pi11 from Ohio State. O Mathew Reynolds Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alliance, Ol1io On top "Matt" is a bit of a social light, underneath a student, philosopher, and a good friend. James Rickard Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio "Jimmie" is a local lad who drives the "blue jilloppi" called XVillys. He has a par- ticular dislike for German but is a shark behind the pool cue. Mamie Roberts Alpha Chi Omega VVorley, N. C. "Bobbie" is a graduate nurse and assistant dietician in Elliott Hall. There seems to be a young man in New York who holds first place. Richard Roberts Alpha Tau Omega Grafton, Pa. "Dick" is Mount Union's All Ohio Center in football. Outside of athletics his main interest seems to be in a certain Alpha Xi Delta. Anna Robertson Signet Malvern, Ohio Anna is the active young lady who really shows color on a basket ball floor. Duane Robinson Phi Kappa Tau Rural Valley, P21- He works for the collegeg he is a football manager and he is a good student. Guy Rowland Sigma. Nu Alliance, Ohio This short lad is a happy-go-lucky with lots of pep and entliusiasxn. You never see him sad even after an organic test. Bruce Ruff Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio Our saxophone player is a member of several bands as well as leading one himself. Night life does not seem to bother this fellow in the least. John Saflell Alpha Tau Omega Alliance, Ohio John is Professor Stauffeids right hand man. Besides holding such a position he is R known as a ve1'y good student. 67 -A :."4."1-QE, 1,3 . w P . Q "9 . 'Eff' ' H 51", Y ' 1 Schmuck is one of those all-around activity fel- lows. This team debated many of the larger univer- sities and Colleges. Martha Schweinsberger who's got a new Ford. Paul Shaffer's one of' Dr. Towers prize economic students. Jane Stamp is as popular and good looking as ever. "Kirk" deserves compliments on the Junior-Senior Prom. 68 3 T at . -E 1. T.. in V iq . -T-- 1RH!'HlP in... mummy f- vm-mwr Harry Schmuck Phi Kappa Tau East Canton, Ohio Besides being one of the Dynamo News Hounds, President of the Phi Kappa Taus, a track man, a debater, member of the Glee Club, "Scoop" finds time to escort a cer- tain prominent Alpha Chi. Margaret Schnitzer Kappa Delta Uniontown, Ohio Among strangers "Margie" is always quiet, but to her sorority sisters she is always full of pep. Martha Schweinsberger Alpha Xi Delta Alliance, Ohio We often this young Miss buzzing around the campus in her Ford V-S - she must have an interest i11 the Ford Company with such a pride. O Paul Shaffer Signia Nu Alliance, Ohio A local student who, i11 spite of his irregular attendance, has made a place for him- sellf hoth in scholastic standing and as an all around good fellow. Louis Shaheen Canton, Ohio He is majoring in economics, and he says "it is not the easiest thing in the world." We fee-1 that his determination and efforts will not go without reward. Martha Sheatsley Alpha Chi Omega. Louisville, Ohio lVIartha is the girl who plays the organ for chalpel and keeps up the student interest. It has been rumored that she is quite a student with a very high average. Daun Shoemaker Alpha Xi Delta Canton, Ohio Daun has a ready smile and a good personality. She must iind time to study because she is rewarded with excellent grades. Virginia Simms Alliance, Ohio Virginia is a good chemistry student who persists in spite of accidents. Her pleasant personality wins for her many friends. Vernon Slater Paris, Ohio Vernon is a hoy not especially interested in college social life, but who stepped away from his hooks a11d work to make a place for himself in the illtramural wrestling program. Irene Smith Canton, Ohio Irene commutes for her education from Canton which proves that this lass really wants to reach the top, She is tall, quiet and dependable. Jane Stamp Delta Delta Delta A11i2111CS, O11i0 Tall and charmingly poised always, Jane wears clothes with a. style all her own. Someone said the song "From the Top of Your Head to the Tip of Your Toes" was dedicated to her. Kirk Stephenson Phi Kappa Tau YOll11gSfOW11, 011i0 Kirk engineered our fine Junior-Senior Prom. His pin rests on a beautiful A. X. D. He is well versed in Geology. 69 K Q43 I Steve was there in football and by the way we had a champlonshlp football conference team Stewart was elected v1ce presldent of Phl Slgma W1ll1s Tarleton complled certaln statlstlcal lnformatlon about our athletlc department "Mart" Thompson has her eye on a certaln basketball star th1s 'year 70 ll - WEB? M E .. ' . . h . I f . I I . E ' m ' ' e M? nts -.-...-.qi John Steve Phi Karim Tau Louisville, ohio John played very line football and can always be depended upon. He comrnutes from the great metropolis of Louisville. Gordon Stewart Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bedford, Va.. "Go1'dy" is one of the Dynamo prize reporters. He also takes an active part in the Purple Masque. This fellow never says "quits," Dorothy Streit Alpha Chi Omega Alliance, Ohio Dorothy has taken a very active part and interest in her laboratory work for some particular reason. She has also given much of her time to the library. Walter Swallow Sigma Nu Alliance, Ohio The boy who introduces the new shirt combinations. VValt is a fine fellow and can usually tell you a few jokes. Joseph Tarian Alliance, Ohio This young gentleman always seems to be in a hurry-perhaps it is because he is a major in economics. Willis Tarleton Alpha Tau Omega Caldwell, Ohio "Will" is the boy who has comprised the different athletic statistics and deserves a lot of credit for such a worthy piece of work. He is also treasurer of tl1e A. T. O. fraternity. O Marjorie Taylor Kappa Delta Lima, New York She has proven her worth as Ilnancial manager of her sorority, and also taking an active part i11 the Physical Education Department. Francis Terhume Delta Delta Delta. Alliance, Ohio "Fran" with her cosmopolitan personality acids much color to the campus crowds. The pin of Phi Kappa Tau rests upon her. Martha Thompson Delta Delta Delta Mansfield, Ohio "lVlarts" rollicking laughter and friendly ways make her a good pal at all times. She is very much interested in sports and especially marvels at our basketball center. Lewis Todd Alliance, Ohio , - "Lew" is the answer to a 1naiden's prayer. Recently he has denied this statement and says that he is opposed to entangled alliances. Kenneth Turner Alpha Tau Omega Alliance, Ohio When Ethiopia and Italy were at war they called tor "army," but he claimed it im- possible to attend their war due to National Guard duties. In his spare moments he plays football. Kenneth Wagner Phi Kappa Tau Hartville, Ohio "Philbert" is the muscle man of the Phi Taus. His personality and manners have won for him many friends. He despises women perhaps for this reason he is a good ' student. 71 I ,' vi - NXX ' 1 Weis deserves as much credit for establishing a record as our team has done. May Wildman was Junior Class President. Now do you wonder that our class has made history this year. Through the cooperation 3 of every member we really had a wonderful class con- sisting of athletes, beauties, straight "A" students, '72 Eli - EEEII l if . Q1-il'lll!!llP Russell Waterman Alpha Tau Omeqx-ra Munhall, Pa. "Rus" is ratlier quiet, yet he displays his ability in athletics rather than in speech. He is a dependable boy and a good student. Grace Watkin Delta Delta Delta Alliance, Ohio Grace's pleasing personality and attractive appearances make her an outstanding girl of the campus. They say her heart strings are divided. Mary Elizabeth Wearstler Youngstown, Ohio Although quiet, refined, and dependent she can always be found in the midst of merriment. O Robert Weast Alpha Tau Omega Alliance, Ohio A local youth who deserves all the credit he can receive. Wo1'lc and school deserve recognition. Elna Weaver Signet Alliance, Ohio Her philosophy is "the way to get ahead is to study". A little of it would help us all. Jean Weedman Canton, Ohio 1-Iis long suit is mathematics. He obeys the old idiom "Never mix business with pleasure," but he certainly gets his share of both. Alvin Weiss Alliance, Ohio Alvin is not certain if he will follow the medical profession or notg but whatever he follows, we may be assured he will succeed. John Weis Alpha Tau Omega Sandusky, Ohio John has displayed every characteristic of a good all around fellow. He is a good athlete, president of his fraternity, and he is a scholar. Besides all these activities mentioned he hnds time to visit the girl friend back home. Mildred Whitney Alpha Xi Delta Sebring, Ohio "Skipper" has many campus activities and is a good student. YVe hear that she spends a lot of her time with a chemistry lab assistant. James Wilcox Phi Kappa Tau Alliance, Ohio "Jimmie" is the curly headed blond who dashes around the campus in his yellow roadster, and who makes the girls sit up and take notice. He is known for his scholastic record. May Wildman Alpha Xi Delta Garrettsville, Ohio May is quite capable, it is evident by the fact that she is president of tl1e Junior Class. It seems that a fellow by the name ot Kirk stands at the head of the class. James Wilhelm Alliance, Ohio A local boy who is an all around good fellow, plus the fact that he is one of the most handsome fellows in his class. 73 and all around good kids. I-1ere's hoping that every class follows the lead they have begun. Well I'll have to close and go to lunch. Say hellow to all the gang for me. :I ' All my love, May W.........g 74 Eh gill l . Qhi 'HIUUYRY Ruth Withers Alpha Chi Omega XVarren, Ohio This ambitious little girl, who wears a Phi Tau pin and has a cheniistry student's head in a whirl, has high hopes of being a doctor. More power to you "Ruthie." John Woods Alpha Kappa Pi Malvern, Ohio He has taken a prominent part in intramural sports. He is liked by all-and is will- ing to go out of his way for anybody. Erma Woodward Kappa Delta, Alliance, Ohio Erma is the tall conscientious girl who is never seen without her characteristic smile, or without her A. K. P. pin. Thomas Young Phi Kappa Tau McKeesport, Pa. "All American Young" is one of GelLz's iron-clad tackles who proved his worth dur- ing the past season. He has many friends through his good nature and attractive ' smile. Wayne Wisler Canton, Ohio A scholar and musician who "Iiddles" away his time to a good advantage. He is studying the ministry. 75 I CLASS OFFICERS P1'E3SidG1111 ........,... ,.........................,,...........,.....,..,..,,,,. G O1'dO11 Gay Vice President ....,... .......... M ary Louise Mai-toia. Secretary ......... .,,...... L ucille Williams Treasurer .. .......... Lloyd Dermott Dear Bill: We, as a Sophomore Class, have reached the end of our "lower classmen" days. We have endeavored during the past two years to contribute as much as our ability allowed. Many students engaged in different activities of which the sophomore class held up their percentage. We have tried to contribute to Mount Union, not as a Sophomore Class, but as a "part" of the whole, our share towards her betterment. As a Freshman Class we came to Mount Union-- our life preparation before us! We found here friends, guiding teachers, and our work. Now we are half way to our goal. May the future be filled with the content and progress that we have experienced during our first two years. Yours very truly Gordon 76 . if -'IIMIIIP 9 E25 E-11' 1 Z 1 W I 115 - """""" Ahel, ltnlmert llnvid .,...,..,.... Alexander, Mary Amelia .... SOPHOMORES .,....A.rt:4 .........Arts Alzncr, Robert .lohn ...................., . ......A., Arts And:-rson, Kennet Robert .... , ...,..,..,. Arelilmziinrli, IJwif.:'ht 'Wellinpgton I-Snlv, .inn-lc Sherman .......,.,..,......... l-lnnkcril, NX llliaim ....Y...Y.. .. Hnrncs, NV:1ltcr XVade llutcs, ltnlph .Arthur ....... Hnuinaln, .lohn Herman Hull, 'lVylmn, .livelyn ,..., i. Henlia, .lulin ..,..........,.... Bins, Siclncy Monroe ...,... l':li.1'lA'lllS, Alhert Joseph Hlnclilcflg'c, lllJl,l'l.lH'l. Gene ..... Honvnlot, I+1ng'cne Scott ...... Hrenui, lilizabeth Jessie Hrnnt, 1-Elizabeth .............,......Y Bryllcn, ilobcrt Richmond ..... Cain, Chnrles Cecil .............. Us-sslizl, Kathryn 3'1,!ll'R'ill'0l. Chisholm, ltnth liliznlnetll Pope, XYilli:1m Samuel ,,.,. i'ottrull, .lohn Burton .,.,. Foy, Mary lilizalreth ........... l'r:iwford, Dean XVeslcy .,..... t'rawi'orcl, Lawrence Alvin .... Davies, .lames ll:-Lrold ......,., IJn,wsnn, .lnzxn Mary ............... lit-rniott, Charles Lloyd ..... licrthicli, Charles Henry llifloure, Yolanda .....,,...,.,... lmlnn, Dari Vern .,........i Iltinfs-c, Marjorie Dean ......... lilllis, Tlionias 'Kerstcttcr .... ifcte, Itussell Joseph ....,..... lriralicr, Betty .lane ., ............ . llf'r:inci:4, i-Inward fllhornas ..... Fries, Arthur 'Rulo i............., Fi-miius, Arthur Georirc ....... ii:ing'l, Frances ldlizaheth flnraux, Iilsthcr Pauline ..... flurside, Kenneth Charles ..... tiny, Gurdon Martin ...........,........... ..... Genimill, Robert Arrowsmith Gvnsl1:il't, .Davlil .. ........................ ijh-ntithcs, George Harry ..... X Science Arts: ,....,Arts ...,., Arts .3 ..,. Arts Science Science , ........ Arts Science Science . ...,. Arte Science . ..,..... Arts Arts Science Science .........Arts Science Science .........Arts ......Arts ......A,rts ,.....Arts ......Arts ......Arts .,....A,rts ..,.,....ArLs Science Science .........A1'tsa .........Arts Science ,,..........Arts Science .........Art.: , ........ Arts Science Science . ....i.... Arts .,....Arts ......Arts George, Robert Adams ..... Gilmore, James Laland ....,,. Glandon, Mary Frances .....Arts .....ArtS .,...Arts Goodnough, Betty Mae ..... .,... f 'trts Gray, Elmer Gordon .............. ,....... f Xrts Greenharn, Jean Elizabeth ..... .Arts Greenisen, Donald Robert ..,.... Science Grim, llicharcl Howard .....,. Science Gross, Paul Edgar ,...,,......... Science Gross, Paul Edgar .......,.......,. ....... S cience Haines, Richard DeXVayne .... ...,... S cience Hall, John Clarkson ...,..... Science Hazard, John XVilbur ..... Headley, Xvalter Couse ..,.........,Arts Hess, James Alfred ...... Science Henson, Don Karl .....,,,..., Science l-linderer, Paul Jesse ...,... Science Howell, Sarah Elizabeth .. ...........,. Arts l-luth, Charles Milo ...........,. Science lman, Eleanore Frances Science Jackson, Gerald lVallace Science Jacob, Emerson Donald .....,.. .......... A rts Karnasliy, Stanley Andrew ..... ........., I Xrts Knowles, Charles JE'iichard ............. Arts Lalfollette, Paul Sumner ...... ....... S cience Lapp, Ethel Bernice ....,......................... Arts Lee, King Shin .................................... Science Lemliright, Marguerite Virginia-i. , ......... Arts Lingrel, Paul Tlfarner ........................ Science Lilllienbacli, Ruth Elizabeth .....i.,,......... Arts Lutterbeclc, Dallas Frederick , ...,..... Science MacMillan, Mary Belle ......... .i........ A rts M:1g.rg'iorc, Carl Humbert v ,.... ......, S cience Maitin, Milton Robert .....,. Science lVl21I'Ch, Edgar James ......,..,.. ....... S ciencc Martoia, Mary Louise ............ ....... S cience Matthews, XVarren Edward ...... Arts Maurer, .Robert Thomas ...... .,...,, S eience McCallum, Joyce ..,................. ....,..... A NS McCann, Maxine XVinifred ..,...,.. .... . ..... .Q Xrts McHenry, Betty Marguerite ................ Artis McMaster, Elmer Leroy ,.,..... ....... S ciencc Mohr, Robert Louis .......,...... .......... A ITS Moore, Donald Roy .......... Science Moss, Melin Lane .............,............ .... S ciencc Myers, Pauline Bertha ..,... ........,...i. ArtS Nieberding, Ramona. El lzabeth ..,,.. ,Arts CLASS OFFICERS President ............. .............v........................ L ucy Anne Sargisson Vice President ...,... ......... D oniald Peterson Secretary ............. ......... K atherine Bonfert Treasurer ........... William Keeler Dearest Suzie , I don't have much time, but I do want to tell you about the remarkable Freshman class of Mount Union College. I think that the upperclassmen should come around and offer their congratulations to us for our accomplishments. The two outstanding ones were the Freshman Dance, which Kay Bonfert was in charge of, and the first Freshman Chapel. This was directed by Lucy Ann Sargisson, and the class members on the program were Martha Jane Cook and Joe Sherry. Our class rates higher scholastically than any other Freshman class has in the last few years. Sorry, Suzie, to make this so short, but if we are to continue to accomplish things and keep our grade records, I had better be getting busy at both of them. Sincerely Lucy 78 I -'IIRHMF F - nl 5 SEI F'-1--"'1' Aldridpfc, George Robert .... , Ambler, Frances Dclla .... Bailey, Frank ..................... Ball, James 'Wathnl ....... Ball, Janet lValde:l.n ........ Barr, 1?l,'GC'iG1'll'!li . .........,.,......, . Benedict, George Alfred' .....,. Hobicli, John ......................... Bonfert, 'Katherine :Hfl.l'lHlI'2l. Boyd, ,lvllizulietli ..,................ llrndbury, NVilliuin ,,...Y......... Bl'llC'iSllIlXV, Albert lisliclniziri, 'l3r:ulsliaw, Florence Mzlrle Brown, Elizabeth lrcne ....... Brown, Gladstone ....... ,......... lirowninxr. Elizabeth Orpha I1fllT'i.lZlt'hkEl', lvllldred Maxine Science Science .............Arts Science Science ..........,Arts ..... Arts . ....,,. ..... 1 Xrts ..........A1'i.s . ............ Arts Science Science Science ............,Arts ......... A rts ............Al'ts ...........,.Arts Cabbut, Maxine Virpglnia ........., Science Carson, Mary Elizabeth ..............,... Arts Cnteott, ltichnrcl Louis ............ Science Cohen, Evelyn ....,...,i.......... .......... A rts Colbert, Earle TlllTil'l'lll-S .,..,......... .... . .Arts Conway, James lticliard ..... Cook Martini. Jane Science . .... .... 1 N r tis Science ..........A.rts , , . ........... . Cope, Joseph llienjnmin ..,... .....,. Cukro, tleorfrc John ........,.. Cunln, Qllorothy Mac ............,..... Curtiss, liic-hard Sherwood ..,....... Daniels, Ralph VVcber .......Y,......... Dantzlcr, lVrn. Crosby, . ..... ........ Davis, Ruth Eleanor ..... Decker, Brooks Dunno .. ., ..... A rts Science Science Science ...........Arts ...........Arts Dennison, Jack Lewis ..... ........ Uellcw, Hurry Morris ...... Doody, Sara Elizabeth .... 1'n'ake Lena Jane ........... Science ..........Arts ...Arts Dunlnf, ilimbei-1. 'Wells ......z-.'.i-gffitillfbfl Dugan, .lane Elwilrla .......Y.. . ,.,,,. .Science ldnstlalcc, Mary Eleanor ............ SLZICTICLE Exnmcrt, Jcan Rosanne, .,..... .... ....Arts ldmmcrt, Kenneth Rawlings, ........,. Arts Faylor, Zellu. Marie .i.. .......... . .......... . Arts Ferris, Manottc Louise ..............., Science Fishcl, Dorothy Ann ..........,.. flnsetti, A.zlriann:1, Matilda. t'li'e4,-iilljmcrgh Ruth Goldie ..i.... . ..,.,.. Arts Science Gum, ldclwin Bruce .............. ..i.... S cicncc llauis, Vtfztltcr I-Icnry ..... .,..... S clence Hull, Iliclnuwl Glen ...... . ,..... Science llnnnzi, Albert .....................,,......... Science l-lunnzu, llene llloneta .................... Science llardesty, John Kirk .,,i...,................ Arts llurrison, Dewitt Edward . ..... Science llarry, Dorothy lVilson ...,...... .... . .Arts llzlivll, Fr:x,nci:-z Gilmour ........Arts FRESHMEN l-lays,-s, Tice ........................... Hazen, Thomas XVilliam Heastand, Theda Juanita .......Arts .......Arts .......Arts I-leislcr, Jan Elizabeth .......... ..... , .... A rtS Hcnschen, XVilb u r George ,,,...........Arts llerrlle, Esther Marie .................. Science Hlekle, Frank LeRoy ..,.,.... Ilobson, Alma Susan ......, 'l'loyle,. Elizabeth Caroline .........Arts .........Arts ..........Science Incc, Irene ..,.. . ................. . ........ ........ I Arts Jackson, Margaret Evelyn .... ...Science .I nmcs, Richard, Jr. ....... ,. ........... Science Johnson, Carroll Eades ..... Keck, Earl, Jr. .................. . Keel, Robert Allen ,... ,.... .... Keeler, XVllliam Osborne .........Arts ......,Arts .......A1'ts .....,.Arts Kelly, Marfxaret Marie ................,..... Arts Kcrstettcr, ltobcrt lVclland ...... Science Keyser, Jane Elizabeth ................., Arts Kiel, Othar Meade ........................ Science Kloos, Elsie Marie .......... ......... A rts Kutsch, Ruth Louise .... ............ A rts Lapp, lklenry Carl ............ ...... S cience Lcmbright, lVa1tcr Lee .... . ...... Science Lemon, Ttobert Roy ....... ......... A .rts Lewis, Emma Jane ........... . ...... Science Lewis, Robert Clayton ..... ...... S cience Long, James Joseph ............ ......... A rts Lower, Virginia Burrell ................ Arts Mnnfnll, Clair Leroy ......... ...... S cienee lvlaratlzi, Robert Clifford ...... Science Masters, Bettie June ....... ................ A rts Maxwell, Verde Ga-Nell ........... ....A.I'tS McConnor, Dorothy Jeannette....Science Mctjonnor, Richard James .......... Science McCord, XValter Francis ................... Arts McFadden, Cornell Inman . ..... Science McGrew, lla Gaynelle ................... Arts Mclntyre, George Hoffman Laurence McMillan, June Josephine ............... Arts Mincks, Eleanor Corinne ................ Arts Mlnter, Virginia Love ......... ...... S cience Monti, Foster . ........... . ..... Morris, Louis Franklin ..... .........Arts ....... Arts Mucrth, Arthur Gardeld .... ......... A rts Nichols, Harold Leroy ....... Nicholson, John Kennon ...........:Arts ......Sc1ence Niins, .lziync Elizabeth .... ...... S cience Opfle, Robert Arthur ...... ...... S cience Oyster, Zoe Ellen ....... . .............. Science l":i,rker, NVarne Richard . Parks, Carl Ramsey .. ...... . .... ......Science Parks, Clyde Ross ............. ...... S CICUCG Patton, liluth Mabel ........................ Arts Feeling, Ronald lVinlield 79 ,...-....Science Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Myrtle Katherine Pickles, Esther Elizabeth Donald Albert ............ Science Donald Albert .......... Science ......Science .....,..Science Pierce, Mary Elizabeth ............ ......Arts Pugh, Greer Campbell ............... ...Science Rainsberger, Thomas lVilliam ..Sc1enee Rastetter, Richard John ............ Rockhill, Ellen Jane .................. Heck, David Stuart ........ ......Arts . ..... Arts ..,...Arts Read, Thomas Frank ..... .. ............. Science Rodgers, Janette Lu ceba .......... ......Arts Ross, Edwin Francis ..... ............. S cienee Roth, Harley Alan ............... ..... Rowland, Betty Imogene ...., . Ruth, James Frederick ..... .. Rutledge, James Albert ..... .. ......Arts .......Arts ......Arts ......Arts Sampson, Charles Eli ........................ Arts Sandberg, Edward Andrew ...... Science Sanderson, Elsie Jane ......... ........ A rts Sargisson, Lucy Anne Schumm, Leah Mae ........ Scott, Gordon Phoenix .... Scott, Ruth Agnes ........... Sells, Paul Henry ..... . ........ .. . ......... Arts ........Arts Science Science Shaheen, Mitchell Mike ..... ........... 1 Xrts Shannon, Eunice Virginia, ......... Science Shreve, Alfred Joshua ..... Sicliafoose, J. C. ................. . Sivon, Lynn Edmond .,................ Smart, Dorothy Jeannette ......... ......Arts Sherry, Joseph Alexander .......... Shipe, Yvilliain Russell ............ ........Science ......Arts .....,Arts ......Arts .Science Smith, Martha Katherine ............ Science Smith, Richard Paul ......... Snively, John Wilson ..... Soskin, Zelman .................... Spies, Xlfinifred Aileen .... Stevens, Earl Orrin, Jr. ............... . Summer, TVinifred Elaine .......... Swisher, Eugene ............. ............. Tallcington, Harry Max .... Turner, Lyle Herbert ...., Vernon, Ruth .... ........................ .... . . Vosler, Howard Cousins ............. ........Science .,......Scienee ........Science .............Arts Science ......Arts Science ........Science ...........Arts ......Arts Science Hfagner, Helen Marie ........ ...... A rts Xveldy, James XVaite ..,............... Science XValdman, Lewis Abraham. ......... Science Xvest, Allen Foster ............ .. ........... Arts Hfest, Martha Alice .........,.. ........... A .rts XVolcott, Harry Gordon . ..........., . Wood, Arthur Bertrum . ............. .. Science Science Xvursthorn, Anne Jeanette ............... .Arts Yllusthorn, Elizabeth Jane .... ...... Yesso, John Alader .......... . .....,,.. ......Arts Science :Tw ,W mx X 'f , Q M ex wk 4 1 13 UNH: I Q J' 1 1 s T R rf, Qssfgssfgf l 1 ' College Niount Union Alliance , Ohio rested in what' s going on at your Alma -s located on the campus, Sigma Alpha Kappa Tau, and Alpha Kappa Pi. All of hing or another. There exists a lot of in- e intramural program. The Freshmen are -ey who clo not commute or live in town room rity and beauty elections. beautiful girl t l popula he most the mos as ww the annua if Fowles was voted t sautiful fyunior, Kathryn Cessna, beautiful freshman. Alma Huth w Queen. She is to be ' ueen. the most ' ing May onalitxj q ha s the retir the pers lta, Alp so is chosen Delta De thletic .a Head was ties on the campus, Delta hi Omega. They too have intramural a stunt night , and sings. ' the campus again and see for yourself the Ing all the time. ring summer school? Your loving Grandaughte Elizabeth 5 I' Ohio Alpha Nu of LPHA AU O EG Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond, Virginia on September 11, 1365. The iirst chapter was installed at Virginia Military Institute' at Lexington, Virginia situated. in the hills of Virginia. Ohio Alpha Nu is the oldest of the national fraternity chapters located on the campus, having been installed on February 14, 1882. The five charter members lirst met at what is now 1928 South U1ll0ll Avenue. The chapter has since moved six times and is now residing at 205 XVest College Street. OFFICERS VVOFUIY Master ................................,.,, ........... J ohn NVeis Wo1'tl1y Keeper of the Exchequer ,....,. ..Wi11is Tarleton TVQITIIY Challlaill ............................... ......, R ichard Roberts W01't1ly Keeper of Annals ,,,,,4 ,,,4,,,,,,. R onald WQIJQ1' Worthy Scribe ..........,,..,.,... ........ C hai-les O'B1-ien Worthy Usher ...,.......... ....... A ustiu McCracken Worthy Sentinel ............ ........ W alter Headley lVo1'thy Palm Reporter .....,..,....... .......... .....,.. . I ohn Bentia SENIORS Russel Wate1'ma11 Kenneth Weast John Adams Fred Baniield Willialii Blumenauer James Brenneman Frank Bryant Robert McNichol Yost Osborne West Shea Vincent Simon Jack YVilson Melvin NVindland JUNIORS George Brown Edwin Bucher Randall Carlson Allan Donaldson Walter Headley Charles 0'Brien Richard Roberts Willis Tarleton John Weis John Saffell Austin McCracken SOPHOMORES Robert Alzner Kenneth Anderson William Bankerd John Bentia Darl Dolan Kenneth Garside Elmer Gray John Hazard Donald I-lesson Gerald Jackson - Paul Lingrel Larry Maley Edgar March Harry Osborne Ralph Rice Robert Sickafoose Robert Weast Ronald Weber Howard Ziemke FR FISH MEN George Aldridge George Benedict Carl Boyd Lee Hayes Gerald Hudson Robert Keel Arthur lVIuertl1 Harold Nichols John Nicholson Ronald Peeling Greer Pugh Richard Rastetter Edwin Ross XVilliam Shipe Lyle Turner John Yesso Kenneth Turner Ernest Southwick Dear Ken: We received a real blow this year with the death of our Brother J. B. Bowman. Our representatives on the football team didn't fail us with a fine record. Several of the fellows helped in the flood regions this spring and . . . 82 gum ll mr I 'MSIE ' RNMIIY' , mvkjf x1,J L.,:l J fmg 4 A i3F"'A - fa-fi"Ff,-F51 11,.v:- 4' . N sg Y .,.4- ag. iplg Pi? Y ?H f r , fn if Vs , :I 54 . . A . ,- . .. f X .ij pq l I b .3 -3 ' I W '- A, '2 uf ' ' N -Ulf . gff ' 5.1 .3 , ,. X, iixej.-. P ' f' 'IN A . . . '.-1 Y 1 rg, Q4 '. ' x .lif- .rpm in .xl , . 'Hr' 142.3 ' .5 , ' -. . X '52 , ,, . ANL ff? 4 ' L ..,.1.., .I 7 'srwgfl X J we 1453 Ohio Sigma of IGMA ALPH EP ILO Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in Tuscalousa, Alabama at the University of Ala- bama on March 9, 1856. Today Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the largest national fra- ternity in existence, having at the present time one hundred and ten chapters. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was the second national fraternity to appear on the campus of Mount Union, having been installed in 1885. The chapter has more alumni than any other fraternity on the campus. This chapter can boast of having the honor of initiating President McKinley and Philander C. Knox. 1 J FFII "IC RS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SICBIEWITICII Eminent Archon Robert Dunlap Glenn DeHoff Eminent Deputy Archon Carson Bergert Donald Greenamyer Eminent Treasurer Eminent Recorder Eminent Correspondent Eminent Herald Eminent Chaplin Glenn Delvloff Homer Briggle Ernest Johnson Mathew Rennels Frederick Murphy Kenneth Koontz Matthew Rennels Gordon Hildebrand Charles Huth Robert Dunlap Eminent Wai'den Charles I-Iuth .lack Damon Eminent Chronicler Kenneth Koontz Frederick Murphy MEMBERS SENIORS Tod Heckaman Charles Waggoner Carson Bergert Homer Briggle Glenn DeHoff Robert Dunlap Ernest Johnson William Morris Thomas Trott Thomas Weir J UN IORS Oscar Andreani Jack Damon George Dawson Robert Furcolow Donald Greenamyer Robert Griffith Gordon Hildebrand Kenneth Koontz Thomas Marsh Frederick Murphy Howard Parker Mattl1ew Rennels Gordon Stewart SOPHOR IURES John Cottrel John Hall Charles I-Iuth Kenneth Parker Marshall Smith Bernard Tierney William Trontman William Hall l+'R.ESI1MEN James Ball Ralph Daniels Robert DuBar Kenneth Emmert John Hardesty Walter Lembright Robert Lewis George Mclntyre Gordon Scott Gene Swisher Allen West Elvin Willsoii Dear Dick: Well fellow, I guess we topped them all on our Dance this year, didn't we? That was great. We are still holding up the old guard at the College Inn E too. I know you'll be glad to hear that . . . And this "Unonian", too, is one of the many . . . 84 I ,IIIII -. .sr 3 'MIIIMY , FNUHIY' N 1 a M' J? ,IN N , 4 ' f fm, fs? . ' 1 Y u L vt ff I, w 5 , 5 'QV' A . . -J ' , '59 - 4 U5 - .A . 5 5 .f 14 - I J 4 QQ , 1 Ek 'QHIQ An ,Q . 0 ' r G wp f A 1'i .rj .JW N W1 'SJD11 .J '51 X f xv. .JP .Q f 5' 5 Q45 . w 'VM E' 'ff . si WV Q' L gf! 1 q'Z:..Y 'V 2 vt V i ' AL f g N ,i fy!!! , ' I . ffm Q "lf I . ek.. H-fw:,-,..,1J..L.,....-J nf-- DEEAW,-wg: -- E . ,V , Q 7-.T-...., . E1 -1 'TT' - - , - 57' v:!'.W':11fe-pffew W-ff' ' fa, . . ' ' f '45 3131 ' g , 15 . K, I I, x ,fg - l s 'Mikal . , ,f' ' 7:9 ' fs ,' ' ,Q l - -1- 'f-. Y ' 1 ' " .-4'-i' hui 4 H? 3, 5, ,Jw -rn or W Q K ff if- 5' f , jar, 5 fl Epsilon of P IK PPA "2- J . , X! .4 fi? ii s f, "-QW Phi Kappa Tau had it's origin at Miami University where it was founded i11 1906. Epsilon chapter was installed at Mount Union in 1915. It was the fifth chapter in- stalled by the National organization. The chaper iirst met at 57 East College Street and three years later, it resided at 1815 South Union Avenue. The present home, occupied in 1928, is located at 136 Hartshorn Street. lt has the distinction of being the only house on the campus which was constructed for a fraternity. OFFICERS President .......... Vice President .... Secretary ........... House Manager ........ Rushing Chairman SENIORS Wa1're11 Curtis Edwin Fishel Thomas George Sherwood I-Iauter Howard Hughmanic Ernest Joslin James Karam James Norum JUNIORS Lewis Ailes Howard Ake Milton Cobb William Corbin Arthur Engelberg Stanley Evans Donald Fein MEMBERS Donald Howe James Rickard Duane Robinson Harry Schmuck Kirk Stephenson John Steve Kenneth Wagner James Wilcox Thomas Young SUPHOMORES Jack Bale Charles Derthick Russel Fete Gordon Gay George Gentithes Paul Gross Charles Knowles .......Ernest Joslin Warren Curtis .............Dale Porter .......Kirk Stephenson .......Harry Schmuck Carl Maggiore John Matthews William Sadler Charles Zellars 1TT.RJl1S.l'lD'l,EN E. J. Also Edward Guie Albert Hanna Wilbur Henschen Robert Lemon Warne Parker David Reel: James Ruth James Rutledge Edward Sandberg Lewis Waldman Thomas Whitacre S6 Dear Fred: : Have you heard the Brothers on the College Quartet? They're really going to town. We walked away - ll '-E 5.1. rl' 23' rl' U' CD U2 Cf' SZ'- I3 Cf' Z 5.n. UQ D' Cl' 'U I-' Q9 O n-Q C CD C9' D" 5.4. U1 '4 CD Q9 '1 be El O I3 UQ O Cf' U' CD "S II ll' Cl' 23' 5.1. D UQ U1 E CD E CD "S CD E CD l-J I-' "S CD 'U "1 CD Ul CD I3 Fl' CD D- E 5.1. C+ U' CV' 23" CD 'U "1 O DJ C O C+ 5.1. O D I. of the Dynamo and Jr.-Sr. Prom and . . . HEI? F!! ..-"W I W 3 l 1 UIHYIIY' f',1 u 'K .' 4-2. W .-nh.. . '2L:5w'.1r:f2SI4vw fhsvww. - .f , -4557. .... J' A -'Nh 42:15 UI? 4" X'.:., 'Mn 'I mm U Mlm f"A-x "ww " 1' ,ui QL' Y --s Q im. ,Lf sf.: Hi 1 Big, X ' f ' '-7' Xl ----f:-Q V. ' ffm- He ,ff ' qw. V- 'ffv-f,A, 1 ... . 'vi gg Ji I 1-L-2 Ig. xt: . jQ:' ijili . x A s I Y... "9 nv ' 2f"z, lk A' Q I-4' ay ' 'K , - :'x3l',' I . L WY EN Q f 1Q 'X I M. 5'- 'Q f , 4 'fp Hb ls' ' N - 13 .' - ,'fWEglJ.. L... '5 4 'j . s 1' ' .1 -. . "' -g.f'.' rv' ' H 1- . - if Q ll? QA M215 87 F?-99.-22-A '53-i ' K "5""'1-M5 YF' if Q' J i-ig P V . v iT'..,::".,,Qf if 'A 25 , l ' N A V' , 1 11. F21 ,. ' I 45' - " ' fl: " ff 7' , - ,, , Lf ' ' ' i E: T, --L: A Viflw. ,Il-L ' 12 TF 'Q :JJ 1-f 4 fr +L-A T, . W 73 '-El? F P 4-E775-31' . . fji hz. Fur.-N 1 -f...ii?jf-A .-f. A .sq K , U " E 'Y a- - , . A V "' xig rg A- g, -' ,fr ,g-, .3 , 'Q . w' ..L, -,L uf fl Ei ggi-il .9 -Ig, Q V572 'Z' 'Ke-"?31vi a 2-' 4,-.-1- , - . ld... 25. .- .-vng - L, H ,, - . gg.,-F. ' '-3.4, L . -, ,. ws, .,-V - , y sq. 41 4,--Z -4 if' , , Q -sg. ' LE was-:wax may 'fn- we p ff - LJ- C'- ...L-. it Betaflota S GMA NU Sigma Nu was founded on January 1, 1869 at Virginia Military Institute, otten called the West Point of the South. Through the efforts of the late President Marsh, Sigma Nu made its lirst appearance at Mount Union on July 22, 1892. The nine charter members held their iirst meetings in a small room on the corner of College St1'eet and Union Avenue. However, Beta Iota was destined to expand, and in 1900 it bought the home of Mount Union's first p1'eside11t, 0. N. Hartshorn. Thirty-two years late1', Beta Iota relocated at 1413 South Union Avenue which it still occupies today. OFFICERS Commander ...........,..................,.........,....... ..... E van B, Sehiltz Lieutenant Commander Treasurer ........ Chaplain ......,... Recorder ......... Reporter ........... House Manager Marshall .......... Sentinel .......... SENIORS Harold Bigler Arthur Cole Dayton Doerler Kenneth Elliot James Lape Ernest Naragon Robert Pierce Eldon Rowland Evan Schiltz Harry Shadle Howard Steir Gordon Swope Jack West William White Edgar Wilms J UNIORS Curtis Allison Robert Bennett Paul Biggins Robert Carey William Casselman Roy Finetrock Robert George John Neff Guy Rowland MEMBERS SOPHOMORES Dwight Ashbaugh Ralph Bates John Bauman Joseph Biggins Eugene Bonavot Charles Cain William Cope Lloyd Dermott Tom Ellis Arthur Fries Donald Greenisen Richard Grimm Richard Hall Richard Haines Donald Kennedy Warren Matthews 1100611 Mauer Donald lvloore Melvin Moss Donald Pierce John Quinland Charles Redman Kenneth Robinson Charles Seitz Glenn Siddall John Smith .........Robert Pierce Gordon Swope Robert George ......Arth,ur M. Cole ......Cl1arles Seitz .......Edgar 'Wilms William 'White ..,....Guy Rowland Paul Smith Willa1'cl Weaver Norman Wright Robert Yost FRESHMEN John Bair Frank Bailey John Bobicli AlDGl'lL Bradshaw Richard Catcott Ben Cope Ralph Cross .lack Dennison Richard James DeWitt Harrison Robert Maratta Richard lVlcCo11nor Walter McCord Cornell McFadden Donald Peterson Thomas Rainsberger Thomas Read Lynn Sivon Richard Smith John Snively Earl Stevens Paul Shader WValter Swallow Dear B111 We started out the year with a successful pledge campaign and new house furnishings. Athleticall'y', we sure had our share what with several brothers g on the Iootball team and a majority on the basketball and golf teams The tennis court is being rebuilt and s l leele A , SS .. mmm mmmr it 5 gig , , 1 . F .1 9 qt in Q ' W ff W Y 1 N' " I J if .- ' 1 ' 1 ,V I J r ,4 M, V 5 ,ff .J H ',y,-. , "-::...?- ' N I 1 ' R 1' .. 'X.uw.-" " - f""f1 -,M 17,4 I-1?"lT:'A '-.M 5 1,234 xlxvft it -r 1 ,. E I, IZ. , ' -1 " ' ' - --" 1 1 .751 :E F- +'1""hJ"' 4 S -. em 'im 'f , 1 1 '. H "4 ff., Y f "fl -f K ,tn , 4,-1 inf., 1,7 i '55 em Af' . 7 F' ' f rf' Az Hug ff . If 5 D f' 71 Q In ., in U ' V lg AF- --x. '4-14 ..g .,.,, lq:'u.. S 5, Al "-uv. " ., 11.5.15- . ".'!.-ml' A TIT , LM ..,, yt.. fl ..- 925 0 -. ' Y wg, I' A 3 ' ' ,,,.Q 4 xx. , .Y , 'x - i A V- -. 4 , Ay. A I , If ' 1 3 . " R-1 if Wf 1 f -w fQf f Ewa wg , . .fa ' A21 r' an-5 ' VT , -., "A T ' 4 .2 i xi 71' . ' . o ,ft IVA, rv .l 4 , ' ff' , 'V , 5? f "1 b ' "-'Wx 2 1 , A r 'G 1 i I. X E U gd ' fr I -P, - 3' W 'f X . -1 ' ' X Y I 2 I , ff"Q f F, ! s X E I -'F " 11 L Lv.. A 1 -w w.- -,-Ss,-1-1:1 Q -A i-2?fvf'i1f4?Yvfxmf5fg?wqQE5gm ,nw A' Q sg-7' ig, T EQ tx' 'g"k"'4'ii5'Vv' 574' W" riwf f2 "e1?'k"'5 15,29 5? 'M I Q ' 35... 51 w ' .wr A Fx-41' -I 1 ' I xiglvllx I ' V . , ' ,Y V i by 'AS I 1 ' J H 4 4 L, " 4 Iota Chapter of LPH K PP PI 015. EHQXQ. t ,f .,3AK1ri,.,, Founded at the Newark School of Engineering at Newark, N. J., in 1921, Alpha Kappa Pi is the youngest of the national fraternities represented on Mount Union's campus. The local chapter, Iota, was installed on May 4, 1929 through the efforts of Sigma Xi Lambda, a local fraternity which was on the campus at that time. In spite of the fact that the chapter is the baby fraternity of the campus, Iota is steadily increasing in it's membership and can boast ot being the leading scholastic fraternity. The first chapter residence was in the old Hartshorn property at 1690 South Union Avenue, and later it was changed at different times to two residences on West State Street, and at the present time, Alpha Kappa Pi resides once more at 1690 South Union Avenue. OFFICERS ' .,.,... Ralph Curtis . ......,..... Ennio Giusti ....,.Hanxill Hartman President ........... ,.......... ......... Vice President ..... Secretary ........... Treasurer .... ...,,.... I ohn Woods Chaplain ............ John Yaggi Sentinel ,... Kenneth Eckert Historian .,.., ..,........ J ames 'West MEMBERS SENIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Ralph Curtis Ennio Giusti John Yaggi JUNIORS Kenneth Eckert Robert Gilcrest Wendell Graening Charles Hart Hamill Hartman Dean Crawford Robert Bryden Dallas Lutterbeck Wilson Snyder Melvin Waltz James West George Cukro Harry DePeW Walter Haas Francis Havill Emerson Jacob Foster Monti Louis Morris Call Parks Clyde Parks Thomas Hazen Max 'Falkington James Weldy Robert Palmer John Woods Dear' John: Well, we'r'e back at 1690 South Union this year. We've fixed the place up and now boast of a new billiard table. We retained the Scholarship cup again S and so far we are holding our own in the intramurals. !."....."".'LJ As we are looking forward to next year . . . 90 will L! 3 l IMIIIIIY' mvvnvr ' !!...!.,l1 rg ll 'hw X 1 ,, I P Y-V "6 N. . , . x- , :Ely il . I ,iw A 5 Mu., lIg '-,,v'vN,l -Q Q,-,,.:'.A. ,, S. fl? giximgiri an 1 Q - f N - V if:'5.ifIlf43n, f 5 "f fini-.iii -1 M- ffff' . F ' ' 3 " ' lri ' A , Q L6 ' 4u1Qs'2ir ' . an ., 23 , L- ,..,N4 .1 L,-"ff-"' X3 , N4 nl' i ' ' .' v 1, .Fw - , 3 -- - -63 - W. A - 1 2 4 ,, A Ilfir 'N - A In V ,1IL.,L-slug. , 'S' ' ' one-if , - , g , - , ' "AJ 2 ,g ., .D ,, ,' . ' -V L35 H fx ff v -:A "f .' h Ti 5 .