Mount Tamalpais Military Academy - Adjutant Yearbook (San Rafael, CA)

 - Class of 1925

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Mount Tamalpais Military Academy - Adjutant Yearbook (San Rafael, CA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 12 of 67
Page 12 of 67

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Page 12 text:

' Qftfifil' t 54: .1 ' l 5 Us ' . 'lf' Ti" t 5i'.?i'l"5-9 9' i i.5 'Q- -,fi ' HX 16" ' 14'-' .j.- -U ,-, S, .G3r.v,,1g-,.. Q 'l ..,'. 'r ir, f-'57 -- E. 'Q tfff.-i,9s ' Q - . i 5, --.5 if-if-5?i 1' - 'f sa 5, 5 vp 4- ,. gg-r'g:'.,?g if ,. .. Q lsr' A 'wigs . if ' -gl get 1' I gc., . fifgiigji '44 gi , 1 :fi-F ,, I V lv 11. i - Pak. . iz bv Q -X V 215 4. 1 5. ' M . an i L, wtf .g ' J, X at 7' 1 A ' R K' iii 'iif'LSPil i' 5- -'l J' ' ' ' . A r an 1 1 nw .. :i ll f f is 2 iq 'Ji qvfi' . u i YQ- ' '-' -iq . . .. f wi . L5 . If -' 5 it I - . fl . 5" 3 f -' 3 3' I-is i i 7 :QI 1 ! ' jf, r xx ' ' , fw , i it FSS- e ' J-,5-2:4 e 1 f- 532 Q - ' ...QL 1:1 -,wg , f - XX , 4 H - ' . - ' '- ' .. .gf-4 4.5, T 'E - an E 1,-,,.,.bl s ' -1 sr 58,5 -. 1 3 A 'rs v - i , -N iii? Q. "-f'..V M -'A - ' ' ' -f - La y. ry, ws,-..... uw..-"" Q" ,rg 2 1 2 X' , -1- ' 15- gif? gn, x , - - e if ' K V- I . "l L' - mt.,-A -: . " f" 'NYE ' 2 .. , , - trial, lil:-j ,.. I E.. .,....... ,. eu.. - 4, N , Cf, :als-!:AQt Q X he - 1 l l' 'i' - 'X l S'-'-."'v4'm '-- 'lv-19' . t'QAi'f: rqqq g gi: ' - 5115-,V 1 , s., ?'a1:1ref,.- 1 5-at-, . ?f-fil i - " ' ":'--r-,1,.i7- 1 1"iii2f1il5'1fEfff1'n',jfi L! '-5 y,'uLk..f E I Q, .Y e f"g:..,, l.e..if.? gigs-li. - , J A , . 1 V ie' 531,313 "F-:J-'A .lf,T! K' ' lr' A' 5' nb ' ,. xf "g 5 af its '- 'Mehmet ' J T: 2 '4 f" i 1 'L- - 'vi' 61' A, s' 1:3-4 ji '-gt - 'A - 3' 3 A 1 i V .cf ., QNAQ L V... j X "-we . F -. My 1 - 1.1 0 .N .lu fx - . '4- W if. -- xii v 'f' - A 51? . 'J 'R R 2 -M I .1 .xkpkld l- il q. " A if , ,g Rx' ' n . " ' ' W ' 5. " K if ..:, ' +2 5 , t - , V5 if 1 1JL,-.p ' M . if L' . -,- t..-. . . - .sviis rfkij-VSA. H l Z 5' r , m Q '7'i,3 ' Crossed Words HE S-llfJRT. stulnlmv tigure of .left Carson, forman of the "Daffy ll." appeared in the door of the hunkhouse on a hot Sunday afternoon. L tx L in ure l remark. "l low something. "The 'i -' of s mock a fellow out" he said as a passing come?" returned Long Tom, who was eager to do or say F-eizing the opportunity, -left answered: "l was up at Klanza getting the mail yesterday, and l ran across 'loe Foly. the homhre who rode here aluout a year ago. and he sure was dressed hke a stulfv at a school marm s picnic. lle had one of them new tangled rags with wide hooped pantaloons. a coat like a card sharlfs, and a pair of low zapaitos that shown like a mirror." Ulle was a good looking gazalio though", put in .Xrt lluckley. "XYell, l don't know, though l don't think we ought to put up with them kind. 'lihey're a down right menace to these parts." came hack -leif. "You are right. This here is a cattle country, and no place for a hum like him", said Speck. "l axt him what he was doing and he said he was selling cross word puzzles, and never hearing of such a ranch, l axtcd him where it was. and if he didn't have the nerve to laugh." "l"le's Said, looking "XX'ell ought to he again. lt xx against bl oe. either hugs, or looking for a scrap. and I think it's the last". he over a short story magazine. , l reckon somelmodv's got to do something about this, and we the hovs, seeing hc came from "Daffy li", put in the foreman 'as evident from the 'tone ol lns voice that he had a grudge X If C' Z I' ew il

