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Lf W VKQf.5w2Lr MV ,Q Egg? wMWK if :bv ig 5 M fig, g, .r yr jlgyaftfygufii W QQQA ij! M 'W-, 4pii,cQ,filiEAil?jiJ XQEY. Q33 M in ie? iff! fir gg six? 1556 gE3Ei5fEi?, ggiijgggii Q5 vig 3,5 ggizfgi-fg llgighe ????ef?5Q 1G KG 25? inf W M M W Mww V fm if W Ji? gg M W ZMJPMM Off W gk X -' . , 255 - by Q by xp 'N -5K CSR X B416 A ,nu V 'J -1' C?9 1i?iiK2AC6giZQA yiif if f sf fi ' 3 cf Wy A I .5 v jf wU,,l,, Y P .,,, 1 V11 'N ,7 A k ,A wif iw Uxdmgk GVILLQEX Q19 'X 'Q ef HW m mQL,SX ,mm A ,KJ fglgg be mxafmmmd X7 le M , a J-YH? Will. Q Q 335m xsiugbx fgsexqb' WWE? HH ww USM X 5 ,Cf R QLOJCLQ XXHNXLL DQWEQE gtilx M63- WXmi CL EQQYWQXQ EMD Nwgzfwx., ,LG QIHQQ-f,q'24Q6gifb2Qw, MLC Q3 - M0161 X 1. ,laik q. Q X 'X'S"W ww , . 'QMS J . Q 13- IQ, u1UZ.oQ-363 ,X'w'wNg,.Lgb,L ,w x Ji "'f,LLQJi3 SDL XX A5 ' flux AI,QcwQ.'s,ycg,,, , X f:- x, OJ 0 O QQ 'GCN K N Q 3 - AQQQQQXX mfg ' ax Yfawm. W Q if Gigs Gp Q fav? FO Q 060350 6 iidigggigig EQWQT? 1970 ANAN KE Mount Tabor High School Winston-Salem, North Carolina Volume III '41 'T N F, -33253. .... -- , fn A 1 I l I 1 1 V F 1 I 1 i "To everything there-is a season . . " Yesterday is but a dream And tomorrow is only a vision But today well-lived makes Every yesterday a dream of happiness And every tomorrow a vision of hope. TIME is important to everyone. Last June it seemed as though we would have plenty of TIME to do all the things we had planned for summer-but TIME passed quickly and we found ourselves back in school. This was the last year for some of usp for others it was one step closer to graduation. For all of us this year was a TIME-to grow, to con- template, to observe, to aspire, to develop opinions and attitudes, to keep silent, to speak, to get, to give, to seek, and to find. This ANANKE is the echo of yesterday. TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES 18-19 ACTIVITIES 34-35 ATHLETICS 116-117 CLASSES 150-151 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 214-215 Sdtf3 And a TIME to every purpose e 3 X ' - ' K 'V Xe yw X fe UN' fx- .xv QR X ' Q' ww' ef K Z V A Nw 1 ML, is JQfM MX . K X ' xr! X A . Kg C' F e KQMANJ 'Xl QL 4' Kei XX Q5 N' RXYM 4 Ng 'W Y K A 'N ' A , .f W Q, L! 4QX,2Jf' ' 2 V mf" A--" ' f . x exe 1 X , fe M e ew e 1 1 ,yu 'Wye v Evfe' . N35 ' QQNXQ' j 'Q' X 5 if A VJ Q M W ,X CRX ,X ,,.L., mNx,,v-1 ,W xiii, Silky ' . kjykfibx jJKj.,ivN.r J f, J ,X J' Q 'K CGVIT' ,H :XJR vi ' VR X xki,J lif' I fx BNF V J .Q X my ff Xxx, in , . Abi LK W 0 L ,JA me e M V' . Qf X JL, ' N'-YU fy N- IK i ' CJ-J ' Nye, JCNVX gif' R , X elf X nl M' X km-, XL,,1J"' KL! d H xp,.f""! X Lf 3 X w J Ny' ' , V. K A . L" , ' x XJ f 7, X I-,A F3 QR! N Nj lx ' KXXNM WN X 1 ,','BACn.x' Xf' X ,I ' y 4 Student L. fe QJ wwllv -ff 4' I d il.'f 'ggi' 'IQUV Upward and Onward through TIME as TIME moves with leaps and bounds . . . The fountain of TIME exposes all things and no one can say halt! 9 A ' 'fir 1 f f . Sie .5 A w fx ' 1 , 141. 1 'rg z . e 8 Student Lufe . . ' 1232. W BLACK-. If s mm , 5? ,i I VV ai on VT 1, 455 , G. ,+ Ag e f MARSHALL si ll X' e.. I THIS LANE. ,, ,, 1.- 'N Q :il .ni-3. ...M P 0 NLY AJ: F3 UL" J TIME is not a one way street TIME is always in motion .xt k H., 5 .,,. wNMw...yN,, -.N , p..-'unset' 'fini i Ll.,- , W Q . ,4.f , . ,, V ,lf vi. JJ rx iii A"-, X VB YF Lmixf' "gf F if f if A k. ff- Wise use of TIME makes life worthwhile . . . -Y - -, The thrust of TIME is recorded in our memories. if , Vx! .3-tjjns. s Student Words guide us as we reach 9 14 Student Life 5 'sv rua-J 1 , -. -in u. I ,W . . . for the goals of TIME. Gnd" ff -s. M , ,, ,, , ' W V L -.,,,---' I-f1f'1.SD' qv ow wx. ..,,,,g-i if M ff- ,, N'ai,,, - ' www . WM ' SYuder1tLifel5 ANAN KE Dedication Rx S., , 2 f .5 x 3 . li? more r. For exc -Oper tio tivities, de o IO o ng Xfgixtingcifiwvvi Er Jun rstandirffmad 3 we CLQ ' h ed t , A 'V .Tabor E to IVI. . Larrimor Your lively mor afrdfmutiring rts h for betfg? nd hi rA aluesi 1331 t ' n mowffjl re si 3 xy f ' 44-K with Wx 'Fi CNW ' -xxx' :- .iEMi, x z4z'? ':jQgl4 f :wa fikww 1 pizgazaza fm 'Yi A TIME to see the splendor TH an am uw J' 18 Feat es 5 E of beauty p. L 1 FEATURES Final touches on gaily-colored dis- plays, enthusiastic cheers, victory, a crown, a new queen, bright decorations, formal gowns-all these things were typical of the festivities at Mt. Tabor during the school year. The students chose a yearbook queen. The football players chose their queen. Juniors planned the prom. All these features made the 1969-70 school year a great year. Ft 19 Miss Ananke Miss Teresa Jones Miss Ananke is chosen by vote from a select num- ber of senior girls. After nominations have been made by the senior class, the yearbook staff formulates a slate from which the s e n i o r c I a s s chooses. The hon- or of Miss Ananke goes to the senior having the highest number of votes. The senior girl hav- ing the second highest number be- comes the senior representative. Un- derclassmen are represented by selecting a young lady to be on Miss Ananke's court. Each year Miss Ananke and her court are presented at a home basket- ball game. The reigning Miss Ananke crowns her successor in a cere- mony presented in the traditional school colors of blue and gold. 20 Miss Ananke Beauty stands in the admiration of all 15 1, ,f. -1-1'."a1.51zx5 , v rw. . T' il ',2'?9??5ilf2 3 L .4:f.s..-:muff-Qjizzzzl 2.39 55'l2sl3'ff ri 'I 1 - ' X Kimi .Elf "ll EYE l Q t w i . 1 55232925-lliii if-' itil ' s 1 :Y t 'ill' ' n-"I Q33 YM' 3 397, .cg fl gb E at ge fa., , had ,x 'ia Senior Representative, Miss Kathy Edwards. fffr Sophomore Representative, Miss Julie Covey. ri 1 F H1 L i M ' Junior Representative, Miss Connie Tate. Freshman Representative, Miss Anne Choquette. Count . . combining beauty, talent and achievement It was the eve- ning of October 18, 1969. A silence fell over the audi- ence at the Wins- ton-Salem Conven- tion Center. The master of cere- monies stepped to the microphone and announced, "The new Miss Teenage Winston- Salem is Paula Wesolowskif' This was the climax to months of prepara- tion. The semi-finals were held in he dining room of the Sheraton Motor Inn. Sixteen girls were chosen from the twenty-four candidates. Then came the pageant when the girls were judged in talent and evening gown competition. Five finalists were chosen. These girls answered-questions on stage. The judges made their decision and Paula Wesolowski began her reign as Miss Teenage Winston- Salem. 22 M s Teenage Winston-Sal fix r if i"-- ' ri e if - 5 Q EE. Q Miss Teenage Winston-Salem, Paula Wesolowski Seniors select marshals .... . r ' s sssee , lse , ssi sls so , ,, ,,,., 1, .fe- ,E, , K L K4 s l First row U. to r.J: Jo Ann Eldridge, co-chief, Connie Tate, chief, Ann Peller. Second row: Denise Bass, Patsy Moore, Annette Oehman, Sue Davvson, Debbie Yuhas. S lVI5hIlVl 123 . . nostalgia for the old . . . glory for the new- . Homecoming Queen il . T e'LL its Miss Debbie Harmon The Mt. Tabor H o m e c o m i n g 5 Queen is chosen by ' th e fo ot b a ll players to reign over the fall ath- letic activities. The students nominate a list of senior girls from which the football players choose the Home- coming Queen. The five girls vvho comprise the l-l o m e c o m i n g Court are pre- sented during half- time at one of the home football games. The name of th e l-l o m e- comihg Queen is announced and she is crowned by her predecessor. 24H QQ MISS KATHY EDWARDS MISS CATHY CHAMBERS M ISS PAU LA WESOLOWSKI MISS TERESA JONES 6, Lui. ,W Q. 1. 5' , Q li. , ,Y X 1 5 , :Agra ,, L :gig - , A k -as G xy'- fgi QM KW ff An emotional moment in Debbie's life comes after she is crowned Homecoming Queen '70. ..,.,......v-., ,..J.,J ...-.---v ---- --f---- J ,, I 0 I Sponsors U. to r.j: Kim Hertvvick sponsor- ing Skip Chinlund Debbie Fleming spon- soring Tommy Pullen, Carol Reavis, sponsor- ing Sam Morgan, Martha Shelton spon- soring John Snell, Pam Lowry sponsoring Landon Smith. H mecomhg 27 A victory and a new queen Spartans battle to a 41-6 vvin over Starmount. Sponsors U. to r.l: Cecilia lVliller sponsor- ing Jay Lucas, Kathy Wilson sponsoring Gary Grogan, Suzanne DeLoach, sponsoring Bill Fowler, Beth Verner sponsoring Tootie Thornton, Sandy West sponsoring RickJordan. 28 l-I rnecornng r Debbie Harmon, Homecoming Queen '70, is crowned by Cindy Pfaff, Homecoming Queen '69 if if .WX , Sponsors U. to r.j: Laurie Goode sponsoring Bob Helton, Jackie Davis sponsoring Carl Nisbet, Vicki Farthing sponsoring Steve Messick, Sunny Shelton sponsoring Harold Jensen, Janice Sams sponsoring John Bane, Milrie Merchant sponsoring Greg Wessling, Beth Morgan sponsoring Frank Austell. 'N IE X ,.f:-'ff2'lf'f' bd Sponsors U. to rj: Jill l-lodges sponsoring Roger Kohrs, Sue Dawson sponsoring Denny Hurley, Marion Uhl sponsoring Barney Cline, Anita Kyle sponsoring Larry Rowland, Jo Ann Eldridge sponsoring Doug Arfmann. H mecom ng 29 Camelot - a king, a queen, a memory . . . M it 'ff " 3OJ S P Quiet anticipation . .. Pages enjoy medieval attire. l H H -VH 'rv' -.XQX E NZ, Q L 1 X. .. a f t Juniors choose King Danny Turner and Queen Betsy Davis to reign over 1969 Prom. First arrivals at the prom discuss the festivities. Attendants at Prom enter medieval castle. Junior class sponsor, lVlrs. Cox, is awarded gift of es- teem by Greg Vllessling. Combo provides music for dancers. A medieval castle, a king and queen, all the splendor and gaiety of Camelot. There were shields, swords, balconies, thrones, torches and a moat. The castle walls were hung with flowers. A TIME to dream of days past, of chivalry and of knights in' shining armor. It was only fitting that Camelot should have a king and queen. Danny Turner and Betsy Davis were chosen to reign over the festivities. As the Camelot of King Arthur faded into the past, the Camelot of the Junior-Senior Prom became a memory. ATIME to dream... . . Junior-Senior Prom 31 , M, ,, .f q,,..,,. cw, V rf, Dancers enjoyed the cool- y f ' Q i .3 ' , H ness ofthe courtyard. 7 I Steve Guthrie and Brenda Hussey enjoy courtyard Guests arrive, eager to enjoy the splendor of Camelot facilities between dances. 32 Junior-Senior P rn f-m,...., ll ni "' . . . talents and ability are rewarded . . . U. to r.l: Nick Covey, Andi Reynolds, John Bane. .rn S If fm. U. to r.l: David Daniel, Steve Wallenhaupt. For special talents and achievements, several lVlt. Tabor students attended special programs during the summer. Ann Reynolds, John Bane and Nick Covey attended the Governor's School. These students specialized in the fine arts: ballet, drama, music. Steve Wallenhaupt and David Daniel benefited from National Science Foundation schol- arships. David went to Ohio State University to study mathematics. Steve studied chemistry, math and computer science at UNC-Chapel l-lill. William Hutchinson scored outstandingly high on the National Merit Scholarship test and qualified as a semi-finalist. H Time . . . for opportunities for " 0' 3. , A 26 ' ALA i 'S i it , involvement h Q Q ' ' Y sa, 5 IX-' L :A K L. 'X 5-,.t-N? ' fafqf ff I X . 4 H i i vf A I 2 , X 5 . V li, no . Mr... , f ii X 1...A.s4x JV W. Q X ,Qi xt ff' ! 3 if and enjoyment nu! ACTIVITIES The shrill sound of a bell pierced the air as another year of student activities began. Several new clubs-the Math Club, the History Club, the Senior Girls Club-were formed this year. These or- ganizations offered many opportunities for Mt. Tabor Spartans to serve their school and community. Many students enjoyed the Young Life meetings. In the fall, Mt. Tabor students cheered the football team to a victorious season. Winter brought basketball games and Christmas parties. As spring approached, the Spartans planned the Junior-Senior Prom, and the seniors got ready for grad- uation. The sound of a bell pierced the air as another year of excitement, fun and events came to a close. Att 35 Recording a year of events, excitement and fun Co-Editors .... . . .Steve Wallenhaupt , Jim Huste Assistant Editor . . . ..... Phil Thrift Literary Editor ...... . . .Lois Butner Assistant Literary Editor .... Janet Clein Art Editor ........... Debbie Squires Artists ........ .... A nn Peller Julia Sorenson Photography Editor .' ..... Paul Johnson Assistant Photography Editor .Dwight Barna Publication Reviewers ..... David Daniel Cathy Stewart Bill Montgomery 'Q Head Typist .... .... J oyce Parsons Assistant Typists .... Margaret Hutchison Judy Parsons Sophomore Apprentices . . Marsha McNeely if U Julie Covey , . re - tttly .4 Advisor ......... Mr. James R. Adams is , 'ill-an-. " ihlumrwmuw f iii' l fl, 'K r First row U. to r.j: Jim Huste and Steve Wallenhaupt, co-editors. lvl. . , f Second row: Phil Thrift, assistant editor, Jim Adams, advisor. ,Y W S j f Q I I f A TIME to remember the events of the past . . . On Sunday afternoons and during holi- days the ANANKE staff worked to make a book of which every Spartan can be proud. The editors and advisor worked on the lay- outs and all other facets of the ANANKE. We have sought to preserve the vivid pictures which are a part of our school year. A reminder of our campus life...of the good times, friendships and growth during this school year. A TIME to remember... Ann Peller, Debbie Squires, Julia Sorensen: art department. 36A K sr ff 'T ,,, '5,4..A, .. 1 . X., fl. V 4 ' t. x,J .s . o fn' . ,.. ' - sie.-' -. ' V. A . '14 .9 . ' ' .1 1 ii r 'el' 'J fffif-'ft . f 5 it ' 5 be ' Si 1 ' C ' gi' fr: Q 5 A bk Jw AQ II' if W .l.::'gg,1 1 Nswm if AQ K4 5 . H ,,,. kA,:, . s il ,,Zm , ,,A l ' l Dwight Barna and Paul Johnson, photographers. First row U. to r.l: Judy Parsons, Margaret Hutchison, Joyce Parsons, typists. Second row: Janet Clein and Lois Butnerg literary department. ,.. .z..:TlJ 2+ few.-n-ff' 3 -l' The Ananke staff works on Sunday afternoons in the library. ef First row U. to r.j: Bill Montgomery, David Daniel, publication reviewers. Second row: Julie Covey, sophomore apprentice, Cathy Stewart, publication reviewer. Marsha McNeeIy not pic- tured. Ananke Staff 37 Keeping the school informed Sword And Shield Managing Editor . Co-Editor .... News Editor . . . Feature Editor . . Social Editor . . Sports Editor . . . Sports Co-Editor . . Art Editor ...... Assistant Art Editors Typing Supervisor . Photographer . . . Book Reviewer . . Advisor ..... Lachie Macl.achlan Clare Woolley . . . . . John Bane . . . . .Tom Holland . . .Suzanne De Loach ...... WesGrout . . .Tim Stevenson . . . . .Teri Lyon . . . Rick Hunter Kathy Edwards . . .Candy Kegarise . . . . . Carl Moses . . .Bill Montgomery . . . . Miss Graham By presenting the latest Spartan news and by producing stimulating editorials, mem- bers of the Sword and Shield staff are able to fulfill the three-fold purpose of a high school newspaper. These are: to record the events of a school life, to entertain and to inform. Students gained valuable experience in journalism by being members of the Sword and Shield staff. 38S d dSh ld First row: Clare Wooley. Second row il. to r.l: Lynne Rose, Nancy Johnson, Rick Hunter, Marilyn Hinson, Kathy Edwards, Jesse Hudson. First row: Lachie MacLachlan. Second row U. to r.j: Steve Beamer, Debbie Webb, Gloria Sneed, Sandra Blackburn. Third row: Pat Vail, Hans Aubuchon, Jim Huste. . W,,....., is, First row: Suzanne Del.oach. Second row U. to r.i: Gary Thornton, Gary Grogan, Jimmy Williams, Jay Lucas. eww' Vi Tommy Holland discusses an article with Miss Graham. fin. M, , ' ',,, First row U. to r.j: Tim Stevenson, Wes Grout. Second row: Dean Roberts, Jim Covington, Dare Smith, Mike Andrews. N U5 an First row: Tommy Holland. Second row U. to r.j: Teri Lyon, Debbie Radisch, Dona Glover, Sue Fulcher, Candy Kegarise. First row U. to rJ: Rick Hunter, Candy Kegarise, Suzanne DeLoach, Teri Lyon, Jim Huste. Second row: Wes Grout, Tim Stevenson, Lachie lVlac- Lachlan, Tommy Holland, Clare Wooley. Sword and Shield 39 E 5 i 1 3 2 Serving the l school and Mt. Tabor Community L li r 1 l Q9 if , , l Anchor Club members Debbie Tate and Sunny Shelton put S up bulletin board next to the y office. o l . f 7 5 if 41 6 i 5 J 1' 1 5 , fr., l l,f I, , ' l 1 5 ia, 1 9 M 3 1 S Our trophy case was lined with decorative cloth by the Anchor Club. 40A I Cl b , .lm 'V' li f ,m i Brigadier General Sams speaks to students at assembly The Anchor Club is a service club which finds TINIE to serve lVlt. Tabor students and people in the community. The members of the Anchor Club visit children they have "adopted" at Children's Home. This year the club gave the children a "horn of plenty" at Thanksgiving and a party at Christmas. The Anchor Club held doughnut and candy sales to raise money. The girls also operate the school store forthe students' enjoyment. P 5 'v y Jam . Q C, 5 First row U. to r.j: Mary Ann Tilman, Debbie Patterson, Jo Anna Self, Suzanne DeLoach, Debbie Harmon, Sue Dawson, Kathy Davis, Jill Hodges, Denise Bass, Debbie Tul- man. Second row: Cathy Chambers, Lee Penning- ton, Connie Tate, Kim l-lertwick, Debbie Tate, Teresa Jones, Laura Slate, Sunny Shelton, Sherri lVlcGee, Julie Richardson. i A Q Third row: Patricia lvlobley, Vicki Farthing, Cathy Benton, Janice Sams. First row il. to r.j: Suz- anne DeLoach, secretary, Jill l-lodges, vice-president, Janice Sams, president, Jo Anna Self, treasurer. Second row: Denise Bass, Julie Richardson, Patricia Nlobleyg board of di- rectors. Anchor Club 41 . . . Anchored we hold . . . J lVlrs. Pollock serves as Anchor Club sponsor. s, s.r s 4 ' ,iw ff, M President Janice Sams donates canned food to Salvation Army. 42 Anchor Club Joe Gutierrez aids Anchor Club members in putting up Homecoming display. wan l 'eff Jill and Denise collect canned foods from the homerooms. 'R Anchors away . . . Anchor Club Admiral Thomas Lambert. Anchor Club 43 ll,,,,,W,,,,.'- "Ki!vw71'x i ei" 7' E K F 1 1 I XS. p' l t ifgugb, """' " -"'f' ' Q 2 . 1 4 l NL A - 5 X ,,, t , x Q. Q i , v Q . , 1 , W7 .ggzgf ' f - ........ The Eccentrics combo plays in Key Club l-loopla. Key Club homecoming display says time for the game is near Key CIub-You re in Spartan country!" Phil Thrift, Ronald Levy, lVlorey Sheffer raise the flags before school. ,lil 114 Key Cl b . Ht' "' Buzz Zarbock, secretaryg John Bolt, treasurerg Denny Hurley, presidentg Ed Brenegar, vice-president. "Smells so good, you vvon't vvant to shave it off!" To help improve school, com- munity and nation through service to others is the aim of the Key Club. The Key Club sponsored a "Welcome Back" Dance at the be- ginning of school. The members also sold Spartan stickers and sponsored caravans to home games in order to boost school spirit. The Key Club held its annual Sweetheart Dance and l-loopla. Several members attended the Key Club Convention. The Key CIub's guest speaker talks about communism. KyCl b45 Key Club Sweetheart Miss MARION UHL Service to others in the highest of distinctions First row U. to r.J: Ronald Levy, David Roberson, Mike Jeziorski, Barney Cline, Morey Sheffer, Buzz Zarbock. Second row: Nick Covey, Dean Roberts, Greg Wessling, Jim Cranford, Phil Thrift, Landon Smith, Ronnie Hoots, Sam Morgan, Gregg Bennett, lVIr. Bunn, advisor. Third row: Larry Rowland, Jimmy Guill, Harold Jensen, John Bolt. .1 -, Key Club members horse around in the snow. "" QQ . 'vi i Y- N -We .. ri! P is 2-tif . s In is 'fhfiggi . . 'sr i V f X A "North Forsyth" student, Gregg Bennett, is splashed by 5 Jim Gilmore at the Key Club l-loopla. Atypical Key Club inductee, Ron Levy, sports a bow tie, white socks and greasy hair. Key Club 41 Service is the essence of TIME First row U. to r.l: Gray- son l-larrisg Danny Arring- ton, Thad Lewallen, David Bradford, Mike Moran. Second row: lVlr. Tesh, ad- visor, Steve Nicks, Thomas Lambert, Bill Fowler, Roger Kohrsg lVlr. lVlorris, advisor. Third row: Rick Jordan, Jay Lucas. Fourth row: Bob l-leltong Gary Grogan, Jimmy Williams, Doug Arfman. Fifth row: Neil Bedirmgerg Norman Speasg Gary Thornton, Rusty lVlcIVlillan. X l X 'e 0+ X First row ll. to r.j: Rick Jordan, Sergeant-at-arms, Jay Lucas, president, Gary Grogan, secretary-trea- surer, David Bradford, vice-president, Bill Fowler, chaplain. 