- , .I f. - , . E . '- V ', .SIM-C, -,J 4 " " " . gif: .g, " I nr V ' R w zz , .gf ,A f,5AQf N ' f,..: -- -A Q f LI X L '- -- '-' -V x 1 ' , ' . 'Q " ,N ,..,. 133' 'WP , ,.- ' 'AH' ., 5 , x , . . ' ' E 7 . -4 "1-sf. . " A . .1faa1Y'l-'- I I f 4 1 sip W 4: Y, . , 5 yy . f, ft Q --. -15 -A R "Wg-f X I 1 3 'vm -1 Uh: "I 2 HI' I 1.5 a .',.! 3: n . ., ,. ,. .N I v"', . . I a A I x .'.' .1 W I v ...JU b I 2 x i 5' A ' .34 Ri ' 1W,5 -, ' A -lx . .VY. L-,Y , , ff uf , -if 5 ' 5 i ' 1- ' , i gf J I ' W. lisp V , U' -'X ggi.- ' Q 1 .4-1' 1,11 1,-J - Senior Queen 1 1 Dear Mother, "Who is Mount's queen?" Here at Mount we use the plural of that word, for we have seven queens 1 Rather than attempting a description of them, I'm sending these pictures with this note. The first is that of Mary Fowles, an Alpha Xi Delta, who is our choice as the most beautiful and the most popular girl in school. The seniors felt the same way about it, for she is their class beauty. Mary was also selected as the best dancer which indicates that she is as graceful as she is beautiful. 92 sie, ' EE N, 93 2 The next picture is that of another Alpha Xi. She is Rosalie Davis, a transfer student from Oberlin. When the votes had been counted, it was seen that she had acquired the well-deserved title of "Junior Class Queen". Rosalie has a personality to match her beauty which prompts us to remark that Oberlin's loss is a distinctive gain for Mount. Junior Queen Es ' gil i ZZ . -I-i TQ? Sophomore Queen .. Mother, wasn't it Anita Loos who said that "gentlemen prefer blondes?" If she were here, I'm sure that she would change her statement to "freshmen and sophomores prefer blondes" - because that's exactly E the case. Kathryn Cessna has the distinction of be- . ing known as the sophomore beauty. Kathryn is a rather quiet girl with a dignity which adds charm to her particular type of beauty. 94 Ill E22 as 'P+ Do you remember how angry I used to become every time that I heard "freshmen don't know any- thing?" Upperclassmen are particularly fond of making that statement. This year the freshman clas proved that it knew something when it came to choosing beautiful girls. Elsie Kloos, a Tri-Delt pledge, is the freshman queen. - Freshmen Queen 1:1 7:-mmm Et :dl f 3 ' I 2 'l .mmf Personality Queen . . The next picture is that of our personality queen We gave that title to fun-loving Doris Head. Doris has a grand sense of humor which permits her to 4 see the funny side of things. Her love of fun, good sportsmanship and sense of humor are tempered with kindliness which makes her a very charming young lady 96 I QUERY i z? " 555i 97 3 You were right when you said that Mount has a style all her own, but so has our best dressed girl. She is Alma Huth, our retiring May Queen and an active member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Alma has that knack of being able to wear anything well. So, Mother, these are our queens. You really should see them, for pictures can't do them justice. All of them are as pretty as they can be. But now I hear the class bell ringing, which simply can't be ignored. Affectionately, Evelyn Style Queen gn .1 EW: :ml : I l ' mmmr Delta Nu of DELT DE T D LTA in Founded at Boston University, Boston, Mass., Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, Mount Union Chapter established December 5, 1914. Chapter President ........ Vice President ...... Secretary ........,, Treasurer ...... M E SENIORS Vanessa Bashline Catherine Cuthbertson Betty I-larry Doris Head, Alma Huth Betty McLaughlin Katherine Sutherin JUNIORS Frances Bergert Virginia Bowman Eleanor Gilchrist Betty Sue Jacobs Olive Ann James Bessie Kilgore Esther Parsons Jane Stamp House at 107 Simpson St. OFFICERS .......Vanessa Bashline Betty McLaughlin ........Catherine Cuthbertson ........,..Betty Sue Jacobs MIHCRS AND PLE IJGES Frances Terhune Martha Thompson, Grace Watlcili SOPHOMORES Wylma Bell Kathryn Cessna Mary Coy Maxine McCann Betty McHenry Eleanor Pickens Alice Rickard Barbara Sebring Ruth Traphagein Nancy Walker FRESHMEN Janet Ball Elizabeth Browning Mildred Burbacher Maxine Clark Dorothy Cunin Sara Doody Eleanor Eastlake Jean Emmert Dorothy Harry Alma Hobson Elsie Kloos Mary Pierce Jane Rockhill Janette Rodgers Betty Rowland Nlartha Smith lvlargaret Strothard Anne Wursthorn Elizabeth Wursthorn Dear Mary, Alliance, Ohio The Tri-Delts have been very successful in winning athletic championships this year, and in winning many honors in the campus popularity contests. Doris Head has been very prominent in school activities, and Shirley was chosen valedictorian of the June graduating class. 98 Illllllllllllllll 3 1 'MEM 5 IHWIIIIY' 5 ' 'EQ IQ X Q 1 vw ,iw-. In if f is WI - .. .,., f .1 ,,., ' wi ' - , 4,5 .va ' ., in , Y, 'J . ' 6 r . , se, f- 5 ,-f Nf3jWf.' .i A WL ' '!. "C if A --,. V 1,-B H -- are A X -K ---- Q Q4 1 A Q. i -' 8 ,' .ef x 3 fag - 1' '- M X x -, ' -I.: iv A " 5 .,'f-33" H -2 V, Q, if I. .Quiz Rains. V3 -Q A 17 .' 5 . W , ' L.. :Q ms ' -'lj 'Q' ', ifziwgfffgs ' , " im, 1. ' 4 - I 'L1'E ' B P' f , "w ' P - I A A Q -.WI X159 ff. L o. , 1 In mf, 4,1 iigggws E X - , Q 1 -- 1 V A Lf' X-1 " ,, f- ,F , - 5 , A , ' 1 F 'fi .Uf U- " '- ap, 1 .w Q ' ' ,- .455 me Em-ENE 4'-N tv W ' RQ " ,c 'N' -A. ,,,,a'. ' ' :L 3 .- vm. "Ugg-,. Q , M iw., . ' f.' ' " - 'IFZH-in-I-?:w,,,1,f H' , .H -'ef fi fs V . Y Lm 1:-"1f '-1 1 8 ' A -V ' ww A " W J M1 W 1,5 Q ' si f . px ef .. -, A by W . ,Hp W LQ f 1 U I 5 ' x Q Y .,.,.'Q if 1, fd -'Ji , -x X KK if X - rpm- ek ' -WA . J A ' . H- -i' ' , ' , l ' ' ,yj 'Q ' N. ' '55 .S . 'I ' M If ff' N sw' if - -. - ,H M, .1 +1 ,SV ,Z ,7 A, VV ,W .LE I 1,7 P . , - A 'u , A , U ' L' -V '-f J,-QL" - 'I 5 an if -ffm ' . . " A - z ,. " ,Ln 44' 13 , M59 4. ,J - 5.31-1 2- fLfZ4p..1W X l tw' A g, N , ix W Q m , 'Y Iii' .ja I : 'fx' J Y " NW Q , QV '- ' A l N A .V X M ,,, A fp me YQ! . H. i ' , E-.H W , A 4 ' L ,A -H ' A F' ' - fa, . ' . f ,gg . F- ' A351-' 'vw 1 . Numa., , 5 H Q -Au, X N . ,,.f21M . , , " f - i AIT 'W 1.-.Q-. - ..-. . -- V - QF 'yr -U..--' .5 ,, " rg , I, - i ..-...N-.1 i gm W. ' A - .N 3 A' pu I 'X ...-T.--.-1 Y, 4 :.- ,AA . i 1,-74 f ...J .. - K , , -ZL'iii,-.fakii ,fm 'ilk : fP. "G, .. K ' . . . A . A J. -. J X mv'- , . f ' 1 - ,I Y, vi ' A"-l'W-'- -..- f f f R, NS.. v 1 ' ' ' 374 V. ' f 1 l 5 t y is i A Q -H' ,.. E - fm- ,zz b , .T F' Ejwft, 2:11 QQ g x A 'ff , wg 22555 ff La f qw H , , , - ' "' B ,'WE'f 4 5- ' W ' J' . 1 . 5 N , i il V an Q' I A .A .5 3 I M Q 1, ,L v n -V. 2 - M,f,,Qj ww W- arjkwk. ' ' .M-r,.j,,-4 , W in QT? N L ,vm ' an g . WX , .,.mQ Q, G HQ, - .'.. .A ix, A 5, 1 , f as - LA 5 'H K -, . 'I aL""'J ' . V, .-,, Lb, 9-P1 'L .Q fy I U u I 1 ir X le., ,4- , J ,, M bc" SSL, Qhyi 3 ' ' 1 1.- 3 '32 SS W BJ,mf5Pgw1g,,a ..-. r '21-U--M ,sg .- 5 MTN vi -4 4, 1. 1 - lg-Hua, iff, " "rm 'n -mywl , -N1 YQ ,, N W. ,k.Qf.xm.4s:.L,x " A fn-L'-'fx-vs K f . ' n n - U, n , H R: x- N W. B B D' 5. li: L... ,, 5-rg. ...... 1 N Y , - ,, . E 1 ffl?" "' 5155 --Q-f:-1' 4 E E nw.: 2:35, gi.: ' V-H..::::::::1: H if xa Q-......f.., , . ,.- ,, ' ' H 1:111:::Z:::t Q " H '1 'Y131i7:..... s ' ,Q' X H-?"t:f"' H 33. Y 1 -- I V 1 . ' . ,az - 5, . ftkxi - NESS 6513555252 f 1, il Gamma of LPHA XI DELT Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, April 17, 1893. Mount Union Chapter established August 20, 1902. Chapter House at 141 Simpson Street. OFFICERS P1'9SidGT1t .......... ....................... ........ S e Ima Liebschner Vice P1'6Sld91lt .......... ........ M argaret Senn Recording Secretary ...... ...... L ucille Sheldon Corresponding Secretary .... ,..,.,. H elen Lussen Treasurer ....,......,,, ,,,,,,.,,, SENIOR-S Mary Fowles Kathryn Henry Selina Liebschner Helen Lussen Marjorie Pattison Margaret Senn Lucille Sheldon JUNIORS Betty Ayers Florence Bremer Alice Bliss Marie Boring Mary Evelyn Cook Rosalee Davis Ellen Evans Arlene Frederick Wilma Griniths Jean McCallum MEMBERS AND PLEDGES Suzanne Musselman Virginia Quinn Martha Schweinsberger Daun Shoemaker Mildred Wliitliey May Wildman B SOPHOMORES Amelia Alexander Betty Brunt Ruth Chisholm Betty Jane Fisher Mary Francis Glanclon Marguerite Lembright Ruth Linkenbach Joyce McCallum Christine Thompson Ruth Vernon Myra Trudering ....Alice Bliss FRESHMEN Katherine Bonfert Elizabeth Boyd Florence Bradshaw Betty Brown Mary Carson Martha Jane Cook Ruth Davis Zella Faylor Dorothy Ann Fishel Manette Ferris Margaret Jackson Ruth Kutsch Emma Jane Lewis Jean Mans Dorothy McConne1' Illa McGrew Kay Peterson Esther Pickles Ruth Scott Martha Alice West The Alpha Xi Deltas were honored very much by having the scholarship cup presented to themg which is easily understood with twenty five girls on the honor role. This group also won the stunt night prize. They also have their share of beauties especially Mary Fowles who has won four queen prizes. I-l G O !. ii !'!. ..-L! ' I 5 3 1 CQ f f W Ta m -:E A X V- Q . 1-L A , V. T L In-V343 v, EQ. . p A , ' 'f fl Q,,,f1if:QM f,' A l .--N-ff-' M buf " ,Ai ,wif . 1 V. -- Q I' .. x '-1 .1 A , ing., ,Q.f.,.'7 -xr Q .Ox . al: .1 Q-'ax xv, F-L, AS I , ,fl 1 4 I , , ' - 1 . H 0 qaifrsrfiif-+1-ff -"' '7. ' I ,lugggrm- 5F4T f5L Im ,Q , , , 5 5 "! I5 5 gm Q 7 I'-4 ig f 34' 54- .J . yr in A 1501, ' ji V - e lv, Cv ffw fx, if 1 A , , I 2?Z5Af 3 1 : N ,fp ,, L l 'gl -.x, .if JJ ' '.x X: 415 . ,, fl fx Q, 3 ',:1-12,34 LV J' 1 :. 0- 1 M,,,J' i'F' v gwf , -Q v la, 4, X -A 5 1' iv E I V , W. , .. Q. ,,- Q, 'H H'M.: 5 e 3 ',5, N 52125 ' v-i ,Q 2i?5? 4.5 T if J 54 fQQ,g,eg l fgii'g' - Q' b- . " . . E1T5i?Q- ..:, 'Wk' EMBERS A ND PLEIIGES Alpha Eta of LPH C IO E ,0 0, .n ES! , 9' 2 .A X9 - 43 I Founded at De Pauw University, Greencastle, Illinois, October 15, 1885. Mount Union Chapter established 1920. Chapter House at 205 Simpson Street. OFFICERS P1'6SidS1lt .......... ...........,,..,...... ...,.,...... B e atrice Dye Vice P1'GSidel1t .........,..... .........,.,, ll iary 'W'll1'StllOl'l1 Corresponding Secretary .... ....... A flai-tha Mae Sheatsley Recording Secretary .... ,..,........... R uth Withers Treasurer ...i.,...u.,.,...... M SENIORS Beatrice Dye Evelyn Rankin Mary Wursthorn JUNIORS Ruth Blum Martha Jane Brady Frances Farwick Nancy Freshwater Jean Murphy Ferol Orwick Bobbe Roberts Martha Mae Sheatsley Dorothy Street Ruth Wit11e1's ........Fl'k111CiS Farwick SOPHOMORES Jessie Brenet Marjorie Dunfee Betty Goodnough Sara Howell Eleanor Inman Dorothy Miller Lucille Williams Ruth Osmond FRESHMEN Frances Ambler Maxine Cabbot Jane Dugan Irene Elder Betty Masters June McMillan Eleanor Minks Virginia Minter Jayne Niins Zoe Oyster Lucy Ann Sargisson Dorothy Smart Xvinifred Spies Helen Marie Wagner At the beginning of the year, the Alpha Chis won the prize for their clever Homecoming decorations. Nancy Freshwater was elected president of the Women's Student Qouncil, and Ruth Withers is president of' the Elliott Hall Student Government Board for next Yea?- 102 i :ii WHY? ' WNIYRY 3.-..w.,-...f ' ,pains-snail!!! -Bail . -Gigli! 1341 f 'imma . .N Q..-azmzzl... sl gi -5 '31 QS' llllllli .15 Q H w 4 ""' i1 -S" f f I .Q J A, 'L 5 ll ' 'W ah - ---'faqs' Q 13 ', ff f" 1 " 'J P' " V' sf , ' - 'ran , . -Q ' ,km A A 1 F ' l P ,.,-1 if 5 ,'!llIh , ,,.1 , if 'ill -. R f u mf g if f ,X 1' 1 K 4 - R' an X gh E 1 M if 1 ' ':',.,Tl. N -A Q Rf: ' 'J fS'3.'ug1 R ' 'Af .N wg aw : Q A 9 , .SA N- f mm MH,- Alpha Beta of KPP DLT I M 5 y K-XIA 20. 9 1.5 f Founded at Virginia State Normal, Farniville, Virginia, October 23, 1897. Mount Union Chapter established December 6, 1924, Chapter Hous eat 35 East College Street. OFFICERS President ........... Vice President Secretary ..,,.,. Treasurer ..... SENIORS Ada Hanna Mary Hunter Mary Robertson Beulah Zellers JUNIORS Novello Allen Betty Brigel Margaret Schnitzer Marjorie Taylor RIEMBERS AN D PLEDGES SOPHOMORES Martha Blackledge Yolanda Difloure Esther Geraux Ethel Lapp Mary Belle McMillan Mary Lu Martoi Ramona Nieberding Edith Trevy Bryda 'Walker Mary Robertson Hanna .....,.,Beulah Zellers ...,..lM2ll'j01'lG Taylor FRESHMEN Eilene Hanna, Elizabeth Hoyle Marie Kelly Virginia Lower lfVinif1'ed Summers - The Kappa Deltas were particularly interested h1MayDaythisyear,sincetheirnewpresident,Novello Allen, WOH'thBlmlCh coveted.May Queen title. Margaret Schnitzer has recently been chosen Pan Hellenic president, a very important office on the campus. at Love, Maxine 104 NEI? IHUIHIY' elim. ,T 1-' fi 1 i. A 1 .1 4 l- I 2 ' ' i 1 mumww- m- 'fn-nn May Day . . Dear Sally, May Day is over and I do wish you could have been here for it. Everyone agrees that it was truly beautiful. The Pageant, "The Quest of the Genie" was Arabian in theme and was written by Doris Cline. Novello Allen was the new May Queen having been chosen from a group of twenty girls in Morgan Gym by Glen Shaw, a Cleveland artist. The Seior queen, Alma Huth, Queen Maryanne in the pageant , came to the throne with her ladies-in-waiting. Catherine Cuthbertson was her maid-of-honor, and Kathryne Sutherin, Betty Harry, Betty McLaughlin, Doris Head, Beatrice Dye, Mary Rob- ertson, Ada Hanna, Mary Fowles, Lucille Sheldon, and Selma Leibschner were also in the Court. A slave came in and told the Queen that her daughter Ariane, Novello Allen, had disappeared. A group of male slaves pray to Allah for her return. The Queen then commanded a search to be made of air, sea, and land, for her daugh- ter. Representatives for each realm were sent out to search. The sorceresses, after looking into their crystal ball, saw that the princess was held captive by a great bat. A genie was then sent after the bat whose wings fell off revealing a prince released from enchantment. The princess Ariane then came in with her court. These girls were Margaret Schnitzer, maid of honor, Ruth Withers, Betty Briggle, Grace Watkin, Eleanor Gilchrist, Ruth Blum, Rosalee Davis, Erma Woodward, and Arlene Fredrick. The Senior Queen was so happy to see the Princess that she put the crown on her head. There was great festivity. The costumes were carried out with the Arabian theme and the dances were given by Mrs. Perkins' gym classes. After the new Queen was crowned there was a reception on the lawn for faculty, students, and friends That evening everyone celebrated the crown- ing of the new Queen at the Alliance Country Club. Well, I've got to skip along or I'll miss another class Bye and love , Betty 106 -'EIT I Ei ii.