Page 11 text:

Was- - yfai-QI' 1 ', V. 7 1 if ,.,, l11',,,v'l'-,'g.1 11' 1'-','1'1-'ffffgi 'K 1, ' 511-',".fglJf1'1I,'1l1. 1' " ' .-'f!:'1:'-7,1'i'1'11'11'E1fi- 7 1 '1' l-l 111 .fx IJ ,I U 'I' JN N 'V 1-1'sf.f'ff:-'11'111-iffeff 0 ' M' 1 s 1 4,'v H:i"liTi':1'il':'iii 1' ' - 1 - l 1-1' 1,111 -1 "if ,-,,, 1 '.jJ'J?1Jig1ff5,J5.F "N' "I was recently 1111 lllj' way 111 lllk' 111.11111 Klais 11.1 1.111 11 1 I11 'i1'i1fl1i1l5i:i-li111111111141-if1 ll11cke1 ki1'1Ill1JllllY'S newest C1lll1l'lY1lllCL'n, 111- 1-11111111111-11. "1 1111' 11151 hl"l' Wilt 511 lllC l1CQ'llllllllQi 111' the .ClllC1' belt. 'lihcrc Ll w1-ll 1111-sst-11 i1-1111111111111 '1l1l 11111115111 f11f1-'1:11'- C1ll'l'lilQ'C 111111 lllljllgflllllll air ClllC.l'C'1l 11ur c1111v1-y.1n11, 11111 171 11111111151 1M 11 ii 111 took thc 11'11ly 111011111 seat 11-11i11111111g1 iXX-lllkll 1x.1s.l11s11 11 1111., .Isl lk 1 1 us 111. ll Slllilll 1111-1001 fell ll'1llll 1113 11lJCliL'b. llns l l'fSl.1llC1l 11.1 lllll, .1111 llll s11 111111111X 11111011 111111 it was11syml111l 111 the lan111us 11729 1, lass 111 .XL'llllL'lllf' 11.155, 1111-11 l 11lac1-11 him. lt was .Xl lXCllXYZlI'1l 111 111- Slll'C. -- 1111- always w1-ll 1111-ss1-11 1112111 11f thc class. S11 we chattt-11 111111111 1111- 11111 days. llc 111111 1-1111-11-1l Il lll'1ll 1f1f1f1E1g13j1g1ff,1" Ill- w11rld known architects 1111 1111- earth 11111111-1 111111 finally 1l1lYZlllL'k'1l 111 1111 111-:111 111.1116 great C11llCCl'll, 'lihen 11nc 111- 1111- 111-w in1crw111'l1l 111211-lilk' 111'11lll11lL'l'N had secured his services 111 lll'llXY 1111 plans illll' 1111- 1111w succcsslul llllk'l' l,lilllK'l 12111-kt-1 'liransit System. Ylillllllgll Ll huge iiinlcrtalcing, 1111c wi1l111111 1111-1-1-111-111 t11 111- glll1lQL1 l1y, and 111-1-cssi1111i11g' 1lcvcl11111ncn1 111. then lllllillHWll 1111111 as 111 ' 111111111 s lllll 1 ' 3 speed. Zlll' C1Ill1lltlUll 11t hi--'h levels. 1-tc,. L'lL'1. lie 111111 11v1-rc11n11- all N 1lllllL'lllllt'S 111111 1711 this dav was taking' ll 11111 111 Xlars t11 Ylill s111111- 1111-1111s. 11111-11 C11lll1Dl6llIlQ' 11115 work, he 111111 1111-11 111l'lllC1l ZlI'L'1lllCCl lirms 1111 111111-r 11111111-ts. and intcrl11cke1l tl1e1n 2111 111 th1- main l111s1-1111 Xl111hc1' l'i1ll'lll. We CXCll2lllQ't'Cl items 111111111 111her lllC1llllCl':4 111' 1111- la1n11ns1'l11ss,an1l11s l 11111-w 1111 111111111 1iC1Jl'Q'C lnnes. .Xl was 1111xi11us 111 111-a1'11fl1is SllL.L'C53l.'5. 