118 Senior Service Club :if K Q Scott Bowen exemplifies the "neatly" dressed SSC inductee. f'T5wf" OSH X SSC members collect money for lVlarch of Dimes at a Basketball game. 7' 4 S may e ztnmfw ' S , W, A mmf" Ui W, . B - "' W L' t 1 lit? -' - , rg, .. ,Z ' ' 5 QA, , ,, A . , r Q 'D 93' M U Qs E+, ff ' r 5 we 5' ,Y iv V -J SSC Basketball members U. to r.j: Neal Bedinger, Mike lvloran, Randy lVlyers, Bill Fowler, Rick Jordan. Second row: Roger Konrs, Jimmy Williams, Doug Arfmann, Gary Grogan, Randy lVlclVlilIian, Tootie Thornton. Senior Service Club 49 s "" RWQN f2fi5U3x,m 'R iff CG 7 SSC "cuties" gather to discuss the latest fashions. SSC members enjoy the cold, 505 S Cl b . . And requires co-operation from all SSC sells ribbons to raise funds. The objective of the Senior Service Club is to provide service to the school and community through the fellowship and co-operation of members. The club held clean-up days at school and around the community. Among the club's other projects were a clothing drive, lVlarch of Dimes projects and toys- for-tots projects. The Senior Service Club also held their annual basketball game against the Key Club. A banquet was held at the end ofthe year. "l'd walk a mile for the SSC." "Barbara" Pardue and "Theodora" Perkins stop for some refresh- ments at the school store. . S'S CD51 Upholding high standards of character. . . . ,..,,, Wh ., W, ., , 4, is 7. Q r. , , M. ,' ff 'Y f ,A rr, 5 . . .. ,f" ,T 'U 1'-'rw -i ' 1 'f Q' I Q, , 4' at f " f "1 I .M , N ' Q Tft -.' ' 'fra " 'iw " ,-" s NV f'g,ifgQ1'-,ig-3.3-wrt. ff-4g"hxM:?H4f2v',4AVg1, rf' .,,.,,w rf-1 ,,,gglg!'Z'1, me f. ,-,s,f+,,. i.,a,. 'ff335ams.a4r,4' sf. First row U. to r.j: Chip Rigsbee, Rob DuRant, Craig Cook, Neil lVloore, Mike Walker, Joe Edmonds. Second row: lVlr. Cobb, advisor, Waco Knott, Sid Shirley, lVlike Stewart, Steve Walker, Steve Thornton, Joe Gutierrez, Rick Hunter, David V Parks, Robert Brown. Third row: Bobby Reed, Rex Shaver, Keith Joyce, Tom Brown, Joe Styers, Tommy Gizinski, Bud Brewer, Jim Holt, Randy Leonard. 3 "',l1f, With their noses to the grindstone, new members work hard. I-li-Y is to create, The purpose of the maintain and extend, throughout home, school and community, high standards of Christian character. The Hi-Y attempts to promote the gen- eral welfare of the school and to serve the school in raising funds. 52 HI-Y This year the lVlt. Tabor I-li-Y has held clean-up days around school. During lunch, the members played music over the intercom for the students' enjoyment. The l-li-Y won first prize in the homecoming display con- test. The members of the club also held a school song contest. l-li-Y members play music during the lunch hour. Officers ll. to r.j: Sid Shirley, treasurerg Rick l-lunter, presi- dentg Keith Joyce, secretary. Second row: Neil Moore, sergeant-at-armsg Joe Gutierrez, vice-presiclentg Tom Browne, chaplain. u... K an ,K 1 Members collect canned food as one of their projects. wwivffm in. Neil Moore and Steve Thornton pose in jump circle ofthe gym. The l-li-Y painted the Spartan in the circle. 'Y 53 Good leadership and 1 I school splrlt . . . lVIr. Cobb, Hi-Y advisor. First place display by the I-In-Y mspures school spirit F Zu f 4. mf z ....,,,x pf pl '7"'-we l-li-Y members work on Homecoming display. . . . combine with co-operation . . . With broom in hand, l-li-Y members help keep Mt. Tabor school grounds clean. QQ 2 Q HV55 1 1 A sl- , Y-Teens promote community projects 'QW llfxs First row U. to r.j: Sherry Walker, Carolyn Lanier, Patsy Williams, Lynn Rawls, Bridget Linville, Mary Elesha, Second row: Gail Dickerson, Kathryn Glenn, Debbie Wolny, Becky Webber, Heather King. Third row: Julie Simons, Lynn Poe, Pat Page, Doris Mayberry, Jackie Davis, Patty Callison. Fourth row: Susan Bouvier, Denise Hayes, Jan Fulton, Linda Soren- sen, Kay Townsend, Debbie Easter, Patti Smith. Fifth row: Lynn Rogers, Diane Clayton, Julie Covey, Eugenia Lanier, Louise Pritchard, Phyllis Beeson. Sixth row: Linda Horton, Lou Ann Hedrick, Beth Rodgers. , l I ' f A ' i . s'ff:g,, y.i ,, , A, L x J r , M Q f 1 if 'if r ,f J x , ml These rlevv members clean up the parking lot. Officers il. to r.J: Patty Callison, secretaryg Gail Dickerson, treasurer, Doris Mayberry, vice-presidentg Jackie Davis, presi- dent. 56 Y-Teens A rf ,W ,. V .SRL . .. Ill Mrs. Messick looks over candles sold by the Y-Teens. Y-Teen inductees are prepared to clean up the school. The Y-Teens is an organization that vvorks in co-operation with the YWCA. Y-Teen initia- tion was held the third week in November. Nevv members heiped clean up the school parking lot as part ofthe initiation. November 15 was Y-Teen Service Day. AH the Y-Teens in Winston-Salem got together to make cancer bandages and TB. posters, to visit the Home for the Aged, and to clean up Camp Betty Hastings. Jackie Davis talks with Mrs. Gaiyean, Y-Teen advisor My ye V 3. 4 Q T s It-J I.. - . , Greg Wessling buys some candy from tvvo Y-Teens. YT 7 SGC performs worthwhile community projects First row ll. to r.j: Diane White, Kathy Edwards, Annette Stallings, Cathy Stewart. Second row: Mrs. Davis, advisor, Wanda Jacksong Dale Hopleyg Debbie Webb: Candy Kegarise. Third row: Nancy Johnson, Marilyn Hinson, Lucy Ashburn, Jo Anne McDonald. Fourth row: Kathy Petree, Sarah McGlamery, Lynn March, Bev Pearson. Fifth row: Pat Vail, Mr. Clemmer, ad- visor, Clare Wooley, Sue Fulcher, Sue Muto. The Senior Girls' Club is one ofthe nevv clubs organized at Mt. Tabor this year. Under the guidance of Mr. Clemmer and Miss Lavving, the club sponsored many worthwhile projects. The girls held a drive for the TB Association. The Senior Girls' Club visits homes and writes letters to ser- vicemen in Vietnam. The club also works as a teacher's aides. X XUO!! 58 Senior Girls Club 2 , 4 Sa Officers ll. to r.j: Sue Fulcher, vice-president, Clare Wooley, president, Pat Vail, secretary, Sue Muto, treasurer. Second row: Candy Kegarise, sergeant- at-armsg Kathy Edwards, sergeant-at-arms. TIME produces great mathematicians The Mt. Tabor Math Club is an if organization which furthers the E . members' knowledge in math and related subjects. A number of programs were presented during the year. These included speakers from Western Electric and Bell Telephone. Films, group trips and the teach- ing of various math concepts were included in this year's activities. me lf-we 0, H ti? K Officers U. to r.J: Nick Covey, president, Joyce Gardner, secretary-treasurer, David Daniel, vice-president. First row U. to r.j: Laurie Goode, Janice Daughtery, Susan Bouvier, Carol lseley, Sally Welch, Katie Ward, Beverly Osborn, Debbie Wolny, Beth Pullen, Jayne Mazyck, Pam Campbell, Ann Spudis, Margaret Squires. Second row: Pat Gaines, Jan Gorlow, Jane Ketner, Gail Jent, Kathy Petree, Marilyn Hinson, Pat Vail, Ann Lees, Ann Peller, Janet Clein, Joyce Gardner, Beth Carey. Third row: Linda Lovell, Gail Cline, Beth Goodwin, Hans Aubuchon, Carl Nisbet, David Daniel, Nick Covey, Carl Moses, David Humes, David Parks, Gregg Bennett, Doug Arfmann, Ronnie Hoots, Randy Wilson, Mrs. Scott, advisor. Fourth row: David Honeycutt, Gioia Sims, Glenn Gravitt, Phil Thrift, Duffy Russell, Tyler Pace. Fifth row: Dwight Barna, Wade Clayton, David Hooks, Hans Haven, Terry Patterson, Terry Matthews, Bill Hignsmith, Gary Miller, Jim Pulley, John Stanley, Wes Church, Ronald Levy. Math Club 59 Developing an interest in historical events First row ll. to r.j: Bonnie O'Toole, Anita Kyle, Cindy Foltz, Beth Poindexter, Kathy Kellam, Denise Hayes, Peggy Turner, Carol Roe, Sherrie McGee, Ann Carter, Laura McNair. Second row: Carla Wilmoth, Janet Clein, Linda Hawkins, Debbie Easter, Jan Fulton, Susan Bouvier, Ann Spudis, Janet Ostwalt, Nanette Lucas, Vicki Baldwin, Sue Dawson, Mary Margaret Nicholson, Mr. Tesh, advisor. Third row: Mr. Cole, advisor, Gioia Sims, Linda Sorensen, Sherry Walker, Yolanda Wurzer, A 2 XXX. ' "7"wff4-if I Q Uw""' Z L X . ,R X51 The History Club is another of Mt. Tabor's newest clubs. The members went on several tours and field trips. Tours were taken of Olcl Salem and Bathabara. Many programs of interest and historical value were presented by he club. 60 History Club XJ! 'Y' Kathy PODD: Susan Reynolds, Lou Ann Hedrick, Kathryn Knight, Kay Townsend, Heather King, Krissie Gallos, Donna Reaves, Mary Ann Tilman, Chandra Wood, Doris Mayberry, Linda Horton, Robin Drawdy. Fourth row: Glenn Gravitt, Robert Brown, Bill Montgomery, Ricky Pardue, Richard Gwyn, David Daniel, Lachie Macl.achlan, Rex Kennedy, Ted Simpson, Carl Nisbet. si ,- i Officers il. to r.j: Carla Wilmoth, treasurer, David Daniel, vice-president, Linda Sorensen, president. Familiarizes the members with Roman culture First row fl. to r.j: Beth Goodwin, Joyce Gardner, Yolanda Wurzer, Linda Sorensen, Dee Ligon, Lynne Thomason, Bow Zarbock, Kathy Ferguson, Kathy Popp, Lynn Jones, Carolyn Lanier, Lora Witner, Chery Drozdowski, Laura McNair. Second row: Milrie Merchant, Cynthia Clontz, Cecilia Miller, Jackie Davis, Laurie Goode, Beth Morgan, Kathy Edwards, Linda Beavers, Linda Horton, Laura Slate, Dona Glover, Gail Cline. Third row: Greg Wessling, Wes Church, Brad Bennett, Tyler Pace, Duffy Russell, Glen Gravitt, Brent Hoots, Gregg uwjzmlxwl, Bennett, Gary Miller, Ronnie Hoots, Tim Janke, Joe Edmonds, Hans Aubuchon, Jim Pulley, Terry Fergusen, Tertius Kiger, Frank Austell, Eddie Wall, Sylvia Smith, Miss Martin, advisor, Gwen Stanley, Becky Webber, Joan Hutchinson. Fourth row: Steve Pistole, Neil Moore, Harry Wilson, David Carrol, Randy Wilson, Tom Calloway, Mark Barnes, Roger Kohrs, Landon Smith, Bob Hurley. Fifth row: Greg Horton, Steve Blake, Ronnie Tuttle, Hank Ely, Van Baker. Stimulating an interest in Latin and broadening their scope of knowledge of the Roman way of life, the Latin Club members experienced another successful year. Projects included the presentation of two plays during the year. The ancient Romans would be proud of these members who cele- First row U. to r.j: Yolanda Wurzer, secretary-treasurer, Donna Glover, - - - project committee. Second row: Tim Janke, project committee, Denny brate the Roman traditions in todayis Hurley, president. world. Latin Club 61 ly i il-ll First row ll. to r.l: Kathy Carter, Janet Clein, Lynn Rawls, Beth Pullen, Sue Dawson, Ann Lees, Ann Peller, Krissie Gallos, Jo Ann Sulek, Sally Welch. Second row: Margaret Squires, Christy Boles, Cindy Foltz, Robin Drawdy, Debbie Wolny, Deborah Wood, Debbie Easter, Kay Townsend. Third row: Pat Gaines, DeeAnn Smith, Marsha McNeely, Julie Covey, Ann Rodgers, Vicki Baynes, Lee Eldredge, Patty Johnson. Fourth row: Enid Isaacson, Dana Gray, Mary Elisha, Kathy Davey, Bonnie O'Toole, Heather King, Sherrie McGee, Cathe Baker. Fifth row: Carol Roe, Peggy Turner, Jane Ostwalt, Lou Ann Hedrick, Sharon Tarrant, Janice Sams, Teri Lyon, Cynthia Clontz. Sixth ow: David Daniel, Nick Covey. Experiencing life in an inspiring culture French club members fix a French stew. fi 4. 7 A .JAR N3 'Av vided P1 1 Wu 4 l H E wg . f',D'Q'Q'1r 'gfiim -09 W A ki 62 French C lub 5 s Officers: ll. to r.J: Terry Lyon, vice-president, Julie Covey, secretary Sue Dawson, historian, Jo Ann Sulek, president, David Daniel, trea- The purpose of the French Club is to promote knowledge of French culture and civilization, to en- gage in activities similar to those of the French people, to give students further practice in oral French and to engage in activities for vvhich class time cannot be used. The club has listened to French records and has sung popular French and Canadian songs to improve pronunciation. To become acquainted with French cooking, the club held a French supper in December. In the spring the club staged a fashion show and had a tea. The purpose ofthe tea vvas to provide an opportunity for the students to engage in French con- versation. The club had speakers who described French life, education and art. 'llrp f3 Nick Covey censors short hemlines for French Club French Club members get ready for Homecoming Dis- fashion shovv. DIGY- I 3 ff lu in d French Club members avvait the entertain- ment. 5' aw '- F e ch Club 63 Y Y 1 x xx , g iHabla 3 usted 5 espahol? rf First row ll. to r.i: Rita Bennett, Sandy West, Rosie Peeler, Joyce Parsons, Mrs. Delgado, advisor. Second row: Kim Hertwick, Mary Dolan, Pam Lowry, Debbie l-lill. Third row:, Cathy Petree, Kathy Wilson, Debbie Tate, Mary Sallie Flynt, Martha Shelton. Fourth row: Skip Chinlund, John Snell, Bill Highsmith. Fifth row: Steve Lineback, Bill Montgomery, Rick Weavil, "" Robert Brown. Q '5. 15 The goal ofthe Spanish Club is to learn more about the culture, history and importance to Americans of Latin America and Spain. To achieve this, the Spanish Club participates in pro- grams, talks, and recreation intended to explore these areas. Students in Spanish III through V are encouraged to join and become more familiar with our Spanish-speaking neighbors. 64 El Circulo Espanol fig ir 1 I 'TE H ..,r it L ,. , ' . 11, U I First row U. to r.j: Cheryl Moody, Jill Hodges, Cathy Kellam, Connie Tate, Vicki Baldwin. Second row: Judy Parsons, Susan Bouvier, Jan Fulton, Denise l-layes, Ricky Pardue. Third row: Karen Gillespie, Patty Callison, Carol Isley, Mary Roper Osborne, Mike Smith. Fifth row: Pat Lineback, Susan Bouvier, Linda Greiss, Bridget Linville, Anita McCarthy, Beverly Osborn, Ronald Levy. Fifth row: Ann Spudis, Carl Moses, Phil Thrift, Sharon Van l-loy, Morey Sheffer, Ken Phillips. i 'fl 1 i fa fi r.:.t..,i4t ,i urge I l l Frito bandito pauses after snatching some Fritos from a help- less bystander. N Bucaramangan exchange students pose with their "brothers" and "sisters" Officers U. to r.j: John Snell and Rosie Peeler, co-vice-presidentsg Joyce Parsons, secretary-treasurerg Bill Montgomery, president. Ai Everyone enjoys the Spanish Club fiesta. EI Cnculo Espanol 65 Supports all phases of library activities ill , - 49 'iv Eff -H-cf. 2.1.3 First row ll. to r.i: Vicki Jones, Beverly Gordon, Julie Schultz, Ann Hutchins, Sarah Clontz, Parn Campbell, Jane Yeats, Andrea Harding, Karen Lavvson, Joyce lVliller, Libby Bramrner, Second row: Vicki Whitt, Helen Hamm, Cathy Golf, Susan Adams, Denise Carter, Julia Jordan, Gin er Bal ' , Cindy Fowler, Wayne Faulk, Tim Wilkins, Ed Knight, lVlik , ieen Jensen, Judy Lambert, Jesse Hudsen, Eugenia Lanier, Sally Welch, Lu Ellen Nlclnnis, Kay Wall. 55 Alt L, mna,.i.i...,, ,,,, . ,, , . fliirkfftiaiiitdtki Officers ll. to r.j: Jackie Davis, president, Becky Hernsmith, vice-president. Second row: Beth Morgan, secretary, Libby Brammer, treasurer. 66 Library Club 1 di Y C ,i WL uf -919 Library club members display microfilm pro iector they purchased for the library. First row U. to r.j: Gail Marsh, Carolyn Lanier. Second row: Teri Lyon, Sharon Crist. 'Qs First row U. to r.j: Lucy Ashburn, Sue Muto, Marilyn l-linson, Tony Belton, Debbie Webb, Candy Kegarise, Kathy Edwards. t ., sv' ,r' 5 5 'i.f' Q1 'lla 1 il... fiik Linda Lanier, Linda Beavers, Martha Jane Helms. The primary objective of the Library Club is to support all phases of library activities. The club strives to promote in- terest in books. The members learn the many aspects of library vvork. The club has sponsored many projects of benefit to the school and community. This year they bought two microfilm projectors. Library Club 67 H Q fi ,N 5. 2 'bf Q - Q - tg, ,,.. ,Li l 5 Q ga .,,, E U gf ' 0' I A N13 L -" if First row U. to r.j: Nick Covey, Bill Montgomery, Carl Nisbet, Bob Pfaff. Second row: William Hutchinson, Gordon Bell. Literatu re is the TIM E of thought -,,.,..'-v' U. to r.j: Ted Simpson, Gary Miller, Anne Spudis, Jo Anne Sulek, Lee Anne Morgan. asm y5 ry 19 4 QRAHP N Ox J fi. 333 t3jk,??1Q' : i- 2-4 Ggiimil Early in the school year, the Mt. Tabor Literary Society held a poetry and prose contest. The contest vvas open to all stu- dents. Entries were judged by Mr. James Bunn, Cynthia Clontz, Gary Miller and Bob Ptaff. The tvvo winning poetry entries were chosen to appear in the ANANKE. Both selections vvere vvritten by seniors. Fulfillment Hand in hand we walk together. Mind to mind we talk together. Heart to heart vve stand in Love. Soul with soul we will our love. Behold, l needed and thus I Love. CONNIE HOGUE i if The main purpose of the Literary Society is to read and discuss a number of books: classical, fiction, non-fiction and modern selections. The Literary Society has increased its membership fourfold since the '68-'69 school year. Last spring the Literary Society conducted the first Prose and Poetry Writing Contest. The winning entries and a large selection of poetry were published in The lnkslinger's Songbook. This year the members of the Literary Society conducted two contests with a resulting publication for each. The Fall and Winter Edition of the Songbook is published just before Christmas vacation, and another edition comes out in late spring. The winning poetry entry is published in the yearbook. -.--it U. to r.l: Bill l-lighsrnith, Margaret Squires, Susan Bouvier, Kathy Pfaff, Fred Garvey. i r U. to r.j: Ron Dula, Cynthia .4 ' . Clontz, Richard Gwyn, Martha Jane Helms, Robert Brown. 'K '99 Q fa I WH ,:,f' f ' -swf, ja -' H V., ' Literary Society 69 All Things Helpless . I lg I have seen a young bird Q I Q X E of . On a white cloth upon the grass. X I I I Q I 1, I jig He had fallen from a nest, and a man made careful I i I , ll ,l N Use df his hands to help him. I I i I .I if But the bird froze, after a time. I 3 I R I never knew how he fell, I I i i I Yet I knew of his death I t Y I I I it And his little bones and pink neck. I . I . I Nature is bigger than one life. .. I I 3 I , I ' R . I Somehow, though, a bird's song seems different I i I I ,I I now. I I I 1 I I I L I I I I I , I I I I have seenayoung child Q I i I I On a white cloth upon the grass. 5 I I I I' ,I He had fallen by a hut, and a man made careful I I L i !, 2 2 Use of his hands to help him. I g 1 I Q Butthe childdied,afteratime. W I I 5 I I w I 'I I never knew who shot him, I I I , 3 I I ' But I knew df his death I I g s , I I D I And his tiny hands and dark eyes. i ' I I I War is bigger than one life . .. ' I I S I I Somehow, though, a chiId's voice seems different , now. i I BILL MONTGOMERY E I if I Mr. Russell Brantley, author, speaks to students Society assembly. in Literary I if I.: at c Q , N cl? A35 ,---! 'E Officsrs til. to r.l: IVlr. Watterson, sponsor, Carl Nisbet, treasurer, Cynthia Clontz, secretary, Gary lVIIIIer, vice-president, G presi en . 70 Liter an y Society If' I ordon Bell, A stitch in TIME... QT' Y' Gam I. A ad L.. First row U. to r.j: Karen Shimkouiak, Marsha Suharski, Vicki Jones. Second row: Cathy Cherry, Pam Cartner, Janice Connor, Kathy Davey, Lynn Moir, Patti Smith. Third row: Eugenia Lanier, Carol Haines, Sarah Clontz, Ann Pace, Connie Hogue, Joyce Miller, Libby Brammer, Sammy Jochum, Linda Lanier, Cecilia Wall, Carol Bullard, Martha Jane Helms. CONOMQ-5 Q 0 G ,ie 4 " The aim of the members of the l-lome Economics Club of Mt. Tabor is to improve them- selves by practicing and demonstrating their abilities in home and com- munity activities. The members held two money raising projects early in the year. The first project vvas a bake sale. A Fall and Win- ter Fashion Shovv was' given in the school auditorium. Officers il. to r.l: Glenda Bur- nette, vice-president, Mrs. Wal- trip, sponsor, Debbie Squires, president, Becky Hernsmith, assistant secretary, Mary Dolan, treasurer, Sharon Smitherman, secretary. Home Economics Club 71 TIME is wisely spent in constructive endeavors I I V .3 A.. ttt . -T gg A 1 lVlrs. Schroeder, D.E. Club sponsor, instructs stu- Induction of DE. Club OtflCerS. dents in business techniques. ggi Newly inducted officers ofthe D.E. Club. The D.E. Club combines school work with after-school jobs. The club sells Area Code-Zip Code Directories as well as Tom- Wat merchandise. The club held a shopping evaluation survey to find out the buying habits of the lVlt. Tabor student body. A fashion shovv, sponsored by the Anchor Company, was pre- sented at school. 