- 1 5' f-" 1 All w Ef- ' . E E igi - 1 l :ia ' L ii " """ I 3 -:.:.I'g ""'f. May Queen and Her Court 107 CO EOWN M 5:-L 'E oil' ut all the eng Et Dear Dad, You were right abc select from at Nlount. So many or have time to go to classes. l'm ve work for the Dynamo, weekly campu book. They are both student mana room for responsibility on the pa Amateur dramatic presentatia Masque" . here you can study ligh are two or three plays presented soon. LHow's that for conceit? T wish l were at least a lit only glee clubs for men and womu Y. NX. C. andll. W. C. A. are ongs to. These two groups do There is also alN. A. A. to whia egisters. T like such a plan ances. There are two groups repr One is the debate el team, ourself . the other is the gosp of the service at the home cl overnment is Student g resented by the Student Se Council, and the resident nw A f"ffF""Q -if? Y 7 K ' Y A -9 'vf , 5 . I nl Y A vi 1 ,' ' . - if . -Q1-S"v M-fx' A ' E, 'ff .. uf we X f 1- di 41 6 1 w - ' 4 X if ' nl 1 -' Jin K " EJ"'Y A X X K 1 NE, 1 XJ: ' A. 'S' A if 1. L . 4 ' f 'X if ". MW. " W YQ, 'X L 5, X X XWXXX , ' f 'F' X: mx 'ff 'gk lf K 'UJT7 ff !""4'-Ai ' WYJP' 1 1f"'f"fQ' N 'M as , - - - f X A , x . .- X PH Q . 1' .1,- NA, x N1 zfjiigl wfffs X ,1 F, 9 1 isfgfid v I 4-fn J , ., . ff ,. . . Q, ,af w X a 5' 1. I, - .Q 2 .Y " Y - yy' -rl,-1"'1 , ...Amex -L ' ' ' . ,-,f .. V. 'f 2 "- - .-TFA ' 4 -' .Cy : , ,X . . X, ',,, M-,X J ' .-' x , Lifi - . ' 4+ ? , ,, , , 4. 1 -X --,., --., f . ,X 1, 1 ff 'jj 5 ' - 'qMXI. in I , Qi ,-14 , 11- - Q -uk' X ,fr , 4 X KX,..1N li I K .Yrs EJ? QAX ag, K " f if 'Z 1 ' ' if '5 nf X , Egg! 5' Tx ' X Q A ' - XX, J. f 4, ,-"f . .L E -rv 1 .45 .fi Y .' . ff 1 ' L: 1 r -. .x X5 L XX We-mv X, 1 ff' Z I ,. ., X ,,XL,,,11 .. C 3 ' ""' N. X ,X . if '-F73 X f -ww' A X fjggk ' A V J: w a- . , Yfkfi 'uhh' Lf V fly X ff? if '3 .fm HY -I , V ! .QQ ., 1 XE I. XM tif 'L I 'xim A :ij-i 'ra ' - .T L f ff .',,'g ' ' g,. . , gg nonian STAFF Edif,0l'-ill-Chief ..... ,...,,,.,,... .,,,,,, G 1 91111 DeH0fE Associate Editor .....,. ,,,.,.,,.,,, D 01-is I-lead Business Manager .... .,,,,,,,,,, W 9,1-1-eu Cui-tis Jlll1i01' Editor ....................... ..,.,., M atthew Rennels ASSiSta11t Editor .,,......,............. ,,.... F lorence Bremer Assistant Business Manager ,,.., ,..,...,..,,...A,.,..,,,,, K enneth Wag11e1' S1J01'tS Editor ........,.............................i................... Kenneth Koontz Assistants: Olive Ann James, Ferol Orwick, Myron Pardee Feature Editor ,............. ...A ...,..,. .,,.,,...,,....,,, . . . Assistant: .....,. Class Editor ..,, Esther Parsons, .....Margaret Senn ........Lloyd Dermott .......Gordon Stewart Ofganizations ..... .... G eorge Dawson Ol'g3fUiZ21ti0HS ..,.. .,..,.,v.,..,........................,.......... ..i.... E v elyn Martin Adminisration ..,.....,.... . Assistants ................ Selina Liebschner Rosalee Davis, Betty Brunt, Marjorie Pattison Aft EdltOI' .. ........... ......................,...........,........ E rnest Johnson Photos ......i. Assistant .......... .......I-Iarolcl Bigler ......Alice Rickard, Charles Huth Fraternities ....... ......,.....,..................... T om Ellis Assistant ..........,... ..........,............,.... E llen Evans Historical Editor ......................,,..................,....,,. Ruth Linkenbach XVOIIIGIYS Editor .....................,,........,..,.......,, Catherine Cuthbertson Assistants to the Business Manager: Ronald Weber, Mary 'Wursthorn, Jack Bale The Unoni-an staff this year sends you this letter, book length, hoping to portray for you accurately and interestingly, lite on Mount Union's campus. We trust that you will find it interesting and that in reading it through you will live again the happenings of this year. Dynamo The Dynamo, our Weekly college newspaper, has never had a more successful year than this. An active and industrious staff has each week turned out a genuinely in- teresting issue. EDITORIAL STA FF Editor-in-chief ..... . ..... .. Managing Editor Junior Assistant E .......Edwin Fishel ......I-Iarold Bigler ....... Harry Sch muck Associate Editor .............. Society Editor ............... Sports Editor ..... News Editor .... Business Manager BUSINESS STA FF ..Florence Bremer .Marjorie Pattison John Bentia ....GO1'd0ll Stewart ..........Arthur Cole Assistant Business lvlanagers ...... ........ G Hy ROWl2111d, D011 PiG1'C9 Betty Ayers Martha Sheatsley Dorothy Fishel Manette Ferris Jean Heisler Mary Evelyn Cook REPORTORIAL STAI Ellen Evans Myron Pa1'dee Marjorie Taylor Emma Jane Lewis Amelia Alexander Betty B1'oWn 110 ep Mary Frances Glandon Esther Parsons Robert Carey Ruth Blum Eleanore Inman Warne Parker Front Row: Betty Brown. lluth Linkenhach, Martha Smith, Jane Rockhill, Catherine Cuthbertson, Martha. Thompson, Betty McLaughlin, Doris Head. Second Row: Selma, liiehschncr, Betty Jayn Fisher, Elizabeth Browning, Janet Ball, Esther Parsons, Eleanor Gilchrist, Virginia Quinn, MzL1'ga1'et Senn, Olive Ann James. Third Row: Glenn DeHofl', Kzithryne Sutlierin, Ruth Scott, Kay Peterson, Evelyn Martin, Sue Mu:-ssolrnun. Bette Brunt, Ferol Orwick, Maxine McCann. Back Row: Gordon Stewart, Ernest Johnson, Thomas Ellis, Ronald XVeber, Lloyd Dermott, Ruth 'l'raplmgc11. , mf! Florence Bremer, Arthur Cole, Edwin Fislicl, Ellen Evans, l-larry Schinuc-lc, Gordon Stewart, John Bentia, Myron Pardee, .Hz-Wold .Bit-Tlcr. dent publications. One is the Unonian which you have , been reading so eagerly QI hopel . In it we've tried i to present a cross-section view of our college life. 5 The other is our weekly astonisher, the Dynamo which ' E tells us what we've been doing. B 111 Dear Dad, q i About our campus organizations: We have two stu- Q -"-22 lls --E 7225 Psi Kappa Omega Psi Kappa Omega, the oldest honorary on the campus, bases its requirements for membership primarily upon scholarship: moral character, general achievement, and interest in things cultural are also taken into consideration. For membership seniors must average ninety and juniors ninety-six. OFFICERS President ......... .................... ....... I 4 athryn Sutherin Vice President ..... ...... D ohrrnan Byers Secretary ......... ....... W illiam White Treasurer .... ........ D oris Cline Phi Sigma Phi Sigma, national biological honorary fraternity, has been represented on the cani- pus since 1928 by Alpha Beta chapter. Promoting interest in medicine and biological research, it has proven one of the most active and successful honorary organizations on the campus. 0 FFICE R S President ,,,,,.., ...,.,.......,....... ...... H o ward Hughmanic Vice-President ........... ...,...... W illialn Vifhite Recording Secretary ..... ..... S elma Liebschner Corresponding Secretary .... ....-- M Hl'j01'i6 Pi1ttiS0I1 T1-eagul-er ,,..,--,,-,,,,---,,,,,,, ..,,.. W arren Curtis 112 113 Frmii Huw: Dr. T'2llJllUIlilIlH'0l1, Dr. Scott, Dr. XV. H. McMaster, Dr. F. J. Shollenberger. J S I S I . L-:ui .fznrni .'leven:-mn, 1, r. XV. M. Morgan, Prof. Eric I-lckler, Dr. .I.,R. Cooper. Hawk Ilow: Plrnu:-:L Narfngon, XYilIiz1m XVhito, Goldie Byers, Betty Brigle, Edmund Hunter, May Wildmnn, Helen Lusscn, Doris Cline, Prof. C. Id. Smile, Howard Hughmanic. Ifriml, Row: Selma Liobschcner, Dr. Josexmli M. Scott, Miss Helen Marie Stewart. Prof. 0, l'I. lCm2:lc, 1-inward I-lufxlnmxnic, I'1zu'riet Norton. Sucmirl Huw: Ruth Withers, Martha Curr. Mabel Andrews, Doris Cline, Daun Shoemaker, Mary Hunter, 'Virginian Quinn, Betty Ayers. Back How: Gordon Stewart, XViliium XVhiLc, Artliur Cole, Robert Pierce, Alan Donaldson, huwi:-: Ailes, Warren Curtis. Our national honorary scholastic fraternity is Psi Kappa Omega. Membership in this fraternity is the highest honor that Mount can bestow upon a student. For those students majoring in biology and having the required number of those coveted A's and B's, there is the national biological fraternity, Phi Sigma. X.-'::: ri' ' .!!!!.Wa" 'Lmmm 5 Ammmr E "N--. Alembroic The Alembroic Society, local chemistry honorary, promotes interest in chemical re- search and theory and encourages its members in research problems. Chemistry majors with a high standard of scholarship are eligible for membersliip. OFFICERS President ...... , ..... ..................., ...... E 1 'nest Naragon Vice President ..,.. ........ J ames Lape Secretary ..,...... ........ D oris Cline Treasurer ...... Dohrman Byers Beta Pi Theta Beta Pi Theta, the national French honorary fraternity, is represented on the Mount Union campus by Theta Omicron chapter. The purpose of the group is to promote the study of the French language and stimulate interest in French literature. Mem- bership is restricted to those who are taking at least third year French and averaging B. OFFICERS President ............ ..................... ..... L 1 icille Sheldon Vice President ..... ....... A da Hanna Secretary .......... ...... H elen Lussen Treasurer .... ..... K athryn Henry 114 Back Row: Donald Howe, Roy Finefrcck, John XVoods, XVlllIzun NVhitc, IJol11'rn:1n Byers, James Lupe, Vernon Slater, Clll'SlH'l B0l'Q'Ul'l.. Front Huw: Doris Cline, Dr. NV. M. Mm'g':1n, Dr. L. A. Pap- pcnhcurcn, Ernest N2ll'll!-Yilll. S l Front llow: Helen Lusscn, Lucille Sheldon, Prof. E. C. llzlmetle, Ada Hzlnnu, Mary lflvclyn Cook. Soc-mul llmv: lluth Osmond, Kzmthryne Sutherin, May NVild- num. Buck lluw: Lucilc-XViIlinms, Arlene Fredrick, Esther Par- sons, Mrs. E. C. llamelte, Joan Murphy. 115 The Alembroic Society, while still comparatively new, is nevertheless quite active on the campus . It's members are those interested in the mysteries of chem- istry. Honor students of the third year French class z may be pledged to Beta Pi Theta, the national honorary 2 French fraternity. ll Ill 'MEUR 3 INMIIIY' ". ...-L!! 2 3 A 'fm-vu Z Purple Masque Purple Masque is a social dramatic organization whose aim it is to furnish an outlet for student dramatic ability on the campus and to further the study and appreciation of modern drama. In presenting 'Miss Molly," this year the club revived its tradi- tional custom of presenting the campus play at commencement time. OFl4'IC,ERS President .....,,. ...,.....,,............ ....... E 1 -nest Johnson Vice President ........ ..,... 'N Villium Morris Secreta1'y-Tre'nsu1'er .... ...,.., G 01'd0ll Stewart Lauriger An honorary organization ope11 only to senior women, Lauriger chooses its members on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and character. Membership restricted to not less than five nor more than seven. The motto of Lauriger is "Merit thru service, and service thru merit." President ..,., ...... M ary Robertson 11 6 E 117 Front, llow: Mary Bello M':1cMilln.n, Ruth Linkcnbaoh, Mildred Burbacher, Dorothy Cunin, Mary Carson, Martha, 'l'l1mnpson, Margaret St1'othz11'd, Jean Ernmert. Second Row: Gordorr Stewart, Ferol Orwick, Mary Lu Mzwtoizi., Cll.thG1'ill6 Cuthbertson, Kattlurync SlIfhQl'll'l, .Bollty ltlchaupihlin, Esther Parsons, .lane Rockhill, Martha Smith, Kenneth lGmme1't. Third llnw: 'lC1'nesL .lol1nsun,'Lte Rogers, Amelia Alexander, Elizabeth Browning, Janet Pull, Dorothy l'lal'1'y, ldlcauor Gilchrist, Olive Ann James, JZITIQ Stump, Frances Ter- mme. Hawk llow: Betty Qllrnwn, Zcllu, Faylor, Bette Bruut, John Bentiu, Ronald XVebe1', Lloyd Dernmtt, Betty Jayn Fisher, Xvillnllil- Griffltlls, Kathryn Henry, James Ball. Mzu'g':11'ct Sc-nn, Lucille Sllclrlon, Mary llobertson, Elizabeth Mchuughlin, Doris Cline. Tradition says that the commencement play shall be given by Purple Mask, our dramatic club. This year they presented "Miss Molly" a two act comedy. Lauriger is an honorary organization for senior women. They choose their members on the basis of service, character and scholarship. WK? ' Ei ' INIIHIV' Women's Athletic Association Every Woman in the college is a member of the XVomen's Athletic Association upon earning fifty points in intramural competition. The governing hoard is made up of two representatives from each sorority and two from the non-sorority group, officers being chosen from the board. The aims of the Association include the development of good sportsmanship, high standards of play and conduct, an efficiency in play and sport. OFFICERS President ,.....,,... .............. A da Hanna Vice President .... ,.,.,.. ....... E l eanor Gilchrist Secretary-Treasurel' ....... Jean Murphy Women's Student Council The W0ma11's Student Council, sponsors f May Day, the Co-ed Prom, the party for Freshmen Women, and donors of a scholarship for women, is an executive council for all women on the campus, Each sorority, the non-sorority group, all classes, and all organizations are represented in its melnhership. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,, .......,,..,.,,.,.... ...... B 0 ulnll Zellel'S Vice President ..... ......... D O1'is Head Secretary ,A,, ...... ll lary Robertson T1-333111-91' ....,,.. Nancy Freshwater 118 119 E n E . J T Il 3.-1 E HI Front llow: Novello Allen. Ada Hanna. Beulah Zollers, lfllbillllll' Gilchrist. Hawk How: May Wilflxnun, Ferol Orwick, .Tenn Murphy, f'H011,l'lOl'Q Jmun. Front lluw:v.Dm'is Heaul, Selma Liebschener, Beulah Zellers, Nancy IPx'uslwv:1Lc:r, Mary ltobertson. Second Row: Esther I':u'sons, Jean Mnrllhy. 'Buck Row: Lucille Sheldon, Helen Lusscn, Florence Brcmel Doris Cline, Nnvello Allen, Ada Hanna. W. A. A. , or Women's Athletic Association as it is sometimes called, has developed an interest in wom- en's athletics and good sportsmanship on the campus. The Women's Student Council brings women of' Mount closer together. Every girls' organization is rep- resented in this council. Ei fn SVNEK Pan-Hellenic Council Three representatives from each of the sororities on the campus go to malte up the membership of the Mount Union Pan-Hellenic Council whose purpose it is to make and enforce rushing rules for sororities and to establish and maintain intel sorority standards. It also attempts to promote good-will among the sororities OFFICERS President ....... ...,...,,.,.,.,.,.,,. ,..... ll i lary Wursthorn Vice President ....... Mary Robertson Secretary .....,. 4,..,. F lorenee Bremer Treasurer ..... ..... D oris Head YMCA-YWCA The Young Men's and Wome11's Christian Association is one of the oldest and most substantial organizations on the Campus. Its purpose is to meet the social spiritual, moral, and cultural needs on the Campus. This year the organization has been fortunate in obtaining many interesting speakers. OFFICERS President ........ ....,,.,.........,.... . Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... President ..... Secretary ...... Treasurer ..... OFFICERS 120 ......Lucille Sheldon ...............Doris Head Margaret Schnitzer ....lVIildred Whitney ......Yost Osborne ........I-Iarold Davies ......Robert Abel 121 Front Row: lW'ZLl'g'Zll'Cl Sulmitzcr, Doris Head, Mary XVurst- horn, Selma lJ1ob:4vl1I1c1', Vanessa Bashlinc. Buck .lluwz li'lm'onoc .Ul'Ul'll01', .lane Stump, Jessie Brenet, lVlilI'l.L'Ell'Q51L Seuu. ,...1 92-1 Lgssu 'L J s. Front Row: .lluwzxrd Akc, Lucile Sheldon, Yost Osborne, Doris Head. Buck Row: Elczmorc Imam, Bobbe Roberts, Robert Abel, ldlesmor Gilchrist, Sarah J-lowell. The main objective of the Pan Hellenic Council is E promote a better feeling among the sororities on the campus The college Y W C A and Y M C A are do ing the same type of work that the senior groups are doing They have brought us interesting chapel speak ers, furthered congeniality, and have done a great amount of social work E' -I 'MEF . . UNWIIY' Elliott Hall Board Elliott Hall Boards for both semesters conducted a very successful 'tnd well planned year. Per usual, it was no easy job to exercise jurisdiction over a ,,iou,p ot lT10I'6 than sixty very lively and, according to high authority, very noisy girls. Yct the year was one that shows the fruits of its works as expressed in the few lovf ly soci Ll affairs and general improvements which took place at our dorm. OFFICERS First Semester President ..,..... .................. ..... ....... Betty lVlcLaughlin Vice President .......... ...... S clrna Liebschner Secretary-'Treasurer .....................,............. ....... R nth Withers Second SClll0SlCl' President ......... .............................. ...... ll ' tary Robertson Vice President , ....... . Secretary-Treasurer .... ........Doris Head .....,Jean Murphy iller Hall Board Miller Hall men, this year for the tlrst time, organized a Student Government Bond It has been remarkably successful in its functions, having coped with the various problems presented to it. The Bo-ard has been more than at mere supervising, body it has sponsored regular meetings of the men at which faculty members have spoken on various cultural subjects. OFFICERS President .,......,.., .,,.................. ............ W i lliam Shipe Vice President ,,,..,,, ........ Y Villiain Bradbury Secretary-Treasurer .... ............. G l'09l' Pugh 122 123 E ll Ii'l'0llt Jinw: May Wilzhmxu, 'Betty Nl.CLZ111f.Z"l1liIl, Mary Rob- ertson, Selma liiubsuhuc-1', Sarah Jflowull. Scscmnl How: Juan Nll,lI'llf'ly, Alice Illicwliulwl. linck How: llulcn lmsscxl, Ruth XVitll0l'S, Jayne Nims, Doris .l.-lend, hlleulmr Gilulmrir-al.. Grow' Pugh, DV. John ll. Cooper, XVillium Shipe, XVil1iam 1i1'uLlbL11'y. Elliott Hall Board looks after the comfort and general welfare of the residents of Elliott Hall. For the first time in our history, Miller Hall has a governing board whose duty it is to see that quiet hours are enforced, mustaches aren't shaved off' un willingly, and that not too many buckets of water are suspended over transoms. ' Ee 5: 'nnnmr Pi Gamma Mu Ohio Zeta of Pi Gamma Mu is the newest honorary on the campus having been or- ganized only last year by Dr. R. B. Tower of the Economics departnxent. A social science fraternity, it has as its purpose to send out from the colleges and universi- ties young men and women imbued with social idealism and trained to think scienti- fically with regard to social nroblenis. OFFICERS President .....,..,. .,... ..... ....,. T h 0 mas l1Veir Vice President ....... .....v.. IVI ary RObG1'tS011 Secretary-Treasurer . ..,... Dr. L. E, XfVZl1'l'Gl1 tudent i enate The Student Senate comprises the highest student power on the campus, acting as the official legislative group and connecting link between the faculty and student body. They provide sweaters for the freshman football team, sponsor lectures, and give several all-college dances or parties each year, this year's Christmas party being a brilliant example. MEMBERS Yost Osborne, President ................ ATO Halllill H2l1'i11l21l1 SAE Grace Watlcin Matthew Rennels, Vice President, Helen Lussen ...NACO Bea Dye, Secretary ....... Nell Burnworth Warner Curtis, T'reasurer ..... .PKT Lloyd Dermott ............... ......, S N 124 Robert Abel ....... .... .......AKP .......DDD .......AXD Non-Frat .Non-Frat 125 Ill lit-My DlCI4Zlllg'Illil'1, Dr. L. IG. 'XV:u'1'r,er1, Mary Robertson, Dr. ,IL 13. Towexy Gordon Swnpe, lN12'l1'g'Fl1'C1L Senn. Front Row: Graco XVuLkin, Bon Dye, Yost Osborne, Nell ,HllI'l1XVUl'lh, .Helen Lussen. Hawk How: Lloyd Dermott, Hamill 1'.l2ll'U'!1Zlll, Matthew Rell- nuls, XVzu'rcu Curtis. Pi Gamma Mu is our national honorary social science fraternlty They have succeeded in bringing several outstandlng speakers before the student body The hlghest student governlng body on the campus 15 the Student Senate Thls group of young people has t1on -. Q 'IRIN ' URWIIIT E ' ' ' E 5: . . . ' . ' - jurlsdlctlon over almost every other campus organlza- -E11 t g fini' new vu.-. The Gospel Team is divided into several groups which conduct services 'it v ' L , . . arious churches to which they may be invited. They have had a very full year having had engagements nearly every week-end in near-by towns of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Vvest Virginia. This is the second year that women have been members of Lhe team. OFFICERS Manager .... ..,.................. ..... H o ward Akc TEAM VAIPTAIN Robert Abel Harold Davies Mary Fowles Charles Knowles Debate Team The Debate Team under the direction of Prof. Karl Kettering had a very successful year and a full schedule of debates. Yost Osborne, Harry Schmuck, Howard Ake, Wilson Snyder, and George Gentithes have gained membership in Tau Kappa Alpha, national honorary foresnic society, this year. 126 127 Front. Row: Prof. C. D. Souls, YosL Osborne, Curtis Allison, James Rutledge, Howard Ake. Second Row: Ruth Osmond, Betty flUOd'l10lIH'll, Jesse Brenet, Mary Lu Martioa, Doris G-cigar. Buck Row: Ig10i'l11U1'C .ln1:m. ,Luc-y Ann Sarzisson, Berniece Henderson. Xvllson Snyder, George Gcntithos, Yost Osborne, Prof. Karl Ket1.ox'ing. Prof Soule's students interested in the Bible and lts teachlngs have formed Gospel Teams They have taken charge of church servlces 1n and around Alllance Real "team work" has put Prof Ketter1ng's Debate Team on the top of the 11st of star debaters They 1 QI - 'RM' INUHIIY' JE have had 26 debates in the past year. ME siiiwm Mount nion Conservatory The Mount Union College Conservatory of Music was founded in 1865 with the stated object, "not only for the diffusion of musical knowledge, but also the develofpment of the mind, character, and taste of the student." It offers complete courses in both theoretical and practical music leading to either the B.lVl. or the B.P.S.lVl'. degree. Part-time as well as full time students receive instruction from an able faculty headed by Prof. Richard Oppenheim. The Conservatory was admitted to the National Asso- ciation of Schools of Music this year. Band The Band fought hard to Win a place for itself upon our campus and succeeded very well. Under the excellent direction of our own "Ceo" they thrilled us all at the basketball and football games, giving vent to our wild displays of school spirit by means of their instruments. For the iirst time our band was outfited and in their purple capes carried on the colors of ol' Mount-visibly as well as audibly. OFFICERS Dil-Qctgr ,,,4,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,--. ....,., C e cil Armitage Business Manager .,.. ...... E 1'1'1GSt S011thWiCk 128 Prof. Ummnhc-im, Dimvlox' of Consc-rvutoryg Miss Stuhler, I'i:nm3 Prof. 1fIullim:swm'tI1. Voice and Public School Musla-: llilzl Pllzuldi, Voice: Mrs. Tower, Orgaulg l'1'of. L'ruwdc1', Piano. 29 o , E The best of musical training is given our talented ' students at the Conservatory of Music. QThey say the head prof munohes peanuts in class p s the'y're hid den in the book case, gang Q That reminds me, Cecil .1-. Armitage has created a real band for us "Ceo" is a '- 1 33 student at the aforementioned Conservatory. -nu-un-115. 3 Quartet The quartet was one of Mountl. l Jrightest and most shining lights, They liuve cer- tainly gone far in displaying what they have to oflfer. They have traveled quite ox- tensively over our district projecting those forceful personalities upon ull places vis- ited-to say nothing of our own campus body. And what student of alumnus can help but thrill to the strains of "On Mount To Victory" on the uir - our quam-rtet broadcasting, it you please. Alliance Symphony "Symphony is partly a College activity for at large part of its membership is lnztrle up of Mount Union Students. Those "every lvioncluy nights' yielded grunt trusts us wus heard in the annual winter concert and the olferiugs tor commencoinent cluy. 130 131 l:Uilllillll' L. lu ll. NVQ-sl Shun----1-Zurilom3 'I'l1om::e4 NivI1oIs7FirsL Tenurp Vin- mw-nt Si:mm-.Xuvunmznmist3 George Genlithcs-Sccuml 'l'm-lmrg lmnnld llluwc-Base. I i L F I k A 1 i I ll roctm'--1'rn fessol' Tlichard Oppenheim. You were right, Dad, when you said that our quartet was "right up there when it came to fine music. " Did you know that they've made 10 broadcasts and 50 appear- 2 ances? Through the patience and perseverenoe of Professor Oppenheim, Alliance has a real symphony orchestra. , INHIIIY' 'Nun . -S n ""' 21 4 5' P 1 igil Z:-,mmm ii: 2 -I ,L..Z""' Choir The choir did very well this year and started an organization which makes us swell with pride. Under very able direction and with constant practice they produced quite finished selections. Those Vllednesday Chapel offerings were anxiously await- ed and greatly appreciated by all. May they carry on their excellent work. OFFICERS President .... ..................... ..... H a rry Schnluck Secretary ..... ..,.. R uth Linkenbach Librarian ....... ................ R uth Scott Acconipanist ...... Martha Sheatsley Oratorio It really isn't Oratorio this year but "The Thirteenth Psnlmistsn would hardly seem correct. Yet, the same group gets together for its weekly practice, and, under the enthusiasm and inspiration of Professor Oppenheim cannot help but carry on with ex- cellent results. It's offerings for conimencement are fitting contributions for such a grand occasion. 