1i1-111'g1- l1a1l S1lt'CCC1lC1l11111151211116138l2ll'tQ'C1111ll1l lJll5lllCSS.1lll1l as in 1111- 11111 days when 111- was 11111 satished with I'l7ll1lllC 1111-th111ls, 111111 l1r11ncl1e1l 11111 s11 111 111 t11t111ly lll1S1Jl'l7 111111 Street Z1ll2lll'S. 111 1111-1 11 was 111- XYll1l was lllL' llllllllk'l11l angel 111' 1111- l111er 171111101 11111-kt-1 'liransit System, 111111 several 171- 1111- 111111-1' great ClllL'l'1Jl'lS6S 111 1n111lern tunes s11cl1 as 1111- lrans1'111111n1-111111 .Xir 51'I'X'I1'1 t'111n11a11y, 1111- lvllClL'I'SC2lS Steanier 211111 l"1'1-iglit 1i11111ls 1i11Ill111lllj'. 1-tc., 1-11' ll111s111-11rg'1-111111c11111e1n111l11s11wn.11 l'L'N1lll 11111111111-11 1111ly 11-1' 1111111 111l1111'111111 intense Flllily. habits which 111111 been 11111111-11 1-111' 111111 l1y L'1Illlllk'l Ulllll 1111 L lass 111 11121 'l'h1-11 licnwa1'1l 111111 1ne11l111ut lyL'llllL'lll llall, wh11 111111 11-c1-ntly wri1t1.- him lllllllll the llall 111-111'1111-s. .Xlter gr111111111111g', lllll' 11111 1111-1111 llilfl 11'111'1-11-1 1111' a while i11 1211111116 111111 in .Xsia, finally l'C1lll'lllllg' 111 ,Xlll1'l'l1'1l by cl111i1'1- 1111- place t11 w111'lc tillt 111s lnture 111ZlllS. l1ll'Sl l111w1-v1-1. llL' 111111 111111-11 Il 11111 l lll L'lll'llCl'1ll't'lllllS 11nd lltllflll the f1111111us .Xrtliur Nlurrav s1-v1-1111 llL'1X' 1l11111'i11- s11-11s whicli h1-1111111-v111ve1l 1-l'1llll the nianv 1111-1:1-11 11171111 his l1111q' 111111' 111111111-1. 1ll1'll hc had started ll huge fishing llltlllSll'-Y based 1111 new 1111-111111ls, 111111 11 s rc1l 111111-le1l cans 11f "'lih1- l'L'l'lL'Cl l-ish" wt-re h11ns1-h11l1l 1i111'111'it1-s 111' .ill lllllllflllllf, - as w1-ll lill1IWll 11s tl11- "lX'1ll'j' Soap" lbl'2lll1l 111' 111111 sch1111l llll-1 s. 1111111' 11111111121 wc 11116111-11 Ll 1'1'l'5' iff 1111- -'lll1L'l' l'lane1 X1-ws" 111111 1111-11- l1e111re 11111 eyes was a picture 111 11111 kiZll'l Schiecli. lilll 111- 111111' w11r1- 111111-1 1111111 l'lll'llll1'1l glasses and had several degrees 11111-1' his 11111111-. llis 112111 1111-11 1 great chemical 1lisc11x'1-ry which had put l1is 1'a1l11-r's huge s111v1- l1usi111--s 1111t 111 exis11-nce. This 111-w chcinical 1ll'111lllCt -- lijli -l1g11I1111ly 111111-1111111-11 lll ll spiral c11nt11ine1 111111 111111151011 by a llllCl'11lllQlL'l' screw. 111 lllll'll 1.1llA ll 1111-- 1- 511111 Ctdllllllltillsly emit light 111111 lltlll 111 1111- n111st 11-rf1-ct 11' 11-. 'l'l111s 1 , l ll1'1ll11llll2l1lC g'11111l his C2ll'1lL'l'1lll'L'2ll 11TuQ11lllg' 1,1111 11111' better". THF ADJUTANT 17 Enroute from our landing' to a Mars hotel, a fast machine sped by 11s and drew in to the hotel ahead of 11s. lt had the words "The liour Horse- I'IlCl'll'-13211111011 on the car. Al and 1 exchanged glances and each unconsci11usly murmured "1 wonder?" Sure enough. there was lired