72Dtlt Ed t Clb Marilyn Key, D.E. Club Svveet heart. wrt 9.94, limi 1 Officers ll. to r.j: Nancy Johnson, reporter, Joe Styers, treasurer, Margo Duff, associate president, Lynn Rose, secretary, Bobby Scott, president, Libby Wagoner, historian. First row U. to r.j: Don Tuttle, Mike Shumate, Marilyn Key, Mike Masen- cup, Gary Lloyd, Jerry Moore, Margo Duff, Joe Styers, Carolyn Mustin, Debbie Wall. Second row: Bob Simmons, Larry Haines, Lynn Rose, Nancy Johnson, Jerry Jennings, Libby Wagoner, Debbie Creson, Pam Cook, Arlene Walker, David Delorenzo, David Blalock, Barbara Vestal. Third row: Martha Phillips, Phil Sheek, Wayne Fearrington, Durrell Stinson, Johnny Harold, Mike Gough, Jim Mc- Craney, Mel Blakley, Byron Fulp, David Logan. Disllubutive Education Club 73 First row U. to r.l: Donna Glover, Andi Reynolds, Teri Lyon, Jo Marvin, Carol Haines. Second row: Wes Church, Glenn Gravitt, Tommy Holland, Lachie lVlacLachIan, John Bane. TIME of creation, perfection and performance At last they are leaving. gs ., si .,.. Q S ii .5 ,X T h e a t r ical G u i Id me m bers cl i rn lo th e 1 3 d d 9 V Of 5 U C C 9 5 5 - l ' G 74 Theatrical Guild Drama Club members appear on television. The Theatrical Guild rehearses for the play. "All the vvorld's a stage"-the Theatre Guild encourages students to participate in the cultural arts. The guild sponsors plays throughout the year for the stu- dents' enjoyment. The members of the guild work to produce plays to promote interest in drama. fxi J Q Drama Club stars, Terri Lyon and Tommy Lachie serenadestlo Marvin and Donna Glover. Holland. Tl! lGll75 - ' ' .fhffz 'tiff :..l:' . :-'I'-:Q v I got rhythm! Teri Lyon makes her grand entrance. First row il. to r.j: Bob Glover, Pam Sheppard, Teresa Bray, Vicki Jones, Helen Hamm. Second row: Jan Dow, Robert Hutchins, Tom Allred, Ron Levy, Glenda Jordan. 76 Theatrical Guild X f 17 4 n,,1,gQa S SL P 6- Ea if ,. F ,Y 83 5 1 ff zz ' af W The Art Club's homecoming display represents a dragon declaring, "Devour the rams!" Creating beauty that can withstand TIME. The objective of lVlt. Tabor's Art Club is to develop appreciation of art. To achieve this objective this club visits a variety of art shows and galleries. The club provides art exhibits in school, shopping centers and Salem Square. In this vvay the club expands and stimulates interest in art. This year the Art Club made a home- coming display, set up a Christmas art sale and visited art shows at Salem Col- lege and Wake Forest University. Speakers were invited to demonstrate different art materials and techniques. A sidewalk art display vvas held at the end of the year. 78AtCl b . Debby Squires vvorks on the Christmas project. Officers U. -to r.j: Linda Lanier, vice-president, Cheryl Moody, trea surerg Dee L.igon, president, Patricia Nlobley, secretary. "1 glfzq, Y gjw- I f-K'-,i , , 3 , ,,,. ' , M s ,,, i im' .... ' . 1 5 NSA - 5,1 WW? "DV ' it A. First row U. to r.j: Jo Marvin, Carla Wilmoth, Becky Sherrill Kathy Edwards, Janet Reavis. Second row: Debbie Squires, Kathy Schultz, Sharon Van Hoy, Dee Ligon, Eileen Jensen Bev Pearson, Debbie Drummond. Third row: Bob March 1 ,gs if 5 l 1-'Ta' Wa. .ii We W' Patricia Mobley, Linda Greiss, Cheryl Moody, Sylvia Roberts, Jesse Hudson, Sara Moore, Pat Lineback, Teresa Bray, Linda Lanier. Miss l-louser helps art club rnembers decide on attire for madonnas. mf fm ArtClub 79 Our G.A.A. girls perfect skills xii GAA members. good sports having a great TIME The.Girls' Athletic Association strives to A provide egctra-curricular participation in ath- letic activities. Each year the G.A.A. spon- l sors the Powder Puff Football Game. This i year the Frosh-Soph team vvon the game. The girls participate in a state-wide play day each year. The G.A.A. attempts to boost sportsmanship and physical fitness. GAA inductees portray various animals as part of their initiation. SOGI Alhlt A t l yy 0ffiCefS U- '40 f-lr Dee I-i90f1, viCe-president Nl-HW Sallie Paula performs routine on G AA m embers build Flynt, president. Second row: Pam Lowry, secretaryg balance beam pyramid Laurie Covell, treasurer. ' ' W GAA members. GnI5'Atl'lleI1C Aasoclatlon 81 , ,fa ,, it x GAA. basketball team practices in an- ticipation of first game. speed camera. 82 Girls' Athletic Association L Blazing super-Spartan speed blurs high- - ,gyg VA A . ,, j H cc. L , at . ' ' . b, Wftwc awed A ' it' ' if My ""' 5' I if " Zt, t V... , llt' ..,, ,. ' li. ., as .,,,,, ,..V,,Lr.L,,:.,., 5 rri. . gg, f 'JVV I " ' . x 3' Q H jgandl Paula practices on the balance beam. wAiR, K-S4 f 'fdyx Ananke photographer gives viewer sideline seat at the GAA. pigskin playoffs. TIME for team effort First row Il. to r.I: Bonnie O'Toole, lVlary Roper Ogborne, Laura lVlcNair, Jayne Nlazyck, Jeanine Roberts, Sharon Sherrie Ingram, Bev Olson, Laurie Covell, Teresa Bray, Anita Tarrant, Kathy Popp, Gye-,Q Stanley, Ann Carter, Gail Dicker- Pounds, Jan Gorlow. Second row: Vicki Ingram, Linda Lovell, son, Jane Ketner, IVlrs.Diday, Pat Gaines. QD' First row U. to r.I: Vicky Ingram, Linda Lovell, IVlary Roper Sharon Tarrant, Sherrie Ingram, 5Gail Dickerson, Ann Pace Osborne, Laurie Covell, Jan Gorlow, Bev Olson, Anita Pounds, Happy Erickson, Jeanine Roberts, Jane Ketner. Anita lVlcCarthy. Second row: Pat Gaines, Bonnie O'Toole, r s. . J awfffsfwfrre 'ar 4 fb-wr me V 5 .anew s, . ,ff I Q, fs ' 253: ftez-?'4L7'T"" wp, 74: -fr-. ,' if""?"7 J , is ,i ' wt ' 4 ' 1132. ., fr.w,g Girls' Athletic Association 83 To boost Spartan spirit and friendly relation- First row U. to r.l: Chris- 95""' tine Stith, Lynne Thoma- i...-1-1 son, Bow Zarbock, Ann Peller, Kathy Kellam, Jill Hodges, Jo Ann Eldridge, Vicki Baldwin, Karen Phillips, Sally Welsh. Sec- ond row: Candy Kegarise, Cindy Foltz, Connie Tate, Gloria Sneed, Bonnie Marshall, Cynthia Butler, Sarah Covell, Louise Prit- chard. 1.1--X , lx on Q- :. L The Pep Club works with zeal and enthusiasm to boost school spirit. The members wear blue uniforms with a gold monogram on days of home games. To finance its projects, the Pep Club sells doughnuts and has bake sales. 84 Pep Club warmly' Officers ll. to r.J: Jill Hodges, vice-president, Sherry Shumate, president Donna Reeves, secretary. ships . . . in TIME of victory and defeat. 11:15 EW First row U. to r.l: Denise Gentry, Debbie l-less, Krissie Gallos, Denise Bass, Vicki Baines, Kathy Davis, Marsha Vogler, Diane Pike, Mary Ann Tilman, Peggy Turner. Second row: Christy Amen, Vivian Shoaf, Jane Ostwalt, Patsy Moore, Annette Oehman, Sherrie Ingram, Cathy Baker, Carla Wilmoth, Janet Clein, Carol Roe. Third row: Carol Liven- good, Dare Smith, Kathryn Frick, Sherri McGee, Kathy Frye, Barbara Brocato, Marty Van Etten, Laura Witner, Cheryl Drodowski, Glenda Burnette, Doris Mayberry, Donna Reeves, Chandra Wood. . ,f 7 1 ! it X Pep Club in action: a skit during a pep rally. 5114 xx The Pep Club sponsored Jimmy Miller's visit. Pep Club 85 Rallying enthusiasm . . . " "' "' The end result of the Pep Ciub effort: an enthusiastic student 5 V 5 , 5 K t if 4 I , 1 W 3 I E I 5 4, W fe w 4 .rv ' v , 1 ,f ,- 3 body. obo it tutst, , is ugtg Js' if fi E i i i 5 S f 5 T 2 Coach spirit. 86 Pep CI Nifty J Clemmer sings his ovvn composition to boost Spartan b za ,Q g V., -, J . X i f , Denise Gentry, Gwen Stanley, Louise Pritchard N 5 Ziyi, "Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar . . . "We got the blue, the gold, and that's all right!" The enthusiasm of the Freshman cheerleaders led the ninth grade football and basketball teams to victory. These girls work with the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders in promoting school spirit. "Go, go mighty Spartans!" Cheerleaders ll. to r.l: Donna Church, Evie Milne, Kaye Stuart, Angie Rudroff, Sharon Simmons, Jane Harmon, Susan Doss, Debbie Timmons, Linda Lewallen, Judy lVlacFarIand. WH- V--mvqkwpggwr F eshrnenCheerlead 87 Cheering the Junior Varsity Spartans to victory J F FWF J for lf: -f'i'e1,'Ts'fa. X Patsy Moore Pam Wood Cathy Carter Denise Bass Spartan athletes receive enthusiastic J.V. cheerleader support at "away" game. With unfailing support, the Junior Varsity cheerleaders, led by Bonnie Marshall and Susie Shouse, boosted the Junior Varsity team to many vic- tories. The Junior Varsity cheerleaders helped create school spirit at pep rallies. They also spread interest in Spartan athletics. 88 Junior Varsity Cheerlead ctw Qi! fi':. After selecting proper f-stop, shutter speed, film speed, focal length and focus, the photographer makes exposure . . . Have you got that spirit? ,Q 'tr W-456 Karen Lawson Annette Oehman ii 'g ig M f 2 3 Z I Q l 1 AM . I iz 1 ez l 3 i iii" 4 I V K I. Y 4 2 3 s K , I Y s 0 4 4 'W ' . W- UN: ' ' ffm' we :TZ Q 'V A V- AJN kg and is met by crisp applause and nine sighs of relief. , :Juv Susie Shouse Q J, Bonnie Marshall L, My Ann Phillips N NJ, ' f W -, 'Amt' .x ss, f , -s -up ,Q o-i A M as o "-raffl " .. i ' 'fvffvf' 4 , N 'L Jw, s 'tg ,f -ls.-Q,." I -.4'15 's fx Y X 35219 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 89 "Victory, Spartans, victory!" Varsity cheerleaders strengthened school spirit through original cheers. Debbie Harmon, chief In victory or defeat, the Varsity cheerleaders injected school spirit into the student body at games and did an ex- cellent job of boosting the teams' morale. Leading cheers was not the only duty of the cheerleaders. They sold beat- em tags to the students to raise money. All interested junior or senior girls tried out for cheer- leading. A panel of teachers se- lected 15 girls. These girls per- formed at an assembly for the student body. The students then selected 9 of the finalists as the Varsity cheerleaders. The girls spent many hours practicing to make our cheer- ing squad one of the best. 7 X 90 V ty Cheerleaders Cathy Chambers An ecstatic moment for Jo Ann Eldridge at a home football game at North. is-3 E' 'YLLL Cathy Benton, co-chief Connie Myers , Qiljltliail 1 11 i 'W is Q-f? Ja, YW A 5 Paula Wesolovvski Jo Ann Eldridge Debbie l-larrnon and cheerleaders inspire team support at pep rallies. Vaisity Chee: leaders 91 Cheerleaders have a break at halftime, meeting opposing cheerleaders. "Clap your hands and stomp your feet!" Cheerleaders enjoy the halftime show. Kathy Davis Cheerleaders could often be seen practicing after school, Varsity Cheerlead Marionettes bring honor, prestige to Spartans At the start of each game, Nlt. Tabor's Nlarionettes form the "VICTORY V". It is a symbol of spirit to en- courage the boys on to victory. The lVlt. Tabor lVlarionettes has 41 members. These girls work hard to per- fect their routines for the home football games. The Nlarionettes also perform at several of the basketball games. ln August, the girls performed at the Old-Timers' Game at Ernie Shore Field. On December 7, the lVlarionettes marched in the Charlotte parade. The drill team also appeared in the Shrine Bowl for the North-South All Star Game. Soon after the lVlarionettes re- ceived a special honor when Wake Forest University asked the girls to perform at the Wake Forest-Carolina game on February 5. The IVlarionettes presented two routines during the halftime cere- monies. The game was broadcast on tele- vision in three states. Several of the juniors in the Marion- ettes appeared in the Junior Talent Show. Others participated in the Key Club l-loopla. ,Q..,' swiM ' 's '15fiTTff if if if ii . . , all 454 Nj h First row U. to r.j: Debbie Tate, choreographerg Kathy Vessells, chiefg Teresa Jones, co-chief. Second rovv: Suzanne Del.oach, sergeant-at armsg Beth Verner, secretaryg Connie Tate, secretary. Third row: lVlarla lVlclVlurray, historiang Ann Peller, treasurer. ig,-Ax' ii. yi ' 'N idx l U. to r.i: Cecelia Nliller, Marsha lVlcNeely, Kathy Wilson, Glenda Burnette. 'N--' A U. to r.y: Martha Shelton, Anita Kyle, Beth Poindexter, Cathe Cherry. 7 ui." -. U. to r.j: Karen Gillespie, Carol Shamel, Pam Westrick, Cynthia Clontz. .fr -fl! '-4:4 4 "Hyi- U. to r.j: Pam Lowry, Rosie Peeler, Kathy Schultz, Lynn Thomason. Hi ' Q' 'X ,,.f .Y l U. to r.j: Debbie Patterson, lVlarla lVlclVlurray, Lynn March, Barbara Wright. C -A ...ff-'J P4 .gd . . M... ..niu'if1'n.'5NW SI. to rj: Connie Tate, Debbie Tate, Kathy Vessells, Teresa ones. lvlarionettes 95 e jf so fx 1 'R U. to r.y: Chandra Wood, Kathy Kellam, Mary Margaret Nichol- U. to r.y: Laurie Goode, Martha Tilman, Julie Richardson, Beth son, Sarah McGIamery. Verner. M ,f U' " Q -i ,X -Y -W-. if 4 '15 ur U. to r.j: Debbie Hess, Kathy Edwards, Peggy Karola, Sharon U. to r.j: Ann Peller, Sandy West, Mary Ann Tiiman, Suzanne Smitherman. DeLoach, Debbie Tulman. lv' ..,,,f,.,1 , , - fm f 5 . ,,,, ,,,,,, , ,U V ,M . I V k-'ff I W I ' I , , ff . . ,V ,, sw , VW.. ,..-, MW, :V Wm I "' ff-" K or f i be e .... 2 K it by .W gift s, is i , , Q' ..', i,f-'uw .1 , .-,,,, ,M jf, N ,if 'V L I ,V f H 1, fir S' ,5 Qi- E 'lgifgiiftw ':J3j',.:?.'-i t .. , AJ ' . ,, ,I H U M 4 1 A 'tti' "" '-,, , W9 , h ...,,, ,M Kick 'em high! 96 Marnonettes .i,f,.,:,'5f,"f'f1 K i w Q . sf J ' If I . 1' ,I l ,. X .Q w' , A v Y in 12, 5 1' 6"Q,'-lv 'ga 'KQS ,QQLA ff' ,U . . , .8 4 V wi im? ' XA, ' 4 Q, i . 'o ,L ' , wr A 4 7,1 WMV ,, . 1 4, A fy fi 45 Q Recognition for Spartan dedication Senior members First row I to r Tom Pullen Terr John ' - ' i- -lr , v - son, Skip Chinlund, Frank Austell, Barney Cline, Buzz Zarbock, Steve Thornton, Greg Horton, Tyler Pace, Landon Smith. Second row: Sam Morgan, Gary Thornton, John Thornton, Roger Kohrs, Doug Arfmann, John Petree, Denny Hurley, Steve Nicks, Bobby Reed, Tom Turner, Bill Payne. Third row: Greg Wessling, Gary Grogan, Larry Rowland, Van Baker, Jim Covington, Jimmy Williams, Neal Bedinger, Jay Lucas, Tim Janke, Mike Bledsoe, Charlie White, Bill Fowler, Bob Helton, Bill Raymer, Neil Moore, Tom Gizinski, Harold Jensen. Members of the Monogram Club are active in all sports. The organization sold doughnuts, fl. to r.j: Ronnie Hoots, Sam Morgan, Bill Fowler. cushions, Mt. Tabor stickers ---r and license plates to support the athletic program. The Monogram Club has also purw chased first-aid supplies for Mt. Ta bor's athletes. Underclass members-First row U. to r.l: Phil Chapman, Jeff Stewart, Thad Lewallen, Randy Wilson, Skip Vessells, Steve Walker, Gary Rodiger, David Parks. Second row: Ed Brenegar, David Freeman, Terry Ferguson, Jim Davis, Mike Jeziorski, Danny Arrington, Scott Bowen, Ronnie Hoots, Gregg Bennett, Mike Andrews, Charlie Knight, Dean Roberts. Third row: Wes Morgan, Wes Church, Jim Pulley, Chip Leaf, David Dennard, Steve Blake, Tim Stevenson, Alva Parris, Benny Norman, John Bane 98 Monogram Club tseniorl. Twirlers-Color guard support Marching Band W "'f H sv 1 it , ., V .fi ki: KVV' ,r.,y,, 54, r JA, N , tg, I , f ' fl f ,V , it fx'Yvr.:ilW1Tfa,'fw .4 i r A if A rf' i Qgfz' 'im ,I .,.L 4, JJ" . W H B K r X ' A K 5' X K ' Color guard members U. to r.l: Beverly Pearson, Sharon Crist, Carol Weatherly, Eloise Sills, Dona Bremer, Lee Penington. X. Tvvirlers perform routine at halftime. . Twirlers U. to r.J: Debbie Yuhas, Marilyn l-linson, Lynn Jones, Carol Brown, Cindy Fowler. National anthem and color presentation at home football game. Color Guard-Tvvii lens 99 N513 'ww ,pa x Marching Spartans perform in Shriners' Parade First row U. to r.J: Marion Uhl, Sharon Crist, Dona Bremmer. Second row: Fred Shoemaker, Neal Moore, David Simmons, Peter Murgas, Gary Crist, Robert Fox, Jeff Murgas, David Roddick. Third row: Janet Lavv, Janet Rhoades, Kathy Gallagher, Leanne Morgan, Dean Walker, Fred Daniel, Ronnie Rapier, Paul Wilson, Wesley Brooks, Wayne Wriglet, Henry Birdsong, Richard Kistler, John Petree, Lynn Braun, Tom Allred, Fourth row: Donna Fessler, Diane Vance, Jane Hughes, Karen Bryan, Mary Gallagher, Joyce Gardner, Amy Huber, 7 Q!! f r It Janice Daugherty, John Long, Steve Wesolowski, Martin Leith, Frank Surratt, Fleming Carrol, David Knight, Dirk Wilmoth, Gary Gambrell-, John Kiger. Fifth row: Beverly Pearson, Eloise Sills, Lee Pennington, Ron Levy. Sixth row: Carol Weatherly, lan MacLachlan, Finlay Watts, Gregg Martin, Randy Loper, Carl Moses, John Holland, Dick Shaffner, Jerry Kennedy, David Stith, Ray Fuller, Craig Tharpe, Freddie Ingram, Chris Clark, Mark Thompson, John Howard, Gordon Bell. Ronald Levy, drum major. 1oo Band , wr -1 mm if 9' 02 as 'U' if if V 'P 49 it Marion Uhl, drum majorette. The Marching Band forms an "MT" on the field at halftime. A regular practice on the speedball field. Concert Band provides classical element First row il. to r.i: Neal Moore, Fred Shoemaker, Lynn Braun, John Howard, Keith Sloan, Robert Fox, Frank Surratt, Martin Leith, Dean Walker, Jeff Murgas, David Roddick, Ron Dula, John Holland, Mike Long. Second row: Randy Loper, Finlay Watts, Steve Wesolowski, David Simmons, Janet Law, Dona Fessler, Diane Vance, Karen Bryan, Mary Ann Gegenheimer, Waco Knott, Marion Uhl, Lynne Thomason, Bill Smith, Mike Moye. Third row: Ray Fuller, Bruce Radek, Henry Birdsong, Gordon Bell, Janice Daugherty, Lee Anne Morgan, Mary Gal- lagher, Jane Hughes, Ron Levy, David Knight, Dirk Wilmoth, Fred Daniel, Ronnie Rapier, David Wriglet. Fourth row: Paul Wilson, Peter Murgas, Gary Gambrell, David Stith, Dick Shaffner, Benji Edwards, Wayne Remy, Cliff Straughn, Richard Kistler, Chris Clark, Carl Moses, Tracy Teague, Doug Fineberg, Don Huff, Jerry Kennedy. Concert Band 101 A-El Montgomery Steve Wallenhaupt president vice-president A TIME to recognize out Vicki Farthing Suzanne Deloach secretary-treasurer tanding achievement Buzz Zarbock Frank Austell The National Honor Society's chief aim is to recognize scholarship, leadership, service and character in lVlt. Tabor's students by in- ducting the juniors and seniors most out- standing in all four of these qualities. Al- though it is an honor organization rather than a service club, the Honor Society is also intended to encourage these attributes in the 1o2Nr H s ty Cathy Chambers Janice Sams vvhole student body. Therefore, it engages in such projects as tutoring underclassmen for final exams. This year for the first time lVlt. Tabor's l-lonor Society Chapter sent delegates to the state convention of the National l-lonor So- ciety. Joyce Gardner Joanne Sulek Julie IVlcCoIIunn Cynthia Clontz Q? Denny Hurley Jan Gorlovv LL-' Nick Covey Kathy Petree Lois Butner John Snell Martha Jane Helms Joyce Parsons Linda Lanier Robert Brown IVIr. Hardy awards inductees their gold pin. Joanne Sulek and Joyce Gardner call up inductee Cynthia Clontz. E ...wg Kathy Vessells Teri Lyon Kim Hertvvick Donna Giover 1'-I A 3 ,, .' c H r 1 H H I f if ...Q ,Q - x J ""' r 16" 'X 5 pl , H A wg N JA., SN Jane Ketner Gordon Bell IVIr. Hardy congratulates inductees. lVIr. Hardy addresses group at National Honor Society inductions. Nat I Honor Society 105 to promote uniformity The members of the coun- cil encourage school spirit, charter school clubs and hold the Inter-Club Council. Stu- dent council members strive to maintain school rules and reg- ulations through the student court. Council members also promote understanding through co-operation between the faculty and student body. Members worked on home- coming activities and school clean-up days. The student council held school spirit days and school wide projects. Several members attended the Student Council Congress for the spring elections meeting. Freshmen Representatives: First row U. to r.j: lVlack Thompson, lVloe Waggoner, Lee Cart- wright, Brian Jones, Randy lVlclVliIlian, Preston Parrish, Jeff Yarbrough, Christie l-lager, Allan Cheek, Chip Livengood. Second row: Cathy Pfaff, Renee Adams, Susan Dawes, Kay Stewart, Sharon Simmons, Laurie Hayes, Jane George, David Powers, Steve Shelton, Larry Poe. S h R t t' : F'rst row U. to r.j: Jeff Briggs, Yates, Eugenia Lanier, Julie Covey, Dee Ann Smith, Marsha Jgl2nOIlQE:ShesiEm:l?gn1 al-llolgier, 'Edwin Knight, Brent Hoots, lVlcNeely, Joy Smith, Anne -Phillips, -Patty Johnson, lVlary Ann Debbie Radisch, Katie Ward, Jimmy Guill. Second row: Janet lVlcClean, Ginger Baldwin, Dianne Shirley, Sarah Covell. n-' 106 Student Council To lead and direct Spartan activities i 1 A ' r V 1 '-I -- is iff '.ei' 1'fJI',',. it 'w'e --L Junior Representatives:First row ll. to r.j: David Freeman, Stith, Linda Sorenson, Debbie Yuhas, Marsha Vogler, Kathy Rex Kennedy, David Knight, Glenn Gravitt, Wes Morgan, Mike D3ViS, Cindy FOITZ. SUE Dawson. VlCkY 33Yf19S, Marla WIC- Andrevvs, Dean Roberts, Mike Smith. Second row: Christine Murray, Annette Oehman, Andi Reynolds. Senior Represen- tatives: First row ll. to r.j: Mike Bledsoe, Laurie Goode, Rosie Peeler, Teresa Jones, Cathy Benton, Suz- anne Del.oach, Beth Verner, Kim Hert- wick, Nick Covey. Second row: Pam Lowry, Dee Ligon, Carol Shamel, Paula Wesolowski, Mary Sallie Flynt. ' I' . Y' ' StudentCouncil107 . L ,,f.,., ,,,,, ,,,.Z,Lw,,,N , ,V , ,f ffw . , , ,, , , I .., I ,M , - f f ' 7, ff 0' 252.15 4-A Mm f + .fqwx-lf. -Mew fi-sw 'rw 92 , ,Q . , ,g ,,-,,,,+u A. , ,f , fl ,-1 . xi' f.. ,-.4 ,r ,fine '39 4 " W -w +.m 91 -W' -.f-MQW' nf" ,,,-..w s ,,,,, V , ,, ,,. f - ., .:3,..,.,ti gym, .V ,1 ,,5,',, 1, , . VJ, , Jr 2 A, W f f 1,13 M' "L I ' 1, me -f ff f 1. fl i ' - - .ff V , ff First row ll. to r.l: Janice Sa ms, secretaryg Sharon Smitherman, treasurer. Second row: Mike lVloran, vice-presidentg Greg Wess- ling, president. 