132 33 First Row: Doris Gcixror, 'Kntliryn Cessna. Nancy Vxfziliccr. Ruth Linkenbncli, Martha Siu-utsley, Amelia, Alcxnnrlcr, Horniece Henclerson. Scczoml iluw: Prof. .l-lzirnlrl Hullingrswortli, Dorothy Fishol, Martha Cook, Shirley Bunk, Mzwjurie llunticv, Qldstlwr i'111'S0'llS, Mary F. Glandcn, Ruth Scott, Manette Ferris, Dor- othy lWiCfYOI1llCl.', ,Ruth Kutch, Ethel Lama, Elczlnure Imain. 7l'i1ii'4l How: Thomns Nichols lN'lnl'g,':11'et St1'0'L1lZLl'd, 'Doris 'l-Toad, Doris Cline, Martha Thomp- son, Jesse Brunei, Louis Snipes, illiclizwcl McCunnc1', Frzmli Bailey, Cecil A1'mitng'e, .liunncth lflckcrl., James lllllludysyc. .I-:nc-k How: lizirry Schmuck, Gm'dun KYoicoit, Melvin XVCSL, James Hess, Ralph Curtis, Kenna.-th llobertsmi, Donulrl 1-Iuwe. Our A Capella Choir and Oratorio always present wonderful programs at Easter and Christmas-time. They have made Mount famous for her Oratorios presented at commencement. Well, Dad, these are our organizations -enough to keep us busy-each of them worth while and doing good work. - Hastily but affectionately, Evelyn illl "!!!!l!!.Wl" 1" 'MIBIHP FULIIIIIIY' N M H . ' 1 MOUNT ,,gi .' W . ,K , 1 Q SUNY QLLNTF NWNA pgxs unfam- .1 U 4- d- L 0 ia' kk f- '5 g-, X E Q4 .4 oz llumwvf Dear Dad: hero at Niount Union we are very program. At the beginning of the l9 history of Niount Union College all 1 were centered in one department, th tion, entirely under the control of p has made great advancements. I The activities of this departm follows: Qlj The required program -W mural program, L55 the intercollf ' 1 classes in physical education su Of course the activity of t athletics. The student 'oody tak They include football, has-ketb golf and cross country. This year this department the following pages. T only games and then you will unders 'Uh Alliance , Ohio -rtunate in having such a complete athletic -l'955 school vear for the first time in the lie intercollegiate athletic activities I fpartment of Health and Physical Ednca- K ie college. Since that time this department 'ded into four main divisions as mores, Q23 the intra- ssional . are divi nd Sopho The profe X +r Freshmen a te sports program, Q43 cts. st interest is that of intercollegiate llarge interest in these competitive athletics. , track and field athletics, baseball, tennis, d a verv fine record as von will see in ble to see more of these llege. -s achieve pe that xfonwill be a appreciation of Mount Union Go Your son, d William hm H. COACHES ..... me Robert D. Wright Harry Geltz Director of Department of Health, Physical Assistant Professor of Physical Education Education, Head Baskebtall Coach Head Football Coach 136 K ,fv- 511111 xi, 1 Will!! H L Zxfsglz . Nl 'HD Q51 upcfuumu Kun Vp A mi. ' 1 VARSITY First Row: XVind1and, Elliott, Brenncmun, Xvcis, SLeir, I,Ju0i'im', lilucher, Stcvu, Ymimx. Second Row: Quinlancl, Shzuiic, Rice, Lirig'rcl, Zicemke, Alldlvillli. M0v1'G, NOW, l'Hl'lCCl'. Roberts, Greenisen. Third Row: Manager Dolzm, Gross, Cope, Smith, Guy, Sichlzili, Stziriirm, Sivlizifmrse, l-lezullcy, Biggins. Fourth flow: 1-Iezid Coach Geitz, Assistant Coach :uid Athletic I.lirccto1' XVx'i5:lit, 'Linn Conch Delich, Manager Robinson. FRESHMAN First Row: Monti, Cone. Hickle, Nichols. Snively, Feeling. Boyd. Seuogd Foiv: Kiel. Bobick, Yesso. Daniels, Shine Smith, Cukro, Semin. Iflrcslimzin Couch oy e. 138 Football Mount Union Colleges football team under the able tutorage of Coach Harry Geltz carved a record in the annuals of Mounifs football achievements that will stand as the greatest season this College has ever experienced. Opening it's season against a strong Kent State aggreation in a hard downpour of rain. Mount showed her aggressive strength and the brand of football she was to play all season. Blocking four punts and scoring three touchdowns to win easily 124-0. Mount's second game of the season was a new foe, Yvestininster College, one of the strong teams in western Pennsylvania. Mount emerged victorious with Sicka- foose crossig the linal stripe three times, to the tune of 26-0. Ou Homecoming the Mounties were host to their principal jiux and arch rival Muskingum. Both tennis played heads up ball and by a spectacular exhibition of broken Iicld running by Bucher in the first quarter, enabled Mount to eke out a six to nothing victory. Then on to Ashland and in a comparatively easy game won 20-0. Then the much disputed Wooster game. The Scots scored ilrst and Mount came from behind to score a touchdown and by way of Doerler's faithful toe tied the score, ivlouut threatened again, but, there was n, great dispute on a lateral pass used en- route. Ganie ended 7-7 deadlock. Findlay was Mount's next opponent. A more or less see-saw game throughout, Reserves and regulars played alike, Mount winning 19-13. A journey to Kenyon netted Mount a 26-13 victory. Coming from behind at the half, scoring two touchdowns in the third quarter cinched the game with a healthy majority. Ohio Northern only beaten once in two years was Mount's next victim, by a 13-6 score. Again we came lfroni the rear showing rugged offensive strength to einerge with the bacon. The Turkey Day classic was a heart breaker for the Mount boys. This game marked the only severe let, down of the tezlni during the entire season Akron want- ing to break Mouut's chances for an undefeated team swept the Purple off its feet at the rate ol? 13-0. ,Thus was ended a season replete with many thrills and fond memories of a. great team and a record which speaks for itself. Dear Dad: This year as you know Mount played what I call "bang-up" football. Never have I witnessed such abil- ity and fight on the gridiron. Every minute was spec- tacular because every minute our team had something new. Little but mighty was our quarter back and when he called signals it was a command to do or die. There is no use in telling you what we did as you can see from the above but with such a record we owe much to our coaching staff as well as our team whom we are so proud. Good Bye, Son Dan IlIlIIIlIIIlI"""' I III I - i .tml Howard Stiex' Melvin XVindland Dayton Doehler Harry Shadle Kenneth Elliott John XVeis Howard Steir-NBulln has played smart ball and al- though small in stature has made up for it fight. William Windland-nBig Biln is a powerful fullback and a dependable player. He has played three years and can always be counted on for that last yard. Dayton Doerler-He was one who never said nquitn and would fight until the final moment. His educated toe gave Mount many a extra point. Harry Shadle-Harry was known as a triple threat man. When he received the ball he was always trouble for the other team. Kenneth Elliot played several very well. He threat man and will be missed John Weiss-An -WKenn has positions is a triple certainly next year. excellent player. Playing a half back position he never failed whether it be carrying the ball or blocking a man. Robert Sickafoose-He could always be depended on for the final yard. He is be- yond any doubt the hardest hitting full back at Mount for many years. Oscar Andreani-Honorable mention on the Ohio Con- ference and at the rate he played this year he will be on the UAll Ohiou. Richard Roberts-nDickn was chosen as All Ohio Center of which he so justly de- served. He plays a very consistent game. Edwin Bucher-One of the smartest quarterbacks in the Ohio Conference. He called signals, passed, ran the ball etc. Howard Parker-nPride of Palastineu a boy who has that fighting spirit and takes his game serious be- cause it means everything to him. Never complains but always smiles instead. James Brenneman-A fellow who never gave up but al- ways was down in that line fighting. He has given three years of service to his Alma Mater. 321- 1, - -I l ::H w ij - 1 , 11.-. iz-- 'mmm :El "" 1 - .+-m....- Robert Sickafoose Oscar Andreani Richard Roberts Edwin Bucher Howard Parker James Brenneman 141 Donald Greenhisen Ralph Rice Walter I-leadly John Neff Howard Ziemke John Quinland Donald Greenisen-A very smart and aggressive end and although only a sopho- more he will be used plenty next year. Ralph Rice-A sophomore who proved his ability as a great player. His long kick offs paved the way for many a touchdown. Walter Headley-a veteran tackle, a smart lineman and versatlie on defensive as well as offensive. He will be used next year as much as this last with such a record. John Neff-John is big and packs plenty of power. Al- though he did not play re- gular he was always ready to take someone's place. Howard Ziemke-An athlete who has proven his worth in all of the varsity'sports. Although only a sophomore he is known as an outstand- ing player. John.Quinland-a'very'versa- tile man.playing practic- ally every position on the team. Two more seasons ahead of him. Paul Lingrel-A.giant sopho- more full back. He was knownforhisplungingabil- ity'as well as his passing ability. John Steve-A big, rugged and heavy guard who did not play regular but played a very steady game when in the line. Thomas Young-Although sel- dom starting the game he always appeared before the game was finished. l 3. - ' y, .... if ." JI Y I 71. w if ,, ig: 7 :I-'f mmmf ."2.': mmm- iaz' fvwmurr- Paul Lingrel John Steve Thomas Young - 143 B Basketball I11 Basketball Mount Union finished second in the Ohio Conference out of 18 Colleges. Opened the season with Youngstown College. It was a slow game, more or less a warm up for both teams, Mou11t won 40-24. Then Findlay who handed Mounties a 35-37 setback. Mount cou1dn't get on their toes - they only scored 15 per cent of their taken. Michigan University of the Big Ten invaded Memorial Hall on the eve of Christ- mas vacation. Being one of the strongest teams i11 the Big Ten this year, Mount was unable to control the tip-off but held their ow11 against their adversaries only to loso 22-40. During the Holidays Ol1io University visited Mount's Campus and went home with a 46-42 defeat. Mount played great ball with Shiltz scoring 22 points. After vacation the Purple played Case, a strong and rugged team from the Cleve- land Big 4 League. The game was nip and tuck, Mount winning 44-38. Akron wath rather a green team lost to Mount 46-38, the substitutes playing most of the last half Mount eoasted to victory. Ashland was our next victim, thc game even up most of the way until last part of the last half where Mount gained a 12 point lead and kept it till the end, final score 48-33. Mount then journeyed to Wooster, where they were behind at the half 19-12, after five-minutes of the second half was g0llG the count was tied 24 all, Mount then assumed the lead a11d the closing score was 36-31. The11 came Otterbeing the question at the start of this game was whether Mount had a chfnce i11 the Ohio Conference, or not. The game was blotched with many fouls, the score was tied with five minutes to go, the Mounties winning 37-35. Hiram was next on Mou11t's list. Mount Union initiated Hira1n's 11ew gymnasium by hand- ing them a 59-32 drubbing. John Carroll was next in line to be defeated by the Purple. It was a compara- tively easy game, this probably marked the peak of M'ount's season, the final score was 54-32. Bowling Green-close game during 'first half, second half it was Mount to the finish and the final score 41-24. The Mounties then traveled to llluskingum-met up with the zone defense and played way off their game. The Muskies were hot and there was no stopping them, Mount received a 34-36 set-back. Mount got back into their winning stride by defeating Kent State University which had won eight straight games before suffering defeat at the hands of Mount. Very close game first half. Purple' hit stride in second half and won 42-32. Oberlin was Mount's next victim. It was Mount all the way. They held Oberlin to one point in the first 12 minutes to play. Mount won 41-32. Mount met Woostei' the second time-Windland held Flrascella, W'ooster's leading scorer very Well. Schiltz scored 20 points with Mount winning. Heidelberg was the last game of the season for the Purple and White. Mount opened slow and finished up fast, winning 52-24. Thus ended a season which will long be remembered for its exciting games which afforded many a thrill for both player and spectator. Dear Dad: Mount Union has always been known for her cham- pionship basketball teams. This year we finished second in the Ohio Conference. Next year we are going to miss the seniors who will graduate because these fellows: Windland, Swope, Schiltz, Wilms, Rowland, Shadle, and George have played wonderful ball. Ever since Coach Wright has come to Mount Union he has al- ways had to contend with graduation and has met the situation by producing another wonderful team. Good Bye Your son, Dan 'MINE i Varsity Basketball Team First Tmw: NVright, Ilcud .Basketball Couch, Swope, Shaclle, XVilms, W'incl1and. Rowland, George, Shiltz. Second now: Clarside, Grey. Andreuni, Weaver, Rice, Siddal. Cope, Manager Carey. Freshman Basketball Team First Row: Cone, Nichols. Scott. Hudson, Smith, Keel. Second How: Assistant Fl'GSll1'll1lIl Coach Duerler, Peeling, Cateott, Nicholson, Freshman Couch Bryant. 145 us.: M au: me nu .,5,,-,. - 1 X Ewa pq 4 -: ..:: 1 ,Q J V " v 9 MUN1 Q kgs. H-if 0 , f wi? 18 5 Y t w ' ff 5 QQ :E ss i 5?f,.:,::m 2,5 I 1 .2 1 X 4 in W , I f .1 2 I' :E --- o A It P .. .,.. . .... .... -1-5... E' E 5 ,.,. 