llill, lien Cionzales, Tony Estrella, and the lll1ll1Ull0I.lS Keith Kliller. They were still going' 111- gether, and you Call imagine the joy of our reunion. Fred owned several large racing rocket-equipment CUI'll1J2lIllCS, which put out the fasest machines of tl1e solar system. These were made to run by means of a group of mirrors which reflected the sun's rays, which by a ingenious contrivance were transformed to power factors, The machine there- for ran without gas, oil, water and such other now useless materials needed when we were in school. Ben Gonzales had attained fame by his great books 1111 History. He had made an intensive study of the entire lfniverse and as a result his text- books are now the high mark of accuracy lll all the best schools. Moreover. in compliance with earlier promises, he had ad1led dictionaries and v11cal1u- laries on the various lang'uag'es of the differene planets, s11 that IIUXY the veriest school boy knew everything' the worl1l hel1l to know, instead of spend- ing tl1e best years of one's life to attain it. .-X11 in all. lien had certainly con- tributed invaluable aid to lnter Planet travel coniforts an1l pleasures. Tony Estrella was taking' a vacation after spending years of intense ex- periment, - finally successful beyond his dreams, - in perfecting a perfect fruit for herbaceous eaters, the non skid 11ea. lYlI'ZillC1'llllQ' out from this initial start, he 11ow has three hundred thousand acres of this favorite and of other similar products of his under cultivati11n, Zlllfl in fact has c1111tr11l 111 the fresh fruit supply of the entire universe. Keith Miller began in the shipping business from the water in o11r old M. T. M. A. swimming tank of joyous memory 1115 to his present control of lines of trade.-and in the end put Uncle Sam on l1is feet again. XYhen his organizing' abilities had been brought t11 world wide attention, and C0111- pany after company had failed to succeed with the Lf S. Shipping' f1oard's generously offered aid, 1'ncle Sam had turned the entire fleet over to him for experiment as its foremost citizen. llest of all. in the super shipping in- dustry both above and below the sea surfaces. he had promptly proceeded to systematize its activities, developed properly co-ordinated exporting and im- porting deepest gratitude Uncle Sam had accepted it back on condition that Keih would keep all the meantime huge protitsf' The evening' was over. Never shall we forget the look of rapture on our Presidents face as he conclude1l his broadcast talk and turning' aside, spoke softly and feelingly "Radio GAS signing off! Good bye!" -Chester Nash. '25