108 Student Councul Off cers To meet challenges as individuals s., Q Q--v and asa team . .. C0 QQ 3: First row ll. to r.J: Joanne Sulek, Milrie Merchant, Janice Sams, Dee Ligon, Debbie Squires, Linda Sorenson, Mary Sallie Flynt, Kathy Vessells, Clare Woolley, Debbie Harmon, Suz- anne Del.oach, Jackie Davis. Second row: Steve Wallenhaupt, Greg Wessling, Bill Montgomery, Wes Morgan, John Bane, Gordon Bell, Brant Hoots, Nick Covey, Jim Huste, Rick l-lunter, Sam Morgan, Denny Hurley, Jay Lucas, Steve Thornton, Mike Moran, Bob Scott. The lnterclub Council is a direct function of the Student Council. Its objective is to coordinate all student and club activities. By the process of monthly meetings, the council sets up the calendar of events for that month. The Interclub Council is composed ofthe presidents of all the clubs. These students work together to make the school year inter- esting and profitable. lnterclub CounclI109 Promoting honesty and high principles 3-6 ?a,4f'u'.zsy,B z, 3... ,, ,Q M - 'y fri, X 1 i l it f First row U. to r.J: Sunny Shelton, Kathy Vessells, Patty Johnson. Second row: Buzz Zarbock Mike Moran, Pistole. mow Q I Kapp Ogburn, David Ya? W ' ' T Freshmen set high goals for the future X . gf 1 1 it .7. ii., ,- .i Q YZ '5 2 ni.. '5 4 , , ,,v- , - I A 'mf N . EA.. as psp.. The Freshman class officers of lVIt. Tabor learn the meaning of responsibility. These students vvork to make the freshman class a class Mt. Tabor can be proud of novv and in the future. '1' 1 First row U. to r.j: Christie Hager, presidentg Trippy Gentry, vice-president. Second row: Debbie Timmons, secretaryp Sharon Simmons, trea- surer. Freshman Class Officers 111 Sophomores are Driented towards Spartan life Sophomores are heading toward the 1: M W W road of success. lm W The officers strive 'N' New Wim' to lead their class H? Mm ARK cw S so N.. .... ssdd S and to be ready for -... --'L' WL.':'mwm',crcgesrss s c their duties as 'H-u-a......,""' Jfas juniors. Pages for .....,,,,c-n--:ya NW, tn K " All was N., ., th e P r o m a r e "' '-- M -.".,.."ii.S'Zag7"l.l"'...." 'F' S 'N'--swWws.?:gv+ chosen from the an---J..-...a sss esr,,,,,,,,g,,'B1 Q anim' 3X1 sophomore class. 'W'- Swv-Maw uannwaewm YWQQN 'UWM li i Q 'iv' First row U. to r.i: Diane - Shirley, secretary: Giiliir ' surer. Second row: Brant Hoots, presi- dentg David Roberson, vice-president. 112 Sophomore Class Officers Juniors looking forward with anticipation The Junior class works hard to build school spirit a n d to b u i I d leadership. Senior m a r s h a I s a re chosen from this class. The junior class also gives the prom to honor the seniors. The of- ficers of the junior class strive to make their class one of the best. First row ll. to r.j: Jill Hodges, vice-president: Connie Tate, secretary. Second row: Wes Morgan, president: Alva Parris, trea- surer. J l Off 113 Senior officers direct Award-winning Spartans Y ff T 4 245' Av r- V 'Tv f, T ,.l,3,,,1'a,,.c.y -'Lian af1""a'-f2Wf T U. to r.j: Beth Verner, secretaryg Suzanne Deloach, vice-presi- dentg Steve Wallenhaupt, presidentg Vicki Farthing, treasurer. 1145 Cl Off i if The seniors will become tomorrovv's leaders. Under the guidance of their officers, they stand at the head of the Spartan force. The seniors leave lVlt. Tabor with memories of past TIIVIE. They vvill leave lVlt. Tabor in the able hands of the underclassmen in the knowledge that they will make the name of the Spartan a name to be respected. Guiding activities of the seniors at Mt. Tabor The Senior Executive Council of lVlt. Tabor acts as a guide in planning class pro- jects and resolving problems of the senior class. The council attempts to form class ideas on graduation and honors. The council members are chosen by each homeroom in the senior class. The council represents the class in the school and community. First row U. to r.j: Debbie Harmon, Martha Shelton, Cathy Chambers. Second row: Debbie Tate, Kim Hertwick, Susie Phelps, Rita Bennett, Cecilia Miller. Third row: Tootie Thorn- ton, Roger Kohrs, John Bolt, Steve Messick, John Snell. Senior Executive Council 115 To conquer . . . ',. .. 1-Y.. Ml Q 5 . ,-,' arf 1 . , 1 v7".4s"' '-'qv J .4 f!',q"f"-, ,,, K- . . "HMV, A ,.,,, , -A if KJ' .7 , Q' XM, le gfvft- 'ks' ff I . XF I' sf L 116 Athletics .A ,ails ' 'M' Q xy af. My us 15 7 or be conquered V ini? X X 5. p dl' .6 -n 'ff X Wx 4 f I F ' hik .Q . Z. Vn'5 flin- Spartans roll over Titans. The 1969 football season was one of intermittant vic- tory and defeat. The Spartans finished another successful year with a 6-4 record despite a series of injuries to many of our key players. Mt. Tabor, led by Sam Morgan, Ronnie Hoots, Jim Guill, and Kenny Lawson, started the football season with successive victories over Elkin Q9-71, Reidsville Q20-141 and Andrews Q14-OJ. Hit hard by injuries, the Spartans experienced their first defeat which was to Morehead KO-221. ln a spectacular team effort Mt. Tabor bounced back by defeating East Randolph C31-61. How- ever, the following week, riddled by injuries, the Spartans fell to Madison-Mayodan. The Spartans then prepared to meet their cross-county rival, West Forsyth. With many of the key players still supported by crutches, Mt. Tabor put the Titans down with an excellent ground attack which was led by Morgan ri'w'. " .73 ,mQe'w'5T"f SAM MORGAN BARNEY CLINE 141-141. The Mt. Airy game was perhaps one of the best high school games played this year. The Spartans played well but lost in the final minutes of play Q14-221. Mt. Tabor lost one of its last two games to Eorbush 13-141, but ended the season on a positive note with a victory over Starmount Q41-6J! -r - -4 ---v 4'4" 4-flirt Co-Captains: HAROLD JENSON, ROGER KOHRS 118 Varsity F tb ll L7 ,J . z . hz! .t 'Quake' .mffittfff TOMMY PULLEN JOHN SNELL 3 M' ,, JOHN THORNTON LANDON SMITH Mt Tabor tMt. Tabor tMt Tabor tMt Tabor tMt.Tabor tMt Tabor Mt Tabor 'tMt.Tabor Mt Tabor Mt Tabor "Conferen 9 Elkin 20 Reidsville 14 T. Wingate Andrews O Morehead 31 East Randolph 22 Madison-Mayodan 41 West Forsyth 14 Mount Airy 3 Forbush 41 Starmount ce games 7 14 O 22 6 26 14 22 14 6 3 , ".i - ' ,ft A y , . ' 'H ,J F ' we f p ,, ,f l i it Martin Hardy: Mascot BILL FOWLEF2 JOHN BANE Another victory for the "mighty Spartans! uv' A Qtigyf! 35, . JN! 9, ,,. Q P158 Qfiifxl SKIPCHINLUND STEVE NICKS DOUG ARFMANN RICK JORDAN v ty in M111 Off .. W rgsmr. -for .f - 4 o s HAROLD JENSEN LARRY ROWLAND ROGER K HR Coach Hayes gives Iast minute instructions. 120 Vans ty Football arte' F5-sw . ' f H'-S? Fl' I v is ,. .Nik 'A Q . "mi X-gg W, '7 'H sf , Mt. Tabor Spartan races for the first down. GARY GROGAN 6 DENNY HURLEY nrt ct .s .- I .14 S - , .353 if l 1, , A lf- 4, Y' 1' " Qf' A S 'He'-'4"' 4' '....iwa1fm, 1 Y slew .Y K. ,,,,.-.4sg?,,s, ,, . ,f Mei, - 4557. X, :,,,x.:if::i3':5i'v",I , K is ' 3 ' K '24"f7w-.L-'i"f,,2 - f:"f1.i : 1 N 'N S? . fi", , , V , L K A N: Denny Hurley reportg to the pregg bgx, First row U. to r.J: Carl Nisbet, Keith Isley. Second row: Frank Austell Steve Messick, Greg Wessllhg. JAY LUCAS BOB HELTON Tl-lAD LEVVELLEN yew-f ,isa ,Xl -fin 1' ? if -A Ji. Wm ..:f""f -1 . ,lu ' , N' S ii-1 "'..'l"m J -an 'We' A-wir 'i'3g',-ff2,?,5'b'2 ' ..x''Y'f'i', f . ' 1 RANDYBRANNOCK DEAN ROBERTS KENNY LAWSON A Spartan receives the pass just as his opponent tackles him. Varsity EOOtbaIl121 JV Qiif 'Qgjg f. Jann- gt ,af DANNY ARRINGTON BILL VANCE RICHARD NIFONG Team honors MTH with victories Sam streaks for the touch- dovvn. The Spartans tackle their opponent. I .. -, W ,ln ,,3 I N '55, 41 I A . A ,f,.tw.,. If - . -A J ' .v 'ff-5 f C- . , A, ng'- : my.. . A , 'I , I it- ,Q V5 'wh A ,, v ,. ,- af- k , ,4-,K ' k.., 'C ., Q, ' A L. K , I 0 hw.-,, . . wig-., V K, ff .vu - ' - a Q ' My 4,11 F' 122 Varsity Foo a Coaches: IVIR. IVIILLER, IVIR. ALEXANDER, IVIR. HAYES- THE BIG THREE ALVA PARRIS JIIVI DAVIS ED BRENEGER 1' ,-- J' , I I I he-If 4' I 'I ,I A X if ,- M' . av,,V" ' wt., W p 5-'rj af ,rg we ge , V at . , .,,.,f, ' , A . , .Jo I ' J?" 1 , I 1 ' -ii" iQ. I . Q I ' ' fl ., ' ' 'f 4 ' 'J' 5 E , k - ,ihnfg V, W A5 V ,yi -. -f .I tb II 5 ' s..-.A.w:ff+- az Y To love the game . . . 'N rf I Fans take the field after a big victory. at X RQNNIE HQQTS RUSTV IVICIVII 1-LAN Spartan bareiy escapes opponent's clutches. GORDON BICKFORD SCOTT BOWEN Coaches Alexander and Haveaeensider game Strategy- Spartan back is brought down after a Strong fight for yardage. Vr1lyFn0'UNNl si First row U. to r.l: Kenny Miller, Merle Lynch, Bill Graves, Denny James, Craig Cook, Bill Miller. Second row: Charles O'Toole, Jim Cranford, Randy Myers, Cort Nicks, Dan DuRant, John Shelton, l-larry Wilson. Third row: Gary Drennon, Tommy Chipman, Bobby Sparks, Pete Romanowski, Steve Blake, John Furches. Fourth row: Coach Clemmer, Ken Hauser, James Tucker, Joe Edmonds, Will Poindexter, Steve Overby, Mark Shore. Junior Spartans show promise Victory! That's the word to describe the Junior Varsity football season. With a record of nine wins and one loss the JV's had the best record yet of Mt. Tabor's junior varsity. The boys came in second in the conference. The defense allowed only four points per game, the best in the conference. Defense was led by Will Poindexter, Bobby Sparks, Bill Miller and Ken Hauser. Steve Overby was the high scorer of the offense. Jim Cranford and Court Nicks also played well offensively. The games against Mt. Airy and Elkin were especially exciting. Mt. Tabor's Junior Varsity team was the only team to beat Elkin. Elkin's team had a thirty-three game winning streak. Our Spartans broke Elkin's winning streak in an exciting game: Mt. Tabor 14-Elkin 12. In four games, the JV's scored crushing victories. Twice the team scored over 50 points. ,vtrg . ,K-X A Spartan player is determined to make a touchdown. 1211 Junior Varsity Football .MJ Mt "Mt 'Mt 9'Mt 'tMt 'Mt Mt fMt Mt Mt Spartan back drives forward behind a mass of Spartan blockers. LA, Mt. Tabor Junior Varsity Football Scores Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor Tabor 1969 Elkin 12 .Reidsville 14 High Point Andrews 8 Morehead O East Randolph O Madison-Mayodan 8 West Forsyth 14 Mt. Airy 6 Forbush 6 Starmount O MT. TABOR OPPONENTS 262 68 Average-26 points 9-1 record Conference Champions tConference games A 5,,,Nwn- Spartan gets ready to throw a pass. Mt. Tabor player outruns his opponent. J V tyF tb 12 JV team compiles a 9-1 record. -? +. 126.1 1 Spartan player runs straight up the middle. Mt. Tabor player is threatened by opponent. Spartan jumps high to catch a pass V ty it Ib II TIME wlll fulflll their potential. Freshman football team and coaches. The freshman team finished its season with three vvins and three losses. The fresh- men showed great potential. The team vvas led by many outstanding boys. Bill Shields, David lVliller, Trippy Gentry, Tommy Den- nard, Robert Patterson and many others dis- played good sportsmanship in victory or defeat. The freshmen players vvorked hard to increase their skill and prepare for next year. Freshman coach gives pre-game directions. F f F tl12! Mt. Tabor makes clean sweep of West , X . Smale-in' fit 5:-xl .sl .23 hh li' WWWWW "st"'fi fi fese iggzgiggggmr ,wp twr' ' ' H p WM fi rl L ' W M 0 ,. . . f fi ui filr su all xl . BQ-Y m Mila, rl litmus any an 'fail il at ll ies Tommy Gizinski, First row U. to r.l: Tim Stevenson, Dean Roberts, Mark Allen, Second' row: Bill Parsley, Rusty McMillan, Mike Jeziorski, Gregg Bennett, Denny Hurley, Steve Thornton. Jim Guill, Randy TFIOPODSOVL Jim Pulley. Charlie White- Our team this year is very small and inex- perienced. The conference we are playing in this year is definitely one of the toughest in the state. Despite our record this year our boys have worked extremely hard, in times of adversity they have never quit. Coach Pardue said he never coached a group of young men who have given any more of themselves than this team has. They've amazed Coach Pardue with their ability and intestinal fortitude to bounce back after a defeat and give 1OO per cent. We've had several boys who have contributed a great deal to this team: Gregg Bennett, Mark Allen, Mike Jeziorski, Jim Guill, Denny Hurley, Tim Stevenson, Dean Roberts, and Steve Thornton. All of our players have made their contributions. lt's a team that absolutely will not, and has not, quit. When a team give a 100 per cent game a coach cannot ask for any more. Mark Allen, in true Spartan form. 128 Varsity Basketball Qi .1 M4 L... 1 , W Till fi 9: .' Q3v1A. 2 5 2521137 'Hn -231, W,-w,a'. 1 NN., 'X f'?"" Q' R s I ' , 8, ' .J - - : L H if? , -X.. V , Wbxy I :Q .Q W fffj H' 'A'V"'2 A f J J , 'Q 1 " Xl. Em '4"Wmf ff mm WW T M- Yff. CHARLIE WHITE IVIARK ALLEN GREGG BENNETT Our Cagers post 98-61-defeating Villians V IVIIKEJEZIORSKI ty BasketbaH MMM I E WGQQQ? qw V6 4 - ft' Qfwluw Lg, gt' ' - TTT. v sf if :fA, f f m xt I E T Q T Jimmy scores with an accurate field goal attempt. Spartan fans cheer the team to victory. JIMMY GUILL DEAN ROBERTS View f - swf 1 F S K Jeziorski at the foul line. Im ? all it fw L 5- 53+ E f JIIVI PULLEY BILL PARSLEY Coaches Pardue and Hayes V WB ktt H131 1969-1970 Varsity Basketball Tabor 46 Tabor 56 Tabor 75 Tabor 67 Tabor 98 Tabor 74 Tabor 62 Tabor 83 Tabor 52 Tabor 75 Tabor 66 Tabor 81 Tabor 74 Tabor 38 Tabor 58 Tabor 38 Tabor 88 Tabor 54 Tabor 66 Tabor 66 Tabor 67 North Forsyth Starmount Starmount North Forstyh Bishop McGuiness West Forstyh Mt. Airy Morehead 102 Reidsville 94 Anderson 110 Madison-Mayodan 97 T. Wingate Andrews 95 75 E. Randolph Mt. Airy 34 Morehead 82 Reidsville 52 Anderson 73 Madison-Mayodan T. Wingate Andrews 58 E. Randolph 60 Morehead 81 tConference Games away away home home home away awayf homeff homef awayf homef homef awayf homef awayff awayf homef awayt awayf homeff awayf Jimmy Guill jumps high. .aa a. TIM STEVENSON RUSTY IVICIVIILLAN Jez slips by forthe lay-up Spartan Cagers give 1002 Managers Wes Church, Jim Covington, David Knight. Gregg puts one in from the foul line. V WB ktbil153 JV Spartans squash Reidsville, 70-59. The Junior Varsity basketball team under the leadership of Coach Morris played many outstanding games. The team learned to vvork together, to accept challenge, victory, and defeat. The Spartans over Reidsville, 70-59, was one ot the best games. Even though the Junior Varsity team was defeated by Morehead, 53-52, they played a fine game. The team has many outstanding players: Bob l-lurley, David Thornton, Trippy Gentry, Mike Toma, John Shelton, Wes Morgan, Sam Bickford, and David Roberson. The Junior Varsity players proved to be a fine and capable team that gave all games their best, vvhether in victory or de- feat. Randy Thompson puts up tvvo points for the Spartans. First row U. to r.l: Wes Morgan, John Shelton, Bob Hurley, Roy Choquette, Trippy Gentry, David Thornton, Marc Callahan, Scott Bowen. Second row: Gary Roediger, Robert 12- . KS Sw- IES BNHS-1 9 ,Sr xii Q-rvJ'f'Q Patterson, Mike Tomma, Sam Bickford, Bob McCIaren, Tom Gizinski, David Roberson, David Porter, Mr. Morris. . ' ' K ' 'V ff '- 1' ff l Y' L W F HT 'iw -:M J 5 'NW smelt r " .an SQ Q JR' ig as ws in mm ,'tf' gag .s we NNY. MRM S v 1 i 1311J V WB ktb ll S-sq Mt. Tabor player goes in for a lay-up., Randy Thompson jumps for ball. -J' s"A'p ' as 'ff 9 V1 .flu -. in Q , ...,X..,,,N- -M K i Sam Bickford takes a foul snot. Two Spartans battle for tne pall J V mtv Bash! 4114 ,M ,5 EW Sam Bickford shoots over opponent in home game. Bob Hurley puts one up for Mt. Tabor. Freshman Basketball F is ,1 74 , .gf 749 ly r Q yn rg a"'5'e ' if ,A ,, 5 s...,,.. nn- shrubs AN First row ll. to r.l: Sammy Davis, Danny Pounds, Steve Harris, row: Mr. Miller, Steve Shelton, Mike Parsley, Mike Moye, Tom Clint Petree, Brian Jones, Tim Renegan, Bill Shields. Second Dennard. 136 Fi esh man Basketball Spartan sluggers show baseball prowess H121 , ., R- ' , , Jnfg .P 'Wwe .wg ,uw , Qigqs 3 A T 0 .. as -5 -- ... - - +'-f' - Wg at-K ft, M First row il. to r.l: Bill Payne, Tim Stevenson, Terry Yoder, Grout, Bill Norris, John Petree, John Shelton, Wes Morgan, Steve Riddle, Mike Andrews, Tommy Arrington, David Park, Gary Thornton, Neil Moore, Benny Norman, Tom Gizinski, Steve Thornton, Mike Stewart, Mike Jeziorski. Second row: Van Kiger, Coach Nail, Coach Morris, Jack Newsome, Manager, Dean Roberts, Wes H...1-ning . ,.., lr RS . ,J-9 ' T f 'si' QW .fi Sri , ss , - . M., rw., ' 4 Benny Norman squares up inthe batter's box. Head baseball coach, Mr. Morris, has pre-game con- ference. Varsity Baseball 137 b ,Qi v, in J V - .. . W rwfse ,, . , , I Z Ivniff' A lVlt. Tabor fire-baller throws one dovvn the pipe. Spartan players encourage teammates at bat. N v VA ...2 4g4l?f.j- f,, fa-yi vw. i :gg-may , , ' .L ' LK. L.. f, - Asif ,, , . , .. sim' ,'PA,,,4iL, uh, A ,, ' - - 401, , L, fu. i . , ' f,"e.,, f Jw- , ,.f J' ' f 4. W I M" , .fr ,., ,Ja K 21,0 ,gy K H.. : V . M, fa, .. .:j,w!., ? ,,r,, .W agwy ., iyljf-, ,g3 5,,f g, ,,,'Y,j12f'fW ia, . -f , I ,av W 4 -xx-p ' 'J' V t,, wa: ,. ff Z' is L' in ,VW f?f'ws,'71 wb u 'if , ti "' ' -' " 'f Bill Norris prepares to receive the pitch as it escapes the bat ofthe opponent. 138 Varsity Baseball f K 1 if . QQ ,nv A ,,,, .- A ww? Spartan batter sparks lVlt. Tabor's offensive attack. 3 . E lug 15'- il M1522 E M, . . . x fi. , . Q .rs C, Q if inf .,, g , F . , ,f 81" . ,. A - 4A as W i ' 4 . ' XT" ,,,,. 57: w ,iq ' f, N 3 fri.--' . V? 2.5 - . Bill Norris about to snag a pop-up. Mt. Tabor's baseball team had a record of eleven wins and seven losses in the 1969 season. The team tied second in the District 5, 3-A Confer- ence. Wes Grout was the leading hitter. The Most Valuable Player of 1969 was Steve Riddle. Van Kiger was the best pitcher. Among the other outstanding players are Dean Roberts, Mike Jeziorski, Benny Norman, Gary Thornton, Steve Thornton, Tim Stevenson, John Petree and Bill Norris. Two of the most exciting games of the season were the games against Morehead and Reidsville. Coach Morris is looking forward to another successful season next year. 140 Atmetuc Actxon ws. 25' .fm JL TIME for action .L LL LL . L fm-r.::z.LfLL R L h K , Amegm ww ii. , L L H , ' - ,-.., 1 ' K e W W W O 1' Q - L .fj 1 L L 2, 'h1 L .1 -. L LL -- wh ' R g ---h:' .L LL LL 7' - - . - X 1 f A . ,,..., L A if -K , ,-.ML af . if id.. LL ,.:'fVf"'?, , ' ,U--Q LL 1' Q' - - l - L 1 'WL L f ...L - ,, 55 L,,L 2 Mum- Q- ,Ng-Q.. KK M v. S H-Ar ,, mg , ,1Q,ggqgw 1 .. Fi' ,,K.k Tw W "ff Q . ,f ,r----vf,.zgQ,,n.,,,4 I' . -, 1 . 'M ' ',Ysh,"J" f. ' 11 f'9fT1L' """2"Y-?' Li J ' 4' ' 1 -W V- f , .. "" -'-.. f L qi M , I g 4 M A 2 M -' :4 , A, -,,V su! My-ff, , , ,, 4 .A W '1 .y K ,-yQgi.i. "1 L V ' 1'-"f ' , ,, ' , - f ' W "' 'Kim 1, ,1 Nz- Mi, ', . ty ' 'fmijlkyiu I XS X ' W1 I . 4-vi, .A',' U- ' ' ' ...,' ' if ' ' W QQ Wai, -' aw " L 7 . M - rw-ww. ,, A K A km ,, 'Q-15 6 , MQ. M Q' A -' M1 f fm - ' ' m, y Hb .,. 