2 .,...:,, . ' fi W A H. 5 E Q Dear John: These are the boys that made up our team for this year: Shiltz - high scorer, speedy, always dependable, good all-around floorman. Swope - another high scorer - excellent guard, hard man to keep down. Windland-consistent ball player, hard man to keep up with - also a good scorer. Wilms-veteran tip-off man saw plenty of service in his 5 years. Rowland - good on offense and defense, always on the job. Shadle - fine player, always ready to do his bit for Mount. George - fast, aggressive, hard to catch - good shot. Cope - played heads up ball on reserves and saw plenty of-varsity play. Rice - long and lanky, consistent - a boy we'll hear plenty from next year. Weaver - tough center, always where there's action - good scorer. Ziemke - big and fast, saw action as reserve - var- sity next year. Andreani - consistent substitute who will see much action next year. ' Gray - small but shifty - only a sophomore, but 146 watch him next year. E Garside - another sophomore who'll be heard from next season. Well I've got to go to bed so goodnight and so long Yours truly Ken S -'NIMH " -. : 9 ig- I :gli '- l, 3 1- n X im in .I I 155 1 5. :I ' Z-L! , , if " "H" Y Y Y -1- 3 ,w-N...-v L. 1 lvl -I , Y . 5' ' F w , x..f M ,, N 4 N 1 i Track and Cross Country l Head Track Coach-Harry Geltz Track Squad Members: Harry Shadle, Edgar Wilms, Howard Ziemke, Howard Parker, Charles O'Brien, Myron Pardee, Oscar Andreani, Kenneth Garsight, Kenneth Elliot, Harry Schmuck, Paul Biggins, William Cope, John Neff, Robert Bennett, Rob- ert Yost, Glenn Siddall, Charles Knowles, Dale Wilson, David Williams, Edwin Fishel, Stanley Kamaskey, Ernest Southwick. I Cross Country Members: Edgar Wilms, Captain, Arthur Evans, David Williams, Myron Pardee, Stanley Kamaskey, Elmer McMaster, Robert Moore, Frank Bryant. 148 TRACK-CROSS-COUNTRY Although only two veterans were available at the start of the season this year's cross-country team made up in spirit what it lacked in exper- ience. After placing second in a triangular meet with Oberlin and Bowling Green, the Purple maratlioners dropped a close decision to a strong Woos- ter team and then came back to win decisive successive victories over Akron and Case. However it was in the Big Six cross-country meet that the squad pulled the biggest surprise as led by Captain Ed Wilms they climaxed the year by snaring the runnerup position behind the crack Oberlin team. With one of the best balanced track teams to ever represent Mount Union, Coach Harry Geltz has seen the Purple defeated three times be- cause of the lack of one or two star performers who could take badly needed first places. Opening with Case at Cleveland the Mounters lost to a fighting Scientist squad by a scant two points, the margin of victory coming as a result of Case winning the mile relay. In the next fray with Muskingum at New Concord the Mount team again was defeated by a very superior Mus- kie outfit, who however could not stop Kenny Elliott from setting a new Mount record for the low hurdles. The Akron Zippers were easily defeated the following Saturday at Hartshorn field with another new record being hung up for Mount as lanky Ed Wilms easily cracked the present mark for the half mile. On a rainy Wednesday afternoon the Wooster team came to town and also "went to town" as they ploughed through the mud to cop a 78-53 victory. Taking all the first places but one the Purple brushed aside Hiram's Terriers to prepare for the next contest with the Big Red from Denison whom the Mounters beat after a hard battle by a 7 215-585 score. Stars of this year's campaign have been Kenny Elliott, Ed Wilms, Harry Shadle and Howard Ziemke. These men have carried the burden of the scoring and were given excellent support by the rest of their team- mates. Dear Dad: I can't help but brag a little about our track and cross-country teams. Perhaps we didr1't have a perfect record but it was a pleasure to see the battle the fel- lows gave opposing teams. This track season was featured by two new records, one in the low hurdle set by Elliott, and the other in the half-mile, finally set by Wilms in winning the Big Six event in his last ap- pearance for Mount. We will have a veteran squad in both sports next year, and then watch us go. Your son Dan Ea, ' Eiel ' Elf TEN N IS-GOLF Sweeping aside their first three opponents, Kenyon, Wooster, and Oberlin by decisive scores the Purple golf team lead by Evan Schiltz went on through the season to compile a final record of seven matches won to four lost. The fourth match on the schedule proved to be a stumbling block to the Wrightrnen as they dropped this on to a powerful University of Akron team. With the entire team shooting some fine golf the Mounters came back strong to take Kenyon and Geneva on the enemies soil. The next two road trips to Wooster and Oberlin were not so fruitful as the Scots and Yeomen proved stronger on their home courses and defeated the Mount team by large scores. In their season's finale with Akron the Purple sur- prised by beating a strong Zipper squad. The men who have turned in this iine record for Mount Union on the links were Evan Schiltz, one of the best golfers in the Ohio Conference, Bob Pierce, a consistent veteran of last year, James Wilcox, who turned in good scores after a poor start, and Don Pierce, the only new member of the squad and a constant threat to enemy linksmen. With a veteran squad for the nrst time in several years the Mount Union tennis team finished the season with a total of five matches won and two lost. The Terriers from Hiram were whitewashed in the seasons opener by a 7-0 total. A road trip to Wooster territory almost resulted in the same treatment for the Purple as they escaped with a 6-1 defeat at the hands of the Scots. Another road match with Geneva College at Beaver Falls was an easy victory for the Mounters. The W Sz J Prexies visited visited Mount next and went away with a victory tucked under their belt, but the Purple more than evened the Ohio-Pennsylvania rivalry as they again took Geneva in to camp by a 7-0 score. Hiram, the next opponent was easily vanquished and Wooster was upset 4-2 to end the season. Bus Bryant, Harry Shadle, Art Cole, and Ted Murphy took care of the singles encounters, while Swede Carlson teamed with Bryant to form the number one doubles team, with Cole and Murphy making up the number two team. Dear Jack: So sorry that we had to beat you in both tennis and golf, but, there's no stopping the Purple power- house once it gets started. Better tell your coach to surrender peacefully while he has the chance. Although we do lose a bunch of seniors there are plenty of promising freshmen all set to take their place. Better luck, next time. Yours truly Andy 150 r :eil- l , E524 Tennis and Golf ' -.1 Golf: Donald Pierce, James Wilcox, Evan Shiltz, Robert Pierce. Tennis: Frederic Murphy, Randall Carlson, Frank Bryant, Arthur Cole, Harry Shadle. 151 ...H A P-R J , H5 MZ? H4592 til Q :Sw i-f fgf E 5. '7l1wf'ff , . 'x, i 1 A Qr . R I l'J'1j FQ' 1' " "im?!?.f It .ni r .,v4- j 2' 153 HI ISUN ruff '02- s .r S - 3 'aj Q, H 5 gnu 0+ -Qmwl Alliance, Ohio Dear Mr. Brown: It is the aim of the intramural program at Mount Union to provide an opportunity for the voluntary participation of every student in a variety of organ- ized competitive sports. Last fall, we began the year with intramural vol- leyball. Sigma Nu won the first round in class B, the first team league. Phi Kappa Tau came back to go through the second round undefeated and defeated the Sigma Nu's to win the championship. In class A volleyball only one round was played. Sigma Nu and Phi Kappa Tau finished first and second, respectively, with the former taking the series to win the championship. Next came basketball, again Sigma Nu won the first round of class B, only to have the Phi Kappa Tau again take the second round and the championship. Sigma Nu also won the first round of class A basket- ball. This time the Alpha Tau Omega freshmen captured the second round and the championship. Tug-of-war was next. There is only one round to this sport and it ended with a three-way tie for first place between Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Alpha Tau Omega. Phi Kappa Tau took the championship by defeating each of the two other teams. Sigma Nu was winner of the wrestling tournament by placing seven men in the finals and winning four weights. Under the leadership and pitching of Fred Shively, the Non-fraternity group went undefeated in the first round of softball. The Sigma Nu' s won the second round. One round of horseshoes was played last fall with Sigma Nu as the winner. The second round the Phi Kappa Tau won and also the finals. This year tennis and golf have been added to the sports of last year. The tennis tournament is now being played off and the golf tournament will soon begin. Yours very truly, Dale Porter, Intramural Supervisor. it 11 .kb VV ull' ,G iq -nv- '15, ,... --BP?-Z7 kk 3 fs i 1 1 1: ,Kg , 2 -' 11 n , 'W 5 Mme'-L 'Ms-vnfo .2 F ?2,v of 'lumuv XV Alliance, Ohio Dear Sis : The Mount Union girls have certainly been doing fine work in their intramural athletics this year. Tennis started in the fall but the weather prohibited the tournament from being finished until the following spring. Nebraska Ball was introduced into this school three years ago by Mrs. Perkins and since then has grown to be a very interesting game for play- ers as well as spectators. There are as many as fifteen girls on a team. The Delta Delta Delta sorority won this new game which has recently been introduced as well as having its origin here at Mount Union. This was the second year of' tournament play and was won again by the Tri Delta Sorority. The Women's Athletic Association started a new project this year by having a Round Robin class tournament. The Junior Class won this tournament. We have equipment in our gymnasium to play "deck-tennis", shuffleboard, and Badminton. These sports are less active but are very inter- esting to many girls. Along with the minor sports we have archery and ping-pong. The ping-pong was won this year by Marjorie Taylor. There is a new interest stirring in base-ball, many girls come out for games. The Kappa Delta' s tu.rned up as the winners. We girls take part in many other intramural athletics of which I haven't time to explain but rather will give you an invitation to come to Mount next year and see for yourself. Love , Ruth -1...-mf? E- The Unonian Sponsors Service Good Will Cooperation The Unonian Staff of 1936 sincerely desires that the Mount Union College student body will be as cooperative and loyal to the following Unonian "boosters" as they have been to us. Without their generous aid, this high quality annual, which we feel brings honor to Mount Union, would not have been possible. Alliance Clay Products Co. A. C. Goodsite Alliance Hardware Co. Alliance Machine Company Allott Hardware Co. Arcade Market ART, the Jeweler Ault's Pharmacy Auto Gas Service Co. B. McCrady Boston Store Bradshaw Printing Co. Cassaday and Pettis Central Bakery Central Bottling Co. Cope Electric Co. Cope Furniture Co. College Inn Consumers Market Crescent Ice and Coal Co. Dimit Brothers Dine-DeWees Co. Drakes Furniture Store Dye's Pharmacy E-Jay Clothiers Eddie's Grill Edward's Haldeman and Co. England Drug Co. Eynon-Guthrie Co. HaHner's Jewelry Store Hart, Blumenstiel and Strong 156 1 i' :-..:i 2.31 y .. Ere' -4- 'MEFF 2 la m. ,H-nn.-f The Unonian Sponsors Hazzard-Mowery Co. I-Ii Buttermore Highland Tea Room Hillgreen Lane Co. H. T. Miller, Florist Isaly Dairy Co. J. B. Naylor J. C. Penny Co. Klein and Roderick Lembright's Bakery Lyon Dairy Co. Manhattan Co. M. M. Mansfield Maple's Grocery Monti-Fruits and Vegetables Morgan Engineering Co. Nevin Miller, Dry Cleaning and Pressing Ohio Public Service Co. Palm Garden Inn Paul Kline Ramsey Floral Co. R. G. Stohler Rickard's Furniture Store Robertson's Coal and Supply Co. Saffell-Hively Printing Co. Sears Roebuck and Co. Shaffer-Black Co. Shem's Wallpaper Co. Shrigley and Wheat Spring-Holzwarth Co. Stark Electric Railroad Co. Stewart Brother's Paint Co. Supreme Dairy Co. Transue Williams Steel Foundry Corp. Tri-Theatres Inc. 157 Trumpeter's Restaurant a Waldorf Dairy Co. E ' W. D. Handwork ' , 'E-if ...W-4 ii .S -'El f-"5-'L'-f" There are few fields where fhe necessify for progress-'rho demand for new ideas, is as pronounced as in +he produciion of School Annuals. U' Here in Canfon we lake pride in nof only keeping pace, buf in seffing fhe pace for innovalions and changes in ihis highly progressive field. U When you worl: wi+h Canfon you are hand in hand wifh experienced' people, consianily on 'Phe alerl fo sense ihe wanfs of Annual publishers, and quick 'lo change from 'che old order, and offer new and unusual ideas fo progressive edi+ors. me cANroN ENGRAVING s. mcrnorvrz co., cANroN, omo 158 Printing by REVIEW PUBLISHING CO ALLIANCI5, OHIO I ld H V w W W 1 x 1 l i V I

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