Mount Tamalpais Military Academy - Adjutant Yearbook (San Rafael, CA)

 - Class of 1925

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Mount Tamalpais Military Academy - Adjutant Yearbook (San Rafael, CA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 17 of 67
Page 17 of 67

Mount Tamalpais Military Academy - Adjutant Yearbook (San Rafael, CA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 16
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Page 17 text:

J,.I..34wu" V '. 1is'.+,.s:-,gf 144' -.. --,H 9,115 ,v 1 1 -Qxnd,-.r .'f,Q,-.',,5 ,, , . , , ' " ' L' '-63:5 -1 ,. . .1 . '1"',1 ,. 1511.-..'f.5 lf' l I Tl-lli AfJ,lU'l'.'XNT ',- i onstanee. 11,2 . , . 29 "l lielieve you are eorreet. Nlr. Speaker," replied Xlrs. Paxton. "l emhtiififsfiliiicii-liciiiiii'l'll'l,2'Ilroundoutside. Ouietl'l Q, ., llv Q iall have to see her about it. Thank you very much sir," lliltver Withiitl? iiiilltlow of his stateroonii 'l'oiil,iC out of iml limi liiliked iigi if 1,1 " onit mention it, good-day," said liaruest with a feeling of heing of the deck. fl fl21Sl1l1e'ht, slippers and a big overehafilljijilienl-giiiiii-liizcil liillii . 1 Al-refit y ,atisfied with himself. That gem N .X - X ne into all eorner, :ii :if I i y greeted his sister with i'l3Ol'Otllf'. something happened. l-I SCH to Sleqjb. es it, he thonglit, and went haek to hed 'wq' 1 - ii -' lj, - lotllf mi' Had he nat- , CM iii' 'liiglillls' l1I111- -fi:"71.'1f- .. V - - f - wi. cthedllillff' g 1 5 f., XX iatf llilly! X ou dont mean -. she extlanned. the door Of H2 - C K 1 5 cl' little longer he would have We I , gmsgv -Nath' Vve lotht my wetlu Xx,hat.u I mfg.. Ytlirough the Httl.C wimiiiiistaiilees stateroom. Quite by aeeifieiitli l,iiilirivStol1 at "l low did it happen?" questioned Dorothv. UT 21 glass on the table ii ii mil was liiill 011611 and his eve eatifflit 'tivliiiikcii ' - - ' s 1 ' . iii?-i,il And so he told her how it happened, - lisping all the ttime. He was llrs. liaxton's, he thoutrl A mic i - very much disgusted with himself, that he earefully reaehed in bfitil l-I iiimiiitir if they Wfllllfl fit? 'Xnd if 1 To further add to his diseonifiture Dorothy asked. "What will Con- ieeili- TIWI1 11111 hack to liorotiiifi 'iiiliik the wax Uiimiiliiiigi l'1'S-i1'11vffiil1i'i stance think?" "l'Jorotliy, look!" V i iiiti themi A 5 "Con-Conth-Conthanthe - 'l'hay, l eanit even thay her name." ' "Shh! Not so loud Dil ' " "Oh llillyl ean't you find them? L'an't yon use something else?" iilieiii Y0ll1'iS'i' i C Mm ilml iliellif iiill5'-Wliy-wliat - thoee "XX'hat? There ith nothing' here that lookth like teeth "' "'l'he're Xlrs. liaxton's, tfaslied l"ill ' "XYell there's started Dorotliy innocently. "f Ph! tio put them haeik' lam il ii "Uh, donft he a fool, Cori-'tftinttli-Ctmnthtanthe. l eanit even thay Otlly' ulliiii' flifl X011 get them? llilieireiiifiltiiem luck' iiiill fflffliii cried Doi-- her name." llilly thought hetter of himself . It ie iimi. Senses iii ,Xnd so liill llarver and his sister stayed in their stateroom arguing E00 lfiie' 'limi liieli WCW Fight outsideiifg liiiilicd iii lfafk- lfllt alas, it was ahout what to do. liill wouldnlt even leave the room. bo witimilt iiiiiilieli WOVCIS- SZIYC guocliiifflit toiiiilfiiiiii lim ilillte illiliiiiiefl lllm. Kleanwhile Klrs. liaxton was interviewing' her daughter 1- Ut these two men one Y if - .5 - Ai li Miter' lic ii'6i'ltOl'ff1- H . 