'W' T" . , i Athletuc Action 141 Conference champion distance runner, Our cross-country team had a very successful year. We have never lost a conference meet since vve started a cross-country team tvvo years ago. We quali- fied tvvo boys fSteve Walker and Fred Garveyl for this year's state meet. Our prospects of de- fending our conference cham- pionship next year look out- standing. Some of this year's outstanding cross-country mem- bers vvere: Fred Garvey, Steve Walker, Robert lVlarch, David Carroll, John Lottis, Mark Fisher, Gregg Bennett. Coach Pardue assigns places to cross-country runners. Cioss Country 'V x f, -f ,lx f- ' at . MW' 'Cities-...c 54 asf X In I 1 1 Running against TIME The cross country team represented Mt Tabor well P RSV .J HJ If ,K- A TIME for conditioning and endurance 2 re 5 ' . . , , ,1 " -'W 14, First rovv ll. to r.j: Terry Ferguson, Tertius Keiger, Randy Brannock, Steve Nicks, Doug Arfmann, Larry Brown, Phil Chapman, Steve Walker, Danny Arrington, Randy Feher, ford, Steve Blake, Merle Lynch, Robert Nlarch, Neil lsgett. Third row: John Bane, Bill Vance, Tom Brown, Tom Garvey, lvlarion Smith, Bill lvliller, Fred Garvey, Randy Parks, David Carroll, Stokey Gatevvood, Tornrny Dennard, Morris Jones, David l-lumes. Second row: Kapp Ogburn, Jim Davis, Ronnie Hoots, Sam lVlorgan, Will Poindexter, Harry Wilson, Jim Cran- ' as Coach Hayes shouts encouragements to Danny Arrington and Steve Walker as they vvin the mile relay against lvlt. Airy. 1-14 Varsity Track Skip Chinlund. X' 'Nl ' - N ,.,f ,,,. Ronnie Hoots holds the conference record in the 440 l-lead Track Coach Ken l-layes poses with Ronnie Hoots, Sam Morgan, and Randy Brannock. o- ' E 1 F Mig .- , W ,ws , ,. W1..,,, V ,,......,.L,-.- , Mi. A 4,45 - ..,.'l,s2-.:--:vue Will Poindexter executes the shot-put. Robert March, Ronnie Hoots, and Sam Morgan practice starts. Tommy Turner employs scissors in high jump compe- titions. it A 3 ' AN" r ff .6 r. -' " " I W - :E h .ary .. qv-, c W , M Y 1 K 'lm V '. 14:75 Q ix 4 I V , I . ' ' A E' v 5.-as -K f.,,- ll , Q I vp in ,A sq., V S y A V Phil Chapman begins the pole vault. .41 ' 7 Varsity Tlack145 ia 8-3 record wins netters conference second lf? ,f I Yin.. f ' ' 1' Kwik? W x First row U. to r.j: Roy Choquette, Rob lVleans, Skip Vessells, Randy Wilson. Second row: Tim Janke, Larry Rowland, Harold Jensen. N' I - c V L X ,, - ,' Y, x l , ' I 1 Jw 'N Second flight rnan, Roy Choquetteg first flight man, Skip Vessells- Randy Wilson Clgwns on the Court third flight man, Larry Rowland. 146 Tennis Conference champion, Skip Vessells, serves to Larry Rowland. I-larold Jensen serves in perfect form. Tim Janke returns serve with a forehand. G Tenn+s147 Wilson holds conference record ,syrnsq Sting, 3, 1 mga 2 5 First row ll. to r.l: Rob DuRant, Tom Garvey, Bill Fowler, Ken l-lauser, Jay Lucas, Bill Vance. Second row: Buzz Zar- Ken Lawson faces off West opponent at home match. The wrestling program at lVlt. Tabor seems to be building on a solid foun- dation. This year the Spartans had 45 l boys participating. T The conference tournament was held at IVlt. Tabor this year. l-lats off to the wrestling team for a job well done! le s-f!f3 I Nl , 148W , 1. A l i . . 5 at 9 Q: af , , 1 '?f,,,i 1. " Q ,"2"'+' These JV wrestlers compete for varsity positions in weekly challenges. w.f+"t f'?t1?Yf 2 f .w..N- eq- 2 ' ? ,. :is'-fkixal. ' 4' " ' " . W i , h as 6? , . any , n 4 v bock, Tom Wilson, Bill Knott, Danny Arrington, Ken Lawson. 'fwkfmi' , lffmw W tl Buzz Zarbock gains advantage of West wrestler. IVlt. Tabor wrestler gains two points JV scrappers spend afternoons at practice. for near pin. C 1 1' ' 1 ii it V ,N , Q 22 sa l 3 'Q 1 Sw is Sak M . .xv ,,. ,. ,L x N -...J Wrestlnng149 "A remembrance of things past" 'N'-ww. ,A . .H Il HJ 'f"""" -""""' . , . A , -W-A -'v+-"'-"-vi-'vw-uruiuvuc-:veil-uw +-ffiz'f v'A wfff -55 'fi 'e "P ' rw'f"q"fm-,f- f. ,, V- 'A . M?WW A ,. ,.u?u.....,' 5 .. ,L ck ,nj Ti iw A I :Vg . Q VV L k k,,..,---.f, VVL. f" Vt -N .L k I I fy if as 1, V , K .L ,A V, Q Q - M . f J , A , ' X3 ' -'R 4 V I ,V V g "f f x - e YM. 41 x V 5-,L I V Aki' hfk, V ,.9w.- ,,,,t,7i X I KJ VMV, . , V y W Q I A 3 as El!'v:7kiE1'LgvvA4:far? I 1 ,..' , A V? I 5 f I 51 It W' k ' Z 6 4, V , , . L' ' y LJM3 .M , V., Aeihiv K , Or ' QA A 1. 1 Q A 4. 4 N xg .Y 5 l .' ', 'nfl ,, ' "" fm, 1- rx-. ,Q . 'Em QM . xg . e I? S' J fl r i,5Y-...tb P' Q E i- - ' 3,1 A A ' " viii 'Y , Y.-.IQ ,A e 4-:hi e 2- ve., f V y .3-Q ,fp-Q f' ,L - A1 W !f1f?i-wmv A' ,, l ai S YN 1 e' JY ' M- e -66, '38, f.,-9 f. ref-4 ,pf f-ex e 1 . X 1, " ar f A if e gx Q: X V A Aff. . 5 f I, 1 'gY,"j , fi S TL. x - ' e A xg 5 N f , K '. ' ,e V' 4 , ' , 'fe ,A f 'f K," f -'Pg ' l ,. 'J'X el 4 A 1 X I it if 'Em ' My e I , f ' ' I - r' hh... 2. 4-re: ' 15OL.I ,O - Q , n F gli 5 'X Kia ' 'U N , lm' CLASSES We have been taught, guided and ad- vised. The freshmen learned what it meant to go to a senior high school. The underclassmen began to explore a vast realm of knowledge and to realize how little they really comprehend. All stu- dents gained strength of character and the ability to choose the direction for success. The seniors have conquered their doubts, chosen their goals and are pre- paring for their future when they will be participants, not just spectators, in society. CI 151 Freshmen Danny Adams ' Debbie Adams Renee Adams Donna Alexander Steve Angel Cecelia Arnold K Margaret Aslanis Cathy Atkins 'W sl Rawlings Baity Scott Batchelor Joy Baynes Teresa Bazemore gl X E 4 if Jim Bean Gregg Beavers Beth Bedinger Bill Best Tina Bianucci Ann Bickford Bill Blackburn Dean Boles Dotti Booker Mary Brake Patty Breda Fran Brenegar Sherran Brewer Paula Brown Suzanne Brown Lesa Lynn Bruce Teresa Buckner Faye Bullard an wr:-7-N Stan Bullock Jane Bumgardner Danny Burrow Laura Byrd Charles Cain David Calary 4. Jim Callaway Toni Capell Denise Carter Julia Carter Mike Carter Susan Carter I ll "' Nancy Chambers 'swf Alan Cheek Ann Choquette Donna Church Cherry Claiborne Lee Cartwright wifi 5: 'T fx 4 , Qwfv' David Clark Cynthia Clayton Sandra Cleary Keith Compton Craig Cook Debbie Couch Beth Covington Greg Cox Tommy Creeson Mark Crews Fonda Crissman Linda Crotts Chris Davis Sammy Davis Tommy Dennard Michael Densmore Carolyn Dillsworth David Dolan Tom Dolin Susan Doss Valerie Dotson Susan Douthit Jeanne Dow David Drennan Dean Drummond Benjy Edwards Jeff Eldridge Happy Erickson Mark Everhart Lance Fabrizio Steve Fairchild Wayne Faulk Gary Fearrington Sandy Felk Gail Fisher Marc Flowers Larry Folwell David Fox Keith Fox Kathy Frazier Kathleen Gallagher Mark Garland Stokey Gatewood Trippy Gentry Jane George David Gilbert Mike Gilley Bob Glover Freshmen Sandy Goad Nancy Golloway Robbie Goode Charles Goodman Beverly Gordon David Gordon Donna Gordon James Gordon Kathy Gough Laura Grant Anne Gray Bobby Grayson Terry Greene Linda Greiss Bill Griffin Pam Grogan Butch Grubbs Donna Hagenah Christie Hager Robbie Hale Donna Hammaker Ann Hanley Jane Harmon Steve Harris David Hart Laurie Hayes Curt Hege Robin Hemrick Steve Henderson Kyle Hendrix Margaret Henkel Bill Hess Pamela Hill Ricky Hix Linda Hodge Kedar Hodges Mike Hoffman Martha Hoke Claudia Holder John Holland Bruce Holleman Larry Horn John Howard Steve Hunter Wayne Hurst Marlene Hutchens Tim Hutcherson Freddie Ingram to experience Vicky lngram Jayne Isaacson Kathy Jennings Diana Johnson George Johnson Bev Jones Brian Jones Frances Lynn Jones Lynn Jones Mike Jonges Brenda Joyce Walter Joyce Ken Keels Curtis Kelly John Kiger Joe Kimball Richard Kistler Debbie Kornelius Andra Knott Janet Law Susan Lawrence Barbara Leonard Linda Lewallen Keith Livengood Eric Long Randy Loper Diane Love Jay Luper Ellen Luther Judy MacFarland lan MacLachIan Gary Mahathey Jimmy Marinus Rob Marshall Vicki Martin Kathy Mayberry Sandy Mayberry Ricky McBride Larry McCachern Raymond McCarthy Robin McClaren Bain McConnel Ronnie McCormick Bill McDonald Debbie McMillan Randy McMillan Debbie Messick Donna Mickle Freshmen Carol Miller David Miller Evie Milne Robert Minish Leslie Moore Terry Moorefield Lee Anne Morgan Marilyn Morse Mike Moye Howard Mueller Jeff Murgas Steve Myers Art Nading Cle Newsome Debbie Newsome Kent Newton Cindy Norman Betsy Odom Dana Olive Linda Oliver Dale Orrell Patty Ostwalt Debbie Otwell Steve Overby Rick Owen Patti Parnell Dick Parris Preston Parrish Mike Parsley Freddie Patterson Robert Patterson Toni Pegg Carolyn Pennington Debbie Peterson Clint Petree Ben Pfaff Doug Pfaff Kathy Pfaff Debbie Pierce Lucy Pinnix David Pistole Larry Poe Debbie Poindexter Pat Poindexter Jack Poole Loretta Porter Anita Pounds Danny Pounds t0 question Qt' abs tn A sv- in 1:-'f no 'lbs 'aw Q: David Powers Ronnie Rapier Woody Ray Dan Reavis Lisa Reece Richard Reed Louise Rhen Wayne Remy Tim Renegar Donna Reynolds Tommy Reynolds Delon Richardson Beth Riddle Gary Ring Alan Roberts Janine Roberts Linda Roberts Stuart Roberts Karen Ross Marty Ross Greg Rouse Billy Rucker Angie Rudroff Donna Russell Phillip Russell Ann Rutherford Mike Samuel David Sanders Bill Satterfield John Saylor Julie Schultz Cheryl Seeber Becky Seagraves Dick Shaffner Steve Shelton John Sherrard Debbie Shermer Bill Shields Sharon Simmons Bruce Simons Ann Simpson Danny Simpson Debbie Smallwood Bill Smith Pam Smith Jane Sorensen John Sorensen Robin Sorrells Freshmen Janet Sparks Becky Speaks Frank Starnes Robbie Stewart David Stith Cliff Straughn Kay Stuart Jimmy Sturzenbecker Ruth Sullivan Tom Sullivan Mike Swing Beth Tatum Tracy Teague Ricky Terry Frankie Thomas Mack Thompson Marc Thompson Randy Tilley Debbie Timmons Tim Tise Keith Triplette Robert Varner John Vestal Neal Vestal Betsy Voss Ronnie Wagoner Dean Walker Rick Walker Beverly Wall Mark Wall Mary Lou Watson Finely Watts Steve Webster Robert Weir Walter Weir Susan Whitehart Linda Whitley Mark Whitlow Cathy Williams Karen Williams Lee Wilmoth Paul Wilson Sherry Wilson Debbie Wood Karen Wood Melissa Woolley Eugene Wooten Don Worthington . . to work iii! i i iiiiii ii ng, XXXXXX . ',,... Ni iii i i ! I! A ' """"" 1 1 . .......""" i W - ,,-asv' J! : ini' 1 J W S if Z' 5 lf' W Q W"-s David Wright Wayne Wright Jeff Yarborough Q ,,4llW" Fiesr1mar1159 Sophomores Jack Adams Debbie Anderson Marty Arfmann Silvia Aubuchon Suzanne Badgett Ginger Baldwin Bill Batchelor Scott Bauer Bruce Bedinger Phyllis Beeson Tommy Bellamy Steve Belton Bobby Bennett Sam Bickford Hank Birdsong Terry Blair Susan Bouvier Beth Brann Randy Brannock Bob Brantley Wayne Brantley Teresa Bray Jeff Briggs Wesley Brooks Larry Brown Gary Bullard Richard Bright Cynthia Butler Ginger Cagle Marc Callahan Pam Cambell Beth Carey Wayne Carpenter Phyllis Carson Craig Carter David Carter Kathy Carter Pam Cartner Tom Chipman Chris Clark Suzanne Clark Diane Clayton have-f 'Wm B, Ha' Q1-fu qpwvf 'E' f m ga... L CQ' sa .ps Q T, TIME to compete Sara Clontz Ricky Commer Janice Conner Julie Covey Sara Covell Gary Crist Jim Cranford Patty Crawford Lynn Culbertson Norris Cutrell Fred Daniel Kathy Davey Craig Deal Cindy Dobbins Charlotte Drummond Ron Dula Dan DuRant Dicky Durham Lee Eldredge Mary Elesha Frannie Elias Suzan Eller John Evans Randal Feher Dana Fesler Doug Fineburg Mike Flynt Linda Folwell Debbie Floyd Gerald Fowler Cindy Fowler Robert Fox Butch Frye John Furches Mary Gallagher Pat Gallagher John Galloway Gary Gambrell Becky Gibbons Paula Gilland Don Gizinski Jimmy Guill Sophomores Kathryn Glenn Linda Golightly Bruce Goodman Beth Goodwin Ellen Gordon Keith Gordon Melinda Gordon Ross Gordon Keith Gough Billy Graves Dana Grey Robin Greenwood John Gregory Jonny Grogan Beverly Grote Rhonda Gunter Richard Gwyn Brian Hall Connie Hall Helen Hamm Andrea Harding Chipper Harpe Ken Hauser Melinda Helsabeck Steve Hendrix Craig Hendrix Alicia Henley Ricky Hicks Charles Hilton Brad Hix Kent Hobson Dennis Hodges David Honeycutt Brant Hoots Jesse Hudson Bruce Hughes Jane Hughes David Humes Bob Hurley Ann Hutchins Joan Hutchinson Enid Isaacson A N-xg K , 4- Sn- .,...f 'YQ C- 12--r -rw? 'Ov'-Nrx ""S1." ani ,... in , 'P' r C is 19 E 5 S 4 i It N.--f "'P'Q" Qsns- i X WT'-5 hum wr- 1 X . to discuss ia- TCF ,Q-. YB 1:37 ah' is ff- xt -q--v sqm l"1-W-sf Sv- .5 xwsy x, 'gif t . .A '-Q if h i 1 iffihwvliv I t , .i K A K a ,. 3 sf gg xx' gf' X f E' L ,fl H Yi: fs. . , .11- " ' 1 9. Q- .Z , uf ' ii M, Neil lsgett Carol Isely Keith Isley Denny James Ken Jargowsky Eileen Jensen Samrnie Joehurn Laura Joffrion Patti Johnson Lynn Jones. Freddie Jones Pam Jones Vicki Jones Glenda Jordon Julia Jordon Peggy Karola Donna Keenan Tertius Keiger David King Ricky Kirby Ervin Kirkpatrick David Klinger Debbie Knight Edwin Knight Judy Lambert Eugenia Lanier Karen Lawson Carolyn Layton Martin Leith Debbie Leonard John Lesnick Barry Lewis Suzan Ligon John Link Bridget Linville Chris Livengood Randy Logan John Long Debbie Lowe Joe Lowry Bill Lucas Mark Luther Sophomores Merle Lynch Susan Lyon Jeannie Mabe Martha MacAvory Rex Mackie Dawn Mallard Robert March Kenny Marsh Bonnie Marshall Ronnie Marshall Greg Martin Blye Matthews John Matthews Anita McCarthy Lu Ellen Mclnnis Marianne McLane Marsha McNeely John Metz Kyle Millaway Margaret Millaway Joyce Miller Kenneth Miller Mike Miller Bill Miller Brad Millsaps Lynn Moir Glenn Moore Jane Moore Susan Moore Ronnie Morton Gerald Morton Ken Moser Carl Moses Rena Murrell Molly Myers Pete Murgas Cort Nicks Suzan Nelson Betsy Nisbet Bill Norris Robert Norwood Kim Oates Paul Odom Beverly Olson Beverly Osburn Mary Roper Osborne Charles O'Toole Ann Pace Debbie Page Dianne Pardue Ricky Pardue Jeanne Park ' Randy Parks Ernie Parrish Geneva Parsons , IerLY,F?9sttersQn l Ethe Peffee' Susan Petree, Pat Pfaff Ann Phillips Karen Phillips Kim Phillips Steve Pistole Suzan Poindexter Will Poindexter Patti Pugh Beth Pullen Debbie Radisch Jim Rambow Bob Rambow Lynn Rawls James Renegar Janet Rhoades David Robins David Roberson James Robertson Stephen Roberts Jamie Rodgers Ann Rogers Pete Romanowsky Al Sapp Lewis Sapp Barry Schneider Bill Schowald Sophomores Sharon Scott Johnny Shelton Pam Sheppard Steve Sherrill Diane Shirley Mark Shore Suzi Shouse David Simmons Keith Sloan Claude Smith Dee Ann Smith Harold Smith Joy Smith Kathy Smith Marky Smith Patty Smith Sylvia Smith Beverly Sooman Ray Southern Bobby Sparks Anne Spudis Margaret Squires Freida Stacy , Gwen Stanley Marsha Sucharski Karen Szymkowiak Sharon Tarrent Ron Tanner Steve Tate David Thorton Gwen Toburen Mike Toma Eddie Tucker James Tucker Steve Tucker Becky Tuttle Cheryl Tutwiler Sharon Van Hoy Diane Vance Jennie Verner Jeff Vestal Julia Vestal . . to think 121543 Johnny Waddell Barbara Wall Cecelia Wall Steve Wesolowski Vicki Whitt Lisa Williams if Q A..- it kgs 2 CB. Yarborough Cathy Zaluga C1 gi Z --1 ' y I ,,.., it Sopl1omo:ce167 Juniors Mark Allen Tom Allred Christy Amen Mike Andrews Danny Arrington Jonia Atkins Jeff Ausband Cathe Baker Vicki Baldwin Dwight Barna Gerald Barnes Mark Barnes , Denise Bass Vickie Baynca Tony Belton Kam Benfield Brad Bennett Gregg Bennett Robert Berry Sandra Blackburn Steve Blake Mel Blakely David Blaylock Scott Bowen Lynn Braun Ed Brenniger Carol Brown Tom Brown Karen Bryan Linda Bullock 168 Juniors TIME to reflect Glenda Burnette Patty Callison Tom Callaway Ann Carter David Carroll Fleming Carroll Phil Chapman Lee Christian Greg Church Wesley Church Janet Clein Chip Clodfelter Steve Cockerham Brigette Cook Jim Davis Kathy Davis Sue Dawson Janie Daughtery David DeLorenzo David Dennard Gail Dickerson Jan Dow Robin Drawdy Gray Drennan Cheryl Drozdowskl Debra Easter Susan Easterling Joe Edmonds John Edwards Jo Ann Eldridge Juniors 169 L. , Juniors Gary Elkins Mike Enloe Kathy Ferguson Terry Ferguson Doug Fessler Mark Fisher Rick Flynn Cindy Foltz Ellen Fox David Freeman Kathryn Frick Kathryn Frye Ray Fuller Jan Fulton Krissie Gallos Tom Garvey Tommy Gentle Denise Gentry Jeannette Gentry Lonnie Gentry Karen Gillespie Teresa Goade Gary Gordon Glenn Gravitt Jim Gregory Wes Grout Paula Hammond Eddie Hampton Debra Hanson David Harrison 170 Juniors to participate Linda Hawkins Denise Hayes Lou Ann Hedrick Pat Hernsimith Debbie Hess Steve Hill Steve Hodge Jill Hodges Jim Holt David Hooks Ronnie Hoots Dale Hopley Robert Hutchins Sherrie Ingram Wanda Jackson Jerry Jennings Mike Jeziorski Paul Johnson Lynn Jones Morris Jones Bill Joyce Keith Joyce Tim Kapps Candy Kegarise Chip Keiger Kathy Kellam Joel Kelly Jerry Kennedy Rex Kennedy Heather King Juniors 171 Juniors Rick Kirkland Charlie Knight David Knight Kathryn Knight Bill .Knott Anita Kyle James Lavinder Kenny Lawson Chip Leaf Ann Lees Emily Leight Randy Leonard Ronald Levy Thad Lewallen Pat Lineback Carol Livengood John Loftis Mike Long Linda Lovill Nanette Lucas Steve Martin Terry Mathews Donna May Doris Mayberry Bobby McCIaren Sherri McGee Rusty McMillan Marla McMurray Robert Means David Miller 172 Juniors to enjoy Patricia Mobley Cheryl Moody Cathy Moore Patsy Moore Sara Moore Wes Morgan Randy Myers Steve Newsome Mary Margaret Nicholson Richard Nifong Benny Norman Annette Oehman Kapp Ogburn Jane Ostwalt Bonnie O'Toole Pat Page David Park Alva Parris Bill Parsley Judy Parsons Debbie Patterson Ann Peller Pennington Ted Perkins Mike Pfaff Scott Pfaff Dianne Pike Keith Pinnix Lynn Poe Beth Poindexter Juniors 173 Juniors Phyllis Poindexter Kathy Popp Jim Pulley Brian Radek Bruce Radek Janet Reavis Steve Reavis Donna Reeves Andi Reynolds Susan Reynolds Chip Rigsbee Sally Richie Don Robbins Dean Roberts Susan Roberts Sylvia Roberts David Roddick Carol Roe Gary Roediger Duffy Russell Tim Sharpe Rex Shaver Phil Sheek Morris Sheffer Becky Sherrill Sid Shirley Viv Shoaf Eloise Sills Julie Simons Joya Simons 174 Juniors 41" Qty! qos to know Perry Simos Ted Simpson Bobby Smith Dare Smith Keith Smith Mike Smith Gloria Sneed Linda Sorenson Vicki Speas Vicki Sprinkle John Stanley Tim Stevenson Jeff Stewart Mike Stewart Durrell Stinson Christine Stith Tim Sullivan Frank Surratt David Tanner Connie Tate Allan Taylor Linda Taylor Craig Tharpe Lynne Thomason Phil Thrift Mary Ann Tilman Ryland Tisdale Kay Townshend Judy Toy Mike Turner Juniors 175 l. Juniors Peggy Turner Don Tuttle Donnie Tuttle Bill Vance Marty Van Etten Skipper Vessells Marsha Vogler Libby Waggoner Arlene Walker Mike Walker Sherry Walker Steve Walker Terry Weatherford Suzi West Pam Westrick Sheree White Mark Williams Carla Wilmoth Gay Wilson Harry Wilson Randy Wilson Tom Wilson Steve Wishon Laura Whitner Chandra Wood Deborah Wood Diane Wood Terry Woodall Jolanda Wurzer Deb Yuhas 176 Juniors . . to go forward i i W, Q. i 1- ii A 'Mawr Us-if Bow Zarbock Chris Zollicoffer 'ir' Mxwxgf, ,,.,,,, .F ,ff- -i...7wM Juno s 177 Seniors DOUGLAS THOMAS ARFMANN Senior Service Club 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3g Track l,2,3,4g Basketball lg Weight Lifting 4g French Club 3: Math Club 4: Sword and Shield 1.r l SHELLEY JEAN ARMSTRONG Sword and Shield 3. LUCY MAY ASHBURN Library Club 1,2,3,4g Senior Girls' Club 4g Latin HANS JURGEN AUBUCHON Football 1,21 C.Y.C. 3--treasurerg Latin Club 3,4g Math Club 4g Sword and Shield 4-Circulation Man- ager. 2,3,4. FRANK SPARGER AUSTELL National Honor Society 3,4g Monogram Club 2,3,4' Football Manager 1,2,3,4g Latin Club 4. A VAN LEE BAKER F Senior Service Club 3,4p Hi-Y 1,2g Monogram Club 3,45 Basketball 2g Football 35 Latin Club 2,3,4. JGHN GREATHOUSE BANE ill l lnterclub Council llg Monogram Club 2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 1,2g Track 2,1-3,45 Chorus l--vice- presiclentg Drama Club 3,4-president: Sword and Shield 4-News Editor. NEAL ALAN BARNSWELLT ROTC Drill Team 1,2g Drill Team Club 1,25 Distribu- tive Education Club 3. 