Page 13 text:

20 THF ADJUTANT y y M --1 Vote wg write him a note advising' him to clear out and be snappy. suggested Spreck. "Sure" came the chorus.everybody being now interested Ill lllt news topic. f y "Agreed", said Jeff and then added. 'Tmlill IWW to CXCU50 mc TWYH- I gotta see the boss". "Ieff sure has it in for Joe", remarked llurt, "and l wonder why? 'lle has a right to go," said Speck, who was a sympathizer of ,lCff'S- "I saw him the other day, and he is all that leff said he was." "l know what the trouble is", remarked .-Xrt lluckley, "remember the boss's girl, -lane, and that they were both sweet on her?" 'fYou're dead right, Burt. and believe me we haven't heard the last of this yet." The next day in person of Speck. a letter was delivered to the notor- ious loe Foly. l-le was a fairly handsome young man, but hardly met with the description of the foreman of "Daffy D". Of course he was dressed as 2111 average city person, but he did look a bit out of place in a villa like Klanza. llowever as a result of the words of the lettei' that aftei'noon,he was travel- ling in a different direction than that towards Klanza. Things again settled down at the "Daffy D". livery one wondered why loe left 'town so easily because they all knew he wasn't the kind to givt in without a fight. Une dav however, the boss rushed into the bunkhouse and broke tht news that his-only daughter jane. would arrive the next week. The cowboy all had a pai'ticular respect for 'lane but never had a serious case came u t with the possible exception of 'foe and -leff's preferences. The boys were talking' the day before her arrival. "l bet she is a queen" chimed in :Xrt as he was shining the sily r on his saddle. "Say, Art", exclaimed liurt, "have you noticed the way -leff has bt it acting lately? l reckon he thinks he is the hombre. but don't kid yoursyf. Shc will have a million city fellors tagging after her." "Dont fool yourself. Hurt. ,lane ain't thc kind to tag after every Tomi. Dick and l'lari'y." Un the day of her arrival the boss and 'lcff drove into town in he machine. Mleff was driving and needless to say he was dressed in his l-.-st outfit, The machine had been cleaned to the best of his ability, and the boss was smiling fi'oin ear to ear. Thtey journeyed along for several hours and finally as they went over the last swell of the land, they saw sprawled below them the one street rllld ten saloon town of Klanza. They were thei'e in plenty of time and had to wait a little for the tixiiii to arrive. Finally. a long' whistle marked the arrival and a puffing' lfllfll Suflfllefl Ht the Rlanza station. A young girl was standing' on the platform on one ot the cars. She was a pretty thing to look at. for she wore an ordinary THF ADJUTANT Zl tailored suit with a hat to match, and looked as if she was just out of her teens and becoming a fully developed voting woman. As the boss ran up and caught his lovely daughtei' in his arms there passed through him a keen feeling' of joy. This was followed by an all around shaking of hands. jane, having been away for three years. was anxious to go home. At the start of the ride. -leff was completely left out ot the conversation which was due to jane's not noticing' him. lfinally she broke the silence, "Jeff, do you know a word of five letters which means pertaining to the iris?" "XYhat's this, some new fangled riddle of yours?" answered Dleff, glad to break into the convei'sation. "XYhy. don't smart men like you know what cross-word puzzles are leff was c tiiet after this rebuke. . l "You know, Dad, all they do at college ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' at tliie point elle stopped and explained to her father all the principles ofa cross-word puzzle,- who did not show much interest. Her efforts on -leff were likewise unsuc- cessful, but to tell the truth. he only scorned them to agree with the boss. They arrived at the ranch, and everyone from the cook to the rawest tenderfoot was there to give her welcome. :X few days later Speck was in the bunkhouse. "Lets see. a thi'ee lettei' word meaning tavern." he mumbled. "Well l'll be darned". exclaimed uleff, "so this thing has got you too! You. Speck. the best friend l had Y" "Dry up. will you? flow can a fella think with you around? I got it now. it's INN !" -leff was so disgusted that he went to his bunk and started to lie down, when liurt bui'st in. "Say, jeff, have you heard the latest? -lane is going to have a cross- word puzzle dance and the homibre that has the best puzzle gets her for partnerv. Since the departure of vloe. 'leff naturally thought himself her only admirer. He grew vei'y angry and all he could say was "Aw Viosliu. Every spare minute the cowboys had that came tip in the week was spent on puzzles. Speck was considered the man that the prize would be given to since he was mo1'e experienced, but nevertheless everybody entered in the affair. -letif was sore at everyone. lle wasn't interested in the puzzles and no one was going to make him so. llut still he wanted to have ,lane for a partner. :X day before the dance every one had their puzzles pretty well fixed. Jeff was frantic. He got Speck by himself. "Speck", says he, "you're pretty well along in years. lthat do you say if you give me that confounded puzzle and there will be a pretty little goose egg under your pillow." "Get out", Speck returned. "l got my own puzzle and l'm going to have whats mine.

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