1 N '-'- . H . fmmed Crook' uas a former burglar and the otl -- lf l evei see you with lnm again- H N V ici a re- "llut mother, what's the matter?" N-l'ldkC' will lilie' ifiiiffl we do wid 'emg-' "Never mind. l don't want you to talk to Nlr. llarver again," hall Uwiyglllllillo. V ll e found 'em.'s turn 'em in to th X 1' "lint wh5'? l don't know Zlllyfllillf against llillyf' bn v Us about ten dollars for 'em." 8 iaimmi' Melilfie "Xe-v-er-niindlii 'lihis time it was final. 'lust then there was a knoelc --ich' ami melilie lie Wimit too' lffis lwelb 'em' on the door. liresently Nlrs. liaxton said. i'kiUlllC in." the Captiiiii tell iiOil'i Siilll ilie i'eii'il'liWfl 01143. "W6il'e Oioinfr t - ' ' lt was llilly llarver. lienn State footliall star. minus four front teeth Azul! I h N 6 Oltilill em lil to and the friendship of the girl he ltuvvetl in daiige-r, llis iiv il in foothall,- Saw thiq ilnzliiiltyif-iigxt iiimiiiliiiii' iiilieii liiiimfhl' CZlI11e down fm-1 ., ke ' otherwise Ernest Speaker,-was on hoard to add to his difficulties. lf i IQcf,L,QIDblfliiOli fl1C'111llwm-11:- i Mia iiisi' She wasn't for his sister. what would llilly do? .Xfter dinner liarnest and tion Dorothy' lrii Mft' iff false teeth' stance sat outside. lfarnest asked her all he dared aliout llilly. She ftrlil her Sill-mise Ellgxlprclgi and told her hrotlier that she would o-Qt th him how that afternoon something had happened. She didnit just exaetli St2ll'til1Q'vyhen tile iieiiiier limi aimiiilii alililiefl- fill 2lFQ't11hent vii'i'Ufi 'rlio know what it was, 'lihen liarnest told her a story. and it was a story all ahout ivvfeu we-Ye U-Kei midi i L15 'init llilly. lle said all he eould to get him in wrong. tionstauee said she vvouldni at eleven o'eloek " not mme other iliiiigs here too. lYe'll auction tlwm Off helieve it. wlshi, vc ii 'Vt X 1 A "lint itis true. lt's a faet. lfonstanee" he said. "just as you say stlllu Oicloek those iiheigtiifjiiidili tviieiigcinljiiigijiiiii told liiilly all fllltlllt it. :Xt eleven v thing ways wi-oiig this afternoon too, - Several thing-S were Bagged OH fmellmsted were all asseinhled for the Huctiiml V qlerhaiis you are right. Xlhy l never realized that." pondered tht "And here, folkg we have ,K mimi milliiiig' lilliiilli' the officer said' girl. "Still l really like him." Caused some laughter and talk --i:ltiifi'Tle1'ttil set of false teeth-", 'fhig . All the time lfarnest was wondering what had really happened tlitt Someone. How mtieh am l offei'ed5"i iii iw' they limi' he quite valuahle to afternoon. lle knew that llilly had four false teeth. hut he wasnit sure Lliat Hlfifty? .Xnvone else? l 'ni tif " he had lost them. lle determined to find ont, and so hy dill, 'flint night lit Mliell dollar-ef' i K ii ii ered illtf' flollilts for this get of teeth. est