178 Seniors Qvsrlluvf -sr'-or in-...,. TIME to remember Q, fo-...W jab- ll'--V STEPHEN GRAY BEAMER Hi'Y 2,3g Sword and:ShieIol4. , A l A LlNDA LEA BEAVERS Pep Club 3g Latin Club 2,3,4. NEAL ANDERSON BEDINGER ill Student Council lg Senior Service Club 3,45 Mono- gram Club 2,3,4: Basketball Manager 2,35 Bus Driver 3,4. STEPHEN WILLARD BEESON RlCHARD GORDON BELL Basketball 15 Literary Society 3,4-presidentg March- ing Band 2,3,4-Drum Captaing Concert Band 1,2,3,4. RITADELL BENNETT Student Council 1-President 3g Senior Executive Council 49 Hui Kokua Service Club 33 Cheerleader lg FHA lg Dramatics 35 Spanish Club 4. CATHY JEAN BENTON Student Council 3,4g Pep Club 2,35 Anchor Club 3,4g Girls' Athletic Associalion 1,2,3,4g Varsity Cheer- leader 2,3-Co-chief, 4-Co-chiefg French Club 1,2,3g Math Club 4. I MICHAEL WAYNE BLEDSOE Student Council 1,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Basket- ball Manager 2,3g Track Manager 2. Seniors Gymnastics Club 3g Girls' Athletic Association 1,2.3.4g Varsi? Cheerleader 3g Marikvnettes 25 French Club Jourggalism ' ELJAOHN-'HARVRY BOLI, JR4 Senior Executive Council 4g Student Council 3g Key Club 2,3-Board of Direclzcrg, 4--Treasurerg Basket- ball 1: Spwgish Cu-iggiizii Bufgggprlverggfl, gg r JANICE DEE BOWLING i PepbClub,2,3p Girlie' Athlelgic lASSQCiation5,Z,b3,4g keibail Sgblviarioneiftes 25 Gheeirleaeder 1: French Club 3: Home Economics Club 4, DAVID CALVNXI BRAQFORQ C Senior Service Club:3,4-Mice Preggirclents Wfestling Track 1,239CWeightiLiftinQf2: Bus Driver 3,4. r DEBOQAH JEAN BRANN i i ieii Student Council 3:,Pep Club 1,2: French Celeb 1,2. r jg, iiiiii ciii C gg Library Clube 35 Pep Clube icc 35 Girls' Athieltric Assoeif ation 1,2g Color Guard 45 Drama Club 3. HENRYHAYEREWER, JR.i Bu5,DriVer: -f :.r ,,,- , C , 5: i riri CLINUSEYCCFRCANKEQICN BRiEiWERZfJR. Student Ceuncil 1,2g Hi-Y 32,3,4g Baseball LZ: Track M ager 2 Bus Driver 3 4 9 z . c . to SCYVC Pisanv WAYNE BROWN Cross Country'2ig Basketball 34 Driverf2,3,4. A ROBERT MURRAY BROWN Hi-Y 2,3,4: National Honor Society 45 Literary So- ciety 2,3,4p Spanish Club 2,3,4g History Club 4. CAROL ANNE BULLARD Library Club 3,4p Home Economics Club 4. LOIS ELIZABETH BUTNER French Club 21 Ananike Staff 3--Assistant Literary Editor, 4-Literary Editor, National Honor Society 4. PHILIP G. CALABRITTO Young American Awardg Library Club 3g Reynolds Toastmaster Club 3-Speaker of the year. FRANK EUGENE CARSON Track 2: Bus Driver 3.4, ALICE CATHERINECHANIBERS Student Council 1,2,3yg Senior Ealcecutiveriflouncil 4g Anchor Club 2,3,4-Chaplaing Y-Teens Ig Pep Club 2,35 Junior Marshal 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Homecoming Court 4: Gymnastics Club 2,3p Girls' Athletic Assocation 1,2,3,4g Freshman Cheerleader 15 auger Varsity Cheerleader 25 ,Varsity Cheerleader CATHE LYNNE CHERRY Pep, Club 2,3g Girls' Athletic Association 3,45 Mario- nettes 4: Basketball 35 french Club 3. 'AM im., A itz?" 41519 aww fl' f Seniors HARVEY BENNER CHINLUND JR. I Monogram Club 3,45 m Football 3,4giyTrack 1,2,3,biEfgeb Spanish Club 3,4. A A DEBRA KAY CHURCH I Pep Club 1,2,3g Tutorial Society 4g Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3-Secretary, 4--Treasurer. I WADE HAMPTON CLAYTON Malh Club 4. LA i AY ALLISON CLINE G I I Vm V Latin Club 3,4g Math Club 45 Senior Girls' Club 44 A A QUENTIN BERNARD CLINE, JR. Senior Executive Council 4g Key Club 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4p F.C.A. 3,4g Football 1,2,3,4p Baseball lg Wrestling 2,3g Track 2,3. C CYNTHIA ELIZABETH CLONTZ I I Student Council 3gPep Club 2: Tuiixflal Society,4f:'b National Honor soeigfy 4, Marlene-mes 3,43 Drama Club 2,43 French Cfub 3,43 Lafihfliub 4: Liilefalfyl Society 3-Secretary, 4--Secretary. PAMELA GAYCECOOK II Distributive Education Club 4. I ALICE LUNETTE COOKE I 182 IR 0505" 5 9 A to plan 'tr jeu c A , lg .f U an 'ff' fer it 5 Q ,,,.. .,. ,nos.x LAURIE JEAN COVELL Library Club 1: Tutorial Society 4g Girls' Athletic Association gl,2,3,4f-Treasurer: .Speeciball 4-Captaim Basketball 3,4g Volleyball 3,-4g Softball 4g Tennis 41 French Club 2,3. lVlARKNlCH.OLA5 COVEY it y lnterclub Council 45 Student 'Council 1,4g Library Club 3g Key Club 3,4g Hi-Y 2g Tutorial Society 4g French National Honor Society 25 National Honor 'Society 4, Prenclwciub-1,2,3,1if Mafia Clubi'4--Presl- dentg Literary Society 49 School Orchestra 1-Li- brarian, 2-Librarian, 3. ' JAMES THOMAS COVINGTON, JR. 'Q Monogram Club 2,3,4g F.C.A. 3,4g Basketball Man- 1: ' xii 2, ager 2,3,4: Sword and Shield 45 Bus Driver 4. DANNY LEE CREWS Gymnastics 1,3. SHARON LElGH CRlST h Library Club 2,3,4g Girls' Athletic Association 1: Color Guard 4. DAVID TAYLOR DANIEL Junior Class Council 3g Tutorial Society 4g National Honor Society 4gyN.S.F.-S.S.T.P. Ohio State Uni- versity Math Seminar 34 Track 1,2g Band lg Math Club 4-Vice-Presidentg French Club 4-Treasurer: History Club 4-Vice-President: Ananke Staff 4- Proofreaderg Sword and Shield lg Who's Who 4. JACKlE CAROLYN DAVIS interclub Council 4g YfTeens 3,4-President: Library Club 3.4-Presidentg Pep Club 35 Homecoming Spon- sor 4g Softball 2,33 Basketball 35 L.atinClub 2,3,4. DEBORAH SUZANNE DELOACH lnterciub Councit 2,3: Student Council 1,2,3-Trea- surer,'4g Senior Ciass Vice-president 4: Senior Execu- tive Council 4g Anchor Club 3,4g Pep Club 2,35 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4g Cheerleader 1--Co-chiefg Junior. Varsity Cheerleader 2.430-Chiefg Nlafionettes 3,4--Sergeant of armsg Girls' Athletic Association 1-Secretary, 2-Secretary, 3,4g Drama Club 2: Sword :and Shield r1,2-Assistant editor, 3-Assistant editor, 4-Social editor. Seniors Seniors GQ ,X X : 113' , il 1, if C A , LV XV C , ,. .A, J MARY MCA Reiiiiaar DDLACIQ Pep Club 3g Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4g His- tory, Club 45 Home Economics Clubfl-Treasurerp i,o D iii 'fuss-fFiEaa11zv KARL O RN iii iioi Areonautics' Club 2-Presidentg Journalism Club 1: Panther Paws 1-Sports editorg Bus driver 2,3,4. DEBORAH IRENE DRUMMOND Library Club 2,33 Sfzholastiixzs Art Awardi Eoinalist 3g Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3p Art Club 344. MARGO SUE DUFF lnterclub Council 3g Y-Teens 1,2--Vice-president, 3-President: LatinfClub -3gfDistribultive Education Club 4--Associate president. ROBERT HARE DURANT Hi-Y 2,3,4g Football 1: Wrestling 3,4g Baseball 1gBlsS Driver 2,3,4r:r i lii K HAROLD DENNlS EDWARDS D i or C iloo EDWARDS 5 i1i 1i C Library Club 1,25344-ViceqiiesidentigfilC45 Senior Girlfls Club 4-Sergeant of Armsg Senior Marshal 3: Home- coming Court 4-g Sophomore representative of AVFQDKG Cam 2:ii,5f-WOF,,F2,PVe59Y'li1i1iV9 fzfriirifknanilaa court 4, iefirzs' Athletic Association 1,2532 Marinas nettes 2,3,-4: Art Club 3,45 Latin Club 2,3g4g Jour- nalism Club 4g Sword and Shield 4. a iai MARSHALLCCCHARLES ieii lifreyhman football Ig iLatin"Club 3:iSword'an8 Shield . to try HENRY HOWARD ELY Basketball lp Latin Club 3,45 Sword and Shield 1. VlCTORiA LEE FARTHING Senior Executive Council 4g Senior Class Treasurer 4g Student Council 31 Anchor Club 3,4g Spanish Club 2,3--Vice-presiclentg Nlarionettes 2,3g National Honor Society 3,4-Secretary-Treasurer: Girls' Athletic Association 1,25 Sword and Shield 1. DEBORAH RUTH FLEIVIING Pep Club 2,3g Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3g Cheer- leader lg Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2g Varsity Cheer- leader 33 French Club 35 Art Club 3-Secretaryg Jour- nalism 2g Student Council 1,2, MARY SALLIE FLYNT Student Council 3,45 lnterclub Council 3,4g Pep Club 2,3p Nlarionettes 24 Spanish Club 3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3-President, 4-Presidentg Volleyball 3-Captaing Basketball 3. WlLLlANl VARN FOWLER Junior Class Council 35 Senior Service Club 4-Chap- laing National Honor Society 4g Monogram Club 2,3,4-Secretaryg F.C.A. 3-Secretary: Track 2,35 Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3,4p Concert Band 1. ANNE MARIE FRlNZl Student Council 2g Vice-president of Homeroom 3g Pep Club 1,2,3g Library Club 4g Nlarionettes 3g Girls' Athletic Association 2,35 C.S.lVl.C. 4. SUSAN REBECCA FULCHER Senior Girls' Club 3,4-Vice-presidentg Art Club: Sword and Shield 1,4, BYRON LEE FULP Baseball Manager 25 Distributive Education Club 1,2. 'W' .vqqg we 'Y 2? Seniors MANUEL JORDAN GALLOS Hi-Y 2,3,4g Cross Country 2g Basketball 1,2. MARILYN JGYCE GARDNER , National HOUQI Socie'cy.g3,4g Latlngillub 3,4i5LLli?a1!lafh Club 4-Secreitaryg Marching Band 2,3,4s L ff A ' FRED KESLER GARVEY in F.C.A. 3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 3,4H-cap- farm Latin Club 2,3g Literary Society 4. MARY ANN GEGENHEiMER Library Club lp Senior Girls' Club 4g Home Eco- azozmgici Club 45 Marching Band 1,2,3: Concert Band MICHAEL STEVEN GENTLE Senior Service Club 2,3:Football 1QBand 1,25 Wrest- ling 3,4g Weight Lifting 3,4. A l THOMAS STEPHEN GlZlNSKl Hi-Y 2-Treasurer, 3-Secretary, 43 Monogram Club 3,43 Proni Page 1: Basketball 1,3,4g Cross Country 3,45 Baseball 1,3,4. ,l DONNA LOUISE GLOVER National Honor Society 4g Drama Club 1,2,3,4-Trea- surerg Wireless Association 15 Latin Club 3,45 Music Club 1,2g Orchestra lg Junior Orchestra 2: Girls' Ath- fiic Association 1,25 Film Club Zgfiword and Shield ' JANET LYNN GoLlc-si-:TLV A 186 Seniors to share own 1.-A-u "'M'f1i' il!""vw C f LAUFUE ELAINE GOODE Student Council 3,43 Marionettes 2,3,4g Latin Club 1,2,3,4g Math Club 4. JAN MASON GORLOW Tutoral Society 45 Girls' Athletic Assocation 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 3,4g Speedball 43 Basketball 44 Softball 4g 4' Tennis 45 National Honor Society 4. MICHAEL GRAY GOUGH Distributive Education Club 3,4. GARY LEECH GROGAN Senior Service Club 2,3,4-Secretary-Treasurerg Foot- ball 4g Wrestling 2,3,4g Track 2,3. JANE LEWIS GROGAN Junior Class Council 35 Pep Club 2.3: Girls' Athletic Association 1,2g Journalism 2,3g Sword and Shield 2-Associate editor 3. JOSEPH ANDRES GUTIERREZ Hi-Y 3,4-+Vice-presldentg Basketball 19 Baseball lg Bus Driver 3,4. CAROLA HAENES Spanish Club 25 Drama Club 3, 4-Vice-president: Home Economics Club 4. LAWRENCE NEWTON HAINES Distributive Education Club 3-Historian, 4. Seniors 187 Seniors ,js 'WJ' DEBORAH ANN HARIVION Sophomore Class Vice-President Zi Junior Class Vice- Presicglent 33 Seniomlizcecutive Cousrncil 44 Anchor: Club 3,43 Pep Club 2,34 Junior Marshal Chief 3QfHome- coming Queen 4g Key Club Sweetheart Court 33 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 1-chiefg Varsity Cheerleader 2,3,4-chief: Gymnastics Club 2,3. A JOHNGRAYSON HARRIS HivYif12a Senior Service Club 3,41p'Basketball .l ' Base- ball 1,2g-Bus DriVerf2,3,4. ' JOHN SHERMAN HARROLD ill Bus Driver 47 Distributive Education 4. TONY GRAY HARTMAN Football 1,2g Wrestling 25 Track 2g Bus Driver 3,4. HANS JACOB HAVEN Chess Club 34 Math Club 4. GAYLE KATHRYN HEATHERSHAW Pep Club 3: Homeiconomics Club 4g Concertflhoir 1,2,3glChorus 1,2,3. L 1 MARTHA JANE HELMS Library Club 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 3: National Honor Society 4: Literary Society 3,49 Spanish Club 2,3g Homeyliconomics Club 4. llros. ROBERT LEE HElL.TON JR. EeRigr4Service Club 3,45 Monogram Club 3,4g Foot- a , . . . to organize 'REBFfCCA Louise HERNSNHTH V-Teens 15 Library Club 3,4--Vice-Presidentg Home Economics Club 4. y V, , KINIBERLEY ANN HERTWECK S Student Council 1,2,3,4g Senior Class Council 4, Anchor Club 3,45 Pep Club 33 National Honor Society 45 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2535 Spanish Club 4. Wi LLIAM RUSSELL HIGHSNHTH Footbail 1,23 Wrestling 13 Literary Society 49 Spanish Club 3,4g Chess Club 3,4g Math Club 4. DEBORAH LORRAlNE HILL Spanish Club 3,43 Chorus 1. MARILYN lDA HINSON Homeroom officer lg Senior Girls' Club 4, Majorette 4g Library Club 3,44 French Club 25 Sword and Shield 3,-4. CONSSTANCE LEIGH HOGUE Library Club 3,4g Home Economics Club 4, Chorus 1. ,THOMAS WlLSON HOLLAND 'frank Team 14: Drama Club 4, Announcer for Band 45 Sword and Shield 1,2,3,4-Feature Editor, School Announcer 4. 4 GREGGRY LAWRENCE HORTON Monogram Club 2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3g Latin Club 4g Sword and Shield 1. 115 'Q' 'NN iq' "k"'4"'N 'f N, l5"4" Seniors Infefclub Ctiuncil 4ig ifHi-Y 234534-Presiidentz Aiii Club 33 I, "Q. LL,'., 1 L,1,L,:,.,, Vf,, m,2, ,mm 3,L 5-. 'm,' 4-Pifesidenig! Latin Grub ,3i iBasketbgIi 2,3gAg5gi1l Foot+l H - fw::s2giiseg1u,, f u-f,gsw1fg:m,e,-f Q-:,v1fs:fg4:sg:Qg'gf-. f 'V ' ,K , f-kf- 5--,Mimi-,..Q ,. ,.-pifel.-, , , --'mm .-,,. , , f-f. ff .LA- mf, ,. fy-f,. D.v, W , M-ww 'VLV V 1 ' ' V kr'L4 ' f.k,. k-:,, I Q' x I , ' - , 'QW' ANN23iif!UTGiHISOf4ai1 l 1 -... , A V VViA,. I J fii. , ,VV Monogram STUD FOOUQQH 3: ?1 "-- Q:,L.,,kWm3wm, ., ,, . W , k , Club 133'-Boargci of Dffittors C5659 , L i iiiifi ' '1,- 3 ,Q St mt cz 3 Pe Ciub 3 Qi 3 Athietic As gZmf,-": KL,1' l,z :A1 f-fr .kyg --FQ? 'f f'.T-ff' ' , ' 4:111- - -ffy ,my-i L,.-, zen Wh-.., to succeed if 'ar' M155 Q1-5 'Ng- , NANCY KAREN JOHNSON Senior Girls' Club 4 S S 1 ,,, .J 5 word and Shield 49 Distributive Educatisoni-1isClub 3,4. 4 ' J J TERESA GAYE JONES Student Council 1 4g Junior Class Treasurer 3g Junior Class Council 35 l3epVClub 2-Secretary 3g Anchor Club 3,4g Marionettes 2,3,4-co-chief' Girls' Volley- gall. Teamh ,3: Miss Ananke 14g Homecoming Court 45 unior Marshal 3 Girls Athletic Association l,2,3,4. FREDERICK MATTOCKS JORDAN Hi-Y lg Senior Service Club 3,4-Sergeant-at-Armsg Football 1,2,4g Track 1. JESSE WlLLlAM KEGARlSE M vlrr Ha-v 2,3. 'UK Ei. BARBARA JANE KETNER , Tutorial Society 4g National Honor Society 4g Girls' Athletic Associaton 2,3,4g Volleyball 3,45 Softball 43 Varsity Basketball Manager 3,45 Speeclball Manager 4 Math Club 4g French Club 2,3. MARILYN ELAINE KEY Y-Teens 1,,2g Sophoteers 25 Spanish Club 25 Dis- 'tributive Club5 4-Sweetheart. 4 C ,JAMES WACO KNGTT SHE-Y 2,3,45i.rConcert Bane 2,3,4p Marching Bandg2g3: Teen Page Correspondent 44. ' ' ROGER DERlCK KOHRS Citizen's Advisory Committee 4g Senior Executive Council 4: Senior Service Club 3,45 Monogram Club V, 2,3,4g. National Honor Society 4g Fellowship of Christian Athletes 34 Football 2,3 4-Co Captain 2: Weightliftilng 2,3345 Lauri 'Club 4. A J Seniors 191 Seniors i!7'rf7yn. 'ilis-ffvf' GN.-v MMS CAROLYN SMITH LANIER Library Club 1,3,4g Y-Teens 4: 'Girls' Athletic As- 1g2g"Spanish Club hbl lg Latin Club 4geChorus 1. LINDA ANN LANIER L Marionettes 29 Spanish Club-2,35 Art Club 3,4-Vice President: Home Economics Club 4. STEVEN FRANK LEWIS Literary Society 2,3. DELIA ANNE LIGON Student Council 4: lnterclub Council 4g Library Club 2,3g Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4-'Vice-Presb dentg Gymnastics Club 3: Basketball Manager 3: Latin Club 3,41 Art Club 3-Vice-President, 4-President. STEVEN ROBERT LINEBACK Fellowship of Christian Athletes 45 Junior Varsity Basketball 2g Cross Country 35 Basketball lg Spanish Club 2,3,4. GARY ANTHONY LLOYD Student Council 25 Senior Service Club 1--Vice-Presb clentg Cross'Country 2g Football 15 Bulldog Staff lp Distributive Education Club 4. rmvio GARLAND LOGAN Wrestling 2: Distributive Education Club 3,45 Bus lVlARGlE BETH LONG Library Club 1. Driver 2. . to lose PAMELA ,lc ,SUE LOWRY Student 'Councif'1,2,3,4i5 Pep Grub 2,35 Maricxinettes 2,3,4g Softball 3-Captaing Girls' Athletic Association 2, Sjcouncil, 4-Secretaryg Journalism Club 1,2,3g '7' JOHNS FINLEY LUCAS JAR 'IV' Junior Class Council 3: lnterclub Council 43 Senior Service Club 2,3,4--President, Monogram Club 3,4g Fellowship of GihlristiansQ,sAthIetes 3,4:r,EFootbaflgl-1,44 Wrestling 1,2,3,4': Trackl2,3,4g Weight Lifting 3,4. TERI VICTORIA LYON Library Club 2,3,4: National Honor Society 4gGirls' Athletic Association 3,45 French Club l,2,3,4-Vice- President: Drama Club 2,3,4-Secretary, Sword and Shield 3, 4-Art Editor. LACHIE MSACLACHLAN Drama Club 3,4g History Club 4g Sword and Shield 1,2,3,4-Managing Editor. BARBARA LYNN MARCH Senior Girls' Club 4g Marionettes 2,3,4q Gymnastics Club 35 Girls' Athletic Association 1,25 Sword and SUSAN GAIL MARSH Library club 1,2,3,4. Shield 1. VlCKl DUNSTAN MARTIN Softball 2,35 Basketball 2,3g Girls' Speedball 2,3g Spanish Club 3. . NANCY JO MARVIN Pep Club 3, Art Club 3,4g Drama Club 4. Seniors JAYNE5 BROUGHTONIMAZYCK Basketball 35flVIath CIub22j4- JULIE ANNE McCOLLUM Student Council 35 lnterclub Council 25 Pep Club 25 Y-Teens 15 NationaI.Honor Society 3,45 Spanish Club 2-flfigesident, Garls15Athletic55flssociatl5g n 1 JIMMY McCRANEY Distributive Education Club 3,4. I .IO ANNE McDONALD 5 Senior Girls' Club 45 Gymnastics Club 35 Girls' Athf letic Association 3,4. SARAH ELLEN MCGLAMERY ll Senior Girls' Club 45 Marionettes 2,3,45 Girls' Athletic Association 2,3. THOMAS CLYDE McNEIL Band 15 Chorus 2,35 Bus Driver 354. , MILDRED MARIE MERCHANT Interclub Council 4-Rfecording:fiSecretary5r Pep Club 35 Girls' Athletic Association' 1,2,35 Latin Club 4-President. RONALD STEPHEN MESSICK Senior Executive Council 45 Key Club 3,455lVlonograrnc Club 2,3,45 'Football 'manager "2,3,45 Slzianish Club 2,3+Treasurer5 Drama Club 2,35 Journalism Club 2,35 All City-County Youth Orchestra 2,35 Governor's School 3. 194 Seniors ,eww 12 'F"""""'f 'X-... ii 1' ,mg an 4 vq---r 'GARY ROBERT MILLER lQ5lIIif4Qp.I5 ilie cEcu.iA EVANS MILLER SEI?iQr55ifExecu,tive Council'45 Pep Club 35 Marionettes g3E432TLlun'iorfMarshaI 35 Latin Club 3-Secretary, 4. lHiiQY,5fi2+9Cl1aplain 35 Library Club 1,25 Latin Club .2I,3f5i4i2 History Club 45 Math Club 45 Literary Society inancsial advisor, 4-Vice-President. WILLIAM AARON MONTGOMERY lnterclub Council 3,45 Tutorial Society 45 National Honor Society 3,4-President5 Literary Society 2-President, 3-President, 45 History Club 45 Spanish Club 2,3,4-President5 Sword and Shield 1,4-Book reviewer5 Ananke Staff 4-Proofreader5 Who's Who 4. JERRY VESTAL MOORE Senior Service Club 2,35 Distributive Education Club 45 Bus Driver 3,4. ROY NEAL MOORE, JR. Hi-Y 2,3-Vice-President, 4-Sergeant-at-Arms5 Mono- gram Club 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Weight Lifting 25 Marching Band 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4. MICHAEL GORDON MORAN Student Council 4-Vice-Presidentg Honor Council 45 lnterclub Council 4-President5 Senior Service Club 3,45 Track 15 Weight Lifting 2,3545 Junior Varsity Wrestling 35 Latin Club 45 Spanish Club 2. MARY BETH MORGAN Pep Club 35 Library Club 2,3-Secretary, 45 Basket- ball 2,35 Latin Club 2,3,4. FLETCHER WRIGHT MORGAN lnterclub Council 45 Hi-Y 1,25 Key Club 45 Monogram Club 2,354-Presiclent5 Cadet of the Month 35 Back of the Year 35 National Honor Society 45 Football 15 Weight Lifting 45 Track 1,3,45 Junior Varsity Baseball 25 Varsity Football 2,3-Captain, 45 Basketball 1. Seniors 195 Seniors ,,,..., , .,,.,,..,,.,,,...,,.. ,,...,,,..,,..,,..,. . , ..,.,... ..,,A ,.,,1,A..,,.,,.A,W,:,,.,:,.:.,, .W,,,: 1,,.,.. , ,,.., A AAAA li,g l, ,A, ii A :gy :I-f,.:-,,-,,-Im,.Ui1L:f1w.15,-ww --ffA--fv-- ff'-wb As-WA-M1..,1wwWf1.::-W,fum:--w-Agf-fm --ff iw.--wzfff A-wf,f.f' -ff- "f112ff1'f'-"'1f1f -lf' fini .,,,..,,..,. ..,, ,..,,.,.,,,.. ,,,,. ,,..,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,.. ,,,.., , A A A A A, A A A. ,,AA:,,A, ,.,,,A:,, --wsfzaslzz111,1'saxze-:zeazzffmwifeszzswzzseH211'f,lflvw-ff'fw1121k121wwfffeaeffaswzfffseiizswesafezsexfseszzzzszzvfssfsfgssffwmsszez.Kswf,alexa.sfzzz, ,lf He::f,,:--W:-',,N.A we .f s:.1s,s1fws :Q H ,.-f M .-,.. 1,,1.11..1m1--1:1WwAQM3g5smgggggggggggggsgagggggggsggggggaffas- Q1 flu- fr: 1:-f,,:-H fm.113,I.A,,,imfm111,11:-Mm-:1ff,,1mrw- ,, ., . , ...,,,..,,,.,,, ..., A ,,,. A A AAWA,,., ,..A A ,,.. ,,,Ai,,f:: ,,A A..,AA?A AA,,E:A .,.,T 4 ,... ,AEVA . to study ss lossusu 1 s rea Atihnke Staff 3"TYlf1ESt, Typist C lllo ,QWILLIAM LEELCPAYNE so f ,. -sf,:.1Z-5,.1Mf,,1,1f K -, , - - . - ' 1--'ggeliig-if lllll i l Library Club 2,3gSel1ior Girls' Club 4g Color Guard 4g Girls' Athleiifi ASSOCQHOD 12,33 French Club 2: Art 3'4- - I .zli '.',- .f" if ' C ROSEMARY FEELERC 7 Student Council 2,3-.42 Marionettes 2,3-Historian, 4: Senior Marshal 3g Girls' Athletic Association 2,3-Coungll: Spanish Club 2,3,4-Vice-President. SDHN RADPETREEC so gags-iagramogsiub 3,4s:1f1Baseballl1gg2,3,4g Marching and KATHRYN RUTH PETREE Junior uEX2QClJtlve Council 3: Senior Girls' Club 4g Na- tilqgal ulul 5 Mariomxtes Zlgmagth Club- 4g C Cl RATH RQIN LE:-iC3PFAFF C C Art Club 3.4, 2: Band 2:oConcert Band 2,3,4g C so 198 Seniors E PH l-lomeroom Secretary' 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2g3g Band 1,24 I MARTHA JO PHILLIPS Y-Teens lg Pep Club 1,2g Library Club 1,2,3gSoftball 1,29 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3g Drama Club 1,22 Distrrbutive Education Club 4, BEVERLY LYNNE POWERS Student Council 25 Pep Club 49 French Club 2-Sec- retary: German Club 3-Treasurer. LOUISE ALENA PRITCHARD Pep Club 2,3,4g Library Club 1,2-Treasurer, 3-Seo retaryg Girls' Athletic Association I,2g Drama Club 3. THOMAS GRANVILLE PULLEN IV Monooram Club 2g Football 2: Baseball lg Marching WILLIAMMILLER RAYMER Monogram Club 2,3445 Football I-:Weight Lifting 1g Baseball 2g Wrestling 1. Band . L CAROLE ANNE REAVIS Student Council 15 Pep Club 3g Cheerleader 15 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4p French Club 3: Sword and Shield Staff 1. by j RO BERT LYNN Student Council 2 'Hi Y 2 3 Treasurer Monoiiram it Q - , - S : I9 Club 3,-4: Basketball 1,3-CaptaingCross Country 2,3. Seniors ,,,,.. I. 'Uk to concentrate JSE iw 'tjrx ,gaw NMC 'Q"'u'fY iw 40' 60" 'IU MARGARET MARY REYNOLDS Library Club 1- Pep Club 2- Girls' Athletic Associa tion 1,2,3,4gArt Club 4. ' ' JULIE LYN RICHARDSON Anchor Club 3-Board of Directors, 4-Board of Di rectorsg Marionettes 2,3,4g Spanish Club 2,3. SUSAN BETH RODGERS Y-Teens 1,2,3-Treasurer, 4g Library Club 3,4. GLORIA JEAN ROGERS Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,4g Basketball Team 2-Co-Captain, 3-Manager, Cheerleader 2, Future l-lomemakers of America 1,2. LYNN ELLEN ROSE Girls' Athletic Association 1,2g Marching Band 2,3g Concert Band 1,2,3g Distributive Education Club 4-Secretary: Sword and Shield Staff 4, RICHARD LAWRENCE ROWLAND .Key Club 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g Wrestling 2,3g Track 25 Tennis 3,4. C JANICE FAY SAMS Student Council 4-Secretaryg Sophomore Class Trea- surer 2g lnterclub Council 2,3,4-Corresponding Sec- retaryg Anchor Club 2,3-Board of Directors, 4-Presi- dentg National Honor Society 3,45 Junior Superlative 35 Maridhettes 2,35 Girls' Athletic Association 1,2p French Club 2-Secretary 3,45 Sword and Shield 2-Editor, Most Valuable Staffer. . KATH RYNANN SCHULTZ Y Marionettes 3,43 French Club 1: Art Club 3,4. Seniors 199 Seniors 4' 2 'e ff V, 'Vaal' i--v ik 4 .,,, 'ww W X . 7' C eoeev LEE scoff S lnterclub. Council 4g Distributive Education Club 3,4-ffresudent. L .h h AN Pepf'Club 1,2,3'g Anchor"Ciub 3,44Treasurergiieiiirls' Athletic Association 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 23 Mar- ionettes 3. A S SSSSS CAROL Student Council 3,4g Junior Class Council 3g Home- coming Sponsor 3g Nlarionettes 2,3-Secretary 4g French Club 2,3, S . it eer -MA RT MA RLETTA sm1:LToNe1fge A Senior Executive Council 4: Pep Club 2-Vice-Presb dentg Nlarionettes 45 Girls' Athletic Association lg Spanish Club 3,4. REBECCA ELIZABETH SHELTON lnterclub Council 3--Secretaryg Honor Council 4-Clerk: Y-Teens 15 Library Club 1-Secretary, 2: Anchor Club 4f'Historiang French Club 2-Historian, 3-Elresldentg and Shield 2-Arte Editor, Editor. 'V " 1' WENDELL FRED SHOEMAKER Senior Service Club 2,3,4g Marching Band 2,3,4gCon- cert Band 3. J Library Club 3g Distributive Education Club 4. SHERRY LYNN SHUMATE A Stuszlenf Council 1.2.35 liti ,Peo Clube iilr 2,3"SeCFQ?3fY, 4-vliilfesidentg Jurzi fag-iRepreseQ3g3iitive Anahke 3: Key i'lS Club Sweetheart 3:1iCheerleadef1'l1,2: Girls' Athletic Association 1,2,3. . . to laugh ROBERT WAYNE SIMMONS Distributive Education Club 3,4. 3 M LAURA LEE SLATE-fl M Library Club lg Anchor Club 3-'Board of Directorsgl 4g Cheerleader 2g Latin Club 1,2,3,4. y HARVEY LANDON SMITH, JR. Key Club 3,4g Monogram Club 3,44 Football 3,4-3:1 Wrestling 3,45 Basketball 1: Latin Club 2,3,4. SHARON ANN SMITHERMAN Student Council 1,3,4--Treasurerg Pep Club 2,3a Senior Marshal 3g Marionettes 3,4g Home Economics Club 4-Secretary. JOHN EDWARD SNELL National Honor Society 45 Baseball lg Football 4g Spanish Club 2,3,-4-Vice-President, M 2 .iui.iA MARlE SORENSEN Junior Class Secretary 3: Pep Club 35 Girls' Softball 35 Future Homemakers of America 1: Ekatak 3-Ari Editorg Ananke Staff 4. KENNETH ROBERT SORRELLS is NORMAN LLOYD SPEAS Senior Service Club 3,4g Track 1,2g Bus Driver 2,357 ,Q-...s K7 '3' ff! 'Uh 7' Qgyw-fr 1 Q1-Q Seniors DEBORAH ANNSTSQUIRES lnterclub Council 49 Girl's Athletic Association 2g Art Club 3,4: Literary Society 33 Home Economics Club 4-Presidentg Ananke,Staff 36-Assistant Art Editor, 4-Art Editor: V f ' AN NETTE CARR STALLINGS Senior Girls' Club 4. CATHY SUZANNE STEWART lnterclub Council 2g Student Council 3g Senior Girls' Club 43 Tutorial Society 4g Library Club 1: Girls' Athletic Association 1,2-Council: French, Club 2-Presidentg Sword and Shield 2-Feature Editorg Ananke Staff 4-Proofreader. TERRY LEE STONE JOSEPH WILSON STYERS Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Marching 'Band 2,3g Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Distributive Education Club 4-Treasurer. JOANNE MARGARET SULEK National Honor Society 3,45 Gymnastics Club 3: Lit- erary 5nciety'3,4g French Club 3,4-President. y To DEBORAH LYNN TATE l1l 4 Senior Executive Council 4g Anchor Club 4-Parlia- mentariang Pep Club 2,3g Marionettes 3-Most Talented Member, 4-Choreographerg Girls' Athletic Association 1g12,3,4g Cheerleader 2: Spanish Club54. GARY ADAMS THORNTON Senior Service Club 2,3,4g Monogram Club 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2g Baseball 2,3,4g Cross Country 2g Sword and Shield 4. T - 202 Seniors w.,,,, . to cry 9:2 B.. JOHN CHARLES THORNTON Senior Service Club 2,3g Wrestling 1,25 Football 1,2,4g Bus Driver 45 Distributive Education Club 3. T STEPHEN ALBERT THORNTON Hi-Y"2-President, 3-President, 43 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Football 1: Basketball 1,2--Captain, 3,4- pcaptain: Baseball 1,2,3,4g Cross Country, 2,3: March- ing Band 2,3g Concert 'Band 1,2,3-'JPresiclent, 41 MARTHA JEAN TlLMAN Marionettes 2,3,4g Gymnastics Club 35 French Club 1. DEBORAH FAYE TULMAN Student Council 25 Pep Club 2g Anchor Club 4g Marionettes 3-Treasurer, 49 French Club 2,3g Drama Club 23 Sword and Shield Staff 3. THOMAS J. TURNER, JR. Junior Class Council 3g Monogram Club 2,3,4q Foot- ball 2g Track 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 3. RONALD GRAY TUTTLE gigketball lg Latin Club 45 Math Club 49 Bus Driver MARION CHRISTINE UHL Student Council 1-'Secretary, 2,3q Serviteers 35 Spanish Club 2: Drum Major 2,4. PATRICIA VAlL Library Club 35 Senior Girls' Club 4-Secretaryg Li- brary Assistant lg Girls' Athletic Association lg Girls' Speedball 1: Girls' Basketball 1: Girls' Softball lg French Club 25 Math Club 4g Marching Band 2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3g Pep Band 2,3g Sword and Shield Seniors 203 Seniors Q-v 75' s CAROLYN ELICZABETTH VERNETR Senior Ebzecutive'iCouriciI 4g Sophornore Class sec- 'retary 2g Junior Class Secretary 3: Senior Class Sec- retary 45 Pep Club 2: Senior Marshal 35 Girls',Athletic Association 1s42,3g Marionettes 3'-Secretary, 4-Secretary: Cheerleader 1. KATH ERI NE TROY VESSELLS Student QQUf1Cif, 4,1.2: Junior Class Councit lnteigf club Council 4g Pop Cluti'2,3g Junior Class Superlative 39 National Honor Society 44 Tutorial Society 4g Girls' Athletic Association 1,25 IVlarionettes2-See retary. SS-SenQfeantfat1Arms:4 Deldiiicatediffit 4-Chief: French Clubs 2-Vice President, 3-Sec- retary, 4: Sword and Shield 2-News Editor. BARBARA FAYE VESTAL Distributiverfiducatsion Club 3,4. A DEBORAH LYNN WALL MARTIN EDWIN WALL, JR. Q Latin Club 4. STEPHEN LEE WALLENHAUPT Student Council 1,3: ,Senior Class, Presilifent 45 Ananke Staff 2-Photographer, 3-Assistant Editorg 4-Editorg Junior Superlative 33 National Honor Society 3,4-Vice President: Interclub Council 3,43 Sword and Shield 2: National.Science Foundation, SSTP, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 3g Student Court Judge, 3: Who's Who 4. CAROL ANN WEATHER!-Y f'Pep Club 3: Color Guard 2,32,4. i RICK COLEN WEAVIL Spanish Club 1.2,3,4gSworefI and Shield . . to change A QDEBERAIIQIIAELIZABEEH-i WEBB I Library, Club 1,2,3-President, 4, Senior Girls' Club 4g riifibrarwgiifAssisliant 112,35 Gfirls' AEthletic5aAssoCEi2tion-dw 1,25 French Club 1,2: Sword and Shield 4. E PAULA MARlE WESOLOWSKI 2Studengfgf1,l.Cou5i:ieil 3,,5,g1fi1Anchor Club 3,49-uf Homecoming'Cou'rff 45 Junior Honor Society 214 Senior-,Marshal S: .junior Class Superlative 3, Girls' et,gg,,Assogg,iation,,3,45 Ggimnastgics C lu,p,2,3: heer- 1ii33dEl"'T3,4: Vfbliieybill 35 rls, ibftba'lti'29 Basketball 1,2g Field Hockey 2-Captain: Miss Teenage Winston- f-" ',,' il K , A GREGORY JAY WESSLING S Interclub Council 2,3,4g Student Council 3,4-Presi- dentg North .Carolina Student Councii Congress- Central sii' District Treasurer 43 Sophomore ClasssPresi- dent 2: Junior Class President 3, Key Club 2,3,4g Monogram Club 2,3,4g Varsity Football Manager 1,2,3,4g-Varsity Wrestling 2: Weight Lifting 2, Drama Club 2,33 Latin Club 4, Bus Driver 3,4. SANDRA ELIZABETH WEST Pep Club 2,39 Marionettes 4: Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1,2,3,4g Spanish Club 4g Sword and Shield 1. CHARLES EMMETT WHITE, JR. Hi-Y 2,3g Monogram Club 3,44 Cross Country 2,35 Baseball 1, Basketball 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL WORTH WHITLOW JAMES ARNOLD WILLIAMS Senior ,Service Club 2,3,4g Monogram, Club ,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3ig Baseball 2g Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Sword and Shield 4g Bus Driver 3,4. , , KATHRYN ANNE WILSON . Pep Club 1,2,3: Marionettes 4, Spanish Club 4. ..-M 'cfs' du.b,,M,,, Mi 'Q5 Q--W 4 U1 R-'xt Seniors MARY CLACRE vvooi.LEv Student Council l,2,3g lnterclub Council 49 Home- room 2'-Vice President, 3-President: Y-Teens lg Senior Girls' Club 4-President: Girls' Athletic Association 1: Girls' Basketball 1,2g French Club 1: Art Club 2,3g Folk Music Club 3g Sword and Shield 4-C o-editor. C - t - F HGWARD RAY WOOTEN, JR. Student Council 2g Marching Band 2,3,4g Pep Band 2,3,4: Baseball lj Chess Club 3,4--Presidentq Bus l Driver 2,3,4, A A BARBARA JEAN WRIGHT Pep Club 35 Nlarionettes 3,-4g French Club 2,3. RICHARD BRUCE ZARBOCK Honor Council 4-Chairman: Key Club 3,4-Seo retaryp Monogram Club 2,3,4g National Honor Society 3,4g Fellowship of Christian Athletes 3,45 Wrestling 2,3,4g Latin Club 2,3,4. Mita 'Vs 'i "Qu-f 'uf C K ..,.. ...W 206 Seniors L. Es- we TIME to leave the past and build the future l"'W 4: 9 + . .. ki. It ? i 4-are, f ,, , i . .f ,,R. .1 X Q K 5-if K W f N..-Q-uuqm u S 207 Leaders, scholars, athletes The 1970 Senior Class of lVlt. Tabor l-ligh School has chosen to honor twenty-four Seniors as Who's Who in the Senior Class. These young people were elected by their fellow senior classmates in recognition of their leadership, citi- zenship, athletic accomplishments and S service to the school. SAM MORGAN DEBBIE HARIVION EG VVESSLI NG PAU LA WESOLOWSKI those who set the style 3 I- KATHY VESSELLS BILL FOVVLER its those who foster compatability . . in 3 K 1 E FW N 5 I I .1 ILT. ks.-Nga K CATHY CHAMBERS STEVE WALLENHAUPT A KATHY EDWARDS SUZANNE DELOACH those who serve the school . . f .Mt K h v ei. . PQI! ROGER KOH RS HAROLD JENSEN, JR. fuk if STEVE IVIESSICK SUNNY SHELTON Wh 211 Their fellow Seniors DENNY HURLEY JAY LUCAS Q BETH VERNER FRED GARVEY . . . consider these 24 students exemplary 52 'Q CATHY BENTON BILL MONTGOMERY JOHN SNELL. DAVIDDANIEL TIME teaches . . . llmwemgg TJHQZEE? V NVQ! "", "ji, '4'1 A ln ,. V V 'QW W-ffw"""' 'N words of wisdom. fl I ff ,mark FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION TIME to teach his classes, sponsor clubs, and guide students, TIME to plan his classes, to meet with parentsg TIME to be patient, to be determined, and to instruct-these are the duties of a tea- cher. The faculty strives to impress upon us the importance of education. They work to enforce the rules and to promote school spirit. ty lfiid t I5 Hardy, Jr Nash E. Elon College, A.B., lVlath- ematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel l-lill, lVI.Ed., Graduate Teaching Certificate, lVlath. Principal l i it a in 'B r ' wr, if ,,. N Trai" " A.C. Larrimore, Jr Appalachian State Univer- sity, BS., lVlath, Physical Edutationg University of North Carolina at Greens- b Ed t' d oro, uca non an Administrationg Student Court Advisor. Assistant Principal 216P 1c4paltildAsssta iF' iclpal 'Q I W x ' ua K. Office Staff f'1,,,,,,, f IVIRS.SIVIITH X 3 X K 1 .. , In ..1X V' , lv1Rs.MEssecK Q- .s .. My ,4?' MRS. SMITH 5mff217 Administrative Staff Left to right: Mr. L. Eugene Johnston, Mr. C.T. Leinbach, Jr., Mr. Raymond L. Sarbaugh, Mr. Marvin Ward, Mr. Ned B. Smith, Mr. Robert L. Blevins, Mr. Leo G. Morgan. School Boa rd f"' 'N School Board Members: Left to right: Mr. Clyde G. Kiger. Seated: Mrs. l-l.C. Lauerman, Dr. Lillian B. Barber, Mr. Alan R. Perry. iMr. William F. Maready, Lewis, and Mrs. Floyd S. Burge, Jr., Vice Chairman. Chairmanl, Mr. William M. Knott, Jr., Mr. John C. 218Sl ll id d!Xl i l interests. JAMES R. ADAMS Mount Olive College, A.A.: Atlantic Christian College, B.S., Biology, University of Washington fR.J. Reynolds Scholarship recipientj, North Carolina State Universityg Wake Forest University fNational Science Foundationl, Advanced Biology, Biology: Yearbook Ad- visor, Outstanding Young Man of the Year 1969. BETSY GAYLE EUBANKS Wake Forest University, B.S., Biol- oQY: University of Washington iR.J. Reynolds Scholarship recipientjg Biology, Physical Science. WILLIAM ALFRED WEBSTER Mars I-lill Junior College: Spring- field College, B.S., Science, Physical Education, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Masters of Education, Physical Science, Biology. Advanced Biology teaches scientific method Science education provides the opportunity for students to learn, to achieve and to relate the need for discipline in learning. Science teaching provides the tool by which students can apply scientific principles to their lives in coming to an understanding and development of desirable attitudes and Mt. Tabor offers Biology and Advanced Biology. Mr. Adams instructs students in the use ofthe compound microscope. .Q-of'-" "-- mv' 'N Mr. Webster is unhappy about giving tests in biology Biolog cal Sc ence 219 220 Physical Science if l-larold Edwards enlists the help of Mr. Hunter on a physics prob- Mrs. Sutton begins the period with instruction lem. in Charles' and Boyles' gas laws. Lab sciences apply conceptual foundations The laboratory is very important in providing the educational climate for students to put into practical use concepts taught and learned. The laboratory is an integral part ofthe physical sciences Mt. Tabor offers courses in Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics. JAMES MELVIN HUNTER, JR. Mars Hill Junior College, Wake Forest, B.S., Science, Physics, Physical Science, Chess Club Ad- visor, Junior Class Sponsor. MRS. DOROTHY MCLEOD Duke University, AB., General Science, Secondary Education, Physical Science. 'i .. :X ' "N w- f : 1,77 MRS. JOYCE BOYETTE SUTTON University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.A., Biology: East Carolina University, M.A., Second- ary Education, Texas Woman's University, Chemistry, Science De- partment Chairman. MRS. JUDY BEROTH Appalachian State University, Mathematics, Wake Forest, Algebra I, Geometry, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1961-1962, Outstanding Young Women in America, 1967-1968. BS., A A '-fist gui is s li IR IL, fii . Q ...x, . gsslgx .ff 1 S J' .5,,"'ffgQ, MRS. SANDRA GALYEAN Appalachian State University, BS.: Western Carolina, University of San Francisco: Algebra ll, Geometry, Y-Teens Sponsor. DONALD T. COBB University of North Carolina at Chapel l-lill, A.B., Education, Algebra ll, Math IV, Math V, Hi-Y Advisor. hi. C"'t""o IVIRS. LINDA H. GRAGG Appalachian State University, B.S., Mathematics, Algebra l. Math adds . . . The Mathematics Department plays a vital role to every student at Mt. Tabor. The student has a variety of courses from vvhich to choose. These include General Math, Algebra l, Geometry, Algebra ll, Consumer Math, 4th Year Math and 5th Year lVlath. QU' lVlrs. Gragg teaches "trailer mathematics." Mr. lVliller is caught off guard in his trailer. Mathematics 221 Mrs. Scott teaches cubic equations in Fourth Year Math class. to curriculum. Mrs. Galyean is astonished at the progress of her students. 222 Mathematics is .Ms .. 8 il .. ,,,,, T ,,:,, N t...,. . - - X NATHANIEL C. MILLER University of Delaware, B.S.g Math- ematicsg Backfielcl Football Coach. MRS. FRANCES M. SCOTT North Carolina State University, B.S., Mathematics Education, Algebra I, Algebra Il, Fourth Year Math. Math Club Sponsor. MRS. BRENDA V. OUTEN Appalachian State University, B.S., Mathematics, Englishg Wake Forest University, Geometry, Algebra I. MRS. ETHEL WALKER Shaw University, B.S., Science Ed- ucation, Mathematics, North Carolina Central University, Winston-Salem State Universityp Wake Forest Universityg General Math, Consumer Economics. .... xg . 'Yin' 3 'll WILLSON ALEXANDER University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A., Physical Ed- ucationg United States History, Monogram Club Advisor, Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes' Advisor, Head Football Coach, Wrestling Coach,TrackCoach. -Sqft BONNIE SUE BOWMAN High Point College, B.A., History, Salem Collegep Wake Forest Uni- versity: United States History, Language Arts, Social Studies, Cheerleaders' Advisor. N 9' JAMES A. BUNN, JR. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, A.B., ErigliSh: Ef19liSh lll, English lVg Key Club Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. ROBERT CLEMMER Lees-McRae Junior College, A.A.g Appalachian State University, B.S., Sociology, Anthropology, Language Arts, Social Studies, Everyday Government and Family Livingp Junior Varsity Football Coach, Freshman Basketball Coach, Junior Varsity Baseball Coach. Literature in expression. The members of the Mt. Tabor High School English Department are striving to help each student develop to the best of his ability some degree of proficiency in the basic communicative skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. We con- tend that the student who possesses a functional knowledge of these skills will be better prepared to perform as a well- adjusted, useful member of society. For students with a special interest, such elec- tives as journalism, world literature, and advanced composition are offered. The Social Studies Department of Mt. Tabor hopes to make students aware of the social world around them and-how it relates to each individual. We hope o achieve this through studies of political systems, world cultures and history. RICHARD COLE Appalachian State University, B.S., Political Science: World Culture, Wrestling Coach, History Club Ad- visor. Language Arts 223 NIRS. PATRICIA GRIMSLEY CHATHAM Wake Forest University, B.A., English, English, Language Arts, Social Studies, Cheerleaders' Ad- , visor, Junior Class Advisor. , Q fx Qc yy , X 'l Xa, ix idk XM K X Language 4 , 1 x ' -Wwkwv " t 1. lVlrs. Chatham observes student's progress. ly. JUANITA KAYE JOHNSON lVlars Hill Junior College, Western Carolina University, B.A., English, Language Arts, Social Studies, English IV, Drama Club Advisor, Freshman Class Advisor. Arts W? ANNE JENKINS MRS. RUTH NICCLAREN IVIRS. LINDA L. DAVIS University of North Carolina at East Carolina University, B.A., Mars Hill College, B.A., English l, Chapel Hill, B.A., Education,Lang- English, Social Studies, Wake Social Studieg, Senior Girls' Club uage Arts,SociaI Studies. Forest University, English ll, Adviggr. 