Page 16 text:

'I fi ' I'I' A N 'I' Z6 I H In A IJ ,I L fn YA There was no score until the third quarter. whens lieu ,wenit oyCr..fl'F a touch down, hut Clymers failed to make the convert. Ihen llal el-1.1! KLZIV cross play and ran down a broken field only To IPC FIUIJIWI ml L Imvl-5 ll: 'li vard line. Lincoln next won several yards on an end Arun and a later ine .wut vi iphis left fix-Q 111i11r1IC5 of play for the quarter. Lincoln tried another enll run but lien broke it UD. 'llhen the Lineoln flllflftcll Unltd H fungi. IHQLIX INT gained three Yards, followinfl' It with a fake criss-'cross from which .into Il scored and converted. Score: Lincoln fi L IYIIICI' 5 hu 1 I Finally the last quarter came. Lincoln kicked oll and SIYIIICIA SY 'Tm'-'I' ed the ball to the forty yard line. 'llhen through mixed signals. Ixen was thrown back for a loss. L'p and down the field the teams struggled for ad- vantage, but neither seemed able to score again. lYith only two IIIIIIIIICQ to play, Lincoln had the hall and tried a center buck play which brought them to the twentv vard line in preparation for a punt. lint some one lumb- I ' ' ' I darted down the field led the ball. and like a flash lien picked it up anr . l t ole l"'1t at once l'C'lll7Cfl the disaster and dashed alter with everv chance o sc 'X 1 1 L - him. T66 Vmds ,Wyre to go, - and Pat only a step behiudl Ilut using' all -the speed he was famous for, Pat tackled the fleeing lien on the three yard lme. and just as Clymer's lined up to buck the ball over, - time was ealled - and the victory was l.ineoln'sI Score 7-fi. It Wag imjegrl gr very docile and sheepi out of Clvmer's dressing room that afternoon. .Xnd in the evening there was oulv oneibov at Gwenis. Ile could he easily identified by a shoek of fiery red hair. . D V A ' fl, hristian lxlitgaard, Zo ,l.i-0.---1-1 The Band Book iofxbi SIQKIIIIIR ITIIJIQLIS. 'llllf Nlill' CUIAIXIIXI. and myself being' Y I Tlrllf SQLIIXRII and showing' IVSOUID I"lfl.l-lIll'Sllll'. we started om to find THF SQLIZALER. We took 'l'I'lI2 ll.X'l"lIl.IfSllII' L'tlXNIfL"l'le' 'I' and arriving at aIAXlI.Yl"lf-XX llli.-XLAII. were greeted by I Ill: IJIXI lil l- IIRS OIT 'I'I'lI2 .XKIIQRICIXX RlfYUI,L"l'llJX and the lllllll Selltl ll, C.XIll2'l'S, Our IIIRIICTCIIQ played IXYIilQL'.X'lili,XI- at 'l'lIlQ L''5 XRIIORY. and thus delivered our IIIQIQICIIXIIS 'lill ILXXIII JR. Un our way we passed the I'NlYl2lQSI'l'Y Ulf l'lfNNSYl.Y.XXI:l, where we met THE tillX'I2RXllR'S ONYX whom we thought was llllt CONQIIIYRUR. lYe then straightuay phetied LXCLIQ SXNINIY to scllll 'lllrlli ANI IZRICAN l",X'l'RtlI,. Ilut finding' out our mistake too late. wt llllfl to go to TH I2 SLNXY StlL"IiI'l. 'lihere we saw a funny thing. - .X IIIN- IIIARIAX IIXNCE the IIYIJSY LUYIC SIIXIS, - and to balance that mat- ter the ANYI I. Cl ll IRIN sang the NI ISIZRICRIZ. -lf. Simmie, 'lf sh looking' quarterback that came More Than A Mothfull i Hi IBILLY I do hope you'll feel better when you return," said O Ifrs. Haryera 'and youll take good Care of him. wonit vou. Dorothy? "Good-by!" ' in A 'f.1OOfl-by, folks." "I surely hope I will." replied Billv Harver Say Dad-just a 1" ' ' "Bill Harver - Rah! Rah! Rah! Iflill Harverf' "So long Bill," "En, jOy yourself!"-came from a crowd of football fellows. "So long' ,QangI" yelled back Iiiill I-Iarver in great iov. "lYhat did you say, Son?" Oh dad, have you any - er - change you can spare? ll ell I suppose so, here." A and Mr. Harver put a "good-bve bill" in his sou's hand. I 'Ihe parents waited for the ship to leave shore and then waved QOOIIA Y -' -Vo , . , '. 3, A . . 'V' tile 32131. lull Harxei and his sister Dorothy were leaving' lor a pleasure TIP-ld .gil y .was very nervous and Ins parents thought a trip of some kind wou o him good, and his sister was to help him enjoy the journey, HQ had been hurt Ill a football game- with resulting loss of four front teeth. He was a very popular player. and ol course had many rivals. "Let's walk around a bit." suggested Dorothy, "AlYig'l1t." agreed Iililly, "lYell if it isn't Constance Paxton! lX'hat do you say Lon?" l'l6llO Dot. hows everything?" "lX'hy Ililly. what are you and Dor- othy doing here "ll'ell, just as you like. Let's sit out here and talk." answered llilly. . "You ll be surprised to know that Iiarnest Speaker is on the ship." said Constance when all were seated. "Is that so?" came gravely from lflillv. "O my! and he was sueh a rival to you during' football season. I I Y . V H 1 - Y N ,J Y I L asllt he Blu? ? bald DOFOIIU- ll all. you will have to excuse me. I must find our stateroom. "lYe'll see you later then Dot. llilly Dear l'm so glad vorfre on board." ' And sohthey talked. But just as llilly stood up to leave. the door of one of the cabins swung' open and hit him in the face. "Gulp-ow-wow I" Billv determined he had lost something. - perhaps his teeth again. I "E-excuse me," he sputte-red and hurried off. In the meantime Mrs. Paxton had found Earnest. I'Iillv's rival. "I'll say so. He is a eoward and a fool. I-Ie shouldn't be with

Page 18 text:

l 'l' A N 'l' 'VH li A lllll h,,,,..,,f,,,,-4'-f W - 50 "gX11yO11Q Gln? 7' "Nr l'll1l'Y6l' szws twcmv d11ll111's, sind l3Hl'UlllF'- "'l'l1i1'tv llOll21l'Sln said li2l1'llCST whu ul CUlll'SL' lllllllghl ills' lcL'll1 xwu- Mrs. Pz1xto11's. h " ' llz11'x'c1' szws lL'1l'fV d11ll:11's". amd llmw11l1y har hc1' l11'+1ll1c1'. ' - lc 11115 XX'L'llliClllllg. l".x'u1'y1111u iqlw llll color was l'C2lX'lllQ his lucc, "Nl1' l'lz1rx'c1' szlvs llllj' E" cz1111c tllllflilf' ll'Hlll I willy. N 3 l 'ml 4lHCl'k'll lllll' ml11ll:1l'S lvl' lllls xg-1 llf lullll N1. lmtx llulu wid l'.1llAllChl. l ,ll Hlfive? .XllyL!llL' clfc. . XO? Qlfllllg then! Owing! il1111cl" There was ll lllllllllll' lmclwcch llllly :111d his Ahtcr. "llc lllllkdi, llilly 51,6 will-llelll llc ll-gm llll :111d gm ilu-111. l'l'CS0llllf' llk' 1111111-d :11'1111111l glll Saw L'o11s1z111cc z1l1l11'u11ql1i11g him s:1yi11g: "Uh, lfllllllli Xklll su lllllCll M11 lllll'N'L'l'. llilly KlCllI', lol 1111- flllgiyl- M, thc xx'1'1111g lIlllll'CSSll . till 111' y.,ll ll, QM llb 111 lt was 511 gl, . I was much llllClQl' lllOlllCl'.H lIz11'11cst had X'Ll.lllSllCll. llc xnxx' Xlrx l'11x11111 cu111111g. " llllmli ever 51,1 much N11 llL11'x'c1'. cr -- Xl 1lh11111, l lllL'llll. l :1lxx'x1x5 l4llk'XX' x-.lll 21 hue yklllllg ll'lllll..' llllly co11shlc1'ccl hu wax lucky 111 hzuc lu-L-11 uhh- 111 gllglllgl- lllk. N. llc had tnlccn Nw. l'11x11111 4 l1'11111 lllr lmulicl :md gum. mum My th115 Wllllllllglllldi l11411xv11. llQl11-g:111 t11N11Nl1L-cl l'11lI'1lgx1 j4l,l-lllwl. NU lu, W L'011stz111cc.- lt SCQlllCll llllC 111 lw :duly 11- my hcr lllllllk' :1gz1111. Shy hllll lor easily. ull zxlmut l'.Lll'llCf-Y. lt Kllillll lulxu ltlllg llll' lmll 111 llllll lflll-,ll-Nl -, "mul l lllml XM 5cey'1,1111' fum again 1111l1l 111-xl l11111l141ll N1-11N.111l llcl 11111 1-f l1u11-"' xl - . . . , l X d11m'xx'L14 shut l1'11111 thc 1111Lf11lu ul lhlly N A3111-1-11.11114 "lQlt'lllll'tl Xltklsnnlllxlyrv "Li" PMS 1 HLJTARY MARVELQUS MARIN GOd ' 111 ' - Knew HIS Wlsdom Wh were to bef--in en C H P' ' Wilde all . llm' Marvelcnls Har. the hllls , ' - 111- -X hire the all' iQ SO I' , ' - 0' f Ygd the Water so fine X613 Ll would .V - thmk V' , Old lillllvrlll . 'UU X1 Ere dri r. K5 lyme I1 lllg fxvllixfe in the Citv lCI'C'S , ' 'Tis 110 ralkff Pllld din- F wonder l 1111111 V NXT the MHS Of 1117 mere the Q X A' cllI1Q And YO111' hsdxl 51111168 brighter A5 Y011 hreitl t 5661115 lighter Of Marvel ct1e 111 the gllr Ous Marin. ind let me sav here . 11d n ' It woillxilll count it no Sin For auf lnake fine homegq I I . Ol 5'0l1r kin, k Ucont k11c1W where t , r fl - H 0 end To lxeffrel hut to begin Of 31 the thine-Q Marveloue Xlar-hx - A 111, Yow ' A she . , A 15 PIOSlJ6I'llln- , 11d surely - . 5 To tl ' 1111111 ' r mpeg n ' . - O othe L F Jlaq 1ke Marvelous Marilu e -Everett :X111g5, '28

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