224 Language Arts Sophomore Class Advisor. JAMES SHADE MORRIS, JR. Milligan College, B.A., English, World Literature, English III, Head Baseball Coach, Junior Varsity Bas- ketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Senior Service Club Spon- SOY. HOWARD M. PARDUE Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., University of North Carolina at Greensboro, World History, Com- parative Government, Monogram Club Advisor, Head Basketball Coach, Cross Country Coach, Tennis Coach. ELLIS LEON TESH Appalachian State University, B.S., Political Science, World Cultures, Language Arts, Social Studies. sor. Mr. Tesh passes out U.S. History to eager stu- dents. MRS. EVELYN GREENWOOD WAGGONER Appalachian State University B.S., English, Social Studies Language Arts, Social Studies English ll, Freshman Class Spon Social Studies WILLIAM BURROUGHS WATTERSON Gardner-Webb College, AA Liberal Arts, Appalachian State University, B.S., Englis Harvard University, English Ill Advanced Composition, English Department Chairman, Student Council Advisor, Literary So ciety Advisor. Language Arts 225 l f Comprenez-Vous? 2 Mrs. Hampton instructs students in three languages. X X 1 Mrs. Delgado served as Spanish Club sponsor. Adaptability to today's international scene is an absorbs an understanding of nationalities in general. important goal in foreign language study. While learn- Mt. Tabor's foreign language department offers ing to communicate in a language and studying its classes in Spanish I-V, French l-V, German I-ll, Latin cultural background and relation to our society, one I-IV, and Spanish American History. MRS. NELLIE SMITH DELGADO Bethel Woman's College, A.A.g Carson-Newman College, B.A., Liberal Arts, Duke University, M.A., Spanish, Carolina, completed MRS. SANDRA K. BLYTHE East Carolina University, B.S., Spanish, French, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NDEA Institute, Spanish, French. 226 Foreign Languages .O I major requirements for Ph.D.g Spanish, Foreign Language Depart- ment Chairman, Spanish Club Ad- MRS. REBECCA HAMPTON visor, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica Wake Forest University, Salem Cz Sponsor. lege, B.A.p Latin, German, Englis Nous ne comprenons rien! Miss Martin explains new Latin techniques to stu- dents. MRS.cHARl.ANNE HERRING Wake Forest University, B.A.g French I, French ll. MARY HESTON MARTIN Duke University, B.A., Latin, English, University of North Caro- lina at Chapel I-lillg William and Mary, American Academy in Rome, Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, Latin IV, National Honor Society Ad- visor, Latin Club Advisor. vfx 1s.,t..,.,,..r I5 , :,, . ' H it '91 rl., . I ffllvt QE, A 'v O Mrs. Delgado and students read a Spanish story. MRS. CLARICE PARKER Livingstone College, A.B., English University of Michigan, ivi.A.f Frenchg French, French Club Ad- visor. ii . . I . n VIA Foreign Languages 227 Business courses prepare students for business v vwVUUO!,IU ooeoooooooo f as ,,.. , ia, ff: -:f', I. f Mrs. Robinson is contemplating typing students' work. The purposes of the Business Education Department are to give every student an opportunity to learn to type and to prepare students in basic business subjects so they may continue training or secure a job at the begin- ning level in business. The curriculum includes lst and 2nd Year Typing, Shorthand I, Personal Typing, Notehand, and Bookkeeping I. MRS. DAPHNE ROBINSON Appalachian State University, B.S., Business Education, University of California at Los Angeles, Typing I, Typing II, Personal Typing, Book- keeping I, Shorthand I, Notehand, Senior Class Advisor, NCEA Build- ing Representative. Distributive Education students profit . . . Mrs. Schroeder takes time to explain an important procedure in her Distribu- tive Education class. The Distributive Education Department is involved in three aspects of education: classroom instruction, work experience and the Distributive Edu- cation Club. Classroom instruction includes salesmanship, advertising, busi- ness communication, economics and merchandising. Students are prepared for occupations in marketing and distribution. 228 Distributive and Business Education MRS. SANDRA BECKERDITE SCHROEDER University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.S.S.A., Distributive Education, Distributive Education, Business Law, English IV, Distribu- tive Education Clubs of American Advisor, Representative, District 5, North Carolina Distributive Educa- tion Clubs Board of Governors, Chairman of Finance Committee of North Carolina Distributive Educa- tion Club. Home Economics offer practice of homemaking X ...P MRS.CLEO B.WALTRIP East Carolina University, B.A., Home Economics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, M.A., Home Economics: Home Economicsg Home Economics Club Advisor, Faculty representative to P.T.A., N.C.E.A. Building represen- tative. maximum ,s..-M' ittis Mrs. Waltrip is amused while reading a Home Economics student's work on "How to Sew Without Really Trying." Hoping some day to have homes of their own, Home Economics students study foods, clothing and homemaking skills. Projects of various kinds in sewing help students become familiar with the sewing machines and compli- cated patterns. Students also study nutrition, health, child care and money management. Courses in Home Economics l, ll, and lll are offered at Mt. Tabor. Industrial Arts builds proficiency in crafts . . . NEAL DUNN St. Petersburg Junior Collegeg Appalachian State University, B.S., Industrial Arts, Drafting, Shop. Mr. Dunn presents another list of terms for his Industrial Art students. The Industrial Arts Department at Mt. Tabor High School consists of Mechanical Drafting, Advanced Mechanical Drafting, Woodworking, Plastics, and some crafts such as leatherwork and tinwork. The objective of the department is to help each student individually in the area he chooses, whether he be vocationally or avocationally oriented. H me Economcs and! d t lArtS 229 Mr. Watson leads students in defensive driving J. DONALD WATSON Appalachian State University, B.S., Physical Education, Social Studies: University of North Carolina, Catawba, Driver Education ln- structor. lVlr. Watson enables new drivers to be safe drivers. The purpose of driver education is to teach the students how to drive a car in a courteous, defensive way. The students are taught to obey highway laws and to build an attitude of good sportsmanship toward their fellow driver. We attempt to give them as much experience in traffic driving and basic manuevers as possible. Bus drivers accumulate total of 133,021.8 miles f, f fs. nl" A x 243 nv"" 'T 1.4 'li First row ll. to r.l: John Edwards, Carl Haynes, lVlike Enloe, David Carroll, Tony Hartman, Steve Cockerham, Joe Gutierrez, Grayson Harris, David Bradford, Norman Speas, David Park, Tyler Pace, Rob DuRant, Tim Kapps, Neal Bedinger, Jim Holt, Mike Smith. Second row: Frank Carson, 230 Driver Education and Bus Drivers Perry Brown, Greg Church, Steve lVlartin, Donnie Huff, Jeff Dorn, Jeff Stewart, Keith Joyce, Jay Lucas, Jimmy Williams, Ronnie Hoots, John Thornton, Bud Brewer, Tom lVlcNeil, Ronnie Tuttle, Howard Wooten, John Bolt, Greg Wessling. Physical Education develops skills and attitudes NIRSL RUTH DIDAY Virginia lntermont College, A.A., Eastern Carolina University, B.S., Physical Education, Physical Edu- cation, Girls' Athletic Association Advisor, Girls' Speedball Coach, Girls' Basketball Coach, Girls' VolleyballCoach. L ,. , '95 is r J ,,,,.. ui KENNETH LEE HAYES Appalachian State University, B.S., Physical Education, Social Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Physical Education, Head Track Coach, Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach, Pep Club Advisor. Mr. Hayes instructs physical education students to concentrate on their foul shooting in basketball competition. Mt. Tabor's physical education program for boys includes tumbling, track, basketball, baseball, and wrestling. Many boys participate in the Mt. Tabor athletic program. The girls' program includes calisthenics, tumbling, ff f a .J 'K r Q Z 4+ 'V' QW A Yi -frf Q M, 21,43 is i ,,.,, , -,iii :ua ll ni ii ' Marsha McNeely spots Bonnie Marshall on the balance beam. various team and individual sports. This year the stu- dents took part in a modern dance program. The Physical Education Department emphasizes co- ordination, sportsmanship and team vvork. tr? M584 - , -Q Q A 91.1- an. safe -l , fx, , r do Mr. Hayes demonstrates the correct form for doing the shoulder-stand on the parallel-bars. Physical Education 231 L Music, drama, journalism, art reflect TIME. The Department of Fine Arts is divided in- to four parts: music, drama, journalism and art. The aim of the lVlt. Tabor music depart- ment is to instill in instrumentalists the ability and desire to play good music vvell by adding to their technical and general musical skills. The goal of the drama department is to train a group of students to operate backstage effectively and to perform onstage credibly. The aim of the journalism department is to publish a school paper vvhich has a decided influence on the social and academic happen- ings of this school-a paper that does more than merely reflect what has occurred. The art department strives to capture beauty and transfer it to paper or clay. LEILA GRAHAM University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.S., Music, Uni- versity of Kansas, Kansas State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Band, Chorus, Journalism, Drama, Drill Team Advisor, Marching Band Advisor, Sword and Shield Advisor. ALTA MARIE HOUSER Emmanuel College, B.S., Art, Social Studies, East Carolina University, lVl.A., Secondary Education, Appalachian State University, University of North x f lf! 1 l ' 51 . tk' 5 .f s I Carolina at Greensboro, Art, Art Club Advisor. 46' Mrs. Houser teaches students to express them- selves through creativity. 232 Fine Arts X J9 Miss Graham directs band at PTA meeting. The library opens the door to knowledge. The library is a storehouse of knowledge. DORIS T. HAMMER Wheaton College, B.S., Home Eco- nomicsg High Point Collegeg Uni versity of North Carolina at Greens blorog Librariang Library Club Ad visor. -iff- Mrs. Hauser aids librarian in her duties. m, , 'Oshawa' Www: or "" ' Mrs. Hammer checks file cards for overdue books. Library 233 Mr. Baldwin and Mrs. Pollock assist in planning The Guidance services are designed to give con- tinuous assistance to each student in knowing himself as an individual and as a member of so- ciety. The guidance counselors conduct group tests and advise students. The counselors work closely with seniors, helping them apply to col- lege and for scholarships. CHARLES EDWARD BALDWIN High Point College, B.S. Business Administration Appalachian State Uni versity, lVl.A., Guidance, Senior Class Advisor. ..,' , S . C .Nw Nw. lVlrs. Smith is helpful to seniors applying to colleges. MRS. JUDY ANN - T aw u ' FiOI"F?ii?K' B s " 'A' was 'rs niversi y o lnois, . ., ,Q . Business Education, lVl.S., 5 -". Guidance and Counseling, ,t i alrt ' A Wa ke Forest University, gg, , , . my University of North Caro- 'Z f f - lina at Greensboro, Guid- if " 7 1 , ance Counselor, Anchor 5, .y Club Sponsor. 2 ... f .5 T , i i ii K ,,, ri . 5 'Kidz G... T 'ny li. t ss- . 1 lVlr. Baldwin opens the door to higher education , if for my Students- ! 234 Guidance V E Cafeteria and custodial Staffs First row ll. to r.l: Doris Winfrey, Virginia Cline, Louise Ruby Tucker, Frances Fowler, Dorothy Fulp, Virginia Lackey, Ruby Lawson, Rose Nliller, Bessie Beck. Second row: Winfrey, Mary Slater Helen Jones, Opal Stonernan. Custodians Jw., ll. to r.l: Ethel Brown, Robert Gaither, Remels McFadden, John Greer, Anna Braddy lnot picturedl. fi' , if F -.X 51:1 .. ' Cafeteria and Maintenance 235 1' "KW' ,M , ,L - ,,: There is a TIME for all things to end "What is TIME? The shadow on the clock, The running of sand, Day and night, summer and winter, Months, years, centuries. These are but arbitrary and outward signs, The measure of TIME, not TIME itself. TIME is the life ofthe souI." Longfellow I ,N W, yyyyyyyyyy V + e tr ha k..J 'GI' fm? 5, .. 3 X Conclusion 237 "Tomorrow and tomorrow .xi N-J The following people have made the 1970 ANANKE possible. We, the staff, owe a great deal of thanks to: lVlurph's Camera Center, our photo processor and supplier, The faculty and staff of Mount Tabor High School, lVlr. James R. Adams, yearbook advisor. lVlr. Doug Pruden, layout artist, Roberson Studios, student pictures, Holyfield Studios, feature pictures, The Mount Tabor High School Student Body. Your ANANKE is printed on Dull Enamel paper Slfz x 11 trim size. It is bound by a Universal lithograph cover. The type is Metrolite with bold. The headlines are English Bold. The book vvas published by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 238 Conclusion KX E 1 5232, iw Ui. . .fx ,Q , 4. J J p-my 535' ,- Y ,s ua if-L -as 1, M ,X Y J c 'P' L f , ,lull Maw me ly A0001-, J! Aw Qfduc, ,LJ 07177 . Ooug if gl Q, 0,0-Q, g,,7f Your ANANKE is an attempt at a history book. lt is certainly not a stuffy, date-filled chronological in- dex, but a cheerful reminder of what your year has been. Through the use of this yearbook you can recall the events that have made this year so memorable. The yearbook is probably most important to the seniors. lt is the last link with their alma mater. This has been a brief year and the ANANKE will help to remind them of the times that have meant so much. To the underclassmen it is a look at the past, but a past that will be closely followed by yet another year of school until they too become seniors. lt is my sincere hope that you will enjoy your ANANKE and that each time you look at it you will have memories of the great school you have created, for a school is its students. Steve Vllallenhaupt lt's all over now, the yearbook is finished. ln look- ing back over the past year l'm thinking about more than a thousand hours that the staff has devoted to 240 Conclus ., , I, the completion of the ANANKE. There have been some good times, like being ex- cused from class all day to direct photographers, sit- ting in front of the student body with pride during the yearbook presentation of years gone by, and some bad-times, like arguing with the advisor and staff members concerning ideas and layout design, and ripping yearbook covers while cutting open packing cases of last year's yearbook. On the whole the experiences l have gained during the past years have given me a deeper understanding of the student body. l started working on lVlt. Tabor's yearbook in the fall of 1967 as a photographer, advanced to photo- graphic editor in 1968, and finally to Co-editor with Steve in the fall of 1969. Working on a yearbook staff is a long thankless job as all members of the staff will testify. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their cooperation with the staff in producing the 1970 ANANKE. Jim Huste ik 2 X f -J A X' QQQXXV 0J,x .QQ Q! U O JN ,AOQLD X 5 J' XT dig U K Q x gf 'J OX. ce Og! xy' -x O Q1 1 -J X3 kbqg-, gif w XX LL XLTSODL KQNO Ax' K X XFX, L 'jg ' VA Xxx. B . E I ' XX ' X xg X 6 LO v X x Q3 px' Ofc X V Xxx ' XT' X X0 X , . N Om Amo' LUV! J' Uv U 4 x xx fx wxwf x 0 dx ly N' O 688 my V DTR -fk EA if XIJQJ4' Sy' lf N U NDXQALJSECXMQVV ,QL .9 Q, H W JQ 'a X ' 'v M Q9 fL f K mf ' J ,V lf' ij k XJR X If Ujlfb Xiiify QW ' I ' ,il 5 if 1 Ge 39,9 fkwfg wif fd X if J "' k" L J 5 I . Q Rf N x, if pp EQ? 5 jk i y sggf fjph 4U ,Ak 2 Qzecfw ff V ff' WWW :ob ,W v5 'y ' QQYAHQ M672 CQA fVvV'9, WL W ? W 7d" ' JJ 'iffv Qfdycovcgaap 41402643 WWW 'TCI 'S-. 2 N I pg, JE, 5. f Q i 5 XV W Q 2 i NV? qi F QQQ 59 if ' ', .wg C444 X27 me 3' T ggi A, 'i V ! GN ' i x - , Px ' l' x- -Q--11-,Q 5-Q '! 5 X? QC7 LO OO u C J,, qfx Sex. j- Q Q f H M E V 'D Lb K f gw2N Q Q Q Q if Q g!mg1 w g,M4g ,fff ?7M5 fb- 3 Cf Q A gg fafggff , Q gi ng wo' Jr 0,3 QQ? G Sei E3 V,F-"Q Q5-2 32 A X W yx W XE R19 - ' AE, S 5 Q N dy 3' ,, . "' ' A ix? SX , ,jj Q3 mlb Q WO V Asif? S 9 N Q ff , ,ie " + ' P ' , F ,fu Q nf, 'L A if s ,iff ' gg , fxf Lg f - M V Rai 'fi ffm 2233 , 'gljiqig PQO5?-5y 7 JG 7323 35' tif" 'fa 5? EQ 1 cpm 92251 Jew N ' W fMA4A4g 1 Zfyfmmp JZAQZQ Wa fi 23555 gggg-S EQ5?il3i5i?5g? +1-pf gig? iggggi 96 PE 5 E 5 - DQ, E-Eikgsfi giisigffbg 3 QQ' UD- - . Q, igsiiwliigi ,m,.. ..,,.., ,Q ,,.Y Nw, ..4-A 3 A dx' 4 1. A 0 Qx P. 09 6 A O - wx -J 4, , 130 ei X4 fY'Irba9 0000 W 0+?f,V,v94,U9'Kx,y A X lv ' , Af' -N0 ,W If ,aff ,ww A x ,4 ,fd 9 Af G4 Woo ve! 574 X 55 Wa Q sgxqgxpkgigi X, -' -.ab Qigfiffiggffigf Us 'gg-Q5O?fwQf o 'ZQQNCYDD ' 6529, 4 Q90 KX ,XSQ4 X, .5 ' "' :'.:3."'-ci'-1'g1i,..''-.f.f.lf.,.g,4.m.a1,:,,. .1,. Y ., It K X ' 'Q5QA555':fq?f3ff?Df4 ' Eagi XA EF 3.5 if 2. EE, qi 'E t' 7 J?-Q. ??Ni-,Tn'+4r .QN-R15-Lac xii Q 1,1 Q. iwjjgb' bew6f?i7 balm' 79? WM? a WA Mwwfwfffmiwwcida 0 J Mm figfww WMf7'W'5 WMU M wif Www yy Vaijlzxgajvzwwlggifgzufd GW x O 7 Q 5yg,ff44f,wWMfwLdJffW Za VEUJLZCSQBXG JOWXUWQW-fix Cf 6f6 Sdfif Kaye! Q-Qngg L, f. 'D swam.. EB -' 4, .I i"M7V""""N"""m'm "" Y' "W "W" 2' A U, ' 'P VA .05 cv f,,U,N9 Ti naive 701 ifihufc. Hao ' .ra ', 'M WW If vl -f CU M1 ff Q, . in IA 1,-eco Llc ,nfl wi- J.. mare, THQT7 , QQ Crm. 1 M , I 6-Q-T' 567763 F0-1 7c"'sJg,, ILQQP E5 V G11 , ' , fy L fL5v-xGv'Lr'l"'5C-' AT 71-417 l'!x3'Z'vl'f:? mf f 7 K ' "Y IF' Vo-A..lf:gQ L.f..A.Q1g-.7 7014,,7 CZK Uvi' ' ci-Ll? Co Q- Q fq GYM 'N - 'im agi 11' Q A 5 bl MQ! 1 1,4 1 5 5 9-In-INrX,,'1,LQg ,Q ..,. f S Q t , r YYY fafeu-.M 41 . S Q 7cwgiCgQ, N QD' f. I Q V b ' 'X is w S ' QS' ' "rig ' 5 - - ' -' , vw ,M . V U u A S SygS?, Sijgvxgx SM fi SN nj? J .I X' PN., x xxx x WRX F9 :T 54 - Sz X5 9 W Q9 sgfijpsfx W V Q9 sj me QQ-J S 5 x gf Jxfif Q! W ,Y , w 'X 5' XQ ,. xv J SP9 N373 j , Q? 37 JN KC' Qty S XO ij ex 9 SY QM 0 www Q s QT X by may V55 gb , if-53.5 X Q3 ' ' Q 2:5 E 5 EJ Kim Q9 by QM J S X J Ap 2:34 xg ffnxig ,gmgm I 6' 5 4AA Na - - Q Q :EQ gas YE Q'Qf3flY,..mfQlj,o iw-fm gif EQ ax WQWOWWQW WC? Qsgjs TB: gb wx .,,t0.Qx 'J-Pu?-Q-vXN0'J' 9NGJvVVl'1Va"3 , A gg Q -5 1- rf 321 0 Q 1 5 ii NY1f"w"W'AWW5 A FQ ' MHS 'Y 4 WMQ Q we 1 QW' yi ' ' ' J 0? Ao! - ' QSM.. JJAWB , . bmwpkw K ' JDM ww .xipj-vxQ,,,, Qi vtpfv A wxcigzemmm ZUWLAWWWW M ithguliiffp W' My W vi" W x ,gggagifjwdwygfdgwy W 'J 5E15555Qg3g Q QS Q Y QF A QRS' S Y NS ' J' ' S by 'WM- MR mo My :::Uh:::::.g21::., 2 gan QE S SY Ii.QQ'Q'Q'.2.4.l'ZgE"a..f'.:2, mb?Q?wQ2f, f 9 1, Q2 Q f::ExfJlf.l?2tIQ'?1'Zff, 'EL ALC A2 L QMW . Z '90 ia, Tcnsnlgpw fa, fb 19 25 5 1l?Qi21wM'b KD GV 04 P 53 ' wgmgfh-.fQf3QffT,2tQ P carts! V Z-RACK Q if 3 JZMQJK LW 4400539 if Q,.j'5 tip-Qflfkf ' QQQQQMJAS Q23 -Smdixmkuw fzirgfa kqfggg CD1 r .5 Q2Q53 Q Okwwdk VNAMJ 'SQ-5 I Maw Qgblng Owfff 7 'Q wlffwv figxuvvvrwi-. QQMQ Ei Gu, Dx. K ?S9?s Q . 'V 1 1 f 1' Qf5S?,0gjf'ff 09259 if Zfgkfifff V a5QE5f k if XF QS Qf 5' , , .,. ,.W..,f4.,.--,, W9 Wim 6733 Mm C fx ff' ' " X ' ETX- 11105. ali alms- 3011.7 D funk wo? F 54-IIC A ad 50.4--a..af1 U' 5' 30-0 ck Fmux-f,L TU Nuf EM, . f 2 " Q ? . W JU MWJ l 1 cuffxQ 3Ul H f Cb ,H ww I 0 ,, E 'X' N f-w . , X I - 4Lfwt3'1'W V7 fC Nix! Lovww f J WY ' f 'xx F 4 '5 , 'N ' iffLAl!,,x g L, 4 NRI? 'YJ !-', if AXQ ff f fl li ," W fy S, ,Q f AMER All LL yx, ,fl Ti ',xq All QWMVL QU. ul: E 2 ' ' , w:+ Ck 1 - SP QM ll C9 WMQU 4' 'YU N f' Lil! IIA, !?B,x7f 1 'V x,'iL'i gy CQ mia' N!:iff'v NCCLY' , f ,cf , L ,HL fry' X .ff 4 Klip 'J ,, 'ff' Cf' R v I 'E f K' f F, 5 My 5 K fn,V'BlX'?fJ 'V u Ly, J E-'fur Y-H". A QVC, C 'ig X-Q42 1' fm if :H He if ffi, 6 , KV L, jcxfd, W J ',, r ,fn y .N ff 6 , f ft' i h J xii --" SJ , .' M kAqkfK' "rf,-X'ufC'i KK LE, '21, V ,MP V K ' x-if UL? R Ci 'Epi-J W? A i X-,fp 239' 1 .jf f " K, .2 A ! f KA A " 1 ' ' J 5? ia 4, .14 ., YVFQ, Af J Wmyfj my ,. A Q, Cf Wfiwf' 'W 1 N " I. .Yyv 9 jwv -I , 4 ZZ'-rl WFXQWL L ,. WW J! if Afxw J do ' W' W xf KX XA r D ,V l 1 fx, Xjiyfpkl 'Q . xx X f ' W 9 wx , 1 P., 6' P , A px f if P' pgv! won 5,5 Q, WMM Ngxiffyff N MQ, W3 Q' iffy? ' My Q? M if W .,fvs'lmWiifffiWQ Wffwifi biymffjjfifwv ,wfffiffj gf Sffmmfff, M ' Wwjfffv f'fiffff5fT5' EXW? 1 T6 Mffygf X 1 , wang ' XF. k 13Z23KWZM WM MQW Qigbwwfwiwm

Suggestions in the Mount Tabor High School - Ananke Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) collection:

Mount Tabor High School - Ananke Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 132

1970, pg 132

Mount Tabor High School - Ananke Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 250

1970, pg 250

Mount Tabor High School - Ananke Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 184

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Mount Tabor High School - Ananke Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 136

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Mount Tabor High School - Ananke Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 120

1970, pg 120

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